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No. 303924

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for.
She happily accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression (NOT a real diagnosis!) with a "coming out as DID" celebratory cake, but struggled to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of “severe mental illness” in the forms of a brief stay in a mental hospital in her early teens due to ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
>is still extremely thin-skinned; has history of deleting comments critical to her and has preached getting along with people while also blasting critics and concern in a very rude and passive-aggressive manner; has gotten into pissfights online as of late with users that have spoken out of concern for her or wanting to help or talk in some degree
>her sexuality has been a sliding scale, from pansexual to queer to lesbian to back to currently pansexual (and nonbinary due to alters); current partner is Steven Clarke, who has enabled her delusions and has racked up his own questionable reputation; has a long history of drama with relationships, claiming abuse to some degree in most of them
>formerly had a fashion brand called Five Petal Flower before graduating from her college fashion class, but seems to be no longer active if not just slowly dying; has also gotten into drag with a persona known as Villany Swells; has cancelled two drag gigs so far and claims an online person is stalking her due to a publically-filmed video of a drag show being linked in a previous
>has a shaky history of substance misuse regarding her meds; now takes in various degrees of alcohol and weed leading to possible clashes in medication or mental/physical state

Latest milk:
>>300546 June patreon livestream: Coverage of new medication and her expectations of meds to fix all her problems. Becuase we all know Jills problems aren't her fault and they DEFINITELY weren't caused by her. Also showing an increasing desire to get engaged and married.
>>300554 Jill & her hobosexual Steevie's 5th anniversary. Steve got her a bike and Jill didn't show what she got him. (probably nothing because she'd plaster social media about how considerate she is)
>>301024 Amazing rant by anon
>>301516 Beginning of Jill twitter Con melt down excuses
>>301619 Convention photos and shit hitting the fan with Sof's coming second. Last thread is full of good speculation and twitter shots revealing Jilly-Bean having some big mean girls energy. Convention timeline tinfoil is: Jill was already in a manic mood because stevie wouldn't take the day off
Called a taxi and smoked a bowl before going into the con so she would be fun high during it
Greened out and then saw how much better sof looked in social media pictures which sent her BPD though the roof prior to the arrival. Was too high and conventions aren't fun when you're too high
Had a 'menty healthy-wealthy' emergency which resulted in her requiring the full attention of everyone around her as soon as she arrived but then everyone else was still trying to enjoy their day and move on from jill's attention seeking narc behaviour.
that really enraged jill and needed to get the attention of sof competing so she took her cosplay off and had a toddler tantrum on the floor. But would have totally gotten back in cosplay and re-done her make-up somehow if sof needed her
Sof did not need her and came second in masters divsion.
Jill exhausted herself with her antics and left early so she could re-coup her energy for when stevie came home so she could give him the full-force BPD narc blame-athon which he totally deserves because al of this happened because he wasn't there.

>>302621 July patreon livestream
>>302843 Cosplay video: Talking about how she made it and tazlks out her ass about how she's a professional
>>302860 Brutal anon review of video.
>>303360 Jill filming in basement and encroaching into Steve's designated space. The pepto bismol pink wall paint just hard-lined against grey paint is icing on the cake
>>303424 ARFID claim
>>303622 Inserts herself into someone elses story about suicide and mentions that her partner called the police
>>303639 Convention video link; Jill is a mess and proves again that if she isn't the centre of attention no-one else can be.
>>303678 Anon summary for convention video
>>303736 Interview for DID documentary, rough guess is "Jenny And" that Jill's bestie Kya is an advisor on. https://greenlit.com/project/jenny-and
>>303746 Sunlfower lanyard makes a apperance for Barbie movie outing.
>>303814 Barbie lookbook tiktok
>>303872 Jill goes outside and is angry people don't notice her.

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/villainyswells/ (used to be @pixieespam)
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 (“Sweetie” alters, previously @xcherrybombica): https://twitter.com/pixie_petals
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Threads: https://www.threads.net/@pixieelocks
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 303925

Last thread had a lot of milk so intro post in 3 sections:

>Pixie: The collective name of all the alters. Is a "genderfluid they/them".

>Jillian: Rainbow emoji. 25, but "age slides" from 4-25. This is actually just herself, but she herself is both an alter and the host. Desperately wants to have autism.
>Jerrick: Snake emoji. 14-16 year old emo trans guy. "He mentioned feeling 17." Was labeled as being a co-host. Conveniently holds all her BPD traits. Entire personality is being angry and liking green. Like all the alters, is into drag.
>Veronica: Flame emoji. 21 year old horny alter. She is a “protector of sexual trauma”. Says she had to become a "fuckable plaything" because she was “raped for months”. Was going to be intersex, but Jill didn't want to deal with the backlash and decided against it.
>Berry: Strawberry emoji. 4-6 year old. Talks and acts like a baby. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had her name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Is for some reason triggered out by positive things like holidays and presents and is "trauma-free".
>Cliffe: Club emoji. 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant". A mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes.
>Flora: Cherry blossom emoji. 18 year old fictive. Used to be a fragment, but became a full alter. She is supposed to be Cure Flora and all the pink PreCures. She is a blonde, sweet lolita.
>Jax: Test tube emoji. 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching Arcane while having major trauma. Jillian called her “hypersexual”.
>Sandwich: Sandwich emoji. Cat alter. Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Not much has been said about her. Note that Jillian’s middle name is actually Amanda.
>Ramona: An alter that was only announced after she fused with Jillian. After doing so, Jillian suddenly wanted to start playing the piano again.
>Sunny: Shooting star emoji. 14. She's "energetic" and positive in a way that's "crazy". A protector that likes yellow. Basically just Flora, but hyper.
>Amber: Partly cloudy emoji. 25. She's edgy and has freckles. Also a protector that likes yellow. Formed at the same time as Sunny in response to the McLean video drama. Supposed to look the most normal.

No. 303926

No. 303927

This is my first time making a thread and sorry for the thread pic I broke which ever hand I meme with.

There was a lot going on in the last thread so if I missed anything please add extra summaries of whatever you think was important.

No. 303929

Thanks for the new thread anon!

Wanting to interact with every random stranger you pass on the street isn’t very autism of you, Jill.

Communism is just a trendy aesthetic for Steve anyway.

No. 303930

Thank you for the new thread nonna!
(And the beautiful thread pic.)
Looks like she's shifted from the OG OCs these days, (watch her contradict me the second I post this) she uses Jax instead of Jerrick whenever she wants to look edgy. Flora is co-host all the time (didn't that use to be Jer's job? Sounds like he got fired kek)
And Sunny when she feels like doing decora.
I'd say good for her that she doesn't feel as negative anymore, except she still hasn't let go of the weed and then we got the whole con debacle.

No. 303931

File: 1690116331100.jpeg (152.79 KB, 828x574, 314CDDE5-7C2F-4068-AB21-5FFE29…)

No. 303933

Why will she not stop bringing this up it’s so gross like what is she doing to have had them chronically for so many years. Also she again never gets treatment just complains about it.

No. 303934

>>303933 fatties get UTIs with ease, coupling that with her unhygienic weed addiction and diet of processed garbage no wonder she always gets them

No. 303936

>>303931 I can't imagine her smell. Cheap sweet body spray, weed, sweat, neglected cats, and piss.

No. 303937

Jerrick was also her main drag alter. She seems to have dropped drag in favour of cosplay, which is more Flora’s thing. Does the DID fandom call DIDfluencers out when they forget about or neglect an alter without bothering to tie up loose ends by fusing them?
>inb4 she posts about Jerrick just to prove us wrong

Tell Steve to wash his girldick!

No. 303938

would bet my life the chronic UTIs are from wearing exclusively polyester underwear and not something breathable like cotton

No. 303941

Do her fans want to know about the state of her genitals? Who is this for? They both should shower more and practice better hygiene, many women that get chronic utis get them from their partners unwashed dicks.

No. 303943

I mean the beetus also causes chronic UTIs, which she is 100% a candidate for with what she eats.

No. 303944

Fellow fatso here, I’ve had exactly one (1) UTI in my life, and that was due to never being told that you should pee after sex. Jill getting UTI isn’t because she’s fat, she’s clearly unhygienic

No. 303946

Considering her uwu-flashing clips in the past, maybe she doesn't wear underwear in casual clothes/doesn't clean her bed/doesn't clean her house while having pets. Horrible, I know.

No. 303948

File: 1690138609864.jpg (172.24 KB, 1080x755, IMG_20230723_205757.jpg)

Saint Jill, lecturing poor people who buy cheap fashion. I don't think the whole convo is worth capping, she's just responding to random people.

No. 303949

File: 1690138651047.jpg (204.12 KB, 1080x888, IMG_20230723_205951.jpg)

No. 303950

That is classism, some people really are too poor to buy or make their own clothes or get custom pieces. Some random bitch in a townhouse who does YouTube for “work” has no place berating poors who think shein shit is worth it. She’s so insufferable. Jill slaves made your phone and laptop and electronics in your home, stfu unless you’re living in a mud hut you built yourself that you keep warm by hanging tapestries you made with thread you spun and no fire because uwu globs waba. Dumb and entitled.

No. 303952

>>303950 the lack of self awareness is insane. Jill's pampered and spoiled fatass should not be talking about this shit when she's had everything handed to her and bought for her for her whole life.

No. 303954

File: 1690143405549.jpg (119.18 KB, 720x681, Screenshot_20230723-1313.jpg)

Jill's dosage on Wellbutrin

No. 303955

File: 1690143517321.jpg (367.31 KB, 720x2718, Screenshot_20230723_131627.jpg)

No. 303956

Being bitchy about it and bringing up work clothes at all just makes them sound bad. Jill's never had to buy actual work clothes since both her jobs probably let her dress fun nor has she had to seriously worry about money. She regularly used to buy shoes worth more than a lot of people's entire wardrobes combined. No one 'deserves' high end clothes and artists and laborers should be paid fairly but if someone's buying work pants on shein they're probably wearing them way more than the designer girlies are wearing their clothes.

No. 303957

Gross, Jillian Amanda Vessey. No one needed to know about this. Maybe get Cliffe to explain to you the joys of hygiene.
The plastic junk hoard is rattling.
Wondering if the club is that Monarch drop in place .

No. 303958

File: 1690144858840.jpg (57.19 KB, 720x411, Screenshot_20230723-134102.jpg)

No. 303959

how about, y'know, talking to the owners face to face before posting shit on facebook in front of an audience?

No. 303961

File: 1690145566068.jpg (271.32 KB, 720x2435, Screenshot_20230723_135127.jpg)

It was the Monarch.

No. 303962

The autism breadcrumbs are not even crumbs anymore, they're entire loaves of bread.

No. 303963

So people brought kids to a pride arts and crafts, they got bored and started blasting music? Lol

No. 303964

I’m no fan of Steve but the thought of Jill running around the house screeching like Mikayla Nogueira makes even me feel bad for him. And those poor cats!

No. 303967

autistic kids are usually loud especially the low functioning ones kek. What a way of throwing disabled kids under the bus.

No. 303968

Get a hold of your fuckin' self, you stupid dumb bitch.

No. 303969

File: 1690148995459.jpg (309.76 KB, 720x3357, Screenshot_20230723_144833.jpg)

Jill's pride outfit featuring Steve paying the meter.

No. 303970

File: 1690149073744.webm (1.95 MB, 576x1024, 1690148769496.WEBM)

No. 303972

god this is why i fucking hate autism-larping munchies, they use their pretend diagnosis to shit on actual autistic little kids and their parents who are just trying their best. this space was specifically designed for them to have a good time, not you as a rainbow geriatric hambeast

No. 303973

so she's able go to pride, which is at the very least just as loud/crowded/packed as the con was with… seemingly no issues? i thought her whole con breakdown was because she can't handle large noisy crowds anymore

No. 303974

>>303973 Jillssociative Identity Disorder and Jilltism is in short "Rules for thee but not for me" even when she forgets her own rules lmao

No. 303976

Original sound heavy indeed. Woof why is she getting bigger and bigger with every post. She looks like piñata.
It’s mento jillness luv

No. 303977

>>303976 mento jillness is brilliant anon

No. 303979

Part of her accommodations is having her sweetie angel partner with her. Stevie went with her so less tantrums this time around. Wonder if he took a day off or had the day off? Also I bet you she took that sunflower lanyard with her just to be extra grating.

No. 303980

File: 1690155124765.jpg (36.54 KB, 300x408, 2023-07-24-09-30-14-434.jpg)

No. 303985

File: 1690159901330.png (1.21 MB, 1280x692, IMG_0847.png)

She’s more like the baby from spirited away tbh.

No. 303986

Lol that’s now how you get UTIs, my friend is a fatty and has never had a single UTI. I’m skinny and got my first UTI when I was like 3 because bubble baths give me then something awful. Many soaps can give people UTIs if they’re prone to them. Jill’s possibly an outie and having hypertrophic labia can also contribute to getting them more often.

She needs to stop with the bath bombs, I guarantee those are giving her gnarly UTIs. And she probably used some heavily scented body wash directly on her urethra.(medfagging)

No. 303987

>>303986 meant fatties get them with ease bc they're more unhygienic with having all those sweaty rolls and fupa shit to look after

No. 303988

Really insane she can’t understand the correlation between Wellbutrin and increased anxiety. Wellbutrin is terrible for anyone with anxiety unless combined with another med to help the anxiety it causes. While being great for depression for many, the amount of people who have to discontinue Wellbutrin due to the insane anxiety it causes even though otherwise making them happier it quite large

No. 303989

Okay but if they started letting kids run and scream around here and started blasting music, that’s literally not what was advertised. Her being upset about this is one of the most reasonable and valid complaint Jill has ever made, kek.

No. 303991

File: 1690161408294.jpg (125.94 KB, 720x692, Screenshot_20230723-1815.jpg)

No. 303992

It was after the event was over

No. 303993

File: 1690162822155.png (815.27 KB, 1190x1396, Screen Shot 2023-07-23 at 6.39…)

Not really, she's upset because she didn't keep track of the time. This autist friendly event was only for an hour and they delivered for what it was. But Jill's ofc got to blow it out of proportion.
It is weird that the night club allowed kids though.

No. 303994

eh, I kind of get her point. the fact they specifically made an area for people with sensitivity issues and then didn't let people know they were about to start blasting music is kind of stupid. seems like something they should have gone to talk to the production people about right then and there instead of complaining about it on twitter but I'm actually on her side here.

No. 303996

It's an unfortunate oversight but Jill could've just talked with the organizers when it happened, instead of sarcastically blasting them on her twitter afterwards. Keep in mind this is a club she regularly goes to. But no, Jill doesn't want to do anything actually helpful in the moment… she just wants to moralfag and pretend to be this autism activist that's caring about the poor imaginary epileptics that they almost killed!!

No. 304001

Why should she? Ntayrt, but she makes a good point. The organizers probably did get crap for it, they should be dragged online too. No event is above being publicly blasted. If it wasn't Jill complaining, it wouldn't matter to you, but its stupid because it's her complaining apparently.
You're insinuating that they didn't get complaints in general because of it. Jill isn't even trying to get people to be her personal army. The organizers were shit to do it, let them be called out, anon. You aren't even making a good argument why she shouldn't complain or tell people.

No. 304003

Kek sounds like a typical pride event to me, pretending to be pandering to all demographics and specials but actually just self absorbed as fuck and uncaring who gets upset because they "have a right to be loud and proud deal with it"

No. 304009

Okay so warning that this video is from TikTok so take it with a HUGE grain of salt but I just instantly thought of Jill when I saw this and honestly it describes her perfectly imo

No. 304014

What if those kids have autism Jill you ableist shit

No. 304015

>children being the worst
For someone who fetishises being a sweetie angel baby, Jill sure doesn't like kids. Also throwing a tantrum over kids having fun at am event is so embarrassing.

No. 304016

The fact this place was advertising stim and craft toys makes me think this event was more geared towards kids then adults.

No. 304018

Thank god for that. If she liked kids she’d want a child because she’s a selfish narc and she has to have everything she wants even if it’s not a good idea for her lifestyle. And I feel like she’d be a horrible adult to have around children in general, she’s just so self absorbed and should never be around kids.

No. 304027

I'm go glad i have a grip on reality that kids running around and music doesn't ruin my day. where jill needs every little thing catered to her life otherwise she cries oppression

No. 304028

I know it won't happen because it's cowtipping, but sometimes I just wish that whenever she posted this type of shit someone would come out and mention the part where her parents got her access to a whole ass townhouse basically the moment she became an adult.

No. 304029

Wash your sex toys Jill or ask Stevie to buy his own for fucks sake

No. 304030

She doesn’t want to be around children or raise a child, she wants to be a child. Being around real life children and their parents threatens the agere safespace uwu fantasy where she is the baby.

No. 304034

She loves to whine and do nothing about it is what irks me, people who actually have these issues have accommodations that they take with them. Get some loops, get noise cancelling headphones/ear defenders, carry sunglasses with you like literally do a single thing to help yourself instead of just whining. It’s part of what makes her larping unrealistic to me because she supposedly has these crippling issues but does literally nothing about it.

No. 304044

File: 1690209245531.jpeg (514.58 KB, 828x1241, D3F6746F-5EF8-4DE4-98B1-392724…)

No. 304045

File: 1690209301650.jpeg (506.44 KB, 828x1036, F10FAD35-5F37-4C0F-80FD-C66116…)

No. 304047

File: 1690209346249.jpeg (488.03 KB, 828x1043, 2CC578C6-7C56-40DB-8674-367721…)

No. 304048

What's this alter's name going to be? Wellbutrina?

No. 304052

how is 2018 her any different from flora? didn't she even say that it was flora who was in that nhk documentary think she did?
so… either she has to fuse flora, or she creates an almost identical alter to flora who she can then fuse

No. 304053

I’ll take ‘Things you should ask a therapist and not idiots on Twitter’ for $100, Alex

No. 304054

Same fag, but the fact that she truly sees no connection whatsoever between feeling better mentally and leveling out on a new pyschiatric med is truly astounding. She really does not see her “DID” as an illness, it’s just the weird and quirky way her brain permanently works, and the medication is completely separate from that.
Of course you feel better and more active like you did in 2018 Jill, that’s the last time you were vaguely mentally healthy and you’re now on uppers

No. 304057

That’s the Wellbutrin you grifter!
> Why do I feel better after starting a new medication?
Its such a fucking mystery Jillian!? Who knows! Not you because you’re so addled from the weed. Anything for the attention with her. Waiting for her to have psychotic break from weed/alcohol/meds combo and claim Jerricka went on a murder spree and killed all the other alters or some other melodramatic nonsense just for the attention. She can even claim it as real scawy trauma to the other larpers she’s trying to impress and get validation views from.

No. 304062

I can't believe she claims to have something as serious as DID and she still doesn't see a therapist to ask them these questions so someone can tell her to her face that it's the fucking meds, you dipshit.

Part of the joys of therapy is saying this shit out loud and realizing how stupid you sound.

No. 304064

>gets a new dose of medication
> libido and goals change
>omg it must be DID
how is she this dumb about her own mental health

No. 304065

>increased libido
>gets uti >>303931
Tell Stevie to wash his shenis ffs

No. 304074

Would not be surprised to find out that Stevie shares his girldick with people that aren't Jill or women. Chronic UTIs with a long term partner? That's usually the main reason unless she's dealt with this before Steven.

No. 304077

She's probably just too lazy to get out of bed to pee after sex. No need to tinfoil about Stevie topping men

No. 304081

>claims to get chronic UTIs
>uses and has chronically used bath bombs
That’s the answer to your tinfoils. Just another example of Jill not being able to make the most obvious connection between her problems and her actions yet again. We know this bitch loves her bath bombs, we know she’s been on Wellbutrin which is an upper, she most likely “treated herself” to an oh so luxurious bath or two with a lush bath bomb. And she probably doesnt shower before getting into a bath bombed tub, which makes it extra likely since she’s stewing in all that fragrance and irritating ingredients in addition to her own filth and any grossness she picks up in public from hugging her dirty weeb friends at the con kek.(medfag derail)

No. 304082

>>303931 Jill hardly drinks water, loves bath bombs and I would be surprised if she wore breathable underwear and changed her underwear during the multiple days she goes without showering, it's almost like she wants to develop a UTI on purpose.

No. 304091

You know who would have answers to these questions Jill? A fucking THERAPIST.

No. 304095

It's probably the Wellbutrin and the weed commingling in your brain chemicals

No. 304099

File: 1690251348459.jpeg (175.04 KB, 828x437, EAEA7193-F657-41B9-BEB8-C2C024…)

No. 304100

You can't have two UTIs a day apart from each other. It's either the same UTI and she's too stupid to realize you can't get over a UTI in a day or she's lying

No. 304102

Can you please stop, Jill. It's not quirky to tell everyone about your UTI. Take a shower.

No. 304107

This is so fucking weird when we have a ton of pics of her clubbing college party girl era with Maggie. She was fine then, did she just suddenly develop autism?

No. 304108

Holy shit bitch stop using scented soaps directly in your urethra, stop taking bubble baths and bath bombs, and GO TO THE DOCTOR for a course of macrobid. Your Canadian FFS you have healthcare and macrobid is cheap as fuck.

No. 304109

No silly, that was Veronica obviously, who is totally unaffected by Jill's autism because that's totally how it works, kek

No. 304110

Not to mention she happily did pride stuff in broad daylight which is a huge issue for many autistics. It’s more common for autists to like dark small bars with loud music than to like daytime parades.

No. 304113

It’s funny how avoidant of doctors she is not even just for her made up DID but stuff like this, like she won’t stop abusing that nasal spray and actually get help either.

No. 304123

Tbh, if she hasn’t gone to a doctor to solve her obesity problem, she won’t go to a doctor for anything but maybe mental health diagnose shopping. She could easily get liraglutide and larp her small and frail ugüu bulimiachan story, she would be able to throw up as much as she wants, but if she hasn’t done this yet, she probably doesn’t have an insurance or is actually struggling economically due to her shit money management.

No. 304127

I agree that she avoids actual doctors like the plague but she is not obese and is a pretty average size for her part of the world. No doctor is going to give her a diabetes drug for off label usage because she's plus-sized

No. 304128

File: 1690288788272.jpeg (220.67 KB, 834x847, D330F472-6B22-4B6A-9486-9854FB…)

They didn't redo the classifications for obesity just because more people fit into it and became the "norm", but that being said idk her actual weight and height so it'd be speculation anyway. The girl is fat regardless and doesn't care to change it anytime soon.(derailing)

No. 304143

actually we have a big problem in canada right now with those drugs being prescribed from a simple online consultation for weightloss. as long as you know your height and weight requirements for an obese BMI and plug it in to the form you get them no questions asked.

No. 304145

>>304127 Jillian is obese asf, that size being common in the west doesn't make it any less obese. She's huge

No. 304149

I miss Veronica. Where was she when Jill needed her during that anime con?


It’s bogus for athletes, but accurate for couch potatoes. How would you categorise Jill?

No. 304164

File: 1690310354907.jpg (233.04 KB, 1080x1052, IMG_20230725_204119.jpg)

No. 304167

there it is, the recovery breadcrumbs. god i hate her.

looks like that fusion-arc is finally happening though. There were a few anons some threads back who called it for the DID larp lasting “just over a year”
she’ll spend the next 3-6 months now fusing her alters and move on to the next phase, i bet she’ll always hang on to the “nameless fragments” thing though, so she can blame all her narc tendencies on her DID for the rest of her life instead of taking accountability for her actions and work on being a better person.

No. 304168

This is autism baiting and a sign that she def does not have autism. Echolalia is super uncommon as a symptom and most people who have it have no idea what to even is.(medfagging)

No. 304171

First, I don't think we need any confirmation that she doesn't have autism. It's patently clear she doesn't and is faking. Second, echolalia is a common symptom of autism (and other mental disorders), wtf at calling it rare. Not that it matters, Jill doesn't have the symptom or autism. She's just desperate for attention.

I wish people would stop randomly medfagging and giving false information at the same time.

No. 304174

she makes me so fucking sick. do it bitch!! we're tired!! she needs to go back to regular content so we can rest. milkmas lasted just a little bit too long. i almost dont care about her faking mental illness anymore if she didn't have to pick the most specialist 'quirky' ones she can find for unique points. i love cows who are overconfident and terrible but i prefer them not to ruin entire communities like this.

No. 304175

Veronica became to controversial for her because of the cheating scandal and on top of that she tried to say Veronica was intersex because her genitalia was weird in the “inner world”

No. 304176

You can et UTIs from taking a bath in a dirty bathtub or wearing dirty underwear for days on end. My guess is that she's too lazy to clean her bathroom or change her panties. lol

No. 304189

Don't forget saying that Veronica existed to "enjoy" being raped and because Jill was "forced" to be a "fuckable plaything" around the time she left elementary school (which she has never elaborated on)

No. 304205

File: 1690351645176.jpg (320.43 KB, 1080x1653, Screenshot_20230726_070830.jpg)

I'd love to hear Jill's explanation for why thunder and lightning triggers her so much. Also adding to the tinfoil that she doesn't shower.

No. 304206

I am a 100% sure she doesn’t shower. She’s always greasy as fuck and lazy. I won’t be surprised if she comes out that her jillism makes her hate showers.

No. 304207

>goo goo

No. 304213

this op image is very good
reminds me of the anons I've read who say their UTIs stopped once the dumped their bf/got a new one, Stevie have a bath and wash your dick regularly challenge
Ok but why goo goo and that emoji that men often use to signify, er, other things, this is defnitely some ddlg helplessness larp

No. 304217


Who tf wouldn't shower because there’s a thunderstorm and is this the literally first time she tried to take a shower while it was storming …?

No. 304219

NTA but what does that emoji mean in scrote??? I’m retarded lmao

No. 304226

It’s an old wives tale. You aren’t supposed to shower because if lightning strikes your house and you’re in the shower, you’ll die. It’s just superstition
It’s an exasperated emoji, she’s upset she can’t shower

No. 304228

File: 1690378455663.png (307.45 KB, 864x930, Screenshot_20230726-153528.png)

it's not superstition, though. Not going to derail further, but you can google it.

No. 304232

There's literally a myth buster episode proving it wrong so you are derailing
Jill is an idiot who wants to just be special there's not enough of a constant water current through a shower head to shock you
She just wants to be an idiot "autist" to sound cute with her gross baby talk(derailing)

No. 304237

File: 1690383207724.png (122.57 KB, 863x549, Screenshot_20230726-165026.png)

I'm only replying to you because you're spreading harmful misinformation.
Here's your episode: https://mythresults.com/episode30
It's plausible. Every weather agency recommends not showering during lightning storms: that's not based on any myth.

Jill is a fucking fake, I don't disagree about that. She can shower anytime for all I care. She probably ruined her hair by waiting.(derailing)

No. 304238

She didn't ruin her hair. The colourful dyes she uses are deposit only

No. 304239

All that aside, what was stopping her from using a bucket and rinsing it out in the sink or something?

No. 304246

Kek, what is she afraid of? Steeb leaving her?

No. 304262

ignore them, this is probably that same anon convinced Jill is pedo dogwhistling

No. 304263

Scrotes use it for sexual shit as it looks like it's moaning or whatever. Obviously not how Jill is using it here but yeah, it's a sex thing.

No. 304278

Why does she have to make everything a big deal, and such a special quirky moment. She must be insufferable to be around.

No. 304280

File: 1690406180999.jpeg (85.26 KB, 749x889, A065056C-1EDB-445A-BEE3-14B9C7…)

She made new bracelets for her alters. I can't the bottom left bracelet too well but the name doesn't look familiar. New alter perhaps?

No. 304281

It's Amber.

No. 304290

File: 1690413981063.jpg (180.79 KB, 720x1413, Screenshot_20230726_161500.jpg)

Lol sure Jill
>Gf cheat code
Heh, how funny when Jill flipped tf out when Stevie called her his gf.

No. 304291

That ugly plastic bracelet sure looks like something a middle aged gay man would like to wear

No. 304292

>make and sell jewellery
Girl, you thread some plastic beads you can buy wholesale at AliExpress for pennies onto some elastic, the fuck you mean ‘make jewellery’

No. 304294

Guess sandwich died

No. 304295

>>304294 rip sandwich, he ate tinsel and crest white strips and died

No. 304298

File: 1690420958977.jpg (73.58 KB, 720x631, Tmyfwtm.jpg)

No. 304300

>Stebie named "Wife" in her phone

Are we finally confirming the transition?

No. 304303

>wife wazowski
I'm sure she'd claim it's just a ~joke~ but we all know it's only a matter of time.
I'm betting he'll troon out during or right after the wedding if it ever happens. Classic troon narcissistic attention grab tactic paired with doing it when it's more difficult to separate

No. 304304

Dating Jill must be freaking exhausting.

No. 304305

So from left to right and top to bottom we have:
>Cliffe (Street)
I guess sandwich and Amanda are dead, didn’t she make something with beads to identify the characters she larps as before? I guess she just needed to update the cast before it got too annoying to remember, and I here I thought she was going to kill Veronica since Jax is probably more manic pixie gf than Veronica.

No. 304309

File: 1690433690137.jpeg (591.11 KB, 828x1143, DAB5F049-C6C9-4FC2-AD2D-60FE79…)

the new alter's name being amber… it has to be from the drew monson's song

No. 304310

This is old news, she's had that as his contact name for a while now.
Jill soft-drops the alters and it spoils a lot of her videos. Even if you watch them as she intends - as a fan devoted to Jill's mental health struggle - you'd have already seen her alters on Twitter. Even other DID channels will have the "new alter drop" be an anticipated event for the big "meet the alter" vid, but Jill doesn't even do that.
To be fair, I'd be pissed too if I showed up to a place that called itself a nightclub and found out it was being used as a daycare. She could probably find better clubs if she didn't live in a town under 60k. I think part of the reason Jillian acts out so much online is because she obviously has a big-city personality that isn't built for small-town life, but she's too unsure of herself to take the risk to move on from her small-town beginnings. Part of the reason Jill is so annoying to me is that I feel like she squanders the amazing opportunities her 'influencer' lifestyle affords her; she still makes $735 a month just from her Patreon, that's so much extra income that could go towards rent in bigger cities where she could find other losers/nerds her age who were more normal and less Twitter-poisoned then her current crowd.

No. 304311

It’s not really extra income at this point though when she barely uploads, her only large sums would be from sponsors here and there with her ad revenue and patreon being enough to get her by. She’s not rich, her parents spoil her but there’s a reason she cut down majorly on her consumerist grind when she moved out and actually had to pay for her own shit. Steve obviously contributes to the rent etc too since he works seemingly full time, it’s only nonnas here that assume he’s getting a free ride

No. 304312

Is she implying that she'll switch what bracelet she's wearing to show what alter is out? Guess she's too lazy to switch outfits now, if she ever actually did that outside of when making tiktoks.

No. 304314

File: 1690440671869.png (22 KB, 386x166, Screen Shot 2023-07-27 at 2.53…)

Still, $700/month for doing basically no work at all is clutch. Even if she doesn't upload anything for her patrons, she still gets that $735.40 every month. If she got a full-time job or even a part-time job she could easily afford to live in a bigger city like Halifax; that Patreon stipend could be her entire rent for the month if she had roommates. She wants us to believe she has this really tough hard life but to me it comes across as a very boring small life. I don't feel bad for her boring small life because she has the means to change it at any time, in fact she has it easier than most people stuck in her small-town-small-life situation.

No. 304316

I'll respond to your bait. Jill is not going to get a part time job, she's way too far into her addiction and the mental illness larp at this point. There is no environment where her way of life would fit in. Wherever you go, there you are.

No. 304317

I wasn't setting bait, and I didn't mention Jill getting a part-time job anytime soon, just IF she got one. I was responding to
>It’s not really extra income at this point though when she barely uploads

Let's not forget though that Jill is a functionally-normal 25 year old stoner larping disease online while maintaining a normal veneer for public in her mid-sized town. She has a driver's license, a diploma, a passive source of income, she could be doing a lot better if she chose so instead of being a lazy whale. There is no "addiction," weed isn't addictive and most young people in Canada smoke nowadays instead of drink. If you knew any stoners you'd know they also have jobs and apartments and lives. Her "mental illness larp" is just her being lazy and wanting attention online, if it was really anything worse I doubt she'd just be on Wellbutrin. Falling for Jill's bait of being a chronically-ill unemployable suffer-pageant queen is the real joke.

No. 304318

This is too much. They’re all different people but they all enjoy wearing the exact same style of plastic bracelet? They all care enough to identify themselves? If you asked a group of ten to wear a colored bracelet identifying themselves there would be variations. At least make one of them a green sports bracelet or woven one or something ffs Jill. I know she’s full of shit but she’s so full of shit it’s aggravating.

No. 304321

at least steve can navigate her temper tantrums better if she's wearing the jerrick bracelet kek

No. 304323

Kek the mental image of her becoming displeased and slowly putting on the Jerrick bracelet is too funny.

No. 304327

The real reason they look nearly identical, so she can claim she made an effort to warn him but still rage at him when he gets it wrong because of the very marginal differences between them. Such a narc move.

No. 304331

Now that you mention it, the Berry and Jillie(?) bracelets are a little bit too similar, it’s weird.

No. 304332

The real gf cheat code would be him finding literally any other partner who doesn't require him to observe her pastel bracelets before interacting in order to find out which flavour of mood swing she is this half hour

No. 304333

the fact that jill thinks that her "alters" are going to be obedient enough to put this shit on while she is disassociating is absolutely nutty. did larp is truly the lowest she has ever gone.

No. 304334

Jill who spends all day in a highly visually aggravating pastel prison, while wearing ill fitting clown clothes, wigs and makeup, who leaves youtube videos and drew monson and will wood music playing on loop permanently, (based on her own listening/viewing stats she's posted) who has loud and frequent tantrums and moodswings, and makes annoying videos whoever else is in the house needs to hear being recorded, but ok scawy bright lights and children!!

No. 304347

fucking lol. imagine getting this text from your neet gf while you’re at work and you just know in your soul that she chose to fuck around with plastic beads instead of doing housework or helping you in any way because she doesn’t respect you. and you have 2 choices from there, get home and ask her if she managed to do even 1 chore and it lead to a fight where she switches to her 14yo emo alter and hits you and your fight will be talked about in the next youtube video… or you suck it up and do all the chores when you get home after working all day and accept your soul being crushed just a little more

so excited for Steevie to poke his head out of his room every morning to try peep the passive aggressive bracelet of the day to decide if he should say hello to his gf or hide from her. what a miserable existence

No. 304348

samefagging because i replied to the wrong post like a moron

No. 304354

She's still larping as if DID works like the movie SPLIT. She's either going to be so embarrassed when she's 50 or she's brainwashed herself at this point.

No. 304357

wouldn't this trigger all the male/non-binary alters wtf.

No. 304358

>>304357 also isn't SHE nonbiney, what's up with that?? Ig Flora tweeted that or Berry since she likes to mix up her creepy sexual tmi shit with her stupid baby mentality

No. 304366

Implying anyone in their household does chores.

No. 304370

File: 1690511516940.jpg (822.34 KB, 1080x1983, 20230727_223142.jpg)

Jill's virtue signaling, pretending to hate Dollskill while still wearing their clothes for lookbooks. And I never understood why specifically Dollskill, why not go after other fast fashion retailers instead of just targeting the one that everyone's agreed to dogpile on?

No. 304372

He deserves it tbh, he’s a grown ass adult, he lives in a first world country, AND is a moid to top, he could easily run away and start a new life away from any camera and Jillian, he could even live like an absolute degenerate and no one would bat an eye in his direction, his name is even the most basic moid name ever, he wouldn’t even need to change it to start over again.

No. 304374

Jill is queering the deadbeat boyfriend trope and bravely defying gender roles

No. 304385

lmao true

i wonder why he doesn’t. like, why stay? there’s got to be something in it for him. it can’t all be Stockholm syndrome right??

With good old Wifey Wisowski over here and Jill with her totally legit male-alters, they’re practically there already

No. 304386

He enjoys it. He’s into DDLG and ageplay and potentially feederism (Maggie). She lets him live in her rainby basement and jerk off to futa and probably RP with femboys, it’s comfy and it’s away from his conservative parents. They are also still having sex, that’s enough for a lot of men. He might leave her for a rich troon but otherwise he’s getting something out of it.

No. 304391

stevie isnt a victim at all. hes completely ok with a tub of lard faking did for internet points and every insufferable thing she does like permanently being the victim over extremely negligible inconveniences.

No. 304392

He found the therapist that enabled her further into this so really he is reaping what he sowed.

No. 304393

they shot themselves in the foot during the george floyd protests so they're an easy outlet for fast fashion rage

No. 304395

steve also claimed he saw her diagnosis paper despite jill saying she didn't get a paper

No. 304403

sage for autistic tinfoil, but what Stevie can't really leave, beacuse both of them is on faking DID and they are kinda partners in crime

anyway he made his bed either way

No. 304404

File: 1690581880037.jpg (137.38 KB, 720x794, Screenshot_20230728-150124_.jp…)

No. 304405

File: 1690581983674.jpg (127.52 KB, 720x727, Screenshot_20230728-150158_.jp…)

No. 304406

File: 1690582069812.jpg (164.43 KB, 720x1072, Screenshot_20230728-150305_.jp…)

No. 304407

File: 1690582157857.jpg (114.91 KB, 720x715, Screenshot_20230728-150254_.jp…)

No. 304408

>>304407 that's called having a catchy song stuck in your head that's not autism you fucking moron. She keeps finding words and inserts herself into them for her autism larp while not knowing what they mean.

No. 304409

Does jill not realize the comment literally about her? She doesnt do shit to get better she just spam asks abt her disorder on twitter just this same week? “hewwo #dissociatetwt” is not how you heal get actual fking help and stop being so delusional

+ her youtube downfall only shows how she turned this into her only identity trait besides her self diagnosed autism larp

No. 304410

File: 1690586835346.jpg (78.69 KB, 720x472, Screenshot_20230728-162843_.jp…)

No. 304417

Jill, you are the textbook definition of "chronically online"

No. 304418

>you need to SUFFER so I can FEEL BAD or feel INSPIRED by you
It's so funny seeing munchies misunderstand why people make fun of them. They think people doubt them and make fun of them because they doesn't "conform" to the illness standard, rather than because the munchie behaviour itself is retarded.

No. 304419

What does she mean by "our whole family has it"???? Echolalia is a behaviour displayed by autistic people specifically so is she implying her whole family is autistic??

No. 304421

>>304419 she just spouts her buzzword of the day without knowing shit what it means

No. 304423

Omg, I guarantee you that she and her family just repeat goofy words or phrases to each other like normal people and she's gotta medicalize freaking everything.

No. 304426

I don't believe she has DID but I bet if people just started using words like "plural" and "switching" the same way she uses autism terms she would loose her mind.

No. 304427

>parallel play

No. 304433

If normies started saying shit like "today my boss yelled at me, and it was so bad, I had a hard time not switching into my angry bitchy self/persona" the DID idiots would freak out lmao.
… actually if any nonna here has a following, please try to make it a thing so we can have a good kek

No. 304434

I also caught onto Jill's wording in the tweet. No well-adjusted adult would use 'parallel play' to describe hanging out with a friend. I don't know which scenario is more disturbing: A) Jill considers herself a child; B) Jill infantilizes autistic people to the extent that she thinks they're children forever and so uses 'parallel play' as part of her autism breadcrumsbing; C) Jill gets turned on by ageplay and dogwhistling on Twitter, and if so, her friends follow her Twitter accounts or at least are aware of them so do they know about it and talk about it behind her back, or; D) Her friends actively participate in the ageplay and go to agere in the house together…

No. 304435

There's no way this isn't ddlg / abdl related

No. 304437

Jill has been trying to push her family as being mentally ill / neurodivergent for a while. She did a livestream where she said she thought her dad has autism and when she visited her family she kept saying they were "cut form the same cloth". It's fucked up she's implying they're the same when she's claiming to have a trauma based illness

No. 304438

I didn't even catch this because I'm not a native English speaker, ugh. It's not cute or quirky, it's just fucking weird to use "parallel play" for adults hanging out.

No. 304439

It’s just another of her stolen neurodivergent things it’s not a ddlg thing, it is a thing children do but it’s also a thing ND people do often throughout their lives. It just means doing your own thing but together essentially, just enjoying each others company without really engaging with each other socially. Like an example would be you are sat on the same couch as your friend but you are both reading and enjoying your own respective books. Weird that she shows off about it but what won’t she use for attention/to show how she is sooooo autistic.

No. 304440

I mean, yes, a person with real DID (whatever that is) would indeed be almost constantly suffering when dissociating because that's the entire point of the condition

No. 304441

No offense but how is this even a ND thing? Being comfortable with someone enough that you can each do your own thing while in the same room is literally one of the most normal things you can do with another person

No. 304442

Ugh I thought she was referring to some new toddler anime or something. Fucking hell, Jill.

Adults call that hanging out or spending time together, and parents call it a play date or something similar. I’ve never heard of anyone scheduling a “parallel play” session even with infants who are too young to actually interact with each other. It sounds like Jill is throwing around autism jargon with ageplay flavouring, because even if this is a thing for parents with autistic children she is not a child.

I think C and D are both true, at least for Sof and Maggie (insofar as Maggie can still be considered Jill’s friend, anyway).

No. 304443

From my understanding it's a ND thing because it the most likely/common way for someone who's ND to socialize with others; vs how non-ND people interact with each other and collaborate/'play' or hang out doing specific activeties

No. 304444

Tbh this seems like zoomer "everyone is ND" bullshit. I work at a preschool and have lots of experience with kids who are autistic/ADHD and they always talk my ear off while neurotypical kids are happy to go play by themselves while I sit there and read. If anything it seems more normal and socially adjusted to be able to entertain yourself/enjoy doing your own thing while someone else does their thing.(sage your shit)

No. 304445

Nonny work on that reading comprehension the op of the post explaining what it is said that it’s a thing children do and that autistic/adhd people do it throughout their lives i.e past childhood and “often” not 100% of the time. Just because you know a handful of people doesn’t mean you can generalise, it’s a spectrum. It’s not a bingo card of traits like Jilly seems to think where you need a full house. Now give up the infighting it’s stupid.

No. 304446

Yeah it is just terminology she is using in a ham fisted way to ensure everyone knows she is totes autistic as per. It’s not a term people use casually like hanging out, you are more likely to see it in literature about autism or used in a situation where it’s being talked about formally to describe that specific behaviour. She is just spewing jargon unnaturally again so that she in her mind looks legitimate.

No. 304447

Do nonnies think her brother might be autistic on the very mild end of things and she’s jelly because he got accommodations and she wants to feel special too? It’s like she saw her mother and brother get attention for what they were going through and wanted in on it. Also I thought echolalia was more common in children (is this more abdl dog whistling?) and that high functioning adults with autism could train themselves out of it? Her symptom choices are so odd and don’t at all match with what she’s trying to claim.

No. 304449

If he is that would be interesting because it would be proof her parents know what autism looks like and if Jill was as obvious as she claims with her traits they would have caught that. “Training yourself out of things” is just masking which comes at a personal cost but it is easier for adults to mask. Tik tok had made people think echolalia is screeching dumb things but it can be a lot more subtle like just repeating things someone says to you. It is a trait you see in adults it’s not just a kids thing but again an adult can usually mask in public better than a child so you won’t see it in public as much from an adult but they may do it at home/around other autistic people.

No. 304451

"Parallel play" specifically refers to a stage of childhood development wherein young toddlers prefer to play side by side with others instead of playing together with others; every well-adjusted child will go through this stage and its not exclusive to autistic children. The parallel play stage sometimes seems to last longer in children with autism as they often struggle with creating and maintaining social bonds even at a young age. Keyword though is "play," like to play with LEGOs, army men, dolls, etc.,: it does not mean performing a certain tasks like watching movies, arts and crafts, or knitting, which everyone knows one is expected to be silent for some portions as one focuses on the activity at hand. Using "parallel play" to describe any activity performed by an adult, autistic or not, is infantilizing and inaccurate.
She's been talking about her shop for the last 2 years, right? At some point you'd think she'd have enough money to hire someone on Fiverr to design a simple ecommerce website for her shit. She's just so lazy it kills me.

No. 304452

Guarantee she described having a song/word/phrase stuck in her head around her family and they were like ‘oh yeah I get that sometimes’ because literally everyone does. Which she took to mean her family are on the super special autist spectrum, rather than consider she’s having a pedestrian occurrence.
Has Jilly roped herself an actual autistic friend? She mentioned during the pride parade whinge that her ‘friend’ had a super big issue with the loud music etc. It sounds like she’s got herself a retard and is using them to make herself more spastic. Also kek at her Jillsplaining how to make friends by meeting people who also like things you like. Revolutionary.

No. 304456

File: 1690652674741.jpeg (236.56 KB, 1242x942, 442C8466-A610-463D-82E1-6F52A8…)

yeah wikipedia is telling its pretty much a stage in child development, its not exclusive to autism at all. jill is such a buzzword faggot, shes like those people who sprinkle in "big words" into their vocabulary to appear/sound intelligent, but it has the opposite affect and reveals shes a munchie. and in this example its fucking creepy because shes not a damn child. my bet is on ageplay

No. 304457

It's not an ageplay thing as other anons have pointed out. This term gets used by adult autists who say things like they don't have enough spoons to interact with someone so they want to "parallel play" aka both be on their phones in the same room and show each other Tiktoks or whatever

No. 304458

File: 1690663350653.jpg (144.31 KB, 720x850, Screenshot_20230729-120647.jpg)

I disagree. Think about it contextually. It is a term to describe young child development and is used in child development classes and pretty sure I first learned about it in my human development class. Just because someone wants to be near another person but not necessarily want to talk does not make it just a autistic thing nor does it need a term that is used to describe young children's behavior. Normal people do this too as it can be calming to just be near another person's presence. When I get irritated, I like to be by people and either listen to the sounds of what they are doing while doing my own thing or like listening to them talk to me without expecting responses. It helps get me out of my head. I'll point out the fact Jill "age slides" and has a child alter. Remember the tweet from Stevie about coming over and age regressing? Yeah, no, the way these terms are being used gives off age play shit. Jill gets off on self infantising herself and obviously so does Steve. Jill's Berry video really showcases this disgusting behavior. Now I can be thinking incorrectly but didn't a nonnie find Sof's agere twitter account? I remember something about a "Queen Poppy" along with a stuffed rabbit. Jill considers Sof her "bestie" and looking at that tweet had come over to "parallel play". Doesn't seem coincidental to me. I think the reason for the confusion is due to Jill infantising autistic people to a disturbing degree. She obviously doesn't see autistic people as anything other than owo child-like. It's aggravating. This is just my two cents.

No. 304460

learn to read and read my comment again. i meant for her its ageplay.

No. 304461

File: 1690668461461.jpg (478.89 KB, 720x3586, Screenshot_20230729_150912.jpg)

No. 304462

File: 1690668541155.jpg (103.79 KB, 720x885, Screenshot_20230729-150546.jpg)

No. 304463

There are lots of self-IDing autists in online communities I'm in and they all use the term parallel play

No. 304464

im an adult autist and i never heard this term before but then again i avoid the online autistic community kek. Hanging out without talking is simply called… hanging out, or chilling. Even adults without autism does this sometimes. I can see why this is more common for autists but having a specific word for it is unnecessary and taking a word used to describe child development is creepy. It wouldn't sureprise me if ageplayers started claiming this was an autism

No. 304466

Yeah I’m autistic and spent my whole life around other autists and none of them ever said this shit or even considered it, it’s just a trendy buzzword that self ID trend hopping posers like Jill love to jump on because it’s just a descriptor of normal human behavior that now she gets to tout as another shiny I’m So Special award in place of having an actual life and likable personality.(blogposting)

No. 304467

It's insane that she literally can't post about anything without making it about her mental illness or supposed autism

No. 304468

As another autist myself I've noticed a lot of terminally online people like Jill who are not diagnosed really love to overuse terminology.

No. 304469

It's what everyone retarded does when they want to sound like they know what they're talking about. Over extensive research to try and seem legit leads to terminology that's not active in the actual community. Makes fakers easy to spot in any community. Fakers talk like textbooks, not people.

No. 304470

>very ethical, Jill

No. 304476

Same, I have heard it used in a formal clinical context but never just amongst people casually we just say hang out like everyone else.
Yeah like I don’t feel the need to point out my behaviours like this constantly whilst throwing out every term I can, it’s weird. No one in the irl circles I have been in talk like this either, it’s really try hard and well…why would you need to try hard or prove a point when it’s just your state of being. I feel like if she went to something where there is a lot of us in one place and acted this way she wouldn’t be liked kek.

No. 304482

Self-infantilisation is very common with self-diagnosers so I’m not surprised.

>why would you need to try hard or prove a point when it’s just your state of being
Very relevant to practically everything Jill posts online, from DID to autism to being a “professional designer”.

No. 304487

kek nice catch. didn't she tell someone recently to commission a 'fashion designer' for their compression glove idea? but if JILL wants a new chair she's okay to just but it off amazon, not even checking for secondhand options first

No. 304488

>our momma actually found this one and sent us the link
So her mom is still enabling her, I really hope her mom keeps enjoying Jillian’s “Jerricka” moments during their trips.
>It’s the perfect shade of true pinky pink -insert retarded finger emojis-
Gross, she’s using her mom’s idiocy to fuel her autopedophilia fetish.

No. 304489

New shitty video

No. 304490

>>304489 her editing her bingo wing arms to look smaller in the thumbnail lmao

No. 304492

I found it funny that she was instantly dissing the Dolls Kill cutesy way of talking in corespondences like “Hey bb, uwu” when that’s literally how she talks all the time.

No. 304495

Cool, digitally changing her voice again here. Because not one single thing is even remotely authentic about this rotten fake bitch.

No. 304496

The kids that voice the puppies on Bluey get their voices pitched to prevent them from sounding older. Maybe she noticed her voice was getting deeper with age so she's trying to reverse it?

No. 304497

She wishes she was a drama channel so bad.

No. 304498

inb4 she rocks herself too hard and her fatass breaks it, a la Tuna

No. 304500

>vegetarians who eat meat if someone's gonna throw it out
then you're not a vegetarian

No. 304501

I believe personally she is kinda aiming at being more of a commentary channel that focuses on fashion. But she just doesn't have the skills to have a well worded argument, an actual opinion of her own or good research so…

No. 304503

So this whole video is just her making excuses for being a hypocrite. Doesn't matter where you got it. If you're owning it and wearing it you're a hypocrite. Just like a "vegetarian" that eats meat.

No. 304505

ot but shes referring to people who call themselves freegan or similar terms, basically people who don't eat meat/animal products but if its food that will otherwise be thrown away they will eat it so as not to create more waste. its tied into the zero waste movement.

No. 304506

hater videos get more views than positive videos. That’s why I hate everything got big.

No. 304507

File: 1690775997433.png (323.92 KB, 1190x1408, Screen Shot 2023-07-30 at 8.58…)

Isn't she embarrassed to be 25 and picking fights with random qrts? Retarded behavior

No. 304508

Her mum sent her a link to a chair nonna, that’s a normal thing to do. Jill is a shit, but do we really have to go off on every single thing she does

No. 304509

embarrassment would be acknowledgement of misbehavior on her part and of course jill doesn't do that
she's SO easily baited by a random passing comment about a show, if her personality anything other than consoom and diagnoose she wouldn't feel personally hurt by something so completely anodine.
so full of fat and yet so empty inside

No. 304511

nayrt but i feel like the "my mom sent me the link !!!" is unnecessary and might be a justification for what is actually an impulse buy from jilly alone. like maybe she told her audience or steeb that she's broke and/or will spend less money yet she bought a pink amazon chair so she's putting the idea and responsibility on her mom who tempted her

No. 304513

File: 1690787295007.jpg (200.78 KB, 1080x893, IMG_20230731_091033.jpg)

Speaking of her mom

No. 304514

So her mom noticed she's been shit recently, but she can't tell it to her any other way other than "slay queen", lmao. Her mom is SO whipped.

No. 304515

That's not what that means. That's a response to someone who just gave you a pity story or wants pity. She probably complained she didn't get as many views on something and her mom is saying she didn't flop, she just slayed [which is still a positive affirmation] less.

No. 304522

the "why do i have to do everything here" tone is so funny, if she did as much research on fashion as she does on one-upping others, she could get somewhere with her channel.

No. 304532

She's been an adult for a while, if anything her voice is changing because she's a daily smoker and it's starting to get more raspy

No. 304536

Come on you guys, she is obviously just trying to get us to believe that she is really a different person in this video than she is in different videos with a different voice. It's absolutely pathetic and about as transparent as it gets.

No. 304541

Late but I think she’s genuinely pushing her voice higher when she remembers to because it is so wildly inconsistent throughout the video, which is even weirder than pitching it imo. It just goes to show it isn’t her magical personalities, she’s just wildly insecure and manipulative so she changes her voice at a moments notice to sound all squeaky. You can hear her change quickly from 0:31 - 0:41, it’s not even a higher inflection. She sounds like she’s imitating someone else.
It’s funny because I know if someone asked her about it she’s proudly retort back that it’s her “Blendy personalities” but it’s like bitch why are you dissociating talking about fast fashion? How are you even alive right now if that’s all it takes? She does make a joke about having an existential crisis over global warming. I’m aware gen z finds it funny to be dramatic but at some point no one will take your “real” problems seriously if you claim social problems makes you mentally ill, all the while you’re wearing head to toe plastic that won’t be fashionable in 20 years.

No. 304542

She's been called out about altering her voice since her first Japan vlogs. She put on a cutesy voice for it, got backlash, and blamed it on being quiet because her mom was in the room. She has always wanted to have one of those cute anime girl voices and when she remembers to, she pitch-shifts it up

No. 304547

How can she keep virtue signalling about her "eco-anxiety" while living on a mountain of plastic and mass produced items?? Her personality is just made out of Internet topics with no real content huh. She also calls herself a "business fashion person" and "a person who probably has an educated opinion in this" which is just delusion at its peak.

No. 304553

File: 1690870853724.jpg (212.25 KB, 1080x1160, Screenshot_20230801_072258.jpg)

No. 304556

“Another form of neurodivergence” not this AGAIN, you aren’t born with DID it’s a mental illness not a neurodivergence. Also “there’s nothing wrong” how is there nothing wrong when you are ill in a way that ruins your life because someone tortured you as a child. Obviously it’s not the victims fault but it is life changing in a negative way. These fakers are so anti recovery, this is a condition you should get help for and recover from. Why would anyone believe that living that way is good for you when it’s literally the result of your brain being broken. Irks me so much these fake bitches speaking over other people constantly and stigmatising wanting to be better which you fucking would if you had that.

No. 304557

Apologies for same fag but “simply another form of neurodivergence” implies it’s just a state of being and it’s not, you have autism because you are born that way not because something incredibly fucked happened to you resulting in an illness with a cure. It’s so offensive.

No. 304566

Yeah it really shows she loves “DID” and is proud of it and is only using her blatantly fake hints about her piano teacher and mystery trauma as an excuse to help cover her former claim that she was born prone to DID and required no trauma to develop it. She’s a moody self-obsessed irresponsible theater kid and wants everyone to applaud and cry for her over it. The McLean conference read her to filth about actually being a shameless cluster B that delights in attention and wants excuses to act out and be coddled.

No. 304567

That’s why she was so angry about that, they had her down to a T kek and she felt seen through.

No. 304586

didn't she get massively called out for claiming DID was neurodivergence and she corrected herself? but radio silence when another DID account says the same thing, even though she normally loves policing peoples language on twitter kek

No. 304587

File: 1690908764929.jpg (86.29 KB, 720x509, K.jpg)

No. 304590

It’s so weird to me that she talks about her “little” as if she’s talking about a daughter. What kind of autopedophilia is this? I mean, I’m glad she’s surely never going to get pregnant or adopt a child to make his/her life miserable, but it’s like she wants to be a mother… as long as she’s the baby too of course.

No. 304593

“Our littlest” is this an unnamed alter that is smaller than berry? Berry is too old for that kind of revelation. Has she decided to go even younger to be even more helpless, so grim. Some of these sickos claim they have baby alters and say they can’t walk and need diapers.

No. 304605

Feeling a little low about my PTSD, hopefully Jill can share something wonderful about the disorder next

No. 304606

sage for blogposting but I'm currently pregnant and this turned my stomach. Talking about herself like she's her own child. Fucking gross.

No. 304618

teeheehee lookit how fucking adorable I am, aren't I just the most precious thing to ever exist? I'm just so cute and quirky, I'm irresistible!!

No. 304622

So her alters don’t know basic information about the world but they can all crochet and drive.

No. 304625

in other words, jill's life is boring as fuck.

No. 304635

I believe that was for BPD

No. 304636

So what actually happened is she got stoned af and then remembered spiderwebs exist and her weeded out brain thought that was cool so she pretends she only just learned about it, as a toddler.
The longer I leave this thread before I come back the more shocked I get that she's doing all this, it's actually insane how low she's sunken.

No. 304637

Kek you’re so right she reframes her braindead stoner behaviors as kawaii toddler stuff. “Hehe I’m blazed out of my mind giggling and eating kiddie foods and acting stupidly amazed at mundane things in my house like I just discovered fire! This means I am 4.”

No. 304639

She’s probably talking about Berry, Jill has no clue what a six year old is like on a developmental level and regularly refers to things she does as if she’s a toddler

No. 304643

This is the funniest part of her berry larp for me she portrays the thing as a two-three year old making berry a developmentally delayed 6 year old she is characterizing "part" of herself as delayed

No. 304649

She’s delayed in some ways but very advanced in others, like with that journal entry that Berry supposedly wrote. Really anon is right that Jill has no idea what 6 years olds are like developmentally.

No. 304650

why the fuck do you think jill knows how actual children act shes a terminally online stoned loser.

No. 304653

anon, don’t you remember her saying that her brain is just “different” and “more predisposed to dissociation” so even if her “trauma seems mild, that’s why she has DID”
she’s been trying to justify how DID is actually a neurodivergency for a while now.

No. 304655

Sure but she backtracked on that, that’s why it’s interesting because it’s another flip flop from her.

No. 304658

File: 1691002565878.jpg (223.81 KB, 1080x913, IMG_20230802_205812.jpg)

No. 304659

File: 1691002624883.jpg (426.01 KB, 1080x1488, IMG_20230802_205911.jpg)

A niche show in the west that is targeted at kids in Japan has a predatory discord? No wayyyy

No. 304661

Jill is a piece of shit but saying sexual assault allegations would be on the same level as her lie aint it

No. 304663

Also she again is making it about herself.

No. 304668

File: 1691009462988.jpg (179.78 KB, 720x1162, Screenshot_20230802-134822_.jp…)

No. 304669

File: 1691009546704.jpg (189.91 KB, 720x1367, Screenshot_20230802_135125.jpg)

No. 304670

Of course the symptomns of BPD look similar to DID- if you only have BPD

No. 304671

If only a qualified medical institute did research on this and made a video to share their findings… oh wait

No. 304672

I thought this account was for her happy clappy #positivevibes alters? This sint very uwu of you jill

No. 304674

This one is double personable because of her last line about the nurse practitioner comment. Out in her province they mostly have NPs instead of doctors because their healthcare system is over-logged; I'm guessing Jill either had a similar experience with an NP or is just looking down on NPs by using the term to insult the doctor.

No. 304676

weird she said she has BPD when she's "supposed" to have autism kek

No. 304678

>if you have the spoons
God I hate munchies so much, I cannot take that term that was perfectly fine before, seriously anymore thanks to people like her.

No. 304686

>>be diagnosed with hysteria
>>sent to the asylum for 40 years
>>its chill they had stim toys
>>get out
>>old doctor fired for malpractice or something, talk to new doctor
>>says hysteria isn't real, offers me something called an "antidepressant"
>>am like dude i was literally already diagnosed with hysteria???

These bitches want to be oppressed house wives so bad, its disgusting.

No. 304687

It would be LESS cringey if this were the case. But unfortunately it’s all part of the public agere larp. People who smoke all day everyday don’t really get “high” especially not in that sort of way.

No. 304692

>useless nurse practitioner
Holy shit, that's rich coming from someone jobless who finished arts and crafts school.

No. 304693

ahh yes. NPs whose only job is to give out specific diagnoses to munchies who ask for them.

No. 304698

We really live in a world where content warnings for “invalidation” exist. I was on board when people did it for rape, child abuse and animal abuse content in movies and stuff so people could avoid that media, but this shit is tiresome and ridiculous. Sage for wanting off this ride kek

No. 304700

This was my first thought too.
>wdym demonic possession isn’t real? Reader I had a legit exorcism?? Performed by a real priest??? Useless nurse practitioners

No. 304701

it infuriates her in advance that some medical staff may laugh in the face of her larp, i hope she encounters such people in her many hospital visits to come. she's so afraid of losing control of the narrative

No. 304703

She's trying really hard to push herself as a legit celebrity level influencer huh. First the pretentious concern for crossing the picket line with the Barbie movie and now equaling herself to Lizzo.

No. 304705

I don’t know if I’m just noticing it more, but it really does feel like lately she has to make her opinion known, as if she’s a Taylor Swift level celeb that’ll be called out for her silence. It’s never just ‘here’s my thoughts on current event’, it’s always got an undertone of ‘before you ask! This is what I think!’ Honey, no one is asking

No. 304710

did she not say all of this to her skinwalker tho? already forgot her name, but her replies to her really give off that vibe. Not to mention Jill is very self critical about the way she looks and she thinks she hides it, but she really doesn't. she's always complaining about people staring at her and then continues to wear weird shit and it's so confusing.

No. 304715

people are so terminally online and dumb as fuck that they cant see that whining about invalidated is another of crying over some mean comment on the internet

No. 304718

File: 1691106945925.jpg (184.68 KB, 720x1299, Screenshot_20230803_165125.jpg)

No. 304719

>>I don't want to subject anyone else to have to be here when I'm gone

Nice freudian slip.

No. 304720

"Make art" ??? One half-assed cosplay in 3 years doesn't count

No. 304721

Can someone make a bot that replies to all of her replies saying THIS ISNT ABOUT YOU, JILLIAN

No. 304722

>>304721 it's so harrowing and exhausting that she inserts herself into everything even when it's not about her. Like tf does the choices of Japanese and South Korean women have to do with her. The first responder is of that category and of course Jill has to put in her two cents because she thinks the world revolves around her.

No. 304723

Isn't Jill's main larp DID, a trauma based disorder you can't be born with? idk how her kid would be born "mentally fucked"

No. 304724

>>304723 she thinks her DID is hereditary and some shit along with her family's echolalia bc she's stupid

No. 304726

why the fuck is she sticking her nose into THIS topic? this has NOTHING to do with her, it's about japanese and korean woman, not white losers like Jill. no one is asking why she isn't having children.

No. 304728

"I just want to make art until I am a grandma!"
What 'art' do you even make? Crochet blankets twice a year? I wonder Louise feels about seeing this considering she's been creative and artistic throughout Jill's entire life while being a mother. Jill really does see other women are nothing more than background characters huh. A mom, a friend a grandma but being a full person is reserved for the kweers and did larpers. yuck(sage your shit)

No. 304731

File: 1691126068841.jpg (236.81 KB, 1080x1016, IMG_20230804_071652.jpg)

No. 304733

Kid will be born fucked because she’ll be the one traumatizing it.

No. 304735

The kid will be born fucked because she's a druggie and a wino and has absolutely shit physical health, even before she traumatizes them with her BPD and narcissism antics.

No. 304737

>make art until I am a grandma
what does she think grandma means? You need to have children who have grandchildren to become a grandma. Such a dumbass. Also all I hear is "I will definitely be getting pregnant three months after I get married" you aren't fooling anyone Jill.

No. 304741

I agree. I think her absolute desire for children is the real masking here. She gives herself away a fucking lot.

No. 304744


the only way that kid will be "fucked" is if Jill is smoking weed and drinking while pregnant. which is something she would most likely do. and then when that baby comes out mentally disabled because she will be like, "oh my god my mental illness affected my baby" when in fact it is her bad choices.

No. 304745

She should never reproduce. I say this about many cows, but holy hell if ever there was a cow who shouldn’t, it’s her. Who would be a worse mother: Jillian, Shayna, Keeks or Pumpy? Kek

No. 304746

I dont think BPD women should be mothers at ALL.(derailing)

No. 304756

I doubt kids are on the table even remotely anytime soon, even if she does secretly want them. She’s very much still in her ‘I’m just an angsty teen’ phase still, at least half of her issues are due to her inability to accept that she’s an adult. Having a child doesn’t mesh with that

No. 304758

TA, and thankfully you’re so right. She definitely would rather BE the baby than HAVE the baby kek

No. 304760

a couple of lurkers admitted theyre legit autists, so expect them to take shit too literally. all jill does is talk to make herself feel special, and to hide the the shes a fucking idiot

No. 304761

File: 1691189481178.jpg (369.72 KB, 720x4319, Screenshot_20230804_155217.jpg)

No. 304762

File: 1691189590805.webm (1.84 MB, 576x1024, 1691188489987.WEBM)

No. 304763

Looking fatter than ever

No. 304768


No. 304769

Did she her gut get too fat for the 6% skirt that she has to wear it as a top now

No. 304771

This was actually funny

No. 304773

This is a weird reach, people refer to old ladies as 'grandmas' pretty often whether they have kids or not

No. 304778

The mesh top doesn't hold in her lunchlady arm jiggle as much as she wishes it did

No. 304783

KEK she needs to either stick to some diet or give that poor skirt away, at this point it’s pathetic how she’s trying to be quirky while clutching really hard all of those things she can’t wear anymore.

No. 304784

No. 304792

I don’t think kids are ever on the table for Jill, period. If we’re tinfoiling, she strikes me as vaguely collapse-pilled even if she hasn’t been explicitly made collapse aware. Stevie seems like he could totally be a collapse aware doomer himself. Thankfully for everyone Jill is probably the cow with the lowest chance of ever birthing or even adopting children. I don’t even think she’d be down with interacting with children under the age of like 14 period, ever, let alone infants/toddlers. She seems like she legitimately hates actual children and feels nothing but envy towards them.

No. 304793

The ridiculous thing is that as a ~fashion designer~ she should be perfectly capable of up cycling/altering her clothes to fit her

No. 304795

File: 1691265102311.jpg (136.15 KB, 720x751, Screenshot_20230805-125216_.jp…)

No. 304796

File: 1691265369790.jpg (184.99 KB, 720x1247, Screenshot_20230805-125159_.jp…)

No. 304797

A weather head…? Since when? Is she gonna claim this is one of her autistic special interests now?

No. 304798

File: 1691267900464.jpg (222.67 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_20230805-133915_.jp…)

No. 304799

No. 304800

File: 1691268420946.jpg (63.71 KB, 720x374, Screenshot_20230805-134836_.jp…)

No. 304801

Just how many people are supposed to be living in her brain?

No. 304802

>>304800 Funny how right after her con disaster where her two faced bestie outshined her as the Precure girlie, she suddenly had a new 'fusion' and feels capable. After her trash cosplay and narc tantrum didnt go her way.

No. 304803

Inb4 she says eating food and drinking water is a special interest

No. 304810

File: 1691290849369.jpg (51.05 KB, 720x346, Screenshot_20230805-200132_.jp…)

No. 304811

I have a feeling she doesn't do a lot of water drinking.

No. 304812

File: 1691290931673.jpg (96.87 KB, 720x658, Screenshot_20230805-200143_.jp…)

No. 304813

She literally said in the last thread that thunder triggers her wtf Jill

No. 304814

‘I’ve been watching you since you were in high school and it’s amazing how far you’ve come’
Commentary must be a legit SPED or just not be paying much attention. I’ve been watching her since her senior Prom video and the dramatic decline and myriad of wasted opportunities has amazed me. seriously this bitch went from going on international PR trips to the UK and Japan to sitting on her ass eating tendies and arguing on Twitter, with absolutely nothing else going on in her life solely due to her own shitty decisions

No. 304818

Shiiiittt, I'm just waiting for the "If it wasn't for_____ I would have made it big" saga

No. 304819

Her favourite people are her alters so herself, kek you couldn’t make this up the sheer narcissism.

No. 304820

The sheer audacity of this kills me, lmao

No. 304821

I took this to mean that her favorite people (like her mom and Steve, I guess) ARE her alters. Kek Like, the people in her head are just based on her favorite irl people. Oops, I’m retarded. Of COURSE she means that her alters are her favorite people because they are her. Makes way more sense.

No. 304823

>my pathologically intense obsessions over people are with me, me, me, and me
Jill, you have NPD

No. 304825

to be fair I for one am really amazed over how far she's come, but in a bad way

No. 304831

>Jillian fronting with Sunny and Flora co-fronting
>uses I/me pronouns for herself anyway. Uses her Flora voice but drops it and talks normally when she gets carried away and excited about Precure, sometimes mid-sentence
>2:13 PreCord shit, says "It's very serious" with the biggest grin
>5:31 says she doesn't have any Precure books. Special Interest much?
>8:39 nitpick but it rubbed me the wrong way. She fawns over the first male Cure and talks down to those that dislike it. "Boys can be Magical Girls too" later in the vid
Overall no lore to add to Jillianverse, 0/10 video

No. 304840

Aren’t we in the middle of this saga already? She started tossing out breadcrumbs for mental health excuses like DID, autism and at one point even schizophrenia as soon as it became apparent she wouldn’t graduate from craft school as an instantly famous and successful fashion designer.

No. 304841

She’s clearly typing in her toddler voice, so no logic applies in this case. Because you know, DiD is all about having multiple people with different quirky personalities that enjoy the things that makes the other personalities miserable.

No. 304862

File: 1691347349470.jpg (2.8 MB, 4032x3024, 20230806_153902.jpg)

Sup guys got some new content for u boos. Love my fans so much.. giving u guys freebies.
Putting my best foot forward I hope you appreciate the little details (toes).(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 304864

Your feet are ugly please off yourself

No. 304866

Don't reply to bait nonna, that retard gets enjoyment out of you saying that

No. 304878

File: 1691370424127.jpg (156.88 KB, 720x939, Screenshot_20230806-180726_.jp…)

No. 304890

Love how it’s only covert and super hard to recognize when it’s convenient

No. 304892

yet somehow when she looks back her diary has retarded drawings saying "i am actually multiple peeps and im 4 years old teehee look at my crayon drawing im totally not jillie right now" and it was so obvious all along

also someone should spoiler that gross foot

No. 304896

here's part one of the august patreon livestream.

No. 304897

part two. this might be my last contribution for the livestream, money is getting tight lately. I hope another nonna takes one for the team!

No. 304900

We salute you for your sacrifice nonna. Hope things get easier for you.

No. 304905

Noooo nonna I hope you can keep being subbed because I would do it but would be too lazy to upload the vids to post kek

No. 304906

if you could figure out a way to securely/anonymously receive money, i would give you the money for the next few months nona. your contributions ITT are great

No. 304909

File: 1691426850565.jpg (144.83 KB, 1080x568, Screenshot_20230807_174923.jpg)

>uploads 2 videos
>I'm almost working a 9 to 5

No. 305232

File: 1691463605540.jpg (190.23 KB, 720x1045, Screenshot_20230807-200118_.jp…)

No. 305236

She is clearly asking about depersonalization/derealization in specific, yet Jill's advice is just to go to therapy (no shit) and talk to yourself (dissociation =/= DID, you idiot).
Half the tweet is just a self promo, what a narc.

No. 305238

"Here is a thoughtful post that clearly shows I have been quite introspective about this new diagnosis of mine. Can anyone suggest specific coping mechanisms and ways to heal? I'm in therapy." - "Hiiiiiiiiii a thousand people have tagged me because I'm just that famous! Let me tell you all about I I I me me me me me! I am so famous and so sick yet so strong, aren't I amazing? I am also so very knowledgable and smart so I can give you the real inside scoop on how to heal your medical issue, which I have both done super successfully (I've actually been better at therapy than anybody ever! All my therapists tell me I'm the most perfect special wonder patient they've ever had!) and not at all (I'm constantly in fight-or-flight and dissociating, I'm so sick haven't you heard? Pity me and give me attention!) so here are my super special secret tips you've definitely never heard before: try therapy and introspection."
I hate this cow more each day.
Writing this made me realize how similar she is to Trump. They even have the same eating habits.

No. 305240

she thinks shes THE "did influencer" lmao.
>oh youre talking about you own diagnosis? well im actually the did police so you'd have to collab with me so i can educate you. its MY brand so you have to talk to me so i can approve the diagnosis. you cant talk about dissosiation without talking about me, so pls dm me!

No. 305241

Suggests therapy and EMDR….neither of which she is still doing and did for such a brief time she couldn’t have made any significant progress. This girl seems responsible like she is already getting therapy and trying medication alongside it and here comes Jilly and her solution of just thinking really well and blasting weed and stimulants which is totes healing her rare debilitating disorder.

No. 305243

I had the same realization about jill sounding like trump at least a year ago, she has the same ego-inflated thought patterns. I guess narcs are all the same

No. 305245

Sadly I can't help with this but I do want to humbly thank you nonna, for providing us free entertainment until now. Please take care of yourself.

Thought the same as well. The constant hammering and ranting is just as grating on the ears.

No. 305247

File: 1691493690359.jpg (152.86 KB, 1080x589, Screenshot_20230808_122255.jpg)

Jill saying jerrick isn't the cohost in her live anymore and saying she's fusing makes me think she's going to kill him off soon.

No. 305248

She’s really going all in on the tism, she’ll probably be fully fused and just “totally autistic you guys” by next summer. Someone screenshot this and post it when my prediction inevitably becomes true.

No. 305255

That wasn't helpful in the slightest Jillian. Her need to exist and be seen in every space that has to do with her mental jillness is just so apparent. "Internal communication and trauma therapy" also imply she is like you have DID which is a very bold and awful assumption to make.

No. 305263

File: 1691513395840.png (1.87 MB, 1047x1285, trumpielocks.png)

Let me tell ya, I have the most dissociation, the best dissociation——my angel therapist, he's a real great guy, highly respected, he tells me, Jillian, you're the best at having dissociative identity disorder.

No. 305264

Jill’s pathological need to be both the most mentally healthy and also have the worst and crippling mental illness simultaneously is honestly almost impressive. The lack of self awareness is astounding

No. 305269

I honestly don't even know what this means. Is she basically saying drag and mcr aren't trendy enough anymore and so her larp is over? the shit she does for maintaining the 'perfect' aesthetic is exhausting.

No. 305274

Funny how she's literally just doing exactly, word-for-word, what that Cherry chick did??

No. 305275

OK but this is so freakishly fucking accurate??

No. 305277

Is this why we now have amber and jax, so she can be angry without having to pretend to be a boy because we all know she is in no way nonbinary in reality and hates presenting masculine.

No. 305278

Jesus, this is so stupid. It’s like Jill went straight to talking about herself and DID when QTCinderella didn’t even mention that and is probably dealing with actual trauma from some of the shit she’s been through, especially lately after the deepfake nudes thing. I feel so bad for her. Leave it to Jill to make shit about herself when the og tweet wasn’t even about DID but disassociation in general.

No. 305280

We also never see the old man alter either, I wonder if he will also be eaten by Jilly.

No. 305282

>>305277 it's just another power trip thing, she wanted to larp trans ppl so bad but obviously she isn't the nonbiney queer CEO she wants to be and can't go a moment without flaunting how girlboss hot female woman she is. And she definitely isn't male or masculine in the least, so Jerricka must be sacrificed to the failed larp bin.

No. 305283

>>305280 i forgot about Baldy McTax Filer. He's probably dead too now that she can't squeeze her obese body into Steebie's clothes anymore

No. 305288

Pls someone edit the flower petal thing logo of hers in there and add some subtitles in pink and yellow saying that she’s “co-con with amber”.

No. 305289

She also dropped drag in favour of cosplay. Jerrick’s entire personality was being angry and doing drag, so now that she’s dropped one of these things and has replacement alters for the other he’s redundant.

No. 305290

File: 1691523993474.png (1.2 MB, 1180x1584, Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 12.3…)

This is so funny to me lol, Jill again trying to make things about herself and her Expert Canadian Knowledge… only to immediately be told she's wrong. Afaik xqc's first language is french so of course he has an accent? How are you this stupid?

No. 305292

Nonny I love you

No. 305293

Okay? Who asked, Jill? How is you being wrong about this man's nationality relevant at all? Does every tiny thought that appears in your brain really need to be broadcast to the entire internet?

No. 305294

File: 1691527062872.jpg (194.02 KB, 720x1495, Screenshot_20230808_133921.jpg)

No. 305295

Of course it does, she's Jillian Amanda Vessey, only the Most Important Special Person in the whole universe

No. 305296

Kek the rebrand away from DID as she realizes she just needed to change her meds and destroyed her YouTube career because she refused to work with real therapists, I can’t believe her angel therapist never suggested a med change

No. 305297

Jill's stuck in this weird cycle of being motivated for a few days, going on about how her amazing angel baby meds fixed her and she's back to uploading regularly, then being super depressed and not uploading for weeks. She should really get a therapist for this bs.

No. 305298

Wasn't she her angel therapist's first year client? And then said therapist stopped and went into a different job?

No. 305299

Don't know if a counselor has any authority to suggest meds (I don't mean prescribe cus ofc not, but like discussing them with pt) or have access to her medical files. Which begs the question why someone with such ~serious disorders~ would go to a newbie who's not even a licensed therapist, rather than an experienced psychiatrist. This doesn't really have to do with Jill anymore, but I kinda wanted to post that Ol' Jed changed his name on his social media (from Jedediah Matthews to Matthew McAllister). I'll always be so curious to what degree Jill's bs and his name being brought up here influenced his decision to bawleet his online presence (from his husband's accounts too), quit his practice and run for the hills.

No. 305300

I mean, they do. Not a specific med but "Hey you seem to have a lot of problems with this symptom, do you think you need to adjust your meds?" it's definitely something you get asked.

No. 305304

File: 1691534186508.png (538.3 KB, 537x625, IMG_0921.png)

Maybe he’s scared of being found out and getting his career prospects ruined in the process. Liquid Chris is a practicing Dr and he had a hard time because of his past antics online.

No. 305307

Jed knows what he did. I have no doubt he's actively trying to avoid us and any possible attention garnered from the McLean hospital thing.

No. 305310

i’m late for uni now but this might just be some of my finest work to date

No. 305311

>>305310 you didnt have to put in all that detail and yet you did, bless you nonny

No. 305312

File: 1691540632685.png (2.2 MB, 1043x1281, IMG_5417.png)

had to make one tiny little edit. it was driving me nuts. forgive me nonnas

No. 305315

She a) doesn't speak french and b) grew up in an english province and now lives in an english town in NB so of course she isn't familiar with french canadian accents

XQC sounds like every obnoxious french canadian I've ever met

No. 305316

They’re basically the same person with the only difference being that Cherry is just genuinely retarded and well-meaning meanwhile Jill knows she’s lying to herself and everyone else. Cherry’s Jill alter is more valid than Jill’s public persona at this point kek.

No. 305317

>the seal
>the pronoun pin
my sides. next threadpic for sure
she's lurking so hard. >>305247 mentions her killing off jerrick and he immediately comes out posting about how he's totally still there you guys. very convenient how this fronting thing works huh

No. 305320

Maximum kek. Please add the sunflower lanyard!

No. 305323

Sage for tinfoil but it sounds like she's trying to quit smoking weed cold turkey and she doesn't smoke for a few days but then relapses and smokes for a few weeks. Rinse and repeat under the guise of "menty illness and muh DiD"

No. 305325

File: 1691553720689.jpeg (274.35 KB, 1037x1275, IMG_5423.jpeg)

i’ll do you one better
admins pls don’t ban me for fanart. i’m having fun

No. 305326

Quit weed?
Be real, anon.

No. 305327

Those are just tolerance breaks, it’s medicinal remember!

No. 305331

these are top kek, i love u art nonas

No. 305332

>Jill's stuck in this weird cycle of being motivated for a few days
not to be that person but this is so common for women because of our period cycles hormone regulations giving us a spike in energy for a few days, wouldn't surprise me if something like that was happening to Jill

No. 305334

This is actually somewhat cruel in a way she will never understand. This is someone who's scared, seeking help, and hoping to treat and heal. Jillians "DID journey" has absolutely NOTHING to do with healing. First of all, she doesnt have it, but even if she did, all she posts about and preaches is leaning more into it and loving it so much that you make your entire life revolve around it, shoving all your identities in peoples faces and crying at home over all the slightest things because anything at all gives one of her various sides even more "trauma". Nothing about anything she posts would actually help someone who genuinely had DID. It's astounding that she doesnt understand that. Normal people want to heal and move on. Not dwell in it and quit their jobs to stay at home and moan about themselves day in and day out. She's asking how to get rid of it, not how to ensure she stays as mentally fucked and unwell for the rest of her life. She just has no humanity at all for others and cannot for the life of her see past her own self-obsession.

No. 305335

Also didn't QTCinderella actually go through some serious shit? I recall her genuinely being unaware of how to set up a medical insurance a while back. I know a lot of people made fun of that but I personally felt like it was a sad sign of how nobody in her life (before now) wanted her to succeed or become independent.

No. 305336

could be mood disorder too. still not DID tho(medfagging)

No. 305338

>Nothing about anything she posts would actually help someone who genuinely had DID. It's astounding that she doesnt understand that. Normal people want to heal and move on.
I knew all this, but actually reading it hits different. Like damn, you're right it really is fucked up what Jill is doing

No. 305341

Oh shit thanks for the spoilered update anon. My bet: 100% of the reason he ran for the hills, deleted his online presence and now, changed his name. He knows he fucked up just to, in my opinion, accrue enough hours to get out of that stage of training (iirc you need a certain number of therapy hours which he passed while Jill was his client) humouring her bullshit was easy until he realised he was dragged into this extremely well documented facade. If anyone looked into it seriously he would look incompetent at best to have humoured such obvious bullshit, not sure if there would be more serious consequences but, probably, based on him running for it

No. 305342

Yes, wasn't she raised Mormon and super sheltered? I think she said she has legit PTSD from being swatted too. It's funny that Jill wants to act like she's undergone such terrible harassment at the hands of us evil nonnies when there are content creators like QT who have experienced much, much worse like the swatting and the whole deepfake thing. Jill wants to have real trauma so badly because she knows her life is so easy.

No. 305343


He's also probably scared of Jill growing up and airing his ass out for that bogus DiD diagnosis and "implanting false memories" in her brain. Say what you want about her, but after she went to therapy with him she only spiraled out of control and became an even fatter, lazier loser. Wasn't she his first patient too? That's pretty fucked. You have one patient and your "therapy" made her worse. Now she's got like ten alters and can't even complete a cosplay when she used to work, do YouTube and her little cosplay and fashion shit on the side. I bet he lurks her social media accounts in horror as he tries to distance himself further and further from her.

No. 305345

Do you think he reads here to assuage his shame at having made her whole issue worse? Hope they eventually get in a slap fight, jill seemed to really enjoy going after that hospital so maybe she’ll try to recapture that high and point fingers at him. First she has to get bored of the DID larp and wait for the trend to die down a bit so she doesn’t get flamed for being a fakeclaimer though.

No. 305346

Afaik there's no info on how many patients he's seen, if he had told Jill she was his first she would have bragged about it imo. Steve reportedly recommended him to Jill so it's likely that either he or a friend was seen by Jed beforehand. But yeah, even though here we know that Jill actively doesn't want to get better and has a long history of this kind of behaviour (escalating with time), Jed doesn't know that. He had no excuse to not dissuade -let alone encourage and help- her to self-sabotage. Hopefully he learned from this to stop being an enabler and to recognize cluster B, so he doesn't harm anyone who actually wants help.

No. 305347

I am dying for Jed to come on here and spill the beans, tbh.
As much as he yasskweened Jill, he must have a proper education to be a therapist and see eventually, how one NPD bitch just fucked up his entire career.

No. 305348

Can we please stop trash talking this therapist that we know next to nothing about? Jill isn't exactly a trustworthy source

No. 305349

Jed is that you kek, nobody is trash talking him and Jill has only said good things about him("hi cow")

No. 305352

This has to be the next thread pic, kek.

No. 305356

File: 1691608770233.jpg (512.06 KB, 1080x1830, 20230809_152201.jpg)

Sage for old news but I was just looking through her tik tok comments and found this. Crazy how defensive she is. Makes fun of people's mental illness because of a fucking emoji

No. 305357

>>305356 she's such a bitch, if anyone said okay 25 yr old bpd woman she would probably pretend to be traumatized and get a new alter but she can get mad at a random bipolar kid for a fucking emoji bruv

No. 305358

File: 1691611210845.jpg (168.26 KB, 720x1024, Screenshot_20230809-125942_.jp…)

No. 305359

So she went onto this kid's page to try and find something to bite back at him with? Kek at least this time she didn't tell a minor to suck her dick, looks like she is capable of learning!

No. 305360

File: 1691611339747.jpg (122.44 KB, 720x791, Screenshot_20230809-111601_Chr…)

No. 305361

Did she really just attack him for his mental issues because she immediately assumed that thats what he’s doing to her? How BPD can you get jill.. watch how she’ll spin this into something autism related tho

You’d think after years of therapy she’d have learned to not do shit like this so long ago

No. 305364

Pls stop planting ideas in Jill’s head. She doesn’t have any mood disorders. Wellbutrin causes sudden rushes of energy that can be similar to mania when used incorrectly. >>305348
LMAO Imagine whiteknighting an enabler who’s supposed to be certified to help people and not make them worse.

No. 305367

Ya, no one has a problem when people say they suspect they have autism. They have a problem when dipshits act like them reading the Wikipedia page and deciding they match that is the same as info from a doctor or psychologist.
I dealt with a retard just like Jill who whined about how their self diagnosed autism is valid and real because they couldn’t get a test. They live in the UK, so I said, it’s free for you, even if you have to wait a while, why not do it. Turns out they WERE tested as a kid, didn’t get diagnosed, but they supposedly know better than those doctors and want to blame their imaginary autism for flunking out of high school. It’s just like how Jill likes to act like her diagnostic impression is the same as an actual diagnosis. These idiots think they can just say they have whatever disorders they want and everyone should just treat them like they’re special because of it.(blogposting)

No. 305368

True, I'm not sure why I had it in my head he was her first patient. Probably because he's so young, but I guess that means he hasn't seen many patients, so Jill deteriorating so fast probably would be super unfavorable for his career.


He put the battery in her back for this DiD madness, I'm kinda surprised he hasn't popped back up. It's really weird to just leave when you suspect your new patient has something as damaging as DiD. I know not all transfers can be helped, but he seemed too ready to get the fuck out of town. And now Jill has like ten different alters kek.


Yeah. I'm sure once she posted that cake on Twitter and came to therapy to brag about it, the dude felt a cold sweat down his back. I bet he shat his pants when the DiD faker controversy with the hospital happened. I just know someone at the clinic or wherever Jill was going for her therapy sent him that video and went "isn't that your patient?". Jill sticks out like a sore thumb in normie land, someone had to have recognized her and remembered seeing a crazy chubby rainbow hair girl walk into Jen's office.

No. 305371

File: 1691620671873.jpg (31.27 KB, 720x225, Screenshot_20230809-153826_.jp…)

No. 305372

File: 1691621310673.jpg (227.37 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20230809.jpg)

No. 305374

File: 1691621422239.webm (1.9 MB, 576x1024, 1691621232355.WEBM)

No. 305377

>20:38 It seems like I keep fusing. Because I feel, as Jillian, I feel really like weird deja vu, like I time traveled straight from 2018, the last 5 years or 6 years, I'm aware of what happend but it doesn't feel like I fully did it. It doesn't feel like I lived that. Like now I have almost no memories from my second trip to japan, but now all the music I used to listen to in 2018 is stuck in my head randomly even though I haven't heard it in years and years and years, all of these memories are back and really fresh in my mind now that I didn't have access to.
>21:26 I know a fusion when I feel it. I've been working through this for two years now. And it's all positive changes, and it did also come after some like big… lifetime… there were a couple life things that were kinda unresolved from 2018 that recently got resolved from the last month and a bit, so I think that has a lot to do with it. It's so bizarre how I feel like I just skipped the timeline. The fragment didn't have a name or anything, I think it was just a fragment, but it literally feels like I just got a DLC or something. Super weird but it feels good, I'm just trying to ride with it.
>22:32 We've been tracking our switches again, also we're pretty sure Jerr is not the co-host anymore… He's been fronting way way less and it's been me and Sunny and Flora just riding high. Jerr doesn't care at all, he's happy just to hang out inside.
>23:03 We had a little baby fusion and its weird that we keep fusing little parts and fragments that we didn't know about, it is confusing. I'm doing so much better so I'm just trying to ride with it.
>23:20 For a second I thought Flora fused, and I was like oh no, because she's very much riding that 2018 high and a lot of those memories and songs and stuff was a lot of her interests, her activities and memories. But Flora is still around so it wasn't her. This is my second time fusing and it being like a random part that I didn't know was there, but anyway, feels good. I might be able to actually work more regularly and upload more regularly which is really exciting.
>24:04 Viewer asks: Does it get emotional when a part fuses, is it like losing a friend or are they still kinda there?
>24:09 Jill: That's my thing is that… if Flora fused, like that made me anxious just because change… it's nerve wracking because change is hard period. But the thought of not having her… I dont know, it does freak me out a little bit, but I haven't ever had any of the alters that are kinda like the most active fuse. That's why I tweeted, I was like, does anyone else do this? I thought DID was supposed to work different. Not that I want my… the alters I know about to fuse, not that I want any of them to go away, not that they go away but… yeah. It's weird. Is this how it works? because I'm still only like 2 years into it. But it feels good.
>25:16 Viewer: I think your brain knows what it needs to cope, hopefully it wouldn't let Flora fuse if you weren't ready for it.
>25:21 Jill: I think so too. I've heard so many different things from different folks with DID and OSDD online so we'll see. But it's… The first time I fused post diagnosis with Ramona and this time it's so… sensory wise and everything wise it's so undeniable. It's almost like how do you know if you're in love? you just know. But to someone who never exprienced fusion I guess the way I'd describe it feels like constant deja vu, it feels like I time traveled here, it feels like I downloaded a new pack of information and personality traits.
>26:15 Yeah I don't think the brain is going to fuse parts that are not ready for it. We'll see, I'm open to everything. Whichever way we're naturally going to heal and get better, and it seems to be pretty directly getting better.

No. 305378

As a Pretty Series fan, shut the fuck up Jill

No. 305379

File: 1691624001732.jpg (58.62 KB, 720x424, Screenshot_20230809-163424.jpg)

No. 305387

we seriously live in a timeline were munchies will fight to the death over googling shit and claiming a disorder. what a time to be alivr.

No. 305390

hey didn't she increase the price of the quote they gave her? I recall it being 3k.

No. 305392

>it feels like I downloaded a new pack of information and personality traits.
This is every BPDfag every month. Which she would know if she was getting consistent therapy for her BPD like she needs

No. 305394

I’m sorry for the blogpost but I just wish ONE person in her immediate circle would give enough of a shit about her to tell her how normal her experiences are and to drop the DID larp.
It’s so normal to forget about entire experiences you’ve had when you live a life that changes often. I know people who have gone on summer camps, moved cities, attended schools, been OBSESSED with something or a fandom, then a few years later completely forget they ever did said thing after their lives have changed and they have new focuses and new things to keep them busy. They only really remember after something triggers a memory
and say shit like “i remember i used to love (x), it feels like it happened yesterday. how did I ever forget about it”
she smokes so much weed every day that I’m sure time and her general memory is a little out of whack, and maybe she even has a more temperamental inner monologue (as most BPD bitches), but she doesn’t have anything even close to DID and… well I was going to say “and she knows it” but at this point I think she has fully deluded herself into believing this shit. A few months ago I would have said “she can still walk this back and fix her life” but at this point, I genuinely think it’s too late for her. things around here are going to stop being funny and start being really sad really soon

No. 305395

this is all just a bunch of words to cope with the fact that her life/career peaked in 2018 and she’s been in a self-inflicted nose dive ever since. I used to feel bad about it but it seems every single decision she makes is to further alienate her audience and become less functional/a NEET.

No. 305397

It’s so convenient that the alters she happens to eat are the unknown ones that don’t have names or have suddenly popped out of nowhere. Where’s her Amanda alter she made a bracelet for or sandwich?

No. 305399

Sandwich choked on tinsel and was eaten by Jill

No. 305400

>not a log alter with hands
Ngl I laughed, well played jill

No. 305406

she's feeling for her followers' reactions. can't eat jer yet since he's still popular. bald man will be the first to go once she starts the fusion arc for real

No. 305427

Awh, cliffe was my fave alter. She can't get rid of him, how else will she do her taxes?

No. 305436

File: 1691685469902.jpg (149.78 KB, 720x1014, Screenshot_20230810-093802_.jp…)

No. 305441

File: 1691688834384.jpg (220.79 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20230810-102215_.jp…)

No. 305442

File: 1691688950639.webm (2.36 MB, 576x1024, 691688188286.WEBM)

No. 305443

>Is this how it works? because I'm still only like 2 years into it.
Whoopsie Jill, you’ve had DID since you were a child, remember?

Exactly, literally all that’s happened is she’s made friends who are into cosplay etc and it’s reawakened her fondness for those things, which has also coincided with a medication change that she clearly desperately needed. Of course she suddenly feels better, she’s actually starting to do things again. She feels like she ‘jump the timeline’ because the last three years have been spent in a weed haze

She keeps mentioning ‘working through things’ even though afaik she’s still not in therapy, and we all know she never picked up any decent coping skills

No. 305446

Why does she keep calling it fusing? Isn't that from Steven Universe? I thought the term was integration.

No. 305447

>>305446 eh I've heard that term, like the goal of 'final fusion' aka full integration it basically means the same thing, one is just more specific.

No. 305463

You can blame her bestie Dissociadid for confusing people, for years she "educated" people and used the wrong terms/terms she made up. Now it's easy to see who she inspired to fake DID based on the type of language they use.

No. 305465

>21:26 I know a fusion when I feel it. I've been working through this for two years now.
>24:09 Is this how it works? because I'm still only like 2 years into it.

From being the bestest mental jillness faker to looking around at others to see what they are doing bc suddenly she isn't 100% sure how to act so it's believable in a span of less than three minutes. Good grief. Not to mention that anyone with a long history with actual mental illness knows you might not even scratch the surface of your specific brand of shit and here we have Jillybean claiming she's the absolute expert in fusing with exactly one fusion under her belt. It sounds downright ridiculous that she'd have this good grasp on her allegedly super severe trauma-based mental illness that takes years of intensive therapy to make any progress with.

No. 305482

File: 1691714980452.jpg (39.66 KB, 717x255, IMG.jpg)

No. 305483

Too. Much. Marajuana.(sage your autism)

No. 305486

It's just very clear and see-through that she has sort of studied a specific manual of how things should be in regard to mental illness. She doesn't have her specific brand of shit because she is pretending and needs to emulate others to give the image she wants.

No. 305497

File: 1691726141569.png (438.69 KB, 386x638, Screen Shot 2023-08-10 at 9.57…)

god damn…. we finally see a tiktok from her with less filters than usual. she does not look in her early twenties. or healthy. or happy. if you told me this is an alcoholic mother of 3 going through a divorce id believe you

No. 305501

Calm down, she looks completely normal here and she isn't indoors for once, so some progress is made.

No. 305504

File: 1691735988425.png (2.26 MB, 1696x1284, oof.png)

Nona… look again, with your eyes this time. Also she's only on her patio to smoke lmao. That's not progress, that's stoner jill every hour of the day.

No. 305506

She looks like someone in their 20s who is frowning and has an unhealthy lifestyle.

No. 305507

I love how she laughs through it. Girl, you clearly enjoy the attention more than anything.

No. 305509

Agreed I don't know why anons keep trying to say she looks too old she looks like she's in her 20s and doesn't take care of herself that's it

No. 305510

I know this is 3 days old but I can't stop cackling, 10/10 nonnies.

No. 305512

>20:38 …all of these memories are back and really fresh in my mind now that I didn't have access to


>didn't have access to


No. 305515

She looks like a retard

No. 305519

Sage for not contributing shit, but I remembered this cow yesterday, had a quick read through 67-68, saw her latest "cosplay", realized that Daniel Day-Lewis probably sows better than her. Cackled. Carry on.

No. 305520

Idk. she's weirdly got a baby face to me underneath all her extra blubber. She doesn't quite have that rode hard and put away wet look that takes you from 26 to 46 like Shayna does. She just looks like a chubby twenty something.

No. 305521

If I have a mental break down in public I totally want to relive it through every different social media platform, I want everyone to know! How are people this blind to Jillians obvious attention seeking

No. 305525

File: 1691773248777.png (131.48 KB, 1176x488, Screen Shot 2023-08-11 at 10.0…)

Trying to reconnect with her ex cosplay friends

No. 305527

File: 1691776785922.jpg (610.85 KB, 720x3872, Screenshot_20230811_110046.jpg)

No. 305528

same, you can feel the bias in this thread sometimes. Jill looks like a normal woman in her 20s, the only difference is the hair and clothes

No. 305529

God forbid people understand how algorithms are trained and this means people are literally scrolling away the second they see her face kek

No. 305530

i don’t understand why she puts in the intense effort of doing her hair 6 different colors when she never actually styles it or shows it off, it’s always in a poop bun, seems like a waste

No. 305531

cropped close like that she looks like an ftm. pribably a gilmpse into her future once steve goes full tran and dumps her

No. 305532

>>305531 tf does that even mean lmao, she's just ugly. Ugly women r real anon

No. 305533

i mean she just looks like a stereotypical aiden with the tryhard facial expressions and obnoxious fashion. and i could actualllty picture her trooning out in the future. it's not that deep

No. 305534

>>305533 she likes being a woman girlboss 'hot female' too much to fake trans, even though she tried with Jerricka and realized she hates it.

No. 305540

Hasn't it been proven that certain content, for example content using words like queer, abuse, etc, gets purposely pushed down in the algorithm, or is that just YouTube? If that's proven to happen on tik Tok that's pretty garbage of her to say she doesn't believe shadow banning is real when others in her communities are factually suffering from lower views due to purposeful manipulation of what can and can't be said on the platform

No. 305545

This is such a weird reply, Jill. "I can't watch this show", "Listen to the OST on youtube!" like maam thats an entirely different question.

No. 305548

>If I have a mental break down in public I totally want to relive it through every different social media platform, I want everyone to know!
It's so funny how she acts the exact opppsite of actually ill people who 1) want to get better 2) will usually hide or under report symptoms because they're embarrassed

No. 305557

File: 1691799219346.png (51.03 KB, 1495x527, Screenshot 2023-08-11 171548.p…)

you're one to talk jill

No. 305568

File: 1691812211589.jpg (704.47 KB, 1061x2094, 20230811_235304.jpg)

Sage cuz it's not milk worthy but everyone say bye bye to Jill's dress with that clown ass looking makeup!

No. 305570

old milk but god i forgot just how god awful that dress was, everything about it is just ugly and poorly constructed, I don’t even sew I just wear clothes and have eyes and I don’t see how a non-SPED would possibly pay $120 for that. i was semi-aware of My Violet from mutuals and this completely turned me off from them

No. 305574

Man she’s porked up even more since then. I dunno what the fuck she’s doing to herself that’s making her expand so fast.
I’m sick of people like y’all in this thread ignore it and move on. She looks haggard and older because she smokes like a chimney, probably doesn’t take her of her skin, and has a bad diet. If you don’t like the criticism move on or browse the thread with saged posts off.

No. 305577

Idk what this is in response to, but she’s literally bullied people off their platforms before by publicly blasting them and using her rabid fans to harass and mass report them

No. 305582

I agree it’s so much work for little payoff. I’d rather wear a rainbow wig than constantly keep up with dying it. She should shave off her hair for clout and show progress on its growth.

No. 305591

Critiquing a repeated nitpick that has no basis is fair game in threads
Jill does not look older than mid twenties and whenever it's stated itt it feels more like a vendetta thing that actual criticism and it never brings any worthwhile discussion to the thread
Plus all the studies about weed aging people are currently speculative and correlative
The age critique is nit picking and tiring to read 80 times per thread
It's stupid to blame her "age" on weed when countless people look older or younger than their age and it's all random I really think the aging comment should be used less because it's outright nit picking and has no value whatsoever

No. 305598

>Plus all the studies about weed aging people are currently speculative and correlative

Smoke absolutely ages people's skin wtf are you on about, weednona

No. 305600

LMAO so you’re projecting because you support weed. I don’t give a shit about it but premature aging can be caused by a lot of factors that tend to stack up. If she’s smoking in her patio she probably never wears sunscreen and on fair skinned people that’s a one way ticket to wrinkle town. Her diet is shit, she barely washes herself, sleeps in her full face of clown makeup, and most likely doesn’t have a skin care routine to match her skin type despite being a consumerist glutton.

Please leave your own biases at the door when mocking cows. It’s not about you. It will never be about you or whatever beliefs you have. We are all here to point and laugh at a terrible person who enjoys to be a spectacle and wouldn’t survive without a stage air out every inane thought and behavior in her head.
So if you think you look like Jill or see any similarities it’s literally not about you or your place to project any of your insecurities on her. Any negative physical traits on a cow only apply to them and not the rest of society. If you cannot handle reading stuff like that please go back(infighting/derailing)

No. 305602

Lmao weed-chan….smoke is smoke. If you inhale smoky, tarry air into your lungs, it's gonna age your skin. Doesn't matter if you're burning tobacco or marijuana. Plus weed smoke has about twice as much tar as tobacco smoke, so yeah it's gonna age you. Jill looks rough, clearly you're worried and in denial about the consequences of your little habit.

No. 305604

this video just confirms more that the issues was she was on a medication she shouldn't have been which would have been resolved years ago if she went to a real medical health professional.

No. 305606

the way she acts so cute about her 'worsening bpd symptoms' and their negative effect of Steve, I cant stand how she just giggles about it

No. 305607

>>305606 the fact that a lot of her super real did symptoms are just bpd shit like identity confusion and paranoia and other things are explained by her weed addiction like feeling like you're somewhere else entirely.

No. 305608

>i actually forgot lyrics to a song i used to know and i couldn't tell if it was just because it's been years since i last heard it or if it was a symptom of trauma

No. 305609

>Please leave your own biases at the door when mocking cows.
You must be spinach because that's rich in iron. DARE-chans in this thread are so embarrassing, is the average poster ITT 12 years old?(infighting)

No. 305621

ntayrt but i'm 32, smoke weed every day since 2013 and i don't have a single wrinkle. jill is just ugly.(derailing and blogposting)

No. 305623

I kind of feel like the mental illness fakers online almost intentionally use incorrect terms for these things because they keep the people who will call them out for faking from finding any actual medical journals or resources talking about what these things actually are.

People like Jill seem to use "fusing" like it's something that just happens when integration in DID would need to be done with long-term therapy since the dissociation that leads to "alters" coming out is a result of being unable to handle certain triggers and integration is just learning how to cope without dissociating.

No. 305628

I'm the one who talked about the nit picking and I think smoking weird is retarded
Jill is just ugly and overweight she does not look old if she just watched what she ate and exercised she'd look better but she wouldn't suddenly look younger or older
Not all women are gorgeous and youthful on default

No. 305631

Stupid bitch.. She says DID caused her to only have 3 memories from her Japan trip and it's "Really fucking scary."

That's HOW MEMORY WORKS RETARD omfg nobody remembers every detail from every trip you just remember core events. Making up mental illnesses for common normal human experiences is making me a-log right now.

No. 305632

how are her viewers not sick of this same repetitive song playing in every video? it's so hard to sit through kek

No. 305646

Not a fully comprehensive TLDW, but some bullet points for nonnies who don't want to watch.
- Explains Final Fusion vs Functional Multiplicity, says she'll take whichever she can get
- All of her alters know each other and get along and everyone just frolicks in the fields of friendship together! How convenient…
- "Every system is different" i.e. the excuse every DID faker makes as to why their "symptoms" don't align with the diagnostic criteria
- Says she keeps fusing alters/fragments she's unaware of
- Says it happens when she has a "big healing moment" - gives examples of getting an apology from an abuser or confronting people
- Says she's received a lot of apologies over the years
- Says it's "undeniable" that she's going through a fusion (but also says that she just knows this based on "vibes"), says she feels like she's time traveled
- Says the fusion happened because of closure from things that happened in 2018
- Says her house feels foreign, like she's back in February 2018 a month before she met Steebie
- She suddenly remembers the lyrics and dances to anime songs she hasn't heard in 6 years
- It feels like a "download"
- The last 6 years have been soooooooo traumatic for her
- She doesn't remember much of the Japan trip, says Flora holds all of the memories (though I thought she said before that it was Berry who did a lot of the trip? Which one is it Jill????)
- "I have not been in fight or flight for a long time now!" (About 3 weeks. Not kidding)
- She'll be looking at her cats and "for her brain to protect itself" she'll start preparing for them to die (which I feel like a lot of people do??)
- Says the con fiasco happened before the fusion
- Now post fusion she runs outside her house with no pants on (Again, not kidding)
- She emailed her accountant AND her landlord today everyone! AND she didn't go into fight or flight!! Let's give her a big round of applause!!!
- Her BPD, specifically her jealousy is getting worse, giggling about it
- Being in her house was like living in her worst nightmare
- "It's a full time job, pacing around your kitchen and feeling unsafe"
- The closure from 2018 also helped Jerr-Bear, the girls are fronting more
You're welcome nonnies(sage your shit)

No. 305652

>Her BPD, specifically her jealousy is getting worse
Kek I don't blame her, when her bff is usurping her in cosplay/sewing/precure and her partner is talking to his thinner ex

No. 305654

>- Says the fusion happened because of closure from things that happened in 2018
>- Says her house feels foreign, like she's back in February 2018 a month before she met Steebie

isn't this the new years party?

No. 305656

File: 1691898136365.jpg (70.73 KB, 720x407, Screenshot_20230.jpg)

Thank you, nonita!
I feel the same way. It's bizarre to watch.

No. 305658

File: 1691902196050.webm (5.88 MB, 1280x720, 8675309.WEBM)

Bpd jealously clip

No. 305662

ME me me me me me ME ME ME ME ME ME

No. 305663

this video was so……like a key point I think needs to be mentioned was that she went on Wellbutrin recently and stopped a medication that was not working…then attributes reduction in anxiety and increase in executive function to some bullshit “fusion” in the same breath like…girl bffr
like yes taking a medication for anxiety that is also prescribed for adhd as well will….reduce your anxiety and make you more functional.

No. 305665

This. She only has 3 memories because all she did in Japan was go to McDonald's and window shop in tourist traps. Jill doesn't introspect and she'd rather say she was extremely mentally ill during her trip (all video and textual proof shows that she loved it and enjoyed it at the time) than admit she didn't do much while in Japan. It's weird.

No. 305666

So….. new larp is something happened in 2018 that triggered a memory of super mega childhood trauma and she disappeared mentally for 6 years? Please create a timeline, autist nonny. I can't keep her retconning straight.

No. 305667

>Says it happens when she has a "big healing moment" - gives examples of getting an apology from an abuser or confronting people
I'm not the best evah at therapy like Jill is so correct me if I'm wrong but neither of those seem healthy to me. Her "healing" depended on an apology from someone who hurt her, something that may never have come, instead of learning to accept what happened and moving on from it no matter what that other person, whose actions she can't control, does. Then there's confronting someone and presumably bpd narc rage blowing up at them vs again dealing with her shit internally and finding happiness in herself despite past hurt. What is she going to do when someone doesn't want to apologize or god forbid she loses contact with them and can't screech at them about how much they hurt her by not giving her first place in that cupcake decorating contest in grade school? Shrug and stay deeply menty illy forever? Cool, sounds very healthy.

No. 305668

>She suddenly remembers the lyrics and dances to anime songs she hasn't heard in 6 years
>It feels like a "download"
I also remembered a random weeb song I last listened to about 10 years ago recently! Can't be that it was just a random memory triggered by some other song that sounded similar or something or because, in Jill's case, I was reengaging in hobbies from that time, no, it's gotta be psyche-shattering childhood abuse!

No. 305669

So, this and her commenting on her old friends Twitter out of the blue make me believe she is trying to get out of all her wrongdoings and failures over the past six years. None of it was her guys she has just re-emerged and you can’t blame her for any of that! If I was her ex friends I wouldn’t forgive her and I would be really pissed that she has now invented a way to not be responsible for the hurt she caused and never apologised for and is trying to just start again like nothing happened. Wendy should have blocked her ass the second she tried to post that uwu bullshit like nothing happened. Steve too like she now gets to just delete any arguments they have had since then or any hurt she has caused him. It’s so blatant

No. 305671

>All of her alters know each other and get along
>Says she keeps fusing alters/fragments she's unaware of

Since Jillie doesn't have any issues with the alters known to her and all her alters are besties with each other why can't she just ask them about the supposed unknown alters and fragments? Or are the known to Jill alters also not aware of these others since it seems like all the alters share the exact same knowledge and interests and hobbies with Jill, which kind of defeats the whole deal with alters? Now I imagine Jill having a list of every grudge, wrongdoing and negative memory she has ever experienced and once she has some sort of closure with those she just announces she has fused an alter or a fragment from a twaumatic memowy like when someone cut her in a line or something kek.

No. 305677

correct nonna. needing an apology from someone that hurt you in order to heal is not realistic in most scenarios, so therapy teaches you how to heal without needing an apology. But, since this is mental jillness we're talking about, idk what the rules are kek.

No. 305681

I don't feel bad for Jill for a second but it's so harrowing to think about young teens watching her who think all these extremely normal behaviors are mental illness symptoms. If your cat is a senior yes you will often think about the cat dying. You don't remember every second of every day. Sometimes you do randomly remember shit you haven't heard about in 10 years.
I don't want to sound paranoid but these 'influencers' do influence people and this thinking you're the most mentally ill on the planet mentality is going to ruin people who don't have mommy and patreon money

No. 305687

thank you, i was wondering when somebody was gonna mention the part when she bounded outside pantsless kek. but it's okay because she was wearing a "gigantic shirt"

No. 305692

Not to mention that’s such a gross over-simplification of how genuine trauma works. It’s literally playground logic; I’m angry with you because you were mean to me, but you apologized so we’re friends again.
Not to blog, but I spent years thinking that if I could just get my abuser to apologize for what they did, I could move on, but guess what the emotions don’t just magically evaporate when you legitimately hold a trauma response to abuse. You actually have to work on dealing with those emotions in a way that’s not dependent on the actions of others

No. 305693

'reheal bpd in different parts' 1. isnt jill the one dating steve 2. isnt jerrick the 'bpd holder' even tho hes basically gone or w/e
im gonna be honest, and relapse does happen w mental illness, but if youre running into the same problems, you never solved them to begin with. if youve got jealousy issues they come from some place and you haven't yet rationalized why they're wrong. no matter how dumb a belief is, you're not getting out of it without contradicting evidence (i know my partner is faithful because xyz and even if he isnt ill be ok because xyz, etc.)

No. 305712

well, requiring an apology to get over something someone did to you is peak BPD

No. 305718

>Says she keeps fusing alters/fragments she's unaware of
>Says it happens when she has a "big healing moment" - gives examples of getting an apology from an abuser or confronting people
Hold on, didn't watch the video obviously, but is Jill literally saying she fused an alter from someone apologizing to her? Who was it and what horrible trauma did they cause that now healed? Was it her mom saying sorry for not buying her chicken nuggies? Did Sof say sorry for writing on lc?

Also in of itself that is such a harmful narc thing to do/say. She's putting ALL the blame on the other person for her being messed up, and then the only way to heal is for the other person to admit they were wrong. If they don't, Jill has an excuse to still be traumatized and messed up and can't possibly be responsible for her own healing because it was the other person's fault.

No. 305720

I looooooove that you enjoy your alters, Illian, having so many friends in your head, always with you, not like those awful backstabbers who gave you so much trauma!
Talking to them and spending time with them must be so nice and healing! They understand you perfectly and have all your same interests and reactions!
Enjoying a lifelong disorder borne from extreme childhood trauma is difficult, but I love how smiley and cheerful you are about it and that all of your alters are besties, queen!

(If I am getting a redtext about "hi cow"ing, I am taking it, I am so tired of this fake bitch)

No. 305728

BPD isn't even something you can heal, correct? I know it's something you can manage, with a lot of work, but my understanding is that it's somewhat similar to ptsd, in that it's with you forever. You just learn to manage the symptoms, and as you go to therapy/work on it, the symptoms can lessen over time. Is co-opting others personalities a symptom of bpd? Is this whole DID saga just jills bpd/malingering in order to get attention?

No. 305730

All of your questions can be answered with Yes.

No. 305735

this is so tiring. i don't know why she chooses making imaginary friends over a little introspection and growing up.

No. 305739

Most people who have BPD do not meet the criteria 10 years later because a lot of people grow out of it and their symptoms lessen with age

No. 305742

You can go into remission and eventually no longer meet the criteria. It takes a lot of hard work and therapy so it’s not as common as it could be because of the nature of the condition. Jilly won’t get better because she won’t self reflect or actually work on herself she just makes excuses and blames other people. Even her “healing” she is talking about at the moment revolves around the blame being solely on others, she never takes any accountability in any situations.

No. 305743

What you're saying is untrue. Most people do not meet the criteria 10 years later even without any intervention at all. It obviously helps to do the work but most people see improvement regardless

No. 305744

SAGE for a-log but - my MIL has BPD and she just becomes more and more insane and impossible to deal with the older she gets. Watching Jill's videos freaks me out sometimes because she behaves EXACTLY like my MIL. All the exact same emotional and social issues. BPD people are not adults. You can never ever expect to be dealing with an adult when you're forced to deal with one. You cannot impose adult expectations on them because they simply are not adults, as much as they might look like one. As much as I wish my MIL were an adult I could look up to and be friends and equals with, it's never going to be the case because these people are forever stunted and they will suffer and cause all around them to suffer until the end of time. They can't be treated with therapy because they lie to the therapists to get what they want, and once again, they cannot be held to an adult standard. They are not capable of recovering. Every single fucking behaviour I see from Jillian rings completely true to my experience. She's literally pretending to be 10 different people - that's how badly she refuses to even attempt to pretend to be an adult. She isn't one and never will be. She will emotionally abuse and torment all her closest loved ones until she is fat and old, at which point the BPD will just get a million times fucking worse because BPD survive only on their cuteness and "charm." The cuteness and charm does not endure through aging. It just gets pathetic and sad. They become delusional and violent when they can't get by on their looks any longer.

It's all coming for Jill. Just watch.(not your personal blog)

No. 305747

Jill is most likely NPD with BPD tendencies. She'll never get better because she can still get her way right now. Once Stevie troons out/fucks off and mama Vessey does or is too old to care about coddling Jill, shit will hit the fan for her. But she seems like she's a fat way off from that, so her narc tendencies will only get worse.(medfagging)

No. 305752

She’s already starting to “fuse” how hilarious. Much like everything else in her life, she couldn’t be bothered keeping this up. I can’t wait for the “I was actually MANIPULATED by my therapist and he IMPLANTED FALSE MEMORIES OF ABUSE in my brain!!!”

No. 305754

>>305752 she is either stupid or she knows she can get away with this larp once she fully fuses in like two weeks. She's 'been on this' for two years with heavy weed usage and energy drinks + no therapy and she's healing from a trauma disorder already? How the hell.

No. 305758

Maybe this is why he went running, not that he thinks he's guilty but that he realised too late that she claims victimhood from any person in her life who doesn't coddle her delusion, or simply random people who cross her path, and he realised that her angel baby therapist stance could turn around at any moment

No. 305763

File: 1692073139229.jpeg (437.66 KB, 1284x975, IMG_7334.jpeg)

No. 305764

File: 1692073162204.jpeg (412.59 KB, 1284x1173, IMG_7333.jpeg)

No. 305767

jill probably doesn't have bpd or npd or anything wrong with her. she just wants attention and she thinks being medically troubled will get it, because she's right. even when she had a real ED, it was when everyone did. her entire life has been based around phases that she thought would get her attention, this time her phase isn't aesthetic because she fully committed herself to the rainby shit and is obviously using did to try to counteract that. but i think that having nothing wrong is the main thing she hates.(medfagging)

No. 305769

No well adjusted person pretends to be mentally ill because it's trendy. What you're describing is mental illness in itself. Not the kind jill claims to have, but she's fucking nuts nonetheless

No. 305771

this just isn't true. she's not doing this as an outlier, it's because other people are too and it's reinforcing the idea that it's normal enough for her normie brain, she just wants to be slightly edgy/weird/rebellious. if no one else was faking did, she wouldn't have done it. to her the mentally ill aspect probably isn't hitting, she just wants to be part of a community and have control over the narrative. that's why she fashion hopped and ended up "making her own fashion".

No. 305772

>12 ssconds ago
get a life Jillian.

No. 305773

DID is not her first or only mental illness. Wasn't she inpatient at a young age? The ED, the self harm scars.. Plus she's literally an addict.

No. 305774

yup of course, the ED and SH she inflicted on herself as the teenage expression of her extreme histrionic attention whore nature fed by endless amounts of praise for no achievements from her mom, but now that she's a failed adult with a fat ass DID explains away her uselessness and gets even more attention

No. 305777

Bullshit. You're self-soothing and hoping it will happen for you. In reality, the symptoms stay or worsen without intervention. That's why it is so notorious, and why Jilly's future looks anything but kaweewee.(armchairing derailing)

No. 305778

why would you tell someone this!? is this about that cherry girl?

No. 305782

That's exactly what anon said. Her mental illness follows trends also. She said that in her first post.

No. 305785

its called being Terminally Online.

No. 305787

Anons point is that mentally healthy people don't do this kind of shit, and they're right. Only a mentally ill bitch is going to sit around and pretend she's got ten people living in her brain and do absolutely nothing other than post TikToks and smoke weed to deal with it. Jill's mentally ill, just not the kind of mentally ill she wants to be.

No. 305788

proof she never puts her phone down, literally saw the notif, opened the patreon app and screenshotted all within 12 seconds of him replying

Girl needs to go live in the woods for a few months, pretty sure she'd emerge a fully healed person with only one personality. 100% of the shit she does is for online beeps and boops.

No. 305789

File: 1692129941566.jpg (103.69 KB, 720x609, X.jpg)

No. 305790

>>305789 her putrid rat's nest really needs that, she should just out with and buzz cut to try and repair how damaged she's made it thus far.

No. 305791

You know Psychology is all a bunch of made up bs right? I'd think people in this thread should know that, it's not just jillybean getting diagnosed with made up bullshit, it's basically everyone else too. Of course a fake disease can either stay or go away, it doesn't matter because even experts don't agree on basic aspects of their lore.(derailing)

No. 305792

It must be, putting her on blast like that when she is genuinely unwell unlike Jilly is an asshole move.

No. 305793

Shave it off Jill. It will make cliff and the FtM feel much more comfy in "the body", plus you can just wear wigs for the female alters and seem more legit. But I bet she's going to go get two inches cut off because she's the type that can't have "short" hair because it makes her feel "like a man" (read: ugly)

No. 305794

>>305793 crazy thing is she totally rocked the short rainbow fringe/colored bob cut when she would actually style it and decorate her hair in her super old vlogs. But she was less fat back then too so.

No. 305797

she didn't put her on blast tho she didn't name any names. I would be freaked out if someone said I was an introject in their system too. I don't blame Jill for telling her to fuck off at all.

No. 305798

File: 1692137286652.jpg (268.89 KB, 720x2345, X.jpg)

No. 305800


>Eighty-five percent of patients with BPD remitted.


>During a 10-year period of follow-up, 91% achieve at least a 2-month remission, with 85% achieving remission for 12 months or longer.30 The MSAD has found similar results extended out to 16 years using a slightly different definition of remission (no longer meeting diagnostic criteria for a period of 2 years or longer) and found that by 16 years, 99% of patients have at least a 2-year period of remission and 78% have a remission lasting 8 years.


>93% of borderline patients attained a symptomatic remission lasting two years and 86% attained a sustained symptomatic remission that lasted four years.

I don't have BPD and hate being around people who have it. But it's nice to know most of them won't be this obnoxious by their 30s(medfagging)

No. 305802

Sage for blog posting and semi med fagging, but you ain't lying (BPD nonny here). It's very treatable but you have to want it and commit to it. No way in ten hells Jillybean would sign up for six months plus of DBT. That bitch probably gets impatient waiting for the microwave to go off.(medfagging)

No. 305805

Lmao this BITCH. The whole west coast of the USA is more bilingual in Spanish than fucking FREDDY ASS NEW BRUNSWICK or any of New Brunswick tbh.

Bilingual in NB just means our stop signs are in English and in French. Wow she really thought she said something there.(sage your shit)

No. 305806

So in the 16 year study, 78% had remission of 8 years, that's actually very high. It seems like BPD could be attributed pretty clearly to adolescence and hormone changes since most conditions don't have a remission rate that high. Unfortunately she is also NPD as fuck and I don't think that's something people grow out of, so she may grow up to appear more stable while still being manipulative and self centred, I can't see Jill ever truly becoming "normal"(medfagging)

No. 305808

More autism breadcrumbing

No. 305809

being a spoiled brat doesn't make you mentally ill. the truth is she can afford to do all of that both literally and figuratively. her mom babies her. people always talk about how she could do this or that or actually do fashion or something and theory craft why she has no aspirations and the reality is she doesn't have to have them. she's doing this shit because it's easy attention, she's addicted to weed and tiktok because she has nothing better to do than sit around all day on the internet. and she doesn't have to do anything. it doesn't mean she's mentally ill at all.

No. 305810

I'm more and more convinced that Jill's baffling supposed regressing is mostly her way to try and cope with the fact that she has turned from a semi relevant j-fashionista and youtuber into a neet blob with absolutely nothing going on in her life besides her fake imaginary friends. (Obviously there is also the added bonus of internet clout for being the most rare mentally ill unicorn there is or she would have chosen a little let flashy mental illness to choose for her larp.) If she manages to convince herself and others that going to a fucking hairdresser is a big scawy and going to one is sooo brave of her maybe she can keep pretending she has a legit reason to not thrive. Once she comes from the hairdresser without passing out and switching thirty times she can get the sense of accomplishment and reward herself with some chicken nuggets and weed and with not doing anything else for the next month or so since she used all her energy and spoons for the hair-fucking-dresser - I'm sorry I can't get over the fact that she's pretending to be this stressed about going to have her hair trimmed a bit. And after tweeting about how she is such a brave magical girl she'll get the sweet, sweet celebration of conquering the giant hurdle of letting someone touch her hair.
I just want to know where does she read of the autism breadcrumbs she wants to drop next. Does she just follow #actuallyautist and pick and choose the ones she likes the best? Is she copying a specific person or two? She has to have had branched out from just reading the Wikipedia article on autism since not liking your hair being touched by others isn't in the diagnostic criteria kek.

No. 305811

all of her bread crumbing is SO on the nose, it's like watching her convince herself she's autistic

No. 305813

i think we can debate whether Jill's antics are pathological or just her poor character. is she mentally ill with like HPD or BPD or is she just the most selfish theatrical manipulative laziest bitch ever? idk and it's kind of the same thing, just expressed in medical vs moral terms. but we can all agree that whatever she does to herself isn't great for her mental health or clarity, like weed and candy all day, having everyone treat her like a baby and never doing anything hard nor creative. her ass is expanding but she's clearly shrinking. if she's not mentally ill now, she'll be soon, and i think it'll entirely be her fault. she's probably so rotten inside that she'll welcome it.

No. 305815

I didn't reply earlier because I'm too lazy to go look for it in the threads, but iirc she's not talking about cherry, it was another DID account that had a rainbow clown picture or something like that. She did shade cherry multiple times on other occasions though. Where she's being a hypocrite is that she acted like she was a saint for being okay with someone "having an introject of her" (I know it's all bullshit) but then turns around and agrees with a post calling it "weird" (ofc it is but she's being two-faced as shit here).

No. 305816

>bread crumbs
At this point she's just slamming whole loaves into the faces of anyone she sees

No. 305827

this thread has quite the fervid farmhand, doesn't it? maybe she could ease up just a little (in b4 redtext)(still shitposting after countless bans)

No. 305828

go back to twitter if you want to armchair, jill is nothing more than spoiled lard ass trying really really hard to convince herself that she did not choose the neet lifestyle that she was wired this way. this DID autism bread-crumbing is pure cringe

No. 305829

this i agree with, i just hate when people medfag about what she actually has, which is probably nothing, and doesn't really matter anyway. she has little life incentive to do anything but smoke weed and browse the internet all day. but she's actively pissing away any chances of success later in life.

No. 305830

>>305829 deadass. She's not mentally ill like she so badly wants to be, she's just been used to being spoiled and given all the attention she wants since she was a kid and can't stand not being the center of attention in the real world anymore. That whole "being a big fish in a little pond" mindset that's brought up every now and then.

No. 305833

netflix just announced a new anime adaptation of scott pilgrim. since she ate ramona not that long ago, do you think she'll regurgitate her back into existence? kek

No. 305834

Great. A new generation of pick mes and Ramona lovers. I hate it. Why do we need an anime when the comic books and a movie exist?

No. 305837

File: 1692228743002.jpg (545.39 KB, 720x3181, X.jpg)

No. 305838

Her hair still looks so fried. Wonder if this will stop her from constantly putting it up in a gross bun on the top of her head?

No. 305844

I hope this is still the before, because that looks dry af. No hair stylist should be okay with this.

No. 305845

Why did they flip her ends out like that? It looks so dated

No. 305848

Probably to cover up how fried her ends still are because the hairdresser needed to cut off way more than what they did.
Also she mentioned she went to her mom’s hairdresser so she got old lady hair kek

No. 305849

File: 1692240167377.jpg (150.68 KB, 720x1577, X.jpg)

No. 305851

the tinsel lore continues in a new form

No. 305853

now i am become tinsel, destroyer of cats

No. 305858

Wtf this clearly needs more product and moisture for starters just to absorb into all that frizz. I’m surprised a salon would leave it like this when usually salons go for a super smooth hydrated end look to at least give customers the illusion of their hair looking way healthier than before.

No. 305859

There's pink hair on the floor and you can tell the pink is the only thing that has freshly cut ends. She really did get the "my child has autism and can't sit still for long" cut

No. 305860

I'm having a hard time believing Jill's "I didn't leave the house for so long" larp. Like she had such severe anxiety about leaving her house she stayed on her porch most of the time, but she's now able to walk around and go to the hairdresser without any sort of therapy?

No. 305862

Those dyes seem like really low quality. What the fuck. I dunno why she doesn’t go to professionals more often. Even though this looks really shitty and half assed it’s way better anything Jill can do herself.

No. 305863

>uwu baby got new septum ring so cute

No. 305864

Can we talk about how her recent behavior is "this one simple trick changed everything for me! Wow! Just get new antidepressants!"
Remember how her whole DID saga was that she just happens to be like this, she was born with these traits and she's super traumatized and nothing can be done?

No. 305865

I doubt it was severe anxiety that prevented her from leaving the house. She’s simply lazy and had no reason to. Why go for a walk when she can watch TikTok and smoke weed on her porch? Why run her own errands if she can make Steve do everything? At most she felt anxiety about people perceiving her in a way she cannot control through angles, lighting, editing and multiple takes. She probably just doesn’t like going to the hairdresser (plenty of people don’t, and it’s not necessarily an autism thing) and maybe she was embarrassed about the state of her hair so she kept putting it off.

No. 305866

I think she just went to the salon for a cut, she did the hair color herself.

No. 305868

I don’t know why nonnas harp on the fact that her hair is damaged as if it’s some revelation. Like yeah, we know, she knows, everyone knows. It’s the cost of having bleached hair, it’s not as if she’s constantly crying about not knowing why it’s so damaged. It’s like the one single thing she’s actually self aware about

No. 305874

it looks like the hairdresser barely touched her hair. guessing all she did was give a cut while deep down affirming why you shouldnt dye your hair too often. meanwhile jill the idiot thinks this was a special occasion

No. 305879

What's this zoomer nonsense about needing therapy for every little thing? No you don't need therapy to leave your house after not leaving for a long time, you can just leave

No. 305880

It's just cringe, everybody who dyes their hair knows this, they just don't care because not everyone values having pure untouched flowing locks like an Amish maiden or whatever

No. 305884

The way this cow burns through everything so quickly, she should be crowned queen consumer. Couldn't larp DID for even a year.

No. 305887

Her hair looks like shit. I’m going to point and laugh at the retard that does their own hair and fries it instead of going to a professional or even attempting any diy treatments. She can’t even do the basic human function of washing herself and putting conditioner in her hair while also going out of her way to make it more high maintenance and not be able to keep up with basic care.
She can’t take care of herself how is she gonna take care bleached her that’s super delicate?

No. 305894

I Jill's case she was saying she couldn't leave the house because she was super anxious and traumatised, then walked around her neighbourhood with no pants on. That's not really something you just choose to do if you're super mentally ill without some help.

No. 305906

In theory she'd only need to bleach once and then keep up with the regrowth for her rainbow hair. Lots of people have colored hair without it looking as fried as Jill's. Anyway, this salon visit is just yet another example of Jill regressing. In 2018 she was able to sit in a salon for both a cut and a full bleach no problem. Video related. Sage for old milk.

No. 305907

It’s actually only recently she is admitting it’s damaged, for years she was claiming her breakage was her hair not growing back after having a mohawk too many years ago for it to matter. That’s why it’s funny, everyone knows what bleach does yet she was denying for years.

No. 305908

Jill’s hair is curly too. Textured hair is brittle and prone to breakage. Wish she just went natural and dyed sections rather than her whole head.

No. 305911

Damn, she was much cuter here and way less annoying even if she was still a cow back then.

No. 305913

File: 1692378447415.jpg (271.07 KB, 720x1981, X.jpg)

No. 305914


Jill worked 2 jobs, went to college and had a YouTube channel with a consistant aesthetic and style. I have. A hard time believing the "I was so inconsistent and contradictory because of my alters!!" shit

No. 305915

Deep inside Jillian just wants to be a suburban Canadian stay at home mother of two who wears tan pants and neutral sweaters. That’s her real alter.

No. 305917

This could be a thing, and she could get away with this lie…. if it wasn't for that pesky lolcow farms and those meddling TERFs.
I mean sshhhiiiiiiittttt we have her existence neatly compiled for the last how many years?

No. 305918

like all DID fakers, she's figured out that going through cringy phases where you change your entire personality is looked down upon, so she's trying to pathologize it to earn sympathy instead of judgment.

No. 305922

Kek the gossiping part is so telling, as per usual she never did anything wrong it was DID guys!

No. 305924

Wtf is "I'm h-word" ? I'm Hell?

No. 305925

>>305924 She felt the need to censor 'horny' but has no problem retweeting her bdsm and ddlg shit

No. 305927

This is so underappreciated. lmao

No. 305928

That makes no sense lmao. She's so stupid

No. 305932

Not to mention she was also a theater kid in high school. How was she memorizing lines and stage directions and dances if she's so terribly traumatized and her brain is so fragmented that she forgets basic information about herself?

No. 305933

What kind of fantasy does she live in where people care that much if shes buying spinach?

Also if someone told me “how dare you talk about them” after asking to gossip, I don’t care what her excuse is — I’d be pissed. You can just tell she’s abusive to her loved ones.

No. 305934

also what is this "you hate gore why are you watching this?"-shit, am i misinterpreting or is she bragging like a teen who found bestgore and 4chan for the first time
overall just another "me! me! me!" post

No. 305935

File: 1692416075350.jpg (172 KB, 720x1439, 20230818_203543.jpg)

No. 305936

Who is that trigger warning for? 16th century peasants?

No. 305937

she's joking about killing her mom???? Goddamn

No. 305938

File: 1692421674016.jpg (182.63 KB, 970x974, IMG_0807.jpg)

>love you daughter and spoil her ever single step of her life and support every retarded shit she comes up from cosplay to faking DID
>all you get in return is your daughter constantly saying she was abused on your watch as a child and she jokes about how much she wants to kill you, then brags about it on twitter. youre also likely helping her pay bills now that her infuencer shit is dying cause shes so annoying to everyone

No. 305939

Some of you nonnies need to touch grass. She's a narc to be sure, but this is an innocent joke.

No. 305940

It's interesting Jill beings up watching united States of tara, because the alters in that show are similar to hers. There's a hyper sexual alter, a male alter who's super uncomfortable being in a woman's body, child alters and a super nice soft spoken alter.

No. 305941

I had that thought too, but she's more likely just referring to a horror movie/show that features some gore.

No. 305942

it's not exactly got bad intentions from Jill's side, but it's how poor in taste it is of her to be bragging about the joke about killing her mom (and Jill herself deems it bad enough to warrant a trigger warning) when she's kept hinting that her family was abusive and neglectful enough to cause her super traumatic DID and miss her super obvious autism. Jill is incapable of being compassionate towards people who are not her so she probably hasn't realized that she's basically accused her parents of being abusive

No. 305943

I think forcing her mom to watch DID content can only backfire. Jilly clearly thinks it will help brainwash her into believing the larp but there is no way Louise won’t see how people behave then think hang on Jill was never like this until five minutes ago when she decided she had this disorder. If it talks about how the condition is formed as well and how extreme the trauma needs to be surely she will also question how that could apply to her coddled princess.

No. 305945

they seriously do. the joke, the trigger warning, pure fucking cringe

No. 305949

this is just how all DID alters are though. they can only think up so many different kinds of people.

No. 305950

Hold up, I swear she’s jumped on the United States of Tara is trash/a bad representation bandwagon before? I know it’s a common opinion in the DID community (because spoiler alert, the alters in it do fucked up things and Tara has to be responsible for the way it affects those around her) and I remember Jill ‘omg yass’ing someone saying it’s awful

No. 305951

I wonder how happy it would make Jill if her mom fully bought the DID larp and she blamed herself for the horrible trauma she caused/negelcted her poor daughter into having. Is that really what Jill wants?

Wouldn't it be funny if Jill's mom got fed up with the lies and started playing along just to fuck with her? Like moma making up fucked up stories about Jill being a massive cunt as a child/teen, maybe her doing something really drastic like threathening or attempting to harm their pets. And when Jill naturally is horrified and says she didn't do any of that she can just go "oh we've talked about this incident so many times before though sweetie… must be another alter. Perhaps it was Jerrick since you can't remember it- so glad you got help to sort that out hun. We've been so worried for you for years.".
I honestly think that's what I would do if I had a friend who started larping DID like Jill, pretend to fully buy it and then make subtle shit up so they either have to accept being seen as massive cunts for doing whatever I made up, or admit they don't have DID kek

No. 305955

she said before she likes the beginning but not the later seasons which is when it gets into classic boring "insane people are violent" schticks.

No. 305958

Funny in theory but that would be so cringe and childish anon, what her mom should do is actually put her foot down and stop letting Jill do this without any consequences. If you're going to act like this mommy isn't gonna pay the bills or invite you back home anymore type deal. I do wonder if Louise either doesn't actually realize the implications of Jill saying she has DID or just doesn't care because she knows it's not true and is hoping it will pass

No. 305960

Honestly it just seems like Louise is making the most of her time with Jill. Whatever Jill is interested in is fine because Louise is just happy they’re both still here.

No. 305963

Damn that's sad if true. I know it's been said but imagine having such a loving mother and doing all of this

No. 305967

As well as that infamous pee pee shadow reply.
>Exposing my mom to more plural media
Cringe Jill

No. 305968

this is even more apparent when you remember Louise had breast cancer with Jill was very young, she’s probably so scared of getting even emotionally cut off from her daughter because her nightmare of not being in her life anymore would be true

No. 305975

That's what annoys me the most about this shit. If she said she had trauma from thinking she'd lose her mom as a little kid that would be understandable and she could work through it. She could still be uwu twaumatized and center her social media around it.

No. 305976

Right but the one time Louise brought it up on camera in that tattoo vlog Jilly was shitty and dismissive because it has to always be about her. Wonder if her narcissism lets her care about that at all or if it only qualifies as trauma if it’s something she sees as a slight against her.

No. 305978

It would be cringe and childish, but Jill won't listen to adult reasoning. As a narc being humiliated and having her power taken away by her own methods might actually work on her

No. 305980

Tinfoil but I wonder if when Louise got sick she spoiled Jill because she was scared she might die? Then she went into remission and the spoiling stopped to which Jill threw a tantrum she never fully recovered from. She’s still mad at mommy for not giving her all the toys and time but doesn’t realize that her mom was trying to make up for potentially not getting to be part of her life. I’ll bet spending time with Jillian is a gift to Louise but for Jillian it’s not enough to still have her mom, she wants the things and when she doesn’t get the things she thinks her mom hates her/doesn’t love her.

No. 305982

This proves how little she cares about trigger warnings by making a stupid joke about hangings being “medieval”. It also proves how fucking retarded she is thinking public hangings only happened in the fucking 1300s or some shit and don’t actually still happen in many unstable parts of the fucking world. Not that any of the people from those parts are looking at a fat rainbow haired girls tweets, but still. What a weirdo

No. 305983

File: 1692546598701.jpg (232.55 KB, 720x1407, 20230820_085120.jpg)

No. 305985

>trauma isn’t mentioned
>”gaps in recalling traumatic events”
Retarded munchies acting retarded, water is wet

No. 305986

No. 305987

>marked discontinuity in sense of self and sense of agency
>gaps in the recall of everyday events
?significant stress
Why do these "endo" larpers want DID so bad? This sounds awful

No. 305995

I definitely think this is part of, as well as Jill’s own suicide baiting as a teen.
Lately it seems that every time Jill spends face-to-face time with her mother, she rages and mopes for days afterwards. I wonder if Louise knows and has made this connection.

No. 305997

I love how secretly hateful she is towards other tik tok fakers and self-diagnosed tards. Only SHE gets to claim labels for herself, nobody else. Everyone is valid! But not as much as Jill!

No. 306004

Hopefully she’s made the connection. It’d be really cruel if she thought her daughter hated her for something that was outside her control.

No. 306015

Seriously, it would still be dubious in a ton of ways because none of her symptoms actually match up, but at least as a base excuse it makes way more sense to claim as trauma and give as a reason for splitting into multiple child selves and a caregiver self. But no, it’s because her piano teacher molested everyone except her, and because her first girlfriend made a move on her and she didn’t like it.

No. 306020

>entire trauma history since birth
>also claims her first trauma and split was actually as a teenager
>also claims that counts as childhood because she is (undiagnosed) autistic and?? some bullshit logic there
>keeps dissociating and forgetting events, years, likes and dislikes but also has a detailed trauma history since birth to retell
>since birth when most people have very few early memories
She's the shittest liar who somehow (due to also being a massive bully who will even bully medical organisations and doctors who call her out!) evaded being outed for her utter and constant bullshit

Like there is not one thing she has said about herself which can't be refuted by some other thing she has said about herself, she is a serial, compulsive liar as her main personality trait (as tirelessly documented in this thread since she can't bully an anonymous basketweaving forum)

No. 306028

I think you’re spot on nonna. When my mom got diagnosed she started taking us on lots of family outings and would spend time with me and my siblings way more than usual so we could have positive memories should something happen. Louise seems like a really sweet lady who was scared of not being there for her children so she wanted to make them as happy as possible while she could. i feel bad for her because she was just trying to be the best mom she could be and had no way of knowing this is how it would turn out.

No. 306046

Agreed, as much as it likely turned Jill into the entitled shit she is these days, I can’t blame Louise for wanting to give her daughter a good life. I don’t know if Louise grew up well off or not, but it’s entirely possible that since she and her husband had the funds that they chose to give their kids a better life than they might’ve had. Jill has had so much encouragement and support in her creative endeavors that most kids don’t get. She wasn’t judged for wanting to dress alternatively, she was celebrated and encouraged to peruse her passions. Most kids long for even indifference regarding their fashion choices etc from their parents, and Jill had a mum that actively had photo shoots for her.
Jill was clearly raised at least somewhat to value hard work, since she had multiple jobs as a teenager while living at home and not needing to work to survive. She just went completely off the rails once left to her own devices

No. 306057

She went completely off the rails after she started dating Steve. He introduced her to weed and started encouraging her to push with the agere bullshit and act like a uwu baby because it makes him stiff. She was a cow before him no problem but once they started living together, she went completely nuts.

No. 306058

Not true. Her old manager was the one that introduced her to weed, not Stephen. She was batshit before she met him. Stephen is a weird creepy loser but let's not pretend he had a serious effect on her munchie development.

No. 306059

He seriously enabled it though. Jill, like all BPD cows, is very suggestible. If whoever she's latched on to disapproves of a behavior, she'll cut it out right away. If they encourage something she does, she'll invest in it all the more deeply in the hopes that they'll admire and adore her for it. Steeb has definitely encouraged her to invest deeply in her "I'm such a sicky widdle gurl" shtick, and that has made it virtually impossible for her to imagine her life being any different.

No. 306065

It’s fucked up that her old manager got her into weed. Wasn’t she working there in Highschool too? Talk about groomed.

No. 306067

her old manager is a psychopath. her getting jill into weed at a young age was literally the least crazy thing she did.

i think we talk about her some threads back.

No. 306069

>>306065 right Jill fakes trauma for little shit like being featured in a medical presentation for less than two minutes and failing to be the precure it girl. Why doesn't she bring up real shit like this instead? If it's true that she was in highschool, she was definitely groomed into drug use. But ig that doesn't matter since her addiction makes her sho happy.

No. 306070

disagree. this is putting the onus of Jill's behavior on him and not herself. if he didn't accept her behavior she would have kicked him to the curb.

No. 306071

Disagree. Jill has never broken up with a man in her life and wouldn't start now

No. 306074

Wrong. She’s always been the person that dumps her significant others that’s why when Collin dumped her she was “traumatized”.

No. 306099

the blame can definitely somewhat be put on the people in her life actively enabling her. Like her mom, I kinda get. Her mom already almost lost her once (when she had cancer) and doesn’t want to do it again. But Steve? He should’ve told her this shit was dumb ages ago. Like, back when it first started. Now, if he speaks up, he knows she’s gonna go on a rampage about the trauma he caused by calling her a faker.

No. 306102

File: 1692719964959.png (202.86 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1277.png)

The Verge recently featured an article about the McLean presentation and it makes reference to Jill’s infamous cake.

No. 306103

Look I agree that Steve is an enabler as much as the next person, but enough with the putting all the blame on him. Jill is the cause of 100% of her own issues. It can be argued that Steve makes them worse, but she’s still the problem here. Don’t go giving her get out jail free cards

No. 306104

The blame is not entirely on him or anybody else for that matter. But he also isn’t blameless

No. 306105

That's what being an enabler means. She fucked her own life up but he gave the thumbs up and helped her through it.

No. 306111

Didn’t she say she got into weed when it became legal in Canada? It’s been legal since 2016.

No. 306112

File: 1692737814829.jpg (184.58 KB, 720x1483, 35704.jpg)

No. 306113

>>306112 what a weird way to imply that she is in fact jealous that Sof placed second and out-Precure'd Jill.

No. 306121

the larpers confuse the shit out of me because it's like, why is being an 'endo system' not enough for you? why do you need validation? DID is a DISORDER and these freaks wanna play like being a system is cool and fun or whatever. It's so confusing. Like, do you want to be oppressed or not? Is it 'functional multiplicity' or are you suffering? like you can't have both but these weirdos want to for some reason. there's a reason why, say for example, there's a difference between being shy and having social anxiety. similar things, but the latter has a significant effect on your life. that's what a disorder is! like how is this hard to understand?

No. 306129

Fucking kek. How long til she sees this, has a meltdown on X and sics the muchie army on them?

No. 306130

They want the victim points of someone who is suffering without the expectation of trying to get better.

No. 306135

How this tweet reads: “I’m so glad that my friend's success didn’t traumatize and ruin something I like, cause I'm too fat and lazy to put in any effort.”

How can anyone stand this nightmare of a woman? Narcissism at its finest.

No. 306142

Do you know what being an enabler means lol. We're not blaming poor steebie, we're pointing out he's a toxic piece of shit that's content to watch his girlfriend spiral into a depressed, useless blob of a human being. If he actually cared about her, he would have either left her ass because no one wants to watch an actual loved one destroy themselves, or encourage her to drop the baby larp bullshit and go see an actual therapist.

No. 306145

it's actually really sad when someone's "friends" stand by and watch while that person destroys their own life. In Jill's case, she alone is at fault, but I have heard stories about people who withdraw out of grief or domestic abuse or legitimate illness, and their "friends" don't lift a finger to check on them or encourage them to become functional again.

No. 306146

All the “friends” Jill has left are even less functional than she is and/or farmers.

No. 306148

the article is disgustingly sympathetic, if anything it'll fan the flames of her fakery

No. 306153

File: 1692830175427.jpg (470.33 KB, 720x3754, 153716.jpg)

No. 306154

jillybean historians, what exactly happened in 2018?? any theories?

No. 306155

that was the new years party where she had a friend breakup or something? i hate that i know these things

No. 306156

File: 1692831636474.webm (940.32 KB, 576x1024, 692830057160.WEBM)

I apologize, got distracted and forgot to upload the tt

No. 306157

What year did Collin dump her?

No. 306158

I mean she did move into her town house in 2018. That's the biggest thing off the top of my head

No. 306159

File: 1692833574959.jpg (628.92 KB, 720x3059, 163438.jpg)

No. 306160


This is it. She moved out in 2018 and hasn't done anything with her life so of course she does't have any core memories from it. When every day is wake up, get high in your rainbow funhouse, watch cartoons, sleep, why would your brain bother to remember anything

No. 306161

I would really love to know what she calls her daily Twitter activities then because all she does is engage in online discourse

No. 306162

Bitch goes outside a couple times (documents them all on tiktok and Twitter), paints one watercolor and suddendly has no awareness of her constant Twitter tirades

No. 306164

>Jill: never engage with people who treat engaging with online discourse like a hobby or personality trait
>also Jill lives on Twitter posting hot takes to every piece of online shit discourse that passes her way

No. 306165

She moved out and no longer had her mother to tear her away from her phone and the internet. Steebie is an internet-addicted moron just like she is, so he'd have no incentive to keep her from tardscrolling herself into what she is now.

No. 306166


On the enabler topic, I think a big reason Stevie lets Jill do whatever is it means he can look at tranny porn and god knows what else without judgement while she shitposts on Twitter and watches Youtube at full volume all day, they are both internet addicts who enable each other's worst habits and delusions.
Her glimmer's of self awareness are just sad at this point, you're no better than any other Twitter shitposter just because you take an hour off every so often to sit on the porch or play games

No. 306168

File: 1692852797746.jpg (70.39 KB, 577x613, ew.jpg)

Really not a fan of the image this puts in my mind

No. 306171

File: 1692862861426.jpeg (111.12 KB, 750x539, IMG_4884.jpeg)

Nonono that was OLD Jill, from before she fused this new fragment or whatever. You can’t hold new Jill responsible for anything she said or did in the last six years!

I firmly believe that the reason they sleep apart is because Steve wants to watch degenerate porn by himself.

Never letting this die

No. 306173

sage for no contribution, but how possibly she can be in the same aesthetic for so many years? this sounds unhealthy and symptom of something for sure.

No. 306176

Jill, you already don’t leave the house that your “abusive” mother pays for. She should just disown Jill and be free from that parasite.
2018 she just moved and stole her friend’s tranny of a bf (steve). Let's be honest she is just saying this because the professor said that DID often don't remember things. So she is taking the move (a big event in anyone's life ) as an excuse to validated her fake munchies and probably excuse her horrible behavior.

No. 306178

You can’t have growth if you stay the same. Especially since her entire online fame is for “aesthetic”. I for one am tired of gingham, daisies and the colours of pink, blue, yellow and green.

No. 306179

File: 1692895265361.jpg (296.55 KB, 720x2657, Screenshot_20230824_094210.jpg)

No. 306181

Since when?????? Literally when was she ever so sensitive. I just don't believe this "I have walked out of theaters before" because she shares every single fucking thing that happens to her online.

No. 306182

Being overwhelmed by flashing lights is totally the same thing as suffering seizures

No. 306183

I do think it's weird not to warn for flashing lights nowadays but I doubt it went like she's saying. Jill is the kind of person to write a reddit post about how she stayed calm and collected while the other person was screeching their head off when the situation was anything like that.

No. 306184

File: 1692900291231.jpg (12.39 KB, 275x183, 1490241299957.jpg)

In short: creators don't want to start editing in a way they dont like or doesn't go with their brand. Jill goes to their DM and tells them that they should cater to her lying special needs. They know what type of person she is instantly and dont wanna deal with her shit.

Also Jill:
> When to see a flashing, colorful and high paced movie for kids ( not to mention she also watches said show constantly) .
> Does drag shows that have flashing and quick moving lights.
> Goes to Muse concerts all the time and there's shit ton of flashing lights and over stimulating things there but is totally ok.
> Is totally fine with those.
>Some random person dont wanna change their style. “Guys I was soooooo nice and try to educate a poor soul that IM a sensible tinny person. They have to change everything to fit MY totally legit conditions (cause clearly they only have our special angel Jill for an audience) And they Just Blocked me CAN you believe that people don't wanna take my words for gospel. We mental people are so opprest.”

Jill no one believes this actually happens. It just shows how awful you are; a Karen, a Munchausen and a wanna be oppression victim. The holy trinity of a truly awful person.

No. 306185

Jfc. What an insufferable bitch. Can't she keep her fatass tard tantrums to her rented townhouse?

No. 306188

every day she astounds me by deciding that she's disadvantaged in a new way. it'd be impressive if it wasn't so pathetic.

No. 306189

Exactly, she threw a huge fit on Twitter when a supposedly neurodivergent friendly event at a bar abruptly ended with all lights on. She would never have skipped an opportunity to cry about having to leave a movie or a show early due to flashing lights. Such a shame that her autism breadcrumb trail has so clear beginning instead of being, you know, an actual lifelong condition.

No. 306190

Veruca Salt coded

No. 306191

I doubt that’s how it went down and Jill was likely incredibly condescending and abrasive in that message which the other person just didn’t want to engage bc there’s no winning with Jill, so they just felt it was easier to block her and remove her from everything.

No. 306194

Sounds like this person was sick of Jill's shit for awhile and just finally hit the breaking point

No. 306195

She also doesn't seem to grasp the concept that even if her argument might be right, people she interacts with online don't owe her anything

No. 306196

It's called having a preference, anon, even if you dislike it. Jill might be a "faker"/attention whore, but the pastel shtick is the one constant that she's had for nearly a decade, so it's obviously genuine. If she were really BPD this would've changed about a thousand times by now, so I don't really understand this nitpick–damned if you do and damned if you don't.

No. 306197

You’d think with how she wants an autism diagnosis she’d have picked her obsession with pastels and cutesy things to be her special interest, guess that’s not specific enough to qualify.

No. 306198

She's not smart enough to do the research and become a proper LARPer. She's only autistic in the sense that she's mortally retarded

No. 306200

Knowing Jill overexaggerates everything to look like the ultimate victim, I know that's not how it went down.

No. 306203


>I have walked out of theatres

Knowing Jill she was probably desperate for attention and ran out of a cinema screaming and crying because the flashy washys scared her

No. 306205

But itseems like she keeps it because it’s what her audience likes. I think one of the biggest catalysts to her DID saga is she wants to try out different aesthetics without losing the superficial sense of self she placed in pastel bullshit. She created Jerricka to be able to dress edgy, she made Veronica to be slutty and sexy, she made the precure alters to act out her weeb fantasies without any judgment from anybody because she has an uwu mental illness to shield her.
She continues to screech about being free to be cringe but she’s not free at all. The fear of being judged lingers within her no matter how ridiculous and cringe her current stunts are. She feels safe and justified to act like a retard because she hides behind a mental illness but for some reason that still isn’t enough and so she wants the autism too.
Her thirst for attention has to go through a thorough strainer in order to satisfy her.
I think her worst nightmare would be standing in front of a group of people that are pointing and laughing at her.

No. 306210

File: 1692970513583.jpeg (281.84 KB, 1284x645, IMG_7731.jpeg)

No. 306212

EXTREMELY strong, kind, and beautiful of miss Jilly-bean.

No. 306213

ok is this about the one person in her life that calls out her bullshit, or maybe steeb's skinny ex that he cheats on jilly with what with all this recent talk of bpd symptoms ?

No. 306215

She really thinks that adding hearts and smiling faces makes her look less shitty.

No. 306216

File: 1692974412174.jpeg (369.27 KB, 750x812, 1DD42FD5-43FB-4728-9135-2E07A8…)

No. 306217

The urge to post her tweet about not engaging in online negativity in the replies is SO strong. Shut up, Jill. You’re a keyboard warrior who can’t even walk to your mailbox without having a panic attack. Literally the least threatening person in existence

No. 306218

It's giving Madison Beer "I was supposed to be in the video"

No. 306219

File: 1692976844122.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1290.png)

yeah shein stole your unimaginative pockets jill

No. 306221

>>306219 now she's going to claim trauma and make a seamstress alter

No. 306224

no way anon, that would require her to actually be productive.

there are pretty much no legal rights when it comes to fashion, other than printed images so good luck if she wants it taken down, but. the shein version looks better- and if she had any braincells, she'd know that's not the norm!

As much as some companies get away with underpaying workers and sometimes not paying at all, the stuff you get from a sweatshop is usually low quality. Big brands know this, and even independent designers don't seem to mind as much when the original product is always going to be higher quality.

Jilly, on the other hand… she knows her stuff is shit, and if she doesn't know, then she doesn't know the difference between shit sewing on mass produced garments and her own sewing. and that's sad. like i dont think the designers of selkie dresses and the strawberry dress are crying over replicas because their stuff is actually high quality, with good sewing, good materials, well thought out construction. Jill… is none of those things.

No. 306225

Lmao the fact she thinks she is intimidating at all I can’t. Jill is a fat little rainby midget with a smidge of clout online and nothing else. She is not tough or scary. This just reminded me of that incredible cringe tiktok she made ft that one “alter” w the yellow hair being “tough” to some song about fighting bitches or whatever I’m gonna have to go find that bc it was so fucking funny

No. 306228

Eh, I'll give it to her - the pockets are definitely the same, but that's it. No other similarities. And look! She's found a reason to not "launch a brand," so good for her I guess.

No. 306229

Kek at her slipping up and saying "don't fuck with ME" instead of "don't fuck with US" in the second tweet.

No. 306231

>But itseems like she keeps it because it’s what her audience likes
Both can be true at once. She started out as a j-fashion channel and she's since dropped it (only hints at it on occasion), even though that is what her audience liked, but she still keeps the rainbow aesthetic. Plus, she was already a weeb before the Precure alters existed, so I don't think that's why she created them. I agree with your Jerrica assessment though, but I'm still pretty convinced that she genuinely enjoys the aesthetic, at least to an extent. We all know she's not very good at hiding her feelings, so if she truly hated dressing like unicorn shit I think it'd be pretty evident in her actions.
>I think her worst nightmare would be standing in front of a group of people that are pointing and laughing at her.
That's a pretty normal fear and not Jill-specific at all. It just means that she has a low self-esteem (which is true). It goes back to an earlier point that she wants to stay relevant, and I think her main fear is losing that relevance and having to become a normal adult, most likely requiring her to also forfeit her rainby aesthetic.

No. 306233

>I will NEVER be able to compete with them
If you can't compete with shiny plastic from sweatshops than you are not offering much to your customers, any actual business owner knows how to source and manufacture (by hand and in their own country, ideally i.e. not outsource to factory) their own high quality products. If you were planning on making sweatshop shit than yes, China will beat you and they have every right to when you were going to try and profit from their work. But if you make your own high quality products than sweatshop ripoffs are no competition.

No. 306234

I feel like this story is 100% fabricated, just because I can't imagine anyone flat-out refusing to do flashing lights warnings once they are aware it's needed. Like what creator would be like ah yes, someone who watches my content may have a seizure, sounds perfect!

Any detective anons are welcome to try and find this person because my bet is it's imaginary

No. 306235

>You definitely shoukd still be scared of us
>Don't fuck with me
Big words coming out of ms. heffalump. Wonder who she's trying to "intimate"?
You know she'd be the type to give you a "threatening" letter covered in stickers and puffy glitter glue.
Because no one ever before Jill had put a design on a pocket before kek. Anyway I love how she talks about her imaginary clothing line. It's been how long, Jill? You've done virtually nothing except run your big mouth. Also what ever happened to making your own tripp pants? I was looking forward to that monstrosity.
Same. It was hysterical. Amber hasn't fronted in a while. I want another crappy 'look how tough I am' theater kid tiktok. She's been slacking on making tiktoks and seems to only want to dress in a big shirt.

No. 306236

File: 1692987116788.jpg (190.47 KB, 720x1189, _.jpg)

No. 306237

she really demands things from other creators then cries victim when they don't want to deal with her. no wonder she chooses to stay terminally online because no one IRL would ever put up with her constant demands, pushing emotional buttons and pathological lying.

No. 306238

samefag but if something like this can be seriously be okayed by staff and published online, i have no hope for mental, developmental, nor trauma-induced care. this article is so fucking retarded, virtually no hint of critical thinking.

No. 306240

>>293745 found it kek

No. 306241

Samefag I just watched it again and it’s funnier than I remembered because I noticed her back’s reflection on the black screen of her laptop and it KILLED ME hahaha I’m sorry to bring up old milk

No. 306250

Imo It’s the autistic female version of moid narc rage/incelism. Instead of admitting to yourself that you believe the world owes you something or that you could be a better person, you interalize it and blame all your problems on trauma and present as super frail uwu so that people catering to you is a human rights obligation(unsaged derailing)

No. 306252

>>306250 it's so fucking weird of her too because she's the most privileged in basically every aspect. White, able bodied, able minded (despite her wanting to claim otherwise), and had a spoiled sheltered childhood of which now she just mooches off of mommy's money

No. 306253

strange take on autistic women aside …. jill isn’t even on the spectrum she just wants to be so don’t even try to give her a crumb of maybe being autistic bc thats exactly what she wants. Anywho I’m sure you’re being hyperbolic but this generalization of autistic women as a way to dunk on people who fake mental illness feels very counterintuitive. Rethink that.

No. 306254

spotted the self diagnosed autistic(derailing)

No. 306255

who said i had autism you silly goose. (i didn’t and i don’t) I just think it’s weird to say things like that about a whole group of people. Insinuating autistic women to be similar to incels in any form is weird.(derailing)

No. 306262

It's either fake or it uses flashing lights so often and heavily that you're better off not watching if you can't handle it.

No. 306278

Generally autist women are the opposite of thinking the world owes them something, thinking they are the main character in a personal videogame and everyone exists to please them seems to be a neurotypical way of thinking tbh. Most autists and nerds in general have a more complex understanding of the world which includes being self aware of your significance.
And it's only munchie terminally online losers (aka jilly) who make their mental illness/disorder their personality, in the real world most people try and conceal their problems and don't demand "catering to them" whatever the fuck that means in the real world.(derailing)

No. 306297

Imo it's possible the creator is simply aware that light-sensitive seizures are super rare and people who have them either aren't triggered by the kind of flashing you'd experience on a screen (it's super mild compared to concert lights, which she had no problem with as another anon pointed out), or don't take the risk to watch random youtube videos in the first place. What I find funny about this situation is that Jill is trying to get epilepsy-flavoured clout by claiming that her feeling "overwhelmed" by the flashing lights matters in any fucking way, like she suffered actual harm at any point. The onus is on Jill to close the video if she can't bear to watch it, but obviously the world revolves around her and everyone should bend over backwards to accomodate her capricious "needs".

No. 306303

having weird interests doesn't make someone autistic. she has no problems with communication

No. 306363

File: 1693153331569.png (769.85 KB, 730x786, Screen Shot 2023-08-27 at 12.2…)

New video today apparently. Making new content is extremely difficult on her mental health unless the topic is how much of a victim she is.

No. 306365

There's literally no way she invented blue daisy pockets kek Shein and Jill truly the shittiest crossover

No. 306367

The shein one being a better and more wearable design that actually is better constructed too is so funny.

No. 306368

Her photo looks like it was for a shien try on haul. Tbh it just shows how atrocious her designs are if Shien made changes.

No. 306369

she called the shein design "horrible three quarter sleeves" ????
like shein or not I gotta agree if they ripped her off, they improved her shitty design by a lot.

No. 306372

So is she saying hers is the shitty "this is what I ordered/this is what I got" meme? Not the win Jillian.
Picky side note, the bitch didn't invent a pink gingham dress with large pockets……

No. 306374

The way she talks in this video is even more infuriating than usual, from her mannerisms to her pitch to her word-choices.

How does she keep getting worse?

No. 306376

I once got a design stolen and sold on Aliexpress. I bought it and I wear it with pride. Because I understood if someone steals your creations, it means you've kinda made it, or that you're at least good enough to steal from. Do the same, Jill. I know you lurk here.(blogging towards the cow)

No. 306379

Pixie talking about when she launches her brand.
"I will be hand making every single garment"


No. 306382

So she’ll be making 1 item a year given her work ethic.

No. 306383

File: 1693181012029.jpg (507.82 KB, 1080x1920, 20230827_200608.jpg)

Someone suggested that she try and copyright a fucking FLOWER. Jill, you do not own daisies and plaid. Get over yourself.

No. 306391

As if a logo would stop Shein or other knockoff sellers. Laughable.

No. 306393

Something in me tells me she was hoping this would happen to her. Like I feel like this was on a wishlist somewhere. I think it makes her feel legitimate as a "designer" when realistically, she in would copy a cat turd if it got popular enough. Now she is going to self insert herself into conversations of actual designers with this fuck ass story.

No. 306394

shut your corny ass up lmao

No. 306395

I agree. I'm also surprised she even found this. Shein has so many samey dresses coming out every day, either she was searching for it or someone linked her, and I'm not too confident on the latter since it's not like her designs are that memorable.

No. 306396

File: 1693203069037.jpeg (530.25 KB, 828x1200, IMG_3651.jpeg)

This is rich coming from Jillian who accused meyoco of stealing her design. Apparently Jill’s rainby army harassed her so much she locked the comments.
Jillian’s original design looks nothing like this the only thing they shared similarly was the flowerpots for pockets.

No. 306397

She said "Thank you SO MUCH for bringing this to my attention!!!" here >>306236 so I think she was linked it, unless she was just thanking mouse for the other examples or whatever

No. 306398

Tell me you know nothing about copyright without telling me you know nothing about copyright.
Especially in fashion, where pretty much nothing is 'copyright-able' because you can't attribute shapes and styles to anyone in particular.
Now if she made an actual illustration or recognisable logo to use on her clothing that'd be one thing, but that'd require imagination beyond just slapping on a single daisy and calling it a day.

No. 306399

The person that blocked her was pinksugarfairies. They made two videos explaining everything.

No. 306401

Good for them! I'm pretty sure a lot more people in the did community don't like jill.

No. 306402

I remember this. Flower pot designs have been popular since the 60s. Jill didn't even apologise to the girl.

No. 306403

Link or upload the videos please. Im not giving that childlarping faker more views than needed but If she calls out jill i want to see it. Also >they

No. 306407

File: 1693226207129.png (Spoiler Image,1.61 MB, 828x1792, IMG_5723.png)

Could just be pulling this out of my ass and it might not have to do anything abt jill. But its lining up with expectations of what actually happened comedically well

No. 306411

Pinksugarfaries calling Jill a fake person is so spot on.

No. 306412

>>306411 I watched both of their videos and they're really smart and aware of how tiktok feeds into this whole making ocs and acting them out for attention. And not feeling entitled like Jill, acknowledging they have female anatomy and outside that's how they're perceived and that they won't assume there's more going on. No wonder Jill tried to make them look bad, they're everything she doesn't want to be because she still wants attention and entitlement and excuses. While this Pink Sugar Fairies person is all about recovery and stepping away from being chronically online, and actually putting in work to not make your symptoms worse or feeding into this tiktok shit. Sage for ramble ig.

No. 306418

Yeah, wasn’t this girl making TikToks in diapers? Good for her if she called out Jill but that won’t make me suddenly sympathise with another ddlg DID faker. These people deserve each other.

No. 306419

>>306418 I looked through the tiktok and there's no kind of videos like that. Maybe op is confusing the white mini skirt with a diaper, other than that it's just them dressing in neon/decora rave clothes

No. 306420

Considering the dress was produced and distributed by another company, I wonder if Jill even owns the rights to this design herself or if she signed away the right to reproduction

No. 306426

Pink sugar fairies was the one definitely in diapers with the boyfriend taking care of her when she was her “little” alter

No. 306427

>>306426 samefag but i went through the whole thing and there's no videos of diapers (unless they deleted them) only one where he helped put on a shoe which was mildly cringe but ultimately inoffensive. They just seem to be a scene kid with hella trauma (from what I've seen) not unlike Jill

No. 306431

Would you stop with the plural pronouns already? That shit is confusing, speak like a normal person and not like a twitterfag.

No. 306432

who cares bro(wk)

No. 306434

The company resells aliexpress/shien/temu shit too. When businesses use Chinese manufacturers the manus reproduce a lot of the stuff for selling on those sites. Jill should have teamed up with someone that makes their shit in house because getting shit manufactured in China isn’t a good look. Especially if it looks so cheaply produced.

No. 306438

at one point she had plans of selling adult diapers as merchandise to her (mostly) teenage audience on tiktok. all signs point to paraphilic infantilism.

No. 306439

>They just seem to be a scene kid with hella trauma not unlike Jill
Except Jill has zero real trauma.

No. 306440

Wasn't this dress a collab dress as well, not actually Jill's own brand?

No. 306441

Wtf really?

No. 306449

how does she remerber the process of making this dress ? it was less than 6 years ago. i thought poor baby skipped YEARS of memory

No. 306450

>>306441 yeah, and the worst part is that psf has actual children that live with her and her partner while she's doing all this dd/lg crap

No. 306476

Jill just seems so happy to have her dress “stolen”. Don’t other youtubers actually take this shit seriously? Her video says a lot about nothing because she keeps repeating a lot.

No. 306481

File: 1693309396209.png (1.08 MB, 1590x970, daisy dress 1950s.png)

her idea was never unique to begin with, this is a 1950s pattern book

No. 306483

Idk how to embed but here's one of the PSF videos

No. 306484

Lol I guess I did it right, here's the second one.

No. 306485

I don't think she/they are into that. I had my theories but I don't know them so who knows. It's the internet, just take it with a grain of salt.

No. 306488

"skipped 6 years of my life" yeah join the club buddy, so did everyone else who experienced the pandemic

No. 306489

iirc that person posted her cardigan design long before jill posted hers anyway

No. 306496

Jill really was browsing on Shein and decided to play victim. She really went out looking for imaginary problems in her life.

No. 306510

Very fitting of the biggest Karen on the planet to think an actual boomer era design is unique kek

No. 306511

Yeah, most people under 30 feel this way
It's funny she acts like it's a big tragic backstory reveal when actually nobody cares because virtually everyone has the same experience

No. 306512

It's not even remotely the same..

No. 306514

never watched PSF before but honestly this is a really good rebuttal of a lot of the fuckshit that goes on in the kind of communities that jill is so desperate to be the kaweewee passive aggro spokesperson for. watching these videos i’m genuinely happy for PSF that they’re getting out of these kind of communities, they truly seem so much smarter and better than all of that. nice to see something positive in this dumpster fire of a thread

No. 306521

Since when does this thread respect pronouns? Is pinksugarfairies selfposting?

No. 306523

jfc shut up. you spend more time worrying about this shit than what's actually being discussed in the thread. grow up and get over it you womanchild(infighting)

No. 306525

File: 1693337942317.jpg (192.43 KB, 720x1458, 23857.jpg)

No. 306526

File: 1693338042878.jpg (322 KB, 720x2644, 23830.jpg)

No. 306527

File: 1693338179730.jpg (414.06 KB, 720x3296, 24004.jpg)

No. 306530

Oh please, psf is still just as bad as Jill and all the other fakers and hasn't learned anything. I watched her video and it's all
>why don't people like the weird stuff I do openly? This is discrimination
>Other fakers are doing it wrong, I have the real disease so I know
It's the same shit they all say lmao

No. 306531

File: 1693340707525.jpg (180.73 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20230829_162544_Tik…)

Her "inevitable people in the comments"

No. 306532

File: 1693340810552.jpg (806.19 KB, 720x5673, 32758.jpg)

No. 306534

yet she did still call that pinky person ableist lmfao. Saying someone is dying on an ableist hill literally insinuates that the person is acting ableist. You are still claiming them to be someone who doesn’t respect disabled people. I don’t think someone wanting to not always tag for minor flashing makes them immediately into a roaring ableist. But i know jill would see that as a hot take. Props to whoever this person is for trying to explain that to jill. I don’t think it worked though.

No. 306540

jillian’s passive aggressive emojis at finding out that black people are fully aware when people like her are overstating their personal relationship so they can have a token black friend lmfao

No. 306542

samefagging to add, “I was so so kind and gentle (consecutive crying emojis)” is pretty blatant code for “I was acting all Soft UwU so that I could have a hyper-fragile meltdown as soon as I didn’t get my way”

jillian, if you cared about being kind and gentle you would let people go their own way when they draw boundaries, not try to paint yourself as a victim on a public social media account

No. 306544

No it’s so funny to see her skewed reality, i know it was already clear enough her experience of what went down is just fueled by her narcissistic victim complex and nowhere near what actually happened, but to see her twist this too not even afraid of sending others to pinksugarfairy’s vid despite continuing to lie and twist the situation

No. 306547

She did say it was a personal opinion/her feelings about her situation. It’s only relevant because as jill has confirmed psf was talking about her.

No. 306551

Why does she think, as a content creator, that she has the right to vague post about people- and not only that, but act like it's such a mature thing to do and so much better than naming names. How about, don't do either of that? I mean worse is that her vague posting isn't vague at all, it's extremely easy to find out what she's talking about every single time.

No. 306553

video's gone. apparently they deleted their account?

No. 306556

did some very light minimal searching on tiktok, allegedly she took her accounts down because she was getting death threats and threats of violence. i'm not sure what for.

the video i'm looking at is a repost (sorry i'm on pc) of her going on a 4+ minute rant of not wanting to put a flash warning on her videos. it's pretty shitty of her because she says "you have to take care of yourself, i'm not your caretaker, mom, doctor, etc." but like. how are people supposed to take care and scroll away in time if there's no flash warning …

i'm not saying she deserves the death threats though, that's absolutely fucking insane. unless they're from pixie's stans figuring out who she was talking to and went to bomb psf???(lost twitterfag)

No. 306557

There aren't any death threats, its another classic lolcow sign. She's still doing the same shit all the other illness fakers do all the time.

No. 306558

File: 1693355360573.jpeg (462.07 KB, 1125x1245, FB3B0658-6ED2-41B8-BA88-57F698…)

samefag, found her comment on a different tiktok. so she’s been pretty open about who it was, just not on twitter

No. 306559

makes sense, they seemed to be renouncing the kind of tiktok-brained DID content they used to make and advocating for touching grass in those videos, so good on them. based on just those two videos they seemed like they’re recovering from an era of their life where they were influenced to share things that they no longer feel comfortable sharing publicly. also top kek that jillybean is so self obsessed that in almost 2 hours of a small content creator explaining their personal experience of a toxic community that they want to leave, she literally only heard the 40 seconds where she was vague-mentioned. and then she went to twitter to act as if pinksugarfairy was actually slinging real insults and talking unwarranted shit, rather than just pointing out how jilly is a posterchild of this type of “toxic oversharing/weaponized vulnerability” online mental health community.

No. 306562

people who are so pathologically fixated on portraying themselves as more traumatized, powerless, and vulnerable than they actually realistically are, inevitably get very frustrated with the state of disempowerment they’ve resigned themselves to, so they turn to peer policing over the most petty shit that they really have no genuine investment in.
let’s be real. if jill even knows anyone with epilepsy, she probably has never spent time getting to know their experience or genuinely learn about how people with epilepsy navigate potential seizure triggers online. if anything, she would probably just stew with jealousy that they get to put more disability icons than her on their “please be patient i have autism” lanyards. apart from actually knowing someone with epilepsy i really don’t think that jill would care enough to actually educate herself, so ultimately it’s a community she has no ties to that she’s advocating for without any real background knowledge, just for the sake of putting a black content creator in their place. such a look, jillybean. iconic

No. 306569

>Am I living a normal real life?
Lol no, and I bet deep down she knows it.

No. 306570

>Bro I was so so so kind and gentle
Insane she typed that without a hint of irony

No. 306573

I'm seriously wondering because that pronoun shit can go right to twitter along with all the genderspecial faggots humoring this

No. 306576

>it's pretty shitty of her because she says "you have to take care of yourself, i'm not your caretaker, mom, doctor, etc." but like. how are people supposed to take care and scroll away in time if there's no flash warning …
fucking christ go back to twitter(infighting, report it next time)

No. 306577

Jill no one has time for your white girl tears. No shit you were never friends, you were just sucking up to psf so you could be a good ally with your token black friend!

No. 306578

When jill says "kind and gentle" she means"passive aggresive". It's hilarious how she makes herself to be the kindest, most vulnerable gentle baby ever when she was dropping the n word, telling a minor to suck her dick and constantly antagonising people online.

No. 306581

>my my my
>I I I I I I I I I
She is so self centered she can't even consistently pretend to be "we".

No. 306582

Jill doesn't care about epileptics, she just wants virtue signalling points for attacking a small creator and feeling morally superior. Does she know how much flashing and blinking has to be done to cause a seizure in the first place? Did she check if the video matched it? She's being a toxic bitch who caused a black creator to get bullied into closing her channel. There are million creators on the platform, but she only called this one person out.

No. 306583

This is one of the more cringey Jill moments in this thread. Jill goes out of her way to comment that… for what? It's not like she sells those dresses, she doesn't make any. Is it just because Jill wants the asspats?
Notice her first reply to him doesn't address any of his concerns and she pulls the victim card immediately. She's so good at dismissing and redirecting criticism against her; she only engages with him properly once he assures her he's a fan.
She's been on bupropion for about 2-3 months now so it's about time it'd start working. I wonder if she's cut down on her weed consumption or if she's still smoking as hard?

No. 306584

So now she says:
>"for daring to to mention that epileptic folks […]"
But her original reason was:
>"I just don't want to be exposed to untagged flashing stobe lights bc it overwhelms the hell out of me"
Just wanted to point out she's now pretending to be a warrior for epileptic people when she originally made it all about herself.

No. 306585

I couldn't get round to watching the video before it was deleted, what did pink sugar fairy say about Jill specifically?

No. 306587

I didn't watch all of it because it was so dull but for one I remember she said "grow the fuck up" (aimed at Jill directly, without naming her). She mostly talked about how "someone" was making a grand exit in her comments instead of just unfollowing, and that she thought of that person as just a mutual, while "the person" was referring to psf as "my friend". I didn't hear anything about flashing lights but maybe missed it, iirc PSF was saying that if you're not in the right mental space for her videos and they make you feel uncomfortable, it's understandable and you can just stop watching without leaving a big comment about why you have to unfollow.

No. 306589

I want to a-log Jillian so bad for making a random poc youtuber receive death threats. What an absolute piece of shit.(learn2sage)

No. 306590

There are no trigger warnings in the real world, not to be patronizing but at any moment you can encounter something that could potentially trigger all kinds of mental/health problems so it’s best that individuals learn how to navigate life safely for themselves without having to rely on the kindness of strangers.
Jill also wasn’t concerned about epileptics, if she was she could have tried “hey fans, my friend psf won’t be warning for flashing any more, if that triggers you don’t forget to unfollow or disable autoplay!” She wanted to virtue signaling and victimize herself for attention and accolades. She’s just a bully.

No. 306591

Hilarious how she outright states someone not liking her is "traumatizing"

No. 306596

>Went into flight or fight
>so she wrote a letter
>and a few tweets about it
I keep having to re-read what she says whenever she mentions being on Fight or Flight mode because I always can’t believe she doesn’t understand how it works.

No. 306598

>person of color youtuber
I assume she uses it to describe any strong emotional reaction, including the tard rage that inspired her "olive branch" letter AKA more passive aggressive attempts to sweet talk someone who has already blocked and talked shit about her. Jill has a lot of relationship problems so I don't doubt that she felt threatened or even that this situation reminds her of past altercations with ""friends,"" but her insistence on casually using medical terms is still bizarre. Is that normal in her munchie echo chamber? Because it looks absolutely retarded to outsiders.

No. 306601

jill is a full blown pothead, theres no way she would stop even if its very clear its the cause for all her problems

No. 306603

It's probably normal to overuse those terms amongst munchies. I've known people like her who use "panic attack" as a way to describe being mildly uncomfortable or nervous. I'm sure Jill does the same. People like that think it legitimizes whatever they're trying to larp, but all it really does is minimize actual disabled and ill people's real symptoms.

No. 306604

her insistence on using medical jargon for simple emotions is very common among overdramatic cunty munchies. they use emotionally charged words to get what they want.

No. 306606

Psf should just wheel out the old Jillian is a racist thing. Track down the photo of her ogling a black girl’s hair like she’s at the zoo, find that post where she says nigga, the picture of her in dreadlocks and go for the whole evil privileged white woman is talking down to a poor black creator and sending her army of evil white speds.
I swear these people cannibalize each other so quickly and easily so it wouldn’t be that hard to flip the script and since pink is also a genderspecial she can throw the black trans woman card which is allegedly to most oppressed of them all uwu. If she wants extra points she can do some research on how much flashing lights actually affect epileptics and compare that to the amount that would induce a seizure to discredit Jillian’s complaint. She should also drop the dm’s. I bet Jill sounds like such an entitled asshole during the whole exchange which probably made her reluctant to add the dumbass warnings.

No. 306607

couldn't agree more, i watched both psf vids and they're a bit self-centred but i'm gonna be generous bc it genuinely seems like she's trying to do better for herself. Jill could NEVER muster up an drop of self-reflection. It's actually so cringy how she doubles down on being an 'uwu soft babey' in psf's dms. Not everyone has to like you, Jill

No. 306608


Jill loves using words like "fight or flight" as a manipulation tactic. Any time someone disagrees with her or does something she doesn't like she starts flinging around being in fight or flight, having screaming trauma nightmares or switching all day.

No. 306609

File: 1693415720323.png (11.3 KB, 1098x452, image.png)

i think psf just deleted her channel?

No. 306611

Jilly willy bullied a black woman into deleting her YouTube channel, what a progressive and accepting BLM ACAB queen. The whole thing is stupid but if she was actually getting death threats in part due to Jill that's pretty fucked. I remember when she first popped up in these threads and Jill was using her for DiD cred.

No. 306612

File: 1693416653717.jpg (154.1 KB, 1080x888, Screenshot_20230830_183232.jpg)

Same anon, I just went on the pixie petals twitter and she's pulling this shit lol

No. 306614

File: 1693417097260.jpeg (301.97 KB, 1170x1230, AEE13ECD-BD12-407B-84C6-BFEC39…)

this reply really does me in because she is the most privileged person I think I’ve ever hate watched and she has zero idea what it feels like to actually have physical illness from childhood trauma.
Also, more breadcrumbs for childhood sexual abuse claims, I’m calling it. The body keeps the score is so common with child sex abuse survivors

No. 306615

>sick with anixety
Yes Jill. Smoking too much weed right before bed is like drinking before bed. You're gonna have some type of hangover, except normal people accept the consequences of their actions and move on. jfc, shes tries really really really hard to make her life seem harder than it actually is, and that it happens to no one other than herself.

No. 306623

>woke up feeling bad
>took meds and fixed it
>smoked weed
>"nvm i feel like shit again"

100% this is what's happening

No. 306624

She woke up sick with anxiety because she doesn’t want people to realise that it was her hugbox that harassed psf off her socials. She’s terrified of being called out for being a racist again and people cancelling her.

No. 306628

File: 1693422364692.jpg (197.6 KB, 720x1463, S.jpg)

No. 306630

Did anyone else talk about psf doing this or was it only jill/started with Jill?

No. 306631

File: 1693422946704.jpg (154.29 KB, 720x1666, S.jpg)

No. 306632

File: 1693423418110.jpg (195.14 KB, 720x673, Ob.jpg)

No. 306636

Wait, so they can test for someone faking, now? never heard of the TOMM test before, I guess it's been used to tell if people are faking amnesia? That's so interesting to me. I wonder how it works.

No. 306640

sorry for spoonfeed but i've been out of jills threads for awhile, which thread(s) does the mclean stuff go down?

No. 306643

Here you go nonnabella >>287784
Never forget that Jill's self proclaimed worst nightmare is being cancelled on Twitter >>239741

No. 306650

You can't fault someone for doing something as little as not wanting to use flash warnings and retaliate by harassment and death threats which are an immensely worse offense. These people are unhinged.

Also note how Jill takes absolutely no responsibility regarding the situation, acting as if she was never involved.

No. 306652

File: 1693449556738.jpg (323.34 KB, 720x2306, X.jpg)

No. 306653

File: 1693450699204.jpg (118.2 KB, 720x752, Xx.jpg)

Sure Jill
Jill is a moral grandstander. It's painfully obvious that she's never given a shit about anything other than herself and her "status". Quick reminder that she does not care who she hurts in her never ending quest to be "most mentally ill queen", evident by her claiming childhood trauma despite having loving parents who spoiled/continue to spoil her and letting people think her parents let abuse happen. The day Jill actually takes responsibility, her full share not weasling out/putting blame on something else, is the day hell freezes over.

No. 306655

I’m sorry, are these people so fucking stupid they believe it when YouTubers say they love them too? How online do you have to be that you think following each other on twitter is equivalent to a real relationship?

No. 306657

This is such an odd mentality because I thought alters didn't have to be friends with everyone the "body" is friends with. Jill is throwing this huge hissy fit when it's possible only that alter was friends with her. What happened to believing systems and alter's rights? Jill's just upset that psf insinuated that she's like every other white person in her life treating her as a token black friend.

No. 306658

Can’t wait for the day jill gets called on that kind of thing. She’s so two faced. Also notice her little bread loaf that she took being called a friend literally, like she’s autistic.
Jill you’re just not that interesting, get over it.

No. 306661

The day Jill gets called out on twitter is going to come sooner than she thinks if she keeps going like this. We've already seen it on a smaller scale with things like >>306532
People are wising up to the bullshit veil of kindness, theres a reason this thread has always had a large number of former fans

No. 306662

In no way does "I thought we were fwends" help Jill here, it just means Jill literally got someone she considered a friend bullied off the platform for a minor issue she had.
And that she views parasocial relationships with other creators she clearly hasn't really talked or interacted to much as real friendships. It's now forever Jill's fault a black creator got bullied so bad she deleted her channel.

No. 306668

Call me old fashioned but mutuals aren't friends, only people you know and hang around with in real life are friends, and then there's a category of "online friends" for people you hang around with regularly online, chat, game etc, then there's a few more tiers like mutual, follower, etc which are not friends and don't mean anything. If you need to search twitter for @kawaiibitch009 + "friend" to prove you're friends I think it proves the opposite.
Plus how would it make it better that you were harassing someone about trigger warnings which don't even affect you ("overwhelming") if you were friends like that just makes you an asshole

No. 306669

I'm so proud of Jill for having made it to a point in her recovery where she's still herself even when something horrible like this happens to her. A person that she thought was a friend betrayed her and Jill didn't have to create an alter to deal with the trauma like she had to in the past. Only went into flight or fight mode, but she quickly calmed down enough to discuss the situation on Twitter for a solid day. She's truly the best at recovering!

No. 306673

Give it time, there is a gap between an event and her reveals. She needs time to create a new OC and pick out an outfit.

No. 306681

inb4 her new alter is black

No. 306682

The only thing she's reading for hours is Twitter. She wants us to think fashion is her autistic special interest when she barely ever sews and doesn't know anything about fashion or its history. She probably skimmed the intro to one Wikipedia article and patted herself on the back for being so autistic and hyperfixated.

No. 306685

I agree 100%, if she read one single book about fashion we would get a million aesthetic shots of it. I don't really understand why she is so dedicated to faking things instead of actually doing them or just doing the things she truly likes (can't really think of a single example)

No. 306686


Didn't know all those follow4follow accounts were solely to gain friends instead of artificially inflating the follow list and make the accounts look bigger. Huh, who knew? jillybean could not care about psf in the slightest, it's all about attention for her.

No. 306688

Well, I guess she probably is watching Precure for real. But watching a children's cartoon requires zero effort or critical thinking, so no wonder it's the only thing she engages in.
If she were a genuine autist, or just passionate about anything, she would be thrilled to have a career as a YouTuber where she gets to make money engaging in her favorite interest, but instead she chooses to be the laziest content creator ever and even in her copious amounts of free time does absolutely nothing besides smoking weed and DDLG larping with Stevie.

No. 306691

She doesn't even engage in it though. She doesn't take part in any online Precure communities. The only time she ever did was on a forum where she just wanted to post her Pretty Store vlog to prove she was the biggest fan but otherwise her obsession with it is just watching it and sometimes buying plastic toys

No. 306702

Agreed. I think there are mutuals you could develop friendships with, but for the most part they’re just people who like your stuff and who’s stuff you like back. They are under no obligation to play an actual friendship role unless you do try to build some kind of relationship with them.

No. 306703

if anything not having one shows how racist she is that her alters can be different genders, sexes AND animals - but not a black person

No. 306706

This looks like it's going to cause all the fakers to have an absolute meltdown. I wonder what Jilly thinks, considering she's 'officially diagnosed' so this theoretically shouldn't impact her. Can't wait for another alter to split from this horrible trauma of evidence-based research! What a weird ableist hill these psychs will die on!

No. 306720

I saw a lot of comments bawwing about how this is a waste of resources and they should just direct the effort into treating people but what they refuse to acknowledge is the fakers are the ones wasting resources or they're self-diagnosed so they aren't being denied resources to begin with lol

No. 306722

File: 1693515340151.jpeg (1.3 MB, 3508x2480, IMG_3902.jpeg)

I really hope twitterfags eat her alive for “silencing a black creator”, it feels like she’s already doing damage control here >>306628
Sage for fanart but Jill always tries so hard to seem tough online only to backpedal and cry behind her computer screen.

No. 306723

>>306722 this better be the next thread's header

No. 306724

Lying to that extent to fabricate a specific mental illness is also mental illness in itself so it does make sense to try and have some sort of criteria for it too, I mean no one who is completely healthy mentally would lie and manipulate to that extent. I know Jillian is very entitled and spoiled but I do believe she has mental illness, just not the ones she wants.

No. 306726

she'd be flattered to know anyone thinks she's babyish.

No. 306731

a true work of art nonna!

No. 306734

The way she says COULD read about it for hours and not that she has kek. Because she won’t, it’s all fantasy. She will look at Twitter posts of shit for five seconds.

No. 306735

OT but the baby has six toes on its left foot (our right)

No. 306738

I used to think this but now I just think it's being a spoilt brat who wants attention and thinks she's too special to grow up and do a normal job

No. 306739

File: 1693534760547.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x1712, 20230831_222032.jpg)

Girl bffr, don't act all cute and positive after having a meltdown on twitter after your token black friend called you out

No. 306741

Speaks volumes she just moved on after falling out with her so called fwend who has a trauma disorder and is now MIA, after needlessly airing private drama out on her platform with a following. What a bitch. It makes sense someone with actual trauma wouldn’t have the capacity to deal with this, on the other hand Jill seems to be doing just fine day in day out. All this mental health awareness shit is so obviously performative now. publicly shaming someone with dissociation to protect hypothetical people with seizures, who probably already know better than to just stare at obnoxious tiktok videos intently. Lovely stuff Jill.

No. 306748

Medfag reporting in - most psychological/neurological tests have validity and consistency scales to help catch weird answering patterns that can indicate possible malingering/"faking". The TOMM tasks are so freaking simple that it's sort of impossible to do poorly on, even for people with genuine memory issues. So if people do poorly on it, they are probably faking or exaggerating their symptoms.

No. 306751

the way she amps up the innocent angel persona whenever she's caught red handed doing anything wrong is painfully manipulative and gross.

No. 306758

The fact that Jill straight up looks like a caricature of a white person in that hair touching photo always gets me

No. 306773

File: 1693589237208.jpg (104.8 KB, 720x649, Sc.jpg)

No. 306774

I love how Jill consistently takes posts with a very specific context and spins them to apply to her. Unless she announces that an alter is "out" (either verbally or dressing in one of her super special alter outfits which just looks like how she dresses anyway) how the hell are her friends supposed to know? And what if they're afraid of fucking up and making her mad by mixing two alters up with one another? That would be kekworthy to see her passive aggressively complaining about her friends mistaking one alter for another

No. 306775

>"non sexual"
Suuure. I'm glad the friends arn't buying that shit lol

No. 306776

>I wish my friends would actually believe my lie rather than doing the bare minimum to avoid my narc rage

No. 306777

No one has to participate in your delusions/coping mechanisms/fetishes you absolute narc assholes. Get off the internet. DID/mental health munchies really are the no surgery trooning out of the internet.

No. 306778

Being Jill's friend must be the most exhausting thing ever. Like I can't even imagine.

No. 306779

remember when that doctor said that it was weird that these people want to be acknowledged and seen as these alters when actual DID people hide their switches and try to keep it under the radar

Wouldn't it be more healthy to act like they are all Jill anyway since DID alters are delusions?

No. 306780

>>306779 That would require putting in the work to so-called "recovery" of which these very real not faking DID people don't want for some reason even though it's a trauma disorder so I'd ASSUME you'd do everything in your power to try to recover from such a terrifying state of being.

No. 306785

She doesn't. Jill has no real friends. We all know this and so does she.

No. 306794

But she always goes on and on about how amazing sweetie angel her friends and bf are…I mean they even buy all of her alters a different gift like which is it? Are they validating you or are they not?

No. 306795

I don't really have words for how fucked up this sentiment of Jill's is. People have enough going on without having to function as a validation device for your fake DID.

No. 306796

File: 1693604302326.jpeg (221.76 KB, 1242x1159, 1CD4513F-6E55-4504-AD6B-E0DDC1…)

I hate how the internet let these creeps feel entitled to demand the participation of others in their fetishes.

No. 306799

Would love to know if the tough guy tweet >>306210 was meant for psf. It's hard to know for sure because Jill is vague on purpose for deniability.
She's so butthurt. I highly doubt she truly acts any differently off camera to sell the larp, but I can totally see her making tea and pretending that because of that simple act it's really Flora out making it and not Jill.
I can see them humoring her at first but with Jill upping the ante every time probably becomes very tiresome therefore slips of behavior are easier to make.

No. 306814

Seeing these 2 whining about how they larp DID for attention but no one cares is hilarious

No. 306815

Samefag, but wtf does Jill mean no one acknowledges when another alter is out? In her meet the alters videos and her Q and A with stevie she says her friends and family act differently around different alters. That's more acknowledgement of her mental illness then most people get, especially people who've been abused or neglected like she claims she has.

No. 306817

Yup because the whole point of DID is that it’s covert and a protection mechanism. Having people acknowledge it in public would be negative since the alters would want people to think it’s Jillian and not raise suspicion. She slams movie portrayals of DID all the time for being inaccurate which is true for the most part yet that’s what she is also acting out.

No. 306818

Sorry for samefag but also…how does she know, she should be dissociated during that time and have memory loss. How does Jill know that people call Flora Jill she isn’t there supposedly.

No. 306821


Reading this post and remembering Jill's ambition to do Bunka for postgrad, I'd never known before what it actually involved. Not that she would ever have reached the language requirement or been able to do any of the assignments, but can you imagine lol

No. 306823

Sorry sis but mental Jillness and jillsociative identity disorder has different rules. According to her she’s special and mostly co cons with her alters so she’s fully aware of their actions. Funny how that works. Then she has her inner world animal crossing bullshit where her and her alters hangout and talk to each other so she’s never out of the loop! She’s made a horribly debilitating disorder into a fun quirky thing and is mad no one in her life is trying hard enough to validate it further. It’s funny she’s complaining about this because she has made her friends give her separate presents for her alters on birthdays and Christmas. Guess they’re still not trying hard enough for their precious jilly.

No. 306824

Co-cons and always knows what's happening but also has no memories for 6 years because it was other people lol

No. 306832

>mental Jillness and jillsociative identity disorder

This is gold.

No. 306853

If she is co-con then why would calling her Jill be an issue if Jill is there, does she want to be called fucking Jilora or some shit. She is such a dumbass.

No. 306854

Ooohhhhhh now THERE'S a right proper tinfoil. Jill applies to Bunka secretly for A)suprise the viewer points and B)ass cover if failure. The obvious happens and she is denied, cue this mess. Kinda clicks with how her fashion college ended then the meltdown/magic DID story arc.

No. 306858

File: 1693734153623.jpg (277.29 KB, 1080x930, Screenshot_20230903_104335.jpg)

I know Jill doesn't see this as a bad thing, because to her beingn disabled or mentally ill is uwu kawaii and smoll baby fun. But the way she keep implying her family members have autism is so fucking weird.

No. 306859

Never understood thereason twtfags think having a developmental disorder makes them unique in some way(sage your shit)

No. 306861

File: 1693748348681.jpeg (89.43 KB, 510x832, IMG_1058.jpeg)

Can people just like stuff without autism accusations? It’s like when people spread unsubstantiated rumors that the creator of Pokémon is autistic.

No. 306863

By Jill's logic every Christian mom and granny with a wall full of crosses must be autistic with a special interest in Jesus.

No. 306865

you can just like things like a normal person on the internet. nope, you gotta make sure that like it soOoOo much it makes you retarded and use emotionally charged words and psudo-psychology, and anyone that questions it is ableist.

No. 306871

>autism is when you have photos and paintings neatly lined up on a wall
ok jill
It's funny how the guy in the photo isn't even Tajiri. Much like how Jill preaches about mental disorders she doesn't even have

No. 306880

I STG if the next thread isn't Mental Jillness Edition, this place has lost it's edge…

No. 306881

I don’t think Jill ever applied to bunka. I don’t think she applies anywhere that requires effort or a portfolio. She went to her shitty craft school because they had no requirements or any possibility of rejecting her. Even though she likes to pretend to be an important speshul gifted person she knows she ain’t shit. It’s typical narc shit. So she will never attempt anything that has a chance to be perceived as rejection. I think that’s why she dropped out of the Cosplay contest too. She saw her work was hot garbage next to sof’s and the chance of winning was dismal.

No. 306884

That term has been used before this thread lol

No. 306887

File: 1693767253861.jpg (661.18 KB, 720x5787, Still seething.jpg)

Still seething at McLean and Matthew

No. 306888

File: 1693767436210.jpg (183.79 KB, 720x1108, Su.jpg)

No. 306889

>>306887 but it's acceptable that your little hissy fit about a small black creator blocking you for making a grand ultimatum over stupid shit that resulted in dangerous and discriminatory threats that were so intense she deleted every one of her platforms. I guess it only matters when it's about Jill

No. 306890

Rant but I fucking hate the field of psychology so fucking much. It's done irreparable damage to society. I have no idea why people trust this shit at all, everybody involved should be treated worse than witch doctors at this point.

No. 306892

i wouldnt say its psychology per se, its when the general public catches wind of the terms used that it all goes to hell. thats pretty much the case with anything really tho

No. 306898

>wahh I can function completely normally in society and my different OCs don’t impede my social interactions whatsoever, in fact no one even notices them, I wish it was obvious and debilitating and everyone was shocked and had to take special actions to accommodate me but instead I am normal

No. 306910

WHAT THERAPY??? Hasn’t it been more than a year since her faggot therapist dumped her? She hasn’t found anyone new and has been getting Wellbutrin from a doctor on an app that doesn’t know anything about her. She doesn’t even have an actual GP. Her ass knows if she went to an actual psychiatrist this larp would be doomed.
She acts like she’s too poor for private care from an actual mental health specialist. I bet mama vessey would be more than happy to front the bill on a real doctor so she doesn’t have to wait in queue forever in Canadas healthcare system.

No. 306912

She would likely find someone quickly if she went the public therapist route b/c of her mental health decline since the pandemic. She just hasn’t bothered asking to get referred.

No. 306922

Learn what it is before you start ranting about it, you absolute sped. Tumblrites projecting imaginary autism (which is more psychiatric or neurological than psychological anyway) has about as much to do with psychology as Alex Jones does with science.
>Her ass knows if she went to an actual psychiatrist this larp would be doomed.
100% this. The one thing in her life she will put effort into is making sure she can keep the LARP going. Surprised she hasn't started latching on to 'alternative medicine' quacks, they'd be more than happy to help her be the most specialest girl.

No. 306925

Telling them to go fuck themselves is just unhinged behavior, she has shown her anger issues so many times already. How are people still buying the sweet positive rainbows persona?

No. 306935

I have a psychology degree tyvm, I know what I'm talking about
The whole field is pretty bad though. She was officially diagnosed after all, by supposed professionals. Do you consider those people competent? Do you think they had good judgement? What if I told you most professionals in psychology are just as bad or worse?

No. 306936

There’s no official diagnosis. She is full of shit and lying and basing her whole larp on a diagnostic impression. Her and Steven contradicted each other the existence of physical piece of proof of her diagnosis thereby proving there’s no such diagnosis.

No. 306940

File: 1693815460269.webm (10.16 MB, 1280x720, 1681536674307.webm)

She's never going to shut up about this. Jfc Jill give it up. I'm getting second hand embarrassment. Just how many people live rent free in her head? Also isn't this suppose to be her kind cutesy twitter account? I guess since emoboy is no longer in vogue this is her new rage account.
From a previous thread, video compilation of contradictions

No. 306953

You must be new and it's painful
Only thing she's "officially" been diagnosed with is BPD and even that can be contested since we never saw papers
The DID diagnosis was a sham orchestrated by a newbie psych dude who doesn't know how to tell people they're not special and he immediately dipped out of the universe after he escaped Jill

No. 306954

>I have so much evidence of discriminatory harassment
>posts none of of it
yeah she just made that shit up

No. 306955

>and he immediately dipped out of the universe after he escaped Jill
Dipped and changed his name to escape association with her, kek

No. 306959

>and changed his name to escape association with her, kek
wait, he did? Damn I wonder if he read the threads, that would be so hilarious

No. 306960

video summary
>jill: "i wanted it on paper … here it is"
>h8rs: "that's not a diagnosis though, just a diagnostic impression"
>steeb: "the paper exists, i've seen it, it's in our posession"
>jill: "it was a verbal diagnosis, that's how we do things in canada"

No. 306965

He definitely knows that he's been talked about online, he privated his own ig account shortly after he was identified here (due to Jill name-dropping him) and even had his photog husband delete every picture of him from his still-public insta (sadly didn't save those in time).

No. 306967

Oof the way she says histrionic right there, I wonder who mentioned it first, baby angel therapist or her

No. 306977

File: 1693872947231.jpg (379.6 KB, 720x2581, 171723.jpg)

No. 306979

That's because she has a paper that is a diagnostic impression which is the paper Stevie saw and referenced, and she also has a verbal diagnosis, which she s never shown because she can't

I'm not sure why this is so hard to follow for anons, her story makes complete sense.

No. 306980

I'm not from Canada so correct me if I'm wrong but it feels highly unlikely to me that there is no way to get written proof of a diagnosis just because there could've been a potential verbal diagnosis. So what, people just roll up to new therapists like "yup I have x diagnosis" and they just nod and say ok? It doesn't make sense. If she had the proof she'd be shoving it in all our faces, but she doesn't because she isn't diagnosed beyond the impression

No. 306981

No she differentiated the diagnostic impression from the her alleged actual diagnosis which she said wasn’t on paper and Steven said he has seen diagnosis itself on paper and that Jill is in possession of it.

No. 306982

> kinda like the milgram experiment
Yk the one where people where ordered to give out dangerous shocks to others not knowing it was fake? Right exactly the same….

And ofc jill refuses to move past this Mclean bs, an organization she was “fond of and looked up to”? Because staying bitter until she gets her justice is so much better than trying to heal, going to therapy, or fixing her insane victim complex and histrionics

No. 306983

Theoretically, it can be diagnosed and logged as part of your medical record if it's diagnosed properly and by an accredited individual giving the diagnosis. Neither happened with Jill.

No. 306985

if you're truly diagnosed with anything it's on your permanent medical record to be referenced at every stage of your treatment across medical departments. You can request your medical records at any time printed at your doctor's office and they'll do the whole thing (for a fee now). Or if you need proof of a condition instead of wanting the whole thing for yourself you just walk into a doctor's office (can be a walk in), ask for a letter of proof, and so long as you've been diagnosed and it's on the record the doc will write up a generic "yup they've been diagnosed with Z in 20xx" (which is why the walk-in can do it).
Psychologists can't diagnose (psychiatrists do) so say you're still waiting for a psychiatrist, your psych can and will still do a bunch of diagnostic tests and things to try and figure out your issues so you can move forward with the ideal treatment for your thing (but a psych or doc is needed to officiate the diagnosis and they will perform their own tests once you're there to confirm instead of blindly trusting the psychologist's opinion). If you swap psychologists before having your diagnosis confirmed your new psych will usually take the old diagnosis into account but will also do their own tests too to be sure until a doc confirms anything.

No. 306989

she acts like nobody disliked her until that video as if there isn't years worth of lolcow threads that she keeps up with

No. 306990

I just don't understand why people are so opposed to the idea she was actually diagnosed. It's really not that far fetched, a lot of these tiktok clowns get actual diagnoses

No. 306992

Because she keeps tripping on her own lies and basically constantly contradicting herself. If she were actually diagnosed she wouldn’t constantly be scrambling to cover up a hole in her stories or finding inane bullshit to prove herself.
If she were truly diagnosed she’d be more confident in her larp and not dragging up any bullshit to prove anything. Like the fake diary entries or Steven’s contradictory video.

No. 306993

Because the scenario that a psychiatrist professionally diagnosed Jill is incredibly low. There are very few psychs who would feel comfortable handing out that diagnosis and especially few in her part of Canada. Is it possible she managed to fake her way there, got a psychiatrist in absolute record speed who had both limited knowledge and a recklessness to diagnose without referring her to or consulting another doctor? Yeah but it's low and she's not exactly providing anything as proof when she absolutely could.
I seriously suspect Jill's psych(probably psychologist) just informed Jill they're moving on with their therapy as if Jill has it or something along those lines. The shit they use for delusional/manipulative liars until they're ready to accept/admit the truth. Or not and just fork cash over. At best Jill probably thinks she's fooled them but hasn't

No. 306995

>Story makes sense
>Verbal diagnosis
Rofl, by any chance are you the certain friend who just graduated from uni as a psych major? I kid, I kid, maybe. Joking aside, in what backass dimension would that fly? First rule of health care, you document everything because otherwise your ass would be in hot water for a malpractice lawsuit, could easily lose your license, and be blacklisted from practicing. There will always be a paper trail (this is also how professionals communicate with each other, if you get a patient/client referred from a hospital you will get a scanned copy of those records. E.g. premature child born at 5 months, report on how the birth went, you get the records of the stay at NICU and length of stay, you get the apgar score, you get the universal newborn hearing tests results, family history, etc.) and the patient/client has access to it because it is literally their health records. How would you legally be allowed to deny them papers? I can get my cat's medical records but not my own? What the fuck? That's a lawsuit waiting to happen. Verbal diagnosis is idiotic. Can you imagine using hearsay as a valid claim? Hahaha. Please. Everyone would abuse the absolute shit out of it. I don't have the actual paper work that my child got his/her required shots for school but the pediatrician gave me their word that my child did therefore you need to accept that my child got the required shots. I was given a verbal diagnosis for ADHD so you the pharmacist need to fill out a prescription for Adderall for me. As for the diagnostic impression, why would they only give someone that and not a diagnosis? Funny how Jill conveniently blurred out the rest of that paper plus there were several pages not shown (maybe just one other page, I don't remember exactly but at least a couple). It's clear that Jill knows nothing of the actual workings of health care. Yes health care is protected but not to the point that you the patient/client cannot access your own records.
More or less she would've had that paper front and center instead of the bullshit she pulled with that diagnostic impressions paper which may I add showed her reportings and only one actual reporting from the therapist or whoever the fuck she saw. You can take whatever tests you want especially if you're willing to pay for them but that does not garuantee you get diagnosed. Remember you need someone qualified to do that. I'll give you a great example. I got gaslighted badly into believing I was autistic by a professor. My therapist was willing to give me the test but only to show me that I wasn't and that the professor was just using that as an excuse to treat me horribly. It would not have counted as she was not trained to properly administor the test/diagnose to which she admitted to me. I ended up referred to a place that does diagnose autism and got told I was not autistic.

No. 306996

from my experience with DID fakers, "verbal diagnosis" is code for "i told a therapist/counsellor i think i have DID and they said it was possible"

but since the disorder is just a game for them, they don't bother risking getting an actual psychiatric evaluation.

if paperwork is provided, be skeptical. i once saw someone who filled out and graded an official evaluation form she found online, and it looked very legitimate unless you happened to notice the physician data didn't lead to any existing registered doctor or hospital.

No. 306997

Just Like tics and roses did they faked an entire diagnosis paper and was caught due to the strange terminology and the fact that they used an old logo for the clinic rather than current

No. 307000

You're taking things out of turn, Jill said she has a diagnosis and got called out for only having a diagnostic impression and was told that isn't a diagnosis (she probably thought it was before getting called out).

Steve did his video defending her AFTER they had been informed the diagnostic impression isn't a diagnosis. That was at the center of the drama and why he did the video to defend her. He presumably even saw the video of her showing the impression. His point was that she did have the diagnosis on paper but they hadn't showed it.

Then after that Jill said there never was a paper and that it was always only a verbal diagnosis, trying to pass it off as if she never thought the diagnostic impression was a real diagnosis.

No. 307003

Your theory seems like the most likely to me. Counselors, nurses or even therapists say stuff like "sounds like you have xy" a lot. Most people are smart enough to understand that that's not a diagnosis.

Anyone who's been to more than one psychiatrist also knows that it's complete bullshit anyway. They'll change your diagnosis on a whim and it's all heavily influenced by your mindset at that time and which symptoms you focus on the most. A diagnosis is really only a tool to find the right treatment plan and jill isn't interested in treatment. So what could she want from the diagnosis? An identity, maybe? Fame, money, attention? Shit, I feel like I've heard that somewhere before..