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File: 1707418951773.png (9.14 MB, 4096x2730, 6F5AB9D9-137E-4926-B4A1-05F1EB…)

No. 319202

copied from the last thread

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and compartmentalizes every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of money for.
She eagerly accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression with a "Congrats on the DID Diagnosis" celebratory cake, but struggles to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem ready to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of “severe mental illness” in the forms of a brief stay in a mental hospital in her early teens due to ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
>is still extremely thin-skinned; has history of deleting comments critical to her and has preached getting along with people while also blasting critics and concern in a very rude and passive-aggressive manner; has gotten into pissfights online as of late with users that have spoken out of concern for her or wanting to help or talk in some degree
>her sexuality has been a sliding scale, from pansexual to queer to lesbian to back to currently pansexual (and nonbinary due to alters); current partner is Steven Clarke, who has enabled her delusions and has racked up his own questionable reputation; has a long history of drama with relationships, claiming abuse to some degree in most of them
>formerly had a fashion brand called Five Petal Flower before graduating from her college fashion class, but seems to be no longer active if not just slowly dying; has also gotten into drag with a persona known as Villany Swells; has cancelled two drag gigs so far and claims an online person is stalking her due to a publically-filmed video of a drag show being linked in a previous
>has a shaky history of substance misuse regarding her meds; now takes in various degrees of alcohol and weed leading to possible clashes in medication or mental/physical state


>Pixie: The collective name of all the alters. Is a "genderfluid they/them".

>Jillian: Rainbow emoji. 25, but "age slides" from 4-25. This is actually just herself, but she herself is both an alter and the host. Desperately wants to have autism.
>Jerrick: Snake emoji. 14-16 year old emo trans guy. "He mentioned feeling 17." Was labeled as being a co-host. Conveniently holds all her BPD traits. Entire personality is being angry and liking green. Like all the alters, is into drag.
>Veronica: Flame emoji. 21 year old horny alter. She is a “protector of sexual trauma”. Says she had to become a "fuckable plaything" because she was “raped for months”. Was going to be intersex, but Jill didn't want to deal with the backlash and decided against it.
>Berry: Strawberry emoji. 4-6 year old. Talks and acts like a baby. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had her name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Is for some reason triggered out by positive things like holidays and presents and is "trauma-free".
>Cliffe: Club emoji. 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant". A mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes.
>Flora: Cherry blossom emoji. 18 year old fictive. Used to be a fragment, but became a full alter. She is supposed to be Cure Flora and all the pink PreCures. She is a blonde, sweet lolita.
>Jax: Test tube emoji. 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching Arcane while having major trauma. Jillian called her “hypersexual”.
>Sandwich: Sandwich emoji. Cat alter. Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Not much has been said about her. Note that Jillian’s middle name is actually Amanda.
>Ramona: An alter that was only announced after she fused with Jillian. After doing so, Jillian suddenly wanted to start playing the piano again.
>Sunny: Shooting star emoji. 14. She's "energetic" and positive in a way that's "crazy". A protector that likes yellow. Basically just Flora, but hyper.
>Amber: Partly cloudy emoji. 25. She's edgy and has freckles. Also a protector that likes yellow. Formed at the same time as Sunny in response to the McLean video drama. Supposed to look the most normal.

Last thread: >>>/w/316686

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/villainyswells/ (used to be @pixieespam)
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 (“Sweetie” alters, previously @xcherrybombica): https://twitter.com/pixie_petals
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Threads: https://www.threads.net/@pixieelocks
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 319205

Thank you for the new thread, nonita. The Better Help video is finally out.

No. 319207

thanks for the thread and to you other nonnie for posting the video ! the thumbnail alone makes me think she at least subconsciously wants to sabotage her channel and future brand deals. or the bpd makes her so immediate satisfaction oriented that a few moments of tea and excitement are chosen over long-term stability

No. 319212

File: 1707422092951.jpeg (739.02 KB, 828x1312, IMG_4656.jpeg)

No. 319213

File: 1707422149635.mp4 (1.88 MB, 1332x888, RPReplay_Final1707417865.mp4)

pixie finally spilled the superrrrrrr interesting tea about betterhealth !!!1! (sarcasm tone indicator)
literally a video about nothing. at 9:50 she almost took responsibility (in a very doomer way) but instead she was rewarded for her negligence and incompetence so she avoids any responsibility in the matter!!
she signed up for betterhelp and doesnt remember it in may 2020, a few months into covid altering a lot of facets of life but she didnt talk mention that at all, only vague stuff abour ~being in college and being so traumatized~, because its all about her why would she talk about something that affected other people too?

No. 319214

File: 1707422857433.jpeg (353.39 KB, 828x1078, IMG_4657.jpeg)

No. 319215

Wait, okay, so the huge "betterhelp drama" was just her noticing she had been wrongly charged in the past…and then they immediately refunded her no issues at all? Is she for real? This video would be justified if there had been some sort of refund issue. She even admitted that it could very well be her fault. "This is a neutral telling" my ass, she's been hyping this up as hot gossip for weeks just to get people's interest when the situation is literally just "I'm neglectful about tracking my finances and lost a thousand CAD for it".

No. 319218

I will always laugh at the retards consooming weed like Jillian because weed is basically the reason why she's all fucked up.

No. 319219

Her face looks stupid. Like a grandma showing off her lip injections, the lip pushing continues to not be a good look.

Every little thing in her life needs a special medical title. I didn't realize her journey to the disability check would be this mundane.

No. 319220

Meet the alters is still outdated, here's the new one.

>Pixie: The collective name of all the alters, but is also used interchangeably with the name Jillian. Is a "genderfluid they/them".

>Jillian: Rainbow emoji. 25, but "age slides" from 4-25. This is actually just herself, but she herself is both an alter and the host. Desperately wants to have autism.
>Jerrick: Snake emoji. 17, formerly 14-16. Emo trans guy. Used to be a co-host. Conveniently holds all her BPD traits. Entire personality is being angry and liking green. Like all the alters, is into drag.
>Veronica: Doing nails emoji, formerly flame emoji. 21 year old horny alter. She is a “protector of sexual trauma”. Says she had to become a "fuckable plaything" because she was “raped for months”. Was going to be intersex, but Jill didn't want to deal with the backlash and decided against it.
>Berry: Strawberry emoji. 4-6 year old. Talks and acts like a baby. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had her name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Is for some reason triggered out by positive things like holidays and presents and is "trauma-free".
>Cliffe: Sprout emoji, formerly club emoji. 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant". Combo of her dad, sweetie angel therapist, and Ian Bruce. Formerly a mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes.
>Flora: Cherry blossom emoji. 18 year old fictive. Used to be a fragment, but became a full alter. She is supposed to be Cure Flora and all the pink PreCures. She is a blonde, sweet lolita.
>Jax: Test tube emoji. 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching Arcane while having major trauma. “Hypersexual”.
>Sandwich: Sandwich emoji. Cat alter. Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Not much has been said about her. Note that Jillian’s middle name is actually Amanda.
>Ramona: An alter that was only announced after she fused with Jillian. After doing so, Jillian suddenly wanted to start playing the piano again.
>Sunny: Shooting star emoji. 14. Another PreCure fictive for all the yellow ones. She's "energetic" and positive in a way that's "crazy". Basically just Flora, but hyper. Can't "mask".
>Amber: Partly cloudy emoji. "20?" Formerly 25. She's edgy and has freckles. Also yellow. Formed at the same time as Sunny in response to the McLean video drama. Supposed to look the most normal.

No. 319221

>a gurl
Wait isn’t she claiming to be gender neutral? Iirc didn’t she chimp out somewhat recently because her family didn’t respect her pronouns? She’s so unable to stay consistent in her larp she misgenders herself kek

No. 319229

File: 1707435886092.jpeg (29.85 KB, 500x500, drgoogle-webmd.jpeg)

the way this larper googles medical terms for everything she does but hasn't seen a therapist in years… just from last thread
>grind teeth? BRUXISM!
>fatty diet? AFRID
>eat shit? now its PICA
>damaged hair? THRICH
>drunk and high? AMNESIA
>no tendies as a kid? PSTD
>dance? STIM
>no friends? AUTISM
>UTI? CSA symptom
>wear wig and cleavage? HYPERSEXUAL
>bpd mood swings and no real identity? DID

No. 319230

File: 1707436517429.jpg (195.23 KB, 720x1098, 02143637.jpg)

No. 319231

File: 1707436965976.jpg (169.76 KB, 720x1730, 165518.jpg)

No. 319232

File: 1707437323162.jpg (192.19 KB, 720x1099, 4020865328.jpg)

No. 319233

>I googled my symptoms
So transparent

No. 319234

>over the past month

Thought she was lowering her wellbutrin? If she's getting new side effects, she's either upping it or started something else.

No. 319235

File: 1707438807678.jpg (166.68 KB, 720x1034, 240208165335.jpg)

No. 319236

She could have said she grinds her teeth and it wouldn’t be so obnoxious. I’ve never heard of bruxism before so I thought it was separate from teeth grinding but no, it’s literally the same thing. She really has to use the medical jargon to get off it seems. Who realistically would be like “hmm seems like I have le BRUXISMS” and not “wow I’m noticing I grind my teeth a lot.”

No. 319237

exactly. its not like a dentist told her it was that. everything she "diagnoses" is webmd shit she finds. she doesn't see a doctor or psychiatrist because they would know shes full of shit and her "symptoms" are just too much weed.
no wonder she tried betterhelp instead and got "amnesia" kek >>319230

No. 319242

Don’t they use Botox to treat teeth grinding?

No. 319246

you don't need a dentist to tell you you have bruxism, if you grind your teeth then you have it

No. 319248

It's not realistic to wear a guard every night? It's just a piece of plastic that you put in before you sleep? How is she this lazy?

No. 319250

If she had actual braincells she could’ve easily made this about how BetterHelp is a company from Israel. But she is too high all day to even do some research to benefit her social justice image.

No. 319251

learn to read, she said it's not realistic that she will wear them every night. mouth guards are uncomfortable and take a lot of getting used to. jill wants a quick fix or for it to become chronic so she can talk about herself more.

No. 319254

It's an option for some people and I wonder if Jill wants to use this as a reason to get botox for more cosmetic reasons and say it was for her ~bruxism~

No. 319256

Given her obsession with youth and wanting to be a kid forever, I can absolutely see her doing this to reduce her jowls and possibly some of her lines, and giving a bodyposi health excuse like when she blamed her shoddy attempts at dieting on ARFID (“I can only eat nothing or raw peppers teehee”) and DID mental health struggles AKA imaginary anorexia.

No. 319262

File: 1707472126783.jpg (996.22 KB, 1242x1460, jill twitter likes.jpg)

Picrel but more breadcrumbs that she's just embarrassed about what she's posted in the past few months. Some industrious anons should work on archiving her more ludicrous tweets before she inevitably wipes her various Twitter accounts after the DID saga concludes.
Well that's not what Jill typed but alright.

No. 319263

Jill grinding her teeth like an angry cartoon villain is a little bit funny ngl

No. 319264

Maybe see a doctor you absolute munchie!? What’s the bet it’s weight gain causing her blood pressure to sky rocket or one of the medications she’s unnecessarily been prescribed having side effects?
Why she posts this shit online when it could be a symptom of a serious problem makes it seems like she really wants something debilitating to happen to her.

No. 319266

wellbutrin (and adhd meds like stimulants, since she clearly wants those eventually) can cause teeth clenching/grinding. she should learn to wear the nightguard or lower the dose/drop the wellbutrin. botox can help with the pain and address the aesthetics if that’s a concern but it won’t protect your teeth, and you only get one set of those.

No. 319267

>I'm not sure I will realistically wear them every night

she didn't say "it's not realistic to wear them every night" she said it's not realistic that she WILL wear them every night. it's about her action not being realistic, not the idea of it. she's lazy and she's for once acknowledging it.

No. 319269

That’s something I’d say if I really wanted the better alternative to the simple solution.

No. 319272

Botox will protect your teeth. It stops the muscles from clenching altogether.

No. 319273

There's also a jaw surgery that would force her to lose a few kilos but it's ridiculously expensive, painful and makes people be bed bound for a few months. Which honestly sounds like something she would love.

No. 319274

File: 1707512926977.png (79.7 KB, 831x386, 12434873246843276.PNG)

full recap for did larp documentation purposes

>opens the video by hyping "a pretty juicy tale that ive been excited to talk about"

>better help reached out to jill asking to sponsor her in 2018, she never responded because she did not know 100% if it was trustworthy and good because her audience is "vulnerable" people 1:31
>she signed up for 1 month on her own to investigate and spent around $250 cad
>she got charged for the 2nd month slightly before the 1st month was over
>gives a big disclaimer that "i have a disorder that causes memory problems" 2:18 "i was experiencing traumas, i was moving my house, i was splitting, i was struggling all over the place. a lot of these memories are hazy."
>basically takes the most fence sitting stance that she's not making an "accusation against better health but is in no way an endorsement/advertisement"
>says this billing issue was a "CRAZY thing in my life that just BLOWS my MIND"
>actually hilarious moment at 3:24 where she acknowledges that even a person without memory issues or amnesia would have trouble keeping track of their subscriptions (kek, jill)
>finally goes back to the story. gets charged for 2nd month before 1st month is over. says she "believed" she cancelled the subscription before being charged. customer service promptly gave her a refund immediately for the 2nd month.

>flash forward to fall 2023, she is getting audited by the CRA so she is digging back into her old statements

>admits to not having good bookkeeping of her bills and her automatic charges for adobe, sound, etc
>finds in her paypal that she's paid over $1k to better help since 2018
>checks her account to see if she had used the service any time over the last 5 years and didnt remember
>basically says she didnt know what happened. she got charged for 3 sessions by accident in 2020 (shows a screenshot amounting to $780, not 1k). she says it "smells like alter activity"
>dupers delight smile at 6:16 "its very possible i could have" (referring to another alter receiving the therapy)
>contacted better help customer service and said she hoped they would be understanding because she is so mwentally will. the subject title to her email is "I need help" picrel
>note that she signs both of her customer service emails from Jillian, not pixie, even in 2023
>blames not seeing the charge on being in college and losing her mind
>customer service just immediately apologizes, since the charges are over 3+ years old, they offer to mail her a physical check for the incorrect billings.
>they make a mistake, they say it will now be through wire payment
>they called to verify her info for the wire and she didn't pick up the phone for 2 weeks straight. she admits she just doesn't answer any phone calls
>she then got refunded once she picked up the phone
>ends the story calling it her own fault yet also calling it hot tea & gossip

>13:50 looks off camera with another dupers delight smile saying "that HAD to be me" (suggesting she was so mwentally jill that one of her alters had those therapy sessions)

>says the moral of the story is the "true hidden harms and implications of DID, there should be no reason why i dont remember $1k charges of therapy. i really dont think this was better help's fault" 14:30
>14:53 "people often say that people who use conditions like BPD/DID/Autism to get away from responsibilities and blame it on something else or not take your responsibilities for your actions…but my memory as a result of my DID makes me so much more willing to be like 'that was probably me'."

No. 319278

>i really dont think this was better help's fault

So this video was entirely pointless then huh

No. 319279

What a fucking retard. I cannot imagine selling this as "tea" against a "controversial company" when it's really just genuine retardation that most people would be ashamed of. 16 fucking minutes about this.

No. 319280

huh, no wonder she was so excited to share this. by finding a surprise recurring charge she can tell everyone that it was totally her DID and an alter was taking therapy without her knowing - maybe. and that "maybe" is exciting for her shill

No. 319281

What a pointless video, she has no one to blame in this situation other than herself. If her 'DID' is so bad she doesn't notice multiple payments leaving her account for years shouldn't Steve or her Mum be looking after her accounts? What's to stop an 'alter' from randomly spending another $1,000?

My personal tinfoil is she didn't join betterhelp to 'investigate', she was fully aware of the controversies and wanted to take advantage of the fact there are unlicensed therapists on there who would diagnose her with whatever she wanted.

No. 319283

stretching out a 30sec tale so that the vid is long enough to be monetized! stick it to capitalism, comrade jill!

No. 319285

File: 1707518296639.png (54.93 KB, 720x720, jillclutch.png)

couldn't help myself

No. 319286

>>319285 this is true artistic genius, nonnie. Jill could never!

No. 319288

interesting, if you compare the 3 dates she was billed, you can see its around some events that nod to the did larp

first billing: may 13 2020
>>91913 5 days prior she puts out a video bitching about her bpd
>>92341 4 days prior tweets about disassociating
>>92392 3 days prior comments in support of diassociadid, and this is when the thread really starts to pick up on the breadcrumbing

second billing: june 10 2020
>>99851 1 day after this appointment she launches 5 petal flower, which many nonas have speculated on as the first did breadcrumb
>>100595 4 days after this appointment she pushes a youtube video live. sadly no nona recapped at the time so not sure what it was, but its privated now. wonder why its privated.

third billing: july 8 2020
>>103649 4 days prior, she puts out a video with assumptions that breadcrumbs autism and did. mentions of stimming, childhood trauma, mental breakdowns
>>104266 1 day prior tweets about having "awful brain"
>>104422 day of appointment she announces 5 petal flower on youtube

No. 319289

File: 1707518618469.png (231.61 KB, 1075x570, timeline.PNG)

whoops, dropped the pic from jills video

No. 319290

holy shit nonnie this is brilliant

No. 319291

very cute style anon, i love it

No. 319292

So cute!

No. 319293

actual perfection

No. 319294

KEKKK this is amazing. the seething about others getting engaged is such a nice touch.

No. 319295

File: 1707523433183.png (385.2 KB, 1400x720, Lady you better cool it right …)

>they don't know the origin of this image

No. 319297

This needs to be the next thread image. I think this is my favourite edit I've seen on LC in a long time. Your ban was retarded.

No. 319298

nonnie the ‘make it about yourself…’ poster is banner-worthy

No. 319299

> 14:53 "people often say that people who use conditions like BPD/DID/Autism to get away from responsibilities and blame it on something else or not take your responsibilities for your actions…but my memory as a result of my DID makes me so much more willing to be like 'that was probably me'."
But she didn’t take responsibility. Taking responsibility would be recognizing she can’t be responsible for her finances and having someone else on the account to keep an eye on it because her mental illness prevents her. Responsibility isn’t shifting the blame to the company she grifted.
Her real mental illness is being a high functioning retard given how she doesn’t know what words like “responsibility” means.

No. 319302

This looks like it was made by hehesilly. Wouldn’t be surprising because she uses lolcow

No. 319304

>"people often say that people who use conditions like BPD/DID/Autism to get away from responsibilities and blame it on something else or not take your responsibilities for your actions…but my memory as a result of my DID makes me so much more willing to be like 'that was probably me'."
Yeah that just sounds like someone trying to blame everything on memory issues and "much alter did this". Taking 0 responsibility as always.
Her mentioning her totes real amnesia is funny because for someone with "amnesia" she surely remembers a lot of shit.
>Can't chew hard foods
No more vegetables for Jilly I guess.
This is very good idk why mods banned it. Make it next thread op please

No. 319305

Wow this is actually really good information, thank you nonna for this

No. 319306

not sure how this is meant to add up to anything as the billing dates are simply in a 30 day cycle. they're all the second wednesday of that respective month. they don't necessarily represent actual appointments, it's just a once-monthly bill.

No. 319309

So she admits she may well have used their services and therefore the billings could have been genuine, but wants her money back anyway? She didn’t mention even asking her alters if one of them used the service even though most of them supposedly have great communication. What’s to stop her and other DID larpers from swindling other online services by claiming it was an alter who scheduled that session / took that course / watched that movie and therefore they, as the host, shouldn’t have to pay for it?
If Jill truly believed she had alters, I don’t think she would have demanded her money back. She knows she didn’t use their service and so feels confident requesting a refund but threw in the amnesia bit to make it fit with her DID claims, because she knows we’d call her out on it otherwise. I don’t think she realises how much this could bite her in the ass. She herself said Better Help is very litigious, yet she still handed them a video where she admits she possibly did use the services they refunded her for.

No. 319310

The fact that she’s even making an entire video on it, the fact she even brought up alter involvement and a possibility of having used it… Bizarre. Totally comes off as if she knows for a fact she’s used the services plenty & as we know her wallet’s hurting right now. Her phrasing is just awkward. All her videos lately have been vapid click-baity bullshit. She knows betterhelp is a hot topic in online “mental illness spaces” (???) and it makes her seem like she has more experience in treatment than she really does. Losing money to forgotten subscriptions is obviously an extremely common and mundane operator error and I truly can’t imagine that’s beyond her. She’s a very dissonant creature, acting like a retarded toddler for coddles and attention while being an entitled deceptive bully.

Lately it just feels like she’s been doing a disturbing sort of fan-service for lc, constantly modifying her behavior as any fluke or flaw is mentioned on here. It’s getting creepy. She is never not self deprecating. Watching anything she shits out now is just submitting yourself to a constant stream of her either trying to prove nothing to nobody who cares or pleading with you to agree that she is, in fact, insane.

No. 319312

>I don’t think she realises how much this could bite her in the ass. She herself said Better Help is very litigious, yet she still handed them a video where she admits she possibly did use the services they refunded her for.
They most definitely would have a record of any appointments and their duration, therapist etc if there were any, so what she says in this video doesn't count as proof over their records.
The make it about yourself and prioritise male pain (and mine) are my favourite parts, idk why you got banned since fanart/edits are generally allowed in Jill's thread
Isn't teeth grinding something crackheads do? Kinda suggests she should lay off the everything (meds, weed, coffee, alcohol, energy drinks every day)
She has really nice teeth imo and fucking them up will potentially cause her permanent hassle.

No. 319313

File: 1707555782476.jpeg (547.8 KB, 1080x1540, 1522356457918.jpeg)

nta but so true. "confetti club" era jill was different. she used to post her friends, outfits going out, collin dates, future plans. now shes lonelier than ever. selfies always on her kawaii hellhouse. always obsessively responding to farmers. she doesnt even wait. old pixielocks lurked but not this blatantly. must be boring high and alone while stevie works.
pic related from mild influencer to one of the worst cows

No. 319314

The way Jillian treats moving out as this super traumatic event really shows how spoiled she is. So many people are kicked out by shitty parents and have to fend for themselves, or have trauma from moving into bad neighborhoods or homeless shelters. And Jill thinks it's traumatic to move out of her parents house to a bug townhouse in a nice area with her boyfriend, with her parents totally supporting her. It's just such a privileged way of living and she still thinks she had this horrendous and abusive upbringing.

No. 319315

>by finding a surprise recurring charge she can tell everyone that it was totally her DID and an alter was taking therapy without her knowing - maybe. and that "maybe" is exciting for her shill
I'm so confused over why she was excited to share such a mundane story in which she admits it was basically just all her own fault as if it was tea on the company, this is the only thing that makes sense

No. 319316

idk about controversy, but she's basically shitting on a company that in her case, has been nothing but accomodating. Just because it's trendy? That's so retarded on her part, any other company would tell you to fuck off if you forgot to cancel your subscription, that's on you to make sure it is. Does she never check her bank account? Since 2018?? She's always saying that she's broke, but how would she even know that if she never checks her finances? Make it make sense.

No. 319317

If Jill did a few minutes of googling she could have made a video explaining why better help is shit using actual stories of people getting scammed and screwed over by the service. She's so damn lazy and jumps onto trends without researching them, I bet if someone asked her why better help is bad she wouldn't be able to come up with a response.

No. 319319

>nothing but accomodating
And I'd like to add that this is 100% because of her status as an ""influencer"", since she said they had reached out to her previously. Among other things, BetterHelp is notorious for overcharging, continuing to charge without notice after cancellation/free trial, and putting already vulnerable people through awful hoops to attempt to get a refund, and some people don't get refunded at all. The fact that the charges were 3 years old, afaik way past any buyer protection laws, and that not only it was super easy but they chased after her (calling her for 2 weeks?!) to make sure she got a refund, for a service she "doesn't remember" if she used or not, imo is solely because they treat influencers differently than regular customers, as they are known to do. So she comes off as stupidly privileged, while acting like getting VIP treatment from a scummy company makes her a victim somehow.

No. 319327

Nonny she's sooooo mentally ill, how could she possibly be financially responsible? It's not her fault! Taking 5 mins to log in and check you bank statements is hard!

Because of this the video actually comes off seeming more positive towards BetterHelp, even though this would not be the average experience.

No. 319328

I don't think she truly believes she secretly used the sessions. Its just to ward off anybody who actually believes she had DID (is there anybody??) pointing out maybe she just doesn't remember because of, you know, the disorder she supposedly has where she does stuff and doesn't remember. I'm sure she knows she didn't use them.

No. 319329

File: 1707589529377.jpeg (1.04 MB, 828x1427, IMG_4671.jpeg)

No. 319331

>they called to verify her info for the wire and she didn't pick up the phone for 2 weeks straight. she admits she just doesn't answer any phone calls

her life is pathetically boring that she essentially had to make some bullshit for a youtube vid. on her phone all day but cant answer calls. christ.

No. 319333

Why is the hem of this dress rolling up like that? It looks like she threw a belt over a cheap polyester tablecloth.

No. 319335

Her changing the lyrics from “I could be hurtful, I could be purple, I could be anything you like” is interesting because it just reminds me of her inability to admit any fault whatsoever at any point. Unlike the narrator of the song (Grace Kelly by MIKA) she would never admit she is actually seeking that attention, would never admit her morals depend on how much approval she gets. But the song is a dead ringer for her behavior. Pure poetry.

She chopped the dress with scissors to make it shorter and didn’t hem it. Very professional seamstress of her. Forever painstakingly ensured that the garish smudgy cutter’s-coverup special-interest-evidence is visible.

No. 319337

The lighting of this photo is dogshit and the colors are clashing like crazy. She has big black soulless eyes like Shayna does kek >>319274
She genuinely believes being incompetent makes her disability LARP more believable, because in her fucked up mind only disabled and mentally ill people screw up shit like this, which is unbelievably insulting. The fact that she forgot to cancel her bills for a therapy website and not Adobe is perfect for her uwu so mentuwwy ill bullshit hence the video. If it was something else she probably wouldn’t have made this shit

No. 319338

Chopped the dress without hemming, it looks like it’s hanging off her shoulders unzipped, she’s wearing a halter top underneath, and best of all her toe is poking out of a hole in the socks she’s wearing with open-toed shoes. I think this is the worst outfit I’ve ever seen her wear.

No. 319343

sage for non contribution but it's just a cheap polyester dress from the GEM collection from Lazy Oaf which she hauled in 2018. She probably had it in a pile in her closet for however long and just didn't iron it. I don't think she chopped it.

No. 319344

File: 1707607729211.jpeg (107.23 KB, 302x317, IMG_6434.jpeg)

I can’t get over her face do yall see this?? It’s giving troll baby

No. 319349

File: 1707608983017.jpg (341.53 KB, 670x711, IWK3u1707613209.jpg)

ayrt, this is true, i didnt realize it was for the whole month and assumed mistakenly the appt was on the day.
regardless its interesting that the beginnings of the DID larp breadcrumbing correspond with the time period of these appointments. if you go back and read those threads you can see that her hinting gets so overt and she starts calling did "a chronic health condition" even just 1 month after the last better help charge. just a strange timeline is all >>108915

i see it too

No. 319352

File: 1707614380145.jpg (304.39 KB, 720x1938, 82012.jpg)

No. 319353

This is so embarrassing. Anyone who's googled ARFID for two minutes would understand this makes no sense. What she's describing is being a person who moved out of their parents' house not knowing how to cook and lived on chicken nuggets because they were too lazy to google easy healthy recipes.

No. 319354

It's actually a new subscription, >>319289
she signed up for one month in 2018, cancelled in 2018 and then subscribed again in 2020 for three months, I suspect she genuinely did not use the services in this time. But seems like she cancelled after three months and then came back nearly 4 years later to get a refund for it.
This is why there is usually a small refund window in normal commerce, it's possible that it just magically started charging her out of nowhere in 2020, but the usage pattern looks like she did it. It's a common thing in retail where customers will find some old item they bought a year or two ago, and take it to the store to try and get a refund for their well-used items for some extra cash, it seems like this to me. I have no idea why she tried to advertise this as crazy hot tea when it's just her scrounging for a refund.

No. 319358

didn't she drop in one of her videos or posts that her mother is a trained chef (and thus sharpened all of jillie's knives during a visit)? imagine that and still feeding off harmurger helper and canned vegetables lol

No. 319359

Her family probably ate a pretty average east coast diet of meat and potatoes with no spices except salt and pepper, and Jill is now realizing that you can season food for the first time, except she's still just making a pasta bake with marinara sauce and cheese, the most basic flavours ever.

No. 319360

Her tea is cold and that video was so pointless, why even be nice to them? She's so boring

No. 319362

For me it comes off as this:
Making "tea" videos being critical of betterhelp has been trendy for a while, though nowadays I see more youtubers accepting sponsorships again. She wanted to hop on the bandwagon but her mundane situation was so boring that she tried to put a spin on it and failed. Her life is so boring and she thinks she's so special that she believes anything will be amusing to her viewers and that's just not the case at all

No. 319363

1.this is not what arfid is kek she's just picky
2.that food looks so greasy and cheesy will probably cause diarrhea

No. 319364

File: 1707622799665.jpeg (425.6 KB, 1015x627, 1hhv9m.jpeg)

>Self-diagnose autism and ARFID
>Consume strictly beige food, energy drinks and coffee
>YEARS since moving out
>make retard proof recipe of cheese and pasta noodles
>Self-congratulate yourself on beating your self-diagnosed ARFID…
i wonder if she realizes why no one but herself reacts to her never ending pity parties. not even her mom or stevie humour her anymore

No. 319367

she's way too fat and old-looking to pull off a cardigan and socks with toeless shoes… grandma on the top and pudgy 4 yo playing dress-up on the bottom with an overall je-ne-sais quoi air of trailer park trash

No. 319368

File: 1707633341540.jpg (133.49 KB, 720x934, Pasta.jpg)

But nonnie, she added spinach to it too. She may notice but doesn't care as long as she gets one person to give her attention. Her need to be praised for every little thing she does has to be grating especially at her big girl age.
>admits to not having good bookkeeping of her bills and her automatic charges for adobe, sound, etc
Shouldn't have Cliffe been helping with that since he loves doing taxes.
>ends the story calling it her own fault yet also calling it hot tea & gossip
She's so boring and this nothingburger made her excited. Pathetic especially how she won't take responsibility but I expect nothing less.
I ♥ this so much. I know this is early but next thread pic, please.

No. 319369

File: 1707634056699.png (38.42 KB, 708x424, Screen Shot 2024-02-11 at 2.48…)

And she added cheese to this? Easily hitting 1000-1200 kcal a portion at that point. That's close to her TDEE.(nitpick)

No. 319374

She sounds like a 19-year old that just moved out from home and is learning to cook for themselves (god I remember making the most basic shit at that age thinking I was the best cook in town). Not everyone is a master chef or even good in the kitchen, but that isn’t exactly much to brag about…

No. 319375

Is she SERIOUSLY congratulating herself on making cheese pasta..?! I learnt how to make that when I was 12 years old!!! And what's she talking about sustaining herself? It's not healthy AT ALL. JFC.

No. 319376

going through this video made me kinda sad lol jillian was way less insufferable and styled herself better. what the fuck happened?

No. 319379

Weed and getting fat. It's hard to really style yourself when you're unhappy with your body, even more so when you've gotten to fat for most of your wardrobe.
I know it's been said many times before by others, but I'm surprised she hasn't doubled down and joined the Fat Acceptance/Fat Liberation movement.

No. 319380

this is a very unpopular opinion but I don't think she gained that much weight. she gained some but compared to her unhealthy lifestyle it's actually not that much. I've known many women like her (short and stubby) and once they hit their 30s they basically instantly become build like brick shithouses. if you look at louise, she is built like a fridge but her face isn't fat, it's just being short and stocky, it's a really unfortunate body type which makes you carry fat very badly so anything counts. once she hit her 30s and her metabolism slows down it's going to be tragic though, she is going to get actually fat if she doesn't start exercising.

No. 319381

I think it’s partly because she is very short and apple shaped so the weight sits on her uncomfortably. I also don’t think she’s gained TONS but it’s very very noticeable because of the things I said and also like you said re weed and not liking her body enough to learn to style it better. She really ought to at least start doing yoga and maybe Pilates or something so she doesn’t end up a stiff and completely spherical meatball at 35.

No. 319383

I mean if you’re 5 ft tall gaining 10-20 lbs is in fact a lot of weight, and she gained a lot. Even with the same short and stocky body type and round face as Jill you can tell Louise isn’t fat.

No. 319385

this is awesome. I love artfags

No. 319387

Because Jill thinks she will lose the weight eventually. She has said things over the years that indicate this. From when she first gained 10-15ish pounds and was talking about watching PreCure on the treadmill to her saying Jerricka has anorexia, she is hopeful that she loses the weight one day.

She has probably gained about 50-60lbs. She is short and stocky, but she is basically unrecognizable from who she was 5 years ago. Gaining a pound per month would put her at 60ish pounds of weight gain, and there's no way Jill isn't eating at least an excessive 3600 calories each month.

No. 319396

So she’s the victim bc trauma & amnesia when this would never be an issue if she’d just check her bank every so often

I mean how privileged do you have to be to ignore your income only to also play pretend you have multiple personalities and heavy amnesia

No. 319397

I would bet even higher. I think she looked about BMI 19-20 in her lowest pics she loves to share to wax poetic about her ED, but now… she easily looks BMI 35 or so? That would work out to about 70lbs of weight gain more or less.

No. 319424

>Love my family but I now know what herbs and spices and real vegetables are lol
I like how vaguely this is worded because it can fit into her weird parental neglect larp that she keeps all vague and mysterious for her did lore. Just stands out as particularly egregious to me but I’m not sure if I’m nitpicking.

No. 319432

File: 1707721338796.jpg (216.4 KB, 720x1601, 327157ryi547iuyf.jpg)

I read it the same way too so you're not alone. I still find it funny she was asking for recipes for cooking broccoli. She acts like cooking vegetables is hard. Then again little miss toddler palate supposedly had to look at a picture of a chicken burger while eating one her mom made her. Having taste buds blown out from consuming too much sugar, salt, and fat does make eating healthier food harder. She reminds of a family friend who has a palate of a toddler and will complain if the dish isn't a sodium bomb. Apparently to him salt is "flavor".

No. 319433

I noticed this too, she is now framing them going along with her arfid tendie obsession to mean they intentionally fed her a shit diet and she's only now discovering real food.

No. 319434

I’m with both of you, the way she worded it seems suspicious.

>having more control over how foods are prepared and less pressure try things

That’s real childhood abuse, being given healthy meals and encouraged to eat vegetables. Jillian is so brave uwu for smothering everything she eats in cheese. That’s totally something someone with an eating disorder would do btw, add hundreds of calories to a dish for no reason.
Some people starve Jill. Your problems are not real and your life is not hard.

No. 319442

It sounds like she is trying to combine her DID with autism breadcrumbing and instead end up looking even more like an ungrateful retard.

No. 319443

The pallet used to haul you out of your rainby vomit house might need expanding if you keep gaining weight, Jillybean. The word you're looking for is palate. Why is she speedrunning ARFID recovery anyway? Shouldn't that be a huge part of her upcoming autism larp now that she's breadcrumbing entire loaves that she's done with DID?

No. 319446

KEK a 26-year-old gloating about eating broccoli in the future. people your age plan on getting married, having kids, a successful career. you might like broccoli next year. couldn't be more coddled

No. 319449

>Broccoli I’ve never tried
I know all of the autism fakers act like 5 year olds to try and convince people they’re totally autistic but Jill really is something else. Imagine being 25 and telling everyone online that you never eat healthy.

No. 319450

seriously, how she can not see how embarassing this is? telling people she can't keep her private parts clean and getting UTI's non stop, bragging about not eating vegetables whole her life. these are things people write anonymously on image boards.

No. 319452

>Broccoli I have never tried

Then how do you even know you don't like it? It's just embarrassing to say this stuff in your mid 20s.

No. 319453

>Imagine being 25 and telling everyone online that you never eat healthy
She didn't exactly need to tell us, we can see what she looks like kek

No. 319456

Imagine not being embarrassed that you went 26 years without eating broccoli. I'm sure she's lying for attention but that's just embarrassing and gross. Yet she wonders why Steven won't pop the question. Even a closeted troon wouldn't want a beard that delayed and embarrassing

No. 319469

File: 1707765562464.jpg (85.38 KB, 720x632, 212.jpg)

Wonder what prompted this?

No. 319470

Oh thank god I thought she’d somehow figured out I took screenshots and blocked me.
She probably picked another fight with precure Twitter and they’re finally retaliating?

No. 319471

Maybe us making fun of her for not eating broccoli was the final straw kek

No. 319472

Possibly knowing Jill. I'll try and check around later to see.

No. 319474

>Being able to eat onion is because of a DID fusion
Good fucking god she is insufferable.

No. 319476

Phone call from Louise “now why are you bringing my cooking into this?”

No. 319478

File: 1707772518922.jpg (102.25 KB, 720x592, 20240212_221643.jpg)

first thing that shows up when you search for pixielocks on twitter, this user has been tweeting about her lately and her saying the n word. might be why?

No. 319479

File: 1707773025667.jpg (134.82 KB, 720x919, 20240212_222452.jpg)

anyone following her priv who knows what this is about?

No. 319480

File: 1707774569584.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3464x3464, FD8FF72A-45E4-46C9-849B-577180…)

This is all that’s been posted in regards to her mental state

No. 319481

>Broccoli I have never tried
This tweet made me laugh so hard it's outrageous. How can you go 26 years without trying broccoli? And then to actually go online in front of your entire audience and reveal that you've never had broccoli? The echo chamber she is in must be crazy. It's one of the best vegetables. I know maritimes cuisine is usually just root vegetables, boiled beef, and no seasoning besides salt, but surely it's not rocket science to cook broccoli well? Jill strikes me as the type of person who doesn't even know how to blanche vegetables, let alone cook them.

No. 319483

File: 1707778445867.gif (847.95 KB, 400x226, c68b609c-5c61-44c3-8e66-d6e322…)

jill tries justifying how she has ARFID cause no one believes her. gave specific examples, blamed family ofc and how shes curing it herself. she ends up looking faker than ever and goes private in shame. classic!

No. 319485

so is texture just not a thing for her that she thinks a magic recipe could change how an autist felt about a no-go food? i know it's a larp but any normal autist wouldn't focus on making herself like foods she hated, she'd find the food she liked. why focus on making yourself like broccoli when you could sub it for another green you did like? pointless waste of time and energy. if she were real this is why therapy exists, to stop misguided efforts.
also she's claiming autism but what she's describing comes across as not liking veggies when cooked by a boomer maritimer (aka probably boiled beside a lump of meat). and that's not abuse unless she'd like to personally claim the entirety of atlantic canada is filled with evil mommy abusers despite them likely literally not having access to many spices until quite recently (and even then, spices are more expensive over there and harder to find the father out from a big town or immigrant area) and not considering that she's currently cooking modern canadian/american food found on pinterest whereas her parents had passed down recipes and local cookbooks of their time which were more bland overall. if she payed attention to the other kids in her school she'd have noticed others discovering recipes online and suddenly liking veggies.
but nope, gotta claim your mom abused you cause she cooked food like a normal woman for her area

No. 319487

she is literally acting like a 2 year old who is being offered broccoli and goes “it’s yucky” and shoves the whole plate away without even trying. Except she’s 25. This is very pathetic

No. 319490

there’s actually no way she’s never had broccoli. Boiled unseasoned broccoli is probably one of the most common white people side dishes. I refuse to believe her white ass family never ate broccoli and cheese casserole or something. Unless she’s doing the long game and slowly making it sound like her parents never gave her access to vegetables as a child which in turn would mean they were very neglectful and contributed to her issues about safe foods. But that’s just a tin foil.

No. 319491

Thank you. Not seeing much except interested in the talked to my momma feeling slightly less insane for now. Guessing she blew up over something.

No. 319492

Knowing twitter, it’s most likely going to be retarded nonsense only zoomers care about, but I genuinely hope that a doc on her is still made. I’m so ready to see how Jillian reacts to yet another realization that most communities really don’t want her.
Kek thanks for the laugh nonna.

No. 319493

Maybe it was about Steven?

No. 319495

She didn’t mention stebie in the “cared for” tweet so I wonder if something happened there

No. 319497

this close to valentines and her birthday? Her walls are definitely closing in.

No. 319498

her new patreon is out

No. 319500

Only a few minutes in but she genuinely seems stoned

No. 319502

I hate that little insistent "he he he" thing she always does. It always sounds evil to me.

No. 319503

God, she admits to committing to leaving the house "at least once a week," and insinuating that she would rather not leave at all. That is fucking bleak.

No. 319506

File: 1707801460999.jpg (67.86 KB, 720x462, 5 petal.jpg)

Update on 5 Petal

No. 319508

File: 1707801999746.jpg (165.07 KB, 720x1214, Meds.jpg)

Talking about Wellbutrin

No. 319509

File: 1707802206401.jpg (162.53 KB, 720x1156, Coraline.jpg)

Jill was traumatized in 6th grade because her class was watching Coraline.

No. 319510

youre posting this right as im thinking about how shitty the production of coraline was KEK

No. 319513

File: 1707811216207.jpeg (504.95 KB, 828x578, IMG_9760.jpeg)

If these are her baseline triggers, it’s no wonder Jillian is super duper traumatized.

No. 319514

I hate how much she exaggerates things. She can't just say coraline scared her as a kid, which it did for tons of kids who saw it. She has to be the only one in her class who was scared because she was just so traumatized and abused and she had to go home afterwards.

No. 319516

File: 1707815957686.png (311.67 KB, 282x506, jill_dragwig.PNG)

she said she is currently working on a project for a "drag thing" and showed this wig

No. 319517

>mostly working on graphics and logo
We all know she doesn't like to sew (except cosplays maybe but that's just an excuse to attention whore to the precure community) but she seems to like making graphics, so I don't get why she won't set up a redbubble or something similar? You literally only have to upload your graphics and they'll take care of everything else for you. Is it because of muh capitalism? She knows she won't make anything by herself though, and her cult of followers would jump on an occasion to buy whatever shit she pulls out of her ass. I just don't get why she doesn't jump on that occasion to passively make money?

No. 319518

File: 1707822141489.png (483.6 KB, 375x566, graphics.png)

its all really low effort compared to how she described it. these are the graphics she said took so long to make. watching the full stream it just seems like shes pretending she had a lot of projects and hobbies we didn't knew about. but it all looks put together in a day or two.

No. 319519

The weirdest part was how she was like ew I mailed this by writing Jillian. Like she got caught in a lie, she doesn't go by Pixie in real life, and had to play it off as a oopsie yikes moment.

No. 319522

File: 1707831147724.png (15.79 KB, 212x147, trueandhonestfashiondesigner.P…)

sorry for essay-length post but I think she really did love to sew/work on garments in the past. When she was a teenager she seemed to sew often and experiment and DIY her own garments and accessories (as seen in her lookbook.me era). She was creative and resourceful with her spare time and was fulfilled. What she was putting out could be considered impressive for her age but she never progressed beyond this. I think moving to Fredrickton and going to gay rainbow macaroni art college burst her bubble because her previous life of being the most special quirked up famous person in PEI gave her a false image of her potential and skill. She finally went to a college in a big town that is full of people just as special as her and even moreso. She went from making amateur stuff in her bedroom as a teenager and getting insane asspats from her parents and people online who will only ever see this stuff in a photo, to actually having professional teachers who will look at her work up close and criticise her for once, and having people her own age around her to actually compare her skill level and uniqueness to. She was clearly humbled during college and humility is not something Jill can take on the chin and learn from. There is no way she could be wrong and anything that goes wrong couldn't possibly be her fault so she pulled a Hail Mary and got balls deep in the Mental Jillness LARP. "If only it weren't for these wretched mento illnesses I would be a successful fashion designer boss babe by now! This is the only thing in my way and it's not my fault!"
She doesn't want to sew because she can't live up to the image of the famous fashion designer she believes she should have been by now and deserves to be. She built her brand on fashion and wanting to be a fashion designer and the title of "fashion designer" is too sparkly and romantic to give up. She has been writing a check she can't cash for years and she feels entitled to success.
I think the writing was on the walls back before she went to college in 2017 when she had the New York meetup. She gassed up the green birthday dress she made and said she would wear it and felt really chic and legit about wearing her own design to such a big event but the risk of people being able to see it up close and the risk of candid photos she can't control was too much so she chickened out.
Fashion Designer is what she wants to be known for without the work and without the vulnerability of opening herself up to criticism or comparison to peers her own age.
She is the same way with her piano playing. She talks about it being precious and wanting to keep it to herself to protect it because she doesn't want it to be "taken away". I think the fear of "loss" is not the fear of the skill disappearing but the fear of the title of "skilled pianist" being taken away because of failing to live up to it. The standards for being considered "skilled" increase as she gets older and she knows she hasn't kept up.
She does this with cosplay competitions too. She will never compete in the appropriate category relevant to her years of experience and number of past wins she has in Novice. She knows that after a decade of competing in cosplay contests, her work can still only make waves in Novice. She won't compete unless she knows for sure that she will place because she can't risk her identity of being a great cosplay maker especially now that she has 10 years experience and is a fashion graduate. Every single cosplay is on par with her first cosplay (Cure Flora) and that is too shameful to allow people to notice.
Jack of all trades, master of none.
She wants to keep up the facade of fashion designer and keep delaying the launch of her brand again and again. There is a large chance that if she launches, she will fail and the dream is over and she "loses the title". The longer she delays it, the longer it stays a dream and the failure doesn't get a chance to happen. She cannot facilitate having her image be challenged on any level because she doesn't have the chops to uphold it and keep it from crumbling should that happen.
Announcing you're going to do something and that "big things are coming" gives you almost as much dopamine and satisfaction as you would get from actually having done it so there's less incentive to actually do it because you already got the high without the work or laying yourself bare to reviews or opinions.
She will continue to ride on the high of her achievements as a teenage fashion designer who had potential for as long as she can because she can't confront the fact that her skill level did not increase in proportion to her age. She breezed through the beginner levels and decided early on, based on that alone she was destined for greatness. However, maxing out the beginner level is like hopping over stepping stones but you can't skip along very far until you hit the beginner skill ceiling and breaking through that ceiling and progressing to the next set of levels is like leaping over an ocean and she isn't prepared to thanklessly grind the XP needed to tackle those difficulty spikes. She has been sitting still in the safety of the tutorial stage for years and doing all she can to prevent people from noticing.
She cannot sew because she cannot give the world indisputable proof that she is nowhere near where she should be.

TL;DR Tweeting is as good as sewing. She gets the same amount of satisfaction from tweeting about being a fashion designer and telling people "big things coming" as she would from actually doing them. She can enjoy the glamour of calling herself a fashion designer without having her work or identity challenged because they can't criticise you if don't give them anything to criticise.

No. 319523

File: 1707831277719.jpg (479.13 KB, 2160x3840, 20240213_143438.jpg)

some recent likes on twitter from when she privated her acc. also liked a lot of posts about forgiving past mistakes, everyone has done something wrong and what matters is your growth, people wanna have a moral highground for holding you accountable, etc. which i tinfoil is related to this >>319478

No. 319524

sagefag, maybe not all are from when she privated her acc. idk how long she had it privated, but it's around the same time anyway.

No. 319525

I don't typically the tinfoils of Steven pushing back or anything causing her to have twitter meltdowns, but some of these likes… they are too on the nose to not possibly be about him.

No. 319528

on the topic of the steve relationship problems tinfoil: i don't think anyone mentioned this on here at the time but i thought it was really peculiar that she never mentioned anything about steve in her christmas haul video. we know she visited steve's family and had dinner with them over the holidays for the very first time in their entire 5+ year relationship but there was no mention of it in this christmas video or any mention of anything activities or celebrations over the holidays with him at all. she also didn't show or mention any gifts she had received from steve. in her present wrapping video she showed a really thoughtful gift she made for steve so they weren't "not exchanging presents" or anything.
i think this christmas was the first christmas she and steve didn't do a decorating video or anything together.

No. 319531

samefag ok she does mention him once. she says she texted him a photo of a mumu her mom got her that says "cute but crazy but cute". i think that is all tho.

No. 319533

This is cute. I’m happy to see her get out of bed and work on something. She needs less doom scrolling and more of this!

No. 319536

I was waiting for an update on the parents thing. Wonder what ended up happening there?

No. 319538

Did she make diferent logos for every alter colour way or she says if this are options to choose the better one? cause in plain sight looks like colourways for Jerric, jill, Sunny, Flora…(sage your shit)

No. 319540

this reads really badly from a distance, which is one of the main things logos are supposed to be able to do. it's just a blob with thin text on it.

No. 319546

She was never good at sewing. She half assed everything and got by with mediocrity. I don’t think Jillian has legitimately tried anything. She thinks she’s hot shit because of her internet fame and retarded fan base. Now that she has to actually try and put effort into stuff she knows she can’t do shit so playing retard sickie munchie antics has been her shield to avoid growing up and actually trying.
She shouldn’t have gone to craft school she should’ve tried to go to a legitimate fashion school and learned proper techniques but that’s not instant gratification for Jillian.

No. 319547

File: 1707852309592.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1651, IMG_6494.jpeg)

No. 319548

>She shouldn’t have gone to craft school she should’ve tried to go to a legitimate fashion school

no she shouldn't have, that would have been a massive waste of her time, her parent's money, and effort on behalf of the instructors. Jillian simply does not have what it takes, and honestly, it's ok to admit that the closer you get to 30. She is not a hard worker. She doesn't have an original sense of style. She doesn't have an ounce of grit and determination that would be necessary in business and a competitive industry like fashion. She doesn't even leave the house, and it seems like she would prefer to never leave the house. How can you mingle and schmooze and build business relationships and market yourself and get yourself and your work "out there" if you literally aren't even out there? She doesn't have it. She knows it too. Hence, the munchie larp. Don't have half the chutzpa to succeed in your extremely cutthroat, competitive artistic industry? Fall back on disability and identity!!! That'll get the job done!

No. 319550

Legitimate fashion school would’ve put her in her place a lot faster tbh. Especially with the required foundational year. She would’ve instantly realized that field wasn’t for her. Craft school held her hand way too much and let her graduate when her performance was completely unacceptable and fail worthy. If she had gone to real fashion school she would not have made it past the first semester and would have learned her lesson. She’s destined to make soap and ugly merch since she doesn’t want to put any effort into anything.
Even accomplished seamstresses are humbled by real sewing classes because of the truth depth of the craft.
I don’t think Jillian has any potential to accomplish anything especially since she’s surrounded by enablers who make her think mediocrity is a special skill. Deep down she probably knows that too and so pretending to be a retard with a bunch of imaginary friends seems to be her safe zone. But how long is this con gonna last?

No. 319555

>But how long is this con gonna last?

Probably until Stevie leaves her and she ends up back at home. My tinfoil is that she's gonna end up back at home either way.

No. 319556

This is why I get so annoyed at anons insisting she should do graphic design, she's shit at that too.

No. 319561

Her very rare and traumatic disorder is in the same "genre" as wearing a chicken hat. Totally not a quirky personality trait.

No. 319562

I get annoyed at anons insisting she has any ability. She refuses to practice or fully learn proper techniques at anything she attempts. She doesn’t want to learn anything and just automatically be the best at stuff she tries once or has minimal knowledge about. Like she can’t even make a drama video right. The only thing I can see is soap.

No. 319564

>I think moving to Fredrickton and going to gay rainbow macaroni art college burst her bubble because her previous life of being the most special quirked up famous person in PEI gave her a false image of her potential and skill. She finally went to a college in a big town that is full of people just as special as her and even moreso.

Fredericton is barely bigger than Charlottetown. And she didn't go to a "gay rainbow" macaroni art college, she went to a community college that mainly gives certificates to housewives who want to feel like they got some sort of post-secondary education.

No. 319571

File: 1707865723267.jpg (2.67 MB, 3072x4096, 24-02-13-19-54-49-452_deco.jpg)

Remember this? Video dropped and Swoop wanted people to talk about Gypsy Rose and Munchausen (Gypsy's ex has autismand claims DID). I can only imagine our dear Jilly realizing it wasn't to highlight her super special mental jillness, but to talk about a literal child being abused and a murderer with DID. Lovely.(learn to sage)

No. 319573

File: 1707866379142.jpg (320.73 KB, 1080x1527, MentalJillnessbyProxy.jpg)

No. 319578

AYRT when i say gay rainbow i am referring to the fact that the place was dripping in pride stuff when she got there and she had other snowflakes around her. this is something she vocally excited about upon arrival. also by calling it macaroni art college i am discrediting it as you are.

No. 319580

sage for nitpick but i think the fact that she has not said a word about the gypsy rose case as a self proclaimed survivor of extreme trauma and mental health advocate speaks volumes. but it makes sense, she doesn't actually care about mental health or abuse victims, and talking about gypsy rose who seems relatively stable now will highlight how ridiculous her own claims are. also, we all know she hates other women and is definitely jealous a female abuse victim is getting attention. in before she lurks here and tweets something adjacent to "i've wanted to talk about grb but i feel like maybe that's what we all should stop doing and let an abuse victim live a life without constant media attention. i myself know how hard it can be to be a public figure with complex trauma [heart hands emoji]".

No. 319583

It's an edit of this tweet >>319547

No. 319584

Oh my god kek I didn't even realize, thanks for letting me know that's kind of embarrassing for me.

No. 319585

File: 1707874459303.png (1.15 MB, 1460x725, IMG_20240213_193411.png)

Jillian is the personification of lame and corny "aesthetic" Pinterest quotes. I'm honestly surprised she hasn't tapped into this kind of stuff more, most people who do these are self centered and do them for themselves.

No. 319586

File: 1707875354385.jpg (13.62 KB, 466x580, images-1.jpg)

Imagine this but with her ugly logo, she could even base them on her alters. Jerrick soap would be monster scented, Flora would be roses and cherry blossoms, Etc. missed opportunity
100% she could be doing shit like this for redbubble but she's even too lazy for that
It's almost valentine's and yet she's just now uploading Christmas hauls? Lame. She usually already had a valentine's look book up at this time of the year or something to do with Steven but she's too busy smoking weed all day nowadays(stop)

No. 319589

Yeah if she ever embroidered her design onto a tag or clothing the ends of the name would be surrounded by the fabric colour. It would be tragic if she went with pink font and then it got embroidered onto pink fabric.

No. 319590

the christmas haul is an older video from last month. stop soap posting and read the thread.

No. 319591

christmas haul video is from january, pretty sure anon was just using it to further tinfoil on stevie stuff(learn to sage)

No. 319592

Fashion college seems like a racket to me. Even if you go to a prestigious school you're never getting a job in the industry unless you have some type of connection and nothing about Jill suggests to me she would be good at networking. Truly the best course of action would have been to study something useful- maybe even business or marketing- and learn to sew from the internet. Plenty of successful designers have never set foot in fashion school.

No. 319593

Last paragraph goes so hard great creative writing

No. 319594

this is such a crushing demolishment that it makes me feel existential dread on her behalf

No. 319595

because children having a phase where they'd wear the same thing over and over is obviously mental illness kek
also why do I feel like jilly wasn't even one of those kids

No. 319596

File: 1707891986440.png (729.73 KB, 687x869, ecowarrior.PNG)

She completely removed the option to do simple passive income things such as redbubble with the holier than thou sustainability grandstanding she did. When she first came out as "sustainable" and "quitting fast fashion" she went balls to the wall with it and was immediately pompous and vicious to other people and companies that didn't immediately catch up to her new standards (picrel). She was a sustainability nazi when it was convenient.
She has backpedalled a little since then (she showcases fast fashion and other mass produced stuff she received in her christmas haul and doesn't pipe up about sustainability).

She may have quietly pulled back a bit when it comes to her consumption but there is absolutely no way she could get away with profiting off of unsustainable print to order technically "unethical" products via the likes of redbubble.

No. 319597

she absolutely fucked herself with the sustainability grandstanding. actually underrated reason for her downfall- yes she was always lazy and worthless but she could have monetized her brand with t-shirts and other Chinese crap, she even used to have a web shop. also most of her content was hauls/travel she couldn't do that anymore, her options were menty illness larp or actually create something. now she can't even accept PR packages (though she could have just quietly said nothing) and her 'brand' would require more effort than finding some aliexpress wholesaler. not to mention that she doesn't even really try to be/give a shit about being sustainable but that's beside the point.

No. 319598

Kek I forgot how weird she was about this one. She comes off so pompous for a washed up Youtuber. This post was obviously a virtue-signal gone wrong but I wonder how she didn't have the foresight to realize what kind of message this would send to brands that wanted to work with her in the future.

No. 319599

Going off about plastic, sustainability and all that stuff with her expensive purebred cat in the photo is sure something kek

No. 319600

>it's 2020
>still has some kind of small influencer relevance, is lucky to get PR delivered to her house, most people don't have it as good considering the time this was posted
>it's now 2024
>her brand is completely dead and will never be relevant again, ignores the hoards of plastic shit she has accumulated over the years

No. 319601

File: 1707898151830.jpg (61.15 KB, 860x860, ODB4X253LmpwZWc.jpg)

She could have come up with her own cute version of Plushie Dreadfuls for other mental illness larpers or something similar on that plushie website Kaya/toxictears uses. Not saying consumerism is a good thing, but she obviously doesn't care about it so it's hilarious she screwed herself out of being able to cash in on any of her trends without actually handcrafting items or sourcing ethical and expensive.
Also while still wearing makeup to this day which I presume uses plastic packaging/shipping materials and child-mined mica unless she's springing for expensive indie brands that somehow don't use any plastic packaging or shipping materials on top of sourcing ethical pigments.

No. 319603

But she's too scared to even tag them? Lol Jill actually likes having it, she just wants to look like a savior. Also the only reason they'd send you PR is if you're on the list and you put whatever address on it.

No. 319606

kek what a great big brat. her lack of self awareness is almost eclipsed by her complete lack of decorum. it's funny how she puffs her chest and gives plenty of attitude in her little internet bubble but the second she gets any sort of pushback or is involved in an irl situation she can't control she crumbles to pieces

No. 319608

> When she was a teenager she seemed to sew often and experiment and DIY her own garments and accessories (as seen in her lookbook.me era). She was creative and resourceful with her spare time and was fulfilled. What she was putting out could be considered impressive for her age

I'm pretty sure the actual half decent stuff "she" sewed were either done by her mother or grandmother. If it wasn't, she not only stalled in her sewing abilities,she straight up regressed. The stuff she made for her fashion collage would have been embarrassing for a high schooler. The wedding dress she made for her cousin was an embarrassment. Jill was never actually creatively talented imo, she was just born into a creatively talented family so she coasted off her mom's willingness to let her "express herself".

No. 319609

>get PR from company
>immediately goes off and gets mad at them for daring to send her PR
way to bomb any chances of getting any sponsorship, jill

No. 319610

God, no. I hate these with a passion. Way to broadcast your disorder for the ~aesthetics~. These are a mockery of life-ruining mental ilnesses for discord kiddie larpers to collect like pronouns. I know this fits her to a T, but it would be awful if she broadcasted this crap to her child fanbase.

No. 319612

File: 1707931062782.jpeg (280.23 KB, 828x871, IMG_4682.jpeg)

No. 319616

Is this post meant for her? steebs showing no love? Ask his discord friends with the picrew profile pics. Kek

No. 319617

She used to have some designs on one of those print on demand sites, did she take it down?

No. 319619


This is so weird. This is one of two different scenarios. One, posting about mental illness is more important than posting about her relationship, so she is choosing to do that for internet points. OR there is trouble in paradise. I don't normally believe there is relationship issues from breadcrumbs….but this is unlike her. She used to freak out over valentine's day.
Or maybe she is just keeping their relationship off the internet. Would be a smart move.

No. 319620

Was this her first post of the day, has she posted anything for valentines/Steven yet? Wonder if they had a blow up?

No. 319621

File: 1707935946488.jpg (384.2 KB, 720x3458, 214.jpg)

No. 319622

looking like a whole ass melted ice cream

No. 319624

>Dollar store jewels glue to face and gloves
>old ass dress (not made by her)
>bad makeup
>party city wig
Yes Jill we can see where all your time has gone, truly a passion project not a 5 mins until hand over time is over. I swear she doesn't go to real drag places cause she knows they will destroy her.

No. 319625

this is honestly one of the better things she has been posting lately. it's kinda cute as a costume, i think the dress fits her figure better than what she usually wears. i think the shade of pink the heart on the necklace has looks horrendous with the red though.

No. 319626

Nonna you’re too nice, that dress is about to amputate her leg it’s so tight. Trussed-up ham is not a slay.

No. 319627

The shoes don't fit, the necklace doesn't go with anything else in the look, the gloves are absolutely heinous, not crazy about the makeup, the wig is cute but not up to drag standard (you have to layer multiple wigs to achieve that look). Also her shoulders look huge compared to her hips lol.

No. 319628

I hate Trixie Mattels makeup and her shitty take on it is worse. Also her awkward posing to hide fat ass isn't flattering. She'll never learn.

No. 319629

The makeup is a strange choice when she was just recently slagging off her past drag makeup

No. 319630

Fits her figure, nonna this is edited that’s just not her body shape and she isn’t wearing any shape wear or corset.

No. 319631

Not my fave look but at least she is doing something creative so I'll give her props for that. I obviously still think she's a massive cow for faking disorders, but I still want her to do better and the way to do that is to be productive and work on real stuff, whatever it is, so if she gets back into posting quirky fashion pics that's better than the endless mental jillness posts we get now

No. 319632

Man, anytime this cow or Shayna do something outside of crackhead baby chic at least one anon chimes in with "s-she looks good here". No… She doesn't. She just looks like she gave .002% more effort than usual. Teen Jill would throw up and scream if she saw what she grew up to be.

She's been larping as a fashion designer for half her life and this is the best she could do for Valentine's? She never could style herself nicely. Tbh idk how she even got her following. All of her cords have always been mediocre at best. Being an upper middle class white girl will get you far in this life..

No. 319634

God it looks like she has a five o’clock shadow.
Those shoes are on their last breath. Flat as fuck cheap wig, obvious shoop yet she couldn’t edit out her jowls, and she bursting from the seams of that garment she didn’t make.
Usually moids that partake in drag and don’t sew manage to still wear quality garments and are better at selling an illusion of exaggerated femininity. Yet Jillian as a biological woman fails immensely by having no makeup skills, wig styling ability, or even being able to flaunt her alleged sewing skills. She looks like a cheap trailer park woman stealing her daughter’s clothes.
I am bothered mostly at all the half assed shortcuts she tries to hide with blatant photoshop. I want to see the unedited version.

No. 319635

File: 1707941270818.jpg (556.35 KB, 2880x2330, 20240214_210059.jpg)

i think you're right, actually. sage for autism but leftmost pic is an outlining of the shadow, middle pic is the shadow outline perfectly matching her arms, and third pic is my best attempt at making the outline sit as accurately as possible on her body. it's hard to tell because of shit quality but her chest is tilted the complete opposite direction of her shadow counterpart, so she's probably done something there, maybe to look slimmer. legs are a bit slimmer/straighter than the shadow, if anything the shadow would look less curvy than the actual real legs. hips also are a bit more boxy (probably normal hip dips) in the shadow. the light source seems to be coming from the left and seems centered/eye height, so i don't think it should have a significant distortion other than the shadow being bigger than the actual person, but i might be completely retarded though. art/photography nonnas feel free to correct me.

No. 319636

This look is horrendous, chaotic, and doesn't have any sense to it
Gingham with clown makeup and bizarre hearts on her head? She just threw up on herself

No. 319637

samefag, just to specify, i know the arm and legs won't line up at the same time because of height difference according to the light source, so that's not what i think is fishy. it's the fact that her chest is tilted at a different angle in the shadow.

No. 319638

That extra shadow is there because shoots like these use more than one overhead light and that's not even including reflectors. So both are shadows.

No. 319639

>>319202 are those sh scars on her ankle?

No. 319641

File: 1707944206648.jpeg (651.7 KB, 828x1199, IMG_4686.jpeg)

No. 319642

What are you even linking to reply to? You replied to the OP.

No. 319643

i hope steebie is dressed as kermie

No. 319644

No. 319645

File: 1707947517223.jpg (375.09 KB, 1080x2220, Jillianankle.jpg)

No. 319646

She looks like a shitty hazbin hotel oc, how on earth does she think this looks good?

No. 319647

someone needs compression socks…

No. 319648

That's not self-harm. Looks like an imprint from socks she was wearing before shooting this. That's not uncommon. Unless you mean the clear straps.

No. 319649

This will never not be funny to me. The whole scolding for daring to send a fucking influencer collab makeup was such peak performance. I especially loved the howling over sending it directly to her rented townhouse as if that's somehow illegal to send it to her place of residence. I could be remembering incorrectly, but I don't remember her having a p.o. box during this time which would make it even more stupid. One of her best showing her whole ass and shooting herself in the foot moments.
I despise the background colour she chose. She doesn't pop out.
>She'll never learn
Cycles like it's groundhog day
The crystal hearts I can remember using on crafts I did as a kid at home and at school. Good times. I like that she's gluing the crystal hearts on both the gloves and fake nails. Nitpick but I hate how the gloves look. A band at the end would look better otherwise just looks unfinished. Reminds me of when she didn't line that pom pom jacket. It screams "good enough".

No. 319650

idk it's not that bad. she's going for feminine drag and this is basically that. I think the gloves and necklace were bad ideas but the dress looks fine on her (but I like how tight dresses look on most women tbh) and I like the wig. the makeup isn't nearly as bad as she used to do it.

No. 319651

I don't understand this - She still buys plastic anime crap made in china ~unethically~ but is throwing a bratty tantrum over getting sent makeup? What an ungrateful bitch. Just take the makeup or give it to a friend, no reason to blast the free product you were given on twitter.

No. 319652

Why does her chest look so huge in this? She looks like a rooster trying to puff up its chest to attract hens. I noticed her anterior pelvic tilt right away in these photos. Her ideas are always so boring. "What's a good idea for a Valentines look? I know! Hearts! That totally hasn't been done before!" She's creatively bankrupt. This is the hundredth time we've seen her in gingham. We get it Jill, you like gingham. Use a different pattern for once.
The shoes are huge and falling off of her feet. Why even keep old shoes like this if they don't fit you well and they're falling apart?
>I despise the background colour. She doesn't pop out.
Hard agree. Jill has always had a problem with choosing appropriate background colours. At this point, I think she chooses colours that will blend into her outfit or wash it out on purpose to hide the poor construction, fit, and look of the outfits she posts.
She spent all that time on an outfit she can wear once a year on Valentine's day. I don't get her MO, it's like she focuses all her time and energy into the smallest most inconsequential things. She did all that for one badly shot and badly edited photo op?

No. 319653

it throws me off when she talks bpd vs her did stuff, she turns bpd into a shallow nothing of being hot and texting exes like how her veronica is supposed to represent sexual trauma minus the trauma. or i guess "jer" the kid with bpd who is now "growing out of it"
for it being the disorder she supposedly has, she barely mentions the actual turmoil of living with it. even the stuff that wouldn't make her look bad. meanwhile she'll wax poetic about how did affects every little embarrassing thing she does
oh they're disgusting yes, but her fanbase probably has a huge overlap with the types who'd buy the penny dreadfuls if they looked cuter and jilly is essentially monetizing collecting mental illnesses anyways, just minus the merch because of her own short-sightedness. like you say, they represent her perfectly kek
>a slay has been cooked
more like overboiled
i'm sure all those plastic hearts were necessary and ethical right jill? or no, i'm sure it's actually 100% recycled materials right? not new mass produced hearts found online or at dollarama.
i love how moralistic she gets about shit she doesn't care about to look good because she wouldn't know what being decent actually entails

No. 319655

File: 1707960252866.png (423.76 KB, 531x468, rose_whine.PNG)

I am begging you to lay off the rose wine jill. Popping care/of sugar pill vitamins cannot combat this haggardness.

No. 319656

how how how does she already look 52? christ almighty, the weed, shit diet, coffee, energy drinks, and lack of vitamin D is aging her like crazy

No. 319657

File: 1707960871161.jpg (147.65 KB, 720x973, 4-18.jpg)

No. 319661

Holy shit she is aging rapidly, I would’ve not guessed she was 25. Had I no idea who she was I would’ve thought she was in her late thirties. Not only that but her fashion skills just keep getting progressively worse throughout time, imagine being someone who was a fan of her channel when she just started out, and when you check up on her this is what you see? She needs to stop calling herself a “fashion designer,” because she spent all that time in school just to end up worse.

No. 319662

>it throws me off when she talks bpd vs her did stuff, she turns bpd into a shallow nothing of being hot and texting exes
I agree, it's so fucking offensive. BPD is so shitty for the people who have it and everyone around them. Doesn't help that most people on the internet stereotype it like that too. Bpd bitches who are proud of this behavior make me fucking sick. Go to therapy and stop being terminally online holy shit

No. 319663

Those aren’t gloves, they’re armwarmers Jill. I was about to be impressed that she actually made gloves (because they suck to make) but no, they’re just armwarmers, and looking more closely, they’re too loose anyway. I blame myself for thinking she’d put effort into anything

No. 319666

I thought Jillian was ~so totally fluent in French~, lol. She should know it's pronounced like boo-kay. Also something is up with her and Steebie – she would be showering him with heart emojis in the caption if he bought that for her. She probably doordashed it to herself from the grocery store.

No. 319667

Shes trying so hard to hide her double chin by sticking her head a foot out kek

No. 319669

Anyone else getting the distinct impression that there's been a "disagreement?"

No. 319671

I imagine every day in their household is hell with how she describes her own behaviour, but definitely she is in the cool off stage right now of BPD favourite person shit. Joking about texting her ex, solo photoshoot, no mention of Stevie, etc, despite it being valentine's.

No. 319675

the gloves don't watch with anything. or the dress doesnt match with anything. this is a nice attempt, but the problem is jill is a brat who thinks her attempts are gold standard professional. this isnt as put together as well as she thinks.
>a slay has been cooked
its so painfully obvious she isnt queer by any stretch of the term. just some average straight white term who bastardized drag lingo from watching too much "reality" drag tv shows

No. 319676

Almost wonder if he broke up with her.

No. 319677

My tinfoil is that he wanted to delay any valentines celebrations to the weekend when he's not working and jill is butt hurt he doesn't just drop work for her on the day she wants it. I think if they had really broken up she'd be a lot more distraught

No. 319678

That would be quite funny tbh, and a new low too, I can't imagine her being rainbows, tinsel and glitter after a moid tranny broke up with her, but she wouldn't definitely just post shitty pictures and tweets, I'm sure she would be able to make a whole ass video about why steeb was totally the worst bf ever and that from now on the sex pest OC will front more often because she was totally sexually abused by him which is why she has so many UTIs or whatever other things she could say about him. The meltdown would be so milky.

No. 319679

She would be milking every moment of it if her partner broke up with her right before valentine's day

No. 319680

Maybe he’s waiting until after valentines, if she really blew up at him he might be rethinking some things.

No. 319683

Is that her strawberry bong? I thought it was a bell pepper at first kek

No. 319690

I looooove how Jillian opens her mouth in the name of appearing more socially righteous while being a complete hypocrite. She loves that sweet validation that comes from virtues signaling but she comes off as a narcissist that can't go pa day without listening to her own voice berating others while she grows herself as the bigger person when she sounds like a fucking Karen kek. Will never forget what she said about Leticia Ky. Seriously what an hypocrite.

No. 319692

File: 1708040460461.jpg (92.55 KB, 720x585, MJ.jpg)

No. 319693

What the hell is she even talking about?????

No. 319694

Narcolepsy larp?

No. 319695

She's just lying/pathologizing something mundane. Weed can give you eyelid tremors and I'm almost 100% that's what she's experiencing

No. 319697

>I think if they had really broken up she'd be a lot more distraught
Based on how she reacted to her mom's cat dying, her deer collision, and so on, I can imagine the dramatics if they actually broke up. Would be wall to wall vagueposting about being devastated, suicide threats, worst thing imaginable happened, threats to nuke her whole social media presence, 14 minute artistic interpretive video of her crying, etc
REM means deep sleep dreaming, she just thinks it means literal rapid eye movement aka eye twitching. Someone needs to start making up illnesses just to see if she claims to have them.
I personally have Clown Aversion-Magnetism which is when I spontaneously (Magnetism) put on a clown nose and frilled collar, I don't even remember doing it, then when I see myself in the mirror unexpectedly I pass out due to Clown Aversion (it's a very difficult disorder! Super rare!)

No. 319699

File: 1708056947514.jpg (24.5 KB, 500x415, stevies_escape.jpg)

I feel like it might be too embarrassing to admit right out the gate if it happened since she's been openly marriage-baiting for the past year or two and has been gushing about their perfect relationship for so long. Not sure if she is smart enough to realise it would be a disaster for her to cause him trouble publicly over a break-up because what he has seen and lived in behind closed doors could bury her if he dares speak. But also the vagueposting and liking sus things might just be her lashing out over a fall out or writing on the walls that he's getting ready to break it off.

No. 319703

File: 1708058805068.jpg (142.73 KB, 720x692, LC46t3t8.jpg)

Jill has been posting more on her insta. Probably trying to get another sponsorship like she did with Nerds Canada.

No. 319704

File: 1708064518796.jpg (203.43 KB, 720x1031, SS23423r.jpg)

How her views are faring on the Better Help Video.

No. 319705

yeah i think she does think REM is anytime your eyes move around quickly/twitch
this is almost as funny as the bruxism tweet, i hope this webmd/1st year bio undergrad "info" arc never ends. it's funnier the more she diagnoses herself. can't wait for the fibro/hEDS arc kek

No. 319706

She's going to end up diagnosing herself with a thousand things at this point. Most special rainby baibyy sickie person ever in the world
Did she buy herself flowers like Miley Cyrus lol
I think the bad stuff between her and Steven started last year at the time when he got sick and she had to clean her own house and her own cat's puke by herself, then Christmas happened, now we're here

No. 319714

KEK it's just funny seeing her try and make these videos such as the better help one in an attempt to revive her dying channel. Her DID larp was just another attempt and that ended up killing it even more. Most people who might've liked her channel don't because it's all filled of her faking mental illnesses and these "drama" videos on a mediocre situation that could've been summarized in 5 minutes.

No. 319715

Kek is this her retconning the supposed seizures she had when she filmed herself "sleeping"? Because iirc she tried to use it to somehow give more proof to her DID claim but ended up getting shit for it

No. 319716

File: 1708088707019.gif (2.86 MB, 452x500, 1662829239747.gif)

Is this the "rapid eyelid movement"? God damn that shit is so fake

No. 319717

Damn I must have missed this, she is claiming this was a seizure she had in her sleep that she just happened to catch on camera?

No. 319718

I don't remember if she claimed seizures herself, but I remember people in her comments being upset with her for not getting it checked if it is.

No. 319719

She did not claim it was seizures but she did claim this is how she switched which disturbed many because she had previously talked about switching while driving etc. it also raised questions like how did your parents or boyfriend just never notice if you’re seizing out every time lmao. I think since then she has retconned this being how she switches due to plot holes bc she deleted this pretty quick.

No. 320784

I wouldn't be surprised if she starts claiming seizures, since Dissociadid started claiming them and we know that's where Jill gets a lot of her larping inspo from

No. 320791

yes and it's fake as hell. Even actually seizing people don't look like this. Nor do dreaming people.

No. 320796

She is definitely getting clicks from the clickbait and better help being a topic people have been talking about but I would bet the watch time is very low from those clicks.

No. 320800

File: 1708100496592.jpeg (189.54 KB, 1105x762, IMG_1934.jpeg)

No. 320803

File: 1708101509302.jpg (275.26 KB, 720x1797, 1.jpg)

No. 320804

>"Someone should send me a screenshot"

Yeah you're just so kind and positive lmao she can't even pretend she doesn't love the drama

No. 320806

File: 1708101896336.jpg (134.5 KB, 720x905, 2.jpg)

No. 320808

File: 1708102277175.jpg (157.74 KB, 720x996, 3.jpg)

No. 320810

File: 1708102584691.jpg (179.72 KB, 720x1325, 4.jpg)

No. 320811

bitch is taking it awfully personal lmao log off and take your meds jillian

No. 320812

File: 1708103021610.jpg (65.51 KB, 717x451, 5.jpg)

No. 320814

File: 1708103500162.jpg (186.16 KB, 720x1068, 6.jpg)

No. 320815

File: 1708103630706.png (358.27 KB, 706x718, consistency.png)

topkek she looks like an absolute sped, and not the kind she'd want to be associated with
>expecting people to be positive 24/7 is too much
>but i expect people to 100% coddle and be positive towards the moids of the fandom
>it was vaguely worded
>literally plain english about two-faced individuals whose thing is being overly fake positive
methinks a hit dog hollers
wait, so if this person is only associated with negativity in her mind, how is that not her seeing someone as "horrible"?
amazing that she can't keep her lies straight for even 30 minutes, let alone fake being decent
>blocking people after i blast them is a neutral act, why can't people see that?!?!?!
most delusional cow

No. 320817

She's throwing this whole fit because she expected Steebie to propose on Valentine's huh

No. 320818

File: 1708104135690.jpg (41.04 KB, 720x288, Locked.jpg)

She locked her twitter down. The precure twitter user featured here >>320810 is calling her out at the moment.

No. 320822

>watches a show teaching kindness, being nice to people and being respectful in a way literal children can understand
>Still acts like a bitch online

No. 320826

>Someone should send me a screenshot of whoever qrt'd this

Didn't she qrt it herself too, what is she talking about? She's such a massive bitch, both figuratively and litterally

No. 320827

Man, she's insufferable as hell. I almost feel bad for her closet troon, if I was him I'd avoid conversations with Jill at any chance possible. If I saw her about to give her retarded opinion on something I'd shove a tablet in her face like an iPad kid

No. 320831

She truly thinks everything is about her. Way to tell on yourself.

No. 320832

Drama hungry ass bitch
Using her DID as an excuse as to why she's mean and shitty to people I see KEK. Lmao even. This is so transparent of her. That threat at the end is so chef kiss. What an idiot.
She feels so called out, kek.
Well it's like only she can be multifaceted, because she always treats everyone else like shit when they make a mistake or criticize her. Positivity and kindness my ass, she only says this to save face.

No. 320833

If the shoe fits Jillian, kek. She didn't need to reply, she could had ignored it. What an attention seeking idiot kek. This just shows she actually DOES KNOW that she's a shitty person and yet she keeps getting herself caught in drama lol. Forever a cow.

No. 320834

>I'm going to disengage uwu look at me I'm the bigger person
You already engaged and got butthurt Jillian, everyone who has a fully developed brain can see through your lies

No. 320836

>wait, so if this person is only associated with negativity in her mind, how is that not her seeing someone as "horrible"?
That's the thing only her and her very special DID makes her multifaceted, the rest of us poor mortals are horrible people if we ever dare point out all the hypocrisy, lies and shitty behavior about her
This lmao

No. 320838

File: 1708107389088.jpeg (387.16 KB, 828x1090, IMG_1450.jpeg)

No. 320840

If it's not "choke" then what five letter word is she blocking out that means "have a bad sleep"?? She's so fucking stupid and thinks everyone else will eat up her lies

No. 320841

she disengaged for an entire hour! new jillian record

No. 320842

the way she just assumed this had to be about her because she knows she's a self-centered hypocrite lmao

No. 320843

then she'd just give the same opinion online. At least that's milk, I guess.

No. 320845

File: 1708108977185.jpeg (620.94 KB, 1170x1282, IMG_6566.jpeg)

No. 320848

File: 1708110202828.png (364.09 KB, 810x958, Screenshot 2024-02-16 124030.p…)

sage for not pixie but girl PLEASE shut up. the dickriding is impressive, if only she did it for shit that matters and not fucking pixie saying slurs, regardless of how long ago it was. people absolutely were calling out white people for saying the n word, you just don't know any black people or have any black friends.

No. 320849

She's probably just upset because it means her Pixie alter may have secretly said the n word

No. 320852

doesn't matter that she apologised, she only did once she was called out, and anyone, especially black people, have absolutely every right not to accept that apology, ever. why is cherry hard defending pixie as a white person. most likely cherry will read this, get a fucking grip. you're being a horrible ally to black people right now by defending this shit. you're wasting your life and mental health on someone who thinks you're creepy and only keeps you around for ego boosts over the fact that someone is a big enough fan of her to skinwalk her.(twittard speak/learn2integrate)

No. 320853

File: 1708110876939.jpg (313.56 KB, 720x2716, 1314.jpg)

She unlocked her twitter

No. 320854

File: 1708111461092.jpg (254.55 KB, 720x2007, 22043.jpg)

No. 320855

Correct me if wrong: this is the first time someone’s pulled the hair touching photo out when calling Jill out. At least to my memory. There’s so much they could go after her for not just the racism. Especially the fake positivity and passive aggressiveness. The semi recent of her having her fans go after someone (who may have been a farmer).
A precure fandom vs Jill war I didn’t expect but it’s been a long time coming. Doesn’t help she’s clearly in a BPD fit from not getting proposed on Valentine’s Day or Stevie deciding to wait until the weekend to celebrate. a total self destruction is a foot.
Cherry needs to watch herself.

No. 320856

She has one five minute video where she couldn't even be bothered to set up lights and talks about the last.fm question and the dread pic but has she ever actually acknowleged her petting this girl's hair?

No. 320858

“10 years ago nobody knew the n word was bad because black use it as a friend thing and also BLM didn’t exist” sorry WHAT. I know this cherry girl is autistic but holy shit. That might’ve been the worst thing she could’ve said when trying to defend jill.

No. 320859

> everyone is multifaceted
> I’m multi-multifaceted though
This is why she has identity issues. Who she tells herself/others and who she actually is are so at odds she can’t even stand herself or anyone else because everyones expectations of her are so inconsistent because she’s a liar! She didn’t wish someone would die in their sleep over sharing their (problematic) take, she just wanted them to have an unpleasant sleep! Jill, sweatie, everyone can see the post, you didn’t say unpleasant… you intentionally censored it to get around the whole “I’m a pure nice cinnamon roll uwu who would never” act and told someone to die. If that’s not acceptable to you, don’t do it. It’s very easy to be consistent when you’re not a liar! Claiming DID and hiding behind a diagnostic impression doesn’t mean you aren’t a liar, it just means you’ve lied so much you can’t ever stop because then you’d have to make amends for being a bitchy piece of shit.

No. 320860

She better not try to come for narcolepsy now. There is already so much misinformation and misunderstanding about us. We don’t need more children pretending and ruining credibility for legitimate sufferers.

No. 320861

It's called nystagmus, Jill. Sorry but it doesn't make you special.
She knows she's fake positive as fuck and it's hilarious how she reveals it. C'mon, stop with the fake sob emojis and let your horrible side - I mean, your BPD alters and protectors out, isn't this what you made them for?

No. 320863

>let your DID alters come out isn't this what they're made for
fucking honestly it was so "stressful" for her that she locked her Twitter for an hour shouldn't her DID be stepping in and letting the green troll come out and be a bitch? It would be a lot better for her fake larp rather than always having these PTSD switches off camera

No. 320864

Anyone of the twitter people lurking should point out she chased POC DID creators off the platform. Kek

No. 320866

>I've made two videos about this
She acts like those were made in good faith. Those videos were made not to apologize but to be used as a way to exempt herself of future criticism. The only thing she was sorry about was getting caught with bad behavior. It would be different if she actually was trying to better herself. Problem is time and time again she keeps engaging in bad behavior. She has never changed but slapped a new shitty shiney coat of veneer over herself.
Guess she's never heard of forgive but not forget assuming forgiveness was even given in the first place. Just because one "apologizes" doesn't automatically cancel out the action. Perfect example of a weaponized "apology". As for Cherry, Cherry is a stan and in her blind admiration for Jill will attack on cue. Unless Jill does something drastic to her which causes her rose tinted glasses to break, I doubt she'll stop being a stan.
>You weaponized it because you dislike me is wild bro
As if your "apologies" weren't made for you to weaponize. Sit down and shut up, Jillian Amanda Vessey.
>a total self destruction is a foot
She's spiraling at the moment and agree that she's self-destructing hard. Something obviously happened which she made perfectly clear by her tweeting about talking to her mom and temporarily locking her account down.
Nonnie, didn't you know that no one was held accountable back then in ye olden caveman years of 2012-2013? Everyone was just willfully ignorant. Lol. She really reached hard on that one. Wonder if her arm hurts from all that reaching? Cherry should think about what she is putting on her twitter especially since she wants to open up her own shop.
>Jill, sweatie, everyone can see the post, you didn’t say unpleasant… you intentionally censored it to get around the whole “I’m a pure nice cinnamon roll uwu who would never” act and told someone to die.
Exactly. Why censor something unless you want to hide behind plausible deniability.
Always assume with Jill that if she can try and fake it, she will try and take it. Essentially she's shameless and nothing is beneath her. She's pathetic.
She very well could know, since she has admitted to googling lots of medical things besides possibly Stevie telling her what the pharmacist told him and possibly a leaflet attached to meds talking about possible but not all side effects, but chooses to frame it in a specific way to make it look more distressing. Mental jillness is all about garnering the most attention whenever and however she can.

No. 320867

File: 1708121977152.jpeg (273.81 KB, 1170x636, IMG_0150.jpeg)

Nope. No yet at least. She did retweet an ass pat tho. They are really trying to use the fact OP is a minor to discredit any thing she is saying. As if that affects or changes anything. It’s all Jill, she’s just pointing it out. Any adult or child can do that.

No. 320868

File: 1708122690354.jpg (322.55 KB, 720x3345, Flora and Sunny.jpg)

No. 320869

bitch thats cure lemonade and shiny luminous design your ocs better

No. 320870

She hates that she isn't thin

No. 320871

the way they’re both skinny lol

No. 320872

File: 1708122947731.jpg (57.27 KB, 720x426, NFL.jpg)

(off topic/no context)

No. 320873

I'm laughing at the left side's right ankle going behind the left leg, but the right figure isn't doing that. Lol Like why do that at all? I think she fucked up and didn't realize until it was too late because she read her own sketch wrong.

No. 320875

Can anyone explain wtf this is

No. 320876

so it's not ok to call jill out for saying the nword as a teenager because she was "a child who made a mistake", but the autistic minor is "a horrible person" instead of being referred to as a child who can do mistakes?

No. 320877

when you claim to be attracted to women but the only woman you don't actively despise is yourself

No. 320878

it’s a pretty cure character. I think their pfp is the character too

No. 320879

>they used it as a buddy term
>in 2013
do they know obama was elected in 08? people were ignorant but not that ignorant back then
i didn't know that invalidating someone's feelings about disliking fake people was being nice kek
this feels like the tale of narcissus, except it's for a fake skinny version of yourself. also this looks like something a 12 year old would post to deviantart, and not in a cutesey "inner child" way, but in a "you've just started drawing and you're talented for your age" way
jill is the only person in the world with justifiable excuses for her bad actions obviously

No. 320880

File: 1708124092579.jpg (205.18 KB, 720x1667, IDNS.jpg)

No. 320882

i’m kind of obsessed with this daisy cinnamon person. A hero we didn’t know we needed

No. 320883

>If there’s no trauma it’s not fucking DID, it’s something else!
nonnie that's exactly what she said in the screenshot

No. 320884

My bad, she’s just boiling my blood with her uwu act. Gonna go touch grass.

No. 320887

Someone show pixie the proof we have that she does say you can have DID without trauma kek

No. 320888

Why do her subscribers always change in units of 1000? Is that just from how social blade plots the data, or is she buying them?

No. 320889

>Extremely unethical
I hate how she's always squealing about this. She admitted she can't take legal action which of course not since this whole crazy circus by her own free will posted the fucking cake tiktok on the internet. Fucking liar. Not anyone's fault but yourself. Sorry you're adverse to reading fucking TOSs. She's so bad at her job and at being her own PR person.

No. 320890

It's just how socialblade displays data now. They are unable to give accurate real-time numbers due to changes with Youtube around the beauty guru drama. Also if you look at the Y axis, the peaks are not her gaining subscribers. The peaks are at 0 so they represent no growth or loss. She has been bleeding subscribers for the past couple years. She has lost around 15,000 subscribers since 2021 and has had no gains.

No. 320891

>every single one of her “true inner self” OC is extremely slender or is a small child
It’s really worth mentioning that her DID faking arc coincides not only with her aging and failure to launch but also with her becoming a massive fatass who can’t make the scale budge despite a bunch of half-assed attempts to do so over the years. She desperately wants to reassure others and herself that her body is incidental to the fact that the true version of her is a 90lb (Japanese) tween.

No. 320892

File: 1708129934036.jpg (138.77 KB, 720x1619, Will Wood posting angst.jpg)

Jilly was posting on her emo boi account when she was having her meltdown a few days ago. Angst posting Will Wood of course.

No. 320893

File: 1708130173671.jpg (76.17 KB, 720x921, Doom.jpg)


No. 320894

File: 1708130358868.jpg (104 KB, 720x633, Omg.jpg)

Raged about grandma again.

No. 320907

Another gross example of her shipping by her OCs I mean alters

No. 320908

She tried to boycott McLean. That's the truth. People remember Jillian

No. 320909

Cherry needs to step down and not defend Jillian. Wtf. Yes black people were upset at the n word usage even then, maybe Cherry is just being naive or ignorant but Jesus.

No. 320910

She does that too all the time though. Also did she unlock it just to be petty online…? Lol

No. 320916

This is what annoys me, she clearly said she wants people to choke or die in their sleep and now she's pretending she only wished them a bad night sleep. Bitch what? Does she actually think this is working to convince people? I hope she never gets in trouble with the police because holy shit.

No. 320922

Sunflower fusion is coming soon everyone

Funny how she draws herself as two thin magical girls hugging each other while having a meltdown over people calling her mean as if people can't scroll down and see the call-out if themselves. I'm sorry this is so hilarious lmao.
The way she retweets any praise right after any arguments sickens me, actual narcissist behavior.

No. 320923

Yeah Jillian blocking and unblocking her is ridiculous insane seething behavior specially if you say you're disengaged. Also I do remember her saying something asking to "trauma is not necessary for did" and her being "naturally dissociative" before.

No. 320929

Imagine blasting your grandmother online because she made a joke about a month long hospital stay

No. 320931

She's just jealous of her grandma losing weight

No. 320935

Gonna assume that Jillian is jealous of her gramma for 1) actually being ill and getting attention for it and 2) losing weight from being ill because Jill loves making everything about herself, loves attention and wants to be thin so bad

No. 320936

If that twitter user is a minor then it's 10 times sadder that Jill is unblocking her and getting super angry. Imagine being a 26 year old and screaming at a teenager over the internet instead of just blocking them and not engaging at All.
She really is so selfish lmao. Her grandmother was in the hospital and her response is to post about how mean and evil she is online to thousands of people because she made a joke. I bet if Jill had to go to the hospital for feeling sick she'd never shut up about how terrible and traumatic it was and would throw a for if her relatives posted about it online the way she does with her family.

No. 320938

>She really is so selfish lmao. Her grandmother was in the hospital and her response is to post about how mean and evil she is online to thousands of people
It's so tone deaf, she milked the cat death that wasn't even her cat but can't spare one single ounce of empathy for her grandma. I bet that when her mom was in the hospital too she also felt jealous of her for the attention, hence why nowadays she has to be the most sick and ill person in the world, it's pure attention seeking

No. 320942

I believe the relevant posts for the source of Jill saying it would be >>194351 and >>194370. Last one should have the tiktok but I'm on mobile rn so I can't check if it is the correct one. She has later retconned her stance on trauma >>194443 and as we've seen lately is pushing hard the new truth of her having experienced severe abuse as a child but yeah she originally seemed to try to avoid claiming severe childhood trauma.

No. 320951

It's some dumbass autism larp, she's trying to pretend that she totally didn't know that was a joke/irony/sarcasm and she's waiting for someone to be like "omg jillybean insert crying emojis it was just a silly funny Joke lol lmao crying emojis" and then she would be like "omg skull emojis and crying emojis with heart emojis I'm so autistic heart emojis rainbows emojis".

No. 320953

Nah she's playing to the fat acceptance movement. It's illegal for anyone to ever be happy about weight loss to her because she's sooOOoO supportive of ~fat babes~ and loves her ~curvy body~ and anyone that would ever admit they want to be thinner has been brainwashed into thinking fat is bad of course

No. 320957

Could also be she is simply so narcissistic she feels personally offended when someone else is happy about loosing wight because she hates her current state but is incapable of changing it. I suspect she will never go full fat acceptance because that would require her to accept she is indeed fat.

No. 320964

Or more realistically she’s probably just commenting on how silly it is to be concerned with your weight when you were in the hospital (even if it’s performative on her part). Y’all are always reaching.

No. 320965

It's not reaching at all? It's an extremely common joke to say that a flu/other illness is the best diet there is. Her grandmother isn't actually concerned about her weight lmao

No. 320966

getting this riled up about a secret kek, a hit dog will holler

No. 320967

literally what I was saying, it’s a joke and she’s performatively acting like it’s ridiculous to comment on it, but it’s not fat acceptance or autism breadcrumbing or whatever some anons are saying.

No. 320968

File: 1708187210328.jpeg (402.59 KB, 960x796, IMG_3378.jpeg)

saging since this is about a quote but i think we need to worship this daisy cinnamon guy(self posting)

No. 320971

selfpost much?

No. 320975

File: 1708189549779.jpeg (393.84 KB, 1170x844, IMG_0180.jpeg)

I don’t know who she’s fooling anymore with this. The only mental jillness that isn’t a LARP is the bpd

No. 320976

>did a ton of self soothing
Buzzword she doesn't actually understand

No. 320977

You know what would be great to treat your supposed PTSD? Actually seeing a therapist. How are we supposed to believe you mental illness is actually debilitating if you won't even seek help.

No. 320978

Reminder that all of this is being caused by a high schooler lmao. Anyway I wonder when she'll start dropping new alters from this "trauma".

No. 320979

Doesn’t she have DID isn’t that a condition decide to cope with emotional turmoil subtly? Why isn’t she switching and shutting up and posting about crayons or walking on all fours meowing?
She’s almost 30 and sending an army of retards to attack a bunch of teenagers. Does she see she can’t be a victim in this situation?

No. 320980

Shut up stupid fat ugly jillian. I know you’re always lurking and posting. You can’t help but come on here and try to correct everybody.

I’ll take my ban now but I know for a fact it’s her.(hi cow)

No. 320981

I just don't understand how anyone with even basic therapy knowledge can't tell the difference between her OC LARPING and real mental disorders. Real DID blacks out your other parts, so only the fronting would know what happened. There's no secret internal round table where everyone is talking like she makes up. It's a form of acting disassociation. She's unfortunately the type of mentality who thinks an OC is a personality type. It's like when someone method acts. They take on the personality and that makes them feel like a different person, your attitude changes, your posture, the way you move.. That's not the same as having DID and she doesn't understand that. Stepping into the personality of a character is not the same as actually disassociating into a trauma response.

Everything she says about this comes from movies or some romanticized idea of DID. Like sitting at a table in your mind and discussing things together. Like.. No. You are just internally acting out personas like when you read a book and each character has a way they talk that you've imagined, but that isn't the same as having different personalities. Why do people believe this? Holy shit, a theatre kid can spot this a mile away.

No. 320983

It absolutely is fat acceptance stuff because the person she's responding to is talking about someone burning calories while seizing. They are pointing out these jokes are not as innocuous as they seem because they imply that losing weight is a positive thing even to the point that being sick can be a good thing if you lose weight, which goes against the fat acceptance movement

No. 320984

It's super obvious to anyone familiar with BPD that that's what she's experiencing. BPDers are known for having no internal sense of self, so they externalize everything and create different personas. Actual DIDers recognize that their alters are all part of them, they are one person together. Jill talks about the "people in her head" and clearly sees them as external to her

No. 320985

>Why isn’t she switching and shutting up and posting about crayons or walking on all fours meowing?
KEK you're right, anon. She can't even keep her larp straight.

No. 320988

File: 1708195863159.jpg (117.27 KB, 720x686, 14950.jpg)

New vlog, I'll have the vlog embedded in the next post.

No. 320989

No. 320990

ok this is slightly OT but her aunt Serenity Sam is visiting currently from the UK. Why isn't Jill involved in that? Seems like her aunt and her mom are having an incredible time, meanwhile Jillian is literally rotting away in her hole freaking out about fucking Twitter. I don't get it.

No. 320991

Not leaving the house, lying around petting cats, making absolutely pointless videos, doing fucking nothing. Real life of a true artist right here. Jesus Christ, Jillian, you are such a pathetic slob.

No. 320992

She's stuck in NB right now unless Steebie drives her anywhere right? She hasn't gotten a new car since her crash

No. 320996

This all makes total sense. It's just really noticeable to me. I'd think her mom was the "I need to show off my incredible kids!" type, and you'd think she would force Jillian to be there for this.

No. 320997

>Full time artist.
Kek WHAT lmao.

No. 320998

File: 1708197983400.jpg (164.57 KB, 866x1390, serenity-sam-of-cosmic-chords-…)

Serenity Sam probably makes Jillian majorly jealous kek. She's everything Jillian wants to be - quirky, eccentric, creative, peaceful and loving, an actual performance artist, free-spirited, thin. Sam seems to genuinely love her life, whereas Jillian clearly hates hers and probably can't stand to be around someone who seems so effortlessly joyful and free.

Also, Sam talks openly about her sobriety journey and I'm guessing it makes Jillian really insecure because she knows deep down she has multiple substance abuse issues that she refuses to confront because it's more fun to spend all day high and drunk. Louise survived cancer and Sam beat addiction, I'm guessing their conversations are really deep and meaningful and Jill hates that she's not anywhere close to being the sickest, most traumatized, or most interesting woman in the room.

No. 320999

Imagine having PTSD from a fucking video.

No. 321000

It's so funny for me her ego is so fragile she needs her identity/diagnosis accepted by even some stranger teenagers on internet despite having the actual diagnosis. This is just a giant show for her and she indeed seems quite unwell mentally but not the way she wishes.

No. 321001

Imagine your awesome aunt visiting and you not even daring to say hi because you're perpetually stuck in your house and terminally online arguing with teens over a cartoon. Couldn't be me. If I had an aunt like Serenity Sam, I would cherish each moment and have a real blast.

No. 321002

Can't she take a bus?

No. 321004

For real. Given how much Jillian claims to love positivity and kindness, you'd think Serenity Sam would be a huge role model for her. I mean, Sam literally built her public image on the same thing Jillian is failing to build hers on: being positive and eccentric while talking about recovery and healing.

No. 321005

She doesn't even have an etsy or do commissions. Just call yourself a stay-at-home cat mom at this point.

No. 321007

Absolute queen. Beautiful and free spirited. Also gorgeous.

No. 321008

Stay at home loser.

No. 321009

This has been pointed out before but Serenity Sam paints, draws, makes music, performs, meditates, and helps others struggling with addiction. She has obtained inner peace and it shows, this is what a real full time artist looks like. Hell, even Jillian's married cousin who has actual diagnosed autism is is a musician.

No. 321013

N word has never been used as a buddy term by Black people about white people and white people don't get to use it that way for the most obvious reasons a 7 year old should be able to grasp. Backtracking and lying is not a good look, like this "have a bad sleep" >>320838
The fact she reads an obscure confession about horrible people and falls over herself trying to justify it is so telling, like how do you see that as being relevant to you unless you self identify as horrible?
I agree with this anon's tinfoil >>320817 like I think she even made that outfit especially for the imaginary proposal. She always goes on a random online shitfighting spree when someone doesn't do what she wants them to.

No. 321018

>”flashbacks” from a YouTube video
>”unsafe in my own body” from a YouTube video
She’s upset because she was publicly humiliated. That’s the correct terminology: upset and humiliated.
She doesn’t have to act like she knows what it’s like to actually experience flashbacks or feel physically unsafe because of acute trauma involving violence and legitimate danger.

No. 321024

File: 1708215812093.jpg (71.13 KB, 1080x225, 1641259863071.jpg)

She deleted the tweet, kek
Poor ickle Jilly couldn't get her way by threatening to sue (ha), her cronies using the review bomb tactic on a hospital to discredit, and trying to discredit as well as possibly having licenses revoke from the professionals involved in the seminar via that dumbass petition being shared (plus her kissing up to those two weirdos who she hasn't retweeted or talked to in a while). Although to be fair, she's only raging about it because it was brought up. While it was a wound to the ol' ego, she's obviously angry about something else as the last sentence is more telling. She's wanting to lash out and the precure drama gave her a perfect excuse. She's predictable like >>321013 wrote.
She's constantly trying to work in more stuff as well as rewrite at the same time. She doesn't keep track as she uses convenient excuses to try and smooth over the inconsistencies. Remember this picrel gem?
Interesting and very well could be one of the reasons why she's been having a shit week.

No. 321026

For me the only people who are allowed to claim such stupid mistake are sheltered ESL teens that just started using the internet and had no context of the word back in 2012. I think I made that mistake once because I just heard that word so much online without really understanding all the history and pain behind it and was quickly corrected and I never used it again in an online setting. By 2014 it was widespread that you should not use the n word and that it doesn't mean "buddy" or "friend". White people like her who had black classmates in highschool when she was doing theater don't get a pass because if she was truly paying attention she would know.

No. 321028

Am I misremembering or was it just one picture of her in a long presentation. No use of her name or specifically accusing her of anything

No. 321029

It was the video of her coming out with the cake, the presentation always was very sure to say that this wasn't an evaluation and that he wasn't assessing of these individuals had DID or not, just that this type of behavior is usually not observed in clinical settings with patients at MacLean.

No. 321030

They used the clip of her in her car going to get a "Happy DID Diagnosis" cake, talking about coming out "Jojo Siwa style", although her username or name were not specifically mentioned.

No. 321031

Big T? What does she mean? Transition, trauma, testosterone? Sometimes she's too cryptic for her larp
>Interesting and very well could be one of the reasons why she's been having a shit week.
As long as she doesn't blame Serenity Sam for any of her trauma we're good
>She’s upset because she was publicly humiliated.
Yep, and it's even worse with her narcissitic tendencies going on, that ego must be so wounded. This is also why she's so quick to respond to any perceived beef just to defend herself even though NO ONE directly mentioned her in the precure confessions tweet. For her, people talking about her in a way that isn't sunshine and rainbows equals deep PTSD trauma, but that's what happens when she posts retarded ass shit like the DID cake video, obviously people will see and will use it however they want, it's public shit.
>She doesn’t have to act like she knows what it’s like to actually experience flashbacks or feel physically unsafe because of acute trauma involving violence and legitimate danger.
Because she doesn't know what that feels like and probably never will. How convenient that she's exoeriencing PTSD symptoms right after her rage induced shit flinging tantrums. I'm pretty sure those "symptoms" are nothing but hatred and violence followed by her smoking weed or drinking alcohol to "soothe herself".

No. 321032

Does someone have a summary or interesting tidbits on this vid? Seems boring as fuck

No. 321033

>Big T? What does she mean?
little t versus big T trauma; little t meaning events that are very distressing and big T meaning chronic, ongoing trauma such as abuse. little t trauma experiences do not cause PTSD, big T trauma experiences usually can or do.

No. 321034

File: 1708219718806.png (459.02 KB, 756x483, Screenshot (14).png)

Every time I see a close up of her in natural lighting with no makeup I can't help but wonder why she looks so sickly. Her lips always look kind of blue and discolored and her skin looks like she's a drug user. Can smoking weed and eating frozen nuggies really make you look like a corpse

No. 321037

File: 1708223231560.png (29.98 KB, 579x279, 1634822083515.png)

She has issue with a family member going by a screenshot (picrel) posted back in thread 43.
A bit off topic but I can't seem to find that presentation by Dr. Matthew Robinson. I may be searching incorrectly, but I wanted to double check something.

No. 321038

>can't seem to find that presentation

It's been privated. It's technically here >>287833 and here >>290251 but the former says the video has been privated and the latter requires a log-in.

No. 321039

Jill definitely thinks she's too good for the bus but also she would have to make two transfers, and since she and her mom were scared of the Yamanote Line in Japan which is a literal loop line that they had to take one stop, I doubt she would be willing to do it on her own

No. 321048

I had a feeling. Thank you, nonnie. I wanted to see the references page and see how Jill was cited. Always have to cite everything you use including social media. Immortalized in freaking APA format. Never thought of it when it was happening. Seriously the funniest shit and she can't even place the blame on those damn annoying haters. Amazing. I have to wonder though considering the current circumstances if Amber will make an appearance. I would love to see another self-righteous video similar to the response video to the McLean presentation. She never knows when to shut up and absolutely revels in browbeating people. Anything is possible.

No. 321051

>Sunflower fusion
Kek, probably. Hope she intended to call the new oc "Sunflower" and can't now because you posted first
I think the issue is unlike Jill, you're actually (and I don't meant this to be mean) autistic and don't get that she was implying she was mad her grandmother was sick yet the first thing on her mind was that she lost weight. Her tweet is directly related to the tweet before it, another person mad that when a woman in their life was ill they were still thinking about their weight and losing more.
I'm pointing this out more as extra (and organic) proof Jill isn't autistic, her sense of humour is totally lost on true autists
Why would PTSD involving the hospital situation result in her feeling unsafe in her own body lol? Keep on reading off those possible symptoms of all the disorders you're larping Jill, one day you might say one even your audience can't ignore.
Also isn't Sunny supposed to actually be out for these situations? Thought that was her point, why's there coincidently only Jer posting when she's upset?
>full-time artist
IMO a bigger lie than the DID
Yes, the smoking causes oxidation and there aren't any antioxidants in the body to counteract any of it. Plus in general not getting enough nutrition always makes your skin trash, your body will prioritize your organs over your skin which is why you'll start to look sick even before you get there. It's part of the reason anorexics look so shocking, their organs are certainly in pain but it looks worse on the outside initially

No. 321054

Wowie, the NERVE of someone showing up to a family gathering to meet their whole family for a celebration when they jilted on of those family members who made such a big deal out of it and was So Deeply Hurt they couldn't even tell them to their face to not talk to them and now has to send a cowardly passive-agressive e-mail to say they're unwelcome in their own family because of some clearly overblown fault.

No. 321055

I hope she calls it Sunflower because of that post. She can even call it a team or a dragon ball esque fusion, she doesn't need to completely annihilate both characters kek it would be funnier

No. 321057

>How dare my family be happy and celebrate Christmas together while I'm here larping an emo kid? How dare they show up I need to be the center of attention!
Kek I love when stuff that she wants to add to her trauma backfires and makes her look spoiled
Also I think it was debunked in that thread that the aunt she hates is Serenity Sam

No. 321058

Imagine being immortalized in McLean and not being proud of it, all the coquettecores and egirls into Girl Interrupted would kill for that spot kek

No. 321060

I wouldn't be surprised if Jill pulled that of her ass after seeing posts about people not being in contact with their families for the holidays. I don't think she realizes the OP is talking about abusive / neglectful family members, not some random aunt she has beef with because they probably told her no.

No. 321061

File: 1708243448280.jpeg (318.04 KB, 1170x543, 1637086492713.jpeg)

Yes. I wonder how long Sam is staying?

No. 321062

>Why would PTSD involving the hospital situation result in her feeling unsafe in her own body lol?
It's funny because she treats it as if she was put in a state run mental hospital in a third world country and not just briefly mentioned in a video. I would know, a friend of mine has been to one.
>Also isn't Sunny supposed to actually be out for these situations?
Yep but "Sunny" in reality just comes out when her mood is good enough, otherwise her emo bpd rage has to be represented by Jerryboy. The thing is, these characters are simply representations of her range of emotions and self image, not really a way to protect her from her so called "PTSD symptoms" and btw she wouldn't be tweeting in that moments if she really had them.

No. 321064

>She invited herself
Not really, the thing she's describing is not what inviting oneself means
>I don't think she realizes the OP is talking about abusive / neglectful family members, not some random aunt she has beef with
Yeah I would know, I have an abusive person in my family and I've been blamed for him not showing up in family reunions because I'm there, so I much rather not show up so he can enjoy himself. But this is just an example of why her "abusive family" drama is fake as fuck, maybe it's just me but real abused people don't demand a central spot in the middle of the family reunion like she does, some simply and quietly just go through it alone. That's why holidays are hard, not because a random family member made you upset by calling you jillybean or talked about getting thinner in the hospital. Also, she gets presents from them still. Some people get jack shit.(blogposting)

No. 321068

She doesn't have an actual diagnosis nonna (apart from BPD)

No. 321069

All the nonnies replying to this are missing a crucial fact, and it’s that she said she was already a traumatized child at this age. Which means she’s once again trying to pretend she’s a CSA victim or possibly a victim of abuse from her family. So fucking bleak and disturbing honestly

No. 321070

I mean to be fair, people with really debilitating PTSD don’t exactly want to seek help because it means they will have to speak about what they went through and be extremely vulnerable. Obviously this isn’t what jill deals with. This bitch is saying she has post traumatic stress from being called out by a fucking hospital online. Lying through her fucking teeth per usual

No. 321074

Well I meant if she really considers the diagnostic impression enough evidence or is convinced her diagnosis is valid why is she seeking validation for it from strangers on internet. Similarly she couldn't handle McLean finding her behaviour atypical for DID even though they didn't say she doesn't have it. It's funny for me the diagnosis she claims isn't enough for her.

No. 321079

She reorganised her fabric stash in this video and man she has such a hoard for someone who never sews she really does just consume as much as she can in all areas. Blog but I am learning to sew and do something every week and I don’t have even close to 1/5th of what she has and I have made more in a month than she sometimes makes in a year. Steve has no space in their home and she has this whole sewing room that is just rotting, I would lose it if I was him.

No. 321081

I don't think so. I think it's just the wording. She's saying she's traumatized from the movie.

No. 321083

She really makes a point in this video of showing the photos from the valentines shoot and claiming they are unedited and even says “wow my body just looks like that”, she is showing them on her computer though not raw on the camera.

No. 321093

Luckily for Jill she has no trouble talking about her trauma whatsoever
I don't understand how she can pretend to be a sustainable queen who uses mostly repurposed thrift store clothing but then show off her fabric stash like that

No. 321102

She did her shoot in the basement, which looks horrid from what small parts you can see. Stevie doesn't show up in the vlog at all even when shes being driven to the post office. Like for living together, none of the space is theirs.

No. 321105

This can't be in reference to Serenity Sam, as she is married and lives in the UK, and was at that time. I do think, however, that Jill doesn't like her, because it honestly seems like Louise fucking worships Sam.

No. 321106

She makes a "smoothie" in this that is just 2.5 cups of berries, some water, and a splash of milk. She truly just lives on sugar.

She also used Buyee (the worst shopping service lol) and Mercari Japan for the first time, and now she's excited because it's easier to buy secondhand merch than she thought. Bitch, your entire identity is collecting anime figures from Japan. How embarrassing is it that she's just been buying from overpriced western resellers this whole time?

She's also so high in 90% of this video.

No. 321108

File: 1708279954723.jpeg (669.04 KB, 2048x2048, image0.jpeg)

I think Louise and Sam look stunning here. >>321061
Didn’t Jill say some relatives from her dad’s side are from Alberta? I wonder if it’s someone from there.

No. 321109

Love them in this picture, and no matter your opinion on Louise, she is a successful full time photographer and beat cancer. Of course Serenity Sam is amazing ass well. Jillian should be jealous of the resilient artistic successful women in her life. Maybe if she shut her mouth more on Twitter she wouldn't be such a cow.

No. 321110

>Louise fucking worships Sam.
I do too actually

No. 321111

>"full time artist"
since when??? what art is she making??? if she means her clothes and fashion trinkets, why doesn't she say "fashion designer", if she means youtube then she should just say "youtuber" or "content creator". Never in a million years would I have described her as an artist, nor did I think it was something she aspired to be

No. 321112

sometimes I wonder how Sam would feel if she found out we worshipped her and hate her niece Kek.

No. 321113

this isn't about sam, this is about another aunt who lives in BC. whenever she references her family trip to vancouver from ages ago, she keeps saying how much she hated it there.

No. 321114

I unironically do too. And I admire Louise too. Those are both powerful women who don't make excuses for themselves. It's too bad Jillian didn't inherit their work ethic, and has allowed herself to become a giant excuse. She had all the opportunity and support in the world.

No. 321116

I think she still has an opportunity, but she's in the wrong field doing wrong things larping fake shit and doing a disservice to herself by being "sustainable". It's quicker for her to react to a random Twitter post than to craft something, maybe she just doesn't care enough

No. 321118

File: 1708285096428.jpg (65.49 KB, 720x532, Screenshot_2182024.jpg)

Maybe I'm being dumb but I don't remember her insta mentioning DID before.
Makes sense. I do think >>321105 is right that regardless she still doesn't like Sam. Imo Jill really only likes Jill. She probably hates that cousin-chan got married first despite cousin-chan thinking the world of Jill.
I expect nothing less. She's always had an unhealthy distorted view of herself.
Probably a firm believer in what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine. Part of me wants to think he doesn't want to be on camera because of that one vlog where he arrives to the jfash meeting and shown ignoring her and not reciprocating the hug back. Still odd she didn't show even a snippet of him.

No. 321123

I'm honestly curious what her beef with the Vancouver aunt is, but if I recall correctly, she did say that she dyed her hair while staying at said aunt's house and ruined the bathroom. My guess is based auntie just didn't give in to jillie's emo tantrums and made her eat vegetables or something kek

No. 321126

File: 1708293446160.jpeg (540.17 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_1143.jpeg)

Tried searching other threads to see if this pic has been posted. If it has then I apologize.
It’s Jill and Drew I mean her brother

No. 321129

Even more embarassing since she started out as a lolita, people had been buying shit with shopping services for a while already back then.
Also the moment she said shipping was $6 I knew she'd gotten crap for her friend lol. She admits herself she thought the bag was pass-case sized. And even though she wants to buy second-hand only, carbon-print from shipping is a thing. So sustainable of her to not think about that.
I wouldn't give a shit if she wasn't larping as a ~sustainability qween~, but for someone who supposedly cares so much she never seems to learn anything at all, or even use her brain for a minute.

No. 321131

Wonder what set it off, tinfoiling it's politics and her assuming Americanisms or the aunt called her out in some way. Probably mad they're more conservative (not realizing how conservative and white-focused her own province is like many Atlantic kids) or something. An assumption yes, but online slacktivism types are such sheep that they'll start fights over differences in opinion constantly and make shows about how "unsafe" they feel about someone who doesn't even hate them. Maybe they didn't vote for a lefty premier and she's decided it means they're homophobic or something ridiculous since she doesn't know Canadian politics but probably knows a bit of American stuff from the internet. Many imagine Canadian conservatives as a Trumper or other American stereotypes and think conservative party = anti gay or something even though even though gay marriage was forcibly legalized across the provinces almost 20 years ago. Abortion and gay marriage are two points that aren't up for debate here but you'd be surprised the amount of retards that do on both sides of the isle.
I just feel like it's related to politics just since she isn't acting out super ptsd and trauma around this person but it's not like her stories ever make sense so I could be way off-base. It could literally have been her being upset she was rightfully chewed out for being a selfish jerk dying her hair in someone else's bath >>321123 and is still going "idk what the big deal is" because she wasn't the one who cleaned it up

No. 321139

File: 1708298761246.jpg (252.43 KB, 720x1686, 1.jpg)

No. 321140

the least uninteresting part of her vlog is the precure haul. She wants to escape consoomerism but it's all she can do kek. It's the same when she praises herself for organizing her fabric she doesn't use, she doesn't want to design anything she wants to cosplay being a designer/artist.
The DID larp is going away so fast, she doesn't even say who it's supposed to be
I felt unproductive this week but thanks to her i feel like a girl boss.

No. 321141

File: 1708299114893.jpg (124.07 KB, 720x711, 2.jpg)

No. 321143

The fact that this bothers her to this degree is ALL the proof I need that she's never experienced real trauma

No. 321145

File: 1708301639053.jpg (170.11 KB, 720x892, 20240219_011056.jpg)

sage for slight ot but sof did a drag show recently and it is miles better than jill's make up and costume. what i think is weird though is that jill will like her tweets but never retweet them and rarely, if ever, comment, even though sof often retweets jill's stuff despite not being as active online as her. when sof posted a video on her cosplay, jill commented on the youtube video, but never retweeted it. isn't it kind of weird how she doesn't want to promote her bestie's work when she has an audience with the same interests?

No. 321146

File: 1708301868727.jpg (242.49 KB, 1080x1620, 20240219_011740.jpg)

no idea if she sewed the outfit herself but it is much more put together regardless. can't help but think jill never publicly shows her support because she's afraid she'll lose followers to her. kind of weird for her bestie not to publicly support her in these traumatising times for jill though. not a single comment of support from her, not a single retweet of the precure drama.

No. 321147

So this is what spurred her sudden interest in drag again? Although I don't understand how anyone can call women dressing up as women "drag" with a straight face

No. 321149

maybe i’m crazy but this outfit and makeup is actually cute, even outside of the context being drag this just looks so much more aesthetically pleasing than any look jillian has concocted.

No. 321150

i don't mean to minimod, but maybe we should refrain from praising anything sof does on here. she's been confirmed to post on lolcow, and all this is doing is getting her high on her own farts, when in actuality both jill and her skinwalker are equally fake, gross and pathetic fatties who only have enough skills to "shine" within their extremely limited cuddly munchie circle of literally where, bumfuck, canada.

No. 321152

Why are anons saying this shit looks nice? It's all cheap looking, and I know Jillian's ugly (obvious) imitation of this outfit looks like burning trash, but that doesn't make this shit any better.
Jillian must be seething and trying to pick fights because she knows she's too many kilos bigger than sof, and that she will never be able to lose weight and look less obese if she keeps her shit diet and lazy lifestyle. Drag is just how she wishes she could lose weight.

No. 321153

srry for asking for smth already mentioned but which thread was sof’s lolcow posting confirmed? I know it’s old milk but now i’m rlly curious to see what she said.(unintegrated spoonfeeding request)

No. 321154

File: 1708305735461.jpeg (995.28 KB, 4096x3072, the time jill took 2months to …)

jack of all trades master of none. "fashion" school jill vs her skinwalker cosplayer friend. jills drag is bedazzled gloves and old dress she bought… even the makeup is better and she performed unlike jill because of her "stalkers"
calls herself a full-time artist, graphic designer, cosplayer, drag performer, content creator but this is her "art"

No. 321157

File: 1708308887796.jpg (437.36 KB, 720x2884, 0844.jpg)

No. 321158

File: 1708309061818.jpg (152.82 KB, 720x1489, 90832.jpg)

No. 321160

Flashbacks. Holy shit how can she say she gets ptsd flashbacks from a video on the internet while also posting about Pakistan. Is she really that vile or just retarded. People are dying horrifically Jill. You have never experienced trauma once in your life.

No. 321162

yeah so funny how she has been using "I" until now when Dr Robinson is mentioned, suddenly she remembers the DID larp and now she's like "we"
>I never got a response, apology or redaction
good. These people are professionals. They're not in the business of entertaining terminally online drama hungry people like her.

No. 321163

consoomer zoomer try not to buy challenge lmfao. considering how every major brand is connected to "muh genocide" via a parent company, good luck trying to avert real deaths of actual people with your wallet, jill.

No. 321164

She needs to stop calling herself a “sustainable kween” what the fuck is sustainable about importing plastic Chinese made trash from japan, secondhand or not, thousands and thousands of miles to her disgusting rainbow hovel

No. 321165

selfpost? anyway it's funny how she's doing way more drag gigs than jill the "full time artist" and also looks way better and put together. Someone needs to post a side by side comparison of Sof's pink wig look vs the shit Jillian posted on Valentines

No. 321166

you're not crazy, I do agree with you too. She does a way better job than Jillian at makeup, she looks girly and nice and like a performer, and also the eyebrows help a lot tbh. Jillian just looks like a fat slob trying to hook up with dudes at 3am at a parking lot

No. 321167

Palestine, anon. Otherwise yeah, she has the nerve to say she has flashbacks from a video and then retweets about war. And then you wonder why those kids in Palestine don't immediately start larping as green haired drag queens because of severe trauma.

No. 321169

I think it’s a nice outfit. She looks like Jem from Jem and the holograms.

No. 321171

sage for nitpick but no way does jill only take cold showers lmao

No. 321173

Potentially tinfoiling but has Jill always looked away from the camera this frequently, or is this more autism breadcrumming? I haven't watched her in years, she's just too insufferable, but it struck me as weird and unlike her. I have vague memories of her staring at herself constantly in the view finder.

No. 321174

File: 1708320773284.jpg (151.88 KB, 720x1228, slacktivist.jpg)

How much you want to bet she never even looked through the resources she virtue signaled.
Exactly. He knows that someone like Karenlocks is just looking for something to use against him. The best course of action is to not engage with the wo/manchild. Not like this is his first rodeo. I do wish I could see her email to him. It would probably make me laugh hard.
It's amazing how much is under certain parent companies. Reminds me of Ma Bell before the gov stepped in on that particular one.
Even if the gigs Sof is doing are just the ones at the all ages events, at least she's out having fun while little miss "full time artist" spends her nights obsessing over twitter fights.

No. 321175

Shh you'll make Jillian jealous because she cosplayed Jem at some point

No. 321176

>I do wish I could see her email to him. It would probably make me laugh hard.
She really has a thing for sending passive aggressive emails to people she hates. Then she says she has too much anxiety to read her own emails

No. 321179

File: 1708325976479.jpg (135.52 KB, 720x793, Screenshot_20240218.jpg)

Honestly the only reason I'm posting these is because "like. if the arfid girlies can breakup with their safe food breakie sams you can literally cope Tyler" annoyed me. She loves to woke scold despite being the queen of cherry picking. The lady doth protest too much.
Unless the replies are kissing her ass, probably doesn't want to read them.

No. 321181

More autism breadloafing. She loves looking at herself in the view finder. She would mention that a lot in old videos how she gets distracted with looking at herself

No. 321182

kekkkkk nonna, thank you for checking these out, this is so funny.
If she really cared that much about war victims, she'd donate money to relief organizations instead of importing plastic from Japan. They're always saying that even $10 a month helps out a lot.
Come on, Jill, they'll probably even send you a thank you card that you can brag about on twitter!

No. 321183

>She would mention that a lot in old videos how she gets distracted with looking at herself
I wonder if that's her narcissism, autism larp, or insecurity showing.

No. 321184

Saying it's giving her PTSD flashbacks aside, wasn't that Jamie person un-personed by the DID crowd a while back, including Jill?

No. 321185

File: 1708334388764.jpg (241.17 KB, 720x2028, Screenshot_2024021.jpg)

More so when you realize she made that tweet before posting the alters video the next day and later doing the youtube livestream. In the alter video, Jerrick is holding a green monster. While in the livestream, she admitted to drinking a monster a day while drinking a zero ultra white monster which got clipped. I remember her talking about wanting to be sponsored by monster in that same livestream but no clip sadly so no evidence to back up my claim. Still she spends a nice amount on monsters. Quite hypocritical to be lecturing others on what they can give up while holding/drinking a monster. The jokes write themselves.

No. 321188

she likely does cold only for washing her hair, hot for the rest of the body. it's pretty standard for dyed hair

No. 321192

Every single new little thing she does these days is designed to “subtly” indicate a specific disorder she wants to present, which she usually ends up confirming in some later post.

No. 321201

She was really hamming up in the latest video how Sof is her bestie and showing the gifts she got her it’s strange, is she the other BPD favourite person Jill has been talking about. It would make sense with her lovebombing her in her own content but then not boosting sof’s content

No. 321207


>>317799 includes quotes of how jill describes her boyfriend and "one of her best friends" as her FPs, but does not specify which of her friends is the FP. that was around when we found out Sof had been posting here so we were tinfoiling that it's her

No. 321209

does she have any other best friends (or friends in general) though? i think she worded it that way to seem less like a loner. when was the last time she hung out with someone that wasn't sof or her so?

No. 321210

ayrt, she had people over for Christmas in that one video where they were exchanging gifts, and also the birthday video where they were all playing Jill Trivia. she has people that come over and spend time with her but she doesn't seem to talk about them very often so I'm not sure. maybe they're busy at their jobs and being real adults kek

No. 321213

made me lol because she’s so unsubtle with it it’s not even breadcrumbing
Yeah these people are used to insane people emailing them

No. 321215

I mean, this is why Jillian uses her OCs the way she does, she could easily say that jerricka is totally mean and evil and doesn't give a fuck and that the OC that tweeted about "breakie sams" was totally Jaxllian, so they're like two totally different people and maybe Jerricka will get punished by getting fused with some other OC that will change her whole (shittily made) personality so she's more palatable to her retarded public.

No. 321220

File: 1708388448511.jpg (335.12 KB, 720x1845, Peeps.jpg)

Jill may want to take a look at this. Also Dale Yale stepped down but Schaffer and Jett are still there.(racebaiting)

No. 321228

Sage for the war sperging, but if you donate money to Palestine, Hamas is gonna get it unfortunately..(derailing)

No. 321235

why not just wash her hair under the tap and avoid her hair in the shower? who takes a cold bath in the middle of the canadian winter? this sounds like an elaborate lie. sounds like she just soaks in the dirty bath water scrolling on twitter to pretend she's clean to her parents who have probably asked her to take a "proper shower" while there. she is randomly get defensive about not showering and is claiming to bathe instead much like our other cow shayna. jilly is the queen of a hit dog hollering after all
of course a slacktavist wouldn't offer any proactive solutions, just "sacrifices" to show how much they care kek. or a lack of sacrifice >>321174 in her case
it's also funny to be brand loyal to monster of all brands when there are thousands of energy drinks out there. i also wonder if she came up with jer's colour story by copying a can of monster, since monster is part of their aesthetic and she is a brand whore
still goes to civilians and hospitals the ones still around. it's the unfortunate reality that war profiteering happens to all donations in times like this, pretty much regardless of the side or conflict. but we don't need depressive war talk, we're here to laugh at a fat did/autism/etc larper

No. 321242

File: 1708414909069.png (71.91 KB, 240x180, 240px-Vlcsnap-2014-05-14-21h21…)

I think you're thinking of Max Keech >>313072 with the racist allegations
Exactly. Jill knows this would have looked bad had she posted it on her main. She's a coward through and through so it's only fitting she'd blame an alter as Jillian is perfect. Plus she barely uses the Jerricka account except for the occasional rage like whinging about her ~fatphobic~ grandma and it no longer has the along the line of "alter of pixieeelocks" text with the link to her main in bio. I doubt any of her stooges who follow her on that side account care. They for some reason like being her attack dogs which is extremely embarrassing since majority are in their 20's acting like they haven't aged a day passed middle school. I wonder what Jill thinks of Keffles and Vaush getting eaten alive by their own? Since she tried to ride off of Keffles coattails with that lolcow slander video and no longer watches Vaush. She did say she was afraid of being canceled.
>since monster is part of their aesthetic and she is a brand whore
I'm surprised she never had Jerricka wear a monster tab bracelet.

No. 321244

>no longer has the along the line of "alter of pixieeelocks"
Damn this larp is so going to die this year.
Also true with the monster bracelet. She's a "full time artist" and monster is her special interest so why hasn't she done it yet
She's so performative it's not funny. She could be doing art for Palestine and raising funds but all she does is fight teens on Twitter and draw her OCs being lesbians. She's still an H3H3 fan even though they're pro war. Whatever Jilly you're coddled and don't know shit, sure.

No. 321247

File: 1708420319351.jpg (136.41 KB, 720x775, Screenshot_20240220-0.jpg)

Sure Jill

No. 321248

File: 1708420646211.jpg (139.89 KB, 720x999, Screenshot_20240220-.jpg)

She wants a gold sticker

No. 321249

>"4 day ptsd-flashback autism meltdown from hell"
man she is just so blatantly lying about this serious shit. Interesting how in the middle of her ptsd autism meltdown she was perfectly capable of tweeting both happily and normally about others and her own videos, as well as making serious activism posts - almost as if everything was fucking normal and she wasn't actually in the middle of a serious mental health crisis. I bet her period is coming up in a sec and she thinks her normal pms is now a heckin' valid ptsd autism uwu meltdown. I hope some mind-dead follower of hers convinces her filming her "rocking back and forth, hitting herself and uncontrollably vocalizing" is a great idea and to put in on youtube, dying to see her larp it all out.

No. 321250

>PTSD flashback induced autism from hell
It can't be just anxiety and weed usage, no. It has to be PTSD flashback inducing autism from hell.
It's safe to say that she's now 100% "autistic" in her eyes and has no problem identifying as such online.

No. 321251

Kek. A gold sticker for not eating her mcnuggies. Truly the bravest warrior and most virtuous anti war activist there is.

No. 321252

>her filming her "rocking back and forth, hitting herself and uncontrollably vocalizing" is a great idea and to put in on youtube, dying to see her larp it all out.
Please for the love of god make it happen. I pray to the sky so she actually has the balls to do it. The fake seizure video isn't enough kek.
>Interesting how in the middle of her ptsd autism meltdown she was perfectly capable of tweeting both happily and normally
Yeah for someone who takes a 24hr "mental health day" everyday you would think that if she was having PTSD symptoms OR an autistic meltdown she wouldn't be online this much these past 4 days like she says. It's so funny when she blocks and unblocks people in the middle of those meltdowns too.
But anyway, autistic meltdowns aren't good, they're terrible. I don't think she thinks they mean what she thinks they mean. I can't even start to fathom the way that an autistic meltdown + PTSD symptoms would feel like together. She just loves lying so much it's impressive her fans still believe her.

No. 321254

Nonnie there’s no validity at all to claiming h3 is “pro war”. There’s a lot of annoying shit that comes out of that podcast but they are very vocally pro Palestine. Funnily enough after this whole h3/pedo vaush thing Jill hasn’t said a single fucking thing about how disgusting vaush is, and I suspect she doesn’t care. She’s so fucking quick to dogpile any retarded random internet drama but she remains quiet on this one. I wouldn’t be surprised if she and steebie are lolicons
I hope one of her retarded fans or orbiters in the precure space that keeps track of all her bullshit lies notices that she’s blatantly identifying with having autism now and calls her out on it. God I fucking hate her so much kek

No. 321255

Samefagging, I’ll take my ban, but especially since Jill LARPs as a CSA victim, you’d think she’d made 50 fucking tweets about how disgusting the vaush lolicon situation is as well. You can’t browse Twitter without seeing info about it. Especially since she follows breadtuber/leftist tard content. Maybe she’s planning on making a stupid callout video from the perspective of a “csa victim” to add her literal worthless false perspective on the topic

No. 321260

nobody on this earth besides braindead social media addicted losers gives a single fuck if other braindead social media addicted losers manage to refrain from pounding back a big mac so they can make themselves feel like a good person while draping their bodies in sweatshop clothing and pretending to have mental illnesses that drive many genuine sufferers to suicide

No. 321263

Keffals is in the fray too and remember when she sucked up to him as well?

No. 321265

>uncontrollably vocalizing
It’s so funny how she uses the medical jargon she reads off Google in all her posts. Like it can’t be that she was crying, sobbing, yelling, or wailing, she had to be unwillingly “vocalizing” so it sounds more like autism.

No. 321267

did you even read the article or did you just see "jewish" and assume that meant "israeli"(derailing)

No. 321268

I really hope she records herself during a "melty" that would be hilarious, but tbh, she reads here so she surely knows that recording herself would be so retarded that she would need to get sent to a facility for the mentally ill.

No. 321269

>since Jill LARPs as a CSA victim, you’d think she’d made 50 fucking tweets about how disgusting the vaush lolicon situation is as well.
100% this

No. 321270

File: 1708440847321.jpg (36.46 KB, 711x431, images-1.jpg)

>uncontrollably vocalizing
Yeah more like yapping. Like. What does she even mean with vocalizing? She makes every sound worse than it is. I hope she vocalized like one if those loud as fuck monkeys. "OOOH OHHH IM JILLIAN IN STIMMING OOOOH"

No. 321271

I mean she's never tweeted about Ukraine despite one of her own followers she (occasionally) interacts with is living in/near recently bombed cities. But Ukrainians aren't brown so they won't give her "I'm not racist!" points kek

No. 321272

File: 1708444620458.png (96.71 KB, 431x550, 1000011517.png)

Wait Nonna, remember when she made a video and she was
That's what she's probably "vocalizing". I don't remember which thread it was, I'm sure it was some tiktok video or something.

No. 321273

I highly doubt she hasn’t been to a mcdonalds since October. Everyone can tell that she’s just talking about boycotting to look more “virtuous,” just like how she always brags about how “sustainable” she is even though her house is filled with a bunch of random crap. We can see right through it, especially when the way she tweets about it, like how she does in >>319596 , is so laughable you have to wonder how her fans can just play along.

No. 321274

We all know she's lying about those mc nuggies, she can never stay too far away from them
Kek this! remember how she made a whole ass TikTok page just to post DID content? Kek it really never took off did it

No. 321275

Just once again reminding people that she started mentioning hitting herself after an autistic nonny described the behaviour on thread and things that made her less believable. At least try and be less obvious that you are reading Jillybean.

No. 321276

Everyone knows real autists make soap, take the hint already Jill!

Inviting all my fellow autist nonas to make up lies about autism here for a while to see of Jill takes the bait kek

No. 321277

So she can have a cake to “make light” of her diagnosis as a cope but god forbid anyone else try to.

No. 321279

File: 1708451214585.jpeg (357.29 KB, 1043x1752, IMG_2317.jpeg)

Just to make the proof a lil easier to find

No. 321280


Holy fuck, the fact that she is comfortable admitting this online? She has no shame. Whether she's lying or not, this is truly pathetic behavior. I cannot imagine how exhausting it is to be around her– I'd fucking lose it. No wonder Stevie follows trans camwhores online and ignores her all the time. Absolute crickets when it came to Valentine's too, and it's "one of her favorite holidays". It's only a matter of time before caregiver burnout supernova's their relationship and she's crying on Twitter about how she's so traumatized and can't trust anyone anymore.

No. 321281

>No wonder Stevie follows trans camwhores online and ignores her all the time.
He does?? Sorry for the request but I don't have twitter so please nonny post a screenshot for posterity

No. 321282

Real autists get sensory overload from using social media and stop posting! Get to it Jill

No. 321283

File: 1708458130426.jpg (249.32 KB, 720x1647, 2711.jpg)

Jill asks not to be tagged in these types of posts yet she still retweets from Jamie.

No. 321284

File: 1708458706769.jpg (164 KB, 720x889, 259.jpg)

No. 321286

with rage and annoyance, let's try the "get a fucking job" challenge. Do that challenge.

No. 321287

h3 viewer, she was in the prestream chat of their current live stream. i don't have photos but saw her talking said something related to her pattern drafting while waiting. so she can't claim she doesn't know/hasn't saw it

No. 321288

>Absolute crickets when it came to Valentine's too, and it's "one of her favorite holidays"
I was giving it the benefit of the doubt since valentines was in the middle of the week, in case they had weekend plans when Steve is presumably off work instead… but it's almost a week later and still nothing. And then 1-2 days right after valentines she has a "4 day long meltdown" huh

No. 321289

She got grocery store flowers when she wanted a ring. She's definitely tweeting about her fake meltdowns when Steve is at work or sleeping so he's forced to coddle her when he gets home.

No. 321290

File: 1708466111349.png (305.64 KB, 632x361, 1694662385914.png)

Yeaaaah. Hopefully you figure it out sooner than later, Jilly.

No. 321291

samefag but, I have no doubt that Stevie proudly tells everyone when asked, "we don't believe in marriage, it's a religious social construct, and our love has nothing to do with the government!"

BTW: how did Christmas go with the Clarkes, Jilly? Oh? It didn't? How am I not surprised.

No. 321293

did she ever actually say she was gifted them though? tinfoil but i think she bought them herself, or else she would probably go "omg our favourite person significant other wonderful baby bought us these flowers for valentine's"

No. 321294

I wonder if Jill realizes how horrible Stevie sounds in all of these tweets, like she's claiming to have a 4 day long panic attack and hitting herself and he's doing fuck all to help?

No. 321296

Jill is so ego-centric and selfish that she can't fathom how all her rants come across to onlookers or how they'd reflect the people around her. It's why she has no problem pushing her mum, dad, boyfriend, friends, all under the bus to maintain her creepy LARP. It's like she doesn't realize how she comes across to normal well-functioning people.

No. 321297

I think they were from Steve but she was already too livid to write anything nice, but she also knew it would be suspicious to post nothing at all so we got the half-assed tweet.

No. 321298

i truely believes she does it on purpose to make herself seem more abused and traumatised to her followers.
she is laying out all the bread crumbs of having meltdowns/ptsd/panic attacks/hitting herself/rapid eye movement seizures/did switches/etc. her whole life and steve isn’t there to help? mum isn’t there to help? friends aren’t there to help? see! she is sooo abused and abandoned, she has suffered her whole life and the brave girl has learnt how to “self sooth” (as she keeps saying) because she keeps hinting that no one else cares enough to sooth her. this fucking nonsense in turn leads to her whole shtick of “you don’t need trauma to be traumatised/have ptsd and did”. she is so traumatised from not being the main character in everyone’s life, and in her reality that is leading to all her mental health issues getting worse. and if something somewhere doesn’t make sense or she contradicts herself? well that’s because she is sooo mentally ill so take that as even more proof.
she has achieved the ultimate checkmate of mental illness gymnastics that i think it’s impossible for her to get out now.
her friends and family ARE going to abandon her, make no mistake, but it’s not because she has always been mentally ill, it’s because she wants to be. and she’ll do and say anything to achieve that and push everyone away because then she can truely be the sickest and most mentally ill with no support group. because then and only then, in her mind, she wins and gets to be Queen B of the mental health fandom (what she has always tried to do with every fandom she joins).
it’s a really unfortunate self-fulfilling prophecy we’re all watching happen in real time. it’s fucked.

No. 321299

>It's why she has no problem pushing her mum, dad, boyfriend, friends, all under the bus to maintain her creepy LARP.
She's one of those ungrateful people who don't understand they're just one step from being alone because of how stupid they are. If she only knew how many people out there literally have no one they could rely on, but no, she thinks she will always be unconditionally loved despite pushing away everyone in her life. Honestly sad how not aware she is of this, all because she wants to be special and ill. Would had been better if she just stuck to being an unoffending privileged white girl instead

No. 321302

>With peace and love uwu
That's easy nonny, she either:
1. Is lying and nothing happened
2. Is not around Steven
3. Is unimportant to Steven

No. 321303

Give me my ban I don't care. You didn't read it because it clearly stated that the owners donate to Jewish causes/organizations. The Israeli government gave the owners recognition through the shema yisrael award. Since it never specified that the donations were only to American ones and the Israeli government gave the owners recognition there could be a chance the owners could have donated to the Israel/Israeli government. So the peeps may not be so cozy wozy and that's the point since Jill is pretending to boycott.(derailing retard)

No. 321305

it is so frustrating how she associates autistic meltdowns with hell. blog but i was diagnosed at 7 and my meltdowns are always the most soothing experience, they're my opportunity to shut the world out and just feel relaxed. yes i hit myself but it is not hellish, it is literally one of the few things that soothes me alongside rubbing my temples. literally no autistic person would describe meltdowns as hellish. they are the most relaxed an autistic person can get and we need help from others to recognize that hitting ourselves is harmful or that rubbing your temples too much can cause migraines and rashes. my uncle is autistic and he once rubbed his temples so much he got a permanent scar. but our jillybean is so retardedly immersed in her fake autism larp that she would never know this. faking pos(not your personal blog)

No. 321308

larps autism 2 years but only mentions symptom after farmer mentions it? jill you convinced us! you are autistic. the broccoli tweets showed you have ARFID too. could u larp down syndrome now? other tiktokers haven't gotten to it yet!

No. 321310

Don't forget the tweet where she had to look at a different chicken sandwich than the one she was eating to eat it

No. 321313

so is this not her trying to cancel him in her eyes?
she's tweeting out (retweeting same thing) that a professional seminar is being held in part by someone who she directly associates with unprofessionalism, harm, and exploitation with the end goal of this post being that the entire community should disregard his work on the subject and this seminar. She's reweeting this to her audience, and this callout is being done in a way that is directly linked to their academic career, which isn't just some job you can get back. It is the actual end of your work life.
Also what an actual joke, I hope these fakers get another round of shit for diluting the actual "lived experiences" of people with DID. Also these babies don't realize that their perspective doesn't mean dick shit in some conversations about a disorder they have. You don't always listen to the perspective of the delusional about their disorder, you have to be objective or that's how you get the nutters running the nuthouse aka WPATH and the trans industry kek

No. 321315

>Interesting how in the middle of her ptsd autism meltdown she was perfectly capable of tweeting both happily and normally about others and her own videos, as well as making serious activism posts - almost as if everything was fucking normal and she wasn't actually in the middle of a serious mental health crisis
How she portray this feels like a bad parody. That infamous fake seizure tiktok she made showcased how terrible she was at acting. I for one especially liked the part where it shows she was holding the phone in her hand while filming it. She was quick to delete that one but thankfully a webm was made before she could dirty delete. Wish someone took a screenshot of the comment section.
>Please for the love of god make it happen. I pray to the sky so she actually has the balls to do it. The fake seizure video isn't enough kek.
You and me both. I want to know if it looks the way I envisioned it in my head.
>I don't think she thinks they mean what she thinks they mean.
I agree. The way she peppers well more like hamfists in the jargon shows she has no idea what she's doing. I think the best way I can describe it is it feels like she's using the jargon like one uses a thesaurus to sound smarter. It's for sure clunky sounding.
What I was thinking it too. It makes sense she'd show the flowers but not mention the flowers were from him. She's so passive-aggressive. What a delight to be around.
Nicely worded. She's crazy not to see this but I guess when you're so far into the void, you can't see what's in front of you. It really is messed up and the truth is she can't blame anyone but herself.
Best rule to live by is to not engage in life ruination tactics just because your feelings got hurt. You invite this shit in and it will bite you in the ass. Jill probably thinks because she's not being tagged and she is instead just retweeting means she isn't really "canceling" him. She just bringing "awareness". I do believe the reason could be she intends to throw back of a cereal box scribbled with crayons diploma mill Jamie under the bus if things go sideways. She always has to have a patsy waiting in the wings.

No. 321317

Is this one of the not real autism things that we want Jilly to copy? Or is this legit. Sorry I can't tell. Well if they truly are like that I hope she takes notes to "self soothe".
Kek this
>She's reweeting this to her audience, and this callout is being done in a way that is directly linked to their academic career, which isn't just some job you can get back.
Since she's a dramatic vengeful narcissist that only cares about herself I'm pretty sure that she would not care if Dr Robinson did not get any other chance at talking about DID anymore. It's always me me me no matter who affects it. She lives in delusional land and since she got a mediocre degree at a mediocre school where she had to be "accommodated" a lot, for her it's just easy to discredit someone's life long career and not get any shit for it. She's a "full time artist" that does nothing and thinks she will always have an opportunity at her brand succeeding. She's confident no one will ever try to cancel her because she acts so "uwu I'm nice" on Twitter despite a lot of people starting to doubt her. She takes those comments where they call her an angel too seriously for her own good.
>I think the best way I can describe it is it feels like she's using the jargon like one uses a thesaurus to sound smarter.
That's exactly it, and she sounds even more dumb an unaware when age does it.
>What I was thinking it too. It makes sense she'd show the flowers but not mention the flowers were from him.

No. 321319

nope just made a joke

No. 321320

So I take it that ptsd = remembering the consequences of my actions and autism meltdown = after feeling embarrassed/humiliated from that memory I need to take my rage out/tantrums following.

No. 321321

Speaking of Steve, when was the last time she even mentioned him? Did they already break up but she's not ready to go public with it yet (hence the 4 day "meltdown")?

No. 321322

Yep, spot on
That's my personal tinfoil, things aren't nice since Christmas and maybe he spent the day with Maggie instead kek. Lots of people break up on valenties

No. 321323

>larps autism 2 years but only mentions symptom after farmer mentions it? jill you convinced us!
As a real diagnosed autist I know there are so many lesser known but super common autistic traits Jill magically never mentions having (because all her autism knowledge is from tiktok where it's not popularly known…) and it's such a tell that she's faking it! Such as autistic women hating having their hair/head/scalp touched, so most of us literally can't wear our hair up because it's so painfully uncomfortable - yet Jill wears her hair up 99% of the time. What happens is REAL autistic women nearly always have short "boyish" haircuts because our hair touching our necks gives us sensory overload. Also sitting and sleeping on a hard surface like the floor, most autists feel more comfortable on a hard surface because we can't stand the "light" touches of soft surfaces. There's also been studies showing autists have sensitive stomachs, which is then linked to them being particularly drawn to green foods rich in vitamin K since it's a natural remedy for the stomach issues - so most autists naturally love to eat green foods such as kale, aspargus, cabbage and another common of those foods being (you guessed it) broccoli. Jill is so dumb doesn't even know her not eating broccoli is a sign she's faking.(more autism powerleveling)

No. 321324

See now when I read stuff like this I can't tell if anons are making up symptoms to see if Jill copies them kek

No. 321325

This is similar to her Valentine's outfit, definitely some subtle competing happening between these two
I honestly can't tell whether these Tweets are her or her actually autistic skinwalker, this is the kind of thing that person Tweets and even the writing voice is off for Jill
Also her autism breadloafing is SO BAD like anyone who is melting down isn't sitting analysing it like "wow I am so glad I only exhibited symptom A for 33 seconds and symptom B for 9 minutes, what an improvement"

No. 321326

These are genuinely autistic, the fact that people don't know about these but instead think "stim stim stim" is valid because she saw it on tiktok proves the point (not saying you think that lol)(derailing)

No. 321331

Now I don't have the biggest pool of autists around me, but those traits don't go for any of them. Two lived on very restrictive nuggies and pizza diets and the other had long as fuck hair and just skin walked Florence Welch to the extreme, didnt appear to have issues about hair on neck or sleeping on hard surfaces more than the average person. I dont think you are far wrong about jill, but this is a bit of a stretch

No. 321337

i can't elaborate because if cow is lurking she'd know who i am but i know for a fact that they haven't(this is an imageboard)

No. 321343

that's why it's a spectrum disorder. i think it's a bit silly of anons to generalise autism into certain traits when some autists do the opposite of those stereotypical traits (e.g. some people never want physical contact, others want it all the time and have trouble with understanding boundaries regarding it). but i agree with some anons pointing out jill only ever mentioning things that have become buzzwords on tiktok or medical jargon she doesn't understand. the fact she said "uncontrolably vocalising" instead of just explaining it like an confused autistic person would (e.g. "i couldn't stop making sounds, like whimpering, and i don't know why, it felt like the only thing that could help in the moment" idk kek) says a lot. it's weird how she always knows the medical term for something the first time she ever brings it up, when a lot of people who recieve diagnosises in general aren't educated enough on what their symptoms are or mean, and usually the person treating them will focus more about the patient explaining their symptoms the way they experience them with their own words, rather than telling the patient "you have [jargon]", because it can be confusing and usually isn't even necessary for the treatment. everything she knows is taken from google. she never goes "my therapist taught me that x actually is y, and that happens because z", she just says "i have/experience x".

No. 321344

File: 1708533964237.jpg (210.27 KB, 720x1292, 094603.jpg)

No. 321347

I think the retarded and hypocritical "no fast fashun!!!!!" ""rule"" she has for herself is less genuine philanthropy and more she can't afford all of the shit she wants AND weed.

No. 321350

is that you, sof?(hi cow)

No. 321351

how would jill know who you are ?

No. 321353

This is a particularly good point. Jill’s first time mentioning any supposed symptom is almost always clearly after she reads the medical term for it fitting into some condition she wants to publicly present, or else she “sneakily” mentions something related to what is obviously said about DID/ASD online and then a week later goes “wow it turns out that dancing and singing to my favorite shows is called STIMMING guis! That’s so amazing that I was doing that last week!”

No. 321354

Sustainable/Israel boycott larp. Just get the fucking bag Jillian you know you want it. Go back to being a consumer nobody gives a shit it's not 2020 anymore.

No. 321355

>likes peeps
>peeps are my SPECIAL INTEREST
She just eats them and has some plushies for gods sake. It’s not like she has a cavedweller neckbeard shrine of 1500 peeps plushies and won’t shut up about peeps lore to strangers on the street. The way Jill has grown up being so sheltered and highly praised for her uniqueness has made her think she’s truly special for liking things and owning objects. Meanwhile if you enter any human home they generally have a lot of things regarding some random items or hobbies or animals they like. Quite frankly if she entered blatant autist spaces where they powerlevel over shit like warhammer lore or obsessively follow kpop 24/7 with rabid fervor, she’d get openly laughed at for calling peeps a special interest.

No. 321356

Special interest kek at least lie believably Jilly, as a legit autist it’s laughable to me she would claim that.

No. 321358

does it even count as fast fashion if it's something she actually wants and will keep for years? knowing her she won't even use it so it won't wear down

No. 321359

Lol Jill it's so obvious that you don't actually care about anything regarding fashion or you'd know there's been a huge Betsey Johnson resurgance and her stuff sells for crazy amounts secondhand now

No. 321362

i usually dislike the term but THIS truly is virtue signaling. Complaining about how you want to buy a purse but would feel really guilty because it’s a big brand that isn’t “ethical”all whilst people all around the world would kill to even be conflicted on whether or not to buy a novelty bag. It’s not that she can or can’t afford anything it’s that she doesn’t want to go against the ethical image she created for herself. The main issue with fast fashion comes down to haul culture because fast fashion is fueled by people wanting MORE and trends constantly changing. I don’t know jack shit about betsy johnson but it can’t be worse than 90% of big brand companies that jill still supports. I also don’t get how she thinks waiting and buying it off depop later on changes anything other than her own guilty conscious. The purse was still produced in whatever not good way and the money was still given to the company and then some 3rd party went on to make more profit from that item by reselling it. Just because you utilize a middle man doesn’t make it more ethical. I wish she’d just buy the purse and not make everything into a Wow i’m a really good strong person for not giving into such temptations.

No. 321363

I think she's one step away from e begging and wants someone to gift it to her. That's why the autism crumbs are so important

No. 321364

It's ok to just have interests like a normal person Jill. If peeps were actually a full force special interest she would be buying the bag anyway. Also like that person said, a rare occasional "fast fashion" purchase is totally ok

No. 321365

I'm just confused how she thinks peeps is a special interest when there's enough normie interest in the brand that they are marketing a bag collab.

No. 321368

I think she is going to buy it new, but will keep it hidden from pics, she can just lie and said she bought it used.

No. 321369

The design doesn’t look particularly complicated, it’s two bunny shaped flat sections. No complicated patterning, she could easily DIY her own version and make a video out of it

No. 321370

File: 1708551000088.jpg (148.23 KB, 720x1014, 2999.jpg)

No. 321371

I'm tacky enough to like Betsy Johnson purses but seriously Jill? You're into fashion and she's your favourite designer? Not any brands you wouldn't just find at your local Winners? Maybe I'm off base here but the brand doesn't seem like something someone actually super into fashions would say was top tier would it be? I'm sure there are plenty of better quirky designers who are also actually sustainable too.
Fast fashion isn't just any bad for the environment brand… Her follow up here isn't the worst definition but it's embarrassing she's not actually defining it well despite making this a huge virtue signaling point
Jill actually use skills to avoid being lazy and buying in store? Kek, the audacity to imply our sustainability queen would ever actually do her part to be sustainable about her fashion

No. 321372

That isn't what special interest means lol

No. 321373

the term sweatshop has been watered down so much from these people it’s aggravating. Not every factory job is equivalent to sweatshop slave labor. Something being created in a factory building doesn’t mean it was a produced in a sweatshop. I hate having to even slightly defend large corporations but insisting to your followers that every mainstream clothing brand is fast fashion and also use sweatshops just feels like a gross generalization that solves nothing other than making her seem morally correct.

No. 321375

Jill: I really love betsy johnson! she is one of my favorite fashion designers wow!! smiley face
also jill: they make way too many of these so called “designer” products so there’s always so much waste from the excess and it’s so bad for the environment. Ugh gross!

No. 321377

>Just because you utilize a middle man doesn’t make it more ethical. I wish she’d just buy the purse and not make everything into a Wow i’m a really good strong person for not giving into such temptations.
The way she acts like that's a loophole and somehow will cancel out the bad just shows she doesn't care. Like you said: buy the damn purse Jillian and shut the fuck up. Her doing this song and dance is even more moronic when she uses stuff like the little plastic colorful beads and those crystal gem hearts. Did she check that those were "ethically sourced"? Rhetorical question aside, it's just all around dumb.
Did she ever get around to getting another P.O. box? I know she has talked about it but can't remember if she got one.
It would be a cute idea but remember when she said she wanted to make her own tripp pants? Yeah she's way too lazy despite constantly spouting she's a fAsHiOn DeSiGnEr. Bit of a off topic, but has she ever used that pom pom jacket besides for that Pixie Daydreams drag queen photo?

No. 321378

Hey, isn't her Birthday coming up? Watch her get it as a b-day prezzie from mommy dearest.

No. 321383

if you don't think a massive brand like Betsey Johnson that sells for affordable prices isn't made in a sweatshop then you have your head too far up your own ass. Jill is more than right to describe that as fast fashion.(derailing)

No. 321385

Thus cunt has never met an autist in her life. "Special interest" in peeps would be nonstop talking about who invented them, how they are made, the chemistry of confectionary etc. And bringing it up in random conversations that have nothing to do with anything. Not to give her more ideas for her nasty little larp but it's infuriating.

No. 321387

she has stopped shitting on other people for buying her fast fashion/ other unethical garbage so it's possible. it's not unethical if you use a proxy! No blood on Jill's hands.

No. 321389

Buying a fast fashion purse from a scalper on depop is no better than just buying it yourself Jill. But hey, if you wanna spend twice as much on a bag that looks like it wouldn't even fit a phone, I won't stop you

No. 321391

NTAYRT but 'fast fashion' explicitly refers to companies that are putting out new shit every day. It feels weird to call collabs fast fashion, considering all the shit people probably had to go through to design the thing, get the copyrights, whatever. The entire industry goes by microseasons these days putting out stuff super fast, but not all of them are on the level of shein, forever 21, and H&M. The term very explicitly refers to this model where things are made fast and cheap, even moreso than the rest of the industry.

LVMH is a luxury brand putting out things made in horrible conditions of poor quality but you wouldn't really call them fast fashion, same with most of those other luxury handbag companies.

No. 321392

File: 1708570409606.jpeg (452.46 KB, 1170x1396, F3D06C04-63A3-4B39-BD82-7C6B1A…)

mosaic down syndrome looks like a munchie's dream. I wouldn't be surprised if she ever claims to have it kek(derailing)

No. 321395

File: 1708578897570.jpeg (453.13 KB, 720x4323, BJP.jpeg)

Price and some pics of the bag. She needs to not virtue signal every time. It's obnoxious especially her commenting I could never.

No. 321396

Off topic, but I hate how it opens on the side but the straps would keep it the correct way up. So easy for shit to just fall out.

No. 321397

Ohhhh Jillian must be so tempted. I hope she buys it. Destroy the sustainable larp please. She needs to move on and realize she loves consuming unironically.

No. 321398

Her obsessing over peeps is exactly that, not a special interest.

No. 321399

File: 1708581883331.jpeg (62.73 KB, 720x975, CAD.jpeg)

Samefag, here's the conversion since my dumb butt forgot to add it to the collage.

No. 321401

I don't understand how she can be so on her high horse about fast fashion when in her latest video she's literally bragging about having multiple shipments of tat from Japan. Does she think all that shit is hand crafted by self-employed artisans? That the carbon footprint of shipping them is offset if it's something kawaii?

No. 321403

You'd think that someone with as much free time as Jillian would be able to get the materials to make this and to make literally anything.

No. 321404

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but I don’t understand how buying secondhand wouldn’t be more ethical? Sure it was still made poorly, but you’re not actually giving your money to the company that made it. If you buy it used, then their product will have been in two peoples possession, but the company only has gotten one person’s money directly. Im not saying Jill is somehow more ethical for going straight to eBay to buy the bag new for double the price, but if she waits further down the line and one day sees it at a thrift shop or something, I think she’d be in the right for that. I fucking hate Jill but I’d rather she actually follow through with something like this than be an annoying consoomer more than she already is

No. 321405

firstly she is an influencer with a consoomer skinwalker fanbase who want to own everything she has so they would feel compelled to buy from these unethical brands en masse if they see her hyped up wearing it. The amount of garbage Jill has influenced confetti club people to buy over the years must be inconceivable. Also buying these items on depop etc just drives resellers to continue to buy these items at every drop to resell later to people who missed out or to people like Jill who feel clean and without sin when buying from these "second hand" platforms. The idea that "buying from depop = more ethical" is pretty mainstream now (regardless of whether or not the item is actually used or just bought for resell) so Jill isn't the only person with this line of thinking. it's not that buying from depop is as evil as buying from the unethical companies it's that Jill is constantly summoning Cliffe to read the "sustainable influencer" rulebook to search for loopholes so she can still consoom without getting in trouble after digging herself this massive sustainable larp hole.

No. 321411

Perhaps this is offtopic but how are you seeing Jillian's twitter on nitter? Nitter is listed as discontinued for me because Elon Musk isn't letting anyone look at any account unless you register. Is there an alternative you're using? I would like to see Jillian's twitter without having to create an account myself

No. 321416

File: 1708632379373.jpg (88.78 KB, 720x528, 7555676.jpg)

No. 321417

She could even make some content making things she like istead of buying, but she's too into the mental jillness content.(sage your shit)

No. 321418

Nitter had some instances, e.g. nitter.tux.pizza, which allowed me to still see her xitter. The guest account use tokens, tokens are for 30 days, but the tokens are no longer being issued. There's like 2 that still work for me so until then I can still post screenshots.

No. 321422

File: 1708634072497.jpg (70.2 KB, 720x526, 876435.jpg)

Stevie's birthday is coming up too
Forgot to mention I'm using this instance atm nitter.esmailelbob.xyz.

No. 321423

>>321422 Steebie can't even have his own birthday celebrated, Jill just has to insert herself to get maximum attention

No. 321424

File: 1708637508833.png (103.75 KB, 720x440, IMG_20240222_153249.png)

Didn't she say blocking was a "neutral gesture" for her? She's so vindictive

No. 321425

Thanks anon, if you find alternative ways in the future please let me know

No. 321426

File: 1708657828649.png (25.03 KB, 736x125, stolen valour.png)

if she buys from a proper used store or facebook/kijiji from someone who actually bought it with the intention to use it it's fine, the problem is a lot of sustainability larpers still buy the branded products on launch. They just buy it from scalpers on depop on launch day then pat themselves on the back instead of acting like a normal person and just hoping they come across it later down the line. They end up pushing the scalper's market which directly supports the companies anyways, plus an unethical fuck on top of that.
lol, everyone shits on her for not actually making anything and suddenly she's got a burst of "passion" to make her own dress from scratch. Also ten bucks says by "pattern drafting" she means cruising the internet for free patterns that look nice on skinny girls. Can't wait to see how this turns out
>unhinged dweeb weirdo
love how aggressively normie jill is when it comes to actual weirdos, let alone disordered peeps. Also aggressive, aggressive like jeez Jill we get it, you cross the road when you see a downie walking towards you

Also picrel is from her twitter, she posts these sorts of fluff but I haven't seen a single donation link or anything actionable for Canadians ("call your 'rep'!" with no links nor information for who Canadians should call in her retweet). Also it's all retweets with not even a line of commentary from her so less effort than literally anything else she platforms and no attempt to add relevant info nor comment on her own actions. It feels so disgusting to see her retweet these stories as if she contributed to a toddler getting food when she's just sitting there getting high, angrily tweeting minors who dared dislike her, and reweeting toddler shows to get mad at more children. She put more effort into telling us that she's totally not going to buy the stupid peeps bag than anything Gaza-related which is just mindlessly shared.

No. 321429

This is a really good point, the first time she becomes aware of a symptom or describes it she always uses medical terminology. I get googling symptoms is a thing but most people with various illnesses and disorders don't even know (insert blah) is a symptom. From my couple of things which I won't post about because blogpost and not trying to give Jill ideas, some things I thought were perfectly normal for many years and then found out were not after recovering and talking about the symptoms (physical illness) and other things I've observed in myself and family for decades and not realised were like glaring adhd symptoms until I saw tiktok explainer videos about them or Tweets or whatever. Generally you will not be hyperaware of a symptom, immediately google it, find out the terminology and then immediately use said terminology, it's very much as you said where it might either be unnoticed completely, or you know it's weird but just describe it in your own words. This is the most clearcut way to prove Jill's performative munchieness imo since she has never come at it from the perspective of either awkwardly describing it in her own words or simply just thinking it's normal.

No. 321431

I follow/read many autistic nerds across tech, science and collectables (I love reading nerd knowledge and sperging) and Jill is so out of her depth kek she has no idea. The way they deepdive to like level 1000 of some topic within a relatively short timespan because they are genuinely fascinated, I've never seen this girl go past like level 1 on her "interests" even precure, it's clear she just watches as kawaii wallpaper and doesn't actually care about it.
Jill calling her casual consumerism "special interests" is always amusing after witnessing true autists in action. Even the "oh I'll just buy it in 2 years" like no once you mix consumerism with special interests it's going into debt so you can collect your shit, and also having a side gig in reselling said shit. She's honestly terrible at every aspect of this larp.

No. 321433

I look forward to this and seeing how she still won't learn from past mistakes. The whole dress is going to be gaudy as fuck and I'm excited for the poofy skirt.

No. 321439

sage for ot info but - Twiiit allows you to find an instance of Nitter that's up.

No. 321440

File: 1708700068982.jpeg (988.91 KB, 1170x1799, IMG_2520.jpeg)

Jillian virtue signaling but only using her money for herself. She reposted this go fund me but didn’t donate, yet 30ish minutes ago she’s talking about needing to buy something for herself. She wants all of the credit for being virtuous, without actually doing anything to help.

No. 321443

Mild nitpick but screws are so cheap you can get them for literal cents online that are the exact specific specs you need. This type of laziness and lack of ability to troubleshoot oneself is so common with cows and I am convinced its an underlying reason they are so bad with money. Everything gets replaced instead of fixed.

No. 321444

No you're completely right. Why is she replacing an entire thing when changing the screw is very easy to fix? Is there something I'm missing? This ain't sustainable kek. She needs to just end the larp already.
Every single spoiled virtue signaling person on Twitter is like this right now. They think retweeting something is enough activism and of course they will not donate. If they donated they would post it and never shut up about it.

No. 321446

tbf if it's a sewing machine foot the screw is probably tiny and a weird size, not the kind you can just buy in a hardware store, so it makes sense to buy a new foot.

No. 321449

I made that statement specifically mentioning buying it online because it is that easy when you buy it online. They’re also dirt cheap so if you’re as helpless as jillian you can blindbuy screws at the approx size for pennies.

No. 321453

You can easily make ruffles without a ruffle foot.

No. 321456

she literally says she could do it by hand but it's 15 meters and that's a pain in the ass when all you're missing is a specific foot for your machine.

the screw is probably a weird size and specific to the machine. presser feet aren't that expensive anyway nor are they that big/as worthless as a bag that will break in 4 months. plus then she has an extra foot if that breaks or whatever. idk this feels like a nitpick, the real thing is that she never donates to any of the fundraisers she boosts

No. 321457

File: 1708716572042.jpg (76.95 KB, 720x504, Loophole.jpg)

No. 321459

File: 1708716844056.jpg (55.95 KB, 720x322, Flip.jpg)

No. 321460

And I said the word "easily" because you can still sew that amount of ruffles with a regular sewing machine and no specialty sewing foot, and it wouldn't even be annoying to do so. Maybe take 5, anon.

No. 321462

what does this mean? isn't saying someone doesn't deserve a listening ear just a manipulative way of saying "please don't listen to what the other person says because i know it'll make me look bad"? i feel like the point of trying to "flip" someone could be made (because it's immature if you are genuinely trying to "win someone over") without that last sentence, sounds so manipulative. no surprise jill would retweet this, it's the type of moral highground bullshit stuff she would say to silence another person.

No. 321463

what “manipulators” has she even experienced? retweeting something like this kind of gives the impression that you have had to deal with this situation. What person in her life went out of their way to control the narrative and isolate her by lying to other people around her. She has never experienced that. If she had she would be talking about it 24/7. Unless shes delusional enough to think that level of abuse is equivalent to what these gossip threads are. I don’t know who else would be “lying” about her.

No. 321464

Nonnie you sound like you have Jill’s concept of what autism is like. There are plenty of well-adjusted autistic people who hold back on spending every dime they have on plastic shit even if it is their special interest. Can we please stop with this infantalizing shit
Oh fucking brother. She’s so fucking corny. She could easily ask her family to not gift her shit so their money isn’t going to support companies that aren’t sustainable or whatever, but she doesn’t. She could literally specific to them to only buy her secondhand things but she clearly cannot live without her glorious polyester and plastic

No. 321467

You can easily make ruffles by doing two basting stitches at different lengths. It's how most people do them because most people don't have a ruffle foot.

No. 321473

Funny because that describes Jilly to a T. Retweeting that is also proof. Lol

No. 321475

Autistic people are incredibly intelligent people. Jill isn’t intelligent so she clearly isn’t autistic.

No. 321476

It’s more like there’s a horseshoe with many individuals who are significantly cognitively impaired as well as an unusual incidence of above average IQ. Jill is neither, which isn’t impossible (just less likely), but either way she’s completely bullshitting and has no clue that these traits she reads off the internet display in much more detailed particular ways in real life. She’s applying these vague statements to her like people do with astrology.

No. 321477

Kek the anon who called that she was setting up to excuse herself getting it as a gift was so right. Her birthday is right around the corner.

No. 321478

It's also especially unlikely to notice weird things about yourself when you're not actually around other people to show you what "normal" is. And even then you're more likely to think they're the weirdo and not you
Less things are available in Canada online so she's probably going to actually have to go to a hardware store for the screw if she's even aware of how to fix it. Or is so terminally online she doesn't realize things are available in stores here when google doesn't bring results so buys whole parts if things are broken (local canadian stores aren't usually indexed so you might not be able to google for what you need, you need to individually check stores). You have to know a bit more about what you're doing in Canada sometimes cause there isn't always a specialty store with what you exactly need, especially in smaller towns. It's not terrible, it's just not as easy to find things as it is in America where you have more shops and online stores too. Less populace means less specialty items though so it is totally possible she checked and the only possibility she has is the full part, I just suspect Jill doesn't want to bring the foot to Canadian Tire and go through all the screws manually to see what fits. I've never had an issue finding odd screw types at hardware stores so I'm suspicious. It would be make more sense if the foot itself broke and she couldn't find a new one, screws? Not so much. I think she just googled then gave up.
You'd think for all her virtue signaling her friends and family IRL would be aware of her "ethics" lol. Usually when someone is actually like her they put a stop to presents the moment they're an adult (or teenager) and people will accommodate that with donations or ethical gifting (thrifted, handmade, only useful items, etc) or the celebrations don't include presents at all. I've never heard of someone itching to get their blood gifts from someone else if they cared kek. At this point it seems Jill makes lists of things she wants someone else to get their hands dirty buying while she looks good and doesn't think about the children in mines and actual sweatshops on the other side of the planet.
BTW, how's that child-mined makeup doing for you Jillybean? Afghan children's sweat, blood, bodies, and tears really make the reds pop don't they? So convenient virtue signaling lefties wearing makeup don't care about silly things like mica primarily being mined by little children because their bodies can fit in the mountains better. True effort is showing off all the things you're not going to buy instead of making a lifestyle change away from consumerism

No. 321479

Yeah that "loophole" is just "I don't make much money to buy myself nice things anymore and I don't want to work so I guess I'll make Stevie or my Mommy buy it for me" but she masks it as sustainy rainy baby larp because of course

No. 321480

Yeah, that’s what I do with something I want I just wait until I get it for my birthday/xmas.

No. 321482

If she imported a big ass european microwave just because it was pastel colored all the way to Canada I would think she could easily find some small piece for her pedal and fix it herself. But she's useless and loves buying shit so I think this is just a way to satisfy that shopping addiction kick because "she really really needs a new one for reals". She's not the smartest tool in the shed so tbh buying it might be better. She's way too incompetent even for a single screw fix

>and people will accommodate that with donations or ethical gifting (thrifted, handmade, only useful items, etc) or the celebrations don't include presents at all. I've never heard of someone itching to get their blood gifts from someone else if they cared kek. At this point it seems Jill makes lists of things she wants someone else to get their hands dirty buying while she looks good and doesn't think about the children in mines and actual sweatshops on the other side of the planet.

Tbh, most people nowadays don't really go all the way with sustainable living since it has become yet another fad copied by tiktok trends, but they do at least tell their close ones about it and then include small instructions like "please only handmade things" etc. But Jillian has never stopped consuming, she just keeps finding "loopholes" to satisfy the itch, as if implicating other people somehow means she's free of sin. She does it all the time. Let others do the dirty work for her, meanwhile she can claim sustainability and call herself a responsible small artist.
In any case, I hope her mom buys her the bag and then has a small pep with her. Recently all the Louise visits and presents haven't been free of charge and rightfully so. When her bday comes up, we'll see how it goes, and if she has a meltdown, it will be very funny. No material possession can satisfy her sad life.

But hey if she just dropped all the facade and admitted she can't follow along and just bought herself the fucking bag, then things wouldn't be so complicated for her would they.

No. 321484

File: 1708753066301.png (211.21 KB, 1839x633, image.png)

If she weren't such a mega consumer the one bag wouldn't even matter. Also better to buy the singular bag than routinely giving money to Monster energy drinks (picrel).
Also I'll be honest, I trusted Jilly (my fucking mistake there) that she at least got the fast-fashion/ethics part right about Betsey Johnson but I now did a quick search and guess what? She is explicitly NOT fast fashion but COMPETING with it, at worst you could say on the ethics scale is they are sketch because they aren't transparent but have not ever been implicated in any scandals. Wtf Jill!
https://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/20/fashion/reinventing-betsey-johnson.html (source about not being fast fashion - next post includes relevant screenshot)

No. 321485

the flipflip backpedalling she has done on this since the colorpop PR spergout is incredible.

No. 321486

File: 1708753115737.png (59.9 KB, 831x473, image.png)

No. 321490

>I am not above begging my family to buy me plastic crap after implying multiple times online they severely neglected and abused me
I wonder if Jill realizes that most families, even the super loving and happy ones, would laugh in their 25 year old kids face if they asked for a 200 dollar peeps bag.

No. 321494

Not just that, but also that most people don't have families that can just afford to drop $200 on a gift for birthdays. Especially when lbr Jill expects to get more then just a single bag.

No. 321497

File: 1708784825657.png (997.7 KB, 880x541, pixie dinner.png)

there's one line in a nyt article that she's "competing in the era of fast fashion" and you think that means she's running a green enterprise? the line is in reference to big brands VS her being an independent designer, not how ethical her production is. her shit is definitely made in sweat shops in some poor southeast asian country. you don't need to find fault with everything Jill says.

anyway, to stay on topic, Jill posted her cooking

No. 321498

Retard munchie baby food for the retard munchie. I wonder if Cliffe co-conned during this; cooking is definitely an adult job for a 30 year old like taxes and not tweeting.(nitpicking)

No. 321502

It's pepper and chicken breast, not even a tender. What about that is munchie food? That's a normal meal for most people.

No. 321504

All that bunch of carrots do more harm than help. I'm honestly surprised she hasn't gotten her blood work done yet, or that she hasn't sperged about it, because by the way she eats she can't be healthy at all.

No. 321506

Are those carrots or red peppers diced up? Pretty sure it's peppers. Also probably isn't talking about it or something. Who knows.

No. 321509

>I love cooking
Saddest dinner I've ever seen

No. 321510

That's depressing

No. 321511

I wonder if she realized a well adjusted 25 year old would feel guilty asking their parents for something so expensive. How old are her parents now? 60s or 70s? She should be thinking about how to pay them back in gifts >>321504
We’re fucking nitpicking her eating carrots now? Can ana-chans chill

No. 321513

My god you people must be fatter than Jill to criticize her for eating some vegetables. Wtf(infighting)

No. 321514

File: 1708813292344.jpg (193.87 KB, 720x1463, 2113.jpg)

If I read correctly it looks like the instance nitter.poast.org is using a bunch of real accounts, including permanently suspended accounts, instead of tokens. If this is the case, then any instances that use real accounts should be good and I'll try to compile a list of ones that do. I'll still keep my eyes peeled for other alternatives.

No. 321515

>I’ve done 4 pattern tests for this little strawberry and I know I finally nailed it because my chest flutters and my right hand starts swooshin
does she think autism is like a magic detector that just knows when she's done something right? kek. also funny how she's literally never shown or talked about this before. might be that she lurked and decided to try and explain her supposed stims but instead she looks like a complete moron who thinks they're adjacent to tics.

No. 321519

> hey guys don’t forget I think I’m autistic, guys being autistic is when I flap my hand, because I think I’m autistic and therefore I’m autistic, because hand flap, I mean stimstimstim
We get it jill, you want to be autistic and think that if you say stim enough in any context everyone will get the hint and call you autistic so you can point at them and say “see everyone thinks I’m autistic”.
In short: stop trying to make “I’m autistic” happen. It’s not gonna happen!

No. 321520

Also autists stim to cope with being overwhelmed, not because they're happy.

No. 321521

>farmers point out she doesnt have hobbies. never make clothes, drag, cosplay, draw
>next week jill shows her visionary drag made in 20 mins. she has all these graphic design projects. shes made 4 strawberries cause shes a fashion designer!
should have made the peeps purse jill

No. 321522

You can be thin and learn how to cook healthy meals, not cook the shittiest day 1 of using a kitchen meal and say "I love cooking" like Jillian does
But she probably posted that because we criticized the cheesy grease pasta too
I'm with you with the munchie arfid larp tbh
Like clockwork
Yeah the more she mentions it the more fake she sounds

No. 321523

She should just drop this fake activism shit because she doesn't really care and admit that it's fine to buy mass produced stuff every once in a while. Asking someone else to buy a fast fashion item is still consumption, it's not a 'loophole'

No. 321524

She should just drop all activism period because she's just doing it to virtue signal but ofc that's the thing that makes her think she's a good soul or whatever so she won't stop

No. 321525

I hope she posts a video of herself stimming, that would also be hilarious to see.

No. 321526

>>321523 someone needs to remind her that if she has to try to find 'loopholes' and justifications for her consumerism by making others buy her unethically manufactured crap, then she doesn't actually care about sustainability.

No. 321527

File: 1708824171389.jpeg (41.55 KB, 554x554, IMG_3487.jpeg)

1. Drop fake activism.
2. Make soap.
3. ????
4. PROFIT(soap posting)

No. 321529

She needs to make a video showcasing every single autistic trait she has read about on the web and do them all at the same time.

No. 321530

See you're not wrong. At least that way she could buy the fucking peeps bag instead of having to ask mommy for a "loophole"

No. 321531

“uwu happy flappy stimmy excited hands” memes are a fucking plague. Autistic people aren’t like this.

No. 321538

I'm just a tourist to this thread like once every few months but it always takes me out that you have all faithfully told this woman to make soap for like 5 years

No. 321540

File: 1708841375155.jpg (1.05 MB, 1242x1927, IMG_1840.jpg)

Jill liking more new alter posts on her @pixie_petals account.
>"I love cooking"
>No oil, fat, or lard.
>1/2 cup of machine-diced red peppers that have been burned.
>Single chicken breast that has not been pounded for even cooking.
>Charred and burned spices, most of which stuck on the pan beneath the food which it's supposed to be seasoning.
I just know Stephen had to soak that crusty pan before he scrubbed off all the wasted spices/herbs that cemented onto the cooking surface because of the lack of oil. Notice that she only made a meal for herself. Stephen doesn't get to have any of her slop. He was probably cursing her under his breath.
>You have all faithfully told this woman to make soap for 5 years.
Actually most of us believe it's just one autist, we call her soap-chan for reference. Usually she is told to shut up for sperging about Jill making soap, but sometimes I think her comedic timing is quite funny.

No. 321541

Why is this blocked out?

No. 321542

It would fix her life though. It's actually ideal. Low effort investment, kawiwi, not technically challenging, established audience, has a niche, ability to tie-in to various IPs and styles, might inspire her to make laundry soap and clean herself like? The posoapbilities are endless.

No. 321543

I don't want to post a random retarded LARPers personal twitter account itt because she's not related to Jill's idiocy and it would derail the discussion. If Jill had retweeted the tweet or if the poster had replied to Jill directly then I wouldn't have blocked it out.

No. 321544

If only Jill could access just a piece of soap-chan's true tism for soap making

No. 321545

I wasn't thinking BJ was an ethical choice for fashion, more just pointing out that Jill is just randomly guessing and shoving words out there while "educating" her audience. Not all shitty brands are fast fashion and sweatshops are a specific type of hell. But also it's probably best not to claim something uses sweatshops on a brand account when they've yet to be implicated in it unlike most other brands. Like it was a good guess on Jill's part, but as a "sustainability influencer" it's not a good look. She should have just said mass-produced but she just had to word vomit further without knowing anything
If she stims when she's super happy why hasn't she stimmed on camera yet? you'd think jer and sunny would be all the time from being overwhelmed and happy respectably
It's much harder to take Jill seriously when we have a genuine, well-meaning autist in this thread
wonder if anons were right about there being something up with her and stevie so now she's inventing a new persona to punish him (look what you made happen! the trauma!)

No. 321546

This shit makes me so fucking mad, they just invent new characters to roleplay and then assign them new personalities and that's just not how DID is supposed to work, considering this shit is supposed to come from trauma like holy shit get better at larping you idiot

also fuck you Jillian for retweeting that picture you will never be autistic enough to understand why I'm personally mad at this and I'm not here to explain so you can copy me too

No. 321547

>The posoapbilities are endless.

No. 321549

Jillian's main hobbies are not sewing and cosplay, they're consooming and making shit up online and larping mentol illnesses. I wish she understood that

No. 321550

You know, I've been wondering.
In years of her sending emails to her abusers, did NO ONE actually take their time to reply what a selfish, immature, manipulative, coddled, narcissistic lazy ass she is?
How fucking dare she, uninvite relatives from celebrations with their entire family on her account, how dare she dredge up possibly decades-old bullshit no one gave a singly fuck about just to make them feel bad about her? How dare she, cowardly dump it into their inbox and run away and sit twiddling her thumbs, instead of actually confronting people and having a discussion with them?
Sorry, that's an irrelevant thing since the mail thing happened a week ago, but I have been wondering about this and how bullshit her behaviour is. If someone actually dared to call her out right back, would it bring some sense to her, or would she just throw up even more narc rage?

No. 321552

File: 1708845110425.jpg (77.43 KB, 720x402, Screenshot244678.jpg)

View count on her newest vlog.
God please no more freaking alters. She doesn't even try with the ones she already has. Probably thinks it will help her views. Only so many times she can go to that well.
Exactly nonnie. It's so obvious but Jill wants to pretend everyone will just blindly accept her bullshit.

No. 321553

File: 1708845298816.jpg (33.44 KB, 554x554, images-1.jpg)

Admittedly she could make very cool colorful handmade soaps BUT ONLY if she doesn't chicken out and actually learns about the real stuff behind it. Not just the melt and pour process, but also the type of swirly layered cold process soaps that actually have nice oils in them. But since she loves doing "research" on "topics that interest her", I won't tell her how that works.(soap derail)

No. 321554

>Would being called out for her bad behaviour bring some sense into her?
No, anon, it wouldn't. Historically, Jill has failed to learn anything from her poor choices and behaviours in the past. She is very vindictive and it is easy for her to hold onto grudges for long periods of time. She is classless, uncouth, and dim-witted in her egoist rage. She has a pattern of striking down individuals only when they are weaker than her or unable to respond: for example, only after her former piano-teacher-pedo was caught molesting other girls did she feel the need to "clap back" and send him an enraged email, even though she claims that he was always a creep towards her. It was only when other people turned on him first did she feel the need to contact him and reprimand him, partly because she couldn't stand the idea that other people could claim to be his victims but she could not. It's a similar pattern to how she attacks people on Twitter; she only attacks people that have smaller followings than her, or organizations that she already knows wont respond e.g., the psych association that included her in a video once. She would never dream to directly attack a larger social media personality; for example, she was dogpiled in the H3 podcast a few weeks back for being a loser, and instead of making a huge video/tweet about how "toxic and mean" the H3 podcast fandom is she just bitched about it in the podcast chat and then left the stream. She knows that her victim card only works within the context of the echo chamber that she has developed for herself, whether that be with her followers or with her immediate family or friend circle. I think the only time in recent memory that she has apologized for her past actions is when she made her short response video re: the photo of her touching a black girl's hair. Even then, it was obvious through her tone and demeanor in that video that she wasn't so much remorseful as she was fearful of the possibility of her fans turning on her. She will only ever apologize when the weight of her actions directly threatens her shit career and possibility of making money.
Soap-chan I love you but please keep the soap posting to a minimum of like 2 or 3 posts per thread.

No. 321555

File: 1708845717686.png (215.79 KB, 720x1097, IMG_20240225_012033.png)

Samefag I think she could also go back to making pins too as those are trendy as well. DID larp pronoun alter pins would be so popular in her circle (barf) but at least she would be doing something other than smoking weed and fighting people on Twitter I guess

No. 321556

>If someone actually dared to call her out right back, would it bring some sense to her, or would she just throw up even more narc rage?
Only narc rage of course, then she would call them abusive and send even more hate emails their way while blocking and unblocking multiple times a day
>she was dogpiled in the H3 podcast a few weeks back for being a loser, and instead of making a huge video/tweet about how "toxic and mean" the H3 podcast fandom is she just bitched about it in the podcast chat and then left the stream
>She knows that her victim card only works within the context of the echo chamber that she has developed for herself, whether that be with her followers or with her immediate family or friend circle.
Yep and I'm just waiting for her to do a very big fuck up so a youtuber can pick up on her and make a funny video out of it

No. 321560

The way DID content works is the meet the alter and new alter content is where the views are at so they all do this. There is financial motivation to shuffle the cast around constantly and add new alters.

No. 321562

File: 1708853270838.png (56.38 KB, 1208x716, Screen Shot 2024-02-25 at 4.26…)

This picture made me want to check on her website, but when I searched it up I realized that she had blanked the website and it's not empty (see picrel). Is this a new development, or did she remove her website contents some time ago?

No. 321563

I know for a fact that soap-chan is a collaborative effort.

Jill’s hobby is Jill. Fashion, cosplay and vlogging are just excuses for Jill to showcase herself. She claims to be a fashion designer but never designs anything meant to be worn by other people, only herself. This DID farce is a natural escalation of her self-obsession because it allows her to do nothing but talk about herself herself in third person and sell that as “content”.

No. 321564

File: 1708854070209.png (285.97 KB, 1134x380, Screen Shot 2024-02-25 at 4.38…)

Samefag just to say her other websites are still up: picrel is from her blogpost (https://pixie-locks.blogspot.com/) and I found a redbubble-esque website (https://pixiethreads.myspreadshop.com/). I'm still confused that her main website was blanked, I meant to ask in my original post if anybody else can access it or if it's just me having technical problems.

No. 321565

sage for no contribution, but knowing she reads here and follows advice of farmers i can't help but think that she really wants to start soap making, but this would make too obvious for farmers and mean farmers won. so she will never start soap making.

No. 321566

That anon you replied to, but like. If not a single one of her family members called her out on her shit, I really have zero faith in them. They fully deserve to have that toxic bitch in their midst if no one is willing to step out to her. That would be the exact reason she can call out her family on being abusive or possibly even committing csa as she hints. No one ever sad no to her. No one ever rebuked her petty claims, so she can freely accuse everyone of anything.
If anyone ever did, and she just concealed it… Well. That makes her a huge bitch even more. Throwin her immediate circle under the bus so they can serve as fodder for her Oh So Traumatic Childhood without ever actually having to admit what type of trauma it was and who actually caused it (as far she implicated her father and one of her aunts as I know)

Just. Does no one in her family will to step up to her? She paints them as abusive manipulative liars who tortured her since she was a child, she even sends passive-aggressive emails to them claiming the same, so makes it known she's blaming them.
We live in a digital age. Everyone's family is online, everything is traceable. Why does she keep doing this? Why would nobody come forward and tell it like it really is, if even just to defend themselves from her slander?

No. 321567

Kek anon not trying to be mean but your post reeks of newfaggotry, you need to lurk more and go back to read Jill's old threads to grasp Jill's neurotic sense of self-importance and grandiose self-image. Jill is a creepy coddled munchie diagnosed with BPD who malded that she wasn't getting enough attention throughout her mum's cancer treatment: she has no shame and doesn't care whom she throws under the bus, whether that be past lovers, old friends, or even members of her immediate family.
>We live in a digital age. Everyone's family is online, everything is traceable.
I've often wondered whether or not her family sees the things she posts online. Part of me believes that she has her immediate family blocked on the accounts where she posts more diabolical information, e.g., her twitter accounts. I tinfoil that that's why she seems to speak so freely there when she bashes her family and insinuates that they abused her growing up.

No. 321568

Again, that anon. Not a newfag, I even found the lolcow through serching Jill and been followimg her for years.
I just keep wondering, how can she claim all these outlandish terrible things with no one of her family caring she paints them as abusers and rapists or whatever.
Perhaps, I am a bit more tune into the online world, but she has lived her entire life online, connected her real full name to it, connected her entire close family to it, dragged her extended family into it. Real names, real faces, real people.
And yet I am still at disbelief that no one is willing to set things straight or call her out for anything she says.
Perhaps, I am idealistic. Perhaps the culture in canada where she lives is different from where I am from. But if anyone finds that one of their family members is spreading lies about them, connected to their actual names and identites, why won't ANYONE step up to it?
To me personally, it seems like either her family doesn't really care about their image. Or that they're yielding to her, an influencer with a dead platform, because they still believe they should coddle her. Both of which is not a correct way to response to anything that she does when talking about her family.

No. 321569


We get into this sometimes on this thread and I'm sorry but it blows my mind how some anonnas think that everyone is broke

No. 321570

nta, it could simply be that it's not worth the effort and drama that would come from calling her out. The leaps in logic and mental gymnastics she would make in that kind of confrontation wouldn't lead anywhere and she most likely wouldn't learn anything from it. It could also be that family members have brought up Jill's social media to Louise and she asks them to just leave her be for the sake of peace, there are way too many stories out there of mothers letting their favorite child get away with anything for the sake of peace and perceived "family happiness".
I used to know someone that is VERY similar to Jill, and calling her out on her bullshit would never lead to any positive outcome because she was so convinced of her own narrative that she would change how entire conversations actually happened in her head. The only time Jill would learn anything would be if a bigger channel called her out so she would have more eyes on her.

No. 321571

Tbh I see that as the only possible response. That it's not worth it. because Jill will never fucking see how much damage she does, by slandering her entire family.
Again, I may be idealistic. But I wish something could be done with it and with her until something entirely bigger than her is involved. Because sure, she deserves to be dragged by the biggest toppest dogs of commentary or whatever channels. But her family just needs to tell their truth and be left alone. They're just people. And being dragged into this and implicated in various abuses… is just nothing that anyone ever deserves.

No. 321573

I don't believe Jill has ever actually sent an email to someone who has "wronged" her

Her parents and other family members that she says stuff about are part of a generation that don't compulsively check social media. There is a big chance most of them don't even have twitter or they don't follow her. My mom has never asked to follow me on twitter even though we both have it. And if they do see any of her retweets or posts about abuse, it's easy enough for her to say that's for ~awareness~ or whatever

No. 321578

this, and jill would also put them on blast online if anyone ever criticised her, making her little parasocial minions harass whoever called her out (as long as it wouldn't destroy her relations with louise, she is the only safety network now that stevie seems to lose interest). i can imagine her making tweets going "omg the actual audacity of this family member. yeah, it's my [specific family member] [name] from [very specific place] who works with [very specific description of work place]. i hope karma will come for them and let them know what horrible things they've done".

No. 321580

kek i notice that too, its okay to spend money on a gift for a family member, its not cowish or milky at all

No. 321584

Her having/coming from money isn't the milky part. It's how she behaves about it. She presents herself as an activist of all kinds yet seems completely blind to her own utter class privilege. She can retweet donation posts all she wants but it comes off as gross when 2 seconds later she talks about how she wants to still get her fast fashion fix by getting an expensive bag as a gift instead. It's just mindbogglingly how bad her lack of self-awareness is. The optics are beyond bad.

No. 321588

Also how we've never seen her donate to these donations she's retweeting
She's blatantly performative

No. 321592

>I know for a fact that soap-chan is a collaborative effort
the real soap-chan was the friends we made along the way
it's very unsurprising Jill used to be into wiccan stuff but gave it up (now watch her bring it up again as a special interest 5 min after lurking…)

No. 321593

Good point, I haven't seen any Wiccan shit in ages
Inb4 she remembers which alter is Wiccan and lets them front (I think it was flora?)

No. 321599

File: 1708894369384.jpg (89.32 KB, 720x636, Keech.jpg)

No. 321600

Why is she still talking to this person?

No. 321601

Because she was never genuinely traumatized by the McLean debacle and sees it all as tea/drama/gossip. That's why she was like "don't tag me in this" and then immediately still looked it up and participated in the conversation afterwards.

No. 321602

She even tried cancelling that twitter person for racism though, why is she willingly associating with them then?

No. 321610

Retards don't understand NDAs are also used when discussing sensitive information like, say, medical documentation to support behavioral health practices

No. 321616

Yeah, to no one's surprise, "Mx K Keech", DID faker, is a self-centered mentally nutcase who thinks she's being personally targeted by evil hospitals to slander her when they are just doing outreach (to a group of people who frequently complain professionals don't talk to them, no less)

No. 321617

Well I think we all know how Jill actually feels about racism beyond being performative kek

No. 321621

File: 1708927479956.jpeg (237.37 KB, 828x831, IMG_4714.jpeg)

No. 321622

So helpful to get makeup tips from someone who doesn't perform, doesn't do drag or cosplay regularly (or at all), doesn't do makeup professionally or at least knows how the makeup looks outside to take selfies cause she doesn't go out.
like wow thank you jill, you do the same makeup and photoshoots alone in your rainbow dungeon and photoshop it to death. such expert advice!

No. 321627

She's right though. A lot of glue sticks have dry ends, but you could also do this by cutting a thin layer off. That's disgusting to lick the.

No. 321629

this post is entirely inoffensive and you're nitpicking worse than the nonnie who was mad she ate carrots

No. 321636

Licking is way faster than cutting off a delicately thin layer of glue.

No. 321637

Well good thing it doesn't have to be "delicately thin" and gluesticks are pennies so you can buy a bunch to save yourself from literally eating glue

No. 321639

But what’s the fun in that. Glue yummy

No. 321641

Not saying she isn't right, but honestly how would she know? Her drag and other looks don't involve her painting on a new pair of eyebrows as far as I can tell. She keeps entering herself into conversations as if that's what will prove herself as an expert instead of actually doing anything.
inb4 her next "drag" "look" involves her drawing on fake pink brows for the photos and she manages to roll her lazy ass out of the house to some amateur drag night within the next month to "prove us wrong" (then again, the few things she doesn't steal from the thread are involve leaving the house and improving herself so maybe not the latter part kek)(nitpicking)

No. 321644

Not meaning to defend her, but she's been in the makeup scene for a while. While she doesn't do her eyebrows, I'm sure she's tried like when she was doing drag at points. seems silly to say she never glued them down or tried. We wouldn't know, but this trick isn't even just for drag. It's so common in stage makeup and she was a drama kid. You don't need to use the glue to know how it's used and for stage, it's not just for eyebrows. Jill is a dumbass, but she's not this level of dumb for basic shit.

No. 321650

This glue licking derail is kind of autistic ngl

No. 321653

fyi glue licking is a very common special interest among autists(no1currs)

No. 321658

She licks the glue stick because that's what Trixie Mattel does and she probably watches his videos. It's not that deep.

No. 321660

She’s done tutorials on how she does her rainby brows and doesn’t use a glue stick. Her drag makeup is abysmal and horrible so I don’t think she knows what she’s doing and this is just another instance of Jill wanting to be the authority of something she hasn’t mastered or even deeply practiced to just feel special. She can’t let anyone forget she does drag even though she hasn’t in a long time.
Also she hasn’t been able to match her foundation shade in her entire YouTube career. The most basic of basic makeup skills. Still rocking that yellow foundation and never learning. She never would pick anything from being theatre kid because she was too busy crying about getting bullied and always thinking what she thinks is right is objectively correct answer and anyone that corrects her is a bully meanie hater.(nitpicking)

No. 321662

I have no idea why she even describes anything she does as drag, besides being a woman, her drag looks are basically indistinguishable from what she looks like on a daily basis.

No. 321690

I legit think she does "drag" because she's too scared of doing onlyfans

No. 321691

She’d totally do onlyfans if enough of the influencers in her sphere started talking about how great it was and she got lost in the pro-whore content online. She’s incredibly suggestible especially if she thinks it’s going to get her authority points, or maybe not given how saturated the market is she couldn’t claim niche special knowledge or that she’s the ultra most awesome ewhore.

No. 321695

I think if she wanted to do OF the pipeline would be drag, burlesque and then OF.

No. 321697

File: 1709069304737.jpg (77.01 KB, 720x573, 142658.jpg)

No. 321698

File: 1709069549383.jpg (145.59 KB, 720x1090, 847.jpg)

Stevie's birthday is today.

No. 321699

Oh Jilly, you're so close!

No. 321700

I can't even place what it is about this set of tweets but this confirms to me their bedroom is totally dead and they live as some kind of plastonic "romantic" relationship, apologies for tinfoil. He is not going to propose and I think he's going to immediately worm away as soon as she puts real pressure on him to propose. That or he's going to go along with it passively and without any real interest but finally decide to come out as a tranny.

No. 321704

It's the weird "I LOVE YOU ALL" for me

No. 321706

I think he means all of her alters

No. 321707

Licking the fucking glue stick is way nastier and less effective than just rubbing the glue on the back of your hand for a second. Wouldn't a professional drag queen like Jill know that licking the glue stick is just a meme? she'd probably get bullied behind stage if a real drag queen saw her doing that shit.
She won't do OF because she's still itching for the approval of her parents and wants to be seen as an innocent baby girl more than she wants to be seen as sexy. Momma Vessey would be disappointed, and tbh I don't think she'll put up with as much as say, Shayna's parents will.

No. 321708

Idk, Nonna, they don't seem to care about the implications of sexual abuse, abuse in general and neglect that Jillian keeps throwing around. At this point I assume that all cows just have alternate accounts or pretend to be offline people around their families because I wouldn't publicly post a 90 percent of the shit the Jillian posts on social media with her face and name attached, knowing that her family can easily just Google her name and see everything, from Jillian's posts to lolcow threads.

No. 321709

nah, regardless of what libfemrot will claim, most women wouldn't actually choose porn unless they were groomed into it from a young age. I think jill is old enough that she'd feel genuine shame from it still since the "everyone can open an onlyfans" is more of a recent thing, her time was all about not "slutshaming" but still seemed to get that porn was an exploitative industry regardless. And on the sex topic, I find that her drag itself is seemingly sexless, not even the look of a burlesque chick using drag for the work and her "sexual" alter has yet to be anything but sexless too. At most you could describe her as drunk looking. I think that not only is she a normal woman in regards to porn, she's also not exactly a sexual person either. Sure she can put on drag and say "slayyy" all she wants, but she still looks and acts like a child playing dress-up
he's so going to troon out and it would be in Jill's best interest to break up with him before he becomes an untouchable troon if she wants to make any claims about him. a quick scroll of his twitter shows him retweeting troonshit propaganda, thirsting over male star wars characters (beyond his pinned post of anakin), and cock jokes. I'd be surprised if they have sex tbh, he seems like he's coming to the realisation that he's not actually all that into women (or has started the "omg I'm actually so queer" stage of trooning out). He's a enby anyways, it's only a matter of time, no male troons ever stay satisfied once they start itching at the fetish. I've only ever seen female enbies detransition

No. 321710

That's what I mean anon. It's subtle but it looks wrong

No. 321713

I see what you mean anon, it feels off to me too. Maybe because she uses singular I/my in the tweet and seems to be making a genuine attempt to write to Stevie as a romantic partner and he just replies in all caps about loving "all the alters." Idk, to me it felt like trying to deflect from having to reply sincerely but knowing he needed to reply in some way

No. 321716

tinfoiling about whenever or not she will do onlyfans is creepy and scrote-tier

No. 321717

Are you new to this thread? The onlyfans speculation isn’t new, it was rampant when she introduced her sexy OC Veronica. Lurk more.

No. 321719

It was speculated even months before that when she posted a picture of herself in red lingerie without much explanation, which she later on blamed "Veronica" for iirc

No. 321721

Don't be dense, people are speculating based on her own cow behaviour, they're not acting like gross moids expressing who they want to see naked.
Jill has literally used the words "fuckable plaything" about herself, why wouldn't her sex obsessed Veronica alter start an onlyfans?

No. 321724

Anon… she's DID LARPer, had a nonbinary phase, fakes autism, fakes seizures, is simultaneously a gay moid/a tranny/and a regular woman all at the same time kek, she smokes pot and drinks nonstop, she sits her ass at home and leeches off of her soon-to-be-tranny boyfriend/caretaker… it's not unreasonable to suspect she'd also spread her flaps for the cost of a happy meal all for the attention kek. All these stoner alt/rainby/autism LARPing/tranny/nonbinary women will at least think about camming or starting an olyfans because they're retarded and self-centered NLOGs.

No. 321725

Don't forget one of her alters is intersex lmao

No. 321733

This is going to sound depressing but if she breaks up with Steven, considering all the dumb shit in her head about getting old, fat and unwanted, and considering how she's very libfemmy and has an "hypersexual" alter… and already is into drag… And the content is running dry… It's not farfetched to think that if things go south for her and she has a big massive meltdown she might consider it, she has posted thirst traps before too

No. 321734

I know for a fact that if Steven is a tranny then he might be into pegging and she might start making pegging my trans girlfriend content

No. 321743

Kek I wonder if Stevie would try to force Jerrick or Cliffe to be the main personality because male trannies loooove to masculinize their libfem handmaiden girlfriends after they come out.

No. 321750

I think he prioritises her mental Jillness over everything else, so appeasing her make believe cast of characters was more important than responding sincerely to the sentiment. He gives me the impression of a man who has heen thoroughly trained in what behaviours will be recieved well or badly, and he knows humoring the mental Jillness will always be recieved well so it's his default. Like when she had the deer collision and his priority was to remind her to wear her (now forgotten) disability lanyard. He is gonna need a lot of therapy whenever they finally break up, imagine jumping from homophobe Mormon upbringing to this, he has no idea what a chill normal lifestyle looks like.

No. 321751

I don't really feel bad for him, he works, he drives and probably has friends, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have a hard time finding someone to let him stay in their home for a while until he makes enough money to rent a place.
At this point he's with Jillian for whatever reason he may have, but he's a man, so I doubt it's because of abuse of any kind or because he can't support himself, if anything, Jillian has shown the internet how useless she is and how he surely does everything around the house, he's literally an independent moid in a first world country from said first world country that can literally go anywhere he fucking wants.

No. 321762

yeah idgaf porn addict troonie deserves to be her live-in slave

No. 321767

Yeah I think in his head he's operating from free will, it's more that in his next relationship (assuming they break up from this situation) he will have all these weird behavioural patterns due to her constant "training" - it's definitely a bed he made for himself and I don't feel sorry for him either, but he's definitely fucked in the head and doesn't even know it yet

No. 321799

File: 1709252256897.png (307.14 KB, 720x1178, IMG_20240229_181714.png)

No. 321800

File: 1709252329148.png (806.02 KB, 720x1000, IMG_20240229_181732.png)

No. 321801

File: 1709252363165.png (497.33 KB, 720x972, IMG_20240229_181750.png)

No. 321807

Dude she really loves her "alter" oc bs

No. 321809

File: 1709258316368.jpg (170.77 KB, 720x1367, Honest.jpg)

Reminded me of when Jill posted about wanting a magical lying meter to totally prove she isn't a liar.

No. 321811

where's the one with steebie? I'm sure he would love to be portrayed as a loli.

No. 321812

>openly plural
Christ, what a nut. Can't believe this thing is a therapist.

On topic, I'm dying to know what happened on valentines day. There was clearly some drama.

No. 321813

She's always wearing the most mainstream "alt" brands herself…is this a humble brag about having more money than other folks because she can afford $80 lazy oaf (also fast fashion) over $30 shein knockoffs?

Because she would never wear something vintage or this interesting…she doesn't really thrift any of her clothing and we all know she hardly makes anything for herself. And when she does it's always a basic skater dress with some appliques thrown on. The way she sees herself is so separate from reality.

No. 321814

Complaining about lack of options in a picrew, make one yourself then you lazy lard instead of lowkey shitting on the person that put time and effort into making it. They aren't required to pander to you and whatever you feel would make it a "worthy" picrew

No. 321815

"I LOVE when I get to be the center of attention at other people's shows"

No. 321817

Is she shipping two of her alters? Weird

No. 321821

>make one yourself then you lazy lard instead of lowkey shitting on the person that put time and effort into making it.
You'd think she'd respect how much time and effort art takes given that she calls her self a "full time artist", or that she'd at least make some art herself

No. 321823

The fact that she's shipping herself so hard is so weird, specially considering how jerricka is supposedly a teenage fakeboi (17 years old according to jillian herself) and herself who is between 4 to 25 years old.

No. 321834

File: 1709317852798.png (1.69 MB, 1378x1000, IMG_20240301_122927.png)

What she thinks she looks like vs how she actually looks.
She has never worn anything similar to the stuff on the left. In fact, she has never even looked like that once. She's delusional. What she wears looks as cheap as any other shein bitch out there. She can't even do this larp right.
And she doesn't even own anything 60s-70s vintage either.

No. 321836

Kek can someone please do the thing where instead of the picture she posted (the 60s dress) she's wearing the drag outfit? Lmao

No. 321837

She always ships herself with the emo boy and flora and sunny (sunflower kek) together

No. 321838

File: 1709319175220.jpg (594.14 KB, 1080x1327, sunflower.jpg)

Exhibit A. She posted this one before the Jill/Jer one.

No. 321839

We all know Serenity Sam could pull off that dress with way more style than Jill's frumpy ass, who is she kidding.

No. 321842

File: 1709320563542.jpg (315.04 KB, 1080x1483, IMG_20240301_161805_205.jpg)

There you go, nonnie

No. 321843

File: 1709320622486.png (159.67 KB, 473x413, stevieeee.png)

Hmm… Stsevie's Twitter bio no longer mentions being an "intern for @pixielocks"

No. 321844

File: 1709320679307.png (163.37 KB, 234x388, bodylanguage.png)

samefag but just wanted to post this pic again because I think it told a whole entire fucking story.

No. 321846

The funniest part is that she portrays herself and all her alters as skinny uwu anime gurls with very unique aesthetics that she likes. Alters are suposedly born out of a certain need of the host, but hers are all just people she really wishes she could look like. They are all "the cooler Jill". It's almost like she realized 26 year old Jillybean has done nothing for her life so far other than pretending to be knowledgeable about shit on Twitter and consooming rainbow trash

No. 321847

Kek I knew it. I knew he was going to take it off sooner or later.

No. 321849

I have the tiniest, most based-on-absolutely-nothing tinfoil in the whole entire world that Stevie is planning to leave Frederickton / New Brunswick.

No. 321850

Yeah, they’re really just representations of her BPD phases and her hobbies. “Punk” teen who has barely hit puberty and is therefore still somewhat thin, anime, nightlife, drag race, DDLG. They don’t function even remotely how DID alters function in actual DID patients, just like the McLean conference pointed out. Cluster B fakers are expressing an entire second different set of behaviors that accomplish a different set of benefits.

No. 321851

BTW: Serenity Sam is back in the UK. By all means, it seems she did not see Jill. That's just weird to me.

No. 321852

Jill probably doesn't like her. I get that farmers dickride Sam because they think it pisses off Jill, but depending on when she got sober, Jill could possibly have bad memories of her (former) addict auntie and not want to associate with her anymore. And besides, Jill's never mentioned Sam as a favorite aunt or anything, so why would it be weird they didn't hang out?

No. 321853

It's weird to me because of Louise. Louise is 10000% the parent that needs to "show off" her "gifted" children at all times. She is also extremely, extremely obsessed with and close with her family of origin (more than anyone I've ever seen). It's weird to me that a mom like this doesn't force her daughter to be a part of it. Sam was here from the UK and Louise's other sister was here from BC and Louise didn't force Jillian to be a part of that? It's just my opinion, but I find that weird. I find the whole family dynamic kinda weird. Photos of all the Alcock girls, including their mother (Jill's grandma) together, but missing Jillian, the other girl in the family. It's just interesting to me.

No. 321856

Sam lives in the Uk far away from them and got better though. Idk this tinfoil about Jillian not liking her for whatever reason sounds like a good way for her to start inventing some trauma story about an aunt that hasn't really had a lot of contact with her to begin with.

No. 321858

Well that's trouble in rainbowland confirmed. I think he's been distancing himself from her since the time it was proven Jill's "diagnosis" wasn't a diagnosis and he had publicly embarrassed himself saying he had seen said non-existing diagnosis papers.

Tinfoil based on his troonery and porn addiction, but it could be possible that he's trying to get Jill go into an open/plural relationship. He has the perfect excuse of saying dating her is already dating multiple people, so Jill can't really object to that part. Maybe all this "lesbian" art Jill is posting is her hoping to get a mutual girlfriend with Steve so she can finally prove she's totes really gay for women?

No. 321863

It's time for Maggie to step in again then. Steven still has her apartment keys maybe

No. 321868

>And she doesn't even own anything 60s-70s vintage either.
I wonder if she will sperg about vintage clothes not fitting her, I really doubt she will find anything fashionable that fits her at her current state.

No. 321869

Jill better start painting the rainbyhouse walls cause troonbie is packing up and heading to Maggie’s kek.

No. 321875

It will be so funny if he end up with Maggie after Jillian, cause didn't Jill steal Stevie from her exposing herself in front of both? Jill is definetly going to have a mental breakdown kek(sage your shit)

No. 321876

That's why I said it depends on when she got sober.
The other kid is Louise's gifted one now. Jill is the trwaumatized stoner burnout. Jill has been slowly falling out of her mother's favor for a while, and I also think she's pretty far out from where her mom is, and Jill probably used the car crash as an excuse to not drive out unless she feels like it.

No. 321877

Yes, yes she did. And I hope he runs back to Maggie too kek.

No. 321891

File: 1709364068791.png (440.9 KB, 720x1173, IMG_20240302_012258.png)

For people who use nitter

No. 321893

The clip of Stevie talking about Jill's diagnosis >>256469 always makes me laugh. I'm interested in whether she'll vlog a bit of her party and/or video her making her dress at a professional level like she did the Cure Sky cosplay. I want more dumb gifs like her making the Jill and Jerricka peep kiss.
She was raging a bit during her Christmas stay. Probably doesn't help her mom wants her to smoke outside.
Nta, just want to write if you get a message saying something like pick a different instance just refresh.

No. 321898

File: 1709367654862.png (449.63 KB, 1426x1388, IMG_20240302_022026.png)

Wow people weren't kidding when they said Steven follows a bunch of tranny and DID accounts. Saw it on nitter

No. 321899

File: 1709367697999.png (377.26 KB, 675x1600, IMG_20240302_022040.png)

>omg my male autism: electricity

No. 321900

File: 1709367813577.png (Spoiler Image,1.8 MB, 2903x1556, IMG_20240302_021958.png)

Also the Jerrick account has been delegated as the place to post angsty song lyrics. Notice the post on the 12th of February when she was having a meltdown

No. 321901

jillian would seem like an infinitely more interesting person if she just admitted to herself she likes all the rainby garbage but also edgy stuff like this.

No. 321908

Yeah Steven is nasty and basically a walking amber alert. Idk why everyone in this thread feels bad for him.

No. 321909

did she genuinely not know this already? shouldn't she have learnt this in school?

No. 321911

i don't get it either. jillian may be insufferable but he's a grown man with a job, unless she is abusing him into submission he doesn't have to hang around if he doesn't want to. it's stupid to heap the blame for whatever weird shit happens in their relationship squarely onto jillian's shoulders when they're both consenting adults

No. 321914

How surprising that he publicly follows MTF onlyfans promo and porn accounts. Absolute coomer. Every time men “explore gender” it ends up being that they jerked off to a bunch of troon porn.

No. 321915

>Jill's brother is Louise's gifted child now. Jill has been slowly falling out of her mother's favor for a while.
Perfectly summed up the family dynamics. Louise's son (I forget his name kek) has a decent full time job, a family, a house, and lives within an hour's drive of Louise. He's definitely a lot closer to his parents than Jill is at this point and Louise is probably more excited to become a grandmum than she is to learn her daughter roleplays as teenagers online.

No. 321916

>duuurrrrrrr wat is electricity how dose machines work
>screenshots bolded top result on Google
>I’m such a quirky autistic hyperfixated wikipedia reading esoteric genius who stays up all night studying niche science

No. 321917

He's like 15 minutes from Louise. He barely left town lol

No. 321918

Maybe that’s why Jill wanted to get married so bad. She could then use it as online and irl validation.

No. 321919

It's almost like Jill felt her music taste didn't vibe with the rainbow vomit kawaii and that's why she started thinking she was plural, because muse would NEVER have pastel wall stripes in their house, NEVER

No. 321922

once a porn addict, always a porn addict

No. 321923

Since Sam got sober and Jill is an addict of various things, perhaps Sam doesn't want to be around Jill (and thus, various substances, weed, alcohol and stimulants)

No. 321924

"follow my main" "backup account" means it's a spam account of someone's main porn account, I got one on instagram who liked my pictures from three different accounts attached to their main porn account with that "backup account/second account" in bio.
the "backup" accounts get banned for spamming likes and comments (my images are posted months ago so I don't even know how the pornbot found them) so they use them to promote while protecting the main account. So even worse than following trannies, he's doing the most desperate male activity of following porn bots kek

No. 321925

Samefag there are three different profiles in those screenshots directing to the same account @transmissy why do men have to be so embarrassing, following every porn bot that interacts with you is humiliating kek

No. 321926

File: 1709393158196.png (395.02 KB, 708x1034, IMG_20240302_022012.png)

Has this been posted before? The "I want everyone to be successful" is so iffy.

No. 321927

I checked twitter and all those accounts aren’t followed by mistevieous anymore.(this is an imageboard)

No. 321928

Wtf. He must be lurking
I hope it gets rejected. The focus of the picture isn't even precure

No. 321933

She just is trying to clout chase because she went to high school with Denim. We all know she doesn't care about anyone else's success but her own


No. 321934

The fact that it's obviously all fake because she has to switch actual accounts/styles to be the other personality is crazy. No one else with this does this, only larpers.

No. 321941

you checked his followers list, not his following. these accounts are all from his recent followers.

No. 321942

File: 1709402378665.jpeg (713.79 KB, 1125x1513, IMG_1275.jpeg)

He’s following that tranny that was photographed with the goon troon and Mr Beast’s tranny friend.

No. 321950

This is giving big pornsick AGP T4T transbian energy. It would be my dream come true if this made Jill peak.

No. 321953

I sure hope anons don't skip this post, while he is obviously a pornsick troon but don't get facts backwards nonnies.

No. 321954

it constantly amazes me how unfamiliar lolcow users are with social media despite using it all the time

No. 321956

File: 1709418172783.jpg (182.72 KB, 720x966, 302-152325.jpg)

No. 321957

Amazing, Jill gets to show her rare real-life friend interactions. Also keking at how there's really nothing joint looking about it. It solely looks like Jill's birthday party with all her baby decor.

No. 321958

It really looks like a party for a child and not for two grown ass adults that are supposedly dating. The weird babyspeak tweet about the cake is also gross accompanied by the childish decoration in the rainbow prison.

No. 321960

I cannot help but feel like even if Steve trooned out, Jillian would win anyway. Then she could finally have some solid claim to a queer relationship and get brownie points for being the super supportive girlfriend, and claim she likes women again.
This is all to assume Steve wouldn't also immediately leave her, but I am curious for the imminent possibilities.

No. 321962

So no decorations for Steve's part of it? He obviously likes darker colors and idk Star Wars. How hard would it be to have some Star Wars themed birthday items or something?

No. 321963

He's a grown adult nona, he doesn't need Star Wars birthday decorations.

No. 321965

Thats not the point though, it's that everything is decorated for Jill's taste and nothing for him despite it apparently being for both of them. Star Wars was just an example but why not kek

No. 321966

This just screams "Jillian will be the center of attention" to me. Like they're not just celebrating Steven, but also Jillian and her 10+ alters. It looks like a party for her OCs tbh

No. 321967

It’s telling that Stebe can’t even have a birthday for himself and everything has to be shared with jillybean, it’s pathetic and I don’t understand how he isn’t tired of everything focusing on jillian to some degree. I don’t feel bad for him, I just wish he would stop being a doormat because the milk from jill would be full fat if he triggers her narc rage by setting boundaries (and breaking up with her)

No. 321969

>balloons on every seat in the cat tree

No. 321971

File: 1709435363102.jpeg (92.03 KB, 918x588, IMG_1279.jpeg)

Can we get this with Jill, Steebie and maybe her mom?

No. 321972

>Steven erases her name from his account
>Joint birthday party

No. 321975

It's not so much that we feel bad for him, but rather it's just so bizarre to see how much he has changed to conform to Jill's aesthetic. Vidrel is an example of how Stephen used to look and behave in early 2020. He seems much more self assured, less tired, more masculine, and more himself than the shell of Stephen we see today. Jill's histrionics and general insanity has seemed to take a toll on all of her former boyfriends, eventually moulding them into her idea of the ideal boyfriend. It's like she takes pleasure in removing their identities and assuming them into her own sense of self. It's why they can't have friends over, can't go out without her, can't decorate their shared spaces, can't have their own birthday parties, etc.
I had to check her twitter post to make sure but in the fourth picture on the table in the background you can see a can of Monster's Zero Ultra energy drink (the flavour in the white can). I can tell it's a Monster energy can because I drink 3 every week and I just know it nonnas. I thought she was giving up Monster?
My question is does Stephen even have friends? We know rather little about Stephen compared to our knowledge of Jill, and a lot of the stuff we do know is filtered through Jill's narc tendencies. I imagine that Stephen has become so codependent on Jill for so long that he doesn't have any IRL friends outside of her friend circle, so who else is supposed to attend his birthday party besides Jill's friend group? And when Jill invites her friends over, it's clear that she is to be the centre of their attention as the best hostess in the world.

No. 321979

> My question is does Stephen even have friends?
He should just invite his coworkers, some local trannies and Maggie. It’s a joint birthday maybe he should cause some chaos on the way out. I get their birthdays are a week apart but combining birthdays is what little kids do when the parents can’t afford two close together.

No. 321982

File: 1709449173080.jpg (383.06 KB, 2644x1560, Mjtt56889u54.jpg)

It really does when you notice the beads she has out. So guess they're going to make friendship bracelets or something.
She's not thoughtful nor does she compromise. It's all about her all the time. Wonder if we will be blessed with dress pics soon?
How I feel too, nonnie. Him telling her no would piss her off badly.
Nice catch. Lol, no, she's addicted to monsters. She has at least one a day. There's no way she'd give up her undergoo. By the way looks like either oreos or chips ahoy by that monster.

No. 321985

but consider the fact that Steve is a coomer who even wants his own bedroom to watch porn alone at night rather than spend time with his gf, and his family are homophobic christians who he was desperate to get away from so he's not exactly a big social guy to begin with. I don't think he's crying over not getting his own hentai themed b-day party, and this way it limits the time he has to put up with jill and her friends in his home

No. 321986

this is still going to influence whats on his twitter feed correct?

No. 321987

I mean it could be Louise she clearly doesn’t like Jilly smoking and makes her go out to the shed to do so when she is there. I could see her not wanting Jill who is baked constantly and a daily smoker around Sam potentially triggering her. It’s not legal in the uk so you do encounter it now and then but to a way lesser degree than that and people aren’t just doing it openly. I could see a tantrum situation where Jill has been told not to bring that around Sam and her refusing to go because it’s muh medicine for totally real DID.

No. 321988

I agree, joint birthdays are not fun specially not as an adult kek

No. 321989

Probably not much more than how it affects your feed whenever random porn bots follow you on twitter, instagram or tumblr.

No. 321990

>but consider the fact that Steve is a coomer who even wants his own bedroom to watch porn alone at night
When was this established? I thought it was still pretty much up in the air why they sleep separately, except for them - since Jill's DID "announcement" - now claiming that it's because Jill screams and trashes around at night because of "trauma"?
Not saying this to defend Steeb, I just can't stand it when anons mix up facts and fanfiction based on their hatred.

No. 321991

They have always had separate bedrooms, no one mentioned trauma thrashing at night?

No. 321992

The average farmer is a retard shut in. They only use social media to lurk on cows accounts.
She's so insufferable. Maggie can easily steal the greasy troon right back from Jill's grubby hands by simply treating him as an adult human with his own interests. It'd be funny if she's invited and all we see in the background is the two of them exchanging looks as Jill screeches about her 50/11 alters. He'll probably just invite Maggie out to actually celebrate his birthday when Jill passes out from a DID weed coma.
Jill is a grown woman who doesn't need all the pastel decorations and crap. Wasn't Steve's birthday last week or something? Imo their birthdays aren't close enough for a joint party, especially since it seems like they didn't do anything on Steve's actual birthday. This is basically just Jill's birthday party, and Steve will be there too. The very least she could do was get a star wars cut out and stuck it in a corner somewhere, to show that she actually considers what he likes.

No. 321993

File: 1709472622571.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1548, IMG_2692.jpeg)

Roller skates are top shelf, but Steve’s shoes are relegated to a tiny portion of the bottom shelf lol

No. 321994

The shoes on the top shelf are too tall to fit on the others. This is such a nitpick.

No. 321995

Jill doesn’t even roller skate, they’re just for show and she still won’t let the man have easier access to his shoes come on nonna.

No. 321996

Reminder that they had a joint birthday party in 2020. It was obviously still the Jill show though which I doubt Steve actually cares about since he is a grown man and birthday parties are "her thing" and relevant to her content anyway. This party was at the height of her sustainability larp so the video is mostly just about prepping for the "zero/minimal waste" party. She didn't actually vlog any festivities or guests (possibly because Steve's guests were there and aren't relevant to her content/would prefer not to participate idk). I don't think all the tinfoiling about the joint birthday party is relevant to their current trouble in paradise since they've done it before towards the earlier stages of their relationship pre-DID nightmare saga and pre-Steve troon saga when things were more normal. AFAIK Jill's more recent parties have been just for her and required Jill-indulgent activities like everyone having to dress as a rainbow colour and Steve having to create special quizzes all about Jill. Not sure if Steve had his own parties at these times though.

No. 321997

Steve isn't disabled he can get his shoes just fine, what a dumb nitpick

No. 321998

It's not really a nitpick when the entire house is like that. It's more of a metaphor. Jill's useless consumer crap is placed at the center and on top. Things Stevie actually uses are shoved into a dark corner, including Stevie himself kek.

No. 322005

NTA yes they've had separate bedrooms forever but Jillian did say the reason was because of trauma while sleeping or whatever. The reason keeps changing all the time and it feels like a cope

No. 322006

If you were Steven living in that retard's house you would get it.

No. 322007

Maybe at this point Steven already celebrated by himself with his friends but Jillian still needs to have the joint party for some reason. I don't feel like Steven wants this at all and the way Jillian is decorating and putting herself on the front oof it all comes off as annoying

No. 322015

I know we joke but, I honestly believe Stevie will troon out. He seems like a legitimate troon to me. It feels like just a matter of time.

No. 322018

File: 1709494023682.png (765.8 KB, 918x588, IMG_4074.png)

I’m extremely proud of this.

No. 322020

Nice one nonna

No. 322022

>When was this established? I thought it was still pretty much up in the air why they sleep separately
I mean obviously he wouldn't say it out loud but you think the guy who admitted to having had a porn addiction, who is 100% fine with not sleeping in the same bed nor room as his gf at night, who openly thirsts after sexy men online (and doesn't do it for his gf's attempts at sexy posts), who calls himself a "certified thembo" - doesn't use his alone time for looking at porn?

No. 322023

You're making it sound like you ARE Steve lol
He's already an enby, so hrt next?

No. 322024

File: 1709498336420.jpg (70.38 KB, 720x639, Patreon.jpg)

Looked at her patreon and saw this. Not a member so I can't get the full message sadly.

No. 322025

Mmm perfect chef's kiss. This is a good edit…
Stephen's life is go to work, get home, make dinner, clean house, clean cat's litter boxes, run errands. That's his whole life. I think the only way he copes is smoking copious amounts of weed like Jill does. I'm not sure if he's permafried like she is, but I doubt Jill does anything around the house besides smoke, makes picrews of herself, and talk to herself. I assume Steve browses Grindr on the side when he's at work for troon points.

No. 322026

Kek the famous DID cake. Good job nonna!

No. 322028

Immaculate, anon. I love that you left in Louise’s scarf haha You picked the perfect photo for Steve, he looks dejected

> You're making it sound like you ARE Steve lol
This comment is so funny

You ladies in this thread have such good senses of humor

No. 322029

To be honest that’s a pretty typical North American young adult life style

No. 322036

File: 1709511424175.png (247.08 KB, 508x838, march 2024.png)

No. 322038

Thank you anon

No. 322041

She's such a narcisist, so cause its her birthday everyone who's a patron of her's have to celebrate the whole month by having this thing as calendar and wallpaper? ridiculous.(learn to sage)

No. 322043

Thanks. Hope she was nice to her parents when she visited.
>Pixie (Flora & Jill)
I expect nothing less. Something funny I keep seeing the happy retard diagnosis cake in lieu of the birthday cake.

No. 322045

File: 1709527865521.jpg (46.84 KB, 720x435, Screenshot_20240303-214243.jpg)

Updated bio on pixie_petals.

No. 322047

Ohhhhh hopefully it's juicy new 'trauma' and not the same shit she always presents to the class. Hopefully family or Steebie related

No. 322051

File: 1709540066203.png (90.19 KB, 278x473, edited ver (1).png)

I've never posted on this before (so sorry if I did something wrong) but I saw Jill in the chat of Friday's H3 episode with no one acknowledging her and got weirded out by her comments

No. 322052

she really truly peaked in high school oof

No. 322053

so h3 live chatting to yourself is what you do when you have no friends or go outside? other live commenters dont even acknowledge her random fun facts about herself. its getting bleak jill.

No. 322056

You didn't do anything wrong nonna. You gotta love Jill's unrelenting love and support for H3, even after his remarks vis-a-vis Israel/Palestine conflict. I don't mean to bring up that debate here, I just find it funny that Jill is so anal about promoting all of this Israeli boycott stuff and pro-Palestine content when Ethan from H3 has been in hot water recently surrounding his controversial pro-Israel rhetoric. She is all for cancelling other people for disagreeing with her viewpoints; just not the people that she likes.
In high school Jillybean was running a lolita blog, taking part in anime conventions and competing in cosplay comps, she took a trip across the world to Japan, she ran a successful YT channel that got 100k+ views per video. Now, as a 25 year old, she gets high every day all day and pretends to be a 4 year old while slowly destroying her liver with Monster energy drink. SAD!
>"I'm traveling back to NB from PEI."
I wonder why she didn't mention her trip to PEI? Jill could have made a fun roadvlog or something, but like always she wastes every opportunity to be fun or creative.

No. 322057

I wonder what kind of trauma a coddled priviledged person like Jillian could develop out of nowhere. Love the "patchwork heart" thing btw, trouble in rainbowland for sure
Pretty sure her trip to PEI was just a way to run away from Steven for a while, I'm assuming at least

No. 322058

She probably just went home for maximum gifts and attention, but IA it's weird she didn't mention going or whatever bougie expensive children's toy she strong armed her mom into buying her.

No. 322060

People have way too much pity for Steve. He's been appearing on camera since the beginning of their relationship because he is a pathetic clout chaser and he probably stays with Jillian only because it's the closest he will ever be to efame. If he wastes all his time on twitter and rotting in his bedroom it's his own choice. Sure he's probably a marginally better person than her because he isn't making up having medical conditions but that's a pretty low bar to clear.

No. 322063

the focus is meant to be your pet because the new precure is pet themed so if anything she'll get rejected for trying to get as much of her kawiwi dungeon in the frame as possible

No. 322067

This. She posted nothing about valentines except a thirst trap. She and Stevie both changed their profiles. Now there's a sudden, unannounced trip back to pei. Somethings up.

No. 322070

>>322057 Yeah the username is… interesting, she just missed the chance to use a broken heart emoji to maximise the breadloafing

And she didn't mention the trip, for someone that loves telling us everything she does no matter how minimal, it's weird that she didn't mention travelling to PEI

No. 322071

File: 1709575065566.jpg (149.95 KB, 1080x538, 125544_X.jpg)

>trouble in rainbowland
Looks like Sunny ran away.

No. 322072

File: 1709575347433.jpg (301.19 KB, 1080x1028, 125612_X.jpg)

Also possibly related, but she made a weird comment about how some of her alters need to abuse substances in order to front.

No. 322073

Claiming DID really is her cover for antisocial behavior. Raging bitch? DID. Sloppy alcoholic? DID. Lazy dopehead? DID. Can’t work? DID.
Guess she’s reaping what she sows. Don’t want to put in any effort, why should anyone else.

No. 322074

>no mom I NEED to drink the whole bottle or else I’m repressing Veronica!

No. 322076

That's usually called recovering, Jill. People with DID can eventually lose those personalities. Or she's being an idiot and suddenly there's going to be an influx of emo personas if there actually is something going on in her relationship.

No. 322077

Finally, we are back to her Drunkielocks era. She used to be a lot more tolerable before she moved out and went for weed instead.

No. 322079

damn imagine being so insufferable your imaginary friends run away? Sunny is supposed to be the positive one too. Something definitely happened in rainbowland for sure.

No. 322080

Sunny is the autistic weeb alter she created after hyping herself up for a convention and bingeing a bunch of nostalgic AMVs, right? She’s probably just moving past that short-lived resurgence of interest. It happens to normal people too, except they don’t create entire new identities based on whatever media they’re into at the time so it doesn’t feel like they’re losing a part of themselves when that interest starts to wane. Maybe stop doing that. Jill.

No. 322081

File: 1709582833611.jpg (324.92 KB, 720x2809, Stim.jpg)

No. 322082

At 26 years old, you should never put the words "birthday" and "haul" together. My god, is that ever tacky.

No. 322083

File: 1709583063580.jpeg (197.58 KB, 828x733, IMG_1875.jpeg)

steeb dmed that teenager who made jill freak out and melt down on twitter when it was happening apparently

No. 322084

File: 1709583094611.png (11.47 MB, 5186x7762, Untitled51_20240304150424.png)

No. 322087

>if parts feel like they can't fully be themselves without substance
That says a lot and not the way she's thinking.

No. 322088

"Pixie's mental health treatment" as in, "no she does not receive any amount of mental health treatment at all and is at the point where she doesn't even actually leave the house. She is also addicted to different substances at this point and as such doesn't even see a real doctor because she was likely fired by her last doctor due to nasal spray and medication abuse"

The way Stevie talks. What a fucking creep.

No. 322089

File: 1709583675872.png (10.7 MB, 5186x7762, Untitled51_20240304150823.png)

second half of screenshots

No. 322090

God that teen is such a retard. Yeah I get that he sounds overly polite but the twittertard doesn't seem well in the head either

No. 322091

They don't about her mental health liberally but her entire channel is for said mental health??? Dude is so creepy like what is he trying to offer the kid beefing with Jill?>>322090
This just in: teens are retarded but that's ok because they're kids and not almost 30 like Jill and Steeb.

No. 322092

She's dumb but she's 17. Like yeah she should probably stop beefing with random adult content creators on Twitter but Steve is fucking weird for sliding into a minor's DMs to confront them on Jill's behalf and asking how she's doing and sending a voice memo. It's creepy and she has every right to send him dumb shit back when he shouldn't be talking to her in the first place.

No. 322093

I honestly can't believe how much of an insufferable creep he is. I'm legit asking, but is he just a pathetic militant weaponized-empathy leftist, or just a run-of-the-mill autist? Because reading this is seriously so fucking strange. He creeps me out.

No. 322094

>It affects me too
I imagine Jillybean on the floor hitting herself and crying loudly over Twitter, guilting Stevie to do something about the haters

No. 322096

This whole thing is so embarrassing for Jill and Stevie. 2 grown ass adults who can't figure out what the block button is for.

No. 322097

I agree with your sentiment. Why is he sending a voice memo? What the fuck is his logic here? Oh boohoo Jilly is upset. Tell her to block and grow up, Steven. Him engaging in this stupid feud is unneeded and screams creepy/manipulative.
How bad are her tantrums for people to just choose to pacify her instead of telling her to get over herself?
It is. They need to both log off.

No. 322098

He talks like a customer service agent trying to confront a teen online, for his girlfriend who’s literally an adult and should be embarrassed to beef with a teenager and should handle her own.
Fucking freaks, the both of them.

No. 322099

I don't care what anyone says, this man thats "pushing 30" DMing a 17 year old in any capacity is fucking weird. Any well adjusted adult would have simply blocked the teen and moved on

No. 322101

>He talks like a customer service agent trying to confront a teen online
Those are my thoughts exactly. He talks like a customer service agent that is trying to handle a weird Jill job. Is this really of his own doing to help Jill calm down or what? What a hero she's dating. Steebie to the rescue with his customer service experience.

No. 322102

isn't she just trolling steve because literally no one would take him dm'ing them in this weird "look at me, i care about both sides and communication is important" way seriously? can't tell if he's trying to humiliate this kid by implying their tweeting means they have problems, or if he's genuinely sheltered enough to think anyone doing "bad" things do it because they have a difficult home life. fucking creepy of him to act that way in the first place, this was such a bad move for him and pixie. maybe don't interact with minors and insist on having further conversations with them if you're a self-proclaimed (former) porn addict with ddlg allegations.

No. 322103

Steve trolled a twittertard lmao

No. 322104

Maybe it’s a tinfoil hat but it’s probably true: Jill probably guilted him to do this ngl. At least a good olde “steeeviieee they are being mean to me!!”. So he did it. Generally he keeps out of this sort of stuff when it happens (to memory unless I blocked something out).
This whole thing is uncomfortable as fuck. I am giving this kid a pass, she’s a Twitter tard and all but she’s the only person who’s ever bothered to call Jill out and didn’t back down. want to hear the voice note though, can’t believe she didn’t post it. That’s just weird.
>>322067 Something is up and their relationship is totally dead in the water. If anything the weird messages to Twitter tard kid was a last ditch effort to appease Jill while things fall apart.. or maybe the straw to the camels back.

No. 322105

I agree this is absolutely bizarre and inappropriate from him. And not what a supportive partner should be doing in this situation at all, which would be encouraging Jill to block this person and spend less time online. She has terrible boundaries (from a work/life balance perspective) and can't ever decide whether to use her platform for professional or personal reasons.

The concern trolling thing ("Are you doing okay?" from Steve to) is especially so weird. The mature thing to do here is to not engage, not try and guilt this teenager into feeling differently about an online celebrity they don't even know.

No. 322106

This is so weird. He's acting like he's Jill's parent, talking to another parent about the misunderstanding their kids had at the park. I bet Jill is probably flipping her shit at him rn because whatever little plan they thought they had didn't work. The adult thing to do is tell Jill to block the damn kid and move on, but Jill's a spoiled brat who's never heard the word no before. they better tread lightly and hope none of the drama YouTubers that cover retards like Chris chan latch on to her fuckery. I can smell her buttery tears when turkey tom's faggot ass makes a two hour video on her faking DiD, complete with her age regression fuckery and trying to claim Veronica as intersex.

No. 322107

>>322089 Jesus fucking Christ what a weirdo.

He acts like they are such mature adults and the 17 YEAR OLD is being childish and unreasonable when the one that can't handle criticism, resorts in online attacks from her rainby goons and sends her partner to defend her from a fucking child is Jillian.
I do think Steebie is a moron in his own right, but this was def something Jillybean asked him to do. He doesn't care that much about her at this point, anyways, so I really doubt the initiative was his.

No. 322108

>can't fully be themselves without substances
it's called getting drunk you actual retard. I'm a zoomer but i'm scared to know 20 somethings don't understand basic facts like alcohol lowers inhibitions

No. 322109

>>322108 Jillian just likes to medicalize and make a big deal out of any mundane thing every person goes through, so she can be special anon.

No. 322110

File: 1709601172619.jpg (127.52 KB, 720x1323, 6532224.jpg)

No. 322111

Very convenient to post when nonnies are speculating there’s trouble in paradise.

No. 322113

Her baby talk is sickening.