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No. 74104

Previous Thread: https://lolcow.farm/w/res/59471

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

General info:
>Frivolously spends her parents' or her own money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite previously complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; has been highly dependent on her mother, friends, or partner in social events and blows minor issues way out of proportion
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image; formerly referred to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual; currently with her live-in partner Stephen Clarke and both have formally come out as bisexual
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not

Last Thread Recap:
>finally posts both parts of her gaudy and increasingly cluttered rainbow home
>participates in the 6% DOKIDOKI runway show at Otakuthon 2019 with a piss-poor outfit of her own creation
>begins fashion school
>makes a hour-and-a-half long guide video about every single Precure season despite her anime videos being the least successful ones on her channel
>poor bastard Steve gets a kawaii new hair color reminiscent of Jill's past kawaii-fication of her ex-boyfriend Colin
>posts a deep video discussing her diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, claiming to mimic accents and emotions due to it instead of blatantly copying other YTers' personalities and content like Jenna Marbles and Emilia Fart
>posts video about what she claims is the worst panic attack she's ever had in public; both her and Steve are seen to be super sheltered in their individual experiences
>is featured in a Hooked on the Look video
>latest video is body-positive video where she claims to no longer photoshop pictures, has let go of clothing that no longer fits and embraces her weight; posts photo of herself in lingerie to boost the body-posi message

Old Threads:

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
Cosplay Facebook Page: https://anony.link/https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://anony.link/https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com/

No. 74115

I loved that video. She looks damn good imo and I want that lingerie. She also explained why she wore it which I think is very inspiring. Fat women exist it’s time we accept all body types and move tf on

No. 74116

I 100% agree

No. 74119

At least sage your fake conversation between yourself.

No. 74120

Chill out anon, she would've proved the same point by wearing a swimsuit. The lingerie wasn't necessary and could probably get the video demonetized if it wasn't already.

No. 74121

You guys are really miserable I’m the one who wrote the first post and someone wrote that afterwards. Is it that hard to believe that there is more than one person with differing opinions than you? Also who cares? Swimsuits and lingerie are the exact same shit just different material also do you really care of it gets demonetized because clearly she doesn’t. You guys can’t give anyone credit for anything your edginess has to come first. It’s a cute video you don’t have to like Jillian to admit that sheesh.

No. 74122

Idk, seems like you're insecure and not as body positive as you might think if you only use the angled mirror trick to show off your body while sucking in/stretching your arms up. I mean it doesn't entirely work since she still looks stumpy and fat, but it's disappointing that she tries to sell it as "fat but in the way that's still acceptable uwu" instead of being straight forward.

No. 74123

Wear lingerie to the beach and see how that goes for u

No. 74124

to ruin my expensive lingerie with salt water and sand? Nah I’m good.

No. 74125

Same anon also you and I both know that most bikinis and basic lingerie like she was wearing are practically identical save for the material. You’re just choosing to be daft on purpose lol

No. 74126

The content about being body positive is important. However, I can't help but feel that the way Jill went about this was leaning a bit more on selfish reasons.

Sure she gained weight, but she isn't exactly a weight that strangers on the street would constantly scowl at if she were seen eating, nor does she seem like she often gets harassed in person. The internet is one thing, and personal pressure is another, but idk… the good messages seemed to be regurgitated from what she absorbed from other youtubers and then relayed in a typical, self absorbed Jill fashion. She was very careful to only show herself off in a very flattering way, which defeats the entire point of the video she was trying to make? (Which was supposed to be: being your natural self is ok and that your physical 'faults' are human instead of things that need to be fixed and all that- instead it was all about how good SHE felt now, which is fine, but the whole tirade at the end about changing the world because she wanted to spread how happy she was didn't exactly tie together.)

I'm probably not wording this well right now, but there was just a lot of me me me and muh hardships in this, which, while EDs don't discriminate, is very hard to take seriously when she is so privileged. The vid seemed to be a narrow lens that was designed to garner her more sympathy as opposed to changing the world for the better. Yeah, someone's personal history with weight stigmas matters, but at the same time her video comes across in a very… 'I want attention' way more than being a part of an actual movement.

No. 74128

i definitely know what you mean but i think it just came off that way because she's kind of a narcissist. she was definitely contorting her body still which to me is sad more than anything else because she's still in denial about "loving" herself at this weight

No. 74129

She still bases way too much of her current self image of who she was as a skinny alt kid/lolita getting close to a decade ago. Of course that shit is formative, but also get a grip, very very few adult people have the same body type or eating habits, disordered or not, that they did at fucking 13.

It's incredibly self serving, self absorbed, and annoyingly preachy the way she goes about "discovering stuff" that is just basic common sense and acting like she has special insight because of her special journey when she has relatively common issues but has been coddled, sheltered, and spoiled to the extreme.

No. 74130

I live a few blocks away from her, and have some friends that went to the same high school as her.

According them with she’s always been stuck up, rich kid.

No. 74131

Talk about credit, it's one more in a long line of videos made by others doing the exact same thing: accepting themselves for who they are, ED history or not. If that's Jill's perogative, that's fine and more power to her, but she's not special for it. We'll just learn to disagree on the message it sends and put it at that.

No. 74133

You're completely missing the point that they aren't "basically the same thing". Even if they cover the same spots". Kinda like how if a child wore lingerie in a picture it's borderline/actual CP where a kid in a swimsuit isn't. Get a grip.

Not related, inb4 Jill gets in trouble with coppa related stuff and cries about how it's "just sooo hard to be a little baby yootoober right now"

No. 74138

File: 1574938705587.jpg (658.22 KB, 1080x1080, Pixie.jpg)

What is a strawman?

They aren't even skimpy, however she is wearing suspenders and they are red which are both stereotypical Sexy Underwears so I'm not sure it can be exactly compared to swimwear. It seems more like an effort to prove to us on lolcow and the people in her comments that she has a Nice Body Actually so here is me posing in Sexy Underwears to prove it.

Notice how how she put super long clips from emilia fart and some guy before showing herself in lingerie, so she looks better than the messes she placed before her.
This isn't body positivity in the traditional sense, more like Pixie trying to prove a point to her haters while intentionally looking as glamorous as she can manage.

No. 74142

The thin suspender belt looks odd. Don't they usually add more material to the plus size versions of them? The rest of the set fits her fine but then the little belt isn't flattering

No. 74144

Her body actually looks really good here, she clearly does have a nice waist/shape and just never dresses for it
but oh boy the makeup is just so clowny plus whats the point of a suspender belt when its just flapping around like that?

No. 74155

I think her body would look very good if she just started to tone herself and exercise, and wore clothes that fit her, but after all it's Jill we're talking about so it's not going to happen. Imagine the shit she would get from her fat fans if she actually got a grip of herself, quit being lazy and started to work towards a healthy body? She would get eaten alive by those who think that trying to be healthy is an eating disorder. There really is nowhere for her to go other than getting fatter after she released this video.

No. 74156

or …stay the same?

No. 74162

nayrt but do you really think someone who has been constantly gaining weight for the last year and a half is going to suddenly maintain a specific weight?

No. 74168

Her body would look good if she was normal in health, but absolutely isn't. She has ED, so this isn't a good body, it's a sick one.

No. 74177

She does not have an eating disorder

No. 74178

Thank you, that's exactly what her video came across as. You worded it perfectly.

No. 74179

Her whole body positivity shtick is fake af she just wants people to coddle her for eating enormous amounts of tendies and garlic fingies and tell her it’s ok to balloon 50+ pounds in such a short while. It’s just confirmation for the cult that you can neglect yourself but it’s only a problem until you can’t fit lazy oaf anymore

No. 74182

The tons of sweets and crap she eats, she very probably can have an ED.

No. 74187

This. I think she's cute and looks nice in her lingerie but that's not the real issue. She can't be in a good mental or physical state if she's relying so heavily on junk and comfort eating that her weight changes this rapidly, and if she doesn't adjust her habits, it won't stop. An inactive lifestyle fueled on sugar and tendies is disastrous for someone already prone to mental health issues.

No. 74207

Eating like shit isnt an ED its called being fat. Jill clings onto her 'eating disorder' past when in reality she she experienced disordered eating for a while and her mother took her get help before anything serious happened. Her 'eating disorder' is a way for her to validate her choices surrounding food and mental health now while continuing to get asspats from her fans. She knows that by publicly discussing her 'eating disorder' she wont get called out for weight gain and is in a position to manipulate the weight gain as a way to get positive attention and validation from her shitty diet choices.

No. 74210

Jill has a REALLY hard time saying the word fat. Did anybody else notice in the video how the word was said quicker than other words and said softer?

No. 74212

I mean who really enjoys calling themselves fat even if they are okay with their weight? it’s like realizing your ugly you aren’t gonna say it with big confidence because the word has hurt and hatred behind it. If that’s the weight she wants I just hope she can maintain it in a healthy way.

No. 74214

File: 1574996612151.gif (1.84 MB, 480x270, 1zVpaFZ.gif)

The entire weight gain video is pretty much directed towards us. None of her *~confetti club~* members probably give a shit about her putting on weight.

Video is literally just her rambling for 15 minutes. Boring as usual.

No. 74216

Sage for nitpick but does her bra seem a bit big in the cups or is that just from her not standing up straight?

No. 74220

The cups are too big, but I also think they're a bad shape for her. A demi cup would probably be more flattering.

No. 74239

Definitely too big in the cups, when I saw it front-on the bigger cups made her look more in proportion than she usually is, then from other angles you see she's not actually filling the bra

No. 74241

unless you’re her personal healthcare providers, it’s fucking retarded to make definitive statements like this. you don’t actually know this for a fact, so don’t state it like it is one.

No. 74242

The amount of weight she has gained in the last year is not finel. Idk why people are trying to say it's ok.

I'm also really disgusted by her eating habits. There's no reason to be eating so much processed crap.. She has no fruit or vegetables in her diet which problem explains a lot of her health issues.

No. 74244

Sorry not sorry but I don't think she really had an ED. She was like one of those tweens who "stopped eating" for a couple weeks then asked her mom to hospitalized her. That's it. Then she gained weight. Plus she was photoshopping herself at her smallest weight (which wasn't even underweight).

No. 74248

She was also a child with a child body and metabolism at the time so was probably even shorter than she is at the moment so being under 100lb is actually not crazy at all, 100lb isn’t unhealthy for someone her adult height

No. 74250

wasnt she diagosed with 'disordered eating' rather than a specfied ed anyway? 'disorder eating' isnt medically the same as having an ed

No. 74265

What I think is the most confusing is that she said this now out of all times. I feel like her weight gain was a conversation topic a few months ago, that has died down more or less besides the occasional mention. The way she filmed the video felt less like a body positive video and more of a video defending her weight gain towards her audience. Lately most of her videos have felt this way; where she films a video defending some aspect of herself to her audience or trying to gain sympathy from her audience over some aspect that is disliked about her. I wonder if it's due to the view drop lately. Two years ago she used to get about 60-70k views per video but there's been a huge drop and now I see most of her videos being around 30-50k. However, the view drop doesn't translate to her mental health videos, which always seem to do pretty well.

I think this goes pretty well with what >>74126 said. I almost feel like she's doing these less for attention. Once again, the video didn't really feel like a body positive video at all, of course I may have taken it in wrong but still. I dont know… something about it just feels genuine yet disingenuous at the same time. I think she might have had good intentions with the video but…. it almost felt like another grab for the spot light since nothing crazy is happening in her life (like Moving out, getting a boyfriend, having a relapse, or being on some sort of tv show thing ((of course minus hooked on the look but that isn't that big)) or going on a trip). I'm not sure..

No. 74269

This is how I feel, this whole thing was so performative. Exactly like she's using this as a way to show people she's not as fat as she looks when she wears her unflattering pastel potato sacks. Why else would she be using mirror tricks and lingerie?

And obviously lacy red lingerie with suspenders is a lot more sexual than a swim suit, what world do you all live in.

No. 74271

I feel bad for Jill, her insecurity is mind-blowing. She has NO identity of her own,she is reminding me of Barbie Ferreira hardcore in Euphoria. Kek

No. 74273

I also feel like she put the suspenders on to help distract from how blobby her midsection looks. Why else would they be on and not attached to any legwear? lmao

Kinda feel bad for the anons saying she looks good and had good fat distribution or whatever, it's easy to look curvy from the angle she shot/the mirror. I guess her following is young and autistic enough to buy it and that's good enough for her

No. 74276

What kind of annoys me about this video is that this weight isn't natural for her. It's not like she was restricting and trying desperately to hold onto a weight which is to low for her to realistically maintain, then started eating a balanced diet, correct portion sizes and gained to a weight that was right for her. In the year and a half shes been eating processed food, to much of it and probably not moving around as much as she should to reach the weight she is now.

No. 74279

I feel like this "I like who I became" bullshit is more to convince herself than to convince us. She's fully aware she let herself go. Nobody can gain this much weight and enjoying it. However it's easier to claim body positivity than to switch to a balanced diet with sport. Her confetti club is stupid enough to support her about this way of thinking so we can only be sure it' going to be worse and worse… How sad it is to be like this when you're this young. Reality is going to hit hard when she'll turn 40 and obese.

No. 74293

No. 74296

I can't get over her putting the peep in the coffee

No. 74297

'twenty nine teen'

No. 74299

File: 1575128704175.jpg (89.13 KB, 341x319, =jilll.jpg)

No. 74300

File: 1575128833430.jpg (182.16 KB, 724x361, jillschool.jpg)

>>74293 even her school desk has to be rainbow pastel vomit

No. 74301

Call me nuts but I freaking hate how she parades around calling design school "fashion school" it sounds so sophomoric and an attempt at name dropping that she's a fashun designur. I say this as a former apparel design student who graduated with honors. Can't stand pretentious untalented morons who try to glamorize a very complex discipline like apparel design. It's more than just wearing fast fashion, having a hoard of brightly colored sewing notions and read horse shit fashion magazines. It's draping, pattern making, fashion sketching, design concept, textiles and design, principles of fit, fashion history,studying silhouettes and cut, merchandising and marketing. I could go on and on about it. But as a professional tailor, I really find Jill comical and a pathetic excuse for a design student when she really is a talentless and pretentious hack.(nobody cares)

No. 74303

ngl the thumbnail gives me the same ddlg vibes that i got from the hooked on the look video with her and steve

No. 74304

Ok, just watched it and I actually liked this video more then her other ones lately. I thought it was nice to see her in a real sense. It felt less like a show and less disingenuous than her other videos. Maybe thats just me though

No. 74307

you sounds more pretentious than her anon

No. 74308

Lol agreed, sage your blog, fashion anon, no one cares that you graduated ~with honors~

I had hoped to never again see peeps tea/coffee and yet here we are

No. 74309

File: 1575132748404.jpeg (43.21 KB, 432x232, E053FDAC-A0A5-4061-B4DA-3427CB…)

aw man my dough

No. 74310

I dont understand the whole 'I have bad eyesite' thing, like she has glasses why doesnt she wear them??

No. 74313

They are clearly very high prescription glasses as well, I assumed she wore contacts most of the time but if that’s the case why can’t she see she should be able to see perfectly fine

No. 74314

>>74313 in her defence, glasses don't always perfect your vision if you have a high prescription. It's possible she couldn't see brown on brown even when wearing contacts.

No. 74315

why cant she properly clean her face..

No. 74317

Kek at how cluttered her desk is vs. the practical and decently organized desk across from her’s.

I was a fashion major who graduated top of my class as well. You sound like an asshole.

No. 74318

Sage for rant. It’s jarring seeing her work space compared to the one next to it, I don’t imagine most people have the money to throw at it like she does like who takes a plant for that, also noticed how her hanging stuff encroaches on the person next to hers space and her garbage can is just on their desk. It’s also funny seeing her skill level being less than Mikan Mandarin who isn’t perfect and I am not a big fan but she is going to bunka but had no prior sewing experience. Jill has spent most of the programme making one skirt that she messed up with and mikan in less time with no prior skill made a skirt and is now making a tailored matching jacket. It’s tragic how someone with no prior skill got into Jills dream school she used to say all the time she would go to and has blazed past her all while uploading way more frequently than her (mikan actually did this same video idea two weeks ago) even despite how gruelling the hours are at Japanese schools and the fact the course isn’t in her native language. She has allowed her laziness to sabotage her, she has the money to do so much more than she does and ends up doing far less than people who have to work for the money to achieve these things.

No. 74320

Her desk is a mess. That's some sloopy teenager bullshit. Her outfit is garbage. and she seems so immature here. Also, shilling Emilia fart again? why is she so obsessed with that fat ass?

No. 74324

because she's a queen

No. 74325

You sound insecure neophyte anon. Kek You probably sew cosplay tier shit like Jill to be so ass blasted by my post.

No. 74326

okay, maybe I misheard but I thought she had only been working on the skirt for 7 weeks which is a little over a month. I have no knowledge for how long it takes to sew these types of things so 7 weeks sounds like a random number. Is that like generally slow to make clothing pieces?

Also agree with how cluttered her desk is. It's hard to work in an environment like that, if it is taking her a while to work that has to be part of it, because you can't get work done in an environment like that

No. 74330

God no, not for a skirt like that. But for her arts and crafts college it makes sense, the curriculum is not intended to prepare students for the actual industry (a month turnaround would be considered slow unless she had to grade the pattern for different sizes herself).

No. 74333

7 weeks is a lot closer to 2 months and that is a pathetically slow amount of time to make one incredibly basic garment.

No. 74346

Real fashion programs would have you make that in about a week (if you're in that class every day), around a month if you're there once a week. That's including drafting the pattern for it.

I don't know if her school is just trash or she's just too busy decorating her desk to do actual work.

No. 74355

>>74346 (lmao the desk part has me rolling because its too accurate)
ayrt: oh shit i had no clue. i also didn't think about the fact that she goes to the same class every day for what? i think she said six hours. that makes a lot of sense. also if skirts are like an incredibly easy garmet to sew like…. didn't she literally mess up on part of it too? like lmafo,

i guess when you put it into perspective how in the world is she going to have a fashion boutique if it takes her that long. i dont know if it's just me but she always talks about her dream of becoming a fashion designer but besides going to school i feel like she's making no other strides towards opening a shop and having a business.

(also why is she sewing the pockets down so far? not only are they tiny so they couldn't actually hold anything but also, they're literally on the end of the skirt that will flutter, not on the part close to the hip where they would normally be, i dont understand her choice in that)

No. 74358

nitpick but why does she have bangs if shes just going to push/pull them back.. she looks so much better when they are just down & covering her forehead

No. 74373

Especially when she has made how many skirts over the years and still she messed up the lining and the hem looks raggedy

No. 74389

File: 1575208125755.jpg (204.19 KB, 599x538, jillbpd.jpg)

her new twitter bio

No. 74390

little category a and category b i think

No. 74393


No. 74396

oh god….

when will jill learn that bpd is not a personality trait.

No. 74397

It's never a good sign when people do this. A mental health diagnosis is supposed to indicate the treatment you should pursue so you can live a normal life, not your new identity to put on display and use to publicly explain away negative behaviors.

No. 74400

They do this when they're about to upload shit content or go MIA for extended periods and want to be excused for it lol.

No. 74402

It is sort to jill. It's got personality in the name~

No. 74405

File: 1575238997353.jpeg (201.67 KB, 885x1290, BFD8D343-60AD-4BBE-977C-5E7AFD…)

do I have to say it again, Parsons?

No. 74407

Lol why are y'all so salty at someone rightfully pointing out that fashion design is actually an intensive major that covers a lot of subjects and skills and requires a ton of effort and study while Jill is over here breaking a sweat over making a skirt with zipper and facings in 7 weeks.

No. 74413

Seriously too many obnoxious anons trying to humble brag about their bullshit fashion designer credentials when no one gives a damn about that shit here.
Doubt anyone with any actual education from Parsons would waste their time on this dumpster fire of a site. Trashing Jill is the only reason we are here. Jill's sewing skills are shit. 7 weeks to make an elementary skirt? Kek Her school is a joke.

No. 74414

Emilia Fart never attended Parsons anon.

No. 74415

did you even look at the screenshot

No. 74418

Yes, because going to a well known school means that you are 100% well adjusted and have never had any interest in yt personalities or been on the internet or really done anything outside of Very Important Studies and living an Extremely Normal Life. Stop infighting. At least anons bringing up what *~*~fashion school*~*~ really involves is related to Jill and her last video.

No. 74420


No. 74423

It bugs me that she took a potted plant to her class, like I understand making you work space your own but it's temporary once the semester is over she's going to have to unpack and clear out all her shit. Also the fact that one of her cats is so over weight just shows that she's not taking good care of them. when she was living with her mom all the cats seemed to be in a healthy range but now stickers looks like a ball.

No. 74426

It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if both Steve and Jill were both feeding Stickers, which shows their lack of communication. It also doesn’t help that he probably whines for food and after being fed and the other feeds him again because they just want the cat to shut up. This wouldn’t be surprising considering Jill would lock Neena out of her room when she cried because she was lonely (which was the whole reason she got stickers)

Neena probably knows she doesn’t need that much food since she was raised with Jill’s mom who probably was the main feeder of the cats and knew to only feed them once or twice

No. 74474

not to sound like a wk but how do we know what she eats daily? like does she post all her meals on insta stories/snapchat and I’m just missing it? all I know is she likes peeps and tea/coffee one time she showed eating garlic pizza things but that doesn’t mean she eats that all day everyday right?

No. 74475

There's been posts and her talking about what she eats, like she posted her grocery cart and it was full of frozen foods and bread pretty much. I'm sure she doesn't eat crap all the time but let's face it, between her probably poor diet and the fact that she's most likely sedimentary (always talking about being "sooo sleepy" after school) it's not hard to see how or why she gained weight.

No. 74484

sage for kinda irrelevant but holy fuck its so sad to watch her old videos. she seemed so much healthier and cuter back then. this video and the dreamy girl unboxing video she looks SO much better and healthier in.

No. 74489

Is it me or ever since she's gotten fatter, her voice has changed almost entirely? She sounds almost deeper and when she laughs it's this hearty cackle that comes out. Having all that weight around the neck affects the vocal cords, right?
It's even more evident watching her older videos. Your voice between being a late teen and early 20 something doesn't usually change that much.

saged in case it's already been discussed

No. 74492

shit that's rough fam.

No. 74493

holy shit, this looks banner-tier

No. 74496

I am guilty of watching her older videos cause they were honestly not too terrible and she seems a lot better in them in terms of like sanity? Her styling is still iffy but I still liked her choices back then, nowadays it’s just not so easy to swallow

No. 74510

She's older and not a teen anymore, it's not that deep sis.

No. 74513

Serena dreaming of the catio at 2:09. Imagine going from having actual access to the outdoors to being trapped in this dirty pastel dungeon. Knowing you'll never again have fresh air; you'll be breathing Jill's tendie farts until you die.

No. 74514

I thought she was more igneous, anon.

No. 74523

I chuckled

No. 74537

This, and let's also not forget her going on trips to Japan and getting burgers and tendies instead of, you know, trying local cuisine. Any adult that travels to a completely new culture just to go to American style restaurants and order kid's menu trash is clearly not somebody who eats well at home.

No. 74540

who gives a fuck what she eats? posts like this make up 99% of the content of every PULL thread about a weeb who goes to japan. especially kenna and momo. colour me suspicious but this is such a weeb ass thing to nitpick. ~but muh preshus culture~

No. 74542

Calm yourself, anon, they’re backing up the fact that her palate and diet are garbage.

No. 74553

yeah except that’s been mentioned literally 288373828 times already. we get it. jill is fat, jill eats like shit, i’m asking who the fuck actually cares anymore and how it’s even relevant to mention at this point. might as well post that water is wet.

No. 74558

File: 1575416107595.png (217.86 KB, 549x479, pixie.PNG)

looking at this time line, she isnt working every day on this. It seems to be the final project of the class that you do step by step as you go. She put in 36 hours in this though, so its still bad.

Since the dates are not evenly spaced out she likely has due dates of certain steps to keep them going while doing other projects and classes.

No. 74559

does anyone know where to watch Jill's patreon livestreams? iirc there was a playlist on YouTube but I can't find it, did Jill get them deleted?

No. 74561

File: 1575417711502.png (1007.76 KB, 984x686, skirtwork.PNG)

Since the school project she got 95 is also the skirt, it shows that it is a project that has multiple grades on it.

looks like
waist is 86 cm/32.9 inches
hipline is 150 cm/ 58.1 inches
length is 40 cm/15.7 inches

I dont want to continue the pointless comments about her weight however it is important to see what has to be her honest waist measurement.

No. 74565

she looks so full of sunshine in this video. maybe it's the yellow hair further convincing me, but her facial expressions are so varied and genuine.

No. 74570

Her rainby hair ages the fuck out of her. And she also wore simpler less eyesore types of things

No. 74590

Jill never found out about them - an anon linked to their own private youtube upload of the streams. Go through past threads for the links. The videos are hidden so you can't just look them up on youtube

No. 74830


The sound of her bragging about her "20 inch waist" plays softly in the background

No. 74853

No wonder everything takes her so long to complete, she probably wastes hours trying to make all of her notes pastel and ~kaweewee~ instead of practical and efficient. That and with all her pastel garbage cluttering up her space, she probably has to move a ton of junk around and off surfaces every time she has to actually do work.

No. 74869

it's insane to think how basic entire skirt was and to take seven weeks to do it from bottom to top it's embarrassing. I'm pretty damn sure most anons including myself have done home ec projects that were more complicated than that from scratch in junior high. Kek

No. 74876

You know what, with measurements like that maybe she should just go all out and make a plus sized brand, cater to all the fat weebs who can't even fit a single leg into a Japanese brand skirt. Her fanclub is already full of overweight people and body posi marketing is popular now. She could actually make good money.

No. 74878

She can make one skirt in 7 weeks, so unless she's selling each skirt for like 3K, she isn't gonna make a profit doing that.

No. 74881

she can harp on about how its DESIGNED in canada while quietly ignoring that its made in china, just like her precious Lazy Oaf does

No. 74893

I support this even though I know all the designs will be shit since we all know Jilly bean has no idea how to coordinate colors or choose flattering silhouettes. The confetti cunts will fight over to get a piece of their qweens own personal brand and weep over their $20 budget

No. 74949


She should've started this years ago. If she wasn't such a lazy ass she could be making a bunch of money from selling clothing and stuff online. Her followers will gladly spend their money and she can get the stuff made in China. With some research she could surely find a company to help with the logistics and technicalities. But no.. instead she chooses to throw away her/her parents' money by going to that shitty college achieving nothing. She is just so lazy!! She should be aware of how gullible her audience is but the longer she waits, the more she's gonna lose them as she's already passed her peak in popularity.

No. 75046

No. 75047

File: 1575837323631.jpg (441.99 KB, 1122x680, jilltat.jpg)

No. 75048

File: 1575837521744.jpg (690.38 KB, 1366x768, pixietatt.jpg)

>>75047 this was her original design for that tat

No. 75049

This thing is an affront to God and mankind

No. 75051

I dig her hair like this tbh, the sideswept bangs are nice in her
I def thought the regrowth was a headband oops, but that would be cute
That tattoo is uhhh huge, wow

No. 75052

This is the weirdest choice of a tattoo. Anybody THAT obsessed with a location needs to find another hobby honestly. This is usually the type of stuff jock dudes in the US get as a fist tattoo idea.

Her hair looks like it's a lot shorter in this screencap and with the bangs it fits her very well

No. 75056

I really, really hope for jill that she never outgrows her kaweewee phase because otherwise she has a H U G E problem with those tacky ass tattoos that will be soon over her whole leg and arm …

No. 75060

Her design is so much better than what the artist did. Should have gotten it somewhere bigger like her back or thigh. The artist made the castle look like a bunch of uncircumcised penises.

No. 75065

having a giant wrapping tattoo on the front of your forearm is such an odd placement - but it does speak to the ‘i have to be the biggest fan of this’ mentality jill has I suppose…

No. 75070

Kek at the swan's bumpy neck and the blotchy coloring on the rainbow…

No. 75072

Damn how much money did this bitch pay to look this stupid? Tattoos on women look so trashy and cheap. Kek You would think a toddler scrawled all over her body judging by the poor composition and sizing of her shitty body graffiti. I'm convinced Jill has the IQ of a potato to think this garbage is attractive on the body.(derailing)

No. 75073

> Tattoos on women look so trashy and cheap

Doesn't specifically apply to women.

No. 75078

It specifically looks worse on women than men.

No. 75079

File: 1575849534697.png (1.1 MB, 1914x1080, Screenshot_2019-12-08-17-41-19…)

T !

I'm actually pretty surprised how soon she got this tattoo, her first video about it was in October, saying she likes to wait a year before deciding and that she has "no idea when she'll get this one."

I think the text would have looked cool, but it's already a lot at the same time.

No. 75080

Work on your internalized misogyny, anon.

No. 75081

Misogyny? No. Just plain old fashioned sound judgement. Obviously people have extremely low class standards for what is attractive today. Jill is no exceptions to the rule. Walking around with garbage graffitied on your body is completely unattractive. It's unnatural and cheap looking. Deny it all you want anon it's facts.

No. 75082

I agree that tattoos are trashy. But they're not more trashy on women than men. That's the misogyny.

No. 75084

go home tradthot

No. 75085

Tradthot? You sound like a complete moron anon.

No. 75086

fingers crossed this is part of a multilayered ARG where jill announces that she’s started to transition into a boy

No. 75088

this girl is barely 22 with the ugliest fucking giant tattoos already. jfc, these are not good life choices. She could have gotten a tshirt of that stupid design. why a tattoo??

No. 75090

this is suck a nitpick but why does she ALWAYS leave orange out of the rainbow?? She does in literally everything and it looks so unfinished without, such an ~art student~

No. 75091

Because orange isn't kaweewee I guess
I agree and noticed that too though, especially with her "rainbow" wall

No. 75092

IMO, the tattoo is kinda cute, it would have been better as a thigh piece but it does fit her aesthetic well.

Lol, thanks for the good laugh anon.

She's probably stuck on her pastel phase thinking, almost every one who's in to pastel dislikes orange since it becomes a skin tone when you desaturate it.

No. 75093

File: 1575867042707.png (870.84 KB, 714x754, jill_eyeliner.png)

Between Shayna and Jill, I can't figure out why cows think covering half your eyelid in black eyeliner is a good look.

>>anons own dislike of tattoos is "facts" apparently
Tattoos are fine, anon, people are allowed to decorate their body how they want jfc you sound autistic
It's only trashy when they are done poorly like Jill's sloppy ass "sleeve"

No. 75094

Idk when it's in a rainbow it's fine? That and Jill doesn't use pastel tones for her rainby shit all the time anyways. A creamsicle orange would be fine and wouldn't look like a skin tone

No. 75096

File: 1575869182661.jpg (299.98 KB, 2896x2896, 20191209_002443.jpg)

Her eyeliner is so uneven at the beginning. And it was thicker than usual. I couldn't imagine leaving the house with uneven wings.

No. 75098

File: 1575875309687.jpeg (376.26 KB, 828x645, 145888E5-7934-4093-A0EB-E29B7E…)

This baffles me, why would Jill go to a Youtube Class? She’s been doing this long enough, the only reason people are less interested in her content is because she barely posts since she’s lazy and has a “boo hoo I struggle making videos because I’m a special snowflake~ please give only ass pats in the comments

No. 75099

File: 1575878039697.png (5.77 MB, 3360x2100, Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 11.5…)

Some things never change

No. 75100

I don’t think attending a class even if you consider yourself a professional is a useless endeavor…such a weird nitpick.

No. 75101

I’m pretty sure anon is just trying to point out Jills work ethic. We all know she’s completely lazy with her content and only posts unnecessary hauls and tours of her hoard and screeching about her ‘problems’’. She doesn’t exactly post anything exciting or creative so she’s not going to use whatever they tell at this workshop or whatever

No. 75120

Why would Jill trust someone with a huge black coverup in their arm to tattoo her anyway? She really needs to branch out to other artists

No. 75122

Its just a blackout tattoo. I feel like more people are getting them now. Not really my cup of tea but just saying it was probably intentionally supposed to look like that.

No. 75124

Just wait until we get another video that’s like “CAT EMERGENCY STORY TIME” where Stickers almost dies because Jill cares more about her kaweewee decorations than her poor cats. It’s so evident that Jill only sees her pets as accessories as she would of sent Serena back home when she realised the poor cat was lonely without her brothers. But instead Jill decided to get ANOTHER FUCKING CAT because she was selfish and put HER wants and needs over her cat

Sage for angry sperg

No. 75164


Jill, please stop this! You know not what you are doing!

No. 75172


Considering that she goes through aesthetic phases every couple of years, I'm not sure how well these are going to age on her.

Wtf is that thing below the castle? Is that a spaceship?

No. 75179

she said in her video it’s a UFO. i thought it was an outdoor grill lol

No. 75194

my guess is she's bad at drawing a proper line and doesn't bother removing it; draws extra until it's straight. such an arteest

No. 75207

has she ever been interested in aliens or UFOs? seems such a random thing to put in her tattoo.
Like, all the other aspects of the tattoo fit well into the the concept of the 'rainbow valley', but just makes the UFO seem wrong even more since i don't think she's ever mentioned she's into that

No. 75209

the tattoo is meant to be Prince Edward Island and they have a history of UFO stuff there, like the pnw and bigfoot

No. 75210

File: 1575975249658.jpg (80.83 KB, 800x535, rainbow-valley-2932951_large.j…)


The UFO is one of the rides/attractions at the old theme park her tattoo is for, pic related

No. 75235

File: 1576004935228.jpg (538.27 KB, 750x1084, IMG_2976.jpg)

No. 75238


This is, without a doubt, her worst tattoo yet. And they're all dumb as fuck.

Why the hell would she put this on such a prominent place on her body? This would suit a toddler's souvenir t-shirt. Just… why, Jiilian? Why?

No. 75239

That better be a bouncy castle seeing how wobbly the towers are.

No. 75240

>>75235 I don't understand why Jill doesn't go to a better artist. She has the money.

No. 75248

But Helena darling is kaweewee! just look at her parlor! jillybean can't possibly go into a spooky, edgy tattoo shop!! and travelling tl another kuhwhyee place would be too scawwy!!

No. 75250

Not a tattoo person in the slightest, but is it just me or does the shading look extra shitty? Especially on the swan and castle

No. 75255

what is going on with that super thick line on the right tower in the back? the lack of full saturation on some of the parts and the scratchy black makes me sad. the flowers are tragic and it looks like there's an oops line next to the pink petal at the bottom. are ppl so excited about getting a new tattoo that they don't look at it or what.

not just you and the fact you can pick up on that not being a tattoo person says a lot about how bad this is. those fucking castle windows look like black ghosts ffs.

No. 75261

Is it supposed to look like a kid's drawing with all the uneven wobbly lines and the poor shading and the juvenile subject matter?
Very atrocious. I've also never heard her mention this place.

No. 75267

File: 1576022482354.png (403.83 KB, 484x497, baby.png)

Jill is always topping her own worst choices with even worse ones.

No. 75270

I think the problem is jill keeps going back to helena for every piece she gets, despite the fact that she’s never getting anything that helena seems particularly skilled at (her profile seems to mostly be pet portraits and traditional flowers.) I’ve always though that jill’s fixed cat was a fairly okay tattoo, but that was within the artist’s comfort zone. getting her to do a colourful but traditional floral piece and not ugly ass anime girls would yield much better results.

No. 75281

That tattoo is pure shit. No denying that Helena is a crap artist. But I mean really now Jill! That hideous garbage she's paid that Helena broad a fortune to ruin her body for nothing I can't imagine how poorly these tattoos are going to age as Jill continues her expansion into land whale territory size wise. You would think her stupid mother would tell her to find a better artist elsewhere. I mean honestly now.

No. 75299

File: 1576047564026.jpg (1.05 MB, 1048x1347, Screenshot_20191211-065634_Ins…)

This is one of her pieces from her instagram. You can instantly see the quality difference because she is comfortable with that style. Instead of whatever 'style' jills tattoos have.

You dont go to a textile designer for an oil painting. Why go to a tattoo artist who tattoos in a different style than what you want.

No. 75304

extreme tinfoil but maybe she knows her tattoos are shit and this is some extra form of self harm?

No. 75308

I really don’t think Jill is this big brained anon. If anything I think she gets these tattoos on impulse at worse and at best she gets these to show off how she’s the biggest fan of whatever garbage anime shit she likes. That no one can be a bigger fan than her because they will invalidate how the anime helped her in her ~*scwarwee dark timez*~ and that’s why she got the tattoo to show she recovered.

No. 75309

Jill is such a perfect example of think before you act, just because you know a local tattoo artist doesn't mean you should get any and all tattoos from that person considering that people specialize in different genres. Its literally why they have a portfolio you can look through to see their strong suits but shes in her twenties just slapping down anime fanart and her own janky doodles. Which probably stems from always having had money so she never has to think about it all that hard before throwing a couple of thousands out the window, she just has a staggering amount of buyers remorse that is conveniently attached to her skin cause she cant let them collect dust in her closet like the rest of the shit she buys and never mentions again.
Never learn jillybean

No. 75310

File: 1576052825963.png (277.72 KB, 502x501, 8745847093.png)

Regarding Jill mentioning Rainbow Valley before: It used to be the name of her 'band' (which obviously lasted for a very long time kek) about 3~4 years ago back when she was still way more into the manic pixie dream girl stuff, I think she mentioned it in a couple YT vids before but I can't remember which ones.

No. 75317

i’m sure those guys were super happy to be playing in a band that, from name alone, would probably be mistaken for a children’s animated show from the 70s

No. 75324

She seems to choose the placement of her tattoos based on where they will be most visible to other people. She got her thigh done and has been wearing the shortest of skirts to always show it, same with the cat tattoo and wearing short sleeves.

It would make a lot more sense to pick spots where the shape fits well, but she's obviously getting tattoos for the sake of everyone else seeing them. A choice that will bite her in the BPD ass someday

No. 75366

This girl is 16 years old and so talented compared to Jill at 20 plus years old kek

No. 75372

no you aren’t, fucking mong

No. 75391

Your stuff is just as garbage, now piss off.

No. 75398

How autistic do you have to be to make such an obvious self post? Serious question

No. 75407

Hateful ugly ass fat cunts lmao obviously you have zero talents to speak of.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 75409

You're unremarkable and too young for this board

No. 75412

File: 1576158570283.png (2.72 MB, 1622x1162, Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 8.49…)

lmao nice photoshopped pattern on your pants, now stop self-posting.

No. 75429

File: 1576177169588.jpg (427.93 KB, 720x1102, 20191212_185902.jpg)

No. 75431

File: 1576177388925.jpg (165.36 KB, 720x607, 20191212_190242.jpg)

No. 75432

How is she STILL wearing those disgusting shoes? This look is an absolute mess and she looks as clueless as her Confetti Club members who have legitimate mental disabilities. The cheap accessories, the beret worn like a chef's hat, the cheap unicorn, the bulky silhouette, it's all horrible.

No. 75436

lol I like how she pulled out a few "jfashun" pieces that she usually doesn't wear, but namely the expensive stuff like 6% and the AP bag to I guess try and one up her backwater "comm" even if it all still looks super cheap

also is she wearing a wig? Will bet anything she is wearing the hat like that because she couldn't be bothered to trim the bangs

No. 75441

at least its all the same shade of pink this time…?

chefs hat made me snort

No. 75444

Let the boots fucking die already jfc this girl will hold onto then just cause of the brand. Also she said it’s snowing, how does she grow up in Canada and still not know how to dress for the weather? There’s no inner layer underneath that cheap coat and tulle dress and she’s got no tights on. The AP bag looks like it’s a kiddie purse cause she’s ballooned so much this year omg

No. 75454

thanks i hate it

No. 75456

jfc censor those nailbeds anon

No. 75476

It's been said before, but this seriously gets me every winter with Jillian. Skirts and bare legs in snow and ice cold temperatures? At least her weight gain will help towards keeping her warm.

No. 75482

I don't see the big deal. A lot of girls in cold regions do this, especially when going out.

No. 75499

Yeah, it's stupid but it's not unique to Jill at all

No. 75520

File: 1576276564116.jpeg (642.69 KB, 750x987, 1564270271335.jpeg)

Yeah looks like this wig

No. 75567

No. 75569

File: 1576363238185.jpg (625.48 KB, 1366x768, witch.jpg)

>>75567 this is how jill defines herself

No. 75570

>>75569 she said she's very devoted to being a witch

No. 75571

Just watch the whole video and give a recap. You don't have to give a play-by-play.

No. 75573

File: 1576363919438.jpg (107.19 KB, 294x339, jillvid.jpg)

No. 75574

File: 1576364079984.jpg (80.72 KB, 294x339, jillv2.jpg)

>>75573 her jowls are looking worse

No. 75575

File: 1576364171256.jpg (209.17 KB, 482x597, jillv3.jpg)

No. 75576

Does she really see herself as an advocate of social and environmental justice? I guess arguing with a customer at Claire's once and calling herself almost lesbian counts?

No. 75577

all of the vibes they put out together in this video make me feel like they're about to break up. you heard it here first folks

No. 75580

christmas is basically secular at this point why is she even saying that they’re totally not christians u guise!!! also jill fuck off you’re not some new-ager neopagan you just like the aesthetics of being a witch because of your magical children’s animes

No. 75583

they said it took them three days to decorate what the fuck>>75567

No. 75586

File: 1576369839931.jpeg (208.46 KB, 1242x700, B016B990-ABF1-46A4-8E76-2BDA6A…)

Kek. Why does she insist on putting clow cards out every time she does something “pagan”? For one, they’re not divination cards and even in the show they’re Chinese in origin and not pagan. Oh but I forgot, she’s a #1 witch stan.

No. 75588

I could be wrong but I think when they started releasing physical versions of the Clow/Sakura cards as merch, there was a booklet that came with a set you could use for fortune telling. She's probably basing her use of the CCs on that, but I doubt she has the booklet and would be able to understand it.

Proofreading must not be her strong suit, cuz that's not how you spell "atheist".

No. 75589

nta, but they're for chinese fortune telling

No. 75590

Plenty of witches or whatever spiritual diviner bullshitters use eastern divination methods like I-Ching. Jill shoehorning Cardcaptor shit into her witch shit is dumb as shit and immature like everything else she does but not unheard of if your only argument is that it’s chinese. Jill’s not the first I’ve heard using CCS cards like that.

No. 75591

do you think jill actually knows anything about neopaganism apart from owning crystals (most of which looked like opalite, which is man made) lighting candles (that have to be pink peeps yankee candles, rather than something like beeswax) and burning sage (which as far as i can tell is from some native american cultures and never had roots in actual paganism) or is this purely for her retarded aesthetic?
>t. interested in human pre-history

No. 75592

Just looking at this thumbnail is exhausting.

No. 75598

i meant the leaflet you can get explains how to do the chinese fortune telling.

No. 75600

It's a gimmick for the anime, let's be real honest. The CCs were a mix of West and East magic in the series and fit right in with Japan's obsession with fortune telling, so they'd work in the realm of IRL fortune telling if one were weeb enough to actually go to that length to use them like Jill does.

The booklet did apparently get a fan translation online, so it's possible Jill's found it and uses it for reference.

No. 75609

That laugh is scary lmao. This is what Steve hears everyday?

No. 75611

File: 1576393450230.jpeg (151.52 KB, 310x526, 32B2A39B-92B4-430A-83B6-7E2DDE…)

Pic of Jill from a confetticlub member’s instagram. Cropped the others out since it didn’t seem relevant for this thread

No. 75614

They're like overgrown, obnoxious theater kids playing house. The amount of completely useless plastic shit she's crammed into that poor house is both depressing (for the environment) and mind boggling. Also lmao at Jill pretending to care about the environment while wearing a polyester novelty pusheen sweater that can be worn for about a month a year while revealing countless polyester pusheen plushes and figures that she literally forgot she purchased.

No. 75616

It’s so strange to me, at certain points Steve looks like he wants to end his life and other points it’s like he lives for the attention. I honestly don’t wish anything bad on them but I kind of want to see them break up for jills epic meltdown 2.0

No. 75618

Anon please stop being retarded and concern trolling, polyester is actually 2 times more environmentally friendly than cotton.

No. 75620

losing my shit Jill cannot even spellcheck her own thumbnails

No. 75622

recycled polyester can be more sustainable than cotton, however Jill isnt purchasing products made with recycled polyester, she doesnt even fucking care. Which seems to be the point the anon is making, Jill talks out her ass about her world views and anything that makes her seem smoft and conscious when she has always been doing the complete opposite, her plastic mansion makes her “muh neopaganism” even more laughable.

No. 75624

Recycling plastic into polyester also ends the recycling process, creates microplastic that gets into the air and water forever, and ultimately makes fabric that's going to sit in landfills for thousands of years, which I dunno, think is ultimately more harmful than cotton that takes a lot of water to grow and process, but is otherwise a better textile in every way. Yeah, I'm concern trolling. Enjoy your greenwashed H&M plastic bottle clothing anon, you're really fighting the good fight.

But thank you for seeing my real point that she pretends to practice some rinky dink religion cofounded by a white woman named Starfire in order to have the most obscure, most aesthetic, most "woke" religion possible that shoehorns in social issues and the environment. Even though she regularly says and does completely hypocritical shit holed up in her plastic rainbow hoarder nightmare house and lives comfortably from taking money from her mentally ill fans for producing barely any content.

No. 75630

Even textiles aside the sheer amount of needless plastic and consumerism drowning that house is nuts. So much cheap crap probably made in factories where the workers aren't paid well and the items pollute the earth, just way more than any normal person buys, yet she claims to be into a religion about being woke and environmentally conscious. I wish she would at least stop bringing up plastic waste or fast fashion as issues when she continues to show off these horrific habits.

No. 75652

kek the way steve winces every time she shouts and yells and does that awful cackle. Even Stickers couldn't handle those awful sounds.

No. 75657

File: 1576442443075.png (1.9 MB, 2048x1847, Screenshot_20191215-123955.png)

Mfw Jill fucking screams into the microphone

No. 75696



No. 75719

legit I can’t tell if he actually likes pixie, tolerates her, or secretly despises her. he seems to enjoy her company when she’s toned down the sperg and acts normal, but when the childish part comes out he tenses up and gets a look in his eye like he craves death

No. 75720

File: 1576489386984.gif (488.16 KB, 500x281, 404D9F89-2EA5-413A-B879-7A033B…)

Steve, you really don’t have to stay if you don’t want to.

No. 75722

Steve tries WAAYYYY too hard, and I hate how Jill laughs at his bad attempts at being funny. Some of his shit is funny, but he should seriously tone it down and let it come naturally, but I quess he's too attention hungry to do that.

Her poser altar was kind of cringe, and I really hope she doesn't leave the candles unattended or in a place the cats can get to, since that whole house is a huge fire hazard.

No. 75726

he reminds me of a gay idubbbz. the voice and mannerisms are eerily ian

No. 75727

God I usually don't mind Jill's videos much and I never comment on these threads, only lurk, but this video is absolutely insufferable. The audio keeps peaking from how loud she's screaming and her cackle laugh sounds so fake and painful to listen to. I can't do it with this one.

I find the more she channels Jenna Marbles (and it's usually in videos with Steve, trying to mimic that Jenna/Julian dynamic) the more insufferable she gets. She reacts the same way as her but instead of doing it in a normal tone she screams at the top of her lungs. Ffs she even scared the cat

No. 75731

Oh man, you're pretty spot on now that i watch him more

No. 75742

>>75726 he's trying to be like julien imo (as in jenna's boyf)

No. 75770

Oh my god, fuck off Pixie are you kidding me?!? You're complete fucking fake-ass poser.

No. 75771

File: 1576544908404.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191216-200523_Ins…)

That jacket is so tacky.

No. 75772

Why does she do the rainbow eyebrows and then put her bangs up instead of just…keeping her rainbow bangs down?
Also would it kill her to do her hair in a style that isn't just a bun? It's one thing if you're pounding around or sewing but it seems to be her go to hairstyle now.

No. 75774

julien acts more like a child and jenna acts like a mom because thats their weird dynamic.
but steve and jill look like they're competing for the camera's attention even if steve looks like he wants to die kind of like idubbbz. its this weird unwillingness to be there while trying to directly vie for attention with his actions and sad attempts at humor that ian also uses.

No. 75775

I thought you were being a bit harsh and then I watched the video. Jill sounds like an overeager garbage disposal whenever he says the slightest dumb thing.

No. 75776

>it seems to be her go to hairstyle now

Anon, that's been the only thing she's done to her hair for years.

No. 75777

Her roots came back through again pretty fast.

No. 75790

She admitted she washes her hair like once a week-every two weeks so she probably pulls them up to hide how filthy greasy her hair is.

No. 75791

dry shampoo exists though. I hate how all these greasy cows do not realize how easy it is to use dry shampoo. you can be a disgusting grease ball but dry shampoo literally fixes it. your hair that is kek

No. 75800


God, the way she screamed at her poor cat in that moment. Poor thing was totally scared.

No. 75822

listen steebie you are a very cute little twink I promise you that you will be able to find a financially secure sugar daddy no problem. no squealing girlfriend or plastic rainbow hell necessary, if what you're after is free rent my friend

No. 75850


Dry shampoo is terrible for your hair/scalp and feels disgusting and is disgusting. She needs to bathe.

No. 75853

Saging for obvious reasons but shampooing your hair once a week is totally fine. Just make sure you still wash and condition in between.

No. 75890

>claiming to be neopagan
>in that plastic nightmare of a house
I finally get how you weebs and costplay/sewing people feel when she does something utterly stupid in regards to that. She’ll literally do the bare minimum to larp being a pagan or a fashion designer and end up with an insulting altar (not even really necessary for being a pagan - wasn’t she claiming to be wiccan last time?) or a at a diploma mill making a skirt every 6 months.

No. 76010

No. 76013

>>76010 Jill says around the 12:20 mark that you shouldn't ever get mods for the phases you go through…but your tattoos Jill..

No. 76030

The photoshop game is strong in that thumbnail

No. 76031

Dude, I'm freaking tf out.
She's keeping those candles SO close to the shitty flammable fabric, nobody in their right mind would have an altar, or even Christmas candles, that close to an open flickering flame. I won't even go into how there's no sense of knowledge about paganism but ffs Jill at least make it look like you use this shit for more than a 30 second clip in a video.

No. 76125

File: 1576878459984.jpeg (238.83 KB, 828x512, EAB2D80D-E35C-4110-AA3F-03F6CC…)

Do I even need to point out the irony here? Jill you live in a plastic hoard with impulse brought clothes that you can’t fit into because you live on a diet of fast heavily processed food which is heavily packaged (not saying vegan is the only way to be sustainable, you can still eat meat and whatever). Not only that but you seem to drop the ~eco friendly sustainability~ gig whenever it just gets too hard for you. I understand not everyone can do it over night but she seems to drop it and pick it up whenever she wants to be trendy~ or show off

No. 76133

same also her saying she's really dedicated to BEING a witch was so telling. you shouldn't worry about a cool-sounding identity marker until you've really explored what your actual beliefs and preferred practices are, if at all. It's like saying i'm really passionate about being an artist!

No. 76224

>person makes an effort to do things that actually massively reduce carbon footprint, land use, pollution, plastic waste, still gets judged
>Jill decides to buy some new gauges in metal instead of plastic while still collecting thousands of literally useless sweatshop produced plastic items “Wow I’m literally the same as you OP!”

No. 76237

No. 76238

can lazy oaf even be considered fast-fashion? their stuff is all pretty good quality and pretty expensive.

No. 76239

Yes it is fast fashion

No. 76240

Its all made in China by underpaid children out of cheap plastic fur anon, where is the difference other than price?

No. 76243

You know, I'm sure some anons have said it before but I honestly wouldn't care as much if Jillian didn't pretend to care about fast fashion/what's "eco friendly"? Does she do it because of backlash or to fit in? Or does she do it for selfish reasons bc she wants to be a fashion designer? Either way it's not genuine, and if someone is going to be half assed about it then maybe it's better to not pretend to care? Like let's be real even if she stops shopping at these places, it's not gonna stop her from buying cheap plastic made in China precure toys lol

No. 76244

>BDP made me aware of my fast fashion consumption
Jill I hate you so much it’s unreal. What does this even MEAN?

No. 76245

Pretty sure her "idol brand" 6%dokidoki makes at least their accessories in china/with cheap labour so uh…..yeah let's be real this won't last. Or she just won't show off or talk about the "unethical" purchases she does make

No. 76246

She will insert her mental illness at any fucking chance. There's no way she doesn't have aspergers or something similar.

No. 76250

She has like three 6%dokidoki items because she can't fit into their stuff. I don't think not buying from them is going to be a problem for her.

No. 76256

>Does she do it because of backlash or to fit in?

Yes. Years ago when she did hauls from H&M and Forever21 and places like that, she eventually said that she wasn't going to show her purchases from those anymore because of the criticisms she got for shopping at fast fashion places. She obviously still shopped there, she just didn't flaunt it anymore. It's all about appearances.

No. 76261


True. In one of her videos she said she "thrifted" a pink sweater. But I can tell she got it from H&M.

No. 76263

It's pretty easy to find fast fashion brands in thrift stores now, unless you mean it was a sweater that came out most recently.

No. 76264

do you not know that stuff in thrift stores is originally from other stores

she did address that and said she would buy them secondhand but is working on it.

t b h this is the only thing I find milky about her these days. I can accept that she is trying to do better and probably genuinely cares about ethical consumption as that is a bit of a hot topic, but I don’t understand the need to force the bpd meme into literally everything. It makes no sense in this context….what does bpd even have to do with this? Is there a correlation? when she said that I was expecting a half assed justification of her thought process in the least but she just kept going.

No. 76266

"I'll just buy it second hand!" God she's retarded. Just because -her- money isn't going directly to the company or whatever doesn't mean she's not still taking part in the "fast fashion machine". It being sold in mandarake or depop doesn't even matter. She still lives in a hoarder house of plastic and cheap shit. And I agree that it wouldn't be as bad if she just….didn't pretend to care in the first place.

No. 76274

Yeah I don't get why she has to namedrop bpd specifically when it really isn't relevant. If she said she was thinking about her consumption or morals while in treatment/therapy or something it'd make sense rather than 'my bpd lol' with no context.

Honestly I can't really knock her for buying secondhand anime merch or fast fashion clothes that are already out there. The whole issue with fast fashion is the constant buying and discarding of perfectly good things, so naturally a lot of the old stuff ends up in thrift stores. If nobody buys them they end up in landfill.
Jill said she wants to shop more ethically rather than directly buy sweatshop goods, not that she wants give up everything she likes and become another beige zero waste clone.

If anything, her talking about waiting for certain collabs and things to come up secondhand rather than buying them new means she's learning to be more mindful of the things she wants and forgo the instant gratification, which is huge for someone like her who used to shop on impulse and always had to be the first person to get every new thing, only for it to get lost in the hoard and never seen again. I hate to wk but this is a positive change for her no matter how you slice it.

No. 76294

Or she could just like…not buy shit she doesn't need. Plenty of her peers don't have endless disposal income and have to be mindful of spending because that's just a basic adult human thing.

But keep on patting her ass for doing the bare minimum sometimes while building her entire online personality since she was a young teen on constant consumerism. Randos on the internet going easy on poor jiwwian and giving her a chance to learn and grow have gotten us to this place where she bpd flails and acts hysterical and persecuted because she can't keep up with her lies and bullshit about caring about the environment. Or educating herself on literally anything that isn't children's anime and her youtube feed.

No. 76296

She's like someone who lived on McDonald's becoming vegan overnight and being preachy about it while listing all of her favorite chickenless tendies. You can tell she still loves all of the plastic shit, and pretends that the secondhand anime or jfashion market doesn't indirectly support the original run of the merch she justifies as ok because it's secondhand.

Buying the lastest lazy oaf item a month after it comes out indirectly from someone else is just creating another step in the shipping chain, more packaging and a larger carbon footprint, while lazy oaf still gets the sale and continues to churn out more shit. What is critical thinking?

No. 76300

> Plenty of her peers don't have endless disposal income and have to be mindful of spending because that's just a basic adult human thing.

Who cares? You could say this for anyone. She does have disposable income so she can do whatever she wants with it. Should we really go down the “other people don’t buy things they don’t need because they can’t so you shouldn’t either” road?

Larger carbon footprint how? Regardless of if Jillian buys the lazy oaf or not they will be manufactured and end up in landfills. The pieces already exist. They aren’t going anywhere. But if it is bought one (1) time from LO and sold to Jane, who sells it to Jill when she’s bored of it, it has a smaller footprint. It has a longer life because it stays in circulation between at least two people, more if Jill sells it when she’s bored of it.

Thrifting and secondhand has always been one of the more sustainable methods of consumption, especially when it comes to fast fashion and children’s toys which would ordinarily be donated and disposed of. Just because Jillian is doing it doesn’t mean it’s bad.

No. 76301

What the anon means about a "larger carbon footprint" is the shipping of the item if she buys it from depop. ie., the fossil fuels used to drive to a post office to send the package and to deliver/ship it, the paper and cardboard used to package the shipment itself, ect.
Versus, not buying at all lol or simply going to a thrift store, where it's fairly unlikely to find high end brands anyway. (Though consignment stores do exist…)

Not anon but I understood the point being made

No. 76303

File: 1577007082458.jpeg (212.01 KB, 828x474, 318901D7-15FB-4437-ADBC-BE7603…)

No. 76304

I wish she would address that she has a privileged position in this stuff, those leggings she name dropped over the fast fashion leggings are $68, a huge amount of people can’t afford to drop that on anything let alone one pair of leggings, it’s all good for her to slam a tank top that costs $6 but people are poor Jill they might only have that much and all of the shops she gave a promo are expensive for lower income people. It’s also problematic the view of oh well those people can go to the thrift, so many of these bitches are raiding thrifts for anything good and buying a ton, some of them for their Depop shops. I remember she did that “thrift flip” which was basically taking a plus size item of clothing and making it smaller, this is a trend and honestly it’s also an issue, plus size people have less on offer in the thrift to start with.

No. 76314

Honestly, good for her. What bothers me though is that she still clearly has this weird need to acquire new stuff she really has no need for, be it clothes or toys or whatever. What's the point in buying sustainable clothing if they get barely any use because she has so many already?

No. 76322

It's all lip service. You can't be like "omg I'm so done with fast fashion because like ethics!!!" And in the same video say you're having a more difficult time with anime merch. Does she think her precious anime toys and goods are handcrafted by well paid artisan plastic sculptors and carried across the ocean by carrier pigeons?

And then defending that by saying no one is perfect and having to give up everything at once would be too uwu hard. Please forgive her for the one tshirt she bought at the mall this year, it made her feel gross!

She hasn't touched on her need to hoard all of this shit in the first place. It's really fucking disingenuous to build a channel on hauls and all of the crap your fans and mommy give you money to buy, and then handwave all of that away in one video, say you wanted to keep it a secret to avoid scrutiny, and then don't say anything of substance besides "fast fashion is bad, mmmkay? Make sure you buy the plastic consumerist goods you crave secondhand, it will totally make a difference."

She's full of shit and tired of being called out as you can see in >>76303
This is classic pixie, deny and spin everything to make herself look better while not fundamentally changing at all. It's a lot easier to stop buying fast fashion when you can afford more sustainable options for shit like leggings and underwear and you already have more ill fitting, tacky garbage clothing than you can wear in a lifetime.

No. 76334

wow she's so wise now

No. 76339

She did speak about that a little bit, that everybody is at a different place financially and geographically so you can't expect everyone to be able to buy things ethically. I do agree that thrifting is a joke now, with all the vintage sellers going in and getting anything worthwhile and thrift stores catching wise and pricing products higher. It can be super time consuming and be just as/more expensive as buying new from the mall.

No. 76341

I thought it was really convenient for her to make this video now that she already has so much shit in her house and every surface filled with cheap, chinese crap. I bet that she's going to change her aesthetic in a year or two and then she'll just go back to fast fashion and buy new furniture and things. I also bet that she's going to buy cheap, unethical materials for her clothing line if she ever starts one

No. 76356

exactly! she’s brought enough plastic and clothes to last a normal human a lifetime, and now she’s done that it’s time for her to become a cool eco warrior witch until her spooky bdp rears it’s head and she becomes an industrial goth - and then she’ll HAVE to have a new wardrobe right!?

No. 76407

Her demeanor is this video is VERY Gabby Hannah -esqe. Ew

No. 76423

Speaking on that really doesn't do much. Like she throws in a disclaimer about how it can be harder for different people based on budget and location, but then goes on to demonize fast fashion, act like it's the worst thing ever, and goes as far as to split her closet in two.

If she got most or all of that stuff secondhand, unless it was produced very recently by a brand with a lot of transparency, she has no idea where it's from or how it was made, yet she literally states that that is the case.

If she's relying on people in her yt comments to inform her and spitting out some half baked ideas about being a better consumer that she can't even follow through with herself, yikes. She encouraged so many people to buy shit like her and calling it "self care" or whatever. Now that she took one community college class and chilled the fuck out on buying everything she sees online, she thinks she's credible enough to give out shitty, nonsense advice about buying new releases secondhand after a month or so? How does that work, Jillian?

No. 76425

I can also see that Chrissa Sparkles dress in her "sustainable" half of the closet, and I'm pretty sure she gets her clothing/materials manufactured in china like pretty much everyone else.

No. 76504

One of the bloggers she mentioned is this Cora girl, which I do find funny because she talks a lot about sustainable jfashion while wearing plastic made in China accessories and also that fugly chrissa sparkles dress

No. 76788

File: 1577479309731.jpg (403.13 KB, 664x1200, 20191227_204109.jpg)

New insta pic. This is such an awful photo of her.

No. 76789

File: 1577479404124.jpg (429.76 KB, 720x1128, 20191227_204335.jpg)

No. 76791

Why can't she ever relax her face? Everything is always pulled in some direction or another. No wonder she has such intense lines at her age.

No. 76792

Whatever she's doing with her lips makes her look super derpy here, I'm kind of shocked she was okay with publishing this.

No. 76795

Has to ensure her new tattoo is on show ofc, that pose makes her look like a tank, facially she looks like a goblin, it’s for business but literally who will want to work with a rainbow goblin who didn’t fix her roots for her headshot, that might seem nit picky but it’s a professional photo she should be using for a decent while you would think she would make some effort

No. 76796

Baga Chipz? I love Baga Chipz!?

No. 76800

did her mum also shop her head smaller or has her weight really shot up recently (more than it had already I guess)

No. 76810

I highkey hope this is a joke Because This picture is awful for a business profile

1. The pursed lips and lowered chin makes it look like she is being nonverbally condescending. As if her rich dad just told one of his employees that they can't talk to his little girl that way.

2. The crossed arms are a big NOPE as well. She seems standoffish and almost defensive from doing it. Honestly she probably thought it was a power move. But it's the complete opposite

3. This whole photo gives me "rich 4th grade bully" vibes

No. 76815

Finally the outside matches the inside - a spoiled conceited asshole with no taste who thinks she's a "boss lady"

No. 76824

I was thinking that as well. Both her facial expression and the crossed arms are huge no's for any business.

No. 76826

wait… is Jill hispanic? I feel like I've never noticed this before but this picture makes it stand out a lot??

No. 76827

No, she's as white as they come.

No. 76832

Pretty sure she’s of English ancestry.

No. 76877

Where is her neck tho

No. 76881

anon pls

No. 76906

Maybe pixielocks watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Daww_1hEI3U and she got the idea of being substainable there. She also made a second part this year, she looks like a Jill fan. But she seems nice.
Jill also emailed lazy oaf around that time in 2018.

No. 76909

hell no. the way she's pursing her lips make them look a bit bigger & i imagine color tweaking made her kinda orange here. but she's white as they come

No. 76922

i know it's not, but it looks like her head is photoshopped ONTO the body. even the bangs look weirdly out of place

No. 76935

kek anon it's the lips

No. 76940

Honestly…? I kind of see what you mean. It's in the eyes and nose and the way she's doing her lips.
Her head looks really fucking wide, I think it's because her eyebrows are too short and arched way too much for her head shape.

No. 77009

Kinda sorta see it but I think it's just the kawayy chola styling and pose

t. hispanic

No. 77010

Wow you guys are sad.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 77012

everyone can see your email, might want to delete the message buddy

No. 77018

File: 1577727978523.jpeg (700.9 KB, 1242x1196, F003E6A4-6BA3-4520-A91D-9BBD94…)

still definitely blatantly supporting gabbie hanna

No. 77024

idgi, is it bad that Jill liked a post of someone owning up to saying something insensitive/gross?

No. 77025

nah the content of the tweet is fine (i personally don’t buy it but w/e)

the main issue among many that people have with gabbie hanna is that she called her best friend getting raped “rape drama” and continued to support/hang out with her rapist etc, said some really vile disgusting things to her friend about it. she also tried to manipulate her teenage fans in dms over this situation and sent personal info about other people to them i think? not sure

anyway the fact that jill is still publicly supporting her is gross, but especially considering she paints herself as an abuse victim.

No. 77027

No. 77028

File: 1577736820521.jpg (330.48 KB, 1122x620, jill.jpg)

>>77027 I can't believe she's using that awful picture of herself for her website

No. 77029

Surprised she isn't trying to charge money for the tutorials too

No. 77035

They're probably not that good or not anything beyond what you could find googling specific sewing terms. She added the disclaimer if you don't get how she takes notes or explains things, you can just google it kek.

Her "sustainable" products being available on her website seems like a crazy pipe dream with her work ethic. Like almost a year after doing a thrift flip hand painted t shirt challenge, frannerd/Fran Meneses(sp?) is just now opening an online shop with handprinted designs on thrifted tshirts that are about $50 a pop.

She has patreon exclusive content, makes weekly videos, and has had her own online shop and freelance illustration business for years, so it's a difficult undertaking even for someone really productive with a good head on her shoulders.

It's also so wild to me that after all of her fast fashion crocodile tears, she's jumping right into enamel pins like those also aren't mass produced in factories in China with no oversight and heavy metals and toxic chemicals involved. She would be better off not yelling about how sustainable and uwu earth friendly she's going to be from now on if she can't handle being called out on hypocrisy like at all.

No. 77037

>to celebrate the beginning of my eco-friendly business, I will be manufacturing 300 pins with labor outsourced to China.

No. 77038

>>77027 can someone sum the video?

No. 77044

Why is she claiming she had no resources to learn how to sew before community college? All she did at home was watch youtube. She spent all her money on rainby plastics. I'm sure everything she is learning is already on the internet or in a free ebook file somewhere. You're just lazy, don't pretend it was anything else.

The way she keeps saying her and Steve are doing this together makes me think he has to hold her hand for her to get anything done. Now she's going to buy bulk of her own merch and maybe slap a few bows on a fraction of them? She badly wants to be trendy by being eco friendly but she can't even go into a thrift store unless it's to ~upcycle~ a plus size shirt to fit her. Her whole brand is owning rainbow clothes her fans can't afford, good luck with transferring that to a humble, earth loving, handmade shop when she can barley package pins.

No. 77054

Good God she looks so fat,dumpy and haggard here. This website is going to be a total money grab for this oinker. More cheap garbage to peddle to the Cuntfetti Club autists.

No. 77055

File: 1577755003691.png (711.42 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20191230-171506.png)

Retardation is not a virtue Jill.

No. 77057

>‘I want to make sewing tutorials that are accessible’
Except your notes are literally the complete opposite of visually (at least) accessible. Tiny multicoloured font, in long unbroken paragraphs, on a white background in a sans serif font? People are going to struggle to read that. Her commitment to rainbyness is becoming detrimental, cannot wait to see how terrible her ‘brand new super special branding!’ is.
Aware this is a nitpick but I am a dyslexicfag as well as a designfag

No. 77058

Why is she not wearing a shirt?

No. 77061

for as much as yall hate pixie yall really live and breathe all her shit lmfao

yall act internet therapists/psychs n shit and acting all high n mighty. some yall fr whole ass adults with full time jobs and yall bitching n moaning over some girl on the internet. sad ass people, probably neckbeards too(yaaas queen fr fr)

No. 77062

and what exactly are you doing with your precious time? lol move on, no need to wk anon

No. 77068

That fucking thumbnail choice I swear. Also not surprised she brings up her personality disorder right at the very end.

No. 77069

I get it that Jill’s mum wanted to change her middle school bedroom into a new room, but Jill’s old bedroom at home is completely changed. It’s a buttload of neutrals with some hints of pink and rainbow sprinkled in there for Jill, ofc. Totally opposite from Jill’s rainbow pastel sparkly decor. It’s a wee bit sad that it’s changed so much. Looks like Louise was extremely glad to have her out of that basement room and wanted to keep no hint of Jill there. Jill’s BPD truly is that bad for her room to be so….strict in decor. Totally trippy.

No. 77070


Yo, she posted her class notes online. Isn't that illegal? Most colleges will kick you for sharing notes.

No. 77072

File: 1577773950515.png (2.5 MB, 3360x1704, Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 10.3…)

Her website is down. Did anyone archive it?

No. 77075

This is Jill’s arts and crafts college that let her have several days off school and let her into the fashion course over actual hard working student’s because she was an influencer

No. 77076

>Isn't that illegal?

Lmao what. No.

>Most colleges will kick you for sharing notes.

No they won't.

No. 77077

She said she's not launching it publicly til January 4th, anon
It's not up yet

No. 77082


I honestly found this video disturbing.

She's been on a complete downward spiral ever since she moved out of her parents' house, but it's gotten so bad lately that I wonder if whatever she's taking for BPD is just fucking her up more. (I personally don't buy into the idea that she actually has BPD, which, if true, means she obviously shouldn't be taking anything for it.)

I mean, yeah, she's still a greaseball, but wtf is with that insane eyeliner, and sitting there with just her bra on??? And her growling into the camera about wanting better grades (as shown in the screencap)??? Her appearance and demeanor was just unsettling.

Creepy as fuck.

No. 77085

I think it's illegal to post professors' teaching materials like slideshows, tests/quizzes from previous sections, etc. My uni threatened expulsion if you were caught posting things like that. Basically they don't want course-specific content to be public.

Afaik it's fine for Jill to post basic how-tos like how to make basic blocks, dart manipulation, etc. But like >>77075 said, Jill's school seems to give no fucks about her actual education as long as she keeps attending and advertising them.

No. 77087

>that cute layout with the gremlin that runs it pasted over it

No. 77092

Two bras, she says she is wearing a sports bra but visibly had a push up bra on underneath, that’s why she looks more chesty than usual. She seems to be trying to be more sexy

The styling of that couch is actually nice whilst having the cute hints, some neutrals in her place would really elevate it

Also Jill wash your hands, under your nails are filthy

No. 77098

File: 1577810086778.png (1.11 MB, 1225x1269, Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 10.3…)

okay also can we talk about this tweet and how she goes anime but deadass it's half american cartoons?

No. 77099

Who was the anon who called it? She’s definitely going for that uber confident thicc sexii clown aesthetic. Except Jill is built like a teletubby and dresses like an actual blind toddler on acid
Lol at her picking cure marine. She’s fictional but at least she’s 1000x more fashionable and can actually sew better than our fashun deziner qween

No. 77101


What do her patreons pay for?

Their name in the end card (when she remembers it)?

No. 77107

Her emailed out newsletter which is just 4-5 sentences and some pictures she's already posted on instagram, and she used to do monthly streams, but I don't think she has in a while.

No. 77114


No. 77142

im choking at 'built like a teletubby'

No. 77161

is she meme'ing?

No. 77172

Of course she's latched onto Spinel. So many people are pushing it as a ~super accurate~ BPD depiction. Heavy eye roll.

No. 77175

File: 1577874362172.jpg (172.16 KB, 1038x1200, ENKYd_7X0AAal7q.jpg)

lmao that awkward posing to show all her kawiwi tattoos

No. 77180

honestly she’s really good at projecting this kawiiwii white trash aesthetic. Badly done garish tattoos, tacky bathroom decor, and soaking in what appears to be window cleaner. I really do hate her tattoos, they’re just too large to be cute and I thought the general rule when it comes to cute shit is that small is better or something

No. 77184

The artist she goes to isn't known for cute work, and you can tell. She uses such heavy black lines, and it causes her tattoos to look awful because you can't get the lightness and level of detail required to make it cute and whimsical.

No. 77185

I get the feeling she wants a tattoo like Laura Anunnaki's tattoos, but she's too stupid to understand if she wants a kawaii tattoo she needs to go to an artist who specializes in that style.

No. 77190

I thought she was large back when she went to Japan the first time, but I just happened upon one of those old vlogs and she was so skinny compared to now

No. 77191

File: 1577902058121.jpg (164.65 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_pjffthfmvW1rn3yyfo1_128…)

at this point if she got something of this caliber, itd look so out of place among her shit tattoos

No. 77197

I can't wait until lazy ass manic panic hair with 3 inch roots and terrible hipster tattoos are out of fashion for good.

No. 77201

I mean, it is. But it's a super accurate depiction of toxic BPD people and the harm. Like Misaki from Welcome to the NHK (Which I'm also surprised she hasn't latched onto, being canonly diagnosed with bpd, but i guess it's not pink enough.

No. 77217

Why did she get every one of her tattoos on the same side of her body?? Most people with a lot of tattoos at least try to balance them out. It’s so bizarre that they’re all on her right side.

No. 77220

because qcknd only has them on one side maybe? jill started getting tattooed after discovering her and took her tattoo content as gospel so it would make sense especially if ~bpd~

No. 77221

Because she wants to be able to force them all into one photo like this.

No. 77275

i wish she'd follow qcknd's tips about good artists, styles and colours that'll last. oh well, now she's stuck with pastel shit that'll fade in five years

No. 77340

File: 1578086396148.jpg (594.33 KB, 1080x1440, 20200103_171832.jpg)

She really is basing her whole personality on being ~mentally ill~

No. 77343

wtf, this is so cringe

No. 77346

It’s such a BPD thing to do to make everything about ~muh BPD~. Way to go jill. Boring and sad at every turn.

No. 77362

Norma bates and Elsa? How though. Elsa is turbulent emotionally because she has a superpower she doesn’t understand then it’s resolved

No. 77363

This list is actually hilarious, it’s very short but contains to name a few Norma Bates, a woman who drives her son mad, hates other women and is hinted at having an incestuous relationship with her son, Dennis Reynolds from its always sunny, a comedic caricature of a psychopath, carrie’s mom from Carrie, an evil abusive religious zealot, Annie from misery, you know the woman who imprisons a man, breaks his legs, bunny boiler. For someone who claims BPD people aren’t abusive or bad maybe choose a different list Jill

No. 77373

File: 1578144287415.jpg (111.79 KB, 640x1136, EHalY1-WsAAWrR2.jpg)

She posted pic related a couple months ago on Twitter too, does she just spend all her free time looking at 'funny' BPD memes and looking for cartoon characters with BPD so she can feel just as ~quirky & lovable~ as them? kek

No. 77389

honestly everyone with bpd seems to do this, its a way to make it all about how they are such an ~uwu victim~ when 90% of 'bpd memes' is stuff literally everyone experiences

No. 77393

File: 1578157101013.jpg (249.38 KB, 1080x1333, _20200104_165623.JPG)

Jill's website is up - https://www.pixielocks.ca

No. 77395

What are the chances that she ordered exactly 300 pins so some people are going to get B grade items?

No. 77396

File: 1578157976037.jpg (176.4 KB, 720x960, 20200104_171205.jpg)

Did you know she has bpd? She hardly mentions it.

No. 77397

File: 1578158070460.jpg (301.9 KB, 720x927, 20200104_171227.jpg)

No. 77398

her website is live. the about section is so lulzy. https://www.pixielocks.ca/about

No. 77399

>>77398 However, genetics may have not exactly been on our side in the mental health department- I guess we’re just so gifted with stunning looks that god had to hinder us in some capacity (that's my brother and I on the right. Absolute icons of 2005.)

Looking back, there were definitely clues in my earlier years, but it was around age 12 that I started to really struggle with my mental health. My mother discovered a journal of mine that had what was basically a suicide note written in it and that was what kicked off my long journey with mental illness and psych visits. At age 12-13 I experienced an abusive relationship that I would discover in my twenties (hi) did actually leave me with lasting clinical trauma, but we’ll get to that fun mess later down the timeline!! :)

I also came out to my mom as bi/lesbian questioning (who knows anything ever !!!) at 13. She was sweet, and accepting, and treated all my romantic partners over the years the same.

No. 77400

>>77399 I won’t sugar coat it, middle school was pretty much hell. Honestly hell sounds

pretty warm and cozy compared to the musty ass bathroom floor tiles in the 7th

grade girl’s room that I would hide in to avoid social interaction- particularly with

food. I fought a pretty gnarly battle with anorexia and bulimia and honestly still have a lot of issues surrounding food- but

in middle school I was starving myself

and purging so much I was underweight

and really not okay. I could NOT eat food

in the cafeteria, I could barely stand to be

in the cafeteria or anywhere around food in public. My mom helped me to stay fed and nourished by picking me up almost every day at lunch and bringing me home to eat- I love you mom.

In my final year of middle school (which is Grade 9 in my school system), I had my first suicide scare. I was driven to the hospital, admitted to the psych ward, and had the privilege of receiving a full psych evaluation. After a few hours of bizarre tests and questions, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, and told I had several traits of Borderline Personality Disorder, but not enough to diagnose (plus I was only 15).

This was also the point in my life I was finally put on medication! HALLELUJAH <3 They put me combo of seroquil and celexa, which have worked CRAZY AMAZING I am even still on today! (Just higher doses lol).

No. 77402

She was older than 12/13 during that 'abusive' relationship, it was all on her old deviantart

No. 77403

>My fashion sense at this point was definitely shifting from purely I-want-to-bone-Gerard-Way
What the fuck, that comes across so gross

>total slanderous lies

Hi Jill

No. 77404

I can't believe she thinks anyone would give a shit about this or want to see it on a professional site. It makes her seem completely mentally stunted and batshit crazy. Here she is trying to build a clothing brand and what she presents about herself as a creator is "Once I had anorexia! I've gotten a bunch of diagnoses! I love medication! Middle school was SO HARD!"

No. 77406

Imagine having to look down and see that every day. Christ.

No. 77408

Yikes. The about me is so unprofessional. What even is the mission of her site? Blogging? Networking? Attracting munchie fans? Because if it's for business (and honestly finding fans who aren't pathetic) it'll turn a lot of prospectives off…

Also the site is crap on mobile.

No. 77410

File: 1578163297147.png (989.63 KB, 1701x956, Screenshot (133).png)

Its crap on pc too, the text overlaps itself and the photos

No. 77413

note how she's also pushing the whole ~i was underweight!! narrative even though that's been debunked so many times by numbers that she provided.

No. 77416

The way she phrased this makes it sound like she absolutely did not have an ED, but instead hated the food the school served so she had to guilt trip momma to let he come home for lunch.

No. 77420

This is a clusterfuck. The sewing resources pictures is even worse. It's hard to focus on anything when there's a million colors. Being a rainbow retard is more important than anything else of course.

No. 77424

Yeah, no wonder, this is a shitty wix website. Did she pay for this shit? So unprofessional. She certainly could find enough money to pay a profesionnal to build her a (good) website, but no, she had to do it by herself… Looks like a teen's tumblr, that's awful.

This "about" section is so unnecessary and cringy…

No. 77425

Aren’t her brother and dad both professional computer techs

She also skirts around the fact she was a child with a child’s body, so the height to weight is different because you change throughout puberty like for example you would have boobs and more ass and hip after if you were afab which obviously weighs something and if you were amab you would become broader and gain muscle mass

No. 77436

File: 1578173374723.png (1.84 MB, 2222x1208, Snip20200104_1.png)

pretty sure its just your computer anon

No. 77440

File: 1578177832724.png (196.78 KB, 1097x238, Screenshot_2020-01-04 About pi…)

It seems broken in all different ways.

Is it normal for wix site? It's supposed to be easy for nontech people to set up and how hard can be to display bunch of paragraphs with floating images?

No. 77442

> The cheese-grater-like rigour of internet hate and total slanderous lies that come with being a Youtuber definitely shaped me as a person throughout these years
omg guys that’s us! also nothing in these threads is a straight up lie, more like speculation at most. you only think it’s so bad because we’re right pixie

No. 77443

I just…the lack of self awareness to describe in detail your entire cringey puberty on your ~professional branded website~ and then crying about her identity being shaped by internet haters? Bitch, where? Did they encourage you to be more obnoxious out of spite? Though I guess all those meanies on the internet were right about fast fashion.

No. 77447

Lmao for real? Oh yeah Jill we totally made up the fact that you completely treated a girl you were dating as clickbait, only to dump her for another dick cause your so totally QWEER! What about your completely authentic starving artist persona when you still suck on your mommys money teat and trick your followers into believing you’ve made it on your own? Or how about pushing eco friendly values without actually participating in them by buying mountains of plastic garbage for your horde? 1 video doesn’t excuse thousands of dollars of toys or fast fashion. Sage for rant but like she has the self awareness of a ball of lint

No. 77451


website is not responsive, literally made only for desktop. looks like she tried to heavily customize a pre-made layout on Wix which is a terrible, awful idea. unsure if it's Wix but the HTML is done in an old-school Myspace fashion

also the sticky social sidebar on the homepage links to the Wix socials. unfortunate. don't know if that's removable.

No. 77454

Listing your medications is so fucking cringe

No. 77491

Her sewing resources is a joke. I think I was more well versed in basic sewing as junior high kid in home ec. Kek You literally can go to AMAZON and order books on beginner sewing fundamentals and sew better than Jill. Her page is lazy ASF and her biography is beyond attention starved. Lame.

No. 77504

File: 1578222549788.jpeg (48.5 KB, 566x246, ED4C61F1-D2CC-4196-81AE-AFBA6A…)

Saging for autism but the fact that the world ‘privilege’ is smaller than the rest of the text is sending me into a fit. I’ve opened the site a couple of times on mobile and it’s broken in a different way each time. I couldn’t actually click on any of the tutorials or the images weren’t loading.

No. 77510


>tfw you see jill wearing a fucking slayer t-shirt

No. 77524

It’s odd because the only music she talks about liking back then is stuff like muse and mcr, but she was “punk” but wore metal shirts? Not to gatekeep but, I mean wasn’t she only “punk” to impress her then boyfriend and she has claimed since that he was abusive and controlled her to make her dress that way and whatnot but now she is back to acting like it was her interest, it’s so hard to keep up with what version of the story she is now claiming is truth like as someone else pointed out her deviantart has proof on it that she is now lying about when her abusive lesbian relationship uwu was

No. 77525

File: 1578239232305.jpg (53.28 KB, 496x587, starterpack.JPG)


I'm 1000% sure that she only wore it for the sake of aesthetic and not because she actually listen to slayer. Can you imagine jill sitting at home while having "angel of death" on full blast lol. Just like now, she only does everything for the visual aspect and not because she connects with the objects she surrounds herself, no matter if she was the one to choose to wear this t-shirt or her bf or idk who. She is the personification of those starter packs for each phase she had lmao

No. 77526

I have the theory that Jill wanted to have a brand story/a little bit about how her brand started, but couldn’t help but make it all about herself. She probably did this because she has no actual items that define the brand except for China manufactured pins. Like I get having a slightly personal touch to your brand to make it relatable to consumers, like if you were inspired by a nostalgic memory or your culture. But Jill isn’t making bpd anime clothes for ex emo kids, so it’s completely unnecessary

No. 77547

File: 1578248110448.png (369.01 KB, 1051x1416, Screenshot_20200105-100822.png)

Kek found the reason she probably can't sell or paywall her sewing resources, besides them being completely bare bones. She sourced all of her images from other websites. Instead of making a simple BRANDED UWU graphics in photoshop or illustrator, she literally just saved random diagrams from across the internet.

No. 77550

File: 1578248560553.png (182.55 KB, 1013x557, Screenshot_20200105-101947.png)

>Graphic design is my passion!
Also Jill:

No. 77557

Anyone else notice how Jill literally acts like she's the only person who ever want to "design school"? It's so cringy. I know more than a few of her autist viewers have done so as well and to more accredited schools. just laugh at her level of self-importance. Where does she really get off thinking she's that skilled at sewing? Seriously you can find tutorials on YouTube that are way more helpful than any of the crap she's posted that is nothing but generic rubbish.

No. 77559

Why is she posting about this online let alone on her sales website, and not on a private / anon blog. Does she really think this is ok or normal behavior? She doesn’t need to broadcast this stuff. I sure hope her therapist isn’t condoning this.

No. 77576

But anon. She has BPD. She has to overshare everything probably because she read that on some wiki article about personality disorders.

No. 77595

File: 1578268533830.jpg (485.42 KB, 1903x966, Screenshot_2020-01-06 About pi…)

But Anon, she's such an accomplished seamstress!

> (…) I leafed through patterns and internet articles, DeviantART tutorials, and 360p Youtube videos to try to pull together a project.

> Here you will find my various notes from weekly sewing and pattern classes in addition to my own personal research (and sometimes opinions… oops!)
> my own personal research

If I'm correct she has not ever worn green satin mess out? Yet it's two spots in her portfolio.

To me it seems like she has no clue how to format text for a web page. Which is hilarious, because it would probably display perfectly ok, had she not tried to do it her way.

No. 77596

Not to mention that one of these is a drawing with some paint swatches and crayons to look ~artsy~ and another is a sweatshirt that redbubble or a similar site printed for her.

No. 77618

Even worse is that she doesnt have anything current, the swatch photo must be her school project >>74561 but beyond that she hasnt actually made anything in a year. Not to mention it isnt focused on anything, you cannot tell what she is trying to sell when its a really just the last 9 pics of stuff she kinda had a hand in not a sense of her strongest work.

No. 77619

she says shes so comfy and inlove with her body yet draws herself so so much smaller? Its sad

No. 77625

it’s because she doesn’t even realize how fat she’s truly gotten.

No. 77653

I think she wore it to prom one year.

No. 77654

You're thinking of the pink shiny mess she made for prom. The green dress was made for her birthday outfit/to go to the confetti club meet but she had a change of heart and never wore it.

No. 77668

Every single part of it just screams 'baby's first website', it looks like some grandma who pursues sewing as a hobby wanted to finally start using the internet too lmao.
It's embarrassing that this is supposed to be her professional site, especially since she always goes on about being such a super special artistic designer.

Also am I crazy or hasn't it been like 2 years or something since she first started talking about having her own website??
I remember seeing an earlier version of this which looked almost exactly the same quite a while ago, glad to see she's been working hard on it lol.

No. 77673

Right? It's more like the only work she has ever done and not a sentence of what she tries to show here. It's mix of everything and super confusing for someone who doesn't follow her.
Which makes me wonder, why there are no pins, didn't she mention designing them?

Grandma kei is no longer just a fashion!
I think you're right, she put something similar, but took it down quick. It was just a home page and link to her shop, but it doesn't seem like she put much work into that page since. My theory is, the only reason Jill wanted a website is to convice her fans that she's successful and professional, that's why there's more info about her mental illnesses than what kind of work she actually does.

No. 77720

I just can't believe this. I kinda thought she was getting more real but it seems like she's regressing now.
When is the real world gonna hit her??? Is she really just gonna stay coddled and delusional forever?

No. 77731

as long as mommy and daddy stay rich, yes she will

No. 77789

File: 1578441787494.jpeg (135.4 KB, 640x778, 9233A81A-A1EC-4AED-84B8-8FC750…)

No. 77790

File: 1578441896420.jpeg (33.4 KB, 640x274, 11EFF0EE-6578-43A0-8BC3-2423FA…)

No. 77791

File: 1578442038147.jpeg (85.44 KB, 640x612, E639C145-7536-4936-A81C-7AE374…)

No. 77793

File: 1578443549695.jpeg (289.93 KB, 828x586, 4145B305-8304-4429-A6D6-1BEC86…)

Still plugging Gabbie. Someone even pointed out how problematic she is in the replies, but ofc Jill doesn’t care

No. 77802

File: 1578447513901.png (102.81 KB, 1202x386, Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 7.19…)

i feel like Jill's whole twitter is a bit of a mess with the whole Gabbie hannah and i mean…….. "Ojamajo BPD"

also she recently retweeted this tweet and to be honest I just…..
I mean although I don't inherently disagree with the message the tweet brings across, just seeing her tweet this seems so bad because it's only promoting these unhealthy coping mechanisms. She's constantly jumped from self harm, to disordered eating, to drinking (back in the older days), to overspending and now covering her body with fugly anime tattoos. It would be one thing if she did this and was just a regular fashion blogger but the content she posts lately and the things she talks about lately make her feel like she's trying to brand herself less as a fashion designer and more as a healthy lifestyle influencer (which she is clearly not living in a healthy lifestyle). To retweet something like this, especially now when her youngest fans will be extremely active to get updates on her pins and see if she liked their posts about them ordering said pins, honestly just rubs me the wrong way. Especially right now as youtube promotes "children seeming content" of which Jill fits perfectly into, this pedestal she puts herself on as she creates hypocrisy by preaching fast fashion surrounded by a plastic hoard of toys and trying to eat correctly while constantly indulging in her peeps tea honestly just makes me tired.

and after her website launch, it only sheds a larger light on the fact that she really is still just a kid, always asking "stevie" for guidance as she tries to be a "uwu fashun blogger". I wish she would look at the responsibility that comes with being an influencer with young followers who are just as impressionable and sensitive as Jil is herself, and maybe use more than one braincell to think before she posts

No. 77804

th-this is about the Mama Mia movie

No. 77805

>>77802 jill is a mess alright but it's a meme, not that deep

No. 77811

File: 1578453555128.png (1.94 MB, 1844x1200, Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 9.09…)


hey its ayrt and i've never seen mama mia so i had an r/woosh on the fact that this was a meme. apologies for the autism & going deep as fuck lmao

however: I do think my point still stands. I feel as though she has been a bit preachy. Her last few "chat" videos seem to be almost like she is trying to put herself on a morally high ground. She does a lot of fancy talk on how she is a "Fashion Designer" at her "Fashion School" with her new "Business" website and I mean good on her for trying but…..

She putting a toddler's bedroom decoration on as a part of her outfit. (Which, once again, can be going against her whole fast fashion 'boycott' as it's a mass produced children's toy.)

No. 77813

Jill has always been a huge hypocrite anon. It’s easy to hide flimsy good values behind a mountain if you make it rainbow and put sparkles on it. And let’s face it Jill doesn’t even know what professional really means. Look at her so called headshots look at her 2007 blogspot I mean professional website whoops. If she was actually serious she’d learn to bend around things while still keeping parts of her aesthetic but since it’s Jill no everything has to scream her

No. 77886

Poor Jill attention starved idiot always labeling herself with bullshit labels for the sake of seeking attention. Kek She's really pathetic. It shows.

No. 78255

File: 1578833919186.jpeg (482.88 KB, 828x749, 2D32A6C0-BFD3-4D65-8B49-37252A…)

I’m going to be interested to see how she explains her reason for dressing like a fugly clown over dressing in a flattering style

No. 78258

>>78255 she's going to use this as an excuse to talk about how she had a totes ~SCARY ANA BODY~

No. 78260

WOWWWWW HOW EXCITING! The best way to start a new decade is rehashing the last one and reposting outfits and photos that have been online for years! What fresh content!!! Can't wait!

No. 78262

Hoping she'll give some deets about that abusive relationship in middle school

No. 78281


hopefully she will tell us what her fave slayer album is, including her top 3 songs from them.

No. 78295

Very excited to hear how she switched styles so much because she's ~totes borderline~

No. 78296

This is peak narcissism. Like her excessively long, TMI website bio, no one wants this. It doesn't make her seem professional or like a "real youtuber" or someone who is serious about fashion. It amazes me how she gets through life being both so self absorbed but sooo lacking in self awareness.

Also what evolution? She had an alt band tee phase, an ott lolita phase, and then has been an increasingly larger and larger uncoordinated rainbow mess ever since. Such growth.

No. 78313

File: 1578863172622.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1141x1479, 69227B56-A626-4794-ADAC-661384…)


No. 78314

No. 78315

File: 1578864133606.jpg (500.86 KB, 1366x768, bowlcut.jpg)

>>78314 her bangs are so weird she looks like she has a bowl cut

No. 78318

File: 1578864599085.jpg (169.2 KB, 387x628, Untitled-2.jpg)

>>78314 we already knew she was one of those people who showed off her cuts, but here's another example. She said her mum took this photo..

No. 78320


No. 78321

File: 1578864910086.jpg (75.81 KB, 953x532, into.JPG)


new intro

No. 78322

>>78320 not the poster, but I assume its a Gabbie Hanna reference?

No. 78323

jfc, I always give those who sh their thighs a slide as far as judgement goes because that is where people do it to hide it. But this cow is wearing short shorts when they are still very visible? And she's chosing to show it on a public platform? Complete attention cry. No sympathy for that bs.

No. 78326

Soooo, why didn't she show anything from her larme-now??? I watched this through 2x speed and waited several minutes while she gabbed waiting for a pic to show????

Also, her bashing her lolita phase is so dumb. That is where she started and was her bread and butter to beginning her YouTube career. She probably down-played it because she couldn't milk "woe-is-me" from it like she could her ms years. Pretty dumb. Own up to your fashion choices if you're going to make a whole ass video.

No. 78329

If it wasn't for "lullita," she wouldn't even have a platform. She only got an audience because of her hauls with mommy's credit card. Acting as if it was a terrible thing is hypocritical.

No. 78330

File: 1578868356104.png (1.49 MB, 1206x662, dont i look the same..PNG)

Jill thinks she looks the same as she did at 16, did the same pose too.

Like similar yes but it feels maybe 10-15 years different not 5.

No. 78331

It’s probably to dance around the fact she became a cow in the lolita community by joining the “lace” movement which was an anti-bullying campaign started by anither cow who was salty people where calling her out, said cow is still Jills friend who dramatically quit the western lolita community very publicly after declaring they were all evil then came back after a while because she is an attention whore who missed the attention kek

No. 78333

Whatever she picked up that popping/clicking shit she keeps doing with her mouth, it's fucking gross and annoying.
Also talking a lot about being "so angry" in her younger years like….you grew up spoiled and upper middle class as fuck, the fuck was there ever to be angry about? I don't like to just assume about people's lives and upbringings but come on.

No. 78335

File: 1578869424561.jpg (242.21 KB, 1258x720, IMG_20200113_005053.jpg)

No. 78336

it legit looks like a mullet now

No. 78337

Her bangs are so wide and then she tucks her hair behind her ears and it just extends the illusion. It's awful.

No. 78338

What's the context for the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu comment? Did she do something ~problematic~?

No. 78340

At 28:55 she says she was into otome and ppl compared it to larme, but she is saying it is otome.

People are canceling her now because of old comments she made about one of the kids who was her backup dancer. She made jokes about being his bf and wanting to be his wife, and the kid was like 14 ish. But also she was dating men around that time so it seems like jokes that were fine at the time that aged badly now that it was "found" again.

No. 78341

Why is she acting like muse is an obscure band from the uk and explaining who they are as if they aren’t a huge mainstream group, her acting like they are off the wall hardcore and obscure really makes me question if she ever actually listened to any of the other bands she mentioned. She vaguely addressed the shoop but man I wish she would address why her face, legs and feet look super fucked up in all the lookbook pictures

No. 78345

None of the other bands she mentioned are obscure either really

No. 78346

i find in genuinely hard to look at her face in her old shoops - it’s something about how big her smile is compared to her head i think. really creeps me out.
also - did she only put her ‘punk’ phase pictures in the thumbnail so it looked like she’d done a complete 180 in style recently? I guess she’s talked about that less but she spent a lot of time talking about roughly 3 years of her fashion and completely skipped over anything post lolita

No. 78351

Not to sound like that guy but Is muse much cooler in North America and a band worth bragging about listening to? In the UK when they were at their peak they were played on all the pop radio shows, incredibly mainstream and normie, everyone here has heard of them. I don’t know how to phrase it but I would consider them a bit old for Jill, they were on the cooler side when plug in baby dropped but that was what, 2001, how old was Jill then, to me it’s more a band someone in an older age group would like, not to say someone younger can’t like them it’s just odd to see someone younger act like they are/were hardcore obscure when that is not at all true

No. 78354

Jillian: -farts-
Jillian: I think its a BPD thing!!

Calm down Jill not everything is because of BPD, its normal to have interests. 80% of preteens in the world have put posters on their wall. You're not special for decorating.

No. 78357

Not really no. Muse is/was played on the radio here too.

No. 78361

Watching Jill talk about lolita is so eyeroll worthy. She could have worn lolita without making it her entire lifestyle, you know, like most people do. But god forbid she is like most normal people with a niche hobby, after all she was skinwalking other lolita youtubers and wanted the clout that comes with it.
The problem isn't that she decided to not make it "her whole world", she basically had the mindset that if she wasn't going to be a super popular and famous and loved lolita youtuber like milkyfawn and peachier then it wasn't even worth being into the style at all anymore, which is sad.

No. 78369

Everything about Jill is so try hard poser. She really does favor herself as some original and quirky type. Fact is she's so mediocre and unoriginal.

No. 78374

she's hollow and empty and tries to compensate with a loud and "grandiose" aesthetic.
basically this video was her showing how she has no identity besides the things she wears.
jill is a more spoiled and curated version of abby from /snow/.

No. 78378

I agree anon. I know it's typical for kids to change their style as they grow up, but went from one extreme to the next which is somewhat bizarre. She becomes manically obsessive over whatever trend she's latched on to. I can't say if it's a side effect of the BPD but she has this desperation to her where she just has to label herself and fit into some box to have validation. She can't just enjoy alt fashion like a normal person, it's indicative of something psychologically problematic for her. I fell bad for Jill, she definitely registers as mentally ill in my observation of her.

No. 78384

Sage in case this is dumb, but I'm currently knitting together all the photos she showed. Worth noting is she put a trigger warning, saying the self harm picture was just scars, but am I the only one who feels like they look pretty new?

No. 78386

File: 1578915845370.jpg (2.08 MB, 1920x2560, 20-01-13-21-36-30-390_deco.jpg)

Part 1 of 5.

These aren't in perfect chronological order, I'm sorry. The app I used jumbled them for whatever reason. They are a close approximation though.

No. 78387

File: 1578915902749.jpg (1.99 MB, 1920x2560, 20-01-13-21-37-41-408_deco.jpg)


Also,apologies for the garbage quality of some of these, I screen grabbed and cropped on my phone so.

No. 78388

File: 1578915935825.jpg (2.1 MB, 1920x2560, 20-01-13-21-40-15-303_deco.jpg)


No. 78389

File: 1578915998876.jpg (1.99 MB, 1920x2560, 20-01-13-21-42-20-702_deco.jpg)


The first picture in this one, she called herself out for the (terrible) photoshop, but was also terribly sure to impress upon us just how very very sick and sad she was.

No. 78390

File: 1578916050601.jpg (1.68 MB, 1920x2560, 20-01-13-21-43-39-598_deco.jpg)


Alright,thats done. Jesus it took me too long. Kudos to whoever else managed to sit through that video, it was mind numbing.

No. 78391

Next thread pic. She's never looked more autistic.
She's always cut her bangs in that bowl shape, eh? Why doesn't she just get them trimmed by a professional? Most stylists offer to do it for free if you're a regular.

No. 78395

The last picture in the first row here is honestly a good look. It suits her better than both the pastel/hyperfeminine stuff and the full-on tomboy punk look.
Her Lolita era in >>78389 and >>78390 looked nice, too.

No. 78396

>>78384 they're fresh. She had an old insta where she would proudly show off fresh cuts.

No. 78400

i really like that picture of her but current Jill's facial features are almost entirely swallowed by fat. Her weight gain has made such an unfortunate difference to her face.

No. 78406

How badly shooped is this goblin? Kek frightening image.

No. 78408

That and heavy makeup.
She literally looks like someone with a growth disorder in this photo.

No. 78497

She used to be so cute, the grunge look suited her way better than the current kawaii shit.

No. 78505

I've always thought she should do rockabilly (but, like, do it well, none of this party kei rainby bullshit). Her current gaudy tattoos still sort of work, and rockabilly tends to be relatively flattering on all types. She could still be brazen with her hair, but keep it one colour.
Wishful thinking, though.

No. 78507

>>78387 All the 3 pictures on the right row look realy good on her imo. She shines a lot and looks authentic.

No. 78512

Seriously, she looks genuinely good in the top right picture. Her smile is kind of horse faced in the middle right, yet it's still got this awkward charm to it that makes it endearing. She could easily return to that if she lost weight and dropped the rainbow vomit. She just doesn't have the face or body to work with the pastel doll aesthetic, the punk aesthetic is far more flattering.

No. 78516

christ she actually used to relax her face when she smiled and it looks 10000x better. i dont understand why she pulls her eyebrows up so much when smiling it makes her look so fucking manic and unnatural

No. 78528

The delusion in this moment was real. She looks like an awkward teen in most of these photos because she was one, but she has to latch onto the one flattering photo and claim she still looks exactly like that!!!1 While being on camera and having the original photo she in no way currently resembles onscreen side by side. How very.

No. 78532

God she's fucking unbearable in this video.
Yeah no neurotypical person has ever hung up various posters of a band they enjoy or decorate their place with an aesthetic they like, only super special BPD people do that lmao.
Also ok we get it you were so sick and sad when you were younger, totes not like she's overcompensating by constantly mentioning it cuz she actually didn't look that spoopy at all.
I've never met another person her age who's that stuck in their teenage years still, it's very weird.

No. 78534

Omg I know anon! How pathetic for a 21 year old fully grown woman to be so fixated on her adolescent years which are far gone. Jill makes it sound as if her teen years were so abusive and traumatic for her which is total bullshit. She's been nothing but an over privileged self goofy ass bitch her whole pathetic life. Truly embarrassing. I can't believe people watch her retarded videos, she's so delusional. Get the fuck over it Jill you're nothing unique, special or talented. Just a lame, obese land whale with a false sense of self.

No. 78541

It’s also dumb because she is acting this way about three muse posters when a lot of alt teens basically wallpapered their whole walls with the pages of kerrang

No. 78566

File: 1579033193994.jpeg (151.46 KB, 1125x742, 93C6BA81-0C3B-43CF-8E11-890BA3…)

Is it just me or does it look like these plugs are fake? You can see the end of her ear inside the holes….

No. 78576

yea it looks off to me. no shadow like high gauge earrings usually have.

No. 78578

Those look like metal screw on tunnels which have always a bigger face/lip than the hole. I think what you're seeing is actually the backing on the other side.

No. 78597

she just keeps getting worse and she's only 21. kawaii infinifat lewks when?

No. 78606

If they’re real, she better not be planning on going much bigger, and hope they don’t get torn. There’s not much lobe left on the bottom.

No. 78629


Whoa, I don't follow this thread and was just scrolling by, but I assumed this chick was like 35.

No. 78634

File: 1579103843779.png (671.75 KB, 784x566, Screenshot 2020-01-15 at 15.51…)

just a wrong angle

No. 78647

You're not the only one anon.She looks like a used up old hag. Not a good look.

No. 78656

This is a nitpick but I hate her eyeliner. Everything is this pastel rainbow vomit and then you got that big, dark, badly drawn eyeliner.

No. 78672


Welcome to western Jfashion, rainbows and pastels are ruined with clown makeup.

No. 78694

Surprised she hasn't blamed BPD as the reason why she wanted to become (i.e. wear the skin of) milky fawn and princess peachie.

No. 78700

I hate it so much ugh, i feel like it use to look alright but in her last video it just looks like big black blotches on her eyelids.

No. 78706

She will never admit that she copies a real person, just her kawiwi anime characters who totes also have BPD.

No. 78746

File: 1579188891289.jpg (442.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200116-014345_Ins…)

Maggie was at Jill's house

No. 78785


Do we care? They've been friends for a while, so this isn't surprising?
(unless I forgot about a falling out or something)

No. 78810

Yep you forgot about the supposed falling out. It seemed that Maggie was done with Jill

No. 78819


Maybe she's there for Steve?

No. 78824

There was no real evidence of a falling out. Pretty sure Jill just doesn't hang out with anyone now that she's got a live-in boytoy.

No. 78838

Maggie and steve used to meet up at like 2am together and hang out after leaving Jill's. Jill also used to call Maggie her bestie and then dropped her suddenly. It's a lil milky Maggie is at Jill's.

No. 78839

Wonder if Steve is cheating on jill with Maggie, just seems kinda sus like you never see pics of the two together, just Maggie using her house/cats for I guess aesthetic points? It's weird. Betting this pic was taken while Jill was at school

No. 78848

Maggie was also working out and lost a tonne of weight/go in shape, so I'm sure that didnt go down well with Jill

No. 78879

idk how leading a girl on for months, fucking your best mates man, faking abuse and bullying people all your life is 'so nice' but go off

No. 78882

Fucking your best mates man like what, thrice?

No. 78918


I feel like it used to be smaller, and now she makes the wings really big so her eyes are more in proportion to her face as she continues to gain weight.

I used to do the same thing when I was a little heavier because I felt like it made everything look better. Could be the same thing, but with all of those bright colors, it looks especially bad.

No. 78972

anyone else feels like her background music is super annoying?and she didnt change it for almost few years

No. 78999

File: 1579368582182.jpg (201.51 KB, 618x446, Untitled-188.jpg)

Jill being woke on twitter

No. 79000

Funny when you consider she pops pills like they are smarties

No. 79016

Maggie had a post like a month ago about how her friend hyped her up to buy a skirt and Jill was excited in the comments ("yay you got it!"), they've been hanging out/been friendly for a while, if there was a fall out.

No. 79043

Is she trying to remind us how she was a shitty Buddhist lol? I’d doubt Jill has meditated when she’s stressed it’s either medication or a shopping spree

No. 79061

Jill is the most neurotic, impulsive person on YouTube. Can't imagine how a cheap plastic Barbie doll is going to solve her issues.kek

No. 79091

File: 1579446008306.png (2.37 MB, 1571x2000, DECEMBER NEWSLETTER 2019.png)

No. 79093

not to be a dyslexic sped but i found parts of that unreadable. I would ask why she couldn’t just type it out but then she’d have an even harder time justifying charging a tenner for it

No. 79098

She is disgusting. "Stevie" like I guess enjoy that free rent opportunity for like the most part a time hastily editing some egoistic rants. Why is she so obsessed with forcing her bfs into being her workers or shitty content generators? In a world full of violence towards women for the most insignificant things, does any dude just calmly endure being her gopher while she lies in bed because of her uwu bpdeeeees? I'm honestly not wishing violence on her, I just don't understand when so many people I know only encounter trash men who, to be fair, are actually attracted to women. Real people with problems who harm them physically and emotionally, while over here pixie is like my normal middle school "relationship" was totes abusive and gay and VERY ABUSIVE!! don't look at my da archives showing otherwise, this why I'm forced to date men.

No. 79108

I work in education and "mindfulness" has been a HUGE buzzword this past year. To me this is just Mattel seeing a way to make money and taking advantage of it. Not necessarily a bad thing and if it helps kids I'm all for it, but this is a relative latecomer honestly. There are already so many well-known apps, games, etc. directed at supporting mindfulness in children, but of course Jill jumps on the one that's pink and plastic.

No. 79123

Her "fashion show challenge" is to make one garment out of muslin, which is the fabric you use to make mock-ups of pieces, so basically she has to make a mock-up without ever making a final piece.

That's what her school is going to have her doing after a whole year in "fashion school."

No. 79134

Take your blogposting somewhere else lmao

No. 79147

the drawing actually looks really cute, cant wait to see how awful the final project is lmao

No. 79154

File: 1579473889043.jpg (289.66 KB, 1080x1675, 20200119_184300.jpg)

Sperging about mental health on FB again. Note all the emojis next to bpd

No. 79155

File: 1579473934774.jpg (225.2 KB, 1080x1835, 20200119_184317.jpg)

No. 79156

File: 1579473990556.jpg (178.92 KB, 1080x910, 20200119_184357.jpg)

Confirmed still not going to therapy so her bpd will probably never improve, although I don't think she wants it to

No. 79159

why is everyone diagnosed with bpd like this? it isnt cute, its a horrible disorder that makes people do disgusting things to others
not something to be proud of, especially without treatment
the face APD and ODD are on there is fucked too, I dont see why anyone would be proud of being a sociopath

also I can kind of understand saying you have a disorder for visability/transparency, but what does listing your insecurities accomplish? she really needs a private facebook for all this shit and only keep her brand crap public

No. 79170

There's no way that design will translate well to real life. It's going to look awful as a real garment, especially when made with Jill's sewing "skills".

You forgot to cover up the person's name in Jill's reply

No. 79171

Jill's attention starved and it meant to draw attention to her desperate ass.

No. 79173

Was being a tard and didn’t realise that she was only claiming to have the disorders with emojis next to them - I was very confused how I missed the ‘Jill gets diagnosed with schizophrenia’ saga…

No. 79236

See this post is an EXACT example of a fucking attention whore. I knew people exactly like Jill and i fucking despised them because they use to parade around and act like their mental disorders were some quirky personality traits of their's, like they were wearing stickers on their foreheads that said said every single thing they have and it was so blatantly fucking attention seeking and fake af.

No. 79280

But guize she cured herself with fat posi youtoobers, magical girl animes and garlic fingers she doesn't need therapy!!!

No. 79301

Exactly why I find Jill to be a disgusting human being. Attention seeking self absorbed cunt.kek Not sure why anyone would be interested in her crap channel.

No. 79303

This just makes it seem like she went until she got the diagnosis she wanted to hear then quit. She can easily schedule in a weekly or even a bi-weekly appointment, I know she's trying to get one video a week out now but but since Steve is doing all the editing she should have more time to do important health shit.

No. 79386

There's something so disgusting about flaunting her BPD dx everywhere and using it to excuse her shitty behaviour, and then not even going to therapy that she can clearly afford and has time for… This is not "mental health advocacy" it's attention seeking at its worst.

No. 79431

File: 1579662161855.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1504, Screenshot_20200121-220119~2.p…)

her dream pants? Really? Because they have a rainbow on the pockets?? Idk why I'm surprised she has shitty taste, but wow

No. 79432

File: 1579662227602.png (1.02 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200121-220108.png)

seriously, this is the whole design and it's fugly. Bigbudpress makes a lot of kitschy stuff and a lot of it is cute but these are hands down the worst thing I've seen from them

No. 79480

She's been saying she's going to do regular uploads since last summer kek
How and why tf is she leaning so hard on bpd as her sole personality trait when she's literally not in therapy and is on the same basic antidepressant meds that's she's been on for years. What kind of sense does it make to constantly bring up her allegedly crippling mental illness constantly while doing nothing with the countless resources within reach of her extremely privileged, tendie greased fingers to get actual help?

No. 79503

Because if she gets help she wont have an excuse or be special anymore

Gotta be honest, the shape looks really good on her
Shame the design is hideous and they look really thin

No. 79520

probably photoshop and angles tbh

No. 79526

Actually, BBP pants are made of a really sturdy denim. The trousers they sell are a bit thinner than the work pants, but all of their clothes are designed to function as workwear as well.
However I agree that this design is fucking ugly as sin.

No. 79533

Yeah I own a lot of BBP and it’s high quality shit- I’m honestly surprised Jill spring for them since they’re indie owned, made in America and aren’t fast fashion bullshit. Kinda happy she’s hopefully gonna bring them more press they deserve but also kinda sad this knob is acting like she gives a fuck supporting small designers

No. 79539

Why do I keep getting recommended her channel on YT? I have 0 interest in lolita or her style (I'm into dark industrial and being recommended some Lisa Frank obsessed kiddy-style woman is just downright insulting!!!).
grrrrr Youtube stop pushing her onto me grrrrr I feel like Youtube is really pushing random uninteresting Canadians these past two years.
Sorry for the dumb rant that's slightly ot.

No. 79549

Just tell YouTube you don't want to be recommended her channel? It isn't that hard.

No. 79580

I've still been recommended shit by channels and videos I've told them I have no interest in. The more subs said channel has, the more likely it is to pop back up a few weeks later, for some stupid reason.

No. 79584

File: 1579741825849.jpg (16.82 KB, 601x131, pixie.jpg)

sage for being irrelevant, it's just nice to get noticed sometimes my dudes(offtopic)

No. 79585

Least they just whined on Twitter instead of coming here to tell us to stop boolying their qween

No. 79786

I know I'm extremely late on this. And It is OT but I rewatched her plans for 2020 video (only got through 5 minuts btw) and she exclaims that she would stop using the company she previously used for her t-shirt design because ahe presumed that they were unethical. And that she didn't know where the t shirts were manufactured. But then 30 seconds later said that she might buy bulk order of shirts and and print the design herself??? But. Where would she even get sustainable t shirts not made in sweatshops. How would ahe even know . I don't think she thought this through

No. 79790

File: 1579926038675.gif (563.76 KB, 300x100, bannerpixielocks.gif)

Made something with this gif >>74214

No. 79799

She doesn't think anything through re: sustainability because she wants to sounds like she really cares, but can't be bothered to change her lifestyle or obsession with hoarding plastic. She hasn't followed through with doing 90% of things on her channel for almost as long as I've lurked these threads.

No. 79801

I love how with Jill everything has to be about buying something kek.
I've seen a lot of other fashion youtubers (even ones that only do sewing as a hobby and have no training or education in it) doing the whole ethical thing and showing how to turn thrifted clothes into stylish pieces or recreating certain pieces from popular brands so you can just make it yourself instead of having to buy from them.
Jill instead is just like… "OK so I used to buy from those really crappy brands… but now I'm buying from these slightly less crappy brands instead!!" even tho she can't shut up about being a fashion design student lmao.

With the whole tshirt thing, I think it would've been cool if she decided on sewing the shirts herself and then also print them at home.
Then it would actually be handmade, she would have more influence over the design of the shirt, she could've charged more, would have gotten a lot of practice in…
I mean if she was a gaming YTber obviously I wouldn't be suggesting this, but Jill's whole thing is being the artistic creative kaweewee seamstress bean who lives and breathes art and design, yet she avoids actually sewing something at all costs kek.

No. 79821


And there it is. She couldn't figure out (or perhaps accept) the fact that she was depressed because she missed Mommy and the comfort of home, decided that there must be an actual medical reason why she was barely making it at her tiny craft college and letting herself turn into a deep fried grease pit of a person, did some Googling, bounced around until she got a diagnosis, then went on her merry way secure in the knowledge that she now has the perfect excuse for failing at life and being a shit person, and nobody can criticize her for anything because ~it's not HER fault she has a mental illness uwu~.

How the fuck can you have something like BPD and not go to therapy for it, while also claiming to be a mental health advocate???

No. 79834

I agree so much. It's not like she can't afford it. She probably has a certain amount of coverage through her school's health plan and it's also possible she can still be on one of her parents' health plans. And even if none of that were true, Jill's parents would easily cover the cost of her seeing a therapist every second week or so.

No. 79844

No. 79845

She really needs to not shorten package to “packi packi” Jill that’s a racist slur

No. 79846

It makes me pull a face when someone who is body posi and uwu thicc makes a point of saying they got a larger size than their own, stating the size they selected then saying it will be huuuge on them and they wanted a really big one, that’s probably triggering to some people no? Doesn’t seem all that body posi especially supposedly coming from someone who had an ED that should know how obsessive some people are about sizes and comparing sizes

No. 79847

Alright, if I'm being honest I really enjoyed this video. She seemed happier and more herself than I've felt in a while. She also hasn't balloned anymore since her last video so… maybe she's cut down on the tendies? I dunno. I know she had the famous freshman fatigue last year but for the first time she seemed excited and passionate? Of course the whole capitalizing on ethical shopping can always feel a bit preachy and trendy but I thought this was a good video. The small animations sprinkled through it also gave it a very nice feeling and I liked those.

However, I feel like the outro is a bit too bright and all over. I know the whole point was for it to look like a desk layout like her supplies were just lying around but it feels a bit too much & I think there are too many pieces creating a cramped feeling.

>>79846 I also agree with this. I feel like her mentioning her size just feels like a bad idea especially for a "body posi" youtuber. Stating that a shirt is going to be oversized is fine in my opinion but I think stating the size and then saying it would be too big is negative. I think she should have cut that moment out of her video.

I also wonder why she moved the whole little magical girl shelf upstairs, I remember it being downstairs in the tour video. You think Steve asked her too, or is she just trying to save face in front of her designer friends who aren't supportive of all of the plastic usage.

No. 79853

File: 1579992171727.jpeg (70.33 KB, 803x271, 743912EF-463D-4D39-9A8D-C41A29…)

the part where she mentions Big Bud Press not responding to her comments sounded kinda bitter lol.

No. 79858

But it's not, you know what she's saying. She's not even talking about Pakistanis. It's taken out of context.

No. 79859

She legit opened that package with her FABRIC scissors.

No. 79866

….wasn't she just telling her audience to not buy new releases and that it's better to get things secondhand (which makes no sense but ok)?

No. 79867

The magical girl shelf was always upstairs

No. 79869

She mentions Steve is "partnering" with her for her videos and "works from home" now, too. So I guess he's jobless and living off of her and her mom's money. Get that bag, Stevie.

No. 79871

Awww shit steve is gonna be living his best hot girl winter. And if he plays his cards right it may turn into a hot girl summer. Secure that bag sis

No. 79879

The irony of using "ethical clothing" and "haul" in the same title. Like maybe don't buy shit you don't need in large amounts if you actually care. Or if it's a PR package, that's basically a lot of free labor and resources being put into encouraging people to buy more. But it's fine because it's "ethical".

No. 79883

File: 1580007728376.png (1.92 MB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20200125-185156.png)

It's kind of mindblowing how much she's willing to be delusional and pat herself on the back for being some kind of eco warrior. Recycled plastic is still plastic. There is no good plastic. That type of plastic can't even be recycled anymore in North America iirc? Even most biodegradible plastic needs special treatment facilities to break down over time. Does she know or care how much water went into the cotton for her to just try out these clothes for funsies or naw?

She's not serious about this because she's not serious about anything that requires real effort, so it's definitely a weird flex imo for her to lean so hard into something she clearly has not researched at all. She just wants to keep on being a consumer whore while having some kind of moral high ground so no one can make her feel guilty.

No. 79890

When will she realize her eyebrows look muddy as hell and age her.

Also, she can try her best to be eco friendly, but these 'hauls' aint it, chef

No. 79892

What is even more mind blowing is that she became ethical virtually yesterday and yet she feels like she is high enough on the pedestal to look down on a brand who has been ethical for years just because they possibly used a small bit of plastic.

And you are right, refurbished or not plastic is still plastic and if someone doesn't recycle it, it can still end up in landfills

No. 79893

Oh absolutely, this is completely contrived. It's like she's pointing out the most obvious thing for cred with her viewers. Doubt she'd have a care in the world eating tendies from a plastic bag.

No. 79901

The delicious irony of her screaming about a brand possibly using plastic packaging while standing in front of her massive hoard of useless plastic (all of which came packaged in more plastic)

No. 79908

i also enjoyed this for the most part. i think the production value has really gone up in her vids (not that they were ever that bad), so yay stevie.

No. 79910

File: 1580019311310.png (907.05 KB, 850x560, chef.png)

No. 79920

She edited this video. That's why there's a clip of her looking haggard in the middle of it talking about how she's editing.

No. 79921

How though? It's literally the same format. Talking in front on a camera. Her bfs lol random meme edits are not some kind of upgrade or worth a share of rent, sorry. He's just become her new mommy, I'm sorry, I mean serious romantic partner who records her and makes these awful, sporadic videos possible. An actual upgrade in production would mean like actual change or variation or like entertainment value.

No. 79934

>Doubt she'd have a care in the world eating tendies from a plastic bag.
Good point, I feel like the only place in her life where she even 'tries' to be eco friendly is fashion consumption.
Since she enjoys pretending to be some kaweewee spiritual animu witch I feel like she could try building her channel more around that kinda lifestyle.
Getting a cute bicycle so she could bike to places more instead of using her car, growing her own veggies/herbs, visiting nearby small farms to get stuff like milk or eggs, maybe creating a thoughtful piece of art in regards to the subject matter or even just going to local forests to pick up trash there or something??
Just… anything that's not buying more clothes she doesn't need…
You know your eco activism seems a bit hypocritical if you only do it to justify buying more crap you wanted anyway lmao.

No. 79939

did anyone else notice the bruises in her inner elbows in this video

No. 79940

I agree but also I think I would be more weary of saying something that taken out of context if you trimmed that you could have a clip of her saying that
There is no doubt a zero waste store somewhere nearby as well she could get kawiwi containers and an aesthetic bike she can DIY for a video and get aesthetic vlog footage of her being an uwu eco warrior

No. 79950

>>79939 i did actually, but i assume it was from blood tests?

No. 79951

File: 1580052362545.png (98.93 KB, 361x282, 1580007728376.png)

slightly ot but does anyone know what type of doll this is?

probably from when she went to get her diagnosis, they will be testing for type 2 diabetes cause of weight

No. 79952

That's an Banpresto Q Posket figure.

No. 79953

Q Posket, those ones being from the Pretty Cure anime. They do Sailor Moon and other series too.

No. 80040

File: 1580125140422.jpeg (485.9 KB, 828x909, D9893537-45EB-4D73-B957-2124E6…)

Get ready for the mental illness Olympics if that video comes out, Steve is just Jill’s boytoy and assistant, their relationship isn’t really anything special or something to strive for

No. 80042

Sometimes I can't tell if comments like these aren't low key shade.
What kind of person with PTSD looks at Jill and her circumstances and thinks she has something relatable and meaningful to say about mental illness. Being spoilt and unable to handle adult life isn't a condition.

No. 80044

I guess because BPD is a condition from trauma, like PTSD, which is why its so strange Jill was diagnosed with it

No. 80045

Are you forgetting her totally real abusive ex gf, anon? That two week relationship that Jill broke up was really twaumatizing for her.

No. 80078

Not to be a white knight, but Jill must have been so ignored and bullied at school that it made her anxiety terrible to manage. Jill has never talked about what started her problem with body image, but my theory is that she was a bullied kid who only liked piano theatre and Muse. Louise probably wanted to protect her so much from being hurt that she constantly hyped her up and now Jill can’t take not being able to have everything her way. Mental Health is very serious, Jillian should seriously get herself in therapy to try and progress with how she responds to shit instead of acting like everything is always fine because she has her way. Get help, Jill.

No. 80081

I watched the Sunday live stream for you so here's the deets. sorry if my formatting is shit

- Discusses doing sewing content/thrifting and needing to buy a new “judy” (the body thing she drapes her projects on) because she’s too thicc now

- teacher told her how to fix her new rainbow pants correctly, doesn’t want to do it that way. Long rant short these pants are way too big and will take a ton of work and time to fix to her size

- shows her fabric hoard in her closet (fabric at top, mid, and bottom of closet- there’s a lot)

- talks about project for the fashion show challenge “draped in muslin”. Asked teachers if she could dye, embroider, buttons, zippers, they said no. Teachers finally agreed on letting them paint on ONE color that can make up 10% of the design

- Brain can only focus on 1-3 things at a time. School, pixie stuff, and one other thing until brain reaches capacity

- has started playing dnd with friends from fashion school and steve. She’s rolled a mage water genasi named Piscel. Loving it so far. Wants to not make it like her but mentioned giving it a mental illness (not BPD)

- discusses witchy stuff. Said she took a class “elements of magic” for witches that was 3 hours once a week.

- won’t be vlogging at animaritime because she doesn’t feel safe there if people know who she is. Still wants to go but had a bad experience last year where someone approached her and loudly said “I know where you live, it’s on this street” and started to almost cry

- hasn’t watch Anne With an E because she’s afraid it won’t be accurate enough because it’s so important to her (same reason she didn’t watch sailor moon crystal, she says). Wants to get an anne of green gables tattoo

- steve enters the room after waking up at 1pm and brings her a coffee and cat. she calls stevey 'sweet baby boy' and i threw up

End stream

Notable things: she was swearing A LOT throughout the stream. Also only mentioned Jenny as her best friend and never mentions Wendy.

No. 80089

Christ who makes a point of giving their D&D character a mental illness and makes a show of it, bet her character is the usual Mary Sue nonsense

No. 80091

not sure if i’m being a sperg but I don’t remember her mentioning being obsessed with anne of green gables? I’m guessing it’s just her ‘I need to be the biggest fan of everything to feel special’ syndrome. would absolutely kek if she got another random shitty tattoo in the same vein as her theme park one

No. 80102

>same reason she didn’t watch sailor moon crystal, she says

Crystal was literally more accurate to the manga than the original anime. What is she on about.

No. 80110

Sage for tinfoil, but I’ve had the theory that perhaps somewhere in her formative years Jill wanted to be part of a group that revolved around being a big fan of something and the group excluded her for not being a big enough fan or lying about being a fan. This stuck with Jill and ever since then she finds herself needing to be the biggest fan of absolutely everything she gets into to prove that she’s worthy

No. 80113

Thanks for the breakdown, anon! You're the best

>hasn’t watch Anne With an E because she’s afraid it won’t be accurate enough because it’s so important to her (same reason she didn’t watch sailor moon crystal, she says). Wants to get an anne of green gables tattoo

jfc, she's already going on about getting ANOTHER tattoo? She's gonna be covered in ugly tats before she's 25.

No. 80116

File: 1580169696230.png (1.1 MB, 1042x764, Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 7.01…)

Can I just mention how cringey and exaggerated this part of the beginning of each of her videos has gotten recently…..

No. 80131

god, I want to feel bad for her being approached by someone who made a big show of knowing where she lives (because what the fuck), but it’s hard since she’s been so flippant with her safety online. She needs to change cars, and stop showing the outside of her house, her campus/school schedule, and other places she frequents.

No. 80132

No idea how valid it actually is but several anons have jumped in over the years saying Jill herself was the bully at school
she literally posted a straight on, clear photo of her house key too
honestly dont think she should be living alone, she cant look after herself

No. 80134

I feel like she isn't going to want to vlog it anymore if she doesn't have her kaweewee squad like she had in other years, and if she doesn't enter and win in any competition. Like, she's never cared about people knowing who she is there in the past, even if it was because she was less famous. I agree though it's really hard to feel bad for her when she's so careless

No. 80135

>I'm going to stop doing haul videos because I realized I was too materialistic and buying things for the excuse to make a video

>Look guys I'm going to do a video about something I bought

No. 80150

She looks actually cute in this video. Other than that she’s talking utter bullshit i couldn’t stand watching it

No. 80152

Wendy's untagged from all moonmist girl pics, too. kek

No. 80154

Wendy and Jill have both unfollowed each other. Must be awkward, considering they're both in the same tiny fashion department in the same tiny school.

No. 80158

wait what the fuck happened - assuming those hasn’t been addressed in videos because I’ve kept up with those

No. 80163

You must be new here anon, Jill never addresses her friendships falling apart. The only way people find out is through split milk and careful attention to detail (like finding out Wendy was untagged from Moonmist pics)

No. 80166

I think it's fair to assume that Wendy just found Jill annoying and weird once she spent extended time around her. Would any of us want to be friends and collaborate with someone like her?

No. 80168

>>80150she looks the same as she does in every video anon
so weird that theyd keep the moonmist crap up if things arent good with wendy
untagging her is so petty and pretty unfair considering its like cosplay promotion or w/e

No. 80169

yeah I definitely haven’t been following her since the lace drama like some people have. makes sense that considering she rarely addresses drama within her videos. thanks for the spoon feed lol
I think she’s gotten a lot more ‘full on’ in the last 6 months or so, and she always seemed to put herself as the main moonie girl so I could see wendy getting sick of it

No. 80175

Lol that's what I was thinking, it seems really passive aggressive, I feel like most people would keep their ex friends or even ex partners tagged unless they had like a major fight, I wonder what happened
Well knowing Jill she'll probably just say that her BPD made her do it

No. 80223

Maybe she didn’t wanna be associated with the moonmistgirls anymore and asked to b untagged? Is that possible? I don’t think there will be “beef” bc they share the same small space at some anon above mentioned

No. 80230

Wendy and Jenny aren't following each other either anymore, and they were friends long before either of them befriended Jill. Something happened on Wendy's end, by the looks of it.

No. 80249

Apparently something really fucked up happened between the friend group.

No. 80251

Anyone want to post actual screencaps or deets or is this a fun, text based adventure game for you?

No. 80382

File: 1580370985259.png (1.31 MB, 1146x1090, Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 6.26…)

can we take a minute for…whatever this is

No. 80405

how do you cock up that badly when you’re using a grid

No. 80410

File: 1580393062527.png (188.74 KB, 1080x792, Screenshot_20200130-065628~2.p…)

Jill has absolutely 0 reading comprehension and is now using any opportunity to show that she's ~ totes magotes bi an not uwu faking it uwu ~

No. 80411

File: 1580393282839.jpeg (438.88 KB, 1242x1169, 1569234437191.jpeg)

which triggered jill stan keeps trying to raid the thread?

No. 80414

so shes saying that her type is herself? narcissist

No. 80420

Wait, is she trying to say that she likes touching her own nipples because she's bisexual????? That literally has nothing to do with bisexuality and further more, had nothing to do with the original tweet.

I imagine having a conversation with Jill irl would be painful. Because I feel like she would constantly revert the conversation back to herself.

No. 80423

Well she does try to turn all her boyfriends into her clones. I know a lot of straight women like "themselves but male" as a type.

No. 80426

She just read "nipple" and replied on the topic of nipples, with absolutely no bearing on what the person actually said.

This type of reply really gets on people's nerves (I have a friend who does the same vague topic tangent thing and most people hate it)

No. 80431

Wow thanks for the thoughtful and helpful reply Jill!
What is that person supposed to take away from what you're saying? That they should become bi? It's clearly a body issue they're struggling with and they wanted to know if others experience it too, they don't care if you enjoy "feeling yourself" you idiot.

No. 80448

it really reminds me of people figuring out they are bi at 13-15 and indroducing themselves as bi before even giving their name lmao

No. 80457

why does she do this so often? I swear that she has done this exact thing before, where she replies to a tweet with a completely irrelevant comment about herself. Is it a bpd thing?

No. 80553

No, it's a spoiled, full of herself dumb bitch thing.

No. 80711

File: 1580584722740.png (943.56 KB, 750x1334, CE85E941-014E-4151-B0F4-81F9FE…)

I wonder if Jill cut her off because she didn't like one of her friends potentially having a worse time mentally than her. Like, she has to be the worse all the time and Wendy finally coming out about her (clearly more legitimate) mental health issues threatened her. 1/2

No. 80712

File: 1580584783514.png (793.1 KB, 750x1334, BEF94996-68A1-4343-9CF2-E76389…)


No. 80717

No. 80718

>>80711 your icon is showing

No. 80729

jill…jillian…jillybean…do you have amnesia…throw the streamer curtain away it almost killed your damn cat remember

No. 80730

And this time it's right next to a cat bed…

No. 80734

The tinsel wasn’t what almost killed Neko. It was one of the foam heads she displayed her wigs on.
I believe she mentions both things in her first room tour (at her parents’ place), but the advice to put pillows over the bottom of the tinsel was just cautionary advice.

No. 80750

Pretty sure it was tinsel.

No. 80751

>>80750 it was

No. 80755



Here is the video, at 8:23 she mentions that chewing on foam is what almost killed Neko.

No. 80760

She claims she's budgeting and watching her money at around 3:32. As if her budget isn't basically unlimited thanks to her coddling parents.

No. 80779

You are both right in a sense because she has said both, in true Jill fashion she can’t keep a story straight, it’s just like the flip flop on Neko’s breeder, she says the version that is convenient to her at the time

No. 80780

She spent 30 bucks on crates instead of going to a thrift store or nearby supermarket (where I know they have crates) and then said it was "thrifty." thats not thrifty, Especially since you could have bought actual shelves for less than that.

No. 80783

She is a classic procrastinator, how many things has she said now will help her actually make content on time!

No. 80818

Here's the easiest explaination:

It was the tinsel all along but she claimed it was foam because she needed something that would be so 'uwu quirky' for her cat to chew on. If she constantly admitted her cat almost died on something any cat owner would know not to have reachable by a cat, people would call her out even more (like they did when she first got it)

She thinks enough people have forgotten and her fans are such a hug box she wont get any backlash.

No. 80826

This isn't what dissociation is. Why do these idiots think they have it? Is it because it sounds like a big scary symptom that proves they're worse off than others?

No. 80842

What she’s describing sounds a lot more like Catatonia but that’s not as trendy with the internet so no one claims to have it for uwu points.

No. 80852

She isn't catatonic either. She's just having anxiety and is overwhelmed. She's fully aware of what's happening, just that her mind is racing. That's pretty much textbook anxiety.

No. 80895

I'm pretty sure its just a panic attack right? Shutting down because all you can focus on is the anxiety sounds exactly like a panic attack

No. 80900

File: 1580656280145.jpg (123.03 KB, 1079x507, Screenshot_20200202-100244_You…)

The amount of ass patting from her retarded fans because she used stuff from her hoard. ~uwu sustainable budget friendly~ after spending god knows how much on all those plastic items over the years. And she didn't upcycle anything, she bought brand new crates and painted them? Plus it's so small? What normal broke person would waste their money on that?

No. 80901

sounds more like a plain old anxiety attack to me.

why did this need to be an entire video? Usually something like this is just a blurb at the beginning of a video. She really is low on ideas huh

No. 80909

She's tryna get that adsense. This video could have been done in 5 minutes.

No. 80921

That video could've been done in a picture or two, let's be real.

No. 80934

It’s especially disappointing when we have seen her do furniture makeovers that’ took more time and effort like the rainbow set of drawers with the heart knobs and her tv stand where both old pieces of furniture she sanded down and painted she could have easily got some shelves at the thrift and painted them

No. 80987


Somehow I get the feeling that if Jill did indeed drop Wendy, it's because Wendy is going to therapy for her mental health issues and encourages others to do the same (as she mentions in her IG post). I doubt Jill has any tolerance for anyone who thinks she should seek therapy for her BPD.

No. 81016

I just don’t understand how she can show a mountain of plastic and then specifically sperg about that tinsel curtain being plastic? What about literally every other object you showed, Jillian?

No. 81017

Is this in her bedroom? What’s the point of having an “office” and doing up the basement to then go and turn your bedroom into a filming space, she made a big deal about how it’s so hard to move the lights and she has to vacuum that couch that was her filming set up, cry me a river Jill you have two long haired cats you should be vacuuming regularly anyway

No. 81018

Also that was her thing she was choosing to show for her lamenting how she can’t have certain stuff anymore, how much of that does anyone need to buy, surely that’s a one off purchase to any normal functioning human and not a regular repeat purchase

No. 81041

I know you can try to reduce your plastic usage without cutting everything plastic from your life and it would be nearly impossible to completely avoid plastic anyway, but I found it pretty weird that she pointed out the plastic curtains immediately before she showed a bundle of acrylic yarn.

No. 81045

File: 1580751341434.png (364.16 KB, 760x422, Screenshot_20200203-123540.png)

What's the point of making more when she already had these downstairs?

No. 81046

She mentioned she's going to have multiple filming corners, one per video subject

No. 81049

It's the typical response to plastic. Plastic is so pervasive in modern consumerist society that even people who learn they should care find themselves either having to do a complete upheaval of their entire lifestyle, interests, and values (and sometimes find it financially impossible, though this doesn't apply to Jill obviously) or it's too much and they focus on single, isolated, often minor issues and incidents. Look at the fervor over boycotting straws and water bottles while most plastic waste has nothing to do with that and people continue filling giant garbage bags every week with plastic packaging from food and other products. Jill is in over her head besides not knowing what she's doing at all. Her whole life is plastic, her identity is shaped around shows made to sell plastic toys, and she's committed herself to a career in one of the most highly pollutant and environmentally damaging industries on earth.

No. 81071

But she complained about having to move her lights and kit and how that stops her filming so is she going to buy multiple set ups because if not then the problem she said she has hasn’t been solved

No. 81172

No she said this will be her main "go-to" spot but if she films an anime related video she'll do it in front of her plastic anime figure hoard and fashion videos will be done in front of her sewing work space or some such. She didn't say she's gonna actively set up multiple filming spots.

I can understand having the set up of a space make filming feel like some big project, but Jill you literally have no other job… putting up some lights and talking to a camera is like the easiest shit. She truly is the laziest person.

No. 81186

As a youtuber, I understand the setup thing. You can just come from school, leave your backback and start recording.

No. 81244

I'm not a youtuber or anything and I understand the logic behind it too, but she said she would still be filming in other house locations depending on what vid she was doing and that means she's still dragging all the lights out to whatever place she's filming, which essentially renders the filming space pointless since it won't always be set up

No. 81308

File: 1580868181476.jpg (508.15 KB, 2896x2896, 20200204_162903.jpg)

You'd think Steve would have his own switch. I'm surprised she isn't trying to make a kawaii
island together.

No. 81311

I bet she feels stupid now having rushed and paid a ridiculous amount for custom kaweewee joycons as soon as she heard AC was coming, only for nintendo to put out a special edition with better battery life.

No. 81315

its so gross how she jumps into talk of low income struggles like she couldnt buy steve 5 Switches if he wanted them
this isnt about you and 0 money struggles jilian

No. 81397

A new switch (lite) is only the cost of 2 games + a little extra. It’s not like an extra switch isn’t easily obtainable for most people, who I see buy about a game a month, let alone jill, who easily drops the same cost on magical girl wands at any given opportunity.

No. 81401

low income families dont buy a new game every month
they would have to buy an entirely new consol AND game per child, which is a joke
jill on the otherhand would have no issue doing so

No. 81430

You could buy a separate $40 game and share the same system. You can't do that with the Switch. You have to buy a new system and a new game. Not the same.

No. 81433

No. 81434

this bitch is never gonna get rid of those cat killing streamers, is she? she really doesnt give a shit about the welcare of her cats

No. 81499

What even was the point of this video? All she did was make a mockup?

No. 81529

it also looked like a bad mockup.. idk the pocket gap also does it have a waistband or at least something.

No. 81537

Who was the other cow?

No. 81546

Lace was started by Katiebabydoll/girlyhoot. She has a thread here.

No. 81566

No. 81588

I honestly didn't hate the video. My only qualms was that there was no end material. So the video was pointless. But still watchable

No. 81641

Sorry but her dance in the mock pants is disgusting. Her butt looks cute in them though

No. 81652

Jill's pattern drafting skills are shit. The fit of those muslin mockups was horrid. The waist was wonky the crotch looked weird and her whole fake fashion designer persona is so cringe.
I say this as a tailor and pattern maker who actually went to a top design school with actual fashion curriculum.

No. 81662

yes yes, everyone's been to only the toppest of top design schools, as ever, we get it.

I agree that the pants are weird. I like the look of the top (minus the weird crotch) but god I hate those wide pant legs, they're so frumpy

No. 81687

OT but I will never stop laughing at that time jill was crying about the possibility of being an "uwu poor student who couldn't afford life." and then a week later bought 500 dollars worth of lazy oaf and a few months later rented out a 3 floor town house. lmfao to her fans

No. 81692

I don't think most of her confetti club fans even noticed the financial wtf which made it more ridiculous.
If you ever want to run a scam, bombard your victim with clashing pastels.

No. 81694

The crotch is too low by a few inches, which is making it look weird.
The design is dumb, the pants look like she's going to a disco and those fabrics look awful together.

No. 81738

File: 1581177609726.jpg (68.25 KB, 339x461, 20200208_110035.jpg)

No. 81773

No. 81774

>>81773 ofc she had to mention she has bpd in this video

No. 81784

File: 1581200888206.jpeg (446.79 KB, 750x1070, 964A3796-4DEF-4DC6-AC9A-8CE28B…)

Video is down, the comments are so ass kissing and calling her a goddess for doing her job, like I get being a fan but they are so over the top and cloying

No. 81786

File: 1581201882527.jpeg (380.96 KB, 828x655, 846DC381-1E5F-4CD2-A5FC-BCF4EC…)

Whose ready for half the video to be Jill talking about how ~*muh bpd*~ effects her relationship

No. 81803

She is the most hopelessly straight girl ever. She has a literal banner for their relationship hanging on the wall. Who asked for this? What more could they have to say about their very heterosexual codependent boring ass life?

No. 81804

what's the problem with talking about bpd?? i'm new here but i have several friends who suffers with this and without professional help it can literally destroy your relationships and your whole life

No. 81806

It's not a problem in itself, but Jill has been toting it constantly since she was diagnosed and seems to be basing her entire personality around it, as if it's a quirky trait that makes her special rather than a mental disorder.

No. 81830

maybe jill should get some professional help and stop using it as an excuse to do shitty things then
she got the diagnosis and chose to stop getting help, therws literally nothing stopping her

No. 81857

Call me crazy but the colour scheme of the soft pastel gingham and the horrendous yellow and green is ugly as sin. I think her mock up's fit is definitely weird but not totally disastrous, but it seems like she really has not the clearest idea of how to fit patterns to herself?

No. 81859

Learn to sage your shit, newfriend.

Also, not only does Jill not have BPD, ever since she got that diagnosed from one doctor that she soon quickly dropped, she now uses it as an excuse for everything in her whole life, lies about symptoms, and refuses to get any sort of treatment other than taking the same medications she's been on for the better part of a decade.

No. 81861

to show how ~crafty and kitch~ she is

No. 81871

Jill has big beard energy here.

No. 81882

No. 81885

saged for nitpick and a bit of a rant but like….
Ohhh jesus some of her outfits are bad and all but this is just horrendous….. The godawful jacket is back and it looks so bad on her silhouette, not to mention the yellow eyeshadow when the color scheme of the outfit seems to be pink and green yet she decided to put the yellow in with the mismatched lipstick. The lipstick is tooo dark when matched with the jacket, I can see how she pulled the pink from the shirt but if she was going for that color combination then she should have switched the jacket for one that fits the color scheme. (not to mention that the jacket with the bows just makes her look even more chunky than she already is due to how it really broadens the look of her shoulders which are broad to begin with so she doesn't need a broadening shape added onto that) Like I understand her whole pastel five color color scheme she does but I feel like there needs to be a cohesive main two-three colors with each outfit for these styles to even mildly look alright. Granted I can't see her bottoms or her shoes so that may make a difference if this was an outfit she wore to school and then just decided to film in but if this outfit was only put together for the youtube video then Ah jee…. Jillian I know you lurk so if you're putting together outfits like this purley for youtube PLEASE make them cohesive because this rainbow vomit shit is NOT going for you right now- also please the bangs are so stringy and gross, the side sweep helps but the colors need to be redyed ohhh boy

No. 81886

File: 1581267195414.png (265.95 KB, 514x478, Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 10.5…)

her eyebrows look especially gross here too

No. 81892

Y’all the ones who told her that her eyeliner looks good like this and now she’s taking it too far. I know we say this is a new low every video……….but this is a new low

No. 81893

I am surprised that with her new eco warrior woke stance she doesn’t make a point of being cruelty free, I also wonder why she hasn’t dabbled with vegetarianism when a bunch of kawaii youtubers have made a point of it like princess peachie and her UK friends because eating meat isn’t kawaii uwu she could still eat her pizza and garlic fingies but I guess kicking the tendies would be too hard

No. 81896

The jar dispenser she got thrifted is very gross, those things grow mold very easily especially if you put sugary drinks in them and I highly doubt that she deep cleans it. Also was hoping that the mental health update was her going back to therapy and not some app that's basically a diary.

No. 81898

Her eyebrows gotta stop being so arched they make her face look more like a bubble

No. 81907

File: 1581278584065.jpeg (455.28 KB, 828x883, 3AB0D4DF-DCD5-4210-ABD5-8FBD50…)

Imagine almost being 22 and having to cushion the blow of criticism against the little girls cartoon you centre your life around by yelling at the tv like a literal toddler. This is by far the most pathetic Jill has openly admitted to

No. 81911

Did she feel especially irritating in this video to anyone else? I don’t really understand why she had to go and order new things rather than, I don’t know, just make coffee from instant? And that music video clip make me cringe so hard I hurt my teeth clenching them together, BDPfaggotry aside it sounded like shit

No. 81912

Imagine caring what some grown man's opinion is on a cartoon for little girls to begin with.

No. 81934

This is so sad, even with the weird face you can see in this pic that Jill very well could be cute if she just groomed a bit better. If she already bleaches her eyebrows to color them like this with eyeshadow, why not just commit to it and dye them all pink or something? She’d look much better

No. 81999

Oh yeah, same. What really got me was her offhandedly admitting she was about to buy an entirely new coffee maker but didn't have the means
Like wow, that's incredibly wasteful, you fake activist

No. 82014

I'm sorry but is she seriously stretching her own ears at home instead of going to a professional?? It's hard to tell her and Shay apart now because they're both fat and retarded, but isnt that how you get blow outs? it seems like the dumbest thing to do yourself.

Also, she couldnt even go 5 mins without mentioning her mental health uwu

No. 82015

You don't need to go to a professional to stretch your ears nonnie.

No. 82017

You get blowouts when going too fast - has nothing to do with doing it at home orat a studio. In fact most people do it at home

No. 82597

File: 1581720161912.jpeg (560.25 KB, 1242x1833, C2927C7A-43E0-4E77-BDE6-34CCA7…)

Found in her tags, it’s her college’s annual fashion show’s Instagram.

No. 82600

if that's one of the student's of the fashion program no wonder Jill got accepted lol she fits right in

No. 82608

That's the girl who made that monstrosity Jill was modeling at last year's fashion show.

No. 82612

She's been a fan of Jill's for a long time. She was at that picnic Jill was supposed to host and was hungover for where she met Jenny and Wendy.

No. 82634

Of course Jill has to hamfist her interests into her relationship and force it into her partner

No. 82635

File: 1581754701313.jpeg (617.81 KB, 828x941, 158DD7BE-5019-460E-909D-21F42B…)

Dropped image

No. 82638

For a show she didn’t even like herself, anyone know how expensive the rings are? I haven't seen these before I have only seen the engagement rings they made and those are $$$

No. 82640

It might be a personal thing but it really pisses me off seeing people gift selfishly like that, it’s not giving someone you supposedly care about something they like that makes them happy it’s all about you, it’s pictures you can take and show off on social media, I would be hurt if I was him

No. 82642

They're from the OST collab from last year. I think they were about $30 each iirc.

No. 82643

$30 when they were released or like now/what in the ebay hell? I think that makes a huge difference. Is this supposed to be a flex instead of a wildly insensitive gift? If not I hope they have the best vday slow dancing around her house of anime toys and rainbow rooms and funko pops.

No. 82644

I mean one of the rings is for her so it’s a flex and an excuse to buy herself something she wants, she spent as much on herself as she did on him

No. 82645

Checking it on eBay, they're listed for $48. Not a huge increase.

No. 82646

Lmao during their V-Day video last year they were talking about their interests and it was pretty clear that magical girl stuff was something Steve just seemed to tolerate/watch for Jill's sake and that he's actually into Marvel/comic stuff.
But of course, not a chance in hell that she'd get something which reflects his hobbies and interests because it wouldn't fit her aesthetic.

No. 82652

No. 82654

When Steve was talking about his friend that he "played games with" it just sounded so gay omfg.

No. 82655

Is Steve baked as hell or has she lobotomised him

No. 82656

what was that fucking laugh at 47 seconds in

No. 82657

That thumbnail though lmao he’s being held hostage in her tendie dungeon. Is it really worth the free rent if he has to cater to Jill in her rainby hambeast era?

No. 82658

She calls him neurotypical at one point when she is rambling about her BPD but he is so apathetic, count how many times he says “I don’t care”, sleeps all day, doesn’t go out but misses it, not to armchair but that sounds like depression man

No. 82662

The way she talked about her BPD in this video was really odd, she claims that it only effects her romantic relationships and she never hurts other people she hurts herself uwu and has panic attacks primarily, I’m not a psych but doesn’t it affect all your relationships

No. 82663

self-harm and panic attacks are going to hurt any of her relationships. is she fucking dumb?

No. 82665

File: 1581785718594.jpg (49.25 KB, 692x633, pix.JPG)

No. 82669

She probably means she doesn't intentionally hurt others but is ignorant to how it effects others around her, regardless of intent. Jill doesn't seem to be the type that'd admit something like that

No. 82671

File: 1581787808217.jpg (78.65 KB, 692x633, pix.JPG)

No. 82674

Does Steve even own any non Jill approved clothing anymore? Like watching this then flipping to the first video he is introduced in is actually scary. The difference in how washed out…or ‘Pixified’ he has become is scary.

No. 82677

When I first saw the post i thought those were rings Steve got her. Why the fuck did she get such dainty rings for her boyfriend that shows no interest in being feminine?

The poor Steve looks so down in this video, i hope he finds that putting up with Jill is not worth the free rent, moves away and gets nice boyfriend.

Also kek at Jill's uncomfortable laugh when Steve mentions breaking up. You know for sure they probably had that conversation before.

No. 82679

is that Jill's idea of promise rings? Kek

No. 82680

Yeah, I have trouble believing that her BPD doesn't effect her other relationships considering how quickly she makes and then drops new friends.

No. 82681

Did you catch the shady moment when they were talking about people being bad to them because of her “fame” and she mentioned former friends

No. 82686

she does it to all her man pets

No. 82693

Totally looks like he doesn't believe her BPD is legitimate…

No. 82699

Oh yeah, when they're asked if being a public figure affects their relationship, and Jill says not at all online, but people in their personal life have tried to "meddle". It's about 19-20 minutes in. Curious to know what she meant by that. Wasn't Steve dating Maggie before? I always wondered if that was awkward for them, and it seems like Maggie and Jill never talk anymore.

No. 82706

I also wonder what Jill considers meddling. She probably considers advice that isn't just "eat chicken tendies and watch Precure until your problems go away" to be meddling.

No. 82719

In the video Jill makes a comment about how people think that Jill has made Steve all rainbowfied and Steven apathetically says “no no I don’t care it’s fine” but it really doesn’t sound convincing and more like he’s just brushing it off

No. 82747

Sage for massive amounts of tinfoil here but anytime Jill describes her ‘~BPD~’ symptoms she just sounds more and more like an autismo.
does Steve looks slightly thinner in this video or is it just the hat contributing to the cancer survivor aesthetic? He seems so tired of Jill and this video on really serves to highlight their differences

No. 82748

I honestly feel like no matter what they say, things aren't good between them. Because he's on her channel, in her house, what else is he going to do but brush off the hard questions? I caught on to how weird it was for them to talk about his sleeping problems but be so quick to call him neurotypical. And the "honestly I dont think about it for a few weeks" line when he was talking about her panic attacks…now that isn't healthy either. Break-up impending before the end of 2020, but it -will- take him a while if he's compartmentalizing like this.

No. 82750

The thing about sleeping often doesn't seem normal and the way Jillian talks about it makes her seem more annoyed by it because then she can't get him to do editing for her videos or whatever she needs him for…which is also rich considering how she would talk about sleeping often when she didn't have a schedule to adhere to like she does now with school

No. 82765

File: 1581815316697.jpg (200.17 KB, 1080x674, 20200215_210712.jpg)

Trying to excuse her shitty treatment of her friends with "but muh bpd"

No. 82767

This is literally the opposite of BPD. People with BPD always think that their friends/family/partners don't like them, and it's why they push boundaries and test relationships to try to figure out if the person truly does like them, which in turn tends to make the other person upset or distant, which convinces the person with BPD they were right in the first person, which then justifies this behaviour in the future.

No. 82777

This sounds more like autism/aspergers than bpd. I was under the impression that bpd is more of a behavior issue than understanding social cues and other peoples' behaviors.

No. 82782

Is this bitch for real? She really thinks she is a perfect little baby who needs to be coddled bc 'my brain is dumb tee hee!!'
and yeah like >>82767 said, BPD is a fucking nightmare of being an emotional clingy piece of shit. I've found Jillian's muh BPD schtick amusing but now it's starting to piss me off. No, you don't get people to be patient with you by making a cute little tweet about needing your hand held socially. Do the hard work of confronting your shit instead of being oh so quirky for sympathy, you fucking idiot.

No. 82783

Literally lmao bpd is the polar opposite. Constantly sabotaging relationships due to paranoia and being oversensitive is a core part of bpd. Deadass thought she was talking about autism because nooo way that's bpd. Unless she's gonna hop on the autism bandwagon like the rest of the confetti club lmao. Everyone who's annoying and unbearable and oblivious to it always fishes for an autism diagnosis so they can get a free pass.

No. 82813

If they break up, how much of her channel will you think she’ll purge? She mentions him almost every video now, and we know in the end he’s dumping her. Pretty soon she’s gonna start asking him to put a ring on it and want to plan her uwu kaweewee wedding. I give them 2 years max

No. 82822

She barely deleted any of the videos she did with her previous exes so it'll probably only be the instagram getting purged

No. 82886

When Collin broke up with her she purged all her YouTube vids, but when she jumped from Tristan to Collin she didn’t delete any of their videos. So it depends who breaks up with who

No. 82935


Steve lives in this pink magical girl plastic cage and puts up with it, yet when he tells Jill about Marvel she rolls her eyes. I am amazed.
Sometimes I wonder if she uses the BPD excuse on him as well to make sure he doesn‘t run on her.

No. 82936

So she doesn't have BPD. I think she's a narc if anything, but being a spoiled asshole isn't in the DSM.

No. 82937

this is an autism thing, not a BPD thing

No. 82964

totally agree, ive been diagnosed with bpd and hospitalized in the past and what she describes has nothing to do with the actual symptoms. Id like to comment about that under one of her videos but i already know shed delete my comment or say something like UwU not all of us experience the same things!!~

also poor steve he looks completely brainwashed and very uncomfortable

No. 83007


I simply do not believe that Steve is a heterosexual man. I'm sorry.

No. 83015

He's mentioned that he's bi before so you're right, he isn't straight.

No. 83026

She deletes comments suggesting she should get tested for autism, I don’t see what her problem is

No. 83031


autism ain't kawewew enough and she would be down to the same level as the mental confetti club members.

No. 83040

My gaydar is going into full red alert. There's no way he is bi. he is full on gay.

No. 83046

literally. idk how anyone believes he isn't gay. bi guys just act like straight guys. and straight guys into the type tattooed kawaii alt girl jill is are always fat tattooed neckbeards. steve's gay but he likely has family who would disapprove and also why would he come out as gay when he can get attention and clout from being female e-celeb boy toys who get to mooch off their money lol.

No. 83054

Nah, he's just Canadian.

No. 83075

File: 1581977925301.png (256.13 KB, 540x303, 55455445.png)

he is completely gay. his ex and jill are proof that they're just beards because they're both nasty ugly greaseballs.
im pretty colin was also gay as fuck as well but who knows. i wouldnt be surprised that he trooned out since he was nb when he was with jill.

No. 83078

Face it Jill attracts nothing but gay boys kek nothing attractive or cute about that fat anal wart. She's just gross and attention starved with a low IQ. Poor Steve is a fag. Face it.

No. 83179

Lmao that why they probably have opposite schedules. He sleeps when she’s at home and is awake when she’s in school

No. 83217

She has a ridiculous clown laugh throughout this entire video. Is this her real laugh and I've never noticed? Or is she just trying on a new weird personality?

No. 83681

hewwo confeeffi flub it is anon. here is your last patreon stream summary

- admits to having trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder) when stressed
- now has matching ear plugs (shown in last favs video), but one ear lobe is infected
- someone asked how her plants are and she admits that so many of them have died but is going to try again in the spring to be a better plant mom
- discussing doing asmr videos for her severely abandoned asmr channel with mindful meditation
- has not had time to practice witchcraft because school
- wants to be a kitchen witch but sucks at cooking
- having a combined birthday party with steve that’s fish/Pisces themed
- talked about her D&D character again, who likes to flirt with everyone. Also shows rainbow dice she uses
- some confetti club members went to japan and asked pixie if she wanted anything and they got her the sanrio/precure collection and she wants to do a video of her redoing her ita bag with it (they paid for it all)
- talks about how she loves her college with 10 classmates and her teacher knows she has bpd and that she’s happy she isn’t going to any other college because she’s getting the same education as higher class colleges like bunka
- ”a huge part about how good you feel about your body is how your clothes fit”
- excited forever 21 is closing in certain areas because fast fashion

Rambles and rambles about how busy she is with school and also how far behind she is on her school work

No. 83682

>one ear lobe is infected

>someone asked how her plants are and she admits that so many of them have died

I called it. Can't wait for the uwu cheeky garden center haul!

No. 83689

> she isn’t going to any other college because she’s getting the same education as higher class colleges like bunka

Essentially all colleges whether low tier or high tier will learn the same things the difference is that bunka is more accelerated. So its not exactly the same especially considering its seems like bunka students learn how to sew their first year.

No. 83716

She's more than halfway through her 3 years there, almost done her first year specifically of the fashion design program, and all they've done is one mock-up. Thinking her school is anywhere near Bunka level or literally any other school that actually focuses on fashion and not just teaches arts and crafts is insane. She needs a reality check.

No. 83734

The most kekworthy thing about her believing her college is on bunka level, is that her arts and craft college is not even accredited as a proper college/university. Of course Jill likes her little hugbox college that moves at a snails pace (something the fashion industry does not move at) that coddles her whenever she decides to blow off her school trip because she’s dwpwessed or mummy invites her on a girls trip away during school

No. 83743

Jesus I knew she wouldn’t be able to keep up with a couple house plants, she really can’t do anything. Can’t cook, nor clean, not even keep a small plant healthy. Imagine being this much of a spoiled mess.

> ”a huge part about how good you feel about your body is how your clothes fit”

…….her clothes never fit though. Everything is always too tight or too loose cause girl is shaped like Pillsbury biscuits that haven’t been baked. All she ever does is edits herself or get her mommy to take sexxxiiii angles of her lmao

No. 83762

Does she not understand she needs to actually practice making wearable clothes? It's a skill that you don't just learn from the teacher once and know how to do it. She is not being challenged at this school the same way she would be at even at a top-tier school.

No. 83776

>Jesus I knew she wouldn’t be able to keep up with a couple house plants
Let's be real, she probably forgot the damn plants as soon as she watched another Jenna Marbles video after her plant one

No. 83836

>she’s happy she isn’t going to any other college because she’s getting the same education as higher class colleges like bunka

Oh girl, no. this aint it. She really thinks her sad college that hands out participation trophies is like bunka?

No. 83866

She thinks she is tired, if you watch any of Mikan’s content (regardless of what you think of her otherwise) she works damn hard, the hours spent at school seem really intense then they have homework on top of that, pays off though because she started the course with no experience and she has far surpassed Jill

No. 83875

I agree, it's really cool to see how much Mikan has improved and how much time she spends on her school work whereas Jill seems way more concerned with pretending to be a ~teehee lil creative designer bean uwu~ on social media.

Has Jill ever posted finished/worn pics of that skirt she made for school before? Feel like it was just kinda swept under the rug kek.

No. 83878


It always feels like Jill is working on the same piece of cloth for at least a year. She shows something for months but you never see the finished product but omg look at the pink shelves and glitter scissors, so much fashion!!1

No. 83884

Her sense of style is better too and it seems like her classmates have a diverse style too that she is exposed to and is open to trying other styles, just staying within her rigid idea of what she wants and likes really stops Jill from growing and developing as a designer

No. 83888

Absolutely. She'll never grow if she doesn't experiment. They had one assignment where they had to work with muslin and weren't allowed to use color or embellishments but she threw a fit so that she could put color on it.

No. 83914

Yeah she is way too dependent on color Rather than actual design. I mean kudos to her for arm twisting her teacher into letting her do what she wants. But that won't show actual growth.

No. 83935

No. 83939

That's not even a princess seam. Did no one at her school correct her on that terminology?

Also, is it just me who thinks it'd be unprofessional to turn in a design packet which shows the pants having a stripe down the sides, includes a swatch of that fabric, and then the final pants don't, even though the project due date was extended multiple days?

No. 83941

File: 1582416576764.jpeg (151.52 KB, 1242x676, A1D4AE96-7A00-46BE-9A6A-904555…)

It looks like she’s wearing one of those rings she “got for Steve” . What a selfish wench.

No. 83944

jill those pink platform shoes look so bad please throw them away :(

No. 83945

>Condom pocket


No. 83948

I’m no fashion student or design student, but the fact that these are COLLEGE STUDENTS who were given an entire week extension because they can’t manage their time or take accountability is bafflingly. Fashion is a fast moving industry, I understand shit comes up and one or two students might need an extension because of personal issue. They’ve been working on this for weeks with a set deadline and none of them were ready, they’re not being set up for success

No. 83950

Ngl, I thought those were eggs in the pockets. kek.

No. 83954

File: 1582422827744.png (2.46 MB, 1334x750, 4A495727-F197-4269-A9CB-625FD6…)

great…showing off her dirty shoes and dirty floor..

No. 83959

File: 1582424695864.jpg (144.98 KB, 886x1076, IMG_20200222_191947~2.jpg)

I was going to zoom in on the fact that the egg flower doesn't lay flat but her posture here makes her look like Quasimodo.

No. 83961

Tbh these aren't that bad. They are way better than the garments she sewed previously.
Although I thought they were gonna be flare type bell bottoms. But look more straight leg.

Also if i heard jill right, she implied they make 1 or 2 garments a semester??? Whereas in bunka they made twice that many within just a few months

No. 83978

She needs to retire those shoes already jfc. Also this stupid awts and cwafts pipe dream needs to die already. There is nothing remarkable about her designs and the construction is novice level. The amount of time she takes to complete simple articles of clothing is ridiculous and would never fly in the real fashion industry. I can't wait until she finally gets a rude awakening that she won't be an UwU fashun designer.

No. 83987

Doesn't this school have a library on pants fitting? I know there are books detailing "crotch sag", "crinkle butt" and how to alter your pattern to fix them (sorry for the made up technical terms but). Her pants look unflattering.
Def glad her teacher recommended a pink twill and not gingham for the pants.

No. 83995

I was thinking the fabric was her absolute worst decision.

I agree about the crotch fit and dooky diaper sag in the back. The design showed dramatic flairs and that just didn't translate with that thin fabric. It definitely screamed "I made these myself and I have no idea what I'm doing". Like an absolute novice that's just discovered a sewing machine and not a person who should pretend they're interested in this.

Why has she not done this before? She just decided this was right because she altered skirts when she was a teen? She's acting like she's never made anything ever and making clothes is a big issue and she hates it because it's hard. So why act like this is your calling?

She couldn't be bothered to finish the seams on the inside of the closure and making very simple pants out of shit fabric took her nearly a month. This just looks bad all around.

No. 83996

File: 1582440940808.png (834.28 KB, 1420x689, 20200223_015147.png)

Samefag but I can't be the only one that saw this. This was after she was done and showing off her craftsmanship.

No. 83997

I think she wanted bell bottoms but bc Jill's thighs are so wide the sizing evened out. The high waist looks really awkward with her fupa…

No. 83998

You would never get a flare with that thin fabric she used. It just falls because it isn't thick enough to hold a shape.

She based the initial outline on her own measurements so I'm sure she intended for it to be a flare but it just looked flat.

No. 83999

Most women sewing at home for themselves, on a 1 stitch machine, without an ounce of formal training, used to be able to create something better than this.

No. 84002

I have never been so triggered by one of Jill’s videos. Not only did she let her cats into her sewing room where there could be misplaced pins on the floor but she lets them lie on her work and play around her machines. Then she shows off the unfinished seams inside her garment after having had a week to complete it. Topped off by those filthy boots that are falling apart. As well as the fact that she is incompetent at sewing and designing… Good Lord

No. 84004

>She's acting like she's never made anything ever

She hasn't, really. She's made three or four cosplays, her prom dress, that green dress she never wore, a square top with pompoms glued on it (again never worn), an elasticated waistband skirt, that fluffy skirt that she wore for 6%, and then the skirt from last semester. I think that's literally everything she's ever made.

Yeah, she painted on denim jackets and altered some t-shirts when she was an edgy teen, but she has absolutely no foundation for someone who wants to be in ~fashun~. She's almost 22, and you can count the number of items she's made in her lifetime on your hands.

No. 84014

the button also isn’t centred - it’s especially obvious when she’s wearing them

No. 84024

The slits really just show off how cheap and crappy the fabric is and the unfinished, un-lined inside

She got an extension yet she changed her fabric to be easier, didn’t line them green like she showed in the first time, omitted the seam details and the extra flowers and still the finish was crappy, she always talks big about everything she does but in the end she is always lazy, last minute and sloppy

No. 84031

Yikes. They clearly don't fit her at all and yet the last chunk of the video was some cringey "modeling" moment that went on for way too long.

She has no idea how to dress her body type. Just because oversized things are trendy doesn't mean that poorly fit, bright pink wide leg pants are going to look good on you, Jillian. Not only was the material too thin to hold that shape as the others pointed out, you generally need seams to like…actually create shapes? What is she actually learning in class? Did she really just admit to crying in public because installing a zipper is hard?

And she obviously included the side slits because she can't exist without people knowing she has dumb tattoos. Honestly, at this rate is will take years before she can put together something actually functional and wearable.

No. 84034


>admits to having trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder) when stressed

Bitch what. I feel like this is another cry for attention. I can't wait for her to start bringing this up on her channel.

No. 84038

File: 1582472010998.jpeg (232.04 KB, 828x443, 3FAEB4A6-3A49-4C05-949F-68D3D7…)

Jill you like having an emotion regulation disorder because it’s something you can flaunt and fall back on instead of taking accountability. Jill isn’t really all that creative because as a previous anon mention, when given the opportunity to challenge herself by having no colour in her muslin mock up for the fashion show, she arm twisted the teacher into getting her way. One of my writing teachers once said, “you are most creative when you are most limited”. Jill has a very surface level version of creativity that is heavily tied to her personal interests. This won’t work in the industry or even with personal commission, because Jill will have a meltdown if she can’t have it her way

No. 84052

I agree about the fabric choice. She could've made this a learning experience and bought some good denim. I think what really upset me was the flowers. She could've sewn them on the front of the pockets or the back pockets? Why insert them inside the pocket?

She stayed within a beginner's comfort zone. Skirts are relatively easy to make if you've made them 50 times over but pants fitting with her tenure should've been easier. God, seeing that end "fanart" made me think "oh that's cute" but I don't think it wouldve made a good irl representation.

No. 84061

It's a cheeky pocket , anon. She's so gross

No. 84065

She looks dumpy as hell. Isn't kind of a problem that she doesn't seem to care about flattering silhouettes as a fashion designer? I'm sure every consumer doesn't mind looking like a fat stump as long as the piece is kawiwi.

No. 84067

If people cared about how their clothes look on them, the party kei community would never have existed.

No. 84091

Is this a fucking joke? Emotional regular disorder is hell, and takes a lot of hard work to fix; I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Jillians constant pandering to this uwu soft mentally ill bean~ image is getting beyond gross.

No. 84156

Would anyone here care to see these pants made properly? Or would that be cringey? Watching all the mistakes she made, especially considering she goes to school for this was mind boggling. I have the time & spare money and would love to remake these properly & throughly point out her mistakes if anyone’s interested. I am genuinely shocked at her inability to sew something as simple as a pair of pants, which can be easily learned even just through 15 mins on YouTube.

No. 84158

I personally wouldn't mind. Im binging a lot of diy videos at the moment (which is also why I didn't find jills vid all that bad) and I nees more to watch.

No. 84160

That would be awesome. I am tailor by trade and I cannot tell you how much stress it caused me to watch Jill ruin those pants with such poor craftsmanship. I draft suits for a living so you can imagine how badly I wanted to see her correctly fit those pants. A middle school child would have been better at assembling the pants.(cool story fag, no1curr)

No. 84172

File: 1582554433864.png (321.51 KB, 620x789, Patreon Newsletter January 202…)

No. 84176

people who actually have BPD elf harm and attempt suicide really often, its kind of part of the diagnosis critia
not to mention how manipulative and abusive it can make people who suffer with it untreated can get
how could you ever be greatful for that shit?

No. 84185

The only thing from my memory that she did correctly was when she ironed over her pocket. Her waistband I genuinely have no clue how she managed to make so flimsy, and her (plastic) zipper is showing, so she fucked up her fly I don’t understand how? I’m self taught and just through a YouTube video I learned how to properly sew a fly after about 2 tries. She also installed it last which? Is incorrect as far as I know. Process usually goes pocket > fly > inner leg > outer leg > waistband does it not? Ontop of the horrible flower insert, and the slits in the leg which had I not seen the sketch I assumed beforehand was her making slits because she couldn’t fit her leg in the pants. Even watching the video you can see the raw edges she left as was already pointed out, and she didn’t even sew her fly all the way up to the waistband. Ontop of all that too I don’t think she ever showed that she basted the top + pockets before attaching her waistband either. She also consistently pinned incorrectly from what I could make out the entire video and kept switching between vertical and horizontal pinning. Stunning. The belt loops look weird to me too, but I can’t quite put my finger on why.

No. 84194

>D&D, a fantasy game by default
>puts character in blue jeans

No. 84198

>"D&D has been a lovely little escape from reality!"
>gives character a mental illness

No. 84201

>makes character that is literally a self insert but thin

Nice escape from reality there.

No. 84206

Would it really be so hard to sweep the floor before plunking a camera down?

No. 84209

jilly bean doesn't have time to sweep between all the sewing and constant self-care breaks.

No. 84210

Ok I'm no fashion expert and have no knowledge about designing/making clothes but those pants look terrible. They don't fit her at all and do nothing for her figure.
For someone who's into ~fashion~ she is awful in dressing herself.

No. 84229

lmao this newsletter patreon tier is turning into more of a joke each time, the summary of an entire month is seriously just
>busy with school & started playing DnD
I feel like any granny at the retirement home would be able to write a more exciting newsletter

No. 84239

People are paying 10 bucks a month to essentially see a Facebook post

No. 84298

the way her cat was on her work table @ the beginning, being so close to her iron…. even if its off/cold, he could definitely get close while shes away. then on the other hand, she should of used that iron more with those wrinkly ass pants lollll

No. 84313

I pay for the luls

No. 84330

Unbelievable she will finish her education next school year? Seems like she learned nothing yet

No. 84458

File: 1582761314587.jpeg (205.58 KB, 750x794, A6C3AA92-BC89-403F-B56C-3D919B…)

Why does she keep going on about this

No. 84465

Jill isn’t going to actually manage her mental health. Being diagnosed as a punk teen did not help her manage her mental health. Jill just gets her dx, flaunts it everywhere to look like she’s ~uwu quirky and innocent uwu~, so everyone can cuddle her in her hug box. Being dx-ed means understanding yourself, being constantly focused on what is best for you, and your support group leading you for those hard decisions. Jill tries to make herself look good but she doesn’t do shit. Always.

No. 84469

I don't mean this in a shitty armchair psychologist way but if this video is anything to go off no fucking way is Steve 'neurotypical'.
She really lacks the self awareness to see she's being selfish and only thinking of herself when she says shit like that.

No. 84476

no one who's willingly with jill is going to be "neurotypical" tbqh.

No. 84495

So someone who doesn’t get treatment or specific meds for her condition she totally super has is going to give advice to others? The blind leading the blind with a huge helping of denial about how she treats others which actively makes her worse, sounds great.

No. 84501

File: 1582803560015.jpg (52.91 KB, 960x752, B2Rx7IRCMAAG5lW.jpg)

She's fucking awful at pretending to have BPD kek. Has she ever met anyone who actually suffers from it?
Untreated BPD is a shitty disorder that can fuck up your life and ruin relationships, not to mention it often goes hand in hand with other mental disorders/addictions/self destructive behaviour.
It's not a disorder where you just think real hard about how to be more mindful uwu and then it's suddenly fixed & you get all the benefits of being ~ultra happy and passionate~.

Sorry, I know I'm preaching to the choir here but it just makes my blood boil whenever she talks about it lately.

No. 84513

'resetting yor brain' doesnt excuse all the abusive asshole shit youve done throughout your whole life jill
youve still hurt your friends and been a bully, uwu mwentally ill doesnt make that okay

No. 84544

The denial is so damaging because to learn and do better we have to accept being wrong sometimes to not repeat mistakes, that’s really how therapy targeted at bpd would help her, it’s damn hard but if she isn’t willing to put the work in she will never learn and she will just get worse, she lives in a small community, how many bridges can she burn before she has no one left and has really ruined her life

No. 84550

this whole ass post sounds so forced, nobody really cares anymore

No. 84553

No. 84558

Girl who looks like she dresses in the dark, doesn’t wash enough and can’t sew a garment for crap thinks she is qualified to comment on the work of professional stylists and designers. She is wearing a hideous grandma shirt that she says she can’t button up because her neck is too fat but sure go off sis

No. 84559

It's the Precure review all over again - never uses any terms or knowledge just calls everything cute and says if she'd wear it or not

No. 84561

“Fashion student reviews” uses no terms, no technical knowledge, no historical comparison, anything! Anyone off the street could have given the same review.

No. 84562

its fucking ridiculous, shes so fucking out of touch with the outside world this is the worst thing she could freaking talk about. its one thing to be a bro dude doing it for the lulz its another when shes trying to come off as intelligent in a certain field, this one being fashion. she can't even pronounce fashion houses correctly.
GHEE-VANCHY made me cringe so hard. isn't she supposed to be bilingual? its a french fashion house for gods sake

No. 84563


She actually has the gall to say one of the looks has a "fitting issue", top kek

No. 84564

"I'm a fashion student i have knowledge for this type of content now uwu!!!!!11"
> doesn't know like 90% of the celebrities she's reacting to
> can't pronounce a goddamn thing
> zero actual fashion designer terms or big girl words
>no actual interesting insight whatsoever
> somehow manages to make it about her and whether she'd wear something or not
>opinions are extremely predictable of COURSE she loves the quirky peter pan collar and the pepto bismol pink/ bright shiny turquoise gowns
> the oscars were like three weeks ago so this video is hilariously late/ irrelevant by now

sick video jill. i'm so mad that i wasted my time even having this shit on in the background i want my brain cells back

No. 84565

File: 1582834798081.jpg (391.59 KB, 2896x2896, 20200227_151859.jpg)

Did she photoshopped her teeth? Theres a clear line.

No. 84566

okay so she could have photoshopped her teeth because of how harsh but it could be that she uses the crest whitening teeth strips because I've used them and they tend to leave a line. My best bet is that- if she didn't photoshop them- she has the whitening strips line and you know how many filters jil uses on every photo so I think maybe on bringing up either contrast or saturation could be intensifying it.

No. 84567

It isn't a lite though

She has such a shitty taste, Jesus, imagine thinking that what's wrong with Greta's dress is the color and not how weirdly it fits in her body. Jill is too nice (or rather a coward) for this kind of content, she makes no real criticisms and whenever she gets close to making one she backs down.

No. 84568

Dentist here. Whitening wouldn't leave a line that stark. It's either Photoshop or a shadow

No. 84571

Her complaining about someone else’s choice of colour in a video that is physically hard to look at because of the colours and saturation, top kek

No. 84585

Yikes this video really just proves that her channel is going nowhere.
The reason she got a following in the first place was mostly J-fashion related hauls, I think her main audience were young weebs who weren't able to afford all the tacky clothes + Japan trips she got so they lived through her vicariously.
Most people really don't give a shit about her sewing or ear stretching or anime reviews, now that she's supposedly done with fast fashion and only ever dresses like an ugly grandma clown anymore her views have really gone downhill.

No. 84586

looks more like a face filter that makes your lips pinker nor being aligned on her mouth. There's also a weird pink line on her bottom row of teeth

No. 84609

imo she peaked when she was doing lolita-related content back in the day when she just started catering to said young weebs but I must agree, she really is getting boring (while simultaneously being painfully over the top with everything she posts)

No. 84618

The "jokes" in the editing are so annoying

No. 84622

She needs to do herself a favour and watch some educated fashion critics videos before continuing this series (e.g. HauteLeMode). I feel like she hardly discussed the garments and shared no real opinions or constructive critisism (because boy were some of the garments atrocious), She only gushed over how great(??) they all looked and all her observations where really surface level. Overall it's disapointing to see how uneducated she is on fashion terminology, design, history and culture. I'd expect this kind of video from a youtuber who isnt pursing a career in fashion, not a literal fashion student.

No. 84627

The audience that is left to watch her are the munchies and landwhales that have no chance of being able to wear anything Jill buys since all her fast fashion shit is so expensive. And now she doesn’t even have her hauls cause she decided to become completely eco friendly for internet points.

No. 84648

>she hardly discussed the garments and shared no real opinions or constructive critisism
She's trying way too hard to be pc. If her school has any peer assessments, I bet she's too much of a coward to give any real criticism because she's afraid that people get mad at her, and when others give criticism to her she gets butthurt if they don't kiss her ass. If that's the case then no wonder she's not going anywhere with anything she does, constructive criticism is a MUST.

No. 84652

You do realize that Jill fancies herself as a so called "fashion design student" when she's technically just a glorified Holly hobby homecrafter. Kek There are enough anons here with backgrounds in actual fashion design to call out Jill for being a superficial hack with zero knowledge of silhouettes, cut and fit, textiles, drape and fashion history as a whole. Her narrative is based off her mediocre, unimaginative kaweewee regurgitated perspective. No purveyor of taste. I was cringing from the inside watching this poser embarrass herself online.

No. 84655

i usually don't mind her videos too much but this one i couldn't even finish. it was just fucking retarded

No. 84660

I agree with you anon but unfortunately steebie needs a reason to be on the payroll. If he’s not editing reddit tier sound bites then pixie’s just paying him to sit around and pretend to not be phased by her panic attacks and manic episodes

No. 84665


>I won't bring up the V-Word

Not saying vagina because it would hurt the fee fee's of the agender-transexual genderqueer confetti cult members lmao

I also skimmed through the video and I always endend up in moments when she repeated words like broken record what the hell?

No. 84666

People used to say to save Colin but at least Colin had energy and a life outside of Jill. Steve just seems depressed and catatonic, suffering from the Stockholm syndrome of Peeps tea and pastel striped walls.

No. 84675

I feel like she probably had the same plans for Colin, aka him becoming her full time YT sidekick/editor, them living together in a pastel dungeon and posing together as the bi quirky power couple thing she's doing with Steve now.
I'm glad he managed to get away from that and focus on his own life instead of just becoming a side character in Jill's.

No. 84677

That destroyed pink couch she uses sometimes for filming was bought with Colin for the home they planned on getting together if I remember correctly, Colin escaped just in time

No. 84687

i'd rather she say that than "vaggie-yay-yay" or something.

No. 84691

There is definitely a screen cap in the early threads about how Jill BLAMED Colin that since he broke up with her she couldn’t move out and therefore start college which is quite honestly very retarded. However the timeline doesn’t exactly line up because she hadn’t applied to anywhere and only got her acceptance letter to her arts and crafts college aroundOctober of 2017 to start in Fall of 2018. Also it makes sense that she was just trying to villanise Colin, because if that was the case then she would have to cancel her application entirely probably a month before college started

No. 84848

File: 1583036818017.jpg (81.54 KB, 750x726, 2ca2f855-ddfd-4911-9b83-198817…)

This is what Pixie's kitchen should look like

No. 84849

File: 1583036841246.jpg (73.6 KB, 750x730, f1270a9f-7bd4-48aa-a062-7ec14c…)


No. 84850


No. 84867


This isn't the Jill HGTV. And honestly even that kitchen is a headache and would not age well.

No. 84869

No. 84879

god i try to watch her videos for something to make fun off but she is so fucking cringey i can't even do it

sage for non milk

No. 84959

File: 1583164276853.jpg (454.47 KB, 1080x1197, 20200302_114325.jpg)

Sage because not new milk but her uwu mentally ill bb shtick grosses me out

No. 85001

Jill, nobody cares.

No. 85040

dissociation is a trauma response from being abused, jill

No. 85101

File: 1583260676460.jpg (474 KB, 720x1154, 20200303_183655.jpg)

No. 85111

I often have to desperately try to not sperg out about modern witches but jill’s “alter” is one of the worst i’ve seen. I’d like her to explain exactly what ancient practice she’s trying to ‘#reclaim’ here

No. 85112

She’s appeasing the aesthetic gods anon lol

No. 85125

File: 1583281478143.jpg (538.48 KB, 1080x1136, 20200303_202023.jpg)

When doesn't this bitch treat herself? I think her trying to cut back on shopping is literally just her still shopping just as much as ever but not doing constant the haul vids anymore

No. 85127

nah you're right. i try not to sperg about spirituality on lolcow either but let's just say this shit is the DEFINITION of spiritual materialism.

No. 85132

>>85101 how does polly pocket relate to/be part of religion ?
unless materialism/capatalism counts

No. 85133

I do believe Jill is still shopping like she always does it’s just that she became sneaky to keep that eco friendly image and so her followers will still praise her

No. 85145

Proof of how truly stupid and attention starved Jill is. What kind horseshit attempt is this at witchcraft? That altar is an abomination to pagans. Kek. I'm a Catholic and even this made me pissed to think Jill has zero idea of what being a witch actually entails, but somehow she gets ass pats for her materialistic interpretation of the craft. Gross.

No. 85150

It's pretty funny that her pretending to be 'eco friendly' is only in regards to clothing anyway, guess she's too lazy to act like she's using her car less/going vegetarian or vegan/not buying Chinese kiddie toys every other week kek.

No. 85153

File: 1583332547991.jpeg (46.01 KB, 355x371, 0AF51C8A-BDA4-4465-A4BD-C5BC99…)

Not uncomfortable at all

No. 85155

File: 1583333686707.jpeg (569.29 KB, 1242x1634, BBD74A2B-BC99-4BC2-B99A-455038…)

I found Jill some new shoes!

No. 85158


KEK but still better than those used up pink Plateau shoes seen here >>83954

No. 85159

I can picture her wearing these unironically

No. 85160

she never ever mentioned dissociation before her uwu bpd diagnosis. she never described any like it either. when she attempted to describe dissociation before she do so very poorly and completely inaccurate.
is she really a mental illness munchie now?

No. 85186

No. 85189

File: 1583355863151.jpg (38.57 KB, 592x427, jill.JPG)

No. 85190

She looks pretty cute here actually, long hair & bangs out and a simple outfit/eye look are doing her many favors

No. 85198

>looks pretty cute
anon, all of her face is basically out of view.

No. 85200

You got the side that doesn’t have the visible extension tracks kek

Now she is making precure about her uwu mental illness and diagnosing characters, great

No. 85203

The air of moral superiority she's developed about the places she shops really irks me. Especially discounting all the good the Salvation Army has done for less fortunate people (including members of the LGBT community) bc of some admittedly bad things people from their organization have said/promoted in the past

No. 85204

Oh my fucking god of course she plays fucking d&d now, i haven't watched the video but I'm assuming that her whole style of gameplay has to be all uwu kawaii and that her characters are probably mary-sue as fuck, it reminds me of Kelly Eden trying to get attention by doing larp and it's fucking annoying

No. 85205

her character wears jeans and has rainbow hair, of course

No. 85209

Not only that but I'm sure it's easier to pick and choose where to buy overpriced pastel polyesters when you've got a legion of autistic rainby simps handing you free cash every month in exchange for a glorified e-postcard.

No. 85215

Applies to the whole video look but ok

No. 85236

The cringe husky sexy voice she put on and emphasising again how flirty her character is, I can’t think of anything less sexy or more awkward in a game than this Mary Sue ass just trying to show off the entire time like that

No. 85270

Her character is her rainby pisces mentally ill self insert. I can only hope her friends also went as OTT with their characters so she isn't distractingly attention-grabbing and annoying everyone else. Dnd is nice though, at least better than when she was drunkielocks and kept going out drinking to socialize.

No. 85271

File: 1583434628598.png (326.02 KB, 586x636, 20200305_145642.png)


No. 85285

What's frightening is how haggard she looks for someone who is 22 years old. She looks like an old, paunchy, greasy haired alcoholic aunt. Kek

No. 85291

no anon you don't have to have been abused to dissociate. where do you get this from

No. 85296

literally every website says dissociative disorders come from abuse, google it
its a trauma response
everything jill describes just sounds like symptoms of being autismo but she thinks she is so above that
saged for mental health bs

No. 85299

your reading comprehension must suck. that's dissociative DISORDERS, not every single case of dissociation, which anyone can have mildly. it's like how almost everyone experiences anxiety sometimes but not everyone has a full blown anxiety disorder or panic disorder.

No. 85300

the article jill linked about her uwu bpd dissociaton~ literally says its from being abused, she is saying she has a dissociative disorder retard

No. 85326

File: 1583481968348.png (315.33 KB, 1080x1354, Screenshot_20200306-010106~2.p…)

IDK why Jill is pushing this. She can't handle any criticism and I highly doubt that just because she likes Jack's content she'll suddenly become aware of how mediocre her videos are

No. 85330

Seeing her reply to someone with that display picture really makes me realize how smug she looks in it.

No. 85331

That’s hands down one of her WORST pictures and she’s using it for her brand, girl I can’t

No. 85344

she's literally insane for using that picture

No. 85345

File: 1583518125238.jpeg (Spoiler Image,121.92 KB, 612x785, 14632028-B396-4292-A453-B60616…)

the thing that gets to me about it is her mouth is twisted into such an odd grimace that her mouth is slightly open. She looks exceptional - more so than the usual base level that she always looks.
(spoilered because tall image)

No. 85346

File: 1583518746734.jpg (51.82 KB, 512x512, 32f28b162610d285f8f99d078af66e…)

It's absolutely awful. Even the horribly lit pictures and video caps that are usually put in the thread OPs look better than this photo. It highlights her worst features, ages her by 15 years, and her expression comes off as arrogant and unpleasant. She should really retake the photo or go back to using an old photo like pic related, though this one looks miles better because it was before her health tanked from moving out and not having her mother to cook for her.

No. 85365

she use to actually look pretty cute. interesting difference in just a few years

No. 85367

She doesn't look cute here imo. We ragged on her for how awful this stage was. She just constantly somehow gets worse, and we look back on these photos and think "I guess it wasn't all terrible" because we literally didn't know that her party kei nightmare could just get worse and worse.

No. 85372

Her past self always looks better by comparison with the exception of her freaky alien face shoops she did when she was really young.

No. 85375

she looks better here by default because she doesnt have the hideous tattoos

No. 85400

I always thought it looked like lip injections gone bad.

No. 85572

File: 1583814610614.jpeg (545.47 KB, 2225x1528, AFC996E8-020C-44EC-8C1C-D37A72…)

I’m aware this is a bit old, just found the thread but anyone else see this? I know bronies are a low hanging fruit but on top of the video being boring as fuck, her fans really are a bunch of autists like her. Can’t be 100% sure but I think the person that made that shit is 20 lol

No. 85573

File: 1583816726596.jpg (494.09 KB, 1431x2545, 20200310_010249.jpg)

Yeah Flustershy/Nursewitch, is 21 and into some…shit. People are gonna look her up and see shit like this on her feed. Thanks for the exposure Jill

No. 85574

Holy shit lmao is this guy in any other threads? Looks like he could have some good milk

No. 85575

you guys know there's a confetti cult thread right? go post that shit there instead of posting the milkless bs here. her autistic following has made way worse as far as fanart goes imo

No. 85577

>nurse witch
Sounds like it could overlap with the animecore thread. I'd say do some research and give it a try, sounds milky.

No. 85807

File: 1584047491462.jpg (533.5 KB, 1080x1380, 20200312_181103.jpg)

I hate this new smile thing she's been doing

No. 85825

I think its an attempt to look more mature.

No. 85828

File: 1584055256370.jpg (26.59 KB, 410x308, ce1.jpg)

she looks like joey wheeler god why does she think this is flattering

No. 85845

I just tried to make this face, and I can't imagine holding it long enough to take pictures. It's so unnatural feeling.

No. 85868

This is painful to look at on many levels.

No. 85880

File: 1584110311814.png (1.45 MB, 880x883, delete.png)

Sage for slightly being OT but holy shit someone copied one of jill's tattoo's and managed to make it even worse and someone let jill know about it. https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/status/1238420495000879104?s=20

No. 85881

If she wouldn't do that weird pucker with the gap in between her lips, this wouldn't look bad with a regular smile.
I think she's trying to make her lips look bigger.

No. 85882

File: 1584111261275.png (904.86 KB, 800x891, sewunique.png)

Oh no, someone copied her totally original idea of putting a cat in a heart?

No. 85887

Is it just me or do these all look like crap

No. 85894

It is just you

No. 85902

nta, but that was clearly copied, even if the idea itself isn’t original

No. 85904

First thing, both of those tats are meh.
Second, jills tat is clearly not an original design, she was inspired by something and someone else was inspired by her. Obviously. I don't see it as a crime.
Third, is jill really upset that someone "copied" her, jill has been copying aesthetics since her lolita days. I'm gonna need her to sit this one out.

No. 85905

File: 1584133864280.jpg (1.23 MB, 1920x2560, 20-03-14-07-10-27-572_deco.jpg)

This twitter exchange made me lol, she was so clearly being passive aggressive but this was "the gentlest response".
Like, yeah, the copy tattoo is shit, but it's not like Jill's was original in the slightest.
Sorry for shite collage.

No. 85906

Honestly i don’t dislike pixie and enjoy some of her vids but this exchange was pretty terrible. It’s like her true non kawaii personality almost came out

No. 85908

They're both being passive aggressive but yeah Jill is definitely not helping by being like "I was extremely not aggressive"

No. 85923

god I hope we don’t get a story time video about this. although considering she ran out of video ideas years ago we probably will

No. 85931

She was shouted out in JacksFilms new vid whrre he grades videoes.

Gave her an "A" for editing but couldn't grade her on her lame subject matter (favourites) bc he doesn't like that stuff

Said her open was forced tho kek

No. 85934

File: 1584143087327.jpg (499.09 KB, 1080x1484, 20200313_204032.jpg)

Her FB meltdown about it. Pic dump incoming

No. 85935

File: 1584143114447.jpg (71.73 KB, 1080x277, 20200313_204114.jpg)

No. 85936

File: 1584143223061.jpg (324.5 KB, 1080x1363, 20200313_204201.jpg)

No. 85937

File: 1584143342529.jpg (316.77 KB, 1019x1447, 20200313_204247.jpg)

No. 85938

You called it. >>85937

No. 85939

File: 1584143476167.jpg (696.79 KB, 1080x1746, 20200313_204303.jpg)

No. 85940

>"I might namelessly make a video about it"
>posts person's full name

No. 85941

File: 1584143567250.jpg (224.38 KB, 1080x709, 20200313_204053.jpg)

Last one. I think we're finally getting a taste of her true cattiness in this situation

No. 85944

Not to WK Jill but she has a right to be uncomfortable about it, say what you want about it not being original but the person posted her tattoo, even looking at the "copy" there's the colors and the little flower(?). It's clearly meant to imitate hers.
Will say what makes it funny is she usually tries to have a sunshiney "uwu positive vibes" attitude so this is a contrast.

No. 85945

Good job sharing their name Jill, now your cuntfetti cult is going to harass this girl. Like, you've got a whole clan of skin walkers but one girl getting an inspired tattoo is "rubbing you the wrong way".

No. 85948

is that a big self harm scar on the copy cat? regardless she should deal with this privately. she has made herself a public figure, this kind of thing comes with the territory.

No. 85954

Tattoo copying does suck, but it happens. If I were Jill I wouldn’t have reacted to it online. The copy is obviously much worse than Jill’s so she should’ve just laughed it off.

No. 85955

File: 1584146961616.png (1.72 MB, 1910x1061, Screenshot_20200313_204850_com…)

It's been a while since I've even been here but thought you guys might want this
God do I hate her and I don't know if I'll be able to watch jacksfilms again after this.. couldn't even make it through the whole video

No. 85956

Lets be honest, jill did this to be a bitch without being called out about it. She could have definitely handled this privately.

And yes, tbf, jill had every right to be upset. But but like the previous anon had stated, she is semi popular. People are gonna emulate her one way or another. It doesn't excuse it but still. Also Being that she has a good amount of followers she should have practiced restraint, and not bombast the young girl to her impressiinable followers. What jill did, in my opinion was manipulative.

No. 85957

lmao what an idiot. it's not like it's the same exact thing anyway. she's overreacting because someone has the walmart-tier version of her already shitty tattoo. all the tattoo spergs itt sound like scene kids slap-fighting about who invented StRiPeZ.

No. 85959

She is massively over reacting. That's not a copy. Or atleast not to the extent of her needing to freak out but you know anything for attention i guess… I have egirl friends who have there face on other people's bodies. No permission picture to tattoo exactly. And they couldn't give two shits about it… Jill has no reason to overreact when she has literal clones that copy everything from hair to obesity. Jesus christ

No. 85962


Come on, it's nearly an exact copy. It's the fucking Dollar Store version of Jill's tattoo. Yes, it's a tired concept but it was still a categorically unique design. I think she's justified in feeling pissed.

. . . they really are so god fucking awful though. I can't believe the copy manages to be even worse than an already terrible tattoo.

No. 85964

File: 1584153634621.jpg (71.26 KB, 500x506, 9a4481a468521d46a46fcfe1582357…)


These are the tattoos Melanie has including the one that Jill is talking about.Its a chunk of cheese and theres also no bow on the bottom. It's like they tried to cover up copying Jill by thinking of the first person who likes pastel colors. I don't think she should have posted the girl's name but she's clearly not taking inspo from Melanie.

Personally, freaking out like this is a bit much, but maybe it's just because I don't have tattoos/like them so I don't understand the significance.

No. 85965

While she straight up copied Jill's shitty tattoo, Jill still made this very public, knowing she has a huge cult following. This is tacky and unprofessional. wow

No. 85966

If this happened to me, I could understand feeling somewhat unsettled for like 5 minutes max. Wow, someone else on this planet of billions of people has a shitty copy of an already shitty tattoo. It's not even a tattoo based on a drawing she made. She doesn't seem to have a problem with all of the other ways people skinwalk her. She will almost definitely never meet or encounter this person irl. Lots of people get tattoos because they like a design and it doesn't go deeper than that. Is it worth posting her full name on the internet? Will this effect Jill's life at all beyond her fee fees getting hurt? This is some grade school "stop copying me!" :((( bullshit.

No. 85974

Jillian, what. This is why you have a lolcow thread. She can't act like she's uwu so cute and kind and then bully people over a shitty "copy" of an already shitty generic tattoo.

No. 85975

>going after your own fans

This girl was inspired by someone who posits themselves as a public figure and "influencer," then said influencer goes after her with a callout post and possible callout video. Jesus.

No. 86027

Jill wants celeb status without any of the consequences that come with being very well known and a public figure. Singers and idols go through this shit all the time, with people copying their looks, hair styles, tattoos, etc, and they have to smile and bear it. But Jill wants money and fame and notoriety without any of the cons. She's delusional.

No. 86040

No. 86043

Honestly Jill is on the right on this one about the tattoo, she paid alot of money for an original design by a pretty famous tattoo artist, and what good would've come out of handling it privately, the chick would just block Jill and pretend it never happened since she already had the balls of stealing something her uwu muse paid alot of cash for.

No. 86044

How are you so sure of that though. I can understand if jill tried to contact the girl first and nothing came of it, but thats not what she did. She cried to her thousands of followers about an unoriginal generic ass tattoo that tons of people get. For someone who is somewhat popular she could have definitely handled that differently.

No. 86045

Jill's cat tattoo was her own drawing, and it was done by some basement hack on her tiny island. There is no prestige in it. It wasn't done by Helena Darling, the woman who did the rest of her tattoos, and I'd be hard pressed to call her famous anyway.

No. 86046


No. 86048

So I guess she's a pothead now, huh.

No. 86049

File: 1584212196015.jpg (499.8 KB, 1080x1625, 20200314_155511.jpg)

Jill going with the poor starving artist thing still

No. 86051

Am I missing something? Since when has Jill been ~such a Pisces!!~ I don’t remember her talking about it before or has she just started to make anything and everything a personality trait?

No. 86055

Anon it’s because shes such a ~witch~ and ~pagan~ ( somehow suddenly again)

No. 86063

MFW Jillian and Venus are both 22 and look 30+

No. 86073

lol hopefully steebie wanted a party that looked like it was for an exceptional 5th grader with a sweet tooth. also burn that fucking dress.

No. 86074

I dont think once Jill mentions any of Steve’s friends at the party despite it being a joint one. Just her, her mom and her orbiters. Poor guy

No. 86101

That dress would be unflattering on anyone, but on her chunky build, it makes her look even more like a giant toddler.

No. 86111

File: 1584249195446.png (1.29 MB, 1287x933, nightmarefuel.png)

Is her face becoming more and more punchable somehow? Most of the video is her just ranting about details she could like…actually be showing instead of some tacky rainbow to do list that no one can read next to her offensive face, like 2-3 minutes of footage of her shopping (but it's uwu sustainable!) and like close ups of candy while she continues to rant, and then more ranting about the fanart and OH GOSH she forgot about her ridiculously hyped "tradition" of making a birthday dress because she's so so busy spending months at a time making a single garment at community college!!

I knew a few young, straight couples who lived together at that age (definitely not alone in an entire goddamn house) who weren't delusional and snowflakey enough about their relationships to call each other "partners." That's your boyfriend and live in editing slave Jill, don't get it twisted.

I think I'm reaching my limit for even being able to hate watch her bullshit. Like the abrasive, forced upbeat energy, her remaining oblivious to how ridiculous and spoiled she is, while knowing about the pity parties she throws herself on social media about her beepeedee and how she's uwu so broken and doesn't understand social cues! Pwease be gentle and patient!!!

No. 86122

she says she didn’t buy the peeps stuff, probably because it would go against her eco friendly appearance, but i would be willing to bet she bought them when the camera was off lol

No. 86123

>what good would've come out of handling it privately
What good came out of handling it publicly?

No. 86124

She probably says partner so she sounds less straight, Colin identifying as NB gave her that and an excuse to not look straight before, notice how she never called Alyssa that and made sure to use the word girlfriend every chance she got

No. 86139

why do you say that?

No. 86141

>>86139 she said in her video there was weed at her party because its legal in Canada

No. 86145

Jojo Siwa as a gross washed up 40 year old all the way down to the uneven hair and the way her mouth is always clownish

No. 86149

She was talking about making fish-shaped weed brownies for her party, didn't end up doing it, but was like, "how epic would that have been?"

No. 86153

>live in editing slave Jill, don't get it twisted
oh i am laffin

No. 86154

>Pours vodka in blue mystery juice
>That's it, no recipe
>Adds a single swedish fish

No. 86181

it was the fact that she thought Swedish fish, which are basically solid lumps of sugar, would float in liquid. she’s thick as pig shit

No. 86189

how is going out a purchasing a ton of new party supplies “sustainable”

No. 86212

Googled Pisces personality and the first thing to pop up is being emotionally sensitive to those around them and likeable…..

Really Jill? You complain of not understanding the moods of others but at the same time love to brag that your an empathic person.

But never seen a party planning video that doesn't actually show people enjoying the end result of the party.

No. 86237

sage for beating a dead horse but i'm really starting to feel bad for steve. like dude seemed mad depressed in the last video ("i don't care" x 10000) and now he wasn't even IN this video even though it was half about HIS birthday. like this wasn't about the party or his birthday at all. it was just about material things, as per usual.

No. 86304

File: 1584438852895.png (518.08 KB, 1242x2208, 308404BE-B734-457A-9ACF-7482F5…)

No. 86307

She's only in her first year of the fashion program, so this isn't when she will show her "collection" anyway. They do a bit for the first years, but they've all only made a skirt, pair of pants, and shirt, so it's not like it's a big deal.

No. 86317

I mean, if she were actually creative, she would find a way to show of her monstrosity of a garment. Or like, have more than two pieces, one made of muslin, to show for herself after an entire school year. What a joke.

No. 86322

People are dying, Jillian.

No. 86324

She sounds like a very selfish person with this tweet

No. 86332

File: 1584466554226.jpeg (390.29 KB, 1241x1491, 3C832E8A-E5E0-4E40-BA3C-44FD21…)

No. 86334

lmao. no one cares jill

No. 86338