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File: 1701222331856.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1131, 1700232821288.jpeg)

No. 313646

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and compartmentalizes every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of money for.
She eagerly accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression with a "Congrats on the DID Diagnosis" celebratory cake, but struggles to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem ready to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of “severe mental illness” in the forms of a brief stay in a mental hospital in her early teens due to ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
>is still extremely thin-skinned; has history of deleting comments critical to her and has preached getting along with people while also blasting critics and concern in a very rude and passive-aggressive manner; has gotten into pissfights online as of late with users that have spoken out of concern for her or wanting to help or talk in some degree
>her sexuality has been a sliding scale, from pansexual to queer to lesbian to back to currently pansexual (and nonbinary due to alters); current partner is Steven Clarke, who has enabled her delusions and has racked up his own questionable reputation; has a long history of drama with relationships, claiming abuse to some degree in most of them
>formerly had a fashion brand called Five Petal Flower before graduating from her college fashion class, but seems to be no longer active if not just slowly dying; has also gotten into drag with a persona known as Villany Swells; has cancelled two drag gigs so far and claims an online person is stalking her due to a publically-filmed video of a drag show being linked in a previous
>has a shaky history of substance misuse regarding her meds; now takes in various degrees of alcohol and weed leading to possible clashes in medication or mental/physical state

Last thread:
>Jill is worried about seeing the FNAF movie due to her "startle response" and one-ups other repliers about how she had a panic attack at a haunted house once >>310942
>Follow up that she is afraid of "the literal dark" >>310984
>Swapping Styles for Halloween video with Stevie >>311028
>Jill says she has a low tolerance for sensory hell in response to a tweet about drag >>311106
>Also she's afraid of sleeping >>311224
>Jill is still talking to the Cherry girl who admitted to skinwalking her >>311226
>Jill was Caitlin from 6teen for Halloween >>311304 and handed out candy on her own which was a big deal for her apparently >>311305
>Thanks to her most recent fusion Jill can see her face internally and recognize herself in a mirror this feels "homey and lovely" >>311311
>Jill hangs a sad looking outfit on her door for days to try and get inspired >>311470
>Jill begins wanting to cut her bangs (this goes on all month) >311601
>New video about coming off her anti-psychotics >>311690
>Jill has a "solid work routine" so she can take Monday "off" >>311758
>Jill stopped using Tiktok and smokes less weed >>311760
>PICA larp continues >>311832
>Jill wants children's magical girl shows to make gold bridal jewelry to cater to her >>311841
>November Patreon video >>311976 and summary >>311979 continued >>311983 She shows off a lolita coord in the video >>311995
>Alert the presses, Sandwich still exists >>312047
>Jill's baseline is anxious ptsd wreck >>312194
>Jill replies with a long paragraph overanalyzing herself to someone telling her to stop overanalyzing herself >>312376
>Jill's eyes are fucked up because she hasn't been to an optometrist in years and years >>312492
>Revisiting Lolita video >>312522
>Cliffe uses a sprout instead of a club emoji now >>312563
>Jill goes ballistic at some precure confessions account for insulting men who are into magical girl shows >>312606
>Updated list of alters: Jill >>312649 Jerrick >>312650 Cliffe >>312651 Veronica >>312652 Jax >>312653 Berry >>312656 Flora >>312657 Sunny >>312658 and Amber >>312659
>Jill insists yet again that weed makes her normal >>312809
>Jill has some "bonkers tea" on a company that seemed to have charged her for 2 years longer than she signed up for, seems to be Better Help >>312852
>Jill inserts herself into more DID community drama about someone with an alter who is a Zionist >>312943
>Jill posts her system map >>312953 and timeline >>312980
>More drama in DID Paradise with Jill's former friend who compared DID struggles to racism >>313050
>Jill posts cozy christmasy vlog >>313136 which includes a "long switch" >>313146
>Jill plays her DnD character with DID so she can not care about the rules >>313197
>Jill does livestream and says she won't get an autism eval unless she "needs it" >>313400

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/villainyswells/ (used to be @pixieespam)
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 (“Sweetie” alters, previously @xcherrybombica): https://twitter.com/pixie_petals
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Threads: https://www.threads.net/@pixieelocks
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 313647

No. 313648

File: 1701225726732.jpg (153.44 KB, 720x1028, Betterhelp.jpg)

Thank you nonnie for the new thread ♥

No. 313649

File: 1701225782319.jpg (541.42 KB, 720x4204, Insane.jpg)

No. 313650

File: 1701225843837.jpg (90.35 KB, 720x486, Autism.jpg)

No. 313651

wow, she came out swinging on that one

No. 313653

Almost like she got caught being wrong and turned it around in her favor

No. 313654

Updated alter list, for anyone wanting to keep up. I tried to get it all current, but she changes things and contradicts herself constantly.

>Pixie: The collective name of all the alters, but is also used interchangeably with the name Jillian. Is a "genderfluid they/them".

>Jillian: Rainbow emoji. 25, but "age slides" from 4-25. This is actually just herself, but she herself is both an alter and the host. Desperately wants to have autism.
>Jerrick: Snake emoji. 17, formerly 14-16. Emo trans guy. Used to be a co-host. Conveniently holds all her BPD traits. Entire personality is being angry and liking green. Like all the alters, is into drag.
>Veronica: Doing nails emoji, formerly flame emoji. 21 year old horny alter. She is a “protector of sexual trauma”. Says she had to become a "fuckable plaything" because she was “raped for months”. Was going to be intersex, but Jill didn't want to deal with the backlash and decided against it.
>Berry: Strawberry emoji. 4-6 year old. Talks and acts like a baby. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had her name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Is for some reason triggered out by positive things like holidays and presents and is "trauma-free".
>Cliffe: Sprout emoji, formerly club emoji. 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant". Combo of her dad, sweetie angel therapist, and Ian Bruce. Formerly a mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes.
>Flora: Cherry blossom emoji. 18 year old fictive. Used to be a fragment, but became a full alter. She is supposed to be Cure Flora and all the pink PreCures. She is a blonde, sweet lolita.
>Jax: Test tube emoji. 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching Arcane while having major trauma. “Hypersexual”.
>Sandwich: Sandwich emoji. Cat alter. Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Not much has been said about her. Note that Jillian’s middle name is actually Amanda.
>Ramona: An alter that was only announced after she fused with Jillian. After doing so, Jillian suddenly wanted to start playing the piano again.
>Sunny: Shooting star emoji. 14. Another PreCure fictive for all the yellow ones. She's "energetic" and positive in a way that's "crazy". Basically just Flora, but hyper. Can't "mask".
>Amber: Partly cloudy emoji. "20?" Formerly 25. She's edgy and has freckles. Also yellow. Formed at the same time as Sunny in response to the McLean video drama. Supposed to look the most normal.

No. 313663

>If someone was hurt by it I would have a conversation and reassess
…did she not just have a conversation about it and said it was fine and doesn't hurt anyone??

No. 313667

Remember when she jumped in the DMs of that youtuber that was gonna make a video about her and convinced her to back out? I have a feeling Jillian DMs these people she has spats with and sends them the emotionally manipulative shit we saw with that Youtuber, they are so suspiciously polite and back down too quickly lately. I think she bombards them via public reply and dm to the point they just agree and back down.
There is no reason Jill got to be in the "right" here like she just got caught breaking her own standard of morality as set a couple of days ago, but no worries she hastily scribbles an exception "it's ok if it's not about a person" ok so we can call stuff retarded and n-word and whatever the fuck else as long as we're talking about an object or a company? Just clarifying the rule she just made up. Like it is a person emailing her who she screenshot and the company is ran by people so how is it not about a person?
I personally don't think this level of tone policing helps anyone since once you start nitpicking language you are effectively trying to silence anyone who hasn't got a lawyer to check everything they say/post first, people may say the "wrong" words in their self expression and that's Fine Actually. I've seen this shit play out before and it did not go well.

No. 313668

>Ramona: An alter that was only announced after she fused with Jillian. After doing so, Jillian suddenly wanted to start playing the piano again.
Has she ever mentioned playing piano after this? I remember her trying to claim she was almost some sort of autistic savant with piano but she dropped the subject shortly after. I would love to see a list of all the stuff she claims she wants to do and DEFINITELY plans to do and then casts away immediately. Her clothing collection, other crafts she's said she wants to make and sell (I have a vague memory of disability aids like compression clothing?), wasn't she going to make calendars at some point, she wanted to do more drag, her passion for cosplay fizzled out once again after she wasn't the center of attention at the competition because her costume sucked… How long do we give her until she forgets about lolita once again?

No. 313675

> Let me explain it to you, It is MY area of expertise

This bitch dumb asf or what, how is this engaging in conversation when all she wanted to do was act like the only one with the correct opinion?? I don’t understand how she can turn around like this and no one bats an eye

No. 313679

File: 1701268123317.jpg (329.38 KB, 1452x1080, sandwichfanart.jpg)

Great Thread nonna, but next time remember to add her totally real Autistic (self)diagnosis, since she's openly claiming it and >>313654 Sunny is her "unmasked autistic" OC… I mean, alter.

This whole conversation is retarded.
Source: They're both oficially diagnosed as retarded.

Talking about being retarded: How is that she has never made a Sandwich fanart? Maybe to stay away from the Furrycomms? She's okay with being pedo/agere, but a furry? Sandwich is my favorite OC, I wish she gave her best alter some validation.

No. 313681

I don't believe her when she says she's never come across anyone saying to not use insane in a negative manner lol there has absolutely been discourse around the term and pretending she hasn't heard of it when she's so terminally online is just her feigning ignorance to get the moral high ground

No. 313696

Jill, are you forgetting the time you made a whole video admonishing Trisha Paytas for using the word "crazy" to describe your bestie Dissociadid? And Jill didn't even claim to have DID at the time, so she can't say she was "speaking for her community"

No. 313698

She really used 🫶 like it would totally undo her flipping out on this girl moments before kek. So strong, kind, and beautiful of you

No. 313699

She loves to pull the "I'm mentally ill card" on someone who disagrees with her until they pull the uno reverse. Then she backs down like a dog that's all bark and no bite (unless that mentally ill person is also black. Then she helps run them off the internet for calling her out for tokenizing them)

No. 313700

instead of snapping at commenters off the bat, you’d think she’d have learned to police her own tone a bit more lmao she makes herself look like an idiot here.
i cba to go find the post here but she was huffing her own farts just a couple weeks ago about replying to a perceived aggressive comment with a ‘ kind and introspective’ reply — where’s that energy now huh

No. 313705

File: 1701281690473.jpg (428.62 KB, 1059x1600, Tumblr_l_826317600345583.jpg)

old milk but the thread pic reminded me of this old pic.. it's sad to see her regress in coordination (albeit it was never that good.).

No. 313711

i agree but she can't, she has to have an otherkin OC that she hints at on twitter to be totally valid within the DID community, but she doesn't want to be clowned on by the wider internet, so she can't make a youtube video on him… i wish though

No. 313714

This is so sad. She used to look so cute and normal. Also her house was nice too. Mental illness faking for clout really does a number on people.

No. 313715

This pink and grey/cream (various shades help) combination is horrible but she looks so much more normal here, like you can tell in her face that she was mostly sane at this point. I think without the internet to feed her addiction to attention she probably would be a normal girl with a job right now (or maybe a soap maker running craft stalls or some shit like that nonna's dream)
It's kind of sick that she thinks being mentally ill is like a degree and she won't listen to anyone unless they also claim a degree in mental illness. As if being officially crazy gives you any actual credibility or knowledge, it's commonly accepted that a "crazy" woman's word can't be trusted, since they live in delusion and hallucination. She truly lives in opposite land where mental illness = credibility.

No. 313716

the wonky wallpaper though?! Why is she wearing winter shoes with this springy outfit and then the umbrella? What jfashion style is this even supposed to be. She never had a sense for fashion or coordinating.

No. 313722

nitpicking but why the frame on the wall with the insert still in? Just print out a photo Jill.

No. 313723

It would be a bit more excusable here since she's like 14 and excited to put on her first pieces of jfashion and stuff but the fact that she always touted herself as some amazing fountain of knowledge for it takes that away entirely

No. 313762

Because its casual

No. 313769

File: 1701311739248.jpg (532.96 KB, 720x4361, Rainby bangs.jpg)

Return of the rainby bangs incoming

No. 313771

She's been dyeing her hair for 10 years and doesn't know what a bleach bath is?

No. 313774

She should just leave it blonde ffs. Her hair looks amazing in >313705 this pic.

No. 313775

File: 1701321185816.jpg (281.48 KB, 1080x764, 20231130_001619.jpg)

That hair is screaming for moisture

No. 313776

File: 1701321381577.jpg (733.01 KB, 1080x1759, 20231130_001921.jpg)

I see Jill also inspired you to get a bad tattoo artist

No. 313777

That wonky ass star in the middle is killing me

No. 313780

So much of this being the wrong colour makes it not even resemble the wand it's supposed to be, not even including the wonky shapes and proportions being off in some parts

No. 313782

idk if it's the hair, lighting, or lack of makeup, but she actually looks really cute in that last pic, like she de-aged and got some sleep.
She really didn't need to draw so much attention tho, as per usual. I feel like she could have DMd her questions or just googled.

No. 313784

RIP pink lemonade hair. It was cute while it lasted.

No. 313788

File: 1701336929541.mp4 (1.12 MB, 1280x720, After colour remover.mp4)

She is so committed to sabotaging herself, it’s actually impressive.

No. 313789

yup i actually like the white/pastel hair on her. it's probably the first good thing i ever said about pixie

No. 313790

I still don’t understand why she doesn’t just buy a rainbow wig instead of ruining her hair just to keep it in a greasy bun 90% of the time. She could seek sponsorship from a wig store or promote a fellow kweer artiste who makes them or whatever.

No. 313794

I love that nonnies are always trying to offer up more reasonable alternatives but I think everyone forgets you'd have be functional person to want to execute any of these instead of just being a tardbaby for fun all day

No. 313797

File: 1701353320933.jpg (409.49 KB, 1059x1600, Tumblr_l_826322861433733.jpg)

Err…No. This was horrible.

No. 313798

File: 1701354478190.jpg (64.64 KB, 721x1000, 61vzB-cmgcL._AC_UY1000_.jpg)

This look is actually so cute, I don't know a thing about hair dye or whatever, but this color looks nice on her, maybe she could try to fix some yellow spots here and there to make it even or something, but we all know that she will get some ugly shit like Pic related.

No. 313799

File: 1701354737110.jpeg (492.74 KB, 1170x1246, IMG_7291.jpeg)

Why does she come off giddy and not devastated

No. 313801

>devastating news
>try to cope
>will share asap

No. 313802

File: 1701357238552.jpeg (343.48 KB, 828x871, IMG_8139.jpeg)

No. 313803

This devastating news is really undermined by her happy happy (but super cereal mental jillness) DID emoticons in her name. This also has such similarities to YouTubers who are about to do some massive surprise merch drop or something, “omg guys, idk if it’s happening but once I know you’ll know all the secret details and get to see it, I’ve been screaming in excitement and I hope you’re all excited too!”
Anyway it sounds as if perhaps a grandparent has died or mayhaps her mothers cancer has made a reappearance.

No. 313804

Jill, put the fucking phone down for five minutes. I promise you won't die if you don't overshare your next 10 thoughts.

No. 313805

> on way more to cope who can tell!!!!!!
What does she mean? ESLfag, sorry!

No. 313806

spending more time on twitter to “cope”

No. 313807

She's saying she will be weird or not be on much or on a lot because she isn't sure how she will cope with the news

No. 313808

> hearing me scream for stevie in pain last night from the bathroom floor
I wonder what caused her so much pain she needed to scream for Stevie? Wasn’t she dying her hair last night? Surely it’s not related to that?
Thanks, Nonas!

No. 313809

Could be menstrual pains. Jill doesn't like to hydrate with actuall h2o and it's been proven that cramps are a lot worse when dehydrated. But she will probably spin it as possible endometriosis because she likes to be the victim even to her own self.

No. 313810

I predict this is gonna be something mundane as hell that she drums up as some new trauma, as usual.

No. 313812

I’m leaning towards her grandma dying. The elderly typically die in the winter.

No. 313813


is it possible this is her miscarriage arc?(retarded tinfoil)

No. 313814

File: 1701364265750.jpeg (223 KB, 1170x933, IMG_9772.jpeg)

You’re probably right

No. 313817

New alter incoming in 3…2…1…

No. 313818

Imagine if it was an introject of her grandmother since she always talks about being a cozy pastel grandma with her knitting, this doesn't seem too far off(emoji)

No. 313819

File: 1701366856942.jpg (115.61 KB, 720x688, Food poison.jpg)

No. 313820

File: 1701366977581.jpg (165.76 KB, 720x1017, Autistic.jpg)

No. 313822

I would age ten years overnight if I lived with her, Stevie absolutely has PTSD from putting up with these random huge emotional outbursts

No. 313823

"Passed out" "shaking" girl bffr

No. 313824

Giddy to have an actual real sad thing happen that she can milk for Twauma and not something she just made up
(RIP to Granny or Grandpa if that's what it is)

No. 313827

File: 1701367988503.jpeg (142.75 KB, 750x837, IMG_3971.jpeg)

She’s immediately back to posting about anime, clearly her new dead meemaw trauma is so debilitating(sage your non milk)

No. 313831

Imagine being so terminally online that the thought of posting about how some supposed serious shit is going down in your life and then immediately go back to this >>313827 could be possibly jarring and confusing for your followers is completely lost on you.

No. 313836

From whaling with grief to larping autism and posting about magical girls all in one morning, her coping mechanisms really do highlight how dysfunctional she is but not in the mental jillness way she wants.
Because those were the insults of the hour, gay was pretty high up there too at the time, but this has nothing to do with her reimagined autistic childhood like she wishes (again). Those girls just didn’t like her and probably would have found any reason to pick on her because of it, which is typical of most peoples childhood experiences.

No. 313838

All I can imagine is her violently shitting on the toilet and screaming for Steebie. Kek

No. 313839

probably a cat ate tinsel

No. 313841

As if anime isn't a cope for reality..

No. 313842

I have absolutely no doubt that one of the family cats have cancer lol

No. 313843

>whaling with grief
kek nonnie ilu

No. 313845

Her mom is just posting cats today. All Louise's siblings posting normally. I doubt its anything on Louise's side.

No. 313847

hopefully i dont get banned for this, but this conversation sounds EXTREMELY like the one she had online like a decade ago where she was saying the n word and saying hard r was a slur but soft n word is "a term of endearment" and she calls all her friends her n words. wild.

No. 313848

File: 1701379308752.png (80.53 KB, 685x498, 326864323.png)

Picrel. Sage for stale milk.

No. 313850


"I was crying in excruciating pain on my bathroom floor because something earth shattering happened in my family"
Literally is all about herself.

No. 313853

I know people will say this is old, that kids were just retarded and edgy like this back then, and while there is some truth to that a lot of kids DID understand not to say the n word. It says a lot about her that she at any point thought this was ok

No. 313854

I swear these old screenshots get worse every time I see them. N–a is not a term of endearment among white people, and from my observation it is not even a term of endearment among black people (blog but I am trying to figure out what the white equivalent is, because whenever I see it used it means something in between 'guy' and 'bastard' like these are not warm statements kek, I follow/come across via For You etc a lot of based BW influencers and artists and it is always used in a negative way by them)

She always rewriting the rules to excuse her from any accountability, see "I can say insane because…" >>313649

No. 313855

There were actually two separate incidents described, one she was screaming Steeviiee on the bathroom floor because she got food poisoning (we can assume….some things here) and then a second incident of cry-screaming in the bath due to family grief.
If she's concerned her neighbours are hearing I wonder if she opens the windows especially before the cry-screaming just to make sure they do, or do they just have cardboard walls.

No. 313858

File: 1701390602198.jpg (158.24 KB, 720x1270, 20231172907.jpg)

No. 313859

She lives in a row of townhouses so she has shared walls with her neighbours

No. 313860

Her is so porous I can imagine it’ll have trouble holding the color properly. She literally had an over a 1000k to waste on a brand new Mac she can afford getting her hair done professionally but I guess anything to continue her fake autism.

No. 313861

kek i thought this was Tekashi 6ix9ine from the thumbnail. she should really consider a visual rebrand, the rainbow nonsense is so dated.

No. 313865

File: 1701395290214.jpg (403.84 KB, 1200x859, milo-vs-swj_toon_ben-garrisonw…)

I don't understand just why she got her earlobes stretched like that, it doesn't go with Lolita and kawaii shit, plus it's plain ugly, she just looks like those SJW caricatures

No. 313866

That and I feel like she feels a sense of superiority doing her own hair and it gives her something to whine/later gloat about.

No idea how or why it took her over an hour to do, her hair has to be so fine and not that dense from the continuous bleaching.

No. 313868

My guess is that either a. It tangles really easily because it's so dry which makes it hard to part or b. Her super real OCD makes it so she has to have perfectly straight parts or else she'll have a meltdown on the floor and want to "unalive"

No. 313869

Im so confused. Does she think this is alot of money? Its not a little but its not insane? Idk maybe im just confused as to what she is calling insane. And why.

No. 313871

I think it's crazy to not notice $1000 missing over the course of a year considering how she makes her finances out to be

No. 313872

File: 1701398983393.gif (3.25 MB, 600x801, “un alive”.gif)

No. 313874


No. 313875

Can we get a shoop nonnie put Tekashi’s tattoos on Jill?

No. 313889

Seeing posts like this makes me see how "queer" suddenly became socially accepted but I hope the tides will turn again and call these shits out for it

I think the post also shows how Jill has always been desperate to be "in with the cool oppressed kids", in another universe she is larping as transracial black instead of a queer trans autist

No. 313890

i can't find her video about it, but she addressed stretched ears and lolita fashion - she said she knows it doesn't fit into lolita aesthetic and it made her not feel confident to wear lolita untill she stopped caring and became more confident in her body. AFAIK it was a video where she showed her weight gain and said she is not ashamed of it.

or i am tripping.

No. 313892

Credit where credit is due, the sectioning looks good and I can tell she didn't half-ass this while high as a kite.

No. 313893

File: 1701426887023.jpeg (606.7 KB, 1242x687, IMG_8350.jpeg)

damn she was staring to look okay again. even a revision of that pastel rainbow she did almost a decade ago would look way better than this.

No. 313895

She looked good in this pic because it was heavily shooped lmao.

No. 313896


I don’t think Jill is struggling for cash right now, but losing a thousand dollars to a regular everyday person is a pretty big deal. That’s about 90% of most of peoples paychecks

No. 313897

File: 1701428954014.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1759, IMG_9795.jpeg)

this is probably my favorite hair she’s ever done because it looks the best and correct ms if I’m wrong but… didn’t she get it professionally done here

No. 313898

Please crawl out of her ass and get a grip. The amount of posters here that still admire her in any capacity and long for the days when she was content with being more spoiled and coddled so she wasn't as much of a vocal disaster online is so pathetic. Do you really need some stranger with a stupid aesthetic to project onto that badly?

No. 313902

agreed its fucking pathetic. she was still an insufferable cunt with a diva complex, she just wasnt a fat stoner

No. 313903

I think it’s ok to discuss what worked for her and what would look nice on her. I do the same in the Shayna thread and because of that she got ponytail extensions.

No. 313905

File: 1701441832277.jpeg (845.18 KB, 2746x1642, Untitled232_20231201094414.jpe…)

No. 313906

Queer has been reclaimed for decades, it's just terminally online zoomers saying it's not

No. 313907

inb4 someone accuses me of being a cat hater, I understand pet loss is devastating, but this is not a "I can't say anything about this until the extended family are informed" situation. She really tried to make her followers worry that she had a life-destroying emergency or loss, lol…

No. 313908

the way she "handled" this was absolutely tasteless and self centered tbh

No. 313909

It's sad to lose a pet, but purebred cats (especially the larger breeds her family seems to love) tend to have heart issues. It sounds like he probably had undiagnosed HCM.

No. 313910

Bruh we all assumed it was her grandma by the way this was worded. This is absolutely vile she would make people worry like this. Worst of all she seemed giddy. At least now she can make a video on Sandwich and how he really “came out” during this.

No. 313911

sandwich meet the alter video incoming

No. 313920

On brand then.

No. 313921

The fact it was a cat that didn’t even live with her personally is what makes it extra frustrating/seem like a reach. I feel like I could understand this dramatic response a little easier if it was one of HER cats??

No. 313922

Whoever called it as a cat death, on the ticket.

Sucks to lose a loving pet, but damn, the absolute theatrics of it all.

No. 313927

I called it. This fucking bitch. It's a new low each and every day.

No. 313931

This is the one time I'm gonna say this / a-log so fucking hard: as someone who tragically lost my entire fucking family in the last 3 years, people that lose their shit over pet deaths infuriates me on a level I can't begin to express. Yes, it's sad to lose your pet, it hurts me a lot when it happens too. But holy shit, sometimes I wish something real would happen to her (and I don't really mean that because I wouldn't wish this on any human being)_just so she would stop the trauma LARP. It's so fucking offensive.(blog)

No. 313933

Honestly, not surprised after how she thought it was "tea" that she hadn't cancelled her betterhelp subscription for 2 years (or whatever it was) and got refunded 1k. Her life is so boring and instead of doing anything with her life she just blows things way out of proportion. You can empathize with your parents over them losing a pet that you knew for a short period of time (if the cat was 7, then what, they got it when Jill was 17/18?) but scream-crying over it is ridiculous and theatrical.

No. 313937

Yeah let’s be honest, nobody who hasn’t personally lived with and cared for a pet really cares that much, especially with cats who aren’t taken to social events outside of the home. I can understand grieving the death of a family pet that you’ve grown up with but this all feels rather performative.

She really did come off as giddy. Happy to finally have something real to cry about, I guess? At least she wasn’t posting this flippantly about sharing tha deets~ of her grandparent’s death or something like that.

No. 313940

How has she never lost a pet before? She's 25. Did they not grow up with cats?

No. 313943

i can't comprehend this lack of self-awareness claiming "muh extreme trauma" when you willingly admit to screaming and sobbing on the floor when this is the shit that triggers it. i still reminisce about that one time she said the police had to be called for her bpd episode. at this point i'm sure it was over burnt nuggets or something like that. jesus, living with this bitch must be exhausting. any mundane inconvenience is met as a life-changing tragedy.

No. 313945

It’s funny to me that Jilly went off at that person (bestie) that trauma dumped on her but here jill is sympathy baiting all and sundry who follow her. It’s honestly a little disturbing to watch her fish for sympathy from strangers online, it’s really the same thing isn’t it? A lot of her followers suffer mental illness and she intentionally triggered all of them to assume the worst by phrasing things in the way she did. Truly a mark of someone who hasn’t gone through anything terrible to bait people like that
> I can’t say anything until my whole family knows but I need someone to commiserate with because it’s so devastating
Like it is (no doubt and no hate there) but the way she did it, intentionally playing on other peoples worst experiences by hinting at something so devastating she can’t talk of it for fear of traumatizing extended family by thoughtless phrasing during a moment of grief… does she think she’s in some sort of soap opera or something? Midday tv where everything is dialed to 11. Just so thoughtless and callous.

No. 313947

They got the cat a couple of years before she moved out and she openly disliked him lol

They got their first cat Niko when Jill was like 12 and he's still alive

No. 313948

Did her cat finally choke on tinsel? Happy holidays y’all

No. 313952

Someone needs to shoop this image with all of her alters faces for next thread pic

No. 313955

Can someone find the milk on that?

No. 313956

I feel bad for her parents who are actually the ones affected by this. having to do CPR on an animal is not a fun experience and can be really distressing, especially if you aren't trained which I doubt they are. and then your adult daughter miles away is screaming about it like she just lost her brother after only having the cat for 7 years and not even living with the animal anymore. I know it's rough to lose a pet but goddamn, I can't imagine how awkward it would be to mourn as her parents when Jill makes it all about me me me.

Also, calling it "kitty CPR" is so infantilizing. just the cherry on top.

No. 313957

She mentions not clicking with Quinn in this video.

No. 313958


When she's showing pics of her cats to Sharla, she describes the four breeds and when she says "a Siberian, who's kind of annoying so I don't have any pictures of him" and Louise says he's her favourite, then Jill says "I hate him. Well I don't hate him, he's just annoying" and Louise reminds her he's a kitten (he would have only been a few months old here)(learn to embed)

No. 313961

>Our expensive purebred cat had massive underlying health issues, like most animals that have been inbred to shit have, that suddenly killed him
I'm not a cat hater, I understand the grief that comes with losing a pet but cry me a river. Very little sympathy for people that spend thousands on these types of cats because they just want an animal that looks a certain way

No. 313966

It’s 100% a greedy brag rights thing. The mention that it was expensive and over and over mention it was pure etc

No. 313970


this feels like nitpicking, regardless of if she didn't click with the cat she can still be sad it died. it's in the way she expressed it, not in whether it's ok to be sad about a dead cat

No. 313971

Nonna really? She acted as if this was such a hard hitting death, probably to seem like such a caring cat mom when in the past she didn’t even care for the cat that much. Of course you can be sad even for a cat you didn’t like but look at her pedantic phrasing. She comes off so fake. It’s the same as when she brushed off Louise when she was talking about her cancer and yet you know for a fact if something happened Jill will find a way to scream and yell and make it all about herself because she is disingenuous.

No. 313972

She said she was crying and screaming so loud in the bath that her neighbours could hear her. That isn't just being sad. She is larping a breakdown over an animal she barely knew and didn't bond with. If she had simply posted that her mom's cat had passed away and she was shook because it was sudden and it made her anxious about her own cats or something, no one here would think she's being out of line. But she's acting as if this was the biggest tragedy to ever happen and it barely concerns her.

No. 313974

it genuinely sounds like she got chatgpt to write her a script for that post, it's stilted and doesn't sound like her writing style or come across as genuine whatsoever

No. 313975

Cliffe came out to deposit her patreon cheque and write the obit

No. 313977

her parents experienced the trauma that comes with the loss of a pet and watching it die that she wishes she experienced for internet points. this sounds extremely crass I know, but the way she treated this whole thing shows how severely out of touch with reality she is and its kinda sad and pathetic. she really needs to learn she doesnt need to upload every little thought online.

No. 313978

Pretty sure this was in fact the most traumatic thing to happen to her lol

No. 313984

what a childish way to describe a pet death. hilarious how she described how loved he is when it's actually her mom and dad who did all the nice things she's listing.
kek she never fails to contradict herself

No. 313985

exactly my thoughts. this is her first time experiencing any sort of tragedy or loss and it was second hand and of a pet she didn't even like. she is so lucky to have had this easy a ride for so long.

No. 313987

Not to be an insensitive jackass but she was scream crying in the bath in grief over a 7 year old cat that she didn't grow up with?
>You can empathize with your parents over them losing a pet that you knew for a short period of time (if the cat was 7, then what, they got it when Jill was 17/18?) but scream-crying over it is ridiculous and theatrical.
Took the words outta my mouth, I really thought it was about a person based on her posts.

No. 313990

even if she did scream cry over it, posting only that detail and a few vague, cryptic things can only be seen as baiting for attention, having people thinking that something much worse happened. even if my childhood dog died, i wouldn't go straight to social media to describe how tragically i reacted to it, while tiptoeing around what happened and purposely only say one part so people will wait for the next part. it's just so weird she had a strong need to describe her reaction, instead of her emotions or the situation, i.e. going "i'm really sad right now and might act different, i just lost one of the family pets". she focuses on her dramatic reaction instead of her actual emotions, which she only does to show how mentally illest she is. she is so out of touch with her feelings, no wonder she's so narcissistic. obviously she doesn't reflect on neither her feelings nor her reactions. she can't just be sad and grieving, she has to be screaming crying in her bathtub. legit sounds like she lost her newborn baby or something. she claims to have done so well in therapy, yet she still only cares about external things that can be observed by others, and not about handling her internal feelings and thoughts. if she really got challenged in therapy, she would've reconsidered her coping mechanism like oversharing (or purposely undersharing) online a long time ago. she's done so much therapy but she still has all the same toxic coping mechanisms and hasn't unlearnt a single toxic behaviour? it's just strange, egocentric and disrespectful in a situation like loss.

No. 313993

It reminds me so much of how she would describe her behaviour in those old deviantart journals and comments, she has absolutely regressed.

No. 313995

is there an archive of her old DA journals ?

No. 313998

File: 1701525308340.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x1955, IMG_7308.jpeg)

Sage because she only liked it but…with Kevin admitting he has a porn issue before, how much do you think this causes issues in their relationship lol

No. 314004

My tinfoil is that Steve’s porn habit is the reason they have separate bedrooms.

No. 314016

File: 1701547598833.jpg (5.41 MB, 8192x4334, 20231202_200504_078.jpg)

Looks like she didn't know

No. 314017

From an ugly retarded selfish moids perspective, there is 0 chance he’s interested in Jillian at this point. He’ll stick his chode in enough to give her constant UTIs, but I’m calling it—dead bedroom and dead relationship. She’s fat, unwashed, melodramatic, unemployed, refuses to drive and pretends she’s like 9 different people. They sleep in different beds. Their entire shared space is catered to her interests and he can’t even tearjerk about his pathetic life to some gay porn kek. What a life

No. 314018

Im sorry to ask but did she actually confirm that shes autistic? I thought it was just specualtion that she was going to say shes autistic next(sage)

No. 314020

No, and she recently said that she's not going to get the "diagnosis" either.

No. 314022

It’s brought up every single time Vaush comes up in these threads so whoever’s lurking here on her behalf (Steve, Sof, I’m looking at you) hasn’t been doing they/them’s job. That, or she’s only covering her ass now that she’s been publicly called out on it.

No. 314025

If he's not attracted to her he should ~leave~ instead of being a coward watching tranny porn for hours every night with the sound on (or whatever he does, she knows about it at least)
Also suffice to say she does not resemble a porn star, so if he is a heavy user that is legitimately distressing for her.

No. 314026

why did you put diagnosis in quotes?

No. 314027

Because everyone knows that she's too neurotypical to be autistic, I wouldn't even believe in her saying she's a BPD-chan, I think she's just a boring normie. So, all she will do is get another diagnostic impression like the one she has for DID and then she will pretend harder that she's a low functioning autist that can't even get up from a different side of her bed or she will have an autistic breakdown.

No. 314029

Seems too convenient for her to quickly throw him in the trash. I think she just ignored the pedo shit until someone spoke up.

No. 314030

armchair but i'm convinced she has HPD. lots of bpdchans do, but it's not as trendy as bpd(armchairing)

No. 314033

File: 1701565771944.jpeg (256.11 KB, 828x828, IMG_4327.jpeg)

Everybody has armchaired this to hell and back already.
Jillian should just start making soap I don’t care if she chooses to stay with gay ass Steven. Jillian put down the fork, the bong, the faggot, and the internet and sell soap.
Picture not related

No. 314037

Run away with me Soapchan, you beautiful nutcase

No. 314047

File: 1701589175952.jpg (106.84 KB, 720x682, Screenshot_202.jpg)

No. 314051

if this is how she acts over her first tangential loss she is going to have a very difficult time when she experiences one for real. no one is ever really prepared for death, but her mom had cancer when she was young. for some reason i expected her to be an adult about this and not make it a spectacle online/bait her followers in the way that she did. lmao how ridiculous of me

No. 314052

I'm ready to bet money she didn't actually cry scream in her bathtub because of the cat death, it's just how she assumes people would react to death or some other traumatic shit because she has never experienced anything actually horrible in her entire life. Or if she did do that it probably was even worse performance than any of her drag gigs.

No. 314053

She looks so much like her mother here

No. 314054

Honestly amazed at her ability to somehow turn every single random thing into something about herself. It's impressive.

No. 314058

when steeb was with maggie she was fatter and she lost weight after they split… now steeb dates jill and now jill's fat… i doubt it's an issue for him kek

No. 314066

>She’s fat, unwashed, melodramatic, unemployed, refuses to drive and pretends she’s like 9 different people.

not to mention completely uncompromising, which is normal in loving relationships. instead Its All About Her feat. Stevie (the porn addict). Theres no love or feelings in this relationship at all

No. 314082

File: 1701628696422.jpg (132.03 KB, 720x838, Kek.jpg)

No. 314083

Sorry but I just saw this on the front page and this is the funniest screenshot I've ever seen. Pixielocks is the last person I would've expected to say this kek.

No. 314085

Jill has pathologized her entire life lmao

No. 314087

She is literally patient zero for this and yet…
Potentially the least self aware human on this planet.

No. 314090

File: 1701633023347.jpeg (73.19 KB, 828x194, IMG_8277.jpeg)

No. 314091

this needs to be in next thread's pic, her saying this is just too funny.

No. 314107

Nah this is nasty even when my own pet which I had as a youth died (of old age) honestly was in the scream crying stage at the actual moment of death, but after that, I did not cry or grieve. I miss the animal but you don't grieve for them like a person, which is what she's been doing so far about this ("inform the extended family first"-ass)
She can shut the fuck up, she's literally appropriating her mom's fucking grief since it was her pet, her mom was the one seeing and caring for it and had to see it have its little heart attack in her house and take it to the vet and all the rest.
You know Jill's gonna be milking this for months. I hope people are watching carefully, and considering how small her personality-splitting trauma might be if this is how she reacts to someone else's pet dying.(holy blogpost)

No. 314114

>what a deeply valuable and insane thing to have from my past
This is truly pathetic, like really bottom of the barrel pathetic. I hope this doesn’t come off as bloggy but it’s just that I know this exact type of feeling of holding on to something from the past to try to prove yourself. But just imagine using something from your angsty years to try to hold up your current failure of a life. She really only has this, that’s what’s insane Jill. I know some nonnas even tinfoiled that she forged that diary entry. Just what a dumpster fire kek.

No. 314117

Everyone grieves differently so someone scream crying over a pet who was dear to them that they witnessed die or had to care for during the pets last months I can understand being hit hard with the continued waves of grief… that said jill meets none of those qualifiers and exactly as you said is just appropriating her mothers grief which makes me wonder how much of her mothers life/suffering has she appropriated for her larp?
It’s worrying how delusional jill is about her own reality sometimes, is it the drugs? The drink? The social media addiction? She’s just so… untethered, nothing seems real to her mind. It seems like such a gradual degradation I wonder if her parents have even noticed or if they just think it’s all more of the same (hopefully it is), maybe she’ll grow out of it.

No. 314140

I am calling it now = she is going to post about 'first christmas after family tragedy' just after showing all the gifts she got for every alter from her parents

No. 314156

File: 1701678019650.gif (1.37 MB, 275x155, 1679200750527.gif)

Can we all agree she "screamed in the bathroom" because she was having the shits (food poisoning) and not because she cared for the cat? She's just conflating the two because it's convenient. Somehow this all fits her grief narrative perfectly, but she's been documented again and again to over inflate things and make a fuss out of small things to seem like anything in her life is actually important. Kek. She's not suffering at all, she just wants to suffer for the thrill of it, or for asspats, or to make herself look like the biggest victim that ever victimed. That's all there is to her, that's all there ever was, it's pretty sad.

It is so telling, when some event happens, she's always so eager to make herself cryptic before presenting the news, and somehow it always comes out as something satisfying for her. It happened with the deer, it happened with Steven stuff, it happens whenever she mentions the piano teacher and her ex deviantart girlfriend, it happened with the betterhelp refund lmao. If her mom got cancer again, god forbid, she would be merrily posting it all over twitter being like "omg so much grief and trauma incoming!!" and she would again make it all about herself, because everything ever is always about herself. I'm afraid about the moment her mom passes away, I really am.

I also wonder, is she making herself a victim and pretending to have all these diseases just so she seems more innocent and good in front of people? Is it because she doesn't want to be bullied? Or is it all for attention, really? It's like she's crazy but not in the way she wants to be lol. If she came forward as an hypochondriac bpd girl that does the whole malingering thing I think it would be more fitting for her, but that isn't trendy enough. In fact, I firmly believe most online "DID" cases should be re-classified as some type of extreme malingering disorder, and they should be separate.

No. 314157

Oh anon, I'm just eager to see all her christmas presents this year. It's going to be so funny to see how much this shithead gets from her mother alone.

No. 314158

That old page she supposedly "wrote in her childhood" was 100% forged. It's in an old thread so I won't repost it, but it's so obvious and she posted it just to make herself more legit. I doubt any traumatized kid really knows they have DID. But she also says she's naturally "more dissociativey" or whatever fits her DID narrative in that moment.
I would get it if she was close to the pet, but she wasn't. Animals die, it's sad when it happens, but she can't pretend she actually gave a fuck. Kids are being killed and traumatized in wars right in this moment, Jillian. You're not special, stop using excuses to make your life more interesting than it actually is. She's using her mom's pet death to talk about herself, gag. This is ridiculous and very disgusting to me, specially how obviously fake and how "hallmark greeting card"-speak her whole spiel is.

No. 314159

Everyone does handle grief differently. Although the full body wailing over a cat she wasn't close to seems a bit dramatic, that's Jillian. Be it a genuine response or an outright fabrication, it's moot.
My issue is with the click bait way she approached the news. It was gross and attention seeking. (I know, welcome to Jillian Vessey)

No. 314160

>Everyone does handle grief differently
Agreed, but in her case it really comes off as attention seeking exaggeration. I know some people are more sensitive to pet deaths than others, and that's completely valid, pets are cute and it's sad to see them die. But she's so obviously blowing things out of proportion, it's like she's milking this out on purpose, and like you said, she delivered the news like clickbait. "Omg so much grief, sad news incoming omg!!!" my ass. Why did she decide to turn this into content for her twitter followers is beyond me, it's like the betterhelp refund, she thinks this is some god sent hot "tea" but it's nothing but lukewarm liquid shit. She's so dishonest, so fake, and she kept posting stupid things about anime in between her "grief" posts so I don't believe her at all.

No. 314161

Oh no, that's not her being disingenuous, that's her switching between alters to "handle the grief". She's about 10 uears away from being a Karen, and wearing a rainbow muumuu.

No. 314162

Tbh I don't even think the issue is her over reacting to the cat dying, it's the fact her immediate reaction to said cat dying was to post on Twitter about how she's so sad and shaking and scream crying rn. It's the same thing as when she posts her supposed catatonia, panic attacks and flashbacks to Twitter / TikTok as soon as they happen. She needs to remind everyone she's a super traumatized victim 24/7.

No. 314163

File: 1701686559172.jpg (95.67 KB, 720x875, Screenshot_20231204-104156.jpg)

Samefag, she's still going after the precure confessions account. It's embarrassing how much she lets these tiny internet drama consume her life as a grown ass woman.

No. 314164

tinfoil but is she actually using this situation to vent/rage about sof? why would she care so much about a random twitter account

No. 314165

this is the problem with jill. no matter the situation, she always over exaggerates. she really needs a grip on reality and her emotions, its getting sad.

No. 314166

Because she's a terminally online narc. It's like her DID shit. She doesn't have that fake mental impairment. She has no trauma. What she has is a low level of internet fame while she surrounded herself with clingers that actively dislike her. Sof isn't the first of her "friends" to get caught talking shit about her and she KNOWS it. Imagine having to be sugary to people you know are using you. So rather than be a grown adult and cull the fame seeking groupies, she creates head people to be a passive aggressive cunt. While it's frustrating to see her existing as she does, meh, oh well. Just be glad you aren't her. People talk shit about me, bam get hit. She has to lick their assholes while they snigger behind her back. She's a court jester.

No. 314167

That’s the page she planted for her mother to find, right? She spent a few days at her parents’ house and then a little bit later, after she’d returned home, she asked her mother to look through old diaries of hers for evidence of DID and that’s what she found. Not suspicious at all!

She’s so bitter about group chats. I bet Steve, his ex Maggie and maybe Sof have a group chat where they talk shit about her behind her back that she’s vaguely aware of but can’t prove or doesn’t want to confront them over. I’d feel bad for her if I didn’t know she’s brought all of his upon herself with her behaviour. Probably the only people in her life who genuinely like her are her parents.

No. 314168

It's just funny how she forgets to add her OC's emojis whenever she's genuinely mad.

No. 314193

it's so interesting to see her focused on this random bullshit day after day.
i feel like her mom indulging her narcissism and blowing smoke up her ass 24/7 made her allergic to the idea of any form of criticism or gossip happening outside of her control.
>vile shit
>putrid energy
that's some strong language, did she say that when learning that her political idol is an actual pedo ? nope, she stayed very mild and distant because she dgaf and only wants to stay uncancelled >>314016. nope, this extreme vicious wording is reserved to express her acute reaction to random tepid kawayee fandom gossip, because that's what matters.
the tweets shows how assmad she is that she can't force people to see her a certain way and manage the narrative, and that people are individuals in their own rights rather than cardboard cutouts that gice out compliments when you pull on their strings.
jill is so narcisstic, i'm really amazed.

No. 314203

This is 100% all malingering. She doesn't want to work - why? I suspect because of "bullying." I think bullying is at the heart of literally all of this. Flashy, spoiled (and hey, talented), enthusiastic drama kid was relentlessly bullied growing up in her small island small town (makes sense), Mom coddled the ever loving fuck out of her to compensate, and Jillian developed the histrionics as a way to eschew taking responsibility for herself. At the same time she received negative attention from her peers, she was doted on by adults for her talents and enthusiasm. She fears her peers, and she hides in her mother's apron. That's just all there is to it. And as this anon said, >>314166 her friends / peers are actively mocking her and leering at her. There's no way her peers can take her seriously because she is not a serious person, and she isn't growing into an adult. The "scream crying" over a cat is an act - "adults are supposed to experience grief, and it's supposed to be traumatic and life-altering, so I'm going to act that out over a cat." It's just all so obvious. This girl is just so goddamn fucked up. She is never going to work, things are not going to work out for her. This shit just gets worse. At this point, I am mainly just watching to see how she gets out of the DID LARP and what happens next. The extreme, mega bitch in me wants to see something really bad happen. I'll be so curious to see how she navigates something actually bad.

No. 314204

File: 1701708064607.png (2.79 MB, 1080x1798, Screenshot_20231204-114118.png)

when will she put that damn tongue back in her mouth

No. 314207

This outfit is actually okay, it is cohesive in the sense that you can see that she’s going for a y2k nostalgia vibe. But the dead eyes and tongue. It ruins it.

No. 314213

This gif exhibits genuine sped behavior, I’m waiting for the day her larp gives her actual consequences and she needs a certified tard wrangler.

No. 314215

Photoshopped to hell, wtf is this. She is so delusional about the state of her body lmao.

No. 314217

File: 1701710848617.jpeg (Spoiler Image,480.3 KB, 1119x1442, IMG_7552.jpeg)

What’s with the rash on her arm and chest?

No. 314218

she tried the myspace angle, works on her face but makes her body look like a can of seized stuffing. >>314207 is right, the photo concept is nice, and jill is so childish that she could really market herself into a colorful toy nostalgia youtuber.

No. 314219

File: 1701711594926.png (1.22 MB, 1078x602, badshoop.png)

What the fuck is going on in the lower half of this pic

No. 314220

My first thought was that she's trying to hide something inappropriate that accidentally got in the shot but pass it off as "quirky editing"

No. 314223

lol but you already know, anon

No. 314225

File: 1701714260618.jpeg (833.27 KB, 1170x1358, IMG_7553.jpeg)

You guys don’t understand she is the most traumatized and her grief is so much more than a normal persons because of her disorder…that was supposed…to protect her from grief lol

No. 314226

Jesus fucking Christ, I hate her so fucking much.

No. 314227

It's weird that it's not even the most outrageous things she says that really hits me with how deranged she really is. She is pretending different parts of her are gonna learn about a dead cat that's not even hers, while also pretending/admitting to not caring that much because it wasn't her cat. I think she really is too stupid and arrogant to realize that people do see through her DID act and we know all her alters are just her own thoughts. Sometimes I think the word narcissist is throw around too much on the internet but I can't see why else she would act this way.
>"some parts of me don't really care lol"
yeah Jill we know, that was clear from the start

No. 314228

Inspired by Sailor Moon? Nitpick, idc, but the bangs are wrong, plus the editing is retarded and her outfit sucks ass because she's too flabby to wear croptop.

No. 314229

She actually means "copied directly from Denim the drag queen"

No. 314230

Oh boy, I hope sandwich doesn't feel too sad about losing someone of it's kin.

No. 314231

AHAHAHAHA KEEEEK I don’t know why I didn’t expect this but she’s really putting all the stops in for this mild event. Now we see Cliffe taking a break from muh taxes and ITS SO HARD GUISE THE DID.
>each part is going to have the stomach sinking realization
I actually can’t comprehend how she types this shit out. How can you not be embarrassed or ashamed holy kek. EACH ALTER IS GOING TO HAVE HER TARD YELLING FIT, she’s literally multiplying her pain~. ME ME ME I AM THE MOST HURT AND AFFECTED!!!!

No. 314236

I think her mom and Steve'll humor her but the real milk'll come from "muh toxic friends" who'll only give her 1 gift or a bundle of cheap shitty ones for "muh alters"

No. 314237

because she wants to be the head of the fandom and anyone making things in the fandom she doesn't like makes her freak out

No. 314240

File: 1701719516989.jpeg (24.46 KB, 300x250, 27AD77D7-C2A4-41C2-B39D-2F6543…)

> crying and screaming
But also
> Idgaf
She just tells on herself constantly.

No. 314243


Is she implying she believes that she's capable of facing the heartbreak of 10 people at once? That, if the grief hits her right, she she can experience pain tenfold of the normal person?

I don't understand how she thinks what she's saying is believable. While war-struck countries are facing unquantifiable amounts of death overseas, she's catastrophizing and agonizing over the predictable death of a cat that she admittedly didn't click with.

How awful of a person do you have to be to live a life so milquetoast and unscathed and do this? Does she just see every inconvenience as pawns to justify her claimed disorders?

No. 314244

How BPD of her.

No. 314245

She's making such a big deal about something that doesn't involve her just to make noise as someone "involved" in the community but she only comes out as a drama hungry pedo male defender. Because most of those male fans she oh-so-much cares about are pedos, she needs to stop getting into fights on Twitter if she's a complete idiot. Like, she really is an idiot. She forgets she is also involved in gossip and loves "tea". Confession pages for fandom stuff have always existed anyway.
Kek. I was going to write something about this, but I have no words, this is just ridiculous. Exaggerated and ridiculous. Whatever, she enjoys being a victim this much, so might as well be stupid about it on twitter.

No. 314246

>"I'm so dreading berry getting the news"
Bitch what lmao. Just talk to all your OCs at once in your head you idiot. Ohh noooooo poor made up OC they're going to cry when I tell them!!!! Kek. So stupid.

No. 314249

File: 1701723934078.jpg (478.06 KB, 1080x1261, 20231204_160852.jpg)

No. 314251

lol not Sof's partner being shady or anything

No. 314254

Kek. This grown ass woman has the audacity to make it all about herself and her alters instead of asking the rest of her family how they feel about the loss. Memememe it's always about her. It's not even her cat, it's her mom's. How about calling her and asking how she is doing instead of asking her shitty OCs to give a response? But noooo. She has to shoehorn her alters in every situation. How convenient that she's experiencing "loss" and her first reaction is to make a expectacle out of it and remind us all she has alters that suffer just as much as she does. Kek.

No. 314255

This is why Steebie hasn’t left yet.

No. 314260

She looks like an actual retard in this gif.

No. 314270

File: 1701733717729.jpg (600.12 KB, 1365x2048, media_GAhDYHBXsAAndpg.jpg)

Nta, the other picture she posted
I can't help but laugh about the each alter part too. It's so dumb and theatrical. She really never matured mentally past 13.
>I want to see how she gets out of the DID larp
Same. She tied this shit to her real name so I'm curious how that plays out since she doesn't have the excuse of being a minor when she started to larp DID.

No. 314272

i believe its the shadow from her arm, lollipop, and tongue. the camera is SO high up to make her look skinnier when she puts her pelvis back. that the shadow is being cast directly down from the overhead light.

No. 314273

the funniest part to me is "The second i saw Cliffe" like what do you mean, he's a made up character, even if she had real DID it's not like chatting with a friend in your head

No. 314274

there is no way this was on purpose, right? kinda embarrassing having left it like that… i wonder why she duplicated those things in the first place, hasn't she just edited this pic in a normal dragging horisontal/vertical lines kind of way? certainly looks like it, the angle is kinda awkward, as in edited weirdly.

No. 314288

This is the weirdest thing I've read all day. Like. This is a very strange interpretation of DID. Its very weird how it even has likes. She really, really, REALLY needs to lay off the weed.

No. 314300

Wouldn't it be significantly easier to handle trauma if you have DID? Isn't that, like, why people who believe in it thinks it happens in the first place - to make it easier to deal with trauma? Such a dumbass undermining her own larp, she should just switch to saying she has schizophrenia already.

No. 314307

I don't get that, like, the whole idea of DiD is having characters that can literally make people stop feeling trauma, so it's weird, like why isn't cliffe street doing taxes to help her cope? Why isn't sex pest alter having sex with steeb? Or why isn't Jillian regressing into an adult baby, drawing with crayons and shit? She should be dissociating according to her own Larp, not talking to her OCs like the world's most pathetic role play game ever.

No. 314308

>I was feeling warm and safe and ok for like 30 minutes last night
Yeah, in your warm and safe home with absolutely zero danger or imminent issues?
>Somehow seeing her OC in her head upset her despite them being there to protect you
>It's about the cat again
>She is going to milk each of her alters grieving the cat separately because of course

Man I wish I could hear Mama Vessey's real opinion about Jill because I bet it would be…very interesting

No. 314309

>It's about the cat again
>She is going to milk each of her alters grieving the cat separately because of course
She always has to milk every inconvenience ever
This is a great opportunity to make more Jerrick content and pretend to be an emo boy while trashing the house wearing the ugliest beanies. That's what Jerrick would want anyway. Lol.

No. 314310

She looks cute here. Wish she embraced looking like this and less like a clown failure. She really needs to delete or hide all her cringe content from these past years and pretend nothing ever happened. It would be better for her. Also ditch Steven kek.

No. 314311

File: 1701768381823.jpg (160.99 KB, 1080x1293, 20231205_042818.jpg)

I don't know what the original poster said and frankly I don't care. I just think this is hilarious coming from Jill. Something something pot kettle

No. 314313

She has been desperate to breadloaf that precure special interest bullshit, I wouldnt be surprised if this feigned outrage was simply another shot at that

No. 314314

Her Precure special interest larp always amused me. If she was actually autistic and had a true tard level love for the show there's no way she would let her sustainability thing get in the way of buying as much merch as she wants. The merch collection she does have is nothing out of the ordinary for an anime fan. At the very least she should be drawing Precure constantly or something since she does do art, but there's just nothing to point to it being anything more than something she enjoys like anyone else with a favorite series

No. 314315

Literally so true. The average autist has special interests that they pretty much consume 24/7 and cannot stop talking about. I have a female friend into Monster High and she draws the characters all the time, buys the dolls, makes tiny costumes for them, cannot stop talking about Monster High for a second. It's all there is in her mind. And I get it, she's obsessive with precure, but autism levels of obsessive? I dunno. Even if she doesn't have money to spare on merch she could draw the characters like you pointed out. She genuinely felt more like a precure fan before the DID shift, back when she went to Japan, it felt like she indulged in it more authentically, just not like an autistic person would. And she still doesn't come close to that. Now she really wants to be a voice in the community. I wish she saw how much narcissism she seeps out and got therapy for it.

I also just find funny how she thinks a stupid confession page for a cartoon will somehow affect any of the real autistic male precure fans out there. Girl, they don't care. They wouldn't give a shit because they don't care about this type of petty twitter drama to begin with. I doubt they would follow that account, most of them have their own discord groups or use 4chan. Simple as. They don't need defending, she just wants to "protect autistic men" (from what? lmao) because she wants to be the most autistic precure fan out there. Narcissism.

No. 314319

It's weird to me that she claims to be in the Precure fandom but never creates anything for it. Typically in fandom people write fanfiction, draw fanart, craft, write up headcanons, make OCs (DID alters not withstanding), maybe make fangames or comics… Jill cosplays which is one thing but mostly it seems like she just consooms

No. 314320


Next thread pic plz because this is the tastiest irony

No. 314321

She barely cosplays, a true and honest autist into fashion would make precure inspired outfits 24/7 or at least precure accessories, it's not that hard. If she was truly autistically into precure, she would crochet amigurumis, draw, design outfits and do other crafts based on precure, she has the time to do so since she doesn't have a real job, hell, that's content even, but she will never do anything productive in her life, everything is about consuming.

No. 314323

Someone needs to turn it into a banner, it’s just too perfect

No. 314331

Our mere mortal minds simply cannot comprehend how the Jillocative Identity Disorder works. The exact same thing happened with the deer crash - no alters volunteered to front in order to shield her from the trauma so our brave Jilliebean had to face it on her own, only wielding the sunflower retard lanyard as her weapon. No alter was able to protect her from the horrific McClean affair so she had to split two new alters from the immense trauma and it seems like they're both useless as well.

Her hunger for attention - aka the reason why she's LARPing DID in the first place - is majorly screwing over her LARP here. She realised she can come up with totally legit trauma from her past, associated with her 2edgy4u OCs, because she was ~dissociating~ 24/7 for years and couldn't remember all those awful things and that's why she's never mentioned any of it until recently, allowing her to garner pity with it. But if she would act like her play pretend mental illness would dictate she'd be dissociating at this very moment and couldn't milk the event for attention until much later after she'd suddenly remembered the trauma. She's just so excited to yell about her new sparkly trauma she can't stop for a moment to think about how she should act according to her LARP. (Also let's be real, she's probably also too dumb to actually play her cards right in order to make her lies believable kek)(armchairing)

No. 314332

File: 1701805559335.jpg (156.8 KB, 720x1003, 23124512.jpg)

No. 314333

Jillsanity aside - Cherry really gives me the fucking creeps.

No. 314337

at least Cherry goes to therapy.

No. 314339

And actually is autistic kek Jill is probably seething at the thought

No. 314342

I love catching up with Cherry more than Jill sometimes. She's my personal lolcow at this point.

The funniest thing is watching Cherry get an autism diagnosis with no money or job while Jill talks about WANTING an autism diagnosis with the disposable money and resources. There really is no reason for her to avoid it anymore while claiming that she IS autistic.

No. 314347

Can you post some of her antics? I'm interested.

No. 314351


No, this thread is about Jill. Not some other retard on Twitter. If you're curious, just go to her page instead of asking to be spoonfed here.

No. 314357

File: 1701826711353.jpg (447.26 KB, 720x3423, DID.jpg)

Sorry I couldn't grab the original tweet before it was unavailable.

No. 314362

Jillian upset that someone on twitter wormed their way out of accountability the same exact way she always does?

No. 314366

File: 1701830445603.jpg (134.92 KB, 720x914, 205193440.jpg)

No. 314369

its always been a major pet peeve of mine when someone. notices their comment getting likes, claim its getting attention/viral or something then use that as an excuse keep own talking. I always figured only attention whores do that, and Jill can confirm that.

No. 314372

File: 1701831038984.png (1.28 MB, 720x1370, Screenshot_20231205_185047_Chr…)

you can see the bookshelf puckering inwards by her leg lol. its like she forgot that if youre going to liquify yourself thinner you don't do it by furniture.

No. 314374

it kinda makes me wonder how fat shes really getting, this was sloppily done its jarring

No. 314376

Someone deliquify the pic so we can see what she feels insecure about.

No. 314377

>not everyone wants to post about an alter relapsing or something to the public
But Jillian literally does that, why is she acting like she doesn't? Kek.

No. 314382

i al no shoop expert but i bet she flattened her stomach rolls. by all accounts that tweety shirt should look like a sausage casing
not only is she getting 10x the hearbreak but more importantly, it allows her to talk about herself 10x more. jill has no likes, hobbies or interests to speak of exexpt obessessing about herself.

No. 314385

File: 1701835996799.png (2.66 MB, 1076x1548, pl2.png)

This is like a 60 second photoshop job to take the skewed perspective out

No. 314399

>tfw when someone tries to make my mental disorder where I have multiple personalities which behave in unexpected ways without warning sound dangerous in any way and not cute!!!
Most people who don't live on tiktok actually think multiple personalties is very much the dangerous, stabbing, jekyll and hyde etc variety. I'm gonna invent a new word for the shit they do: kawaiiwashing for when you take something generally considered awful and try to act like it's adorable actually

No. 314400

How pathetic, after years now of yapping about mental health and body positivity and talking about having an ED and editing her pics and shit she’s still ashamed of herself enough to shoop her corny selfies. Fucking kek

No. 314404

well you see it's actually jerrick being anorexic again kek

No. 314405

anon getting armchairing redtexted over Jillocative Identity Disorder is sending me kek

No. 314407

She looks cool here for once. Good for her. I'm also glad that she stopped the drag makeup handmaiden nonsense.(sage)

No. 314410

Thank god you got rid of the perspective. It was hurting my eyes so fucking bad.

No. 314425

It really is retarded the way Jill and those other fakers "took a stand against" the person's own fake experience even tho the fake seems more legitimate
Like, of COURSE it's gonna be dangerous for switching, all of those alters are supposed to be made up of severe trauma, and the severely traumatized are textbook unpredictable and capable of harming their self or others
Don't sugarcoat this disorder, it really just makes it so obvious these sick fucks think DID is just five housemates on a ACNH island baking cookies or some bullshit

No. 314430

jill thinks anyone who tells her DID isn't just a fun single player dnd game is oppressing her personally as if it isn't extremely common for DID to make a person unable to hold a job, attend higher education, have meaningful relationships, or otherwise impact quality of life in a negative way.

No. 314443

At least she's got the "doesn't have a job" part right.

No. 314444

File: 1701888605750.jpg (138.4 KB, 1080x878, Screenshot_20231206_153022_Ins…)


Y'all obsessed over her bad photoshop and ignored this: Is neurodivergent an oficial diagnose, Jill? How is that you never put "DID dx" in your IG bio, Jillian?

No. 314445

we know she's keeping it vague because of the SD autism
she is retarded and she is entertaining, the most outrageous lie i see is "fashion designer"

No. 314450

File: 1701890175358.jpg (131.88 KB, 720x808, Return.jpg)

No. 314452

No. 314454

She needs full bangs so we don't see her forehead wrinkles from her trying to give herself big uwu anime eyes

No. 314455

This has been in her bio for like months, back when she made the comments about trich being part of ocd and ocd being part of the Neurodivergent label, right around when she was hinting DID if I'm remembering correctly

I tinfoil she keeps her insta as a 'back up' so she can trudge back to fashion and pre mental health spiral like nothing has happened and never bring up her other social media's on it

No. 314456

She really thinks she invented that style of bangs huh. She literally said "if I start seeing this trend…you saw it here", her whole personality is based around being the most special/most original/the first one to do something.

No. 314457

She definitely has a "I peaked in high-school" type of personality

No. 314460

File: 1701896494122.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1125x1378, IMG_0599.jpeg)

She’s just heavily skin walking denim. I believe she has heart bangs too

No. 314465

She skinwalked her in high school too lol

No. 314466

HATE these eyebrows

yikes…just watch any raw video footage from after the 5 minute mark, she is stoned out of her damn mind. didn’t someone say she was trying to smoke less weed? Jill, you’re obviously fucked up for like 60% of this video, you look and sound high as fuck. delete this one girl.

No. 314467

File: 1701901523676.png (53.52 KB, 355x412, pixie h3 meltdown.png)

Not sure if this has been posted already, but Pixie is an avid H3H3 podcast watcher and always talks in the live chat. Today she went off and acted like a victim in chat because H3 made an autism joke and it triggered her. A mod had to tell her to be quiet and stop farming pity. Embarrassing… (sorry for the poor censorship job)

No. 314468

This was a good hearty kek. Thank you for the catch H3 nonna.

No. 314469

>>314467 glad to see her get put in her place, now if only her followers weren't afraid of her passive aggressive responses to call her out too.

No. 314470

>can people please stop ganging up on me
Girl forgot she isnt famous

No. 314471

>pixielocks loves to hate
She isn't famous. She's infamous for how hateful she is and how shit her takes are.

No. 314475

holy shit the end. someone says they don't care who she is and tells her to move on.
she says
> (sad emoticon) okay damn bye
Like you nonnies said she was trying to get attention so hard there, someone (mod?) shut that shit down & tells her to vibe with the stream, no one is ganging up on her… and she ragequits the chat.

No. 314477

File: 1701905300575.jpeg (72.48 KB, 827x612, IMG_2629.jpeg)

>Can people please stop ganging up on me

No. 314478

The amount of offensive shit ethan has said over the years and "autism and fast fashion" is where she draws the line >>314475
Looks like a mod with the spanner emoji, she was really trying to virtue signal for attention in the chat. Really if you are a fan why not use a lurker account instead of your brand account. So it does seem like (as always) she wanted attention

No. 314479

She has no real experience in these kinds of chats if she was looking for sympathy or mercy kek she needs to leave her hug box more often

No. 314481

chat anon, is there any more of this? I never use YT live chats so idk if they are saved anywhere. I want to see her whole tantrum. (I'm so happy you caught this and posted it btw, absolute gold)

No. 314482

Sage for being a snow flake. But ethan is a genocide supporter and she is OK with that but she literally dropped Hasan for saying the word schizo to refer to someone. She is so fake performative with her activism and ever since she bullied that black creator off of tiktok it's becoming more and more apparent.

No. 314483

It all should still be there on YouTube. Easy to find if the anon approximately knows when in the video Jill started commenting

No. 314484

Stream isn't over, but live chats are archived when a stream ends. I'll find the timestamp when it's over.

No. 314485

File: 1701905958054.jpeg (113.33 KB, 1000x894, IMG_2631.jpeg)

Nta but thanks anon! Finally some kek-worthy milk

No. 314486

thank you nonnies! I can't wait. And you taught me something I didn't know about those chats.

No. 314487

But thats literally what Jillian does.

No. 314488

>Switching doesn't cause headaches or violence
Didn't she originally said it did for her?

No. 314489

File: 1701906594140.jpeg (655.29 KB, 1179x865, IMG_2348.jpeg)

Kek Trying to prove she DID like the cat?

No. 314490

File: 1701906626622.png (166.16 KB, 536x347, 1701044545692.png)

From the last thread, from a recent episode of Drag Race Canada. Directly copying Denim's bangs. The skinwalk is so obvious.

No. 314491

This is what annoys me the most about her! She's so fake possi and only cares about looking good in front of others and her own personal interests. She doesn't care that these YouTubers are shitty people, but they say one word about her special snowflake larp diagnosis and she flips. She only cares about herself!

No. 314493

I hope that someday she shows her true colors (ie not actually caring about racism or anything that doesn't directly affect her) in a way that's obvious enough for the idiots on twitter to finally realize it

No. 314499

H3H3 alter drop when?

No. 314500

I love seeing people call her out in a space where she can't just block them and pretend they don't exist kek

No. 314502

"You guys cannot handle passive aggressive criticism and me being annoying?" There, fixed it for you

No. 314504

Timestamp of when this whole discussion in chat started. Make sure you click Live Chat at the top instead of Top Chat. Wasn't really paying attention at the start so I don't know how milky it is.

No. 314507

File: 1701915089408.png (11.73 KB, 356x113, image_2023-12-07_021214505.png)

Samefagging to add this since there isn't much more substance past what I posted earlier. Will also add that this was going on in chat LONG after the autism joke ended. She just had to milk it for all it was worth lmfao

No. 314508

Aren't heart shaped bangs already a trend?? Was she just joking?

No. 314511

I'm surprised she has yet to make a public declaration on her Twitter about how she's being bullied for having autism and H3H3 promotes ableism in his audience and how Amber is totally triggered and raging etc.

No. 314513

Kek I love how whiny she sounds in contrast to the replies she is getting, it must suck to be out of your Twitter bubble Jill. The fact that they seem to know her as someone who is always mad is hilarious

No. 314515

This just starts the vid at the beginning. what's the timestamp?

No. 314519

>genocide supporter

they/them former jill fan spotted(derailing, unsaged retard)

No. 314523

Her "gently worded criticism" is "yeah this sucks" ??? how did she think people were going to react

No. 314524

For context start at 51 minutes in, to get to the good stuff go to 56 minutes

No. 314526

Thanks, nona! Funny to see Jill get knocked down a peg but holy shit are these two guys just saying the most milquetoast boring shit ever

No. 314538

File: 1701926110286.jpeg (66.23 KB, 640x629, IMG_9717.jpeg)

kek she interacted outside of twitter and she was forced to see behind the curtain. no one gives a shit Jillian, the hug box doesn’t exist irl

No. 314541

File: 1701927762919.png (8.8 KB, 535x79, p chat.png)

I'll summarize what happened because the screencaps in the thread are from top chat and so they're out of order from how they actually appear chronologically

what set her off was ethan and the guest said that there's a venn diagram of acting kawaii and being autistic. ethan goes on to say "but we love the spectrum. we love all spectrums!" and jokes around on the topic. a good number of people in chat spam "autism gang" and "as an autistic i love this" along with people saying the usual "lol autism" or whatever. jill's first response is skull emojis and heart emojis, related to the "all spectrums" comments. eventually ethan reads out a comment in chat that says "ethan joining the war against autism on the side of autism" and agrees with it, noting he might be on the spectrum. pixie responds with two eye emojis.

honestly most of the content is ethan and the host joking about "the spectrum between not abusing children and abusing children" and joking about child abuse. but Jill is upset about the autism jokes. some other people are annoyed about the autism jokes too. others are making jokes about spectrum internet provider

one chatter says "as someone on the ASD spectrum this guy is pissing me off" and other chatters comment the joke has gone on too long and isn't funny (for real, it's a boring joke), which gets people going back and forth about whether it's funny. Pixie joins in that it's not and someone calls her out as always being mad about something (picrel)

at this point ethan has moved on completely from the spectrum topic. one other user also calls out Pixie for always being mad (>>314507) and a mod jumps in to say they are on the autism spectrum and vocal about it and they know others are too in chat, to remember to express yourself civilly in the chat and "remember ppl are learning"

pixie says the "gently worded criticism" from >>314467

chat has completely moved on, but after about a minute one person @s her and says "Pixielocks loves to hate" (from same image as above) and she says the "I just care about fast fashion and autism" line (??? was fast fashion even brought up?) two other people join in, one to tell her saying "this guy sucks" isn't gentle crit (pixie never said that, that I saw) and another to ask who pixie even is. pixie asks for people to stop ganging up on her. someone jokingly says #LeavePixiAlone (sic) and another person says "You got atted once, chill" (reminder that the majority of the chat is not paying attention to any of this and discussing what ethan and the guest are doing, which has switched topics twice now)

second mod comes in after pixie says "Wtf" (not sure if it's in response to the above or ethan and guest's chat since it comes a bit after) and tells everyone to calm down and move on. after which pixie says "okay damn bye"

No. 314542

File: 1701928527632.jpg (Spoiler Image,106.86 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

They have been a trend in jfashion since forever, something she's supposedly very knowledgeable in. Venus made a tutorial in 2015. Kek. Even as a cow she's very late with the "trends".
Honestly besides them looking like two ugly strands curled inwards I don't see that much resemblance. Jillian's hair is longer and Denim's bangs are short, unkept, bicolor, and faggy looking, they look like centipede jaws to me. Maybe there was a small coincidence or inspiration from it, I'm not denying she might be copying or even skinwalking this person, but this particular comparison feels a little bit like a stretch.

No. 314545

>what set her off was ethan and the guest said that there's a venn diagram of acting kawaii and being autistic.
Kek, did she get triggered at this?

She won't because she wants their attention, that's why she attentionwhores in the chat. I wonder how she's doing with Drew Monson btw? Didn't he also make triggering content when he hung along with Shane?

No. 314547

I wonder if Ethan noticed her in chat and looked at her page for possible egirl tiddy (we know he is into the egirl look) and came away with this venn diagram kawaii and autism take.
Funny how the awful moids she stans don't seem to like her (doesn't Drew ignore her completely?)

No. 314548

Wow what a seemingly normal video, no mention of did, autism, and the like. Wonderful. Oh what’s this? At the very end so fucking hamfisted because she couldn’t resist talking about how this connects to twauma:
>autism breadcrumb at 12:41, I AM VERY AFRAID OF CHANGE
>12:43 I constantly have nightmares——well not constantly but pretty frequently I’ll have nightmares that me or one of my parts does something crazy to our hair. I’ve had the dream where jerr dyed our hair black a lot
What is there to say. All I can do is roll my eyes kek.

No. 314549

why does she even care about a few random comments from randos. 1) being offended 2) taking the initiative of correcting the record and defending herself in a chat that nobody GAF about really shows she thinks she's a bigger deal than she actually is. everybody knows you're a whiny bitch jilly, don't mistake the hugbox for reality, if it wasn't for this farmer >>314504 (nice catch btw) aka her only fan nobody would have even noticed

No. 314552

Hell I'm still confused how going from rainbow hair to rainbow hair is a change in color.

No. 314553

for people to react like this to Jill's relatively tame comments she must have been annoying them so often it now just sets off a "here we go again" response

No. 314560

Are these seriously the trauma nightmares Jill has been claiming to wake up screaming from and puts her in flight or flight? She dyes her hair a different color? This bitch has no problems
Idk why Jill would watch someone like h3h3 and be shocked he'd say this. I could understand if some of the toddler slop she loves watching had an edgy autism joke, but h3h3 is a known edgelord who says offensive things. It really feels like she tried using a popular YouTuber as proof of her hyperfocusing because she knows it's a sign of autism and now it's backfired on her dumb ass.

No. 314561

Jill loves edgy offensive men. She only dropped Vaush after being publicly called out on Xitter for stanning a pedophile, has been a fan of H3H3 for ages and is obsessed with Drew Monson who was one of Shane Dawson’s crew IIRC. Will Wood also struck me as an edgelord based on his lyrics and let’s not forget her love of drag queens whose entire persona and career revolves around dressing up as and acting out offensive stereotypes of women. Jill only pretends to be this UwU sensitive all-loving rainbow babygirl because that’s trendy and she wants to be universally liked, but in reality she loves these spiteful little moids whose entire shtick is provoking outrage and punching down at women in particular.

No. 314564

>SEE GUYS, I actually was close to the cat!! My grief is real!!
Totally not pissed because this thread noticed she never liked that cat huh.
If her grief is real she needs to amp it up asap and start punching holes in the wall like a real autistic person with grief would, you know, just to make it more believable. She can even pin it on Jerrick the angsty teenager!
Now I'm very curious about seeing the rest of H3H3's livestream chats just to see what else Jillian gets mad about. If she's so easily recognizable in chat, she must be really really active. It's funny people there already know she's always angry at shit. Keep ignoring therapy, Jillian.
>what set her off was ethan and the guest said that there's a venn diagram of acting kawaii and being autistic.
Isn't this what she wants to hear though? She thinks she's kawiwi, therefore autistic. Why did she get mad at that? Lmao

No. 314565

>Pixie is always mad
>Pixielocks loves to hate
Glad to see people recognize her patterns and are not falling for her "gentle criticism" at all. That ain't twitter girl, that's literally a gossip channel's chat with the most rancid people in it, and you love being in it, so chill. You're a literally who for them. Jillian really needs to learn to keep her mouth shut because one day if she keeps virtue signaling and getting into arguments with strangers like that, it won't end up in a simple chat discussion like that. She's so unlikeable, but she loves attention, so.

She can keep pretending to be a big girl in her own small and dumb twitter profile and defend autism and DID all she wants, but she's playing with fire outside of it. No one really cares besides her own followers. She can't continue acting stupid on youtubers' chats who specialize in gossip and drama because she's putting herself in the radar, high key. But oh well.

No. 314568

>Are these seriously the trauma nightmares Jill has been claiming to wake up screaming from and puts her in flight or flight? She dyes her hair a different color? This bitch has no problems
Kek. I hope one day she wakes up and has black hair. I hope she dyes it by impulse. How is dyeing her hair a trauma thing is beyond me.
Man, I wish Hila divorced him.
this. Shes an edgelord herself but is too retarded and I bet she still watches Vaush. She only acts """""kind""""" online (not really) so she gets liked by others. She must be so spiteful to be around irl. She's also a woman hater imo. Or I wouldn't be surprised if she was.

No. 314569

I bet she left most of the video clean because she's hoping for most attention from Brad Mondo

No. 314573

ty for this nonna, i'm the H3 nonna and didn't have time to scroll up to get things in order because i wasn't actively paying attention. but yeah, no one was really paying her any attention and she made it all about her, as she tends to do.

i find it weird how she totally flip flopped to acting like it was hilarious with the emojis, then acted all butthurt because a few others with autism expressed that it made them uncomfortable. really just goes to show how much of a larper she is by following the crowd and never having her own opinion.

it's so funny to see her try to worm her way out of things by using her autism card - there were also so many people in chat saying "as someone with ASD i find this joke funny", which obviously doesn't excuse it from being mind-numbingly boring, but for her to act like the arbiter of comedy in relation to autism is so retarded.

unrelated info: other host is a comedian with a netflix special out, so obviously he's gonna have some questionable jokes. it's stand-up comedy.

No. 314577

So at first she was in with the joke with the skull and heart emojis and then she wasn't anymore when real autistic people got uncomfortable with it? Kek typical Jill, and of course she made it all about herself afterwards. I wish we had a screenshot of the emojis because I can't find it in the top chat and somehow I can't see the live chat either?
I believe this lol.

No. 314578

Because she wants to be the most autistic person in the world and desperately wants to be an influencer in the autism community, so she has to virtue signal even though she already had a laugh with the joke

No. 314586

File: 1701963834277.png (44.92 KB, 713x293, image_2023-12-07_154434957.png)

just grabbed these quickly, gave a little context too.

just trying so hard to fit in with the autistic chatters kek

No. 314592

lol she always does this shit when someone says the mildest, least offensive thing ever that has 0 impact on the real world. I'm shocked she hasn't messaged h3h3 wailing about how they could have been friends and how evil and putrid he is.

No. 314593

Jill so badly wants to be the authority, the it girl of autism, which is hilarious to me in the context of >>314311 wherein a bunch of DID larpers piled on another DID larper talking about her experience of finding switching scary/dangerous. Jill thinks it’s ok to tell someone to stfu if they don’t provide a caveat that they’re talking about their own experience (which let’s face it if you’re using social media that should be the default stance - that you speak for yourself and are speaking from your own experiences) while her and other maligners think they speak for the group anytime they so much as fart. They don’t seem to realize they have no more authority than any other supposed sufferer to speak on behalf of them all. It’s just so pathetic and narcissistic.

No. 314594

Merry Milkmas! Bitch is getting what she deserves when she isn't surrounded by her rainbow haired yesmen. It's funny how she likes H3H3, when he's said many horrible shit in the past regarding women.

No. 314596

Thank you for capping these. I love that she finally got called out for being a retard.

No. 314597

"you guys cannot handle gently worded criticism?" ironic coming from her.

No. 314598

>>314597 literally, she needs more of her followers to call her out without sugarcoating like that one guy in her mentions getting on her ass about the PSF shit, sage for old milk

No. 314599

I think that's why she finds Steven attractive honestly, I can imagine he consumes a lot of this content that involves a moid with a microphone and Jill doesn't have an ounce of critical thinking so she also likes it. It would be very interesting to see what she truly likes behind closed doors.

No. 314605

specifically, she needs more of her followers that have an actual fucking backbone to call her out. >>313649 almost had it but backed out when pixie love-and-kindness'd her tone, which was super frustrating. i don't know how people keep falling for shit when its so obvious how manipulative she's being in real time. they literally experience her being a bitch but then back down when she remembers to use softer language and heart hand emojis

No. 314608

They don't call her out, they talk shit about her on here, right Sof?(hi cow)

No. 314611

Steve wanted to be the moid with the microphone but his channel never took off. I wonder what Jill’s life would be like now if it had.

Personally I think that if Jill had been a few years older she would’ve been one of those scene queens on stickam throwing racist and homophobic slurs around and making fun of fat and disabled people, Kiki Kannibal style.
That’s basically what Jerrick is for. I think she’s nostalgic for that pre-PC internet era and originally wanted to be a whole lot more edgy with the Jerrick persona but backed down once she realised she’d still be considered responsible for her OC’s behaviour. If she were able to fully separate problematic Jerrick from flawless sweetie Jillian then I bet her Jerrick account would be full of (heavily edited) bodychecks and rageposts about us farmers all being ugly fat retarded lesbians or something along those lines.

No. 314612

I'd love it Ethan went through her stuff and showed all her bullshit like he did with Trisha, but he has no way to prove anything false aside from accusing her of faking it all. His fans ganging up on her would be funny though. Probably the best milk she's had in years is her interjecting into another cows crowd like this.

No. 314613

she participates in the chat in every episode, i was waiting until something happened to bring it up here. normally when someone is verified (like she is, grey name and checkmark) ethan will address them, but he seems to have never addressed pixie. i think he can just tell off the rip that she's annoying and not a good person to interact with. as much as i hate ethan, he made a good decision never giving her attention. i wonder if she will ever be in the chat again. or if she feels muh ostracised.
i do wonder if the show producer dan or any of the mods pulled up her channel from the comments after this happened kek, that would be funny. i do wish youtube livestreams had the feature like twitch where you could pull up someone's entire chat history if you're a mod.

No. 314614

I’d love for someone to call out her shit who doesn’t shy away from “fake claiming”. Usually these tea channels give her the benefit of the doubt and only point out the most superficial inconsistencies and misbehaviour while still entertaining the idea that she could legitimately have a bunch of colour-coded multiple personalities stemming from some mysterious twauma. Maybe I’m naive but I can’t imagine how anyone can look at Jill and believe the DID shit. Surely the only reason anyone plays along is that they don’t want her blowing up at them and/or are fakers themselves? Please let someone with a spine and more than one brain cell call her out for once.

No. 314615

thank you, this is clear and useful

No. 314620

>Usually these tea channels give her the benefit of the doubt and only point out the most superficial inconsistencies and misbehaviour while still entertaining the idea that she could legitimately have a bunch of colour-coded multiple personalities stemming from some mysterious twauma.
That's what annoys me, because these channels are afraid of getting cancelled and dogpilled themselves. The mental health movement is so misled that believing fakers has a priority over calling them out to not hurt their precious feefees

No. 314621

KEK Jilly is so predictable and can't even do the "I'm offended" larp right
Steven really comes across as the male redditor to trans pipeline prime example. He really wanted to be an offensive left wing youtuber but it never took off. What was his channel name again? it's been ages
>almost had it but backed out when pixie love-and-kindness'd her tone, which was super frustrating. i don't know how people keep falling for shit when its so obvious how manipulative she's being
It's how bpd narcissist bitches keep their victims on a leash. "See I'm not that bad I'm so kind and friendly!" It's pure manipulation

No. 314625

Kek that cat looks so pissed that Jilly is holding him. Clearly the cat didn't like her either.(nitpick, not saged)

No. 314641

Idk if you and the anons that responded are newfags or just don’t remember, but the reason she has that on her IG and the reason she calls herself this is because she is fucking stupid and thinks having Trichotillomania means she is ND. There is proof of this in older threads where she fights with tards on Twitter and people in her YouTube comments calling her out on it.

No. 314646

None of those anons but I don't blame them for forgetting, she larps too many things too frequently and autism is considered neurodivergency so it just became part of her larp I guess.

No. 314672

I think one problem with covering people like Jill on the internet is that once you accept any of the usual woke bs you kinda have to accept all of it. So unless you started out not giving a shit about pronouns, calling someone a faker, saying self-diagnosing is valid etc it's going to be really hard to go back on it. If you accept a person can be trans just by saying so and that's their "real lived experience" then why can't you accept that Jill's real lived experience is being multiple people and a cat and being trans autistic without any autism when she says so? You can't then suddenly go "actually trans is bullshit too" because your own woke audience will turn on you

No. 314673

>"See I'm not that bad I'm so kind and friendly!" It's pure manipulation
wait damn Jill is literally Umbridge: loves pink and pastels and has very questionable aesthetic taste that put most people off, invades spaces meant for children, acts like an authority when she has no credibility to be one, sucks up to people above her hoping to gain more power from it, everyone knows she is "always mad" and "loves to hate" despite the acting

No. 314675

File: 1702034060537.jpg (335.16 KB, 1079x1128, Screenshot_20231208_111030_You…)

No. 314677

Oof those bangs look awful and unflattering on her face.

No. 314678

kekkkkk they found her. hopefully the h3 fans will start cross-examining her content. actually a very exciting crossover.

No. 314679

i wonder how jill juggles being a rabid H3 fan when ethan is a know. edgelord. whenever says they watch him, I know exactly the type of edgy shit theyre exposed to and hear on a daily basis. So how she can pretend shes sunshine and rainbows is beyond me. it doesnt even tske much to rile her up and that whole illusion shatters. So shes gonna whine shes being attacked but these are the type of people you associate with jill.

No. 314680

Another threadpic contender. (Farmer or is she just that annoying in the chat?)
I do like the rainbow hair but the heart bangs are not doing much as >>314677 said.

No. 314698

Last time someone made that comparison they got shat on because hating HP is trendy kek.
Her bangs looked fine the first time but then she had to make them as thick as possible. A shame.

No. 314699

You are completely correct. No more words needed.
Agreed with next thread pic, maybe it should be a collage

No. 314722

File: 1702061323459.jpg (55.44 KB, 720x459, Screenshot_20231208-184644.jpg)

Lol Jill was way more sane before she got into the DID larp

No. 314729

She uses the wrong mental illness terms every fucking day and she ain't a confused teen

No. 314732

File: 1702062556365.jpg (245.31 KB, 720x1780, Streisand.jpg)

No. 314734

File: 1702062746873.jpg (169.97 KB, 720x975, Google.jpg)

No. 314736

What diagnosis Jillian. You ain't diagnosed.

No. 314738

This is the problem: she googles every fucking thing, every little small headache and hurt toe, then makes it into a bigger thing than what it is. Idk what her reasoning here is, she constantly uses the wrong terms, then wants to call her alters "folks" because she needs to make things whimsical for herself since there's nothing else going for her in her boring life. She's such an obvious faker that deludes herself into believing, all she has is a malingering disorder.

No. 314741

stevie is as bad as Jill is as this point for constantly enabling / coddling her

No. 314742

next threadpic vibes

No. 314748

What these morons (and most zoomers) don’t seem to understand is that there exist invisible marks that to an actual sufferer/expert are highly visible. I would argue too that what they’re describing is actually signs of a malingerer.

No. 314749

Yeah I don’t necessarily blame them either, personally I remember this strongly because it was one of her most stupid fucking takes and one of the ones she was the most stubborn about.

No. 314751

I'm curious to know what these signs are, but knowing the internet I'll only find fakers or people who enable them.

No. 314752

The marks are experience, you can’t fake it. To even identify the marks you have to have experience first hand.
Think about troons and what marks they are missing, no matter how long or well they perform there is still something missing. If you have any experience with something think of what marks you as being experienced, what are novices missing? What are you missing that an expert has? What are you missing that an expert knows that you aren’t even aware you don’t know? Things like that, things you can’t even contextualise because you’re not an expert, those are the marks.

No. 314762

File: 1702084224341.jpeg (643.86 KB, 828x1351, IMG_4382.jpeg)

No. 314764

File: 1702085266769.jpeg (203.89 KB, 828x770, IMG_4383.jpeg)

No. 314767

Where is Steven's side of this? He never says anything anymore.

No. 314772

Slightly ot example but I read a thread of non artists talking about AI art, trying to sound clever by making comparisons to procedurally generated assets in movies/games and automated fill in photos, and every single one of them was off the mark. What artists think about is not "what is art" but the process, the expression, the reaction, and how to incorporate the art into your life and work. The people who know nothing focus on "what is art" and their idea of the process is "copy, repeat" because they lack an ounce of artistry and can't even conceptualise imagining something.
For anyone who is actually sick or mentally ill it would be the same, the malingerers are so far off the mark on what actually matters to a genuinely sick person, what you think about and talk about, their are extremely obvious and basically everything they say and do is a tell.

No. 314775

are these her new glasses? they look like coke bottles

No. 314776

"alter" is not a medical term jilly, it's a literary term and precedes your DID internet bullshit by literal millenia. it's short for alter ego, other self, which a 25 yo should know if they read any book or newspaper ever rather than watched cartoons for children all day
she's so presumptuous and smug and so dumb i'm a-logging

No. 314778

File: 1702104400957.webp (Spoiler Image,828.4 KB, 268x201, IMG_0621.webp)

No. 314788

uncle jun?

No. 314792

dumb bitch is high af again taking retarded pics of herself
she does virtually nothing to further her knowledge on anything. shes one of the retards who watch some shitty tiktards reaches the first page of google and think she knows what shes talking about. that only works in her retarded intellectually devoid hug box but not in other corners of the internet nor real life. god shes painfully stupid. how shes comfortable being a weak woman who has to rely on a guy for basic shit is beyond ne

No. 314794

She really is just stoned 24/7. Imagine how different her life would be if she actually had friends to smoke with instead of getting completely zooted in isolation in her rainbow prison day in and day out. That could drive anyone a little nuts.

No. 314804

small update: she is still interacting in the H3 chats, so it seems that didn't deter her from trying to attention seek there. watching the episode now and will post if anything milky happens.(this is an imageboard)

No. 314805

Thanks anon please do

No. 314808

File: 1702149934619.png (7.58 KB, 353x61, image_2023-12-09_192635905.png)

seems like she ditched the chat pretty early, only thing that she got to do was talk about her therapy light. gotta make it clear that you're mentally ill i guess! nothing really milky.

No. 314812

I feel like if Steve’s feelings were mutual at all he’d post the same corny mushy shit every now and then too especially since he’s supposed to be so “progressive” and open about feelings and all that. But in all honesty, everyone who wasn’t born yesterday knows people who post about how in love and how great their relationships are usually lying or just coping and need others to see how great everything is. Aside from humble anniversary posts, which this definitely isn’t

No. 314815

Seriously? Guess she's gonna pretend like the last chat never happened.

No. 314816

she's going to beat the dead bedroom allegations!

No. 314827

Now that you mention it, it does kinda surprise me she doesn't milk her mum's cancer more.
I guess another sign that this might really be what messed her up in the first place (lack of attention and all), like other anons have theorised?

No. 314828

Therapy light? What about actually going to therapy Jillian

No. 314829

Yep, it's funny that the only real serious thing she's ever experienced is the only thing she never mentions. Makes you think.
I have a theory that whenever she gets into an argument, she then had to mention some sort of therapy or some shit that makes her look mentally ill. Something to definitely look for next time she gets called out

No. 314832

She means a warm light lank for seasonal depression. It's an actual recommendation considering seasonal depression is literally just vitamin d deprivation but people have to make it a pity party

No. 314834

Oh you know she chose that name for extra pity points kek

No. 314841

That's why I think it's obvious she outright invents all these "traumatic events" that supposedly happened to her. Her mother having cancer is legitimately traumatic and difficult to talk about or be reminded of. Everything else is just desperate cries for attention.

No. 314842

She definitely chose a non typical name to make it about mental health and depression. Googling therapy light is default for skin masks using light. Not many people call the SAD warm light lamps "therapy lamps" so she is absolutely trying to sound special

No. 314845

Everything she claims to be traumatic is also very humdrum, it’s truly odd that the whole cancer thing doesn’t even register as fodder for her larp… so is she aware enough to not be disrespectful/inconsiderate of her mother or is she just so self obsessed that unless it’s something that directly happened to her it doesn’t count? She’s so weird.

No. 314846

>Stevie just goes “well, it was one of yas…”
Has anyone else noticed that nearly every time Stevie mentions or is even mentioned mentioning Jillsociative Identity Disorder, it’s framed around Jillian not taking accountability for her actions?

No. 314849

absolutely. and thats the problem with most DID fakers. they use it as an excuse so they dont have to self reflect or introspect themselves. an excuse to be shitty and be like "oh it was my alter… cuz muh twauma" and not be held accountable.

No. 314851

File: 1702188376793.jpg (75.64 KB, 720x513, J.jpg)

Taken from the community tab on yt.
She really wants the H3 chat to be her hugbox. My god she's so pathetic. Lol

No. 314855

Omfg she's begging for views now? Kek Jillian you really did ruin your channel with this DID shit

No. 314876

Can anyone tell me if her most recent video is performing worse than normal? I never watched her shit in the first place(spoonfeeding request)

No. 314880

File: 1702223810226.jpg (232.22 KB, 720x1462, Views.jpg)

Here's where her newer videos are sitting at currently.

No. 314881

All these videos are trash

No. 314885

oh wow, her views are awful. I didn't realize she isn't even breaking 20k within a month.

No. 314892

Her most recent thumbnail is trash, she styles it more like a meme than a thumbnail meant to advertise and attract viewers
Maybe this one is performing so poorly because no one wants to watch a video with a thumbnail that reads as "all I'm gonna do in this one is complain"

No. 314901

Do you think she'll ever admit this is all an act to try to raise views/subs?

No. 314902

At this point all her video ideas and thumbnails just feel really boring and self important. She's not a cute and cozy vloger, she's not doing smart content, she's not doing anything new. It's just herself talking about her mental illness and whatnot. Nobody really cares when her munchie personality is super boring

No. 314903

All of these videos are literally so boring, no wonder no one cares anymore. Crossing my fingers that she will delete it all and pretend nothing ever happened in the future. But who knows maybe it'll get even worse, sad.

No. 314906

She's in too deep at this point

No. 314908

She doesn't like it coming up because it gives attention to her mom instead of her. In an old video where they were getting tattooed together her mom mentions her chemo dot tattoo and Jill was bratty and dismissive, eager to change the subject. The whole thing reminds of me classic munchausen, which can result from growing up with a sick family member and is more common in people with personality disorders. I'm not saying she has that, but the general idea that she has to be the sickest ever for attention might come from that.

No. 314909

File: 1702238572758.jpg (127.81 KB, 720x700, 02312130138.jpg)

No. 314910

No. 314912

Curious as to why she hasn't announced what alter is present in her recent videos.
LARPs autism w/ sensory issues at 4:10

No. 314913

I feel like she's trying to reach an audience that doesn't know about her yet, and even she knows her did bullshit will make newcomers question and harass her

So interesting how she can just conveniently switch it on and off

No. 314914

A normal person would be worried about coming off as annoying and whiny to their audience, including people who literally pay for their content, and would cut out the dramatic and overly obnoxious "omgomgomg I hate this squeaking sound" because they would know it would come off as attention whoring or just overall unpleasant and unfunny to watch/hear. Jill is neither funny, entertaining, or a normal person, she purposely leaves shit like this in her videos and consciously plays back this footage while editing and thinks to herself "this is good, people will like this, people will surely believe I have autism" Bleak!

No. 314916

She mentions "I'm not the only person using my brain right now" during that and says Sunny is there lol

No. 314919

>says she will use the glitter wrapping paper sparingly and implies it's bad because of the glitter (environmental issues i guess?)
>wraps perfectly good snowman box in it because she can't handle one present not being pink and mint

No. 314921

She looks mental in this thumbnail

No. 314922

>>314921 careful, anon. she might think you're giving her autism points

No. 314923

Funny that she has sensory issues now and not when she wrapped Christmas gifts in the past or with all her haul videos full of plastic stuff

No. 314926

File: 1702244009359.jpeg (905.01 KB, 1290x970, IMG_0316.jpeg)

Wow she looks like such a sped in this thumbnail she picked(repost)

No. 314935

File: 1702249361623.jpg (113.83 KB, 720x827, Voices.jpg)

No. 314937

5.5 years, out of school for more than 2 years, living together for 3 years, and no engagement ring yet, jilly? interesting.

No. 314940

So not the arts and crafts school presentation? She still hasn’t done that right?

No. 314943

Kek, come on. What's next? Cute or edgy sticky notes on the mirror? I hope she makes a video and does soy faces looking at color-coded sticky notes as if she didn't put them before filming.

No. 314946

I don't think she believes it is, so no

No. 314954

>voices in head
This is called thinking. Revolutionary.

No. 314963

Her gifts are like… bare minimum for the amount of gifts she expects every year.

But also, she keeps going about "crunchy cat" while being surrounded in ribbon and tape and paper and in the end montage one of her cats is playing with a HAIRTIE on the floor. Hairties are probably the thing we have to extract out of cats the most at my job.
God, may we have a tinsel incident repeat for milkmas (and that the cat is safe in the end)

No. 314966

File: 1702279780832.jpg (132.87 KB, 720x924, Patron.jpg)

Patron monthly income
She wants Sunny to take emo boi's place as most loved alter.
Her trying to rewrite her own recorded past never fails to make me laugh. Like damn Jillian, laying it on thick enough?

No. 314970

probably should have pushed and created her brand proper while she was famous, now she likely can't self-sustain herself on her income

No. 314973

File: 1702284575387.png (1.16 MB, 1232x720, IMG_20231211_024809.png)

Why do all her presents feel small, cheap and insignificant? She gets tons of expensive shit every year from everyone and she never gives anything good in return. The packaging is cute but that's it

No. 314974

Dec patreon stream: Bubbles edition

Transcript key points:
2:44- Going home for christmas but won't be taking the cats with her. Steve is going to be gone for one week so friends will be watching them. Blames her car crash trauma and pet death trauma for not wanting to bring them with her and mentions that she's too scared to take them in her car.

4:00- Mayor McMuffin got a clean bill of health from the vet as he's been losing so much weight and is now on meds.

4:32- So proud of her self for letting her hair grow and resisting temptation to cut her own bangs for SO long. So she could prove to herself that she could. Move over Mother 'pain & suffering' Theresa there's a new way to feel gods love.

6:53- wearing her moms old bra/shapewear

8:10- rolls around in her sleep like a rotisserie chicken. States that she and Stevie usually sleep in separate bed but she's been talking about maybe sleeping together some nights. Also states that they sleep separate due to Jill tapping into the 'DID mainframe' when she starts to fall asleep.
Body language: Laughs and tries to play it off, turns away from the camera but her voice just sounds sad.

10:39- stealing nona's ideas and want to try pastel streaks in a blonde. BUT only on the off chance that she gets wed in the coming years and her pinterest board is popping.
Thinking about doing a 'Lady lovelylocks' so a trad wife chapt is on the horizon the moment Jill has a ring on her finger

10:52- states she's a "_?sh__ in waiting" so if anyone can figure it out please tell me.
Body language is full deception and her face at 11:21 really shows how unhinged Jill is getting.
11:27: "It's so crazy to be so in love"
11:51-16:00-talking about her hair, coffee, her cat jumping on things during the stream and interacting with the chat

16:06- misses having a car

16:27- windows are open so neighbours can hear her shrieking and 'stimmy noises'

30:28- Working on a magical girl DnD and it'll be her first time DMing with it. Guess everyone got tired of playing with her and she wants to be the only person talking at a game.

44:17- Better help drama with her refund issues. JIll is so excited to talk about what happened to her she and how she feels like she was targeted with their shady practices due to her DID. Chat has more people speculating about how she was taken advantage of and Jill doesn't confirm or deny anything, just sits back and looks at her nails whilst smiling.
51:20- stevie works a lot and he has the car so she instacart plus everything

A lot of precure and christmas talk with no talk of her crochet projects, art prints or any other hyped up personal ~passion~ that she's spoken about this year.

No. 314975

File: 1702293627712.png (322.08 KB, 386x424, bracelets.png)

Just to add, she's wearing her tard bracelets (strategically positioned) and also says around 9:30 ("Coming from Sunny") "I already am the alter that can't use a can opener, do not tell me I can't wrap presents. I will freak out. Give me one skill.". So she stopped putting the DID namecards to appeal to new viewers I guess, but then she does this IRL chuunibyou shit. How does she think this "multiple people in my head" shtick comes across to the average rando? If I didn't know she's malingering, I'd just assume she's a weirdo tumblr tulpa otherkin attention-seeker and not be too off the mark. And didn't she literally just say she doesn't like to use the word alter?
Agreed on the gifts, it's fine if it's what everyone agreed to do but they're really more on the stocking stuffers side and we've seen the kind of gifts she gets ($$$). I don't know if her friends are really into plushies still, but she gives the vibe that she buys what she wants instead of what they want, especially with Steve's gift (can't be having an ugly black and white print-out on the fridge now can we). At least she did put some effort into it but it's evidently more for herself than for him.

No. 314977

She says "I'm a she/they in waiting" lol. And holy shit she is SO HIGH in this stream. Like she is 100% out of her mind

No. 314980

>Thinking about doing a 'Lady lovelylocks' so a trad wife chapt is on the horizon the moment Jill has a ring on her finger
This would be hilarious to see. She’s going to end up like shoe0nhead x preg if she doesn’t stop pushing marriage. If he’s uncomfortable at the thought and is only doing it to make you happy then move on, girl.

No. 314985

That's totally because she's claiming being autistic and Sunny is her autistic alter. She'll eventually kill them all and keep Sunny as the main character, like it was only Sunny all along!(sage)

No. 314986

What a dumb bitch.
"he he he."

No. 314988

I don't know why she would want to get married. They don't sleep in the same bed, she forces him to live in her pink migraine of a home with refusal to live normally, she's running out of money and clout, Stevie now has to work and be the only adult. He would lose. That false validation of their "love" wouldn't last even if she did milk it out for years like some women do with constant reminders to everyone about her wedding and "wonderful" husband.

No. 314990

It’s the day (other than her birthday) where she can get a lot of attention for showing up in a pretty dress and put on a sparkly ring. They’re technically married because they’re common law but apparently that’s not good enough lol.

No. 314992

Is this $500 a month in USD or Canadian dollars?

No. 314993

I was going to say the same about the gifts because why does it seem like she spent more on the packaging than on the gifts themselves? Steve's gift for example seems cute but also just a way for it to fit her aesthetic? Like she should have at least got him some fancy dice or whatever because at the end of the day that's something for her house.

No. 314998

That's not a thing in Canada.
So Stevie is the breadwinner. No wonder she is love bombing him publically. And if he's been working "a lot" by her own words, the summer video where he doesn't look too thrilled to see her in the park is very telling.

No. 314999


i can smell the weed coming off of this livestream holy shit

No. 315002

>>314998 Common law marriages do exist in Canada. For federal tax purposes in Canada, ‘living common-law’ refers to couples who have either been living together for 12 continuous months or who share a child by birth or adoption. The 12 month timeline also applies in the context of immigration.


No. 315004

I agree, she should had thrown some pretty dices in. There's so many options. I also agree that she invested more on the packaging because she wanted to make it aesthetic for herself kek

No. 315005

>States that she and Stevie usually sleep in separate bed but she's been talking about maybe sleeping together some nights. Also states that they sleep separate due to Jill tapping into the 'DID mainframe' when she starts to fall asleep.
Oh she's definitely reading the thread. Didn't Steven say he has a sleep illness and that's why they sleep separate? It's in this thread or last one. Why change the story…?

No. 315006

>Thinking about doing a 'Lady lovelylocks' so a trad wife chapt is on the horizon the moment Jill has a ring on her finger
Barf. I hope they split up soon.

No. 315008

You’re clearly not from Canada if you didn’t know that’s a thing kek.
Yup and that’s basically them.

No. 315015

Sunflower (the flora + sunny hypothetical alter) will be the only one to survive
Yeah her gifts feel like stuff she herself wants or approves of, and looks more like stuffing stockers than actual thoughtful presents

No. 315018

>but she's been talking about maybe sleeping together some nights
Together for 5 years and still tiptoeing around stuff like this, and she's the one talking publicly about it. It seems too personal to comment on, but we wouldn't even know they sleep separate except she keeps mentioning it, so it's clearly a problem to her.
That and the frequent, one sided references to marriage in her content and on Twitter.
All those viral cake smash videos of grooms violently taking it out on their wives tell you all you need to know about forcing men into marriage.
She needs to retire as his beard, and get a boyfriend who actually likes her, imo she's pretty cute and there's plenty of similarly insane bpd males who wouldn't bat an eyelid at her antics.
Also I'm sure at least some of his "busy working" is just getting alone time without her and or going on dates.

No. 315019

She really needs a better boyfriend who supports her instead of enabling her. The problem is that she feels old and thinks she can't get anyone better. But she needs someone who isn't an enabler that doesn't even sleep with her.

No. 315022

File: 1702335108944.png (36.59 KB, 696x138, Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 5.50.…)

lmao, kek even. taken from the h3 live chat.

No. 315025

File: 1702336215382.jpg (195.21 KB, 1080x615, Itswhatevs.jpg)

Maybe it's a having your cake and eating it too law?

No. 315028

Not sure why its shocking, beyond that she would love to do a big look at me event, she craves that stability. She is deeply insecure about her relationship with Steve and for a good reason since in their situation them not being engaged is a big red flag. They have been together quite a few years, they have been living together for a while, and there isnt anything actually preventing them life wise as they have nothing going on.

So the reason they arent engaged is Steve. He either never wants to get married or doesnt want to get married to her. In either case that is def friction in their relationship. Im sure she aggressively shows Steve her wedding pinterest to give him hints and hopes he will propose for xmas again.(sage your shit)

No. 315029

>She is deeply insecure about her relationship with Steve
This. Though I think it's mostly about her needing someone to take care of her, and also feeling like there's no one else for her out there. She's honestly trapping herself and not letting herself have better / grow up. I don't think she's ready for marriage at all.
>in their situation them not being engaged is a big red flag.
Is it though? A lot of couples just live in together and never get married, not even after 10 years of being partners. I think the big red flag here is not them not being engaged, but Jillian pushing for it and Steven not responding favorably. He really doesn't want her.

No. 315030

Good work Jill! Direct people who are annoyed by you to a snark website that clearly documents your behaviour

No. 315039

Kek now people are definitely going to search her up

No. 315040

File: 1702345341117.jpeg (386.24 KB, 750x1027, 48B65147-AA2C-4B4C-8C2E-F4AF55…)

No. 315042

It's definitely a red flag to be dating as long as they have and not be married, if you're someone who wants to be married. If both parties are fine with basically playing grown up house, whatever. But if one of them wants marriage and kids (you can have them out of wedlock if you want, but there's no protections for married couples) it's a red flag to not be married within 3-5 years of the relationship imo. You're just wasting time. Jill is wasting time. Steven may be a nice guy willing to put up with her shit, but he doesn't want her as a wife. If she wants to be a wife, she needs to realize she most likely won't be his unless it's some sort of shotgun wedding.

No. 315045

>it's a red flag to not be married within 3-5 years of the relationship imo
I don't know, maybe I'm too old but for me 3-5 years is too short of a time to really fully know someone. That said, they really do live together so they skipped a few steps in between, Jillian was always too eager to lock this ugly guy in (he's really not worth it). Agreed with the rest of your post though.

No. 315048

I'd say it's a huge red flag if Jill is pushing it. He just needs to stop being a coward and tell her the truth. At least with common law you don't have to actually file for divorce but you will need a lawyer if you own things together.

No. 315050

>it's a red flag to not be married within 3-5 years of the relationship imo

tradwife detected

No. 315052

>for me 3-5 years is too short of a time to really fully know someone.
How much time do you need… 10 years? Lol(derailing)

No. 315053

Good thing he owns nothing in that house then kek

No. 315054

Stop baiting please

No. 315059

>it's a red flag to not be married within 3-5 years of the relationship imo
There was an Instagram reel I saw recently with this debate happening in the comments. For science, I clicked the profiles of the women who got married within 2 years of starting the relationship, and then the ones 6-8 years. Obviously a small sample size but the ones that got married within 2 years were absolute 10/10 babes like I can see why these guys locked it in ASAP. the 6-8 years were not babes but were still either looksmatched or the woman was better looking than the man.
There was one outlier of a pretty egirl type who said her moid hadn't married her and it has been ten years, though I noticed she didn't have any photos of her moid on her profile, so she probably wasn't that keen on him either.
From my scientific research and considering how long marriages actually take to arrange, plan and book, Stevie needs to propose like now if they want to be within the normal 6-8 range (like venues and photogs are booked a year in advance) but realistically that will never happen because he Just Isn't That Into You or whatever that self help book is called kek

I can kinda see why she's getting sad and amping things up a bit because I'm sure she has observed a similar timeline with her friends and relatives, like now is absolutely the time when a proposal should happen but all her claims of being so sooper in love is just coping unfortunately

tl;dr leave your gay moid Jillian(autism)

No. 315060

She says this as if it's only the precure fandom that calls women over 25 "hags" lol she spends so much time online so how has she never come across this?

No. 315061

She needs to realize that the proposal ain't happening, she needs to find someone else.

No. 315065

it's mostly for taxes, it allows live in couples to submit taxes as a household even if they're not married and also prevents the woman from being fucked over if she's dumped ten years in cause the guy avoided marriage but made her a housewife/had kids. it's nice cause guy's can't avoid marriage to escape the responsibilities but you don't have to have a wedding or legal marriage before you're ready to benefit
I think if steve doesn't grow a backbone he'll probably wind up staying until they decide "might as well" like a lot of people do cause it's comfortable. it's how a lot of miserable couples get started if they do the live in situation over marriage out of a lack of total commitment instead of just not wanting a big wedding or to hook your life permanently so soon. Or worse he'll cave when jill inevitably tries to force the matter through some super dramatic engagement proposal to him if it doesn't come soon enough for her

No. 315066

yeah i'm just hoping the h3tards will integrate
steeb isn't nice, he's a pushover… and probably cheating on her considering how he got interested in jill while still being with maggie. some of the reason they stay together is probably to save face. i wonder how they'll implode (aka who will troon out first)

No. 315067

What I find interesting is that she's never gone to his parents house for the week away. Maybe a dinner or catch-up but never a longer stay. They definitely don't like her and the fact that she can't drive the car is further proof of this.

No. 315069

I also find it weird how she never spends that much time with them, specially when the holidays come in.
Idk how she can't tell that she won't have "the wedding of her dreams" because he's simply not giving that.
Steven feels like the worst person to be with her for me. Enabling, manipulative, reluctant to make it serious, probably cheating, doesn't sleep with her, porn addicted weirdo, and his body language says it all: I don't think he likes her. He knows he has her in the palm of his hand, because she's an idiot with learned helplessness and thinks he's the only one for her. Bad choice, she needs to get out of there, grow the fuck up, and I don't think she's a good partner either, so she also needs to learn to be one. I'm sad that now that her larping is making her insane, the breakup will probably break her for real, who knows.

No. 315071

I know so many couples who wouldn’t get married for years of living together but then had a quick “might as well” courthouse wedding for the legal/tax benefits after the woman got pregnant. I really hope Jill and Steve don’t take that route.

Weren’t his parents supposed to be religious conservatives or something? They probably don’t approve of their queer relationship UwU

No. 315073

Someone filmed her public performance (which she also filmed herself and then posted iirc) without bothering her at all because she's a public person they like to talk about in a public forum, that's hardly stalking now is it lol

No. 315081

The plastic cheap crappy necklace she made her grandma also stood out to me, she clearly just made it with stuff she has anyway to make her own bracelets. She could have gotten some nice beads at least, what elderly woman wants plastic beads for a child.

No. 315083

actually you're right. most people who wrap all their gifts in a single color just have one roll of paper, or in big families it's to know who the gift came from.
in jilly's case it's seeing herself as a brand and matching the gifts to her aesthetic to make the giving about herself and how blessed her family is to open jilly freebies

No. 315093

Isn't she 23-24 herself? Zoomers gonna zoom

No. 315096

She's turning 26 at the beginning of March. It's honestly sad to see her want to take the next step and have absolutely no reciprocation on the other end. Embarrassing, actually.

No. 315098

It's so wild and so self-absorbed to think that the person in the audience who recorded the performance was there only to see Jill. Even if she was, that's not stalking. At /most/, it's hate-watching. It's a public show, and it happened ONCE. Most likely they were there for the show like everyone else, and whether they knew Jill at the time or not, thought the performance was cringe. This is one of her more stupid lies.

No. 315099

That anon is free to correct me if she is still active, but iirc she was there with a drag-crazy friend that really wanted to go and couldn't help herself when she realized that Jill was one of the "performers". Maybe I'm wrong on the details, but I do clearly remember that she wasn't there for Jill specifically but for the event itself.

No. 315100

if she had an actual stalker she'd milk it for all she's got… i can see the crazy thumbnails and constant twitter threads

No. 315101

The most she gets from us is fanart, a video and a few site banners. Kiwifarms does not care about her and would rather dox another zoophilia tranny.

No. 315103

Plus she knows things about him, his creepy fetishes and all that. Having conservative parents, he has something to lose if she freaks out after a breakup and tells the world what a creep he is. You know she would go full bpd Venus rant.

No. 315114

Unless she has receipts he could easily say she's lying though, the internet might not believe it but it would probably be enough to tell his parents "she was a crazy bitch"

No. 315115

File: 1702413926493.jpg (138.88 KB, 720x1130, 231234440.jpg)

No. 315118

Shut up retard. Jill clearly wants to be a wife. Steven is wasting both of their time by being a passive pushover.

I feel like if she saw this tweet coming from someone she hate follows she'd be sperging about how they're making a mockery or fetishizing her mental illness. I just love how hypocritical she is. Even she's not taking this larp seriously, she's just enjoying the attention it brings her.

No. 315120

No one is wasting anyone's time lol they're 25, not 40. They could break up tomorrow and both be in new relationships that would lead to marriage before they were 30, which is still lower than average in North America to get married

No. 315121

He's wasting her time if she wants to get married and he has no intention on doing so.

Stfu and stop splitting hairs. Not everyone wants to be a lonely crone like you, nonnie.(infighting)

No. 315124

>That was my response to my diagnosis
the fuck? How does she not understand this shit is awful?

No. 315125

>I feel like if she saw this tweet coming from someone she hate follows she'd be sperging about how they're making a mockery or fetishizing her mental illness
Yep, she would pull out an akshuuually. Imagine thinking this meme is funny to begin with, I hope McLean uses her tweets on a presentation in the future.

No. 315128

File: 1702426931984.jpg (36.8 KB, 720x382, Jp.jpg)

Thanks nona!
>2:44- Going home for christmas but won't be taking the cats with her. Steve is going to be gone for one week so friends will be watching them. Blames her car crash trauma and pet death trauma for not wanting to bring them with her and mentions that she's too scared to take them in her car.
Pet death trauma and car crash trauma. Jfc she's absolutely milking this shit not to mention Jill wouldn't be the one driving which is extra stupid reasoning.
>6:53- wearing her moms old bra/shapewear
Why did she have the need to share this? Too much info, Jillian.
>16:06- misses having a car
Since she can't drive Steve's car she's limited. Maybe should have been saving money to get her own. Funny how she acted like it was okay because she doesn't leave the house much on a stream. Ofc she misses the freedom to do what she wants via a vehicle.
>51:20- stevie works a lot and he has the car so she instacart plus everything
Do they even really hang out around each other much? I get having crazy hours but still seems sad to me.
USD but picrel is it in CAD
Jill doesn't know how to be thoughtful because that would require her to actually pay attention to people other than herself.
She is so annoying and has to talk about her only interest in life, herself. I'm surprised she doesn't have a life size cardboard cutout of herself with how self obsessed she is.
Also when you put into context that dumb drag video she put out which failed to mention this so called traumatizing ordeal. Jill cannot keep her mouth shut about anything which further proves video nona just filmed, never interacted, and kept to herself at a open to the public event. Jill has no idea who video nona is or what she looks like. Jill never thinks about her own safety and constantly talks about shit on the internet she shouldn't. Case in point is her newest patreon stream disclosing the fact her and Steve will be away from the townhouse for Christmas, and Steve away for a whole week. Why on god's green earth would you announce this? Any one can easily gain access by just paying 5 dollars. If she was so worried about a stalker, why the fuck would you ever mention this? She could have been putting her friends watching the cats in danger. Oh I know why, because she's never been stalked. Jill makes my head hurt with the amount of stupid shit she spews.
They also wouldn't approve of him moving in with her without getting married first either if they are old school religious conservatives.

No. 315129

He moved in with Jill specifically because he wanted more freedom lol I bet he didn't realize he'd turn into a caretaker for an agoraphobic munchie stoner

No. 315131

File: 1702428373953.jpg (115.81 KB, 540x810, p_confessionsofateenagedramaqu…)

Add screeching dramatic to agoraphobic munchie stoner. Reminds me of this gem. Lol. Most likely didn't plus thought her fanbase would boost his chances for becoming a ytber as well so it was a win-win in his mind. Probably why he works so much like how married men try to escape their homelife besides other deplorable options. He's most likely miserable but rather die on this hill than admit defeat especially to his own parents.

No. 315148

I want to watch this in the /ot/ movie room so bad, Jill could never

No. 315152

Him having the basement and them having separate bedroom originally was because of his parents being conservative

No. 315153

>I hope McLean uses her tweets on a presentation in the future.
it would be such a power-move of mclean if they did a second presentation that included the reactions they got from these fakers after the first presentation, it really showcases just how derranged these people are and how they keep each other sick and attack real health care professionals

No. 315154

they'd be worried about a lawsuit, i think… though jill's and others' reaction really might end up being studied for a paper or a book addressed to other specialists, which is less 'viral' than a video accessible to everybody.

No. 315155

Can there be a lawsuit if they censor their names? All the stuff is public anyway and she isn't diagnosed

No. 315156

why do you think she deserves another relationship? she has her head firmly up her own her ass. dumb bitches like her can only tolerate a doormat of a boyfriend because if they were ever to get with a guy that put his foot down because of her narc behavior, she'd cry abuse/throw a tantrum

No. 315161

>51:20- stevie works a lot and he has the car so she instacart plus everything
Maybe some nonnas can shed some light about the area she lives but is there no where in walking distance she could go food shopping, no public transport? I understand instacart is good when you can't leave the house or are busy with work/school but she sits at home all day!
As milky as that would be, I can't see it happening. I don't think they would get sued (none of the DID fakers have enough money for that) but McLean probably knows better than to poke the retarded bear.

No. 315164

The public transit where she lives sucks, but she also probably doesn't live farther than 1km from a grocery store so she could easily walk there and back

No. 315165

The big issue with it is she can just go when he’s done with work for the day. Grocery stores are open late. Her schedule is entirely free and she naps all day half the time anyway. It’s a totally flimsy excuse. “Steebie works SO hard to make money so I have to spend tons of extra money getting our food delivered teehee.”

No. 315170

Yeah all she really needs is a wagon.

No. 315172

I really don't know why she won't just walk to the store. Sage for blog but I live alone, work full time, don't drive and I still do my own shopping. There's only the 2 of them (+ cats) so they would probably only need to go once a week.
Going for a walk and interacting with people would be way better for her than rotting in bed all day, plus doesn't instacart add a bunch of extra fees?

No. 315173

File: 1702488692102.jpeg (34.15 KB, 623x397, 1df.jpeg)

>Or worse he'll cave when jill inevitably tries to force the matter through some super dramatic engagement proposal to him if it doesn't come soon enough for her.

No. 315174

She probably has instacart premium or whatever it's called so the delivery is free. You can get it for cheap on some pretty good promos.

No. 315182

>why do you think she deserves another relationship?
Nta no one in the world is warranted a relationship, but come on. It isn't so hard for someone like Jillian to find something better, even insane people like her can find love kek. It's dumb she's still expecting something from him.

No. 315183

>“Steebie works SO hard to make money so I have to spend tons of extra money getting our food delivered teehee.”
Kek you know that's how it is because she's a lazy ass

No. 315184

File: 1702500798833.jpg (265.98 KB, 720x1955, Jill Stop.jpg)

No. 315186

sounds like something i'd do when black out drunk. jilly billy confusing her alcohol induced blackouts to housing people in her head

No. 315187

File: 1702506004983.png (11.6 KB, 354x76, image_2023-12-13_222030178.png)

actively admitting to her autism larp in h3 chat. the gall to respond to someone with autism with "i'm probably autistic!" is insane

No. 315191

why cant she jusy fucking drop it already

No. 315195

this is such a pointless nitpick, lots of people use grocery delivery services especially since the pandemic where many people found it was more useful and cost effective. Jill isn't lazy for this.

No. 315196

>>315195 it's not the fact that she's using a helpful service on top of working hard and doing shit normal adults do, it's that she sits at home doing fuck-all, rotting and getting high, eating junk and not bothering to get up off her ass. She's lazy as shit.

No. 315197

Saying/writing that you probably have austim doesn't make you autistic, you utter twit. Why is she so determined to make the H3 chat her hugbox? Not getting the desired attention at home, Jilly bowl?

No. 315198

does she really need to point out that she watched an autism video this much? no one cares about her youtube history… what an idiot. Also trying to prove she's obsessed with precure I guess, since some anons said she wasn't obsessive enough to be autistic up thread.

No. 315200

because shes a dumb high ass neet with a strong narc tendency. She wants to make the chat her hugbox so everyone caters to her and shes gets a shoutout and praise. its fucking weird behavior for her to be so invested in this

No. 315202

Instacart upcharges the price of groceries along with the fee. Even if she’s not paying the fee she has to tip the driver and pay for the up charge per item. Things are listed as more expensive on the app than in the store because that’s another way they make their money besides the fee.
So yes instacarting groceries is a needless expense and more laziness on her part. Pissing way her and Steven’s money on booze, weed, instacart, and plastic shit must be wearing him down.
Just imagine going into horrible 8-12 hour retail shifts to get home to your obese partner who’s high off her tits 24/7 watching children’s shows and telling you how exhausted she is from her imaginary friends running around and then having to clean up catpiss and shit and make some kind of meal because she obviously can’t cook since the alter that can is asleep or whatever. Then the only sense of peace you get is when you sleep in your separate bed away from her because she snores like a wood chipper but she’s insistent on you going to sleep with her in her rainbow vomit room.
But Steven deserves that cause he’s a pornsick closeted faggot tranny who chose this life thinking he’d have some kind of freedom. You’re still a prisoner Steven you just have a different warden.

No. 315203

saying you "probably" have something is such an easy way to insert yourself where you don't belong and then pretend it never happened when you get bored of it

No. 315205

File: 1702521411152.jpg (128.03 KB, 720x977, 213193523.jpg)

No. 315207

okay, but does that come from solipsistic self-obsessed jill or uwu tranny valid steeb ?

No. 315208

I remember some anons pointing before that her dad and brother looked autistic. Is she jealous of them?

No. 315209

>Watching Lauren from Living well with Schitzophrenia
I knew what the end of 'Sc' would be before she helpfully clarified, nothing more quirky, fun and cute than schitzophrenia! Smile emoticon!
And her "heavy" days is just her brooding and having tantrums over nothing.

No. 315210

kek she really wants steven to be trans. She loves leaving breadcrumbs about everything and anything. This is so fucking insulting considering what she gave to her ex Alyssa on Christmas and how she treated her. Can't even mention the dA gf because thats a whole can of worms. Anyway I hate this stupid stereotype, if she knew her partner and was less self obsessed and narcissistic it wouldn't be so difficult to gift them something regardless of sex. It's not like Steven's gifts are that great either. That other person sounds so retarded, probably just wants stupid sanrio shit for herself.
>Inb4 gifting for males is still very hard
Just give them something useful or something catered to them like a cologne or look into their hobbies. Video game / DND moids like Steven are particularly easy to cater to since they love to consoom. Funny that Jillian only gifted him decorations kek it's like she only cares about outward appearances.

No. 315211

I wish Stevie read here because this post is so accurate it would probably hit him (emotionally) like a ton of bricks. Add to that the obese troll in your home keeps hinting about marriage. Imo I wouldn't wanna come home from work if I knew Jill was there and I was gonna have to hear about her fascinating HeAdSpace while she does fuck all every day (other than Tweet and make videos about said fascinating HeAdSpace)

No. 315212

>feminine partners
>her biggest "trauma" is her one brief lesbian relationship at 13
>She also "dated" and bought gifts for a girl before stevie (iirc) made a video about the gifts, and then dumped her before actually handing over the gifts (or doing anything physically)
>Stevie is clearly not feminine
Literally will shoehorn any post to being about her when it rarely ever applies

No. 315213

Not knowing what to gift a man has nothing to do with bisexuality but more with not knowing the dude. Also she doesn´t want to buy him what he wants?! I´m sorry but she sounds like a red flag.

No. 315214

Agreed, that person and Jill by proxy only want to buy shit for themselves. Just look at the shitty gifts on her vlog kek. Not even christmas is sacred for narcissists like these people.

No. 315215

The post doesn't even apply to her and yet she has the need to reply kek. It's funny because it only makes her look narcissistic and stupid.

No. 315217

That suggests his parents didn’t want them having extramarital sex yet Jill has publicly shared many times that they do have an active sex life. Why would they respect the separate room arrangement if they’re not even going to pretend to be celibate? Do his parents show up to their house for random unannounced bedroom inspections?

No. 315218

She really can't stop reminding people how autistic, traumatized, mentally ill, queer and obsessed with precure she is. Why can't she sew shit instead

No. 315219

I mean I highly doubt his conservative Christian potentially 50+ parents are looking at Jilly’s deranged tweets or watch her YouTube. They are likely too offline to be seeing this stuff

No. 315220

I mean she has that bike she never uses too, between a backpack and the basket for two people she could haul a decent amount especially if it’s such a short distance and would be free, getting everything delivered like that is so wasteful monetarily

No. 315222

Jill really is obsessed with other people having the same mental health issues she does. Like every YouTuber she watches has to be mentally ill, she was obsessed with her dad having autism for a while and kept saying her family is "cut from the same cloth" about obsessing over things and being quirky (which I know is about autism, but saying that about your family when you have a severe trauma disorder is fucking weird). She can't just be a nuerotypical person with neurotypical friends, everyone has to be super special and mentally ill or autistic.

No. 315223

it's as >>315196 says, plus staying at home 24/7 is really bad for people with anxiety. going to the store and mingling with people, even if she doesn't actually talk to them, would do her a world of good. but i guess passing by moms with theirs kids in tow in the candy aisle is too scawwy for her to make the effort.
do it jill! make your own adventure! and you can consoom at the same time, it's a win/win situation.(sage your shit)

No. 315224

and its all one big giant cope for being a spoiled brat with virtually no problems in her life. everyone else is struggling hard (post-covid, ukraine invasion drove up gas prices, shit wages, etc) and have to choose betweens bills and food, sacrificing their well being for their kids, drowning in student loans, etc.
but she gets to live in a townhouse she painted to her liking and sit on her ass stoned af rotting her brain on social media with a doormat of a bf taking care of house chores(claiming shes learning but shes literally too dumb for that)
she knows she has no real struggles. she has all the fucking in the world, how else could she make twatter accts for her imaginary friends (which really is just a cope) and use them REGULARLY? Every "complaint" she makes about her life is painfully superficial

No. 315225

File: 1702557627193.jpg (135.83 KB, 720x848, 054002.jpg)

No. 315226

Zoomers have got to stop fearing being 25+. It isn’t a death sentence.

No. 315229

They're simultaneosly in arrested development and extremely ageist. Like yeah most terminally online zoomers are going to be man/womanchildren until they're like 40, maybe you should start accepting that instead of acting like you need botox at 20? Zoomers are retarded

No. 315230

ooooh jilly doesn't like that she's getting to an age you can round up or down.
she's 25 and a half you guys

No. 315231

Nonna I said in my original post >>315161 that instacart is fine when you're busy or can't leave the house but Jill does nothing all day. She is just lazy.

No. 315233

If she stuck with normal hobbies (such as drawing or fashion) instead of pretending to have alters and lipsyncing on tiktok she wouldn't be panicking about growing older than mid 20s

No. 315239

>She can't just be a person with neurotypical friends, everyone has to be super special and mentally ill or autistic.
that's something that fucks me up honestly. What are the odds of someone having a family and set of friends who are mentally ill and have autism. Even that needs to be special and unique for her.

No. 315240

>Every "complaint" she makes about her life is painfully superficial
This. It's also very overblown.
This, basically. Lmao
God she's insufferable.

No. 315242

This is such a false dichotomy lol. Almost all 17 year olds are still in secondary school/high school. There is a huge amount of growth between 17 and 20. Most move out of their home for the first time, start working or higher education, can now go legally drinking and to bars, start having to pay bills, etc. The difference between 27 and 30 is negligible

No. 315244

File: 1702582074359.jpg (127.75 KB, 720x772, Wee complaint.jpg)

No. 315245

Imagine feeling dread because your 80 year old grandparents are gonna call you Jillian for a week

No. 315247

File: 1702584850715.jpeg (108.93 KB, 600x402, IMG_2140.jpeg)


No. 315248

File: 1702585893406.png (281.83 KB, 720x1145, IMG_20231214_142724.png)

I will never respect anyone who consumes the content of mental illness grifters like she does. She also does that content so she deserves to be shat on as well.

No. 315249

God she wants to appropriate the dead name shit so bad. Retard

No. 315250

>currently safe immediate family
is she implying they didn't use to be safe?

No. 315252

File: 1702588511539.jpg (83.39 KB, 720x580, Round of Applause.jpg)

No. 315253

So she put on makeup, put on clothes, did her job for a bit, cleaned one thing, and cooked one meal

Congrats, Jill! You've done 60% of what most people do every single day of their lives

No. 315255

isn't one of her "alters" literally named jillian lmfao

No. 315256

or that they might not be in the future kek
now go outside

No. 315261

putting on clown makeup to pretend she did something with her day kek

No. 315262

She just doesn't want to be called "jillybean" she sperged about it during her cousin's wedding.

No. 315265

Kek tbh I don't remember that at all. But I wonder if it stems from lots of us using the name on here.

No. 315266

Jillian about to make her 80 year old grandma feel very unsafe this holiday season I see.

No. 315267

No. 315268

she acts like a lonely white woman desperate for woke point when everything she does could easily be constructed as "appropriating" if she left her hugbox of young impressionable tards. thats the most amusing thing about tbh, ppl who try this hard to be soo progressive n shit usually are the opposite (or only care about themselves

No. 315270

no way she has not been called jill in years, is she high? shes always high. what is this larp? she wants to be trans so bad but only for oppression points

No. 315282

File: 1702604245471.jpg (84.73 KB, 720x620, Don't Go Bald.jpg)

No. 315291

yep, also of course 3/20 is way bigger of a proportion than 3/30.
it's so ridiculous that they simultaneously have never heard of math and are scared of aging, talk about adult babies
it makes her complaint even funnier lmao. she wants the parties and the gifts but can't bear her family members knowing her since childhood and having thoughts of their own

No. 315294

>it makes her complaint even funnier lmao. she wants the parties and the gifts but can't bear her family members knowing her since childhood and having thoughts of their own
lmao at that comment. If she keeps bleaching and dyeing she might as well get the any%

No. 315296

>currently safe
That's such an odd way to phrase it, like she's again saying she was horribly abused and unsafe as a child (or that she's gonna larp it in the future, who knows)

No. 315299

Is this about her being called Jillian? Her birthname on her birth certificate which she has not legally changed? And all her extended family haven't spent 60 hours catching up with her lore, preferred pronouns, alters and preferred nicknames ranked out of 10? Truly she will be suffering to not be star of The Jill Show for a week or whatever. Obviously this is not completely one sided and she's done her due diligence by spending 60 hours catching up with the lives and events of each member of her extended family so she wont accidentally say something offensive or insensitive to one of them…Right?
She lifts language from other menty health content people, her family have never been ~unsafe~ but it makes it sound more special and serious to imply this is a complex, ongoing problem and not just Veruca Salt having a tantrum because you called her by her government name.

No. 315305

File: 1702655427258.jpg (49.33 KB, 720x290, When you're.jpg)

No. 315306

File: 1702655500995.jpg (145.47 KB, 720x984, Flora.jpg)

No. 315307

File: 1702656348719.jpg (34.44 KB, 720x225, Unsettling.jpg)

No. 315311

Bet she read our posts about Steebie not wanting to commit. Get out while you can, Jill.

No. 315312

jesus christ could she purse her lips any harder

No. 315316

No it was specifically Jillian, look back at old threads

No. 315319

She ain't trans and she needs to stop larping it
Now even her normal selfies have to have some special deep lore about them, good lord.

No. 315323

Even as a larp, her posting about tranny ideology is disgusting, retard.

No. 315325

Deleted my post because I agree with you but >>315319 sounds offended on behalf of trannies

No. 315329

I remember her also spazzing out about being called jilly too and that’s why we say it a lot here.

No. 315331

I'm the same anon dumbass, just because I hate her larp doesn't make me sympathetic towards troons. Lmao

No. 315332

File: 1702672244178.png (75.07 KB, 720x687, IMG_20231215_141455.png)

Imagine having a beautiful white middle class canadian family that loves you and wants to see you, gives you shit tons of gifts, and yet you want to play the traumatized victim card when they call you by your actual name

No. 315333

>My family is super super supportive and nice but I still need to complain!!
I really don't understand how she can post shit like this. Like when people talk about severe repeated trauma it's shit in their family, like having generations of drug addicts / pedophiles / abuse. Not having a perfectly nice family who uses the wrong name occasionally. She has no idea how actual trauma and abuse works.

No. 315335

I just wonder how her twitterfag fans can let this slide so easily when she's clearly never suffered at all, like, isn't it obvious enough for these people? To not trust everything she says?

No. 315341

>I love this screenshot of Flora
>It's a photo of yourself
Truly inventing new ways to be a narc every day

No. 315345

File: 1702680551965.jpg (91.69 KB, 720x843, 8643234566.jpg)

Lol, poor grandma just wants to spend time with her granddaughter. What a crime.

No. 315354

I wonder how Jill's family feels about her tweets. Like imagine buying tons of gifts for your relative for the holidays and showering then with attention and love, then finding out they're shit talking you to the internet for thousands of people to see.

No. 315365

How can she do this shit when her loving family is all around her. Some people have it too good.

No. 315366

No one in her family reads her larp

No. 315367

what does this even mean? Go to a thrift store, it's not hard. Clothing is/can be an investment but it doesn't have to be. You'd think she'd realize that but all she knows is spending lots of money on ugly bullshit.

No. 315371

late but you can see that she didn’t even watch the autism video as the red timestamp bar is pretty much at the default starting position lol

No. 315381

Not trying to defend her or whatever and you may be correct but the red bar isn't always accurate, I looked at my own Youtube history to double check and the red bar /is/ occasionally at the start despite having watched the whole video

No. 315383

File: 1702723971336.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1920x2400, IMG_6721.jpeg)

Miss piggy realness or just a complete sped??

No. 315387

yep her grimace is as uneven as piggy's. why does she pucker her lips like a preteen in 2010, she's making it seem like she has all these mouth wrinkles she doesn't have.
the uwu hand/sleeve thing is also aggravating, that's only cute when you're young looking and thin

No. 315388

it's actually pretty easy to change the red bar's position, just click at a random time in a video and watch a few seconds and the bar will end at that time. we can't know if she only watched a few seconds or if she rewatched it

No. 315389

I'm pretty sure the reason she doesn't want to see her family is because it completely destroys the lie of a narrative she built up in her head. She has to be faced with the fact that she's wrong and her family isn't abusive or whatever she thinks.

No. 315397

it’s probably because her brother views her as a leach still being babied by mommy dearest. It could also be the fact that they shit on her life choices and seem disappointed in her. The mental jillness probably started when Louise was softly telling her she needed to find a job after graduation kek.

No. 315399

>i love this screenshot of me

No. 315400

Louise was always interacting with her on social media/even came on here previously - they must be aware surely?

No. 315401

Being aware of what she’s saying and understanding it how Jill’s mental illness community understands it are two different things though. Jill saying she’s DID might seem like a benign claim to her mom but to her community it indicates a harrowing childhood rife with the most heinous of traumas. I don’t think Jill’s family understand necessarily the implications of Jill’s mental jillness larp.

No. 315402

There's no proof Louise ever came on here. It was likely just someone pretending.

No. 315404

I feel like I'm the only one who think she actually looks cute here aside from the dumbass larp. When she's not wearing full on clown drag makeup she looks way better. I feel like she's getting out of that trend obsession she had with it, which thank god.

No. 315406

Kekkk same as when she says "flora looks very kind here" it's pure narcissism
Holy shit can't even do that larp right lol.

No. 315407

>the uwu hand/sleeve thing is also aggravating, that's only cute when you're young looking and thin
Nah it looks retarded on everyone, sorry

No. 315418

i agree anon, i’m not even trying to WK but if i saw this selfie come onto my timeline, and i didn’t know about jill/know that it was jill, i would think it was cute. unfortunately knowing that this face belongs to a narcissistic, serial DID/autism larper with no respect for her friends or family (or cats) and the entitlement that only a small-town privileged white girl can hold kinda sours the look for me

No. 315423

I wonder how her self esteem is actually doing? She looks better than with the drag stuff at least. Now if she could only work on her brand it would be a miracle.
Does she still interact with that canadian woman who taught her to smoke weed or whatever?

No. 315424

Agreed, it also helps that shes not making one of her usual retard faces.

No. 315443

File: 1702779447952.jpg (58.89 KB, 720x341, Sarah Spaceman.jpg)

No. 315444

Of course she likes Sarah Spaceman

No. 315445

Do all insufferable cows follow each other now?

No. 315448

Literally who? Like literally though. Poor Louise I feel sad that she has to hear her screeching daughter watching this type of shit on the holidays, wonder if she feels disappointed.

No. 315449

File: 1702790475784.jpg (370.07 KB, 1080x1089, xfod6fvy.jpg)

saw this on tumblr and it made me think of jill.

No. 315450

Everything and everyone is neurodivergent now

No. 315451

I can't help but think that Jillian pretending to be the most abused and traumatized little baby in the world is in very poor taste specially on the holidays. It's bad every other season but specially this time of the year makes me very sad to think about. I guess she knows she's a failure so she needs any attention she can get from her family.

No. 315452

imagine thinking its about being 'scary' and not about thinking in a fundamentally different way. weirdest take i have ever seen. as if any of the listed disorders are 'scary', and then OP follows it w an actual threat. Tumblr is so over.

No. 315460

These people are so strange like neurodevelopment isn’t a hard concept to grasp and it’s not like cptsd is less valid for not being neurodivergence. They have to conflate everything and it’s really odd and potentially detrimental to list things that you can be treated for alongside things that are life long. The larpers are already incredibly anti treatment and recovery as it is without this bullshit.

No. 315464

Agree. There're so many people who spend the holidays alone. Yet all of those idots are acting like they have it the worst.
Like, I wouldn't bat an eyelash if they were just complaining about their family, most people can relate, but why do they have to bring up mental illnesses (that they don't have) all the time.

No. 315476

Isn't this Jillian's lolcow visiting BFF who also does drag under the name Bella Tofana? Goes by Sof, lives in Canada and does drag. Interesting how she hasn't gotten a single channel shoutout by her bestie.

No. 315482

Watch as she mimics all of Jillian's mannerisms, way of speaking, and all the exaggerated and fake hand talking. God this is just so beyond pathetic. Please put the hands down for one second, and TALK NORMAL. Why does everyone have to talk the exact fucking same? Man this was just awful.

No. 315484

File: 1702839486978.jpg (287.09 KB, 1534x812, Screenshot 2023-12-17 205809.j…)

The video had a link to her insta and yes, it seems to be that someone is trying to get into Jill's territory.

No. 315487

Idk I like her and want her to keep posting deets about Jill here. She's cringe, but not a cow

No. 315488

She doesn't act like Jill at all lol. Yeah she's a hand-talker but she's soft and even spoken, isn't screaming, isn't doing weird voices, etc

No. 315492

And most importantly she doesn't larp DID
She's way more put together than Jillian is tbh.

No. 315524

File: 1702855016128.jpeg (192.09 KB, 828x734, IMG_4413.jpeg)

She really has to drive home that she misses the cat that she hated for extra pity points

No. 315530

File: 1702857180436.jpg (134.77 KB, 720x822, Wasn't expecting to cry.jpg)

No. 315531

File: 1702857285278.jpg (240.01 KB, 720x2209, Mascara_tears.jpg)

No. 315532

Jillian has to be the MOST twamatised and out do the random empathetic online stranger

No. 315533

Wow not even a "sorry that happened to your dog" towards that person? Nah it's just the good ol me me me from her. The cat wasn't even hers and she didn't even get along with it, that person literally was talking about a childhood pet.
God. God she's infuriating.

No. 315534

she looks like she cried on purpose to take a picture. why does she look so proud

No. 315536

It's so fake for real. I hate it so much. She was probably crying to Precure or whatever.

No. 315538


I’ve cried with a full face and never has it smeared like that, it looks so unbelievably fake holy shit. It almost looks powdery like she drew it on.

No. 315541

All these bitches just have the "I hate it when it's not about me" mental illness like across these threads there must be hundreds of screenshots of Jill making someone else's post/life about her at this point. They genuinely feel offended if they are not included in every random shit they see or hear
It looks like it did smudge a little and she imtentionally smeared it down her face like the Joker for dramatic effect

No. 315546

The Jillker

No. 315547

File: 1702864241757.jpg (138.41 KB, 720x959, Maths.jpg)

No. 315548

Taxes are literally once a year. That's maybe one day of work, and she probably pays someone to do it. Not a fat chance this dumb broad is doing her own taxes.

No. 315550

why is she criyin like she does the taxes? isn't that Cliffe's job?

No. 315551

>there must be hundreds of screenshots of Jill making someone else's post/life about her at this point.
For real, waiting for someone to make a compilation now.
My thoughts exactly kek.

No. 315552

i love how she couldn't help but intersperse her pity bait histrionics with sincere consoom envy… never change jill

No. 315556

Honestly, the person she's replying to who apparently "doesn't do math" sounds like an even bigger retard than she is. Even cooking requires math.

No. 315557

I disagree, she sounds normal and not forced cute and hysterical like Jillian. if there is anything to complain about is that she sounds a little nervous but that's understandable if she is new to this.

No. 315560

I wonder if you posted this because there's not much milk due to the holidays, or to divert attention from Jillian. She doesn't seem super milky, just your average cosplayer girl on YouTube. Jillian is a cow because she's pathetic and an attention whore that needs her constant narcissism to thrive, this other girl is whatever in comparison imo. Even Maggie could be more like a cow because of her weird ddgl shit

No. 315561

It’s the BPD. So funny Jill wants to actually be autistic since she sees it as a better excuse for a lifetime of bullshit than a fixable personality disorder, and then she goes posting crap like this which is such ridiculously over the top textbook BPD behavior that she’s lucky it wasn’t available at the time as evidence for the McLean presentation notes on her cluster B faker traits.

No. 315562

Ntayrt but Sof did used to be a lot more cowish and I wouldn't be surprised if she ramped up again. Check out the confetti club threads, she made a gofundme and lied about having an abusive family kicking her out (they were not) so she could move to the same town as Jill. She was a lot more of a skin walker before actually worming her way into being friends with Jill.

No. 315569

The amount she complains about taxes you would think she is doing them constantly, everyone hates taxes that’s whatever but who whines about them constantly year around. She truly has so few problems she has to whine constantly about banal things everyone does.

No. 315570

I don’t think she makes enough to pay a huge chunk in taxes lmao. My guess would be less than min wage.

No. 315575

Wish McLean did a whole fucking dissertation on this bitch, one can only dream.

No. 315576

they have better things to do than engage in online battle with a fat neet stoner tard.

No. 315585

>hey guys I posted a pic of me crying thats totally normal behavior and not something attention whores do give me likes I'm sad see?

No. 315590

I think you're the retard tbh. They're joking. I also think they're being sarcastic with Jill's annoying ass. We all know that basically all adults will have to do some basic level of math, but the math highschoolers are forced to learn is the type of math that only mathematicians will be using on a semi regular basis.(infighting/derailing)

No. 315591

sorry you don't have to use your brain for your pointless desk job, but no, this is not correct lol.(infighting/derailing)

No. 315603

File: 1702945964737.jpg (164.8 KB, 720x2197, Extended.jpg)

No. 315605

File: 1702946064263.mp4 (2.86 MB, 720x1280, Crying.mp4)

No. 315606

File: 1702946133820.jpg (103.71 KB, 720x669, Cosplay.jpg)

No. 315607

>>315603 she's just openly being an attention whore now huh

No. 315608

File: 1702946703403.jpg (123.71 KB, 720x982, Vegan.jpg)

No. 315611

don’t forget they like to age play while also fucking and they mega stalked jill until they became “besties”

No. 315612

is it me or does she sound like shes slurring her words? guess high and drunk again

No. 315613

didn’t she make a gofuckme and pocket the money and stayed living with her family for like the next few years? also if u check insta she’s still hanging out with her sister

No. 315614

Oh this is gonna be good. Bets on whether she bails or it ends up looking like shit? Pripara coords can be crazy detailed

No. 315616

File: 1702951927760.gif (17.51 MB, 320x569, ezgif-5-7ee784a878.gif)

What did the delete tweet say?

No. 315617

not a single mark of a wipe or hand on the face at all. She just cried and then stopped crying without touching the tears on her face with her hands or a tissue at all. Doesn't even look like she patted the tears down to not budge the makeup

No. 315618

samefag never mind, she smudged directly under her eye so it smudged out the corners and I almost didn't see it. Still odd the cheeks were untouched

No. 315624

Jesus Christ jill. Elaborately smearing eyeliner to make it look like you’ve been crying and then filming a video of it does make you mentally ill. Just not in the way you want to be.

No. 315625

Maybe it's a needless tinfoil since I've never seen mascara run like that even when someone's been hysterically crying, but this look intentionally made. Like she put some mascara on her palms, wet her hands and then messed around on her face. If I would be generous in the spirit of christmas and give her benefit of the doubt, does anyone know what kind of mascara looks like that after crying so I know which brands to avoid kek

No. 315631

maybe she was chopping onions/irritated her eyes/started to smear make up and decided to film it because bpd chicks love to show off their 'manic pixie dream girl' ~aesthetic~
at this point I think she has a backlog to prove her mento jillness just like the totally real seizures/switches

No. 315632

she's SO excited to film herself "crying" aesthetically, it's creepy

No. 315633

I can't get over Jill posting videos of her crying and moaning about taxes while at home in a nice house with her super loving and supportive family for the holidays. She's so damn spoiled and instead of being grateful for that she keeps making up problems.

No. 315634

I have quite watery eyes and also forget I'm wearing makeup five minutes later and smudge it everytyme (unless I buy 24hr/48hr/waterproof) and it still doesn't look like this, she absolutely dragged it down her face for effect. And then filmed sickening narcissistic video 3,268 of her highly entranced and amused by her own face.

No. 315635

nah but this comment
straight on the money. let’s pretend that she had a real cry and it’s real tears ruining her make up for a second, look at how smiley and excited she is to have had a mental breakdown and get so upset to the point where she is sobbing and crying like a river to make that level of mess, she is THRILLED she gets to take photos and videos of her crying and post it everywhere she can.
she is so performative but really thinks she is slaying the game, not realising she gives herself away all the time. i don’t know what would compel anyone who is ACTUALLY that traumatised and upset to cry that hard then run to the nearest camera to smile and giggle at it.

No. 315636

she looks like a spoiled brat in her own rainbow prison. she tries soOoOo hard to act like she has a hard life but its like a mockery of people with legit struggles. she gets drunk and high af with no real consequences, runs to twitter to talk about herself pretending shes "productive", then pulls this shit revealing her true self.
god, I swear narcs are an entirely different breed of humans.

No. 315637

She really is fucking creepy, most people that film/take pictures of themselves before, during or after crying are just insane in a reptilian sending her homework to her human emotions teacher-tier kind of way.

No. 315638

File: 1702989963205.png (259.49 KB, 296x437, fancy unicorn coord Falulu.PNG)

Putting my money on this one because it has rainbows and Jill is incredibly predictable. It's also very detailed (this is the simplified version for the poor animators) and would fit her description of it being her biggest cosplay project.

No. 315642

Slightly OT but complex outfit aside, how is someone supposed to achieve that hair?? I would be surprised if a professional wig maker could come up with something decent, much less a mid cosplayer like Jill.

No. 315645

>>315642 wires, foam, wefts but Jill has zero skill on wig styling and it will absolutely look like shit while she blows smoke up her own ass anyway.

No. 315646

The deleted tweet was a picture of a girl and her bf texted to his mom and the mom had asked if the girl was a vegan.

No. 315648

She’s going to follow Sarah Spaceman’s newest miku wig tutorial and use wood and screws to mount the pigtails on the wig. Kek

No. 315653

File: 1703003254800.jpeg (100.77 KB, 720x959, IMG_5634.jpeg)

She’ll just buy pic related.

No. 315660

Nta but thats probably the best way to cosplay it too. Otherwise you get sarah spaceman pigtails.

No. 315663

I wouldn't tinfoil if it were anyone else, but what gets me the most here isn't even the shitty makeup, (though as another nonna said, tell us the brand so we can avoid it) it's the lack of bloatchy face.
She's white as fuck. I could relate. But where's the runny nose that looks like a stop light? The red eyes? (It's hard to see because of her half closed eyes but they don't look red either) The flushed cheeks in a nowhere near attractive way?
I know that when I cry it's not even the tears I hate the most, its all that kek
I'll buy that she'd been crying, but it's nowhere near long enough to get that level of runny makeup because of the lack of all of the above.

No. 315665

So he replies to that but not the marriage shit. Interesting

No. 315666

This kek. It's just creepy how excited and happy she is to cry. When I cry I don't get this joyful to film it. The fuck.

No. 315667

File: 1703010801354.jpeg (651.89 KB, 1405x1285, IMG_0909.jpeg)

I assumed it would be one of her default outfits in picrel but you're probably correct, that one is likely easier to make especially if she does the toned down version and I bet she'll be so proud of doing a "lesser known" coord too. Either way she'll be busting out of it kek

No. 315668

File: 1703013250676.jpg (555.67 KB, 960x1280, 3598002.jpg)

I found this in google KEK

No. 315669

File: 1703014581817.jpg (171.54 KB, 720x1251, Girlboss.jpg)

No. 315670

File: 1703014656844.jpg (164.44 KB, 720x1104, Small towns.jpg)

No. 315671

File: 1703014750696.jpg (262.14 KB, 720x1703, Accommodating.jpg)

No. 315672

This is kind of fucked up of her, she fully just outed her ex. She posts her boyfriends publicly for all to see as well.

No. 315674

File: 1703016377287.jpeg (951.76 KB, 828x1321, 8C27F752-5E5B-4CD6-88DC-E0FC9C…)

sage bc not milk but interesting that she has to bring up cat death on every platform. also yes im taking the bullet for the membership so ill keep yall updated

No. 315675

>or I have a screaming rocking back and forth meltdown
Come on.

No. 315676

Damn they are just so gosh darn queer aren't they, heckin valid gays and trans

Bet steve wishes that straight guy had been the one to date him instead of Jill, at least they'd probably do all those slutty things he refuses to do with Jill like sleep in the same bed at night

No. 315678

the part about having to be careful of her "energy" sounds like some pseudoscience bs

No. 315679

me me me me me me me

she can never stop, can she

No. 315680

>constant conscious effort to stay out of ptsd hell
if you had ptsd that bad you'd live in the psych ward, jillian.

No. 315681

She doesn’t even feature the cat that died and has to make it about her aesthetic instead. Talk about bleak.

No. 315682

File: 1703021016918.jpg (192.02 KB, 720x1617, 312134709.jpg)

Talking about ARFID
Thank you, nonita, I appreciate what you are doing. Not surprised Jill is milking Quinn's death on every platform. Poor taste and extremely attention seeking. I like that she used a picture of Stickers instead of Quinn as I suspect she doesn't have any pictures of Quinn she took herself. Case in point was Louise sending Jill pictures of Jill and Quinn together. The theatrics surrounding the death of the cat really is embarrassing. Quinn was not a childhood pet and more importantly was Louise's cat. Not saying you cannot love a family member's pet but very disingenuous to try and spin things the way Jill does. It's telling how Jill makes it about herself and doesn't consider the feelings of her mother who truly loved the cat. Just imagine if a family member dies, how Jill will try and make it all about herself. Truly disgusting how self-centered and self-serving this womanchild is. She acts like everyone in her life are just props for her to use as she pleases.

No. 315684

They've already met the outer saboteur Jillybean, go look in the mirror you don't hide any contemptuous feelings in your face.
>girl boss grinder aunty
You leave Serenity Sam out of this

No. 315686

I love how a couple that's been together for 5 years doesn't spend Christmas with each other, or each other's families. Wtf?

No. 315687

Especially since their families are from the same area lol

No. 315690

File: 1703027248981.jpg (96.3 KB, 720x706, Jillness.jpg)

Lol at the unmistakably ARFID

No. 315691

Steven is gay 100%

No. 315692

File: 1703030184968.jpg (89.1 KB, 720x653, Hurl.jpg)

No. 315693

One of the requirements of ARFID is to lose a significant amount of weight or be underweight lmao Jill just has tendies disorder

No. 315695

yeah because nobody in their right mind would, but also that’s exactly what she wants to hear so she can claim she isn’t in her right mind and that she has never tried to hide it and it’s all super duper proof of how super duper twamatised she is.
dead ass, i think she just comes up with the most retarded narcissistic bullshit and tells herself “only a crazy person would do this and that’s exactly why i’m going to do it and film it. now no one will doubt how mentally ill i am because the proof is all over my twitter”

at this point i don’t think there is any saving her. i think she has larped too hard into the disability mindset and now can’t find the way out. it’s fucking wild to have watched someone gaslight themselves into insanity in real time.

No. 315697

How do you get to the age of 25+ or whatever and never have a pet die? I just don't understand how she can be that sheltered, especially with how many cats she's had, especially with pure breeds.

Also, what does she even think PTSD is? Thinking about sad stuff sometimes? Like, she makes me crazy. Highly doubt she ever gets so scared about memories of being violently abused that she can't leave her room. You know, like actual PTSD?

No. 315698

That she says even in a perfect world she’d still have meltdowns etc cinches it for me that she’s just performing. She really desperately wants to be ill, is it because the shine of being internet famous has faded? Is she chasing that high? She reminds me so much of Shay, they hit it big early and they can’t let it go and while they’ve taken different paths they’ve both been plumbing the depths of their shitty psyches for anything to keep them relevant.

No. 315700

nothing happened to her but she’s so quick to violence

No. 315702

How did she get obese if she struggles to eat even a burger? Who falls for this shit

No. 315705

Why is she complaining about something that didn't even happen to her? It's just a video, why is she angry kek
Did she finally realize she's sabotaging herself and her brand? Is that why she's projecting?

No. 315708

Love how she needs to constantly bring up her POSSIBLE autism so she just puts some sort of disclaimer just in case. She elaborates about her alleged suffering in a way that almost comes across as delightful like she is writing some sort of short novel or fan fiction about horrible mental issues. She is so invested in mental illness it's just bleak

No. 315709

>I chomped that whole thing down
We can tell, every day

No. 315710

Jillian is an empty husk of a person and has no personality besides consumption and faking mental illness. Faking all these mental illnesses looks like a sad attempt of finding a personality of her own. She’s never had to fight for anything in her life because everything was handed to her and she’s a nobody with clout struggling to figure out who she really is.

No. 315711

I swear she’s told this exact story before in another reply to something that is barely related, she’s so obsessed with being in a ~queer~ relationship it’s embarrassing

No. 315713

that's… particularly cold. like I know people joke and tinfoil she's a bpdchan but honestly the other more sociopathic cluster bs seem more appropriate to joke about. Plus we've well established her life has been trauma and neglect-free, I feel like calling her bpd of all disorders just validates her bullshit tbh
how is an autistic person supposed to look at pictures and imagine/conceptualize so hard that something else is in their mouth to the point that it actually feels like it? the problem with larping so many disorders is it's hard to keep track of the symptoms and limitations of the brain kek. it's things like this that make me giggle the hardest about her larps. she's the most symptomatic autist/ptsd/anxious/etc person until she isn't or something else takes preference in her mind
her response to discourse related to autism being considered more like neurodivergence than disordered due to the "if the world were built by autists" thought experiment being to mostly discuss symptoms of a traumatic disorder nobody would claim is neurodivergence is hilarious. she clearly hasn't read any of this stuff that might conflict with her worldview if she thinks those people would consider ptsd or DID to be among non-disordered "neurodivergence". We don't believe in the split soul/multiple personality theory of DID anymore and literally nobody who knows what the acronym ptsd stands for would dream to consider it neurodivergence, that's so alarmingly brain dead. an autist with ptsd is an autist with ptsd, if they were in an autism friendly world the ptsd would still be an issue obviously but would the normal autist stuff be considered crazy if everyone had similarly shorter emotional limits? would they not just create a culture that supports the majority needs and meltdowns just be normal part of human nature? I'm not saying i totally agree with the theory but jill's supported nothing with her comments

No. 315715

File: 1703059756288.png (122.83 KB, 720x721, IMG_20231220_020907.png)

She's just narcissitic. Otherwise why would she get mad at being called out for her narcissism lmao.

No. 315716

jill is the queen of diagnosing herself wrong, she has no right to complain about others doing it

No. 315718

File: 1703060066469.png (Spoiler Image,79.48 KB, 720x450, IMG_20231220_021117.png)

I know this is old but it's jarring to see these overtly sexual tweets as the ones that appear on her page when not logged in. Spoiler because old

No. 315719

oh so NOW it's "autism(?!)"
also funny how she says
>"PTSD hell where life just feels…. evil"
i truly believe that's just her real self that she's running away from, she is not happy, bubbly and fun - she is petty, angry, sad, disgusted and an evil narc- She's just pretending she's not because she doesn't want to be those bad things and pretending is easier than actually working on herself.

No. 315721

Her idea that an autistic person with severe sensory issues (which I’m assuming is what’s causing her “ARFID” in her current narrative) can just will them away by focusing on them really hard really cements for me that she has no sensory issues and doesn’t know what it feels like at all. Imagine being overwhelmed and upset by the loud music coming from next door and someone saying “oh just pretend it’s your favourite song”. That’s just not how it works. Even if imaging your favourite song would normally make you feel a little better you’re not going to be able to do that while your brain is being overwhelmed by a different kind of noise.

No. 315722

Jill this is your body screaming at you to stop overeating and actually give it some nutrition. Starting to think she's actually hoping for some medical issues to arise from obesity, just to give her something else to cry about.

No. 315723

She's definitely posted this before (and yet still doesn't realise she is a beard) and as usual, she is shoehorning her way into a conversation that doesn't apply to her, since sexual history and kissing is not the same thing. >>315686
Just as normal as not sleeping in the same bed after 5.5 years, he's more like some sort of tard wrangler roomie

No. 315724

Knowing Jill her mom probably made her some vegetables and she threw a fit and rocked and scream cried on the floor because it's not a "safe food" (tendies)

No. 315725

Autism is her get out clause in case anyone seriously examines her claims (other than us) since having meltdowns and panic attacks over miniscule things is considered normal for autism.
However she definitely prefers the implication she went through some unspoken, terrible trauma to cause her behaviour (constant references to PTSD) so autism is just the escape route if she needs out of the larp

No. 315727

She made her a chicken burger. It's literally in the tweets.

No. 315728

File: 1703085141939.jpg (100.28 KB, 718x995, Screenshot_20231220-151257.jpg)

New video dropping today

No. 315731

>I know people joke and tinfoil she's a bpdchan
Huh? it's not a joke, she was diagnosed years ago (supposedly) and made videos about it

No. 315738

>i truly believe that's just her real self that she's running away from, she is not happy, bubbly and fun - she is petty, angry, sad, disgusted and an evil narc
honestly this summarizes the last 30 threads on jill in a single sentence pretty well. the DID larp is exactly that–the most massive denial of her true self through elaborate, unbelievable excuses.

No. 315739

kek at how quickly the veronica character died after the negative attention from the meet the alter video. RIP horny alter ego! no twitter for you!

No. 315741

This screams larp, especially with the wording. Not even gay men walk into a room and say "Hello hornies!" Like.. No.

No. 315743

File: 1703092981876.jpg (77.25 KB, 1024x590, 1702942043313786m.jpg)

>keep ignoring therapy, jill
Therapists are the ones churning out clowns like Jill en masse. Jill is the perfect poster child for modern therapy, perfectly normal girl, nothing really wrong with her but being somewhat spoiled, in and out of therapy for years and is literally less functional and more delusional for all of it.

No. 315744

Oh wow I can't imagine someone being served something as mild as a chicken burger and then having to use a totally real lifehack of visibly googling for images of said chicken burger to look at while eating it, so dumb and insulting on many levels.
She literally can't do a single action without making it some malicious mental illness performance piece

No. 315745

new video, nothing new except for Jill whinging about how "unsafe" she is and cries over Mclean. Basically she has to act like a professional online and she's upset.

No. 315748

It’s bizarre how she pretends not to lurk but every serious video she makes is a point by point response to these threads. I’m surprised she admitted the DID shit was a horrible business decision kek

No. 315750

this video really shows how privileged Jill is to have a social media job. She keeps talking about how terrible it is that she can't be herself and and how she has to act like a professional businesswoman… like all jobs are like that, and are in fact way stricter about it then youtube. If Jill worked an actual, full time job she's be fired in a week for some of the shit she pulls. I really don't think Jill realizes that she's lucky to be getting any money from her bare minimum videos, oversharing and temper tantrums.

No. 315752

is it safe to say some peoples goals in life aren’t to get engaged/ married? lol….(sage your shit)

No. 315754

>She literally can't do a single action without making it some malicious mental illness performance piece

No. 315755

>>315722 I don't know why she doesn't join the FA movement. She would get so many new fans and views. They are just as insane as the DID larpers.
Exactly plus she is textbook bpd. The me me me me me me me me, attention whoring and narc rage meltdowns.

No. 315756

She's been acting like a professional? Since when?

No. 315757


Jill has been hitting at wanting to be a wife for at least a year or two now projecting.

No. 315758

Not all bpd people are like that, I feel like she definitely has some very bad bpd shit in her but also a lot of narcissism (might be a pd but who knows). Maybe anxiety too but not alllllllll the stupid shit she always says she has(arm chairing)

No. 315762

File: 1703098698824.jpg (173 KB, 720x1092, 8653456677.jpg)

No. 315764

For how much she claims to be autistic she sure doesn't seem to be affected things like hypersensitivity. The video has a mind numbing high toned constant buzz in the background and it makes the video un-watchable.

No. 315766

She's just trying to transition into autism content I guess kek. Also she never shuts up about DID so…?

No. 315767

it’s extra funny because there’s no way jillian would accept it if a clinician told her she’s not autistic. she would have a (public) tantrum about it and shop around until someone gives her the goddamn diagnosis, whether it be out of inexperience or exasperation

No. 315768

>in and out of therapy for years

She hasn't been in and out of therapy for years though. She was in an inpatient treatment for an eating disorder when she was a preteen. Then she didn't see a therapist for about a decade. Then she saw her angel therapist. That's her only exposure to therapy.

No. 315770

Literally. Are we forgetting Jill got a DID diagnostic impression from an actual therapist? Therapists love these retarded labels

No. 315771

She didn't, though. She got her diagnostic impression from a resident of psychology who was a "forensics expert." This person is not a therapist.

No. 315772

You can throw a rock at tiktok and hit a hundred kids whose therapists are cheering them on to chop their dicks and tits off. The whole thing is rotten.(derailing)

No. 315774

Okay? I'm just pointing out that Jill didn't see a therapist.

No. 315775

we literally predicted this years ago, kek. the moment her larping turned out to be inconvenient for her, she would "fuse" or just slowly back away from this bullshit. she clearly takes these threads seriously and i'm glad she has a tiny bit of self awareness to realize how ridiculous she's been looking ever since this did saga started

No. 315777

>claiming she only had one straight bf
>had two
>outs him for kissing stevie
So either lolita-era bf or Colin is gay/bi. Is she retarded, she knows she has filmed these guys on YouTube. Why is outing their sexualities and their past kisses her business to tell us?

No. 315778

Yeah this is just outright lurking like she admits she wants a different image for "casual viewers" (people who aren't her hugbox). She also insists on wanting to focus on fashion vlogging. Nonnies have predicted everything. She will lean heavily on the autism in future months.

No. 315779

Colin identifies as non-binary so she's probably talking about Tristan

No. 315780

I believe there used to be a punk era boyfriend before the deviantart girl. Walker was his name, or maybe Im making this up

No. 315781

>My audience doesn't want to watch my larping
>Is that ableist…?
>I can't be myself!
Kek. Oh my god, her own followers not supporting her makes them haters haha. What a fucning narc. "Waawaa I can't be myself because you guys don't believe I have an unrealistic amount of mental issues with no real trauma or hints prior in the decade I've been documenting myself online". I hope her views stay low. Her videos were losing quality before the larping, back to painting walls and sewing once a year. Also, being too scared to post on tiktok bc of zoomers bullying her kek

No. 315782

File: 1703107956877.jpg (172.68 KB, 540x810, twentysomethingdramaqueen.jpg)

20 hours in MS paint

No. 315783

Yeah sorry just remembered that she called her and Colin a "queer couple" and people on tumblr clowned her for it.

No. 315784

is that another black person she's bullying? and calling booboo she's so embarrassing

No. 315785

Nonnie is this your post? Her comment was capped a minute after posted.

No. 315786

File: 1703110827974.jpg (290.9 KB, 720x2265, 02315180.jpg)


No. 315787

File: 1703110922083.jpg (440.39 KB, 720x3630, 251824.jpg)

No. 315788

File: 1703111017167.jpeg (905.11 KB, 1125x1685, IMG_0697.jpeg)

She’s not black but looks to be POC.

No. 315789

File: 1703111030306.jpg (81.67 KB, 720x593, 1251555.jpg)

No. 315791

File: 1703111259045.jpg (241.7 KB, 720x1788, 52757.jpg)

No. 315792

File: 1703111386368.jpg (179.89 KB, 720x1145, 152956.jpg)

No. 315793

File: 1703111500041.jpg (179.92 KB, 720x1112, 12153158.jpg)

No. 315794

God she is such a cunt.

No. 315795

Based queen. I love people who dgaf

No. 315797

File: 1703112764147.jpg (196.07 KB, 720x1683, 55241.jpg)

No. 315798

spreading kindness around like confetti in action everyone. nice.

No. 315799

"Don't harass them on my behalf!" Then follows that message up by seeing someone harassing them and applauding it. Wonder if she's gonna spin this to be jerricka since Jill would NEEEVEEER encourage her stupid ass fans to harass someone who rightfully thinks she's cringe and bullshitting. She's such a fucking stupid bitch lmao.

No. 315801

>Everyone who calls me out on my lies is ableist
>Let me congratulate people who believe my lies and tell them I love them so they stay loyal
Narc bitch

No. 315802

She loves harassing people, she's really not cut to be an influencer. Any other influencer would had been cancelled already, it's been way too many times she has done this at this point. Can't take criticism for shit and yet loved to criticize and harass

No. 315803

File: 1703114066714.jpg (229.1 KB, 720x1486, 160442.jpg)

No. 315804

File: 1703114445802.jpg (143.54 KB, 720x863, 2058.jpg)

No. 315805

Walk among us? Are the kawaii bigots in the room with us right now Jillian? Everyday she becomes more bothered by everyone who isn't kissing her ass and she clearly chooses not to contain it like any successful public influencer would do.

No. 315806

>6:53- wearing her moms old bra/shapewear
>Why did she have the need to share this? Too much info, Jillian.

Considering my first question when I read this was, how she manages to fit into it, it's probably to say that she does fit into it. Maybe to sell her edited body as genuine better?

Obv her mum could've been as overweight as Jill is now, at the time she bought the shapewear. But as far as I recall her mother hasn't been in the last years, so that's not the image a viewer will have of her when they hear this.
However they would prob end up at the same question I did?

Idk, this does feel very tinfoily, she is probably just oversharing like usual.
But then again, sometimes Jill does strike me as trying to be calculated, she just tends to fail miserably at it.

No. 315807

Oh yeah sure she's now acting as if she was the biggest person here and the savior of the kawaii community. You need to look into the mirror Jillian, you advertise yourself as kawaii and you are an absolute hateful asshole.

No. 315808

>"Slowly integrate"
More like shoehorned and then abandoned when it wasn't profitable enough

No. 315809

>People who do not believe in my DID: strangers on the internet

Don't forgot about one of the top hospitals that treats mental illness, personality disorders, and specializes in DID! They see through all the bullshit, Jillybean

No. 315810

Attempting to take away someone's form of income because they were a little mean to you? Real classy Jill

No. 315811

I didn't expect anyone believed her about it any more than the ptsd and did. I figured the bpd was just her way of larping ptsd/trauma and was at best a preliminary diagnostics she worked to get if real since she hasn't exactly been in therapy and I thought this came from a psychologist or therapist who legally and medically cannot diagnose you with anything in Canada for good reason (only a psychiatrist can actually diagnose you with anything big but a family doctor can sometimes diagnose basics like depression).
When a psychologist does a baseline impression for what sort of treatment they want to engage with, BPD is the preferred starter cluster b to give women over the more "evil" ones and in Canada, for a lot of people the initial diagnostic impression is just filling out massive tests for a psych to look over that are very easy to manipulate to look better if you're self aware and you can obviously exaggerate to bpd diagnostic criteria (literally just state suicidality and depression to a 10 + compare questions with the wikipedia page to know which symptoms to exaggerate). The psych may or may not chose to tell you their impression right away or after a few sessions to be "sure" but this isn't anything serious and is subject to change over time actually working with the client. Especially if a psychiatrist comes into the situation as they'll want to diagnose you personally

No. 315812

samefag cause I missed it at first but since I was talking about it, jill is totally wrong in claiming the psychologist diagnosed her because they can't here. She is either lying/misrepresenting the situation using the wrong word or is so disconnected from the mental healthcare system she doesn't realize this

No. 315818

File: 1703123559285.jpg (245.96 KB, 720x1593, 184.jpg)

No. 315819

File: 1703123674408.jpg (234.41 KB, 720x1278, 4644.jpg)

No. 315820

File: 1703123939150.jpg (165.59 KB, 720x1151, 656.jpg)

No. 315821

>pretending to be different people and dressing up in different outfits for videos and pics to talk about oneself in the third person like a narc is a disability
Yep, this is just classic BPD bitch shenanigans.

No. 315823

Throwing around words like "bigot" and "disability" doesn't make it more serious Jillian. It just makes you look like a whiny asshole who has never truly been discriminated against. She is seriously the stereotype of people who want to give off the positive sweet kind image and are rotten inside and full of hate. She has no issue being nasty and doesn't see an issue with her actions at all.

No. 315824

notice how many "I" she uses when she's mad and snorting and fussing like a pig she drops the "we" and "us" so fast

No. 315826

File: 1703125224947.jpg (92.01 KB, 720x569, 92017.jpg)

No. 315828

Yes Jill everyone that has legitimate grievances with your shitty takes and offensive ideas about mental illnesses and stuff like autism are people with evil in their hearts. You are truly on the side of light. Fucking kek

No. 315829

the way she doesn't even react to being called privileged becauase she knows that shit is true, despite all of her lies indicating her life is so so horrible? people are dying and losing their homes at the fastest rate since before the great recession, but someone was slightly mean to her on the internet, god forbid!

No. 315830

She really only uses we when she remembers she's larping. It's embarrassing to see

No. 315833

And now back to precure with no regret, no remorse, nothing new learned. Sigh. Womanchild

No. 315835

File: 1703127243669.png (20.87 KB, 601x659, 6290AE09-DB91-41DE-AD37-E6BB82…)

don't you love it when jill's true cunty self reveals itself? drops the fake did bullshit, goes full retard on twitter, pulls the ableism card and makes this a bigger deal than it is, pulls the ableism card, acts like her life is in danger when shes still in her retarded rainbow prison. Shes spoiled brat

No. 315836

im kinda lowkey pissed that girl mentioned kiwifarms in the first place, the only really reason imo that jillian even blew up and invalidated everything she said is because she brought up a gossip site.

No. 315837

"I have VERY severe generalized anxiety disorder," she spewed with glee. "Your anxiety is so bad, it's actually weird!" And what pleasure she takes from it. A perfect prize!

No. 315838

Jill’s kf thread hasn’t been updated in over a year. I would know because I made the last post on it kek.

No. 315839

How can one dumbass talk THIS fucking much about themselves?

No. 315840

>They are brainwashed by their own echo chamber
The call is coming from inside the house Jill!

No. 315841

"Please don't be mean on my behalf"
Jill when her followers say someone deserves to be bullied:
"Ily so much"

No. 315842

Jill loves to attack black people when they criticize her but the moment a white person (or at least someone with a white pfp) backs them up all of a sudden it's "I hear you" and "I respect your opinion"

No. 315844

Nicely written

No. 315846

Nta, but I agree with you. This poster is definitely interacting with the cow to get replies to post here. This is such manufactured milk. This wouldn've come up WAY before this otherwise.

No. 315847

I disagree. I don't think that person is a farmer. And if they are it's very unfortunate. They might had done it after reading kf and seeing her new video. Still feels confrontational on purpose though.

No. 315848

they are definitely a farmer. all the caps from this whole "blow up" are from the same phone with the same twitter layout/dark mode/theme, they're all taken seconds or within minutes of comments to the @stonermatsu_ account, so they're probably checking them from the replies as they come in.

stop cowtipping, stop touching the shit.

No. 315851

Literally so many people have dark mode and there is nothing to indicate the type of phone in the screencaps? Please take off your tinfoil hat and breathe.

No. 315852

I'm going to say farmer. Jillian doesn't explore outside of her hug box anymore, nor does she invite opposition into her space.
That aside, it sure is easy to get her rialed up. Why is she always spoiling for a fight? That's more of a BPD thing than a severe trauma victim thing.

No. 315853

>they're probably checking them from the replies as they come in
that's nitter, an alternative frontend to twitter. you can't log in your acc using it
you could argue she had a tab open with actual twitter, but that's reaching. just as likely to have been a mere coincidence that they were there when the shitfest began

No. 315854

shes ventured out once when she tried turning the H3 livechat into her hugbox and no one gave a shit. so its either a farmer or another H3 fan that googled her

No. 315855

That stood out so much, and it’s like okay. First of all, who, angel baby therapist? Go figure lmfao. Second, you literally collapse and fake seizures and go on hour long x dot com tirades at any slight brush to your ego- sorry, I mean “safety”

No. 315856

It’s crazy how Jill can just get away with her behavior and won’t get canceled. Shes basically that worker that manages to fall in the cracks where people forget she exists.
Really beating those racist allegations.

No. 315857

That's just all caps in the thread though. And those caps are also minutes after Jillian posts them. Who cares if she is or isn't, the issue here is Jillian.

No. 315858

File: 1703158009777.png (387.94 KB, 720x861, IMG_20231221_052601.png)

Thanks for the suggestion, now I can finally see what she's been up to.

No. 315860

File: 1703158096274.png (664.74 KB, 720x884, IMG_20231221_052626.png)

Me me me and my aesthetic

No. 315861

That person is right, Jill calling herself punk rock is cringey as hell. What's punk rock about living in a nice town house in Canada with wealthy parents and consuming mounds of plastic shit?
She loves pulling the "we could get along / we could be friends" shit. I think it's meant to be a guilt trip, but getting along with Jill or being friends with her sounds like a nightmare.

No. 315863

File: 1703158429034.png (116.78 KB, 720x601, IMG_20231221_053229.png)

This is so fucking chunnibyo. I know because I also was once a retarded teen but I stopped doing this type of delusional shit by the time I was in high school. You can't be kidding and say a 25 year old thinks cartoons speak inside her head.

No. 315864

File: 1703158708712.png (Spoiler Image,478.83 KB, 720x1001, IMG_20231221_053158.png)

>omg this picture of myself goes so hard

No. 315865

File: 1703158773102.png (168.56 KB, 720x491, IMG_20231221_053052.png)

Finally, she's strong because she didn't consoom pink. Sorry for the mini tweet spam.

No. 315866

Isn't Jill with her family for the holidays? The fact she's spending all this time fighting online with people and screeching about being bullied when she could be spending time with her family who clearly love her and spoil the shit out of her is wild.

No. 315867

Punk/goth etc has been gentrified for the past few decades. One would argue since inception.

No. 315868

she should probably be less focused on if a cleaning product is pretty and pink and more concerned with the fact that it contains lavender (however diluted) considering she has two cats. sage for feline sperging

No. 315869

I actually saw a tik toker recently who made her whole platform about having adhd and autism, she went and got tested and they said she doesn’t have autism so she then started saying she does but they discriminated against her because she is a woman and her self diagnosis is valid! And like that can happen especially to black women (she was white) but it was so clearly a larp and they caught her out. Blog but as a woman diagnosed with autism I can’t fathom why they want this so much, the reality of actually having it sucks a lot of the time.(derailing)

No. 315870

Pfft the backpedal because she realised this was some not like other girls bullshit basic white girl on basic white girl crime is hilarious.

No. 315871

“I am a sweet and kind person”, says who? You? These aren’t descriptors you get to assign yourself they are things other people say about you which in this case they don’t. She is so blatantly narcissistic it’s crazy how blind to it she is because she is so deep in the hole. She is never in the wrong in her opinion and that’s just not how life works no one is never in the wrong, just zero accountability ever.

No. 315872

These people think autism is just being quirky and not like the other girls because they only consume content from other self diagnosers. It's like with DID, it went from extremely traumatized people acting like a different person sometimes then forgetting about it, to terminally online kids having 20 aesthetic OCs that love to dress up and lip sync for tiktok

No. 315875

old, but laughing hysterically when she brings up TAXES of all things.
bitch, you claim to be a seamstress or whatever, the amount of math that comes into drafting a pattern should be giving you more issues than once a year ordeal that everyone does.
shows how little she actually works at her "serious business lady job"

No. 315876

>“I am a sweet and kind person”, says who? You? These aren’t descriptors you get to assign yourself they are things other people say about you which in this case they don’t. She is so blatantly narcissistic it’s crazy how blind to it she is because she is so deep in the hole.
This exactly, she's not nice and sweet kek. It's a shame her followers believe her though. She gives them attention and encouragement whenever they lick her boots.

No. 315877

They also think it’s a get-out-of-criticism-free card because that’s how it’s treated in their niche social media circles. So they don’t have to deal with any of the negative aspects that come with having autism because they don’t really have it, get free social capital online for being “unfairly stigmatised unu” but none of the actual stigma in real life because they can just turn off the “autistic traits” (whatever they think those are) and blend in normally with the rest of society. It’s a win-win situation for them especially if they never get formally diagnosed so there isn’t a paper trail.

She identifies as sweet and kind and that is perfectly valid, anon!

No. 315878

>It's like with DID, it went from extremely traumatized people acting like a different person sometimes then forgetting about it, to terminally online kids having 20 aesthetic OCs that love to dress up and lip sync for tiktok
That really fucks me up because despite DID being arguably "not real" I do believe it must have to be some alternate form of PTSD. I hate the obvious fakers and I dislike Jillian even more for her retarded "diagnostic impression" which is not at all what she thinks it is. Lol
>They also think it’s a get-out-of-criticism-free card because that’s how it’s treated in their niche social media circles.
Basically this. Being trans and mentally ill (or larping it) and using the words "ableist", "transphobic", "bigoted" etc. are going to make you win in those circles because no one wants to associate with the bad guy. Social media works in cult like clickes where the ones "in the wrong" get dog pilled and then driven off platforms, just because they dared to ask a question. It's like what happened to the black content creator that Jill bullied off the platform. She thinks she'll always get to be the bigger person and that she'll always win all arguments, and that she'll always be in the right. No accountability. I wonder when this will bite her back.

No. 315880

Didn't you see, nonna? Things are terrible at her parents' place because her grandma calls her her legal name so she's putting her misplaced rage on anyone with a skintone darker than hers who dares enter her den of replies

No. 315882

It’s wild because in the real world when someone is actually ableist and discriminatory against you no one gives a fuck. Like wow Jilly someone said something mean and you can block them that’s definitely a real problem unlike trying to rent a home and the second you say you are disabled the letting agent just hangs up on you.

No. 315883

No. 315884

It's a woman

No. 315886

>spread kindness like confetti
>cry harder!
choose one, I can't believe she actually typed out such a stereotypical bully line, love when she outs herself like this.
Then she starts reeling off a list of "people who believe in my DID" which is definitely a normal thing for a mentally ill person to do. (I have never once seen the phrase "people who believe in my depression" for example, blatant munchie coverup behaviour) Like how do even have that list ready to go? I have never conceptualised mental illness in a framework of "people who believe it" this is so transparently munchie. I like how triggered she was by this person that she started saying these odd things immediately.
>I had to turn it off after five minutes because it felt scummy
>go fuck yourself sincerely
She has zero conversational ability, like how of that even a response?
>please do not be mean back on my behalf
Terminally online girl pretends she doesn't understand how putting people on blast and internet pileons work despite being part of several this year

No. 315888

File: 1703176867717.png (563.67 KB, 720x1322, IMG_20231221_104108.png)

Has this been posted yet? It's Jillian on Drew Monson's chat.

No. 315889

Anon is cowtipping, so don't try to defend the poster Jill is replying to.

No. 315890

>they are brainwashed by their own echo chamber and feel insanely justified
Projection city, also isn't "insanely" ableist like she just had this conversation a week or two ago
The thing she says after "we have so much in common" is nearly "we could have been friends" she has so many manipulation tactics up her sleeve, that's actually creepy to me because she is using something that was never on the table as leverage
The fact she frames her blatant attempt to sicc her audience on her as a PSA is so gross, like anyone has heard of this artist or that artists get many commisions anyway, she loves punching down
This is so gross how the person writes petty insults and receives praise

No. 315891

NTA but how is she defending the poster?

No. 315892

It sounds like they use kiwifarms and not lolcow, plus these are posted without comment (like whoever is posting isn't saying it's them) and yes I will defend someone getting attacked by this cunt kek like Jill is such a nasty piece of work. It's christmas in 4 days ffs

No. 315893

presumably because I don't think internet pileons are cool, smells like Sof in here

No. 315895

She couldn't deal with H3H3 so it's back to being creepy with Drew Monson

No. 315896

Really nice of Jill's alters to unanimously agree to post less online. Especially when half of her laters were terminally online when she first started this LARPM

No. 315898

yes but she has they/them in her bio which would make Jill a "transphobe" for referring to her as she

No. 315899

I think anon is pointing out that stonermatsu's pronouns are listed as "they/them" but Jill calls her "she" which should get Jill in trouble for "misgendering a non-cis person" but of course the rules don't apply to Jill

No. 315900

Siccing her fanbase on a vulnerable thembie’s source of income AND violently misgendering her? Good job Jill you’re practically a murderer now. Or a Karen, which is even worse apparently

I wish it had been a male thembie though because that might actually bite her in the ass. This will probably fizzle out quickly.

No. 315905

Well there goes her YouTube comeback lol
Cliff should know better smh.

No. 315906

>choose one, I can't believe she actually typed out such a stereotypical bully line, love when she outs herself like this.
This, again and again, she's a bully
>Terminally online girl pretends she doesn't understand how putting people on blast and internet pileons work despite being part of several this year
Man I wonder why she keeps doing this kek she's the prime example of kawaii aesthetic people who parade positivity around actually being bullies
>The thing she says after "we have so much in common" is nearly "we could have been friends" she has so many manipulation tactics up her sleeve, that's actually creepy to me
Agreed, and I feel like she must manipulate everyone around her like this too
>The fact she frames her blatant attempt to sicc her audience on her as a PSA is so gross
This. It's not even a PSA, it's just THIS PERSON WAS MEAN TO ME REE

No. 315907

the kf thread on her is dead. why would she come from there? this is very obviously cowtipping from here. stop defending it and just let the cow milk herself.

No. 315909

For someone who likes to throw around the term ableist, she sure does like to use "insane" as an insult attempting to discredit and humiliate others based on their supposed lack of mental stability. And wishes them at the very least emotional harm ("cry harder") as a punishment for their alleged inability to grasp reality. Lord have mercy, maybe Jill's whiteknights should use their brain to see the words she actually types.

No. 315910

would not surprise me if what she really was told was "it's weird that your answers indicate such a high level of anxiety" because she claims to have panic attacks like every day for no reason, and decided to twist it into that. it would make sense, because she definitely exaggerates her panic attacks and flashbacks etc., as one would if one doesn't actually have cptsd and thinks the disorder is aggressive anxiety attacks every single day, never being able to handle triggers (even with alters that are supposed to numb those triggers to the paint where you can handle them without having a complete meltdown every single day!)

No. 315911

I thought she hated when others used the word insane? Like, didn't she make a big deal out of it on Twitter recently?

No. 315913

File: 1703193203660.jpg (222.61 KB, 720x1188, 87653345.jpg)

I'm the nonnie who posted caps. As >>315853 pointed out, I use nitter. I didn't always as I could browse twitter/x without an account but now you need an account. I'm not going to do that because I don't like twitter. So I opted to use a 3rd party website. I don't always post with a comment because I just don't feel the need to. I've been doing that for a while that isn't new. Here's a cap I took without cropping it like I usually do. Yes the time is off because I am busy. The default theme on nitter is that theme. I could change it but I'm too lazy to. Interesting fact is twitter uses the date and then from earth for views, but nitter does not. Also you can download videos from nitter as there are sites for that, I just found that out. Anyways I heavily disagree about Jill not using her other two, one which is her main, for twitter spats. Jill has been rampant up. The views on her videos aren't where she wants them to be, she's obviously been reading here about her and Steve, has talked about being "not safe", and she has to interact with non immediate family. Jill wants to take her rage out. Jerricka's twitter has been barely used and she's been distancing herself from emoboi's twitter. She has raged on her main before so it isn't new. Jill's a megalomaniac. I came here first and saw Jill posted a video and read nonnie's description. I looked on nitter at the petals account first then clicked on her main account via her petals account. That tweet was there when I clicked so I capped it. I then got busy but then a snafu happened so I had time which then I decided to look at Jill's main twitter because of that tweet. It blew up. I had a hunch because I have capped other of Jill's twitter slap fights before like the one with the subliminals girl. I don't know why that girl mentioned kf nor do I get how that quote unquote incriminates me as to being that girl. Same with the timing of the tweets I capped as well as the dark mode. I got lucky and it does happen. I obviously can't force you all to believe I am not the girl. That is what it is. I haven't posted anything today because I'm busy with stuff now that the snafu is fixed but it put me back. I'm typing inbetween making cookies atm. Regardless I will still continue to help cap stuff besides post tts when Jill actually does something worth while because I like to. Last thing is Jill is at home which I fully expect there to be a meltdown. Don't forget Jilly bean made a huge stink about how traumatized she was being in her old room.

No. 315914

File: 1703195232226.jpg (72.72 KB, 720x369, 43630.jpg)

Also I apologize that other nonnies didn't know about nitter. I browse other threads and nonnies use it on those. I assumed which was dumb on my part. Here's a few screenshots I grabbed before back to cookie hell.

No. 315915

File: 1703195312534.jpg (157.29 KB, 720x885, 22143640.jpg)

No. 315916

File: 1703195390791.jpg (150.56 KB, 720x1056, 143651.jpg)

No. 315917

>accusing me of malingering my health condition

Love that she writes that instead of "accusing me of faking DID" because keeping it vague as "health condition" could be taken as a physical illness and will make her seem more justified to herself to use that language lol

No. 315918

She’s claimed to have panic attacks that last multiple hours. Even an inexperienced newbie counsellor eager to validate and encourage his first “interesting” case is going to look askance at that. I agree that if this interaction happened at all the other party likely called her claims “unusual” or something along those lines, and she interpreted it as them calling her super special and the mostest ill evar when they were really doubting her obvious exaggeration.

No. 315919

I believe you nonny and always did. Anons are retarded tinfoilers.

No. 315920

First person is right

No. 315921

Thanks for the explanation, imo it's clear you are not the same person just from your writing style, and the supposedly sus tweets were like "1 minute ago" which is not incriminating if you're lurking her Twitter spats (and wouldn't make sense anyway since nitter is logged out 3rd party so a notif wouldn't take you there) and that person specifically mentioned kiwifarms, not lolcow. She probably is genuinely an ex fan of ten years and googled Jill's name after seeing enough dumb shit, Jill just drove away yet another longtime fan.

No. 315922

She's visiting her beloved family for the holidays and of course she hogs the TV to play her obnoxious kiddie cartoons instead of spending time with them watching something everyone can enjoy. I bet she was being insufferable trying to breadcrumb her autism to her parents by showing off how she's just sooo engrossed with her "special interest."

No. 315926

File: 1703204087996.png (53.64 KB, 587x438, itcontinues.png)

I was worried they'd delete their tweet when Jill responded but they are eating her up in these replies

No. 315928

inb4 jill accuses this person of reading here or being one of her forum bullies because to her we're the only people that would ever dare argue with her. other people are waking up to the bullshit jill

No. 315929

lmao here comes the quote retweet calling this person out for being “discriminatory”

No. 315930

You are malingering, Jill. You are the most obvious case of malingering I have ever witnessed in my damn life.

No. 315931

Feels good to see someone call her out. It's such a good point that actual disabled people can't just hide their disability, because if someone was mentally ill to the degree Jill claims to be you would be able to tell from their content without them having to tell us, hell I don't even think someone like that would have the energy to make stupid videos

No. 315932

File: 1703206593904.png (53.75 KB, 610x430, 4564564561.png)

Pretty sure the bottom reply got deleted right after I took this or maybe I just can't find it anymore since I'm not a twitfag. All of her replies to this person were insane though and she responded like 4 different times all within 10 minutes. She's in rare form this week.

No. 315933

File: 1703206750055.png (65.5 KB, 615x437, 56456123156.png)

Here's her other replies to them.

No. 315934

This all reeks of "Daddy gave me a talking to."

No. 315935

She's going full meltdown mode lol probably because she can't smoke weed 24/7 at mommy dearest's

No. 315936

>I cannot hide my condition
Isn't DID supposed to be covert though, like aren't the alters supposed to pretend to be the "host" personality to experience the trauma for them? If a child is about to get assaulted they're not gonna be like "oh by the way Mr. Rapist right now I'm Jerrick, I use he/him pronouns, and I'm emo!" If anything, hiding her alters should be her natural state, and exposing them so openly online would be the uncomfortable thing to do.

No. 315937

God she's insane but not in the way she wants to be

No. 315938

Not for he apparently, because she has super duper special DID mental health condition or whatever.

No. 315939

File: 1703210369349.jpg (169.66 KB, 720x1421, 564797653345.jpg)

No. 315940

oh so you know like
when you're a normal ass person with complexity and differing opinions
it's like that!

No. 315943

She made a whole video shaming trisha paytas for calling her bestie dissociadid crazy. Rule for thee, not for me ig

No. 315948

File: 1703214633914.jpg (189.06 KB, 720x1144, Screenshot_20.jpg)

The freaking heart hand emoji. Barf, Jillian.
She's on edge for sure. I'd hate to be in that household.

No. 315950

her getting dragged this fucking hard on X so soon after getting dragged in H3H3 chat is definitely going to give us a new Trauma Holder Alter for christmas! what a gift! merry christmas nonnas!

No. 315951

If Jilly bean is home for the holidays and unable to get her weed fix we’ll probably hear about her super traumatic night terrors because vivid dreams/nightmares are a symptom of weed withdrawal.

No. 315952

Good point and I'm amazed at how no one if her fans seems to remember anymore, the hypocrisy is obvious
Holy shit I can hear the snark and passive aggressiveness from here
Kek she could be having a good Christmas but no, time to be an ass

No. 315953

Underrated post… I see you anon

No. 315954

File: 1703217169519.png (27.56 KB, 632x250, junk nitter.png)

And….it's gone.
Lolcow farms remembers Jillian Vessey

No. 315955

This is especially telling because it’s so obvious that “health condition” is purposely misleading. “Health condition” implies something like a chronic illness or physical disability and she knows that, otherwise she would have said what she meant the first time. It’s so manipulative

No. 315957

File: 1703217748366.jpeg (254.54 KB, 1169x1527, IMG_0965.jpeg)

Love it when twitards call out her bullshit

No. 315958

File: 1703217748619.jpg (34.42 KB, 720x225, Screenshot.jpg)

She's in a mood. Watch out Louise.

No. 315962

Tbh, mental issues are a disability, but I sure as hell wouldn't use that term unless it's debilitating like severe versions of things where medication is needed. Jill takes zero pills for anything she does and doesn't see a therapist. She is not disabled.

No. 315963

She's not calling the person insane, she's calling the take insane. That's not the same as telling someone that they themselves are crazy. Opinions aren't people.

No. 315964

In the past when Jill has posted photos of herself smoking weed at her parents' home, I noticed all the photos she took appeared to be taken at night. I wonder if Jill is only 'allowed' to smoke at night at the family-home or if she prefers to not smoke in the day around her family in PEI; whereas in NB she's high from when she wakes up until she she sleeps.

I'm sure that if we follow her Twitter or other social media accounts carefully over the holidays we may notice Jill makes more of her schizo bully posts throughout the day compared to in the night after she hits her bong.

No. 315965

File: 1703228176241.jpg (31.74 KB, 668x459, images.jpg)

This is literally how she sounds like kek. The manipulation is off the charts

No. 315967

File: 1703232048387.jpeg (704.96 KB, 828x1437, IMG_4429.jpeg)

Attach to them to wood and nail them to the wig like Sarah spaceman.

No. 315968

File: 1703232404652.png (426.53 KB, 720x1010, IMG_20231222_020518.png)

Kek I was about to post this. I wonder if it's coincidence or if she's lurking.
Here's another cap.

No. 315969

File: 1703232481664.png (611.53 KB, 720x957, IMG_20231222_020559.png)

Also lurking through Steven's twitter, last time I saw it he wasn't so openly gay and trans

No. 315970

File: 1703232513707.png (96.01 KB, 720x489, IMG_20231222_020621.png)

No. 315971

Complains about conversion therapy but is (ostensibly happily) dating a woman. So it worked and he’s cool with that outcome? Or is he complaining that his parents didn’t have him castrated as a child?

No. 315972

Thanks to that safe space he's now able to be in a loveless straight relationship with a woman who pretends to be 4 years old and a cat, thank god

No. 315973

Jill stop "reading between the lines" when you're larping autism! Autists are famous for taking things too literally so you can't just twist a person's words like this or people will catch on that it's all just a performance (watch her fake taking things too literally in 3 2 1…)

No. 315974

>inb4 “um how could I slap anyone I’m home alone on my phone??”

No. 315975

This is one of the very few times I agree with Pixie. Just because you have a larger following doesn't mean you have to police and parent every followers. What other people do on your behalf is them. Doesn't matter how many followers you have. Every follower has their own opinion and sometimes it's not even people following, but people just wanting to butt into the drama that do this harassment. Complaining "oh no bigger following is going to get me, you should be a bigger person, no longer kawaii uguu faker" is dumb as hell. These are all adults and everyone, fucking everyone, knows not to attack others online. This is repeated with so many influencers at this point, that it's as stupid as callout as someone's bad apology video. If people don't want to get called out, they should just shut up from the get-go. She didn't ask anyone to harass them, she even said to stay away from them. Lol That was before her little PSA too >>315803 She mentions >>315787 Saying don't support them is a pretty clear "Stay away and don't interact" post. Pixie is an idiot, but this numbers bully game is absolute shit from the people who can't handle getting shit thrown right back at them.

No. 315976

Shut up ESL chan. People with large followings have rabid fans and babble of one insignificant person online should not be warranting an attack from a bunch of terminally online schizos. You’re supposed to ignore them because if you give them attention then they know their puny no follower ass comment got to you.
It also doesn’t help that Jillian literally has strong kind and beautiful tattooed on herself. She doesn’t practice what she preaches and is a huge hypocrite. That’s the thing that anons are talking about. She insists everyone has to be nice to her but she can be the biggest nastiest bitch she wants.

No. 315977

>Just because you have a larger following doesn't mean you have to police and parent every followers.
>everyone, knows not to attack others online.
You know they don't know that anon. We all know how people act online and that they harass people to protect their fave parasocial person in unhinged ways. Especially if you accept Jill's version of reality, then she has an entire "crazy obsessed stalker hate forum" that have even gone after her irl. It's not like she thinks she is followed by mature adults. Jill making posts saying "stay away from this person" doesn't mean "stay away" she knows people will take it as "attack this person" and that's literally why she did it, to hurt that person.

No. 315983

That person is completely right, ableism is shit like eugenics and oppression. Jill has no idea how privileged she is that the "ableism" she encounters is people questioning her on Twitter.

No. 315984

File: 1703246225348.jpg (103.19 KB, 720x1067, Screenshot_20231222-115626.jpg)

>you are a fucking monster
Lol sorry your toddler anime didn't get some plastic shit tie in merchandise

No. 315985

I believe you anon, and now I know of an alternative to twitter so thank you very much! hope your cookies came out ok, merry christmas!
seems more like jill lost a longtime fan. jill only cares about people constantly kissing her ass.
its pathetic she immediately jumps to her stupid childish anime instead of something holiday related for the whole family to enjoy. social media really does reinforce bad behavior because shes being selfish by hogging the tv. you know shes salivating over the number of likes, when in reality her family is disappointed at how extremely spoiled and selfish (and fat) she is.
non crippie? so jill is arguing with a crippled person? lmao never change your munchie ways jill. mean comments on the internet arent discrimination hahahah

No. 315986

File: 1703249827341.jpeg (511.69 KB, 1125x1027, IMG_5651.jpeg)

I looked it up in case anyone was wondering about the full post that led Jill to call someone a monster and wish death upon them.
Is she still at her parents’ place?

No. 315987

Was this written by a nonnie? Whoever wrote that is super based.

No. 315988

I'm sorry but no. Someone professional would simply block and ignore. Jillian bpd-imploded on that person for simple criticism and made things worse for everyone. What she did is plain bullying. She does this every time despite claiming to be a positive force on the universe or whatever.
Oh she's really going to show the trolls with those crochet videos kek. Honestly this would be miles better than what she's doing, but she's probably post an "alter" selfie or some video of herself dancing instead kek. "How can you be this mean to me if my alter Flora and Sunny are so nice and kind and I throw kindness like confetti".

No. 315989

That's why I was confused when I read it, like, was it a jab at her?
"I hope you * in your sleep" despite the censoring Jillian, you're the one who is coming off as unhinged here. Then again you can't handle mild criticism but you can totally tell people to choke in their sleep as long you censor it, all over a fucking toy from a Japanese cartoon kek wtf is wrong with her. It's so fucking funny how much of a pickme she is for men, she really never sides with women does she. Men aren't going to defend you back, idiot.
Both of them are correct.

No. 315990

Is it even true though? I don't think PreCure has one creator, just a team from Toei

No. 315992

File: 1703256079570.png (221.29 KB, 1270x884, _jillian (1).png)

sorry to burst your bubble Jilly but the male precure fans you seem to defend so much don't think very highly of you at all

No. 315993

apparently "izumi todo" is just a pen name for staff cited as the creator, and the producer of the first 5 seasons was first commissioned to make a new toei series for girls. not sure about the "no experience with girls media" part(sage your shit)

No. 315994

File: 1703256549377.png (132.34 KB, 608x368, _steven-1.png)

she's just defending steven anyway.
yeah that happens in japan a lot. It's probably a full team of people, both men and women, working on ideas to sell toys to children.

No. 315995

There are a lot of male staff members at Toei, but the producer of the first season of Pretty Cure is a woman who has produced multiple seasons of the show (she still works on Precure to this day), and she was a producer on two series of Doremi before Precure was invented. These people love to rewrite history and pretend women weren't involved in things so they can cater to male fans and say they were always included.

No. 315997

If you went onto 4chan and made the same thread all those responses wouldn’t be any different.

No. 315999

Louise doesn’t let her smoke in the house she has to go outside or to the shed and well it’s cold and she is lazy. At home she can smoke laying on the couch and has to put in zero effort. Good on Louise for not letting her stink out the house and subject the cats to second hand smoke I bet she was a bitch about it.

No. 316000

I think that's a 4chan archive or another imageboard

No. 316001

What an unhinged response from bestie jillian. Imagine caring this much about the feelings (read: dicks) of autistic men (read: terminally online porn rotted scrotes).
If they don’t like it they can simply block the content and go back to their coom caves to wank it to underage cartoon characters in private, theyre adults jill! Their opinions and feefees about a childrens show don’t excuse the creepiness of their participation, they could just privately participate perhaps?
They aren’t victims but given how desperately jill wants to be seen as a victim herself I’m not surprised she defends them.

No. 316002

The gap between her insisting she is so nice and kind and telling someone to die is so hilariously short.

No. 316005

It's tragicomical Jillian doesn't realize Steven uses her for beard and boarding. I almost feel bad for the bovine.

No. 316006

File: 1703263308346.jpg (29.14 KB, 689x312, Screenshot_20231222-163722.jpg)

It really seems like Jill is throwing temper tantrums on Twitter because her family isn't playing along with her LARP. Like she's been tweeting about people using her birth name and not understanding her since she went home. She probably pretended to have a meltdown or whined about her trauma and her family asked her wtf she was talking about.

No. 316007

Kek because naming it something else doesn’t mean you’ve stopped talking about it you unhinged narc! God she’s an idiot. She should try larping as retarded, it’d be more believable at this point.

Here’s a hint Jill: talk about anything else! Anything without bringing up how it relates to your possible autism/DID/Mememe mental jillness. Treat it like an internet challenge (impossible) if your terminally online brain can only understand it in that context.

No. 316009

Anon that is 4chan, hence why the scrotes are posting about hating women

No. 316011

That’s what I meant, nonnie. They would still post the same responses and it isn’t a one time thing kek.

No. 316012

damn where is this from?!

No. 316014

I'm guessing /a/ or /jp/
I really don't understand the mental gymnastics that make her think that defending males makes her look more autistic kek, like, in what world defending autistic males makes her autism larp more legit? She looks like a narc that wants to pretend she's a hero but the funny thing is these males will never need her back.
She's painfully unaware too, I'm surprised.
Ooglie boogies??? Who the fuck talks about their supposed mental illness like that? God, poor Vessey family.

No. 316015

Lol, Denim just talked about having autism on Drag Race. I wonder if Jillian is watching this season and if she's seething.

No. 316016

File: 1703270585815.png (285.14 KB, 720x1106, IMG_20231222_124149.png)

No. 316019

She's really on a roll with the unhinged, completely unjustified rage. It really reminds me of when Sof was caught posting here, and instead of falling out with Sof she redirected all her anger at the professor who included her in his tiktok faker analysis.
Now, she's at home for Christmas and absolutely wild with the lack of pandering happening from her family, (and possibly trying to rein in the weed and alcohol to keep up appearances) so she is redirecting all her rage at literally anyone she finds online rn.

No. 316020

Did an anon really go there just to fish for milk from scrotes about Pixie to post here? Honestly I wonder how many of the comments are from scrotes because most of the uncapped ones seem pretty indifferent and just repeating regular 4chan rhetoric.

No. 316021

possible, but pixie is pretty well known in western precure fandom because of her huge video she did a few years ago. there are a lot of people who found her through that and not through fashion etc.

No. 316022

Her demographic is not male, especially precure male. They are too busy heavy breathing over their live action plays for precure and those idols. It's mostly women who have found her or westernized gays. This really reads like an anon from TT posted that just to get reactions and when you feed curated info too, you don't get genuine replies about her and her lore. Can anons please stop baiting reactions to Pixie, it makes her milk look partially manipulated and we don't need that.

No. 316024

The caps are from years ago, NTA but it seems they just searched her name on the archive to see if she popped up, surprised she did. I think a moid must have posted her originally

No. 316026

File: 1703277495800.png (Spoiler Image,720.41 KB, 720x1416, nope.png)

Honestly I don't know how she can defend degenerates like these (this is on the current thread on /a/, had to censor it even though it doesn't show anything because it's very uncomfortable).

No. 316028

Man, she’s been on a roll the last couple of days. Not being able to smoke must be fucking her shit up or not helping keeping her from being lawful anymore.

No. 316030

god damn, it’s so bleak when you put it that way

sage for autistic sperging but my tin foil with Steebie is that he isn’t actually anything special in the lgbtqiaa2+twitter circle, he isn’t trans or even completely gay, he’s just a bisexual pushover porn-addict and he knows it, which is why he is so vague about the trans thing. i think he’s trying to convince himself and/or be gaslit into thinking he is deeper into this wokey kink-positive they/them bullshit than he actually is.
i think he’s just a boring pushover coomer-brained moid who is trying to be more unique and special than he actually is, i’m sure part of him hates this life but what the fuck is he going to do about it now? he has the backbone of a jellyfish and he’s dating a level 99 bpd narcissist. he’s done

No. 316031

>>316030 literally he only goes on the they/them shit because Jillian forces him so she can get those super kewl real qweer points despite her being straight as all hell.

No. 316032

man, jill really needs to tone down the weed and alcohol use. To react this way after only a couple of day is addict behavior.

No. 316033

No, she just hasn't been called out on her shit like this from H3H3 and then people online. Her ego is bruised and she's fighting thinking she's morally right. That has nothing to do with weed and alcohol [which I don't think she