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File: 1622982790796.png (6.38 MB, 3642x2135, lollll.png)

No. 154731

Previous thread: >>>/w/143253

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

General info:
>Frivolously spends her parents' or her own money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite previously complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads
>Has been highly dependent on her mother, friends, or partner in social events and blows minor issues way out of proportion
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image
>Formerly referred to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual; currently with her live-in partner Stephen Clarke and both came out as bisexual, but now Stephen is nonbinary and pansexual - the same fate as one of her other exes who became nonbinary after dating her…
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not
>Jill started her own brand, 5 petal flower. She isn’t selling anything yet, but plans to sell bad Lazy Oaf knock offs
>Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel on the ground where cat can eat it. Still keeps tinsel up where the same cat can reach it for years after the fact.
>She won’t stfu about her stims and super scary ‘restrictive’ eating disorder

In the last thread…
>Keeps on posting provocative photos and videos on her social media
>Weight is still ballooning, despite not being imprisoned in her home anymore. She is still desperately trying to convince everyone that she loves her rolls and that she has massive jugs, but fails again and again.
>Calls out multiple small accounts on twitter to her followers for bullshit reasons (Reasons: Negative comments on her posts, ‘copying’ her designs
>Complains about there being too many white people in LOTR to her newly queerified partner, whilst they are being forced to watch hours of Precure which only has one barely dark skinned cure in the history of the show.
>Guessed she was going to get into drag, this was confirmed on a patreon livestream and she is going to start after she graduates. Also shows interest in designing for drag queens, particularly her old school friend @denimpussy on twitter
>Adds flashbacks to her ever growing list of symptoms
>Makes bee pee dee awareness cards for May, the colour choices are so bad they could destroy an 17th century peasants eyesight in less than 10 seconds
>Drops phone in toilet whilst filming her ass for tiktok, she gets a new iphone 11 that she boasts is secondhand but its from Jump+ so it was at least $600.
>Complains about people helping with her fashion shoot on her social media, doesn’t realise this is incredibly rude. Posts pic of her crying along side to get asspats
>Doesn’t brush her cats, or vacuum her dirty ass stairs
>Butchers friends hair whilst having a corona party at her house
>Hints constantly that she thinks she has DID by consuming vast amounts of DID content and not shutting up about it
>Models for her friends fashion shoot, looks like a DDLG egg
>Her photos for her graduating line at fashion school come out, lighting is terrible, set is half assed, dresses are not finished and/ or messy. Final verdict, concept had some potential but there was a lack of skill and time management 4/10

TL;DR: She hides the fact that she is unhappy with her body, doesn’t think before she tweets, is a hypocrite and a mental illness whore, and shows some potential in design but keeps on fucking up.

Old Threads:

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
Cosplay Facebook Page: https://anony.link/https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://anony.link/https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com/

No. 154741

Her twitter: https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks

(since it's missing from the OP)

No. 154743

her tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks?

(also missing from the OP)

No. 154744

File: 1622992789975.png (454.42 KB, 351x627, berf.png)

Goddamn her tiktok is horrible.

No. 154747

Only! Fans! Saga! Soon!

No. 154754

File: 1622998595082.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210606-125338_Tik…)

Her shoes look fucking disgusting in the shot.

No. 154755

are those slippers or shoes for outside? Sorry, I don't feel like assaulting my eyes by looking through her rainbow vomit IG to find out if she wears them out of the house.

No. 154773

Did she make this while she was not making her collection properly, priorities

No. 154775

File: 1623010395789.jpeg (161.08 KB, 622x1347, A272840E-1D22-4D13-B06E-0B44D8…)

Her fans are unhinged

No. 154779

Ah, the bad bitch sex worker alter!

No. 154782

File: 1623012528304.jpg (382.04 KB, 2896x2896, 20210606_164902.jpg)

The comments are so funny, lmaooo.

No. 154785

what does lady gaga have to do with this? why the fuck does she share that she has an UTI? did stewie cum inside her and she didn't wash?

No. 154788

I think it was a poor attempt at a Lady Gaga G.U.Y joke

No. 154790

File: 1623014670501.jpg (402 KB, 2896x2896, 20210606_172448.jpg)

You were right anon.

No. 154791

is she ever gonna stop using all caps

No. 154809

lmao the other anon was right about her not peeing after sex, too

No. 154810

I actually think the rug looks nice, she might even be able to sell them on her shop without freaking the fuck out if she was able to make this in a day like the tweet suggests.

No. 154817

I never want to see her mattress cover, ew.

Also you don't need cranberry pills, just piss after stevie puts his gender absent wingwang in you and you're as good as gravy.

No. 154824

She needs to stop attempting humor, even her fan base was confused by how obscure the reference was

You know she did not make that in a day. But i would be something cute in her shop, she can makes different colored ones and over time she can learn to make them quickly.

No. 154856

Why does she have a fucking piano? I don't remember her playing any instrument?

No. 154857

If she has a UTI she should probably get antibiotics. Cranberry pills or coochie probiotics are supposed to be supplements not treatments to help prevent them cause pissing and showering won’t always do it. idk why the fuck she thought it was funny to announce on Twitter though. maybe it’s her comedian alter kek

No. 154858

She can play, that was her role in the bands that lasted five seconds that she was in. There is old video of her performing and some more recent clips here and there of her just playing anime intros too, she was average but she and her mother make out she was a child genius ofc just like how she was a genius in theatre that the other kids were jealous of her talent and that’s why they didn’t like her

No. 154861

…So she just takes cranberry pills everyday as a UTI prevention? Is this bitch wiping back to front or not getting up to pee after her ~*partner*~ unleashed their non-gender-specific sexual fluids inside her non-gender-specific genitalia??

Like who TF is just constantly on the verge of contracting a UTI.

No. 154874

Antipsychotic medication can also cause UTI as well as holding your pee. I feel like Jill only mentioned sex to sound more "raunchy" but reality is, is sex is probably not her case. Also why is she taking cranberry pills? Those do not prevent or treat UTI lmao

No. 154876

Cranberry pills do help to prevent UTIs

No. 154893

Her humor is
>haha sex XDDDD
>obscure references she expects people to automatically know
she's a fucking retarded sperg

No. 154897

some people can be more prone to them, but if you know you tend to get them often then you shouldn't be dumb enough to stop any sort of preventative action
but she should probably also just see a doctor

No. 154949

File: 1623100443783.png (458.4 KB, 726x710, Ohfuck.png)

I really hope by 'we' she means her and steve. She said in her patreon update a few days ago that she has some new scary mental health issues that she is going to pay a specialist to diagnose, the waiting list is about a year and she doesn't want to tell the internet/ patreon until she has had it properly checked out first.

No. 154957

Plenty of time to browse the internet for a symptom check list, immerse herself in the culture, and convince herself she has it to the exclusion of everything else!

No. 154959

lord… is she going to use the pronoun "we" from now on to mean herlsef? cringe

No. 154978

Any bets on her major trauma that caused her personality to fracture as a small child to cause did?

No. 154987

Not being an only child

No. 154989

still feel weird guessing this shit because it’s personal for normal people but she spreads her tmi bullshit like she’s getting paid for it. i don’t think she’s going to say who abused her/what relationship they had with her but i think it’s very easy to make up a story about being sexually abused as a child and no one will question it bc muh trauma. or maybe something did actually happen, i don’t think she’s twisted enough to completely make up horrific abuse but i think there’s a strong possibility her shitty diagnosis-4-pay therapists are digging around for false memories.

No. 154990

i wonder why she hasnt posted about her new ~fashion line~ anywhere? she was bragging about it for months and her followers when it was coming out.
she's probably not happy with the way the photos turned out, honestly. or she's waiting to make a video about it.

No. 155002

There is a slim to no chance she has DID but her self harm scars were pretty bad when she was young, maybe a family member abused her is my only guess

No. 155003

That also falls into typical BPD behavior, I guess we are doubtful due to her oversharing and what she values in life, like I genuinely doubt anything bad happened to her or she would have milked it for all it was worth years ago in a Youtube video. She just wants a DID diagnosis for the youtube clicks it will garner her.

No. 155004

She only takes baths with heavily scented bath bombs

No. 155007

oh shit anon ur right, totally forgot about that LOL. of course shes gonna get a uti when she sits in uwu kawiwi sparkly colorful lush bath water for hours.
my money is on the fact she's embarassed by it and doesnt want her audience who looks up to her as this end all be all of sewing to know her collection is shit and NOT what she showed off. showing every single aspect of her idea on youtube was her downfall, if she didnt show off the sketches and talk about them in detail no one would've known a look was missing, the fence was missing, the crochet jacket isnt finished, ect. i bet she knows she'll have to answer for all that if she makes a vid on it so she's putting it off. or you know, ~muh mental illness~

No. 155008

my theory about her "brand" from the start was that she only begin to promote it because she saw all of her kawiwi community friends successfully start their businesses. and she was trying to compete with them. five petal flower was a dumb name from the start because it's something that she is currently obsessed with. in another year she is going to be obsessed with something else. matter of fact she hasn't even updated her brands istagram in fucking forever.

No. 155028

DID is just a bullshit disorder. Jill probably got tips to get it diagnosed from that one YouTuber dissociadid.

No. 155029

Well, everytime she has explained it, her trauma comes from her first relationship, which was with an older girl.

No. 155033

wow how professional

No. 155034

Her trauma will probably be something like "lolcow bullied me" lmao

No. 155046

She can’t claim that to have caused this though because she was too old when that happened for it to have caused DID, you have to be a young child during the abuse

No. 155073

Those were attention selfharm scars, if you look back to the way she dressed when she was younger she would wear nothing but long socks and shorts/skirts even during the winter. She always wanted people to see her scars/cuts so she can either cry if they made fun of her for them or feel validated if any one showed concern.

Maybe her new "scawwy" diagnosis is her having HPD and her therapist might actually be good at his job. Though one can only hope.

No. 155076

Yes, I was actually reading up on hpd a couple of weeks ago and wanted to bring it up here. I'm glad you did because i see a lot of hpd traits as well.

No. 155091

wtf no way, where does she say this.

baths gross me out, does she really sit in there for hours

No. 155092

File: 1623204760746.png (59.63 KB, 735x454, Screenshot (1024).png)

It really seems like every time anyone so much as mentions their own mental health issues in her general vicinity she needs to flaunt her own diagnoses to one-up them

No. 155098

>I'm just hamfistedly shoving my fake diagnosis into this meme lol!
How is she about to get even more exhausting

No. 155100

Fucking dissociation is already part of BPD stop fucking acting like you're so special just because you googled some fancy sounding shit jesus christ. She is so insufferable and has absolutely no tact nor empathy for anyone else, I can think of a few disorders that's common in.

No. 155104

she sounds like shayna more and more everyday. braindead.

No. 155105

this is irritating. why does every time she interacts with people she has to insert useless information about herself. being her friend must be absolutely exhausting.

No. 155106

Ohh she's a bimbo too now, she snuck that one in. No you're not a bimbo Jill, you're a rapidly ageing average looking white girl.

The fact she one-ups people on their problems is extremely gross, she even did this to a disabled person an anon screenshot from her Youtube comments section recently. It's not a fucking competition.

No. 155111

Obviously to preface this if you self harm for any reason there is something wrong with you but narcissists self harm for attention and I imagine that would have been far worse back at the height of emo and scene when people posted that kind of thing and did get a ton of clout. I remember in an old video something weird she said, she said that her eating disorder just went away when she started dating Tristan which would indicate that too was for attention and once she got that attention she felt better. Again, if you do stuff like that there is 100% something wrong with you it’s just not the stuff she wants to be seen as having. Tinfoil now but her mother had cancer when Jill was a child right and presumably got a ton of attention so it would make sense if child Jill who was likely jealous then went oh, if you are sick then you get attention. She reacted oddly before when her mother’s cancer was mentioned in a vlog too, she was really shitty and dismissive of her and immediately turned the conversation back to being about her.

No. 155112

Hang on, wasn't she a self-proclaimed pansexual?

No. 155113

>several other questionable issues
like what, lying about your mental health?

No. 155120

God these twitter snowflakes sound like troons. This interaction gave me brain cancer

No. 155125

She probably means her past eating disorder and self harm

No. 155131

god this is SO PATHETIC. I can't believe she has the NEED to one-up anyone who talks about their misery. No, she has to be the one who suffers the most. Typical narcissist behaivor. Fuck her.

Also, about being a """"bimbo""""… bitch you would require to be just an ounce of attractive first LMAO not with your fatty ham self. Plus, wanting to be a "bimbo", lord… what a trend hopper. That shit is so fucking pathetic, wanting to be a """bimbo""" who does nothing all day is disgusting as fuck.

No. 155132

Who's betting one of her alters will be a "hot bimbo", the other one an "uguuu uwu babyyyy" and the other one a "queer drag queen"?
This has been mentioned before but she's too sexual and stupid on her twitter considering she has a lot of underage retards following her.

No. 155135

Not separating this personal bullshit from her business or professional persona is going to bite her in the ass later, but I guess she just never cared to begin with. Brands don't need to know if you're a """dumb bimbo""" or have an UTI.

She's putting way too much faith on her stupid seamstress job working out. But once she starts flaking on orders and everyone sees how shitty her garments are, things will crumble down for her, you can't live from your fans forever if you keep delivering shitty stuff with disgusting ass customer service. And then she'll get catathonic or whatever she claims to be. But she doesn't care. Mama Louise will provide I guess.

No. 155136


When will you learn, Jill? You are one thing and one thing only: A NARCISSIST. Better learn to accept it, girlie.

No. 155137

Treats girls like shit, so no
The only bimbo thing about her is the fact she's retarded
Or maybe just a narcissist?
>structural dissociation
More like you cry when your tendies get cold
>and other questionable issues
True, lying is a fucking issue
>living life to the fullest
Doesn't seem like it

No. 155186

These stupid straight bitches are only 'bisexual' for fun points, but have never dated another woman or faced any oppression in their lives. holyshit, she's insufferable..

No. 155195

To be fair Jill did date a woman, but she was too ashamed of her to publically share.

No. 155204

File: 1623276132138.jpg (544.01 KB, 2896x2896, 20210609_180229.jpg)

Very classy Jill.

No. 155216

File: 1623282641572.png (208.43 KB, 337x424, Wot.png)

New tiktok video about her tattoos, its actually not bad and she looks so much better without the rainbow eyebrows. Hair is cute too, still wish the pink eyebrow matched the pink in her hair but I guess beggars can't be choosers.

No. 155230

i can’t tell if she has actually lost weight (imagine kek) or im fooled by her having her hair down at the sides for once

No. 155238

>>155230 tiktok has a "beauty filter" that's automatically on and it slims + smooths the face so there's a good chance it's that, lol

No. 155258

not WKing Jill but chronic utis are a thing, still happens even if you wipe front to back and pee after sex. They can occur from holding in pee, or even just drinking soda sometimes

No. 155262

She’s actually reasonably talented at piano, it’s been brought up a few times

They don’t do anything, they’re a waste of money

Fuck I can’t wait a whole year for the DID saga… imagine if she hints about it for that long and then gets told it’s bullishit though, that would be pretty funny

She has most definitely gotten her tips from Dissociadid, I hope she screws up as badly as Chloe has and also gets childhood friends something forward to rip her “abuse” story apart

“she/her bimbo” just feels like she’s mocking the “she/they” part kek

I think she knows she’s never going to have to worry about money because of mommy and daddy which is why she’s like this

She broke up with mystery girl because she “never found her attractive” or something along those lines, it’s in the older threads
She’s never been attracted to women, it’s all just for operation points

The point being made is that she is a crusty nasty person who likely doesn’t look after herself so she shouldn’t be surprised she has a UTI

No. 155294

what’s with the stupid baby voice again jill? llittlespace alter reveal when

No. 155309

File: 1623326968753.jpeg (1.69 MB, 3024x4030, 9F48C929-8B67-46A4-8D57-58C891…)

Wow I hadn’t realised how poorly these tattoos were done then healed yikes, the rainbow valley rainbow has parts where the lines have fully disappeared, the ojamajo wand, look at that line work on the centre piece, the clow card again has horrendous line work, the precure one they have Voldemort faces and the tattoo is poorly done. She really needs a new artist because this is very shoddy work, the fallout on the rainbow could in part be her fault but there is so much artist error going on here.

No. 155313

File: 1623328818841.webm (11.53 MB, 576x1024, 99576348765.webm)

all of her tattoos are so faded

No. 155316

Is this her way of letting us all know Stevie takes the back entrance?

No. 155317

anon, pls, I REALLY did not need that mental image.

No. 155318

Jill you have three tattoos not a leg sleeve.

Ink fallout is fairly normal espcially over scarred skin. But it doesnt look like she cares for her tattoos at all. They look like they healed poorly. Loss of colour vibrancy again normal. But theres products you can use to make tattoos colour stand out for pictures.

The fading could be a mix of sun damage and lack of care for her tattoos. Also a bit on the artist. Surprised jill hasnt gotten them touched up. Majorty of artists do free touch ups since there can be issues with healing.

No. 155319

She has had the cat tattoo and strong kind beautiful one touched up as far as I know.

No. 155323

She keeps moving and tapping her legs, she looks and sounds like a complete sperg.

No. 155335

sage for not contributing but boy do i feel bad for all the people who actually need therapy but can't afford it, while jill is literally paying someone to slap another uwu mental illness label on her fat ass(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 155370

The rainbow which has the worst line fallout is on her arm, no skin issues or scars at all, fading is normal sure but the line just being gone, that means the tattoo was done incorrectly. The main issue with them is the lines, doesn’t look like the artist can pull a line let alone a straight line to save her life and that wouldn’t be on Jill, general fading is her not taking care of them yes but they weren’t done right or well to start with. As for scar coverup its hard and there is a certain way you need to go about it, it’s irresponsible for the artist to take that on if she doesn’t have experience or know how, she should have declined the job.

No. 155399


Do you really think she is able to put on sunscreen DAILY?

No. 155427

File: 1623357718234.jpg (1.78 MB, 2560x1920, 21-06-10-16-41-19-028_deco.jpg)

the artist is talented which is what confuses me, she has a ton of great healed tattoos so I don't know if she just got unlucky with Jill's healing or what it is

No. 155430

No doubt she doesn’t follow some rules like don’t submerge them in water for a minimum of two weeks, longer if you can/depending on your healing progress but some of it has happened before that stage, maybe Jill sits very badly and moves a lot because regardless of healing a lot of the lines and general shapes of things are wonky and uneven, if she is wriggling around and screeching though as per her usual behaviour no wonder the linework is bad

No. 155452

File: 1623364569631.png (184.46 KB, 1080x819, Screenshot_20210610-163601-457…)

She's really pushing the "I HAVE TWAMA" narrative isn't she?

No. 155453

Does she realize she is most likely traumatizing herself by going through unnecessary treatments? Clinging to mental illness as a personality trait is super unhealthy. She seemed a lot better when she was living with her parents, maybe she should consider asking if they'd let her come back home for a few months.

No. 155457

honestly i wouldnt be surprised if she played a lot with the puss bubbles under her sticky bandage while healing.

No. 155489

She does not have dissociation.

No. 155490

>Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy treatment that was originally designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories.
>After successful treatment with EMDR therapy, affective distress is relieved, negative beliefs are reformulated, and physiological arousal is reduced.
>During EMDR therapy the client attends to emotionally disturbing material in brief sequential doses while simultaneously focusing on an external stimulus.
>(1) the past events that have laid the groundwork for dysfunction are processed, forging new associative links with adaptive information; (2) the current circumstances that elicit distress are targeted, and internal and external triggers are desensitized; (3) imaginal templates of future events are incorporated, to assist the client in acquiring the skills needed for adaptive functioning.

Sounds too complicated for someone whose only problem is being a womanchild.

No. 155491

Why does she has to have a "special" kind of therapy if her problems are minimal? EMDR is for severe PTSD.

No. 155507

I hope she knows how many silent adults with PTSD hate her guts. The comments on her yt videos are all from impressionable suicidal teens. They don't deserve to be fooled by this disgusting excuse for a human being.

No. 155509

No. 155511

Definitely, also she probably scratched them a lot during healing.

No. 155516

Tbf i also got recommended to do emdr after a very minor occurrence that shook me

Sage for blog

No. 155524

no it isn't. it's becoming a more common treatment in many places.

not that everyone benefits from it, but it's not reserved for extreme cases anymore.

No. 155534

I don't trust people who shill expensive therapies that are not 100% proven to work. Instead of going on a rabbit hole of "I'm so mentally ill and need special treatment" she should focus on GETTING BETTER. I don't think reliving old traumatic experiences is a good thing. Instead focus on forgiving yourself and radically accepting yourself. Like, she could even start with things like video related, instead of saying HURRR DURR I HAVE DOUBLE PERSONALITY DISORDER HURRRRR what a jackass.

No. 155543

This. She’s super stoked to be “mwentally ill” and “neurodivergent” because that means she’s always got an excuse and gets all this super special attention/consideration.

Why would she want to get better? Being mentally ill is her brand.

No. 155546

Ah yes nothing can make you better like a religious author who has zero qualifications in psychology or similar.

You do realise majorty of medical treatments dont have a 100% success rate right? That's like saying youve got cancer thats treatable but you wont do chemo because it doesn't have a 100% success rate.

Its not like shit like that video would work on jill anyway. She's a narcissist

No. 155547

I haven't checked on Jill or her vids in like a year, it seems like her views on youtube have really gone downhill. Recently theyve all been around 30-30k, where as two years ago they were anywhere between 60-100k with maybe a few low ones here and there. Her sub count seems to be staggered too, I wonder if people are finally losing interest in this nutjob.

No. 155548

whoops, meant 20-30k views, sorry

No. 155549

Oof, yeah looking at her videos the only ones that seem to have a decent amount of views are the ones where she's trend hopping or design the only recent video to break 100k was the "strawberry dress controversy" video. Which makes sense since all of her sit-down "let's have a serious chat" videos aren't filled with her screeching and babbling like an oversized adult infant. It sucks that even her own audience is showing signs of growing to dislike her

No. 155579

I don't feel like having a discussion over this, but LH is a very good author, being religious does not make her lesser than any other author.
I put her as an example, because there are so many other alternatives to getting better than going through so many fake diagnosis like Jillian does. Come on, she doesn't have dissociation. I think she does need actual therapy but not for what she thinks she does.

No. 155601

File: 1623486636116.jpg (696.57 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20210612-103002_Ins…)

Seeing things like this makes me understand better why people like Pixie exist

No. 155615

kinda ot but why do all these internet attention whores munchies look the same kek. ptsd aint some kawaii accessory to show of, it makes your life miserable and normal ppl dont parade it like that

No. 155636

No. 155638

Oh, Lord.

No. 155644

like last time she uploaded, i'll be doing a summary of anything that's vaguely notable for anyone with better things to do than watch her squawk at the camera for 20 minuets about a japanese children's show.
0:54 "it has been one of my main, major hyperfixations that has stuck with me since grade 8" has she finally settled on saying she as ADHD on top of everything else?? i've only ever seen hyperfixation used as the "adhd equivalent" of an autistic special interest because the disorders are similar but different.
2:30 she's crocheting something and put an under-boob window on it because it "makes them look good"
7:41 [about a previous precure series she didn't like as much] "you know, reductive. it felt like they made a mixture of past characters that we've already seen." wow, jill, the 17th rehashing of a children's show, repetitive?
8:48 WOW… claiming it to be her "hyperfixation" of the past decade and she can't even keep straight which one she's talking about. she even has notes.
16:03 "the little baby shrimp girl, i love her, let's be real, i kin her, let's be real. she's sweet she's small she's playing with little rocks." man. the way kinning has gone from mentally ill teens on tumblr to something people readily and publicly announce sure is something. her identifying with ( i assume not in the ''i was this anime character in a past life'' way) a literal baby from a kid's show doesn't bode well for her either having a little alter or somthing akin to that.
16:58 "i love when precure uses a relatable human theme in their plot" jill. it's a kid's show. for children. it's going to have topical themes that children will need to learn how to deal with, like procrastination[the relatable human theme in question]. and ANY kind of character based plot will have "relatable human themes". that's the entire point of storytelling.
19:11 "-i like dangon ronpa, too," being on tiktok really has been rotting her brain faster than ever. just because it's popular with this round of 14 year old cosplayers doesn't mean you need to be into it, too.
19:27 "i don't know if i'm going to cosplay any of them, honestly, i've been having a bit of a weird relationship to cosplay" / "maybe when we eventually get a thick precure or a mildly mildly slightly different sized precure, perhaps that is the day i will cosplay." this, to me, deppens my suspicion that she's not at all happy with her weight. there are plenty of cosplayers who aren't as thin as the character they're dressing up as, and if she actually cared about the actual intent behind body positivity, she would be able to see that fat people only being 'able' to cosplay fat characters is counterproductive. but jilly willy, you're more likely to loose weight than a japanese children's show is to have a child anywhere even near the size of you.
20:27 she plugs her tiktok. cringe lol

No. 155651

File: 1623540806089.jpeg (505.2 KB, 828x784, 90D473AF-BE46-41EB-9001-3B0F0D…)

No. 155654

Shes into danganronpa now? She's going to claim she loves it without playing a single game. Only watching the very bad anime. Acting like shes a massive fan and is the worlds biggest fan. Shes going to kin chaiki the uwu sleepy gamer girl most likely. If she bothers with the 2nd game. Which is a big if you need to read a lot and actually think while playing them.

No. 155655


I'd rather she waste her money on an actual professional she doesn't need than immerse herself in the delusional ramblings of a christian scientist

No. 155659

I wonder if she ever feels embarrassed to post her older photos when she wasnt super heavy. Also, 3 years is a decent time together. Do they have any plans for the future or is Steve gonna be her room mate forever?

No. 155660

Three years? Time flies lol it feel like just a couple months ago she was "dating" that one girl

No. 155662

Wouldn’t be surprised if Stevie drops her like a hot potato when she can't provide work or a house for him anymore since mummy isn’t giving hand outs anymore and the YouTube money has being drying up for a while. I can also see him getting sick of Jill’s bullshit, especially with this munchie phase she’s going through.But I can also see them getting engaged because both of them are just willing to settle because it’s easy.

No. 155665

None of these photos of them look new? Or recent?

No. 155673

I think steve will jump on the troo troontrain

It would validate Jill's "bisexuality" and give her content for like a year. They will only break up if Steve gets bottom surgery.

No. 155674

why does her voice sound so different

No. 155675

i thought it sounded higher than usual too. i think it's the talking about baby shit that pulls out the baby voice even more

No. 155677

Is she just not going to show her collection or?

No. 155680

>this, to me, deppens my suspicion that she's not at all happy with her weight
i didn't understand her position at all. she was never really skinny during her cosplay phase to begin with (except for that hatsune miku cosplay). she wasn't overweight, but still like over a dozen kg away from the anime schoolgirl body type she was trying to portray. how is her current body different? she's not even a deathfat, just normal maritime canada fat. heck, all her cosplay friends were overweight and even obese in her vlogs. somehow that didn't stop her from performing at cons with them

No. 155683

Just because she never was super duper skinny and her friends were fat doesnt mean she cant be unhappy with her whale body now

No. 155684

I think she posted these photos because Steve is wearing pastel clothing (apart from the grad photo, but that one is very cute)

No. 155685

It is kind of a weird stand point if you take what she is saying at face value and not as her saying she doesn’t look like her weight, like even skinny people don’t have anime girl bodies because the proportions aren’t natural on anime characters, it’s an extreme but how would anyone cosplay any of the female one piece characters.

No. 155687

File: 1623581578958.png (688.4 KB, 1343x515, sperg inclusivity.PNG)

Sorry if it's been posted before, this is on her school's website.

>inclusive and judgement-free community

Love how Jill is the poster child for hugboxing.


No. 155688

noticed this too kek she chose pics that wouldn't trigger any gender dysphoria for him

No. 155690

It's about her exploding weight. It's a coded message meaning they have large desks and chairs for size-challenged people. "You will fit in," they write. "We will always have steel-enforced chairs for your globular buttcheeks. No matter whether you split your vintage pastel pants or pee in your adult dipey while dissociating, you will exit with a scrap of paper from our renowned institution."

No. 155694

Jesus NBCCD did her dirty, I know she probably knew the picture was being taken but dude could they not let her know her bra is showing. 'You will fit-in' - Basically we wont tackle you at the door if you turn up looking like a g1 my little pony doll who had been buried in the garden by the family dog.

No. 155696

She likes to wheel out the old pastel uwu steve photos because as we've seen from his attempt at a Youtube channel, he's actually just a gross incel type and not the metrosexual feminine man she briefly coddled him into being for those photos

No. 155698

File: 1623593766305.jpg (373.34 KB, 2896x2896, 20210613_101610.jpg)

What a thirst trap. Her eyebrows look like she drew them on with a crayon.

No. 155700

Thirst trap for WHO? Jowl fetishists?

Don't they have fucking graphic designers who could have made that area t-shirt colored or something. Awful

No. 155701

File: 1623594401158.jpeg (387.56 KB, 750x987, 2F4C1806-E34E-41F1-80C4-EAADD4…)

Speaking of his youtube channel- looks like it didn’t really take off. Jill should have shilled it a little, I thought the point of people with already established youtubers as partners making channels was so they could ride their coattails. Check those stats kek

No. 155702

samefag, sorry, in my amusement over steebes failed youtube career I forgot to sage

No. 155706


What in the fuck? How is this a thirst trap? I would never have even thought that if she hadn't said anything. It just looks like a regular ass picture of her.

No. 155716

It was a tiktok video to a slightly spicy song

No. 155719

File: 1623602527496.jpg (7.21 KB, 243x207, images.jpg)

my sides anon

No. 155722

Those ear rings have now been passed around three people and I am scared. >>155698

No. 155734

came here as she’s popped up on my tiktok page for the first time in months, the fake voice was insufferable. surprised to learn she’s somewhat regretting the magical girl wand tat and how obtuse it is now looking back.

from the looks of it she’s didn’t do any upkeep past maybe the first few days. Knowing how much the woman insists on baths w/ who knows what added in, the skin got irritated and effected the healing.

No. 155736

Because to her, it sounds like she can sit and get a lot of attention while talking about herself and all she has to do is move her eyes. CBT is too mainstream and too much actual work (even though it's probably what she needs for those disorganization issues).

No. 155760

I can guarantee she hasn't played it, mystery VNs generally require a fair amount of undivided attention from the player for the gameplay aspect of…solving mysteries.
Danganronpa isn't even a scary series, it's about on the level of other mystery VNs like Umineko and Chaos;Child.

This is so annoying as a fan of DR and mystery VNs in general, half of the kids on tiktok and pixielocks just read wiki summaries.

No. 155767

File: 1623644814335.jpg (357.78 KB, 2896x2896, 20210614_002641.jpg)

No. 155768

there's nothing delusional about it but ok, Jillian is the most delusional here.

No. 155769

>Wouldn’t be surprised if Stevie drops her like a hot potato when she can't provide work or a house for him anymore
I want this to happen so bad, I don't care or root for stewie (quite the opposite) but Jillian is such a shitty partner full of shit and too demanding to keep up with

No. 155770

Come on, she's very fat now, she could lose some good pounds.

No. 155771

>she’s somewhat regretting the magical girl wand tat and how obtuse it is now looking back.
Did she say that? Do explain.

No. 155785

Women calling themselves bimbo is so fucking pathetic then again this is jill so we all know she doesnt have any self esteem

No. 155795

Why does she look so much like Shayna?? Nice to see Jill is just as clueless what looks seductive or sexy.

No. 155796

> tickle tok
her retard-speak makes me want to punch a wall

No. 155823

File: 1623711436870.jpeg (109.44 KB, 750x763, B853E360-21DF-45E4-BF0D-EFF2CD…)

0 likes and 0 retweets…..huh i wonder why

No. 155824

What in the sexual offender

No. 155858

>pretends to care for the environment
>eats only chicken tendies and genderqueer's dick

Okay Jill.

No. 155859

absolutely disgusting

No. 155861

What does she even mean, this is so embarrassing and awkward

No. 155864

Fucking kek, no one liked it not even her stans.

No. 155866

you killed me nonnie

No. 155881

File: 1623753772563.jpg (83.88 KB, 584x210, Untitled-pixie.jpg)

No. 155885

>Guys remember how queer I am? Queers are kinky, right? I’m kinky! I’m a kinky queer! Public sex amirite? Pride 2021!

No. 155891

yikes how embarassing

No. 155901

fat piggy

No. 155920

wtf is she talking about? What anachan wants to look at her? Leaving random hate comments on a pudgy girl's acct also isn't very anachan, makes literally no sense

No. 155928

File: 1623779747129.jpg (1010.09 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210615-135516_Tik…)

Omfg I thought this was a cute lesbian. But then I saw Jill in the next shot and realized it was her tiktok jfc.

No. 155933

some anachans look at fat people's pages as fatspo ie. motivation to not eat because they dont wanna look like that

I could totally see someone having that reaction from looking at jill

No. 155937

#nonbinary, bit odd how two of her partners she bullied into dressing kawaii uwu who didn’t then want to actually look like that suddenly identified as nonbinary after managing to be allowed to dress themselves again

No. 155938

File: 1623781758016.jpeg (95.04 KB, 750x685, 603FE1FA-1E02-40AA-A91B-EB6B58…)

dont you know, anon? her pronouns are under construction!

No. 155942

jfc why does she have to make everything so complicated. You are a woman Jill, it's that simple

No. 155945

File: 1623783033622.jpeg (88.66 KB, 750x279, 2EAEACA6-DEBB-4E5B-B52F-2B79B2…)

New bio updated with her new pronouns so I guess we can use it/its pronouns for Jill now kek

No. 155950

Her and Shayna’s before and afters are absolutely “reverse thinspo”

No. 155956

Literally exactly what went through her head when posting that
This looks weirdly tragic, a random patch of grass by the side of the road with no flowers or plants anywhere to be seen and her incel looking like he's on the edge of a nervous breakdown
Please can everyone refer to her only as he from now on and call her bluff.

No. 155960

Jesus Christ, going from "hyperfeminine but still a lesbian!" to being ok with being called he (or it). This is the actual mental illness, her need for nonstop attention.

No. 155978

Saying her pronouns are “under construction” is super gross. I’m nitpicking this because it feels very problematic for some reason?? Understandable if no one has thinks that sounds weird.(Goback2tiktok)

No. 155980

go back to twitter

No. 155987

nah, it def feels like pandering

No. 155993

ok, but they engage with their "reverse thinspo" by leaving mean comments? I have never seen that flavor of crazy, I guess.

No. 156010

this is confusing, are you unironically calling Jill a they because of this pronoun thing or talking about the ana-chans?

No. 156013

Nta but anon’s obviously talking about the ana-chans.

No. 156014

File: 1623824758870.jpg (62.39 KB, 735x664, d996cc7fd1c6ddc38487d5bff57ec1…)

There's nothing bi or ~queer~ about a straight relationship, Jilly.

No. 156016

Not to wk but just because your relationship is straight (or gay) you still can be bi, queer, pan or whatever.

In Jill's case it's still queer airing though but generally a bisexual in a straight relationship is still very valid. They don't turn magically GA or straight as soon as they fall in love(Goback2tiktok)

No. 156018

>going on lolcow to get validity points

Since it's the Jill thread we must consider
1. Gay relationship 1, the girl Jill dated on DeviantArt as a teenager and has been the source of much vagueposted "trauma" ergo she found it traumatizing to date another girl
2. Gay relationship 2, the girl who Jill used for clickbait videos including a video about gifts she never actually gave the girl. Girl comes out to her parents before swiftly being dumped with, iirc, no actual sexual interaction occurring between them, and Jill citing no attraction

That's it, that's what Jill is touting as her extreem gayness every day of her life, while jumping from one long term relationship with a dick-haver to another.

No. 156020

The only gay person in their relationship is steebie

No. 156025

sage for eco blogposting or w/e but basically golf courses are a huge waste of land. Just like keeping a well kept lawn, but on a way larger scale, because maintaining fields limits the potential for other types of plants to grow within them and create a thriving ecosystem. Or something like that. This tweet is still super gross though… How old are her followers anyway? Like, twelve?

No. 156046

File: 1623857701486.jpg (449.68 KB, 1080x1593, 20210616_113543.jpg)

No. 156049

she’s so mentally ill now that it’s legitimately sad. she went from an, albeit spoiled, cute teenager with lots of aspirations and a bright future to a maladjusted adult who can only find happiness in indulging her preexisting delusions and creating new ones.

No. 156057

I know the vid is old news by now and I‘m sorry if it has already been said, but Jill REALLY tried to seem different from her usual self. She changed her entire speech and what not but couldn‘t actually tone it down the entire time. Y'know, acting through out a whole vid can be hard. My bet is that once she 'comes out' as having DID she'll refere to that video as an example of one of her alters having made the entire thing.

No. 156070

Ok Jillian

No. 156093

That really seems like what all this shit is about doesn’t it. Any pronouns are fine because one of her alters is a guy, she prefers pixie because boss bitch babe alter is jill.

Is her college completed? Maybe she’s waiting until she’s graduated, that way she doesn’t have to be seen out in public failing to keep up these stupid alter fronts or whatever.

Come on Jillian just release the DID vid already!

No. 156109

File: 1623878106709.png (61.3 KB, 597x756, f.png)

i went to dig it out and i think this is what she was talking about and its actually kind of sad that is just some anachan fakeboi being dense that she considers "hate"

No. 156112

I feel bad for her mom, Jillian is a genuinely pretty name and she’d rather be called something a 5 year old would call themselves.

No. 156117

File: 1623887962127.jpeg (122.63 KB, 750x602, 7DC901D8-27E8-425F-AF7D-05B618…)

if you have no preference, why even bother coming out? she literally just wants the oppression points and to be a part of another fucking club.

No. 156119

samefag, but the fact that she did this right after steve and her friend emily came out as NB. she's such a sheep.

No. 156121

jfc, gen z is insufferable and actually retarded

No. 156150

>uh no lol
bet her analytics speak otherwise kek

No. 156167

It’s fucking ridiculous. I can’t stand those cunts with ridiculous pronouns in their bios but saying “She/they” or “whatever pronoun” is basically trying to pass off as part of the queer/trans gang while fully knowing that nobody will use He, or any other pronoun. At best “they”.

It’s all so performative. Even her followers are not as dumb to use “Oh I watched Pixie’s video, his editing was nice” because everybody will be confused. So it’s still going to be She/her and she knows it full well.

No. 156169

Interchangeable pronouns? Give me a fucking break. It doesn’t even sound like they’re referring to the same person in the example. Sounds like the ramblings of an insane person talking about multiple peoples videos

No. 156174

“Any pronouns” is such a cis person thing to say, any trans person is actually bothered by what pronouns are used lol

No. 156177

To be fair, people explicitly asked her to list her pronouns aka “come out”. Jill being Jill of course she doesn’t want to be written off as just another boring she/her cissie and probably went for “uhh any pronouns” so she doesn’t have to commit herself to something she doesn’t feel comfortable with. Anyone who lists multiple pronouns knows that the vast majority of people are going to default to the ones that feel the most natural, which in most cases are the ones that match your sex.

If the DID tinfoiling turns out to be correct, I’m sure that’s a bonus for her.

No. 156186

No one cares about trannies.

No. 156240

File: 1623948528960.jpeg (64.59 KB, 750x429, 31857A7C-58FB-4F65-A66D-CD777B…)

she doesnt even actually care what name she's called. its pointless.

No. 156267

I wish people would always call her "he" and give her a mental breakdown kek

No. 156275

File: 1623960341299.jpeg (62.61 KB, 1242x246, F1420C82-2A18-46D3-977B-CA8A7A…)

realised I’m still in the confetti club group when I saw this post and people are already referring to her as “him” lmao

No. 156279


Honestly it feels like we've come out the other side of SJW pandering and these people are trolling her, though I would love it if everyone both called her Jill/Jillian (maybe a Gillian for good measure) and He/Him only, nothing else.

No. 156281

I just don’t get her she’s so dramatic about everything she clearly just wants to feel special in the oppression Olympics

No. 156288

File: 1623966038378.gif (361.99 KB, 220x140, tenor.gif)

so steebie and her the bi couple don't have a gender/sex anymore bc they dress in weird pastel clothes?

No. 156291


It starts with us, anon. Let's start calling Jill him right now.

No. 156298

File: 1623972216465.png (309.3 KB, 796x488, befgbbbvg.png)

All hail our he/him king lmao

No. 156309


next thread pic kek

No. 156319

File: 1623988303970.jpeg (75.15 KB, 750x492, E20206CB-8F11-4448-8E43-D166A0…)

are we also entering the poly pixielocks era, where steve somehow becomes an even bigger cuck than before?

No. 156330

I'd be super surprised if Gill and Molly (best friend that is a transgender woman now) didnt have a thing going on at some point when Gillian was single.

No. 156333

File: 1624006309554.png (151.79 KB, 508x412, jyhntj.png)


No. 156334

File: 1624006612022.png (301.7 KB, 540x454, jyhntj.png)

does she read her thread?

No. 156343

wtf is wrong with her? Her audience are mainly children

No. 156344

She lurks hard.

No. 156361

Troons and troon adjacents exposing underage kids to sexual content? Groundbreaking.

No. 156363

Wait is that Jon? The one friend Jill always ran back to when she, I‘m sorry, HE was single?

No. 156573

File: 1624131993108.png (3.77 MB, 750x1334, 2E7020FE-E978-47E8-B5D7-E2CC48…)

cant believe we're literally in the catatonic-DID-trans-nunbinary-drag-stoner-poly-thot pixielocks era. onlyfans when?

No. 156574

File: 1624132449985.jpeg (130.11 KB, 750x801, F9436BB9-3D9F-4439-AD5B-0DD4D4…)

the sad part is, this is a marked improvement from her usual mucky rainbow brows.

No. 156581

she really looks like Divine in all the worst ways possible.
I know she's trying to be sexy making her face like that but she just look special needs.

No. 156582

she looks dead, or depressed, or just straight up ugly idk which but this should have never been posted to the internet not even bc of the makeup but she just looks lifeless

No. 156643

Jill commits to the divine cosplay fully to seem legit gay and eats a dog turd when kek

No. 156686


kinda feels like she's taking the piss out of the genderfluid/agender people

No. 156697

oh my god what the fuck is wrong with her

No. 156700

Skinwalking both drag queens and emilia fart

No. 156702

can't imagine someone referring to a hyperfeminine-presenting person like jillybean as he/him, like just thinking realistically

No. 156705

>>156702 exactly like - the only people I've seen really go by "any pronouns" are middleschoolers who are still figuring that stuff out, or people who are fairly androgynous and are nonbinary

No. 156711

Learn to sage twitterfag

No. 156714

>>156711(emoji use)

No. 156722

>are middleschoolers who are still figuring that stuff out,

While you hit the nail on the head here that she comes across like a middleschooler, especially in pic related >>156573
figuring that stuff out is a retarded attitude, we don't all need to assess our genders to decide if they're "right" - you can dress gender nonconforming or be gay without needing to have permanent damaging surgery or medical intervention to "fix" you. Put down the Twitter juice.

No. 156732

I was thinking about why it feels performative and stupid. It comes down to what >>156702 said. No one would ever fail to see Jill as a ciswoman. So if she truly is "any pronouns" (kek), why even bother announcing that on every platform? If she just wanted to say she doesn't care what pronouns are used, she could have just added it to her bio & been done with it. But there's a big difference between an understated bio line ("any pronouns" or "I don't have any preferred pronouns") and making extra tweets, tiktoks, whatever to announce her preferred special needs name + her pronoun revelation. Well, it's Pride month and her relationship still doesn't look very qweer despite the rainbow aesthetic. So this is a way to keep the focus on herself and set up her DID reveal.

She's never once suggested feeling like something other than a woman. Except when she larps as a child.

No. 156843

File: 1624333653634.webm (5.55 MB, 720x1280, hyvoxcSloZWyd407.webm)

I'm posting the whole video because it is hilarious. God those faces.

No. 156844

File: 1624333802767.png (14.27 KB, 546x102, uhhdhd.png)

I hope her mom helps her out of her retardation and not enable it down even more

No. 156846

Imagine if it was an unexpected concern visit since she got wind of her "DID" bullshit
>hey mom I have multiple personalities now
>It results from extreme childhood trauma which caused my mind to fragment
>pixie's mom recalls her childhood of eating nuggies and watching cartoons
>"Uh-huh baby, hey I happen to be visiting nearby soon, how about I drop by???"

No. 156849

We should start using male pronouns in this thread and see what happens. kek

No. 156852

IDK anon don't he and his mom talk almost every day? I imagine his mom is only going over to take the photos of his "fashion" collection like he said previously. We all already know that his mom is the biggest enabler in his life.

No. 156855

why does he keep making these stupid faces? it only makes him look older and dumpier

No. 156857

>only mom is visiting
So does he not ever celebrate father's day with his dad?

No. 156858

not to blog but i feel like his relationship to his dad is more like a newly introduced stepdad lol. like extremely awkward and hoping for the best but doesn’t even consider him a part of his life and won’t lift a finger to help him or show he cares. very strange to learn that his parents have always been together and even that he isn’t fucking dead by how often he ignores him.

No. 156859

File: 1624341108411.jpg (50.66 KB, 1000x750, qTBC1A5.jpg)

Stop it nonnies! You're gonna start a trans arc!

No. 156870

I love you nonnies kek
He made his bed now he has to lie in it.

How long do you think it'll be until he's fully trans and chops his tits off?

No. 156873


I mean in a way we can only hope, and then when the hair starts falling out he wants out "because he did not consider all the consequences".

No. 156875

we'd love to see it

No. 156878

There’s nothing funnier than an obvious female balding ftm- and considering jill’s hair is part of his brand I can see a breakdown of that starting happening.

No. 156886

File: 1624370737338.png (42.45 KB, 549x227, Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 15.0…)

I mean if I'm reading this correctly, Steve is lasering off his ball hair to become less manly, then why wouldn't Jillian hop on the trans/ non binary train as well? Do the old switcharoo but still be a straight couple kek. I wish I show what tweet they replied to but its from a private account so doubt anyone here can see it.

No. 156888

That's definitely a sign of a guy who wants to troon out, from experience.

No. 156900

Does this mean we should start referring to Steve as she

No. 156901

I bet Jill is encouraging Steebie to troon so he can get those "lesbian" woke points for the rainbow aesthetic

No. 156905

Sage for I'm drunk and wanna tinfoil

OnlyFans-Drag-FtM-Saga incoming.

No. 156914

File: 1624385179475.jpeg (2.03 MB, 2316x3088, E4fxN_GX0AoSa2R.jpeg)

>>156905 I agree anon

No. 156915

He already looks like he has some sort of stache going on.

No. 156920

Ah, yes. Everyone's favorite mentally disturbed space prince.

No. 156922

What if Steve AND Jill both troon out. Good god

No. 156923

it would be like a reverse straight couple or a straight couple with extra steps KEK

No. 156929

Lmao sounds horrible and i’m in for it. They both look ugly as they are already, can’t imagine the sight if they both trooned.

No. 156957

File: 1624400048398.gif (597.4 KB, 500x328, e89.gif)

god that fucking tongue, ENOUGH

No. 156959

Lol I was just thinking of how this is now completely within the realm of possibility.

No. 156962

you forgot about the did saga

No. 156989

lol laser hair removal can be for anywhere not just the genitals. I would guess more he's just getting facial hair lazered

No. 156994

Kek anon I love that gif

No. 156995

File: 1624415999910.png (475.22 KB, 750x742, imagen_2021-06-22_213945.png)

We reffer to stevie as she and jillian as he, yes.

No. 157022

How does Steebie's no discernable income having kept twink homebody ass have the money for multiple sessions of laser hair removal?

It would be a dream come true for him to turn a gay boyfriend into a gf for MY LESBIAN GIRLFRIEND, MY LONG TERM LIVE IN LESBIAN LOVER clickbait.

No. 157061

Daddy Jillian is only paying for it because Steve will soon match her home decor.

No. 157076

don’t misgender him anon

that heart nose/highlight stripe in white eyeliner is how every shitty female drag queen starts off and they always think they’re so unique with it

shave them jillian it’s not like you can get any uglier

No. 157077

> the sad part is, this is a marked improvement from her usual mucky rainbow brows.
Agreed. If it is smart at all, it will shave it’s eyebrows off completely. Anything is better than the retarded rainbow brows.

No. 157123

Please no, he should go back to his natural eyebrows

No. 157124

File: 1624517602314.png (334.32 KB, 534x376, wrferf.png)

1. he definetely reads his thread
2. what's the difference between colourpop and wetnwild anyways? why bash one and not the other. It's basically the same shit.

No. 157128

I'm amazed that he managed to bully them in to submission. Especially since he rarely does make-up videos and his YouTube views have gone down the drain and his subscriber count has been stagnant.

No. 157136

Colourpop has got more kaweewee rainbie collaborations so they can’t be that bad right?

No. 157160

wasn't he just pissed wetnwild wasn't shipped sustainably? Maybe color-pop did (doubt it.)

No. 157161

File: 1624562688882.png (60.71 KB, 1079x391, Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 3.22…)

samefag, but

No. 157165

Yeah, it was strange considering how much he gets plastic shit and cheap fabrics etc.

No. 157181

File: 1624574261062.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1106, Screenshot_20210624-163639-695…)

The absolute regret and pain in mama Vessy's eyes.

No. 157189

Who would leave the house like this kek

No. 157191


Nice how she blurred the shit out of her skin, whitened tf out of her teeth, etc., but left her mom completely untouched and thus especially crusty looking as a result. Couldn’t even use an all-over soft focus filter, eh ~*Pixie*~?

No. 157197

Looks like a picture taken when his mom wasn’t ready and instead of redoing it with more warning and better lighting decided he looked good enough so who cares kind of thing

No. 157205

you just know its mom hates the way it has become. mama vessey already hated the notorious mohawk. i can't imagine her looking at its state now and thinking any of this is okay

No. 157208

I thought this was that abbi autist who always changes styles.

No. 157211

Mom has the same expression a lot of us probably have while reading this thread. Pixie has gone off the deep end lately, what with larping as a drag queen DID they/them (as of last week) so she probably doesn't know what to make of him. Sorta incredulous laughing is what I'm getting from that expression.

No. 157216

Oh yeah, there's pain in those eyes. I think it's clear who the really traumatized party is here

No. 157223

I do wonder, does all pronouns include it/its? Kek

No. 157232


It's not seen his mum in person for a long time and that's how they choose to show up?

No. 157236

yes, and don't forget all the neo-pronouns, you're free to call our king of bird poop makeup xie/xer too

No. 157240

I didn't think she would wear the my violet dress outside, but here she is.

No. 157244


The flower nose highlight?? The only white liner highlight in thr middle of his face. His inner face is one style. The outer is another. Making him look espcially clown ish.

No. 157246

Why do they both look constipated and in pain

No. 157267

No. 157268

No. 157270

Is the whacked out fake voice in this meant to be an "alter"?

No. 157273

>>157267 the whole video is her talking about how Neurodiversity isnt just autism/adhd. It's a catch all term for any mental illness plus autism/adhd. She also talks about how she has so many symptoms that bpd can't explain but doesnt mention having did

No. 157275

8 minute mark “were not just putting this as a fun quirky thing in our bio” suuure..

has she been formally diagnosed? you either are or you aren’t. she talks about it like she’s talking about clothes or something to collect.

No. 157276

That’s not at all true, it’s insane that she does these videos speaking from a place of authority to her followers who are usually younger and just provides misinformation, neurodivergent people are born like that not made, you aren’t born with bpd or did, things in your childhood make you become like that. Saying she is neurodivergent when what she claims to have is completely fixable is actually kind of ableist.

No. 157278

So he just wants to be let in the big boi autists club without the autism.

This seems eerily similar to when he said he was mostly a lesbian, he wanted the lesbian title so bad even though he was dating a nonbinary person who had a dick.

No. 157279

File: 1624644347436.png (357.37 KB, 668x522, PIXIE.png)

the yellow eyeshadow in her nose and the crusty, creasing around the nose..

No. 157282

she's now insinuating that she was born neurodivergent, probably because she knows that her trauma wasn't bad enough to cause this much damage. she's so full of shit.

No. 157285

It is literally impossible to be born with bpd or did, it’s possible to be cured completely of bpd and people are cured of it all the time, lying saying she was born like this and is just uwu disabled when she is able to be cured if she just put in the work is such a slap in the face to people who wish they could be cured

No. 157286

She is past the point of redemption for me now, comparing her play acting and the stigma she thinks she faces dressing like a clown and being an asshat on the internet by choice to what people with schizophrenia deal with just trying to live their lives is beyond disgusting

No. 157287

Sage for samefag but did anyone else pick up on her talking about how misdiagnosis happens, it’s common and it’s not the persons fault, what a convenient out for her later

No. 157290

God, I'm not gonna watch that. Even if this wasn't pixielocks this video is full of annoyance and missinformation. I'm fucking done with her. Point of no return for this fucking bitch. I hope she gets called out for making such a stupid video. But honestly, she will never change, she'll continue being a stupid disgusting womanchild with rainbie baibie shit because she knows it gives her attention. God. Disgusting.

No. 157291

That's a fucking lie, that term isn't for just "any mental illness" she's such a fucking idiot

No. 157292

Make a whole video shilling misinformation and Twitter "knowledge," (aka just stuff you made up on the spot) because people's brains aren't filled with enough bullshit in 2021, why not add to the pile. Conflating ADHD and Autism with curable mental illnesses is a shitty thing to do, but it knows this since it lurks the thread and this has been said many times.

No. 157294

>tfw you're so woke that you call people with developmental disorders mentally ill
Great job on the representation and awareness Poxie

No. 157297

I’m just waiting for somebody to call this makeup look asian-fishing or whatever the term that was going round with the tiktok sjws.

No. 157298

She seems like the kind of person that would take a DNA ancestry test and get 98% mayonnaise and 2% Asian then go around telling people she is Asian

No. 157301

he's skin walking @onlinepixie so hard, I guess pixie never got over not being let into the queer kids club in highschool kek

No. 157307

File: 1624653378008.jpeg (324.89 KB, 741x729, 1A71DF42-DCF8-4179-B199-3A953B…)

couldn’t bring myself to watch this shitshow which is saying something because I’ve seen every one of his vids since high school but here are some extremely autistic comments from the first hour. saged because idk if comments by fans count as milk.

No. 157308

At 4:19 she asks whether Autism and Asperger's are the same, I won't watch further sisters, I'm getting aggressions

No. 157309

Tinfoil: Jill fails being a fashion designer and goes back to school to major in psychology to be even more annoying than she already is lol

No. 157312

The comments do count as milk, because it's her video

No. 157314

He doesnt want to study anymore. My bet is she fails and then opens a soap or candle store kek

No. 157315

I wish someone would make a call-out video on him so bad. he would be canceled so fast.

No. 157327

jfc it doesn't even know that and still tries to act like a spokesperson for the whole ass nd community? I'd ask it to put on a clown mask but it's already wearing one

No. 157330

“ autistic, adhd, and 5 personality disorders” her audience is somehow stupider and more attention whorey than her

No. 157332

i could be wrong but aren’t there only like 6 personality disorders? And two of them are the psycho/sociopath variety. i cant imagine her doing another meet and greet in 2021 i would not feel safe if i were her.

No. 157339

File: 1624666779179.jpeg (116.57 KB, 640x1136, 9905E9D1-5F51-491E-B4F3-6F30EB…)

grabs from the few comments I saw having some common fucking sense.
I wish he would get dragged for this because it literally was not only a dogshit video, but he fr did blatantly spread misinformation. How are the tiktards not all over him?

No. 157344

i wish more of her dumbass fans would call her out, i saw one comment ask why her voice kept changing lol

No. 157346

I don’t know where she’s trying to go with her channel at this point it’s lacklustre and doesn’t have a set path

No. 157353

File: 1624684270883.jpeg (37.74 KB, 640x480, images (1).jpeg)

No lol
personality disorders are not neurodivergency, shes spreading missinformation to excuse having the neurodiverse label on her profile. Selfish, self centered and actually stupid bordering on harmful.

No. 157356

I think this is just the start to her degenerate DID qweer saga. Can't wait for her to hit 30 and look absolutely like shit.

No. 157368

I already know that he's going to take the clips of him autist level stimming and call it DID. Like he does realize that making weird voices and moving his body weirdly is more of an autistic thing right? He can't be that fucking dumb.

No. 157371

Sage for autism, but can we please go back to calling her she cause the he/it shit is annoying as fuck. Stop humouring her.

No. 157372

I think calling him a he is funny because he's a fucking retarded piece of shit. You can call her she anyways, he likes any pronouns kekkkk

No. 157374

Imagine how annoying Gill thinks it is…Xey shouldn't put a halfassed "any pronouns" in Xis bio if Xey didn't want them to be used.

No. 157381

I hate him more than ever. Purposefully lying and spreading misinformation for his own benefit. "I was a super spoiled coddled child and I am trying to larp as someone with a rare disorder that can only result from childhood trauma, so by my authority, facts are irrelevant and I can make reality whatever I want" Narcissist. Jill you are a narcissist. Sage for sperging.

No. 157396

File: 1624718903978.png (178.56 KB, 1810x622, Screen Shot 2021-06-26 at 10.4…)


No. 157402

fucking KEK. I hope this is the one he gets dragged for, lads.

No. 157405

Mental illness is something you could hope someone recovers from, Autism and ADHD are disabilities which can be improved but not recovered from since it's a part of you. The worst case scenario from misinformation like Jhill's here is people start going around wishing Autistic and ADHD folk well in their "recovery" which would be a kick in the teeth. Like wishing a paraplegic good luck on getting their ability to walk back. Jill is an ass for trying to twist reality just so she can use the word in her bio.

No. 157409

there’s a ton of comments telling him how stupid he sounds now, i hope he makes an apology video

No. 157410

That’s her goal though, to muddy the water on terminology so she can continue to benefit from it. She wants to feel so special, so bad she doesn’t give a shit who she throws under the bus because all she gives a shit about is herself.

She barely posts on her socials; what is she even doing any more? Does she do anything for Patreon? She’s falling (fallen) out of relevance and desperately grasping at whatever she can to make herself stand out again. Instead of pushing herself outside of her comfort zone and developing actually interests and a personality, she’s decided to shield herself from criticism by claiming all these neurodivergent and mental illness tags.

It’s ok to be just jill.

No. 157412

File: 1624731186822.png (491.37 KB, 1078x1539, Screenshot_2021-06-24-06-10-58…)

Which gender will Munchielocks choose.

No. 157413

File: 1624731263499.png (173.86 KB, 1080x838, Screenshot_2021-06-24-06-13-22…)

No. 157414

i think she took the video down? kek

No. 157415

samefag, did anybody make sure to download or screen record the video before she took it down?

No. 157416

she did lmfao i wonder if she’ll say anything or just pretend it didnt happen

No. 157417

File: 1624732963304.png (6.79 KB, 400x222, 91CABDD2-F01C-4032-ABC4-FC82B1…)

It's funny how she conveniently leaves out the parts of Judy Singer's blogposts that don't benefit her personal agenda.

No. 157418

File: 1624733022666.png (1.89 MB, 1612x1284, twt.png)

yeah it's private the tweets are still up and neurodivergent is still in her bio rn i wonder if she genuinely realized her mistake or just didn't like the comments

No. 157423

Silly nonnies, you know there’s not going to be an apology or an acknowledgement, we sent her into a Catatonic depression ptsd flashback kek. We’re going to get some vague tweets ab how horrible her mental health is or that her anxiety is “acting up” and that’ll be it. Maybe some shady tweets in her likes. Let’s not forget we’re dealing with the Queen of not addressing her controversies.

No. 157425

File: 1624734132628.png (307.76 KB, 674x1200, 34D88D98-7F62-4291-A40F-74D00D…)

I wonder how much of the blog post she actually read. This kind of misusage of the word is something Judy consistently writes about, and how much it's hurt the movement as a whole.

No. 157426

She knew she was making a divisive video, she said it multiple times during it yet she still took it down once she got heat for it. What a fucking coward. She needs to apologize or make some sort of recognition because people are starting to get tired of influencers saying dumb shit then pretending that it never happened.

No. 157430

File: 1624737537241.jpeg (196.85 KB, 749x793, 130ECBAE-6E54-40DD-B47C-097998…)

No. 157431

File: 1624737966733.jpeg (410.01 KB, 828x1064, EBA29B0C-AD73-4886-9C2F-F5F761…)

also posted under her community tab

No. 157434

Jill pretending to be an expert on something he has done no actual research on besides skimming wiki articles and acting like a representative for a community he's not apart of bit him in the ass? I am shocked, who could have guessed

No. 157436

>she's silencing disabled people
oh my god. She's going to get called out or cancel anytime soon. It's a ticking bomb kek.

No. 157439

>That’s her goal though, to muddy the water on terminology so she can continue to benefit from it.
This. Exactly this. She thinks she has enough authority to define what neurodivergency is or isn't, but she knows jack shit.

No. 157441

She's cherry picking words and phrases to spread missinformaiton. Extremely PATHETIC, years of study and papers on autism and adhd by many reputable doctors just thrown away by this rainbie womanchild. All the actual neurodivergent people who through the years were subject to isolation, experimentation, and pain: disregarded and thrown into the trash. All because she wants to make a WORD her entire personality. Just cast away all the actual neurodiverse people because here comes Jillian to tell you that whatever she pulls out of her ass is true.

She's so obnoxious, she has actual 0 personality of her own so she needs to fucking steal it away from other people. First she was skinwalking kawaii girls, then skinwalking youtubers, then skinwalking drag queens. But actually skinwalking neurodiverse people? Wew.
All she is is a NARCISSIST. Wanting this much attention and stealing identities from others to accomodate your own damn lard ass is a sign of a NARCISSIST.

No. 157443

>my goal was to comment on the conflicting info out there
What a fucking lie lmao

No. 157447

That's why you should never pander to extremely mentally ill woketards like she does, the herd will always eat the weak eventually

No. 157452

>>157431 she is still going to claim the label for herself though 100%

No. 157459

this though. i feel like a normal person would have been @‘ed by an actual neurodivergent person months ago, realized they made a mistake, apologized and took it out of their bio. It costs $0 and five minutes to admit you’re wrong, but she is such a huge narcissist that it’s physically impossible for her to do so, instead she has to make an 18 minute video talking about nothing to justify using a word she thinks sounds nice.

No. 157464

She still has neurodivergent in her bio…did she happen to say in the video what makes her neurodivergent or is she trying to lump BPD in with being ND?

No. 157469

i really just want to know why in the hell did she think it was ok for her to wear clown makeup for a serious video. out of all the videos, why did she choose a serious topic where shes trying to educate by putting on completely different makeup that makes her look "crazy and different and quirky." shes completely spiraling into something insufferable.

No. 157476

She's stupid and has 0 self awareness. She wears clown makeup practically every fucking day and no one has told her that it looks stupid, crusty, ugly and unprofessional. If someone did ever tell her that she would be like "my style is not the problem!!!" or something.
>makes her look "crazy and different and quirky."
Because she is crazy. At the makeup makes it obvious and well adjusted people can tell her to fuck off.

No. 157477

Very telling how she's sorry for the "confusing" presentation of her information and is careful not to directly apologize to the many people with actual autism, adhd, etc. who voiced hurt in the comments over her appropriating the term from them.

Clearly she made this video to justify and garner support for labeling herself as neurodivergent and if she were to apologize to them she'd have to admit fault and stop using it as her own identity.

No. 157480

Does anyone know the rule with sponsored videos? Isn’t there a 24 hour rule so the creator still gets a cut? I’m pretty sure that’s why she waited so long to take it down. Or either she got nervous so many people saw her deleting comments and panicked (maybe ?)

No. 157489

Did anyone manage to download this?

No. 157490

It's not privated, it's deleted. I can't find it under my history neither can I open the link in my browser when I start typing and it suggests me her video.
Fucking liar.

No. 157492

File: 1624786683037.jpg (219.84 KB, 720x1120, 20210627_103702.jpg)

No. 157493

File: 1624786828057.jpg (139.43 KB, 720x812, 20210627_104009.jpg)

No. 157497

Lol she’s only commenting on her Twitter post to the people who are kissing her ass and saying things like “sorry people are being negative to you about this” and saying crap like “thanks for being kind” in response?? like you’re not sorry at all. You got scared by all the negative comments and call outs. I to this day don’t get how pixie is untouchable? Why does she get exempt from other you tubers calling her out?!

No. 157498

When you open the link of the video, which is still up in Twitter, it literally says "This video is private"

Check your facts before calling someone a fucking liar


No. 157500

Daddy chill

No. 157503

File: 1624798386133.png (314.14 KB, 593x451, jillybean.png)

Is this supposed to be one of his "alters" or something? The account was made this month so I'm guessing he made the account himself?

No. 157504

oh my god its finally happening

No. 157505

holy shit DID era is finally upon us. seems like her neurodivergency controversy made her need more woke points, time to bring out the alters

No. 157506

oh god what in the fuck is this LMFAO

No. 157507

please please please tell me she will repaint her rooms to match her different alters

No. 157508

I don't think he will have a DID phase. This is his intro to drag.

No. 157509

Oh no.. Does he think people will pay to see his hairy armpits on stage?

No. 157510

File: 1624799203432.gif (3.71 MB, 420x236, 71a136bfd98c90fdfabb3481622aae…)

This guy really pulls all this shit out of his ass in order to make people forget about the trainwreck of a fashun kek. What a mess.
Troon saga will start in 3…2…1…

No. 157511

*fashun collection

No. 157512

File: 1624799488053.jpeg (29.97 KB, 800x550, 3FF23C03-15C7-41AB-90C0-E26592…)

No. 157514

File: 1624799931317.jpg (28.76 KB, 400x400, 3_Kyq1Yu_400x400.jpg)

No. 157515

>>157508 im not sure, shes got he him pronouns in bio, and follows two DID accts. and why wld u refer to ur drag persona as friend??? i think shes going full-on DID

No. 157516

i hate him

No. 157518

he is becoming more and more like trisha paytas each day, just without the smidge of sex appeal

No. 157519

File: 1624800539330.jpg (388.49 KB, 1080x1896, 20210627_232811.jpg)

Some comments are just so…

No. 157520

Sage for dumb question and rant. If DID is real. Which I personally don’t think it is. I mean if it’s from childhood trauma then wouldn’t he have been had DID this entire time? I just can’t imagine like sitting down and doing this makeup and picking out this outfit and being like “okay now I am ___” ya know? Like ____ activate! Isn’t it uncontrollable?.. also isn’t he supposed to be this body possy person. So girls can have hairy pits as well, but she showed this hairy pit to be like “I’m a man look see I haven’t shaved in a few days” ? Does she think having made up DID will validate her being ND and her ND video? No it’ll just come off as an excuse and it’s obvious she chose now to start “unfolding” it to try and make others feel bad that she was “called out”

No. 157521

File: 1624801277198.jpeg (333.32 KB, 828x792, 9E78FADE-836E-4471-A9BF-2A504B…)

fucking kek grab the popcorn ladies

No. 157522

I beleive DID is real but its way rarer than people who larp it on the internet. For it to occur you need to have went through some real fucked up stuff as a child. Switching alters is uncontrollable but can have triggers.

Jill is just making it up for attention once again hurting another community that has hard a rough time. Due to so many people larping it.

No. 157523

Is this because Jill thinks you need to be only one thing (e.g. pastel rainby) and if you like more than one style it needs to become a whole other personality? This is just the style she had as a teenager. Prof pic I thought was an old teenage pixc at first.
Also obvious effort to distract from her attempt to recategorize bpd and DID as "neurodivergent"
>wah you critiqued me so now I switched personalities changes clothes and makes faces at the camera
She's insufferable.

No. 157524

>>157523 the profile pic is an old one from when she was a teen

No. 157526

You can see some clips of celebrities like Britney spears switch alters in interviews inadvertently (probably search DID britney on Youtube or similar to see), it's definitely the result of extremely fucked up things happening to you/a coping strategy as this anon said >>157522

This is 100% Jill simply attention seeking online as usual. She has gone through nothing that requires protective "alternative" personalities to escape to.

No. 157527

Ah that explains it, so this is intentionally a weird regressive "personality" of hers.

No. 157528

since most of her research is doubtful at best I think she saw videos on youtube/tiktok getting traction and thought 'ah yes thats for me'. Like I've seen people on tiktok switch on command and its hilariously bad acting

No. 157530

She couldn’t have waited before going on her main and retweeting it, switched back instantly did you Jill to retweet

No. 157532

So she is putting this into motion earlier presumably because of the video and the criticism but the thing is….this also does not make you neurodivergent Jill.
The idea is that something so bad happens that your underdeveloped child brain just can’t cope with it so compartmentalises so that the host can survive, it can only happen whilst your brain is still developing they estimate nine as the oldest you can be for it to happen. People like Jill and social media want to make out that the personalities are always all completely different people who dress and act completely differently, have different gender and like completely different things, that’s rare within DID, usually the difference between the personalities is pretty subtle and more like oh blah blah is a little weird today not blah blah is an entirely different person

No. 157535

Okay yea that makes sense! Thanks for explaining guys. I always thought it was fake bc of youtubers and the tiktokers cringy switch videos so that’s my Ignorance sorry. I lived in a psychiatric hospital till the day before I turned 18 (for ptsd) and my roommate had schizophrenia and some sort of personality disorder. (She was on the news actually it’s a really sad story. Basically she started a new school and had a group of boys who lived near her walk her home and they all gang r*d her) so I’m aware what trauma can do from living with people my age for so long but I never met a DID person. I swear if she makes a like coming out video and says this all stims from that gf she had in middle school I will loose it (already am tbh) Why take advantage of already weaker communities? Is it really easy money? Going down this path so many people will call her bluff. It kinda sucks bc she can do something with fashion and take advantage of her fans and overcharge and make so much money that way… but ig she’s to lazy and doing this cosplay and living a lie is easier in her mind?

No. 157536

how tf did this bitch go from awkward and spoiled but bearable to watch teenager to whatever the fuck this trainwreck is
maybe he realized theres no way in the world he would be able to make a living out of his broken fashun designer dreams kek

No. 157538

not to wk but could this possibly just be xer drag persona? the name is just too much, "Villainy" sounds like a drag name

No. 157539

She wants to stay relevant and she’s struggling to come up with content for her YouTube. All her mental health shit resonates with her confetti cult members and she gets ass pats for being oh so brave! And also DID is a popular larp at the moment so wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 157540

Maybe it’ll start that way… jill really wants to be special and have people tell him he’s special so it’ll be drag until that no longer gets him that sweet sweet validation.

No. 157542

File: 1624807568802.png (47.29 KB, 600x216, Screenshot 2021-06-27 at 16.25…)

No. 157543

I don’t think it’s usual to put the pronouns in bio like that with a drag persona, usually you would say in the bio that it is a drag persona, this is more like she is larping being trans which generally drag performers make sure to keep the distinction clear
It’s very funny that she is so painfully a cis het woman and this is as far as she could push her uwu masculinity, hairy armpits and a beanie. She didn’t even contour her face more masculine and has her normal eyeliner on. Using that old picture as well does she think that wearing black is masculine.

No. 157544

So why does it say friend? Does she mean for her fans to add that other account? It does seem more drag king than anything but I’m still confused why she’s introducing this extra account in the way she is…

No. 157547

my guess is shes pretending it's another person, like she's larping as this edgy drag king alter ego. imo she wants us to know it's still her but she's roleplaying as this character she's made up with a new account and everything.
complete cringe regardless

No. 157550

post caps dumbass

No. 157551

oh my lord I need this to happen

No. 157552

Lmao yeah sure put an old picture when you werent as fat Jill, surely no one will notice

No. 157553

The thing is, DID is a serious condition and the switch is something that people can't help to do because they feel threatened.

What these like Jillian claim to have is more akin to having a different wardrove and act different willingly according to situation.

No. 157554

>Is this because Jill thinks you need to be only one thing (e.g. pastel rainby) and if you like more than one style it needs to become a whole other personality?
Bingo, somehow this retard thinks that you need a whole different persona to dress differently kek

No. 157555

>Like I've seen people on tiktok switch on command and its hilariously bad acting
of course, she loves copying shit from the internet and since the neurodivergent video didn't gain traction she needs to make a DID video now to prove that she's mentally ill and special

No. 157556

Let's fucking go

No. 157557

>how tf did this bitch go from awkward and spoiled but bearable to watch teenager to whatever the fuck this trainwreck is
>maybe he realized theres no way in the world he would be able to make a living out of his broken fashun designer dreams kek
Ugh this so much

No. 157561

Hey, sorry for the dumb question but what does Pixie have PTSD from? What trauma or abuse has she gone through?

No. 157563

>>157561 she used to date an older girl over deviantart kek

No. 157566

From nothing he is just a spoiled brat who needs attention. That’s it.

No. 157567

For two weeks.

No. 157568

Is she going to spread some bullshit saying that this is the exact moment she split because the stress of being fake gay was too much to handle, So that's why she used an old photo?

The video did gain traction, it's just that the comment section wasn't filled with the ass pats that she wanted.

No. 157569

File: 1624820155110.jpeg (128.89 KB, 640x429, 06DDCA28-A913-4BDD-AD02-CD7A17…)

Whichever of you dumbasses is tipping need to knock it off.

No. 157570

File: 1624820625900.jpg (641.51 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20210628-050304_Twi…)

Is it normal to follow yourself on alternative accounts?

No. 157574

lmao Jill you can just wear black you don't have to make it a whole thing

No. 157577

I doubt that's a farmer, but anywasy, she's the weirdo.

No. 157582

File: 1624825896693.png (278.86 KB, 1194x1010, Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 4.30…)

apparently trichitollomania is why she's ND lmao

No. 157584

she's just grasping at straws at some point. Also only autism and adhd are neurodivergency

No. 157592

She can't even spell it right, it's spelled trichotillomania, not trichitollomania. Kek.

No. 157593

I feel like even claiming something like dyslexia or similar learning disabiliy would be a more valid claim for ‘neurodivergency’ than trich - she didn’t even mention her trich in her video did she?

No. 157596

that's as incorrect as Pixie's entire video. Neurodivergency includes ADHD, autism, but also things like OCD, Tourette's syndrome, dyslexia and I think a few others.

No. 157598

How is OCD part of neurodivergency? Legit asking.

No. 157599

She deleted her reply kek

No. 157600

I'm honestly not sure, I'm going back through research to see if OCD is part of it and why

No. 157604

Your hair falling out from overbleaching it to make it rainby doesn't count as trich, Jill

No. 157609

I'm honestly not sure, I'm going back through research to see if OCD is part of it and why>>157598
Yeah mb I don't know where I got the information OCD was included but that's not mentioned as far as I can see. Although Judy Singer does talk about narcissism (and 2 other similar antisocial conditions)because of its genetic components

No. 157612

careful, anon. she will claim dyslexia if she sees this
with jillybean being so desperate to squeeze herself into the neurodivergent label, i can't see why she hasn't pursued the autism or add streams. i feel that there is a chance she is on the spectrum, because she has a few traits. honestly, it's like the one thing she is more likely to have than any of the disorders she has picked for herself so far. or alternatively it seems like it's so easy to get diagnosed with add (or anything, really) if you find the right shrink. with all the information how add/adhd exhibits differently in girls and is so easy to be overlooked, and how many symptoms just seems like normal things, i can see how easy it would be for eager jill to stretch and mold facts to qualify for a diagnosis. or she could just accept the label of narcissism. that would give her so many brownie points and let her become the one of a kind educator she wants to be. there are so many ways to actually get there, but jill always picks the worst possible path to achieve anything.

No. 157618

If narcissism qualifies which is clearly what she actually has but she is too far gone to see that then that is hilarious, embrace being a raging narcissist Jill then you can use your labels that make you feel special all you want

No. 157620


No. 157622

I am soooo ready for this utter insanity. Grab the popcorn ladies the milkth cometh

No. 157623

File: 1624840063940.jpeg (108.69 KB, 750x589, 2F41DCD6-AE81-4316-A691-332EB0…)

No. 157624

Anon you are an absolute legend, thank you so much for saving this train wreck video. She definitely can’t hide it now

No. 157625

>I always thought it was fake bc of youtubers and the tiktokers cringy switch videos so that’s my Ignorance sorry.
It could exist, but there's no consensus, the research on it is very shoddy, and if it does then it's extremely rare and the result of severe long-term abuse.
>Why take advantage of already weaker communities?
Pretending to have a disability or mental illness is the easiest way to opt out of being part of a 'privileged' class next to claiming to be ''''nonbinary'''''''''; also, you should read up on how to use lolcow.
Jill may not be "neurodivergent", but she certainly has chronic internet poisoning. She's desperately trying to gain social capital.

No. 157628

Claiming neurodivergency is a way of protecting herself from criticism.
When a normal person does something cringy they get bullied and mocked (rightfully so usually)
But when an autistic person is cringy it's okay they're autistic and doing their best.

She does it so people don't criticize her because if they do that's ableism.

She's an awful person and no amount of self diegnosing and baby talk will change it. Its so much worse to fake disability. And bpd curable and not neurodivergency and having a single symptom of ocd isn't having the whole disorder.

No. 157630

>Spends 99% of her time inventing edgy new character traits to try and be the Most Speshul and unusual
>Uses weirdo as an insult when someone tags her with pure facts

So being weird is good or bad??

No. 157631

>I have an obsessive compulsive disorder
>Therefore I am neurodivergent

Still misusing the term, dumbass. OCD is not a brain formation that cannot be changed, OCD can also be overcome. She's 100% gonna be like Trisha before long, just an insufferable, attention seeking liar.

No. 157632

The only thing she has is an internet addiction. If she stopped WebMDing every little brain queef, ate some vegetables, and excercised outdoors she'd be fine. But no, feeling on edge, socially awkward, and scattered are symptoms of a rare if even real mental illness and not the product of too many tendies and quarantine inside an overstimulating mess of a condo. It's like an adult chuunibyo phase.

No. 157648

File: 1624861655415.png (497.81 KB, 664x454, Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 07.26…)

look after your fucking dirty cats jill

No. 157651

wtf is this? I don't understand the shape

No. 157653

At this point, it's suspicious that she doesn't seek an autism diagnosis. At her heart, she is still a spoiled snobby rich girl. I wouldn't be surprised if she secretly hates neurodivergent people and just wants the label for woke points. Didn't she even claim to have tics and do a video about fidgets? Did she explain that away as BPD too?

No. 157655

The screencap is of the bottom of Serena the cats feet. I don't know if they are supposed to be that dark or if its a trait of the breed.

No. 157656

File: 1624867452043.gif (1.56 MB, 366x274, giphy.gif)


No. 157657

its odd that she had this in the video, but said that this new info she found on Judy singers blog 'thankfully, didn't contradict' her video. Bitch, this single slide literally says that its not a term you should use when you can put a therapy plaster on your brain boo boo.

No. 157658

It's still milky, but it ain't DID its just him being a drag king.

No. 157659

That's just the color of the cat's paw fur, nonnie.

No. 157662

All up on the tinsel yet again, go fund me because the cat has an intestinal blockage again when

No. 157664

Taking ugly bathroom selfies isnt being a drag king. Im waiting for actual club performances that would be hilarious

No. 157668

>Don't gatekeep the word neurodivergent u mean autists uwu
bitch what

Tbf either will be milky as fuck, but I'm hoping for a drag king DID character, it would be the milkiest thing since her ~lesbian witch~ saga. I hope she gets tattoos to represent all of her head frens~ which she'll have to cover every time she decides to switch between them

No. 157669

Lmao she's tired of rainby kawaii stuff and wants to branch out, but it's her whole identity, so now she thinks wanting to wear "punk" clothing is a whole other personality and that's why she's DID larping

No. 157670

I think the fact that she went out of the way to follow those DID accounts on that new one says something

No. 157675

She didn't aproach the topic (neurodiversity) correctly. Instead of mentioning the conditions that cover that umbrella term, she should've explained the History of what is considered normal and what is considered weird, mad, obscene… like talking about Mad Pride for instace and explaining how psychiatry has been biased because it has an anthropocentric view of what a "normal human" should be and who should be considered an outcast. Her video was just a mess I couldn't even finish watching, her lack of information was frustrating.

No. 157677

That’s why I hate aesthetics because people feel like it’s a crime to switch it up.

No. 157679

dollar tree divine

No. 157680

But it ain’t even about psychiatry it’s about neurology and developmental disorders

No. 157681

Do both of you have a neurological disorder that prevents you from saging?

No. 157686

What an odd video. You’d assume from her introduction she was going to offer an overview of neurodiversity, but in reality it was just an exercise in self-indulgent navel-gazing. 18 minutes of cherrypicking excerpts from web pages in an attempt to justify her own misuse of the term. Bit concerned but not surprised at her admitting she spends a lot of time reading pages and pages of google results re: mental disorders. I feel less intelligent from having watched it.

No. 157688

She's so fucking obnoxious, no wonder she has no fucking friends.

Tinfoil but if she's so mentally ill why doesn't she go back to her mom's? so she can take care of her retarded child.

No. 157690

Because jills the fun and trendy kind of mentally ill! The kind of mentally ill that means you’re not accountable for anything and you’re an authority on everything! The kind of mentally ill that means your uwu so delicate and above criticism. Be kind~

No. 157700

Honestly, I think this would do her a world of good and the room he lived in previously seems like it would fit him and steve quite well. A lot of cats though

No. 157707

File: 1624911845753.jpeg (172.36 KB, 750x876, DB498455-0D5D-4929-B724-B81D2C…)

she's literally insinuated that she has alters multiple times….its pretty blatant at this point.

No. 157719

File: 1624917605604.jpeg (222.38 KB, 750x1195, 68A03ECB-A18F-4053-9485-7F0F6E…)

So wait is her structural dissociation (or whatever) the start of her DID diagnoses?

Just noticing the systwt hashtag associated with this stuff.

No. 157720

File: 1624917925754.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1169x1924, EBDDB95F-4CD0-4B7B-ACE7-A50F91…)

Showing how cakey you are maybe isn't the best way to say on a makeup company's PR list

No. 157721


As someone who is currently experience true, honest-to-god life-altering trauma (loss of two siblings at once) and the subsequent PTSD . . . and still living my life and working and generally getting along just fine

I have never wanted to physical beat someone more in my entire life.

Saged for my fuckin' blog posting.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 157731

sorry about your siblings, truly sorry but you didn't sage, you a-logged, you reddit posted and used ellipses wrong. go read the rules, sage goes into the email field.

No. 157739

You can't cure fake illness. Of course your doing better you actually went through something.

The only illness she has is being unbearable and no amount of therapy or medication will change that.

No. 157765

File: 1624932784349.png (Spoiler Image,1.52 MB, 750x1334, 92A588B2-F00E-484C-B8A3-B19F66…)

Remember when she was sent kuromi pr and she was so upset? I think it's because it wasn't rainby

No. 157766

His mustache is coming in nicely

No. 157767

Kek probably.
I know nobody can be an 100% ethical consumer and you need to choose your battles and make sacrifices based on your values, but the hypocrisy here just reeks of self-serving performative activism. Especially since she was railing against an accessible cruelty free makeup brand.

No. 157780

I think the funniest part about this entire mess to me is that like… she doesn't just claim autism/adhd??? I remember when she first came out as "bpd" there was so much anon armchairing on here that she was misdiagnosed and was prob just autistic, and honestly i could see it being way more accurate to her symptoms and personality traits. she wants to be ~neurodivergent~ so fucking bad but not at the cost of being diagnosed an autist, all of the actual neurological disorders are too boring and not edgy/ damaged/ mentally ill enough for her brand.

No. 157783

Bpd is the diegnoses they give the annoying privileged kids who refuse to leave the office without there mental illness title to parade around

No. 157792

agreed.. pls excuse the armchair everyone but imo she pretty clearly is autistic, wish she would just realize that and chill on the rest of her mental illness fixations. DID is real imo but extraordinarily rare, and caused by horrifying long-term childhood abuse, usually sexual abuse from adults with easy access to the kid like parents. autism is common though, plus causes identity disturbances and extreme fixations. it hits women very different than men, usually autistic girls get obsessed with "normal" shit and not train schedules or whatever. like jill with precure and her hideous ~~ka wee wee~~ fashion. they also desperately want to fit in and be likeable, which can lead to eating disorders. it's often misdiagnosed as BPD in women too

No. 157795

Smoothest philtrum I've ever seen

No. 157801

Any bets on who her alters are going to be? We have an emo (?) kid so far, if that's not her drag king persona.
Personally that Chloe chick (DissociaDID) has everybody beat with that 40yr old anorexic Vietnamese male alter. I'm not sure what direction Pixie's going to go in. Probably an extremely inappropriate one!

No. 157807

File: 1624958486062.jpg (477.12 KB, 2896x2896, 20210629_052044.jpg)

I love how she zoomed in on her own mustache. This is from IG.

No. 157808

The majority of her incredibly cringy Confetti Club fanbase is (or claims to be) autistic, and I can’t help but wonder if she’s so embarrassed by them that she doesn’t want to admit she has something significant in common with them beyond liking bright colours. The more prolific CC posters are probably the only people who could make Jill look good in comparison, even now.

No. 157809

she wishes
shes literally just annoying. if she had a real job and stopped posting shed be normal.

No. 157812

File: 1624960420531.jpeg (271.32 KB, 803x663, 9DAD90DD-0CC4-4296-B7EF-7CCC57…)

No. 157817


He needs to use a full-coverage concealer or foundation if he want to block out his eyebrows.. This just looks awful.

No. 157818

No. 157819

You answered your own question, it’s too common it wouldn’t make her special or different or “more than” other people, especially lately when there has been such a push the last few years to talk about the way autism in women has been handled and there has been a boom in people being diagnosed as a result

No. 157829

Whoomp! There it is.mp3

No. 157849

File: 1624984767436.jpeg (451.71 KB, 1170x1374, A48D1208-3662-476F-BEB4-14E9B9…)

looks like he bought a binder

No. 157850

File: 1624984846031.jpeg (894.97 KB, 1170x1348, 27C0931D-BBA4-4712-A184-2D90A9…)

No. 157851

honestly it might look better as a man than a woman lmao (tho that's not saying much)

No. 157852

put your tongue back in your mouth please I beg

No. 157853

File: 1624986502527.jpeg (954.83 KB, 1125x1547, 974EA508-E83D-47E6-BD06-BEAB13…)

No. 157854

Omg dude persona??

No. 157855

Literally cosplaying as a trans person for clout

No. 157857

Is this how people normally talk about their drag personas if that’s what this is meant to be? It really comes across like she’s trying to say that this other account she made for dressing in black is a whole ass other person.

No. 157863

transitioning from looking like shaynus to looking like fupaul

No. 157869

I don't understand how after living by himself for two years, he regressed to being an edgy preteen.

No. 157870

File: 1624994691035.png (222.92 KB, 2235x575, chart_updated.png)

not sure how many other trans people frequent this thread but jillian got a large… which is the same size i wear, (as someone who's fairly skinny and 171 cm) so if it's at all too small and it's being worn at all regularly there's a good chance it'll wreck his wribs lol. honestly surprised it's not using transtape because then he could open-chest bind but that's not something you can just put on for a photo shoot and then shrug out of, you have to wear it for a couple days or the adhesive can rip your skin. it's wearing transness like a costume and a joke and this plus the neurodivegency video….. i really hope a "call out" is on the way. (img attached is the size chart from gc2b)

No. 157873

That's fucking retarded.

No. 157874

I wonder how Steve feels that the only thing he owns in that house (his clothes) is being used to ~`*Validate uwu*'~ his girlfriend cosplaying a DID fem boy.

No. 157875

transgender-DID combo already? truly, trisha paytas 2.0. how does it fail to see this immaculate irony?

No. 157877

This is blatantly Jill being done with kawaii styling but not brave enough to just ditch it+risk losing her audience. I think people would stick around if she dropped the cute stuff, or switched styles between them. She didn't need a whole other "personality" to do this.

No. 157880

love that the first non-selfie post is about a new purchase… "sustainable" jill, once again, attempts to justify her shopping addiction by jumping through hoops like a poorly trained show poodle. inb4 she shows off stupid "punk" shit she doesn't fucking need.

No. 157884

File: 1624999314370.gif (1.01 MB, 220x220, 2386j.gif)

No. 157890

File: 1625001146407.jpeg (231.15 KB, 826x1345, 9D76C816-3E76-40C7-A660-045C20…)

For those of you who guessed she made this alt acc to just wear black and not lose her audience, you are 100% correct

No. 157892

Bless you sister

No. 157895

>gender expression

No. 157896

>>157870 hope you'll seek actual mental help for your illness but this was fun to know, she could just wear a sports bra and wear baggier shit for whateverthehell this new account is.

No. 157901

I cant get over how gross she looks pulling those faces. No one sane could produce this and think "oh yes. this is attractive, people need to see this" Jill pls put your tongue back where it came from

No. 157906

Even with her brows glued down she looks so much better without crusty rainby makeup.

No. 157928

Welp, the farms called it. Poor little kawaii spoiled "boy" and her they-by bullshit boyfriend. It's such a parody. I'm still betting on a DID saga at some point as well. Gotta collect all the diagnoses Jillian!

No. 157930

Transman sperg but a large GC2B barely fits on a skinny person with a B cup so there is no way she’s squeezing into that, they’re known for having ridiculously small sizes. Also if she’s planning on keeping her boobs her breast tissue is going to get all stretched and fucked up if she plans on binding a lot, you really shouldn’t bind if you don’t plan on top surgery. Enjoy the saggy tits, hope it’s worth the attention Jillian!(No1curr)

No. 157931

“If she’s going to keep her boobs” she’s clearly just messing around with clothes, outfits and androgyny, trannychan. Highly doubt she’s going to get a double mastectomy and it’s creepy for you to even insinuate that tbh.

No. 157933

imagine potentially ruining your body/ risking actual dangerous bodily harm all for the sake of keeping your brand and aesthetic pure kaweewee while slyly giving yourself gender special points…. couldn't be me

No. 157946

tbh you never know with these retards. plenty of stupid bpd girls have had their tits lopped off for no reason over the past 5~ years, where've you been? its really not a stretch.

No. 157947

no1curr troonchan, go talk about cutting your tits somewhere else
She's obviously never going to fully transition lmao she loves "looking hot" like in all those awful pictures she has been taking recently

No. 157966

If you're a ""man"", wtf are you doing on this site? It's female only. Fuck off.

No. 157977

You are never going to be a man, sorry gal.

No. 157978

NTA but Ghill is larping being a transman so I don't think it's creepy to suggest she might take the larp further. Binding is specific transman/nb behavior and often leads to surgery depending on how seriously they take it. Anon offered some good insight imo and doesn't deserve y'all jumping on them. They clearly suggest that she won't have surgery and that this is a bad idea with the "enjoy the saggy tits" line, it's not like anon is cheering Jill on here.

No. 157979

tbh she probably won't even be able to squeeze herself into that binder at all, if it runs as small as anons say it does. the mere idea of having to suck it up and order like a 2xl and face how big she is might honestly be enough to deter her (or at the very least she def won't be sharing a screenshot of it lol)

No. 157982

you’d think that her very amazing fashion degree would have taught her to look at sizing charts before she ordered things online - or is she just in denial of her actual measurements?

No. 157989

Gender exploration, calm down Jill you just put a beanie and a black tshirt on with a bare face then the usual makeup, you can tell it’s not genuine if this is the best her little straight as fuck brain can come up with, girl who wears a hat is still girl Jill you now just have a hat on

No. 157990

File: 1625048872452.jpg (187.12 KB, 1080x822, IMG_20210630_112205.jpg)

Her reply is so badly worded but Jesus, does she not realise that her partner having a fucked up sleeping pattern is not good and Steve is probably trying to avoid her sweaty lard ass from rolling over and crushing him while he sleeps?

No. 157996

so gender exploration is an aesthetic now Jill? Fantastic to know

No. 157998

in this day and age… he's not wrong kek

No. 157999

retards stop calling her a he it’s just confusing and retarded she is a WOMAN

No. 158002

Wtf this is just sad

No. 158003

Actual anons ITT: >he
Say it with me, now. Jill. Is not. Trans.

No. 158004

You nonnys really didn’t get it huh?

No. 158005

Jill said they were fine with any pronouns. We are just going by what they said.

No. 158007

File: 1625058484976.jpg (26.67 KB, 500x360, 521f2c4c4537b127014ee66d73c53c…)

I know most of the posters ITT have autism so understanding humor can be a hard for you but, indulging in Jill's genderspecial bullshit isn't funny and reeks of twitterfaggotry.

No. 158008

Are you one of the trannynons? She is okay with all pronouns, so we can refer to him with any. Xer wish is our command.

No. 158010

Jill really believes girls can't wear black and dress punk, only boys and theybies. This marketing plot for a second wardrobe is incredible.

No. 158016

File: 1625062498497.jpg (102.15 KB, 598x260, jill.jpg)

No. 158017

If jill actually comes out as a fake tranny then these anons will be playing right into her delusion. I’ll be honest the only reason it ticks me off is because I think i’m having a stroke and reading a different thread.

No. 158020

What the fuck does this mean, I wonder if “freaky adjustments” are recalling her “repressed trauma memories”

No. 158021

Honestly we probably triggered Xer into making that boy account with "he/him" in the bio to prove how unbothered Xhe is with the many new pronouns we bestowed upon Xer.

No. 158022

same anon, it's become a mental challenge to read through this thread.
Anons, it was funny for a while, now it's just retarded

No. 158023

Drink some water anons. If you forgot which thread you clicked, integrate

No. 158025

they literally insinuated the opposite, obviously everyone knows that Jill’s not going to chop off her tits, that’s why binding is going to be so harmful, it’s gonna stretch and deform her breast tissue and they’re going to sag prematurely, which is going to cause more body image issues than she had to begin with

there’s a difference between indulging in someone’s preferences and mocking them, you shouldn’t be calling other anons autistic if you can’t even pick up on that

No. 158028

> that’s why binding is going to be so harmful, it’s gonna stretch and deform her breast tissue and they’re going to sag prematurely, which is going to cause more body image issues than she had to begin with

well, play stupid games and win stupid prices!
It's theri choice to do everything for the woke pity points, so he gonna live with the consequences. Designer shit ain't worked out, so now he needs something new to flex. Idiot could just stick to the fashion gimmick and roll with it, make good cash out of the confetti cunts with merch and keep their mouth shut.

No. 158051

Currently using jill as a personal case study for people getting on the trans enby pill. It's so predictable, sudden weight gain makes woman feel like they don't fit into female beauty standards, and they start seeing themselves as less woman because of it, and thus they must become male to escape said negative thoughts. Because you can't be judged on female standards if you're not even female!!!1! And they all looove the gay/trans best friend stereotype (which still allows them to act feminine like the woman they are) so they think they can become it.

sorry for sperg anons

No. 158056

No. 158061

It isn’t really mocking when it’s doing exactly what she wants, though. She clearly loves being referred to as various pronouns without making an effort to be anything she wasn’t previously

No. 158068

This makes it seem like zir therapist is the type to convince you that you have repressed trauma.

No. 158071

Right, using her genderspecial language is not the insult to her or triggering her like anons think it is because Jill has terminal twitter brain and doesn't see retarded pronouns as a negative thing like anons do. If anything it probably flatters her delusions and makes the thread harder to read every time Steve is brought up because it's unclear who is being spoken about

No. 158075

but anonitas she did say ANY pronouns so we gotta honor our rainby kween by making sure we capture her true essence in neo-pronoun form, no more he/him it's all raintard/rainturd now

No. 158100

femininity is only cool to do if youre a man for these tards

No. 158101


agree, it was funny for like a day and now it's just kinda tryhard at best, mostly just confuses me as to who posters are referring to and i'd personally prefer to put as little mental effort as possible into reading farm threads but maybe that's just me

No. 158103

kek it fits

No. 158104

God, I think this "therapy" is making things worse for her.

No. 158107

feels like almost every single time she goes to therapy she comes out with a brand new diagnosis/ mental illness to add to her list/ bio. at this rate she'll have literally everything you could possibly be dxed with by next year

No. 158121

Shes most likely just hunting for a specific diagnosis like most of those DIDtubers do so she can win the trauma/oppression olympics

No. 158125

I wear a large from that brand too and There's no way Pixie is a large. More like a 2x if we're being honest. Maybe a 3..you're supposed to size up if you're on the borderline between sizes so it doesn't compress your ribs too much

No. 158127

pixie lung collapse saga when

No. 158160

I have a feeling, like most things that she's bought over the years, it's just for a trendy try-on once or twice and then will be forgotten about. I doubt she would wear it long enough to actually cause any problems. I mean one would hope anyways.

No. 158168

I lost hope in her therapist when she described them as an uwu witching took all those selfies in the room, she is treating them like a friend

No. 158231

Anon she took selfies with her therapist or…???

No. 158241

Lurk on past threads, she posted selfies at her therapist not with her therapist

No. 158242

I think she will try it on, feel like shit because she's not a tranny, and then just say "omg binders are bad for your health" as an excuse to why she doesn't use it or something

No. 158248

She took selfies on the therapists gaudy couch, one where she was laying down like she was in a movie which is amusing because people don’t lay on a couch for therapy like that in the real world

No. 158280

I think she will pull some sensory issue thing once xe realises her hog body doesn't fit in it "i'm still valid though!!", he will exclaim

No. 158297

really don't put it past shim to play up the muh skinny-at-heart ~dysphoria~ if the raintarded Vessey Vessel is to blame for rainturd's prolonged gender related suffering

No. 158301


With what pixie has done to their own body in the past…Pixie would be even more of a hypocrite pulling that card.

No. 158326

What is the purpose of everyone using he/they/xe/whatever for her? You’re literally doing what she wants and validating her, I don’t get the humor in that

This like likely, then she will probably claim that it’s a BPD symptom when it’s clearly autism like everything else
That or she will complain about her uwu head mates not agreeing to it and causing drama in the system

“Vessey Vessel” kek

No. 158327

Anon she just put it in her bio for twitter points. Obviously she isn’t enby or fluid or whatever. So we mock her.

No. 158342

But any other time somebody claims to be trans or nonbinary and they’re obviously just doing it for attention people on lolcow make sure to use their actual genders pronouns, so I don’t get why this is ‘mocking’ her. Like if you went into the ftm threads and started aggressively using he pronouns for all the people posted people would think you’re insane and doing what they want.

No. 158343

It was funny initially when Jillian expressed shitself only in a hyperfeminine way. But it loses its humor now that Jillian is actually beginning to pretend shit's a dude.

No. 158347

Wait until her actual pronouns become rainbie/rainbieself.

No. 158354

File: 1625214485071.jpeg (333.23 KB, 828x758, 39005A89-E950-4FEF-8FAD-DE1D2E…)

So you agree? BPD is curable and not the life long mental illness you made it out to be in one of your videos

No. 158357

The way she baby talks about BPD is… ewwwghghghhh. Beyond disgusting.

No. 158358

It's about intention and (lack of) respect. Like how trans coomers think they pass because some dude on the street shouted "hey sexy lady" after them, they don't realize it means the opposite and they're being mocked, but everyone else knows it and is laughing along at them. Jill's sure as fuck not gonna come to lolcow for gender validation either way lmao

No. 158365

>Jill isn't coming to lolcow for gender validation
No, but she does lurk her thread.
>it's about intention and (lack of) respect
If anons wanted to show a lack of respect, they'd refer to Jill as what she is: a biological woman. Anons dead name and refer to tranny cows as their actual gender, I don't see why Jill has to be the exception for an overplayed joke.

>Jill's not gonna come to lolcow for gender validaton either way lmao

No, but she still lurks her thread. Feel like it'd hit the point home better if anons didn't let the space prince have her way and just refer to her as she is.

No. 158402

She's not even trans, she made a trans alter ego which is just her dressed in black. We are clearly not pandering when we mock her "any pronouns," get better at reading if you find random pronoun usage confusing. 95% of the time we're talking about Jill ITT.

No. 158409

kek my dude whats the worst that could even happen? Jill lurking and seeing all these posts and feeling so validated and gendurr euphoric that she immediately chops off her tits and goes full tranny right away? That would just be tragically funny anyway

No. 158415

Can anons please stop sperging over Jill's pronouns and just get back to laughing at the stupid shit she does?

No. 158422

To be fair, kinda boring while we wait for her to put up another youtube video of her saying stupid shit on camera. She pulled a "oppsies" with that last one and kinda STFU on there.

No. 158423

>If anons wanted to show a lack of respect, they'd refer to Jill as what she is: a biological woman.
>Jill isn't going to come for lolcow for validation
The problem with this is that she's stupid, retarded and lurks her thread. You would be suprised how a tard tends to react to these things.

No. 158424

people romanticizing mental illness are such scum

No. 158444

i wonder if her next video is going to be an "apology"/ more concise explanation of whatever tf she was trying to say about bpd and neurodiversity? or if she's just waiting for this to blow over so she can be free to return to precure haul rainby baby shit videos and vague hints at "exploring gender"

No. 158459

File: 1625269949524.jpg (203.26 KB, 1080x892, Screenshot_20210703-015206_Eco…)

She always starts off this way… Lord

No. 158476

Surgeons really do a hackjob with all the ftm mastectomies I've seen, don't do it Jill

No. 158477

File: 1625277155638.jpg (Spoiler Image,142.9 KB, 1000x1500, iu (2).jpg)

I'm so sorry to this lady for posting her, but I just saw this pic of future Jill when checking my spelling

No. 158482

Whoever said I was off the mark suggesting she might have her tits off… there you go.
I thought she totally loved her boobs so much? She went through that “will she won’t she” onlyfans thing and wouldn’t shut up about her boobs for a bit, plus all those underwear pics? Pretty out there to start claiming gender dysphoria after that show.

No. 158490

File: 1625281936152.jpg (362.04 KB, 1199x1799, laurence-final.jpg)

here's a more near-future pic of jill when he starts taking T
(saw it a few days ago and literally thought it was an actual pic of jill for a minute)

No. 158497

honestly i could see it. "you don't need dysphoria" is a hotly contested topic in transmasc online communities, and jillian likes to stick her fat ugly face into just about every topic that isn't hers to pretend to be an authority on.

No. 158498

>>158497 samefag, "you don't need dysphoria to be transgender" is what i had meant. people think that gender euphoria (liking or being mre comfortable deviating from ones sex / birth gender) is enough

No. 158528

I just rewatched this, completely blanked out that there was a skillshare sponser at the end when I first watched it. Made me think, can a sponser request you take down a racy video if they don't want to be associated with it? It did take her a while to take the video down if she didn't like the responses herself.

I don't know if skillshare review their sponsered content but if they did maybe they didnt expect the backlash either and just believed Jill would know her audience better than she does. Only when it started to go up shit Creek did they email her.

(Poss old milk, poss tinfoiling?)

No. 158536

So…. if you look at your body and are ok with what you see… how do you think you are born with the wrong parts and feel the need to change it to feel better?

No. 158543

File: 1625311031627.jpg (139.33 KB, 597x419, jill.jpg)

No. 158545

It’s odd that she is so chronically online and totes in the LGBT+ community but also hasn’t seen the push for “nonbinary people don’t owe you androgyny”, with her whole thing before about how she is valid as a femme gay you would think she would be all about the nonbinary people can present very femme if they want thing, thinking she needs to dress up like a boy and make a show like this is ironically making her look more cis het because she is actually seeing gender as very clear cut and binary like she even has a girl Twitter and a boy Twitter now

No. 158547

I doubt she would make an apology video lol

No. 158549

that's trippy as hell. even the tattoos are vaguely similar. if someone was just coming to after being sedated they could never tell the difference

No. 158580

File: 1625336743772.png (114.3 KB, 1080x425, Screenshot_20210703-122328~2.p…)

Alright time to pack it up ladies she's starting to feel ~uwu validated~

No. 158582

She might be one of those people who enjoys being publicly shamed, it would explain a lot.

sadly hanging up my Xir/Xim

No. 158584

She's skinwalking Emilia Fart except at least Emilia actually got her fat ass outside every now and then.

No. 158594

Okey I get it she’s a she again

No. 158598

Can she get more annoying holy shit Jillian Vessey.

No. 158601

so glad i could help rainturd feel validated while she pretends to be trans instead of just depressed and fat

No. 158614

Saged for OT and also this kind of being late. But during this video there is a point where she starts talking about her own mento-ewness and it almost sounds like she is proud to have a melting pot of trauma and not concerned at. While she talks about how there are "so many things 'wrong'" with her, she smiles. It's odd right? Like why would you be happy that you mental state is fucked up from child hood trauma

No. 158615

This person runs in the same circles as @onlinepixie, probably no coincidence.

No. 158618

She's happy because she doesn't have any real childhood trauma and is larping it so well that no one is questioning it and licking her ring clean about it.

No one with real childhood trauma smiles about it, it's nothing to be proud of.

No. 158657

Whenever I think of real children who go through years and years of trauma and abuse and have severe consecuences due to how they were treated as they were raised… and then I see this tard… I wonder, why…? Just why. Why would she do this if it isn't for attention?

She needs to leave the computer for a minute and go outside and realize how stupid she sounds.
Seriously… I wish she could have some sort of reality check.
But she does not care. She could see that, while it doesn't take much for someone to get trauma, she has no real problems other than wanting attention. She needs this attention and praise and she will stomp over any other real victim and cast the spotlight to herself. She does not care for others, she has no empathy, and she pretends to be charming and full of love while being vile inside…

She's a narcissist.

No. 158677

Dudes, I think her patreon is open to everyone this month. She said its a freebee month or something, so you may be able to download her livestreams

No. 158681

File: 1625393958008.jpg (135.31 KB, 608x440, jilltweet1.jpg)

No. 158682

File: 1625394058943.jpg (154.64 KB, 574x395, jilltweet2.jpg)

No. 158683

File: 1625394184456.jpg (71.78 KB, 588x203, jilltweet3.jpg)

No. 158684

can you stop name dropping yourself, please

No. 158686

No. 158687

What’s ironic af about this “new name” is that years ago (I think it was a q & a video, I don’t have time to watch all her videos to find it and link it but it was definitely while she lived in her parents basement ) someone either asked her about the name pixie or she brought it up herself anyways she said that she hated her username Pixie and wished she chose something more professional or just her actual name for all social media. That she don’t like pixies/fairies and people always assume that her content has something to do with that and she hated the name altogether. But now it’s the opposite.

No. 158704

Well you know what they say, confidence is silent, insecurities are loud.


No. 158737

is this our female woman lady Jill admitting to being obese?

No. 158745

File: 1625441060008.webm (2.7 MB, 720x1280, jillian.webm)

She's just riding the woke train at this point

Also this is her promised "UWU ICKY BPD" tiktok she promised

No. 158747

she keeps saying people with BPD don't do this shit and yet there she is, and she done all this shit kek the irony

No. 158750

The disorder is literally characterized by relationship dysfunction as like one of it's hugest symptoms. She liiiives to spread disinformation in order to claim disorders she does not suffer from and it's beyond mind boggling at this point.

Like is she trying to prove she has BPD by BPDing and gaslighting her audience into thinking people who have it are uwu misunderstood beans, pls be kind

No. 158755

File: 1625447481659.png (231.39 KB, 540x554, creep.png)

this interaction between her and that one DID youtuber is creeping me out so much.

No. 158756

Is her patreon open? Can anyone confirm?

No. 158758

I believe last month was the free month based off some posts on her patreon. I checked just now and it is paid to sign up.

No. 158766

Who would want to pay to see this shitshow? Can't believe how retarded this chick really is. Fucking embarrassing mess.

No. 158770

the irony in someone with BPD denying being manipulative, like a manipulative person would be like "yeah you got me, manipulator no 1 here!!"

Also what's the point in doing a video like this? It's denying every bad trait of your disorder that you SHOULD acknowledge and work on to improve, but instead you deny that they even exist? "I totally have BPD, I just don't have any of the icky symptoms tehe i'm still valid uwu"

No. 158786

Wait so is the 3 month old baby real or an alter? I’m so confused as to why the baby has such specific wishes kek

No. 158788

3 years old, anon. Next month. Not "3 months"

No. 158798

As the other one said, 3 years and yes, it's a real child actually

No. 158802

It was definitely too early for me to be on lolcow today

No. 158807

These things are only untrue if the BPD patient will commit to therapy and work hard at challenging their overreactions and impulsiveness with DBT; there are people who "grow out" of it, but they live stable grounded adult lives. I think Jill's biggest issues are just ennui and unhealthy habits that led to poor body image.

No. 158813

She has been making these claims for a while, she has said before that she doesn’t hurt other people, she only hurts herself uwu and alluded to her ex friends being ex friends not because of her behaviour but because of the friends wrongdoings

No. 158820

Pour one out for any child of a Youtube DID multiple personality larper, gonna be a confusing time for that kid as it grows up

No. 158821

Weird how every cow does this, anons have noticed Eevee nicole will also shittalk every ex friend and paint herself the victim. You can't just stop a friendship naturally; they have to be evil incarnate and hurting the poor npd lolcow so nobody questions it.

No. 158857

The clown makeup isn’t making those statements seem any less false, she looks insane.

No. 158867

People who claim to have DID shouldn't have children.

No. 158868

Ah yes I will take mental health advice from someone who looks like a literal clown

No. 158878

File: 1625508771551.jpg (134.69 KB, 957x1105, potmeetkettle.jpg)

No. 158881


No. 158910

Next thread pic pls

No. 158975

Jillian looks disgusting AF here

No. 159002

She is claiming to be so ~inclusive~ yet everything she posts is so hard to look at, watching the tickle tock I missed half of the text because white on light pink background is fucking impossible to see.

No. 159009

I genuinely don’t know how someone can keep getting worse and worse at makeup

No. 159010

hello q are talking?, I'm new using this xD(xD)

No. 159028

File: 1625565016400.png (607.58 KB, 720x1021, imagen_2021-07-06_044950.png)

She always wanted to be "queer" but she never could be part of it. She had to fake having DID and have a fakeboi persona to feel queer enough.

No. 159042

The fact she thinks queerness means mental illness and dressing in black is another issue, a lot of projection from her youth where the alt style made her feel special and different.
She wants to hold onto that without any of the actual difficulties involved in her various larps
>neurodivergent but not adhd or autistic (though anons think she is autistic so that's debatable)
>Severe mental illnesses and personality disorders without any of the nasty bits! I just want the label
>Queer/gayness without any actual icky same sex intercourse, just keep claiming your cis hetero relationship is somehow queer and maybe it will stick
>Larping transgenderism
>larping drag queen/kings
>larping DID as an excuse to do the above without getting canceled

No. 159043

samefag, jill looks so much smaller there and the hair kinda looks good, rip her style which is now "14 year old's instagram personality crisis"

No. 159044

kek remember how this went viral on tumblr and everybody responded with something like "This is the reason why I hate straight couples" lmao.

No. 159055

wow she looks so cute here. like not even just better than now. actually cute. i love her outfit. what happened lmao

No. 159059

She can’t fit those clothes anymore

No. 159061

This is 100% on point anon

No. 159083

It's really creepy that she makes her boyfriends exact clones of each other. I thought this was Steve until I looked closer.

She should just accept being problematic. People are starting to not give a shit for influencers using mental illness as an excuse of doing shitty things. So she's walking a very thin line that'll get her cancelled if she teeters too much.

No. 159158

I remember everyone shitting on how she looked here when she posted this photo, when now this is an incredible look compared to how she dresses herself now. Not even considering weight, just in how she acts and dresses. God only knows what she’s going to look like in another couple of years. I truly keep believing she can’t can’t get any worse and then she does.

It’s honestly depressing going through things like her old blogspot and comparing how she was then to now. Her mother must be devastated.

No. 159164

File: 1625647669380.jpeg (112.46 KB, 750x259, 9CE3A79D-B308-4349-B028-90DAB5…)

Didn’t Jillian go to Britain for a sims 4 event sponsored and paid for by EA? Kek

No. 159166

She did.

No. 159172

sage ur shit this is hardly new milk

No. 159207

He already has the sims 4 & even has 2 videos still up so i really don’t understand why he’s asking??
Just feels like another silly lie to get ppl to talk to him

No. 159217

>I might delete this later
she wants attention and knows her posts are archived lol

No. 159247

I think they got a Chromebook when their macbook died so they may need a new version. Also she is pretty much a games newb.

No. 159259

She didn't even buy the game herself. A friend let her borrow their Origin log info.

No. 159288

you can’t play sims on a chromebook lol it’s a glorified iPad. she has at least two iMac monitors for ‘work’.

No. 159291

are they ever going to talk or show the dresses they made for their final/runway?

No. 159292

one, learn to sage,
two, her "fashion show" was months ago (see the previous thread),
and three, probably not. she's just burying them to try and get people to forget her failures.

No. 159304

that’s literally so pathetic because she hyped them up for literally over a year, and it’s the cumulation of her entire college years.

No. 159315

She said on her patreon that she wants to wait until she makes the housecoat over the summer and release the collection video as a whole, but we know Jill and this will never happen.

No. 159333

File: 1625694379137.jpeg (84.06 KB, 750x819, DF94336E-715C-4149-BF97-E50693…)

the full tweet said "as in dating or hallucinations"
so i guess she's seeing hallucinations now too, allegedly.

No. 159354

She's absolutely infuriating. I know it goes without saying, but the fact that she's pretending to have hallucinations as if it's a cute and quirky thing really serves as a window into what her 'mental health advocacy' schtick is actually about. It truly is all about her having something flashy to wave around, regardless of whether or not she's hurting or demeaning people who actually suffer with those conditions.

Not to armchair too much, but I get the impression that because she's had everything handed to her pretty much her entire life she's now trying to live in her own narrative where people can see her as some sort of hero overcoming adversity. Nothing she has accomplished or possesses is impressive because she's barely had to work for any of it (at least that's how it seems from an outside perspective) and on some level I think she knows that.

No. 159372

Fucking, what does that mean jill? She’s so insufferable, making vague tweets fishing for sympathy and attention.

Who gives a shit about all the people legitimately going through it, poor darling jill needs to tell us all why she’s so confuzzled and not like those other scawy people with mental illness uwu she only has the nice symptoms none of that fake scary stuff that ruins years of peoples lives… oh and her super special kind is completely unmanageable so be nice you guys

No. 159379

It pisses people off because psychiatric disorders are no joke. The medication they give is hardcore and will fuck you up if you don’t actually need it.

No. 159408

so she’s going to come out as a schizophrenic soon? (she did mention it a few times in videos, most recently the deleted nd one, and making “jokes” about seeing people and hearing people kinda often) also she’s in an open relationship? her and steve can date other people?

No. 159409

It hurts my feelings as a previous subscriber how she continues to throw bipolar under the bus, especially since we also struggle with similar stigma and symptoms. Even if its not her intention it feels like mental illness Olympics.

No. 159410

Hit the nail on the head there

No. 159414

> I get the impression that because she's had everything handed to her pretty much her entire life she's now trying to live in her own narrative where people can see her as some sort of hero overcoming adversity

Like extreme White Guilt syndrome? Maybe she could direct that energy into helping disenfranchized people instead of trying to gain imaginary victim points by accruing as many mental illnesses as she can get her witch-therapist to agree she has.

No. 159436

wait the post says she started seeing someone and she says both to the dating and hallucinations…is she cucking her gay boyfriend? are we going to get a throuple situation in the clown house soon? please let her “come out” as poly and watch the milk flow from another failed relationship

No. 159441

Tinfoil but maybe they we’re already poly with Maggie

No. 159462

File: 1625745194913.jpeg (158.33 KB, 828x571, 7BC03A80-F315-4435-8557-F8E8AA…)

Please oh please let this be her announcing that she has DID

No. 159472

File: 1625749494382.jpeg (855.92 KB, 1242x1134, F1D2FACA-6DF9-40D3-94CB-8F289A…)

Welp, she’s tagging her “drag king” persona as if he’s an entirely separate entity. Here we fucking go.

You could have just used the bookmark function or just retweeted onto “his” account but no, everything has to be a public spectacle.

No. 159475

Oh my god this is totally her announcing that she has DID
This is something I think of a lot lol. She was SOOOOOO EXCITED to show us her shitty job, yet no video about her clothes or anything. What a sad day to be "fashion designer" Jillian Vessey.

No. 159476

Of course she comes out as a DIDdler drag king or whatever and all she can think of is to consume more plastic shit lmao

No. 159477

Wait she tagged her other account, is she talking to herself??? Lmaooo

No. 159478

>she's now trying to live in her own narrative where people can see her as some sort of hero overcoming adversity
of course, she always has been the victim in every situation even when she does wrong. Having "mental illnesses" gives her pity points from people.

No. 159479

Omg this can't be real she's dating her own self? as in, dating her other twitter account? lmao what the hell is going on

No. 159483

>Jills profile pic being at the same exact angle as that girl
>being a weirdo in her replies by tagging her "goth enby" alternate personality account as if it was a whole other person

I wonder if Jill stalks this girl, she has only 10k followers and Jill's attention-seeking reply is the sole reply to that particular Tweet. Said girl seems to have a natural attractiveness and creative productivity which Jill sorely lacks.

No. 159486

Wonder when she hops on the reality shifting trend to spend time with her alters in a other dimension.

No. 159491

File: 1625756120571.jpeg (775.8 KB, 1170x1393, B0666849-45E2-4FBE-A7E0-D11C80…)

her new video seems to be called “new face, name, pronouns”. sadly, it doesn’t seem like we’re getting a DID announcement yet.

No. 159505

What would make you think she's stalking the account she's replying to? She just tagged her other account for attention. I don't see anything in common with either accounts.

No. 159508

Hopefully soon along her doing crack or something

No. 159509

Could you please take a picture of what you mean and post it?

No. 159510

ok narc

No. 159511

oh no here we come.

No. 159514

>new face
>long ass video
tinfoil: she gets lip filler

No. 159516

Just scroll her account, this girl is like what Jill wants to be, kawaii, goth and creative but without being an absolute walking disaster like Jill. Her being retarded in the replies while having such a similar prof makes me wonder if she wanted this girl's attention, it's like if you ran a cornershop selling candles and Jill appeared in full "drag" makeup telling you about her alters, you'd question why she was there in the first place. Could be a coincidence, but just from using lolcow for years, cows tend to stalk/be obsessed with the "you, but better" type of girl, so it's simply an informed (and unevidenced) guess.

No. 159518


The internet is the only place you get any sort of attention for mental illness. Unfortunately most of those who larp don't have actual careers/jobs/offline lives to learn this the hard way.

No. 159520

File: 1625764246698.jpg (559.19 KB, 1536x2048, E5vwD2dVEAMoL7f.jpg)

Sc since this is an imageboard: effortlessly being what Jill tries to be:

No. 159521

File: 1625764465000.png (1.93 MB, 1008x1543, 764272.png)

Then the similar profs.

No. 159533

This is so funny, what a stark difference with someone who is alterantive but cute and some fucking ugly ass goblin

No. 159534

>it's like if you ran a cornershop selling candles and Jill appeared in full "drag" makeup telling you about her alters
I can picture it

No. 159536

>>159511 ig new face means the new way she's doing her makeup?

No. 159537

Yeah, she went from shitty ugly grimy ass "rainbow" eyebrows to fucking digusting clown makeup and she's making a huge deal out of it

No. 159543

Judging by the glasses chain she’s also a lesbian for realsies, rather than the ‘my biggest trauma was dating a girl but i’m still totally queer guys’ jillybean.

No. 159545

it's incredible how everything checks out.. the heart shaped plug, the two different toned eyebrows, the pastel tattoos lmao it's like subtle things but once you see it it's there

No. 159546

she’s clearly responding to a meme

No. 159561

She says that like she didn't personally apply to be verified. Does she not realize that most people know twitter's new process for verification?

That seems like a stretch since there's a lot of girls on Jill's following list that fit the description of "you, but better".

No. 159562

File: 1625773089202.jpeg (940.87 KB, 1170x1620, 6273BD3D-C584-4884-B643-B40151…)

why is she making such a big deal out of changing her eyebrows

No. 159575

>my new eyebrows
>teehee i don't recognize myself
wtf bitch

No. 159580

far stretch anon, her aesthetic looks nothing like jills at all aside from being alt.

No. 159594

Self-post somewhere else anon, not even a skinwalker

No. 159596

idk how your reading comprehension is but I'm saying Jill likely wishes she was this girl, not the other way around, see Jill's weird comment here: >>159472
I doubt this girl knows or cares who the clown in her comments is.

No. 159607

Post screnshots of the comments she makes on the girl's profile?

No. 159611

derailing but do not open this photo and zoom in on her nose bridge piercing. That thing looks infected as hell

No. 159612

Anon you are so brave to openly complain about someone's reading comprehension when your is absolute dog shit. This whole derailment reeks of self post especially since she's one of many alt-girls Jill follows and wishes she can be.

No. 159617

Glad you agree at least that Jill wants to be the alt girls she follows.
This prof pic is rather similar though don't you think? >>159521
The left arm is even in the exact same place+head tilt exact same+pink flower background.
Not a big deal but worth noting imo.

No. 159618

Don't give her ideas, anon.

No. 159622

you can’t even see her arm, what. this is such a cringe self post just stop lol. we don’t care about this random.

No. 159623

I don’t really feel like that’s a weird comment tbh…. I know we all think everything Jill does is annoying, but that’s pretty innocuous

No. 159625

oh shit confirmed it

No. 159627

The retarded newfags in this thread tho, I wonder if it was her neurodivergent video that brought them
>retarded newfag doesn't know how to read
>huhh duhh you're wrong because I literally can't read English
tfw tired anon not going to spell out every word to you, so ignoring the dumb comments from now on.

No. 159700

I didn't think that her makeup could get any worse, but this Chinese forum never ceases to amaze me.

Her retardation knows no bounds; why isn't she shaving her eyebrows if this is her new look? It would make sense to have a clean slate if this is how she's going to do her makeup from now on. Her attempt at covering them is shite.

No. 159713

kek I'd love to see her doing that chris chan-tier shit

No. 159740

File: 1625848102447.jpeg (161.3 KB, 1575x1025, C4240837-E8CA-4E6B-97A4-80D419…)

Y’all… when I say that I could not have rolled my eyes harder…

No. 159742

File: 1625848231668.png (973.83 KB, 1198x1192, 2021-07-09_18.27.42.png)

was about to post this kek.
"THEY are a graduated designer"
no jill, she's barely even a hobbyist

No. 159744

At this point you're just selfposting. If you're saying she wants to be like that random girl, then literally every girl who takes a pic at that angle is trying to copy her. It's just a generically flatting angle for photos. Other then being colorful, you can tell their styles aren't at all alike.

No. 159745

So dumb
>"new" name is Pixie aka the name she's been calling herself forever
>Sig just reorders the names with her surname still in clear view, surely you'd be more uncomfortable still using the family name versus the generic first name, she can't even larp a namechange convincingly
>New eyebrows, new me

No. 159749

anon, do you think changing your name means you also change your last name? I mean you can, but it is pretty uncommon.

No. 159761

Everyone who legally changes their name generally does change their last name too e.g. deadnames are usually both. It makes no sense to be uncomfortable with one but not the other; but this is just more attention seeking from Jill and is in fact meaningless.

Idk if the retarded wks here are from camp Jill but I miss when there weren't room temperature IQ people in this thread. Go back to where you came from with your pathetic wks for this piece of shit person. Look at who you're defending, her main hobby is appropriating actual mental illnesses and disorders like a person collecting badges. She causes actual harm by spreading misinformation about disorders thay affect people's whole lives. She is even currently larping being DID and trans. Find better people to support.

No. 159768

Damn anon, jill really makes you mad huh? Chill out.

Also no not everyone changes their last name when changing their given name. Let’s all agree jills an attention seeking idiot who really should’ve just reformatted her name to Jillian ‘Pixie’ Vessey and been done with it, but she wants to be super special and woke uwu so she’s “trans” and changing her name to “pixie”, you know instead of just using it as a goddam nickname! which is exactly what it is, just a nickname, why else add (Jillian) on the end like that.

No. 159770

She's on thread #41 here so maybe, just maybe it's not a case of her "making me (solely me, one anon) mad"

I never even contributed to these threads until recently, but she's going downhill rapidly.

You sound like a fan who comes here for petty bitching but acts uwu in her replies.

No. 159775

Not that anon, are you just having a bad day? People can change just one of their names and it is probably more common than changing the entire name. What do you think happens when people get married, they change their first name too? Not everyone who isn't obsessively nitpicking her behavior is secretly a fan. She hasn't even changed her name legally so why is this the hill you're choosing to die on. Please try to chill.

No. 159777

Just because some one is pointing out discrepancies in your argument it doesn't mean that they're WKing Jill. You shouldn't be on this site if everything feels like a personal attack to you.

Yeah if she was going with the whole song and dance of being trans it wouldn't make sense for her to put her real first name. She just wants to be called a cute nickname (that she hates since she wanted to change her channel name). It's weird that she doesn't seem to realize that nicknames can be what ever and don't have to be tied to her channel name.

No. 159778

whiteknighting is whiteknighting, have a think about why you love Jill so much.

No. 159779

>You shouldn't be on this site

I've been on here long enough to recognize wks invading a thread when I see them, deal with it. You shouldn't be on this imageboard if you think any of these cows have redeeming qualities.

No. 159783

Stay longer.

Jill isn’t actually trans. Jill didn’t actually change her name. The only hint of dairy regarding her stupid name shit is that she once wanted to dissociate from the name pixie and that she’s larping as possibly trans.

Just because you embarrassed yourself doesn’t mean other anons are white knights. If anything it seems like you’re trying to derail the conversation away from the cringe that is Jillian thinking wanting to be called pixie makes her non binary or some shit. It’s a nickname.

No. 159784

At least the lettering is better in terms of graphic design.

No. 159786

I've been here longer than you, likely.
And I've seen all the petty disagreements, intentional misreadings and muh no milk before in other threads, (Belle and Nicole being prime candidates) - it's unfortunate because this thread used to be enjoyably free of (at best) PULLtard behavior like this where you want to write 1000 words on why you dislike the cow but what they did is ok, actually, and here's why

No. 159790

please stop derailing, this is a place to shit on cows, not on other anons. Jillian isn't inherently evil, she can do some nice things, but overall we can all agree that she can be extremely irritating and a high insensitive attention seeker. End of, move on

No. 159797

>please stop derailing

I'm not the anons getting triggered by a few lines of text (the original post that spawned this inane subthread is >>159745 ) who think every throwaway thought on an anonymous gossip board is an "argument" that needs defending. If you don't want to shit up the thread, let people post whatever (as long as it's not a criminal accusation or whatever) without questioning it like we're in debate class and every opinion on a cow needs a supporting essay and slideshow of evidence. That's whiteknighting and it's pretty obvious when it's over something so ridiculously innocuous as that tagged post.

No. 159811

Trans people don’t change their surnames, that’s ridiculous. Not that Jillian is trans regardless. If she was she wouldn’t do
this “any pronouns” bullshit and have her actual name in parentheses at the end.

A nickname that she’s stated she despises in the past, so it’s weird how suddenly it has to be her totally real chosen name now.

I can’t get over her eyebrows, they look ridiculous.

No. 159849

File: 1625891977506.png (159.32 KB, 1196x712, Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 12.3…)

it's official

No. 159850

"any pronouns"

Convenient of Jillian to choose vague, transient labels with no fixed meaning so she has no specific rules to adhere to, I suppose it's an improvement on trying to rewrite the meaning of labels to suit herself.

No. 159859

doesn't genderfluid fall under the nonbinary category? as in literally anything that isn't your birth sex. does she think it's somehow still binary because she picks whatever gender she feels like on a given hour?

I know jillybean is dumb but you think she would at least know about the genderspecial terms she takes on. Just further proves how much this is made up for attention.

No. 159877

Can you not read? She said she isn't sure how to label her gender identity and she thinks she might be genderfluid and therefore nonbinary.

No. 159878

I want to know so badly what exactly about womanhood she does not identify with that makes her supposedly nb kek

No. 159887

I'd be pissed if I was Steve, they only just came out. Which was probably hard because they have said they grew up in a religious household and schooling. Now that they are comfortable w themselves, their gf has decided to larp the same thing making it seem like its all just a big joke.

No. 159888

Wears beanie and oversized t-shirt once
Jill: yeah I would say I'm gender fluid.

Also, what happened to the rhetoric that "clothes have no gender" when every privileged white girl who throws on pants claim they are NB/GF/GNC

I wonder does Jill know that you can be femme presenting and still be considered GF

No. 159889

Yeah, I feel like nobody is allowed to be a girl who likes masculine clothes anymore or a guy who likes femme. Thinking that liking certain clothes means you must be the gender that conforms to those clothes is really fucking toxic and scummy.

No. 159893

As if Steve isn't doing the same dumbass LARP.

No. 159894

not milk but why is she tweeting loads on villainy swells about her old denim jacket as if it's her identity? Why does it say amy?

No. 159895

File: 1625924270831.png (481.64 KB, 746x743, Annotation 2021-07-10 143646.p…)

No. 159896

Its a second hand jacket that already had the name on it, I guess she is going to take the beads off

No. 159897

I guess so, maybe I have some more empathy for Steve because they always seemed kinda chill in her videos. More likable.

No. 159918

He’s a pornsick scrote who tried to ride the coattails of his fat youtuber GF, he’s only chill in comparison to her because she’s so hyperactive

No. 159931

Poor Steve having to come out as wearing pink sometimes and getting pegged. Real groundbreaking stuff.
I feel bad that she doesn't realize you can have different styles in your wardrobe. Not every person is 100% this or that, literally everyone dresses a little different every day. God forbid you have rainbow hair and black pants…

No. 159935

Steve's a man anon

No. 159937

He’s an obnoxious douche in his own videos. I guess it says something about Jill that he seems comparatively chill when he’s with her.

No. 159939

0 days without a kneejerk whiteknight in the Jill thread

No. 159944

>we do be dying some tings

i hate her new persona so much.

No. 159947

I guarantee she’s tweeting about it specifically on that account because she thinks that DIYing a thrifted jacket makes her ~*~punk~*~.
At least she’s customising clothing though, even though she didn’t need to take a craft school sewing class for that.

No. 159952

What kind of autism is this? go back to twitter

No. 159956

That’s on Steve for dating a narc.

The name and look says drag king but the tweets and interaction say DID alter. This is bizarre.

How you not seen Steve’s YouTube channel? Major cringelord incel vibes.

Pointing out anon was wrong isn’t exactly whiteknighting kek

No. 159957

No one cares about gender ideology here. I think she's retarded.

No. 159960

File: 1625950631127.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1170x1468, C878F409-EF7D-4083-8A7A-5FD09A…)

Jill's looking rough. No new makeup here, though.

No. 159961

Isn’t this considered “digital blackface” by her ilk?

No. 159969

Or a feminine girl. A lot of genderspecial women are ashamed of being into girly things so they start screeching about "not being a girl!!" and call themselves gremlins and daddies so they can get over the guilt of being plain ass straight women who like traditionally girly things. This is absolutely what Jill is doing. Only the vaguest, most nondescript new identities which mean nothing but "zesty straight". Ms. "I'd be a lesbian if I didn't like dick/I'm not attracted to you, Mystery Girl". The fact she's in her 20s and still doing this, whoa boy.

No. 159977

Hard agree, so unfortunate.

No. 160003

InB4 Villainy Swells is her nazi punk alter.

No. 160012

She's not trans, and she's at least larping as not being cis, hence, nonbinary. Seems like you're the one who doesn't have basic reading comprehension? Not that cis people can't fuck around with pronouns but she is talking about some "new identity" so.

No. 160014

>saying "cis"
>"she's not trans"
>"she's nonbinary"
>"cis people can use pronouns"

Get out of here please, that shit is fucking cringe and annoying.

No. 160022


She's a fucking retard is what she is.

No. 160063

>I'd be a lesbian if I didn't like dick
How long ago did she say this again? Because that would be considered awfully problematic these days.

No. 160125

>>159960 sofia (the poster of this) was in the confetti club but left after her she made the thread image kek

No. 160126

Who are any of these people, how does she cycle through friends so fast and still claim she isn’t the problem in the breakdown of any of those numerous relationships, like at a certain point the only recurring factor is you Jill. Two of them are in Lolita, will we get a ultra femme lifestyle Lolita alter if the alters are her phases kek

No. 160165

No. 160170

This makeup looks so bad when it's not at an extreme angle, it's both incredibly tryhard and makes her look learning deficient.

No. 160171

File: 1626029545371.jpg (130.08 KB, 550x427, jillfb.jpg)

Jill changed her name on fb

No. 160177

it is my biggest pet peeve when girls like Jillian who were healthy as kids but then decided to skip meals and ~have a Tumblr ed~ end up gaining a shit ton of weight once they get enough attention for it. then they go on and on about their eating disorder like it's something they still struggle with. show me one longterm physical repercussion you've faced as a result of your disordered eating, Jillian. if she actually matured, like most of them never do because they can use ~binge eating~ as their "longterm physical repercussion" no, that's just you being an ignorant permatoddler. some people lose their teeth, muscle, hair. they need expensive dental work, physical therapy, whatever. Jillian just decided to eat more one day and has no harm done but it's such a horrible problem for her. It's irritating as shit. To solve all her mental health problems she simply should learn nutrition. Maybe she won't DISSOCIATE when she looks in the mirror because she's the dreaded Fat.

No. 160179

File: 1626031102593.jpg (272.83 KB, 1074x720, Screenshot_20210711-200806_Fac…)

Sorry to interrupt discussions of the new video but came across a bunch of pictures of Jill at Emily's wedding (the girls whose head she shaved).
(censored the 2 other bridesmaids as they have no public relation to jill)

No. 160180

File: 1626031153311.jpg (766.74 KB, 1074x1619, Screenshot_20210711-200643_Fac…)

ft Steve

No. 160181

File: 1626031244611.jpg (516.76 KB, 1074x1618, Screenshot_20210711-200924_Fac…)

Samefag. There's a lot more but don't want to shit up the thread

No. 160183

>>160165 she says she has gender dysphoria kek

No. 160186

Jill looks huge here, probably lens warping doing her dirty, but she definitely filters and edits more than she admits.

No. 160192

Saged for nitpick but the neon pink bra on show, the roots she couldn't be bothered redoing and the hideous vintage nightgown….. Jill. Come on.

No. 160194

File: 1626033357820.jpg (29.56 KB, 481x361, d1429f3d0f1ca8720f2e406a32ba85…)

Who wore it better?

No. 160197

Maybe i'm a bitch, but i would never let someone that dumpy attend my wedding. Bitch, do your hair. Get a dress that fits

No. 160201

kek, steve isn't even photographing her and is in a horrible place to be taking photos. Stay out of the shot and be on the outer edge of the row, goddamn. Also that is a vintage nightgown that she was given to tart up by the bride, but she didn't have enough time to do anything fashionable w it. She mentioned in it a patreon livestream a while back.

No. 160202

Cant believe she went to a wedding with faded hair that is just put into a messy bun, with no styling…wearing a walmart dress and a ugly neon bra.

Only positive is that I think her brows are not rainbow here. She easily could have gotten a cheap "nice" dress from the mall.

No. 160208


she used to put more effort into her video looks than this unwashed WEDDING outfit omg. thats just plain disrespectful she could at least touch up the swamp hair

No. 160216


No. 160220

I'm screaming. Surely you'd drop your own personal fashun opinoins and make sure you match the wedding aesthetic for the couple's sake.

No. 160224

File: 1626036685979.png (288.42 KB, 391x414, Screenshot 2021-07-11.png)

dios mio

No. 160227

File: 1626036858002.png (460.72 KB, 1200x630, andy_snapshot_1-e1489153236821…)

She looks like a 90s cgi character

No. 160231

I can't be the only anon who finds it gross that she said that one day she just woke up and was cured of anorexia. Jill, you learned that wanarexia was hard to maintain and didn't get you the pity points you wanted.

Her rambling just reeks of narc.

No. 160232

Tinfoil but Pixie used to follow that dissociadid chick and interacted a lot. Do you think they are bringing out this DID arc to capitalise on the gap in the youtube market now dissociadid has been chased off the Internet….her views are dropping

No. 160233

oh no she said in the video that she wants to do alien looks… I cannot wait for her to become a Juno Birch skinwalker.

No. 160234

How did she put foundation, concealer and powder on her brows without actually covering them is beyond me

No. 160235

I believe she said that it was when Tristan started dating her, so basically she got what she wanted so didn’t need to be throwing that tantrum anymore, it’s pretty classic narcissistic behaviour to harm yourself for the attention of others

No. 160237

samefag but I'm like half-way through the video and she needs to keep her tongue in her mouth. The whole ahhh sticks tongue out shit is cringey as heck

No. 160239

File: 1626039206970.png (1.29 MB, 1119x952, asdasd.png)

Guys, this video is making me genuinely uncomfortable, she's clearly going very crazy very fast. She acts like a different person.

For example when she talks about her therapy around the 16.40 timestamp she's incoherent, and her voice changes, kinda like how Britney Spears talks on her instagram.

She used to be quirky before, but at least she was charming, now she just seems like she needs actual medical help. She says she's doing better, but it might be she's just saying that because the people "helping" her are just as crazy as her.

No. 160241

calm down anon, she's perfectly fine she's just copying every DID larper for pity points. Actual DID individuals don't conveniently 'switch' on camera.

Also sage your retarded takes

No. 160242

can an anon with a stronger stomach summarize this vid lol i can’t do this today

No. 160243

Turn on CC and open transcript under the video in info box and you can read through the video. That's what I did.

No. 160244

by all means anon, post away. it's funny.

No. 160245

>"I am a musical theatre child. So that's threatening. And now I'm a fashion design school graduate. I'm also traumatized, and very queer."
jillian literally WHAT are you going on about?

No. 160246

Why is this woman so attention starved? It's pathetic. Obviously personal pronouns are a joke and a half, can't deny biology.kek. Jill's just selfish, immature and in dire need of attention seeking. Why anyone follows her is beyond me. She can't sew at all. It's obvious she's a home economics Holly Hobby sewer.

No. 160250

>glues her eyebrows and then says she's super animated and in "mega pixie mode"
>says she just came out on her "facebook facebook" so teachers and people she went to high school with now know she "exclusively goes by pixie"
>says she "feels very different at very different times" and "there's a lot of things she could chalk it up to, (her) mental illness definitely"
>says she never recognises her own face in the mirror
>since age 13-14 she's always struggled with eating disorders or body issues, and "really strived to be thinner"
>turned off one day and she no longer cares but still struggles with "wishing she didn't even have a body to be perceived"
>started getting dysphoria about her chest, purchased a binder and wears sometimes
>half the time feels like she's "the hottest bitch on earth"
>talks about her new twitter account for "anything she needs to get out"
>says it's "maybe" and "kinda" her emosona or drag acc
>wants to start doing drag, both masc and in her "hyperfeminine pixie moment"
>didn't realise "as an afab person" she was allowed to do drag
>treats makeup like she's "putting on a clown mask"
>"traumatised and very queer"
>says she sees herself in drag performances
>on colorpop's pr list, but their packaging's recycled so it's ok
>wants to improve hair and makeup skills
>has been doing well mentally but going through some trauma processing (from 2012?)
>scared people might hate her makeup because they've "never seen a drag queen before"
>doesn't always identify with name because of derealisation, finds it distressing, doesn't know if change will be permanent of if she'll make legal changes
>loves being called king, daddy and sir
>felt proud that she "didn't own a single pair of black leggings"
>admits she used to be scared to go to grocery store because she "only owned clown clothes">>160242

No. 160251

How do people seriously go "ya so here's a long list of all my mental problems and past traumas" and then come out as twans or enby yet do not in any way connect these things?? You're not gender special, just mentally ill luv

No. 160254

File: 1626044609370.png (1.96 MB, 1270x1772, King Daddy Sir.png)

>Likes to be called King, Daddy, Sir
Had to make this immediately

No. 160256

>still struggles with "wishing she didn't even have a body to be perceived"
I don't believe this from anyone who dresses like a cross-section of an everlasting gobstopper
>didn't realise "as an afab person" she was allowed to do drag
Women, not allowed to do something that makes fun of women. Got it.

No. 160258

i love how she says she’s great at sewing at one point after putting out a collection that was completely amateur

No. 160261

File: 1626047976165.jpg (533.85 KB, 1067x1600, 195313935_10226503285793026_81…)

No. 160262

File: 1626048022440.jpg (171.99 KB, 1600x1067, 196370562_10226503199950880_45…)

No. 160263

lurk more

No. 160264

I'm guessing she has no formal shoes. Couldn't even be bothered to buy some for the wedding
god look how yellow they are

No. 160265

File: 1626048072907.jpg (248.81 KB, 1600x1067, 195615066_10226503222151435_86…)

No. 160268

Now that you mention it I remember that her voice has always changed from normal to high pitched, and she said she was going to address that hinting at DID but now it turns out her DID alter is masculine? wut.
I think her medication, bad therapy and online presence is frying her brain

No. 160269

She really looks special needs here.

No. 160271

Lord she looks so bad. Wide

No. 160272

She cant stop milking her "eating disorders" huh

No. 160273

>half the time feels like she's "the hottest bitch on earth"
And half the time she hates herself I guess.
Narcissist bitch.

No. 160274

Oh fuck, guess who next to get maweed?

No. 160285

This is legitimately concerning to watch. I don't think we've ever seen her so mentally unwell. It's baffling to think there's a therapist behind her right now potentially promoting any of this behavior.

No. 160288

You know your therapist is bad when your mental health nosedives after starting therapy and now you think you have multiple personalities. I think she believes you are only allowed one mood and one style, and in the instance you have differing moods or styles they must represent trapped souls within your psyche, rather than normal psychological variation.

No. 160301

Honestly the bride and all bridesmaids look pretty sloppy…

No. 160302

Not as bad as Jillian does. This is bordering on whiteknighting.

No. 160303

Can't her mom fucking do something about this womanchild? Isn't she aware of how bad Jillian is doing now?

No. 160304

ntayrt but seriously? shitting on everyone as opposed to shitting solely on Jillian is hardly whiteknighting

No. 160306

It's giving her an excuse to say "well if everyone else looked shitty it's normal and expected for me to look shitty as well"

No. 160316

Everyone else clearly did not look shitty here, like anon is blind if they think Jill looks equal to everyone else pictured. >>160179

No. 160333

Jill if you want to for real do drag please get the right shade of foundation, the way she smeared it down to her chest but her shirt was lower so you could see the line where it stops on her chest really gave me the ick, how after all these years is she still not able to get her shade match l

No. 160355

Holy shit they both look so much better here… no clown hair and makeup and Steve not wearing the incel looking shit with greasy hair
Like neither of them look good but those little changes make such a difference in Jillian especially

She’s just pretending to be ~multiple people~, there’s nothing actually wrong with her

I do wonder if she genuinely believes she went through some crazy trauma she can’t remember or if it’s all a complete lie? Knowing she likes to be called daddy is highly distressing, I know we’ve all questioned DDLG but I didn’t think it would go this way round

All of the DID youtubers have several alters in many fun flavours

Half of the DID people online seem to be actually autistic and confused that they can feel different things without it being a different personality, I swear all DID cases can be divided into autistic, BPD and narcs

No. 160357

File: 1626083251088.jpg (59.36 KB, 642x960, 1466293435582.jpg)

Major newfag to the Jill series so I went back to the first three threads to sleuth for pictures of her skinny and OOF
So I'm not the most well versed in her drama and she was never spoopy but I think the "uwu I had an eating disorder" thing can be somewhat substantiated by her gaining weight what seemed very rapidly. Granted she was quite young and that sort of thing is common. I was surprised though! I really thought she was a chronically chonky wannarexic I guess she wasn't once upon a time. Chonky that is.
Aside from that all I learned is that she has money and is Canadian.

I'll take my leave now.

No. 160359


My god. Just compare these two pictures. Tendies, not even once.

No. 160362

File: 1626085220242.png (11.79 MB, 4851x1796, d4weney-51ef2b0f-bf17-4ed9-b24…)

>>160357 Jill claims to have had a super scary anorexic body, but this has been dismissed by the stats she gave us. She was never even underweight for age. Here is an example of her 'low weight'

No. 160363

She also admitted to photoshopping herself in a lot of the more skelly photos in one of her videos, the “my anorexia story” one or whatever. Not that it wasn’t totally obvious because her face was too big for her head and she looked botched.

No. 160373

I have to wonder if maybe this whole "emo/drag persona" thing was her therapist trying to push her towards looking more normal (the black clothes) and away from the rainby clown look and she just took it too far. Jill can't do anything without making it some super special thing that she thinks deserves praise.

No. 160375


It kinda seems like she's doing a full circle with that persona so maybe it's an alter based on herself pre-youtube. Definitely could be something that was brought up on therapy which gave her the idea.

No. 160394

File: 1626104347917.png (524.28 KB, 569x360, definitely not shooped.PNG)

What ever do you mean anon, she was literally wasting away with her totally real Auschwitz Eugenia Cooney skelly body!!!

No. 160416

Sage for no contribution, but there are moments in that latest video where she deadass sounds like Nikacado Avocado lmao

No. 160437

not sure if anyone caught in her new video but she mentioned that her therapist said he had used a certain brand of glue on his eyebrows before and his eyebrows came off. i'm not too sure why any "normal" therapist would be gluing up their eyebrows on multiple occasions sooo it seems that her therapist is most likely just as weird as she is and not helping her be "normal" at all since he even said he liked her new look.

No. 160442

the extreme warped line on the left, yikes

No. 160451

She never seems to factor into those stats when she gives them that she hadn’t completed puberty then, the stats are different for kids and she is below average height as an adult so would likely have been even shorter as a pre teen/teen which is when she claims to have had the ED. She says she was admitted to a psych hospital and saw a therapist but if that is even true that was likely because she was making a show for her parents and knowing how coddled she is and what a helicopter parent her mom seems to have been they probably called it in very quickly that she skipped meals or was vomiting a lot

No. 160514

Yeah, this Jill is the Jill that I remember. A bit unbalanced but she was healthy and she seemed normal. I'm so fucking concerned for her now.

No. 160516

>her therapist said he had used a certain brand of glue on his eyebrows before and his eyebrows came off.
You're right. No normal therapist does this. What the fuck is happening?

No. 160519

I still can’t believe she was bragging about her therapist being a witch, seems very unprofessional to be discussing your own faith with a patient like that

No. 160523

Anyone else download this video in case she privates/deletes it?

I will throw her a bone on one thing though.

She didn't qualify as a Ana bc she didn't mean the BMI requirements. But she still could have had a restrictive eating disorder.

Nobody's arguing she doesn't have binge eating now :X

No. 160528

Download it yourself.

No. 160529

File: 1626130237788.png (16.62 KB, 596x156, why.png)

If she knows that clothes are just clothes why does she larp?

No. 160536

File: 1626131896632.jpg (705.03 KB, 1900x1077, Screenshot_20210712-161237_You…)

Petition to make moon/moons it's new pronouns

No. 160539

I don't get it, if she says she doesn't want to be seen, why doesn't she dress normal then? her clothes are doing her a disservice.
Also what is this whole "I'm a clown" shit now? does she read her own thread?

No. 160544


I did I was asking if anyone else grabbed it.

No. 160558

She's self aware to the point that she's recognizing that she doesn't have to wear clown clothes 24/7 but she craves attention too much that she just can't do it normally so she does clown drag make-up.

How does she not recognize that all of her actions reek of HPD and general self loathing? Even her BoDy DiSmOrPhIa just come off as she got fat, didn't get the mommy mikers she wanted so now she's a sad boy because she got ugly tits from rapid weight gain.

No. 160561

File: 1626139897913.jpg (4.5 MB, 3416x1920, sexybaby_alter.jpg)

No. 160570

This may be a bit of a stretch but my guess about all of this is most likely all Steve’s influence. We all know he makes her wear a strap on in the bedroom right? I just think maybe he wants a man but doesn’t want to get a job/leave his comfy life and wants to stay and put up with the “disassociation” so to get more of what he does want he maybe talked her into being more masculine or maybe complimented her one day on it etc and giving her confidence while dressing like this in the bedroom so she decided that others would maybe enjoy it as well? Hope this makes sense

No. 160574

Anons like to joke about him being secretly gay, but no gay man would be able to have intercourse with this woman, strap-on or not: >>160180
He's a straight incel-y type softboy imo. I now think her therapist is playing a big part in her current mental downfall, the early clue was the therapist making a big mistake on the first meetings by getting her to spill all her traumas at once, that alone will retraumatize the patient. Add on to that how he humors her munchausen, is a "witch" and it sounds like also a drag queen >>160516
I think he has a big part to play here. If it was Stevie's fault we would have seen all this shit happen ages ago.

Also, I think the stress of actually having to do some work to finish her fashion design projects took a mental toll which she has not allowed herself to cool off from by taking a break. She still hasn't posted a video with her final pieces in it, kinda seems like she has some resentment about it.

No. 160585

thank you for this plentiful kek

No. 160587

if I remember correctly she said they slept in different beds so I wouldn't be surprised if they have't had sex in a long time, if ever

No. 160607

She keeps getting bigger as time goes. I thought that she would settle in a normal chunky weight but now I could see her becoming a deathfat in the next years. The new, more queer version of glitter+lazers. Horrifying. She needs to snap out of this Haes mindset fast

No. 160613

At that rate she might as well out Amber the Lynn in like ten/fifteen years. She already has similar mannerisms, but Amberlynn is just a bitch while Jillian is just straight up insane and not in the tumblr aesthetic way.

No. 160615

idk anon i feel like jill is closer to a man, stevie might be on to something

No. 160624

>Closer to a man
She is female and always will be.

No. 160626

I think Steve is a very incel-redpill-type of guy and might even be into making jill worse because she has gained so much weight and become crazier while living with him. If he likes it on the ass he might not be completely straight either, but I'm not sure how much that plays into it.

I honestly don't trust that motherfucker. He was the one who pushed this "witch" therapist onto her.

No. 160628

Maybe steven is closer and closer to leaving her for a real man and in a desperate attempt she's trying to become one kek.
>kinda seems like she has some resentment about it
Of course she does, and she's getting very bad mental health issues from all the pressure. Plus being online all the time, she was bound to get some type of mental problem from people who push the troon agenda.

I wish she broke up with Steven and got back to her mom's. She was much healthy back then even if she was a coddled mess, at least she woulnd't be mentally struggling as she is right now.

No. 160629

I have some type of solidarity for Jillian because I know she's being manipulated with comments from her therapist (male) steven (male) and her audience (woketards). But I also kinda think she will only get worse, maybe getting more meds and drinking more alcohol as she's doing will make her get super insane or something. In a way it feels like everything that happens to her she brings it to herself for being a stupid womanchild and very entlitled. But deep down I still hope she can fix herself. My guess is she won't.

No. 160634

She would for sure spiral if she got dumped by him, she is usually the one doing the dumping and when Colin dumped her she was pretty ugly about it like even having her mom in a video say that she was better than Colin and he dumped her because he was threatened by her! He has no ambition and was threatened because she is so ambitious and going places! I think the mystery girl thing was in part a control thing for Jill after she lost the control being dumped, she seems like she has real control issues over her partners. Tristan was such a simp and would happily dress like a clown and be a whipping boy for content, she has a habit of dressing them up and I mean Steve lives in her house where everything is how she wants it, it’s incredibly one sided and always is

No. 160635

Sage for samefag but on the house thing that was her intention with Colin, she talked a bunch about how they were going to move in together and bought a pink couch in preparation and was gushing about how she would decorate so it was her plan from the start to trap whatever skinny white boy she could grab in her rainbow dungeon where everything is as she likes even though they supposedly live together as equals regardless of what skinny what boy that was

No. 160637

>separated at birth

No. 160642

>her plan from the start to trap whatever skinny white boy she could grab in her rainbow dungeon
Based on this, she will get even worse boyfriends with how bad her mental health is. Either a troon or some kind of reddit guy with an addiction.

No. 160647

Her mom is for sure in part to blame for her mentality and the way she thinks when something negative happens in a relationship it’s the other persons fault, it’s not just that one time about Colin she has said something like that, remember the video where she was talking about how the other theatre kids didn’t like her and we know that’s because she was obnoxious, threw hissy fits when she didn’t get the roles she wanted and in the promo video they did she was doing all she could to get attention at the expense of her cast mates, her mom said it was because they were jealous of her and Jill didn’t disagree, she nods along and agrees with her in a way that seems like she is used to hearing that, Louise really did help create this monster

No. 160651

Uggghhhh I couldn’t agree with you more anon, the bra strap annoys the fuck out of me and she couldn’t of at least put a bit of effort into her hair???? I honestly have no idea how you could feel good or confident about yourself looking like that in public, like wtf was she thinking?

No. 160653

Steve has always said that he’s bisexual, not straight.

No. 160669

Lol anon I hate you

No. 160703

She needs attention in any way or form she can get.
Her mom is to blame on why this monster is the way she is, yes. Louise probably say Jill as her favorite and wanted to keep her all for herself so this is why Jillian is such a stunted idiot.
Honesly Jill should just forget about boys for a while and go back to her mom's place and get into a healthier mindset because it feels like Jillian is just alone with her delusions that Steven, her therapist and the internet feeds her. I wish Louise would step in.

No. 160705

Right, she's in a feedback loop and is probably the personal lolcow of Steven, her therapist, anyone who humors her. The internet hugbox who watch a video of someone losing their mind and write under it that they're "finding themselves" and share similar deranged thoughts.

She does harm with her munchie behavior and misinformation but the path she's headed on is not a good one. She'll be an obese, tattooed, deranged rambling weirdo before 30 unless there's an in intervention. She is taking her latest mental breakdown "new name, pronouns, makeup" as a reinvention when it's clearly something far worse - like at the point you think you need to compartmentalize "dressing in black" as an alternate personality is when you need to go live off-grid in the mountains for a while. This is your brain on uwu internet wokeism.

No. 160731

File: 1626209601857.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210713-165300_Tik…)

This doesnt even look like Pixie!!!

No. 160734

It could be that half her face is covered but dare I say that she actually looks cute here?

But of course she has to ruin it by making it a attention grab post about her BPD and the fact that she's at her therapist's office.

No. 160748

File: 1626217071650.jpg (34.09 KB, 878x226, xomment.JPG)

I forgot neo-pronouns existed,,,, yikes,,,fairy-kin saga?

No. 160761

She is so incredibly manic in this it actually makes me uncomfortable to watch. She's obviously receiving improper mental health care.

No. 160793

File: 1626231045604.webm (1.73 MB, 576x1024, theerapy.webm)

Here's the vid if anyone is interested

No. 160794

File: 1626231167465.png (299.08 KB, 346x472, pixie.png)

This is legit the best she has looked in such a good while. The hair on the sides, natural eyebrows and those glasses look very good on her. If she only kept this look instead of whatever the hell she's doing right now…

No. 160795


Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 160796

who tf is gaslighting her? I'm so tired of that overused term

No. 160804

maybe because of this thread and us inferring she's not mentally ill. I mean, she's definitely mentally ill, just not in the ways she thinks she is. The way she thinks she can have bpd and only have the 'uwu im so fragile' symptoms but not the ones where you hurt the people around you is delusional… what i think is weird is how she talks about therapy like its a fun personality quiz instead of talking about coping strategies she's learned or destructive patterns she needs to change. if she wants to be some kind of shining beacon of mental health awareness, you would think she'd talk about those things?

No. 160805

She's treating therapy as a novelty to get even worse lol

No. 160812

Are we looking at the same video? Her makeup and facial expressions tend to be extreme in ig posts. You can't see half of her face, and then she does a normal non goblin smile. She just looks like she's not wearing makeup. It's not that transformative on her when she isn't choosing to put glue sticks, white out and other school supplies on her face.

No. 160833

I still lol everytime she insist she is ~sO QuEeR!!~ when she's in a whole ass heterosexual straight relationship lmao. She wants to insert herself in the fag community so bad because it's another defense shield she can use against haydurs to deflect any criticism by calling them "homophobic."

She's definitely that girl in middleschool who starts a bunch of rumors about herself that she's bi because it's cool and mature and hawt

No. 160922

Her mannerisms are weird, but the lack of clown makeup and change in hairstyle is much better looking. idk why every single time a cow finally does something that doesnt look the worst, people have to start screeching about how they're still the ugliest person in the world. She's no looker still, but does she look as bad right there as she's looked the whole rest of the thread? no. Which is exactly why we'll never see this look from her again I'm sure. Not snowflakey and bpd looking enough.
I've personally felt like for a while now that she might not even actually have a therapist anymore. She just talks to herself in her head and then comes to twitter to go, "yes my CERTIFIED therapist JUST diagnosed me with this new thing now which I've placed in my bio!!"

The timing is just always strange like that. She starts doing weird bread-crumb buildups to something, just so happens to have a "huge therapy session!!" about it, and then the next day or so updates her bio and makes a whole video about how she too has the most currently popular problems. I'm almost willing to bet that by christmas she'll claim to have tourette tics which is also very popular to pretend to have right now. She's probably still practicing how to get it just right as I type.

No. 160925

Haven't been thinking this exact thing but I did find it odd, correct me if I'm wrong, that she at first said she had a female therapist who was a witch and now she has a male therapist who may be gay and/or does drag?? She never mentioned changing therapists, I did find one female to male transgender therapist in NB but I think that may be a reach. I wonder what happened, if anything.

No. 160927

Oh god. Oh fuck. don't tell me the therapist is one of those genderspecials as well, wouldn't be surprising where she got the idea from then (not that the hype around it in certain circles on the internet wasn't "inspiring" enough I'm sure).

No. 160929

I think it has always been a male therapist, he sounds like he humors the munchausen and then scribbles some notes on a notepad to pretend he is having a breakthrough in managing her condition (not tinfoil, she described something similar in a Tweet posted ITT)
She gets worse, he gets paid, all is well.*

*All is not well

No. 160930

File: 1626294799620.png (324.54 KB, 1440x1657, cash cash money.png)

Samefag, repost for relevance. He sounds like such a quack.

No. 160933

File: 1626295951199.png (1.14 MB, 1402x1885, therapist timeline.png)

Samefag, I made a roughly chronological therapist Tweet timeline from searching username+therapist and username+session. These have all already been posted ITT, but it's relevant to see them again now we can see how "useful" he has been so far.

Before therapy: female, one personality, semi-normal looking
After therapy: trans, DID, clown makeup

No. 160936

its been only half a year since she started sessions with him and it already became such a mess. incredible

No. 160945

I kinda agree. The natural makeup suits her a lot better for sure, at least natural/neutral colors do.

No. 160950

File: 1626302479774.jpeg (123.75 KB, 750x673, 109B7718-5A63-4107-A000-E7585B…)

ah yes, because being in denial of your womanhood just because you dont feel like wearing bright colors and makeup is totally smashing the patriarchy. makes cents

No. 160951

File: 1626302501882.jpeg (74.8 KB, 750x478, BC42DD2D-A8EB-4050-834F-7079D1…)

No. 160958

Jesus god damn christ. I keep thinking her babytalk can't get anymore insufferable and then it does.

No. 160959

She talks like that retarded baby yoda Facebook meme.

No. 160964

Oh god so right anon

No. 160966

she’s literally just describing a good chunk of womanhood and what it’s like living in a misogynistic society. the rest just seems to be a result of mental illness, woke brainwashing, and being a spoiled child who did not have to grow up. get well soon jillybean lol

No. 161019

File: 1626335912403.jpg (376.06 KB, 1080x879, 20210715_035803.jpg)

I like how he/she/they are liking their own posts.(emoji use)

No. 161022

Therapist sounds like such a quack. What kind of therapist comes out with "you have this" on session one? Terrible practice and destabilising and a therapist isn't supposed to say "you have x" anyway

Also secondary structural disassociation is….part of BPD. Why have they jumped from that to, this must be DID! Well know therapist messing around with identity can give clients ideas they have alters/abuse they didn't have. Next stop implant her with false memories and watch her fall apart.

No. 161023

Abbey Brown vibes

No. 161034

Canada seems like a mess of a country with the way they've been pandering to twitterfags and tumblrtards.

No. 161060

I wasn't screeching. Like at all. I don't see the need to gas people up for looking the way they do when they wake up in the morning. Like WOW SO FRESH FACED, IVE NEVER SEEN HER LOOK BETTER type comments are pretty fucking useless as she's never going to give up her clown appearance and her looking like a normal human being without face paint is not surprising.

Sounds fake as hell. Is hallucinating a therapist a symptom of anything?

The fact that 2k people are following and entertaining this mess makes me want to give up on humanity.

No. 161123

The last tweet about her therapist standing up in class to correct a tutor has major 'and everyone clapped' vibes

No. 161131

New vid

No. 161132

How is Steve a redpill kind of guy? Like he clearly isn't into sleeping around or working out at all lmao

No. 161139

At 2:35 did she really say that they smashed at 7 am or am I dumb?
Why would announce that you had sex on your vlog?

No. 161140

at first i thought so too, but i think she actually said "we played smash"

No. 161141

File: 1626381232755.gif (13.41 MB, 520x293, descargar.gif)

she seems unwell

No. 161142

File: 1626381243967.jpeg (436.6 KB, 1242x1311, 0A80B3B2-82E6-4257-A765-8D1889…)


She responded to someone in the comments of this video asking when she will put out a video about her collection.

No. 161143

File: 1626381392632.gif (13.73 MB, 520x293, descargar (1).gif)

No. 161144

File: 1626381663255.gif (13.88 MB, 520x293, descargar (2).gif)

why would you do this to yourself

No. 161145

I don't want to be that person but I think she actually has gorgeous eyes. I love her eye color and those eyebrows are quite nice too. Cute lips as well. Why does she hide her features behind layers and layers of ugly makeup? why does she ruin her hair with bleach and dye? She could look so much better if she really figured out she doesn't have to look like this to look attractive

No. 161146

Wow. Haven’t seen jill without makeup for a very long time…
> oh no
> has the same face shape as me
> same coloring as me
> time to kms

What is this make up? Biased but she’d look so much nicer if she just toned it the fuck down. She should just do the exact opposite of this clown makeup.

No. 161148

File: 1626383271772.png (831.37 KB, 1080x1271, Screenshot_20210715-150556-264…)

The wording on this made me think she was calling drag queens mental illness.

No. 161149

Her best look was that like soft blond with the rainbow bangs. That era also seemed to be the beginning of the end of actual coherent thought put into outfits.

No. 161154

File: 1626385111396.jpg (601.99 KB, 1113x1079, Screenshot_20210715-223726_You…)


>going to a J-Fashion meetup

Not a crumb of J-Fashion on dis bitch

No. 161156

>implying drag queens aren't mentally ill men


No. 161157

More like a clown meetup

No. 161159

She'd admitting that mental illness is her whole personality, like who watches "mental illness content" like it was a hobby? It genuinely is a hobby for her.

(Also clearly never heard of headphones, so I guess Stevie has to hear everything she's watching/listening to all day too)

No. 161160

She is extremely normal looking (I don't mean that in a bad way, just like an algorithm made an average female face and you got Jill) which is why she layers so much rainbow drag mental illness!!! over the top to try and stand out. She could rebrand as a Relateable Normie Youtuber who reviews haircare products and still do well, but she wouldn't get all that attention she so dearly craves.

No. 161161


Ok what's she hiding? Flash doesn't hinder film footage, and there's no way an environment suitable for taking photos isn't also suitable for video. Those photos were very highly contrasted and edited, maybe she found her editing style looked ridiculous on video with subjects other than herself, so she would have to use less-edited footage which didn't suit her rainbow blinding aesthetic and shows all the faults in high detail?

No. 161165


OK but like really, how do people in real life actually stand her?

No. 161168

File: 1626390046978.jpeg (326.2 KB, 828x1088, 7280B46A-1146-48BE-B824-EE8595…)

She’s definitely reading the farms

No. 161169

The heart lollipop earrings are from wego, the only item from Japan she has on is fast fashion kek

No. 161170

File: 1626390283011.jpeg (246.29 KB, 1474x828, E6B448A2-5911-4A4C-9944-1BC045…)

Got legit special needs vibes when she was filming herself at the park

No. 161172

The weird shots of her spinning outside making faces and waddling around look like a skit from 15 years ago people would find offensive now that’s making fun of people with a learning delay, like it would be in a little Britain sketch. Uwu had to rip off her outfit because of sensory issues….just say you were too warm Jill for gods sake, the overalls judging by what everyone else had on around you weren’t a weather appropriate choice stop trying to make it a oh so special neurodivergent thing

No. 161175

She thinks someone calling her "she" is being intentionally provocative by saying it and wouldn't just assume that by first glance at her?

No. 161177

File: 1626392997017.jpeg (170.05 KB, 1169x638, BE2832AF-33C7-46B4-92D8-5E7ECE…)

I guess she’s added that very annoying expression to her arsenal, just in case the weird tongue out thing and the raised eyebrows Mr Bean expression weren’t enough.

No. 161178

If she doesn’t care what pronouns people use then why is she posting this like she is pressed, if it’s all pronouns it’s all which includes she, seems odd to post like that if she actually doesn’t care

No. 161179

god, I feel so bad for her cats, Serina looks so nappy…

No. 161182

Seems a bit touchy, maybe they just mean she's loud and boorish and they prefer when she's asleep, people say similar about babies and toddlers and, well

The fact she leapt straight to intentional misgendering they want me dead like way to overreact

No. 161184

I just can't get over her being like "use any pronouns! UwU" then being pissed someone uses any pronouns, especially the one you would assume she uses. Also, she's being super nasty in her comment section. Chill out, Jill.

No. 161188


it's just a kpop twitter meme

No. 161189

Wow I didn't even realize that she called it a hate comment. She's really hamming up the "people hate me" train when this doesn't even read as hate/wishing death on her.

Her nitpicking it just proves that she's lurking the thread again and she probably wants to call out the shit we post but can't without people calling her out for mistaking her as a farmer.

No. 161190

I'm so confused. Am I missing something here? She literally said she's fine with any pronouns. Why would anyone try to "offend" her by calling her a "she?" kek

No. 161198

File: 1626400258929.jpeg (107.89 KB, 1080x522, 08DB0C54-FE72-439D-B63D-071FD3…)

No. 161200

File: 1626402270557.png (54.43 KB, 1324x254, Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 10.2…)

in the comments, wonder when she is gonna address it, if ever.

No. 161212


These kind of reek of cowtipping, especially the second one.

No. 161213

The first one is an unrelated-to-Jill tumblr screenshot, no?

The second one is still not cowtipping, that Youtube video the commenter refers to got a ton of negative comments from Youtube users, it wasn't just us for a change

No. 161222

File: 1626424744650.png (42.56 KB, 603x623, Untitled.png)

yeah she should have specified: "call me absolutely any pronouns besides she/her because those are too boring & accurate so they will offend me!! uwu"

her autism larp is just fucking bizarre to me. because first off, why the fuck would you want to larp as an autist? I get that she wants attention badly and needs to feel like the most special snowflake at all times, but why not just stick to the BPD larp instead? autism isn't exactly the most glamorous or 'cute' thing.

also not to blogpost but if she's gonna claim to suffer from ASD sensory issues she should really try harder to make it seem believable.
picrel are some common sensory issues for autistic women. just from my own experience and talking to other women with ASD, a lot of us find stuff like hair extensions, fake eyelashes, heavy makeup, tight fitting clothes etc. unbearable.

of course these issues are different for everyone, but her entire lifestyle is a fucking sensory overload.
she slaps on her fucking clown makeup while squeezing herself into ill fitting clothes while filming herself with extremely bright lights on, lives in an oversaturated overstuffed house, all media she consumes is obnoxious screechy shit, the list goes on.
she's gonna cling to the "strong aversions to types of foods" but that's just her looking for an excuse for her shit diet, besides that her life would be absolute torture for any person with actual sensory issues.

No. 161228

File: 1626426659136.jpg (340.8 KB, 1080x1212, IMG_20210716_100931.jpg)

She makes it seem as if the act of taking off your bra when you get back home is a spechul act that only she does. But from what I've seen she only parades as an autist without the label because there a shit ton of buzzwords and phrases to mix into her daily garble.

No. 161254

File: 1626436204045.jpg (139.8 KB, 720x734, 20210716_061510.jpg)

No. 161265

jesus christ jill what's with the rude attitude lately?
both the recent tweet about the youtube comment and these comments really come across poorly, like she's so overly defensive and inflammatory here for no real reason

No. 161274

Most normal people dont like 90 % of these, especially tags in clothing, makeup, very strong perfumes and very loud noises/high pitch sounds. She's actually just retarded and not special

No. 161275

Westerners are so pressed most japanese fashion doesnt go above a whale Large. it's hilarious. Stay mad, Jillybean

No. 161276

File: 1626440706810.jpg (205 KB, 1175x847, comments.jpg)

I was looking through the comments to see why she posted this and the comment she replied to (+ that one other reply) are the only people who even pointed this out…
With how strong her reaction was, I assumed there would've been more discussion about it, but all the other comments on the video are just praising her with no criticism whatsoever.
Guess that person hit a nerve, such a strong reaction lmao.

No. 161278

Are you retarded? I'm the one who posted the first one and it's a tumblr post that has no ties to Jill at all. How is that cowtipping?

No. 161316

I'm confused because she explains her favourite j-fashion looks as vintage / thrifted but is just wearing Lucy and Yak? I don't get how OH BUT I LIKE JFASHION means that whatever she wears is j-fashion? Like, objectively her overalls are not j-fashion… she could have done something j-fashiony even if she couldn't fit into the brands she knows since there are plus size brands in Japan (but since not many people know them they dont her the exotic weeb brownie points) OR just idk use thrifted clothes to still meet the aesthetic???? she is literally just wearing what an autistic child wears.

No. 161325

I’d honestly say J-fashion has to be Japanese brand or be very specific to one style. I get you can create a fairy kein outfit out of thrifted items but you gave to really get the vibe. Whatever she’s wearing if westerners thinking colourful is j-fashion. Oh and a anime mask is also not ~jfash~

No. 161327

expecting japanese brands to be size inclusive is very gaijin-centric of you, miss woke queen jilly bean. Maybe if you had a "non-fluctuating waist of 20 inches!" this wouldn't be an issue

No. 161328

why does she think this no make up no smile appearance makes her a dude? she just looks like an average girl taking a bad photo

No. 161334

As if she couldn't just lose weight to wear the shit she wants.
And tbh most jfash looks like shit on obese people.

No. 161336

File: 1626450692601.jpeg (754.83 KB, 1170x1409, 8EE7AD5A-2E9E-4871-B3E3-FD752F…)

jill, spacing out isn’t dissociating.

No. 161338

this is just utterly embarrassing… isn't she 23 at this point? she behaves like a 13 year old going through puberty, wtf

No. 161339

i see she puts mental illness in her profile as an aesthetic and then brags about it to show everyone what literal scum she is

No. 161343

It would be a great change of pace if her antagonistic attitude solely increases and creates sufficient conflict for her hugbox bubble to pop. Jillian Vessey and her audience so perfectly illustrate why this perfomative and obnoxious flavor of mental health awareness does more harm than good. Sometimes I struggle to believe why nobody has truly called her out for her insensitive and misleading statements, considering her following. Dissociation is life ruining. It is a horribly debilitating response to experiences so damaging and terrible the brain sees no other way to survive than to essentially shut down. It is already either stigmatised or unknown to the majority of people, which causes enough problems for the afflicted as is. Nobody who actually dissociates wants this to be a part of his/her life and would certainly not parade it around. Jillian is so unbelievably arrogant. Thank goodness she means nothing to the real world and ultimately only hurts fagcel steeb and herself with her blatant brainrot. What a revolting human.

No. 161344

>baby drag human

Is it just me or does this hint at some sort of ddlg vibe. Of all the shit I want to see out of Jill, a ddlg saga is something I actually would not be able to stomach.

No. 161348

a baby drag ____ just means that you are new to drag

other anons have suspected her of being in ddlg in the past and also the fact she said she likes being called daddy might mean she already practices it with steven.

No. 161350

>gee, ain't it swell

I think her drag name is a reference to fucking Steven universe. She mentioned wanting a spinel tattoo before so

No. 161357

Is this another DID bread crumb? Is structural dissociation code for DID? She has in her black aesthetic twitter that she’s “probably dissociating”, does that mean when she’s wearing black and larping as a dude she’s doing it because she’s dissociating?

And once again Jillian Vessey parades her mental illness like just a fun little badge of uwu, don’t be mean gals, she’s probably dissociating. Be kind!

No. 161365

Its kinda ironic how She goes on and on about therapy and getting professional help when She reeks of anti-recovery 2016 Tumblr. i absolutely believe She has a lot of mental bullshit going on but She doesnt want to learn how to manage it or lessen the symptoms. She just wants to keep fucking around with no consequences.

No. 161372

Oh jesus christ is that what that’s a reference too? I thought it sounded way to odd to just be something she came up with on the fly. I would ask her to try and be normal but that’s not ever going to happen.

No. 161373

File: 1626457291351.jpeg (299.29 KB, 1170x782, 99B4832D-ECDA-4530-BF28-93EF49…)

when will she drop this larp

No. 161381

in the past I was just annoyed by her but at this point I feel disgust
did she recently experience some serious brain damage? whats the sudden obsession with being neurodivergent?
people who are actually neurodivergent do not feel the need to constantly bring it up or ever refer to what they do as "intense nd activity"
she is such a fucking weirdo

No. 161385

File: 1626458390929.png (545.52 KB, 989x570, Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 18.56…)

Jill you are an average woman in a hetrosexual relationship with an average man, you are not ~queer uwu~ because you have coloured hair and shit makeup

No. 161443

File: 1626475278821.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1506, EE7D9650-8516-4B47-BE01-41FC07…)

No. 161449

what's even the point of pretending wearing black makes you a man if you're still gonna wear rainbow puke makeup

No. 161460

the fucking slug tongue. she’s becoming jude bishop.

No. 161478

Kek it seriously made up a new internet personality so it could wear black clothes.

No. 161523

Why the knife emoji? She's always trying to cutesy-fy mental illness and now she's associating dissociation with violence? Even if it's just like 'don't bother me I'm having an episode' it comes off very serial killer. Also the name 'villainy'. are we sure this isn't some weird creepypasta oc she's larping? I'm with other anons on being actually shocked she hasn't been called out publicly yet. Maybe she's really just not that relevant.

No. 161525

THIS is her attempt at looking like a man? This isn't drag at all, it's so embarrassing.

One thing I've always wondered is if she knows her insane behavior online will turn away most future employers. I don't see how she can get a job unless she gets into some disability job agency (if they have that in Canada)

No. 161528

I think she’s not trying to associate it with violence but put off a tough/edgy vibe

No. 161554

Nothing say but by god I hate her so fucking much.

No. 161594

which is hilarious considering jill is one of the most pathetic and least intimidating cows out there

No. 161827

File: 1626554434415.png (126.13 KB, 1560x484, Screen Shot 2021-07-17.png)

God, this new baby edge lord persona is so embarrassing! Black, or edgy style clothes don't equal goth. LOL For someone who claims to be so into fashion, she sure doesn't truly know, or understand different styles & fashion. Like with the J-fash thing…

No. 161838

If she’s talking about the chain she’s wearing in the ‘lime green hair’ selfie, that’s much more council estate chav than alternative. You’d think being into some alternative fashion scene since she was a teen would mean she’s absorbed some knowledge but no, there’s no nuance. If it’s goth it’s black, if it’s bright and colourful it’s j-fashion.

No. 161850

I can’t wrap my head around her wearing black and thinking that equals goth?? And she has a tough persona now apparently like where does this come from all of a sudden!

No. 161869

this is a nitpick but I feel like someone who is trying to get into a certain fashion should at least know that the common word for a new goth isn't a "baby goth" but a baby bat.

other than that, I agree with the other anons she really doesn't know wtf fashion is

No. 161880

wait is she wearing a binder under a mesh see through top

No. 161881


it's because literally everyone with adhd and autism can tell that she doesn't have either of them; she's just narcissistic.
as someone who suffers, she could never pull it off because people are right that she is just self centered and privileged no matter how many pronoun changes or random diagnoses that she tries to put on herself. she just trying to win the oppression olympics

No. 162138

this is the most insufferable thing I’ve ever read on this miserable website. god damn Jillian please stop. I can feel the life energy draining out of me

No. 162145

So does she specifically like being called daddy/king/sir just because she listened to this song?

>loves being called king, daddy and sir

I assume this is also why she suddenly tries to adapt this ~tough baddie~ persona?
Her mind is so simplistic…
wearing a black t-shirt + beanie = "I'm a goth man!!"
wearing anything bright = "it's J-fashion just because I say so!!"

No. 162153

>average looking white girl completely failing to pull off every aesthetic she attempts

It checks out as a Pixie inspiration.

No. 162262

File: 1626625132619.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1539, D340F83F-257A-42C1-9460-93A85D…)

No. 162269

b-but anon, she posted about a song by The Cure once

No. 162272


This give me the vibe that she's trying to hop into another fashion community most likely for asspats

probably the weird "faking DID,enby,transmasc, wears kink gear and edgy clothing and constently try to be the voice of social issues with no knowledge of them" on TikTok, seems to be one big circlejerk of teenagers patting eachother on the back for nothing which makes it perfect for Jill kek

No. 162274

Yea I’m having a similar feeling that she’s trying to escape the kawiwi scene with this attempt. It’s alright to change styles but she posts everything so public and i don’t even want to start with her changing to he/him ugh

No. 162285

File: 1626629590876.jpg (415.78 KB, 1080x1443, Screenshot_20210718_182658.jpg)

sage for old post, but I just seen her collection and no shit she doesn't want to share it or make a video about it, looks like something you'd find in a carnival shop with the "kawaii Japan fashion costume for kids" tag on it

No. 162289

Fucking kek of course it is. Imagine being so unimaginative and desperate for attention that you make a whole ass live action OC to cosplay as, based on a dumb pop song by another ugly, uncreative, attention seeking white girl.

No. 162314

I still can't get over how bad her photographs are. I don't mind and even enjoy looking at bright and colourful things most of the time, but the saturation and contrast in her pics are so off I can barely focus on the details I'm supposed to be looking at. Perhaps that was an intentional strategic choice, but I find it odd how much the quality suffered on such an important project compared to her regular pics.

No. 162315

"Swells" must be a reference to how she ballooned up lately and a threat that it will continue kek

No. 162322

File: 1626637382224.png (521.92 KB, 576x865, imagen_2021-07-18_144218.png)

Jillian you can be into Muse and punk clothes without using he/him pronouns.

Also sharing these, I don't think they have been shared yet? there's a lot of pictures here

No. 162327

File: 1626637642023.png (588.24 KB, 432x640, shit.png)

My awesome daughter / My favorite model
By Louise Vessey

"Jillian and I have always been super close, so knowing we were going not allowed to visit one another for months was quite difficult! We would video message with facebook and synch up and watch shows together which was great but it just doesn't beat being together in the same space! She is one of my favourite things to talk, er brag about!"

"I'm so proud of my BBG (I will always call her my baby girl!). She's faced her fears, moved out on her own, is following her dreams and is doing really well! She's always loved fashion as you will see from some of these images, so it made perfect sense for her to pursue and study Fashion Design at NBCCD. Hard to believe she is now going into her third year this September already. She supports herself with her youtube channel, Pixielocks where she vlogs, talks about fashion, school, mental health and much more. She has quite a following, who she calls 'The Confetti Club'. Her style is very colourful and happy! I have always loved photographing her of course! She brought along a few outfits for a 'lookbook' video, so I helped take some photos and video for her. We drove to various gorgeous places on PEI to find backgrounds and also went to our family cottage for a couple of nights."

No. 162328

File: 1626637811859.png (283.44 KB, 448x646, oihnfviep.png)

Interesting picture

No. 162330

File: 1626637955625.png (603.93 KB, 470x650, grftvbgvgt.png)

This picture makes me think of an alternate timeline where Jillian is just a cute but quirky normal white girl.

No. 162331

That one caught my eye too and a debated posting it. The prettiest picture of her I've ever seen imo.

No. 162332

File: 1626638279359.png (20.84 KB, 702x152, rpvjrfjpo.png)

Googling her I also found this random comment from 5 years ago
How time flies.

No. 162349

She looks nice in this but it’s clearly retouched as are all the images Louise posts of her and you have to wonder if that messed with her self image having your own mom retouch pictures of you from quite a young age

No. 162351

File: 1626643112178.jpg (952.82 KB, 1085x895, eesh.jpg)


he mother really did her dirty with they layout of those pics, it's like the further you scroll the bigger she gets

No. 162363

Jill looks so cute on the left, like a Harry Potter extra, and then on the right we have someone's escort site. Contact to arrange a booking. Minimum 2 hours at a time.

No. 162370

Her tits are hell of cute. Don't know why but her body if fuckable. I'd suck her tits off.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 162374

Unfortunately for you, they are padded as hell in the second picture. If you want more things to perve on, you can see that she shows and talks about her tits quite a bit in her videos and tweets. Have fun finding them

No. 162382

God she really does look like an escort huh

No. 162386

I'm wondering, in the pictures where the background is edited in rainbow, didn't Jill edit those? Why is her mother using photos that she didn't edit on her website? Is that a normal thing?

No. 162408

File: 1626651777396.jpeg (274.54 KB, 1100x1226, 7F7229D5-5CCD-489A-897A-FF47D8…)

Looks like Mama Vessey can’t do ~fashun~ (photography) either. But she’s totally not mad about it or anything (insert passive aggressive emoji here)

No. 162415

This makes me wonder and I want you nonnies to chime in - do you think she will ever have her just normal but quirky white girl life? Or is she forever doomed to the kawiwi rainybow DID life? She looks great here, even in >>162262 she's noticeably better than when she's in all pink/rainbow.

No. 162417

File: 1626654659054.jpeg (21.16 KB, 476x317, 1539276655878.jpeg)

jill is giving me major gypsy rose vibes in her beanie and glasses

No. 162421

File: 1626657342774.png (453.22 KB, 426x600, sfvsfvvs.png)

Oh boy I have the perfect picture for you.

No. 162422

I really doubt it will come anytime soon, sadly. I wish she could understand she can get attention just by being a quirky but normal alt white girl, but no, she must crank everything up to eleven. It doesn't help how much woke shit both twitter and her "therapist" are feeding her.

I think mama vessey just coddled jillian so much that she grew into a quite vulnerable adult who is easy to influence so much. She copies every other mannerism and she can't think for herself. She has no personality other than watching youtube and tv shows. All her info is obtained from the internet. She can't keep a hobby or style for long enough without halfassing it (sewing comes to mind), and she craves attention. So she latches onto anything she can that gives her the attention she wants. In her mind, anything normal = not cool enough for her, so she has to get these new identities every time. Like her emo-punk phase, her lolita phase, her jfashion/party-kei phase, etc and now this weird convination of a lot of trendy things that get obnoxious levels of attention on the internet (she grew up on the internet after all). She fills the void in her soul with attention and so she must fit into her DID-dragqueen-sexy-rainbow-BPD-alternative-neopronoun-queer-witch "newfound" persona. I think she just is a white girl going insane because of external pressure. She needs to get her shit together. But she won't.