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File: 1698380004599.png (1.44 MB, 932x1186, 1698288048337.png)

No. 310853

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and compartmentalizes every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of money for.
She eagerly accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression with a "Congrats on the DID Diagnosis" celebratory cake, but struggles to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem ready to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of “severe mental illness” in the forms of a brief stay in a mental hospital in her early teens due to ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
>is still extremely thin-skinned; has history of deleting comments critical to her and has preached getting along with people while also blasting critics and concern in a very rude and passive-aggressive manner; has gotten into pissfights online as of late with users that have spoken out of concern for her or wanting to help or talk in some degree
>her sexuality has been a sliding scale, from pansexual to queer to lesbian to back to currently pansexual (and nonbinary due to alters); current partner is Steven Clarke, who has enabled her delusions and has racked up his own questionable reputation; has a long history of drama with relationships, claiming abuse to some degree in most of them
>formerly had a fashion brand called Five Petal Flower before graduating from her college fashion class, but seems to be no longer active if not just slowly dying; has also gotten into drag with a persona known as Villany Swells; has cancelled two drag gigs so far and claims an online person is stalking her due to a publically-filmed video of a drag show being linked in a previous
>has a shaky history of substance misuse regarding her meds; now takes in various degrees of alcohol and weed leading to possible clashes in medication or mental/physical state

Last thread:
>September Patreon vlog >>307820 and recap >>307821
>Jill retweets something comparing her mental illnesses to third degree burns >>307997
>Ablaze features Jill in a thumbnail >>308011
>Meet the Alters: Sunny video is posted >>308105 and summary >>308118 highlights: Sunny split off due to the McLean drama, is the "internal protector," and "doesn't feel bad things"
>Jill has been betrayed by the institution and stopped respecting certain professionals due to the McLean drama >>308228
>Jill gives her input on using weed to explore DID and says it's actually way better for PTSD and GAD and autism, instead recommending fucking ketamine >>308319
>Jill continues to talk about how disgusting her home is with cat piss covered floors >>308450
>Jill wakes up with hunger pains >>308491 manages to eat an apple which is really hard because of ARFID >>308496 later diagnoses herself with a stomach ulcer >>308572 thankfully Stevie to the rescue >>308605
>Someone messaged a friend of Jill's calling them out on being friends with "white racists like pixieeelocks". Jill is convinced this is all coming from "her" hate forum and she is "passionately anti-racist" >>308639
>More autism breadcrumbing about not wanting to shower >>308795
>Jill works ("works") a vague 9-5 schedule and can't believe how much fun it is teehee >>308820
>FINALLY posts her costume college collection >>308825 including edited out blood >>308931
>Jill is very concerned with her new fav Ethan from H3 getting a tattoo from a convicted killer and what this could do for his reputation (crying emoji) >>308988
>Jill fights with someone about autism labels because she's truly the voice of her generation >>309030 During her fight, someone posts a cap of Jill tweeting from 3 seconds ago >>309227
>Jill logs off of Tiktok and can't believe it actually helps her mentally >>309108
>New video about upcoming changes >>309114 and summary >>309117 Claims she is going to begin livestreaming once a month for members on Youtube, worked super duper hard on pixel badges >>309177
>Jill claims she was raped in her bedroom and specifies it was a woman who did it >>309238 Anon summarizes the info on her only known gay relationship >>309407
>Really leaning on the ARFID thing lately >>309614
>October patreon livestream >>309617 and summary >>309621
>Jill makes Stevie check her voice mail for her >>309669
>New video spending an hour dunking on her past make-up >>309710 summary >>309861
>Jill demanding frogan explain everything about the Gaza-Israel war >>309746 which she deletes after being called out >>309749 but not her others >>309797 and later insults someone for doing exactly what she did >>310135
>Jill continues to get into fights with people, this time about using adblockers on Youtube >>309817
>Tells someone "You will go to therapy and come to us apologizing" for insulting her on twitter >>309889
>Jill figured out the secret to exercise is to watch tv or listen to music during it >>309920
>Youtube stream uploaded by anon >>309972
>Implies she was neglected as early as infancy which is why she has no coping mechanism >>3099872
>Jill is excited a former high school classmate is on Drag Race who is autistic and succeeding in her field (seething with jealousy) >>310162
>Jill pretends she has pica now >>310203 and still saying she has trich >>310432
>More UTIs >>310416
>Posted on Instagram with a "normal" photo, using fashion tags and not a single mental health tag >>310443
>Veronica changes her fronting indicator to something more "diva" >>310509 after Jill blames her on ruining an electronic >>310431
>Gyaru video >>310714 Anons note that Jill seems to be showing off less of her mental jillness in this video, possibly to promote to her Instagram where she never discusses DID or autism

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/villainyswells/ (used to be @pixieespam)
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 (“Sweetie” alters, previously @xcherrybombica): https://twitter.com/pixie_petals
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Threads: https://www.threads.net/@pixieelocks
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 310854

No. 310860

thank you nonnie, this is a good thread !!!

No. 310875

File: 1698407106957.jpeg (2.68 MB, 2530x1411, IMG_2552.jpeg)

Now why the hell is she grabbing her boobs like that? She really is going for hooker rather than gyaru

No. 310876

File: 1698409520973.jpeg (668.1 KB, 2048x2048, 67BFCD4A-9BD3-4A7B-B3B5-595F35…)

In what world is this gyaru

No. 310877

I guess she’s pushing them together to make them look bigger. Clearly Veronica is co-con here.

Is gyaru trendy again? Or is she trying to get Steeb’s attention back after The Picnic Incident? Both? Probably both.

No. 310878

>Is gyaru trendy again?
Yes, gen z just found out about it on TikTok. Since Jill does nothing but scroll social media all day, she jumped on the bandwagon

No. 310880

she looks like a pudgier honey boo boo with even more irresponsible parents. someone seeing this picture ooc would think it's a tardbus fatty being exploited by their carers

No. 310881

unfortunately jill isn't the worst "gyaru" on tiktok. the entire community is a huge fucking mess.

No. 310882

She probably genuinely wishes she could claim a background like that. Isn’t there a growing popular movement against family vloggers and other child exploitation media like those TLC shows? Watch Jill eventually claim that her family forced her to create her YouTube channel as a teenager and start identifying as the number one most professional most traumatised spokesperson activist against child exploitation on social media. While her mother continues buying her hundreds of dollars worth of toys for Christmas every year, naturally. It’s reparations!

No. 310884

It's like she did a ugly fail drag version of gyaru makeup. Those hideous lashes and overdone eyeliner/white part look so costumey. Everything she does is cheap and tacky. All she had to do was follow a picture off google but instead she did her own horrid version. Her acting so cunty and bitchy while putting on the makeup made it even more hilarious with how awful it looks. She totally thought she "slayed" lmao

No. 310885

She said a few times that this sub-culture of gyaru is sexier, she really made it overly sexual though. I get that the gals in reference pictures are all skinny and japanese but she made it look way trashier somehow. I get that she doesn't fit j-fashion anymore but she could at least make her own pieces. The outfit was just lazy.

No. 310886

she's not wearing any particular styling honestly. it's just a zoomer style frankenstein of different themes. some of it reads ganguro, with agejo accessories and kogyaru socks with hime shoes. nothing cohesive about it. it was beyond lazy using old shoes she's kept for almost a decade.

No. 310889

File: 1698418615083.jpeg (883.9 KB, 755x1029, IMG_2559.jpeg)

>Jill talks about how ganguro is problematic
>inserts clip of black girl in "gyaru" as a gyaru history source
>black girl is a zoomer who barely knows what gyaru is, calls Baywatch "California girls beach show"
>says gyaru is black culture and ganguro is black face
>Jill says she is doing shiro gyaru because of this (pale face gyaru)
>shiro gyaru has been critiqued for adhering to Japanese colorism, so it defeats the whole point Jill was trying to make anyway
>Jill does makeup exactly like the ganguro girls (pic related) which she accused of black face, instead of doing a normal typical shiro gyaru makeup

No. 310890

Ganguro isn't problematic when you're an Asian woman pushing against the beauty standards that everyone should be pale and delicate and demure

Should white/western gals wear ganguro? That's more of a debate but to act as if the entire subculture is problematic when it's about pushing against norms in a society that she isn't even part of is so stupid

No. 310892

File: 1698420305699.jpeg (53.54 KB, 452x678, IMG_1438.jpeg)

She’s giving more Mimi than anything else

No. 310893

She genuinely looks like Miss Piggy. I know Jill likes her or whatever but that is NOT meant as a compliment whatsoever kek

No. 310902

good to know that jilly can't even bother to look at the gyaru wiki for five minutes. good shit.

No. 310904

it's only a debate for zoomers who think tanning is wacist

No. 310905

Not to go off topic but shiro abd kuro aren't the right terms and the makeup you posted isn't ganguro. Gyaru is a complex subculture that has been completed butchered by the west so it's best to just assume no one on tiktok has any idea what they're talking about.

No. 310906

File: 1698430732287.jpeg (106.27 KB, 406x600, IMG_0271.jpeg)

Why can’t zoomies just wear cute gal clothes and call it a day? They all end up looking trashy and can’t piece together why.

No. 310908

I'm so tired of westerners trying to apply their logic to something not part of their culture. Japanese culture wanted ganguro to be total opposite of what beauty standards are in japan with pale skin, black hair, delicate and submissive. I remember getting into the style back in 2005 and never wearing it myself, but loving the people who did. It's so odd to project their standards on Japan. I think Japanese fashion is big enough to share world wide, but acting like ganguro is the same as black face. these bitches really need to stay in their lane if they dont know shit.(derailing)

No. 310909

I can see how the aesthetics of black women in the 90s inspired certain gyaru subcultures but that's about it. The issue zoomers have is that they're viewing it through a Western lense, it's not the same as blackface because the gyarus aren't following it with horrible racist imitations of black people whilst singing and dancing on a stage. They don't understand what actual racism is, just the parts they can see.

No. 310910

the main issue with zoomers is that they view everything expect racial stereotypes as being racist/x-fishing/whatever or x, y, z race washing(like when black women wear wigs). it's also super trendy to hate on japan for being racist because most tiktok zoomers are tankies and the CCP is trying to replace japan as part of their "chinese dream plan"(this is actually real and not tinfoil and i feel bad for the chinese for having to deal with this shit). tiktok zoomers also view wearing eyeliner and tanning as racist.

No. 310911

I meant debate in the sense that the whole point of ganguro was to push against these light skinned norms present in Asia that are not present in the west, so it isn't really acting as counterculture here but as part of what's encouraged for women. A lot of people care about the origins of jfashions since a lot of them exist to push back against beauty standards or cultural norms, but if you are wearing what IS a beauty standard in your country, it could be said that you aren't really participating in the spirit of the jfashion (which again is another debate altogether)

Sorry for the sperg lol I just don't want what I said to be misconstrued because I don't think anyone wearing ganguro is racist

No. 310912

okay good, sorry for assuming, i just have heard that shit so many times. i think different parts of the world and even different areas in the same country have different beauty standards so it really depends on a lot of factors, and you could just like the look. plus gyaru was mainstream popular in japan for a decade so most of the beauty standard rebellion reasons are out the window for the most part anyway. zoomers ruined basically all jfash so of course gyaru wasn't safe, but it gets the most flack for some reason.

No. 310913

Jill just parrots whatever other zoomers are saying online. She is deathly afraid of being cancelled for any of the things the communities she tries to fit in would dislike. I don't think she has any thoughts of her own about these topics. Also the part where the black girl talks about gyaru being racist was very bizarre, her argument had no real depth and she just rambled without even naming any sources or research.

No. 310918

I would pay money to see people like you make these same arguments directly in the face of black and brown people. Idgaf but seeing the twists and backbends to UH, AKSHUALLY WHEN THE JAPANESE DO IT IT'S ACTUALLY DIFFERENT FROM WHEN BAKA WESTERNERS DO IT BECAUSE STANDARDS is hilarious like lmao just take the l. Japanese gyarus might have had good intentions but painting yourself brown and being ~loud and sassy~ calling it feminism is and always has been fucking dumb.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 310919

You realize there are dark-skinned Asians right? That if Asians tan, their skin can get quite brown? That's literally the aesthetic that ganguro is emulating - it has zero to do with black people and everything to do with rebelling against expectations of Japanese women(derailing)

No. 310920

This right here, but black americans into asian things love to make everything about them, even when it isnt. The entire movement is strictly about Asian beauty standards and how darker skinned asians are discrimated against. it's quite the norm for places like SEA and Korea where they sell bleach products for your skin too. Japanese girls wanted to rebel and that's how it came out. I'm so sick of hearing about western bullshit when this is very much only Asian standards. Westerners shouldnt be doing ganguro to begin with because it has nothing to do with them.

No. 310921

Tell me you know shit about the movement without saying it. Way to get it super wrong.

No. 310922

It has nothing to do with black women. Stop

No. 310923

This is the same ethnocentric bullshit Jill and gen z are constantly spouting about. Being colorist isn’t inherently anti black it’s anti indigenous people in general in this case it’s about the ones from different parts Asia that were either driven to extinction or forced to be ashamed of their darker skin and assimilate. Gyaru don’t act sassy they just want to be their own iteration of cute without adhering to traditional beauty standards.

No. 310924

File: 1698443685751.jpeg (73.62 KB, 640x640, 582C80E5-5D1A-4E58-8543-250107…)

No. 310926

File: 1698446053705.jpeg (258.13 KB, 1531x940, IMG_2560.jpeg)

>Sperging this hard about racism
>Doesn’t know Japanese people can be tan (derailing)

No. 310927

Also there is a beauty standard around not looking like you work outside all day therefore getting tan. Pale complexion implied class status in some countries.(derailing)

No. 310928

File: 1698447351221.jpg (77.05 KB, 720x502, FOJAV.jpg)

Armpits of the internet. Lol stay mad

No. 310929

>>310928 So now she's just claiming autism outright, and as usual she will try to be the CEO most specialist autism spokeswoman ever.

No. 310931

Well of course we accuse you of it - you don't have it, are not diagnosed, and don't even actually say that you have it.

No. 310940

File: 1698453686520.jpg (196.4 KB, 720x1156, JAV.jpg)

No. 310942

File: 1698453765331.jpg (435.13 KB, 720x3146, KAOFYMYB.jpg)

No. 310946

The way they are competing over who is the most delicate and triggered, jesus wept.
notice how actually delicate and triggered people conceal it because you're making yourself a victim to draw attention to it, it's always the 200lb narc bullies talking about how SenSitiVe they are while they lunge around screaming and shouting at everyone.
lurching out of your seat and screaming is actually the opposite of what you would do in a jump scare clue is in the name bitches, it shocks you and makes you jump, they really spend all day acting out at 100% emotional expression and are so coddled they have never been in a situation where hiding your feelings was the safer option - which is actually more common than their behaviour since most people aren't coddled and pampered. So funny that they think anyone believes their shit.
True TrAumatised behaviour to act out constantly, conceal nothing and broadcast and document it all on the internet as well with zero fear of consequence or reprisal.
She has truly found her people.

No. 310947

Funny she supports piracy but throws a fit of you use an adblocker.

No. 310948

>piracy but for ethical reasons
A lot of people pirate things because they can't afford 50 different scummy streaming services you lard

No. 310950

>Westerners shouldnt be doing ganguro to begin with because it has nothing to do with them.
anyone can wear whatever they want

No. 310953

Jill's really repeating what she did with DID and claiming totally normal things are autism. Most people enjoy cooking and Don't like jump scares, they aren't stims or sensory overload.

No. 310954

Because you don't, you hack. You purposely say shit and then when questioned, you scream about PIPEDA and not having to prove so. You don't understand privacy because your whole damn life has been an open journal. You don't give a damn until someone starts questioning. You're not like your mom or even your funky aunt because you choose to be creatively bankrupt. You chase the high of the current trendy thing instead of carving out your own niche but that would require actual work and dedication. But please, keep collecting labels like stickers because nothing can ever be your fault, you're perfect. Slightly off topic but bring back little miss sense of strong justice Amber. I wanna laugh at another dumb tiktok.
Part of her cycle. Her narcissism demands for her to be viewed as important and knowledgeable, even if she knows squat.
Only because it affects her bottom line. Jill will always bend the rules to what suits her.
The mental jillness of proving you totally have something by ham fisting it into normal mundane occurrences. The hypocrite bleats about not using words learnt from tiktok but shamelessly does it herself.

No. 310955

No anon, you don't get it, normal people are boring and only eat because they have to! Jill is totally autistic because she enjoys the taste of food and enjoys cooking! Chefs are all autistic actually

No. 310957

Nitpick but looking at the picture on the left, was she sitting down to chop some vegetables? No wonder she's fat

No. 310958

File: 1698493092906.png (1.05 MB, 663x874, bkei gyaru.png)

>it has zero to do with black people
You are actually retarded if you unironically believe this.(derailing/bait)

No. 310964

Congratulations on looking like Shayna, Jill

No. 310965


Not that it's impossible to have arfid and enjoy vegetable soup, but it seems very unlikely as mixing textures in general tends to set off those specific sensory issues, and cooked vegetables put into broth get into mushy territory too easily and any foods that are mushy or unpredictable are almost universally disliked by people with arfid.

I'd be curious about what past foods she's posted about eating are like with her new arfid claims. It might seem like it's not very serious compared to other stuff she's faking since it's not trauma related but arfid can greatly negatively affect social life, obviously physical health, and those things in turn can cause additional mental health issues like depression, lonliness, anxiety, shame, low self-esteem, etc.

She's never once posted about how she's afraid of hanging out with new friends because they're going to want to eat at some point and then she'll be forced to explain her disorder that means they can't go to fun restaurants together and being cooked for is more complicated, or how she's anxious about how her inability to eat most foods will affect her dating life when so many people feel like they can't explore new foods if their partner won't. It's not a disorder easily hidden from others. And she complains about every small issue she has constantly so if she was dealing with arfid her whole life we would've heard about it before.

No. 310969

The derailing about gyaru and racism in this thread is getting out of hand. Stay on topic, keep it specific to Jill. Further derailing will get longer bans.

No. 310977

The last paragraph, she has never cared about inconveniencing others, what about when her cousin got married and she went into a sulk and "switched" to jerrick (so a black beanie and angri) while spending time with her family.
And based on her own descriptions she is constantly having massive mood swings witnessed by Stevie and likely her friends. So she wouldn't care about being the weirdo only eating nuggies, she'd revel in it like how she proudly proclaimed she had a "panic attack" in front of a small group of students doing a haunted house >>310942
Which would have been alarming for those strangers, in case she was actually learning impaired or disabled and would have been genuinely traumatised rather than just doing it for lols.
So I don't doubt the arfid but I do doubt the vast majority of her claimed illnesses and disorders.

No. 310978

All these retards have zero backbone in their bodies.

No. 310979

File: 1698522729301.jpg (166.23 KB, 720x1168, AYAFB.jpg)

No. 310980

File: 1698522829245.jpg (106.63 KB, 720x824, STF.jpg)

No. 310981

File: 1698522928608.jpg (146.08 KB, 719x957, Kek.jpg)

No. 310982

File: 1698523004238.jpg (152.97 KB, 720x1196, Round of applause.jpg)

No. 310983

File: 1698523099953.jpg (242.28 KB, 720x1724, JSU.jpg)

No. 310984

File: 1698524286468.jpg (58.91 KB, 720x371, Okt.jpg)

Didn't see this before but follows her sperg about the haunted house.

No. 310986

Yeah maybe it's because you're all fakers, first person gives away that they think DID makes them "interesting" like are they fakeclaiming the rest of humanity kek?
I thought she woke up in the afternoon? She has a normal sleeping pattern now or just the usual scramble to interact and claim she does whatever the other person does

No. 310987

So nobody even jumped out at her in the student haunted house she had a "panic attack" in? It was just a dark room.
it's amazing more people from Jill's past and present don't come here and talk shit because every new detail is insufferable

No. 310988

Jesus fucking Christ.(sage)

No. 310989

Does Jill really think losing time is exclusive to DID and no one else can have that? No wonder she thinks she has a million mental illnesses if she can't believe neurotypical people also zome out.

No. 310991

There's quite literally zero jumpscares in the movie, what retards.

No. 310992

File: 1698535261838.jpeg (57.33 KB, 452x678, IMG_6592.jpeg)

sorry i’m late

No. 310993

File: 1698535332080.png (3.6 MB, 1280x1280, IMG_6594.png)

samefag but it’s too funny not to post it

No. 310994

File: 1698537981709.jpg (152.56 KB, 720x1185, On.jpg)

No. 310995

Does she think twitter is google…?

No. 310997

She and her mom both do this lol I remember them posting questions to facebook about things they didn't understand rather than googling anything

No. 310999

Bit ableist of these fakers to be saying this because for all they know the person could potentially be unknowingly disordered or even not comfortable disclosing they are disordered. Maybe they should think about their privilege, not everyone can be so open about their disorders without potentially suffering repercussions.

No. 311000

File: 1698551681905.jpg (180.64 KB, 720x1103, Sc.jpg)

Alright nonnies video with Stevie incoming.
Probably afraid she'll """ruin""" them.

No. 311001

She contradicts herself so much, and so often, and the statements that contradict each other are so close to one another. Somehow shit is ok but only if she does it, you can never have it both ways.

No. 311002

>I hope she doesn't have a sick kid at home because I'm going to eat all her candy
Wtf. This is fucked up. Don't fucking eat what isn't yours, you twat

No. 311003

she said a sad kid, not a sick kid. this is what you're going to be upset about? jill eating candy from an instacart mistake? what's she supposed to do, drive to the store and return it? lmao

No. 311004

Wellbutrin side effects go away so fast, you're sweating because you're obese jill

No. 311005

i actually was looking at old pics and it's crazy how big she is now. even compared to a few years ago. it's sad. i doubt she's happy like this, but then she's on so many meds and smoking so much weed who knows how she feels anymore.

No. 311008

If you know you are scared of the dark why would you go to a place that you know is dark she is so fucking annoying. She just makes her own problems.

No. 311010

Goes back to this (samefag) >>310946
They are in a position where they feel safe disclosing their illnesses to the world, quite literally, and anyone who is not wearing their problems as a badge and telling every stranger about it couldn't possibly have said problem. They can't conceptualise the fact not everyone has a safe and supportive family/friends/colleagues nor could take the risk of being outcast by family/friends/workplace which could leave them homeless, at the worst. But nah, these bitches are the only people on the planet who get anxious, dissociate, space out, have emotions etc because unless you advertise it with a neon sign and make it your whole personality it isn't "real"

No. 311012

>singlet friend
poor retard doesnt understand their friend is trying to bring some sanity into their life but the retard would rather rot their brain online faking DID. no wonder jill can relate

No. 311013

Nah there's like 3 with the figure of the balloon boy, but they're pretty weak kek. I don't like jumpscares since I'm an easily startled person but the movie was fine to me. They're all just weak as fuck

No. 311014

Bitch it's the way she worded it, we all know she's selfish and I bet she is happy to take all the candy from sad children any day because she's a lardass.

No. 311015

File: 1698587254533.webm (1.25 MB, 576x1024, 1662177015462.webm)

>I-I'm an uwu sensowwy baby, afwaid of the dark.

Last year at an MCR concert.

No. 311016

Everything is so performative for her.

No. 311020

actual repugnant beached blobfish nightmare hell vision. the chin pudge, the loose lips, the giant teeth flashing in the dark. she's so ugly i can't even see the cringe.

No. 311023

Probably doing this for Steebie’s ddlg kink.
“Awh, poor widdle baby scared of the dark. Daddy will get you ice cream instead.”

No. 311028

The newest video is so abysmal to watch. Steve basically gets to do nothing despite it being called 'a holiday activity we do', it's just Jill on a narc power trip to gawk at her 'makeup skills' and gawk at how she'd love Steve to look like her and be thirsty for him while he's just her mannequin.

No. 311030

Does anyone get the impression that Stevie has already started transitioning?

No. 311032

lol the thumbnail, steeb is washed out while jill is very visible against the bg, and the image of jill's outfit + the arrow partly covers steeb's portrait while jill's is perfectly unobstructed

No. 311033

File: 1698608880514.png (1.98 MB, 1700x1590, 1593121995172.png)

>I saw your comment nonnie

No. 311035

Why does she think the gypsy rose beanie is a look? She looks like a cancer patient. Also this reminds me of the time she put makeup on Collin and made him look extra faggy lmao

No. 311037

She looks like shaynus lol(sage your shit)

No. 311039

File: 1698612872953.jpg (51.55 KB, 720x391, IOYKHBTA.jpg)

Close up of face but missing lipstick

No. 311040

File: 1698613078988.mp4 (10.97 MB, 1280x720, Full-transformation.MP4)

Here's the end result for Stevie. Warning: Jill screeches quite a bit so proceed with caution.

No. 311041

He looks like he wants to die lmao

No. 311047

Gross, pictures of moids should get instantly spoilered, it’s also obvious that this is a fetish thing, otherwise he wouldn’t be wearing a dress.

No. 311048

I don't even think it's a fetish thing, he looks like he actually wants to die, it's just jillibeans being a fucking control freak again and not even stebbie can handle it anymore

No. 311049

>"I love this. I look like my partner, and my partner's hot, so therefore I'm hot."

2 narcs in a tree lmao

No. 311050

This doesn't come off as fetish at all, especially with how awkward he's purposely trying to make it because he clearly feels out of place wearing the dress. She seemed more excited to dress him up and play doll more than he does in the video. If anything they should've done normal clothes they both wear, but color swap instead. Goth vs pastels.

No. 311052

That is a gay man.
That is a trannie.
There is no sexual chemistry between these people at all.

No. 311055

wow. its begun.

No. 311058

Has anyone already commented in previous threads about how she is always in the h3podcast live chats? I found it interesting as everything from Ethan's mouth seems to be everything she'd be against or would hate to hear

No. 311059

ugh cursed.

No. 311060

Yeah, it seems strange that she's such a h3 stan. Funny because in one of her recent patreon livestreams, she said she liked Brittany Broski but then quickly added "but I don't agree with some of the things she's said." Maybe there was some drama I missed, but as far as I'm aware Brittany is very libfemmy and "woke"? Jill goes so hard for Ethan who does something problematic practically every other day, but has to add a disclaimer for a relatively inoffensive female creator, typical pickme shit.

No. 311062

File: 1698634479452.jpg (151.73 KB, 720x855, Stop.jpg)

Jill needs to stop bleaching her hair and calling this trichotillomania.

No. 311063

File: 1698634789964.jpg (41.18 KB, 720x264, PR.jpg)

No. 311064

They want to be Jenna and Julien so bad

No. 311065

I thought the exact same thing. That's very weird. Also the flirting was very off and awkward. They were trying hard to hype each other up and be funny.

No. 311066

File: 1698636529453.png (664.51 KB, 774x763, Screenshot 2023-10-29 232851.p…)

im scared

No. 311073

Tbh I feel like Steviena is more of a goff, FromSoft, choker, breakcore, all black kind of troon rather than a pink ultra girly troon and that’s why he’s so uncomfortable

No. 311075

jill's clothes fit him better than her kek
giving dylan mulvalley or whatever that troon's name is vibes ew

No. 311076

Wasn’t his lolicon ex, Maggie, more goff-leaning? He got with Jill for the YouTube clout but what he really wants (to skinwalk) is the ol’ big tiddie goth gf archetype.

No. 311077

Is it just me or did Jill come off as really insecure in this video? She kept saying Stevie is hotter than her and she wants to look good, and she said at one point "people are going to say I'm so insufferable".

No. 311078

Oh, she's like balding bald huh.. His hairline is better than hers oof

No. 311079

Foundation as yellow as his teeth, barf

No. 311080

youre giggly because your high stop lying.
they represent who she really is. but shes too far into their did fake persona to drop it because it makes her money
dear god. she needs to ditch the rainbow hair shit because her hair is practically dead at this point

No. 311081

She did. I bet all the comments from the "armpit of the internet" making fun of Stevie's lack of interest got to her, combined with her desperate desire to get married soon.

No. 311082

Meh, she openly admits to loving Vaush who is even worse

No. 311087

He looks like a corpse. Someone get this man a toothbrush and mouthwash I can smell him from here.

No. 311089

Please nonnies I beg, post caps. Let's document her hypocrisy.

No. 311090

Or maybe that's why Jillian came out with goff alters Jerrick and Jax.

No. 311091

They are both so ugly, and Steve is looking like a real troon now. That guy is only using Jillian as a front and will become even more degenerate from this point onwards.
People who are fat and have bpd usually come off as that, even if their partner is equally trashy. He stays no matter what for his own weird male degen troon fantasy reasons, and she probably thinks nobody will love her ever again. It's a weird exchange. But narcissistic people usually hate themselves like that.
Honestly very sad to see what bleaching, coloring and straightening your hair since 12 can do for you. She needs to let it go for the sake of her own hair's health. A bit worried about her if I'm honest. I hope she invests in a good wig and not just cosplay stuff, but I'm just wishful thinking. She could also just give the excuse that an alter shaved her hair so she can regrow it.

No. 311092

This needs to be in the next thread pic please.

No. 311094

She did, and she was also very clingy. I think she still hates how much weight she gained and she got insecure because Steve is skinny and was wearing her clothes. She feels attracted to the skinny androgynous sickly looking type, that's why Jerrick exists. She cannot look remotely masculine and you could see that when she dressed up like Steve, she looked very uncomfortable because his clothes are very tight on her.
She should ditch it, brown hair looks good on her. She won't though, she is so attached to colorful hair she would have an identity crisis. She cannot stand to be boring or normal in any way.
I think she no longer cares about any of the alters that aren't kawiwi and sweeties, we haven't seen Jax, Jerrick, Cliffe, and Amber in a long while.

No. 311095

I don't even get that vibe. He doesn't seem comfortable wearing any girly clothes. He's doing that thing kids do when they try to make fun of a situation super bad, but instead go the "I'm so quirky and awkward here's a weird face huuuurdurrr now take the photo because you wanted this".

No. 311101

the worst part is, that to me Stevie's outfit was more well put together than anything that Jill is coming up recently. it's still a man in a dress, but he looks better. i hate what Jill did with a wig for him.

No. 311102

Am I silly for finding that a bit insensitive coming from Jill of all people? The type that ussually screams about how everyone should be kind?

No. 311104

You're silly nona, that's is a huge nitpick

No. 311105

Seems to me like Stevie is the autistic one, or at least he seems to have face ticks or something. Also again, I get sincere trans vibes from him (not even saying that in a bitchy way). The fact that they don't sleep in the same room and such is all starting to come together for me. I'd bet they haven't had sex / a sexual encounter with one another for years.

No. 311106

File: 1698687847184.jpg (100.61 KB, 720x604, Lol.jpg)

No. 311107

File: 1698687902578.png (30.46 KB, 535x339, point.png)

Get a job.

No. 311108

File: 1698688095400.png (19.78 KB, 670x182, lololol.png)

She's lurking hard.

No. 311110

File: 1698688170270.png (17.96 KB, 426x164, sofaliar.png)

lol Sof don't act like you weren't literally caught participating in this. I don't often defend Jillian, but you are NOT her friend.

No. 311111

Doesn't Jill wear wigs all the time with no issues? Now she found out sensory issues are a sign of autism suddenly it's so hard to wear them.

No. 311112

A lot of the “alt girlies” post themselves here or have a vendetta against each other. Literal retardation but unfortunately for them it’s not autism. Just brain damage.

No. 311208

same with dying her hair, wearing tons of jangly jewelry, wearing itchy handmade acryclic crochet stuff, caked on makeup, false eyelashes, long fake nails, and the countless accessories she always piles on. Not to mention whole her overstimulating rainby house that is a nightmare of sensory issues. Bright clashing colors, the stench of cat piss, clutter, and knicknacks everywhere making it feel claustrophobic. I can see why Jill was tempted to larp as autistic (she clearly thinks that autists are basically giant children that are never held accountable for their actions, which appeals to her as a cluster B clusterfuck), but damn is her entire life, personality, hobbies, interests, and behavior a terrible fit for pulling it off.

No. 311209

She just isn't autistic. It's not even funny how not autistic she is. It's as though she has never even met an autistic person (even though I think Stevie might be) because she doesn't display even an ounce of autistic behaviour. She's fucked in the head, but this ain't it, and it honestly sickens me more than the DID larp.

No. 311210

I think her "sensory issues" are just being fat and clothes not fitting her.
They probably have sex but only because Steven is a degenerate.

No. 311211

She just wants to validate her "autism" any way she can. If lolcow is useful for her that way, then she'll mention it. Otherwise she will keep screaming at this place.

No. 311213

Someone should tell her that wigs are uncomfortable for literally everyone. Also someone should tell her nobody cares, she constantly self-inserts and most of the time her reply isn't even related to whatever the OP is saying or is just a way for her to talk about her 396 mental illnesses.

No. 311214

We don't post about autists, we post about retards (with occasional overlap of course but theres a difference)

No. 311216

This really isn't that milky but since you asked, dear nona, I will deliver. Both of these are from her most recent livestream, shoutout to the anon who uploaded this for us.
Timestamp where she says she watched the H3 podcast's 7 hour subathon: 58:00
Timestamp of her mentioning Brittany: 1:18:35
And a transcript of what she said exactly:
>"Do you like Brittany Broski?" I enjoy her, I do enjoy her. She has said some things that I do not agree with, but whenever she's a guest on podcasts or shows and channels and stuff I watch she is always funny.

No. 311217

Living rent free. Stay mad across platforms, Jillian.
Exactly why she resorted to fucking facebook. She's mad this thread won't placate her. She's so transparent. Literally cannot comprehend why anyone would not automatically give her praise and validation since her parents, mostly Louise, blew so much smoke up her ass from day one. She hasn't learned a damn thing over the years and it shows. She's getting more thin skinned as the years tick by.

No. 311218

The only thing about her getting thinner

No. 311220

Untrue, give her credit where it's due. Her hair is also getting thinner!

No. 311224

File: 1698714265615.jpg (101.46 KB, 720x605, H.jpg)

No. 311225

File: 1698714573126.jpg (229.17 KB, 1080x884, 20231030_211112.jpg)

"Remember to touch grass" kek, that's rich coming from the queen of being chronically online

No. 311226

File: 1698714819564.jpg (327.2 KB, 1080x867, 20231030_211341.jpg)

I get that this shit probably gives you a god complex Jill, but this is not a healthy relationship to encourage your audience to have with you

No. 311228

>afraid of sleeping
Since when? She is now afraid of the dark, and sleeping as of this week.
Also all the people she interacts with are just as insufferable as her, how the hell does someone describe drinking a hot chocolate in such a creepy way and also act like it's unusual; "rubbing my little feet together" "honk shoo my heart out" they really make everything sound so repulsive in their bid to be quirky
She literally never logs off for ten minutes, even watches 7 hour streams >>311216
I swear her compulsive lying is getting worse by the day.

No. 311229

File: 1698716485985.png (96.46 KB, 1188x378, twoface.png)

Scrolling through this person's twitter is so creepy lol They are absolutely obsessed with Jill

No. 311230

File: 1698719796758.jpeg (88.73 KB, 640x1136, 7105B0AE-C65C-47F1-BC2D-9BA3D5…)

This is just a sad woman who is too fat.

No. 311233

File: 1698723021593.jpg (46.87 KB, 720x297, Y.jpg)

No. 311234

this is the same kid who was obsessed with jill some months back, right? to the point of calling out lolcow about it. surprised Jill is still interacting with her since she admitted to trying to fake DID to be just like Jill.

No. 311237

Lmao what a joke. Way more likely to be cluster B in the case of most cows, since cows are always self obsessed, reckless, irresponsible, over the top attention seekers. But incidentally cluster Bs are the exact types foaming at the mouth and jumping on the autism self-misdiagnosis bandwagon when it doesn’t apply to them, just like DID, because they see it as a get out of jail free card and an excuse to continue their irresponsible behaviors.

No. 311248

What is it with these fatties always attracting each other? She kind of looks like Maggie before her and Steven broke up

No. 311249

When do these women even brush their teeth when doing that? Gross

No. 311252

"touch grass" says the alter who told a minor to suck her cock in public

No. 311258

What the hell has brittany done to offend jill? She’s a pandering fat lib fem, shouldn’t that be Jillian approved

No. 311259

Guess we can add insomnia to the ever expanding list of mental jillnesses

No. 311262

Why TF is she going to Twitter for not sleeping? Go to an actual doctor who can help you

No. 311268

We really need to start compiling a list of all the things she claims to be triggered by. Off the top of my head I thin she is scared of sleeping, the dark, thunderstorms, phone calls, emails, going outside and her neighbours.
Yet somehow while she was at school she was able to do Youtube & have part time jobs, travel and do public appearances all the time - but now she's scared of her own shadow?

No. 311271

Tik tok a while ago was saying that rubbing your feet together in bed like a cricket = autism so that is probably why.

No. 311272

When you phrase it like that it totally sounds like something she could use to bolster her DID claims.
"I am not pretending or deluding myself, it was a different alter!"

Her DID really does just seem to be a coping mechanism for her because he changed and got worse and can't comprehend why.

No. 311276

>she constantly self-inserts and most of the time her reply isn't even related to whatever the OP is saying or is just a way for her to talk about her 396 mental illnesses.
This is what annoys me the most about her tweets honestly

No. 311278

Kek just because she ain't using the Jerrica account doesn't mean she's free from discourse, she literally fights people online all the time, hypocrisy at its finest

No. 311279

Do you have caps of that?

No. 311283

What is social contagion

>going outside and her neighbours
On the other hand, she was also upset that random strangers on the street weren’t smiling at her or saying hello when she went out on that one bicycle ride.

No. 311288

Tinfoiling that this is a hint that either her or steve will/has started transition, perhaps the halloween gender swap they did was also a hint.

No. 311290

same, it's so annoying when anyone does it but Jill especially because it always feels like she's trying to make it all about me me me. You were comfy in bed with hot chocolate? well now it's about my fear for falling asleep, ask me about it and comfort me and pay attention to me instead!

No. 311291

it's in the older threads, maybe 6 months ago or so

No. 311292

File: 1698778749402.jpg (341.56 KB, 720x2416, AD.jpg)

No. 311293

Jill just loves talking about herself huh? All she needed to do was tweet the name of her app but she couldn't help but to leave a novel in this person's replies.

No. 311294

Anything to avoid doing any actual work and research, right?

No. 311303

Late, but I hate how she has to do a quirky pose. Looks stupid and out of place.
Cherry has been around. She has said that Jill is a special interest of hers. She has mentioned that she just recently got an autism diagnosis.
Some off the top of my head: nervous about meeting new people, and gets mad if people assume it's Jill they are talking to instead of asking who they are talking to. This whole shtick is an attempt to explain why she hasn't "made it" and that it isn't her fault because you see she has so much against her.

No. 311304

File: 1698788017470.jpg (215.02 KB, 720x1886, 6T.jpg)

No. 311305

File: 1698788122550.jpg (111.04 KB, 720x647, ABYFMI.jpg)

No. 311307

She looks really cute with that hair, tbh. She should go for it.

No. 311308

Honestly, better than the multicolored, thinning straw she's been clinging onto

No. 311309

File: 1698790543687.jpg (162.81 KB, 720x1105, Ohmygod.jpg)

No. 311310

This is genuinely sad, I get wanting your boyfriend to be around and comforting you when you're anxious but she straight up can't function without Stevie even for a few hours. It's really unhealthy.

No. 311311

File: 1698790890016.jpg (128.04 KB, 720x824, WTT.jpg)

No. 311312

Using the phrase "homey and lovely" when talking about a disorder that supposedly stems from absolutely absurd levels of child abuse rubs me the wrong way but hey what else is new here

No. 311317

File: 1698798999966.jpeg (601.88 KB, 1170x1159, IMG_6259.jpeg)

Jillian, certified electrician.

No. 311318

I don’t buy it, I think it’s just more LARPing. She does her research to mimic actual victims. Trauma survivors often have a fear of the dark and a fear of being home alone, usually due to either the idea of being alone because they were traumatized alone or have catastrophic thinking

No. 311322

she is such an h3 stan despite hating them for so long. Not sure if anyone has mentioned that she started wellbutrin after Ethan did and lost a ton of weight as a result. Wonder if she’s hoping for the same.

No. 311324

The fuck is any of this supposed to mean?

No. 311332

>When I close my eyes I see my own face
Pure narcissism kek, Also since when was she not recognising herself in the mirror? She has no idea, if you felt that disconnected from yourself you wouldn't be comfortable filming hours of videos every week staring happily at yourself in the viewfinder/editing program. She tacks on about three new "symptoms" a day some of which she is conveniently already cured of.

No. 311333

translation: Some parents took their baby trick or treating for free snacks (I only learned people do this like an hour ago, the gall) and said baby put treats back in the bowl due to being a baby.
She misgendered the baby and nearly said Happy Birthday when they left because her brain is fried from weed. Stevie used to be on trick or treating duty but left her to do it on his own today for some reason.

No. 311342

I’m sorry but the costume looks really bad and gives off shaynacore

No. 311344

a retardedly entitled question deserves a dumbass writing a novel about themselves.
she really has to rely on a man to handle basic social interactions because shes soooo ficking stoned all the time

No. 311347

File: 1698851404951.jpg (302.24 KB, 720x2510, Obnoxious.jpg)

No. 311359

File: 1698871393625.jpeg (76.49 KB, 1125x318, IMG_2353.jpeg)


No. 311360

Her 6teen cosplay makes her look like those grandmas with a pixie cut.
That’s just an average chronically online zoomer for you.

No. 311366

Did she not frequently talk about taking naps every day not too long ago?

No. 311368

What is she implying? I don't get it.

No. 311369

Implying that her childhood spirit is alive because of DID and her child alters, I'm pretty sure. It's a dumb comment to make on a popular livestream with thousands of viewers, as if the majority of them are gonna know who she is and what mental illness she's faking.

No. 311370

>>311347 i'm praying to all that is holy she goes through a blonde pixie cut phase and gives the rainby limp thinning greasy drain-hair she stapled to her skull a fucking break.

No. 311378

Why did she pull the v neck down to its absolute limit for a teenage character to give candy to children?

No. 311380

The elation she must feel while fully inserted up her own ass 24 hours a day. She does look much better with the blonde pixie, I'll give her that, but imagine living life like this where you are the most enrapturing thing in the world to yourself and every word you utter is about yourself

No. 311383

File: 1698906541478.jpeg (631.34 KB, 1125x1489, IMG_5353.jpeg)

That stood out to me too, especially since (from what I can tell) the character is always wearing a crew neck top and never shows cleavage. Did she really not have a single normal pink t-shirt? Veronica strikes again!

No. 311384


I hate fueling her narc ass, but I agree that she really does look so much better with the blonde pixie cut. She could even go brunette too. The damaged and fugly rainbow hair was never it, and she always has it up in that ratty-ass bun anyway. It's time to let go, Jillian. Let me mald for legitimate reasons, not because your hair is an eyesore.

No. 311387

>I misgendered that baby
Good going Jill, now that baby got DID

No. 311391

Maybe that baby's brain was just born being "more dissociatey"

No. 311395

File: 1698943461110.jpg (126.87 KB, 720x814, O.jpg)

Added the OP tweet so it made sense.

No. 311396

File: 1698943541043.jpg (235.16 KB, 720x1586, T.jpg)

No. 311397

File: 1698943804710.jpg (118.28 KB, 720x810, S.jpg)


No. 311398

"DID is when you have thoughts"

These people are delusional

No. 311399

I mean she’s not wrong. Kinda copium of her to say she’s in a good relationship though.

No. 311402

She needs to cut all her dead hair off and rock a short cut like this. She's a moon faced chubster, but I feel like shorter hairstyles suit her. Kinda weird she decided that the little trick or treating children needed to see her cleavage, especially since most of her outfits don't involve it. It's pathetic she doesn't seem like she can function on her own anymore… Doesn't she see how unhealthy she actually is? That's the exact opposite of progress. I wonder what Steven actually says to her that caused her to feel like she needs him around so much, she wasn't this clingy and co-dependant before.

No. 311403

rare w for Jill, but I can't imagine being so casual and friendly with someone who says you can't argue with your partner at all ever or you're on the way to break up city. op probably has never dated anyone anyway

No. 311405

Did Jill really go searching for a post with like 0 engagement just to explain to a retard how a healthy relationship is supposed to work? Christ. She loves to hear herself talk. the original tweet is as stupid as saying something like “if you and your partner ever ‘fuck’ your relationship is already failing”. Disagreements and yes even arguments over serious matters are both normal and healthy in a relationship especially long-term as you’re going through life stages and changes, but screaming matches and one-sided rough sex are not. how do twitterfags not feel dumb by not explicitly mentioning what they’re referring to? do they think putting quotes around a word is enough for people to know what they mean in their minds kek

No. 311406

Wonder which ex this is. Colin? Mystery girl? The Lolita era guy?

No. 311416

Collin is her only ex that has ever dumped her. She dumped the rest and that’s why she holds a grudge against him to this day

No. 311421

File: 1698961808782.jpg (197.55 KB, 720x1007, Scr.jpg)

No. 311422

Didn't Jill say when she first got her diagnostic impression that she had regular blackouts though? Like I definitely remember her saying she started suspecting DID when she'd randomly come to with juice boxes and kids shows on.

No. 311426

watch her claim that she does herself experience the super rare special blackouts, but for everyone else dw you're still valid DID uwu if you don't get those

No. 311432

File: 1698966859509.jpg (212.64 KB, 720x1666, Screenshot_160954.jpg)

Found the tweet which is located in thread 50. Here is some examples in her diagnostic video as well as the one you described. I don't see her out right saying black out. Looks to me like she dances around the word.

No. 311435

What does she mean by this? Doesn’t her parents pay for her living expenses? She has everything she could want. She acts like resistance to toys is a major life event.

No. 311437

Her parents don't pay for her living expenses and I don't know how this got started. When she first moved out, she said she paid her rent and her parents paid for her tuition. I'm sure they help her out because they spoil her regardless but she at least puts the money she earns towards her bills

No. 311439

For once she is right, obviously you shouldn't be fighting often but working together to communicate and overcome issues is a basic ingredient of a relationship, on the other side you have all the people who can't express themselves or resolve issues and ghost and do hookups.
But I do notice an emphasis on things being resolved in her direction versus the other person's, of course because she is a bully

No. 311441

>how do twitterfags not feel dumb by not explicitly mentioning what they’re referring to? do they think putting quotes around a word is enough for people to know what they mean in their minds kek
Lacking nuance is intentional on Twitter so you get more engagement from all sides, if you post something clear and reasonable people nod and move on.

No. 311442

The jerrick tweets really read like the exact same bullshit transwomen write about their "female experiences" of imaginary period moodswings or overwhelming urges to spin in a frilly dress, so dumb and farcical, the idea that you just switch to a toddler without warning but also are in control enough to shop for and buy and assortment of treats.
She probably realised she'd lose her license if she kept this shit up so stopped mentioning it.
She talks as if she's barely conscious and can't string two words together and then films hours of videos talking about herself. I think she has had no experience meeting or seeing actually severely mentally ill people, which happens if you live in a city and or do customer service because she should know what she "experiences" is nothing like what actually happens to someone when they've truly lost it. Claiming to be losing days and not knowing her name and shit, just utter lies. If you actually felt like that your life would be a living hell and you wouldn't be holding down your youtube, twitter and tiktok brand accounts and sponsorships etc. If stevie suddenly left you'd see all this learned helplessness vanish and she's be bossbabing it up within days.

No. 311445

File: 1698977252137.mp4 (11.95 MB, 1088x1920, 85954188.mp4)

So I searched through the threads and found a nonnie posted >>249003 a tiktok pointing out Jill saying "it's a pandemic and I pay rent now". I trimmed it to that part and slapped the screenshot of the date it was posted at the end. Not definite proof but interesting.

No. 311446

I don't think it means anything since this is from 2022 and she's saying "there's a pandemic" like she's just bringing up things that have made her life more expensive since she left home and she can no longer spend 100% of her money on plastic shit

No. 311447

I agree with you. I find a bit of humor in how she says it though.

No. 311448

one thing we can be certain of now: she must not have much money left after paying rent, and some nonnas have pointed out earlier than her rent shouldn't be too high in her area too.
there's no way she's not buying precure because of the sustainability bullshit, since it's her 'special interest' and all that.

No. 311456

She definitely only started the YouTube membership thing for livestreams because she isn't making as much as she used to from videos/patreon and because the cost of living is going up so quickly. Jill is lazy and wouldn't do more than she has to if she could just comfortably lie in bed stoned all day

No. 311458

Lol yes she was always a chronic oversleeper, at least since graduating high school and picking up a pot habit as well as drinking lots of juice so her blood sugar was probably spiking and tanking.

No. 311470

File: 1699024830418.jpg (296.31 KB, 720x2354, 1919.jpg)

No. 311472

that's such a sad look and literally nothing matches but I've never seen jill match anything correctly even on her lolita burando days.

No. 311473

If I see her wear another gingham dress I am going to lose my mind

No. 311474

All these colors look ugly and muddied together.

No. 311475

Honestly the pixie cut fits her so nicely, why doesn't she cut it like that? It's time to change it up jillian

No. 311476

the way she's just like
>pink + pink = fit
drives me mad. Why not try something like, complementary colors? Why not wear a blue sweater and blue shoes (the same shade, Jill) with a pink dress and a necklace that features both colors? Why does everything have to be the same goddamn color? The sweater she chose looks like vomit.
I agree, it actually suits her

No. 311477

All internet "sick for points" bitches say shit like this all the time, they think they're better by getting absolutely worse

No. 311478

She can't even coordinate pinks, I think she can't put together any color without looking like a complete mess actually. Feels like her "college" didn't taught her anything, or probably she was too busy """stimming"" to pay any attention. It's like she wants to fail so miserably on purpose

No. 311483

>This is a very interesting take!/neutral
Cringe and weird way to say she disagrees. Anyway, she's right, dunno what that other person meant with "argue" in quotations though.

No. 311484

She's a notorious procrastinator and clearly thought she had some natural talent, because she didn't learn fuck all. I know girls who have gone to the same college she went to who are very skilled because they actually went there to learn and not to prance around. I know anons have made fun of the college she's gone to but it's not the college that's incompetent, it's the student. That college is just an affordable option for locals who would not have the means to go to a more well known school in like Toronto or Montreal.

No. 311485

Yeah you would think all these random and completely normal "symptoms" appearing and disappearing every three days would give her a clue but I guess not.

No. 311486

>I know anons have made fun of the college she's gone to but it's not the college that's incompetent, it's the student.
I honestly agree. Sure it's not the best school but it's good on a smaller scale level. Honestly if I had money to throw away I would love to spend a semester there just for funsies. Jillian had the money to go to a better school though, she's just a coward and couldn't handle being a small fish in añ big pond. Sad to be honest

No. 311487

this ugly shag jacket grosses me the fuck out. it genuinely reminds me of a rug that has never seen soap or water in its lifetime, on top of it not looking good with that dress

No. 311488

You're absolutely right, and that same mentality that sent her to Fredericton for school instead of Toronto is why she will continuously fail throughout life. Because she can't fully follow through on anything, she's always half assing. Nah in fact, she's quarter assing.

No. 311489

>seeing her own face is homey and lovely thanks to DID
Wtf lol

No. 311490

It's honestly sad and ridiculous how much she wants to mimic trauma victims. If she was that scared why did she post those tweets? She always does this kind of shit

No. 311491

>She's a moon faced chubster
nonnie i laughed for like a solid minute

No. 311494

Guess she heard about experimenting with different textures in outfits and just threw something together without any actual thought as usual. Also, what about this is an outfit? It's just a jacket, a dress and a necklace. I know an outfit doesn't need to be more complicated than that but for a self-appointed fashionista you'd expect something more.

No. 311497

File: 1699033308679.png (818.44 KB, 942x333, Capture.PNG)

Just a reminder of how that jacked used to look, mind you she got it thrifted so it shows how gross her house and herself are.

No. 311498

Please leave your small maritime towns lol the school is an absolute joke and no one thinks it's anything but a diploma mill

No. 311505

>the amount of work that goes into a lookbook
What work, throwing together some outfits and posing for the camera? She's so spoiled

No. 311516

I'm sure it's hard catering to algorithms, but Jill is fucking lazy. Make a tiktok, make a 8-10 min video of a week of looks while talking about her current life, make an instgram video or post. That's her whole job, consistent selling herself to the internet. Too bad she doesn't leave the house to do a week of looks, kek. Her old vlogs of getting coffee and buying craft garbage while at her moms house was more interesting than her grasping at straws for relevancy.

No. 311517

File: 1699055013196.jpg (288.86 KB, 720x1863, 4014.jpg)

No. 311518

File: 1699055063545.jpg (75.03 KB, 720x493, 231103.jpg)

No. 311519

File: 1699055135923.jpg (258.34 KB, 720x2181, 64039.jpg)

No. 311520

i actually like how she looks. i think the clown days are behind us now

No. 311521

This is edited to hell and back. I hate when she does this. Jill everyone knows you’re the size of a bus you don’t have to shoop and contort yourself to weird poses to hide it.

No. 311522

Can someone explain to me why it’s so hard to make an outfit? Am I weird that I just get up the same day and make a whole outfit? Am I missing something?

No. 311525

Because she stoned out of her gourd 24/7 and is lazy as fuck
I am surprised she’s not on the adhd trend given a lot of her self induced weed side effects imitate adhd symptoms.
(I say this as someone with adhd who struggles with getting dressed and putting outfits together.)
I would also say for her being in alt fashion with only a handful of things that still fit her making a cute outfit must be a struggle. She’s probably too fat for like 80% of her wardrobe and just can’t accept it. If she were to cry to mama vessey about it I bet she would give her the cash to get a new body positive wardrobe of stuff that actually fit her but that would involve coming to terms with being a fatass.

No. 311526

Don't be silly nonnie, us normies just can't comprehend how difficult things are in Jill's "dissociate-y" brain. We can't expect her to simply get up in the morning, look in her closet, and put an outfit together. Since she's the most mentally ill person ever, even something as simple as going to the bathroom or getting dressed in the morning requires careful planning. Also, she's stoned out of her mind all day, every day.

No. 311535

>Let us have fun
So DID is fun and games now?
Ok this actually looks nice, but the jacket needs to go into the trash.

No. 311536

My thing is like… why doesn't she just throw it out? Or buy something that looks similar? Surely she can't be rocking that sweater out in public, it looks like she washes it in her dirty bong water with how brown it is and I KNOW the Fredericton water is NOT that hard. Like what is the point of keeping a ratty thrifted sweater like that? I know it's a nitpick but god damn look at the way it looks greasy in the light it looks like a rat's fur after its bath.
That's my thought too, like if YT only caters towards Shorts and all you're a YTber… it makes sense to start making Shorts then… They're arguably the easiest to make as well since they're shorter and require less work.

No. 311537

To me it seems like she is trying to be her old self again, probably because it's hitting her financially to keep the mentally ill clown aesthetic and content, the fans have been dropping like flies and there are a lot of former fans commenting that they miss her old content or that they dislike her now
Magical thinking now added to the extensive and nonsensical list of symptoms I guess

No. 311539

Fake cap?

No. 311540

File: 1699068319118.png (639.63 KB, 709x898, tweet.png)

A photo translation of her second tweet.
If it wasn't obvious I made it obvious for you & all the other sperg-chans.

No. 311541

this actually reads like something Jill would write lol, but replace her being too busy being high with too busy "dissociating." (she would never admit being high keeps her from doing things)

No. 311545

>shein ripped off her design
I wonder what design she's talking about

No. 311546

File: 1699078147059.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 1692976844122.png)

She claims shein copied the collab dress. Original post >>306219

No. 311547

Thanks nona! Both are ugly as sin.

No. 311550

It's hilarious how shallow Jill's sustainability larp is. She'll drop shein when they supposedly copy her design, but Amazon treating their workers like shit isn't bad enough for her to boycott them.

No. 311551

Small-time wannabe influencers are always quick on claiming someone is copying them when they're using generic molds and fabrics they got from China with equally generic silhouettes and patters. I have to admit the idea is very similar, but both dresses are so generic in color and shape and Sheins is different enough to just as well be coincidence. If I'm gonna give her benefit of the doubt I could perhaps say that someone related to Shein or whatever factory they order their stuff from could have seen her picture in passing and gotten some inspiration from it.
Though, if you look at both pictures for a little bit I could totally see how it feels like a copy if you had been the creator, a friend or a fan.

No. 311555

Right, we saw what Jill’s and the other graduates’ final collections looked like. The school has no standards for admission and no standards for graduation. I’m sure that someone who really works at it can learn some valuable skills and become successful after attending this (or any) school, but since there are no standards the diploma doesn’t mean anything.

But are you a professional fashion designer? I don’t think so! You probably combine pieces of clothing that look nice together and make sense for your local weather conditions like some pleb, not like a tru professional like Jill.

No. 311573

I think she should just go back to fast fashion and hauls and throw away the dirty shit and the stuff that doesn't fit anymore.

No. 311574

Dunno, besides the flower pockets this isn't similar at all

No. 311577

I think that small school only works out if you decide to study more / work your ass off on your craft and then put yourself out there or do work around locally. Probably not the biggest or best school but success could be doable on a smallee scale. Some of those people might not have a chance to go to school otherwise, and it really feels like just one step more to make your skills better and then get higher education, which is what Jillian's plan used to be until she got too lazy and changed it. Otherwise they do have other classes, like 3D modeling, ceramics, jewelry making and videography, so it's not too crazy to imagine someone taking those classes for fun.

No. 311582

this, it's hard to defend a design as yours when it's just pockets on a dress with a common design on it. if the rest of the dress was the same, I'd give it more of a critical eye.

No. 311596

Yeah, often without a diploma you just don't get the same chances as people who have one, even if you have the same skills.
So someone who is sufficiently self taught to work professionally, might just want an official "stamp of approval" so to speak.
And a quick and easy program like this would be the better choice then, compared a longer and more hardcore program at a more expensive place.

But as someone said, Jill could've gone to a better school and she certainly would've needed the education.
I remember her being all excited in a vlog that she now knows to use a special ruler for perfect 90° angles.
Nothing wrong with learning that there, but it shows how little technical knowledge she had when she went into this.

She really just couldn't let go of her environment and ego.
It's a shame because I think at least at the time, there was a chance she would've grown in an environment that'd challenged her more, even if that environment had just been her moving out on her own sooner, maybe moving in with a friend and just doing YT for a bit.

Currently though I think any challenge would just break her even more.
I am usually very much for taking things slowly and gently, but I do wonder if the extra time she spent at home after school (1 or 2 years I think?) just made things worse because it fed more into her dependence?
Maybe she wouldn't have crashed as badly if she had taken the plunge earlier.

Watching her videos in 2017/2018 helped me while dealing with some stuff and seeing everything she was and had fall apart over the last 3 years just sucks.

No. 311597

I know this was discussed after the original post was made but I still can't get over how DISSIMILAR they are, and how revealing the post Jill made about this is.

The differences:
>square neckline vs. sweetheart-ish neckline
>empire waist vs. belted at natural waist
>ruched 3/4 sleeves vs. sleeveless
>dusty rose large-check gingham vs. baby pink solid fabric
accents that Jill's has that are not on the Shein dress:
>blue and yellow tie straps
>lace trim on the neckline
>blue and yellow belt loops
>matching baby pink circle belt
accents that the Shein dress has that Jill's doesn't have:
>the entire SLEEVES! with elastic ruching at the shoulder and the little flared sleeve opening at the elbow
>darting in the bosom to make it fit better (looks like Jill might have tried to do this but it's way too low and wide)
>the large-check gingham pattern all over the dress that Jill's doesn't have

And now for the similarities:
>blue gingham pockets with daisies on them
>pink knee length dress

The way Jill says "I knew this was inevitable," as if her designs are so groundbreaking and novel that fast fashion companies are just lining up to see what she puts out so they can rip it off, the delusion.

Both gingham and the five-petal daisy design are trademarks of the 1960s designer Mary Quant, so if you ask me Jill stole it from her first.

No. 311601

File: 1699132838512.jpg (212.11 KB, 720x1746, 3.jpg)

No. 311602

File: 1699132917001.jpg (197.08 KB, 720x1278, Jsuj.jpg)

No. 311603

Jill couldn't have gone to a better school because any school that is worth going to would have required a portfolio and she doesn't actually like making clothes because she NEVER does it! She's probably made under 20 pieces in her entire lifetime. Her "passion" is something she spends less than 1% of her time doing! She likes the idea of being a ~fashion designer~ but she doesn't actually like doing it

No. 311605

True. If anything, a fashion stylist seems more like her natural lane, but then again, for how long she's been a fashion influencer, she is really, really bad at styling herself.
But even if she had learned that skill, I feel like she would be too egocentric and caught up in her own style and preferences to style anyone else appropriately.
She'd just choose what she would want to wear.
Heck, she's probably doing that on herself too. Just choosing what she wishes would look stylish on her and deluding herself into thinking it looks good irl just because it looks good in her imagination.

No. 311607

I always felt like Jill wished she could skip the grind of the fashion design industry and just go right to being the big boss who doodles dresses that her underlings put together for her while she gets to take all the credit on the runway
(I know this isn't realistic, but it's what you see in movies, and I 100% believe Jill actually thinks thats how the industry works)

No. 311612

File: 1699140729280.jpg (187.2 KB, 720x1258, 3048.jpg)

No. 311613

File: 1699140852827.jpg (166.87 KB, 720x1015, 6_.jpg)

No. 311614

File: 1699140977996.jpg (82.65 KB, 720x632, 49_.jpg)

No. 311615

>"Didn't you say bangs cause your 'tism to flare up?"
"Yes, but these bangs are different because I said so, so kindly shut the fuck up 13 heart emoji's"

No. 311617

Very funny to imagine she forgot that was one of her made up tism problems and was scrambling to come up with an excuse kek

No. 311620

Honestly curtain bangs are very annoying as far as being always in your eyes and touching your face and she has had blunt ones for many years so yeah she just made up a random specific excuse. I don't get why she holds on so intensely to her hair when she is constantly frying it off her head at the same time, she never even has one inch of roots

No. 311623

Curtain bangs only look good if they're styled each day and we all know she won't ever do that lol

No. 311634

>Brad mondo
i thought he was widely hated online for being a pos, im surprised jill would follow his advice??

No. 311637

He featured her in a video some years ago, maybe she's hoping he'll notice her again? Or at least doesn't wanna ruin her chances in the future.
I am personally unaware of any drama he's had/is having, but I think someone as chronically online as her wouldn't miss that stuff?

No. 311639

She will never understand what having sensory issues actually means. Having bangs is probably the biggest nightmare ever for someone that literally can never have hair touching her face, it’s like having a thousand of wasps walking on your face, hell, sometimes hair is annoying even near the ears, even during winter.

No. 311645

Just when i thought Steve couldn't get any more terrifying.
She needs to shave that fried shit off and go back to a natural hair color.
These two dresses are extremely different, Jilly. Shein didn't copy her.

No. 311647

Didn’t she just go to the salon recently and face her big scary fear of getting a hair cut? And now she’s just chopping at it herself?

No. 311649

>A look for today's vid
She needs to just stop saying her upload schedule, it always ends up being late.

No. 311650

Sorry if I'm being daft but doesn't magical thinking in her case mean that she expects stuff in her life to go her way / fix itself without actually putting any effort or taking any steps towards it? For example, thinking the Wellbutrin is going to solve all her issues when what she actually needs is to stop abusing weed and work on her BPD/NPD. Or thinking that wanting DID/autism means she has it, and that it absolves her of all wrong. She seems incredibly butthurt about this term being on her "psych report" all of a sudden, so it sounds like a new thing. Did she see a new shrink recently? Or has she talked about this before? Either way, her acting oblivious about what it means (when she should be taking steps to address it as a harmful and counterproductive behaviour instead of throwing a pity party on twitter) just proves further that it does apply to her.

No. 311651

there’s no use really speculating. we all know there is no “psych report”

No. 311652

She will never see anyone that doesn’t validate her larp. Like other Canada anons have said she could get that autism test done for free but have to be put on a waitlist and would most likely get stamped neurotypical so she’ll avoid it at all costs. I’m guessing whoever she shopped for that costs 3k-4K will probably give her what she wants but internet mental health culture validates self diagnosis so she’ll probably lean into that until whatever house of cards she has built from that larp crumbles.
Besides past confirmation of her parents still helping her financially her leaning into the DID/autism larp plus saying she’s outright disabled kind of makes it seem like she still gets some kind of financial help from her parents. Her diving into the larp doesn’t help her YouTube and patreon revenue so why does she continue to get worse and worse if she’s not getting anything out of it besides attention? I guess it justifies her forcing Steven to do clean up all the cat piss but it also just comes off as “uwu mommy and daddy I need handouts cause I’m so sicky”.
Like a week ago she was trying to hunt down some shitty overpriced precure plastic compact to purchase so I wouldn’t say she’s on an extremely tight budget. She likes to larp as a poor starving artist and that’s been her schtick since she lived with her parents. It was an old thread where she called herself a starving artist while living with her parents too so anytime Jillian says money is tight it needs to be taken with a grain of salt

No. 311656

Her ego and narcissism just make her look retarded when only the pockets look similar and other artists have had their entire designs copied by Shein, she's ridiculous

No. 311659

She could had never been a fashion stylist because this bitch can't put colors or shapes together and can't dress anyone but herself and her own ego, and we all know how badly she dresses anyway. There's plenty of fashion stylist out there with crazy and colorful ensembles for pop artists and whatnot. But she's not it, she doesn't know shit, can't do shit, doesn't even sew, doesn't even know the basics to this shit. Her reputation is low and she looks insane nowadays anyway, also she wants to live in bumfuck nowhere so her career is dead. Maybe she should consider making soaps.

No. 311660

how is "magical thinking" a diagnosis. If anything, it's just normal or just a symptom of something else.

No. 311662

So glad Jill is here to talk about mental health diagnostics since she must know so much more than professionals.

I don't know if she's being willfully ignorant or is so isolated that her ego really has her believing that she knows everything.

No. 311678

This is so dumb and harmful of Jill to perpetuate. There is a HUGE difference between spiritual/religious belief and magical thinking, so insisting that they're acktshually the same is going to prevent people who need help from getting it. It's the difference between someone coping with their fear of flying by saying a quiet prayer before the plane takes off and someone who tears out all of their eyelashes wishing for a promotion at work.

It's so duplicitous of her to be OBSESSED with mental health while constantly shitting on psychology/medicine as a field as if she's so much smarter than doctors. Does she really think that every religious person who goes to the doctor gets "magical thinking" put in their chart?

No. 311680

Soap-chan is that you?? Glad to see you’re still here lol

No. 311681

Religion is absolutely considered magical thinking from an anthropological point of view VS a psychology point of view but Jillybean probably didn't read the difference when she googled it lol

No. 311684

I think it's her fundamental misunderstanding of mental illness at play. She doesn't understand that "magical thinking" as a symptom implies distress, obsession, violence against the self or others, etc. It's not fun, it's sickness. But because mental jillness is all sunshiney rainbows or stirring up drama for twitter likes, she literally doesn't get it. She has no frame of reference for actual suffering. Fascinating stuff.

No. 311689

she literally says that in the tweet youre responding to

No. 311690

File: 1699215892053.jpg (118.06 KB, 720x780, 105.jpg)

No. 311691

everything about this but especially her roots.
she's such a slob

No. 311692

No. 311693

>We still have no primary caregiver, I really need to go to a dentist
she's such a train wreck, wtf

No. 311694

bold talk about meds from Jillian "we don't have a doctor, i have no health insurance" Vessey

No. 311696

I find it incredibly rich that Jill is like “Oh my god people have it worse than me, there’s nothing like getting better,” only to still be chronically online and crying on Twitter that everything is so hard for her and she is the most ~*Mentally Ill*~(still hasn't learned how to sage )

No. 311697

>>311692 It's rich she whines in the video about people accusing her of faking Tourette's because she uses the word ticks and then goes on to talk about her fake autism and her super real stimming and super real special interests.

No. 311702

>>311697 wait let me word that better, she was whining that "omg if people start saying I'm malingering Tourette's im gonna eat my head wahh wahh"(you can delete and repost, see lolcow.farm/info)

No. 311709

There is nothing kawaii about this thumbnail wtf
Inb4 Jill's pill addiction

No. 311720

>>311692 The “caregiver” thing was such an uncomfortable and specific tell for the age-old perv tinfoil. Can the idea that she’s into DDLG shit even be called tinfoil at this point?

No. 311725

I think her recent autism faking is about more than just attention seeking online. I think Jilly is getting fed up with having to cook her own tendies and wants to get a government-subsidized tard wrangler and plenty of neetbux to spend on weed and animu clutter for her apartment.

No. 311727

Personally I think she wants to be viewed as vulnerable, and as someone who has to be taken care of, and DID didn't really give her that. I think she feels entitled to only positive things being said about her even when it comes to mental disorders, and autism might be perceived as something you can't really fake-claim and something that makes you disabled in other people's eyes so she will never be questioned. It also makes her feel quirky and special.

No. 311728

Honestly it's just because she wants to defend herself and her totes real (and not magical thinking) DID.

Watch her mention witchcraft again soon. Even though she hasn't mentioned it for months.

No. 311729

She has done this variation of this same thumbnail so many times.

No. 311731

File: 1699246998895.jpg (65.82 KB, 720x530, Screenshot_202.jpg)

Gives off try hard edgy vibes. I hate how she thinks meds alone will magically fix her. She's allergic to working hard.
One trick pony besides general laziness.
Agreed. Jill wants the ultimate shield and it shows. It's disgusting how she views all of this. It's all just shiny toys for her to use when it suits her needs.

No. 311732

This video is sad. Honestly, it's sad to hear someone talk like this. 25 and already totally committed to excusing her way out of life.

Like I know how this is gonna sound but: would it kill her to try getting into a fitness routine, going to the gym and learning to run or take part in fitness classes, eat a healthy and nutritious diet, cut down on weed? Why not those things? Why drugs? I don't fucking get it, I really don't. This is one of the more depressing videos to me.

No. 311734

Extra sad to hear her speculate out loud that "my partner doesn't love me."

No. 311735

I just think that if you have to for any reason photoshop an array of pill bottles next to your head or face in a thumbnail for a youtube video, maybe you should stop and reconsider. Because what on earth does any of that have to do with fashion. Japan. Anything-anything that she used to be? This is it for her now? Rattling on and on about her mental health? Not even in a broad sense to apply to anyone else, but just talking endlessly about herself now? I know that it's been like this for a while now, but that thumbnail is truly rock bottom about it. That doesnt make me want to click, it makes me want to unsubscribe, and I already did that over a year ago now.

No. 311741

>10:50 "I think I just need more distractions" t. Jill
I agree with you there. Maybe go to college or just get a job, so you don't just live inside your head smoking weed all day.

No. 311742

She likely earns too much to qualify for disability in Canada

No. 311744

>I just think that if you have to for any reason photoshop an array of pill bottles next to your head or face in a thumbnail for a youtube video, maybe you should stop and reconsider.
Glad you pointed it out because I also find it super depressing that she's doing this for attention. I have a narcissist friend just like this, coincidentally she also studied fashion design. They don't care about their "passions", they just say anything to people for attention. They really can't grasp why would it be weird to make a whole video on such a sensitive topic. Anything happening to them is fair game and will be used to tell a bigger story than what it is.

No. 311746

Honestly Jillian's problems are mostly about her not knowing how to solve her problems or ignoring the most obvious solution. She rather pretend to be mentally ill because she can't deal with the right steps to get better. It's sad to see someone so young being so frustratingly depressing when she could easily find help and it will be given to her.

No. 311750

When she filmed herself having the side effects my first thought was "if she had something to do or somewhere to be she wouldn't be in her bed just focusing on symptoms all day long". I'm not saying it would cure her anxiety or whatever but it surely doesn't help to be all day inside your house.

No. 311753

I feel like literally all her problems stem from being at home doing nothing 100% of the time, with no purpose, no responsibilities, no hopes for anything big or good in the future. Can't hope to marry her partner as she isn't sure that they love her. Can't hope for children or a family. Can't hope for vacations or anything big or exciting if you aren't making money. Can't hope for big accomplishments, or even material gains. It's a completely pointless and sad existence. She is doing absolutely nothing with herself: no wonder she feels so bad. Who wouldn't feel bad? And everything she described in the "coming off symptoms" video looked 100% like a weed-induced freakout, and anyone who has ever had that kinda freakout knows it. This is all just fucking sad. This is rock bottom, Jillian. Time to face it. Get real, get out of your house, get a fucking job.

No. 311755

>no hopes for anything big or good in the future. Can't hope to marry her partner as she isn't sure that they love her. Can't hope for children or a family. Can't hope for vacations or anything big or exciting if you aren't making money. Can't hope for big accomplishments, or even material gains. It's a completely pointless and sad existence.
Oof. You're completely right though. She can't get out of this self imposed misery because this is what she knows, her comfort zone, she wont get better if she keeps going with this shit.

No. 311756

She should just dump him before he does. He’s just an enabler and won’t even marry her. Time to pack it up and move on. Inb4 she reverts back to her old self blames everything on him.

No. 311757

Honestly I would rather have her dump him and reverting to her old self, and possibly getting better because of that, than seeing her doing all the stupid shit she's doing atm. I wish she got better despite all the disgusting shit she has said and done over the years because in the end she might be incredibly stupid and infuriating, but wouldn't say that I necessarily wish bad upon her. Maybe she thinks she won't have another partner ever again in her life and she's settled for crumbs? Dunno.

No. 311758

File: 1699293071938.jpg (117.45 KB, 720x775, K.jpg)

No. 311760

File: 1699293168381.jpg (43.12 KB, 720x263, DBS.jpg)

No. 311761

this is just her admitting to lurking on here lol

No. 311762

Yeah right.
And way to completely not understand / purposefully misrepresent "the assignment."
Get a fucking job challenge. Do that challenge.

No. 311763

Actually see a psychologist and a therapist challenge. Actually talk to a real life doctor challenge. Do something with your pathetic self challenge.

No. 311764

She seems to genuinely like him and seems to be very insecure over the thought of losing him lately, so I don't think she considers being with him as settling. He, however, is most likely looking for a back-up girl he can dump Jill for. I don't think he is too keen to move back in with his parents so he is hunting for another less demanding rainby girlfriend with an ageplaying kink that he can move in with behind Jill's back, she probably wouldn't notice that he's been slowly moving his stuff out unless she remembers she haven't larped as Jax or Jerick in a while and need to raid his closet again.

No. 311768

Is this another fake cap?

No. 311769

File: 1699300081380.jpeg (525.56 KB, 1125x1609, 3BB6ABC5-0DA6-41E5-B714-1BEED5…)

it is not

No. 311770

I thought weed made her feel "more normal"?

No. 311775


The way she wore that ratty jacket the immediate video after it was brought up in this thread, the way she says in the video "I will go insane if another person claims I'm taking a disorder" (hinting at this board, again), the way shes been tweeting shit like this more and more often. She is lurking HARD, and she's signaling it.

Hey, if the "me me me mental health" content isn't getting enough numbers, at least she can pretend like it is by glazing through this board and commenting about it on her twitter alt, right?

No. 311776

File: 1699304653813.jpg (418.59 KB, 720x2530, 40315.jpg)

No. 311777

Guess not lmao

No. 311778

Funny she says that because it seems like she has had less blatant DID symptom for awhile. And it seems that only occurred after she stopped smoking so much.

No. 311779

At the end of the day, she isn't seeing a therapist or psychiatrist or anything that like. She switched off her meds that she's been taking since she was a young teenager and likely did NOT need to take all this time - and did so through the use of online telehealth instead of under the advice and supervision of an actual healthcare provider. She is making every single last thing up as she goes along, and it's all the most insane, blasé, and stupid way of going about these things. You cannot take her at her word about any of this. What a stupid girl.

No. 311780

I'm pretty sure those tweets are meant for artists who make illustrations not ugly fashion design

No. 311783

I forgot about that ugly ass dress. Fashion student who can't even hem a beginner's circle skirt.

No. 311811

Both are worse than party city costumes. Made with shiny cheap fabric and ill-fitting all around. Her delusions are really something because she is always saying how she's such an expert designer with a passion for fashion, but even cosplayers with no college degrees or any professional experience are better at it.

No. 311813

Imagine being proud of this and even flaunting it online. But I guess this means none of her fashion collection is her favorite?

No. 311817

She hasn’t made anything notable in years and is flaunting her work pre fashion school lmao

No. 311823

pretty sure she's being sarcastic, which goes her autism larp

No. 311829

See she's using sarcasm so she has no autism.

No. 311831

wait.. wouldn’t her most popular piece be the one shein supposedly ripped off?

No. 311832

File: 1699379958335.jpg (172.92 KB, 720x1520, Pica.jpg)

No. 311833

File: 1699380074990.jpg (251.9 KB, 720x1940, Stfuyddb.jpg)

No. 311834

File: 1699380228812.jpg (108.51 KB, 720x784, Ys.jpg)

I just find it fascinating how she has to insert herself in everything.

No. 311835

File: 1699380472444.jpg (200.61 KB, 720x1196, Sure.jpg)

No. 311836

File: 1699380560002.jpg (164 KB, 720x978, Stop.jpg)

No. 311837

We mention they most likely don't have sex and almost immediately she goes "LOOK! We are TOTES doing the nasty!! We are doing it for hours on end!!!" like girl, at least try to hide that you are lurking kek

No. 311838

That was a collaboration with a brand, right? I’m guessing she didn’t sew that herself, just doodled it and sent the drawing off to the factory.

No. 311840

Can you imagine Jilly having sex? That's so gross lol

No. 311841

File: 1699384395864.jpg (350.37 KB, 1080x2022, Screenshot_20231107_190953_X.j…)

She's posting again about getting married, and again about gold bridal jewelry. I don't get her thing about gold jewelry since she looks very pinky-cool toned to me. Wouldn't silver be the normal choice for someone with her complexion?

No. 311842

File: 1699384460196.jpg (456.22 KB, 1079x1282, Screenshot_20231107_190947_X.j…)

More marriage posting, she's not very subtle is she

No. 311843

I feel sorry for you, Jill.

No. 311844

The three rings in this picture total about 5K CAD lol where does she think Steebie is getting the money for these even if they came in gold?

No. 311845


Everything, everything, everything is me, me, me. She must be impossible to hold a conversation with.

No. 311847

>Stevie put a rainby condom on your peeny weeny before Berry starts fronting!

No. 311850

File: 1699388899584.jpg (257.54 KB, 720x1527, Wkc.jpg)

She's on a wedding sperg. Wonder what caused it?

No. 311851

Cannot match pinks for shit lmao.
Seeing photos like this might hurt her psychologically since she’ll never be that size again.

No. 311854

He's ugly and perverted, not the kind of guy you think you'd actually like.

No. 311855

Literally same level of unnatractivenes

No. 311856

I'm sorry but this is way better than anything she's doing now

No. 311857

File: 1699390449546.png (1.21 MB, 1746x879, how the hell.png)

saging for no milk, but how the FUCK does this double-chinned ass technicolored-pig manage to pull a skinny twink emo boy like him?

No. 311858

Stevie is uglier and has a ageplay fetish

No. 311859


No. 311860

He’s an average mid dude and they live in a small town so its even easier to punch above your means cause the options are limited. Jill also wasn’t this much of a hambeast when they first got together so they were honestly matched in appearances.

No. 311861

> skinny emo twink boy
He is none of these things kek

No. 311862

It is, which says a lot because the outfit itself is terrible

No. 311864

It's begginer lolita tier, but honestly, so much easier on the eyes than the drag queen shit. Wish she stuck with this hair color though

No. 311865

That's not pica, that's just being a stupid toddler. I also ate random shit as a kid, isn't that an universal experience? Literally this is why a lot of colorful small shit says "do not let alone with an unsupervised kid"

No. 311866

>Wedding with my brother
Uh oh

No. 311867

It's crazy how long Jill's list of mental illnesses is becoming, any other normal person would be horrified to find out they had multiple severe disorders. But to Jill they're just fun, quirky personality traits she can brag about on twitter.

No. 311868

Isn't this the opposite to autistic people?
>I need an alter without afrid
…but how would that even work. Sounds stupid to begin with.

No. 311869

Can someone please go check out on her Facebook if any of her friends or relatives is getting engaged?

No. 311870

>skinny emo twink boy

more like closet gay and trans. I have absolutely no doubt in my heart.

No. 311873

File: 1699396448841.png (623.82 KB, 763x612, fujocouple.png)

It's this fujos-larping-as-gay-men couple. They don't seem to be friends with Jill but they are friends with Sof and her partner Oliver.

No. 311877

autists can use sarcasm. doesnt matter in regards to jill because completely normal other than being a stoner.
twitter is where people go with friends and pretend theyre having a conversation with others when its really an excuse to talk about yourself.
sounds like a personal problem if you took their comment literally. its just jarring how she got fatter over the years. i guess work keeps him busy and active with a routine….and chores that jill doesnt want to do.

No. 311878

>sounds like a personal problem if you took their comment literally
NTA but I don't think Steven is a skinny emo either, he's more like some weird closeted gay genderqueer nerd stereotype. He needs more oomph for him to really be emo. Or even attractive lol. Why defend his looks anyway lmao? He's creepy and into ageplaying.

No. 311879

Lots of guys like him like chubby alt girls, it's a very common combination imo
Some autists like to be in a small group of three or four people because they can just not talk and still be social. Not saying Jill is like that, we have seen how she is around big groups, her birthday vlog for example.

No. 311880

File: 1699402456237.png (107.97 KB, 189x306, notstraight.png)

This is not the body language of a man into any kind of girls.

No. 311881

No. 311882

Yeah that was very awkward, there isn't any video footage of them together where Steven looks like he is attracted to her or even likes her, and it's very opposite to the way she acts around him, she comes off like she is desperate for him to like her

No. 311884

My guess based on absolutely nothing is that Stevie likely grew up with a manic, spastic mother and was her caretaker. He just seems to withstand Jill's craziness like it's nothing. He should consider a career in care-taking because it seems to come incredibly naturally to him (in a good way).

But I'm sorry - he just isn't a cis-gendered hetereosexual man. I am sorry that he likely hasn't had the space in his life to truly explore and access that part of himself, but it's just obvious. There's a reason why Jillian would be thinking "my partner doesn't really love me." I'm sure he does love her, but in what way?

No. 311885

>sorry he didn't get to explore being a tranny
Are you lost

No. 311886

File: 1699404814871.png (569.14 KB, 1115x551, 0001.png)

Everyone needs to go back to this video and watch this scene and tell me if all isn't revealed there.

No. 311891

Agreed. If he hadn't jumped from his religious parents' place straight into Jillybean's basement and instead did the normal thing of moving out for university or whatever and actually getting to forge his own identity, he would be swiping on grindr as we speak

No. 311896

Do you think he likes them chunky because he can pretend he’s fucking a bear that way?

No. 311897

Jill would have to take t to grow hair to be like a bear, wake up nonna

No. 311899

ok? what does it say?

No. 311901

k went back to see what you were talking about. Tried to add a timestamp for anyone interested (idk if it worked), I would start the video at 19:17 though. He's gay af

No. 311902

Absolutely and you can tell that Jill thought he was going to say he didn't mind sleeping in the same bed as ~Jerbear~ and then switched at the last moment lmao Also watching her "dissociate" right after that is such a fucking joke like she's fully present and dissociation can't end that quickly

No. 311905

I feel like her "switch" after he says "we are very happy with it - I would hope so" is the most pure example of Jill's whole entire schtick - her LARP, the BPD, everything. Just disassociate instead of being honest, instead of having a confrontation, instead of actually communicating your real feelings. Avoid avoid avoid.

No. 311909

pls I don't want to know this jill. This also is kinda fueling anon theories they don't fuck that often because how are you remembering specific details from "the last time" if you are fucking frequently? Anything you do frequently just goes into the memory jumble or simply doesn't get remembered at all, "dissociatey" "time jump" jill out here remembering asking for brita filtered water specifically

I mean she also just makes up a story of how she also did <whatever the person she's replying to did> so this could be adib and there is no brita filter

No. 311910

This is very cringey when your repulsive gay moid (btw I am lgbt, the repulsive and gay are unconnected statuses kek) hasn't gone anywhere near proposing to you. How are you planning your wedding.
offtopic but dreronayne and her very obviously gay mexican moid got engaged on halloween, I think her and Jill have interacted before, so she probably saw that, they did a nice photoshoot on a pirate ship

No. 311911

Their body language is always like he is a shy stranger/colleague/roommate and they have known each other for a week, crazy to me they have been dating and cohabiting for years and it's like this

No. 311915

File: 1699431597768.jpeg (586.02 KB, 1125x1117, IMG_5423.jpeg)

Gangly skinny guy + obese quirky girl is like THE standard alt couple, at least where I live. Maybe they’re becoming less common now that most of the men are fat too but for as long as I can remember it was practically the norm.

What’s weird to me is that he’s so cold and distant to her in public while in private he massively enables and babies her. He doesn’t just run errands for her but IIRC even tucks her into bed and shit. Granted most of this we heard from Jill so it’s possible she’s lying, but she has shown texts between the two of them where he infantilises her and reminds her to put on her autism lanyard before the scawy powice arrive, for example. He also invited Sof to come age regress at their house unprompted. If he’s truly sick of Jill & co.’s shit and wants to date other men instead he has a strange way of showing it.
IMO he’s not fully homosexual and likes girls who do age regression/IRL loli shit (like his ex) but he’s sick of Jill and her narc bullshit specifically, which is understandable. I think that if he leaves Jill for someone else, it’s more likely to be another uwu sexy baby weeb girl than a man. Maybe a fakeboi. He really strikes me as a “straight with extra steps” relationship kind of guy.

No. 311916

not to tinfoil, but i'm convinced he tolerates her nonsense because this is some kind of caregiver/baby kink to him, and he gets off on the levels of self infantilisation others would find completely intolerable. l

No. 311928

"I want this cardigan back"
Jill you know damn well your arms would tear that thing in half

No. 311930

File: 1699445297987.jpeg (228.68 KB, 828x1624, IMG_6561.jpeg)

Late asf for this but this bitch can’t ever be original, her gyaru makeup is just copied from this girl but godforbid anyone else creates pockets that look like flowers

No. 311931

Why does he talk like the joker

No. 311938

he cant stand her lmao

No. 311941

The whiplash of looking at this very nicely done makeup and then scrolling up to the truckstop prozzie version in threadpic kek. I wouldn't insult this girl by even saying it was copied, it looks nothing like this. Jill is welcome to claim that look as wholly original.

No. 311942

I also think he isn't fully gay because he likes girls that do the kawiwi sexy baby bullshit, and fakebois. They are both straight with extra steps in my opinion, and that image it's the perfect depiction of the kind of couple they are too, except Jill would never tolerate the idea of a threesome. I don't think that couples sleeping separately is weird, many people do that, but I do think that there isn't an ounce of attraction between them.

No. 311943

>dreronayne and her very obviously gay mexican moid got engaged on halloween
Who? Legit don't know who these people are

No. 311944

Kelly Eden's former roommate/friend

No. 311947

Wow, as much as I don't care or even like gyaru makeup, this looks very cute. for a second I thought it was a picture of Jillian and I thought "wow she improved overnight" kekkk
I see, so maybe that's why Jillian is so desperate to show Steven that she wants to get married. It's so sad.

No. 311957

This is actually a style girls have been doing on tiktok for a long while now. A lot of cosplayers make it a staple for their cosplays as well. It's a mix of drag and gyaru.

No. 311960

>I don't think that couples sleeping separately is weird, many people do that, but I do think that there isn't an ounce of attraction between them.

I also think it's pretty clear from the video that Jillian is completely and utterly not OK with it. And I also do think that Stevie loves her, but again, there's just no attraction. Classic case of acting out his childhood circumstances. And Jillian is classically trying to deny and go against what she really wants in her heart: get married and have a family. It's all just so obvious.

No. 311961

>And I also do think that Stevie loves her, but again, there's just no attraction
Explain this please

No. 311962

platonic love, asexual love, sibling-esque love, I dunno.

No. 311963

I’d say right off the bat it’s probably her waking up every single day feeling 0 control over anything because she’s fat, lazy and has fallen off tremendously. And because she’s one of those stupid fucks who’s obsessed with staying young and refuses to embrace aging. She needs something that will give her narcissistic ass stability and a long term boyfriend isn’t enough for her, she needs marriage and she needs to be able to brag about it online and to make a stupid rainby wedding video to become relevant again.

No. 311965

How can they still have sex?

No. 311966

Stevie is a low T coomer male, so I'm sure he's happy to stick his pp into any warm hole and Jill has talked about being a pillow princess before so she probably lets him thrust away

No. 311971

File: 1699476151921.jpg (116.07 KB, 720x755, Jjj.jpg)

No. 311973

File: 1699476256160.jpg (190.64 KB, 720x1079, K.jpg)

No. 311974

The only thing these two makeup looks have in common is the exaggerated droopy eye makeup, but that is a staple for some gyaru substyles

No. 311976

November Patreon vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BL4mvRB_Jg4&t=1s

Recap on the way(embed)

No. 311979

Intro: Standard fare and talking to cat, complaining about the cat hair everywhere and her mobile freaking out when trying to film in horizontal.
02:50: Gave herself bangs (wolf-face framing and all they do is cast dark shadows on her face) and Stevie mentions that Cliff was going to give her a talking too "He's bald. He's bald and he supports me" Maybe Cliff was Jills perfect boyfriend all along
04:14: only on her third coffee of the day at noon
05:08: Youtube changing somethings about live streaming "…because it looks different. I don't like when things are different that makes me angry"
07:01: Already started Christmas shopping and she's very, very, very excited about it. Wants to do a gift wrapping video but says she's always busy creating the gifts and wants to do bead jewelry.
09:41: Secret santa in her friend group.
Discussion on what she's received previously (jellycats) and ordering items for her friends (so much for the secret part of secret santa)
Extended discussion on what she's getting everyone (and too be honest it all just sounds like cheap crap whilst she's expecting the moon & the stars)

17:20- On her third coffee and states that her body has been like disregulated and like fight or flighty which means her digestive system is has just been like (does the black woman "oh no she better don't" face and finger wiggle)
18:44- has an emotional support water bottle.
19:43 "It's technically for kids and it has a goddamn sippy cup" It's just a normal kids water bottle with a folding straw so I don't know why she called it a sippy cup other than to infantilize herself.

Talking about gifts for her dad & stevie. Brother update: he has a cat and is single and she talks about him for a while too.

Talking about travel as someone in chat mentioned a trip to New York and Jill just started ranting about all the places she's been with her mom

Talking about florida man and areas she'd like to travel in america

32:32- SHE'S GOING TO REVISIT LOLITA. I can't wait to see how she's going to retcon her previous online self and wanted to make sure the dress fit.

No. 311982

>17:20- On her third coffee and states that her body has been like disregulated and like fight or flighty which means her digestive system is has just been like (does the black woman "oh no she better don't" face and finger wiggle)

Does she not realize that coffee is a stimulant and a laxative??? She's so fucking dumb

No. 311983

I forgot to add that everyone in the chat told her not to have 3 cups of coffee on a empty stomach and that she go and eat something (she doesn't)

32:32 - onwards is all lolita. I don't know much as so if anyone can comment on what she's talking about with her co-ord would be awesome (still has stuff from body line and dream-v) Talks about her experience with the online communities

38:58 BPD talk about fashion
44:35 Starts feeling "soupy" so I guess that's the max of Jills attention span and ability to reflect on her previous behaviour in real time.
Cliff is in the house to suppor her.

Stevie made her watch Friday Nights at Freddys stuff even though she doesn't like scary stuff

54:28: drag queen talk about womanhood as someone mentioned trixie & katya
56:32 Back to bluey kid show toys
57:17: Closet cleaning out but keeps putting it off as there's so much other important stuff to get done.
1:02:57: Talking about holiday food and chatting with paterons.

No mention of her clothing line or online bead jewelry for people to buy which was meant to be coming out before Christmas.
No doing vlogmas even though her paterons suggested it and it would get her massive view numbers.

Her behavious is like when a drug addict knows they have a score on the way so they get super productive before they get that sweet, sweet hit.

No. 311988

Sometimes she posts too much mind boggling shit in a row that even commenting on it seems like a waste of time, what could I even say now on this post that hasn't been said before? She's sad to look at and needs therapy, that's it.

No. 311989

Helped you embed it

No. 311990

>"…because it looks different. I don't like when things are different that makes me angry"
Autism crumbs

No. 311991

>On her third coffee and states that her body has been like disregulated and like fight or flighty which means her digestive system is has just been like (does the black woman "oh no she better don't" face and finger wiggle)
……..this is stupid holy shit she's stupid

No. 311992

I would love for her to explain all the terms she uses like what does she think dysregulation and fight or flight mean and also explain how does it feel because at this point I don't even think there is any meaning behind the usage of those terms she throws around all the time, she just picks them up from Twitter instead of learning them in therapy

No. 311995

File: 1699491483275.png (1.75 MB, 1014x1456, Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 7.48.…)

holy shit nonas. her coord is horrible, unsurprisingly. I'm not surprised its a barely passable taobao brand dress she's borrowing from someone else since there's no way in hell she's fitting into most big name brand dresses nowadays. Everything about this image is making me crack up. The FILTHY mint bag (only brand item, points for trying) + the not at all matching mint socks, the shitty white Bodyline blouse, AND she says she's going to be wearing those ugly ass heart heel mules that definitely don't match the pink in her dress and definitely are not good for lolita….not even that natural color wig can save her. She was always ita and always physically incapable of matching colors, but this is just a shitty half-baked beginners coord, the kind of thing a fifteen year old would cobble together to go to her first meetup. For a ~jfashion influencer~ this is absolutely shit tier (as usual, thx jill). i cannot wait to see the trainwreck this video is going to be.

No. 311996

File: 1699491886150.jpeg (8.28 KB, 202x249, images.jpeg)

>>Brother update: he has a cat and is single and she talks about him for a while too.


No. 311997

File: 1699492008421.png (11.37 KB, 652x103, desc.png)

god she is so fucking lazy

No. 311998

>I would love for her to explain all the terms she uses like what does she think dysregulation and fight or flight mean and also explain how does it feel because at this point I don't even think there is any meaning behind the usage of those terms she throws around all the time
Same. I wonder what the heck she thinks she means, when she probably just took too much coffee or smoke weed.

No. 311999

This is even worse that some of the shit she wore back then

No. 312002

it looks like a nightgown for preteens from Walmart

No. 312003

Thank you

No. 312004

I think she was actually pretty cute around the time they met, but rewatching this vid I genuinely have no idea how they got together. It seems like a lot of their early relationship was really weird, it's surprising they've been together so long.

No. 312005

Every guy wants a manic pixie dream girl until they actually stay long term and the BPD cauterizes everything inside and out.

No. 312006

He talks about how the main thing he loves about her is her drive and passion, and how she's just going to keep building on her career and is driven to go for it. I wonder how he feels about that now.

No. 312007

The purse is meant to be MINT? That's disgusting

I wonder if he thinks she's pathetic in his head or if he's truly drunk the koolaid and believes she would be this all powerful woman if her ~uwu disability~ wasn't stopping her

No. 312008

Oh man he looked like an extra flaming faggot here. I remember when she first showed him off and instantly clocked him as a fag of some sort. The whole strict Christian upbringing and dating weird loli loving fat girls fits the bill.

No. 312009

Some people are just patient

No. 312010

>It seems like a lot of their early relationship was really weird
Weird how though? Sorry it's a genuine question because I just saw them as a whatever couple back then. If I remember correctly Jillian first befriended Maggie then she stole Steven from her or something.

No. 312011

Yeah that purse needs to be thrown into the trash, burando or not. It looks so disgusting, it's not even mint anymore, would it kill for her to at least try and get some of the dirt removed from ANY of her items?

No. 312013

the dress and blouse don't look like they even fit her. she's gonna be hulking out of the whole outfit.

No. 312015

Whenever she makes this video it's going to be so cringe, because instead of just being some random girl into lolita fashion she's a DID larping fatass and will have to mention her alters and shit.

No. 312016

Hasn't Jill also said she drinks monster and gatorade? No wonder she thinks she's in "fight or flight" and sleeping like shit, she drinks tons of caffeine and sugar.

No. 312018

I don't understand how people let their items get so filthy, I have many items in my home anywhere from 5-20 years old and all of it's clean. Like how…a combination of poor storage and handling with dirty hands/leaving on floor/walking on/pets walking on? You need to actually put effort in to get stuff as grimy as Jill's items. This is why she maximises brightness and contrast in every video I guess.

No. 312019

They both hit the wall so hard since this video like…it's like a 20 year difference. This is what being a terminally online fetishist with a shit diet, zero self care habits, and alcoholism/frequent drug use does to you I guess. (Applies to both of them)

No. 312030

Supposedly she was romantically interested in Maggie first (lmao sure Jill) but then fell for Steve. Then Veronica came out, stripped down to her underwear and started making moves on Steve because she “knows how to get what she wants”. Her own words.
I miss Veronica. We need more Veronica. Pls Jill, I’m begging you.

No. 312032

It's so funny to me how blatantly obvious that all of her ~alters~ exist just to not taint the idea she has of herself in her head

No. 312033

>asexual love, sibling-esque love
fucking tumblr tard tier levels of explaining a relationship? can the autists shut up please

No. 312037

Humans aren’t bacteria lmao, asexual love while still fucking doesn’t exist.

No. 312041

What do you think then?

No. 312047

File: 1699551502716.jpeg (1008.89 KB, 1170x1999, IMG_6510.jpeg)

Her cat alter is still alive and well folks

No. 312049

Like the other anon said, she was interested in Maggie first, also in the vid they both acknowlede that when Stevie was first trying to get to know her/ask to do art prohects together, she ghosted him (accidentally). Just weird to me that their first interactions are Jill not remembering who he is, trying to fuck a mutual female friend, and then ghosting him.

No. 312053

It's funny how if you put all of her DID larp and autism crumbs together she'd be a complete retard unable to care for herself but she somehow magically never shows more than one or two small traits at a time that she can manage perfectly well.

No. 312055

It’s called being porn addicted but still having a dead bedroom

No. 312056

I’m starting to believe she brings up the cat alter when Christmas approaches because she wants cat toys for herself, otherwise she never mentions that alter at all.

No. 312058

File: 1699565925267.png (51.95 KB, 453x419, therapy.png)

But let's be clear: Jill wouldn't know about any of that because she doesn't go to therapy.

No. 312060

>Then got diagnosed

No. 312061

otherkins rebranded themselves as DID tards

No. 312064

It's because she wants to eat the tinsel on the Christmas tree kek

No. 312065

Wasn’t she at one point claiming that the DID “diagnosis” was a huge surprise and not something she was expecting at all? How is it surprising if you’ve been suspecting a dissociative disorder all along?
I think she may have been angling for a more ‘mild’ osdd diagnosis to begin with and build upon to get to DID eventually, but once she got a doctor’s note that said DID on it (nothing resembling a diagnosis, mind, just a paragraph that says “patient reports these symptoms”) she decided to run with it.

No. 312066

yep, that is exactly what she's said, both of those. did and osdd are more or less the same thing, she said she suspected osdd in her diagnosis video (i think, might have been a different video), and in the same video says she was shocked to be told she has did because she thought it could be "just" schizophrenia or something, and that she was glad it was horrible traumatic and highly inconvenient disorder instead of medically treatable schizophrenia (also she was on anti-psychotics so it's bullshit anyways). she's so full of shit and can't keep up with her own lies and explainations. she said she was shocked to seem "totally legit guise, i could never self diagnose because i was so shocked" while also admitting to playing with the thought of having an almost identical disorder, conveniently after having watched a lot of did content on youtube, which she also has admitted to. she even talked shit about trisha paytas for faking did, which imo was an obvious troll/parody of the online representation of did, while jill herself portrays an even more unrealistic image and "switches" in the same way. at least trisha was genuinely not well mentally at some point, but jill can't fathom that people who genuinely struggle don't act cute and composed.

No. 312067

File: 1699605311512.jpeg (230.5 KB, 500x600, apdreamheart.jpeg)

what the hell did she do to that bag to make it this filthy

No. 312068

THIS is how it's supposed to look like??! Holy shit

No. 312071

It is also to be noted that Jill studied the DSM5 (the test that DID is categorised under) and made sure to answer all the questions in a way to ensure she got a DID diagnosis. Keep in mind that a copy of the test is online and also asks the patient if they do any recreational drugs (Jill was know to do a lot of weed and drink alcohol at that time).

No. 312074

i'm glad pixie's huge heart was touched by the war and that she relentlessly spent hours upon hours of research and reflection to have an informed opinion and take courageous political action. she's so worldly and compassionate.

No. 312075

Hadn't even noticed that particular screenshot until you replied, but is it bad I'm glad she hasn't been giving us her amazingly deep takes on the conflict overall? Like yes it'd be milk I guess but considering her takes on literally anything else I'm happy she's keeping shut for the most part.

No. 312076

the DSM 5 is a manual, not a test.

the actual test for evaluation has metrics that can filter out fakers with pretty high accuracy.

there's no way she's really been evaluated, unless her doctors know she's faking it and haven't told her yet. munchies patients generally aren't told when the doctors know they're faking, because they'll just leave treatment and shop for a new one.(redditspacing, medfagging)

No. 312077

This, I'm pretty sure she hasn't actually been evaluated like that. It was just a diagnostic impression by the friend of angel therapist who is a crminal psychologist or something like that.

No. 312078

I think the bangs are cute and I'm happy to see her natural eyebrows, I wish she learnt to dress herself with her new body. She wouldn't be so ugly if she knew to dress her body. I also fear for how bad the health of her hair looks.

No. 312082

she probably realized she can't take the heat with the one interaction she had a few weeks ago

No. 312083

Ah yes, the lady who’s TRAINED to KNOW when people are LYING!!1
Yet the part of the paper she showed was literally just a description of Jill’s own reported “symptoms”. Patient reports hearing voices, having five distinct personalities, etc. There was nothing about anyone else’s observations or opinions. For all we know the next paragraph was like
>Patient is full of shit. I can tell because of my professional lie detection training and also she’s just a bad liar. Now that’ll be $1000, thanks.

I’m sorry I keep banging on about this but the sheer audacity of this lie just blows my mind.

No. 312087

File: 1699647525985.jpg (63.6 KB, 902x559, Screenshot_20231110_125011.jpg)

There was an observation of her "fluidly moving amongst these personalities during her clinical interview, changing the pitch/tone of her voice as well as her body language". She showed this to try and strong arm that these clinicians totally saw her real DID switches and confirmed it. Not the case. You got to be careful how you write about malingers and since she put on a show, they wrote it down. But regardless this was not the confirmation Jill pretends it is. As for the lady, she had another person with her because she did not have the qualifications yet to do it solo. Nothing wrong with this as this is common with students in training. I don't know about her extent in criminology training is as I remember she just had a certificate but I think Jill just played that up to make it sound more serious. Not bashing the woman because she had the drive to actually get herself licensed unlike lazy ass Jill who doesn't have the passion for what she supposedly """loves""". But yes you are right Jill conveniently blurred the more crucial details as she probably could not at all spin these details in her favor. Classic munchie trick. Kek. I would love to see Jill try to get an autism diagnosis. It would be extremely interesting what she would use as evidence in her self-report part and if she'd bother to include the clinicians thoughts/observations in the flex.

No. 312089

>munchies patients generally aren't told when the doctors know they're faking, because they'll just leave treatment and shop for a new one.
I think her angel baby therapist knew she was faking, hence changing location and changing his name online to cut all ties. So this checks out.
She's pretty obvious about it like anyone who has followed her for more than a day can see nothing is consistent and nothing adds up.

No. 312090

I can't imagine he would change his entire life just because he met Jill lol. he clearly wanted to change his focus

No. 312091

She starts blurring at "On the DES-II, Ms. Vessey" which is a scale that measures how often dissociative episodes happen when you are SOBER lol

No. 312092

Amazing how Jill fluidly moved between 5 personalities for 1 interview, then after her diagnostic impression immediately achieved functional multiplicity and it never happened again.

No. 312093

File: 1699651811372.jpg (198.72 KB, 720x2082, Bangs2.jpg)

No. 312094

File: 1699651955062.mp4 (3.79 MB, 576x1024, Bangs.mp4)

No. 312095

>>312094 This way of styling her hair actually looks good on her

No. 312097

>hair looks so cute and healthy
Maybe not the latter kek

No. 312098

You’re wrong and she needs to keep her nasty tongue and kawaii pantslessness to herself.

No. 312099

sage for blog, but when i got tested for things, i also had a paper saying "the patient meets criteria for the following diagnosis:", and it included things i was not diagnosed with, but had one or more symptoms of. you can meet criteria for a diagnosis without having said diagnosis. if enough criteria is met, and you can come with good examples to explain how it affects you, it typically concludes with something like "the patient meets the abovementioned criteria, and therefore fits [diagnosis]", which is what she should've shown. i get it's not done the same way everywhere, but i find it strange that some sort of summary that explicitly states did is assumed/suspected isn't what she chose to show.(blog, medfagging)

No. 312102

I think it should also be mentioned again how quickly she received her "diagnosis"
Iirc she got the diagnosis in several months, which isn't typical for most severe disorders, especially not DID. She also says she won't get an autism diagnosis cause it's "too expensive" but that DID one would've been just as expensive if not worse, and her finances were better back then, yes, but not enough for that diagnosis to be done properly

No. 312108

It's all just too fishy. She never sought further psychiatric care or therapy after receiving this "diagnosis." No change to her medications until she sought that herself through a telemedical service. She stopped seeing her primary doctor (who also gave her crap about her nasal spray addiction) around this time as well. Got off all her meds and started Wellbutrin basically on her own. Probably still huffin' the hell out of that spray. All of this is the most fishy shit ever. If you really have DID, you need active and on-going psychiatric care.

No. 312109

Those bangs look the best on her so far, from everything else I've seen.

No. 312110

>All of this is the most fishy shit ever. If you really have DID, you need active and on-going psychiatric care.
Agreed, at least anyone with real trauma would like to have help of any sort

No. 312113

Until she gets too lazy to wash and style them (so, like, a week)

No. 312114

I thought she was giving herself curtain bangs? These look awful

No. 312117

I guess this kind of looks cute but it kind of looks like Jill is coping with the fact that she fucked up her bangs. lol

No. 312118

it seems like she does everything to make herself look 40 by juxtaposing a really young immature style and expression with her matronly body and face, she looks ridiculous in this picture.
i agree with you guys though, those bangs are an improvement

No. 312119

It was the MID test, which is available online (ie Jill could practice), and it was administered to her by angel therapist, who is in no way qualified to do so. Access to the analytics tools to interpret the MID results are locked behind sending your credentials to the author of the test, but it allows in-training students to request them so who knows if ol' Jeb bothered with it. She failed the test outright anyway, as it begins with "How often have you experienced these symptoms while not under the influence of drugs or alcohol". Afterwards, she went to a place where you can pay to get a paper that says you have X thing, which normal people use to get accommodations at their place of employment. The shrink there was just a psychology resident, who had a traineeship of 9 months in something that included forensics 10 years ago, but no related experience whatsoever.

No. 312120

Oh thank god I thought I was going crazy with everyone saying they look good. They look like the shitty curtains all the chav boys in the 90s had, the ones that got them done by their mums. She would definitely look better with some sort of fringe or face framing pieces, but this looks so stupid.

No. 312121

The fact Jill's angel sweetie therapist was even allowed to counsel people is insane. The guy gave a diagnostic impression of an extremely rare trauma disorder that usually takes over a decade to be diagnosed to a woman who was drinking alcohol and smoking weed daily. Even his "therapy" seemed shit and unhelpful, like encouraging Jill to email her "abusers" (why TF would a therapist encourage a victim of supposed severe and repeated childhood trauma to get in contact with her abusers?). Jill basically found a quack from the satanic panic days who will diagnose anyone with mild depression with DID

No. 312122

That's what really fucks up her credibility. Anyone with such a complicated and traumatic diagnosis would be receiving care from likely multiple care providers. And she just, none. At all. She got her shiny sheet of useless paper and just stopped.

No. 312123

He didn't give her the dx impression (he did lead to her to getting it), but the rest of what you said is on point. Someone with supposed severe issues should never go to such a low-level therapist for treatment, and likewise, someone with his lack of experience should never accept to take on such a (supposed) complex case. I feel like he saw her as a fun new toy that was more novel than the dozen of mild depression/anxiety that were probably the rest of his caseload. Then I think that when he saw his name here, he got scared of repercussions (of whatever kind) and DFE'd.

No. 312124

He was also genderspecial, a drag queen and apparently into witchcraft. Red flags galore. Plus his bio says he specialised in trauma even though he was a complete newbie with practically no experience. Maybe that’s normal in the mental health world, I don’t know, but it feels very wrong to me. I don’t think vulnerable traumatised people should be going to some woo-woo newbie counsellor. I mean, Jill has zero trauma and a super supportive family and look what happened with her.

The most interesting thing to me, though, is that she said Steve introduced her to him. Did they meet in real life or did he find him online? If the latter, what was he searching for? Most of Jill’s supposedly mind shattering trauma only “unlocked” after she started seeing Jed so why would Steve be shopping for an inexperienced counselor with special interests in trauma and dissociation, on behalf of his girlfriend who he knows only started “experiencing DID symptoms” after bingeing DID influencer content for a year? I think Steve holds more responsibility for this shit than we give him credit for.

Anyone who mentally regresses into a six-year-old when they hear ducks quacking or see a crayon should be in an inpatient facility for their own safety and that of others.

No. 312128

Maybe it's a boring take from me, but I kind of wonder that it's just that Jill had been obsessing over DID and playing up the possibility of having it so he just googled whatever therapist that was relatively close by that could take her in on short notice, and the angel therapist just happened to fit the bill by pure happenstance. Remember this is Jill, someone that considers being mutuals on twitter is the same as being friends, so Steve just going "uhm, maybe this one?" when they were doctor shopping could be the same as Steve introducing him to her.

No. 312130

She looks cute but wouldn't all that hair in her face be annoying for her supposed 'tism kek

No. 312131

Don't forget the layers of make-up she seems to put on daily. And uncomfortable clothing.

No. 312132

of course not nona, because according to >>311613 its only Fake Bangs that bother her, not the sensation of literally anything constantly touching her forehead throughout the day. gosh, get your lore right.

No. 312133

When you find a therapist on a registry, you can pick and choose what categories you want, so I'm sure Stevie put in "trauma" and "LGBT" and chose the cheapest one that was taking patients lol

No. 312134

for her sake i hopes theres piss poor lighting or something otherwise that means she has cleaned it in years wtf

No. 312135

Those bangs piss me off for some reason. How do people see these as cute?

No. 312136

There are low standards for the “moon faced chubster”. It’s a miracle she’s realizing she can’t pull off the raggedy ass bun anymore.

No. 312137

extremely telling. if anything she should be in treatment/rehab for her alcoholism and weed addiction. with no phone or access to internet
>you can meet criteria for a diagnosis without having said diagnosis
it reminds of how you can have symptoms for the common cold, the flu, rsv or covid but additional tests are needed to ascertain which one. jill dipped out early because she got what she needed for her online persona and really only need a fancy paper to convince dumb little girls.
i guess that makes sense, especially to avoid a shit storm. not to mention i don't really hear it much in the news either.
wait what nasal spray?

No. 312138

I have a hard time believing the stuff Jill says he said
At the same time, if this was his first trial run as a therapist and he was later confronted by peers that pointed out all his mistakes with Jill's care (and they see how it came and bit angel therapist in the ass) then it makes sense he left the therapy field after realizing he's not cut out for it

No. 312140

File: 1699720271214.jpeg (578.7 KB, 828x1339, IMG_4190.jpeg)

I wonder if her past self would be disgusted

No. 312141

File: 1699720325125.jpeg (718.57 KB, 828x1395, IMG_4191.jpeg)

Also I love her need to remind everybody she was an ex Ana-Chan when she looked way better.

No. 312142

What’s the point of trigger warning her Twitter followers when the picture is on full display. Quite a performance just to share some pictures you obviously still like Jill

No. 312143

She does the HAES thing where they take old pictures of themselves at a very normal weight and they talk about how tragic their lives where because they weren't allowing themselves to eat like garbage. She meets all the requirements to be a fat positive warrior as well: multicolored hair, quirky style, a collection of mental illnesses, and entitlement. I'm not saying she wasn't a rather slim teenager or that you can't have an ED at a normal weight but come on, she talks about it like she was so fragile and ana.

No. 312144

It just really makes me cackle how after treating her for a bit he changed his name, career and entire persona kek. Good job Jed

No. 312146

>Trigger warning
>It's a person with a healthy BMI
She should trigger warning her normal photos since overeating is also an eating disorder

No. 312147

File: 1699724424720.jpeg (732.12 KB, 828x1307, IMG_4192.jpeg)

No. 312148

some people have TWs muted on Twitter so here it actually makes sense

No. 312149

File: 1699725287182.jpeg (504.49 KB, 828x1382, IMG_4193.jpeg)

No. 312150

You don't have DID and you're not autistic, Jill. Just fucking face it. You are nothing but a BPD psycho bitch to the extreme max unlimited.

No. 312151

File: 1699726535897.jpg (159.28 KB, 1251x773, angeluwu.JPG)

he's still practicing though and seems to be proud of his extensive experience with BPD, PTSD and DID (aka just munchie jill). he just moved to another province. sage bc not directly about jill and i removed the details even though they are public, but imo people sseeking actual help deserve to know that jedediah wilson of alberta, canada is an incompetent quack who should not be practicing

No. 312152

lol he's in my city now

No. 312153

Saying these are edited and she doesn’t look truly skelly in them is wild. Like to have edited them and not look that alarming she must have looked totally fine irl. I think a huge factor she misses in this is age. She is a pre-teen/teenager in these images and an adult now, comparing her child body to her adult body. Plenty of people can eat garbage as a kid/teen and not be affected then complete puberty and can’t do that anymore. She doesn’t look ana in the pictures she just looks like a normal scrawny kid.

No. 312154

…he literally works on the block I live on. I bet I've seen him before. Hmm. (don't ban me, I'm not gonna touch the cow, it's just interesting)(still blogging)

No. 312155

The EMDR brag along makes me wanna gag
What an unethical prick

No. 312156

File: 1699729313019.jpg (273.11 KB, 720x2761, J.jpg)

Nta but here's what he is offering, taken from his website.
If he sounds this annoying online, imagine how he sounds in person along with his body language.

No. 312157

Anyone who suggests hypnotherapy is a quack

No. 312158

File: 1699730360676.jpg (105.41 KB, 360x1122, JMW.jpg)

His introduction.
>Recovery oriented
Well I laughed out loud at that. Sorry, I only glanced the first time at it and actually read it now. His pontificating makes my eyes glaze over. But agreed, he shouldn't be practicing.

No. 312159

File: 1699730846195.jpg (192.07 KB, 720x1637, JW.jpg)

>I don't get to see what happens next
I do wonder if he keeps a tab on Jill.

No. 312162

>ages 6+, teens, adults
If a psychologist claims to be able to work with any age group and anyone for almost everything, then that means they're not good at anything at all

No. 312163

File: 1699735651367.jpg (169.82 KB, 720x1349, K.jpg)

No. 312164

File: 1699735768414.jpg (129.48 KB, 720x789, What.jpg)

No. 312165

File: 1699735911019.jpg (83.29 KB, 720x449, Applause.jpg)

No. 312166

File: 1699736005579.jpg (62.51 KB, 720x416, Shut the fuck up.jpg)

No. 312167

Yeah and I like system of a down and the backyardigans at the same time and I'm not claiming any DID "split" online. Retard

No. 312168

I would simply not trust Jedediah Wilson. He has zero reliable experience. Not a good therapist. Makes his clients even worse.

No. 312172

Intriguing nonna, just be careful.
I would NOT go there for couple's therapy. Wtf.
Doing more autism research I see. Idk this is very suspicious.
Earworms are not echolalia. She's doing a disservice to people with real problems.

No. 312174

File: 1699738148130.jpg (58.18 KB, 720x407, 1-142811.jpg)

Mental jillness at it's finest

No. 312180

I wonder what will take for her to change. What kind of life event would actually make her reconsider all the stupid shit she says and does. It's never too late.

No. 312181

steve exposing her bs with receipts, honestly

No. 312182

File: 1699743176169.jpg (203.11 KB, 720x1110, 20231111-155210.jpg)

Next livestream date and time

No. 312183

Too scared to move but not too scared to tweet half-cryptic shit

No. 312188

That ain't happening

No. 312192

File: 1699764860467.jpg (26.78 KB, 683x240, Screenshot.jpg)

Wdym nonnie? She's in her less crispy era.
>She is a pre-teen/teenager in these images and an adult now, comparing her child body to her adult body.
She reminds me of Sarah with her obsession over youth. She needs to let it go and accept aging.
Rolling my eyes over this. Make it any more obvious these are just general interests, Jillian. Also I know this has been discussed before but why is she using Pixie instead of Jill? I thought that was suppose to be the name of her 'system'? I guess more rewriting history. Also kek at Amber being into Muse, and Cliffe and Jerrick being into fashion.
You don't stop learning after you graduate from school, Jill. Not that you truly retained anything from your arts and craft college. Hate to know what she's 'learning' and from what 'sources'.
Wouldn't surprise me if she was researching autism more. Stupid when she could actually use that time to get better at her craft but why do that when she can have a shiny excuse instead of working hard.

No. 312194

File: 1699765216198.jpg (133.53 KB, 720x926, Screenshot_20231.jpg)

>Baseline is anxious ptsd wreck
Your baseline is entitled punchable larper

No. 312195

Why is she the most traumatized of them all? Why does she claim to have gone through great trauma to be so PTSD all the time? She could just have anxiety, she just sounds like another anxiety case. But it's not enough for her. Worst thing that has ever happened to her has been anons bullying her. Big deal!

No. 312196

says the stagnant porkening womanchild who has an excuse for everything. has she ever posted about anything that's not pink plastic ? i have never witnessed any kind of intellectual curiosity from jill and can't imagine her caring about anything especially if it's something foreign to her or difficult. the only people who agree to believe her are terminally online munchies who themselves have lies to sell.
she's just a useless hole of spoiled narc monstrosity and emptiness. no talent, no passion, just easy pleasures and me me me.

No. 312197

Honestly she just made it vague to seem more interesting than she is

No. 312200

I think this is the actual reason why Jill never went back to therapy or tried getting a primary caregiver after she moved out, she likes being the most traumatised and anxious person ever.

No. 312204

>God wades in
>frantically searching through Jillian's entire life experiences and memories to find out why she is an "anxious PTSD wreck"
>absolutely nothing

Saying this on a website currently filled with images of people standing in miles of rubble, surrounded by dead family, and hundreds of thousands attending ceasefire protests, really adds another level of delusional narcissism to it all. Like we have not seen a war, and the media and gov responses to it, documented in such excrutiating detail before but she still has not reflected on her imaginary "ptsd" in contrast to all this palpable pain and true ptsd.

No. 312205

"dissociate into a sweet moment" lmao this bitch!! that isn't how dissociation works AT ALL!! it doesn't feel GOOD holy shit she makes me want to alog so bad

No. 312206

Girl spends her days watching anime for children, putting on makeup and making silly outfit and she loves it. Such an anxious wreck

No. 312207

Doctor once told me that for some people it can apparently can feel kinda like being a bit high and comfortable.

I think what she is trying to say though is, that in a sweet moment she can dissociate and therefore let go of the bad stuff temporarily.

But it kinda sounds like she might just be mixing up dissociation with just…feeling distracted and comfortable?
(Since she does have BPD I don't just wanna go ahead and assume that she doesn't ever actually dissociate tho.)

No. 312208

She's just getting high and calling that dissociating

No. 312209

>But it kinda sounds like she might just be mixing up dissociation with just…feeling distracted and comfortable?
yep she's turning a normal thing that literally everyone does (distracting oneself with a partner, friends or hobbies) into a mental illness symptom like she always does

No. 312212

Loosing Fucking Everything

No. 312214

she invested too much effort and credibility into the lies to admit to them, and got too comfy being an uwu mentally ill baby who can't be responsible to ever choose to do normal adult things that are hard. sadly i don't see her evolving.
precious nonnie, it is steeb who'll get accused of being an abuser all over twitter and youtube if he ever tries to leave BPD jilly. why do you think he sticks around now that she's fat annoying and her channel has tanked

No. 312215

Not if he troons out first!
Do it, Steve! You know you want to.

No. 312216

I feel like she wants to be like that trend of teenagers online claiming to have autism, be plural, have multiple mental illnesses, disability, and constantly posting about their trauma and anxiety online. Only thing is she's in her 20s and her life is documented online, she's not a nobody with a blog on tumblr begging for ass kisses, she's an adult destroying her own life and reputation. Not that there was any left anyway

No. 312217

ayrt and actually you're right. imagine being him and the only way out of leaving pixie was becoming a troon, i can't fathom the horror

No. 312219

File: 1699812413440.jpg (153.58 KB, 720x1495, Steve.jpg)

No. 312220

Trying to convince people they still love each other I see
Honestly if he transitions she will want him to stay even more because she can fulfill her totes lesbian queer fantasy

No. 312226

She said she was manning the door at Halloween on her own, and then posts this of him being home at 11:30pm, either he's out socialising without her constantly or he's got a nightshift job

No. 312228

File: 1699821850478.jpeg (Spoiler Image,129.93 KB, 1600x1066, 2691CF56-C08F-41C5-96EE-6E5117…)

KEK that would be so funny, but this
Would be even more hilarious if that was really what he’s trying to do.
Jillian is basically the rock of the 127 hours movie, Steeb is the moid and cutting his hand (trooning out) is his only way out, but only if Jillian doesn’t want him anymore.

No. 312229

File: 1699823001518.jpg (161.01 KB, 720x1218, She live.jpg)

Livestream going

No. 312230

Fucking hell Jill, is this an alter that doesn’t know showers exist

No. 312231

File: 1699823553120.jpg (108.19 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_20231112-205101.jpg)

Jill's doing a livestream rn, it seems like non members can watch it. Nothing too interesting except that she drinks monster every second day and "atoms" by flossing.

No. 312232

He’s out with Maggie kek

No. 312234

Would it kill her to look decent for her livestreams? Like girl wash your hair and put up some lighting! This is your job!!

No. 312237

jesus christ. she looks like yaniv

No. 312238

File: 1699828072424.png (235.74 KB, 722x1320, Screenshot 2023-11-12 152810.p…)

No. 312239

Good amount of retail closes around 10-11pm so he most likely has a closing shift at a local store

No. 312243

File: 1699837299269.mp4 (15.22 MB, 1088x1584, Mlz678945.MP4)

She's supposedly doing a gift wrapping video, loses train of thought, calls it a brain zap, later calls it a metaphorical brain zap, then says why did I dissociate, and lastly calls it thought withdrawal.

No. 312245

for real, every time i watch the news i feel guilty for having it so easy, despite mental illness, while this bitch just keeps on sperging about her "horrible horrible" ptsd.
people are dying jill.

No. 312247

She's literally the personification of bong water

No. 312248

This is what drives me crazy about all of these self-diagnosed idiots who memorize symptoms is that nothing can just be part of being a regular human being. No, it has to be a "brain zap" (which are caused by lowering SSRIs - something she isn't doing) or "dissocation" (which isn't what's happening on camera) or "thought withdrawal" (which ISN'T what that symptom is called! Thought withdrawal is when you literally think an outside force is capable of stealing your thoughts and is a DELUSION) She can't just lose her train of thought no no that's not special enough for our Jillybean!

No. 312249

File: 1699839173819.jpg (136.88 KB, 720x959, computer.jpg)

She got asked about doing more gyaru videos, talked about doing videos diving into different jfash styles, would be fun to do another gyaru subculture video because it is so varied and diverse. Picrel upgraded the computer 4 days ago because the old one was so old, and talks how it only had photoshop, final cut, and bridge on it.

No. 312250

The cheapest version of this iMac is almost $2000CAD after tax lol but please continue the starving artist act

No. 312251

What gives me the ick is everything in her house being stained. Everything white is kinda off, pastels look dull and greyed, I used to think it was the lighting but…it isn't a lighting issue, is it? /vomit
That poor lolita bag that was once mint or aqua…I've had nightmares about it since the assault on my eyes.

No. 312252

That's the "research" she said she was doing, literally reading shit so she can steal all the mental illness terms from it

No. 312253

She needs to stop the starving artist shit and get a proper autism diagnosis if she dares.

No. 312254

I’m looking forward to seeing Jill revisit Lolita. That was around the time she became chronically online, so maybe going back to that era will help her heal. She’s been totally nuts these past couple years, but there’s something that makes me keep rooting for her to find sanity.

No. 312256

She was always chronically online as documented by her deviantart page. She just started getting clout when she was into lolita. That was the only reason she started gaining a following.

No. 312258

File: 1699845975653.jpg (137.01 KB, 720x1369, Computer.jpg)

No. 312260

File: 1699848087374.mp4 (15.2 MB, Car trauma.MP4)

Talks about driving, may see return of the rainbow bangs, her traumatic car accident on the highway, lastly talks about her anxiety and driving.

No. 312261

Please not the rainbow bangs, her current ones are better than that

No. 312263

File: 1699850707286.mp4 (11.54 MB, 1088x1472, Mp43468.MP4)

Talks about damage and trich

No. 312264

File: 1699850984794.jpg (232.57 KB, 720x1859, 2_213458.jpg)

Some other stuff I didn't record, sorry, but Jill needs to see the optometrist.

No. 312265

File: 1699851564177.jpg (132.85 KB, 720x986, 12648.jpg)

Jill physically tenses up when parents yell at kids and the store is hard for her because everything is loud.

No. 312266

It's crazy how Jill just refuses to believe that sometimes she can fuck up and it has nothing to do with mental illness or autism or whatever disorder she's pretending to have that week. Everyone forgets what they're talking about occasionally, that doesn't make it a brain zap or thought withdrawal. She's starting to sound like a hypochondriac.

No. 312267

File: 1699856803139.jpg (93.05 KB, 720x960, Screenshot_20231113-062343.jpg)

Samefag, but for another example of Jill claiming normal things are disorders. In the live she says she can't sit down and watch large amounts of content, then says it must be PTSD.

No. 312268

She can go ahead and say everything as fact all she likes. She doesn't attend therapy, she doesn't see a psychiatrist, she does not have a diagnosis for any of these things, and she isn't seeking any sort of mental health care in any form. She's just addicted to Twitter and TikTok. The end.

No. 312269

Get a job.

No. 312280

>terminally online addicted to tiktard and twatter
>does nothing but sit on her fat ass all day, no form of exercise
>energy drinks, weed and possibly alcohol all day, all of which increase anxiety and forgetting what one was talking about
>claims it must be DID, autism, ptsd, literally any excuse in the mental jillness book
A change in the ol' Lifestyle and Diet would do wonders for her but that’s too normie

No. 312290

She's on the internet 24/7 of course she has no attention span. A lot of people struggle with something as simple as reading books because of this. That's neither ADHD or PTSD jesus christ

No. 312301

>the childhood educator half of me gets ready to fight

Has she ever been a teacher of any kind?

No. 312306

She was reading the chat, someone else said the child educator part

No. 312307

Tbh these aren't necessarily milky. I believe her vision is shit (has worn glasses since very small) and tbh I also hate when parents yell to their children, it's uncomfortable and I also hate loud noises. It's normal reactions I think, she's not making a huge deal either compared to the rest of the stupid shit she says.

No. 312308

>In the live she says she can't sit down and watch large amounts of content, then says it must be PTSD.
Kek sure, but she leaves the tv on with marathons of Precure all day everyday

No. 312309

File: 1699899970774.jpeg (585.74 KB, 1170x955, IMG_6872.jpeg)

Jill buying new computers but once again can’t donate to black creators lol. Every time someone calls her out for her past racist behavior and to donate to make “reparations” she says she doesn’t have money…unless it’s for computers or merch she wants.

No. 312312

does she… not know that brain zaps are a physical thing? like, they aren't a moment of your brain slipping thought, it's literally an electrochemical response??? she's actually just using any buzzword she can remember.

No. 312320

Part of why it’s annoying when people say the only thing wrong with her is BPD. This bitch is absolutely has raging NPD to match, it’s why she’s never made a serious attempt on her life and subsequently has never been to an inpatient psych facility. I don’t want her dumbass to die, but it’d be great if she was forced to do some time inpatient. No smartphone, no Twitter, no weed, no 3+ super sugary coffees daily, no monster energy drinks, no emotional support Stevie except for maybe the 30-60 min of visitation and a couple phone calls.

I bet Jill would cry enough and be angry enough at being “locked up” that they’d booty juice her and send her to seclusion at least once. Honestly wish she’d get sent to one just to shed some light on how awful inpatient psych facilities are for suicide attempt victims and anyone struggling with suicidal ideation but she’s likely never going to end up in one of these facilities because she’s a narc pretending she is everything but a narc.

No. 312321

Stevie leaving her and mama vessey kicking the bucket tbh. Those are her two biggest enablers.

No. 312322

Does she mean working at Claire's? Wasn't that a pretty nice retail job for her? She was allowed to dress pretty much however she wanted and I doubt it was often insanely busy.

No. 312327

Yeah I think that's what she is talking about which is hilarious because she only worked there for 20 hours a week and then left after like 5 months to persue youtube Jill likes to pretend her life was hard but her life has been easy so far and matter of fact still is.

No. 312338

She's talking about when she worked at Pricemart and wasn't allowed to have blue hair so she quit

No. 312353

>ShAred (emoji emoji)
like she really thinks she's Jesus for hitting the Retweet button.
I think that was an upgrade not a whole new imac based on the transcript about working on an external hard drive, if it was new her whole 150gb harddrive wouldn't be full already. But point being she is not poor and this is the weakest "allyship" ever like don't even bother replying girl, your retweet isn't worth shit.

No. 312355

I know this is nitpicky, but an account with that low engagement probably has notifications on so she'd already know when someone retweeted a post. The only reason for Jill to comment is for her to get more personal praise for it, since her followers has already seen the post as well

No. 312356

What a sensitive empath…. I'm a neurotypical so I'm very comfortable when people yell at their kid, it makes me smile. Only the purest soul could be uncomfortable by that

No. 312360

File: 1699973496831.jpg (146.89 KB, 720x811, -074852.jpg)

No. 312362

File: 1699973640493.jpg (148.63 KB, 720x998, Nlo.jpg)

No. 312367

this baby talk about male anatomy is disgusting

No. 312368

Kek wtf

No. 312369

So using male boxers is now "gender euphoria"? Girl just say they're comfortable and go. This is retarded

No. 312370

Every time she says brain zaps I have the same thought. You can tell she just reads about things instead of experiencing them because of how she talks about her supposed symptoms. She really needs to stop analyzing all her behavior for signs of illness and just live her life, she’d probably start feeling better. Not that she wants to feel better, she wants to be queen victim and that’s what she’s working hard towards.

No. 312372

This is such a rude reply like well actually I slay in boxers when the person has expressed discomfort in them. I wish more people would tell her to fuck off with her useless replyguy spam.

No. 312375

What are the odds Jill actually swaps the DID/autism larp for a more solid trans/enby larp to be the main focus? She gets to be the biggest victim, stay in the LGBTQA2S+ club, and she doesn't have to be a recorded retard on paper or actually do therapy (which could harm her in the future), no one can question her identity and she can "discover" more about her gender at any point by claiming she's nonbinary gender fluid. It's also super trendy to be trans at the moment, and she wouldn't even need to take hrt or surgeries because it's all "valid" in the trans community. Heck she could literally invent her own genderidentity and make a flag for it herself and it would still be seen as valid! I'm surprised she hasn't pushed it harder and instead went the autism route.

No. 312376

File: 1699981394504.png (150.35 KB, 388x620, response.png)

This is just otherworldly.
"You focus too much on yourself."
"Oh? Me me me me me me me me me me me me me!"
What the fuck

No. 312377

File: 1699981724761.png (10.92 KB, 429x96, response2.png)

like wtf - what is this reading comprehension? How is this a response to what that person wrote? This is INSANE. Jill must be in the midst of a BPD episode.(sage)

No. 312379

its crazy that she thinks shes too mentally ill to interact with the real world but not enough for therapy

No. 312381

Well it's obvious that the grift is up the second she seeks mental or physical care. Every single thing she says she is completely making up. It's all lies, all of it, and I hope one day all her fans come to realize that.

No. 312382

The person she’s replying to is saying she’d rather die than wear women’s underwear again, i.e. that she prefers men’s underwear, despite being female. “Not biologically predisposed to feel comfortable in boxers” means not having a dick and balls.

The trans community has a clear internal hierarchy with “afabs” and especially unmedicalised “afabs” at the very bottom. Jill always needs to be The Best at everything and this competitiveness would inevitably compel her to take irreversible steps like taking testosterone and getting a mastectomy. There’s probably still some sense of self-awareness and self-preservation in her that’s telling her that getting too involved in trans stuff is a very bad idea.

No. 312383

DID/Autism larping is less effort, if she were to become a genderspecial that would require more work on her part whereas if she claims mental illness she doesn’t have to do anything different, just pathologize her normal behavior.

No. 312384

Jill also does not have a dick and balls so she is entirely missing the point by saying she "slays" in boxers, if she wanted to be slightly less useless she could recommend a brand/style which doesn't have a dick pocket or whatever kek. There are ones that are just like loose shorts for example. (idk anything about menswear and I refuse to start)
>The trans community has a clear internal hierarchy with “afabs” and especially unmedicalised “afabs” at the very bottom
Very much so, it's transwomentranswomentranswomen in 100pt font and then at the bottom in 12pt font it says "trans men" she will never be the star of the show in that community.

No. 312386

She claims to like the dick pocket but I doubt she means it, it’s probably just a nonbinary/whatever she claims to be breadcrumb. Everyone! Remember I’m not cis! Gender euphoria amirite fellow kids?

If Steve troons out and starts skinwalking her or his ex I think Jill will revel in the ~lesbian vibes~ for five seconds but she’d quickly sour on the whole thing when he starts sucking up all the praise and attention in the room.

No. 312387

she'll probably get bored with him when his dick stops working– if sex requires effort on her end she'll be over it instantly

No. 312388

File: 1699992065786.jpg (133.86 KB, 720x906, 125859.jpg)

No. 312389

File: 1699992167120.jpg (106.39 KB, 720x679, 5921_.jpg)

No. 312390

Responde "nicely"? In what world did she do that.

No. 312392

As opposed to outright insulting the commenter, denying the claim outright, generally acting hostile. I swear anons are so desperate to find fault with everything Jill does that they throw away common sense. Yes her response is vapid, makes excuses, and misses the point, but it is nonhostile and therefore "nice."

No. 312393

I don’t think pretending to take the higher road just to post the whole engagement on Twitter counts as being “nice” even if it isn’t super malicious either, it’s typical manipulative BPD attentionwhoring shit

No. 312394

Just ignore it. Sometimes nonnies are onto a nuance you may not see until you’ve seen the pattern of behavior often enough or encountered it first hand. Other times they’re just nitpicking, in which case ignoring it and not drawing attention to it is your best bet to make it die faster.

No. 312401

No I disagree, she usually responds in worse ways, but the response she made also didn't sound "nice". It still sounds like she's seething.

No. 312405

It wasn’t nice it was passive aggressive as fuck. Just cause she wasn’t outright hostile doesn’t mean she’s being nice. She even punctuated it with her usual passive aggressive bitchy emoji.
Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

No. 312426

File: 1700061148688.jpeg (925.09 KB, 1170x1461, F02E9D7E-EE5E-41B5-87C6-E1E60D…)

lolita video coming soon

No. 312427

Why does she look so much worse and gross now? It can't just be the weight

No. 312432

>No ur actually right
Jill is so much wiser than the rude commenter and knows to see a valuable message through a harsh delivery
>I was in a well meaning quest to fix myself
"bellybutton gazing" ? but that would be narcissistic and complacent. it was actually an outright quest through the unknown, bc everything jill does is heroic.
>that's not a thing you do all at once and then you're healed
>it is a constant ongoing part of life
the "no results" part of her achievements isn't due to total jackshit inaction, weed, junk food, and social media. it's because she's so traumatized yet so brave she takes on an invincible behemoth of agonizing suffering everyday. normal people wouldn't understand.
>losing myself in it
what you would call an overdose of good faith and hard work from Jilly. the volume of effort she had to expend crushed her spirit.
>PTSD making me nonfunctional
>i didn't suuuper have a choice
Jill is a tragic character, always dignified and selfless, going above and beyond for truth and moral excellence, yet she has no agency within the cruel mechanism of the universe : she is destined to be crushed by the ineluctable hand of fate. here the latter euphemistic quote shows her stiff upper lip despite the depths of her trauma
>it is nice to engage with my interests more
this grueling emotional and spiritual work left her little time for the trivialities of life, but don't worry she's now back on twitter 24/7.
ego count : I x4, myself x3, me x3, my x1.

No. 312436

Her oxygen deprived nails definitely don’t help

No. 312437

Alcohol and poor diet over time. It's not just the weight gain, there are vibrant looking chubby women. It's specifically gain from incredible amounts of junk food and refusing to eat nutritious food or exercise. Even if she claims to make short term positive adjustments, it doesn't seem to stick, and doesn't outweigh the years of daily neglect of her body.

No. 312448

Wow, I thought she was wearing the world's ugliest nail polish color ever invented till I zoomed in and realized those are her natural nails. How tf does she look so haggard without ever leaving the house? I've seen prostitutes on street corners that look more vibrant than Jill.

No. 312449

File: 1700083746471.jpg (25.39 KB, 640x640, XXL_p0192485623.jpg)

Wait, that's her natural nail color? that can't be. They look like some ugly sheer nude nail polish. Kind of a gray-brown-beige color like picrel. If those are her natural nails then I'm concerned.

No. 312450

>it's because she's so traumatized yet so brave she takes on an invincible behemoth of agonizing suffering everyday. normal people wouldn't understand.
She needs to get this quote printed on a t shirt, it would immediately be the best thing she's ever done. She really believes this too, just don't ask her to describe her trauma because there is nothing.
>Jill is a tragic character, always dignified and selfless, going above and beyond for truth and moral excellence, yet she has no agency within the cruel mechanism of the universe : she is destined to be crushed by the ineluctable hand of fate.
Nonnie you really have a way with words, another t shirt contender.

No. 312451

I think it's just a thin coat of kawaii pastel purple nail polish, otherwise she needs a blood transfusion because that doesn't look healthy. Most nail polishes have quite unfortunate shades like anon's picrel

No. 312452

File: 1700084000890.jpg (193.23 KB, 577x865, 9_20200724153942_10121731_larg…)

Can't believe this is the same person. (taken from https://www.lightandvision.com/blog-post/my-awesome-daughter). She had so much brand gifted by her mom, wtf.

No. 312453

File: 1700084150792.jpg (122.7 KB, 720x815, Kek.jpg)

No. 312454

for her "job" of doing nothing unless she talks about mental illness on youtube? what math is even required for that. Use a calculator bitch

No. 312455

File: 1700084326210.png (649.68 KB, 484x608, jill.png)

not lolita but holy shit. She used to look healthy. What happened.

No. 312456

She also puts on heavy makeup often and then doesn’t wash it off, she’s said before she will go to sleep without taking off her makeup. She likely doesn’t have a skincare routine to speak of and even if she pulls one outta her ass she likely doesn’t keep up with it. She also likely doesn’t wear sunscreen.

No. 312457

I know anons/CGL users used to pick on her for gaining weight back in the day (2016/2017), those anons would be absolutely mortified to see the fat dirty blob she’s become today. She 100% ballooned from smoking weed, drinking alcohol and eating junk, especially after moving out from her parents place

No. 312458

File: 1700085426132.jpg (145.14 KB, 1626x715, media_F--69zoa4AAgbrN.jpg)

I know broken record but it drives me nuts that she's using yellow undertone foundation. Makes her look jaundice to me.
Nails looked stained to me. The right pinky (our left) looks normalish compared to the other nails. Either way this looks bad in the photo.
What a flashback. I wish she'd go back to doing the simpler makeup as I think it flatters her better. Same with hair too. Remember though she was so traumatized during this time.

No. 312459

Her nose is so yellow

No. 312461

Maybe she’s just color coording with the piss yellow wig

No. 312462

There is a chance lolitas will tear her apart (or maybe I hope they will)
Jill stop lying on the Internet.
She used to be really cute, I always thought she had a cute face but now you can really tell she is unhealthy.

No. 312468

Lolitas are spineless nowadays, no one will tell her anything.

No. 312469

She’s trying really hard to look cute but this pose, even though she’s covering most of her face, is making her look obese.

No. 312472

If Jill really has "nonfunctional PTSD", how the fuck did it never come up until now? She was going to school, uploading videos and working as a teenager before getting help or being diagnosed but now she can't do anything? She just likes using mental illnesses as an excuse for being lazy. Like when she kept claiming to be catatonic and unable to move.

No. 312473

I think she started thinking she had PTSD around the time she was in her small time college. I wonder if she thought that because she barely paid attention. She has never liked sewing so it makes sense she would distract herself so much.

No. 312474

I am one of those users. It’s insane to look back on what was once a relatively spoiled rotten girl, now she’s just spoiled milk and rotten. I didn’t have her becoming a did YouTuber on my bingo card but here we are

No. 312475

I meant normal but spoiled rotten damn you iphone

No. 312476

I doubt she really thinks she has PTSD. She’s only claiming trauma because 1) trauma is trendy in her circles and 2) you need trauma for DID and she wants everyone to believe she has DID. If she actually believed she had any of the conditions she claims to have she’d be seeking help for them instead of sitting around her house doing nothing all day.

No. 312478

I think she does think she has PTSD. It's just that she has her own definition of PTSD that allows her to not have the real symptoms of it and to instead swap them for whatever she has. "Online identities" has groomed people into thinking that's normal, just decide you are something and then the defintion has to chang to accommodate you. If it doesn't match other people it's because it's a spectrum, or fluid.

No. 312487

this documense person is a chronically online fake did retard that when both of them are replying to each other the retardation and unbearable-ness is off the charts

No. 312489

kek anon
theyre giving fungal nail infection

No. 312492

File: 1700143418293.jpg (168.26 KB, 720x1038, J.jpg)

No. 312496

Now who’s fault is this? Lmao your emergency shouldn’t be ours. Eye checkups are cheap so are new lens for glasses. My uncle has vertigo and he can’t even walk most days.

No. 312497

>Shitting up emerg for an eye exam
Is this bitch for real? Well now we know she's never had anything serious in her life because every Canadian who has ever been to the ER for anything legit hates anyone who does this. If she doesn't want to wait she can go to one of the countless walk in clinics for this. If there isn't a Hakim Optical there is at least something for people who need quick glasses, especially for those who can't afford typical optometrist frames (since it's often designer)

No. 312498

She doesn’t even need to buy new frames. If she’s so short on money lens cost about $100.

No. 312499

There is no way that her glasses, even with an incorrect prescription, have suddenly in the last two weeks given her ~vertigo~

No. 312500

How does she know it's her eyes? It's because that's what people online told her? She truly can't be uncomfortable at all, if she feels slightly dizzy she goes to the emergency room. Of course you are gonna think you have the worst mental illnesses and all the physical ailments if having the wrong prescription it's "fucked up your eyes very badly". She must have been coddled to shit all her life. If she feels nervous it's "fight or flight", if she feels a little overwhelmed it's "a meltdown", if she forgets what she was going to say it's "dissociation" and now she is in an emergency because she ignored previous symptoms of needing to change her prescription.

No. 312503

I figure she can more than afford them, especially as you're more likely at a proper clinic to get new lenses cut to your current frames, more just pointing out that normal people know there are other ways to get glasses (and quick) beyond independently owned clinics, especially if you're poorer because you likely tend towards the walk-in kinds vs an appointment and it's funny how out of touch she is if you ignore that she's considering fucking someone over in the er for a non-issue. But speaking of, in a case where you're worried for your eyes and it's not a real emergency, she could literally go to any medical walk-in to be sure it's an eye issue and get the same as hospice care because emerg doesn't have all the same eye exam equipment an eye clinic would and would likely refer you to an eye doc if they suspected something wrong anyways because eyes are fickle and need both specialists and their equipment (something the walk-in can do too). Nurses at the ER if anything are more likely to get mad and tell her to wait for her appointment with no referral if all this is over a prescription change since emerg is for lifesaving issues and is made to get you stable and shoved at the relevant department. There isn't a single canadian city whose emergency waiting times aren't astronomical in part because of hypochondriac boomer chair wasters and a lack of family docs and people are strictly told not to waste the ER's time for non-emergency issues. I'm not surprised if she's an ER chair waster but I would have thought she'd know better than to post about it out of wokeness at least, but I guess she's so chronically online, spoiled, and healthy through her life she doesn't know Canadian healthcare issues

No. 312504

Her main problem was pretending to be so knowledgeable in lolita and trying to organize an antibullying brigade when she couldn't even match pinks. If she kept quiet back then maybe she wouldn't have had become this milky DID monster. It's like a snowball. She was just a spoiled girl back then.

No. 312505

KEKKK this is cliffe? Funny she has to reply to herself to sign off. If her vision is so bad how is she tweeting??

No. 312507

Plus she had money for a new Mac or whatever, she's just stupid and can't take care of herself

No. 312508

>Of course you are gonna think you have the worst mental illnesses and all the physical ailments if having the wrong prescription it's "fucked up your eyes very badly". She must have been coddled to shit all her life. If she feels nervous it's "fight or flight", if she feels a little overwhelmed it's "a meltdown", if she forgets what she was going to say it's "dissociation" and now she is in an emergency because she ignored previous symptoms of needing to change her prescription.
Exactly, she has to exaggerate everything, including not having money for glasses. She definitely does.
This, vertigo has to do with something else in the ears, doesn't it? Not sure. But it's not something to apply to having the wrong glasses. What she has is called being dizzy. And it happens all the time. To everyone. Sigh, what a tortured soul.

No. 312509

She's going to totally waste ER's time there. I've seen horrible shit in ER in real life and being dizzy because of your glasses is not an emergency, she should have gotten new ones a long time ago.

No. 312510


Yeah, she just thinks vertigo is synonymous with dizziness/lightheadedness, which it's not. She probably just has eye strain (Jill, please add a blue light filter app on your computer/phone, it will help a bunch).
Vertigo is horrendous, and you're lucky if you can sit up at all. It has to do with ears/balance and the world spins harshly around you. No way you can walk without falling over or puking. Impossible to /write/ anything.

No. 312518

File: 1700158762772.jpg (168.31 KB, 1080x909, Screenshot_20231116_131842_Chr…)

Yeah she is definitely conflating vertigo with dizziness. But this proves that jill uses word that she doesn't understand and applies it to herself.

She more than likely just has a common headache associated with the wro g prescription.

No. 312519

now she could have vertigo from all the fucking weed but who knows. some people get mild vertigo, then we have no way to tell lies from truth with her.

No. 312520

Jill - the issue is the latest Google Chrome update. I'd bet all my money on it. I had the same issue suddenly and I don't have eye issues. It was instantly solved once I removed the update.

No. 312522

yet again no alter indicator, don't think she's over pretending but she's definitely realised not to put it on her "fashion" content

No. 312523

File: 1700163966520.jpg (67.44 KB, 720x482, Soupyb.jpg)

No. 312524

This look is so dated and generic. Something that always struck me about her in Lolita was that she never had personal style she just slapped on something generic and it was always boring. Her decora attempts read the same like she just slaps everything on there is no cohesion or personal touch. It’s kind of strange that she is so rigid when doing a set style but so chaotic otherwise. I can see why she feels so stifled and has to split all these things into magical other people because she just doesn’t have the creativity to be multi faceted ironically. I would take her doing rainbow mess lolita over this larp any day.

No. 312525

she shoehorned those gal shoes in. again. you can wear gal stuff with lolita but you need to go all out. she's doing the same stuff she was criticized for before she left lolita, the only difference is the comm gives her asspats now and she's fat.

No. 312526

File: 1700167057877.jpg (250 KB, 720x1878, Vertigo.jpg)

Yes. Can be common amongst plumbers and mechanics to experience vertigo due to the nature of their work. Typically you get it because the ear crystals get stuck in a semicircular canal. Fun fact: the vestibular system (balance) is attached to your cochlea aka the snail shell structure that has to do with hearing. If you have vertigo, your eyes will give it away and that is what you are looking for when performing the dix hallpike test. The epley maneuver is then administered which should provide relief. TLDR: Jill is a dumbass who thinks using the term vertigo instead of dizziness sounds more dire. In your own words Jillian, stop using terms you learned from tt. It's cringe as shit.
Lol how telling and agreed.

No. 312527

the petticoat just sticking out of her skirt. embarrassing

No. 312528

Everyone has to do taxes and you barely even sew Jillian. Consider returning to retail if you hate it that much.

No. 312530

The part about the history of lolita is so lazy. Jill admits that her knowledge is from 2015 and she got something wrong. Also didn't Jill make it out like Flora was the one who did all the lolita shit? Now she won't front when they're doing lolita fashion and makeup?

No. 312531

Vertigo from weed is retarded anon.

No. 312535

File: 1700169769815.png (944.35 KB, 966x613, poor bag dear god.PNG)

I really wanted to believe that mint bag in >>311995 just looked like that because of the lighting but jesus christ how do you get to this point??

No. 312537

holy shit, I don't think she's ever looked fatter than this. Is the alter fronting right now a baked ham?

No. 312538

So sad. Holy shit.

No. 312539

Her face, holy cow this is bad.
Part of mental jillness is not getting her lies straight nor caring that she is getting her lies straight as she will lie to cover up her previous lies even if it sounds stupid.

No. 312540

Oh dear lord this is a mess

No. 312542

>>312522 Posturing herself as a lolita veteran despite being practically excommunicated, baneful snarky references to the past bullshit while simultaneously pretending it never happened, the most ita coord I’ve seen in years — who exactly is the target audience? She’s alienating herself from every demographic she has ever been successful with … But hey, that makeup works on her.

No. 312543

it's one of the most common side effects of weed but go off.

No. 312545

>lolita substyle section
>"classic lolita is where it all started"
>"lots of pinks and reds and solid colors"
>btssb photos in classic section
>very obvious sweet coordinates in classic section (because obviously solid color dress = classic)
>"gothic lolita was actually created by mana-sama"
nonas i can't even come up with something funny to say about this.

No. 312546

File: 1700173575771.mp4 (11.97 MB, 1280x720, End result.MP4)

Here's the end result if anyone just wants to see that part.

No. 312547

File: 1700175027354.png (156.87 KB, 454x408, meb.png)

>gyaru shoes
>petticoat sticking out
>taobao poly all over print dress
>bag doesn't match
>socks don't match nor are really appropriate legwear
>cosplay wig

No. 312549

I thought Cliffe does the taxes, Jill. It's the one time he's allowed out of your mental nursing home (even though you said he's only like 32 or some shit)

No. 312550

File: 1700177228265.png (474.4 KB, 609x582, Screenshot 2023-11-16 152727.p…)

The coord is pretty awful but with just her makeup and regular bangs I think she genuinely looked the cutest she's looked in years.
Another issue is just that the dress itself is crappy and doesn't really suit her skintone.

No. 312551

Her foundation is so fucking yellow though
Man… How did she devolve this much?

No. 312552

the bangs are awful i don't know what y'all nonnas are on

No. 312554

Vertigo isn't the same as being dizzy from smoking pot. Vertigo is a medical condition, read up thread.
>But go off
Go back to twitter.

No. 312555

File: 1700178294289.jpg (102.52 KB, 960x720, Definitions Vertigo is the tru…)

People do commonly confuse dizziness, a non-specific term, with vertigo but vertigo is a whole different animal. Anyways I wouldn't put much weight in what Jill says because she exhibits typical malinger behavior and over dramatizes her symptoms. The whole emergency room cry was just for asspats and to be perceived the most ill.(derailing)

No. 312557

Ok parrot go off but no it's not a side effect. "most common side effect" LMAO >>312543(derailing)

No. 312558


You're really pulling that "most common side effect" out of your dirty bootyhole

No. 312559

File: 1700181326183.jpeg (44.74 KB, 589x590, IMG_0443.jpeg)

Lookin like a cabbage patch doll.

No. 312561

File: 1700184728442.jpg (60.05 KB, 720x386, Mm.jpg)

No. 312562

File: 1700184838824.jpg (115.37 KB, 720x689, Lb.jpg)

No. 312563

File: 1700185085792.jpg (134.01 KB, 720x1195, Friendlier.jpg)

No. 312564

File: 1700185270171.jpg (114.82 KB, 716x705, War.jpg)

No. 312565

I wish someone had a copy of her LACE video still. It would be such fun watching that hot mess again.

No. 312566

miss piggy lookin ass

No. 312567

unless it's steebie making the appointment, her anxiety suddenly isn't so bad

No. 312569

Anon that Cabbage Patch doll is far cuter and more put together than Jill’s fat ham rolls stuffed inside that ita coord

No. 312570

The neckline plus the bangs make her face look huge, like it's just a straight up circle kek

No. 312571

I agree. That makeup looks perfect, and good on her. She just needs to get the tone of her foundation right.

No. 312572

There's a difference between BPPV and other types of vertigo, you guys sound fucking retarded. Vertigo can have other causes than ear related.(derailing)

No. 312573

the kawaiification of cliffe begins

No. 312574

Does Jill ever actually try to consult a professional or Google things herself? Because she should have really googled it herself and found cheap eyeglasses, especially if her eyes are bothering her that much.

No. 312575

She’s done quite a good job in recent years of high lighting how much weight she has gained and how frumpy she is… this is another level. Legit circle of a woman

No. 312576

Cliffe really needs to step up his game, first he didn't make sure Jill's glasses are fine and now Jill is crying over math and taxes on twitter! Get a grip man!
I really want to know which traumatic event created Cliffe, was it having to count to further than ten?

No. 312577

the character assassination of Cliffe
She's doing Cliffe like she did Colin and Tristan

No. 312578

I can't get over this fucking moon faced goblin pronouncing it "lol-ita"

Settle down nonna it's far from perfect but it's an improvement. Just like her latest weird attempt to cover up that five-head.

No. 312579

According to Jill cliffe and sandwich formed from moving into her townhouse. Even though her house is supposed to be super triggering and traumatic, so she should have been happy to leave.

No. 312580

It annoys me that she acts like she doesn't have parents that help her out with anything. "I have to do my own taxes!" Are you trying to tell us that if you asked your dad for help, he'd say no?

No. 312582

Post the source of this information or shut the fuck up weedchan. Nobody is gonna take your word for it just because you say so.(derailing)

No. 312586

After all these years too she still doesn’t make any effort to pronounce kawaii properly.

No. 312587

File: 1700232018025.jpeg (247.29 KB, 2150x1242, IMG_8186.jpeg)

The soft makeup suits her much better than the harsh makeup she always does. She looks her age.

No. 312588

File: 1700232821288.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1131, IMG_8196.jpeg)

Then versus Now

No. 312589

They're both bad coords, she's just fat now lol
There's a reason she got dragged so hard on BtB back in the day bc she showed up with a handful of burando bought by her mom and acted like she was an authority on lolita

No. 312591

her mom knows a lot more about colour and what looks good compared to Jill’s current day photo.

No. 312593

Agreed, plus the bangs soften her too, she looks better than in drag, lolita, weird emo shit, etc. I hope she keeps the pink bangs as is. The only thing is, please for the love of god, get a foundation that matches your skin and doesn't make you look yellow. Please.

No. 312594

Cute newbie lolita vs ugly ita

No. 312595

She needs to go back to Louise's house then

No. 312596

I think what she means is blood pressure shit happening when you get up after smoking weed, but that ain't vertigo either. Vertigo is s condition of the ear.

No. 312597

Kek, cliffe will become a nonbinary transwoman, you just wait

No. 312598

File: 1700239001973.png (647.87 KB, 1440x1785, Screenshot_20231117_113509.png)

Not the original anon, but that's incorrect. Vertigo caused by an ear issue is BPPV.
>There are two types of vertigo, peripheral and central vertigo.

>Peripheral vertigo is due to a problem in the part of the inner ear that controls balance. These areas are called the vestibular labyrinth, or semicircular canals. The problem may also involve the vestibular nerve. This is the nerve between the inner ear and the brain stem.

>Peripheral vertigo may be caused by:

>Benign positional vertigo (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, also known as BPPV)

Certain medicines, such as aminoglycoside antibiotics, cisplatin, diuretics, or salicylates, which are toxic to the inner ear structures
Injury (such as head injury)
Inflammation of the vestibular nerve (neuronitis)
Irritation and swelling of the inner ear (labyrinthitis)
Meniere disease
Pressure on the vestibular nerve, usually from a noncancerous tumor such as a meningioma or schwannoma
Central vertigo is due to a problem in the brain, usually in the brain stem or the back part of the brain (cerebellum).

>Central vertigo may be caused by:

>Blood vessel disease

Certain drugs, such as anticonvulsants, aspirin, and alcohol
Multiple sclerosis
Seizures (rarely)
Tumors (cancerous or noncancerous)
Vestibular migraine, a type of migraine headache


Pic related is part of a study linking cannabis to vertigo.
There are plenty of places you can look this up. Everyone needsv to stop kneejerking at Jill and actually know what the hell you're talking about.(we get it, weed bad)

No. 312600

Correlation ≠ causation

What you linked isn't even a study, it's a meta-analysis of 48 studies. It also found a correlation between weed and having HPV but we all know smoking won't give you HPV(derailing)

No. 312601

Please stop. Who cares.

No. 312603

Her online temper tantrums are so embarassing. This is in response to a tweet about magical girls(missing context/this is an imageboard)

No. 312604

This kek. It's just weed users trying to make themselves even more insufferable, weed is not a bad plant and I'm not against smoking it, but holy shit, weed dependent people are so retarded. Anyway if Jill's having problems because of weed, she needs to stop, period.(derailing)

No. 312606

File: 1700245151330.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1840, IMG_6960.jpeg)

She so dramatic

No. 312607

File: 1700245296624.jpeg (733.09 KB, 1170x1691, IMG_6961.jpeg)

Make me feel special poll

No. 312608

anon that has nothing to do with the fact that vertigo isn't a single condition. >>312604
i think the real issue is weed as something that's 100% harmless in every way is based on weed that has much much less concentration than it does today. it's the same as when people cite that ancient civilizations drank beer all the time when the beer they drank was <1% alcohol not 4%+. weed people are so triggered when you mention anything about weed, like in the shay thread there were CHS and CUD deniers.(derailing)

No. 312610

Centering yourself into someone else's drama to have an excuse to smoke weed is Crack head level of annoying

No. 312611

>How did you find about Precure?
>Pixie videos
The narcissism. Damnnn.

No. 312612

She's acting as of she has never been caught gossiping and loving drama before. But she wants to be so self righteous, she needs to stop the twitter arguments

No. 312618

File: 1700259682794.jpg (145.3 KB, 720x844, Screenshot.jpg)

No. 312619

File: 1700259778800.jpg (203.34 KB, 720x1634, Glass houses.jpg)

No. 312622

why defend grown men watching a little girl tv show
some blue checkmark is upset oh no

No. 312624

File: 1700269465580.jpg (Spoiler Image,367.83 KB, 720x2299, Otolith organs.jpg)

So does that mean he'll wear non-black clothing now? Kek
The main problem is Jill is crying about vertigo on twitter and still tweeting despite supposedly having this issue. She tweeted her head hurt so bad she could barely see the screen after an hour of working. It's a similar issue to when she supposedly was having a panic attack yet keeps on tweeting. It feels disingenuous as well as attention seeking. She supposedly has been having issues for a couple of weeks which if true, is not good. Also would love to know if she told the receptionist this when scheduling although I will say nice advice from Sof about getting put on the cancelation list. Experiencing vertigo regularly (as in constant) is bad and not normal. If you are experiencing this constantly while smoking, stop smoking. Also nonnies knee-jerk react to Jill for two reasons: she talks about all her issues on twitter rather than seek out true help (also her giving health advice despite not getting help currently and not a professional is not good) and has a known history of being dramatic. Think of it like the boy who cried wolf. You burn out good will fast. Spoilered pic because about the otoliths so nonnies who are over this do not suffer.
Jill you need better coping mechanisms and stop getting into twitter fights.

No. 312627

>just angsty teens with too much time and not enough real issues to complain about
oh the IRONY

No. 312628

>defending the "adult dudes" who are into precure
Uhhhhhhhh… has she ever been to /a/? they're fucking insane

No. 312629

Mirror mirror on the wall, idiot.

No. 312630

>It's a similar issue to when she supposedly was having a panic attack yet keeps on tweeting. It feels disingenuous as well as attention seeking.
Agreed, it's fucking stupid
>Experiencing vertigo regularly (as in constant) is bad and not normal. If you are experiencing this constantly while smoking, stop smoking.
Seriously. It's not helping her at all. She's not responsible, she's getting worse, and she needs to stop thinking it's a cure-it-all for everything. Again, nothing wrong with smoking, it's just stupid that she keeps doing it in such an unhealthy way.
> she talks about all her issues on twitter rather than seek out true help (also her giving health advice despite not getting help currently and not a professional is not good) and has a known history of being dramatic.
basically this

No. 312631

File: 1700277198704.png (Spoiler Image,55.01 KB, 812x330, precure.png)

>defending nerd males that post this shit on precure threads

No. 312632

> Also nonnies knee-jerk react to Jill for two reasons
I understand that but we shouldn't be fighting misinformation with more misinformation simply to prove jill wrong. It's embarrassing. I don't even care about her weed smoking but I was more annoyed that anons were so set on claiming they know what vertigo is, when it's not just a single condition. You can say jill doesn't have vertigo for legitimate reasons you listed, but the moment we start making it about jill being wrong, we start to act like her. I've been sick of this kind of attitude in the thread for a while. Anons need her to be wrong so much they make shit up. We need to stop that.

No. 312633

>this show is supposed to teach kindness
It's hilarious how seriously Jill takes a show that teaches lesson for little girls. The show teaches kids kindness, not grown ass adults Jill.
Also I think she's defending the adult male precure fans because Jill thinks they're autistic, and to her anyone who criticizes autistic people are ableist.

No. 312635

The way she says "this show teaches kindness" is also so infantile. Precure isn't Steven Universe, Jill

No. 312636

this is what weed, alcohol, social media and energy drink addiction can do to a person. now shes bloated, fat unhealthy and always looks strung out.

No. 312637

Imagine being In your 20s, with a job that enables you to have tons of free time, and you spend it having fits online over twitter accounts and pretending to be an angsty teenager. What a shitshow.

No. 312643

It’s not like Steven Universe taught anyone anything kek other than dancing = sex and everything can be solved with a hug.
Jill just needs to get her head out of her ass.

No. 312648

its how older fans of media whose target demographics ruin things. they over analyze, talk too much online and go full narc all the time because they chose to not grow tf up and demand the world cater to them. in other words jill in a nutshell

No. 312649

File: 1700323001319.jpg (195.95 KB, 720x1168, 1.jpg)

No. 312650

File: 1700323112746.jpg (199.8 KB, 720x997, 2.jpg)

No. 312651

File: 1700323205708.jpg (160.38 KB, 720x996, 3.jpg)

No. 312652

File: 1700323335789.jpg (164.48 KB, 720x990, 4.jpg)

No. 312653

File: 1700323433100.jpg (168.5 KB, 720x990, 5.jpg)

No. 312655

She used to shoop herself thinner during her lolita days so this is probably what she actually looked like

>formed from repeated sexual abuse
>unaffected by current/past trauma

These two statements can't coexist

No. 312656

File: 1700323550500.jpg (134.36 KB, 720x887, 6.jpg)

No. 312657

File: 1700323673325.jpg (197.89 KB, 720x994, 7.jpg)

No. 312658

File: 1700323778378.jpg (180.76 KB, 720x997, 8.jpg)

No. 312659

File: 1700323877583.jpg (176.07 KB, 720x987, 9.jpg)

No. 312660

File: 1700324009991.jpg (215.24 KB, 720x1268, Corruption.jpg)

No. 312661

Is she saying these two formed because of being called out as a DID faker by professionals in the field lmao

No. 312662

aside from the fact that she still refers to the mclean or whatever lecture as trauma… it always gets me when the scawy protector alter is supposed to self harm. like whoa very threatening you retard, what you're gonna do, cut yourself some more with that knife?

No. 312664

File: 1700324644980.jpg (318.7 KB, 720x2274, Mods.jpg)

No. 312665

There are all written the same way 14 year olds talk about their OCs. Is it really so shameful to roleplay your OCs on main that she has to pretend they're "muh mental jillness"???

No. 312666

She feels "very fucking targeted" from a tweet that doesn't mention her, about a disorder she's not diagnosed with.

No. 312667

File: 1700325909330.jpg (34.85 KB, 537x399, l5ryyq0eso091.jpg)

these people cannot be real.

No. 312668

>I am an autistic mentally ill adult
LOL LMAO she said it, kek even.
What was even about the tweet that triggered her so much?

No. 312670

she really needed an extra alter to be a "trauma holder" and "protector" from a hospital calling her a faker lol. This is why people don't believe DID exists, dumbasses like Jill will claim to have trauma from minor inconvenieces.

No. 312671

A Pretty Cure anonymous secrets account posted some secrets that said negative things about autistic and male fans

No. 312672

I wonder if Jill will split into a new alter from all of this drama? procure is supposed to be her ~safety~ anime after all

No. 312674

Holy shit.
Get off Twitter, you fucking retard.
Touch grass and get a job. Look at your fucking self. Jesus Christ.

No. 312675

Wait, did she finally admit she is into ddlg before this post? Or is the first time she actually acknowledged it?

No. 312676

Prefacing this by saying I think it's bullshit but there are people who "non sexually age regress" and I would guess that's what she means

No. 312677

I agree with you. Anons need to not read so deep into everything being a fetish.

No. 312679

>Willing to do anything to protect (my)… reputation
She even said it, nice hypocrisy from a person who vagueposts about the terrible, DID inducing trauma others have (by implication) done to her.

No. 312680

Why are they all in this pose kek there must be other poses in picrew

No. 312681

File: 1700333769195.jpg (27.82 KB, 1000x1000, 2b8c42b37b343a80dea7a930618244…)

I've never heard of the musician she mentions and a few different people come up on image search but there is a bald guy who dresses in black and looks a lot like this? A bit creepy if it's based on him that closely

No. 312682

>our previous therapist

The Cliffe transition arc WILL be happening lol

No. 312683

No. 312684

Weird nitpick, the only pose thing that can really be changed in that one is the hand

No. 312685

File: 1700341612595.jpg (387.56 KB, 720x3822, Amber.jpg)

Previous info on Amber. My favorite part of the McLean trauma was Jill screaming it was unethical and malpractice then writing she was looking into legal action just to walk that back a little later.

No. 312686


The only alter I care about is Sandwich. WHERE'S THE CAT, JILLIAN??

But fr, this is batshit crazy.


I can't with this. We have solid evidence of her mother adoring her and Jill claiming sexual abuse in the same thread. This will be super blogposting and I'll silently take my ban, but I'm a CSA survivor and one thing I always struggle to explain, is why I don't have pictures of me between 4-12 (the years I was being assaulted). I can't imagine being so loved and protected by your mother and be so spoiled to claim being a neglected kid… because the only way to be assaulted repeatedly, is growing up basically alone.

I can't hate her, but god she makes it hard not to!!(unsaged blogpost)

No. 312687

I've never used picrew, I thought she was choosing that pose intentionally every time. I will retract my nitpick kek

No. 312688

I'm so sorry anon, it's a valid blogpost because this is exactly why her abuse larp is so offensive.

No. 312689

You're absolutely right about repeated assault because with how much of a helicopter parent Louise was, the only suspects would be her mom, her dad, or her brother and it certainly wasn't any of them

No. 312691

Understandable, hope you have a good day nonna

No. 312695

Wait, I thought she said Cliff was part Sasha Velour or whatever that drag queen's name is.

No. 312696

“repeated sexual abuse” she really, REALLY wants to be traumatized in the worst way possible and it’s unbearably disgusting. I wonder if her family sees this shit on Twitter

No. 312698

this probably makes me a bad person, but i'd like to see her get into a real bad situation just once just so she knows what real trauma feels like.

she'd probably just go even deeper into her self centered larp, but it might be worth it for the 2% chance she realises what she's been asking for and shuts up forever.

No. 312699

>>312698 the closest thing she's ever had to experiencing real trauma was when she hit the deer on the road, and even then that's pretty mild compared to all the shit she lies about.

No. 312700

Idk, she’s similar to Shayna in the sense that both of them fantasize about going through horrible shit and both of them post those fantasies on the internet as if it was something normal to do, but if for some reason any of these two cows had to go through anything similar to these fantasies they post about, I honestly think they just wouldn’t exist on the internet at all.
I just don’t really understand what’s Jillian’s plan, like at all, what’s in there for her after everyone believes in her stories? Just more attention can’t be the true goal, like come on, that would be really pathetic.

No. 312702

It really is that pathetic. She doesn't think of anything in the longterm, she is just making shit up as she goes along, even her breadcrumbing is extremely obvious. This is what substance abuse and internet addiction does to a person.

No. 312705

>A Pretty Cure anonymous secrets account posted some secrets that said negative things about autistic and male fans
Kek can you post a screenshot please?

No. 312706

Don't fully believe it considering Steven is a degenerate

No. 312707

She’s into woo-woo spirituality witchy crap, so I’m surprised her retarded ass hasn’t considered the law of attraction since she keeps talking about all this shit happening to her and is basically willing it at this point kek

No. 312710

This is about pixie.

No. 312712

File: 1700370505385.png (892.59 KB, 1190x824, Screen Shot 2023-11-19 at 1.00…)

They had a meltdown and deleted a bunch of stuff today because of people calling them out so some posts are taken down but they used the phrase "annoying autistic people" and then picrel for the one about men

No. 312720

She awkwardly avoids using pronouns for these three but not for any of the others. Jerrick is supposed to be trans, Veronica was at one point supposed to be intersex but the four year old? Maybe it’s nothing, maybe it’s another breadcrumb.

I just want her parents to call her out for lying and stop supporting her ass. It would be the worst thing that ever happened to her, but also 100% her own doing and fully deserved.

Her mom having cancer could also have been legitimately traumatic to a normal person but the only time it was brought up (by Louise herself) Jill seemed annoyed at the reminder and shut her down immediately. It really seems like Jill’s takeaway from that situation was that she, Jill, was the victim for not being the centre of attention for a bit. I think she has enough self-awareness to know that making her mom’s illness about memememene would be a bad look. Better to just make some shit up.

No. 312721

Not a breadcrumb. It's probably the whole don't assign a kid a gender thing, she didn't know she was a girl yet or some shit.

No. 312723

actually the most self-aware thing she's ever said which is kind of unfortunate. It's only downhill from here, folks.

No. 312724

File: 1700384836930.jpg (185.73 KB, 1080x1440, 317946302_665664508267445_5627…)

yes, its him. he's in a band called the correspondents and "cliffe" is literally just identical to this dude

No. 312725

“Has done a ton of therapy”….when and where? Is she qualifying talking to herself in her mind palace as therapy? Also love the “flat expression” thing, just has to keep throwing the autistic traits in wherever she can. If it was true maybe she would look her age kek.

No. 312726

Tinfoil but I wonder if she started using her more aggressive OC's like Jerrick and Amber less because it wasn't the get out of jail cards she hoped for (have she even used Amber since the cringey tiktok introduction?), she tried to save face by claiming Jerrick was autistic but still got some unexpected flack for the character's behavior but she won't eat them in case she needs a scapegoat. Too bad she still lets the mask slip all the time and forget to blame it on them kek

No. 312727

File: 1700388091488.jpeg (594.3 KB, 1170x1178, 1697473651163.jpeg)

Don't forget Jill also implied she was severely abused and neglected as a baby. This whole trend of "my parents were super loving and supportive and some unnamed abuser caused my trauma" is very common with DID larpers, despite the fact that statistically if a child is being severely abused the chances of it being a stranger are incredibly small. And afaik Jill has never mentioned being in daycare, or babysat as an infant so idk how the fuck she could have been abused by someone who isn't her parents.

No. 312729

so jill thinks DID is some kinning type shit right? all the alters just read as shitty OCs. christ this bitch is annoying with this strong need to talk about herself

No. 312731

All of these DID larpers would have just been otherkin on tumblr a decade ago lol

No. 312732

This person is right

No. 312733

Yeah and "Pixie" is dating Steven, who is a degenerate. I do not doubt for a second that they've had sex in an ageplayer way at least once. Don't defend their creepy shit.

No. 312734

There's no way she is callous enough to imply infancy neglect because her mum's cancer.

No. 312736

i swear she at some point claimed amber and sunny came from two different "traumas"/situations. i know someone posted a ss where she said so in reply to someone asking on twitter before she made a video on any of them, but i'm too lazy to go through the threads. now they're suddenly both from the mclean drama, she keeps changing her stories and forgets her own oc's. why doesn't she just write these things down to avoid this lol

No. 312742

so in a nutshell:
pixie: jill's public persona
jer: her remaining teenage angst, hates her body (but totally not what girls that age experience all the time because she needs the trans points)
old man: whenever she wants to be an adult and get her shit together (probably why he doesn't front very often kek)
jill when she's horny. doesn't front often either, might be because of the meds? also i might not be an expert, but i'd tend to think that someone who can't live without sex might not actually be over their trauma.
emo teen but edgy instead of sad
berry: childhood nostalgia
flora: might not be a cure but she's the kind of girl she wishes she were imo. she's soft spoken, dainty and girly but in a cute way, where jill is just loud in every way possible.
basically jill's cottagecore fantasy
sunny: another ideal self imo. except this time she's just that bit closer to jill in that she's loud and excitable, but at least she doesn't care what people think. she wishes she were that girl who can just have fun with her cringe weeb interests without fearing being judged by the world at large.
amber is probably yellow just like sunny because both characters were created at the same time, and jill just couldn't decide what she wanted: whether she wanted to explode all over twitter because of the mclean situation, or put her fingers in her ears and play "lalala i don't care" with sunny. we know what happened after: she released both, probably so she could continue raging with amber, yet have sunny to prance around with when she wanted to get away from the drama. (if she's completely unnafected by mclean, she doesn't have to answer DMs about it after all!)

No. 312743

Doesn't her mom follow her social media accounts? Why doesn't she care that Jill could be acusing her of abusing a baby? That's a serious allegation. >>312733 Yeah Steve is 100% into little girls if you pay attention to who he follows and interacts with online. It's extra disgusting considering how Jill is pretending to be sexually abused as a little kid as per her tweets in the past. It's like they both have a baby r* fetish.(don't self-censor, this isn't twitter or tiktok)

No. 312744

>Yeah Steve is 100% into little girls if you pay attention to who he follows and interacts with online.
Besides Maggie, does he follow more lolicons or weird fetish people on Twitter? Can't tell because I don't have an account.

No. 312745

Ageplaying is such a terminally online creepy thing to do, sexual or not. No well adjusted adult could endorse that. All ageplayers who share their shit about acting like younger versions of themselves online are suspicious to me.

No. 312746

why else would he date a woman whose entire personality is pretending to be a little girl

No. 312747

Most people don't get notifs of accounts replying to others, it's super likely she doesn't see the majority of Jill's deranged conversations

No. 312748

File: 1700422489130.jpg (188.75 KB, 720x1172, Mn.jpg)

No. 312749

the barest sliver of self-awareness. she almost had it. she only just skirted past it nonas

No. 312750

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that we now have a Serenity Sam banner?

No. 312751

uh pics pls? because that's amazing

No. 312752

File: 1700425308731.gif (4.14 MB, 300x100, 70.gif)

I refreshed and refreshed and refreshed just to find it again for you anon. There are also a couple of new Jill ones now

No. 312753

omfg this is so powerful

No. 312754

She will always be the true star of this thread

No. 312755

File: 1700426419425.gif (1.68 MB, 300x100, 52.gif)

I love this one so much. If you want to look at the banners, it's just lolcow.farm/banners. No description but date of when the banner added is there. There are some nice new ones of Jill like the happy retard diagnosis cake is there and Jill dressed as Veronica pounding on the table with friends just to name some plus this beauty.(derailing )

No. 312764

Love her tbh

No. 312766

Kek anon no, I do not doubt that for a second. I just want to know what his follows look like.

No. 312769

This is even better than I remembered, Jill's mom and aunt truly outshine her (probably her only real trauma)

No. 312770

ayrt fair enough. he probably has some private side account he hides his degen shit on

No. 312771

I'm not gonna post it again, but this is literally the core of all my Jilltheory

No. 312772

I wonder how Jillian feels knowing some anons here myself included genuinely love her creative aunt because of how unabashedly herself she is. She is so much better than Jill, I like her painting hobby videos.

No. 312775

I hope she reads it and seethes kek. Sam is genuinely such a cool and likeable woman. Truly unique and shines because she's just herself. Jill could never.

No. 312777

File: 1700445865026.jpg (100.13 KB, 720x678, 919041.jpg)

No. 312778

>>312777 is she gonna start skinwalking Yovska for being the Canadian drag queen she wishes she was?

No. 312780

This is so fucking retarded, I was going to say more but she doesn't even deserve to know why this is omega retarded. Embarrassing shit honestly. Her excuses for her disgusting behavior are drag queens and cartoons, fucking hell.

No. 312781

The way Jill dismissively says "yeah but that was for cancer" pisses me off in that video. Her mom went through a very scary health crisis that could have very well killed her. She probably felt drained most days back when she was going through it, but there's no way she'd let anything happen to her kids. What a slap to face; the lack of respect towards her parents but particularly her mom is pathetic. Jill is a massive cunt.
Not sure how much she truly pays attention to Jill's videos. I still am under the impression her mom thinks she's in a phase and will grow out of it.

No. 312782

File: 1700453152888.jpg (931.01 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_20231120_005546_You…)

New Ablaze video and look who's there!

He says he wants to do a deepdive about her and mentions her cake fiasco and the McLean drama… the fact she's in the same video as Gabbie Hanna and Elphaba, is pleasantly ironic.

No. 312784

Pixielocks's section starts at 8:40

No. 312785

This dude is so boring to listen to and barely even touches on anything lol is this all it takes to have a huge YouTube following?

No. 312786

At least he's calling her out and making her seethe.

No. 312787

IIRC he follows and likes Vaush, a pedophile who openly advocates for doing away with the age of consent.

No. 312788

i'm pretty sure it's gotta be him that does a deep dive, considering vangelina gave up. doubtful it would get a lot of views, but it's still nice to see her get called out for her bullshit.

No. 312791

Yeah she used to say he's half Sasha Velour and half her dad. I tinfoiled a long time ago that she was adding elements of Jed to Cliffe, which must have crept him out if he knew about it (it was shortly before he bounced). Funny that she made it canon. I don't remember if she mentioned this musician as Cliffspo before, but it's very creepy how she just copied this guy's appearance 1:1.
A piece of art!

No. 312792

He’s got over 400k subscribers so it’ll get views. People love to watch lolcow documentaries look at that faggot Turkey Tom.

No. 312793

And she'll probably throw a bitchfit about it on twitter, attracting even more viewers that want to take part in the drama

No. 312795

She’s demanding to know the personal information of minors who where smart enough to not broadcast information like that to fucking strangers on the internet, but revealing their info against their will is totally not doxxing guys!!
Its just that Jill got targeted (again? By children?) and if she doesnt get this info it’ll totally traumatize her guyz

No. 312797

why tf is she so invested in this???

No. 312801

Because not only does Jill stick her nose into plenty of shit that isn't relevant to her at all, she also defines herself as the biggest Precure fan to ever exist, so she must use the lessons she learnt from a tv show aimed at toddlers and fight for justice against the dumb teenagers on the internet

No. 312808

File: 1700498253721.jpg (129.68 KB, 720x986, 231120093248.jpg)

No. 312809

File: 1700498384045.jpg (362.53 KB, 720x2575, 231120093622.jpg)

No. 312810

The comment is stupid because that's never been a problem to her, but the hair is kinda nice.

No. 312811

So funny to see her thinking she's the biggest Precure fan. It's the narcissism and the need to stick out in a small irrelevant island.

No. 312812

>drugs made me high, it was nice
>omg literally me when I take drugs
She really does believe that the basic emotional state should be euphoric bliss.

No. 312813

I think she means in terms of her probably disassociating herself from her body. That's actually a thing, not even feeling like your reflection is you. Does this mean she's having a sober, normie moment?

No. 312814

Maybe. I also just saw it as trans breadcrumbs tbh.

No. 312816

That's why she invented flora and sunny and soon enough will make them turn into a new alter called sunflower which will never ever be sad.

No. 312817

I really, really think anons need to stop assuming everything means something about trannies or drag or being gay or it's a fetish. Some of this is really surface level with Jill and not always some degen side part of it.

No. 312818

She's the kid that cried wolf, don't expect people in this thread to not think what she says is suspicious or at least very cringe.

No. 312819

She is sandwich deep inside, we won't forget.

No. 312820

the next thread pic being that but a photo of a sandwich holding the phone would be funny imo

No. 312821

File: 1700502777086.png (440.86 KB, 1100x585, muhgender.png)

so which is it, jilly bean? to be a girl or not to be?

No. 312822

File: 1700503212135.png (319.72 KB, 485x415, theHUMANITY.png)

>willing to do anything to protect our safety, reputation, humanity

No. 312823

She’s projecting her lolcow/Behind The Bows twauma. Everyone who anonymously talks negatively about her needs to be EXPOSED AND PUNISHED FOR THEIR CRIMES

No. 312824

These people are so fucking stupid lmao people don't get high to feel worse so of course you feel better when you're high

No. 312843

This is the first time I've seen her without makeup. OMG, she looks so much better with natural eyebrows and without the heavy eyeliner. She actually looks 25 here.

No. 312852

File: 1700538304629.jpg (151.86 KB, 720x897, 20204332.jpg)

No. 312853

File: 1700538441541.jpg (186.57 KB, 720x1299, 0204447.jpg)

No. 312854

she also looks good with like just the two colours? like the pink and yellow is a good look with the natural brows.

No. 312857

She really thinks she's the most traumatized, but really, feeling like something is wrong out of nowhere could just be anxiety or her bpd

No. 312858

>Gets charged the wrong amount
>Gets a refund
Jill is so boring now she doesn't leave her house

No. 312859

Anything is interesting to her I guess

No. 312860

Jill isn't a girl anymore, she's a grown ass adult woman

No. 312861

She's trying so hard to will that non-existent autism into existence

No. 312872

lmao she acts like she’s too poor to go to the optometrist or get an autism diagnosis but also doesn’t notice extra charges on her card until it went over $1000? very poor starving artist of her.

No. 312875

File: 1700583737809.jpg (80.28 KB, 720x441, Pkpk.jpg)

No. 312876

She thinks she's doing her daily activism by simply retweeting things huh

No. 312878

How much longer until Jilly bean gets absolutely shitfaced wasted while on her Wellbutrin, has a seizure, then lies about the fact she mixed alcohol and Wellbutrin and claims to be epileptic?

No. 312880

Don't encourage her anon I bet shes taking notes. 1 seizure now scheduled for if Stevie tries to split up with her
>Speak the fuck up
I don't think influencers, artists whatever have any need to "speak the fuck up" since it is ~News~ which is ~everywhere~ like people can just read the news, your personal activism actually is irrelevant. However amusing for Jillian to retweet this while not even doing any personal activism.
It might be that betterhealth or whatever online therapist company, they are known to be sketchy. I saw some screenshots on Twitter where they even rig the test you take online before signing up to give everyone a much higher trauma/anxiety score than they actually have. Imagine if the root of her "trauma" claims was that rigged test.
Also her financial safety knowledge is pretty poor, you should never accept a cheque in case it bounces, if they billed her bank or card they should refund the same way. I would not be surprised if the cheque either bounces or never arrives.

No. 312884

Please no. I know she's dumb but she doesn't need to have a seizure. I honestly just want her to ditch Steven and go home and start again

No. 312885

the only youtuber promo type service ive seen her talk about using is hello fresh. i think itd be milky if she tried using betterhelp to replace her angel therapist like >>312880 suggested though

No. 312886

Sandwich? Is that you? Come eat some tinfoil, heard it's tasty.

No. 312887


Please let's not forget she already had one…(learn to sage)

No. 312888

has she even mentioned the genocide since she initially sided with Ethan and dogpiled frogan?

No. 312889

Kek the fake one on camera? I completely forgot

No. 312890

Sandwich is the only hashtag valid alter for me, kek. just kidding, don't take this seriously please

No. 312893

File: 1700598855004.png (25.41 KB, 448x203, sandwich.png)

No. 312894

Sandwich reveal video when

No. 312895

File: 1700602661659.jpg (143.09 KB, 720x1017, 21143434.jpg)

Take this as you will

No. 312897

that is so boring, she really thinks betterhelp being shit is news? i feel like she doesn't pay attention, then. most youtubers dont even work with them anymore unless they personally use the service.

No. 312909

oh my god. i can't believe she's talking about betsey johnson as im watching amberlynn reid videos. i swear if she keeps it steady going like this, she's going to destroy what metabolism was left, and then when she starts rapidly gaining weight from "debilitating memtwall iwwness" and fake disability.. IDEK. Jill can still reverse this curse. But I have low hopes for the future.(learn to sage)

No. 312912

I've seen a lot of suburban normies moms refer to their actual children as "littles". So it could genuinely just be using it in that way

No. 312915

She ageplays anon, it's documented in older threads. In any case it's still stupid because she isn't a mother nor a child

No. 312916

File: 1700622258215.jpg (96.96 KB, 720x710, 11294449.jpg)

You'd think she would be checking statements
To be fair what else does she really have going on? She's not sewing or working on her brand.

No. 312917

holy shit, she went to BETTERHELP to get therapy instead of finding an actual therapist???

No. 312919

Tweeting about how you didn’t notice extra charges on your bank statement for TWO YEARS seems like a bad idea

No. 312920

Who does Jill have more contact with, suburban normie moms or degenerate twitter ageplayers? The answer is ageplayers, anon. Don’t forget that this is the woman who saw a dog tent in the background of someone’s video and excitedly asked if it was for age regression.

>a company mistreated me omg tea I’m peeing my pants!!
>is it the company that is infamous for mistreating people?
The tea is already cold, Jill.

No. 312922

I mean the whole point is she wasn’t using it but they were charging her for it for two years. So she hasn’t been using it she signed up then dropped it, couldn’t even do therapy when she didn’t have to leave her house.

No. 312925

yep she just outed herself as a lazy fat fuck when she couldve done the radical thing and leave the house and go to a clinic or something

No. 312930

Don't most subscription services continue to charge you whether you use it or not? She likely signed up and gave her bank details, then never used the service. It sounds like she's just an idiot, unless betterhelp does some weird "charge by the convo" thing

No. 312933

I'm gonna assume she actually canceled but they never put the cancelation through, since they are known for sketchiness I woudn't be surprised if there was some double confirmation you had to do to cancel which most would miss, or they don't let you remove the card details. They should see on their system she never logged on again so at best it's shitty business practices to charge for a service you know the client attempted to cancel and isn't using.
She should really check her statements like how do you miss a $40 charge going through for two years, I can understand missing it for a few months but two years. Hope she doesn't shop at Temu since they are known for adding dodgy charges to your bill too.

No. 312943

File: 1700666338519.jpg (529.19 KB, 720x3610, Start.jpg)

No. 312944

File: 1700666436902.jpg (142.68 KB, 719x851, Alters2.jpg)

No. 312945

File: 1700666529032.jpg (78.71 KB, 720x396, Alter.jpg)

No. 312946

File: 1700666635310.jpg (155.35 KB, 720x1028, Map thingie.jpg)

No. 312947

Posted backwards by mistake but it goes this retweet first >>312945 then the you're gone gone >>312943 and then the shocked and disgusted >>312944

No. 312948

The classic "it was my alter, not me, so you can't be mad at me" defense

No. 312950

That’s the whole reason many of these dweebs have alters, though. Why is this person not allowed to pull that card while the rest of the “DID community” is constantly blaming their behaviour on some alter being a persecutor/sexual protector/minor/autist/all of the above? Rules for thee but not for me.

No. 312951

I need the map thingie. Even better, give me a sims house, or an animal crossing island

No. 312952

I know this is all stupid larp a d people should be held accountable by whatever they say (alters or not), but also, by this logic she should also be held accountable when she said "suck my dick" to a minor.

No. 312953

File: 1700668010118.jpeg (241.79 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_7787.jpeg)

No. 312954

Love that all of the colours between the connections are blended except for Jill and Jerrick bc it would make brown and that's not aesthetic

No. 312957


No. 312958

File: 1700670914876.jpg (340.24 KB, 720x2666, Colour coded.jpg)

No. 312959

File: 1700671088890.jpg (175.77 KB, 720x1158, RFTBNM.jpg)

No. 312960

Jill labeling herself as a caretaker is fucking hilarious. Please, enlighten us on how great you are at taking care of yourself