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File: 1659419500332.jpeg (227.52 KB, 1668x934, 1658957952230.jpeg)

No. 234970

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a fake/manipulated diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for.
She accepted her ~life changing~ “diagnosis” with a smile and celebrated with a "coming out as DID" cake, and struggles to maintain the LARP after only two weeks. The number of alters keep pilling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who rage-quitted due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as the creator of the Confetti Club, a group of skinwalking fans that wear “Party-Kei” style, a weeaboo fashion she invented and no longer personally wears. She currently looks like an overweight clown.
>Known lurker.
>Extremely sensitive.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Very notorious attention whore. Always overstates her abilities in a delusional way and barely puts any effort.
>Runs a youtube channel with an inconsistent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating most of her fans.
>Has multiple inconsistencies in her DID story and lore. Will change or forget key details about her trauma origin story or her alters. She also tends to deny the bad parts of her mental illnesses.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special. Thus, results in obvious faking.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- items, including clothes, makeup and other shit for any new trend she gets into. Nevertheless, she still is a big consumer of plastic crap and will cut corners whenever possible.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of things to show off how much she had spent (as a brag).
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise. She’s also a massive attention whore and very self-centered, never listens to others and only cares about her own faked struggles. Disregards any criticism as “hate”.
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, and her fans are steadily unfollowing her.
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day. She will take meds without even verifying she needs them or not, or stop them without further medical advice. Other questionable “self-care” and “mental health” content has been noted.
>Thinks having an enabling counselor = actual therapy. Said counselor quitted and moved provinces only 1 year after treating her and givng her the DID diagnostic impression. Jillian continues to lie and fake all kinds of symptoms to prove she’s sick, slowly transforming nto a full-blown munchie. Believes her own lies on the matter so much so that she thinks she’s knowledgeable enough to advise others on the matter.
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments, videos, or tweets that dare question her and act passive-aggressive about it on Twitter. Will also e-bully anyone she doesn’t like or goes against her ideas.
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image. Somehow, all her male exes end up looking like the current aesthetic she’s into at the moment of dating.
>Has claimed that her DeviantArt Ex-girlfriend she kept in amicable contact with for a while after breaking up “abused her for months”. Said claim has been proven false.
>She now claims every abuser of hers has been female, even though she has heavily mistreated her past two girlfriends. She broke off with her most recent ex girlfriend, Mystery Girl, around Christmas 2018, because she “was no longer attracted to her”. She kept the Christmas presents that she would otherwise would had given her, to herself.
>Her previous friendships almost always have end up in drama. Rumors of her sleeping with the guy that one of her ex-friends liked at a New Year’s party have circulated. Besides that, she has also said in a video that she stripped in front of Steven and his ex-girlfriend Maggie at some point in a get-together. Even her fans found this weird.
>Formerly identified as pansexual, then queer, then claimed to be “too into dick to be a lesbian” while dating a woman; currently lives inside her rainbow house with her boyfriend Stephen Clarke. Now both Stephen and Jillian identify as nonbinary and pansexual. It is worth mentioning one of her exes also became nonbinary and pansexual shortly after dating her. Steven is currently hinting to a very obvious MTF transition despite having a christian family, which will prove beneficial to Jill, since she wants to roleplay being a lesbian very bad.
>Relies too much on other people, including her mother and her partners. Will interact with content creators she likes in a creepy, harassing way.
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo in her videos and social media despite knowing she has a largely underage audience. Recently started tagging posts with the age regression hashtag.
>Jilly started her own brand, 5 petal flower, months before graduating from her glorified canadian craft school. She plans to sell badly put together Lazy Oaf knock offs despite her work being labeled as “inconsistent” by her teachers because she was mostly distracted with stim toys found on her sewing table. The only work she has produced so far was a collaboration with a small brand that mostly resells chinese aliexpress items and a cheap looking bridal dress for her cousin.
>Very irresponsible pet owner. Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel hanging around on the floor, the cat almost choking to death. She still keeps this choking hazard where the same cat can reach it for years after the incident. Never seems to clean her pet’s space, you can see cat shit and cat fur all over her house in her videos and selfies.
>She tries to prove she’s mentally ill in any way possible, including always mentioning her stims, dissociation, posting edgy lyrics, wearing a t-shirt that reminds her of suicidal ideation, and pretending she can only eat one type of food. Pretends she “never lies”, “doesn’t understand sarcasm” and other autism/neurodivergent LARPing on Twitter. She wants to be mentally ill very bad and will often spread misinformation about it on her socials.
>Uses her alters to hold at least one of her personality traits or past times instead of realizing she can be a normal and full-fledged adult woman with hobbies and emotions. Will defend using emojis to sign off as each alter, to the point of harassing others off platforms if they don’t agree with her usage. She also talks in third person to herself while pretending to be an alter on her DMs, twitter, and on picture captions, calling herself “handsome” or “pretty”.
>Will claim as many labels as possible, some of them are: Queer, lesbian, nonbinary, FTM, pansexual, emo, rainbow, intersex, fashion designer, magical girl, full time youtuber, neurodivergent, autistic, BPD, DID system, witch, kawaii, drag queen. In reality, she’s just a spoiled dumb girl.
>Has been consuming a lot of alcohol and weed in a questionable way, anons wonder if her dissociation is merely caused by substance abuse. She bragged about the liquor store knowing who she is. She pushes weed as a magical cure-it-all for adults and children on her twitter full of underage fans.
>Recently got into bio drag queening, changed her twitter description days before her first performance even went live. Danced like a crazy woman to a Steven Universe and a MCR song on her first performance. She’s now fully accepting the drag queen label with a lot of self-importance and yet again overstating her abilities with barely any experience.
>Ran over a deer on July 2022 and while originally saying she had no trauma from it, milked the accident dry for pity points, calling it a “near death experience” and claiming “multiple ptsd symptoms” from it. Might create another alter from the whole experience.


>Jillian: Actual person, but calls herself an alter for the heck of it. Hates being called “Jilly”.

>Jerrick: 13-16 year old emo guy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits. Signs off with a snake emoji.
>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, calls herself a lesbian (even though she’s dating a man), she is a “protector of sexual trauma”, says she had to become a fuckable bimbo because she was “raped for months”. Signs off with a flame emoji.
>Babby Smalls (nickname): Actual name unknown, talks and acts like a baby. Proof that Jillian is into age regression. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Sings off with a strawberry.
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" Kind of like her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but his emoji is a club.
>Flora: A “fragment” slowly morphing into a real alter, and a carbon copy of cure flora / other positive precure characters. She is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Jax: 19 year old girl who speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Signs with a test tube emoji.
>sandwich emoji: Cat alter, represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>piano emoji: ??? silently added to her tiktok bio.
>another age regression alter: ??? mentioned to be “far away” but present.

**Note: The DID saga officially starts in >>>/w/176591


>>229366 Makes a cutesy icon for her mental illness
>>229406 Emailed her potential new therapist, will do more EMDR
>>229568 She's passive aggresive to people on twitter again
>>229628 Her mom sets up a little weed smoking area for her very special little girl
>>229654 Fans question the cutesy DID logo
>>229659 Dumb tiktok #1 (smoking weed)
>>229892 Dumb tiktok #2 (dancing to a system of a down song)
>>230408 Gets blocked by someone she was harassing, says she was "calmly pointing out inconsistenccies" and "the inability to receive criticism is wild"
>>230416 The deer car accident happens
>>230421 Photos of the car, says she passed out when she saw the damage (she didn't)
>>230423 "Currently experiencing trauma" while tweeting
>>230450 Daddy comes pick her up, acts like a baby
>>230457 This was Steven's car
>>230546 Says it occured in daylight (also acts concerned for the deer)
>>230637 More pics of the car
>>230642 Says she "could totally had died"
>>230691 Says it's fun she will get to hunt for new cars with mommy
>>230837 Cringe interaction with Drew Monson
>>230838 And another cringe interaction with Drew Monson
>>230922 Has a tranny flag on her window
>>230948 Is happy her followers consume her content in marathons
>>230958 Pretends to be an animal empath towards the deer she killed
>>230991 Booked a therapy appointment to talk about the car accident
>>231128 Says she's not splitting any other alter from the car accident
>>231198 Does some witch LARP because she ran over a deer
>>231231 Jeb (her angel therapist) follows drag queens
>>231243 Some more info on the therapist
>>231244 Awful poetry by the therapist reveals he's only 26
>>231247 Also he's a they/them
>>231298 Flora alter talk
>>231356 She reviews the fashion from incoming barbie movie
>>231369 Dumb tiktok #3 (moaning loud)
>>231372 Dumb tiktok #4 (healing inner child)
>>231381 Duet with the DID ageplayer she's been having contact with recently
>>231392 Talks about certain "forums" with dissociaDID
>>231436 Her school has her on the main page
>>231440 Comparison between the ugly wedding dress and some of the work from one of her classmates
>>231470 More ugly wedding dress
>>231474 Says she's clean from cutting
>>231576 She fights someone on twitter yet again
>>231577 More twitter fighting
>>231581 And some more twitter fighting
>>231589 >misspeaking
>>231602 Some gross tweet about her contact lenses
>>231614 Her patreon is at an all time low
>>231617 Her youtube also loses a bunch of followers
>>231636 Comparison on how it was before
>>231687 Some shit about kirby swallowing her
>>231690 Some embarassing shit about Smash Bros
>>231729 A youtube comment she failed to delete
>>231764 Says she has PTSD symptoms while smiling to the camera
>>231791 Looks crusty for tiktok
>>231803 She uses crochet as ~therapy~
>>231815 Full crusty pic
>>231984 Dumb tiktok #5 ("villainy fun")
>>232017 Dumb tiktok #6 ("rare cliffe-tok")
>>232018 She explains some shit about her rainbow house being therapeutic
>>232128 The wedding dress with no sleeves in motion (must see)
>>232380 Dumbt tiktok #7 (teen pictures larp)
>>232452 She was safe at a mcdonalds after the car accident
>>232514 Something about Demi Lovato being problematic
>>232611 Finally said goodbye to her angel therapist
>>232652 Good picture
>>232654 Thunderstorm ptsd larp
>>232823 New Jerrick pic is sensory overload
>>233002 She's "MEGA SWITCHY" with "EXTRA PTSD SYMPTOMS" after the crash
>>233174 Says the ER should have videogames in it
>>233175 "Just landed another drag gig" (not her totally looking for it)
>>233177 Another fucking gross picture of her
>>233296 She uses the #ageregression #didlittles and #sfwagere hashtags on tiktok
>>233448 Dumb tiktok #8
>>233451 Dumb tiktok #9
>>233592 Something about tiktok being a cesspool
>>233593 Her eyebrow sweat is transphobic and ableist apparently
>>233623 Says she's "nonverbal" after the car accident
>>233705 Got an electric scooter from Steven's parents
>>233727 She struggles to keep up with messages because of the car accident (even though she continues to post shit)
>>233730 She uses a chewing autism stim toy outside
>>233736 Dumb tiktok #10 (mind you, she's currently "experiencing ptsd")
>>233760 "Finds" nice footage of her persecutor alter Jerrick
>>233776 She checks her ptsd and DID symptoms every few hours
>>233809 Something about not being able to use emojis while sending emails
>>233819 Punchable crying face
>>233820 Says she can feel things artistically because she does drag
>>233821 Believes Will Wood's song says Jillian in it (it doesn't, she's not special)
>>233867 Basement trigger story
>>233890 Retweets something about Chris Chan
>>233931 Photo of her brother resurfaces
>>233946 Talks to herself on twitter
>>233956 Comparison pic of Jill's crushes + her brother
>>233997 New drag banner
>>234036 Dumb tiktok #11 (some shit about the car accident)
>>234042 Dumb tiktok #12 (some shit about the car accident)
>>234221 Summer vlog with car accident shenanigans + wedding dress + a troon friend
>>234229 Serenity Sam makes an appareance
>>234231 She has Steven registered as wife in her phone
>>234322 Passive agressive comment on her youtube
>>234332 Some gifs of closeups of the dress
>>234352 She texts her mom about the car crash
>>234353 She text steven about the car crash
>>234412 She's keeping an eye on Will Wood allegations
>>234416 Closeup on the details of the wedding dress
>>234437 Mentions a new age regression alter
>>234547 Fandom drama and more accusatory Jillian
>>234695 Some more comments on her youtube video
>>234739 Responds to a random tweet about drag queens not wearing blush, says she has "amnesia"
>>234740 Says she has a DID alter just for physical fighting
>>234767 Says having DID sucks
>>234790 More "DID sucks" shenanigans
>>234914 She's angry about Will Wood (and also mentions MUSE getting into NFTs)

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 (“Veronica” alter): https://twitter.com/xcherrybombica
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem?
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 234971

No. 234972

OP from this thread and last thread here again: added more things to the summary and fixed some errors yet again. Added some missed links as well.

No. 235023

The OP pic is cursed but super funny. Good job nonnita!

No. 235056

yeah, perfect OP pic. Thanks!

No. 235100

Never thought I'd see the day where my shitpost would be a thread pic I'm honored it's this cow

No. 235115

File: 1659455243225.jpg (181.84 KB, 720x1387, Screenshot_20220802-084538_Adb…)

No. 235118

File: 1659455339170.jpeg (98.09 KB, 828x270, 1659451567159.jpeg)

Posting this from last thread too

No. 235122

More like this is all just an internet larp

No. 235126

Thanks for all the effort, OP! The last two threads have been really well done. Now that Jill finally realized there are gross men into precure at the end of the last thread, I hope we will get to see her in a 1v1 woke battle with famous precure fetish troon Andrea Ritsu for thread 54

No. 235134

Because I feel it bears repeating: >>>/w/235104

No. 235141

This is so bold of her after she shows no proof of any of her claims.

No. 235144

File: 1659457178779.jpg (186.94 KB, 1080x727, IMG_20220724_215046.jpg)

Posting the fixed DID timeline:

>27th Jun 2020 - Jill is seeing a therapist who she calls sweet >>102779

The therapist is later not mentioned again, but they presumably parted because she couldn't fish for a diagnosis.
>2nd Jul 2020 - she says she stims >>103656
>12th Aug 2020 - claims she has a chronic illness that makes her change her voice >>108915
>15th Aug 2020 - says she is catatonic >>109293 >>109343
>October 2020 - Jill writes in her about me on her website that she was left with lasting clinical trauma from a relationship she had at 12/13 with a person 3 years older >>116828
>28th Nov 2020 - Jill talks about suicide and seeing a new specialist soon (angelbabe) >>122902, >>122876
If you read around the posts I linked, you can already see anons speculating she is doctor shopping and started talking about dissociation a lot more, influenced by following dissociaDID.
>2nd Dec 2020 - she contacts angelbabe and says he specializes in dissociative disorders >>123683
>5th Dec 2020 - new video drops and anons again notice her voice changes >>124420
>21st Dec 2020 - Jill claims to have severe dissociation/depersonalization >>127350
>30th Dec 2020 - starts seeing angelbabe therapist >>129368
>18th Jan 2021 - she retweets DID stuff >>133146
>30th Jan 2021 - removes - then puts back - "Neurodivergent" from her Twitter bio. >>135273
>27th Mar 2021 - Steve comes out as Nonbinary and Pansexual with they/them pronouns >>142715
>8th Jan 2021 - she confirms Steve was the one who researched and found angelbabe >>132524
>9th Jun 2021 - she describes self as "bisexual she/her bimbo with BPD and structural dissociation type two" >>155092
>11th Jun 2021 - her therapist suggests EMDR >>155452
>16th Jun 2021 - says she prefers the name Pixie and uses any pronouns >>156046, >>156843
>25th Jun 2021 - Jill makes a video about neurodiversity being more than just autism and adhd, says that she has many symptoms that BPD can't explain >>157267, she faces backlash and deletes the video >>157430, >>157339
>reupload of the trainwreck vid >>157620
>27th Jun 2021 - Villainy account is made >>157503, anons notice it follows a ton of DID accounts
>29th Jun 2021 - buys a binder >>157849
>28th Jul 2021 - talks about angel therapist on twitter, calls him a LGBT icon >>164616
>5th Oct 2021 - big mental health appointment she paid 1000$ CAD for that lasted 150 minutes >>175804
>13th Oct 2021 - appointment with angel therapist, presumably a full questionnaire psych testing >>176932, angel therapist is NOT a psychiatrist, results in 2-3 weeks
>14th Oct 2021 - Jill approves somebody else's factive of her >>176994
>27th Oct 2021 - makes a video about sensory issues, BPD and dissociation >>178976
>28th Oct 2021 - gets "encouraging results" >>179174
>11th Nov 2021 - presumably gets the diagnostic impression paper >>181386
>12th Nov 2021 - DID Diagnosis cake >>181714
>12th Nov 2021 - her full psych eval results are DID, PTSD, BPD, GAD and EDNOS >>181730
>21st Nov 2021 - DID diagnosis video >>183927 where she holds up the infamous diagnostic impression >>183956
>22nd Nov 2021 - drops the bomb she thinks she has autism too >>184113
>Jill says she was referred to a psychiatric clinic where two other doctors diagnosed her >>182001 but angelbabe was the one who administrated the MID >>181861

No. 235150

File: 1659457764724.jpg (314.57 KB, 1080x1318, IMG_20220802_182917.jpg)

So the Will Wood drama is that he exchanged creepy/horny messages with an 18 year old while he was 27, sure that makes him a loser and a creep but twitter is so obsessed with their unwashed guys being pure angels and if they aren't, they get cancelled. I bet Jill is getting sick of playing by the rulebook and wants to let Jerrica out.

No. 235152

The fact she brings her DID constantly on the internet and steven but not her parents says a lot about her larp.

Also, I thought alters had to "switch in" whenever they pleased? specially around trauma? she did say that she remembers trauma inside her own house, shouldn't she be jerrick around her parents 24/7 then? Also remember she didn't even want to be called Jilly anymore and threw a fit.

No. 235215

reminder that she said Melanie Martinez was triggering to her did even after it was all debunked. She's such a pick me straight girl.
So we're all supposed to believe she was raped for months while showing off her hypervigilant and loving family that most people would dream of? I'm not saying its not possible as men are disgusting, but god damn, out of all the people asking for proof. She has some nerve slapping down a heart emoji at the end of that.

No. 235221

She wants to be queer but she can't stand most women because they don't coddle her and treat her like a baby

No. 235222

the MM shit was never truly debunked.

No. 235229

tbh the Melanie Martinez rape situation mirrors some of Jill's story and I wonder if she's plain stealing it from it. The girl who accused MM also has BPD and releasend her album just days before the accusation began circulating. I'm not sure how reliable of a narrator she is.

In my opinion MM is indeed gross in plenty of proven ways besides a rape accusation, there's the whole pedopandering shit and how her primary fanbase is teens and preteens, but same could be said for Jillian and how she's slowly incorporating ageplaying into her content. I don't doubt a second that MM did shit we might never be able to prove, but so does Jill. Stripping naked in front of a friend + her (ex?)boyfriend is very fucked up for example.

No. 235262

I would believe Jill made someone else feel coerced and uncomfortable before I would buy that some woman (Uma, presumably) did it to her. Given her own language in her Veronica introduction video, it feels like she has no issue pushing peoples’ boundaries sexually. Hell, I felt pretty damn violated by that video.

No. 235264

She also just doesn't give a shit about lying for attention and has always wanted the attention in the first place. Lying about sexual assault isn't super common, but it happens often enough and she has never shown to have any morals that would put it past her.

No. 235272

File: 1659471768528.jpg (164.66 KB, 720x692, Screenshot_20220802-222624_Ins…)

not sure it was posted before

No. 235278

where did you got this from? an official page for the drag queen event? If so, I think it's okay to post it since it was a public event

No. 235312

File: 1659478507556.jpg (157.41 KB, 720x1266, Screenshot_20220802-151241_Adb…)

No. 235370

This. Terminally online BPD-chan has 0 personality and sees the world in stereotypes, so she clings to "muh kawiwi rainbie aesthetic" but she's tired of putting up an act online because the concept of seperating your brand's image and private life never occured to her during her entire youtube career because she's that narcissistic and stupid. She wants to shift into "muh sassy but fun-loving bimbo" as evidenced by Veronica and Jerrick getting more screentime than the other OCs she half-asses or barely mentions, along with her newfound interest in drag race where she sees the contestants as "yaaaaass queen" caricatures that she clearly wants to emulate.

No. 235373

Just going to pop in and say if I was Jillian with a very big house decorated to my liking, a supportive family, and means to do things, I would do sooooo much freaking content and things for my youtube or social media besides dumb selfies and crusty tiktok videos. Where are the craft videos she promised? she never does jack shit and I think chosing to smoke weed is one of the main reasons why she's so lazy.

No. 235374

welcome to the thread

No. 235376

Thanks, been here since 2015

No. 235379

Hill claiming she “doesn’t bring up her DID much” is the funniest thing I’ve read today. Especially given that she’s one of the tards that squeal if someone points out that it’s a covert disorder and drawing attention to it completely defeats the purpose. I guess that only counts when she’s around her parents who know full well that she’s only suddenly started acting like this. She brought a fucking cake for crying out loud, don’t try to act coy now Jillian.

So she’s implying that actively dissociating is the better option? What a moron. In other words, “I was getting myself worked up, but now I’m high and don’t care as much”

No. 235381

Very late on this but her complaining about how her "phone is about to die" after the car crash is ridiculous because she definitely had a phone charger with her since she was coming home from a l,ong stay, it's not like the car was too mangled to fetch it.

No. 235388

She's also at 65% battery so that's not even remotely close to dying.

No. 235389

File: 1659508947989.png (533.17 KB, 1144x728, 1659313597040.png)

I wanted to say the same, but this screenshot could have been taken later
I still fully believe she ditched Louise and didn't want to talk anymore

No. 235392

I'm pretty sure she did get the charger, but where tf was she going to charge it in the middle of the highway? 90 minutes later when we see her texting Steebie she's at McDonalds and probably plugged in. That's where the cops took her after they towed her car.

I have no doubt she was probably at like 40% and just being melodramatic and/or avoiding her mum but c'mon

No. 235395

File: 1659513033183.jpg (1.02 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_20220803_095028.jpg)

I don't think this Steve twitter interaction was posted, kek

No. 235396

File: 1659514856843.jpg (12.74 KB, 260x260, 7eec5306b0cb01158a2f5fda45c2a5…)

Im sorry all I see is this

No. 235411

kek very in theme with the OP picture
wait a second… is that maggie?

No. 235416

Last thread reached its post limit, can you BLEASE learn to link to the new threads before that happens. Blease.

No. 235440

File: 1659526323921.jpeg (530.81 KB, 828x1416, 6D76758D-AE02-4CD4-B986-5CB927…)

After doing a little bit of digging it’s shown that Maggie follows Steve and Wendy. Interestingly enough neither Wendy or Maggie are following Jill. Pic related is Maggie posting about Stickers which is interesting because I wonder if Maggie is visiting Steve while Jill is out or in the house larping as an edgy teen?

It’s a testament to Jill’s BPD that despite introducing Wendy and Maggie to each other, they are still friends while Jill seems to have gone through one to two cycles of friends in the 4ish years Wendy and Maggie have known each other.

No. 235443

File: 1659527427696.jpg (91.55 KB, 1080x449, IMG_20220803_135048.jpg)

Check this though

No. 235445

File: 1659527546780.jpg (331.75 KB, 1080x1759, IMG_20220803_135248.jpg)

Also this one is fun, she says she was just thinking about the past

No. 235446

File: 1659527662547.jpg (173.81 KB, 1080x1014, IMG_20220803_135500.jpg)

No. 235478

She sees blank expression on that cat but I see a war veteran, that cat's seen some things

What level of awkward is it to visit the house of a couple where you only get along with one of them and don't even follow the other? She's Steve's ex right? So weird. Idk how this would even logically happen but I guess the house is big enough Jill can sulk in another room?

No. 235492

Hmm, wonder if Steve copes with Jill’s bullshit by cheating, or at least flirting

No. 235510

File: 1659534654539.jpg (276.82 KB, 1080x1824, 20220803_094953.jpg)

I did some lurking too

No. 235515

They know who she means lol

No. 235551

The other tweets made me think it could be about someone else other than Jill but this is so on the nose that it has to be her kek

No. 235555

holy shit you guys, seriously? it was obviously taken later. the date of the messages would not be there if she had immediately screenshotted

No. 235559

Steve liked this one too >>235510

No. 235573

File: 1659540952858.png (216.91 KB, 1080x1072, Screenshot_20220803-113149_Twi…)

The last part of that thread. Is ava/fawn4u someone who knows Jill or Steve too?

No. 235585

I wish maggie would come here and anonymously spill some beans about jill.

No. 235595

File: 1659542829036.jpeg (209.86 KB, 828x1324, FB258201-BF31-4DEB-B59A-FF0D57…)

No. 235596

File: 1659542854956.jpeg (156.18 KB, 828x953, 38AE04A2-D2C4-46DB-A488-7F9DE8…)


No. 235617

Isn't this tinfoiling?

No. 235622

the first set of tweets and those replies is literally about jill

No. 235654

So Jill shit talks her friend who she ‘stole’ Steve from to him, and I guess he turns around and tells his ex about it because how else would Maggie know?

No. 235657

File: 1659546770311.jpg (155.16 KB, 715x1269, Screenshot_20220803-100836_Chr…)

No. 235674

I'm sorry, but is this really Maggie? it just looks like another troon twitter account to me. What was her instagram again?

No. 235676

>She's Steve's ex right? So weird.
I bet they fuck

No. 235693

File: 1659550888991.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1473, 03EEA3BA-805F-413D-83F3-0DE678…)

yes it’s maggie, she posted this selfie >>235395 on her twitter account

No. 235697

Holy shit. Tried looking at her instagram again but can't find it (I like her style sorry kek) is she not on insta anymore?

No. 235716

While looking for tweets about Jill, I found a thread where Maggie mentions having anxiety over being "featured in a hate forum just because she knows someone". Apparently photos of her and Jill at a con wound up here and it freaked her out.

So while I would love for her to come here and spill the tea, I doubt it would happen.

No. 235724

yeah i feel kind of bad for her tbh i used to follow her on insta and she seemed really normal / well adjusted at least in comparison to jillybean. also posted few and far between which is a good sign she’s not a chronically online NEET like most featured on here

No. 235728

Wasn't there a pic of her and jill where Maggie was looking straight at the camera? From animaritime I think, at the lobby stairs. Must've really bothered her.

No. 235732

She's mutuals with one of the girls who gets posted in the e-girls thread a lot who is also an admitted farmer so I wouldn't doubt she reads here a bit.
Her following is also full of lolicon artists and ddlg kaliacc/milady shit.

No. 235735

The rest of the tweets are just vaguing someone. There's no proof she's been openly shitting on Jill for over a year.

No. 235737

It's not style jill it's a dissociative disorder ffs

No. 235744

File: 1659553761439.png (Spoiler Image,295.26 KB, 302x967, 1.PNG)

Jill trying to cancel someone for liking lolishit is even funnier now.
Spoiler for erotic loli art, sorry for shit quality I didn't want to make a collage since there was 3 in a row anyway.

No. 235756

It's pretty obvious anon

No. 235762

Why does she like this shit? Any clue?

No. 235766

File: 1659554742239.png (442.22 KB, 528x547, strawberrything.PNG)

Not really milk but I thought it was funny she bought the exact same pajamas? that Jill got for her birthday a month after she did kek
Her following is literally 75% loli artists with a ton of ddlg nsfwtwt and agere accounts, along with the babytalk she does it's obvious she's ddlg, which makes me wonder if steve is as well. I'd make a collage but it's just her whole account so theres no point

No. 235777

This is weird because while looking for stuff I saw her cancelling some other ex friend for being into loli, too bad I didn't screencap it. I think it was vaguetweeted and censored. The whole anime baby stuff made me think it's a MtF account.

No. 235784

Was it old? She seems to have changed a lot so maybe that's why

No. 235786

She's still on instagram at hyperbol.e anon

No. 235787

>I'd make a collage
Please do it, some people here (like me) don't have twitter to lurk
>along with the babytalk she does it's obvious she's ddlg
Huh… well she hangs out with steven a lot, and steven said to another girl "come to my house as a safe space to age regress" or something like that

No. 235798

I used to think ppl were tinfoiling too hard insisting they're into the baby shit but I guess it makes sense if his ex is into it. Since everythings about online appearances for Jill she has to tag all her baby stuff as #SFW and tying it to her made up trauma she can be an adult baby but in a way that won't have people cancel her

No. 235799

File: 1659559921396.jpg (372.26 KB, 1080x1729, IMG_20220803_225138.jpg)

No. 235800

Taking a photo that includes you because you happened to be next to someone they wanted to take a photo of isn't stalking. Her twitter makes her seem like a cow herself tbh. Always thought she seemed innocent but I guess not
>loli porn, edtwt, using japanese name for some reason, agere, overreactions, constant posts about drama, and ddlg mutuals
How does someone mature in reverse?

No. 235801

File: 1659560546804.jpg (124.29 KB, 1080x600, IMG_20220803_230303.jpg)

I am kind of amazed this circle of drama queens managed to find each other in fredericton lol

No. 235808

File: 1659563985357.jpeg (28.47 KB, 134x275, 5B8FFDDF-0CC9-4399-BB77-B4A3B8…)

Original pic is in thread >>>/snow/616989 yeah she looked directly into the camera kek

am being retarded and cant figure out how to link the original post soz

No. 235809

This shit sends my sides into orbit everytime I see it. She looks like sam hyde
Good on her for the weight loss though even if she motivated herself by following proana teenagers as evident by her following list

No. 235810

File: 1659564466395.png (2.03 MB, 1524x1280, 1530211074810.png)

Kek I definetely remember this thread. Also… wait a minute, this fabric in this cosplay's skirt… is this the same fabric she used for her cousin's wedding dress?

No. 235811

She never went to shoplifter school, never look directly into a camera lol

Amazing you can see jill side-eyeing her even in this low resolution

No. 235812

I hope the original anon nitpicking this cosplay got the autism diagnosis they needed. But it looks like a similar shitty fabric, nice fabric is so important when making clothing and Jill is like fuck that, this is $3

No. 235813

It’s really pretty shocking seeing old pictures of Jill, it took me a minute to recognize her. She actually looks cute here, which makes what she’s doing now even more sad. I don’t think she realizes how much her drag/clown-core makeup ages her.

It’s the same type of fabric, but I think she got a different color for the wedding dress. The fabric on the wedding dress looked more pink than this does. Plus, unless she grossly overestimated how much fabric she was gonna need, I doubt there was enough left over to just pull from her fabric stash for the cousin’s dress.

No. 235824

File: 1659567555365.jpg (147.22 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220803-155738_Adb…)

No. 235826

File: 1659567681326.jpg (151.43 KB, 720x1385, Screenshot_20220803-160118_Adb…)

No. 235829

Lolita and Rainbow-era jill had so many autistic nitpickers that would even selfpost other equally as tacky influencers. They've just quieted down in the DID era since she got bored of being "muh fashion expert".

No. 235830

She really has nothing else going on in her life, huh?

No. 235832

>proceeds to bragfag on twitter

No. 235834

This bitch needs to learn what catatonic means

No. 235837

Tbh the cosplay itself is pretty bad, we're just getting used to her looking even worse

No. 235839

samefag i stand corrected the loli/ddlg is disgusting coomer levels she obviously has internet brain rot and her new appearance just hides it
how can you say this and not realize you sound like a parody or an actual babbling retard, just not the kind she’s pretending to be

No. 235841

Nah. The thing is she's getting worse nowadays, but even then she was pretty insufferable. I think anons were mad that she always said she was super good at lolita and cosplay but looked bad for those communities standars.
It's like how she's calling herself a drag queen now when she has only turned up to one show in an outfit that doesn't convey the "drag queen flair" at all.

No. 235842

>catatonic, nonverbal
>ummmmm play some smash?
>lol nvm I'm fine now

No. 235845

Just because you shut your mouth and look at the void doesn't mean you're "nonverbal and catatonic" jilly.

No. 235847

sounds like every stoner ever.

shes not autistic shes a drug addict

No. 235865

God she sounds miserable to live with and date

No. 235870

Good lord Maggie looks so much better now, she doesn't look MtF anymore. I know she doesn't like the site but if she ever comes here and spills milk it'd be wonderful.
Stephen just HAS to be into DDLG. The chances of both Maggie and Jill being into it separately aren't that slim, but combined with the fact that he has admitted to having a severe porn addiction + he's clearly a cumbrained redditor + interacted w/ that Sofia Mehlitz tweet (the girl he said can "age regress at our house any time!") makes me 110% think that he's the one getting them into this. Men like him are always into shit like that and being called "daddy" etc, there's no way he didnt stumble across it during his porn addiction. You know damn well he's fucked Jill when she's larping as the baby alter. autistic tinfoil, but maybe she keeps getting UTI's because he makes her wear a diaper

No. 235871

nonnie please don't insert these images into my brain

No. 235882

File: 1659581576243.jpeg (434.11 KB, 828x997, 488C1C13-2BE4-4486-859F-2F85B5…)

God Jill please please PLEASE do a jump split at your next drag performance

No. 235885

>not diet culturey
Jill, you have to admit you're highly overweight now for your own health.

No. 235893

File: 1659584858907.jpg (Spoiler Image,658.22 KB, 1080x1080, fatvideo.jpg)

In her "I gained weight" video (picrel) she said she was well over 150 lbs, she's 5'1 from what I remember so thatd put her around a 29 bmi give or take, that was three years ago when she was way thinner, I'd honestly say her bmi must be in the late 30s now.
Sage for weightsperging kek, sorry I couldn't help myself.

No. 235897

BMI means nothing. No1currs about that and haven't in decades. I don't know why anons think to bring it up when the system was based on men, not women in any single study. Lol

No. 235898

Anon, this is clearly Veronica. Jill would never wear lingerie!

(Saged for stupid joke)

No. 235902

File: 1659587603167.jpg (225.78 KB, 1064x1280, 20220804_063143.jpg)

You can ignore BMI and just look at photos of her

No. 235905

Still means close to something if you don't have much muscle. If your bmi is over 30 and you don't have muscle, you're fat.

No. 235908

here's the video she posted if anyone is interested

No. 235911

Why does Jill, who thinks she has cartoon characters and small children living in her head, care if something is "science-based"

No. 235926

Maggie’s twitter account may be the trooniest thing I’ve ever seen from an actual woman. IRL Kikomi must be Steve’s type, or maybe it’s somehow contagious.

Steve actually likes the eye-searing interior of the rainbow clownhouse because the whole thing is one big googoo gaga age regression ‘safe space’ for his DDLG fetish.

Sinister tinfoil:
Steve is using Jill’s aesthetic and e-fame to groom girls, or would at least like to. I always got the impression that Steve’s an opportunist and a leech who wanted to be a professional YouTuber himself but has given up on that after his own channel failed to get off the ground, so now he’s living vicariously through Jill. Jill came with an audience of young, mentally ill/autistic/genderspecial weeaboo girls with childish interests, some of whom lived locally. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.
>Having a hard time? Come age regress at our house! We have weed, booze and you can even hang out with your idol!
The DID thing has limited Jill’s reach among normies but probably intensified it with terminally online TikTok zoomers who might be more open to living with a so-called glitter family than with their own parents.
I hope I’m wrong about this.

No. 235927

i think you need to go back to the onion thread with these theories kek.

No. 235930

Kek it does seem like she got too much inspiration from that thread.

No. 235933

lol I stopped reading those years ago when shit got too real, but you’re not wrong. It’s not just onion, though, a lot of e-famous scrotes have been caught in some variation of this. Never trust a man with a young female audience, even by proxy.

No. 235944

Well thank god BMI could conclusively tell us Jill is fat, not like we could have looked with our eyes or anything.

No. 235952

You can look at someone and see they’re fat, dumbass. It’s not that complicated

No. 236076

File: 1659606708443.png (688.46 KB, 1411x816, 094754.png)

It's a bit tinfoily but something I screenshot earlier kinda?? backs it up a bit, these are the people in Jill's orbit, very vulnerable people. And, assuming this person is telling the truth Jill pretends to have a backstory like this which would make vulnerable folk trust her.
idk if this person follows pixie, it was in response to the will wood drama which pixie waded into.

No. 236077

File: 1659606771627.png (382.01 KB, 1370x1342, 086564.png)

It was in reply to this person, was this brought up ITT? I don't recall it.

No. 236101

This does not track with her bizarre fixation on Shane Dawson who she probably still watches in private. Really fucking tired of her hypocrisy, especially when she plays Twitter cop and harasses whoever she deems offensive. What a clown.

No. 236103

She just recently tweeted about his podcast, so yeah she does. I'm surprised her twitter DID circle didn't want to cancel her for that, lol

No. 236109

Nah, I’m sorry. Catatonia isn’t a fucking joke, Jill. You get hospitalized for that.
The tattoo comment is 100% vague tweeting about Jill, I’m honestly living for someone in her immediate circle praying on her downfall. This loli edtwt weirdo seems more up Steve’s alley anyway.
Anyone who is buying the Will Wood Groomer story about the themby adult woman who legally sold him OF content is hilariously sheltered.

No. 236113

>Steebie being friends with this pedophile
Don’t know why I ever doubted anyone who said he’s a ddlg pedo himself. Her AND Jill LARP as little kids, disgusting.

No. 236118

I've never seen where Jill defended him, but it would be interesting if she did since "The A System" is a man with a tiktok DID account who is speculated to be pretending to have DID to gain access to all the naive teenage girls in the tiktok DID community

No. 236135

File: 1659625934763.jpeg (126.99 KB, 827x914, 558C718B-9140-461A-89E2-622FAB…)

While I agree that the situation is fucking stupid, now that WW has made a public statement Jill is straight into attacking the ‘victim’ on Twitter, who from their tweets is clearly not in a great way because they’re being harassed online by Stans.
Good thing she made sure to switch accounts before donning her pitchfork

No. 236149

read the last thread. She defended him hard.

No. 236155

Thanks anon, I have no idea how I missed that in the last thread

No. 236178

Love how it's the badass grumpy alter saying this shot. She really did just make up her DID so she could get away with being an asshole didn't she

No. 236182

Imagine larping as a sa victim and going after someone with no proof just because you like a scrote's corny music. She always has the option to keep her mouth shut and just say these things offline. If you actually knew how vile men can be after experiencing sa you would not go on twitter with this take, you would be highly suspicious of all men and take their deflections with a grain of salt. Once again Jill outing herself only to look like an asshole

No. 236196

someone correct me if i’m remembering wrong, but hasn’t she accused uma as being predatory due to their age gap in their relationship? so a 26 year old scrote pursuing an 18 year old is a-ok, but her relationship with uma was abusive?

No. 236229

I didn't even think of this… How old was Uma? I feel like to problem of a 26 yo going for an 18 yo is they are at completely different parts of their lives. But Jill being 12/13 and Uma being 15/16 (?) isn't that mushc of a difference.

No. 236230

She's such a fucking hypocrite, it's so hard not to fucking a-log right now.
Tinfoil but I feel like she's jealous of actual victims, reminds me of when Soren (another DID and trauma faking cow) would sperg out on actual victims.

No. 236231

She is always such a pick-me when it comes to scrotes she likes.

No. 236235

iirc she said Uma was 16, Jill 13.

>Tinfoil but I feel like she's jealous of actual victims

100% this. She has to go fracking through her own memories to find anything remotely traumatic, and then she carefully curates what and how she publicly shares it to make it seem worse than it is. She even went so far as to explore the theory that autism can move the age threshold for DID. And then of course she jumps at any opportunity to label anything she currently experiences as "traumatic."

She absolutely wishes she'd experience(d) actual trauma.

No. 236237

File: 1659635255026.png (26.2 KB, 684x283, quirky.png)

I can't begin to imagine being so comfortable in life that your main pastime becomes creating problems for yourself.

No. 236246

not even a tinfoil, she has untreated bpd, she's going to do this insane attention seeking stuff as long as she gets attention from it.

No. 236256

Here in the timeline anon mentions how she named the 3 year gap relationship as a traumatic experience >>235144 on her bussiness site "about me"

No. 236262

>I hope they press charges
I hope Uma presses charges on you

No. 236274

wow. I had this person following me on Twitter for about a year not knowing they were into loli shit or that they were involved with Jill. And the funny part is she has shit talked others for being into loli stuff, and has shat on other women for pedopandering countless times. What a disgusting hypocrite.

No. 236285

I want to alog but i’ll just be content with the fact that Jill lives in a hell of her own creation, one that will bite her in her own doughy ass one day. How disgusting she is that she searches out and publicly attacks somebody who is (at least meant to be) a victim of the same thing she claims gave her irreparable trauma. Pig.

No. 236290

The irony of her saying that is so glaring when the same could be said to her by someone with her exact mindset

No. 236324

File: 1659650527120.jpg (183.84 KB, 716x1388, Screenshot_20220804-145931_Chr…)

I'm excited

No. 236326

File: 1659650629398.jpg (163.64 KB, 720x1397, Screenshot_20220804-150106_Chr…)


No. 236333

She really expects her followers to remember which emojis represent her alters and then comb through the emoji spam to figure out which ones are posting, instead of posting all of the alter emojis together at the beginning or end or something.

No. 236352

Probably overstated but her room was nice back then. Aged now but look at how clean, simple it looks. Minimalist with some nice, carefully placed decorations. It's so weird that she's capable of having a nice home but instead insists on filling it with garbage & never cleaning it.

No. 236361

File: 1659655514658.png (2.46 MB, 2166x1128, Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 6.23…)


hate to break it but if i'm remembering this decor screams louise. if i'm correct this is Louise's study, (back when Jill was using her mom's mac to edit things/her moms equipment). it's shown in pixie's "lets design my house in the sims" video or whatever that was. Yeah, don't for a second think jill could design something that cohesive

No. 236367

Yeah, this decor is very middle aged woman in 2010

No. 236449

File: 1659666223993.jpeg (378.16 KB, 828x634, AD991170-EC4C-47A2-ACFF-1096DD…)

No. 236452

Kek Jill keeps forgetting she's supposed to have 5+ alters and not just the two flashy ones

No. 236465

Jax is really just a Jinx ripoff design wise too, so creative lol

No. 236466

just because you're pretending you have a gaggle of people in your head doesn't make it any less narcissistic to have another twitter account to talk about yourself Jill

No. 236475

Yeah the manipulative scrote pretended to be uwu so upset that his censored nude was shared (everything painted over in black, you just see his chest and his gormless expression) not like all men are exhibitionists and send people unprompted nudes at the drop of the hat. So his fans are running with that as an excuse to attack the themby. He was very creepy and weird in the messages so I think her feeling bad about it is valid, but of course Jill has to side with the white man as usual

No. 236478

There's a very good point here, afaik the deviantart relationship was mostly online and not sexual, and the age gap was 13/14-15, it was more like a year and a half or something.

With will wood, it was also online but mostly entirely sexual and will bailed when it got personal and the themby wanted emotional support. Lots of nudes shared, onlyfans etc. And a 8 year age gap.

Jill accuses Uma of "repeated rape" in a video despite that categorically not happening, the themby didn't accuse him of rape or sa, only grooming, her accusation is actually lesser than Jills and with a lot more evidence.

Jill: jumps in to attack the victim when Will comes out with 'it's all real, but I'm innocent lol' statement. She is a massive hypocrite.

No. 236481

File: 1659672669189.png (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 1024x1823, will wood's manager.png)

Samefag, just so you get an idea of the kind of person will is, this is what his manager and best friend put out as a statement kek

Will's statement was a lot more professional but I bet his real response was more like his buddy here.
Spoiler for slight offtopic but 'people jill stans'

No. 236482

File: 1659673117566.jpeg (809.07 KB, 1170x1493, 7E33C02E-163C-4419-8D7A-FA5ED7…)

funny how she posts this right after it’s mentioned that she can’t keep any of her friendships

No. 236483

She looked cute, wish she went back in time and stayed the same.

No. 236484

This is so dumb
As much as I hate men I also would never side with the they/them woman in this situation. She's as much of an idiot.

No. 236485

This is true though. Even if they're scrotes, this is pretty good advice irl. And it applies to Jill too, she's extremely coddled and has never had any hardship in life.

No. 236486

Man I am 100% sure she lurked here and saw what Maggie said and now she's being stupid about it. She was the one who gossiped about her friends behind her back. Also, doesn't Veronica love gossip?

No. 236488

>If someone being mean to you is the worst thing that has happened to you consider yourself lucky
Applies to Jillian and all the relationships she has fucked up
>Furthermore, you're delegitimazing am entire class of people who had suffered from real abuse
This is literally Jilly when she pretends to have trauma

No. 236490

While I think it's safe to say this will grooming thing is just Twitter not knowing what grooming is and someone trying to get another person in trouble over basically nothing, it's hilarious to see people Jill "admires" inadvertently preaching a message jill sorely needs to let soak into her soft skull

No. 236493

File: 1659675990985.jpg (135.99 KB, 716x1384, Screenshot_20220804-220409_Chr…)

No. 236496

File: 1659676148279.jpg (168.69 KB, 720x1389, Screenshot_20220804-145838_Chr…)

No. 236501

Nah fuck this
MPD was changed to DID to reflect a better understanding of what the disorder is meant to be– meaning the psyche is fragmented or splintered. You're not multiple people in one body, you're a shattered personality that split off apart cope. Fuck off with your bullshit Jill you have no idea what you're talking about.

No. 236502

And I prefer the term "attention whoring disorder"

No. 236503

What I think is happening here is she doesn't understand the actual disorder and thinks having DID is having different hobbies and ways to interact with people depending on her mood. Hence why she wants calls it multiple personalities.

Or, it could be that with "personality" she means characters, she's interpretating different characters like a theater kid would.

No. 236504

>no one gets their feelings twisted if someone can't reply for a few weeks
What the fuck, Jill? I don't think we need to be available 24/7 to our friends, but if you want to ignore someone for a few weeks that's an acquittance at best lmao

No. 236506

The thin face kek. She hates her weight so much no matter how much body positive coping she tries. This reminded me of when she used a slimming filter on one of her videos a few months and said "thanks for noticing my starving is working teehee - snake emoji" when the stripes were clearly distorted.

No. 236507

File: 1659679551280.webm (8.03 MB, 540x960, 23710177746.webm)

No. 236508

File: 1659679643686.jpg (198.36 KB, 716x1271, Screenshot_20220804-225901_Chr…)

No. 236509

I think this means she probably has NPD and not BPD. My BPD is in remission state yet I put so many fingers down.

No. 236510

She looks punchable and smug as fuck. I hate when she pretends to look edgy like this.

No. 236511

The disgusted faces when she says certain symptoms isnt very ~destigmatizing and accepting~ of you, Jill. Inb4 she deletes it.

No. 236512

This. She just hates the bad parts of BPD. Her faces are disgusting.

No. 236513

That Billie Eilish/e-girl make up filter is so obvious on her lol

No. 236514

>i like the term multiple personalities uwu emoji

Yes we know you do Jilly, you paid 2k for your fake diagnosis after all

No. 236518

"Look at the tiny me sob emoji" is this how a 14 yo edgy boy talks

No. 236524

Jill wondering how to subtly age up Jerrick to 18 after finding out her favourite musician is into freshly legal edgy they/thems

She claims all her abusers (plural!) have been women. Men are harmless baby angels in her eyes.

>try not to let those friendships go because of silly trivial things like me gossiping about you

No. 236526

>Jill wondering how to subtly age up Jerrick to 18 after finding out her favourite musician is into freshly legal edgy they/thems
Maybe she'll say the car crash was soo traumatic that it aged Jerricka kek.

No. 236530

File: 1659683262143.png (Spoiler Image,2 MB, 544x2052, jilly bpd.png)

I'm going to try and transcript this
>Put a finger down if you feel empty without a strong intimate connection with someone and are quick to evaluate potential connections
Says "nope" with a disgusted face
>Put a finger down if you become quickly fixated on a person that you have developed that connection with and feels like you finally found what you have been looking for your whole life and don't think anything is wrong with them as a person
Shakes her head in a "no" gesture, disgusted face again, maybe even upset
>Put a finger down if you find yourself ignoring a lot of your responsibilites and interests and prefer to focus on their interest and personal identity
Says no with her head again, has a disbelief face (like saying "omg I would never")
>Put a finger down if you often find yourself waiting or scheduling a time around when they can text, call or hang out with you
Makes a slight disgust gesture with her mouth, then tries to recall if she has done it, then accepts she has done it, but shakes her head in a "maybe sometimes" way
>Put a finger down if you have gone into panic or crisis mode fearing you will lose them if you feel an energy shift even a little bit
Looks at the distance and closes her eyes, probably thinking of being sad about someone leaving her. Slight "nod" gesture.
>Put a finger down if you find yourself increasingly intense, anxious, irritable, or even angry if too many minutes or hours pass where you have not been in touch with them
Writes at the bottom: "This used to be a daily problem but not it's only if it's really abnormally long periods. At first she looks sad and accepting, but then she looks like "but I worked through it, so I'm proud", slight smile. Doubts if she should put a finger down.
>Put a finger down if you find yourself imagining life without them somehow and thinking that you would rather die
Already says "no" with her head before letting the woman finish, she's incredibly upset at this question, continues to say no. Makes a surprised face when the woman says "die". Laughs a bit as in "I can't believe people actually do that"
>Put a finger down if you find yourself running away or ignoring them when they're distant to see if they chase after you
Says she used to do that but not anymore, smiles. Goes to the camera and say it. She does not put a finger down.
>Put a finger down if someone has broken up with you and you have felt the dispair so deeply you have either attempted to kill yourself, rumminated on it for weeks, or you have taken an extended absence for work
Does a "thinking about it" gesture, then only nods when she mentions the extended leave from work
>Put a finger down if you have to recreate yourself after relationships with this people end, because you formed your whole sense of self around them and you don't know who you are anymore
Wants to put a finger down for a second, then disapproves, looks away like "why would anyone do that"

Made a collage of her faces, every row represents a question.

No. 236532

I'm just tired of her pretending to be so "uwu" about BPD, she even has a BPD chart she made pinned on her twitter, but when actual symptoms of BPD are discussed, she makes these fucking disgusting faces disapproving of them. This shit ruins lives, it ruins the life of the people who experience BPD and their close ones. The woman in the video is super sincere and honest about what she's going through, and this fucking ASSHOLE makes faces at her pretending to be "omg lol so quirky who would do that" etc and even denying some of her own symptoms, for what? She says she's working on this shit but I see nothing, NOTHING, she has 0 empathy or honesty. Even in videos like these where you're supposed to be sincere about your own shit, she decided to be a fucking insufferable cunt.

No. 236538

She had no part for car crashes so Jerrick was forced to grow up to fill that role (crying emoji x3)! Anyway here’s a link to his new OnlyFans @WillWood whoops haha why did I tag you by accident oop

No. 236542

>I'm allowed to hurt people
>But they aren't allowed to defend themselves
Get bent itsjonthehuman

No. 236546

>She claims all her abusers (plural!) have been women. Men are harmless baby angels in her eyes.

She's definitely one of those "women are abusers too!!!" people who bring out the 3% of rapes and murders done by women as "evidence" and compare women gossiping as equivalent to the sick obsessive shit men do on the daily. Total handmaiden for sure. Has she ever said anything feminist?

No. 236547

File: 1659688610674.png (261.35 KB, 340x340, 1646360745494.png)

Show her this graph

No. 236550

File: 1659690920834.jpg (13.57 KB, 542x114, 20220805.jpg)

Dear Jill:

No. 236559

Jill and I are in the disabled communities on Tiktok: it is fascinating to see how quickly she claims hot words that have gone viral from other autistic creators. All of sudden she's the one experiencing it, just to support her future autism diagnosis.
>necklace stim toys

I think I could even link the viral videos she is snagged catatonia from, it was on my fyp around 2 days ago

No. 236562

Post it. Her chewing necklace reminded me of this type of video as well

No. 236563

It pisses me off that she changes the meaning of words to her liking. People already told her that the way she used the word neurodivergent was wrong and she threw a fit and has been tweeting shit that proves her right like "BPD is neurodivergency" (she's wrong). Not even people calling her out stops this bitch.

No. 236566

File: 1659696913666.webm (15.92 MB, 576x1024, jills-catatonia_cosplay.webm)

samefag, I have no concept of time, this was posted a day ago, with her mentioning catatonia only hours after

also if my partner tried taunting me and was trying to get me to play smash while I was having a catatonic episode?? just seems wildly insensitive and impossible

No. 236568

This is why it's so important that this stupid bitch doesnt claim non verbality or catatonia. Not talking for a while doesn't meant you have these issues. This autistic guy clearly has a high level of autism and saying "do you want to play smash" would simply not register to him.

I know being into smash is generally seen as autistic but come the fuck on. It's not the case.

No. 236571

Another thing that pisses me off is she has always been normal and well adjusted, and if she was truly catatonic or non verbal these issues would had definitely come up in the past and Louise for sure would had talked about it.

She really wants to be autistic for some weird reason plays up shit with her attention seeking theater kid antics. But for sure the only "catatonia" she will ever experience is smoking weed and being baked as fuck. This is super insensitive of her.

No. 236572

It's so rich of her that she's so unwilling to change but quick to point out and make faces of disgust when others speak up about her struggles. If she wanted to change she would not lie of be an asshole this much. It's funny she lurks so much but never takes any of the advice or reflects on shit.

No. 236576

Is it just me, or could Jill possibly not have BPD? She might have a PD. But I haven't seen her do any of the impulsive things associated with BPD. Like abusing illegal drugs or sleeping around. However, she does drink a lot and has compulsive spent. So I'm not entirely sure.(Armchairing)

No. 236578

She has some stuff going on that could pass as BPD symptoms, however, she just revealed in that tiktok she basically has almost no abandonment issues, which is a key part in BPD. Most times she has felt bad were because her ego was bruised, and her ego is very easy to get bruised. Check this NPD criteria:
1.Grandiose sense of self-importance
2.Preoccupation with fantasies of success, power, or beauty
2.Belief that one is special and unique
3.Need for excessive admiration
4.Sense of entitlement
5.Lack of empathy
6.Exploitative behavior towards others
7.Arrogant and haughty demeanor
8.Strong feelings of envy

Doesn't this sound a bit too much like Jilly?(Armchairing)

No. 236579

So he's another Projared who sends nudes to fans despite looking like some Phineas and Ferb motherfucker? That's greasy no matter the age of the women he is sending them to, and if he's picking some Aiden fresh out of high school he is obviously going for the the naive and mentally unsound. Not worth "cancelling" someone over since every other moid with a platform is like that, but he seems like a total loser. Jill sure knows how to pick 'em.

No. 236580

File: 1659702287905.jpg (264.48 KB, 720x998, 1659702156468.jpg)

To be frank as more time passes, she seems to fit more and more into the NPD criteria while also having some BPD traits. She could be what people call a "borderline narcissist". Here's some info on it

No. 236581

File: 1659702702622.jpg (293.33 KB, 1284x2390, 9f8a927aed375b7f2aa7a1de8cfdb0…)

Posting this too.

No. 236582

File: 1659702741226.jpg (128.48 KB, 391x588, Narc checklist.jpg)

No. 236583

Tinfoil: Jill keeps saying such things because there's more people angry at her and likely to find these threads and call her out or make a twitter thread about her. If that happens, she can go back to these tweets and tiktoks and tell her fans she is unjustly attacked.
She did the same thing with her DID diagnosis: omg remember how I tweeted about being dizzy and losing memory?

No. 236585

I really don't feel as bad for the autistic male as I feel bad for the mother. She looks exhausted, I've seen this look in this type of mothers with mentally unwell children before.

Jillian doesn't understand how good she has it. She would never, ever suffer or have to experience what this mother or her son have. Her claiming catatonia is just so devoid of empathy and respect. And also, she's posting on Twitter and making TikToks with her supposed catatonia, that would simply not be possible.

No. 236596

File: 1659708936623.jpg (302.87 KB, 1080x1489, IMG_20220805_161418.jpg)

The person she's responding to is 22.

No. 236599

Slight tinfoil: I think Jill is jealous of her cousin having autism. She seemed happy with just DID for a while and kinda brushed aside the “possible” autism. But once her cousin became a big focus of her life with that wedding dress commission, she massively ramped up the autism breadcrumbs

No. 236604


Her causin is autistic? That explains a lot

No. 236627

File: 1659713786251.png (1.87 MB, 1158x1228, Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 10.3…)

No. 236628

god this is cringe

No. 236629

Oh she absolutely has BPD. It explains everything to me.

That, and "affluenza."

No. 236630

kek that cliffe(lrn2sage)

No. 236636

Except that half the time she doesn’t even remember to use her own emoji system

iirc the first time (and pretty much only time until recently) she mentioned catatonia was right after thistrippiehippie did a tik tok about her catatonic states that she suffers from as a result of her seizures. I remember clocking that Jill had suddenly plucked it out of her ass not more than a day later


Nonna you’re far more obnoxious than someone who asked a simple question and forgot to sage, go back to Twitter if you want to feel special(dont reply to the tranny)

No. 236638

At least she's drawing her own face as bloated as it looks irl, so that's something. It's kind of funny that her characters are skinny legends while she's a fatass, I just don't get how can anyone get as fat as she got while living in a decent country with a decent income.

No. 236639

It's the schizo tranny moid, nonnie, don't reply to it.

No. 236640

weed and diet. this is the same fatty who put peeps in "tea"(that nasty sugary trail mix from david's tea is not real tea) and would drink multiple cups of that sludge daily.

No. 236642

Just imagine somebody making these faces and reacting this way to a video discussing depression symptoms.
>Do you ever feel so detached you can barely take care of yourself?
>Do you spend all day thinking about how everyone would be better off if you didn't exist?
>HAHA wtf people think that? So weird OMG not me AT ALL

No. 236643

No. 1 warning sign for fake did– every single "alter" is as simple as a basic personality type because that's what drives a Hollywood plot

No. 236644

So is Jerrick a guy, and that makes him trans when he's in Jill's body, or is he canonicly a transguy? And same for Cliffe, are they supposed to be real men or transmen? i can't keep up with her lore lol

No. 236645

Her parents just magically don’t notice and it’s covert despite the first “switch on camera!!!” she had in that Christmas vid being incredibly bizzare. For any that don’t remember she zoned out and started moving weirdly and babbling “girly, girly wirly, girly wirly wooo”, it looked like some kind of episode you would 100% realise something was wrong.
Only she isn’t and hasn’t been getting treatment for BPD? She was setting up the DID, getting the diagnosis then getting EMDR. Has she posted anything about DBT or anything similar? She also said she is off her meds and just uses her miracle cure weed now.

No. 236649

Jerrick is trans and asexual and Cliffe is a cis gay man. One of the alters unspecified at this time is intersex. But also Jilly is nonbinary because she has DID. Basically they aren’t any way for being in her body but she is also at the same time different from them being in her body. No it doesn’t make sense.

No. 236652

File: 1659715174288.jpeg (658.06 KB, 1170x1098, 995B6F8B-19FD-49D2-AD8F-0077BA…)

dang, so we’ll never get to see sandwich and piano?

No. 236654

So Sandwich is a nonverbal cat and Piano is an alter that's too traumatized because her teacher assaulted other kids and not her?

No. 236658

i believe she said veronica was supposed to be intersex in her meet the alters video, but said she didn’t want to take the label from real intersex people

No. 236675

She probably doesn't know how to illustrate the other characters and is too busy buying the wigs and other plastic shit to play the first season's characters on tiktok.

No. 236678

“Berry” ofc because she was all of a sudden breadcrumbing that she totally loved strawberry shortcake as a kid and it’s a potential special interest.
I mean if sandwich is a real cat then surely it can’t speak human language or use a phone kek. Imagine the disgusting pet play opportunities.
If it’s Veronica the sexy slut alter does she wear a strap to peg hentai lover Steve as a simulated futanari.

No. 236679

where are the anons that said she’s good at graphic design now kek that title graphic is giving me a headache

No. 236680

Why does she insist on giving Jerrick elf ears? Is he transracial too?

No. 236683

She usually give him a forked tongue like a snake, she hasn’t claimed he is but these larpers frequently have mythical creature alters. I’m surprised she hasn’t tried to claim yet that her D&D character based on her star sign was actually an alter all along.

No. 236694

File: 1659719070090.png (123.97 KB, 594x542, 0A5CEBB0-105F-4821-A997-274DAD…)

Is this the same sof as pic related, the confetti club skinwalker? If so, they really want her at their house.

Don’t forget them being colour-coded, especially coming from someone who’s had rainbows as a huge part of her personal brand for years.

I want to see her explain the difference between Jerrick (a trans guy in a female body) and Cliffe (a cis guy in a female body). Are trans ‘males’ somehow different from ‘cis’ males, in a way that’s unrelated to their bodies? You’ve manoeuvred yourself riiight up to that hornet’s nest, Jill, now kick it! Go!

No. 236699

File: 1659720044572.jpg (263.06 KB, 1080x1506, IMG_20220805_192058.jpg)

Damn, great catch, from looking at the profile I think it's the same Sof just changed her @

No. 236709

Nonnie’s dark tinfoil may be coming true. They bring over they/thems to participate in age play and smoke weed/drink.

No. 236712

I don’t think he’s supposed to be a mythical creature, I think she just draws him with every body mod possible to make him edgy

No. 236715

These literally all look like fucking teenage anime OCs.

No. 236723

I know Jill has to be the most special all the time, but there’s literally no reason for Jax to be a three-part fictive when it’s carbon copy of Jinx. There’s nothing Harley Quinn or Spinel about that drawing, just call her a Jinx fictive and move on instead of making up new rules

No. 236731

>almost all go by she
>jerrick pretty much acts like a chick/jill
>jill doesn't know how to act like larry david so cliffe gets benched 100% of the time
Really makes 'ya think…

No. 236738

This. Jilly is really trying to have it all
>loving stable childhood home
>attentive loving parents
>very involved/close relationship with mom

yet still
>was never reported by family to have any sort of DID episodes growing up/young adult
>no family has ever been concerned that she may have autism, which has never once interrupted her k-12, jfashion career, traveling and vlogging, college experience
>is having "catatonic episodes" yet her helicopter mom hasn't taken her to get seizures/etc. ruled out?

Make it make sense. The second I saw the video of her showing off her sunflower lanyard to go to her fucking mailbox I knew we would get to this point

No. 236739

What the fuck. I would never want to get advice from her. She always pretends to pbe a knowledgeable person but she knows jack shit. When has she sold any commission or done any sewing work besides the wedding dress and the Chinese knockoff shit? She hasn't been doing it "for years"
Also, her pretending to be nice while pretending to know shit is fucking creepy.

No. 236740

>Her cousin is autistic
Do you have a screenshot for proof? Would be nice as a thread stamp.

No. 236743

Kek, it proves she doesn't know how to write characters for shit. They're so basic and one faced. They don't feel like real humans, let alone real personalities.
So she's claiming to be…
Gay, trans, intersex, nonbinary and lesbian?
Kek what the fuck, she wants all the labels

No. 236744

Her "working on healing my mental illnesses" time is just smoking weed and pretending to be retarded

No. 236745

this DID shit is just jill's way of trooning out and being an uwu lezzie without committing to anything. like i said before, her life revolves around her aesthetic so much that she doesn't know how to just be a person anymore.

No. 236747

>They're nonverbal and stuck on trauma
Wut lmao. The sandwich alter is her moving away from home and the piano one is her being around her piano teacher (even though she said she didn't get molested or whatever). She's lying, she's not creative enough.

Also how threatening or dangerous would it be to tell people the name of the smallest OC? It's not like she's real. She's only saying this self victimizing babble and using the wrong terms on purpose for pity points

No. 236748

>Veronica the sexy slut alter wears a strap to peg hentai lover Steve as a simulated futanari.
To be honest, ever since she mentioned her "slut alter" being intersex AND a lesbian, this is all I could think of. She uses a strap-on to peg Steven while he pretends to be a woman.

No. 236751

>Healing doesn't work that way
Yes you're right
>I am disgusting
Yes you are
Also what the fuck. They REALLY want her at their house. Possible grooming and threesome shit? Why else would Steven AND Jillian sound so fucking creepy and lovebombing towards her?

No. 236752

I was meaning Veronica is the futanari because ofc Jilly would portray intersex in an offensive stereotyped way but man maybe it’s double futa time.

No. 236753

nayrt but I follow her on ig and she is constantly posting autism tiktoks. Her bio says "not neurotypical". Never seen proof of/claim to official diagnosis.

No. 236755

Then post a screenshot of that please

No. 236763

There’s no one post that says it, but she’s got in her bio “not straight or neurotypical”, reposts a lot on her instastories about coping with autism as an adult and autism in women, and has posts about stim toys (actual age appropriate ones, not the chewelry and PopIts Jill gets)

No. 236764

File: 1659728587989.jpg (141.12 KB, 714x1377, Screenshot_20220805-124127_Chr…)

No. 236765

File: 1659728703957.jpg (167.46 KB, 720x1386, Screenshot_20220805-124159_Chr…)

No. 236774

What kind of major trauma was she having earlier this year when she made Jinx?

No. 236775

how long until she starts claiming sra caused her to develop did

No. 236776

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it was when she was being called out for being racist?

No. 236777

This is an image board, post proof or gtfo

No. 236778

? I don't recall her experiencing trauma while watching arcane. It's also so cringe that she admits making a whole new "alter" out of a fucking cartoon.

No. 236779

Is this why Jax has a "brooklyn accent"? KEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

No. 236780

Didn’t she claim that Jax formed to be a social protector for Jerrick’s drag performance??
She’s so full of shit claiming she was experiencing “major trauma” at any point this year when she’s been documenting her every move. Nothing has happened to her except maybe her therapist getting a new job.

No. 236786

sigh sandwich is my favourite :( so sad we will never interact with him

No. 236793

“Jerrick as a teen”
so… he’s not a teen anymore? She’s not even doing the bare minimum to keep her OCs straight

No. 236795

The way she worded that makes it sound like she resents Steve for watching Arcane instead of paying attention to her.

Jaxx formed when she she was getting called out for being racist. Apparently being held accountable for her actions in the past was super scary and twamatic.

No. 236801

She claims Jerrick has been around since she was that age and fronted for three years so maybe she means Jerrick then? She is claiming he has been around for ten years or so.

No. 236803

I'm dead anon you're right though

No. 236829

File: 1659737191097.jpg (120.73 KB, 720x1388, Screenshot_20220805-150406_Chr…)

She really thinks she's the protagonist in an anime.

No. 236846

I love being prophetic. I also only just realized he said >>236694 "no matter the occasion", jesus fucking christ
Can't wait until Jill goes back on it and we get Sandwich slamming his "paws" on the phone screen leading to powerful tweets like "239sdkfnvnx,,,,zzzzzz" and "mmmjsdjjeeeeevvvvvv2" and the like. I know it's probably not true but the implication of the fucking cat alter being a trauma holder is hilarious to me - it's an introject of that cat that nearly died from her tinsel and it was SO traumatizing that she split, guise!

No. 236850

Even with the accusations being bullshit, it's kinda gross how she's flexing Will Wood. Like wouldn't you be respectful of someone's perceived trauma even if you think they're wrong thanks to your own trauma? No empathy here for anyone oml

No. 236855

I think that’s one of Jill’s biggest flaws, not being able to shut her damn mouth occasionally

No. 236869

File: 1659740986085.jpeg (473.1 KB, 828x1170, 6D27580E-5114-4203-903F-CF3FE9…)

He doesn’t like you Jill jfc how is she not embarrassed to tag him in shit every other day and have him never respond

No. 236879

I pray for the day, when he just has enough and either blocks her or asks her to politely stop, only for jill to make a complete ass of herself.

No. 236882

>I think that’s one of Jill’s biggest flaws, not being able to shut her damn mouth occasionally
And when she finally does, she calls it "catatonia" or "going nonverbal" kek

No. 236887

I kind of hope the accusations were true/ become true just so Jill could catch some heat for being such a smug asshole

No. 236889

Imagine creating an alter because someone accusing you of being a racist coddled bitch was too traumatic for you

Imagine modeling said alter based on a cartoon and giving it a Brooklyn accent on top of that (stereotypically portrayed in media as an African American accent)

Imagine having learnt NOTHING and making an instance of people asking you accountability a "reason for trauma" because anyone bruising your ego is absolutely destroying to your feelings

Imagine thinking you have any actually real and tangible problems, let alone trauma or a diagnosis based on extreme PTSD-like symptoms

No. 236890

She's seriously not acting like the usual "uwu angel" she wants to portray for her fans, and her defending will wood should be a waking call for them. Callout post when?

No. 236892

File: 1659744055480.jpeg (512.53 KB, 828x1377, D7E6324F-DB1B-451B-9CA1-A8B027…)

honestly not that important but louise interacts with the villany acc

No. 236893

what the actual fuck is going on with her family

No. 236910

Her mother follows her accounts? So her mother saw where she promoted the Veronica account… where she talks about dicks and horny dreams? Gag

No. 236921

So THATS why Jax has braids! Lol I figure she is basing her alter on three villain characters considering she probably decided to huffily accept that “I must be the bad guy! They’re demonizing me publicly online!”

No. 236922

File: 1659749806890.jpeg (398.17 KB, 1242x1878, D2BDB7B4-DAF4-4C40-9832-78B9AE…)

You left out the best part! Jax is “character salad”! Because that’s definitely the best way to describe a piece of your psyche fracturing due to severe trauma!

No. 236923

major trauma?! major trauma??? she experienced major trauma??? she literally works from home, doesnt go outside, smokes weed nonstop, has a stable relationship for years, has no immediate deaths or illnesses in her family. what the FUCK is she fucking saying is her major trauma? i cannot believe she has the fucking audacity to say she had a major traumatic event and now she has jinx living inside her. shes a disgrace to the mental health community, its sickening.

No. 236924

File: 1659750083065.jpeg (131.25 KB, 1240x613, D8519186-CCFF-4640-9549-283193…)

i feel like this is kinda a tinfoil so i'll sage, but this is in her likes (under a pile of replies to her healthy friendship tweets)… one more hint towards the ddlg steeb arc perhaps?

No. 236926

That’s majorly reaching. This is just a dumb joke.

No. 236927

File: 1659750896837.jpeg (103.8 KB, 750x408, 5BB02FC9-7A07-4E15-BDC3-652B88…)

Louise is not following the Veronica acct

No. 236931

File: 1659751950909.webm (7.84 MB, 540x960, Theres_villains_everywhere_tha…)

No. 236932

File: 1659752020388.webm (2.93 MB, 540x960, 97916165647.webm)

No. 236933

File: 1659752066214.webm (1.73 MB, 540x960, 62285384629.webm)

No. 236934

File: 1659752173740.jpg (220.91 KB, 720x1392, Screenshot_20220805-190502_Chr…)

No. 236936

File: 1659752299788.jpg (197.35 KB, 719x1304, Screenshot_20220805-190812_Chr…)

No. 236937

Trying so hard to look like Emilia Farts

No. 236938

File: 1659752430290.jpg (231.03 KB, 715x1269, Screenshot_20220805-190710_Chr…)

No. 236940

File: 1659752600535.jpg (133.17 KB, 704x1280, Screenshot_20220805-192243_Adb…)

No. 236941

>i am on the spectrum! teehee
>i am not diagnosed autistic >__< tee hee

No. 236943

The Trisha Paytas behavior escalates. Her therapist who entertained her bullshit instead of calling it out as just more BPD attention seeking behavior has helped make her so much worse.

No. 236948

File: 1659754054957.jpeg (19.42 KB, 250x140, 24BF6585-D4CF-49ED-B1AC-D58108…)

>I'm the main character and you have to like me

No. 236956

File: 1659756106076.jpeg (926.44 KB, 1242x1274, A59D05C0-4D89-49A3-8F0A-CE375F…)

Back to typing in the Brooklyn accent as Jax for the first time in a while. It kinda reads more Southern to me though

No. 236957

Brooklyn accent or attempt at being Scottish?

No. 236958

well if she was going for nightmare fuel she hit her target i guess.

No. 236973

>She really thinks she's the protagonist in an anime.
>I'm the main character ROFLXD!!!!!!!!
How fucking often does she read here?

No. 236974

I'm gonna bet you've never heard a Scottish accent in your life if you read that as Scottish nonnie

No. 236982

>It kinda reads more Southern to me though
It does. That was my first thought too.

No. 236989

How the fuck is this not satire? Npd bitch

No. 236990

This is some horrorcow shit

No. 236992

File: 1659761035126.jpg (810.17 KB, 1920x1920, GridArt_20220805_234340602.jpg)


No. 236993

She's so ugly and unhinged now. And she really thinks she's "showing the haters" with this low effort shit. There's nothing to admire about her, the frontal lobe in her brain is turning to mush thanks to weed and she will soon be too retarded and narcissistic to understand anything.
Lolcow won.

No. 236996

Aaaaand she's still dickriding Will Wood - I really hope some wokie on TikTok calls her out for defending him so much. She's all about ~~believe survivors~~ until it's someone she actually likes. She makes me wanna a-log so bad

No. 236998

Right? Maybe the accuser has autism or is naturally dissociate-y or whatever excuse Jill came up with to make any minor ‘trauma’ into a huge deal.

There will likely be more accusations sooner or later. He seems like the type.

No. 237007

File: 1659768750853.jpeg (821.04 KB, 828x1486, 11A89CC4-B528-4B1C-8E5B-734830…)

Don’t like talking about it? She won’t shut up about it, Christ. All the alters have autism plan conformation though.

No. 237011

She could have easily directed that question to another DID larper that does have autism but instead she decided to awnser it herself because she needs to be the voice for everyone and everything.

No. 237026

File: 1659771992532.jpeg (341.96 KB, 828x1017, D7B16B23-41A5-4429-9F1E-380C0F…)

She really doesn’t hide how much she’s lurking here

No. 237030

Her make up is so bad for wanting to be drag. So squiggly and messy

No. 237031

File: 1659773327091.jpg (679.02 KB, 1070x1008, 22-08-06-04-08-30-887_deco.jpg)

>>236992 the larp is jills excuse to fulfill her joker era

No. 237043

What really infuriates me the most with her right now is that she really believes she has the perfect get-out-of-jail card by using unspecified "major trauma" excuse for everything, since no one really has the right to force you to explain it. A lot of people, even ITT, have major trauma but we don't use it as an excuse to be assholes (it just happens to coincide kek), but perhaps as an explanation for certain knee-jerk reactions that therapy is meant to help us work through. Something she will never understand and will weaponize until the day she dies.
She really thinks she has 5D chessed herself to be uncanellable.

No. 237049

so that's her basically admitting she knows what she's doing, and saying she's gonna do it anyway?
she's certainly pandering more to us than she is to her actual fans these day kek

No. 237056

Wow, she's seriously using our same fucking words.

No. 237060

put a finger down

fashion collection when?? Jillian nobody cares about your OCs I promise you

No. 237065

File: 1659779075455.jpg (52.5 KB, 1024x576, mommy_long_legs_jumpscare_by_c…)

She radiates jumpscare energy.

No. 237070

File: 1659780023878.png (421.43 KB, 720x1288, 5019C51F-93A8-40D9-8E40-A9F28C…)

kek, nice blush

No. 237082

since that one nonnie said her blush looks like two huge pimples i can’t not see it, actually gross asf

No. 237083

This shit makes my skin crawl

No. 237094

Trisha is more believable with the DID shit than Jill. I don’t think either really do but at least Trisha acts like another person from a distant goddamn dimension showed up without warning and goes ham. I think it pisses Jill off that Trisha probably passes better than her faggy original characters do not steal uwu.

No. 237100

I feel like old man is just sprinkled in to make her look more legit while the rest are cutesy anime OCs instead of being a fat black man with a family of 5 or something else more likely.

No. 237101

File: 1659788397301.jpeg (93.4 KB, 745x420, 849A54CC-BC16-487A-B893-DFD0BB…)

No. 237122

File: 1659792656043.jpg (367.25 KB, 911x1634, Screenshot_20220806_092739.jpg)

MOOOM, she's doing that tongue thing again and I don't know if she's supposed to look "sexy" o it's her character mark because it always looks the same!

Also, OT for autism but she had 5 OC at first, as her "5 petal flower"… Now, they're 7 like the rainbow but none of them is orange?? (You know, ROYGBIV) Fake fan!

(or maybe she's reserving it for a new character, I'm so excited!)

No. 237139

I feel like it's a rule with mental illness fakers that everything has to be "extreme" or "severe" or any other adjective to make other people believe that the person is struggling so much and is so sick and has a life that no one else could ever imagine.

Every single thing she says and does feels like an attempt to prove herself. I don't think that people with real debilitating mental health issues have the luxury of worrying about whether people online believe them.

No. 237155

File: 1659798079834.jpg (45.01 KB, 1080x314, 20220806_155957.jpg)

not milk, just thought her interacting with this tweet is weird since she's been implying that her "little" is autistic with all muh speshul interests, booty shorts are pretty sexual to associate with a 6 year old

No. 237159

exactly this

No. 237162

She still quoted and rt'd that account on her other two though, both on pixielocks and the Jerrick one

I hope having the whole Jax wig and shit means that meet the alter video will come out soon, I can't wait for an entire video of her making a bad accent while pretending she's three fictional characters at one

No. 237172

What're the chances of us seeing a meltdown on camera that accurately reflects the negative aspects of autism, especially in young children? Oh Thats right, zilch, because Jill only larps herself to be perfect

No. 237173

don't give her any ideas lmao

No. 237188

lmao sorry for tinfoil but trisha has major trauma if im correct, like she's a nut case for a reason. that's why jill hates her so much lmao

No. 237204

Does she? I don’t know much about Trisha to be honest but makes sense why Jill would lash out at her for having real trauma.

No. 237209

If you scroll up there is proof that she is saying every alter is autistic.

No. 237226

that’s going to be her Cleveland Brown fictive you bigot.

No. 237252

She's just mad he didn't lust after her. She's such a weird pickme.

No. 237346

Trisha was raped multiple times when she was younger iirc.

No. 237367

File: 1659823428349.jpeg (762.99 KB, 828x1354, 13C191B8-F0FC-495A-BE18-33B837…)

(Apologies for the giant add tweet button) At this point I think Jill is just going back and trying to align her new OCs with old pictures of herself to make her DID more authentic. Jokes on you Jill, we know this shit is all made up because you never acted like this in your Lolita/Party Kei days

No. 237371

Jax didn't exist until this year… but there are signs of her from when you were younger… almost like you have a variety of styles and interests that don't need to be separated into different alternate people in your head…

No. 237373

"Just did thoughts" it's hilariously sad to watch her portray what she thinks DID people do with their alters like wtf
If Jill genuinely claims for her trauma to have happened at a young age, then it's weird how happy she is to go back to that young age in photos without an "triggering"

No. 237382

Weird how chill Jerrick is with Jill using "his" twitter for nonsense like this. That's definitely not a thing angsty teens are okay with. Like imagine being 16 and your mom hacks your social media to post baby pictures of you. At least try to keep the story straight, Jill.

No. 237383

Jilly you flaunting your idealistic youth past isn't doing what you think it is. Also kek at her that she thinks her braids at the time somehow proves Jax's existence. Jilly, put down the phone, weed, alcohol, and go have normal interactions with people in public settings away from your rainby creep house.
She's grasping at straws to prove her larp. As if no other person as a teen experimented with hair colors/clothing styles. Nope, just Jilly 'cause she so special.

No. 237389

File: 1659827523049.jpg (118.4 KB, 716x1271, Screenshot_20220806-160444_Chr…)

Her cop out is that she put Jerrick (usually). Funny because Jerrick can't make bitchy mean tweets on her account but she can make tweets on his. Although what teen would use a social media account their parents/guardians made for them? They wouldn't because the patents/guardians could easily access it. Kek. It's all so dumb and feels more like a prank than anything.

No. 237392

precisely. She has yet to show any proof of not having a good life at any point. Her whole last video showed how happy she was to be back in her hometown. Its insane how demanding she is of others to accept her horrible DID but all she does is talk about her oc's like they're romantic interests with how self obsessed she is. Its so embarrassing watching her pretend like she's shocked to see herself younger like she doesn't have a an album of emo pictures queued up purely for DID proof.
Drawing her characters in a cutesy art style does absolutely nothing for her SA survivor image but she is so gleeful that some people have bought into it, she'll def be ready to open up her DID merch by this fall kek

No. 237425

who the fuck is going to want to interact with her?

No. 237440

Christ can she just admit that her memory problems are from smoking weed and are in no way a serious case of legitimate amnesia

No. 237512

She really misses the time when she had potential to make something out of her life

No. 237513

File: 1659859644312.png (160.21 KB, 334x372, Screen Shot 2022-08-07 at 3.58…)

On a real note though she and Stephen give off major creep vibes. I wonder what other gay guys in Fredericton have to say about him.
Jax is any young girl (whether real or fantasy) that Jill thinks looks cool. Jill thinks roller-skating is cool, but since Jill doesn't skate anymore it's relegated to the Jax character. A lot of Jill's "alters" seem to contain traits/skills that she was good at but isn't anymore (alongside traits that she wishes she had.) Probably a reflection of her self-dout

No. 237516

all jill is doing with the alters is giving them her interests that no longer match her current aesthetic. why trend hop to attention whore when you can just make imaginary friends who will do it instead?

No. 237522

File: 1659867047780.png (1.25 MB, 828x1792, 5AB18FD4-E022-4862-AC8E-1FC8C5…)

It’s nice to see a long term fan actually call her out for exactly what she is doing, larping DID because she’s too afraid to do something other than being all rainby and pastel. This comment got 28 likes which is also pretty telling

No. 237533

File: 1659872578074.png (42.68 KB, 1306x330, 220807_Meet_the_Alters.png)

Comment in question with a brave WK galloping to aid their queen!

No. 237534

File: 1659872919626.png (33.7 KB, 1308x253, 220807_Sunny_Pixie_Travel_Vlog…)

Also skimmed through the newest video's comments and saw that Mommy had left a comment. It's so weird to witness her family being aware of this whole scam.

No. 237536

Guess she didn't mind the fact her daughter posted her sleeping for thousands to see for some reason

No. 237545

Is she allowed to mind? She is clearly terrified of Jilly and her constant mood swings and suicide and self harm baiting. She has Louise wrapped around her little fat fingers.

No. 237551

I realize it’s no one’s fault that the deer got hit (except for the obvious fact we drive big killing machines) but I find it odd Jill’s mom says it made a “bad decision” as if there’s blame on an animal. Maybe it’s a nitpick but it just goes to show how coddled Jill is and was probably never held accountable growing up. I realize it sucks to responsibility for killing an animal but that is such an odd way of framing the situation.

No. 237576

File: 1659884874101.png (1.12 MB, 2000x1000, bimborevolution.png)

decided to go check out this comment. looks like jill got lazy and forget to scrub the comments after a while, so it's not just a sea of her rainby supporters anymore. look at how many people aren't buying her shit anymore.

No. 237588

Next thread pic please

No. 237598

>only 3 interests: penis, attention, penis
>puts the cis in narcissism
kek anon this is so good. next thread pic for sure

No. 237607

I also thought that was a weird comment to make. Blaming the animal for stuff animals just do all the time to alleviate Jill's guilt is so immature. Jill couldn't have done anything different in the situation, don't create a different entity to place blame on. She just needs to get over it.

No. 237612

So many rebuttals are about how much time it would take Jill to fake this, but what else is she doing? Her YT views are stagnant, of course she would want to change things up. For the fans she wants, mental health content is in right now, so following the trend and switching to that as a focus as opposed to lolita or whatever makes sense. It's her job to make content, if DID is her content then it's not any extra time wasted to make this identity.

No. 237613

Over 100 likes on one of these comments and over 70 on most. She must realize that most people aren't buying it.

No. 237620

>So many rebuttals are about how much time it would take Jill to fake this
i wonder if her followers know that jill does literally nothing during the day. she sits around being "mentally ill" and makes the occasional tiktok or youtube video. her followers are mental, of COURSE she has the time to create this larp.

No. 237623

This is NOT true. She doesn't just sit around and LARP DID… She also smokes up!

Also… no mid-20 year old I know has this many photos of themselves at age 13-16 to post one every other week…. I think she works backwards: she finds old photos of herself then develops a story/character around those old photos (rather than inventing a character and then finding proof later).

No. 237624

Oml ty I felt the same when I read that like it's an animal???? If you cant show a little grace or compassion to a basic creature that literally just fights to live for the sake of your gremlin child's precious feelings then that makes you kinda fucking disgusting lol really shows how brain dead the women of that family are

No. 237625

The only problem is I think she's actually convinced she has it. Therapists can convince people of all sorts of stuff, I think "angel therapist"'s blessing has deluded her into thinking she really has this rare disorder.

No. 237629

Nah I don't buy this
There's so much in her larp that says she doesn't really think she has it like how long it took her to get her alter videos out because they were more artistic than representative for her and how she is literally lying about trauma
If she were just going off shit we know happened then maybe but her lying about this tells us she knows she needs the trauma to have DID but doesn't and instead of logically thinking it's something else, she lies about the trauma
She's an idiot but I don't think she's genuinely stupid

No. 237630

Samefagging cause I left out the important part otl

In these dumb ads fake DID communities there are subsets who claims to have DID with no memory of their trauma and they call it something else. Like they say "I have trauma I just blocked it out and now I have DID and I'll never remember the trauma" and somehow that flies
If Jill believed she actually had did, she'd claim to be one of those people with repressed trauma instead of lying about what the trauma is because she never had trauma in the first place

No. 237631

the only think jill's therapist has convinced her of is that she can get away with this shit.

No. 237634

This seems like a big part of it. She’s surrounded by enablers and no one wants to tell her no. I wonder if she threatens suicide or self harm, or just throws a tantrums if she perceives someone as questioning or invalidating her. Also wouldn’t be surprised if Steven or whatever validates her because it validates him and his agp/ddlg/porn addled larp as well. Same for her therapist, she has to be super mega unwell or else he’s made a horrible, horrible mistake and he can’t make mistakes because he’s queer and oh so special. It’s just a circular of enablers jerking each other off.

No. 237636

I think the perpetual weed haze also impairs her judgement skills in terms of possible long-term consequences of such an online and public meltdown.

No. 237637

nta but definitely. everyone who smokes a lot has stupid ideas when they're high that they look at critically when sober and realize how terrible they are. jill is in way over her head with this though and i don't know if she realizes.

No. 237638

Fair points anon.

No. 237641

Yup… Jill isn't stupid but she thinks everyone else is stupider than her. She thinks nobody is keen enough to see through her bullshit.

No. 237645

yep because she wants to be special and part of that is having the worst trauma more than anyone else.

No. 237647

Holy shit i know she's a longtime lurker but her lolcow brainrot got worse. This thread and site are her head 24/7.

No. 237657

The amount of likes on all of them too. She's losing all her actual supporters and she's going to keep digging the whole deeper until she gets called out by a bigger "did influencer" and it becomes a trend to make commentary videos about her and her fake did,sounds insanely specific but I have seen this happen so many times.starts to panic, and claims it was all a bpd episode. She's never going to recover from this and she has ruined every aspect of her social media job and its fucking insane.

No. 237658

>whole deeper
Samefag, sorry nonnas just woke up kek.

No. 237661

kek she will soon be a target for low effort commentary videos. A lot of them read here and steal our talking points too. Like the creepshowshart saga I will watch every single video made on it because truly was hilarious.

No. 237675

I don't think she's doing it because mental health is in right now, she seems bored of making YouTube content. All this started once she finished school, she felt something was wrong with her be she's unhappy so she started massively browsing mental illness tiktok and youtube + she wants to be special.

No. 237712

If her alters have to have different clothes and makeup etc etc why aren’t they mad about her being a fat shit? Wouldn’t that be uncomfortable for the ones that aren’t obese?

No. 237713

here's the august patreon livestream.

No. 237716

File: 1659900531512.jpeg (893.75 KB, 1242x2208, 317E51F8-C88E-4E33-8704-2821E6…)

Wow she REALLY stopped patrolling the comments on the Veronica video. And the fact that this comment has likes is concerning…

No. 237718

File: 1659900820551.png (1.01 MB, 828x682, hmmm.PNG)

No way is this going to look good

No. 237720

Surely that can't be her jawline she's drawn?

No. 237723

what is her deal with drawing fan art for herself? not getting as much now that shes not making videos often?

No. 237726

33:50 flora lives in a separate building in her "inner world" ? I don't understand. Has she spoken about her inner world before?

No. 237730

Apparently her mom said an awkward "okay…" in regards to her Jer character fronting for a MCR concert coming up (kek, she's got it all perfectly planned out) but that they have since bonded. Her mom may be suspicious of it after all

No. 237743

She's mentioned her "inner world" multiple times. She said she wanted to make it in the Sims but never did, surprise surprise. She mentioned recently in the wedding summer vlog that it looks very much like her family's summer cottage. I think she mentioned some other aspects, but I'm having a hard time remembering now, sorry. I think she also said she was trying to make it out of legos at one point, but also didn't finish that kek she's so lazy

No. 237759


guys she said in the livestream she was gonna wear the "crocheted outfit" that she's worn on tiktok before for her pixie daydreams debut…. thats this thing

No. 237765

Her family most likely doesn't buy into it but enables her because like us, they see it as a phase. No doubt she's probably that relative/family member that gets gossipped/shittalked about, especially after that disaster of a dress she made, her constant weed use she doesn't even bother to hide, and general lulzy bullshit like trying to do her DID larp IRL before backing out after realizing how embarrassing it is ("Oh, my alters are just shy!"). Kek, Vessey-clan probably had a fun time at the wedding with Jill's minor attention seeking antics. Though, I think they believe it's a lot more harmless than it really is. Mama Vessey probably does reach out to jill to let her know that she's there for her, but Jill's dick self either ignores her, lies to her, or brushes off her attempts at help.

But this all just my retarded saged tinfoil.

No. 237782

The trauma lies didn’t ramp up to this extreme until after angel therapist left. I don’t know why but I feel like this detail is important.

No. 237789

Except the detail is incorrect
She's always claimed sexual assault trauma even with Angel therapist

No. 237791

this. she just didn't have her lies figured out until later.

No. 237793

Louise is for sure a coddling mother. Jilly never had the fault for anything in her life, it's always been others. No wonder she's this delulu and narcissistic.
I also think Jilly does not understand that whatever her mom chose to provide for her (money, gifts, a house, a car) is in fact, a choice both parents make willingly and could take away at any moment, she sees them as an extension of herself and an unlimited supply. "Of course they will give me the shit I want and never say no to me!", this is very much a narcissistic trait. She sees them as means to obtain stuff and doesn't really care as long as they enable her. Same with Steven, since everything Steven has (including his dick) is hers and can't have his own space (but her alters can!)

In any case I don't see anyone in her life slowing down or giving her any kind of limit, not really. Anyone who dares have a boundary when she's present is ~toxic~ according to her, just look at her ex friends. And also, look at how magically her newer 0 backbone enabler friends are ~the best in the world~ because they never dare question her. Narcissists never learn.

No. 237804

>She's mentioned her "inner world" multiple times. She said she wanted to make it in the Sims but never did, surprise surprise.
Is her weed usage so bad that she can't even play the sims? Bruh. Just what the fuck happens in that house? Does she only smoke weed, watch anime, ageplays, eats peeps and fucks Steven 24/7? Her life is absolutely so low effort.

Her and Shayna are proof that weed in the wrong hands can turn into irresponsible usage and could ruin your life… They mirror each other a lot, and I'm sure the ddgl onlyfans saga with the clown face and fat rolls is closer than we think.

No. 237807

She just that self obsessed
This, tbh it seems less that she wants to actually do content of any kind and more like she just gave up and wants easy views. DID is a popular trend people are outraged by so there's that. Her hauls were so low effort and she got a lot of views, but she self imposed to not go back to that, what a shame.

No. 237811

This is absolutely perplexing to me because just like many cows out here in this website, they read any advice or opportunity areas we point out and they never do shit or change for the better, they always seem to get worse and worse and CA us "haters" while also just lurking all the fucking time kek
Typical narcissistic trait of course. Kek

No. 237812

Genuine question, are you guys ESL or autistc? This is the strangest thing to nitpick from her comment. Where I'm from, it isn't unusual to personify events out of someone's control. Like "the rain picked a bad day to show up" or something. She doesn't literally think the deer chose to get itself hit.

No. 237814

You're ignoring the fact that Mommy Louise is coddling Jilly and absolving her of any fault. That's what I took out from it.

No. 237816

>>237814 No, that's also what I took from it. That's why I said the deer part was the strangest thing to nitpick.

No. 237817

Then that's just you, we're not going to have this autistic derailing deer debate all over again, it's not fun to read.

No. 237818

how is it a nitpick though? anon's are just pointing out how jill makes everyone walk on eggshells so much her louise has to make sure she knows she's blaming the deer.

No. 237819

Someone please make a summary

No. 237822

I'm writing one right now, only half way through the video right now, sorry. Will have it up soon, nonnies. Didn't mean to upload a pic, woops#

No. 237826

File: 1659912760400.jpg (735.39 KB, 1768x1599, Screenshot_20220807-155210_Fre…)

Apologies for stale milk, but could one of the nona's who've hit a deer with her car comment on the bloodless road and front of Jill's car?

It sounded like she sent that photo to her mom immediately. And she tweeted that it died on impact. Did she drive down the road away from the body? Did she wipe down her car before taking a photo?
Is it possible to kill a deer on impact without any blood?

Sorry for bad pic and stupidity

No. 237832

You're not always gonna get blood and it's not like they stop in the middle of the road where it happened

No. 237833

I don't understand. I'm agreeing with you? Caping for the deer is stupid and irrelevant to everything else jill does.

No. 237836

The deer don't blow up nonny. Usually just some hair and residual ick on the vehicle. But even then it isn't guaranteed carnage, even on the road. Most deer get dragged to the ditch after a hit and you wouldn't know anything happened.

No. 237837

You could’ve just googled this but yes sometimes there is little to no blood. She also pulled over and is probably a bit further down the road than the deer because she wouldn’t have been able to come to a complete stop immediately after hitting it.

No. 237842

Wow, that car plate is extremely visible, she really didn't blur it out huh

No. 237847

are you sure you're not the ESL one? kek. no one was caping for the deer, they were commenting on the absurdity of louise's comment about the deer.

No. 237849

My best recreation of events: probably all the bleeding was internal with a bunch of broken bones and inside hemorage. She did not ran over it, she hit the deer very hard. If she had run over it maybe you would had seen the blood, but the damage probably occurred in the body

No. 237853

File: 1659915382029.png (1.16 MB, 724x877, jillian_chair.png)

August Stream Summary - Included a lot of direct quotes because there were just a lot of things that were worth sharing directly from her mouth. If there are any errors, sorry, there was no CC this time which was really annoying. She's not always clear speaking, for my hearing anyway. Plus I like to watch at 1.5x - 2x speed because her voice and screeches are just too much to deal with for a whole hour kek

>>Drinking a kid's juice box all stream (feels very ddlg / agere to me)

>>Talking about how her tattoos didn't hurt too bad but when it does start to hurt, she pretends to be a magical girl (also said it "might be a DID thing" - "it's a magical girl- like they get wounded in battle […] I can take a little bit of pain so I deserve to wear the crest of the precure [laughing]"
>>Makes offhand comment about becoming more flexible and stronger lol relates it to magical girls, again
>>Hasn't had her songs confirmed yet for the drag show she signed up for
>> It's "the big festival of our city" and it's at the end of a parade on a "big stage outside"
>>The songs are supposed to be "Bubblepop Electric" by Gwen Stefani and "Like a Girl" by Lizzo
>>Her two friends who had performed the same night as her before both booked a different event while Jill got booked to this one instead
>>Talks about wanting to sew some drag looks but has just been "on a crochet kick"
>>Says she finds crocheting more relaxing than sewing
>>"I definitely want to do some elite sewing things"
>>"Crochet is very stimmy […] I've been struggling a lot since the car accident" Pronounces it like "ack-i-dent", though.
>>Jill and Cliffe recorded stuff for the video about the car accident
>>Wanted to get that video up this weekend but "It is so emotionally… hard to edit. So.. Wednesday. Shooting for Wednesday now."
>>"I've been thinking this, I have been feeling lately like I am finally- Like this is the most free and authentic and, like, just, like, unfiltered me that I've ever been online, I think, ever. And it's really wonderful"
>>Talking about when Jill, Jax, and Jerrick being co-con the other night and says they are all a "combination" then says "I think that's why we'll sign tweets with like 3 to 5 emojis because it's like I don't know who I am but here's all the people I can feel in the room, ya know?"
>>Going to Montreal Aug 30th. Seeing MCR on Sept 2nd. Meeting her mom there so they can have a "mommy and child trip".
>>Has been looking up choreography for her drag show from Tik Tok kek
>>Feels like drag is "for sure what I should be doing"
>>Really excited to be on stage again since her theater days
>>Says it's like being a DIY Idol - "I'm gonna be a little star, I'm gonna be a little star"
>>Talking about her progress on learning to do a split, says she's getting lower and lower and she's "going to stamp the ground" (fucking gag)
>>Admits her "drop" during the performance was just a "theater fall" and laughs about it, "It was not a drop, it was a fall, that was so funny"
>>Mentions there has been drama in the local drag community with a huge smile, she's not involved but just loves to watch
>>When Flora fronts or is co-con, she feels relaxed and reassured
>>Says Flora lives in a separate building in her inner world and that she didn't know all of the other alters until recently, had them all meet so they were "on the same page" That's so dumb kek
>>"Now there is only one part that we don't know where she is but we know she exists. And she's non-verby. Anyways."
>>Wants to make an animal crossing version of her inner world
>>Jax has a "very strong and very questionable accent"
>>Jerrick is the "most problematic" alter but is "very far along in his recovery"
>>Is currently on a waitlist for a new therapist
>>Has a lot of schizo friends
>>Said "I love learning about every single different mental illness and disorder and condition" because, she says, you're only alive for so many years so you are likely to meet people will most of them - also she likes following people with all different conditions
>>"Sorry I'm so annoying. Um- No I'm not, I'm sweet! Stop being self deprecating"
>>Their car insurance isn't giving them as much money as they think their car is worth. Says they are getting like "70% of a good amount of money"
>>Might get the same exact car but in green, same year and everything. Laughs because "it'll be cuter" and sticks out her disgusting tongue
>>Steve has been using the electric scooter to go to and from work even though they got a rental car
>>Says her appetite has been "like bye" since the accident - at the end of the day she has "some chomps" and "must plan the chomps of delight carefully for they are rare and to be savoured"
>>The state of her office is apparently very messy, particularly the closet, says everything is in the wrong places and is just all mixed together, wants to organize it soon
>>"My whole life IS a visual stim, and I realized that just this past year. I need control over my environment."

Picrel is the chair she painted to use during her Pixie Daydreams drag debut

No. 237854

Thank you for the summary nonnie!

No. 237856

File: 1659916528876.jpg (604.34 KB, 637x1297, 1659915947531.jpg)

>Says she finds crocheting more relaxing than sewing

She has never ever liked sewing and it shows. She should focus on crochet, try to make crazy crochet art or even drag queen outfits etc if she wants to take it seriously of course. I'm glad her school friend reached this skill to her and that she finds it enjoyable and is willing to do it, but she lacks so much more. I just hope she reflects and maybe takes this path instead of the weed addicted ddgl mentally ill onlyfans shit she's hinting out. I hope she does her research into all kinds of textile materials, makes better stuff, learns more skills and maybe pursue a textile art career instead of being terminally online. In an ideal world, if she expands upon this skill and becomes great, she could even do crocheted shit for actual drag queens and sell it.

But I'm probably asking for too much out of a narcissistic weed addicted bitch. She could still turn her life for the better, just saying

No. 237865

>Says her appetite has been "like bye" since the accident - at the end of the day she has "some chomps" and "must plan the chomps of delight carefully for they are rare and to be savoured"
She's been looking fatter than ever, why lie? Not to bone rattle but it's always the fat people that have to constantly say how little they eat and how they uwu just arent hungry!

No. 237867

Tbh I know she's spinning this into some ~muh ED~ shit but she's probably having some anxiety, which is normal, most people would have anxiety after a big event like that. It's not the life or death traumatic ptsd event she's making it to be, but it would make someone as sensitive as her anxious.

No. 237869

If she's been practicing no eating almost all day and then just gorging herself at night, she would totally see weight gain, especially with an inactive life style

No. 237873

>>The songs are supposed to be "Bubblepop Electric" by Gwen Stefani and "Like a Girl" by Lizzo
This booking is for the "pixie" drag persona right? The one with the crayon pic or whatever? Why is she picking a song about fucking and a girlpower song? Is Veronica the one performing?

>>"I've been thinking this, I have been feeling lately like I am finally- Like this is the most free and authentic(…)

>> (…) that's why we'll sign tweets with like 3 to 5 emojis because it's like I don't know who I am (…)
Yeah real authentic

No. 237875

>Her describing how her mental illness is just like Cardcaptor Sakura around 40 minutes in

No. 237901

Surely someone severely traumatized by a car accident would not want to get the exact car in a different color. The interior and exterior would be identical and any person with real trauma would not be able to associate that car with anything but their accident. Everything she says and does reveals this is all a LARP so obviously.
Also convenient that mentioning the interests of her alters doesn’t trigger a switch while she’s live-streaming! The only time they make appearances is in premeditated video segments. The audacity in everything she does makes me want to a-log

No. 237906

Blogpost but I knew someone who got in a car accident that should have killed her but she walked away without a scratch (she hit a moose, which is WAY larger than a deer and almost always kills) - she only buys that model of car now because she trusts it 100% to protect her life; it's not totally unheard of. Also it was Steve's car, not hers, so he probably just wants his old car back since he doesn't have any "trauma" with it.
Unless Louise is buying HER a car and not replacing Steves, which would be hilarious

No. 237932

I got rear ended badly and my car was repaired but I just couldn’t drive it anymore because it was a really upsetting event. I do understand why she could want the same car if she felt like it “saved” her in some way but I find her extra annoying for acting as if hitting a deer is a DID-linkage to a new identity….not sure if anyone else finds her chatting over the insurance money to be bratty?? I didn’t watch the video so I don’t know the full context but truly no one cares, she probably doesn’t even pay her insurance premiums herself.

No. 237934

File: 1659927318071.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1170x2283, CD9A2D21-D6C1-4897-9D99-98655F…)

Tiktok showing the rainbow makeup is up, (this is after wiping it). She mentions at the start about copying some other artists who make makeup remover "stamps". I know one in particular on the platform said she keeps all hers. Will jill be hoarding and scrapbooking dirty makeup wipes now too?

No. 237935

Understandable, anon. That perspective makes sense. I wouldn’t credit Jill with using that logic, or any for that matter. Kind of assumed it was for Jill since green is Jerricka’s color lol
Sorry to hear that nona, hope you’re doing better. I agree that the insurance chat is bratty. After all, her parents got her a house so I have no doubt they’re funding the rest of her life.

No. 237936

>Also convenient that mentioning the interests of her alters doesn’t trigger a switch while she’s live-streaming! The only time they make appearances is in premeditated video segments. The audacity in everything she does makes me want to a-log
Very good point

No. 237937

>Unless Louise is buying HER a car and not replacing Steves, which would be hilarious
You know this is what's happening
Post the goddamn webm bitch

No. 237940

some of us don't want to watch through the vids.

No. 237941

File: 1659928875190.webm (5.79 MB, 540x960, LoveTik.com - This was my firs…)

NTA but damn, it's literally not a big deal. If you are so bothered, you could have done it yourself, no? Anyway, here's the video.

No. 237942

File: 1659928949593.webm (4.56 MB, 576x1024, LoveTik.com - Do you know that…)

Also she posted this, as well.

No. 237946

p sure its the same unhinged anon that bitches every thread when someone posts a screenshot kek thanks for uploading it

No. 237949

Then what the fuck are you doing on this thread?

No. 237950

I post webms and gifs, constantly. It's fair others do it too.

No. 237951

Unhinged because someone asks for the milk and doesn't want to give her TikTok views? Retard

No. 237952

the same thing people asking for summaries are doing. i don't have time to watch every cringe vid she does. give me the meat.

No. 237953

not every video is milk retard

No. 237954

The ones anons post screenshots from are. Stop being so autistic.(infighting)

No. 237955

That's just you, unsaging retard; and btw it's easier to make summary when someone posts the webm here than to go to her stupid tiktok and doing it from there. This is so retarded, is everyone in this thread autistic or what?

No. 237958

enough infighting jfc this thread is not about either of you

>single use makeup removing wipes
wow, so sustainable jill!

No. 237968

oops dropped sage. my b.

No. 237970

File: 1659932861946.jpg (130.49 KB, 705x1281, Screenshot_20220807-212713_Chr…)

No. 237972

… She is so fucking egotistical… having five personalities means five different comment sections for the knights to spam. She is wack.

No. 237974

So many things wrong with this.
>She still obviously supports Shane
>Why the fuck is she sending the oddly sexual video to her mom?
That whole tongue flick thing is so weird and gross. It's close to cam cow territory.

No. 237977

That’s one of the grossest things I’ve had the displeasure of imagining

> >>Talking about when Jill, Jax, and Jerrick being co-con the other night and says they are all a "combination" then says "I think that's why we'll sign tweets with like 3 to 5 emojis because it's like I don't know who I am but here's all the people I can feel in the room, ya know?"

This just proves how far from actual DID Jill’s made up version of it is. She’s literally just a BPD tard with no concrete sense of self (literally one of the hallmarks) who bounces from mood to mood and doesn’t always feel aligned with the character she’s created for herself. How any therapist didn’t hone in on that is absolutely beyond me, her last shrink has a lot to answer for given that he’s actively allowed her to detach further from the reality of her (actual) disorder and sink more and more into her delusions and coping mechanisms. I know that therapists can’t control what people do, and let’s face if he’d tried Jill wouldn’t have kept seeing him, but fucking hell it’s a good thing he’s not practicing anymore

No. 237979

>Mentions there has been drama in the local drag community with a huge smile, she's not involved but just loves to watch
Drag communities are messy and love drama, I hope someone actually starts beef with her irl and criticizes her fakeness.

No. 238010

What a terrible choice of colors, especially for an on-stage event. The pink already blends in with her normal skintone in the TikTok so on stage it won't show up at all, so she'll just look like she has a random blue and yellow stripe down her face. Bonus points for the yellow stripe making her look jaundiced.

No. 238012

drop the make and model nonnie

No. 238025

It’s strange to me how often she brings up her tattoos and the focus is how painful they were and how tough she is. Like she isn’t heavily tattooed, she has four and it’s been a while since she got her last one. She is really clinging on to the pain aspect in a weird bragging way for some reason, she keeps bringing it up. Reminds me of the gross shit men say to tattooed women about how they must be kinky and looking for that kind of attention because they clearly like pain because why else would they get tattooed.
She is definitely not eating all day to put on a show, getting high, getting munchies and bingeing on bad foods. She even justifies them being bad foods because oh it’s so rare she has to have stuff she likes and savours uwu because she eats so infrequently it’s special.

No. 238027

File: 1659955983513.png (616.17 KB, 519x905, evilllllyn.png)

>wow, so sustainable jill!
yes, I've seen makeup artist use actual fabric to do this, I hope that she will start doing this too

No. 238032

This reminds me of the holy relic of that cloth that supposedly was used to cover Jesus' face after crucifixion. Should we collect Pixie relics for the history books?

No. 238036

File: 1659959077304.jpeg (33.25 KB, 239x275, DA22E348-7A5C-4454-B1DC-BF9811…)

>>Talking about how her tattoos didn't hurt too bad but when it does start to hurt, she pretends to be a magical girl (also said it "might be a DID thing" - "it's a magical girl- like they get wounded in battle […] I can take a little bit of pain so I deserve to wear the crest of the precure [laughing]

So authentic yet another story she can’t keep straight? Probably saw people call her out for her sad scars she exaggerated

No. 238090

A gift because it gets her extra attention

No. 238094

I don’t even think it’s weird for her to imagine that, so many people imagine themselves being strong to get through the pain of whatever. Even in the MTF thread nonnies were mentioning action women they liked to imagine themselves as when they worked out. The cringier part to me is her acting like this is a uniquely her thing or something related to DID instead of just something people do sometimes in their minds to help get through things. I’m sure there are big strong men doing the same shit with manly characters they admire or whatever tbh. No need to tell the world about it. She acts like every experience she has is just so unique to her and she’s just so special for that. I think that’s a huge problem with a lot of these people honestly. They can’t see that they’re just like everyone else in the end.

No. 238100

I really wish just one of her many personalities would keep their tongue in their mouth.

No. 238136

Kek, please let this happen. Seeing her reee on twitter only to be an absolute bitch irl would be hilarious.

No. 238149

I don't care that she's on this DID larp. If it helps you get through this life and noone is being hurt, meh. I guess I take issue with her having such a wide and young (emotionally and mentally) audience that's exposed to Jill being high and drunk one minute, but it's not an issue if she "switches" to her rainbow poptart baby alter or any of her other underage alters. They all understand Jill needs her vape pen and boxed wine to cope with being an adult with no real job prospects in her chosen field. No companies asking her to join their house, or collab. The only thing that fashion degree gained her was her clothing sizes.

No. 238155

Understandeable point of view but you she's still doing it for attention and to gain love and notoriority from the DID community, not to feel better

No. 238157

File: 1659978960375.png (114.5 KB, 206x272, 3140714039704193.png)

Sooo she posted this on her @pixieelocks tiktok and I really thought she was going to talk about anything important but she's just (badly) painting some ugly sandals

No. 238160

File: 1659979040075.webm (3.49 MB, 576x1024, converted-SnapTik_712773554654…)

No. 238163

File: 1659979216974.png (729.52 KB, 734x580, ugly.png)

The ugly paintjob. Also, she's wearing socks with sandals. I know this isn't a big deal in jfashion but it looks soooo fucking ugly and tacky on her, specially with the age regression feeling from the carebears tights. It's not like she wears jfashion anymore either.

No. 238164

File: 1659979272652.webm (1.84 MB, 540x960, converted-SnapTik_712887931846…)

Also, more DID revisionism on this one, making her old pics into DID larp

No. 238175

She is suuuch a teenage dirtbag… she was only one of a few that dyed their hair unnatural colours during the early 2010s in the burbs…. And THATS! what makes her a dirtbag. No non-loser person is this obsessed with their early teenage years.

No. 238179

you win at everything Jill! Queen of DID, BPD, drag, having tattoos and colored hair, and continuing to exist after being teased in middle school. What a heroine.

No. 238181

Sorry if this has been discussed already but it just occurred to me that we haven't seen one of her "newsletters" in a while. Did she give up on those?

No. 238196

File: 1659985457559.png (484.37 KB, 489x683, Screenshot 2022-08-08 at 16-01…)

DAE think she looked so cute with short hair? I think she looked so nice here; even the blue is a nice color. I feel like yellows/pinks/reds just don't fit her very well

No. 238200

she's just young and average weight here. louise's weird genetics have gave her that old lady face and her munchies and tendie eating have made her obese.

No. 238203

I'm the anon that provides the livestream links since May. the monthly patreon newsletter costs 7$ extra to access and I'm not paying for it kek

No. 238214

That's fair, it's not a lot of content in the newsletter anyway. Thank you for your service.

No. 238225

File: 1659992659659.png (684.11 KB, 1702x1394, Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 4.05…)

there hasn't been a newsletter for i think about a year? last one I remember was talking about her five petal flower brand.

No. 238243

$7?? Isn’t that kind of crazy for just a diary entry she probably wrote first for her therapist?

No. 238245

I think she suits cool colours better but she insists on that yellow ass foundation and a lot of pink in her hair. She doesn’t have any makeup on in that picture and it really helps emphasise how yellow she paints herself.

No. 238255

Yeah, all the colors she uses are always on the warm side and never knows how to match her foundation. Even the green she uses for the jerrick oc doesn't go with her skintone at all.

No. 238259

Oompa loompa core

No. 238266

its 10$ actually, 7 extra from the tier they were on… oof

No. 238322

File: 1660005863335.jpeg (312.67 KB, 828x1051, 4B633BCB-6666-4620-87C8-CF82ED…)

No. 238326

She is harming people because she spouts mental illness facts that are not at all true.

No. 238330

faking mental illness is really awful, anon. saying it doesn't hurt anyone diminishes the impact it actually has on real sufferers. especially when you make these really debilitating ones into fun wacky trends.

No. 238338

She's bragging about anxiety symptoms lol she's deranged

No. 238340

I feel like she is using this as a path to “having” an eating disorder. Any day now I imagine she will have a new DID personality that’s anorexic due to hitting a deer lol

No. 238357

File: 1660016487188.jpg (135.03 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220808-204037_Chr…)


No. 238358

File: 1660016577932.jpg (152.77 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_20220808-204105_Chr…)

No. 238359

Holy wow she remembered her brother's existence im impressed

No. 238360

Also fucking weird she said "my mom" wheel reportedly co-fronting shouldn't she be using "our"? Honey your larp

No. 238377

She hates his ex because she wants to fuck him.

No. 238378

Is the ex pretty? that would explain things
she said this right after the brother stuff kek

No. 238379

File: 1660024197906.png (47.44 KB, 576x338, 12232.png)

says her instagram is still performing well (geee I wonder why, none of her DID larp is over there) and also it's her youtube 8th anniversary

No. 238380

Idk about you, but if I saw my sister's ex I wouldn't go and vent to my mom, it's not my place to bring up things my family moved on from.

No. 238382

it's also such weird wording, "venting"? even if she was toxic, I would simply not vent to my mother about my brother's ex, maybe just casually mention it but that's it.

No. 238383

File: 1660024550010.png (366.79 KB, 466x536, 46777644765.png)

new pic

No. 238384

Jill is one of those fat people who’s constantly inhaling junk yet claims she’s living off a single raisin per day, isn’t she? I’d be surprised she doesn’t have an alter to blame for the bingeing, but that would mean admitting she binges in the first place.

Yet another evil woman from her past. I wonder how this one wronged her, other than by dating her brother of course.

No. 238386

File: 1660024836723.png (116.5 KB, 464x620, 46777644765.png)

also, sorry for using a twitter viewer website (I don't have an account) but she's interacting with sof yet again, something about bpd? maybe some anon with twitter can check it out better

No. 238387

File: 1660024903195.webm (6.42 MB, 320x568, converted-PTeuRRwBDTauE_NG.mp4…)

posting this too

No. 238389

File: 1660025119458.png (54.03 KB, 614x486, 46777644765.png)

some other random shit:
she has been thinking of uploading shorts (also said she hates them on her feed)
also she's cocnstantly in front of her tv

No. 238390

>afab drag queen

No. 238392

File: 1660025611839.png (239.69 KB, 652x1532, 46777644765.png)

ok last random assortment of tweets now:
1.Misgenders a fucking mouse lmao (she probably never watched this show)
2.Replies to someone as "me and my alters" (probably something insufferable, I hope someone can check it out)
3.Someone made a whole youtube video called "Which DID YouTubers Would Win in a Fistfight?" With her in it. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AmkufdNLvk
4.She walks around naked in her house (bad mental image)
5.Tells sof she will always tell her she loves her when she needs it (more lovebombing/grooming?)

No. 238393

File: 1660025652928.jpg (705.54 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_20220809_081408.jpg)

I went and checked it, here are their interactions.

No. 238394

Ngl she just seems like a permanently online kid if you search it up. A lot of people are tweeting at her.

No. 238395

File: 1660025978257.jpg (526.27 KB, 1080x2294, IMG_20220809_081714.jpg)

Forgot my pic, no one with "sof" in their username is in Jill's twitter friend list from July tho and we know she had an old account

No. 238400

File: 1660027732575.jpeg (340.17 KB, 720x1280, 4908C4BC-A75F-453C-8332-A1F3D3…)

If this is Sofia Mehlitz from the Confetti Club then she has been orbiting Jill for 4+ years. Pic is the OP from an old CC thread.

Another fun tidbit from the CC thread summaries:
>Bonnie, an autistic land whale, exposes the group to porn, and gets banned. She is now back under the name Veronica.
::thunkin’ emoji::

No. 238401

Well, that makes the dynamic weirder
>jill has been aware of her for years
>doesn't consider her a friend
>suddenly tweeting a lot @ her, presumably because she joined the mento illness club

No. 238411

Enmeshment, Louise is a helicopter I could see her being one of those sickos who sees their sons girlfriends as competition. There was comments before about Steve never hanging out with Jillys demented family, I wonder if Louise is weird with him too. When Colin dumped her Louise instantly was ready to slag him off.

No. 238414

She's milking it so much, her running over a deer is the best thing that has happened to her in a long time huh. Can't wait for the bambi alter

No. 238420

Jerrick is the ana chan alter already, she has that base covered. She might expand the lore and give multiple personalities an ED though like she has teased Jillian being sensitive to foods because of autism.

No. 238424

File: 1660036734109.jpg (207.03 KB, 703x692, 1660036757390.jpg)

Ayrt, interesting you mention family emeshment because I've been reading about it recently. It's still not completely clear to me how it works, or how it applies to Jill fully, but I see some key things here.

No. 238425

Wow that pink stripe really is barely visible. I know she’s all pastel rainbow obsessed, but she really should use a hot pink or just swap it out for another color all together

No. 238451

Saging because this isn’t directly relevant to Jill but it made me think of it. One of the people in this video was a female drag queen and the way the others treated her was hilarious. You can tell even their own don’t take these women seriously and I wonder if the queens Jill has been around treat her in the same way that these men treated this girl. I don’t understand “bio queens”.

No. 238453

how dare you! jerrick is NOT jill and therefore is a valid mtf brave slaying qween! really though, she probably spouts all that nonsense to them to the point where they just ignore her. not defending drag, but it's become a gay cultural export so much that women treat it as an aesthetic which just makes gay men hate us more. too bad more women don't become drag kings and make fun of men with it like men do to us.

No. 238456

It will never not be funny to me how she takes media that is talking about how bad people like her are (in this case the song The Main Character by will wood, but before it were videos by drew and some other shit probably) and takes them completely seriously. She doesn't feel like it's an opportunity to humble herselg and change her ways, she just takes it complately straight to validate her abhorrent behaviours. She's really an incredibly dumb, bling and self-obsessed individual.

Like god damn it, it is so obvious in the chorus:
So God forbid I'm seen just as an average human being
I mean, imagine if protagonists just died in the first scene
I'm the gap between a tragedy and comedy
Don't come at me
I'm the main character and you have to like me

And she takes the heavy-handed irony completely as a way to justify herself about being ME ME ME all the time.
Makes me want to a-log, really.

No. 238458

Not even close to the first time someone is saying this in her threads but jesus christ is she delusional. No one who is mentally ill, and especially no one whose mental illness is one that is marked by inconsistent behavior leading to an inability to maintain jobs and relationships, periods of time loss and amnesia would call being openly mentally ill a gift.

In the real world, people with mental illnesses are stigmatized heavily - keeping your mental health issues a secret is a key part of survival for those who are trying to life some semblance of a normal life.

No. 238462

She’s also not even trying to get the community to take her seriously, because she’s once again just inserted herself among the top tier of whatever community she’s latched onto and acts as if she’s put in the work to be there.
Saged for blog, but there’s one well known bio queen in my town’s drag community, but she put in the work and assimilated to her stage character (which she only occasionally performs in) by starting out as a backup dancer in drag shows and working her way up for years. She’s taken seriously in the scene because she’s actually put in the hours to become part of the community, rather than just calling herself a drag queen on social media. Jill is also in for rough waters because a large part of local drag communities despise drag race because it took drag mainstream and let in people like Jill and made certain queens the face of drag. She’s really biting off more than she can chew if she tries to muscle in on a bitchy community

No. 238481

I feel like Jill always does this. She jumps into something and just expects to be the best and most well-known because she’s so entitled and egotistical. She’s done it with every phase.

No. 238489

Scrotes gotta scrote. No matter if they're gay or not. But anyways, I hope this happens to Jilly too kek.

No. 238497

File: 1660067410664.jpg (49.45 KB, 474x392, th-549967282.jpg)

Something I don't get: why does Jill jump right into different communities that historically have very drama-driven people and certain rules to follow, does some bullshit that will clearly not fly for most members, creates drama herself, and YET she expects others to love and accept her?

Like… Does she believe actual drag queens (not her friends) will see her pretending to be one of them and just accept her like that? Does she think drag queens are stupidly nice enough to just not call out her constant bullshit? Does she think they're idiots that won't see through her female-to-male-to-female bullshit, specially knowing most of them are actual gay men? What is she actually thinking?

This same shit happened with lolita and cosplay too. Somehow she manages to piss off everyone and then pretend to be uwuinnocent all along. And tbh, if a drag queen suddenly came here to bitch about her I would laugh.

No. 238498

This, the fact that she was already calling herself a drag queen BEFORE her first performance is proof that she is not humble and will not be well received within the community. I don't think drag queens will be accepting of all the bullshit she takes out of her ass, I know she will cling to the ones that will be nice to her for queerio points but will absolutely shit talk her behind her back. They're highly competitive performers in a male dominated field, this will simply not work the way she envisions it. But hey, at least if someone within the drag queen community was to call her out, she would actually be cancelled for good this time. I can't wait to see all the bullying she will go through, will be really milky. She's already thinking she's uncancellable and being an idiot all over social media, lets see how this works for her in the future.

No. 238500

I had never heard of Will Wood before he was brought up itt when jillywilly started dick-riding him but wow. His lyrics are this fucking terrible and she’s choosing to blindly defend him from grooming allegations? Not saying if he was talented he shouldn’t be held accountable but jesus, the lyrics alone should have got him cancelled.

No. 238501

Simply put: She's an NPD bitch who is extremely narcissistic and will take anything that validates her main character syndrome with face value, even if the thing itself is negative.

No. 238502

The lyrics are very stupid and reminds me of something a corpse husband fan that still unironicallty watches tokyo ghoul would come up with. Aka, very edgy low effort bullshit for people with barely any braincells in their brain.

No. 238504

Can't wait for her to release a "but drag queens are supposed to be lovelies uwu" and tries to force start another cringey anti-bullying tag kek (what do you think the acronym will be?) I give it 6 months

No. 238505

Posting this because sure why not. This is the "who would win in a fistfight" DID shit she was mentioned in, by the alexandrite system (thats a fucking troon right?)
Video has chat reply so maybe worth checking it out

No. 238506

>"but drag queens are supposed to be lovelies uwu"
Kekk you know she genuinely believes this and will promptly stir some drama with it. Can't wait for the disaster, she never learnt anything did she. I might say drag queens might be even worse than lolitas at that, since, you know… They're men lmao

No. 238511

Any LGBT community is gonna be rife with drama and honestly she thrives in it even if it's negative she just really loves discourse

No. 238540

File: 1660077285898.png (67.88 KB, 394x240, lol.png)

crossposting from the drawboard thread on /ot/ because I think it's neat

No. 238542

It’s also curious to see these coddled did larpers, mentuly ill bawbies trying to get into drag, a scene that is wildly unwoke and crass by nature.

No. 238546

File: 1660079094206.jpg (190.17 KB, 720x1397, Screenshot_20220809-140346_Chr…)

No. 238547


No. 238548

Jill you are flying DANGEROUSLY close to the sun holy shit

No. 238551

There are definitely successful female drag queens, but like >>238462 said, the women who are accepted are the ones who are devoted to the artform and part of the community already. Not the "spicy straight" girls who watch an episode of Drag Race and decide to call themself a drag queen.

Jill won't be well accepted because she's just shoehorning her way into the community without putting in the work like she always does. She probably thinks she'll be fine because she has a following, and I'm sure some queens will suck up to her to take advantage of that, but to most she'll just come off as an entitled newbie the same way any instagram twink would.

No. 238559

File: 1660081073343.png (810.12 KB, 1391x839, alright.png)

so she's changing her finsta to a drag account… could she really not just make a new account or just use her main for this??

No. 238561

Why grow a new following when her insta performs well and she can use those followers

No. 238562

What's hilarious is 99% of those things are more common and realistic than what Bobo and Jill claim about themselves

No. 238564

even if they're a hypochondriac, its insane to me that Jill would speculate on her very public platform about someone she knows nothing about given that we all have to take her word for her now multiple diagnosis in which these symptoms that just popped up within 2 years. I thought we were supposed to believe people's symptoms, Jill? Or does that only apply to you?

No. 238567

It's so virtue-signaly how Jill, even when the original tweeter rightfully said "she", still calls her "they".

No. 238573

Damn guess we can all armchair now lol
Adding "I would never dx uwu it just sounds like it owo" girl sit down you are the most unreliable POV main character ever

No. 238575

Wow, she really went full mask off right here. She sounds like a farmer with her armchairing, maybe the anons who said that she probably posts on other creators threads might not be too far off with their tinfoil.

No. 238576

File: 1660084849403.jpg (182.92 KB, 720x1395, Screenshot_20220809-153817_Chr…)

No. 238577

File: 1660085019558.jpg (175.73 KB, 720x1208, Screenshot_20220809-154319_Chr…)

No. 238578

“perpetually adolescent” …. actually i’m a minor and also neurodivergent please stop bullying me: Jerrick probably

No. 238579

Anyone that buys a car based on solely color doesn't actually give a shit about the function of the car and just wants people to look at them

No. 238580

KEK what the fuck Jillian, the pot to the kettle lmao

No. 238581

>"I would never dx uwu it just sounds like it owo"
kekkkkk, seriously who the fuck does she think she is
What the fuck…

No. 238582

>perpetually adolescent
Did she had to call herself out like this? kek. Fucking womanchild
Also so jarring that she looks better in those old pictures than whatever the hell she's going to upload more. Why would Jerrick want to use such a girly account… oh yeah I remembered, because they're just original characters that she can manage to her own will.

It's also very stupid, like… why would buying a car in a certain colorway prevent her trauma? Kek. Inb4 she buys a shitty car just because it's pink

No. 238583

it's not attatchment jillian, it's the fact you're coddled and spoiled, and you will cry if you aren't given exactly what you want.

No. 238585

Also impractical
Why would you want a car that showcases how rarely you clean the damn thing? She's too lazy for basic upkeep so anything with colors is gonna look like garbage

No. 238589

File: 1660088324460.jpg (172.91 KB, 713x1408, Screenshot_20220809-163628_Chr…)

>Dream car

No. 238590

Jill needing a kleinbus for her and her alters is the funniest thing to happen so far this thread.

No. 238591

These tweets are an hour old and only have 1 like, even her followers don't give a shit

No. 238595

File: 1660089567155.jpg (160.7 KB, 708x1276, Screenshot_20220809-165852_Chr…)

No. 238598

Who gives a shit what Jill says let homebodies be homebodies oml it's not hurting anyone why does Jill feel the need to explain herself

No. 238601

>I'm a freelance fashion designer
If it's impractical and literally won't work where she lives, why the fuck does she want to get it? this sustainability kawiwi larp is too much

No. 238606

When did the cousin want to get Jill’s tattoo? Plus Jill stole the whole witchcraft thing from the cousin. Her cousin is actually a devoted witch/pagan and posts about it a lot, Jill only talks about her altar when she hits a deer because a regular memorial isn’t edgy enough

No. 238608

she does have a very colorful tattoo on her arm

No. 238609

Jill you've totaled 2 cars now why not start a little smaller

No. 238610

Probably more like Molly or one of her old weeb friends. It would be classic Jill to frame them as toxic attention seeking friends who were like totally copying her.

>Perpetually adolescent
You're an adult though Jillian. Like no amount of stating otherwise in your social media bios will stop time. You're getting older and fatter by the second, deal with it.

Nitpick because I guess it's "smart" marketing but I always side eye people who turn personal accounts into some unrelated business venture to make themselves seem like their new business endeavor has a following. Because it's too much effort to like idk post relevant content consistently and build an audience while also promoting the business on your main account.

No. 238613

File: 1660098096720.jpeg (501.69 KB, 1170x2001, 765AD15E-13FF-4B58-817B-35A8BD…)

>a very balanced diet
who the fuck is she fooling? she’s fatter than ever

No. 238616

god this is so cringy.

No. 238619

Jill just because you eat hello fresh meals doesn’t mean your body is immune to all the sugary drinks and chicken tendies you regularly consume while laze around the house smoking weed all day

No. 238624

she's going to fuck the expensive electric car so fucking bad. I can't believe her parents are going to buy her this expensive as shit electric van, she simply does not deserve it after all the bullshit she's been doing recently

No. 238626

How much does this electric car cost? That's a big car for a whole family and it's not like she has enough people in her life to fill up that fucking scoobydoo-esque van. Does someone else find it cringe and that this car plays into multiple larps at once? the hippie uwu sustainability fakeposi kawiwi DID larp

No. 238627

>Healing power
>Kitchen witchery
You mean a working knowledge of how to cook something and taking the time to do it? Over exaggerating way of talking/typing. Seriously can't just post a dumb picture of making mac 'n cheese without it having a back story. I know this gets mentioned a lot but Jilly sounds so insufferable to be around. Always over the top. Also stop trying to shoehorn all your interests into your ocs, Jilly.

No. 238629

>flora made mac n cheese!!!
First of all, cringe. Flora is a japanese anime character, therefore should know how to cook shit like miso soup instead. Second, Jilly we all know this was your fatass cooking a fatass meal. You don't eat healthy like, ever.
>kitchen witchery
Absolutely stupid shit lmao

No. 238630

It's also fucking stupid, like… mac and cheese is the most basic blandest shit ever, no matter if you made the fucking sauce from scratch. God she's insufferable, why didn't the deer jump higher lmao.

No. 238631

God, this fucking backstory of "omg I had so much ptsd that I forgot to eat teehee" and then "my internal brain powered magical girl OC made mac and cheese like a fatass" is so fucking dumb lmao

No. 238632

I'm sorry but if I was Cure Flora living inside Jilly's obese body I would simply not eat mac and cheese. It's not cute. In fact, if I was any of the OCs sharing mental space with this narcissistic fatso whale I would simply kill myself.

No. 238635

I would simply kill off the weak non binary drag queen alters by reminding them they'll never be male and remain victorious

No. 238636

>I’m a freelance fashion designer and youtuber creator
First of all, biiiiiitch where?!
Secondly, Jerrick isn’t either of those things, why would he/they reply with that on his account
Please learn reading comprehension nonna, she’s just speeding about wanting it, she’s not getting it
I don’t understand why Jerrick who is supposedly a perpetually emo angsty teen is 100% on board with everything decision Jill makes. Why would ‘he’ not have just made his own account on his own accord ages ago and promoted it on his Twitter? If he’s his own person, why would be care about being linked to Jill’s following? If he cares about Instagram, why is it only suddenly now that Jill has started using hers again and not before now?
Make it make sense Jillian. Imagine how much an actual wannabe edgy teenager would absolutely hate how she micromanages everything

No. 238638

So anyone who gets anything other than black and gray is copying Jill’s tattoos? Her cousin’s tattoos aren’t similar to Jill’s at all. The cousin has a music tattoo and a phoenix tattoo, while Jill only has anime tattoos (one of which she just got for the aesthetics and doesn’t like the anime the art is from) and a tattoo of her cat. Even the art styles are completely different. If she actually is referencing her cousin in that tweet she’s reached a new level of narcissism to think “she has pink in her tattoo! She copied me!”

No. 238641

>Secondly, Jerrick isn’t either of those things, why would he/they reply with that on his account
She just treats the other jerrick account as her own venting / unnecesary talk twitter account
>Make it make sense Jillian. Imagine how much an actual wannabe edgy teenager would absolutely hate how she micromanages everything
If I was Jerrica I would simply rebel and fuck her shit up. Who knows, maybe I would simply delete her entire personal twitter too.

No. 238642

Thats the biggest hole in her DID larp (and most others)– she acts like they're all separate personalities but all of them submit to the will of one personality one way or another, even if it doesn't fall in line with characterization. You're right to say this, Jerrick, by all rights, should not give a shit about what Jill says and do their own thing. Same with all the others. But she's just a single personality role playing all these other people and imagines that there must be some sort of control over all of them when in reality that lack of control is what makes DID dangerous most times and what makes it DID

No. 238643

I would kill off Jill and the dumb slut alter if I was one of her alters

No. 238647

Exactly, the only time an alter has reportedly taken full control and acted on their own was to do something Jill would approve of: go to Walmart to buy crayons and candy. Jerrick is out enough that Jill has dubbed him co-host, he hasn’t cut off their hair or dyed it green without Jill’s consent yet? Veronica hasn’t gone out to party on her own? There’s no change in her actions, no amnesia episodes. She couldn’t even let Jerrick to his own drag performance, Jill did it for him. A real angsty teenage boy would be PISSED if someone stole his drag show, but no, Jerrick was happy Jill took the spotlight. Ugh I just can’t

No. 238648

The fact that all the shit the alters do is within reason of what she sees as reasonable is a dead giveaway
The "sex worker" should be doing all kinds of wild shit especially considering how weird the relationship with Steve is
Wtf even is cliff he's just in there to exist and have her say "not all my alters are uwu special"

No. 238649

>The "sex worker" should be doing all kinds of wild shit especially considering how weird the relationship with Steve is
The sex worker should be having slutty sex with a bunch of people since she has BPD too.

No. 238654

I think she was probably sub tweeting Maggie or one of her many ex-friends. IDK why that anon assumed the cousin when Jill has quite a bit of people she probably hates because they didn't coddle her.

Honestly amazed that she hasn't bit the bullet and posted more risque pics on the veronica account. She already posted her whole ass on the Pixie account what's stopping this "alter" from taking front and posting nudes?

No. 238658

This made me think: her alters never do anything against her or on their own. She always controls and manages everything, she knows when they come out and even has designated situations for them to do so, she replies to herself, she tweets on their accounts, she speaks on their behalf, and she even pretends to post their photos calling them "angel prosecutors" or whatever. This is not believable at all and she really thinks she's fooling people like this kek

No. 238661

Also it’s not even her car? She wrecked Steve’s car and should be getting a replacement for Steve who is having to go to work on an electric scooter. She seems to feel not a shred of remorse for totalling someone else’s car which uwu they were sharing. Also with the scooter she says her fat lazy ass has never used it, it’s clearly too much effort standing up and she will only use a car despite bragging about being an eco goddess for having the scooter. She doesn’t even need a car, where is she going? The drive-through and shopping, not to wk Steve but he has a job he needs transport to.
Kitchen witch is a branch of witch these stupid white kids playing pagan have invented. They do their magic through the medium of cooking kek. It’s like a weird twee cottage core thing where they use kitchen herbs and out intention in the cooking and other stupid bullshit.

No. 238662

adding to the plot holes of her OC larp of Jerrick, what edgy teen boy would want to share ANYTHING with a 20-something year old, baby-talking and rainbow addicted adult woman? It would be gross because she's super old (in the eyes of a teen), greatly imposing on his personal space and just super embarrassing in general to be made to do/wear things that makes him look girly

No. 238663

B i t c h, look in the mirror
Her hypocrisy is so fucking hilarious

No. 238664

>absolutely insane mac and cheese
isn’t “insane” an anti-mad and ableist slur, Jillybean?

No. 238665

>I think she was probably sub tweeting Maggie or one of her many ex-friends.
Maggie's tweet about Jill's tattoos was hilarious, I'm surprised she still hangs at their house

No. 238666

This. Don't teens these days find this abusive and wrong, too? A 14/16 year old teen interacting with a 23 year old ageplayer and forcing him to do drag. Kek, yikes. Real Jerrick would had cancelled her already.

No. 238669

kek yeah i mean if we take her made up canon as reality like she wants us to: she's an adult woman who is forcing this unconsenting trans teen boy (because kids can not consent to adults) to do things with his body that he isn't comfortable with.

No. 238670

yeah but now i want to make it, gdi Jill. i'm fucking taking a break during my workout and now i'm wondering if that thing about obese friends making you fatter also applies to obese lolcows you hate

No. 238676

I'm predicting that jill will shave/cut all of her hair off to "prove" that jerrick/the larp is real.
it's a quick and easy attention grab that isn't problematic lul

No. 238678

>rich parents buy you cool clothes and stuff and CDs
>mom lets you dye your hair with all colors
>mom takes you to roller derby and other hobbies
>rich parents let you decorate your room however you like
>parents enable and support your every whim and style decision
what a cool rebel kid!

No. 238681

Doubt. She’s a narc she can’t tarnish her “vanity”. Despite how ugly we think she looks and dresses she still thinks she looks good to some degree and she won’t be able to bring herself to “sabotage” herself like that.

No. 238685


True. To be fair though she does own a few wigs I could imagine her just coping by buying more of them.

No. 238687

I could see her doing the good ol' side shave though, while still having the option to hide it with long hair so she doesn't really have to commit but can still use it as a "gotcha"

No. 238688

Nah she knows her fat face doesn’t suit that kind of hairstyle despite always cramming it into greasy bun full of broken and fried ends. She thinks her ugly greasy hair is salvageable and one the things she uses to express herself. I mean she’d totally could prove us wrong and do it but I guess she doesn’t want to put that effort into her shitty larp.

No. 238689

If she does, it will be to distract from something.

No. 238696

File: 1660141845672.jpg (465.67 KB, 1080x1828, IMG_20220810_163113.jpg)

No. 238700

She should just shave her head and wear wigs. Then she can larp as all of her ocs.

No. 238705

>resources about identifying emotions
>posts her own video

Honey you are not a resource god help us

No. 238712

new cringe video. Lots of "I was dissociating uwu" and "I have mental illness uwu" as usual. I don't see how this was a near-death experience. Insufferable.

No. 238713

"Coping with New Trauma" made me roll my eyes. She is so going to keep milking this "new trauma" thing for months now

No. 238715

she just needs to delete her account atp

No. 238716

As an ex anachan I don’t understood why non ed related accounts are adding a trigger warning for food now, on edtumblr/edtwt a food tw would essentially be telling you to scroll so you don’t see food and get the desire to stop restricting… right? Not sure why she’s saying she’s be mindful of eating disorders when one of her fake woke followers could probably spin this interaction into her being proana

No. 238717

like as cringe as this is it’s so reminiscent of her vids from 3-5 years ago and WAY more tolerable,,, her without all the makeup and squealing makes it seem like she might almost have a personality

No. 238721

Her aesthetic makes it look like the accident is something to laugh about. Can't take her seriously.

No. 238722

Can she even afford this.

No. 238723


Of course she talks about it with no makeup on so that audience knows this is a super serious video, despite the fact she's cackling, and making light of her BPD at the end.

She actually switches from sounding triggered to perfectly okay to triggered again while she explains how this has caused her to go "non verbal" for 10 minutes a day and stops her from eating her fat filled macaroni cheese.

Interesting to note as well even in the video she tells us the accident happened during a very clear day, but by the end claims the sun was going down (before 9 PM) and how she was so scared that her ultra femme looks would surely entice highway rapists as she waits for help.

No. 238726

lol Stevie told her to put on her sunflower lanyard for when the bad man police arrive. If they're so awful why would they care if you're mentally ill? More proof that he encourages ddlg play and wants her to see herself as worse off than she is

No. 238727

I can understand how hitting a deer is a scary experience for sure, I’ve had close calls with deer in rural areas but if you’re paying attention to the road you can see them before they enter the road and you can slow down in time. Any person with half a brain understands this. She clearly wasn’t paying attention while driving which resulted in a deer having to be destroyed.

The thing that makes me the most mad is that she doesn’t even seem to feel bad for ruining Stevie’s car. I had accidentally rear ended someone in an exes car and ruined it and I felt so GUILTY for so long and insisted and helping him pay for a new car. Jill is just trying to find an aesthetic cute car for her mental illness and doesn’t care about anyone else.

No. 238730

Milking it all the way I see
Why is she tagging her own video as a reasource for mental health? She is in no way qualified to give advice.

No. 238731

samefag sorry- she says she was freaking out because she doesn't have a part to deal with the car accident. Thats odd she has all the parts needed to deal with severe ongoing childhood trauma, but not a quick on impact car accident. She goes on to say she didn't really switch during it and pretty much handled it as herself, which is "a sign of healing". Wow, healing so fast since her diagnosis and she didn't even need her DID to handle something mildly upsetting! She's a medical mystery. Jill, your larp is falling apart.
She also adds that the insurance is not enough for a new car but she's going to manage by finding another "crusty little beater". She totally changes her tune based her audience its so funny to watch. On youtube she's a poor sustainable artist who's overcoming her DID and on twitter she shamelessly flaunts her overspending, endless resource to her parents money looking at dream cars, and is constantly having DID episodes.

No. 238732

Someone please post a summary and caps of this shit

No. 238740

What's next? 2 hour I scraped my knee video? The way she keeps acting like this was a serious accident is driving me bonkers girl you live in canada

No. 238741

Yeah I’ve lived in the middle of nowhere and if you honk the horn while they’re in the ditch they run off pretty quick.

No. 238752

Even the photo of the wrecked car looks so unremarkable. The cab isn't even touched. I can understand this being shocking but to call it a near death experience when it looks like you just rear ended a semi is so extra.

No. 238753

she states in the the video that shes a frequent fainter. Why are you on the road then??? How come this is never mentioned in the past when you go to conventions and oversea trips? Get your lies together Jill.

No. 238757

she’s deleting comments questioning why the airbags didn’t deploy

No. 238761

There is absolutely no way that she could be a frequent fainter and Louise wouldn’t have taken her to the hospital. She claims she has had DID since adolescence so if the fainting is uwu her DID her family would know. Also Steve is a shitty partner if pre diagnosis she was passing out constantly and he also never said anything.

No. 238766

I'm losing it over the fact that she keeps referring to this as a Near Death Experience.

Bitch, you were not even injured! You were conscious the entire time! Yes, I get that it's an upsetting thing to happen, but at NO point were you near death?? lmao

No. 238768

samefag but she is genuinely the worst actor I've ever seen. Her fake emotionally strained tone when describing the deer's dead body?? First of all, who needed that detail?! And I love how "my heart is pounding" is her go-to phrase when trying to sell something emotionally difficult

No. 238769

She wasn’t checked over by anyone either. If she fainted after the accident she would have been looked over by a medical professional because she could have hit her head. She was clearly acting completely normally if no one requested a paramedic or any check.

No. 238773

Poor steebiebeebie was just scared that the evil police would shoot jilly if she started babbling like a retarded 3 year old. Everyone knows that rich young white girls with 5 different twitter accounts are the main target of police violence. ACAB uwu
Good thing all the helpers were men, imagine the trauma if a nasty evil woman stopped for her

No. 238774

that would've been the most reasonable time for her to play dead and do a DID switch on camera, when her body was at a physiologically heightened state. Instead she just randomly giggles at her characters in all her latest videos when she's perfectly happy and not triggered. It's irritating how bad she is at this

No. 238777

just peeked again at the comments and she really is deleting any that question why she was driving in the first place uh oh kek

No. 238778

Yep, I'd liked some critical comments that are now suddenly gone. She's pathetic.

No. 238783

Same bullshit narrative too of "police bad until I need them then they better be here" have some fucking consistency

No. 238784

God she's definitely fucking lurking. Why else would she post about having a balanced diet when most of her followers likely eat the same processed NEET tendie diet she eats? I guess maybe also to seem better than the lowest dregs of society? Kek

No. 238789

File: 1660158785644.jpeg (68.92 KB, 828x248, DCAAAA3B-020F-43B6-B672-7DAE61…)

Kind of surprised she liked this comment

No. 238794

also she didn't faint KEK she texted, tweeted, called 911, and went to mcdonalds just fine.

No. 238795

>no intensive care
kekkkkkkk of course there wasn't, she was taken safe and sound to a mcdonalds to eat tendies

No. 238796

File: 1660159105933.png (293.1 KB, 1080x1076, Screenshot_20220810-131554-326…)

Kek. I'm guessing more people are starting to wonder why everything it traumatic to Jill.

No. 238797

File: 1660159197663.jpg (636 KB, 1890x767, 1.jpg)

most likely a response to this thread that I was compiling kek. sounds like cowtipping the more I look into it, but here you go anyways

No. 238800

God help me if “trauma is subjective” is what she is going with, that is hilarious. Deep down she knows she can’t lie for shit kek.

No. 238801

kek fucking steven

No. 238805

speaking of. if she actually had DID like she says, wouldn't there be a risk of hed child alters fronting while she's driving? seems kind of irresponsible to me.

No. 238806

>I hope you remember this in five years and feel sick to your stomach
This is so fucking absurd to me I had to laugh. You're not being bullied, Jillian, this isn't like someone's shoving you in a dumpster behind your high school and then in five years regretting being such a douche, this is someone on the internet criticizing you. but ofc she's totally an uwu victim of their evil evil behavior and of COURSE they'll atone for daring to criticize her. Just tell people to fuck off instead of being passive aggressive, Jillian, you can do it

No. 238807

shit like this is so annoying…. sure comparing trauma experiences between people on a basic level is not great because stuff can affect people so differently,, some people can undergo so much shit until they snap or vice versa and it takes nothing to snap. But OBJECTIVELY speaking some things are not traumatic enough to talk about in this degree. Hitting an animal on the highway is not life long ptsd worthy trauma, it’s stressful and emotionally draining for sure. Genuine car accidents where someone is left permanently disabled for life or just dead on impact are traumatic. It’s also kinda funny how obvious it is that she’s crying to Steve about people keep calling her out, so of course he had to make a sub tweet to all the haters.

No. 238810

Can you imagine this going down in their household?
>S-steebie daddy I am being boolied over trauma they are trying to TRIGGER ME ! ! !!!
>It's ok babygirl, I mean baby…person. I got u! (opens twitter app)

No. 238812

I am betting once she gets her shiny new autism diagnosis she can claim it’s because some autistic people have an intense emotional attachment to animals.

No. 238813

she doesn’t have a response for that in her headcanon yet

No. 238814

I saw a tik tok the other day and this DID larper “switched” while driving and was completely fine. And when someone asked how he could guarantee it was an adult alter he claimed the child alters were too scared uwu of driving so stay hidden. I get DID content very infrequently and you know Jilly spam watches that content so maybe she will claim the same.

No. 238815


Her autism gives her a special emotional connection with animals, it she can’t give up chicken tendies because of her special autism food sensory issues, and without meat she’ll become so frail and malnourished

No. 238816

A special attachment to animals, but an even MORE special attachment to tinsel which would, and nearly has, killed her animals

No. 238821

"I hope you remember this in 5 years and feel sick to your stomach."

Jill is so passive-aggressive. I feel like she's gonna be the one regretting everything in 5 years though.

No. 238826

File: 1660163706497.jpeg (347.75 KB, 828x765, 4A981004-8B09-4675-ADB6-7400F0…)

No. 238833

damn, if I were Steve's parents I would not be helping our paying for this. Why would enable your son's girlfriend who is roleplaying dissociation, crashed two cars (one of which was his) pretends to be a baby at any given time, and smokes and drinks regularly? Most people's parents wouldn't do that for their kids partners even if they loved them and they were responsible. Why would you enable this crazy shit?

No. 238835

They probably now Jill is the only thing keeping him not gay. Having a crazy gf is easier to explain at family Christmas time than whatever Stephen is gonna be afterwards.

No. 238836

Are they buying things knowing it’s to share though or are they buying things for their son and Jilly the big spoiled baby demands sharing when it’s something she wants.

No. 238846

File: 1660168141974.jpg (36.97 KB, 585x238, Screenshot 2022-08-10 154924.j…)

. . . and I just want people to stop faking.

No. 238847

>my trauma is worse than your trauma!!
>not that it's a contest…
I always love when every party involved is a cow themself.

No. 238849

My theory is they weren’t going to buy Steebie a new car since she crashed his and were counting on Jill to be his new chauffeur instead. Since Jill has crashed hers they’re buying a new one for Steebie because she can’t drive him anymore.

No. 238853

This V person is also annoying but she's right. And wow, Jillian telling her this shit is so rich. Jilly, you yourself love gossip and obessing over people.

No. 238854

>I hope you remember this in five years and feel sick to your stomach
Vindictive much? I'm sure she's fuming right now.

No. 238855

>We get
No jilly, I'm dead sure they're buying this car for their son, not for your fatass to crash again.

No. 238857

These people are completely idiotic and fuelled by attention seeking delusions

No. 238859

File: 1660170494424.jpg (183.42 KB, 720x696, 1660170502275.jpg)

Literally this kek

No. 238860

>cliff come baaack
i want her to larp as cliff so we can hear her attempt at a gay man’s voice

No. 238863

cowtipper showing their own cow colors I see. nOt ThAt It'S a CoNtEsT bUt

No. 238867

Crying nona

No. 238869

Same. That person looks just as embarrassing.

No. 238871

it’s so cringey to me when ppl say shit like this. Like you have to actively be experiencing psychosis in that moment to even be able to speak about this situation. Just trying to gate keep the mental disorder you bestowed upon yourself.

No. 238872


Exactly, her air bags didnt deploy, she didnt need to get sent to the hospital, she didnt almost die. If she's gonna talk and brag about fainting all the time then the salty person in me is like, someone show these tweets to whoever can take her license away cuz she legally shouldn't be on the road.

No. 238873

you know what I don't get about this, if all these people are detrimentally mentally ill as they claim, they probably don't have a good grasp on what is normal behavior, especially online. Of course most of them aren't, hence Jill, but I find it so funny that these people who are supposedly barely scraping by in society are supposed to be educational resources, the only one's who can armchair, and rule makers for very complicated (or non existing) disorders.

No. 238875

Jillian pretending to be a mental health advocate and skillful or knowledgeable enough to advice others is not only a big mistake but also something simply disrespectful to people who 1.are real victims seeking help 2.have years of experience and degrees in the mental health department. She thinks she can just show up and do this shit, it's ridiculous.

No. 238877

File: 1660178310240.png (76.49 KB, 1166x228, Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 7.38…)

wdym nonna? jill crashed steebies car with the deer. jill hasn't had her car "cherry" in months, i'm pretty sure she scrapped it for parts. i remember her mentioning it somewhere else but im not in the mood to spoonfeed

No. 238878

Who in their right mind would take real advice from this narcissist clown? Really think about it. Imagine some normie asking a simple advice question and this giant obese passive aggressive lovebombing ageplayer shows up looking like a mentally unwell shit eating clown to spew her uwu shit. No ammount of enabling from her fans will make her look like a reliable source for anyone, and remember her very limited knowledge comes from tiktok and the first page of google results lmao. Seriously, what is she thinking rembranding her shit into mental health content?

No. 238879

>I never lie guys!!!!!
>Makes a whole video where she lies

No. 238881

My bad I thought “Cherry” was Jill’s car. Just because she named it lol.

No. 238883

File: 1660180597041.png (46.95 KB, 851x166, Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 8.16…)

Louise's comment on the video

No. 238884

File: 1660180836026.jpeg (100.82 KB, 750x433, EA03FE91-D902-4796-927C-2DF129…)

Jillian is pretending to have an eating disorder again as part of her WW obsession. She started creeping back into the LARP shortly after getting into his music. I have no doubt this song served as her inspiration. WW is clearly an influence based on her frequent tweets of ass kissing and lyrics. Not to mention her styling for Jerricka copying his (the “quirky” earrings, stripes, checkers, etc.) and the fact that Will’s songs are the audio for most Jerricka tiktoks. Jerricka is her WW skin-walking character the same way that Jax is a Jinx bootleg and Cliffe is a clone of a drag queen she likes. I suspect the horrible jaw jutting was her trying to mimic his face kek
No surprises since she has zero creativity or sense of identity.

No. 238885

File: 1660180846566.jpeg (102.35 KB, 766x634, 68EBE7AB-CBB0-407B-952B-073A7F…)

i’d like to think some people would call her out or ask questions in some way regarding that holes in the narrative. But then i’ll see smth like this and lose that faith. There are still people who look up to her and view her as an influencer in a POSITIVE way. I don’t know if that will ever change unless she does something absolutely unhinged and unforgivable

No. 238886

File: 1660180876436.jpeg (746.44 KB, 2048x2048, D637D722-F57E-437B-9DA9-59E14E…)

No. 238887

ugh I almost want a spoiler on that jaw jutting picture she looks inbred and stinky

No. 238888

File: 1660181405414.png (490.03 KB, 548x586, Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 8.30…)

No. 238889

File: 1660181660328.png (1.14 MB, 1164x942, Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 8.34…)

hold on, you're right. cherry is jill's car, that's the volkswagen with the rainbow stripe. cherry was scrapped back in march. steebie's car "boi" was the one that jill took on the trip >>230421 (you can see it's his bc it's the 2 door hundai) and that's the one that she crashed with the deer. we don't know why she scrapped her og car (imo it's probably due to negligence & forgetting basic car maintenance). sorry for the confusion lol

No. 238898

God there's so much content here but my favorite parts are
>Dramatic explanation of how the car totally might have exploded at any second, like she's in a Michael Bay film
>Her explaination of "fainting" in which she lowers herself into the ground and then gets back up a second later
I also love the catastrophizing about how she thought she was going to have to sleep in a ditch you guys!!!

No. 238902

JFC these people truly think the world revolves around them. Yeah, the deer totally died so Jill could have a mental breakdown and total a car.

No. 238906

File: 1660187996342.jpg (148.39 KB, 714x1268, Screenshot_20220810-201952_Chr…)

No. 238907

Am I the only one who doesn't give a fuck about the deer dying lmao

No. 238909

This reads exactly like those fake "my child said x" tweets lmao

No. 238910

I don’t get why people are so hung up on the day/night thing, she never claims it happened at night did she? Just that it was dark when she was waiting to be picked up, which isn’t that implausible given that she would’ve had to wait a while for the police and tow truck etc which takes ages, and she would’ve waited however long

No. 238911

How is she able to recall this happening if she can't remember the switches????

No. 238913

>tehe any time I do baby talk to my DDLG obsessed theyfriend or make a cute joke I’m literally transforming into a little kid!

No. 238916

Is this a paint job or something VW made? Either way why would you not take care of something like that?

No. 238917

It kinda matters cause visibility is largely a deciding factor in who can have responsibility for an accident, especially when it comes to animals like this
If it was daylight she should've seen the deer coming and only wouldn't have if she'd been driving distracted or even under the influence of that devil lettuce she loves so much

No. 238918

Tons of people keep saying there's no way she could've seen the deer coming, but if she was in an area where deer are common she should have been more vigilant. I can't imagine there weren't any signs and it wasn't like the forest was right up against the road there was some good distance. If the deer bolted out of the woods there was likely decent time to react (unless she was high of course) or if it was standing near the road she should have seen it beforehand and started to slow down in order to avoid this exact situation. Of course we can't know the exact details of how it happened considering how she twists things to make herself look better.

No. 238921

Yeah Thats what I was trying to say
The fact that she's changing her story so much about minute details is on par for her but still suspicious almost like she's trying to make it out like there was no possible way she could have reacted in time to avoid it

No. 238923

I'm kinda sad that she doesn't have a French Canadian alter that would have come out when these acadians men helped her.

No. 238924

File: 1660195534658.gif (4.07 MB, 300x169, Car_Crash_Storytime__Coping_Wi…)

would you believe someone like this who happily talks about a car accident?

No. 238927

wow, so edgy and retarded, fatter than ever too
bitch old ladies call their backs crunchy too, this is fucking normal. Also wow, so anorexic, eating fucking chocolate raisins
read the thread, she does say it was getting dark but it's clearly in the middle of the day.

No. 238928

Wait, wasn’t that alter 6 years old? She keeps changing the age of her OCs

No. 238929

File: 1660196147424.gif (3.92 MB, 300x169, Car_Crash_Storytime__Coping_Wi…)

she looks so happy about it

No. 238930

Exactly this kek. It was always meant so you didn't break your fast or whatever.
She seems extremely insecure about her eating habits lately.

No. 238932

File: 1660196744807.gif (4.92 MB, 300x169, car.gif)

also is it me or does it look more like she's casually vlogging this and filming for content?

No. 238933

no, she did. she changed her story several times.

No. 238934

File: 1660196803919.gif (1.13 MB, 300x169, ddfdssdf.gif)

one last gif, some shit steven said

No. 238935

Good lord Steven is insufferable. I honestly believe the gay tinfoil less these days and think he's just the average reddit consoomer DDLG moid.

No. 238936

I am only a casual occasional doomscroller itt and the way this car accident was described was like it was absolute gutted shrapnel but this is the most inconsequential car crash I’ve ever seen in comparison to how it sounded.

No. 238937

> Jokes on you, I’m still GAAYY
> only has monogamous PIV sex
Why do straight girls do this.

No. 238938

she loves catastrophizing for attention

No. 238941

She is the main character, nonnie. Instead of truck-kun, it's deer-kun and he helps you understand your mental illnesses.
The giddiness to attention whore is down right creepy. Sometimes I feel like I am watching a caricature and not a real woman.
Because slapping on labels that don't align to how you really are is better than being a boring *non-special* straight woman. Basically costume play for these idiots especially since words have lost their meanings.

No. 238942

Sometimes I feel bad for Louise, but then she keeps doing this shit and I don't feel bad anymore

No. 238943

It's literally the best thing that has happened for her larp in ages, she is ecstatic

Don't the cops check if you're drunk or high when you have an accident like this, or is hitting a deer so common they don't bother?

No. 238944

Am I the only one who read her comment bringing up that Jill had no physical harm done to her as a subtle dig/due to other people in comments not being sure if she was harmed?

Like I unironically feel like this was Louise's way of saying "it wasn't that bad" and probably also thinks Jill is being dramatic AF but is too doting to ever admit it bluntly lmao

No. 238945

Could be that because the accident was so minor + she said there was nothing she could have done they didn't bother. Shame though, would have been nice for her to get a bit of a wake up call for her weed addiction.

No. 238946

Maybe she played up the lanyard and mento illness thing too to not seem high, just anxious? I personally believe she just wasn't paying attention to the road, but anything is possible with her I guess

No. 238947

No, she said it was “safer to wait at McDonald’s at night” and the morons in this thread took that to mean she was claiming it happened in the middle of the night.

The police clearly didn’t suspect she was under the influence, so saying so is just tinfoil speculation that goes round and round in circles. She’s a dumbass, but hitting animals happens all the time, even if she was distracted or whatever it doesn’t really change what happened

No. 238948

I love the fact that the comment section on her video is filled with her fans recounting stories of their own car accidents, all of which are way worse than anything that happened to Jill

No. 238949

Jill's fans are cows too. They just have to mention their own experiences when she talks about hers. But I like that their accidents are worse, it must make her jealous.

No. 238953

There is no way she doesn’t reek of weed, we know she doesn’t wash enough and was holed up in that shed a lot of the time she was away smoking. They probably just don’t care since it’s legal and it’s way more work and hassle dragging a privileged white kid in. You can tell just by looking at her that her parents would flip and give you hell and then she has her don’t bully me I’m a retard lanyard on as well. It’s not worth the headache when she didn’t damage any property or people just her own car and a wild animal, they were probably relieved they just got to ditch her crazy ass at McDonald’s.

No. 238955

Completely agreed, it's not worth the time and money to deal with an idiot pretending to be mentally ill and there would be no penalty for her anyway.

No. 238960

Correct me if I’m wrong but she states that 8 mins after she was done at the drive thru is when the crash happened… Anyone else think she was too busy eating her tendies while driving to notice the deer approach the road???

No. 238970

Texting while driving is very illegal in Canada. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was either high, texting or eating.

No. 238971

File: 1660224559893.jpeg (866.82 KB, 1828x1001, 73DABEE6-D8E1-451B-A1A7-B16898…)

This is what he asks her to say and do when the police comes? Fucking creepy enabling tranny

No. 238972

The last thing you want to do in most places is tell cops you're mentally ill. They are so privileged to think this is a good idea and it will get them extra help or something.

No. 238973

Proof right there that he actively encourages this shit, she wasn't wearing the lanyard but put it on because of him, and then he encouraged her to tell the cops she's mentally ill (for why, she comes across like any other woman when she's talking)

She will not recover while he's there, he's like a feeder but for mental illness. muchausen by proxy.

No. 238975

Yeah I'm a bit baffled by this "advice" like try telling the cops you're mentally ill while being a 6ft black guy and see how much it "helps"

No. 238979

This is so weird. She's just a driver who hit a deer, no injuries, no crime, just a busted car and a dead animal. Why would mental illness need to be mentioned at all? "Hello officer, as you can see, I have hit a deer." That's literally all you'd need to say. But they must superimpose their clown world on random cops.

No. 238980

Because if she acts like a spazz on meth they're gonna be suspicious lol

No. 238982

real autists are supposed to do this so the cops don't arrest them for no reason. but jill literally isn't autistic so…

No. 238985

this is the strangest turn in jill's saga for me. its clear steven is not a victim of jill's insanity but a downright enabler of it. this thread has basically confirmed he's into ageplay, encourages people to agere at his home, etc. saging for tinfoil but I think, honestly, his ego is fueled and his dick is made hard by the fact that he has to "caretake" jill and that he is some unsung hero for doing that. he might claim being a troon but its a core patriarchal belief that women are helpless little babies and that the man must lead - which is exactly what they show in these screenshots. jill, scared and unsure what to do, stevie remaining calm and directing her from afar. they might call themselves uwu qwueer but when theyre in an emergency situation that calls for them to respond and act quickly, they fall perfectly into the stereotypical male/female gender role dynamics.

does anyone else remember too when jill did her cake announcement, that steven tweeted something along the lines of "thank you all for supporting her thru this"? it rubbed me strangely back then, it felt vaguely like he was taking some very mild accountability/responsibility in that situation and was 'pleased' at how people were responding to his perfectly crafted mentally ill agere baby.

as these threads roll on, i cant help but feel more and more bitter and grossed out by steven. i think his perversion has seeped so deep into his brain. his trooning out reminds me of the brainrot of chauvinist 4chan men who have beat their meat to tranny porn so many times that their neuropathways desire it so much and they start to think that they, themselves, are trans.

No. 238988

Agree. It wouldn’t surprise me if he larps as “mama”.

No. 238989

Honestly I was generally under the impression that Steve was just an oblivious door mat for the most part until recently, the way he talks to her is so strange, especially because it’s not how he speaks irl in any of the videos he’s been in previously.
Sage for blog, but as a fresh adult straight out of an abusive home and relationship, I briefly fell into the ddlg scene (judge away, It’s not s something I’m proud of) because I craved the approval of an ‘authority’ figure. Long story short, Steve 100% talks exactly like guys in that scene, the creepy ones who have no ‘off’ mode and expect you to away be submissive to them.
The fact that Jill willingly shares their messages as if they’re normal conservations shows that it’s pretty much their standard dynamic, she’s the helpless damsel and he’s her protector

No. 238991

>I was going sooo fast
>68 mph

No. 239001

Yeah jill will never get better even if she wanted to with him around reminding her she's supposedly fucked in the head at every turn and somehow different than everyone else. Jill obviously plays a big part in her own demise but it's interesting to know both Steve & her therapist has such a big part in tricking her into thinking there's something wrong with her.

The amount of love he gives her when she's performing sickness is interesting to me. Do you think he's as loving when she's stable? It makes more sense now why she texted him she was dissociating and in a crisis.

No. 239003

Now you point it out I definitely see the "daddy" dynamic here where he's explaining things to wittle pixie, as if she's a child, the mental illness stuff just gives him more to lord over her and more ways to "help" which she often references in Tweets.
I dislike this very much but I think you're absolutely correct here.

No. 239008

Watch him blame her mental illness and call her crazy too. Fuck I just hope this is a wake up call for Jill to dump her man. He’s a massive coomer freak and he’s holding her back from being a better version of herself.

No. 239015

Nah, as a narcissist this dynamic is good for her. He dotes on her and tells her she is special and different to other people. She loves being a victim and he feeds that. Nothing is her fault in his eyes and he feeds any new delusion or whim she has. It’s a symbiotic relationship. They will both just keep making each-other worse and worse as they feed off of each-other, it’s a match made in hell.

No. 239021

I thought so too, but I wasn't sure. Sometimes I wonder if Louise bitches about Jillian in private.

No. 239029

this got a good chuckle out of me kek

No. 239033

No shame in admitting this as long as you dont get near these psychos ever again for your own mental and physical sake. As someone who saw a lot of this shit on tumblr back in its hayday I agree this is pretty similar to how they talk. This also explains why he wants another mentally unstable girl to ageplay in Jillian's house and would explain Maggie's obsession with loli drawings (she probably self inserts)

No. 239034

Kek. Yes. Really makes you think
Kek, it might be true, how is no one else talking about this?
Ew, this is so fucking creepy

No. 239036

She's incapable of doing this, shes just a normal girl pretending to be autistic. She would not do this irl.

No. 239037

hold up, literally everyone is saying "Rip Cherry" and she's not even bothering to correct them that stevie's car was the one that got totaled. complete narc moment, she loves the attention more than the truth and won't correct anyone.

No. 239038

Tinfoil if it wasn't for the fact she got introduced to Steven from Maggie she would had dated someone less brainrotted and probably would had remained more normal. No DID or Autistic larp

Reminder that Steven was the one who chose her angel therapist for her too

No. 239045

>she got introduced
Maybe, but she decided to strip in front of Steve and set his eyes on him.They are both dipshits.

No. 239048

Oh 100% it’s classic pick me boyfriend stealing behaviour. I have seen other girls do that before. It’s to show off in front of the guy and make the other girl feel bad because like all pick me’s Jilly hates other women and thinks she is superior and everyone should choose her over them.

No. 239054

Watch the DID trend die and her blaming all of her fuckery on steebie manipulating her, it would be the perfect way out of this for her.

No. 239056

Both Jillian and Steven wanted each other and are degenerates. Jillian doing her usual BPD shit and Steven knowing she has a following and is manipulable. They were made for each other, this is why they enable each other so much.

No. 239059

I still find their relationship weird, even if we set aside the whole ddlg mental illness fake qweer stuff. They are people in their twenties who have been living together for years and have been in a relationship for 4 years. If they're so lovey dovey why do they avoid each other's parents and if they don't plan on comitting to his relationship, just move on already. But Steve is "employed" by Jill judging by his bio.

No. 239060

that screenshot is from 2017

No. 239062

it's just a decal

No. 239063

File: 1660241249774.png (53.62 KB, 514x694, B3F80004-55B7-497A-8C20-9EBA94…)

I’m still wondering how Steven even knew the DID enabler therapist in the first place, especially since (according to an anon in the previous thread, I’m not super clear on the timeline) Jed wasn’t even a real LCT yet when he started seeing Jill (pic related). He can’t have had many patients before Jill. Where did Steve find him?

No. 239066

You don't seem to see a lot of crime and shit so I'll let you know that high energy people can act fucking weird when around cops, guilty or not
And even if she didn't act that way, it's still a larp and her precious stebie is complicit so of course he's going to suggest this

No. 239069

What would she be guilty of? hitting a deer? that's not a crime

No. 239071

god this, sage for self blogging but i've experienced the same thing. pick mes are not fucking slick, neither is jill

No. 239078

Hon you're not reading what I'm saying
Guilty of anything or not, high energy people get worked up over just about anything in high stress environments
It's like test anxiety even when you're well prepared and above average intelligence it's just the brain overclocking and the person overreacting
Police are high stress. She's high maintenance. She's gonna spazz.

No. 239079

File: 1660245764213.jpg (171.54 KB, 710x1294, Screenshot_20220811-122216_Chr…)


No. 239080

I find it funny how she probably means herself and her alters, and not herself and Steve as "we"

No. 239082

Their relationship is definitely weird, but a lot of people are in long term relationships and cohabitate.

No. 239084

The fact she was able to easily get a new car really just screams how privileged she is. Imagine complaining not about how expensive cars are, but about the ones you wanted selling out too fast.

No. 239085

Idk driving under influence or perhaps distracted driving? Either is plausible tbh.

No. 239089

File: 1660247499844.jpg (716.1 KB, 1079x1924, Screenshot_20220811-125201_Tik…)

Did pixie really.

No. 239091

this isn't pixie retard it's clearly inspired by takashi murakami. this tattoo artist is from portland.

No. 239094

Jill's been real stupid playing up her mento illness in context of the crash, iirc an anon posted that in Canada having DID would basically make them take your license if you report it, and if you don't report it, you're liable to have insurance refuse to cover things if/when they find out after an accident happens. I speak from experience, sorry for blog but it's even worse where I live, there's restrictions and extra costs for keeping your license for anyone that has 2+ of the mental ilnesses on their list of "potentially affects driving", even if you're not medicated for it and no matter how mild it presents (the list includes autism, depression, anxiety, adhd, etc). I wouldn't be surprised if Canada has a very similar system, maybe less strict, but DID and everything else she claims is way more severe and should be grounds for suspending her license if it was real.

Maybe through roblox kek

No. 239095

Lol I guess nonnie thinks any rainbow flower is pixie's territory and pixie's only time to touch grass

No. 239103

and with "we" she means her alters, not her and steven KEK
This, she has no struggles whatsoever so she has to make up some new ones herself

No. 239112

yeah but what is the likelihood someone reports her to authorities though

No. 239114

File: 1660250573077.webm (1.86 MB, 576x1024, converted-SnapTik_713064383083…)

>during a heated conversation whe my DID & BPD flicp a little switch making me completely unaffected while the other person is enraged emoji emoji emoji
with steven universe music too. Click to play

No. 239115

File: 1660250606594.png (160.97 KB, 992x806, wow.png)

caption + comments so far

No. 239116

They met on Grindr

No. 239121

Omg kek is she really just outright saying if it’s a conversation she doesn’t like she tells the other person to stop because it makes her uwu switchy. Is she shutting down arguments as well with this excuse including ones where she is in the wrong.

No. 239133

I think she DOES have split personalities - not that she has DID, but that it lets her fly her BPD flag and be like "i can't control it!!" She can shut down any conversation she doesn't like, she can blame all her problems on "someone else", I know it's been said a million times but jesus christ she needs therapy

No. 239135

He was listed on PsychologyToday before he stopped practicing, idk if he still is.

No. 239144

wow so it never happens during an argument just that one little time she's angry about politics! She's always perfectly conscious of other's feelings despite being in and out of dissociation. She's a true magical girl

No. 239145

>when my brother makes fun of my fake mental illnesses, I just scream at him then blame it on my imaginary friend [insert happy face, crayon, rainbow]

No. 239147

File: 1660258101469.jpg (23.08 KB, 640x398, birb.jpg)

>Never serious arguments only:
>Political grievances
>Talking about politics and war and general for "too long"

Gotcha. So she can be sanctimonious on twitter and harass and dogpile strangers for made up problems and perceived slip ups. But don't discuss politics, which can have real life consequences for tons of disadvantaged groups! Or war, which ruins and ends lives, destroys historical monuments and arifacts, economies, and infrastructure, that's tooooo scawwy and could make Jill switch into a child!

No. 239149

File: 1660258511874.png (595.16 KB, 836x644, 9309473790341.png)

more jerrick larp + enablers on the comments (with a fake as fuck reation)

No. 239153

is that really his only personality trait? a color? Nice larp Jill much detail

No. 239154

Jerrick comin for the jacksepticeye brand

No. 239158

I can tolerate "jill but green", I think the OCs having "muh really real personalities" written and acted by jill would be too much cringe to handle.

No. 239159

"jerrick hasn't been here all day this will be a suprise"
He's not real wtf lmao. Also, Jilly you did this 100% on purpose, you KNOW your OC is green, you were waiting for your enablers to comment how ~jerrick like~ this filter is and you acted surprised on top of that kek.

So she never lets people talk ever? what a bitch

No. 239160

File: 1660262978133.gif (9.45 MB, 265x476, ezgif-5-18613d36e8.gif)

Imagine opening your DMs and seeing this unhinged shit

No. 239161

File: 1660263034307.gif (8.07 MB, 200x360, ezgif-5-6dea3393e0.gif)

No. 239162

File: 1660263144689.gif (9.58 MB, 200x360, ezgif-5-eb3a97c24c.gif)

why the fuck does she make this licking face to her mother?

No. 239163

File: 1660263199611.gif (4.84 MB, 201x360, ezgif-5-ecb5af312e.gif)

fucking hell

No. 239167

This is so fucking disgusting and cursed

No. 239170

she literally looks like a drag queen and not in a good way. like a fat male.

No. 239184

What is drag queen in a good way?

No. 239191

File: 1660268202181.png (40.41 KB, 500x262, Divine_eating_feces-3139508974…)

This. None of them are good. She gives me the same literal shit eating grin as Divine. I'm sure she wants to be as gross as this complete degenerate. And yes, this drag queen ate dog shit.

No. 239192

Jill has a worse hairline than Divine and is fatter (lbs/in^3) than Divine as well. Stephen will probably get her into shit play as well eventually once the diaper play goes far enough.

No. 239246

>I benefit from others doing the same
I promise that in all of her years of Peeps tea posting she has never needed warnings to avoid being hurt by looking at pics of food, come on Jill

He completely comes across as a stunted reddit troomer with his twitter interactions and the fucking communist ginger bread house he bought, and also >>238971 is creepy as shit. He's completely coaching her to use her fake disability lanyard and play up her mental illness

No. 239265

File: 1660275931921.jpg (2.91 MB, 2686x1702, IMG_20220811_234114_MP~2.jpg)

Sorry for my non-contribution but I am reading Jennette McCurdy's book and this paragraph just reminded me 100% of Jill. She is. literally just a narcissist pothead.

No. 239267

the "I'm glad my mom is dead" book? offtopic I know but how is it so far?

No. 239277

i mean that she looks like a fat man, not even a woman in drag makeup.

No. 239301

That is fast though. Are you mixing up units? It's 109 kmph

No. 239309

NTA but for a flat plain with lots of visibility that's kinda slow, at least here in Europe where people will drive at 140kmh through the foresty mountain in Bosnia.

No. 239310

all this DID stuff is still so crazy to me after reading these threads for a few years now, no way is this where i saw pixie going a couple years back. regardless of DID not even being a real disorder, this is such a fucked digital footprint especially since she can’t even blame it on teenaged cringe. how the fuck is she supposed to move on from this once this obsession/phase ends like every other? i don’t understand why she didn’t just pursue drag since that’s clearly what she is currently into, even could’ve fudged an autism diagnosis if she wanted to be a munchie so bad. the desperation to be unique is wild, she’s really fucked herself over. she could’ve had a genuine social media career but has doomed herself to being a less relevant trisha paytas.

No. 239313

To be fair I am talking about crazy drivers, but most people will drive 90-120 on a highway

No. 239320

Idk about Canada, but I rual areas in the us, you’ll be going 90mph and still have an ass on your bumper trying to get you to go faster. It’s not uncommon at all. And 55-65mph is typical American speed limit on highway, I think it’s an average that people go 20mph over that?

No. 239327

It is phenomenal and well written. It's interesting to see the parallels between her and Jill, to stay on topic, between having a mom almost die of cancer at a young age.. being extremely close and smothered by then… fame at a young age. But Jennette was actually horribly abused and impoverished growing up and turned into a decent person. While Jill was spoiled rotten by her doting family and turned absolutely vile. She would probably seethe reading it, because she has to fake being abused with vague statements.

No. 239328

samefag. Also the eating disorder parallel is hilarious. Jennette's mother taught her to starve herself at a young age to delay puberty, which grew into bulimia so intense her teeth were falling out and she would purge several times a day. And then there is Jill with her super scawery anorexia. Like yeah most women have disordered eating habits but she milks it so hard and it's offensive to people actually suffering. Sorry for the off topic ranting, I just can't help but compare them.

No. 239335

Something she never mentions is that in the images where she is very scrawny she hasn’t been through puberty at that point. Her body now is an adult body obviously her child body was scrawny in comparison. Plenty of people are skinny as children then puberty hits and they gain weight, she hasn’t even grown boobs yet in all the pictures she uses as evidence.

No. 239343

I'm reading it because of this thread, and I've gotta say that the way the mother milked her cancer story dry and kept talking about it to random people and even recorded the day she told the diagnosis to her kids and repeatedly showed tjat tape to make others feel guilty/sorry for her even going so far as to lying to people reminds me of Jillian more than anything

No. 239345

Man, I wish we still did banners here and it wasn’t just outdated ones from cows past because this is begging to be a banner.

No. 239350

I unwish your wish because those gifs induce such a primal kneejerk rage that I already feel they should be spoilered

No. 239365

File: 1660318639236.jpeg (255.53 KB, 1124x1848, C7E224F6-E812-4183-8C27-6A353A…)

This TikTok is from the last day of July but it’s just now getting traction. Jilly your toddler isn’t cute and clever, you’re just absorbing hot TikTok lingo from a horny post.

No. 239394

nona, the crunchy bones joke isn't new… not wk jill, but I don't think this is relevant.

No. 239398

I've known people to call popping joints and old bones crunchy since like 2013 it ain't new

No. 239412

Please tell me these were mislabeled.

No. 239439

she means her and her alters silly nonny. stebie has a scooter. jill and co need the car to drive to the weed and tendie store

No. 239461

File: 1660351974000.webm (3.07 MB, 540x960, SnapTik_7131132890053758214.we…)

No. 239463

File: 1660352233279.jpg (544.55 KB, 1080x1932, Screenshot_20220812-205619_Tum…)

Saging for nonmilk, Jill calling DID beautiful and magical has also been a huge red flag and she keeps proving shes such a fraud. Post had just reminded me of jill doing this shit

No. 239464

This is so frustrating bc she legit looks like she was just crying, but then juxtaposing that with the idea of her setting up her phone to film herself feeling like this is so conflicting. Like there are ways to talk about mental illness struggles without it seeming like you're doing it for views or exaggerating

No. 239465

File: 1660352562486.jpg (144.44 KB, 720x1378, Screenshot_20220812-175728_Chr…)

No. 239466

File: 1660352608153.jpg (44.69 KB, 720x492, Screenshot_20220812-180042_Chr…)

No. 239468

she looks like she's legit suffering. She needs actual help.

No. 239470

Idk about everyone else but she's going to end up breaking at some point. She needs to realize a couple things and better herself. If she wants to stop being NPD that is.

No. 239479

I’m surprised she turned off the comments on that tiktok. As far as I can remember she’s never done that before, even with the cake disaster. Something must have actually happened if she doesn’t want people asking her what’s wrong and giving sympathy

No. 239480

she's just looking out of a window and breathing what the fuck about that looks like "legit suffering"

No. 239496

No, she needs to learn how to smoke weed properly so that she doesn't give herself a fucking panic attack - ahem, I'm sorry, a deep disassociation - every goddamn time.

No. 239497

#based anon igmmd was fantastic# Her deadbeat BF also being named Steven gives me keks, hopefully not foreshadowing a schizo-chan arc
late nitpick but she said in one of her vlogs where she showed Cherry off that she got it professionally painted/detailed which I thought was ridiculous for a college student especially the fairly detailed colorful design i assume it was really expensive

No. 239498

File: 1660366427501.png (227.72 KB, 323x373, 220813_w_-_Jillian_Vessey_#54_…)

Why does she use this filter so much?

No. 239500

She feels ugly without it

No. 239501

Love when she looks at the phone at the end to make sure she's been staring morosely out the window long enough for people to read the text.

No. 239508

Guys she isn’t wearing her day od the week bracelet- she’s definitely lost in time and dissociating so bad lol

No. 239512

I find it weird how she wants to immitate tiktok e-girls/alt girls with that make up filter when she never wore that irl

No. 239515

File: 1660375146137.jpeg (391.71 KB, 828x2997, 6F9DE8A7-4E3B-4A67-A380-258492…)

Jill is having a bitch fit over someone questioning why her spam insta suddenly changed. Maybe start a new account from scratch rather than hijack your existing followers and expect them to go along with completely different content then jilly.

Bonus points for the comments being “so hurtful” even though no one even said anything remotely mean

No. 239517

>"I don't know why your saying such hurtful things about me"
Jill really needs to leave the internet if she thinks people missing her old content is hurtful. It's obvious that Jill misses her younger self but she doesn't know how to cope with getting older.

No. 239519

>Bonus points for the comments being “so hurtful” even though no one even said anything remotely mean
This happens on all of Jill's social media, I think she's become really paranoid about the "haters" and thinks there's some kind of agenda behind every comment.

No. 239521

>person says she watched her videos
>you probably followed me when I was a teenager

Jillian definitely has a hangup about not being a teenager anymore with how often she mentions it, maybe having an ageplayer ddlg boyfriend isn't helping. She could look the same as then by simply giving up the weed and booze and eating better, it's not like she has any actual medical condition preventing that. Such a spoiled brat. What's funny as someone who has actually been chronically ill, she has the energy to make videos, tiktoks, argue online every day, throw her self around on stage in heels for her drag performances, extreme makeup etc, actually ill people haven't got the energy to get out of bed, put makeup on, make a video - or anything - all her problems are by her own making and could be solved in a month or two.
But we are supposed to feel sorry for her with all her "changes and challenges"

No. 239523

What losses or changes though? What happened this year?
>hit a deer with Steve's car, got some money back from insurance and is getting a new car
>enabling therapist is leaving
>cousin's wedding and she did her dress
>happy family reunion
>she got her first drag gig
Literally nothing else happened this year aside weed and DID larping and some people calling her cringe on tiktok.

No. 239525

I mean that’s exactly why Jerrick exists, she can’t handle being an adult so she needs to become Jerrick to be a teenager again because that’s when she peaked. It’s like people who peaked in highschool who can’t let it go.

No. 239529

All these people keep saying they liked her old content better - it must be a coordinated hate campaign to make her feel bad! It can’t possibly be that people liked her old content better.

She’s only 24, too. That’s still very young. I’m not on TikTok, does the culture there villify people over 20? I have to wonder who she’s hanging out with if she feels insecure about being in her early 20’s.

No. 239530

Off topic but yes, I've noticed teens nowadays think anyone over the age of 20 (mostly women unsurprisingly) should be doing taxes, going to work and raising kids. It's quite sad and I'm sure Jill sees those types of things being said very often considering how much she uses tiktok + twitter

No. 239531

I watched some tiktok drama videos yesterday as background music and the scene is so…petty. It's a lot of high school tier drama and people being cancelled for the most trivial things that no one in real life would care about (like being bitchy to somebody in DMs, teens are nowadays raised that you can never commit wrongthink or be mean or you get deleted from the internet).

Same with twitter, a lot of "neurodivergent minors" telling people that if you're over 18 you're a creep and don't belong in fandom spaces. There was a warning about a zine circulating recently how people in their 20s shouldn't be drawing teenage characters because that's creepy. Jill mostly hangs out in these artsy and mental illness spaces so she probably sees that on a daily basis as well.

Pretty much this. I remember being a kid and seeing teens as adults, and being 14 and seeing 20 year olds as older mature people but at the time no one was policing people on deviantart and tumblr. The worst case were "fandom moms" who wanted to use their authority as adults to preach to others about ships.

No. 239533

I mean just look at how she portrays Cliffe as a boomer who can’t use a phone and just does taxes and vacuuming all the time and he is what 35 or some shit.

No. 239534

Stuff like this is why I doubt her victim stories she spins, she is so thin skinned. There is no way she would have lived through what she claims and be as functional as she is. Because she is functional, she claims she is extremely unwell but she lives a much more normal life than the majority of disabled people. She has her own home, she drives and she just spends her days online, doing her little hobbies or doing “errands” which just consist of getting herself little treats. She doesn’t have any support needs in reality. Like literally go through categories for that stuff. She can go out alone (even on long extended trips like going home), she manages her own money and stuff is in her name, she drives, she doesn’t have any physical limitations mobility wise, she can use the bathroom and wash independently, she can cook and feed herself just fine. She is so damn sensitive like has she ever been bullied even because she interpreted this so extremely. Does she understand what someone being harsh to you actually entails.

No. 239535

What is disability money like in Canada? Because based on the facts Jilly would not qualify for disability benefits in the UK, she is too high functioning.

No. 239536

Not to mention the fact that she’s never shied away from talking about her struggles with mental illness/ED/self harm etc, and yet it’s only within the last 12 months or so that she’s flippantly talking about being a rape victim. Absolute bullshit to think that she wouldn’t have so much as mentioned childhood traumas over the many years she’s been online

No. 239540

I think that’s why she hooked on to DID, the memory loss factor. Narcs think they are the most special and most hard done by so it’s a comfortable thing to latch on to. Oh I must have some horrific trauma because other people I see do and I am more than everyone else. Clearly it happened and I just can’t remember it. It’s the easiest lie to tell herself.

No. 239542

It honestly depends on the province. I’m high functioning and had it in Alberta for 6 years.

No. 239564

I agree fully but I’m also wondering if he therapist fed her memories….they both knew DID patients should have some childhood trauma so they took her memories and twisted them (or created them) to fit the DID narrative. It’s not all the therapists faults but I do believe they egged her on. If someone told me a million times I did something at some point I’d start to think I did do it and question myself….I think this what is going on in her situation.

No. 239568

My tinfoil is that he's moving into a different branch because he reaized his reputation would suffer if professional colleagues knew how Jill got worse with him

No. 239572

Maybe tinfoil but I wouldn’t be surprised if counselor angelbabe uses her as a case study to further his career. If he does include her case in his doctoral thesis (or something along those lines), how long would it take for that to be published and searchable? In my field it would take many years but I’ve heard it’s much faster in the medical (and psychology?) field.

No. 239574

Yeah that’s why DID is such a popular larp, because there’s an inbuilt contingency for inconsistency and shittiness, because you can blame it on an alter or being dissociated, plus it’s ‘proof’ that your twuama is soo much worse than others.
The fact that Jill manages to be inconsistent and dumb even by youtuber larp standards is hilarious though, she’s literally on par with the 14 year olds with fucking DreamSMP “systems”

No. 239580

I'm derailing but the therapist talk is all very speculative. I'm assuming her therapist is just progressing in his career. Jill doesn't receive real CBT or DBT, she was just doing talk-therapy with a councillor. In NB, if you have an MA you can be a councillor and a PHD is for psychologists. Her councillor obtained his credentials from a for-profit online university in one of the least educated provinces of Canada… it's no wonder the quality of Jill's care seems to have left her more prone to escapism (talk therapy really is just going 'mhmmm' and giving helpful advice you know they wont follow). He probably is just bad at his job.

Does Jill have friends older (like 4-5 years?) than her? When people don't have older friends they end up afraid of getting older. It's telling that Jill only hangs around people her age or younger than her, like if she really knew a few 35-year-olds she would surely realize there's more to your 30s than taxes.

No. 239584

She has been doing EMDR with him though

No. 239586

I don't believe EMDR is taught through the Yorkville curriculum. My understanding of EMDR is that it is pseudoscience based on misunderstanding of exposure therapy, it made her councillor seem so unprofessional and cheap to me when she mentioned he took it seriously.

No. 239588

So you don't need any kind of license to subject somebody to that? Couldn't it potentially cause a seizure?

No. 239591

No certification is required to conduct EMDR. But besides that, how do we know Jill is even being truthful about that? I assume she lies and exaggerates everything for attention. In her mind, because she is an idiot, she probably thinks EMDR is the most edgy and intense therapy because of tik toks she's seen and tweets, so ofc she'd lie and say she does that.

No. 239596

Kek why doesn't she go outside to feel the sun on her skin? She literally needs to touch grass. They're probably smoking inside.

No. 239597

Those rainbow walls got that yellow tar tone now

No. 239603

That would be from cigarettes not weed. Though second hand exposure of weed to her cats can be harmful to them so smoking indoors is still shit tier.

No. 239605

She has a filter over the whole photo

A year or two of this wouldn't do that. You need 10+ years in the same house, same room, to get that level of yellow and it doesn't evenly distribute like this. Don't be this dumb.

No. 239614

Especially since serena has a flat face. People like Jilly who are obsessed with designer cats try and argue that their flat faced pet isn’t fucked but they all are, it comes with the territory, it’s a trait that was bred in against nature. I was relieved her mom put her foot down and made Jilly go smoke in the shed alone far away from the other cats. Also aside from breathing issues it literally gets your pet stoned, so not only is she getting stoned incredibly frequently but her cats will also be frequently stoned. As an uwu animal lover who is claiming to be traumatised by the deer incident she sure is happy to endanger and intoxicate her cats every day.

No. 239617

Probably reads here too much and gets paranoid of cowtippers, too

No. 239620

I legit can't tell if she's honestly this confident and thinks everyone who dislikes her is wrong, or if she's spiraling because deep down she's seeing how there's some truth in the way former fans react.

No. 239623

This might be her wake up call tbh. She does look legitimately distressed, she's human even if not the best one. I hope she can get some real, helpful therapy and stop the LARP. She needs to get away from Steve too - they're probably codependant as fuck and as someone who's been there, it's shit for both of them. She's been spiralling for a while, just not in the way she thinks.

No. 239624

She keeps using the words “me” and “I” while that account says it’s Jerrick’s and he wouldn’t be 24 like she says in one of the comments. The LARP is stupid.

No. 239627

Nothing will wake her up. She’s a narc and thrives and getting attention from her pitiful meltdowns. She’s probably enjoying the nonnas her worrying about her because that’s all she wants uwu poor sickie jilly.
I remember she commented on a TikTok like a year or two ago empathizing with people who would intentionally hurt themselves as children for attention.
I don’t think she’ll go the full physically ill munchie route because she’d sacrifice a lot of freedom which would be inconvenient for her shitty lifestyle. I’d think also Louise might get more involved if she became physically ill because it’d remind her of her own cancer trauma.
With the mental illness larp she comes off as she’s doing a silly phase with her shiny new personalities rather than the reality that DID is a fucked up rare disorder that only effects the deeply disturbed and survivors of the worst abuse possible. So I honestly think her family doesn’t really take her seriously and think she’s quirky and eccentric.

No. 239630

Let's pretend Jillian actually has DID, she had something truly horrific happen to her that she is now working through in her adulthood. Why would anyone, anyone at all, open up about this in the way that she does on youtube? Surely some sense of self-preservation would kick in for a victim, one that had to hide something so deep in their mind they forgot it. Not to mention, Jillian is a child of the internet, she knows people would doubt and criticize her. People would use any ammunition they had against her. Lolcow is one place we know upsets her, but I imagine she gets probably more personal and disturbing messages sent to her daily. Personally I think she thinks she has DID. Whatever damage she now inflicts to herself will be very hard to untangle if she ever decides to work through her actual issues.

No. 239633

kekkkk oh nooooo lmao

No. 239634

Unironically should wear that kind of makeup and not the attrocity she's into nowadays.
All narcissists have something in common: their ego get bruised easily and this is the most hurtful shit they go through in their lives, when someone opposes them. They go insane. So when people are actually having common sense and calling her out, she takes it as the worst and most insulting thing.

No. 239635

narcs are the most insecure people, actually. they just hide it with bravado and a big ego. she definitely hates herself. why else would she be "3 months clean" cutting at 24 and have eaten her way to obesity. it's just a thick layer of denial of how bad everything is.

No. 239636

>I am 24
I thought jerrick was a "perpetual teenager"? kek, good to know her OCs were just a project all along.
>such hurtful things
She literallyh didn't say anything, wew.

No. 239637

File: 1660415190038.jpg (168.5 KB, 720x1393, Screenshot_20220813-112534_Chr…)

No. 239638

File: 1660415268713.jpg (190.74 KB, 720x1388, Screenshot_20220813-112549_Chr…)

No. 239639

oml was her breakdown crying TikTok because she got covid?

No. 239642

File: 1660415585228.jpg (158.07 KB, 720x1384, Screenshot_20220813-113231_Chr…)

No. 239643

File: 1660415659706.jpeg (390.35 KB, 1125x2000, 1658008569787.jpeg)

>I was relieved her mom put her foot down and made Jilly go smoke in the shed alone far away from the other cats.

Wait, you're so right. I didn't see it before but you are right. Before she was smoking in the cat patio that her mom built for herself and the cats, but then her mom conveniently put an uwupink desk outside the garage for her to smoke her brains out. I thought this was enabling Jillian, but the more I think about it it's just Louise putting up with her. That's the same impression I get with her comments on the videos, she's trying to nicely tell Jillian to fuck off.

No. 239644

`>All these people keep saying they liked her old content better - it must be a coordinated hate campaign to make her feel bad! It can’t possibly be that people liked her old content better.
She really doesn't understand why someone would like her old content better huh
>Jillian definitely has a hangup about not being a teenager anymore with how often she mentions it
I agree.

No. 239648

>I've noticed teens nowadays think anyone over the age of 20 (mostly women unsurprisingly) should be doing taxes, going to work and raising kids
That's fucking sad and misogynistic. It's the same shit a boomer would say kek. You're still young in your 20s, your life doesn't end there.
>It's a lot of high school tier drama and people being cancelled for the most trivial things that no one in real life would care about (like being bitchy to somebody in DMs, teens are nowadays raised that you can never commit wrongthink or be mean or you get deleted from the internet)
Geee I wonder why, they're being raised by people who coddle them a lot. Everyone is special, everyone is nice. Fuck this shit.
Sad thing is, EVERYONE acts like this nowadays, so we're probably doomed and will have to get used to it and live in real life with these extremely think skinned freaks for life. I'm tired of this infantile society.
>There was a warning about a zine circulating recently how people in their 20s shouldn't be drawing teenage characters because that's creepy.
That's retarded
>Stuff like this is why I doubt her victim stories she spins, she is so thin skinned.
I agree, it's probably some narc ego bruising, there's no other way.

No. 239650

EMDR is pseudocience anyways
thanks for the insight on those degrees anon

No. 239651

yeah wasn't the house a thing to cure her depression or something? it only made it worse imo
>reiki healing livestreams
this is such bullshit lmao
I don't get it, does "covid stuff" mean she got covid or that she's afraid of getting it?

No. 239663

Tinfoil but I wouldn’t be surprised if she started doing the retarded ‘my alters started dating’ shit you see on tiktok sometimes

No. 239664

Don't actual Reiker users claim it's physical touch anyways? Fucking social media psychics make the best cows with their delusions.

No. 239665

File: 1660420573744.webm (3.73 MB, 540x960, Jillybean.webm)

No. 239666

File: 1660420666795.jpg (158.87 KB, 698x1193, Screenshot_20220813-124733_Chr…)

No. 239667

The plausible deniability with the vague indirect hashtags on this when it’s clear autism bait is so transparent.

No. 239670

>Berry hashtag

Is this just her pretending to be a 5 year old? Her voice is weird here.

No. 239672

half of these aren't even actually straight but then she pretends to straighten some of the ones on the bottom get your autism larp right

No. 239673

It would make sense because lining up your toys is a behaviour exhibited by autistic children. It’s something they look for you having done as a child when you are diagnosed as an adult. It’s a hamfisted piece of “proof”.

No. 239675

File: 1660422297570.png (1.04 MB, 711x708, Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 3.25…)

here you go Jill now can we move on

No. 239677

the child voice is so fucking creepy
yeah she's pretending to be the child alter, look att the stawberry emoji in the top right corner

No. 239679

if you sort by recent comments on her latest DID bud, they're mostly negative with a lot of thumbs up. i don't know when she decided that negative attention is better than no attention. her views are shit. even on the controversial vids. maybe if enough people unsub, she'll magically be cured. god that would be nice

No. 239682

>Bottoms of columns not lined up.
>Most are not straight.
>Not evenly spaced.
>Not stacked by color.
>Looking at a shadow and saying "stim" over and over is not stimming.
But look how fun her autistic/OCD/neurodivergent habits are! What a quirky queen!

No. 239683

She sounds physically ill. Not mentally ill.
How long until the diabetes diegnosis.
She needs to see a real doctor not her enabling therapist or "healing livestreams"

No. 239690

Ah yes, let me grab my camera and record an aesthetic tiktok to quickly grab proof of my child alter being autistic…
Mental illness is something that creates you problems in your life and annoys you, not a funny personality quirk.

No. 239691

Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit, is it?

No. 239696

Isn't it just the same Flora voice she's been doing in a bunch of videos already?

No. 239697

>stim, stim. Stim, stim
Pokemon alter when

No. 239705

>It would make sense because lining up your toys is a behaviour exhibited by autistic children
and this bitch thinks she's an autistic child? ffs what the fuck is wrong with her

No. 239706

Ntayrt, I think it's Jilly using her Flora voice and "helping" Berry with lining up the beads. As referenced here >>239637, "she has a warm loving grandma vibe". It hurts my head because this all just reminds me of Robert Downey Jr's role in Tropic Thunder. Convoluted, unnecessary, and overall stupid.

No. 239707

>stim stim stim
thats not how you stim, its not a mantra. This is clearly not real you fucking liar.

No. 239708

Jill, Jill!!! I’m impressed, what a practical and logical way to lay out all your alpha beads. How’s that for displayed ability to think ahead? You had 6 bracelets or necklaces to string and you organized all the letters to more easily find the letters necessary for the names you were planning to string. You are not ducking autistic and that you think this is an indication you are, while no less chanting “stim” as if your audience might miss the hint, you are a condescending asshole. Grow the fuck up and stop putting every behavior you have or think of having or fart out in your weed addled nap times under a microscope of mental illness and narcissism.

No. 239722

File: 1660434488289.png (294.19 KB, 1192x1146, Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 6.48…)

well here's why she had those sweat covered pits in previous videos

No. 239731

What a world she must live in for fucking autism to be a goal. Most people her age are working, beginning their lives, and working on bettering their lives. Jill has been stagnant, making up her OCs/DID story, and striving for a tard-card.

No. 239732

jill if you really want to commit to the autistic child larp, scream at some duvets in target for being the wrong texture and bite through a cable or something, making ‘quirky’ sounds and organising beads is not it

No. 239738

I can’t screenshot, but if you look in the comments on the bead tiktok her cousin commented that she and Jill and definitely autistic, to which Jill replied “vibes”. Why does Jill want to be autistic so badly? Does she think it’s a get out of jail free card or something? She’s been in and out of psychiatric care since she was a kid, none of them picked up on it? And she never talked to the therapist about frustrations reading social cues at school or while working at Claire’s?

No. 239739

Pretty sure it's like 50/50 but some people with autism claim strong constant smells can overstimulate them so…

No. 239740

>Does she think it’s a get out of jail free card or something?
That’s exactly what she thinks. It makes her feel justified for acting like a child, because that’s how she views autistic people, and let’s her off the hook for things like not working, barely making videos, not replying to friends (which she’s always saying she does), not keeping up with her fashion “career”, and any other part of her life she might be ashamed off. Instead of working on herself, addressing her shortcomings and learning to deal with life like every other 20-something, she’s convinced herself that she has a free pass to act the way that she does and not feel guilty.
That’s Jill’s biggest hurdle, the fact that most of this larp she’s on is to convince herself more than anyone else (the rest is for attention obvs). She’s clearly deeply unhappy with her life, likely due to genuine depression, and in order to cope she’s invented reasons for why it’s okay

No. 239741

File: 1660441022841.jpg (190.57 KB, 720x1382, Screenshot_20220813-183644_Chr…)

No. 239742

Kek. This is clearly a big fat lie.

No. 239754

File: 1660445911554.jpeg (308.31 KB, 1170x895, 7D3B13A5-A677-4523-9F59-481B5E…)

this is so fucking gross

No. 239761

Frightening dreams for others: family accident, relationship problems, being chased, etc..
Frightening dreams for Jill: facing consequences for her DID larp

No. 239766

"susty"? dear god no.

No. 239775

this is literally not what autism is. shes just obsessed with tiktok definitions of everything. if she claims she has ocd next, im absolutely going to be enraged

No. 239777

the autism evaluation must be soon. she did the same thing before her "DID assessment" …practicing and studying for her test

No. 239778

File: 1660455827920.jpeg (83.85 KB, 887x1360, D01B7473-203F-4ABB-9684-6A3208…)

>>joking about the body keeps score
not to a-log but wow fuck you Jillian. This is a book specifically written for survivors of rape and incest, blog but my guidance counselor gave it to me in high school because my dad molested me and imagining her reading the testimonials in it and using it to ‘study’ her LARP makes me sick

No. 239779

OT, but this made me curious: Is weed not handled like alcohol in countries where it's legal? At least where I am from, a drunk driver would get a penalty for DUI no matter if they damaged something or not.

No. 239780

"Finally finding a solution" wasnt the car crash like… a week or two ago? She is so dramatic.

No. 239786

Her claiming to have severe recurring trauma and then saying her worst nightmare is getting cancelled on twitter is so fucking funny. She can't keep her fucking larp straight

No. 239791

it's not like alcohol because there's no instantaneous test for it, and THC present in urine/blood doesn't correlate to levels of intoxication like alcohol does. so they either have to admit to being high or it has to be worthwhile to pursue as a criminal matter

No. 239792

its handled like alcohol in the US at least, but we don’t know if she actually was high when she was driving (i highly doubt her mother would have let her leave if she was taking bong rips beforehand)

No. 239796

Not to blog but I know a kid that got exorcism as his autism „treatment”. And there she is all uwu I’m a smoll kid so qwirky. She really doesn’t see how sheltered she is.

No. 239799

It does run in families so she is definitely using her cousin as an excuse to say she definitely has it as well.
The thing is even if she was autistic and this was genuine she would be incredibly high functioning and diagnosis at this point would do nothing for her. No matter how much she lies she can work a normal job or put in more effort and make money, she doesn’t need to access services. There is a big push on tik tok of adults getting diagnosed but to be blunt if it doesn’t and hasn’t affected your life then it’s a waste of money and resources. It’s rare but the only time it really makes sense is if you were neglected and it did effect your life just no one cared and we all know that is in no way the case for Jilly. If she was autistic and had any kind of needs it would have been caught and her needs would have been met already. So even if she were autistic it would still just be a piece of paper for her to wave at people that isn’t meaningful.

No. 239800

The biggest trauma she has is probably just being call out on twitter and lolcow imo. Narcissistic people get their ego bruised so easily, it's devastating for them.

No. 239802

>Why does Jill want to be autistic so badly?
If you check >>235144 she was already talking about stimming in 2020 and there are posts by her how much an autism evaluation would cost. She could possibly drop 1000-3000$ trying to get diagnosed, she kept researching but it's much harder to find a hack licensed psychiatrist than a hack therapist.
I wonder if this is all about her parents.
>mommy, daddy, I am mentally disabled so you can't stop sendning me money! I literally can't work a normal job!
I don't want to believe this is all due to social contagination from twitter and tiktok making neurodivergency special and Jill wanting to be the most special person.

No. 239816

File: 1660476833944.jpg (160.96 KB, 828x380, IMG_0932.jpg)

screengrab for posterity

No. 239818

Tbh that's been one of my most consistent tinfoil's for jilly; that everything she does is to try to keep getting money from her parents; it's why she picks mental illness; especially ones that are harder to justify existence of; that way her family can't question it. Also possibly playing on Lousie fear when she had cancer of leaving her precious little Jilly so she spoiled her into the mess we see today

No. 239820

This makes me think that the cousin isn’t diagnosed either

No. 239825

In Canada do you have to also have a witness who is interviewed about you? They emphasise they want someone who knew you as a child preferably a parent or sibling so in Jillys case they would want to speak to Louise. You can have a partner do it but that is usually if you can’t have a parent do it and she hasn’t actually known Stephen a very long time and doesn’t have a good excuse for why they can’t speak to her mom. Analysing your behaviour as a child is a large component even in adult diagnosis. In my part of the UK it’s three sessions of information gathering with the patient, a session with the witness then a different person gives you formal diagnostic testing. Do any nonny’s know what the system is like in Canada? I’m curious if it’s less rigorous and easier for her to fake or if she is going to have to work for it and get Louise involved. If it is that rigorous I could see her just saying diagnosis isn’t accessible and self diagnosis is valid. She is already happily labelling herself that way so I feel it is possible she will go down that route.

No. 239830

i would love an exorcism for my autism

but it sounds like jill could use one too. considering the reiki healing livestream was so beneficial for her

No. 239831

>She’s been in and out of psychiatric care since she was a kid, none of them picked up on it?
Purely anecdotal (and bloggy) but this is quite common with women who were diagnosed as adults. People do pick up on the fact that something is wrong but the girls are misdiagnosed, drugged and/or dismissed as difficult, attention seekers etc. If Jill were smarter she could easily claim her BPD is a misdiagnosis.
The thing that makes her whole autism LARP so clearly fake to me is the fact that she’s suddenly claiming all the most obvious stereotypical traits, like she’s going down a checklist. She’s putting on a show of the kind of behaviour you see in people who do get diagnosed as children. All of a sudden she doesn’t understand metaphor and picked up a bunch of stim habits that she can’t help but practice in public. These are not things you get worse at over time, even undiagnosed. It’s clearly an act.

Same, that sounds like what you’d say if you suspect something but haven’t had it officially confirmed. I wonder which one started identifying as autistic first.

No. 239834

I can't specifically say for Canada, but while women do get misdiagnosed all the time an autism diagnosis won't be handed to you so easily. Most normal, sane doctors would like to avoid diagnosing patients with something they don't have and Jill didn't even manage to get a real diagnosis for DID. Even if Jill forced her mother to cooperate in the fake story, I can only see it happening if the doctor is tired, has no time and doesn't worry about being accussed of giving a healthy person a ticket for disability money.

Jill would have to spend at least 3 hours pretending to be autistic while the psychiatrist interviews her and has her do some basic tests, and the way she talks in that tiktok is so gross to me.