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File: 1663559556577.gif (15.01 MB, 1689x1111, jill-thumb.gif)

No. 249612

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for.
She happily accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression (NOT a real diagnosis!) with a "coming out as DID" celebratory cake, but struggled to maintain the LARP after only two weeks. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who rage-quitted due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as the creator of the Confetti Club, a group of skinwalking fans that wear “Party-Kei” style, a weeaboo fashion she invented and no longer personally wears. She currently looks like an overweight clown.
>Known lurker.
>Extremely sensitive.
>Terminally online.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Very notorious attention whore. Always overstates her abilities in a delusional way and barely puts any effort.
>Runs a youtube channel with an inconsistent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating most of her fans.
>Has multiple inconsistencies in her DID story and lore. Will change or forget key details about her trauma origin story or her alters. She also tends to deny the bad parts of her mental illnesses.
>Started deliberately age regressing while smoking weed not too long ago. Cannot put the weed down.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special. Thus, results in obvious faking.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- items, including clothes, makeup and other shit for any new trend she gets into. Nevertheless, she still is a big consumer of plastic crap and will cut corners whenever possible.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of things to show off how much she had spent (as a brag).
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise. She’s also a massive attention whore and very self-centered, never listens to others and only cares about her own faked struggles. Disregards any criticism as “hate”.
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, and her fans are steadily unfollowing her.
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day. She will take meds without even verifying she needs them or not, or stop them without further medical advice. Other questionable “self-care” and “mental health” content has been noted.
>Thinks having an enabling counselor = actual therapy. Said counselor quitted and moved provinces only 1 year after treating her and givng her the DID diagnostic impression. Jillian continues to lie and fake all kinds of symptoms to prove she’s sick, slowly transforming nto a full-blown munchie. Believes her own lies on the matter so much so that she thinks she’s knowledgeable enough to advise others on the matter.
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments, videos, or tweets that dare question her and act passive-aggressive about it on Twitter. Will also e-bully anyone she doesn’t like or goes against her ideas.
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image. Somehow, all her male exes end up looking like the current aesthetic she’s into at the moment of dating.
>Has claimed that her DeviantArt Ex-girlfriend she kept in amicable contact with for a while right after breaking up “abused her for months”. Said claim has been proven false.
>She now claims every abuser of hers has been female, even though she has heavily mistreated her past two girlfriends. She broke off with her most recent ex girlfriend, Mystery Girl, around Christmas 2018, because she “was no longer attracted to her”. She kept the Christmas presents that she would otherwise would had given her, to herself.
>Her previous friendships almost always have end up in drama. Rumors of her sleeping with the guy that one of her ex-friends liked at a New Year’s party have circulated. Besides that, she has also said in a video that she stripped in front of Steven and his ex-girlfriend Maggie at some point in a get-together. Even her fans found this weird.
>Formerly identified as pansexual, then queer, then claimed to be “too into dick to be a lesbian” while dating a woman; currently lives inside her rainbow house with her boyfriend Stephen Clarke. Now both Steven and Jillian identify as nonbinary and pansexual. It is worth mentioning one of her exes also became nonbinary and pansexual shortly after dating her. Steven is currently hinting to a very obvious MTF transition despite having a christian family, which will prove beneficial to Jill, since she wants to roleplay being a lesbian very bad.
>Steven Clarke, Jillian’s current boyfriend, enables all of Jillian delusions and pushes age regression onto others, not only Jill. He is porn addicted and extremely terminally online.
>Relies too much on other people, including her mother and her partners. Will interact with content creators she likes in a creepy, harassing way.
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo in her videos and social media despite knowing she has a largely underage audience. Recently started tagging posts with the age regression hashtag.
>Her “angel therapist”, Jedediah M, gave Jillian a DID diagnostic impression despite being allegedly underqualified at the time and only having 1 year of previous counseling experience. Note that Steven was the one to contact Jed for Jillian’s therapy. He’s a “male witch” and a “drag queen” in his spare time, hence why Jillian got so obsessed with him. He moved provinces just a year after treating her, which made Jillian “grieve like someone dear to her died” for weeks, very unhealthy and unprofessional of any therapist.
>Jilly started her own brand, 5 petal flower, months before graduating from her glorified Canadian craft school. She plans to sell badly put together Lazy Oaf knock offs despite her work being labeled as “inconsistent” by her teachers because she was mostly distracted with stim toys found on her sewing table. The only work she has produced so far was a collaboration with a small brand that mostly resells chinese aliexpress items and a very cheap and ugly looking bridal dress for her cousin.
>Very irresponsible pet owner. Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel hanging around on the floor, the cat almost choking to death. She still keeps this choking hazard where the same cat can reach it for years after the incident. Never seems to clean her pet’s space, you can see cat shit and cat fur all over her house in her videos and selfies.
>She tries to prove she’s mentally ill in any way possible, including always mentioning her stims, dissociation, posting edgy lyrics, wearing a t-shirt that reminds her of suicidal ideation, and pretending she can only eat one type of food. Pretends she “never lies”, “doesn’t understand sarcasm” and other autism/neurodivergent LARPing on Twitter. She wants to be mentally ill very bad and will often spread misinformation about it on her socials.
>Uses her alters to hold at least one of her personality traits or past times instead of realizing she can be a normal and full-fledged adult woman with hobbies and emotions. Will defend using emojis to sign off as each alter, to the point of harassing others off platforms if they don’t agree with her usage. She also talks in third person to herself while pretending to be an alter on her DMs, twitter, and on picture captions, calling herself “handsome” or “pretty”.
>Will claim as many labels as possible, some of them are: Queer, lesbian, nonbinary, FTM, pansexual, emo, rainbow, intersex, fashion designer, magical girl, full time youtuber, neurodivergent, autistic, BPD, DID system, witch, kawaii, drag queen. In reality, she’s just a spoiled dumb girl.
>Has been consuming a lot of alcohol and weed in a questionable way, anons wonder if her dissociation is merely caused by substance abuse. She bragged about the liquor store knowing who she is. She pushes weed as a magical cure-it-all for adults and children on her twitter full of underage fans.
>Recently got into bio drag queening, changed her twitter description days before her first performance even went live. Danced like a crazy woman to a Steven Universe and a MCR song on her first performance. She’s now fully accepting the drag queen label with a lot of self-importance and yet again overstating her abilities with barely any experience.
>Ran over a deer on July 2022 and while originally saying she had no trauma from it, milked the accident dry for pity points, calling it a “near death experience” and claiming “multiple ptsd symptoms” from it. Her boyfriend Steven really pushed the idea of creating another alter to deal out of the situation, but nothing came out of that.


>Jillian: Actual person, but calls herself an alter for the heck of it. Hates being called “Jilly”. Says she can't hear her "brain folk" when she's experiencing trauma, Jillian is the only one who fronts in those situations, defeating the whole purpose of having alters and having DID.

>Jerrick: 13-16 year old emo guy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits. Signs off with a snake emoji.
>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, calls herself a lesbian (even though she’s dating a man), she is a “protector of sexual trauma”, says she had to become a fuckable bimbo because she was “raped for months”. Signs off with a flame emoji.
>Berry (Nicknamed “Babby Smalls”): Talks and acts like a baby. Proof that Jillian is into age regression. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had its name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Signs off with a strawberry.
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" A mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes. The emoji is a club.
>Flora: A “fragment” slowly morphing into a real alter, and a carbon copy of cure flora / other positive precure characters. She is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Jax: 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching arcane while having major trauma. Signs with a test tube emoji.
>sandwich emoji: Cat alter, represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>piano emoji: ??? silently added to her tiktok bio.
>another age regression alter: ??? mentioned to be “far away” but present inside her head.
>Amanda: Sneakingly revealed in a vlog. Jillian has bracelets and necklaces with the names of her alters, and this name appeared alongside them in a row of alter names. Note that Jillian’s second name is actually Amanda.

**Note: The DID saga officially starts in >>>/w/176591

Last thread stamps:
>>245176 Jedediah info
>>245202 Jillian is cleaning her house and hating landlords
>>245261 Shitty as fuck outfit wearing a binder as a top
>>245289 Shitty tweet
>>245299 Funny meme
>>245301 Angry because colourpop is going to make a HP collab
>>245311 "these ratios make me happy"
>>245302 Rainbow pic
>>245360 Being creepy to Drew Monson
>>245394 Full MCR night outfit
>>245421 Something about a DID tattoo
>>245454 She hangs around trannies
>>245553 She's deeply mentally unwell
>>245563 "looking for a sign"
>>245766 Mom blog (disappointed at Jill?)
>>245581 Talks about weight
>>245605 Can’t understand she’s not even a good drag queen
>>245618 Spergs about JKR
>>245625 Calls out a black feminist
>>245626 Something about the cat alter affecting her physically kek
>>245636 Steven talks about scooters
>>245641 The girl Jillian called out is more relevant than her
>>245693 Still very unwell kek
>>245747 Fake possi shit
>>245774 Mom blog about Jillian
>>245863 The picture of Jillian touching a black girl's hair resurfaces
>>245917 Giving depression advice to impressionable teens
>>245975 Steve keeps interating with Maggie
>>245988 Precure drama, Jillian gets blocked
>>246026 More about the precure drama
>>246060 Interaction with her ex boss Chelsea
>>246087 She's featured in the iNabber video about Gabbie Hannah
>>246090 iNabber video, timestamp 56:11
>>246099 She talks about herself and DID on the video, she looks happy
>>246121 Legos + strawberry emoji, again
>>246130 Self inserts into more precure drama
>>246340 Vangelina will make a video on Jill, probably
>>246342 Jill likes a tweet that says "stop using dissociating when you mean zoning out" (and doesn't get the irony)
>>246355 DID is cleaning cheese off the walls
>>246368 Jillian has nothing to say about a drag queen (trixie) being gross and sexualizing minors, semi-brushes it off
>>246370 Context
>>246377 Summary of the iNabber video
>>246386 "I'm the barbie fashion designer NPC of my dreams"
>>246391 "Life keeps kicking my ass"
>>246450 Plans to sell calendars
>>246553 This is how Jillian contacted iNabber
>>246564 Contect of why she did it
>>246620 Jillian interacts with Yukapon
>>246652 "omg I haven't watched precure in weeks, this isn't good for my mental health"
>>246659 Some cringe Flora larp
>>246664 Jillian in her natural hair
>>246665 same as above (video)
>>246754 Jillian fakes a seizure while pretending to dissociate
>>246755 Video of the now deleted fake seizure/dissociation (notice she angled the camera in a certain way on purpose)
>>246797 She liked a comment hinting at her having a seizure
>>246898 "I've had to unstan a lot of people" (doesn't seem like it bitch)
>>246910 Gif of her faking the seizure
>>247019 And more fake possi shit
>>247186 Talk about her autism badge starts here
>>247189 Info about the autism / disability badge
>>247213 Jillian's "accomodations" acording to her sunflower lanyard
>>247216 Info about the accomodations
>>247258 Jillian being creepy to another DID youtuber (enemy of fissociadid)
>>247518 Video about the cousin's wedding dress
>>247595 Original dress ideas drawn by Jillian
>>247596 The design she went with
>>247597 Materials she didn't use
>>247599 Emails between her and her cousin
>>247600 Patterns
>>247601 Details
>>247603 Cousin's pics
>>247604 >>247605 >>247606 >>247607 More details
>>247636 This is what the cousin originally requested
>>247659 Expectation vs reality
>>247674 Jillian liked a tweet about being the family gossip
>>247734 September patreon livestream
>>247760 Some stupid tiktok with stupid pictures of herself
>>247761 Ugly outfit (looks like a cancer patient)
>>247767 >>247779 She took out the top part of one of her dresses for her college final show and now it's using it herself (who would had thought)
>>247796 Picture of her and her cousin
>>247797 ddgl-ish pictures of Maggie
>>247813 Meme template
>>247936 Work from one of her ex classmates
>>247953 More details on the dress
>>248002 Proof Jillian was skinwalking Kumamiki all along (japanese fashion designer)
>>248272 Jillian looking like a creepy clown with creepy clown music
>>248426 Jillian and Chelsea (her ex boss) dogpile on bullying some random person
>>248487 Full exchange
>>248563 **I'm so extra fucked up. I hate it. Just only ever full of rage and hatred and harmful urges"
>>248843 Vents about not being able to edit the vlog she made
>>248846 and more of that
>>248897 Quote from her patreon livestream
>>248903 And now she loves editing her vlog again
>>248987 The roblox job Steven had was misleading
>>248989 Early life of Jill (written by herself)
>>249003 "I pay rent now"
>>249009 Steven also had a summer job teaching children filmography
>>249194 She likes the name "Malibu Barbie" kek
>>249239 Says "you reek of priviledge" to someone saying "you can't gatekeep a neurological condition"
>>249243 Twitter doesn't like her replies kek
>>249253 Montreal vlog
>>249267 She looks like Shaynus here
>>249272 She had to include the "male bathroom key" drama, of course
>>249283 >>249287 Gets into more twitter fights
>>249312 Sneaky new alter drop: Amanda
>>249405 Turns out Amanda is her middle name as well
>>249543 Her parents can't afford to live in PEI anymore, are planning to build a new house in Fredericton

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/villainyswells/ (used to be @pixieespam)
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 (“Veronica” alter): https://twitter.com/xcherrybombica
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 249613

No. 249614

File: 1663559909933.png (42.14 KB, 606x548, feeling better.png)

>lolcow goes down
>immediately this bitch feels better

No. 249615

All she had to do was not check lolcow. Go figure.

No. 249616

thanks for the new thread nonna. i was legit sad to think lolcow could be down for good. where else would i get my morning dose of keks from my favorite cow

No. 249617

File: 1663560151648.webm (4.63 MB, 540x960, 84071041272.webm)

No. 249618

File: 1663560198138.png (388.75 KB, 749x986, confetti babies.png)

>confetti club babies
That's a very fucked up unsupervised childhood then

No. 249619

File: 1663560211650.webm (8.95 MB, 540x960, 64593496314.webm)

No. 249620

File: 1663560265193.webm (2.06 MB, 540x960, 12086290168.webm)

No. 249621

File: 1663560288676.png (18.82 KB, 608x238, gender x.png)

Also very important:
She's planning to legally change her gender to X gender

No. 249622

File: 1663560434590.png (1.39 MB, 740x1588, who.png)

Also had a "nail date" with her "best friend in love" Steven

No. 249623

File: 1663560471963.png (48.97 KB, 624x528, sof.png)

deets (featuring sof)

No. 249624

File: 1663560562457.png (16.53 KB, 608x222, barfff.png)

Posting this too because kek this is really hypocrital (stanning Disney who is literally pro-genocide)

No. 249625

File: 1663560663778.png (273.14 KB, 546x638, pei.png)

Also posting this from last thread since it got full very quickly: Jillian's recent tantrums probably have to do with the idea that her parents will have to move from PEI to Fredericton and will maybe build a house there.

No. 249626

File: 1663560684428.jpg (201.12 KB, 720x1295, Screenshot_20220916-100653_Ope…)

No. 249627

File: 1663560714038.png (75.39 KB, 328x400, yah.png)

"precure and drag help me with my mental health"

No. 249628

I'm going to overlook his hands because men can't take care of themselves for shit but why would you take a pic on this gross ass table to put on social media.
kek Jill no corporation ever gives a fuck, they only care about money, you should relate to that.

No. 249629

File: 1663560772397.png (1.76 MB, 1689x1111, jill-thumb.png)


here's the png version of the OP pic if anyone wants it.

No. 249630

File: 1663560851824.jpg (186.51 KB, 720x1300, Screenshot_20220916-100947_Ope…)

No. 249632

File: 1663561004338.jpg (153.92 KB, 720x1259, Screenshot_20220916-173208_Chr…)

No. 249633

File: 1663561057225.jpg (217.26 KB, 720x1297, Screenshot_20220916-100806_Ope…)

No. 249634

File: 1663561245837.jpg (186.16 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220918-211813_Chr…)

No. 249636

File: 1663561363791.jpg (200.43 KB, 720x1377, Screenshot_20220918-211817_Chr…)

No. 249637

File: 1663561448143.jpg (116.66 KB, 716x1272, Screenshot_20220918-211850_Chr…)

No. 249638

So much cow content I don't know where to even start

No. 249640

The brainrot. If this girl has a legit mood disorder the internet is not going to help her, or other larpers. And Jill is actively promoting this bullshit.

No. 249641

File: 1663561907953.gif (969.04 KB, 250x158, 8ED4DA02-71E4-439B-9F5E-243390…)

This is so ridiculous, I really hope that the idiot that gave her the diagnostic impression changes his name and is always ashamed of what he did. This is just insulting.
That's kind of sorta what it fucking is? Do these people really think that dissociation is doing some voice warm ups before changing their outfits and experiencing or badly acting some emotion?

No. 249642

Keking at how the colours just happens to be varied enough to be aesthetically pleasing, and loving how all of these supposed people have in her head with different eye to hand coordination made these wiggles in the completely same way. Is she seriously telling us her retarded 6 year old alter would put the same amount of pressure with the pen as the provably more coordinated 35 year old? Or is she claiming that she backtracks these switches when she changes back?

No. 249644

This is a very good video that talks about the "commodification of mental illness, as a quirky personality trait" and I think it fits Jillian to a T. Thought it would be interesting to share.

No. 249645

>extremely female presenting at all times
>no meds or surgery or even a clinical diagnosis of dysphoria
>change my gender to x

Canada just let you do anything, huh

No. 249646

>amanda again
Just release the alter already Jill

No. 249648

Kek, now that I think about it, how is the supposedly cat alter somehow capable of drawing some lines on a random notebook?

No. 249649

to: my angels
from: steven
So steven gave her this notebook so she knew whenever "an alter was fronting"? Wow, talk about being a groomer enabler moid.

No. 249650

doesn’t Disney famously hate lgbt?
Please troon out Steebie.
Momma Momma! Look I’m getting my life together!!! I’m going to make money off of shorts!!

No. 249651

>doesn’t Disney famously hate lgbt?
Yep, a lot of their "pro lgbt" shit gets modified for China's viewing pleasure
>Momma Momma! Look I’m getting my life together!!! I’m going to make money off of shorts!!
KEK the absolute state of Jillian

No. 249652

File: 1663565534402.webm (12.61 MB, 497x884, Untitled.webm)

No. 249653

since Amanda is her middle name I assume its one of her grandmas names? I wonder if the alter is an old lady alter who fronts during crocheting and ceramic clown purchasing and car crashing.

No. 249654

File: 1663565990021.jpg (129.38 KB, 719x1276, Screenshot_20220918-223714_Chr…)


No. 249655

File: 1663566097957.jpg (114.6 KB, 720x1020, Screenshot_20220918-223653_Chr…)

No. 249656

She should try her hardest to look at her % of body fat I hate her

No. 249658

Fucking kek, came here hoping to see this added. If only jill had a real job or went outside more often. Incoming twitter meltdown in 3,2…

No. 249659

Silly Jilly, YouTube doesn’t care about creators either. moistcritical (charlie) made a vid about the coryxkenshin situation along with other YouTubers who stream and made it apparent that YouTube is a unfair platform even for its most successful creators as it lacks transparency and the policy team is shite. i thought jerrick loved charlie- I am surprised he didn’t say anything about the YouTube issue.

Jill, if you struggle with dissociation so hard that you have a rainbow of several personalities in your head and are having seizure like movements… it’s time to put down the camera, booze, weed, dick, and costume changes. get thee to multiple real board certified doctors who can help you who specialize in DID. how is it that she’s had did since she was 3 years old, but her parents, brother, friends, classmates and boyfriends never noticed that she was having scary and alarming symptoms such as seeming to have seizures, not remembering interactions whatsoever, and acting extremely out of character. of course only Stevie seemed to notice and gave her a bad inexperienced unprofessional enabling therapist along with this journal to track her switches instead of getting her actual help for her real or imagined disorders. no surprise that her family probably wants to move in with her to look after her- her suspicions boyfriend definitely isn’t helping.

No. 249660

>Silly Jilly, YouTube doesn’t care about creators either. moistcritical (charlie) made a vid about the coryxkenshin situation along with other YouTubers who stream and made it apparent that YouTube is a unfair platform even for its most successful creators as it lacks transparency and the policy team is shite.
Can you give a summary about it?

No. 249661

>how is it that she’s had did since she was 3 years old, but her parents, brother, friends, classmates and boyfriends never noticed that she was having scary and alarming symptoms such as seeming to have seizures, not remembering interactions whatsoever, and acting extremely out of character.

No. 249662


The bracelets are honestly the most embarrassing part of Jill's LARP. Imagine being 24 years old and publicly declaring you need special rainbow bracelets to tell you what day it is. And to think a few years ago she working 2 jobs and doing youtube with 0 issues

No. 249663

Disney is.. what?

No. 249665

Canada is so fucked rn, it encourages people like jill to stay mentally ill and delusional (all while fucking over womens rights). On the other hand they now have an up to date record of which people are deranged and mentally ill. Hope she trusts the government, they could misuse that information any way they want kek

No. 249666

Didn’t get to reply last thread, but I don’t read this as being about her parents. I think it’s more likely that since Jill and Steve both “work” from home and she’s not in uni any more that they looked at moving back to PEI but can’t afford it.
iirc Jill’s dad is a professor/teacher at a uni, they would likely already be half way through the mortgage on their house. I think Jill is just talking about her and Steve building a place in future, as if she’s actually got the moment to do so because she loves to live above her means

No. 249668

Oh, so yeah she's just having a spoiled ass bitch freak out because she's getting close to the start to pay for your own bills phase of life. Sweet jesus fuck she will NOT take turning 30 very well, will she?

No. 249669

Stop smoking weed, Jill.


The cat can hold a pen, draw wiggles exactly as a human would and understands the concept of tracking alter switches.
Jill is so boring and uncreative. None of this makes sense anyway, so she could at least have some fun with it. Why wiggles? Get yourself a bunch of different rubber stamps (they can match the emojis!) and when sandwich fronts it can smash its “paw” onto the ink pad and leave “paw prints” all over the page or something. These are supposed to be wildly different personalities, so why would they all agree to do this exactly according to Jillian’s aesthetic? She could make this somewhat entertaining but decides to do this instead.

They put a trans character in the background of I think an episode of some spin-off series, so now they’re alphabet soup icons I guess?

No. 249671

File: 1663572941306.jpeg (99.13 KB, 828x589, 67C7F6EB-0896-43A6-83BA-35C88E…)

Comment under a TikTok she made about her name necklace

No. 249672

>save on groceries
No, it's absolutely not lol

No. 249673

I'm gonna bet restaurant boy motivated her. The only development from this is that the government gets a bit of money from her to change her documents, in a practical sense it really means nothing aside being able to pull your ID out and harass anyone who misgendered you.

No. 249674

Cory uploaded a play through of The Mortuary Assistant and part of his video got striked and removed/age restricted as harmful in regards to suicide/self harm. He looked up other creators such as Jack and Mark who also played The Mortuary Assistant and their play throughs weren’t removed/age restricted even if it had the same brief scene as his video did. Cory appealed the video and contacted YouTube and it was made available again only to be removed/age restricted by YouTube later. Cory’s play throughs are extremely clean and family friendly compared to other YouTube creators. In response to Youtube’s bullshit, he made a video saying that either YouTube is playing favorites or they’re racist- or both. Cory having a YouTube rep didn’t help his situation as the reps can only do so much. Cory was frustrated and took a break for 3 weeks since YouTube was causing him not wanting to make any videos. The video was trending for a while, and Charlie and others also made videos in solidarity with Cory about YouTube being inconsistent and lacking communication among even its most successful creators. Many YouTubers spoke about personal experiences that they or their friends have had with YouTube policies. But the issue got worse. Mark’s segment that he and his team worked hard on was removed from the Game On event. This was done without his knowledge and YouTube didn’t tell him why they removed it- which is common for how YouTube treats its creators such as comments containing harmful content being allowed to stay up while harmless videos get striked almost instantaneously/for no reason which has gotten big content creators banned from their platforms such as YouTube and Twitch with no warning.

No. 249675

File: 1663574374432.jpg (130.68 KB, 1080x817, IMG_20220919_095824.jpg)

Steebie follows the horsefucker pedo Vaush

No. 249679

>we can't contact her yet
What? Lmao how does that even work? Amanda pick up the goddamn phone already kek

No. 249680

>Steven follows Vaush
Holy fuck

No. 249681

Is that the age at which she took piano lessons?

“The age of consent is a capitalist construct” Vaush? Holy shit Jill please dump Steve immediately. She sucks, but he’s shaping up to be a horrorcow in his own right.

On that note, maybe Steve’s the one who has been in contact with Amanda…

No. 249682

File: 1663576694396.jpeg (Spoiler Image,31.69 KB, 360x236, F3B53AFB-9C30-4645-9794-16373C…)

I think Amanda is supposed the CSA goldmine she wants to prove her DID. Since she’s a little and nonverbal and has the piano emoji I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s gonna appropriate the stories of the young girls who were victimized by this monster. Jed probably woke up some “memories” with their EDMR sessions. If piano man gets convicted adding another made up story wouldn’t even mess with jilly’s conscience.
I’m gonna assume the meltdown probably revealed that implication to her mother who had asked in the past about their interactions and Jill probably told the truth that nothing happened but has now completely changed her story which probably made Louise skeptical of this larp in the first place.
Anyway this is just a tinfoil

No. 249688


>I can't contact her

>knows her name, age and that she's non verbal

Lol okay Jill

No. 249689

Don't have time to dig through the threads right now, but I believe she was 13ish when she had lessons with the pedo piano teacher? Pretty sure she was at least older than 7-9.

No. 249690

Here's a video of her playing piano, notice what the teacher says (not sure if it is the same teacher)

No. 249691

here's another one, notice they say "she's eleven"

No. 249692

here's one with a MUSE song, she must be 11 or 12 ish

No. 249693

last one I'll post, she's 13 here

No. 249694

>tinfoils that the abuser story is about the piano teacher
But nonnitas, she has repeatedly said that her abuser was female, I think she has a different target.

No. 249695

Why people think her parents are moving anywhere? This is one of rare times she refers herself as "we" like proper DID larper.
She wants to move BACK to the island now tho?

No. 249697

So her parents will buy her groceries kek
And yeah imo it's not about her parents, with the lifestyle they have it's 99% sure they own their own house. It must be Jilly and her marriage fantasies at work again, thinking about buying a house as the next logical step.
Slight blog but where I live people from the city (who typically have more money) who want to live closer to nature tend to come here en masse and so automatically prices rise. Meanwhile people who've lived here their whole lives and want to stay close to their families can't afford to buy because they don't make as much. Idk anything about PEI but it's probably a similar situation, since it seems rather rural? No sympathy for Jillian tho because like hell she'll ever be able to buy a house with her lifestyle.

No. 249701

Wow crazy that all the alters have the exact same identical handwriting/drawing and all know about the notebook and use it religiously, almost like every alter is actually just Jill

No. 249703

This tinfoil makes sense to me. Not only is she reinventing her past from a time when she lived with and was probably closely watched by her parents, but (if our conjecture is right) she’s accusing a real person who Louise would’ve known of a criminal act. This is much more serious than “I was playing pretend gay with another teenager and didn’t like when she tried to kiss me”. Even if the man in question is a scumbag who belongs in jail either way, this is more than imaginative little Jilly going through another one of her phases. If she did have this conversation with her mom then I’m sure that hearing how far Jill is willing to go in rewriting the past gave Louise quite a shock.

Yes, she’s said that all of her abusers have been female. However it would be easy for her to claim that the memories of abuse by the piano teacher were repressed all this time and so she wasn’t aware of them. She must realise that no one is buying her other abuse stories as being the origin of DID so now she’s grasping for something new.

No. 249704

Wtf is even x gender and why is this a real thing you can do in canada?

his nails are fucking ugly and the table looks nasty

No. 249724

I love how she only tracked the switches for three days in May and then got bored.

No. 249733

No. 249735

I know everyone is tinfoiling rn that the abuser was the piano teacher but I'm p sure we saw her tweet a while ago about how her piano teacher turned out to be a pedophilr and she was never targeted so if she's planning on claiming assault later, that tweet or post or whatever it was could be deleted by now

No. 249736

That post is archived as a screenshot in an earlier thread, must be after the DID saga started

No. 249739

I'm pretty sure this is the tag from a christmas gift (ice cream maker) that she pasted into the notebook.

No. 249742

She did say that, but nonnas are speculating because Jill is nothing if not a revisionist when it comes to her own history. Personally I doubt she’ll ever go as far as actually claiming anything happened with the teacher, and will rather just leave the breadcrumbs to speak for themselves. She’s dumb, but SURELY her parents are the kind to be immediately in contact with the police if she ever outright claimed anything happened.
Jill, for the love of god, just fucking leave that alone, the actual victims don’t need your half truths and contradicting stories muddying up their right to justice from their abuser.

No. 249744

It still says "my angels". Still enabling and pushing mental illness onto her. Of course this is her fault but still gross coming out of him.

No. 249753

File: 1663603048432.jpeg (245.09 KB, 750x1046, 6DA74BBB-D691-4449-A5F1-9D7569…)

this is old milk, but i was looking through old threads and saw that jill mentioned that trauma needs to happen between ages 6-9 to develop DID. Conveniently, the Amanda alter is aged 7-9 and is represented by a piano emoji. I think all the nonnies saying she’s going to turn around and say her piano teacher assaulted her are correct. It fits perfectly with her larp and if anyone questions her, she can point to all the other people he assaulted as proof.

No. 249768

I think she isn’t going to outright say it. I think that’s why magically this alter is non verbal and can’t be contacted. She just needs to leave enough out there for people to make the assumption, she can not outright say it and still have plausible deniability.

No. 249769

She wants to be autistic so she can larp DID, good lord this woman is a terrible person.

No. 249770

She's so fucking ableist. They don't develop any slower than other kids you absolute trash bag, they just develop SLIGHTLY differently and it has fuckall to do with DID

No. 249771

What I want to know is the overlap between bpd and did because I haven't found a single person on the internet who fakes did and doesn't already have bpd

No. 249773

She seems to think that autism is an intellectual disability like Down’s syndrome. Obviously some autistic people also have an intellectual disability but it’s not the case for the majority. I wonder if that’s why her larp is so exaggerated and strange because she doesn’t understand at all.

No. 249777

>people with autism don't develop their brain at the same pace as a neurotypical child
Sorry, but, is she literally calling autistic people "slow"?…
This information isn't even correct right?

No. 249778

She 100% sounds like a neurotypical allistic person who wants to sound like she knows everything there is to autism. She will never experience autism as much as she larps it because she wasn't born with it in the first place. The fact she is trying to sound experienced in something she has no knowledge of is completely infuriating.

No. 249780

>Obviously some autistic people also have an intellectual disability but it’s not the case for the majority. I wonder if that’s why her larp is so exaggerated and strange because she doesn’t understand at all.
Because she watches too many youtube and tiktok videos like these. The faking is so obvious. She gets all her info on how to fake from these people and then injects it back to her audience.

No. 249782

Jesus, I know Jill's a piece of work, but a false accusation of csa, even if it was against an actual pedo to propel herself and avoid responsibilities is a new, dark low.

No. 249784

File: 1663609299444.jpeg (156.26 KB, 828x957, 4E249338-1483-4386-B6CC-00D307…)

Just posting these again in case she really deletes them or anything

No. 249785

File: 1663609338529.jpeg (246.29 KB, 828x1210, D527C3D9-ED23-45A8-8920-FD0DF3…)

No. 249787

I am usually on the victim's side, but I completely agree.
1. Jill has already said she wasn't aware of the CSA going on
2. Said herself he didn't do anything to her but to another child
In this case, if she claimed she just surpressed the memories it would be horribly insulting to the actual victims.

No. 249788

>omg my teacher was weirdly friendly to me but he fucked another student my same age!!! how dare he not do it to me me and give me my CSA validation for my DID larp
what a fucking retard… using the pain from others for herself. It's always "ME ME ME" with her.

No. 249789

Yeah I understand why this would obviously freak someone out if they were in proximity of an authority figure who did that to another person, but it’s really fucked up if she’s actually going to try to claim sexual trauma that someone else experienced.

No. 249791

Right? She didn’t even say something like “I’m so sorry this happened to this girl”. She just made it about her

No. 249807

Isn't Vash hated by left tubers because he's a misogynist that uses flowery leftist language to be a huge asshole and creep towards women?
Her explanation makes me want to a-log so bad. Why for once in her life can't she be empathetic towards some one else and not make the situation about herself? Knowing her she's going to co-opt that "neurodivergent people talk about themselves to express empathy" rhetoric going around to cover up how she's a huge narc.

No. 249808

I hope she does accuse the piano teacher. I hope she makes up this big story about what he did to her. And I hope it gets back to the police and she gets called in to be a witness in the case. And when it all turns out to be false and shes blasted for using other peoples trauma for attention, I hope she feels real shame.

I know she said her abusers were female but she can make up some amnesia barrier for that one.

No. 249811

Could you imagine how her mom must feel about that? Finding out that her daughter is saying that the piano teacher she paid for and trusted molested not one child but also hers. Oh fuck that’s so dark and I hate Jill for lying about it. The fact she’s willing to drag her family into this is selfish and awful.

No. 249813

Anyone have any further info on the piano teacher? Do we have his name? Wouldn't it be fun if someone shared Jill's thoughts on the matter with him?(cowtipping request)

No. 249814

>Wouldn't it be fun if someone shared Jill's thoughts on the matter with him?
Do not encourage cowtipping a child molester, wtf anon

No. 249815

do we know that it's true?

No. 249816


The piano teacher who was found guilty is Aaron Crane but the guy in the video shared above (the Muse one) isn't him. If Jill claimed the guy in her mom's video did something to her it would be a big deal - he's well known on PEI.

No. 249817

thanks babes. After Googling - can now confirm it's true, and I retract prior statements. I fully assumed that this was just made-up Jill bullshit.

No. 249818

File: 1663618368906.jpeg (211.82 KB, 960x649, EDD34C66-9122-48D0-9058-CF503D…)

Who wants to bet Jill claims this was her?

No. 249821

File: 1663618892425.png (397.49 KB, 780x439, aaron-crane-music-instructor-a…)

Anon… there's literally a news article about the teacher posted on earlier threads, he got 6 years in prision
Stop doubting the actual victim and don't think of cowtipping that gross man ever again

No. 249826

the hard part is that there is no reason for anyone to think she's lying on this. he's a real p3do, and it's a really easy way for her to lie, despite the fact that she said nothing happened to her.

it does feel like she's ramping up to say he is the trauma she suppressed.

No. 249828

What I don't understand is how the fuck can Jill claim to have this horrific childhood trauma while having super loving and involved parents? Louise never noticed the daughter she doted on and spoiled was getting molested, developing multiple personalities, blacking out and not noticing what day it is? That would have to be an extreme level of neglect for her parents to never notice that(email-fagging)

No. 249834

Sage for blogposting but am in therapy for BPD and dissociate often.
My husband of 6 years sure as hell notices..
Jillian is full of shit.
Anyone close to her (esp. her mother) would have noticed and had her in therapy years ago..
And add to that..
Personality disorders aren't the quirky traits she makes them out to be.
They are messy. Ruin your life and everyone else's close to you.
She has no fucking idea.
Off topic, it's good to be back nonnies!(learn2integrate)

No. 249837

Hold your fucking horses and let's not act as if Jill already said it. Let's see how the situation develops, we're just here to watch and either be grossed out or amused by what stupid shit she does.

Her mom is subscribed to her youtube channel where she posted the Veronica video where she says she had to "become a fucktoy for someone in middle school". Like, that's fucking disturbing for a parent to hear when you know it didn't happen.

No. 249840

File: 1663624907668.png (51.71 KB, 598x414, firefox_r6LG34Y46J.png)

Jill watched Bakemonogatari. No, they do not "staple each other's flesh" in the show, the main girl threatens the loser MC and staples his cheek once, there is no gore in the episode but Jill is especially uwu soft.
(She should instead criticize the lolicon and incest in that anime).

No. 249841

File: 1663625069969.png (174.89 KB, 595x728, firefox_6YZlLODQ85.png)

Also her boss got a tiktok and seems quite cowish herself. Kinda surprised Jill sucks up to her so much compared to others on twitter.

No. 249842

I've been reading "Playing Sick?", a lot of it sounds straight up like Jill (always creating crises that increase in severity whenever people start to question her, try to hold her accountable or give her less attention). There's a huge overlap between BPD and Factitious Disorder, according to the author. Some chapters go over DID fakers and even touch on munching by internet, and this was published in 2004. Not meaning to medfag, it's just a really interesting read. For anons who ask if she really believes her bullshit, basically people with FD know they're lying, but they don't understand why they do it or how to stop. They also don't necessarily want to stop, because they enjoy what they get out of it (manipulation, control and attention/sympathy). Even if people disagree about the BPD, we can all agree she's faking this shit and it's dumb because FD is an actual diagnosis, she could get treated for it if she wanted. Quote from the book: "Since borderline and factitious disorder patients find that pain reminds them that they are real, pain has the effect of organizing them. They immediately become patients and there is no more ambiguity about the role they are to fulfill and who they are."

No. 249843

>Off topic, it's good to be back nonnies!
Agreed! it's nice to see lolcow is back. The site might go down again sometime this week though, so don't panic if it does, they're just doing maintenance

No. 249844

this is that shitty nail stylist, right?

No. 249846

>Also her boss got a tiktok and seems quite cowish herself.
Huhhh. I'm actually interested, and she's cow relevant. If someone finds something milky on her definetely show it here.

No. 249847

>they were stapling each other's flesh
Kekkkk wtf? No they don't. Why is she so ~scared~ of an anime like this which is very run of the mill anime with dumb anime tropes yet she said she looked at gore on Jerrick's account some months ago? and then she said she wasn't as squeamish anymore?

Jeez it's like not every anime has to be kawaii uguuu~uwu like her kiddie anime precure trash. She's making it sound more gorey than it is, this ain't fucking Higurashi lmao. Not everything has to pander to her… and yes Bakemonogatari sucks.
>where is the fuwa fuwari
Proof that she doesn't care about shit if it isn't digested pink glittery shit that goes along with her aesthetic. What an over reaction

No. 249849

I actually agree with the idea this is all a munchie larp

No. 249850

I feel like it's her attempt at making a "hit tweet" and getting into beef with anime brodudes. It's funny just like how she hated Madoka for not being cute but then suddenly pretended to be into it.

No. 249853

Kek, please jill go after fujoshits next. Tell them their husbando is actually straight, and then start slapfighting with aidens over who's the gayest of males.

No. 249857

This. It's also like… Renai Circulation isn't even the first opening (so it's not bait and switch), it only shows in a handful of episodes, and it's meant to be the view point of a girl who has a crush with the main character, so it's supposed to be sappy and cutesy and immature on purpose. Because the opening was made for that character arc, specifically. I won't get into more details here, but it really shows how very little she understands about media… even though she made precure her whole personality. It's not that the Monogatari series is a masterpiece like some people say, but the characters in this show (and similar media) tend to be more in-depth or fleshed out than your average kiddie magical girl show… precure is mainly for children so of course she would rather go for the easily digestible rainbow colored spark attack shouting show. So much that she took Renai Circulation at face value. There's nothing wrong with liking shit like magical girls in your 20s, but… idk. Her tastes and whole persona reek of immaturity to me. It doesn't help that most precure characters are literal one-note flanderizations of young girls and have only one main character trait… just like her alters kek. Also Bakemonogatari sucks. But since she talked about it, I'm using it as an example. Do not watch that dumb show for scrotes please

No. 249858

Jill just doesn't like anime, she's never even been a real weeb, just an imitation of one which is somehow even worse, she just posts pink edits and watches precure. Remember the whole Madoka situation? Kek.

No. 249859

It's funny how she wants to give off the impression that she's totally obsessed with certain things (drags, precure, anime, sewing, sustainability, etc) but then gets shit wrong and you can see she's actually not passionate about any of those

No. 249860

Kkkkeeekkk. She's so pathetic. Jilly you weren't watching the Hellsing OVA, get over yourself. Funny how she lies over the dumbest shit.

No. 249861

File: 1663632358886.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x2142, 7526A7FF-9705-4D9C-8753-730002…)

Same girl who had a breakdown the other day (jill comforted her on Twitter) because some guy at a yard sale earned more than her?

No. 249863

Her boss?

No. 249864

What the actual fuck? she sounds unstable as hell

No. 249866

Ex boss, the woman who taught Jilly how to smoke weed

No. 249867

File: 1663633625979.jpeg (870.82 KB, 1170x1734, F516ADD1-3AE9-49CD-BD79-A3C8AF…)

More context

No. 249869

I for real thought she was dropping an engagement announcement with this picture until I realised it was the wrong sausage finger for an engagement ring.

No. 249870

can you post the picture she posted? I need to see the yard kek

No. 249872

File: 1663634721490.png (441.92 KB, 1151x1226, Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 7.42…)

the fuck

No. 249873

File: 1663634811084.jpeg (352.17 KB, 1152x2048, A21D5652-10A4-4C92-BA40-7D943A…)

No. 249876

… She really is so jealous of someone making money at a yard sale that she wants to renig on her agreement, even after they paid her? What a complete psycho

No. 249880

Holy white trash

No. 249882

Holy crap this chick is on another level. And there you have it: a BPD mom in her 30s. Classic and good shit right here.

No. 249883

I’m glad I’m not the only one that went down this whiny rabbit hole when Jill replied to her on Twitter. This is the kind of circles Jill runs in, it’s really no wonder she’s so dramatic and ‘traumatized’ by every little thing because she lives in an echo chamber where that’s normal

No. 249884

She thinks she's entitled to more money. She doesn't think it's fair therefore wants to cancel the agreement.
Sure you did. Most likely just talked nicely to the cops. I hate how these dumbasses try to act tough on the internet. Stop acting like an edgy 12 year old.

No. 249885

Who is making thousands of dollars out of that. And paying $100 to be here? It looks awful.

No. 249887

I’m sorry, I know this was posted yesterday, but someone explain to me how this is supposed to make sense? Especially since she’s essentially giving this as a template to help someone else? Only three boxes are dated, the dates aren’t even in order, and half the colors are so similar you can’t tell the difference. We all know she’s lazy, but she can’t even scribble a date in the corner of the box? People with DID (real or imagined) keep trackers like this to show their therapist, how are a bunch of undated similarly colored squiggles supposed to help Jill’s therapist collect data?

No. 249889

Paying for a permit to have a yard sale with other people is pretty common. Similar to a craft fair. $100 is normal or slightly on the high end for this shitty get together I'd guess. So she earned more than she should've anyways and then still had a hissy fit.

No. 249895

A lot of Canadian women are like this.

No. 249903

I don't understand how she took a loss on a bunch of people standing outside on her lawn selling things kek. Nice to see this is who Jill hangs out with

No. 249908

I don’t even understand how she could be getting mad. She says they’re making thousands and she should get a cut. Go sell something then, it’s not her shit they’re selling.

It’s embarrassing how little sense it makes. What’s worse is that’s supposed to help that girl out who didn’t even want a paper and pen method, and yet Jill shows her the most inefficient solution possible. Classic “me me me” shit. I’m convinced she made that journal 5 seconds before posting it.

No. 249909

>that’s supposed to help that girl out who didn’t even want a paper and pen method, and yet Jill shows her the most inefficient solution possible

is it me or has she been doing this a lot lately??? like someone will ask for something specifically but to exclude a certain thing, and jill will only include an example of the thing that was meant to be excluded … such a weird fucking thing to do; if you can't help then just don't say anything. you don't always have to butt in if you don't have what someone is looking for. jesus thats so annoying

No. 249913

File: 1663647014064.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1170x1994, C72E8FDD-685A-4BEC-9E2E-8D91B0…)

She tried to sell too but no one wanted it

No. 249914

This chick is a sight. One of those pitbull-type chicks that gets off on her own aggression and abrasiveness. Just repulsive, honestly. The personality type I hate the most.

No. 249916

what in the 2014 kelly eden

No. 249920

"Wind was too much" this is why you won't sell shit you limp noodle

No. 249924

No wonder she's angry. What a blow to the ol' ego. Kek

No. 249926

Kek so this is why she was raging. She didn’t sell a single thing and got jealous

No. 249931

Of course she didn't sell anything when she put it on her porch and not in the yard sale area. Who is gonna go up to her door?

No. 249934

Of course she didn’t sell anything. Who the hell goes to a yard sale to buy ugly and overpriced art prints? Yard sales are for second hand stuff people want to get rid of. So the people who go there are looking for exactly that. Why would she be so surprised about that?

No. 249936

Hellofresh is anti-union, but she probably doesn't care about shit like that.

No. 249937

>10-20$ for ugly stickers and magnets
Get fucked. No wonder she didn't sell shit, what the actual fuck are these prices?

No. 249938

she sounds high off her ass omg

No. 249939

I noticed too, or she will bring up something that is not important or unrelated, just another way for her to feel special and call attention to herself as an outlier.

No. 249941

what ratatouille meme? did she post it? I don't get it

No. 249943

And is this who Jillian admires? an unhinged boymom?

Ok, so like… Jillian encourages this person, and even told her to "get someone's ass" when she started fighting some random wageslave on social media. I feel like Jillian and Chelsea have more in common than she thinks

No. 249945

kek anon I thought the same

Reminds me so much of Jill.

No. 249946

LMAOOOO of course she's one of those kawaii ~aesthetic~ sellers. I usually arrange big themed and niche flea markets in my city and it's ALWAYS those pastel bitches that throw a tantrum whenever things don't go their way or their overpriced shit doesn't sell. She can't seriously have believed she was gonna make bank by selling prints on a flea market? While staying inside, away from her table, because she was too lazy to put on a jacket? It also looks like she is pretty far away from the other sellers as well? Homegirl really didn't think this through at all and is making it everyone else's problem.

No. 249948

File: 1663664739032.jpg (181.48 KB, 1079x1533, 20220920_110519.jpg)

No. 249949

File: 1663664835856.jpg (384.77 KB, 1080x1686, IMG_20220920_110653.jpg)

More police calling in her head

No. 249950

I would had also seen it as threatening if I knew it was coming from this psycho.

No. 249953

Why the fuck is she doing this shit? "His name is Dan and he's gay". Prejudice much? Why is she willingly sharing the name of someone like this? He wasn't in the wrong, she is being an ass.

"he's gay"… and what about it? Wow what a lgbt ally, Jillian must be proud of her.

No. 249954

File: 1663665318171.jpg (192.11 KB, 1080x1055, 20220920_111012.jpg)

Here's the ugly prints she sold. She also makes some very round and thick press on nails (reminds me of shayna's hotdog nails with the color choices too).

But anyway, I followed Jill before DID saga and I am surprised she interacts with her like that. As in, she loves the beef this woman has with others and supports her on twitter, while usually Jill is quick to drop anyone who doesn't fawn over her and is busy sucking up to youtubers. There's also the part about turning her into a stoner, yikes.

No. 249955

I'm sorry, why is this thread turning into this Chelsea woman?

I know she's tangentially connected to Jill but I'm trying to hear about Jill, not this bitch here

No. 249956

File: 1663666142638.jpg (449.27 KB, 1080x1876, IMG_20220920_112807.jpg)

Chill, it's not a huge derail. She came up because Jill constantly interacts with her bitchy tweets and got her into weed. I don't think she'll be brought up much again unless they do some stupid shit together.

No. 249957

Part of me is like "surely even Jill wouldn't use other people's horrible trauma for internet points" but then I remember she is pretending to have DID and autism… I think she would sink that low. I really hope she won't do it.

>it's a really easy way for her to lie

True, but she has in the past said nothing happened, and she was stupid enough to recently post the "autism makes the need for childhood trauma for DID null right???" so she again outed herself as not having had any trauma at that age.

No. 249958

I think one day if Jill goes too far with her larp her parents (and/or brother?) will have to publicly call out her lies. Her mom already seems less willing to play along and it probably hurts to see her daughter lie and steal the spaces of actual victims of trauma, DID, autism etc when she knows it's not true.

No. 249959

She is such an asshole the way she frames it as oh autistic people are just more sensitive. A lot of autistic people have real trauma, it’s not just “being sensitive” jesus. She could never fathom how traumatic it is for people who spend their whole childhood bullied for reasons they can’t understand being understood by no one even their parents and sometimes have parents who force them to mask and treat them poorly for all their autistic traits. She was the bully and has parents who fall over themselves to appease and validate her. To her it’s just oh these retards are just dainty over sensitive idiots as if they aren’t often treated incredibly poorly and sometimes discriminated against.

No. 249962

Because it is also milky and plenty other threads talk about people adjacent to the cows all the time, chill

No. 249963

These aren't even good, Idk who the fuck would want to buy any of these. Literally low level entry pinterest tier garbage, the cupcake specially looks super jarring and the colors are fugly as fuck. None of these are actually well drawn either.

No. 249964

>omg you have no idea what you unleashed
>we are full daily stoners now
Yiiiiikesss. Wish she stayed a naive dumb priviledged girl instead of a stoner dumb priviledged girl.

No. 249965

>it probably hurts to see her daughter lie and steal the spaces of actual victims of trauma, DID, autism etc when she knows it's not true.
I don't think this is particularly true, but the rest I agree, it feels like she suddenly started wanting to get very close to her again to then scold her off / bring her some bad news after the MCR concert.

No. 249966

She is trying to use people's real autistic trauma by spreading harmful untrue shit like how she thinks autists are just developing more slowly/are underdeveloped. Mentally disabled people are still developing the same areas of the brains at the same time as their non-disabled peers, so her little attempt at trying to use it to make her DID-without-trauma more plausible falls flat. At this point it would be a lot less offensive if she just tried to invent a new DID-disorder that only applies to her. And at least then no one could argue against her with facts about the real disorders she's trying to appropriate.

No. 249967

Idk why but it feels like I've seen that cupcake somewhere else. It's not even that original to begin with, who the fuck would want to buy an ugly print of an equally ugly and disgusting looking cupcake. There's no "treat" in this when it really looks like a radioactive cupake.

No. 249971

>I swear Dan knows everything about cannabis ever

Is it the same Dan?

No. 249975

>crawling up trannies asses
>using gay as pejorative

I see how it is

No. 249976

>lets someone use their yard for their yard sale
>person makes lots of money
>gets mad
>posts threatening meme followed by a tweet implying the man is illegally trespassing when he paid for his spot
This woman could probably keep a thread running on here

No. 249977

Kek I agree. I want to see more of the bullshit she does and says

No. 249980

This is what art without feelings looks like.

No. 249988

Dan is also her husband's name. I avoid posting totally unrelated family, but basically he looks like the average gamer caricature.

No. 249989

And it's most old people who are into yard sales, especially where they live. What old person wants her 2014 tumblr tier stickers?

No. 249993

I screencapped the whole fiasco in case she goes private again lol
Won't post it here to not clog Jill's thread up of course,but this woman has no online presence so I don't think she'd ever get a thread

No. 250005

These look like shit. You can tell she just copied other artists with whatever was popular in 2014 and really thought she was doing something. I can’t stand low tier garbage with no effort behind it.

No. 250011

I am really curious what her behavior was like irl that made this man feel threatened over a meme. No doubt she had to be acting insane to make him feel she was some sort of threat.

No. 250012

This. I know men chimp out easily but I feel like there had to be more than just her calling him a twat. She seems to act erratically, maybe she threatened him.

No. 250015

>turd on a fork

No. 250017

She says on her twitter that she got up to him while crying and told him to go away that they didn't want that kind of clientele, that he turned their yard sale into a trashyard. She kept arguing with him and his son and yelling at them and called the police so they fuck off.

No. 250021

she literally seems like such a classist bitch? also she doesn't seem to understand that she invited people to her yard for a yardsale? she chose to do this? so why does she think she can just get mad at people for taking advantage of an opportunity and making money? what a salty bitch, i guess we can see where jillian learns her behaviors from.

No. 250026

Good for her. I don’t see what’s cowish about this. It’s better safe than sorry with moids

No. 250028

She really does, then does the retarded "um, his name's dan and he's a gay paralegal… wink wink nudge nudge. Be a real shame if anyone did anything him."
Assuming this isn't bait, you don't get to start shit with people then proceed to instigate just because you had them pay 100 for a space to sell their shit and they ended up making more than that, regardless if they're male or female.

No. 250030

glad to see other anons dug into this woman's past. I checked and I think that area was doing an "x mile yard sale" or sömething. I forgot how long it was. That must be why he asked to use the lawn.

She chimped out because of jealousy and muh vague chronic illnesd made her unable to stand out there. Apparently none of the boys or ppl in her family would help sell. She called the lawn "trashed" afterwards when it looked the same as during the sale.

She got a tiktok, maybe a thread is worth it

No. 250042

No, it isn’t. Autistic people actually tend to develop certain areas of the brain even faster, not slower. Jill is a fucking insufferable fat moron.

No. 250047

I know some anons won't like it, but I wouldn't mind occassional updates whenever Jill has a slow day.

No. 250049

I was waiting for someone to say this lol. Correcting Jill means that’s another fact she can add to her disability library. Let her act like a retard online.

No. 250066

>that kind of clientele
>yard sale
Just sounds like she has bpd and felt like flipping at someone, random people turned up at my yard sale! How could I have predicted this!
People who make everything a huge drama are so tiresome, no surprise Jill gets along with her

No. 250072

please post the screenshot I need to see the milk

No. 250073

File: 1663701858549.jpeg (166.92 KB, 828x1136, 8CB77738-7DCF-49FF-B865-CD594E…)

Nitpick but I can’t be the only one that cringes at people who unironically use the word “haters”

No. 250076

Men are nasty but in this case it is really clear she got butthurt because the guy was making more money than her, so she acted like an asshole
Like, ok, men suck but she's a priviledged nlog special snowflake boymom

No. 250079

>She got a tiktok
oh boy I'm interested

No. 250080

But she doesn't block haters.
People have replied to her posts with gore and she won't even block them
She wants the harrassment to feel victimized

No. 250081

Oh this is cringe as fuck anon. She doesn't have "haters", she's not that popular or famous. People here don't count lmao. She's insufferable but she's literally a nobody

No. 250083

File: 1663702517220.jpg (1.72 MB, 4096x1517, Developmental disabilities .jp…)

All these disabilies and she wants the uwu smol autist diegnosis.
Jilly bean you can't just pick and choose what's wrong with you. Or you can I guess… It's what your built your entire platform on

No. 250084

>people have replied to her posts with gore
when was this??

No. 250086

I don't even know what you're trying to prove with this. Not all autistic have an intellectual disability.

No. 250090

How did you get that out of what I'm saying. I'm not talking about autism. I'm talking about Jill trying to prove her special age regression and late developed DID is because of her undiegnosed autism when like other anons said have nothing to do with autism and it's other disabilities that have to do with delayeved development. But she won't fake having those disorders because they aren't quirky and trendy like autism

No. 250101

Should her thread be in /w/? she's a mini cow related to jill even if she isn't a weeb

No. 250105

Imagine her claiming to have an intellectual disability and everyone going like "oh that makes so much sense now!"

No. 250109

Sage for weedfagging but sativa is known for exacerbating anxiety in those with a history of it, she really isn’t helping her own case that all her “DID symptoms” (assuming they even exist) might be a result of being under the influence all the time

No. 250112

I'm from the area and this is how most of the women are. To me this is so normal it baffles me how it's being considered milky enough for a thread.
Small towns are full of this kind of petty milk. There's threads dedicated to minicows you all could take the conversation there

No. 250117

She might get more attention if she claimed a serious intellectual disability but it would be easily disproven, plus autism is conveniently in the desires of every tiktokfag and twitterfag out there so there’s no surprise with that choice.

No. 250124

Yeah, to be diagnosed with an intellectual disability there is a lot more physical science involved than with autism where you and an informant just talk to someone.

No. 250128

what a tard
I mean even if you don't want to take meds (take some meds Jilly) if your anxiety gets worse you'd think to check if whatever else you're taking can have an impact on it. Why is she so against common sense

No. 250130

Not worth a whole thread, stick her in personal cows maybe?

No. 250134

Just post her in this thread please, I'm not going to start using /snow/ again just to see what some random retarded lady related to Jillian's milk is doing

No. 250136

File: 1663710962776.jpeg (140.16 KB, 750x665, EABD50BC-B0D7-4EF4-8D70-A6D545…)

she used to take ativan, but stopped it because of her weed use?

No. 250137

Yeah I agree. I’m not even from the maritimes but even in Alberta we have a ton of trashy women like her.

No. 250138

Imagine stopping your medication to smoke something that makes you more anxious and more dumber everyday

No. 250142

Ativan is going to do that as well, but faster than weed. Benzos aren't comparable to stopping other psychiatric medication.

No. 250143

Tinfoil but, if the BPD bitch is "muh chronically ill" and got jill on weed, but could she have been the one to give jill the push she needed to start "muh mental illness" larp. Steve just added to the problem with bringing in "muh angel baby therapist" and it snowball'd into the Jill we have today.

I also couldn't post my other tinfoil of Mama Vessey wanting to move closer to Jill for awhile now. It might've been planned earlier in the year after she got concerned with Jill's posts on SM but only just now told her her plans of moving closer to keep an eye on her/provide a support network for her and now Jill's throwing a temper tantrum on twitter because smother's gonna be checking in on her a lot more.

No. 250151

top kek. bitch you're not using weed medicinally. you don't have chronic pain. you don't have AIDS. you have fucking BPD. i swear she's baiting at this point to see what she can get away with saying. if anything, weed would make her disorders, fake and real, significantly worse. hearing someone pretending to have a severe dissociative disorder say they use weed "medicinally" is the best hot garbage i've ever heard. sage for sperging but gimme a break

No. 250152

“don’t ever get high, just normal”
oh, jill. certainly not with your erratic behavior. if you’re smoking weed, it has THC in it which makes people high. if you were taking CBD pills however, you wouldn’t get high.
so many stoners seem to lack critical thinking it has to be the loss of brain rot from the weed and internet.

No. 250158

I agree just leave it in here. She's already locked her Twitter once. We probably won't get much milk out of her to justify putting it anywhere else, she'll probably just private as soon as she realizes she's been posted. Though she does seem the type who might throw a public tantrum once she realizes, too.

No. 250162


Very off topic, but there was a panicking patient in the ER once, and I hear a nurse call Ativan “vitamin A”. I chuckled a little.

No. 250166

>hearing someone pretending to have a severe dissociative disorder say they use weed "medicinally" is the best hot garbage i've ever heard.
yeah wouldn't that like, worsen it?

No. 250168

>>that’s supposed to help that girl out who didn’t even want a paper and pen method, and yet Jill shows her the most inefficient solution possible
>>is it me or has she been doing this a lot lately??? like someone will ask for something specifically but to exclude a certain thing, and jill will only include an example of the thing that was meant to be excluded
>I noticed too, or she will bring up something that is not important or unrelated, just another way for her to feel special

I agree with this, someone on twitter could be like: "I need help with anxiety" and she'd be like: "omg I know you asked for anxiety but me me me me I'm special validate me I'm so knowledgeable and helpful uwu"

No. 250187

if she's always high she probably doesn't know the difference now kek.

No. 250194

File: 1663724009197.png (152.03 KB, 554x492, discord tranny.png)

oh god… steven is a discord tranny

No. 250198

File: 1663724127449.png (13.21 KB, 538x184, chelsea.png)

jilly's reply to chelsea with the ratatouille meme
>"Confirmed love u and would never do this psycho shit"

No. 250199

File: 1663724175916.jpg (185.97 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220920-183142_Chr…)

No. 250202

File: 1663724347835.webm (1.39 MB, 576x1024, 55615709443.webm)

No. 250203

File: 1663724362767.png (63.43 KB, 590x504, hmmm.png)

also… jillian she asked for bands, not retarded people on the internet
poor cat

No. 250208

File: 1663724536282.png (14.61 KB, 554x204, bleh.png)

> I love these moments tbh. I love my parts too but it’s nice to be me
can't see what tweet she's replying to, someone with twitter please help

No. 250210

File: 1663724603578.png (18.28 KB, 550x212, did.png)

also this is what she has to say about the shitty DID journal
>"thank u!!! We are super visual the way we learn and interpret info so everything has to be colour coded and abstract lol"
I think she's lurking

No. 250218

File: 1663725302102.gif (8.87 MB, 288x512, faker.gif)

Did anyone else see this fake stim crap she put on tiktok?

No. 250223

File: 1663725599342.jpg (187.48 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220920-185621_Chr…)

No. 250226

File: 1663725740368.jpg (174.93 KB, 720x1386, Screenshot_20220920-185626_Chr…)

No. 250228

File: 1663725841346.gif (9.33 MB, 288x512, 1663725684561.gif)

also wtf is this

No. 250230

The irony

No. 250235

No one would ask about her mento illness if she didn't milk it for content in the first place… if she's so bothered she could just keep her issues private and act normal like most people would do.

No. 250240

omg the hypocrisy.. like girl you have a peeps collection fgs. YOU are the consumerist in question Jill! your whole career is built off over-consumption, just because you buy from “ethical clothing brands” (or just anything that greenwashes enough) now doesn’t mean you don’t consistently rely on hauls to be interesting. it’s so annoying watching the “fast-fashion is bad!!1” girlies act holier than thou whilst they ignore the fact that buying a bunch of home decor crap, makeup products and drop-shipped plastic accessories is also overconsumption.

No. 250249

This. Or did she forget all the plastic crap she's bought over the years that her rainbow house of horrors is filled, and damn near killed her cat with kek.

No. 250251

I hope more people see this wack shit

No. 250252

I wish nonnies didn't upload milk at the same time. I can tell it's been 3 posters posting the same stuff at the same time for a while kek. Leave the milk breathe a little

No. 250262

What does this even mean?

No. 250269

Scroll up and you'll see a bunch of milk posts posted at the same time

No. 250272

honestly i'm surprised she gave up on the whole thrifting bandwagon. to be fair, it is harder to thrift tent-sized unicorn shit than normal shit, but it's all out there. you've just gotta look. what does she even wear anymore? all i see is the same three shoddy dresses she's made and baggy shirts. so much for fashion

No. 250275

File: 1663731274429.jpeg (162.35 KB, 750x1079, 06EC691A-2900-4133-A124-A0ED0C…)

still shopping for a diagnosis, jill? you're not on the spectrum. you just have a personality disorder. maybe start by treating the issues you actually have (cough weed habit cough) instead of fishing for new ones every year

No. 250283

I wonder what discord groups he’s in?

No. 250288

>”Overconsumption is tacky”
> immediately posts a tik tok wearing 300 plastic accessories

No. 250296

>Makes a whole brand about their supposed mental illness
>Cries about people expecting proof of said illness
You can't have it both ways.

No. 250300

Hope there's no discord kittens in that group. Already bad enough they both are age players and lol come over to our house to age regress, we have weed.
So autistic Jilly. I can't believe she does this shit with a straight face. So fucking gross.

No. 250311

I’m sorry this bitch is so pathetic. Pixielocks claiming to be autistic, which she’s never mentioned in the past (before she hopped on the DID/stimming Tiktok bandwagon) is too much. IDK how anyone can support this bitch. Flapping your hands on video or fluttering your eyelids for attention is disgusting. Self-diagnosing with autism for attention is disgusting. I hope her fanbase will see through her act one day.

No. 250312

File: 1663739965854.jpg (214.36 KB, 720x1388, Screenshot_20220920-225804_Chr…)

No. 250313

at least it's funny that girls are stealing drag spaces meant for men

No. 250315

She really is starting to look like a proper drag queen in the sense that I recently saw a TIM to do this exact same bouncing and hand shaking when he apparently tried to emulate what he thinks teenage girls do when they get omg excited!!, and that face… well, in my opinion she's becoming quite convincing kek

No. 250316

She's such a mess. She only wants to be autistic to validate her DID because people are questioning the explicit need of childhood trauma needed to develop it. But for autism to validate the DID she still has to make things up about autism, like how autism somehow magically negates the need for childhood trauma in DID (because she sees autists as mentally being children). But since that isn't true she would then have to adopt a third condition that affects the autism in such a way that it allows for her made up lie to seem true.

Not to encourage armchairing, but could Jill actually have munchasen or does she actually think she has these conditions? I really can't tell.

No. 250317

Between the combination of beak nose makeup, yellow everywhere, and the hand flapping, she looks like the personification of a fat ass peep struggling to take flight.

No. 250320

I can’t see that damn sprinkle dress anymore

No. 250322

yeah that's the only positive thing is this whole mess isn't it?
fucking KEK

No. 250323

it's not even drag for her, that's how she usually dresses and does her makeup

No. 250324

Kek nonny!

No. 250325

Nothing more gay than going to a drag show where all the women performing will be picked up by their boyfriends post show to go home and play house again cause “queer” has no definition so stinkditches like her can just show up and show out.

No. 250334

Funny you mention that because the designer for that dress is Chrissa Sparkles had a midlife crisis and divorced her long time husband to make overpriced sweatshop produced pastel “Instagram baddie” clothes now. She’s pretty milky now trying to claim her Filipina heritage despite being white passing as hell and never mentioning it in the past. She makes cringey thirst trap posts flaunts a fugly new stick man bf after spending years of building her entire brand of being cutesy and “kawaii”and forcing her former husband into that lifestyle as well.

I wonder if our beloved jilly will lean more into Veronica and enter her thot phase too?

No. 250336

Saying that she’s milking it for content is too generous, in my opinion. She invented it for content.

catboy ranch

She’s far too calculated for me to accept that she actually believes she has DID. She became interested in it via YT influencers, actively sought out a newbie counsellor who ‘specialised’ in trauma despite having no real experience with it and therefore would be far more likely to validate her LARP, started leaving breadcrumbs on social media like a year before her so-called diagnosis, posted a diagnostic impression as if it were a real diagnosis and never followed up on getting properly diagnosed, invents new alters to go along with social media trends, experiences zero actual real life repercussions, etc. I could go on forever. If she truly believed she had DID with young children and even a cat alter then she’d give up on driving for her own safety, especially after she supposedly blacked out and Berry went to the store by car and bought crayons and juice boxes all by herself. If Jill believed this was a real thing that happened then it would have freaked her the hell out but instead she posted it to social media as a funny anecdote. She knows she’s full of shit. So do Steve and Louise, or else they would’ve taken away her car keys or even had her committed for her own safety.

As for autism, I think she’s bullshitting for the same reasons but there is also a chance that she doesn’t see it as a real thing and therefore doesn’t understand why she shouldn’t be able to claim it for herself. One of those “well aren’t all of us a little bit autistic, really?” people, but Jillified so she has to be The Best at it.

No. 250340

File: 1663766093961.jpeg (83.89 KB, 900x810, 99388AB7-4320-4694-81B0-5902DD…)

This bothers me so much, but it's funny as well, like how come she suddenly stims when she's excited? We didn't see anything like that in the videos for the MCR concert, nor when she has done hauls in the past or when she was on that trip in Japan.
And how convenient, she mildly flaps her hands like she's trying to imitate this comic. I just think it's hilarious because unless she got a super special autism that only shows up when you're over 21 years old, someone would've noticed her flapping her hands and bouncing, specially because she at least got right the whole dressing up like a fucking sped.

No. 250348

Kek nonny thanks for the update sounds milky

No. 250349

The one thing autism larpers can never seem to get right is that it’s supposed to be a spectrum, they see all the behaviors and treat it like a checklist desperately trying to fit into all the boxes.
The fact they somehow all do the handflapping is ridiculous

No. 250352

This is exactly it. She’s going down a checklist of random traits read from other attention whore LARPers on tiktok etc and emulating them, meanwhile she doesn’t have any history of the actual things associated with autism. But to her it’s all “omg stimmy stim stim! Chew toys! Rainbows! Hand flappies! DID!” She’s very transparently an internet addicted chronically high munchie with a special snowflake complex and no tism.

No. 250357

we have 57 and counting threads nitpicking her life and criticising mostly everything she does but we don't count as haters? interesting conclusion.

No. 250362

I'm pretty sure that most of the anons in here were her fans not me though so they don't see themselves as haters. I don't hate her, I just think she's weird as fuck and that's funny.

No. 250363

yeah, most of us don't actually HATE her, but c'mon. from her point of view, we are her "haters" and it's perfectly valid that she should think so.

No. 250364

Now that's true, she thinks that the farmers will hunt her down or something when in reality most of us don't even follow her.

No. 250373

File: 1663777611977.png (169.13 KB, 595x703, firefox_paFLhoADjp.png)

She really thinks she can make big money on youtube but vlog channels are completely out of fashion and she's not a fashion influencer or art youtuber.
Youtube has completely changed in the last 10 years and the big channels hire professionals for voiceovers, editing and filming.

No. 250374

File: 1663777660344.png (104.38 KB, 600x654, firefox_Uk2z0irnQe.png)

No. 250375

Hello fellow Alberta anon. I feel the same - I feel like I legitimately know this woman. Puts up such a tough and aggressive front, constantly on the attack, gets off on being that way, yet can't understand why she isn't succeeding at her absolute hack-job "business."

Like bitch, we can all see you're nothing more than an out of control BPD bitch with PCOS. It gets less and less cute and quirky the older you get. God, I seriously dislike that woman.

No. 250384

>getting a call on discord
He is so a troomer

No. 250385

They all seem to be housekeepers, have multiple children and a rigpig bf that’s not the father lol. Their Facebook is full of trashy stoner/alcohol memes and comment on local posts with laugh emojis included. Sometimes they’re stay at home moms too despite their kids being in school.

No. 250387

And they, and their boyfriends / husbands are always so fuckin' fat (especially the dude). I dunno what this bitch's husband looks like, but I imagine he is very fat.

No. 250388

NTA but he is lol
Fat, neckbeard, glasses, stay at home dad

No. 250390

>both parents are stay at home
at what point are these people just unemployed, not "homemakers" like they'd like to believe

No. 250402

This has been disproved countless times. People don't click on your money begging links because they don't want to give you money. It's not that deep.

No. 250411

File: 1663787253890.png (764.46 KB, 750x1334, A593090C-51F0-461C-AB12-CE4E03…)

also top kek that jill thinks she's being suppressed. no one wants to watch her larp. just look at her socialblade. she's tanking and it's all her doing. god forbid she take accountability though. it must be someone else's fault.

No. 250420

Yup they always pick bottom of the barrel scrote (which is most) because he drives a truck and has money. This is exactly why I couldn’t date Alberta men and fucked off to the states.

No. 250421

File: 1663790870407.jpg (142.37 KB, 720x1400, Screenshot_20220921-130509_Chr…)

No. 250422

File: 1663791033272.jpg (186.44 KB, 720x1369, Screenshot_20220921-130547_Chr…)

No. 250425

File: 1663791564619.jpg (145.04 KB, 719x1276, Screenshot_20220921-131800_Chr…)

No. 250428

Imagine being so privileged that you complain about inflation and the cost of living crisis when you don’t work and have a tantrum when your mom tells you to start paying your bills or move home.
Jill needs to get off the internet, find a real job and get mental help for her ridiculous need to feel important. Of course she’s too narcissistic to do so. I hope Louise pulls the plug on paying her bills and she has to move home.

No. 250433

There's definitely youtubers who can make it big in a niche and gain a following (like those random sheep shearing and farm animal care channels people find relaxing). But the question is: how entertaining is your content and can viewers take something away from it?

Jill acts like she already made it big, and confetti club convinced her that people want to see everything about her, but her screeching isn't pleasant to listen to and her creations are ugly so she doesn't draw in new people. On the other hand, she, like many of the cows here, doesn't want to let go of her 200k sub identity instead of realizing most people already left.

No. 250439

She never made it big, but she did have a fair amount of followers and probably could have done YouTube and patreon as her job if she had kept up the content that got her those followers: kawaii fashion and lifestyle stuff. It was still self indulgent and lulzy, but it was what her fans liked and was pleasant and mindless enough that you could put it on for background noise. But instead of sticking to what worked, she decided to start this DID larp as an excuse not to work. All her content became about DID, which alienated a lot of her followers and was no longer inoffensive to listen to in the background because her voice got much more screechy.
If she just grew out of the kawaii stuff, that’s fine, but she needed to either pivot in a different but similar enough direction and KEEP WORKING to retain her following and find new fans, or leave it all behind and get a regular job. Instead she thought she could just smoke weed all day and mommy would pay for her to live with Steve while doing fuck all.

No. 250442

File: 1663800277827.jpg (Spoiler Image,149.86 KB, 800x1200, CherIsRisen_2021_RuffleCropTop…)

>Chrissa Sparkles
tbh I just looked at her shop and I was expecting worse considering the ugly sprinkle dress she made + the mention of insta baddie shit lol. I was expecting some ugly spandex tops with corny messages on them but this isn't so bad, just very forever21 tier. Spoilering for unrelated

No. 250443

>actively sought out a newbie counsellor who ‘specialised’ in trauma despite having no real experience with it
>posted a diagnostic impression as if it were a real diagnosis and never followed up on getting properly diagnosed
>invents new alters to go along with social media trends
>experiences zero actual real life repercussions
These points are what fuck me up the most of about her larp, it's so bad

No. 250451

>pride 2.0
Seriously? What is pride even about nowadays?

No. 250452

Consoomerism, genderism, and spicy straights

No. 250454

File: 1663805220034.jpg (207.05 KB, 720x1381, Screenshot_20220921-170517_Chr…)

No. 250460

I thought everyone was co-fronting like, all the time? Does she need to call him on the intercom in her mind house?

No. 250465

File: 1663811129898.jpg (158.26 KB, 720x1387, Screenshot_20220921-184318_Chr…)

No. 250466

This is just the chefs kiss of comments, truly the verbal slap in the face she needs. I so hope she reads this.

No. 250467

>called out for constantly posting content about weed and immediately deflects
This is what happens when you constantly post your every thought online Jillian. She's just going to steadily decline as more people stop following her for being openly dumb and overly aggro all the time.

No. 250470

File: 1663813286830.jpg (98.5 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220921-191204_Chr…)

Unfortunately this seems like a cow tipper; however, you are correct her overly aggro behavior will bite her in the ass.

No. 250473

wow she gets brain fog. like everyone else.

No. 250477

Way to completely ignore any solid advice Jill and attempt to make the other person look bad for no reason. The tweet was about dissociating which the person mentioned and Jill talks about weed constantly so it's not like they brought it up out of nowhere. It was even said in a completely non aggressive way.

No. 250481

File: 1663820250107.jpg (204.71 KB, 720x1399, Screenshot_20220921-211328_Chr…)

No. 250482

>DID is a more severe version of PTSD
GOD she lurks so fucking HARD. I've seen this exact comment on these threads, what happened to "not having trauma" and "being naturally dissociative"??? She cannot claim trauma this bitch is fucking nuts

No. 250484

She goes between claiming some random trauma without specifying and not having trauma if she was smart (lol big if) she would've labeled herself one of the more controversial systems that claims repressed trauma rather than specified but I guess her lie has to be as authentic as she can possibly make it

No. 250485

I thought you smoked it medically jillian … as it has been stated in screenshots from threads here… but now it’s recreationally when ur being called out.. so what is it? You aren’t under any criteria for a medical marijuana card. I.e. something like chronic pain or appetite loss. No, the disorder you want to have so badly involves intense disconnections from reality.. obviously weed would just make them worse, you can’t argue that i’m sorry. She’s digging her own grave rn

No. 250492

Damn Jill, instead of getting so defensive all the time just add “substance abuse disorder” to your list and face reality; you abuse drugs and that is your biggest problem at the moment. The only reasons why she doesn’t is that 1. she doesn’t want it to be true and 2. people would question the whole DID/ mental illness thing even more because everyone knows the “symptoms” she describes come from the substance abuse

No. 250495

>Lol so funny lol I'm not compensating at all lol

No. 250496

>appetite loss
She's been saying she's been loosing her appetite recently though. I doubt it but this just gives her more excuses to use weed
Does weed even help with anxiety at all like she claims?

No. 250498

File: 1663832691346.jpg (157.15 KB, 720x1366, Screenshot_20220921-220758_You…)

No. 250499

anon how do you see the transcript? maybe we should start taking screenshots of those too (or just copy paste them)

No. 250500

Normally weed makes anxiety worse. I can’t speak for everyone but when I smoked everyday it definitely got worse and when I stopped I didn’t have any appetite for a few weeks because I would only eat when being high

No. 250501

Mild blog but I use weed medicinally and it’s not legal where I live, however if it was I would qualify and get a weed card. I don’t understand how she can claim it’s medicinal when if it was she would have a card. She isn’t a doctor so how is she allowed to say that when there is literally a set up for her to obtain it medicinally in a legit way. You can’t just claim random shit is medicinal because you a non doctor said so, she is just going to the store and buying it normally. Its like going to the grocery store buying tendies and saying oh it’s medicinal, you don’t have the authority to make that claim about anything Jillian. Also she whines about money, surely with Canada's healthcare set up if she had a weed card she wouldn’t be paying so much? It makes no sense for her not to get the card unless….oh right she wouldn’t qualify the liar.

No. 250503

File: 1663835083194.jpg (176.66 KB, 720x1393, Screenshot_20220922-011404_You…)

If you use the youtube app you can go by the down button in the title. It'll expand the description and show the transcript button. On desktop it's under the three dots by the save button.

No. 250505

File: 1663841152755.jpg (211.3 KB, 720x1384, Screenshot_20220922-025831_Chr…)

Looked up "structional dissociative identity disorder" and found this. Is this why Jill picked the age ranges for both Berry and Amanda? I got the screenshot from did-research dot org/origin/structural_dissociation/

No. 250506

File: 1663842193296.jpg (227.35 KB, 714x1393, Screenshot_20220922-031804_Chr…)

This was under "Tertiary Structural Dissociation" on that website.

No. 250508

damn this shit is bunk, sounds like some coke fueled freudian bullshit.
also you know she read all of this and is using it like a character guide to having DID. i really believe she sees this like the plays she did in highschool, shes just studying a "character" and becoming them.

No. 250512

Agreed. I know that psychology as a discipline has a wide range of, uh, legitimacy, but no quantitative studies about this type of structural dissociation seem to exist; everything that I can find is a case study. I get that studying psychology is fundamentally different than something like chemistry or biochemistry, but as a researcher myself, I’m just kind of baffled that the sources for these things seem to be “dude, just trust me.”

No. 250531

nta but most psychology is like that. think of the time periods that psychology was growing and the type of men who were thinking this shit up.

No. 250532

File: 1663861894601.jpeg (902.44 KB, 1170x1596, 3485EE07-F6F7-4D64-9E9B-42DD42…)

i don’t believe this at all. she genuinely told the psychologist that she smokes weed every single day and they still diagnosed her with DID? no way

No. 250535

File: 1663862395978.webm (8.1 MB, 1920x1080, 1658741263770.webm)

Well, she didn't get diagnosed

No. 250542

Not everyone who criticizes Jill is a farmer ffs, everyone here agrees that she’s a garbage person and needs calling out, but the second any one does someone flips their lid. It’s not cowtipping if they’re not mentioning the thread to her.

>specifically make sure it’s not caused by substance abuse
And how did they do that when you were already a daily smoker by the time you started seeing a doctor Jill? Nor did you have to stop for any period to test it, because she absolutely would’ve cried about that for days and how hard it was. Your weed use is medicinal in the same way an alcoholic uses booze to cope with their problems. People can use whatever substances they like, but when it gets to the point that you’re using any substance daily, that’s beyond recreational and getting into addiction. I 100% believe that the parts of Jill’s mental health that she explains away with DID that aren’t just for attention are caused by weed psychosis and a heightening of her pre existing anxiety. Not to start another weed sperg, but lasting altered mental side effects are so common in weed usage, but barely anyone talks about it

No. 250543

wouldn't they need to see her sober and not using/getting high to tell whats actually going on!? i'm pretty sure if you're currently going through abusive situations and a drug addiction/alcohol addiction it isn't even appropriate for a doctor to diagnosis a life changing disorder like that, because those circumstances could skew the results. i swear most of her "symptoms" are from her drug and alcohol abuse. she's no different from luna. canada's mental health system seems like an absolute joke.

No. 250547

Why doesn’t she just come on here and talk to us at this point? She’s literally replying to what we’re saying just on a different platform kek

No. 250552

Yeah psychology as a field is full of so much bullshit, I wouldn't take it very seriously.
Source: have a psychology degree sadly

No. 250554

Also if you read her diagnostic impression it isn’t referenced at all. There is a bit she blocked out but if that just said oh she smokes weed daily but that’s not an issue then why would she have blocked that out? Let’s also not forget that she has cut down but at that time she was also drinking heavily frequently on top of the weed. If she truly brought it up and discussed it with them it would be on the report because they cover those bases on the majority of medical forms.

No. 250564

hilarious when people measure dicks with trauma lol it doesn't matter if you're more traumatized than someone else disorders come from bad coping mechanisms but go off Jill

No. 250565

My theory on the redacted part is that it says they don’t believe her or that further testing is needed. The language up until that point is entirely stuff she is self reporting with no commentary from the assessors. The conclusion is where they would state their findings so it’s incredibly suspicious that is the bit she redacted.

No. 250566

the diagnostic impression is literally the professional saying "I don't know" so that doesn't even need to be debated her Angel therapist had no idea if she had it or not

No. 250574

I was ugly laughing in public because of this, nonna.

No. 250579

“psychologists” with an s? as in multiple? huh… that’s funny because i swore it was just that one angel baby therapist who gave you this diagnosis jillian. But now it’s. multiple professionals you went through? Funny how that works…

No. 250580

This is so stupid. You can’t even get treated for severe anxiety and depression if you admit to smoking weed regularly

No. 250581

She has changed her story multiple times, gonna summarize for any anons who don't know:
>she visited one therapist who was nice, but it didn't go where she wanted so she started looking for others, never mentions therapist again
>Stevie recommends Jed
>Jill visited Jed for months, that's when she got encouraged to go all in on the DID and mental health lies
>Jill wants her diagnosis, Jed refers her to a psychiatrist (actual doctor who can diagnose her), in a clinic where she does the standard tests
>Jed is the one who administrates the DID questionaire
>she claims one of the people who "diagnosed" her studied forensic psychology, that was Jed in college
>all she has is a diagnostic impression which she censored

No. 250582

>inb4 jill rants on twitter about how a diagnostic impression is just as valid as a proper diagnosis or comes up with more "proof" she has DID

No. 250583

File: 1663869957617.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, 187898B1-464D-4BC5-843A-A7B941…)

am i slow? since when has she had PTSD in her list on her profile? gotta catch 'em all i guess lmao

No. 250584

but nona, she doesn't want to get treated. she just wants to collect fake diagnoses. also yeah i doubt she told the truth about how much she smokes. if she did, i bet the rest of that paper says "can't rule out substance abuse" kek

No. 250587

i know this has been said before but god it will never not piss me off how she uses little cutesy emojis next to such severe things. not everything has to be cutesy, not everything CAN be cutesy. Being mentally scarred from traumatic events isn’t something you can make cute but she will try her damn hardest to make it so. It’s not a coping mechanism either… jill you’re just watering down the severity of these illnesses. That makes you a bad person.

No. 250591

It’s so goofy to me because if i had gone off of diagnostic impressions in the past with my own health i would’ve been diagnosed with something wrong because guess what…. sometimes one “professional” makes a mistake, they might assume something is true based off on how the patient has described it. But even then Jed didn’t have the full confidence to give a genuine diagnosis,, he gave an impression. Which is basically a big sticker saying you possibly have this condition based on what you have shared with me. However there’s also enough uncertainty to where you need to go verify this and get more tests done,, etc whatever. But jill just chose to stop after she got that impression, she knows if she goes to another professional they might take it away from her, or want to genuinely treat her in a way that she doesn’t like. She knows there’s a chance they would start asking more questions she doesn’t have answers for.

No. 250592

It always reminds me of that meme that says “that one girl in school” with a picture of her notes saying “the holocaust” in all pretty colors and writing

No. 250593

Am I the only one that remembers her saying in the DID video “this is not a diagnosis, it’s a diagnostic impression” but then still referred to it as a diagnosis in the rest of the video? Because when I went back to the vid to hear it again I couldn’t find it. Am I tripping or did she cut that out?

No. 250594

See this clip >>250535

No. 250596

Her clinging onto that diagnostic impression for her dear life is so amusing for reasons we have gone over several times, but also the fact that even a diagnosis can be wrong, I was diagnosed with depression for over ten years before my issues were recognised as bipolar disorder and I got the correct diagnosis. But I guess a diagnostic impression is a whole lot more than what the self-diagnosing generation usually gets so maybe in their eyes an impression is equal to an actual diagnosis.

However I wonder if being able to slap a diagnosis (real or imagined) in your bio really is the end goal to this group, like I never see any desire to get any treatment or getting better. Especially all DID content is essentially "lol watch me switch on camera I captured it totally by accident [proceeds to have a demonic possession so bad not even the shittiest horror movie production would accept it]" or "meet the alters", there is no coping mechanisms, no helpful resources, nothing you'd expect people with so severe mental disorder would share with others to help them. Obviously this just serves to emphasise how everyone's faking the disorder but honestly you'd expect a bit more variety. And no Jill, sharing your squiggly lines for three days does not count as "help".

No. 250597

Can’t play webm on iPhone. But thanks for confirming, nonita

No. 250598

you actually can with the vlc app, download the webm and then click "open with vlc"

No. 250599

Slow fucking clap. PTSD. Jesus Christ, just when she can’t sink any lower. What’s more likely, that the spoiled privileged girl from a normal fucking family in Canada is faking disorders because she’s internet poisoned, or she actually has DID, BPD, autism AND PTSD. do you think she intentionally pisses us off just so she can garner sympathy and even give herself an excuse to hurt herself and ignore any and all responsibilities a young adult is supposed to have?

No. 250600

Yeah the paradox of mental health content on the internet now is like,,, left people not wanting to actually better themselves because making content about being mentally ill is so damn relatable!!!! I don’t know everything about DID in legit cases, but i’m pretty sure the goal is to fuse the personalities back together (no it’s not a fucking steven universe reference jill) and not let them keep thinking they are actually separate entities. I think that’s what Jill is forgetting, having the alters all be separate with their own social media presences is not how someone with DID would work towards maintaining their condition with. Pushing the alleged fractures of your mind further and further apart into their own separate identities is all Jill is doing (if she genuinely had DID) I imagine that is so counterproductive in the eyes of any mental health professional.

No. 250601

A lot of the DID larpers say that integration which is the end goal in healing is tantamount to murder. They claim that the alters are full whole people so seeking to get rid of them is like killing them. Which obviously that’s stupid because they aren’t full whole other people are they, they are parts of the whole that have split off. It’s also clear that they are faking because if you really had this it would fuck up your life, you wouldn’t be able to live a full proper life and you would want to be whole again.

No. 250602

As a well-written anon has said before: this is all just a means for Jill to defer having to grow up, face reality, hold down a regular job, remain a perpetual victim, and have an automatic means of being "quirky" "unique" and "individual."

Which essentially still all boils down to - it's her way of having to not be a grown up.

She wants a excuse for why she hasn't / isn't succeeding in her chosen profession. She wants a way to get success easily, and being "mentally ill" these days is a way to get attention and carried through life. She knows this. She sees this. And how could she not?

She wants attention. She does not want to do the work. She doesn't want to work. It all boils down to not wanting to work, not wanting to do the work, but get all the attention and money for it. It's a tale as old as time.

Jill is a liar, through and through. A cheap, lazy, pathological liar.

No. 250604

“Better for us” she’s fat as shit, her house is filthy, her cats are dirty, her houseplants are dead, and she looks musty. How has weed helped her life at all? How has anything she’s done within the last 5 years that she claims is good for her (arts and craft college, her degenerate boyfriend, finding tiktok/Twitter subcultures, etc.) actually helped her life? Kek

No. 250608

File: 1663874893736.jpg (170.54 KB, 720x1364, Screenshot_20220922-122639_Chr…)

No. 250609

File: 1663874978722.jpg (87.21 KB, 720x819, Screenshot_20220922-122120_Chr…)

No. 250611

File: 1663875335200.jpg (195.43 KB, 720x1266, Screenshot_20220922-123225_Chr…)

No. 250612

Canada ruined the lives of women running salons because a proven child predator troon wanted to fuck them over for attention if they didn't play with his dick. >>250547 She is terrified of her fans finding her thread and all the logs and proof that show how much of a nasty liar she is.

No. 250613

File: 1663875462066.jpg (193.04 KB, 720x1366, Screenshot_20220922-123103_Chr…)

No. 250614

File: 1663875572699.jpg (182.64 KB, 720x1302, Screenshot_20220922-123038_Chr…)

No. 250615

holy shit jill is so fucking nasty
spread kindness like confetti ig

No. 250616

using that jerrick account to be a massive dick, I see. I thought Jill was a "witch" - that's pretty much the same as believing subliminal bullshit

No. 250617

File: 1663876001185.jpg (189.45 KB, 720x1377, Screenshot_20220922-124440_Chr…)

No. 250618

kek seriously with everything she says it's like the pot calling the kettle black

No. 250619

File: 1663876161460.jpg (168.94 KB, 720x1382, Screenshot_20220922-124453_Chr…)

No. 250620

maybe jill should try this it would do something for her crunchy crusty thinning hair. just remembered when she did function of beauty sponsorships and had to show her hair with extensions in because her actual hair looked so crap

No. 250622

she is so horrible

No. 250624

File: 1663876280768.jpg (179.06 KB, 720x1395, Screenshot_20220922-124508_Chr…)

No. 250626

why is she shitting on this person and her age so hard?

No. 250628

File: 1663876417293.jpg (155.44 KB, 720x1366, Screenshot_20220922-124937_Chr…)

No. 250629

File: 1663876526953.jpg (166.04 KB, 720x1385, Screenshot_20220922-124954_Chr…)

No. 250630

She should not be blasting randoms over nothing if she doesn't want to be targeted

No. 250631

The witch thing does make this weird like wtf is her altar for then? Oh right it’s just another aesthetic thing she lies about because she thinks it makes her special. Or is this uwu it’s Jerrick actually he isn’t a witch he is an atheist it’s not Jilly being mean like this!

No. 250632

File: 1663876642389.jpg (155.08 KB, 720x1377, Screenshot_20220922-125007_Chr…)

No. 250633

finally, here it is. she's been waiting for this the entire time she's been doing this DID larp. she wanted to be able to throw down some "get out of jail free" card so bad and she finally gets to. hope it feels good! seriously though, we should make like a dedicated alogging thread on /ot/ or something. i can't with this bitch anymore.

No. 250634

Believing in something weird that's unrelated doesn't make her statement about weed less valid, Jill.
Of course Jill is all "believe the science!" Even though "the science" hasn't concluded that DID actually even exists.

No. 250635

File: 1663876733676.jpg (165.22 KB, 720x1382, Screenshot_20220922-125545_Chr…)

No. 250636

Where does she get off telling anyone on Earth this?

Jillian Vessey - get off the fucking internet, read a book, and go the fuck outside. You are not mentally ill, but you sure are fucking retarded.

No. 250637

File: 1663876827245.jpg (117.45 KB, 720x1295, Screenshot_20220922-125559_Chr…)

She loves bullying people

No. 250638

File: 1663876858574.png (604.59 KB, 1000x1000, 1663214481530089.png)

>Please read a book
Jill you own like 6 books, most of which you haven't read and admitting buying because you liked the colors. Shut the fuck up.

No. 250639

File: 1663876936559.jpg (128.11 KB, 720x1265, Screenshot_20220922-130032_Chr…)

No. 250640

I can’t believe how stupid she is kek

No. 250641

File: 1663877210131.jpg (140.58 KB, 716x1271, Screenshot_20220922-130504_Chr…)

No. 250642

That girl made some solid points and wasn’t even mean about it. And Jill just personally attacks her over something that has nothing to do with it

No. 250643

File: 1663877287730.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1837, markup_150973 (1).png)

How long until Jill claims her smoking is a stim?

No. 250645

Holy shit that's not a stim, that's just being addicted

No. 250646

Why is she just posting a pic of this random girl and showing her username … jillian what the fuck are you doing. You are making yourself look 5x more deranged than this random comment from the other girl ever made you out to be. Stop putting people on blast on your platform where you KNOW your followers will go harass this girl and call her a bully. This is so irresponsible and immature it’s unreal. I don’t expect much from Jillian but still. Damn

No. 250647

So bizarre to watch people who constantly claim to care about mental health awareness always make fun of psychotic people. I'm not saying that person is psychotic, but I'd think if you're so big in the acceptance and understanding of every mental illness you'd at least see if this person suffers from delusions instead of just treating it as if they're "immature". Blog but this reminds me of when I was bullied for having hallucinations and delusions as a teenager. She's such a nasty bitch behind all that pseudo happiness.

No. 250648

File: 1663877789557.jpg (175.79 KB, 720x1384, Screenshot_20220922-131418_Chr…)

No. 250650

I agree Jill, it IS fun to make fun of people isn’t it! That’s why we have such a good time on these threads about you. i’m glad you finally see our point of view. Deep down you too are just as gross and nasty as all your “haters” (us kek) but you just add a sparkle emoji and a tone indicator after you insult someone so it’s all cool

No. 250651

She's just mad that we called her dumb, lazy, and retarded today.

The truth hurts, doesn't it? Go cry about, Jillian. You still aren't a fashion designer. You're never going to be a fashion designer.

No. 250652

Between this and her crying about the economy while having mom and dad pay for her WHOLE ASS TOWNHOUSE during times the average 20 something can't even afford to rent an apartment, I've given up all hope I ever had. I don't think she'll ever bounce back to where she was cringe at most.

No. 250655

She really just lets her anger out on people who disagree with her. The fact that there are still so many people yas queening her is crazy

No. 250656

File: 1663879196209.jpg (149.8 KB, 720x1392, Screenshot_20220922-133739_Chr…)

She's high off her own farts

No. 250658

Jill is piiisssssssed. "Entertainment" is code for "I'm really fucking angry and my face is red from rage."
She ain't fooling anyone. Jill, You're having a tantrum someone tried to tell you something about mental health that doesn't fit your narrative.

No. 250659

File: 1663879441099.jpg (150.33 KB, 717x1273, Screenshot_20220922-134141_Chr…)

No. 250660

Man her remaining fans are as unhinged as she is, who is reading all that and laughing? It’s ugly through and through not funny. Remember when she was trying to autism breadcrumb claiming to have hyper empathy which must be true because she also claimed she is incapable of lying kek.

No. 250661

File: 1663879564922.jpg (146.46 KB, 720x1388, Screenshot_20220922-134057_Chr…)

No. 250662

Imagine being an adult and your girlfriend pretends to be a 14 year old boy and calls you bro, I would launch myself into orbit.

No. 250664

I mean I've been reading it and laughing mostly from disbelief but also because it's funny in a way Jill will never understand

No. 250668

lol that's just the thing though.
These are not adults.
These are overgrown children playing house.

No. 250677

Well that's what she gets for making that fucking horrible wedding dress. Just karma.

No. 250678

wow what a fucking bully

No. 250681

I want to a-log so badly this stupid rainbow clown bitch literally believes in stupid OCs and using card captor sakura cards for "witch craft" between other delusional shit and she dares call someone else out? I'm enraged

No. 250683

>literal team of proffesionals
KEKKKK NO you idiot it was only a fucking faggot who ""diagnosed"" you, you fucking stupid cow
Also she watches youtube all fucking day too, why is she pretending to be better? retarded piece of shit

No. 250684

nah subliminals wouldn't work for her. there's shit about removing blockages and she's one giant blockage. reminds me of that meme "when you burn sage and pass out because you're the negative energy" kek

No. 250685

File: 1663883230539.gif (1.03 MB, 640x462, fat-computer.gif)

>this u
Well this you you fucking obese twat

No. 250686

Deleted my old post because from this pic, I thought the person she's bullying is an awkward teen lmao.
She really enjoys being a bitch and you can see it, she wants to make callout posts so badly.

No. 250689

She's such a fucking bully, I do not believe she was bullied in school I 100% believe she was the bully

No. 250690

Jill really thinks she’s so sassy and snarky and it’s just so fucking embarassing. Her “clap back” is posting a YouTube video by that annoying tranny loving metrosexual moid “comedian”. Does she really do nothing but scroll on Twitter all day? Muh confetti kindness

No. 250692

File: 1663883565899.jpg (174.1 KB, 720x1277, Lol.jpg)

This was posted before her unhinged bullying behavior, I thought it was funny.

No. 250694

>that was fun
Bruhh. How can her remaining fans still believe she's a good person in any shape or form.

No. 250695

It’s always the bitches with stumpy eyebrows and septum piercings, I swear

No. 250696

That's the problem with people with a PD, specially BPD and NPD, once their ego gets threatened they get batshit insane
you know she will
I actually hope she continues to make herself look deranged so more people can see what type of asshole she is
This. This isn't the first time she makes fun of another mentally ill person on her twitter.
She's very right here. "this is very much a reason" no it isn't.

No. 250697

>this is the most entretaiment I've had in a while
What a dumb, sad life she has then. Again proving she has always loved bullying others.

No. 250698

Yeah they’re mentally fucked and are legitimately retarded. I don’t know of any woman that does this shit to their face that isn’t at least slightly off
Because her fans all victimize themselves too and LARP as mentally ill (or are legitimately just fucked up, broken people—remember the confetti club thread?) so as long as Jill is attacking the “common enemy” they think it’s totally fine to be the complete opposite of her stupid tattoo and uwu kindness persona

No. 250699

She really does come across as someone who enjoys being a bully. She probably thinks she has enough victim labels that she’s untouchable. Wonder how many threads Jill contributes to or if it’s just this one because she’s such a narcissist.

No. 250700

File: 1663884064687.png (557.78 KB, 828x598, I hope a truck hits you.png)

>read a real book
Bitch you literally read this shit + the internet for resources for your mental illness larp

No. 250702

>omg I'm so nice I'm such an angel I'm such a sweet human being
You're a bitch and a bully

No. 250703

>so as long as Jill is attacking the “common enemy” they think it’s totally fine
Then all of her remaining fans must be literally clinically retarded because no one sees someone bringing a legit point like thc and getting a mental health diagnosis and then proceeds to bully said person. She really looked like an unhinged bitch right there

No. 250704

File: 1663884284851.png (277.62 KB, 685x581, SpringerLink.png)

I'm excited for the Cannabis-induced psychosis saga.

No. 250709

Because she wants to feel superior even though she's scared as fuck of ageing
And her shit is public too, but she keeps complaining about "haters"

No. 250711

>you're harassing a mentally ill person
Literally what the fuck? She's the one harassing this other person literally by being like "YOU USE SUBLIMINALS LMAOOOO LET ME BLAST YOU ON YOUR TWITTER LOOOOL LET ME SCREEN CAPTURE YOUR SHIT LOOOOL". What the fuck is wrong with her.

No. 250714

Lmao I know right? Reading through the whole thread of interaction between them, she comes off as a HUMONGOUS piece of shit, and also it seems Super Obvious (at least to me as an outsider) like the person really touched a nerve and she’s narc raging. It absolutely chapped her ass that someone publicly suggested she might not have her precious DID. She is such a cautionary tale, goddamn. I adore my baby daughters but I will NEVER spoil them as children(and well into adulthood) the way her mother has spoiled her.

No. 250724

File: 1663885826395.jpg (270.17 KB, 1080x1779, Screenshot_20220922_182954_Twi…)

Glad to see Jill is still a pathetic fuck even when lolcow shuts down for a few days. Its hilarious she takes the most stereotypical traits of autism and suddenly she magically has them too, and as always using DID as a shield from her true bullshit. Even trying to steal people's traumatic stories like the piano teacher and act like it was her own despite evidence she's put out herself over the years; alongside making everything part of an aesthetic. Fucking freak

No. 250725

File: 1663886123224.jpg (173.88 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220922-153325_Chr…)

No. 250727

This is soooo fucking cringe… she has never been asexual lmao she talks about sex with steven all the fucking time
>literal pseudoscience
EMDR is pseudoscience too

No. 250728

File: 1663886261532.jpg (154.87 KB, 720x1389, Screenshot_20220922-153329_Chr…)

No. 250730

She never told her to disregard the professionals, just that her diagnostic impression was questionable since she uses weed. She's spinning the narrative to her favor
Also, who says that girl hasn't received therapy or help by professionals either?

No. 250733

She's getting so infuriating lately that I can barely catch up with everything in this thread, but she's the one disregarding professionals if she thinks she can get a DID diagnosis with weed in her body. Literally common sense, why would anyone give you a diagnosis about dissociation if you did drugs prior. It would be medical malpractice. If someone has links related to this and why it's simply not possible please share them so she can shut her fucking mouth already.

No. 250734

>>250730 literally this and jill even went to her tiktok and basically went HEY I UNBLOCKED YOU AND I TALKED SHIT TEEHEE! pathetic lol

No. 250736

File: 1663886880619.png (344.26 KB, 1098x508, get fucked.png)

Her whole "diagnostic impression" is like:
>she fluidly pitched her tone in the interview
This is something she sought, she literally used the incompetence of Jedediah Mattew's poor quality as a therapist to self report these issues and then have him say "yes, the IMPRESSION is that she thinks she has DID", not that she actually has it. If she wanted a real diagnosis she should had run an actual test beyond pitching her voice in multiple ways in a rapid manner. All she needed was a printed paper full of her lies so she could rub it in to others and pretend she was "diagnosed". She's fucking sick in the head

No. 250737

>jill even went to her tiktok and basically went HEY I UNBLOCKED YOU AND I TALKED SHIT TEEHEE! pathetic lol
this is so fucking disgusting seriously, she's asking for trouble herself and creating unnecessary drama beyond a simple observation that other person had.
Seriously this is sinister as fuck

No. 250740

also, in the US, a therapist can't diagnose anyone. that would be a psychiatrist or psychologist. and i've done testing for disorders and it is grueling and many hours long, multiple choice style mostly which then gets coded by a professional. is it different in canada and can therapists diagnose based on feefees or is this just jill being an idiot again?

No. 250741

>I've been aromantic my entire existence.
>>has been in romantic relationships since she was at a socially acceptable age to date.
If any of her alphabet soup followers catch on to this discrepancy where she's conflating asexuality with aromantic she might actually start to bleed followers since they tend to be really anal about labels and flags.

>fluidly pitched her tone
She didn't even try for accents or different vocal patterns? Just tone? I'm amazed they even humored the interview she should have been laughed out of the office as soon as a different "alter" "fronted".

No. 250743

The whole paper is highly suspicious imo. If Jedediah Mattews was really the one who issued it, then he did a fucking terrible job.

No. 250746

You know she hasn't read any of these and they're just for decoration lol.

No. 250747

Hi nonnies just wanna say
the fact that she's not pursuing a full diagnosis tells us she knows how fake her DI was and she knows she can't get away with a full diagnosis

No. 250749

I think she might even have said that before kek

No. 250750

It's funny because it's literally just self reported case history shit. Jillian Amanda Vessey reported these symptoms, not her creep bf, parents, her schools, or previous therapists/recent former therapist just her. This is shit you include when writing up reports along with what you the professional saw and what the results of the testing done. She is malingering plain and simple just like people who think they can out smart a full audiological eval to get disability by faking hearing loss.
>She didn't even try for accents or different vocal patterns? Just tone?
Jill can not act. She is similar to Charlie Sheen because they both can only play themselves. Also would have loved to see her body language and gestures used in this one woman play she did for Jedediah.

No. 250751

Damn, I thought weed was supposed to chill people out
Looks like that's a sore spot, wonder if people have brought up the weed thing before irl.

No. 250754

I'm honestly just waiting for the Vangelina video at this point. It's going to be a real shit show and Jilly keeps bringing more fuel to the fire. I hope Jilly seethes.

No. 250755

god i hope she makes that video. she may not have a huge platform, but it's past time for someone to call out jill on a bigger platform. and i just know jill is going to comment under it calling harassment because that's her only defense anymore

No. 250757

File: 1663891878902.png (75.26 KB, 720x278, Screenshot_20220922-200921-496…)


No. 250758

she's going to call her a terf and do a smear campaign or some shit

No. 250759

Saged for same fag, someone should tweet this to jill.

No. 250761

she's just going to keep repeating herself like "but weed is good it's such a magical fairy leaf uwu" and "OMG I USE MY WEED FOR MY MENTAL ILLNESS YOU BIGOT!!!"

No. 250764

I’m betting she’s so fucking pissed off about the weed shit because her mother likely said the same kind of things. That it isn’t good for her and her supposed mental illnesses and that she should stop doing it. I mean, she even made Jillian smoke outside and away from everyone lol. She acted like “omg mumma made me a smoking space uwu” but I’m willing to be she was just coping over being basically told gasp she’s doing something wrong according to her mom

No. 250766

I'm actually disgusted and shocked at how vile she is being..? She truly is taking glee in being a total cunt and being able to get away with it. I feel foolish but im kinda upset. I havent been an active fan of hers since she started with the d.i.d bullshit, but her videos used to be my comfort vids to have on in the back ground whilst doing crafts and stupidly I thought she might eventually go back to her old self but she never is going to, is she.

No. 250769

I actually believe this too. It all started when Louise sneakingly took an unflattering picture of her daughter in the catio smoking weed some time ago. Then the pink table thing, I bet she did it so she wouldn't make the catio or the house smell like shit anymore. I know Jillian is probably too fucking stupid to understand because her mom was pretending to be nice but it's clear as day Mommy Louise isn't happy about her daughter anymore.

Also, the catio is quite literally something Louise built as a space for herself and the cats, she even got in the news for that. My bet is she wants to keep it pristine.

No. 250770

File: 1663893825140.png (1.37 MB, 1180x826, catio-deck-before.png)

No. 250771

former fan here as well and this interaction really showed jill's true colors. she hates being confronted with reality and truly lives in delusion. i kind of love how much this got under her skin. it's literally weed, jill. get a grip lmao. only a genuine addict would get this defensive over drugs. and yes, you can be addicted to weed. you can be addicted to most anything really. my strange addiction proves that kek. and THC is a drug after all. in the wrong hands, it can become an issue. which it clearly is here, no doubt for me now.

No. 250775

Off topic but wow that is really cool. I want to sit and relax in the catio.

No. 250777

>harassing a mentally ill person
Wow she makes it so obvious she thinks her mental illness is a shield, no actually you still need to be accountable for your actions. And if you are unable to control your behavior to a degree where accountability is impossible, you need to be sectioned. (Jilly clearly doesn't, and if she quit the weed and booze she would experience an instant 90% improvement)

No. 250778

>That was fun lol
Quiet part out loud yet again, this person was simply pointing out (more subtly than anyone in this thread) that her weed use may contribute to her "DID" but heaven forbid anyone suggest a useful way to have improved mental health

No. 250779

also since when is smoking weed a mental illness? she really wants that free out of jail card so bad

No. 250781

File: 1663895876212.jpg (129.75 KB, 1440x1440, stvale.jpg)

Honestly since Jillian is failing at life so hard she should just make and sell kawaii soaps like every other "creative" failure with well off parents out there.

No. 250782

File: 1663896785989.jpg (213.7 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220922-182959_Chr…)

No. 250783

I hope an anon goes and films for us again

No. 250784

File: 1663896865350.jpg (186.63 KB, 720x1401, Screenshot_20220922-124238_Chr…)

No. 250785

omg so strong, kind, beautiful of you jill, I didn't know being a bitch was a full time job

a-logging be damned i hope this bitch stubs her toe on the biggest rock

No. 250789

File: 1663898029827.jpg (134.73 KB, 1180x786, serena-the-british-longhair.jp…)

This really just highlights how unreasonably privileged and spoiled Jill is. This house is huge. Her parents are comfortable enough to do indulgent little projects like this. Her mom used to casually buy her lolita dresses and financially backed every single aesthetic phase Jill had down to the room decor for her whole life. Just…wow.
Poor Serena. Girl was truly living her best life and then had to go live in a rainbow nightmare trash house with literal shit on the walls.

No. 250792

You can also see her mom spent $8000 on the catio… there's no way they weren't paying the full rent or at least a big chunk of it for her. Tbh, the catio is pretty cool, if I had that type of money I would do it too, so my hypotetical cats could go outside and I could chill with them, it's not a bad thing at all. Jillian calling others priviledged and claiming oppression points is, however, extremely bad. It's actually hypocrital.
It isn't kek, it's just her acting like a stupid attention whoring bitch like always

No. 250795

File: 1663899015263.png (37.09 KB, 790x270, unknown.png)

Jillian is a spoiled brat with no redemtion qualities. Just saw a video about a Gabbie Hannah album that I remember Jillian liking and then saw these comments. The whole album is literally about her being angry at other people for being upset with her when she does shitty things and implies it's all their fault. This is the type of music she actively listens to, the bullying she's been doing recently + pretending to be a victim + main character syndrome + other stupid shit things she likes proves what kind of person she is. She's probably like "omg that's literally meeee" and this is why she pushed the DID shit onto Gabbie Hannah too, it was pure narcissistic delusion and projection. This is why Jillian stans terrible people and lashes out at anyone who questions her but then pretends to be uwusweet and cute and mentally ill so no one can do shit to her.

No. 250798

a little OT and I know it gets brought up often in this thread, but comments like this just remind me of how young and broke some of you are. This is a normal-ass suburban house. Not some huge mansion. 8k for a vanity project after your adult kids are off to school isn't that big of a deal either. If it was a screened off porch and not called a catio, no one would question the cost.
Jill is spoiled as fuck, no doubt, but this isn't exactly the lap of high class luxury.

No. 250800

yeah jill is spoiled in the sense that everything she wants is just handed to her. it's her work ethic that's the problem, not the normal ass middle class home she comes from. god i hope mama vessey cuts her off. that'll be rich.

No. 250801

>>250798 >>250800
maybe i’m a poorfag but their family is definitely not “normal” or average income. i don’t know anyone who got as spoilt as jill irl except people i would definitely class as well off. she was getting bought branded lolita dresses and spenny trips to japan as a teenager, and it’s almost certain her mom is footing the bill for her townhouse.
jill is spoilt yes but it’s 100% rich people shit to pay for and support your adult daughter through a dead-end foundation degree and pot habits.
not to mention all the designer purebred cats kek.

No. 250802

Anon that's the home of a six-figure making dad and a stay at home mom that has a small business she does on the side that's just a glorified hobby. That's not average, that's an idealized hallmark movie life since the average north American family has both parents working fulltime jobs. Jill is spoiled in a higher income sense because she had the expendable money from her family to fall back on at all times. Only now she's getting a wake up call since her parents are probably only just now are facing financial struggles since the pandemic affected everyone.

No. 250804

File: 1663902863028.gif (7.09 MB, 134x240, jillynillyyy.gif)

Jillian stop making yourself ugly for attention challenge

>the fact that she's not pursuing a full diagnosis tells us she knows how fake her DI was and she knows she can't get away with a full diagnosis
agreed with this

No. 250805

I noticed this too in her Montreal vlog, their air b&b looked pretty fancy and must've been fairly expensive. I don't think her parents are struggling with money like some other anons have suggested at all. More so they're just noticing the path their daughter is going down and trying to not enable her to go further down it, by cutting her off.

No. 250806

File: 1663903025108.gif (5.18 MB, 134x240, jillyyyyyyyyy.gif)

No. 250808

File: 1663903370610.gif (7.01 MB, 134x240, jilllllllyyy.gif)

taken from this webm

No. 250809

File: 1663903748237.gif (4.44 MB, 134x240, bleh.gif)

>where is my mind
so dramatic

No. 250810

Kek at the fact it's all female pronouns.

No. 250811

I get sad every time this song is renewed in current social media like pls stop this song is gorgeous stop making me cringe about my fav song and jill get a new dress already you wear the same damn thing every fucking clip

No. 250812

I’m with you, I’m pretty sure if Jill’s dad lost his job she would pitch and absolute fit online about possibly losing her childhood home. I think her mom just saw how she was spending all her time smoking weed and getting in fights on twitter and not releasing any videos (even if she hadn’t been making enough from videos to fully support herself, at least it would have shown some ambition), and told her that she either needed to pay at least part of her bills or move home. So Jill made that video about her cousins dress.
I hope her mom sticks to it and makes her move home if she can’t support herself. Of course, now she’s lost a lot of her followers so she might have to get a real job.
Do you nonnies think she’ll suck it up and get a real job to keep her rainby castle? Or will she double down on DID and move home

No. 250813

EMDR is not pseudoscience anon, it helps treat trauma or ptsd symptoms in people

No. 250814

Lmao she could never hold a real job not anymore

No. 250815

It's pseudo science it doesn't have anything concrete backing it and isn't reliably replicable stop derailing

No. 250816

She won't get a job she'll just go down the same path as every other munchie and claim she's too disabled. Of course she'll never get on disability though because she doesn't actually have DID. I would love to see a grifter jill saga, though.

Help a disabled mentally ill queer system stay off the streets?

No. 250817

kek that's the saga i'm betting on: e-begging. she doesn't have the work ethic or motivation to even create anything anymore, and i don't see her surviving in a real job at this point.

No. 250821

It is anon. Google it.

No. 250822

Even worse: only fans

No. 250823

Take it back I don't wanna see what's at the end of the rainbow

No. 250824

File: 1663909894536.gif (1.63 MB, 512x384, giphy.gif)

I can't stop laughing at the weird tongue part when she opens her eyes
I can hear the gif

No. 250825

File: 1663910012184.jpg (133.02 KB, 707x1266, Screenshot_20220922-221102_Chr…)

No. 250826

there's something about the way she sticks out her tongue and cocks her head to the side that reeks of self indulgence- I don't know how to explain it. Only a self involved narc would love to watch themselves do that and post it online. It just looks nasty and annoying for anyone else

No. 250827

and you're not one of them Jill. rainbow emoji flower emoji

No. 250829

File: 1663910441739.jpg (185.73 KB, 720x1368, Screenshot_20220922-221853_Chr…)

No. 250830

Happy to know she's failing miserable at this.

No. 250832

I find it to be rather hilarious she’s trying to roast this girl for watching YouTube all day. As if YouTube isn’t Jill’s main source of failing income. She’s so bothered over this girl she’s literally reaching in her shit filled diaper and flinging turds to see what sticks.
Get a load of this retard. This is like having “empath” in your bio.

No. 250833

my favorite part of jillian’s crazy twitter bullying rampages is when she stops and tweets about how we all need to be kind to each other right after she’s done being a bitch on her green boy alt account. Without fail i swear this happens like clockwork. It’s almost a comedy bit at this point.

No. 250836

"heyyyy i know you're actually genuinely struggling and i've never personally felt that, but have you considered … imagining this not happening? owo you're welcome! uwuwu"

it's like she tweets fake positivity after exorcising and releasing her demons on some random twitter/tiktok user who's (correctly) calling her out as cleanup after the disaster (that she caused)

No. 250837

>privileged anon relates to Jill
Lmao, have you seen the economy in the past 2 decades

No. 250838

She’d move home before getting a normal job, but I doubt Steve would be allowed to move into her parents’ basement with her. Would she rather leave him and live comfortably with her parents or stay and grift on the internet for the rest of her life? We joke about Veronica opening an OF but she’d never be able to pay the bills with that.

Best case scenario she dumps Steve, moves back in with her parents, stops smoking weed, quits social media and gets a real job. Those would be the most sensible things to do, which probably means she’ll do the exact opposite.

No. 250850

Sorry that I live in a tiny suburban house with other tiny suburban houses. The house isn’t huge, but it’s a medium sized single family house, and the Vesseys seem to be upper middle class. They’re living the American Dream. I assume that the cost of living isn’t much, there as it’s in the middle of nowhere in a rural town and her dad has a well paying job. Even the person making minimum wage, like how Jillian was doing will probably get more money than another worker with minimum wage in a big city due to the low cost of living. It reminds me of those houses in Californian cities where they cost a arm a leg for a decent sized house, but in Texas house in the city that costs that much is a mansion bc the cost of living isn’t as nearly as high and there’s less job opportunities there.

No. 250852

It’s funny but cats and dogs can actually get stoned from second hand weed smoke and react in a variety of ways just like people so I would keep her the fuck away too, poor cats don’t need a bad trip. She was also leaving the bong on the ground, a cat could easily get too close to the bowl or knock it over and get bong water everywhere. Given her general poor hygiene when it comes to herself and her home I would bet she doesn’t clean her bong or replace the water often. Louise also probably doesn’t want to be breathing in second hand smoke either, she is literally a cancer survivor. As someone who also smokes I would never do it in someone’s space like that around them or their pets, she should have taken herself to the shed in the first place. She is so inconsiderate of others.
I have said it before but the thing with the OF is who would buy that? Her fan base isn’t going to buy it and what normal person would want to see her content. She would have to make fetish content to get noticed and even then that’s a niche audience. So even if she tries the OF route it won’t be successful it would just be delaying the inevitable. The majority of her audience for that would be this thread and one anon will take the hit and the rest of us will see it for free. Lots of people just assume oh I will get my ass out on OF and rake in the cash but the market is oversaturated with thousands of girls who are hotter and have a nicer aesthetic than her.

No. 250856

File: 1663918272207.png (1.96 MB, 1445x1445, CutBars-3.png)

Tbh I kinda want to see the onlyfans saga happening so I can point and laugh at her. That or she could end up selling kawaii soaps kek, though I doubt she's smart enough to even figure that out, all her shit is super low effort.

No. 250857

File: 1663918404590.png (358.18 KB, 332x502, wtf.png)

sorry but what the fuck

No. 250858

File: 1663918451327.png (456.53 KB, 364x558, shit.png)

No. 250859

File: 1663918566937.png (351.91 KB, 366x470, bruh.png)

No. 250860

But she doesn't have diagnosis, she has diagnostic impression. Lying bitch.
Yeah, mentally ill in angry and ugly bipolar way.
Mentally 14 yo bully, I see she has not changed one bit since her theater kid meltdowns over not getting lead role.
So when is last time she read a book? Or did literally anything outside of twitter/tikkytok/sperging online basically.
Bully, hope you can take what you dish. Remember this jillybean when you get "harassed" next time.
Your aestethics are ugly as hell jill, end it.

Quite the leap from getting told u gotta get tested for drugs before diagnosis to this. Bipolar bitch overhauling past couple of hours kek.


No. 250861

File: 1663919168842.jpg (73.57 KB, 720x598, Screenshot_20220923-004049_Chr…)

She'll be raging again tomorrow.

No. 250862

getting called transphobic is going to make her flip her shit, i don’t know what this person is even talking abt ngl… but i’m just glad different people keep calling her out on twitter and pointing out the holes in her perf online persona

No. 250863

Ngl I am legit surprised twitter crazies haven't cancelled her for the "touching a black girl's hair and using the n word" saga. And then she followed a bunch of black artists just to never mention them again. Meanwhile tiktokers got chased off for that.

No. 250864

This being Twitter I genuinely can’t tell if this person is trolling or sincere. Either way it’s beautiful; Jill could try to clap back by claiming trans/nonbinary status herself but we all know that transwomen (male) outrank female enbies every single time. I can’t wait for Jill to get into a slapfight with a trans-identifying male drag queen.

No. 250866

This is so a front for her to be like 'omg! my 14 yr old alter would never date an adult because he's asexual!' like im fully convinced that is the only reason.

No. 250867

move per word…
she played piano and did theater, but this just confirms she has no rhythm.

No. 250868

I think they're trolling, but it IS true. Sissy hypno porn is massively big within the mtf community, so Jill shitting on it is really transphobic kek

No. 250869

First of all Jill, MANY people are saying your DID is all weed. Personally I don't think it's all weed, I think at least 50% of it is just straight up lies. Jill did you even tell your "professionals" that you're a daily stoner? With a background and interest in theatre and acting, and an income that depends on attention online? Oh and Jill, did you know the professionals you speak of are saying DID can only develop during a very specific childhood period due to trauma? That you didn't have? And that no, autism (which you don't have) doesn't make the explicit need for childhood trauma "null".

No. 250870

File: 1663924992280.jpg (Spoiler Image,31.54 KB, 640x640, ebwsexdkfr6bgzffgzlv-228152692…)

why does she look like a bald inflatable doll?

No. 250872

I bet she’s trying to cover Steve’s ass from twitter brainrot pedo accusations. Jerrick is totally for reals a minor but don’t worry there’s nothing problematic between him and Steve, Jerrick is akchually asexual! Meanwhile they‘re into age regression but that’s fine because it’s Jill doing it and she’s an adult, or some other insane troll logic.
She may also be using Jerrick’s asexuality to have an excuse to get away from Steve if he’s being pushy and she’s not in the mood. It’s hard to imagine Steve taking that seriously, but who knows what their dynamic is like behind closed doors. I bet it’ll come up if they ever break up, though.

No kinkshaming, anon!

No. 250873

File: 1663932013143.jpeg (1000.38 KB, 1125x1606, D48BBE68-CBAC-4D9A-AE63-A0F824…)

From the tiktok of her smacking her lips to Demi Lovato - 29

I don’t remember what she said in the past about Demi either but kek sounds like she forgot to be triggered by something she pretended to care about

No. 250874

Listen here handmaiden/possible troon. You're literally harassing a mentally ill person m'ka- I fucking can't. Please let her get eaten alive by alphabet soup people OR let her experience all the joy's of being a troon's partner.

No. 250875

I mean she's not wrong, but that also only applies to people who don't promote any of the things she or anyone she knows do. It's been what, a couple of months since she was in a drag show that made a bunch of weird creepy jokes about kids attending? That's without even getting into how creepy Steven is

No. 250877

I’m from a different province and My family’s house was custom built and bigger than Jill’s. I’d say anons are right that she does come from a well off family. Square footage, bathrooms and bedrooms are what make a house expensive. It’s usually the location that determines it being cheap. Thought “cheap” by Canadian standards is still expensive.

No. 250881

why are you pushing this “kawaii soap” thing so hard go make it yourself if you want it so bad

No. 250882

Slow your roll honey could be different anons don't infight over that
I doubt she would go to any sort of actual crafting "job" considering she couldn't even be arsed to get a fashion line she was all set up with contacts for running

No. 250883

yes, jill. exactly. that's why you're failing at life kek. it's all about the choices you make and you make exclusively unhealthy ones.

No. 250884

Have you ever met a truly good empathetic person who needs to convince you that’s what they are? That’s not a label you can assign yourself no matter how many claims (which are lies in this case) you make. This isn’t a label you give yourself Jillian just like all the others you want it’s a label you are given by others.

No. 250885

isn't jerrick a persecutor and a bad person by her own admission? or did she forget that she was separate people again kek

No. 250887

File: 1663945966740.png (1.61 MB, 2079x960, 5790CDD3-44C6-4394-ACB0-E2E385…)

She’s trolling and has made a pixielocks reference in her videos lol.

No. 250893

No, this is probably the same anon pushing for "diabeetus" jill to be a thing. It's not, stop trying to push this unfunny shit ITT.

No. 250895

i think the person making the claim is someone in her comments, but the stumpy eyebrow girl is telling them their wrong
could be wrong because i didn't watch the video, but going off the bit of caption on the video seems that way
sage for completely irrelevant

No. 250902

File: 1663957969270.png (147.46 KB, 1080x712, Screenshot_20220923-122900-658…)

Fair warning there's an idiot cow tipping.

No. 250907

>good people with good intentions will always prevail in the end
Why would you jinx yourself like this Jilly? Do you think hopping on twitter to start arguments with strangers on the daily qualifies as "good intentions" or is it self indulgent and negative? Much to think about

No. 250910

It's time to shut the whole internet down, nightmare fuel shouldn't be this easy to make and share with the world

No. 250912

how newfag do you have to be to send the link of the entire thread to the cow herself. What’s that gonna do ? Jill is already fully aware we exist don’t worry.

No. 250913

not only that but she definitely lurks. it's like they didn't even read the threads kek. also hey jill since we know you lurk, maybe get off twitter and get a job

No. 250915

Noooo… so she's saying she has the 'tism and even a mild trauma would be DID worthy? Shut up. That legit made me cackle.
So riddle me this, how can she claim autism yet say she has a sarcastic sense of humor?
This bitch needs a reality check job.

No. 250925

Not this shit again

No. 250926

I find it way too convenient that Jerrick is supposed to be a male teenager. I think Steven likes this shit. Gross.

No. 250929

That tongue smacking is so gross

No. 250937

Not wking Jill, but high functioning people exist lol

No. 250938

Well it might be fair to call Jillian a high functioning retard.

No. 250941

>I can't stop laughing at me bullying someone on the internet

No. 250946

File: 1663975245027.jpg (237.82 KB, 720x1266, Screenshot_20220923-161338_Chr…)

No. 250947

File: 1663975377862.webm (4.23 MB, 576x1024, 32190160454.webm)

No. 250949

Why did she have to tag this “stimming” and “age regression” when it’s neither? You’re allowed to just like things, Jill, you don’t have to force every slight interest into one of your boxes.

No. 250953


I think the commenter was referring to the song being about Demi’s relationship with Wilmer Valderama, it’s about how he was 29 and she was 17 (iirc) and basically about the shitty power dynamic of relationship like that. Given that Jill is a supposed victim of CSA it’s not unreasonable that she would’ve claimed to be triggered by something like that, which she clearly forgot to think about before using the song

No. 250956

>age regression
eewwwghhhhhhhhhhh gross

No. 250958

Sorry but how the fuck is this stimming?
Also why is she stimming if she's not even autistic. Is this the proof she'll handle to the evaluator?

No. 250959

The autistic screeching in the background? Kek

No. 250960

Jillybean wishes her waist was that small lol

No. 250962

I blame Tumblr moodboard gifsets of glitter falling and sand cutting videos and call it stimming. Visual stimming is more complicated than pretty glitter and soft looking objects. For example when I was a kid I would stare at one propeller of a celling fan as a visual stim since the repetitive motion of my eyes tracking it helped calm me.

No. 250963

I also feel like it wouldn't be the same for ADHD and autistic people, both have different ways to stim

No. 250975

stimming differs greatly from person to person also, it's not a one size fits all thing. i have no idea why people want adhd and autism to be trendy and cool. it's sometimes debilitating and makes simple things impossible. but people treat it like it just gives you some quirky personality traits. jill has never ever seemed like she's had any issues with anything people with autism or adhd have. on that note, she was clearly never passionate about any of her hobbies or interests, they were just a new grift and she got tired of them when they didn't net her enough money. that's what this DID autism saga is, a new grift and it's so disgusting.

No. 250977

File: 1663987683310.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1170x2111, A125A085-F337-44C2-A4D4-A38EC7…)

It looks like jill bailed and got sof a spot in the show instead

No. 250979

If she keeps booking then cancelling last minute this is gonna hurt her future opportunities real bad. Those circles are fairly tight and won't trust her in the future. Her drag career is gonna die before it takes off kek

No. 250980

She's also active on Twitter right now but not a peep about it. You think she'd at least care enough to let fans know she wasn't going / to not waste their money attending if they wanted to see her. The host's IG story shows sof in the lineup from 10 hours ago in an announcement, so she had plenty of time to tell people…

No. 250982

>Active on Twitter
What is she saying?

No. 250983

File: 1663990572515.jpg (711.96 KB, 4000x3264, mamavessey.jpg)

her mom when she realizes Jill couldn't draw on a mustache and flail around a stage for 5 minutes after being asked to get a job

No. 250987

File: 1663991836567.jpg (165.17 KB, 720x1294, Screenshot_20220923-205001_Chr…)

She's been awfully quiet about it in general. She didn't mention it until a fan pointed it out. I wonder why she bailed on this one?
Ntayrt, talking about a furby someone customized. The person who customized it tagged her. Picrel

No. 250989

correct me if i'm wrong, but this isn't the first time Jill's bailed on an event or something she's hyped up to her followers, right?

No. 250990

isn't this the second drag gig she's bailed on? you know you're bad off when even things that you supposedly enjoy aren't worth it. not that drag is worth enjoying, but c'mon jill. seek real professional help already. real therapy isn't sunshine and rainbows and yes queen. it's hard fucking work and it sucks before it gets better. sage for sperging lol

No. 250991

yeah her entire fashion line lol

No. 250992

and her fake jfash.

No. 250994

Yes. It is the second time >>241356

No. 250995

File: 1663994408987.jpg (207.73 KB, 579x1257, Screenshot_20220923-213730_Chr…)

From fb

No. 250996

damn they rlly had her on the banner and everything like she was a big part of this shit. im actually surprised she just completely bailed without even a public explanation to her followers.

No. 250997

Tinfoil(?) I’m thinking what if she bailed from this because she saw someone from this thread had gone and videoed her last public drag show. She obviously lurks here, i’d be willingly to bet she saw anons asking if anyone was going to this recent one. But also would jill actually care that much to ditch the whole performance? idk but smth is odd

No. 250998

people have always photographed her at events like cons so i dont think she'd be scared of that. more likely i would guess she's baiting for an "unable to work" status with mommy by booking shows and then claiming she was too panicked/dissociating to attend them.

No. 250999

last time she cancelled on a drag event, she said "at least they didn't have me on the poster!" and now she did this… how fucking irresponsible. My bet is she's going to fake a mental health episode now

No. 251001

I don’t think she’d care, she posted her whole drag performance herself on YouTube last time. She’s clearly not afraid of her routines being posted on the internet

No. 251002

Think she'll blame the hurricane for bailing?

No. 251003

The funny thing here is that they switched the name of pixielocks and pixie daydreams with "m the letter" or whatever

No. 251006

I thought so too, but it’s just the formatting, the drag name is before the tag

No. 251008

Fucking LOL nonnie

No. 251013

are these all women dressing as men dressing as women???

No. 251014

>sickening performers

No. 251018

I think it’s fair to assume based on the quality shown here that this was another anyone volunteer situation and she wasn’t “booked” like she keeps saying. The girl on the far right how is that even drag, she looks so normal. Seems like all you would need to do to excel here is buy a not shit wig, learn how to blend and have an outfit that isn’t fast fashion shit anyone would wear on a night out. The bar is so low not just in skill but really in effort. There is no way this was a paid gig.

No. 251019

Apologies for samefag but I bet that would contribute to Jill ditching it and not caring, no money involved. Outside of potential tips ofc but didn’t she only get a dollar from Steve last time kek.

No. 251020

I think the girl on the right is supposed to be a "drag king."

No. 251022

Nah if you check her recent tweets she was asking drag performers how they prepare for gigs (it was posted here too)
Last time she performed she kept making tweets about how she's been exercising and about her routine, this time- nothing

So Jilly didn't feel like creating a routine and bailed

No. 251023

How silly of me I should have known that the girl in a womens suit from boohoo or some shit and a sheer shirt that shows her bra and womens makeup was attempting to look like a man. She looks more like she would be working the bar than the stage. At least the girl on the far left put that ugly facial hair on despite also just dressing like a woman. The two in the middle really just look like they are going to the club and just have the makeup skills of a child who got into moms makeup. Jill could just do what she did with Lolita if she cared and just spend more money than everyone else and look better than them as a result purely based on the quality of her stuff being nicer.

No. 251031

This drag queen shit is really like an anime club.

No. 251032

So instead of working on her oh so very precious "drag queen" routine and dance like the "performer" she thinks she is, she just smoked weed and age regressed? Wtf. She does not deserve to call herself a drag queen kek

No. 251033

yeah I think she just doesn't give a fuck and she's just doing this for clout. I don't think she's genuinely passionate for anything, not even this. If she actually cared she would had made something up and practiced, but she bailed so hard even though she was on the cover.

What fucks me up the most though, is that she instead just smoked weed and age regressed. I feel like this is a big indication on what is actually happening with her life. Just smoking weed and nothing else.

I hope future events don't consider her anymore since she's this irresponsible.

No. 251035

Nobody told her to do drag or be a performer, but she just decides to do the most out there job and then bails because it’s too hard…. Such a professional.

No. 251038

I feel like she's just booking gigs as a status symbol (look at me, I'm a professional drag queen uwu) but she doesn't want to put the effort into actually performing. It's much easier to throw on a wig and slightly more makeup than usual and make tiktoks in her rainby bedroom for instant gratification.

Then when someone tries to call her out for not being a "real drag queen" she can point to the flyers with her face on them and the one recorded show she did. Just like she does with her diagnostic impression.

No. 251039

to me this is what makes jill a cow. theres nothing wrong with playing with clothes and makeup and doing stupid tiktoks (albeit a little cringe but you do you if it makes you happy), or indulging in separate parts of your personality, but for jill its her constant need to declare herself the most speshul and unique and good at everything and LOOK LOOK AT ME, and then invading spaces that are not meant for her. tho tbh i dont give a flying fuck about drag queen spaces, but that isnt really the point, there are other spaces/communities she invades and declares she is queen of and topics that she thinks she can "educate" people on that are actually damaging to people in those spaces. mostly people with mental illness but also her claiming any queer status at all, etc. then the general "im a fashion designer" fuckery that doesnt necessarily harm anyone but really shows off her MO

No. 251040

samefag but i just dont fucking get these cows, just have your hobbies and do stuff you like doing, its okay if you like to sew but took a break. doesnt make you a fashion designer or seamstress though. its okay if you collect brightly colored lego, its okay if you like miniatures and dollhouses, but not everything is agere, its okay if you like wild makeup and clothes but you dont have to be a drag queen, like jesus christ just live your life and stop labeling everything as something.

No. 251042

Jill is always trying on different identities and probably feels like she has to “be” something. Like if you meet someone new and they ask you what it is you do. Most people would answer with their job, or what they’re studying, or the hobby that takes up most of their time. What would Jill answer? She used to be a Professional YouTuber but has clearly lost the passion for it. Being a fashion designer didn’t work out either. Her latest endeavour is to be a drag queen, but apparently she’s lost interest in that too. As much as she’s tried to monetise it, DID is more of an excuse than a profession. She spends most of her time scrolling through Twitter and TikTok and smoking weed. She knows that’s embarrassing, so she’s scrambling for something she can Be. Ideally something that takes zero effort (even less than smearing on makeup and rolling around on stage) but comes with a lot of praise. I wonder what’s next.

No. 251043

Isn’t Jill’s dad a professor? How would the pandemic affect him and his income?

No. 251044

is this just her BPD then? not knowing her identity? man i don’t get it. i also had a thing when i went through my stupid goth/emo phase in high school where i wanted to be some specific thing and tick off little boxes and compartmentalize everything, and fully embrace the lifestyle or whatever, but most people have that! and most grow out of that quick because you realize it limits you greatly with expression and it is constricting and not satisfying at all.
but for jill it almost feels like some kind of compulsion, she really wants to guide this narrative of her life and she really sees it as like chapters where she went through these phases, but she really wants it defined and categorized and it is really really crazy. she said when she gets depressed she will just linger in it and listen to music and that’s really stupid. introspection is good in doses but you need to get out of your own fucking head sometimes otherwise you’ll drive yourself insane.

No. 251046

I looked on my shitty connection rn without suvvess, but was wondering if the show got postponed because of the big storm. Does anyone know? If I were in charge at that campus, I probaably would have made them postpone. iirc Jill also claims to have trauma about storms kek

No. 251047

Jill isn't even high functioning, autists are very particular and you can always always spot them just after seeing how they act for a bit and Jill has spent literal years posting videos and tweets and whatever so there's a lot to go by. I've been able to spot several high functioning autists before they were even diagnosed and knew it themselves (some were content creators I judged purely from videos) I literally have a 100% success rate of it kek Jill just isn't autistic at all.

No. 251051

>how can she claim autism yet say she has a sarcastic sense of humor?
Jill isn't autistic but this is retarded as fuck. Some of you think autists are just drooling retards who can't speak and are all the same

No. 251053

nta but I'm pretty sure Jill pretended to not understand sarcasm early in the autism larp. She definitely thinks autism means being a drooling baby

No. 251056

File: 1664032318994.jpg (190.84 KB, 2880x2880, 20220924_080831.jpg)

I wonder if it has to do with her mom? Louise commented on her last two cat tiktoks with Stickers.
She also pretended not to understand idioms. Move mountains one comes to mind.

No. 251057

don't you think most autistic girls/women get forced to adapt to society, whereas boys/men get a pass? I'm not a zoomer, so autism in my childhood was not considered something functional people were usually diagnosed with. It wasn't embraced at all and only men got a kind of pass for acting oddly

No. 251058

I don't doubt that jillybean is autistic but I think she is way more high functioning than she claims to be. Almost all of her mental health issues could be fixed if she just stopped smoking weed lel

No. 251061

Yeah you need to go look at Twitter. The hurricane was absolutely FUCKED where Jillian was last night. It pains me to be fair to her for once but . . . yeah, just this once.

No. 251063

Anon please leave the name/subjet empty and write "sage" in the email field for the next time so they don't ban you

No. 251064

nta but no? autistic traits in women are encouraged in fact because a lot of them fall in line with gender roles. shyness, airheadedness, more i can't think of right now. if you had a comorbid like adhd, maybe some of those traits were considered bad, but i've known many many autistic millennial women, some from rich families who present very clearly with it.

No. 251066

I hope the derailing/armchairing gets banned. Has nothing to actually do with Jill.

No. 251067

>>251047 lmao i said the same thing last thread (or two threads ago? Shit moves fast) takes one to know one

No. 251070

File: 1664037351242.jpg (188.04 KB, 718x1275, Screenshot_20220924-093407_Chr…)

No. 251072

NTA but another NB fag - I think you might be confusing the stuff you’re looking at. The hurricane only fucked up the eastern coastal areas of the province. Fredericton is like 200km inland and was totally fine.

No. 251074

This looks fucking terrible

No. 251075

Yeah I did confuse it. I'm sure she just had an unwarranted freak out like that freak @papercakes

My god the histrionics. Though it does look like PEI got whammed.

No. 251077

Hello, another other NB fag. Who has spent time in Fredericton. Hurricanes are so typical it's nothing to worry about. Unless your close to the river then worry about flooding or any weak trees falling over. It's nothing even comparable to tornados in the USA though.

I think Jill was hoping the storm would be bad enough it would be cancelled and didn't bother to prepare

No. 251085

Have several friends working in academia, they all just switched to virtual classes, no one got fired.

No. 251088

Looks just like Jill kek

No. 251092

NAYT, the ability to mask is literally one of the biggest indicators for high functioning autism in women what the fuck are you on about. A lot of autistic men get a pass for shit the women will never.

No. 251096

this is bullshit. i bet you believe that there are different symptoms in men and women too. women don't "mask" their autism, society just thinks autistic women are silly shy airheads because they don't respect us. fuck this zoomer coping shit.

No. 251102

>Last time she performed she kept making tweets about how she's been exercising and about her routine, this time- nothing
Yeah she was just on Twitter arguing with people, I think she was having too much fun trolling to do the show
>silly shy airheads
I've…literally never heard of this description of autistic people.
They aren't seen as shy so much as aggressively antisocial and inward-looking, often experts in a particular area, not great at verbal communication. These traits are rewarded or expected from men, but as women are expected to be the friendly mediator and carers, being inward-looking and intensely focused on your interests is seen as highly unwanted. I have no idea where you got silly shy airhead but that is neither the common opinion nor reflective of autistic people's personalities.

No. 251104

all "high functioning" means is the ability to mask and pass as a normie. that's literally why people go so long without being diagnosed sometimes, especially women. jill does not mask and if she had all of the symptoms she claims to have, she would not be high functioning. now stop with the autism sperg lmao

No. 251105

>>251096 what the actual fuck is this bullshit? nobody thinks autistic women are 'silly shy airheads'
airheads? how many actually autistic people have you met? jesus christ
anyway, jillybean isn't autistic, end of story

No. 251106

Why the fuck are you pushing the shy airhead meme

No. 251112

File: 1664059980108.jpg (167.48 KB, 720x1268, Screenshot_20220924-155104_Chr…)

No. 251113

What the fuck are you talking about anon? No one thinks autistic women are ditzy airheads. Autistic women either mask well so they can integrate socially or they're so obviously autistic that people stay away from them.
Wow such a caring friend Jill. Such a great friend would put horrible intrusive thoughts of a tree caving in their friends roof while they sleep as a means to show that they cared. Can't wait for the end of the year where Jill wins her "greatest friend award"!

No. 251114

>I'm glad you're fine but have you heard about how BAD I was having it? I was CATASTROPHIZING yes you heard right I WAS HAVING A VERY BAD TIME thinking of you uwu
again with the one-up "but what about me" bullshit

No. 251117

File: 1664061037137.jpeg (110.88 KB, 632x708, 7B27AF43-96B5-45D4-A988-C6EA44…)

also video is coming soon, nonas

No. 251118

Girl going through an emergency:
>I'm fine! I have barely any cellphone signal but I'm ok.
Obese clown named Jillian coming smoking weed and eating tendies in the safety of her house:
Jillian you're not fucking helping. Pathetic piece of shit.

No. 251119

link to this comment?

No. 251122

jesus christ jill not appropriate, keep it classy and pm them asking if they need anything and keep it moving

No. 251124

wow this was my experience entirely lol just after seeing the replies i had to tell you how much i feel ur feel nona, its extremely frustrating when the exact same autist traits in boys are interpreted differently just because you were a girl blog posting be damned

No. 251125

File: 1664063587626.jpg (82.67 KB, 720x603, Screenshot_20220924-165048_Chr…)

No. 251126

File: 1664063679484.jpg (171.73 KB, 720x1260, Screenshot_20220924-165059_Chr…)

No. 251127

File: 1664063785972.jpg (92.85 KB, 720x753, Screenshot_20220924-165105_Chr…)

No. 251132

File: 1664064688131.jpg (30.87 KB, 455x286, Screenshot_20220924-170622_Chr…)

No. 251133

File: 1664064745695.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1170x2283, 149C4CEA-F37B-4924-A2D0-C1FC81…)

Not even worth posting the full tiktok but here's this

No. 251134

File: 1664064798075.jpg (46.26 KB, 404x509, Screenshot_20220924-170727_Chr…)

No. 251135

File: 1664064949568.jpg (21.72 KB, 414x218, Screenshot_20220924-170738_Chr…)

No. 251136

File: 1664065383227.jpg (22.03 KB, 395x245, Screenshot_20220924-171947_Chr…)

No. 251138

File: 1664065498731.jpg (93.37 KB, 404x1065, Screenshot_20220924-171736_Chr…)

No. 251139

File: 1664066061276.jpg (178.7 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220924-172749_Chr…)

Jill being Jill

No. 251141

File: 1664066154881.webm (1.13 MB, 540x960, SnapTik_7147105654711323910.we…)

No. 251146

>>251135 >occasionally I mention my condition
>literally is DID content only

No. 251147

My best bet is that they're too "sexy" for tiktok. But self embarassment has never been a problem for Jillian kek.

No. 251148

>almost named veronica
This is the shittiest part of her larp ever

No. 251149

yes jillian get yourself to look uglier with each piercing
you're the villain in someone else's story
KEKKKKKKK GOD the audacity of saying this with a smile kek. Fucking bullying ass bitch

No. 251150

Happy to see people shitting on her.

No. 251152

File: 1664071707015.png (314.63 KB, 376x664, just fucked up.png)

just fucked up. Bully.

No. 251153

she's 100% going to become dolores umbridge when she grows up
>Umbridge is depicted in the novels as being an evil, despicable woman, under a saccharine image filled with kittens, fluff, and girlishness.

It's interesting she's been letting the mask slip off so much recently.

No. 251154

Jillian is the type of person who loves to project an image of being so uwu sweet and kind just to cover how much of an asshole they actually are.

No. 251155

File: 1664073635731.jpg (76.29 KB, 720x652, Screenshot_20220924-193849_Chr…)

Ofc her go to is that it's Jerrick.

No. 251157

Jillian you don't need to make up an OC, we all know you're a terrible human being.

No. 251158

As someone with a bridge piercing Jill really shouldn't get one. Theres no chance she will go to a good piercer for it. Plus if you seriously dont get the healing right your body will push the bar out of your face. leaving a nasty scar.

No. 251164

Doubt it considering they put her face on the advert if she had done something bad enough to get removed after being shilled so hard then we would've heard about it from the community

No. 251180

No fucks as to why she bailed. It just shows once again she cannot be consistent in anything. Such a failure to launch.

No. 251181

I totally made tik toks guys, they definitely exist! It’s not that I forgot to larp as this personality for ages and her social media was dead and that was commented on! It’s not that I only want to larp my personality that gets to bully people, honest!

No. 251191

Just my tinfoil but I feel like the reason we don't get more Veronica content is because her mom watches her socials. (Idk if she follows the Veronica account but since there's overlap, it's possible that she would see stuff anyway.)
The occasional spicy photo might be fine, but I have a feeling Jill might not be comfortable having her mom see more, even though deep down she probably really wants to.
Same shit with the Onlyfans saga, I feel like she'd be up to it if she knew her mom wouldn't come accross it.
Jill obviously wants her mom's approval deep down, and considering how she flipped her shit after the Montreal trip, she feels that she disappointed her. So no porn for Jilly (yet.)

No. 251192

samefag, sorry
>Jill might not be comfortable having her mom see more, even though deep down she probably really wants to
*really wants to post porny pics

thought I'd clarify my wording just in case lol

No. 251196

I really think it’s because she has created too many OC’s and it’s tiring to larp them all. Jerrick let’s her be a giant bitch and that is fun but it’s not just Veronica that we don’t see often, we don’t see the majority of the cast often. She should have started out with less alters because it would be easier to keep up with. I think she was spurred on to make more because the larper community is like that, some of them go incredibly extreme and claim to have over a thousand alters. Lest we forget that it’s a competition to Jilly and more alters means more trauma and she isn’t good at thinking things out ahead of time.

No. 251205

Bruh are you forgetting those awful lingerie pics she posted on her fat cope video

No. 251208

Like I said, tinfoil, but she might feel that those are okay because they're ~*~body posi~*~ and (supposedly) not sexual

No. 251213

This. She's mentioned before her "alters" were "shy" during that disaster of a family reunion. Her mom could ironically enough be her biggest enabler and handler, Jill supposedly has DID/trauma/etc. etc. and you're telling me the white lady who flipped her shit to Jill's larping when she was even younger DOESN'T shove herself into the mess she is now out of concern? I feel like her mom's pushing her to come home because for once her larping does have consequences and her mom both can't afford it and is concerned with the recent transformation into your stereotypical pot head who has to occassionally mention:
>"I'm like a mentally ill woman with like all these personalities because like due to trauma n' stuff, I can't um, cope with the real world!"

No. 251215

I felt like that was also an excuse to not have to act because acting in front of Steve or lying that she did DID stuff when he is at work is very different to having a large audience who are in the house the whole time. If you remember before she was saying oh they fronted when I was in the room I was staying in alone or in the weed shed alone. I think it is both cringe and too hard to pull off especially in front of her parents who know her so well.

No. 251217

read a new book

No. 251218

I remember shitting on her so much for this video but she's double this size now, sad.

No. 251220

NTA but you're more annoying than the analogy (which fit Jill perfectly)

No. 251221

Found the triggered tranny, sorry a rich successful woman made a popular franchise and then went on to publicly agree that sex pest males are sex pests

No. 251223

Honestly there's no need. Not sure of the real amount of Fredericton/PEI nonitas ITT but if the same girl goes to film she could risk being outed. Jillian is far too obsessed with herself to let the debacle go unrecorded.

No. 251229

> I don’t like your content anymore
> WOW you don’t like me anymore because I’ve been diagnosed with a TRAUMA DISORDER?

This whole mincing words thing she does is so insufferable. Kudos to her friends and loved ones for putting up with this bs, I could never.

No. 251230

It was canceled anyway but Jill will definitely self record any future drag shows she does (actually she probably canceled because Stevie was busy sexting Maggie and couldn't film for her)

No. 251231

>"I have 7 characters living inside my head"
>calls this viewer "weird" for disliking her content and mocks another person on Twitter for watching subliminals

So…it's only ok for jill to be "weird" and otherwise it's seen as derogatory, the cognitive dissonance occurring here

No. 251233

Lmao nonny, you triggered the Harry Potter Adults.

No. 251241

she does this with every negative comment because she’s so aware of her threads here that she’s paranoid and thinks everyone criticizing her is a farmer. So she interprets all the things we say on here into the comments she receives without understanding what the person actually said. I noticed this in all her recent outbursts. She instantly gets so defensive and brings in topics that have nothing to do with the original comment

No. 251247

No. 251249

Yeah it would be more normal if she just took the criticism as "maybe I should make better content that my audience will find entertaining and enjoyable" but she always takes it as a personal attack because it bruises her ego. She was always praised for doing the bare minimum so her audience not giving her the validation she seeks must hurt

No. 251251

as long as she remains behind her mental illness shield, she'll never grow. there is no constructive criticism from people who are just trying to enjoy the content they subscribed for – just personal attacks on her as a person, and no one around to tell her to pull her head out of her ass and just listen for a minute. no shit people are unsubscribing and turning away from her, her behavior is embarrassing to watch.

No. 251256

Like, she's a "content creator" right? so her mission SHOULD be creating content that people find enjoyable to watch. No one wants to see a self centered person talk about their own ass for hours, it's plain simple. Everyone who subbed to her wanted to see kawaii hauls, not this random shit kek

No. 251259

File: 1664145015502.jpg (210.63 KB, 720x1303, Screenshot_20220925-151955_Chr…)

Bails on a drag performance but uses the title Drag Queen while making tiktoks in her rainby dungeon. This was posted today on her Pixieelocks account. Congrats to the nonnies who called it.

No. 251260

File: 1664145114891.webm (2.79 MB, 576x1024, tiktokdownload.online_16641445…)

No. 251263

It’s hilarious how she quickly she added “drag queen” in her bio while wearing TikTok makeup, flat limp hair and surrounding herself by other fat white girls that can’t dance.

No. 251272

Except when you don't show up to your own drag shows!

No. 251273

Retarded hypocrital bitch thinking what she does is in any way interesting. Stop making tiktoks about shit pretending you're speshul and oonique and totes a drag queen and actually perform in real life, let's see how it goes. You will never be a real drag queen because all your attempts at being entretaining or looking remotely like a drag queen end up in failure. You look terrible without an ounce of effort and being a stupid fat clown for tiktok views is not the same as being an actor or performer. You think you have everything figured out since you keep larping so much but everyone can see you have no talent to offer. Consider making soaps bitch.

No. 251274

>all drag is valid
Is she already deflecting about being too fat and lazy to do dance routines? Gonna just be a social media drag queen now?

No. 251275

Yep, she's so fucking lazy.
Can't bother to get her ass up and make a routine that actually entretains people?
>omg tiktok drag queens are valid too!
Can't sew for shit and ruins her cousin's wedding dress, becoming the gossip of the entire family?
>omg I'm such a barbie fashion designer!
Bullies people on twitter saying it is super fun to do so?
>only kind people with good intentions will prevail uwu
She's seriously so two faced it's unreal

No. 251277

File: 1664150441252.gif (5.61 MB, 314x198, idiot.gif)

In hindsight, I think her ""first drag performance"" was probably just an excuse so she could call herself an official drag queen (even though she already called herself a drag queen like a week before the event even happened). Just like how she thinks a diagnostic impression is enough to claim DID and just how she thinks barely passing arts and crafts college is enough to be a fashion designer.

It's funny. I look at this and all I can think of is "wow this self obsessed retard really contacted a venue to showcase her disgusting attention whoring insanity dance in front of people". Like, really take away the "drag queen" out of it (because she's not even a drag queen) and this ""performance"" is just a fucking psycho gendietard dancing to steven universe flailing her arms around kek. Irresponsible, not entretaining, and low effort shit. Just another one of her validation addicted antics, if this shit happened in the middle of a street no one would clap and they would probably call the police saying "there's a crazy woman dressed as a killer clown loose in town".

No. 251278

she's honestly so delusional, I wonder if she believes her own lies at all. I bet she looks at herself on the mirror everyday and wonders why she's so ugly and good for nothing. But then smokes weed and forgets it all.

No. 251279

Maybe your drag would be “valid” if you actually FUCKING SHOWED UP TO THE SHOW?? WHAT. i don’t even understand what she means with all drag is valid. It sounds like She just wants to still have a cool niche label without actually engaging in the theatrical aspects of drag i guess?.. hm she really just loves/craves labels but what else is new kek

No. 251280

this is actually making me wonder if she had to audition for her first drag performance or if they were literally just letting anyone on stage.

No. 251281

I'm pretty sure you just signed up and that's it.

No. 251282

nah she's clearly miserable and hates herself. confidence is quiet and she's always screaming about how happy and confident she is. all fatties are like this now from drinking the fat positivity koolaid. i would know, i was one kek. it's all a facade. just deny everything that's a problem so you don't have to change. i knew it well.

No. 251291

File: 1664156498364.jpg (25.22 KB, 695x225, Screenshot_20220925-175439_Chr…)

Saw this and laughed, thought I'd share.
I honestly think this was what she wanted in the first place. She can do her half ass drag queen look, roll around a little on the floor, then pat herself on the back while smoking weed.
She likes twisting words to fit her narrative. It worked before when she was a teen so in her mind it'll still work. Too bad her lies are so flimsy and easy to cross reference thanks to her filming herself since a teen.
Collecting labels is her aesthetic. She likes the attention labels bring her as well as can shove in people's faces when she bullies them. Evident by the recent drama and her screeching "you're bullying a mentally unwell person". She's revolting, shameless, and disgusting. She's an attention junkie and just hops on whatever will give her fix. I don't think she actually cares for performing.

No. 251296

Imagine being one of the people who booked her or approved her or whatever for this drag performance, she doesn't show up, probably just ghosted them entirely after posting two days before about how she was too practiced and ready for it, and then posts on tiktok the next day about being a drag queen.

No. 251298

she simply has no shame. She hasn't even said sorry yet. She thinks opportunities will always come free for her and everyone will love her and will want to see her forever.

No. 251299

Ily soap-chan

No. 251307

soap-chan carrying the thread, her back must hurt

No. 251309

Did she blur out her feet??

No. 251313

oh shit, she did kek

No. 251316

File: 1664167446813.png (1.18 MB, 1126x574, ugh.png)

>gay men doing drag queen stuff as a mean of self expression in an homophobic society? SOMETHING IS CLEARLY WRONG!!!!!!
The fact she's saying this with a steven universe song in the background, is also… ugh. So much for being an "lgbt+" ally.

I wonder what an actual gay man would say.

No. 251318

i don't even like drag, but it makes no sense for women to be drag queens, that's why drag kings are a thing.

No. 251319

File: 1664167733515.png (284.57 KB, 372x376, ugh.png)

I wonder if she actually thought this tiktok through or forgot she has bailed on a performance twice. The drag queens won't be happy about this one, imagine having a priviledged straight girl calling herself a drag queen when you have been grinding for work for years.

No. 251320

Knowing well how this site feels about men, I'd like to chime in and say my gay best friend is disgusted with women like Jill encroaching on "their space" and tbf I can understand where the frustration comes from upper middle class white women need to stay in their damn lanes

No. 251321

File: 1664168378915.gif (7.95 MB, 288x512, ugh.gif)

posting this as a gif for posterity
For me it's the fact that she comes off as homophobic by saying "gay men being drag queens? that's not the best example, something is clearly wrong!" with such a cheerful kiddie song in the background. Like… gay men being labeled as "wrong", wow, soooo progressive Jillian. It's so fucking stupid too since she did this tiktok just to justify herself as a "real drag queen".

I'm not surprised since she larps being a lesbian and says a man and a woman dating = "queer couple". I'm legit starting to think she might actually be homophobic behind closed doors and only co-opted the lgbt shit for clout points and rainbow aesthetic.

Her faces too… ugh. Disgusting

No. 251322

it's not even a matter of hating men or drag or anything, it just makes no sense. a woman drag queen is just bimbofication.

No. 251323

Can you imagine if she did this shit for dreadlocks? Or native ceremonies? Stop fucking encroaching in shit that isn't yours and then telling everybody the gate's open come on in?
Like seriously. Imagine if she got dreadlocks and started doing tiktoks making disgusting faces at people saying white women shouldn't have dreadlocks, and then telling everybody on her public platform that's it's perfectly fine for white women to have dreadlocks because they are for everybody. How is this okay at all? Imagine if she started doing tribal dances one week and then started promoting herself and publicly saying anybody can do them like she's some voice of the community.

No. 251324

This post really highlights why I hate woke internet shit, and it all makes Jill come off so much more punchable

No. 251325

Yeah, for me it's the fact that drag queens / drag kings were a strictly homosexual thing for the longest time but people like Jillian who want attention with none of the work put in just barge in and then act retarded. She has only performed once for fucks sake, and the makeup and clothes she wears are literally the clothes she has worn always since she got fatter… how is this anywhere close to a characterization? Girl is playing herself but still dares make a stupid tiktok implying everyone else is wrong except for her.

No. 251327

Yeah heaven forbid that gay men are allowed to have their own community spaces without ‘spicy straight’ white women coopting and fetishizing it.
I personally know a couple of women in the drag scene, but all of them are primarily back up dancers in drag shows and occasionally get into ‘drag’ costume to preform. The difference being that they acknowledge that drag is a male space and that they’re able to join in but not take over. Jill is doing her classic tried and through method of dipping her toe into a subculture and then proclaiming herself the be all and end all of it

No. 251328

>Can you imagine if she did this for dreadlocks
Found the retarded white woman who only sucks black dick.
Go back to Twitter to try and win woke points(racebait)

No. 251329

weak as fuck bait, reported.

No. 251330

File: 1664170803663.png (80.27 KB, 172x199, shit.png)

>this is not the best example-
And a retarded ugly and fat womanchild acting stupid isn't the best example either. God that tongue in the second pic is gross

No. 251331

nta but dreads aren't a black only thing. there's tons of historical evidence. we shouldn't resort to being sjws just because jill is being retarded.

No. 251332

File: 1664171101274.gif (5.13 MB, 252x197, L.gif)

Ah yes, Jillian Vessey, clearly the epitome of everything Drag has to offer, policing yet again what is right and what is wrong, just like every other community she forcefully shoved herself in, she's now speaking as a voice of knowledge for everyone involved, because her career as a drag queen has obviously been so succesful and noteworthy with only 1 dumb performance and 2 cancelled shows. Take a hint Jilly.

No. 251333

why are you defending a racebaiter? dumbass.

No. 251334

it's barely racebait. calm down.

No. 251336

Cry moar burgerfag no1currs about your stupidity

No. 251337

that's not what racebait is anon. calm down.

No. 251340

Imagine being such a sensitive retarded snowflake you make Jill seem reasonable in her own thread. Go work on your BLM propaganda and cry about it(samefagging )

No. 251341

File: 1664172090433.jpg (50.1 KB, 720x334, Screenshot_20220925-225435_Chr…)

Kek, think she'll ignore or rage until the person deletes the comment? She hasn't said squat about ghosting the gig.

No. 251344

File: 1664172660234.jpeg (191.9 KB, 1125x615, 4C68EEF7-2C2F-4E1D-AFA2-018197…)

>Nooo only men are allowed to dress up as grotesque misogynistic caricatures of women! How dare this roastie stinkditch fish encroach on this sacred art!
That said, I can’t wait for her to piss off the actual gay male queens because they tend to be catty as fuck. It will be interesting to see how she’ll react; will she cry about being bullied as with every remotely critical comment from (presumably) female ex-fans, or will she roll over and try to appease them? When she was made aware of the fact that a drag queen she likes makes pedophillic jokes she just responded with “ugh, Trixie”. These men can do no wrong in her eyes.
From what we’ve seen of the local drag scene in this thread, though, it looks like it’s all women in bad outfits so I’m not sure how much she really stands out.

I went to check if she still follows Trixie Mattel and failed, but I found this instead. Also she follows at least one soap maker (@BlueWaveSoaps) so there’s hope for soap anon yet.

No. 251345

I can’t wait to see them pissed off too. Jill is retarded but who itt actually gives a fuck about a “space” that allowed men to call women’s vagina’s fishy under the guise of art. Let it burn down. We don’t root for men on this image board newfag zoomers.

No. 251346

File: 1664173481391.jpeg (49.88 KB, 828x437, 612847A4-EA59-4EBE-BB6C-A08654…)

She’s still following him on Instagram

No. 251347

I’m all for gay men having their own spaces but if you make that space revolve around mocking an exploited class, you don’t get to cry appropriation when members of that exploited class show up and want to join the fun. Most gay men I know loathe drag, anyway.

Thanks, anon! The app wouldn’t let me search in her following list so I had to scroll through hundreds of accounts to find anything. It’s almost entirely drag queens and “DID systems”/mental illness activists at this point.

No. 251348

she deleted the tiktok, i wonder why she refuses to acknowledge the event?

No. 251353

tinfoiling that she finally looked at her other recorded performance and realized it looked like shit and she was too embarrassed to do it again

No. 251358

File: 1664176185091.jpg (200.53 KB, 720x1414, Screenshot_20220926-000411_Chr…)

Still there on her Pixieelocks account.

No. 251359

File: 1664176692148.png (637.36 KB, 1080x866, Screenshot_20220926-011543-360…)

She still follows him on Twitter too.

No. 251362

>"Guys please please please research DID outside of tik tok and social media crying emoji/pos"
Jill you absolute hippo-crite you are literally making DID content on social media, you're the person spreadng stupid misinfomation there. We know you don't know shit about DID, autism, EDS, being trans and whatever other shit you lie about having for content and views.

No. 251364

You’re misunderstanding. The way the trend works is you’re saying YOU aren’t the best example since you don’t fit the stereotype; so Jill isn’t the best example of a drag queen because she isn’t a cis gay man. Not homophobic, but she is trying to paint herself as oppressed for being a “bio queen”. Maybe she’s trying to claim discrimination for why she bailed on her gig? It seems pretty convenient that she doesn’t show up to her gig with no explanation and then makes a tiktok about all drag being real drag regardless of gender

No. 251368

Weren’t all the other performers also girls? Hard to cry oppression when that’s the case. However it could be that she is sulking because them all being girls doesn’t make her special at all. We know how she clamours for male validation and hates other women, I think maybe she had imagined being the only girl surrounded by gay men who would fawn over her for being special as the only girl and that’s not the case at all.

No. 251369

Apologies for samefag but just to add to this the primary audience of frag race is fag hags like Jill who’s only knowledge of drag comes from the show. The show does not allow women to compete so I could see someone turning up and expecting all men like the show. They did before Jill started this schtick have a trans man on the show competing for the first time and that was presented as being rare and exciting so I think that’s why Jerrick does drag even though it doesn’t make sense. Said drag queen has a punky alternative likes horror vibe…remind you of anyone.

No. 251375

Good god that MOUTH. I hate hate hate people who make that expression.
Someone shoop this pic with a fishing hook pulling on her lip kek

No. 251376

I just went to look for the comment to see if it had any replies and I found the person asking the question but either Jill has deleted the reply or the poster did because its not there anymore.

No. 251378

File: 1664188863121.jpeg (184.01 KB, 827x1389, C9A58933-21F6-476F-ABE9-C7A080…)

The person got blocked kek. Wanted to look up Jill’s Twitter and this came up

No. 251381

I want to tinfoil that the people holding the drag show got wind of her harassing that chick on twitter the other day and removed her from the schedule last minute as some sort of anti-bullying gesture or something. No matter what happened I'm sure we can expect another narc rage meltdown in the next coming days, she is just gonna let it stew for a bit first.

No. 251382

Jill this just makes you look more guilty and like you did bail unfairly on the gig. I don’t understand why she hasn’t just made a generic sorry I was too unwell apology, ignoring it completely is very weird and suspicious.

No. 251384

>>251378 wtf thats hilarious

No. 251387

File: 1664191657696.jpg (862.03 KB, 1079x3041, Screenshot_20220926_072632_Twi…)

>>251378 omg apologies samefag from >>251384 but I just checked that girls twitter to see if there were any interactions (person only has 2 followers hmmm)

No. 251390

The fact that the cap was taken as the post was made smells a lot like cowtipping to me. Especially since her account was just magically found lol.

No. 251392

The papercakes girl follows her though

No. 251394

I thought she was just gonna pretend she was an alter that had no idea about the gig, but then she wouldn't go out of her way to delete comments about it kek

No. 251397

It really does make it seem like there is more too this story.

No. 251398

>Hello Kitty pfp
Everytime the cowtipper is a cow. Every time a nonnie accidentally show profile pic in cap its a cow. Every time i wonder if every farmer is a cow then what am i

No. 251400

Especially because she didn’t talk about it at all, only when a fan posted about it on twitter she retweeted it. As other anons already pointed out, she probably already knew beforehand that she’s not gonna do the “gig”. The most plausible explanations for me are either she got lazy or there’s some drama with other participants

No. 251401

So Jill’s old boss follows an obvious cowtipper? I can’t be the only one who thinks their relationship is a shitstorm waiting to happen. Considering Jill’s inability to keep friendships (nothing to do with her personality disorder though, always the other person’s fault) and this lady’s own rather unhinged behaviour I’m surprised they haven’t blown up already.

No. 251403

File: 1664197651489.jpeg (90.34 KB, 828x606, 7E1D51FA-9128-4F2F-AD65-F8708F…)

Samefag. Forgot to attach screencap

No. 251404

Tinfoil: Maybe that’s her account and she’s trying to milk Jill?

No. 251405

as hilarious as that might be, it seems kinda unlikely. it would be too obvious to follow that account. but I don’t know maybe it’s some reverse psychology kek

No. 251406

LMFAO WHAT THE HELL JILL. You can’t just block people who have genuine questions about stuff you committed to. God she’s getting more irritating everyday somehow

No. 251408

Late, but if she gets her coveted autism diagnosis she's going to claim she used to mask/hide her stimming just like she's claiming she deleted video "evidence" of her alters from years back

No. 251411

Jillian a vile little cunt and this person is absolutely right. Whatever psychosis Jill experiences is definitely brought on by making weed her only hobby and I say this as a pothead. If she cut back to maybe two blunts a day and got a part-time job somewhere she liked, her whole DiD facade would crumble.

No. 251415

Pretty sure it was a free/volunteer gig, I doubt they bothered or even thought to look her up. She probably thought the storm was a good enough excuse to bail, went to her mommy for reassurance, Louise in overbearing mom fashion would say something like "omg yes Jilly you shouldn't go it's too dangerous baby stay safe, they're awful for not cancelling it, poor you". leave the name field empty and type sage in the email line next time, love u nonny

No. 251417

Tinfoil, it's her side acc. Also she was the one hyping her own thread. She's just an older jill, of course she would read the threads and wants attention for herself.

No. 251429

damn, i mean side account or not i wish this person would have actually tagged jill to see if/how she would respond. i would have loved to have seen that shitshow interaction (or if she just blocks again/has jerrick throw a bitch fit at her)

No. 251430

The organizer of the gig was Sofia tho who’s Jilly’s strongest soldier and would never

No. 251435

tinfoil nonnie please put sage in the email section next time … we don’t want u to get banned. ly

No. 251436

I really doubt she'd have time to do stuff like that. She is tweeting that they have only 2 days of food left and is begging for money, honestly embarassing for middle class adults with children.

No. 251437

I wouldn’t put it past jill to be the type of person who goes and searches her own name on twitter (pixielocks) to see people “subtweeting” her. She definitely needs to lurk on that kind of stuff. But replying to it outright would reveal that she’s overly lurking. She knows people are confused about this whole thing she’s just trying to do damage control rather than be rude and bitchy for once.

No. 251438

holy moly her gut is literally sticking out. so much for "accidentally" losing weight. honestly this wouldn't be so milky if she didn't claim she has ~anorexia tendencies~ as jerrick and claim she lost weight. yet another lie for attention i see

No. 251471


please learn to integrate, only posts that are fresh milk should be unsaged.

this reeks of cowtipping since they screenshotted their response 3min after posting, then held onto the screenshot until they got blocked & ran to twitter later that day. the thread had been focusing on jill not being at the show the last few days. it's not coincidence imo.

for our new nonas in the thread, we don't cowtip here. jill wants you to a-log so she can say "muh bullies!!!" but we simply watch from afar and report on the trainwreck. we're not instigators and we are not some legion. the cows fall from grace themselves, don't push them. stay patient and grab popcorn for the show.

No. 251472

>this reeks of cowtipping since they screenshotted their response 3min after posting, then held onto the screenshot until they got blocked & ran to twitter later that day
this is a great point, but it could be sh figured jill would react poorly and screenshotted for proof. not saying this to negate your claim, nona, but i would also make sure i have my own receipts if i make a claim like that on jill's stuff, knowing she'd either blow up or block me. especially because this girl says she's already been leaning towards falling off the pixielocks train because of how she's been lately.

No. 251476

File: 1664221615602.jpg (189.12 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220926-124047_Chr…)

No. 251477

File: 1664221706894.webm (1.48 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_7147729696950635782_pi…)

No. 251479

File: 1664221828973.jpg (154.13 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220926-124201_Chr…)

No. 251480

File: 1664221904458.jpg (199.6 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220926-123404_Chr…)

No. 251481

shes so wide

No. 251482

File: 1664222065505.webm (5.17 MB, 540x960, 44415784767.webm)

No. 251483

content warning: choking heart emoji
GIRL. I’m literally at my wits end.

No. 251486

She looks flat in this one. She’s wearing the binder i guess? Real tiddies are not drag obv

No. 251487

She says she is thicc but she doesn’t actually have curves or a large chest to start with, she pads to shit when she is Veronica but maybe the dress doesn’t fit with padding. I believe others in the thread have described her body as like a fridge.

No. 251488

>#dragartist #dragqueen #babydrag #kawaii #harajukufashion #decora #sanriocore

Old news I know but tags are so useless on any platform these days. Attention whores like her have ruined any chances to find decent content among the garbage.

No. 251492

Is this about the cancellation?

No. 251496

She's been so angry lately on twitter that I can't help but feel like this "choking" is supposed to scare her haters

Also she keeps talking about flopping and flop era I'm so tired of this coping. No "slay" is coming. Your fandom is dead and so is your career.

No. 251497

> I can't help but feel like this "choking" is supposed to scare her haters

That is so Chris-chan of her.

No. 251510

Kek keep trying to cope Jill

No. 251511

File: 1664233060142.jpg (206.43 KB, 720x1294, Screenshot_20220926-155521_Chr…)

No. 251512

I agree, the choking feels… Odd.
Yeah idk what part of her post is "sanriocore"

No. 251514

File: 1664233209972.webm (5.38 MB, 540x960, 22885767371.webm)

No. 251516

>Draws art of lolcow
>Art is posted in thread about lolcow
"OMG, how is this related???"

No. 251518

Posts genuinely can't be taken down after thirty minutes have passed since it was posted and mods won't do it for you im sorry babe but it's stuck here for good

No. 251519

thank you for explaining and being nice, is it possible to contact somone for the post to be taken down?

No. 251520

Nope no contact possible, it's permanent. If it helps, Jill gets a new thread every two weeks. It'll be forgotten in a few days.

No. 251522

my art was also used as a banner for an older thread and now when you look up my name online people can find this thread and i don't want to be associated with it :(
reporting for copyright reasons isn't possible? because i was never asked for use of my art

No. 251523

A screenshot of your public post is not protected by copyright retard

No. 251524

Posting art publicly doesn't give you any sort copyright, especially when the offending my circumstance is not being used for profit, so that won't work either and you likely wouldn't get anywhere regardless. My advice would be to let it go and keep in mind that what's posted online is available to everyone, including people who don't like the subject.

No. 251525

I don't see it googling your name tbh so? Even when adding lolcow it doesn't come up…

No. 251526

ok, but i don't care about that, i just don't want my art to be used this way

No. 251527

Get over it

No. 251528

Unfortunately it's the internet and once you post something publicly, it's out of your control how others use it

No. 251529

It's okay, it's the only way it could've been used for anyways, your art is quite ugly and Jillybean probably hated it quite a lot. Maybe just study art properly and create a new internet persona.

No. 251530

I guess in the future don’t draw art of toxic people.
Also leave the name field blank and put “sage” in the email field. You are bumping the thread and therefore drawing even more attention to yourself.

No. 251532

Nobody gives a shit, stop asking about your shit art. You should be happy anybody wants to use it for anything. Maybe don't draw insane people next time? God I hate whiny artists.

No. 251533

i'm not looking for critisism over my art right now, thanks, i just don't want my art to be used this way

No. 251534

Nobody fucking cares

No. 251535

You can't always get what you want

No. 251539

ok but it's my art you're using, i have rights about it

No. 251540

Then stop posting it publicly? I don't really know what you were hoping to achieve by posting here. There's nothing we can do about it.

No. 251541

Then call the internet art police.

No. 251542

Maybe if you posted it more, and added your email to the name of your posts, people would start giving a slight fuck about your nobody ass.

No. 251543

i don't use this website, i was genuinly asking for advice on how i could do something, i don't know why you guys act this way, it's really weird

No. 251544

Someone let me know what art anon is talking about, like did they make fanart of her which was used as a thread pic?

No. 251545

hon nobody here is going to listen to you. as somebody already stated, there's rules instated that your art is not getting taken down here. there's nothing any of us can do so you're just arguing with the wall at this point, and also blocking up the thread. please get out before you get permabanned and then you really won't be able to do shit

No. 251546

It's this one

No. 251547

You should probably just dip out him there's nothing you can do about the art, just cut your losses and leave cause this probably isn't a good site for you

No. 251548

File: 1664237244389.jpeg (904.2 KB, 1170x1263, 62EBADFE-11AD-492C-AD9B-4676E9…)

Oops dropped pic

No. 251549

Everything on lolcow is basically here to stay, you could try reporting the thread (tick box next to thread title) and then scroll to bottom of page and fill in the report bit with like 'this is my art pls remove' but there's no real chance of anything happening unfortunately. or head to /meta and reply to the top thread there about it.

No. 251550

i wasn't whining or being rude to anyone, i just wanted to know how i could get my art taken down because somone told me there was a way to do it, now i know it's not possible, end of it

No. 251551

Kek she's a pudgy looking enby girl that's somehow skinnier than Jillian the vessel and looks more genuine with the ugly green hair with black and white alt fat girl clothes.

No. 251552

Glad you understand, goodbye honey, have a good rest of your day

No. 251553


No. 251554

Looks just like her

No. 251555

This is really ugly sorry anon, I guess best advice is work on your art and don't worry about this thread since I doubt anyone is searching for you very often at your current skill level. You would lose nothing if you changed your username and didn't make fanart of shit people, best way to cut your losses here.

No. 251556

i wasn't asking for anything rude, and now you guys are going out of your way to judge me on how i look? what do you get out of it

No. 251557

>i'm a guy
confirmed woman

No. 251558

Listen i know social media has made you believe otherwise, but you can't control how others react or interact with your art personally. You can't go on every person's phone to check they're interacting with you ~in the right way~. This is an anonymous imageboard, you can't report anything. Mods don't give a fuck and any adult would would laugh at you. We have a whole board of """"stolen art"""" and anons do art anonymously all the time. You're a drop in the ocean, this would be forgotten in a couple of days and if it was you, i would leave immediately. The longer you're the more you will end up associated with this site.

No. 251559

i'm not looking for critisism, thanks

No. 251561

Now I just think you're here for the attention or to start smthn multiple anons have told you to leave and yojre still here I hope you get banned

No. 251563

Girl, we told you to leave and you said you would leave, don't get addicted to the negative comments like how you're addicted to any sort of attention. Nobody gives a fuck about you because this is Jillian's thread, not yours.

No. 251564

Stop posting, we can all see your selfies. It's better to leave now.

No. 251565

Your short stature and anatomy says otherwise.

No. 251566

>not looking for criticism
art anon activited

Ok but when you draw a person, imagine their limbs under the clothes or objects, how do they connect up in a way that makes sense? Your image is just blobby shapes that make no sense as a structure. Imagine if it was 3d, or was to move, draw basic block forms for each body part and then build on that rather than going straight for finishing touches and colour. You're welcome

No. 251567

File: 1664237932836.jpeg (634.4 KB, 960x1027, A9FF2559-DA39-4661-AA9C-DEB288…)

Ewwww you even made a PowerPoint on Jillian.

No. 251569

File: 1664238092255.jpg (479.77 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220926-201855_Twi…)


Gorl you sicker than Jill get help and learn yo love your itty bitty titties you were born with

No. 251570

To love*

No. 251571

This is really sad. Jillian is a truly awful person, borderline abusive, and not someone you should look up to.

No. 251572

KEK so it's this one autist, she basically made the template of a whole ass thread pic.

No. 251573

Jill spends every day being a toxic narcissist online and attacking people, how could she be an idol for anyone. Plenty of kawaii girls to follow online these days, literally thousands of better options, why pick Jill.

No. 251574

File: 1664238552929.png (780.23 KB, 787x552, F52CC754-C7DE-4EFC-968A-97AB86…)

Yup seems like it kek

No. 251575

File: 1664238725137.jpg (243.96 KB, 720x1543, Twitter.jpg)

Cute kawaii girls aren't on the pipeline to starring in the fakeboi thread that's why this degen is aiming closer to home. She considers herself a "cool green guy" like Jillybean

No. 251576

File: 1664238969181.jpeg (463.59 KB, 1536x2048, 8BE0C5C0-9F84-4638-8166-6FADFC…)

Is she skinwalking Jillybean?

No. 251579

This is just a really popular aesthetic right now, anon.

No. 251580

Eyebleach is very hot coming into the 2023 season. See it on every whoville drag stage. Or have them no show I guess

No. 251581

At least this is a more coherent outfit than anything Jillian could put together.

No. 251586

kek next thread pic

No. 251587

Anon it was already used as a thread pic way back

No. 251590

File: 1664241112378.jpeg (565.35 KB, 1170x1524, 9DCA9F8D-DD80-49F6-A593-A85A91…)


No. 251591

No. 251592

Honestly, it took her too long, she was liking the attention but probably freaked out a bit over her selfies getting posted.

No. 251593

Well that was a fun jaunt, can we get back to Jill?

No. 251594

File: 1664242061132.jpg (184.35 KB, 720x1403, Screenshot_20220926-182516.jpg)

No. 251595

File: 1664242205656.jpg (185.13 KB, 720x1395, Screenshot_20220926-182802.jpg)

No. 251598

File: 1664243219094.jpg (84.71 KB, 720x787, Screenshot_20220926-184507.jpg)

No. 251602

this just sounds like when she larps the magical girl witch stuff, a bunch of made up shit that she has to post about as a performance rather than for comfort

No. 251603

by this logic no one should be friends with her kek

No. 251605

File: 1664245199900.jpg (19.85 KB, 275x199, 1658558631860.jpg)

Maritei I know you lurk lolcow and I know you irl and I'll remember you sucking Jill's dick next time I see you. Most embarrassing behaviour I swear.(hi cow)

No. 251608

Oh shit anon spill the beans

No. 251610

I'm late to this (so sorry if its a bit of a derail) but art anon if you see this I'm going to try to give you some advice. Genuinely just don't worry about it too much. Sorry for slight blog here but I used to be a fan of Jill and drew a pic of her, it was posted here and made fun of. I was upset at the time but looking back it really didn't matter at all. I'm actually a bit grateful but anyway, if you hadn't brought it back up I promise it would have never been mentioned in this thread again. Im sure you're upset about all of this but it truly doesn't matter what some anons on this site say about you. You could try to at the very least learn a bit from all of this. Their words might seem harsh to you but a lot of what's been said can be taken as advice if you choose to look at it that way, its never too late to change.

No. 251612

You're being way too sweet to this person kek. But I do agree, learning to take criticism (specially harsh ones) is good and helps you get better at life and at art. In some weeks no one will curr about your ugly drawing anymore, it's actually worse when you make a big deal about it than just take it and own it.

If only Jillian knew how to take criticism though…

No. 251621

Do gay men even care. I feel like the only reason people pretend to care about women identifying as drag queens is because they’re always like fat or something. At this point in time it doesn’t really mean anything and it isn’t a sacred art. Also Trixie Mattel isn’t bothered by “bio kweens” or whatever they call them and thinks it’s fine, so it makes sense that she still follows.

No. 251622

Your gay best friend could benefit from shutting up and joining a gym instead of getting mad at autistic girls caking on garish makeup to film tiktoks. Boo boo their “space” is being ~enroached~ on. Jill is entirely too logged in but being outraged or threatened by her tiktok larping is just pathetic. They are rarely every actually in any gay spaces, they aren’t walking into their no-load refused cumpdumps, and if they see one of these in real life they have the option to literally just walk away. God I’m tired of gays bawing about women like they’re threatening. Go lift weights and play Pokémon.

No. 251624

shes high again, what a surprise

No. 251625

>plan a time so I am out for filming when I need to be
thats not how did works sweetie. she just keeps telling on herself.

No. 251630

it's ok, nona. she has the super special type of DID where she gets to choose exactly when she switches and to whom! her mental illness is never a gross icky inconvenience to her. that would be ableist of it.

No. 251631

Your first mistake is assuming she's ever not high.

No. 251632

Lmao cope

No. 251633

other anon is right. if she's getting morning nausea from lack of weed, she's probably high all day long every day. "it's ok because it's a plant" she tells herself as she gets high all day and is unemployed. honestly in the beginning i never thought we'd have a stoner jill saga but she's even more insufferable high

No. 251635

She just makes this gif funnier >>250228

No. 251636

I’m so tired of that shit. Oh boo hoo fat autists are swarming at the outskirts of your precious club? Look away.

No. 251638

NTA but your comment sounds so dumb considering Jill's threads all started cause the community didn't like her and also refused to look away

No. 251645

I remember like a year or two ago Jill did that for some photos or youtube video too and said it's because she has something weird on her feet? Idk, such an odd thing to tell people but she seems self conscious about it

No. 251647

Imagine hating yourself this badly, yikes

No. 251652

Anonitas I'm a real psychologist and here's an info dump from the BDSM-5 standards on Jillociative Identity Disorder(JID):
>can switch to any number of made up alters at any point, but only when it's convenient for the Jill
>Has extreme black outs from switching all the time, but they are invisible to everyone else around
>all alters have their own aesthetic, the more distinctly visibly different they are from each other the better
>the Jill may appropriate and use other mental disorders such as autism, age play and eating disorders, often for the use of making up new alters to switch to
>doesn't need childhood trauma to develop alters, because autism makes the need for it null. However the Jill itself doesn't have autism but merely appropriates it, so presumably other people's autism is what nullified it.
>WOJ - Weed Onset Jillphoria: a form of identity euphoria the Jill feels through the recreational use of weed, is often the first sign of JID
>Can develop any new kind of symptom at any point, but only ones that can't be proven wrong and that aren't icky
>All alters merge into the original Jill in really stressful situations or when needed
Please stay educated and don't be ableist.

No. 251653

We were wondering if she still followed Trixie because she was made aware of him sexualising little girls:

White man in misogynist clown costume sexualises female children
>Jill: “ugghh Trixieee”
>keeps following him

African woman artist calls attention to the fact that female African children are mutilated based on their sex, not their ‘gender identity’
>Jill: “uhhh GROSS why was I even following you??”
>immediately unfollows

No. 251657

She has mentioned before that her feet are fucked up in some way. I bet they are dirty as well, she is friends with Kelly Eden queen of having the soles of her feet literally black with dirt.

No. 251658

Oh ok. I only brought it up because it's something that sex workers to do on tiktok and instagram to avoid posting foot fetish content for free. I thought it might have been an OF breadcrumb but I'm glad I was wrong

No. 251660


No. 251661

File: 1664274607949.png (1.43 MB, 1284x2778, B0499DC5-ACBC-4828-9F15-F3833C…)

Jill was posted on fakedisordercringe subreddit again. The account that says they know Steve looks to be a highschool kid based off some of their posts lol

No. 251662

No it doesn’t, excuse me for not defending the homosexual need to pretend women are boogeymen enroaching on their precious spaces when they literally could just not watch this sort of outrage fodder.

No. 251664

my sides nonnie, thank you for your wisdom

No. 251666

Nona, there aren’t any actual gay men watching her and being offended. The only reason it’s being brought up because because it’s Jill’s MO to a tee, she brushes the surface of a subculture and then anoints herself the queen of it and polices what is and isn’t part of it. The fact that it happens to be drag and a gay male thing is kind of irrelevant

No. 251672

I was referring to a specific reply an anon made about how her gay friend was filled with rage over it thanks for educating me on something I already know

No. 251681

Calm down PMS and stop derailing no one cares about that conversation anymore except you

No. 251684

File: 1664287690351.jpg (240.65 KB, 1080x963, Screenshot_20220927-070716__01…)

This person clearly just follows troonie on Twitter and doesn't actually know him.

No. 251685

post more of their reactions
Also that tiktok video in your pic… was it ever posted here?

No. 251706

File: 1664292253254.jpg (156.12 KB, 1080x611, IMG_20220927_172401.jpg)

Jillybean lovin the drama

No. 251707

File: 1664292341874.jpg (356.84 KB, 1080x1579, IMG_20220927_171359.jpg)

Offtopic but context for the curious, Jill loves following youtube milk

No. 251708

>not believing any rumors but yikes, he clearly cheated!
precious uwu wholesome bean contradicts herself. if there's proof it wasn't him she's gonna backtrack like crazy and say it's wrong to dogpile someone based on internet rumors, just like she was.

No. 251716

I have seen this same joke recycled so many fucking times today verbatim. Has Jill stolen other peoples jokes as tweets before? I don’t feel like I have seen her do it before but I bet she would flip out if someone did it to her.

No. 251733

No one:
Jillian: Well we should hear the cheating man’s opinion on all this ! I gotta hear his statement first before i decide if the photo evidence is true.
(it’s giving gabbie hannah saying she needed to talk to curtis lepore to “hear his side”) Jill really gives me the vibes of someone who acts like a pro victim advocate but whenever a man she likes gets exposed it’s “ok i want his statement too tho” Jillian i know you have a innate hatred for women because you believe you got raped by a girl, but you need to realize literally all men have the ability to be gross little cheating/predatory weasels from the get go no matter the situation. Yes that includes some guy who makes music you like, or some random comfort youtuber of yours.

No. 251773

File: 1664307509928.jpeg (107.17 KB, 750x879, 2E2287A2-4939-4E0C-9414-BDAD3A…)

this is not a normal reaction to this, jill

No. 251774

File: 1664307556797.jpeg (70.04 KB, 750x340, F0780C8A-FD5C-4ADF-AA71-EB105F…)

pretty sure he got fired for having an intimate relationship with his employee, dumbass

No. 251775

Jumping on the train of hoping for a Steebie cheating with Maggie saga now

No. 251778

kek manifesting this

No. 251779

This. He was also fired because he's not his own boss and the people that pay them decided he's a liability for their reputation. Talk shit, get hit.

No. 251780

Hasn't she literally been a mistress before? I swear threads back seeing she fucked someone's bf

No. 251781

wasn't it steebie? God I hope Steebie cheats on Jill. It'll literally be "you lose em how you got em"

No. 251782

Tbh I’m on her side with this one

No. 251783

I'm actually surprised that there's someone out there who is a fan of Steve's "content" even if they are young and impressionable

No. 251785

He doesn't even make content
If my doctor got fired for cheating on her husband, I'd be really pissed off. Personal life and jobs should be separate, but this guy was a "celeb" who built his character on loving his wife and then just used her as a prop, he deserved it but Jill is a hypocrite because she took her shirt off in front of Steve when he was dating Maggie.

No. 251786

Says the fat wannabe anachan mental illness larper.. get a grip Jilly

No. 251787

Hypocrital boyfriend stealing bitch KEK

No. 251789

Intetestingly strong views on cheating considering Stevie has maggie visit while you're away, (evidenced by Maggie posting photos of Jill's cat on her own Twitter) still has her doorkey (evidenced by a recent Tweet reply of his) and replies to her Tweets more than yours, very interesting indeed

I'm like 80% certain many of her recent breakdowns and subtweets were about whatever Stevie is up to

No. 251796

>I love justice!
Really now? What about all your crimes, Jilly? You still haven't given a statement on ghosting your drag performance except delete and block anyone who mentions it. Shut up you creepy fatass rainbow colored nightmare abomination.
>Personal life and jobs should be separate, but this guy was a "celeb" who built his character on loving his wife and then just used her as a prop, he deserved it but Jill is a hypocrite because she took her shirt off in front of Steve when he was dating Maggie.
I agree with you. Also didn't Jill mention the whole ordeal on her meet the alter veronica edition?

No. 251811

File: 1664325149762.jpg (163.4 KB, 720x1294, Screenshot_20220927-172607_Chr…)

No. 251814

File: 1664325258156.webm (1.25 MB, 540x960, Snaptik_7148209123899886853_pi…)

No. 251816

File: 1664325407214.jpg (82.94 KB, 584x772, Screenshot_20220927-172652_Chr…)

No. 251819

“Thank ya”
Jax is literally just a Brooklyn accent but that person must feel really smart for figuring out who jill is roleplaying

I’ve also never seen her chin look like this it’s insane compared to her retarded jerrick drag face, wonder if it just the high angle or if she’s really starting to abuse filters

No. 251821

can she actually dye her hair this color please
God it's so stereotypical and cringe. I don't think she has been near Brooklyn ever in her life, yet somehow thinks she can replicate their accent… kek wtf.

No. 251822

>system euphoria
Excuse me what the actual fuck.

No. 251823

File: 1664327207510.jpeg (Spoiler Image,114.67 KB, 1400x1400, 68ECD014-094E-4D03-9E20-E867F8…)

wtf is going on with her chin? is this a bad filter or just not her angle

No. 251826

hiya isn't even a brooklyn accent, she's reaching hard and it's cringe.

No. 251827

here's my hot take Jill I think people should be jailed for faking illnesses. I'd say fired but people who do that don't work kek

No. 251828

She put the phial emoji in the description.
None of it truly is but Jill doesn't understand what makes an accent an accent and how that's different from a dialect. She could learn, but that would take actual effort which Jill doesn't want to do. Kek

No. 251829

File: 1664330033678.png (113.85 KB, 596x596, dreadieelockss .png)

her racist alter is back!

No. 251830

Normally I'd agree, but remembering how unhinged confetti club members were, I wouldn't be surprised if her remaining fans still skinwalk her OR are seething rainby fatties that'd scalp her if it meant being given the chance to become her.

No. 251834

Well she looks way better, even if it’s just a filter and good clothing. Jax is more “Emo” and Alternative than Jerrick is supposed to be. Jerrick looks like a TikTok e-boy from 2018 even though he formed when Jill was a Punk and the mislabeling doesn’t bother him. The fliter and dark clothing does the heavy lifting.. but she looks her age here. makes her superficially tolerable. It would be nice to see her in darker hair colors and muted clothing so she doesn’t look 35-45 years old.

Jill!! that’s so so so Polygamy-Phobic and Monogamy-Normative!!! what is Veronica gonna say when you don’t support her being a lesbian Bimbo who’s into casual sex, flirting, and “Knows what she wants and how to get it”. that’s Polygamy-Erasure!! Be progressive and feminist! calling it now that she’s upset with Stevie interacting with Maggie but says that they have a Open-Relationship to cope on having her boyfriend stolen from her.

No. 251835

File: 1664334473371.png (511.43 KB, 447x943, image_2022-09-27_220751964.png)

>Jerrick looks like a TikTok e-boy from 2018
not even that tbh kek, she looks 45 dressing like this

No. 251836

File: 1664334819890.jpeg (190.82 KB, 737x588, 1662545691845.jpeg)

omg! this is totally such a Jax moment!

No. 251837

Wait, has she actually said they have an open relationship? Or are you just speculating?

No. 251840

Kek why'd it take me til this moment to realize that even the name "multipetalpixie" is so clearly a skin walk for that fake did YouTuber she stans. It even rhymes hahaha holy fuck how is Jill this pathetic

No. 251842

I've honestly never hated any cow this much before, how is everything she does legitimately this retarded. I frequently break from her threads because I find her so obnoxious and only return in the hopes she has some kind of backlash or call out she can't ignore and block her way out of my god

No. 251852

It’s a combination of MultiplicityandMe and FivePetalFlower, her brand that never was, because she realised that she couldn’t stick to just five alters.
I wonder what idea came first, the flower brand or the DID larp.

No. 251854

Morally so am I, but it’s unequivocally gross for her to get so hyped over gossip like this were innocent people’s lives have been turned upside down, while also spouting about what a good person she is and how everyone should be kind uwu

No. 251859

She’s using the weird egirl freckles filter she’s always uses. It’s just not that obvious with the black and white filter on it. She must feel really insecure about her fat face

No. 251862

So male of you

Is it really applicable when she can’t be bi more than 15 in this photo and obviously had no idea of any implications

No. 251863

Dreadnona you need to get over it you seem obsessed. Do you get this pressed over Asians with dreads or just a zoomer upset by white people breathing?

No. 251867

No. 251884


No ones pressed about the dreads, it's just funny that jill desperately tries to be seen as super woke while dropping the n word and wearing dreads

No. 251890

it's a shitpost, don't get so triggered.

No. 251909

File: 1664384860118.jpg (473.48 KB, 1080x1539, IMG_20220928_190710.jpg)

No. 251910

File: 1664384896448.jpg (337.32 KB, 1080x1561, IMG_20220928_190734.jpg)

She's got issues, I would just crop my feet out

No. 251911

>The world is so unsafe
why does this bitch talk like she's living in a third world country

No. 251913

wait yeah she was already editing the videos why not just crop out the bottom a little … maybe it's giving her too much credit to think she would simply crop instead of having to use a motion tracking blur tool for every frame

No. 251914

>too many foot fetish people
That's the sanest thing she has said in years

No. 251915

Jilly you already told us the real reason is you have fucked up feet, come on now no one wants to jerk it to whatever mess you have going on down there.

No. 251916

Or just wear socks or slippers
It's so weird how she's self conscious about it, but picks the worst solution that draws more attention to it

No. 251917

>posts video of her in underwear on youtube
>censors feet "the world is so unsafe"

No. 251919

Oh but that isn't JILL, that's some alter or such bs.

No. 251920

File: 1664387925705.jpg (168.67 KB, 720x1330, Screenshot_20220928-105633_Chr…)

No. 251921

File: 1664388087420.jpg (115.85 KB, 715x1270, Screenshot_20220928-105650_Chr…)

No. 251922

When your whole personality is a sunglasses emoji

No. 251923

File: 1664388190874.jpg (174.8 KB, 720x1412, Screenshot_20220928-110146_Chr…)

No. 251924

File: 1664388296886.jpg (135.79 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220928-110336_Chr…)

No. 251925

File: 1664388427432.jpg (163.8 KB, 720x1375, Screenshot_20220928-110545_Chr…)


No. 251926

It's hilarious how all of Jill's alters immediate response after "switching" is to go on twitter

No. 251927

How else are people supposed to know her totally real condition exists? By showing them her diagnosi— Oh, wait.

No. 251928

I love how she has to state her "alters"'s sexuality whenever they are introduced. Just like how normal regular humans do, right?? Also I guess she grew bored of the bimbo persona and needed another hypersexual character lmao

No. 251934

She changed her twitter display name from Jerrick (Usually) to now Jerr &