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File: 1599602937576.png (16.01 MB, 4252x2460, A0AD15E6-5A68-436A-9D9B-509457…)

No. 111715

Previous thread: >>>/w/99779

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

General info:
>Frivolously spends her parents' or her own money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite previously complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; has been highly dependent on her mother, friends, or partner in social events and blows minor issues way out of proportion
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image; formerly referred to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual; currently with her live-in partner Stephen Clarke and both have formally come out as bisexual
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not

Last Thread Recap:
>Jill started her own brand, 5 petal flower. She isn’t selling anything yet, but plans to sell bad Lazy Oaf knock offs
>She got rid of the rainby bangs
>2 year anniversary with totes not gay Steevie
>Uses the word ‘pandemie’ and gets called out for being insensitive, but a fan claims she was just speaking French
>She won’t stfu about her stims and super scary ‘restrictive’ eating disorder
>Finally picks the winners of her tattoo contest. She picks questionable designs that queerbait
>She receives PR from Wet n Wild and throws a bitch fit about the plastic in it
>Makes a video which clearly had editing on her voice, but claims the unnatural high pitch is just a symptom of her bpd
>Makes a ‘scene kid transformation’ video but looks nothing like a scene kid and instead just subjects us to horrible shilled drag eyelashes from Toshi and a badly coordinated outfit once again (but this time in black)
>Anthony Padilla announces he is making a video on BPD, Jill gets her confetti cunts to beg him to put her in the video. He had already picked people to be in the video
>Buys a $100 too small vintage romper, only to break it with her fat immediately

Old Threads:

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
Cosplay Facebook Page: https://anony.link/https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://anony.link/https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com/

No. 111717

sorry if i fucked it lol i’m on mobile

No. 111718

All looks good anon

No. 111720

>>111717 thanks anon it looks good

No. 111727

"break it with her fat" I'm crying holy shit

No. 111730

OP pic compilation makes it increasingly obvious how much she wants to be emilia fart, like she is actively trying to look and act like her, even though that consists of looking like a chinless potato with mental health issues wearing colorful sacks.

No. 111756

Haven’t visited her thread in awhile and holy shit. She’s a rainby hambeast now it’s disgusting. Im assuming she downs a full bag of tendies a day now and chases it with a bottle of sugary juice

No. 111758

Your assumptions are correct

No. 111776

Good ole tinfoil for the new thread, but I’ve been watching a bit of The Stitchess, a Pixie skinwalker (is there a skinwalker thread?) and starting in 2018 she’s been doing videos about quitting fast fashion and vintage hauls.
Starting 3 months ago, she’s been doing reacts to fashion shows, and pixie did a react to making the cut 2 months ago.
4 months ago, she did a “kawaii girl to goth” video, and now pixie made “kawaii girl turns scene”
My tinfoil: is pixie now skinwalking her skinwalker now that theystarted to achieve some popularity?

No. 111785

File: 1599681678155.jpg (521.24 KB, 2896x2896, 20200909_155603.jpg)

That's not environmentally friendly Jill.. And queenjellybeany profile pic could be mistaken as Jill's.

No. 111790

Listen I know this thread isn't about queen beany or whatever but "buying things to fill the void" jesus christ that's scary how she wants that to be one of the first things people see about her and she thinks it's all "cutesey uwu" I guess one thing she has over Jill is at least she's honest about her shopping addition I guess

Also agreed anon her profile picture straight up looks like someone drew fanart for Pixie

No. 111791

I was just gonna comment how I think it's actual Pixie fanart but then I looked into her and she literally has that hairstyle jfc w h y

No. 111792

Maybe this is a huge reach but saying she’s taken by ‘kermit the frog’ after old steebe wore a kermit shirt in the hair dyeing video and did impressions of his voice … I don’t like jill but this is reaching single white female levels of stalking kek

No. 111832

god, her @ is also the fucking nickname lolcow coined for jill too, this is so creepy wtf

No. 111834

No one here coined "jillybean." It's a really common nickname for people named Jillian.

No. 111851

NTA, but we've been calling Jillian "jillybean" like years ago. It's not a matter of it being a nickname for all the jillians, it is a matter of it being very mentioned here and then this copycat comes and calls herself jellybeany. Like come on, jillybean and jellybean are creepy close, just one letter is different lol. Even if this girl isn't reading lolcow, it is still suspicious and stalkerish.

No. 111865

…jellybean is a real word. This is such a reach.

No. 111868

but used specifially by a skinwalker makes it sus

No. 111874

It literally doesn't. That girl has been on twitter longer than Jill has had YouTube.

No. 111910

Jill is the one who started her business less than a month after this girl did, they’re skin walking each other if anything

No. 111923

like a pink glittery ouroboros

No. 111950

File: 1599799627320.png (868.61 KB, 1080x2270, Screenshot_20200910-233441.png)

Her first name is apparently Ellie according to her Etsy. It rhymes with jelly, so there you have it.

No. 111956

>A wild Ellie appeared!
>Ellie used Backpedal
>It was not very effective!

Fight Run

No. 111981

File: 1599823025126.png (12.09 KB, 491x231, stop.PNG)

jfc you guys are autistic sometimes. the cringe is unbearable, stop reaching so hard.

the deviantart she made 10 YEARS AGO has the username "jellybean009". her name is ellie. it sounds like jelly. jellybean is a real word.

is it really more believable to you that she's both found and read this thread and based her entire online identity across multiple platforms on JILL of all people than something more innocent?

No. 112014

but your ruining their hateboner

No. 112023

Eh, it's a stretch to say it's not environmentally friendly. There are plenty of biodegradable glitters on the market nowadays that you could use to achieve this look.

No. 112039

Why are you whiteknighting a literal who?

No. 112040

Ntayrt but calling you guys dumb when you're being dumb isn't white knighting. Sorry your conspiracy theory on this girl was wrong. Obviously she's still a Jill skinwalker but she's had her username forever. Can we move on now

No. 112046

File: 1599872668736.jpeg (652.31 KB, 1125x1107, 64C504B6-4237-446B-8746-B05A43…)

Someone immortalized the fat blasted romper in animal crossing kek

No. 112053

Hair tinsel is made of polyester. Polyester is not biodegradable.

No. 112066

Ah, my bad. I thought the picture was glitter streaks in the hair, not pieces of tinsel. There's not really a way she could play it off and say she would reuse it either. I can't imagine being able to salvage the tinsel for multiple applications.

No. 112077

>>111776 confetti club/ skinwalker thread >>>/w/93696

No. 112097

No. 112099

Ngl, she looked kinda cute in this video and hair actually looked nice

No. 112108

File: 1599928580318.jpeg (139.11 KB, 974x547, B3D4465C-6B32-4EFE-B272-8E8844…)

What the actual fuck is she doing with her upper lip in her new twitter pic? She looks like a platypus

No. 112109

Not to mention those JOWLS. Yikes.

No. 112110


Jill is bingo wing central in the thumbnail

No. 112116

Is her thumbnail photoshopped? Her arm that is raised looks weird because her arm looks like playdoh

No. 112117

Not gonna lie, I'm extremely excited to see the six pieces she is going to design and sew for her senior year. Everything she makes is somehow uglier than the last, I wonder how she's going to top her other trainwrecks.

No. 112119

It’s called ducklips anon are you new to the world

No. 112121

"I very much look and sound like I can be american"
What does an American look like according to Jill?

No. 112122

It's definitely shopped. You can see the middle of her bicep is slightly raised when that would naturally be the lowest part of the slope.

No. 112123

So her entire fashun skewl education is going to cause her to sew nine pieces in total? That's laughable.

No. 112128

White and overweight

No. 112129

File: 1599950815495.jpeg (138.36 KB, 750x649, 1B43FD80-B036-4BF2-83A5-6D6749…)

I wonder if this is what happened between her, wendy, and jenny.

No. 112133

I don’t think we even got to see last school years end fashion project that she convinced her professors to break the rules and let her have more than one color for

No. 112136

File: 1599956829571.jpg (378.94 KB, 1080x958, Screenshot_20200912-192815_Twi…)

No. 112137

Ghastly yellow tone foundation And duck lips aside I think she looks pretty Here

No. 112140

Can't wait to watch her kawaii-fy another serious mental illness. She really is unbearable at this point. She's gna milk the shit out of an ASD "diagnosis">>112136

No. 112146

Her accepting any mental illness mentioned in this thread proves that she reads it. We should start saying she has Narcissist tendencies too cause it's true.

No. 112147

"this is my last year of fashion school" "I'm never going back to school"
please say sike………. she's not ready to do shit

No. 112155

It’s so painfully obvious that Jill only went to this college because they had a fashion show and they would let her do whatever she wanted compared to a certified fashion school. While I know the pandemic effects everyone, I feel like Jill not getting to flaunt her tacky garments at both the fashion shows is some sort of karma coming back around to bite her on the ass

No. 112161

I've always thought her to be a narcissist, there are way too many signs in her behavior throughout her teen years to now that heavily imply narcissism

No. 112164

Jill, please apply for some sort of online class that teaches sewing. Your current skill set is barely that of a 1st year student.

No. 112176

Isn’t this only her second year in the actual fashion program? Surely she should be going into higher education next especially if she wants to have her own brand. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t her college like a low level college, most people I know in fashion courses have been in them for at least 4 years with the first 2 being sort of an introduction.

No. 112179

It's an unaccredited "school" with a 2 year fashion program.

No. 112193

File: 1600013084878.jpeg (141.14 KB, 640x977, 6165A46F-BC87-4AE4-9716-92550F…)

100% bet she’s intimidating irl… Super intense, and snotty, and always squealing, and taking about herself.

No. 112207

for fucks sake, how can she talk this often about stims? actual real life autistic people (who are actually diagnosed) don't talk about their stims this much. just shut up and accept you're neurotypical, jilly.

No. 112209

who tf is calling you intimidating jill, since when are fat overgrown autist toddlers intimidating

No. 112215

File: 1600027834004.jpeg (196.02 KB, 616x1100, E6CAED56-29AE-4C64-992C-A79A0D…)

I know this pic, has already been posted, but the caption… No one thinks, you, or anyone is strange for wearing rainbows, or colourful fashion. Not that that’s fashion. But, people probably would back away because everything clashes, and you look like a fool. Especially in “ ~fashion~ “ skool. Not to mention the smug, judgemental look on her face! Is she suppose to look innocent, and intriging, in this pic? LMAO She looks so dumb with her lips slightly open like that.

No. 112219

>what do you do

Do a doubletake and wonder why an obese 40 YO with no fashion sense is in the fashion design course

No. 112221

File: 1600031247419.png (185.13 KB, 832x434, pixie.png)

This might have already been discussed but Jillybean was in June's kawaii international episode


No. 112234

Honestly the more she drops these autism hints the more it feels like she isn’t autistic and is just pretending like she has been with BPD, even though I was convinced
It feels like just ANOTHER thing to excuse her being a shitty person towards everyone

No. 112238

Isn't this the exact kind of crap she said she wouldn't be buying anymore?

No. 112244

File: 1600044723849.jpg (686 KB, 1080x2003, 20200913_205133.jpg)

Behold, her ugly ass cork board.

No. 112252

The paint is just going to flake off. This is pointless.

No. 112253

Can‘t even draw a straight line and calls herself an ~artist~ and ~fashun designer~
Okay Jill

No. 112258


usually people decorate cork boards by covering them with fabric to avoid the paint chipping problem. couldn't jillybean spare two scraps of fabric from her polyester hoard? i don't think anyone would notice if she had to rip a square off her patchwork picnic blanket smock.

No. 112260

If anything, showing off her stim reiterates her desperation to prove she has anxiety or whatever else, which just makes her annoying. I'd rather feel intimidation than get irritated the second I lay my eyes on her ass

No. 112262

god she needs to either let her eyebrows grow in or shave them off. that over-plucked, over-arched, sperm-shaped look was unflattering on everyone who had them in the early 00s but it is especially not helping out jill.

No. 112263

i wonder if her instructors get annoyed that she uses the same aesthetic, and colour palette for everything

No. 112318

surely they would, right? if someone's project was all gothic i'd guess they'd be forced to use red and purple as well as black so that there's some visual interest. every single item we've seen jill make has been the same shade of DDLG pink or that ugly exorcist-puke green.

No. 112354

b-but anon, it's for her mental iwness, therefore she's allowed to do whatever she wants!!

In highschool all my art teachers got annoyed with students who turned in basically the same thing every time so I can't understand why her fucking fashion teachers aren't more strict about trying to push her boundaries and get her to try new things because she's literally used the same color palette on EVERYTHING.

No. 112378

Jill's main stim is her annoying lip-smaking with her tongue out. You know which one i mean.

No. 112395

For being all about body positivity, she is trying her hardest to look as skinny as possible with the pose and angle.

No. 112413

File: 1600132437553.jpeg (164.11 KB, 640x1091, 30CC3CC2-C2C8-4CC2-84DC-7CC5C4…)

No. 112416


So because she wasnt invited to the video she is making one of her own? Jill will spread so much misinformation I can see her getting picked apart by the 'Real Pshcologist' Youtubers

No. 112418

this is so disgusting. Monetizing mental illness for views? Especially psychosis which gets stigmatized enough? You're fucking disgusting Jill.

No. 112426

I guess Jill isn’t ready to let go of her bpd diagnosis even though she’s been peddling her very obvious autism diagnosis without saying it’s autism

No. 112429

Jill is in NO position to talk about this because she's not a therapist or anything remotely alike, she really loves pretending she's so smart and knows what the fuck she's talking about but she clearly doesn't, I hope she gets roasted.

This is why she thinks she's a fashion designer too, she just THINKS she has the authority on anything, no wonder she got bullied in hischool.

No. 112433

god damn she looks. so. OLD. like mid 30's, it's fucking tragic.
oh god please let her do this so she gets picked up by actual drama channels eventually and gets eaten alive for spreading misinformation

No. 112438

>mid 30s
>so old

No. 112439

Psychosis?????? Jillian what the fuck would you know about psychosis???????
God, I'll have to control myself to not sperg if she actually makes a video on it, it's such a dangerous symptom and usually just lands people being forcefully put on mental hospitals. I hate BPD larpers so much lmao imagine pretending to have experience or even understand something as dangerous as psychosis.

No. 112454

It's her "quiet BPD."

No. 112467

Huge nitpick but why does she have an artist palette emoji on her username, she doesn't even paint wtf?

No. 112469

Probably for the ~Aesthetic~

No. 112473

bc she 'paints' on her ugly ass 'kawaii clown' makeup every day

No. 112479

she throws a bitch fit over not getting her way, I go to a very small art school as well (but accredited) and the teachers will bend so many rules to the "uwu so special" kids because they will sperg out if they don't.

No. 112486

Even if they do bend for her who cares? She's just wasting her own time and money by not really learning anything new or challenging her technique if you want to call it one.

No. 112515

Why do BPD larpers always go on about that favorite person shit?
I only hear that term from obvious larpers and it's the only thing they talk about. Never the childlike tantrums and doing shitty things to friends and family.

No. 112571

There's nothing much to say about loud vs. quiet borderlines though, isn't it? She could try to squeeze in some bs about having psychotic episodes if she spent more than five minutes doing research on google, but psychosis is a disorder of its own and unless she's going to come out as psychotic she cannot share much insight on it just by describing her own delusions. Armchairing is useless on her anyways, since she couldn't make a proper introduction to her BPD without copy pasting a psychologytoday article kek

No. 112572

File: 1600267723243.jpg (674.36 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200916_104910.jpg)

>The photoshop job cannot be topped


No. 112582

Remember awhile back when she was going on and on about how she was "dissasociating" because quarantine was so stressful and how Stevie would find her sitting there and staring at nothing for long periods of time? I wonder if she's going to try and claim that those were actually psychotic episodes

No. 112584

she probably will now you gave her the idea!!! lol

No. 112588

>>112584 She'd have to be bold enough to claim she's been diagnosed by a psychiatrist/psychologist, because dissociation is a pretty common symptom for borderlines. And a psychotic discussing their disorder without consulting an expert and taking medication is not a reliable source of information tbh.

Jillybean, please don't embarass yourself with self-diagnosing.

No. 112589

She once described dissociation as noticing a tree that she hadn't paid attention to before. She doesn't even know what it is.

No. 112590


Kek, is this her shopping her back fat into blue so it looks like her top and not her flesh?

No. 112592

It's the warp on her arm, I think. It's pushed up in the middle of her bicep.

No. 112597

File: 1600291654579.jpg (185.33 KB, 1080x929, 20200916_182818.jpg)

No. 112602

I just want to know what happened to her that hurt her so much. Like maybe she would seem more credible or at least believable if she talked about her traumas instead of just making us take her at face value that something happened once long ago to make her ~this ill~

No. 112604

She doesn't have any. She wrote candidly about her whole life on her dA. She just has anxiety and depression.

No. 112612

I wouldn't expect someone to share their traumas with online strangers. But she does try her hardest to push in everyone's faces all of her problems for clickbaiting and to justify her mistakes. I'd like her to make a video on her BPD where she explains why exactly she can't apologize even for the dumbest of things, she's not going to turn into a super villain like in her magic kawiwi girl animus (maybe she could add this in her psychosis video: "I have delusions that impede me from separating animu from reality")

No. 112629

It might just be my boredom talking but I cannot wait for her BPD vids. Only because they're going to be hilariously embarrassing.

No. 112656

what happened 2 years ago, besides treating her friends and ex gf like shit? Legit wondering. It also feels so stupid like "woe is me I tried to kill myself". Pity points like alwasy

No. 112668

She had a hard time when she momved out.

No. 112675

shes barely 21-22. the point is she shouldn't look like shes 5 years away from 40 anon, her makeup has aged her 10-15 years

No. 112720

I hope this is irony.
This girls lives off her parent‘s pockets; never strugglee for shelter, food or health insurance or student loans.
I don‘t believe a single word about her being ~mentally ill~. She uses this as an accessory. It‘s fucking disgusting.

No. 112729

>>112720 maybe OP meant she had a ten feet underground low morale because she had to move out of her parent's place and cut the umbilical cord from her mother. The guy OP was replying to was asking what happened two years ago besides the gf drama and the whole moving out thing was such a soap opera at that time

No. 112736

people can have a lot in life and still be mentally ill. it doesn't always come from the environment, genetics and brain makeup are factors

i dont believe she's anywhere near honest, i'm just pointing that out cus it sounds like you were trying to justify her comfortable and privileged life as a reason why she can't be sick

No. 112749

File: 1600400198205.jpg (460.24 KB, 1080x1580, Screenshot_20200917-223749_Twi…)

No. 112751

Not to cause an infight but privileged people can be ill, as well as be idiots. Life isn't fair like that, and I get where you're coming from otherwise.

No. 112752

She has blown up over quarantine. Who is she trying to convince that she couldn't swallow food?

No. 112755

>I only eat peeps and nuggies because of my speshul swallowing disorder, not because I am a womanchild!

She reminds me of the scene kids of the 00s/early teens who would claim some obscure, unprovable disorder like synesthesia in order to seem more unique.

No. 112756

Jesus christ, what an asshole to repost something like that?? Who wants to suddenly see stuff like that in their feed? Her fans are all pretty sensitive people so she knows what she's doing. Not even a cursory trigger warning.

No. 112757

Samefag, Jillian is one of the cows who I have never felt sorry for or considered had redeeming moments, and it's because of stuff like this. What an utter cunt.

No. 112769

I really doubt moving into your own townhouse decorated the way you want it to look and all payed by your parents would make anyone kill themselves. Jill is priviledged.

No. 112770

Honestly, her whole "I tried to kill myself 2 years ago, ~I'm so ill and special~" schpiel is fucking gross. Yeah you can have money and be depressed. But that's not the point. The point is that this is Jill and she loves her pity points so much. I bet that moving out into her dream house was ~~such a shock~~ that maybe she cried while eating chicken tendies and maybe, just maybe, thought of her life being a bit worthless. But not full blown "I TRIED TO KILL MYSELF ABLOOBLOOBLOOOO"

No. 112772

Jesus what is this even lol this is such a fucking big ass lie

No. 112777

i think it was when colin dumped her. that actually fucked her up because he was the first partner that ever dumped her since she was always the dumper in her past relationships

No. 112779

lmao romper-chan begs to differ

No. 112787

File: 1600409217542.png (66.87 KB, 665x343, ARFID.png)

I wonder if they were actual "I need to go to the hospital or I'll die" kind of suicide attempts or if it was a "I'm crying in my bathroom with the blade in my hand then I said not today" kind of suicide attempt. They're very distinctly different and to completely sound like an asshole the latter is not an actual attempt.

It's funny that she keeps trying to push ARFID, usually when an adult has it even if they eat nothing but nuggies they still tend to be under weight since even their "safe foods" need time to adjust and get comfortable eating. But like anons said in previous threads maybe she's just drinking gallons of sugary juice and iced teas that it helped her balloon up.

Also, She needs to get her story straight, either she's ana-chan or has ARFID she can't be both since the diagnoses counteract each other.

No. 112789

I always forget who Colin is because he blends in with her current slave and the slave she had when she was into lolita fashion

Also, lol, good for him
Like how full of yourself must you be to make him into the bad guy? shut up jill, you're the toxic one

No. 112790

>She needs to get her story straight, either she's ana-chan or has ARFID she can't be both since the diagnoses counteract each other.
How do they counteract each other? legit curious

No. 112791

Anorexics have a distorted body image. They think they're fat even when they're underweight.

No. 112794

and people with AFRID thin they're too thin or something like that?

No. 112795

people with ARFID don't have a different perception of themselves compared to what their actual body looks like.

No. 112808

No, I never said she's not privileged. In fact, she's way more privileged than she makes herself out to be with her disingenuous "I know I'm privileged, I am very blessed, but most of this I worked for" shenanigans. She reminds me a lot of Shane Dawson in that sense, when he'd keep reiterating how poor he is to sound ~ relatable ~
But as I was trying to say, the reason why she was so depressed over moving out was exactly her privilege, because she's a spoilt momma's girl (and there wouldn't be anything wrong with that if she hadn't grown up to be an entitled, ‘I'm the center of attention’ brat)

No. 112812

Patients with ARFID aren't trying or even want to lose weight, anorexics want to lose and refuse to maintain healthy weight.

No. 112837

> maybe she's just drinking gallons of sugary juice
from what i’ve read and what i’ve seen people with ARFID experience, they do often fixate on sugary drinks. some out of their body’s need for nutrients and low blood sugar, some because it’s considered a “safe food”. her kitchen is probably full of soda and juice boxes.

No. 112839

I’m just surprised she hasn’t tried to claim atypical anorexia yet. i’ve seen many a fatty say they have anorexia and sperg about “not all anorexics are skinny!”

No. 112850

I seriously keep forgetting that Colin and Stevie are two different people, they're nearly identical

I think she won't claim to have that because she's in huge denial about her weight and if she called herself atypical anorexic she would have to admit that she's one of the people who's overweight and anorexic, but she doesn't want to admit she's overweight and not "thicc"

No. 112854

By the diagnostic requirements for anorexia someone does have to have trouble maintaining a healthy weight via having a weight too low for their age/height/gender. “Atypical anorexia” is just disordered eating that falls under the diagnosis of OSFED/EDNOS but fatties want the attention that comes alongside the word “anorexia” and saying “I have OSFED” doesn’t get as many asspats or concern from people.

No. 112855

What is the deal with her twitter? I never followed her before but did she always post this many mental health and disorder tweets before?
She can't go a week without mentioning something and retweets so many friendly reminder to normalize coddling people tumblr tweets. Was she always like that?

No. 112860

Has she ever claimed somewhere where exactly she's got her diagnosis done, and why she's not getting any treatment for it all the while she spreads "awareness" on her condition(s) online?

No. 112866

Also her suddenly laughing about covid being fatal in her newest video…..

No. 112879

Timestamp for this is around 1:40 for anyone curious and don't want to wade through the video, but jesus the way she's so giggly about "teehee someone asked if corona is fatal!~" is honestly really gross and weird

No. 112903

Her twitter is mostly, her shoving her aesthetic, and pretty cure, down everyone's throats. She doesn't mention her mental health, as much as you think, like it's not every week. But, when she does it's pretty obnoxious, and intense.

No. 112904

This. Does anyone know?

No. 112906

If I remember right I think she has something about it on her about me section on pixielocks dot ca

No. 112911

File: 1600484731805.jpg (3.29 MB, 1219x3438, Timeline.jpg)

Here's the about me. Sorry if this has been posted before but it actually seems pretty new? Maybe I'm behind but her website in general seems like it's been through an overhaul but yes she does mention how she got diagnosed and going back to what this anon said >>112787 she mentions her attempt in here and she actually did have to go to the hospital for it. She also mentions a lot of shit about her weight and eating and anorexia in here.

No. 112912

File: 1600484865995.png (450.43 KB, 843x524, 33cbe7e6eec803ecd0b5f87277c586…)

This was also on the website and jesus fucking christ I don't think I've ever seen someone look so smug before

No. 112914

Never noticed this before but if you dont see her face her arms look like a man's. She should really redo this photo with something else as this is her worst image photos to date.

No. 112915

Am I the only one confused who this website is for? It’s quite weird to put personal information such as this on a site meant for professionals. Is it for her skin walkers to peruse?

No. 112918

This is one of the cringiest biographies I've ever come across. Does she even earn enough to support herself from her YouTube channel? Her viewcount leaves much to desire…
Also she never mentioned that she's been definitively diagnosed as a borderline. Manifesting a few symptoms doesn't warrant you have it tf.

No. 112919

Yeah this seems like a really inappropriate amount of information. Naming the specific medications your on is cringy as hell, its fine to say you struggled with mental illness but giving so many specific details makes it so obvious that this is for pity points.

No. 112921

File: 1600492123433.jpeg (226.63 KB, 1536x2048, EiP7uYOWoAAi2rr.jpeg)


No. 112928

File: 1600498430299.png (145.35 KB, 1440x818, Screenshot_20200919-025440.png)

oh they're so superior

No. 112933

What in the actual fuck? People believe this? Having been in a bi/bi relationship it's legit just normal. Nothing chaotic about it. Does this person think it is just non-stop sex or talk of who you'd fuck?

No. 112937

This was talked about when she announced her web page is live and before that when she posted that picture. Probably 3 or 4 threads ago?
The fact her website is sitting completely useless and she didn't shorten that ridiculous biography makes me wonder if she just forgot about it.

No. 112945

File: 1600508394570.png (184.59 KB, 1440x698, Screenshot_20200919-052857.png)

Yeah, I mean, being bi means you're attracted to both females and males, so why exactly would it be chaotic of two bisexuals to be in a relationship despite being of the opposite gender to each other? The tweet's supposed to be half-ironic I guess, but it just reiterates how sexualities coin you as superior or inferior when you compare yourself to others. It also implies it's somewhat special or quirky of bisexuals to like the opposite gender which defeats the whole meaning of the label itself lol

No. 112950

Wow, she would've gotten massive kick out of that

No. 112953

Magic how Rachel of Rachel and Jun started posting and talking about having arfid then all of a sudden after that pixie who has cherry picked quirks and traits from other youtubers before suddenly has this issue, can’t be a coincidence

No. 112955

File: 1600516847272.jpeg (270.42 KB, 1125x537, 99380345-84C2-4B26-A4B7-894B5A…)

I just realized that her weight gain coincides with Canada’s weed legalization kek

No. 112956

why does she try to make it seem like her mum being born in the uk make her seem cultured

No. 112959

Does anyone know if her mother grew up in the UK or Canada? If I remember rightly she speaks in a Canadian accent in Jill's videos so I would assume the latter.

No. 112965

Oh my god guys we are literally like, SO special like we're totally not like NORMAL straight couples at all, even though we're in a male female relationship we are just so FLAMINGLY gay and we're not like normal straight couples at all guys please give us special attention based on our sexuality because our personalities are worthless

No. 112969

"Chaotic bi" is a common joke/phrase in the queer community.

No. 112976

Is it, or do you just hang out with assholes?

No. 112981

Google not available in your area, anon?

No. 112983

Yes, heard it before, bisexuals freaking out whenever they don't know over which gender they should mentally orgasm on the most. In this context the joke is: we're not like every other straight couple, we're very gay uwu speshiulll

No. 112986

Literally not what it means at all, but keep spouting your biphobic rhetoric.

No. 112987

Tell me what it means please? I can't find anything else on Google, I legit only heard of chaotic bi in this context. And I'm a bi, which is why I find this all the more embarassing, thank you very much.

No. 112990

It originated from a spin-off of the typical D&D alignment system, and a lot bi folks flocked to the term "chaotic bi" as a way to describe themselves. Yes, part of it comes from the, "oh no, everyone is hot" kind of jokes that get used in the bi community, but it's mostly just about having a specific kind of energy. There's also definitely a nod to the lack of conforming to the gay/straight binary that a lot of bi folks can feel pressured to fit into (and also the judgement that a lot of bi folks get for not being "gay enough").

No. 112991

Biphobic rhetoric? Anon . . . please lmao

No. 112993

File: 1600541031506.jpg (5.68 MB, 2048x2048, D4cQ47fXkAEnUnc (1).jpg)

throwing a hair edit in bc she would suit a nice brunette + she needs to give her hair a break from the constant box bleaching, dying and wearing heavy extensions

No. 112994

Yes it has its basis in the DnD alignment chart but it's never used that way all of the Bi people I've seen use chaotic bi are using it solely to describe how they feel "chaotic" over their see-saw like attraction of men and women. You can see that the tweet most likely means it that way too because some people genuinely think that way.

Her natural hair color washes her out too much, an ashen blonde or a lighter brown color would look better ans it would look better with her bright obnoxious style. the only way her natural hair would work is if she wore more muted colors but i highly doubt jill will suddenly be into dark academia any time soon.

No. 112996

That isn't what that tweet is saying at all. The tweet doesn't even refer to attraction. Bi people also don't generally refer to their attraction to different genders as something they go back and forth on, like you're implying.

Chaotic on the D&D alignment chart is opposite of "lawful." It literally refers to being outside of the expectations and boundaries. That's how "chaotic bi" is used pretty much exclusively.

No. 112998

File: 1600543846174.png (24.21 KB, 571x235, top def.png)

If it doesn't refer to attraction then what the hell is "gay vibes" supposed to mean? As some one who is in the bi community and speaks with other bi people I see it exclusively used for their attraction you might not use it that way but majority of the people I know do.

This is the top first result if you google chaotic bisexual. Enough infighting and lets get back to how Jill loves throwing around labels that don't fit her.

No. 113006

I like it but she also just looks so much like Shayna with brown hair.

No. 113007

Why always the weird duck lips? She would look decently cute if she would just relax her face, it looks so tense all the time. I wouldn't be surprised if this shit causes wrinkles.

No. 113008

That UrbanDictionary definition is wrong. If you read the context of anyone actually using it, it doesn't match up.

If you are bi and don't understand that "gay vibes" means more than attraction, I'm not sure how to explain that to you. Thinking queer people only flock together due to their mutual attraction(s) is ridiculous. There are aesthetics, culture, community, experiences, etc that bond us together.

No. 113014

File: 1600546997267.png (314.24 KB, 988x792, pixelocks.png)

No. 113019

anon that’s Wario

No. 113020

>what the hell is "gay vibes" supposed to mean?
It means slathering yourself and everything you own in rainbows, anon. Has Jill taught you nothing??

No. 113043

First of all, horrible web design, looks like dogshit
Second, "about me" pages don't literally have all about you and your life since you were in highschool, it's not helpful and aint nobody got time for that. Looks horrible for any employer too, and besides that, this just screams self centered obnoxious bitch.

No. 113044

I thought this was an onion ring earing lol
So glad to know her speshul chug and swallow disease doesn't stop her from eating onions dip in grease and batter lol

No. 113046

This, she wants to be every other youtuber

No. 113047

Makes sense. Cant wait to see her pictures of herself with a rainbow flowerly bong.

No. 113066

The narcissism shines from this bio, like why does she think anyone cares about all this? People watch her channel because shiny things and someone sardonically talking to you like a nursery school teacher is some people's bag. But what has she given the world aside from highly contrasted Youtube videos? Why should we care which exact shade of hairdye she used when she was 14? Would she listen to someone else's bio if it was this inane and self-centered?

No. 113067

A cis man and a cis woman fucking is no longer a straight activity according to this guy. Mfw you want to be special so bad.

No. 113070

I like that they called Pixie "they" despite no signs of her being non binary whatsoever

No. 113074

Shes been liking a bunch of retarded trans jokes on twitter for the past couple of weeks. especially the "she/they" ones.
>inb4 "trans" pixielocks

No. 113083

a man and woman fucking are straight period lol

No. 113084

Watch her coming out as nonbinary demigirl or some bullshit like that for queer points

No. 113085

Apparently I can't bond with my bisexual peers because I don't understand the sheer depth of the D&D alignment chart, lol.
Some of you lot need serious help, you try your hardest to label yourselves with so much nonsense to feel somewhat special or valid in comparison to other people. The tweet in question was not even referring to two chaotic bisexuals being in a relationship, but to how a relationship between two bisexuals of the opposite gender is so ~ chaotic ~ and, quote on quote, "nothing like a couple where both people are straight". What exactly is the big difference here, the "massive gay energy"? Do you even realize how stupid that makes our community sound?
I'm pretty sure there's nothing to misunderstand here, just accept that sexualities don't define your personality, rather it's your personality that helps you shape your morals and your understanding of your sexual orientation. It's so beyond me how people still make their sexualities something way deeper than what they just are.

Back to Jillian,
>>113014 THIS should be the banner for the next thread. Just this.

No. 113089

All this made me picture was Pixie pegging her boyfriend. Thanks for the absolutely cursed thought, twitter.

No. 113095

So I accept this might be the biggest nitpick of all time, but that’s a UK registration plate from 2008, meaning that photo was taken 08 or later. “Absolute icons of 2005” y tf u lyin?

No. 113124

It could be argued that couples consisting of cis+trans or trans+trans could have gay vibes, it's just extra dumb to try and suggest there is anything gay about a cis opposite sex couple.

No. 113126

Maybe to pretend she was younger in that photo thus less retarded for looking like that.

Also…uh why you putting an unblurred entire numberplate online Pixie. That site was definitely a weekend project which has now been forgotten.

No. 113128

I read it as an implication that bi/bi couples are so much more glamorous, beautiful and interesting than a straight/straight one, sorta riding on the coattails of the fashion and makeup industry+pop music association with gay men.

In reality it's just an opposite sex couple who desperately want to seem interesting and unique.

No. 113134

Registered in shrewsbury if i’m remembering how the first two characters are assigned. Louise always struck me as some twaty southerner so that’s a surprise

No. 113154

File: 1600621467531.jpg (493.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200920-120520_Chr…)

Please stop derailing with this shit I come here to see pixielocks fail at life not see arguments about straight trannies being queer or whatever you're saying

No. 113155

File: 1600621648885.jpg (379.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200920-120821_Chr…)

More neurodivdergent shit hinting towards autism

No. 113156

File: 1600621828936.jpg (681.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200920-121123_Chr…)

This is embarassing considering how fat she is

No. 113158

Oh god shes gonna jump in the vtuber trend too

No. 113168

>Please stop derailing

>proceeds to post several undedited/uncropped screenshots of her Twitter with 0 milk

No. 113180

can you imagine if she hung up the fashion channel and went full vtuber?
Honestly can't see her do it since collecting crap is her personality.

No. 113192

I don’t think she’d do it. Her identity is too wrapped up in her physical appearance. Maybe once she gets closer to the 300lb mark, but as long as she can continue styling herself this way she’ll be making fashion videos

No. 113211

Can someone give a quick definition of vtuber? Really didn’t understand when I googled it.

No. 113215

Knowing Jill she's going to try to shoe horn that in to being a BDP thing I just wish she would google what nurodivergent means because it specifies it's just for ADHD and ASD but she keeps misappropriating it so she sounds more speshul~

No. 113217

There's a vtuber thread here, maybe it will help?

No. 113220

Honestly I can see her continuing trying to style herself no matter what size she is, especially since a lot of alternative brands are starting to be "size inclusive" and carry huge sizes. I mean think about it they made the strawberry dress to fit someone as fucking huge as Tess Holiday. I think Jill is just in denial about how big she needs to buy her clothes so that's why she doesn't fucking fit in anything, but I think there's a pretty decent demand for people to make pastel clothes for fat people so I think she can continue styling herself like this for awhile.

No. 113222

File: 1600653376261.png (716.58 KB, 720x1280, 1453666063794.png)

Saged throwback to when Jill was not a fat rainbow puke.

She used to wear black.

If she was a vtuber, I bet she would make her weight closer to this than her current one kek

No. 113225

A vtuber is a youtuber or streamer that represents themself with a virtual 3D anime looking avatar. Sometimes the avatar represents the person or sometimes they play a character. It's kinda like those commentary youtubers that don't show their face but instead of sprites or drawings to represent them its a fully animated character.

No. 113226

It’s weird that she hasn’t leaned into just being a fat girl into fashion. There are a lot of youtubers who are plus sized and build an identity off it. I don’t get why she is switching her j fashion kawaii rainbow obsession into rainbow mental illness. I think she has issues but she is heavily manifesting her mental illness online.

No. 113227


okay I don't understand why she keeps calling herself neurodivergent when neurodivergency is literally having one of the following: autism add/adhd, dyslexia, dyscalculia, tourette's, ocd, synesthisia, hyperlexia, meares-irlen Syndrome (if you're trying to be the most specific we will include this but even then it's iffy as it usually comes from developmental disabilities), schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. even then, these only count for the disorders if they came from birth in a genetic way, NOT ones borne from environmental factors.

She's trying to classify a personality disorder (even though i dont think any of us truly believes she has bpd)as a form of neurodivergency, which just even down to the very definition is incorrect.

she makes me laugh, im still waiting for her piss poor BPD description video, she's going to get torn apart

No. 113232

She really has such shitty genetics. She was a child here but still had the sagging jowls of a 45YO

No. 113241

I feel like Jillian likes looking at herself too much to hide behind some avatar.

No. 113245

Let’s be real anon - whenever you see “neurodivergent” used anywhere on twitter it’s almost always code for “quirky”

No. 113269

I think it's the opposite, she obviously has many drops in self-confidence and that's probably why she still lowkey edits her body in her photos (just not to the extreme like she used to, or else she'd be put on blast for doing it and called out on her hypocrisy after trying to spread all this body positivity shtick).
Maybe she could be planning on doing hauls or crafting videos without showing her face on camera, and adding her vtuber avatar on the side of the screen for her commentary or something. I don't think she was serious when tweeting the vtuber thing but if she really wanted to go through with the idea that would be a plan

No. 113462

File: 1600836112496.jpeg (520.81 KB, 1125x991, 5EC0AABA-33DA-48B9-BAE6-8E0ED4…)

Just as she tried to do with the vintage seller who sold her the floral romper, she messaged a small company to get an unnecessary refund.

No. 113463

People who make small businesses give them refunds based on things that were their own fault are the fucking worse. Like, if you didn't put the promo code in right, suck it the fuck up that's your own fault.

No. 113473

The fuck, she messes up and she contacts the brand for it? Being a growing business they need personalities like her to get a larger reach in this kind of fashion niche, for Pixie to abuse that is so shameless. Can't wait to see if she'll reciprocate the same patience and understanding towards her future clients for her own half-assed brand.

No. 113496


You would think someone who was the income would purposely not use the promo code to support a small business. But no she's a selfish mess

No. 113506

File: 1600885990241.jpg (721.35 KB, 1080x1825, 20200923_143402.jpg)

No. 113511

Come off it jill - you’re straight as they come and steebie is a gay man.

No. 113514

I love how she keeps trying to pretend that her relationship is somehow more special or better than other relationships because they're both "bi" like come the fuck off it Jill your relationship isn't magically more "wonderful" because you're both bisexual lmao the more she shoves her sexuality down people's throats the more convinced I am that she's straight.

No. 113517

File: 1600892584912.png (797.07 KB, 1144x976, Screenshot 2020-09-23 at 21.23…)

i forgot that steebi existed tbh. think he gave up on his yt channel already?

No. 113518

File: 1600892940806.jpg (34.15 KB, 1080x198, Screenshot_20200923-212833_You…)

He actually just recently uploaded another really shitty video of copy paste reddit opinions but then promptly privated it.

No. 113524

The cringe is palpable, nothing worse than straight cis couples banging on about how gay they are.

No. 113525

He really outs himself as a 4chan/reddit loser with these videos, far different from the bi fashion queen pixie tries to portray him as.

No. 113532


Pretty much nothing will convince me that Steve isn't gay at this point.

No. 113540

Correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t flaming meant to only be used as a descriptor for gay men since the history behind it, like faggot, is gay men being burned? You would think she’d know this stuff if she’s really as “queer” as she claims to be

No. 113554

because a relationship between two gay men or two lesbians or even two straights don’t have the same level of understanding than two bisexuals

No. 113593

You don't understand, anon, when two bisexuals get together they all unite under the big mother bihive as a singular mind where they all can share the hardships of liking both dick and pussy.

No. 113604

File: 1600956540666.png (231.13 KB, 319x482, Screenshot 2020-09-24 at 15.09…)

Are they 'hugging' her hips or holding on for dear life?

No. 113608

inb4 she rips them and tries to return them to the thrift store

No. 113611

it always amazes me for someone studying fashion design just how little she understands fit and flattering sillouhettes

No. 113613

File: 1600961760558.png (10.11 KB, 68x54, Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 10.3…)

This is not how pants should fit

No. 113614

She’s one deep breath away from splitting those open

No. 113618

File: 1600962728375.jpeg (885.4 KB, 860x1281, 6B5AC4BE-3DD6-490D-B481-756C19…)

The second pic is really serving goblin ate a lemon realness

No. 113620

Are we… are we seeing the entire outline of her panties here or? I've never seen a VPL from the front before, these are a good two sizes too small.

No. 113623

The edit on this makes her look like she has tiny t-rex arms and hands.

The VPL situation is even more confusing upon a zoom, maybe it is just bunching in the exact shape of a skimpy pair of panties.

No. 113624

I like the shirt tbh, if she wore it with some well fitting jeans, lost the beret and changed the shoes you could make a pretty cute/casual outfit.

No. 113625

makes sense, since it always seems like bisexuals all share the same dumb bitch braincell

No. 113627

Also love the poorly edited-in rainbow, because pixie is so gay guys such a flaming bisexual guys don't forget*

*her last relationship with a woman was a brief, secret disaster where she treated the girl concerned like shit but also clickbaited videos about giving her christmas gifts, which said girl never received because they split up shortly after!! The last one before that was a short teenage one which also appears to be a disaster. Her relationships with men are long and mostly smooth sailing.

No. 113628

idk what kind of editing she did to this photo but she made it look like she’s a midget with a tiny head

No. 113629

I like the sincere comments in this thread which are like "I like (item) if you changed (absolutely everything) this would be a cute 'fit."

No. 113634

being able to zip and button pants does not mean they 'fit'

No. 113643

also if you changed the person wearing it

No. 113644

File: 1600967844634.jpg (662.35 KB, 1080x1102, 20200924_131526.jpg)

Her face is so o r a n g e. Looking like the fruit and the color. I wish she find some more flattering pants as well. She also didnt put the rainbow trail behind her arm and hip on on the right.

No. 113649

"these pants hug my hips like a dream" sis they hug your literal vag you need like 2 sizes up

No. 113650

Jesus christ her blush really ages her. She keeps making faces like she's trying to model for high fashion and all it does is make her look constipated since she doesn't have the right features for it.

No. 113651

Okay, she can button them up when she’s standing - but if she even tried to sit down that button is pinging off and becoming a deadly projectile

No. 113652


This picture just brings so much questions to mind.
Who the fuck would willingly post a photo that makes it look like their pad is riding all the way to the front? What's the point in "styling" this outfit with the bag if you're not going to hold it still enough to actually show it off? Did she shoop her feet smaller? How is one half of her hair faded and the other not, and if it isn't shopped, why the fuck keep that strawberry banana yogurt looking hair line/root situation? How many godawful yeast infections has she plagued herself with because she refuses to comprehend sizing and fit?

No. 113656

she'd look younger if she'd have her natural hair colour or something bropwnish-blonde. I hate her current colours with a passion.

No. 113660

File: 1600973696597.jpg (520.79 KB, 1080x2111, 20200924_145446.jpg)

Lmao pixie in a few years if she keeps bleaching her ratty hair and it all falls out but keeps wearing extensions.

No. 113670

My thoughts exactly, the photo just feels off with the god awful editing and how blurred the bag is, almost as if she was swinging it around while trying to get a photo. Unless this is a still from a video? Honestly one of the worst pics I've seen of her for a while.

No. 113679

"Steve take the fucking picture already I can't breathe"

No. 113702

My cooch hurts thinking about a pair of pants gripping me this tight.

No. 113723


We always make fun of her face for looking retarded but lately all her facial expressions look like she might actually really be retarded.
The outfits don’t help.

No. 113739

Ew Pixie you have a straight up camel toe in those pants

No. 113760

Does anyone on this site even know what camel toe is lmfao

No. 113769

not even. bitch has her entire mons pubis outlines.

No. 113780

File: 1601051568237.png (354.75 KB, 1440x1328, Screenshot_20200925-123114.png)

When badly overweight people use big brain bs articles to justify their unhealthy bodies lmao

No. 113784

power? that's visceral fat sis

No. 113786


I mean, honest to God, this is bad even for Pixie. If you're trying to prove you're some sort of "fashion professional" then you should be smart enough to know

a) when things clearly do not fit, not by any respect in the term


b) when you should absolutely not post something online

Pixie, all the proof in the world that you are a total and complete hack is evident in this photo. You should take this photo down for the sake of your fake career.

No. 113787


This study could be referring to weight distrubution. It’s a well-known fact that people who carry extra weight in their hips/legs are at lower risk for heart disease than those who tend to accumulate fat in their upper body, so yes that could be translated as “people with thick hips and thighs live longer.”

No. 113792

The point is, she has excessive fat all over her body. So by using an article that doesn't actually apply for her just to make it sound like her obesity is normal and even healthy, she's just clowning herself.

No. 113796


Ayrt — I agree with you. I mentioned what the study might be about because she’s clearly trying to frame it like it’s at all applicable. Even if she did have thick thighs or whatever, the study doesn’t mean what she thinks it means.

No. 113821

It’s pretty sad and telling that she only really posts pics with him dressed up like that and not in clothes he actually likes

No. 113832

i think you need to google what visceral fat means

No. 113856

>they hug my hips like a dream
You mean 'nightmare.'

This comes across as an absolute narc. That is the only thing she should be diagnosed as but she conveniently skipped over the possibility in her WebMD diagnosis.

No. 113891

No. 113893

talking about stimming and fidgeting in the newest video… more signs of autism

No. 113895

Holy shit the difference in size between her taking down her rainbow garbage in april and putting it up in september… She’s sizing up pretty quickly, and now she’s totally against fast fashion it’s going to be expensive to buy a larger sized wardrobe every six months. There’s room in that townhouse for a rainbow treadmill surely?

No. 113901

File: 1601136649377.jpg (318.41 KB, 569x700, IMG_3657.jpg)

they say fidgeting can burn up to 800cal/day
there are 59cal in one tyson chicken nugget

No. 113905

Not to be her knight in shining armor, but even people with anxiety can fidget and stim. Sometimes it's not even mental illness but simply a byproduct of some medications. Could as well be due to autism ofc, point being fidgeting is not a big indicator of autism as many conditions share this symptom too.

What do you mean? Not OP, but I also thought cameltoe is a slang used to indicate the effect clothes have on a woman's groin when they fit so tight you can see its shape

No. 113908

File: 1601139507517.jpeg (29.56 KB, 626x243, FA7572C6-DE83-4889-85B1-D031F5…)

Jesus what is happening to her fupa

No. 113909

I think the belt is way too tight. Makes it look like she has a hernia

No. 113911

oh my god look at that autistic goblin
this needs to be in the next thread pic

No. 113912

I wonder how her teachers feel about her? She's a student graduating soon from "fashion school" and goes around in painfully ill-fitting clothes. I know her school is a joke but damn

No. 113913

File: 1601140606368.png (748.33 KB, 852x530, rwfg.png)

why does she care more about decorating her space than actually improving her skills
this is pure autism

No. 113914

File: 1601141030942.png (550.26 KB, 600x438, rwfg.png)

Oh my god this is her comparing herself to one of her "friends" (classmates)
First of all, Jill she's not your friend, she probably just tolerates you because you're famous and she's that kind of instagram girl. Both of you are equally narcissistic perhaps, who knows, but clout is clout. I bet she talks behind you about how much of an eyesore you are.

Second, jesus christ. That's a very big contrast between you and her. You look like a fucking toddler covered in rainbow goo. I wonder if she can actually do clothes though? who knows.

No. 113915

File: 1601141800964.png (444.9 KB, 774x440, rwfg.png)

3 things about her newest vid:
1.While it is alright to stim and I see no problem with it if it helps you concentrate, the fact that this entire unit of a womanchild is carrying toys while dressing as obnoxiously and immature as possible, standing in the corner where she can't bother anyone with her eye straining aesthetics, is very, very funny to me. She must truly be a sight to see at school, wish some of her classmates came here.

2.Her moodboard comes as narcissistic as ever. I thought that eye with the ranbow makeup was hers, until I remembered she can't makeup for dear life. It also annoys me how her moodboard has accesories and random shit like a toy house and cake, but no clothes. Wtf Jill, do you come to school to just to stim/play/have something to brag about?
3.She redesigned her 5 petal flower logo, apparently. I guess the feedback got to her, lol.

No. 113916

I thought the logo said SPF and was a reminder for her

No. 113917

File: 1601143814016.jpeg (560.01 KB, 2048x2048, 0103AB01-AC94-4CB9-A8D7-B14F92…)

is it just me or do those boards look exactly like the big bud press rainbow logo?

No. 113918

I'm going to be very honest here, I think she's better suited to be a graphic designer than a fashion designer, by miles.

From a personal experience, as a design student about to graduate:
>Has good aesthetic sense
>Can draw decently, can make a rough logo, good enough skills for a begginer/someone in college who is still learning
>Can edit photos and videos (needs more attention to detail)
>Can produce content constantly if she really put her mind into it
>Brand oriented, loves consuming, loves talking about product
>Her intros are kinda cool
>obnoxious fashion sense
>self obsessed narcissist
>too much into twitterisms and """"social issues""""
>totes queer "uwu"

But if you really want to compare it, here's the requirements for a graphic designer student at a school located on Prince Edward Island:

No. 113919

I don't know why she didn't go to school for interior design, she's actually half way decent at that (yes her home is a rainbow vomit mess but with more fine tuning and understanding of color theory it could look nice) and it seems like she enjoys that more than making clothes from scratch. She needs to understand that it's okay to be disillusioned by her first major since not a lot of people stay on their first major once they learn it's not for them.

No. 113920

Seconding these two, her house isn't the worst, its rainbow vomit but maximalist interior is a thing. Even accessory design would be better suited, its still fashion but I feel like there is more freedom to be a rainbow puke weirdo when creating accessories rather than actual garments. I would personally be very interested if she went back to making different accessories again. She's only 21/22, she has time to mess around with different areas before she tries to settle into one area. Heck some people don't even realise what they want until they're in their 30s. She has her youtube and patreon so she can afford to go into another course.

No. 113922

lmao i thought that too. She might as well commission someone for a logo. Her designs are so bad.

No. 113934

It's just you, get your vision fix, idiot.

No. 113942

When I was at fashion school people got in trouble for putting clothes on their moodboards because we were meant to design, not copy.
Also had an eyesore student who took a corner and decorated her space with it. It’s a bit obnoxious and it seemed like the more people spent time cultivating their space at the uni, the less time they actually spent there. But because their area looked full, it was like they were there all the time.

No. 113958

Basically, things that Jill is good for that could had gotten her a very nice career option and not be as hard for her:
Graphic Design
Editorial Illustration
Branding & Advertising
Accesory Designer
Home Interior Designer
Musician (if she continued practicing piano)

Things that she chose instead:
Home economics tier "fashion" "design" that she's not good for and does not put effort in and will fail

Jill, please, consider this. You're very good (for an amateur) at all these other things, yet you chose the one thing you knew almost nothing about and are really bad at. Why do you want to be a seamstress precure this bad? You are kinda dumb, maybe not very mentally sound, but you do have some talent hidden somewhere beneat all those peeps and bright colors. Sometimes you gotta compromise some of your hobbies (sewing) in order to see the grander picture and see what you're truly good at. All those things are still creative and very cool and free, trust me. Please reconsider Jill, leave this sewing thing in the past and get a real Big Girl Job that you'll enjoy, have less frustrations with, and you will earn a lot more than you do with youtube or whatever you're doing with this "college". Trust me, your badly sewn things don't have much future. Your parents have enough money for you to study another thing that will bear you fruit. Your future self will thank you.

No. 113959

But anon, if she doesn't pick something she's bad at…what will she have to claim her Very Awful BPD/uwu mental health is affecting??

No. 113966


>I'm going to be very honest here, I think she's better suited to be a graphic designer than a fashion designer, by miles.

Uh, her taste level is beyond questionable and she does not seem to have inherent artistic talent. I don't think she belongs in design in basically any manner.

No. 113972

Being a graphic designer is not about "inherent artistic talent" though, it's more about understanding of aesthetics and rules that make a good design. There's more to desing and more kinds of graphic designers out there that what meets the eye. You could live of just designing postal cards, merch, party invitations, etc. Graphic Design is not a style and it has almost nothing to do with art, it's just a job and a lot of people have their own way of designing, because there's many clients out there who need, for example, a cute/childlike design vs a minimalist corporate one.

No. 113975

File: 1601165049006.jpeg (41.66 KB, 554x554, C5D3D44E-6A72-4EE5-B2A2-0C80B5…)

I can totally see Jillian being a really good Greeting Card maker.

No. 113981

She wouldn’t last in graphic design. Everything she has “designed” has either been extremely messy or incredibly basic

No. 113982

she could learn and practice
only thing is that she doesn't want to and is kinda retarded

No. 113990

Anon you think she‘s going to be okay with:
- working overtime, unpaid mostly
- designing according to your client
- making lame shit like catalogues for aldi
- fearing your job will disappear cause of fiverr-5€-logos
- not being able to KAWIWI everything

Sorry to designfag, I have bern in thr industry, not anymore. You don‘t do your art, you work for others. It‘s neary impossible to live off comics/greeting cards/illustrations. And given Jill‘s taste is crap, guess how that will end.

No. 113992

File: 1601175317682.jpeg (76.02 KB, 700x438, 295D4B5E-A7B9-4487-86C6-284183…)

Cameltoe refers to the outline of the labia being visible, not just the general groin. You can’t see the labia, so it’s not cameltoe.

No. 114006

Uhm….jill… You know that you're getting graded on the clothes you design and not your workspace, right?

I picture all the other students glancing at her like " >_> " As they sew and she fiddles with plastic flowers on the wall. lmao(>_>)

No. 114008

Ugh i know, it makes me c r i n g e so hard seeing her so invested with her fucking setup rather than actually making clothes like she so desperately wants to. In the video she made a while ago where she vlogged at school you could see that literally NO ONE else in the classroom had a workspace as "extra" as hers and it doesn't make her seem unique and uwu ultra kawiwi it's just cringey, tacky and soo distasteful

No. 114009

That makes sense, i honestly thought it was just an extremely visible vag through pants, which is what Jill definitely has in the pics

No. 114010

Does anyone else get bothered by the fact that she keeps calling herself a senior? Like sure "technically" she's a senior since it's her last year, but like come on can someone really call themselves a senior if they only went for two fucking years or am I just retarded and this is normal?

No. 114016

I mean, she is a senior but only in her context of being in her last year, otherwise, it's like she wasted all her time at school decorating, watching precure, having trantrums and meltdowns, venting on twitter, and dressing horrible, so no wonder she doesn't know shit

No. 114070

I didn't see her trying to compare herself to her classmate, but it was very cringe how she showed various screenshots of her instagram feed the moment she mentioned her because of a mere "funny comment" she made on Jill's table setup. What was she trying to prove, that she has normal-looking friends as well? It was so off-topic and weird lol

No. 114071

I agree honestly. Her art style isn’t great and is kind of quirky but I think if she drew cards they’d sell well in those “small town ethical handmade gifts” type shops you see sometimes in places like Toronto.

No. 114077

By that logic she could also learn and practice sewing and fashion design. I think the problem is Jill never tries to improve or look at her own work with a critical eye, regardless of what it is. People who aren't wanting to practice outside of class aren't mean for creative/arts degrees.

No. 114080

I think she was trying to promo her (like she did with her other “fashion school“ friends), likely to push a “artists supporting artists” impression

No. 114083

File: 1601234283406.jpeg (109.34 KB, 640x727, A066C002-4781-428B-8F5A-07A64F…)

No. 114084

File: 1601234367928.png (2.56 MB, 640x1136, B54002E3-5C2D-4EE0-B520-D3D7B9…)

She’s sucking in lol

No. 114085

File: 1601234432075.png (2.55 MB, 640x1136, 2618ABBD-B41F-4BCB-B4F4-C96A23…)

No. 114088

For once I don't hate the way her hair looks

No. 114098

This is the best she's looked in years imo. Only gripe I have with this is the way she colors her eyebrows (just do one color.. pink or brown jill please…) and her eye looks a bit odd but she still looks really pretty here and the outfit is nice

No. 114104

For someone who is mentally ill and struggles to be productive. She puts a lot of effort into her make-up. Its not well done but it takes time to do

No. 114111

That has to be shopped, right ?

This is a good point, for someone super depressed and struggling she still manages to put a lot of effort into things like makeup and her work space

No. 114113

>This is the best she's looked in years imo
>hammy body in tiny crop top
>pants with pink marshmallow peep fupa visible at other angles
>bright pink crushed velvet snap track pants in general

R u ok anon? I mean a good chunk of her face is covered so at least there's no goblin grin or gross tongue action.

No. 114118

good god the hair

No. 114119

honestly i dont understand how it even holds colour now a days, she has to of bleached the shit out of it, surprised its can stay so bright, this is assuming its not shopped

No. 114122

her hair being damaged won't really affect if the color holds, it will just fucking break.

No. 114124

She definitely enhanced the hair, like how she turns the saturation way up on her videos… It's even more faded in her new video.

No. 114132

Thought of that possibility as well, but she didn't show any of her other classmate's feeds when mentioning them afterwards. It is cringeworthy regardless of her reasoning

Her hair looks like dyed straw

No. 114133

It took me forever to realise that these are the trousers she bought during the Alyssa time period with "man eater" scrawled on the ass that she was going to remove because she's totes a lesbian. It's almost like she held onto them for when she inevitably went back to men.

No. 114140

I think it's a more vicarious living thing. Her "friend" is a turbo stacey that everyone probably likes and is for all intents and purposes, objectively attractive compared to jills toddlercore face, body, style, and demeanor. Just hanging out with and being around certain people, others will assign their traits on you, so by associating with hot girl jill can also live out the delusion she's also a baddie like in pic related >>114083

No. 114141

fat, would not have sex, ect

No. 114149

The pants fit her fine, In this pic you can't even see her fupa. Sure the crop top is a bit small but that's real nitpicky. Im not a fan of the style of pants but the color is fine and she genuinely dosen't look bad here. Its probably because her face is covered but its undeniable she looks better here than she has in forever

No. 114151

These sweatpants were also huge on her when she got them, and now she's about to pop the snaps on the side.

No. 114160

fried hair, looks like a little kid pretending to be grown up

No. 114162

File: 1601268188912.png (14.7 KB, 592x109, w.png)

will she show how much she edits herself too?

No. 114178

They really don't. And there are infinitely more flattering while still form fitting tops she could wear to look cute, soft, and feminine and not a tryhard wannabe baddie sausage casing. Like throw the whole look away. There is a normal person middle ground between her special needs granny looks and her version of "hot"

No. 114187

Her hair looks like she got it out of a wrapper, idk if this is the editing or it's just that cronchy and plastic looking, but I like the trousers and belt, at least.

No. 114188

>I am kinda hot

If I woke up looking like this I'd cry for hours, She has all the time in the world to learn how to eat properly and cook, and being a youtuber she surely knows of the endless youtube makeup videos so she can learn how to apply makeup. I would do something with that hair but not sure what, I don't hate the rainbow, but maybe a purple shadow root rather than just rainbow straight from the roots.

In summary: needs some work before I'd call this hot.

No. 114189

Her friend is just a different brand of narcissistic cringe. If you added the two together you might have a bearable person somewhere in the middle.

No. 114190

I would say out of that list she is good at branding and advertising. Somehow people watch her videos, that speaks to some skill in that area.

I don't think she's good at interior design personally unless she is able to do a say, dark and gothic, or chic modern, or any other design that is not an autistic special interest of hers. Doing decent work for your own special interest definitely doesn't directly translate to being able to apply that interest as a job where the requirements may conflict with your own tastes.

No. 114217

Her eyeliner is so CHUNKY

No. 114232

File: 1601309824559.jpeg (270.41 KB, 750x613, F03C2E71-C03F-4497-8FDF-914C95…)

According to this tweet, jilly pays over $15,000 in taxes every year

No. 114236

I love how she continues to talk about American politics and talks about paying taxes as if she lives in America

No. 114237

Every single tweet of hers I just think "shut the fuck up"

No. 114239

If only Bessy Vessey remembered the tax structure is completely different in Canada and the US. It’s not as if all Canadian are also paying for free healthcare. Jill is also self employed so who knows if she even does her taxes correctly or if she knows how to write anything off(emoji)

No. 114240

File: 1601314957416.png (1.13 MB, 988x730, Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 12.4…)


i know, it almost looks like jil got implants but maybe she's just growing that much

No. 114242

Uh…hasn't she talked about writing off frivolous shit she's bought before as a business expenses?

No. 114246

Who here knows Canadian tax rates and can figure out her annual income from this?

No. 114250

Pretty sure she's wearing a pushup bra with the top on the left, but no bra under the top on the right. You can see a bra strap in >>114085

No. 114251

If that's true then holy shit she really has no right to complain about being a starving artist or how she needs to watch her finances.

No. 114254

So without any specific information, she would have made a minimum of 54K last year. But she can claim tax deductions based on tuition and write-offs for things related to her YouTube/business in general, so she probably made more than that, but it's impossible to know how much without those details.

No. 114264

File: 1601324148106.png (1.2 MB, 1440x1916, Screenshot_20200928-161649.png)

No. 114277

who's gonna tell her "I'm not like other girls is extremely misogynistic?
Support your sisters, Jill, not only your quirky uwu following.
Still waiting for your card because of the tattoo contest.

No. 114304

I wonder what teenager Jill would think if she saw herself now?

No. 114318

So… She did nothing to improve over 4 years? She's like one of those intentionally disgusting inclusive tumblr characters they used to make, where there's no aesthetic appeal just random gross traits to be the most unique and "specialful"…

No. 114326

She has all the time AND money to eat properly, get fit, and dress better for her shape. This is sad shit

No. 114327

Oh god, no. Put two narcs together and they destruct everything in their radious, kind of like atoms.

No. 114328

The thing is she could be talented at many things if she continue pursuing it and working on her skills, but she doesn't do shit, she's got a lazy ass. She cannot think as a professional for shits. Like, she continues infantilizing herself to oblivion and seeing life with her stupid self-centered childlike vision of "me and my special interests". She needs to grow up, she's just a 20something toddler at this point.

I agree with this, she will never improve because she doesn't want to.

I'm also a design fag and have been there. I think you're right. But I also feel like someone so "speshul" and dare to say "priviledged" (because let's be honest, she does have money, time, and a nice family who supports her) could live from any interest or pursue she wants. Design has so many things to it, even her kawiiwii speshul bright autism shit could be marketed if she did it well. Hell, her mom would be kind enough to plug her somewhere, who knows. She could just design cute merch or something. But oh well, this isn't going to happen anyways, so I don't think it matters.
She will continue "sewing" tents that have threads dangling out of them and try to sell them to autistic fat people. That's kinda sad, and kinda hilarious too. Can't wait for it to happen, and see her fail.

No. 114329

Jill, that's not a flex, that's some sad shit right there.
Left: Cute but quirky girl, might be annoying to have around, but has some sparkle in her eyes. Trying her best. Nice hair, doesn't look fried.
Right: Middle aged aunt that steals her daughter clothes and wants to be hip and cool. Her looks deteriorating by the second. Might have too many margaritas on wednesdays.

No. 114333

File: 1601368259442.jpg (343.08 KB, 1536x2048, Ei8aV7IWAAAYbEc.jpg)

No. 114343

is it just me or do i see an onlyfans on the way from this thirst posting?

No. 114346

Omfg I screamed
Does she want to join the kink community? Too bad we don‘t allow minors in it, hence 3/4 of your following has to be left out. And too bad you can‘t let only ~queer cute girls~ pad you on OF ahahahaha

No. 114347

She will likely jump on the bandwagon because posting nudes is so ~liberating~ and ~sex-positive~

No. 114351

OK but how do people get OF vibes off this photo? She's done more 'saucy' 'content' before.

She's too insecure to make an OF. Plus, it is more profitable for her to keep her underaged fans.

No. 114363

Wait, I'm confused is she wearing two different rainbow socks?

No. 114367

No, the fat just made the white stripe roll down on the right sock

No. 114380

It's not this one photo that makes people think she'll go through her OnlyFans phase, it's the whole thot posting frenzy that's concerning.
And MANY insecure people start an OF because simps with a fat kink Will boost their egos up. I find it sad when girls like her end up dabbling in sex work (or even just ero-modeling) just to get validation from randos on the internet. I don't see an OF coming (yet), but if she ever were to do one, then I can't even grasp the amount of damage it would do to her mental state lmao

No. 114381

What posting frenzy? She's posted like 3 pics of her in lingerie in her lifetime.

No. 114383

What tf this screams kink?? It's just waist cinching belt. no1curr that ur sOoOoO ~kInKy!!1!~ stop projecting ur shit onto her. lol If anything this pic is just more of her bawdy pawsitive bullshit, thus the showing her thighs, bc omggg rainbeee thigh highs, praise my fashion! And also her showing off that brand, that's she's been trying to get free shit from, and get to use her designs. She's not going to starting doing nasty content on of, she's too insecure, and shy. Anons, are just trying to be disgusted. Everything she does is so fake, and when she does show off her sexuality, it's for brownie points, and to make her look like a big gorl, and someone who has real confidence, which she doesn't.

No. 114384

ntayrt, but I think it was the fact that she straight up said she would “get her titties out“ for magical girl lingerie shoots on twitter along with her recent toddleresque thirst trapping that’s making people think this

No. 114422

Yeah, and calling herself hot followed by a photo where the focal point is her upper thighs.

I'm begging you Pixie, don't do it. Imagine her confetti club being similarly inspired and signing up. The most famous thot in the world (or at least weeb-sphere internet) Delphine can only charge $35 a month for photos of giant dildos shoved up her cooch, how much do you think your shit is worth in comparison?

No. 114430

File: 1601445840131.png (522.01 KB, 782x402, adcffe.png)

posted this pic and forgot to mention this is like, the package that she fucked up and asked for a refund with sour gummies

No. 114438

I’m sorry but what the FUCK does that shirt even say?

No. 114439

File: 1601450065293.png (18.61 KB, 589x181, ketchup.png)

Do you mean the chikin nuggie queen has never had ketchup with her mcnuggies???

No. 114440

File: 1601450435163.png (258.53 KB, 754x384, precure store.png)

Oh jill…. nobody cares about your autistic rants about a kid's show. Your hyperfixation on precure is not funny, witty, or charming.

People liked the tokyo precure video because people really love tokyo shopping vlogs, it sells. Plus, the thumnail doesn't show your weird mamajillgenes face, only your (then, not so fried, and actually kinda cute) colorful hair. You made your brand all about you, you, you, your speshul shit, your interests, and yourself, so no one but your obsessive cancerous lardy autistic stalking fans care. It's a cult of following.

Plus do you think that people wanna see a 30-hitting-40 year old overweight toddler-looking bitch talk about a children's show? come on jill.

No. 114442

I wouldn't be surprised if a ton of the views were from actual children who like pretty cure watching on the youtube kids app

No. 114451

Lol anon…wait what does she put on her mcnuggies? Just plain? Mayo?

No. 114452

I think it just says BLVCCI in an obnoxious way

Here's a link to the shirt


No. 114467

Melted peeps.

No. 114480

A lot of pedophiles love Pretty Cure. Good thing Jill is here to lump herself with them.

No. 114492


No. 114493

Where did she even post this? Bc, it's not on her twitter, or IGs. So, facebook? with the least amount of reach? Also, anon who posted that pic originally, was there a caption? She called herself "kinda hot" on twitter, in the bathroom pics. If she is fishing for ppl, to tell her she's hawt, and thinking of joining OF, why would she post the pic on fb, of all places? lol not that i think it was really intended that way, or that she's even entertaining the idea of OF, or even posting ~spicy~ pics online. She 100% does not have it in her. She just wanted to show of the shirt, and went for the oversized t-shirt dress, and thigh highs look, imo. It's just weird that she posted the pic elsewhere, when most ppl, are on IG, and she is always sucking up to that brand, on twitter.

No. 114499

I agree with you on the OF idea being a reach, but the pics not being intended for fishing compliments, when it's all she ever does??? Her intentions are easy to pick apart in the way she phrases her captions alone. And what even is your idea of spicy pics, who takes a picture of their thighs to simply show off the socks or their t-shirt (?) from THAT angle? She was obviously being risqué, and it's not a matter of shaming anyone but one of stating the obvious. Many ero-models take pictures like the one in question as well, for "teasing" purposes. You can see the t-shirt sure, but barely how the thighs look on her (if anything, when she sits down they look very unflattering from the little you can see, cause they're being stretched apart by her fat since she refuses to get apparel of her size). If she wanted to just show the look she would have taken a full-body picture like always, or at least from head to knees.

It's not a scandal if she takes "sexually suggestive" pics, she's a grown up now. But people like you who try to sanctify her for no reason are probably worse off than she already is, for reasons that are anything but her stupid "three lingerie pics". Defend her when someone exaggerates the bullshit she does to make her look worse, not when someone points out something as banal as her being ~spicy~

No. 114511

Idk about you anon, but the thought of her being ~spicy~ actually terrifies me. She doesn't come across as hot or attractive. She dresses and acts like a toddler and I'm not saying that being cute is childlike. She's just very immature and kinda fugly imo.

No. 114620

Sage for absurdly off topic, but Anthony's BPD video that Jill tried to get in went up today. The people in the video actually acknowledge how harmful the disorder is to themselsves and those around them, rather than a quirky illness that just makes you emotional. Really hope she can take something positive away from it

No. 114627

Alternately, if she's seething for the next few days we know why.

No. 114629

File: 1601573716837.jpg (238.27 KB, 1080x692, IMG_20201001_112839.jpg)

Her comment on Anthony's video

No. 114630

>implies she’s actually trying to be a better person and not just milking her illness for views and relatability
we know you don’t watch bpd videos for self help jill

No. 114631

> uwu don't self diagnose!

isn't that they only way you get any of your 1,00 diagnoses Pixie

No. 114634

>not surprised you handled this with such grace and respect

But like, why? Maybe I'm retarded but what makes Anthony qualified in any way to handle discussing BPD? Like as far as I know he's just a comedian so like why the fuck would anyone expect him to discuss a personality disorder that he doesn't even have lmao

Also god huge nitpick but her fucking constant spamming of emojis drives me up the fucking wall, like it's so fucking gross hearing her talk about serious shit but then she spams like 20 fucking emojis inbetween it like "BPD is heavily stigmatized!!!! uwu owo ~~~ sparkle sparkle RAINBOW" like it's so fucking insulting and childish

On another note it's so bizarre how she talks to Anthony like she knows him??? Like he literally just acknowledged her existence once but she's acting like they're buddies or something

No. 114638

File: 1601578267577.jpg (593.6 KB, 2896x2896, 20201001_145059.jpg)

She's l i v i d.

No. 114642


I have said this before but I will say it again:

I am currently rewatching GIRLS and Jill gives me Lena Dunham / Hannah Horvatt vibes SO fucking much. They even kind of look similar. At least Lena gets shit done. Jill will end up being a toxic little freak like Hannah.

No. 114644

I love how she has to nitpick how he didn't include the origin of the name or whatever to kind of prove to him that "SEE I should've been in the video because I would have talked about this but you forgot!!!" like he literally asked you what he should talk about so if the fucking origin of the name meant so much to you you should have told him to include it

and kek at the person praising her for being in the video god I bet she's so fucking pissed

No. 114657

She's acting like a theatre kid who didn't get the starring role. Being friends with Jilly must be EXHAUSTING.

No. 114663

Now I wish she was in Anthony's video to prove others how much of a poser she actually is. How the people that agreed to do the interview posed themselves while talking about the condition makes Pixie's BPD video look like downright rubbish.

No. 114673

She spams those emojis, bc mah aesthetic!! Flowers, and rainbeees have nothing to do with bpd, but here she is uwu

No. 114693

All these type of videos are just freak shows, they specifically want people to click and hear about the "weird" person, the fact she wanted to be on it AND is obsessively posting about it despite having absofuckingnothing to do with it tells you a lot about her approach to social media. iirc she did a barcroft documentary as well and they are 100% just freak shows.

No. 114694

The right hand side definitely has "seething not to be involved in this video" energy. Why does she insist on shoehorning herself into things? Hasn't she only been diagnosed bee pee dee for a few months at this point? What wisdom could she possibly have to share on this topic?

No. 114714

>patients were thought to be on the borderline between psychosis and neurosis
>stuff ur born with and stuff that happens to you is how I think of it simply

These aren't equivalent at all. I'm genuinely confused by what she meant here.

No. 114716

we stan an arfid queen

No. 114720

The best part is that Jill used to be the theatre kid who didn't get the starring role and went into a huge rage about it. Some things never change.

No. 114742

File: 1601677790707.jpg (458.93 KB, 2896x2896, 20201002_183050.jpg)


No. 114743

File: 1601678109439.png (2.24 MB, 640x1136, 4B6AC08F-FB95-4AC1-A952-B9FC38…)

Rainbee grandma

No. 114744

“ASD is commonly misdiagnosed as BPD” interesting Jill, maybe you should look into that a little more

No. 114751

File: 1601686183941.jpg (63.43 KB, 720x366, IMG_20201003_035011.jpg)

for the love of god jill you do not know what catatonia is shut the fuck up

No. 114753

"do further research and don't self diagnose"
>self diagnoses catatonia
never change, jillian.

No. 114754

This is just me being an ass but the fuck is that facial expression. I thought it was a screenshot from a video before realizing she actually posed this way on purpose and POSTED IT

No. 114756

how the heck can you be terrified of sauces ? like damn its ketchup…its basic af

No. 114758

this is honestly the one thing she does that really hits for me. i had to watch my grandfather experience this after my grandma died and he only lasted a few months after.

it's not your 'cute' lost in space distant staring at the ceiling and feeling melancholy for a day. its some real shit and seeing her make light of it really fucking hurts people.(Blogpost)

No. 114761

Ironically catatonia is present in autism…
Knowing Jill she's probably confusing disassociation with catatonia so she can get ass pats for having a major ~*skawee*~ symptom of a mental illness.

No. 114770

She doesn't dissociate or have catatonia. She's just depressed and spaced out.

No. 114771

I only follow this blimp of a cow on/off so I might be outdated in my info, but isn't she prescribed benzos lmao? No shit she randomly spaces out in that case.

Honestly Jill is insufferable and poorly raised all on her own but I've always thought all the meds she takes probably highly contribute with her degeneration. It seems like she was put on most in her teens and I seriously doubt she needs any of them, not even a basic ass SSRI, if she only possessed the will to go to therapy and learn some healthy coping skills. It's very clear she deals with stress and sadness via impulse purchases and eating her favorite foods. Bitch is almost like a developmentally stunted person with how her coddled, enabling upbringing left her with 0 life skills. I used to agree with the anons she must be autistic because I just couldn't fathom how one becomes like this tard woman child otherwise, but I'm starting a hard lean towards her just having a hard case of being spoiled, enabled & speshu snowflake syndrome. I mean, a teen autist, even high functioning, isn't likely to do shit like meltie about being the star actor as a teen, no? Would that not be an uncomfortable hobby for most autists growing up lmao? &At best I'd armchair she might have issues with anxiety from her mom's weird parenting, but I seriously don't think any of her "issues" need medication vs. behavioral reformation. Ofc it's easier to diagnosis shop and be handed some pills tho.

No. 114792

File: 1601742224759.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1125x1442, 5480A7B0-5501-4921-A4FC-ED1416…)

This week’s featured Confetti Club member is this person who gave me a hearty kek with their goblin grimace fanart

No. 114797


Spot the difference

No. 114802


Try like 70k… which makes her donation to BLM look even more pathetic

No. 114804

But anon, the whole 37 Canadian dollar were so, so much coming from her heart.
I wish she'd use her money and influence for something good. Not queerbaiting, not BPD-baiting, just somehting good.

No. 114805

Watch her make a $150 donation to some uwu twans organization or to some queer kid’s gofundme now that the pressure’s on. She’ll show how much she doesn’t care about POC issues and how she only cares about white tumblr kids that create their own oppression

No. 114811

File: 1601766830667.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 280.54 KB, 1280x975, FB7FC667-73B9-469C-99B5-755B60…)

I couldn’t fix her horrible makeup but think this hair color looks better on her(shitty fanart)

No. 114813

File: 1601767319612.jpeg (653.2 KB, 877x1481, A6B9D30D-9C00-473E-B1B5-55F765…)

The sheer cringe of her self inserting to brag about her tacky clashing clothes

No. 114815

File: 1601767820059.png (539.78 KB, 488x932, bean.png)

the pants in question first appear in a video September 2017

No. 114816

File: 1601769787891.jpeg (301.06 KB, 1125x814, 5AA5B157-FAEF-4FD2-9C1C-B38AB4…)

No. 114817

Is someone still reuploading her patreon streams to YT? Haven't seen any posted here in a long while

No. 114820

Go talk to your therapist and start a journal if it's serious then, Jill.

No. 114822

jfc she made that her profile pic hey i got a challenge for u jill take a photo of yourself, where u don't look like a smug asshole

No. 114834

Thank god she dropped the grandma glassses that was one of her worst phases

No. 114857

File: 1601830471720.jpg (151.45 KB, 1080x538, IMG_20201004_104830.jpg)

Pretty sure that's just narc rage for not being chosen for the video Jill.

No. 114859

As soon as Anthony's video with REAL bpd patients comes out, she suddenly steps up her snowflake game to look even worse off than all three interviewees combined. Oh, how Anthony must feel ~so~ bad for not including such a poor, tortured kawiwi rainbee soul in his video. She would've been such an asset, f in the chats

No. 114860

If she was really that bad she wouldn't have the time or need to type out an entire tweet about how bad they are feeling. Tweeting is the last thing on peoples mind during the bad times. Never mind whatever 'Pain Brain' is.

No. 114863

File: 1601840030088.jpg (483.89 KB, 2896x2896, 20201004_153436.jpg)


No. 114870

I just don't understand why she doesn't smile like a normal person, she could look so much better without these forced expressions

No. 114887

I noticed that many young asian girls are often doing these duck-like smiles in their selfies to look cute. That was probably the idea she had in mind lol.

No. 114944

this is actually really cute. she could play it off like its uwu chocolate strawberry hair. its kinda e-girl type hair - it would be interesting seeing her try e-girl style

No. 114946

She doesn't seem to take good care of her skin and she has those Mama Vessey eye bags so she probably smiles weird to avoid having too many lines around her eyes.

No. 115004

The thing about the borderline of psychosis and neurosis is true, bpd patients experience both psychotic symptoms and neurotic symptoms.

I think what she meant was that it's thought to be caused by a combination of things like, having a small amygdala and having a parent be unable to teach you how to deal with your emotions

No. 115010

shame she's incapable of expressing herself cogently as a bloody adult.

and knowing her, the odds are pretty good she read a paragraph that was in and figured it would make her look super knowledgeable, and make whatshisface feel bad about not having her in his BPD video.

No. 115018

File: 1601944076394.png (189.44 KB, 1080x765, Screenshot_20201005-181948~2.p…)

Well this probably explains Jill's bad brain week, her boyfriend is in the hospital and since he has ingestional blockage which could kill him. I don't know if I should feel bad or be upset that it sounds like she's trying to make it about herself.

No. 115019

I think I am puking, too.
It‘s not about you Jill
anf if my SO is sick in hospital, the last thing to do is 1) share the newd with the fucking world 2) call them a baby name and 3) make it about yourself.
Jesus fucking Christ, have some decency!

No. 115020

He has an intestinal blockage??? Like how bad is their diet, damn. You need some fiber with the tendies.

I predict some vague codependent withdrawal meltdowns.

No. 115023

Lmao as soon as I saw "intestinal blockage" I was like oh my fucking god it's the tinsel again, but once I realized it was about her boycessory and not a cat it became fucking hilarious; I'm just imagining steepee ravenously consuming the tinsel cos she hordes the nuggies to herself…

I imagine steepee is fully dependent on Jill and the food on the house is probably just her junk, so his diet variety is probably limited to whatever she leaves him that he can stomach. Especially if he's depressed, likely doesn't will himself to buy better meals with whatever allowance she 'pays' him

No. 115027

No. 115028

i feel very bad for Steve and Jill and his parents and other loved ones i hope he’s going to be okay.

No. 115030

he had some other surgery very recently, i think the blockage is from that (maybe on opiates? they block you up good but just tinfoil)

No. 115041

File: 1601955111156.png (289.37 KB, 594x353, dumb.png)

it might be that, but since it seems that he had appendicitis, there might have been an issue from surgery that caused the blockage.

Also I'm amazed this wasn't brought up on the thread sooner since her boyfriend could've died from her negligence and stupidity.

No. 115057

>he just wanted me to update you guys

Idk about you guys, but if I was at the hospital hooked on tubes and puking my guts out my rainbow brite wannabe of a girlfriend’s twitter would be the least of my worries

No. 115059

Her breakdown was due to her bpd moodshifting, at least that's what she implied; I would be genuinely surprised if she kept Steve's condition to herself, although it would be respectful to do so in his regards. On that note, I find it pretty weird that he would ask of her to update HER fans about him????

No. 115077

>Implying she alone is solely responsible for the health of her adult boyfriend

He probably just said he had a stomach ache and she acted accordingly, stop nitpicking.

Jill is an idiot but she isn't responsible for Steve she's not his carer lmao

No. 115078

>>115041 wow, anon, Jill isn't entirely responsible for Steve. It was probably a combination of assuming it wasn't that serious (which is normal) and not wanting to go to hospital sooner during a pandemic.

No. 115110

Bruh, you could swear it was her going through the surgery with the amount of self absorbed tweets she's been putting out over the last 24 hours

No. 115140

Hot take, Steve has intestinal blockage from pixie pegging him too much with her kawaiwii rainbie bunted dildo

No. 115154

why did she say he's on PEI? aren't they both from PEI?

No. 115158

to emphasize that he's not with her

No. 115172

JFC anon was this really necessary?

No. 115182

She actually said in their first valentine’s video together that PEI has it’s own culture and judges people who are from “away” (ie, not from the island), and it’s funny because Steve is from “away”. So I’m not sure why she’s saying he’s with his parents on PEI?

No. 115218

Steve and Jillian met on PEI, I'm assuming steve was born 'away' and him and his parents moved to PEI at some point.

No. 115257

Nta but I think yes and I personally appreciated their post.

No. 115275

for those wondering, steve had intestinal blockage after a complication from a surgery for appendicitis. he is with his parents now and they are taking care of him because both steve and jill agreed it would "be too much". she talked about it on her live stream this past week

No. 115320

Taking care of your partner is “too much”? Jesus I guess when everything is always me, me, me it would be. Poor Steve.

No. 115325

File: 1602173230903.jpeg (231.21 KB, 750x640, F24B0D82-A571-4DCD-9576-E2D943…)

Why does she feel the need to insert herself in American politics all the time, like I agree with her, but why do you care so much? Because it’s the “cool” thing to talk about?

No. 115327

No. 115331

Why doesn't she start discussing it then instead of waiting for actual Americans to make a popular opinion tweet for her to reblog with emojis. Idk why she cares, she'll be sitting at home watching Precure and eating tendies no matter what happens in America.

No. 115333


That thing behind her arm had me do a double take, it looks so odd, like her arm is an inflatable pool toy.

Why the hell would you leave something skin coloured in the background like that?? She could've even just edited it out in hindsight if she didn't notice while shooting.

I don't even think I'm being nitpicky, pretty sure in her field, that kind of attention to "detail" should be a given.

No. 115336


Year 2 of uni pixie got introduced to mood boards/collages?

Once again though. Very images or references to fashion, fashion history, techniques and construction methods.

I can't believe this is the education shes paying for

No. 115344

I do NOT understand what she’s doing woth her liosE/face I’m sorry if this is nitpicking but it’s driving me crazy. It looks like shes mimicking lip injections

No. 115347

what even was the point of this video???

No. 115351

File: 1602185178332.png (1.16 MB, 1060x591, disk chair.png)


It's the pink chair on the left.

No. 115352


The point is that she doesn't know what kind of video to make without doing a haul so she's trying to capitalize off of a boring homework assignment.

No. 115353


Ah, I see, thanks.
Am I the only one who thinks that fleshy pastel pink is a horrible colour for a (p)leather chair? It looks like it's covered in some weird skin.

At least in the video (I was only referring to the thumbnail earlier) it takes up less space and is more zoomed in so it doesn't look like her arm has a cling wrapped bulge.

Dang this thing irks me so much.

No. 115364

no1curr but living in this space would give me such fatigue

No. 115378

does anyone know how much she pays in tuition for her "school"?

No. 115382

Tuition is $3382, other fees bring her to about $4000 for the year. It also says they estimate to spend about $2000/year in supplies, but that seems absurdly high for how little material they actually put out.

No. 115424

File: 1602236054049.png (419.45 KB, 583x469, fdsfds.png)

This is kinda sad

No. 115425

She could get a better fashion education doing one of those 8 week online programs kek.
This is what happens when you never challenge yourself.

No. 115426

It's like it's not even the same person.

No. 115432

Why would she even post a comparison so mortifying? It isn't even just her looks, the aesthetic of the old pictures is so much cleaner and nicer. It's like she went to art school and got even worse at putting colors together somehow

No. 115433

Probably an unpopular opinion but I actually really enjoy seeing her being creative in this way. She's still very loud and obnoxious but she's clearly enjoying herself. I might even stretch to say it might be inspiring to her younger viewers to do something creative themselves instead of sitting around and collecting plastic crap. I'd actually be interested in seeing her do some more creative videos, maybe filming herself doing stretching into other medias and crafts?

No. 115470

I haven't kept up with this chick in awhile since I find her super annoying. I'm autistic and am just wondering why Jill thinks she is autistic? I think that it is irresponsible to go around on YouTube hinting at autism when you don't have a legit diagnosis. There are other conditions like borderline personality disorder, narcissism, bipolar disorder, anxiety, OCD and more that can LOOK like autism, but they're not. Not saying that someone with autism cannot have autism and those conditions, but IDK. It kinda seems attention grabby since I know TasselFairy has autism and is into this whole rainbow throw-up thing… I am thinking it is "cool" to have autism now for some reason.

I mean, IDK the girl and don't watch her videos that much but I am not sure why she thinks she is autistic…? The stimming thing doesn't seem to be a good reason. People with ADHD and other conditions stims. I don't really stim at all TBH. Most of my "stims" is just listening to the same song over and over. I don't do anything else, though. A lot of adults with high functioning autism don't really stim anymore.

No. 115473


In case you are fully out of the loop:
She has a Borderline PD diagnosis, but people here assume she went diagnosis shopping for it.
Mainly because when she talks about what BPD is like for her on YT/Twitter it seems atypical or even contradictory to the stereotypical symtomps.
At the same time people say that what she says and her behaviour fit rather well to autism, which gets misdiagnosed as BPD a lot.

That's where that comes from.

Personally: I have BPD and even if tried to armchair, I honestly could not tell if she has it or not.
Yeah, some of the stuff she says makes no sense, but some of her behaviour does fit and there is a ton of variety in how BPD displays.
Not to mention someone can have autism and BPD, so, dunno.

The way she talks about it does however irk me out terribly, no matter if she has it or not.
This is a debilitating, life-long mental illness, not some cute quirky character trait.

No. 115474


Samefagging, just realised I missed to mention the important point:
She's started hinting at autism a lot after people here started talking about how her BPD diagnosis is wrong and she should get tested for autism.

It was also presumed she purposefully doesn't want an autism diagnosis because it's not as "interesting/quirky" as BPD and why get a diagnosis if you cannot milk it on social media? gag

So current theory seems to be that she lurked here and now is hopping onto the idea anyway.

No. 115477

Now that you mention it, Anon, it is an odd shade of pink for a chair in that style.

No. 115481

File: 1602277546725.gif (2.77 MB, 443x250, giphy.gif)

No. 115499

yeah in a perfect world i would love to root for jillywilly to actually put whatever creativity she has and mommy’s money to good use by trying new things and encouraging her younger views to explore different mediums, but we know she won’t. too easy to eat tendies and fool teenagers into thinking you’re an artist because you buy stuff nonstop.

No. 115500

jill think she’s an autist or totally BPD uwu depending on what’s popular or getting get attention, or whatever’s convenient to blame her problems on.
also sage your nonmilk guys

No. 115503

Why the fuck is she PETRIFIED about the election, she doesn't fucking live here lmfao

Alternate retarded opinion, but I actually think the chair is cute, I think it just doesn't fit at all in Pixie's room because it clashes really hard with the other pinks so it looks weird. Like the chair is sort of a beige/pink but everything else in her room is either really bright pink or a really really true pastel pink if that makes sense, so I think it just looks really weird compared to everything else, but I think the chair alone is fine.

$2000 a year for fucking supplies???? There's absolutely no way that's real hole shit what are they buying

She could literally get a better education for free watching youtube videos, ironic right

No. 115523

The problem with her being “creative” in this way is that she’s literally just doing her homework. It’s not creative. I’ve seen every single 18 year old art student be forced into making collages like this. It’s hilarious to think she thinks this is special and the fact she was JUST INTRODUCED to this shows how useless her school is in terms of their fashion department. She’s in her like third year, why have we barely seen anything from her besides like one shitty garment and a hat? Why are they still doing art collages like this? Start sewing?

No. 115537

Is it just me or do her teeth and skin look yellowish in the opening? No where near the buttery look they used to have, but I think she went too wild with the color saturation on this one.

No. 115556

kinda hoping she’s going for digital yellowface and that along with >>114743 she will start to claim asian heritage

No. 115558

As retarded as Pixie is, I don't think she's THAT retarded anon come on lmao could you imagine the fucking backlash she would get if she tried to claim asian heritage

No. 115559

sage. your. shit. no sage=actual milk. lrn2integrate.

No. 115571

I think the setup is great but it just feels so cluttered and tacky

No. 115578

File: 1602355293481.jpeg (438.3 KB, 1125x1251, A83BB195-912B-49B7-8194-9EFCE8…)


No. 115579

File: 1602355377119.jpeg (859.31 KB, 1125x1325, BFDB3F0C-6CF1-4B81-BE7C-58E06A…)

No. 115580

File: 1602355478080.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x1371, 0D417049-E9DC-4C3B-8FCD-A4EACE…)

Not her worst but also,,,, imagine wearing $350 shoes to the Michael’s. Couldn’t be me.

No. 115584

things that never really happened

shut the fuck up. why those shoes? what is her thought process when she puts shit on, especially her footwear choices? this outfit is tacky as shit but the shoes just…

No. 115600

She needs to scrape her fucking tongue

No. 115601

Guy the shoes are the best part. The rest looks like she got it from literal clairs. She tries to be fashion with the heels and it’s cringy. I can believe that sb took a pic of her though it’s like that “ people of walmart “ moment

No. 115602

Good God those pants are straight out of Granny FUPA town.

No. 115606

How does she know the person wasn’t taking a picture because she liked the fit? Unless deep down jill knows that nobody could possibly like it…

No. 115629

This comes off as a lame excuse to show off yet another ootd of hers. Her style is so boring and unoriginal that she can do nothing but bait for likes now (although I can see the point >>115601 is making as well). How tf can someone who goes to a fashion school put something like this together and think it's flattering?

I don't get why she needs to remind everyone she's ~hot as fuck~, literally nobody cares. If she expects praise from people for having self-confidence, she must know just how courageous you must be to appreciate how you look in those ridiculous clothes.

No. 115632

I didn't notice that until you pointed it out, fucking ew

No. 115676

File: 1602396952258.png (159 KB, 1440x691, Screenshot_20201011-021455.png)

I'm no long-term lurker of this cow, can anyone tell me if Jillybean's always been this overdramatic or is this a new phase of snowflakery for her?

No. 115677

File: 1602397215339.png (145.89 KB, 1440x744, Screenshot_20201011-022014.png)

(pardon the samefagging btw)

No. 115694

to my knowledge she started this whole act when she got diagnosed with BPD, when she got that diagnosis suddenly she started acting like a cunt to everyone (she was bratty before but not like that)

No. 115700

>>115580 has nobody else noticed that her feet are fucking grey? or does she have tights on under non-ripped jeans?

if its the second one, WHY. if its the first one, holy fuck Jill wash your feet.

No. 115703


I think it might be the lighting being slightly pastel pink due to her walls and such, and it just mixes really badly with her skintone.
She has this weird gray sheen on her arms and face too, just not as much because her feet are a lot more in the shadow.

No. 115720

tinfoil: the person at michaels was a farmer

or you know, maybe they were just taking a photo of something and Jill happened to be in the way, like maybe in line at the checkout…

No. 115722

Could've been a genuine fan who was too scared to talk to her. For how often she preaches about mental health she could've at least pretended to be understanding.

Although, I doubt it happened at all

No. 115746

I fucking hope she doesn't actually think BPD is a mix of neurosis and psychosis. She already pretends to have catatonia, I wouldn't put it past her to pretend like she has psychosis as well.

No. 115767

as someone with bpd it's really fucking annoying to see her act like this. BPD isn't cute.
The "psychosis" as defined by drugs.com
>When stressed, people with borderline personality disorder may develop psychotic-like symptoms. They experience a distortion of their perceptions or beliefs rather than a distinct break with reality. Especially in close relationships, they tend to misinterpret or amplify what other people feel about them

Also falling into that category can be the derealization and dissociation that is common in bpd, which is what I think she probably experiences and not catatonia.

I've experienced catatonia once, due to a bad trip and it was the scariest fucking thing for both me and the people around me and I can't imagine anyone being so nonchalant and uwu about it(blog)

No. 115774

if pixie experienced genuine psychosis she would have made at least 3 videos about it.

Lying about mental illness isn't fucking cute jillybean.

No. 115783

She really is shaped like a whole chicken nugget I cannot. And the shirt tucked into these pants it’s like she wants to show off her nuggie bulge.

No. 115848

File: 1602500158317.jpg (262.65 KB, 1080x1088, IMG_20201012_115109.jpg)

I don't think she realised that almost all of the comments on this post are about binge eating disorder. Not one about restrictive eating disorder…

Also we finally get a monthly favourites after 3 months, sounds like she is going back to seasonal updates though! Can't wait for the steeb mention and how his private gushy texts have been her favourite thing.

No. 115880

Maybe I'm retarded but what the fuck, or who the fuck, is a phee phee

No. 115888

her friend ophelia (phee phee) retweeted this on twitter, so she was thanking her for retweeting it i guess??

No. 115889

File: 1602526513959.png (206.67 KB, 1440x981, Screenshot_20201012-141323.png)

Not sure if I should just mark as sage? But she's really been going on a rampage with relationship tweets, besides the mental health ones. What's up with that? Will she quit it once he gets back from the hospital and he loses all like-baiting value?

No. 115890

File: 1602526598832.jpg (423.33 KB, 1538x2048, 20201012_141222.jpg)


No. 115894

didnt she say she met steve because she was in love with his then fat gf i cant remember her name just insta username hyperbol.e or some shit?
why she always gotta lie though?

No. 115895

That's probably the "mutual friend" lmao

No. 115899

Uh oh wanna be e girl picture

No. 115901

I know they’re lucky charm marshmallows but it looks like they say “Butch”

No. 115911

Don't start giving her ideas anon, the last thing we need is Jill claiming to be a butch even though she dresses high femme.

No. 115918

Yes, but she said in their (I believe) first Q&A video that she didn't even remember him the second time they met. Maybe what she meant by "(we) just started clicking" was that they got closer in the long run, but her tweet makes it sound like the interest sparked then and there

No. 115981

yes, maggie who also dated steebie

No. 116038

It’s been almost three months since she did anything with 5 petal flower. Has she binned it already, I wonder?

No. 116087

File: 1602724996959.png (346.07 KB, 591x407, pix.png)

Kek, she wants to be a sexy granny so bad

she REALLY looks like Maggie here, it's incredible
watch her do some bullshit after you mentioned it here

No. 116089

File: 1602725401323.png (191.5 KB, 428x784, pix.png)

It's also funny nobody has posted this, but it legit makes me cringe how much she's making this stewewie disease about her, something about his writing seems off.

No. 116090

>‘you are my light at the end of this tunnel’
Steebie, no! You’re meant to go away from any light you see when you’re dying

No. 116099

Her . . . Her mom visited her sick boyfriend but not her??? That's fucking weird right? Also if I was sick in the hospital and someone called me tubey boy I'd feel like shit

No. 116106

Its because he went back to PEI for this and she didnt because of school. With covid she cant just go for a weekend to another province to check up on him. She has an unhealthy attachment to her mom so I can see her asking her mom to go check up on him.

No. 116109

File: 1602732658093.png (1.41 MB, 836x880, lollll.png)

lol spot the difference

No. 116110

Hey Anon, that’s not nice! One of these is a popular internet star with thousands of followers, has fashion sense and is over all cute… and the other is Jill

No. 116111

File: 1602733538190.png (226.38 KB, 712x1080, lollll.png)

Reading their totally-not-faked DMs is so weird to me. Like, "look at how much we love each other!!!" kind of vibe.

Tinfoiling here maybe, but I feel like she saw that twitter thread going on and she wanted to self insert herself and her relationship, so she told stewiwis, who is on his deathbed, to send her those messages calling her "my love" lol

It's also weird how she has to put emojis into everything including her BPD.

No. 116113


No. 116116

Her whole twitter is just her invading other people’s tweets with her pointless self inserting

No. 116143

It’s tacky and cringy and literally zero people care what they text each other.

No. 116156

File: 1602775673655.jpeg (387.1 KB, 828x756, 414DA8E4-E13A-46F4-A178-287582…)

No. 116157

please stop inserting your bullshit into every fucking twitter post you fucking rainbow clown

>me, me, me! my bpd!! I'm mentally ill! (emoji)

how grating.

No. 116171

No. 116176

She looks so so bad in this video and I can’t put my finger on why?

No. 116179

The eyeliner certainly doesn't help

No. 116181

Jill mentioned Steve would have his friends over once a week to watch an episode of a show, I wonder if he was embarrassed to have all his friends over in that pastel vomit house. I guess not…

No. 116185

I imagine he's far more concerned with being able to actually hear the TV show with Jill screaming "muuuuhhhh BPD" at the top of her lungs in the next room.

No. 116207

File: 1602798524240.jpeg (757.55 KB, 1920x2560, 44FDD2A0-88B6-4AF6-A812-F048EA…)

her foundation is SO, SO yellow. I can’t imagine being into fashion and aesthetics and NOT being into makeup. How can she STILL not figure this shit out?

No. 116210

"Im really into sustainably sourced accessories"
proceeds to show a bunch of plastic anime garbage for another several minutes

No. 116215

hilarious bc she's probably on quetiapine, the prozac of antipsychs

No. 116217

Came here to say this. I mean she’s literally sitting in front of a plastic streamer. New viewers might actually mistake her for an actual sustainability youtuber. Jill, your house is filled with plastic toys, and that wouldn’t be a problem if you weren’t pretending to actual care about the environment. It makes me laugh that she preaches about sustainability then goes on to show a plastic kids bag and a 6% pass case.

No. 116226

File: 1602813155505.jpeg (51.47 KB, 640x451, 58977ECC-242A-472A-812E-B5CE98…)

She takes Seroquel for sleep.

No. 116227

File: 1602813210080.jpeg (88.01 KB, 640x622, 09266B21-E6E0-4CEA-8D3B-7B874F…)

No. 116233

kawiwi psychosis was definitely not what i was expecting next.

No. 116238

Ok but this is bordering offensive now. Sooner or later these tweets will bite her in the ass.

No. 116243


This bitch is out of control at this point.

No. 116257

she's literally been on seroquel for years and has never brought up any issues with psychosis. even in her edgy deviant art days.
i guess theres no steeb to give her uwu attention so shes gonna spout extra stupid shit

No. 116261

Jillian if this is a joke, this is a very bad taste joke. I guess everything about you screams tacky.

If this is "real" and you're suddenly hallucinating anime characters, I think you should get into a mental hospital asap.

But my best bet is that she's a fucking idiot and doesn't know what psychosis and catatonia truly is. Psychosis and catatonia together are very serious conditions associated with schizophrenia. And I don't think she's a schizo.

No. 116270

Can sb translate for the non Japanese??

No. 116277

It's an ad for a canker sore/sore throat medication.

I seriously can't believe she's faking serious mental illness symptoms now. Tbh all of this has gotten worse after she wasn't picked for that BPD video, but like why isn't she faking BPD symptoms instead? This is beyond tasteless.

No. 116278

Nah it's just a very dumb joke

No. 116281

The day jill claims to be schizo is the day I drop my computer in the ocean and live an internet free existence. I can just imagine the twee pastel thumbnail for the ‘diagnosis’ video.

No. 116298

agreed, this is literally offensive to people who actually have psychosis.

No. 116300

If she says she has it I’m going to lose my shit. There ain’t shit kaweewee about being a schizo. I wonder if she’s actually met one irl? It ain’t pretty or cute.

No. 116307

Bpd isn't quirky or cute either, no mental illness is. There's a thin line between talking about an illness in a casual or informative manner and romanticizing it/making it look desirable, it appears Jill has already crossed it.

No. 116324

I'm not sure she was ever on the other side of that line to begin with lmao

No. 116351

Jill really loves talking about BPD as if it was a cute and charming personality trait instead of a mental illness that make people insufferable, manipulative, and unable to deal with

Like, okay, these are the very big bad BPD symptoms:
>Risky sex with any stranger
>Risky spending behaivor that lets you with debt
And she does none of those

You could argue she cuts, she had an ED, and she's manipulative. But those can simply be part of her attention whoring tendencies, depression, and whatever else. BPD is serious as fuck and she doesn't strike me as someone who has it

I bet she just wanted to have an excuse to be shitty to people and spergs about it on the internet for pity and even more attention

No. 116355

You don't have to check off EVERY symptom of a disorder to have it.
Jill is an attention whore and really annoying about her mental disorders, but it's dumb to speculate and diagnose her based on what we see on twatter and jewtube.
She is probably ungodly wicked off camera, we'll never know.

No. 116361

File: 1602903660314.png (396.21 KB, 1440x1275, Screenshot_20201016-230047.png)

Does Steve even want her to constantly share their private conversations?

No. 116365

File: 1602904037620.jpg (62.18 KB, 640x1136, 20201016_230844.jpg)

No. 116367

File: 1602904072946.jpg (59.56 KB, 640x1136, 20201016_230936.jpg)

No. 116368

File: 1602904131177.jpg (55.42 KB, 640x1136, 20201016_231037.jpg)

No. 116372

>can't even focus on texting

No. 116382

No, but she has almost no symptoms of it. She's only ever had solid, long-term relationships with the exception of Alyssa. She has been able to keep multiple stable jobs and now is in her final year of school. She spends a lot of money on plastic garbage, but she never puts herself into financial debt. People with BPD are hyperaware of the emotions of others, and Jill has said that she can't understand other people's emotions.

She also refers to BPD constantly as something that's lifelong when BPD isn't at all. It actually has one of the highest success rates of recovery, but you need to go to specialized treatment and actually work on yourself. Jill just wants an excuse for when she's being shitty.

No. 116423

If she’s actually on a proper antipsychotic dosage she wouldn’t be able to to just skip it. A decent of dose of that hell drug will mean you will get withdrawals and won’t be able to sleep at all without it, even for one night.
She’s probably taking like 25/50 for sleep and low mood, a dose which does nothing for psychosis

No. 116458

File: 1602979437156.png (581.33 KB, 738x669, snarkween.png)

She really chose that snarky picture for her pass case… Why does she like that photo so much?

No. 116473

She should smile like that more. I’m more inclined to think she’s a human girl and less a goblin.

No. 116478

I know, how could you love a photo of yourself with the worst fucking duck lips creating the most smug look ever and hammy thick arms paired with dark roots sticking out of your rainbow hair

No. 116513

She looks so nice smiling, why does she insist on making such horrible faces.

No. 116517

File: 1603038772315.jpg (180.95 KB, 1079x677, Screenshot_20201018-113425_Twi…)

No. 116524

>Trigger warning!! Scawy trauma!!
>Is completely vague and doesn't actually give any details

No. 116526

Wtf is this. That’s so vague and dumb. Jill, people have perfectly fine gap relationships. Sorry to blog post, but one of my best relationships I was EVER in was with a 15/16 yo when I was 12/13. It’s about shitty people being shitty.

No. 116528

… anon, I get it since you both were minors, but I wouldn't brag about dating a high schooler while you were in middle school. Jill more than likely is vaguing because she's trying to stretch the truth for attention, but that's not the flex you think it is.

No. 116529

Why am I starting to get the feeling that Jill was actually the abuser in her relationship but she wants to absolve her self of all accountability by blaming the age gap. She seems like the type to suicide bait especially when she was a minor…

No. 116534

Yet posted a screenshot Tweet about suicide on facebook with no trigger warnings to be seen.
TW are meant to be for other people Jill, nobody knows about your DeviantArt relationship to even possibly be triggered about it

No. 116535

I'm 26 yo now, I don't think it's a flex. But as I am currently in a relationship with a 15 year age gap that is also a really good, I stand the issue with any relationship is shitty people being shitty. Else of course you are an adult dating a minor, or like a 16 yo dating a 10 yo.(blog)

No. 116544

>"I don't think it's a flex"
>immediately drops their shitty current age gap relationship in an attempt to flex at how ~okay~ they are

No. 116546

yeah. I would really weirded out if me being in the hospital and private texts were shared to a large platform via twitter. it's not normal

No. 116553

Excuse me, since when are 13year olds attractive to 16 year olds??

No. 116557

Okay, I agree that a 16 year old dating a 13 year old is odd. Dunno about how big of an age gap that is because I'm no expert, but I think at that age they would still be teens into the same kind of stuff (like shows and music) and at that age you're still dumb and childish. Plus assuming it is that deviantart ex girlfriend, dunno, it doesn't seem super bad to me? Women seem to be generally tamer and less disgusting that men, overall.

If it was a 16 year old guy dating a 13 year old girl then I would call it suspicious (maybe very weird). Otherwise, for me it is a not an ideal age gap, but not so out of the ordinary for it to be something so traumatizing that it causes you to develop a serious condition like BPD and "catatonia"

She's just a spoiled womanchild that manipulates people and throws tantrums when she doesn't get what she want, imo.

No. 116558

Dude imagine claiming to being soooo fucked up because you couldn't handle your deviantart _(DEVIANTART)_ """"girlfriend"""". Did they even see each other irl?
Jill is just autistic, she needs to stop milking this fake bpd because we all know she's just a stupid ugly tacky sperg

No. 116563

Wth is this pearl clutching. Jill was in her obnoxious alt phase at 13 when most kids didn't have the means or parental permission to have a blue fauxhawk. When I a young teen I talked to other teens online and irl who were not my exact age? They probably liked the same dumb shit and knew of very few other "lesbians" on their weird ass island.

This. This is so laughable. The pOwEr DyNaMiCs were soooo traaaumatizing between two socially awkward angsty teens who put their whole relationship on deviantart?? Did she like try to kiss Jill but she wasn't into it because she has never actually been into girls at all?

No. 116567

Kids of 16 years of age and older can actually be diagnosed with pedophilia. Doesn't make her tweet any less laughable though.

No. 116568

Where i live you start high school when you're like 12/13 so most people probably wouldn't bat an eye at a relationship like that

No. 116570

They met irl a few times but didn’t do much, Jill didn’t like that she smoked weed iirc

They dated for a couple of months. The entire thing was displayed on Deviant art and it was Jill who broke it off then continued to say over and over that she wanted to continue being friends with Uma. There was no trauma, she literally shared that she was still a virgin and arguments with friends from school on deviantart, so there’s no way that she wouldn’t have posted her “main trauma” if it was real

No. 116572

I agree with this but I think it is a very big claim to call that girl a pedo if we don't know her, it just sounds like two stupid teens being idiots and "dating" rather than anything more serious to me

No. 116573

Did this Uma girl ask Jillian out or was it the other way around?
Did Jillian use her dA friend to experiment with girls and then dump her?

No. 116575

Ya it's a huge fucking reach to act like a 16 year old girl is a pedo for dating someone 3 years younger. It's not uncommon or scandalous for freshman and sophomores to date juniors or seniors. And their relationship was mostly online sooooo… Where the hell did you people grow up who think that's inappropriate, let alone pedophilia?

It's gross to paint someone you don't know as a possible predatory lesbian stereotype because of some uwu secret trauma. Liiiiike who feels comfortable sharing their self harm scars to a huge online audience, detailing the 5 minutes they were anorexic in middle school, going off constantly about mental disorders that they don't actually suffer from, sharing personal texts with her sick boyfriend, etc. but like draws the line at vague "trauma" that has damaged her so thoroughly 10 years later? You know if something actually went down she would have made a monetized crying video ages ago. Instead of vagueposting for years to get pity. Make it make sense Jill.

No. 116576

Never said that girl is definitively a pedo, it's just an example to show that kids can even be pedophiles, so it's not crazy to assume that a sixteen year old can be attracted to a middle schooler.

No. 116589

Again, I agree, but saying every 16 year old attracted to a 13 year old might have pedo tendencies is crazy to me
Like, there couldn't be that much difference between them can be?
I don't think their "relationship" had anything to do with being a pedophile, even if some 16 year olds can be pedos I doubt this is the case here

No. 116592

File: 1603089948310.png (1.43 MB, 980x848, wow.png)

just putting this here

No. 116593

File: 1603090463653.png (316.54 KB, 489x326, fgverg.png)

has this picture from her webpage been shared before? I think it's new, right? It's on her sewing resources page.

No. 116594

I'm not sure if it was shared before, but that is from her first semester in 'fashion school' by how her workspace looks.

No. 116595

She just wants ass pats for being a survivor of abuse. It's just another thing she's going to trivialize thinking that she's helping to destigmatize it.

Is the girl with brown hair Jill? She looks like she has a less severe from of downs syndrome poor thing really does have a very unfortunate face.

No. 116599

I know we're supposed to gossip here but ngl this is a really cute pic of her (the screengrab not the ID pic)

No. 116600

She can be pretty cute when she doesn't strain her face to do those stupid faces in photos. Fucking hate her pouty lips pose or duck face, they make her look like the crazy aunt that didn't get the note that the 80's are over and really enhances how dry her lips are (or maybe it's just the lipstick that is flaky)

No. 116606

She looks like Timothy Heller in the before pics

No. 116617

Nah, a 16 year old would probably be considered a potential (or definitive) pedo if they were attracted to much younger children. Again, it was an example how some 16-17 year olds can EVEN be diagnosed with such conditions at that age, so a 16 year old liking someone who's just three years younger than them is not absurd at all. These days a lot of kids aged 13 look years older to begin with.

All the armchairing aside, she didn't even bother adding a TW on shit like this >>112749 which is much more descriptive compared to >>116517

No. 116619

File: 1603118324056.png (190.71 KB, 267x380, jil.png)

>she didn't even bother adding a TW on shit like this
because she doesn't give a fuck, she just wants attention and to look like she has been super traumatized, so by being vague she's 1.farming pity points 2.making people wonder what happened 3.making things larger than what they actually were

I don't think this picture is that cute at all. She looks better than usual because she's not doing stupid disgusting clown faces but she still has so much ugly makeup on. If she got rid of the ugly hair and makeup, then I would call it cute. But this? Just passable.
She actually used to be super cute, evidenced here
but in here (including the fact she was already somewhat alternative) she looks normal, with a normal face, and normal makeup, and the result is she looks like a cute quirky alt girl. The irony is she's trying to hard to be that cute quirky girl by appearing absolutely deranged, when she could look miles better by doing slight changes to her look. Sad shit.

No. 116655

File: 1603136698893.jpeg (149.71 KB, 1343x554, C3C5FECA-C114-455C-BE57-B35240…)

“I never see that kind of gap talked about” why does she always want to be within a minority that’s never “talked about”

No. 116674

You see nobody talk about it simply because 13 and 16 does work out sometimes, it's just three years, both mid-teens - it's completely different from age gaps like 16 and 30. Whatever abuse may have occured in her relationship probably didn't come from the age gap either.

No. 116677

Okay - did they actually meet or was it purely online? Not saying that makes it okay but there wouldn’t be opportunity for physical abuse which would be the main concern for an age gap like that

No. 116687

No one was abused anon.

No. 116694

I know that anonfriend- but if it was purely online relationship it makes jill’s constant harping of abuse look even more attention seeking. She claims this is the catalyst for her BPD right? I don’t know my pre youtube jill lore so I wanted to get that straight.

No. 116698

Say that in european countries and there's a high chance you will be laughed at.

No. 116724

She acts like not explicitly saying 13 and 16 is a “uwu big no no boy“ makes it not a touched on subject. Information is available and may not be talked about in her bubble which doesn’t equate to no one ever discussing abusive dynamics. I would never wish something abusive on her but she baits trauma and it’s gross.

No. 116727

>I don't share traumatic events much online
looooool then what the fuck are all those fucking videos about your scars and your ed and the BPD posts? holy shit.

No. 116739

What's harmful about her vauge insinuating is that she had many people in the replys talking about being in a M/F relationship where the male was older which usually means that the girl was coerced in to sex before she was ready which is actually traumatizing. Her new woke fans will eat it up as a perfect excuse for her BDP since she's not giving details.

No. 116755

People also don't talk about Muhammad marrying a 6year old, and when they do, they get beheaded.
I swear forcing yourself into any minority you can find is so exhausting to look at and exploits real trautamas for fun. That's yikes af.

No. 116766

Agreed. I’d personally be concerned if I knew a 16-year-old boy dating a 13-year-old girl in real life, but Jillian is talking about two girls who pretty much only knew each other via deviantart and afaik never even met. There’s a big difference between those two situations.

No. 116773

I was thinking the same thing. Nobody's here to invalidate Jill's possible trauma but sometimes you just gotta know when it's your time to speak.

No. 116790

i thought her supposed abusive relationship was with some guy named walker from her edgy deviant art days? i remember someone supposedly called the police on him or something? that was around the time she had a teal mohawk.

No. 116828

File: 1603224354411.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1582x863, 60BE5E7E-EF21-42D4-9F81-D77B44…)

In this section of her about me she also claims to be 12 when it happened, so who knows really. She also didn’t “get to it further down the timeline” unless by that she means she blames her personality disorder on that relationship

No. 116848

>She also didn’t “get to it further down the timeline” unless by that she means she blames her personality disorder on that relationship

Thant's exactly what she did anon >>116517, she calls it her "main major trauma" which is so vague since it heavily implies that the person she was in a relationship with was physically or very mentally abusive and the main reason why she has BDP. It is possible she was in a toxic relationship but to go as far to say that it's her main source of trauma is a very big accusation to make against the person she was dating at the time especially since most people automatically assume that sexual/physical violence occurred.

No. 116855

You don't get BPD from having a bad relationship at 13. Hell you could even get assaulted at 13 and have that be a traumatic experience. It's not going to give a life destroying personality disorder. For fucks sake!

This bitch is seriously starting to piss me off with this shit. Not to blog but I was in an ACTUALLY fucked up situation with an adult man at 13 online that went on for years. It's given me a ton of issues. I've also been in physically and emotionally abusive relationships. But guess who is a functioning adult with a full time job???

Trauma is not something to make light of or milk for fucking internet attention Jillian. It's not an excuse to be a self absorbed little shit.

If she's not going to talk about what happened ever, how is that helping anyone? She could share her experience and find some healing in connecting with others with similar experiences. OR it's actually serious and private she could like……keep that to herself and therapist?? Oh wait.

No. 116862

who the fuck just writes this shit up on their professional site??

"hello potential employer, you need a resume? Actually, here's all my past traumas, they're pretty much the same right?"

No. 116878

>She could share her experience and find some healing in connecting with others with similar experiences.

But anon healing from trauma doesn't get enough sympathy on twitter, and besides who wants to connect with other people who have had similar traumas when you can pretend that you're just sooo fucked up and special uwu compared to everyone else

No. 116924

It looks hella unprofessional, in fact the whole section does. Customers choose you for your work and your skills, not your dramatic backstory

No. 116926

BPD is actually associated more often than not with childhood trauma. Everyone's different, so no matter how much worse you had it as a child compared to Jillybean, it doesn't warrant you would develop a personality disorder. I'm really sorry you went through that though and people like you are the reason why her pity parties piss me off, she doesn't even cross the most common BPD symptoms except for very few which are associated even with depression.

No. 116928

File: 1603286260220.png (386.07 KB, 1440x1645, Screenshot_20201021-091015.png)

Has anyone ever heard her speak french? I saw her mention it quite often and I don't even watch her regularly, which may be the reason why I could have simply skipped it. But it looks all smokes and mirrors to me. If you know the basic vocabulary such as bed = lit, I wouldn't exactly call you a french speaker.

No. 116930

She can "speak French" the same way that she can "speak Japanese."

No. 116934

Didn't she do a segment on her islands public broadcast and everyone spoke French while she spoke English? She can't speak French.

No. 116937

File: 1603294612053.jpeg (182.71 KB, 828x461, C82C68C9-C65A-4838-96FD-479A60…)

No. 116939

I tried looking for info but i am requesting to be spoonfed here: why is the cuck in the hospital?

No. 116941

Scroll up anon.

No. 116944

He’s full of shit.

No. 116945

I mean, my point we both had bad experiences around that age. I know mine qualifies as trauma because yknow actual treatment for mental health, but who knows what the fuck she's even on about. Idk why you seem to be implying 13 counts as childhood for her but not me?

The couple of people I have known with BPD through group therapy and things like that had extremely rough childhoods. Like illegal child labor or getting beaten by their mom in front of their siblings regularly or non-functioning alcoholic parents.

Like not some twee Anne of Green Gables art and piano much creative and supportive uwu bullshit. It's so fucking insulting to people who not only suffered as children but who have actively fucked up their lives as a result of not having their BPD under control.

Is she disappearing for days to spend her rent money on meth? Is she sleeping with 20 people a month? Is she spending so much money on tacky clothes and precure figures that she's in massive debt and about to get evicted? Has she broken up with Steebie 20 times for no reason because she randomly hates him and thinks he's out to destroy her?

She literally has no concept of what "her disorder" is. There should be just as many twitter meltdowns about her relationship as posts of sickening texts because people with BPD always lash out on the people they are closest to. But no, there's just constant uwu my best fwiend like >>116937

No. 116948

No anon, yours is definitely childhood trauma, that was my point. She is just full of shit lol.

No. 116950

she’s pronounced many a French word incorrectly like brand names over the course of her online presence but yes she totally speaks French guys!
Also this, if she were truly able to speak French she’d have done the segment in it instead of English. Truly learning something as a first or second language when you’re young means you don’t forget how to speak it, this girl just took required second languages courses to pass high school. she speaks about as much real French as any North American who did compulsory foreign language classes.

No. 116951

How is Steve being in the hospital signifigcant? I don't see milk.

No. 116956

she's been extra erratic since he's been gone.

No. 116958

he's been counting the days for sure

No. 116966

I remember there was one Patreon live stream I think where she was speaking French and couldn’t remember the word for “face”. If you forget such basic vocabulary I don’t think you’re in any position to say you speak French

No. 116972

Why the fuck do they feel like anyone gives a shit and feel the need to make this public lmao I've always felt like people who need to share how uwu in love they are never actually are in love because if they really did give a shit about eachother and not the attention then they would just keep all this shit private

No. 117008

as someone recently diagnosed with BPD / EUPD and having had actual severe childhood trauma I find Jill repulsive. Pretty sure she has either just told a psych that she has all the symptoms having looked them up online, or self diagnosed. Since she seems to know smack about actually living with the condition.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 117035

File: 1603367984829.png (347.4 KB, 1440x2382, Screenshot_20201022-075954.png)

>"politics affect everyone"
>"(…) they just don't affect YOU"

This interaction is hilarious.

No. 117041

Has Jill always looked this mentally retarded? Or am I just blind? She's starting to look like a can of Spam dressed in cheap tacky rainby puke.

No. 117048

I thought the reply might have been cowtipping, but no oh my God, there's actually quiet a few people ripping her apart in the replies and it's fucking hilarious

No. 117053

she meant that some people are affected positively, but english is hard for her

No. 117072

She doesn't even speak about politics outside of fly memes about a country she does not live in and whatever surface level pseudo shit stweboe is regurgitating

No. 117077

This is the kind of cowtipping that I tolerate, although I doubt it is one in the first place.
I think she's talking about people who don't educate themselves altogether because politics are either too hard or boring for them, rather than those who don't want to make a change with purpose.

No. 117105

File: 1603392894108.png (59.06 KB, 602x568, btbbhb.png)

she deleted this post. Instead we get her asking to be in precure or something, idk what she's sperging about.

this is the vibe I get as well. Their relationship feels so plastic and fabricated that they must announce to the world how much they love each other to keep appareances. It's always like that. Maybe Jill is indeed unhinged behind cameras.

No. 117106

samefag but it's ridiculous how she doesn't realise some people still live without electricity, cars and pumbling (and not just in 3rd world countries, but everywhere else)

No. 117110

it hurts so good after that politics tweet lmao, the irony is too much

No. 117115

She hasn't deleted it, it's a reply so doesn't show up unless you're on the "tweets and replies" tab.

No. 117121

This is extra annoying because she's not even American she keeps shoe horning into American politics she doesn't even bring light to the bullshit happening in Canada like racism towards the indigenous people.

No. 117123

Bet she's regretting that lil attempt at virtue signaling after seeing the replies

No. 117234

File: 1603470246711.jpeg (340.86 KB, 828x1186, A4CB7DD0-4E7E-4864-9577-67588D…)

No. 117240

Somehow I still feel like this doesn't bode well

No. 117243

Whats that meeting with Emilia Fart? And her onlyfans? Excuse me but Jill wants to see EF doing lewd or

No. 117252

File: 1603474934719.jpg (50.07 KB, 266x341, IMG_20201023_134038.jpg)

it even happens in gasp Canada! where 250k children go hungry everyday. i believe these displays of "oooh notice me! i've an opinion" demonstrate she's more an HPD than a BPD person.

pic not related but so related

No. 117260

Next thread picpls

No. 117270

Why put your professional name that potential employers and your entire fanbase full of piss babies on an onlyfans account just to follow another person?
What is her thought process around this?
Can't she use another fake name to follow Emilia since she doesn't even plan on using onlyfans? Is she retarded big time? Did the lack of nutrients due to eating too many peeps make her lose braincells?
Or is this another scheme to upload "sexy pictures" (barf) on there? What the hell
Why is she so obsessive over Emilia? Emilia if you read this please run. This isn't healthy Jill, you even have a poster of her in your livingroom. She's the epitome of an attention whoring fan for real

No. 117271

samefag, but inb4 she starts calling herself the biggest Emilia Fart fan, just like she thinks she's the biggest Precure fan
Like, does she want to be as fat as her too? I don't get it

No. 117295

File: 1603488562433.png (101.54 KB, 1440x791, lol.png)

I was going to say attaching her main username to onlyfans seems unwise, but after googling "pixielocks" I see lolcow threads are the 4th and 5th results, so I guess she doesn't care at this point.

Also she may be testing the waters, the way Belle made a "joke" pornhub account before actually doing (what is basically) porn later.

No. 117297

I assumed EF onlyfans wouldn't be lewd because obvious gross person, but scrolling her account she makes two mentions of horny content or video. So I guess if you want to reflexively throw your phone at the wall, that content exists for you.

No. 117299

File: 1603489433676.png (186.84 KB, 1440x806, nopls.png)

Caps because imageboard, sorry for slight OT

No. 117301

File: 1603489505731.png (380.21 KB, 1440x1543, sadface.png)

No. 117317

I know this thread isn't about Emilia but how the fuck can something be PG and very horny at the same time unless I'm retarded and PG doesn't mean what I thought it meant.

This is such an attention whore move. She's definitely planning to do something else with that account otherwise she would just use a different name and shut the fuck up because saying "omg I'm ONLY using this account to follow one person I promise!!!" makes me think even more that she's definitely not just using that account to follow Emelia

No. 117333

No one seemed to be curious about the existence of her OF at all. She'd already mentioned she made one exclusively to follow EF before, so why would would anyone still wonder about it? She obviously tweeted this to highlight the biography of her account in hopes she would get Emilia's attention.

Add the rainbee bangs and you have it all

No. 117391

my guess is she made everyone on her social media aware of her OF so they would follow her - we know the confetticunts lap up everything she does. I think as soon as she has enough fans so will post on there and be like 'uwu fashun school is like weally espenwive'.

No. 117411

Yeah, no one asked her for an onlyfans. The only awnser here is that she wants to give it attention so the the confetti cult follows her and she then will start posting lewds and they will eat it like fresh bread.

Idk, I feel like in her case lolcow doesn't really ruin her career to the extent that other cows might be ruined by it, since she wants to sell handmade stuff and it's not like she has scammed people recently (Idk about when she had her lolita store). She continues making videos and having a retarded fanbase, so who knows

No. 117416

No. 117417

File: 1603556377714.png (219.49 KB, 409x327, fdbdgbb.png)

deathface on her deathbed

No. 117420

File: 1603556703457.png (513.06 KB, 620x930, fdbdgbb.png)

holy shit that hair….

No. 117421

File: 1603556918485.png (365.13 KB, 688x428, fdbdgbb.png)

more emilia simping

No. 117422

If she wants to see 3rd world conditions in good ol Canada try a rez that doesn't even have running water.

No. 117423

>I think I'm a morning person now
>This day I started off with some school work
>Time on iPad: 1:00PM

No. 117426

topkek at her not showing her meals because she's "awkward about that kind of stuff". did us making fun of your chicken nuggie and garlic finger diet strike a nerve, jill?

No. 117433

She feeds her cats from a cheap dish and water bowl. We now know that cats need an angled dish for food and water because it's better for their digestion and causes less health issues and fur bags, but jill only cares about cute aesthetics, i guess. What am i saying, this is the person in the same video who had her cats right now to her open toxic paint at 4:30(no1curr abour ur catlady sperg)

No. 117434

I really wish she'd stop calling Steve her partner. He's her gay live in room mate.

No. 117437

File: 1603560710239.jpeg (375.62 KB, 1000x2446, FBAD0C97-873B-42EF-9338-BF2AAA…)

stickers be getting a bit too thickers, too

No. 117438

File: 1603560807847.png (3.45 MB, 1334x750, 30A36BBC-66A3-4B2C-9268-A5487E…)

I understand fluffy cats, but that’s not what’s happening here.

No. 117440

holy shit I feel so bad for her obese cats
she's making them as obese as she is… did these cats even look as fat when she lived with her mom?

No. 117442

seeing cats become obese is really heartbreaking and we know it's because Jill is negligent since all of the cats at her mom's house are a healthy weight.

No. 117443


yikes @ her filthy kitchen floor.

No. 117445

And cat food should ideally be stored in it's original bag to keep bacteria out. Looks like she's poured it into a separate container which is harder to keep clean.(no1curr abour ur catlady sperg)

No. 117448

File: 1603562621099.png (401.38 KB, 722x406, unknown.png)

she's so fat

No. 117449

File: 1603562823263.png (1.05 MB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20201024-110747.png)

Here's what her cats looked like last November

No. 117451

No. 117453

She‘s really awkward about posting her food you guize!!!
Yet posted her infamous peep tea, tendies, convention meals etc. etc.
She‘s really beating that fake eating disorder horse, huh?

No. 117461

File: 1603566377961.png (3 MB, 1334x750, 6663465D-B912-45FE-B93A-449912…)

Man you can really see how poorly her tattooed healed and was done honestly. Sage for nit picking though.

No. 117462

File: 1603566429974.png (4.05 MB, 1334x750, 748AEC50-B7FC-41C8-A74D-F2F3E3…)

when is she going to put the switch plate covers back on

No. 117468

that tiny chair really accentuates her… girth

No. 117595

That was actually 2 Novembers ago (She got Stickers in 2018, around the same time as her crossiant hair CCS tattoo)

No. 117603

>tiny chair

Anon, I'm pretty sure that's a loveseat.

No. 117608

tbf, I'm from ontario where we learn french in school, and even the people who were in french immersion are made fun of for how wrong the french sounds. Like, quebec french is already bad but ontario french is only understandable by other ontarians. I wouldn't be surprised if pei is the same.

No. 117610

File: 1603578703987.png (422.07 KB, 833x507, iu.png)

I didn't even register there was a person in this chair at first.

No. 117616

yeah but she doesn't know french for someone who claims to be an expert in it

No. 117619

That cat needs to see a doctor and go on a diet, I have raised many cats and people always tend to get so defensive whenever someone points out a cat's weight piling on. Stop buying crap and take your cats to the vet, disaster crayon bitch.

No. 117635

File: 1603582032571.png (215.08 KB, 270x476, jmhjnyr.png)

if she loves her cats why does she let these christmas lights easily reachable for them to chew on? what if they break a bulb while playing? does she know that shit gets hot and can burn her cats? does she know christmas lights are in big risk of making a fire around so much plastic shit?
and why does she let her cat near the thing she chewed on and almost died on?

No. 117640

File: 1603582769101.png (92.59 KB, 1356x928, gwgg.png)

No. 117657

>>117640 next thread photo please

No. 117673

Holy fucking shit whichever cat is on the right is HUGE

No. 117678

File: 1603588219710.jpg (161.91 KB, 755x540, IMG_20201025_010540.jpg)

Please, the belt is supposed to be higher like near her waist. It just looks uncomfortable like that. I cannot stand this jumpsuit at all, I'm sure other people rock it but its just not for jill.

No. 117682

File: 1603589851625.png (94.83 KB, 1356x928, 1603582769101.png)

forgot a key detail

No. 117683

No offense to her but her massive frame looks so uncomfortable on that loveseat

No. 117684

God she has so much fupa.

No. 117686

Also she really be living that grandma lifestyle now isn't she?

No. 117710

File: 1603601193018.jpeg (472.78 KB, 1808x2196, 39369592-B3F8-4874-80B2-5125B6…)

Here’s what Nina looked like from above when she was living with her parents… compared to Stickers from above from today’s video.

No. 117727

File: 1603614093939.png (391.49 KB, 585x386, t.png)

t h r i v i n g

No. 117731

It’s not perfect but she just learned to crochet and she’s actually making garments for once. I honestly hope this becomes a legitimate passion of hers because sewing clearly isn’t her thing.

No. 117733

Maybe she should just crochet her way into success.

No. 117749

wow today i learned i'm a bad cat owner for feeding them on a plate and keeping their food in a jar. wtf are these nitpicks?

No. 117767

If you're not familiar with crochet or what it's like to work with worsted weight acrylics, this sweater is going to be like wearing corrugated cardboard. Plus if she hasn't really tied in her ends properly, this garment runs the risk of unraveling at every colour change

No. 117792

Also acrylics are plastic? Wool yarn exists and in cute and vibrant colors? And could make actually comfortable, functional, practical items for a Canadian winter? How is she so dumb??

No. 117798

I never actually thought about that but these are good observations. Because of the thick yarn and the small stitches it'll probably hang like absolute shit and make her look even bigger and boxier too.
I wouldn't want to crucify her for using cheap acrylic yarn or having a shitty first project because everyone's been there but this is Earth mother Jillian uwu who shills for ~eco friendly~ deodorant. I'm pretty sure every craft store carries pastel cotton yarn at the very least.(nitpick)

No. 117822

Acrylic yarn sheds micro fibre plastics and actually one of the worst polluters of the ocean, because it travels back up the entire food chain due to them being consumed by sea creatures Lol eco Jill is really showing her true colours (literally)(nitpick)

No. 117871

I hope someone calls her out on ditching packaging free shampoo for a plastic bottle just because of a sponsor. Doesn't matter if its a recyclable package, that doesn't make the entire company ethical. She literally was throwing a fit about getting the most sustainable milk substitute in an earlier video. Just proving again that this is all for likes and she doesn't actually care about sustainability.

No. 117874

I was really frustrated in this video when she said she couldn't use bar shampoo/conditioner because her hair is "too crispy to be scrubbed" which means she is clearly not using the right technique or is using some shitty lush shampoo bar that'll strip her hair and her color (instead of something like ethique or JR liggets),,,, but then again LUSH IS THE BEST COMPANY EVER according to her

No. 117949

Her function of beauty ad seemed like such a scam lol. The "before" showed her hair unwashed, not styled and the after wasn't even her hair… It was her extensions, which I'm sure aren't as damaged. But ya know, falsely advertise your autistic fans and get that coin sis!!

Also, of course her "least favorite part of the day" is actually doing work. Doesn't she WANT to be a "super kawaii fashion designer social media influencer"? I honestly can't see why she's complaining when all of the work she does like sewing and making videos are fun pastimes for most people.

No. 117982

I was thinking the exact same thing. The worst part is how obvious it is, her normal hair is quite short and her 'after' is much longer.
I don't understand how she is supposed to actually create a brand of hand sewn garments. With the amount of her fans who will buy products no matter how ridiculous they are, I can imagine she will end up racking up a huge waiting list because without actual deadlines like school I can't see her actually making products on time.

No. 118057

Wow she really did
>"before function of beauty" (ratty unwashed, unstyled natural hair shown from a distance)
>"after function of beauty+extensions" (extreme closeup shot showing only the extensions.)

Aside from that, everything about Pixie's decor, styling, framing of camera shot screams "dollar store" and always has to me. She has zero innate style, artistic talent or aesthetic skill. She just maximizes brightness and contrast to try and distract viewers from how natty everything looks. It's so cheap and dreary, I'd hate to wake up in a house like that.

No. 118142

File: 1603784342310.png (320.85 KB, 704x396, iwakeupearly.png)

lmao she really thinks 1pm is early
She knows she eats like shit so she doesn't want to embarass herself more I guess
Isn't it funny she never spoke about cleaning her house?

No. 118143

File: 1603784367962.png (1.05 MB, 1552x1104, early.png)

have a picture anon

No. 118145

File: 1603785330629.jpg (293.02 KB, 1399x1612, 1.jpg)

>Aside from that, everything about Pixie's decor, styling, framing of camera shot screams "dollar store" and always has to me. She has zero innate style, artistic talent or aesthetic skill. She just maximizes brightness and contrast to try and distract viewers from how natty everything looks. It's so cheap and dreary, I'd hate to wake up in a house like that.

kek waking up and realizing you live in a rainbow prision is a nightmare, I really don't understand how she can live in a headache inducing house everyday

Also, Idk if the bright colors make it more obvious that her style is tacky and dollar store like, but taking the colors out doesn't improve it either. Gee its almost like its not about the color but that she doesn't have taste at all

No. 118160

File: 1603812958047.png (376.11 KB, 590x384, Sin título.png)

>Aside from that, everything about Pixie's decor, styling, framing of camera shot screams "dollar store" and always has to me.
speaking of

No. 118167

A uwu minimalist, sustainable, plastic free queen.
We stan.

No. 118180

i mean, its all quite literally second hand? you ok?

No. 118185

Those flower pillar candles are nice but still bright enough for jill to want them - but i’m at a loss at the clown statuette. When has that ever been her brand?

No. 118203

File: 1603831234906.jpeg (294.83 KB, 828x647, 3B3629C9-C363-4019-A0E6-AC8156…)

is pixie implying that we’re wrong for calling fat and that she actually isn’t

No. 118205

That seems like a bit of a stretch anon. But her argument is ironic since they're both online personalities which preforming for an audience is a part of the job description.
also Kelly thinking 5 pounds is a significant amount of weight is funny you can lose to 5 pounds in a day due to dehydration and gain 5 from bloating

No. 118246

'its okay youre fat sweetie! the haters are just jealous we're so thicc'

No. 118249

I’m in desperate need of more banners of her pixyteri-tier dancing during outfit showcases, I can’t stop staring at her when she does it. It’s so special needs that it’s mesmerizing.

No. 118256

>When has that ever been her brand?
Have you seen her what she looks like?

No. 118316

File: 1603907954722.jpeg (346.42 KB, 1125x681, 78362E64-72AF-47EF-9989-A4D6E2…)

Incoming lumpy ass photo sometime soon

No. 118318

She's playing a really weird game with her audience, with this tweet >>117234 revealing that she has an only fans and this new tweet >>118316 it feels like she's baiting them to try to convince her to make an OnlyFans so she can post lews under the guise of bodi posi. I the anons saying that she'll make content for OF were right but I didn't think it would be this soon.

No. 118321


What a fucking idiot. I didn't think it could any worse.

No. 118322

File: 1603911232722.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 878.97 KB, 1242x1526, 338E1382-CE87-46EA-8A07-86B557…)

welp it’s finally here boys

No. 118324

Who wants to bet this mildly spicy pic is just going to be a pic of her fucking thighs or something similarly bland

No. 118325

Holy fucking shit I spoke too soon. Oh my God she's absolutely going to make an only fans now.

No. 118327

LMAO the way she edited the hell out of her waistline with that black “shadow” and blacked out her tits. This is literal only fans material

No. 118328

Jillians bare breast was not something I needed to see today

No. 118330

she really thinks we can’t tell that’s edited?

No. 118333

That body hair coming out those panties ain’t something I needed to see ever..(nitpicking)

No. 118334

christ anon.. how much did you zoom in to spot that. if you didnt need to see it why did you go to the extra effort? gross.
sage for spurge and no1curr
-also not defending jill but normalise body hair on females-(replying just to sperge derail)

No. 118342

Jill's onlyfans era is coming guys! 2020 is truly cursed

No. 118350

We don't shame women for having body hair(replying just to sperge derail)

No. 118352

Jeez okey just waiting now for her to announce her onlyfans of course it’s just gonna be about ~bodypositivity~
Anon where?

No. 118357

Oh no body hair. A natural occurrence on the human body(replying just to sperge derail)

No. 118358


I feel like this clashes with her rainby kawaii special need brand, she is just an attention seeker.

This is also a bad influence on her genuinely special needs fans who obviously have mental and economic deficiencies.

No. 118359

File: 1603929059831.jpg (1.19 MB, 2048x1746, SAVE_20201029_014913.jpg)

also a pic from earlier today. She really does wear this thing in public huh

No. 118369

all these designs are gonna look like absolute garbage because she can't translate designs and has -10 textile knowledge

No. 118370

Bitch please, go look at Ariana’s ass in the plastic and proud thread and stfu. I was bracing myself for much worse than a few scraggly hairs you can only see if you zoom.

No. 118376

File: 1603942372082.jpg (220.19 KB, 960x720, save stevie.jpg)

poor steve

No. 118384

that sure is a lot of designs for someone who seemingly takes a month or so to sew one garment

No. 118385

File: 1603957315951.png (170.42 KB, 492x376, Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 12.3…)

I know this says poofy dress but kek it looks like it says poopy dress

a bunch of them look like multiple color variations of the same garment and several designs barely have any variation between them. if you look at the top rightmost page and the page below it, the pieces all duplicated at least once.

No. 118386

Holy shit we really went from this >>114343 to this >>118322

No. 118388

Who's gonna take the L and sub to the future pixie onlyfans so we can see the uwu body posi kawaii content

No. 118389

that's not bodypositivity, it's bodyvalidity "please validate my chubby body!"

No. 118391

Rock bottom tbh, it’s crazy how people think they can and should monetize everything when they lack the qualities (and in this case physique) for it. It just looks desperate and arrogant.

No. 118394

Why do her designs look like a grade schoolers first try at anime fanart? Nothing about them says fashion degree.

No. 118397

Both the designs and the moodboard above them look so tacky. This woman cannot design for shit. I dread to see what her final garments will look like.

No. 118407

Jill's ass is something that I would had never wanted to see in my life. I feel like covid and quarantine truly got the craziest thing out of people through this year…
Plus… how is this body possitivity? she's just hornyposting at this point… like, ok I think she has a cute behind (I'm sorry I'm bisexual and those panties are cute) but just thinking how she's the biggest womanchild in the world and max autistic, I just can't see her as a sexual person, it feels yucky and odd… Plus she has an ugly bloated face not gonna lie
I'm also surprised her underwear is not tacky ugly rainby vomit lol

I never ever wanted to see Jill's pubes either anon lol it's just weird to me (no I'm not body hair shaming or whatever)

No. 118411

Just imagine being her teacher. Like everyone is coming to school making modern and stylish pieces and you have one student that’s constantly trying to shove gingham and 90’s flower power on everything. Nobody is going to want these designs.

No. 118413

Oh god, she is going to start an OF isn't she? I can see it coming a mile away after this

No. 118418

Lmao the shadow rolling off the boob does not line up with the roll itself

No. 118423


looks like an amputee

No. 118424

Omg anon i can not unsee

No. 118425

i thought that shit too when I first saw it

No. 118446


Ok Christ thank God I'm not the only one who actually thinks those panties are cute lol the heart shape mesh is actually really fucking adorable and I legitimately peeped the twitter thread to get the sauce for them.

But just literally everything else about this is a hard no from me lmao like ok objectively I think the pose and the shadows laying on her body is actually pretty spicy but like I just wish it wasn't fucking Jill lmao because knowing everything I know about her immediately makes this not sexy even though objectively if you took another human and put them in this exact picture (and removed the titty editing lmao) I would find it pretty appealing. But just the whole situation surrounding this image is so uncomfortable and gross??? Like the way she baited her fans into asking for her hornypics (especially since it was right after she announced she has an only fans account """only to follow Emelia fart""" lmao like Jill do you seriously think a single person bought that) and the way her fans like legitimately thirst after her is so fucking weird to me because I just can't legitimately imagine looking at Jill, ALL of Jill, and being like yes I want to see her ass and I want her hornypics. Like samefagging but I just legitimately cannot see Jill as a sexual person at all since she's so god damn childish it just feels uncomfortable.


You know a month ago I was laughing at this anon . . . But I take it the fuck back lmao you were completely right

No. 118517

File: 1604027129975.jpeg (77.45 KB, 607x518, CFF0E13A-4C0A-4009-8E7B-1D1F41…)

No. 118518

I can't exactly picture her being sexy either. You would expect an adult to be posting something risqué like that online, and (thank god) she is legal which makes it ok. But she's an adult only in age, she doesn't act as if she's ever mentally grown past age ten. Something about being attracted to a woman who acts like an actual child feels somewhat wrong.

No. 118520

>she's fallen for the erotic selfies are self love meme
Wew lads

No. 118527

Starting to look like that girl in the deathfat thread

No. 118560

File: 1604077505266.png (24.05 KB, 579x210, Sin título.png)

God she LOOOOOVES rubbing it all over people's faces

No. 118566

That aside, it's simply not funny

No. 118575

File: 1604085815686.jpeg (316.7 KB, 1454x2048, F853C991-9C7D-488E-96B2-F668AB…)

Wow, what a try hard. She definitely doesn’t even like Star Trek and I know that costume….it’s comes with the pip pins for the collar and she didn’t even put them on….probably cause she doesn’t know what they are. I just know she’s going to be “I’m the biggest Star Trek fan ever”
Also, obvious nitpick, but her caption said “meet me on the holodeck” and that isn’t something the person she’s coosplaying ever says, or something they say on the show often at all.

No. 118577

The concerning part is that she‘s out to a halloween party during a global pandemic.
But a cheap plastic costume is worth catching corona and adding to her garbage pile, right? How eco friendly, Jill.

No. 118578

I'm pretty sure she has dressed up for her college classes. Her foundation is freaking me the hell out though, why does it look like she has used mustard acrylic paint?

No. 118580

is that… is that supposed to be Data?

No. 118592

File: 1604094481821.jpg (403.83 KB, 1080x1313, Screenshot_20201030-214325_Goo…)


Shes meant to be data who has a odd skin colour. Not surprised she messed that up considering her own foundation choices

No. 118593

Did she edit the tiles in the bathroom to match what she's wearing again? And also a skirt for a male character while she did her makeup and wore a wig to look like a man?

No. 118594

What a shame. She barely looks like Data..

No. 118601

If she was going to dress up as any TNG character it should have wesley

No. 118602

File: 1604098829660.jpeg (171.38 KB, 750x797, 10A179E4-141A-48FA-9037-1C7AB7…)

This is a nitpick and these edits are silly, but honestly could you imagine? Even this shitty wig looks better than her usual hair.

No. 118603

I . . . what? Since when the fuck has she ever given a single shit about star trek? Like seriously I'm asking has any anon ever heard her utter a SINGLE thing about star trek ever? I wonder if this is because of steebie or something? Because otherwise this is just so out of brand for her lmao especially since she couldn't even just cosplay the character normally and had to add the glitter skirt like why didn't you just dress up as a different fucking character then??

My vote is for lwaxana troi kek

No. 118605

File: 1604099457230.png (51.44 KB, 761x472, df53293da0a8912e87168577f6a4ad…)

>I wonder if this is because of steebie or something?

I fucking knew it

No. 118607

She looks like a lesbian middle-aged store manager. She seems rather desperate for attention this week,
>star trek?
Looking forward for the next sudden interest to appear from nowhere.

No. 118610

Interesting how she’s edited the tiles to match the outfit but left the poster with gay dudes in the background. Trying to show how qweer fwiendly her school is maybe? Or hoping someone will mention is so she can go on about how “gay” she is some more?

No. 118611

This level of tinfoil nitpicking is so stupid.

No. 118618


Unpopular opinion (I assume), but I think she actually looks cute with that kind of hair and I like that she has that sceptical expression for the photo (as opposed to, you know, the usual).

No. 118628

ok so is it better if she edits the poster out? i’m confused. i’m also retarded, so pardon my ignorance, but doesn't it take like two seconds in photoshop to change the color of something like those tiles? i imagine shooping the poster out would be easy, but pointlessly time consuming. jill is lazy

while we are nitpicking tho, i hate how she has the clorox wipes visible to reassure us that she sanitizes but
>dat sleeve on the sink
what are you gonna do, wipe your shirt sleeve down?

No. 118644

The hair here reminds me of hairstyles she had when she was younger, I think it’s pretty cute too. She suits short hair

No. 118661

File: 1604124902004.jpg (109.03 KB, 750x797, 1604098829660.jpg)

Idk, I think she still looks like she has autism.
With some slight changes, willingless to learn, self awareness and some self love, she could maybe look kinda cute.

No. 118664

File: 1604125478319.jpg (53.54 KB, 546x410, gwg.jpg)

Comparison… it's just having the right makeup, really. Picking he right foundation, for starters. Sometimes I wonder if she's blind or very dumb, she could never pick colors, and she still fails so hard at it.

No. 118673

She's getting ready to give Steebie some ~soft love~ as his favorite character when he comes back from the hospital on Halloween uwu

No. 118683

this is really bad anon.

No. 118685

She looks like a fakeboi and a potato had a baby with that wig

No. 118689

I think a more neutral look like anon's edit would compliment her face way better, what still ruins it in this specific picture no matter how you try fix her up is her facial expression. Seriously, how does this woman look terrible everytime she tries imitating kawiwi ulzzang instagram girls

No. 118690

File: 1604145259916.png (340.69 KB, 1440x1757, Screenshot_20201031-075006.png)

Under her retweet of Stevie's tweet in which he hypes her costume up


No. 118702

That whole exchange made me think of human centipede.. I now want to throw up.

No. 118703

>it's out bisexual power
No Jill you're fucking straight god. Shut the fuck up.

No. 118706

This whole interaction is uncomfortable. Praising bisexuality as "close to perfect" like are you ok. It's not a heirarchy of the best or worst sexuality. Her fans are honestly awful.

No. 118712

File: 1604164944438.png (405.4 KB, 1080x1036, Screenshot_20201031-111412~2.p…)

There's a lot of body diversity on this roster so I'm waiting for her to fuck it up since Jill most likely will make all the clothes fit herself and not others.

This makes me so uncomfortable some bi people don't have proper communication with their partners saying a sexuality is 'uwu near perfect' just because you claim you're apart of it is really gross.

No. 118717

Shes so fucking ugly and the anons who are trying to pass her off as attractive need to love themselves holy shit

No. 118719

All of these models minus Emily are gonna look really bad in Jill's clothing and rainbow mess.

No. 118726

her whole brand is cloying false positivity, but it is so condescending to call everyone beautiful and perfect. her attitude is transparently patronizing

No. 118736

really? emily looks pretty butch, I feel like she’s gonna look pretty out of place too

No. 118741

Emily looks like a butch lesbian to me, so I think rainbow clothes aren't going to look super flattering on her. Maybe, just maaaaybe they'll look good on Chimdi because she has a very beautiful skintone and pastels look good on darker shades. Maaaaaybe it could look good on Shea too, because her face is cute and the brand concep is supposed to be cute etc. But the reason why I say 'Maybe' is because I know Jill will fuck everything up so goddamn hard

Honestly she chose models that don't look very akin to her childish aesthetic, Jacinta for example looks mature and has a mature beautifulness to me (she's honestly very pretty). It's not about their race/skin color/weight even (although let's be real, weight is a big factor in real fashion shows), but how their features don't transmit "rainbow vomit childish clothes" to me… I honestly feel a weird sadness for them because they'll look terrible thanks to Jill, she doesn't know how to design clothes, how to sew clothes, how to pick colors… she knows nothing really

No. 118743

you know what they say, "get woke or go broke".
Tbh Jill should have asked the alphabet people to represent because they'll look frumpy but it's her target demographic.

No. 118744

Donald Trump cosplay

No. 118779

Log off for the day.

No. 118856

File: 1604263738056.png (120.78 KB, 1440x709, Screenshot_20201101-154618.png)

The mood switching is the only thing she seems to sperg about when it comes to BPD because she has no fucking idea what the disorder even involves. Are her psychologytoday articles too hard to comprehend?

No. 118857

File: 1604264501506.png (46.08 KB, 596x505, efvgrgrffr.png)

yes jill tell us how you like blowing things out of proportion and how much obnoxious you are

No. 118865

File: 1604266193030.png (292.2 KB, 1080x734, Screenshot_20201101-142400~2.p…)

Funnily enough mood swings are also present in people with autism and ADHD when they get overwhelmed or when something switches in their schedule. Also hella nit-pick but she used the wrong tagging for the tweet, suicide mentions are not the same as talking about death.

No. 118907

When you think you come across as a MPDG but just come across crazy. She wants to live forever when she's happy, and when she's overwhelmed, not even unhappy just overwhelmed, she wants to die?

Agree with the anon who mentions autism and ADHD since getting overwhelmed is part of that, though wanting to live forever is what gets me as particularly crazy. And then proudly announcing it rather than, idk, working on improving your unhealthy thought patterns?

(and yes it was mistagged and lazily done, death mention and suicide mention are different, thus the TW was pointless)

No. 119032

File: 1604380954301.jpg (62.05 KB, 720x1280, 20201103_002139.jpg)

how does she look way more miserable than her just hospitalized boyfriend

No. 119098

Why do his eyes look like they're begging for help.

No. 119105

Because Jill is the Joe Exotic of kaweewee bloggers.

No. 119217

Some of those designs she drew are very flattering actually. I just wish she'd be more selective and get some feedback

No. 119269

Yet she still does basic mistakes: have one shape and ctrl+v it on the other sheets.She uses chubby models which is nothing you do- fashion has slim figures to put the garnment to attention, the model is blank.
And don't get me started on thr dress in the front looking like one for a toddler.

No. 119276

File: 1604571340978.jpeg (304.12 KB, 828x586, C95D02E7-AEEF-41D1-A7B3-2453B7…)

No. 119283

Vomiting but still tweeting we stan our ~strong kweek~

No. 119304

what's GAD?
if she vomits so much how come she's fat lol

No. 119307

general anxiety disorder i assume? God she collects mental illnesses like pokemon cards

No. 119312

So according to herself she has:
Abuse trauma
General Anxiety Disorder
Selective eating or afrid
Possibly binge eating disorder
Is neurodivergent
Has catatonia
Has psychosis
Suicidal thoughts

when is this going to stop?

No. 119318

Onlyfans is next

No. 119337


Funny, when all she really is is a pathological liar.

No. 119355

File: 1604610293747.png (847.69 KB, 1080x1264, Screenshot_20201105-140118~2.p…)

My money is on the QnA becoming about how much Jill suffered alone while Steebi was in the hospital trying not to die.

No. 119357

It’s hilarious how she only likes using pictures of Steve that fit her aesthetic. How long has it been since he had dyed hair? Stop trying to portray your boyfriend as some bi flamboyant king Jill, he has the look and personality of stale bread

No. 119369

poor stewie was dying inside the hospital but he had to take a picture in front of some colorful blobs for the sake of jill's aesthetic

No. 119377

She used to have a skinny (-ish?) body shape when she was younger and everyone in her family is pretty skinny as well, so she can't say she's just made this way (if that's even possible, genetically speaking). A friend of mine grew up vomiting constantly and she couldn't fatten up for the life of her. Now she's short and still struggles gaining weight. It's impossible to vomit all the time and be Jillian's weight.

No. 119378

i can almost guarantee her weight gain is actually from this. i bet it’s a toxic combination of overeating to make up for the vomiting, smoking pot for her anxiety and stomach thus making her eat more cause she’s stoned, and puking can make your face swell up extra fat. i believe it kek

No. 119395

lol I thought maybe he dyed it but then I realised she's wearing a teddy fresh tee in the pic and we all know she ~cancelled~ ethan for making fun of her kaweewee mental illness

No. 119406

why would her fans want a q&a about steve's health issues? she pretty much live tweeted and gave a bunch of details about his surgeries and even posted their private convos on twitter. what else is there to overshare? who is emotionally invested in him enough to care for more info? can't imagine anyone asked for this

No. 119411

>Stop trying to portray your boyfriend as some bi flamboyant king Jill, he has the look and personality of stale bread

This is what I think everytime he is brought up. He's basically a gross incel basement dweller type but she tries to present him as a cute flamboyant boy who willingly wears pastel and dyes his hair.

No. 119413

>>119355 god imagine not being self aware enough to realize that this is a horrible photo of her… i mean i shouldn't be surprised. just look at her website photo kek

No. 119424

I feel like she's trying to milk this situation for fame and views, since
1. Nobody cares
2. It's not like she or stewie are famous enough for other people to care
3. No one asked for this
4. She already told everybody about this and posted pictures… what else is there to show?
5. She just wants to tell everyone how much she has ~suffered~ without stewie… taking attention out of him (the actual sick person) and placing it on herself
6. If she really cared about stewie's health she would let him rest and get better, ensuring not only his privacy, but his willingness to be on camera after being hospitalized (although we know he's retarded too so who knows)

People who milk physical or mental illnesses so much for views and likes like this disgust me, she's so disgusting, there's no one single day where she isn't like "WOE IS MEEE" and now taking the suffering of another being to show how much she's suffering herself or to use it as a QnA is disturbing and that's the real mental illness luv.

Plus I have seen other people (influencers even) whose partners have been hospitalized for more and they don't openly show texts about ~how much love they have for each other~ (yuck) or a QnA to talk about their shit. God she needs therapy

No. 119427

He literally lives in his sex Grandma's basement.

No. 119428

The way Jill milks her BPD dry is very annoying, but I feel like plenty of people who have BPD also do (just look at any thread on /ot/ or any other egirl who claims to have it)

And I feel like BPD is seen online not only as a freakish diagnostic (they're manipulative, crazy, and obsessive, and can throw you out like used rags any second) but also as a "poor, poor meeeee, im suffering so much and nobody understandsssss" kind of mental illness.
People with BPD often don't seek out therapy and are stuck with their old meds and fucked up behaivoral patterns because it is easier to be a victim than to get better (even if most likely the victims are the people who have to pull up with your bullshit)

She's very self centered, stupid, and will probably never change because she simply doesn't want to see all the wrong and all the cringy stupid shit she has done all this time. It's better to play deaf and say "I was just born this way and I'm gonna have fun with it!!!" than to better yourself into a decent human being. Even worse because she has a coddling mother who probably made her feel like the center of the universe so Jill can do no wrong, it's always other people.

This is why she will always be stuck with the same BPD diagnosis even if she might "look autistic" sometimes. While I don't know because I'm not a therapist, I think it would be cool for her to have a second opinion to try to figure out what truly is her problem (aka her stubborness, self centeredness, victimization, lack of stress tolerance, and selfishness) but since she already got what she wants, it probably won't happen. Other diagnostics aren't as """""cute""""" as BPD is (note that I say "cute" only because so many people online make it seem like it is. It's a fad.)

Jill is just a lost case. She will always remain the same and get even worse.

It's also creepy how she thinks she knows everything about BPD and considers herself an advocate if she hasn't studied it, probably just read about it online somewhere. BPD is not Precure, Jill. I even doubt you have that much knowledge on Precure as you think you have.

No. 119437

idk anon, she's such a gross attention whore constantly acting like a victim and her behavior reminds me so much of every BPDfag i've ever met i think a BPD diagnosis fits her like a glove, granted it's the only thing that fits her now

No. 119446


>a BPD diagnosis fits her like a glove, granted it's the only thing that fits her now

Savage anons in this thread

No. 119511

Even in hospital he can’t escape the rainbow painted walls, poor Steve

No. 119521

If it's so important to talk about why not make a video for his own failing channel

No. 119544

God Steve wants to be a YouTuber so badly.

No. 119622

File: 1604822604203.png (11.89 KB, 545x69, Sin título.png)

So Jill are you autistic or not?

she's also posting too many things about the american election

No. 119627

File: 1604823707595.png (157.1 KB, 591x346, Sin título.png)

did anyone notice this video by mama vessey

No. 119645

I thought this was a random picture of mira scrolling by lmao

No. 119711

File: 1604885901046.png (189.04 KB, 1080x1100, Screenshot_20201108-183417~2.p…)

If she's making all of the clothes she drew I'm amazed that she thinks she has enough time to finish them by March. That school has done nothing but teacher poor time management and beginners sewing techniques.

No. 119712

From the person who can pump out 1 cosplay a year tops and has made, let's see, 1-2 hideous sack dresses and egg pocket fupa pants in her whole time at school? Unless I'm forgetting something. March and the meltdowns leading up to it are going to be hilarious. Why do I feel like she's going to end up conveniently hospitalized or something from "the pressure"?

No. 119715

Why the fuck is she so sure she's never going to have to go to school again?? Like bitch you've literally learned absolutely nothing in the year and a half you've done school, what makes you think that this is enough education to last you for the rest of your career?

How much money do you want to bet that she's going to not finish everything in time, and then use her mental health as an excuse to get her teachers to excuse her from the assignment kek.

No. 119724

>How much money do you want to bet that she's going to not finish everything in time, and then use her mental health as an excuse to get her teachers to excuse her from the assignment kek.
What other options are there to bet against? It's like playing russian roulette but every chamber is loaded lmao

No. 119772

She made awful berets which are essentially 2 circles sewn together, something that a beginner could make. I really can't wait to see the train wreck of her collection if they are comparable to her previous garments.

No. 119813

File: 1604946846378.png (20.35 KB, 591x188, Sin título.png)

no wonder she hasn't learnt anything

No. 119815

File: 1604946959327.png (29.14 KB, 596x230, Sin título.png)

This might or not be milk, but maybe she thinks she has ADHD? Since she keeps saying she's neurodivergent and just retweeted this

No. 119821

>>119813 any anons wanna find her side twitter?

No. 119822

Maybe, but she probably just retweeted it for muh mental health awareness brownie points. doesn't seem very milky either way

No. 119825

I think she meant main feed as she's RTing a reply which normally wouldn't be visible.

No. 119843

No. 119925

File: 1605030212404.jpg (453.01 KB, 1080x1612, Screenshot_20201110-114328_Twi…)

No. 119926

work out you pastel pig.

You have to strengthen your core and back muscles otherwise a bra won't do shit.

No. 119933

Lose weight… smaller titties and no hurty back pain… And she's trying to blame it on quarantine lol

No. 119943

What does she mean by „instructor“

No. 119945

probs one of her 'teachers' at her 'college'

No. 119953

I know we get accused of nitpicking in this thread, but press x to doubt on the big tiddys. She has a pearshaped body. No big tiddies here.
Every thing about her has to be dramatic. Back pain? It's because my tiddies are enormous! Lie in bed for a few hours? Catatonia. Like fidgeting? Neurodivergent stimming! Have a limited palate due to being an overgrown baby? Super speshul rare eating disorder!

No. 119962

Samefagging but she does not have big tiddy back pain, she just has normal back pain and wants to blame it on something, and saying "my huge tits are causing my back pain" is a hell of a lot more flattering than "my chunky fat rolls are causing my back pain"

No. 119963

Her big tiddies??? Jill you do not have a naturally bigger chest that's just fat honey, if you lost weight they would completely disappear which would probably be more beneficial for you anyways

No. 119964

Or maybe she'd be reluctant to lose her "big tiddies" cause she'll need them for onlyfans

No. 119969

It really irks me that she's trying to sell her self as this large breasted sexual being when in reality she wears bras that are too big gap in the cup, has zero sexual appeal, and instead looks simultaneously like a giant toddler and a 40 year-old alcoholic trailer trash aunt.

No. 119973

honestly, I think its probably just shoulder pain from terrible posture while working for school/youtube
for someone who spent a ridiculous amount of money on her home Studio its weird she didnt invest on a standing table

No. 120039

> and instead looks simultaneously like a giant toddler and a 40 year-old alcoholic trailer trash aunt.
I love you anon

She’s entering munchie territory

No. 120048

she already is a munchie lol

No. 120070

>haha lol I made an onlyfans
>haha here's a sexy lewd pic
>haha my boobs are too big

Onlyfans saga incoming

No. 120094

File: 1605139962517.jpeg (738.97 KB, 828x1355, A162A0BB-11D6-4CDD-A6C3-C2191C…)

Ah yes our eco warrior Jillybean is planning to fly to Japan to add to her plastic hoard not once but twice when the virus is over

No. 120097

Does she realise that all this shit is the same as fast fashion? Actually worse if anything as at least the clothes from fast fashion serve a purpose

No. 120134

get out of the obese bmi category for starters. no but for real it's been said to death but jill you don't have big boobs. if you lost weight, they would disappear. that's not having big boobs.

No. 120135

Even with her "big tiddies," she still can't fill out the bras she wears (from La Senza no less, which only goes up to DD anyway).

No. 120207

File: 1605200865589.png (101.14 KB, 1080x639, Screenshot_20201112-100148~2.p…)

Adding to the tinfoil.
Either Steve was diagnosed with ADHD and this is her showing solidarity or she's self diagnosing ADHD as an excuse for her laziness and so she can keep the "nurodivergent" in her bio.

No. 120214

Executive dysfunction can be a sign of autism as well.

No. 120240

pretty sure the Star Trek joke was an extra cue for her to retweet this lmfao

No. 120708

File: 1605466133369.jpg (156.15 KB, 2048x1035, Emu0hYcXMAg34UA.jpg)

No. 120709

File: 1605466195094.png (229.26 KB, 584x477, Sin título.png)

what's up with liking spinel then? did she forget because she isn't popular anymore? lol
Peridot fits her better though, the pure obsessive autism she has on wanting to be a character proves it

No. 120786

moonface emoji jillybean strikes again

No. 120822

please someone make an edit of this for the next thread's cover

No. 120828

File: 1605496747145.jpeg (541.94 KB, 1125x1269, 785AAA8C-0A40-4612-858C-16C105…)

No. 120833

she looks like an AoT titan lmao

No. 120836

So she admits she’s destroyed her attention span so badly she can only watch programs written for children? Probably setting up for ‘omg I have ADHD i’m so neurodivergent’ but the reality is she’s never tried to engage with anything that isn’t meant to be understood by a child.

No. 120838

File: 1605501099047.jpg (375.86 KB, 1200x675, attack on jill.jpg)

No. 120847

She looks like a howdy-doody-esque ventriloquist dummy. Thanks anon this is going to haunt my nightmares.

She's really building up for an ADHD diagnosis isn't she? This is starting to get annoying since she's just window shopping for new illnesses to make up for her lack of personality.

No. 120850

fully convinced that she's gonna drop a adhd diagnosis right after xmas when she has to properly work on her collection for her graduation and its just going to be some variation of "my bpd is making me a perfectionist but my adhd won't even let me complete the work wahhhh"

No. 120909

It’s disgusting how fat her cats are. Does she want to kill them?

No. 120959

File: 1605552997678.jpeg (258.49 KB, 828x647, 6ECF2EE5-2EEC-4508-A68F-7F6608…)

No. 120962

Imagine just blurting out you have a mental illness like it's a unique trait… Pixie… You ain't special.

No. 120965

Why does she need to reply with taht shit to people she doesn't know, make your own qrt then? Also, does neurotypical refer to mental illness? I thought it meant like autism and shit

No. 120967

Yeah, neurotypical refers to either having autism or ADHD.

No. 120969


Call me retarded, but I actually thought neurotypical meant the opposite?? I thought neurotypical meant someone who's brain functions normally, but neurodivergent is like people who's brains are different from the norm. So the joke she's trying to make is like "Donald Trump won the election, and I'm neurotypical" because she's not she has bpd or whatever else she wants to slap onto herself this week.

No. 120970

You’re correct. Neurodivergent means ASD/ADD/ADHD and neurotypical means everyone else. She’s saying that she isn’t neurotypical, but whether she’s using the term to (incorrectly) refer to her BPD or whether she’s hinting at an ASD/ADD/ADHD diagnosis isn’t entirely clear.

No. 120973

I accidentally a word in my post. You're right.

No. 120978

Sage for non contributing, but does anyone have the video of her showing the winners of the tattoo contest?
The video is gone, the winners would have gotten some money (including myself) and I am tired of waiting for my bucks.

No. 120981

the video is still up it is titled "I Let My Subscribers Design My Next TATTOO! 💕" and is the 8th video posted.

No. 121029

jesus this is so cringe

No. 121030

File: 1605577559030.jpeg (480.98 KB, 828x1114, 70074F35-D07A-46F4-A5C5-F0E129…)

Jill made this retarded video about her hair doing a thing, she must of recoloured it because I actually thought it was a wig. At the start of the video she literally looked like a Karen lmao

No. 121040

File: 1605580477424.png (362.44 KB, 1440x1186, this bitch.png)

Went to see the retardation and…is this new? She really wears her mental or health condition of the month as a badge, huh?
I follow a shit ton of (actually) ADHD folk and guess what fuckin' none of them have in their bio?

No. 121056

she better be careful that her "big tiddies" don't make those buttons pop off

No. 121059

File: 1605584539484.png (129.14 KB, 1080x693, Screenshot_20201116-203534~2.p…)

Jill your waist line isn't character growth, you need to actually become a BETTER person.

No. 121063

File: 1605587344683.gif (6.62 MB, 600x1067, oftestwater.gif)

No. 121069

maybe it’s just me but does it look like she changed her hair???

No. 121075

She literally looks like a quirky 36-year-old

No. 121076

It’s a wig guys

No. 121077

File: 1605597324956.png (111.22 KB, 760x466, Screenshot_20201117-021345.png)

She redyed her hair and put it in a ponytail.

No. 121083

I hate the blow up doll face she's making. But it looks like instead of using her usual bright yellow she used a warm blonde toner which I don't know why she just doesn't make her whole head that color it looks better and she won't be restricted on what style she going for clothing wise.

No. 121085

No chance she knows what toner is, the pink might have just slightly toned the blonde parts in the rinse.

No. 121086

the sex noises/faces. so uncomfortable.

No. 121098

She looks MtF.

No. 121110

I'm ayrt and god bless you anon, you made my day

No. 121155

holy shit I thought she wrote she/him for a moment and that she went full on fakeboy

lmao she used to look young now she's a grandma

No. 121156

File: 1605665209567.png (364.92 KB, 409x466, lol.png)

JESUS fucking christy the inflatable doll face looks HORRIBLE and it's so uncomfortable to watch, plus she looks like a literal 50 year old aunt pass her prime with that ugly cardigan on
Is this what Steve sees when she cums??? I'm horrified

It also makes me feel like she's getting prepared for her onlyfans debut any second now and I'm so scared

No. 121162

File: 1605667348865.gif (3.11 MB, 520x293, 55E48949-62CA-491C-B2AF-253318…)

This reminds me of this gif. Why does she make these strange, uncomfortable faces? This is such abnormal emoting I have a hard time believing it isn’t some sort of autistic stimming.

No. 121172

I'm pretty sure it's about her BPD because I remember her calling herself neurodivergent in the video where she reveals she has BPD, before she started hinting about an autism diagnosis. I know it's nitpicking but it has always bothered me.

is this a reference to that new netflix show or am I going insane??

No. 121175

File: 1605672212626.png (52.82 KB, 734x264, pix.png)

I wonder what she's planning on doing

No. 121206

Anyone has screenshots of her ~unique designs~??

No. 121237

I mean, we all know she’s on the spectrum. It’s glaringly obvious.

No. 121254

Jeez, this wasn't even that long ago but this gif made me realize how much weight she's put on since filming that video.

No. 121266

moomoo 2.0

No. 121276

the rate at which she's gaining weight is crazy. she's probably 160 or more by now

No. 121294

Definitely 200 or pushing it. 160 at her height would look chubby but she looks overweight/on her way to obese if she doesn't make some real changes.

No. 121298

File: 1605750378265.jpeg (207.4 KB, 828x626, 95D20314-6D31-4FC0-9ABB-F9CAA9…)

No. 121302

Pixie, please stop with the neurodivergent shit, I'm begging you.
Most normal people are interested in posts about their autism or ADHD, not just focusing on the word neurodivergent itself. It makes it so obvious she's after a "cool" label since autism doesn't sound as cool as neurodivergent.

No. 121303

she's only 5 feet tall, i don't think she's at 200 yet

No. 121313

Is Steve Universe gay? I've never seen it cuz it looked like it was meant for anyone who came from tumblr.

No. 121318

It’s a show about abusive lesbo anthropomorphic space rocks so yeah it’s pretty gay

No. 121357

File: 1605787746449.jpeg (279.88 KB, 750x878, 6BA99765-2244-4E6D-A03F-B195F4…)

Sage for OT but an artist I follow on IG just posted this a few hours ago and I honestly think it would look great on Jill instead of the rainbow vomit shes so attracted to, I mean it has the rainbow strip so she’d still get her fix but I feel like it would just look so much better, if she started taking care of herself too

No. 121385

No way she’s under 160 though. She’s really large.

No. 121392

Does OP not know the difference between excusing behaviour and providing an explanation for it? Even if Jill really was Neurotic, the negative affects of that are not excused, just simply explained. You'd still need to work on fixing your negative behavioural patterns

No. 121394

160 is really large on someone who's 5 feet tall

No. 121404

Nta but she’s still deadringer for more than 160.

No. 121405

Is she wearing just a mesh shirt with no bra underneath that cardigan? I am highly disturbed, I know it's in the comfort of her own home but why post a video of it?

No. 121412

File: 1605819345341.jpeg (172.53 KB, 750x678, E546C710-1D1C-49B1-BEC7-9F1722…)

I have far too much time on my hands and tried to do her details from that “design school from home” vlog when she showed the 3 “finished” patterns for her collection, I’m not sure if it’s completely accurate though but.. seems similar enough for 160lbs

No. 121418

No. 121420

>>121418 Jill calls herself an over achiever kek

No. 121421

She looks super rough in just the thumbnail

No. 121422

Whoever matched her foundation needs to be fired, holy shit that is ORANGE

No. 121423

She's looks older than half the bitches on here.kek. Rough is putting it lightly. More like ridden hard and put away wet…

No. 121424

File: 1605825151007.jpg (185.45 KB, 678x546, MYXJ_20201119143209965_save.jp…)

No. 121425

The way she talks about how if she were to go to school in Montreal how she'd have to do PE again and how she doesn't want that…. Girl, we know. We've known like 40 pounds ago.

No. 121426

File: 1605825424953.jpg (109.23 KB, 275x221, 1605825151007.jpg)

No. 121437

>Exercise: 1 hour/week
You're so generous, anon.

No. 121442

I can’t stop laughing over her saying “ooh I don’t want to give out the place I go to school because I still go there” yet she completely neglects the fact she plastered it everywhere when she first moved/started going there. She’s probably embarrassed that she basically went to an arts and craft college with zero real accreditation

No. 121460

File: 1605836403116.png (766.2 KB, 1068x856, hair.png)

Her hair is so faded you can immediately tell where her hair ends and her extensions start.

No. 121462

I know that people have nitpicked about her makeup before and we've basically come to the conclusion that she's terrible at it but her makeup looks really bad in this video, like worse than usual for some reason…

No. 121464

For starters, she needs to stop with that yellow foundation. With all the pink shit she covers herself with, it makes her look orange. She's looking like Rainbow Brite & an oompah loompah had some horrific illegit child together. She can't accept that the colors she uses for herself just don't look good on her, so she overcompensates by making it the only way people can see her

No. 121467

In this video she talks about launching her brand after school, which is coming up soon. I can't wait to see this shit show. She says she is going to hire people and a shop, and where is all the money going to come from to fund all of this? She's going to have a meltdown when she finds out she isn't turning a profit from her ~brand~

No. 121468

>Rainbow Brite & an oompah loompah had some horrific illegit child together.
My sides, anon. topkek.

No. 121470

She's going to "hire" Steebie, most likely.

No. 121474

A couple of points from the video

>she's making a street wear line and majority of it isn't streetwear.

>her re-dye job being the worst one yet since all the colors are muted, it's so bad she color corrected for the thumbnail so it matches her extensions.

>her blouse being the same color as her skin, her foundation being caked on and the wrong shade.

>Made this video as a "why I won't be uploading for a while" it's great that she's being transparent with her audience but she has shown multiple times that her work ethic is shit so next video might not be till late May/June

>5-petal flower, slow fashion, basic garments that are formless and will most likely be one size, making Steve help her with shipping. Calling it now but there'll be a break up since Steve will receive the brunt end of customer complaints since Jill works slow and doesn't read/reply to messages or e-mails.

No. 121481

The way she gapes at the idea of paying to go to college and having to take more than just specialized classes (she names social studies and PE by name) is so fucking pretentious. Maybe social studies or history would give you more inspiration to work with beyond pastel kaweewee vibes. "I'm not paying to go to HIGH SCHOOL again?!" Like yeah, no shit, you would be paying to be a well rounded individual. All she is right now is round.

No. 121482

she's gotta go back to school for the sick tax breaks.

No. 121501

Why is her jaw so huge

No. 121530

I've never heard of a post-secondary institution having PE as a requirement. Is she really going to end her education after barely learning to sew at her daycare for adults?

No. 121566

Before going to university in Quebec, you have to do a 2-3 year program in a CEGEP that requires a few PE, French, English and philosophy classes. I did them and they're not hard at all. Then again, it's jillian we're talking about

No. 121574

You don't have to do Cegep if you're from outside of Quebec.

No. 121575

Wait, but 2/3 years just so you could then go to uni?? That seems like a lot, I dont blame her for not going, shes already 22.

I think she put the saturation up and thats why its so orange?? She's also super pink.

No. 121595

Damn, she looks exactly like her mother in this one.

No. 121598

Well the idea is that you would go to 1 year instead of gr 12, then 1 year for 1st year uni equivalent. So if she had planned her shit, she could probably have spent that gap year doing courses to transfer and be only a bit behind.

No. 121616

it's not like she went to uni anyways

It is seen as a professional program and she spent 3 years at her "art school" but instead of a year of useless art things she is never going to touch again she would have had an extra year of learning about fashion. she also would have learned how to design things if a brand requested them, work in a group with other people who have different aesthetics and learned how to balance hers with others as well as with what a buyer would want.

so basically, she would have spent the same amount of time in school, got a diploma from a more established school, learned more and would likely have evolved her "taste"

No. 121655

>work in a group with other people who have different aesthetics and learned how to balance hers with others
Wouldn't had happened, she thinks her aesthetic is speshul and oonique, cooperations is unlikely from Jillian either way
>as well as with what a buyer would want.
she would probably had said something like "b-but my twitter and youtube followers want to look like magical girls!!" or something like that
>would likely have evolved her "taste"
I doubt that so hard

No. 121703

lol she would have failed out so hard and it would have been funny to watch tbh
so I guess she made the right call, since she has a better shot of finishing schooling somewhere that babies her compared to one that puts her in the real industry situations.

plus didn't she skip a lot of classes due to her "mental health"? there is a maximum miss day in the quebec programs, so she would have failed just from that alone lol

No. 121727

she said that she's gonna build a shooting space for her collection video in the basement. Poor Steve has lost his only corner in this rainbow vomit disaster of a home

No. 121740

I couldn't even finish the video. All she does is talk about her big plans and how mentally ill she is.

No. 121744

File: 1605971703454.jpeg (473.06 KB, 828x1025, A63CADE2-AD8C-433C-BC0D-F75902…)

new poorly put together outfit video coming soon

No. 121759

I just find it funny because she’s trying soooo fucking hard to be clammyheart and have a ~slow fashion brand~ without putting in any of the work it takes to cultivate a brand, design stuff, etc. Like if you look at clammys twitter she’s constantly working and experimenting with her projects, but Jill would never be able to keep up. Also other anons have brought this up but like. Fashion is inherently an unsustainable industry and nothing will change that, how can she say she wants to protect the earth and all that stuff while also wanting to join an industry that is the 3rd largest polluter in the world? Absolutely baffling.

Also in her last video she complained about shampoo bars stripping her color,,,, why not just buy something like the hibar for colored hair? There are color safe bars? But I guess sustainability/bar shampoo/etc doesn’t exist outside of shitty sponsors and lush.

No. 121764

And already people like Manon Marguerite are showing how to run more sustainable lines, she puts out patterns and no waste tutorials and is always experimenting like you said. Jills channel is her showing off her sewing stuff and “progress” unlike every other fashion YouTuber who actually makes things.

No. 121792

her face looks overly orange probably because she ups the saturation like crazy in the videos kek

No. 121796

File: 1606000668137.jpeg (57.45 KB, 280x280, FC6A0082-5EEC-4F79-82A3-321377…)

>reads in my head as “ook”
>image like picrel invades my brain
if i were a photoshop anon i could make it accurate but still kek

No. 121808

>complains about Montreal college having phys ed as a requirement


No. 121813

File: 1606005617050.png (978.72 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201121-173806.png)

I know being all work and no play is bad for mental health but she has so much work to do that posting shit like this isn't going to help her make excuses for when she doesn't finish her clothes.


No. 121818

File: 1606008583675.jpeg (280.94 KB, 1242x985, F8961DEC-252F-499E-B5AF-E96478…)


No. 121820

She will get a diploma, not a degree.

No. 121824

Maybe I'm retarded but I could not tell that she was sarcastic in the video and I thought she was deadass serious about putting that flower in her hair like that. Like obviously the "elite fashion technique" was a joke but I don't think the rest is.

No. 121840

Her sarcastic tone just sounds like early chris chan

No. 121841

she already wears her flower like that so how is that sarcasm? is she going nuts?

No. 121849

Her 'sarcasm' is referring to the body of the tweet which is: "This is an elite styling technique you must get a degree to perform it"

No. 121876

Sorry for dumb question, but what is the practical difference between these things? Do all fashion/design schools offer diplomas rather than degrees, or is this just unique to shitty institutions like hers?

sage because I don't know anything about art schools.

No. 121878

A degree is done at university, almost always 4 years for a Bachelor's, usually a wider area of study, can go on to then to a graduate program if desired.

A diploma is done at a college or technical school, usually a very specialized field (plumbing, admin assistance, xray tech, that sort of thing), and generally takes 1-3 years.

I would say most art schools offer degrees unless the subject is very niche (like 3D animation), but fashion schools do vary. A lot of the ones that offer degrees teach a lot about marketing as well, but there are legitimate schools that offer fashion diplomas; Jill just doesn't go to one of them.

No. 121880

File: 1606068391415.jpg (253.89 KB, 1080x1304, IMG_20201122_105652.jpg)

Every time Jill posts shit like this and semblance of respect i might have fo her disappears.

Jill you have a personality disorder which you can change with the correct therapies. Having that mentality just shows you don't want to do/be better you just want excuses for your shit behavior.

No. 122016

Just wait until our favourite BPD cows figure out BPD is one of the simplest PDs to heal (not only get better, but literally get RID of it)

No. 122047

File: 1606100176591.jpeg (381.25 KB, 828x521, E6CE1A88-54C4-4E07-85BB-8CFE89…)

Can you imagine being student who is legitimately trying to get work done at school on your final collection and here is Jill posing for pictures (with what looks to be a professional camera). This just reinforces Jill just wants to play ~fashun designur~ and is no way actually prepared to run her slow fashion clothing line

No. 122049

This looks like something from 2003 internet, and I hate the message too

0/10 could RT better

No. 122050

Her hair actually looks really pretty from the side now, but the murky green eyebrows still look horrible

No. 122051

File: 1606102755048.png (750.64 KB, 1440x836, ratio.png)

Samefag, everyone is too ashamed to share this post with their followers? Don't think I've ever seen a worse likes to RTs ratio

No. 122052

File: 1606103144986.jpg (97.92 KB, 710x401, inspirational.jpg)

Samefag again sorry, I don't understand how you can have all the amazing inspiring content the internet offers in 2020 and this is your moodboard, looking like a school project a 6 year old might put together in an hour from pages cut from a single magazine

No. 122055


Does she have pics of herself on her mood board?
Also, nostalgic for what? She's like 22 years old.

No. 122056

Sorry but this is such a dumb nitpick. What age do you have to be in order to feel nostalgic then lmao

No. 122057

The relaxed face changes EVERYTHING

No. 122063

She needs to relax her face more, I fucking HATE how she arches her brows like that showing her creases and those eye bags ugh, she looks so fucking old in this photo… her hair looks nice though for once

No. 122167

I know everyone keeps saying it. But she legit looks 40 in the first picture. Almost like she shooped a picture of her mum to be rainbee

No. 122255


Actually a lot designers have photos like this. Usually for like websites or social media sites. Sometimes articles too. Its probably the most professional thing shes done as a designer.

No. 122261

File: 1606181448651.jpeg (360.4 KB, 828x640, 5D75C5AE-20B9-46EB-A33A-33E66B…)

No. 122263

Doubt she looks like that

No. 122306

I'm glad she keeps those kinds of outfits for indoor use only. But since she said she's planning a look book may God help us when that day comes.

No. 122311

Sage for tinfoil but liking this kind of post publicly just makes me think she’s truly edging closer and closer to making an onlyfans

No. 122333

MTE. She didn’t just like it but retweeted it. Maybe gauging if there’s any interest in the replies? I’m honestly curious to know whether an audience of tweens and autistic women can sustain a profitable OF, because afaik she has zero thirsty male fans.

No. 122335

Ah I love when cows collide. Of course Shayna would share a pic of the clearly overly shopped angelthigh.
She probably thinks those hips are real.

No. 122336

Not Shayna I’m dumb sorry.
Won’t let me delete.