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File: 1678660455677.png (505.61 KB, 653x719, jill.png)

No. 285667

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for.
She happily accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression (NOT a real diagnosis!) with a "coming out as DID" celebratory cake, but struggled to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of severe mental illness in the forms of ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
>is still extremely thin-skinned; has history of deleting comments critical to her and has preached getting along with people while also blasting critics and concern in a very rude and passive-aggressive manner; has gotten into pissfights online as of late with users that have spoken out of concern for her or wanting to help or talk in some degree
>her sexuality has been a sliding scale, from pansexual to queer to lesbian to back to currently pansexual (and nonbinary due to alters); current partner is Steven Clarke, who has enabled her delusions and has racked up his own questionable reputation; has a long history of drama with relationships, claiming abuse to some degree in most of them
>formerly had a fashion brand called Five Petal Flower before graduating from her college fashion class, but seems to be no longer active if not just slowly dying; has also gotten into drag with a persona known as Villany Swells; has cancelled two drag gigs so far and claims an online person is stalking her due to a publically-filmed video of a drag show being linked in a previous
>has a shaky history of substance misuse regarding her meds; now takes in various degrees of alcohol and weed leading to possible clashes in medication or mental/physical state


>Jillian: Actual person, but calls herself an alter for the heck of it. Hates being called “Jilly”. Says she can't hear her "brain folk" when she's experiencing trauma, Jillian is the only one who fronts in those situations, defeating the whole purpose of having alters and having DID.

>Jerrick: 13-16 year old emo guy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits. Signs off with a snake emoji.
>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, calls herself a lesbian (even though she’s dating a man), she is a “protector of sexual trauma”, says she had to become a fuckable bimbo because she was “raped for months”. Signs off with a flame emoji.
>Berry (Nicknamed “Babby Smalls”): Talks and acts like a baby. Proof that Jillian is into age regression. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had its name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Signs off with a strawberry.
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" A mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes. The emoji is a club.
>Flora: A “fragment” slowly morphing into a real alter, and a carbon copy of cure flora / other positive precure characters. She is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Jax: 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching arcane while having major trauma. Jillian called her “hypersexual”. Signs with a test tube emoji.
>sandwich emoji: Cat alter, represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Sneakingly revealed in a vlog. Jillian has bracelets and necklaces with the names of her alters, and this name appeared alongside them in a row of alter names. Note that Jillian’s second name is actually Amanda. Turned out to be the other “far away” age regression alter that uses the piano emoji.

Latest milk:

>Jill takes a pregnancy test because she missed her period from stress >>274765

>Jill reminisces about common high school level fashion challenges like "don't use color" that made her break down >>274955
>Jill's weed-introducer thought she "met" Veronica pre-diagnosis >>275844
>Monthly livestream for January broke so Jill uploads part two >>275894 and then part one >>277687 with anon recaps: >>277888 and >>277940
>Jill posts a video about her first fusion with an alter never introduced >>276029 Summaries from anon: >>276053 part 1 >>276063 part 2
>Jill has her mom go through her diary from middle school which proves she thought she had MPD like every other 12 year old >>276095
>Jill posts a video about changes in her identity over her life >>279125
>Jill gets tickets to Kurtis Connor show and posts her exact seat number after complaining about stalkers >>279963 She later sold them >>285038
>Jill makes a total buffoon of herself reacting to a meme calling out white women for using their illneses as shields against critique and gets ratioed to oblivion >>280454
>Jill totally based her graduation collection off doll houses >>280734
>Jill uploads video on her inner world >>281467
>February patreon livestream >>282187 and summary >>282217
>Jill uploads video on her thoughts on "core" fashion styles >>283339
>Vangelina might not make a Pixie video after all >>283814
>Jill makes her house more rainby >>284439 Anons compare between her inspiration and final result >>284460
>Jill turns 25 >>284517
>Jill claims she has trich again >>284767

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/villainyswells/ (used to be @pixieespam)
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 (“Veronica” alter): https://twitter.com/xcherrybombica
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

Previous threads:

Last thread: >>>/w/274761

No. 285707

File: 1678681277453.png (480.08 KB, 720x832, Screenshot_20230312-211814.png)

It looks like mama vessey is attending drag shows now? I guess it's not unbelievable but still seems a bit strange, especially sending pics to her daughter and her daughter excitedly posting them online

No. 285723

I'm guessing she was hired as a photographer for this show?

No. 285724

She's a professional photographer so she was most likely to photograph the show, and of course she would send pictures to her daughter? She knows Jill is a drag fag so she would love this. The only issue I see here is Jill being Jill lmao

No. 285726

Louise is so cute tbh. I know she’s been over indulgent but her heart is in the right place, I wish Jill’s descent into insanity would eventually stop for her sake.

No. 285733

Agreed her mom survived cancer and probably wanted to dote one the kids she thought she'd die before seeing them grow up there were mistakes made but Louise never meant for Jill to end up like this

No. 285735

thank you kindly for the new thread nona

No. 285764

Can we all agree that Louise is literally living the dream that Jill imagines that she’s living? She’s a successful professional in the creative world, running her own business, living in a nice ass house with her custom built catio. She literally paved the road and Jill drove straight off the fucking cliff(e)

No. 285768

Well done nonna

No. 285790

Absolutely. I've said it so many times before but - Jill looks at her mom as just being a "dumb, uncool Mom" but we all know in reality, Louise is fucking killing it in life. I have always theorized that their relationship isn't really as "close" as it seems, and its actually more of a competitive / frenemies type thing. Just my thoughts, anyway.

No. 285796

Here's the March patreon livestream.

No. 285799

Her mom does photography and they like drag. Okay?

No. 285816

File: 1678774230237.png (5.19 MB, 1170x2532, 388C0ED4-D4E7-4732-9E24-7823D6…)

At least she knows she’s porked up even more

No. 285819

Lmao this is milky af, thank you OP! Jill is probably seething like how dare my boring mom who is just a mom be around people I have watched on TV??? But it also plays into her main character syndrome delusion that your parent can just casually take selfies with drag queens you idolize to inadvertently humble you. It's a very special episode of the pixielocks show. She's going to be big mad about this for years and I love that for both of them.

No. 285831

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP"(sage your shit)

No. 285834

Is anyone recapping it? I'll get to it soon if not.

No. 285840

File: 1678785838997.jpeg (226.84 KB, 946x2048, 6F6B34EE-2428-4938-8EC9-C30FAE…)

No. 285842

>admitting it was too small
And she wore it as a tank top pretty much? Oww my ribs
Also obviously putting down the weed and going outside to touch some grass would at least help her deflate a little (I don't see her losing more than a few lbs at this point but it's still something)

No. 285843

Sorry for samefag but I realized she has the body of a fat dad instead of ~edgy alternative trans teenager~ kek

No. 285844

Just to remind nonnas in the last thread who were talking about her reasons for not getting an autism dx; Jill does not have a DID diagnosis. Both she and Steve have claimed that she does, but they have shown no proof. The only thing she has is a diagnostic impression, of which she only showed the self-report section, and could very well have ended with the shrink saying she doesn't think Jill has DID. In her video announcement, she said she had just gotten the diagnostic impression and that it was not the same thing as a diagnosis, yet in the same video she claimed to be diagnosed officially. There's a reason Jill hasn't shown her shiny proof of actual diagnosis, it's because it doesn't exist. So wrt autism, she already knows she can just claim it without being diagnosed (or lie about being diagnosed!) and get away with it.

No. 285845

The stuff on the door hanger is sending me. She really threw a shower curtain up there just because its green. The first mental illness in the world to come with its own set design.

No. 285850

not even 5 minutes into the livestream Jill is talking about a birthday vlog she was supposed to upload yesterday. her schedule is such a mess

No. 285852

This bitch looks like Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum from Alice in Wonderland(sage your shit)

No. 285853

You'd think she would really dress up and go all out with the clothes and the backdrop for Patreon, since these are what people are actually paying for, but no…

No. 285854


Jill mentions she considered going on T for 2 years around 15 minutes, apparently she loved her voice too much to go on it lmao

No. 285855

>she has the body of a fat dad
well at least cliffe and jerrick take that as a compliment

No. 285871

bullSHIT there is no way she seriously considered going on T hahaha she is such a weird fucking liar

No. 285895

The only way I’d believe she has autism is if she confessed her special interest is literally herself

No. 285902

Low dose T and she could’ve claimed super special trans status? Of course jill considered it, being trans would’ve been super on trend for her. No doubt she didn’t want to risk the long term consequences and realized it was mostly men wearing dresses who were getting attention, not fat women in everyday wear claiming to be trans bois. Besides DID is easier with none of the commitment!

No. 285906

So just buy a bigger one you freak?
Suppose for a minute that ‘Jerrick’ had body dysphoria to the level of having to wear a binder in the first place, that same person would not be caught dead filming a tik tok explicitly mentioning not wearing one and therefore drawing attention to his chest. I know there’s literally no point in applying logic to Jill’s shit, but fuck me it’s like she actually goes out of her way to do/say the most illogical thing possible

No. 285913

Jill liking her own voice too much to go on T would be the most on brand reason considering she can't stop talking (about herself)

No. 285932

>my friend went to jail before because of zaza :( i hate it here

No. 285966

>fAsHiOn DeSiGnEr
>Greens that do not compliment each other
I want to burn that stupid ass beanie. Turbo dumb nitpick aside I don't get the point of this tt. I didn't think the binder size was a good fit for her to begin with. Why would you broadcast this fact? Jerrick is supposedly an ana-chan, wouldn't he flip the fuck out and be suicidal or something? Also kek at her saying she lost weight. Sure ya did Jill. Surprised she didn't wear the bridge shirt for this.
>I know there’s literally no point in applying logic to Jill’s shit, but fuck me it’s like she actually goes out of her way to do/say the most illogical thing possible
I think because she knows no one in the crowd she's in would call her out. Why she never bothers to get her larp straight.
She really just loves talking out her ass. How she flipped out over being """misgendered""", oh no given a key to the male bathroom that is single person use and fucking locks, on the MCR concert trip shows otherwise. The """love my voice""" bit is making me giggle. Jilly poo what about Jerrick? He's okay with having a woman's voice despite having body dysphoria?

No. 286059

HERE WE GO NONAS! challenge version and you do a squat or take a drink every time Jilly-bean uses a cutesy-wootsey term for a item.
March patreon stream total time: 1:08:19
Craft/work room location
0:45 - "here let me get a good an-gy" fucks around with camera postion so you can see both overlocked AND dress mannequin in background.
1:00 - announces that she's super-snoozy from day-light savings (SureJan.jpg)
1:24 - "moderately blendy" but it could also just be morning vibes at 11:00am. Also apologies for delaying the stream because she has so much too talk about. Jill has made a list to show the camera so let's see how if she can stay on topic:
List includes:
-Birthday video
-incoherent writing
-New ______ & cosplay
-Berry video
-Montreal trip
-days are getting longer
-5 Petal _____________
-convention & vlog ___
If any other nona can figure out what else is on the list it would be appreciated.
2:20 - ticky-tock
3:02 - compares herself to her grandma as she notices how she looks without makeup and when the lighting hits.
3:23 - "I've been moderate to mild lately, I'm not like crying but things have been a little bit icky" " A little bit hard lately" (Cause mommy said no Jill?)
3:29 -Disorder talk " I have, like, a whole ass disorder that can, like, put me on my ass, for like, a whole fucking day…"
3:49 - I'M BEING TOO HARD ON MYSELF (Looking like that smug fuck yaniv)
6:51 - talks about smash brothers, such a gamer gurl guizz
7:00 - trixe mattel dragqueen talks about "gays who make smash brothers their whole personality" and Jill feels called out.
8:00 - MUSE and Montreal trip cancellation because of grandparents. "We have, no my mom has to, like, stay and care for them so it's totally fair."
It's so VALID the reason why I'm not going to Montreal - So yeah… I'm just re-routing my content making plans…"
"I'm slightly bummed but yeah…Jerr is really bummed because it as such a Jerr centric trip…" (Shit Louise I think you dodged a bullet)
9:20 - Don't despair though, Steevie put on two episodes of Bluey and it totally made everything better
9:20-12:00 talking about money and cosplay for CureSky
12:04 - Birthday VLOG - was meant to go up but Jerr needed time so Jill allotted time. That's Jill's exact phrasing "allotted time". ($20 buck on She's going to be fusing before the end of year)
12:42 - Wanted to take down old Con-Vlogs because of "friendships and changing and stuff…" "It's hard to look at back at that stuff but… I have love in my heart…for all of those peoples…"
Proceeds to re-live her most popular meet-up, 6% tokidoki girls
15:36 - T-TALK: thought about it for two years, the fat distribution would be great (?) but likes her feminine physical traits and her voice.
get ready for a Flora singing video

No. 286060

15-23:00 talks about Ramona fusing and drive to play piano again but it needs to be moved because it's in the lounge room. WAY TO ANXIOUS to play in front of Steevie so wants to move piano up to bedroom. Proceeds to do multiple annoying voices. Talks about how hard it is to have multiple creative hobbies and finding the energy to just crochet without having to make content from it or scrolling the internet without screenshotting thumbnails that look really good. "I've got to just fucking chill sometimes…I'm not trying to brag about everything I do but I just work at a lower levels ALL the times"

23:17- Maggie and Steevie talk, "Our roommates just switched because their friendship was really strong and out relationship was really strong."
Goes off-tpoic and blames it on being sleepy, hun-gy and day-light savings times.
25:00- So excited that someone makes memes using her.
25:35- Birthday gift- trinket time: Jelly cat rabbit plush, thrifted puppy surprise toy (Good quality original)
Bragging about her "modest" jellycat collection and goes through names and prices.
28:46- PEEPS ALERT!! It's about to get gross as her friend are buying her 3 cans of peeps-pepsi. 1 for trying, 1 for display and 1 for back-up. It's shatnar levels of decoration with her Pocky boxes.
29:00 - Talks about old jobs at candy store & Claires. Discusses issues with ad revenue and channels "closing" because they can't make money. But pateron slays…
31:05 - ants to perform drag with puppets but won't for a while in locations because shit is scwary. Sweety drag-friends trying to do drag-story time at next-town over and there are protests.
32:00 - drag shit. puppet shit. blames Jill & Jerr for being so
33:00 - birthday trinket shit. Bluey memorabilia- handmade bead necklace 'big girl bark' & 'tactical wee'
35:54 - moved metal chairs & table into her room so she has a spot to watch the sun set & snow. one chair is broken so no tea-for-two with steevie. Has a system log journal that she writes in.
36:35 - peeps shelf: crochet peep bunny version of herself and Jerr. Not stated if they were a gift or if she made them.
38:20 - tangent about product packaging and keeping products in packaging so people know what brand it is. Story time about childhood glasses and complaining that Barbie sticker wasn't on it and tantrum over people not knowing that they were Barbie glasses. How will people know if they can't see the brand (I don't know Jill through cognitive Object detection and Image classification???)
39-40:00 - back to workroom and dumb noises. "I just have such importance on logo's and branding". Discusses Strawberry shortcake obsession as a 6year old and how she used to close her eyes and image a inner world and float out of her body into it.
43:00 - back to birthday trinkets. Mug, handmade art, scrub daddy (she did want one but not as a gift)
43:30 - Birthday trivia that steevie made and playing with the youtube Chat patrons. (My brain is becoming mush and being dragged towards the sinkhole known as Jill, It just sounded like the most mundane daily life stories and I work in aged care.)
49:40 - Cat check - meow conversations
51:44 - brush your cat jill
53:00 - shop launch: still getting everything ready but the energy reads 'stop asking about this'
55:02 - talks about how she feels rushed and doesn't want to screw it up and go at her own pace and face it head on.
56:02 - individual custom pieces and size inclusive. and sustainability. (and thats why it's taking so long) also her brain is broken so yeah.
Discusses laser cut earring collection
1:00:00 - Q&A time from the chat. Nothing of interest other than setting up a post box for people to send fan art to.
1:08:06 - cuts off without a farewell

No. 286065

Never understood the obsession fat Aidens have with having a flat chest when a man her size would have bitchtits just as large. I'd say her body passes pretty well here honestly.
Her mom is also into Youtube drama cows like Jeffrey Star, Eugenia Cooney and Shane Dawson so it's not surprising to me that she's into drag. She seems like she enjoys overperformed cattiness, drama and excessive makeup. Fully agree with the anons saying she is what Jillian wishes she was: living a successful artistic life while enjoying her dumb interests on the side.

No. 286067

>15:36 - T-TALK: thought about it for two years, the fat distribution would be great (?) but likes her feminine physical traits and her voice.
so this is really a confirmation that she started feeling "dysphoric" only because she got fat kek

No. 286071

> 23:17- Maggie and Steevie talk, "Our roommates just switched because their friendship was really strong and out relationship was really strong."
LOL the fact she admits that Steebie is her roommate. Steebie seems like one of those guys who wants a “sexually compatible” gf. Feels awkward for your bf to still talk to his ex and be like “no worries we’re friends”.

No. 286075

>said it so many times before but - Jill looks at her mom as just being a "dumb, uncool Mom"

Most people look at their mom's like that, which is sad because Jill could never do what her mom does. She doesn't have the range, talent or grit needed. She should have been taking tips and learning the family trade. Louise probably knows enough local designers that Jill could have reached out too but she'd rather smoke weed. Tbh if I was her mom I'd be so disgusted by now.

No. 286078

Ok so why does everyone pretend Louise has built some kind of empire when she basically is successful because she’s married to a rich man? She didn’t create this rich person life, her husband pays for it all. Like sure she’s a good photographer and whatever else but she isn’t a self made woman

No. 286081

They’re obsessed with having a flat chest because to them
>man = no boobs
>woman = boobs
That’s it, plus the fatty aidens like the kind that Jill larps would love to be anachans like the skinny aidens but they just can’t live a single day without shit food and huge portions, mix that with the fact that they’re permanently online and you get an ugly, bitter fatty.
They also think that if they didn’t have boobs, the anachan clothes they want to wear would fit them, same as Jill, I wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted to get her boobs removed at some point for the sake of wearing her old clothes again.

No. 286089

isn't Jill's dad a professor at a college? I'd hardly say he's rich… Does he have family money I don't know about or something?(sage your shit)

No. 286102

It’s really odd Jill rarely does her little That So Raven switches on camera on livestream, yet they routinely make it to her YouTube videos post editing. Those statistics don’t really add up.
Why doesn’t she just do jewelry making as a business? More people would probably buy into her tacky peep style if it was just an accessory anyways. This clothing line that’s taking years to accomplish is sounding like a money pit, especially if she’s going to foot the cost of doing everything sustainably. gen zers with fashion niches demand it but they don’t want to pay for for it. She’s going to be in for a reality check soon.

No. 286104

Well you just hit the nail on the head nonnie. Louise has a husband who appears to have a comfortable income but she still strives to be good at what she does and be active in her passion/occupation. Jill has a dad with a comfortable income and a mother with a passion who strives to do her job well but she herself just doesn’t care and like you doesn’t seem to see the merit in what her mother does. Even her auntie Sam has a passion within the arts that she actively pursues and I’m not sure she’s married to a man with a stable income.

No. 286114

Nonna you’re literally talking out of your ass. No one is saying Louise has built an empire, but she’s clearly a successful photographer. Freelance photographers can make really good money if they’re successful, and Louise seems like she has a decent name for herself in her community. Jill’s dad is a professor, not some Fortune 500 CEO, theyre just an upper middle class working couple.

No. 286119

>cans of soda as decor
Jill hoarder arc when?

No. 286123

You’re right. Who wants to bet that Louise make more money than Jill’s dad?

No. 286125

File: 1678904953627.png (159.12 KB, 920x1588, png-transparent-green-teletubb…)

dam my boy dipsy be looking rough these days

No. 286134

File: 1678912509091.jpeg (147.89 KB, 1170x1519, 81280870-EFE3-43CC-9837-D0BE0A…)

“I usually support women’s wrongs” lol she’s the first to condemn women time and time again

No. 286161

why is she so obsessed with cheating? has she ever been cheated on?

No. 286172

This is probably the closest she has ever gotten to admitting how spiteful and vindictive she is. I thought the whole 'villain era' trend stuff on tiktok was about girls who are usually meek standing up for themselves. She's not any of that.

Cows will come here thinking that we just post about people who are ugly, not realizing that you have to be a supremely shitty person on the inside to stay on front page all the time. And here she basically just admits that it's ok to do bad things, as long as she's the one doing it.

No. 286175

IIRC there was speculation she fucked one of her friends' partners at a new year's party a few years ago

No. 286191

She is really losing it.

No. 286233

>35:54 - moved metal chairs & table into her room so she has a spot to watch the sun set & snow. one chair is broken so no tea-for-two with steevie.

Nitpick but I swear that chair has been broken since her house tour

No. 286234

File: 1678944180823.png (1.42 MB, 1100x854, 1550303118387.png)

also a lot of nonas believed she cheated on tristan her bf of about 2 years. they seemed really close but she dumped him to date his best friend collin. she then changed her life story removing tristan and saying she actually loved collin the entire time, "love at first sight" and that they were friends but she always wanted him. even though they were only friends cause she was dating tristan…
dont think it was confirmed tho but still a dickmove

No. 286242

Lord what is that second outfit, it looks like she’s wearing a deflated Mylar balloon

No. 286243

often insecure people who cheat accuse others of cheating…

she looked genuinely cute in the first pic there, the name pixie actually fitted her then

No. 286244

here she goes again with the "other girls are evuuuuuuul! but not me! tehee!"
>Cows will come here thinking that we just post about people who are ugly, not realizing that you have to be a supremely shitty person on the inside to stay on front page all the time.
couldn't have said it better nonna. ugly people will be entertaining for 5 minutes at best, cows will entertain for years. I swear, some people need to be bullied and shamed to learn from their mistakes, and I say that as someone who was bullied in school.

No. 286246

That would be another hideous dress she made herself kek. The one semi okay thing she has ever made was that rainbow skirt she stole the design of from a black girl she then tried to silence. All this talk of a brand yet she doesn’t have one original design that isn’t hideous garbage.

No. 286247

That would be another hideous dress she made herself kek. The one semi okay thing she has ever made was that rainbow skirt she stole the design of from a black girl she then tried to silence. All this talk of a brand yet she doesn’t have one original design that isn’t hideous garbage.

No. 286248

That would be another hideous dress she made herself kek. The one semi okay thing she has ever made was that rainbow skirt she stole the design of from a black girl she then tried to silence. All this talk of a brand yet she doesn’t have one original design that isn’t hideous garbage.

No. 286250

That’s probably why she hates cheating so much. Most people hate it from personal experiences but I wonder if someone called her out on it and she’s using “cheating is bad” to deflect past mistakes.
Lol at Collin with that face in the photo.

No. 286284

the fucking difference in quality between these 2 photos is hilarious

No. 286293

File: 1678982845262.jpeg (17.46 KB, 237x320, FFACFD92-7450-4B2A-B7F7-AD982A…)

Jill posted on Insta recently. It seems she does not have DID on Insta but IS neurodivergent, w/ no actual diagnosis of course.
I don't know why I find it so funny that on tik tok & twitter she is aggressively in your face about DID but on Insta it's nowhere to be found. Maybe I missed an Insta drama saga somewhere.
Sage because this isn't really milky, just amusing to me.

No. 286298

no, her instagram has always been missing the DID label. her other ig, the one that was meant to be her spam (i think it was literally just called pixiespam), got turned into a drag/DID posting account. which actually did end up frustrating a lot of people who mentioned being frustrated and confused over the sudden switch up in content, and she basically said they must not be real fans if they're not here for every single thing she does

No. 286310

Her new video is just her screeching for 10 minutes straight at the end. It made my dog howl. They do pixie system trivia and she can't even answer how many "J" alters there are. Also she has a cat alter now apparently.

No. 286312

File: 1678994217631.png (1.63 MB, 2880x1440, Screenshot_20230316-161559.png)

screeching intensifies

No. 286314

>Also she has a cat alter now apparently.
Good news, she hasn't forgotten about Sandwich!

No. 286318

>I'm pink, Stevie's blue
They could not be more heterosexual if they tried

No. 286322

The cat alter has been around from the start it’s an OG kek. Sandwich who formed when she moved away from home and felt like a stray cat or some Bs.

No. 286324


There are so many alters now it's hard to keep track. I forgot about Sandwich

No. 286325

It kind of messes me up that she looks legitimately cute on the left. Her style is such a trainwreck now I'm baffled that she once knew how to wear something more subtle.

No. 286327

Really drives home how bad this is when you compare it with the picture slightly upthread of her younger with short pink hair. No wonder she wants Jerricka to kick her ass into anorexia mode and/or switch meds to get weight loss going. She should ask her mom for that elliptical they had that she used to use, if she could sober up enough to get on it and not claim she blacked out and turned into a cat on it.

No. 286328

I've heard Canada has less of an Ozempic shortage than the US. Idk if Jill has enough money to buy it without insurance but I wouldn't be surprised if she tries to get her hands on it and claim an ED for sympathy.

No. 286329

File: 1679000147874.png (827.02 KB, 1448x942, Screen Shot 2023-03-16 at 4.53…)

Sorry for the bad screenshot, I couldn't find a single frame where she wasn't shaking the camera around even a little(hello motion sickness), but is her color grading more eye burning than usual or is it just me? I don't remember her videos being quite this painful to look at. Her skin looks jaundiced.

No. 286334

>They do pixie system trivia
She already made her friends answer trivia on herself about a year ago. It’s shocking how her only real interest is herself, I bet her friends give each other a look when she does this shit

No. 286338

Not sure if anyone else caught this, but she said that she considered wearing the sprinkle dress, but the arms are a bit too tight now. The evil is defeated.
(Also, fucking kek at her saying Berry gets "triggered out" around birthdays and holidays (1:34) when she just means that Berry likes them. Way to co-opt a genuine trauma phrase jillybean)

No. 286347

Literally wtf is with her, almost no one on earth would feel comfortable with making their friends do a trivia game about themselves or even imagine wanting to do such a thing. At this point they must be losing their shit internally over having to do Jillian trivia AGAIN.

No. 286351

She probably hands out her Instagram on her resume/trying to get sponsors etc and pretends the TikTok and Twitter don't exist. To be the only place she isn't aggressively muh DID and going for a much milder neurodivergent (which just means "quirky" to zoomers) is definitely for a reason.
I'm certain she is a personal lolcow for at least a few of her friends. They never seem to hang out very often, since she documents everything so she isn't even close with these people she forced to do a quiz about meeeee

No. 286352

>this is our second birthday post diagnosis

Jill can't even celebrate her birthday without bringing up her LARP lmao

No. 286354

In her birthday vlog Jill talks about talking to herself and using tone indicators out loud, she sounds like a nightmare to live with

No. 286355

Her friends 100% have a group chat where they laugh at her behind her back. I can't imagine unironically liking this sort of person. You have to at some point just be keeping her around for the free entertainment.

No. 286380

holy shit the gift opening part of her new video might be some of her cringiest stuff ever. she’s so fucking obnoxious and full of herself and fat. shes so retarded but not in the kawaii autism way she wants to be. i feel bad for her friends because they have to endure her presence. also very telling that none of her old friends are in this video kek. she’s got a whole new crew of weirdos. no one can stand being Jilly’s friend for more than a year or so

No. 286381

Can anyone do a recap? I really don't think I can personally stand the narcissism and screeching.

No. 286382

File: 1679015736240.jpeg (129.39 KB, 1428x819, FDA695D2-C264-4F15-9A98-719717…)

lolcow farm remembers

No. 286384

File: 1679015950951.jpeg (217.95 KB, 1920x1320, 6F18253F-57F7-4B97-B80F-2E3DE3…)

apparently this gift was for sandwich and it contained actual cat toys. is Jill gonna play with them while pretending Sandwich is fronting?? kek she was noticeably drunk and probably high during this. lookin extra downsy lately too

No. 286385

File: 1679016017402.png (1.05 MB, 1452x1380, Screen Shot 2023-03-16 at 9.15…)

One of my favorite screenshots from the video.

No. 286386

Is anyone going to do a TLDR? I might do one, this video is insane, less than 2 minutes in and Jill calls herself 'old' like three times in one sentence. I thought zoomers were moving past the mentality that a woman over the age is 25 is a decrepit old hag whose life is over, but good to see that mentality is alive and well in Jill

No. 286388

The fact that her friends got her mostly peeps and cat toys is so depressing.

No. 286389

IKR? I thought the crocheted alter peeps was kind of a cute and silly gift (did bs notwithstanding), but it's like they don't actually know what to get her so they default to peeps lol.

No. 286390


-Jill/Flora/Berry co-con because of course she’s co-con

-Jill is a quarter of a century, literally so old you guys!! SO OLD. Did she mention how old she is now that she’s 25!!

-Berry gets “triggered out” (apparently a positive thing?) around celebration events like Christmas, Halloween, and Easter so Jill is planning her party with Berry in mind (despite the fact she is so so elderly and old now). Berry wanted Jill to make the cakes.

-Some boring shit about the Australian recipe she got it from, surprise surprise the book was mentioned in Bluey. She totally has autism you guys because Bluey special interest she’s had for like 2 weeks.

-Makes the cake from a box anyway, so there was no need for her to spend 10 minutes talking about the damn book, but needed to get that Bluey mention in there somewhere. The cakes in the book actually look amazing.

-Witch cackling and rambling as she bakes (i.e. pouring packets into a bowl) mentions how she “has a beautiful, wholesome circle of friends right now”.

-The rambling about nothing is incredibly boring, no wonder this video is this 36 fucking minutes.

-Uses tone indicators “out loud” (said “this song is so cunty slash pos”). So autistic Jill, definitely.

-(Optional) dress up rainbow theme for party, Jill is pink and Steve is blue.

-Muppets, Steampunk Giraffe, happy ABBA songs, and the Moobits (?) playlist. Amazing

-Almost 15 minutes into the video and my brain is falling out of my ears. Please God let something, anything happen in the second half of this video

No. 286392


-Ran out of time to do chocolate dipped peeps (heating chocolate takes like 2 minutes but ok)

-No explanation for why the 5 looks like a 2 and nothing like the book 5 which looks normal

-22 bloody minutes spent on her baking a box cake. Be fucking for real Jill

-Steve compliments the cake, Jill makes sure to let us know that Jill and Berry are responding to Steve in the subtitles

-Stevie is dressed like Sonic. Chris-chan core.

-Jill shrieks, witch laughs, and screams through her entire present unwrapping in front of everyone. It’s as cringey as you can imagine. Her friends bought her alters gifts as well (including cat toys for Sandwich, a birthday card full of meows, and a photo of her face photoshopped onto a bunch of Precure characters). I can’t tell if they really endorse her delusion or are laughing on the inside.

-As if the squishy daisy is an edible. It’s_not_weed_you_fucking_stoner_kermit.jpeg

-Trivia categories: Influencer, PrettyCure, Mystery Category (Bluey - holy shit they are playing this kid’s show out), Mental Health, Twitter Dot Com, System of a Pixie

-Steve repeats a Precure question from last year’s trivia

-Jill doesn’t know how many of her alter’s names begin with the letter ‘J’. Plays it off as “some people not being in her house”

-Berry is not turning six but will be five forever. Poor kid

No. 286393

The video is finally over, another abysmal watch from Jillybean. Only Berry and Jill are mentioned (and Sandwich briefly), so I guess it's just their party. Not even Flora is mentioned despite her "co-conning" at the beginning. No comments on how anyone else is feeling about the party.

The rainbow theme kind of flopped since at least three of her friends turned up in neutral colours.

Presumably Jill then had a nice bowl of creamed corn, took out her dentures, and rode a chairlift into her bed since she is now so very old and ancient

No. 286396

>Presumably Jill then had a nice bowl of creamed corn, took out her dentures, and rode a chairlift into her bed since she is now so very old and ancient

This is gold kek thanks nonnie

No. 286397

list of gifts if anyone is curious:
-shitty strawberry painting
-package of peeps #1
-2 actual cat toys
-bubble blower
-package of peeps #2
-framed photo of Jill’s face pasted onto precure characters (she loved it because narcissism)
-small pink bunny plushie
-package of peeps #3
-puppy surprise
-random coffee mug
-2 bead necklaces
-flower shaped squishy (kek she asks if it’s edible because she’s fat)
-crocheted Jill and Jerrick peeps (narcissism again)

No. 286398

…she is really losing it.

No. 286399


she showed most of this stuff in her patreon livestream too, so her patreons arent even getting any special content

No. 286400


this video is clickbait it should be titled "Jill bakes a cake for 22 minutes"

No. 286401

I've never quite seen her in this state before. This is 10/10 borderline mania in full display. Absolutely beyond fucking terrifying to watch.

No. 286402

Sorry for samefag but: really, Stevie? Really? This is the person you, I dunno, share a home with? This is who you're hitching your horse to?

No. 286405

Still is wild to me that all the TikTok DID-havers are all co-conscious with their alters they discovered 2 years ago but the people who had this stuff 20-30 years ago never get to that level.

No. 286408

File: 1679024838130.jpg (47.16 KB, 716x754, meet the alters berry.jpg)

No. 286409

Didn't she used to say she doesn't want to broadcast the little and would never do a video for her cause she's a "child"?

No. 286410

Do influencers even do birthday videos anymore? The only one I can think of is codyko who does it more as a "state of the channel" sort of thing, not a party vlog. I feel like most of that died with the likes of Zoella et al. This feels so masturbatory.

No. 286412

Now that she knows she can do it with no repurcussions after sneaking her little into "co-con" videos over the course of the year she can start using that for her main identity as well. WTG Jill!

No. 286423

I can already imagine the baby voice and word choices in my head and I want to scream. The over the top acting and outfit will really seal the deal. God speed the nonnie who does that recap.

No. 286424

>framed photo of Jill’s face pasted onto precure characters (she loved it because narcissism)
KEK wtf. Please tell me this is a joke gift lmao. This is like, so fucking funny it must have been on purpose.
Kek what happened with the "I won't put my baby alter in danger" shit? this DID shit is so fake

No. 286425

Posting for posterity sake

No. 286435

I watched parts of the video against my better judgement and I'm convinced all of these people are high 24/7. There is no other explanation for this behaviour. Steve and jill especially.

No. 286436

I can understand if someone did trivia for a big birthday like 50 because then you can involve lots of people (friends/family), that everyone can enjoy and get a laugh out of. But I can’t understand how anyone but Jill enjoys her narcissistic trivia not once but two years in a row. I wonder if Jill did it again because most of her friend group from last year got sick of her and she wanted her new friends to indulge her again(sage your shit)

No. 286439

File: 1679037884069.png (3 MB, 2000x1600, guys i love my body i will nev…)

she stopped looking like her thumbnails at least 5 years ago. everytime she posts she looks completly different. either full double chin or her old body. the strategic posing, hiding arms in sleeves and only showing her body in filtered to shit quality tik toks… its so fucking lame and insecure. she keeps larping not eating yet puts all her efforts into catfishing herself 10 pounds ago. guess this is why painting her wall took 2 months.

No. 286440

Is it really an entirely new group of friends? That’s wild, how does she still manage to convince herself she isn’t the problem. How many friend groups deep are we, I feel like the timeline of losing them has accelerated as well. Maggie hanging out with Steve and not being jills friend makes me wonder if Steve has his own friend group away from Jill. It’s still wild to me how blatant she was inviting the guy with schizophrenia over literally once for her last birthday to show him off then he was never seen again.

No. 286441

>10 pounds ago
At her size 10 pounds isn't even a noticeable difference, you need to make it at least 30 pounds for her. Ironically I misread her shirt in the middle pic as "go get fit sweetheart"

No. 286442

Looking forward to the milk it will bring

No. 286445

Jill's birthday blog really shows how much of DID larp is for attention. She screams and squeals every time she gets a gift for her "alters". Also her attempts at a hyper fixation on bluey is so cringy

No. 286447

File: 1679047159869.jpg (127.24 KB, 1080x1403, Screenshot_20230317_095737.jpg)

Idk if this was posted before but here's Jill's to do list, no wonder she never gets shit done

No. 286449

jill thinks not wanting to paint a kitty cat makes her a whole different person. i don't get how she thinks anyone buys her larp

No. 286454

>getting fed up sometimes with fluctuating over-the-top BPD identity and lifestyle choices and realizing they’re ridiculous is DID now
>not wanting to work or do your job is literally turning into a different person and becoming a teenage boy
This is why her diagnostic assessment says stuff like “Jill reports xyz” rather than “Jill has xyz.” I was talking about her casually to a doctor friend and they laughed saying that’s very telling and that with her they’d write, like, “Patient reports spending half her time mentally transformed into a teenage transgender boy with anorexia. Patient BMI is 28” and things like that on a chart for a patient like her and then say “okay” and send her out.

No. 286464

File: 1679058937070.jpeg (274.26 KB, 2025x1072, 223E31DC-9822-4FA7-ABC6-314F47…)

Her lolita coords weren’t anything phenomenal but she looked cute back then too imo like picrel her Dolly Cat coped. and she can’t just use the excuse that “I had an ED back when x photo was taken” cause she has a lot of other cute looks as well but admittedly a lot were taken when she clearly was underweight. She’s actually a normal good weight (not UW and not OW in picrel). You may or may not be a personal fan of lolita fashion, but this is better than her Rainby drag nowadays. Hell, she would still look good in lolita even now despite being OW - she doesn’t have large boobs and is kind of a pear shape, lolita can make girls with fatter bellies and legs look more normal because of the silhouette.

No. 286467

nayrt but during this era was when I thought the drama surrounding her was just silly. She was a teen who was being cringe and entitled but not too interesting. Honestly her life was dreams at that time because who wouldn't want their parents to have the funds and willingness to let you buy some niche Japanese fashion.
She's always been entitled but it's shocking how bad it is these days.(sage your shit)

No. 286468

File: 1679060222846.jpeg (106.22 KB, 1235x1053, 9898D521-C0A7-492B-B3F1-BB9B20…)

>7:20 zones out for two seconds and calls it dissociating
>around 11:10 “I was talking to my selves as usual … I said ‘this song is so cunty /pos.’ I think it was Veronica!”
>25:50 her terrifying the poor girl next to her, seems like she hurts this girl’s ears multiple times
The whole gift opening and trivia segments are beyond belief. The way she screams nonstop, the trivia questions about her system that everyone is supposed to care about. The histrionics and egotism here are so extreme. I feel like she keeps attributing her self obsession and weird behaviors to autism when videos like this show what blatant cluster B histrionics it is.

No. 286470

nayrt but so true - rereading the old threads is embarrassing bc of how so many anons were obviously seething 90% of the time. she was literally just a cringe theatre kid who did embarrassing shit on the internet. it kinda reminded me of the old simplykenna threads on pll where most users were freaking out that this boring white girl wasn't appreciating tokyo disney enough while living in japan on her parent's dime lol

No. 286471

Ayrt, and I actually used to be a seething Jillybean hater but in the day. I was jealous and I admit that now. I left lolcow for a good while and matured and realized man Jill didn’t deserve the hate she got, that was nuts, I was a bitch for even participating in those threads. I hope she’s still living the dream. Then I checked her threads and was flabbergasted as to what she’s become. At least she deserves her lolcow status now - at this point I’d say her threads should be moved to /pt/ since she’s basically a legacy cow.

No. 286484

Not to tinfoil here but the fact she ended up with enough friends to do a proper rainbow is kind of funny. I wonder if she left out inviting some people or invited some less-close friends just to get the rainbow.

Same I was also jealous. She was always annoying and I had reason to have personal beef with her but I also enjoyed the concept of her videos and what she was doing, I just didn’t like her, herself. But now she clearly has completely gone off the deep end, there’s not even anything to be jealous of anymore.

No. 286491

I can see why people were jealous of her and nitpickey. She had the money and creative/supportive parents most kids wish they had.
But man look at her now. She's full on Trixie Tang.
It's just so strange to see someone have so many opportunities thrown at them, fail everything.

No. 286496

Christ those are some surface level ‘I forgot about a present so I ducked into the dollar store on the way over’ gifts. It’s like she grabbed a few randoms off the street, made them watch a few of her videos and then attend her party.

What was Steve’s gift?

No. 286503

Ngl all these gifts read as really superficial. Either her new friends don't give a shit about her past her internet persona or she has no real personality. At least with (most) friends they care enough not to get absolute garbage or expend the tiniest bit of effort. What even is all this shit?

No. 286504

I'm obviously aware her aesthetic is overgrown toddler but it's quite literally stuff elementary schoolers who have a budget of $5 from mom would get each other

No. 286508

i'm surprised nobody has brought up pixie making her and jerrick's peep plushies make out at about 30:30. that's really fucking weird

No. 286513

kek she did fucking what?

No. 286516

There’s a difference between unapologetically enjoying your birthday/celebrating yourself and whatever the fuck this video was. It’s amazing to think Jill probably does have BPD but only from the trauma of no longer being the center of attention after she left the nest. Somehow she found her way back through this larp. I’m amazed she has friends who put up with that behavior, but then again she still has a little bit of internet clout and zoomers will put up with a lot of narcissism to be around it.

No. 286518

The 5 looking like a 2 fucks me up because she baked a sheet cake to cut the 2 out of. Used a foil bread pan and a round cake pan for the 5. Even though she had it set out with tons of different supplies and used step-by-step instructions, they still ended up looking like they came from the same exact 2-shaped cake pan. It’s baffling.

It’s also very obvious why her own birthday makes her so jarringly ecstatic.

No. 286519

Jill does have BPD and likely had it throughout life. I think her behaviour growing up is very telling of the Cluster B behaviour. I truly believe that she "only" has BPD and anxiety, and literally everything stems from that. She seems less and less able to control the mania that stems from BPD (I don't wanna hear the ranting about how there's "no mania with BPD you're thinking of bipolar" if you know BPD, you know mania is absolutely a part of it) and her anxiety obviously is exacerbated by it.
In my experience, friends seem able to "deal" with this kind of histrionic and manipulative, self-centered behaviour until about 25. Some people can keep it up until about 30. But borderline people usually end up with very little friends if they are unable to reign in the histrionics and mania. Once this sweet little group of relatively young adults start getting their own lives (careers, partners, kids, so on), they will never look back on Jillian and her self-indulgent insanity. Insanity like this can be fun and alluring when you're young and not yet established, but it gets old fast. I wouldn't be surprised if at least one of these chicks (I'm looking at the chick in yellow) are just hovering around for clout, and maybe for personal entertainment. I also suspect these chicks are really Stevie's friends.
Stevie is the one I just can't believe. How can he be with her? How come he doesn't see this all for what it is? What I wouldn't say to him if I had the chance. I'm a lot older and have seen here this goes and it does not get better. It does not end well.(arm-chairing)

No. 286520

Do you have any sources on the mania in BPD thing? I am curious

No. 286521

she was obnoxious because she joined the community as a teenager and could only participate on mommys dime and tried to become an authority in lolita fashion. because girlyhoot was being "bullied" she created a weird anti lolita bullying group called LACE and jill was a spokesperson. cue her bragging about having a tiny waist to her haters yadda yadda, she was just as she is now she just never grew up

No. 286522

I think the reason why the 5 looks so messed up (looking at it kind of trips me out) is because the pan she used to bake the top line of the 5 wasn't long enough. Which is weird, since you'd think if she couldn't find a pan long enough she'd just cut it out of a larger pan of cake to the measurements the book gave, right?

No. 286523

File: 1679091094571.png (48.51 KB, 1202x590, Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 6.10…)

Interesting set of tweets about "flashbacks" and her six-year-old self. Does she mean memories from when she was six, or did Jillian herself turn into a six-year-old (that is apparently not Berry)? You can never tell with her.

No. 286524

File: 1679091166322.png (65 KB, 1194x688, Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 6.12…)

The other two replies under that main tweet—out of order, sorry.

No. 286525

>previously saying she had no trauma, now saying she has PTSD flashbacks from something that happened when she was 6
What the actual fuck. This is such attention seeking shit and I think she actually gets herself to believe it because she’s so addicted to her cycles of dramatics and revving herself up to feel adrenaline and then getting to cry and get dopamine from it that she’ll convince herself of anything.

No. 286526

NTA but BPD is characterized partly by extreme mood swings, black and white thinking, and impulsive and damaging behavior. This often manifests as people going through extreme highs where everything is amazing, their current obsession is the center of the world and they fling themselves into it completely, that sort of thing. Instead of reckless behaviors like self harm that are done while upset, they’ll also engage in impulsive behaviors like new tattoos, shopping, public spectacle (dancing, loud singing, theatrics) and impulsive seductive behavior while on a positive mood swing. These are all related to core parts of the BPD diagnosis and such impulses often get attributed to negative mood swings and self-soothing but they appear just as much during their “highs.”

No. 286527

ayrt, I don't disagree but I guess (especially in hindsight) it's just easier to excuse a teenager doing dumb shit like that. It's just that most people grow out of that, while Jill went full steam ahead.

No. 286528

I can never get over the idea of live tweeting a PTSD episode, like who has a traumatic flashback then immediately picks up their phone to make sure random people on the internet know.

No. 286529

It's incredible sometimes just how stupid she is. She has no ability to think ahead or problem solve

No. 286530

>"""6 yo Jill""" got triggered out after Jill filming a video about Berry
>Small Jill is not a happy camper
The fuck? I hate how she has a """little""" yet Jill can fucking age slide. Jealous of herself. My head hurts.
>Stevie helped through the thick of it, but cannabis is the only sure fire off-switch for some of that somatic pain
Jfc broken record time but Jillian Vessey put the damn weed down, stop eating crap, exercise, and get some real fucking therapy. Also stfu about fight or flight response. You're shit at controlling your emotions and throw tantrums when you don't get your way because you always got your way by acting up. I wonder what the """cause""" was for this stupid tantrum? Also how much weed is she powering through to get through the day especially if her tolerance is high? She takes everything for granted and burns bridges. Jill is such a mess and she's self-destructing hard.

No. 286534

If we mapped her tweets on a calendar would there be a pattern to this behavior? Kind of like how nonnies can predict what Shayna is going to do before she does it over in /snow.

No. 286537

Shaynus thread predictions arent always accurate. She has patterns but she has had consistent threads for 4/5 years. Jill on the other hand hasnt been being observed to such an extent. Theres hardly a day go by where no milk is posted in the shay thread. The jill thread can lay dormant for a few weeks sometimes. If any patterns are noticeable they are probably related to her only real mental disorders and not her fake crap.

No. 286539

Wouldn't people have noticed her age slide at previous birthdays if this was legit in the first place? She's gotten more childish instead of mature but in the past she was always pretending she was independent and that hardly seems age sliding

No. 286541

I mean, of course she’s jealous of herself, only she can get the attention, how dare you think her totally 100% real 6 years old girl living inside her deserves any comfort? That’s why she’s an alter herself, she wants the fanart, the memes, the asspats, the hate, everything.
Seriously, I hope Jill never has kids because it would be an absolute hell for that child, I can already picture her being jealous of her own child or honestly any child. It’s honestly good to know that there’s no possibility of that ever happening since Steeb is basically a roommate and they probably, if not surely, never fuck.

No. 286542


I also wonder about Stevie but I can only assume:

-He enjoys the free handouts (does he have to pay much if any rent on the rainby house?), he lives in a nice (albeit hideously decorated and likely filthy) spacious house where he has his own bedroom, fully stocked fridge, weed, video games etc, and doesn't have to work full-time. He might have to nurse on Jill a bit but now she has her alters to keep her company, plus the stuff she does with Mama Vessey.

-He enjoys the (relatively small) fame of being Pixielocks' boyfriend.

-He's too far in it now and knows that if he leaves he'll get Alyssa'd and Jill will tell everyone he was an abusive manipulative boyfriend who caused her DID or some shit.

-Stockholm Syndrome and he somehow manages to actually have affectionate feelings towards her.

Otherwise I have no clue, you can't even say they have a good friendship, they seem to have basically nothing in common aside from being weird.
Sometimes I want to feel sorry for him because he might've actually had the potential to turn his life around but since he continues enabling Jill's delusion (plus the allegations of him still being a coomer/into lolicon), I really can't.

No. 286549

As someone who ghosted their toxic bpd friend at 25 she's still seething to this very day. You're right on the money that nobody past 25 wants to hang out with an emotionally unstable person. It wouldn't surprise me if Jill's friends kept getting replaced once they aged out.

No. 286552

What’s funny is she specifically said “I have a good friend group right now”, which I found particularly odd. Why mention it at all if they aren’t close friends? Feels more like she found a group of people who all get together but she can’t really pinpoint what she likes about them as individuals.
People who’ve never experienced trauma. That’s who. Anyone who’s actually been through abuse (let alone severe abuse according to Jill) goes through so many mixed emotions before sharing anything with anyone, and she is consistently loose lipped- none of the shame, anger, sadness that people who’ve experienced SA go through. She’s a disgusting liar, one of the grossest things you can lie about next to pretending to have cancer.
I don’t know if anyone caught it but Steve awkwardly said “looks like you’re having a lot of fun there” when Jill was baking the cake, he sounded so detached from the situation knowing Jill was pretending to be 6 on camera again. I kind of don’t blame him anymore, like wtf do you do when your gf lies on the internet all day and coos at you like a baby? I mean obviously break up with them, but damn. Hope he gets therapy after this.

No. 286556

>Steve awkwardly said “looks like you’re having a lot of fun there” when Jill was baking the cake, he sounded so detached from the situation knowing Jill was pretending to be 6 on camera again.

She probably does so little all day, everyday that just seeing her making a cake is an achievement for her. He recognizes she’s being weird, neurotic, and annoying and wants to “support her out of it”, best case scenario. Similar to her mother. Everyone in her life probably just has their fingers crossed that if they affirm and encourage her enough and pay for enough therapy she’ll move past this phase. Worst case she’s manipulated them into believing if they do otherwise, she won’t survive.

No. 286557

>he sounded so detached from the situation knowing Jill was pretending to be 6 on camera again.

Reminds me of their last Q&A when Jill bulldozed over every response he had by speaking over him and getting irritated when he didn't answer the way she wanted, so for three quarters of the video he's just sitting there looking kind of miserable and awkward. At one point he said something like "we're happy together, aren't we?" and Jill didn't respond because she was too busy fake zoning out i.e. 'disassociating', and since he must know she's fake zoning out it probably sucks knowing that your partner won't even say "yeah we're happy together" on camera either because they're too immersed in their mental illness LARP, or too cowardly to admit they don't like you anymore.

It's honestly like watching a car wreck, it hurts to look at, but it's so disastrous that you keep watching to see how much worse it will get.

No. 286562

i recognize the girl in green [29:22] but can't for the life of me find her socials, but i know for certain she knew pixie from youtube. are yellow and tan [31:20] the confetti club girl and that schizophrenia artist guy she bought a shirt from? if it's not the schizophrenic guy it's maybe her girlfriend because ftm

No. 286565

Tan is @oliverxowen on ig. It’s sof, @magicalbeancosplay (yellow)’s “boyfriend”.

No. 286568

In rainbow order its, Pixie, Kennedy, Oliver and Sophie, Samantha, Em, Steve, Bee, and Ems GF Dani. How many newbies are here?because they've been friends since at least 2019. The only new addition is Ems GF because they dumped their husband last year to test out girls.

No. 286569

fuck I put sage in the wrong box, dont kill me, I havent posted since 2020. Here I am talking high over newbies omg

No. 286572

Forgetting to sage properly is the least agreagous part of that post.

No. 286574

the one jill was bridesmaid for (and wore a neon bra underneath a pale dress) has dumped her husband already? jesus

No. 286578

I have questions. If current Jill isn’t in the room then how does she know it was six year old Jill. Is Steve having to start conversations with “who is this and how old are you?” for her to have this info. Secondly, Jillian as a six year old wouldn’t know how to operate a bong or what weed is. Is she making them play out a scenario where Steve has to explain and make a little kid smoke weed? Edibles take time to hit (roughly an hour let’s say) and would taste gross to a child so that’s not an instant solution which she is indicating she needed/had.

No. 286579

I would so much love unedited full footage of that party. I'm still doubting between the two of them acting it all out, or them just acting "normal" and afterwards goint "oh em gee I was so much in little space".

No. 286589


>Cannabis is the only surefire switch off

Jesus, she's such an addict to weed. She really can't find a single coping strategy that helps aside from smoking?

No. 286591

The next few years are going to be entertaining as hell.

No. 286605

It’s an improvement over her previous benzo habit.

No. 286615

Not overly, since she’s turned into a full time stoner who freely admits that she can’t function unless high

No. 286622

Simplykenna wasn't that milky until she started badly larping autism, and Jill got milky badly larping DID. It's really insane how social media rewards unhinged faking of mental disorders over and over again. Who even are the people who actually fully believe Jill's larp? Aspiring fakers themselves?

No. 286625

Yep, other boring lost normies who want special identifiers to explain how unique they actually are in lieu of real accomplishments, and a get out of jail free card for why they’re vaguely confused in their mediocre lives. Usually the kind of people who also obsess over astrology, MBTI, Hogwarts houses, or overexaggerated “diagnosis by exclusion” chronic illnesses, or LGBTQIA microlabels, and so on.
The easy explanation for Jill’s failure to launch is that she’s slightly confused about the logistics and overwhelmed by the actual constant hard effort involved in any business effort. The convenient absolution she seeks is that she actually has a disorder that people generally only get after being trafficked and beaten within an inch of their lives, and therefore now she can only be expected to smoke weed in bed watching cartoons forever.

No. 286632

how do you know this information? were you one of the autists attending this party kek

No. 286637

Sage for tinfoil but I think these are in relation to fights with Steve. She’ll get into a screaming match or whatever and then tweet about how she was having a flashback so if Steven ever comes forward she can cover her ass by saying “I was having an episode! Ableist piece of shit!”

No. 286645

>Anyone who’s actually been through abuse (let alone severe abuse according to Jill) goes through so many mixed emotions before sharing anything with anyone, and she is consistently loose lipped- none of the shame, anger, sadness that people who’ve experienced SA go through.
I was looking for a way to articulate this and you've said it perfectly. With every issue that Jill claims to have, an ED, BPD, PTSD, whatever, anyone actually experiencing them would feel a lot of shame. It's one thing to be open on a public platform about your mental health and another to just list off a laundry list of issues without somehow ever mentioning the deep self-loathing and embarrassment that comes with those things.

No. 286651

Its all avaliable on the internet because they have no awareness when it comes to online safety. Also Pixie has said almost each and every one of their names in videos, sometimes even gives out usernames! and this bitch has the audiacity to accuse vangelina of putting her in danger…

No. 286676

File: 1679181532101.png (769.3 KB, 1268x670, image_2023-03-18_191542962.png)

Idk why but she looks like a pyscho in this kitchen. Who has the time to buy aesthetic matching stuff to this extent?

No. 286677

>steve & jills
except it's all jill's shit

No. 286692

It really is kind of creepy, it’s like her house is just a stage for her to act like a sped and be an asshole freely.

No. 286693

Her having a pastel matchy matchy kitchen is the LEAST psychotic or strange thing she does

No. 286708

>Stevie is the one I just can't believe. How can he be with her? How come he doesn't see this all for what it is?
He's a normie-passing coomer incel tranny is why, Jill is so busy thinking about herself she doesn't judge or criticize him which is preferable to someone trying to fix/change him. He seems quite meek and submissive as a personality so someone leaving him alone (due to being utterly obsessed with herself) is "freedom" and is unironically better for his mental health than being in a more oppressive environment.

No. 286711

No one has ever needed to just go and live off grid in the woods for a year than Jill. If she didn't have a hugbox humoring her whole sooper speshul mentally ill larp every five minutes you'd see her totally cured, probably reading books and painting with long wavy brown hair. She is stuck in a feedback loop of constant rewards and dopamine for play-acting being the rainbow haired weirdo with the complex mind, but it's all fake and doesn't withstand scrutiny.
e.g: I am in fight or flight and also 6 years old but coherently Tweeting about my "trauma" which I previously said I didn't have (prior to this she stuck to the Jerrick Deviantart Punk phase as her trauma source, at 13)

No. 286713

That looks like stuff from Kenmore.

No. 286737

File: 1679200750527.gif (5.75 MB, 568x320, Peeps.gif)

I can see her getting pissy if everyone likes her quieter and politer alters more. Steve already hates J&J, wonder what Louise thinks of J&J?
>Seriously, I hope Jill never has kids because it would be an absolute hell for that child, I can already picture her being jealous of her own child or honestly any child.
Supposedly doesn't want kids and I hope to god she stays that way.
Wonder how irritating she is when she isn't high?

No. 286745

File: 1679204270964.jpg (219.21 KB, 500x386, 3a378da23cc40622e9ce0c10992afb…)

This is literally jillian

No. 286765

File: 1679212962498.jpeg (37.68 KB, 759x450, 5B999275-B927-439D-ABFE-94A2FF…)

Anyone else notice the fake stimming?

No. 286766

File: 1679213087986.jpeg (81.21 KB, 819x461, 1A51443C-D6B0-458E-997E-4EFC52…)

tfw Steebie won’t change your diapey-wipey

No. 286770

KEK. Can someone make this into a banner?

No. 286774

This screenshot gives me anxiety, so much random trash used as decoration without any rhyme or reason. I know balancing how you decorate your home can be hard, even more so when you force yourself to stay within a specific theme, but holy shit is this bad.

No. 286827

amazing, anon. I love this.

No. 286830

New thread pic or banner please holy kek

No. 287006

Late reply but it isn’t that I don’t see merit in it, it’s that everyone is saying Jillian would be comfortable and wealthy like mom if she worked hard, when in reality no one is living that well off photography. Jillian would need to also marry someone rich to live the life her parents do.

No. 287019

NTA i think people were shaking Jill in particular could be wealthy and comfortable because she was very popular in her niche and got a ton of opportunities. If Jill had kept her head on straight, she could've been successful enough to easily support a comfortable life for herself with the opportunities she squandered

No. 287022

I know the term nepotism usually applies to famous people, but it is true that people who have a shitton of money to waste have an easier time being successful. Jill is dumb as hell, but she had way more chances at success than most people. What pisses me off, and many people off, is that she started her channel pretending that she was a hard worker, giving people confidence to follow their passions, only for us to find out that it is all mommy's money. It's scam artist behavior, which could maybe be forgiven if she ever apologized for lying, but she doesn't, and she continues to lie.

No. 287023

I think it has to do with how fried her brain is from all the weed smoking. She is forever stunted. I cant speak on that for sure though, since idk what came first, the weed or the trashy rainbow aesthetic.

No. 287040

Definitely the aesthetic first. She spoke about being introduced to weed, and she was already the rainbow mess she is, just less unhinged.

No. 287066

File: 1679348355051.jpeg (235.23 KB, 960x1560, 028067F8-AA53-4471-B36F-5B34AA…)

Now picture this outfit without the flattering mirror pose.

No. 287069

Omg jillybean where is your sunflower lanyard???? You can’t even get the mail without it, how are people supposed to know you’re totes autistic if you’re out running errands without it?? What if you run into a cop that needs to be informed your special needs?! So brave!

No. 287075

no offense but where is the lanyard? I think the thing around her neck is just a really ugly necklace if thats what you mean

No. 287076

nayrt, they're pointing out that she isn't wearing the lanyard.

No. 287085

ayrt oops, should probably read these posts better. the mental jillness is ruining my brain

No. 287100

runnning errands = going shopping for clothes

No. 287103

and buying clothes at what's most likely a non ethically sourced fashion brand at that. I can't wait for her to say that all of her new clothes are from the thrift shop if any one asks her where she got them. I feel like she's going to start using that excuse to gatekeep her "style" even though it's easily re-creatable.

No. 287111

I know this ss is multiple days old now but nonny's YouTube profile pic is showing and you look so much like Maggie (Jill's friend hyperbol.e on IG, rinichhu on Twitter) and it would be so funny if it turned out that Maggie posted in this thread

No. 287139

omg its goddamn sofias pfp from her main YouTube channel, hello cow! how did we not notice this?

No. 287148

this made me go down a weird rabbit hole where I looked through Jill's subscribed list and she apparently tired to make an ASMR channel? She really tried to skin walk AlbInWonderland when she was in her post lolita/pre party-kei phase.
Also, is Sofia one of her former friends? Her name rings a bell but I don't recall if she was one of the moon mist girls.

No. 287149

Sofia is the one in the yellow dungarees who attended her latest birthday party.

No. 287150

Sofia was an active member of Jill’s fanclub, the Confetti Club. They have their own threads in /w/ where Sofia’s e-begging antics are covered. Nowadays she’s one of the all-female group of drag queens Jill hangs out with when she’s doing drag and I think she organised at least one of the events Jill performed at. IIRC she’s also the one Steve invited over to their home to “safely age regress”. She comes up quite often in these threads.

No. 287151

she very obviously didn't have DID until she started smoking weed, surely her parents must know that's the real reason behind her larp

No. 287152


It's hilarious how quickly Jill dropped the sunflower lanyard when it went out of fashion. She went from needing it on her to get the post to never wearing it once it stopped being a cute tiktok trend.

No. 287167

File: 1679400451061.png (122.45 KB, 332x320, Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 8.02…)

no way??? I wish someone got a screenshot when this was posted, because the only account I can find has a plain pink pfp. Either some nonnie is a sleuthing genius, she's doing damage control, or this isn't true. This is Sofia in Jill's most recent video.

No. 287169

not to derail but as a hairfag I don't know how natural brown hair girls do it, I can't tell the difference between any of these people to identify them.
Though I bet some Jill friends do lurk and post here. What was her youtube url? the old pfp should show up on image search and we can confirm

No. 287170

File: 1679403700276.webm (13.11 MB, 1081x1440, Sos.WEBM)

No. 287175

It's hilarious when a lolcow's friends post about them. I wonder how many of her old friends post here too?

No. 287176

File: 1679406827535.png (190.07 KB, 393x391, 1426698901457.png)

Holy shit, now THAT'S cold. If only I could be a fly on the wall for the group chat meltdown.

No. 287180

Lol. Lmao even. I wonder what other posts Sof has made here?

No. 287181

File: 1679408741474.png (67.62 KB, 1080x990, Screenshot_20230321_102258_Twi…)

Posting this to look back on once Jill realizes Sofia is a farmer

No. 287190

Whoever said Jillys friends have a group chat to shit talk her behind her back were dead on

No. 287192

Pretty humiliating for her considering how in her last video she was literally talking about how her sweet and supportive her friend group are.
Quoth the Jill: "I have such a beautiful, wholesome circle of friends right now - I literally think about how grateful I am for them every day."

No. 287194

>I wouldn't be surprised if at least one of these chicks (I'm looking at the chick in yellow) are just hovering around for clout, and maybe for personal entertainment.

No. 287199

File: 1679414553782.jpg (60.56 KB, 720x711, Pic.jpg)

Made the pfp bigger.
So possible Jerrick twitter account vague posting/meltdown incoming?

No. 287200

kek I can't blame her, imagine having to be friends with someone like Jill and pretend you actually think she's sometimes a 15 year old edge lord boy and sometimes a little child. It would be more surprising to find out none of Jills friends lurk here. I can still think of a couple of reasons how it wouldn't be her, but I'm not gonna post them yet to give her any excuses to use kek

No. 287206

Tfw Sof was the parasocial stalker all along, imagine being in someone's fanclub, skinwalling them and backstabbing them. This is like some cheap "fear street" story lol

No. 287208

Jill gon claim someone told her About Sof on the farms because she totally doesn't check out her threads kek

No. 287217

File: 1679418585472.jpeg (234.15 KB, 720x1280, cc_sof.jpeg)

kinda sad jill really can't trust anyone because she will always only befriend other toxic jealous attention whore snowflakes but not so sad when you remember if the tables were turned and sof was the influencer instead of jill, jill would be doing the exact same thing. these types of girls will always tear each other down.

No. 287225

She's really just like Jill, the lying about having a hateful family while actually having a loving one is exactly the same. BFF

No. 287258

No way, she was the one that Steven tried to convince to "come and safely ageplay at our house" the screenshot is in an earlier thread

No. 287259

>if the tables were turned and sof was the influencer instead of jill, jill would be doing the exact same thing. these types of girls will always tear each other down.
Kek agreed. So sad though, I wish Sof stayed longer so she could give us the funny inside drama. Sof if you're reading this I hope Jillian keeps you close longer so you can tell us the juicy details.

Also, kek. I'm thinking Steven and Jillian will have a very serious conversation with her after checking the thread, because it is proven they read here.

No. 287260

I want sof to come here after Jillian dumps her and just tell us all the truth. We have to welcome her with open arms.

No. 287261

this sof being on thread all makes sense now tbh- wasn’t she the one at all of jill’s shows? could be the stalker pixie thought was her stalker from the very start, now a friendly skinwalker

No. 287264

File: 1679432728464.jpeg (165.69 KB, 1179x1694, 7711657D-D30B-4BE0-A82D-CA2669…)

Adding as extra confirmation it is from her main YouTube

No. 287268

Not only a backstabber but a stupid one at that. How can you just leave your pfp in a screenshot? Actual rookie mistake.

No. 287269

Such good milk for the day though!

No. 287277

File: 1679436664205.jpeg (153.19 KB, 2048x2048, 6EB3BF1F-489F-44AB-915D-0B4E1A…)

Jillian is currently not following Sof. Sof is following Jill, though.

No. 287280

Has she ever followed Sof tho?

No. 287286

that’s her cosplay account

No. 287299

oh shit isn't she the girl who's supposed to do the precure cosplay with jill this summer?

No. 287301

the "stalker" was probably sof all along. Kek. Jillian should rethink her frienships. Who knew a close friend of hers turned out to be more "dangerous" than any of us living thousands of miles away from her kek. Skinwalkers never learn do they. I'm actually convinced Sof filmed the video.

No. 287302

File: 1679443893645.png (320.56 KB, 477x858, sofig.PNG)

sof's instagram story
she was there but pretty sure she was also a performer, not the farmer who went to the show and filmed. she's in the all female drag group with jill

No. 287313

Sof made her instagram account private. it wasn’t private earlier today. she knows she’s been caught kek also Jill follows her on her Villainyswells account

No. 287322

File: 1679450094759.jpeg (85.57 KB, 828x829, 27F389A8-A307-4FCF-B73E-814670…)

sage for autistic edit

No. 287323

Tragic. Since it's her cosplay account she obviously won't be posting anything personal, so making it private just makes it look like she wants to hide. Too late!

No. 287327

File: 1679450505497.jpg (48.21 KB, 720x1414, Ohsof.jpg)

More damning evidence. Not a good look.

No. 287331

Fucking kek, this is too juicy

No. 287332

We've lost a valuable anon this day.
However: hello to all other Jillian-orbiters. We know goddamn well that you are all here.

No. 287333

oh no, not her cringe cosplay dance videos! however will we cope kek rip in shit sof
too bad we lost whatever she contributes to this thread. or who knows, maybe she'll keep posting without a word.

No. 287334

I’m curious if Jill will react to this in any way at all, the tone of this implies Jill knows + doesn’t believe it was Sof (who tipped her off?). Will we get another “lolcow is stalking me” video?

No. 287339

File: 1679451377515.png (15.89 KB, 792x462, Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 9.48…)

BTW, in case we need any more evidence at all, this is a screenshot I took this morning of one of her videos. It's obviously gone now but here's our third (fourth?) confirmation that it's her profile.

No. 287340

God bless you, anon. You've done good.

No. 287342

Yes, I hope this anon and this >>287139 sharp-eyed anon know we're grateful for their milk contribution

No. 287360

I want her to come back. There was no need for her to hide all her stuff, it only makes her look sus. And to be honest she's 90 percent less milky than Jillian so who cares. Just own it Sof, it's alright, come back and post more milk for us.

No. 287372

Didn't cam nonnie say she was originally there to see other drag queens too? Sofia does seem to have an interest in drag queens too.

No. 287379

File: 1679454908014.jpg (44.43 KB, 720x620, Olddebut.jpg)

These were the performers for the drag show.
Here's the post: >>221385 to when the nonnie posted the drag video. It's been privatized for a while. Not exactly sure when but thinking around the lolcor slander video dropped. Not saying it's Sof, but here's the thread it was posted on.

No. 287381

i cant get over how this just all comes together- sofia was a hardcore skinwalker before even meeting jill like she was obsessed going to all the meet and greets- then she gets into the friend group like the LEVELS of full on stalker and slime for something like this- tbh i feel kinda bad for jill(sage your shit)

No. 287386

File: 1679455788411.jpg (100.74 KB, 720x959, Welp.jpg)

Stand corrected. Here's the full list from the ig.

No. 287394

Yeah honestly as much as I love to hate Jill and her DID larp, I don’t think she’s bad enough to deserve the gut sinking feeling of realizing someone you considered close is actually a sneaky slimy rat.

No. 287395

It just proves to Jill that she needs to be careful of skin walkers and people who kiss her ass. Not everyone who is only nice has pure intentions. But of course her narc brain can't take any criticism even if it's to improve her life.

No. 287398

i'm camanon and i'm not her. I can't really prove it but I wasted my hard-earned $5 to see a fat delusional woman dance on stage and i want my credit dammit

No. 287403

having a bad anxiety day like she's not the one who caused it lol. i don't understand wanting to be friends with someone that causes you to seethe so much that you go to the farms, but i guess i'm not cluster b

No. 287426

Super curious about what else she posted. Maybe jannies will reveal.

No. 287440

it's a little sus tbh, knowing it's a group of catty backstabbers someone else could have made it out to be her on purpose. would be an easy edit to make to frame her and they all know how to edit photos. would definitely be funnier if it really is her tho kek

No. 287441

and we love and respect you for it cam-nona

No. 287442

>having to be friends with someone like Jill
no one is forcing her to be friends with Jill. it's extremely unhinged to spend that much time with someone IRL, pretending to be their friend, while secretly backstabbing and humiliating them like this. and why would you ever want to befriend a lolcow anyway?

No. 287443

File: 1679476635542.png (318.49 KB, 1440x2161, not edited.png)

This could be true and was recently suspected in the lolita thread, however on fotoforensics (picrel) the part with the profile pic looks the same as the rest of the image.
Also she privated her page and privated all her videos which aren't really the actions of an innocent person kek

No. 287446

The privating is sus, yeah, but it could then still be an imitator who just choose that pic as profile pic to stir shit up

No. 287447

Yeah except anyone who capped her pic would have even a slightly different sizing of it when it comes to the display. This one is exactly identical.

No. 287448

another option would be her gossiping to a friend in private not intending for it to get posted anywhere else, and the friend then in turn leaking it here not thinking about her friends pfp showing. Something similar happened to me once, but her going private kind of seals the deal and proves her stupidity since she doesn't realize it just makes her look more guilty

No. 287459

I don't think it was faked. It was in the thread for a hot second before anyone even noticed. No one pointed it out. I think if someone came here to frame Sof for some reason they wouldn't have let it go unnoticed for as long as it did.

No. 287464

I mean if they were smart, they would, because it makes it look way more legit.

No. 287465

This is too rich, I wonder if Jill will admit to her followers that her stalker was actually one of her best friends?!

We're in the clear nonnas, kek.

No. 287466

File: 1679493867450.jpeg (53.3 KB, 750x431, B3ACC3C5-3239-4A78-A250-647A46…)

this reeks of damage control. (this is the post that jill replied to earlier

No. 287467

doesn’t sofia have bpd too? vaguely remember seeing she had it in her bios at one point. (kek skinwalker extreme edition) anyway i doubt jill will care about all this . if jill can use her mental illness as a excuse to be shitty what’s stopping sofia

No. 287468

I’m sure the fake ass bitch Sof will claim someone tried to frame her when Jill is like wtf

No. 287469

File: 1679494965837.jpeg (42.98 KB, 750x410, 7B22D653-95F0-4BA2-B39B-96B4C2…)

context: oliver is the fake boi sofia is dating and in the birthday video. sofia had a huge thing couple years ago about how abusive her family was and made a go fuck me to help her move out of the abusive house (later debunked on multiple occasions about her family and money situation)

why i bring this up? this recent photo proves yet again just how much of a snake sofia is, the lying to get what she wants and so on. believe whatever you want but it’s easy to see sofia fucked up

No. 287472

File: 1679496318308.jpeg (Spoiler Image,56.17 KB, 750x605, 0D547813-B121-4A1B-A7BE-200D23…)

milk incoming

sofia has a ratty rabbit doll called poppy she has when she’s “regressed” anyway she has two accounts she uses on twitter for “regressing” easy to know it’s sofia by who replies and follows

anyway you can add this to the evidence stevie is a pedo considering sofia sees age regression as a nsfw or even their fake boi oliver is a pedo

god this whole thing is a dumpster fire why the fuck would anyone have this shit online for everyone to see

No. 287473

she seems hella scared though. how would she know she was being "framed" if she or pixie didn't check lolcow? also, since she privated her acc and stuff, you can probably see in the screenshot that it's the same type of phone as she has. like the layout is e.g. the layout of an iphone.

No. 287474

i replied to the wrong nonna, i'm sorry. was gonna reply to >>287440

No. 287481

>I don’t think she’s bad enough to deserve the gut sinking feeling of realizing someone you considered close is actually a sneaky slimy rat.
She is definitely "bad enough." Remember that she's been heavily hinting that one of the girlfriends she used raped her, then there's the other girlfriend she used for clout and hurt her, she constantly shows she hates women, she implies that her loving family either abused her or allowed her to be abused, and she is constantly larping being horribly traumatized/raped (the fucking "screaming fits" she says she has that conveniently never happened before, etc).

No. 287482

You reap what you sow. The fact that this confirms her friends even hate her now says a lot. Jill is literally that fat unstable friend that her “friends” use as entertainment behind her back. I have no doubt that after they leave her house or a gathering they’re all texting each other asap. They’re probably laughing at Sofia because her dumbass got caught.

No. 287499

File: 1679504101981.jpeg (35.97 KB, 1179x693, 3FC702FD-BE4A-49AB-A722-DFD1A8…)

She is no longer following Jillian.

No. 287502

I'm >>287111, it was just my silly tinfoil that the pfp looked like one of Jill's friends but it's even better that it's Sofia instead of Maggie since Sofia seems like such a clout chaser whereas at least Maggie has distanced herself from jill. Good work identifying the pfp as Sofia's >>287139 !

No. 287503

Yea she's unprivated now and unfollowed Jill… honestly she probably could have played it off as a troll trying to frame her but that kinda confirms it. I doubt Jill would believe she's innocent now.

No. 287508

Holy shit now I really want to know if she's a regular poster in here. But then again, we all know jill reads this thread too and it's already bitter enough. Like the other anons said, as much of a delusional cow that jill is, having to be paranoid about your own fucking friends because they secretly gossip/look down on you really sucks.

No. 287509

All of that could be solved if she wasn’t such a weirdo who needs to get her delusions catered to 24/7 tbh, like seriously, I can’t even imagine having a “friend” that wants me to call her several different names depending on the clothes she’s wearing, who wants me to give to her OCs gifts on her birthday, and who does fucking questionnaire games about herself as a way to entertain people. If that’s not cow behavior I don’t know what that is, and yeah, that attracts people that are bored and want to have their own clown who does shit on their own, unprovoked, unprompted.

No. 287511

File: 1679508774003.jpeg (27.63 KB, 750x407, 4C0769DE-9190-4E7C-8C0A-E9B43C…)

>>287472 sofia is lurking actively on thread guys- was checking to see if jill still follows her and came across the age regression account sof has

No. 287521

File: 1679510467833.png (Spoiler Image,11.88 KB, 1192x408, Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 2.38…)

sofs old age regression account, wonder why it hasnt been put on priv

No. 287522

yikes, wonder if jill’s entire group of friends is into loli con shit

No. 287523

sage causes pointless, but I really hope jill has a huge meltdown on social media for us to laugh at. Sofia is an idiot and I can't believe we almost didn't catch this.

No. 287524

this is exactly why she won't. it's obvious reacting to it outwardly is what we want and it would also prove she still reads here while also driving new people over. I don't she'll ever comment on it directly

No. 287525

She’ll comment on it this is too major for her not to. Learning her good friend is a backstabber just after her birthday? She can milk this for so much sympathy are you kidding? She won’t mention this site or she’ll say a fan tipped her off but still not mention the site.

No. 287528

i agree, she is to much of an attention hog and this would get her a lot of sympathy points.

No. 287530

inb4 long ass twitter rant/rampage on villainyswells because sweet little jillian isn't spiteful enough to say what she really wants to say on main

No. 287534

Or she will make a Twitter account for the flora alt, or post acting like flora to go “boohoo I’m sad but soft”

No. 287547

That'd be hilarious considering the rants Jill has gone on about how evil and icky nsfw Precure stuff is kek

No. 287552

Some cows in her situation opted to stay quiet because they didn't want to acknowledge lcf as legitimate or let us ~come between them~. Both the Pettubers around Emzotic and IIRC the Creepshow art friend circle were like "let's deal with this in private and not let them win" because it's always a good sympathy ploy when it's random hate comments, but admitting that your own friend posted on your threads is a different level of humiliating. She might come out with it waaay later when it's no longer relevant.

No. 287557

I bet Maggie is a regular here too, since she almost certainly subtweeted about Jill being a spoiled brat before. My personal tinfoil is that they’re the ones who’ve been defending lolicon, age regression and Steve’s coomerism when those subjects are brought up.

No. 287558

Is it possible those Twitter circle leaks from a while back was Sof? I know Jill said she found the culprit but maybe she was wrong?

No. 287560

i tried digging to find the posts, but didn't she just post them on the jerick account in the public instead of her circle? then blamed the girl that didn't even do it?

No. 287562

circle leaks were faked by Jill to cover her ass.

No. 287563

I was there that morning and I did not see those tweets on the jerrick account. Maybe I can find screenshots for proof, but I think nonnies wanted to side with Vangelina that the shit was public. Maybe Vangelina backed out because she got private leaks and shittalking.

No. 287564

I was there that morning and I did not see those tweets on the jerrick account. Maybe I can find screenshots for proof, but I think nonnies wanted to side with Vangelina that the shit was public. Maybe Vangelina backed out because she got private leaks and shittalking.

No. 287583

There weren't any leaks, Jill just got stoned and posted on Jerricks account publicly and then tried to claim she didn't.

No. 287596

>entire friend group is insane pedos
What the fuck. Also, at least one of the “I bet she was framed” posts here are probably her given that she has been a poster here and was obviously looking at the thread and trying to do damage control.

No. 287626

it would make my year if jannies reveal. pls jannies pls, milkmas part 2

No. 287658

I think Sof either didn't catch her picture was in the shot or thought no one would know it was her because of her masked picture and having a solid pink cover photo on her youtube channel. Unfortunately a nonnie noticed the photo which led another nonnie to correctly identify her. Sof got careless.
Those tweets were posted publicly on the VillainySwells account. I saw those tweets. I was confused as fuck about what Jillian was raging about and didn't think to just ss the tweets and look at them later. I knew I made a mistake of not ss the tweets later in the day when Jill took them down and no one had them up on the thread. I regret not ss the whole damn affair so like you I have no proof to post. Thread 58 has the ss tweets for any nonnie who wants to look at them again. I agree with this nonnie >>287583 that Jill was probably stoned while rage tweeting and didn't realize until later that she was publicly tweeting. She knew it looked bad which is why she chose the narrative of someone """leaking""" the tweets. She was just trying to cover her ass. Her friends are just there for her to use, abuse, and deflect blame onto.

No. 287665

i just want sofia to come here when pixie completely dumps her and spill everything since she'll have nothing to lose (and can fairly easily blame it on someone having a vendetta). i know you're reading this. let the bpd win

No. 287670

File: 1679562179243.png (547.76 KB, 720x4391, Dumbcoverup.png)

Here's some of the tweets Vangelina showed vs Jill's tweets. I added what twitter announced about the circle tweets as well as an example. Also since I was digging around for the tweets, looks like Stevie >>255956 made his video private talking about the Lolcow slander. Looks like one webm was made which was him saying the diagnosis is """real""". Here's a link to that >>256469 . Wonder why he decided to make the video private? Jill's is still up.

No. 287679

>looks like Stevie >>255956 made his video private talking about the Lolcow slander.
maybe he realized jill was in the wrong kek

No. 287690

Everyone scrambling around privating things and unfollowing people is delicious, unless he privated it ages ago it could be they now realise their "lolcow stalker" is Sofia - though video anon posted to say it wasn't her, it will be easy to blame Sofia for everything now. Pretty sure anons were saying this at the time, the weird stuff about contacting the drag show and contacting Stevie's workplace when nobody here knew that info. Imagine if it was Sofia the whole time

No. 287695

all of this gives off crazy fan gone wrong. like tinfoil but what if sofia has been using the thread to like her advantage to make sure jill is her best friend and only her best friend

No. 287697

kek that or she used the threads to figure out how to be jill’s best friend and be the perfect follower

No. 287701

Still nothing on the jerrick account. If the did was real jerrick would have been raging and taken over the body to angry-post. I mean, isn't that what he did with the vangelina tweets? No way he'd stay quiet when learning someone so close was a snake

No. 287705

How is he an incel if he's dating Jill. Words have meanings you know kek

No. 287707

She’s not going to spill everything when everyone immediately jumped to digging through her ageplay Twitter. Whatever she was attempting was probably less about being one of us and more about directly effecting Jill. Maybe she found the DID annoying and this was the only place she could vent.

No. 287708

nah if anything i could see sofia copying jill again and saying she has did or some shit

both of them:
littles age reg
lazy oaf obsessed
rely heavily on their partner to fix them
both have fake partners
both sew
both have youtube
like the list goes on because sofia has been so crazy fan obsessed

No. 287709

Same. Sof come home.
That's why I was iffy about immediately posting her shit here kek but anons are right about the disgusting ageplay. She was probably the one defending it. Why are Sof and Maggie into pedo shit is beyond me.

No. 287710

>I mean, isn't that what he did with the vangelina tweets? No way he'd stay quiet when learning someone so close was a snake
Yeah, I find it weird that she was so quick to shit on Vangelina but not Sof.

>looks like Stevie >>255956 made his video private talking about the Lolcow slander.

No. 287711

some incels still behave like incels even when dating

No. 287717

This would've been the smart way to get out of this. Carry on as usual, wait until Jill brings it up, act surprised, say someone must've pretended to be you to to sow drama by stealing your profile pic. Boom, situation handled. Luckily none of these bitches are smart, kek

No. 287739

From what we know about Jill and her friendships do we think she would actually air something out on Twitter? She seems like the kind of person to be nasty to irl friends behind the scenes since nobody except us know who they are. Sofia if you got a vendetta come here and roast Jill’s ass you’ve got the dirt and nothing is holding you back now.

No. 287742

Maybe she learned how to use Circles this time, kek

No. 287768

File: 1679592236934.png (304.18 KB, 613x882, firefox_ZBdh5hYsCB.png)


No. 287770

File: 1679592439974.png (11.86 KB, 604x240, firefox_7CLbFNIB3H.png)

Yup, she deleted it and is steaming her frustrations by picking fights about random shit on twitter
It really was sof, holy fucking shit lmao

No. 287777

File: 1679593561183.jpeg (43.76 KB, 750x479, 542273DA-664E-4A50-B0A5-C59FB1…)

This is why Jill’s my fav. I get it’s meant in hyperbolic jest but she tells on herself so much.

No. 287781

She normally just picks targets on Twitter and kindly lets them have it. She’s currently joining twitter pile ons right now.

No. 287784

File: 1679593953965.jpg (166.69 KB, 1080x1232, IMG_20230323_185252.jpg)


No. 287788

Did a DIDtuber get called out or something? Any nonnies know who and what she might be referring to?

No. 287792

File: 1679595873382.jpg (125.95 KB, 720x1174, St.jpg)

Nope, the tweet is still there.
I want to see this video now

No. 287793

File: 1679596023938.jpg (366.95 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-03-23-19-26-46…)

Maybe you still have it in your browser cache? It's gone for me on phone and pc.

No. 287796

Didn't Jill say she filmed a new meet the alters video? I wonder fi that's ever getting uploaded

No. 287797

Weird. Two browsers I use a lot showed it despite clearing cache but a third browser I used showed it gone. You're right the tweet is gone and just messed up on my end.

No. 287802

Funny enough, the screenshot attributed to Sof is the one confirming Jill's video on Berry is the next one to be uploaded. Let's wait and see when that goes up though

No. 287804

I hope she's whining about a doctor telling DID larpers to shove it, that'd be so funny.
"Crazy malpractice lawsuit worthy" sure Jill, sure.

No. 287816

File: 1679600886073.jpg (35.52 KB, 720x287, Ooof.jpg)

I wonder if Jill is going to pull this tt?

No. 287818

File: 1679601090453.webm (16.04 MB, 324x576, Sp.webm)

Crappy quality cos it's long and was over limit in original form.

No. 287826

No matter how much of a cow Pixie is, this is fucking cold. She considers Sofia to be her bestie? She threw her a surprise party just a few days ago and apparently loves her a lot? And to think THAT'S the person who went to the farms to post shit behind her back and probably is the one who contacted Steves workplace and the drag contest as well. Farmhands, could you please reveal her post history? Bitch could've had her own thread here with this amount of cow behaviour.

No. 287829

File: 1679605154200.jpg (41.07 KB, 720x557, Drama.jpg)

She's in the video too

No. 287831

Where’s the link nonnie!

No. 287832

kek she is going to get her ass handed to her by this doctor's lawyer so quickly

No. 287833

Nta but found it. Jill is around 16:24 - 17:22.

No. 287836

>malpractice unethical lolsuit
>because they criticise fake DID larpers
magnificent, adhering to the stereotype perfectly. Say anything she doesn't like and suddenly she's not a dissociated, menwally will girl who struggles to do basic tasks but a full blown Karen threatening to sue kek.

No. 287837

they're showing her publicly available videos as an example. there's literally nothing "malpractice" about that. jill is so fucking retarded.

No. 287838

accusing a hospital of malpractice for doing something perfectly legal is going to get her sued in an instant. this isn't twitter, jill.

No. 287839

Jill actually put a lot of effort in for once, the cat card is genuinely very good and sweet. idk how I would cope if I just did all that for a friend and then found out they were posting in my gossip thread. tbf she just posted a screenshot with no context so she could probably talk her way out of it, but it does make her prime suspect for whoever was calling/emailing stevie's workplace/drag show since it was someone who knows them irl

No. 287840

nah like yeah it’s a screen shot but it like brings up all the very intense skinwalking, the obsessed fan becoming friends with a youtuber- also like her using the threads in a way to her advantage if she wanted to. look if i had a “friend” do that I would drop them - i would have dropped them way back when they started skinwalking but jill might like having a carbon copy

No. 287843

Can’t we ask admin or some farmhands to check if she has posted anything else under the same IP address as her post here >>286408

They’ve done it before during Keekweek

No. 287844

What is she going to do when they ask her to prove her diagnosis? She's going to get laughed out of there kek.

No. 287846

that would be the milk of the year holy shit admins please

No. 287847

Not gonna lie, it's really kind of sad that she went all the way with planning a admittedly really sweet, I can understand now why she praised her current group of friends as being super wholesome surprise party for this person she considers a best friend only for her to end up a poster on her own lolcow thread. As much as I dislike Pixie, that's rough.

No. 287848

I’m gonna ask the admin and farmhands for this in meta but if any nonnie is in the lolcow discord (I’m not) please ask there too! If not, join me in meta and say that you also would like to see this reveal, so we might get their attention. This could be the best milk we’ve had in a while.

No. 287855

It would be really interesting, but haven't farmhands only done stuff like that in the past for prolific cows posting here? Plus, it would probably take a lot of effort to make sure it's all legit, so I don't know if they'll agree. But there's no harm in asking (nicely) I guess

No. 287856

File: 1679609590786.jpeg (47.3 KB, 750x463, 3201AD69-5275-423A-843D-5CB1FA…)

looked more into sofs age regre account and maybe i’m tinfoiling but this is ringing the bells in my head that sof is also claiming did

No. 287860

check the meta- they won’t do it anymore sadly. god this would have been a history milk moment too rip

No. 287862

Nooo what, I must have missed that. Aw that sucks. I’ve already posted the suggestion, hope they’ll change their minds eventually about this.

No. 287864

File: 1679610300689.jpg (76.34 KB, 720x924, Lol.jpg)

Raging continues

No. 287865

File: 1679610455721.jpg (58.54 KB, 720x738, Lol2.jpg)

No. 287866

File: 1679610549723.jpg (81.64 KB, 720x931, Lol3.jpg)

No. 287867

bringing attention to his presentation is extremely dumb of her. he is a literal expert on DID who is outright saying that she is faking it. why would she want her followers to see that expert opinion? is she dumb enough to think she's going to get him cancelled out of a job?

No. 287868

I haven't watched the whole thing but his comment on the cake video is just that she was celebrating her diagnosis and didn't show any signs of fear or confliction regarding the diagnosis. He never outwardly said she was faking

No. 287871

>Going to go smoke a joint
Kek her solution to everything besides shifting blame onto someone else.

No. 287873

File: 1679612011192.jpeg (85.23 KB, 1170x736, C2EC45D2-37E7-4F80-8840-1B3FCE…)

Watch out Jill, your narc rage is showing

No. 287874

File: 1679612061777.jpg (73.14 KB, 720x733, Lol4.jpg)

No. 287875

File: 1679612190916.jpg (40.76 KB, 720x458, Lol5.jpg)

is she dumb enough to think she's going to get him cancelled out of a job?

No. 287879

File: 1679612372969.jpg (76.16 KB, 720x1093, Lol6.jpg)

No. 287880

also narcissistic to think this researcher would care enough about her to look at all her other videos. no, jill. he saw that video, recognized it as the fake BS it is, took it as an example, and moved on.

No. 287882

who will win: 25 year old narcissistic womanchild with google vs. brigade of hospital lawyers and a certified medical professional trying to highlight what he considers a genuine issue on the internet
(how is she going to defend herself against an actual doctor. shake her "diagnostic impression" at him and cry?)

No. 287883

Jill is in multiple cringe tiktok compilations but yet wants to take down the Dr’s video. Sounds fishy LOL.

No. 287884

Is she really so delusional to think she’s going to sue a hospital and line of professionals lol

No. 287885

also, at the end of the video, the presenter specifically points out that the Terminally Online DID Fakers already responded poorly to a prior lecture of his. and that they even get angry in clinic when he discusses the fact that they don't have DID. so this isn't his first rodeo, i'm sure he's expecting it.

No. 287886

Ahahaha she's bold enough to go after an actual doctor? She must have actually deluded herself into thinking she has DID.

No. 287889

The fact Jill seriously think anything will come form this video is hilarious. No doctor is getting their career derailed by a youtube video crying about how problematic he is

No. 287890

File: 1679613062267.jpg (101.41 KB, 720x1201, Lol7.jpg)

No. 287891


The knowledge that a room full of medical professionals had to watch this shit is so hilariously embarrassing. There's no way Jill can win this, she was completely ignorant and immature in that video. The most they'll do is take the video off Youtube, but won't compensate her or anyone else, and will likely keep using the video elsewhere.

I wonder how the initial friend who alerted Jill even found the video?

No. 287893

She’s fucked at the jump, he immediately says at the start of the video he isn’t diagnosing anyone (not malpractice because he isn’t actually practicing medicine on them) and points out the videos are just for illustrative purposes as examples of what he’s talking about.
Video sounds interesting, glad jill brought it to our collective attention.

No. 287894


I haven't seen her featured anywhere recently (I think the one and only time I saw her in a compilation was her DID "put a finger down" video from TikTok).

The r/fakedisordercringe subreddit actually banned people from posting her after she got her diagnostic impression (even though it's not an actual diagnosis…). Sucks

No. 287895


>using random tweets as evidence

yeah there's no way this doctor will be fired. Jill is so dumb.

No. 287896

the fact that she thinks this man deserves "consequences" when he's literally a professional psychologist who researches these disorders makes me so mad

No. 287898

The Dr even says at the end (during the question portion) that those he’s seen with imitated DID are often neurodivergent youth with emotion regulation issues…there you go Jill it’s the autism diagnosis you’ve been drooling over lol

No. 287899

Removing gatekeepers was a mistake. This whole generation is gleefully fucked because they don’t want to participate in reality. Imagine being upset a doctor gave you the all clear for a severe trauma response. Imagine wanting to be severely mentally fucked up!?

No. 287903

>the fact that she thinks this man deserves "consequences" when he's literally a professional psychologist who researches these disorders makes me so mad
Customer is King taken to its logical conclusion, where, if we are to believe her, a severely mentally ill, traumatised and alcohol addicted/weed habit young woman knows more than checks notes trained experts

She's gonna lose this fight hard but I think she's throwing herself into this rather than address her actual issue which is the Sof situation

No. 287905

Watching this and hearing him break down what DID is vs how it’s portrayed on tiktok is so upsetting. Seeing how jill contributes to minimizing this disorder and making it more difficult for actually suffers to get help, the shame she must be contributing to to the actual sufferers… she is just despicable.

No. 287906

she's only playing along with the medical research side of mental health when she needs a diagnosis, not the people who got fucking doctorates to diagnose her antics. who's going to make your labels, jill? if doctors can be swayed by a rainbow retard on the internet

No. 287908

Matt Robinson
>Instructor in dept of psychiatry @ harvard med school
>@ hospital he is the director of outpatient trauma clinic
>Director of clinical services at the little hill center
>Operations code director at mclean's trauma initiative
>Doctoral training @ columbia uni
>Pre doc training at manhattan va
>Post doc @ boston va with vets dealing w/ childhood and combat trauma including ptsd and dissociation
>Member of the dissociation disorders and trauma research program in which collaborates on research aimed at understanding treatment outcome, phenomenonology, and assessment of ptsd and did
>Part of the scientific committee for international society for study of trauma and dissociation
>Teaches within the trauma curriculum mgh mclean adult psychiatry residential program
>Well respected speaker at local and national events
I think I messed up something but this is in the intro. Lol Jillian

No. 287909

I love that she started this tirade before even getting 16 minutes into the video.

No. 287911

Her behavior is so embarrassing.

No. 287914

third time posting this if i fuck it up i'm killing myself. >>287905 can you give timestamp?

No. 287915

i witnessed you post this three separate times and this made me kek nona don't kill yourself

No. 287916

File: 1679617096663.jpg (9.38 KB, 275x236, 1660879487961.jpg)

Sorry to be that person but I rather have Sof embrace her inner farmer and post shit about Jillian than have her post history revealed

No. 287917

>the fact that she thinks this man deserves "consequences" when he's literally a professional psychologist who researches these disorders makes me so mad
KEK, it's just Jillian being fucking stupid thinking her nobody opinion matters. She gets furious when shit doesn't validate her larp. The way she's trying to cancel a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL but completely validates whatever her shitty "angel counselor" did is so fucking funny to me.

No. 287918

She's mad he didn't watch all her videos when she couldn't even bother to watch his video long enough to realise she was in it (just 15 minutes in) before blowing off on twitter and calling malpractice??

She only wants to get "educated" via videos that fully validate her (tik tok mentol ilness gurus) and takes any different take (medical professional) as a personal attack and can't even bear to listen to it in it's entirety

No. 287920

File: 1679618219294.jpeg (111.25 KB, 738x1000, 717916F2-9F0E-4D3F-9453-F86450…)

>about to smoke the most-deserved joint in the world
Okay towelie.

No. 287921


Literally a fucking incredible video.

No. 287922

Just watch the first 20mins. That covers his introduction, some basics about sufferers with actual DID and their symptoms, as well as Jill’s video and his brief comment about it.

No. 287924

i doubt she will post again, i would be too scared if i was in her shoes

No. 287925

Same tbqh let the milk flow. It genuinely sounds hilarious that she'll lovebomb her friends while they secretly post about her ITT and Jill can't say shit about it because she has 0 proof it's them.

No. 287926

Around the 6:40 mark he talks about the clinic being inundated with referrals and requests. Fucking insane.

No. 287927

Am I the only one who doesn’t give a shit? Like yeah, it’s shitty of Sofia but I have zero sympathy for Jill because she’s objectively such a garbage person (surprised she hasn’t dropped a new OC alter already because so twamatic !)

No. 287930

i thought this way for a minute too; but jill's shitty ass behaviour aside, she's at least been genuinely really hospitable towards Sof, inviting her into her home, checking in with her partner to see if it was okay for her to throw a party for her, hand-making a gift for her and going all out for her with the decorations and gathering other people to come celebrate her. jill deserves a lot of things but this is pretty fucked up.

No. 287931

Yeah idc either. If there's anything "milky" is that she was dumb enough to get caught, but not that she gossiped about Jill. I think most nonas are like Sofia to be honest

No. 287933

lol Jillian is literally a laughing stock now.

No. 287934

was this video posted anywhere? i tried to watch the one video and it wasnt available

No. 287938

So this is the cat painting >>286447 she talked about.
I want to know what Louise thinks, kek

No. 287940

File: 1679620370919.jpg (37.39 KB, 720x512, Nice.jpg)

Youtube and picrel is the name. Also fucking nice job Jillian. It had maybe around 1k views and now up to 1.7k views. I downloaded the video too.

No. 287945

good thing they closed the comments for this video kek(sage your shit)

No. 287946

God, Jillian is so stupid. Has she never heard of the Barbra Streisand Effect?

No. 287951

not at all. she's literally friends with a cow, which is milky enough as is. but i'd imagine few of us are actually psychopathic enough to trash talk someone who throws a whole party for us and considers us their close friend.

No. 287960

File: 1679623391587.jpg (65.61 KB, 720x1045, Lol9.jpg)

Hahaha, please do.

No. 287962

Seriously what can she sue for? Can’t sue if there’s no proof of her having a legitimate diagnosis or life ruination.

No. 287963

lol yes it is.

- can't claim copyright against him because this is for research and educational purposes

- he is not making any diagnoses and is speaking from his position as a scholar and practitioner in the field - giving an educational talk - and is not talking as / speaking as a doctor diagnosing a patient

- you can't sue people for expressing an OPINION. You can't sue a professional for expressing an opinion during a talk / presentation at a conference

I mean she can go ahead and try but it's just gonna be so fucking lol-inducing for us all.

Yeah Jill. You know better, right? You fool.

No. 287964

Even if this does to go court (it won’t- best case if a lawyer will even take this on it would be shot down instantly), she does realize that professionals would have to testify to if what he’s saying is correct right? Professionals who likely all hold the same belief? Her claims as a non professional hold no weight. At best she can ask the video be taken down due to using her face, but even then this falls under fair use and YouTube won’t (or shouldn’t) oblige. She’s out of her mind. What’s she gonna do, call angel therapist to the stand?

No. 287968

Yeah that’s wild. It’s only going to worsen her BPD faggotry since that’s the kind of thing they feed off. Obviously everyone here heavily suspected that her friends must all view her as a huge personal cow, but Jill probably especially trusted that her friends who are also retarded ageplay LARPer Confetti Cult snowflakes would view her kindly.

No. 287970

hope she sues and gets stuck with the bill and has to get an actual job because mommy/steebie don't want to pay for her bullshit larp anymore.

No. 287975

I'm pretty sure it was a tiktok but regardless it's still considered under fair use due to the research and teaching aspect. He never mentions her name or handle either if I remember correctly. She really should read both tiktok's and youtube's tos. Her brain is fried from all that weed.

No. 287981

Even if its wrong information he had freedom of speech for his professional opinion. She can't sue over it.

No. 287984

Exactly, in the video he’s literally saying all of the time that the way she and her friend act isn’t usually how DID manifests, he talks about what his own patients and the people getting treated by his colleagues usually report. Like, he’s not even denying the fact that maybe DID could be the rainbi jersey shore that Jillybean thinks it is, he just says that it isn’t reported by the patients as someone living in an animal crossing island with lots of aesthetically pleasing friends.
Like, she could’ve just sucked his dick or something instead of getting all defensive, it makes her look even more like the larper she is.

No. 287990

File: 1679626455739.jpg (255.52 KB, 2880x2880, Lockeddown.jpg)

Found this after searching through comments.

No. 288017

File: 1679629267451.jpeg (38.39 KB, 1170x487, 68950EA6-658B-4DD8-A0E4-CDDCBE…)

As much as we all would love milk to top off our already milky day, stop cow tipping ya’ll

No. 288022

YIKES whenever i see the name poppy i remember on twitter there’s a group called poppytwt and it’s all about them shipping minors and making nsfw of minors not a tinfoil but funny coincidence lmao(go back)

No. 288024

god fucking damnit, anon.

No. 288025

File: 1679629942489.jpeg (139.41 KB, 1179x1741, 2F50BC28-BB89-4DC2-873A-395677…)

Not 100% sure it's complete cowtipping, the user is fucking weird but has 5 followers and two videos. The first video was a week ago, which would've been before Sof got outed.

No. 288038

calling it now sofs did system claim name is “magical”

No. 288049

And there's the cowtipping

No. 288053

This is obviously the cow tipper. God, y'all newbies are stupid as fuck

No. 288055

nah, she's just getting the same treatment she's given her mystery girl girlfriend, tracy, tristan, uma and multiple other people in her life

No. 288064

this cowtipper is just posting their disgusting parents' hoarder house? what the fuck is this

No. 288071

So what's the bet this amounts to nothing? I'm sure Jill got some big stoner energy for it for one evening, but the long game? I say this gets forgotten.

No. 288072

File: 1679639603058.jpeg (94.63 KB, 1284x767, 59303C0C-8312-4802-A8FD-D747D2…)

They are still friends on Facebook

No. 288080

I love how the milk never ends with this website, cow's friends posting, cowtippers also being cows living in a moudly hoarder house, it's cows all the way down

No. 288084

>Part of the scientific committee for international society for study of trauma and dissociation
This man's whole resume is fucking impressive but that line in particular is sending me. The narc rage is truly something to think she can even talk on an even ground with this person. He's one of few people IN THE WORLD whose work is probably cited when making legal definitions of those disorders. Holy shit.

No. 288085

wonder how long until her new "friendship betrayal" alter appears

No. 288086

I hope she does it, with would be funny and a reality check

No. 288087

honestly this, it's just karma for how jill's treated people in her own life

No. 288090

I'm watching and this video is a goldmine (education wise and btfoing fakers). I have seen previous seminars on this channel and now we got a crossover with Jill, top kek

No. 288092

All I could find about this was them saying they won't let farmhands reveal random farmers' IPs when infighting, were you referring to something else? IIRC with other reveals it took a few days after the incriminating posts were found, so I'm still holding out hope!

No. 288098

It's a very indepth and well researched lecture also love how he calls out on their bullshit being straight delusion(although I'm cringing hard at the tik toks) hopefully Jill gets the reality check she rightfully deserves

No. 288099

Very interesting video, thanks nonna.
How could you watch something like this and not feel a massive sense of shame knowing that your little tiktok spectacles are making things difficult for real patients?
Kek, who am I kidding ?
This is Jill we're talking about :
>Shame ? What is that ? A new Precure character ?

No. 288104

The fact that he even takes the time at the beginning of the video to stress that he is not making any diagnoses or professional judgements on any of the people featured. Like Jilly really doesn't have a leg to stand on legally lmao she's so dumb

No. 288111

The farmhands really should check if the stalker posts are the same ip as sof. Shes someone who skinwalked then became her friend all while posting on her thread. If anything just to prove she isnt the stalker. I dont like jill but she deserves to know if shes been the stalker the whole time.

No. 288117

ah! i must of miss read, but god yes holding out for hope on this then. milkmas here we come

No. 288118

Why? So she can bolster her persecution complex while the sea of people shes treated worse than this dont get a morsel of vindication outside of a basket weaving forum?

No. 288120

>What’s she gonna do, call angel therapist to the stand?
I’d love to see counsellor angelbabe justify himself to a panel of actual experienced professionals.

Exactly. If I were a DID faker then that explanation of how these antics are harming genuine DID sufferers (the ones who’ve actually survived prolonged early childhood sexual abuse) would probably shame me into deleting that account. Even teenagers should be able to grasp that this is wrong. The fact that Jillian Vessey, at 25 years old, sat through any part of this video and is not only unable to empathise with these patients but actually wants to try to “cancel” the doctor is disturbing.
Unless she didn’t watch any of the video at all and is going off what other people (Steve?) told her about it, which is supposedly how she handles this thread. Still, anyone who watches this and thinks Jill is the wronged party needs their head examined. I hope Louise watches it, even just the first ~20 minutes.

Honestly yeah, I expect that once she sleeps off her high and the narc rage has subsided somewhat she’ll back down. She must realise deep down that she has no leg to stand on.

No. 288122

File: 1679663874499.png (71.84 KB, 1320x786, firefox_49YIbmY758.png)

>Jill: I am in this picture and I don't like it

Included like/dislike ratio on the video, seems it has been brigaded by DID tiktok.

No. 288123

The counselor would probably say he only wrote a diagnostic impression using appropriate professional language that says Jill “reports” these symptoms and he never said he confirms them or gave a concrete diagnosis. The fact that Jill thinks her tiktok symptoms and diagnostic impression from a newbie who has nothing to do with this specialty is more professional than the opinions of someone who is devoted to DID and dissociation studies is astounding, particularly since he didn’t say she definitively doesn’t have it, he just spoke about the social media phenomenon of vastly different presentation from all other cases that were documented before this trend arose, and talked about how self ID cases online follow these social media trends of unusual presentation. She’s such a spoiled narcissist.

No. 288125

This is such a fair assessment too. He doesn’t only say it’s for attention, he points out that imitators feel a sense of identity fulfillment, meaning and community, and that they feel they can now more clearly categorize and assess their emotions using their DID personas. It’s also notable he specifically refers to how DID imitators seek to alleviate feelings of emptiness, which is a major symptom in BPD, Jill’s actual diagnosis.

No. 288129

This criteria could apply to any diagnosis being faked by tiktokers. I love it.

No. 288134

at the q&a part, he literally hits that nail on the head talking about teenagers (and jill) using it as a scapegoat for shit behavior.

Thank you for sharing this video nona, very informative.

No. 288136

File: 1679667054602.jpeg (180.26 KB, 1170x1188, 05F8C8D3-9F7D-48FB-A092-908EA4…)

Her narc brain thinks the video is about her lol. He’s not researching you idiot. He’s using your video as an example for a point he’s making. God she’s so fucking thick and self obsessed it’s rotted her brain.

No. 288137

File: 1679667060983.png (Spoiler Image,98.62 KB, 1118x1049, anasofiacostalc.png)

Angel baby is not the one who wrote the diagnostic impression, I believe it's picrel, the "forensic expert" that Jill boasted about. She specializes in eating disorders (bariatric pre/post-op treatment) and general stuff (no DID mentioned). IIRC, angel baby did administer the MID test to Jill, which is interesting given that it's supposed to be a self-administered test. If he had the authority to write a diagostic assessment, I'm sure he would have validated Jill's larp and she wouldn't have had to crop the dx impression to only show her self-reported symptoms (that's why I think the full dx impression probably includes doubt or straight up disagreement from the psychologist, otherwise Jill would have shown it in full). Also just to reiterate, I couldn't find any connection between Jed and Ana Sofia, so I don't think they're friends like some anons think.

No. 288139

So she "trained" in forensic and "social exclusionary" psych in Portugal but she doesn't even actually have a degree in forensic psychology so Jill can't even call her that kek

No. 288150

File: 1679671083999.png (44.5 KB, 463x307, quenched.png)

holyshit the narc rage– imagine thinking your arts and crafts degree and your fake diagnosis makes your sparkly pink youtube video a valid "dispute" of a professional's seminar. god my fucking sides

No. 288152

> there is no ethical way to argue in favor of this.
I’d argue there’s no ethical way to argue against it. It’s an informative freely available video from a professional talking about his research into an area he is professionally a part of, DID.
He wasn’t researching Jill, which lets be real is probably what upset her. God she’s insufferable. She really can’t think outside herself, was she always so un-empathetic? I’m starting to get the impression during her formative years no one taught her empathy and that’s why she’s such a narc, she needs to start practicing because this is not the good and righteous look she thinks it is.

No. 288154

File: 1679671923900.png (23.44 KB, 594x327, 2023-03-24 at 11.24.31 AM.png)

>you struggle so much as is.
sage for small blog but this is exactly jill's desire, summarized up in one beautiful statement by a brainwashed confetti munch. she is already so oppressed, so much the victim, so struggling, that she wants to be UNTOUCHABLE from criticism, or feedback, or anything that in life that makes you accept personal responsibility to even a minuscule degree. muh struggles!1!!

No. 288156

Holy shit this is such extreme narcissism it’s almost unbelievable. He’s an actual professional and she believes he didn’t research enough because SHE made a video on her DID opinions and she thinks she’s automatically more correct than him kek. Oh my god.

No. 288157

Really, it feels more like at first she watched the video because she wanted to be seen as some saint who wanted to protect her fugly friend, but once she saw herself she forgot about her friend and now she has another reason to jerk herself off to her persecution fetish.

No. 288161

>shadow hedgehog pic
this is not genuine

No. 288163

File: 1679672831163.png (92.95 KB, 1223x637, firefox_SkGCvbSgxw.png)

Jill calling this guy a clown and making fun of the presentation is poetry.

No. 288166

Her family and friends must know right? Like at this point the narcissism is undeniable. She really thought this video was about her once she realized she was in it.
Do you think when she rages she throws things? Maybe that’s why Steven sleeps in the basement, all his stuffs down there so she can’t break his things in her rage fits.
She’s so upset that some random unknown would call HER out! How dare he. Doesn’t he know how special jill is, how much she suffered!? Someone needs to tell her to stfu and that there are actually people out there suffering. She should be ashamed of herself, what embarrassing behavior.

No. 288167

File: 1679673502440.jpeg (279.25 KB, 1600x898, CE097897-4E00-4123-88A2-18A46C…)

But no one suffers as much a Jillybean!

No. 288168

Damn no wonder she’s so upset with the bottom list being everything she does. I wonder how her mother feels about all this.

No. 288169

Kek this imitated did is literally spot on for Jill. It’s like the bingo cards we make

No. 288170

Jill wasting all her money and time on a pointless lawsuit would be amazingly on brand for her

No. 288171

File: 1679674070309.jpeg (51.02 KB, 1284x331, D3AE260E-6C2A-44E2-9EE3-C9E86B…)

No. 288174

ik this is old but
imagine getting all your personality from the fact that you're blonde kek maybe you're one of jill's friends too

No. 288178

Kek that comment gave me pause too they sound like a faggot. "How do natural brunette girls do it" = I've fried all my IQ points away with bleach and I have a complex about my totally not damaged and ruined hair!

No. 288181

Wow he literally exactly described her exact set of behaviors and why they’re transparently different from actual DID. No wonder little Jillybean is so angry about it she wants him to go to prison over it kek.

No. 288182

"Actually no, this world-renowned top-level scholar did not do any research into this"

Bitch, he would fucking fall to the floor laughing at you. That whole room would. Keep it coming Jill. This is best shit ever. You're a laughing stock, you stupid dumb bitch.

No. 288183

File: 1679676352790.png (94.69 KB, 1080x2234, Screenshot_20230324-182940.png)

I hope I found the right Matthew A Robinson. Dude is specialised, in addition to trauma and dissociation, in LGBT mental health. DID and LGBT, both identities Jill fakeclaims. Picrel is the papers he's (co)authored from Google Scholar.

The McLean hospital website tells about him

>As a member of the Dissociative Disorders and Trauma Research Program, Dr. Robinson collaborates on grant-funded, cutting-edge research. He is a co-investigator on grants aimed at understanding the neurobiological and genetic underpinnings of trauma and dissociative disorders and how genetic/epigenetic and neurobiological markers might help predict treatment outcomes. He received the inaugural McLean Trauma Initiative Fellowship to investigate stigma and other barriers to seeking mental health treatment among uniformed personnel. He also focuses his research on marginalized and stigmatized groups such as the LGBTQ community.

This is the website of the research program the doctor is a part of.
From a quick glance to their page it would seem like they are going down the pretty hard science approach, there is a lot of talk about imagining, neurobiology etc:

>We aim to identify and understand, in a clinically nuanced manner, the phenomenology, brain mechanisms, cognitions, physiology, and genes contributing to PTSD and DID and how they relate to both dysfunction and resilience in these disorders.

I am inclined to think this guy knows what he's talking about.

No. 288185

File: 1679676376371.png (54.68 KB, 1223x637, E1AA7D6F-653B-458B-901D-1CC479…)

Sage for autism

No. 288187

Kek, absolutely correct. The doctor also said this tendency pops up for young people who are anxious and feel and emptyness in their life, it's so accurate it's amazing.

No. 288188

Sitting in the midst of her big haughty "I'm gonna sue tantrum" and wondering if it is yet to hit that her uwu bestie was caught posting her here, or if she already knows and refuses to mention it in public and it's why she's extra obnoxious and toxic about this stupid thing. She loves sticking that sun/cloud emoji in there when she's particularly stuck up her own ass and she did it on every threatening tweet lmao. Quick Jill, get Jerrick on Sofia and Cliffe on the legal papers! You're like, so equipped for this!

No. 288189

Anons posted up in the thread that she deleted the "I love you bestie" tweet and unfollowed her

No. 288192

Just want to take this time to say that I fucking love the term "professionally diagnosed." Only on the internet in a paradigm where little "so oppressed" faggots wanna play "super speshul mental illness" would the term "professionally diagnosed" exist and be thrown around. God, this shit is good.

No. 288193

This is just as much cowtipping as the person who commented on that week old surprise party video. Stop touching the poop.

No. 288194

>he didn't watch my video so I can end this man's career and sue him

She's so dumb lmao

No. 288196

This is how a lot of mental illness LARPers are. They think that since they're "diagnosed" with the "illness" they're they know everything about it and try to silence actual medical professionals that don't kiss their ass.
LMAO Her checking off the first one should be a red flag to everyone around her.

No. 288202

File: 1679680548277.png (7.02 MB, 3864x2388, pixie.png)

sorry for the 'tism in advance.

No. 288205

OMFG THIS BITCH! I'm dying. He's a fucking medical advisor for HARVARD, he's researched more on this topic than you've pretend to. And the absolute cherry.. he didn't do research because he didn't watch MY video. AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA my fucking sides!. DIAMONDS! The fucking narcissism! She woke up and chose retard.

No. 288207

Based compilation, I think there's more examples of her using bullshit jargon (like her whole video on being neurodivergent)

No. 288211

Does Jill still claim to be lesbian/gay? She didn’t tick it in the OP pic. I know Cliffe is supposed to be a gay man but he only shows up around tax season and “the body” is female so her claiming LGB on that basis would be a reach, even for her.

No. 288215

She’s queer nonnie, not that bigoted lesbian/gay label people try to pass off as trans inclusive, duh!

No. 288216

this is an edit, anon

No. 288217

Bless you, anon. Absolute perfection. Send THIS to Dr. Matthew A Robinson from McLean Hospital lol. Though I feel like he only needs the Stevie video.

Ah, Borderline Personality Disorder. You are such a plague on society.

No. 288227

Kek, this is all the info you’d ever need to disprove her. Amazing.

No. 288229

I'm gonna be an annoying anon and say I can already see Jill responding:
>do you think I wanted all that hate I got from the DID cake for attention????
>I actually lost followers!

No. 288231

She has already done that. Infamy is also another form of attention and that’s what she wants, to feel special whether through being a victim or a champion.

No. 288232

File: 1679684177923.jpeg (225.55 KB, 1170x1916, 69BB92ED-A117-4B0F-B01A-49F5BC…)

Jill needs to read her TikTok terms of service agreement lol

No. 288233

>This is crazy malpractice unethical wild shit like lawsuit time

>law? who’s talking about the law? not me lol

No. 288234

She keeps using that cloud and sun emoji when responding to this stuff. New alter?

No. 288243

This has to be the next thread pic, please. Maybe add the “bingo-fication” comment to give a nod to this thread.

No. 288254

A lot of batshit crazy or narcissist SJWs add a cute emoji and/or smiley face or words like pal or friend while patronizingly saying something entitled and horrible like this. It’s a way of being as aggressive, spoiled, egotistical, judgmental, and unreasonable as she wants while then appending a little symbol that implies she’s actually really kind and sweet, as if she’s the one that gets to decide that.

No. 288257

being a SJW is a symptom of narcissism tbh.

No. 288259

lmao like being a weird reatard isn't a requirement to use lc

No. 288266

File: 1679693435560.jpeg (205.74 KB, 1179x1731, 55A84448-2450-4C11-B701-F81A38…)

New sof post, interesting caption

No. 288267

There's nothing interesting about being the rl version of the "I was only pretending to be retarded" meme.

No. 288268

And at the end of the seminar, he adds that his patients would be relieved to hear they don't have DID. Because, yknow, it's actually distressing to find out you have such a debilitating disorder? All Jill said in her cake response video is that it was actually celebrating having an answer and being able to fix it, of courseee she'd never celebrate the trauma that caused her DID. But she doesn't understand that regardless it's just weird to immediately celebrate and make it your personality, which is what everyone saw her tiktok as.

Also Jill's way of "improving" her DID is abusing weed, alienating her friends and family, withdrawing further into her own world/feeding into delusions, and failing to hold any adult responsibilities. Like if he did more "research" into her, he'd just find more BS to make an example of lmfao.

No. 288269

I wonder if Jill had even considered that the doctor did watch her video, but didn't think her screeching and baby talk refuted any of his points

No. 288270

The sheer audacity of this bob’s burgers side profile ass bitch being a backstabber, kek

No. 288275

I wonder If she is going to create new alter after all that stress and trauma? She is using her pixie account, not jerr or flora so I guess she needs a new protector lol

No. 288278

I think anon meant "interesting" as "funny".

No. 288281

File: 1679696096648.jpeg (298.12 KB, 1284x2141, 063FA5D7-CC99-4090-B6D6-72F628…)

No. 288282

something about pixie getting 25 likes vs the actually sane people getting next to nothing really pisses me off. she really does live in a fucking fart echo chamber.

No. 288283

It does feel like the sane people are just normal people living their lives, instead of having this fanbase who likes their posts like some standby personal army

No. 288285

ayrt, plus it sounds like either one of them or both of them are actually in school learning about this shit. they're actively doing something with their lives and learning about how mental illness works. meanwhile jill thinks "having" mental illness makes her more knowledgeable than anyone ever and no one is allowed to speak over her.

No. 288288

File: 1679696828061.png (110.26 KB, 863x1287, Screenshot_20230324-232629.png)

damn, she is deranged.

No. 288289

Kek. Did she even watch the full video? The doctor says in the first minutes of his livestream how he treats traumatized patients with DID as valid and how those patients think the way social media treats DID is completely false. She always makes everything about herself and her nonexistent "pain".

No. 288290

She's the ruling clown of an idiocracy, the prime example of dunning kruger. She somehow thinks she knows more than a certified doctor with years of academical background and anyone who actually decides to study psychology.

I watched the whole medical seminar btw and one take I found interesting: he says these tiktok people DEFINITELY don't have PTSD and don't benefit from therapy for it, interesting as Jill said she got diagnosed with PTSD lol
He's also on point about it filling a void in their lives and make them seem like a more interesting individual

No. 288291

What the fuck.
This person has schizophrenia (a REAL thing that can happen at any age) and she's acting disgusted at it? Wow. Remember when she used her token schizophrenic "friend" to invite him to her narc brithday party last year? In her words, "wow this tweet makes her look great".

No. 288292

File: 1679696942909.png (87.66 KB, 864x924, Screenshot_20230324-232605.png)

"the night you deserve"
I wonder if we'll get a new alter from this trauma.

No. 288293

File: 1679697021964.png (41.89 KB, 400x400, 1641581502108.png)

I'm just so fucking happy how much Pixielocks is seething at this professional doctor using her as an example of shitty social media DID fakers. I bet she didn't even watch the full video. Keep seething Jillian. Get shit on.

No. 288295

I think it's also very important that the doctor humanized the fakers and said things like "the alters emphasize their creativity" while most people would say something more insulting. He also suggested treatments that could help fakers and blamed it on youth and anxiety. I guess it hurt because it hit the nail on the head

No. 288296

File: 1679697198402.png (119.1 KB, 864x1357, Screenshot_20230324-232559.png)

I guess I should have put this one first.
>Jill big angry because someone laughed at her dumb rage
>Jill makes fun of someone pointing out she has no legal case (all this person did)
>Jill threatens them
>Jill blocks them

I bet she is literally huffin and puffin at home rn

No. 288298

Doctor with experience and a career treating DID patients: gives a through explanation on how DID is being sensationalized on the internet.

No. 288299

>wanting to target a mentally ill person younger than her
>would send a mail to her educators
>talks all high and mighty and passive-agressive
Holy shit she's such an openly toxic bitch.

No. 288300

This, he never said "wow this bitch is a stupid cunt" like we do kek. I mean she is, but the doctor was incredibly empathetic.

Btw the doctor even says movies like Split etc. are not very good at showing DID. Didn't she say she also hated those movies?

No. 288301

fuck, I know. She has a lot of nerve talking about da haders and stalkers. Fucking unhinged creep

No. 288302

File: 1679697460601.gif (55.54 KB, 220x156, tiffany-pollard.gif)


No. 288303

File: 1679697527770.jpg (82.02 KB, 637x479, c5abeed3003fa4a014a493ad7df80c…)

It's very fucking funny to me. We might not get Vangelina's video but we surely did get something better, an actual professional doctor putting her on blast unlike baby angel drag doctor. It's just so fucking funny.

No. 288304

Her response to his presentation fills exactly the criteria he is trying to highlight as being suspicious for imitated DID; she's very angry to be told she probably doesn't have real DID, she's very attached to the diagnostic label, she's performative about her anger on social media, and she's making frantic attempts to prove why she does really have the diagnosis… If you had read DID, you'd just ignore this and not be upset by it, because you'd not feel called out, and you wouldn't care if someone didn't believe you're diagnosis.

No. 288305

The funniest part is, this whole thing just makes her look faker than ever. Anyone who had an actual diagnosis would not care this much about people they've never met thinking they're faking

No. 288306

Personally screaming at the sudden lack of emojis kek. Jillybean means srs bisness u guise

No. 288308

I'm a doctor, and doctors do grand rounds like this literally constantly, using famous case studies as examples… when she put her videos on tiktok, she consented to her image being used in a variety of contexts, including this one.

People clearly don't understand that when you post your image on the internet, it no longer belongs to you.

No. 288309

File: 1679698136143.webm (4.93 MB, 352x288, jillyfaker.webm)

Click to watch, here's the exact moment where the doctor uses Jillian as an example of fake DID.

shes such a retard kek.

No. 288310

You’d think she would know that since you know… social media is her job and all. KEK.

No. 288311

a job that she barely shows up to

No. 288312

I feel so bad that this man is going to be brought into Jill’s circus by her and other fakers like her.

No. 288313

if you go to jill's likes on twitter, she went ahead and liked a bunch of the other person's ("???/nagisasdick") tweets, even though they clearly disagreed with her, and have probably browsed these forums based on the comments. she's so fucking weird. is this her way of trying to scare people who disagree with her? threatening to mail their school/work place (just like someone supposedly did with steebie) and like their posts to gain their attention so they feel scared? absolutely unhinged behaviour.

No. 288314

File: 1679698518086.webm (6.01 MB, 352x288, example1.webm)

click to watch. I'm just compiling important points on this presentation for future reference. This one shows another DID faking woman.

No. 288315

I love this presentation. He showed everyone how ridiculous Jill and people like her are. No embarrassment, he could show the ultimate cringe material and not shrink away from it. I mean honestly it must take a lot of composure to look at such narcissistic, public faking and not want to die of second-hand embarrassment.

No. 288316

This. But then again, most people who are actually suffering with severe mental illness aren’t making cutesy tiktoks and youtube vids about them or trying to portray them as a fun aesthetic.

No. 288317

File: 1679699056160.webm (5.09 MB, 352x288, interesting.webm)

also click to watch. This one features her ageplaying friend.

this, exactly. Video related

No. 288318


Ligit. Severe mental illness just categorically does NOT look fun and aesthetic. It just doesn't. It doesn't look anything at all like Jill thinks it does; it looks like homelessness with no teeth.

No. 288319

Around 49:00 he starts talking about the anger people like Jill exhibit when they aren't diagnosed by DID and later in the Q&A he says they DEFINITELY don't have DID, if you're interested in those clips.

No. 288320


noticed this too. looked through the person's tweets and they are all from years ago with nothing hinting at whoever. imagine trying to scare someone by liking tweets from 7 years ago.

No. 288321

File: 1679699485495.jpeg (134.53 KB, 1179x858, B9A683C2-3EE1-4261-A029-6EB23C…)

Does she not realize no one even watched or noticed the video until she made posts about it?

No. 288322

Stop making videos about it then and dress normal, you fucking retard.

No. 288324

File: 1679699583790.webm (9.24 MB, 352x288, childhood.webm)

In this clip, the doctor mentions how DID develops in childhood and why it is a hidden diagnosis. Very important watch.

Will upload in a minute.

No. 288326

>medical professionals referencing tagged, highly public topical videos when discussing psychiatric phenomena and its relationship to the internet enables gawking and fetishization
>my several themed and decorated accounts and many cutesy DID intro videos and DID themed tiktoks where I glamorize my characters do not enable gawking and fetishization.

No. 288329

File: 1679699850955.jpeg (213.9 KB, 907x1685, 4CC3A784-BB01-4B1F-B245-FC788D…)

Start argument, freak out, have fans show disappointment, call people monsters/evil, make a post begging for validation, lie & thank the loyal fans, repeat. She is a broken record.

No. 288330

I hate this attitude people on twitter have where they purposefully try to rally people to defend them or fight on their behalf but then get hate because they’re the ones who made the incident a huge deal to begin with. If she really wanted to do something about this in a mature way she could have gone to this doctor or the hospital directly and voiced her complaints in a reasonable way, but instead she has to make a call to arms so she can get her precious victimization and attention. She’s the one who puts herself out there to begin with, and if you’re a public figure or minor internet celeb it’s just part of the deal. Why even respond to “haters” if you don’t want more of them?

No. 288332

sage for basic question, does a nonna have the screenshot where she showed us her diagnostic impression? i'm struggling to find which thread it's in.

No. 288333

File: 1679700092497.jpg (79.39 KB, 564x738, p2.JPG)

That isn't even that the person in question said. Why lie about something so easy to disprove?

No. 288334

Holy shit, no way can her family ever disagree with her, she throws a tantrum
Jill putting on some joker make up and delighting in how scary and twisted lolxd she is

No. 288336

Wow Jill is an absolute freak. She’s in complete BPD chimp out mode right now showing her worst colors. Threatening to sue someone for referencing her public tiktoks, insulting other mental illnesses, slinging petty insults around, threatening to try to get someone punished by their school for disagreeing with her on Twitter, doing weird stalker shit to vaguely threaten and intimidate people who disagree with her. She’s horrible.

No. 288337

Try this timeline >>>/w/235144

No. 288338

File: 1679700331060.webm (9.11 MB, 352x288, did and social media.webm)

Kek. Speaking of which, this clip explains why DID might be a thing with socially inept people like her and how it trendy it is in social media.

this thread has it as part of the op picture so it might help:

No. 288339

File: 1679700396283.png (75.9 KB, 1224x1126, Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 7.26…)

i think this is one of you… but damn seeing her followers admit shes not professionally diagnosed is good.

No. 288340

The fuck, kek. She always has freakouts like these on social media when someone opposes her. Weed withdrawal + narcissism?

No. 288341

File: 1679700427363.png (131.56 KB, 1176x1428, Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 7.25…)

No. 288342


The video has 1k views, how much harassment could Jill get from that? she's such a liar

No. 288344

File: 1679700638926.webm (5.08 MB, 352x288, malingering.webm)

Fake DID and malingering. This one also has Jillian's ageplayer friend in it. She sells beanies online.

She probably means the (few) people on twitter laughing at her. Everything is harassment for Jillian.

No. 288345


Who the fuck cares if she's "diagnosed"!? It's not like this is a disorder with biological markers which can be objectively measured - anyone working in this field will tell you that misdiagnosis/overdiagnosis is not only possible, but unbelievably common; diagnoses in this field are worth shit. The DSM needs to keep being updated for this reason… it's just whatever people agree to define as a disorder at that point in time. It's ultimately completely meaningless.

The point of a psychiatric diagnosis is to guide treatment and research; it's not to validate someone's illness so they can prove to their twitter followers that it's "real".

No. 288346


This "waaaahhh everyone is so horrible to me" act is so embarrassing. Get off twitter if it's so mean and putrid, Jill.

No. 288351

So, when are we going to get a Jerricka tweet rage thread? Why is it that cliffe never tries to be rational and talk to solve shit? Flora could help too. Like kek, she’s supposedly freaking out and going through something “traumatic” or “bad” and she’s somehow not switching, that’s not very debilitating DiD having patient of her.
Also, how come she’s got the energy to respond to all of the “hate” she’s receiving? Shouldn’t she shut down or dissociate while going into kid mode or something? Oh right, she only turns into the toddler alter when she’s horny and steeb wants to fuck a kid.
This is why Jillybean will never do anything remarkable, she’s too lazy to even larp properly.

No. 288352

>"People with DID, the ones that we work with, are so afraid of their own thoughts, and feelings and memories, that they displace them onto a personified aspect of themselves. DID is really about the 'not me' experience, so wanting to do anything for trauma to not have happened to them, and to not have to experience overwhelming trauma-related content, so that they can get through their day."
>'not me' experience
>wanting to do anything for trauma to not have happened to them
fucking KEK

No. 288354

Damn Jill is lightening fast when it comes to blocking people calling her out. Oh well, doesn't stop others from seeing their tweets.

Please Jill, we need you to try and sue the doctor, it will totally go in your favor.

No. 288356

File: 1679701887780.jpeg (137.14 KB, 1179x1373, 9850B4EE-72E3-4A9A-9F7B-9CE1A7…)

Stevie is busy enabling her yet again

No. 288358

I quite genuinely believe that you would have to be either a child or mentally subnormal to think this woman has DID. It's like entertaining the thought that the Earth could be flat levels of lunacy.

No. 288359

File: 1679702229254.webm (15.95 MB, 352x288, imitated did 1.webm)

Imitated DID part 1 (aka fake DID)
she's not even diagnosed, and even if she was, the proof that she's faking it is right there

No. 288360


I wanted to like Steve years ago when they first got together. Turned out to be just as big of a retard as Jill. Both of them deserve their downward spiral into irrelevance; it's so pathetic.

No. 288361

Just imagining these 2 in the same room, tweeting angrily at people is so funny

No. 288362

File: 1679702523434.webm (18.18 MB, 352x288, imitated did 2.webm)

Imitated DID explanation part 2
>my seminar
Literally who?
the only relevant shit he has ever done was enabling jillian.
Unfortunately there's a bunch of enabling retards on the internet.

No. 288363

File: 1679702787552.webm (6.74 MB, 352x288, anger.webm)

Last one. This one talks about the rage people feel when their DID is proven to be fake.

No. 288364

and now because of all this people are leaving aggro comments on the hospital's tweets that have nothing to do with the video. thanks for spearheading anti-intellectualism jill. having mental illness doesn't make you an expert on mental illness!!(sage your shit)

No. 288365

Jill's fantards cannot cope with the fact that she does not have a diagnosis and can't seem to differentiate between a diagnosis and an impression. Sure, the impression could indicate a POSSIBLE diagnosis, but this is just a guess that requires further study. If she had a diagnosis she would plaster it everywhere, but instead, she blocks anyone that questions the validity of her claims.

No. 288366

wow, this is peak narc rage. she is deranged and actually threatening to ruin this poor schizophrenic woman's life because she dared to disagree with her about the legality of the professor's lecture

No. 288368

>person calls Jill loony for making unfounded assumptions about others’ diagnoses or lack thereof
>Jill implies that having schizophrenia makes you unreliable and look bad
>Steve: wow, that schizophrenic psych major is judging other mental illnesses! That’s terrible to do!
>Jill uses diagnostic impression (not diagnosis) by someone with a psych degree with unrelated specialties as supposed irrefutable proof of her DID
>Other people in psych disagree with the assessment (which already acknowledges diagnostic uncertainty to begin with) due to her many disparate traits
>Steve: typical psych majors so quick to give their diagnostic opinions, we should ignore all their opinions!
Is he actually retarded? This tweet just makes him look like he should disagree with everything Jill did.

No. 288370

Yup. It’s all about entitlement and being the loudest so they can shut down anything they don’t like. This entire culture of screaming violent threats and review bombing places is so fucking annoying.

No. 288371

stevie reminds me of this literal autist i used to know that never questioned anything you told him and just went along with everything. Yes, he is that retarded.

It's weird that used to feel sympathy for him back before he became more vocal on twitter, thinking he was being manipulated by her, now it's obvious he drinks the kool-aid and willing to sink while hitched to the Jill tugboat

No. 288372

at least he's prepared for it. he mentions that people have already reacted angrily online to his prior lecture video on the topic, and even get mad in clinic with him

tbf, i think anyone who really had a disease and suffered daily because of it would be upset at the insinuation that they're just faking. problem is…she very obviously doesn't have it.

No. 288373

File: 1679706063494.jpeg (78.78 KB, 1170x1015, F848A3A2-0275-4E87-A1E6-9A8E22…)

>harasses random twitter user so her followers attack them

“Don’t worry we’re safe!”

No. 288374

people keep throwing around "doctor" but no, she was looked at by a psychologist. not a psychiatrist.
meanwhile, the man who gave the lecture video is an actual doctor because of his PhD, albeit not a medical doctor.

No. 288375

kek imagine telling a schizophrenic woman that she's not allowed to say "loony". but let me guess, Stevie has "anxiety" so it's fine if he polices her about it

caps? i looked but didn't see any

I don't actually think Jill was implying schizophrenia made her look bad. I think she was implying that calling her "loony" made her look bad. It's still incredibly stupid because the woman is literally schizophrenic and can say whatever the fuck she wants, but not quite as pure evil

No. 288376

Nitpick but PsyDs/psychologists also fall into the 'not medical doctor' category, and as a researcher of dissociative disorders, the presenter has far more expertise than any given MD does. His entire career has been built upon this little niche of understanding.

No. 288378

>amount of harassment I am receiving
where? twitter? tiktok? are your alters staging a coup d'état?

No. 288379

File: 1679707337068.png (350.6 KB, 720x2470, Really.png)

Some I found

No. 288382

These peoples lives are so empty.

No. 288383

File: 1679708235214.jpg (103.18 KB, 720x1306, Faker.jpg)

The insanity is off the charts.
>uwu we're not entertainment
>Next breath here's music that goes with our switching for our cutesy videos

No. 288384

LOL she needs a wellness check because the seething is off the charts today. No doubt Sofia’s actions play a part in the hog rage.

No. 288387

File: 1679708862499.png (162.56 KB, 720x1834, Patientzero.png)

No. 288388

File: 1679709234653.png (230.16 KB, 720x1811, Sure.png)

No. 288389

he didn't even name anyone in the video and no one even cared about the video until she brought attention to it jfc

No. 288390

File: 1679709592029.jpg (67.61 KB, 720x917, Harassment.jpg)

>Blood on your hands
Hahahaha, Jill is a fucking privileged spoiled brat who thinks the world should bend to her every whim she has because her parents never told her no.

No. 288391


Remember, the "harassment" and "blood on their hands" is one person calling Jill looney

No. 288393

File: 1679710442473.jpeg (80.82 KB, 960x1127, FFD6D54C-55FC-4128-9E5E-E3D273…)

Google reviews are being posted too. LOL

No. 288395

this is so pathetic…jfc. How is a trained professional with a phd who specializes in identity disorder less informed than a youtuber from canada that relies on copious amounts of weed to get through a single day?

No. 288396

File: 1679710908883.png (2.11 MB, 720x5645, Twitter.png)

Kek these people are insane.
>decades behind

No. 288398

this is infuriating actually are they really going to harm this guy's career bc he hurt their uwu influencers feelings

No. 288400

counter with positive reviews kek

No. 288401

as someone who works at mclean this is surreal to see my favorite cow @ing the hospital and name dropping them kek. for anons who don’t know, McLean is the #1 psychiatric hospital in the world. But go off pixie

No. 288403

>blood on your hands
Do they even know what that means or do they just throw useless phrases around to act like victims? Who has died from this presentation?

No. 288404

File: 1679711572345.jpg (20.3 KB, 720x466, Ss3.jpg)

Nta but this is on the website. Cool you work there nonnie.

No. 288405

This brigading shit is so stupid.

No. 288406

These people have no idea. This man isn’t a random, single person with anxiety on Twitter that they’re used to bullying and harassing into submission. They will be totally ignored. These are professionals trained specifically to deal with whiny, cluster B babies. Do they really believe they have any power? Whoever reads that email Jill sent will immediately throw it in the trash. the doctor probably won’t even hear about this. They’re used to this. At best the most reaction they may get is that comments will get turned off.

No. 288407


The most annoying part is that she wouldn't have any of this harassment if she didn't draw attention to the video. All of her online "trauma" wouldn't have existed if she just learned to keep her mouth shut and stopped acting like a brat.

No. 288408

This. Most of them know the way you deal with these people is to not give into them. You let them tantrum and move on.

No. 288409

Exactly!! Jill needs to learn to just let some shit go. What a drama queen.(sage your shit)

No. 288410

fucking kek. Just pure, raw cringe, baby. I love to see it.

No. 288411

File: 1679712932399.jpeg (30.7 KB, 445x450, 19F7C268-1779-47A9-9FFA-243586…)

I hope the doctor actually sues the retards trying to actually ruin his career by talking shit online. Seriously, useless trash like Jill needs a reality check, just being ignored isn’t enough, she needs actual repercussions for trying to act like she’s the maximum authority in whichever hobby she partakes.
Like, I just can’t believe she seriously thinks she’s important enough to police a fucking doctor, like bitch barely has a shitty fashion school certificate, that she probably got as a pity prize because comparing her work with her schoolmates it was dogshit, and she seriously thinks she knows everything about the probably most obscure as fuck mental illness that exists.
How does she has the fucking audacity?? KEK, she needs to go to that hospital to get her weed fucked brain fixed.

No. 288412

File: 1679713176003.png (568.97 KB, 1804x1110, surejill.png)

Found it in her "re-introducing ourselves" video.

No. 288414

Hmm interesting place to blur out the rest of her diagnosis impression. Right where she was able to switch easily and she changed her voice. I bet there is some damning comments about her faking.(sage your shit)

No. 288416

File: 1679714040867.webm (8.1 MB, 1920x1080, 1664682607691.webm)

Reminds me when she fought with this psych major >>226454. Does she think by just screaming she """wins"""? Hey Jill, >>242275 remember when you liked """psycho eval"" for psych eval and called it more accurate? Tell me again how Dr. Matthew Robinson is the one hurting the community when you're the one >>245917 giving out """advice"""?
Here's the clip.

No. 288417

So I was curious who this person is since they're talking with so much authority. And of course, they're a nobody with zero credentials that sells online courses and talks about "plurality". Basically the fantasy model of DID that the actual experts say is unsupported but even worse, because they say plurality is a fun little spectrum that can affect anyone and to quote
>Plurality is being depathologized as no longer a disorder in and of itself. Even if it came about as part of a disorder, it is nonetheless a natural and normally occurring variance.
Very nice resource Jill, glad this schizo can validate you when the literal best psychiatric hospital in the world won't.
Anyway here's their websites if anyone wants a laugh

No. 288420

damn, sure wish there was some sort of technology that could reverse that blur effect. oh well..

No. 288421

Ngl This shit jill's doing rn is making me the most pissed off ive ever been at her
I'm excited for tiktok to get banned so her relevancy can be squashed in a split second
Rot in the bed you've made Jill

No. 288422

File: 1679715130020.png (300.56 KB, 720x2287, Mostdeserved.png)

>Most deserved
Shit like this makes me laugh.

No. 288423

File: 1679715390395.png (38.03 KB, 1186x414, kajsdk.png)

Why does she even bother waving her "diagnosis" around if she agrees it's
"an identity and form of expression" omfg??

No. 288425

>Blood on your hands.
Did Jill kill herself? Because to me it looks like she's still breathing.

No. 288426

She spawned a new alter and it killed itself already during the course of this meltdown. RIP cloud and sun emoji.

No. 288427

Actually jericka killed himself which is why he’s not saying anything.

No. 288430

same. it's just so much worse than her LARPing alone. as if it wasn't enough to ruin the community, she has to now attack people who are the ones actually helping psych patients

No. 288432

File: 1679719198874.jpg (18.88 KB, 370x441, kys.JPG)

i can't fathom the lack of self awareness with these retards. talk about gawking at real people's hardships when you create an entire fictitious identity around someone else's real illness. one on hand, i am keking at the deranged seething into the void & thinking they can really win against an army of world class experts in the same fucking condition they all claim, but on the other i wish someone would bitchslap every single one of these faggots into reality.
kekk at jill shitting her own pants over a video she didn't even watch just to have an excuse to smoke a joint and eat a tub of ice cream like the fatty she is

No. 288436

File: 1679721258317.png (387.43 KB, 720x3102, Ste.png)

No. 288437

File: 1679721632638.jpg (37.15 KB, 720x512, Oops.jpg)

This got cut off. Here's the rest of the tweet.

No. 288438

"if i want argue something as fact, i use actual sources"
>the seminar is put on by the people who write the sources

No. 288439

I mean, a lot of people get psych degrees? I got one because it was one of the easier degrees to get

No. 288440

“They can @ me when they have a practice”

Well, the actual doctor did lmfao.

No. 288443

File: 1679724776025.jpg (57.11 KB, 720x590, Ss.jpg)

To no one's surprise another DID system.
The only thing bleeding is Jill's ego. It's okay though because she's smoking weed, stuffing her void like face with ice cream, and using her minions to try to do life ruination. She may suffer another "death" when she finds out she can't bully to get her way. Be funny if Louise tells Jill she won't fund her lolsuit. The tantrum alone would provide good entertainment.

No. 288445

I'm impressed by that doctor, I ended up watching his whole segment because he explains things really well. He's so clear and articulated it's actually sad that most DID fakers won't take anything he says on board. He emphasises the terror and misery of actually living with a condition like this, and manages to disprove fakers without being insulting.

Forgive me for being out of the loop but did Jillybean ever go this hard about ABlaze's video featuring her? Because that was way more insulting, the video is fairly recent, and it has about 42k views. Why would you go after the professional doctors with the little 1k video who speaks about you objectively for educational purposes, and not the bigger commentary guy who just rips into you for fun?

No. 288446

File: 1679725664699.png (848.15 KB, 720x5330, 20230324.png)

Didn't see this posted so here

No. 288447

Bold of Jillian to keep going after people’s jobs and educations when she barely has either of them.

No. 288449

You know why, she’s a coward. She can send her militant DID defenders after a bunch of doctors and pretend like she did something, knowing they’re just going to carry on and won’t fight back since they’re.. professionals. Something Jill could take a lesson from considering this is all technically her job still. But she knows she’ll have the trolls to deal with if she instigates shit with a YT commentator. Jill’s only mental hardship in the last 10 years is dealing with occasional cowtippers and bypassers who question her behavior. I’d wager 99% of her problems are created by herself, and 1% from being coddled too hard by her mom and not being well adjusted for how life actually is. But of course, childhood abuse is much easier to sympathize with and Jill decided to divulge in it. If she were actually dealing with this mental illness it’d be the last thing on her mind. If she wants to be careless enough to publicly post a video buying a cake to celebrate her childhood trauma she aught to just hunker down when people have a bad gut reaction. Any level headed person knows something is off about that behavior, no matter how she excuses it.
Jill, if you feel so strongly about living your life this way, just stop posting it publicly. It’s that easy. no one has to agree with your weird fucking takes all the time. And why should they anyways? You’re loud, passive aggressive, unfriendly, even your friends speculate about your behavior here. It’d be one thing if she genuinely pleaded everyone to believe her, but she hasn’t once shown a genuine feeling besides anger in the last 3 years. The disposition of the rainbow shit and her narc storms like today are creepy and I’m glad to see the mask is finally off.

No. 288450

Jfc these people piss me off so much, that hospital's seminars actually have incredibly useful information if you are struggling with mental health and they focus on acceptance and healing. While Jill glorifies mental illness she doesn't have, they teach people incredibly useful skills to deal with their situation.

No. 288451

I am the hairfag and I mean I'm a hairdressing/hairstyling/hairdying fan and expert, I always wonder why most people don't do much in terms of styling, cut, dye but the artfag in me does use my appearance as self expression (very aware I sound like a rainbow kawaii person but more of a goth)
I guess you guys are just happy looking as god intended? Genuinely my brain is too addled to understand looking "natural" and being happy about it kek it's a mystery to me.(not your personal blog)

No. 288452

I really just want to cowtip rn and tell her that this is weird behavior for an adult and she needs to relax. I want to have fun in these threads but this is just fucking demoralizing with just how stupid she is.

No. 288454

I love when Jillybean shows her true colours, stalking, doxing and threatening someone for politely disagreeing with her on Twitter.

No. 288455

Nah. We all know Jill (I mean veronica) is masterbating to all this narc attention she's getting and loving her flying monkies attacking their yelp page.
Want the downside to her plan? Dude is a serious player in the psych field and she's a 5 minute distraction of rainbow vomit. The yelp reviews? Ok, but who selects a therapist, or what clinical trial selects a psychologist baised on yelp reviews.
So.. slow clap retards.. hope thay dopamine was worth the time wasted. Snert.

No. 288456

See above for why you don't touch the poop, she calls this person a "monster" too like get ready to be called everything under the sun, doxed and probably report-bombed by her fans if you disagree with her, she's done this before. The way she reacts when "threatened" by a trained expert indirectly calling out her bullshit tells you exactly what kind of person she is. This is why we have anon forums so we can comment without gestures at the last 24hr of posts happening

No. 288457

Her current rage episode is a PERFECT example of this >>288363
We don't need to medfag when this leading professor in the field said it all and Jill is furious at the truth.

No. 288458

>Remember, the "harassment" and "blood on their hands" is one person calling Jill looney
2023 internet in a nutshell, everything blown wildly out of proportion by a minority of attentionseekers, (usually in response to fair and valid criticism) which is then signal boosted by normies who take their wild claims of abuse at face value.
Learning about narcissistic and sociopathic manipulation should be part of people's high school education at this point so people have enough analytical skills to comprehend the information they are bombarded with. Twitter is full of this kind of creative screeching, and most people don't have the time or incentive to research everything they read, but recognising these patterns of behaviour is a start.

No. 288459

I understand the anger, it's hard to watch these people act like circus freaks but then demand that you don't point out their hypocrisy and to take them seriously. The best thing to remember is that Jill is in a rainbow hell that she did to her self. Despite all the opportunities and loving family, this woman wasted everything and instead just chases the internet validation high. She is utterly miserable because she's not where she thought she'd be in life at her age, not a notable fashion designer even in the indie scene, gaining weight, youtube dwindling down, and coping by being high everyday. She can't even commit to being a drag queen and going through the grind to make more of a name for herself. She's a clown figuratively and literally. She is getting her comeuppance even if it doesn't look like it. Her getting betrayed by her own skinwalking stalker is priceless. She is so horrible even her asslickers can't stand her. I'm waiting for her twitter followers to throw her to the wolves because you know the moment she makes a tiny mistake they'll cast her aside.
Someone doxxed me, I FEEL UNSAFE! But here we need to dox this person and ruin their life because I don't like them. Same. It's funny how fast she throws the mask off for the dumbest things. She is so easy to enrage.

No. 288466

Nah, it’s best to stay out of it.

Where have you been, anon? Hurting a narcissist’s feelings is equal to literal genocide now. It’s called stochastic terrorism sweaty

No. 288468

he must be used to crazies but as an academic, this infuriates me. that video should stay up and Dr. Robinson should hold his head high. None of these unemployed permanently online losers should be trying to cancel him via twitter. But i'm sure the hospital already knows how insane this group is

No. 288470

File: 1679734972035.jpg (322.93 KB, 2880x2880, Kek.jpg)

It just keeps going up in views.

No. 288472

Good. Hopefully youtube won't let the retards win and keep it up, and all the DID fakers can go rage-watch it and up the views even more. It might actually catch the attention of the media, or at least a few parents' dealing with their teenager's bullshit.

No. 288473

These clips are very funny to watch in regards to Jill. I'm honestly really happy fakers are finally getting noticed, studied and called out by real medical professionals and not just dismissed.

If Jill really had DID, wouldn't she be concerned about fakers spreading lies about DID? Wouldn't she be mad if someone pretended to have DID for tiktok views and then made money off of pretending to have her suffering, while poor Jill has to actually live with the condition every day of her life? Why is that something she's never expressed any concern over? If there weren't other fakers online no one would think Jill was faking it either, so these fakers are actively hurting and putting the blame on her, accusing her diagnosis of being fake. So why isn't Jill concerned with other people faking DID?

No. 288477

File: 1679742504410.jpg (134.15 KB, 1080x1143, Screenshot_20230325_110646.jpg)


Just read that person's thread, they're totally batshit. Nice to know Jill is attacking a listened phycologist while supporting this BS

No. 288478

Her only alter is called Karen.

No. 288482

>Plurality is and can be a birthright and a blessing.
ffs shut up, no. Birthright?

No. 288484

You want a what they really mean? Validate me and give me asspats for breathing. Oh and I don't want to work or be really disabled.. so gibmez.

No. 288490


This person genuinely seems to think "plural" includes native american religions, absolutely deranged shit

No. 288492

>people are really violent in the replies
Dear god I hate these people.

No. 288493

Why is their reading comprehension so bad? He didn’t say that people with autism or schizophrenia don’t ever make jokes about it. He said that traditionally all patients documented with DID display enormous conflict, shame, and denial about it, and that the set of symptoms and behaviors shown by the very new wave of self ID’d DID on social media is a fully separate set of psychological traits that function differently and therefore need different categorization and subsequently different treatment approaches.

No. 288496

File: 1679751751142.gif (2.47 MB, 640x640, 8E8CA97E-BDFD-40ED-803C-90F919…)

The thing is she doesn’t even really have it and I don’t believe she does either. She just wanted to join the trendy the club of fakers that don’t question each other. The everybody is valid~~ culture of fakers is all over the internet to draw in more members to validate whatever delusion they want. This is just another fad for her to try to become an authority of seeing as lolita and party kei flopped. In her mind it’s harder to ignore an uwu mentally ill person and doing so makes you evil or whatever guilt tripping insult they got nowadays.
Seeing her narc rage in full force just verifies she’s a full blown narcissist to me.

No. 288497

So this “proud medical mystery” AKA hypochondriac is upset at the claim that there could be any DID imitators in existence, yet she also claims that her therapist diagnosed her, and since the video has posted a ton of things about combatting doubt about your DID all of which say things like “YOU define yourself” or “if you don’t have literally 100% doubt in every single symptom then you still have it.” Sounds like she knows deep down that the therapist she sees was underqualified to diagnose and work with such an extremely rare and complex disorder, and that she was diagnosed based on entry level textbook obvious statements like “I switch into different alter identities.” And despite her diagnosis she saw the YT video on DID imitators exactly describes how her behavior she learned from Twitter contrasts with actual DID. If her diagnosis was more legitimate she would see how imitative DID is flagrantly its own separate category and it wouldn’t include her, but it does, because she’s full of shit and was misdiagnosed by a therapist who doesn’t understand the field well.
Same with Jill who keeps falsely insisting she has a diagnosis that she doesn’t have. Jill is so angry at the video because the lists of imitator traits she learned off tiktok exactly match everything she does and everything she feels.

No. 288499

Being “proud” of being a medical mystery just says it all. Apologies for blog but it took a long time to get the diagnosis I have and it’s awful being a “medical mystery”. You don’t know if it’s something that could take you out, you don’t know how and if it’s possible to lessen your suffering. Bragging like that is proof she isn’t suffering because when you are actually in that situation you are desperate for an answer and a solution/treatment and an end to the contest testing and prodding and poking. This person seems to think it’s fun and quirky.

No. 288500

lolololol they really think that complaining on the internet is going to do something, this is beautifully retarded. This guy is dealing with mentally ill people and fakers for a living. I bet he seen worse during his career and his hospital only cares if he is good at his job.
I swear, this people think that internet is real life and your random opinion and feelings are as much valid as years of experience and reaserch. He is not yout mother Jill, tantrums are useless.

No. 288503

the only harrassment being thrown around is by jill and her enablers. i hope she cringed and gets embarrassed about how she acted in the future but she won't. she never learns and that's why she's a huge fat milk producing cow

No. 288507

This makes me actually mad because she's acting as if she went through something horrific when all that happened was some obscure video briefly mentioning her

How on earth do these people think something like DID even forms, if not from trauma?

No. 288511

Narcissism, same as troons. They’re just so special and unique it just naturally occurred. No they don’t have to get the cock chop/have suffered unimaginable trauma as a child, they’re uniquely qualified to speak on the subject because they just feel so special!
Jill’s behavior perfectly mirrors TRA shit, it’s narcissism all the way down for these junkies. The only way they can get their jollies is external validation, that’s all I’m seeing with their performances. Whether the attention is good or bad it all feeds into their “it’s all about me!” delusion.

No. 288518

It should be looked into how spoiled children develop BPD more easily. There’s a lot of stress on trauma but the vast majority of people with severe trauma don’t develop it, meanwhile extremely spoiled kids like Jill who encounter a couple normal shitty life things seem to develop BPD in droves. All the other BPDtards I know are phenomenally wealthy favorite daughters treated like princesses so they never had to develop emotional regulation or stop having tantrums, they expect to get everything they want, life is like a stupid dress up game to them all about clothes and tattoos and hair, and anyone saying no or not 24/7 worshipping them is “violence” “abuse” “trauma” etc. Like the fact that Jill is reacting this strongly to the clip and blowing it out of proportion, spamming tweets referencing it and then acting like she’s a victim of extreme harassment when anyone disagrees with her public opinion, just shows she has ZERO concept of what trauma is like. She genuinely has the most blissful easy life possible in human existence and never developed a backbone or learned that people can disagree with and dislike you.

No. 288522

We get it, you're not like other girls

No. 288523

Agreed 100%. As much as people respond to trauma differently they still have consistencies because that’s what makes it trauma and a recognizable disorder. If there is no similarities in how the ailment is caused or how it presents then it’s just a behavior that single person exhibits and may as well just be called “jill syndrome”. It isn’t trauma and it isn’t DID just because a large online group decided to steal the label. DID means something in the professional world unlike whatever these larpers think it should mean because of their uber special feelings about it. They’re clearly suffering from some sort of personality issue but it’s not the one they’re co-opting the name of.
Jill needs to get off the internet and move back into the real world. Volunteering and getting a job would go such a long way to reintroducing her to reality but she can’t give up her only identity affirming outlet so she’s never going to. She’s empty without her online identity, hence the weed when nothings happening. It’s kind of sad but mostly a deterrent, she’s the moral of the lesson so the rest of us don’t have to learn.

No. 288528

Ayoooo I can't find his video anymore

No. 288529

It's still up on youtube on the link above in the thread

No. 288534

File: 1679769639025.jpg (189.65 KB, 1080x1465, IMG_20230325_194020.jpg)

The internet has allowed a community of munchausen drama queens to gather and attempt mobbing doctors

No. 288536

Imagine the mental delusion necessary to WANT to suffer. Society doesn’t give anorexics liposuction when they say they’re fat, troons shouldn’t be given surgery because they say they’re a different sex and in the same vein morons running around claiming to be 100 different people shouldn’t be given IDs and separate medications for all their different characters. This is such nonsense, I hope these people grow up and get real help.

No. 288537

File: 1679771206941.jpg (97.08 KB, 720x1099, Screenshot_2023.jpg)

Never change Jillian.

No. 288538

Nonnies lets just make believe that “plurality” is a real thing. Why in tf would anyone want to stay that way? Even if it weren’t related to your trauma and doesn’t present like DID with amnesia, it would still be splitting your already small human life into however many fragments. I bet they’d argue that similar to disabled people, the world just isn’t designed for them and that’s what’d make their plural existence hard but.. no. It’s just objectively bad and renders you incapable of living a fulfilled life. Obviously treatment for the real thing would be reintegration.
I’m convinced these DID fakers are all just ugly and autistic. They know self isolation is bad so they make up that they’re actually multiple ppl and have a very fun inner world that we just can’t see.

No. 288539

File: 1679771292892.jpg (87.41 KB, 720x1204, Screenshot_2023lol.jpg)

No. 288540

File: 1679771380736.jpg (49.3 KB, 720x606, Vendetta.jpg)

No. 288541

How much longer until she pins her Patreon?

No. 288542

File: 1679771422002.jpg (56.2 KB, 720x563, Lololol.jpg)

No. 288543

Just to be sure I'm understanding this right, their idea of 'good' treatment and respect is basically just "validate me in everything I say and never ever challenge me" because that's terrible therapy. Not to blogpost, but anyone with experience in getting mental health treatment would know being challenged is often an important step in improving.

No. 288544

Going by the seminar and these online people:
They see "plurality" as a unique feature that makes them a special human being, they often appropriate native american history and say they have multiple spirits living in their body. In a way it's similar to mediums who claim they can channel spirits. They love the glory of being more than just one person, a "singlet", it's incredible narcissism. Because they don't see it as a dissociative identity DISORDER at all, they just see it as special showtime with extra angst that makes them tragic and special.

No. 288545

I cant get over how twitter these nobodies claim to be more knowledgable and educated than actual researchets. bitch they create the education

No. 288547

This is just so stupid, someone with an actual debilitating mental illness doesn’t somehow have enough time to think about putting on a wig, smearing some makeup on their face and changing their clothes while constantly fucking reviving their traumatic experiences.
>oh fuck I’m getting raped by a family member again in my mind, I better change my clothes to match the style I should wear to represent that time of my life.
Like, these losers typing those retarded tweets can’t be real people, how can anyone lack this much empathy? I wish the hospital could do some sort of anonymous interview with their actual DiD suffering patients so these wastes of space could actually see what having DiD is actually like.
It’s just infuriating tbh, I’m mad, like DiD wouldn’t exist and no one would talk about it if it was just middle school larping, the term exists because people suffer and have their lives all messed up because of it.
Like I haven’t seen the first tweet of Steeb saying that he’s worried about Jillian not eating, or some posts from Jillian’s mom talking about how she’s worried for her daughter losing her sleep because of her mental illness, like that would be a real signal of some shit going down. Not Jerricka(Jillian herself) tweeting that she’s punching a toy in the middle of the evening or Veronica(sex pest Jillian) tweeting “sexy” pictures and messages.

No. 288548

File: 1679772881989.jpeg (204.56 KB, 833x1536, 2A102E60-60E6-4EAA-B789-04C1F1…)

Is there past milk on this person? Cause I saw this thread and she seems like a delusional fangirl that wants to get closer to Jill

No. 288549

can't these people talk normally? jesus i got a headache trying to read this

No. 288550

File: 1679773261836.jpg (90.64 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_20230.jpg)

Maybe she'll make a gfm to cover costs for suing the hospital if she can get a lawyer to even take her case. I really think in her mind she sees this as a big payout. She needs to read the tos she agreed to.
Her alter accounts are silent since last time I checked and she hasn't posted anything on her multipetalpixie tiktok either. I haven't checked her main tiktok yet. But yeah her alters are totes real.
They're mentally stunted like Jillian. She honestly needs to be afraid of these people since they'd love to rip off her skin and wear it.

No. 288551

>amnesia for unacceptable behavior
>obvious switching
>eager/exaggerated presentation
This moron got the entire imitator bingo down in a couple tweets. All these people need to go outside and get out of this echo chamber where they copy each other.

No. 288553

File: 1679774220470.jpeg (271.81 KB, 1179x1860, C7BB0772-54DD-4AE3-AA14-272A6B…)

It’s so funny how there’s this many people saying all this shit yet she only had like, one “hater” show up. So many people defending her over nothing.

No. 288555

The comments were off to begin with but go off I guess. If you're going to be wrong might as well do it with your whole chest

No. 288556

File: 1679775661960.png (10.92 KB, 811x160, tiktoktos.png)

I went to check the tiktok ToS to see what nonnas were talking about, and wow she's really a dumbass.

No. 288558

File: 1679775987293.png (65.23 KB, 653x719, bigkeke.png)

kek thanks for the inspo

No. 288560

It’s ridiculous that they hear what the Dr said as “people with disorders need to be in constant distress”. No, it’s that TO have a disorder, you by definition fit the criteria of deviance, distress, and dysfunction. They’re so completely disconnected, a disorder =/= an identity or healthy state of being. Anyone that actually deals with a clinically diagnosable level of distress would have no problem with this statement.

No. 288561

Most competent doctors define a mental illness or disorder as something that gets in the way of you living your life, it causes distress and anxiety and limits you. Meanwhile these fuckwits think doctors want to brainwash them into being normies and don't like how unique they are.

No. 288563

It's so fucking funny the degree to which this doc got their numbers. It's like the first time these retards have ever, ever heard the word "no." You can just tell that in their homes, they all rule the roost with their emotions and delusions, quoting "research" they did online to justify every ounce of their pathic behaviour. I love it. You can't bully this hospital, they are the literally experts in this, and they know what you're doing, and it's not going to affect them. Keep trying though because it's so hilarious.

No. 288564

File: 1679778014571.jpeg (260.06 KB, 1179x2556, 69DAC938-3234-41C3-BFC7-6086AC…)

She also has saves turned on for the cake video. For those that don’t know, every video on TikTok you upload, it prompts you to decide if it can be saved, duetted, or responded to. She has no grounds to stand on. She directly allowed it to be saved & used.

No. 288565

This is the doi for the article that the doctor mentioned towards the end of the presentation that was cut for time. It is the article where he talks about those with “DID” being upset they did not receive the diagnosis they wanted (DID).

It’s pretty interesting, and free to access if you have time to read. If you search for it by DOI it links to the free article.

>Mentions that in a report from 1995, there was a growing number of self diagnosis as well, and then the people claimed did had mostly borderline personality disorder, (2) histrionic personality disorder, or (3) persons with severe dissociative symptoms but not DID.

>Original research focuses on six female patients aged who were selected out of 86 people examined in a prior larger study
>The group of six did not meet qualifications for DID in that study, but “believed themselves that they qualified for that diagnosis” and wanted to continue
>Goes into profiles, experiences with DID, and reactions to finding out they are not diagnosed with DID.

No. 288566

Excellent work nonnies, especially the article. I tried to find it and failed, but it's a good read, more nails in the coffin for DID fakers.

No. 288575

File: 1679780084067.jpg (228.08 KB, 1080x1920, 20230325_222749.jpg)

Sorry for the 'tism but I was looking at the hospital's youtube page and couldn't help but notice:
Aside from a very select few videos, 99% of them don't even hit 1K. Those about BPD and DID however are ALWAYS up in the thousands.
It's hard to average because the numbers are all over the place (and I don't care enough to make a proper list) but the difference is huge.
(Btw I get that it could be that these videos attract more views because those illnesses are less understood so more people are going to watch and/or study them but I still find it funny.)

tl;dr nobody watches those videos except a bunch of doctors, and the narcs represented in them lmao

No. 288576

Thank you so much for sharing the doi, been trying to find it myself to no avail.
Is there a link to the video somewhere online? I've looked and couldn't find it and would really like to be able to read the powerpoints along with him presenting it.

No. 288577

No. 288578

kek so did someone get mad at her for just….using their first names? god they are all so exhausting

No. 288579

KEK I'm blind. Thank you so much

No. 288581

she knows damn well the comments were never on to begin with. really leaning into that power trip, huh jill?

No. 288583

just sayin that’s not even Jill posting that, these mento illness rainbow bitches all look and act exactly the same

No. 288584

kek i didn't even realize. just saw rainbow vomit and assumed. thanks anon

No. 288594

They beg these experts for a diagnosis to come across as legit but refuse to let them treat their illness(you know, the whole purpose of psychiatry/psychology). I know they're mad because they're being called out for being fakers but surely these people can realize how retarded this looks.

No. 288595

completely agree; I wonder what therapy sessions are like for them. Would it just be a pity party every time? They seem like they'd be exhausting to deal with.

No. 288599

could you please give us a timestamp? I just watched the whole thing and haven't heard him say anything of the sort (but I totally could've missed it, sorry if I did)(sage your shit)

No. 288601

Most of these people will only go to “affirming” therapists (like Jill), so I doubt they get past a first session with anyone more reasonable. Like Jill they would just claim bullying or a lack of knowledge and continue shopping therapists.

No. 288603

File: 1679787219848.jpg (20.11 KB, 720x225, YouTube.jpg)

Getting close to hitting 10k views now
Another video Mclean hospital made on DID is called Reducing the Impact of Dissociative Identity Disorder. It was uploaded on August 19, 2021 and has been viewed around 33,000 times.

No. 288604

checked and the dislike bomb has calmed down quite a bit as well. ~530 likes vs ~130 dislikes. nature is healing kek

No. 288608

File: 1679790027487.png (728.94 KB, 720x1857, Pp.png)

New tiktok with the cloud and sun emoji. Also apparently a new video will be released mid week.

No. 288609

File: 1679790113367.webm (4.48 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 288610

Yeah I didn't hear that either. I assume they were referencing 56:00 where he says imitative DID doesn't need the same trauma treatment since they probably don't have PTSD. But, how do I say this, he's not claiming people with imitative DID 100% don't have PTSD. It's just not related to the issue at hand and in treating someones imitative DID, they're likely not going to have comorbid PTSD… bc they don't have DID. It doesn't go hand-in-hand the same way.

No. 288611

File: 1679791171263.jpeg (68.84 KB, 1179x702, B46FCEE1-8BE7-4C14-A1B4-DBD134…)

This is so clearly targeted towards that video from the attitude, to the music, to the emoji. She even essentially confirms it in the comments. What a child.

(Lyrics are “I'm not your friend or anything, damn, You think that you're the man
I think, therefore, I am”)

No. 288612

The spastic head movements and missing the mascara tube lmfao I can’t

No. 288621

>We're safe
I so hope this video is just like the lolcor slander one down to wearing a beret and no switching to look serious. She'll talk out her ass without doing any sort of research on the law. Hey Jill, what's the status on that restraining order you gleefully talked about getting? Funny how you stopped mentioning it. Almost like you had no leg to stand on. Please continue to cry into your McDonald's and make shitty tiktoks/videos trying to send your psychophants to harass people all because your feelings got hurt.

No. 288623

Let me guess, she’s mouth breathing lyrics into the camera in a vindictive manner. So scary Jill. Much trauma response. I bet that doctor will be running back to write up an apology for you as soon as he sees this.

No. 288624

did she get lip fillers? her lips look swollen

No. 288627

it's probably the filter she's using morphing her lips, facial features, etc.

No. 288629

this is so fucking funny, how is this stretched ear, rainbow colored hair, tiktok filter user, 24/7 weed smoker with no real career going to shit talk a DID specialist? holy fuck

No. 288630

>You think that you're the man
>I think, therefore, I am
oh my god this is so fucking CRINGE

No. 288632

That's literally not what the doctor said. The doctor said you don't switch wigs when you have "an alter show up", most of the changes are the patient being confused and not dancing for tiktok.

No. 288633

She needs to realize that she can't treat this whole thing as some super serious evil hate crime worthy of a lawsuit and then turn around and act exactly like a petulant child engaging in high school drama. This video is the kind of cringe post a 16 year old would make, like "omg I can't believe Emily flirted with MY crush, I'm gonna lipsync to Billie Eilish to show that bitch what's up" energy.

No. 288636

To be a fly on the wall as Jilly bear has her tantrums. The only ones I feel bad for are her cats. Idgaf about Steve. He gets what he gets with her tantrums.
25 going on 13

No. 288640

The most hilarious thing about her freak out about the livestream the hospital posted is that if she actually watched it she would have noticed that in the first 4 minutes the speaker, Matt, says a disclaimer. He says he cannot definitively diagnose someone as having or not having DID just by viewing a video of someone and is only using social media posts as examples for the conference.

Seems to me that she actually did the bare minimum research. If only she took her own advice and watched the full video for context kek

No. 288641

Love seeing her confirm she's safe as she sits cozy in her rainbow house bingewatching Youtube and trolling on Twitter. Yes, we know you're safe, bitch you couldn't be safer kek.

No. 288643

I think someone pointed out how overly familiar she was being to the likes of Jill and Steve. At least when I first read the caps she’s featured in, I assumed she was a close friend of theirs who I simply had never seen before because I don’t pay that close attention. But it turns out she’s a stranger, just a fan with a parasocial obsession. Now she’s blaming the faux pas on a persecutor alter because of course she is.

When people like this talk about danger and safety they’re talking about self harm. “I don’t feel safe” is a threat to harm themselves if everyone doesn’t rush in to soothe their ego and attack whoever upset them. “I’m safe for now” means their ego has been appeased for the time being and the flying monkeys are allowed to stand down. The threat of self harm is always implicit and in most cases entirely false, only bandied about to manipulate people around them.
The only thing under threat is Jill’s fantasy world she’s built to prop up her ego and she knows it. So do the other DID fakers, but they have to play along if they want access to the communal flying monkey squad next time their own feelings are hurt. It’s a giant farce.

No. 288645

File: 1679819522979.png (534.53 KB, 720x4361, Crypticteentime.png)

Jill finally posted on Jerrick's twitter.

No. 288647

Forgot to add a Will Wood song called Cotard's Solution. Sounds like a song about Cotard's syndrome.
>>Cotard's syndrome comprises any one of a series of delusions that range from a belief that one has lost organs, blood, or body parts to insisting that one has lost one's soul or is dead.1. Cases have been reported in patients with mood disorders, psychotic disorders, and medical conditions.

No. 288653

So this new sun & cloud alter formed from the horrific trauma of having a short video clip you uploaded publicly used in an hour long lecture?

No. 288671

Who wants to bet sun/cloud has to do with the new pretty cure?

No. 288674

Maybe it's a soph alter lol

No. 288682

Just noticed the video has been privated.

No. 288683

Time for fatty to gloat and never go to therapy, I guess

No. 288684

Rip. He didn't even say anything mean or rude. These people do not want to get better

No. 288686

Hopefully they’ll just private it for a short time and put it back up once Jill stops pissing her pants. They may just need to private it while their lawyer tells her to fuck off or something.

No. 288687

Hopefully they’ll just private it for a short time and put it back up once Jill stops pissing her pants. They may just need to private it while their lawyer tells her to fuck off or something.

No. 288690

slight a-log, but I hate when people say "I don't feel safe." or "I'm safe now". Especially on the internet. The few time I've had to pull this card, (for real) I went to my therapist or my mom. Not some randoms. Someone who could actually help me. And 4/5 times telling someone I was unsafe led to me being in the hospital. Jill will never understand the ramifications of real mental illness that actually affects her life. You lose weeks after being hospitalized. I hate you, Jill. I hate everything that comes out of your idiot mouth.(alogging blog)

No. 288692

It’s utterly ridiculous to me that tiktok and twitter narcissists can bully a fucking hospital of all places so much that they private an educational, well-researched video. The state of the internet now.

No. 288698

Money is king and in this day and age narcissists rule the roost. Normies need to realise that the only way we’re all getting back to baseline reality is if they start chucking tantrums to rival the narcs. Otherwise it’s never going to improve, the loudest whiniest self important nobodies like jill are just going to keep setting the agenda.

I hope Jillian feels good about this. The more she does this kind of shit the deeper the hole becomes for her when she slips up and her narc fart chamber turns on her. She has it coming. Bet that pathetic and empty feeling will come back in full force once the rush of “winning” abruptly ends for her. Truly pathetic and empty, what a way to live.

No. 288701

File: 1679852482531.jpeg (228.4 KB, 864x2096, 3AA5C98C-B852-4C77-B6BC-B9F2F9…)

She’s already gloating

No. 288703

Justice? Is justice silencing respected professionals who are raising awareness and want to help you? The video correctly pointed out DID fakers are suffering from some other disorder and need a different treatment, but you're not interested lol

No. 288704

Does anyone have full coy of the video?

No. 288707

I seriously need to know just which OC is that emoji even supposed to be kek.

No. 288708

Punished Jill, betrayed by her bestie and told by a harvard scientist that she's a womanchild

No. 288709

It’s justice because no one tells Jillian “NO!”

No. 288710

I hate her. This isn't justice. It's someone being very sick of this utter bullshit from mentally ill people who fake being even more mentally ill. The way they talk about this esteemed researcher boils my blood. He hasn't done anything malicious and he chose his words very carefully. Saying that tiktok DID people don't reflect the reality of DID sufferers he has seen in practice is not even an insult. It's an observation based on his clinical experience. Unbelievable arrogance of this shithead.

No. 288711

they don't want to get better. this is their specific claim to fame and specific grift.

No. 288714

Jill is like the crazy troon Keffals. Both grifting off being “stalked” by KF/LCF, fighting against people who won’t accept their delusions, threatening to sue but won’t, racism and influencing minors.

No. 288715

File: 1679855074403.jpg (116.03 KB, 1080x837, Screenshot_20230326_152324.jpg)

Happy Sunday, It's finally happening, nonnies!

No. 288716

Here we fucking go
I kinda wish KF did more threads on mental illness fakers

No. 288717

fuck yeah, running to YT

No. 288719

His conclusions also support that their set of behaviors have reasoning behind them and need a different term and treatment approach, why are they SO upset at that? If professionals see that there is DID and then there is a clear separate phenomenon where people switch between garish exaggerated characters, then it follows that they need different terms so that they can be identified and treated accurately and properly. If the entire psychology, contributing factors, behaviors, motivations, and outcomes of each set are completely different, then they need different diagnostic terms and treatment plans. They're so focused on the fact that he points out that imitative DID co-opts DID terminology and imitates aspects of DID without mirroring the actual psychology of the disorder, and saying "so he thinks we are FAKE!" that they're missing the reality of his findings which are that one is classic DID and one is a separate condition that simply imitates known DID terminology via learned information on social media. Imitative DID patients clearly have SOMETHING drastic going on, it's just not the same disorder as DID.

No. 288720

Great timing, I wonder if this guy will face the same BPD wrath that Vangelina did. Hope he’s ready for it.

No. 288723

No. 288725

ugh, i wished he had talked more about jill's rampage and not just fakers in general. that would've been some good milk to see jill seethe over more criticism from someone with 400k subscribers who actually uploads frequently.

No. 288726

I mean in the original video her mention was only a blimp too, and this is a much much bigger channel (not to mention the channel is way bigger too)

No. 288727

Really, they go around complaining that therapy for "regular" DID, which logically would include reintegration, is oppressive and inappropriate for their special brand of DID. But when an experienced professional suggests the same thing in slightly different terms (that a veteran's DID and a tiktok clown's "DID" seem to present differently), and opines that this "special DID" should be investigated so people can get appropriate treatment, they blow a fucking fuse. It's just beyond my understanding how utterly retarded these fakers are. The doc in the video was so unbelievably (and overly) kind, neutral and fair to these idiots, yet they act like he committed murder, how do they even deal with people in the real world who don't handle them with kids' gloves? I hope Jill stubs her toe.

No. 288728

This is good to see. I am dying for a response from jill. I probably think she already has seen it. Nonetheless, I hope a youtuber who is reading the posts here is preparing their script, kek. That shit is about to be a good 40 minutes of content.

No. 288730

They're SO mad at the word imitative because it implies fakeness when it primarily implies that it imitates DID jargon while not being the same thing. Even these twitter "systems" will go on rants like ones featured upthread bragging that plurality can be natural and unrelated to coping with extreme trauma, which is in itself an admission that their behavior is not DID but rather another thing which is appropriating DID terminology.
They're also obviously incensed at the doctor in question pointing out that some cases are malingering or factitious syndrome, which is accurate, but he doesn't say they're ONLY that. He also references work showing it can be related to other disorders like cluster B personality disorders. If they really just want accurate and helpful treatment, it shouldn't enrage them that their behaviors fall under a different NAME. But they want the full set of DID words, which is the entire issue at hand. They want to bring up trauma and splitting and protectors and alters and dissociation and amnesia, but close study shows they AREN'T experiencing those actual medical terms, they are experiencing a set of things that should use unique terms to avoid confusion. Jill's exaggerated, highly public characters aren't alters; her switching isn't DID switching; her selective amnesia to avoid consequences isn't true DID amnesia; her protectors don't protect her, and so on. All of what she's experiencing is reworded BPD symptoms mostly centered around extreme mood swings, identity instability, and desire for validation.

No. 288731

he's done a lot of videos criticizing fakers so he probably is ready for it

No. 288732

He is probably laughing his damn ass off at all of this. I pray he makes a response video. But then again, he's a professional and a normie, so I can't hope for it too much.

No. 288733

did someone here archive the dr's video? He really is doing important work. It's damaging for serious mental disorders to be presented as cool and fun to children, and that is what these fakers do. And they profit off of it.

No. 288734

If Jill's diagnosis is so valid, she should probably adress why she stopped therapy and talking to doctors

No. 288735

File: 1679858787515.jpeg (132.01 KB, 1179x1032, 4B7FFBA5-99E4-4C7E-8ACF-764504…)

Jill is reuploading it but if anyone downloads be careful because I’m pretty sure she can see who accesses it

No. 288736

>did someone here archive the dr's video?
jilly did. somebody go ask her kek

No. 288737

oh sorry, I meant Blaze, the YouTuber. The doctor works with mentally ill people; he looked at all these tiktoks and probably knew he'd get backlash. I'm willing to bet he's going to continue researching and commenting on this issue with the support of his hospital.

It makes me want to write something on the topic too (but in my field, which is not a medical one). don't want to dox myself but I think I've been infected with a deep desire to have Jill ree at me. I should seek help.

No. 288738

np, I just registered a "system" gmail, brand new just for you jill

No. 288739

amen. was wondering about that.

No. 288740

File: 1679859343895.jpeg (208.18 KB, 1284x1506, 17419314-7875-4784-98DD-49BEE0…)

No. 288741

>harasses them until they take the video down
>offers to reupload it and share it
I thought?? The main problem was them mentioning you in the video yet you want to manually distribute?? the video?? thus sharing it with more people

I can't with this bitch. Her behaviour is so illogical and inconsistent, if she truly had a problem with the video she would not enthusiastically be reuploading and distributing it. I assume she's enjoying trolling so much she doesn't want it to stop so soon

No. 288742

File: 1679859380600.jpeg (247.56 KB, 1284x2170, BA68C9E0-8559-4AB4-9133-7383D5…)

No. 288743

She wants it up so she can shame them and send more hate

No. 288744

This really is reading like a manic episode, flip flopping between wanting the video down but then needing to share it so she can give her side or response, the threatening to “sue” then saying people are overreacting when they say she’s threatening to sue.
She’s grasping for control or power because someone called her behavior out and honestly it’s so unsettling to see, I wish she would just get off the internet

No. 288745

It is consistent nonnie, it’s about her and she’s taking back control by posting it on her terms!

No. 288746

File: 1679859722404.png (97.02 KB, 864x1110, Screenshot_20230326-091422~2.p…)

I hate this mfer. What an arrogant piece of shit. Yeah the doctor is interested in his field of research, no fucking shit? not a 'bee in his bonnet.'

No. 288748

I hope she gets in trouble for redistributing content she didn't make and doesn't own, personally. She's openly saying she will do that.

No. 288749

Jill herself was trying on the concept of being a trauma-free “naturally dissociate-y” plural system before she settled on having clinical DID with horrible trauma after all, likely because the former is even less accepted than the latter and claiming trauma currently comes with extra social capital. If the naturally plural thing was more established rather than just a tiny handful of kooks on Twitter then she’d probably still be claiming that. In another, only slightly different timeline she’d have latched onto this idea of a super special DID-like condition that defies clinicians’ understanding and @ing the hospital to volunteer as their plurality spokesperson. But in this timeline she has hitched her boat to the truscum equivalent of DIDtok and is going down with that ship.

She wants people who are sympathetic to her to see it so they can see how horribly victimised she’s been. She doesn’t want people who are neutral or unsympathetic to see it because then those people become aware of her grift.

No. 288751

rofl, god these people are really not paying attention to the way the wind is blowing. Given that medical care in the US is for profit they really don’t get that the unscrupulous medical industry is probably frothing at their mouths to get their hands on these retards. The amount of money they could make from treating each character with different medications and charging for every session like there are 5 people present. Again just imagine not wanting to get better!
Also what special treatment do they want? They want ID cards for all their personalities? Or they want people around them to not be allowed to call them out on their behavior because oh, no, newly created alter #404 did it!!! They just want to control people, can’t wait for the day people stop entertaining the idea that others exist to be validation props in the ultra special lives of these empty narcissistic husks.

No. 288752

Why couldn't these mfers come up with their own super speshul mental illness that defies the current understanding of psychology. They'd get to make their own rules and finally noone could claim they are faking. There clearly are enough people suffering from fake DID that they could start their own club and Jill could take the leading authority role as she loves being the highest authority in anything.

No. 288753

Lord please let her post that email. Also what does she think a video will do? They aren’t YouTubers. They’re not going to make a response. They don’t care.

No. 288756

Imagine going to a doctor, he tells you you don't have an illness and you call him wrong.

No. 288758

God, you know what Jillian? We need to call you out. If you’re so sure you’re the authority on something no one with actual research time or a medical degree will confirm is true.. let’s study you. You patient zero wunderkind. Switching, surely, would be visible due to unusual activity in parts of the brain. You’re undergoing a change, right? So let’s stick you in an MRI and you prove to us it’s real. Then we’ll shut up.

No. 288761

Exactly this. If they’re all so special there should be consistency in their super special brain patterns that indicates another super legitimate consciousness right? Like why won’t any of them submit themselves for research? It’d help their community so much! They seem to think they don’t have to prove anything and sure, you don’t when you sit at home in your basement but if they want special considerations then it’s on them to prove why. It’s not fair but welcome to being disabled!

No. 288762

I do. I grabbed it the day Jillian first started screaming about it.
More or less controlling the narrative at all times. She has to be in control or she freaks out. Look how she railroaded Steve in the qna video. I don't know how any person can stand to be near her for any amount of time. Even when she's being "nice" it reeks of narcissism.

No. 288763

I'm so close to making my own because I don't think it would be that hard, it just takes time which can be annoying. One problem is that I don't have a youtube channel with any sort of following so I doubt it would be picked up.

No. 288764

what a laur-tier insult. sounds like the irony IS lost on her, considering that you can't criticize her without being brigaded or threatened to have your workplace contacted

No. 288765

The BPD rage is going so strong. B-but Jill is just a happy sunshine rainby alter within the system, and Jerrick holds all the bad BPD symptoms like anger, and Jerrick persecutes and protects, and Cliffe shows up to take care of her and handle adult things, and the littles and cat show up against her will when she’s triggered, but oh wait, all of them are gone now and it’s just Jillian having a fit and wanting to have the entire brigade focused clearly on one account and using her real legal name for suing threats and other purposes like publicity. Notice that now she says the video attacks “me/I” and not “us/we.” It’s clear she’s gotten so enraged and her massive ego so damaged that she momentarily forgot her own LARP and is thinking about this as her, Jill, and her behavior being attacked, with her alters just being subsets of her behavior. Meanwhile usually she obsessively uses DID jargon and insists that her alters are equally human people who take over her body and have lived giant chunks of her life and are usually active in her head co-piloting at all times. She almost entirely ditched all of that currently while raging that this doctor disrespected her because she snapped completely back to her real focus, her ego.

No. 288766

>I was spoken about in such an untrue unjust light
Wasn't it just a short clip? The fact that she thinks this whole video is about her specifically really says a lot.

No. 288767

just do it. It will get traction. It doesn't even need to be elaborate. Just don't use a robot voice.

No. 288768

With the way she acts she’ll get you the audience for the video herself by screaming about it on her Twitter. No need to have followers.

No. 288769

File: 1679864294915.jpeg (215.56 KB, 1284x1725, 5CBCFDF4-CDAE-4D90-AD96-92C7C7…)

No. 288770

File: 1679864320602.jpeg (150.77 KB, 1284x1161, 0E70D8E5-F949-4D2E-924D-AEC00A…)

No. 288771

Honestly the best outcome is nothing.

No. 288772

Yeah he literally just comments that the clip is an example of someone on social media who displays opposite behavior from traditional studied DID cases, expressing that there is little fear or doubt and instead “almost a celebration” of the diagnosis, which is something he notes happening frequently in the new online DID communities in stark contrast to other DID patients who display a lot of confusion, doubt, denial, fear, and secrecy.

No. 288773

it was just the video of her getting the DID cake. The poor doctor had to endure her definition of "Jojo Siwa-ing it." He merely noted that this seemed to be celebrating the diagnosis and that there wasn't any fear or distress or negative emotions about such a serious diagnosis, which is inconsistent with what he sees in his irl patients.

And of course Jill was celebrating it. She had been seeking this diagnosis for a long time, immersing herself in DID faker world for more than a year. She wanted some way into that grift, got the diagnostic impression (I actually don't care if it is a diagnosis or not, tbh, diagnoses aren't perfect anyway) by faking it, and voila.

No. 288775

what was the point in saying she's pursuing legal action then?

No. 288776

It was probably just a knee jerk BPD rage reaction.

No. 288777

God, every person involved in this shitshow is so fucking arrogant. I really wonder if any of Jill's friends actually give a shit about this beyond performing for her satisfaction. Like, I can just picture Steve pretending to be super invested and upset about it with her, but inside he's just waiting for her to stop talking about how she wants to sue an accredited hospital and medical professional SO BAD so he can go back to whatever he was doing.

No. 288778

>the fact it is out of the public eye is good
I can't even. The morality police folks.

No. 288779

her friends are probably laughing behind her back as per usual. Sofia is not the only one using lolcow.

No. 288782

All she showed us was a piece of paper that said “patient reports this and that” with all other text blurred out. It’s not even a questionable diagnosis, it’s not remotely a diagnosis at all. The fact that the diagnostic process isn’t perfect is hardly relevant when Jill is basically that kid who shows up at school with a sloppily handwritten note exempting them from PE/homework/whatever, signed “my mom”. I’d almost admire her audacity if she wasn’t such an asshole.

No. 288785

yes yes I know, I agree, I really do. She's a liar and falsely using the impression as a diagnosis. I just get bored with that argument since it is still possible to hoodwink your way into a diagnosis. But anyway I agree. Probably nothing would convince me she has been diagnosed with DID. If she had a piece of paper stating diagnosis, I'd just assume she forged it (who could check anyway? no one).

No. 288790

File: 1679867381052.png (28.81 KB, 1180x260, 982340.png)

No. 288795

these motherfuckers are gonna make each of their alters sign separately aren't they…

No. 288797

File: 1679868063189.png (3.28 KB, 552x86, Screenshot 2023-03-26 at 6.01.…)

Time's up sis

No. 288799

Literally one person lol

No. 288800

Now she’s using we/us. What a grifter.

No. 288802

Literally one person lol

No. 288803

>We are not pursuing legal action
What a rancid fat cunt. Bitch you couldn't anyways and you knew that but wanted to send your psychophants to sic on the hospital. I would love for someone to sue her ass. The meltdown would be phenomenal.
Love that Jillian Amanda Vessey never gives actual proof of anything and just makes shit up. Where's those emails that got sent to the uni? Where's the proof you've been in contact with the police over the stalker incident? Her and Steve give so much fucking lip service. She has no idea what it's like being in fear of someone and being told there's nothing the police can legally do.

No. 288807

Oh nona, I realized what she was doing today. She was using it as a backup to drop a new alter if she didn’t get her way. Shes a serial breadcrumber, just like she did with dissociation, being queer, DID, autism, so she can have proof of longevity since otherwise it looks like she bounces from identity to identity. I mean the recent diary incident alone is proof of that behavior, she lovesss posting obviously planted “proof” all the while flipping to rage stating she doesn’t need validation for her disorder.
But since they privated the video she can brush it off and say it’s a new emoji shes using, even though she uses them systemically to ID alters. Check off attention behavior seeking for that little behavior alone. She’s just dying for someone to ask her if she’s splitting a new one (kek) from the trauma of the hospital using her videos. She loves a good guilt trip and that’s what she was doing for sure. No doubt in my mind. What a BPD nightmare.

Yes Jill, totally normal trauma responses breadcrumbing new alter drops through emojis on Twitter- that shouldn’t be questioned at all, you’re so justified. Nonnies this week has been blissful.

No. 288810

Honestly a youtuber with ties to KF/lcf should make a video on Jill. I’m tired of literal nobodies saying they’ll make one but chicken out last minute.

No. 288811

No. 288812

Who has that picture of totes neglected and abused Jill on christmas morning with her brother, the one with all the presents stacked up?

No. 288814

yes agreed on this assessment, the emoji tease was 100% breadcrumbs for an alter reveal had she not gotten her way lord grant me strength not to alog

kek you mean blip, Jill is the blimp

I hate people who use this word

No. 288815

File: 1679873812869.webm (15.55 MB, 1280x720, Spoiledrotten.webm)

From her own damn mouth she admits she's spoiled.

No. 288817

saved and adding to the collection

No. 288818

wonder if she remembers what it feels like to have sleeves loosely fit over the arms?

No. 288820

kek. it's so sad that this video and era were so tolerable compared to what she is doing now.
shes used to be pretty and had drive, but now shes a fat blob.

No. 288821

i love how after he talks about jill he says these are the type of kids to put in their calendar and celebrate every year and that's exactly what jill does lmao

No. 288826

god I wanna fuck that man so bad

No. 288829

what is this

No. 288830

Jillian getting the cake for herself really is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen in my fucking life. Jillian Amanda Vessey is a pathetic fucking loser and deserves to be publicly humiliated on a massive level for this.

No. 288836

Keep it in your pants please.

No. 288837

He knows psychology so well he guessed exactly what she would do even based on just one video. He knew immediately that it’s not a dissociative trauma disorder, it’s an attention based personality disorder.

No. 288839

girl you gotta go thru retro phant0m on youtube first kek thats her man

No. 288842

Every day she’s more of a cow. How is this even possible?

No. 288843

it makes me sick that a bunch of privileged white cunts are review bombing a fucking hospital because they dared question their "head-friends" existence. these bitches are actually vile.

yeah you're totally a mental health advocate!! remove confidence in a hospital that helps real mentally ill people!!

No. 288844

Kek, I wonder the same, you would think that people like jillybean would just enjoy their parents’ money and live a good life in their first world countries.
But the attention whore syndrome can get worse as the person ages and notices that the tricks they would do before aren’t as interesting when they’re not cute or teenagers.
I wonder if she will end up like that other cow that got her legs amputated because of her munchie syndrome.

No. 288847

It's going to take some time because Jill has so many threads and a long history of shitty behavior but the vid will be out at some point, pls be patient.

No. 288848

we’ll believe it when we see it anon

No. 288849

I know nonna, but I feel super motivated. I'll dedicate some time everyday for this.

No. 288850

that hospital video being posted to the fake disorder cringe reddit explains the weird huge spike in views. Maybe that sub will stop saying Jill has DID and is "diagnosed"

No. 288852

forget it you probably don’t have the reach.

No. 288853

nah i'm doing it anyways. jill will find any video with her name on it

No. 288856

Most channels with big viewerships wouldn't dare to touch Jill because they would essentially face the same fate as this hospital. She has done lots of shit outside of the DID stuff but it would still essentially boil down to "bullying someone that's mentally ill". Jill gets told by like 5 ppl on Twitter that she's a privileged womanchild and has to declare status of safety.

She loves pointing out that users have new accounts when she's the one ready to have her followers dogpile on ppl that won't buy her shit as well as showing interested in contacting their jobs or schools. Pathetic.

No. 288857

Plus I've found very damning evidence and it only required going through her first few threads. The issue is that her fans don't watch anything past the first few minutes before jumping on the attack. Maybe if some crypto farmers on twitter could spread the video it could reach a wider audience

No. 288866

She's absolutely loving this shit.

kek funny because of all things you would expect stress to trigger the onset of DID symptoms. She is so fucking bad at the larp.

No. 288868

File: 1679889414280.jpeg (312.93 KB, 1668x2381, 8CE91C75-EF43-49A7-BC09-D200B3…)

No. 288869


No. 288873

I love this, nonnie, and I love you. KEK.

No. 288874

Considering there were already hints that Jill’s mom wasn’t 100% buying the DID LARP and got into conflicts with her about it, I wonder how Louise is really feeling internally right now about such a highly qualified specialist pointing out that Jill very likely does not have DID.

No. 288875

>and got into conflicts with her about it

Really? I wasn't aware that they ever argued about this. Are there screenshots? Might be useful if they turn up…

No. 288876

I'd love to see a video using Jill's "switch" tiktok from a previous thread - the one where she was on her back and rolling her eyes (but deleted it when comments said it's seizures) kek

No. 288877

It's just obvious that Jill is more upset that a Dr is using her content because he's a credible source for DID research. Some random ass youtuber that makes fake claim videos can't do anything to sway the flavor-aide drinking online teens but a Dr with years of study can.
Honestly after what happened with quwite and that fakeboy we need to be more skeptical about medical documentation since the BPD liars are starting to do some really fucked up illegal things more than usual for attention.
a few threads ago her mom liked tweets that suggested that Jill doesn't have DID. I cant recall which one but there are some hints floating around that mama Vessey is not to happy with the "diagnosis"

No. 288887

Next thread pic pls.
That’s just like when nonna filmed her drag show. It wasn’t because of the “stalkers” it’s because she didn’t have control over what we saw.

No. 288889

looking forward to it noona

No. 288896

File: 1679904424360.jpg (275.3 KB, 1080x1836, IMG_20230327_100635.jpg)

Jesus fucking christ, they just want mental illness to become a quirky identity you can choose

No. 288898

you guys are tinfoiling about sofia, i for one 100% believe the one posting in this thread is Dr Matthew A. Robinson, PhD
this situation is crazy. for the first time in her life, someone calls her on her bullshit and it's a DID expert. not only does she think whatever she has to say as a fat glob of rainbow vomit who's never accomplished anything can weigh against his stellar resume, years of medical experience and big body of research, but she thinks she can sue somebody for showing a public video of hers and commenting on it. jill really is delusional and mentally ill, oh my god.

No. 288899

Which posts stick out as Dr Robinsons?

No. 288900

nonnie issa joke. ilu though

No. 288901

So they're going down the troon pipeline basically. My god. I hope those doctors will be ok. They're the ones whose safety I'm worried about.

No. 288902

File: 1679906057552.jpg (60.46 KB, 640x976, cjchqg87j4qa1.jpg)

I don't like that the hospital took down the seminar. HR department probably didn't want to deal with reviewbombing? But I hope nobody takes the DID fakers seriously

No. 288903

Ridiculous behaviour. All he did was to point out that fakers get mad and overreact when called out, only for them to prove him right lmao
I hope he does a whole new seminar on this

No. 288904

Even if someone is actually mentally ill the worst that can happen from wrongly accusing someone of faking a disorder online is that they get their feelings hurt and it hurts their online brand where they sell their own disorder as a quirky personality, which is harmful in itself to begin with. If the public online world hurts their feelings then they can and should log off and focus on their real private life.

No. 288905

Sof must be so relieved that this suddenly blew up and is overshadowing her slip-up.

It’s me I’m Dr Robinson

No. 288907

Of course nonny, when you don't actually have the negative traits of any mental illness, you want them all like some fucking pokèmon.

No. 288909

Major Karen attitude. Funny how these freaks always resort to this type of behavior. Also lol there's no grounds for him to have his license revoked. Really wish the hospital didn't cave. Tired of everyone walking on eggshells for the smug bullying fakers.
Jill remembers every time she was wronged/slighted. She doesn't know how to let go and just walk away. She's obsess with """justice""".

No. 288911

ok. sorry for blog but "I’m getting raped by a family member again in my mind" just hit too hard for me. because i actually lived through this.

the idea that someone would play dress-up for an insane trauma response is so fucking horrifying to me.
trauma response is shame, withdrawal, confusion, trauma response is "why did i do that?" and "what if it was all my fault all that time?", not playing eith your ocs in a magical dreamhouse.
true, i dissociate due to trauma a lot, but it's not like "here's my super special oc who is angry, so i am going to put on a green wig", it's more like "i am not even a real person because things i went through are so dehumanising and terrifying that i simply cannot equate being a real person with what i went through"

No. 288914

it's still up, find the event on the website (search the title of the talk) and click on the livestream button. The video is still there. I'd rather not link it until I've downloaded it for myself.

Now all the crazy fakers are uploading commentaries. Here's one where she calls the dr a douchebag. "he's trying to sound smart when in reality he knows nothing" lmao

No. 288917

File: 1679917147171.jpeg (38.04 KB, 680x428, CEF99668-ED92-4E92-A622-23333D…)

After the video got took down, I really hope he doesn’t get his license revoked. Can you even imagine that? Trying to help people with a rare as fuck condition, and then some ugly fat clown gets out of her tiny clown car with her clown flying monkeys and fucking revoke your license and ruin your life because fuck you.
It’s so fucked up that they can even consider this, like seriously, they just don’t have any sort of emphaty or feelings other than “Validate my shit or I will go apeshit”
And at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they were actually capable of making him get his license revoked since nowadays there’s people losing their jobs for not allowing men in the women’s bathroom, imagine telling someone in a rainbow house that they’re not mentally ill, he’s fucked, this is insane and I can’t stop taking the crazy pills it seems.

No. 288918

he won't. a psych hospital doesn't bow to mentally ill reeeing on twitter. He is an esteemed researcher, it's going to be fine. I feel a little bad for him but he probably will even benefit from this in the long-term. At the next conference, people will come up to him and snicker about the unwashed NEET rage he got and buy him a beer.

No. 288919

those people are vultures and disgusting, wanting people fired who threaten their delirious egotistic attention seeking by simply telling the truth and being good clinicians.
idk, i hope not. i know the fats don't have much success in their cancelings but it wouldn't surprise me if all this bullshit would happen in a few years

No. 288920

She remembers every time she’s been wronged, but then wants everyone to forget or completely ignore her own bad behavior.

No. 288921

Sorry for what you went through anon, that last paragraph perfectly describes actual dissociation and why it happens. It's so insulting and disgusting for a spoiled woman to make it all a game of dress up and playing. She has no trauma. She is a bully who thinks a trained professional calling out her lies needs to be "cancelled" no wonder this bitch can't find a new therapist. Nobody should touch her with a bargepole, toxic piece of shit she is

No. 288922

She is probably going to expose it to her friends and use it to victimize herself anyway. Go for it nonna <3(.<3)

No. 288923


I genuinely feel so sorry for this man, his lecture was very professional and informative, he's obviously done his research (as well as being well educated) and seemed to be going out of his way not to be disrespectful/insulting. They're all living in clown world if they think they should seriously get a doctor's license revoked because he told the truth, a truth that just about everyone with a functioning brain can work out, which is that Jill and all her weird TikTok/Twitter DID buddies are clearly faking. The medical system needs to not pander to these weird delusions of grandeur

No. 288924

Thank you. I'm just trying to figure out how I want to structure it in the beginning so people don't click away immediately…maybe a clip of her saying "it's not a diagnosis"?

No. 288926

I'm going to get banned for A-logging but Jill if you're reading this, you're the most disgusting rat, social vampire, crusty landwhale I've seen in this site. You're starting to make someone like Luna worth of help with how gross you are, inside and outside. The fact you use mental illness to gather attention is vile and your actions get more disgusting by the day. I so wish your BPD would aggravate enough so you would kill yourself, but chances even your BPD isn't real and it's probably another manifestation of your incessant hunger for attention to fill the void in your brain caused by your lack of personality and stupidity, mixed with how your mother raised you, to be a spoiled entitled cunt. I pity your family for having to put up with you. I used to think you would have room to improve someday but I don't anymore, you just get worse and worse. Just lay down and fucking die already if your mental illness is that bad.(calm down)

No. 288927


See this is why I never bought the "Jill isn't really a lolcow, she's just a spoiled sheltered pothead" mentality a few people (admittedly a minority now) used to have. Personally I always knew this cruel vindictive mean girl was inside her which is why I believe she'll never be actually happy living the way she does. She's just a nasty self centered person to the core

No. 288929

You should definitely highlight what it says on her diagnosis impressions paper "she reported" "she was observed" because those words clearly imply those are only the impressions told by Jillian, not what they actually believe to be seeing. If you could contact someone who is a psych major to explain what is a diagnosis impression (not a real diagnosis!!!) too would be nice.

No. 288930

That sounds like a really great idea but I don't see how I could do that without compromising their identity, the most important part. I don't want to be responsible for people harassing them online

No. 288931

Another option would be quoting articles (something from doi written by people she would probably A-log kek) that explain what diagnosis impression actually is. Like quote what it says, make it somewhat brief but at the same time add your source on the description. The key is making so that Jillybean looks like a clown trying to fake a diagnosis using something that is not designated to demonstrate a final diagnosis.

No. 288934

Thankfully psych hospitals have tons of experience with unreasonable, delusional, angered patients. Somewhat similarly, I know some people who work in a psych ward IRL and pretty much every day weirdos are claiming crazy false stuff, saying the doctors are wrong and oppressing them for not believing what they said (like that they’re 9 months pregnant with the new Jesus while being a virgin and pregnancy tests come up negative, or getting put in there instead of prison after violently attacking people and then saying they’re being oppressed for not getting let out immediately). They frequently threaten and sometimes even physically attack the doctors. The doctors see thousands of patients with different life stories, symptoms, and mental illnesses; they’ve seen droves of cluster Bs acting out, being overly attention seeking even to other patients, flagrantly lying, and so on. The hospital won’t want to deal with the Internet spectacle but they won’t take these people truly seriously and their claims wouldn’t stand a chance against a medical board or a court either. Imagine how the kind of person who becomes a judge sees an unemployed spoiled look-at-me like Jill who claims to be the world’s most unfortunate woman.

No. 288938


These unhinged privileged larpers are actually trying to ruin the career of a man that not only went through the strenuous process of achieving a PhD title in psychological medicine (being accredited by Harvard on top of that) but is actively trying to help patients diagnosed with what they're claiming to be passionate about, this is so ridiculous and unfair.

I remember there was a nonnie claiming to work at McLean hospital. Since it's a huge institution I doubt that they would notice if there's ramifications for him but it would still be interesting to hear if they do.

No. 288944

File: 1679926547704.jpg (99.7 KB, 1080x718, IMG_20230327_161552.jpg)

Bpd rage continues

No. 288946

>the sad doe eyes emoji after narc raging at everyone, threatening to try to get a girl expelled for disagreeing with her on twitter, and trying to frighten and intimidate another user who disagreed with her by going through several years of their account liking all the old tweets

No. 288949

These petitions are so fucking retarded that I'm tempted to make my own "Get Pixieeelocks removed from Twitter for supporting & initiating harassment" since anyone can do it apparently

No. 288950

They're meaningless lol but do it especially if you have a big following

No. 288951

I would attach Nonna’s infographic of Jill’s behavior with the presentation bullets. Also include how her ex therapist is shady as hell for “diagnosing” her then leaving after so little experience

No. 288953

File: 1679928251559.png (61.55 KB, 605x1110, Screen Shot 2023-03-27 at 10.4…)

milk incoming this week. can't wait for us to rot our brains watching another one of jills "talking without actually saying anything" videos again.

also, fight or flight? be fucking for real. its not like a bomb exploded in your city or everything you've ever known has been devastated from an earthquake (things that are literally happening in the world right now). you opened twitter dot com and you do not have PTSD

No. 288955

She could have just ignored the entire thing and moved on with her life instead of sending out exaggerated emails and fighting people on Twitter over it. She’s so stupid. The “harassment” was people responding to her own dumb tweets about it.

No. 288956

yeah, I get the feeling this video could bring her to the point of being irredeemable. She says she's unable to do work and this is one of the rare moments where inaction is the best thing to do. Even non-LC users are getting real tired of her.

No. 288957

it's enough to make me a-log. Trying to silence and threaten researchers to further her larp.

No. 288961

thank you, i am doing a bit better these days /blog

the sole idea to parade your trauma around, imaginary or otherwise is terrifying to me. actually traumatized people know they attract a certain type of people in their lives that will absolutely use their trauma to exploit them further.
the sole reason toxic men are so attracted to "manic pixie dream girls" is because a damaged woman is a VERY easy target for further abuse. i don't get how anyone can romanticize that shit.
but i guess it's cool now to attract a circle of similar sycophants around you and rot together, making each other worse and treating trauma like it's a competition.(not your personal blog)

No. 288963

Medical seminar available here https://vimeo.com/812053281 in case the hospital gets pushed to delete their stream.

No. 288968


Imagine missing work for days because you saw something online you didn't like. How did Jill ever handle working actual jobs?

No. 288972

>fight or flight
She has no idea what this means
>Miss work
When work is filming retarded tiktoks and videos where you make baby noises and talk about your ocs

No. 288973

she technically did her job by posting that one retarded tiktok after the initial twitter fight.

No. 288977

girl can you really miss work if you work for yourself and work is making YouTube videos when you feel like it

No. 288978

kek I came to say that too. Like…what work?

No. 288985

I was thinking this. Is tweeting and tiktoking about her mental illness not her job? Does she consider only what makes it to YouTube canon in the pixieverse?

No. 288986

He won’t be fired. Health care professionals unfortunately deal with all sorts of crazy and if it were that easy to fire them we’d have no doctors. He’ll likely have to lay low for a while to help quash the shitstorm.

No. 288988

Jillian Pixielocks Vessy is the physical manifestation of complaining you smell like dogshit, whilst you continue to roll around in dogshit.
My new video prediction. She will act like a spaz, receive asspats and congratulations for filming an incoherent stoners ramblings. Then another drama will happen.

No. 289000

I agree Nonna. The video was super informative and the doctor was so well spoken. He never said anything negative about the Tik Tok DID people either, just that they are displaying symptoms that are not associated with the diagnosis of actual diagnosed DID patients. The fact that Jill & all her larper friends are losing their minds over this just exposes how fake they actually are. Her response video is going to be so stupid and embarassing.

Jill just needs to face the truth that she's a narcissistic bpd ahole that romanticizes mental illness, sexual trauma, and abuse in order to get tik tok views and feel sPeCiAl. She's doing a massive disservice to every single person that is actually dealing with mental health struggles and trauma.

Jill is the literal definition of Imitated DID and she is losing her shit over being exposed.

No. 289002

File: 1679935394014.jpeg (167.67 KB, 960x1595, 4F023BBF-1AA1-40B4-85F5-87CC95…)

Someone actually made a petition haha

No. 289003

That seminar is the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. The way he cuts to the tiktoks for illustrative purposes and takes a swig of water with a straight face. These malingering idiots really fucked around and found out.

lmao I appreciate you taking one for the team

>See this is why I never bought the "Jill isn't really a lolcow, she's just a spoiled sheltered pothead" mentality a few people (admittedly a minority now) used to have.
Yeah no I absolutely used to think like this and I wish she hadn’t proved me wrong. I wonder what it’s like for people who followed her in the LACE days to randomly come across her again now

No. 289005

File: 1679936061177.png (534.59 KB, 646x1566, Screenshot 2023-03-27 at 16-52…)

No. 289006

You see, most people, when they miss work they lose money or get fired. Has anyone seen any other youtuber talk about themselves like this? The most successful youtubers batch film and hire editors but she just refuses because that's not, i guess, making her look like a victim enough. I cannot stand influencers complain about their job because 99.99% of the time, its stuff they can afford to outsource but actively choose not to because their ego would never let them handle someone else touching their content for even a second. And maybe you could argue that smaller and newer channels can't afford that, but this bitch has been on youtube for, what, 7 years? What is her excuse? Is this not her livelihood? We know it's not, but she's doing a piss poor job at pretending it is.

No. 289009

It’s a bit reminiscent of that one beauty YouTuber getting mocked because she said her job as an influencer was hard because she’d been “working since 6” lol. I hope Jill saying she can’t work while being able to do her makeup and filming TikToks isn’t lost on anyone.

No. 289011

as funny as this is just fucking report her on twitter guys- she fits the report and ban stuff they have on there. change.org is the stupidest shit cuz nothing actually happens on there it’s the equivalent to ratioing someone

No. 289012

predications for Jill's mclean video:

>switching to Jerrick / the child alter who will talk about how traumatising this has been

>Jill mentions not eating / sleeping for days

>"fight or flight"

>fake crying and dissociating while talking about the "harassment"

No. 289013

nona your profile pic is showing. also lm fucking fao what work??? she clearly doesn't know what fight or flight means. if everyone stopped working for days on end every time they saw something upsetting on twitter society would collapse. this womanchild.

No. 289014

and Jill used to work at a boutique too before that place closed. Jill can absolutely work but she has now regressed into this blob that is chemically dependent on weed and junk food. She's a mess.

No. 289015

honestly I would love if we all just reported her for siccing her followers on the hospital and that one psych student. it would be amazing if she actually got suspended. would sure free up a lot of her time to "work" more, too!

No. 289016

I reported her. This latest tantrum is just too disgusting and shouldn't go without consequences.

It would've been far more logical and sane for her to calmly contact them and ask that they censor her video or at least her TikTok name (which iirc was visible in the presentation). I don't believe she has a leg to stand on either way, but it would've made far more sense than screaming on Twitter and sending her fans to attack and review-bomb a hospital imo.(cowtipping)

No. 289018

I reported both her and Steebie for his tweet trying to sic people on that one girl. So far nothing came from it

No. 289019

I understand your rage nonnies, but casual reminder that brigading is against the rules.

No. 289020

OK, BUT: whoever made the petition, please add Jillian's full name.

No. 289021

all jill does is drink coffee and smoke weed. Of course she feels anxious, both of those things have been proven to heighten anxiety and paranoia.
Jill has control issues She won't outsource her editing because if the editor does one slip up that might make her "look Bad" she'll fire them. Remember Steve used to be her editor then suddenly stopped.

No. 289022

also don't be retards and sign with your actual name and e-mail address

No. 289023

do we know if this is in the threads? ive been gone for a bit and only recently came back due to the mclean video

No. 289024

A few threads ago - before the twitter arguments with Vangelina happened I'm pretty sure. Someone definitely did back it up here though

No. 289026

Jill is literally Cartman when he gets a job at an ice cream place.

No. 289027

Ok Andrea

Im also hitting alog levels. She wants it to be over but promises a video bringing attention to it. Feels "unsafe" in her own body bur refuses medical care. Fuck completely off already, Jill.

No. 289028

Should give Jill a taste of her own medicine. Wouldn't her father's employer be interested to find out that his daughter is trying to publicly mess with a doctor's profession?(cowtipping)

No. 289029

You better be joking

No. 289030

I mean hey, it's not a good look what she's doing.

No. 289031

Stop nonna, seriously. Stooping to her level achieves the opposite effect and will only serve to embolden her follows and confirm her fears about "stalkers"

No. 289032

I'm that anon and honestly, I agree with you. It's just hard as an academic to watch this happening.

No. 289034


It should be somewhere around here >>246910

No. 289035

I totally understand nonita, I'm right there with you. Unfortunately this is just one of those things that will take time to implode so be patient (btw I'm also the nonna that's compiling a huge callout vid so if you want to help…)

No. 289037

You're right! Though I will say, I would at least like to know that her parents have seen the video, for the love of God.

No. 289038

Best thing I can hope for is nonnas spread the video far and wide once it's out

No. 289039

The doctor in this case has every right to file a defamation suit against Jillian here. She could literally be getting into real trouble for carrying on like this. If she is "so unsafe" due to this, how are her parents not stepping in?

No. 289040

Ultimately that's a decision for the doctor to make, it's not up to us to play that game.

No. 289043

I don’t see him actually suing her. A cease and desist letter would be most appropriate.

No. 289045

whoops, changed it. thanks nona, it was just a throwaway acct. looks like i didnt learn from the grave mistakes of sof lel

>She won't outsource her editing because if the editor does one slip up that might make her "look Bad" she'll fire them
with love nona, she cant outsource editing because she doesnt make enough per video to get a decent editor tbh. well done editing at her level of animation needs is easily 2k per video

No. 289046

To those anons that are frustrated and frothing with rage: a lot of anons ITT get you, that is why Jill has a thread. She has become increasingly infuriating and it takes a lot to not a-log or want to give her some of her own medicine or contact her parents at this point but it will achieve nothing. She considers anything that isn't blind praise harassment and hate and will just give her another persecution boner and more fake trauma ammo. There is nothing we can, nor should do, for now that isn't considered cow tipping. But remember what kind of circles she runs in; these people are equally narcissistic and they are just waiting for the other to misstep so they can eat each other up. It's just a matter of time until she pisses off the wrong person or accidentally says something twitter recently ruled as [insert identity]phobic.

No. 289047


Her dad's employer doesn't give a fuck what his employees daughter is tweeting lmao

No. 289048

this is the truth. for vidnona and change.org nona, although we understand why you have your motivations, its best to let the milk flow on its own. its not our jobs to bring jill to justice and THATS what separates the farms from 4chan. we observe and document. she's going after a hospital, let her face her own repercussions from that and let the cards fall how they fall.

No. 289049

if someone wants to make a callout vid on her i say let them, no skin off my back lol

No. 289050

Yeah that’s true I mean remember what happened to Keffals? He got cancelled for being a racist and saying retarded (should have got cancelled long before that lol).

No. 289051

I think a call out is the wrong move tbh. If any video would be made on Jill I would much rather just a chronological archival type video of her on goings. Mr. Snowflake / GenoSamuel style type of video. Something unbiased and just focused on neutrally cataloguing her history.

No. 289052

>I would much rather just a chronological archival type video of her on goings.

Vidnonna here, this is exactly how I'm structuring it, don't you worry.

No. 289054

Agreed, people like this always get their comeuppance, even if it comes later than desired. She keeps escalating her behaviour just fine on her own and she already has people around her who seem over her shit (e.g. Louise and Sof, and that's just from what we know, I'm sure there's even more drama behind the scenes), so I believe it's only a matter of time, nonnies. At least that's what I tell myself to sleep at night.

No. 289055

if she has did then why is she still driving a car?

No. 289056

When was the last time she’s ever mentioned driving a car? Did they eventually get a new one?

No. 289058


Check out how abused and neglected Jill is in driving a stick shift convertible with mom guiding and supporting her

No. 289060

Always surprised to hear Louise's voice. She has the voice of a child!