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File: 1622982790796.png (6.38 MB, 3642x2135, lollll.png)

No. 154731

Previous thread: >>>/w/143253

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

General info:
>Frivolously spends her parents' or her own money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite previously complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads
>Has been highly dependent on her mother, friends, or partner in social events and blows minor issues way out of proportion
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image
>Formerly referred to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual; currently with her live-in partner Stephen Clarke and both came out as bisexual, but now Stephen is nonbinary and pansexual - the same fate as one of her other exes who became nonbinary after dating her…
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not
>Jill started her own brand, 5 petal flower. She isn’t selling anything yet, but plans to sell bad Lazy Oaf knock offs
>Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel on the ground where cat can eat it. Still keeps tinsel up where the same cat can reach it for years after the fact.
>She won’t stfu about her stims and super scary ‘restrictive’ eating disorder

In the last thread…
>Keeps on posting provocative photos and videos on her social media
>Weight is still ballooning, despite not being imprisoned in her home anymore. She is still desperately trying to convince everyone that she loves her rolls and that she has massive jugs, but fails again and again.
>Calls out multiple small accounts on twitter to her followers for bullshit reasons (Reasons: Negative comments on her posts, ‘copying’ her designs
>Complains about there being too many white people in LOTR to her newly queerified partner, whilst they are being forced to watch hours of Precure which only has one barely dark skinned cure in the history of the show.
>Guessed she was going to get into drag, this was confirmed on a patreon livestream and she is going to start after she graduates. Also shows interest in designing for drag queens, particularly her old school friend @denimpussy on twitter
>Adds flashbacks to her ever growing list of symptoms
>Makes bee pee dee awareness cards for May, the colour choices are so bad they could destroy an 17th century peasants eyesight in less than 10 seconds
>Drops phone in toilet whilst filming her ass for tiktok, she gets a new iphone 11 that she boasts is secondhand but its from Jump+ so it was at least $600.
>Complains about people helping with her fashion shoot on her social media, doesn’t realise this is incredibly rude. Posts pic of her crying along side to get asspats
>Doesn’t brush her cats, or vacuum her dirty ass stairs
>Butchers friends hair whilst having a corona party at her house
>Hints constantly that she thinks she has DID by consuming vast amounts of DID content and not shutting up about it
>Models for her friends fashion shoot, looks like a DDLG egg
>Her photos for her graduating line at fashion school come out, lighting is terrible, set is half assed, dresses are not finished and/ or messy. Final verdict, concept had some potential but there was a lack of skill and time management 4/10

TL;DR: She hides the fact that she is unhappy with her body, doesn’t think before she tweets, is a hypocrite and a mental illness whore, and shows some potential in design but keeps on fucking up.

Old Threads:

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
Cosplay Facebook Page: https://anony.link/https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://anony.link/https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com/

No. 154741

Her twitter: https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks

(since it's missing from the OP)

No. 154743

her tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks?

(also missing from the OP)

No. 154744

File: 1622992789975.png (454.42 KB, 351x627, berf.png)

Goddamn her tiktok is horrible.

No. 154747

Only! Fans! Saga! Soon!

No. 154754

File: 1622998595082.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210606-125338_Tik…)

Her shoes look fucking disgusting in the shot.

No. 154755

are those slippers or shoes for outside? Sorry, I don't feel like assaulting my eyes by looking through her rainbow vomit IG to find out if she wears them out of the house.

No. 154773

Did she make this while she was not making her collection properly, priorities

No. 154775

File: 1623010395789.jpeg (161.08 KB, 622x1347, A272840E-1D22-4D13-B06E-0B44D8…)

Her fans are unhinged

No. 154779

Ah, the bad bitch sex worker alter!

No. 154782

File: 1623012528304.jpg (382.04 KB, 2896x2896, 20210606_164902.jpg)

The comments are so funny, lmaooo.

No. 154785

what does lady gaga have to do with this? why the fuck does she share that she has an UTI? did stewie cum inside her and she didn't wash?

No. 154788

I think it was a poor attempt at a Lady Gaga G.U.Y joke

No. 154790

File: 1623014670501.jpg (402 KB, 2896x2896, 20210606_172448.jpg)

You were right anon.

No. 154791

is she ever gonna stop using all caps

No. 154809

lmao the other anon was right about her not peeing after sex, too

No. 154810

I actually think the rug looks nice, she might even be able to sell them on her shop without freaking the fuck out if she was able to make this in a day like the tweet suggests.

No. 154817

I never want to see her mattress cover, ew.

Also you don't need cranberry pills, just piss after stevie puts his gender absent wingwang in you and you're as good as gravy.

No. 154824

She needs to stop attempting humor, even her fan base was confused by how obscure the reference was

You know she did not make that in a day. But i would be something cute in her shop, she can makes different colored ones and over time she can learn to make them quickly.

No. 154856

Why does she have a fucking piano? I don't remember her playing any instrument?

No. 154857

If she has a UTI she should probably get antibiotics. Cranberry pills or coochie probiotics are supposed to be supplements not treatments to help prevent them cause pissing and showering won’t always do it. idk why the fuck she thought it was funny to announce on Twitter though. maybe it’s her comedian alter kek

No. 154858

She can play, that was her role in the bands that lasted five seconds that she was in. There is old video of her performing and some more recent clips here and there of her just playing anime intros too, she was average but she and her mother make out she was a child genius ofc just like how she was a genius in theatre that the other kids were jealous of her talent and that’s why they didn’t like her

No. 154861

…So she just takes cranberry pills everyday as a UTI prevention? Is this bitch wiping back to front or not getting up to pee after her ~*partner*~ unleashed their non-gender-specific sexual fluids inside her non-gender-specific genitalia??

Like who TF is just constantly on the verge of contracting a UTI.

No. 154874

Antipsychotic medication can also cause UTI as well as holding your pee. I feel like Jill only mentioned sex to sound more "raunchy" but reality is, is sex is probably not her case. Also why is she taking cranberry pills? Those do not prevent or treat UTI lmao

No. 154876

Cranberry pills do help to prevent UTIs

No. 154893

Her humor is
>haha sex XDDDD
>obscure references she expects people to automatically know
she's a fucking retarded sperg

No. 154897

some people can be more prone to them, but if you know you tend to get them often then you shouldn't be dumb enough to stop any sort of preventative action
but she should probably also just see a doctor

No. 154949

File: 1623100443783.png (458.4 KB, 726x710, Ohfuck.png)

I really hope by 'we' she means her and steve. She said in her patreon update a few days ago that she has some new scary mental health issues that she is going to pay a specialist to diagnose, the waiting list is about a year and she doesn't want to tell the internet/ patreon until she has had it properly checked out first.

No. 154957

Plenty of time to browse the internet for a symptom check list, immerse herself in the culture, and convince herself she has it to the exclusion of everything else!

No. 154959

lord… is she going to use the pronoun "we" from now on to mean herlsef? cringe

No. 154978

Any bets on her major trauma that caused her personality to fracture as a small child to cause did?

No. 154987

Not being an only child

No. 154989

still feel weird guessing this shit because it’s personal for normal people but she spreads her tmi bullshit like she’s getting paid for it. i don’t think she’s going to say who abused her/what relationship they had with her but i think it’s very easy to make up a story about being sexually abused as a child and no one will question it bc muh trauma. or maybe something did actually happen, i don’t think she’s twisted enough to completely make up horrific abuse but i think there’s a strong possibility her shitty diagnosis-4-pay therapists are digging around for false memories.

No. 154990

i wonder why she hasnt posted about her new ~fashion line~ anywhere? she was bragging about it for months and her followers when it was coming out.
she's probably not happy with the way the photos turned out, honestly. or she's waiting to make a video about it.

No. 155002

There is a slim to no chance she has DID but her self harm scars were pretty bad when she was young, maybe a family member abused her is my only guess

No. 155003

That also falls into typical BPD behavior, I guess we are doubtful due to her oversharing and what she values in life, like I genuinely doubt anything bad happened to her or she would have milked it for all it was worth years ago in a Youtube video. She just wants a DID diagnosis for the youtube clicks it will garner her.

No. 155004

She only takes baths with heavily scented bath bombs

No. 155007

oh shit anon ur right, totally forgot about that LOL. of course shes gonna get a uti when she sits in uwu kawiwi sparkly colorful lush bath water for hours.
my money is on the fact she's embarassed by it and doesnt want her audience who looks up to her as this end all be all of sewing to know her collection is shit and NOT what she showed off. showing every single aspect of her idea on youtube was her downfall, if she didnt show off the sketches and talk about them in detail no one would've known a look was missing, the fence was missing, the crochet jacket isnt finished, ect. i bet she knows she'll have to answer for all that if she makes a vid on it so she's putting it off. or you know, ~muh mental illness~

No. 155008

my theory about her "brand" from the start was that she only begin to promote it because she saw all of her kawiwi community friends successfully start their businesses. and she was trying to compete with them. five petal flower was a dumb name from the start because it's something that she is currently obsessed with. in another year she is going to be obsessed with something else. matter of fact she hasn't even updated her brands istagram in fucking forever.

No. 155028

DID is just a bullshit disorder. Jill probably got tips to get it diagnosed from that one YouTuber dissociadid.

No. 155029

Well, everytime she has explained it, her trauma comes from her first relationship, which was with an older girl.

No. 155033

wow how professional

No. 155034

Her trauma will probably be something like "lolcow bullied me" lmao

No. 155046

She can’t claim that to have caused this though because she was too old when that happened for it to have caused DID, you have to be a young child during the abuse

No. 155073

Those were attention selfharm scars, if you look back to the way she dressed when she was younger she would wear nothing but long socks and shorts/skirts even during the winter. She always wanted people to see her scars/cuts so she can either cry if they made fun of her for them or feel validated if any one showed concern.

Maybe her new "scawwy" diagnosis is her having HPD and her therapist might actually be good at his job. Though one can only hope.

No. 155076

Yes, I was actually reading up on hpd a couple of weeks ago and wanted to bring it up here. I'm glad you did because i see a lot of hpd traits as well.

No. 155091

wtf no way, where does she say this.

baths gross me out, does she really sit in there for hours

No. 155092

File: 1623204760746.png (59.63 KB, 735x454, Screenshot (1024).png)

It really seems like every time anyone so much as mentions their own mental health issues in her general vicinity she needs to flaunt her own diagnoses to one-up them

No. 155098

>I'm just hamfistedly shoving my fake diagnosis into this meme lol!
How is she about to get even more exhausting

No. 155100

Fucking dissociation is already part of BPD stop fucking acting like you're so special just because you googled some fancy sounding shit jesus christ. She is so insufferable and has absolutely no tact nor empathy for anyone else, I can think of a few disorders that's common in.

No. 155104

she sounds like shayna more and more everyday. braindead.

No. 155105

this is irritating. why does every time she interacts with people she has to insert useless information about herself. being her friend must be absolutely exhausting.

No. 155106

Ohh she's a bimbo too now, she snuck that one in. No you're not a bimbo Jill, you're a rapidly ageing average looking white girl.

The fact she one-ups people on their problems is extremely gross, she even did this to a disabled person an anon screenshot from her Youtube comments section recently. It's not a fucking competition.

No. 155111

Obviously to preface this if you self harm for any reason there is something wrong with you but narcissists self harm for attention and I imagine that would have been far worse back at the height of emo and scene when people posted that kind of thing and did get a ton of clout. I remember in an old video something weird she said, she said that her eating disorder just went away when she started dating Tristan which would indicate that too was for attention and once she got that attention she felt better. Again, if you do stuff like that there is 100% something wrong with you it’s just not the stuff she wants to be seen as having. Tinfoil now but her mother had cancer when Jill was a child right and presumably got a ton of attention so it would make sense if child Jill who was likely jealous then went oh, if you are sick then you get attention. She reacted oddly before when her mother’s cancer was mentioned in a vlog too, she was really shitty and dismissive of her and immediately turned the conversation back to being about her.

No. 155112

Hang on, wasn't she a self-proclaimed pansexual?

No. 155113

>several other questionable issues
like what, lying about your mental health?

No. 155120

God these twitter snowflakes sound like troons. This interaction gave me brain cancer

No. 155125

She probably means her past eating disorder and self harm

No. 155131

god this is SO PATHETIC. I can't believe she has the NEED to one-up anyone who talks about their misery. No, she has to be the one who suffers the most. Typical narcissist behaivor. Fuck her.

Also, about being a """"bimbo""""… bitch you would require to be just an ounce of attractive first LMAO not with your fatty ham self. Plus, wanting to be a "bimbo", lord… what a trend hopper. That shit is so fucking pathetic, wanting to be a """bimbo""" who does nothing all day is disgusting as fuck.

No. 155132

Who's betting one of her alters will be a "hot bimbo", the other one an "uguuu uwu babyyyy" and the other one a "queer drag queen"?
This has been mentioned before but she's too sexual and stupid on her twitter considering she has a lot of underage retards following her.

No. 155135

Not separating this personal bullshit from her business or professional persona is going to bite her in the ass later, but I guess she just never cared to begin with. Brands don't need to know if you're a """dumb bimbo""" or have an UTI.

She's putting way too much faith on her stupid seamstress job working out. But once she starts flaking on orders and everyone sees how shitty her garments are, things will crumble down for her, you can't live from your fans forever if you keep delivering shitty stuff with disgusting ass customer service. And then she'll get catathonic or whatever she claims to be. But she doesn't care. Mama Louise will provide I guess.

No. 155136


When will you learn, Jill? You are one thing and one thing only: A NARCISSIST. Better learn to accept it, girlie.

No. 155137

Treats girls like shit, so no
The only bimbo thing about her is the fact she's retarded
Or maybe just a narcissist?
>structural dissociation
More like you cry when your tendies get cold
>and other questionable issues
True, lying is a fucking issue
>living life to the fullest
Doesn't seem like it

No. 155186

These stupid straight bitches are only 'bisexual' for fun points, but have never dated another woman or faced any oppression in their lives. holyshit, she's insufferable..

No. 155195

To be fair Jill did date a woman, but she was too ashamed of her to publically share.

No. 155204

File: 1623276132138.jpg (544.01 KB, 2896x2896, 20210609_180229.jpg)

Very classy Jill.

No. 155216

File: 1623282641572.png (208.43 KB, 337x424, Wot.png)

New tiktok video about her tattoos, its actually not bad and she looks so much better without the rainbow eyebrows. Hair is cute too, still wish the pink eyebrow matched the pink in her hair but I guess beggars can't be choosers.

No. 155230

i can’t tell if she has actually lost weight (imagine kek) or im fooled by her having her hair down at the sides for once

No. 155238

>>155230 tiktok has a "beauty filter" that's automatically on and it slims + smooths the face so there's a good chance it's that, lol

No. 155258

not WKing Jill but chronic utis are a thing, still happens even if you wipe front to back and pee after sex. They can occur from holding in pee, or even just drinking soda sometimes

No. 155262

She’s actually reasonably talented at piano, it’s been brought up a few times

They don’t do anything, they’re a waste of money

Fuck I can’t wait a whole year for the DID saga… imagine if she hints about it for that long and then gets told it’s bullishit though, that would be pretty funny

She has most definitely gotten her tips from Dissociadid, I hope she screws up as badly as Chloe has and also gets childhood friends something forward to rip her “abuse” story apart

“she/her bimbo” just feels like she’s mocking the “she/they” part kek

I think she knows she’s never going to have to worry about money because of mommy and daddy which is why she’s like this

She broke up with mystery girl because she “never found her attractive” or something along those lines, it’s in the older threads
She’s never been attracted to women, it’s all just for operation points

The point being made is that she is a crusty nasty person who likely doesn’t look after herself so she shouldn’t be surprised she has a UTI

No. 155294

what’s with the stupid baby voice again jill? llittlespace alter reveal when

No. 155309

File: 1623326968753.jpeg (1.69 MB, 3024x4030, 9F48C929-8B67-46A4-8D57-58C891…)

Wow I hadn’t realised how poorly these tattoos were done then healed yikes, the rainbow valley rainbow has parts where the lines have fully disappeared, the ojamajo wand, look at that line work on the centre piece, the clow card again has horrendous line work, the precure one they have Voldemort faces and the tattoo is poorly done. She really needs a new artist because this is very shoddy work, the fallout on the rainbow could in part be her fault but there is so much artist error going on here.

No. 155313

File: 1623328818841.webm (11.53 MB, 576x1024, 99576348765.webm)

all of her tattoos are so faded

No. 155316

Is this her way of letting us all know Stevie takes the back entrance?

No. 155317

anon, pls, I REALLY did not need that mental image.

No. 155318

Jill you have three tattoos not a leg sleeve.

Ink fallout is fairly normal espcially over scarred skin. But it doesnt look like she cares for her tattoos at all. They look like they healed poorly. Loss of colour vibrancy again normal. But theres products you can use to make tattoos colour stand out for pictures.

The fading could be a mix of sun damage and lack of care for her tattoos. Also a bit on the artist. Surprised jill hasnt gotten them touched up. Majorty of artists do free touch ups since there can be issues with healing.

No. 155319

She has had the cat tattoo and strong kind beautiful one touched up as far as I know.

No. 155323

She keeps moving and tapping her legs, she looks and sounds like a complete sperg.

No. 155335

sage for not contributing but boy do i feel bad for all the people who actually need therapy but can't afford it, while jill is literally paying someone to slap another uwu mental illness label on her fat ass(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 155370

The rainbow which has the worst line fallout is on her arm, no skin issues or scars at all, fading is normal sure but the line just being gone, that means the tattoo was done incorrectly. The main issue with them is the lines, doesn’t look like the artist can pull a line let alone a straight line to save her life and that wouldn’t be on Jill, general fading is her not taking care of them yes but they weren’t done right or well to start with. As for scar coverup its hard and there is a certain way you need to go about it, it’s irresponsible for the artist to take that on if she doesn’t have experience or know how, she should have declined the job.

No. 155399


Do you really think she is able to put on sunscreen DAILY?

No. 155427

File: 1623357718234.jpg (1.78 MB, 2560x1920, 21-06-10-16-41-19-028_deco.jpg)

the artist is talented which is what confuses me, she has a ton of great healed tattoos so I don't know if she just got unlucky with Jill's healing or what it is

No. 155430

No doubt she doesn’t follow some rules like don’t submerge them in water for a minimum of two weeks, longer if you can/depending on your healing progress but some of it has happened before that stage, maybe Jill sits very badly and moves a lot because regardless of healing a lot of the lines and general shapes of things are wonky and uneven, if she is wriggling around and screeching though as per her usual behaviour no wonder the linework is bad

No. 155452

File: 1623364569631.png (184.46 KB, 1080x819, Screenshot_20210610-163601-457…)

She's really pushing the "I HAVE TWAMA" narrative isn't she?

No. 155453

Does she realize she is most likely traumatizing herself by going through unnecessary treatments? Clinging to mental illness as a personality trait is super unhealthy. She seemed a lot better when she was living with her parents, maybe she should consider asking if they'd let her come back home for a few months.

No. 155457

honestly i wouldnt be surprised if she played a lot with the puss bubbles under her sticky bandage while healing.

No. 155489

She does not have dissociation.

No. 155490

>Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy treatment that was originally designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories.
>After successful treatment with EMDR therapy, affective distress is relieved, negative beliefs are reformulated, and physiological arousal is reduced.
>During EMDR therapy the client attends to emotionally disturbing material in brief sequential doses while simultaneously focusing on an external stimulus.
>(1) the past events that have laid the groundwork for dysfunction are processed, forging new associative links with adaptive information; (2) the current circumstances that elicit distress are targeted, and internal and external triggers are desensitized; (3) imaginal templates of future events are incorporated, to assist the client in acquiring the skills needed for adaptive functioning.

Sounds too complicated for someone whose only problem is being a womanchild.

No. 155491

Why does she has to have a "special" kind of therapy if her problems are minimal? EMDR is for severe PTSD.

No. 155507

I hope she knows how many silent adults with PTSD hate her guts. The comments on her yt videos are all from impressionable suicidal teens. They don't deserve to be fooled by this disgusting excuse for a human being.

No. 155509

No. 155511

Definitely, also she probably scratched them a lot during healing.

No. 155516

Tbf i also got recommended to do emdr after a very minor occurrence that shook me

Sage for blog

No. 155524

no it isn't. it's becoming a more common treatment in many places.

not that everyone benefits from it, but it's not reserved for extreme cases anymore.

No. 155534

I don't trust people who shill expensive therapies that are not 100% proven to work. Instead of going on a rabbit hole of "I'm so mentally ill and need special treatment" she should focus on GETTING BETTER. I don't think reliving old traumatic experiences is a good thing. Instead focus on forgiving yourself and radically accepting yourself. Like, she could even start with things like video related, instead of saying HURRR DURR I HAVE DOUBLE PERSONALITY DISORDER HURRRRR what a jackass.

No. 155543

This. She’s super stoked to be “mwentally ill” and “neurodivergent” because that means she’s always got an excuse and gets all this super special attention/consideration.

Why would she want to get better? Being mentally ill is her brand.

No. 155546

Ah yes nothing can make you better like a religious author who has zero qualifications in psychology or similar.

You do realise majorty of medical treatments dont have a 100% success rate right? That's like saying youve got cancer thats treatable but you wont do chemo because it doesn't have a 100% success rate.

Its not like shit like that video would work on jill anyway. She's a narcissist

No. 155547

I haven't checked on Jill or her vids in like a year, it seems like her views on youtube have really gone downhill. Recently theyve all been around 30-30k, where as two years ago they were anywhere between 60-100k with maybe a few low ones here and there. Her sub count seems to be staggered too, I wonder if people are finally losing interest in this nutjob.

No. 155548

whoops, meant 20-30k views, sorry

No. 155549

Oof, yeah looking at her videos the only ones that seem to have a decent amount of views are the ones where she's trend hopping or design the only recent video to break 100k was the "strawberry dress controversy" video. Which makes sense since all of her sit-down "let's have a serious chat" videos aren't filled with her screeching and babbling like an oversized adult infant. It sucks that even her own audience is showing signs of growing to dislike her

No. 155579

I don't feel like having a discussion over this, but LH is a very good author, being religious does not make her lesser than any other author.
I put her as an example, because there are so many other alternatives to getting better than going through so many fake diagnosis like Jillian does. Come on, she doesn't have dissociation. I think she does need actual therapy but not for what she thinks she does.

No. 155601

File: 1623486636116.jpg (696.57 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20210612-103002_Ins…)

Seeing things like this makes me understand better why people like Pixie exist

No. 155615

kinda ot but why do all these internet attention whores munchies look the same kek. ptsd aint some kawaii accessory to show of, it makes your life miserable and normal ppl dont parade it like that

No. 155636

No. 155638

Oh, Lord.

No. 155644

like last time she uploaded, i'll be doing a summary of anything that's vaguely notable for anyone with better things to do than watch her squawk at the camera for 20 minuets about a japanese children's show.
0:54 "it has been one of my main, major hyperfixations that has stuck with me since grade 8" has she finally settled on saying she as ADHD on top of everything else?? i've only ever seen hyperfixation used as the "adhd equivalent" of an autistic special interest because the disorders are similar but different.
2:30 she's crocheting something and put an under-boob window on it because it "makes them look good"
7:41 [about a previous precure series she didn't like as much] "you know, reductive. it felt like they made a mixture of past characters that we've already seen." wow, jill, the 17th rehashing of a children's show, repetitive?
8:48 WOW… claiming it to be her "hyperfixation" of the past decade and she can't even keep straight which one she's talking about. she even has notes.
16:03 "the little baby shrimp girl, i love her, let's be real, i kin her, let's be real. she's sweet she's small she's playing with little rocks." man. the way kinning has gone from mentally ill teens on tumblr to something people readily and publicly announce sure is something. her identifying with ( i assume not in the ''i was this anime character in a past life'' way) a literal baby from a kid's show doesn't bode well for her either having a little alter or somthing akin to that.
16:58 "i love when precure uses a relatable human theme in their plot" jill. it's a kid's show. for children. it's going to have topical themes that children will need to learn how to deal with, like procrastination[the relatable human theme in question]. and ANY kind of character based plot will have "relatable human themes". that's the entire point of storytelling.
19:11 "-i like dangon ronpa, too," being on tiktok really has been rotting her brain faster than ever. just because it's popular with this round of 14 year old cosplayers doesn't mean you need to be into it, too.
19:27 "i don't know if i'm going to cosplay any of them, honestly, i've been having a bit of a weird relationship to cosplay" / "maybe when we eventually get a thick precure or a mildly mildly slightly different sized precure, perhaps that is the day i will cosplay." this, to me, deppens my suspicion that she's not at all happy with her weight. there are plenty of cosplayers who aren't as thin as the character they're dressing up as, and if she actually cared about the actual intent behind body positivity, she would be able to see that fat people only being 'able' to cosplay fat characters is counterproductive. but jilly willy, you're more likely to loose weight than a japanese children's show is to have a child anywhere even near the size of you.
20:27 she plugs her tiktok. cringe lol

No. 155651

File: 1623540806089.jpeg (505.2 KB, 828x784, 90D473AF-BE46-41EB-9001-3B0F0D…)

No. 155654

Shes into danganronpa now? She's going to claim she loves it without playing a single game. Only watching the very bad anime. Acting like shes a massive fan and is the worlds biggest fan. Shes going to kin chaiki the uwu sleepy gamer girl most likely. If she bothers with the 2nd game. Which is a big if you need to read a lot and actually think while playing them.

No. 155655


I'd rather she waste her money on an actual professional she doesn't need than immerse herself in the delusional ramblings of a christian scientist

No. 155659

I wonder if she ever feels embarrassed to post her older photos when she wasnt super heavy. Also, 3 years is a decent time together. Do they have any plans for the future or is Steve gonna be her room mate forever?

No. 155660

Three years? Time flies lol it feel like just a couple months ago she was "dating" that one girl

No. 155662

Wouldn’t be surprised if Stevie drops her like a hot potato when she can't provide work or a house for him anymore since mummy isn’t giving hand outs anymore and the YouTube money has being drying up for a while. I can also see him getting sick of Jill’s bullshit, especially with this munchie phase she’s going through.But I can also see them getting engaged because both of them are just willing to settle because it’s easy.

No. 155665

None of these photos of them look new? Or recent?

No. 155673

I think steve will jump on the troo troontrain

It would validate Jill's "bisexuality" and give her content for like a year. They will only break up if Steve gets bottom surgery.

No. 155674

why does her voice sound so different

No. 155675

i thought it sounded higher than usual too. i think it's the talking about baby shit that pulls out the baby voice even more

No. 155677

Is she just not going to show her collection or?

No. 155680

>this, to me, deppens my suspicion that she's not at all happy with her weight
i didn't understand her position at all. she was never really skinny during her cosplay phase to begin with (except for that hatsune miku cosplay). she wasn't overweight, but still like over a dozen kg away from the anime schoolgirl body type she was trying to portray. how is her current body different? she's not even a deathfat, just normal maritime canada fat. heck, all her cosplay friends were overweight and even obese in her vlogs. somehow that didn't stop her from performing at cons with them

No. 155683

Just because she never was super duper skinny and her friends were fat doesnt mean she cant be unhappy with her whale body now

No. 155684

I think she posted these photos because Steve is wearing pastel clothing (apart from the grad photo, but that one is very cute)

No. 155685

It is kind of a weird stand point if you take what she is saying at face value and not as her saying she doesn’t look like her weight, like even skinny people don’t have anime girl bodies because the proportions aren’t natural on anime characters, it’s an extreme but how would anyone cosplay any of the female one piece characters.

No. 155687

File: 1623581578958.png (688.4 KB, 1343x515, sperg inclusivity.PNG)

Sorry if it's been posted before, this is on her school's website.

>inclusive and judgement-free community

Love how Jill is the poster child for hugboxing.


No. 155688

noticed this too kek she chose pics that wouldn't trigger any gender dysphoria for him

No. 155690

It's about her exploding weight. It's a coded message meaning they have large desks and chairs for size-challenged people. "You will fit in," they write. "We will always have steel-enforced chairs for your globular buttcheeks. No matter whether you split your vintage pastel pants or pee in your adult dipey while dissociating, you will exit with a scrap of paper from our renowned institution."

No. 155694

Jesus NBCCD did her dirty, I know she probably knew the picture was being taken but dude could they not let her know her bra is showing. 'You will fit-in' - Basically we wont tackle you at the door if you turn up looking like a g1 my little pony doll who had been buried in the garden by the family dog.

No. 155696

She likes to wheel out the old pastel uwu steve photos because as we've seen from his attempt at a Youtube channel, he's actually just a gross incel type and not the metrosexual feminine man she briefly coddled him into being for those photos

No. 155698

File: 1623593766305.jpg (373.34 KB, 2896x2896, 20210613_101610.jpg)

What a thirst trap. Her eyebrows look like she drew them on with a crayon.

No. 155700

Thirst trap for WHO? Jowl fetishists?

Don't they have fucking graphic designers who could have made that area t-shirt colored or something. Awful

No. 155701

File: 1623594401158.jpeg (387.56 KB, 750x987, 2F4C1806-E34E-41F1-80C4-EAADD4…)

Speaking of his youtube channel- looks like it didn’t really take off. Jill should have shilled it a little, I thought the point of people with already established youtubers as partners making channels was so they could ride their coattails. Check those stats kek

No. 155702

samefag, sorry, in my amusement over steebes failed youtube career I forgot to sage

No. 155706


What in the fuck? How is this a thirst trap? I would never have even thought that if she hadn't said anything. It just looks like a regular ass picture of her.

No. 155716

It was a tiktok video to a slightly spicy song

No. 155719

File: 1623602527496.jpg (7.21 KB, 243x207, images.jpg)

my sides anon

No. 155722

Those ear rings have now been passed around three people and I am scared. >>155698

No. 155734

came here as she’s popped up on my tiktok page for the first time in months, the fake voice was insufferable. surprised to learn she’s somewhat regretting the magical girl wand tat and how obtuse it is now looking back.

from the looks of it she’s didn’t do any upkeep past maybe the first few days. Knowing how much the woman insists on baths w/ who knows what added in, the skin got irritated and effected the healing.

No. 155736

Because to her, it sounds like she can sit and get a lot of attention while talking about herself and all she has to do is move her eyes. CBT is too mainstream and too much actual work (even though it's probably what she needs for those disorganization issues).

No. 155760

I can guarantee she hasn't played it, mystery VNs generally require a fair amount of undivided attention from the player for the gameplay aspect of…solving mysteries.
Danganronpa isn't even a scary series, it's about on the level of other mystery VNs like Umineko and Chaos;Child.

This is so annoying as a fan of DR and mystery VNs in general, half of the kids on tiktok and pixielocks just read wiki summaries.

No. 155767

File: 1623644814335.jpg (357.78 KB, 2896x2896, 20210614_002641.jpg)

No. 155768

there's nothing delusional about it but ok, Jillian is the most delusional here.

No. 155769

>Wouldn’t be surprised if Stevie drops her like a hot potato when she can't provide work or a house for him anymore
I want this to happen so bad, I don't care or root for stewie (quite the opposite) but Jillian is such a shitty partner full of shit and too demanding to keep up with

No. 155770

Come on, she's very fat now, she could lose some good pounds.

No. 155771

>she’s somewhat regretting the magical girl wand tat and how obtuse it is now looking back.
Did she say that? Do explain.

No. 155785

Women calling themselves bimbo is so fucking pathetic then again this is jill so we all know she doesnt have any self esteem

No. 155795

Why does she look so much like Shayna?? Nice to see Jill is just as clueless what looks seductive or sexy.

No. 155796

> tickle tok
her retard-speak makes me want to punch a wall

No. 155823

File: 1623711436870.jpeg (109.44 KB, 750x763, B853E360-21DF-45E4-BF0D-EFF2CD…)

0 likes and 0 retweets…..huh i wonder why

No. 155824

What in the sexual offender

No. 155858

>pretends to care for the environment
>eats only chicken tendies and genderqueer's dick

Okay Jill.

No. 155859

absolutely disgusting

No. 155861

What does she even mean, this is so embarrassing and awkward

No. 155864

Fucking kek, no one liked it not even her stans.

No. 155866

you killed me nonnie

No. 155881

File: 1623753772563.jpg (83.88 KB, 584x210, Untitled-pixie.jpg)

No. 155885

>Guys remember how queer I am? Queers are kinky, right? I’m kinky! I’m a kinky queer! Public sex amirite? Pride 2021!

No. 155891

yikes how embarassing

No. 155901

fat piggy

No. 155920

wtf is she talking about? What anachan wants to look at her? Leaving random hate comments on a pudgy girl's acct also isn't very anachan, makes literally no sense

No. 155928

File: 1623779747129.jpg (1010.09 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210615-135516_Tik…)

Omfg I thought this was a cute lesbian. But then I saw Jill in the next shot and realized it was her tiktok jfc.

No. 155933

some anachans look at fat people's pages as fatspo ie. motivation to not eat because they dont wanna look like that

I could totally see someone having that reaction from looking at jill

No. 155937

#nonbinary, bit odd how two of her partners she bullied into dressing kawaii uwu who didn’t then want to actually look like that suddenly identified as nonbinary after managing to be allowed to dress themselves again

No. 155938

File: 1623781758016.jpeg (95.04 KB, 750x685, 603FE1FA-1E02-40AA-A91B-EB6B58…)

dont you know, anon? her pronouns are under construction!

No. 155942

jfc why does she have to make everything so complicated. You are a woman Jill, it's that simple

No. 155945

File: 1623783033622.jpeg (88.66 KB, 750x279, 2EAEACA6-DEBB-4E5B-B52F-2B79B2…)

New bio updated with her new pronouns so I guess we can use it/its pronouns for Jill now kek

No. 155950

Her and Shayna’s before and afters are absolutely “reverse thinspo”

No. 155956

Literally exactly what went through her head when posting that
This looks weirdly tragic, a random patch of grass by the side of the road with no flowers or plants anywhere to be seen and her incel looking like he's on the edge of a nervous breakdown
Please can everyone refer to her only as he from now on and call her bluff.

No. 155960

Jesus Christ, going from "hyperfeminine but still a lesbian!" to being ok with being called he (or it). This is the actual mental illness, her need for nonstop attention.

No. 155978

Saying her pronouns are “under construction” is super gross. I’m nitpicking this because it feels very problematic for some reason?? Understandable if no one has thinks that sounds weird.(Goback2tiktok)

No. 155980

go back to twitter

No. 155987

nah, it def feels like pandering

No. 155993

ok, but they engage with their "reverse thinspo" by leaving mean comments? I have never seen that flavor of crazy, I guess.

No. 156010

this is confusing, are you unironically calling Jill a they because of this pronoun thing or talking about the ana-chans?

No. 156013

Nta but anon’s obviously talking about the ana-chans.

No. 156014

File: 1623824758870.jpg (62.39 KB, 735x664, d996cc7fd1c6ddc38487d5bff57ec1…)

There's nothing bi or ~queer~ about a straight relationship, Jilly.

No. 156016

Not to wk but just because your relationship is straight (or gay) you still can be bi, queer, pan or whatever.

In Jill's case it's still queer airing though but generally a bisexual in a straight relationship is still very valid. They don't turn magically GA or straight as soon as they fall in love(Goback2tiktok)

No. 156018

>going on lolcow to get validity points

Since it's the Jill thread we must consider
1. Gay relationship 1, the girl Jill dated on DeviantArt as a teenager and has been the source of much vagueposted "trauma" ergo she found it traumatizing to date another girl
2. Gay relationship 2, the girl who Jill used for clickbait videos including a video about gifts she never actually gave the girl. Girl comes out to her parents before swiftly being dumped with, iirc, no actual sexual interaction occurring between them, and Jill citing no attraction

That's it, that's what Jill is touting as her extreem gayness every day of her life, while jumping from one long term relationship with a dick-haver to another.

No. 156020

The only gay person in their relationship is steebie

No. 156025

sage for eco blogposting or w/e but basically golf courses are a huge waste of land. Just like keeping a well kept lawn, but on a way larger scale, because maintaining fields limits the potential for other types of plants to grow within them and create a thriving ecosystem. Or something like that. This tweet is still super gross though… How old are her followers anyway? Like, twelve?

No. 156046

File: 1623857701486.jpg (449.68 KB, 1080x1593, 20210616_113543.jpg)

No. 156049

she’s so mentally ill now that it’s legitimately sad. she went from an, albeit spoiled, cute teenager with lots of aspirations and a bright future to a maladjusted adult who can only find happiness in indulging her preexisting delusions and creating new ones.

No. 156057

I know the vid is old news by now and I‘m sorry if it has already been said, but Jill REALLY tried to seem different from her usual self. She changed her entire speech and what not but couldn‘t actually tone it down the entire time. Y'know, acting through out a whole vid can be hard. My bet is that once she 'comes out' as having DID she'll refere to that video as an example of one of her alters having made the entire thing.

No. 156070

Ok Jillian

No. 156093

That really seems like what all this shit is about doesn’t it. Any pronouns are fine because one of her alters is a guy, she prefers pixie because boss bitch babe alter is jill.

Is her college completed? Maybe she’s waiting until she’s graduated, that way she doesn’t have to be seen out in public failing to keep up these stupid alter fronts or whatever.

Come on Jillian just release the DID vid already!

No. 156109

File: 1623878106709.png (61.3 KB, 597x756, f.png)

i went to dig it out and i think this is what she was talking about and its actually kind of sad that is just some anachan fakeboi being dense that she considers "hate"

No. 156112

I feel bad for her mom, Jillian is a genuinely pretty name and she’d rather be called something a 5 year old would call themselves.

No. 156117

File: 1623887962127.jpeg (122.63 KB, 750x602, 7DC901D8-27E8-425F-AF7D-05B618…)

if you have no preference, why even bother coming out? she literally just wants the oppression points and to be a part of another fucking club.

No. 156119

samefag, but the fact that she did this right after steve and her friend emily came out as NB. she's such a sheep.

No. 156121

jfc, gen z is insufferable and actually retarded

No. 156150

>uh no lol
bet her analytics speak otherwise kek

No. 156167

It’s fucking ridiculous. I can’t stand those cunts with ridiculous pronouns in their bios but saying “She/they” or “whatever pronoun” is basically trying to pass off as part of the queer/trans gang while fully knowing that nobody will use He, or any other pronoun. At best “they”.

It’s all so performative. Even her followers are not as dumb to use “Oh I watched Pixie’s video, his editing was nice” because everybody will be confused. So it’s still going to be She/her and she knows it full well.

No. 156169

Interchangeable pronouns? Give me a fucking break. It doesn’t even sound like they’re referring to the same person in the example. Sounds like the ramblings of an insane person talking about multiple peoples videos

No. 156174

“Any pronouns” is such a cis person thing to say, any trans person is actually bothered by what pronouns are used lol

No. 156177

To be fair, people explicitly asked her to list her pronouns aka “come out”. Jill being Jill of course she doesn’t want to be written off as just another boring she/her cissie and probably went for “uhh any pronouns” so she doesn’t have to commit herself to something she doesn’t feel comfortable with. Anyone who lists multiple pronouns knows that the vast majority of people are going to default to the ones that feel the most natural, which in most cases are the ones that match your sex.

If the DID tinfoiling turns out to be correct, I’m sure that’s a bonus for her.

No. 156186

No one cares about trannies.

No. 156240

File: 1623948528960.jpeg (64.59 KB, 750x429, 31857A7C-58FB-4F65-A66D-CD777B…)

she doesnt even actually care what name she's called. its pointless.

No. 156267

I wish people would always call her "he" and give her a mental breakdown kek

No. 156275

File: 1623960341299.jpeg (62.61 KB, 1242x246, F1420C82-2A18-46D3-977B-CA8A7A…)

realised I’m still in the confetti club group when I saw this post and people are already referring to her as “him” lmao

No. 156279


Honestly it feels like we've come out the other side of SJW pandering and these people are trolling her, though I would love it if everyone both called her Jill/Jillian (maybe a Gillian for good measure) and He/Him only, nothing else.

No. 156281

I just don’t get her she’s so dramatic about everything she clearly just wants to feel special in the oppression Olympics

No. 156288

File: 1623966038378.gif (361.99 KB, 220x140, tenor.gif)

so steebie and her the bi couple don't have a gender/sex anymore bc they dress in weird pastel clothes?

No. 156291


It starts with us, anon. Let's start calling Jill him right now.

No. 156298

File: 1623972216465.png (309.3 KB, 796x488, befgbbbvg.png)

All hail our he/him king lmao

No. 156309


next thread pic kek

No. 156319

File: 1623988303970.jpeg (75.15 KB, 750x492, E20206CB-8F11-4448-8E43-D166A0…)

are we also entering the poly pixielocks era, where steve somehow becomes an even bigger cuck than before?

No. 156330

I'd be super surprised if Gill and Molly (best friend that is a transgender woman now) didnt have a thing going on at some point when Gillian was single.

No. 156333

File: 1624006309554.png (151.79 KB, 508x412, jyhntj.png)


No. 156334

File: 1624006612022.png (301.7 KB, 540x454, jyhntj.png)

does she read her thread?

No. 156343

wtf is wrong with her? Her audience are mainly children

No. 156344

She lurks hard.

No. 156361

Troons and troon adjacents exposing underage kids to sexual content? Groundbreaking.

No. 156363

Wait is that Jon? The one friend Jill always ran back to when she, I‘m sorry, HE was single?

No. 156573

File: 1624131993108.png (3.77 MB, 750x1334, 2E7020FE-E978-47E8-B5D7-E2CC48…)

cant believe we're literally in the catatonic-DID-trans-nunbinary-drag-stoner-poly-thot pixielocks era. onlyfans when?

No. 156574

File: 1624132449985.jpeg (130.11 KB, 750x801, F9436BB9-3D9F-4439-AD5B-0DD4D4…)

the sad part is, this is a marked improvement from her usual mucky rainbow brows.

No. 156581

she really looks like Divine in all the worst ways possible.
I know she's trying to be sexy making her face like that but she just look special needs.

No. 156582

she looks dead, or depressed, or just straight up ugly idk which but this should have never been posted to the internet not even bc of the makeup but she just looks lifeless

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