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File: 1666608376080.jpg (81.4 KB, 1079x677, jill.jpg)

No. 260969

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for.
She happily accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression (NOT a real diagnosis!) with a "coming out as DID" celebratory cake, but struggled to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of severe mental illness in the forms of ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
>is still extremely thin-skinned; has history of deleting comments critical to her and has preached getting along with people while also blasting critics and concern in a very rude and passive-aggressive manner; has gotten into pissfights online as of late with users that have spoken out of concern for her or wanting to help or talk in some degree
>her sexuality has been a sliding scale, from pansexual to queer to lesbian to back to currently pansexual (and nonbinary due to alters); current partner is Steven Clarke, who has enabled her delusions and has racked up his own questionable reputation; has a long history of drama with relationships, claiming abuse to some degree in most of them
>formerly had a fashion brand called Five Petal Flower before graduating from her college fashion class, but seems to be no longer active if not just slowly dying; has also gotten into drag with a persona known as Villany Swells; has cancelled two drag gigs so far and claims an online person is stalking her due to a publically-filmed video of a drag show being linked in a previous
>has a shaky history of substance misuse regarding her meds; now takes in various degrees of alcohol and weed leading to possible clashes in medication or mental/physical state;


>Jillian: Actual person, but calls herself an alter for the heck of it. Hates being called “Jilly”. Says she can't hear her "brain folk" when she's experiencing trauma, Jillian is the only one who fronts in those situations, defeating the whole purpose of having alters and having DID.

>Jerrick: 13-16 year old emo guy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits. Signs off with a snake emoji.
>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, calls herself a lesbian (even though she’s dating a man), she is a “protector of sexual trauma”, says she had to become a fuckable bimbo because she was “raped for months”. Signs off with a flame emoji.
>Berry (Nicknamed “Babby Smalls”): Talks and acts like a baby. Proof that Jillian is into age regression. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had its name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Signs off with a strawberry.
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" A mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes. The emoji is a club.
>Flora: A “fragment” slowly morphing into a real alter, and a carbon copy of cure flora / other positive precure characters. She is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Jax: 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching arcane while having major trauma. Jillian called her “hypersexual”. Signs with a test tube emoji.
>sandwich emoji: Cat alter, represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Sneakingly revealed in a vlog. Jillian has bracelets and necklaces with the names of her alters, and this name appeared alongside them in a row of alter names. Note that Jillian’s second name is actually Amanda. Turned out to be the other “far away” age regression alter that uses the piano emoji.

**Note: The DID saga officially starts in >>>/w/176591

Last thread
>Jill, a straight woman, is upset when the women she goes on dates with are also straight. >>257576
>Some idiot cowtipping Steven >>258055
>Jill shows off a sweater she has crocheted >>258337
>Complaining about the cost of buying a diagnosis >>258363
>Extremely cringe tiktok, acting as Jax >>258426
>Oktober patreon livestream, >>258613, with summary >>258637
> New video, with summary >>258835
> WEBM nonita blesses us with many clips
> Meet the alter video with Flora >>259873, summary >>260060
>In summary she is insanely high and cant stop smiling whilst talking about how horrible her life has been
>Another hint about her claimed CSA >>260216
>Insanely happy toktok about crocheting an "alter switch blanket". says it would be amazing for example to track mood swings for people with bipolar disorded as well. This woman is insane, bbut not in the way she wants to be holy shit. >>260507

No. 260971

threadpic made me cackle, great work nonna!

No. 260972

No. 260973

File: 1666612427904.png (1.92 MB, 1920x917, sketch-1666612296468.png)

Thanks nonna for the new thread! Wish I'd seen it before bothering to make picrel kek (on my phone so apologies for the potential shit resolution)

No. 260980

I'm still laughing over her threatening to sicc her emotional support bitch Stevie on someone.

No. 260992

Hilarious thread pic, thanks for the new thread nonita!

No. 260993

File: 1666624115802.jpg (85.14 KB, 1080x542, 20221024_160745.jpg)

She's so desperate to point out the supposed differences between her alters

No. 260994

So is this organization some body that Jillian will need to seek evaluation through for a full diagnosis? Just imagine an actual serious professional outside of Canada's broken system watching her tiktoks

No. 261004

No ISSTD is kinda like APA it's a psychological society but this one specializes on complex trauma and disassociation
they're basically the leading research society for the shit Jill is pretending to have so it's popular for these fakers to invalidate empirical and professional research societies as bogus and prejudiced for the sake of their lies

No. 261022

I'm surprised that drama channels haven't picked up on her yet. If I were a drama channel with like 1mil+ subscribers, I'd be jumping to make a video on her. She has uncapped drama video potential (aka drama content creators could potentially make good money off her cheeky antics, in my opinion)

No. 261023

Not sure if I'm allowed to post twice in a row. Is that what same-fagging is? If it's not allowed, I'm sorry and won't do it again.

Anyway, YouTube took away dislikes at a bad time. I want to see how many likes vs dislikes she's getting nowadays, it can't be good. I loved Pixie so goddamn much, she was my main comfort YouTuber since highschool. Her and I have similar mental health struggles, and she's digging herself a deep, dark hole right now when she has all the resources to be stable and successful.

No. 261024

The thing is that she's kinda irrelevant, she got the most fame on lolcow ironically

No. 261025

It takes 1 big channel to make videos on her to get the ball rolling. She may technically be irrelevant compared to Mr Beast or Cody Ko, but she's ridiculous enough for some entertaining video content that hasn't been really touched on before by larger creators.

No. 261033

File: 1666642036757.jpg (46.36 KB, 556x371, steve.jpg)

No. 261034

Major kek nonny

No. 261035

usually if you want to add to your first post, you link it and then say you're samefagging (or double posting i guess) but it's a courtesy so anons don't need to link both posts, it's usually only necessary for unsaged posts. samefagging is technically replying to your own post while pretending to be a different anon, but most people use it to mean double posting as well, both are correct. definitely allowed but if you announce it just link to your previous post(s) to avoid confusion.

No. 261036

not really, she was just efamous in weeb circles, which will never be as mainstream as other youtubers or gamers or anything. jill is shifting into mainstream pandering with her mental health shit, but we had nothing to do with it. the weeb sphere is just small.

No. 261043

File: 1666643375775.jpg (164.86 KB, 720x1297, Screenshot_20221024-132744_Chr…)

No. 261045

Jill, it's 5pm in your fucking timezone

No. 261047


What tasks does Jill eve have to work hard on? This bitch acts like she's a single mom working 9 to 5 everyday when she really spend most of her day tweeting and making tiktoks

No. 261049

Don't be a bully! Sometimes she has to put on her fake disorder sunflower lanyard and walk all the way to her mailbox to get her parent's checks.

No. 261053

thank goodness that after less than a year of being diagnosed with DID and no therapist she's already figured out how to mitigate a key component of her illness

No. 261054

>working super hard

No. 261055

File: 1666645509361.jpg (3.71 MB, 2560x2560, tonguepart2.jpg)

What are you talking about? There are so many differences, it's hard to count them all!

No. 261057

She should stop claiming functional multiplicity because she really told on herself in the Flora video that she A) hasn’t achieved functional multiplicity, and B) doesn’t understand what that really means. It’s not just about alters working together and having good communication. It’s also lowering the amnesia walls between alters, and not being plagued with ptsd symptoms. Flora said in the video that she’s unable to know a lot of things that the other alters know, and that there are still issues with ptsd/trauma reactions/however you want to word it, so she’s the comforter for the aftermath of that. If you still have amnesiac barriers and disruptive ptsd symptoms, you’re not at functional multiplicity.

No. 261061

THIS. Jill if you read one thing on this new thread so far let it be this.

No. 261085

I am fucking begging her to keep her tongue in her mouth, you don't look like a "teehee wink blep kawaii" anime girl Jill

No. 261088

File: 1666650616578.jpeg (94.03 KB, 604x1113, AE90368C-BFD4-492F-87B9-F93927…)

It looks like she stopped patrolling the comments on Flora’s video. Except for the obvious “bring back bullying” troll, the negative comments seem like fans that aren’t buying what Jill’s selling

No. 261094

File: 1666653764423.jpg (256.44 KB, 720x2298, Screenshot_20221024_162009.jpg)

No. 261097

File: 1666654680664.png (35.95 KB, 248x423, Screenshot (682).png)

pffffft I was looking at the kinhost.org website (It's as batshit crazy and self-victimizing as expected) and they have a link to otherkin.net

No. 261105

The implication of that batshit Tweet is essentially that each OC is a person who could, having rights, have their own separate passport, bank account etc. As if trannyshit wasn't already an identity theft/fraud nightmare, why not give rights to your OCs as if they are separate people.
Obviously the host (aka Jill) should have all human rights OBVIOUSLY but it's clear where this is going if you start asking for rights for each alter.

No. 261108

Also we aren't asking for that's what the trannies said too, initially it was "we know we are our bio sex, but to be respectful, call us by the new one" and then it swung to "trans women are women" and punishment for anyone who says otherwise.

>Allowing and accepting that plurals may be visible, openly plural, and not face repercussions for existing.

>The ability to be visible and open, without people automatically assuming we’re dangerous or shying away from us.
>Abolish the talking-to-self stigma. Talking to oneself is not "crazy" — many folk do it, singular and plural. It's entirely valid and not in itself a sign of a dangerous person or a predictor of violence

Same shit where they demand we ignore our base intincts to get away from crazies because it's "aboos" to not be humored by strangers every second of the day.

No. 261161

>Abolish the talking-to-self stigma. Talking to oneself is not "crazy" — many folk do it, singular and plural. It's entirely valid and not in itself a sign of a dangerous person or a predictor of violence
This is dumb because there's a huge difference between talking to yourself and looking unhinged and talking to yourself in a "fuck I forgot to do this or that" or "this one or this one?". I talk to myself but I would never feel comfortable near someone like Jillian, who goes out dressed up like a fucking clown, smelling like weed, booze or both, and saying shit like
>fuel fuel fuel fuel
>stim stim stim stim
Like yeah no, that's not how it works.

No. 261163

Sooo imaginary friends need to "have rights" now?
>Sound like… laughing at every rights movement for wanting rights
Of course, after Women's right, Gay rights, POC rights… making people pretend your OC is real is absolutely on the same level!

I'm losing braincells.

No. 261164

So the right to determine how people feel about you? I wish these people would get it through their heads that I’m allowed to think and feel and form my own goddam opinions about others. It’s pretty clear this is just another narcissistic ploy to be allowed to gaslight and mistreat strangers.
You’re free to think you’re 37 different people but I’m free to think you’re a potential threat if you exhibit unhinged behavior because guess what? If the person doesn’t turn out to be a benign multi person special I could die!!! You’re feelings are not more important than my safety.
God what is it with people like jill and this women (and troons). If we’re making rules for each other then my rule is you’re both exhausting and should shut up because your very existence is causing MY mental illness to flair up and it upsets me when everyone doesn’t conform their behavior to my whims.

No. 261170

Also, petition to please add the key words “self-reported” in this part of the OP text:

>has prior history of severe mental illness in the forms of ED and self-harm

No. 261175

File: 1666676636495.png (32.12 KB, 1562x129, kuva.png)

I was looking at the comments and this shows up. There's something wrong with Youtube's likes currently.

No. 261177

File: 1666676983162.jpg (56.12 KB, 1080x222, 20221025_064846.jpg)

According to this website "tens of millions" of people have DID, the disorder which professionals are still debating exists

No. 261187

File: 1666683702384.png (26.45 KB, 919x338, 221025_Respectful_Skepticism,_…)

I guess you're referring to the https://kinhost.org site? I went to browse through it and I have to say it's quite amusing. There are dozens of long winded pages full of schizophrenic crap.

Most telling is this disclaimer on a page titled "Respectful Skepticm" (https://kinhost.org/Main/RespectfulSkepticism), if you don't readily accept everything anyone says as real you should stop reading!

No. 261188

Good catch anon. I tried to read it through but my brain missed the "severe" part. We know she did self harm because as the narcissist she is she posted photos off it, but yeah definitely not severe

No. 261193

I'd like to see her go on the fucked up self harm side of twitter, tell the people whose entire arms are permanently destroyed that she also had "severe self harm." Obviously any level of sh is a sign of some sort of problem as that's not something a healthy person does but hers certainly isn't what she tries to make it out to be.

No. 261198

File: 1666689643615.jpg (234.75 KB, 1080x906, 20221025_101918.jpg)


Here's how the creator of this website describes her DID, she's somehow more batshit then jill

No. 261203

sounds like someone who did hard drugs kek

No. 261204

nonnas, a public service announcement (because this error is everywhere)

an empress reigns
she sits on a saddle and holds the reins

rein it in (horse metaphor)
reign forever (royalty)

men need reins on their genitals
women should reign over them

No. 261219

They really do treat it as an extension of the nonbinary/trans identity is everything mentality. Their rights to make uwu social media accounts are being threatened, oh no! Not validating every single oh so quirky part of your personality at all times as a special identity is literal violence, how scary!

Some of them are really out to lunch, if you haven't seen the ones who claim to have been through MKUltra programming or satanic ritual abuse on tiktok then you're in for a treat. They sometimes tack on that these super secret rituals and experiments done on them to give them DID also happened to give them other trendy disorders like tourettes. There are also some, like one of the accounts Jill beefed with earlier, who believe people can and do intentionally abuse children specifically to create DID systems.

No. 261220

Isn't DID supposed to be the result of trauma ? Why don't these ppl fight against incest, child and sexual abuse that could lead to DID, it would be way more efficient and more credible as a larper.

No. 261221

Because it would offend their agere encouraging partners

No. 261222

Because these people are the same freaks, who used to rant about headmates and tulpas couple of years ago. They don't have CSA experiences and as so don't feel any need to advocate against such abuse.

No. 261223

Because they are all narcissists, they only care about themselves and only validate each other when it’s a circle jerk.

No. 261236

Because DID is fake and these people haven't suffered abuse

No. 261268

> I wish these people would get it through their heads that I’m allowed to think and feel and form my own goddam opinions about others.

Dude, the whole internet doesn't seem to be able to get this through their heads. It's fucking ridiculous. This current social paradigm is so goddamned exhausting.

No. 261269

This needs to be repeated every single day.

No. 261273

File: 1666725163116.jpg (178.76 KB, 720x1432, Screenshot_20221025_121147.jpg)

No. 261280

Pixie is just cringe and annoying at this point. Her behavior and attitude are not that of a person who genuinely wants to better the self. Vang needs to forget about whatever other videos she has planned and get onto Pixie's video, everything else can wait, lol. I hope Vang is calm, polite, and factual as fuck so that Pixie can't call it bullying/stalking/whatever.

No. 261281

You know someone isn't actually severely mentally disordered when they make excuses for others who are romantisizing(faking) rare disorders that fuck up anyone who has the disorders social life, family/close relationships, education, decision-making abilities,ability to hold a job, etc etc etc.

Idk how to black out text but I'm one of those who's literal entire life (everything I mentioned above) was negatively affected or completely ruined and continues to and I don't even have DID, just other disorders/illnesses. A person simple cannot be happy in life when they have severe disorders similar or not to DID. My life was "officially" ruined by the age of 20 for me, so seeing people like Pixielocks act like ANY disorder is fun, quirky, and awesome, is sickening. She IS faking.

No. 261282

Imagine saying this about any other mental illness. Are they romanticizing depression or are they just a happy depressed person? Makes sense dude. And DID, if it was real, is WAY worse than depression

No. 261284

“Single centric”, such oppression, much bigotry.
How disingenuous. You are one mind you absolute grifter. If your brain is injured and you can’t feel it, your brain is still injured. Just because your brain is sick/damaged doesn’t mean what it is telling you is true! People have nails sticking out of their heads that have entered their brains and think they’re fine! Should we just let them live like that? People get concussions and think they’re fine, should we just leave them alone and hope for the best?
They’re simultaneously so sick and damaged that they’ve split into children, animals, cartoon characters and a wet chicken nugget but that’s ok guys! That’s just how some peoples brains work and we should totes accommodate that! Instead of, idk, recognizing that their brains are damaged and they should be treated not left to continue larping as their edgy teen drama fantasy.

No. 261287

It’s dangerous how anti recovery these people are. Jill is also anti meds and pro self medicating with weed. She surely has followers who categorically do need treatment and medication. It’s just dangerous and aiming to empower people to never get help, medication or try and heal. It might sound dramatic but promoting these things could easily lead to blood on her hands.

No. 261290

Can you imagine? "Oh, we should totally encourage severly depressed people to just go deeper into thinking that they should kill themselves, encouraging recovery is ableist!" lol
maybe we should also accept warped self-image of anorexics, "let them be themselves!"
so stupid

No. 261299

File: 1666736186910.jpg (142.6 KB, 720x1451, Screenshot_20221025_151553.jpg)

No. 261302

She retweets this like the first thing she did wasn't go buy a cake for a photo op, that goes a little beyond just "not hating yourself."

No. 261303

She's not anti meds. She used to brag about her meds
If I'm correct she's still taking whatever medications along with weed. It's why she's so delusioned and defensive if anyone even suggests that weed is making her mental illness worse
Which it very much fucking is

No. 261304

Jill's ultimate goal. To get disability and make just enough from YouTube to not get kicked off disability.

No. 261307

There’s a difference between encouraging differentiation in order to work through each alter’s trauma in a way that won’t overwhelm the other parts in the brain, and completely denying that you aren’t all part of the same person. I’m in the tiny minority here and believe DID is possible in rare occasions (Jill still doesn’t have it though) but I also believe that fighting for “alter autonomy” is a huge red flag that they’re either faking, or have some other type of disorder that makes them think they have DID. Alters aren’t the only symptom of DID, it comes with debilitating PTSD symptoms, and anyone with actual DID would want help dealing with their trauma disorder instead of shouting from the rooftops that their alters should be recognized as autonomous individuals. They don’t even realize that by advocating for “alters’ rights” they’re telling everyone they want to worsen their amnesia and blackouts so that the other alters can fully front and live fulfilled lives. I can’t think of any traumatized person that would want to completely give up control of their body and wake up hours if not days later having no idea what they’ve done.

TL;DR Focusing on giving your alters separate lives instead of focusing on treating trauma and recognizing that “their” trauma is also “your” trauma = massive red flag

No. 261308

File: 1666747285660.jpeg (587.72 KB, 1284x1774, FC8C905A-3562-4A10-9AC0-382159…)

Nope, she went off her meds in December because weed was supposedly working so much better for her.

No. 261309

File: 1666747458544.jpg (518.54 KB, 1338x1428, jill-clown.jpg)

I made this based on >>260280 comment
because I thought it fit the clown format. Feel free to steal the template

No. 261310

Fuck this is a perfect template kek thanks for your contribution anon ily

No. 261314

She's probably still on other meds

No. 261315

KEK that was my post, thank you for making this anon it improved it 100%

No. 261317

this thread has the best art anons. god bless

No. 261338

OT but the person Jill's constantly retweeting is tranny who also larps DID. Here's their story about "founding out they're a system". (Basically they saw a tranny speedrunner stream and wanted in on grift.)

No. 261348

She's only been getting worse since starting weed and still can't see a correlation, even other DID people and her own mom are against it because they can all see it makes her worse lol. She's just a regular druggie in denial. "Natural" doesn't mean "good for you" in any capacity when it comes to medicine, poison ivy is natural why don't you chug down some of that Jill

No. 261349

Someone watched too many possession movies growing up.

No. 261352

Maybe I am misremembering but I believe she was only on one thing for general anxiety. She makes out she was on a ton of meds but that has never been the case either way. I don’t think the dose was crazy either because she never reported having withdrawals and you know she would if she experienced that.

No. 261356

She was taking Ativan and drinking alcohol with it. From a harm reduction standpoint, weed is definitely the lesser of two evils considering how she was abusing her Ativan. Now this is of course considering her DID is a fucking larp. If she actually had DID, weed would be a stupid idea no matter what. B

Though I would be surprised if she wasn’t on another medication. Kinda weird for a doc to prescribe JUST a benzo without an SSRI or something.

No. 261358

She was on seroquel and Ativan for anxiety attacks. She took seroquel for like 10 years

No. 261361

NTA but she has a history of ditching her SSRI when she feels “happy” so I would be surprised if she is still taking it and hasn’t ditched that for weed as well. Either way if she is just taking a low does SSRI that really doesn’t match with the severity she claims her problems are. Especially since she was prescribed that as a teen when she claimed much less extreme issues.

No. 261363

Seroquel is an an antipsychotic nonna, not an SSRI. I haven’t brushed up on Jill lore in a while, but if a psych put her on seroquel before trying a few different SSRIs (esp as a teen), they probably suspected she had bipolar disorder kek

No. 261366

It’s used both ways, it’s more commonly prescribed as an antidepressant at a lower dose, it’s a higher dose when used as an anti psychotic. She was on the depression dose not the anti psych dose. Blog but I have known multiple people prescribed it at a low dose as an anti depressant, it’s pretty common. It’s just doctors preference what anti depressant they give you to start with.

No. 261367

Some psychiatrists use seroquel for things imo they shouldn't be used for. I was put on it during university because my chronic insomnia was destroying my physical health. That shit zombifies a person even at low doses I can see an out of touch or even just outright bad psychiatrist prescribing that for anxiety

No. 261368

It’s cleared in Canada to be used to treat major depressive disorder. Some doctors hand depression meds out like candy so I could see them prescribing it for any depression that they haven’t investigated fully to see if it is MDD. Especially in a country that has pharma reps and monetary value attached to certain brands.

No. 261369

File: 1666781022732.jpeg (58.96 KB, 827x300, AE8F116A-FDC0-454B-B727-B9762C…)

So close to self awareness, yet so far

No. 261371

I’m not someone who knows about that stuff but I do know our Jilly. There is no way if they had suspected Bipolar and she was taking it as an anti psychotic that she wouldn’t have bragged about it. Especially when she had that moment where she was flirting with larping being schizophrenic and saying she hears voices. That wouldn’t make sense if she was already medicated for that in a roundabout way. Do any DID knowledge anons know if an anti psychotic would affect DID. If so then it would conflict the claim she has shown signs all this time if she was on the medication for over ten years. I bet if it does do something the DID rights nutbags she is aligned with would think being prescribed it is abusive and an attack on them from evil singlet doctors! kek.

No. 261374

Are her personalities squabbling over weed that's hilarious

No. 261377

I’d almost forgotten about the “auditory hallucinations”/schizophrenia breadcrumbs. If anyone ever makes a video on her DID faking they should make sure to bring that up as well.

They should! It’s annoying how harmonious her system is. Even Jerrick who was supposed to be the persecutor (/villain(y)) has been retconned into a poor woobie who only lashes out in justified self defence and needs to be protected uwu. This whole LARP would be so much more entertaining and attract more views (hint hint) if there was more conflict between the alters. If Jill wants to rebrand as a DID YouTuber the least she could do is make it entertaining, since anyone with half a brain cell can tell it’s all fake anyway.

No. 261383

How much longer until a therapist prescribes shock therapy? I was legit surprised to hear Canada still does it maybe it’s something she should look into.

No. 261389

He's highly unsettling and his story is "I realized I was a troon and then realized I had DID because my inner feelings." Also, just clicked on another of his videos where he's pulling some anime girl pose in the thumbnail and it's supposed to be an intro for his 12 year old "cis girl" alter who he feels the need to mention "doesn't know her sexuality yet." So this is who Jill takes as an authority on this stuff for some reason.

No. 261400

I’m fairly certain Jill hasn’t been on anything other than weed since not long after she moved out of home. She’s never mentioned having to go to a GP to renew prescriptions etc and I think she mentioned not being on seroquel anymore ages ago. She’s fully unmedicated, whilst abusing weed and alcohol and wonders why she’s gone so down hill the last few years.

Shock therapy these days isn’t what it used to be, it’s mild electro-stymulus iirc. Plus Jill hasn’t seen a therapist since her uwu Angel packed up and ran for the hills

No. 261422

Funny tho that she mentioned a new therapist who apparently didn't vibe with her bullshit and now it's been radio silence
She really did just manage to find the only weak minded idiot to give her that fake diagnosis and now she's got no other options since he left the field (I still think it had something to do with Jill considering he deleted all his cringe poems I'll bet he was worried how the attention would affect his career)

No. 261434

Seroquel is super commonly prescribed for anxiety and depression. Even something like mild sleeping issues. It doesn't mean you have bipolar or psychosis. It's probably the next thing a Dr will try after a couple of SSRIs don't do the job.

No. 261445

Oh.. Oh no. Typical weed-addicted mentally-disordered sillybilly who thinks being stoned all day is "better" (?) than being prescribed medicine by a doctor. Wasn't she drinking and smoking weed while on her prescription? Then of course her pills didn't work. Of course she quit her pills to do drugs. Perhaps weed isn't a hard drug, but it's a drug regardless and obviously feels good to use, of course makes you feel "better" (short term, obviously) because you're literally high… that's what drugs do… Pixie is a massive sillybilly.

No. 261455


So weird to LARP as a 12 year old girl who says

>I'm a cis-girl but I don't really know my sexuality yet

Idk how we feel about an adult man LARPing as a 12 year old girl who is gonna discover their sexuality

No. 261458

I know how I feel about it

No. 261460

This needs to be the next threadpic. Now we just need a link to her posts retconing her DID larp.

No. 261462

Well I definitely feel like it's good that the official organization on dissociative disorders makes him feel bad about what he's doing, maybe Jill should listen to real organizations instead of letting her life be guided by various autogynophillic autopedophiles

No. 261474

File: 1666816730338.jpg (163.57 KB, 720x1543, Screenshot_20221026_133813.jpg)

No. 261477

File: 1666816853957.jpg (296.13 KB, 720x2704, Screenshot_20221026_133752.jpg)

No. 261480

why do people so freely indulge in her narcissism

No. 261487


A lack of real life friends.

No. 261496

>>261309 Bless you this is amazing. The thread pic is incredible too.
>>261389 "12-year-old "cis girl" alter" I swear to god all troons are pedophiles. I wish some hero would just blast their brain out before they start molesting little girls (if he hasn't already). Jill is such a disgusting pig. She PRETENDS to have experienced CSA while actively and publicly supporting pedophiles. I hate her so much.

No. 261500

This girl is obsessed

No. 261534

I almost feel bad for the Ichigo person, seems like an autistic girl that genuinely can't see how gross Jill is. On the other hand it could be a tranny but either way it's terrible.

No. 261535

>could be a tranny
KEK. Please let this be true, it'd be hilarious to see "twans ally" Jill ghost ichigo because they're some sweaty failmale in a tutu.

No. 261564

I knew a primary care doctor who only prescribed a patient Xanax. Surprise, the person developed a benzo problem.

No. 261578

Based on how Jill acts she would probably prefer that tbh, don't know how else she could stand to be around all these creepy dudes and always defend them while demonizing women at every turn

No. 261581

It is classified as an antipsychotic and used as an antidepressant, but it’s still not an SSRI.

No. 261582

Shock therapy/ECT is still pretty intense, but they anesthetize people for it nowadays.

No. 261601

File: 1666844485981.jpg (190.15 KB, 720x1382, Screenshot_20221026-170653_Chr…)

No. 261602

She's trying so unbelievably hard to seem autistic. Why does EVERYTHING have to relate back to drag ffs

No. 261608

File: 1666847082281.jpeg (527.4 KB, 1170x1561, 824CBD82-06D3-4FA2-9A2B-707E51…)

She’s so insecure lol

No. 261609

Ah yes, Jill, proponent of Sharia law

No. 261610

File: 1666847395999.jpg (207.66 KB, 720x2386, Screenshot_20221026_220913.jpg)

No. 261618

This Ichigo person seems like they’re in really deep with an unhealthy parasocial relationship with Pixie. I kinda feel sorry for them

No. 261627

You'd think someone who was whinging about being stalked and followed by lolcow would be super cautious about a fan who's clearly obsessed.

No. 261642

underrated comment. made me laugh way harder than it probably should have

No. 261644

File: 1666854555571.png (1.88 MB, 1280x960, 915E539A-043F-4C4F-AC81-0C5AA5…)

this edit is your fault

No. 261649

Antipsychotics can be used to treat DID symptoms, since symptoms can include rapid switching between mania and deep depression
Basically any combination of antidepressants, antianxiety, antipsychotics, stimulants, and nonstimulants can be used to treat it.

No. 261650

Finally! We have discovered the true trauma behind her disorder.

No. 261655

She's too sheltered to realize those people are far far more dangerous than any "hater" could ever be

No. 261702

Antipsychotics are also used to treat bpd. If she really had DID no mental health professional would let her run around treating herself with weed. She would need to be heavily medicated and probably institutionalized.

No. 261706

She's really just like the thread pic, not everything is about you Jill! Her life must only revolve around rainbows, DID, precure and drag, the rest can't enter her life or she has to twist it in order to fit.

No. 261723

File: 1666882857681.jpeg (932.93 KB, 828x1415, 264148F4-A837-4550-B1F3-EEC198…)

she has to make everything about DID check out those tags

No. 261724

Except, ironically, her main IG account, which still has the pre-DID saga bio. I know she barely uses it these days, but it cracks me up that she’s clearly reserving that account as a fall back to post normal content on without her larp

No. 261732

File: 1666883609190.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x2064, 3519DE22-379B-4B7A-8CA2-4390D5…)

Her face with the bored faced in the background makes it for me.

No. 261735

File: 1666884105053.jpeg (118.88 KB, 1080x1080, DD08544D-365B-493F-8C75-E13F65…)

Samefag but it was an all ages costume contest drag show (she didn’t win) with no alcohol served, $5 entry fee. Somehow it makes her dramatic DID flopping around even more hilarious. Think of the children my dude, not appropriate.

No. 261737

She was mad that nonnie filmed her last time and she couldn’t control how people perceived her performance online. This time it’s secret and even then she still looks BAD.

No. 261739

I feel like this picture perfectly represents lolcow.

No. 261741

She has two hypersexual alters. I thought they existed so she can say I didn't cheat! Veronica was just sooo horny!! sorry stebie

No. 261743

It’s all ages and she was flashing her panties? Come on Jill. At least wear safety shorts.

No. 261744

She’s really helping the republicans when they say that kids shouldn’t be at drag shows kek. I hope somebody at least pulled her aside.

No. 261762

That is honestly pretty fucked up. Why would she as an adult go to a place with kids specifically to flash her panties? It said prizes were in age categories, wonder if she tried to claim she was a child or teen because of Jerrick

No. 261764

File: 1666886960961.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1170x1848, B421B3F8-883E-4676-B3C4-EF005C…)

The fact that she was rolling around “suggestively” and thumping her hips on the floor with kids like four feet away (she posted a where you can see them, someone please upload) is insane to me

No. 261769

File: 1666887184480.jpg (104.25 KB, 799x786, 20221027_091241.jpg)

>bitch, get off the ground and go home.

No. 261773

Can someone shoop Elsie’s face on every person staring?

No. 261776



No. 261777

She defi could've either worn shorts or even a thick skin tone (or just black) tights. This is really disturbing for her to do to be honest. I don't think she means anything by it but her lack of foresight is baffling.

No. 261781

She is also wearing the binder as a shirt again (literally underwear) with crocheted shibari over the top. Can someone just buy her a fucking shirt at this point.

No. 261783

Idk I would think that but then she is dancing in such an inappropriate way as well mimicking fucking the floor. She is clearly trying to be sexy.

No. 261787

At this point, all I ask is for clothes that aren't so ill fitting.

No. 261811

tag yourself

I'm the dude(?) in the chicken hat.

No. 261826

File: 1666890417006.png (794.99 KB, 772x771, B8EC1BA2-0A90-4AF2-A6C3-E4DBB3…)

No. 261827

Next thread pic
I love it nonna

No. 261833

95% of that performance was the same arm flailing and pointing that she always does too.. big z's

No. 261836

I'm so confused by this. Is she speaking as Jill and if so why is it on the Jerrick account?

No. 261837

I can’t do web m’s but she uploaded a tik tok of the performance on her system account.

No. 261842

This turned out really good kek

No. 261844

No lie, this makes me dread ever getting as fat as her.

Her entire range of motion in her hips goes completely unnoticed because her torso is so thick.

She's got an increased risk of heart disease just by being that thick at the midsection.

No. 261856

Idk why she was so upset, nonny did a better job that Stevie did recording her performance. Stevie just set up the tripod and called it a day so there was a good chunk of time where Jill wasn’t even on camera. Nonny here actually bothered to move the camera so you could see the full act when she left the stage to interact with the audience. Instead of calling nonny a stalker, Jill should hire them as her cameraman

No. 261860

>>261338 jfc i take a break off lolcow for a few days to see even more DID insanity. Jills actions are disgusting enough, these other people need a swift kick in the ribs. Fuck these idiots
>>261764 KEKKKKKKK

No. 261861

File: 1666893257230.jpg (176.58 KB, 750x1624, 20221027_135338.jpg)

Cant believe the other photos Jill posted aren't here yet

No. 261862

File: 1666893289754.jpg (139.61 KB, 750x1624, 20221027_135340.jpg)

>>261861 literally wtf is this

No. 261863

File: 1666893319350.jpg (163.05 KB, 750x1624, 20221027_135342.jpg)

>>261862 I dont have tiktok so someone else has to post the performance

No. 261864

mid-air stimming

No. 261866

File: 1666893526397.gif (3.59 MB, 640x480, chris-chan-angry.gif)

>>261864 I was thinking of various chris chan meltdowns tbh but that works too

No. 261871

This is Jill. Unhinged the hand that rocks the cradle, single white female creepu shit.

No. 261872

File: 1666894671754.jpg (700.29 KB, 720x6413, Screenshot_20221027_111215.jpg)

No. 261875

>our names weren't on promo much for safety reasons
The bitch is salty because she's not famous or talented enough to be on the promo so she blamed lolocw

No. 261876

File: 1666895331182.webm (18.71 MB, 576x1024, download-1.WEBM)

I had to compress the video

No. 261877

I almost peed myself at that deathdrop or whatever that was supposed to be. As a long time drag fan this video made me cringe

No. 261878

>muh safety reasons
Interesting she specified to whoever's running this: "Oh, please don't advertise me. I'm being stalked and harassed uwu." but didn't mention this to the organizers of that one performance she flaked on, especially considering the time frame between her first performance a nonny recorded and that college one. Methinks someone just needed to bullshit skipping to smoke.

No. 261880

>>261876 this is so cringey lmao
>>261872 "safety reasons" then says where exactly she was. Smart move Jillian

No. 261881

Fucking hell, I hate this fucking generation / time period so much. Like fuck TikTok and Drag Race for making LIP SYNCING something people feel they should be celebrated and paid for. Bottom of the damn barrel.

No. 261884

she's gonna have to get as fat as the people behind her for any real sense of shame to register. until then

No. 261885

Yeah this has big middle school talent show energy.

No. 261886

Even the best-of-the-best drag queens are only interesting because they are funny. Every other talent takes a back seat to their comedy.

No. 261888

WOW, I did not realize what an absolute unit she is now. I guess I only ever see pictures of her face. I am shocked.

No. 261890

The constant pulling down of the skirt is annoying. It was such a stupid choice for an outfit for performing in. It looks like it rides up when she just walks because it’s ill fitted. Where’s that fashion knowledge Jilly, why choose a cut that restricts movement. Also on the constant underwear flashing front I feel like it should just be default common sense that you wear safety shorts to flop around and throw your legs about. The shape of those leg warmers is so off as well, it doesn’t look like leg warmers it looks like the bottom of a pair of pants.

No. 261891

File: 1666898654255.jpg (381.38 KB, 720x2660, Screenshot_20221027_122334.jpg)

No. 261900

OT but god that art is ugly

No. 261902

These looks are all so lazy and uncreative. The first one is just an everyday outfit and the second she just bought cheap costume level flamenco dress and called it a day. Regardless of my opinion on drag generally there is a huge difference in effort between these dolts and the more seasoned performers. The makeup is ugly and sub par, the hair is lazy and takes no skill and the “costumes” are just regular ass clothes. Of course they don’t have big bucks to spend but Jill was literally a cosplayer and plenty of cosplayers who are on the same level as them financially create amazing work because they put in effort. They say all to respect them and take them seriously but it’s clearly just a fad because they don’t invest in it or actually give a crap at all.

No. 261903

I mean it is befitting, seeing how they're all thumbs

No. 261916

Jillian comes across as completely detached from reality at this point and I've lost all sympathy for her. That outfit is not appropriate for an all-ages (aka children-friendly) event of any kind. I'm disgusted.

No. 261919

Rolling my eyes about "my safety". Oh Jillian, if this was the case then why are you booking gigs and telling these places this? Do you not care for the patrons or other performers safety? She makes it sound like her livelihood is being threatened when in reality she's barely performed (once before now and months in between on top of it). She wants to be already famous without any work. I feel like she's using the "harassment/stalking" claim as a hook to get people talking about her. She should be working on her routines, better makeup styles for her personas that vary more, a range of costumes depending on the crowd she's performing for, and promoting herself while booking gigs. She is beyond lazy and creatively bankrupt. Also is she even getting paid for this or is this another volunteer gig?

No. 261922

File: 1666901394567.jpg (782.45 KB, 720x6844, Screenshot_20221027_130922.jpg)

No. 261924

File: 1666901574890.jpg (313.43 KB, 720x3156, Screenshot_20221027_131226.jpg)

No. 261925

I’m glad anon pointed this out, it annoys me too that she’s tugging at her clothes. It especially frustrates me because when I did after school recreational dance and we’re getting ready for our end of year concert, they told us to not tug at our clothes during the performance, I can’t imagine doing it at a Drag performance as adult . Honestly this makes me feel like she didn’t really prepare for this performance or didn’t bother recording herself, because of she did record herself she would’ve noticed that the skirt was flashing everyone and was constantly riding up. She could’ve bought a cheat black pleated skirted it would’ve looked better and been more functional.

No. 261926

File: 1666901876944.jpg (281.39 KB, 720x2417, Screenshot_20221027_131722.jpg)

No. 261928

File: 1666902008288.webm (3.05 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 261933

> #drag #dragqueen #dragqueenmakeup
> Looks like every woman you'd see at the regular clubs
When will these girls realize they're not special because they watch ru Paul? It doesn't even look like she glued down her eyebrows to play with the shape and placement. It's just a plain Instagram baddie cut crease and filled brows none of it looks like drag. At least the person on the top picture has make-up that's fanciful.

No. 261934

>make ugly face
>flail arms

No. 261936


>our names weren't on the promo for our safety

>goes to a public drag show, performing on stage in front of people


No. 261938

so her Jerr character is cool with wearing short skirts with her cooch hanging out?
its the half committed using her knee to help her stand up in dead silence for me at 1:06
a screenshot of her taking the tips for doing her tiktok routine live with a patreon logo covering the audience's faces would be a great picture

No. 261940

I think the worst part of the video is people are actually paying her money. We don't have $1 bills in canada so it's safe to assume it's $5-$10 being handed to her.

No. 261942

The kids just make the performance uncomfortable to watch. I'm not some ultra puritan and I know they're probably just bored, but I would die if I had to perform something suggestive with children in the room.

No. 261943

Safe to assume the one tipping her closest to the camera was Stevie, and then the one a few seats away could've been one of her friends. The other two are just other braindead idiots. For the time it took to knit her shit and how much she probably spent for other pieces/accessories she must've barely broke even

No. 261945

File: 1666904708716.png (683.67 KB, 492x624, firefox_nTNJ2XnemN.png)

Oh dear, why are all her outfits so painful looking? Guess you can't be a skinny emo boy in size fitting clothes

No. 261947

watch out recording nonnie jill is gonna get you banned from all the clubs!! somehow

No. 261948

she JUST finished two performances (that's being generous) and she's ready to demand banning people from venues hosting glorified talent shows? Not a day goes by where her self importance doesn't show

No. 261952

>that 'progressive' butterfly in the bg.
>jill struggling to breathe by the 2 min mark.

No. 261954

Did she honestly reuse the Jerrick sleeves as leg warmers? I know this is unimportant compared to the harmful things she’s done, but her slapping on the sleeves as leg warmers really bothers me. She’s supposed to be the creative fashion designer! Make something new, especially since this is only the second time she’s performed as that drag character. It’s too soon to be reusing costume pieces

No. 261967

If that’s true then the only thing she made for this was the cobweb thing that just looks like string tied together as opposed to real crochet. That’s so damn lazy of her. The two little buns on the wig with zero accessories is also lack lustre. It’s funny how she claims things are special interests yet at the same time puts zero effort into them. As the other anon pointed out she clearly didn’t do a dress rehearsal of her routine otherwise she wouldn’t have been pulling the skirt down constantly. Before she was even trying to weasel her way out of having planned choreography.

No. 261968

File: 1666910585847.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1170x1429, 404CF310-8DB9-45F9-ABC5-321096…)

I don’t think so, the sleeves look like they have wider stripes

No. 261970

I love that her retaliation plan has moved from "restraining order" to "get them banned from all venues", like that will affect their life at all LMFAO what's she gonna do if the venues say no??? they're volunteer shows after all.

No. 261971

File: 1666911843643.jpg (248.79 KB, 720x2362, Screenshot_20221027_160302.jpg)

No. 261972

It would have been cuter if the wig was cut and styled into a fluffy bob and had little buns on top. Another cool thing to add would be a bunch of safety pins as barrettes to make the buns more interesting. >>261967

No. 261973

Then why did she do it like

No. 261974

I've never self harmed, but do they actually hurt? I seriously doubt so, I've gotten scars of many types, but I can poke them and they never truly hurt, maybe one from a surgery could feel ticklish, but it doesn't hurt as far as I know.

No. 261975

everyone in this pic looks like a frumpy potato. shudder.

No. 261976

Also big important hole in this plan is that no one even knows who that anon was so how are they going to ban this person who could be ANYONE

No. 261978

Couple of things. Isn't the whole point of drag to copy or exaggerate feminine stereotypes? Why is she wearing a binder to suppress two obviously feminine parts of herself. If anything shouldn't she be padding and making them bigger if she's a drag QUEEN? Just shows she's not about drag, she's ablut dressing up. Still confuses me how jerrica, with body dismorphia about being in a female body because he's ftm feels comfortable partaking in an activity which at its core is about hyperfemininity.

On top of that, this whole "safety" thing. If Jill really, truly thought that lolcow folk or anyone was stalking her in real life to the point where she's fearful, why does she not assume they would know where she is regardless of if she was advertised? Like really, the way she talks about being stalked and she's scared for her life, then if someone genuinely was doing that, they'd know where she is.

Conclusion: she's full of shit and shapes every little detail about what she does to her own little narrative. What's new?

No. 261979

Well I’m glad that she actually made something new, but it’s a bit of a one trick pony. There are other ways to incorporate the lime green and black color scheme than crocheting more stripes with the same silhouette as the last striped costume. I get this is a nitpick, and I wouldn’t care if she didn’t cling so hard to being a fashion designer. Make the whole thing original! It took me all of five seconds to find a crochet pattern for spider web cuffs that could have easily been adjusted for leg warmers, that would have been different and tied the spider theme together

No. 261981

I can actually be quite painful but I've never heard of it being THAT severe. If anything it just feels more like self harming again. Many self harmers go over their own scars over and over, I don't doubt it did hurt (getting a tattoo is also just painful in general and different spots can hurt more for different people) but she really milks it

No. 261982

Tattooing over scars is more painful than a regular tattoo which depending on your pain threshold can be pretty bad by itself. The scars get bumpy, raised and irritated after the fact for a couple of days as well. That area of the body for a normal tattoo isn’t bad because it’s fatty but it’s also hard to tell what her threshold is because the pain is very subjective. She is however exaggerating the severity of her scarring and making them sound like giant keloids which they really aren’t, they are quite superficial.

No. 261984

That's why it's ridiculous. The nonnie that went did not interact with her and filmed a public show. Jilly has no name or anything besides the fact there was nothing illegal that took place. If we apply Jilly's stupid logic then she shouldn't have been filming part of the MCR concert. This is an anonymous internet forum board used to laugh at people who deem themselves larger than life and who willingly post their own dirty laundry online. Jill uses social media as both her personal diary and hugbox. Jill wants everyone to only interact with her the way she wants. I do hope she pulls an onision and fakes a restraining order. That would be hysterical. Also easier to larp about getting someone banned than trying to go down the restraining order route.

No. 261987

File: 1666915089166.jpg (93.21 KB, 720x325, Screenshot_20221027-164737_Chr…)

No. 261989

Its serving low budget azealia banks atlantis

No. 261993

gotta love how she talks about getting tattoos like it's a serious injury when it's something she could have literaly stopped at any point. Instead she got like 3 more…

No. 262018

being permanently banned from ever having to bear witness to drag is a blessing
She already mentioned doing a "halloween drag event" a while back IIRC and there were only two in Fredericton at the time. Literally anyone could have just gone to both of them and found her there

No. 262047

File: 1666929621065.jpg (127.36 KB, 720x1412, Screenshot_20221027_205803.jpg)

Found some mama Vessey comments on her drag gig tiktok.

No. 262072

Every fiber of my being wishes we lived in a timeline where her mom was actively attending the shows and revealed to be the one taking videos and posting them here

I know that would be impossible, but my god what a perfect twist it'd be

No. 262077

her mom writing "super slay" in her tiktok comments where she pretends to be a crazy steven universe character dancing out a big revenge number, all in the name of severe childhood abuse. Never change Jillian, your life is fascinating but not in the way you want it to be.

No. 262078

Im convinced that her mom doesn't believe her larp at all and is just playing along, waiting for the day she gets bored of it

No. 262079

I agree. But I think the other possibility to just waiting it out is stepping in and threatening to Canadian 5150 her if Jill gets too self destructive with it.

No. 262094

File: 1666941378506.jpeg (612.91 KB, 1242x690, 5502750B-8758-4AFB-B8AE-6BD839…)

Green monster squeezed herself into barely any clothes, put on ugly makeup, and is making a such bigger embarrassment out of herself as usual that the fatties behind her look amused. With horrified children present.
Looks like one of those pageant kids with extra babyfat being abused and exploited by their parents so their middle aged moms can live vicariously though them. Here comes Honey Boo Boo.
I’m not sure if the scars are keloids, or not but jill did post a photo of her thigh pre-tattoo.

No. 262095

Can't be bothered to put on sound, watching her clomp around in silence is an experience on its own. I love how everyone in the back has no emotion or interest on their faces whatsoever

No. 262097

File: 1666943852573.jpg (197.38 KB, 720x1664, Event.jpg)

Insta post of the event

No. 262100

Kek take a shot every time she has to pull her skirt back down nonnas, this mess warrants hard liquor.

Honestly though, this whole “drag” saga wouldn’t be half as obnoxious if was just open about doing it for fun and as a way to get out and perform in the way she used to when she did the anime con routines. It’s still cringy, but I can’t fault someone for enjoying themselves, and it also serves as some exercise. What makes it all so off putting is that she genuinely regards herself as a professional drag performer when she’s done all of two (2) open sign on shows. Just have a hobby like a normal person Jillian you dickhead

No. 262101

This. Jillian makes her self harm scars out to be the most horrific and near-deadly wound scars possible that had her in 10/10 agony while being tattooed over. As a former self harmer and someone who has seen dozens of other people's self-harm scars, Pixie's scars are weak as fuck LMAO. I was admitted to the second most "notorious" (can't think of a better word than fucked up or notorious) mental hospital in my city, then was sent to a different state/province, to like a "home" or w/e its called now for teens with disorders/problems twice. That's my proof or w/e. Pixie doesn't know shit about being genuinely troubled, traumatised, or severely disordered. She may have BPD and be socially awkward from being terminally online and just naturally a bit quirky, but she needs to stop appropriating and romantisizing mental disorders that have ruined the lives of young people.

No. 262102

>>262101 Same anon here. I wonder if Pixie has ever considered that instead of being autistic, perhaps she's just extremely socially awkward from being terminally online for like half of her life during her most important years of development, she's always been quirky and attention seeking. Why does every flaw have to be a diagnosis nowadays? I'm also awkward and anxious in any social situation and alone, I'm not autistic. I have very specific and "weird" interests that I've obsessed over since as long as I can remember - it's a normal thing that normal people that aren't autistic experience. Pixie is shopping for disorders and diagnosis. She's behaving like every other stereotypical terminally online tiktok loser who thinks they're soooo severely traumatised and mentally ill uwu uwu uwu

No. 262103

This exactly ! Drag Shows are just her doing anime con tier performances cosplaying her ocs. It's perfect for her : way less work (she never put as much work in one of her her drag outfit as in any of her cosplay) and it adds ~queerness to her characters

If the alter performing is suppose to be 14, shouldn't she only participante in all ages drag shows ?

No. 262104


No, because she’s a legal adult with a single brain and should keep this shit away from kids. Whether or not she uses her adult faculties or an ounce of mature judgement is one thing, but the fact is, she should know better than gyrating around on the ground in her adult body sans safety shorts.

No. 262105

Mildly hypertrophic maybe, but not keloids.

No. 262106

There also isn’t actually that many of them and she claims it’s many years worth. I guess people who don’t have first hand experience with this would see that and be alarmed but the way she talks about it I would expect it to be both her thighs or more of her leg. I have seen people talk less severely about theirs when it’s a whole arm. Jill being a narcissist I really just picture her doing one at a time to shock and raging internally as she does it that she will teach someone a lesson by showing them what they made her do. She is very vengeful and manipulative. It’s not uncommon for NPD people to do this.

No. 262107

Nope, wrong edgy alter. It's the Harley Quinn/Jinx wannabe 19 year old alter. The Villainy persona is shared by both Jerrick and Jax.

No. 262108

Showing her hand for scale is such a blatant attempt at trigger bait. It’s funny though because we know her five foot ass has small hands. For ten years and saying it’s sooooo severe that’s a pretty small surface area.
Blog but I have a cat scratch scar that looks like these and it wasn’t that bad a wound, some people just scar easily even when the wound isn’t bad. It’s kind of hard to judge when we don’t know how easily she scars but they definitely aren’t keloid.

No. 262111

why did i think the first pic was pixie and steeb at first kek

No. 262113

this is so annoying. people only perceive you as a weirdo because you dress like one, and you do it on purpose for attention. but you wouldnt know what its like to actually be something like autistic and trying like hell to blend in with your peers your whole life and still being treated like a freak, you pile of shit.

No. 262115

Oh. Didn't even see this picture before making my rage comment earlier, and now I'm just amused, lol. So "severe" to have an average amount of self harm cuts in one single, small location. I have to think about all the people I've met with scars all over their body (mostly tummy/rib, entire arms, entire thighs, boobs/upper chest area) from cutting, burning with matches or a lighter, stabbing themselves, purposefully getting their self-harm wounds infected as like a secondary/prolonged form of self harm (hope that makes sense), etc. Jillian has almost the most tame, mild self harm scars I've seen, apart from one guy I knew in highschool who "cut" his arms for attention (it was more like scratches). I hate how Jillian makes everything soooo severe and traumatic, when it's just mild or average. Pathetic and attention-seeking behaviour.

No. 262116

Gross and perverted of Jillian to dress her underage alter Jerrick like this. Not to mention it's inappropriate and perverted to dress and perform in that manner, not just as a minor, but around other minors. There is no excuse for this disgusting behaviour and I have no more sympathy left for her after this.

No. 262120

It's unnerving how she smiles while showing her self harm scars. I know some people smile by reflex but in her case I can't help but think that she seriously enjoys anything that makes her look like a victim.

No. 262124

Don’t worry, the clothes are actually sized correctly to be modest on Jerricka because she is actually only 62 pounds due to her severe anorexia.

No. 262129

She's such a notorious liar that I can't even believe she's broken bones.
If getting a tattoo over scars is more painful then the self harm that caused them then that is weak as fuck

No. 262132

I can't tell if some anons just refuse to read or if they actively enjoy stirring confusion about which oc is which emoji for fun

No. 262134

It’s not Jerrick but also if it was, Jerrick got aged up so she wouldn’t get flack for him drinking, smoking weed and going to clubs dressed slutty anymore.

No. 262135

But they're right, anon, Jill already said that it was Jax who was performing

No. 262145

Yes but anons keep repeating it's Jerrick like >>262116

No. 262146

The pearl clutching over Jillian’s “drag” performance is getting out of hand. Trust me, kids are exposed to worse shit at the beach.

Jill’s lying narcissistic trauma faking LARP is why she deserves no sympathy, not her bad dancing and visible undies.

No. 262151

The context is the difference, someone just hanging out on the beach minding their business is different to her dancing in a sexual way and exposing herself. If she wants to do all that sure but don’t do it an an explicitly all ages event inviting little kids to have a costume contest. If you go read the lyrics of the song (eat me by Demi lovato) too it’s really not the vibe of an all ages event. It’s kind of weird she chose to do a song from a kids show the first time at an adult event then this at an all ages. She can be edgy and sexy but she should do it in the appropriate place.

No. 262153

It is pretty confusing when she uses multiple different emojis and sometimes doesn’t use them at all. We’re not all literate at quick reading emojis like zoomers are.

No. 262154

Context and nuance count for something nonnie. Most people don’t go to the beach with the intention of performing sexually for minors… drags meant to be provocative and sexual, any adult (parents, performers and organizers) thinking it’s something fun and entertaining for children are warped and participating in grooming. Why can’t they hold a dance competition? Why not a talent show or performance competition, why’s it always have to be adult centered performances?
It’s fucking creepy and I’m disappointed in jill for getting swept up in this shit but not surprised. Safe guarding exists for a reason and it’s not because of prudes it’s because once you let predators and pedos in they are very difficult to remove and pinpoint if adults flashing their genitals and humping the floor is the norm.

No. 262158

It's really not surprising, Jill and Steve are creepy AF. The fact that she is lying about CSA while participating in sexual events for kids is the cherry on top here.

No. 262161

>I love how everyone in the back has no emotion or interest on their faces whatsoever

tbf they have more interest than any crowd at a (snow thread fame) Starcrawler show, but it's true if you can only get mild bemusement from your target audience of spicy straight overweight ladies, your "drag" career is at a standstill

No. 262162

They are all fag hags, they were probably pissed it was just a fellow woman and they couldn’t coo over a gay guy like they were in a zoo kek.

No. 262163

As a non-self harmer her batch of scars look bad to me, I don't think it's a competition, and scar tissue is very tight and uncomfortable so I can imagine that tattooing over scars would indeed be unpleasant. But she does wheel out this story every so often, imo I would just not talk about it since she seems to no longer self-harm.

No. 262166

tinfoil but I feel like at least part of the reason she's milking this whole "I can't publicly state I'm performing somewhere for my own safety uwu" is so she has an easier out when she inevitably gets too lazy to actually show up to a gig and cancels last minute kek. easier to say to promoters "sorry I can't come" when it's not public that you'll be there

No. 262167

ayrt you’re so right, sometimes it’s hard to keep in mind the levels of public depravity she’s participated in… it’s not something I want to think about given I shouldn’t know anything about her bedroom activities.

No. 262169

she literally said it in writing i know her emoji usage is confusing but it isnt hard to understand words

No. 262172


I don't get how she can say she wasn't "advertised" when she was clearly on the poster (same makeup she recently did). In Fredericton, we all knew she was going to preform because it was advertised by the local club.

No. 262179

Why does the transmen never wear pants? Jill loves flashing her fat at people huh

No. 262180

I have scars similar to these and I got them fully tattooed over and it was not pleasant of course, but not even comparable to stuff like stones in your gallbladder (that’s literally one of the most painful thing I have ever experienced). She’s either lying or exaggerating

No. 262186

I mean, let's not forget that this is the bitch who also stated that the worst thing she has ever experienced is her cat almost dying from swallowing a tinsel.

Trust me, I have not and will not forget.

No. 262205

That’s insane even when you look at the facts and not the lies because her mom literally almost died of cancer.

No. 262209

File: 1666979646755.jpg (342.35 KB, 2880x2880, 947583_135133.jpg)

No. 262212

Was Louise's cancer that serious?

No. 262213

File: 1666980050871.jpg (232.07 KB, 720x1747, Screenshot_20221028_105653.jpg)

Just pokemon music and changing curtain and part of the stage lime green.

No. 262220

They're called bioqueens jills.

No. 262232

Sorry if I'm being retarded but if Jax is the one preforming why is she wearing the binder? Isn't that supposed to be for Jerrick who dislikes having boobs? Why would Jax who's a girl care about that

No. 262233

Green and black stripes is also Jerricks thing and this look isn’t discernible as being another person to the first. Maybe she pulled some bullshit like the first time when she said it was Jerrick but then oh actually it was Jill that performed. Maybe Jerrick got snubbed again, this time by Jax because this is easy “proof” where she doesn’t have to try and do the accent on camera. Wonder if Jill was co con in this one since she danced and mimed exactly the same both times despite being different people kek.

No. 262236

File: 1666984216737.jpg (133.71 KB, 578x798, 1663994408987.jpg)

Went back a few threads because I remembered Sof hosted the event at UNB.

No. 262237

I noticed it seemed to be mostly the same group of people as at the previous show but it’s the same venue too?
What venue was her first performance at again? IIRC sof was there too. Also IIRC film-anon mentioned there being minors in the audience there as well and the MC making inappropriate sexual jokes. I’ll go digging when I have time.

No. 262244

File: 1666985619331.jpg (355.25 KB, 2840x1560, Venue.jpg)

Different venture but Sof is present at it.

No. 262249

So the campus event was made up entirely of the newbies from the Fresh Blossom event and at least three of them (Jill, Sof and M) also performed at this Halloween event. It’s just a group of friends playing dress up and lip synching in front of an audience over and over again. Most friend groups would just go out for karaoke.

No. 262253

Honestly most of them should since as anon mentioned before, none of them really look like they’re in drag. Jill,more than anything just looks, like a fat e-girl. Her make up just looks like regular alt/goth make up, she didn’t style to wig in a “drag way” (big volume, unique shape, etc), she didn’t even wear a drag outfit, especially one made for performing in as evidenced by her constantly pulling down her skirt and flashing the audience

No. 262254

You'd think this very real ftm teenager would want to consider herself a regular drag queen instead of that.

No. 262255

I'll give it to the other girls for at least promoting themselves and going to events. Jill has only been to two events yet acts like she's done a lot of gigs.

No. 262257

Jill's jax and jerrick drag shows really prove her DID is fake. She never switches during shows, and she never goes out as a little alter or as cliffe. It's just a drag persona with mental illness shoved in

No. 262258

>Pixie's scars are weak as fuck
fuck off, weirdo. What a weird nitpick. They look bad enough for normies, they aren't little scratches that she can pass off as "my wibble kitty scratched me :((("
Also no1curr for your mental hospital blog

No. 262267

NTA but the problem isn't that her scars are "weak" it's that Jill herself acts as if she has very extreme self harm scars when she simply doesn't and anyone who actually knows anything about self harm or has gone through it themselves can see that. Normies thinking it's bad doesn't matter. Obviously it's not a competition and it does suck that she has them but it's the fact that Jill over exaggerates them to such a degree

No. 262268

I think any type of cutting it real self harm, but there's a difference when you start cutting and showing it off, like after cutting, not after scarring and all. If she had tossed these around when they were fresh and bleeding, I'd say it might be for attention or to get a reaction of sort, but given the mental fuckupery it takes to actually start cutting yourself, the mindset you have to be in when it's to emotionally regulate, can feel extreme to the person doing it. You don't need to have stiched for it to be a bad cut. Think about how badly you can bleed and it won't stop just from nicking yourself pretty bad while shaving your legs. It doesn't take much to get a bad cut and not need stitches. I'm not going to bag on her about this, but also wanted to give my 2 cents opinion on her scars and SH.

No. 262275

You can find her weaponising it against Uma at the time. She has a history of using it as a threat, suicide baiting too. Hell even now she says that stuff about how her lost subs will regret doing this! I could see her being the kind to weaponise that stuff to punish someone and manipulate them into doing what she wants. That’s what her whole DID schtick is, she uses it to get her way and make people do what she wants and pander to her. She is clearly a narcissist and narcs self harm as a part of it. I bet you could match up her last relapse with something not going her way.

No. 262276

Then maybe it's both. She still cut, anon, stop trying to minimize it just because you hate her a little extra more than every other anon. I don't believe the DID, but it's still mental to cut and on top of that use your own self harm to try to get your way. That's still an issue and thank you for bringing that aspect up too.

No. 262277

This. Thank god she fucking sucks at it and can only rope in those willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 262279

Maybe I should have phrased it differently but I do agree anyone who cuts even for attention has something wrong with them. In this case it’s just not remotely what she says it is. Just in this case the motive is different so it makes sense she isn’t really messed up like some anons where saying others are. It’s a shame she will never get therapy for her actual problems because for that she would have to admit what she is actually like.

No. 262287

File: 1666996166009.jpg (260.21 KB, 720x2838, Vs.jpg)

No. 262289

With the whole cutting topic, I think we should stop talking about it here because trying to second-guess someone's reasons for self harm, or bring up other more mentally ill people who have harmed more, seems really weird and competitive, like take that shit to the ed/sh twitter circles, not here. Trying to one-up someone for not being mentally ill "enough" smacks of competing and is exactly what Jill is criticised for doing so often.

No. 262298

I work at a childrens mental hospital and I agree, it’s a pissing content of teenagers trying to seem like the most fucked up out of the group despite all being there for similar reasons

No. 262299

I love how reasonable/relatable people actually are in this thread so much of the time when it comes to mental health shit. Really doesn't match up to the narrative that we're all sadistic normies that just hate mentally ill people.

No. 262305

Kek y'all are full of it, Jill's mental health is fair game now that she's made a fucking larp out of her made up shit and repeatedly lied about "trauma" go back to Twitter

No. 262307

Agreed. I understand what those anons mean and its a nice sentiment but when someone makes their mental health their whole brand those ideals are pretty much off the table. She brings all of these things up first, if she wasn't doing so we wouldn't have conversations about it.

No. 262323

That’s what I mean though. Jill is basically on par with 13-17 year olds in inpatient care having a competition with each other that their trauma is the worst trauma.

No. 262326

My bad then anon I read your statement as the people "minimizing" her cutting as a trauma competition
I agree with you, Jill is definitely trying to flex her trauma which means we have ever right to eviscerate her bullshit and lies all we want, she made it fair game

No. 262361

So she’s gotten over the whole Will Wood cancel party

No. 262364

File: 1667025748904.png (20.99 KB, 740x170, lol.PNG)

"Evil" doctors who don't want to give jillybean an actual diagnosis

Fuck off

No. 262367

These people water down so much, people do get abused by medical professionals but them not giving you your made up diagnosis you want or humouring it is not that. Try and take that to court for malpractice and see how far you get, honestly. How is your therapist not yass queening you the whole time (even though that’s not how good therapy works) on par with someone who is permanently disabled because of being neglected in the hospital/a care facility. These people don’t know a single thing about real advocacy for ill and disabled people.

No. 262370

the hold the world evil has on jill lmao.
she has really black and white thinking about stuff, like her saying cheating should be a crime w/o taking a sec to go into the nuances of the reasons why people might cheat on their partners. im sure there are people in med school who are just in it for the money and prestige but saying theyre evil is just a little bit silly. it paints people out to he cartoon supervillains when in reality, most people are just people who are capable of both good and bad.

No. 262371

i was just thinking about the "cheating should be illegal" thing earlier and i don't know if i'm remembering it properly, didn't she cheat on Alyssa or something like that?

No. 262378

Nah, she just led her on, made it so she had to come out to her family then dumped her stating she was never attracted to her in the first place. Kept the gifts she bought for her too after making a video showing them off and how gay she was. Honestly for me as a gay woman that whole thing made me hate Jill so much, she used that poor girl literally for money by making content about her fake gayness. To have used her the whole time and end things like that too is just awful.

No. 262380

As a newfag brought here by the DID stuff, wtf I didn't even know Jill did that! Jill isn't even actually queer in any way is she? Other than larping as trans for one alter (while being a cis man for another?) which is all fake, or if you go by her own DID rules not even her because they're different pepple to her. She's just a straight woman hurting and using a gay person for money, absolutely disgusting behaviour

No. 262382

You sound like a cow yourself lol

No. 262383

She doesn't actually have black and white thinking in the usual menaing of it, because none of it ever applies unless it's about herself. She just wants to be the center of the universe all the time. If you do something she doesn't like you're practically satan himself, and she's the biggest poorest victimest person to ever live. That's all it comes down to; narcissism. She has the same kind of thinking patttern as Trump did with the grandiose self-importance despite objectively lacking the skills(/symptoms) she is bragging about (sewing and content creation and mental healthy symptoms), vague scaremongering about some unknown threat ("I'm in so so much danger right now!! so scared! I'm so mentally ill!"), loving drama and attention (laughing and smiling while talking about her "traumas"), constant lying and contradictions to whatever suits her needs at the moment… it's the mind workings of a narcissist and I'm not saying that just to insult Jill.

No. 262389

Jill is straight. In fact her biggest "trauma" was pretending to be gay for internet points with Uma.

No. 262397

It was pretty bad. She was teasing having a girlfriend for a while and calling her “mystery girl” on her socials then titled the Christmas video “WHAT I GOT MY GIRLFRIEND FOR CHRISTMAS ”. That video is still up and called that and like I said she broke up with her soon after and kept the gifts. Another anon might remember what thread it was but the poor girls sister came to the thread and shared some info, she did not treat her well even behind the scenes. She uses this relationship and the thing with Uma as her proof she is totally queer when the relationships never actually went anywhere.(don't use emojis/emoticons)

No. 262401

Sage for blog but to be fair, the only childhood friend of mine that went to med school is close to what I’d describe as evil. Very racist and homophobic (and not just the kind of racist who drops the n word, but the kind who truly believes white ppl are biologically superior - and not just someone who says faggot but someone who thinks gay people are inherently sinful and disgusting), thinks addicts are scum and thinks the same about poor people. Just an all around garbage person who is excited to wield power and authority over the less fortunate.

The reason we stopped hanging out as kids was because that bitch “accidentally” hit me in the face with a baseball bat. Then she laughed her ass off when she saw she’d given me a fat lip, and told me she wasn’t sorry. Fuckin psycho.(blogging)

No. 262416

So? The people I know who went to med school are great and I'm attending the wedding of one of them next year because I set her up with her current gf turned fiancée. Literally every single career field has good and bad people. No one wants your blog because it doesn't mean shit and doesn't do anything for the thread. Jill is full of it and trying to justify her fake diagnosis.

No. 262417

Nursing is still known as a mean girl profession, but this doesn't really apply to Jilly who's just been victimized by not getting her shiney diagnosis

No. 262427

I mean there are some bad apples you come across if you have to deal with the healthcare system for a big portion of your life. Something tells me that Jill would view a medical professional as evil if they merely implied she might not have DID. THATS not evil but sure some doctors and nurses are fucking assholes that’s not a crazy realization to come to. Evil is very extreme tho, the most i’ve experienced is just self absorbed doctors who think they know you better than you know yourself. Even that isn’t evil, people just have egos sometimes about their profession. Crazy i know

No. 262431

I mean she still holds a grudge against the psych she saw when she was a teen who asked her about the way she dressed, it has been what ten years now. A psych who was treating her for a condition related to self image and asking a standard question for that process.

No. 262444

Hahaha wasn't her first job she said upthread was horrid and she left in tears for how awful they were literally just because they told her she couldn't have her hair dyed an unusual color, too?

S p o i l e d

No. 262457


No. 262470

EW I'm so sorry she had to go through that, if anything Jill is the one who traumatized her by using her for views and queerbaiting to thousands of people online

No. 262487

It's so disgusting that Jill uses people as props in her life. Everything is just for her carefully crated aesthetic. She is disingenuous and pathetic. The whole drag queen bs is obnoxious because the way I'm seeing everything, Jill is too damn lazy to set up times at these so you think you can drag events. Seeing the same group for the most part attend these events plus Ruby has been hosting quite a few. Wondering if they were being vigilant for anyone filming during Jill's lip sync dance.

No. 262509

>she did not treat her well even behind the scenes
I vaguely remember this, this was something about the GF having lost a pet and mourning it, while Jillian's going on about some self-centered bs that the GF needed to be there for? Or am I really off the mark?

No. 262515

File: 1667087227350.jpg (295.58 KB, 720x3165, V.jpg)

No. 262517

File: 1667088254234.jpg (149.74 KB, 720x1380, Screenshot_20221029-170243_Chr…)

No. 262522

How's being into psychology weird? Tons of mentally ill people are into psychology cause they want to understand themselves. She thinks she's special but she's stereotypical as hell

No. 262524

This bitch into her fake ass fictional psychology but go off I guess

No. 262538

File: 1667092731689.jpg (174.12 KB, 720x2120, V.jpg)

No. 262540

File: 1667092875307.webm (1.81 MB, 540x960, download.webm)

No. 262548

I hate this fucking bitch and her autism larp. TV shows and video games? Of course you're going to be interested in media that's entertaining you fucking dumbass bitch.
My little brother is autistic and has memorized every name and manufacturing date fo train engine parts. That is a special interest. Not a fucking list of TV and music and shows you like.

No. 262551

I believe the word she is looking for is "interests" like anon said, special interests tend to take an encyclopedic form rather than perfectly normal interest in media everyone has. By pixie's standard everyone bingewatching shit on netflix must also be autistic

No. 262553

File: 1667099942034.jpg (48.61 KB, 664x360, Screenshot_20221029-201034_Chr…)

No. 262555

>Thank you!!!
What happened to saying 'thank ya'? Jill keeps forgetting she's larping and isn't supposed to be typing like herself when Jax is 'fronting'

No. 262556

she makes it up week of? this is something she considers a career?

No. 262571

Why put in effort? It’s not like they’ll stop inviting her. The organiser of the last two shows was a member of Jill’s personal fanclub for years.

No. 262579

Literally this. MultiplicityandMe is a qualified psychologist working for the NHS because her DID (whether you believe it or not) drove her to study and help others in similar situations.

This is part of what pisses me off. There’s nothing wrong with her wanting to get into drag, but for the level she pretends to be, you’d think she’d be taking dance classes, doing routines for tik tok/YouTube etc etc. But no, she just occasionally dresses up now and then and calls it a day

No. 262582

File: 1667112782817.jpg (Spoiler Image,332.36 KB, 720x1016, 1546442613024.jpg)

(Spoiler image contains photo of Jill's self-harm scars posted to one of her old Instagram accounts.) We're talking about the girl who carved "DARLING" into her skin. Obviously self-harm is mentally unwell behaviour, but I believe it can be manifestation of certain attention-seeking behaviours.

No. 262583

Friendly reminder this kind of self harm was also incredibly trendy and glamorized in that online emo esque online DA crowd she would've caught the tail end of, which increases the likelihood of attention seeking being the primary motive, particularly when posting pictures like that publically kek

No. 262591

In the first drag show video she made, she talked about having choreographing dance sessions a few times with friends "who are actual dance choreographers and teachers by profession" as well as "her friends having access to a dance studio all the time". But it's easier to just wing it than practice especially since her friends are hosting these shows.
>This is part of what pisses me off. There’s nothing wrong with her wanting to get into drag, but for the level she pretends to be, you’d think she’d be taking dance classes, doing routines for tik tok/YouTube etc etc. But no, she just occasionally dresses up now and then and calls it a day
She just wants her instant gratification and tiktok gives it to her without her having to work hard or leave the house.

No. 262601

she’s barely even dressing up. she’s just cosplaying her OC. her makeup is sloppy and boring and her outfits are dated. and not in a fun retro way. she lacks the creativity and imagination and doesn’t care enough to put effort in. she’s got no gimmick, she just copied trixie mattel’s eyeliner style (poorly) and called it a day.
sage for sperging.

No. 262604


She ALWAYS claims to have someone "co-con" while "fronting" as another alter. It's never just Jax, just Flora, just Berry etc. It's her own little safety net to make up for being a god awful actor and not keeping up with her lies. The people that buy this crap truly must be a bunch of children oder LARPer's themselves (or both). Jill really makes up her own rules for her DID larp, for her autism larp, for her "drag" and pretty much anything she's into. She can never hit the actual criteria for these things cause she sucks and doesn't have DID or autism and will never be a good drag artist. How she isn't a bigger dumpster fire on YouTube like Amberlynn Reid truly baffles me. I wonder how many comments questioning her LARP she deletes on the regular

No. 262605

Any other autistic nonnies think this is too many? This is just a list of things she likes, my special interests take up so much time, effort, money and space there is no way you could maintain that many. Also when has she mentioned tweetie pie, I would have expected peeps or crayola because she has collections for those but tweetie pie? Where did that come from.

No. 262607

100% this was a trendy thing in tumblr. People had their blogs themed around those black and white images depicting self-harm and sad memes. The fact she posted this on her own account is quite telling of the reason she self-harmed.

No. 262626

I apologise for any negative and rude things I have ever said about Pixie. I shouldn't have said/typed those inflammatory and nasty things about her as she is human just like the rest of us and is clearly struggling with her mental health which many of us here are. She has flaws just like myself and every other human. I regret saying negative words about her and accept any bad karma that comes my way due to my negativity. If Pixie is reading this, I am sorry if she has ever read a comment of mine and felt bad, because she doesn't/didn't deserve that. I'm going to put in effort to be a better and kinder woman and not put out negativity into the world from now on. I'm retiring from Lolcow as of this post and again, I'm sorry for being rude because I felt brave behind the wall of anonymity.(retard)

No. 262628

Weren’t there also tweets of her getting lyrics and precure stuff wrong. there is definitely a ton of overconsumption, but thats always been a pattern with her and it all feels very surface level; she never cares to actually dive deeper and learn more

No. 262637

girl what?

No. 262638

Autist here too, yes that's way too many. It's literally just normal level fan interests of popular things. You can tell it's clearly a lie as we've barely seen her talk about these things and we autists frankly don't know when or how to shut up about our special interests. Even when I make concious effort to not talk about my own special interest I always end up doing it anyway becuase it's on my mind pretty much all the time and my autism makes me shit at remembering social codes. Thinking that template is "valid" in any way is ableist bs to make quirky people able to appropriate a developmental disorder.

No. 262639

Good riddance, schizo. Go take your meds

No. 262642

I vividly remember her talking about a precure character named Jealous, but when you google it the only result is a fan OC named Jealousy

No. 262644

It’s clear she isn’t autistic because she doesn’t grasp how consuming a special interest actually is. She thinks playing one smash game from the franchise casually sometimes qualifies. She also listed precure and you might think her collection for that is impressive but it has other stuff mixed in. Like to a normie they see the bookcase full and think wow but as an autist who likes anime I notice the top shelf is sailor moon, the bottom is cardcaptors and there is doremi mixed in, it’s not all precure. She doesn’t actually have that much precure stuff and that’s her main one she brags about. Her interests are incredibly surface level which in normal circumstances is obviously fine but not when she is claiming it’s a special interest and she is autistic.

No. 262648

File: 1667140500390.jpeg (644.5 KB, 1300x1390, 2FED2771-97BC-4704-B6AF-7ECFE0…)

just because you know there are more than one magical girl series and can recognize the different series doesn't mean you're autistic. that's like calling someone autistic for knowing that there are both trees and flowers in this picture while normies just see "PLANTS"

No. 262650

NTA but they didn't say that. Anyone who's not into anime would see her collection, hear her larp about being ND and assume that it's all one special interest, instead of a weeb with an anime figurine collection.

No. 262661

Waste of epic numbers.

No. 262663

Could it be the same schizo going off in friend finder rn?

No. 262665

This is exactly what I meant but I am also literally diagnosed autistic and into anime. Maybe my phrasing was confusing.

No. 262666

Idk.. Obsessing over colors to the point that they are your whole personality and marketing and then on top of it, creating DID just for the sake of color coding even that?

No. 262667

By this logic all of those influencer mommies who make their whole house neutrals and even the babies and kids things neutrals have autism. She is an influencer showing all of this stuff off and trying to portray a perfect aesthetic.

No. 262668

Yeah. Probably. You realize autism doesn't look the same, right? Some people who have ADHD also have it and they act normal aside from meltdowns and some hyperfocus. What sucks is when your memory is garbage because of your ADHD and you can't remember any of the special interest things you spend time delving in to because you can't retain info.

No. 262669

Don’t be ridiculous, the way her house and she looks is her job the same with the other influencers. She is an aesthetic based creator. People follow her specifically for that stuff. Decorating her house was all documented and marketed. If she was just doing this anyway sure maybe but she isn’t it’s her job and what she is known for. You think those moms curate aesthetic birthday parties for their kids because they are autistic? Everything is for attention and branding because they are lifestyle content creators. Rainbow is her brand just like Lolita and soft colours was her brand before. She hasn’t been rainbow obsessed since birth or anything and she will probably rebrand again at some point. Lots of nonnies think the DID rebrand is to escape the rainbow because the emo alters wear no like black.

No. 262670

The DID is a part of the rainbow thing, especially since she's compartmentalizing them in color schemes.

No. 262688

Autism doesn't "look the same" but has key characteristics - you just can't have autism without the autism. It's harder to find an influencer without an aesthetic/theme than to find one with one, it's how you play the online popularity game and Jill literally grew up trying to gain a following based on aesthetics. She rainbow-painted herself into a corner, but since she isn't as obsessed with rainbows as an autist would be she has made up alters just to be able to get away from this rainbow persona she created. An autist wouldn't have a carefully created persona just to get away from their own supposed "special interest". That really doesn't add up. And she doesn't have any sensory issues or social difficulties or other traits, so. Despite some autists thinking they're totally stealth with their "invisible disability" neurotypical people can always tell when something is off about a person, and it's just as easy to tell Jill isn't autistic.

No. 262689

You're seriously gonna say Jill has autism because she likes COLORS? DID is the trendy mental illness at the moment, that doesn't mean she has autism

No. 262697

its pretty clear she just has identity issues imo. She makes an effort to establish "obsessions" outwardly that have only been an interest for a couple months or are completely surface level, like her did costumes

No. 262700

File: 1667151558108.jpg (104.85 KB, 720x904, Screenshot_20221030-103616_Chr…)

No. 262702

I thought berry liked strawberry shortcake and that’s not on the list yet this thing she has never mentioned is?

No. 262707

Is she implying she just liked it as a toddler? How is it a current special interest

No. 262711

Imagine having such an empty and vapid life that you consider something you enjoyed at age 3 to be a core component of your personality. Isn't that so pathetic? To be so without goals, ambitions, and vitality that you cannot come up with something more topical for your obsession list other than Tweety fucking bird? I knew Jill had no real personality but this is next level miserable.

No. 262719

I actually have a special interest that started at that age but it’s still apparent, I have things for it all around my home and if you asked my friends and family what they associate with me it would be that. The key difference here is Jill has never mentioned tweetie pie, doesn’t have any tweetie pie stuff and if you asked someone before this tweet what she liked they would never mention it. If it was a special interest we would have known about it by now.

No. 262720

File: 1667156400455.png (469.76 KB, 425x621, Screen Shot 2022-10-30 at 2.58…)

She loves to incorporate the triple chin into her "drag" "performances."

No. 262722

She really did pull it out of her ass.

No. 262723

i feel like i remember her, one time showing a shirt that had tweety bird on it years ago. i cannot for the life of me remember what video it was or why she was showing it off but it was just the one time. it was a shirt that her mother bought her when she was a child but outside of that there is no other mention

No. 262724

what is the interest nonnie?

No. 262725

I can understand that certain passions or interests develop from an early age; however, it's apparent that Jill isn't understanding difference between normal interest/obsession. If she was obsessed with Tweety you'd think she'd have more consumerist goods ft. the character, since the bird is pretty applicable to her overall style, or that the obsession would extend to more Loony Tunes IPs or birds in general. But no - she pulled Tweety out of her ass because she couldn't think of another way to characterize her "child alter" or whatever. Jill is trying to use an autistic meme template for her DID larp and it doesn't work. Why is the Muppets less childish than Tweety bird? Oh it's because the "child alter" likes Tweety so then everything they like is childish. Her sense of identity is so fucked up and freaky.

No. 262730

We are on the same page, it’s very strange she has just plucked this out of thin air. I just meant starting age isn’t really the ludicrous part. I really thought she was going to say it was strawberry shortcake judging by her earlier autism baiting. She does say though “one of berry’s first” which would indicate she has more but then are they on this list she provided. Maybe berry loves MCR kek. There is eight interests but how many alters, surely they would have all unique ones (based on Jill’s made up shit about them being real separate people) and then statistically what are the odds of overlap. Does Cliffe spend his evenings relaxing after doing the taxes watching precure.

No. 262732

youre right she did do this it was a photo of her as a child wearing it but i cant remember anything else

No. 262734

she has literally never mentioned it before this. Wild.

No. 262735

I bet she plans on busting it out as proof because she was trawling through old pictures again to find proof and post.

No. 262736

"Oliver James" is the fakeboy Sofia Mehlitz is dating just for anyone who doesn't know or didn't catch it
but Peeps and Crayola (which she has explicitly stated were spins before) are nowhere to be seen. Ok Jill

No. 262737

don't be rude to them, her chins all have different personalities. only one chin does drag though

No. 262738

>Jill isn't understanding difference between normal interest/obsession
Because narcissists think they're the best/most/first in everything they do. So if Jill likes something it just simply HAS to be a special interest because no one could ever possibly like something more than she does. When she likes something it's the most intense kind of "like".

No. 262739

Not gonna let slide the fact that she replied with "Steve had a good time" as advice. Nothing like "take your own photos of the car" or "fill up before returning it". Useless narc bitch.

No. 262742

You know she wasn’t intending to give any advice she just wanted to remind people of the car crash.

No. 262747

this. knew a girl who carved “VANITY” into her arm back in the 2000s. also had an eating disorder cause she wanted to look like a suicide doll. it was very romanticised.

No. 262748

kek I totally missed this. Also loved that she added "carless" to make it seem more dire when really they were just waiting for one of their parents to buy one. Can't wait to hear her call herself homeless in between moving stuff from one townhome to the next

No. 262756

File: 1667168094919.jpg (388.68 KB, 720x3851, V.jpg)

No. 262757

Right? Here we were thinking Steve just had his electric scooter. Also how much you want to bet she didn't help pay for the rental.

No. 262759

So it was supposed to be Jerricks performance again and he got shafted again kek. She is really throwing him under the bus and we are just to believe the supposed angsty persecutor is fine with it. I guess that’s why the anons where confused about the look because it is a Jerrick look not a Jax look.

No. 262760

File: 1667169023055.jpg (190.4 KB, 720x1907, Vv.jpg)

No. 262761

File: 1667169914243.jpg (163.12 KB, 720x1856, V.jpg)

No. 262766

Okay at least Stephen tried. It's irritating when one's partner refuses to take anything seriously. Even for the ginger bread house video last Christmas it was obvious that Stephen was putting in way more effort while Jill flounders.

No. 262772

Oddly enough, I retired from LC a couple years ago. Before returning I remember thinking, damn, I was so unfairly critical of Jill - at the end of the day she's just a spoiled chubby chick and I'm jealous of her easy lifestyle and loving fanbase.

Buuut then I checked up on her thread and learned about her DID larp and was like, fuck this dumb lying bitch, wow. So it's really fucking weird that you're posting this given the stunts she's been pulling for the past year complete with throwing her loving family under the bus with her DID claims.

No. 262776

seems to me she knew she could put in 0 effort and all her fans would vote for her anyways

No. 262777

File: 1667172287651.jpg (284.17 KB, 720x2259, V.jpg)

No. 262778

Jill's never ever ate a chicken nuggie with ketchup? I feel like if anyone searched far enough in her threads you could prove her wrong. Especially during that Japan trip where she basically ate all the shit she could have ate back in Canada like McDonald's.

No. 262779

>Jerrick has a healthy outlet
And yet he’s never been allowed to perform because the novelty has worn off the angsty emo boy now that Jill has figured out she can be an edgy emo girl instead

No. 262783

>>262551 can second this as an actually autistic person, not every interest is a special interest and that waters the term down so hard
>>262605 yup, pretty much as i said above too^ been diagnosed since i was 3 and i have very few special interests
; everything else i like is simply just an interest like any other fuckin person
>>262628 over consumption is the better word. People getting "liking something and just consuming every bit of that thing there is" and special interests mixed up
>>262725 also seconding; one of my special interests is literally pokemon and that goes as far back as my memory goes (I have older siblings who introduced me young) but thats wildly different compared to what jill is trying to claim here

No. 262784

This is actually hilarious. There was no reason to bring up an unrelated food she can't eat

No. 262785

File: 1667174807062.jpg (431.22 KB, 720x4649, J.jpg)

No. 262786

>be stebie
>make a Biden pumpkin
>tweet joke that it should have been a Bernie pumpkin
>lives in Canada

does he know he cant vote in the US? what's with his stupid obsession with American politics? keep your commie shit to yourself, ddlg troon.

No. 262789

>one of my special interests is literally pokemon
That's one of mine as well, also started at a young age. Jill getting the names of precure wrong and playing smash a few times a month could never compare to the ability to name every single pokemon and playing every game for hundreds of hours kek(blogpost)

No. 262795

Another sage for blog but I had a similar situation pop up. My ex best friend was pre-med but she was incredibly racist. I cut her off saying that she didn't believe in "miscegenation" (her words, obviously).

At the time I cut her off she had been rejected by all the medical schools she had been accepted to but I think it's very well in the realm of possibility that she could have been accepted since then. Not going to soapbox here about how she was evil, but clearly it would suck to be black if you were her patient. I'm pretty sure there's tons of very racist doctors who manage to get through the med school system.(learn2sage)

No. 262796

what jill doesn’t get about special interests is that in some ways it can almost become all consuming like,, that’s the only thing you want to talk about or do anything related to. But on that flip side there ARE people who are just obsessed with something without having autism or any spectrum disorder. I don’t think kpop stan’s would say the music they like is their tism special interest. I know it shouldn’t annoy me but it does peeve me how non-austic people specifically have used special interests as a way to describe anything they just…. happen to be a fan of.

No. 262803

File: 1667179639452.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1242x2200, FFD9D85E-FC15-4DF6-ACD3-B0BA6E…)

Jill when she doesn’t get her way.

No. 262808

Alters never fronting alone except for their intro video is pretty sus, but the whole co-con thing would be more convincing if it wasn’t always Jill that the alter was co-con with. Make Jax co-con with Flora, Cliffe co-con with Jerrick. Even when DissociaDID did co-con videos it wasn’t always alter + host, a lot of times it’s alter + alter with no host present at all.

No. 262809

It never seems like she's actually connecting with anyone on twitter, just yelling out information about herself or her made up disorders. Even when people are asking for advice she ties it back to herself and offers nothing. I can't wait for when the kids swing the opposite way and consider it triggering to bring up your mental health all the time

No. 262811

wow. you really can just see up her pantaloons huh.

No. 262812

canadians don't care about their own politics, all they do is mock americans as if they're any better

No. 262813

which is odd considering how she was trying to make it seem like her DID was the worst and she was dissociating and having memory loss all the time. her characters have never appeared when they need to according to the rules of DID, she plans events like the drag stuff and says they'll "come out" for it, she has the little alter come out for shopping and fun activities, Jerr comes out for edgy tiktok and twitter rants. But its never a problem since Jill is always around the corner.
I just rewatched the "Car crash storytime" to confirm this, but at 12:29 she literally says "I was like, who do I switch into, who's going to help me.. I need someone.. but I end up just handling it on my own as Jill.." pause, realizing that doesn't sound right "with a lot of umm, co-consciousness and help from Cliff"
absolutely not how DID supposedly works. It's a trauma response developed by the body, not a fucking character select screen.

No. 262815

> I just rewatched the "Car crash storytime" to confirm this, but at 12:29 she literally says "I was like, who do I switch into, who's going to help me.. I need someone.. but I end up just handling it on my own as Jill.." pause, realizing that doesn't sound right "with a lot of umm, co-consciousness and help from Cliff"
Someone needs to clip that in case she deletes that video. People with DID don’t sit there and think “who do I switch to,” the brain will just automatically switch to another alter and pull the host into a blackout. The host doesn’t get to decide who is best suited for that situation and then ask them to front. Does she not realize that part of why people with legit DID don’t know they have it is because switching isn’t a conscious decision?

No. 262816

File: 1667184767938.jpeg (66.32 KB, 748x742, 7eb.jpeg)

its not just being lazy, she literally copied the pumpkin thing from this viral tumblr post lol. its a tweet but it was huge in tumblr like 4 or 5 years ago. and we know shes is chronically online and loves tumblr shit so shes seen it. at least tranny stevie did his own thing

No. 262823

File: 1667187002565.jpeg (900.57 KB, 1284x2163, 5A177D0C-6BD1-4393-BE17-7935AC…)

Yeah, but then she got permission from other performers to just wing it and decided she was over preparing by actually choreographing a routine. She seemed really relieved and I think it might be because she doesn’t know how to choreograph. She’s done three “gigs” and all three songs have ended with her laying on the floor. She doesn’t know how to choreograph in an end pose, so she just defaults to “dying” on the floor. She has dancer friends, she could just ask for lessons. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing how to do something, it’s when you bluff your way through pretending to be an expert that it becomes a problem

No. 262832

File: 1667191249616.webm (9.81 MB, 1280x720, JillCarCrash.webm)

Happy Mischief Night

No. 262835

damn girl you're fast thanks!
the "yet" at the end is so odd. Like she's keeping a new alter in the air in case she changes her mind. Compared to the rest of the video, this section is spoken in a very disjointed way and her eye contact is all over the place. There's something really awkward about the way she grasps the air with her fist when she says "co-consciousness". I realize its old milk now, but this clip is pretty damning in terms of ruining her did credibility. I just want to lay all of her reports out as of yet. So far she's reported that she didn't suffer from child abuse and was born with did, then changed her mind and said she did (and has changed the timeline of her biggest trauma iirc because the older gf wasn't big enough to make sense), is always co-conscious, but blacks out when triggered but NEVER while driving, and she can plan her switches during a traumatic endorphin-raising event. What are the odds?

No. 262841

She never claimed to have been born with DID. She was parroting a dissociaDID video where Chloe said something along the lines of some people where born with a ‘natural predisposition for dissociation’ (or something idk) which then after trauma played into the development of DID. I forget exactly what it was, but it was some psuedo-psych bullshit. Jill repeated that on Twitter without the full context, and nonnies refuse to stop repeating something that didn’t happen. The same thing happened with the ‘brain scan’ nonsense that Jill never even said but people just imagined and latched onto.
I swear to god some of you lot are more retarded that Jill is

No. 262854

File: 1667200373898.webm (18.62 MB, 540x960, Snaptik_7055854444403002629_pi…)

Nta but here's the tiktok and she says it around the 2:30 mark. I got it from this thread: >>194370

No. 262873

You genuinely believe she made up the "born with dissociation" thing as an innocent pipeline into a new "I'm just a dreamy person" identity and not her DID identity she's been working on for like a year now? Half the larp is her dissociation ie. blacking out, not knowing who's fronting. Which is caused by trauma. If you aren't a sperg you should be able to read between the lines. I remembered this >>262854 tiktok because it was the first we heard of her being supposedly born with a disorder that requires trauma. If you're getting that worked up over what is essentially the difference between dissociation disorder and did you should take a break. If someone is wildly off base just correct them and move on. iirc the brain scan thing anons we're saying happened months ago though I think its time to let it go.

No. 262877


>prolonged dehydration

What the fuck is Jill doing that she regularly gets dehydrated?? Also I love how even when she's dehydrated Jill has to make it a DID aesthetic

No. 262878

>What the fuck is Jill doing that she regularly gets dehydrated??
Pretending to have never eaten ketchup in her nuggie life!

No. 262879

Getting drunk and stoned then sleeping until mid day would make you pretty dehydrated.

No. 262880

She probably just has cotton mouth from smoking too much weed

No. 262887

it says 'prolonged hydration', you've just added 'de-' yourself

No. 262889

File: 1667214626928.jpg (41.73 KB, 612x459, istockphoto-104503811-612x612.…)

No. 262891

Ngl some of the anons itt are retarded as hell kek. Can't read, powerleveling all over the place… no one cares that you or your little brother is autistic or if you know people in med school it's rough in here sometimes.

No. 262892

The blog posting is why I barely check in here since the Lolcow video. Just thankful I caught the absolute gem that was her drag performance. I'll never forget the image of Jill awkwardly stuffing 5 dollar notes into her bra while trying to dance.

No. 262893

It's like >>262841 said… if that anon didn't point out the mistake, people would keep repeating the dehydration thing even though it never happened

No. 262896

>never eaten ketchup
Has she never had a McDonalds burger and always ordered it without ketchup? I swear she is just bored and needs to make up a lie every day

No. 262897

What's the point of eating pumpkin seeds if you dunk them in so much spice? I don't intend to niptick, I just never saw this

No. 262899

Nitpick of the century.

No. 262904

Which is why jill has a point about the fan fiction stuff. I beg anons please learn to fucking read bc the reading comprehension itt is abysmal

No. 262912

On god you just came for people over reading skill and correlated it to fan fiction in agreement with Jill like it's not actually a complicated issue of politics and culture and economics and government nice privilege you got there

No. 262916

She clearly said it because she forgot she is supposed to be ultra autistic then the person replying said they could never eat that and set off her competitive side. That’s probably why she stupidly chose ketchup because it’s a mundane thing so not eating it is special in her mind.

No. 262918

I report every time, but it seems like jannnies truly do not give a fuck. Better just get used to ignoring 20+ messages in a row to see any real milk.

No. 262919

No. 262921

File: 1667229214732.jpg (165.22 KB, 1101x1042, 1666383971297.jpg)

No. 262923

Canada loves ketchup too. We put that shit on mac n cheese and have the exclusive chip flavour.
yeah it's annoying as fuck. It's probably long time fans that aren't integrated yet.

No. 262924

The way this bitch writes genuinely gets on my nerves like you are 24 years old. She needs to stop posting her fake disorder cringe on tiktok and pick up a fucking book or something. She comes across as so insincere and fake trying to sound all cutesy it just reeks of retardation.

No. 262936

File: 1667230981607.png (90.25 KB, 961x401, 392756925.PNG)

The ketchup claim apparently goes way back, I found this in thread #38.

No. 262943

Don't britbongs eat their french fries with vinegar/mayo anyways?

No. 262945

shes canadian dimwit. to be fair they eat like gravy and cheese curds on their french fries.

No. 262949

britbong comes flailing in to correct you

Not actually british but I live here, french fries are the very skinny mcdonalds/bk chips which you might dip in mayo or ketchup. You would not put vinegar on french fries usually, people would think you are crazy, you only dip them in sauce. You would not really use anything other than bbq sauce, mayo, ketchup.
However thick chips like fresh fish and chips variety, you can put pretty much anything on. That is all about gluttony, so cheese, vinegar, any topping really. I haven't eaten these for ages but there will be options for something to be chucked over them usually.(derailing)

No. 262955

Yes I came for their reading abilities when they are criticising someone because it makes the threads shit and leads to other nonnies having to explain shit 50 times. Also how can anons criticise Jill and call her stupid when they can’t even read

No. 262956

Samefag but also
>on god

No. 262959

and now you're shitting up the thread because you're worried Jilly might come by and nitpick so she can protect her lies? We don't care how the cow interacts with the thread as long as people don't cowtip. Can we fucking stop with the mini modding

No. 262961

Take your meds

No. 262970

File: 1667243157703.png (70.78 KB, 1105x265, Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 2.03…)

It's almost like twitter is a dumpster fire for enabling attention seeking. People can see when you're lying through a video and opt out.
new video coming later today

No. 262971

File: 1667243272034.png (626.69 KB, 868x750, Jellycat.png)

I think it's more of a BPD thing, Jill has mentioned it herself >>260212
Her pumpkin is supposed to resemble a Jellycat plushie picrel, learn2read

No. 262996

new video. steve’s hair is looking long. troon arc coming soon?

No. 262997

Her voice has never been more unbearable in all these years. God this video is awful.

Stevie is adorable though.

No. 262999

>Stevie is adorable

hi maggie

No. 263000

No. The lack of sage was just a rare mistake. I dunno, I just think Stevie is a cutie. I couldn't ever bear to be around such a pathetic leftist like him but … oh well.

No. 263001

Absolutely ABYSMAL fucking taste. You should feel bad.

No. 263002

He's cute but you couldn't bear to be around him? mmk praying your taste in men improves nonna

No. 263003

I don't think he's attractive, I just think that he is a cute person. But the fact that he unironically carved a Biden pumpkin, especially as a Canadian, is a massive negative. 0/10, still think he's a cute person.

No. 263004

You can fix him anon

No. 263009

File: 1667256982321.jpg (50.36 KB, 799x166, I-want-to-be-pixielocks.jpg)

OT but why is that ichigo person so desperate to be uwu noticed by jillybean?? I genuinely can't tell if they're trolling her or serious. I don't know which would be sadder

No. 263017

Your idea of a cute moid is one that lives without any hobby or personal space in a nightmare rainbow house where he's akin to a piece of furniture or a lanky accessory? He's spineless to the point that he lets his girlfriend (of 2-3? years) control his clothing choices and entire identity, and you think THAT's cute? Get a grip.

No. 263019

File: 1667259847002.png (7.47 MB, 2688x1242, 83AA7636-FA33-4037-9930-20F1AA…)

Cries about getting stalked yet includes footage of local signage. I assume any deranged person could easily find what pumpkin patch she went to just based on existing info. Jill's problem is that her need for attention outweighs her (seemingly non-existant) internet safety knowledge.

No. 263025

File: 1667261198358.gif (66.81 KB, 446x400, laughgirl.gif)

i fucking laughed out loud, thx anon

No. 263035

That's because the stalking thing is a lie. She doesn't actually believe she's being stalked

No. 263040

>not in burgerland
>is a fucking leaf
>makes joe biden pumpkin

what an absolute faggot kek

No. 263049

File: 1667268781345.jpeg (Spoiler Image,932.19 KB, 1170x1669, 234147A1-9E7E-4F6F-8466-0A8C6D…)

She was Jillian for Halloween (+ some gore makeup? Idk why). Almost all her most recent media tweets and I'm sure regular tweets too are about jill.

Creators in the past have had issues with "super fans" and IMO this behavior is concerning.
If I was Jill and holding an event I wouldn't be worried about lolcow users filming me, I'd be worried about this girl showing up.

No. 263052

File: 1667270050989.jpeg (290.61 KB, 957x1170, 125A77FB-72FE-4563-A5D9-23CDEB…)


No. 263054

This shit would freak me out wayyy more than someone recording me dancing at a live show.

No. 263059

Someone dressing up as a gore version of you has got to be up there in "reasons I don't want to be famous online" like sure, it's halloween but this is still unsettling

No. 263061

Absolutely nobody gives a fuck what you put on either form of chip.

No. 263064

File: 1667272010847.jpeg (131.23 KB, 689x947, 69C1FBD2-CDE4-4F0F-816B-F9A4A1…)

>"I was like, who do I switch into, who's going to help me.. I need someone.. but I end up just handling it on my own as Jill.." pause, realizing that doesn't sound right "with a lot of umm, co-consciousness and help from Cliff"

No. 263098

Nothing screams future saga troon like this.

No. 263101

I think this is proof we're in a simulation. That guy is absolutely an npc. There's no other explanation.

No. 263102

the fact that it literally would be so easy for anyone to figure out where she lives on account of having a rainbow house in a small town kinda just proves that she's full of shit about the stalking claims, huh?

No. 263111

If it wasn’t for this girl’s obsession, I’d say the half gore, half regular make-up was a reference to Jill being two-faced

No. 263119

she keeps getting fatter jesus christ.

No. 263128

So am I to take it there will be no video on her?

No. 263136

actually can’t sit through how much she talks like a retard in this video how is she not embarrassed putting on her ddlg shit in public

No. 263140

She makes a video about supposed stalkers on lolcow famrs, yet endorses this fucker to literally larp as her for halloween?

It's quite incredible.

No. 263145

TBF does it even really matter if we knew where the pumpkin farm is? It's not like she said she goes there every weekend or something, like we know she's been to Monarch, that nightclub I forget the name of, and Mimi's but no one is loitering around there for days waiting for the sight of her. All of us very clearly knew she went to NBCCD but out of her three(?) years of being there not ONE person went to her campus, where she would have 100% been there every single day, which just goes to prove no one gives a fuck about her that much to stalk her. It's such a boring obviously fake larp but what's new

No. 263149

I think nonas were just pointing out the stupidity of having a shit fit over someone “stalking” her, when she makes zero effort to protect her location online, and never has

No. 263153

Steve is a pedophile you daft cunt.

No. 263161

File: 1667309420325.png (53.89 KB, 615x471, firefox_uHuFk2b8ks.png)

No. 263162

Everyday? How unfunny are they

No. 263177


Man I heard someone IRL call a TV show her 'special interest' and I wanted to be like, "Bud, it's an interest. You are so self-absorbed you don't even notice that normal people like things as much as you do."

No. 263185

there will be, vangelina has other videos she wants to get out first and has to compile all the information together, which given how much milk there is i'm sure it'll be a minute before we see it.

No. 263187

File: 1667315691641.jpeg (689.81 KB, 1170x1411, 84A3641E-2D31-4E86-8418-411EF4…)

who is he announcing this to lmao

No. 263189

“Creating content” only when does he do that? He did that drama video recently sure but his “content” is just tweeting at his friends for the most part. Why does he talk like he is a legit creator who you would notice taking a break. It’s like he thinks Jill having an audience and him orbiting that counts as him also being an influencer.

No. 263191

Didn’t she straight up post a picture of the key to her townhouse when she first moved in?

No. 263192

>>263049 this ichigo chick is what jill wants to be with emilia fart kek

No. 263193

It's been a year since his appendectomy though?

No. 263194

He made that one vlog about his porn addiction years ago and has identified as a Content Creator(TM) ever since. He probably thinks of himself as an independent political commentator like every other wokebro with a twitter account.

No. 263198

He's like an echo of Pixie, man is not even a content creator but he's posting about taking a break from making content

No. 263199

They're truly perfect for each other. Both over sharing attention seekers that think they're the center of the world

No. 263200

Yes, absolutely. It's a miracle they found each other. Enablers and narcissists of the highest order.

No. 263204

Are you serious? By that logic, why would you season anything at all?

No. 263208

yeah no, my scars looked like this when i gained weight, they were still light and not deep at all. Theyre just being stretched out

No. 263209


Yup. Iirc she also showed her front door in a video or pic when she decorated it for some holiday or other

No. 263213

File: 1667326380498.jpg (134.03 KB, 902x459, Screenshot 2022-11-01 121238.j…)

Today on Reddit.

No. 263220

These kids just need to get into the whole tulpa thing instead of claiming a severe mental illness. Way cooler too imo

No. 263236

We don’t care about Reddit scrotes and their issues, this has nothing to do with Jillian specifically

No. 263245

He’s baiting so hard for that “omg don’t goooo” “hope everything is okay take all the time you need” response

No. 263246

Steve is gross and creepy. Gives off pedo ageplay vibes in his taste of childish immature equally creepy woman. What grown man calls himself something as childish and demeaning as Stevie? What grown man says that calling him by his birth name Steve instead of silly Stevie transphobic? One that is attracted to woman like Jill and also can’t be taken seriously whatsoever. You have horrible taste.
This crosses boundaries and is disturbing, but it’s not like Jillian cares. She would be careful with the parasocial relationships with her fans and her lack of internet safety. Actual celebrities such as Chirstina Grimmie and Selena have been murdered by crazed fans when they had security around them in public places and had taken precautions likely due to stalking.

No. 263258

All redditors who ended up finding the Jill threads need to go back

No. 263259

Did Jill respond to this at all? This "costume" is psychotic

No. 263260

"I may have seemed a wee bit off, but trust me it's not because of my terrible, stressful relationship with a literal monster, nor is it the fact that I'm an insufferable, genderconfused nonce whose life choices are catching up with me more and more every day
… nope, it's definitely my appendix, guise."

No. 263269

File: 1667342437051.jpeg (51.87 KB, 750x257, 7F457D10-0CAD-45AC-B25C-14FA43…)

She did

No. 263276

File: 1667344562030.png (1.72 MB, 1440x1554, fan1.png)

This girl's Tweets are like 50% about pixie, lots of stuff like this. She's autistic so it's safe to say pixie is her special interest for real since she posts about her every day, does similar makeup etc.

No. 263277

File: 1667344611578.png (1.18 MB, 1440x1126, fan2.png)

There's so much more than this if you scroll her account but these give you the idea

No. 263278

File: 1667344656524.png (1.48 MB, 1440x1272, fan3.png)

>I want this to be my aesthetic
>it's just a photo of jill

No. 263289

If anything this should go into the Confetti Cult thread

No. 263290

this video that popped up on my feed today. it's interesting seeing more people talk about her but shy is it this random empty channel

No. 263293

I think that would be a necro, it's relevant since this girl just dressed as her for Halloween and interacts with her often

No. 263294

The uploader posted this in the thread before.
Glad to see she updated the thumbnail, the new one is much better

No. 263302

Wtf? He seems like a faggot but in what way is homie a pedo? Idk why a pedo would be in a relationship with a chick who looks 10 years older than her (already adult) age.

No. 263305

They’re basing it on him having dated Maggie who posts loli art on Twitter a lot. Also because everyone iit are obliged to hate all men all the time (Steve is fucking weird tho tbh)

No. 263306

we call him a pedo because he has invited age regressors over to his house and has said that their home is a safe space for agere. he’s a fucking creep.

No. 263308

It’s too dead. Unless there’s more milk from confetti cows I think here is fine.

No. 263317

Him continuing to invite over a pedo who is obsessed with kiddie hentai and DDLG doesn’t reflect well on him, combined with that they were dating before, and that he now encourages his current girlfriend to pretend to be a child around him too.

No. 263318

Does anyone have caps for this? Imma be real, I don't recall ever seeing any sort of proof of this claim (inviting agere to the home) tho I do remember Maggie's loli shit. It wouldn't be far fetched but it would be nice to see the proof

No. 263319

File: 1667361568838.jpeg (530.91 KB, 1170x1411, 4D2BD2B7-6960-40A2-9645-72A9BD…)

literally took me 2 seconds to find the tweet on his twitter, and this has definitely been posted in the threads before.

No. 263320

Be careful you’re gonna trigger learn2read anon.
It’s quite a few threads back and is there but not in the mood to spoonfeed

No. 263321

Thanks, don't need any spoon feeding beyond this. Steve's creepy shit blurs together and Jill's had like 5 threads in the past month alone I appreciate the help

No. 263325

DDLG and agere is problematic and creepy sure, but it’s not the same as pedophilia. Really wish people would stop watering down the term because there are plenty of actual pedos out there grooming kids and watching CP and all matter of horrific shit. Liking an adult woman acting like a little kid is fucking creepy and degenerate but it’s not pedophilia.

No. 263328

i disagree, because with this logic 2d loli porn isn't CP. a fetish where a woman acts like a child is pedophilia because it excites pedos in the same way a child would. it creates the same dynamic and the same situation that they would be in with a child. that's why loli porn is CP, because even though the characters aren't real they're depicted as being underage and men who aren't pedos don't want to get off to depictions of children or women playing pretend.

No. 263330

Damn I forgot she’s been writing in all caps with “lol” sprinkled in for years when she’s defensive. Except now it’s amped up with crying emojis for extra emotional manipulation. Some things never change

No. 263339

being attracted to an adult who pretends to be childish/underage IS creepy and pedophilic. the pedo sexualizing/turned on by things for children/child-like behavior. it’s the same reason there’s “teen” categories on porn sites, Hollywood loves making their legally adult actors film scenes while portraying teenagers, and why teenagers and other children are still being harmed by it. it’s depraved, even in fiction and media. claiming that it isn’t pedophilic gives dumb pedo pandering women such as belle delphine a get out of jail free card.

No. 263340

Steve also follows Vaush who wants to abolish the age of consent.

No. 263341

I think Steve gives off pedo because of how much he enables Jill weird ass baby talk /toddler aesthetic. The fact he's fine with Jill running around dressed like a toddler, pretending to have a 6 year old alter and saying shit like "I need to upload a viddy widdy to my tikky tokky wicky wocky" in her 20s is fucking weird

No. 263349

Right?! Any well adjusted person would be uncomfortable with their partner speaking and acting like a six year old even in a non sexual way. He’s gotta be into it if he can look at her like that and think “Ah yes, this is the woman I love and want to share my living space with”.

No. 263358

I had a dream that Stevie trooned out and 'came out' to Jill on her birthday by buying some of her clothes she no longer fits into. Her Mom was pissed. It was a funny dream, I woke up laughing.

No. 263359

I mean Jill's Mom was pissed about the trooning of comrade Stevie.

No. 263361

do anons still want a summary?

No. 263362

I always appreciate a summary, please do it nonna if you have some time! It is also good for archive purposes.

No. 263366

okay this is my first summary!

>jill is fronting, doesn't get the date right at first

>at the thrift store with stevie, they are looking for clothes to wear to be miss piggy and kermit
>distracted by sheets 'for the girlies who make dresses out of sheets, I could be her but I'm not'
>stevie buys a sweater and trousers to be 'kermit on a sunday afternoon smoking a pipe'
>jill will wear cure flora wig for her costume as they are doing things 'susty and on a budget'
>stevie drives them to pumpkin patch where jill is co-con with berry
>joke (?) about content warning for texture of pumpkins
>they get yellow and orange contrasting pumpkins and jill claps
>jill thinks halloween and christmas are when you find out who in your neighbourhood is artistic and who is funny and who does it to check a box
>now it's friday the 28th, jill messes the date up at first again, doesnt say who is fronting today
>having a halloween get together, shows old DIY pumpkin decor and gets a ghost calico critter from her dollhouse to put in a tiny halloween bell jar
>doesnt show face yet because her hair is scraped back and is about to do makeup 'or probably let Jax do makeup'
>on sunday jill and stevie do pumpkin carving, again doesnt say who is fronting
>stevie's pumpkin starts to rot, his nails look bad
>very short carving montage with dramatic music
>jill does a jellycat face, stevie does joe biden
>stevie has one (1) funko pop and it's a rainbow spongebob
>jill paid 18 dollars for a tiny strawberry jellycat
>jill won the contest

No. 263369

>>263366 thank you!

No. 263370

>berry co-fronting
What happened to never letting the "little" be on social media

No. 263371

>'for the girlies who make dresses out of sheets, I could be her but I'm not'
Nah she’d rather just sell mass produced shit that’s worse quality than thrift store sheets

No. 263378

>is about to do makeup 'or probably let Jax do makeup'
If only I could summon an alter for everytime I'm too tired to do something, I'd have 15.

No. 263383


LMAO I genuinely forgot that she went to fashion school when she said, "I could be her but I'm not"

So pitiful that she got an entire degree in sewing and she doesn't even have the motivation to do it.

No. 263389

She should get an alter that applies to jobs and is productive. Cliff is useless

No. 263515

File: 1667414071210.png (398.12 KB, 350x510, ok.png)

No. 263550

Hasn't Jill said this as well? Does that make her a pedo too?

No. 263568

That looks like AI art lol

No. 263575

Autopedos tend to be pedos too, so yeah, the sped living in a rainbow house, with expensive toddlers' toys, who likes to pretend she's a toddler is a pedo as well.

No. 263590

It's like when people were somehow SHOCKED when pamperchu finally came out as a pedo. No shit he is. They all are. Or when trans icon Rily Kilo from My Strange Addiction started making porn where he pretends to be an infant girl. It seems very common sense to me that an adult man tranny into ddlg/ageplay who follows and interacts with known pedos and creeps online would be a pedo himself. He was working at a toy store at some point too (the store literally posted pictures and videos of him on their social media) and that is so alarming and creepy to me, he needs to be kept away from children. I hate that this shit is so normalized now. Sorry for the derailing rant.

No. 263594

at what point in pumpkin video did she say she was co-con with berry?

No. 263606

File: 1667441997006.jpg (151.16 KB, 719x1277, Screenshot_20221102-191853_Chr…)

No. 263618

File: 1667449082405.jpg (30.63 KB, 382x382, jillybeanfrog.jpg)

No. 263619

That whole table of unimpressed people really are the MVPs of this whole shit show. From Jill initially ignoring them because she knows they're bored as hell. After a while of spazzing the fuck out, she then wobbles over to their table for a second time but their sheer indifference wins in the end, forcing her fat ass to roll around on the ground. That table is still watching her, and she is struggling to get up, panties are on full display at this point, and you know what those MVPs do by the end of this? Just slow clap while oozing the aura of "You really thought you did something."

No. 263630

See here >>263366 and sage your shit

No. 263649

Kek I can't watch the damn video cause I'm only ever on this thread on mobile so thank for you giving me such incredible detail of her awkward failure
She's not the natural drag queen she wants to be. I'm not big on the drag community, but everyone should know practice goes into literally every performance hobby. She keeps saying she doesn't plan shit for her routines. Girl, we can tell.

No. 263653

If you use an app like VLC you can copy the webm link and play it on your phone if you don’t want to use tiktok. It’s a bit annoying but it’s a work around.

No. 263742

File: 1667495523733.png (489.44 KB, 372x634, gay.png)

dat forehead

No. 263753

File: 1667496654270.jpeg (576.92 KB, 1170x1272, 24818ECF-1446-46B9-9CFC-A7D2AC…)

i’m excited to see this trainwreck but i still wish she would focus on her meet the alters videos.

No. 263763

So nice of her to plan this after he announced wanting to take a break from content because of his depressive state

No. 263774

Right? What a kind and caring girlfriend! The months are ticking by when this motherfucker finally troons out and I can't wait for that milkmas.

No. 263807

>Big juicy video
Why is she like this? It will be such a disaster and I fully expect bad theatrics.
>Be respectful please
He's just a prop for her to use, nonnie. His silly mental health issue is far lower than Jill experiencing/living with DID. Remember she went through life and death type of trauma.

No. 263821

File: 1667501560151.gif (18.17 MB, 144x256, resized1.gif)

She doesn't even know how to get up from the ground gracefully. She looks like a crackhead. Narcissism is a hell of a drug.

No. 263824

File: 1667501789319.gif (17.96 MB, 144x256, 973973.gif)

the bar also looks dirty and so cheap. She basically looks like a cheap drug addicted whore. Theres nothing hot or entretaining about her, her body is built like a fridge and she's fucking ugly, and doesn't know how to move, and fumbles around in such a rough, random way. crazy ass.

No. 263828

this is seriously the most embarrassing shit she has ever done and she's so unaware it's incredible. And everyone is just looking at her, straight face and no reaction, they're looking at a crazy ass woman showing herself like this in public. It's almost as sad as it is ridiculous.

No. 263830

this is legit contradicting her larp again

No. 263831

funny that all of the "drag queens" in this illustration look like fat thumbs, fitting for jill

No. 263832

She really is built like a fridge. She talks up how she is thicc and has big boobs and a big ass but yeah, fridge. The binder really doesn’t help because it’s crushing what little she has and she really needs it. It’s such a cope the stuff she says too, one that is common in “body positivity”. Not everyone carrying extra weight is curvy and they just reinforce that there is attractive fat and unattractive fat. Seems like the majority of that movement is girls like Jill who haven’t done the work for actual self acceptance and just cover it up with fake bravado while they internally hate themselves.

No. 263836

I’ll never get over the person wearing the chicken hat sitting there watching this spectacle. It’s a bad scene when the audience is more entertaining than the act.

No. 263852

I think the thing that is most hilarious is that she kicked up such a fuss about anons not coming to the show to film her and how she was *~so in fear for her life*~ only for us to still laugh at her shitty performance and the audience to be completely dead pan. But I’m not surprised since she literally has full weeks to prepare for a performance only to wing it last second and the performance just looks like an elaborate bedroom performance to her favourite song

No. 263856

At this point it seems like she avoids having a routine on purpose or do any type of practicing that doesn't involve filming shitty ass tiktoks (aka, no preparation whatsoever) because she thinks she's so good and perfect at what she does that she's just going to "wing it" every time. She's delusional, unaware, stupid… she's not even embarrassed or flustered looking at this footage, she's just proudly showing herself to the world like the retard woman she is. This is the true definition of a cow, she wants all the attention she can get lmao. If I did this shit IRL I would simply delete the footage and kms because I would be dying at how bad I would look flailing my arms and moping the floor with my fat rolls as the public just quietly stares in disbelief.

No. 263868

It’s crazy how lazy she has become. She had multiple hobbies like theatre, had a part time job and was doing YouTube at one point then later had two jobs and YouTube. Now she has no job, one hobby she doesn’t even put in a lot of hours on and her upload schedule is fucked. She is so lazy now she won’t even put effort into the drag and practice. What does she do all day, she is most active on tik tok and her output isn’t crazy on there and what she does make doesn’t really take any prep or effort. She has time to learn a fucking dance.

No. 263873

>what does she do all day?
She gets high and is enabled, allowing her severe BPD related identity disturbances to run buck wild.

No. 263903

>I think the thing that is most hilarious is that she kicked up such a fuss about anons not coming to the show to film her and how she was *~so in fear for her life~* only for us to still laugh at her shitty performance and the audience to be completely dead pan.
The audience is better than me because I'd be laughing. Can you imagine seeing that live and upfront? Her clearly ill-fitting outfit, the skirt tugging, panty shots, rolling on the ground, and overall attitude is just too much. I'll be honest, the anon who recorded only allowed us to see the disaster faster. It was still going to be a disaster, but it was nice to see it before Jillian uploaded it. I do have a sneaking suspicion that Jill's friends made sure no one else filmed her performance. Would not surprise me if they were aggressively making sure only the right person was filming.
>At this point it seems like she avoids having a routine on purpose or do any type of practicing that doesn't involve filming shitty ass tiktoks (aka, no preparation whatsoever) because she thinks she's so good and perfect at what she does that she's just going to "wing it" every time.
She whined about being "over preparded" on twitter until another performer said they just improvised. Jill has barely done any shows and doesn't have a feel for a performance or know how to engage her audience. It's fine she'll live in her delusional world while drinking powerade because of how demanding her performance was.
>She's delusional, unaware, stupid… she's not even embarrassed or flustered looking at this footage, she's just proudly showing herself to the world like the retard woman she is. This is the true definition of a cow, she wants all the attention she can get lmao. If I did this shit IRL I would simply delete the footage and kms because I would be dying at how bad I would look flailing my arms and moping the floor with my fat rolls as the public just quietly stares in disbelief.
Her need for attention will always blind her to the truth. Why she's in the predicaments she's in. She is never the problem, everyone else is.

No. 263911

she’s just… pointing? her last steven universe one was cringy but at least she had some actual choreography in that. this is just very lazy. if she spent as much time on her drag as her DID larp, she could do decent amateur drag. she clearly has the confidence, just needs to actually put some care and effort into it. she really just doesn’t have a passion for any of her “passions” and it’s so infuriating to see that from someone with so many resources and opportunities.

No. 263912

But what about this is drag? I can't see a thing that's drag. I've seen people dress more drag than that running to the shops. Fuck, I'm more drag than that going to my office job.

Not that it matters, she's gonna do what she wants anyway but fuck I wish she'd give more of a shit about things. Maybe if she put in half the effort she did when rejigging her DID lore and making up trauma, she'd be decent.

Winds me up as well that she wears her binder as some kind of gender symbol or something.

No. 263915

File: 1667518373188.jpg (4.18 KB, 225x225, bibble.jpg)

No. 263919

She wishes

No. 263921

As someone who doesn’t partake I have to ask, does getting high keep you from being bored? She’s able bodied and her mental illness isn’t debilitating by her own admission, yet she chooses to do so little. If weed doesn’t suppress boredom, I have no idea how she isn’t climbing up the walls at this point. Even the laziest person will eventually succumb to boredom

No. 263923

We all saw the wedding dress. Did you really think she’d put an ounce of effort into? She looks like a fat ugly teen from 2007 hanging around the mall til her mom picks her up

No. 263935

Nothing. She's using the term loosely otherwise she'd be just dressing up and doing lip sync battles with her friends. She can't be average or normal, she has to be special. She's late to the trend and thought by adding her super special ***~DID~*** she'd standout and be instantly famous. As you can see that's going well.
>Winds me up as well that she wears her binder as some kind of gender symbol or something.
In her head, it makes her not like the other girls and more queer. I can't imagine trying to dance or exercise in one. It has to be uncomfortable.

No. 263941

>She whined about being "over preparded" on twitter until another performer said they just improvised
That's incredibly unprofessional for any type of performer or artist, ever. Knowing how to do improv of any kind takes years and years of actual practice and knowing how to improv. It's not just showing up and doing random shit on stage, it's not entertaining or fun, and your job is not to be narcissistic and show yourself, but to entertain others so they come back to your show. What she's doing is bullshit, newbie crap, and I don't think anyone will want to go to her shows after seeing her just once. She does not understand how this works.

No. 263952

here's hoping it's as awkward as the paul and morgan relationship q&as.

No. 263956

>>263753 oh boy i cant wait to be able to tear apart more of jills lies

No. 263957

File: 1667530182285.jpg (91.87 KB, 720x719, Screenshot_20221103-194723_Chr…)

One can hope

No. 263962

I used to be a stoner and never got shit done either. It's not so much that it suppresses boredom, it suppresses motivation. So I'd watch tv or whatever all day, and yeah I was bored but I also didn't care enough to try to do anything about it.

No. 263983

Yeah with weed it’s like; I have this really good idea but I’ll do it tomorrow. And then never do it. Everything you come up with ends up being all talk, no doing it

No. 263984

Samefag but I think that’s exactly what Jill is doing. She gets high, gets inspired/ comes up with new ideas for her “drag”/ content/ maybe sewing but fails to actually go through with it. And when she tries it’s always a half assed mess

No. 263987

I'll do it tomorrow is exactly right. Then tomorrow it's the next day. And instead you're just watching youtube all day.

No. 263996

>I’ll never get over the person wearing the chicken hat
I know Jill is our star cow, but can we give chicken hat guy some appreciation next thread by making him part of the thread pic? He's too funny to be forgotten.

No. 264002

the awkward clap they do with no facial expressions or cheering when she falls to the ground topfuckingkek

No. 264004

I think it’s also that is blurs your perception of the passage of time so you sit down in front of the tv, put YouTube on and then four hours can pass. I’m not a wake and bake stay stoned all day kind of person like Jill because of this, your whole day is just gone to you laying down watching something or bumbling around doing nothing of value. I wonder if Steve is responsible for household chores after being at work because there is no way she is being productive in any way. I would bet the passage of time thing is also responsible for her forgetting to eat and not her invented ED.

No. 264007

She doesn't forget to eat, she's literally obese

No. 264008

I was referring to her claims that she does. I do think it’s possible though and then she will be binge eating after the fact to compensate and telling herself oh well I didn’t eat for insert amount of time so eating garbage is okay.

No. 264009

I stan chicken hat.
>You go out for a drink and a good time, your friends mentioning a quaint bar with a live show. You don a chicken hat for laughs. You're enjoying your time when suddenly you notice your beverage start to ripple. The music kicks on as a doughy shaped girl swathed in green begins flailing around. All those years of wondering what you would do in a life or death situation were now answered. You were rooted to the spot, unable to tear you eyes away from the pudgy mass rolling on the floor. Too polite to leave and see if you can fit through the bathroom window. And so you sat, dead eyed, just watching and waiting.

No. 264014

Nonnie, my sides kek
> Amateur drag, not even once

No. 264015

KEK NONNA and honestly I bet when they got to their cars and if anyone drove together they just were like…so wtf was THAT lmfao

No. 264032

Man if she wasn't wearing that binder she could at least be able to give herself a fat girl hourglass silhouette? She just looks like a fridge like this

No. 264049

Nah wtf who takes a question as serious as this and calls it a "great one"

No. 264087

If she swapped the binder for a corset she could probably give herself some form of "hourglass" figure. I don't think she's a straight fridge, more like a sloppy pear shape or something.

Like everyone else says, it cuts your motivation. Probably also gives her serious munchies, and after she eats she probably gets tired and takes a 7hr nap. By the time she's sobered up it's probably 2am and she can't do anything outside of smoke more and watch Netflix till she falls asleep again. Rinse repeat for years. She's going to hit 30 and not know wtf happened.

No. 264089

anon >>263742 is a fridge, not a pear.

No. 264093

It’s annoying because padding and corsetry is something proper drag queens do to create shape. She will know this too because they talk about it on drag race all the time and it’s a critique often given if the queen in question hasn’t done anything or done it wonky. She is just so lazy. There is no costuming happening she is just wearing clothes she wears everyday, there is no attempt at wig artistry at any point. Her makeup doesn’t even take as long as a real drag queens because she isn’t doing any camouflaging or contouring. She doesn’t even stack lashes, in essence all she is doing is a normal base and just drawing with eyeliner. It’s kind of sad to see her hype up how much she loves this but then does nothing and puts in no effort, she was always cringe but at least before she was productive and making her cosplays and whatnot.

No. 264148

File: 1667592017074.jpg (297.67 KB, 720x2454, Dm.jpg)

She stirs cream into her coffee while the Drew Monson song plays.

No. 264169

Every night? Drew better watch his back because Jill is so weirdly creepy about him, intense parasocial shit.

No. 264199

Why doesn't she say that guy's her "special interest"? Certainly makes more sense than whatever else she says it is but I guess that would mean acknowledging her severe obsession with him

No. 264215

File: 1667600806313.png (38.35 KB, 1440x398, drewmonson.png)

Listening to the same artist every night or day is pretty normal for music stans but drew isn't really a music artist is he? They are like joke youtube songs or something?
She also was a patreon but he has paused his patreon, he earns like 5k a month on there so his patreon superfans must be insufferable to not just log on and take that easy money

No. 264219

File: 1667601258133.jpg (107.32 KB, 720x996, Screenshot_20221104-153307_Chr…)

No. 264220

He's released a few albums of original singer-songwriter type music with guitar, etc.

No. 264221

>Her makeup doesn’t even take as long as a real drag queens because she isn’t doing any camouflaging or contouring

I mean that's kind of the point of being a bio queen, like halfassing it because you are actually female and don't need to hide your manface under 15 layers of foundation and contouring.

No. 264224

the bitch doesn't understand why other ppl don't post their every thought on twitter

No. 264225

guilty moment

No. 264227

I was looking through the questions people were asking on twitter, and one person asked if Stevie thought he might have DID too when Jill got her DID diagnosis. Why would someone even ask that? Mental illness isn’t contagious, and if someone else getting diagnosed with a mental illness makes you think you might have it too, that’s literal hypochondria

No. 264239

File: 1667605255264.jpg (163.25 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20221104-163840_Chr…)

No. 264256

File: 1667610466607.png (99.25 KB, 849x374, Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 8.07…)

you are not trans Jill

No. 264257

>did Stevie ever consider that he was DID too
Are you fucking joking do people think this is like a fucking depressive disorder are you Twitter fuckasses insane

No. 264258


Love how she has to add the DID in there too. Can't let anyone forget she's mentally ill an traumatised on top of being autistic and trans

No. 264265

File: 1667612589395.jpg (258.4 KB, 720x2497, Well.jpg)

No. 264266

Stevie isn’t borrowing their clothes, his taking his own clothes back. She hasn’t bought anything for her male alters besides a binder.

No. 264267

>stevie also borrows their clothes
oh no no no, kek.

No. 264295

File: 1667623312756.jpg (536.13 KB, 720x4568, Jilly.jpg)

No. 264296

she makes me so mad she's literally just trying to wear every lgbt label at the same time when she's the straightest person ever invented

No. 264297

File: 1667623452697.webm (3.14 MB, 540x960, download.webm)

No. 264298

File: 1667623538602.jpg (217.93 KB, 720x2168, Gg.jpg)

No. 264299

File: 1667623674736.jpg (116.14 KB, 720x1131, Screenshot_20221104-214711_Chr…)

No. 264307

could be a nitpick but 'essence of cat fluff'? It's like she rolled in a pile of it

No. 264308

honestly what flavor of alter does she have left to introduce?

No. 264309

I mean she technically hasn't formally introduced Sandwich yet, which is a video I would throw real life money at to see

No. 264311

Miss Functional Multiplicity should know that new alters isn’t a good thing. It’s not a surprise new friend or a method of practicing mindfulness, it means her serious disorder is worsening. I hate to sound so cynical, but is her long term plan just to declare herself even more mentally ill every time her views drop? Her pattern of teasing out new alters really suggests that actually is her career plan

No. 264312

That's probably what she's going to do. Her DID videos are what's getting the most views but since YouTube removed the likes/dislikes bar it's hard to tell what percentage is hate watching. But since they still show it to the uploader and we know that Jill neurotically checks everything for external validation that's probably why her mental health is tanking. She needs to go offline for a while and get real therapy if she actually wants to get her life together.

No. 264318

File: 1667631120296.jpg (533.84 KB, 720x5409, Jillsstats.jpg)

Used both the YT Dislike Button and Show Dislike app. She's too far up her own butt to see clearly. She's allergic to any criticism and if you dare say something that borders on negative, she thinks you're her enemy. I don't know how anyone can be around her because she reeks of toxicity. She gets engagement on twitter but I figure people watch her because she's a train wreck. Her vendetta video failed hard.

No. 264323

It’s not such an unreasonable question when you consider that this is all an obvious social contagion and grift.

The real question is if she’s caught him ‘borrowing’ Veronica or Berry’s clothes yet.

No. 264324

She scares me. It's like a bpd-chan who is going to snap.

No. 264327

I don't understand, her videos still get over half approval rating?

No. 264328

nitpick but how tf is her shirt so hairy.
i have 2 fluffy cats myself and i never get anywhere close to this much cat hair stuck to me. does she never wash this shirt or something

No. 264331

Sure, I more meant she has less to do in that area so it’s even lazier that she is doing so little when it comes to hair and outfit.
She Hasn’t given us Amanda properly yet.
This is what these grifters do, you have to remain sick to keep up the grift and those audiences love new characters. DissacociaDID puts some of her characters behind a paywall, no joke you essentially have to pay to unlock the fucking character. When alters become boring just like a show they then write them out by having them fuse to someone. I think Jill needs to slow down because she isn’t even good at larping the ones she already has and adding more isn’t going to help her bad acting skills. I think she sees people like dissacociaDID who have more alters than her and she wants more but those people have been on the grift much longer. Also I believe dissacociaDID has changed who the host is before which how is that possible to start with and do we think Jill calling herself an alter means she isn’t the host. I vote sandwich for host kek.

No. 264339

File: 1667647281019.gif (1.67 MB, 338x600, _.gif)

No. 264340

I was just about to say I wonder how long it’ll be before she pulls a Chloe and merges two alters into a new host. The novelty seems to have worn off Jerrick at the moment, maybe he’ll be first

No. 264342

I had thought Cliffe would go first but I guess she feels she has to keep him because it adds believability in her mind. I could see Jax and Jerrick fusing because she clearly likes the edgy look but doesn’t like dressing like a dude and has been ramping up the Jax content where previously there was Jerrick content. I don’t know why she is trying so hard to force that she is gender fluid when she is clearly overtly feminine. Hell Jerrick is a drag queen which doesn’t make sense but allows her to be him while dressed feminine.

No. 264349

Has Jerrick actually performed as a drag queen? I thought Jill or Jax switch in every time there’s to be a performance. Honestly the whole drag thing feels really incongruous with the surly emo 14-16 year old boy thing. Boys that age (or girls identifying as boys that age) would practically all think that whatever is happening in >>263824 is cringe and gay (derogatory). It would make more sense to have a female alter or flamboyant gay male alter do drag and have Jerrick just be an angry housebound troll telling people to suck his ass on Twitter. I don’t think she’ll get rid of Jerrick entirely because she needs the aforementioned “literally an asexual neurodivergent minor” troll as a scapegoat for her angry outbursts but it wouldn’t surprise me if she drops the drag aspect of that alter and gives it to another, like Jax. Unfortunately she’s pigeonholed herself with the colour scheme.

No. 264364

Jax and Jerrick do "drag", but she can't have them be the center of attention and isn't good enough of an actor to bullshit being someone else entirely, so she says "we co-fronted!" to work around it. Hence why it's somehwat confusing to remember "Oh, right it wasn't just jill performing… It was whatever the fuck the J OCs were named too."

No. 264365

>ever invented
idk why this made me laugh but thank you

No. 264380

50% dislikes is pretty bad for youtube, even more so now that dislikes are hidden and people are less incentivized to use it

No. 264386

Jerrick is yet to do a drag performance even though it’s ‘his’ thing, Jill took over the first and Jax was the recent one. I’m assuming that her next one (should she manage to get off her ass and make it to three whole gigs) will be Jill again since she missed doing her Pixie Daydreams shite due to the totally-real-and-not-at-all-made-up stalking threat

No. 264389

Oof that hair is fried to a crisp.

No. 264400

>scat fetishist

No. 264401

>do they steal your clothes when they are feeling masc?
can women just not wear hoodies and sweats anymore or do we have to identify as men again like the 1900s?

No. 264405

File: 1667678358534.jpg (495.73 KB, 720x4722, Jilliandd.jpg)

No. 264406

File: 1667678467966.webm (914.57 KB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 264408

Happy anniversary nonnies, here’s to another year of this sci fi ass insanity.

No. 264414

File: 1667680438140.jpeg (33.67 KB, 255x275, 1636745700293.jpeg)

Never forget. I wonder if she'll get another cake to celebrate her anniversary?

No. 264419

Wtf does this audio mean. Also what a hideous outfit it's like she has a child's fashion sense

No. 264422

We're supposed to be the rats, nonnie. Personally, I love rats.

No. 264426

is it just me or does she keep using audio that uses the word 'hate' in them? keep coping

No. 264427

oh we're the rats because we think its weird to be nothing but giddy about extreme childhood trauma. Thats one way to look at it Jill

No. 264430

File: 1667686948759.jpg (104.98 KB, 720x928, Jillfr.jpg)

Some more comments, kek

No. 264436

is this the next trend? diagnosing your mom with DID?

No. 264439

Noticed it too. She rather seethe than cope and blame this forum than admit the histrionic act was a terrible idea. She's doubling down hard. She's the funniest when she's acting tough. She's a cream puff.

No. 264441

>a year ago
it keeps getting worse

No. 264451

>did you know DID is hereditary?! If anyone in your family has/had DID you don't need to suffer any trauma because any inconvenience will cause you to split into a random number of rainby anime OCs!

No. 264468

>>264256 im shocked no intersex people have called jill a load of shit tbh

No. 264472

i don’t get why she just didn’t save herself any trouble and be like oh veronica is gender fluid or whatever. In her mind i’m sure she thinks that means the exact same thing. Like she has no concept of what intersex people go through. I don’t either but i’m sure it makes life very difficult and can cause a lot of shame for someone. Trying to poke holes in jill’s larp is always tiring because the whole thing is already a piece of swiss cheese with the amount of holes; but you’re 100% right. i don’t know why more people (outside of here) seem to take issue with it.

No. 264484

For someone who supposedly doesn’t care since she’s living her truth, she sure does spend a lot of time obsessing on who may or may not like or believe her. Between the passive aggressive content on tiktok and twitter, her constantly deleting YouTube comments she disagrees with when a new video goes up, and creating more DID content (that isn’t popular with her fans) just to prove to the “haters” she really does have it, her whole life revolves around those who aren’t her fans. Think how much further along in her career she’d be if she actually didn’t care and focused on churning out content that catered to her fans instead

No. 264496

Kek imagine mama Jill starting to larp DID too just to show Jill how ridiculous she looks

No. 264497

it also proves that she has no rel friends who care about her beacuse they would tell her, she is embarassing herself and ruining her career.

No. 264520

Kek inb4
>oh, your mom has npd? well mine has bpd AND npd, and that’s just on two of her alters!

No. 264525

Even if they did, she'd just narc rage on them and cut them out of her life. You really think she can handle criticism IRL, she can barely handle this imageboard without reeeeing about how she's being bullied and stalked… and like the thin skinned bitch she is, will start with the "I'm a literal vulnerable adult" then when it doesn't work will dump her fucking crazy on you.

No. 264531

File: 1667757737900.png (51.98 KB, 697x279, Screenshot_20221106-130102~2.p…)

>>264239 I can't believe people ask so casually if Steve is a babysitter/caregiver. When did all this pedo/adult baby shit become acceptable in society. Sick fuckers. >>264496 Jill would hate that. I remember when her mom mentioned her chemo tattoo Jill was visibly upset, and not as in "oh poor mom" but in a "I'm uncomfortable when I'm not the center of attention" way. That, along with being insanely privileged and spoiled, has to be the source of her munchies.

No. 264534

> I remember when her mom mentioned her chemo tattoo Jill was visibly upset, and not as in "oh poor mom" but in a "I'm uncomfortable when I'm not the center of attention" way.
Wait, what? When and on what platform did she do this? Was this recent?

No. 264535

That makes more sense than bpd, because I’ve been wondering how she could’ve possibly developed it given her childhood and great relationship with both parents. But the way she splits on people makes me think she still might. Sorry for armchair sperg I just don’t understand how someone with such a fairly easy life ends up like this.

No. 264537

NTA but I believe it was the tattoo vlog where she got that precure wand on her

No. 264538

File: 1667760135360.png (139.59 KB, 714x865, Screenshot_20221106-134041~2.p…)

I don't get it either but NPD and BPD isn't uncommon with the munchies.

No. 264540

File: 1667762118015.jpg (124.46 KB, 720x1535, So.jpg)

No. 264541

File: 1667762273552.jpg (497.64 KB, 720x4242, Toomuchwork.jpg)

No. 264543

If I were Jill I'd be embarassed to mention her past patreon offers. Does she even do the live streams anymore? She chose to offer the bare minimum and her fans weren't even "worth the time" for her? I just don't understand how people still support her when she so blatantly doesn't care about them

No. 264544

File: 1667763418236.jpg (8.84 KB, 320x229, 1639253980952.jpg)

sage for ~opinion posting but honestly if jill would just stop attention whoring and stick to focusing her energy on creating fiber art or something, she could probably find success. in my opinion she does have actual talent for crafting things (sewing not so much but her crochet work and some of her jewelry is cute and she could definitely continue to improve upon those skills) and a decent aesthetic sensibility about her. i say this as a former follower of jills (stopped around the whole "im FINALLY going to JAPAN uwu" thing years ago) but she could honestly make all the negative stuff in her life go away if she would just get it together

No. 264546

Patreon anon does Jill actually post behind the scenes stuff or does she count what she says on a live stream as a separate thing? Like does she even have anything to incentivize new subscribers that don't already have a parasocial relationship with her?

No. 264547

Agree nonnie, she doesn't have the history of abuse for BPD (speaking from experience) but munchausen or NPD fit quite well…

No. 264550

Jill is so afraid of work that she couldn't take time to write & send appr. 100 queue cards per month to her patrons that actually paid money to get handwritten cards every month. So lazy that she couldn't get that done.

No. 264551

It was her first tattoo, the jacked up cat one. I think they were talking about it being first tattoos and Louise said something about it technically not being for her because she got one for treatment. Jill responded in a really bratty dismissive way because god forbid it’s not about her all the time. It’s kind of funny she left that in to me like she doesn’t hear herself speak.

No. 264564

>more time and work than it was worth
people are literally fucking paying you for doing nothing but what you supposedly "love" doing Jill are you for real

No. 264565

Because that’s actually weird, she only wants to be ‘cute autistic’

No. 264566

It's weird that she doesn't see patterns: she announces a video on a certain day and then posts a sad announcement that the video is delayed. I think she just wants the attention she gets from posting the vague "feel bad for me for not posting" tweets.

No. 264568

Very clearly looking to get "aw don't worry take your time uwu!!" type responses

No. 264576

So she had time to get into drag last night and make another tiktok to that “I’m the main character” song, and had time supposedly today to make a three minute tiktok ranting about that therapist she had 10 years ago that didn’t like her Little Twin Stars phone case, but she didn’t have time to get her actual work done on time? Yeah, that checks out.

No. 264578

It seems stupid to me that she is doing the makeup anyway and doesn’t just turn on the camera while she does it. It’s just like her crochet, she is doing it anyway so why wouldn’t she just film it and make it content. Her upload consistency is terrible and this stuff is easy content involving things she is doing anyway.

No. 264589

File: 1667781503015.jpg (605.29 KB, 720x5076, Stillamaincharacterisee.jpg)

No. 264590

File: 1667781604264.webm (6.42 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 264591

File: 1667781796911.jpg (109.83 KB, 720x1091, Screenshot_20221106-174225_Chr…)

No. 264593

If you time traveled and told 2015 Jill that this would be her in 2022 she would straight up have a panic attack

No. 264596

File: 1667783124183.jpeg (291.9 KB, 1242x818, 24181E59-CBD8-4698-BB48-268909…)

Yet somehow she still has people shilling out money every month to see her do nothing.

No. 264604

patreon-chan here, she actually does post behind the scenes content but they're pretty barebones (thumbnails, unedited footage) and they come up every 2 months or so but I don't think they're interesting enough to post here. that said there was the november patreon livestream earlier today, I'll post the link when I get home.

No. 264617

File: 1667790658911.jpg (846.22 KB, 720x7815, Ww.jpg)

No. 264618

File: 1667791860744.webm (17.43 MB, 406x720, Tt.webm)

No. 264619

here's the november patreon livestream dear nonnettes

No. 264620

File: 1667791934284.jpg (231.83 KB, 720x2263, Ll.jpg)

No. 264621

File: 1667792034326.jpg (201.86 KB, 720x2092, Kk.jpg)

No. 264622

She wants internet celebs to notice her so bad it's kind of pathetic. She has to be the center of the universe at all times. And yet, her BPD is "totally under control"? Sure, Jill.

No. 264628

>lost 30 lbs this year
Where? Not even saying this because I dislike her but it looks like she GAINED around 20, not lost 30. 30 lbs would be insanely noticable especially for her height

No. 264637

here's a brief summary for you all:
>would've gotten the pom pom jacket video out today, but had a "switchy panic attack extraordinaire"
>is thankful her job is flexible, but feels bad because she promo'd it already
>her dad bought her a rainbow fidget toy, she plays with it throughout the video
>Steve loves Spongebob, they watch the Christmas episode every year
>during her diagnosis, they said she can't be ADHD because she didn't have it during her childhood, but as an adult she exhibits signs of ADHD. they supported her pursuing an autism diagnosis.
>says there's a lot of overlap between ADHD and autism symptoms. also says ADHD and DID have a lot of overlap (like forgetfulness).
>Jerr has taught her to get over her fear of scary movies/shows
>feels vulnerable to have Steve edit her videos (doesn't outright say it, but alludes to it being because of her dissociating while filming and he has to edit it out)
>talks about big blue house, stranger things, muppets, i did not find this interesting so i tuned most of it out
>heard that Dan Howell's tour uses a clip of her and her mom at MCR. she submitted her clip to him on twitter as a memory that keeps her living.
>says she can't stop saying cringe stuff like slayyy, pwn noobs, and bruh
>had a tiktok clip of her seeing a glass gem rainbow corn at the pumpkin patch, but didn't post it because she says bruh too much.
>slowly feels like she's integrating with a fragment. feels crazy deja vu. feels like she's been holding the hand of her 12-14 year old self. feels like she's seeing her life for the first time. feels like she has to reintroduce herself to her house, her partner, her cats. she attributes this to why she started saying bruh a lot.
>her mom found journals from 7th grade that felt like it opened a drawer and the contents are now spilled and there's a new puzzle piece clicking in. feels warm but bizarre. doesn't know if part or fragment yet.
>the journals had 2 distinct handwriting styles. she would see writings crossed out by each other.
>shows some drawings from when she was 5, at 29 min mark if anyone wants to see.
>doesn't want to rush launching her brand. wants to collab with Berry and have her draw stuff to put on textiles.
>wants to do a year of advanced studio practice at her fashion school
>doing their Halloween celebration later because her friends were at a convention
>has so many screenshots of people being horrible to her on her phone
>shows pics of the miss piggy and kermit costumes that they're going to wear
>says that she learned during a school lecture that the word craft has been snubbed due to sexism
>has had 4 coffees today but says it feels like it's not enough. one time during her college days, she was so busy she doordashed 4 burger king coffees. they were terrible.
>gonna keep her Halloween pumpkins out til they rot
>says she rewatches her own live streams and laughs at her own jokes.
>wants to do a Christmas wrapping video this year. didnt have the presents ready in time last year.
>circling back to the fidget toy, she went with her dad to a toy store because they also carry pen ink. she carried the fidget toy around the store and he asked her if she wanted anything. she said she wanted the toy but it was impractical because it was $26. he said he would be happy to get it for her and bought it. she says it's technically a baby toy.
>took her a year to finish her sweater she's wearing because she didn't want to attach the sleeves
>will swap out her days of the week bracelets for photos/tiktoks if they don't match her outfit.
>says she doesn't know what she would do without dollarama (very ethical jill!)

No. 264641

She obviously thinks it was extremely traumatic since she still talks about it ten years later, but in the grand scheme of things that was really minor. It’s not like the therapist threatened to 5150 her or told Jill she was making everything up for attention and wouldn’t help her. If your worst mental health experience is a therapist saying your phone case isn’t fit for your age, you’ve been pretty freaking lucky

No. 264647

That's also very normal? Even if the end result is simply "this person enjoys this aesthetic and theres no deeper meaning" the therapist still needs to ask questions to reach that conclusion

No. 264649


>I couldn't even hear the word artery without screaming

How the fuck does anyone talk to Jill with the constant baby talking and screaming

No. 264650

You lost 30 pounds of gray matter in your brain bitch

No. 264651


I would love to see the temper tantrum Jill had in the store until her dad agreed to buy the toy.

No. 264652

File: 1667809016558.png (985.18 KB, 1280x720, jillers.png)

>wants to collab with Berry and have her draw stuff to put on textiles.
collab of the century

No. 264660

>long ass thread of DID larping zoomers being too sensitive for therapy
Jesus Christ kek that was a relatively short but wild ride. Therapy is supposed to make you uncomfortable (obviously there are exceptions, like when a therapist is genuinely abusive) and they press on things they know are close to root causes of behaviors. It’s so annoying to see these kids denouncing the practice because they aren’t being coddled. Sage for slight sperg/OT

No. 264661

Samefag to add, obviously it isn’t JUST to make you uncomfortable, but the discomfort is often a part of their real goal which is to make you take stock of yourself and your behaviors which aren’t serving you/are part of a personality disorder or whatever. It really just figures that Jilly would want to have someone who just yas kweens her all session and indulge her LARP and doesn’t force her to make any progress. It negates the entire idea of it.
>t. Have had lots of helpful therapy

No. 264662

Good news kids you don’t need therapy or medication to cure this crippling extreme mental illness just read your teen diary and say bruh a lot and your brain will just fix itself somehow. Also are evals different in Canada because where I am from if they are evaluating you for one thing they don’t bring up a bunch of other things and they definitely don’t speculate. That’s unprofessional. Four coffees a day when she is clearly tired because of weed, Jill heart attack era when.
Christ she is so fragile. She was being treated for an ED, sometimes the cause of an ED in someone the age she was is not being able to emotionally handle puberty and becoming someone with an adult body. It’s a question the therapist needed to be asking. Have any of the glass skin idiots replying even actually been to therapy it’s not supposed to be a fun day out.

No. 264664

Might be a crazy tinfoil but I don’t think that video was actually going to come out she just wants to look like she is doing something and she is totes making a brand and a collab later guys promise. That Mikan interaction, she was thinking of starting patreon as part of her brand and just dropped a video that was over an hour and a half long where she showed behind the scenes start to finish of making something for her brand. Jill is so competitive I bet she is seething seeing it, quite funny that someone tagged her asking what she does when Mikan is doing what Jill always says she will do but never does. Get off your arse Jill. I’m no Mikan stan but she is diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar and is actually producing stuff and making far more content than Jill, even if I don’t like the stuff it’s better than Jill’s wallowing in her house being stoned all day using being mentally ill as the excuse. The bar is on the floor.

No. 264665

KEK this has my vote for next threadpic. perfect encapsulation of jill's did larp

No. 264678

I don't get how Jill has always dressed in a way that stood out, like she's first person I've seen who dresses in fully rainbow with rainbow colored hair, and she used to be punk with a mohawk but she can't handle someone telling her her phone case is childish? How do you dress like this while being a sensitive lil bitch?

No. 264679

Kek nonitas

No. 264691

A lot of words that especially boil down to, "I am the most special girl in the whole world." That's all there is to it, and that's all it'll ever be. She's so special that she even has special "powers" and apparently there were signs her whole life that she was this special. I can't handle it, I really can't.

No. 264698

>took her a year to finish her sweater because she didn’t want to attach the sleeves
Yeah your cousin’s wedding dress and Jerricks first drag outfit proved that already

No. 264699

I think because of the rainbow veneer she has people don’t pick up on it in the same way but she really is a classic not like other girls pick me. It’s why she can’t keep female friends or ever actually properly date a woman.

No. 264706

Frankly, it's normal to have disagreements with your therapist. If you can't handle that, how can you handle a disagreement with a friend or coworker? Especially on something so minor. I don't think she understands that if a therapist does not challenge you in any way, they're bad at their job. You don't go to therapy because you have rational beliefs. People who go to therapy have flawed beliefs either about themselves, the world, or both that hinder their daily lives. Sometimes, your therapist will say things that sound insulting, but that's only because they are challenging your flawed world view.

No. 264707

>says she rewatches her own live streams and laughs at her own jokes.

Talking about smeeling your own farts… this narcissistic bitch!(sage your shit)

No. 264715

>slowly feels like she's integrating with a fragment. feels crazy deja vu. feels like she's been holding the hand of her 12-14 year old self. feels like she's seeing her life for the first time. feels like she has to reintroduce herself to her house, her partner, her cats. she attributes this to why she started saying bruh a lot.

who was it that called Jerrik integration?

No. 264717

i don’t think this was about jerrick. jill made it sound like this was a new part/fragment. my money is on amanda, but who knows.

No. 264720

No. 264721

Yeah, it was strange how she teased Amanda very purposefully then it didn’t go anywhere. I hope Amanda gets to front and remains non verbal so the world knows some peace. I would watch a subtitles only meet the alters, I physically can’t watch her current content because of the screeching.

No. 264724

god i saw her comment on a will wood community post a month or so ago and had to double take. of course she's grabbing and running with the main character for her bullshit "evil alter" aesthetic. cant wait to see her dr sunshine is dead / I/me/myself follow up "alter video". "persecutor-core" shut up. just call yourself fucking insane at this point honey, it'll embarrass you less.

sorry for the ranting. I hate the trend of latching onto songs for the edgy aesthetic and then dragging the artist into the bullshit they're used in, and being a will wood fan in this instance I'm almost ashamed to be lumped with the same group of people like jill.

No. 264741

I was going off pictures of when she had a definable figure. It looked to me like her lower body is naturally thicker than her upper body, but since she sits on her ass and eats like shit, you can't tell anymore. Idk once you gain a certain amount of weight it all just looks like fridge unless you're extremely curvy.

I imagine she didn't want to be constrained by a corset and padding because she was going to flop about on the floor for 3 minutes straight, but why wear a binder for that shit? You're not meant to work out in them and if Jill was actually active I'd be concerned she's hurting herself. Why not wear a black sports bra instead?

>Does Stevie take on different roles in ur sickest baby pedo larp Jillie?

The state of society. Is this not a giant red flag? I'm just imagining her randomly switching to berry or some shit during foreplay, luckily for my sanity, she's taking so this will never happen how tf is he expected to proceed? Do they just stop and he hands her a coloring book or are they true degenerates?

No. 264743

File: 1667858498217.png (412.59 KB, 478x344, kekjill.png)

>>264618 "I have DID and she was trying to force a switch" jill you never even had DID to begin with, you insufferable cunt. Also a therapist questioning your phone case to try and break the ice if a patient won't talk right away isn't weird, the 2 year old comment about fuckin sanrio maybe didn't need to be there but nothing else about that was wrong. Also kek at the "many many therapists" comment, can't admit she just shops for them

No. 264744

I think she shows off the binder so much because she wants to emphasize that she’s not cisgendered. I think that’s also why she refuses to use the term “bio queen” and instead tags everything “afab drag queen”

No. 264745

Sorry to double post, but even if her DID is legit it wouldn’t have been possible for the therapist to “force a switch” at that age. When children and teenagers have DID, the personalities are very much blurred and pure dissociation and confusion are their main symptoms. It isn’t until adulthood that you get fully formed alters and have distinct switches

No. 264746

Therapist sounds kind of retarded/unaware of trends that aren't western but she was literally just trying to do her job. It does look like a childish motif… Because it is. I'm sure they didn't ask the same way Jill is portraying it, but yeah I can see a therapist seeing a "punk" teenager who otherwise dresses and acts her age with a cutesy babyish looking phone case and wondering what the deal was. It's their job to observe you and pry.

No. 264750

A therapist commenting on a phone case is seriously not that bad when you consider how many therapists out there do crazy shit like convince their patients they were in satanic cults as kids or that candace newmaker shit. The fact Jill seriously thinks this is some horrific crime shows how privileged and coddled she is

No. 264751

She's developing pcos body.
You can't go your whole life being lazy and eating like shit just because you got away with it as a teenager. At some point that catches up with you and you face serious health consequences.
But it's all just "my brain hates me" too her and there is nothing wrong with her body.

No. 264753

She is so fucking manic in this video. This is the state I hate the most right here. The BPD person in my life behaves precisely like this when she's manic - acting funny and over-the-top and nice, but when you read between the lines, every single thing they are saying is negative, mean, and rude.

No. 264755

Only watched about a minute and mother of christ she is difficult to listen to.

No. 264767

I think Jill growing up in small town/community gave her more liberty to dress "strangely." If everyone knows your parents and half the town is related to you, it makes it easier to embrace more out-there fashion choices. Punk fashion was very mainstream by the mid 00s as well, I assume many others in her school dressed similarly to her. PEI culture is notably friendly as well. I think this because she often tones down her outfits and dresses in more neutral colours when visiting other larger population centres; like in a lot of her Montreal posts she was dressed very normally when her and her mother went out during the days.

No. 264781

Weird, I thought it would be the opposite. Going into a big city and wearing the clothes you feel self conscious of wearing at home. But then again, she's a little rich girl living in a white bread world, so it all makes sense. "Big" fish, little pond. But somehow it's on an even easier mode than usual. No wonder she's been spiraling out since she went to college. Her main character syndrome couldn't take not being the most talented and special in the room, especially since she didn't go to some prestigious design school where it'd make sense. She wasn't even big fish in a regular small pond. Just her neighborhood.

There's a joke about child labor in there somewhere

No. 264787

She's talked about this exact situation with this exact therapist back in a video from like 2016 or 2017. It was one of the first videos of hers that I ever watched. She didn't tell it like this. I am trying to find it right now(learn2sage)

No. 264796

She's telling it like Trisha Paytas or Tana Mongeau would. It's the cluster-B attention seeking jumping out. I'm amazed that she didn't claim that Veronica was fronting for the video.

No. 264804

Didn't jilll tell this story in a livestream, saying she hated the therapist and was going to send an email back when she was in her weird "I'm going to email all my abusers" phase? I'd love to see what the email would have said, I'm sure it was a mess of anger and baby talk

No. 264805

There was a posy here from a KEI local saying Jill is something of a neighborhood pet and is protected. I'm sure she did super stand out and everyone thought she would go places. Well she didn't. She just got fat and spastic.

No. 264806

>Also kek at the "many many therapists" comment, can't admit she just shops for them
This. How come we only ever hear about the meanie one and angel therapist? If she's had one or two more in between, that's normal tier for most people, it takes a little while to find someone you find comfortable with but who will really be able to help you.

Also I'm really sorry to blog but this bitch doesn't know what a real shit therapist looks like. I was once told by one to stop my meds, only to end up with horrible withdrawal symptoms. Could barely leave my bed to barf and shit my guts out and never felt more suicidal in my life. Then the asshole had the nerve to tell me it had to be a illness when I immediately started feeling better after taking my meds again. THAT'S a shit therapist Jill.

No. 264808

the fact that after all that time she remembers and seethes about it tells me it was a good question and therapist knew what is uncomfortable to her, lol. too bad jill never tried to examine her own reaction to it.
and I agree probably it was an innocent question not some malicious act.

No. 264809


At 7:02 She says "The people at my diagnostic interview being like, you dont have ADHD because you didn't have it in childhood, but you exhibit almost all of the symptoms now. I was like -weird squeal sound- and they were like yeah um if you want to pursue that autism eval um I didn't I would support that I was like okay" It was a little hard to quote Pixie since she was squealing a lot. But, thats not how that works??? Adults can be diagnosed with ADHD and similar to Autism where people can be diagnosed with it later on in life because they didn't "seem" to have it as children due to masking or just the signs being missed so I highly doubt that would be told to her.

But the reason I'm commenting is something weird that Summary Anon didn't mention.

When talking about that Dan Howell guy using her clip at 18:10 she does this head twitch and says "Woah earring in the coffee earring in the coffee" while grabbing her earring. Then does this pffh things with her lips and says "Bone sticking out what bones sticking out" Then goes right back into talking normal. She hadn't been drinking coffee before the weird twitch or anything. No one said anything in the stream's chat about it.

Now Bones sticking out bones sticking out she had also said while she was talking about stranger things at 13:30 she had said "The last season of Stranger Things was really like like bones stickig out bones sticking out um and at first it was like okay-" I thought she was describing season 4 but when I found the clip of her weird coffee twitch thing she does the same bones quote. I haven't watched much of season 4 of stranger things so I dont know if she was describing it or if it has something do with that weird twitch she does later on in the stream

What do you guys think that was about? I know she talked about maybe getting an autistic diagnosis, so maybe its her trying to sprinkle in autistic signs. But it seemed more like she was trying to fake tourette tics over autism.

This is my first time ever commenting so I hope I do this right. Normally I'm just a lurker but no one seems to be talking about this and I was curious on what you guys think

No. 264810

Pom pom jacket video is up

No. 264811

sounds like a Tourettes faking bit or like you said trying to convince herself she has autism by making up some googled symptoms. especially if she never showed anything like that previously.

No. 264812

which is weird because Ive never met anyone with autism that does that. Like there is such things as vocal stims but it doesnt happen like that. It def seems like how someone fakes tourettes -eye roll-

No. 264813

>If everyone knows your parents and half the town is related to you, it makes it easier to embrace more out-there fashion choices.

No. 264814

Jill is too stupid to realize that if she were on the spectrum, she’d be on the Aspergers end of it, where it’s less stimming and more social awkwardness. You don’t have Autism to the level that you actively stim and not get diagnosed unless you have grossly neglectful parents, which we know she does not. Her attempts at faking shit do she doesn’t have to work is going to end up with her looking actually retarded so she’ll never be able to get a real job when her parents cut her off.

No. 264821

The bones sticking out thing seems to be a drag queen thing. Also she was drinking coffee, idk how you missed it. Her earring hit the cup

No. 264830

It's a Trixie and Kayta "UNHhhh" reference.

No. 264833

Basically all autistic people stim, even aspergers who completely pass as normies. They are just more able to mask and hide it. It's also very easy to hide unless you have turbo autism. However, I speculate that an autist who could go undiagnosed for so long would not have a stim such as Jill is doing, because if you're that high functioning you will naturally transmute the stim to something you can get away with/hide doing in public.

No. 264836

I don't think she has ADHD, autism, DID, or anything like that. I think she just continuously tries to find external reasons for her behaviours rather than just admitting that all this shit is her fault. If a person smokes weed everyday, refuses to get a job, refuses to engage with age-appropriate materials, refuses to separate from the parents, refuses to introspect - that's just being a lazy loser. A lot of people like Jill like to play with the idea of having ADHD because they don't realize having an attention span is a like a muscle that one has to exercise. When was the last time Jill read a book? When was the last time Jill did anything that required constant attention for long periods of time? Same thing with people who LARP autism; they want to blame their bad social skills and shit social life on a developmental disorder instead of just admitting the reason their social skills are so bad is because they were losers in high school and never grew out of that mindset. Jill you're 25… you should be hosting dinner parties, having BBQs, going to day-spas, saving up for friend-vacations… Yet she prefers to engage with teenagers on Twitter because she's afraid of being an adult. She's so fortunate and so lucky in so many aspects - especially the financial aspect, but she chooses to focus on the negative in her life always. It's pathetic.

No. 264837

That's literally all there is to it. I do think she has BPD though. But everything else?

I'm gonna say it: bitch needs to clean her room.

No. 264843

File: 1668032840497.jpg (402.77 KB, 720x3865, Jjj.jpg)

No. 264844

File: 1668032963844.jpg (155.43 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_20221109-152458_Chr…)

No. 264845

File: 1668033120609.jpg (44.43 KB, 720x423, Screenshot_20221109-152258_Chr…)

No. 264865

Shes really just setting up her parents huh?

DID, neglectful parents ignoring abuse. Autism (at the level she's portraying), neglectful parents ignoring developmental issues and "stims".

Like she's 25 so surely if she has autism, her school teachers would have spoken to the parents, and if they did, they ignored the teacher.

Basically she's just publicly bashing her parents for ignoring her when we all know she's a spoiled best so it won't fly.

No. 264874

I guess I meant that by actively stimming, like if she’s gonna claim that the saying weird shit is a vocal stim. As far as I know, vocal stims are usually by turbo autists as you call them lol, like the ones who tend to be non verbal (or at least to the point that they don’t speak normally) and they’ll be squeaking like dolphins and flapping their hands whenever they’re overstimulated. That’s what I think of when I read “vocal stim”, not saying weird shit randomly. I’m no autism expert though.

No. 264876

File: 1668039440942.jpeg (126.61 KB, 1000x667, IMG_1770 2.jpeg)

I was going to say it looked like a diy rug but the diy rugs look better.
Hers looks unfinished it still has so much mesh showing through

No. 264880

I’m so frustrated, she came this close to actually constructing it correctly, why did she have to decide against lining it? Her logic for keeping it unlined doesn’t even hold up, a light cotton lining wouldn’t have made a noticeable difference in temperature (plus drag costumes are hot no matter what) and even if it was lined she’d still be able to reattach anything that came off from the outside. The unfinished inside looks like the back of one of those plastic “make your own rug” kits, and that’s gonna be on full display when she takes it on and off during performances. I’m actually disappointed. The jacket definitely isn’t to my taste, but if she had actually finished it properly she probably could have used that as a sample to get into a fiber arts show. She always takes shortcuts for instant gratification and doesn’t think anyone will notice. People scouting artists/designers notice.

No. 264883

File: 1668040491305.png (112.16 KB, 640x640, examples-of-vocal-stimming.png)

Yeah, not to blog but living with an autist who constantly makes noises isn't pleasant at all. Jill doesn't realize people who do this have an intellectual disability, like they don't even realize they're doing it, it's not some cute character trait

No. 264894

File: 1668043183338.jpg (743.46 KB, 720x7077, Personality.jpg)

No. 264895

File: 1668043290526.webm (1.24 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 264897

Yup. This: >>264618 is her BPD on full display. Imagine demonizing your middle school counselor for being normie, and for what? Internet attention.

No. 264910

File: 1668046043544.jpg (106.98 KB, 720x1254, Screenshot_20221109-190544_Chr…)

No. 264916

Clearly Jill and her followers don’t understand the difference between having a mental illness that influences your life, and purposefully making everything in your life relate to your mental illness. BPD-chan that got shut down in the comments might not have found the cure for mental illness, but she is right that constantly focusing on your symptoms is just enabling your disorder to take over more

No. 264924

Of course they don't. People who still like Jill's DID saga content are incapable of self reflection. If they were able to do it, they'd see through her. Jill has found her tribe, but she better tread lightly because they have a tendency to "cancel" others quickly.

No. 264953

File: 1668056758755.jpg (94.78 KB, 720x710, Sdsdsd.jpg)

No. 264961

>mental illness affects every aspect of my life down to the way I piss
She's really out here saying she pees autistically. What the fuck?

No. 264962

Stay classy Jillian

No. 264964

Aspergers as a term and concept is being phased out and is no longer a diagnosis in a lot of countries, it’s all just ASD (autism spectrum disorder now) so if she gets diagnosed it will probably just say ASD.
As an autist who goes on tik tok now and then I can tell you she is doing this because autism tik tok learned what Echolalia is. It has been appearing in a bunch of those omg do you do this that means you have autism tik toks. That’s all she is doing, mimicking the fun quirky shit people put in these tik toks. If you want me to believe you Jilly start hitting yourself in the head when you meltdown.

No. 264966


Not every autistic person also has an intellectual disability. Stimming doesn’t only occur in intellectually disabled autistic folks. Stimming can be biting your nails until they bleed or hitting yourself when you’re upset or singing the same lyric throughout the day.

Autistic folks without intellectual disabilities are often better at realizing when their behaviors are not socially acceptable, so we hide and control those behaviors. Just because you don’t see them all the time doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Not supporting Jill, just clearing shit up because there’s a lot of autism sperging by non-autistics in this thread.

No. 264967

>Not every autistic person also has an intellectual disability
Never said that.

>Autistic folks without intellectual disabilities are often better at realizing when their behaviors are not socially acceptable, so we hide and control those behaviors.

Then if Jill had autism she wouldn't be stimming on video, because she has no intellectual disability. That's my point.

No. 264968

Yeah if we take Jills words at face value she is making her parents look like absolute shit, worst parent of the year level of bad.

This really is troon level of appropriation

Anon just meant aspergers as in "the high functioning end". The american woke autists are dead set on the term "aspergers" being a nazi term only used by nazis so she wouldn't want that label anyway kek it's still a valid diagnosis in several european countries though

No. 264971

Totally I just meant even if they determine that she has “high functioning” autism she will just be diagnosed ASD. She misrepresents things so I just wanted nonnies to know that her being diagnosed ASD and not aspergers does not mean anything in regards to her functioning level it’s just a change in the language.

No. 264972

No one is going to mention that she said that it took her 30hrs to make that jacket? in 3 months?

That's less than 20 min a day. That's 1 hour every 3 days. And she makes it seem like it was hard work and spend SO MUCH TIME.

No. 264974

I love how she said she designed it to be a cropped jacket so there would still be a discernible silhouette, and in the end the front still hangs all the way down to her crotch and looks like a sack. Great work, fashion designer.

No. 264975

holy shit cow crossover

No. 264976

Yeah when she said 30 hours I thought eh doesn't sound that bad if you're not pressed for time (which we know she isn't) then she said 3 months?? I mean, it doesn't really matter how long it took if she just worked on it every now and then, but she makes it sound like she slaved away working on it, when it's just a bunch of tassels tied to mesh fabric.
And I kekked when she said she could see it in a gallery. How delusional is she.

No. 264977

Autism is a spectrum; its not a race to check of all the boxes and not every sped will stim

Which is why it makes all the fakers who are just copying one another so obvious, tiktok only has one kind of autism

No. 264982

too long didn't watch: neurotypical gets excited about having one (1) idea to turn into clothing because she's supposed to be a "designer". Gets even more excited when she gets to throw autism buzzwords like "texture" into it.

No. 264983

It's not even an original idea of a design either she literally just made something out of her old garbage so she could say she's sustainable and acted like she'd designed a full line

No. 264988

I’m the anon who mentioned Aspergers and yes, I meant on the high functioning end. I get that autism is a spectrum, but having worked with autistic kids quite a bit while also being diagnosed with Aspergers (before they phased out the term), I hate that kids who are definitely would have previously been diagnosed with Aspergers call themselves autistic all over the place when most people think of intellectually disabled, low functioning individuals when they hear that. Instead of saying ASD or on the spectrum, they deliberately make it sound worse than it is. There’s a big difference between someone who can’t function in society and will never live on their own and someone who struggles a bit with social interactions and doesn’t want to make an effort to be a productive member of society like Jill.
To be clear, I don’t think Jill is anywhere on the ASD spectrum, but if she was, she would be very much on the high functioning side of things and the fake symptoms she’s trying to show would not affect her. It’s like she forgot she’s been online for years and never exhibited and if these behaviors until she decided she wanted to be too mentally I’ll to work.

No. 264998

File: 1668098134379.jpg (548.3 KB, 720x5256, Twitter.jpg)

No. 265002

>>I just want to reminds you guys I was popular before the paid verification and I’m asking a redundant question I could’ve googled as a coverup, please like me and see me as an authority figure for mental health?

No. 265014

Nta but you did say that people who stim have intellectual disabilities. you can be autistic without an intellectual disability and still vocally stim so the anon you replied to was right in correcting you.

No. 265028

>Jill is fronting, video has been months in the making
>custom garment for herself for drag and performances but isnt against using it in a show or gallery as it looks 'extremely delicious and sculptural even on a mannequin'
>inspired by pom pom rug in therapist's office that was textural and she could stim with
>youtube shorts era starting soon
>cropped jacket which would be good for drag and to keep a silhouette
>says she loves pattern drafting
>pink stretchy mesh underlayer from fabric she has had for years
>shows a breakdown of the hours spent on this jacket, 30 hours total: 2h drafting, 1h sweing, 45 min finishing, 25h pom pom installation (bear in mind that she has been working on this for months)
>says she is 'not joking, for real' trauma bonded to this jacket
>collected excess yarn in jars, will do another DIY with it (she mentioned this in a livestream in october I think?)
>tassel tutorial
>she is obsessed with rainbow order
>did much of the project while multitasking but says she was 'pretty frequently and pretty consistently'
>did not line it as it is for her and she will be doing a 'durability test' with the tassels so without lining she can go and fix anything that has become undone, and lining will make it hotter
>wants to be a 'hot fashion design drag queen extraordinaire' but is talking about being sweaty
>shows jacket. it is meant to be cropped but at the front it goes down to her hips
>can picture her jacket in a gallery
>her second DIY idea didnt make it into a video so she described and showed the tik tok in her video (without doing the DIY)
>talks about how she announces ideas and never does them as she has already been satisfied with announcing the idea (we know)
>pixie loves feature is someone she met in NYC

No. 265058

Nta and to end the autism discourse, yes autism is a spectrum but also you either have it or not. You can't be half-autistic and neurotypical people can't be lazy, werid, dislike some things and ect. Jill is simply not autistic.

No. 265059

god i hope her tweets get buried. don't know how twitter works but the bitch fit would be so funny.

No. 265067

>shows jacket. it is meant to be cropped but at the front it goes down to her hips
Since she just cut off the excess net fabric at the end and didn’t hem anything, she could have cut a couple inches off the bottom to get it back to the cropped length. Part of garment making is doing fittings and alterations, but I guess she decided to skip that part and call it done despite the jacket being way too long

No. 265090

File: 1668119898617.jpg (568.54 KB, 720x5560, Nnn.jpg)

No. 265096


I wonder how Jill's family feels seeing tweets like this, where she acts like no one was around to protect her and she was all on her own being abused.

No. 265097

no she hasn’t why is she lying. doesn’t she still listen to music from that one alleged groomer. ….. girl

No. 265099

I forgot how gross and stained her teeth were

No. 265101

This is stupid but I’m always jealous Jill’s parents let her do whatever she wanted with her hair and style. Idk how she’s ever had a bad home life.

No. 265106

Yeah, having parents like that really set her up for success. Parents aren't friends. They are there to teach you how to function in society as an adult. They dropped the ball with this rainbow vomit narcissist.

No. 265136

Considering how damaged her hair is, among other things, they didn’t do her any favors.

No. 265169

>And I kekked when she said she could see it in a gallery. How delusional is she.
In Jill's mind, she has the fame and prestige of big fashion designers. The industry just haven't given her the appropriate attention yet. She is still clinging to her middle school years of delusions.
Jill wants to have it both ways. She has loving parents yet went through this life and death type trauma without them knowing despite being involved in her life. It's so stupid especially because she's willing to hurt her own parents' reputation/lives for online validation from teenagers. Her parents also give me a headache because why in hell's name would you allow your daughter to spread malicious lies about you and still expects you to pay for things? I guess they are really okay with Jillian being a horrid bully, tantrum throwing, liar, mental illness larper, stoner, lump of a person. I'd be so proud to have a daughter that readily throws me under the bus even though I gave her (in her own words too) a charmed life.

No. 265171

Face like a fucking creepypasta edit wow she looks horrific in those pics.

No. 265194

In a collab video on Bobo’s channel DissociaDID talked about how parents aren’t always the cause of DID and said how her parents love her so much and are so supportive of her, so maybe Jill took notes from that?

No. 265212

It's wild that Jill could have such an idyllic childhood lots of abused kids would kill to have with super loving wealthy parents who support her even through having DID, and she would still go on twitter and tiktok implying they were super neglectful or abusive in some way

No. 265215

>did much of the project while multitasking
how very un-autism of her kek

No. 265226

God these people need to stfu “I’m not autistic but” and Jill who is not autistic or diagnosed weighing in when they have no place to. She truly does have to shove herself into any group she can that doesn’t apply to her and give her opinion, “in my experience” girl what experience gtfo. I really believe that if she didn’t have her racist ark already she would be larping as a non white alter and giving her opinions and experiences. She has no shame.

No. 265249

Oh 100%. She’s just lucky that dissociaDID already made that mistake before Jill decided to copy her larp characters

No. 265274

Yeah she could've used the multi-tasking as an adhd breadcrumb/"proof" but she already admitted the medical professionals said she doesn't have it

No. 265275

"Admitting" it wouldn't make a real professional rule it out tho considering a self diagnosis for anything in the brain is incredibly unreliable
The key isn't that she told a medical professional she didn't have it and that's how she couldn't have it, but that she wants to be right concerning all of her self-diagnosis because that's just Twitter culture. If a professional ended up diagnosing her with it, she'd either lie and claim she never said she didn't have it or just wouldn't say anything about it to keep her up perfect streak of claiming mental illnesses

No. 265348

anon, did you read the post right? anon is saying jill already said that she was told she doesn't have adhd.

No. 265362

Ah shit yeah you're right my bad

No. 265363

File: 1668203943635.jpg (343.11 KB, 720x3748, Lll.jpg)

No. 265369

the day i see a cowtipper do a good job is the day the sun implodes. palejoys YWNB skinny and pale

No. 265373

Calling people who dont baby her and shower in rainbow sparkles "fans" is narcissism behavior

No. 265374

I don't know after Jill exposed her fans to lolcow. Any tweet at her criticising her behaviour is fair game and not necessarily cow tipping.

No. 265377

She is not subtle at all. Like whatever happened to all the hallucinations she was claiming to have when she was shopping for a schizophrenic diagnosis. >>265097 she has always been weirdly supportive of pedos. Which is funny since she is pretending to be a CSA victim. It creeps me the fuck out.

No. 265382

It's hilarious how quickly Jill drops the kawaii rainbow sweety baby aesthetic when someone doesn't kiss her ass

No. 265390

Not to wk, but Jill was clearly being facetious

No. 265402

I know this is insanely nitpicky but the fact that she doesn't bother including seam allowance in her pattern is driving me crazy, there is no way that shes capable of freehanding it consistently

No. 265414

Not very non high functioning autistic of her kek.

No. 265427

Telling the same person they’ve been obsessing for months & also havent been keeping up?? Is there anything she can keep straight, lay off the weed ffs jill

No. 265450

Slight blogpost but, my totally real and not self-diagnosed DID allows me to blame whatever stupid shit I did a few years back on my made up OCs- I mean headmates. Oops, meant my 'alters'. Don't call me out for my larp being inconsistent and retarded, that's just ableist and transphobic. I may not be trans in any way shape or form, hell my boyfriend has a higher probability of trooning out compared to me especially with the amount of time he spends on discord, but two of my alters are literally male so that obviously makes me male by extension. Did I also mention I have a hypersexual alter that's genderfluid? But lmao she only really takes dick because I'd never be with a woman- I mean, I prefer men over women when it comes to my 'bisexuality' uwu.

No. 265464

File: 1668286271216.jpg (159.12 KB, 720x1846, Tankie.jpg)

No. 265465

holy shit anon take your xanax

No. 265466

Do these kids not understand that the hammer and sickle represents a terror regime and a lot of deaths?

No. 265482

File: 1668290561743.jpg (310.97 KB, 720x2881, Bb.jpg)

No. 265486

HMMMmmmmm….. i wonder who would’ve said something like that in a video that’s so gross.. Jill’s going to lose her marbles once this gets back around to her. I can already see the twitter thread being typed up

No. 265491

I imagine her replying to it in her most bpd tone being like
"Omg I know right I totes agree very ucky" and making herself out to be a perfect do good representation of DID and a victim at the same time

No. 265495

No. 265500

Will wood has allegations of grooming going around.
Speaking of creeps Jill also still loves Shane dawson

No. 265524

I wonder why it took so long for that to get to her. Didn’t Jill make the Veronica video a couple months ago?

No. 265537

Just because it’s old by now it doesn’t mean everyone watched it upon release

No. 265538

Yes the video came out in like June or so, but I think the reason Bobo is vague posting about Jill now is due to Jill blocking her for appearing in Vange’s stream about Jill. So now Bobo is picking apart Jill’s story

No. 265547

Good for her. It has to be someone in that circle to point out the inconsistencies and inaccuracies, otherwise Jill can use “the evil people are fake claiming me!” cover. Go for it Bobo, Jill is fetishizing severe mental illness and deserves to be called out

No. 265558

Finally some real pushback. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

No. 265573

Where is that Vangelina video?

No. 265574

>I'm being aboosed
>muh mental illness (even though boba has the same mental illness, and vangelina has bpd)
>Such a victim so upset

Slight blog but after reading so many "emotive" texts from bpd cows online, it's amazing to me that I can read back something I wrote while upset or stressed and it sounds totally cheery, friendly, and normal. The internet is full of these people who manipulatively type out their emotions but that isn't what happens in real life. Like they practice trying to sound upset via text, idk as a non manipulative person it's baffling that people like Jill spend every day screeching about how upset they are online, and weaponizing it to the point it becomes part of their writing style.

No. 265588

File: 1668331081324.jpg (411.41 KB, 1055x1741, Screenshot_20221112_113919.jpg)

What is with Jill's obsession with flashing?

No. 265592

stop asking

No. 265601

Did she just film all of these the same time and pretends she didn’t so it looks like she is doing something. Then the flashing would make sense because if she batch filmed she wouldn’t have noticed yet that she does keep flashing in that outfit. She says she gets in drag all the time but I kind of don’t believe her because we know how lazy and chronically baked she is.

No. 265607

They think it's just a cool funny and edgy symbol to wear everywhere, the red banner is the new swastika that retards wear either not knowing what they mean or thinking they're changing the meaning of the symbol by woobifying it in the most obnoxious ways,
like turning them into pastel kawaii uwu magical girl banners. Some of them are just retarded and believe in stupid shit tho, not the case of Jilly and Steeb, since they're the exact opposite of being communists or being into kawaii stuff and magical girls.

No. 265608

It's surely part of her fetish.

No. 265619

I think she just physically can’t help it because she’s too big for the clothes she wears

No. 265625

I'm not convinced it's ever coming. She seems a cowish herself and I think she got her 5 second attention high with the minor interaction she already had. Wouldn't be surprised if Jill and her kissed ass in DMs again and she once again called the video off. She doesn't seem to have much conviction and I'm convinced she just self posts here to try to get some more viewers. Dead end, she's useless

No. 265630

She's just too fat for her skirts

No. 265639

Which is extra stupid because she’s supposed to be a fashion designer. Make some skirts that fit!

No. 265641

A fashion designer who hates to sew. I doubt she’ll make any actual clothes ever again now that she’s picked up crochet.

No. 265646

File: 1668364085622.jpg (132.42 KB, 720x1094, Jill.jpg)

No. 265647

2020 called with its worldwide covid crisis Jill, you just lost a car and got told to get a job

No. 265648

File: 1668365012749.jpg (140.83 KB, 720x1289, Steve.jpg)

No. 265651

i’ve genuinely never seen a canadian who cares this much about a american politics. My brother in christ do you think americans iare carving justin trudea on a pumpkin just for a funny gag. Steve is such a weirdo i know this is not new information but this specifically just makes me cringe like nothing else. His whole faux leftist commie persona which is just watered down tiktok bullet points of thought.

No. 265656

File: 1668367037419.jpg (183.83 KB, 720x1736, Jilly.jpg)

No. 265657

File: 1668367100167.jpg (109.62 KB, 720x970, K.jpg)

No. 265658

Stevie replying to Vangelina kinda backs up anon's theory >>265625 that Jill and her made up in DMs and there will be no video, no wonder Jill has been looking so smug

No. 265675

File: 1668375265384.jpg (23.41 KB, 593x185, lies.jpg)

More pathetic lies from the queen of lying.

No. 265676

Since when does she have a niece?

No. 265679

That’d be stupid. But the thread is kinda dry lately anyways so maybe Van just didn’t care enough anymore. And while there are many things to say about Jill most of it is about her mento illness play pretend and Van doesn’t wanna do anything “fakeclaimy”

No. 265684

When nonnie from a few threads ago got with Jill’s brother.

No. 265688

No. 265692

File: 1668381674460.png (247.91 KB, 1440x1327, Screenshot_20221113-191936~3.p…)

No. 265693

Soooo NEW CLAIM it was her childhood bedroom. She was assulted and never told her parents is what I'm assuming.

No. 265694

File: 1668381980366.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1284x2388, 4B0C6A1F-8185-434E-AD1C-E06DED…)

Jill posts about being assaulted in her old bedroom at her parents house two minutes after posting her drag improvement photos

No. 265695

>I was assaulted in my parents' house, who were so neglectful they never realized something happened, and never noticed it fracturing my mind. But thank God I'm surrounded by my cozy supportive loving parents!!!!!!

Make it make sense

No. 265696

Was the sleepover with Uma at Jill’s house? Or is she implying her brother did something to her?

No. 265697

File: 1668382345754.jpg (85.36 KB, 716x797, Screenshot_20221113-162749_Chr…)

No. 265698

File: 1668382497162.jpg (401.13 KB, 720x3128, Jiji.jpg)

No. 265699

because all SA victims would choose to sleep in the bed they were assaulted in and then make a tweet about how they are in the bed they were assaulted in. Awesome Jill. That’s just awesome. If this was all real why go out of your way to trigger yourself?

No. 265702

She doesn't seem to have a choice here since she's visiting and probably doesn't want to bring up the issue and answer questions to family members by asking to sleep in the living room or switch rooms. That's weird to do and would immediately get people to ask why. True or not, her just dealing with it would be the better option regardless.

No. 265706

I’m slightly confused because the basement room wasn’t always her room, the room with all the muse posters and whatnot is a different room in the house. What age did she switch to the basement room and does that line up with the Uma stuff.

No. 265707

Or maybe they moved her stuff down there at some point after she moved out. It would be the same bed.

No. 265716

That has been her room since she started YouTube, I wonder about the bed because her parents actually renovated the room completely after she moved out.

No. 265717

Her parents know about her DID and her mom even follows the Veronica twitter account. Asking to sleep elsewhere wouldn’t have raised major questions since Jill already told them she has a life altering trauma disorder

No. 265718

She's using the same unilaterally debunked recovered memories theory that batshit conspiracy theorists use to claim that they were kidnapped by public figures to create an excuse for why she's suddenly uwu traumatized after living an incredibly comfortable life. If she had actually been assaulted in her childhood bedroom then sleeping there would have caused at the very least a 'fight, freeze, or flight' response immediately afterwards and well beyond because emotional responses to aversive stimuli are largely unconscious even if explicit memory isn't stored, e.g. if someone grows up in a culture where dogs are considered unclean then they will sidestep a pile of dog hair without any sort of memory associated with it or thought to why they're doing it.

And if she were having a PTSD episode she could surely tell her parents that she's uncomfortable given that she fucking allows them to read her posts anyway. She's so infuriatingly full of shit.

No. 265719

Gotta tweet about it, or else it didn't happen!

No. 265720

Are her parents seriously sitting there and taking all this shit? They’re being made out to be extremely negligent. There was a long comment thread on one of her recent videos (I’m sorry I can’t find it right now) of people sympathising with her for not being protected by her parents. We know Jills mum reads every tweet and watches every video how can she just sit there and take it?

No. 265725

if i remember correctly didnt Jill reply to comment VERY harshly also? Like very defensive i can’t exactly remember but despite the comment seemingly being supportive and saying i’m sorry you had to experience being neglected as a child; I swear i saw jill say something along the lines of you don’t know what’s gone on in my life don’t assume. Which is just… ironic i suppose. she knows she can’t say she was neglected outright so he only defense is to say people don’t know the full story,, but she will never choose to disclose bc it’s “private”

No. 265728

But remember nonny!!! Jill doesn’t have to tell you about her trauma to validate it!!! Only Jill is allowed to vaguely allude to the trauma she endured for pity points and ass pats

No. 265730

File: 1668391439094.png (443.91 KB, 500x740, nooo-dont-kill-yourself-your-s…)

> Awe :( we had a major ptsd flashback
same energy as pic rel

No. 265737

I think her mom may be getting upset, but is afraid to say too much because Jill will go apeshit. Look at how badly she reacted to being told to either get working or move home?
Jill is either going to crash and burn and end up having to move back into mommy’s basement, or she’s going to force Steve to go work and support her ass while she sits at home getting stoned, which if he has any self respect, he will tell her to fuck off. She seems completely unwilling to do anything to help herself and would rather sit around tweeting while expecting everyone else to pay the bills. I’d love it if her parents told her to fuck off and stopped giving her anything and refused to let her live at home so she could experience some real trauma. I doubt they ever will though.

No. 265740

It could he things have been rocky since the MCR concert and this tweet was a way to get her mom to back off. Sort of a not-so-subtle “if you don’t keep supporting me in my townhouse, you’ll be responsible for constantly triggering my SA ptsd”. That’s just my tinfoil

No. 265741

>"or she’s going to force Steve to go work and support her ass while she sits at home getting stoned, which if he has any self respect, he will tell her to fuck off."
That's what's been happening for at least a year now though

No. 265747

Does he work? I was under the impression that he just lives in the townhouse for free, fucking around with her. Even if he does work to pay for his own stuff, I doubt it’s enough to pay the rent and all bills and Jill’s copious amounts of weed. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have had a breakdown when Louise told her to start paying her way or move home because Steve could just do it.
Correct me if I’m wrong though.

No. 265756

He works, Jill said in her stalking video that someone had apparently contacted Steve’s retail job even though none of us knew he had one. But he also did some roblox-adjacent internship, as well as teaching(iirc?) some sort of program recently. I can’t be bothered looking up the details, but he’s been working in the whole time in some capacity, nonnies just ran with the narrative that he was living off Jill.
Also we never actually got confirmation that her mum told her to get a job, though it does seem like it was probably something along those lines

No. 265757

It's possible. She tweets things like this everytime she goes back home. Maybe every time her and her parents argue she guilt trips them into paying for her shit. Which is a little funny since her parents completely changed her room so a lot of the major visual triggers don't even exist anymore.
Also if Uma was around the time Jill started her pastel-punk phase her house's rainbow vomit walls would be more of a trigger than a bed.

No. 265760

why does she live tweet her breakdowns through Evanescence lyrics

But for real out of everything she does I do not understand her rationale for live feeding her supposed trauma flashbacks through vague poems and then goes back a few days later to remind everyone how terrible it was. She's been doing this since her deviantart days and its crazy she hasn't figured out thats not a normal thing to do and would not be recommended by any good therapist. Especially when your persona is a part of your career. She is one of the weirdest cows to me because she was fairly normal in her early youtube days- and nothing has happened to her since then that would've make her go psycho like she pretends to be. We would've known, since she overshares everything. The blatant lying at her age with her parents backing up her ddlg/trans larp is so creepy. I would be so embarrassed if my parents or friends saw me doing this shit.

No. 265772

She has always been a liar, tho, as far as her YouTube career has gone. She started out pretending be some humble teen working her ass off for her brand name lolita clothes only for us to find out she was an incredibly spoiled brat. I don't think she understands that her original content was better only because she lied slightly less. Instead of every word out of her mouth. Being a spoiled brat isn't even necessarily a bad thing if she did stuff like donate to charity or whatever or was the slightest bit humble but instead she just pretends to be broke all the time.

No. 265773

Maybe her abusive neglectful mom made her sleep in the room she was assaulted in

No. 265778

>nothing has happened to her
weed and untreated BPD

No. 265781

She spends the vast majority of her time at home on social media and has completely lost perspective on what it’s like to be a normal functional person. She’s not embarrassed to be seen like this by people she knows because everyone she knows either has the same strain of brainworms or enables her no matter what. She’s cultivated an echo chamber of drag queens and mental illness munchies and those people are her only frame of reference. I’m sure that if she had a normal job where she had to interact with normal people she would not be nearly as openly crazy as she is now.

No. 265791

Sorry but my tism couldn’t ignore this.

Very interesting because between 50-70% of autistics have ADHD has a comorbid condition… weird thing for her to share considering how she reaaaaaally thinks she’s autistic.

No. 265810

do you know what co-morbid means? also, that's up for debate because of diagnostic criteria, age when diagnosed and overdiagnosis of adhd in general. not having adhd doesn't preclude you from having autism. and her having borderline does preclude her from getting an adhd diagnosis. however it barely matters because she doesn't have autism for many other reasons. just don't spread misinformation and use it to dispute her false claims.

No. 265827

"borderline does preclude her from getting an adhd diagnosis"

People can have BPD and ADHD I dont think Pixie has either. But a similar google can tell you that you're wrong about claiming someone with BPD cant be diagnosed with ADHD

Here's an actual article about it


No. 265828

This, each year she only surrounds herself with equally insufferable people because they're the only ones who can stand her. It's why she constantly goes through friends, any 'normal' person can see through her bullshit so she cuts them out of her life.

No. 265829

P sûre BPD is the only legit diagnosis Pixie has but I've never seen proof of it that I can remember so grain of salt

No. 265840

Jill shouting out her own lack of creativity and openly copying other drag artists makeup is too funny…

No. 265843

It's part of the attention high that she seeks. She'll vague-post about a difficult time to get that initial buzz from followers wondering what's wrong, then when that high wears off she mentions it again but in a less obtuse way to gain even more pity points. She does this quite often with many of her dramatic flair ups, or when she seems to be bored.

No. 265846

All drag queens look the same anyway

No. 265855

File: 1668464512131.jpg (265.2 KB, 720x1388, Screenshot_20221114-151829_Chr…)

No. 265857


So convenient that all the alters have Jill's style, even the 35 year old man. And they al love posting selfies on twitter

No. 265859

Right? Like I'm supposed to believe the super traumatized one has the emotional and mental ability to put on any makeup at all and craft some weird outfit that isn't sweatpants and a t-shirt? Where's the depressive side of the trauma response jill

No. 265860

Damnnn I've never seen lips so dry and chapped…. She needs to put more balm on after the bowl rips. Anyone else notice the smokers' lines around her mouth? The filter makes it hard to see but the discolouration is there.

No. 265862

kek is that supposed to be cliffe? how do adults in their 30s tweet

>pouting selfie and weirdly formal greeting

fuckin nailed it good job kid.

No. 265864


No. 265865

Also sorry for samefag but ofc she says "folks" lol

No. 265874

serving holly conrad here

No. 265876

Isn't Cliffe bald? Why would he curl Jill's hair? What am I looking at

No. 265879

I love how Cliffe and Flora decide to take the time to put on those fake costume glasses glasses every time they "front". Fake glasses are a style accessory, not an needed part of your self image that you're uncomfortable without. It's so painful she's just looking for more ways to visually differentiate between her cartoon characters.

No. 265882

lmao the duckface for a boomer

No. 265888

Not wk-ing, but you can get prescription glasses super cheap online and Jill is blind as a bat, so she probably just ordered a bunch of alter-specific glasses for herself that she switches between

No. 265890

you can tell they aren't prescription, since they don't distort her face. prescription glasses "zoom" in or out of your face within the frames depending on what type of bad sighted u are(learn2sage)

No. 265891

have you seen her with her old lady/gypsy rose glasses? she’s so incredibly blind that it’s very clear when she is wearing glasses with her prescription lenses. these are fake

No. 265895

jill has naturally curly hair. she straightens it every day.

No. 265901

Good point, I didn’t think of that because my glasses don’t distort my eyes in photos because they’re only a low prescription.
In that case, Jill just get prescription glasses for your alters and save on contacts, why do you have to do everything the hard way

No. 265907

File: 1668489514404.png (25.74 KB, 390x390, 20340206001_front_a01_@2.png)

I am on my hands and knees begging you to save your damn hair

No. 265933

File: 1668500549506.png (395.88 KB, 600x580, 27d.png)

Am I at a motherfuckin' churches? What is this extra crispy monstrosity that is this bitch's hair??
I for one am excited foe the buzzcut arc, who knows we might even get another alter or gasp Cliffe gets actual screentime.

No. 265946

I know what comorbid means, as I have both ADHD and autism, and this is not false information.

Google it yourself.

No. 265947


Sage for double post, but it’s interesting you bring more misinformation when claiming I am misinforming people. People with ADHD can absolutely have BPD. I’ve seen it with my own two eyeballs.

No. 265961

>People with ADHD can absolutely have BPD. I’ve seen it with my own two eyeballs.
As someone with adhd who follows multiple bpd cows via lolcow, my sympathies. Having a chill personality is my saving grace, the various adhd common traits combined with bpd would be a nightmare kek

No. 265965

can we all shut the fuck up and get back to the topic at hand or take this to OT?

- t. ADHD with BPD

No. 265984

Her hair is beyond “use conditioner” to save it lol. She needs to shave it all off and go natural. Having dyed hair isn’t spechul anymore.
Even Holly Conrad has been styling herself better recently kek.

No. 265994

Except it’s obviously a huge part of her personality and probably sees having non rainbow hair as traumatic too

No. 266005

She won’t fix it because she is in denial, she hasn’t done it lately but she kept claiming her breakage was from her growing out a Mohawk she had as a pre teen which is obviously bullshit. I don’t think she could rescue it anymore anyway it just needs to get cut off.

No. 266006

File: 1668533275482.jpeg (84.57 KB, 480x600, D90E3D98-1D37-405D-841B-DE6660…)

If she had a buzz cut she could do that thing where you paint designs on the hair. Think about it Jill you could do all kinds of different designs and change it frequently and it would be far more androgynous than the long hair thus better for the male alters.

No. 266007

I don't think she will do it now. She is fat and having short hair makes her face look fatter. She will look like a perfect oval, not to mention all the focus is going to go to her greasy face.

No. 266009

Plus she'd hate looking like a guy

No. 266011

It took Jill months to make a lane poofy jacket you honestly think she has the work ethic to paint her hair like this?

No. 266014

Those chemical cuts she keeps giving herself are going to make her go bald. Do you think she'll understand why? Or will she blame it on her grandpa alter?

No. 266015

no they can't look up the diagnostic requirements of adhd.

No. 266017

File: 1668536042238.jpeg (566.24 KB, 1170x1226, 81B67431-8750-45E1-A7C2-7CF2FA…)

another excuse to not work. looks like we won’t have anything new to laugh at for a while.

No. 266020


this girls been a youtuber for years and she has 1 computer for editing that she broke? She doesn't have a laptop she can use?

No. 266024

Gonna assume she means laptop since it would be very strange to take a whole desktop computer with you travelling, surely her mom has a computer she could use for editing since she's a photographer herself. She could've just copied the files to an external hard drive or usb? Is this what alcohol and weed does to your brain

No. 266025

I mean if she was legit she would have pre prepared a video and scheduled it’s release that’s usually what people do when they are going away. She is so incompetent as a content creator, when was the last time she made a video that wasn’t last second thrown together and somehow still not on time. Transporting a Mac unnecessarily is just asking for it to get broken really. I also wouldn’t be too happy if I was her family and she came home to spend time with me but brought her work she should have already done.

No. 266032

She doesn’t want to be actually androgynous. Her weird narc standard of beauty for herself is being ultra feminine. Her ftm alter is mostly in drag and in girly edgy clothes unless she puts on the gypsy rose beanie to be lazy.
She’s trying so hard to shoehorn all the lgbtbbq labels since she just a spicy straight that wants to feel special. Internet culture has rotted her brain so much she’s feels it’s everything in her world despite it being completely meaningless to normies outside of the computer.

No. 266040

She isnt even talking abt her youtube content tho?? Who tf uses a laptop to edit tiktok videos and why would she not be able to do so on a phone?

No. 266045

I feel like I remember her saying she films them on the camera she uses for youtube, so she would have to import them onto her computer to edit them. I hope I'm remembering wrong though cause that is more effort than it's worth.

No. 266050

she's lying then. most of the tiktok filters/effects can only be used on videos you record in the app.

No. 266051

You’re right, here
she says she uses a Nikon D5500 and Final Cut to film and edit both her YouTube and TikTok videos.

No. 266064

File: 1668544657716.jpg (181.33 KB, 1077x880, Screenshot_20221115_143505.jpg)

Now shut the fuck up about it. The bottom line is that regardless of if they can be comorbid or not, Jill clearly doesn't have ADHD and her doctors agree with that.

No. 266070


Seriously, youtube is Jill's only job and she isn't in school. She stays at home all day every day and she waited until a trip with her family to edit her videos? Plan that shit out and edit it before you go

No. 266072

If only her parents would have a computer so she could get them off her camera and send them to her phone… not like anyone in her family has experience with that kinda stuff

No. 266075

stop continuing the conversation.

No. 266078

You can tell which TikToks are filmed on her phone and which are from her camera, the quality and the depth of field is very different. Most of her tiktoks on her main page are filmed on her camera, they don’t use any of the tiktok filters either. Still, nothing is stopping her from just picking up her phone right now and creating content. Any other content creator in this situation would do that it’s really not hard. Also if she was serious about being a drag queen she’d see this is a great opportunity to practice by making makeup videos or even just practicing her dancing by doing tiktok dance videos.

No. 266084

>not folx

not very inclusive jill.

No. 266091

kek nonnie

No. 266108

Montreal trip proved that when the waiter gave her a key to the male bathroom. Had to giggle at her "unbothered" response in both her tweet and video.
>She’s trying so hard to shoehorn all the lgbtbbq labels since she just a spicy straight that wants to feel special.
I don't get her fixation on labels and thinking more labels means special. I tend to see it as a warning sign for a very self-centered attention seeking individual especially with the excessive use of lgbtq labels. She's so insecure of being seen as anything but special. Too bad her personality is as rotten as garbage which seeps through her rainbow exterior.
>Also if she was serious about being a drag queen she’d see this is a great opportunity to practice by making makeup videos or even just practicing her dancing by doing tiktok dance videos.
Those could help motivate her and fine tune her performances. She should be trying to get into more events other than just ones her friends are hosting. Talking to club owners, other drag queens, establishing a good reputation, and building up networks. Too bad she's far too lazy despite her insistence this is her "job". It's embarrassing yet she has no shame.

No. 266145

Why is she always potraying Cliffie as such a boomer? My fiance is almost the same age as Cliff is supposed to be and he is not acting like a 60 year old who doesn't know how to use internet lmaooo(learn2sage)

No. 266149

>My fiance
no one cares

No. 266155

Just adding that those are extremely cheap "Santa" / "Harry Potter" costume glasses that are all over Amazon. You can tell from the nose bridge and just the overall thinness and quality. She's literally putting fake plastic glasses over her contacts.

No. 266162


Tiny tinfoil and semi-blogpost, but I feel she's going for the narrative "I can't get a job because I'm mentally ill and I can't come back living with my parents because I was SA in their house and I'm too traumatized to stay there".(tiny unsaged tinfoil)

No. 266164

It would make sense, especially if she's dropping her therapy considering the whole point of therapy would be getting rid of her fake ass DID trauma response
It pisses me off that all these DID fakers go with the narrative that they're somehow happy and cohabitating as a multiplicity when the whole fucking rub of DID is not having a harmonious group of people in your head that just sit in a fake ass mind palace and talk about memes but that you can't hold down a stable career, relationships, and even general well-being

No. 266171

File: 1668613293873.jpeg (636.96 KB, 1170x1354, 709F1842-DC99-4792-8689-9792E3…)

lol she didn’t even have a backup of any of her files. what did she do to her computer to fuck it up this bad?

No. 266174

She has an iMac, why the heck was she traveling with it in the first place?! Have you never heard of a usb/external hard drive Jillian?

I don’t really get why everyone here seems to think that moving back with her parents is/was ever on the cards or that it would do anything to help her. Her parents are the ones that spoilt her all her life and shaped her into the entitled brat she is, moving back with them wouldn’t automatically make her get her act into gear. I also doubt that her parents want her to move home either, why would they

No. 266175

Indian tech support alter dropping soon

No. 266198

She probably dropped it. She’s got a Mac laptop, right? If you drop it and it hits on the hinge, that’s a sure fire way to kill it. That, spilling a giant glass of liquid on it, or getting it in contact with a magnet are about the only ways I can think of to kill it beyond repair. I’m surprised she didn’t have automatic backups turned on though. Or have some kind of external backup for just for her YouTube/work files

No. 266200

more like she dropped the ball on making videos and is lying.

No. 266201

No. 266203

File: 1668618928603.png (67.35 KB, 731x440, Screenshot 2022-11-16 131415.p…)

No. 266205

>belly dancing tiktoks never ever

No. 266209

so did it "go in for repairs" or not? sounds like she just took it into an apple store and they looked at it. her store is full of holes.

No. 266210

Remember that she dropped her iphone in the toilet once too. Maybe she wants a new mac.

No. 266218

I sincerely can’t believe any of her little simps are buying this. It’s such an obvious fabrication to get a new computer or the money for one. She makes me exhale so loudly out my nostrils in distaste ugh.

No. 266221

File: 1668621888962.jpg (147.08 KB, 720x1210, Screenshot_20221116-105628_Chr…)

No. 266222

File: 1668622028106.jpg (316.76 KB, 720x2983, Cliffe.jpg)

No. 266223

YouTube would’ve never been a career option for her if her parents hadn’t spoiled her as a teen. Wish I could say that I’m shocked that she’s not even savvy enough to keep backups of the shit she’s editing despite working at this for a decade.

No. 266224

Lol what did she do to this damn thing if it's a 30% did she sit on it
Awesome creepy old alter likes to cuddle that doesn't sound at all like a red flag

No. 266226

this is such crap i can't believe it. she's clearly just trying to get a new computer. there's some much bs just in this one post.

No. 266234

What is this alter purpose? He sure as hell is not helping this blop with her finances. Jill no 30+ person talks like that and they barely care about the internet or having an internet presence. No 30+ person wants to cuddle random people and if they do call the police. Jill you should have paid for acting school cause you clearly don't know how real people act. Plus your not using that fashion degree, just it's just another kawewe decor for the wall.

No. 266237

I’m sorry but I’m getting really weirded out by this tweeting back and forth to herself bit. I’ve followed other people with DID, and I haven’t seen anyone do this. The only thing that even comes close is when DissociaDID duets herself on tiktok, but that feels less narcissistic somehow. Maybe because the alters are more distinct or because tiktok duets are normal? But Jill’s tweeting is like she’s taken the idea of “have a text chat app or notebook for improved system communication!” and turned it into publicly tweeting herself to fawn over her alters and explain her edgy vague tweets when they don’t get enough attention the first time around.

Isn’t Cliffe supposed to be a combination of her father and some Tim Gunn-esque drag queen out of drag? I can see Jill saying he’s huggable with the dad component, but some random person thinking he looks cuddly is pretty creepy…

No. 266240

More like she’s making up an excuse to get out of having to upload anything. Maybe she wants a new computer too but if that were the only thing she wouldn’t have to say that all her work disappeared *just* as she was about to hand in the assignment. And no backups, of course. Naturally.

Sasha Velour. Who imo seems extremely non-huggable but maybe that’s just me.

No. 266242

File: 1668627735002.jpg (233.67 KB, 720x2213, K.jpg)

No. 266259

She really didn't ever back this video making shit up to some sort of cloud storage?

No. 266260

she’s literally just talking to herself, about herself. I’m going to lose my mind why do her followers think it’s cool. This makes me cringe like nothing else can. He gives the best hugs ,,, TO WHO??? Are you hugging yourself Jill?

No. 266263

she's obviously lying, her intro and outro where magically okay? but nothing else? sus

No. 266264


It's fucking weird obsessed Jill is with herself. Like imagine retweeting selfies saying "awwwee"

No. 266265

she also has too much specific information about what the tech at apple is doing to her laptop. last i checked they don't hand hold you and tell you every little thing they think is wrong.

No. 266266

Girl no cloud storage? External hard drive? Tf

No. 266273

so it's all gone except not really?