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File: 1710210004812.png (54.93 KB, 720x720, 1707518296639.png)

No. 322787

copied from the last thread

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and compartmentalizes every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of money for.
She eagerly accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression with a "Congrats on the DID Diagnosis" celebratory cake, but struggles to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem ready to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of “severe mental illness” in the forms of a brief stay in a mental hospital in her early teens due to ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
>is still extremely thin-skinned; has history of deleting comments critical to her and has preached getting along with people while also blasting critics and concern in a very rude and passive-aggressive manner; has gotten into pissfights online as of late with users that have spoken out of concern for her or wanting to help or talk in some degree
>her sexuality has been a sliding scale, from pansexual to queer to lesbian to back to currently pansexual (and nonbinary due to alters); current partner is Steven Clarke, who has enabled her delusions and has racked up his own questionable reputation; has a long history of drama with relationships, claiming abuse to some degree in most of them
>formerly had a fashion brand called Five Petal Flower before graduating from her college fashion class, but seems to be no longer active if not just slowly dying; has also gotten into drag with a persona known as Villany Swells; has cancelled two drag gigs so far and claims an online person is stalking her due to a publically-filmed video of a drag show being linked in a previous
>has a shaky history of substance misuse regarding her meds; now takes in various degrees of alcohol and weed leading to possible clashes in medication or mental/physical state


>Pixie: The collective name of all the alters. Is a "genderfluid they/them".

>Jillian: Rainbow emoji. 25, but "age slides" from 4-25. This is actually just herself, but she herself is both an alter and the host. Desperately wants to have autism.
>Jerrick: Snake emoji. 14-16 year old emo trans guy. "He mentioned feeling 17." Was labeled as being a co-host. Conveniently holds all her BPD traits. Entire personality is being angry and liking green. Like all the alters, is into drag.
>Veronica: Flame emoji. 21 year old horny alter. She is a “protector of sexual trauma”. Says she had to become a "fuckable plaything" because she was “raped for months”. Was going to be intersex, but Jill didn't want to deal with the backlash and decided against it.
>Berry: Strawberry emoji. 4-6 year old. Talks and acts like a baby. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had her name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Is for some reason triggered out by positive things like holidays and presents and is "trauma-free".
>Cliffe: Club emoji. 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant". A mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes.
>Flora: Cherry blossom emoji. 18 year old fictive. Used to be a fragment, but became a full alter. She is supposed to be Cure Flora and all the pink PreCures. She is a blonde, sweet lolita.
>Jax: Test tube emoji. 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching Arcane while having major trauma. Jillian called her “hypersexual”.
>Sandwich: Sandwich emoji. Cat alter. Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Not much has been said about her. Note that Jillian’s middle name is actually Amanda.
>Ramona: An alter that was only announced after she fused with Jillian. After doing so, Jillian suddenly wanted to start playing the piano again.
>Sunny: Shooting star emoji. 14. She's "energetic" and positive in a way that's "crazy". A protector that likes yellow. Basically just Flora, but hyper.
>Amber: Partly cloudy emoji. 25. She's edgy and has freckles. Also a protector that likes yellow. Formed at the same time as Sunny in response to the McLean video drama. Supposed to look the most normal.

Last thread: >>>/w/319202

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/villainyswells/ (used to be @pixieespam)
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 (“Sweetie” alters, previously @xcherrybombica): https://twitter.com/pixie_petals
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Threads: https://www.threads.net/@pixieelocks
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 322788

>sillypoo as the op picture

No. 322789

Idk seems like a good enough image to summarize Jill's bs to me

No. 322790

File: 1710211088448.png (835.21 KB, 1600x1280, Untitled59_20240311221430.png)

More precure twitter zoomers have been posting criticisms of Jill

No. 322791

So what emoji do you guys think the PreCureTrauma alter is gonna get?

No. 322792

Outdated meet the alters, here's the current one.

>Pixie: The collective name of all the alters, but is also used interchangeably with the name Jillian. Is a "genderfluid they/them".

>Jillian: Rainbow emoji. 25, but "age slides" from 4-25. This is actually just herself, but she herself is both an alter and the host. Desperately wants to have autism.
>Jerrick: Snake emoji. 17, formerly 14-16. Emo trans guy. Used to be a co-host. Conveniently holds all her BPD traits. Entire personality is being angry and liking green. Like all the alters, is into drag.
>Veronica: Doing nails emoji, formerly flame emoji. 21 year old horny alter. She is a “protector of sexual trauma”. Says she had to become a "fuckable plaything" because she was “raped for months”. Was going to be intersex, but Jill didn't want to deal with the backlash and decided against it.
>Berry: Strawberry emoji. 4-6 year old. Talks and acts like a baby. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had her name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Is for some reason triggered out by positive things like holidays and presents and is "trauma-free".
>Cliffe: Sprout emoji, formerly club emoji. 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant". Combo of her dad, sweetie angel therapist, and Ian Bruce. Formerly a mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes.
>Flora: Cherry blossom emoji. 18 year old fictive. Used to be a fragment, but became a full alter. She is supposed to be Cure Flora and all the pink PreCures. She is a blonde, sweet lolita.
>Jax: Test tube emoji. 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching Arcane while having major trauma. “Hypersexual”.
>Sandwich: Sandwich emoji. Cat alter. Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Not much has been said about her. Note that Jillian’s middle name is actually Amanda.
>Ramona: An alter that was only announced after she fused with Jillian. After doing so, Jillian suddenly wanted to start playing the piano again.
>Sunny: Shooting star emoji. 14. Another PreCure fictive for all the yellow ones. She's "energetic" and positive in a way that's "crazy". Basically just Flora, but hyper. Can't "mask".
>Amber: Partly cloudy emoji. "20?" Formerly 25. She's edgy and has freckles. Also yellow. Formed at the same time as Sunny in response to the McLean video drama. Supposed to look the most normal.

No. 322793

Links to previous threads are missing

No. 322794

Thank you for making the new thread quickly OP! Fuck haters

No. 322795

drunkielocks started in thread #15 and its one of the og pixielocks memes >>408269 ex friend of her posted a bunch of shit about her on PULL and claimed she had a reputation and her friends called her drunkielocks.
the meme stick cause she indeed drank a lot back in the day. the pull thing was never confirmed but the name sticked for a long time cause she used to drink often before the weed era. in thread #23 there are a bunch of references to it and this is in the summary
>Has a current obsession with drinking and getting drunk and mentions it in front of her underage fans on stream and twitter, then says "If you're 11 cover your ears"
Drunkielocks is not new or made up. Sorry to Jill historian, but its true.

No. 322796

What haters…? You sound just like Jillian right now

No. 322799

File: 1710216431065.mp4 (17.16 MB, AR01_lf-5BQCK9A_.mp4)

Went back to see the care package that she was replying to. Ok, this is a bunch of stupid girlboss shit, but Jillian is as much of a fake posi bitch if not more than this trash. I'd say she's worse because she's dragging her friend out in her tweet, at least her friend was being genuine and giving her useful stuff as opposed to the things in this video. And idk, am I the only one who would still appreciate a care package no matter what it had inside?

Nitter url for those who need it:

No. 322800

>>322762 but that's what interests her about being autistic anyways, being a womanchild with the excuse that she has autism. Same thing she does with DID and her rampant hypocrisy.

No. 322802

Her care package has some nice things, and in the end, when you get these things from friends, so like not even family, it means that person really wanted to /do/ something. So regardless of what she got or the quality of the packages, being an ass about what's in a gift is quite idiotic and shitty of Jillian.
This whole situation makes me wonder if she is even capable of keeping any friends at all.
Also, I'm still waiting for some suggestions from her, because she's complaining but she's not saying what should be in a care package or that all care packages shouldn't exist. This is what's ridiculous of Jill, she complains but she doesn't even have ideas to use in order to change what she complains about.

No. 322806

She did say that she liked the croc keychain. Of course she would, that's the only useless pink plastic garbage in the entire package. Funny she had to lay it all out in an aesthetic picture too just to say "this is too neurotypical"

No. 322810

File: 1710223961301.jpg (133.41 KB, 720x1156, YouTube.jpg)

Found off of the community post about the strike.

No. 322812

File: 1710224681914.jpg (252.09 KB, 4127x1560, Patreon.jpg)

Hope she doesn't delay her next video. I want to see the dress, dammit. There's obvious issues going on which she's making it apparent on how she's reacting especially when the week of Valentine' day was considered a shit week for her.

No. 322814

"Jerrick shows a lot of BPD symptoms but Flora does not"
That's not how BPD or DID works. You either have it or not. I think Flora is the love bomb part of her BPD but of course she stereotypes BPD as being emo and immature. No Flora could NEVER because she's so sweet and kind and a lolita, even though she was diagnosed with BPD around that time.

What she described sounds like a medication nightmare. This is why no one takes DID seriously.

No. 322817

Honestly her extensively shitting on a care package her friend got her makes me so mad. Imagine having friends that actually care enough about you to do this, and still not being even the slightest bit grateful. Only posting it so you can talk about how it's not for neurodivergent people (first of all Jill you aren't ND, secondly the fuck would an ND care package consist of)

No. 322820

>>322817 sorry for spoonfeeding but I don't remember, is it stated who gave it to her? Who this "friend" is? Maybe she bought it to herself just to boost her ND larp and make it seem like anyone cares about her, because why would she be so openly critical of it otherwise? It doesn't help her wholesome image.

Like I know she is an ungrateful ass, but she loves attention lol I doubt this was actually a gift

No. 322821

>Flora has no BPD symptoms
Does she still not realize that her entire lack of stable identity and ALL her dramatic mood shifts throughout the day are BPD symptoms? Going from feeling like an enraged spiteful teenager to feeling like an ethereal perfectly-happy saintly cartoon is all BPD, the upswings and overly positive moods that then crumble later into negative dramatics after fatigue or inconvenience or agitation are a core part of it. This is why Jill needs more proper therapy addressing her BPD.

No. 322823

This zoomer cancellation saga is making me lose braincells, when I got to some tweet about her being mutuals with a proshipper and "why this is harmful" I had to check out. Maybe she should just stop participating in fandoms for children.

I know she's always been into Precure even when she was more "normal" but she mostly kept it to youtube or did more of the adult side like collecting things, not hanging out or arguing with literal teenagers

No. 322825

to be fair, it is kind of weird of her to be friends with someone who "ships"/promotes pedophilic and incestuous relationships (that's what a proshipper means). but she loves the idea of being a child and is obsessed with men who look like her brother, so it checks out…

No. 322826

That lone teabag

No. 322828

What kills me is that Jill's care package contained: lip balm, chocolate bar, tissues, face mask, keychain charm, and hair clip, and then the "neurotypical consumerist garbage" care package that she hated contained: keychain charm, hair scrunchie, soap, motivational poster x2, face mask, tea bag, chocolate bar. Jill received 4 of the same items. It's literally the same idea.
Nobody takes DID seriously because it isn't real. It was invented in the 70s to sell books and made for TV movies kek
I agree this is the most annoying saga for Jill yet it's just a bunch of edgy teens on fandom twitter trying to knock Jill down a peg by trying to out-retard her.

No. 322830

Wow, the meaning of proshipper has really drifted in recent times.

No. 322831

you sound like a retard

No. 322833

File: 1710252203670.jpg (111.54 KB, 720x754, 20240312_150329.jpg)

google is free. these people are usually edgy 14 year olds who say they are "proshippers" to "cope" with alleged sexual trauma, but usually they just share, write or draw porn which is illegal in most western countries and get off to pedophilia or incest.(derailing)

No. 322836

Oh, it’s on google so it must be true. Kek, this is like jill looking up her “symptoms” and taking whatever gets spit back out at face value. While it may mean that without any context or nuance to speak of its just nonsense that morons online have bastardized. It’s like how DID used to mean something within the mental health industry but online it just means “likes to larp OCs”. I remember back in the day when it was called kinning and being a proshipper just meant you didn’t give a shit if someone shipped stuff in a fandom, not that you were a raging pedo. God I hope self-awareness becomes trendy again and people like jill can stop thinking the internet has all the answers.

No. 322840

Birthday Haul video just uploaded

No. 322841

File: 1710260006129.png (928.23 KB, 1558x620, 1.png)

>>322812 Heres the wip.

No. 322843

you know shipping fictional characters isn't real right?

of course it affects the entire brain, what kind of question is this from this person? Jill doesn't have 20 different brains inside her with all different chemical imbalances. separating them like this cannot be good for any chance of recovery.

No. 322846

File: 1710260368473.png (1.62 MB, 894x1106, Screen Shot 2024-03-12 at 11.2…)

good lord

No. 322848

She literally thinks each time she changes characters she's changing brains or something

No. 322849

She looks fine imo. Her weight has fluctuated so much that she's just Jill in general. I can also see she's currently painting chairs and the one that's almost done has a big white splotch that's trying to be covered up lol

No. 322851

I'm still shocked Stevie hasn't trooned out yet. Does this not look like a man in the early stages of trooning?
>Flora doesn't have BPD
Flora IS the BPD. Good lord.

No. 322852

Anon, that's not what proshipper means. You must be one of said zoomers.

No. 322853

i can't find the video but she made that chair for a drag show i think over a year ago, check older threads

No. 322854

There's gotta be a reason he hasn't trooned out yet, maybe his parents are helping supporting them or something. I look at his outfit and styling here and I know the exact type of girl who rejected him in highschool that he's now skinwalking

No. 322855

He probably hasn't because it'll go from Jerricka stealing his shit to Flora stealing his shit, he can't have anything to himself so he's probably waiting to get out so he can troon in peace kek

No. 322856

They're like THE "straight passing bisexual themby couple" IE, a pornsick dickbroken straight male and his fat BPD weed addict girlfriend who will kill herself if she doesn't receive 100% positive validation from everyone around her. I'm genuinely suprised she hasn't shown her tits or flaps yet. Every BPD bitch who pretends to be autistic shows her tits to coomers for the male validstion she thinks she deserves. She really must be sad that she's a fatty.

No. 322857

The color of the dress isn't even similar, or is it the shit lighting?

No. 322858

if she wasn't a cow already she could be posted in the consoomer thread. So much useless crap, she has 364 fidget toys already. She definitely proves that thrifing most of your shit doesn't mean you can't over consume

No. 322859

I am absolutely certain that Steevie will troon. I don't even mean this offensively. His very essence, the way he talks, moves, carries himself, just seems like a "genuine" trans to me.

No. 322860

Looks like a muslin mockup to me.

No. 322861

Twenty - mother fucking - six years old. God this is bleak.

No. 322862

All things considered that's a sad picture of a sad haul in the thumbnail

No. 322865

Bold assumption anon

No. 322866

The spheres she’s chosen to interact with always bite her in the ass. The performative SJW shit too, now she’s being called out for only doing a limited amount for black creators instead of permanently making it her brand. Content creators who just never touch any SJW shit with a ten foot pole are generally under less scrutiny than anyone who thinks they’ll win points by waving some “I’m a good person” signs around.

No. 322867

Thanks for making the thread, hopefully this one will have less newfag zoomers blatantly selfposting from Twitter

No. 322868

File: 1710268697699.png (419.92 KB, 1188x544, IMG_20240312_123916.png)

I searched pixielocks' channel on YouTube and got this video as the first one recommend to me. I don't know who this guy is and he has very little views but it might mean that the tides are turning on her somehow.

No. 322870

she's larping the DID hardcore in the video, I'm only a few minutes in and she's mentioned dissociating twice. Didn't Jill make a whole ass video a while ago saying she doesn't want to talk about her DID as much online?

No. 322871

File: 1710269438260.png (1.33 MB, 1280x716, pleasemakesoap.png)

she's so high out of her gourd in this video

No. 322872

the part where Jill calls herself "baby girl
"… bitch you are 26

No. 322873

Look at how dry and chapped her lips are from smoking out of her bong.

No. 322874

this video 10 months old, and this was already discussed in previous threads after the hospital shit happened. Jillian has also made it to a number of faking DID videos and those come up when you search her name too

No. 322875

There are no "genuine" trans women, they're either coomers or homosexuals.(derailing)

No. 322876

The way she says "sockies???" is so annoying

No. 322877

NTA, I think she meant "Steven has that genuine look of someone about to troon out"

No. 322878

Maybe she's like "I don't want to dissociate right now" because she just rip the bong off screen

No. 322879

The suncatcher she was gifted is from dropshipping sites kek.

No. 322880

File: 1710271078777.png (249.52 KB, 506x473, IMG_20240312_131935.png)

No. 322881

File: 1710271345531.png (355.37 KB, 585x492, IMG_20240312_132352.png)

>weenus beenus beebiss holding a flowey

No. 322882

File: 1710271587331.png (212.06 KB, 410x425, IMG_20240312_132804.png)

>is that a motherfucking pollyville??? Oo o oo o o

No. 322884

File: 1710272203532.png (269.06 KB, 523x448, IMG_20240312_133830.png)

>I got the yellow CHIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEECK!!!!!!!!!

No. 322885

File: 1710273833904.png (197.97 KB, 450x392, IMG_20240312_140527.png)

(do not spam pictures especially when there is no milk involved )

No. 322886

As retarded as she looks can we cool it with the screenshot spam. We get it, if you pause the video at the right time she makes funny faces. A recap of the haul would be more appreciated instead of posting random ugly pictures.(report and move on)

No. 322887

>(probably polyester) satin
Sustainable queen

No. 322889

Sage for stupid take, but I don't know what adult would want all that useless shit. Clothes are fine, the rest will sit in her house collecting dust with no appreciation because she has too many aesethic only items to care about them all. If she is a fashion designer, why did no one give her anything like yarn or sketch pads?

No. 322890

Silly nonnie, that would imply Jill has hobbies or interests. How do you gift someone a hit tweet? Or a bong rip? Or a new trauma event to make more OCs out of? All of Jill's interests boil down to consumption so the gifts she receives are reflective of that drive to consume.

No. 322891

File: 1710275809130.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1752, IMG_2816.jpeg)

Sage for nitpick but either her painted lines are crooked as hell, or she’s using some body editing tools

No. 322892

I can't get over how forced her stimming is, it looks so fake. Like she isn't fidgeting or anything throughout the video and then randomly starts hand flapping?
I had the same thought, like even her mom got her the most basic ass shit that you would gift someone you barely know. It's kinda sad to be honest…

No. 322893

is anyone gonna do a recap? not being bitchy, im just asking. i'll go ahead and do it after my first watchthrough if no one else is going to

No. 322896

Brief recap of the presents she received for her 26th birthday:
>Stripped shirt.
>Doughnut plush toy.
>Silicone water bottle.
>Plush headbands.
>MLP plastic tote bag.
>Beanie baby plush toy.
>Polly Pocket toy set.
>Witch-themed, pink, and purple Peeps plush toys.
>Twitter artist notebook.
>Box of candles.
>Peeps stress balls (she calls them stim toys).
>Peeps-themed fabric ribbon.
>Peeps candy.
>3 lip smackers.
>Alibaba light catcher trinkets.
>Some sort of Dungeons & Dragons book.
>Ceramic kitten statuettes.
>LEGO toy set meant for ages 7 and above for herself and a LEGO toy set for ages 8 and above for Stephen.
That's about it for the birthday presents. I can't be assed to watch her for a more in-depth recap but I just wanted to list out the presents she received for anyone curious here.

No. 322898

Thanks for listing the item, nona. Are these all gifts for Flora/Sunny whoever her kid OCs are? It's embarrassing to look over and see how it's all colorful junk that will be tossed aside into her plastic collection. Let's look forward to the big 30th birthday in 4 years.

No. 322899

File: 1710277984761.jpg (1.51 MB, 1242x2201, 1710177692913.jpg)

It would be physically impossible for Jill to purchase these normie items, it seems bizarrely generic like why spend 5 dollars on some plain hairclips. Seems like something a neighbour would gift rather than a friend since her aesthetic is hardly subtle
(reposting image from last thread here for reference)

No. 322903

>starts video off mentioning stuff we've already been talking about (the patreon sneak peek, her and stevie sharing a birthday party, etc) but she also immediately starts talking about how dissociate-y she is
>"we are pixie and floracore", "if our personality feels weird, it does (laughs)"

>starts with the gifts from her mom "because she birthed [me]"

>pastel colourblock polo dress shirt. i personally don't see pixie ever wearing this but i get why louise thought of her. was meant to be for christmas and it fits very large on her
>jellycat donut. discusses the inanimate object's pronouns and genderfluidity before mentioning dissociating and getting a knock and receives another package containing gifts for her and stevie
>pastel rainbow retractable and reusable water bottle. her mom mentions it's also a stim toy. keeps calling it a wah-er-bah-uhl instead of water bottle like a regular adult human being
>white ankle "sockies??? sockies????" with pastel fringe
>"bow headband things" for a spa day
>end gifts from her mother

>has been keeping her gifts in an mlp tote bag

>floral print beanie baby from a sketchy facebook marketplace seller in what looks to be a plastic tube container. could be glass but the way shes handling it makes me think it's plastic
>polly pocket playset that her friends went out of their way to painstakingly clean
>alphaba from wicked-themed peep
>two smaller peeps
>notebook featuring art from an artist she follows on twitter
>heart-shaped candles
>more peeps toys from a different set of friends, calls them stim toys and suddenly starts to do the stereotypical autistic hand shaking movement while squealing
>peeps ribbon and candy
>light catcher that another nona said is literally dropshipping trash
>dnd guide handbook but for kawiwi girls who cant take time to figure out how real dnd works i guess
>cat statuettes that a friend took time to paint to make look like jill's actual real life cats
>friend from another province sent to both jill and stevie a small lego set; jill got a unicorn on a rainbow and stevie got a camera

>ends video by calling it a "cosy little haul" meanwhile she got almost 20 items

>again brings up not seeming like herself meanwhile she there was no discernable difference at any time in the video except for when she randomly remembered to start flapping her hands and squealing
>end video

also shoutout this nona >>322896 for being way more brief about it kek, i hope this was helpful. and for reposting this 50 fucking times i dont normally post recaps

No. 322904

Imagine stevie walking in and seeing she is making what looks like a wedding dress here.
This looks nothing like the drawing, she just grabbed a generic pattern for a structured summer dress. She has no idea how to construct her ideas because learning is boring and delays the validation and backpats
The pure insanity on his face combined with the action of holding a knife, unironically pretty scary

No. 322905

I like that you reacted to her weight in this image and not the terrifying man with a knife kek

No. 322906

fuck, i totally forgot where the timestamp is so my apologies but at some point jill calls stevie her "angel betrothed", it was so jarring because i remember how cheeky she looked and she said it kind of nervously. i just wish i remembered where it was in the video, im not watching that shit again kek

No. 322907

it's at 13:06
>"do you want to see what my part-en-air got me? my sweet lover? my angel betrothed?"

No. 322908

jesus christ the hand flapping autism mockery is so forced. you’re as neurotypical as it gets jillian

No. 322909

It doesn't look like a wedding dress.

No. 322910

File: 1710282756305.jpg (853.32 KB, 1558x620, pixiebdaydress.jpg)

Sage for fanart I guess but I was curious about what the dress may look like once it's finished.

No. 322911

ur def overestimating her sewing abilities with this bc this actually looks cute. Idk if u drew this urself but it looks way better than her original mock up sketch lmfao

No. 322912

>a bunch of worthless plastic shit she doesn’t need
So sustainable kween! She could’ve easily asked family to keep gifts minimal or solely pragmatic shit, especially since she already relies on her parents, but she has 0 self awareness and no shame at all. I think even someone who isn’t advertising themselves as a “sustainable person” wouldn’t feel comfortable receiving most of this crap. It reminds me of some of the cows from the consoomer thread

No. 322913

When your lolcow observers have more talent than you lmao

No. 322914

Imo some of the stuff she got isn't that bad. It's just that almost all of it are dumb plastic toys. It would be fine if she only got like one or two, but this many? Nothing too useful at all. I think her mom getting her the water bottle was the most normal thing out of the bunch, besides the shirt and socks.

No. 322915

I’m not sure why anons keep suggesting Jill was being rude to her friend for this considering she seems pretty appreciative of this care package and is making fun of the one she QRT’d but I’m not surprised people in the pixielocks thread have reading comprehension issues kek. Jilly is just making it about herself as usual, nothing new here.

No. 322916

The sustainability farce combined with her staunch support of “the cause of the month” makes me wonder why she didnt ask her family and friends to donate to the cause on her behalf. Seems like birthdays and Christmas are her path to continuing her consumerism without having to feel guilty but it’s still just going to sit gathering dust.

No. 322917

File: 1710285652696.jpeg (236.6 KB, 1500x2000, IMG_1379.jpeg)

I also want to clarify the shirt her mom got her is from the GAP which is a fast fashion brand!1!1!2!

No. 322918

this is a remarkably good question. I think even "believers" will eventually start seeing how fake these larpers are if they ask questions like this. ADHD is a great example to ask about because stimulants don't function the same on ADHD brains, they are calming.

No. 322919

File: 1710286524713.png (312.11 KB, 647x530, shoopedwaist.png)

Definitely shooped her waist lol

No. 322921

Funny how she doesn't even get a card or anything from Steven's parents. They have been together a while now. >>322908 I hope her autism faking finally gets her canceled and ruins her life. It's so offensive and gross.

No. 322923

kek, “anorexic” jerrick must’ve been fronting when she was editing that

No. 322924

I love how Jill calls out consummerism and gets fucking LEGO. You ain't playing with that Jill.

I'm pretty sure you don't need all that plastic

No. 322925

>>322899 That's why it works pretty well, as Jill said, this care package is too "Neurotypical" for her.

Plus, she barely has any acquaintances offline that aren't family, since she never leaves her dungeon. Any "friend" Jill has probably follows her Twitter, shitting on a friend's care package sounds like a terrible idea since she likes upkeeping her wholesome reputation, so if anyone actually got it for her, it was probs family (except mommy, mommy always gets what Jilly wants, or gets disowned)

No. 322926

Her loophole is that as long as it's not her money, consumerism doesn't count. I'm shocked she doesn't encourage less consumerist behavior from others or promote it. She just high horses herself and celebrates herself and then bitches about it in the same breath regarding not purchasing mass-produced items.

No. 322927

Oh, nice, she got all the things that all neurodivergent people need, toys, fast fashion, a light catcher, a book about a game that only autists play I guess, shit that will gather lots of dust and that will be used to say that she gets ptsd panick attacks after her cats die at some point and a notebook. But I thought lip smackers were for neurotypical people? She should say something about that bigoted gift.

No. 322928

>that as long as it's not her money
She's gonna beg for gifts one day.

No. 322929

File: 1710304737270.jpg (406.13 KB, 2880x2880, 2024.jpg)

Thank you ♥
>Satin, structured poly, fleece or felt, velvet
Quintessential Jill
He's making the soyjak equivalent of picrel. Also I spy her monster under the chair. Kek
Agreed she was just trying to insert herself into a situation to shamelessly brag about how wonderful and loved she is. The queen of making everything about herself.
How body positive of her.
>She just high horses herself and celebrates herself and then bitches about it in the same breath regarding not purchasing mass-produced items.
She talks out both sides of her mouth to which she pats herself on the back for being such a good activist while sitting on her ever growing plastic hoard.

No. 322932

even from a consoomer point of view, that's pretty sad imo. why not ask for money instead so she can get things she actually wants? even if they'll still just sit on a shelf at least she'd like looking at them.
sewing nonnas can you give some insight on the fabric choices? like would they even hold the shape she has in mind, even if she sewed the dress properly? also satin and polyster will look pretty tacky no? kek

No. 322933

File: 1710313842364.png (557.22 KB, 720x943, IMG_20240313_011240.png)


No. 322934

File: 1710316703247.jpeg (618.46 KB, 1226x1035, IMG_7204.jpeg)

Does Jill have a lazy eye?(nitpicking )

No. 322935

that makes you wonder how much she's edited her size in the rest of her recent pics

No. 322936

Might be the lashes?

No. 322937

Maybe, idk her eyes are literally just looking at two separate things at once and it freaked me out

No. 322938

nta, but I don't see it. It's just the screenshot.

No. 322943

It's funny cause regardless of the stuff, her house looks mostly devoid of artistic touches and lacking in personality to me here. The two chairs look out of place just by being hand painted against the plain wood cabinets and ikea table that hasn't been personalized to match. Her window is the only interesting-ish place and it's like she just put shoved "stuff" there. And knowing the chairs are probably only painted due to drag, it's just adding to her house not representing her supposed love of art and design but instead representing how shallow any of her interests are that they don't come out unless she's making it a thing.
Kelly Eden is batshit too but her hobbies and likes are expressed all around her in both little and big ways. Jill has her own home and it doesn't even feel like the home of a hobbyist artistic person, she only ever does the "big" things nothing is ever naturally expressed in little ways if that makes any sense.

No. 322944

>sewing nonas can you give some insight on her fabric choices

satin will look tacky no matter what (and she doesn’t have the skills to sew it properly) but if it’s stiffer satin then it could hold that shape since her sketch doesn’t look like it has a ton of volume. the structured poly is going to be a pain to sew with (so she won’t do it well) and will make the whole thing look sad and floppy. she plans to make that gigantic bow out of structured poly??? this is going to look like a poor imitation of a child’s party dress, in the worst way possible.
Also generally she’s chosen fabrics that are annoying to hem and will tend to pucker— I don’t know why she makes her life more difficult like this when she’s just going to half ass it.

No. 322945

Does Jill ever actually do anything with all the toys she gets? You'd think an artistic person would use them in some way for art but we never see her post anything with them, or even showcase them as a collection. Or does she just pretend to be a toddler and play with them as Berry?

Also I'd like to quickly apologise for posting what I thought was super obvious fake autism bait for Jill in the last thread, I really thought everyone would get that it was fake when anons had already mentioned posting fake bait

No. 322946

File: 1710334523201.gif (115.3 KB, 498x468, cat-screaming.gif)

i'm glad to see her actually making something for once but why does she insist on using satin and cheap poly for everything

No. 322947

Honestly. I'm not a seamstress, but even I can tell how shitty her fabric choices are. She would probably feel way more motivated to sew if she learned to use proper materials that will at least make her designs look interesting rather than straight up garish, but she insists on the weirdest middle-school tier fabric choices. >>322910
could be cute for a hobby project to wear at a party with the right materials (maybe not for someone that claims to be a professional seamstress, but let's take that out of the equation for now), but made in satin and poly? Jeez…

No. 322948

>"my angel betrothed"
Is she implying they are engaged now?

No. 322949

She's just high and doesn't know what words mean. I think it's just a subtle indication of her desire to wed. I think other anons were right when they said she's really jealous that her friend is getting married before her.

No. 322952

I think the colour doesn't suit her at all. It's going to end up as a Charcuterie inspired dress with that swiss and ham colours she's got going on.

No. 322953

>>322944 she always does this, I was reading one of her og threads back to her tacky prom dress and she always seems to pick fabrics that are a pain to deal with. She doesn't have the ability and still picks hard fabrics. She would probably make more decent stuff if she was more conscious on her fabric choices

No. 322954

do any nonnas that follow her priv have any updates? anything interesting she's been tweeting or interacting with?

No. 322955

>I think the colour doesn't suit her at all.
i agree, her colorful rainbow hair doesn't go with the washed out beige-yellow

No. 322957

File: 1710355305833.jpg (412.03 KB, 828x716, IMG_6439.jpg)

just posted this on patreon. sorry nonnas, im coping the caption here because i cant make a collage of the photo and the caption atm
>"Help me pick a hair accessory design ️ And new stream time :) Hello sweet Patreon pals!!!!I’m finishing up my dress for this upcoming video and can’t decide on which hair accessory to make!!! I was imagining the scrunchie for so long but that bow is so idoly I cannot resist her either Let me know in the comments what u think or if u have any other ideas!!! :D Thank you all for being understanding, patient, compassionate icons as always regarding the stream this month We are feeling a bit better now thank frick! Can we shoot for this Sunday at 12pm Atlantic? Can’t wait to hang out and chat as always Hope your week is going smoothly!!!! It’s hump day babyyyy!!! Almost thru the week!!! - Pixie"(please post it without emojis next time)

No. 322958

Maybe if it was inverted or she designed it after a different cake. It would be cool if it was inspired by a Black Forest cake with cherries, chocolate and whipped cream
Looks like she’s dying her hair split dye after all. Would look cuter if she had a brown wig to match the dress.

No. 322959

File: 1710356017664.png (157.05 KB, 1174x544, Screen Shot 2024-03-13 at 1.54…)

her 2nd to last reply, which the other was just like a thank you to something was this and it seems to be true. no recent likes since march 11th and no more activity on it.the jerricka account is void of any activity as well

No. 322960

i hope u don’t get flagged for the emojis since u were just pasting her caption.(read the rules newfag)

No. 322961

Idk why she was banned when she's just copy pasting what Jillian said(take it to meta, read the rules)

No. 322962

Her mom barely got her anything, damn. Louise really isn’t having it with her these days. Meanwhile she used to be gifted Angelic Pretty not even on holidays/her birthday.

No. 322964

>angelic pretty
Wasn’t that when she was a teenager? It makes sense to stop gifting so much when your children become adults

No. 322966

Remember when her mother bought her some ridiculously priced eco-friendly wooden doll house for her little alter on Christmas? Lol and the seller/maker sent a sweet card with it that was like "hope your little one enjoys this!"

I wonder if that was the beginning of her mom realizing woah, my daughter is mentally ill and not in the way she claims. She gifted her socks, a pragmatic gift (even if they have Lil rainby trim.)

No. 322968

>ADHD is a great example to ask about because stimulants don't function the same on ADHD brains, they are calming.
I know with Jill caffeine seems to work as a stimulant, she said she was tested for ADHD and was not. I think autism is easier to fake which is why she opted for that, plus it offers a better excuse to have tantrums and breakdowns.

No. 322969

>sewing nonnas can you give some insight on the fabric choices? like would they even hold the shape she has in mind,
She would need acetate satin if she wanted that shape, regular satin will just flop. idk what she means by "structured poly" since countless fabrics are a polyester blend, but for those frills she might be better off with lace or chiffon. Felt is not a great fabric to make small details with, it's quite weak. She seems to just opt for the cheapest fabrics rather than what's best for the job. She really likes making whole dresses with satin which imo makes everything costumey, a mix of matte and shiny textures would look better.

No. 322970

> I really thought everyone would get that it was fake when anons had already mentioned posting fake bait
Are you the one claiming autists love green vegetables kek, honestly autist traits vary so much it's hard to tell what is bait and what could be one person's experience

No. 322971

I just watched Welcome To Me for the first time and my god i dont know if its anaccurate portrayal of bpd but it reminded me of Jill so much. I don't understand how this movie doesn't inspire Jill to just milk her BPD. She can be mentally ill and quirky and unstable just like the main character. Why does she have to fake DID and autism? Is bpd just not special enough? Is she just an abdl creep and thinks faking autism means she can act like a literally baby? Just be bod Jill, also fuck you for your offensive and inaccurate lapping.(derailing)

No. 322972

BPD is too common and it’s also icky girl disease(icky armchairing)

No. 322973

Did anyone catch this at 18:33
>If I’m not 100% pixielocks mode, precure powered rainbow girl, I’m not turning on the camera. And that’s why I uploaded like once every month and a half
In an entire video dedicated to just presents she got she still has to tack on her did shield. Nothing will top how brazen >>322692 was——shit gave me a nuclear kek——but damn.

No. 322974

I've been wondering. Doesn't Steve look a bit to unkempt to be someone in a management position like they say he is?
That aside, holy fuck should there be a doomsday clock set to the first birthday her parents man up and tell her she's getting too old for birthday presents.

No. 322975

He's probably a shift lead at a small retail store in their rundown 1 horse town. He doesn't have to maintain a professional appearance.

No. 322979

Yeah she was a teen then, but her mom was getting her nice gifts up until recently. She literally gave her a fucking water bottle and socks this year. I’m wondering if Jill was also gifted cash from her mom? Cause if not, just damn, that speaks absolute fucking volumes about their relationship and how disappointed Louise is in Jill. Parents typically continue to gift their adult children with similar amounts of money if they are rich like Jill’s fam.
I actually don’t remember but you make a strong point. Louise isn’t having Jill’s shit anymore but isn’t willing to come out and say it. I’m here for it.

No. 322980

I think the blandness of Louise's gifts this year speaks to how little Jill has going on in her life atm. As a teen, as other anons have pointed out, she was gifted burando because her whole thing was lolita. Then she went through her Lazy Oaf phase etc. But it's like Louise even sees that Jill barely has an interest in fashion now. She's obviously sick of pandering to the DID larp, so no more dollhouse kek she doesn't approve of Jill's stoner tendencies, so obviously won't get her any paraphernalia. What else does Jill even do? What other interests does she even have? What do you buy for someone with no real hobbies, no interests beyond disappearing up their own asshole? It's bleak.

No. 322982

Agreed with everyone here, though I must say, Jillian did mention that her mom compared the water bottle to a stim toy, or at least agreed with Jill that it looks like one

No. 322984

>Are you the one claiming autists love green vegetables kek, honestly autist traits vary so much it's hard to tell what is bait and what could be one person's experience
It was an attempt to get Jill to eat more veggies, we all know she needs it kek

No. 322986

Agreed with this, but also: some of what Jillian likes, like peeps, vintage toys, stim toys, plushies and magical girl stuff has stayed consistent for a while now. You can give her anything rainbow, frilly, with bows, heart/flower themed or kawaii shaped and she'll like it.

There's so much stuff like that at the dollar store or the thrift store and even more so online that it makes me think a lot of things when it comes to Jilly not getting that many birthday or christmas presents this year. For starters she's older than average when it comes to what age you stop getting presents from your parents (at least for what I've experienced) and let's say her tastes are not very mature are they. It might be weird to give a 25 year old something meant for kids if you're the parent of said person, I guess. Perhaps the socks and the water bottle are more age appropriate in Louise's eyes? Idk. They feel like cheap presents.

So I wonder if it's true that now her brother has become the golden child for her parents. Did her dad even give her anything, or was it just her mom? Louise's contempt has increased with the DID larp and it all started when they both went to the MCR concert together. I wonder what's up. It could also be that they're not doing financially so good this year or that they're helping Jill out so much already with rent and stuff that perhaps they have not much else to give. Louise could had easily given her the Betsey Johnson bag she wanted because of the weird Pixielocks rule that circumvents sustainability, but she didn't. She would have done so other years. I don't know but something is definitely up. Maybe she finally saw how much Jillian bitches about trauma and her parents on twitter.

No. 322989

File: 1710424428263.jpeg (330.14 KB, 828x951, IMG_2150.jpeg)

No. 322990

Typical boring white person pretending they have a super speshul gender kek. Gender is so boring like who the fuck cares about nonbinary losers anymore, she needs to make one of her personalities black for more brownie points and bragging rights. It wasn't Jillian who said nigga, it was the BLACK alter!!!!

No. 322991

Using different pet names is a symptom of DID now? I hate her she's so stupid

No. 322992

whenever jill tweets her gender 'experiences' it shows how truly misogynistic she is at the core
>girls are 12 heart emojis hi baby sweet sugar plum princesses and nothing else!!!
>women CANT do anything that is remotely masculine, including saying hey babe, so I must NOT be a feeble girly woman !! i am a MAN !
its been said before but twitter gender brainrot is literally 1 step forward and 10 steps back for feminism

No. 322994

from the emojis it looks like she's claiming "hey babe" is "male" now kek. It's always the gendies gendering shit that everyone does. also it's hilarious imagining this chick saying "hey babe" in her silly "jer" voice. or even funnier as her cliffe voice which just sounds like a female teacher about to snap to me it its attempt at being level

No. 322996

I have met so many straight couples that both call each other babe and I've seen multiple vids making jokes about annoying couples who end every sentence with it lol

No. 322997

Her OCs are like twenty underage girls, most of which are supposed to be like ten at most because they’re all kiddie cartoon Japanese girls, a teenage FTM (again, a kid, not a man), and ONE singular man who essentially never makes any actual appearances or does anything. Who is she kidding pretending she has complex gender feelings and frequently appears as men?

No. 323001

>Always a secret third thing
Sandwich lives on

No. 323003

>Hey baby
>Hey babe
It's the same shit

No. 323004

If she really had DIDtism she would be calling Steven her little cumrag good for nothing male whore and then she would step on his balls. Just a thought

No. 323005

Her male alters are also extremely effeminate gay men who wear eyeliner and she's never done more to appear masculine than wear a beanie. She's never looked remotely butch.

No. 323006

I know right, if Jill had real DID plus autism she would call steeb something like "bitchface" from time to time, real autists are kind of like that.

No. 323007

My favorite was when she said she considered going on t. What the fuck for? She is the poster child of the abomination that the mental health movement has become. Taking random hormones because of the 14 year old in your head. Peak stupidity.

No. 323009

File: 1710443303538.jpg (237.86 KB, 625x250, 1000002731.jpg)

It reminds me of this part from the WPATH file leak where they don't know how to deal with DID fakers claiming they're trans. Pure clownery. I am embarrassed to have a degree in psychology.

No. 323010

That's so insane.

No. 323012

Yeah it would be so autistic of her alters to call Steven a fag to his face then slapping his butt
I feel like Steven validates and seeks out the DID shit in Jillian way too much. You know what I'm saying? It's not just enabling it but making it happen in the first place. Babe and baby are literally the same word

No. 323013

>all alters who would be affected by HRT

So all of them? They all live in the same body ffs

No. 323014

It’s really telling that her one normal competent adult alter is also the only one that’s male.

Shh anon only true autists would know about this, don’t give her ideas!!

It’s okay I’m sure you can just dissociate out of liver cancer if you don’t identify with it

No. 323015

Surprised she didn’t honestly. It’d give her trans privilege, excuse her aggressive outbursts and give her real medical problems she could capitalize on for attention, it’s the perfect drug for her attention seeking.

No. 323020

It has to be some kind of kink for him because I can't imagine a normal person entertaining any of this shit

No. 323021

It must be some kind of humiliation fetish or a cope for him to "experiment with sexuality" because as long as Jillian has trans male and intersex alters, Steven will see pegging from Jerronica as a gender affirming experience or some weird shit like that

No. 323024

>>323006 not our Jilly, she has DID, Autism and BPD yet she is ALWAYS wholesome. She would never do un-wholesome things, everyone just misunderstands her. She is so sickly, but in a kawaii way

No. 323026

How is that an indicator of anything? Sounds like something a tif would say. Her brain is reduced to a moldy pile of sludge.
Anything to sound the most specially special. She's not normal, no, she's different can't you see? Ditto, nona.
Breaking those gender norms by insisting on gendering the stupidest shit.
Hands down my favorite thing she stupidly stated. If only she didn't love the sound of her own voice than she would gladly take t. She just wanted to be praised and figured talking about taking t was equally the same as physically taking it. Lol
Nah, there's permanent repercussions so Jill steers clear of anything like that.
>She would never do un-wholesome things, everyone just misunderstands her
Mantra she tells herself daily

No. 323029

I don't think it's a kink, I think he's just trapped, which is hilarious lmao. So he either validates this BPD-chan who is totally 10 different people and who is letting him live in her home, or hw goes back to his family home where he can't be a degenerate porn addicted freak in peace. If this was a kink they would be fucking 24/7 and Jillian would make sure to announce it as many times as possible, but it isn't.
Steeb is just being a retarded doormat because he's a loser and has no other options lmao, it's a bit worrisome because he seems unhinged but I like to think he wouldn't dare to harm Jill.

No. 323031

Agreed, and also: I find it weird how much Steven encourages DID, to the point where I wonder if he was the one who told Jillian she has it

No. 323033

File: 1710479511090.png (109.34 KB, 720x465, IMG_20240314_231400.png)

No. 323035

>For absolutely NO reason?

There's always a reason

No. 323036

Posts like this proves how much of a narc Jill truly is, not to derail too much but my autistic brother who can't even live on his own is still socially aware enough to understand that not everyone has the energy to deal with his autistic quirks. Jill is always so transparent with how badly she just want to call herself an autist to get away from responsibility and accountability for her own actions. I still think she first decided she wanted autism as some kind of "proof" that her DID is real, and only later realize she could use the autism to larp in more ways.

No. 323037

methinks she's read somewhere that some people sense shit "off" about some mentally ill or disordered people and avoid them on instinct which can result in alienation on a first impression.
What Jilly is actually experiencing is convergent evolution because we've also have the instinct to avoid people who are obviously self-serving, attention-seeking liars. Thankfully she's a great case of aposematism because she lets you know from a mile away.

No. 323041

I really don't think he's trapped. She isn't earning that much money from social media, he has a job, and it's not like he couldn't go on the internet and find people looking for roommates if living with his parents isn't an option. He seems so actively involved in the DID grift that I really think there's something wrong with him, maybe it's a need to feel like a caretaker or something.
Jill doesn't realize that it's actually incredibly easy to tell if someone is vapid and self-centered and smiling all the time and being energetic doesn't make up for it.

No. 323042

She was an insufferable "lifestyle lawlita" in high school so what a surprise that one girl was mean to her

Most people experiencing bullying in high school lol it has nothing to do with being autistic

No. 323043

Yeah you can get bullied for literally existing lol.

No. 323045

I think it's obvious that he did tell her, and that he encouraged this shit. Coomer meets his first BPD-chan and doesn't know what to make of it, convinces her that she has a super speshul trendy tiktok disorder, and she goes all-in in an attempt to trap him.(tinfoiling)

No. 323047

Everybody gets bullied. Most of these modern grifters are just normal people trying to claim their usually mild bullying was way worse than everybody else because it was based on race or autism or their fake disability. It's all bullshit.

No. 323052

>Coomer meets his first BPD-chan
Maggie also has BPD doesn't she?

No. 323053

She retweeted this because she thinks her twitter boolies and lolcow hate her for no reason kek. She always says this, she's always an innocent victim in her eyes and everyone avoids her and her shit because they must have the wrong view of her despite all documented evidence that she's shitty. She legit believes in her "I'm so sweet and kind" facade, she has no self awareness and thinks she can never do anything wrong.

No. 323055

File: 1710525943992.jpg (274.89 KB, 720x1851, Aging.jpg)

No. 323057

Girl you're afraid of aging now lol you have invented multiple childsonas to not grow up

No. 323059

If she's so unafraid then why does she roleplay as a toddler

No. 323060

Nonnie, remember that nobody is allowed to call her hypocritical or contradictory because that's ableist since she has DID. That was a good tweet of hers lol.

No. 323062

>>323060 yep, her only "real self" is when she is sweet and kind. Any bad thing she does is conveniently some random alter. And any time she annoys you is due to her autism.

No. 323063

i still can’t get over that tweet. It was such a last ditch effort to get people to leave her alone but it was so telling about how she views her behavior. She’s aware that she’s “hypocritical” but it’s not her fault! It’s the mental illness! it’s DID! even tho she has no black outs or amnesia and all her alters share the same memories. If we want to play along with the story, logically speaking she shouldn’t have any discrepancies because there’s no room for it to occur within the script she’s written. She just needs a safety net she can always fall back on. it’s just: “I’m REALLY mentally ill so it’s fucked up for you guys to try and hold me accountable because i’m literally incapable of being self aware”

No. 323064

the way Jill talks about ageing as a 26 year old is so weird to me. She talks about her age like she has a terminal illness or is about to die of old age. Like why are you desperate to be seen as young and not age when you're still in your mid 20s.

No. 323065

i think it’s because there’s this whole weird social media trend with mid 20 something women thinking they are prehistoric and wrinkly. Once you are 25 you are ancient according to tiktok. Same reason why literal children are using anti aging skin products now. Jill spends so much time on scrolling she probably sees that stuff a lot and is internalizing it without even realizing.

No. 323068

Good luck, Jillian. The BPD chans I know in real life have shown me pretty clearly that BPD only gets a fucking million times worse as you age. It does not go away or get better if you don't at least try and treat it. It gets so, so, so fucking bad. I guess I should really say good luck to Stevie. It's a life sentence.

No. 323069

She just wants to larp as this nice colorful and sweet old lady but she's never been nice nor sweet

No. 323071

she might make her next alter an old lady that likes crocheting, gardening and drinking tea. and she's british (because her mom is british kek). she will also be into soaps this is what the precure twitter trauma will delve into.

No. 323072

She interacts with too many teenagers online so she feels 'old' by comparison. I also find it insane that she acts like she's middle aged when she's just turned 26, but I guess that's what happens when you have no life outside of twitter.

No. 323086

File: 1710570792168.jpg (72.71 KB, 720x427, 3316.jpg)

No. 323087

>i have trauma from being a teenager with a teenage deviantart ex gf
>I have trauma from a mean youtube video and someone else's pet cat dying. I'm literally splitting into 12 personalities from how difficult my life is

No. 323088

File: 1710577234339.jpeg (594.3 KB, 1170x1178, 1697473651163 (1).jpeg)

Don't forget when Jill tried implying her supportive and loving family abused and neglected her as a baby lmao. I usually believe people when they say they had fucked up childhoods or where traumatized, but Jill's stories are so inconsistent and clearly made up by a privileged person who hasn't had to deal with serious problems.

No. 323089

BPD is treatable is the worst bit, if you get the correct therapy the chances of remission are pretty decent. It’s getting them into therapy in the first place that is the hurdle because they don’t accept it’s a problem. Jilly is so anti recovery and unwilling to accept she is ever in the wrong, it will probably never happen but if she got real treatment from someone who isn’t a hack who validates her munching she could get better.

No. 323090

i genuinely feel bad for her parents, she's really painting them out to be horrible abusers and then turning around and acting sweet to their faces

No. 323091

Every privileged bitch with parents majorly supporting them and getting them expensive gifts and covering their rent claims their parents neglected them as babies kek it's something I've personally noticed. There's no way for people to refute it so they looove to claim mommy and daddy just hated them and didn't give a fuck.

No. 323092

It’s weird as fuck. Her mom follows her social media pages doesn’t she? She’s not being secretive about this at all. She’s just publicly accusing them of egregious child abuse/neglect, left and right. I honestly feel like the turning point was her becoming a stoner and her mom and dad not openly and happily accepting that life choice for her. I think that was the moment she decided to pivot to the tales of abuse/DID, because I’m pretty sure Louise was her ichiban fan before that and enthusiastically supported her every choice in life. Jillian faced some pushback for the first time in her life and swore revenge essentially.

No. 323094

I know this tweet is old but this is still so annoying to me bc OP’s tweet doesn’t even mean you were abused as a child. Idk why the second reply turned it into a childhood trauma thing. If anything this experience is more of a mental illness symptom rather than a trauma response. As someone with great parents i’ve definitely experienced the “not knowing what’s wrong” It has nothing to do with my parents. It’s just because of my brain. It’s actually GOOD to be able to self reflect and be like ok am i hungry, tired, thirsty etc. It can be helpful for emotional regulation and figuring out the root of your discomfort. I genuinely feel bad for Louise because she seems like a really nice woman who’s only tried to make her daughter happy. And this is what she gets in return.

No. 323095

File: 1710618317731.jpg (186.41 KB, 720x1169, 23112.jpg)

No. 323096

File: 1710618557913.jpg (134.53 KB, 720x916, 3205.jpg)

No. 323097

I know some ppl on here don’t think it’s even real. But if we want to be logical for a second, DID by its definition IS one of the most traumatic, devastating mental illnesses someone could have to live with. Having DID implies you almost died from abuse as a child and this was the only way your brain could keep you alive. This is why the normalization of DID is so fucking dangerous. They have watered it down so much that they are saying it’s not even that bad of a disorder anymore. I’m sure people with (real) DID can learn to exist and have a good life but to act like it’s easy or it’s not a big deal makes me so sick. It’s not something on a spectrum, you can’t have high functioning DID. Trauma disorders are scary and painful why do we have to lie and say they aren’t.

No. 323098

You are the straight friend Jill.

No. 323099

They said that once you address the issues, it's not as bad. They didn't say it's not bad at all. Jill can even read it better and actually, this is a pretty tame exchange. Not really milky.

No. 323102

Jill magically got worse after she got "diagnosed" and "addressed her trauma". I can't think of a single aspect of her life that got better: she has fewer friends and sees them less often, more mental illness, her youtube career is suffering, her brand is dead, her sewing skills stagnant, her internet reputation worse than ever, her mom/family seems to finally have had enough of her, she's "developing new alters" aka getting new trauma, got more unhealthy and gained a lot of weight, she became addicted to weed…
Her "undiagnosed and traumatized" teenage self had a much much better handle on life than she does now.

No. 323103

This is a nitpick, but I find it weird how Jill is always bringing up her "found family", when most of the time I've seen it used to refer to your biological family being abusive or neglectful.

No. 323104

that's because it is. it's meant to refer to a replacement support system when your bio/adopted/foster family isn't a support system. it can be due to abuse, neglect, disowning, death or extreme things but jill is using it like "friendsgiving". as always she needs to coopt everything to make herself seem disadvantaged.

No. 323105

> As someone with great parents i’ve definitely experienced the “not knowing what’s wrong” It has nothing to do with my parents. It’s just because of my brain. It’s actually GOOD to be able to self reflect and be like ok am i hungry, tired, thirsty etc. It can be helpful for emotional regulation and figuring out the root of your discomfort
I agree with you. Not commenting on the parenting thing but most people don't know wtf they feel unless they give a name to it. A lot of people confuse thirst with hunger, sadness with anger, etc. We learn to name these emotions and someone who is emotionally disregulated like Jillian would be like this too. People struggle with "not knowing what they feel" because of anxiety and have no resources available so they just live with it. Actually the "not knowing what she feels" might just be the idiotic caffeine and weed habit she has.

No. 323107

>DID isn't that bad?
Holy shit. No words lmao
These people only want it to be the worst disease when they want to larp as traumatized people to avoid accountability.
>How many people turned queer and trans
Because it's a fad and they're doing it to fit in. Next
>Jillian and her "queer found family"
She's never not obnoxious huh. She is so fucking straight it hurts to see it kek
>as always she needs to coopt everything to make herself seem disadvantaged.
This. She has no fucking idea how rough some people have it and she still gets to spend christmas with her parents and everything is nice and dandy with them. So fine in fact that she can say bullshit about them on twitter and Louise doesn't even say anything to her.
In any case she's very fucking annoying with her "found family" bullshit. It's like she wants a fellowship of the rainbow like Kelly Eden. I wish she was fucking normal and just called them "my friends" but everything has to be way more grandiose than it actually is to her.

No. 323108

>a disorder that rivals severe CPTSD isn’t that bad guyz!!!!
That’s because you don’t actually have it or have any trauma most likely kek these people are just making up OCs and playing pretend

No. 323109

Another reminder that Jill is constantly stoned and claims weed doesn’t get her high, yet keeps listing ways she’s absolutely fucking out of it.
The idea that we’re supposed to believe she can barely notice her own hunger while she’s ballooned up since smoking pot is funny too. She’s not some skinny ARFID autist who hates most food and barely experiences the desire to eat to the point they’re underweight, she’s a ham who spends her day switching between smoking and snacking, and she has no reason to feel much of anything because her life is absolutely boring, uneventful and completely inane. She’s not exerting herself into significant hunger and thirst, or fatigue from exertion and work. Of course she isn’t starved and dead tired at the end of a day and instead has to think “I guess I’ll have dinner now” “I guess I’m getting sleepy now.”

No. 323110

if she called them "the rainby friend association" or something that'd be more acceptable because it's some shit she made up for fun and not something that's a borderline therapy term at this point. it's just frustrating how she does this with every aspect of her life.

No. 323115

She could call them her rainby baby kawiwi friends but that would imply they're as kawaii and special and colorful as she is, and she has to always be center stage of course. Calling them her "queer found family" puts her at the center in a victimized way
>“I guess I’ll have dinner now” “I guess I’m getting sleepy now.”
Yeah I really don't think she has trouble identifying those emotions at all kek. Remember that "hunger pangs" tweet or whatever? Kek

No. 323121

>>323094 you were ABUSED in an age you conveniently don't remember at all, and all your faults and struggles are due to ABUSE because nothing is YOUR fault.

This whole baby abuse and leftover unconscious trauma narrative is so fucking dumb lol, they want to be abused so bad

No. 323122

>>323108 yeah like wtf, even if DID is dubious at best as a condition, it's due to extreme trauma, alters are supposed to protect the host and stuff. Of course she doesn't find it as bad since for her it's all about managing like 3 Twitter accounts, designing her OCs, avoiding any kind of accountability and playing with stim toys. Of course DID is not that bad Jillian.

No. 323123

You made me realize that she hasn't tried to claim she has hyperthymesia as well.

No. 323127

>It's not just enabling it but making it happen in the first place.
Yeah I see it, normal people have different moods, voices and fashion too so he's actively looking for things to praise as "DID" at this point. munchie by proxy situation.

No. 323131

I'm curious to see if Jill will go down the satanic ritual abuse rabbit hole in a few years time. The "my parents were super nice and loving, it was the evil satanists who abused me" is a pretty common line in that community. And it was a trend in the 80s for people to claim they had DID from a satanic cult.

No. 323132

"I can't be racist, I have a black friend!1!!1!"

No. 323133

Isn't it funny how common of a topic it is for people with REAL mental illnesses to insist that mental illness is not an excuse for bad behavior? And yet, here's Jilly doing exactly that. It's almost like she doesn't actually have these problems, and has no idea of what conversations come from having them lol

No. 323134

Has Jill ever mentioned having a babysitter or going to daycare? Because that's the only scenario I can think of where she could have been neglected / abused, especially since she's implied sexual abuse before. And even then her parents would have to be pretty shit to not notice a baby having signs of abuse.

No. 323135

Don't give her ideas nona jesus

No. 323136

Doubtful. Satanic panic is associated with conservative thinking, she’d be crucified by her circle for even suggesting it.

No. 323140

Jillian Remembers

No. 323147

All the trauma larpers invent "remembered trauma" that can't be proven or corroborated. Recovered memories are bullshit but these girls will have a weird dream or something and hang on to it as proof they were totally molested and forgot about it and that's why they are a bpd mess. It's all made up bullshit.

No. 323154

while i agree with everything else here, recovered memories aren't entirely bs. they are when a therapist "helps you discover" them or some shit, but sometimes it is possible to remember something you blocked out via a trigger. it's not as common or as cut and dry as people make it out to be, and it's not something that a person would casually share if it was real. people who trauma dump casually, especially online are usually lying because it doesn't affect them like it would people who really experienced it, and they would know how to speak about it in a way that doesn't affect others. this is the main reason why it's so obvious jill is lying about everything. you can see the difference in seriousness and tone when she spoke about her ED vs when she talks about things that are much more trauma driven(like being assaulted…) anything that clearly didn't happen to her is played out like a vlogger storytime vid.

No. 323156

>they are when a therapist "helps you discover" them or some shit
And that's how she thinks she got DID
She has said that she hated her house or whatever because bad stuff happened there. Watch her claim to have had a non existent nanny or uncle

No. 323157

File: 1710703029824.jpeg (138.76 KB, 1280x720, VBbE1nPT0.jpeg)

Jill used this photo to announce her stream on patreon. Grabbed it so nonnies can see the dress.

No. 323158

>>323157 that's really fucking ass work for someone who brags about being a super real seasoned seamstress

No. 323159

It’s garbage.

No. 323160

File: 1710704349103.jpeg (24.12 KB, 480x600, 5fb76e073114cd91d7ee5edd4974bb…)

looking like a party city belle costume

No. 323163

>>323157 how the fuck did she ruin it so much? The base was nice, I was expecting it to look a lil cheap due to her poor fabric choices, but she fucking ruined it.

As someone who has a sewing project that is not even that big for a month already, the mindless sewing is a fucking pet peeve of mine. It's fucking clear she didn't even bother to take a couple looks mid progress to make sure her idea was working out.

No. 323164

the colors are so off and poorly matched. her drawing was all pastel but the strawberries here look like ugly dark lumps. still, good for her that she is actually doing something creative for once. she calls us haters but i genuinely hope she gets off her larp and sorts her life out and to do that she has to put in work into something like this

No. 323165

She has zero grasp on colour theory, it's really shocking for someone who went to school

No. 323166

File: 1710708759838.jpg (136.11 KB, 720x1039, 2403132955.jpg)

Looks like the pixie_petals account is going to stay locked down at least for a while judging by the comments I can read. I'm interested in how she acted during her monthly stream and if she brought up the drama.

No. 323168

Why is she straining her hand so much lol

No. 323169

For real. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I thought most people knew color theory before going to school for art. How'd you get in if you can't art??

No. 323170

>>323168 i think she's trying to make her fingers look longer/thinner so she can pull off the peace and finger hearts

No. 323171

Even that has more color and life to it.

No. 323173

I don't think the dress is that bad! Obviously the colors are terrible i think, while cliche, a red and pastel pink would have worked or different shades of pink. The bodice is eh. But overall I think it's actually nice. It's absolutely 100 times better than whatever the fuck she made for her cousin.

No. 323174

I know it's supposed to look like yellow cake but it just looks like piss

No. 323175

File: 1710718389982.png (869.64 KB, 1054x937, Screenshot_20240317-173345-346…)

Saging because it's not new or super relevant but I find it funny how every time Jill gets called a racist she retweets something from a black creator without following them or having had prior interactions with them. She really is the epitome of "I have black friends so I can't be racist"

No. 323176

Wanna bet she'll start RTing Precure "sapphic/wlw/can't say lesbian" ship art for those lesbian brownie points cause she's like totally bisexual guys!

No. 323178

That's honestly so annoying. "I'm not racist because I retweet black people!" It really does rub me the wrong way.
Yeah surprised she hasn't done this yet tbh, just any precure queer content or w/e

No. 323181

I'm impressed by her ability to never make anything that flatters her or anyone else, it's like she's trying so hard to be kawaii and a magical girl and yet she makes the ugliest shit possible, delusion really makes her blind.

No. 323182

Yeah I think the main problem is the bodice and fabric choice there. I'm pretty sure Jill just buys whatever fabrics she thinks are kawiwi and on sale and hoards them. Then when she makes a project, she goes "I want this to be YELLOW, what do I already have that's yellow???" and picks out whatever bargain bin thing she already has. Rather than picking out suitable fabrics or designing for the fabrics she has. She does the design and then shoehorns the bargain fabric in.

No. 323183

Midnight Persona would hate her too, but not call her out on behalf of not wanting to be ableist. Jill really is only performative.

No. 323184

It's especially weird to me when she goes against her own sketch, like maybe the lighting is bad and it's not the exact same yellow and instead a cream color, but the ruffle trim in her sketch was nearly pure white which helped convey icing/cake, but it looks like she's matched the ruffle to the dingy yellow of the bodice in the photo. So maybe you're right, and she just had this all stuff sitting in a pile somewhere and matched it together roughly and then made the sketch afterwards.

The shape of the bodice also doesn't match her sketch at all, it's like she just keeps using the same bodice pattern from every other lumpy dress she's made. I really don't think she enjoys making things at all (designing or sewing), she just wants the status/authority the title brings.

No. 323185

March Patreon Live

No. 323187

Am I going crazy or is there some weird grime around her mouth?

No. 323189

At 1:50 while greeting a channel member who presumanly has a precure avatar: "its rare these days i see a precure profile picture and don't go into fight or flight"

No. 323190

>>323189 this fucking woman

No. 323191

>"its rare these days i see a precure profile picture and don't go into fight or flight"
Jfc she's so dramatic
Hopefully a summary will come soon? Thanks anyone who wants to do it

No. 323192

File: 1710729054125.png (25.94 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

Sheesh. That's the most chronically online thing I've heard in a while. Reminds me of picrel. I guess that's her new trauma. She's been cyberbullied into hating her fav interest, and that's definitely all that happened. Don't you feel soooo bad for her??

No. 323194

I beg of you, Jill please rip off the strawberry ruffle and turn the skirt into a petticoat and make the outer layer white or pink.

No. 323195

File: 1710737893234.mp4 (18.2 MB, 844.MP4)

Thank you. I clipped her talking about the dress. The crappy quality is due to compressing the clip to make it fit the max 20 MB.

No. 323197

File: 1710738161237.jpg (73.34 KB, 720x569, 311504.jpg)

No mockup for the chest bow was shown but here is her list of things to do for the dress.

No. 323198

File: 1710738486348.jpg (83.38 KB, 720x558, 220806.jpg)

In-progress back bow. Talks about how it is leftover material from her cure whip cosplay.

No. 323199

random nitpick but does anyone else think the size she has set that dress form to is absolutely massive? I feel like it looks bigger than her actual body therefore the dress looks massive like 2XL size.

No. 323200

That's just how her body is
Is this color coded to her alters?

No. 323201

actually using leftover material from an old project is the most sensible thing jillian has done in years.

No. 323202

god i know nonnas say this every time but i really do wish she would just actually stop being a retard and give it her all. what sucks the most about jillybean is she really does have the means and the potential yet refuses to use any of it out of pure faildaughter spite.

No. 323203

>Is this color coded to her alters?
Nope, she just wants it to look rainbow when she's finished with each section.

No. 323204

I really don’t think the dressform looks that massive but I’m also not repulsed by Jill’s body like some of the anachans in this thread

No. 323205

Same. I think the problem is that the form is so frumpy and unstructured. And I can't imagine she will hem it in a way that is flattering to her body considering how it looks on the mannequin

No. 323206

I know she will never do this but she needs to let go of the unflattering stuff she puts on her body. I'm not talking about kawaii or not kawaii, it's the shapes of the garments what make her look frumpy as hell, she can never dress herself at all

No. 323207

She really didn't think through how to sew a transparent fabric to a opaque fabric? Who does that? Also 'see through organza'… as opposed to organza you can't see through? What? That's not a thing.
Finishing doesn't even include seam finishes but that's nitpick, I guess. Would be cute, in theory, if it looked anything like the sketch, but it doesn't. It doesn't really read "icing" to me.

No. 323208

I hate how Jill has to make every problem a mental illness or symptom. Being a little upset or anxious is fight or flight, getting high and forgetting to do the dishes is amnesia from an alter, watching bluey is age regression,not remembering every minute detail of her childhood means she was molested and abused etc. she's the mental illness version of people who get migraines and immediately think they have a brain tumor.

No. 323210

She bought the organza because it was the "perfect colour" and yet it's beige and not even yellow

No. 323211

Man, her parents really did her a disservice by not crushing her "designer" dreams. She fucking sucks at it, this dress is so horrible not even 2015 Rihanna or a Hadid sister could make it look good. Narcissism is so tragic because she's never going to get better, only worse because she's deluded herself into thinking she's a talented designer. At this point I'm convinced that she even got laughed at in her arts and crafts college and that's why she ended up cutting so much classes and developing DiD. She can't coordinate an outfit for shit, she can't draw for shit, can't design anything good, can't sew well… Is there anything she does successfully?

No. 323212

>Rummage through your grandma's attic until you find one of her old maternity slips. It might have been white once upon a time, but by now it should be a faint yellow from age and cigarette smoke.
>While you're up there, see how many tomato/strawberry pincushions she has. Take all of them.
>Smoke a bowl, then another one. If at any point you think, "this looks bad," repeat this step.
>Tack the pincushions onto the dress, making sure that the leafy part sticks straight out. DO NOT space them out evenly.
>Get a $3 bolt of cotton fabric from the Jo-Ann bargain bin. Use a piece of ham or a picture of a colonoscopy as the color reference, and try to get it to match as closely as possible.
>Attach bands of this fabric to the neckline and hemline of the dress, trying to ruffle it whenever you're not so high that you can't physically use the ruffling foot of your sewing machine.
Voila! You are now ready to spread kindness like confetti. Remember, if anyone dares criticize your work, remind them that you are the most mentally ill kawiwi baby to ever exist.

No. 323214

thanks nona i kek'd a plenty

No. 323215

I usually avoid actually watching her videos because dear god is she annoying to listen to. i don't understand how she doesn't see that even just the way she baby talks is so incredibly fucking annoying to people that it makes people hate her almost by default before they even realized the fucked up lies she spreads

No. 323220

>Man, her parents really did her a disservice by not crushing her "designer" dreams.
Yeah. Thing is, she could work as a stylist but she's not even good at that. She should had pursued something else. She can still go to that community college and find herself if she needs to.

No. 323221

It does look like she's growing a mustache, yeah

No. 323222

Did Jerrick finally get to take T to be a real man? Honestly T is a known anti-depressant and energizer that lets you build more muscle as well, I can see Jill thinking it would help her lose weight to take it. But I also think she's far too into herself to change her body that drastically.

No. 323226

I can't believe nobody commented on the upholstery rope braid. I'd love to know what made her think thats a good trim for this.

No. 323228

I'm beginning to think the only thing Jill is good at is spending Mommy's money tbh. She's an idiot so she probably couldn't even pull off being a coding monkey or something.

Yeah there's no way girly ass Jill would take testosterone. She's just a grimey little fuck who forgot yo wax her moustache.

No. 323237

What's crazy is that the strawberries are really cute and well formed. Why doesn't she just do craft soft sculpture type shit and sell like, pincushions and other stitched little things like this? I know I sound like soapanon but damn

No. 323238

Doesn't she naturally have dark hair? Lots of women have discoloration there from a mustache just like guys. Albeit, less noticeable obv

No. 323239

Do we know for sure she did them herself lol?

No. 323241

Really good point anon

No. 323242

Yeah she's got all French genes lol

No. 323243

Drinking can also fuck up your hormones so she hasn't done herself any favors(learn to sage)

No. 323244

you can tell she got the french genes because she's a stocky femlet previously a petite waif and now built like a fridge, it's so common with french women.

No. 323250

Come on her mustache is pretty normal and not even tif level. It feels like a nitpick to me.

No. 323251

File: 1710827073165.jpg (43.96 KB, 720x332, 0908.jpg)

Louise replied to a tweet on Jill's locked down side account which means she can still see and interact with Jill on that account.
>it's the shapes of the garments what make her look frumpy as hell
Agreed. Drives me insane because it's a night and day difference when she wears something actually flattering her shape. Same goes with colour choices but I can get over it more if the garment shape flatters her.
>Also 'see through organza'… as opposed to organza you can't see through?
I had a nice chuckle after she said that. Very professional seamstress level technical jargon.
She did say that her teachers told her she was inconsistent which obviously was a sore spot for her hence the "my alters were totally helping me" bs cope. She had to come up with a way to explain herself instead of getting her shit together and pushing. She never made it to the deep end, she's still in the shallow end with her water wings on.
I agree, nonnie. Those stupid mouth noises she makes are also annoying af.
I would like to know the rationale too.

No. 323253

File: 1710830498810.jpeg (545.55 KB, 828x1214, IMG_2560.jpeg)

Assuming this is the context

No. 323254

>I don't like st Patrick's Day because my birthday's in March and I want to be the star
She's saying this as a joke in the stream but I 100% believe it lmao

No. 323255

Thanks, nona. I had a feeling Louise would get another cat. Jill will probably milk Quinn's death some more.

No. 323256

I know soap-chan is a meme now but she could genuinely sell small crafts and do well, idk why she thinks she's above it

No. 323258

File: 1710843539272.jpg (51.36 KB, 720x305, 240031902.jpg)

Updated bio

No. 323259

So who's gonna take the private screenshots?

No. 323260

Jill aka miss telling a minor to suck her cock: "being kind is cool!!!"

No. 323261

Why can't she just be the star of St Pattys then lol? wtf does that mean

No. 323262

I mean honestly that part was kinda dumb. Like yeah it was a mean thing to say but people are acting like she flashed them or something with all the A MINOR to SUCK HER COCK
she really was born ten years too late to be a frail angelic waif.

No. 323263

people wouldn't bring it up if Jill wasn't acting all "im a sad innocent widdle baby, no one could possibly ever dislike me!! it's all made up lies from ebil haturs uwu" and she didn't face any consequences for it either

No. 323264

It's just fun to use the same Twitter logic on their dumbasses, so they can all kill each other as they routinely do. Jillian, like any other twitterfag, loves to act like they're the beacon of correctness and good, but in reality she's as retarded as everyone else.

No. 323265

She’s so critical of others and loves going on public morality rants until it’s her turn to be criticized, then it’s not “NICE” to point out supposedly problematic behaviors.

No. 323266

Anon… T would tack on the morbidly to her obese, give her giant cystic acne, and make her bald kek she is never going to take T in a million years because that shit makes you fug.

No. 323268

Replaced that dead cat fast with probably another designer cat.

No. 323269

They look like designer cats

No. 323270

so buying fast fashion is unethical but purchasing a designer pet is perfectly acceptable? i guess all logic goes out the window when something's cute enough

No. 323271

Her family used to take yearly trips to a breeder to see what was new lol their justification is that Louise is allergic so they need "hypoallergenic" cats even though they don't truly exist and they own a maine coon, which is not even a breed people try to sell as hypoallergenic

No. 323273

File: 1710860473269.jpeg (172.16 KB, 828x525, IMG_2562.jpeg)

But Jill that’s exactly what you’re doing

No. 323274

Louise doesn't comment on anything she posts on there. I wonder what she thinks about the Twitter fights with pretty cure minors? kek

No. 323276

File: 1710871539224.jpg (176.91 KB, 720x1094, 952.jpg)

No. 323277

File: 1710871720543.jpg (79.82 KB, 720x458, 0105840.jpg)

No. 323278

File: 1710871911970.jpg (285.82 KB, 720x2745, 031110532.jpg)

No. 323279

inb4 Jill starts full-on referring to precure twitter children as her "abusers." REALLY praying for a new alter to form from this haha

No. 323281

File: 1710874121809.png (429.1 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_1463.png)

What do you think he meant by poorly placed?

No. 323282

File: 1710874749124.jpeg (559.39 KB, 1125x1417, IMG_1464.jpeg)

No. 323283

He probably put it on the counter and then it got sucked into the void that is their rainbow hell house.

No. 323284

Yeah, it only helps you build muscle if you actively work out. Most women on T just get fat and hairy and ruin their health. Even if it did magically create muscles with no effort that’s not what Jill wants, she wants to be skinny and cute. I don’t think she wants to be genuinely disabled, either. She has always stuck to LARPing disabilities that don’t have lasting real-life consequences and she can drop it all whenever she wants.

Abuse is when people disagree with you on twitter.

No. 323285

What’s especially sad is that designer bred cats are prone to so many health conditions and die younger than regular kitty mutts from the shelter. And you can get so many beautiful cats at shelters and rescues. Plenty of long haired cats end up needing homes.

No. 323286

Fix this problem with one easy solution: don’t post your mental health struggles online for clout. Wow so simple! Didn’t Jill say she was going to stop posting about her DID shit as much, she’s doing it more then ever. Also it is manipulative to use your mental illness as a get out of jail free card, you are still responsible for your behavior even if it’s caused by mental health issues because you’re still the one doing it! If your mental health is so poor and causes you to lash out in unacceptable ways it’s your responsibility to handle that, no one else’s, you are still a piece of shit if you act like a piece of shit. Why is that so hard for them to understand?

No. 323288

The person in the middle really just said it's impossible to get therapy in the entire state of Texas lmao

It's literally why the cat they're replacing died young - he had a condition that is known to be very common in purebred Siberian cats

No. 323289

is she ever doing anything else but tweeting? shes 26, unemployed, and from a rich family. please go outside, take a walk, get french lessons, make a real friend something please. having "fandom" discussions with other terminally online weirdos can't be good for the brain

No. 323290

If she does, I'm going to laugh so fucking hard. Fully grown woman acting worse than teenagers. My lord the level of embarrassment is off the charts. She needs to get a grip, quit trying to be the grown woman so cool that teenagers don't see her as a grown woman but as an idol, and actually address her problems instead of whatever this half-baked malarkey is.
>Abuse is when people disagree with you on twitter
This needs to be done in that sparkly glitter font for extra laughs.
So true
Easier to play victim and not have to take a hard look at one's life choices.

No. 323291

Has anyone ever told Jill you don't need to participate in fandom spaces with your real name and face? I would think anyone who's a public figure would understand needing to have alts

No. 323292

but nonnie how else would they know she's the biggest precure fan?

No. 323294

cannot imagine being 26 and feeling like children being mean to me online is akin to abuse

No. 323298

>My abusers
She's so fucking dramatic

No. 323299

Arrest warrant + Steven sounds iffy kek. Why is he sharing this info? Weird.

No. 323300

I think he means that he didn’t see the parking ticket and it kept escalating into an arrest warrant technically. Idk how the law works in Canada

No. 323301

Seconding for glitter text of
>Abuse is when people disagree with you on twitter.

No. 323303

File: 1710900122097.gif (47.49 KB, 651x80, abuse is when.gif)

No. 323306

Kek perfect, now someone post a funny Jillian pic so I can make it a banner

No. 323307

If you don’t pay a ticket it can escalate, but he’s just trying to seem like an interesting bad boi

No. 323308

File: 1710906448754.png (181.43 KB, 824x662, pei traffic ticket.png)

>I had to get a background check for one of my summer jobs
Summer jobs makes me think it happened to him during secondary school or early days of university, he was living in PEI at the time. I checked the PEI court website [https://www.courts.pe.ca/provincial-court/pay-a-fine-and-restitution] and picrel is what I found. I assume he misplaced the parking ticket and forgot about it, meaning he didn't pay it and refused to show up to court to contest it. Either that or the parking ticket was poorly placed on the windshield and fell off, but even so the court would have sent a reminder by mail about it, so there's no real excuse. I agree with >>323307 in that he's using a history of parking ticket as a way to seem like a bad boy in trouble with the law, but it's sadder to realize a lot of his content is about politics. It comes off as lazy and juvenile for adults, but because a lot of kids follow him they think it looks badass or something. I think Steven and Jill are similar in that they think if they repeat a lie enough times it'll become truth.
>Industrial betrayal
Jill being featured, unnamed and virtually anonymously, in that mental health conference has really affected her to the point where she thinks the health industry has totally betrayed her, and betrayed her so bad that they made another alter form, apparently.

No. 323312

I don’t think he misplaced the ticket but threw it out because ACAB or something.

No. 323313

Lol, probably. You'd think if you wanted to avoid the police, you'd like… refrain from illegal parking or wtv

No. 323321

File: 1710933635753.jpg (422.9 KB, 1080x1521, 20240320_072211.jpg)

Now this is just fucking hilarious. Jill wants to learn how to build muscle now? Honey, you're gonna have to actually get up off the couch and eat more than just chicken nuggies if you wanna change your body. But then again, that doesn't sound very "body positive" of you does it? Since, as the great fat activists have taught us, if you intentionally try to lose weight or change your body, then that must mean you're a fatphobic piece of shit.

No. 323322

This is actually good though, she always says she wants to build muscle so it's good to be motivated. Now let's see if she does it

No. 323323

immediately wants to build muscles after anons talk about it in this thread. hm

No. 323324

weren't we just talking about her needing to gain muscle or something?

No. 323326

Long term significant visible muscle growth (like, the kind that’s popular on social media, not just a few weeks or couple months of easy low level noob gains that won’t even be visible under her ham) take a level of work ethic Jillian has never had with anything in her life kek.

No. 323327

Interesting that whole page is about how to lose fat, how their exercises and diet tips are the key to fixing your obesity etc.
Jill doesn’t really care about getting buff, she’s still just distraught about being a fatass who looks nothing like any of her super skinny OCs and this is her latest fad diet she’ll half-ass, brag about making enormous progress on, and then later she’ll be fatter.

No. 323328

Question, does this bitch know you can't "build" muscle and also lose weight at the same time? She really wants to be this squat fat muscle woman? Bitch will tweet about it but she'll never pick up a five pound dumbbell and move. Lazy AND fat.

No. 323330

Wanting to build muscle is a way for her to pretend she doesn't want to lose weight and just wants to "be healthier" when we all know the truth

No. 323331

agreed, also i feel like "becoming a himbo" or whatever is a trendy pursuit for artsy quirky enby girls, i've been seeing this lately

No. 323332

>>323322 she also said she wanted to get out of fashion school so kek it's Jill we're talking about

No. 323333

Im surprised no one mentioned the part in the stream where Jill talks about her piano teacher being a pedophile and hoping he died in her baby voice / toddler speak while laughing hysterically. She sounds legit insane.

No. 323334

Kek, I love it. Thank you.
What's the timestamp for that?

No. 323335

she starts talking about the piano teacher at 51:45, it goes on for a few minutes

No. 323336

Thanks, nonnie. I wonder what triggered her talking about him again?

No. 323339

File: 1710965683718.mp4 (17.76 MB, 74334567.MP4)

Here's the clip. I stopped it when she was going to talk about her list of things to do for the dress she's making.

No. 323340

cow meets cow lmao

No. 323342

its so obvious she just wants to "trauma dump" this. shes wants people to think shes a victim but shes too coward to say it. did we need to know he was a pedophile "who fucking went to jail" to understand abba?? she's even saying "one of" meaning shes had multiple piano teachers… just leave it at that?

No. 323346

>Jill talks about her piano teacher being a pedophile and hoping he died in her baby voice / toddler speak while laughing hysterically. She sounds legit insane.
Jill getting to talk about how close she was to actual valid trauma makes her so visually excited and giddy

No. 323347

File: 1710971371257.jpeg (436.49 KB, 1170x1376, IMG_7319.jpeg)

No. 323348

Why can't she use her forced laughing and baby talk to be an annoying vtuber instead? She could just talk about prettycure, watch soap vids and rate outfits idk.

No. 323349

>>323348 and she could fulfill her lifelong dream of being a kawiwi thin anime girl.

We would also stop seeing her shitty ass coords so it's a win/win (think about it, Jill)

No. 323350

I genuinely don't understand why this grown ass woman is so obsessed with using baby talk. Like surely it must be more time consuming to type out misspelled words.

No. 323352

She’s wayyyy too lazy for that, even to throw money at it to get someone else to do all the work for her would be too much effort.

No. 323353

She would have to draw it herself lol she's way too controlling to let anyone else design her character

No. 323354

That would be too funny, I'm honestly surprised she hasn't tried to become a vtuber, it's what most ugly people do when they want to be famous nowadays, and it would be so easy for her to just, idk, stream random rainbi shit.

No. 323357

File: 1710986536863.png (1.75 MB, 1526x1196, click on this one.png)


No. 323358

File: 1710986668468.png (1 MB, 1316x1562, other shitty pixie twit collag…)

here's the other collage. i was gonna post these earlier but had to wait for my ban to expire (( >>322957 )) bc of emojis. she's been super active out of nowhere

No. 323359

>Gently testing to see if I can safely special-interest-post on private

Oh fuck off lmao

No. 323360

She seriously thinks nonstop about how much she wants the other students’ trauma to be hers. She keeps bringing this dude up even though he did nothing to her and trying to ride the coattails of others’ childhood SA by constantly mentioning that it happened in vague proximity to her. It’s genuinely disgusting of her. It doesn’t come off as empathetic to his victims at all, it just shows her obsession with her desire to be a victim and her lack of actual trauma to bring up, and how that drives her mad because she very badly wants a narrative that makes her look extremely sympathetic and special and burdened.

No. 323361

despite the fact that she seldom has anything interesting to say, this would be probably be lucrative but i don't think she can cope with the real-time feedback that comes with livestreaming. even now she can only stream to paypigs who already like her by default and even then she's hesitant and tries to put it off bcos of muh mentals. Also when she does stream for the people who pay her she can only manage doing it for like an hour at a time.

No. 323363

Oh, she was in love with that piano teacher. I get it now.

No. 323364

>Omg so much sewing omggggg
And also "disengaging with fandom spaces" man some teens making fun of her really got to her

No. 323365

>Gently testing to see if I can safely special-interest-post on private
Those teenagers on twitter really did a number on her lmao

No. 323366

>Soooo much sewing
Yeah it's like she's trying to prove lolcow wrong and that she's totes a fashion designer

No. 323367

File: 1710996529895.png (217.13 KB, 1184x772, Screen Shot 2024-03-20 at 11.5…)

No. 323368

Jill if you were either avoidant or restrictive with the food you ate, you wouldn't have doubled in size in the last few years

No. 323370

Where is the baby talk? Using a z instead of an s literally once? This is pretty nitpicky, there are plenty of other instances where she is actually insufferable with it
this isn't really an example of it either, this just seems like her normal, annoying "so quirky" form of speech that every other zoomer tiktok addict uses when they can't talk about a serious topic without adding on tons of irony or forced laughter

No. 323372

LOL that eye roll is so Radio Rebel. I've never seen such obvious acting lmfao

No. 323373

I haven't actually heard her speak since like 2017. It's so jarring to hear her go from baby talking to her normal (?) voice to this weird like cool guy voice

No. 323374

File: 1711001345408.png (426.67 KB, 902x643, Screenshot 2024-03-21 021037.p…)

>da zaza

No. 323375

Hate to say something like this, but I wouldn't be surprised if she's self-conscious about NOT being SA'd by that guy. Maybe she doesn't feel that way, but I think it's pretty telling of how she carries herself that I could even think that about another person

No. 323376

Found a way to shoehorn it in so she took it. She'll never shut up about it.
It's off putting and just magnifies that she's always been a sheltered spoiled princess. She has no idea.
I vote vidrel for her next Jerricka drag show or even a drag tt.
Exactly this
>but i don't think she can cope with the real-time feedback that comes with livestreaming
Hell no. She can't handle the most mild criticisms and would be so easy to troll. She'd ragequit often and cry on twatter about it.
>Also when she does stream for the people who pay her she can only manage doing it for like an hour at a time
Yeah, she wouldn't be able to put the hours in plus would probably drop because she doesn't want to put the necessary work in. She is lazy af. Look how fast she dropped the drag performance act.
Lol, making it about herself and trying to rewrite history. I can't stop laughing. This one track minded bitch. Holy shit.
She's using her own interpretation of what arfid means which makes it valid in her eyes.
Reminds me of a passage in one of the books Shane Dawson wrote.

No. 323377

It's fucked up, thinking that stuff is just not ok. She should be grateful that her mom never abandoned her and was always around instead, Louise did good by not letting that guy near her

No. 323378

isn't it kinda rude to say 'im gonna repaint the face' and then 'oh cybr girl designed this, cool!' like i dont know. implying she hates the face. which, fair enough, but then maybe dont mention the creators name after as if you love everything about it

No. 323379

there is SO much plain japanese food she could've ate, what is she even on about? picky eaters can totally get around in japan

No. 323380

Why'd she put an emoji after shoe size instead of just omitting the question? Sounds like she's trying to provoke people to ask her so she can play victim if foot dudes start DMing her

No. 323381

fr she could have even gotten away with snacky convenience store foods, but she didn't even do that lmao

No. 323382

Yeah, it comes across like she's in an imaginary beef w cybrgirl and that was meant as a backhanded compliment or something

No. 323383

Seriously! I would be so relieved and grateful that nothing happened to me once I found that out. Yet she seems so bitter about it.

No. 323384

Tbh I think it’s her jealously coming through. She could have just said she was going to customize it and leave it at that.
She thinks being avoidant is being a picky eater. I’m just going to say that picky eaters suck. My husband is one and it can be so hard to cook for him.(blogposting)

No. 323385

being a picky eater is considered a character flaw and jillian can't handle the idea of being perceived as anything less than perfect so if she has any negative characteristics then they must be the result of her numerous mental illnesses/disorders and totally not her fault. notice that she never gloats about having the more unseemly or embarrassing aspects of an eating disorder and treats them more like personality quirks. it's also a manipulation tactic that furthers her persecution complex because it permits her to say and do whatever she likes while framing anyone who criticizes her, no matter how slightly, as an ableist bully.

No. 323386

lmao I'm the anon who suggested she get into dolls/doll repaints in one of the latest threads. Seems like she either reads here or I was onto something.
… But that might also just be a way to ride on Cybr grl's coattails.
Jesus Christ Jill wtf are you talking about. People weren't mad because you ate mc nuggets, they were mad because you couldn't be assed to open google and look for local alternatives. Karaage comes to mind, it's fucking delicious. Like come on, the Japanese LOVE meat. Did they really go to Japan and think all they'd find was sushi? Did they not go to konbinis? Japan is heaven for picky eaters (I'd know because I am one) even with playing it safe there's so much she could have tried. She really cannot venture even a toe out of her comfort zone. It really baffles me how she was able to go back to Japan on her own.

No. 323387

>Testing special interest posting!
Literally just a single post without any sperging out about the pin or the show or character on it. Ah yes Jillian, much tism, many sperg indeed. Even a normal fan would probably have had something more to say
>The doll needs repainting because the hair is something I would wear!
Wtf repaints their dolls to look like themselves. Especially a collector. I understand repainting, but literally never heard of making it into yourself cause you liked the idea of the hair on yourself. Seriously think she was diagnosed with the wrong cluster b, if she was even properly diagnosed in the first place
Why are you acting bangmaid for a child? Make him cook for himself if he's going to be too ungrateful about adult food handed to him by his wife to accept whatever he gets or expand his palette.
>the Japanese LOVE meat
And the food is all mildly spiced if at all, even their "curries" are very simple in flavour. There's nothing a picky person couldn't find, if anything you'd struggle after a few weeks trying to find something with punch if you're used to that. Even if you don't know what ARFID is you'd still be aware you're picky and at least try to figure out what you can eat before going somewhere wouldn't you?

No. 323388

Id say stop acting like his mother but most peoples mothers would tell them to eat what they’re given.

No. 323390

>>323353 oh but Jill's an amazing artist, remember that she has been selling her prints since she was like 18, pretty sure she has them skillz (she can't even understand her own sketches)

No. 323391

>>323364 the fact that she overblows the whole "cyberbullying" narrative due to some kids rightfully calling her (adult ass) out just shows in itself that she has faced almost no hardships or bullying in her life if this is the worst to her

No. 323392

she craves to have a legit and concrete reason to be oppressed. she is legit jealous of people around her that get to have traumatic real experiences like her mother having cancer. like being a woman is not enough, too mainstream, not special enough, her maniacal BPD ego demands something that makes her an unique broken person that stands out, but in reality she doesn't have a single remarkable experience that encapsulates suffering but her whole identity is about being the person who suffers the most. I wish something actually bad happened to her. she would never shut the fuck up about it though.

No. 323393

>Wtf repaints their dolls to look like themselves
a lot of people make dolls of themselves. it's no big deal. also repainting is extremely common too. sage for doll sperging.

No. 323394

Jill thinks being a victim of CSA is a valid excuse for why she sucks at everything. She learned that sick and hurt people get attention and leeway from her mother's cancer scare, and that really did a number on her. I bet she rants at steven about how the piano teacher was literally the worst for (not) molesting her too. With this docuseries and Dan Schneider and Nickelodeon going viral, she's going to get really, really insufferable with this piano teacher story. I'm just waiting for her to make a tweet about hoe her childhood has been ruined, and hos she can relate to the cast of the dan Schneider shows because she too also had to interact with a child predator.

I bet she cries to Steven about how the piano teacher just completely overlooked her whenever one of her angsty teen alters fronts.

No. 323395

File: 1711041196738.jpg (159.4 KB, 720x921, 321101340.jpg)

No. 323397

>inspired and motivated

You post 2 videos a month lol

No. 323398

Her upload schedule and video quality is shit, what is she talking about
Jill's supposed EDs make no sense. According to her she's had AFRID, anorexia, bulimia and PICA. I know it's possible to have more than one Eating disorder but she seems to have had every single one in existence.

No. 323399

This, even her confetti club members iirc have that as their side hustle and I'm sure her tween fans would love to have little kawiwi keychains (even if it'd be aliexpress crap she'd do the bare minimum to make)

No. 323400

File: 1711054651785.jpg (211.9 KB, 716x1037, 3213659.jpg)

Current view count of videos.
>I'm just waiting for her to make a tweet about how her childhood has been ruined, and how she can relate to the cast of the dan Schneider shows because she too also had to interact with a child predator.
Same. She has to make it about herself. Unnerving how far she will go for just attention.

No. 323401

>Wtf repaints their dolls to look like themselves
Lots of people do this anon…

No. 323402

>I watch YouTube all day!
We can tell

No. 323403

Her view counts for the last few videos have been around average 12-16k, with a subscriber count of 227k as of today. Her videos barely reaching 6-7% of her subscribers. Her channel is effectively dead at this point, but she refuses to switch up her content style or improve her online presence. That's why I can never take her online influencer title seriously, she keeps saying she works from home and spends all day making content but what's the point of it if none of her 'fans' cares to watch?

No. 323404

Of COURSE Jill follows Bibi, who is a huge, nasty cow herself. Her claim to fame is claiming 10 different disabilities and oppression check boxes, and then using her platform to bully and harass other cosplayers while crying racism and ableism if any of them fight back.

No. 323405

The analogy of "reading a lot makes you a better writer" and "watching a lot of YouTube makes you a better content creator" doesn't really make sense, specially if she watches YouTube all day everyday instead of doing anything else like crafting or sewing. Her content is so lazy and stagnant, if she was really learning anything from watching then why is she not putting it in practice?

No. 323407

The number of people I've seen on Instagram making keychains and selling them to zoomers is incredible

No. 323408

wow she is so visibly on something in this lol, it's weird

No. 323409

She can't do this because she has spoken out too much against sweatshops and sustainability and using a Chinese manu to make keychains would go against the image she's created

No. 323411

File: 1711074298200.jpeg (433.09 KB, 750x719, IMG_5500.jpeg)

Not sure if anon meant acrylic keychains with her art on them that all weeb artists do, I was thinking more along the lines of beaded keychains and decora kei shit and/or y2k like picrel

No. 323415

Nooo, it's totally fine! She'll just buy beads and thread from Aliexpress and just put them on the string herself - that makes it totally sustainable and ethical kek

No. 323418

she already does this for her alter-indicator bracelets and other jewellery for herself. i think she can justify bulk buying plastic garbage if it's for personal use but i doubt she'd get away with profiting off of it. the hole she dug herself with the sustainability stuff when discussing her future brand is immense. she was even talking about sourcing sooper ethical sustainable branded sew-in tags for the inside of her garments. every little detail has to be sustainable since she has made her entire fictional brand's identity about being the most ethical fashion brand evar. that's probably part of why she will never launch her brand. her mouth is writing checks her sewing machine can't cash.

No. 323419

Absolutely none of her fashion designs are "ethical" or "sustainable" for the simple fact that they are made in a niche fashion style and not made for regular casual wear. It's shit you would wear to take a picture for instagram and then banish to your closet forever, eventually donate to goodwill or try to sell on depop for $10. She should be making simple, basic, well made pieces with high quality material designed to withstand heavy use and hundreds of washes if she really cares about "sustainability."

No. 323424

Her handful of items she has made are large centerpiece outfits that are very specific. You can't use them with a variety of other outfits to mix and match. Not saying that's wrong, but it's not sustainable and it's not eco-friendly. That's Jillian, though. Yelling at people about consumerism being she's surrounded by plastic toys, and while she constantly uses up new resources redecorating a townhouse she will eventually have to strip because SHE DOESN'T OWN IT.

No. 323425

>>323424 wait she doesn't? Why is she such a fucking idiot??? I thought she owned the house, that's why she transformed it into her rainby dungeon.

Of course she did a Jillian Fucking Vessey and her lack of self awareness won.

No. 323426

File: 1711110224530.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1734, IMG_2974.jpeg)

Jill is such a great friend. She hasn’t commented or even liked Sof’s engagement announcement lol.(sage your non milk)

No. 323427

>she seems to have had every single one in existence.
except for the actual fatty ones aside from her fake arfid (she's not the only fatty who seems to think only liking junk food and takeout means they're picky)
I was talking about what looked like a collector's/limited edition doll, seemed like a waste to look at that cyberdoll and go, "let's change that and make it me cause I have rainbow hair" but to each their own I guess. I get regular dolls obviously but this seemed different but maybe doll collectors have different criteria on "rudeness" for modifying collector's things. A lot of other communities would freak at the thought beyond just the "how dare you open the box" retards. Good for the doll community honestly if so

No. 323428

Jillian must be fuming

No. 323429

Why would you assume this is a limited edition or collector's item? These are for children and will be mass-marketed and probably like $20 at Walmart

No. 323430

nonny these are playline toys

No. 323432

Of course she's a Pisces kek if there was ever a zodiac sign with built in BPD attention-whore disease it would be them. Now I know exactly why this bitch is the way she is, I don't even think her mom's cancer fucked her up I think her parents fucked her up in general by fucking unprotected around May-June time KEK.(Zodiac retardation)

No. 323433

>>323432 zodiacs are not a valid excuse for your shitty attitude but I would lie if I said I didn't laugh at the line about her parents fucking her life up by conceiving her in May-June kek

I would fucking love it if she blamed her parents for being a Pisces

No. 323435

She used to call herself a “witch of water” because she’s a Pisces so it’s possible she could blame her multiple illnesses too.

No. 323437

KEK that would be hilarious, imagine ber explaining that her DID happened because when her parents fucked in may-june, they messed up, so being a Pisces means she gets to be born a bit more "dissociate-y" than others which is what she definitely deserves.

No. 323438

File: 1711125864875.png (1.25 MB, 1172x1044, Screen Shot 2024-03-22 at 11.4…)

No. 323439

she looks like a troll doll here. i don't understand why she keeps using yellow foundation when her undertone is pink. it looks really gross. weird how a "fashion designer" can't identify colours at all.

No. 323440

she should consider finding a foundation that matches her skintone if shes going to have her shoulders out like that

No. 323441

This is a huge nitpick sorry jannies but something about her eyebrows absolutely repulse me. She refuses to trim them or to put a little gel or soap on them but she also puts what I assume to be eyeshadow on them? They look fucking gross. Huge nitpick but man her eyebrows have given me the ick for years. It's probablg just her in particular now that I think about it.

No. 323442

honestly she'll probably just forfeit her deposit because the amount of redecorating she's done will take forever to restore and she's way too lazy for that. rip to the homeowner who will have to do it.

No. 323443

forfeit her deposit and pay for whatever else needs to be fixed out of pocket. She's lived there for a few years mind you.

No. 323444

she looks like a witch and not the cute magical girl kind… she's fat + her nose hooks over her lower face, why does she strain her mouth into a million wrinkles on top of that

No. 323445

I’m sure she’s pissed that her fangirl-turned-friend is getting married before her but I wonder if it’s mitigated by the fact that Sof’s marrying another woman. Jill strikes me as the type of person who thinks that relationships between two women don’t really “count”, as evidenced by the way she treated mystery girl.

>my aboos started at conception!

No. 323446

>>323445 yeah she is weirdly lesbophobic despite how much insists that she also likes women lol.

Not only the PreCure shipping shitshow but early on she loved to over exaggerate her experience dating women (dated like a single one for a couple months).

Would be funny if that makes her even more jealous because Sof can claim gay brownie points.

No. 323447

File: 1711131327590.jpg (130.9 KB, 720x1062, 2-111.jpg)

Dress video incoming. The other photo was just her at her sewing machine.

No. 323448

She's both dismissive of the relationship because she's lesbophobic and secretly jealous that Sof is actually queer, and those two things are the BPD special of emotions

No. 323449

Is sof in a queer relationship? Looks like she is dating a ftm?
I know we like to lick sof's ass for having it more together than jill (not exactly a challenge, but ok) but I don't really consider a theythem marrying a woman pretending to be a man a win.

No. 323450

File: 1711131767890.jpg (113.12 KB, 720x904, 4032212151.jpg)

No. 323451

File: 1711131955059.jpg (178.13 KB, 720x1239, 0240322.jpg)

No. 323452

Probably more of a win than marrying an actual man.

No. 323455

It's literally a homosexual relationship though kek they can dress it up with tranny and nonbinary labels all they want but Sof is definitely same sex attracted if she's marrying a female… something Jill has never been but will definitely screech about when Steeb inevitably takes the horsepiss path.

No. 323456

Is it just me or does Sof look a bit slimmer here? If she dropped a few pounds maybe that's the reason why Jill suddenly reignited her desire to start working out.

No. 323457

>adjusting their lives to cope with their illnesses
how the fuck has Jill done that? She doesn't go to therapy at all, by her own admission she keeps getting new alters and traumas and spend all her time scrolling through twitter and getting high. If she really had a severe trauma disorder these things would make her illness way worse.

No. 323459

>>323450 Oh look Jill finally remembered she uses "we"

No. 323460

>>323451 yeah, you would know deep down you are just a dumbass whoring for attention, right Jill?

No. 323461

Her wig looks like a hijab.

No. 323463

Genuinely, the fact that Jill hasn't left a comment on it that somehow twists it to be about herself or even liked the post really shows a lot about her lmao

No. 323464

Not the worst honestly, but considering she used to be cuter this is just meh.
This, kek

No. 323466

>>323439 YOU ARE RIGHT you can see pinkish undertones in the rest of her body. And it also makes sense how back when she was a blue filter edgy kid she didn't look jaundiced. She insists in using foundation way too yellow for her

No. 323467

Did she buy the strawberries? They're a very dark pink, almost red compared to her sketches where they're bubblegum pink. I doubt she would've chosen that color if she sewed them herself.

No. 323468

File: 1711145997828.jpg (271.65 KB, 720x2031, 4032235921.jpg)

No. 323469

The way she just straight up paints her face yellow and thinks "Yep, that looks good"

No. 323470

>a person […] who does actual therapy
so she's just straight up lying now, huh? she's not in therapy. she has been for short periods of time in the past. afaik she hasn't even done a proper therapy course like cbt, mbt, dbt, but rather just talk therapy where she doesn't have to be confronted with what makes her uncomfortable if she doesn't want to.

No. 323471

File: 1711147364502.png (274.01 KB, 346x377, strawb.PNG)

that's a good point. she's usually extremely picky about getting perfect shades for fabric/garments/accessories. They looked extremely dark and more of a cold red than a bubblegum pink in the livestream footage (picrel). Either she bought them or she was just stash-busting with leftover fabric like the sustainable (possibly broke) queen she is. I assume these will be color corrected in any photoshoot pictures she takes. Looks like she did that in these pictures already >>323438 . She color-corrects her videos too to make the rainbow colors pop which is why her skin and teeth look so yellow especially in her older videos.

No. 323472

File: 1711148939853.png (3.33 MB, 2082x1142, Screen Shot 2024-03-22 at 6.11…)

from patreon

No. 323475

Well, although there are a handful of things she could have fixed/done better, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

No. 323476

Wish she had styled the wig differently. Also those strawberries look so heavy and bulky.

No. 323477

It's nice! But I wonder if she color graded this photo to hell in back, because the color of the dress perfectly matches the color of the cake and from what I have seen from the bts video the colors are dull irl. Other than that the dress looks well made (at least to her standard)

No. 323478

I unironically think the pic on the left is really flattering and quite pretty. The difference is astonishing when she softens her expression for once and actually angles her body in a thoughtful way instead of trying to to do a ridiculous kaweewee cartoon pose as an overweight adult. A picture like this would have been completely flamed if she posted it many years ago but this is such a nice change in comparison to the recent years of harsh, contorted facial expressions and stock anime poses. Her weight isn't absurd and she isn't ugly, she just needs to stop dressing and posing like she's 80lbs lighter and be mindful about how to work with what she's got. The dress also doesn't look as bad as I expected. The shoes don't work at all though.

No. 323479

What is the point of making these OTT outfits? So that she can play dressup in her basement for an afternoon and post a few pics on the internet?

No. 323480

>>323471 as much as I dislike her I must admit I really like the frosting effect of the ribbon, the dress fabric choice is still trashy tho.

No. 323481


No. 323486

I just have to see that bow in the back unedited. The dress doesn't look as bad as i thought it would, but it's still very babby's first cosplay tier. Nice to see her actually designing things and not just getting high and arguing with teenagers on twitter though.

No. 323487

If she did shit like this consistently she could lean more into costuming, make a strong body of work, and work for actual drag queens, but we all know she’s too lazy and only wants the instant gratification me me me attention that comes from her like 1 sewing project per calendar year.

No. 323491

Saged but holy fuck, tempest paige taking me right back to efagz days

No. 323494

what are the cuts on her right ankle from?

No. 323495

>A person with autism who does therapy
None of these are true

No. 323496

File: 1711160756461.png (870.69 KB, 720x1331, IMG_20240322_202706.png)

I think she looks cute here. Wish she stopped forcing her smile so much

No. 323497

File: 1711160783966.png (806.65 KB, 720x1082, IMG_20240322_202733.png)

Is she cutting again?

No. 323498

Interesting that this is the one time she doesn't want to show off her tattoos, instead deciding to show the fresh self-harm caused by a spat about a kid's show on Twitter. Of course she can use plausible deniability ("I forgot about them! DID amnesia wahoo!") if she's confronted about it.

No. 323499

weren't these same marks visible last time she posted something that her legs were in? cutting in such a small area and such a random visible spot would make no sense and entirely be a new low, i don't want to even witness that being put into the ether lol

No. 323500

What else do you think it could it be from nona? It seems to be a lot of thin, separated abrasions as opposed to one large wound. Just curious.

No. 323502

She could have easily edited them out if she didn’t want us to see.

No. 323504

I think it means she's been cutting over that place in her ankle since last time
It was previously said it might just be a mark from the socks she was wearing, now I'm sure she's cutting
This. A "look what you made me do" type of thing. Though I would like to think I'm wrong.

No. 323505

File: 1711165078571.jpg (55.3 KB, 157x275, 1675048085181.jpg)

She's not completely and irredeemably ugly. She just doesn't know how to style herself and refuses to learn.

No. 323506

File: 1711166921988.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1879, 1000001639.png)

They're bought. In this ss you can see them in the plastic tube bag that they came in

No. 323507

Wait, didn't she say she made them herself on Twitter?

No. 323508

If >>321514 is the same strawberry as the ones on her dress, then yes she did

No. 323509

Oops my bad. Seeing them in a bag with other bought things made me think they were bought. They aren't the exact right shade but they're cute, like little pincushions

No. 323510

I would say that it's a new low for Jill but all her good cosplays were made by her mom so cutting corners isn't new to her.

Don't apologize nonnie it's possible that she did buy them and is just passing them off as her own creation.

No. 323511

If she’s cutting again, it’s interesting how she’ll endlessly boohoo and exaggerate her “symptoms” of DID/PTSD but doesn’t bring up her actual symptoms of mental illness (ie cutting). Is it not interesting enough for her? Regardless, it’s impossible to have any sort of empathy for her if she is cutting again.

No. 323514

She's developing the same smug storybook witch physiognomy that all the great cows have. Her dress didn't turn out as pathetic as it seemed in the early pics but she just doesn't know how to style herself.

No. 323515

I'm not saying she should do more but if that's the level of cutting she's going to throw a fit about I have to laugh. She exaggerates everything so much and then anything she actually does is so underwhelming. Cutting isn't great either way but with the way she talks about her supposed illnesses you would assume she does much worse. She does the bare minimum in order to get her fill of pity and attention(nitpicking how someone cuts)

No. 323516

Cutting shouldn't be encouraged. No matter if she isn't "doing it properly" or whatever.

No. 323517

She could be a great renfaire cottagecore down to earth witch fairy elf or whatever neo 60s colorful aesthetic crap and yet she's still doing this badly styled kawaii shit that doesn't suit her.

No. 323519

Does anyone else feel like she posed in a way to show the marks as much as possible but seem discreet about it? Like I get it, if you have scars they will be visible some of the time and there’s nothing to be ashamed about if you have them, but most people usually favor hiding what they can? Especially if they are red from being fresh. Idk having a self harm relapse seems like the kind of thing most people would feel sad about and not want to put on display.

No. 323520

Instead of getting in fights with teenagers on xitter, she could work more on her makeup technique and finally get a foundation shade that matches her actual skin tone. Wish she would ditch the flat looking eyeshadow brows and black winged eyeliner. It does her no favors.
I agree, it makes her face look more uncanny.
Thank you for sharing. It'll be interesting to see the dress in motion vs the edited photos.
Again with the pink background. Why, Jillian, why?
It gives me the same sentiment too which is unsettling and makes me sad.
Sounds cute and charming, too bad she's obstinate.

No. 323524

She could go to thrift shops and charity shops to buy secondhand jewelry beads and things like that for jewelry and them being made from secondhand beads could be a big selling point , or she could solely focus on upcycled fashion which is huge right now especially in the j-fashion/y2k/emo scenes. There’s so much she could do yet does nothing, she doesn’t even seem to consider it

No. 323525

A 26 year old adult strategically choosing to cut in a spot that is easy to hide but noticeable enough in pics. Never change, Jill

No. 323526

It's not even discreet at this point imo

No. 323527

File: 1711198195801.jpeg (601.49 KB, 1179x727, IMG_1824.jpeg)

She’s been showing off fresh SH cuts since December atleast, something that wouldnt be visible if she just wore socks with her fucking sneakers but how else would people know she’s ohso mentally ill

No. 323528

wow jill actually looking nice and in a good dress she sewed herself, admittedly i'm no seamstress but it's decently well-made and cute. i'm impressed.
true, the pudge and demented retarded expressions are all her fault, she could look good

No. 323529

Are we all looking at the same clothes? Why are people saying this looks good? The giant cheap pink satin ribbon on the back is so trashy. The main fabric isn't a true pastel, it's a cream shade that looks dull. The leftover scraps of ribbon tied around her wrist look messy. And the strawberries don't match anything in terms of colours and they're sagging on the dress.

No. 323530

nonnie it's jill we're talking about here

No. 323531

Could be she just doesn't care. Also I wouldn't call those fresh. They could still very well be months old. They don't scar over into a lighter shade of skin for a while. Also they look manic. These aren't deep, they are just emotional cope scratches. Still cutting, but obviously, she doesn't want to die. These might still be from December or she's picking the scabs.

Because some anons, like me included, don't think it looks bad, it's decently put together for the most part.

No. 323532

She definitely cut her ankle and then angled all the photos to feature said ankle since heaven forbid you do something that isn't about how mentally Jill you are. Can't just make a damn dress and take some photos.
Also people generally cut parts they dislike, and she went for the thinnest part of her leg, her ankles, so it doesn't really align with self hating behaviour.

No. 323533

>These might still be from December
Absolutely no way the marks are still bright red from 3 months ago, looks like something from this week imo

No. 323534

she looks floppy and sloppy

No. 323535

Yeah sure it's not the most amazing piece ever made, but Jill getting her butt off the couch and making something that looks decent is improvement. It's not at the level someone who's gone through fashion school and calls herself a designer and full time artist should be at, but for those of us who just want her to stop being a weeded out clown it's a step in the right direction. She should keep it up.

No. 323536

it's not that bad. I think she should have included more white to balance that shade of yellow but her goal was a cake dress and thats what she made.

No. 323537

love your optimism nonna but there is absolutely zero chance she's going to keep this up

No. 323538

Yeah just go to the ig… in jan they’ve faded already

No. 323539

i doubt she will kek but if she wanted to prove us "hates" wrong she could…

No. 323540

I'm pretty sure Jill's plan is to just film whatever she feels like and hope it pays off. This is why she's now calling herself a "full time artist" instead of anything specific.

No. 323541

File: 1711221205740.jpg (191.93 KB, 720x1081, 403231010.jpg)

No. 323542

The main thing we should be asking about the self harm scars is why weren’t they edited out? Given her fan base is other mentally ill people it’s incredibly inappropriate, she’s risking potentially triggering someone or inciting someone, as a mental health guru you’d think she’d be aware of that and attempt to mitigate the risk. Its just in such incredibly poor taste that she keeps displaying them. It’s one thing when you’re out in public but quiet another when it’s in a curated image.

No. 323544

>cause they're jealous
What a bunch of bullshit! Nobody in their right mind would be jealous of stigmatizing, life-altering disabilities. I treat fakers poorly because they dress up in disabilities as if they were aesthetics. They post insulting crap that makes normies think disabled people are a spectacle or a caricature. That's why everyone makes fun of them, not because they are "jealous"! Kek what a classic cope

No. 323545

does she ever post videos to the time she says it will be posted? when was the last time it actually happened?

No. 323546

I can't believe it! She cut herself over twitter kids calling her out for not shipping anime girls. It's comedic

No. 323547

File: 1711223410048.jpg (47.31 KB, 720x423, 4032323918.jpg)

She updated her tt description. Lol at the emoji.

No. 323548

>>323542 good catch, she preaches trigger warnings bc she's so empathic and sensitive, but it doesn't apply to her. It's enough for her to send her horde after someone else for not putting trigger warnings though.

No. 323549

She never NEVER puts videos on time when she says she will, I think she's doing it on purpose now

No. 323550

Sad because there's a big opportunity of filming herself in her rainbow house making crafts like keychains, plushies, candles, soaps etc whatever the fuck she wants and upload them like that like a lot of people on Instagram and TikTok do and she would recover so much of her fan base that way since making that type of short video attracts a lot of views.

No. 323551

She could've made TikTok's about the dress she just made and probably would've done really well

No. 323554

Agreeing with the nonnas who think the cuts are intentionally displayed and super distasteful. I tend to think she leans more NPD than BPD but this is peak angsty 14 year old BPD chan behavior. I have never known someone who currently or recently SH who was really struggling with it that didn't feel self conscious about scars. In the context of this attention seeking dress photoshoot, some cute frilly socks or otks would have worked well with the concept and could have allowed her to be a little bit more discreet with the scarring. It's just so…gross and irresponsible to be broadcasting that to her impressionable retard audience. Cutting is super socially contagious.(armchairing)

No. 323555

I'm not saying someone here SHOULD go and whine on twitter about her triggering them. But it WOULD be funny(cowtipping)

No. 323557

File: 1711257520336.png (57.93 KB, 300x100, 1711167075642.png)

Made some Jillian banners in case anyone wants them please go vote for them on /meta/, also if you have the idea for another cow banner please suggest it over there

No. 323562

This bitch has nothing to do all day, how is she this bad at editing and uploading on time? There are YouTubers who have jobs, kids etc and still have a better upload schedule.

No. 323566

I was wondering this too, especially since I could've sworn several years ago, when she wasn't quite as insufferable, she had mentioned having to Photoshop old scars out of pictures. I found the video I was thinking of, relevant time stamp's 11:20 or thereabouts. It's definitely something she's used to doing (at least pre-tattoo) so the question now is whether she's intentionally relapse baiting or just too perma-stoned to notice. I'm leaning towards the former. If she were doing a body positive accept-your-scars sort of thing, I'd have thought she'd be much shoutier about it, the way she is about everything else. It'll be interesting to see whether the Patreon pictures make it into the YouTube video unedited.

No. 323579

Yeah, she’s been so used to doing it for so long that if she’s not doing so now then it’s almost definitely bait which would yield her attention and the ability to either blame others or talk about how her trauma is so bad and/or her DID is so bad she “had amnesia about the scars” and so on. But they’re so small and weirdly placed it’s likely no one will bring them up.

No. 323584

Relatability or she just stopped caring.

No. 323585

Cutting really doesn't work for her DID larp. We're supposed to believe none of her alters ever said or did anything until recently? How did she make sure every alter that edited photo shopped the cuts out? And what if it was another alter cutting? Shouldn't she be shocked by having them on her body without any memory of doing it? But she seems pretty damn aware about all of it

No. 323588

Can we stop hyper analyzing the cutting. It's a self esteem and emotion regulation thing at its core. We don't need to tinfoil whys.

No. 323594

No one’s tinfoiling why she’s cutting, we’re tinfoiling about why a mental health guru so concerned about the mental anguish of others is so comfortable sharing such a triggering image with her easily triggered audience and why, given her comfort with editing, she didn’t just edit them out. It’s just more of Jill’s usual bullshit “uwu be kind” larp hypocrisy that nonnies are being critical of and interrogating.

No. 323597

iirc when jill got that black creator cancelled wasn't that over her not putting in trigger warnings as well? and now jill posts self-harm scars fully visible without trigger warnings kek

No. 323598

Cake video dropped. Hopefully someone with better patience than me can provide a summary!

No. 323599

This is a dumb nitpick, I know, so saged. But it bothers me SO MUCH that the dress has these big, heavy, dangling WHOLE strawberries. Like, even in her prop, the strawberries are sliced. Idk I feel like sliced strawberries both sells the overall idea better and would also make better sense in terms of construction, as it wouldn't weigh down the organza as much.

No. 323600

File: 1711307969325.jpg (262.21 KB, 720x2946, 22048.jpg)

She edited out the sh marks on the pictures she uploaded to twitter

No. 323601

>she bought almost all new fabric for this dress except the pink chiffon and satin (sustainable qween)
>she implies she dissociated in the fabric store because she thought she was only in there for 20 mins but it was an hour
>each strawberry took 25 minutes to make and it took her multple prototypes to make it (she stole the design from a blog that she showed on screen)
>mentioned her broken gathering foot again and how she had to hand gather some stuff (which is very normal and how most people do it)
>hand-sewed a bunch of things and just bragging a lot about how much she sewed
>liked the upholstry rope because it looked "like icing"
>was going to put 2 strawberries on the front but decided on only one because it was "too campy"
>said this was the first big thing she made for herself and that she had to get over "burnout" after community college

I might have missed stuff lol I can't give her my full attention

No. 323602

File: 1711309195003.jpg (180.87 KB, 811x598, 20240324_154554.jpg)

Jill I am begging you to please get a proper foundation match because what the fuck is this

No. 323603

They don't look heavy though. They are supported by the underpetti.

No. 323604

I agree, nonnie. It should be either half strawberries or flat beaded/sequined strawberries.

No. 323605

Glad she took our criticism constructively

No. 323606

I feel like she only edited it because we called her out on this

No. 323611

File: 1711327133822.jpeg (873.05 KB, 1570x1170, IMG_2279.jpeg)

The bodice has absolutely zero structure. It looks terrible. If Jill didn’t spend the entire video telling us how beautiful and well made the dress is, it wouldn’t matter that it looks a bit shit. But she implies that this is fashion week worthy at one point. It looks like a cheap costume.

No. 323612

I don't like this dress but it pains me how much more effort seems to have gone into this than her own family member's wedding dress

No. 323613

She also kept mentioning the "beautiful v waistline" (I guess she doesn't know it's actually called a basque waistline) but her short stocky body removes it entirely lol

No. 323615

Kekkk of course
>she implies that this is fashion week worthy at one point. It looks like a cheap costume.
Jillian will never not be delusional and make herself feel better than she is

No. 323617

This is cute as a costume that you wear to one party, idk why she insists on something more grandiose than what it is. At least that means she could work selling costumes but the thing is, considering everything she does is for herself and whenever she attempts to do something for another person she fails miserably (the wedding dress comes to mind)… Well I just wonder if this shit really is suited for her as a job and not as a hobby, maybe if she just designs and another person makes the garments like the my violet collab

No. 323620

I could definitely nitpick a few things, but this is much better than some of the other sewing stuff she's put out over the years. Hopefully she'll continue to apply herself to her craft instead of wasting time sperging on twitter.
I agree. When she doesn't force her smile and keeps her makeup/hair more natural she is pretty cute.(sage your shit)

No. 323621

Comparatively impressive, seems the ham and swiss comment got to her but these colors are much more “strawberry shortcake” despite the strange whole strawberries hanging off like ornaments. She’s never been good with wigs, I miss her brief pincurl phase. It’s been a little uncanny to watch every video lose variety, perhaps trying to niche or balance fashion & mental jillness has bludgeoned her creativity. There’s obviously a will to be well-rounded and put together, sweet, thoughtful, hard-working in her larp. It’s just in direct contradiction to the rest of the larp, and mosty in performative response to the haterz.

No. 323622

Unfortunately it’s very saturated so it’s still going to look like a charcuterie board irl.

No. 323623

>had to get over burnout from community college
That CC required the bare fucking minimum from her when it came to sewing and designing and she couldn't even handle that without "burnout"? Soap anon, where are you, pitch your shit to her again cause she CANNOT survive in fashion, why would you ever go into a career if you got burnout on the be try basis of it after a measly shitty education that barely called for more than 3 outfits a year from her

No. 323626

she posts the self harm pics on her patreon, where only her biggest ride or die supporters will see it. but on twitter, where people would call her out for this shit she posts the censored version. of course. if she had posted the patreon version it would have been ten time the backlash of the precure shit. what a shitty person, claims everyone is ableist but posts uncensored self harm pics so her fans feel bad for her. but we cant call her out cause she has "did" and "amnesia". what a manipulative cunt.

No. 323627

She could just stick to being an influencer that just makes cool clothes for herself, maybe, idk, sell patterns or whatever. But then she would have to seethe daily because people with more expertise or talent would be able to make stuff better from the same patterns she would use to create mediocre stuff.
I get that she wants attention 24/7, but everyone needs to share stuff every once in a while, even the spotlight, with how the internet works nowadays. But she will never actually give something away nor make something nice to sell because she's too much of a narc to allow anyone else to look nicer than her.

No. 323629

File: 1711347192834.mp4 (18.58 MB, Mock up.MP4)

Jill making the pattern

No. 323630

File: 1711347432107.mp4 (13.28 MB, Finished project .MP4)

Finished dress in motion

No. 323631

File: 1711348223455.jpg (99.78 KB, 720x388, Strawberries.jpg)

Strawberry design screenshot from video

No. 323632

the sh marks are not edited out of this clip. lace socks, knee highs, even a pair of nude tights wouldve both covered the marks and looked nice with the outfit. its like breadcrumb ing how even when shes being “so successful “ shes still super mentally (j)ill(sage your shit)

No. 323633

i don't get why she had a color palette including pink strawberries with lighter green leaves just to ignore it for dark berries instead, like what was the point then?

No. 323637

Jesus, the quality and overall making of this dress looks like shit. Show this to anyone who knows at least something about sewing, they'd think this is a costume from temu and at most the project of a teen who's just learning how to sew. Not the quality of someone who's been to school for fashion.

No. 323640

She also didn’t include the frills at the bodice and went with upholstery trim instead. I haven’t sewn a dress before but aren’t you supposed to add like boning to the structure of the bodice?

No. 323641

Because she shopped matched the tutorial rather than to match her own idea.

No. 323642

The quality of the dress reminds me of YumiKing.

No. 323643

to be fair this is probably the 15th or so dress jillian has sewn in her entire life counting her cosplays and school work so it's not unfair to assume she is a newbie. also she went to fashion school but she didn't build many garments there, she basically has no steady practice.

No. 323644

And she has no real experience mastering the basics of things before jumping into these grand designs! She should go through her fabric hoard and make herself a few skirts, dresses, and tops in different styles to actually learn how to practically use any skills she has

No. 323647

doesn't help she picks the most obnoxious cheap fabric to sew structured things like this dress' bodice is melting on itself because of this cheap ass fabric. at least fucking bone it. she's so fucking cheap sometimes.

No. 323652

File: 1711378822102.jpeg (62.7 KB, 480x360, IMG_1513.jpeg)

Kek you’re totally right but I feel like Yumi was better at sewing.

No. 323663

That wedding dress was such an insulting monstrosity. I still think about that and how there’s no way her cousin or whatever could have been happy with it. I would have cried and cancelled the whole wedding.

No. 323670

File: 1711391675567.png (14.49 MB, 2160x6481, IMG_1517.png)

This wasn’t that long ago either. Poor girl.

No. 323672

She absolutely hates her cousin because this was probably the most evil shit she's pulled kek. Sometimes I remember this dress and the twirling gif and I bust out laughing. A dress that looks worse than a party city elf costume with some fugly piddly little clasps to detach the sleeves…. good lord that poor fucking woman. For a damn wedding. Like that is a fucking shame.

No. 323674

My thoughts exactly. And correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t she have more time for the wedding dress? I remember her talking about working on it for months but this birthday dress seems to have been churned out relatively quickly.

It looks like the kind of toddler party dress you can get for $15 sans magic wand and tiara.

Her cousin’s supposed to be autistic, right? I can’t remember if she was also self-diagnosed or not. In any case I hope she’s autistic enough to forever be oblivious to how awful that dress was and how dirty Jill did her at her wedding.

No. 323676

Her cousin's shitty tacky tattoos would indicate this is the exact kind of ~unique~ wedding dress she would love lol

No. 323677

File: 1711395862753.gif (4.04 MB, 275x275, IMG_1518.gif)

Twirly gif for the nonnas that think of her

No. 323678

The face of autism.

No. 323679

Even tacky ‘alternative’ wedding dresses are normally well made, though. This dress looks like a teenager’s first attempt at a ren faire costume.

No. 323681

>>323677 Jesus I came in too late to witness this in its moment and haven't catched up to the wedding episode yet but that's a fucking elf costume. Jilly half asses everything she does for herself and quarter asses or less anything that it's not for herself. Poor cousin

No. 323682

File: 1711399504783.jpg (453.7 KB, 1080x1080, 1000016121.jpg)

No way, nonna, I'm sure she probably wanted something, you know, actually pretty. These costumes look miles better than what Jillian made, if anything, the wedding costume and the cake dress only shows not only how shit is Jillian at sewing but how shit she is when it comes to offering her crafts to someone else, she must absolutely despise the idea of anyone looking better than her in any shape or form.

No. 323686

You have to realize these are all smalltown people who don't know what quality is and are impressed by anything. Remember Jill's first tattoo that was blown out and patchy? She thought it looked great because that's what everyone's tattoos look like where she's from. She only realized it look bad when people online pointed out the issues. Think about the woman that used to do Jill's nails and how they were always so thick and uneven. They don't have any frame of reference for what these things should actually look like.

Her cousin is wearing a black corded beaded necklace and has $5 box dye in her hair. She probably thought she looked like a Disney princess.

No. 323688

File: 1711400649711.jpg (48.68 KB, 640x640, iap_640x640.5781048850_7cobpsg…)

and she's a slightly weeby sperg, this fairy princess shit is exactly what she wanted. have you seen what sells on etsy? pic related is a "fairytale elven wedding dress" review. it's 400cad for this garbage.

No. 323690

File: 1711401021031.jpg (75.08 KB, 720x401, 240325140719.jpg)

No. 323691

Just take a look at the choker she's wearing at her fucking wedding and tell me she doesn't like this. Canadian hicks have like 2 braincells, if they're lucky, but I guess Americans don't realize that everyone outside of major cities is trailer trash. We don't really have pockets of smart rich suburbs.

No. 323692

File: 1711401172865.jpg (127.58 KB, 720x1030, 40325140803.jpg)

No. 323696

ya it's so easy when steebie and mommy clean up the liter and pay the vet bills. pets are extremely hard for mentally ill people to care for.

No. 323698


Person: I wish I could have a cat, I think it would improve my quality of life.

Jill, a fucking weirdo narcissist: Oh you wish you had a cat? Well I actually have TWO cats and it has improved my life so much. Actually it makes my life worth living. Sorry about your sad catless life but I'm different! I am very mentally well, except for when I'm so mentally unwell that I'm actually 12 different people - one of whom is also a cat.

No. 323699

She could've given a basic response like "have you considered volunteering at a local shelter?" instead of bragging.

No. 323700

I genuinely don't get why she said that other than to be a bitch. No one believes that she's depressed in bed then she cuddles her cat and suddenly she's fine. Having a pet is nice but it won't fix mental illness

No. 323701

Translation: someone thinks you're annoying due to your personality and everything you do annoys them because the way you act is reflective of your personality lol. Retard twitter lingo kek.

No. 323702

i know the topic of discussion has changed but i was totally in disbelief about the whole cutting thing. but it’s all connected now, the Valentine’s Day pic, cropped at the ankle pics, more socks than usual, the sunny collage where she had only one sock on, the extra shitty attitude on twitter, the friend giving her a “care package”, pwecious stevie interrogating a minor…general lurk behavior. she’s really thinking she pulled a fast one by posting that on instagram but not twitter. i would speculate that this happened around new years or sometime in February. i really wish she would just give it up and admit that all of this mental jillness is an OC facade/severe attention seeking larp behavior & i have a feeling she’s realizing that slowly but not accepting it & facing the harsh reality that people can find the truth for themselves. feeling nostalgic for 2014 tumblr, hmmm jilly?

No. 323703

I would be so embarrassed, the girls on the back look better than her at her own wedding

No. 323704

>>323692 she has mad main character energy, someone wishes they had a cat, so she reminds them that she DOES and it's great. No1currs Jill

No. 323706

Her cousin is obviously a retard.

No. 323707

It’s Jill’s worst work ever, which is saying a lot, but you’re right—it’s actually reassuring for the cousin’s sake that she probably really did like it. Says a lot about why Jill is the way she is though and why she couldn’t even handle limited encounters with moderate sized populations, cosplay contests etc.

No. 323708

agreed. one thing that stands out to me a lot in all her project videos is she gets super focused on autistic details and spends like 100 hours on them but then has major structural issues. It'd be good for her to make more things that aren't these grand 200 hour (or whatever, supposedly) projects to get more basics down. she also makes her life way harder with a lot of her fabric choices.

No. 323712

Implying she gives a shit or even thinks about about shelter animals kek. She was so quick to get another purebred when she moved out

No. 323713

It seriously makes me sad for her. I only watched her in ~2017, and att was so pleased to see someone so seemingly bright talk openly about their attempts, and her tattoos to cover them up with something she loved. Maybe that was all a facade in hindsight, idk. And maybe she only ever cut(s) for attention, but I really hope she is okay no matter how bad of a person she is.

No. 323716

>And maybe she only ever cut(s) for attention, but I really hope she is okay no matter how bad of a person she is.
Same. I feel bad that she cuts no matter the reason behind it, she shouldn't be hurting herself. Even if she's an idiot she's still human and she shouldn't do it. It worries people around her too.

No. 323717

She knows exactly what she is doing and you are falling for it. She wants pity or she would not have posted the photos with cuts. I promise I’m not trying to be rude or come off as jaded, just look at her track record.

No. 323719

If only she could take a sewing course to teach her the basics and how to choose fabric that suits her project. Something at the local community college, maybe.

No. 323720

>>323702 she started showing the cuts in December, but we missed it/thought it was marks from her socks.

No. 323722

I bet that annoyed her.

No. 323723

Maybe that's why she posed in a way to make it super obvious?

No. 323724

She always says this kind of shit to make others go "aw so jealous" I can't be the only one who has noticed this, she has done it several times before
>Wish I had a cat
>Well I'm sitting with my cat right now and it improves my mental health (smug face)
Why can't she reply to a post about loving cats instead of a post someone made about not being able to have cats?

No. 323725

Maybe don't be so unlikeable and annoying then Jillian

No. 323727

It’s sweet that you genuinely care, but for better or worse, people with Jill’s specific behavioral patterns don’t often completely recover permanently, and most apparent periods of relative well-being are another form of impulse and unstable moods.
Public announcements about being cured of their serious mental problems and getting self-congratulatory flashy tattoos about it, making a whole identity about being perpetually happy and cute and kind, this is all the sort of unsustainable stuff that only drives Jill’s lack of stability and her inability to integrate the positive and negative aspects of her psyche into a self-acknowledged, cohesive, balanced state that can actually cope with negative moods and experiences.
She’s pretty much fucked until she drops her anime elementary schooler LARP and focuses on genuinely facing her failings in mature self-regulation.

No. 323729

I think recovery is possible, but for Jillian it needs a lot of time in therapy and it feels like she doesn't really acknowledge her flaws at all. One of the things that could help her cut less it to put herself in her mom's shoes, imagine how her mom feels whenever she has to see that her daughter has cut again. I know the impulse is hard to control but there's definitely ways to learn to manage it.

No. 323731

this, she talks CONSTANTLY about her mental health and trauma online. it’s not a secret. how do you know none of the girls she picks fights with on twitter aren’t suffering in silence? who’s to say maggie or sof, or mystery girl who she manipulated horribly, don’t have problems with self harm too? you don’t know because they don’t make it visible and cry about trauma every day. people sympathizing with attention whores who post their self harm online and immediately excusing all their bad behavior, while ignoring the people they hurt, are part of the issue

No. 323735

Anon, Jill's attention whore disease (BPD) is not going to allow her to put herself in her mom's shoes. Like even if she did she would not give a single fuck about her mom. People with BPD have an extremely small world that revolves arpund only them. They're like totally stuck in the mind of a child because, just like children, they have like zero emotional regulation and are overly sensitive as fuck. She's even doing the BPD "BPD isn't my problem it's this OTHER illness" (IE, autism and DID) song and dance that is very typical amongst BPD havers. As long as someone with BPD insists that their problems aren't coming from their personality disorder and instead come from a disorder that is NOT fixable (autism and the trauma associated with DID) they will be stuck in a neverending toxic as fuck self-destructive cycle that the people close to them will have to deal with.
What Jill definitely needs is to give up weed and alcohol and the internet completely and go to therapy for her insane BPD like twice a week every week until she no longer meets the criteria for BPD.(medfagging)

No. 323742

weird q, but is the diploma she got from her fashion college equal to a degree? she did study there for like 3 years so i always assumed it was something like that

No. 323744

No, it's a diploma which is not equal to a degree at all. She got something which is given from community colleges and trade schools, not from a university. If she wanted a bachelor's degree, there is a very good chance that not a single one of her classes would transfer to another school.

No. 323747

Not sure if you're from Canada, but Jill's diploma is from what's called a career college here, it's not a degree.. You can't even get an associates at these types of colleges, Also to note college here is different from university, which is is used interchangeably in the US. She basically got a certification from a trade school.

No. 323750

I don't care if Jill's cousin is from a town that only has 10 people in it. That dress looks like an embarrassing mess and was probably awkward and uncomfortable to wear. You can get a better quality dress at forever21. Everyone who saw that dress in motion probably thought to themselves "wow, what a shitty,ugly wedding dress." Including the cousin. She was probably just too embarrassed and star struck by Jill to say anything and just sucked it up because that's her 'famous' cousin.
Kek, she's such a calloused bitch. If someone did this to her she'd form another alter from the trauma. Her nice wholesome rainbow girl persona is slipping, fast.

No. 323752

Maybe I’m tripping but I wonder how she paid for that. I know college is cheaper or even free(?) in canada. Apologies for off topic but It’s something I was curious about. I’m not from canada so I don’t know much about their college system but I’d assume fashion school is more of an “elite” secondary education option. I wonder if louise paid for it.

No. 323754

The tuition fees are on the NBCCD website, seems it was around 3500cad per year (for comparison, Concordia is about 4800 per year for a bachelor's so her school was cheaper than uni). I think her parents were probably very happy to pay for her to do something with her life, as opposed to e.g. a 2k bogus autism diagnosis from a dx mill to larp on the internet. Too bad she just coasted through and didn't utilize the 3 years to actually hone her craft or make connections.

No. 323755

She didn't go to "fashion school" lol she went to a community college (vocational school) that has a fashion diploma where she was required to make about 10 garments during the entirety of the program

Her parents paid for it because they're well off and it's a cheap school

No. 323760

she's wearing a cheap choker too, anon. she liked the dress. doesn't mean it was good, but she is a sperg with bad taste. get over it. no one is saying the dress isn't an abomination but she liked it.

No. 323761

>Everyone who saw that dress in motion probably thought to themselves "wow, what a shitty,ugly wedding dress."

No. 323762

This gif is so embarrassing lol.

No. 323768

Nona, I admire that you have such a soft heart. Please don't waste it on Jill.

No. 323771

This looks miles better than the dress she wore to her wedding. At least it looks more fit to her body and the sleeves don't look like toilet paper. That's sad.

No. 323772

File: 1711522219545.png (245.69 KB, 720x1236, IMG_20240327_005235.png)

No. 323773

I feel like this is Jill admitting deep down she knows she's faking it but she's trying to suppress those thoughts so she's acting as if it's about another person than her (much like her fake DID) kek

No. 323775

File: 1711533620313.jpg (41.91 KB, 676x227, 27002331.jpg)

Views so far off of dress video
Technically there is a difference in the us despite people using the terms interchangeably. College is 4 year degrees (undergraduate) whereas university allows for masters and doctorates too (undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate) although even if you go to that uni you still have to apply to get into the graduate/postgraduate program if the uni even offers it. Not sure about certificates/trade schools because never talked about those as options. But yes people in the us tend to think of college as getting a degree which obviously isn't the case here. Jill misrepresenting what she got instead of just being truthful. I also think she thought she'd easily be a big fish at the college so her ego took a bit of a hit. We'll never get the collection video either. The only thing we saw was her using the top off of the blue houses dress. I think it was in an old tiktok. Funny how she just buried her collection.
I think that's what ticks me off. She didn't try to get better or make connections. That challenge that got canceled comes to mind how she acted like it was a death sentence because of the no colour rule yet talked a big talk about doing project runway type challenges. Crazy.

No. 323776

God she is is one coddled bitch. Hey Jill, even severly autistic people with developmental disabilities have jobs. There are several at my workplace that are janitors. It's fucking hilariois that all these autosm larpers, Jill included, always pick traits from developmentally disabled autists to emulate because that's a very easy thing for doctors to disprove. It's like pretending to be retarded or brain damaged. Also Jill, the rest us that live in the real world, that actually have disabilities and real trauma unlike you have always have to work a job to support themselves. There is nothing wrong with you except your personality disorder, no matter how much you lie and pretend it doesn't make it true.

No. 323777

Not to mention she attended school and worked at Claire’s before fine, yet now claims that DID is protecting her mental health and that she’s doing way better than ever because of it. But how? Now she spends her whole life rotting, lying in bed or on her couch high watching cartoons and daydreaming she’s walking around in her imaginary animal crossing SIMs town where every character is also her.

No. 323778

>Posting about multiple identities
>You deep down you don't feel that

No. 323779

Shes going to lose 90% of her following before she hits 30 and will be sad and pathetic like Kelly Eden. So many women sew, decorate their houses the exact same and are more popular/talented. I can imagine Jill accepting Steebie cucking her for trannies/other men in order to sustain her lifestyle with him. Kek

No. 323780

Kek I didn't know this was the video title until now and it speaks volumes that she considers this disaster to be her most ambitious project yet. So she definitely put more time and effort into this than the wedding dress. My first instinct would be that a wedding dress is more ambitious a project than a toddler level party costume.

No. 323783

she's talking about people without DID saying that, if they did have it, they wouldn't post about it online, and how they only feel like that because they don't have it.

No. 323784

File: 1711564971786.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1415, IMG_7414.jpeg)

Is it just me or did her drag down grade

No. 323785

>>323784 It's definitely just you, her clown look was bare bones in terms of drag and ugly as shit on her. That doesn't mean her current stuff is that great either.

No. 323786

Probably, I just hate that v-day look so much that literally anything else looks better to me, even the clown, wanna-be gyaru make up

No. 323787

It all looks the same level of bad to me. She doesn't look like shes doing drag, just a girl with an alternative make-up style.

Yeah, both dresses are pretty bad but the one Jill made is something a teenaged cosplayer would be embarrassed to wear to the local backwater hick convention. Not sure why people seem to think the cousin was genuinely happy to wear it. She looked awkward the whole time and the dress just looked uncomfortable because of the shit material Jill chose. I'm sure she's a tacky autist but she's definitely worn better quality dresses and can tell the difference. Literally everyone on the planet has worn a better quality dress than one Jill is capable of making. It had absolutely no redeeming qualities.


Even though she sucks, Jill really needs to put the phone down and focus on more projects.

Damn, her views suck nowadays. She definitely nuked her fanbase with this DiD shit. I wonder if the fans who followed her through her arts and crafts college experience are disappointed with her lack of skill too.

No. 323788

>A woman dressed as a woman

Words don't mean anything

No. 323789

She’s a man during tax season, anon.

No. 323790

She looks better in the most recent one, however, I don't know how she can call this "doing drag" if she never performs and just takes selfies in weird makeup

No. 323791

>So many women sew, decorate their houses the exact same and are more popular/talented.
It's true. It's all over TikTok and Instagram nowadays.

No. 323795

There's even at least one that's actually, literally, autistic, I'm amazed by how she's still trying to be the quirkiest but she somehow manages to fail terribly.

No. 323796

>>323784 it's an upgrade, but considering that awful ass makeup, it doesn't say much. Also I love how her definition of drag is wearing a shitload of makeup, but looking as manly as possible in it. If that was the definition of drag, she is truly a pioneer because ever since she gained a lot of weight that's all I've seen from her.

No. 323800

She's just not the special little snowflake she thought she was and it's all her fault for failing so much. She does nothing to correct it either.

No. 323801

Drag to jill just means "do eyebrows"

No. 323802

File: 1711604025226.mp4 (13.24 MB, 1080x1920, Snapinsta.app_video_10000000_1…)

So many women are way cuter, smarter and more creative than her. All these 4 years she has spent doing nothing but larping every mental illness under the sun and smoking weed could had been spent doing something else. She could had gotten an actual degree or at least she could had refined her craft. She didn't do shit but post on twitter about "the haters" all day. The only real attention she has left is lolcow, her career is dead.

She's literally no one and represents nothing. Only her echo chamber cares and they're bleeding out from her follows like crazy. Her niche was occupied by far more successful people. I imagine it's quite upsetting that the only real thing she likes doing is consuming. Just look at vid rel, if she really wanted to do more with her "sustainability" schtick she could be doing so. But she can't do anything right can she.

No. 323803

>>323802 something I was thinking about lately was how despite being a "sustainable kween yass" she hasn't hopped in the anti-haul trend… Of course she hasn't, besides straight hauls being her only actual content (since our artsy kween doesn't do shit beyond consooming) she would just look like a massive (even more so) hypocrite telling people how they don't need one-use random plastic trash, since she ADORES her plastic trash.

No. 323804

The sustainability larp is a very slept-on reason for her downfall, but I would put it in second behind menty illness larping honestly.

No. 323805

3/9 of her latest videos are hauls, just hidden behind buying gifts for others, getting gifts for Christmas, and getting gifts for her birthday

Just give in, Jill. Embrace the consoom

No. 323806

I didn't even realize the valentines look was supposed to be "drag"

No. 323807

This. The sustainability trend hopping is what started it but her mental jillness was the runaway train.

No. 323808

Why would she cut there? Wouldn’t it hurt to fucking walk? Is she doing it there intentionally so she can continue to refuse to do shit around the house ? Kek

No. 323809

It wouldn't hurt to walk - she's in the house most of the time so it's not rubbing against the edge of a boot or anything. I'm guessing it's laziness - the typical lazy cut is on the upper thigh, but she has huge tattoos on her upper thigh, so she can't do it there. Instead, she crosses her leg so her ankle is resting on the knee of her other leg and goes to town. It also has the nice effect of being highly visible, so she can get that max attention.(weird nitpicking)

No. 323814

After seeing how tacky the things Jill makes now are, this is surprisingly tasteful. Her cousin was very happy with it too so that's all that matters, most people don't have the bodytype to pull off the elven style. You really need to be tall and thin, otherwise the loose layers just look oversized. But she looks cute and happy so I would say it's successful. These just aren't flattering styles.

No. 323815

it looks bad because it's badly made, and because jill chose the cheapest shittiest fabric on earth. even the random etsy dress on this fatter woman looks infinitely better >>323688

No. 323816

Anon I’m sorry but you’re wrong. Have you not seen the other, more detailed pictures of this dress? The quality is on par with one of those single-use Halloween costumes that rip when you try to take them off.
If by tasteful you mean it’s not as garishly colourful and short as most of Jill’s work then yeah, that’s probably because the cousin helped design it. But even by dorky ren faire elf otherkin standards it’s the worst I’ve ever seen. It looks like a cheap satin pillow case with holes for the arms. The sleeves are held on by snaps.

No. 323819

>>323805 why doesn't she just do DIYs? It would give her sustainability AND artsy points. At least small accessories. It takes way less effort than a dress and they can be as tacky as she wants them to be. Make DIY gift ideas, you can still do like craftstore hauls, holy shit Jill, do something before your dying fanbase gets finally fed up with you and you end up as nothing but an unmarried rainbow fatass who really wishes something actually was going on with her

No. 323822

it looks like a lord of the rings bride costume from party city.

No. 323826

because that's work! it's easier for her to buy shit and play pretend in her room dressing up and acting out her DID personalities while blazed out of her mind than it is to make something. didn't you notice she quits things that are too hard? she's always been like this, she is really just lazy. lolita was easy for her because you just buy shit and wear it, but she barely did that right and then left for the attention. and the main, if not only reason she wanted to do fashion at all was because she got gassed up by all her spergy party kei fans and thought she could become some kind of icon. she even stopped party kei entirely because she made all these grand claims about where she would go with it, when in reality she was just wearing lazy oaf and pastel forever 21 shit trying to loosely copy other tumblr fashion. she's lazy, plain and simple.

No. 323829

I don't think she had a choice. She doesn't get as much money from mom anymore. She can't afford hauls. "Sustainability" is just her saving face from this fact.

No. 323831

A lazy thigh cutter mod took that one personally kek(take it to meta)

No. 323834

If Steebie is her caregiver then why isn’t he keeping the blades locked up?

No. 323838

She could upcyle thrift store clothes into whatever alt fashion she's into now. She could even do hauls and consume like crazy because it's "sustainable". Maybe find a new wave of viewers that don't know about her faking severe disabilities and csa/abuse.

No. 323843

>in drag
I know bio queens exist but this straight up just looks like alt makeup, if you're going to be a bio queen it needs to at least look different from your normal looks or be playing something up. The only way this outfit and look could be drag is if she actually performed something wearing it, but even then her look would be bringing her down as there is no illusion. If Jill were ordinarily more butch or something it could be a cute beginner look, but as it stands you can obviously tell it's Jill which makes it regular makeup and not a drag/transformative look.
Ironically given the autism larp you'd think Jill would have been particular about the fabric type feeling good, it looks cheap and like you'd start sweating up a storm if it was remotely warm or humid out due to a lack of breathability. Was she being "sustainable" back then? It looks made entirely out of synthetics like her strawberry dress which isn't even just anti-larp but bad for actually wearing all day + while dancing and having fun
it's a location normally covered by socks so it's a rather common cutting location for people cutting in secret. It's also less dangerous than your thighs which tbh I'd expect Jill to know from psa posts in mental ill spaces. To be charitable to Jill, considering the location it is possible she was too high to notice the cuts were obvious in the pic until she read the thread and forgot they were there. Some filters and cameras bring out discolouration you wouldn't easily see irl.

No. 323846

late to this but fucking kek

No. 323853

File: 1711680886957.png (51.58 KB, 720x202, IMG_20240328_205655.png)

More Jillian shipping herself with Jerrick it seems

No. 323857

File: 1711689922337.jpg (141.18 KB, 720x621, 0328160532.jpg)

Jill posted the cake dress photos >>323600 on her insta. Cropped it just to the description.

No. 323858

File: 1711690207799.jpg (308.36 KB, 720x2263, H8ters.jpg)

Potentially Jill talking about haters on her private account if these comments are anything to go by.

No. 323860

So she made her birthday dress in only a month, whereas she had like three months for the wedding dress and it turned out like… that.
She is never going to make clothes to sell. She doesn’t like sewing and only does it to make something to model herself. If she can’t wear the final project there’s no point, and she will always quarter-ass it (as opposed to the usual half-assing she does on her own stuff). The only way she’ll ever have a fashion brand is if she designs clothes for herself and then outsources the pattern grading and sewing to some factory.

No. 323861

She can only ever make shit for herself and that's it

No. 323862

Does anyone itt have access to her private account? Feels like she's still seething about the precure teens

No. 323863

#eglfashion girl let it g o.

No. 323865

File: 1711731019673.jpg (388.1 KB, 720x1600, ChildrenBullyMe.jpg)

>>323862 gotcha, Nonnie

No. 323866

>>323865 also sorry for the uncropped shit, lolcow kinda has issues when I try to upload cropped and I can't bother to get my laptop turned on for this

No. 323868

She could easily ignore them and move on but chooses to engage in the cycle because it’s what gets her pity points. She’s just like Boogie.

No. 323872

File: 1711752532738.png (266.96 KB, 752x780, spreadshirt.PNG)

Someone asked about this in previous thread, but on the topic of being a sustainable queen, Jill's spreadshirt store is actually still up with all of her old designs. She doesn't promote it anymore and maybe even forgot about it but it's still active https://pixiethreads.myspreadshop.com/

No. 323878

KEK this is why its so funny when nonas suggest she could do graphic design (shes bad at it). or focus on sewing >>323677
(shes bad at it) or makeup (shes bad it) >>323784 hell shes been a full time youtuber and shes still really bad at it >>323541

No. 323879

Besides the petticoat I don't see how any of what she did resembles lolita

No. 323882

I do think she has basic enough skills that could be worked on and improved. If she actually applied herself and practiced she, like most people, could actually be good at those things. The problem is she already thinks she's amazing and has no need to work towards improving

No. 323887

File: 1711778418653.jpg (252.35 KB, 720x2235, 25359.jpg)

Jill apparently has food poisoning. Good luck, Stevie.
Thanks, nonita. ♥

No. 323889

always, always the victim.

“Mom, Steeben! My mental magical girlypop group! you wouldn’t BELIEVE the amount of crazy stalkers i’ve had to block! maybe it’s because i’m super sweet and magical like cure flora.. and the haydurs are just jealous… because they have nothing better to do with their lives except be so hateful:(! they need to touch grass”

but i thought you had all the magical wands to help you jillybean? have you tried making a safety plan? (aka binge watching bluey while hitting the weed pen & eating a pint of ice cream a day/one of her safe and sound arfid foods?)

p.s… when was the last time you did anything of substance Jillian? besides Twitter/livestreaming yourself while high being your new job and besides creating the worst “wedding” dress i’ve ever seen in my life.. i just know she put a hex on that dress. if they stay together for a long time i would feel a deep sorrow and regret to show my kids this dress later on in life.

It is seriously just so ill fitting in every way possible and I mean that will full sincerity. I would be so mad if a day that i wanted to be really special, memorable and magical for the rest of my life is shattered by an abomination of a flattened, Aliexpress Joann’s fabrics, sheer holographic upcycled made with pixie dust excuse of a dress.. the lacing. the toilet paper arm pieces. the really long tail end.

the absolutely tacky multicolored roses. shoulder tank dress with a circular neckline. i know the girl doesn’t care at all now.. but this seriously lacks any sign of life in it at all. it’s insane that she would put more effort and money into her own projects than a close family member’s wedding. but i guess i was expecting too much from our silly lil jillybean.

she must have been so high that Berry/sandwich kicked in midway through making this dress and was just like fuck it, I’ll make something a 10 year old would wear on their birthday party. Regardless.. we’re on Easter time now, why don’t you get yourself a treat to relieve that uncontrollable urge to stim? maybe steebie the Easter bunny will bring you a basket full of treats to tide you by during your lurk sessions!!<3 what i got for Easter haul?(learn2integrate)

No. 323893

That one comment
>Good luck brave soldier
For shitting and vomiting?? Jeez

No. 323894

>sending you imodium vibes
do her followers hate her or something? it's extremely unwise to take imodium when you're experiencing food poisoning

No. 323895

Jillian probably doesn't even know wtf that is kek

No. 323899

Kek nonna that reminds me, she hasn't mentioned bluey in a long time, such an hyperfixation of hers that made her binge watch it conveniently when it was popular, but now that no one gives a fuck about the toddlers' show, she also doesn't give a fuck about it anymore.
If I had time to spare, I would make a compilation of the shit she picks and drops like the usual neurotypical person, a true autist picks the most retarded shit to hyperfixate, she could've made peeps her whole personality but she's too normal and basic to do that properly.

No. 323901

>If I had time to spare, I would make a compilation of the shit she picks and drops like the usual neurotypical person
Please do, actually

No. 323906

Watch she's going to post about Bluey now to show that "NU-UH LC IT'S STILL A HYPER FIXATION".

No. 323910

well soapchan’s autism is officially contagious because the moment I read through this post I automatically thought “You know what she probably COULD handle making a living out of though…” KEK

No. 323912

Her Bluey posts always made my skin crawl. I know it's part of her autism/mental handicapped larp but the fact that it's literally for toddlers and parents..combined with her Berry abdl bs and Steve's agre. Makes me think they are just pedos doing roleplay.

No. 323914

>>323910 KEK same, just give in Jill.

No. 323921

Soaps include all the stuff she's into and moderately good at, she can make very aesthetic soaps and then print the labels with cute designs and make soap making vlogs

No. 323922

>>323921 she just doesn't like it because it's not very fashion designer desu, and she is totes a fashion designer

No. 323923

She could totally do Pretty Cure themed soaps and shit, lemon scented glittery Cure Lemonade soap, Floral cure Flora, vanilla scented Cure Custard soap… I'm doing the job for you Jilly(soap sperg derailing)

No. 323924

She's also very into Lush so she can pretend to be cool and sustainy rainby like them
True but that just gives her an opportunity to call herself soap designer kek

No. 323925

File: 1711852291736.png (2.12 MB, 2560x2560, shitty_edited_soap.png)

it would be literally so ez(soap derail)

No. 323926

>Not "go clean 'em, sweetheart"
Soapanon, pls

No. 323928

File: 1711854026910.jpg (500.57 KB, 1080x1690, 225547_X.jpg)

Speaking of "age regressing"…

No. 323929

First off, I can already imagine the ugly and inaccurate as fuck cosplay that she will shit out. Second, gross, why is she actually talking about that disgusting pedo hobby of hers. And finally, kek at the ugüu kawiwi long sleeves picture that's trying to hide her hammy hands.

No. 323930

she could have just posted the pic with "for cosplay reference!"… but the attention whoring 26 year old needs to let everyone know she pretends to be a child…

No. 323932

>enjoying sewing/cosplay/media hobbies as an adult
>no, feeling happiness means I am now five, unlike normies who never experience simple, innocent happiness in their day to day lives

No. 323934

The fact that she always tries to make cosplays for very detailed characters from shows like Pripara and Precure is interesting, maybe if she built up to those by doing more simple ones first her sewing ability might have improved but she's far too ambitious and it always shows in the final product. Her skills can't keep up with her ideas

No. 323935

It's never normal excitement. It has to be "age regressing".

No. 323939

How.. You can have nostalgia without 'age regressing'. I cannot fathom how dumb she is and the fact that people lap this up.

No. 323941

File: 1711874884556.jpg (17.57 KB, 650x650, 1,width=650,height=650,appeara…)

It's funny looking back at it because every design has to 100% relate to her like she really was designing only for herself even back then, but back then it was kind of justified somehow. Nothing has changed

No. 323942

She probably knows age regression is wrong because she only says it once her account got private.

No. 323962

it's not so much that she knows it's wrong, it's that she knows she'll catch shit over it. i think she's incapable of viewing anything that she does as unacceptable in any way

No. 323963

True, that's why she never gets accountability for her actions, she always has an excuse nowadays. The mental illness larp is so tiring.

No. 323973

printing any picture she wants… what, like her priveledged childhood she couldnt print out a picture of an anime girl? really? even poor kids can do that at a library or something I don't know what is so exciting about this. even the thrills of being an adult with money seem kind of inconsequential when compared to someone who grew up with wealth. usually 'adulting' flexes are about buying a ridiculous amount of food or something unreasonable that your parents would never approve of. What is this? Very strange flex.

No. 323974

I guess she ate/drank too many peeps, they're in season kek

No. 323975

File: 1711968916068.mp4 (11.18 MB, 720x1280, i6m4andvw7-ngcVt.mp4)

No. 323976

File: 1711969583788.png (708.1 KB, 720x1284, IMG_20240401_045607.png)

No. 323977

She looks like a 45 year old mother of 4 trying to entertain the little ones at a birthday party. It’s genuinely crazy how old she looks.

No. 323978

Kek this video is so fucking bleak when you realize this woman pretends to be a DID autist with slight schizophrenia (anyone remember the failed schizo breadcrumbing…) who stays all day at home and drinks and smokes herself into retardation. I hope her tubing career plummets and she has to get off of her fat, dimply ass and get a real job.

No. 323979

I think she only filmed herself in the oversized hoodie so people can’t see how big she is. That and editing yourself slimmer while dancing is hard if you put your arms down by your waist.

No. 323980

She looks mentally ill

No. 323982

>>323979 KEK the double chin breaks the illusion and makes her look even fatter

No. 323985

she IS mentally ill, just not in the way she pretends to be

No. 323986

I think she looks cute but holy shit that floor is dirty, I can see the shit flying around as she dances

No. 323991

This is the definitely the only form of exercising that she does. If she did it more often she would be less fat. It looks like she enjoys doing it so she shouldn't have any excuses not to but muh mental illness(sage your shit)

No. 323996

If your parents let you use printer ink on stuff that wasn’t for school, then you were spoiled.

She looks genuinely happy. Good for her! I want her to get into Zumba. It’s good exercise, and her bright rainby aesthetic would fit right in.

No. 323998

Being a perfectionist doesn't override having no talent.

No. 324001

Ah yes, zumba, kava, and soap, the three key elements to fix her life. She will never be as based as her aunt though.

No. 324002

Can we get like a meme for this? Kek

No. 324004

ntayrt but zumba, kava and soap as the 3 powerpuff girls that'll save Jill

No. 324006

If I could do some video editing, it'd be funny to put a depressed-looking Steebie video next to her dancing.

No. 324008

It’ll be 3 pretty cure:
Cure Soapy
Cure Kava Kava
Cure Zumba

No. 324010

File: 1712007504781.jpg (336.39 KB, 778x575, ugly hog-like woman.jpg)

She looks so sickly and corpse-like here, like a cadaver came back to life to do one more cringe dance before going into the ground… Her skin is almost translucent. I assume her skin hasn't been touched by sunlight in some weeks now, maybe even months. I noticed she's wearing socks that conveniently hide her new favourite self-harm spot; part of me wants to believe that she put them on on purpose to hide her cuts. She's stoned in this video, you can tell from her glossed over eyes and her general shakiness. I think she needs to be institutionalized and studied: our scientists need to learn how to prevent this sort of deranged egoism in future generations.(nitpicking)

No. 324012

It's like she did this dance specifically so some anon can edit lolcow.farm along with one of her arm movements and make it into a banner.

No. 324013

No. 324022

>She looks so sickly and corpse-like here, like a cadaver came back to life to do one more cringe dance before going into the ground… Her skin is almost translucent.
Kek. She did have diarrhea recently though, I feel like she didn't film the video "this week" and instead did it very quick to reply to that tweet.

No. 324023

File: 1712066546349.jpg (83.55 KB, 720x637, 040265836.jpg)

Jill doing a youtube livestream soon.

No. 324031

you know what, good for her. yeah it's a simple dance but she actually learned it and performed it well. she looks happy and not like she's forcing it or trying to be number one. just a fun time in her bedroom. I wish she did stuff like this more.

No. 324039

I rather see her doing silly stuff than fighting on twitter if I'm honest.

No. 324064

I know you got a nitpick ban but I thought the exact same thing. I couldn’t get over how unhealthy she looked and it really is her skin. I immediately thought she needs to change her diet, not because she’s fat, but more so because those tendies are discoloring her. It’s kinda bizarre.

No. 324067

I'd rather see her life destroyed because she is pretending to have many severe disabilities for attention and is claiming to be a severly abused child while promoting her abdl fetish. Why do annons just forget that like how can you be rooting for her.

No. 324068

File: 1712092049795.jpg (209.25 KB, 720x1818, 532347ufe3tffuuhj.jpg)

Jill elaborates on her getting food poisoning.

No. 324069

File: 1712092281772.jpg (118 KB, 720x812, 345786rgu86fh8.jpg)

March is such a crazy trauma-versary

No. 324070

nta I'm not exactly rooting for her, but I want to see her stop and grow the fuck up and take some accountability. If she doesn't I'm happy to see her crash and burn instead.

No. 324090

How fucking retarded do you have to be to give yourself food poisoning TWICE the exact same way. Also sorry but who keeps leftovers of something that can go bad so easily for close to a fucking week and eats it? She's such a slobbish fucking pig.

No. 324096

She’s such a retard just throw it in the freezer on day 2. Also does she know only one recipe?
Traumaversary of teenaged precure fans.

No. 324098

Every month seems to be trauma anniversary for her.
She’s been saying that since January

No. 324104

File: 1712126960078.mp4 (13.88 MB, 720x1280, 986532eddfrttygghyy.mp4)

New youtube short, I tacked on her comment at the end. Currently has 3.9k views. I wonder if she'll continue to do youtube shorts since she decided to stop using tiktok. Seems kind of dumb to me to do this now instead of posting sneak peeks building up to the release of the dress video but I'm not a youtuber so what do I know.

No. 324105

>Every month seems to be trauma anniversary for her
And every month she's been told to make soap, there's your trauma right there!

No. 324106

File: 1712130184877.jpg (164.76 KB, 720x1123, 0865 r 212234t.jpg)

No. 324107

File: 1712130669241.jpg (266.93 KB, 720x2120, P9864esdy6ujjk.jpg)

No. 324109

Dances and moves around just fine, clearly looks lively. Why isnt she working? Not actually asking, but more like pointing out, that she's perfectly healthy and fine. She practiced a dance and easily learned just about the whole thing. So she's able bodied and competent enough to work. Hope she posts more stuff like this to ensure that she never qualifies for disability since its vividly clear that she's all around just fine. and no being sad sometimes doesnt count, everyone is.

No. 324113

File: 1712135188767.mp4 (1.88 MB, 1080x1920, Video-12.mp4)

Yes, she should had done it before to build hype. Honestly she could be doing more shorts with her behind the scenes process like picrel. But… Notice how we said she should be doing more short content and then she did? Kek

No. 324114

She could easily reel so many views on Instagram and TikTok with this type of stuff instead of the retarded DID mental health content but whatever lmao

No. 324115

Oh my…. imagine all the dust trapped in between those plastic gems. When you sew on a machine, tons of fibers from the fabric get pulled up and float around, which is why you have to regularly take the foot plate off and pull out lint. Also the machine in general gets covered in lint. Covering your machine in puffy stickers and creating ten thousand un-dustable crevasses is retarded.

No. 324116

The views on her shorts are super low by Youtube Shorts standards especially considering her sub count. It's way easier to amass tonnes of views via Shorts and the threshhold for monetisation on shorts requires way more views than on normal uploads (she's already monetised obviously so this isn't relevant to her. just remarking to illustrate how much easier it is to get views on Shorts). I think she did ok on TikTok because it was a new platform and her content is appealing in short form but her Youtube channel is dead and her reach outside of her sub base has never been good so I don't think she would be able to grow via her existing YouTube channel compared to starting fresh on another platform/channel.

No. 324117

She doesn’t need the money and isn’t actually interested in her lofty former dreams. That’s all, and everything else helps her deal with the guilt of not being who she thought she was.
Actually, Jill’s life will only finally improve if she admits to herself that she’s not super special and her dream is to be a relaxed housewife whose biggest endeavors are decorating and occasional crafting hobbies.

No. 324119

wtf did jillian's parents not teach her anything about food safety? at almost thirty years of age she should have been well aware that meat goes bad within a couple of days if you don't freeze it. food poisoning is a painful way to learn a lesson that someone should have taught her long ago.

No. 324120

It’s because she’s never had to cook until she moved out.

No. 324121

It's probably just a spare machine just for show kek

No. 324124

Imagine if she actually did something cute and showed the process instead of another “LOOK AT ME!” Type video. Too bad she’s terrified of not having herself be the main focus 24/7

No. 324128

Her grabbing her chest so her boobs don't fly out of the dress made me laugh

No. 324129

every time I see the dress i think it's a good cosplay getup. It's not perfect at all, but for a one off photoshoot it isn't bad and you can adjust things in post. She isn't parading it around as if it's exploratory at all at least.

No. 324132

Sorry for spoonfeeding, I’ve tried finding the thread where the wedding dress appears cause I want to see why this looks bad. Is it cause the fabric looks like it cost a whole dollar? The “prism” fabric she described in the original wedding dress video looks like this cheap stuff my cousin uses for scrapbooking. But I’ve also seen really good seamstresses (not Jill) use crappy fabric and make something presentable. This looks like a last minute cosplay I would make 10 years ago.

No. 324133

New video up. "What actually happened after fashion school!"

No. 324134

It looks like shit because it's utterly shapeless with absolutely 0 structural reinforcement. I mean the entire top half looks like a repurposed fruit of the loom men's basic white t-shirt that comes in a pack of 6. The sleeve area also looks slightly too wide and loose for her shoulders. It just does not compliment her whatsoever. The dress looks as if Jill has never even seen her cousin kek.

No. 324135

>>>228611 is when the dress was completed and posted (Jill finished the dress less than a week before the wedding)
>>>192197 is first mention during her Christmas haul I believe

iirc there weren't really any updates other than one pic of her cousin wearing a mockup with Jill taking up half of the frame

No. 324141

Gotta hand it to Mikan and her just starting a brand despite having threads on PULL and here. Jill is giving so many excuses and isn’t ambitious with taking the plunge. She has nothing to lose other than time but thankfully she’s an influencer so she can turn the making of process into videos.

No. 324142

In this video she says she forgot her college education due to "amnesia," she doesn't post fashion designs because they're all doomed to be stolen, and people are malicious toward her all the time for no reason. still no character development in sight(non-milk posts should be saged)

No. 324143

Blaming everything in the universe but herself, as usual. She could just say that she lost motivation, but that isn't dramatic enough.

No. 324144

What amnesia is she talking about? She acts like her ~alters~ are all fully integrated and can communicate with each other in her mind palace, so who is causing the block? What trauma did she experience at school that caused her to lock all of those memories away? I'm sure she conveniently doesn't forget other things she did during that time

No. 324146

She's such a narcissistic tard it's insane. There have been cows who have totally disappeared off the face of the earth. Did everyone forget about fatveganfemme, Phoebe Tickner? She was the same flavor of munchie, HAES fat acceptance, nonbinary retard as Jill who mooched off of her audience (just like Jill) who all but totally disappeared off the face of the earth ostensibly because of her lolcow threads. Jill COULD keep a low profile, she COULD stop posting her munchie tard behaviors online and just operate some kind of storefront twitter account or something and take all her dumb mentall Jillness youtube videos down and just upload videos of her sewing projects and crafts, etc. Her threads would die and she wouldn't have to live with the biggest victim complex on planet earth!
Sadly she is a black hole of an attention whore who needs constant attention and validation for her imaginary weed induced illnesses.

No. 324147

>Jill COULD keep a low profile, she COULD stop posting her munchie tard behaviors online and just operate some kind of storefront twitter account or something and take all her dumb mentall Jillness youtube videos down and just upload videos of her sewing projects and crafts, etc.
Yeah but then this thread would be boring

No. 324148

Summary please? She's not taking any accountability for herself is she

No. 324149

Someone please clip the part around 13:07 where she says "I'm a calm person who's sharing art and being chill" kek

No. 324150

Anon that's the point I'm literally making kek, she could keep a low profile and her threads would die out and she wouldn't have to feel like "muh ebil stalkers hate me cuz muh tism and DID". She secretly loves the attention she gets from lolcow because she loves feeling like a victim (when she implies she was brutally raped by her girlfriend of like 2 weeks over and over and implying her family abused and neglected her horrifically).

No. 324151

File: 1712170818915.jpg (427.35 KB, 720x2695, 87654345679.jpg)

Tweets regarding the video.
>In this video she says she forgot her college education due to "amnesia"
Lol, accountability never. Next glitter text should be amnesia.
I was just thinking the same thing, nonny. She sucks at lying. Probably being called "inconsistent" is her trauma. God forbid the teachers didn't grab her garment, raise it up like Rafiki did with baby Simba, have tears in their eyes, and proclaim it to be the best thing ever made.
I miss Phoebe. Those were good times especially her proclaiming to eat more broccoli than us peasants. The buttons she made were peak hilarious. Absolutely surprised me when she disappeared. Funny how she figured it out.
>Sadly she is a black hole of an attention whore who needs constant attention and validation for her imaginary weed induced illnesses
This is why she cycles like she does and why she won't let go of the rainby anesthetic. She refuses to let go of her past identity. The amount of teen alters reflects this.

No. 324152

She should be doing what the other successful influencers do and be pumping out a lot of shorts on tiktok and instagram showing off the stuff she makes to get hype for it and direct people to youtube and her brand
But no, better delete tiktok out of butthurt for people not playing along with your imaginary friends delusion

No. 324154

*aesthetic, lol
I want to her all her excuses because I feel like it's akin to dog ate my homework level of dumb. 26 years old, holy shit.
Exactly. She gets in her own way because she craves to be the eternal victim. Very sad.

No. 324155

>she doesn't post fashion designs because they're all doomed to be stolen
God I hate artfags so much, dumbest bullshit ever, literally everything is stolen. You odn't see engineers who work on something for years giving up because China steals it. You don't see programmers quitting because somebody "stole" their code (which they stole in the first place, because literally all of civilization is "Stealing" ideas and improving on them. THATS HOW THINGS GET BUILT AND IMPROVED)
But with artfags it's all bloobloo, someone will steal my precious intellectual property that I shat out 15 minutes ago, woe is me, why do anything? why don't we have communism yet?!?!
Of course Jill uses this all as an excuse to not do anything, but so do many other art faggots, and she hangs out with them and absorbs their pea brained bull shit excuses and deranged ideas of how society should work according to them and their ego. What a lazy ass.

No. 324156

>bloobloo, someone will steal my precious intellectual property that I shat out 15 minutes ago, woe is me, why do anything?
Exactly. How does she not realize it's pathetic to say "I am an artist with a specifically recognized style and dedicated following, but somehow anybody could pass off my work as their own and I could do nothing about it." What??

No. 324157

So this is her March madness?

No. 324158

Seriously, she's only showing how mediocre she is, she knows she will never do anything remarkable because, and I bet my left tit, she surely never tries to look at other people's art because she thinks she's too good and too original for that.

No. 324159

Tinfoil but I wouldn’t be surprised if she got ‘inspired’ by Kelly edens return to YouTube video where she said taking lithium made her forget chunks of 2019

No. 324160

Jillian is the laziest and stupidest spoiled brat. She has gotten high so much that she lets her weed intensified fears control her whole life and is trying to blame it on "amnesia" and covid lockdown. How many years has it been? Every single day she choose to get high, eat chicken nuggies, and watch tiktok. I couldn't imagine being that lazy for that many years. "Theres so many steps" is now her current excuse for doing the absolute bare minimum this year, aka a couple shitty cosplays like years prior. She has no true interest in art or fashion, I think shes forcing it because she has nothing else to cling to. Her passion is feeding her fat ego in the easiest way possible. Once things get slightly hard in her craft room the DID lore will start a new grift.

No. 324161

Nobody’s even said this, all the artists I’ve seen say anything similar have only stopped posting online while still working or have switched to trad artwork. Even big names who have had their art trained into models and gotten upset are still working. No professional artist is quitting their job and crying about communism, it’s only casual fanartists with massive egos who draw like twice a year and don’t make a living off their work (re: Jill) making a big fuss of “quitting”. We all know Jill doesn’t post fashion designs because she doesn’t have any kek

No. 324162

>What amnesia is she talking about?
I'm pretty sure she's just referring to the memory problems that long-term use of cannabis can cause. She smokes everyday so I'm pretty sure her memory is shit at this point but because she doesn't take responsibility for anything in her life she has to blame it on "amnesia." I don't think this is tinfoiling to suggest because it's really common in a lot of stoners, it's just annoying that Jill likes to pretend that weed is good for her when it clearly isn't.

No. 324163

My point is that she conflicts herself constantly with her DID larp because one minute everyone is co-con and can all commuicate and she's one big happy headmate family and then the next she's blacking out and doesn't remember things but that makes no sense with the rest of her story

No. 324164

Amnesia, or weed and constantly being absent?

No. 324166

she probably can't even remember her own lore due to all the weeds.

No. 324167

For real. Just take the normie pill Jill. Housewifecore. Livelaughlove-kei. She’s one of the few women I think genuinely only needs motherhood to be fulfilled.(weak b8)

No. 324170

>>324167 that's a terrible idea anon, she doesn't even take care of her cats that she claims she loves so much

No. 324175

this bitch does not need to reproduce lmfao. having children is not a solution for being a deranged narc

No. 324176

Imagine being Jillian's kid. No thanks

No. 324178

I think deep down she really wants to though, family is one of the only things that really matters to her. She clearly can’t live up to this boss bitch designer image she built for herself. If she actually admits she’s not the person she thought she was, she might not have the fortitude for that.

No. 324181

File: 1712195725271.png (149.88 KB, 878x687, jills fulfillment needs.png)

jill will never have a child because she is a typical narcissist. its absolutely unfathomable for her to consider there will be something, someone, who should get more attention than her.

to be a mother is to sacrifice yourself on behalf of your child for a LIFETIME. jill has never put anyone before herself and this is evident in not only her 74 threads here, but how often she calls herself "kind" and "considerate." true kindness and consideration don't require constant reference.(don't reply to bait)

No. 324183

Also let's be honest, her mother is the source of her trauma because she was envious of the attention she got for having cancer which is why Jill is such a munchie. Jill would love people fawning over her while she was pregnant but then she'd turn into the worst mother on earth and blame it all on her mental illness.

No. 324193

>family is one of the only things that really matters to her
ntayrt but where would you even get this from nona?
>jill talks about how much she loves her mom but will turn around and tweet about how awful and traumatic her childhood was and how she wasnt protected & went through "repeated csa"
>had a mental breakdown twitter spree when she had to cancel going to a concert in montreal cause her mom had to be with her dying grandma
>has family members that she dislikes and sends angry emails to "explaining what they did to her"
>rarely sees her brother, maybe 1-2 a year, never speaks about him or their relationship
>has rarely spoken about her dad except when she was speculating that was autistic, and perhaps passed down autism to her
>moved to a different providence and never moved back to be near support of family after finishing her diploma, despite the fact that she doesnt have to be in frederickton at all for her job
>gifted weirdly cheap presents to her parents and grandparents for xmas including a plastic beaded necklace for grandma and a small 3d printed box for her parents
>did not gift her brother anything (according to her wrap with me video)

aside from a summer vlog a year or 2 ago where she talked about enjoying the family's summer home, she rarely seems to exhibit that family is one of the only things that matter to her

No. 324215

Ew tranny Steve shouldn't be anywhere near a baby with his agre fetish and Jill would either be a narc mom that tries to live vicariously through her kid or just be jealous because she's the babbyyyyy.

No. 324218

File: 1712200420863.jpeg (492.67 KB, 750x670, i miss the old jillian straigh…)

Wasn’t her recent video also blaming amnesia to get a HUGE refund too?? Theres been Jillian threads for 8 years. She was functional for years. High school Jill did theater and cosplay, early 20s Jill influecer with half time job. She was fine till rainby therapist endulged her. Diagnostic Impression Jillian is high in every video/photo and tweets fulltime. Can't can’t even remember years of college now. What a contrast. Oooold pic when she got invited to The Sims event. No autism lanyard needed back then…

No. 324225

If someone were to off her an all expenses paid vacation, she'd suddenly be able to handle everything herself again lol

No. 324226

I think it was around the time Colin dumped her and hit her right in the narc rage that things started to go downhill. Overall I would say (aside from Jill’s own grandiose talentless self) it was
1. Colin dumping her
2. Menty illness coddling
3. Sustainability larp
4. Refusal to make soap
In that order that lead to her downfall, others may disagree.

No. 324231

The way Jill keeps implying some severe baby trauma is so weird. Like in this video she says part of why she wasn't working on her brand was to stop the "crying baby in her head". It really feels like she keeps lowering the age of her trauma to make it more dramatic.

No. 324235

File: 1712215575594.jpg (137.62 KB, 1300x956, the-wizard-looks-into-the-crys…)

100% Collin started it all
>Cheats on Tristan with his friend Collin
>Get together
>Seem happy for years, always together
>Collin mysteriously dumps her
>Bitter as fuck
>Pretend to be gay and hatecrimed briefly
>Flirts with her best friends ex bf Stebie
>Best friend Maggie gone
>Ruined closest friendship of her entire life for fucking Stebie
>Maggie still talks to Stebie but not her
>Early on use Stebie as Collin replacement/clone
>Keep fucking up
>Become munchie to cope with your failure
>Stebie twink death'd and mentally checked out. Not like Collins relationship at all
>Everyone getting married
>Desperate to get Stebie to propose
>Inevitably going to drive Stebie away just like Collin

No. 324236

Kek that spoiler. I think that even if she tried soap, she might get bored and not commit to it if it comes out wrong.

No. 324237

It's so convenient that she has amnesia about the hobby she allegedly wants to turn into a professional thing and in turn learnt nothing in college, but she still calls herself fashion designer. She really went to an easy peasy arts and crafts college and learnt nothing, the only thing she remembers everyday is precure and twitter

No. 324239

It's more annoying than that, actually. She talks about how she's SOOOO (she actually screams that part) grateful that magically, her DID-induced amnesia didn't cause her to lose any memories of college. How fortunate for her that the only thing she didn't lose memories of was the trade school that she's convinced is her meal ticket.

No. 324240

she’s so quick to make up elaborate lies and excuses but it would be so much easier to say “I have burnout” and leave it at that. This video should not exist at all and why doesn’t she tell us stories about the fun times she’s had at craft school instead?

No. 324242

Her family’s wealth is very important to her if anything, only comes home for gifts/when there is something to get out of it only to sit and smoke weed in the cat pattio, hell its clear she loves those expensive ass cats more than her own blood

No. 324244

Sage for blog but I graduated in 2019 and have forgotten a lot of what I learnt at University because I went down a completely different career path. Jill, you forgot how to sew because you stopped practising and never bothered to educate yourself further. Does she seriously think non-traumatised people remember everything?

No. 324245

I definitely agree that she could be talking about the nice times she had in college instead of everything she's doing. I also feel like just saying "I have burn out" is the most sensible adult thing she could do instead of making up stories about how she has 10 mental diseases.

I also really believe that instead of saying how she didn't learn shit she's giving an amnesia excuse. But if she didn't learn, that means her fashion designer diploma is meaningless and she isn't a fashion designer. Maybe she needs to go back to college and learn something new like graphic design or potter, they do offer those classes. It would do her well.

No. 324259

it all makes sense. another nona pointed out that she was planning her life around colin after high school, pretty sure she was going to follow him to college and they were going to live together. its been a while but didn't she also drop hints about wanting to get married too? she put all her eggs in one basket and was planning on living her dream of being a housewife with no real backup plan to speak of. her life was flipped upside down when he dumped her and she had no idea who she could be outside of that, so she decided to lean into being an attention whore.

No. 324261

I'm certain now that all of Jill's mental illness knowledge comes not just from tiktok but also movies and anime. The things she's describing in her most recent video just aren't things that happen and she's acting like it's a real fear to lose her entire college education for literally no reason at all. It's like watching one of those videos where someone gets in a fender bender and starts freaking out that the car is going to explode. It doesn't work that way you fucking imbecile.

No. 324268

this video really seems like it was made for the haturz. did she even announce it beforehand like she always does (before postponing the upload)? gives the vibe of reading on lolcow and spontaneously filming to prove "the haters" wrong, and instead proving our points. she can't just be burnt out, actually xyz happened instead.

No. 324271

File: 1712265387660.jpg (701.56 KB, 1080x1999, 1000002992.jpg)

This new article made me think of jill. NHS cannot handle all of the brand new mental illness fakers popping up everywhere.

No. 324272

We have an entire generation that thinks they have ADHD and autism because their attention spans have been fried by short form content and because they're too unsocialized to make a phone call and it's embarrassing

No. 324278

My thoughts exactly

No. 324279

File: 1712273754401.jpg (232.9 KB, 720x1776, 5pdvjhfzgujbyyhb.jpg)

>Verrryy early days

No. 324280

File: 1712274892295.jpg (167.04 KB, 720x1188, P865rfcyyj.jpg)

How riveting. Tell me again how your brand is going, Jillian.
It does. She really thinks she's a smooth operator who can talk/explain her way out of anything because her bullshit explanations have """worked""" before. It pisses her off like no tomorrow that nonnies in these threads do not buy her bullshit. She really thinks people are stupid which in turn just shows how stupid she truly is. Quite embarrassing really. If she put the actual work in, she could prove us wrong but that takes effort which is just way too hard. She needs to take her Ls and learn from them instead of doing whatever this half-baked idea is.

No. 324281

geez, no wonder jill complains about how making a fashion brand has too many steps. She has to keep up with all of this assorted bullshit because of the crowds she's aligned herself with. Just imagine if she was a normal woman launching a brand and shopping the design out to a chinese factory. vs what she's doing which is trying to find a sustainable factory and make size inclusive clothes that fit men and genderblobs and for people with sensory issues and all of the other nonsense. That sounds like a logistical nightmare .

No. 324284

>>324281 her planned brand sounds too good to be true, which is precisely why it'll never come to fruition kek it IS too good to be true, specially at the fat hands of miss hardworker here

No. 324286

Just get a fucking tailor at this point, Jesus. The whole reason that mass production works is because they standardize to a few sizes. Jill's gonna have to pattern and sew every garment by hand if she tries to be this inclusive. No way any manufacturer will take demands like this seriously.

No. 324297

So according to Jill she's going to make multiple high quality clothes that are sensory safe, gender and size inclusive and ethically made, and she's going to do it on her own, when she barely uploads to YouTube and spends most of the day getting high and fighting om twitter? Yeah this fashion brand is never going to happen. She should just admit 5 petal flower was an unrealistic idea to begin with and focus on quitting twitter and making more YouTube videos.

No. 324298

she should just go down the mikan mandarin path and go for the Chinese manufacturer that’s green.

No. 324305

It was 100% a BPD fueled tall tale she was promising her audience. I can't imagine clothes that are sensory sage, adjustable, goes up to 10x in size, and is ethically sourced.

No. 324308

What does it even mean for clothing to be "sensory safe"? Aren't sensory issues different for every autist? And "gender inclusive" clothing is just a term that means nothing. Any man can put on a woman's skirt if they want to. Clothing is only gendered by marketing.

No. 324309

More proof that she knows jack shit about the fashion industry other than fast fashion = bad. Which she probably only learned from twitter anyway.
Just because it's easier for randos to contact a Chinese factory to ask them to produce a few custom t-shirts doesn't mean you can get the perfect product for your special snowflake needs. Unless you were rich but then you wouldn't be caught dead wearing that cheap shit.
How do those people survive when they're sensitive about everything? Nobody's owed kaweewee clothes for being oh so ~opressed~ (and yes I know the only oppression they face is people laughing at them for being delusional kek)
Also sorry to break it to you Jill, but the most substainable thing to do would be to -not- start a brand and create more of a carbon footprint in the world, no matter how substainable (lol) your supplies and factories would be, that'd still create pollution.
Why not make tutorials on how to customize clothing instead? Less work for you and your followers could actually learn something, and work with the clothes that they already have and that fit them. Everybody would benefit from it!
Ah, but I guess the tags on the clothes wouldn't be YOUR tags. Maybe you could ship some to you followers so they can play pretend? Y'all are good at that kek

No. 324310

I imagine it has no tags, made with soft materials and has no shape. But yeah it’s different for everyone. When I was little I had severe issues and wore the same pjs 24/7.

No. 324311

> man can put on a woman's skirt if they want to. Clothing is only gendered by marketing.
Not quite, as a sewing/art fag, men and women have very differently shaped bodies so if you want clothes that fit said bodies, they need to have specific cuts and styles. It's why men automatically look silly in clothes cut for women's bodies, everything fits wrong and it immediately looks hilarious. Obviously if you're talking baggy shirts or whatever there is no gender, but for clothes that actually fit and look good, clothes unfortunately do have a gender. I am gonna take a guess that the reason men wearing skirts fell out of fashion is because men used it to flash women constantly, like there are reasons for things kek

No. 324312

A lot of people who don't actually have ADHD and are just tired and stressed are high on meth right now, 51% increase is crazy

No. 324323

Yeah I keep seeing trans models on this one shopping app I use and they look so bad in women’s clothing. Unisex clothes are usually cut like baggy men’s clothes with a wider variety of prints, but I’ve never been able to find a ‘unisex’ long coat or pair of pants that fit my hips. Women’s and men’s bodies are shaped differently and so our clothes are cut differently.
Maybe Jill can bring back togas and kilts that are essentially a large piece of fabric that’s wrapped around the body in various ways. Design some garish kaweewee rainbow print, slap on a label and no sewing required. It’s ideal!

No. 324326

I agree, although I wonder if all this time she's been playing all the mental jillness up like crazy and "networking" (brown-nosing any creator who centers the DSM for their content) because she knows she can't rank among skill or creativity. Maybe after prioritizing the hottest market online right now she has no choice but to shill.

No. 324327

Now I can't stop but imagine her attempting to create a kaweewee rainby thneed kek

No. 324328

File: 1712341652035.jpg (227.65 KB, 720x1815, 0240405112422.jpg)

No. 324329

File: 1712341745472.jpg (145.21 KB, 720x767, 200976434566.jpg)

No. 324332

Hey look she’s filming more bts sewing content. Didn’t the pandemic hit in her last year of fashion school?

No. 324334

Even so how would it be possible to make clothing that fits both a male and female body? That just means it's very shapeless or stretchy, right? Gender inclusive clothing sounds like it's meant to be an item either a woman or a man can put on which already applies to any given article of clothing, that's what I mean.

No. 324343

I imagine that it would be possible in theory to make each item per order and have options to select like "flat bust" or "large bust" in the options along with sizes but this is only possible for an extremely high price and a higher price means customers would want quality. plus the only people who can afford things like that wouldn't buy her rainby shit anyways

No. 324345

File: 1712362166499.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x1283, IMG_4885.jpeg)

She’s just gonna make shapeless sack dresses like her debut five petal flower monstrosity technically they’ll fit anyone because it’s a rectangle with sleeve holes.

No. 324350

File: 1712374262738.jpeg (212.85 KB, 828x616, IMG_3428.jpeg)

>PTSD freeze
>2 months
Ok jill

No. 324351

She always has some miracle cure that changes her life whether it's new meds, meditation, journalling, exercise, etc that she thinks has fixed her life while she's riding a high and then suddenly that's all gone and she's the world's most broken baby again

No. 324353

She is constantly proving she has zero problems at all. Who the fuck is meditating their way out of PTSD?

No. 324355

Dead influencers like her are the reason why everyone sounds so obnoxious even by text.

No. 324358

Interesting that she shows her sewing machine now just after someone posted this vid of a sewing machine >>324113 just 3 days ago

No. 324359

What an interesting way to respond to the whole traumaversary bullshit happening every month since the year begun.
I wonder where she gets this stupid ass terminology to describe her supposed PTSD. What the hell is a PTSD freeze? PTSD doesn’t cause several month long “freezes”. If anything she could be describing depression.

No. 324363

She's just high and likes making up shit to sound more interesting. Wtf is a "traumaversary" to begin with.

No. 324371

Jill is so special that she can meditate her way out of her harrowing PTSD mental jillness if you give her 5 minutes of meditation per day. She's been sounding so manic lately with her tweets. That's BPD for you.

No. 324372

It just sounds like your run of the mill BPD emotional changes that can be changed from a minute to the other

No. 324375

The wording behind traumaversary is so strange. So did one thing happen that made her DID happen? Or does she have a dort of trauma anniversary for every instance?
Fucking christ why, either way.

No. 324377

and she always posts it after someone mentions how unhealthy she is her, as if it's only to prove us wrong. and then she never mentions said "miracle cure" ever again

No. 324379

File: 1712414236218.jpg (Spoiler Image,230.1 KB, 720x1323, 20240406_163512.jpg)

sage for not jill, but cherry has been posting a lot about making a business lately. i genuinely believe jill's sudden mentioning of her business stems from this. imagine being outdone by your skinwalker in a matter of days, when you've been "working" on your "business" for like five years

No. 324381

File: 1712416556708.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1179x1956, IMG_6106.jpeg)

I doubt she’s gonna be able to run a business when her and her mom were scammed trying to buy pixie’s shitty dress lmao(off-topic/sage your shit)

No. 324382

Cherry could easily make way more sales than Jill because of the degree of her autistic fixation on being like Jill kek. I can definitely see Cherry going all out on being a kaweewee rainby designer and producing lots of items, probably at least at the same quality as Jill's because Jill has never advanced past amateur level.

No. 324384

Cherry is on topic imo

No. 324386

Another thing Jillian should be jealous of kek

No. 324389

It’s game over when Cherry makes something with daisies and gingham.

No. 324392


the mods need to chill with the red text, Cherry is relevant to the conversation(take it to /meta/)

No. 324393

>imagine being outdone by your skinwalker in a matter of days
would be funny tbh kek i support it

No. 324404

File: 1712457505245.png (123.86 KB, 1060x659, Screenshot_20240406-212756~2.p…)

There has GOT to be something going on in that household right now. Jill keeps liking tweets about dumping partners, being *~so gay~*, as well as an obligatory woman in lingerie. Stevie is up to the usual sperging about Star Wars but dialed up by 10, accompanied by a dash of homoerotic men in speedos. The upcoming wedding between Soph and Oliver must be causing a rift big time.

No. 324405

File: 1712457533406.png (788.49 KB, 1047x1377, Screenshot_20240406-212733~2.p…)

No. 324406

File: 1712457955690.jpeg (797.1 KB, 1242x1853, IMG_2639.jpeg)

These are some of the more interesting likes, this one is from Stephen and it seems very on-the-nose with Jill's fake autism larp

No. 324407

File: 1712457983403.jpeg (497.06 KB, 1242x1584, IMG_2640.jpeg)

This one is from Jill

No. 324409

File: 1712459122805.png (300.59 KB, 1080x927, Screenshot_20240406-212709~2.p…)

No. 324410

File: 1712459648257.png (741.8 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20240406-213151~2.p…)

No. 324411

File: 1712459799165.png (1.97 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_1630.png)

Steebie also changed his pfp to a stardew valley pic crew.

No. 324419

Is this from Steven?

No. 324420

No, Jill

No. 324421

LOL HE DOES NOT WANT TO MARRY HER AND SHE'S PISSED. Colin Arc Two: Electric Boogaloo incoming.

No. 324422

is this like stevie's or is it jill's? if it's his maybe jill's mad stevie's seemingly more into men now so she's going, "hah, well I'm more into girls now" which is why she's liking those faux-lesbian posts

No. 324423

It's his lol

No. 324424

File: 1712471454075.mp4 (9.96 MB, 1280x720, Pro social media.MP4)

This is late but here's a clip of Jill talking about being pro social media but wants to breathe the air sometimes and touching grass is good, twitter meltin' the brain, not liking insta as much but still trying to post more, talks about people she follows on insta that inspire her but seeing them being creative makes her feel like she needs to get up and be creating she's wasting time other people are getting ahead of her, talks about looking at insta only while busy. Jill does not put the chat in the designated space.
Sure, I'll have it in a day or two.

No. 324425

Her speech is insufferable at the best of times but the livestreams where she's baked out of her mind are absolutely unlistenable

No. 324426

>Feeling an internal sense of safety for like 48 hours which is extrenely rare and such a treat
Peak buffoonery that is hilarious because she unironically posts this type of shit thinking it's something, but all these posts show is how high off her own farts she is.
Considering all the screenshots, something is obviously up. She can't keep her mouth shut so something will probably slip soon.
She would like something like this. Who is she kidding? No one, lol. I agree with >>324422 that it's just Jill getting back. She's shameless.

No. 324427

She really does sip 180mg of caffeine just to sit at her desk and do nothing lmao damn get that heart/liver checked out sis!!

No. 324428

Why doesn't she quit twitter then? It's self inflicted at this point, all because she wants attention. She has so many accounts across multiple platforms just laying there

No. 324429

File: 1712476990332.mp4 (17.85 MB, ALA.MP4)

Fan talks about liking Jill's crochet tutorial which prompts her into talking about learning. 2:00 talks about autism, 2:15 talks about amnesia, and at 2:30 she says how many fucking times am I going to be shat on for having literal amnesia.

No. 324430

why does she need an excuse for everything? especially for stupid stuff that doesn't matter in real life like precure and pokemon? it's okay to be stupid and forget things sometimes jill, that's not what goddamn amnesia means.

No. 324433

I can't feel bad for her when all of her problems could be solved by not being so online and not posting such personal details about her life. No one would have beef with her if she didn't constantly start fights on twitter and post about how autistic / traumatized / abused she is.

No. 324435

Wonder if it’s just that she spends all day inebriated by a substance known for making people couchlocked, anxious and paranoid. Oh yeah, she does.
But of course our special Jillybean is actually immune to all of the effects of marijuana besides it making her “normal.” Except somehow she’s never normal and is always forgetting things, acting like a weird child or animal, gaining weight, being afraid to go outside and see people, losing her grip on herself and reality, spending all day watching mindless cartoons or lying down absorbed in her own stupid daydreams, being unable to haul her ass out of bed or the couch…
Genuinely when the fuck is she going to realize that like eighty percent of the shit she describes day to day is just that she’s constantly stoned? “Months long PTSD freeze fixed by five minutes of meditation” is literally nothing. It’s completely misattributed stupid bullshit and she needs to get sober.

No. 324437

Her amnesia larp makes me hate her more than anything else, even the autism/child abuse lies. I have had a loved one get traumatic brain damage from a car accident and I know how terrifying real amnesia is, it's a big fucking deal and you would be in the hospital or be under care if it was really that bad. But she is just pretending that she has this serious medical condition but can apparently function just fine on a day to day basis and be left alone at home, it's only a problem when she posts something offensive online that doesn't align with being kawaii and woke. Bitch you wouldn't be allowed to operate a stove if you really had amnesia.

No. 324442

File: 1712497801023.png (355.47 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20240407-084655~2.p…)

It's so egregious at this point.

No. 324443

File: 1712497825504.png (850.39 KB, 1080x1940, Screenshot_20240407-084741~2.p…)

No. 324445

Someone called that Steebie wants a polycule

No. 324446

Is Steeb gay or an AGP?

No. 324448

I think it’s both. He’s going by they/them and dates Jill as a beard to make his family happy. Jill probably allows Steebie to fuck other men in the basement but maybe he got attached to one and asked her if he could bring him into the relationship.

No. 324450

>I didn't know how many grades there were until I was in like grade 5!
>I was like so is college like grade 13 LIKE!
Holy fuuuuck if she was anyone else this would be a goofy childhood anecdote but from her there is a PALPABLE feeling of "SEE I was so uninformed and ~retarded~ I didn't know there were only 12 grades of school before I was 10/11!! Isn't that WACKY? Isn't that NEUROTYPICAL OF ME TO NOT UMDERSTAND??" She has this expectant look on her face when she shares this information like she wants the people being told this information to feel like there was something wrong with her. It's hard to explain but she's such an attention whore that it feels like she is trying to cultivate a sort of feeling in the people she is sharing this information with and that feeling is "oh wow, she thinks it's silly but it's actually VERY strange!" Like she wants to leave some kind of "clueless autist" imprint on her viewers. I feel like she didn't feel like the viewers were getting "autism" from that so then she had to go amd literally namedrop autism and say she's literally autistic, because if she doesn't nobody thinks she's autistic.

Holy shit, this is not ~AMNESIA~ this is literally JUST poor memory recall which, guess what? Can be caused by excessive marijuana usage.

No. 324452

Yeah, she gets extremely delighted when acting out stories or behaviors that she believes will incite her viewers to see her as disabled, which was pointed out in the McLean conference too.

Her using amnesia to explain fucking up precure lore is also her scrambling to explain why she doesn’t know basic things about her supposed autistic special interest.

No. 324454

You can see the self-satisfied smirk on her face when she is talking about an experience or symptom. It's sickening.

No. 324456

The amnesia bit is extra funny considering that amazing memory recall is a fairly common autistic trait.

No. 324460

>>324435 Jill just assumes everything is some sort of mental illness she has, because the universe hates her poor, kind soul.
Are you implying her crippling JILLNESSES and AMNESIA are most likely self inflicted? How dare you kek

No. 324461

Not to mention that memory loss/memory impairment are side effects of wellbutrin lol

No. 324466

kek imagine having conversations like this

No. 324469

This is such a munchie tell. The munchie that isn't in my life anymore was like this. They get so excited for the incoming asspats they can't help but beam. It's very obvious.

No. 324473

Wait what? I don’t remember my psychiatrist telling me this at all

No. 324475

Jillness Amnesia Vessel should be her next alter name

No. 324480

her amnesia might be real, but for a different reason, when I smoked weed everyday I had short term amnesia, so she probably has amnesia from weed. weed fucks up your short term memory.

No. 324484

Hewwo my name is Pixie Jill'ness Amnesia Jerrick Way and i have long ranby hair with rainby bangs

No. 324488

Sage for old news, but I haven't seen this mentioned yet. Apparently pink sugar fairies came back to TikTok in January after being cancelled.
(Link won't work, @ is xxkandipinkxx)
Link to thread when this was all going down.
No mention of Jill in the 4 part "apology" if that's what you were interested in.

No. 324489

File: 1712558280191.jpg (210.53 KB, 720x1040, Vviews.jpg)

Views on videos
Well the pharmaceutical drugs she's on and weed combo most certainly do not help, I think her not venturing out of the rainby dungeon messes with her psyche too. Days tend to bleed together and it's easy to forget things. She's obviously over exaggerating. Classic theater kid style of course. Jill is stupid in how she portrays any of the stuff she's larping. How you may ask? She goes immediately for the deep end. She doesn't take a second to think out how the level she's pretending to be at would actually affect her or truly look. Nothing changes in her life despite her mental illness and neurodivergent claims. She's still operating the same way she always has. Those dumbass bracelets and sunflower lanyard don't count as those are just fun shiny kawaii accessories. Veering off a bit has she even used those lately? Part of the problem is the social media circles she runs in. A good majority are fakers just like her so she's confident in the shit she's spewing because she knows they won't call her out on it. No one in her circles want to be excommunicated. They all have seen what happens; her group of attack dogs help. Jill surrounds herself with enablers only. Her own mother is a prime example. She's so use to her own echo chamber that when someone outside of it realizes how insane she is, she doesn't know what to do especially if they don't immediately cave to her demands. McLean comes to mind. Jill will continue to do this charade until it can no longer benefit her. Jill hasn't hit her rock bottom yet. Things are imploding in her life but that doesn't mean we're there yet.
I did not. Thanks for the update. I wonder if Jill knows?

No. 324490

>>324489 sage for bringing up kinda old milk, but I've always found funny how the BetterHelp video is titled "my Nightmare experience (…)" didn't they just buy her DID amnesia crap inmediately and refunded her for the sessions? Did I forget something or what is going on, can't even recall anything truly "nightmarish" about it

No. 324491

Correct. Her "nightmare experience" is that she forgot to cancel a subscription for a year and the company then refunded her $900

No. 324494

File: 1712561925696.png (802.69 KB, 1422x550, jill nose.png)

am i tripping or is jill's schnoz becoming larger and larger ? is it the lies ? is wicked witch steeb syndrome contagious ? did she use to edit down her nose and now she doesn't even bother ?
but surely her nose should look smaller now that she's fat. what the hell going on ?(nitpicking)

No. 324495

File: 1712567075707.mp4 (5.99 MB, 1280x720, I'm a calm person.mp4)

Jill didn't even have issues with getting the company to give her the money back either. She admitted it could be her fault too. Terrible video. A very specific song plays in my head every time I see that video.

No. 324500

her voice tone is like she doesn't believe in this lie herself

No. 324501

Noses never stop growing and it could also have to do with alcohol usage as well.(tinfoiling)

No. 324502

That's a myth, nona

No. 324505

She hasn't got a fucking clue what the words she uses mean, if you were in a freeze response for two months (or even a week) you'd be dead, that's a very prolonged intense fear response where you become immobile with fear and cannot do basic functions for survival. Think of frightened animals, you don't and can't behave normally in fawn/freeze/fight, they are temporary survival modes.
She's been posting, streaming, sewing, doing photoshoots etc this whole time

No. 324506

Probably just edited it at one point. Like she admits doing with the rest of her body.

No. 324507

Slight ot but the psychoanalysing the hands that woman is doing is retarded. Left shows she has short nail beds, on the right you can see she has French Tip extensions, gloss and the short beds are still visible below the extensions. You could say she's happier and healthier in that she could be bothered to get her nails done the second time, but you don't magically grow princess nails from being happy, this is tranny level magical thinking

No. 324511

It was snowing and raining outside which caused me to age regress from the trauma. A lot of singlets stared at me. I put my middle finger up at them.(stop derailing with rp)

No. 324535

>>324494 In the oldest pic it was most likely edited, though middle and latest seem mostly the same, probably just the angle and the fact that her piercing gives the illusion that it's bigger as well

No. 324537

And THIS is the reason pixie bothers me so much. These diagnoses change people's lives forever. The chances that pixie would be diagnosed with amnesia are so nonexistent and they really need to be grateful that they AREN'T suffering as much as some people do

No. 324539

File: 1712604245842.jpg (566.37 KB, 720x4351, TMTB.jpg)

No. 324540

“it’s pretty easy to predict when something might snowball into an argument” lol that’s not very autistic of you jillian

No. 324541

I can't take seriously anyone on Twitter because of the way they type lmao, Jillian with her rainbii picture talking about how you can easily predict when is an argument going to start is just particularly retarded lmao.
It's also so funny how she goes from defending the whole "give me any examples" to "ugüu I was abused like this two" in milliseconds, JustBPDThings I guess.

No. 324543

Jill should've stayed out of the conversation, they were complaining about people like her, she saw it and decided to barge in anyway. She is able to predict arguments because she starts them.

No. 324544

Love how Jill's nasty passive aggressiveness always manages to shine through. "Have you ever had a friendship or relationship in your life" she says as she gets heated over random tweets that have nothing to do with her when she could be busy designing some new shitty dress or cosplay. Of course she backs down when she's challenged and adds multiple emojis to hide behind. Log off of Twitter.

No. 324548

>I have had abusers
Bitch, who do you even mean???

No. 324554

People on social media who have said anything remotely negative about her, duh.

No. 324557

If she’s able to predict arguments then why is she starting them?

No. 324558

>>324539 most people do not come ready to argue at all times, she is the weird one, and she even decides to be mean as fuck about it. Oh, but now it's so easy to know when shit will snowball into arguments, she felt attacked by the statement, tried to victimize herself, and when that didn't work she started her usual "I'm the most aboosed, I've had a lot of this abuse you all speak of!" sperg

No. 324559

>Passive aggressive
Seems to be a sore spot as she brings this up quite a bit. Why is she always looking to fight?
Colin because he had the nerve to dump her ass. Mystery girl's sister who came to the thread to talk about Jill. The therapist who challenged her. Her old PEI doctor who didn't give a shit about poor Jilly's for real PTSD but instead was concerned about her nasal spray addiction. These threads. People who disagree with her on twitter. Her old friends who got tired of her bs. There's more but you get the picture. People who have "wronged her" = abusers. Maybe you're the asshole, Jillian.

No. 324567

I hate agreeing with Jill in the first tweet but I do. The being prepared thing is retarded but asking someone for an example isn't manipulative or bad, it's just normal. Everyone in that conversation sounds like they have the same baby-me thing going on that jillybean does.

No. 324568

>if you can’t remember something in the heat of an argument you must be a friendless relationshipless loser reee
also jill
>i have amnesia all the time and can’t remember basic details about my special interest even when i’m not heated or upset at all, but that’s like sooo unfair to call me out on because my amnesic amnesia is always amnesiaing!

No. 324572

I see this as challenging Jill's bullshit behavior
She's had countless fallouts and she's the type to kick and scream imo so she's 100% been the person to demand examples and of course no one can think of anything in the face of Jill's pig squealing narco rage
She just hates being shown that most of the world thinks her behavior is unacceptable, especially in her retard Twitter hug sphere

No. 324574

"what do you mean" with 3 sobbing faces any time someone questions a single thing about Jill on twitter lol

No. 324593

I don't get it how is this a bad thing? Sometimes you legit need examples

No. 324595

I feel like it can go both ways, depending on the way it's asked:
Steve: "You've been kind of passive-agressive lately"
Jill: "Omg the nerve, can you give me an EXAMPLE"
Jill: "You wronged me my whole life"
Her mom: "I'm sorry darling, but can you give me an example so I can understand the issue here"

No. 324598

Lol if someone said to Jill "have you ever been in a relationship or friendship before" she would flip her shit and accuse them if being ableist / bullying / abuse.

No. 324600

KEK the whole friendless and relationship stuff is so funny to me, I wish some other terminally online faggot could latch onto that and be like
>um, Jillian is being bewwy meen because she said that aromantic asexual people can't talk about relationship abooose!!!
Sadly it will never happen, but one can dream, and tbh, her getting hashtag canceled would make her boring.

No. 324602

leave it to twitter to make jillybean look sane sometimes.

No. 324606

File: 1712658188085.mp4 (1.93 MB, 1080x1920, Video-593.mp4)

Lmao Jillian calling herself an indie designer and chill artist is fucking funny to me. She can't do shit. She pretends she's like every other insta girl who starts a brand and is successful, except that they actually put in the effort even when their abilities aren't the best like vidrel. But they have buyers, they get their designs done, they do stuff besides yelling at people on Twitter. Jillian really can't do this for some reason despite having so much support from her family and fans. What an idiot.

No. 324610

>Jillian really can't do this for some reason despite having so much support from her family and fans.
She literally has the support and means that others can only dream of. It's like she realized how lazy and mediocre she truly is and instead of trying to get better, decided to handicap herself to hide it.

No. 324614

The way she has handicapped herself and trampled over her own future is so stupid. She needs mayor life changes but no matter what we ever suggest on this thread she'll never learn because she's an attention starved cow. Drop the sustainability, drop the wokeness, drop the twitter arguments, stop the fucking mental illness larp, get to work and design shit if that's your passion. It's like she doesn't realize how easier her life would be if she didn't do so much shit to herself. But I guess she lives in her own weird rainby reality.

No. 324616

Ten indie overall designs in 2 years with a lot of stock ready to ship in the background meanwhile Jilly did basically nothing since graduating as a "fashion designer"

No. 324619

It took Jill 2 years to make 2 dresses and to crochet a sweater jacket.

Side note, I bet the rainby house is perma tense. With Steve settling into mundane life and Jill spiraling into failure to launch.

No. 324625

To be fair it does look like they were made in China.

No. 324626

Which is another lose for Jillian, she could easily get some Chinese factory to mass produce her stuff but she had to get up one day and say
>I want my clothes to be ecological!
>and to have all-inclusive sizing!
>and to be able to be wore even if you're a moid!
>and it will be cheap somehow!
>and it will be ethically made!
She could stop giving a fuck about 4 of the 5 issues she made for herself but she loves the idea of being the best person ever.

No. 324627

she knows when an argument is going to happen but doesn't realize she walked into a Twitter convo solely to start one… based on her backtracking towards the end, doesn't seem like she's as good at identifying things that will set off an argument as she thinks

No. 324634

She knows when arguments are about to start because she starts them. She demonstrates again and again that she’s constantly looking for arguments where she’ll have the upper hand, she’s pretty much a bully on the look out for acceptable/easy targets.

No. 324637

absolutely. all of this is just a copout to do nothing and gather sympathy for her inaction

No. 324638

>she could easily get some Chinese factory to mass produce her stuff
Idk how much that would cost but isn't she kind of broke? Maybe she doesn't even have the money to order anything and that's why there's all the copouts about why she hasn't started a fashion line

No. 324640

This bitch could get off her fat, blazed ass and take commissions to make this shit herself if she's so dedicated and she would make a considerable amount of money most likely but of course if other's can't do her work for her she just drops it.

No. 324643

She can’t sew very well and it would only be a matter of time until an unhappy customer put her on blast for poor fabric choices and shoddy construction. I’m sure she’s aware of this deep down, and it’s easier to lay around LARPing as a cat than improve her skills.

No. 324644

I know this is the reason but that cosplay dress was quite passable and plus she could 100% drag her ass and take her lovely time sewing the clothes and then guilt trip her viewers and customers into feeling sorry for her because of all her jillnesses and donating to her seamstress kofi, etc. Like she could do this and utilize her manipulative BPD narc ways to buy herself time kek but she literally just uses it to whine and whimper on twitter.

No. 324645

She could take out a loan from mommy dearest. It’s not like her schooling cost much anyways.

No. 324646

This exactly, they're willing to help her anyway. And if sewingp doesn't work, she can go back to her craft college and learn some new trade. They offer graphic design classes too.

No. 324647

That's the whole point, she's setting herself for failure with the sustainability larp when she's simply not cut out for it and even she has ways to circumvent it. Almost no one in this indie instagram designer business is sustainable and no one but the most woke of people care, but she loves the attention of the woke, so. Of course the girl in the vid didn't sew everything by herself kek but she did design them and took them into production. Producing garments like that takes more than just drawing something in an ipad kek

No. 324657

Her parents always supported her dreams financially and she could always get a job like the rest of us but she's too special for a 9-5.(sage your shit)

No. 324674

>talks about people she follows on insta that inspire her but seeing them being creative makes her feel like she needs to get up and be creating she's wasting time other people are getting ahead of her
Well she's not wrong. I understand doing things at your own time but she's not doing much is she. I wonder if videos like these >>324606 make her seethe when they get posted itt. Nonnies give her so many ideas for free. Therapy would help her narcissism and feelings of inadequacy but she would also have to face her need to have people fawning over her constantly, just saying.

No. 324678

Bitch could have made bank making rainbow bows or some shit during her confetti club days, but nope. Everything must come to her and she shouldn't have to work for anything.

No. 324684

File: 1712764257307.jpg (178.64 KB, 720x1387, 240484802.jpg)

No. 324688


this dumb bitch doesnt even do drag, and did it like twice. This tweet is about herself

No. 324690

She doesn't perform or do drag. She's a straight woman putting tiktok makeup in her room and taking selfies.
>these days like you can go home to the exact same life plus reddit threads about you
Oh no the horror! Reddit retards making fun of some guys on tv makeup! The trauma! The worst thing she can think of is not being rich and mean reddit threats. Self report.

No. 324691

>this dumb bitch doesnt even do drag
as always, Jill does something at 1% and acts like she is the authority spokesperson everyone has been waiting to worship

No. 324695

Not gay
Did drag twice
Only wanted to be on the show for fame

No. 324696

>>324684 JILL THAT'S YOU THEY ARE REFERRING TO KEK the lack of self awareness is insane

No. 324699

I know this jealous bitch had that enby loser Denim in mind when she read that tweet kek. She's mad Denim doesn't want to be BFFLs with her when she reached out the second she heard she was going to be on Drag Race. Sour grapes.

No. 324700

File: 1712776006368.png (1.06 MB, 720x2179, Repliestoside.png)

Looking at replies to the private twatter Jill is having a bad day. Also yesterday I guess Jill replied to Mikan's tweet about internet drama.

No. 324710

Mikan isn't wrong but Jillian fails to see how Jillian herself is still a cow