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File: 1662366417230.jpg (410.02 KB, 1920x1218, JILLY DID FAKER.jpg)

No. 245171

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a fake/manipulated diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for.
She happily accepted her ~life changing~ diagnositic impression (NOT a rea diagnosis!) with a "coming out as DID" celebratory cake, but struggled to maintain the LARP after only two weeks. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who rage-quitted due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as the creator of the Confetti Club, a group of skinwalking fans that wear “Party-Kei” style, a weeaboo fashion she invented and no longer personally wears. She currently looks like an overweight clown.
>Known lurker.
>Extremely sensitive.
>Terminally online.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Very notorious attention whore. Always overstates her abilities in a delusional way and barely puts any effort.
>Runs a youtube channel with an inconsistent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating most of her fans.
>Has multiple inconsistencies in her DID story and lore. Will change or forget key details about her trauma origin story or her alters. She also tends to deny the bad parts of her mental illnesses.
>Started deliberately age regressing while smoking weed not too long ago. Cannot put the weed down.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special. Thus, results in obvious faking.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- items, including clothes, makeup and other shit for any new trend she gets into. Nevertheless, she still is a big consumer of plastic crap and will cut corners whenever possible.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of things to show off how much she had spent (as a brag).
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise. She’s also a massive attention whore and very self-centered, never listens to others and only cares about her own faked struggles. Disregards any criticism as “hate”.
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, and her fans are steadily unfollowing her.
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day. She will take meds without even verifying she needs them or not, or stop them without further medical advice. Other questionable “self-care” and “mental health” content has been noted.
>Thinks having an enabling counselor = actual therapy. Said counselor quitted and moved provinces only 1 year after treating her and givng her the DID diagnostic impression. Jillian continues to lie and fake all kinds of symptoms to prove she’s sick, slowly transforming nto a full-blown munchie. Believes her own lies on the matter so much so that she thinks she’s knowledgeable enough to advise others on the matter.
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments, videos, or tweets that dare question her and act passive-aggressive about it on Twitter. Will also e-bully anyone she doesn’t like or goes against her ideas.
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image. Somehow, all her male exes end up looking like the current aesthetic she’s into at the moment of dating.
>Has claimed that her DeviantArt Ex-girlfriend she kept in amicable contact with for a while right after breaking up “abused her for months”. Said claim has been proven false.
>She now claims every abuser of hers has been female, even though she has heavily mistreated her past two girlfriends. She broke off with her most recent ex girlfriend, Mystery Girl, around Christmas 2018, because she “was no longer attracted to her”. She kept the Christmas presents that she would otherwise would had given her, to herself.
>Her previous friendships almost always have end up in drama. Rumors of her sleeping with the guy that one of her ex-friends liked at a New Year’s party have circulated. Besides that, she has also said in a video that she stripped in front of Steven and his ex-girlfriend Maggie at some point in a get-together. Even her fans found this weird.
>Formerly identified as pansexual, then queer, then claimed to be “too into dick to be a lesbian” while dating a woman; currently lives inside her rainbow house with her boyfriend Stephen Clarke. Now both Steven and Jillian identify as nonbinary and pansexual. It is worth mentioning one of her exes also became nonbinary and pansexual shortly after dating her. Steven is currently hinting to a very obvious MTF transition despite having a christian family, which will prove beneficial to Jill, since she wants to roleplay being a lesbian very bad.
>Steven Clarke, Jillian’s current boyfriend, enables all of Jillian delusions and pushes age regression onto others, not only Jill. He is porn addicted and extremely terminally online.
>Relies too much on other people, including her mother and her partners. Will interact with content creators she likes in a creepy, harassing way.
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo in her videos and social media despite knowing she has a largely underage audience. Recently started tagging posts with the age regression hashtag.
>Her “angel therapist”, Jedediah M, gave Jillian a DID diagnostic impression despite being allegedly underqualified at the time and only having 1 year of previous counseling experience. Note that Steven was the one to contact Jed for Jillian’s therapy. He’s a “male witch” and a “drag queen” in his spare time, hence why Jillian got so obsessed with him. He moved provinces just a year after treating her, which made Jillian “grieve like someone dear to her died” for weeks, very unhealthy and unprofessional of any therapist.
>Jilly started her own brand, 5 petal flower, months before graduating from her glorified Canadian craft school. She plans to sell badly put together Lazy Oaf knock offs despite her work being labeled as “inconsistent” by her teachers because she was mostly distracted with stim toys found on her sewing table. The only work she has produced so far was a collaboration with a small brand that mostly resells chinese aliexpress items and a very cheap and ugly looking bridal dress for her cousin.
>Very irresponsible pet owner. Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel hanging around on the floor, the cat almost choking to death. She still keeps this choking hazard where the same cat can reach it for years after the incident. Never seems to clean her pet’s space, you can see cat shit and cat fur all over her house in her videos and selfies.
>She tries to prove she’s mentally ill in any way possible, including always mentioning her stims, dissociation, posting edgy lyrics, wearing a t-shirt that reminds her of suicidal ideation, and pretending she can only eat one type of food. Pretends she “never lies”, “doesn’t understand sarcasm” and other autism/neurodivergent LARPing on Twitter. She wants to be mentally ill very bad and will often spread misinformation about it on her socials.
>Uses her alters to hold at least one of her personality traits or past times instead of realizing she can be a normal and full-fledged adult woman with hobbies and emotions. Will defend using emojis to sign off as each alter, to the point of harassing others off platforms if they don’t agree with her usage. She also talks in third person to herself while pretending to be an alter on her DMs, twitter, and on picture captions, calling herself “handsome” or “pretty”.
>Will claim as many labels as possible, some of them are: Queer, lesbian, nonbinary, FTM, pansexual, emo, rainbow, intersex, fashion designer, magical girl, full time youtuber, neurodivergent, autistic, BPD, DID system, witch, kawaii, drag queen. In reality, she’s just a spoiled dumb girl.
>Has been consuming a lot of alcohol and weed in a questionable way, anons wonder if her dissociation is merely caused by substance abuse. She bragged about the liquor store knowing who she is. She pushes weed as a magical cure-it-all for adults and children on her twitter full of underage fans.
>Recently got into bio drag queening, changed her twitter description days before her first performance even went live. Danced like a crazy woman to a Steven Universe and a MCR song on her first performance. She’s now fully accepting the drag queen label with a lot of self-importance and yet again overstating her abilities with barely any experience. >Ran over a deer on July 2022 and while originally saying she had no trauma from it, milked the accident dry for pity points, calling it a “near death experience” and claiming “multiple ptsd symptoms” from it. Her boyfriend Steven really pushed the idea of creating another alter to deal out of the situation, but nothing came out of that.


>Jillian: Actual person, but calls herself an alter for the heck of it. Hates being called “Jilly”. Says she can't hear her "brain folk" when she's experiencing trauma, Jillian is the only one who fronts in those situations, defeating the whole purpose of having alters and having DID.

>Jerrick: 13-16 year old emo guy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits. Signs off with a snake emoji.
>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, calls herself a lesbian (even though she’s dating a man), she is a “protector of sexual trauma”, says she had to become a fuckable bimbo because she was “raped for months”. Signs off with a flame emoji.
>Berry (Nicknamed “Babby Smalls”): Talks and acts like a baby. Proof that Jillian is into age regression. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had its name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Signs off with a strawberry.
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" A mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes. The emoji is a club.
>Flora: A “fragment” slowly morphing into a real alter, and a carbon copy of cure flora / other positive precure characters. She is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Jax: 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching arcane while having major trauma. Signs with a test tube emoji.
>sandwich emoji: Cat alter, represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>piano emoji: ??? silently added to her tiktok bio.
>another age regression alter: ??? mentioned to be “far away” but present inside her head.

**Note: The DID saga officially starts in >>>/w/176591

Last thread stamps:
>>241401 Says she can't hear her "brain folk" when she's experiencing trauma, Jillian is the only one who fronts in this situation
>>241407 Reminder she has always lurked and been drama hungry before
>>241414 Cancels "drag queen gig", pretends this is a good thing because she "wasn't on the poster" kek ok narcissit
>>241447 Past mentions of her meds
>>241506 Her ex boss taught her to smoke weed
>>241507 Said ex boss
>>241558 Jedediah the ex angel therapist deletes his Hello Poetry account (possible lurking)
>>241563 Some caps of Jillian's DID faking
>>241570 Angel therapist as a drag queen
>>241584 Threadpic
>>241592 Something something boohooo
>>241617 Steven interacts with Maggie a lot on twitter
>>241623 She "rocks back and forth" (autism larp)
>>241629 Says she loses her appetite when in flight or fight mode and calls it "ana rexia"
>>241634 Some other bullshit on her Jerrick twitter, calls Jax a "physical" protector
>>241743 Retweets something about "faking too well"
>>241772 Ugly mugshot
>>241863 Says she's "shifting out of her unmanaged mental health years" (sure Jill)
>>241863 Says "so many of my facebook memories scream you have DID"
>>241897 Feels behind so many things
>>241898 Something about not knowing Berry until 2020
>>241914 "EXITING MY FLOP ERA!!!!!!!"
>>241915 Kiwifarms vs Keffals retweet #1
>>241935 Says she has lost 25 pounds since january (doubt)
>>241943 Weed smoking boss chimes in, says DID is a "pisces thing"
>>241944 and jillian agrees
>>241946 Comparing her BPD and "DID"
>>241995 Proof she didn't lose weight
>>242024 Keffals, the TIM guy she's defending, was a groomer on discord
>>242094 She likes the word "plural" when talking about DID
>>242143 Pushes the idea that Gabbie Hannah has DID, armchairing her
>>242173 Another then vs now comparison
>>242180 Writes: "Babe if you want someone who to talk I am here" to Gabbie Hannah in the middle of her mental health episode, self inserting herself into the drama
>>242248 Says Gabbie Hannah's situation is none of her business after being criticised on the thread
>>242273 But continues interacting with the situation
>>242274 still continuing
>>242275 "Psycho evaluation xD so accurate xD"
>>242284 Jillian comments on Gabbie Hannah's videos once again, even though she said it's none of her business hours prior
>>242298 Dumb cowtipper
>>242340 Says she wasn't a tea drinker until flora
>>242364 "Reclaiming her personhood" as jerrick
>>242365 Pressuring a fan to catch up with her content
>>242391 Steven saying political shit on twitter as usual
>>242468 Jillian's priviledged ass (christmas pic)
>>242496 Cool car crash comment collage
>>242503 Says she will grieve her therapist like he just died
>>242529 Says she's losing followers on instagram (comments "samesiesssss" under someone's fb post)
>>242534 But then goes on twitter and says her instagram is still performing well
>>242570 Self own
>>242579 Asks Gabbie Hannah in the middle of her mental episode if she has alters
>>242592 An example of what GH was going through
>>242696 Bitches about her threads/cowtippers, says "fucked on the head, and that's coming from me"
>>242731 Calls herself a fanboy little bitch
>>242992 Bitches about people "stealing" her generic vintage cat tattoo design
>>243021 "Flora lolita time throwback"
>>243101 Comparison to other people who are doing better than she is
>>243190 She met Steven at a MCR concert
>>243204 She was excited to go with "mumma" to the mcr concert
>>243217 Ugly pitures of herself when she was a lawlita
>>243278 Some other shit about people not "stealing" her tattoos
>>243320 "Muse has been a special interest of mine since I was 9"
>>243333 Jerrick apparently watches precure too (odd)
>>243348 Says she has made changes to her diet (where?)
>>243369 Louise comments on her tiktok
>>243461 Youtube revenew talk
>>243463 Will do a review on colourpop hair dye
>>243475 Tiktok reveniew talk (she doesn't get paid)
>>243484 The Anthony Padilla situation all over again (pushing herself onto youtubers so they interview her)
>>243502 Calls her friends "found family"
>>243560 Some shit about her being afraid of her ears exploding
>>243581 Jerrick emo playlist, says "don't make fun of me for MSI"
>>243633 Negs another indie clothing store on twitter
>>243651 Weird thirst trap, very obvious considering the filter
>>243783 """Jerrick""" on the plane wearing the autism badge.
>>243859 More shit about having many panic attacts (yet somehow still tweeting?)
>>243871 "Me when I age regress"
>>243874 More self victimizing shit yet again
>>243875 She's happy about being in so many twitter circles
>>243878 "this is my rest era"
>>243894 doesn't recognize herself in pictures apparenlty (DID larp or fat gain?)
>>244020 Something about having an autistic face, again
>>244066 Gets handed the male bathroom key
>>244067 She bitches about being handed the male bathroom key even though this is supposedly Jerrick speaking
>>244114 Simply cannot stop smoking weed
>>244126 More "boohoo poor me" shenanigans
>>244158 Left a review for the restaurang because of the male bathroom key situation (cringe)
>>244190 Another ugly mugshot
>>244223 Something about working from home
>>244243 Her video revenew stats
>>244309 Picture with her and Louise as a child
>>244400 Weird tweet after her brother is discussed
>>244414 Clearly balding (yikes!)
>>244553 Kiwifarms vs Keffals tweet #2
>>244554 Something about shehulk and incels
>>244616 Wearing a binder like an instagram baddie kek
>>244634 Ugly MCR selfie video (she's self obsessed)
>>244638 More fugly pics
>>244644 kek
>>244715 Jerrick who? slip up
>>244752 Body shape
>>244780 More dumb tiktok shenanigans
>>244782 Jerrick gets sidelined once again
>>244787 Cool Elsie art
>>244802 More autism larp
>>244803 She actually bringed her mother to the concert…
>>244833 Kiwifarms vs Keffals tweet #3, she acts smug
>>244834 Some precure twitter drama she self inserted herself onto
>>244847 Mommy at the concert
>>244895 Steven can't simply shut up about shehulk
>>244905 "Jill puts up with so much I would absolutely never slide"
>>244908 "If you think my tweets are unhinged you should see my drafts"
>>244994 "Simply crying while walking down the street"
>>244995 Jilly replying to someone in a dumb way and getting triggered because they don't know her
>>245018 Always being dramatic
>>245036 Gets upset at Harry Potter LGB-T fans
>>245039 Replies "Mommy daugher poo time" to her ex boss
>>245055 Replies to a months old tweet about DissoiaDID
>>245056 Hangs out with some ugly bastard with an autism cake
>>245057 Gets pissy on twitter because of people calling out dissociaDID part 1
>>245070 "Your actions disgust me uwu"
>>245071 The fight continues
>>245073 and continues
>>245074 "Being kind is not hard uwu" but continues fighting on twitter
>>245079 "Don't call me girl."
>>245080 and more fighting
>>245110 Bitches about gossip forums, kek.
>>245111 Bitches about the things people say about dissociaDID, same things that apply to herself, like being a chronic victim and stealing other people's trauma.
>>245114 "We have different morals it seems."
>>245118 And moooore fighting
>>245119 and more bitching
>>245120 But then she switches to Jerricks account and acts like nothing happened! Talks about Muse.
>>245143 Something must have really pissed her off

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/villainyswells/ (used to be @pixieespam)
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 (“Veronica” alter): https://twitter.com/xcherrybombica
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 245173

No. 245176

File: 1662367331735.png (111.78 KB, 1170x254, jedediah mattews.png)

posting this here for posterity

No. 245178

File: 1662372454753.jpg (268.02 KB, 1280x1081, 1657170655670.jpg)

Holy fuck someone please make Jillian and Steven's version

No. 245195

File: 1662383287796.jpeg (516.85 KB, 750x1294, C5C3FB41-7E13-4823-AEF1-AD0799…)

Thought anons might be entertained by this liked post on Jillian’s emo aesthetic twitter

No. 245196

Ah shit NPD arc incoming!! Can't wait!

No. 245202

File: 1662387991071.jpg (654.46 KB, 1080x1843, IMG_20220905_162710.jpg)

Cleaning her office after years, hating on landlords
Wonder what happened

No. 245203

Isn’t Stevie into leftist shit? And kek at Jill for being against landlords when she is so privileged herself

No. 245205

Girl doesn't pay rent she can't say shit

No. 245208

People who try to act punk when they’re privileged as hell are so annoying.

No. 245211

Prepare for some fresh “repressed memories” of trauma from her angsty teenage sketchbooks

No. 245217

Wouldn't pull it past her to pull out some of her age regression crayons and scribble a quick alter and then claim it was actually her younger self who drew it, as proof her did is totally actually real

No. 245253

Didn't her parents buy her the townhouse? Has she ever even been under a landlord?

No. 245254

Nah it’s rented because she has manipulated painting it as she has. She asked the landlords permission and they consented to light colours that would be easy to paint over and I assume she is responsible for returning it to its original state and she went and did….well that. The red in her bedroom I would be so pissed because you know her lazy ass won’t strip it and will just do copious coats of white, nothing like walls thick with layers of paint.

No. 245258

Prepare for pics? But why does she want to victimize herself so much

No. 245259

TINFOIL: Mommy Vessey told her she will stop paying for the house rent. Why else would she be this upset and ready to clean up?

No. 245261

File: 1662401184203.jpeg (137.93 KB, 828x1194, 96CD2317-B23E-4C8C-9A9A-CF750C…)

sorry for shit quality & i cant post the full tiktok but heres the mcr outfit

No. 245263

Thank you for choosing a screenshot where her camel toe in those too tight leggings isn’t visible.

No. 245265

Extra tinfoil: maybe mommy is so worried about jillybeans failing mental health she's decided to make frequent weekend visits or even stay for a while to keep a watchful eye while they therapist hunt. Maybe she needs to clean the office because that's where mommy dearest will be staying. Could be she didn't realize how bad jill was doing until they met up for the concert, + with the recent car crash, talking about wanting to kill herself on Twitter every other day and whatever else jills been doing behind the scenes I could see mom getting concerned. I know I wouldn't want my kid living alone a half a days drive away while talking regularly about suicide.

No. 245266

I don’t get the combo of the binder but womens shoes, long feminine hair wig and feminine styling. Why would a teenage boy who is trans dress like this for a concert? Oh that’s right he wouldn’t also Jill fronted for the concert so this is Jill? Even though this isn’t her style. And Jerrick is fine with that even though she also stole his drag performance. Things would be so much simpler if she just did what normal people do and just dressed how she wants, her self imposed rigid aesthetics are unhealthy.

No. 245267

Tbh not that bad of an outfit. Shit could be improved and she should stop wearing a binder (her ribcage will thank her) but she's experimenting with black clothes and I think that's interesting in the good way. I hope Jill and Jerrick "fuse".

No. 245268

My tinfoil is that she brought the DID larp to her parents and they just humored her, but when the wedding/family reunion came, people made fun of her or didn't take her seriously. as they should kek Her mom might've just asked during the weekned if she could tone down the larp, and now jilly's seething because she realizes her family does not give 2 fucks about her larp.

No. 245286

Betting her next video is some "MCR concert vlog/mental health: concert gone wrong" thing, adding into her whole autism larp, she thought she could handle the concery but had a totes autistic meltdown and her mommy didn't understand how special Jilly is. I'm surprised she hasn't mentioned the super scawy near death experience deer trauma as a reason for her lashing out. It feels like something may have actually happened; but only because I don't think I've ever seen her be so off the rails when having a meltdown over what's probably "seetvie and maggie-wagy smoked all her weeds"

No. 245289

File: 1662407822379.jpg (223.6 KB, 720x1330, Screenshot_20220905-125626_Chr…)

No. 245290

File: 1662408128864.jpg (153.51 KB, 720x1260, Screenshot_20220905-130106_Chr…)

No. 245294

File: 1662408532964.jpg (221.21 KB, 720x1175, Screenshot_20220905-130350_Chr…)

No. 245295

File: 1662408735379.webm (10.18 MB, 720x1280, 21468855767.webm)

No. 245296

File: 1662408861806.jpg (190.9 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220905-131206_Chr…)

No. 245299

File: 1662409221899.png (648.55 KB, 1280x1081, qweer icons.png)


Ask and you shall receive, anon.

No. 245301

File: 1662410224247.jpeg (188.62 KB, 1170x970, A3E8905C-01CD-4EA1-85CC-0A44C2…)

Well hopefully after this she can kiss her colourpop sponsorships goodbye.

No. 245302

File: 1662410395435.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1170x1992, 44A4C760-CC89-4F89-849F-1F82A2…)

Also the image associated with the "gift".

No. 245303

>they do it to find a community!
Hell fucking no. I got my ADHD diagnosis because I was failing at college and I needed to kick my executive disfunction out. Jillian doesn't seem to understand that some of us actually want to get better despite having certain conditions. She wants to be stuck in her "poor little victim me" mentality for the rest of her life.
So she did cut that pantyhose in the middle… kek

No. 245304

Insufferable ass.
>Spread warmth chose empathy uwu
Yeah uh you didn't do that yesterday did you, baldie
Kek thanks I love this

No. 245305

The angle is clearly trying to make her look thinner. Also she's really balding now…

No. 245308

That angle kek. If she's so insecure about her weight I don't get why she doesn't just restrict calories and go for walks

No. 245310


Her mom woulda taken the picture, she obviously has skills in making people look thinner, Pixie doesn't seem to mind looking like a hambeast in her own content

No. 245311

File: 1662412348244.jpg (141.65 KB, 720x1393, Screenshot_20220905-140842_Chr…)

Jilly is using ratio like a certain someone.

No. 245312

fucking this. jill is so obsessed with being popular in a community she makes every facet of her life about doing that. aesthetic, clothing, mental illness. she's pathetic. it doesn't help that a lot of zoomers confuse mental health/disability compassion with acceptance and want their issues to be acceptable instead of trying to maintain them reasonably.

No. 245314

beautiful, anon!

No. 245315

No. 245317

keffals, the tranny pedo that’s trying to take down kiwi farms. jill has retweeted her a couple times

No. 245322

First gabby hanna and now keffles. Tell me you lurk without telling me you lurk, Jillian.

No. 245323

No. 245333

good lord, jill. lay off the bleaching or you'll go bald. her hairline is like several inches back from where it once was. how do you not notice this as someone so obsessed with vanity?

No. 245337

I’m so confused, what on earth is she trying to say?

No. 245348

File: 1662423011448.png (80.1 KB, 275x225, jilly bean.png)

She's turning into Kikomi.

No. 245353

Does Stevie chip in at all? It could be she said if Stevie was gonna stay he had to pay half the rent

No. 245355

File: 1662424827864.png (461.75 KB, 537x559, Screen Shot 2022-09-05 at 7.40…)

you can see the line where her mom shooped her leg smaller

No. 245356

“Ratios” in this case referring to one side of a disagreement getting much more likes than the other, thus showing who is the “winner”

No. 245360

File: 1662426231011.jpg (145 KB, 720x1363, Screenshot_20220905-180146_Chr…)

No. 245365

She's so bad at shooping, you can see the distortion on the grain aswell. She probably thought the checkerboard wavy pattern would hide it.

No. 245382

Does monson even ever acknowledge her kek

No. 245385

>>245382 he has replied to her I think 2 times, but maybe just once

No. 245386

File: 1662432664787.jpg (129.02 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220905-195106_Chr…)

No. 245387

Catch me a-logging this cow with a psych textbook

No. 245394

File: 1662435023931.png (771.8 KB, 447x943, 220906_w_-_Jillian_Vessey_#56_…)

No. 245398

She's looking like a 40 year old tranny

No. 245404

God she truly looks terrible. The wig is awful and has no style to it, and the outfit is only half an outfit. What is her obsession with wearing a binder as clothes? An actual trans person would be trying to disguise wearing a binder at all because it points out the fact that they do have tits, which defeats the whole purpose.
The fit would have been almost okay (low bar) if she’d worn a loose-ish band tee under the jacket and like braided the wig or something. The make up is a whole other story, but that’s Jill

No. 245405

>I'm a fashion designer
It's not a cohesive outfit. Looks like she just picked the most emo looking stuff she had in her closet and threw it on. Tired of her having the binder exposed. It's not making you look like a thristtrap, Jilly. Such a terrible outfit for larping as a 14-16 year old trans guy. Also the chunky accessories look so lame and try hard.

No. 245408

File: 1662440459944.png (590.58 KB, 716x428, ewgh.png)

ewgh. Living like this must be miserable.

No. 245411

File: 1662440785280.jpeg (41.46 KB, 540x361, 1614660537019.jpeg)

No. 245414

Nona! She lost 25 lbs! She's super healthy and is feeling great in her skin! How can you not see this?

No. 245419

Holy shit Jill, move away from the child groomer tranny side of twitter before you really become a horrorcow.

No. 245420

File: 1662441600964.jpg (166.42 KB, 719x1277, Screenshot_20220905-221849_Chr…)

>One track mind

No. 245421

File: 1662441655666.jpg (162.97 KB, 720x1397, Screenshot_20220905-221913_Chr…)

No. 245423

>THE CHERRIES WERE PLURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait for the DID trend to fizzle out, the fuck is this retarded shit. Literally a bunch of wannabe speds LARPING as speds. She is never going to get off her ass and work. After DID it'll be her documenting her morgellons or some shit.

No. 245424

Make fat shaming trendy again

No. 245432

This is the same retarded thing, when trannies shout about how everything is totally trans and everyone is secretly trans

No. 245454

File: 1662450222169.jpg (412.01 KB, 1080x1555, IMG_20220906_094425.jpg)

The guy she was hanging out with

No. 245458

First day they met? Does this person do porn because a porn shoot is the only reason you would be like that with someone you just that second met. The daddy ass tattoo also leads me to believe it is that context.

No. 245460

> retweeting Bibi
cow crossover kek
also funny that she'd retweet that post about black edits when she was just defending dissociaDID for racism accusations.

No. 245461

Ever heard of shapewear Jill? It's not a crime to be fat, but there are ways to make yourself look better.

No. 245477

Two fujo BL-reading TIFs on a porn shoot is what I see, the shared mental illness of believing you are a gay anime teenage boy brought them together.

No. 245491

Stevie, like most troons, is obviously pedophile from his tweets. And he works for Roblox? I hope he isn't ever allowed around kids. Jill would still defend him if they raised the rainbow basement for CP on his hard drive.

No. 245498

Of course she would, Steebie isn’t one of those mean thotty women that just won’t stop traumatising her uwu she, like Holly Conrad, will always take the moids side

No. 245501

File: 1662469503227.jpeg (425.58 KB, 1536x2048, B83C33BD-73FE-44B5-A6AC-A8E6F7…)

Here she is before the chest hair and zippertits (on the right).

No. 245504

It's not a fetish, I swear!

No. 245520

Getting big Ready to Glare vibes.

No. 245523

Didn’t she already shit on colourpop before for not being sustainable or something? Or did I imagine that.

No. 245526

I was thinking that too, it becomes their entire personality and worldview. Same with this DID tiktok trend.

No. 245527

Wow, depressing.

No. 245535

File: 1662478373109.jpeg (257.2 KB, 1997x1577, 9FD455A6-AE10-40F5-8989-AF568C…)

I also wanted to point out that Jill has been copying her friend’s makeup.

No. 245536

This shit is so trivializing it’s not even funny. I feel like Jill needs to be reminded that she supposedly has this disorder because of multiple horrible traumatic rapes. There’s self deprecating humor to cope, and then there’s the borderline fetishistic way she gleefully talks about her illnesses. It’s sick.

Eh, that’s pretty standard for the average drag race wannabe these days, it’s just a trendy that Jill goes overboard with, like everything else. Someone seriously needs to take away her eyeliner so she can stop with the three inch wide wings

No. 245537

wow it’s literally the same makeup look Jill does down to the ugly overdrawn lip

No. 245552

I thought she was sooper speshul and was born with DID? I can't keep track of her shit anymore bc she has like several stupid backstories all of which make 0 sense.

No. 245553

File: 1662482151539.jpeg (459.55 KB, 1130x869, 3989539F-3C2D-432E-802F-91A6AB…)

She’s deeply mentally unwell guys

No. 245554

Very offensive to people with actual trauma.

No. 245555

Why do I feel like Jillian is planning to take T for her larp?

No. 245556

this is that standard me vs them mentality. no jill, you're not special, you're spoiled.

No. 245558

Quit the oversharing retard

No. 245559

Boohooo chronic victim attention whore

No. 245561

It was wet n wild during the kuromi collection

No. 245563

File: 1662484751924.jpg (143.31 KB, 1080x743, IMG_20220906_191939.jpg)

Um, this is not ok,even as a joke
You are hurting the people around you

No. 245564

I would love it if Jill killed herself(a-logging)

No. 245565

anon, no a-logging! even if everyone itt is thinking that!

No. 245568

Alright, which one of you hearted this kek

No. 245577

This is honestly just too fucking far at this point like honey people go thru this shit and don't post about it because of attention seeking you can't tell me you think this is ok

No. 245581

File: 1662487146441.jpeg (151.99 KB, 828x750, F817B2A6-3C13-4882-B7B0-8AFB46…)

>Normal weight

No. 245582

Being overweight is currently statistically more common than being underweight tbf

No. 245586

That tweet is probably about the lana del ray weight comparison tweets going around lately, Lana might be overweight but she's still much taller than Jill iirc

No. 245587

The fact that she mentioned her weight at 16 but not her current weight just screams of insecurity

No. 245588

It's hard to do normal basic life things when you have virtually zero responsibilities? Like literally all she has to do is feed and occasionally wash herself and put up a video maybe once a month about whatever garbage she feels like.

She doesn't have to get up in the morning, get ready and commute. She doesn't have deadlines, projects, assignments. She doesn't have to deal with a boss or get along with coworkers. She doesn't have to worry about finding time for herself and her interests outside of work. She doesn't have to worry about the bills being paid. Is putting the empty plate of tendies in the sink and changing the litter box like too much to handle?? Jfc

No. 245589

Jillytard, you’re not a celebrity. Jesus fuck.

No. 245590

>TW weight mention (in numbers) but only my lowest weight so I can weirdly brag!

No. 245593

Anymore guesses on what the hell's up with her currently? I am so curious to know what set this off, because it's clear that it's been while she's been with her mom in Montreal.

No. 245594

I'm really surprised her fans haven't gotten at her yet about suicide baiting like this constantly. I'm sure some of her fans are suicidal or have been in the past, or know someone who was. I wouldn't appreciate jill flinging around the idea of killing herself every other day without actually meaning it at all if I had lost someone that way.

No. 245595

Things seemed to start going downhill after the family visit because she was posting tiktoks about being "catatonic" even before Montreal

No. 245596

samefag but my tinfoils:

1. Mamma Vessey challenged her for the first time in her life on something. Not gonna pay rent anymore, Jilly needs to get a job, Mamma won't buy her a car, Jilly needs to eat healthier and lose some weight, she needs to stop the DID LARP, Mamma suggested Jilly move back home and try to get back to normal, Stevie cheated on her or left her? Something?

2. I think there is something going on with Stevie specifically. I think it's related to the car fiasco. My major tinfoil is that Stevie's parents bought him a new vehicle and stated that Jill is not allowed to use it, thus causing a big rift, and possibly issues with her own parents. It's really weird that we heard all about the car when it was getting purchased, but nothing since. I think something's up there, and that's possibly why Mamma Vessey has had to say something.

I mean goddamnit, it's something.

No. 245597

What happened to make her this delusional? I remember she used to be "bodyposi" and was open about the fact that she was fat To be fair, she did use terms like chubby, thick, curvy, thickums, etc
Her "I gained weight" video she was way smaller yet was still honest about her size, so I really wonder what gave her this boost of delusion.
He replied to her twice, and both were very short kek they were posted a few threads back
Tinfoil but I feel like she maybe weighed herself, I know it sounds retarded but despite her being fat she DID(kek) have issues with food/weight before and has always said she doesn't weigh herself. The constant weight talk which was never a thing before too makes me think that she weighed herself for the first time in a few years and due to her delusion she thought she'd be like 120 or some shit and the actual number freaked her out. I don't think it's something with her mom because she seemed happy with her, if it's not my tinfoil it's probably issues with Stevie.

No. 245598

I also think it's quite possible that Stevie's parents have made a vocal judgement about Jill, with the car being the catalyst.

No. 245599

She needs to face it for her own health, she doesn't need to be anorexic but she should keep working out to avoid heart issues and diabetes. Though considering her personality she is probably struggling to admit she did something wrong in life.

No. 245601

Kek, imagine this happened because her mom just outright called her fat and asked if everything was okay. That single comment let out the floodgates of Stevie and Jill relationship problems that Mama Vessey could be instigating as well.

No. 245605

File: 1662489500718.jpg (423.43 KB, 1080x1431, IMG_20220906_203820.jpg)

Self diss for not posting decent drag

No. 245606

This doesn't seem that outlandish to me. Her mom seems like the type to make subtle comments on weight

No. 245610

If that is her low weight she brags about she has shot herself in the foot by stating it. She is five foot as an adult and has small boobs at the age of sixteen she would likely be smaller in both areas than she is now and 95lb is not a concerning weight at that height and with those proportions. It’s also disingenuous to use a weight from before she completed puberty in this way.

No. 245613

>My major tinfoil is that Stevie's parents bought him a new vehicle and stated that Jill is not allowed to use it

Wasn't she posting a while back about Stevies parents buying their new car for them and stuff? She kept posting what kind of cars she wanted. Yet we haven't seen any photos or talk of the car since… I do think you could be right on this one.

No. 245618

File: 1662491880871.jpg (173.22 KB, 720x1399, Screenshot_20220906-121653_Chr…)

No. 245620

KEK she has a TERF alter she doesn't know about.

No. 245622

I'm willing to bet this is a person Jill followed during her racist cancellation lol

No. 245625

File: 1662492403461.png (32.12 KB, 589x304, firefox_Vtuge3B6XL.png)

Saint Jill warning her friends about comitting the sin of following JK Rowling fans

No. 245626

File: 1662492827739.jpeg (893.14 KB, 1170x1649, 3D4724C4-BB1C-4202-A340-D6B365…)

What does she mean exactly by "affects our body physically"?

No. 245627

File: 1662492850398.jpg (163.57 KB, 720x1269, Screenshot_20220906-123422_Chr…)

Most likely.

No. 245628

File: 1662492938569.png (498.52 KB, 720x1401, 0FDF7769-0CC2-46E1-85E4-1FA540…)

It’s so ironic she’s her yet again going after people after her previous bullshit ending with this… Let’s all be nice!

Sage’d bc old milk

No. 245629

handmaidens are so annoying. Racist celebrities are so easily forgiven but hating rapists dressing as women feels like a felony

No. 245630

She could’ve just unfollowed quietly but of course she decided to be an ass about it instead.

Most likely. She’s a black woman who makes art using her hair. Cue that picture of Jill looking like a vaudeville act while petting a black girl’s hair…

Does she have ANY alter that isn’t mostly co-con?

No. 245631

This culturally ignorant shit is what I can't stand about the trans community. Laetitia Ky isn't coming from some white male-bodied Western world of privilege, she campaigns against stuff that happens in her country like female genital mutilation and child brides, stuff that… YES ACTUALLY has nothing to do with XY chromosome spergs. Her activism work is LITERALLY ABOUT BIOLOGICAL SEX. She's not out here talking about trans issues, she's trying to bring light to crimes against women in Africa. Have some fucking respect you racist trashbag.

No. 245632

You are not a celebrity and you don't have a normal weight. This cow I swear… So fucking delusional

No. 245633

I thought these kind of comments should only go on Jerrick's account? Anyways… Jillian, ever since you started your "DID journey", your mental health started declining rapidly. I'm suprised you're saying this so many times a week now. Seek help please, and do not die. This is clearly some BPD thing, and I'm not saying it like that to mock you. It's just painfully obvious. You don't need to die, life can be better, etc. Just seek help please.

No. 245634

Way to listen to Black voices, Jill.

No. 245635

Sandwich affects her physically? So she acts more cat like? But also convenient that it doesn’t come out hardly ever and is always co con. She is so lazy come on Jill commit to the bit at least. It’s so lazy that she came up with batshit stuff but won’t put in the effort to larp those parts. Also piano is totally her co opting the rapes of those poor kids at the hands of her piano teacher right. It’s a child and conveniently doesn’t talk which also autism breadcrumb with the use of “nonverbal”.

No. 245636

File: 1662494945252.png (243 KB, 616x1268, scooter.png)

Steven has been constantly talking about his scooter on twitter though

No. 245637

>"ahaha I'm a ugly mediocre "drag queen" and I want to die!!"
Not funny, and you're bragging about absolutely nothing Jillian.

No. 245638

Her mom has always photoshoped her pictures, part of it was because, well, she's a professional photographer. But also, it's always been a thing and kinda fucked up if you think about it.

No. 245639

Like a typical midwit, Stevie trusts the media until it's about something he doesn't like. Then and only then does he notice they don't do due diligence.

No. 245640

It’s probably one of the causes of her unhealthy relationship with her body. She has been shooping her skinnier since she was pretty young and showed her the ropes and allowed her access fo software presumably to shoop her own pics later on. Pretty fucked of Louise, I know the thread doesn’t think so poorly of her but idk there is a lot of things like that which make it clear Louise is also unhinged and it aided in creating this mess.

No. 245641

File: 1662496549482.png (1.38 MB, 2928x1004, laetiky.png)

>wtf who are you and why do I follow you

This is so fucking insulting.
Laetiky is a black girl that makes sculptures with her own hair. She ofter portrays feminism themes, and back in the 2010s what she did was revolutionary. This was an important step for black feminism and the aceptance of natural hair. She did many interviews and many articles were written about her back in the day. She even got a book deal. Her art resonated with many, it was interesting and for a good cause.

But of course, since she's a black feminist woman that portrays feminist and female themes through her hair, like vulvas, a lot of people have been criticising and bullying her ever since. Specially TRAs (pick related). It's fucking insulting and disrespectful what Jillian just did, specially because she thinks following black creators is enough to dismiss her racist claims.

I'm sorry, but I'm fucking angry now. Jillian probably followed her when Laetiky got famous back in the day, since Jillian would follow almost anything related to fashion. Or she started following her when people started calling her out for not doing enough for black people. In either case, saying "wtf who are you" is fucking stupid. Laetiky will always be more famous than she is. Laetiky will always be more of an artist than she is. Laetiky will always be more relevant. Jillian is a fucking has been, she keeps talking of herself as if she was a celebrity but she's fucking no one. She has nothing to give, she never has done anything impactful, she just whines on twitter and looks like a clown. And then pretends to be a good influence. You're nothing but a narcissistic pig Jillian, and the insecurity of no one knowing who you are shows. You will never be a black ally.

No. 245643

Fucking gross as fuck, Jillian Vessey. Fuck you, sincerely.

No. 245644

KEK made me laugh out loud
I do wonder though, how come all her alters have the exact same interests and beliefs? She isn't even trying. Take jerrica for example who is supposed to be an edgy TIF. You think that she'd have views like kalvin garrah or something

No. 245645

Jill has been pretty messy the past few days because if someone were to see her trying to defend DissocialDID while black people were discussing how she's a racist and now this. Someone at some point is going to point out how hypocritical she's being since she's been going around and bullying people on Twitter using her "alters" as a shield.
I'm putting on a tin foil hat but I think Jill is also pulling one from the YouTuber playbook and is trying to create controversy so she gets more interaction and views. Maybe mama Vessey is pulling back on her funding so Jill's trying to do whatever she can to not get a real job.

No. 245647

She never commented on the racist stuff Gabbie Hannah was saying during her episode either did she? I just saw her speculating about alters and trying to be uwu empathetic offering her help.

No. 245648

Virtue signaling is more important to this stupid bitch than the mistreatment of girls and women in Africa to her? Tra cunts are literally a plague to the earth

No. 245649

She intentionally left out her height to exacerbate how scary and skinny uwu 96 pounds is when that’s more or less healthy if you’re 5 ft and still a kid.
>inb4 weight spergs

No. 245650

but she talked about blm once, how could she be racist guys ?

No. 245651

i wish, she'd be an instant favorite! jilly cmon you need a radfem OC, maybe the part that lurks here? lmao

No. 245655

Kek, I know you're joking, but I really hope this bitch gets called out for being an hypocrite.
Yeah apparently men in dresses > women dying in huts in africa for her.

No. 245669

I hate TRAs so much

No. 245682

She’s more famous than you will ever be Jill, let alone an activist, advocate, and actual kind and empathetic person

No. 245691

What the hell dude??? Suicide isn’t a joke. She can’t play the “well I'm making fun of myself” card because this is a legitimately harmful thing to post on the internet. Tell me, Jill, why is it totally fine promote that original tweet and add on to the “joke,” but someone listing off the problematic things DissociaDID has done is “extremely immoral”? While we’re at it, tell me why you didn’t even put a trigger warning, completely blindsiding your followers, when you’ll put a trigger warning at any mention of weight? This makes me so angry. She’ll tear someone to shreds for questioning if a person really has an extremely rare dissociative disorder (DID), but it’s fine to make fun of a mental health issue as common and serious as suicidal ideation? This is disgusting.

No. 245693

File: 1662503301293.jpeg (298.95 KB, 960x1024, FE01C312-0760-4A60-8BC9-6E3316…)

Here we go again kek

No. 245696

>I am soooo unwell
Then stop posting and having arguments on the internet. Jfc it's not that hard

No. 245697

She rather defend:
>DissociaDID, a problematic racist mental illnes faker
>Gabbie Hannah, a rapist apologist and bully
>Shane Dawson, a pedophile cat fucker
>Will Wood, someone who has grooming accusations

And then she still pretends to have ~empathy~ and be a postive influence. Gross.

No. 245699

>ever since you started your "DID journey", your mental health started declining rapidly.
>i tweet this every month
damn she's lurking hard

No. 245704

Stop. Picking. Fights. Jilly, you are the one causing problems. Evident by starting shit over months long ago tweets. Trying to hide behind a no criticism shield only backfires. Actually look at yourself and not the you in your mom's photo. Face the creepy age play clown you truly are.

No. 245705

Really reveals just how much her allyship is a veneer to disguise how shit of a person she really is. She will defend disgusting white creators to the death but the minute a black woman does something she doesn't like all bets are off for "let's all be nice!!" >>245628

No. 245710

"We're unable to check notifications" but she checked notifications and replied to the comment about her sandwich and cat alters just earlier??

No. 245712

This lmao, she's somehow quick to talk about herself or get into a fight but doesn't like replying to her friends I guess. It just says narcissism to me, it's not like she's busy or has a job.

No. 245713

She is one of the best examples of why making mental illness your brand impedes recovery. As others have said, she has gone down a serious spiral after the diagnosis which she publicised to be the most valid and special mental health influencer. Usually better care and quality of life accompany a diagnosis but for her it’s just become the very rapid decline.

No. 245726

yes, jill. god i hope you weighed yourself so you can see what we've all been seeing. you're not curvy, you're obese. and all of that hormonal imbalance is jacking up your already fucked brain. it's not too late to see a dietician or go to therapy for an eating disorder. some of us naive idiots still want to see you get better. you're not liberated for being fat. you're drinking the ED delusion koolaid and it ends in health problems. sage for sperging.

No. 245728

File: 1662509236892.jpg (134.96 KB, 720x1395, Screenshot_20220906-170731_Chr…)

No. 245730

File: 1662509336755.jpg (37.93 KB, 720x256, Screenshot_20220906-170859_Chr…)

No. 245736

So annoying seeing her retweet something from 3 years ago maybe that's just my autism

No. 245737

the constant back and forth between going off on random twitter users to retweeting positive vibes only type shit is so jarring its almost comedic.

No. 245747

File: 1662510577234.jpg (93.32 KB, 720x920, Screenshot_20220906-172946_Chr…)

No. 245748

people really over use the phrase like “touch grass” blah blah go outside but SERIOUSLY. if you are on twitter (or literally any social media) and you read something from someone who you have no connection to online or in person and whatever that person posted about on the stupid website makes you feel personally angry,, taking a break from the internet is genuinely so helpful. This shit she gets heated about is so pointless. I don’t care enough to give Jill advice but logging off for a decent period of time; if this is all so serious for you and your mental well-being like you claim,,, would actually be beneficial (believe it or not!)

No. 245749

File: 1662510686073.jpg (118.45 KB, 720x1248, Screenshot_20220906-173123_Chr…)

No. 245750

File: 1662510740458.jpg (104.14 KB, 720x840, Screenshot_20220906-173139_Chr…)

No. 245751

Jerrick works part time at tim hortons don’t u know that? smh

No. 245756

This. Anon who made the original comment about Louise commenting on Jill's weight. I feel like Steve wasn't invited to the MCR concert because 1. It was a mother daughter thing, and 2. Louise just doesn't fucking like him. Jill gets her bitchiness from somebody, if it's not her dad, it has to be Louise. If she and jill shit talk her brother's ex-gf, I don't see why Jilly would be exempt from her mom's shittalking, no I don't buy mama vessey holds back because she's the favorite. My tinfoil is that the car is what's finally bringing out Louise's hate for Steve, something must've happened that caused the two families to have problems with Steve running to Maggie and his other IRL friends while Mama Vessey and Jill seethe. Cue during the trip Louise either started passive aggressively bringing up shit that bothered her like: "Wow, jill you've gotten so BIG recently!" or shittalked steve then said something along the lines of, "When the times comes, if it comes out he cheated on you… I wouldn't be surprised" or "Isn't weird that your mental health is spiraling and… Steve isn't really there for you." and now Jill's triggered as all hell.

No. 245757

Well that was a quick depressive episode so quick you couldn't even actually call it a depressive episode

No. 245759

I never would have looked at Louise like that but . . . damn anon, I think you're on to something. I theorized in the past that I bet that Jill and Louise are actually in a highly competitive relations rather than a doting one. I wonder if this really is what's up.

No. 245762

File: 1662513321619.png (18.02 KB, 300x100, 7FEAEDA7-78EB-4FFD-93F5-817FDB…)

A lot of words to say the same shit.

Do anons think Jill ever sits with the shame she feels about her behavior and current lifestyle? Or is it just excuses and someone else’s fault forever and always? I hope she’s capable of at least some honesty and self reflection, just a tiny tiny bit. There has to be some part of her that wants out of that rainbow prison.

No. 245763

File: 1662513365316.png (311.03 KB, 431x632, Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 9.00…)

I didn't realize so many anons were so fashion-behind. High-waisted bottoms have been out of style for like > 2 seasons now. She is wearing tight bottoms, tight top… and a loose baggy George brand cardigan… Electric-green hair would look much better if she incorporated more cool-toned colours into her routine and actually stopped relying on "black clothing = 'emo' aesthetic" mentality she has going on.

No. 245764

I’m asking this in all sincerity, is this what a BPD episode looks like? She’s going back and forth from hyper to depressed and back in a matter of hours, like a bipolar speedrun. What is going on? And is she back home yet or is she still with mom on her trip?

No. 245765

It's almost like she doesn't have depression and is actually just an immature woman-baby with drug problems. Ha ha.

No. 245766

File: 1662513803158.png (69.21 KB, 1016x604, yeah.png)

To say she's disappointed in her is an understatement.
Check this out

No. 245768

How long has it been since Jill has had a job? 5-6 years? Or longer?

No. 245771

"edit these down" in that context generally means to pick your favorites from the shoot to turn into the final photo set. she could have taken hundreds and only has space to display so many.

No. 245772

File: 1662514744524.jpg (147.57 KB, 720x982, Screenshot_20220906-183859_Chr…)

No. 245774

File: 1662515021862.png (929.99 KB, 1056x1540, yeah.png)

No. 245775

This is just so pathetic. Her weed habit is so pathetic.

No. 245778

This makes me feel bad for Louise tbh. Imagine being excited for your daughter to come home after fashion school, finally an adult, chasing her dreams and all she can bring with her is a handful of falling apart, busted "garments". Did they ever even shoot what she did make together?

And ontop of that by the time she did return from school it was with a cluster of self diagnosed illnesses. She had a daughter she seemed to love a lot in her teen years, sent her away to be an adult, and got back a monster.

The cut and color on the ginger pic looks pretty good here for Jill. Suits her nicely. Hope if in a few years she can surpass her current state she returns to a look like this.

No. 245785

With kiwifags stinking up the farms I sure hope no one decides to 51/50 her for suicide baiting. Can you imagine how fast she’d get locked up in a mental hospital for this shit.

No. 245788

File: 1662516463997.png (730.66 KB, 696x458, bruh.png)

you can see the hairloss here

No. 245794

Anons aren't fashion behind, you're just an idiot. High waisted bottoms are still in fashion and you put jill's 'real' waistline at her crotch.

No. 245796

the line you drew for real waistline is her hipline anon. not everyone wears their pants there, and not every article of clothing is made to sit there. just say she looks like shit and move on, you look like a retard.

No. 245798

>I can't believe so many anons don't religiously follow the 52 micro-seasons pumped out by billion dollar fast fashion companies!

No. 245800

I never actually hated Jill before, but this was the final nail in the coffin. Laetitia Ky is an amazing artist and incredibly strong woman, she deals with so much TRA bullshit on the daily as well as regular grade misogyny and sexism. I bet Jill “calling her out” didn’t even register as a blip on her radar because she doesn’t have time for individual haters. She’ll keep making her art and putting passion behind her actions, doing everything that Jill doesn’t.

No. 245801

It’s just like every other egotistical twitter user who says they’re “taking a break” and are back not even a day later. It’s all for attention and pity.

No. 245802

Something about her wanting to be sustainable and virtue signal about everything but then leaving this comment on a clock from amazon just says something.

No. 245805

Not to defend Louise, but I always got the impression she's kind of a doormat to Jill. Jill has previously shared messages between them and her comments on Jill's unpleasant posts are "haha sweetie, you do you".

But! You reminded me of a big thing. What made Louise go in super protection mode was finding Jill's suicide talk in emo tween diaries. And now Jill keeps talking about suicide again- maybe to mellow her out and get what she wants?

No. 245812

File: 1662525775948.gif (1.42 MB, 450x253, a619393258f0ac6deb33ed501de635…)

Jill transforms into adorable cat for a minute

No. 245814

I love how every photo of rowling has the same smug expression, so whenever people REEE under/around her posts/articles/whatever she's just there not giving a shit

Also great look for Jillian after the "apology for using the n word and having locs" video

No. 245817

Supporting an author and being a transphobe are not the same thing, god she's retarded, you can't just accuse people of hate crimes with no evidence

Meanwhile she stans a long list of problematic men, most recent addition being fucking keffals, someone decent trans people cancelled ages ago.

No. 245818

It means she acts like a cat, obviously

No. 245819

I bet she just took a big bong rip between these posts about wanting to die and then loving life.

She's such a mess.

No. 245820

>24 and a normal weight
oh she's one of those women that think they're a "real adult woman" because they're overweight, and anyone who isn't is anorexic or a pedopanderer or some shit
Also bet this Tweet was about Brendan Fraser because she will always take the opportunity to crawl up a man's ass
Adult men riding scooters look like giant manchildren 95% of the time
>starts 10000 fights on Twitter
>uwu I am unwell, too unwell to check my notifs!!
Yeah maybe afraid to see the damage you did while sperging out for the last 24 hours

No. 245821

Sorry to report anon, 2016 was not three years ago

No. 245822

If anything it'd be one of her followers, but I'm highly doubtful anyone will make a call to what the Canadian equivalent of a wellness check is. It's either a ploy at her mother or a "shield" against some sort of criticism she received. Jill has been pretty spiteful these past days. So something is up and she'll let it slip because it's Jill.
>starts 10000 fights on Twitter
>uwu I am unwell, too unwell to check my notifs!!
>Yeah maybe afraid to see the damage you did while sperging out for the last 24 hours
Easier to slap on a bandaid and pretend it never happened.

No. 245823

File: 1662527573850.png (11.97 KB, 714x164, 220907_Foundation_of_Visual_Ar…)

I'm sorry but who celebrates a one year "degree" with a graduation photoshoot?

No. 245825

You googled a high school program? Lol it even says grade 9/10 in the blurb. Just an fyi this isn't the program Jill attended; read the threads.

No. 245833

If she wore her pants at the “real waistline” you drew, her mons pubis would be hanging out. Please don’t give Veronica any ideas.

Laetitia has previously been cancelled by TRAs independently of JKR because she also talks about sex-based oppression. Jill must have missed that particular shitstorm if she was still following her until now. Do better, Jill!

No. 245834

yeah especially when she did a NEG on that indie store days ago
except she looks like this >>245408

No. 245835

I just realized the person she QRT is talking about celebrities and Jill jumped on like she's a blip on people's radar. She's less than a niche internet micro celerity because those creators at least break 20k on their views regularly.

It just sounds like she's trying to cope. You know how therapists tell you to say positive affirmations to trick yourself in to loving yourself. But the main issue with Jill is that she is always seeking external validation. She'll never really learn to love herself because she's always looking for people to tell her only good things and as soon as she hears anything she perceives as negative she breaks down.

It's obvious Jill only followed her when she got called out for being racist. It just shows that she didn't actually vet through who she was following she just followed any black woman that came up on her TL so she seemed more woke.

No. 245836

she's a full grown adult acting like a cat… gross.

No. 245839

>It's obvious Jill only followed her when she got called out for being racist. It just shows that she didn't actually vet through who she was following she just followed any black woman that came up on her TL so she seemed more woke.
can someone please post the picture of her touching a black girl's hair? it adds insult to injury.

No. 245843

I wonder if she was trying to copy Gabbie Hanna's recent meltdown by shifting between suicidal ideation then overly positive tweets but nobody was noticing so she had to post this lol

No. 245845

Did I just get a déjà vu reading this or has she pulled the same stunt recently? It feels weird she tweets so often about not having time or energy to keep up with her notifs and DMs.

No. 245846

Yes, she does that every other day imo

No. 245851

Is it just me or is this passive aggressive and dissing Jill’s college course. She is hyping up taking graduation portraits of other kids then she gets to Jill’s and she is remarking on how strange she thought it was she had a graduation and comments on the brief amount of time. It makes it sound like she doesn’t think Jillys college is valid at all kek. It is a craft school beginner thing we all know that it’s just funny to see Louise knows that when Jill has this delusion of grandeur about the whole thing and see her comparing it to real graduates.

No. 245859

I legit think she might be copying her "subconsciously". Gabbie is getting a lot of attention right now, Jilly has expressed being a long time fan and said she thinks she could have DID too. Since Jillers doesn't know how to come up with things on her own she copies others to get the attention she wants.

No. 245860

If Jill wants to copy that meltdown she needs to go all in, crazy jesus freak, typing only in emojis (halfway there already) pretending she has messages from god about random people to impart, se(c)ret codes that make no sense. Gotta follow the formula

No. 245863

File: 1662545691845.jpeg (190.82 KB, 737x588, 1521855240749.jpeg)

trawling through those NYC meetup threads was a trip

No. 245864

after the third try of posting this i forgot to sage pls no bully

No. 245865

File: 1662545930444.jpg (262.72 KB, 1080x1291, Screenshot_20220907-1.jpg)

>16 and 95 pounds [at 5"]
You mean… a normal weight? Not even close to underweight?

No. 245866

Anon, don’t spread misinformation. No matter how much you hate a cow it’s not an excuse to deliberately misrepresent facts. 18.5 and under BMI is considered underweight. Just because you are barely in the healthy weight range does not mean you’re not a pound or two off from being technically underweight. But you’re likely anachan so I’m sure anything above 19 bmi is a whale for you
Also pixie is clearly overweight now, but from her old pictures she does look like she was borderline underweight.

No. 245867

File: 1662547222852.jpeg (62.61 KB, 530x794, AC2E3614-4C60-4196-A12B-240133…)

Where did you even find this rattler bmi calculator claiming 86 lbs is healthy?
Picrel a woman who is 85 lbs at 5 feet and is even Asian not white, so could get away with being a bit slimmer and still be healthy due to smaller bone structure. And she looks absolutely ill.

No. 245874

This is also misrepresentation because that’s lighter than Jill and also is this woman an adult? I assume she is isn’t 16 which Jilly was in her statement. She wasn’t finished developing so it doesn’t mean anything when she tries to use that weight as proof of anything. It’s speculation that she was five foot even because again she wasn’t fully developed so she could well have been even shorter not everyone is their adult height at 16. Also more fool you if you believe the official heights and weights of idols, the companies lie constantly to fit certain standards.

No. 245879

Nta, but anon is right and Jill was at a perfectly healthy weight for a 16 year old at her height. Don't let the obesity epidemic and social media fool you, 16 year olds typically look like babies even compared to someone who's 18

No. 245883

Anons, I get that it's a gossip thread, and I don't want to wk but still. Even if Jill wasn't "technically" underweight, that doesn't mean she was healthy at that weight. She's probably more chubby naturally, hence the ED. I'm sure she had an ED and felt like shit at that BMI, be it normal or no

No. 245884

why do anons itt think that Jillian being fat is her greatest claim to cowdom? It’s literally the least interesting thing about her. I know the anachans get pissed off when somebody who isnt cooney tier starts talking about having an ED but literally nobody is confusing jill for somebody who needs inpatient don’t worry.

No. 245885

>>245884 jill was a cow before she got fat

No. 245890

>damn she's lurking hard
she sure is, shes only posting this shit because nonnies were saying how she only posts her "uwu my mentawl iwwness makes me speshul and i wike it" garbag and everyone was wondering how her mental illness actually like, you know, affects her negatively?

No. 245893

Yeah, nayrt but I don’t think it’s a huge deal. Teens are constantly changing with weight and growth, some are really skinny for a while and then sort of fill out later. Jill always looked fine to me in her pictures as a teenager, sort of that weird gangly phase a lot of people go through. Even if she had ED behaviors, her weight was never really abnormal.

No. 245899

But she was never gangly. She abused photoshop in all her pictures. I don’t believe she was ever 95 lbs. She probably stopped eating for a few days and Louise freaked and had her committed.
Jill constantly lies about her past and tries so hard to use old shoop abuse selfies to keep up with her bullshit. If she wasn’t such a liar her claims would actually hold up. Does no one remember the 20 in waist debacle?

No. 245901

Yeah I don't know where ana-anon found that particular bmi website since most will say anything under bmi of 19 is underweight, this one is saying bmi of 16 is "healthy" if I'm reading that right.

No. 245905

literally who cares about her weight back then, she was depressed like the rest of us in front of the mirror (and not getting the psychiatric help she needed made it worse, i'll give her that) but clearly not anywhere near dying.
just bring out the narc rage instead kek

No. 245913

bro why does she flat out post the numbers. Even if it’s not a crazy low amount it’s so irresponsible for her to basically try and brag about her lowest weight on her alleged pro mental health platform. She knows what she’s doing, as someone in genuine recovery i can see what she’s doing. She’s wanting a sick sense of validation for being “sick” when she was a kid even tho she wasn’t insanely underweight based on her own admission.

No. 245914

She puts a trigger warning for weight, but not for mentions of suicide, real classy too.

No. 245917

File: 1662564198209.jpg (282.29 KB, 1080x1068, IMG_20220907_172332.jpg)

Why does she seek out these tweets to give advice when she's not experienced and educated on this issue…she was just recently tweeting about suicide.

No. 245919

I know about the shooping, more just meant she had that weird awkward look a lot of teens have where they haven’t fully grown into themselves yet.
Seriously. If she cares so much about mental health and helping people stay safe she wouldn’t post the numbers because she should know that can be triggering for girls with EDs. It’s just her trying to make herself sound so sick and frail.

No. 245921

>deep depression
>lasts less than a week
Jill pls

No. 245922

this meme is all over tiktok right now and i fucking hate it for dozens of reasons.

No. 245925

Of all the dumb shit she has posted, this fills me the most with rage. Make it more obvious you've never experienced depression, Jillian. "Listen to music", fucking wow.

No. 245930

Ever since the DID this has been said as nauseum, but I can't believe how she talks about these sorts of things as if she spent 12 years studying psychology and graduated with honors after writing a groundbreaking doctorate thesis about mental health.
It's baffling to say the least, she should be glad she's such a small fry or she would have a bunch of people all over her questioning her sources.

No. 245931

anachans invaded the thread since jill got fat. also i totally believe that she has an ED still to this day, or at the least has always had disordered eating habits, hence her weight going from one extreme to another. anachans don't understand that EDs can look like more than just eugenia cooney. and jill doesn't get it either. she thinks she's recovered. very common to swap one disordered way of eating for another actually.

No. 245932

And don't forget to watch TV too uwu! Exactly what you wanna do when you're just a big ol' sad brain, listen to music and watch TV!

No. 245935

Out of all the dumb things she's said regarding mental health, this might fill me with the most rage. "Take some time to process it?" Based on personal experience, I can honestly see that kind of advice pushing someone closer to killing themselves. What do you mean? It's not just an emotional state like grief or anger. When you're severely depressed you're processing it everyday, fighting just to believe it's worth enduring when everything you once cared about has had all meaning and purpose completely stripped from it.
For someone who touts themselves as a mental health advocate, telling someone who is actively struggling not to wallow in depression is an extremely tone-deaf and dare I say ableist take.

No. 245940

i have to laugh. this woman has obviously never been severely depressed a day in her life. "yeah just sit on your ass and consume media until you feel better." that's all she does no matter how she feels. and this person is a caretaker for someone who clearly can't do their basic ADLs and needs help with them. you could never understand real disability, jill. sage for sperging. if i had a twitter, one of these "advice" tweets immediately following the tweets of someone who isn't well would be the final straw.

No. 245942

yes this. ruminating makes things worse. she's clearly never been severely depressed and thinks having a bad day from weed withdrawals or whatever is the same thing.

No. 245943

What she's describing is basically escapism lol

No. 245944

Jill is always talking about "processing". Isn't hard to know that this means sitting around, doing nothing except thinking about x "bad thing" for hours. Dangerous to be doing herself, worse to be suggesting to others. Worse thing you can do when you're mentally ill is fixate on it. She'd be feeling much better much faster if whenever she felt the need to "process" she got up off her ass and sewed something or edited a video or anything else really, instead. Her house is full of things to do yet she prefers to do nothing at all.

I forget where it was in the thread but she said something a while back similar too (I think about her flop era) where she was alluding to believing that the only way for her to get better is to simply wait until she feels better. Sit around and wait for the universe to magically cure her I guess. I can't help but feel her therapist is partly responsible for this mindset, either. What a shitty attitude to have. She is immune to any feelings of self accountability/responsibility.

No. 245945

Jill shut the fuck up actual depression doesn’t just get better with a song and a video. Also, processing needs to be done with a licensed therapist. Just trying to do it on your own with no knowledge where to start will just make someone spiral. Even with it people still spiral anyway. Stop giving advice before someone actually kills themselves thanks to you.

No. 245949

i mean isn't this the same girl who sleep in her makeup all the time? and eats her feelings? she clearly has no real coping skills. escapism and avoiding the issues is all she knows. she literally created alters to escape from accountability. she's the last person who should be giving advice about dealing with actual disability.

No. 245961

it’s great to be able to sit and process your own emotions in a healthy way (rational acceptance where you just acknowledge whatever it is you feel in that moment) but that’s not what jill is doing. Jill is sitting and letting herself fester. She has so much opportunity not to stay inside and ruminate. It’s so easy for depressed people to think staying at home makes them feel better, that it’s better for their anxiety, i’ve said that same shit to myself. But it’s all a major cope, even the biggest homebodies need to get out of their space once in awhile. If jill wants to talk about processing emotions whilst being at home she could look into meditation or some sort of journaling. But that’s where it ends for her, improving is not part of her brand. It’s just being mentally ill indefinitely now.

No. 245965

do you mean radical acceptance? that involves accepting reality as it is. jill is so far from that it's laughable. she literally created another trendier mental illness because she can't cope with the reality of her real one kek

No. 245968

(same anon) yes i did mean that oops LMFAO. rational .. radical …. tomato

No. 245970

File: 1662572825944.png (505.98 KB, 1080x1788, Screenshot_20220907-114731-131…)

I looked at the thread and all of it is filled with horrible advice from "DID" accounts. If someone is at the point that they're stuck in bed you literally just spend time and talk with them. Offer them a distraction while subtly letting them know that they're not alone. Even if they're irritable you just stay there and tell them silly stories of your childhood while you clean the space around them. It offers enough distraction that they're not ruminating and your presence let's them know that they're not alone. Fuck Jill for saying to leave them alone so they can think, she's going to get people killed with that kind of advice.

No. 245974

I think this is again one of those instances where Jill barely has the grasp of a concept and then spreads her own take on it as facts. What she is probably trying to explain is the acceptance part in DBT where you learn to accept whatever hard wave of emotion is hitting you is not dangerous and let yourself feel what you are currently feeling without actively interacting with it. This is something that is repeated ad nauseam during the whole therapy process so dumbing it down to "just process whatever you're feeling uwu" is insulting and the practice itself is better applied to anxiety rather than active depression or suicidal ideations. But we are talking about someone that don't know the difference between general unease, anxiety and a panic attack so what else can we expect from her?

No. 245975

File: 1662574286642.jpg (125.36 KB, 1080x871, IMG_20220907_201218.jpg)

Steve ignoring Jill's antics in twitter but responding to Maggie is spicy

No. 245988

File: 1662576048785.jpeg (803.3 KB, 1170x1931, 2C0A4652-E9F1-4D98-B266-4661D1…)

Some precure drama but come on Jill, we know you’re never actually nice to anyone, just mean girl “nice”

No. 245991

But Jill what if she had some clown-related trauma and your profile pic triggered her? Ever thought of that??? HMMMM?

No. 245994

No. 245996

I wonder if Jill’s suicide baiting is aimed at him. A cry for attention as you will.

No. 245999

people that take blocks so personally make me wanna barf. Like posting a screen cap of someone blocking you as a big W moment ? You are so annoying someone just decided to make their online experience better by weeding you out of their timeline. That’s not a good thing. Also what was the gentle baby interaction she had with this person. I’m guessing jill replied to someone who didn’t follow her, and the girl was weirded out and blocked the verified account with a clown profile picture. As would many people

No. 246002

Sometimes when I see this picture I feel like painting it on a big 120 x 150 canvas and submitting it to a painting contest about racism. It would do soooooo freaking good. Frist place picture baby

No. 246003

She thinks it’s “gentle and nice” to say the character that person chose as a username is objectively the worst cure of all time? She didn’t say one nice thing, she just tore down that person’s favorite character, and by extension, their ability to judge good characters

No. 246004

Hasn't Jill herself bragged about blocking someone before? Has she mentioned blocking others in general?

No. 246007

dude that’s genuinely so mean especially bc it’s just being cruel for 0 reason to someone. like maybe it’s just my tism but if someone came for me, telling me some fictional characters i personally like just fucking suck and im wrong for enjoying it,,, ID BE UPSET maybe that’s just me but damn jill is just.. a bully and she’s not trying to hide it one bit. I didn’t see the interaction she had. was this on her main twitter too? or maybe it was posted earlier srry

No. 246011

File: 1662578030580.jpeg (258.92 KB, 1170x465, 22AA4B7F-0DB6-46A8-8949-1E9137…)

Seems like she probably dm'd them.

No. 246012

i did a bit of searching on twit and i discovered that this cure user in question that jill is being mean to is allegedly a mega weirdo who sexualizes the girls in precure or smth. So maybe in this one instance jill might’ve been right… but only because this seems like a well known account within in the pre cure community who many people (other than jill) heavily dislike. sorry if this was a slight derail

No. 246013

My fucking god, Jill, you need to get a life and get off the goddamn internet. Where the hell do you get off giving anyone mental health advice? You are such a wreck, and it's getting worse every day.

Still waiting to find out what the catalyst for this particular BPD spiral is.

No. 246014

Considering how fucking dramatic and fake you are, no you weren't. There's no need to create more drama and posting that screenshot, but jilly "i'm too depressed to talk on the internet!!!" vessey keeps getting into trouble wherever she goes.

No. 246015

NTA but I also remember Jill being involved in some twitter drama where she defended some DID TikToker who told underage followers about rule34. She just biasedly picks who to defend and who to trashtalk lol

No. 246017

She has subtly hinted that she's venting about it in her private twitter circles, so I bet she is really embarrassed

No. 246019

Its just a woman who ships some precure shoujo ai ship and also draws NSFW art from what I have gathered. Its genshin impact-tier drama all over again, precure fandom is full of dramafags who talk shit about eachother. Its like the new sanrio trend.

No. 246021

Although my main theory is that this is something to do with the car, Stevie, and his family, I do really wonder if Jill has been told to "get a fucking job."

SOMETHING has to have happened with Louise!! Just based on the timeframe alone. I guess we'll see. It's sure interesting.

No. 246022

omg if Jill actually read books she would be vivid at The Ink Black Heart! There is a character lives off her parents that pretends to have all sorts of mental illness and autoimmune diseases on Tumblr for attention and conveniently is able to run out of the house when the detectives arrive. Totally Jill, actually Jill is worse.

No. 246024

Even if she's right and it's weird jill is in no place to be calling other people out or confronting them for bad behavior. She should just keep her mouth shut. Given how jumpy she's been lately to lash out at anyone the last thing she should be doing is dming "problematic" users. Remember that vitriol she spit out in her early DID announcement days to that one user in dms? We never saw it but the op posted about getting some nasty words from her.

No. 246026

File: 1662579646551.jpeg (489.29 KB, 1264x2616, FA2F7D88-4D80-456E-A474-1376FA…)

This was the interaction. I didn’t see anything about nsfw stuff on Jill’s twitter, just this. Anything nsfw with underage characters is freaking disgusting and wrong, but it seems like Jill either didn’t know or didn’t care about that

No. 246029

But Jill LOVES pedos and groomers. Why would this even upset her? She is literally dating one.
>>245563 Nah, Jill would never kill herself. She is a narcissist, there is nothing on this earth she loves more than herself.

No. 246031

samefag. Also, the main female protagonist is an actual rape victim which would make Jill seethe with rage since she gets off on pretending to be one. It is the most accurate representation I have ever read too, as an actual victim, the feeling of being detached from your own body. Depersonalization. Another thing Jill pretends to experience with her fake disorder. Vessey is such a vile cunt.

No. 246037

File: 1662582343883.png (Spoiler Image,295.26 KB, 302x967, 1659553761439.png)

Isn't Maggie into lolicon too? maybe she's redirecting all her rage towards her onto some precure rando.

No. 246039

anon, she has bangs.

No. 246040

She probably hates Maggie more than anything.
BPD jealousy is intense, and especially in this case when it's actually warranted since Stevie interacts with Maggie way more (also her being his ex)
Also the fact that she's been so insecure about her weight, and Maggie is now skinny while she used to be the friend Jill stood next to so she looked better.

No. 246044

People with NPD do suicide bait and will go pretty far sometimes, it has a big attention pay off.

No. 246045

I agree tbh
wtf is this shit

No. 246048

Ew Maggie is a lolicon? Guess she and groomer stevie have more in common

No. 246050

you do know narcs are basically the most insecure people out there, right? the big ego and toxic positivity is all a façade. jill totally hates herself. the clown makeup is evidence enough honestly. confidence is quiet and she's always screaming. and no one gets to that weight from "self love." it's just denial of your issues.

No. 246051

You type like a twitterfag

No. 246053

"deffo not wallowed in forever!" does she think. does she think depression is like a one month ordeal is she stupid? don't answer that, i know she's stupid.

No. 246056

wait let me get this right- she's bullying someone because they have a different take on a show? "I've never heard or seen them on tiktok" is that aimed at the person that blocked them, or am I misunderstanding this

No. 246058

You got it right. She’s was talking to someone else about the person that has now blocked them both

No. 246060

File: 1662587109242.jpg (156.25 KB, 720x1378, Screenshot_20220907-144355_Chr…)

No. 246061

File: 1662587211013.jpg (196.15 KB, 720x1384, Screenshot_20220907-144428_Chr…)

No. 246062

Nta. As long as they sage who the fuck cares.

No. 246064

ot but it looks like they deleted their account. nicely done Jill! so kind and positive

No. 246066

What is she going to sell? Knick knacks?

No. 246070

This is the second time someone deleted their account because she's a bully. What happened to "spreading positivity"?

No. 246071

Both of you are stupid stoners.

No. 246072

This really does make it seem like mommy cut off the money or Stevie is leaving with his funds. Jill doesn't work for years now suddenly during a breakdown she wants to?

No. 246074

nta but this thread is filled with twitter fags (esp. after the did diagnosis, with more coming in every day), everyone's at a boiling point with jill. even though its weird to have all of these people in the thread, i think it's showing how the majority of the public views her these days.

No. 246076

Yes, this is why I don't disagree with twitterfags who happen to be ex fans writting their thoughts here - as long as they write sage on the email field, don't namefag, and integrate. Only the most retarded of fans still like jillian.

No. 246077

I feel like she's also cleaning her room for the first time so she can sell some shit on depop. It's not like she's actually working or creating new stuff.

Will wait to see the nightmare that will be her new drag queen and DID inspired website.

No. 246087

File: 1662591101859.jpg (173.79 KB, 720x1093, Screenshot_20220907-154955_Chr…)

No. 246089

>waiting to see my clip
this shit is over 1 hour long. How drama hungry can she be.

No. 246090

timestamp for jill's clip is 56:11

No. 246091

File: 1662591456577.png (544.34 KB, 800x448, ugh.png)

she looks SO FUCKING HAPPY for someone who is talking about a person in distress. I'm fucking grossed out right now. Please someone do a summary of her clip.

No. 246093

KEK so she really was just looking for internet drama clout she's so transparent. Can't save the clip while I'm mobile but Nabber had her come on to talk about DID. She made the whole situation about her being bullied by people "fake-claiming" her totes real diagnosis. You don't have DID, and neither does GH Jill. What exactly does she have to add to the conversation? She's such a self-centered twat

No. 246095

File: 1662591816258.gif (6.98 MB, 400x225, The_Gabbie_Hanna_TikTok_Situat…)

like… fucking look at this and tell me if she looks like she's talking about:
a)something she bought
c)someone who is having a mental episode and is in dire need of help

It really fucking SHOWS how little she cares, she just wants to be fucking interviewed. WHAT the fuck. She's fucking ecstatic now that she succesfully self inserted herself into the drama… but drama channels are hungry bastards too, and this puts her on the radar. I hope she suffers the consequences.

Waiting for the summary because I don't think I'm strong enough to watch this with sound.

No. 246096

File: 1662591948490.jpg (483.6 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20220907-160201_You…)

No. 246098

here's what I see: "Me me me. Can you believe this happened to me? tiktok induced talking from one side of the mouth me! Big flashy colors mean I'm interesting. I'm just a lil mentally ill bean, don't forget about me"

No. 246099

File: 1662592100554.gif (7.38 MB, 400x225, The_Gabbie_Hanna_TikTok_Situat…)

I can't believe she really went on to talk about herself and how GH ~totes has DID~ on a fucking drama channel. She's honestly worse than Trisha.
Btw what's up with that ~I'm so depressed guyyysssss~? She looks fucking happy here! Happy to be a drama hungry bitch!

No. 246100

File: 1662592235856.gif (8.37 MB, 400x225, The_Gabbie_Hanna_TikTok_Situat…)

just… what the fuck.

No. 246101

glad to see her get shown to a wider audience than her circle jerk. This was not a good look to show to a bunch of people who subscribe to drama videos. iirc he covered Lillie Jean

No. 246102

Trying to do some “uwu hand stimmies”

No. 246103

I'm sorry, but what Jillian just did should count as bullying. She did not only go and talk about HERSELF on a video about another person, but also PUSH a DID diagnosis onto someone who was not in their right mind, and now she talked about it in front of thousands of retarded drama hungry people who will also push Jillian's viewpoint onto GH. I don't know what the fuck is her deal here. GH is not going to acknowledge her. Drew Monson is NOT going to acknowledge her now that she's part of the drama hungry side of youtube. She needs to fucking stop harassing creators with her stupidity. God I'm so fucking angry right now, sorry this was the fucking tipping point for me, there's no redemption to this bitch. Armchairing about a disease she doesn't even have in front of an audience is fucking VILE.

No. 246104

sage bcos random sperg but pronouncing the name "Fraser" like "Frasier" barf. Muh British heritage in full force, multicultural queen.

No. 246105

These past days just show the truth of who Jillian Vessey is. She's a fuking drama whore and angry bully, perpetual chronic victim who thinks she's safe as long as she suicide baits. Manipulative self centered narcissistic idiot.

No. 246106

I put on the iNabber video as background noise and as SOON as I heard him say "I interviewed someone with DID" I knew it would be her and ran here so fast.

Shame, I had respect for him. I've even suggested a couple of times he look into her for a video but it obviously got buried. Absolutely not watching the video now. It's ruined!

What a clout chaser. Has she ever even mentioned liking Gabbie before she spiralled and Jilly as the mental health queen had to stick her fat fucking neck in?!

Say what you want about dissociadid at least she can LARP well enough to appear traumatised by DID and not excited by the fact she's 7 different moods - I mean people of course.

No. 246107

its odd to me because he definitely pulled info from here or kiwifarms for the LJ video but then had Jill on. Maybe he did invited her knowing she'd to something stupid? I'm suspicious

No. 246117

I don't get why she is so intent on pushing the DID narrative onto GH. What is she playing at? What is there to gain really?
She tries to act like she's a nice empathetic but deep down she is everything you wrote. The funny part is she's letting her true self show because she thinks all her labels make her immune to criticism. Hate to be in the crossfire of a tantrum of hers. I feel like she's one of those people who get aggressively in your face screaming at you.

No. 246121

File: 1662594932404.jpg (213.94 KB, 720x1377, Screenshot_20220907-165459_Chr…)

>Strawberry emoji

No. 246122

I hate inabber's voice so I'm not gonna watch can someone tell me if he talks about how the GH bs was just her making a scene for her album? If so that would obliterate Jill's DID garbage in the same breath

No. 246125

These are the toys she made a tiktok off when she was high as fuck. Also wow, that strawberry is so eloquent. It's almost like it's not an alter and just an excuse to be a fucking womanchild. This ain't cute.

No. 246128

Holy shit this is fucking disgusting.

No. 246129

File: 1662595830339.jpg (129.4 KB, 720x1369, Screenshot_20220907-170530_Chr…)

No. 246130

File: 1662595947174.jpg (140.53 KB, 720x1399, Screenshot_20220907-170537_Chr…)

No. 246131

>blocking innocent teenagers
I'm sorry, but, what? would they rather have a 38 year old interacting with them? fucking zoomers

No. 246134

I feel like this is the Narcissism part where she feels invinsible and superior right after her ego got bruised.

No. 246140

>uwu innocent teenagers uwu
Twitter is so full of shit, idc about that weird 38 year old person but the fact that Jillian is inserting herself onto some online teen drama makes her look not only childish as fuck but also terminally online and like a perpetual victim. Jillian is not "an innocent teen uwu" she's a 40 year old looking creep and she's no better since she agrees with her pedo troon boyfriend about inviting others to smoke weed and ageplay.

No. 246146

i was just watching this and i cut it off because i knew it would be cringe! inabber has the worst takes sometimes, and i bet he didnt even read jills awful comments on gh's videos.

No. 246149

>[I invited Jill] to share their thoughts on how they deal with DID every single day
Wow, she seriously answered “people online don’t believe me!!!!!” when asked how DID impacts her everyday life. She’s supposedly living with a debilitating trauma disorder, but the hardest part is people on the internet? Not the trauma flashbacks, amnesia, uncontrolled switching, severe dissociation, etc. that come with DID? Wow.

No. 246154

This is the weirdest thing for them to go on about. How is that person’s age even relevant? Someone bothers you, you block them. I’m pretty sure 38 is a millenial so it’s not like they haven’t been on the internet for a while and know the basic rules of interacting with people. The fact that Jill and whoever else is still going on about it is the ridiculous thing. Never understood those people on twitter and tumblr who go on and on about how so-and-so blocked them. No one cares.

No. 246156

I have never believed this DID larp less. She is the most insincere person I've ever had to listen to. She just seems so fricken stupid.

No. 246163

Simple. Jill's gross enough to use a mentally ill woman to climb the social ladder:
>"Omg, Gabbie Hanna, a chick with DID who EVERYBODY'S TALKING ABOUT came to me, someone with DID for advice!! [heart rainbow snake emoji] Hugs n' kiss, hope you heal!!"
>she's one of those people who get aggressively in your face screaming at you
Absolutely. Kek, is this why Steve has to run to maggie?

No. 246166

not to derail/blogpost but this shit kills me because i had followed this person on their original account and they wrote very G/PG fic of the two main precure characters from the first season where all they do is kiss. they followed a japanese artist who was participating in their zine, and the artist is the one who posted some nsfw art. i don't think it was even of the precure ship. but of course the idiot teens (and jill) who like precure want to purposely misunderstand things and cause a witch hunt because they're obsessed with purity culture and think it's impossible for adults to like things meant for different target audiences. so kind and gentle of you to pile on, jill.

No. 246167

OT but Why are weebs like this? Do they not realize the majority of anime, even ones for kids, are going to have mass amounts of fans that want to fuck the characters? What's the point in going on such a massive witchhunt over liking some (disgusting) artwork that's incredibly common in weeb communities. Almost all of the popular anime has some sort of sexualization of underage girls.

I wouldn't put it past Stevie to be into lolicon as well considering how suspiciouslyclose he is with Maggie. Wonder if Jill supports it or not

No. 246171

> I feel like she's one of those people who get aggressively in your face screaming at you.

Lol I highly doubt that. She’s the angry short chihuahua with a big dog complex and we’re all laughing.

No. 246175

>professionaly diagnosed
>it takes several years to be diagnosed even when you've been in psych care for years
>which was the case for me
holy fuck no jill, you haven't, all you've done for years is collect labels and actively avoid doing actual therapy. this bitch i can't

>OT but Why are weebs like this? Do they not realize the majority of anime, even ones for kids, are going to have mass amounts of fans that want to fuck the characters?
retarded zoomers are constantly cancelling people because their coddled brains can't get over the fact that not everything on the internet has to cater to them.

No. 246183

>Do they not realize the majority of anime, even ones for kids, are going to have mass amounts of fans that want to fuck the characters?
Ehhhh I wouldn't want to defend pedos, no. The precure characters are clearly childish and underage, it's not like other animes, it's literally little kids anon

No. 246184

>it takes several years to be diagnosed even when you've been in psych care for years
>which was the case for me
Wtf kek no. She got her "diagnostic impression" in less than a year and it was handled by angel therapist. I can't believe she's lying this fucking much, I hope this eats her back alive.

No. 246186

See thread pic for most of the diagnosis bs it's hilarious how hard she's lying considering even Angel therapist is washing his hands

No. 246187

Of course Steve is into loli porn don't be ridiculous. He is into abdl and gets off on being a troon. You know, working at Roblox puts him in a good position to interact with kids playing the game too. Kind of brilliant. I wonder if he was hoping to nab underage jill fans from the confetti club too. There was an older troon in there chatting up little girls. Too bad his YouTube career didn't take off, or we would have a pedo steve thread here.

No. 246188

When he said he talked to someone with DID I thought “oh no” and when I got to her part, I almost commented that she’s likely faking, but I don’t have the mental bandwidth to deal with her fans. But even she pointed out how ridiculous she seems, wearing a pink wig in a rainbow room.

I wish people would call her ass out for faking. Btw Jill, you didn’t lose subscribers because of your diagnosis, you lost followers because they followed you for kawaii and fashion content, not mental health content.

No. 246189

It's hilarious to see Jeb running and hiding. Deleting his internet footprints. Poor idiot man didn't know not to touch Jill with a ten foot pole. The internet is not going to forget, unless she does something even worse and he fades to the background.

No. 246192

Honestly I wonder if we should put his full name on the OP description since he's basically malpracticing super hard. I wouldn't want anyone else to run into this guy pretending to be a good therapist. You coud say "well he's still young and unexperienced! he'll get better with time!" but holy shit

No. 246194

Jeb isn't working in direct practice therapy anymore tho

No. 246196

Even though Jill has 50+ threads here she wasn't as popular on KF even after the DID saga she's just one of those cows that doesn't draw that much moid attention.
yeah if you're accusing her of being a pedophile why the fuck do you want her interacting with teens? The actual brain rot zoomers have.
I wonder if Jill ever told him about the boards she's apart of? She knows chat boards are notorious for doxing. Did she not extend the courtesy to her therapist and let him know about the "haters"?

No. 246213

b-but Jill! whats with the ageism? Convenient that it benefits you right now, huh? don't forget you have a 35 year old man in your head too!

No. 246217

Yeah that's what I'm saying. Though honestly the precure girls look more "adult" than most of the girls in adult anime that's targetted to men, which is fucking disturbing but I'm not gonna derail more about how weebs are pedos. Water is wet.

No. 246223

It's baffling she suggests "processing" depression which is akin to telling someone to "process" their cancer, it's something you have to recover from over many years of slow, tiny movements upwards, not process like a passing emotion.
I think she's likley bipolar and her depression is simply the other side of hyper-manic behavior, her recent tweets certainly suggest so. So she has never actually felt depressed longterm, just the low end of her bipolar - so temporary by definition.
She should not be giving advice either way considering she is clearly nowhere near to being on top of her own mental issues.(armchairing )

No. 246226

>There is a character lives off her parents that pretends to have all sorts of mental illness and autoimmune diseases on Tumblr for attention and conveniently is able to run out of the house when the detectives arrive.

Rowling definitely lurks heavily online, hence her accurate opinion about troons, funny that she is also aware of the munchie tumblr user trope

No. 246245

>Though honestly the precure girls look more "adult" than most of the girls in adult anime that's targetted to men
I completely disagree, they still look young. But I won't derail anymore.

No. 246251

File: 1662624389716.jpg (256.97 KB, 1023x1651, cdc.jpg)

AYRT. BMI ranges for children are different from adults'. Here's the actual CDC saying that she was in a healthy range at a BMI of 18.6. Plug in the numbers for yourself if you don't trust me: >https://www.cdc.gov/healthyweight/bmi/result.html?&method=english&gender=f&age_y=16&age_m=0&hft=5&hin=0&twp=95
Not an ana-chan, just googled bmi calculator(bmi-sperg)

No. 246253

Why are we still on this bmi crap. We all know she’s exaggerated her ED weight loss it’s not even a tinfoil. Who gives a shit if her bmi (which is also based off a male body standards so it’s not always accurate for women i think) claimed she was healthy. This isn’t rlly milk.

No. 246266

It's because like Jill that person thinks anyone over 30 is geriatric, doesn't know how the internet works, should only be interested in taxes etc. Doubly so if you're a woman.

No. 246268

AYRT again. Don't mean to derail, just wanted to defend myself against the accusation that I was a bone rattling anachan kek. Weight-wise she was healthy at the time while now pretending she was totes at death's door you guise is all I'm saying.

No. 246271

It's fatanons trying to cope. That's all. And anyone who disagrees is a bone rattling proanon

No. 246299

True, Cliff is 35 and he hardly knows what the internet is, just how to file taxes.

No. 246318

The belt kinda ruins it but apart from that this is actually a good outfit

No. 246319

Jill would be so much more digestible if she let the grandpa take over once in a while and forget to use Twitter

No. 246323

I really hope that someone makes an extensive callout video for her soon. I honestly always could care less about what she did as a teen or a kawaii influencer, but the DID saga has been the worst. Even aside from the DID faking she is constantly siding against victims and doing fakery like accepting PR from colourpop while talking shit about them, or blacklisting H3 for having Trisha Paytas on for faking DID while going on iNabber and diagnosing Gabbie Hannah with it with her tiktok credentials. She is old enough to handle the criticism now, and she has personally entered the drama sphere with the iNabber collab. She has gone unchecked for too long hiding behind teens and her rainbow attitude.

No. 246338

>>246323 absolutely hoping for this too, hopefully her being on the inabber video makes some other people look into her and someone comes out taking her down

No. 246339

It’s seems like the more we wish for that to happen the less likely it will.

No. 246340

File: 1662652438503.jpeg (236.35 KB, 1125x689, 553AC8D6-D6C0-42FF-9DD2-9F4822…)

don’t be so sure…

No. 246342

File: 1662653328899.jpeg (189.38 KB, 1170x439, 42C25BE7-1283-4706-80F2-239D80…)

the irony of jillian liking this tweet…

No. 246343

What is her problem with Trisha anyway? I don’t keep up with her so all I know is that she’s ~problematic~ so on the surface it makes sense that “throw kindness around like confetti” Jill has a problem with her… except isn’t Gabbie Hannah just as bad? Yet Jill is apparently a big fan of hers. What’s the difference, there?

No. 246346

Trisha had beef with DissociaDID, who's the person Jill got this whole larp idea from. So she came in to lay hell on Trisha in hopes of coming closer with her idol and also maybe to preface her DID-career coming later.

No. 246350

File: 1662654495048.jpeg (82.35 KB, 750x766, 54DF274F-B671-49DD-8674-B9BCCD…)

also a lot of people are saying yes. god i hope this womanchild gets what's been coming to her.

No. 246351

Oh god that would be so delicious! Didn't she interact with Jill just some time ago regarding the DissociaDID drama?

No. 246354

i wanna go vote in the poll kek. do u have to make a twit to vote bc i’m not going to that trouble if so

No. 246355

File: 1662655573201.jpg (171.59 KB, 707x1384, Screenshot_20220908-094519_Chr…)

No. 246356

Most notably, no one has said no.

No. 246362

I do too but I don't use Twitter. I hope some lovely annons will DM her any helpful screenshots. Jill needs to burn.

No. 246363

i just checked and its still at no votes for 'no'. this is so beautiful to see and i cannot fucking wait

No. 246365

Bragging about living in filth is so kawaii

No. 246366

god she rlly grinds my gears. I know some anons don’t believe DID is even real but shit like this makes me livid for the people who went through life altering trauma and can’t survive without their brain splitting metaphorically. Jill’s worse symptom is wasting food and forgetting it was her who wasted a piece of cheese. Not the assault flashbacks or amnesia black outs like actual DID. Nah this is just about cheeze

No. 246367

File: 1662658606093.png (27.67 KB, 741x401, kekw.png)

>>246350 lol i voted and glad to see a lot of yes
>>246355 this reeks of the "OCD" shit people will say without having real OCD

No. 246368

File: 1662658686013.jpg (386.36 KB, 1080x1664, IMG_20220908_193916.jpg)

No. 246369

i don’t think giving information from these threads to that youtuber would be considered cow tipping either (unless i’m retarded).. it would be such a shame if someone where to dm her on a burner account and send her a bunch of information for that video…

No. 246370

File: 1662658798706.jpg (485 KB, 1080x2148, IMG_20220908_194059.jpg)

Context btw
Drag queens being creeps

No. 246371

im sorry you’re telling me there’s a drag queen named Jimbo ? Why the fuck that name sucks LMFAO. Of course he makes fun of fem anatomy too. Get outta here jimbo

No. 246372

Faghags steady stay retarded. "It's okay if they use certain parts of my anatomy as a punchline, but not others! Permission granted for breasts, but not vaginas!" Drag queens are lampooning female celebrities, that's why they always choose the most OTT ones. I'm sure Jill would find it complimentary if one of them parodied her - a fat girl acting like Sybil in a straight jacket. Funny!

No. 246373

Why is her reaction to learning that someone had an underage character they played/sexualized just “ughhhhh come on trixie” like jill we know you aren’t going to stop liking trixie you don’t have to pretend to care.

No. 246376

It’s just an extension of her behaviour towards male groomers and nonces, she’ll never care about that sort of behaviour from them. Especially if they’re famous and she’s copying personality traits from them as she’ll just see it as an attack on herself.

No. 246377

File: 1662659794430.png (105.3 KB, 195x211, lmaook.png)

Didn't see any nonnies make an actual summary of the shit Jill said in iNabber's video, so here you go:

>Fraser doesn't want to make any real comments not knowing DID, so chooses Jill of all people to speak on how DID is dealt with and what it's like, etc to "end the video on information"

>Jill talks about getting diagnosed last year
>DID is complex and misunderstood even by professionals so a real, correct diagnosis takes 7-12 years, claims that's how long it took her too (kek)
>Talks about being diagonsed with anxiety, depression, BPD then DID and how each case is treated differently
>DID is a different case since most people don't believe it's real
>Jill believes people don't believe in it because they're lucky enough to have minds that "work normally" and they can't picture it any differently; it is blatantly complicated
>People going around shitting on DID and claiming it's fake doesn't help and tiktok making it trendy
>"Lil miss mentioned 'Teens in wigs'"
>Teenagers will be teenagers
>Don't attack everyone with proclaimed DID
>"We're not all just teenagers on tiktok, some of us do have tiktok; some of us do wear wigs. God forbid some of us have blue hair pronouns and a septum ring"
>Talks about Gabbie's tiktok on DID being fake being discouraging because people are saying she's right and are siding with her
>Jill talks about how she lost a chunk of following when she came out as having DID claiming it's because people don't think it's real
>"No one's going to listen to the girl with the pink wig in a rainbow room" talking about how hard it is to have DID with the stigma and everything
>Compares to how the universe is complex and how because she doesn't understand rocket science she isn't going to tell NASA their work is a doodle
>People should be more considerate and research the actual disorder

No. 246378

thank you!

No. 246379

>>246377 samefag since I didn't want to muddy the summary with my input; she says some true things like trends making DID seem less believable and DID is stigmatized, it's absolutely ironic she brings up her own damn self like "oh you guys won't believe the girl in a rainbow room with a wig" and that DID isn't about having different wigs and making tiktoks, while doing all that herself. Pretty damn funny

No. 246381

I'll give it up to Jill that it was clever to pretend to stand with the crowd that's skeptical of all the DID tiktokers- but she fails to elaborate on what makes her different from the rest of them. Her narcissism makes her think she should be treated differently and people should just believe her over them because she's uwu sweet and loves pastel colors. Unfortunately for her her whole past is on the internet and we can all see she had a cozy childhood with helicopter parents that would never put her in harms way.

No. 246383

she’s trying to play the card of like, guys I KNOW this might look weird or fake (because it is) but i’m actually super aware of that and clearly i’m the only person who’s able to speak about this stigma. I saw a fucking comment of someone saying they appreciated that fraser brought on a “professional” to understand did better LMFAOOO. If he brought on a genuine psychologist then that would be a professional. A privileged white girl from canada who’s never had to deal with anything traumatic other than muh abusive online gay deviant-art relationship where i was raped. That’s her only trauma she’s ever brought up. But yeah she’s definitely the most educated person on this subject, great job fraser !

No. 246386

File: 1662661332319.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1745, B5BD23A2-5305-49BC-B1A4-4921DC…)

When was the last time she even made anything for herself? Let alone to sell…

No. 246387

File: 1662661391073.gif (2.78 MB, 480x368, A6B8EB79-F1F4-48F8-9745-21ED77…)

>uuughh Trixieee!

That’s a whole lotta gatekeeping you’re doing there, Jillybean.

No. 246388

Thank you for the summary of Jilly's bullshit spew, nonnette!
>DID is complex and misunderstood even by professionals so a real, correct diagnosis takes 7-12 years, claims that's how long it took her too (kek)
She's really going with this? Despite her own videos showing otherwise? Kek. Would love for her to explain how Canada allowed her to get a driver's license when she was a teen while professionals were trying to diagnosis her.
>Jill believes people don't believe in it because they're lucky enough to have minds that "work normally" and they can't picture it any differently; it is blatantly complicated
Whatever you say, Jill. Sounds like someone is mad people are questioning her instead of nodding along.
>"Lil miss mentioned 'Teens in wigs'"
>"We're not all just teenagers on tiktok, some of us do have tiktok; some of us do wear wigs. God forbid some of us have blue hair pronouns and a septum ring"
This is what gets me. She really wants to still be a teen. Funny because most likely the teens will grow out of the attention seeking trend while Jill is a fucking adult.
>Compares to how the universe is complex and how because she doesn't understand rocket science she isn't going to tell NASA their work is a doodle
Ironic because she doesn't understand DID or any mental illnesses yet acts like the authority on all of it. The depression advice was god awful especially with the "just listen to music" line.

No. 246391

File: 1662661907641.jpg (200.78 KB, 720x1386, Screenshot_20220908-113141_Chr…)

No. 246393

>riding with me thru my flop era
kek, at least she is aware that the views are low and that people are unsubbing bc of her shit content she puts out on yt.

No. 246394

Jillian your queen is dead have priorities

No. 246395

She can't sew for shit.

No. 246396

this is honestly pretty sad. how did she handle having multiple (albeit part time) jobs, putting out videos, and doing school at one point and now she struggles to put out 20 minutes of content per week? what happened to her work ethic? makes me think that that "angel" therapist did a lot more harm than we even realize. i don't know how you can watch yourself spiral like this and do nothing about it. it's genuinely confusing. and i think she's given up on finding a new therapist because she knows they will likely call her out and she was used to being coddled.

No. 246398

Lmao the audacity…

No. 246399

She looks like shit anon…

No. 246401

This is relevant and makes sense. Post caps so we can add it to the next thread summary please

No. 246403

Fuck them, gross misogynists. Drag is full of creeps.

No. 246404

This, she's such a woman hater but defends creeps.

No. 246406

I’m pretty sure she made a video called “Trisha Paytas needs to be stopped” or something like that. That’s where she admitted she was looking at DID content despite not having DID. If you look at her tweets around the time you will see her taking a stand against her and H3H3. Someone else with more time can cap.

No. 246412

Is she a farmer? Would she know what she's talking about? If she does this I hope it's more than just "omg she's being cringe about DID" bcos people can easily dismiss that. There are a million things documented in these threads that have never been brought up outside of here I hope she at least does her research

No. 246413

Yes anon, I know, I was there. I meant Trisha's cap.

No. 246417

She knows the driver’s license/driving in general part can’t be explained away which is why she filtered out certain words on her car crash video. I’d like to see her genuinely try to answer why she’s able to drive with such a serious disorder.

No. 246420

It makes it even funnier considering she JUST attacked a woman for making SFW fanfics and following someone who happened to make nsfw art, but having a sexual little girl character just warrants you a slap on the wrist.

No. 246424

Idk, the fact she pretended to be a baby and ageplayed right before calling a 38 year old creepy is baffling to me >>246130

In that case, Jillian should cancel fucking Steven because he's following Maggie (rinichu) and she retweets lolicon fanart. Hypocrite much????

No. 246427

>did is having filthy walls
This is fucking stupid and such a disservice to people with real trauma. Also kek, she has never had a passion for "deep cleaning', she has always been dirty as fuck.

No. 246428

>DID is complex and misunderstood even by professionals so a real, correct diagnosis takes 7-12 years, claims that's how long it took her too (kek)
Excuse me… what the fuck? this isn't true at all. Fucking liar
>"No one's going to listen to the girl with the pink wig in a rainbow room" talking about how hard it is to have DID with the stigma and everything
Oh boo fucking hoo bitch!

No. 246430

For her, being a """"""""fashion designer""""""""" is more about dressing in colorful retarded clothes than actual sewing. This says a lot about her as a person… only keeping appareances, never putting in the work. Narcissism is a hell of a drug
>DID is complex and misunderstood even by professionals so a real, correct diagnosis takes 7-12 years, claims that's how long it took her too (kek)
THIS IS FUCKING FALSE, what the fuck??? it took it less than a year with Jedediah to get the fucking "diagnosis", he wasn't even qualified, and she only did this because it got trendy on tiktok. This is fucking insulting, I can't believe this fucking asshole is getting away with this many lies.

No. 246431

If this was true wouldn’t she be wearing clothes she made herself?

No. 246432

I think the whole thing about her claiming it took her so long to get diagnosed is her implying she should’ve been diagnosed with DID as soon as she started treatment, but wasn’t until recently. So the fact that she got “diagnosed” just last year will not only seem less questionable, it will be a convenient way to seem knowledgeable/valid, and this apparent reasoning will buy her some pity.

No. 246433

Ikr lol. How can she get so upset at a woman for doing something then hardly give a shit when a man does something in the same vein?

No. 246434

NPC is the only accurate description here.

No. 246435

File: 1662669729911.png (81.85 KB, 1080x399, Screenshot_20220908-143320-554…)

Well she uses scrote so she definitely lurks. Also isn't she the content creator that talked about how shitty Jill treated her in the DMs or is that a different drama channel?

No. 246438

She is such a hypocrite. She is claiming to be a CSA victim, she should be outraged and triggered, but her only reaction is “uggghh trixieeee”? Jill allegedly has an alter created to deal with the trauma of her underage sexual assaults, she shouldn’t be reacting with the verbal equivalent of an eye roll. But she loves drag and Trixie so this get a pass, she only condemns people/things she was never a fan of in the first place.

No. 246439

It is her!

No. 246440

She defends ugly disgusting men so fucking much, but hates women for minimal things.

No. 246443

But she was diagnosed eith BPD. She has BPD, not DID.

No. 246446

Oh she knows what she’s talking about. I like her videos. She did one on keffals recently. I bet she’s also gonna talk about how Jill supports him and how disgusting she is for that

No. 246450

File: 1662676868795.jpeg (169.38 KB, 828x782, 5310E96A-8951-4840-B289-D8CC60…)

Has she ever mentioned wanting to make calendars before?

No. 246457

That fan of hers interacts way too much with Jillian. A shame because judging by the picture, she looks way better than Jilly does.

No. 246460

I think she’s trying to imply the BPD was a misdiagnosis. At least in this interview that’s what it seemed like since she was talking about how long it takes to get correctly diagnosed with DID, and then listed off everything she was diagnosed with before getting to DID. Idk if that was just to emphasize her DID for this interview, or if her long term plan is to distance herself from BPD. Didn’t she say they rediagnosed her with BPD when she got her DID diagnosis though?

No. 246462

nta but if ur talking abt that pfp,, im like 99% that’s a picture of madison beer, the singer gal.

No. 246464

File: 1662679266767.png (72.16 KB, 211x244, 1651706043557.png)

i hope this tweet makes it crystal clear that her parents are paying all her shit. she doesnt care about her "flop youtube" cause she doesnt have to. this is her main (tbh only) source of income and shes acting like its a tumblr she doesnt update. she doesnt give a fuck cause Louise is paying her bills regardless.
theres 0%% urgency in this. girl you dont do anything! you just get high and tweet and complain and that's it. she cant even pretend to be struggling cause she never has.

No. 246467

I have zero doubts she’s a farmer. She used information and screen shots from here before.

No. 246468

Yeah, I'm sure she wants to distance herself from bpd because it isn't cute or uwuquirky enough for her. She tried making it look like a good thing to have but it exploded against her. It's fucking stupid, because she clearly has a fucking PD. All her "DID" shit is just BPD.

No. 246471

Kek that's madison beer

No. 246472

Not only she's clearly a farmer, that was a very obvious selfpost kek. But it's fine this time, do what you need to do nonnie.

No. 246473

So incredibly disrespectful to post videos to social media after the death of the sovereign.

No. 246476

is she the same yter who did a video on lori lewd ? definitely a farmer.

No. 246477

calendars are literally the easiest thing to make, and she hasn't even tried? granted, knowing her she won't even use a template and it will burn our eyes to look at it, up close or far away.

No. 246482

kek now that i look at it again, you're totally right. man, i hope she gets in all of the twitter boollying, and her every little slip up of how it's obvious that she doesn't know how DID even works. but i also really hope she touches on how jill has been giving people with actual issues just the worst advice you could imagine all while suicide baiting in the same breath. doing it with such a large platform is downright disgusting.

No. 246486

"Well she uses scrote so she definitely lurks"
… you really think that's just a farmer term? You need to get out more, anon.

No. 246490

> but life keeps kicking my ass so severely
Life you’re doing amazing, sweetie

No. 246491

I’m almost more mad that she calls herself a fashion designer than I am about the DID at this point. What has she even designed? She’s a glorified sewing hobbyist if anything.

No. 246492

Lol when was the last time she sewed can't even call it a hobby

No. 246494

As someone who has been unfortunate enough to witness the Belle threads, that girl has been mentioned there and or selfposted in there before, she uses lolcow for content, like direct stuff straight from here so there's no doubt.

No. 246499

This. Aside from oldfags from /cgl/, kiwifags, and farmers who gives a fuck about Lori anymore?

No. 246501

kevin. kek.

No. 246502

No. 246503

I hope she calls her a "she" and not a they, Jillian does uses that female pronoun anyway as much as she hates it. It would be hilarious if she did

No. 246505

Idk if that's good or bad at this point. I wonder how much actual info will she cram in.

No. 246516

So she was wallowing and justifying her not doing anything and uwu focusing on health nit working, had that episode when she was away with mommy and now is working. Tinfoil that Louise said something and it’s kicked her ass into working? It could be a mix of things like some have speculated about money but it could also be that Louise dissed her calling herself a fashion designer constantly. In that post from Louise’s website it really doesn’t seem like she viewed Jill’s rinky dink course like a real degree like Jilly does, I wonder if she asked if she will do proper university now or actually design something.

No. 246518

I got the same impression, I wonder if maybe Louise sat Jill down and asked her what her plans for the future were, since she’s been out of school for a while now and really has nothing to show for it, nor is she particularly prioritizing her channel. I’m assuming her parents paid for her uni? I’d imagine there would’ve been a reasonable expectation that she’d go on to use her schooling.
Knowing Jill though, it was likely just a casual conversation topic from Louise and it set her off because she’s a petulant child

No. 246520

I think she would be set off too because she is sensitive like I don’t believe the false positivity about the wedding dress, I don’t think she really thinks she did a good job. She clearly knocked a lot up last second and like her fashion collection hasn’t uploaded the promised content about its creation. I think behind the bravado she knows she sucks and can’t accept it because of her narcissism. She keeps making excuses about the quality of her final project and oh well DID and not all the alters can sew, I think her ego was already fragile and mamma vessey has bruised it by prodding her about it.

No. 246547

I wonder if Michara Tewers barbie movie fashion video made her jealous. Funny to think about since Michara volunteers her time and money to help underprivileged children and Jill literally LARPS as an underprivileged child and is dating a pedo tranny.>>246412 I was thinking the same thing. The DID stuff would bring a lot of views but all the other stuff she does is much more sinister. Her only trauma in life is pretending to be gay for clout and she has the fucking audacity to claim all this other shit while her loving parents fund her lifestyle and brand. She talks about CSA in a fetishy way. Jill, your leg muscles should be wasted away from catatonia. Might want to get on that to avoid being called out.

No. 246550

>Fraser doesn't want to make any real comments not knowing DID, so chooses Jill of all people to speak on how DID is dealt with and what it's like, etc to "end the video on information"
I'm curious about how she landed that 'interview' tho. Did she just harass him on twitter like she does everyone else?

No. 246553

File: 1662734349362.png (45.43 KB, 603x451, 1661797221212.png)

wasn't this posted last thread? it's in the summary

No. 246554

Ah crap it slipped my mind I guess. Thanks nonna.

No. 246556

No problem. It's very annoying how much she wants to be interviewed for this. This is basically the 3rd time she begged for a DID or mental illness related youtube feature. No other DID larper does this.

No. 246559

>>246553 I thought it was her reaching out like this too but was too lazy to scroll through old threads. Ty for this

No. 246561

Honestly idk why DID would be relevant to GH at all, she doesn't seem like she has it at all. If she started larping it like Jill then she would start saying shit luke "my alter was the one who bullied my ex friends" or "my alter is the rape apologist, not me". Idk why would this be a good thing… Just so Jilly can self insert and be interviewed.

No. 246562

Just to answer the question and as to why DID was brought up at all, in GH’s latest tiktok manic episode she made some tiktoks saying DID wasn’t real.

No. 246563

>it really doesn’t seem like she viewed Jill’s rinky dink course like a real degree like Jilly does

yknow now that you bring this up, it kind of reminds me of in the past how jill would enter the same entry-level cosplay competition over and over until she could not apply any more, would win first prize, and then gloat as if it meant anything – as if it proved that she actually worked hard and earned the award. i feel like jill got her degree and waves it around like a badge of honor, like she busted her ass off for it and now she has this physical proof that she's a For Real Designer; meanwhile she hasn't done shit.

her mom sees she's not doing shit, and if she was the one that paid for her schooling then i can definitely see her confronting jill about wasting her money, like "ok i spent x amount of my money for you to go to this nice school, what are you doing to show for it?" she probably brought it up in a gentle way, but i could see that kind of comment still getting under jill's skin. that's my tinfoil for the day

No. 246564

File: 1662737893520.png (460.24 KB, 720x1391, BC952528-FB3D-484C-8EB2-E825AF…)

Yes nona, but if you recall said thread, Gabbie only mentioned DID because… Jill tweeted at her diagnosing her with fucking DID. Literally only a few hours later Gabbie posted her DID rant. Jill literally instigated the whole thing from 0. Nobody else was saying that shit but her

No. 246565

I've never understood anons who say this. Yes, it's very easy for young women to get diagnosed with BPD - but we have 0 evidence she was ever diagnosed with it either.

I don't get why you all trust her word like it's law on that diagnosis purely because… What, it came first?

She was absolutely already hopping around doctor/therapist shopping when that came out and she was already showing interest in using it as a trend/consuming that kind of content back then. The fact that everyone here doesn't seem to see that, that was just the start of her mentol illnos larps blows my mind.

No. 246566

wrong nonnie, nonnie, try again kek

No. 246567

wrong anon but did she really respond specifically to Jill? I was under the impression both of these things happened simultaneously but were unrelated. In the tweet you posted she’s not talking to Gabbie.

No. 246568

ntayrt but from my knowledge no – jill posted a comment to one of gabbie's tiktoks asking if "mom" and "dad" were alters, then gabbie made that tiktok going off about DID. it's possible gabbie just decided to talk about it but it's just as possible she saw jill's comment and decided to talk about DID in general instead of directly responding to jill.

No. 246569

i could buy this tinfoil. would explain jill's ridiculous childish tantrum and her saying she's going to post once a week now and make calendars. maybe her mom's (probably kiddie glove involved) questions or statements made her realize that she's basically doing nothing with her life. she seems pretty far gone though. and her channel isn't doing so hot. so idk how her solutions are solutions.

No. 246571

I don’t really understand why people believe Jill on everything either especially when it comes to mental health.

Even with the “angel therapist” we don’t really know how much was him enabling her and her wishing it was true. It’s possible he gave her the diagnostic impression after months of her begging for it so that she would get tested and it could be off the table that she had DID. All the diagnostic impression said was “Jill says she has 5 distinct personalities.” I have always had a weird feeling about him being posted in here because it seemed like we didn’t get the whole story.

No. 246572

gabbie gets easily triggered by comments and often responds directly to them so honestly it wouldn't surprise me at all. also top kek that even gh thinks DID isn't real.

No. 246573

>in GH’s latest tiktok manic episode she made some tiktoks saying DID wasn’t real.
Which is true of course

No. 246574

The cosplay competition makes a lot more sense now in retrospect. Also, well, Jillian did insist at first that this school would lead her to seek futher education in the future. That this would only be a stepping stone so she learnt how to sew better. But then she said she wouldn't continue studying because of mental health issues. If I was her mother, I would be disappointed too. I think she really did believe Jill, lol.

No. 246575

BPD wasn't trendy back when she got diagnosed with it. She was actually weirded out that she got this diagnosed as a teen at first.
That's giving too much credit to Jillian kek

No. 246576

because it happened before this mental illness saga. did you guys just get here?

No. 246577

ayrt, yeah disappointed would be the word. frustrated too. her mom probably genuinely wants the best for her but is maybe starting to realize she coddled her a little too hard to the point where jill bails the minute something is too hard for her and blames it on her mental health.

she basically hypes herself up so much and ends up biting off more than she can chew, gets embarrassed and cowers off. mini blog but reminds me of when i didnt want to go to school and would pretend to be sick so i could stay at home and avoid going. it's like she's doing that except all the fucking time, under the guise of "its okay to take breaks! my mental health comes first!", which can be true but she's so privileged that she can take long breaks and it doesn't affect her. doesn't affect her means to have a roof over her head, feed herself and her pets, doesn't affect much.

she's cornered herself into laziness by being too scared to try. and now it seems like everything is too much to handle for her, everything pushes her to the edge.

No. 246579

yup, and the longer she continues to not work and live life from the sidelines, the harder it's gonna be to get back at it. she's got no drive. no reason to work. but man i can't imagine how bad for your mental health it would be to just sit on your ass all day. i had to do that after major surgery and it was torture. this "break" isn't doing her any favors imo. it's making her complacent.

No. 246580

please shut the fuck up about jill's bpd we do not need another round of infighting

No. 246581

I agree fully, I hate when anons try to blame all her retardation on the therapist likely grooming, when it seems more like we don't have the full story and very possible Jill just lovebombed and made inappropriate attachments to this person without him necessarily guiding anything.

What the fuck are you two talking about. Yes, I read here, I've been following these threads since her dumb lace drama. Do you both actually read here? Because bpd absolutely was trendy when she came out with it and the only thing she did is hype it up with "mystery" and constant "oh no stigma not sure if I'll come out teehee" posts. It was absolutely the beginning of her mental illness saga imo, it was just not as fully developed yet. Jill has shown countless times she preplans and premeditates this shit. Y'all need to go back and read the threads when she was hinting at them came out with bpd.

In Canada it's even frowned on to diagnose someone with a PD like BPD as a teenager because teens personalities are still developing/that's a volatile time in someone's life so things like mood swings etc couldn't be accurately tracked. So why the fuck would she have found this out at some early age like you guys always imply? This wasn't even that long ago lmao wtf do you anons think she was diagnosed at 13 or something???

No. 246582

samefag adding to the tinfoil. what if her mom did some digging into DID – she finds that DID stems from years and years of childhood abuse, it dawns on her that all she does is spend money on her, from clothing, housing, and now recently with paying for art school which ended up being nothing. she feels disrespected, hurt, offended, because all she's done is love jill and now jill is telling everyone she has this super rare mental condition that absolutely shits on everything she has ever done for her

i could see mama vessey trying to put her foot down at this point an jill taking it as betrayal for not 100% supporting her

No. 246584

yeah can we stop with the BPD sperging? honestly i don't care what she's been diagnosed with. i care about her actions. and plus it's hard to say with her anymore what is genuine pre-existing mental health issues and what's the drugs and alcohol.

No. 246585

Jill isn’t smart but very slimy. Maybe she was hoping to set GH off at her for some internet drama and views. They both stan for rapists maybe they will be bffs after all. >>246571 He’s a trans supporter and comes off as a groomer and enabler. If he did anything but “Yes queen” at Jill, she would have raged about him online. Even if he didn’t know what he was getting himself into with Jill, he deserves what he gets. Also, autistic nitpick but his poetry is shit, like an edgy middle schooler with no expressive language. Run Jeb run! Jill is taking you down with her.

No. 246587

We don’t know what their sessions were like and I’m sure Jill exaggerated some things (like how she turned a diagnostic impression into a “professional diagnosis”), but we do have the bios he wrote himself. He was supposedly specialised in trauma despite having practically no experience and followed an affirmation-only model for gender stuff. It’s hardly a reach for anons to assume he affirmed her “trauma” without question as well. Jill dumps therapists who ask her to do any actual introspection and she got significantly worse in the time period that she was seeing this guy. IMO that proves he enabled her, even if the DID was probably her idea to begin with.

No. 246588

This, please

No. 246589

File: 1662743419325.jpeg (195.5 KB, 1125x847, AE2BE9EA-EEA7-4943-B019-7B04E1…)

We have seen how Jill acts with men who do bad things or things she is otherwise fundamentally against. She turns a blind eye. She would 100% ignore any criticism from a drag queen therapist, especially if he otherwise affirmed her behavior. I don’t think that it’s right to throw the groomer label at him, that has more extreme implications and I don’t even think he did anything remotely close to grooming. I could see him enabling her and then believing he would be able to reel her back in at some point though. She obviously handpicked someone she knew she could get the diagnoses she wanted out of and there’s no doubt about that.

Anyway, to not continue this derail any longer, the final results of the poll are up.

No. 246593

Does this count as cowtipping? I'm going to guess she'll use info here. It'll be annoying if she backs out either way. Its tiring seeing Jill get away with everything for so long

No. 246594

No it doesn’t count as cowtipping to compile all of the information known about her into video format. It’s not any different than what we are doing here.

No. 246595

Grey area because it is almost definitely cowtipping but we have no solid real proof she's a farmer vs just lifts things from here like most yt drama channels. Even though it's pretty transparent that she's likely even posting here to drum up attention.

I for one almost don't give a fuck at this point because I've wanted to see some backlash against Jill she can't just block or hide since the dawn of fucking time. No idea if this person has any semblance of an actual watcher count though (based on the poll I'd assume they're certainly no big name). I'm honestly more interested in seeing what people comment uncensored to the video vs the video itself though

No. 246598

I’d rather have a potential farmer make a video on current facts than “Jill is a racist I guess”

No. 246600

As long as she does it like any other drama youtuber and doesn't make too obvious that she lurks here it's fine for me. It would be nice to have a "neutral", organized vídeo documenting jillian's shit. Especially if something happens to lolcow and these threads disappeared. Jill is not a high profile lolcow with ton of dedicated followers who would document her no matter what, but that doesn't make her any less vile.

No. 246602

some of her more high profile videos have broken 100 or 200k, but since it's about jill it might not garner much attention. maybe if she frames it as "yet another person faking DID." but that's hardly the worst of what she's done so idk.

No. 246603

It's also not cowtipping since this person basically talks about drama for a living independently of lolcow. She does use this website as a source I imagine, but Jillian has interacted with her before too.

No. 246611

This really feels like self posting at this point.

No. 246614

nta but what do u mean by self posting? Do u mean the anon posting the screen cap is vangelika?

No. 246615

agree, it feels like she wants farmers to vote and hype up her video

No. 246617

lmao well i posted the one poll with the original results and nothing else. i think there's more people on here than you think. the original could have been a self post since it was so out of nowhere. but that's probably it. i've seen some of her vids since they can be pretty cow-adjacent so i don't think it's a reach to assume other anons have

No. 246620

File: 1662755074168.jpg (203.56 KB, 1080x1375, Screenshot_20220909-162447_Twi…)

Didn't pinki once tweet something rude towards Jill at one point or am I miss remembering

No. 246625

Yes she was

No. 246626

Meh, could be, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 246627

For what it’s worth, and you don’t have to believe I’m not her, I guess, but I originally posted about wanting a callout video. Within the next hour or so, she had posted that poll, which I thought was interesting so I posted about it. Other people have owned up to posting status updates on it because we all want the video. I think she’s definitely lurking the thread (either that, or we were on the same wavelength at the same time), but I don’t think she’s self posting. She has previously had beef with Pixie so if anyone was going to make one it would be her.

No. 246641

she has a weird habit of interacting with people who don't like her kek

No. 246652

File: 1662762959954.jpeg (299.51 KB, 828x1019, 50AB1A26-02C7-4B2A-92C0-AF8CEC…)

Hill, please do something actually beneficial for your mental health, like exercising outside or eating a healthy meal

No. 246653


No. 246659

File: 1662763525694.jpg (137.57 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_20220909-154343_Ope…)

No. 246661

This is so retarded and backwards that I can't help but believe she's actually taunting this thread to get a reaction out of us. We're the only ones giving her attention at this point.

No. 246664

File: 1662764113959.jpg (194.21 KB, 720x1288, Screenshot_20220909-155126_Chr…)

No. 246665

File: 1662764184180.webm (5.02 MB, 540x960, 23010322173.webm)

>Flops head around showing curly hair
>Mimics a parrot by repeating "hello" a bunch of times

No. 246667

please god her hair would look so much better if she stopped bleaching it and did curly girl method. i know theres no redeeming jillian shes a spoiled brat but i at least want her hair to look less fried smh.

No. 246668

You can see the parts that are really damaged are not curly at all, the pink seems to be doing curls fine but the green/blue parts are straight. If only jilly used conditioning products and took care of herself she could do hairstyles outside of a top bun.

No. 246671

No wonder she's going bald if she has a natural wave and straightens her hair everyday it's probably completely wrecked since it seems that she doesn't use any serums or oils to maintain moisture. She should just do a big chop, she has enough wigs, she can just wear them until her hair gets to a length that she likes.

No. 246675

File: 1662765608853.png (788.81 KB, 734x462, sTOP.png)

when I see her like this I just wish she went natural hair and threw everything else in her life away (with that I mean literally EVERYTHING, all the bullshit that does not work for her, her fake career, her boyfriend, her fake posi wokeness, etc) to just start anew as a new person. But I still hate her and I still know she's a complete narcissist, I know she's an attention whore, I know she fucking sucks and there's no redeeming qualities to her, I can't believe she's faking mental illnesses. And yet… fuck itttttt she's only going to get worse.

No. 246678

Vangelina says she will make a video on Jill and suddenly Jill has curly hair like Vangelina

No. 246681

I don't even get why she's straightening her hair for anyways, it's not like she's still doing Lolita coords or whatever fashion style that tends to go with straight hair. If anything, having a natural rainbii hair would be more interesting than the now basic straight hair rainbow.
Kek maybe she will read this and start doing so.

No. 246685

Jillian, please just shave your whole head. Stop bleaching, dyeing, and using heat on your hair all the time. There’s nothing wrong with having almost black colored hair. Jerrick would probably appreciate the shaved head dark brown hair- it’s alternative enough and looks better than long neon green hair. And Flora would appreciate the magical garden cute waves in your hair. I’m sure that Berry would love the curly dark brown hair of that she wore all the time. You straighten your hair with heat and use more heat to add texture to already textured hair. Wear/Dye/Bleach your wigs instead for colorful hair. It would be very ~body posi~ and ~different~ to wear your natural hair and grow it back healthy instead of bleaching, dyeing, and using heat like everyone else.

No. 246695


Her hair looks incredibly straight in all of her childhood pictures etc, her family members have straight hair from what we've seen, I don't think her hair is naturally curly/that isn't her natural hair…..

No. 246705

you're literally tinfoiling about her hair texture kek. why do y'all gatekeep textured hair like get a hobby. pin straight hair is actually the rarest hair type. she could probably have decent waves or loose curls if she didn't fry her hair with every method on earth

No. 246709

She claimed to straighten her hair every day in a past video. Probably some hair dying video because she acknowledged that was horrible to do to color treated hair.

No. 246714

File: 1662777089751.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1139, 3C1595CC-B96F-429B-8B6C-A40551…)

Taken from Louise’s blog post and Jillian’s old Deviantart. Jillian has a pretty hair texture, but she’s fried her hair so bad over the years with the constant damage from heat, bleach, and hair dye since middle school.

No. 246718

one of my favorite claims is how she says her hair is still damaged from the green mohawk (?) she had like, probably 10 years ago now… like yes you have a chemical cut jill but its cuz you will not stop bleaching it, you dont have permanent hair damage from when you were 14 tho. i think now she has made her hairline recede from bleach, dyes, heat, tight buns, and bad diet/health.

No. 246727

More breadcrumbs, #actuallyautistic content creators recommend freely stimming and engaging with one's special interests for autistic distress.
The thing is, actually autistic people don't really need reminders to keep up with their special interests, which by diagnostic definition are fixations which can be so all-consuming that basic self care is ignored.

No. 246735

jill, we know you lurk. your natural texture looks better. please just stop with the bleach and heat. it's a form of self care to not abuse your hair. you can still save your hairline too. i did. but you've gotta stop. it doesn't even look good straight. it looks fried. sage for sperging this hits a little too close to home kek

No. 246736

That was jerricka nonna, so Jill is still an innocent uwu baby and its not her fault!
Pinki qrted Jerricka account talking about wanting to die with "samelol" or something like that and then Jill started going off on the jerricka account saying shit like "maybe if I'm obviously not in a good place dont fucking treat it like a joke and quote tweet it thanks? lmao"

No. 246745

Yeah, this. She's actually not lying about her natural gair, shocker I know

No. 246754

File: 1662787331467.jpg (217.88 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220909-221724_Chr…)

No. 246755

File: 1662787432592.webm (4.34 MB, 720x1280, 68173959014.webm)

No. 246756

Maybe if she stopped faking everything in her life she wouldn't be "dissociating" so much. She needs a radical change at this point.

No. 246758

File: 1662788372915.jpg (165.76 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220909-223612_Chr…)

Screenshot of a dumb tiktok she made of counting down until she saw MCR.

No. 246762

>I just wish she went natural hair and threw everything else in her life away (with that I mean literally EVERYTHING, all the bullshit that does not work for her, her fake career, her boyfriend, her fake posi wokeness, etc) to just start anew as a new person.
You are very weird. You should step back from your parasocial obsession with her because you should not be wishing any sort of fanfic about her at all.

No. 246766

NTA but how is it parasocial or weird for someone to want a cow to better themselves? Not all of us are angry vendetta-chans (though I say this as someone who fully despises Jill kek)
If you think that one sentence was parasocial and weird I advise looking through the Lucinda thread to see how deranged obsessed anons actually are.

No. 246769

If you really actually dissociate it's something you hardly realise. It's not a "The Conjuring"-level demon posession. Jesus christ Jill. Please get help.

No. 246770

And how would she even know she does that?! What the actual fuck. If you're dissociating you're out of your conciousness. This whole "co-conciousness" bullshit has really muddied the logic behind all this.

No. 246772

I hope someone posts the webm

No. 246773

File: 1662794483988.webm (8.31 MB, 720x1280, 68966716016.webm)

No. 246777

This tiktok is so ridiculous because she’s literally acting like she’s seizing. She clearly doesn’t know the difference between different types of dissociation or their functions/origins. It is possible to dissociate so hard you have seizures if you have PNES, but with DID the whole point is that the dissociation happens while you’re still using your body to carry out interactions and such. That’s the whole thing about dissociative identity disorder. It’s not an OC carousel, it describes the change in personality during episodes for people who have dissociative amnesia & the rift that causes in their actual identity. She’s horribly LARPing a notoriously stigmatizing version of something that is already highly misunderstood.

No. 246781

this has to be the weirdest reach i've ever seen, why would jillybean skinwalk someone who considers making a callout video of her

No. 246783

Also she claims she has had DID since she was a pre teen, was born with a pre disposition for dissociation so her whole life and……no one saw her doing this? Her whole 24 years of life where she claims she dissociates all the time no one has seen this and thought fuck Jill is having a seizure get this checked out. It’s never been caught on camera before now and she or Steven editing have been alarmed? It’s like her stupid “switch caught on camera” she did where she was twitching and babbling like she was possessed. Someone would have noticed this, it looks alarming you would have seen a medical professional. Seizures are no joke and can give you brain damage no one would just let her be all this time. She claims she does it constantly.

No. 246786

>why would jill
everything she ever does.
on the hair topic i'm surprised she has any hair if she really straightens it every day when it's pre-bleached, she should definitely try something else, either a darker colour not needing as much pre-bleaching (green or red) and or using the curly girl method to style her wavy hair

No. 246787

so she conveniently placed the camera to perfectly frame her when she suddenly started dissociating?

No. 246788

>She’s horribly LARPing a notoriously stigmatizing version of something that is already highly misunderstood.
So much for being a mental illness advocate uh? God her and all those dumbass larpers are pissing me off so much. All their 'help' is literally UNDOING decades of actual mentally ill people trying to live their lives as normally as possible, to be seen by society as something other than freaks. Watch us going backwards again.
But I guess when you're priviledged as fuck, when you have everything, you can't help but want the one thing you don't have, aka the 'poor me uwu' opression points.

No. 246789


No. 246790

File: 1662802272467.png (78.54 KB, 346x456, ew.png)

can she stop making this face please

No. 246793

>>246727 saging since this really doesnt add anything new and semi blog; but speaking as an autistic myself jill has never radiated any sense of actual autism, its a running thing among autistic (and general neurodivergent folk) that we can usually tell before someone says themselves including online. Shes insufferable and like you mentioned, no fuckin body needs a reminder to look into their special interest (or interests in general) cause it just takes over your life sometimes lmao sometimes its annoying

No. 246797

File: 1662810087761.jpeg (232.15 KB, 1668x253, 5BE8F2E1-F100-4756-9F86-4892B7…)

“Liked by creator”. I was actually going to ask if she was on purpose seizure baiting. There is a user called “thistrippiehippie” who started out with Tourette’s content which obviously was a trend then she moved on to seizure content. She has 15.3 mil followers so it’s profitable and she has tons of tik toks which is just you watching her have a seizure like this video from Jilly. No doubt Jill has consumed this content when the follower count is so high and we know she stalks this kind of content. This girl like I say started with Tourette’s then kept ramping up what was wrong with her and the seizures shown became more extreme and then there was the intrigue around diagnosis ark and now she says she has a rare disorder that goes by the acronym PANDAS. I have no comment on the validity of this girl but there is no denying this is her career with that follower count.

No. 246798

>She has 15.3 mil followers so it’s profitable
Sage and OT for not Jill, I don't use tiktok but this is crazy. Those are the same people who will tell you that freak shows back in the day were racist and ableist and overall wrong (and ofc they were) yet do shit like this. I can't even.

No. 246799

This is it for me, I want to a-log so bad.
Tinfoil but I think the other nonnas might be right about her mom having confronted her, and I think she might be preparing to say she has a traumatic brain injury, probably from the car crash she “kept passing out” during and after. She’ll probably use this to guilt her mom/any DIDoubters into believing that she really IS sick so she can be absolved of any responsibility for this downward spiral she’s been in.

No. 246800

Another autistic blogger here, I agree. I think more authentic meme would be needing to be reminded to do the actual things you need to do, like housekeeping or job rather than your special interest. It's so enrageing to see her act as a expert on every subject she sees trending on Tiktok.

No. 246801

I think it’s easy to think that what Jill is doing is career suicide but she was inspired by it because these people make big views and make money. There is tons of people on the platform making a living off content about their sometimes faked illness. The girl mentioned like I say tons of the tik toks are just like this one Jill made it’s just a camera set up recording the seizure either at home or some creators make them in stores and it’s literally just filming the seizure, that’s the content. It’s way lower effort than YouTube or actually making content. Also, strange that people where commenting on Jill’s uptick in trying to work after her spiral and now omg look at this new example of her being very ill. It’s like she had the resolve to work for two days then was like well I need a new excuse to why I can’t do that work I just said I would do.

No. 246802

Samefag, I think we were all so focused on her seemingly accidentally dropping the DID larp during the car crash saga that we neglected the obvious brain damage bread crumbs that is like totally passing out repeatedly guise!!1!

No. 246803

>>246801 If she does this I am going to be tempted to post videos of my brother in hospital after his car crash. He didn't know where he was, would forget every few minutes, and would bite his tongue from siezures. He is doing better now but will never recover. Never live alone or have a job or any life. Jill you dense cunt, when they do brain scans they are going to KNOW 100% that you are lying. Although she lies about everything else on her channel and people believe her. She is pure evil.

No. 246804

There is no way she can sell this because we know the fainting thing is bullshit. If you have just been in a car accident and you are passing out they are calling the paramedics. No oh I am fine actually thing, if they think you hit your head you don’t get to make that call because duh you hit your head. She didn’t see a single professional and didn’t even mention or get checked for a concussion.

No. 246805

Yes wanting good things for Jill makes you a bad person. She uses her platform to promote rapists and pedophiles. She fakes CSA and debilitating illness. The world would be a much better place if nasty people like her were dead. Honestly if she wants to fake being sick for attention for the rest of her life, she should just actually give herself brain damage. Go hold your head underwater for a while Jilly. Or use your parents money to buy hard drugs for drug induced psychosis. Or Google all the ways you can give yourself cancer so you can know what your poor mother went through. She wouldn't though, she loves herself too much.(a-logging)

No. 246806

I'm really sorry about your brother anon, Jillian really doesn't gaf about the real people with disorders she mimics
Yeah I lost interest in getting "numbers" online (something I never tried, but was weighing up trying for a few years) after it became a glorified freakshow via tiktok. And online sexwork as well where the shame of exposure is the main draw for subscribers and they all drop off after the first couple of months.
People acting increasingly mentally ill, telling absurd or excessively private stories, starting drama over nothing, getting extreme surgery, none of it is about talent or appeal (which "fame" used to be associated with) but simply being a freak for people to look at, like that example -13 million followers but not one of those people is a fan or admirer. Just there to watch someone have a seizure ffs

No. 246808

Yup, and this is why so many people don't have sympathy for the "hate" that people like Jill receive. Is the pretend symptoms cringe and annoying? Sure. But at the end of the day, all the commodification of medical terms, quirkification (and normalization) of life-ruining symptoms, and the perpetuation of the idea that mentally ill or neurodivergent people just make up their issues for attention is destroying what little progress that advocates and mental health professionals have made in recent years.

Sorry for the sperg, but it's exhausting, especially when people like Jill not only belittle real issues, but want ass pats for being a advocate uwu while refusing to listen to people with real issues that just want the ability to live even a vaguely normal life.

No. 246813

Are there still angry a-logs in the Lucinda thread? (Haven't checked since the Ambrose saga)

No. 246817

Holy shit Jill your fucking sick. Your body is sick that's not your brain being teehee dissociation time. That's your body malfunctioning because you treat it like shit.
I have pre existing mental disorders and when Im physically unwell all my disorders go to shit. If I eat to much sugar in a day I literally feel so shit that I have the same thing happen as in the video. Sometimes so severe I can't move and I'm crying. And it's literally just if I eat too much sugar. Jill you are not mentally unwell your phycically unwell and refuse to acknowledge that because body positivity and blame your brain for everything. It's why you cling on to hard to the
>I was born dissociated
>Bpd is neurodivergency
>*Le autism breadcrumbs
So you can blame anything but yourself so you can keep eating your junk food, playing dress up and dollies. So that the internet and everyone in your life babies you and anyone who doesn't is a big meanie who is out to get you.

Your so fucking pathetic Jill

(Whatever ban me for armchairing blogposting and just going off.)

No. 246818

also if this is what happens while she dissociates; and her family saw and were okay with it; they allowed her to drive?!?

No. 246821

Oh my god people that believe in this must be literally fucking retarded. This is so obviously faked, she isn't even trying to make it look believable. It really makes me think of the kid I knew in high school that pretended she had an evil ghost inside her that would sometimes come out and do edgy shit, and whenever they would "shift" she would try to roll her eyes back just like that.

No. 246822

I know to much about mental AND PHYSICAL health to take a single thing jill says seriously.

Insulin effects signaling in the hippocampal region of the brain. The part responsible for memory and emotional regulation. But no for Jill it's DID and she doesn't need a real doctor she needs a witchy unqualified "therapist"

"Brain insulin signaling plays critical roles in the regulation of food intake, body weight, and learning and memory."
>But Jilly is a healthy body positive weight after all being a healthy BMI is fat phobic and oppressive.

"Disruption of insulin signaling, however, makes neurons more vulnerable to metabolic stress, thus accelerating neuronal dysfunction. Defective insulin signaling is associated with decreased cognitive ability"
>Jilly bean is just so sensitive and because of her autism she's more likely to be truamatized by things that wouldn't effect normal people

"the brain regions with the highest densities of InsR, such as the hippocampus and temporal lobe, are also the major targets of neurodegeneration"

" impaired insulin signaling caused by IR can have a profound effect on cognitive decline "

You did it Jill you gave yourself autism

Give me the armchair ban I don't care. But someone needed to say it. She's too stupid to fake EVERYTHING. I don't think she's faking alot of the symptoms she brags the most about but she's pretending like it's not her fault that they're happening.


No. 246828

It’s so fucking weird how tiktok seems to make people so obsessive over numbers and change them as people. The social contagion of it is real imo and it bleeds over into real life. Little blog but I worked with an obese genderspecial who claimed to have ADHD and autism and showed everyone there her videos of cosplay lip synching and mental illness “advocacy” (acting weird on camera like Jill), and since everyone there were normies they had no idea what to say. Somehow it was important we all knew about her tens of thousands of followers. This shit isn’t healthy for the people who participate in it or watch it, and the comparison to freak shows is really apt. I don’t doubt many people follow just because it’s so weird, but it’s scary that there are kids and teens out there who thinks this is how mental illness actually works and that it’s always some visible, over the top thing that is fun and theatrical instead of a daily struggle millions of people suffer with and try to hide. I think it’s honestly quite dangerous.

No. 246834

It will inevitably make it harder for people with the illnesses or developmental disorder that are so prominent on tiktok. Most of us want to blend in and receive real treatment, I don’t even want to talk about my own issues with anyone anymore for fear they will associate me with the behavior seen on that app. It sucks for people who struggle hard to be taken seriously because of their mental health, now they get lumped in with clout chasers and fakers too. And these “advocates”, to use your word, are the people who claim they’re just trying to shine a positive light on mental illness and are not glamorizing it. I would say using DID for views and follows like Jill is definitely glamorizing.

No. 246835

Not even just allowed her to drive but to learn in the first place she is claiming the DID came before that. It’s not like she was a shut in who was behind closed doors either she had school, theatre, band, jobs, a boyfriend and a family who wants to spend time with her. Then when she was in her room alone how often was she filming, it’s just impossible this or her weird switches slipped by anyone.

No. 246837

jesus christ so she was filming this herself??

No. 246838

I mean disabled people are also being actively exploited by family member too because it’s profitable and gets attention. How many accounts are there which is parents making money filming their disabled child who can’t consent. So it’s already actively harming disabled people we don’t need to speculate about future harm. It really is freakshow content and sympathy porn.

No. 246840

LMFAO great point
She wouldn't even be aware that this was happening unless Steve saw it- but they sleep and live in separate rooms

No. 246853

There’s something really funny about the idea of her setting up a camera while she takes a nap or something and then furiously replaying the footage later to see if there’s anything she can use for her tikkytokky.

No. 246868

It seems like her hand remained on the camera the entire time she filmed the tiktok to make matters worse. She literally laid down, filmed it and then pretended to grab her camera. But her shoulders don't move at all when she "grabs" it.

No. 246884

yeah the video literally shakes in the first seconds, probably because she proped her hand against something but wasn't quite steady yet kek

No. 246898

File: 1662828781089.jpg (201.57 KB, 716x1385, Screenshot_20220910-095152_Chr…)

No. 246901

She deleted the tiktok, did the comments turn on her?

No. 246903

did she delete the fake seizure video? i'm not seeing it on either accounts. sage bc maybe i'm an idiot

No. 246910

File: 1662829239747.gif (2.86 MB, 452x500, 7B91E63E-DDC1-4031-A919-CD8812…)

Deleted but never forgotten

No. 246912

I don't know. Comments weren't bad when I saw it. Could have changed as the longer it stayed up.
No, it was deleted. It was top left on her multipetalpixie tiktok.

No. 246913

she lowkey looks like she's trying to hold back a smile with the way the corners of her mouth are slightly pulling up. i guess i can't really tell what her resting expression looks like because she's always pulling a stupid fucking face with her tongue out

No. 246914

When has she ever? She still likes the same celebs and microcelebs no matter what they’ve said or done.

No. 246915

Thanks to the og anon who managed to save it, I wonder how long it was up. When I checked a couple hours ago it had already been deleted.

No. 246917

The way she is talking like she is already diagnosed with autism is maddening. The fact that she is still shopping for someone morally bankrupt enough to let her pay for a diagnosis doesn’t bode well to me. If it was legit she would have no need to doctor shop but the time it’s taking, she will find someone eventually.

No. 246919

It was posted around 10pm NB time, she probably slept on it and deleted it once she woke up I'd assume.

No. 246924

duping delight. means she's being deceptive and is bad at it. she does it all the time when talking about DID or pretending to be another personality. that tiny little smile gives it all away. good catch, anon.

No. 246930

But Toei animation (precure's animation studio) fired an employee for coming out as a troon and all she did was make a little video about how sad she was with a western gofundme that no one cares about and had no effect on them.

No. 246937

Well this is…something. Jillian’s retardation is a dime a dozen on the internet. Seemingly normal (usually white from decent home) girl is introduced to the internet too young, develops an addiction, and follows said addiction to insane places like trooning out, pornsickness, extreme narcissism, unhinged political beliefs, becoming fat as shit because laziness and excuses are glorified, faking mental and physical disorders etc. if she never had touched Twitter or tiktok she’d likely be a lot better, but YouTube is kind of a cesspool too now anyway so maybe she still would? Basically, she chose brainwashing. Most of us on here when presented with anything mentioned above rejected it as stupid and moved on or got into it then dropped it because again, we realized it was stupid.

No. 246946

What if her mother saw this clip, got worried, and called Jill to say that she is on her way to take her to the hospital because she is worried about her seizures lol.

No. 246950

File: 1662834803668.jpg (38.79 KB, 600x338, stop-trying-to-5ab05e.jpg)

No. 246955

I bet she wouldn’t be able to accept type two, we know her body positivity is a sham. Would she lie and say it’s type one or try and claim it’s because her definitely real eating disorder fucked her body in some way that caused it? If I was placing a bet in case it doesn’t come to fruition I would say the latter.

No. 246957

Lol so she reports an animal fucker and a rape apologist but other people have gone too far for her to stan? Gross.

No. 246973

Her parents and Steven must not give a shit about her given that they see this and believe it but let her drive anyway.

No. 246981

File: 1662839216069.jpg (166.96 KB, 720x1391, Screenshot_20220910-124523_Chr…)

New video not coming out today. Wondering if she's editing something out.

No. 246986

Kek the way further up the thread I speculated that weird seizure video was the get out card of doing all the work she just promised to do after her hissy fit.

No. 247001

>its a running thing among autistic (and general neurodivergent folk) that we can usually tell before someone says themselves including online.
Nta, but I'm actually very interested in how this works and how much Jillian is failing at it, if you could please explain I'm curious

No. 247004

This is fucking stupid, she's not having a seizure, she's fucking pointing her phone camera at her and doing fucking crazy wild shit on purpose… sad that people actually believe her, this is fucking insane and so bad to people with actual seizures

No. 247008

I actually believe the "profitable" part, it's like those assholes who fake having tics for tiktok, but she somehow managed to make it ~different~ for herself.

No. 247013

that just applies to herself, wtf
we need to call the next thread "fake seizures edition" because this shit is wack
good thing we have evidence of it then.

No. 247014

>health keeps getting in the way!!!!!
kekkkk just accept you're a lazy asshole Jilly

No. 247018

Jill be like: racism is fine but i draw the line at animal cruelty (and unethical clothing) kek

No. 247019

File: 1662843064656.jpg (92.54 KB, 720x926, Screenshot_20220910-135004_Chr…)

No. 247031

Ever since the name change to autism spectrum disorder it seems an official dx is basically optional at this point to a lot of people, even compared to other popularly self diagnosed stuff.. the bar is extremely low to just start owning the autistic label
other nona mentioning brain scans made me think of CTE where they cannot tell if you really have it until you die and they do an autopsy on your brain. dont mean to give her ideas but that seems perfect for jillian

No. 247034

I hate this fake positivity so fucking much, she's a bitch there's no other way around it
This. She's willing to cancel everything except for racists, rape apologists, and other creeps?? stupid gross idiot

No. 247038

CTE kek has an alter been sneaking away to play football.

No. 247096

Ntayrt but it's just vibes, like gaydar or being able to identify someone as a normie. Jill is autistic as much as she is a lesbian lol

No. 247102

I also feel like real autistic people know when someone is faking it, many such cases

No. 247111

I feel like it is so dumb to alog someone like Jill. She isn't a great person but she's mostly harmless and isn't very well-known. Her popularity has been dropping like a rock for the last two years. lmao

No. 247186

File: 1662870304182.png (176.08 KB, 356x200, 72307743079432.png)

Still baffled at this "I have several hidden conditions" lanyard

No. 247188

I feel like this shit only helps if you're white and not from a third world country. If I tried to apply for a visa with this shit on me, they would not give me one.

No. 247189

File: 1662870743179.png (873.36 KB, 1145x1968, E156EFEB-32CE-463A-A8F1-908180…)

I was curious too and found the website shit costs $5

No. 247195

It sounds like stuff I'd write to my college instructors when I'm trying to explain my late assignment.
People would prefer to believe they have a
condition like autism rather than to just admit they have underdeveloped social skills because it frees them of responsibility.
The funniest thing is that this card has no relevance or real meaning. Anyone could order a card from that website. It's funny because so much of her schtick relies on an ignorant audience. As soon as a doubter comes along, all of her lies fall apart.

No. 247199

File: 1662872474103.png (106.77 KB, 504x280, lol.png)

>Ann Onymous
On a serious note, I see why people with a real disability would need this, but Jillian? She has never struggled 1 single day of her life with anything ever. This shit is just for show for her.

No. 247200

This disablity larp saga is seriously both hilarious and deeply sickening. Imagine wanting to be ill on purpose, wtf.

No. 247203

In my experience there's a layer of performance when interacting with fakers. They care about what they look like and what kinds of signs of their larped identity they're giving off.

Real autists are often just '''pure''' weirdos. They act clearly off in social situations and you get this feeling about them.

No. 247206

File: 1662873136221.png (61.36 KB, 1152x750, 34986238790860923.png)

Why am I not surprised this shit is mostly available for 1st world white countries with ease of travel kek.

No. 247209

Blog I know but this is seriously sad to me as someone who is very afraid of international travel as visas are hard to come by in my 3rd world country. Not only this, but airports really judge your nationality, skin color, and ethnicity. Jillian will never know how priviledged she actually is.

No. 247210

>In my experience there's a layer of performance when interacting with fakers. They care about what they look like and what kinds of signs of their larped identity they're giving off.
I feel this too. I've come across 2 people who claimed to be autistic IRL and they always did the "omg I don't understand sarcasm omg what are social clues omg I love anime" shit. It's so painfully obvious this is just a checklist for them. Just like Jilly does.

No. 247212

File: 1662874192431.jpg (64.53 KB, 700x500, chance-card-vintage-monopoly-g…)

She really believes this is a "get out of jail free card" like in monopoly. Hey Jilly, just put the monopoly card in there instead and save everyone the trouble. I'm wondering how far she is willing to go?
Only munchies would. Creepy when you think about how they cosplay disabilities and neurodivergensity.

No. 247213

File: 1662874235862.png (665.21 KB, 1018x530, shite.png)

So according to this lanyard, these are Jillian's personal accomodations that she wears this lanyard for.
Here's the full list of icons for anyone interested: https://hiddendisabilitiesstore.com/media/wysiwyg/Icons_poster_2.pdf
I see how someone with, say, scoliosis or hearing aids would find this useful. But Jillian literally doesn't need to wear this to have her needs met. With this in consideration, now think about why would she need to wear this in front of an official after a deer car accident or why Steven would order her to put it on.

No. 247214

Lol she shoved the same symbol in there 3 times for aesthetic what a fucking mess

No. 247216

File: 1662874478098.png (264.52 KB, 828x1136, list.png)

Samefag, guess I'll post a screenshot of the complete list of icons for disabilities. Some of them are pretty genuine and I can see how someone might use this card irl. I can't believe she really put 3 of the same sunflower icons just to make it ~aesthetic and kawiwi~.

No. 247217

I pretty sure the lanyards are only meant for places like airports where the workers are told to be considerate to anyone with a lanyard. Anywhere else she goes people will have no idea what the fuck it is and not care. It's really only so she can show it off online.

No. 247218

I thought she put the sunflower three times because only those two accommodations could plausibly apply to her?

No. 247220

>putting the same one thrice for aesthetic

Says it all. This is so offensive towards actually severely disabled, autistic etc people who are not larping for attention and actually struggle every day due to their issues. Issues caused not by weed, poor diet and alcohol either.
>why Steven would ask her to put it on
Because he's a disgusting ddlg panderer and it was a way for him to "baby" her

No. 247222

Or maybe she doesn't need any accomodations and she's full of shit. Wanting space and not wanting to be rushed is a common and normal widespread human experience. I just don't believe anything that comes out of her, she's a liar and faker.

No. 247224

then why did she put them in an aesthetically pleasing way instead of just putting the two aplicable icons together? This card is fully customizable

No. 247232

This. How quick would you get dirty looks if you were a poc and had a lanyard that basically said "Hi, I'm severely mentally ill!" practically making a target that says 'Do not interact with me' and 'Yes officer, I am fucking insane and will flip my shit.'

No. 247247

"I need your help to keep social distance"
Don't worry Jill. I have a unexplained urge to keep away from you.

No. 247249

no, they're literally just for airports.

No. 247252

I like that there are so many signs for sensory difficulties, yet she didn't use not one of them.

No. 247254

Damn it nonna! Now she's gonna start posting about how she had to smash every lightbulb in her house because she's suddenly sensitive to light!

No. 247258

File: 1662879731942.jpg (482.83 KB, 1080x1892, IMG_20220911_090259.jpg)

Jill, that's creepy

No. 247274

Where do you think Visas are used as they are required for entry?

No. 247276

Who's this bobo person?

No. 247279

Some DID grifter that begs for money on gofundme

No. 247280

Another DID-youtuber, who has had drama with DissociaDID, Jill's favorite, which makes it interesting she's so keen on licking her butt.

No. 247287

Fakers play up autism traits when they have an audience and drop the act when they think no one’s watching. For real autistic people it’s the other way around, where they suppress their autistic traits when interacting with others and drop the mask when they’re alone. The longer you know someone IRL the more obvious this is. The fact that Jill is so transparently faking when we only get to see what she wants us to see is kind of impressive. She sucks at being a munchie as much as she sucks at sewing.

No. 247288

Well, at least she's being supportive of another woman for once

No. 247294

More like she's doing this only to get her attention. She's even lovebombing her trying to get her attention. It's the same as always, the narcissistic "omg me too uwu" shit.

No. 247298

What >>247294 said. I only looked into Bobo briefly when Jill started lovebombing her. Tl;dr Bobo claimed that DisocciaDID was a terrible friend who took advantage of her. Bobo is/was going to college (real college, not a craft school) and struggling financially. This was several months ago, so I don’t know if anything’s changed. She seems like a meek person, so I’m not surprised that she’s who Jill is trying to steamroll in the DID community.

No. 247305

This is why people are moving on to different ones where you need to provide official documentation to prove your disability. I mentioned it in an earlier thread but people bought them en masse here in the UK when we had mask mandates and used them to claim they had medical exemption from wearing a mask when they did not because you can just buy them. So they don’t mean anything anymore and people will say to someone wearing one oh we don’t have to wear masks anymore why do you have that on. So dicks who don’t need them already spoiled it for the disabled people who were using them before that peacefully.

They are also used on public transport to indicate you need a seat or belong in a priority seat for physically disabled people. Boomers act really shitty to young disabled people saying they can’t be disabled because of age so before it was a good shield against that harassment. It says a lot that Jill thinks being young and disabled in public is all fun and games because it’s not, harassment from boomers is way higher than you imagine like young people who have permits get harassed all the time for using disabled parking. If you are in a chair people don’t hesitate to move you without consent, lean over you like you are an inanimate object or even use the handles of your chair as a bag holder or something to lean on. I don’t wish her ill but I think living a day as a real disabled person would do Jill good and let her realise it’s not the party where everyone is nice and babies you like she thinks.

No. 247307

Is Jill aware of the term cognitive dissonance? I would want to point that out to her, but she might turn it into a mental condition. She just needs to accept that her new normal is not a super special up and coming fashion designer/influencer. Accept mediocrity.

No. 247315

Sad thing is with the money Jillian's parents make she could do so much, but choses to live in a filthy house full of anime figures and a troonie boyfriend.

No. 247338

kek me too

No. 247362

She will stan for rapists, pedos and troons but have a tantrum about the colorpop HP Collab because it's a trannies God given right to infiltrate a woman's prison after sticking their dick in a child. >>247213 This has gone too far. She needs to be stopped. I have never seen anything more disgusting than this shit and I read BIID blogs for kicks.

No. 247392

NTA but there’s been studies recently that talk about how there’s linguistic patterns across all languages for autistic people that are similar. That’s why. It’s something on a circadian rhythm that allows us to recognize each other just like NT recognize each other.

No. 247410

>>247392 Hi, Im the original anon who made the blogpost and I love all these responses, its hard to explain but you can't just force autistic symptoms, even when myself (and other autistics) try to suppress things will still end up just showing up. I hate to pull a "dude trust me" when it comes to just being able to tell when someone is autistic, but thats really the best way I can describe it, it just takes one to know one. TIL about the cicadas too lol.
>>246898 major kek jill fuck off

No. 247413

>>247410 samefag jesus christ circadian** thats what i get for doing this on mobile

No. 247433

this is is definitely why she’s only used two of the specific symbols - no surprise it’s the two most vague of them all as well. All of the others are to do with specific symptoms eg the urgent toilet access one (for people with conditions that affect continence) or for skills she doesn’t have like the braille and sign language ones. Glad that they’re starting more programs with cards like this where you have to prove your condition or disability to get one.

No. 247444

yeah you seem like the type

No. 247461

i have several hidden disabilities and i would never want to broadcast that personally. like "hey please treat me with kiddie gloves" is something only a person like jill would wear. sage for blogging. maybe it's just me but this is a super weird concept. jill wants to be treated differently and special because she's self-involved. i don't know any actual disabled people who want to wear that. we usually want to be treated no differently than everyone else and don't put ourselves in situations where we could risk that (like fucking concerts kek)

No. 247479

they're literally just for airports and she wore one for funsies just to walk to the mailbox

i feel like the lanyard could be cool for those who have a hard time speaking up for themselves but still need extra help, but jill doesn't fall into that category. she has no problem talking to people and expressing her needs, and she has no problem being in fast-paced, loud, bright environments ie a concert, restaurants, even retail – so the lanyard is just another decoration accessory for her ootd

No. 247484

that reminds me did she even wear it to the concert? Or was she too embarrassed to ddlg larp in front of her mom kek

No. 247494

i mean my only issue is if you need one of these things, you're probably at the level of care where you're either in a residential facility or have a caregiver and therefore wouldn't need it. i could see it for extreme situations like airports, but again most of us would never put ourselves in a situation like that because we know our limits and don't want to be unnecessary burdens, unlike jill who strives for being a burden kek. if you have no choice and have to travel alone MAYBE. but it's a stretch to be in that situation in the first place. i'd rather just take a car because it's less hassle.

No. 247518

good lord

No. 247520

i can't do it. i'm not strong enough.

No. 247526

It looks so fucking bad holy shit

No. 247532

File: 1662923704679.jpg (26.33 KB, 332x448, adolf.JPG)

the septum piercing plus lightning makes it look like some sort of hitler stache in some moments. Also the dress remains ugly as fuck. By the end she mentions that the school helped her to work the job she always wanted to do …

No. 247533

File: 1662923853522.png (100.13 KB, 748x869, firefox_zne9XCGF7a.png)

It's been up for 15 minutes but it has 81 likes and these comments? Me thinks somebody asked her friends to boost her videos a bit to exit her flop era, or people just want fashion content

No. 247534

I know she’s gonna want to play this as autism “not understanding social cues,” but this is just pure narcissism. When someone says they’re having the worst day of their life and then as an aside says “and my period started,” you don’t jump in and make it about yourself being all “omg my period started today too! Twinsies!” Ask her what’s wrong. Say “I’m so sorry, if you need to talk I’m here,” do SOMETHING to offer actual support emotional instead of focusing on yourself. Unlike Jill, Bobo has real financial struggles and from what I remember from her last video is going through a really tough time. Her period isn’t want making this the worst day of her life.

No. 247535

I can't believe how much she edited the dress's colors in the thumbnail. it was NOT that colorful in the photos, it just had a weird greeny-yellow sheen kek

No. 247538

samefag, sorry i forgot to remove the URL from my youtube embed field before i replied lol

No. 247549

I just started the video but “we’re both neurodivergent cutie folk”? Jill, you haven’t even been tested for autism yet, and your cousin said in an insta story that she’s not diagnosed either. And again with the infantilization of autistic people.

No. 247551

She throws a tantrum at ColourPop and WetnWild for idk, being makeup brands, but somehow stand a drag queen that objectifies and infantilizes women's anatomy

No. 247552

She could have left all the symbols out and trust that the picture she chose for this tells everyone she's fucking special needs.

Anyways regarding the seizure video, I would really love to know how Jilly actually thinks her parents (and other not terminally online people in her life, if there's any left) will react to all her faked issues. I feel like her perception of the world is so warped due to social media and especially TikTok that she actually seems to fail to understand that the shit she broadcasts to the apps may actually have real world repercussions. Like as if she thinks that if she posts a seizure video, or her dumb DID shit or whatever the munchie flavour of the week is it only exists within TikTok and she is only going to get interaction from other terminally online zoomers. How on earth she doesn't consider that her mum might see it and get concerned? (Yes I know, dumb question, she doesn't consider anything ever.) And as we've been through in these threads, has she thought for a second about what she's claiming having gone through when she claims DID? Is it actually possible that she for real doesn't think of her family and their feelings when she decides she'll play pretend all the trauma and other stuff just in order to get internet points and to get out of her responsibilities and adult life? I would just really want to learn how her brain is wired since her actions often suggest she could get an actual disability status as intellectually impaired.

No. 247555

I wonder if I'm recognized then kek

No. 247566

This infuriates me so much. It’s hard not to a-log on this bitch. How dare she still call herself neurodivergent after that disaster of a video she deleted and never apologized for.

Also the dress is ugly ass fuck but we already knew that. She has no idea what she’s doing and (sorry for slight blog) as someone who knows how to sew, construct patterns and went to school for it; this video is torture to watch

No. 247569

>we usually want to be treated no differently than everyone else and don't put ourselves in situations where we could risk that (like fucking concerts kek)
Yeahhhh, if she needs more time and space to do things, why did she go to a concert where that is completely compromised? judging by the pictures and videos she posted it was pretty cramped in there. So she wears it to go to the mailbox but not to the concert? Man. The delusion of needing to be special is too strong

No. 247570

I think those lanyards make more sense when it’s an actual child or someone very mentally challenged who’s likely going to be acting out or louder in public. Say like an (actually) autistic non verbal child might have a meltdown at TSA, so having a necklace that says something like hey i’m not on drugs, this is why i act this way please be calm with me, would be helpful. But with Jill, she can tell someone all her “conditions” at whim. She HAS to make sure her illnesses are always visible in order to feel some sort or validation. I think what trips me up is how obvious she makes it that she needs attention. I remember i got diagnosed with ADHD, i was just embarrassed. I didn’t want to have a brain like this. like i didn’t tell many people about it and even when i was offered accommodations for schoolwork i felt guilty taking it because it felt like some admission to me being incompetent (sorry for blog kek) My point tho is that Jill has so much pride in her diagnosis, even though it’s all a LARP that shit rubs me the wrong way eternally. No one should feel shame for having mental problems/and or speaking out about them, but i’d say most people who have struggled with mental health would rather have never had to go through the things that gave them that trauma. However In Jill’s case she just wishes she had more for her backstory DID lore.

No. 247582

Everyone says "sorry for blog" but none of you stop blogging. Take it to /ot/.

No. 247584

This made me think a little bit more about her school experience. A ton (if not vast majority) of autistic people, especially women, are bullied to hell and back in school and often feel extremely isolated from their peers - and the only "bullying" she ever experienced was people either calling her a dyke or laughing/being confused at her dressing alt. But people have said she was a huge bully type and wasn't hugely socially ostracized at all.
Also I feel like Louise would have jumped in so fast if there was anything wrong with her in any capacity. Jill had her drive her home every single day just to eat lunch (allegedly), you really think if she was failing classes or struggling socially Louise wouldn't throw endless money at a wall to figure out what's wrong with her poor anorexic uwu suicidal daughter?

No. 247586

does she really think this is something to be proud of… holy shit.

No. 247587

I wanna alog and blog about her going to an extremely crowded concert so fucking badly but I won’t because it’s pathetic and won’t change anything, so instead i’ll just say: knowing somebody irl who also fakes a multitude of disorders who also was somehow well enough for a sold out MCR, what the fuck is wrong with the average fan of that band? It should be studied.

No. 247590

This. Thank you for pointing it out.
Yeah, “we’re both neurodivergent cutie folk”, it's like… wasn't she called out for saying BPD is neurodivergency before? this bitch does not care huh
>Anyways regarding the seizure video, I would really love to know how Jilly actually thinks her parents (and other not terminally online people in her life, if there's any left) will react to all her faked issues
Me too. I wonder if they know she's full of shit.

No. 247592

>Everyone says "sorry for blog" but none of you stop blogging. Take it to /ot/
Nah, I like anons chiming in.

No. 247594

File: 1662928035116.png (408.79 KB, 570x876, 3634939623696396943.png)

Here's her original design ideas.

No. 247595

File: 1662928067852.png (361.92 KB, 798x446, wtf lol.png)

No. 247596

File: 1662928131887.png (183.65 KB, 412x444, jwj.png)

what she went with.

No. 247597

File: 1662928181250.png (370.43 KB, 768x392, jwj.png)

all the materials she did not use

No. 247599

File: 1662928245098.png (142.7 KB, 740x348, jwj.png)

fahsion design larp

No. 247600

File: 1662928328305.png (839.65 KB, 788x838, jwj.png)


No. 247601

File: 1662928386756.png (673.36 KB, 602x868, jwj.png)

wtf is this shit

No. 247603

File: 1662928551961.png (462.51 KB, 796x444, jwj.png)

cousin pictures (yikes)

No. 247604

File: 1662928656899.png (269.46 KB, 590x454, jwj.png)

details of the sleeve

No. 247605

File: 1662928699898.png (238.91 KB, 530x446, jwj.png)

skirt (unnecessary but okay)

No. 247606

File: 1662928769309.png (343.19 KB, 518x450, jwj.png)

No. 247607

File: 1662928832763.png (284.64 KB, 418x320, jwj.png)

No. 247610

is the pink line in the back the zipper? god this looks like middle school home-ec class tier.

No. 247611

File: 1662929089080.gif (7.19 MB, 400x225, Making_a_Pastel_Rainbow_Irides…)

and now for some attention whoring narcissistic drama queen theater kid gifs.

No. 247614

File: 1662929234030.gif (7.58 MB, 400x225, Making_a_Pastel_Rainbow_Irides…)

No. 247615

File: 1662929458347.gif (8.68 MB, 400x225, Making_a_Pastel_Rainbow_Irides…)

No. 247616

One wrong move and those sleeves look like they’re going to be torn off.

No. 247617

That is one very shapeless garment, like no measurements were taken

No. 247619

File: 1662929572757.gif (6.55 MB, 400x225, Making_a_Pastel_Rainbow_Irides…)

she's so damn fake and theatrical

No. 247620

File: 1662929700715.gif (6.67 MB, 400x225, Making_a_Pastel_Rainbow_Irides…)

all her faces are punchable

No. 247622

my brief blog was related to Jill, don’t get your panties in a knot. Plus some of us like hearing about each other’s experiences/outlooks in relation to how Jill parades around mental health issues. Chilll

No. 247626

Right? She proudly said that the whole dress is custom made but it just doesn’t fit right. So many mistakes were made with the construction, it’s embarrassing. The neckline is awful, the fabric looks cheap and everything about this “garment” is off. Cousin would’ve been better off with a fucking Aliexpress wedding dress

No. 247627

How did she go to fashion design and then pattern that first skirt without a single thought crossing her head that it wouldn't be full enough? Circle skirts and similar are baby tier sewing knowledge…

No. 247628

It reminds me of every munchie who complains they can’t do any small bits of work or activity on the daily but then suddenly has the energy and social ability to go to a con in full uncomfortable cosplay and things like that.

No. 247630

All of these are so tacky. Cute for Barbie to wear in a movie but don’t translate to real life very well.

No. 247632

Maybe it was based on the cousin's wishes, but none of those give me glamurous wedding dress vibes.

No. 247633

>Circle skirts and similar are baby tier sewing knowledge…
This is why I don't buy her making her own cosplays or clothes, only the very shitty ones are clearly hers. I'm actually happy she lost the footage to her """fashion collection""" and she's stuck with pretending to be a fashion designer with this shitty ass dress. Serves her right.

No. 247634

She's actually so proud of putting shitty flowers on the sleeves… this is so sad to witness.

No. 247635

Also no lining? I’m hardly an expert but no lining on a wedding dress seems a no. I feel like the pink bit should have been a slip separate to the white part.

No. 247636

File: 1662930805592.jpeg (292.83 KB, 1403x828, 71CEADF5-D346-4CDE-BDA0-FD763E…)

This is the inspo cousin gave

No. 247637

These flowers really look like the ones you get on underwear sometimes.

No. 247640

Its so fucking bad. Why is it baggy in the torso

No. 247642

Okay, I can see how all of those are very flat and simple dresses but they still have more structure than the end result

No. 247644

The top right would have been miles better as a sleeve option, I don’t get the cutouts look she chose. Probably would have been easier for her to execute in a less shit way than what she went with also.

No. 247645

This makes me feel so sad for the cousin.

No. 247648

it looks so bad for so many reasons. poor cousin must have shit taste herself + be really strapped for cash

No. 247652

Those dresses are actually really pretty. Imagine having this expectation of what you want your dress to look like and then you get the abomination that Jill put together. I wonder what the cousin is actually thinking of it

No. 247656

Ngl I'm wondering how much she paid for this if anything
If the cousin got it for free then a free wedding dress is a free wedding dress no complaints allowed

No. 247657

It looks like the cousin would’ve been better off getting a cheap renaissance style dress for Jill to make a pattern from. Then jill could’ve embellished it and used the materials the cousin wanted.

No. 247659

File: 1662932030682.png (402.96 KB, 632x450, wow.png)

expectation vs reality.

No. 247663

i hope her cousin gets divorced so she can get married again in a better dress

No. 247667

It's so obvious jill doesn't know how to sew sleeves in l

No. 247670

I would CRY if that was my wedding dress, poor girl holy shit

No. 247674

File: 1662933124689.jpeg (66.2 KB, 823x394, 0BCFC751-03F8-4F2F-895A-157715…)

So she knows her family makes fun of her and probably can’t stand her?

No. 247677

She straight up made her cousin look mentally challenged. Imagine looking that retarded at your own wedding. If I was the cousin I would lead a smear campaign against Jillian, I'd straight up just try to rally the family against her and cause a huge divide. Poor girl.

No. 247679

Both the inspiration and some of the sketches that Jill drew look much better than the actual dress. It’s so baggy and thin looking.

No. 247681

I would also gossip about her if she basically made the shittiest dress ever for a family member's wedding.

No. 247682

If her cousin picked that design (arguably the worst of the mediocre designs Jill did), I think she just has shit taste.
As for the fit… either Jill can’t pattern to save her life and is too full of her self to just use a commercial pattern with the correct seam lines she needed (most likely), or her cousin doesn’t know how to do measurements correctly (less likely). In either case, there should have been a mock-up and a fitting for a wedding dress, because it’s kind of important. Even if the cousin lives really far away, you can make a mock-up and ship it to them, have them pin any changes and send it back. Jill does nothing except smoke weed and eat tendies all day, it’s not like it was too much with her other work or something. There’s no excuse.

Seeing this, I wonder if the cousin was actually upset about it, held it together at the wedding and then spoke to family afterwards about how disappointed she was and it got back to Louise and that’s why she basically told Jill to get her shit together because it’s an embarrassment. If I was footing the bill for my neet child and she then failed to deliver on something that is supposed to be what she loves anyway, I’d be pissed too. I hope that if the cousin paid anything more than materials costs, Louise pays it back because her coddling Jill’s ass led to this situation.

No. 247683

>In either case, there should have been a mock-up and a fitting for a wedding dress, because it’s kind of important. Even if the cousin lives really far away, you can make a mock-up and ship it to them, have them pin any changes and send it back
This is basic fashion designer shit. There was none of that. She's not even good enough to be called a seamstress because even seamstress know this. This is all a fucking joke.

No. 247684

>Seeing this, I wonder if the cousin was actually upset about it, held it together at the wedding and then spoke to family afterwards about how disappointed she was and it got back to Louise and that’s why she basically told Jill to get her shit together because it’s an embarrassment.
Nah you're giving too much credit to the cousin, she legit looks autistic unlike Jillian.

No. 247686

Even getting a basic white dress and adding an iridescent overlay/some handmade flowers would have been better that this… I feel bad for the cousin because clearly she's naive/has bad taste but really she'd have been better off DIYing something by herself.
I kek'd but also I agree

No. 247691

nitpick(?) but why is the skin of her finger so mottled/blotchy?

No. 247693


No. 247697

Fat. And also because she probably doesn't use hand cream.

No. 247701

File: 1662938973869.jpg (93.74 KB, 501x360, pix.jpg)

unrelated to anything, but this is exactly what will happen if her poor brother starts a family

No. 247702

beautiful artwork nonna. next threadpic pls.

No. 247703

It saddens me that this is actually quite useful and I know a couple people that could potentially need this type of help IRL but then people like Jillian who are complete assholes will use it for their own wicked benefit. I can't believe how much malice is in her heart to just think she can get away with co-opting the pain and struggle of other people for herself.

No. 247704

Kek this is great

No. 247734

Here's the September Patreon livestream. I'm 20 minutes in and there isn't much happening so far.

No. 247737

the second one is the only one that even passes for a wedding dress and the rest are just trash. what about 'barbie princess meets hot topic sweatshop' is appropriate for a wedding?

No. 247739

>>247597 At the bare minimum I give jill credit for trying at all and actually delivering content she said she would give; but holy fuck what a trashfire. Some of the other designs look fine on paper but the end results would still look just as horrid

No. 247740

You're telling me she either didn't drape it correctly and/or she didnt even adapt it from an existing sleeve pattern? yikes

No. 247758

So she went through all the trouble of making this dress to her cousin's specifications, but then…didn't go to the wedding? That's what this video makes it seem like. Her mom took the pictures.

No, there were fittings. She said there were a few fittings, since she and her cousin live about 3 hours away from each other (which makes it weirder that she didn't go to the wedding to me. I wouldn't drive 3 hours for a coworker's wedding, but a close cousin whose dress I actually made??) She actually said she patterned the "low-ish" neckline right on the muslin to the cousin's demands. I think part of the problem with this dress is that the cousin does indeed have shit taste (read the text she sent jill), but the other part is that Jillian didn't have any better taste in order to gently steer her in a better direction.

No. 247759

File: 1662948153329.jpg (215.83 KB, 720x1301, Screenshot_20220911-190055_Chr…)

No. 247760

File: 1662948316726.webm (747.22 KB, 720x1280, 56429233403.webm)

No. 247761

File: 1662948607749.png (3.57 MB, 750x1334, 2D8593AC-17F2-41E2-A952-FAEE9A…)

it's really hard to make black on black look bad but… wtf is this silhouette it looks like 2007 forever21

No. 247765

File: 1662949232493.png (3.66 MB, 1536x2048, image_2022-09-11_212141938.png)

holy fuck, she looks like maggie here

No. 247766

No, I think she did go to the wedding. It’s in the vlog where she hit that deer in broad daylight while “disassociating”. Jill said something along the lines of wanting to “live in the moment” along with it being a private family event (although she took footage anyway of the wedding/reunion/grandmother’s birthday party and put in the vlog). She also mentioned that Louise would be working and taking pictures.

No. 247767

File: 1662949324686.png (318.78 KB, 324x508, eww.png)

No. 247768

Her laughing is like she's trying to skinwalk Gabbie Hanna's tiktoks to make seem like she's crazy.

No. 247770

Oh god what even is that neckline. Zero effort was put into this piece o' scrap, I'd be furious

No. 247773

I just gasped. Holy shit I'd be fuming, this is awful. A child could make a better dress

No. 247777

Isn't this top part of one of the dresses she made for the "fashion collection" she did for craft school?

No. 247779

File: 1662952148649.jpg (585.87 KB, 1143x1600, 0A7A0109-Edit.jpg)

No. 247780

god these bright colors are so horrid, also kek she made that dress even worse now with the ugly cheap tulle she just wore.

No. 247784

This face in the thumnail is literally the same face Maggie does in a lot of her pictures

No. 247786

Quick somebody make a comparison

No. 247788

So much photoshop abuse with those colors. The saturation is turned up to max and it makes everyone look like they have jaundice and are wearing clown clothes rejects.

No. 247792

>wearing clown clothes rejects.
they are though kek

No. 247793

I know she wants to be disabled but looking like a cancer patient ain't it

No. 247794

I'm retarded so sorry if this was said before but this implies Steven has keys to Maggie's apartment, JFC i'd be more surprised if he WASN'T cheating on Jill

No. 247796

File: 1662954394570.png (85.28 KB, 275x155, 1651579701964.png)

She made a mockup of this monstrosity >>210636.

No. 247797

File: 1662954480018.png (1.8 MB, 1432x992, maggie.png)

oh they're totally fucking while she roleplays some ddgl shit. Look at her instagram and she has these "ddgl-ish" pictures.

No. 247798

Been scrolling a while and can't find it on previous threads, can a kind nonnie help me out and tell me where the cheating saga begins with Stevie? Or whenever Jill played "Mrs. steal yo man" and got Stevie to leave his girl for her

No. 247799

I thought I was looking at a picture of two retarded fat bitches at the psych ward

No. 247804

The Jillian steals Stevie away from Maggie saga starts in thread #25.
Steve and Maggie were going to share a apartment together until he came to live with Jill. They also got food together at 2am even three years ago, so he’s most likely been cheating on Jill ever since then.

No. 247807

Bless you my dear time to refresh

No. 247809

Someone needs to make a compilation of this kek

No. 247812

Kek i totally see it anon

No. 247813

File: 1662959088611.png (277.07 KB, 800x451, 1662954394570.png)

this has such memetic possibility (posting the transparent version for anyone to use)

No. 247815

File: 1662959458949.gif (844.25 KB, 400x226, 1662954394570.gif)

No. 247817

Nitpick but she types like Shayna kek.

No. 247821

File: 1662960565764.gif (8.81 MB, 400x226, zoooomies.gif)

No. 247822

File: 1662960605585.jpg (261.33 KB, 800x451, Untitled143.jpg)

No. 247825

File: 1662960924849.gif (7.18 MB, 400x226, kekkkk.gif)


No. 247830

File: 1662961222065.png (542.98 KB, 800x451, looool.png)

No. 247833

wow I just looked back on those old threads and Jill and Maggie used to look so alike! Like twins! But look at them now
Maggie got thin and Jill turned into whatever the fuck she is now.

No. 247834

File: 1662961925246.png (567.55 KB, 800x451, sad.png)

No. 247859

File: 1662970044815.png (85.42 KB, 275x155, IMG_20220912_020753_e.png)

It's really fucked up that she was showing off her fetish art commission without asking her audience for consent first.

No. 247864

It's so fucking bad, poor girl. It doesn't even fit her body which is bare minimum when you get a dress made. Since it looks too big, do y'all think Jill used herself as a model and her denial about how big she is made her think she's the same size as her cousin when she's actually bigger?

No. 247874

Jill says in the livestream she was "vocal stimming" by shouting while having a nightmare.. that's just shouting Jill, you can talk without it being a stim you moron

No. 247875

gotta love how it looks baggy on the model but ok-ish on jill, almost like she just made it for herself kek

No. 247877

Holy shit that's some terrible technical drawings, they look almost the same as the sketch…
Where's all the specs?
More proof Jill went to a shitty art school…

No. 247880

I don't think it's even an excuse that her cousin has shit taste, because when you're being commissioned and you know the client has shit taste, it's your job to nudge them in the right direction (and ideally make them think it's their idea). Like how easy is it to go "I think X would look amazing on you, let's try that and if it doesn't work we can go back to the other idea". Jill just phoned it in and is the kind of person to blame it all on the client if it turns out like shit. Though I'm not sure if she genuinely thinks the dress looks good, is pretending for the sake of appearances/family relations, or has to deny reality to protect her ego. Probably alternates between all 3.

No. 247881

From everything you sent, it's obvious she went with the cheapest and easiest option. I feel bad for the cousin.

No. 247883

She clearly wanted a flowy "elf-like" dress, her taste isn't even bad Jill just failed to execute it on every level

No. 247884

please tell me that she atleast made the dress for free. Its really ugly and doesnt even fit her cousin.

No. 247888

If I were Jill, I would’ve narrowed down the options to dresses number 2, 3, 4, and 6 since they look the nicest for a wedding dress, and then limited it down to either dress number 2 or 6 from there. Those arm cutouts aren’t really something you would see in a formal dress, and the sashes on dresses 2 and 6 achieve that elegant feel while showing the tattoos, maybe even make sheer sashes or go without the arm cutouts. The other options look like costumes. The end dress is horribly too big for her cousin and has no shape to it. Jill probably should’ve used that rainbow gradient fabric as well as the iridescent fabric and used pre existing patterns. I feel like Jill made the dress that SHE would’ve liked to wear instead of making it for her cousin. The dresses in the mood board look elven, pretty, and elegant enough for wedding. They aren’t basic, but they don’t look like a child’s Halloween costume that was made in 2 weeks by a beginner seamstress. But I’m not a fashion designer, so what do I know.

I think that if Jill was in a better state of mind with her focus on fashion and not DID, along with actively improving.. the dress would’ve turned out better. Did she not take notice of all the constructive criticism from her classes and Project Runway/Making The Cut towards other designers and learn from watching others?

No. 247893

God, I didn’t even look at the technical sketch. So according to the sketch the hem and edges are raw. And what are those lines right above the Lacing supposed to be? Also she can’t just leave out one of the sleeves. If the dress is symmetrical so should be the technical sketch.

No. 247895

oh shit all those sleeves with cuttouts were to show off the cousin's tattoos?? that's just a terrible idea, jill has nowhere near the skill to make something like that and make it look pretty. why not go sleeveless, or with the most transparent fabric possible so they'd show through? ugh, i wish she'd just acknowledge her lack of skills, and work around it by doing simpler designs that she'd work hard on making well.

No. 247897

The sleeve was the cousins idea according to the video. She wanted them like that. But as another anon pointed out; Jill could’ve just told her it’s a bad idea. But she doesn’t know any better herself so no wonder she didn’t

No. 247898

I want these to be part of the next thread pic, please.

No. 247901

File: 1662985717405.jpeg (33.64 KB, 564x535, 67CEAD3E-21A2-43D9-98C1-EA0F47…)

I get she wanted them on display but in that case it should have been a short sleeve, it was a summer wedding. The butterfly style could have been flouncy like she wanted and shown the tattoos. She also wore the dress with the sleeves off at points so clearly wasn’t opposed to short as an option. Which, the pictures with the sleeves off are are also awful. She looks like someone came up to her and just ripped the sleeves clean off as opposed to it being sleeveless on purpose.

No. 247903

File: 1662986142364.jpg (51.83 KB, 800x1200, SS18-OB-01C--139-GRN-004269-3.…)

then at least something like picrel? i admit i don't know how hard it is to make as i don't sew, but at least it doesn't look like cosplay.

No. 247905

Totally agree. Having her shoulders covered would also look more flattering plus it still works with the fairy style she wanted

No. 247906

It’s really not hard. Working with flimsy fabric like that is annoying, yes. But this specific sleeve would be super easy to make

No. 247915

>>247804 On the bright side for Jilly she can add POLY to her twitter bio and be an even spicier straight.

No. 247916

File: 1662991951802.jpeg (656.2 KB, 1080x839, 7A11AEB9-978F-4527-B610-42D6BB…)

That looks like a simple bishop sleeve with an open seam/slit along the top. Two seconds on Pinterest brought me this image. It would be incredibly easy to make or alter from an existing sleeve pattern.

Didn’t she pretend that she was actually interested in Maggie first and only noticed Steve later? Dating them both at the same time should be a dream come true.

No. 247917

Haven't checked on jillybean for a while because her twitterfag sjw antics get under my skin but holy shit that is a literal sheet ghost halloween costume

No. 247925

File: 1662993966747.jpg (614.49 KB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20220912-164730_Ins…)

I can't find these pics anywhere on her account. Did she delete them or is this a different account?

No. 247926

She must have deleted them because I took those screenshots just yesterday.

No. 247927

>gotta love how it looks baggy on the model but ok-ish on jill, almost like she just made it for herself kek
Kek of course she made it for herself, she cannot think of anyone except her own lard ass.

No. 247928

It’s so difficult not to alog Jill recently. Any time she posts “mental health” stuff it puts me into full tilt rage mode because of how phony she is.

No. 247929

The last picture on her account was posted two years ago … Must be lurking hard

No. 247932

I just checked that account and they are still there? The left photo is from December 2019 and the right January 2020.

No. 247934

File: 1662994750342.jpeg (2.31 MB, 1170x2140, 2BD1E7B1-12EE-47EA-A4BF-F46E4F…)

I can still see both of them

No. 247936

File: 1662994919925.jpg (147.52 KB, 600x900, Rachelle-4-600x900.jpg)

I'm sorry but this "wedding dress" also looks… painfully designed for her own self. The bride never, ever, asked for multicolored cheap flowers alongside her dress, nor asked for cheap iridiscent fabric… this was all her suggestion. I feel like Jillian really wanted to be the center of attention in her cousin's wedding (and she was, look at that clusterfuck) and Jilly just ended up making the wedding dress she would wear for Steven (never happening btw kek). Look at the end result and then tell me if this is anything the cousin was acctually going for >>247636
Unironically one of her classmates (Rachelle) pulled off the "fairy-like" dress concept better than her, pic rel. Jillian is so self obsessed and such an attention stealing person that she really had to fuck up her own family's wedding. If I was her, knowing she was deemed inconsistent at sewing at the baby's first craft college she went to, I would had simply declined the offer to make this and would had told the bride to just order a similar dress to what she was looking for online.

No. 247937

I don't like her but man, I've seen her instagram and she does dress better than Jilly does in most of her pictures. She knows how to put colors together better than Jillian ever has. At least she's not some obese clown larping mental illnesses.

No. 247938

That's…why do you have the keys to your exes apartment?? Starting to understand why Jilly loses her shit with such frequency and with no explanation.

No. 247939

>I don't think it's even an excuse that her cousin has shit taste, because when you're being commissioned and you know the client has shit taste, it's your job to nudge them in the right direction
Agreed with this, this is rule #1 of dealing with clients in any creative job. I know the cousin is probably really dumb but the collage she made isn't even as ugly as what Jillian failed to make. It's just your typical fantasy wedding dress. Jillian can't sew for shit as much as she roleplays and screams she's an actual fashion designer. She might have all the equipment and even ""dress like a fashion designer barbie"" but it's all for show if the end result is not even close to being wearable. Sad shit to see.

No. 247940

>Didn’t she pretend that she was actually interested in Maggie first and only noticed Steve later?
Yes, she did.

No. 247944

It’s clear that others in her class managed to produce stuff that is beyond Jills level. The stuff isn’t couture but there is a clear difference between Jill and her classmates. Which makes you wonder is Jill just not talented or is she actively lazy and didn’t even try at school in reality. She makes excuses about muh DID getting in the way but that’s not real is it. Someone said it before but she really doesn’t actually want to be a designer does she, she just wants to own clothes. Why is she clinging on to this so hard when she clearly doesn’t enjoy it, can’t be bothered to try at school and actually get better and can’t bring herself to give a fuck about the client. If she doesn’t give a fuck about the client when it’s her own family members wedding how little fucks would she give other times.

No. 247946

File: 1662996187409.jpg (78.44 KB, 656x450, Autissnm.jpg)

No. 247953

File: 1662996735335.png (945.78 KB, 601x868, lmao wtf.png)

She really is stupid if she thinks putting an ugly eyelet through sheer as fuck fabric and making an ugly ribbon rose is something to be proud of. I swear to god these faces she makes are infuriating. If she wanted to use flowers for the wedding dress, she should had done this type of work >>247936 instead of making those ugly kid's crafts multicolored flowers that she put on the dress. On that note, they look like shit you see on cheap panties and bras, this is nowhere ideal for a WEDDING DRESS. It's also so fucking stupid that she clearly made them in ~rainbow colors~ which is something she clearly associates with herself. Everything she touches turns to shit, she's the clear definition of being so narcissistic that your stupid grandiose delusions will not humble you and you will end up overstating your abilities.

No. 247954

Reminds me of a classmate I had in fashion school. She had no interest in the craft and everything around it whatsoever but she liked fashion in the sense that she liked buying clothes. No talent and no strive. Seems to be the case for Jill too

No. 247956

How was she like? Curious since it seems this type of person is drawn to fashion school more often than not.

No. 247957

She's so self obsessed that she really has to make those weird disgusting overly-dramatic and self masturbatory faces when she sees she made less than the bare minimum. She's so proud of herself even though what she accomplished was literally nothing.

No. 247959

>But people have said she was a huge bully type and wasn't hugely socially ostracized at all.
I believe you, since this is still the case to this day. Just look at her twitter kek.

No. 247960

She didn’t even use interfacing. Those eyelets will just rip out

No. 247963

If I was Steven I would cheat on Jilly with Maggie too. She seems saner than she is considering she's also pretty much internet brain poisoned. Also she's cute but that's just my personal taste kek. Seriously I like women and I can't imagine anyone fucking Jillian for their own enjoyment, it must be such a chore.

No. 247964

yeah, she wanted to make her 'special rainby theme', on brides moodboard there is no flowers/colors like that - we can see some pink/purple tones that would look slightly better (but still tacky)
I don't think she would make clothes for specific clients in the future, but can you imagine the meltdown after some disagreement about the design? lol

No. 247965

Super annoying but that was just her personality. She had no original ideas and always wanted to sew clothes she saw on Pinterest or Instagram. And it was always the most basic and trendy things.

No. 247966

>fellow cringe ddlg freak

Nah, she's just skinnier. I don't see any difference between them. Also fun fact, cheating is shit even if you don't like the person being cheated on.

No. 247970

Samefag. She also skipped school a lot and when we got our dresses back that we had to sew for the final exam she threw it away immediately. Like directly outside the school in a trash can. Kinda how Jill keeps her fashion collection away from us kek

No. 247971

Like I imagine her turning up with this type of shit at craft school and her teachers being extremely disappointed but also used to it coming from her and then having to give her a passing grade because she pulled up the ~muh mental health~ excuse way too much. She will never know what shedding real tears at a fashion program is like, her craft college seems more like something people do for funsies than actually being something that will help you launch your career as a fashion designer. She should had focused on learning.

No. 247972

hasnt jill mentioned her and steebie being poly or exploring poly or something? maybe she knows about it. maybe thats why shes amping up the mento iwwness lately and how sooper sick she is so she can get attention from him. i wouldn't put it past jill to think its sooooo "feminist" and "modern" to let her nasty porn addicted (self admitted) moid stick his dirty dick in another nasty girls (anyone simping for her has bad taste maggies ugly as hell shes just thin and not jill) vag. maybe steve was cheating at one point, but i seriously doubt it could go on that long in front of jillybean, she probably just gave in and allowed him to do it. i mean she did steal him from her in the first place so in her brain she probably thinks "well i guess its fair".

No. 247976

>She also skipped school a lot and when we got our dresses back that we had to sew for the final exam she threw it away immediately. Like directly outside the school in a trash can
Kekkk. This is just so much like Jillian. Unironically she could still had made a post-graduation fashun collection video with all the pictures she already got and showing the real stuff she made on camera without needing to show the filmed footage she supposedly lost. She makes so many other low effort videos similar to this idea so I don't get how this slipped past her.

But I guess she just hated it or didn't care enough and we'll never have a real video about the collection she made considering she already ripped appart the dress here >>247767
It's weird but comparing what she did for her final school project vs the cousin wedding dress, I truly don't understand how she's actually proud of it enough to talk about it on a video.

No. 247977

"but jill… i mean.. jerrick… i'm not cheating, i just explore agere with my friend… nothing sus here i promise"

No. 247978

Yeah, inb4 they want to add Maggie and that other girl he invited to "safely age regress" at the rainbow dungeon to the policule

No. 247982

It's interesting though, maybe she is indeed faking DID because she wants Steven to ~experience his polyamorous desires~ while remaining with her. Silly Jilly, that's not how that works…

No. 247991

I mean the sicker she gets the less he will feel like he is able to leave her without being awful and causing her health to get worse. Who else would look after her unless she gives up her home and moves back in with her parents.
I think she knows it’s bad and her ego can’t take the hit. We know her skin is paper thin and she can’t even admit to herself that she is bad at things so how can she show the world that.

No. 248002

Just a reminder, as Jillian has never been passionate enough to be a fashion designer, nor has any ounce of creativity on her:

Kumamiki is an alternative japanese fashion designer and model that Jillian has been trying to emulate (read: skinwalk) for years. Sure Jillian's new hunt for a personality might be Drag Queens, but when she was into jfashion she really inspired herself in this girl. Kumamiki had rainbow bangs before Jillian too. Conveniently enough, Kumamiki's brand used to be called Party Baby, and Jillian really bastardized not only the name but part of the concept to make "Party Kei". Also, putting "kei" in the end of a fashion style was supposed to be something that only japanese styles could do. If someone was to call her out for cultural appropiation or whatever.
But anyways, this dream of being a fashion designer was never hers. This video was posted around /cgl/ and other jfashion related places back in the day. DokiDoki 6% is also mentioned so this explain her obsession back in the day. The fact she has never had a personality of her own is baffling, she just steals and makes things worse.

No. 248006

Lmao oops, sorry. I thought they were recent pictures, otherwise I don't see why anyone would post them.

No. 248007

Because it's proof that Maggie has always been into DDGL. I feel like her and Steven must had been very into it while they were dating.

No. 248008

She doesn’t even do the Party Baby style anymore and does sustainable DIY now. Which is interesting.

No. 248010

File: 1663001542111.gif (14.9 MB, 520x293, Party_Baby__The_Story_of_Kumam…)

she's also the reason why Jillian originally wanted to study at Bunka (very prestigious and demanding japanese fashion school)

No. 248012

File: 1663001955912.gif (15.74 MB, 520x293, Party_Baby__The_Story_of_Kumam…)

posting this here for posterity too (the reason why kumamiki called her brand "party baby" - note that Jillian previously said she used the word "party" because she supposedly liked partying even though she's clearly terminally online, kek).
yeah, I checked her youtube channel, and her style has drastically changed and now looks quite pretty and mature-like.

No. 248015

tbh I doubt she would had ever made it into bunka let alone any other relevant fashion college.

No. 248024

File: 1663004664079.png (35.92 KB, 754x266, 1.png)

>I'm just beginning to shine

No. 248028

File: 1663004912831.png (38.66 KB, 768x254, 1.png)

>making my content look too much like kids content or something

No. 248031

File: 1663005109341.png (244.62 KB, 686x834, 1.png)

also cow crossover trying to one-up Mikan

No. 248034

She is so petty. Say what you will about mikan but she worked hard, paid her own way to Japan, became pretty fluent in Japanese, went to bunka and launched a brand. She went and did all the things Jill said she would and never did. I could see her being really bitter towards mikan in particular.

No. 248038

File: 1663006191107.jpeg (291.99 KB, 1668x372, 35C5E25F-6B77-4C7D-97B8-A0F5BE…)

I can’t do the webm (apologies) but a new tik tok on her system page where she shows shooting a hair band for her cat to chase and says he does it every day. That cannot be remotely safe, then there is this comment. Her cat literally almost died eating a foreign object what is she doing.

No. 248042

Let’s not wk Milan because Jill sucks. She sold fetish content, got money from her family and went to Bunka. Dropped out of bunka cause she can’t sew and have the fashion taste of an aliexpress shopper. Got with a autistic Japanese dude for a visa and sperges at her fans everyday. Her Japanese isn’t even that good for living there so long. She’s literally Jill if Jill moved to Japan kek.

No. 248050

Even then at least she made more effort than Jill, Jill only made it three hours away from her parents home kek. I would have more respect for Jill if she did sex work because at least she would be off her ass actually working in some way. The Japanese thing too like even if mikan isn’t good, Jill can’t speak more than a few words she heard on precure. Hell Jill can’t even speak French and she claims she can. Jill is too lazy and spoiled to work hard enough to even grift properly, she puts in base effort. It’s not that I think Mikan is great it just to me highlights how lazy Jill is, not a shred of effort.

No. 248052

The most annoying thing in the Jillian threads it cat spurging.
My cats play with hair elastics lots do. They aren't going to attempt suicide via hair accessory. I know her cats are dumb but everytime her cats show up in a video the most mundane nitpick gets taken out and it makes us all look like insane hyperjudgemental maniacs. Its why so many of her fans don't take us seriously and continue to be her fans.

It's been going on for years it. The cat nitpicks are just so fucking annoying.

No. 248057

You've never owned a cat go away

No. 248059

hoping a good nonna posts the webm soon

No. 248062

>i would have more respect for jill if she did sex work
i think its time to log off….

No. 248063

Have you ever hung out around cats? Unless the hairband breaks or something there isn’t really an issue man. I’ve been to a cat cafe where one of the cats was carrying around a hair tie in his mouth and the owner was like oh yeah that’s his favorite toy we don’t know why. I promise Jill letting her cat play with a hair tie is the least of our worries here.

No. 248065

>I would have more respect for Jill if she did sex work

Opinion dismissed

No. 248066

different anon but hey at least she would be working kek. in all seriousness though i pray that jill never has an onlyfans saga. i would never want to see that shit

No. 248067

NTA but what are you talking about. I have owned cats my whole life to preface this. Why are you encouraging your cat to put small objects that are not things it should have in its mouth. Sure in this context she is with the cat and could see it choking but she is dirty, there is crap all over her house we know the cats will do this when she is not there. Sure it could be fine but there is also a chance the cat eats it (which, cats and dogs eat foreign objects all the time) or it could choke. Why would you take the risk, Jillian also already almost killed a cat in this exact way so is fully aware that it can go bad.

No. 248069

Way to deliberately misinterpret– you're a hover mom for sure. Cats can play with anything small, especially supervised, but it's not like I'm leaving needles on the floor. Your poor cats aren't allowed to explore at all, huh? Those poor things.
My cat plays with hair ties and she's never eaten shit. Either your cats are dumb and think everything is food or you're overbearing as fuck and need to calm down

No. 248072

i think i know who is Jerrick. it's her when she was teenager, same sense of fashion from that time. she age regresses to teenager she once was

No. 248074

tinsel and hair ties are totally different…

No. 248078

nonnie dont be silly. Derrick is Jillian's twin brother, dont be silly and please read thread before boasting. thank you nonnie

No. 248079

omg Jill you can't use l*me it's ableistic!!! what a disability advocator we have here.

yeah i know it's the internet brainrot turning everything into an offence but i just enjoy catching these little things where she slips up

No. 248082

Sorry to jump in but does anyone have the caps of her retconning the tinsel story? Because I swear I remember she changed the story later to say it was foam from inside a chair or something thus allowing her to still have tinsel up past that event. But I never see it mentioned when the cats come up.

No. 248088

I actually remember when she retconned this, yes.

No. 248091

Stop acting like cats are newborn infants. Those things put entire species of birds on the endangered list. Just walk away your losing the argument(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 248092

The cat moms wading in to defend letting pets play with q-tips and hair ties they could choke on

No. 248093

at least sage your cat sperg good lord people can we stay on topic

No. 248100

File: 1663013948566.jpg (69.26 KB, 800x451, stevetv.jpg)

We need a thread just for these edits, they are all beautiful annons

No. 248103

NTA but I don’t think anyone is defending the q-tips thing. I don’t even get that one. I feel like that would snap in two very easily. Jillian has a history of being a bit of a irresponsible pet owner. I think other anons would agree she shouldn’t let her cat near small easy to chew on random shit since the cat has a history of eating/swallowing foreign objects. However, no one here is a bad pet owner for shooting a hair band across the room and letting their cat run after it, it’s just playing. Cat sperg over can we all relax now.

No. 248104

I remember her saying it was crafting foam. In that building a cat house video she said she thought of using foam for the roof shingles but then used cardboard because the cat almost died eating foam

No. 248113

Off topic to the current dress disaster, but I went back to Jill's older videos because I wanted to find the exact point where she started sounding like a weird squeaky childlike stoner. I hope people here get what I mean.

The reason I was a fan of hers a long time ago was her calming excited voice, and now she speaks like she's drunk and anxious. I found the supposed breaking point - it was between "Transphobia at TOEI animation" and "Kawaii Monster Cafe Closed". Does anyone who's deep into the lore know what happened in the timeframe between these two vids? Is this when she discovered weed? Or is this the time she got "diagnosed" with DID and lost her shit completely?

No. 248116

wtf anon wtf is this

No. 248117

>it was between "Transphobia at TOEI animation" and "Kawaii Monster Cafe Closed"
Huh. College and moving out maybe??

No. 248119

probably lines up with her increasing weed usage if its also around when she moved out. she also began drinking a lot around that time.

No. 248120

File: 1663017783650.png (252.53 KB, 1854x298, old.png)

Pretty sure the tinsel story was all a misunderstanding based on her bringing up that she blocked the bottom of the tinsel from cats with pillows just in case, screenshot from >>>/snow/408269

No. 248125

yeah that lines up. that's about the time i unfollowed her. it became instantly very obvious that she wasn't sober while filming, and not in a good fun kind of way. in a "i'm going to snap or cry at any moment" kind of way. honestly maybe a bit of a tinfoil but i genuinely think most of her problems would disappear if she laid off the weed and alcohol. that plus untreated BPD turned her into the nightmare we know today.

No. 248129

If only she was self aware enough at the time to take a hit after recording videos. It’s honestly sad seeing how much she’s let herself get consumed by addiction. By the time she’s 30 it’s just going to be depressing for her.

No. 248130

Check the DID timeline >>235144
>12th Aug 2020 - claims she has a chronic illness that makes her change her voice >>108915

No. 248137

This could also be an autism breadcrumb. There is a lot of creeps arguing on tik tok atm because this adult woman is acting and speaking like a baby and her disgusting husband is encouraging her and their excuse is that she has autism and that’s why her voice is like that. It’s some real pedo shit but people think that, that people with autism sometimes have a baby voice.

No. 248139

File: 1663020659617.jpeg (248.4 KB, 828x563, D7213BE2-C415-48FC-BE05-E9D3DB…)

a little OT but anons who accuse jill of having BPD are just as retarded as jill thinking she has DID. BPD is literally only caused by childhood trauma and is a highly stigmatized disorder, i swear on lolcow everyone has a 4chan scrote version of what they think BPD is. BPD isn't just attention seeking hoe bitch disorder, one of the main symptoms of BPD is dissociation. jill is just a drug addict munchie and attention seeker, not really a disorder, just a bad personality. she fullstop cannot have DID or BPD because she has no childhood trauma.

No. 248143

Oh great it's another bpdchan who can't handle when a cow shares their mental illness. she even brought her webmd-tier caps as proof Jill couldn't possibly be mentally ill. jill is. shocking I know.

No. 248144

You don't know if she has childhood trauma or not.

No. 248145

Please shut the fuck up about the BPD derailing once and for all.

No. 248146

Can we go back at making fun of jillian and ignore this fucking retard? >>248139

No. 248157

She has enough truama for bpd
>Emo cutting
>Mommy cancer
>Pedo teacher
>No friends
>Small island upbringing
>Wealthy family

Not enough truama for anything else. Even though she also has a anxiety and depression diegnosis she barely seems to have it just lazy and occasionally left aware enough to feel bad about herself
Or panic because she's not the center of attention

No. 248160

Omg can we please put the “BPD is only caused by childhood trauma so Jill can’t have it” argument to rest? This comes up in nearly every thread, it’s tiresome, and that’s not even accurate. There is a theory that having endured some type of childhood trauma could increase the likelihood of developing BPD in adulthood. But one theory about one environmental element doesn’t change the fact that this is not a trauma disorder—trauma isn’t even listed among the disorder’s 9 diagnostic criteria in the DSM5. If you have BPD, you have my condolences, but please stop trying to twist theories to gatekeep Jill from BPD. There will always be crappy people with the same diagnosis as you.

No. 248166

Holy shit you dense motherfucker
only ONE thing on your list is trauma, her mom's cancer. Pedo piano teacher would be but literally nothing happened to Jill with him. Don't forget she is using "pretending to be gay but not actually liking girls" to call herself a rape victim. Children literally get raped and beaten and witness horrors beyond the imagination. Jilljill being fucking rich and coddled is not trauma

No. 248174

how the fuck do the same anons who scream jill has no trauma when she talks about DID and dissociating all the time and all her sooper scary wesbian aboose but then when someone points out jill can't have the disorder they want her to have its all
>um you dont know that our preshus jillybean doesn't have trauma

No. 248181

Are they the same people? Are you sure?

No. 248186

Since when does wearing a garter mean you're into ddlg? Kink sure but that specific seems like a reach

No. 248208

nta, but maybe some anons may agree/jump off this with this. I think when it comes down to the literal DSM-5, DID is separated from BPD in severity of trauma as well as the age it must develop in. It feels more likely that jillian could have BPD (but not DID), just from how she’s explained everything that’s happened to her. If we take that at face value (with a grain of salt), she definitely isn’t a mentally well person. People can be mentally iiI for no objective reason outside of their brain not having enough chemicals. I think the new gen internet tiktok jargon tends to blur “trauma” as a concept so much to the point where we can’t acknowledge that traumatic events can stand alone from shit like lifelong PTSD. What jillian and a lot of her current fans don’t seem to get is how some form of intense vile CSA or violence/torture had to have happened to a child for DID to develop, it’s not just a chemical mess up, a child was so traumatized they thought they were going to die. It’s a survival mechanism. Jillian, I’m sure it was traumatic to see your own mother struggle with cancer, I’m not going to discredit that. But people can also just have temporary trauma and recover from it over time,.You have the opportunity to live a life many people can’t ever have. Why throw it away to wish you had it worse? Sorry if this got ot it just never will make sense to me.

No. 248213

sorry you have the same diagnosis as jill and amber heard, anon. it doesn't make all people with that diagnosis shitty people. not taking accountability for your actions and not treating your issues makes you a shitty person, which is what jill does. now stop derailing.

No. 248226

Did you really take what I said seriously. People with bpd get "truama" over the most mundane shit. Exaggerated it and never let it go and makes sure everyone else knows about it. Of course it's not legitimate truama to the point of a real mental disorder. It's her excuses for being a narcissist and getting to call it bpd so she doesn't have to face the fact that she's a piece of shit.
She's always retweeting about.
>Bpd is so hard.
>It's a neurodivergency too.
>I'm not a bad person because it's actually other peoples fault I'm like this

No. 248234

Off topic but Amber doesn’t have BPD. Only therapist to do so was on Johnny Depp’s payroll.
It’s collars that imply kink related. I’d say given her feed and Steebie’s porn addiction it wouldn’t be that much of a reach.

No. 248242

nona can you at least read the threads or sage this shit? maggie is literally a lolicon check thread 54 there are multiple screenshots and even in this exact thread someone already reposted proof again >>246037 you add that shes in a literal ddlg egirl uniform so yes of course shes into ddlg shit. at least scroll darn
i agree, steve and jillian are also age regressors so of course maggie is into degenerate shit as well.

No. 248244

not true, amber had a prior BPD diagnosis. and i mean… look at her. look at jill. that's what untreated BPD looks like. personality disorders aren't pretty or uwu cute. like all untreated mental health issues. that's the biggest reason jill is the way she is and i will die on that hill- substance abuse and untreated mental illness. it's not a good path to be on and the longer it goes on, the worse it will get. jill has already burned so many bridges and all she does is sit at home and do drugs. that's hardly a life and i honestly would feel bad for her if she wasn't such a shitty person to others.

No. 248245

Holy shit can you stop aggressively accusing everyone who doesn't agree with you of having BPD and gatekeeping? It's so obnoxious and such a weird reach on top of being infighting and shit stirring.

No. 248257

File: 1663038754563.png (4.32 MB, 750x1334, 07BA586A-80D3-4E30-82D3-6247C6…)

my sleep paralysis demon telling y'all to stop infighting and get back to this.

No. 248261

I thought drag makeup techniques were meant give the illusion of a feminine facial structure? This makes her face look much more masculine.

No. 248263

File: 1663040393755.png (4.08 MB, 750x1334, 80E29559-79CB-48D8-A27E-084372…)

the faces she pulls really add to how unflattering this makeup is. i don't know how you can lack self awareness this hard. i wonder… when she says she says she sleeps in her makeup, certainly she doesn't mean this makeup… right?

No. 248264

Nitpick but her eyebrow hairs showing through the flowers looks so gross. I'm not an expert but don't many drag queens shave their brows and then draw them on in different ways depending on the look + to avoid what's going on here? If she's gonna be doing the whole drag thing why doesn't she commit by doing even these little things (don't answer that, I know why)

No. 248266

i mean i genuinely can't tell if there's contour going on or if that circle effect is just her face fat? either way that's not how drag is supposed to look

No. 248272

File: 1663041472747.webm (9.49 MB, 477x848, Untitled.webm)

No. 248273

>using creepy pokemon music
Holy shit what the fuuuck she legit looks like a creepy killer clown in this

No. 248275

Same anon derailed about language goals in the Aki thread. The anon knows their tinfoiling pisses other anons off. Report for armchairing. Take a break, anon.

No. 248288

File: 1663044732551.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1134, 3701EF2F-BC3F-4D8B-9B73-0FF156…)

Idk why jill doesn't go for a whiter face for these colorful looks. Her natural skintone looks so bad. Something like this would suit her much better and let her play around a lot more instead of just doing her usual makeup but "bigger". This girl even does the round blush jill seems to like.

No. 248294

Even though this is horrifying in it's own way I was about to comment she looks much softer/cuter like this… Then I read your post and realized that's not Jill, which explains everything. Jill's features are honestly so ugly/jarring with her weight gain, she's really got one of those faces you just want to punch

No. 248311

I think these are the same people judging by how they write:

No. 248313

>not true, amber had a prior BPD diagnosis.
And Jillian did too, can you fuck off now

No. 248320

No doubt she was high as fuck and the song hit different in her head. Also… is she not wearing a bra?

No. 248321

She's really going for the "modern freakshow with cleavage" angle in hopes people will click on her vids

No. 248322

File: 1663052260227.jpeg (818.05 KB, 1242x1397, CDC4EF94-FB2E-4DDB-B22A-CBD17A…)

Jill should take a page from her past fashion phases and give herself a natural hair color like pic related. The natural colors look much better on her in my opinion. She could even wear one of her colored wigs or could dye extensions if her hair is Brown/Black. She wouldn’t have to cover her hair with a hat or wig when Jerrick is around either.

No. 248323

She has always been a very ugly goblin holy shit.

No. 248327

She probably thinks that it would be racist because of the origin of clowns or some shit kek. The least thing she could do is use the right shade foundation for her. Her face is straight up orange

No. 248332

oh my god who told her this looks good??? it also looks so uncomfortable like there's no way having that much shit on your face is any fun

No. 248334

Yeah I thought she wanted to be autistic? Autistic people don't like feeling shit on their skin.

No. 248337

add it too the autism bait list
swaying back and forth to a music stim

No. 248340

I wish she would have just called it soothing. Saying “this feels soft and smooth in my brain” sounds like a line from Salad Fingers and just makes me want to throw up

No. 248342

jill is definitely not talented, its just shes had smoke blown up her ass her entire life and doesnt apply herself to anything because she thinks everything she does is perfect as-is. see also: why she wont actually ever try to get better mentally; she has been coddled her entire life and doesnt think she actually needs to strive to change anything. i dont even think she is really particularly lazy, she just thinks everything she does is automatically good because she did it, so she doesnt even think to exert any more effort than she already does.

No. 248343

I agree but I think the veneer has been cracking. I think she took the first hit when she realised she would need a portfolio to get into a real college and they wouldn’t just welcome her automatically because she is amazing. Then I think the second crack happened at school because she actually had peers unlike in her small town where she was the queen. I think that’s why the DID ark is happening in part. I think her ego got really bruised and she isn’t able to accept reality so she needs an excuse. It’s not that Jill isn’t perfect and amazing anon it’s has a tragic crippling illness! It’s a cope. I think to some degree she believes she has it because her mind is so warped in this way, she needs to believe it because she can’t take the alternative.

No. 248348

>I think to some degree she believes she has it because her mind is so warped in this way, she needs to believe it because she can’t take the alternative.
I agree. She thinks she's a special person, she's just Not Like Others. So of course she is special enough to have DID, an eating disorder, be trans, have autism and PTSD trauma. I don't think she fully consciously knows she's appropriating all of these conditions, it's almost a form of hypochondria where she reads/hears about a disorder and totally thinks she really has it based on some small footnote she can relate to. Different mood? I must be a different person(ality)! Finds a fidget toy stimulating to fidget with? Must be autism/adhd stimming! Feels fat and skipped a meal? Eating disorder! Likes/wants to emulate drag queen performances done by men? Must be trans! Has angsty teen memories? PTSD and DID trauma!

No. 248349

>It’s honestly sad seeing how much she’s let herself get consumed by addiction
That aunt who recovered from her addiction needs to whisk her away for a vessey rehab. Like out of all things, anons all agree she has an addiction* to weed and alcohol (and overeating) but that's the one thing she acts like isn't a problem.
*inb4: you can't get technically addicted to weed, but all habits can become addictive in the wrong hands

No. 248350

Garter and pink pleated skirt and anime uwu shit on Twitter and an ex boyfriend who is clearly into ddlg and invited people to his home to age regress and his current gf Jill who is clearly into ddlg (imagine this text going on forever as it gets increasingly smaller)

if you can't recognise ddlg shit when you see it idk what to tell you anon

No. 248351

>when she says she says she sleeps in her makeup, certainly she doesn't mean this makeup… right?

Sorry to be the one to tell you this anon, but Jill and Stevie fuck while she's in drag makeup, and probably making silly voices

No. 248352

> Jill and Stevie fuck while she's in drag makeup, and probably making silly voices

Really didn’t need that picture in my head

She doesn’t understand the concept of sensory issues. Remember when she said she woke up with sensory overload? Not one autistic person would be able to wear this shit on their face for longer than 10 minutes let alone sleep with it

No. 248365

nightmare fuel
seriously what the fuck is up with zoomers wanting to look like retarded clowns

No. 248383

File: 1663076352937.jpg (304.63 KB, 700x522, sdgvfrhgew.jpg)

(Yes this is the same person.)
Ugly = victim. Being a victim is now the highest moral virtue. Victims have high social status.

Jillian wants to be a fat freak because people will automatically look upon her with pity

No. 248385

Sage since this isn't Jill, but one of the big DID youtubers just came out with a final fusion video; wonder when Jill is going to claim final fusion to try and rip of her larp