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No. 241369

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a fake/manipulated diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for.
She accepted her ~life changing~ “diagnosis” with a smile and celebrated with a "coming out as DID" cake, and struggles to maintain the LARP after only two weeks. The number of alters keep pilling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who rage-quitted due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as the creator of the Confetti Club, a group of skinwalking fans that wear “Party-Kei” style, a weeaboo fashion she invented and no longer personally wears. She currently looks like an overweight clown.
>Known lurker.
>Extremely sensitive.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Very notorious attention whore. Always overstates her abilities in a delusional way and barely puts any effort.
>Runs a youtube channel with an inconsistent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating most of her fans.
>Has multiple inconsistencies in her DID story and lore. Will change or forget key details about her trauma origin story or her alters. She also tends to deny the bad parts of her mental illnesses.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special. Thus, results in obvious faking.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- items, including clothes, makeup and other shit for any new trend she gets into. Nevertheless, she still is a big consumer of plastic crap and will cut corners whenever possible.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of things to show off how much she had spent (as a brag).
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise. She’s also a massive attention whore and very self-centered, never listens to others and only cares about her own faked struggles. Disregards any criticism as “hate”.
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, and her fans are steadily unfollowing her.
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day. She will take meds without even verifying she needs them or not, or stop them without further medical advice. Other questionable “self-care” and “mental health” content has been noted.
>Thinks having an enabling counselor = actual therapy. Said counselor quitted and moved provinces only 1 year after treating her and givng her the DID diagnostic impression. Jillian continues to lie and fake all kinds of symptoms to prove she’s sick, slowly transforming nto a full-blown munchie. Believes her own lies on the matter so much so that she thinks she’s knowledgeable enough to advise others on the matter.
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments, videos, or tweets that dare question her and act passive-aggressive about it on Twitter. Will also e-bully anyone she doesn’t like or goes against her ideas.
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image. Somehow, all her male exes end up looking like the current aesthetic she’s into at the moment of dating.
>Has claimed that her DeviantArt Ex-girlfriend she kept in amicable contact with for a while after breaking up “abused her for months”. Said claim has been proven false.
>She now claims every abuser of hers has been female, even though she has heavily mistreated her past two girlfriends. She broke off with her most recent ex girlfriend, Mystery Girl, around Christmas 2018, because she “was no longer attracted to her”. She kept the Christmas presents that she would otherwise would had given her, to herself.
>Her previous friendships almost always have end up in drama. Rumors of her sleeping with the guy that one of her ex-friends liked at a New Year’s party have circulated. Besides that, she has also said in a video that she stripped in front of Steven and his ex-girlfriend Maggie at some point in a get-together. Even her fans found this weird.
>Formerly identified as pansexual, then queer, then claimed to be “too into dick to be a lesbian” while dating a woman; currently lives inside her rainbow house with her boyfriend Stephen Clarke. Now both Stephen and Jillian identify as nonbinary and pansexual. It is worth mentioning one of her exes also became nonbinary and pansexual shortly after dating her. Steven is currently hinting to a very obvious MTF transition despite having a christian family, which will prove beneficial to Jill, since she wants to roleplay being a lesbian very bad.
>Relies too much on other people, including her mother and her partners. Will interact with content creators she likes in a creepy, harassing way.
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo in her videos and social media despite knowing she has a largely underage audience. Recently started tagging posts with the age regression hashtag.
>Jilly started her own brand, 5 petal flower, months before graduating from her glorified canadian craft school. She plans to sell badly put together Lazy Oaf knock offs despite her work being labeled as “inconsistent” by her teachers because she was mostly distracted with stim toys found on her sewing table. The only work she has produced so far was a collaboration with a small brand that mostly resells chinese aliexpress items and a cheap looking bridal dress for her cousin.
>Very irresponsible pet owner. Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel hanging around on the floor, the cat almost choking to death. She still keeps this choking hazard where the same cat can reach it for years after the incident. Never seems to clean her pet’s space, you can see cat shit and cat fur all over her house in her videos and selfies.
>She tries to prove she’s mentally ill in any way possible, including always mentioning her stims, dissociation, posting edgy lyrics, wearing a t-shirt that reminds her of suicidal ideation, and pretending she can only eat one type of food. Pretends she “never lies”, “doesn’t understand sarcasm” and other autism/neurodivergent LARPing on Twitter. She wants to be mentally ill very bad and will often spread misinformation about it on her socials.
>Uses her alters to hold at least one of her personality traits or past times instead of realizing she can be a normal and full-fledged adult woman with hobbies and emotions. Will defend using emojis to sign off as each alter, to the point of harassing others off platforms if they don’t agree with her usage. She also talks in third person to herself while pretending to be an alter on her DMs, twitter, and on picture captions, calling herself “handsome” or “pretty”.
>Will claim as many labels as possible, some of them are: Queer, lesbian, nonbinary, FTM, pansexual, emo, rainbow, intersex, fashion designer, magical girl, full time youtuber, neurodivergent, autistic, BPD, DID system, witch, kawaii, drag queen. In reality, she’s just a spoiled dumb girl.
>Has been consuming a lot of alcohol and weed in a questionable way, anons wonder if her dissociation is merely caused by substance abuse. She bragged about the liquor store knowing who she is. She pushes weed as a magical cure-it-all for adults and children on her twitter full of underage fans.
>Recently got into bio drag queening, changed her twitter description days before her first performance even went live. Danced like a crazy woman to a Steven Universe and a MCR song on her first performance. She’s now fully accepting the drag queen label with a lot of self-importance and yet again overstating her abilities with barely any experience.
>Ran over a deer on July 2022 and while originally saying she had no trauma from it, milked the accident dry for pity points, calling it a “near death experience” and claiming “multiple ptsd symptoms” from it. Might create another alter from the whole experience.


>Jillian: Actual person, but calls herself an alter for the heck of it. Hates being called “Jilly”.

>Jerrick: 13-16 year old emo guy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits. Signs off with a snake emoji.
>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, calls herself a lesbian (even though she’s dating a man), she is a “protector of sexual trauma”, says she had to become a fuckable bimbo because she was “raped for months”. Signs off with a flame emoji.
>Berry (Nicknamed “Babby Smalls”: Talks and acts like a baby. Proof that Jillian is into age regression. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had its name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Signs off with a strawberry.
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" Kind of like her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but his emoji is a club.
>Flora: A “fragment” slowly morphing into a real alter, and a carbon copy of cure flora / other positive precure characters. She is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Jax: 19 year old girl who speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). She called it “a character salad”. Apparently was born from watching arcane while having major trauma. Signs with a test tube emoji.
>sandwich emoji: Cat alter, represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>piano emoji: ??? silently added to her tiktok bio.
>another age regression alter: ??? mentioned to be “far away” but present inside her head.

**Note: The DID saga officially starts in >>>/w/176591

>>235115 "doesn't like to bring her DID much" in front of her parents
>>235443 Maggie still visits Steven when Jillian isn't looking
>>235445 Maggie alledgedly vagueposting about Jillian
>>235446 Maggie alledgedly vagueposting about Jillian
>>235510 Maggie alledgedly vagueposting about Jillian
>>235573 Maggie alledgedly vagueposting about Jillian
>>235595 Maggie alledgedly vagueposting about Jillian
>>235596 Maggie alledgedly vagueposting about Jillian
>>235744 Maggie is a lolicon
>>235766 Maggie has the same pajamas as Jill
>>235799 Maggie talks about that time that she was posted to lolcow
>>235808 The pic in question
>>235824 Jillian says she's feeling catatonic but then Steven comes to the rescue with… Smash Bros?
>>236077 Asks someone for recorded video evidence in a condensending way
>>236135 Tells the Will Wood they/them victim: "I hope he presses charges against you"
>>236326 Still fixated on her past self
>>236449 Made "fronting indicator" drawings for her OCs
>>236482 Says something about finding "the right kind of friends" after what Maggie posted
>>236493 Likes the term "multiple personalities"
>>236496 Being a meanie on twitter
>>236507 BPD put a finger down
>>236530 She makes countless disgusted faces at the put a finger down video
>>236596 She responds to sof (the girl who gets invited to her house to 'safely ageplay')
>>236627 The full drawing with her OCs looking shitty as ever
>>236764 Says the reason Jax exists is because she watched arcane while experiencing major trauma
>>236765 Makes up DID terms
>>236829 Says she's the main character (because of a Will Wood song)
>>236869 Interacts with Drew Monson again
>>236892 Louise interacts with the Jerrick twitter
>>236922 Jax is a "character salad"
>>236927 Louise does not follow the Veronica account
>>236931 Disgusting tiktok saying she's an evil main character
>>236932 Another disgusting tiktok about having 5 mental illnesses and being on the spectrum
>>236933 Yet another disgusting tiktok about being mentally ill
>>236940 I am the main character and you have to like me
>>236992 Comparison, then and now
>>237007 Says she has undiagnosed autism but "doesn't like to talk about it" (lies)
>>237026 Weird tweet (hinting at lurking?)
>>237155 Retweets some shit about autism
>>237367 STILL fixated on her past photos, trying to prove the existence of any alter however she can
>>237522 Long term fan calls her out
>>237713 August patreon livestream
>>237826 Car pic
>>237853 August patreon livestream summary
>>237970 Her fans enable her larp
>>238164 Calls her OC a "teenage dirtbag"
>>238322 Some shit about her joy being restored with cheese after the accident
>>238357 Talks about her "brother's evil ex" with her mom
>>238358 Cries with Drew Monson tweet
>>238383 New pic with the pink dress looking like it's going to burst to shreds
>>238393 More interactions with sof
>>238400 Sof was a featured confetti club thread skinwalker
>>238546 Jillian armchairing someone else on her twitter kek
>>238559 New drag logo
>>238576 Something about the new car and trauma
>>238577 Makes the old pixiespam account into her new villainy drag account
>>238589 Dream car is a whole VMW ban
>>238595 Still calls herself 'freelance fashion designer'
>>238613 Eats mc and cheese that 'Flora' prepared, calls it witchery
>>238696 Acts like a source of knowledge on twitter
>>238712 Car accident video
>>238796 Steve comes chime in with "trauma is subjetive"
>>238797 Someone says she has more trauma than her, they fight on twitter
>>238846 Retweets a "people who don't have DID don't know who's faking" post
>>238883 Louise comments on the car crash video
>>238884 Jilly pretending to have an ED
>>238906 Her "alter" calls her "crunchy"
>>238971 Steven orders her to use the flower lanyard
>>239079 Steven's parents buy them a car
>>239114 Shuts others up before they can finish their conversation
>>239115 Same as above
>>239149 Acts ~shocked~ abotu a filter turning her house green
>>239162 Disgusting tongue face directed at her mother
>>239163 More disgusting faces
>>239461 Acts "sad" in front of a window for tiktok
>>239465 Something about having trauma all year
>>239466 Retweets "I still remember, I still hate you"
>>239515 A fan notes her instagram content changed, she goes nuts
>>239637 "Flora is an angel, I only met her this year"
>>239638 She's "unable to eat"
>>239642 Can't go to Sof's drag queen performance
>>239665 Extremely stupid autism larp, says "stim stim stim" multiple times
>>239666 The shit ain't even aligned
>>239741 Her "worst nightmare" includes being called out on twitter
>>239816 Her cousin says they're both autistic
>>239855 There's some places in her hometown she avoids
>>239909 Thrift video
>>239931 Likes "cute pastel cozy nursery vibes"
>>239955 Says she's anxious about wasting her potential
>>240278 Says she will continue her brand when she's less insane
>>240281 Veronica "sexy" larp
>>240293 Futanari-ish retweet about hormones
>>240369 Steven interacts with young people on twitter
>>240599 Thrift video dislike ratio
>>240606 Veronica video dislike ratio
>>240621 Playing with Lego while being blazed as fuck… again
>>241020 Has been having panic attacks all day
>>241021 Posts an "uwu" crying picture (punchable face)
>>241066 Possible future physical condition larp?
>>241248 "Suicidal" shenanigans
>>241272 Has anxiety because angel therapist left
>>241277 ^^^Comments
>>241302 Retarded tiktok kek
>>241319 She has the zoomies
>>241350 Has been "gradually been able to hear her folk's voices again" (aka her OCs)
>>241356 Had to cancel her drag gig

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 (“Veronica” alter): https://twitter.com/xcherrybombica
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 241371

No. 241374

I just think it's hilarious how she has to be the literal main character even when she's supposed to share her brain with 5 people that are there to serve her so she doesn't have to think about her "trauma" -whatever it is-.
She's such a narc that even the donut steels living in her brain are as disposable as the people irl.

No. 241379

Well done with the last thread stamps nonnie

No. 241384

File: 1660967382918.jpeg (382.73 KB, 1169x796, 980D3ED4-8CC1-43CD-95DA-BE89AE…)

Moving back in with her parents saga?

No. 241386

the "flight/fight/fawn/freeze" she tweeted about.. girl what the fuck are you saying? Half the shit she spews is just random nouns with no meaning.

No. 241388

Or finally letting Stephen's Grindr hook-ups in the front door.

No. 241389

Nah, my money's on working toward an identity fuse or integration or whatever the fuck they call acting normal.

No. 241391

Maybe moving to where her OuO~angel therapist~ is going and harassing him to continue her "treatment"
I love playing speculation bingo

No. 241392

My money is on deciding to forego therapy all together because loosing her therapist has just giving her so much trauma that she can’t possibly see anyone else right now. After all, she’s already get her “diagnosis”, what good is a therapist to her now, it’s not like she’s actually willing to listen and change.

No. 241399

from last thread, who the hell has 4 days panic attacks? panicking/freaking out and acting incoherent/idk what you call it for a few hours already sucks (speaking from experience) but surely if steeve saw her like this he'd do something about it? like at least talk to calm her some? and if it doesn't work, imo i'd call the hospital, why would you let someone suffer like this for days?? i know she's larping but unless she caught a regular illness, that sounds like substance abuse to me.

No. 241400

I really don’t think it applies to what she was trying to say, but “fight/flight/fawn/freeze” is a real thing. Basically scientists discovered there’s two more options than just “fight or flight” as a reaction to danger: “fawn” which is when just go along with the dangerous situation/do whatever the attacker says, and “freeze” where you aren’t able to do anything. So yeah, another real concept that she didn’t understand or purposefully twisted to sound more knowledgeable about psychology than she actually is

No. 241401

File: 1660970630895.jpeg (952.56 KB, 1284x2234, 1660958318775.jpeg)

Reposting it again for those who didn't see it

No. 241402

Gonna say it again– this exposes her fake DID in neon lights. The point of it as a coping mechanism is so an alternative can check out when triggered and others take its place so the trauma doesn't touch the one who was traumatized. She played herself.

Second this. Whatever's left of her fan base doesn't care for the DID shtick. The did is only performing well on tiktok and Twitter, but not YT where she really gets her money. She needs the cash and her fake DID is keeping it.

No. 241403

Jilly bean has to get a real job is my bet

No. 241404

>AnYwAys my mental illness is cute and quirky xoxo
She lurks so hard. Glad to see her ego is bruised. Fakers get what they deserve.

No. 241405

Jill just doesn't understand the difference between a panic attack vs and anxiety attack. Persistent anxiety for days is an anxiety attack a panic attack that spans for days would require hospitalization.
Stoner anons, would cutting weed cold turkey cause something like this or is she just greening out?

No. 241407

File: 1660972084910.png (245.44 KB, 786x302, hm.png)

just a reminder this isn't the first time she acknowledges these threads. There's no way she isn't saying the "cute and quirky" shit beause of us. I've seen those exact same words here multiple times.

No. 241408

Who did she unblock? Is she talking about posting on here?

No. 241409

Alternate reading: she sat around smoking weed and watching youtube for a week and realized she hadn't LARPed in too long, her momentary concern that her fans would be upset conflated into a retroactive 4-day panic attack cuz panic attack == disassociating == sitting on her ass doing fuckall.

No. 241410

yes, she mentions a thread. Also she talks about unblocking someone who posted her here. This is from an older thread.

No. 241412

Is there some comprehensive breakdown on her whole false DID thing, as some writeup or video essay?

I've seen the evidence scattered throughout these threads that makes it pretty damn clear, but I need to convince a friend, and they don't have the patience or focus to pore over them all - plus the nastier comments would make them throw out the whole thing as biased, and ignore the legit blinding red flags.

No. 241414

File: 1660975315631.jpg (169.37 KB, 718x1393, Screenshot_20220819-225938_Chr…)

No. 241416

and so her "drag" career dies before ever taking off. I bet she will continue to postpone all "gigs" and just continue to post stupid tiktoks, thinking that's enough to call herself drag queen.

No. 241417

this. i hate when people confuse the two.

No. 241419

If she isn't lying, sounds like she's getting cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. It makes you throw up uncontrollably. Anon was talking about how shayna I think(some /snow/ cow got it). If she has it her weed detox is going to be crazy.

No. 241420

blog for stoner shit but i smoke weed everyday and have for the past couple years of my young adult life. personally the most intense thing i feel if i don’t smoke for a few days is just higher irritation and sometimes a bit more anxiety. Maybe for some people it could be more extreme? But weed is like usually not something that gives people withdrawals if you stop. Nothing close to a 4 day long throwing up constantly panic attack like she’s describing

No. 241421

I'm >>241419 I also am which is why I mentioned the CHS, can't think of anything else.

No. 241422

Isn't what you described a withdrawal though? genuinely asking

No. 241426

It's on par if not way more mild than caffeine withdrawal. Like you can be cranky for a few days on par with pms or being sleep deprived. Nothing that could get you hospitalized like the physical withdrawal symptoms of hard drugs unless you are already off the rails.

No. 241427

10 years from now she will be on partial disability and making shitty poop broaches for you tube. She won't show off on camera so you can't see her patchy balding head, out of control hoard, and 400 pound frame.

No. 241429

Steve works right so he probably isn’t around all day so she is probably just texting him all day whining but is fine then just has to be weak and oh I was so unwell all day when he gets home. She got better just in time for the weekend and him probably being home all day because he has off work kek.
Why does she talk about her drag as if she has been booked and it’s a “gig”. Once again here we see volunteers, she doesn’t have gigs or bookings she is just rocking up at a drag open mic equivalent. She always misrepresents shit like this.

No. 241430

>so at least I wasn't like on a big poster hyping anyone up!!!

The audacity and ego of this chick, as if she was some sort of drag celebrity whose appearance in a drag show would hype people up and her thousands of fans would be sooo disappointed when she had to cancel

No. 241433

yes that is technically a withdrawal i guess but when i think of withdrawals i think of something extremely painful and even dana heroin like detoxing off heroin or some shit. but there are some conditions ppl can have that make cannabis make them hella sick like another anon mentioned.

No. 241434

Stoner myself too but buddy i think your forgetting weed still classifies as depressents, stimulants or hallucinogens & do have a significant effect on mental/physical health. Its just easy to say it doesnt after years of daily smoking bc of intolerance and tbh also a bunch of ignorance refusing to admit your excessive usage is not a good thing

No. 241441

>that milk at the end of last thread
Jesus fucking Christ Jill, people are out there in the world struggling to get mental help for things they actually need and you are making drama because no doctor wants to validate your made up DID.

No. 241443

This is what she says, but she still recorded TikToks and smoked weed so…

No. 241444

I guess, but calling this withdrawal compared to what other addicts go thru kinda undermines the seriousness of something like benzo, opioid, or alcohol withdrawal.

The worst thing that happened to me when I took a weed break is more vivid dreams.

No. 241445

File: 1660990427534.png (108.35 KB, 602x813, firefox_ATZZ3m4SRl.png)

NTA but yeah, benzo withdrawal is really fucking nasty (reminder that Jordan Peterson put himself into a coma in russia to rush through his xanax withdrawal symptoms)
I don't remember if Jill ever said which meds she's taking, but she should still be on some medication + weed + alcohol

No. 241446

>She has the zoomies
Love this part in the recap. Thank you for the laugh. Kek
I think she's over doing it with both weed and alcohol (possibly something else too?), and her body can't cope with the amounts. She could be stressed over finding another "angel therapist" because let's face it, the last guy made her secure in her larp. It doesn't sound like he ever challenged her. She has to be steaming that he quit. Her easy ride ended leaving her to scramble to find another sucker.

No. 241447

File: 1660991608278.jpg (752.04 KB, 1785x613, Untitled-1.jpg)

Ok I looked up mentions of meds on her twitter for archive purposes. I don't watch her streams, so someone add info if she ever mentioned stuff.

>as of March 2022 she still takes medication
>wanted to quit seroquil in 2018 but is still taking it
>is on a mix of medications, probably includes something against anxiety
>it is not recommended to consume alcohol and smoke weed while being on these medications

>Seroquel (Seroquil) is used in the treatment of schizophrenia, a mental disorder marked by delusions (false beliefs), hallucinations, disrupted thinking, and loss of contact with reality. Seroquel (Seroquil) is also used for the short-term treatment of mania associated with bipolar disorder (manic depression).

No. 241451

The dosage is different, a low dose of anti psychotic as an anti depressant is common and doesn’t do the same thing, if I recall correctly her dosage was low and she was prescribed that as an emo teen. Why she would have been taking it that long is nuts though like she must have just been refilling and not checking in with a doctor. Did she not say that she quit all her meds and only does weed now?

No. 241459

Yeah my understanding is ideally certain antipsychotics are used short term due to their possible long-term effects.

Seroquel I think was one of the meds my friend was put on to stabilize her when she had a psychotic episode. I always thought it was a bit strange to put a non-psychotic child (Pixie) on it, but I’m not a doctor so…

No. 241467

It's incredibly common in Canada to be prescribed even as a sleep aid for insomnia, she'd easily get Seroquel for any little thing. You can go to a walk in clinic ask for it and you'd get a prescription with little trouble. She has these things because her/her mom made a big exaggerated deal about her normal teen feefees.

No. 241472

Uhh does nobody remember her openly taking benzos and drinking? Like around when she moved away from home if not a while before. I would be surprised if she was still on them because idk what kind of quack would know someone is on benzos and then validate their "amnesia" as them having 5 people in their head.

No. 241479

Yeah I was actually assaulted and just froze and couldn't move or anything and I didn't understand why I "let it happen" for a long time and blames myself and didn't tell anyone. Her post makes me livid she has no idea what it's like.And no, being upset that you had to pretend to be gay for woke points doesn't count. >>241445 Dumb cunt, I am currently in a horrible withdrawal from Effexor.. have been for months but I still have to go to fucking work and do shit because that is what being an adult is! Grow up Jill.

No. 241483

She really needs to get a job or some kind of routine. I feel like all her 'symptoms' would go away if she wasn't lounging around the house all day.

Blog but being mentally ill it's important to surround yourself with normal people who are stable that can support you & actually encourage you to get better rather than wallowing in self pity

No. 241484

Tbh this "4 day panic attack" feels more like
>I am unhappy- steebie, mommy, do something!!! Look at how sad and tortured I am

No. 241489

This. Its not like they invited her either, she seeked out this to volunteer. She's no one. She has 0 humility.

No. 241490

Seroquel is also used for BPD, though all what all anti psychotics do is keep you lethargic so you don't bother others.

No. 241494

Honestly, if she’s taking Seroquel and is on to high of a dose or it just isn’t working for her. It could be making her hallucinate or think you have “alters”. Not to blog, but when I was on it for a few months for bipolar at a VERY low dose, it fucked me up. I was seeing shit, nodding out, and over all high out of my fucking mind with no positives. Eneded up stopping them cold turkey. (I was a teenager and being forced to take them at this point even though they clearly didn’t work for me.)

No. 241495

We don't really know what happens behind closed doors and the real state of Steebie and Jill's relationship. I mean the DID larp is essentially a manic phase gone bad, but I wonder if she's had some particularly bad meltdowns around Steve, so he now just dips whenever she's "in a mood".

No. 241497

As someone who was on seroquel as well, I wanna say she has way too much energy to make me think she's on it. That shit is also meant for schizophrenia, it sedates you, there's no fucking way she's bouncing around like this and being as high energy as we've seen if she's on even a low dose of that

No. 241499

She said she stopped her legit meds and just self medicates with weed now.

No. 241500

Checks out she acts unmedicated

No. 241501

Sadly, no. You can use the thread stamps to put a timeline yourself and screenshot/downline any proof. If is absolutely necessary to show this thread to your friend (please think about it we don't want more newfags) you can hide all saged posts to keep most of the retardation at bay.

No. 241502

No. 241506

File: 1661014170820.png (53.01 KB, 592x611, firefox_CsRUi5Kyay.png)

I am trying to find the thread when she said this but am struggling. Anyway, I remember she said that during a warm season and because their neighbours complained about the smell of weed iirc and that the neighbours had a baby. She was claiming at the start of the DID saga how weed helps with her "autism" and she also had rants how weed is helpful for adults with anxiety, but notice how here >>241447 she's talking about meds in March of this year (unless she just means birth control).

Fun fact: the person who got Jill into weed

No. 241507

File: 1661014226826.png (147.57 KB, 599x481, firefox_WxuxnqppNc.png)

No. 241522

didn’t jillian used to work for her? so weird to learn to smoke from your former boss

No. 241525

nta, but no i disagree. you can withdrawal from things caffeine. there doesn't have to be a threshold. it's a medical term.

No. 241526

you're correct– withdrawal is a term that can be used to describe coming off any addiction, even something that isn't a substance. kinda stupid to claim it's disrespectful to anyone when there's literally no other word to use

No. 241527

Tinfoil but I feel like this was because she was filmed. "If I never tweeted no one would know so at least I wasn't on a big poster hyping anyone up" and her name was on posters advertising the event. It just feels weirdly specific to point out

No. 241530

Ativan was the benzo she was prescribed. She only took seroquel at night so I don’t think it would effect her energy during the day.

No. 241532

Porn addiction withrawal for example is really bad and not everyone can overcome it successfully. It's a serious problem and it does not involve substances.

No. 241533

Some edgy 4chan tripfag e-girl who got mad at her for using her photo IIRC

No. 241534

Hmm, not really. Someone posted a PDF some threads ago but nothing came out of it, and there's also this from last thread:

No. 241535

What the fuck? Lmao she's a daily stoner?

No. 241536

this. plus weed withdrawals greatly depend on the strain, potency, length of time you've been using, frequency of use, just like anything else you become addicted to, it's not a fake thing. people tend to be dismissive about the affects of psychological addiction and act like you simply need to "get over it" when really it's a mental health thing.

No. 241538

(same anon),,, my sister in christ i never said my weed usage is good or normal so i’m not sure why you are calling me ignorant. Just sharing my own experience since another anon asked. blog but i use it for medical reasons anyways,,, which i do not believe jillybean is doing.

No. 241540

combed through the old threads and bouta slap together a graphic compiling evidence of fake DID shit with necessary explanations will drop soon

No. 241541

oh i’m excited for this shiz

No. 241548

White trash vibes. I bet she's a single mom

No. 241552

just in case anyone was curious– those poems her precious angel therapist posted online that were shown here? the ones that proved he was 26 as her therapist? they've been deleted off the site as far as I can tell. lurk confirmed lol

No. 241554

Listen. Jill is a pampered little princess that is overdoing it. I can't really see any stoner in HS or college wanting to party with that kinda fuckin spazz. She just has a 15 year olds control and tolerance.

No. 241555


No. 241557

Oh shit, please post the screenshot anon!

No. 241558

File: 1661021753479.png (642.48 KB, 1454x1080, Screen Shot 2022-08-20 at 11.5…)


it's >>231244 two threads ago. I was trying to track it down myself, and I found the hyperlink result via google, but clicking it gives a 404

No. 241559

File: 1661021912519.jpg (96.45 KB, 720x687, 1661021920164.jpg)

Oh shit you're right lmao

No. 241560

i agree with the first part but what’s the point of putting down single moms in the process lmfao. This sounds like some shit a straight man would say so if you aren’t one that’s embarrassing

No. 241563

File: 1661023411569.png (Spoiler Image,8.07 MB, 5074x4472, IMG_2460.PNG)

not sage cause honestly I think it's important. spoilered because of file size to keep things legible.

reposting cause my dumb ass forgot to spoiler after saying it would be OTL

No. 241570

File: 1661026744233.png (Spoiler Image,420.78 KB, 987x512, angelbaby.png)

Huh, the photos of Jed on his husband's photography insta are also gone. Too bad the internet is forever.

Also, I could be wrong but I thought he went by they/them. If that's correct, Jill wokely misgendered him in her tweets.

No. 241577

Holy shit he's so ugly and looks like shit. No wonder Jillian looks so ugly in drag as well.

No. 241578

Nice potential next thread pic, will probably combine it with something else to make it pop

No. 241579

Sorry Covid brain ruined my graphic design ability with this lol

No. 241583

Don't worry nonna you did a good job!

No. 241584

File: 1661031427944.jpg (410.02 KB, 1920x1218, IMG_2462.jpg)

too late lol I made it a rainbow ty tho

No. 241591

I would throw in the infantilizing autism and anything to do with that.

No. 241592

File: 1661037347058.jpg (199.59 KB, 720x1402, Screenshot_20220820-161426_Chr…)

No. 241599

I made this more to catalogue the parts of her that show the DID to be false as requested by an earlier anon. If I were to cover everything it would take longer than an hour

No. 241600

sage for autistic speculation but why do I have a feeling that something happened with Steve and her. He's posting his regular shit and even replying to Maggie ever since Jill's "4 day panic attack" started, every other time she has this narc woe is me episodes she brings up what an "angel baby" Steve is for coddling her but right now, she's just on her own it looks like

No. 241604

Quit the fucking weed and walk back this DID shit, you did indeed fuck up your life but you can unfuck it. Clearly you did/are continuing to do something wrong if you're spending morning til night in a panic state. She nearly says it in the Tweet.
>wake up and realize what happened and what reality is now

No. 241605

This is really starting to sound like a breakup. She's trying to make it sound like a death though.

No. 241607

She fundamentally doesn't understand the disorder she supposedly has, your alters are specifically there to help you with trauma and were generated by trauma yet she claims she is only Jill during traumatic things and needs to be in a more regular state to have access to her OCs

Idk how she even got the diagnostic impression but since Jed is running scared >>241570 >>241559 I guess he knows it's bullshit

No. 241608

If it is it's gonna be a Toxic Tears (breakup glowup) and be the best thing that's happened to her for a while, the way he humors her is disgusting and clearly is making it worse

No. 241609

>Thread 55#: Steebie gone solo edition
I wonder if he got tired of being her keeper and is now trying to get back with maggie. Based on what she posts, she really does sound draining as a partner even for a coomer moid like Steve.

No. 241610

There's some BPD jealousy happening in the background right now, probably. We bringed up Maggie and she probably read the thread and started questioning Steven. And like any bpd npd maniac would do, she probably escalated things.

No. 241611

What's Steven's handle? I want to see an screenshot of the interactions

No. 241612

Well thats on him. Let everyone know that Jedediah Mattews is a fraud and no one should get therapy from him. That's right, Jedediah Mattews is not professional and should not be trusted.

No. 241613

Nah I am sure they just fought and will get back together soon to keep ageplaying on weed. Steven's family did get them a new car didn't they?

No. 241614

i honestly wouldn't be surprised if the car crash was the final straw for steve and he dumped her after he new car stuff got settled first lol

No. 241616

File: 1661043719697.png (47.36 KB, 477x399, Screenshot 2022-08-20 8.40.43 …)

His handle is @VeryMistevieous, Maggie is on private so you can't see what she's saying so it's pretty uneventful but he is replying since the 15th which is when Jill started posted about waking up with panic sickness

No. 241617

File: 1661044550029.png (295.89 KB, 636x1584, 31240790792413.png)

Yeah idk man, he's interacting a lot with her. Also
>calls himself gay

No. 241619


I think steve might have put his foot down about her driving HIS car. Remember before, jill exclaimed she would "drop" steve off at work then drive back home. I always questioned why she needed to keep HIS car in her possession when she essentially has worked from home since 2018, and he has an actual job. So yes my theory is that he now takes his own car that HIS parents bought HIM to HIS job. That's prob why she's having panic attacks.

No. 241622

Exactly, if an alter was going through a four day panic attack, they wouldn’t be fronting through all that and cut off from the rest of the system. That’s when a protector yanks them inside to process that trauma internally and a protector fronts instead to keep life looking normal. She just doesn’t understand that this is meant to be a covert disorder, and your way of coping with trauma (the alters) disappearing when you’re dealing with trauma makes zero sense

No. 241623

File: 1661046022922.png (106.25 KB, 1186x524, Screen Shot 2022-08-20 at 9.40…)

Rock back and forth? She's really hinting at autism. Also, why would you even say that?

No. 241627

This is quite pathetic. Real autists are, not only ashamed of rocking back and forth, but we also don't notice that we do it until someone points it out or it's so hard that we have to stop on our own.
She's trying so hard that whoever gives her the next diagnoses that she searches for like she's searching for some plastic shit in an Etsy shop, should get their license removed and shamed forever.
I'm just so annoyed, she really thinks that someone just wakes ups and thinks "oh heckerino hecking hecks! I'm an autist!!!".

No. 241629

File: 1661047629894.jpeg (666.26 KB, 1170x1405, 5D4FC13A-DF93-465B-B4E6-B39AEA…)

more posting about her totes real ED and retweeting some cryptic shit about how she’s sorry she’s alive

No. 241631

Why is she acting like she’s got a sooper scawwy ED by not having an appetite during anxious episodes?
Yeah, no shit you won’t want to eat if your body feels like you’re fearing for your life, everyone I’ve met who has anxiety has that issue. Anything to make herself seem sicker than she is.

No. 241632

God… this bitch. Anxeity isn't anorexia.

No. 241634

File: 1661048088715.jpg (167.95 KB, 720x1395, Screenshot_20220820-191418_Chr…)

No. 241637

>I'm going to punch a wall
I bet she's physically abusive.
>Many fear because it's green uwu
Why is she this self obsessed?

No. 241638

File: 1661048311288.jpg (121.77 KB, 720x1265, Screenshot_20220820-191639_Chr…)

Jerrick is not the combat one, Jax is.

No. 241639

Has she actually fought anyone ever in her life?

No. 241642

This is how I see it going down.

No. 241643

Why does she want to be a torture soul this bad? It's cringe and pathetic as fuck. It only gives her bad attention. She has 0 spine.

No. 241646

Interestingly he doesn't Tweet that often so your picrel is comparatively a lot.

I don't think anything happened with stevie, she's still in his bio.
Since jed deleted some stuff perhaps he got scared and cut contact with Jill, at the end of the old thread she mentioned giving him a "parting gift" >>241277 maybe she hoped they would stay in contact but he was shit scared about his career considering how Jill has nosedived since beginning therapy with him, and how obviously atrocious his "therapy" was in conclusion. So that's my educated guess wrt the panic attacks. No Jill single ladies saga for us yet.

No. 241647

I wish I could say that’s farfetched, but honestly she’s dramatic enough that I could see her live tweeting a four day panic attack because her former therapist refused a farewell gift

No. 241650

I figured she was just panicking due to weed induced psychosis and realizing she is running out of time to start her fashion brand (and her life). I got the feeling her therapist was an enabler just to get his pay check. I don't know whats more worrisome, that a mental health professional would go along with a fake diagnosis or is so low IQ he's oblivious to this terrible act. They should probably start reviewing patients claiming popular diagnosis from tiktok before passing them along to these 20 year old idiot therapists.

No. 241656

Is it normal/common for people to be this attached to their therapist?
I mean yeah, sure, if my therapist left that would be destabalising, but "grieving like someone died"?
That seems off to me, you are just a costumer receiving a service after all.

No. 241657

Ngl if she lurks here, maybe the screencaps of Maggie's twitter and Steve still talking to her started this

No. 241658

Definitely not, a professional will notice the unhealthy attachment and tell the patient they can't continue like that. Jill's nightmares have also been about people calling her fake and cancelling her on twitter, so maybe Jed told her DID isn't a thing and to stop that.

No. 241664

>Jed told her DID isn't a thing and to stop that.
Nah, doubt it.

No. 241665

Is there any chance she's playing some 999D chess to change her "brand" to getting views with negative attention, like Trisha for example?

I just can't believe how hard of a nosedive she did since covid without her being some degree of self aware.

No. 241668

Highly doubt it because her views and subs dropped, if the goal was more attention she only got it from lolcow. It's pretty normal at her age to get depressed over giving up your dreams/growing up and getting a real job, but she got extra fucked up by being a stoner and drinking and consuming way too much fake "mental health" content on tiktok.

No. 241670

>It's pretty normal at her age to get depressed over giving up your dreams/growing up and getting a real job
the thing is that she had the chance to make it happen for her. She could live her dream and do kawiwi lifestyle vlogs or whatever, travel the world, getting invited to events and getting good money out of the confetti cunt club with merch and shit. She had fans that wanted a piece of that life and were ready to throw money on her but she ruined it for herself and I guess also realizing it now because I do not see her coming back from the DID shitfest.

No. 241673

True … she had people liking her older stuff when she had her confetti stuff going on now it's just plain weird

No. 241676

And with more and more ex-fans joining these threads it just goes to show how distant she has gotten from her audience. 2017 seemed to be the peak of her content, but I feel like ever since she got accepted into arts and crafts college she's been going downhill. The more consumed she becomes in her own world, the more she alienates the fans who once supported her.

No. 241682

Always hilarious when fat "much eating disorder" cows freak out when they haven't been snacking 24/7 for a whole WEEK kek.

No. 241686

Idk but I imagine it being like >>241309

No. 241687

I don’t think she is smart or charismatic enough for that tbh

No. 241698

nta, and i don't believe Jill is doing that, but you don't have to be incredibly smart or charismatic for that

No. 241702

My tinfoil is that going to Japan was the catalyst and then the arts n crafts school fully broke her.

I think when she went to Japan she thought she was PEERS to the 6% people and other Japanese Fashion makers and being there and probably seeing that these people have to run an actual business and coming up with ideas shook her. She only knew how to buy shit and she almost doubled down (If I remember properly people were annoyed that basically all she did in japan was shop and show off her hauls)

then she was like 'ok FINE I can totally be a big name kawaii fashion designer EASY. I'm a popular youtuber and kawaii ambassador!!' and then she got to her arts and crafts school and was the worst person even there and it made her realize that she wasnt as great as she was in her mind.

For anyone else it would perfect set up with just a little bit of drive and actual want to learn how to make clothes (hell I've seen people without any form of fashion degree that own and run successful indie fashion lines) and she could have been EASILY successful and raking in MAD cash now cause little weebs will buy any trash and she could have even still did the DID larp and had different drops or each OC of hers

No. 241706

Imo you're giving too much credit to her self awareness
I genuinely think she just thought she could cruise control and more opportunities would be handed to her like they'd been before. This is supported by her changing stuff now that her numbers are finally reflecting a decrease. She thought she could get everything sponges to her and it's just not happening

No. 241707

God I want to a-log so bad. You do not have anorexia you dumb obese clown. You have never been underweight and are rapidly gaining weight. Each time I look at you, you have gotten fatter. The only reason you think you were ever anorexic is because you're so fat that a healthy weight seems deathly thin to you.
This. She most likely didn't realize how hard she would've had to work and thought her original fans would stay with her forever no matter what bullshit she pulled.

No. 241713

My theory is that Steven either wants hormones already or wants to "open the relationship" aka cheat on her with 16 yrs old catboy-femboys. Many farmers think that she will be thriled to larp with troonvie as a totes lesbian queer couple but the really is that being a troonlesbian "cis partner" requires a level of selflessness and doormat behavior that her bpd npd ass could never archive. Also i think that at this point more than "just a lurker" she's a farmer on her own right so maybe she is having flashbacks of the mtf thread thinking about all the horrible stuff that is bound to happen if she stays thought his transition

No. 241714

I genuinely think it's not too late and she still has a chance to redeem herself, change, get better and go for her dreams, maybe not in the exact way she envisioned but something very similar to it. She just needs to realize this, it's never too late. It's not that I'm rooting for her, hell no. But realistically speaking she should still have something left in her. I hope she notices it.

No. 241715

>"if we have to fight a serious life threat"
>jill calls car accident life threatening
>jax doesnt front

its too easy to poke holes in this larp.

No. 241716

The japan travel was truly her peak. It's fucking sad.
Like, all she needs to do to get back on her feet is quit the DID larp, stop posting everything on twitter, stop fishing for pity points, and dedicate herself to textile art and performance art. She needs to do actual research outside drag queens, mental illness, and twitter. There's still some things she can do with her life that can make her go to japan again.

No. 241717

Kek this, where was Jax in the car crash?

No. 241718

I was gonna say, I think they broke up or had something that brought about huge jealousy or pain

No. 241720

>I genuinely think it's not too late and she still has a chance to redeem herself
i think its too late. and i think alot of other nonas here would agree. shes gone too far, offended too many people. what's she going to do, apologize for faking DID? apologize for sensationalizing and glamorizing autism? THAT's not gonna go well.
she's become a walking hypocrite, and imo, thats the best way to lose an audience. look at just these last two years: she pretends to be sustainable meanwhile her house is 80% plastic. she claims to be a positive queen yet is openly being rude/mean to people under the guise of 'being jerrick.' she is a straight woman that benefits and exists in society in the same way any other straight woman would but has collected all the titles including lesbian, gay, intersex, nonbinary, trans, queer, etc. she claims her childhood was so uwu hard and difficult!! yet had it better than probably 90% of the nonas in here and better than 98% of people on earth. she can do all the things she could before she was diagnosed (drive, buy stuff, feed herself, clean, make videos, have social relationships) but chooses to wear a sunflower lanyard which is meant for people who are seriously disabled.

its all the larp and no truth. that's not the way you redeem yourself. i've watched this thread report on jill as she's built herself this image stacking one jenga block on top of another single block at a time. and now she's shocked its all about to fall?

she's not disabled, but she surely is stupid.

No. 241721

jax was too busy perfecting her fake brooklyn accent in the mirror, nona! she couldn't rush to the scene! her hair wasn't even braided!

No. 241723

>her hair wasn't even braided!

She needs to take a step back and do some soul searching, something which she has AMPLE TIME TO DO. Not only is she still really young, she has the bare minimum amount of responsibilities.
She needs to get out of these mental illness and SJW hugboxes that are very very clearly making things worse and work on actual self improvement and personal development. It would probably also help her to volunteer or have some sort of responsibility outside of youtube.
It's frustrating that she has thread after thread of people offering her good advice, that actually have some hope in her, and she continues down this destructive path.

No. 241725

>shes gone too far, offended too many people.
Yes she has. But she can still build stuff and change. Apologize. And everything will be fine, remember cancel culture hasn't been that bad to her anyways.

No. 241726

She should get into textile art and performance art. I hope she does. She hasn't pissed off those people yet.

No. 241727

One the topic of a comeback for Jilly, if she wants to megaboost her career in one easy video
"I faked having DID" is sure to net at least 500k, or she could go for "My Therapist groomed me into thinking I had DID" if she wants the innocent route

No. 241728

I would even say she could get away with something like, "My unprocessed trauma and imposter syndrome led me to believe I had DID" Keep the 'trauma' vague, and talk a lot about how she felt like she didn't deserve to be a fashion designer or some shit. She's always been quirky and just letting this DID thing be handwaved away by an explanation that still makes her seem pitiful is probably all the confetti club would need. Shit's totally fake and she knows it, she probably thinks she's in too deep now but outside of us here there are plenty of people who just liked watching her hauls and like, kawaii room tours and clothes who probably just want to start seeing that content again.

No. 241731


She’ll never admit to any wrongdoing, she’s never at fault always the victim even if she has to play extreme mental gymnastics, so it instantly makes it impossible for any redemption.
She’s too much of a narc and will just keep digger herself deeper

No. 241732

These are excellent video ideas for a comeback. Idk if she will do it but it's a good resource.

No. 241735

She could just get healthy and be a normie straight girl with a regular job instead of having "four day panic attacks" though. She literally doesn't have to be an online personality.

No. 241737

I don't think she's normie enough. She shoud stop airing everything on twitter though. Just dedicate herself to art.

No. 241739

She spent her whole teenage life online, that definitely affected her. I think she should first stop with the drinking and weed, but cows never listen.

No. 241743

File: 1661115178321.jpg (147.35 KB, 720x1404, Screenshot_20220821-134921_Chr…)

>Faking too well
Jilly, you genuinely suck at acting. Go cry into your soggy tendies.

No. 241746

Agreed. If she stopped larping mental illnesses, it wouldn't automatically redeem her. Blaming other people for her choices and crying victim isn't change. She's done that how many times. She doesn't want to actually change her behavior and with her track record, I highly doubt she'll ever want to. She'll just continue to cycle through what's trendy whether she has an audience or not. It doesn't really matter as long as she has a hugbox and enablers.

No. 241754

er anon, i think it's trying to say people fake being well, as in pretending not to be sick when they are. it sounds like just the kind of dumb shit a therapist would think is profound and smart, while butchering the english language.

No. 241757

Nah anon's acting jab still checks out, Jill sucks at faking being sick too

No. 241760

you're still not understanding why she rted it…

No. 241763

I screwed up my wording badly. Sorry about that, I was annoyed she tried to insinuate that she is good at faking being well.

No. 241764

File: 1661126413682.png (928.02 KB, 530x788, art.png)

Jillian has to come to a breaking point and understand perhaps life isn't what she thought it would be. That's okay, we all go through that in our 20's. You need to say goodbye to certain goals to be able to account for new ones. Life never remains static, we're always changing. Having new goals is normal, it's part of growing up. She needs to break up with steven and do textile art like others have said here.

No. 241765

kek Jillian has never faked being well in her life - it was the ED, the BPD, the depression and anxiety, and now the DID. She's been a UwU I'm so mentally ill since she's been online

No. 241766

Lol did you just repost the same shit you said from the last thread? Why tho.

No. 241767

File: 1661127190227.webm (989.13 KB, 540x960, 7448308263.webm)

>TLDW: Jilly is dressed up as Jerrick types in "Jerrick Villainy Swells" to create a picture via ai.

No. 241768

nonnie i know you are have good intentions, but the fact of the matter is textile art is not going to give Jillian the attention she wants. She's too far gone - clinging to her "Kawaii ambassador" title she had a teenager because at the end of the day, all she has is that. Nobody cares about Jillian Vessey the fashion designer, Jillian Vessey the "Mental Health Youtuber" and especially not Jillian Vessey the "drag performer" - she peaked with her hauls and her Japan vlogs, but the way I always seen it is people watched her because they just wanted to live the experience through her. Buying expensive and niche clothing, going on trips - all of her consumerism is why people cared about her in the first place. It was never because her creativity.

No. 241770

Go back to the last thread and no, I didn't post the same thing. I only used the same picture.

No. 241771

File: 1661127786778.jpg (177.74 KB, 720x1263, Screenshot_20220821-172228_Chr…)

No. 241772

File: 1661127852702.png (292.34 KB, 352x488, 3036809367834.png)

how far appart were this tweet and this tiktok posted? she looks miserable

No. 241773

She looks tired and clinging to the larp as hard as she can.

No. 241775

Nah famn that's the kush hitting behind the eyes and her trying to do the 'straight man stare' … Such unflattering angles and colours… the black sweater makes her vitamin d deficiency all the more apparent.

No. 241777

She’s trying to, because:s Jerrick is so emo and tortured

No. 241780

The tiktok was posted an hour before the muppet tweet

No. 241794

>it made her realize that she wasnt as great as she was in her mind
I think was aware of that before. At one point she was talking about wanting to attend Bunka, then bigger fashion schools in Canada. All of those require a portfolio, though, and despite taking a gap year after high school she had nothing really to show for it. I think she settled for the local craft school not just because it was close by but also because it did not have any admission requirements. They wouldn’t reject her and were very unlikely to fail her, unlike a prestigious and competitive institution like Bunka. Deep down Jill knows she doesn’t have it in her to be a successful fashion designer but rather than admit she doesn’t have the drive, creativity or interest she blames her mediocrity on outside forces. It’s frustrating to watch because she has everything going for her. If anyone’s been enabled from birth to reach their full potential, it’s her. I think she realises this and is too embarrassed to admit her full potential is less than impressive, so she self-sabotages and pretends that a combination of (conveniently trendy) trauma, mental illness and developmental disorders beyond her control are keeping her down.

As annoying as she is, I sincerely hope she gets out of this relationship before Groomvie troons out fully and she gets stuck in a DDLG polycule with another transbian or one of her own skinwalkers. I also agree that she’s probably a farmer. Veronica loves gossip, remember? I’m not sure she can stomach regularly reading her own thread, but there’s no way she’s not reading other threads on /w/ or /snow/.

No. 241798

You need a level of Japanese fluency for bunka because everything including the application process is completely in Japanese. Despite her claims she can speak some Japanese we all know the reality is she is monolingual and just knows a few anime phrases. I’m still waiting for her supposed French fluency she claims to appear. She wouldn’t have even been able to do the application for bunka let alone keep up with Japanese workload/work ethic, her craft college let her get away with a level of laziness that wouldn’t fly in a real university.

No. 241800

I think anybody who is an actual textile artist should be offended that you think Jill the habitual retard could just pick it up no sweat.

No. 241803

It's completely normal and human to feel pity and empathy, but I feel like some anons developed a parasocial relationship with Jill. Let's not forget she was born into a rich family, hit it off on youtube and kept making horrible choices on her own.

No. 241804

do u read these threads …. Any actual empathy to jillian is few and far between and it only comes with anons also acknowledging she’s so privileged and has so many opportunities to turn herself around. But otherwise it’s kinda goofy to say ppl on this site have any sort of parasocial relationship with jill. No one here idolizes her. We all know what she is.

No. 241812

I just always remember that time (think it was her most recent Christmas haul) where she butchered vingt so badly she said ‘vaint’

No. 241813

I think it just comes from frustration at seeing someone who has SO many opportunities constantly fuck them up and take them for granted when she could be so successful and has the resources to do so. It’s less about the person themselves and more about exasperation at the potential being wasted and how so many other people could achieve so much if they had the same means as Jill but she squanders it

No. 241815

and at this point i don't believe she can redeem herself, internet hates illness fakers. she is lost cause.

No. 241824

Lanugage barrier aside, Bunka wasnt the only school on her consideration though, I remember from a video wayyy back she was talking about considering US schools like Parsons (where project runway was originally filmed) and Pratt (Betsey Johnson is a notable alum) being on her radar. They're both in NYC where she's visited before

The thing is both these schools require rigorous portfolio/application processes/foundation years, so again, she just got lazy and chose laziness over passion. NYC would have been the PLACE to capitalize on her kawaii aesthetic and grow professionally. but it didn't happen. i think what bothers me the most is that she likes to pretend she has the fashion credentials of a parsons/pratt designer when she has the fine arts equivalent of a defunded & run down community college

No. 241826

>laziness over passion.
Not a hard choice when Jill had 0 passion.

Sometimes the anons in Jill's threads make me wonder if they've ever even followed her. All the ones saying she had/has potential and should do xyz for a brand or fashion or whatever… She never had any interest or talent in any of those things, she just liked the attention for pretending she did. She had her family and peers egg her on and inflate her ego and she made a fake identity out of it.

Her new mental illness larp is the same thing. Those of you who cheer on her fashion designer crap are akin to some future anon looking back at the current Jill and saying she should become a therapist because "she had so much potential/interest in mental illness uwu".. it's so detached from reality

No. 241834

I don’t think Jill had passion for design but I do think she had passion for buying things. She should have continued doing hauls instead of this sustainability LARP. She also shouldn’t have gained so much weight so she could have continued buying things from Japan

No. 241856

Everyone starts somewhere anon. I've seen textile artists that started just how she did. It's a matter of putting in the work, and she enjoys crocheting. I know we all hate her but it's not like I want her to be miserable or homeless.
Idk, maybe I don't like thinking like a doomer and believe most women, specially someone like Jill, can be redeemed. I think she's misguided and enabled to no end. If she faced reality she could change. She has done a lot of questionable shit but nothing too bad like killing, stealing, or rape. There's still a chance for her.

No. 241858

>Otherwise why would you care if the cow gets better.
Because empathy exists even for someone like her, and not everyone in this thread is sociopathic. Let people say whatever the hell they feel, it's not a hivemind.

No. 241859

>Sometimes the anons in Jill's threads make me wonder if they've ever even followed her. All the ones saying she had/has potential and should do xyz for a brand or fashion or whatever…
I've been in these threads since 2015, she's the only cow I've constantly follow. I've alogged her, berated her, and been extremely mean to her through the years. She frustrates me. I don't like what she does most of the time either, I am hyper critical of this bitch. But I can also recognize she has done some interesting things, far apart as they are. I like her current intro a lot. I liked when she made the confetti club pins. I see some interest in her in certain things but she never follows through. That's the most annoying part. I don't think she's a designer or a seamstress, and her drawings are completely shit, but there's a niche for her, definitely. I think she needs to throw away her enabling lifestyle, perhaps adversity is what she needs to find her true passion. It's only a matter of time, we'll see if she finds it or continues going nowhere.

No. 241861

I should've said basic straight girl not normie kek that's basically what I meant.
I want every cow who isn't a pedo/rapist to cure their brainrot and eventually become a productive member of society.

No. 241862

I have a genuine question:
why's Jill not on snow ? She's not interested in Japan or kawiwi anymore at all it seems. It's been exclusively kweer bimbo liberation drag memtal iwness shit for the last year or so.

No. 241863

File: 1661191885501.png (394.28 KB, 587x568, jillstop.png)

No. 241864

We talked about that a few threads ago, a few of us suggested she should be on /snow/ because she really isn't talking about anime or cosplay ever, but a lot of anons here seem to hate /snow/ as a board because it's trashier, even though /w/ is filled with weird spammy tourists and whiteknights (like the trainwreck Belle thread)

No. 241865

. . . yeah no, she cannot be redeemed.

No. 241866

Top Tweet: positive, sounds like progress
Bottom Tweet: everything kawaii or childish I like can be attributed to my child alter ego which I made up in the last year

So close but so far

No. 241867

She can, she's just extremely retarded. Hopefully she becomes like aunt Sam in the future.

No. 241868

The top tweet sounds like her parents had a serious talk with her after those car expenses.

No. 241869

>Baby berry
That's just you? That has always been you. Oh jill, your unmanaged mental illness has just begun.

No. 241870

Do people here generally think she's faking DID consciously or not?
I believe she is genuinely extremely mentally unwell, probably the untreated BPD + substance abuse and she believes she has DID. She could've got the DID idea from tiktok for sure, trouble is the angelbabe therapist (whom she seemed to idolize) affirmed it for her. I don't think she's LARPing to stay relevant, I believe she is 100% sure she's 7 people (which in turn makes her even worse off mentally, because she feels even more insane than she did before). In all of her recent vids she seems so tense and uncomfortable with herself. I kinda hope she finds a better therapist, I low-key feel sorry for her, she's worse than ever mentally. No one speaks with themselves on 3 separate twitter accounts out of happiness I think…

No. 241871

out of all the shit Jill does, I gotta say, I hate the queer LARP way more than her DID LARP. The DID stuff seems like a cry for help, the queer shit is just attention whoring.

No. 241872

She's fucking faking it, dude. It's the most contrived bullshit I've ever seen someone do online.

No. 241873

(same anon here)
I agree, she's faking it for sure, my point is she does not realize it. She thinks it's all real. I honestly think she's not smart enough to fake it for clout. If she faked it, the characters would be consistent, but they're not. because she's making it up in the process while thinking she's discovering something about her new diagnosis

No. 241874

I can see why you think that, but I don't agree. It's 100% of her own design, all the way down. Jill's a retard but she's not a total idiot. She knows precisely what she's doing. That's why I hate her so much. She does it all so knowingly, and she firmly believes that she's getting away with it. Never forget that she has BPD, first and foremost. Every last bit of this can be traced back to that.

She knows what she's doing. Do NOT fall for it.

No. 241876

You can see how she was excited at first with the Jerrick account but got bored of it. I think she is partially coping with her boring life by blaming it on a "healing and self-discovery" phase but it's also fashionable and interesting on tiktok now to have DID alters who are different fashion styles.

No. 241877

But what makes you so sure? Is there proof? I've had my fair share of interactions with crazy BPD bitches in my life, but I'm still not sure Jill is smart or dumb enough to consciously fake DID

No. 241878

I truly don't know how anyone could think otherwise.

No. 241879

It’s one upman-ship too imo, her whole life she is always more than other people and Louise has always fed that. So when she sees someone worse off I.e someone with DID and oh look they have views, my trauma is worse than other peoples though! Why are they getting attention and I’m not. She describes herself as like sharpay Evans like it’s a brag but it’s true at heart Jilly is always that salty bitch who is enraged someone got the role that gets the most attention which she wanted and believes she deserves.

No. 241880

yes, I think real Jill is Jill + "Jerrick". She denied the existence of her bad bpd traits she didn't like for too long and was probably excited to express her bitchy annoying self freely.

No. 241882

she talked about being borderline years and years ago in an old video. it's not a tinfoil or something.

No. 241884

I think no one is doubting her bpd, the argument is more between "she's faking did knowingly" and "her untreated bpd is making her crazy and she is convinced she has did"(sage your shit)

No. 241885

pls sage

No. 241886

Personally I think she's aware on some level she's faking but chooses to believe she has it. It's surprisingly easy to fall for, especially when have supposed professionals cheering you on.

No. 241887

she's just pretending and is also fucked up from weed. it's not deep. she knows she doesn't have it, what she has is attention and that's all that matters. she wants attention and validation and proof to fall back on.

No. 241889

i truly can't believe she posted a picture of herself smiling with a piano and is saying that is her child alter. literally WHAT about that picture screams "you have DID" ??

No. 241891

No, she is consciously faking it. Everything she does is super calculated and manipulative. Her acting is obvious and she leaves painfully onvious breadcrumbs too.

No. 241897

File: 1661200879098.jpg (171.03 KB, 718x1397, Screenshot_20220822-134022_Chr…)

No. 241898

File: 1661200988122.jpg (145.1 KB, 720x1388, Screenshot_20220822-134041_Chr…)

No. 241903

am i missing something who the fuck is Berry. Is this another alter??

No. 241904

Berry is her 4-6 year old alter. The one she dubbed "baby smalls".

No. 241905

She's so close to having an epiphany it's sad

No. 241907

I don't think she's a mastermind, it's obvious she's extremely dumb. She's very manipulative though.

No. 241908

Ntayrt but I agree. Jill is dumb and manipulative but her narcissism lets her think she's special enough to have any "rare" mental illness of the month (and lets her think she can fool everyone kek).

No. 241914

File: 1661205074935.jpg (171.42 KB, 720x1388, Screenshot_20220822-145033_Chr…)

No. 241915

File: 1661205149602.jpg (139.12 KB, 720x1290, Screenshot_20220822-145042_Chr…)

No. 241916

Does she mean she's done with faking mental illness? Hahaha, who am I kidding

This feels like an indirect nod to her reading here lately and taking all the people saying how she hit rock bottom to heart

No. 241919

Jesus Christ. Kiwi farms had not caused any suicides. Someone probably taking their death isn't a suicide. Someone commiting suicide months after their short lived thread has died was not caused by kiwi farms.

No. 241920

This just sounds like a manic thing to say, the rush of energy after a depressive episode. Which checks. Very borderline. Doubt she will get better, she doesn't know how to fix shit and denies the real things she needs to fix. She won't "exit her flop era", she will continue to tank until she has zero followers with this mentality.

No. 241921

being manipulative doesn't require you to be that smart, just to have dumb or supportive people around you.

No. 241922

They want yo do anything to take down kf and lc, so people claim others have killed themselves, but these people aren't farmers so they believe shitty lies.

No. 241923

That's exactly what I said.

No. 241929

Ah, she supports a pedophilic moid. No surprises there.

No. 241930

I just love the audacity of thinking cloudflare would give a shit about a tweet with even a few thousand likes talking about an obscure forum.

No. 241935

File: 1661210156233.jpeg (579.23 KB, 1170x1250, 925D896C-800D-42AB-AE37-545BC7…)

i do not believe her at all. 25lbs would be noticeable, but she’s still fat as fuck

No. 241936

Kek at the "happier in my skin now". Wonder why, Jilly Willy?

No. 241939

Imagine tw for a website of all things and then following it up with a cute lil emoji. Even the callouts must be kawaii

No. 241943

File: 1661212829943.jpg (181.78 KB, 720x1381, Screenshot_20220822-165835_Chr…)

No. 241944

File: 1661213014462.jpg (146.25 KB, 720x1294, Screenshot_20220822-165838_Chr…)

No. 241946

File: 1661213127105.jpg (185.34 KB, 720x1380, Screenshot_20220822-170541_Chr…)

No. 241947

File: 1661213269516.jpg (174.77 KB, 720x1397, Screenshot_20220822-170809_Chr…)

No. 241948

god i hate astrology faggots.

No. 241949

As a Pisces– kek.

No. 241951

Please sage your shit you've made like 7 non-saged white-knight posts.
Everything is just so egoistic. "I'm a pisces so that's all the signs in one so I'm actually the coolest!!!" bruh is this grade school?
Who tf is caring about Jilly bean? I come to this thread to laugh at her and talk shit with the funny nonnas not watch her get better. I actively hopes she becomes more stupid and posts even dumber stuff to hate on her.

No. 241952

that's not what empathy is.

No. 241953

Lost 25 lbs? Isn't she currently fatter than she's ever been?

No. 241956

>Please sage your shit you've made like 7 non-saged white-knight posts.
New Fags pleas know what words mean. That post wasn't WKing stop calling every annoying non-contribution a WK.

>In my close relationships must have seemed super inconsistent and hypocritical.
There it is. Jill knows that she was always a shit person in all her relationships so she wanted an excuse to make her friends the bad guys for not putting up with her.

No. 241958

i thought that was flora?? … geez i’m not up to date on this ever changing lore i guess. So is this that unmentioned little who she left out of the pinned art work and was not wanting to name for safety reasons or something ? Maybe she hadn’t come up with a name at the time. The name Berry was workshopped for awhile before going public i can tell a LOT of work went into something like that,, so much meaning. So deep.

No. 241960

Damn, I thought summer was over. Anyway, I would like jill to get better but only after she hits rock bottom, has a real breakdown, and makes a massive apology video. She is the most spoiled, self-obsessed, do nothing overgrown brat on the internet, and it's not like normal cows where they're unabashedly shitty. It's the dishonesty. It's the fake positivity. She is uniquely horrible and that's why she's always on the first page or so on this board. I really don't know that much about other cows because this is one of the rare cases where I feel like they really deserve all of the criticism, but do any other cows create an entire new alter ego to pin everything wrong they've ever done on? Extra pathetic. I don't think this site can be blamed for any cows' declining mental health considering we have a rule against cow tipping, but cows will do literally anything to deflect accountability I guess.

No. 241961

Yes, it has caused real suicides but Jill wouldn't know that. Look up Julie Terryberry.

No. 241962

I feel like she's reading the thread and it's getting to her, especially since everyone ITT is talking about how her life is a mess lately.

No. 241965

One look at her tiktok will show that she literally looks fatter now than she did in January. She knows her fans don't give a shit about her weight, she's lying about this just in the hopes we will congratulate her kek.

No. 241966

derail but lets be real, Julie Terryberry had pretty massive issues before KF ever came along

No. 241967

>>241943 "i thought it was a pisces thing" astrology people need to kill themselves fr

No. 241970

she "claims" to have had the name since 2020 in a tweet earlier on >>241898
anyway, i honestly believe her on this one alone because of her stupid surface level obsession with fruits mainly strawberries. in 2020 she had them everywhere and its just another oc name ripped off of something she thinks is cute or whatever just like the rest of her mary sue ass alters

No. 241971

Oh my god. What made that person think it was okay to say “people who suffered horrific enough trauma as a child for their psyches to fracture are most likely Pisces”?! And more importantly, what made Jill think it was okay to agree with it?! Jill jumped down some poor Moon Knight fan artist’s throat for “misrepresenting DID”, but it’s okay to say that a debilitating trauma disorder caused by child abuse/extreme childhood trauma is influenced by the time and place you were born? I’m disgusted. Somehow this seems so much more disrespectful than all her other DID shenanigans.

No. 241972

tfw what is meant to be an intense trauma disorder just makes u have a little girlie girl live in ur head that’s named after a fruit. Imo Jillian needs at least one “alter” who actually wants to go against her main fronting host (which is just herself obviously) I’m sure anons have mentioned similar stuff thread or two ago but it’s INSANE how convenient everything is in her “condition.” If she was really someone with a legitimate case of DID she would’ve been in therapy for so long to get to the point she’s currently at in her all alleged conditions. According to her, She’s aware of all the alters and they can all share memories and co-front whatever, she can control it even in moments of intense panic and stress (the car crash). That’s something that takes ages to get to with a therapist. Not that Jill gives a shit about that i just think it’s so insane how easily this story falls apart no matter how you try to look at it. I want her fans to stop giving her the benefit of the doubt. But i doubt that will happen. I think people just don’t like being the one to say they someone is taking a mental illness even when it’s so painfully obvious.

No. 241973

Jilly liked Strawberry Shortcake as a young child. She's said it was "a special interest". Because Jilly is so painfully uncreative and unoriginal, she uses "Berry". Kek

No. 241977

Jill is never going to be homeless. She will always have her parents to support her.

No. 241978

She could probably kick off a profitable career as a right-wing grifter with the 'tiktok/the libs/SJWs/woke snowflakes brainwashed me into thinking I was mentally ill and traumatized' angle too.
In seriousness, though, it's hard to see how she can recover from this long-term. She'll likely call the DID saga off eventually with the 'my alters have integrated' plot device and continue to spread minsinfo about the next trendy medical condition as other anons have predicted, but she's chosen to become an embarrassment to everyone who isn't a fickle tiktok zoomer and ruined her chances of having a sustainable public presence or serious industry career. Her best chance to have even a modestly successful life at this point imo is to delete tiktok, remove all her other content from the last couple years, get her parents to hire one of those shady 'protect my reputation' firms to sanitize search results for her name to the best of their ability, and apply for shitty entry-level fashion or entertainment jobs. Never, ever going to happen though
idk, she looks almost like a normal person here.
>Otherwise why would you care if the cow gets better.
Seeing a loser turn their life around, however unlikely that is for most cows (i.e. completely unlikely), is a much better story than one where they stagnate, even if the milk runs dry. Plenty of other cows in the pasture.

No. 241981

All the dead troons on Kiwi Farms had dead threads prior or faked their death because they hate the site so much.

No. 241982

How is this disordered eating? What she said sounds normal.

No. 241985

>Please sage your shit you've made like 7 non-saged white-knight posts.
Nta and all the post I have seen unsaged weren't white knighting posts.

No. 241986

This is so retarded I'm at a loss of words.

No. 241987

Right? If she actually had a super scawy eating disorder she likely would have lost much more than 25 lbs in 8 months, that's a very normal amount of weight loss

No. 241988

kek i think this is jill making an oopsie. she's short, so 25 lbs would be totally noticeable. if anything, it looks like she's gained weight. tinfoil that she's trying to fake major weight loss next. "muh anorexia relapse." but like… that doesn't work, jill. you can't fake something we can see. happy photoshopping, or something. idk how that would work.

No. 241989

bitch, where? you look heavier than ever. you can't fake anorexia that easily. you have to actually be… underweight. try food addiction or binge eating disorder, one of which you probably actually have. sage for sperging. i get that anorexia is the most "glamorous" eating disorder but other ones exist too, jill. didn't she say she got an EDNOS/OSFED diagnosis anyway?

No. 241991

Amazing how easily "three suicides" becomes "maaaaybe one?"
The suicide count thing started as a joke on kf because it was so outlandish. Now people believe it unironically.

No. 241995

File: 1661228205342.png (679.23 KB, 842x517, Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 12.1…)

I can't tell if she's lost or gained? She always dresses for camera angles so it's hard to gauge.

No. 241999

Tbh I am glad she doesn't photoshop like before kek. Considering the DID larp she could be doing some crazy wild things.

No. 242001

Lmao, sorry for not being a diehard kf scrote with enough official death certificates on hand to please you but you have to be retarded to believe they haven't contributed to cows who needed real help committing suicide as well as murder.
I do agree that it's cringe that Jill and the OP of the tweet didn't provide evidence but just remember that kf is full of schizoposters who deny the holocaust so you need to take their opinions with a grain of salt.

inb4 "why do u care moralfag much? just enjoy their suffering"

No. 242005

she kinda just looks the same ? Like idk 25 lbs is drastic in either direction for (most) people it’ll be noticeable. Srry for personal blog but it makes me so personally annoyed seeing her talk abt anorexia like it’s occasional. Please jillian look me in my face when i was hospitalized with a feeding tube and tell me you understand anything about how bad that illness is. Jillian you have never had to experience weight restoration, you never had to experience getting force fed through a nose tube. I know i shouldn’t let this stuff get to me but damn it’s just angering to watch her pretend like she’s having an ED relapse suddenly.

No. 242008

File: 1661233011719.png (38.81 KB, 605x276, firefox_xSzC8M5zSV.png)

No. 242009

She's definitely just the same. At most she starved herself the past couple weeks and lost maybe 10 lbs of water weight (which is why there's no actual difference, but she's excited enough to attempt to brag) that she's gonna gain back even harder once she starts binging on peeps again.

No. 242012

Has this happened? I'm genuinely curious

No. 242022

Every time I start to forget how shitty she is she does something to sink even lower than I thought possible. For those not aware, “catboy collector” Keffals is a Canadian child groomer who runs discords for socially isolated kids and admits to helping them illegally access hormones behind their parents’ backs and without medical supervision. He recently wiped his grooming discord after law enforcement came to his house.
If Jill and “come age regress at our house” Steve are reading these threads and are even remotely concerned about potential grooming accusations they should stay very far away from this person.

No. 242024

File: 1661242501148.png (127.89 KB, 250x392, Keffalsthegroomer.png)

Nta but adding that the discord was named "The Catboy Ranch" and he sent out collars to his favorite catboys.
She's all about labels whether she truly falls under those labels or not. She was probably mad that she got the EDNOS/OSFED diagnosis and not the coveted anorexia diagnosis. She's so transparent.

No. 242033

Isn’t Jilly five foot, 25lbs would be a huge weightloss for her. She would have dropped clothing sizes yet all we see her in is baggy shirts and tent dresses. There is no way she would have lost that much weight and no one on the thread would have noticed. She would fit some of her old clothes we haven’t seen in ages if she lost that much. I know nonnys talk like she is huge but realistically she isn’t morbidly obese death fat, you would have to be far far fatter than she is to lose that much weight and it not be noticeable to he point where you have to tell people rather than them noticing.

No. 242037

Yeah, until they aren't there any more. I don't know how old her parents are but at some point they are going to start getting older and one day they'll be unable to support her. It feels wild to think about Jillybean in her 40s or 50s but I have to wonder if she'll continue to be an unproductive member of the society clinging onto her teenage years or if she'll come up with something new to play pretend. How severe Munchausen's is she going to develop? Or could she be rehabilitated enough to be a more "normie" flavour of BPD narc that keeps BPD narcing away? Will there be a professional Karen arc?

I just see her future as pretty bleak instead of the rainbow clown colours. She doesn't have education she could use to get an actual job and unless she could get a nepotism job offer idk where the fuck is she going to be employed at. So maybe she'll get into social welfare benefits for her totes real disabilities, or go the e-begging route, or OF, or all of the above…

No. 242039

Her brother is normal and has a normal job so he might pity her enough to let her live in the house. If by then he has a wife and kids or whatever then he extra won’t want to have to deal with his psycho sister as her remaining closest relative at that point in time. Who knows I could see Louise making Jilly the sole beneficiary of some things because she can’t look after herself and her brother is capable and needs it less. Also I feel like the family dynamic heavily favours Jilly as the youngest child, the “baby” of the family unit. Her year off and failure to launch was completely accepted and coddled.

No. 242043

I’m guessing her parents have a bit of money saved up or they could give her the house. Rich white girls like Jill rarely have real financial problems. If you think she is going to end up homeless you gotta be kidding me

No. 242045

I could see Jill’s parents make her brother the executor of estate and be forced to take care of Jill. He would probably have to set up a trust fund or something similar so he can hand her the money to fuck off.

No. 242046

What the fuck. She needs to learn to retweet more carefully because this shit ain't ok. Maybe she thought "omg kf I have a thread there and I hate them" or something.

No. 242054

I think it’s just posturing because the stuff with keffals blew up recently and she probably wants people to know she supports the trans.

No. 242055

File: 1661266300366.jpg (Spoiler Image,301 KB, 1080x1637, Screenshot_20220823-105123_Tik…)

No. 242064

Sage but not really.
There was near/byuu who blamed kf for his suicide, who has more pretty much been proven to have faked his death to make kf look bad.
There was some troon that killed herself and whose friends blamed kf even though the troon specifically cited lack of support from friends in her suicide note and whose thread had been dead for some time
Then there's Julie terryberry who did have an active thread which could have contributed to her decline into suicide.
There were also a couple of failed mass shooters who casually posted on the site but they were universally mocked and condemned.

No. 242067

Berry is in the pinned artwork but there is another minor alter who she says is 'far way' and Flora was a precure fragment who became an alter.

No. 242068

Twittertards also can’t comprehend the fact that keffal’s is intentionally letting himself get doxed to grift more money. When he was swatted he earned 90k on GFM and is now en route to Europe. The last troon I followed that ended up moving to Europe was Sophie Labelle and only did it because CP rules aren’t as strict.

No. 242080

So basically Jill is asking for cloudflare to drop KF so that a pedophile child groomer selling drugs he makes in his bathtub to kids he grooms can freely commit cybercrimes against a website that discusses this. Great optics Jill.

No. 242085

My only hope here is that she's actually just being retarded thinking she's "supporting trannies" and "not supporting suicide and cyberbullying forums" instead of… well… supporting a pedo tranny. I mean, she has one right there at home.

No. 242094

File: 1661289097259.png (92.35 KB, 610x705, firefox_bM4r6FUgDR.png)

No. 242096

Ah, I see we are now on the "ackshually this condition has a long and proud history that the white man tried to erase" phase of pushing DID.

No. 242098

is she ever going to admit she doesn’t have a real diagnosis.? Like god it’s infuriating. A diagnostic IMPRESSION is not a diagnosis. A therapist can misinterpret something and give you a wrong idea of what you have. That’s why you need to go to multiple specialists to make sure you get multiple perspectives that all agree that condition you have is real. One 20 something year old therapist told jill she had DID and it boggles my mind that her fans just accept that that’s how mental health professionals work.

No. 242103

isnt this whole pisces astrology shit going against literally everything she has ever said? ok so you were born in feb/march so therefore that means you were destined to be DID? i thought her DID came from being traumatized, not because shes a pisces. so interesting that shes going along with that even though it goes againt everything shes spewed and larped about

No. 242104

I think you can sense that she sees Chelsea as some form of authority and that it would be impolite to correct her and argue (unlike other twitter users who she attacks). Chelsea was the one who got her into weed so…

No. 242113

i've had the tube too. i'm sorry. i wouldn't wish that shit on anyone. and yeah she's still visibly overweight. she's just desperately trying to get that coveted anorexia diagnosis. and all that would do would further her delusion of the actual disordered eating in the opposite direction that she clearly has. funny cos that's all her diagnoses do. she wants to be the trendy cool kind of sick and all it's doing is making her actual issues worse because they go untreated.

No. 242119

and jill is happy to throw out any values or opinions she has in order to validate her larp.

No. 242143

File: 1661306350374.jpg (149.33 KB, 720x1391, Screenshot_20220823-185442_Chr…)

No. 242145

She could have been nice and said something like “I do see a lot of Pisces traits in myself! But DID actually isn’t related to the personality, it’s a trauma disorder like PTSD insert eight emojis here”. As soon as Jill got her diagnostic impression she declared herself an authority on DID and has been policing/harassing people for any tiny “misrepresentation”, the fact that she’s letting something this egregious slide is infuriatingly hypocritical.

idk maybe this one’s getting to me because I like astrology and ABSOLUTELY DESPISE people who use it to (mis)diagnose mental/physical illness

>it was partially healthy life changes, and partially mental health struggles

Does she think losing your appetite due to anxiety or depression counts as an ED? I’m confused why she put a trigger warning for disordered eating when the reason for her weight loss isn’t ED related?

No. 242146

God I want to a-log so bad.

No. 242152

>I’m confused why she put a trigger warning for disordered eating when the reason for her weight loss isn’t ED related?
It's because she doesn't have an ED and therefore doesn't know what actually triggers one

No. 242154

no no please what is she doing don’t give gabbie hannah any ideas. Gabbie hannah actively harassed a rape victim who used to be her friend as well as essentially defending said rapist. Not very woke to sympathize with her jillian, especially considering all your sexual “trauma”

No. 242155

Wtf GH does not give DID vibes fuck these people for skewing perception in such totality that they call every crazy out there DID

No. 242157

of course this cow likes gabbie hanna. they're both insecure shallow narcs with no personality other than mental illness and drugs. also, gabbie doesn't have DID, idiot. (talking to jill.) she has a personality disorder and smokes like twenty blunts a day. these people are so dumb about weed i s2g

No. 242158

dropped my sage in my rage lmao

No. 242160

>Gabbie Hanna has DID
Gabbie is a narcissist. Who does she think that she is, diagnosing people out of nowhere?

No. 242161

She probably sees herself in Gabbie. God she's so stupid.

No. 242163

It really does say a lot about how Jill sees DID, especially her own, that she would see someone like Gabbie having a mental health episode and immediately recognize it as ‘DID’. Gabbie has issues, likely bipolar or something, much like Jill who’s only actual issue is her diagnosed personality disorder that she conveniently ignores.

No. 242167

>I really care about her as a person

Said with all the sincerity of a fully fledged gossip

No. 242170

File: 1661313622376.png (104.39 KB, 641x502, Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 12.0…)

She has to type that bit for herself I think.

Also, lol at this bitch indirectly calling Pixie a bitch on Twitter.

No. 242173

File: 1661314653803.png (545.61 KB, 838x471, Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 12.1…)

Jill has come so far from her lolita days.

No. 242174

Samefag, I looked into it and hanna is channeling a mix of the woman in The Shining crossed with Carrie Fisher's twitter account before she passed, she will very likely be institutionalised after uploading all that shit online. Disturbing, nothing like what Jill is doing which is an obviously mostly sane girl larping. Hanna seems to have genuinely lost the plot.

No. 242175

(same anon) thank u, im sorry you had to go through that as well and i hope you are in a better place now. I don’t wish that experience on anyone either. it’s nasty and i wish i could erase it from my memory. But that’s where jillian doesn’t get how severe anorexia truly is. She has no fucking idea. She should be grateful for that. She didn’t have to be sent to live in a residential facility to be force fed for a month. Her hair didn’t start to fall out. She didn’t get bone and teeth enamel damage from nutrition deprivation. I truly don’t doubt that she has a negative relationship with food but she could just say it that way and actually be more honest. I don’t expect her to be honest tho

No. 242176

I don't know who Gabbie Hannah is but . . . what is it she's posting? Links?

No. 242177

Do you think anyone is going to call out her recent trend of armchairing? She's been doing it a lot since being "diagnosed". She's been so snappy and has been talking like a farmer a lot more lately, it's kinda uncanny.

That's Gabi's thread.

No. 242178

Jill has such a lack of self that she seemingly absorbs the traits and mannerisms of others, like a social chameleon. When she hangs out on drama threads for too long, she picks up on the typing patterns. I think the same thing got her caught for sneaking around on lace back in the day.

No. 242180

File: 1661317330973.png (16.92 KB, 489x106, kek.PNG)

Wanted to see what the tiktok was all about and she's already trying to weasel her way in kek

No. 242181

I think she might be trying to bpd start things on the internet. its been more obvious what she's doing since posting the tiktok about how bpd stops her from feeling like the person whos wrong in an argument or something along those line I cant find it right now.

she's baiting twitter to start arguments for attention
but its her alters and definitely not her and if you yell at her your actually yelling at her child alter

No. 242182

Correct me if I'm wrong but they've never interacted before??? Why would GH go to her

No. 242187

Because Jill has Cliff, the adult alter, who cam sassily tell Gabbie Hanna that she's BPD-cha- Whoops! I meant DIDfag and that her mental breakdowns are all just the result of someone else trying to take control. Which is exactly the kind of ideas you should be feeding to someone with a fragile grasp on reality and identity issues. 100%. Jillian Vessey: Mental Health expert and totally not "priveleged white girl" personified.
It could be a mix of both her BPDness and the threads getting to her. She definitely wants to just lash out at anons ITT but, the anonimity means she can't just block everyone when they upset her. Anon tinfoils definitely have some weight of truth to them, if they're weighing on her that bad kek. And admitting she posts on "Muh ebil transphobic chan board" even if it's to fight against the haters would be social suicide amongst her circles.

No. 242189

There's this trend in online mental health (and trans community), where if one has a condition they're instantly experts in it and trump all doctors and scientists in the field.

No. 242190

that's because it's full of literal autists who actually believe that if you learn something once you're an expert. that and validation.

No. 242191

Funnily enough that's not actually the angle they're going for here. There is a community of weirdos (95% moids, most of them trannies) who tweet about being nonhuman (e.g. dolls, robots, angels) and having multiple identities completely unrelated to DID. Look up "empty spaces" on Twitter if you want to watch them worldbuilding in the wild. Just be warned it is all thinly veiled fetish content. You can really tell these guys are turned on by the self-objectification. I doubt Jill actually knows anything about this community so it's kind of funny to see her align with them.

No. 242194

Jilly, shut the ever loving fuck up. You do not have her best interest at heart. You are a fat straight white woman who failed at her craft school to learn something and now larps mental illnesses to shield criticism/use as peter pan syndrome. Go sit in the corner with the dunce hat on 'cause that's where you belong with all your mental illness advice and hot takes.
>Do you think anyone is going to call out her recent trend of armchairing? She's been doing it a lot since being "diagnosed". She's been so snappy and has been talking like a farmer a lot more lately, it's kinda uncanny.
Ntayrt, I think she's gotten bolder because she's been diagnosed TM. She uses whatever she can as a shield to deflect. She thinks she's teflon. The alters for the most part are just there to cast blame or use as sympathy. I think she will piss off the wrong person because let's face it, it's Jilly we're talking about. She pretends she's smart and a mastermind, but she truly is a clown.

No. 242195

Her egoism and need to be the centre-of-attention is so transparent and off-putting. Any situation she sees that is drawing attention she HAS to insert herself into. Creep.

No. 242196

This is so fucking condescending and creepy. Imagine some rainbow clown stranger commenting this at you during a mental health crisis.

No. 242197

Since Gabby just posted a video 13 minutes ago saying DID isn’t real, I bet Jill’s offer is now rescinded. She’ll probably rant about how her mental breakdown doesn’t give her the right to invalidate her

No. 242198

2020 Jill: Trisha you don't have DID, stop diagnosing yourself online and go to a fucking doctor
2022 Jill: uwu does anybody else think Gabbie has DID? I can offer you help, honey

No. 242199

File: 1661322118359.png (8.15 MB, 1170x2532, 00757C0F-5738-47F2-83A7-81DDC7…)

Audio was deleted and none of these are worth screen recording but tldr she says DID isn’t real.
And yet Jil is reaching out to this dumbass? When is she going to write a “cancel” post next and think this is targeted towards her LARP?

No. 242202

KEK good, wait until Jillian finds out her precious narcissist rape apologist doesn't belive in her totes real DID. Good shit, glad Jillian got her mouth shut.

No. 242203

Nice, can't wait for the meltdown/rant. You think she'll cosplay as Jerrick for it or Cliffe?

No. 242206

It fits perfectly with her previous claim that she’s a “naturally dissociate-y” person. She’s been grasping at straws for an explanation and will roll with whatever seems to work at the time, until too many people call her out on her bullshit and she pivots to another explanation. She’s naturally dissociate-y (because she’s a pisces!) which means she doesn’t need any trauma to develop DID. She’s just a very sensitive person so experiences that wouldn’t register as trauma to anyone else can be highly traumatic to her. She has delayed brain development (“autism”) which means that trauma at age 13 can cause a disorder that’s only supposed to develop in people who experienced trauma at a much younger age. Oh but also, she was repeatedly raped for months in elementary school. But also she’s a pisces!
I agree with other anons that she’s manipulative and calculating but also stupid, which means she’s extremely transparent to anyone who’s even a little bit smarter she is. Like a toddler.

>hello clearly mentally unstable efamous person pls confide in me, a complete stranger!
>(PS if u feel the need to agere n sesh ur always welcome in our rainbow house UwU)

Where does Jill keep finding all these unhinged fetish trannies to interact with? I miss the confetti club. They may all have been autistic womanchildren but at least they weren’t grooming kids or live action erotic RPing as sexbots or whatever the fuck.

No. 242211

i bet she’s going to claim gabbie is bullying her LMAO. like . there is a bit of a coincidence for jillian to comment that with her very public DID tiktok page and then gabbie happens to post a tiktok saying DID isnt real. So i’m sure jill will connect those dots and run with it. Can’t wait for a new victimizing arc

No. 242214

Man, that is not a showdown Jilly can win. Gabbie is far crazier and has been for far longer, it’s like a boss fight kek. Jilly has a line and Gabby really doesn’t. I wonder how far she could push her., we have never seen Jill really go full force and let herself go completely full rage. She should just unleash “Jerrick” then go oops that wasn’t me it was a neurodivergent minor.

No. 242217

>I miss the confetti club.
every thread we miss her old dumbassery even more. god what a trainwreck.

No. 242220

She really doesn't understand a single mental health or clinical term that she uses. "When I'm in fight or flight"? That's not a consistent state of being, it's an acute reaction to a dangerous or extremely stressful situation.

It's like when she acts as if it is physically possible to have panic attacks that last for days (they are exhausting, your body cannot do that for hours at a time, let alone days). I know it's no secret that she just latches on to every and any new term that she hears on twitter, but God is it infuriating. She's too small and niche of a creator to ever face any real kind of call-out, but man does she deserve one.

No. 242225

>>242199 jill is so fucking stupid to even speculate gabbie having fucking DID jesus christ

No. 242228

also actual panic attacks are considered a medical emergency that you should go to er for.(atleast in canada)

No. 242232

If you were having one for "days on end" that would absolutely be a medical emergency no matter where you are. Lets pretend that actually happened, that means Steve saw her in a state that would require medical intervention and didn't do anything about it

No. 242239

It’s a trend in this thread too, kek

No. 242241

..no. lots of people manage them themselves. If you get to a point you can't control your breathing and you're passing out, yeah,ER. Otherwise doctors prescribed SSRIs or non-SSRI anxiety medication.

No. 242243

anxiety attacks and panic attacks aren't the same. it's recommended to go to ER since the symptoms feel like a heart attack. doctors will give you medication on site and make sure your heart is safe. why do people like you who don't know anything feel the need to post?

No. 242244

god, imagine my two favorite cows in a battle. this would be the most milky day

No. 242246

Exactly. Fainting just once is a cause for concern let alone for days and vomiting too. No one would let symptoms like that go on for even 12hrs without going to a doctor. I can’t believe any of her fans would fall for this story. And if it’s true I think her “Lady Gaga UTI” is getting out of hand.

No. 242247

Gabbie Hanna is on meth. Period. Anyone who has ever witnessed their loved one get into meth - it looks precisely like this.

No. 242248

File: 1661356480934.png (28.47 KB, 596x215, firefox_2BWwSwfuG1.png)

>none of my business
lol, this is the first time I hear you say that, Jill

No. 242249

she really cares for the woman who was outed as tearing down a survivor of rape, and siding with the rapist who literally went to PRISON.

No. 242251

Well that tracks with Jill's history, she loves defending these types.

No. 242253

Kek like she doesn't have Gabbie's thread open and isn't lurking as anon's are posting. Gimme a fuckin' break.

No. 242254

thank you, i've been in recovery for a few years now. i hope you're doing better too. it really gets under my skin when people WANT anorexia. jill clearly has issues with food. i don't doubt that. but she's more on the food addiction/binge eating spectrum. which can also lead to health problems and death in extreme cases so it's not to be taken lightly. i hate so much that she fakes what she wants to have without addressing her real issues. it just makes the real issues worse. same with her BPD. this therapist really did some damage.

No. 242256

Bitch, how could it possibly be your fucking business? Also, you got called the fuck out by her and it's hilarious. Retard.

No. 242257

fr. how about focusing on the garbage fire that is her own life before attempting to help other people. also gabbie has no idea who she is and doesn't care. i swear she thinks she's more famous than she is. at this point, she's more famous on this site than in her actual life pursuits.

No. 242260

didn’t gabbie very intentionally state that she’s been acting especially crazy/histrionic for views ?

No. 242265

>Omg someone check on Gabbie Hannah!!!!!!!!!!
>None of my business.

No. 242273

File: 1661364160110.jpg (185.27 KB, 720x1406, Screenshot_20220824-110247_Chr…)

No. 242274

File: 1661364260605.png (32.66 KB, 591x247, firefox_3oiupanI0T.png)

Jill pls what were you just doing a few hours ago

No. 242275

File: 1661364704170.jpg (128.97 KB, 720x1294, Screenshot_20220824-111141_Chr…)

No. 242276

>>>/snow/1624426 in the Gabbie Hanna thread suggested you might be interested in >>>/snow/1624424 and >>>/snow/1624436

No. 242278

“more accurate” is she actually stupid like this isn’t even a funny joke. Everyone who has to get evaluated is a psychopath jillian ur so smart !!!! just shut the fuck up please

No. 242282

>ahahaha because all mentally ill people are psychos am I rite gays???? so funny lol!!!!
what the fuck…

No. 242284

File: 1661370423460.png (2.76 MB, 828x1792, 1661369287203.png)

Cross-posting from the gabbie hannah thread… ms "none of my business" vessey here still interacting (aka self inserting) with the drama

No. 242285

didn't she say "none of my business"? wow, stay on your lane jill
I hope she means herself with "people who pretend to be your friend but make digs at you every chance they get". Funny that she's ugly and alone now while all her previous friends are thriving.

No. 242287

I feel like jillian is this close _ to entering the youtube dramaosphere, like, she continues behaving like a washed up mini Trisha clone and acting like a know-it-all, but it seems like no one is truly paying attention to her, I wonder why, she's genuine recepy for disaster.

Is this premeditated? Will she continue to be a washed out nobody that self inserts into everything or will someone pick up on the crazyness and she'll make a career out of drama? Time will only tell. This is juicy as fuck so I hope she continues this path of attention whoring.

No. 242288

Of course she's going to continue to insert herself. She likes drama. It's giving her such a dopamine rush.

No. 242289

Why is she “they/them”-ing Gabbie? Is it because she’s decided she cannot determine her gender, or is this her weird vague way of implying she has DID like Jill armchaired? Genuine question lol

No. 242290

How does she dare say all people who need a psych eval are psychos and then also say "this person might have DID" or be an authority in mental illness at all? the fuck is wrong with her…

No. 242291

she's saying this while proudly claiming she has a cocktail of mental issues.

No. 242292

she should be careful…. i feel like if she pushes herself too far in people will start finding these threads more and more. i think her lolcow threads already come up if you google something like pixielocks drama. Then it won’t be fun tea for jill. If some of these video essay channels who went in depth on creepshowart got wind of this fake DID pastel clown it would be over. But jill isn’t scared !

No. 242293

Jill made a huge mistake admitting she loves drama in her Veronica video. Now everyone knows she likes to watch people fuck up and she's no better than the uwu dangerous kiwifarms. Anyone talking about GH publicly on twitter or in her tiktok comment section are solely there to watch mental illness go down. But according to Jill, the internet shouldn't speculate about her own obvious spiral, but its okay to do it to others. Just because you're "poor girl"ing her doesn't mean you aren't apart of the crowd eating popcorn, asking other people what their take is. She really does consider herself as some spearhead for mentally ill people online thinking she'd reach out to her of all the thousands of people dming her. It comes across very predatory to use her official platform to get a bigger influencer to reach out to her while they're barely coherent. Of course, all that capped with GH not just doing this for attention.

No. 242294

yeah i don’t know why anyone didn’t bring that up LMFAO. She suddenly is gonna switch to her Veronica account and start cussing out Gabbie saying smth like “jill didn’t want me to be honest about our emotions on this” there’s free idea jillian !! try it out i think the twitter freaks will love it.

No. 242295

I'm sure she's attempting to copy the "omg we're all crazies and mentally ill sooooo funny!!" obnoxious zoomer tiktok humor that degenerates use to "cope" instead of getting better. She's ignoring the fact that not everyone who needs a psych eval and not everyone who is mentally ill finds this shit funny. It affects people's lives.

No. 242297

This. I have nothing to add, but this is very correct. Should be added to the thread summary next time if possible.

No. 242298

File: 1661374388728.png (55.98 KB, 621x515, firefox_CYO0Vrtf9X.png)

Not sure if this is a cowtipper but somebody did ask her

No. 242299

I think I recognize this avatar from a previous thread, so probably a cowtipper.

No. 242300

Most likely. There's a good set of anons that either can't produce real milk so they fake it or cowtip/interact or reach out to family/friends. That's not exciting milk.

No. 242301

It’s especially bad taste coming from white upper middle class princess Jilly. She could never empathise with someone who is very unwell going through rock bottom. Like when she was baiting schizophrenia, she could never imagine or compare anything in her life to how schizophrenia ruins lives. It’s almost taunting coming from someone so high functioning who has a good life. Haha aren’t we all so mentally I’ll she says from her cozy life while there are people who lose their family, home, some even life due to illnesses she thinks are a fun larp for internet validation.

No. 242304

Apologies for samefag but I don’t think she is redeemable because she even knows this, she literally was in contact with that bluebell girl who committed who had DID. It’s sociopath shit, a death didn’t deter her from this at all? That girl was in and out of psych wards and Jilly watched that on her couch eating tendies and though yep, we are the same and I can say I have what she has and even joke about the condition. There is truly something wrong with her and not in the way she wants.

No. 242307

I noticed that a lot of terminally online zoomers they/them everyone at this point.

No. 242310

God that's so retarded. I wonder why though, do they think it's "respectful" or whatever?

No. 242311

>Haha aren’t we all so mentally I’ll she says from her cozy life while there are people who lose their family, home, some even life due to illnesses she thinks are a fun larp for internet validation.
>It’s sociopath shit, a death didn’t deter her from this at all? That girl was in and out of psych wards and Jilly watched that on her couch eating tendies and though yep, we are the same
>There is truly something wrong with her and not in the way she wants.
This. Agreed. It's narcissistic.

No. 242314

I had a friend who does this so she doesn't misgender someone accidentally. One of many reasons i stopped talking to her because you have to be an extremely broken brained npc to start doing something like this

No. 242322

it itself is misgendering though…

No. 242324

I’ve heard them (gendies) complain about this so there is no right answer.

No. 242325

That's so fucking stupid lmao. But anyways, Jillian has a history of misgendering things, for example, calling pusheen a "he". Kinda dumb.

No. 242326

I remember them as a Lillee Jean callout twitter with that icon. Stupid cowtippers.

No. 242327

She's acting more and more like a farmer. The fact that she said based is really shocking to me. I'm aware most normies say it now but still, it's mostly known/used on imageboards, not to mention the constant inserting herself into drama.

No. 242328

i mean there's no winning with them. trannies get offended when you don't call them the right pronouns, non binary idiots get offended if you don't. it's a mess.

No. 242329

Samefag but I searched her name on twitter and it's full of people screeching that she's being transphobicbased and racist right now. She's being brave by openly supporting her so heavily

No. 242330

I can’t decide if this is her narcissism shining through, or if she’s just plain stupid. She’s been trying to paint herself as his big mental health advocate, but then thinks making a joke like this is okay? How is this helping to destitmatize getting mental health treatment, Jill? Plus, that person was probably said “psycho” purposefully since there’s a difference between a psychological evaluation and a psychiatric evaluation. But of course our mental health queen doesn’t know that.

No. 242331

File: 1661383824424.png (129.12 KB, 836x1204, 3049770340734.png)

1.She's excited to go to the MCR concert
2.Would like to bump into the fan that constantly makes supportive memes about her (they've been interacting a lot recently)
3."Jerrick" will get to pick the outfit (that's not how DID works retard)
4.Mommy is going too, she calls it "bonding time"

No. 242333

File: 1661384392370.webm (1.23 MB, 540x960, SnapTik_7134767007966235910.we…)

oh wow, so much anxiety guyse

No. 242334

File: 1661384418668.png (45.4 KB, 514x498, 32232323.png)

"haha thanks guys"

No. 242335

File: 1661384449375.png (24.16 KB, 596x354, 23423432324234423.png)

posting this too for posterity.

No. 242337

i think maybe it’s just all a front. Like maybe she truly doesn’t give a single shit about mental health. Or at least she does but only in conjunction with how it affects her personally. She couldn’t give a shit if someone with any of the countless conditions she claims to have came up and told her they feel like she’s doing an injustice to that community. She puts up such an act of being a caring open person anyone can go to if they need to talk, it feels like an overcompensation to make herself seem like a good person who only does things out of the kindness of her heart.

No. 242340

File: 1661386531520.jpg (182.67 KB, 720x1399, Screenshot_20220824-171529_Chr…)

No. 242341

>mystery tea that my alter picked up
>it's chamomille lavender tea
So it's not mystery tea.

No. 242342

>Stevie and I were sickie
Oh God, must she uwu-ify everything in her life?

No. 242343

why does she let her “child” alter go grocery shopping. Is it to excuse for all the nasty processed food she buys? Oh sorry that wasn’t me who bought the 15 boxes of frozen dino nuggets it was actually my 4 year old alter i accidentally let her out while we were in Costco sowwy

No. 242344

Flora is the precure sweet lolita alter
Berry is the baby alter

No. 242346

isn’t flora still like 6 tho? like still a child so TECHNICALLY weird to give her control to buy shit (if this was all real)

No. 242347

No, she lists Flora as 18

No. 242348


all of these emojis at the end of every fucking sentence is so fucking stupid. what is the point of adding all of them again? i know its to signify which alter(s) are talking but why does everyone else need to know? why does it matter? are we expected to memorise who is who or keep referring back to the drawing she made?

No. 242349

>are we expected to memorise who is who or keep referring back to the drawing she made?
Uh duh she is the main character after all.

No. 242350

my bad, i guess i had my pixie lore mixed up i thought berry and flora were both “littles”

No. 242351

>Shayna flashbacks

No. 242353

what? no peeps tea?

No. 242354

flora was a child until this recent iteration. berry is new.

No. 242358

No, berry has always been the little, the one she calls "baby smalls" and she's like, 6 or 4. Flora is the weaboo alter based on magical girls (precure). I'm not sure if she has ever stated her age. God this lore is confusing

No. 242360

File: 1661394619680.png (381.99 KB, 536x498, 331313111313.png)

here's the stupid chart she made to clear any confusion lmao

No. 242362

a lot of people in the community think 'psycho' is a slur, but i guess jilly bean thinks she can reclaim that, even tho her delusions are just drugs and OCs

No. 242363

she just wants to be "cute but psycho" like jinx or harley queen etc.

No. 242364

File: 1661396007885.png (396.1 KB, 948x464, 331313111313.png)

Just a reminder that her @pixieespam account is now @villainyswells (the link is wrong)

No. 242365

File: 1661396181131.png (18.92 KB, 320x250, 331313111313.png)

also pressuring fans to "catch up" on her content

No. 242369

>pls check out out YT my numbers are dropping but I'm too enamored with myself to not larp a reality where there are like 7 of me at once

No. 242377

Incredible, Cliffe is truly Sasha Velour.

No. 242387

The way she uses emojis is completely stupid to me. They seem more like decorations than actually "omg I'm speaking to an alter". They're always painfully obvious that it is her speaking on their behalf or whatever you might call it.

No. 242391

File: 1661413333413.jpg (278.99 KB, 1080x1415, IMG_20220825_094129.jpg)

Nothing special but Steve is just tweeting about politics to nobody on twitter.

No. 242393

Tmw you gotta switch up your writing styles but are to dumb to do anything else than the capitalization

No. 242404

it's hilarious how the gendies played themselves like this, they originally said they/them was a neutral way to refer to someone but now it has become a "third" gender on its own, so we could argue they're misgendering someone by using they/them as a neutral for a normie he/she person. so they're all transphobic by their own rules

but much like jill they never seem to care that they're massive hypocrites

No. 242406

Cowtipping aside, did she respond? I don't have a twitter

No. 242408

"reclaiming my personhood" - what? jerrica is not a person, just a part of jill, and you would think that playing into delusions is a big no no if you want to be better and integrate that part - because making it more 'real' will just separate her from learning healthy coping skills (assuming she believes did is real, but i think this is just another proof she is bad at her own lore/mental issues larp). Is she telling on herself or this is just another twitter/tumblr term?
Like, come on, you can make this 'project' without did, she even started jerrick bs as experimenting with non-kawaii stuff.

No. 242409

>you can make this 'project' without did
I'm surely giving too much credit to Jillybean, but what if she says that this was all a performance to "make people aware" of DiD or menthol illnesses? The way she preaches says that she's taking this 100% serious, but saying that this is all about art or some shit would be smart.

No. 242419

No way, saying she was pretending to have DID to raise awareness for the disorder would majorly backfire. People would say she was speaking over people who actually had the condition, and if she wanted to raise awareness she should have collaborated with people who really have DID. I mean think about it, if someone released a YouTube video titled “I spent a year pretending to have Bipolar 1 to raise awareness” wouldn’t you think that was a really shitty thing to do?

No. 242433

She just needs to pretend it never happened like Trisha.

Holy shit,Jill is a poor man's trashier Trisha.

No. 242441

Being a poor man's trashier Trisha would be a compliment to her. It's so transparent after her going after Trisha and admitting to consuming her content that she's one of the people Jill idolized and decided to model herself after. Same with how she started doing those intentionally ugly weird looks to be more like Emily fart or whatever that gross things name is, trying to cope with her new self disgust at feeling fat and unattractive lmao.

It's all so basic

No. 242458

True, but Trisha at least is fun and you could probably smoke up with her and have a good time. If you smoked with Jill, you'd have to hear about the pretty cure toys and how Stephen has to change her diapers.

No. 242462

no, silly. she only replies to asspats. if she replied to literally any criticism whatsoever, it would have been in the form of a meltdown. great therapy at work amirite

No. 242468

File: 1661447364964.jpeg (459.93 KB, 1500x1001, 1659197222119.jpeg)

I don't like Trisha, but at least her cars and house were things she bought with her own money. She's a hoarder and has been in debt a lot. But she has gone a lot further than one would think for fake crying on camera. Jill is not even smart about her fake trauma/lies like Trisha is. Jills parents have bought her everything and shes sheltered and can't commit to anything. Her internet persona started (and mostly continues) out of her mom buying her expensive garbage to show off and lies. Even with the easiest job ever she's always bleeding out subscribers and going on hiatus.

if you're not going to contribute anything good to society at least be entertaining. but jill can't, everything has always been served in a silver platter for her. if her parents ever wise up and cut her off she is done. this influencer shit is not going anywhere for her.

No. 242469

File: 1661447637423.gif (984.4 KB, 245x145, tumblr_inline_nudmu33tqa1tndig…)

how I imagine jill during christmas

No. 242474

>I've never been much of a tea drinker
Did she not previously shill David's Tea and talk about tea all the time along with putting those awful peeps in it for photos? What a weird thing to retcon into one of your "alters"

No. 242475

I know reclaiming a personhood is usually used with victims of sexual assault as a means to feel in control of their body. This just sounds like Jill is once again co-opting a term to make it mean what waver the fuck she wants it to.

Yeah at least Trisha showed he BPD traits. Jill just tells us that she's mentally ill and we have to take her word for it.

No. 242477

>I know reclaiming a personhood is usually used with victims of sexual assault as a means to feel in control of their body. This just sounds like Jill is once again co-opting a term to make it mean what waver the fuck she wants it to.
This, she probably thinks "reclaiming her personhood" means turning her stupid alter OC into a real person.
>I've never been much of a tea drinker
>Did she not previously shill David's Tea and talk about tea all the time along with putting those awful peeps in it for photos? What a weird thing to retcon into one of your "alters"
She was either lying or she's truly retconning everything into an alter trait.

No. 242479

>Did she not previously shill David's Tea and talk about tea all the time along with putting those awful peeps in it for photos?
guess she decided that tea should be flora's thing, so now we're just supposed to believe that was her drinking tea in the past, and not jilly peepy.

No. 242485

i truly don’t think she gets that DID isn’t supposed to be pushing the alters farther apart and letting them think they are actually real. Like realistically if she had DID the way it’s treated isn't by letting the these fractures your mind keep being fractures, you eventually have to push them back together in some way or another. i don’t think a (real) therapist is going to understand why you’ve made social media accounts for the versions of yourself living in your brain. But jill loves having multiple characters in her head it’s fun!

No. 242494

cracking up because her brother has maybe 10 gifts and I lost count of Jill’s. Jesus she’s so sheltered and coddled, her mother is going to be like my landlady that’s 70 and still takes care of her son.

No. 242496

File: 1661463304456.png (350.25 KB, 749x615, uwuNEWtrwama.png)

collage anon here. sage for olderish milk but checked in on jilly's life threatening car video. definitely seems like she added some comment filters to this one but a few snuck through the cracks, kek.

No. 242501

This bitch is so privileged of course she has nothing better to do than fake mental illness

No. 242503

File: 1661467323920.jpg (205.67 KB, 720x1372, Screenshot_20220825-154107_Chr…)

No. 242504

File: 1661467406200.jpg (87.62 KB, 720x614, Screenshot_20220825-154120_Chr…)

No. 242508

sure jill, this person's story and yours are totally comparable. she's known her therapist for 10 years and likely did a lot of work on herself with her help. meanwhile you knew yours for a year and didn't even attempt the slightest to try bettering yourself or change your lifestyle for your own good. while he cheered you on for that. totes the same.

No. 242512

this is unhealthy. i know it's been said to death, but this therapist relationship was literally codependent and this is not how you talk about a professional relationship. my doctor literally was the first person to help me with my chronic pain in 27 years. when she retired, i congratulated her. she's my doctor. not my friend. maybe if jill had real friends in a healthy place or if she had learned a single coping skill in a year and a half she wouldn't feel this way. imagine how she'll spiral when she deals with real death. good lord. the whole "i've never experienced real problems" of it all is just… sad.

No. 242515

yeah exactly. the fact that she was this attached to her therapist shows she needs way more help than she wants to accept (if any of what she claims to have is real) but to genuinely feel a loss equal to DEATH ??? over a mental health professional who you knew for less than 2 years… dude that’s not normal in the slightest.

No. 242529

File: 1661470151701.jpeg (106.79 KB, 1284x683, 57A7301B-5FCF-4DB3-92FC-8FDBD7…)

Saw her complaining about losing followers.

No. 242534

File: 1661470816219.jpeg (241.35 KB, 1284x451, 7FA3A996-DA46-400C-B991-127FEF…)

No. 242538

File: 1661472175225.jpeg (426.08 KB, 1242x911, 1585062751594.jpeg)

she always needs to one-up people, I cannot imagine being friends with her. she has never lost someone dear to her which is a good thing obviously and she should be glad. but instead, she has to compare minor life changes to fucking grieving someone's death? how would she even know? is this like the rape and childhood abuse that appeared only when convenient? jill i promise trying to copy others' issues (and one-uping them which is worse) does not make you interesting. it's very transparent when you do it

No. 242539

Kek, good contenders for next thread pic.

No. 242540

>I processed it like he died
Bitch… You gotta always be the most traumatized ever huh. Main character syndrome for sure.

No. 242541

Good, that's what you get when you act like a bitch and alienate your fans.

No. 242542

Wait so first she's like "yeah same :(" and then she turns around and says "Omg I'm performing SOOO well despite it all!!!"?… Two faced idiot.

No. 242543

>My therapist of 10 years moved on, it was hard but I felt happy for her!

No. 242547

If I didn't "know better" I would say she only has "two" alters with how she favors Jill and Jerr like girl you're supposed to have 7 catch up

No. 242553

She has no true personality because she has to constantly modify it to ensure that she remains the best & brightest. If someone complains about IG, Jill's does worse; otherwise she's doing the best she's ever been.

No. 242555

God damn why are all these lolita bitches sick in the head

No. 242556

File: 1661477881057.jpg (139.02 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_20220825-183229_Chr…)

Dumb retweet but made me laugh.

No. 242561

File: 1661478455523.webm (1.87 MB, 540x960, 74056054093.webm)

No. 242567

I think it was the other way around. She was boasting that her IG was still performing well before she went back to it and changed her spam account to Jerrick, and now she’s probably loosing followers on that account because people didn’t sign up for emo teenage “boy” content

No. 242569

File: 1661484949402.jpg (227.51 KB, 561x742, 1661484974637.jpg)

Kek what a self own

No. 242570

File: 1661485105747.png (380.17 KB, 370x492, hm.png)

extremely good next thread pic material

No. 242571

File: 1661485150995.png (126.75 KB, 348x256, hm.png)

also she's making that stupid face again

No. 242574

Ngl, eyeshadow I like, but everything else, infusing falsies, look like trash.

No. 242578

I think you must be drunk

No. 242579

File: 1661488287228.jpeg (909.3 KB, 1170x1213, E71D82E4-DE95-4C10-8DC8-AFA832…)

Saw her comment under one of Gabbie Hanna’s manic tiktoks where Gabbie’s talking about “mom and dad” as a result of religious delusions

No. 242580

Tbh it's part of therapy process to give the patient a safe relationship with a steady person to rely on in order to work on their issues. Having to end a therapy relationship can be tough for patients, who haven't worked on the issues they have with abandonment enough.

No. 242582

Jesus christ this is fucking disgusting and gives massive groomer vibes. Fat

No. 242583

Samefag I didn't mean to type fat I think it was subconscious while seeing >>242571 as I typed KEK.

No. 242585

I love that this fat ddlg clown keeps trying to insert herself in drama and pushing her narrative onto others. Really laying it thick there, you rainbow colored creep.

No. 242586

Yeah I have a feeling this is gonna backfire for her heavily.

No. 242589

why is she so fucking insistent that gabbie has DID ? what the fuck is she doing genuinely i don’t know if she thinks this is helpful or something. Gabbie doesn’t need more fuel to her delusional fire rn

No. 242590

>are mom and dad alters?
What the actual fuck. You stupid loser, stop pushing your disgusting degeneracy onto others.
What do the comments say btw?

No. 242591

First time I've ever wanted to a-log fuck pixie

No. 242592

File: 1661490964257.webm (7.49 MB, 576x1024, SnapTik_7135927735976840490.we…)

I feel obligated to post one of Gabbie Hannah's tiktok videos to just explain how fucked up what Jillian just said is.
Jillian is basically enjoying the drama, tinfoiling about the "possible mental illness" of someone who is clearly not in in their senses right now. She looks distressed and basically saying nonsense. But here comes Jillian, the self inserting gossip bitch, to armchair someone who is clearly in dire need of help, because Jilly thinks she's the mental health advocate know-it-all, and she's enjoying the shitshow. There's no need to comment her shit on this video, there's no need to spew out her ill-intentioned venom, her comment reads as manipulative, Gabbie Hannah will not fuck you Jill. And with that, I mean that Gabbie Hannah will not read your comment and decide she suddenly has DID. She has other pressing matters to tend to. You rubbing your DID larp onto a vulnerable person is not "helping". You're fucking unhinged. You are just another piece of shit in the sea of comments fueling the shitshow. If you wanted to help, you wouldn't create more drama, you wouldn't had said shit, you would had stayed quiet, your comment is so fucking unwarranted, knowing you're a washed out micro e-celeb, you come off as drama hungry. Rot in hell.

anyways, click to play.

No. 242593

jillian is just fucking jealous that gabbie has actual issues while she has none.

No. 242595

kek don't worry, your post came out funny
this is seriously really bad, given the context.

No. 242601

for a normal patient, sure but jill is doing this shit for attention.

No. 242628

is this a normal amount of christmas gifts, EU fag asking because I used to get 3-4 at most and that's already around 200 dollas so I can only imagine how much $ 13+ gifts are, plus the ones for her brother and by the christmas tree. I've never seen so many packages

No. 242629

Maybe I'm a poorfag, but I have never seen someone with that many presents IRL, only in ridiculous movies and sitcoms. Louise obviously made a big deal out of individually wrapping every present and if the gifts were from other relatives the wrapping paper would be in different colors.

No. 242631

“Normal” I don’t know, growing up living with relatives and having extended family who would also mail all of us kids gifts, as well as the adults giving gifts to each other, there were some times where underneath our tree was absolutely piled higher than this. We weren’t rich but not poor either. Even these days, my extended family sends me quite a few gifts, and sends checks in the mails for holidays etc., none of us are rich just lower middle class or dead-on middle.
If you didn’t have as many gifts it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re poor anyway, some people just get really into the gift giving holidays and others don’t, my family went all out with decorations/gifts/food for every holiday

No. 242634

Does she think that because she diagnosed herself with an obscenely rare mental illness (one that affects only 1.5% of the GLOBAL population), she is now qualified to push that fake diagnosis onto others?

I think Gabbie Hanna is a shitty person, but Jill's response just goes to further prove that she sees mental illness as nothing but a spectacle. "I consume so much mental illness content!" Bitch, where? From 15 year olds on Tik Tok?

She's a disgusting person, I don't want to wish bad on her, but I honestly do hope her online antics get her torn to shreds.

No. 242639

I can only speak from experience but I'm an only child and my Dad had a decent job but I didn't get this many gifts. Generally I would get 1 main present like a DS, iPod , whatever then a couple of smaller things like art supplies, body lotions, socks and stuff. All the friends I had at that age got a similar amount

No. 242640

I seriously hate how she thinks she's a therapist now, this whole diagnosing people and talking to people like they're children is gross.
Like Jill, just because you read a lot about menthol illnesses doesn't mean you're a certified psychiatrist, I hope she keeps poking the hornets' nest so she can get that sweet negative attention she craves.

No. 242642

It just seems like she's on a meth bender.
This is stale ass milk and no one cares that your family doesn't consoom as much as the Vesseys.

No. 242646

I want to a-log so badly.

No. 242650

yea it isn't milk which is why i saged. it's fine to discuss the amount of gifts because it shows how coddled jill is so stop your nazi mini mod

No. 242651

Her participating in this spectacle when she has already been involved with a girl who ended up dead is insane. I have no love for Gabbie but this situation is awful and I don’t wish her death. Jill is commenting like it’s a tv show theory not a real person who is having a very clear spiral that could result in serious injury or death. Just speaks to her lack of empathy for anyone outside of herself, she clearly doesn’t see gabbie like a real person.

No. 242652

Yeah, there is a reason why Jill is so materialistic, self-centered and into instant gratification - and she never faced other treatment from her family and fans.

I think what I mentioned above plus all that 'mental health expert' comments will be her downfall - before that she was in smaller communities but now she is more bold with her statements and she seems to be unaware how judgemental and ready to cancel people are nowadays. Which is funny, because she in basically living on sm. And with all her 'personalities' she finally can state some opinions she would not dare before, but even did and cute emojis can be a shield only for so long - she is not as big as she thinks she is (when it comes to being an expert or big figure in the community, lol).

No. 242657

Don't try to start a butthurt infight over one saged post.

No. 242658

God, she makes me livid. She really treats mental illness like it's an exciting game to her, then leaps at the chance to pull in others who never consented to playing.

Do the replies say anything significant? Apologies for asking to be spoonfed, I was curious but after scrolling through the comments a few times I still couldn't find hers.

No. 242666

I think in her mind the second she ‘came out’ with DID, she was immediately launched to the same levels as DissociaDID (pre scandals) and MultiplicityandMe, both of which centered their DID content around education of the disorder. M&M is literally a licensed psychologist, and DissociaDID at least made the effort to do research and shit (even if some of what she said was questionable). Jill has once again skipped the queue and placed herself atop the pile in a community that she’s done zero work for, which is why she can’t stand being questioned over anything, because she’s obviously at the same expert level as others

No. 242675

lol did she delete this comment out of shame? it’s not there anymore

No. 242680

Damn I think she did delete it. I can’t find it. The only replies to it I remember seeing were explaining to Jill that she was referring to Jesus. Nothing significant/milky. Wonder if farmers replied to her comment and she deleted it or she’s watching the thread

No. 242681

>Jill is commenting like it’s a tv show theory not a real person who is having a very clear spiral that could result in serious injury or death.
This, the narcissism is showing.

No. 242683

But those gifts are all from Jilly's parents, not relatives.

No. 242684

Even if she was on meth, do you think it's Jillian's place to tell her she has DID? Stupid. This woman could be close to overdosing for all we know.

No. 242696

File: 1661533855874.jpeg (164.79 KB, 828x711, 6E794349-7280-46EA-BFC2-216DCE…)

No. 242704

She's reading the thread and noticed we mentioned the cowtipper.

No. 242708

And your whole personality is being a self obsessed narcissistic bitch who ageplays. Who's winning now?

No. 242713

If you notice, whenever Jill wants to criticize gossip forums, she ALWAYS has to include something like "oh I'm not this; could never be me; I don't live that way" yet she browses these sites frequently. It always comes off as hypocritical projection.

No. 242714

>I'm glad I don't live like that.
Fucking KEK.

No. 242720

Samefag, sorry, dropped my sage.
Slight blog but my life is not great and I still live at home, but oh boy am I glad my worst period ever was being a shut-in, and not this.

No. 242724

>>fucked in the head. and that's coming from me

No. 242726

I'd much rather spend my days laughing at cows than pretending to have severe mental illness while being a privileged bitch with a loving family that gives her anything she wants

No. 242731

File: 1661537348510.jpg (38.52 KB, 720x285, Screenshot_20220826-110751_Chr…)

No. 242733

She's getting bolder lately. Can't wait for when she directly mentions the site or comes here and then blames it on Jerrica

No. 242734

File: 1661537446525.jpg (63.24 KB, 720x470, Screenshot_20220826-110814_Chr…)

No. 242735

And I'm glad my life is not as unsuccessful and shitty as yours Jilly. You're literally rotting and getting fatter by the second. Cope harder

No. 242736

This, she's not any better. In fact I think she's worse. Gossipy hypocrital two faced bitch

No. 242742

>Some people have straight up evil in their hearts.
And you are just sunshine and rainbows. All these threads are just meaningless dribble and hold nothing true about your behavior. Hey Jilly, just who are you trying to convince here?

No. 242744

i don’t know why she thinks tweeting shit like this is a good idea. If anything it’ll just make her fans look up pixie locks threads and then find this one. Like if anything, maybe she wants that deep down. She wants ppl to come defend her on here lmfao

No. 242749

She's being very optimistic is she thinks fans will see these threads and still defend her. Slight blog but I used to be a fan of hers, even have a confetti cunt pin. I found these threads a couple years ago and it quickly changed my opinion of her. I imagine a lot of people would feel the same especially with the shit she's been doing in these more recent threads

No. 242761

Hate you? Jillie bean, you are my anti-rolemodel. You are everything I strive to avoid to be. I look down on you lol. I hope you stick around longer so I can watch you destroy your own privilege filled life

No. 242764

>tfw jill is just using DID the same way she claims we use anonymity

No. 242765

how can she say this right after self inserting herself in the gabbie hannah mess?

No. 242767

Oh silly jilly, rest assured that besides the same 3 idiot cowtippers, there's over 600 people who visit lolcow and look up your thread, daily.

No. 242772

>I'm glad I don't have this hatred on my heart
But you do. Remember all the times you've said "fuck you" etc to random people on twitter this past year? just because you can't handle a simple comment?

No. 242774

Ahaha, oh boy, the comments about trans steebie, maggie, Jill's parents cutting her money all those theories are getting to her head

No. 242778

Remember when just a few months ago she was wanting to write vindictive angry letters to the people who harmed her? Or a year ago when she was fighting with people on Twitter as jerrick? I'd say hate lives full well in her heart…

No. 242783

I agree. I wish she would stop over lining her lips it literally looks like a child who broke into their moms makeup

No. 242785

i mean i can't speak for other anons, but hate doesn't live in my heart, especially not for jill. i feel pity for her. and she's a shining example of what can happen when you don't take care of yourself and inspires me to stay on track in my own life. i wouldn't waste my energy on hating you, jill. don't flatter yourself. you're not that important.

No. 242789

She makes the over line on the Cupid’s bow so high that it makes her philtrum look unnaturally short and her facial proportions weird as a result. The ugly septum ring with the flowers really doesn’t help as well, I know she thinks it’s more kawaii than a plain one but from a distance every time it gives me booger vibes.

No. 242790

Tbh, at this point people on here aren't even making fun of petty bs when it comes to her at this point. Her behavior is genuinely harmful and disgusting and very much warrants being called out.

No. 242792

i used to be a fan too i hadn’t watched her in years (since her japan vlogs) and i was wondering what she had been up to and well… now i’m not a fan anymore to say the least. I imagine a small chunk of the anons here used to be fans before she went downhill and lost any niche she had

No. 242793

yeah fr. Maybe some of her earlier /snow threads weren’t as milky in the sense of harmful behavior. But she’s not just someone who people dislike for no reason. I don’t think she understands that. She thinks the 50+ threads about her are all just bullshit bullying.

No. 242795

It wasn't even letters kek, it was whole emails to people who don't give a shit about her but she's still obsessed about them

No. 242796

Yes. The piercing plain doesn't look good for her… it's hard to make that piercing look good on people, and she simply doesn't have the facial features for it

No. 242802

She sees that as one and the same. In her mind if you criticize her, caller her out, or hold her accountable in anyway: you hate her. And not in an “internet hater” way, you legitimately hold hatred for her. I know she loves to victimize herself, but if she legitimately thinks that people center their entire lives around her, she’s got some massive problems with delusions of grandeur. She desperately needs a good therapist than help her understand that criticism =/= personal hatred, and will actually address her harmful behaviors. But we all know she’d never do that

No. 242804

i'm also a former fan. i genuinely enjoyed her j fashion-adjacent content. i stopped watching her when she stopped posting fashion shit. it wasn't even particularly good and i've always found her a tad insufferable. and now this faking DID saga- i'm glad i jumped ship because the ship is on fire now.

No. 242805

yeah it super unhealthy to think of all criticism, even constructive, as "hate." especially if your job is social media. yikes. i feel like it's mostly because she's so sheltered and never heard the word "no" from her parents. also probably explains a lot of the dumpster fire going on now. if she's not immediately perfect at something, she just quits. doesn't understand the value of a dollar or hard work.

No. 242833

Didn’t Jillian mention that learning about different mental illnesses was one of her deeply important “special interests?” If that was true, wouldn’t she recognize that Gabbie was experiencing religious delusions during her psychotic episode? She was literally fawning about that one schizophrenic dude she befriended irl. But no, she’s an obsessive liar and attention seeker. Everything has to be about DID.

No. 242834

it's also fucking stupid… why does she want someone she idolizes to have DID? nonsense.

No. 242835

Irrelevant but on what features does it look good? Some people’s septum piercings look so bad it makes me scared mine looks bad and I want to take it out to not be associated with ugly vibes like jill’s piercing

No. 242836

I'm gonna sound like an anachan but it really does not look good on fat faces.

No. 242837

House tour was like the last thing I enjoyed. I just love seeing people fill their homes with stuff and she was queen of doing that. To be honest her consumerism was enjoyable because I could live vicariously through that. Now she hardly posts and if she does it’s DID mentally ill drag stuff. The last haul she did was so short she didn’t even show many things. I also don’t understand what she does all day like if you’re releasing less than one video a week per month what does she even DO all day now that she is not at school. Yes I know she smokes weed but is that really it?? Weed twitter and tik tok.

No. 242838

Okay not to also sound like an anachan but I think I’m good then kek

No. 242840

File: 1661557542785.jpg (178.48 KB, 718x1399, Screenshot_20220826-164523_Chr…)

No. 242841

>I also don’t understand what she does all day like if you’re releasing less than one video a week per month what does she even DO all day now that she is not at school. Yes I know she smokes weed but is that really it?? Weed twitter and tik tok.
She lives a sad life. It's more common than you think.

No. 242844

She literally started her "career" on youtube as a /cgl/ lurker but acts like she's so much better than us. Not that everyone on /cgl/ likes drama but a lot of us do.

No. 242845

she reconogizes the writing styles of anons here? my god she's here 24/7

No. 242856

I've seen people in her replies on Youtube and Twitter saying similar stuff to anons here, presumably she means them

No. 242857

the wacky thing is i don’t think the majority of the direct comments she gets are even from us. There’s been some very obvious cow tippers but at least with the car crash video a decent chunk of people seemed to be calling her out for things. It’s just easier for her to sleep at night if she combines any criticism from actual current fans into just mean angry forum hatred grrrr.

No. 242858

she legit just uses jerricks twitter to be unnecessarily and ott edgy. calling herself a fanboy little bitch lmao, give it a rest jill jesus christ

No. 242859

Her fans just don’t like the direction she’s taken her content. They’ve said it in the comments and they’re saying with her rapidly dropping view count. They signed up for a j fashion vlogger, not a DissociaDID knockoff. She can say “I’ve always talked about my mental health on my channel” until she’s blue in the face, but those videos were always just an occasional aside, not the core of her channel like it is now. All of her content on every platform revolves around her mental health/DID, and that’s just not what her viewers want.

No. 242864

Who is she even talking about though? She’s said similar things in the past as if there’s a specific person that’s harassing her, when looking at her replies and shit that’s not true. I think she just conflates every person that ever criticizes her into being 1-2 people across multiple accounts, even though it’s not.
Also it’s fine if you’re an ass kisser that replies to everything she says (cough her Drew monson obsession) but if you’re not fawning over her you’re creepy and obsessed. Never mind that she had someone literally make an account pretending to be her child alter, as well as other “DID”fags claim to have interjects of her

No. 242869

I think Jill has a lot of problems with empathy as well or stepping outside of her own worldview. Her BPD makes everything white and black, but she also projects that outwards onto others.
She's always seemed like the type of person who wont express their own opinion A lot of bs that Jill pulls is just because she FEELS hurt, so she wants others to feel hurt with her and she knows she can accomplish this with rude tweets, nasty replies, etc..

No. 242871

It is much easier to claim all the hate is 1-2 people than it is to take a step back and realize one's mistake.
Jill claims "Jerrick" developed during her early adolescence. I infer that she's harkening back to a period pre-kawaii days. I always wondered HOW she found her threads before, and I figured it was because she was googling her name. In hindsight, I believe now that she was browsing boards (and other 'seedy' internet locations) since before becoming a public figure and THAT's how she realized she was even featured on here.

No. 242878

She actively lurked 4chan's /cgl/ back in the day.

No. 242879

Everything you BPD anons attribute to her "BPD" can also be explained by run of the mill narcissism and being spoiled and coddled. Think about it for literally more than 5 seconds: If she doesn't have the trauma to have DID, why would she have BPD?

No. 242881

BPD and NPD can be inherited. We don't know how Louise is behind closed doors, but she has said she had a rough childhood. So it probably comes from that side of the family.

No. 242884

Narcissistic cows always think it’s one or two people obsessively stalking them across platforms for years and talking to themselves in threads like these. Kiki, Lillee-Jean, I think Onision? Certainly many others I can’t recall off the top of my head. It’s… not a good sign.

No. 242885

she was actually diagnosed with bpd years and years ago. it's not a tinfoil or her trying to get attention.

No. 242889

Oh god not this shit again. Please no more infighting about this. Jill is not a representation for your bpd. She can have bpd and be a worthless narcissistic bpd piece of shit while you’re an ok person with bpd. I have bpd and am aware Jill not having legitimate trauma as the catalyst for her bpd is not equivalent to my or anyone else with bpd and actual trauma as a causation for it.
It’s so annoying that none of you have the ability to separate yourselves from your hobby of observing cows. Just cause a cow has a trait you have it doesn’t mean the criticism towards them applies to you.

No. 242890

The whole point of the LACE drama was that a few cows like Kate who it has been proven was posting got butthurt that they got posted. Jilly joined that crusade because she knew she was being posted so she has been aware of and looking at the boards for many years. Previously she could have just been looking at behind the bows but when that fully died people moved over to CGL anyway so even if she wasn’t on the boards at the start she would have migrated. I bet the LACE cows had a group chat where they set that up and were just seething about posts about themselves. I wonder if she thinks it’s the same anons from back then, personally back then I wasn’t fussed about her and watched her content casually like most people on the board I only started feeling this way about her during this mental illness pivot.

No. 242894

i don't have screencaps, but her first lolita video she posted on youtube she asked for feedback in a /cgl/ thread. she can't even pretend that she didn't know the site existed. Whether or not she had been on the site before then, I don't know because she would've been in her alternative phase, i think. i suppose there is a small possibility that someone else was pretending to be her asking for feedback, but i feel like the video was too tame to be bait.

No. 242896

Hey anon chill, that anon wasn't criticizing you. Don't take things so personally.

No. 242898

Bpd is largely hormonal as well

No. 242899

Weird projection that I must have BPD and be an offended BPD-chan because I think it's asinine to think that the a coddled bitch with no trauma doesn't have a disorder based on checks notes having trauma.

She was "actually diagnosed" and then did what as far as treatment goes? Is the narrative in a couple of years going to be "uhh, akshually she was diagnosed with DID so…" It's relatively easy for an alt presenting narcissistic female weirdo to get a BPD diagnosis, it's way over diagnosed in young women.

No. 242905

>asking to be spoonfed
>bpd is sexist!!!
>accusing other anons of being bpd
yea, please go back.

No. 242909

You're never gonna get through to them. It's pretty obvious to anyone whose ever interacted with a PDfag that Jillybean doesn't have a PD, and was always obvious since the very start of these threads, but this new generation thinks that having bowel movement counts as a mental illness.
You didn't even use the term spoonfed right. Do you know where you are?

No. 242911

if you're so new you don't remember her actually speaking on her diag you should lurk more and let adults talk. anon claiming she doesn't know that is asking to be spoonfed.

No. 242926

File: 1661613043527.jpeg (233.48 KB, 828x518, EEDFE3F5-AD39-49AA-9B84-50C339…)

Literally what videos… Jill isn’t nearly relevant enough to get call out videos (luckily for her)

No. 242937

Don't worry anon us who interacted with an actual bpd person know that jillybean doesn't make the cut. She's just a cunt, and maybe on her way to get brain damage from her excessive substance use.

No. 242939

Diagnosis, anon. Take ur meds

No. 242943

You have to go back.

No. 242951

I'm assuming they mean the "mental illness tik tok faker" compliation videos she's been featured in; which would make sense for Jilly's fragile ego to consider it a threat

No. 242955

Is it? I thought it was purely emotional or was an offset of depression + anxiety + personality problems
Source? Asking genuinely

No. 242956

Bpd does not require trauma, look it up fam. Also bpd is a proven thing, diagnosed to her by a competent person, not a retarded moid (Jedediah Matthews) that enabled her.

No. 242957

>It's pretty obvious to anyone whose ever interacted with a PDfag that Jillybean doesn't have a PD
Where have you been the past 6 months. All the shit she is blaming on DID is clearly part of some PD like npd or borderline. Do not speak out of your ass.

No. 242959

>Don't worry anon us who interacted with an actual bpd person know that jillybean doesn't make the cut
I interact with my abusive mentally ill brother all the fucking time and Jilly definitely has BPD. She's been revealing more BPD signs recently that are clear as day. She might not be one extreme case, she might not be making /your/ life hell. But there's no denying she has a PD.

I bet both of you were part of the retards who pushed the "jillian has autism not bpd!!!" narrative years ago.

No. 242961

Sometimes people don't realize they had traumatic experiences, that doesn't mean someone developed a personality disorder out of thin air. Learn more about PDs if you want to talk about them

No. 242963

>Learn more about PDs
I have bpd and no trauma anon.

No. 242964

God, what's with the blogposts? No1curr about your true & honest trauma. Nobody ever believed that Jill had BPD or autism, full stop. She's just an attention whore like so many other cows. If you're gonna be this much of a sperg over reasonable skepticism then this clearly isn't the site for you.

No. 242965

I hate when this thread derails with some stupid shit just because what jill does doesn't align 1 by 1 with your own projection of what a thing should be. She has quiet bpd anyways, but she's prone to outbursts as we have seen these past months. Sure stripping in front of Maggie and Steven isn't bpd, suuuuuure. And leaving in the middle of an argument with Steven to do some reckless driving isn't bpd either, nope sure. Anyways anon you sound like you're in denial, get checked for bpd because your anger out of nowhere is pretty telling.

No. 242966

>No1curr about your true & honest trauma
I said I have none though, did you read my post?
>If you're gonna be this much of a sperg over reasonable skepticism then this clearly isn't the site for you.
If you're gonna be this much of a sperg over reasonable criticism of your post by multiple anons disproving you then this clearly isn't the site for you.

No. 242968

>4 minutes apart
Weren't you bitching about blogposting just now? So rules don't apply to you I guess.

No. 242970

Yeah, and I got PTSD from pissing on my leg when I was three. Not everyone who disagrees with you is the same anon kek
>I said I had none though
Yeah, only blogposting about your ~super genuine~ BPD. Again, no1curr
That's not what blogposting means, you mongoloid. JFC this thread really is overrun by twitards

No. 242971

>Yeah, and I got PTSD from pissing on my leg when I was three.
>>Complains about blogposting
God can some janny come and ban you already? This thread isnt about you, and you've been derailing for a while now.

No. 242972

Anon I just got on and saw that it took you 3 tries to post this, it might be time to log off

No. 242973

You posted about pissing your own leg like, twice now. That is blogposting. Also you're not contributing to the conversation about Jillian by bitching and throwing fits when anons don't agree with you. Get help.

No. 242976

File: 1661621377973.jpeg (94.56 KB, 297x340, 1659960055376.jpeg)

>Gets banned for being an absolute retard
>Mentions twitter across multiple posts in the same way and tone, making the ban evading obvious
>Tries to be edgy to blend in but sticks out
>On top of that blogposts about pissing themselves
Damn. Sorry that you're retarded anon.

No. 242978

you've been here since 2002? weird. anyway no, jill has a video explaining her BPD from years ago when she was in lolita/moving to her party kei phase(if you actually know when that is)
my b had to correct a spelling error.

No. 242981

File: 1661621881043.jpg (28.12 KB, 275x146, 1661621605427.jpg)

Can we go back to talking about milk now?
I feel like Jillian is this close ( ) to actually being called out and thus would explain why this is her biggest nightmare kek. Either that, or she's implying that the racist callout she got wasn't only "traumatizing" but also had no base in reality. Anyways what a retarded white knight comment to make kek

No. 242982

she went to /ot/ to defend herself kek.

No. 242983

KEK I was trying to find this picture I'm glad you have it

No. 242984

This thread is milkless and the constant infighting proves it. Just STFU already, god damn.
She's never gonna get called out, at least not in any major way. She's not as popular as she once was and she's a dime a dozen in a sea of neon colored obese illness LARPers. She doesn't have the weird factor of Lillee Jean for big creators to want to make content about her. It will just be a relentless cycle of minor call-out posts and whiteknighting until she becomes irrelevant.

No. 242986

The only "eXp0sInG" videos I can imagine would be when Jill occasionally (and justifiably) winds up in those fake disorder videos. What is with her Twitter stand and feeding into her delusions of grandeur?

A quick search for "exposing pixielocks" on Youtube gives a few results, but they're all from three or four years ago - way before the DID saga.

No. 242991

why are you wking.

No. 242992

File: 1661625182904.jpeg (437.75 KB, 828x1166, 2D4B2334-43BE-4C53-8F36-A23DB9…)

speaking of this (altho this feels like theres no way someone copied her ugly ass tattoos) what happened to that tattoo contest she did

No. 242994

aren't all her tattoos based on existing animes and places to show what a big fan she is? You aren't original Jill

No. 242995

samefag I feel like she loves it and just wanted people to know someone took inspiration from her. She literally shows fanart of herself in every video

No. 242996

How am I wking? Everything I said is literally the truth and it's been like that for ages. Jillian hasn't grown her channel in 3+ years and hardly breaks 20k views despite having 200k subscribers. She is completely irrelevant in every sense of the word and no one but her former fans is going to take the time to personally call her out. The worst thing that might happen is that she ends up in some DID cringe TikTok compilation and even then you'll see that she doesn't stand out at all. She will naturally fade into obscurity, plain and simple.

No. 242997

What did someone steal her neko tattoo or some shit?

No. 242999

File: 1661628174487.png (430.38 KB, 378x578, tattoo.png)

Remember when a fan got a tattoo of "Jill". Lol.

No. 243002

aren't all of her tattoos based on pre-existing things that she likes? that's hardly original. she's acting as if someone stole her original concept art kek. now the tattoo of "her"- that's creepy lol

No. 243004

“Especially if it’s their own original art” which of her tattoos did she draw herself? The cat and rainbow valley one are very wonky, I could believe she drew those. The cat as we have discussed before though is heavily inspired by pre existing tattoo designs and pretty generic so it wasn’t all the way original anyway. Surely no one got that hideous rainbow valley one. It would be funny if it’s the strong kind one because that’s just a collage of pre existing images, none of it is particularly unique she just combined elements. I have seen many designs of magical girl weapons with a ribbon over the years, it wouldn’t be absurd that someone would eventually get a similar combo to her.

No. 243005

Apologies for samefag but remember the tattoo contest, is she just hoping that will be forgotten and she doesn’t have to do it? I don’t even remember the winning design it’s been so long now.

No. 243006

File: 1661629066069.jpeg (1007.47 KB, 1170x1734, F7AADF39-4A5A-498E-83F3-6CC4EA…)

she actually tweeted about this same thing in 2020 when someone got a cat tattoo inspired by her. it looks like the person she responded to deleted their tweet though, so i don’t have a screenshot of it

No. 243007

File: 1661629372084.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220827-154012_Tik…)

Just so happened to find the culprit on my FYP (pigeonscribble is not the person in the screenshot, that person isn't tagged)

No. 243008

Surely she isn’t re-hashing this randomly two years later, crazy if she has been seething about this the whole time. Some people get their tattoos copied hundreds of times, it’s never right ofc but she has it easy comparatively. Once for an influencer who has posted the tattoo so many times is a pretty low number.

No. 243009

>tattoo contest
Great question, I had totally forgotten about that. I don’t think she ever got the tattoo…

No. 243010

She's way cuter than jill though, even if this girl is overweight. Jill can die mad.

No. 243012

File: 1661630204990.jpeg (155.43 KB, 750x989, BC54D130-2376-426D-B934-AF5230…)

this isn't an original design concept though. google image "cat in heart tattoo." most of them are done better than hers, and there are even nearly identical color ones that also don't look great

No. 243013

None of it is original. Both are inspired by vintage valentines day cards. There could be arguments made but there are enough counter arguments that it's not worth seething over… especially not for two years.

she never did. She kept pushing it back because of different reasons but I think one of them is because she didn't want to pay the winners and one of the winners was a farmer IIRCC.

No. 243015

Kek she's so bitchy even back then. I wonder what she'd say if this happened in 2022

No. 243021

File: 1661632857256.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1833, F9E516EF-F5C6-41AD-8A2C-D67A23…)

is she trying to claim that her lolita phase was just flora all along

No. 243023

God she is so predictable, this was predicted in the thread a couple of times. She is going to run out of phases to assign to alters doing it this way. Does cliffe get no airtime because there is no phase for him.

No. 243025

Cliffe only exists when tax season rolls around

No. 243029

Must be light work when she works so fucking little kek. When was the last time she uploaded consistently and was earning consistently. I bet she writes off stuff she shouldn’t, Jilly tax fraud ark because she pretended she had an old man alter who could do them when.

No. 243030

File: 1661636366596.gif (3.42 MB, 200x200, 04f.gif)

Cliff on January 15th

No. 243031

No. 243032

Yep. Flora must have been a retard into lolita drama then, not the luvlie she pretends she was.

No. 243033

Everything is just an aesthetic to her. All her characters have the same personality as her but dress differently. All of them are retarded in the same ways she is. Maybe Cliffe is the only one who is truly different since he's actually responsible.

No. 243038

I keep thinking about that Maggie tweet that was posted one or two threads ago where she says how if she was a rich bitch she would keep getting kawaii anime girl tattoos to spite her mommy, kek

No. 243039

For tattoos I can understand being upset if they used the exact same art or stencil especially if it was original flash by the artist but like you said, this is a common motif and I'm sure it's been done countless times. The fan's is very similar to Jill's but I can see her bringing in a photo of Jill's and saying she wanted something similar. Or is Jill's tattoo her own original art that she gave to an artist to use on her?

No. 243050

Ot but how the FUCK is she making money right now living in a townhouse? I don’t get it

No. 243055

even if it is her original art (which i can see cos it's kind of wonky and clearly not in the artist's best style), i was just saying that it's not an original concept. and honestly it's a weird thing to care about. tattoo originality isn't really a common thing heavily tattooed people care about. everything is derivative. it's more about collecting art than anything else. what matters more is the quality of the art and that you choose the artist by what style you want, neither of which she seems to care about. sage for tattoo sperg lmao.

No. 243057

It's called the Bank of Mom and Dad.

No. 243063

>curse your timeline
You were 100 lbs lighter and looked infinitely better back then Jill, stop coping.

No. 243068

fr i wish flora would start fronting again. she was clearly more stable than jill. and hey since jill can switch alters at will, why would you pick the most maladjusted version of yourself to front? almost like that's not how DID works at all because it's covert to hide your issues and make you look normal. kek

No. 243085

I can see her saying the slogan "throw kindness around like confetti" was something Flora came up with.
>All her characters have the same personality as her but dress differently. All of them are retarded in the same ways she is.
She's trying(?) to cobble her OCs together with her past to trick her audience into believing she has true and honest "DID TM" all along. Problem is she's got to remember a lot of specific lies and as we've seen, she contradicts herself or forgets. It's easier to make all her OCs like the same stuff as her because it's easier for her to remember. She wants to rip one cosplay off and throw on another with little to no effort. She's very lazy and just wants that instant gratification.

No. 243086

Jill tries so hard to distance herself from her hobbies & interests which she, immaturely, considers cringey, that she has to push it on "alters." Just like how Jerrick is just a sublet for her emo or whatever bs. It's weird.

No. 243087

No she's not bpd trend hoping like everyone with bpd does. It's her alter durer. Just like how when she was a child that was just her child alter.
But also the fact that she has tweeted childhood photos as proof of her child alter
And another alter for being a young teenager
And another one for older teenage self
And she's already ready for her 30s with her grown man alter.
This bitch is living her whole life at once wtf

No. 243089

8 years ago today she was still ugly and fat
And somehow she spend the past 8 years getting even fatter and uglier

No. 243094

Rattle rattle

No. 243095

Don’t forget Veronica, the freshly 21 year old drunken party girl who tries to sleep with her friends’ boyfriends!
I’d love to see her morph into a bald, technologically-illiterate man when she’s 35 but somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen. She should create a morbidly obese munchie with a walker instead.

No. 243096

>Jill tries so hard to distance herself from her hobbies & interests which she, immaturely, considers cringey, that she has to push it on "alters."
any normal adult would rather die than be caught in this whole DID larp, and yet she chose to be embarrassed to still like emo shit… some people i'll never understand.

No. 243101

File: 1661673770368.png (Spoiler Image,583.09 KB, 758x446, lol.png)

The situation with Jillian and her original characters is so fucking sad when you think about it. She had to search for 5+ different special snowflake traits within herself, only to find the most superficial shit like… wearing green? liking anime? And make """alters""" out of them. Lmaooo. And then, when she feels like the most unique and kawiwi for having so many ~different and awesome~ character traits, you turn around and see 100+ people that already are doing everything she considered so important about herself that she had to break it into poorly digested parts… and they're doing it way better than she ever has. Prettier girls with more clout that she ever will have. It didn't take me long to find these examples on instagram, either. She's old news, a washed out mini micro celeb that enjoyed a few years of relevancy only to be replaced by more competent and cuter girls who are better at her own game. The attractive alt girl, the kawaii underground fashion designer, the clowncore performer… everyone else is doing it and she's being left behind, just to be another crazy bitch on the internet that smoked herself into irrelevancy. She never stood a chance, she's nothing, she's going nowhere, she's not doing anything at all. Pitiful, really.

No. 243106

She wasn't fat 8 years ago. Fuck off anachan scum.

No. 243107

I think this is the single worst thing she’s done.

No. 243108

the most pathetic part to me is that all of these things exist within her own actual self, she's just not willing to be herself. it's not even like anyone is telling her she has to be one way or another, it's a limitation she created herself for herself. it's really sad that she wants to her aesthetic so bad anything outside of that box needs to be some kind of mental delusion to her. i'd feel bad if she wasn't kind of a bitch, she's doing this to her own self. i feel like that's why DID is so popular, it's kind of like catfishing or vrchat/secondlife shit. you can wear a mask and take it off whenever you want because that's not the "real" you. it's safe and comforting to explore yourself under the guise that you don't need to own it.

No. 243114

I have said it before but she is leaving nothing for Jill. Emo and liking muse is Jerrick, roller skating is Jinx, Lolita and liking flowers and plants is flora, crayola toys and peeps is Berry, drag is Cliffe, liking gossip and dressing sexy sometimes is Veronica, cats is sandwich. So wtf does Jilly
Iike? Sewing? Is that the sole thing she has left for herself and she doesn’t even do it. She has made her actual self the blandest part and it’s tragic. When she magically integrates when she gets bored is she just going to say they are now all her interests because she absorbed these totally real and completely separate people.

No. 243116

Saged for samefag but a missing interest we haven’t had yet is musical theatre but I am assuming she will give that to Cliffe because he is a predictable faggy stereotype.

No. 243120

random question: does she still just live off youtube?

No. 243123

She still gets a bit from patreon but the amount dipped significantly from when she set it up. I don’t remember the exact figure from before but I feel like it’s down to half what it used to be. That’s like $500 a month.

No. 243125


yeah i checked her new stuff and compared the views to her older stuff… the viewing numbers are way lower.

No. 243126

Her patreon income peaked at around $1.7k I think.

I guess she get support from her parents, because the views from her youtube are super low compared to the times when she had 150k+ views for each of her vids. Maybe troony steevy brings a bit money in with his job or his parents. I really don't know what her endgame is, bc I feel like she is too lazy to launch a OF account as some anons imagined in the past.

No. 243127

The thing is with OF who would even buy that, it’s not content her remaining confetti crowd would want. One anon would suck it up and pay to post to the thread but who else would sub to that. She would have to appeal to a fetish and people outside her fan base and start from the bottom. If the fetish was something foul like her DDLG stuff then I would hope she would lose fans from her regular content. I don’t see Louise being okay with baby Jilly doing sex work either.

No. 243139

Yeah would 100% peg Jill as being the kid of person that subconsciously looks down on sec work as being beneath her because she’s from a fairly straight laced upper-middle class family

No. 243141

File: 1661694010596.png (2.09 MB, 1068x1600, RRL5.png)

are you fucking joking or are you 500lb? jesus christ you amerifats think a bmi of 25 in thin.

No. 243143

File: 1661694351919.png (840.32 KB, 753x533, lovelyflora.PNG)

"flora" from the same year

No. 243146

File: 1661694804498.png (302.67 KB, 598x590, firefox_dajPIGCpLJ.png)

Zoomers, please don't reveal your location online to thousands of followers.

No. 243147

Nonna, on what planet is the person in that picture fat? She’s not stick thin sure, but most non anachans aren’t

No. 243149

here in europe she'd be considered large/overweight back then, not saying it's a bad thing or even an unattractive body type, it is what it is

No. 243155

anon can we please stop pretending there’s no fat people in Europe, we’ve all seen your mother.

Is she going by herself? what if the baby fronts and gets trampled in the crowd? Or Clifford fronts and has an insatiable desire to do taxes and leaves the concert?

No. 243157

you misunderstand, yes there's loads of fat people here, she would be one of them. some are bigger, some are her size pre-weed gain - still fat though(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 243162

She’s going with her mom for uwu Jerrick and mommy bonding time

No. 243170

BMI was made using white adult males. I can't believe you guys voluntarily use it and think it's anywhere accurate.

No. 243173

Most people don't think saying someone isn't fat means that they're thin, or vice versa. And if you're the european anon, acting like this isn't a normal/mid-sized white european is kind of laughable. If she went to most places in europe, she wouldn't have stood out as "fat."

Sorry for contributing to pointless derailing but this is such a stupid take.

No. 243180

Honestly, this is a stupid derail. I am European and she was average, idk what warped idea the other anon claiming to be European has. It’s not some clear cut Americans are fat and Europeans are super models thing, consume less media which is obviously skewed and go outside. She was wearing non altered brand lolita with partial shirring not full before they made things bigger so she can’t have been that big. That skirt is romantic rose letter by angelic pretty which is listed as a maximum waist size of 75cm.

No. 243184

Didnt stevie buy the tickets? I assumed he was going with her.

No. 243189

She looks so much like her mom when she's thin
Think he bought it with her credit card iirc

No. 243190

File: 1661706193807.jpg (231.5 KB, 1080x866, IMG_20220828_190351.jpg)

Hey, good point. I forgot about this. They also met through MCR

No. 243191

re: european and weight, Jill wouldn't stand out in the UK but she would in other places, more to do with her fashion and pale skin than her size though

No. 243195

She looks average, who cares.

No. 243198

Yeah she's going with mommy.

No. 243204

File: 1661708273533.jpeg (146.77 KB, 828x925, 7461667D-2EBE-477D-8980-0DCA69…)

No. 243211

She has a double chin.
What kind of not fat person has a double chin.

No. 243217

File: 1661710980222.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 20220828_142244.jpg)

Very much flora vibes (sarcasm)

No. 243218

File: 1661711071491.jpg (296.51 KB, 1059x1600, holla.JPG)

She sent me down a 2014 rabbit whole with her flora throw back

No. 243225

She has always been the same idiot… Always making the same faces, always acting the same… The only thing that changes is her fashion. Idk why she wants to act like she was completely different back then. Changing your clothes doesn't mean you are another person.

No. 243233

I don't want to start another argument but it's honestly her PD. A lot of people who have personality disorders feel like they're different people whenever they experience extreme emotions. Either because they want to absolve themselves of feeling guilty for treating others like shit or they just don't understand that other people can and do experience big emotions they just know how to deal with it and regulate it in a healthy way.
It just seems like Jill sees her past phases as proof that she was a different person instead of different phases of life that naturally occurs for everyone.

No. 243237

I really like this take. It really explains why she likely truely does believe she has did. I'm sure this is what her demon therapist told her that sent her into the week long manic attack.
Especially after she said she was going to get her bpd reevaluated since she thought she didn't have it anymore

No. 243239

She's always had shit fat distribution.
This was the perfect size for her to do her "body posi" ED recovery larp shit. She was chubby enough so fatties wouldnt reee about "thin privilege" and wasn't obese so she wouldn't scare off most ed recovery people.

No. 243241

File: 1661715832749.jpg (200.55 KB, 720x1404, Screenshot_20220828-124224_Chr…)

No. 243259

Does she not understand that no 24 year old is the same person they were when they were 14, or can she just not stop reliving her glory days so she has to make that an alter so her reminiscing online is relevant? I know the most obvious and logical option is that she’s realized she’s peaked and just wants to live in the past, but this is Jill. She seems so emotionally stunted, and then you add in the BPD. I don’t think she actually believes she’s switching and has different people taking control of her body, but I could see her believing “that’s not me anymore, that was a different person so I must have DID”. That would also explain why Jill is always at the very least co-con

No. 243263

sage but what's with the influx of anachans?? why are they here, they're so boring and milkless. girl larps 7 people and the only thing they have to say is she looked chubby years ago??

No. 243265

It’s also a thing with NPD where they choose something new but act like they were like that all along! Jill does it with everything she always has to be the biggest fan who liked the thing all along. So in this case she wants to prove she had DID her latest fixation all along.(armchairing)

No. 243276

File: 1661724181838.jpg (181.28 KB, 720x1399, Screenshot_20220828-150225_Chr…)

No. 243278

File: 1661724288160.jpg (200.68 KB, 720x1386, Screenshot_20220828-150236_Chr…)

No. 243284

Lmao her attachment to her tattoo that's copied is just so fucking funny

No. 243285

BPD and NPD have so many overlapping symptoms it's frankly bizarre to me how adamant some nonas are that it MUST be BPD and not the more obvious cluster B disorder that has her name written all over it. NPD isn't caused by trauma necessarily and is often caused by excessive praise during childhood, but that doesn't sound like our jillybean's experience at all!

Not to armchair or restart the stupid infighting, it's just weird that diagnosis can't even be discussed without the BPD sperg squad jumping out.

No. 243291

she needs to let it gooooo. its a fucking cat portrait, she's acting like she came up w some ooak high art concept piece or something

No. 243294

God she is so full of shit, I am tattooed (far more heavily than Jilly) and in that community and this person is totally fine getting that design. The only similarity is that it is a cat in a heart, it’s not the same cat either. She doesn’t own a cat in a heart and she herself changed less in her design from her inspo than this person has. I don’t know why yet again she is talking from a place of authority and being blatantly wrong. You could change even less than this person has and still be fine, she is just being a dick. Her opinion is not representative of tattoo culture at all.

No. 243296

You just don't get it. If other people have a similar tattoo to Jill… then that makes Jill's not as special… and if she isn't special how will she get the most praise possible? That's the whole point of a tattoo, right? Jill's mindset …

No. 243301


with her suggestion of looking up vintage cat art, is this not her literally admitting that her cat tattoo is also inspired by something else and by that nature not "original"? jfc the ego on this girl, the original person shouldn't have even brought this to her attention

No. 243302

That's a really cute drawing, I want a sticker of it

No. 243303

The drawing looks like it was done by someone pretty young so they probably just don’t know how things actually work so asked Jill after seeing her whining about tattoo theft. From the wording it’s just the drawing too not a tattoo they have or are getting which makes Jills response even more heavy handed. God forbid you make a single drawing not for profit or commercial use because you liked her tattoo and took inspiration.

No. 243304

I was thinking the same thing, it feels genuine in a nice way. The person is probably either young or autistic/something similar and I hope she eventually finds a different person to look up to. Jill is such an asshole she couldn't even pretend to think it's cute or anything just got all pissy about "copying"

No. 243313

Isn’t this the same person who kept commenting to get a rise out of her?

No. 243316

Why is it giving me cartoon Hitler vibes

No. 243318

I think everyone goes with BPD since that’s the only actual diagnosis she has. Could it be wrong? Sure, but I don’t care enough to pick out the finer details. Like you said, they all kinda overlap.

Wow. She couldn’t even compliment the drawing? Or say one positive thing? Jill doesn’t own that design, it’s been around forever and is honestly pretty generic for a tattoo. She basically has the cutesy tattoo version of a basic red rose tattoo and is demanding that everyone check with her before getting a rose tattoo to make sure the petals aren’t shaped like hers. It’s freaking ridiculous

No. 243320

File: 1661733369549.jpg (224.77 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220828-164530_Chr…)

>Muse has been a special interest of mine since I was 9

No. 243321

So she said before that she discovered muse from the Twilight movie, was she eight when that came out? And would an eight year old even watch that movie. Also love her fully just using special interest as a term for herself now even though she is not diagnosed with Autism.

No. 243322

Samefag sorry nine not eight, my brain glitched from the cringe kek.

No. 243323

“I’m twenty four now”, only Jerrick isn’t twenty four is he. Jillian is twenty four. She needs to write herself flash cards or something.

No. 243325

it might be her admitting to it but it could also just show more proof that she's been so heavily lurking, especially since all her views are gone.

No. 243326

File: 1661735174798.jpeg (467.88 KB, 828x1046, 563B2DE6-F1B9-431D-9FC7-7579DF…)

do want it as a tattoo, its been in the works for a while. the most interesting thing though is that jerrick's twitter follows this person's twitter

No. 243327

File: 1661735208141.jpeg (371.54 KB, 828x862, B3D7E2F6-DBC0-43ED-9C8D-25901F…)

No. 243328

*they do want it as a tattoo, sorry my phone screen is shattered

No. 243329

They seem insanely autistic or they are a farmer.
Or both.

No. 243330

>Since I was nine
Literally not true? Who is she kidding
Also she looks high in this screenshot

No. 243332

I'm so confused by her language about "bleeding into" other alters. Aren't alters supposed to be… alternate selves? How can you bleed over into another self? Is this common DID lingo now? After years of "watch me switch on camera!" being open about how you have a mix of personality traits is confusing.

No. 243333

File: 1661736942307.jpeg (361.4 KB, 828x919, 929908F6-9B7F-4F77-9267-58D777…)

jerrick cares about precure/whatever children's anime theyre talking about??

No. 243348

File: 1661741493987.jpg (173.32 KB, 717x1273, Screenshot_20220828-194950_Chr…)

No. 243349

deadass what are JILL's interests anymore. she's given literally all of them away to non-existent people. in her attempt to make them seem like real people, she's looking less and less like one…

No. 243351

Tbh her "alters" are just random traits she already has but decided they needed their own spotlight. It's weird, can't she just be herself and wear green and black? It's even more dumb when she keeps saying she's "bleeding" into other alters and then says she's "reclaiming her personhood" idk her own rules are so made up

No. 243352

Why is jerrick talking about this? Is she dumb.

No. 243353

She ate mac and cheese with a lot butter not too long ago?

No. 243356

that wasnt her though so it doesnt count

No. 243357

I would make the tattoo look more like Jill’s and get it done.

No. 243360

just to spite her? kek come on. Don't ruin your body like that, make the tattoo even better so she seethes.

No. 243361

“Bleeding” is a DID term, but she used it completely incorrectly. Bleeding is when someone with DID hears another alter in their head but thinks it’s their own intrusive thought at first, or gets a random flash of emotion that they know they have no reason to be feel. She should have said “Jill got close to the front” or “Jill was co-con” to explain away why Jerrick can’t act fully like Jerrick for a three minute tiktok. And what’s this “I’ve liked them since I was nine” business when Jerrick was “born” a teenager? Jerrick himself was never nine years old

No. 243362

This is all a convoluted scheme just to say "I'm not feeling myself at the moment"

No. 243364

From her vlogs she still eats and look like shit, same way from january. Why does she even lie about this shit?

No. 243366

you never know, she could have eaten a fruit once.

No. 243367

Ntayrt, maybe she's trying to manifest weight loss without doing any work. On a more serious note, I think she lost a couple of pounds and now because she lost a couple of pounds she is the expert of losing weight. In her own head she looks different.

No. 243369

File: 1661753281951.jpeg (479.11 KB, 1936x1936, 6CBBFB2D-C688-41EE-871D-6FC106…)

Saged just in case, but why is no one talking about the fact that there are seven comments on that tiktok and EVERY SINGLE ONE is from her mom?????

No. 243371

Louise honey it's time to cut the cord.

No. 243372

I can believe she lost a few pounds from flailing around in anticipation of her drag debut. Her lifestyle is so sedentary that 20 minutes of exercise a day could make a noticeable difference.

This is embarrassing on multiple levels.

No. 243376

It took me one google search to find out that twilight came out in November 2008 in Canada. So she’s lying again. She must’ve been 10 years old at least

No. 243377

Tinfoil, maybe this is Louise wishing that Jilly went back to her pre-lolita-stupidity era?

No. 243378

It's embarrassing to be doing something like this to a 13 year old. It feels creepy to be this obsessed with your 24 year old and feels like you are treating her as if she is still that same 13 year old. Bizarre.

No. 243379

>pop our pussy in the back
>come back to the pit

Why would you say that? Watching this makes me so uncomfortable ew

No. 243385

Anyone correct me if I am, wrong but her birthdate is March 5th 1998, Twilight was released in Canada in November 2008. It’s a weird lie also as the other anon said that wasn’t the demographic for that movie it was rated PG-13 would she have even gone to see it that age really, Louise would have to take her. Also that is before Jerrick was formed so why is it his interest? Did he steal it from Jilly? None of her alters are ten, it’s a gap between berry and Jerrick.

No. 243386

Because the 14 year old punk asexual trans boy is going to pop his pussy to dad rock with mommy on their special bonding trip obviously! Nothing wrong there…

No. 243396

I feel like Louise is probably thrilled anytime Jill is acting remotely normal. Even if she’s pretending to be a dude, raving about her favorite brand (which she’s said Louise also loves) is probably as close to normal as Jill gets these days. Notice how mother dearest doesn’t do this kind of thing as often as she used to. She used to be Jill’s number 1 fan, but now it’s few and far between

No. 243400

Wtf is up with the speds constantly pushing that BPD is only caused by ~trauma~ just go back to tiktok

Jill continuously shows how everything is extreme for her, how she just sees everything in black & white, and the lack of self perception especially when it comes to her wrongdoings, literally THE poster child for BPD

No. 243405

Please someone post the video since I can't access Tiktok and watch it

No. 243409

Was shocked to see these after clicking the comments, I can't imagine not feeling huge embarrassment from your mother seeing you like this and acting like this toward you

No. 243416

grown men with little girl anime avatars need to be shot in the head. >>243369 This explains Jill so much. Imagine growing up with your mom putting you on a pedestal like this and making you think you are the greatest and most special and wonderful thing ever. Complete narcissist.

No. 243417

It's a way to feel less guilty about how they treat other people and to manipulate and make people feel bad for them and cut them more slack. Of course people can get fucked up and have maladaptive behaviors from trauma but it's very convenient to pin it all on that.

No. 243418

Stop your BPD sperging. I literally said there was an overlap of symptoms so you go on to list…. symptoms that overlap?
I'm a grown ass adult who does not use TikTok and has actually lived with people with PDs. You are a stranger on the internet claiming that this munchie absolutely must have this PD because she was ACTUALLY DIAGNOSED and you JUST KNOW and everyone who disagrees must be from that app for kids you don't like.

Please touch grass if you can't deal with someone having a different opinion than you while completely unironically ranting about black and white thinking.

No. 243421

I wonder about her brother, who seems mostly normal from what we can see. Do you think he used to get the same treatment and asked his mom to stop, or did Louise only ever have enough smoke in her to blow up Jill’s ass? Between Louise and Jill’s blatantly codependent relationship and Jill’s fixation on different men who look just like her brother, there’s something really weird about this family.

No. 243433

I think it’s probably to do with their difference in gender playing into how her brother prefers to be treated. sage for blog but my mum loves me and my brother the same amount, and because she loves us she also knows how both of us prefer to be shown it. My brother is less touchy-feely and doesn’t want to go clothes shopping, but my mum knows he likes going to the cinema or out to eat etc. I imagine Louise would probably be the same if one of her children wasn’t an insane narc who sucks both the air and all of the attention from a room.
The fact that he also doesn’t have social media that he blasts every single interaction with her in a highly performative manner also helps to create the seemingly big discrepancy.

No. 243434

I feel like he probably fell to the wayside because Jilly was extreme early on with her behaviour like the suicide letter thing, her ED behaviour and treatment. Nonnas with a high needs sibling can probably relate but I doubt they had as much time for him running around after and worrying about Jillian. He seems very normal and moved out at the normal time and is older than her as well so there was also a gap where she was the only child at home. I think she really leans into being the baby of the family unit too. We have also discussed it before but Louise had cancer which definitely fucked with her mentally having two young children at the time and probably made her reaction to Jill’s antics and he coddling more extreme.

No. 243436

File: 1661788197319.jpg (Spoiler Image,245.27 KB, 828x522, BPD 1.jpg)

She teased her diagnosis three years ago in thread 33. She came out in a video about it in thread 34. A video still live on YouTube and green texted in thread 34. The reason we say she has BPD is because she was formally diagnosed and arm chairing is against the rules can we please stop now?

No. 243443

Yeah I think Jill sailed straight from being the spoilt baby of the family into being the lame duck that needs extra coddling as a tween with her penchant for mental health issues

No. 243451

This. She definitely lost the water weight that fat people lose when they do any sort of dieting or exercise that shows up on the scale but not on their body. It happens a lot. They lose what seems like a ton of weight to them in a short amount of time, get proud so they stop caring as much, then never lose any actual weight.

No. 243455

I agree with this, also think unhealthy mother-daughter relationships tend to have more enmeshment.

No. 243461

File: 1661795159544.jpeg (904.24 KB, 1170x1843, 915F78A3-F27E-4692-8D38-2D6B1D…)

i feel like the only reason she’s responding to this question is because she wants people to stop speculating that her mommy and daddy still pay for everything

No. 243463

File: 1661795313760.jpeg (920.72 KB, 1170x1799, 6F99F766-B69B-4EAE-A660-A22955…)

i wonder why she’s reviewing it on tik tok instead of youtube, i guess it’s less effort? she hasn’t posted anything on youtube for a couple weeks though

No. 243465

i call bullshit. youtube income has been fucked for years.

No. 243466

dropped my sage, sorry.

No. 243470

Jill's patreon numbers and socialblade stuff have been posted recently, big doubt. There's also taxes, though I'm not sure about the exact numbers for Canada.

No. 243475

File: 1661796187581.png (133.99 KB, 1080x565, Screenshot_20220829-120108-624…)

Ironically that's what the tweet she's responding to here >>243461 is talking about. She only makes YouTube videos is she has an ad set for it but anything that's not an ad she tosses it on TikTok. The least she could do is start a shorts channel on YouTube if she still wants it to be her primary source of income.

No. 243481

Doesn’t tik tok have a creator fund. Is she just not popular enough to have been offered it so she doesn't know it exists and is so big headed she assumes she would have. There is tons of creators on tik tok that are far far above Jill in popularity and wealthier than she can imagine. It kind of has a condescending tone as if YouTubers are superior which again funny when there is kids on there younger than she is who are more famous.

No. 243482

what is she on about you can monetise your tiktok already

No. 243484

File: 1661797221212.png (45.43 KB, 603x451, firefox_j5iyTJquYZ.png)


No. 243488


She's too young for her boomer mentality. Adjust or give up Jillian, even if everyone goes back to YouTube as a primary income source it doesn't mean you'll get a second wind

No. 243492

He's older than her right? I imagine the mom feels like he's the more mature one who needs less attention and ass kissing. If Jill wasn't such an insane attention whore I think Louise would have treated her more normally. The cancer that she dealt with imo amplified all of the toxic parts of their relationship, because they both got scared she'd die, and because Jill is an attention whore.

No. 243496

good god it's anthony padilla all over again

No. 243498

what a cunt, she was sooo against weigh loss just few months ago

No. 243502

File: 1661800525374.jpeg (130.94 KB, 750x701, EE750355-33FB-455D-B7DD-19EDCF…)

“found family” like her real family is inadequate somehow lol

No. 243509

Jerrick isn’t in his 20’s tho, she’s so fucking bad at this larp.

No. 243513

That’s what I thought. I thought body positivity people believed relating weight loss to health was harmful and fatphobic? And to say that losing weight made you happier? You better run girl, I’ve seen people be crucified for saying things like that. I’m honestly surprised her body positive followers haven’t come after her yet for saying these things

No. 243514

OT but inabber is the ugliest moid I've ever seen, everytime I see his face I get angry KEK
This thread is getting to her more than it used to I think.

No. 243515

>Has a loving, supportive family as evidenced in detail by her own content spanning years
>"grateful to be surrounded by good people finally. found family"

like I get you can compare friends to family but usually when people use these phrases they are people with unsupportive or abusive families who found family from their close friends. There really isn't a day that goes by where Jillian doesn't imply some suffering, ailment, social exclusion, etc which she doesn't actually have for sympathy

No. 243536

File: 1661807020984.jpg (8.89 KB, 274x184, images.jpg)

No. 243540

A lot of people wonder where all the call outs are for various nonsense she’s done but I honestly think her fan base has fallen off so much that they don’t have the time of day or give a shit.

No. 243543

I think Jillian got too much brainrot from the internet. Her brother just kept himself to his hobbies and he's doing fine.

No. 243545

The creator fund pays pennies for the vast majority of users, it is nothing like youtube for most creators unless you're charlie dimilio or whoever.

No. 243549

well here's this

No. 243551

yes, this is one of her channels (she has 2 for some reason). Also notice the car says "lightandvision.com" on the back? that's louise's photography business.

No. 243552

>surrounded by good people finally, found family uwu
But your mother and father always treated you well. You narc idiot. You're so demanding.

No. 243553

>please please please pay attention to me please please inteview me (finally someone will awknoledge I'm mentally ill!!!)
God what the fuck. I hope she seethes about this all over again.

No. 243554

She's just jealous that tiktok doesn't pay her for being a fat ugly clown her.

No. 243556

yeah i honestly feel like she's just not relevant enough to be called out. sucks cos she really deserves it. but her views are way down and a lot of her comments are negative since the DID saga. especially if you sort by new, and especially on the veronica video. this was not the career move she thought it would be kek

No. 243560

File: 1661810765941.jpg (183.66 KB, 720x1395, Screenshot_20220829-150556_Chr…)

No. 243570

Does she not realize she could just… google whether or not flying could cause any problems? A bunch of twittards aren't exactly the best people to be getting medical advice from

No. 243574

Dear God, just use a decongestant & a high altitude medicine before flight, "owo so concern, much worry >W< muh pwecious earh0les"

No. 243580

File: 1661814706009.jpg (85.21 KB, 718x1275, Screenshot_20220829-161101_Chr…)

No. 243581

File: 1661814861944.jpg (130.09 KB, 720x1377, Screenshot_20220829-161342_Chr…)

No. 243591

fucking kek anon

No. 243593

Jillian I promise you, liking emo music is not going to make you any more pathetic than what you already are. You can like emo music and dress in pink, and like girly anime and dress in black. It's not an interesting enough character trait to make a whole OC out of.

No. 243594

just take an antihistamine like the rest of us oy vey. also maybe a crazy thought but smoking definitely made my sinus and ear problems worse. haven't had a single uwu ear infection since i quit kek

No. 243595

interesting there's a hierarchy for interesting medical issues for her.. almost like she finds entertainment out of larping or getting attention from medical issues

No. 243597

She’s worried about getting made fun of for the msi not called out for being problematic? Even though the singer has statutory charges she’s not keeping up with being woke and emo very well

No. 243598

Does she know anything about msi. She's supposedly all about being politically correct but even normal people think Jimmy Urine is a nasty ass

No. 243603

File: 1661819575989.jpg (162.5 KB, 718x1384, Screenshot_20220829-172850_Chr…)

Most likely just knows MSI because Gerard married Lindsay.

No. 243607

Shit song selection on her part for MSI I'm judging

Fr tho the fact that she seems to just latch onto controversial shit (will with grooming allegations, Shane Dawson, GH) it's like she's attracted to people as bad as her

No. 243616

File: 1661822494069.jpg (60.66 KB, 700x700, a3666535055_16.jpg)

Honestly surprised she didn't pick "Mastermind" for her edgy teen boy song list. It was such a favorite song to use in AMVs, especially using Death Note. I mean she is the main character after all.

No. 243617

It's funny how she's quick to defend men that are accused but if a woman is accused they're the worst person on earth to her. Not really woke or girl power of you Jilly.

No. 243620

>as bad as her

The level of "bad" that Shane Dawson is will never be matched by Jill in her entire life, man is absolutely revolting. But she is definitely drawn to "damaged" men, and forgave Will Wood like immediately after his halfassed "I've investigated myself and found no wrongdoing" post.

No. 243623

This is such a risky bandwagon to jump on tbh I could understand if she said she used to be a fan of Gabbie and genuinely felt bad for her current state, because that’s a normal human think to feel (kek take a hint hill), but openly simping for her as if she’s been a fan the whole time is questionable considering that like 99% of the internet knows GH as a rape apologist and the countless other shitty things she did during her last stint on YouTube. It’s not even really a matter of opinion either, Gabbie genuinely did horrid things and it’s been proven. For Jill to not acknowledge that at all is really just asking to be called out for it. She’s such a clout chaser whenever she sniffs out the opportunity to latch onto someone higher up the food chain, and the worst part is that someone like iNabber is small enough to actually give her a platform

No. 243626

Imo she's on a similar level to Shane Dawson for most of her bs. Lying about DID and taking advantage of a group of people that are so debilitated is pretty fucking nasty. I wouldn't compare it to his outright bestiality, but Jill's infantilizing shit is gross in its own way too

No. 243627

>"very grateful to be surrounded by good people finally."
>father vessey drives 2 hours to pick jill up no questions asked after car crash, drives her 2 hrs to fredericton, then drives 4 hours home at 9pm getting home around 2am, without complaining, paying $100cad in bridge tolls to leave and return to PEI the same day

yeah, found family, huh jill? that's fucking insulting to your father.

one of my fave reaction images, omega kek

No. 243628

Just give it a couple years until she starts ageplaying for real and it will be disgusting
>"very grateful to be surrounded by good people finally."
Yeah… isn't she like, literally going to see MCR with her mommy too? the disrespect man…

No. 243631

Oh nonnies, can't you see? She expects her parents to jump when she calls and beckons. They have to love her. She doesn't care about their feelings.

No. 243632

Rule number 1 of narcissism

No. 243633

File: 1661828064012.jpeg (510.13 KB, 1284x1469, 3D55F0FE-B8CF-4E27-A992-9AAF4E…)

I can’t imagine being this insufferable when she could go to their website and find an answer there and if she needed to know something more specific could have sent a DM

No. 243634

File: 1661828093412.jpeg (659.68 KB, 1284x732, 5BB60919-A03A-4F7A-B150-9BD446…)

No. 243635

Thin people can have a double chin due to genetics, a underdeveloped jaw, etc. Jill stated that she’s five foot even back in her lolita days. Weight gain is going to be more noticeable on people that are short for fully grown adults.

No. 243636

Her passive aggressive posting tho, go work on your own clothing brand Jill

No. 243638

Does she not hear how pretentious she sounds? And somewhat insulting? “I really like your design, but do you use slave labor or cause mass pollution?” At least message them privately instead of asking publicly just so she can display her holier than thou consumption ethics

No. 243639

That defeats the point. Jill only posts to get attention.

No. 243640

>Manufactured ethically? -passive aggresive emoji-

No. 243642

Jill, you are FLYING to Montreal which is only an 8hr drive from you. You are the last person to be talking sustainability, even putting everything else in the past, jfc

No. 243643

Lmao I hate Jill too but c'mon this is a reach with gas prices rn.

No. 243644

Someone brought this up a few threads back so it's not the first time she's put clothing brands on the spot publicly. It's bitchy because she could probably find the info herself online or DM so it especially comes off as her trying to neg.

No. 243646

I have to agree because she makes herself out to be some sort of sustainability guru when she her whole personality is purchasing a new aesthetic every 4 years. Everyone else has to try super hard but no one can question how she can be low waste while maintaining a "fashun lifestyle" channel. >>243644 like anon said its obnoxious to put small companies on the spot publicly meanwhile she did a clothing haul from that dropshipping website like 3 months ago

No. 243647

What's most annoying about it is that it's usually for brands that she's mutuals with. She keeps claiming that she wants to see people she interacts with to succeed but her actions are always the opposite. Subtly trying to tear them down because she's jealous that they're doing what she wanted to do.

No. 243648

What do you think makes the planes go, bestie

No. 243649

File: 1661834340563.jpg (163.33 KB, 720x1302, Screenshot_20220829-213150_Chr…)

>Top 3 favorite movies
>1)Original Muppet Movie
>2)Steven Universe Movie
>Nervous laughter followed by why would anyone lie about that
>3)High School Musical II
>Omg they are all musicals!

No. 243650

nta but I think anon was referring to how much it would cost to drive vs fly
Notice how she stans for problematic males, yet is only ever seen negging fellow females, especially those intersecting with her kawaii aesthetic

No. 243651

File: 1661834401456.webm (2.94 MB, 540x960, 86572512799.webm)

No. 243652

>Film buff
Stevie literally only watches the most consoomer trash imaginable

No. 243658

>Notice how she stans for problematic males, yet is only ever seen negging fellow females, especially those intersecting with her kawaii aesthetic
Thiiiiis. Jealousy? She says all the causes of trauma were women too. She's an nlog pickme.

No. 243659

I can't tell if she's drunk and high as balls or doing her best interpretation of autism. Either way it's pathetic and I can't believe that anyone falls for her aggressive uwu antics anymore, especially with that uncanny ass filter.

No. 243663

>>243633 once again crying about sustainability while going off about getting new colourpop shit, gtfo jillian

No. 243664

Is this a bit of a thirst trap video? I don't wanna sound like a conservative mom, but she is keeping her cleavage in the shot, surprised she didn't say it's Veronica.

No. 243665

I thought the same. It looks premeditated.

No. 243666

File: 1661843669464.jpg (208.93 KB, 865x1512, IMG_20220830_091532.jpg)

No. 243667

ewwwww god
I bet she read somewhere that cleveage make your tiktok views bigger and there you go

No. 243668

She literally can't be a fan of GH unless she's also a rape apologist, or actively choose to not believe the rape victim and calling her a liar. Or the last option, she thinks it's bad but doesn't care because getting attention and money is worth more to her. Jill is more fucked up than I thought she was.

No. 243669

It’s funny because regardless of whether you like her style cybr.grl works harder than Jill could ever be bothered to. She puts more effort into social media content than Jill, she does the clothes, had a collab with acdc rag, also hand makes and sells accessories, is a mother and until recently was also working a normal job too. She actually recently had a traumatic incident too where she was in a mall and there was an active shooter and her and her family had to hide. I bet Jill saw that and was seething, girl is grinding and something bad actually happened to her. If Jill was true to her fake positive personality she would be hyping up a fellow kawaii creator who recently went through trauma and is working hard towards her dream but nah, passive aggressive jealous woman hater as per.

No. 243679

Your really projecting your chubby insecurities on Jill so hard you replied to 2 day old infighting?

No. 243680

Yep my mom uses the phrase "found family" and says she collects people for family because she grew up in the system in some terrible foster families and experienced trauma and abuse and isolation unlike pampered Jilljill god I fucking hate her so much.(no1curr about your mom)

No. 243681

Jill is pretty much already a rape apologist. With Steve's fat left obsession and the fact that she hates women and always supports moods and groomers.

No. 243684

Not to invalidate, just wanna say found family is a termes used for just about anyone who connects with non-familial relationships more than family. Her icky shit is more the falsifying DID than saying she has a found family and she's only really using it for a buzzword

No. 243701

Way to lean forward while pushing the tiddies together at the end there

No. 243705

>who connects with non-familial relationships more than family

Well that's still not true since she posts herself getting babied by momma vessey every single week >>243369

No. 243706

Yeah I’ve genuinely only heard people say things like that when they’ve come from an abusive home or have no contact with their bio families due to be disowned for coming out etc

No. 243723

I think it's definitely a neg. Cybr grl also had a Barcroft video I'm pretty sure, she is also popular on instagram & tiktok for her rainbow stuff. I'm sure Jill sees her as competition or a copycat

No. 243733

Why does she still put her hair up like that? It doesn't look good at all especially with her fat round face. It didn't look good 100 lbs ago and it definitely doesn't now either.

No. 243755

I think she’s embarrassed that her dye hasn’t been done in so long. That or she hasn’t washed her hair and doesn’t know about dry shampoo

No. 243758

Why doesnt she just dye it all green? It unironically looks better than the rainbow hair on her.

No. 243761

She could even dye it green with black and pink streaks, that would be so emo and would look more trendy than her current hair. The kawaiiness is still there but she can "claim jerricks personhood" or whatever. Would be cool for the MCR concert.

No. 243764

This. For those who don't know, this is a Neg:
"Slang. to imply that (someone or something) is not good enough; to insult with a backhanded compliment or with qualified approval, especially as a ploy to lower the self-esteem of a person or cheapen an object before showing romantic interest or making an offer:
He negged me for my weight while insisting that curvy ladies can be sexy too."
This is not the first time she does it, specially to mutuals that happen to be women.

No. 243766

She always does weird shit to women, then claims women have done her badly in her life. Girl, maybe you're the problem here…
And then when she goes on about how she has ~new found family and amazing friends~ all I can think of they must be meek and manipulable enough so Jillian can neg them and they don't fight back.

No. 243773

I really wish for once a brand would do some sort of snarky catty comeback at her, but it wouldn't look good for the brand and there's nothing you can really say without implying you do do whatever she's accusing you of

No. 243783

File: 1661892498815.jpeg (266.93 KB, 828x1432, 7126C5EA-C9AA-4118-BE33-0FC893…)

this is supposed to be jerrick? this proves that she feels like she cant like multiple things without it being a personality. if we go with her larp that is 1000% pixie from the makeup alone, but its "jerrick" because theyre going to see mcr? jesus

No. 243800

>but it wouldn't look good for the brand
Nah it would be cool and it would make me support their brand more.

This is my ideal scenario:
>Is is sustainable? (Passive aggressive emoji uwu)
>Yes! We are a sustainable brand. Have you started on yours yet? uwu?
Kek. Seriously though she's not the one to talk here.

No. 243802

The jerrick account is just pixiespam 2.0

No. 243812

Of course with the sunflower lanyard again. She needs zero accommodations, she’s taking the airport staff’s attention away from people who actually DO need help to fly. Is her mom flying with her, or is she meeting her at the hotel? If she’s got mom in the seat next to her catering to her every need, that’s just an extra slap in the face to those who actually do struggle to travel.

No. 243814

I’ve never heard of the lanyard thing. Is that specific lanyard used internationally?

No. 243832

Man I'm tired of this girl.

No. 243835

its for people with hidden/invisible disabilities so that others know that they need extra assistance or support. yknow. the thing jill doesn't actually need

No. 243845

Do real people with neurodivergency that can still do basic things need them? I thought they were for like, people who have higher levels of autism

No. 243849

imagine wearing a lanyard that says "a lil emotional today" kek thats basically whats shes doing

No. 243855

They are. Zoomers just have no idea what actual neurodivergency is and want to be special so they've adopted them kek.

No. 243859

File: 1661902795680.png (286.87 KB, 1180x814, Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 6.40…)

this looks exhausting jeeez

No. 243863

people do not freak out this much. like, if you've actually gone through some shit or you're trying something new, sure, but she literally travels so much?

No. 243865

I never heard of the retard-lanyard till Jill made one. And I myself and most of my friends all have some form of physical or mental disability and none of us even need one

It's so stupid almost like the fake service dog documents people were using when you don't need to carry around paperwork for your service dog and actual disabled people were getting kicked out of stores because abled people wanted to bring there dogs grocery shopping.

am I going to need a landyard too so when I'm out in public and can't fight the urge to pick my skin and rip my eyebrows out people will know I'm differently abled and not just a meth addict

No. 243867

Most people go 2 hours early to the airport because this kind of think always happens. what's her excuse it's not like shes busy or has a life. Did she do this on purpose to have something to mental illness brag about on twitter

No. 243871

File: 1661904611984.jpg (184.75 KB, 720x1395, Screenshot_20220830-170828_Chr…)

No. 243874

File: 1661904798397.jpg (172.09 KB, 720x1401, Screenshot_20220830-170850_Chr…)

No. 243875

File: 1661904867169.jpg (150.16 KB, 720x1368, Screenshot_20220830-170915_Chr…)

No. 243878

File: 1661904925274.jpg (120.12 KB, 720x1232, Screenshot_20220830-170932_Chr…)

No. 243890

>we had 3 panic attacks
it's called normal anxiety, you have no idea what the fuck this means

No. 243891

"me when I age regress"
So she gets drunk and then age regresses?

No. 243894

File: 1661905974229.png (993.96 KB, 1180x1174, Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 7.33…)

No. 243896

how come all of this anxiety and constant tweeting started right when she started hanging out with her mom again?? or is all of this anxiety because she hasn't been able to smoke weed constantly

No. 243905

>Tell me why this is my face and I didn't recognize it at first
Because you've ballooned in weight and wear the gaudiest fucking makeup you possibly can.

No. 243906

funny she calls herself pixie on her jerrick account.. youre slipping up on the little things jill

No. 243912

I honestly wonder if she even watches precure anymore. Inb4 tweet of her suddenly talking about it again.

No. 243916

has she never traveled on a plane before or something what is she even saying here. Like maybe if i was 7 and i had no idea that your ears could get plugged up on a plane then maybe id be like oh my god i’m never going to hear again. But… jillian you are 24. Lowkey i think she’s been trying more to make it seem like her “illnesses” are actually debilitating to her daily life and not just an aesthetic she throws on when she’s bored. So she’s tweeting abt panic attacks and shit like see guys this is evidence this stuff isn’t fun ): !!!():)

No. 243918

i think it’s kinda funny how she flew internationally with her mom to japan awhile ago and there didn’t seem to be a shred near of this kind of stress beforehand. I mean i guess the fake DID wasn’t on board yet so she didn’t have a reason to overdo it. The fact that she seemingly can fly fine and not have 12 panic attacks in one hour whilst on a longer flight is kinda funny to me kek. She can’t be consistent but what else is new

No. 243919

"risking everyone's lives" what the hell is she talking about? using your phone on a plane isn't going to make it crash. most planes have wifi anyway now.

No. 243920

>Lowkey i think she’s been trying more to make it seem like her “illnesses” are actually debilitating to her daily life and not just an aesthetic she throws on when she’s bored.
yep. This is what she's doing, highkey. For attention.

No. 243921

She's just the main character anon, she needs to put the celly down or else the plane will crash and it will be all her fault.

No. 243936

the lanyard is meant for autists or people who get sensory overload. going through airports can be stressful for people with those issues and the lanyard is to make sure if they freak out uncontrollably, people don't think they're crazy. it's not for helping them like someone with physical disabilities, it's just to warn the staff. some autists at airports can have actual(not jill's) panic attacks and to someone not familiar with them, seem drugged or something and they will act on the situation and make it worse.

No. 243945

Is this what she meant with the "this is my new era"-tweet. Lmao.

No. 243950

They don’t really mean anything anymore in the UK at least because there is no proof or barrier to buying one you can’t just buy it. So during the pandemic they were purchased en masse by anti mask people to “prove” they are mask exempt because they are totes disabled. Now everyone just thinks it means mask exemption and now masks are no longer mandatory people who wear them get harassed because “you don’t need that anymore, we don’t have to wear masks”. Legitimate people are moving on to other more official ones that require you to submit proof of disability and the card is specific to the person it’s not just a vague “I have insert thing” situation. Basically they have become meaningless because people who didn’t need them all bought and wore them.
Is this the weirdest autism breadcrumb yet, ear problems are a super common comorbidity and this isn’t something she has made a point about complaining about before. I wonder if she will also claim the comorbid G.I issues and blame her weight stuff on it.

No. 243961


This is super stale milk and a bit of a tinfoil, but this "Don't steal my totes original tattoos that I already stole from Google" reminds me of Simply Kenna, who had the same issue just before being diagnosed with autism. I remember her saying that she didn't understand how they weren't "original" if she traced them herself and all that "can't understand subjective meanings because autism" discourse that Jill already has used with the moving mountains or some crap like that.

Breadcrumbs? TOTALLY

No. 243962

Kenna wasn't even diagnosed for real and she still gets away with her autism larp, I wonder if Jill actually is trying to copy her to get out of criticism since it worked so well for her

No. 243968

I wish she acted like Kenna because that is hilarious but Jilly is going for over the top little boy autism and not look at how I can’t look at the camera omg I’m like Sherlock Holmes, I’m a misunderstood villain autism like Kenna. Ofc that would never happen because to be mysterious and brooding Jilly would have to stfu for ten seconds or more.

No. 243992

File: 1661956539402.jpeg (67.09 KB, 1152x656, AD2220FD-3C1F-481B-A9BF-F842D0…)

Leonardo Dicaprio played a more convincing retard than Jilly ever could.

No. 244001

Sometimes I really don’t understand how this doesn’t embarrass her. The idea of this fat womanchild with rainbow hair and bright clothes causing a huge stir having panick attackies or whatever. I don’t know how that just doesn’t make it worse. I know people hate constant blogging but having sensory issues that cause public breakdowns is incredibly embarrassing when you’re an adult. The shame when it happens tends to make it even worse, I want to be away from everyone when it occurs. It’s just hard to believe someone experiences that while looking like an entire clown rather than trying to blend in more and not cause people to look at you weirder than they already do if you have those breakdowns. I guess she is used to embarrassment or just doesn’t experience it.

No. 244020

File: 1661962037976.png (38.59 KB, 598x310, firefox_ZhRXSlRqfI.png)

Jill, you are a fucking retard.

No. 244023

I don’t think she has public breakdowns or meltdowns at all, not even faked ones. At best she feels anxious for a bit and then takes to Twitter to tell everyone she had four panic attacks in a row and almost vomited. She wildly exaggerates everything. Anxiety = days long panic attack, spacing out = catatonia, mood swings and varied interests = DID, etc. She may not have a walker (yet) but she’s a munchie.

No. 244033

The place where i have seen someone say jill has an autistic face is on here. And that persons theory was debunked.

No. 244036

out of curiosity. did you seek help or do you leave this stuff untreated?

No. 244037

Now it’s a hate comment ofc even tho she was loving every bit of it last time she mentioned this

No. 244039

…hate comment? Didn't she previously enjoy this comment?

No. 244040

this fucking filter reeks of insecurity I hate it so much

No. 244047

she's still saying all this fetishizing shit with no hesitation without a proper diagnosis. "Good". why would being autistic be a good thing? How does she not get called out on it? fucking crazy

No. 244051

I think they ment fetal alcohol syndrome
Because yes you do look like you gave a syndrome jill

No. 244061

File: 1661970492637.png (70.44 KB, 593x567, firefox_WE3qtExzUW.png)

No. 244065

I agree. Jill just exaggerates everything to the max because she needs to be the centre of attention all the time. She's sick in the head and ugly.

No. 244066

File: 1661971210629.jpeg (674.65 KB, 828x1300, 2C7FE2B4-E902-435E-B82F-ABEE16…)

No. 244067

File: 1661971301086.jpeg (246.38 KB, 828x1385, CE6C44C4-A7C5-4012-84E6-F2661C…)

No. 244069

Is this it? Did Jill truly reach kikomi-chan level and become a FTMTF?

No. 244072

No way I thought she was mtf lmaoo. I think he really was being “phobic”
based waiter

No. 244073

I figure this poor french man was probably rushing around trying to do his job at the restaurant and just absent-mindedly grabbed the wrong bathroom key to hand to her before running off to do more busywork… But to Jill (narcissist) all things are about her.
Nobody in there right mind would see her and think man; I don't know how paranoid someone has to be that receiving the key to the bathroom would set off such an anxious social media ramble (incl. body checks). She's just so stupid.

No. 244074

Maybe the women's bathroom is out of order. Maybe he didn't give a fuck enough to pick up the right set of keys. Maybe he's new and doesn't know which is which. But whatever fanfic you have in your head Jill, yeah, go with that.

No. 244075

most restaurants and establishments don't care which locked bathroom they send you to.

No. 244078

No way he thought she was a man. She's five foot tall in a pink jumpsuit. Jill is delusional.

No. 244081

No sunflower lanyard when going to (most possibly) crowded restaurants in Montreal… her LARP inconsistency is astounding

No. 244085

Restaurants are very hard for people with sensory issues too, the lights, people talking,untensiles clacking around, chewing etc kek.

No. 244094

You must be dumb.

No. 244096

next thread should be titled "kikomi-chan edition"

No. 244097

What's funny about this is that you can tell that she's seething because she was seen as a man. She's trying to frame it as this "trans issue" but in reality she's angry some one saw her and thought she was a man (even if it's in her own head).

No. 244098

You don't have to post every tweet she makes.

No. 244099

I thought she was anti police and if you are actually as mentally I’ll as she claims the police can be dangerous because they can’t understand your behaviour. Also the tweet below, wasn’t she just whining about money issues and being stressed about them? And now she is off on her trip and sending some rando money as well?
Not that anon but also autistic, you don’t really get “treatment” per say. The best you can do is learn things that help you minimise stuff so for example wearing noise cancelling headphones, sunglasses etc. There is no treatment for autism (its developmental not an illness) it’s just about identifying and managing your needs.

No. 244106

It was saged, and she talks about suicide again and gave somebody money. You don't have to backseat mod when nothing happened.

No. 244109

I think it's because she acts like a stereotype of a gay man when she's playing certain ocs, she was probably doing that at the time so he was going by her "queer/drag" behavior and assuming she was an actual gay male. Her biggest win in actually passing as the things she larps as

No. 244114

File: 1661978399423.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1284x2135, 36831E5F-90D1-4426-A380-19988F…)

She packed her whole ass bong for what a two day trip? Just bring a joint or two holy shit?

No. 244117

I don’t think she will have ever smoked a joint and thinks they are owo scawi. I would bet she went straight for bongs for smoking.

No. 244119

isn't she on this trip with her mom? dafuq

No. 244120

Funny that her alters continue to dress how she would want to unless it's an event specific to them. Very funny.

No. 244123

her tolerance is probably extremely high. she smokes almost constantly on the daily. she probably can't even get high from a little joint or a bowl.

No. 244126

File: 1661981281952.png (512.57 KB, 580x644, firefox_D8n4pGm8rP.png)

No. 244127

>teehee i keep having panic attacks and not eating
>let's go to a concert!
stupid bitch

No. 244130

The oppression bragging? It's like the old days of tumblr.

No. 244131

She literally drinks meal replacement drinks. It why she hasn't lost any weight despite claiming to not be eating

Meal replacement confirmed by anon who went to her drag show. Jill Said she felt sick and didn't have an appetite yet sat in the back sipping on an Ensure or something

No. 244134

i wonder how far her larp will keep going.

No. 244135

>packed a bong
Anon this is a complete nit-pic but that's a pipe.
It's shitty that she can't even enjoy a trip with her mom without smoking. It's just proof that she's pycholoically addicted to weed. She's probably at the point that she can't function with out smoking because she thinks she needs it.

Damn that munchie mentality coming in strong. Why the fuck is she drinking ensures? That's probably why she's not losing any weight. She keeps drinking ensures then eating regular meals or drinking more than what's recommended in a day since there's a lot of sugars in those meal replacement drinks.

No. 244139

ayrt and sorry, didn’t check this thread for hours. Like the other nona said it’s just kind of something you learn to manage and relieve with different coping skills. And seconding things like the noise cancelling headphones and sunglasses, just lessening the things that overwhelm you like sound and light can help a lot. Imo better to do those things and look stupid then end up having a fullblown meltdown and make people think you’re actually insane. Apologies for OT.

No. 244140

If you read the caption it says her bong broke in her suitcase, so she took a bong and this pipe which she is using instead of the broken bong.

No. 244141

I always imagined Louise as enabling but she wants to do the best for Jill, lately it just seems like she's a doormat Jill can walk over. I mean, Jill said herself on twitter (which her mom follows) that she's a full fledged stoner now and most people would be worried for their family member overdoing it that hard.

No. 244142

I know it's Jill we're talking about, and maybe it's because I'm a relatively newfag (been catching up on her threads for a few weeks) but holy shit, how delusional do you have to be to think people will believe claims of week-long panic attacks??
I used to follow her very casualy before the DID LARP, and I guess I'm still not used to the level of bullshit she manages to come up with kek

No. 244144

dunno why you got redtexted for the sad smiley, it was clearly satirical

carrying on the tRuE aNoReXiC larp by drinking ensures kekkk

No. 244146

Do meal replacement drinks not help you in weightloss? My understanding is it might only make you fatter if you drink too many in a row or ignore the "replacement" part and eat other shit anyways

No. 244148

Wow she does have a retarded face. What an ugly mugshot.

No. 244151

>"Good". why would being autistic be a good thing?
being autistic is seen as good in the twitter and tiktok sphere

No. 244153

>Is this it? Did Jill truly reach kikomi-chan level and become a FTMTF?
KEK my thoughts exactly. This is what she wanted all along.
The quebec french man was probably being rude and thinking she's ugly therefore a tranny man.

No. 244154

nta but no. unless you're only drinking those(in which case you will get horrible liquid diet induced diarrhea) but ensure isn't a meal replacement like soylent or something, it's concentrated calories meant to help you gain weight and muscle. that's why anachans are supposed to drink them. they're also recommended for people suffering illnesses or getting chemo.

No. 244155

>next thread should be titled "kikomi-chan edition"
Yes but I can't stress this enough: PLEASE make a good picture so we can call it this!!!

No. 244156

Godddddddddd this is so cringe. I hate these bitches thinking they're uwu kawaiiiii for smoking pot. You reek and are getting dumber. Lay off the pot you stupid bitch

No. 244157

ensures and supplement drinks are different from diet shakes, they’re meant for people who don’t have an appetite for normal food due to being elderly or terminally ill. They don’t want people like that to lose any more weight than they probably will do they’re very calorie dense. Jill does not need them because she is fat and is in no danger of falling into the medically underweight category because she didn’t eat regular meals for the day.
t. home health worker

No. 244158

File: 1661984922518.jpeg (456.21 KB, 1170x1205, 3E422EF2-D149-4BFE-AF37-15CD09…)

this whiny bitch really left a review over the bathroom key. She has no idea why she was given the men’s key, maybe the women’s bathroom was being used. what a cunt.

No. 244159

>omg I got confused for a male tranny and it made me feel good uwu uwu uwu uwu gave them a review!!
The fuck? the kikomi power is too strong.

No. 244160

OT I know but this is the first time I hear this. My 58 year old mom usually drinks ensure when she "feels like she's lacking vitamins" and then shares some with me. So I shouldn't drink it?

No. 244162

Probably not. Those things are full of sugar usually. If you don't have a specific reason or are trying to lose weight it's kind of stupid to drink them. Diets that include them are usually scams trying to push branded products and people would be better off without them

No. 244163

>eyebags due to never sleeping and constantly stalking SM so I can harass women and post about my fetishes uguuuu
Damn, Kikomi you do you.

No. 244165

This dumb bitch. She's really out here crying "TrAnSpHoBiA" over a key while she's dressed as a party clown?? She really has 0 concept of what any real life struggles are, huh?

No. 244171

Jill always complains about service workers because she has no idea what its like to have a real and strenuous job. The guy probably wasn't being rude he was probably rushing around taking care of several things especially considering that most places these days are under staffed and on top of that there was a major concert happening. Jill lost all touch with reality I don't see how people can stand to be her friend?!

No. 244173

Same fag- i forgot to sage my bad

No. 244178

So like, I'm just saying it for the sake of saying it, but drinking Ensures / meal replacement drinks is a drug addict thing - mostly if you're into amphetamines and stuff like that. Just . . . interesting.

No. 244180

I think it's part of her anorexia larp based on what anons are saying about what it's usually used for >>244157

No. 244184

I love how she went from ~major gender win!1!!11~ to leaving a shitty review kek. Her ego is so fragile.

No. 244186

Why is it always fat people who say how they never eat and aren't hungry? It's such a blatant lie I never understood it. That photo of her round moonface with "barely any food" above it is so funny to me.

No. 244187

>drinking Ensures / meal replacement drinks is a drug addict thing - mostly if you're into amphetamines and stuff like that.
really? how so? legit question

No. 244188

NTA but I'm assuming for the loss of appetite?

No. 244190

File: 1661991718199.png (411.97 KB, 370x500, 31231343.png)

No. 244195

he's perfect. is Kyle looking for a wife?

No. 244196

Loss of appetite, inability to stomach food, lack of money / ability to purchase groceries, the ability to purchase Ensure from people on benefits who receive it for free. There's honestly a whole bunch of reasons.

No. 244197

Thank you Jilly for the hearty laugh. I love the fact that you needed a key to enter it meaning it doesn't matter who enters the bathroom because you can lock it. Were you traumatized by the urinal in the bathroom? Oh Jilly Billy, you remind me of all the old ladies who use to get offended that I would ask them to use the other locked restroom because I was cleaning the one without the urinal. So brave and stunning, never change Jilly.

No. 244199

Please let this be included in the next thread pic

No. 244201

he does have that paul dano charm

No. 244204

it didn't go with her horrible outfit, silly. this is about aesthetics after all, not reality kek

No. 244206

She’s really grasping at straws for her queer oppression points. Is she forgetting that she’s five feet tall and has a really high voice even when she’s putting on the Jerrick voice? When it’s a place where you have to ask for the key to the bathroom, it really doesn’t matter which one you go in, they probably give women the key to the men’s room all the time if someone is already in the ladies

No. 244207

top kek. aren't they just protein and vitamin drinks? i drink premier protein with no sugar sometimes when i'm slacking with my diet. better than a vitamin deficiency. jill does a lot of things wrong but this is not one of them. she probably read that comment a few threads back about getting a stroke from malnutrition and this is her bandaid solution. again, better than not drinking them given her diet. vitamin deficiencies are no joke.

No. 244208

no, nona. you're fine. ensure has some sugar so it's not ideal. there are sugar free/low sugar options that are better, but ideally you should be eating well enough that you don't need too many supplements. please don't listen to every idiot on the internet. druggies drink protein/vitamin drinks instead of eating. that doesn't make them inherently bad. it makes doing drugs bad lol