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File: 1665352484781.png (5.79 MB, 2399x2734, 1665260880103.png)

No. 257065

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for.
She happily accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression (NOT a real diagnosis!) with a "coming out as DID" celebratory cake, but struggled to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who rage-quitted due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as the creator of the Confetti Club, a group of skinwalking fans that wear “Party-Kei” style, a weeaboo fashion she invented and no longer personally wears. She currently looks like an overweight clown.
>Known lurker.
>Extremely sensitive.
>Terminally online.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Very notorious attention whore. Always overstates her abilities in a delusional way and barely puts any effort.
>Runs a youtube channel with an inconsistent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating most of her fans.
>Has multiple inconsistencies in her DID story and lore. Will change or forget key details about her trauma origin story or her alters. She also tends to deny the bad parts of her mental illnesses.
>Started deliberately age regressing while smoking weed not too long ago. Cannot put the weed down.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special. Thus, results in obvious faking.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- items, including clothes, makeup and other shit for any new trend she gets into. Nevertheless, she still is a big consumer of plastic crap and will cut corners whenever possible.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of things to show off how much she had spent (as a brag).
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise. She’s also a massive attention whore and very self-centered, never listens to others and only cares about her own faked struggles. Disregards any criticism as “hate”.
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, and her fans are steadily unfollowing her.
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day. She will take meds without even verifying she needs them or not, or stop them without further medical advice. Other questionable “self-care” and “mental health” content has been noted.
>Thinks having an enabling counselor = actual therapy. Said counselor quitted and moved provinces only 1 year after treating her and giving her the DID diagnostic impression. Jillian continues to lie and fake all kinds of symptoms to prove she’s sick, slowly transforming into a full-blown munchie. Believes her own lies on the matter so much so that she thinks she’s knowledgeable enough to advise others on the matter.
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments, videos, or tweets that dare question her and act passive-aggressive about it on Twitter. Will also e-bully anyone she doesn’t like or goes against her ideas.
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image. Somehow, all her male exes end up looking like the current aesthetic she’s into at the moment of dating.
>Has claimed that her DeviantArt Ex-girlfriend she kept in amicable contact with for a while right after breaking up “abused her for months”. Said claim has been proven false.
>She now claims every abuser of hers has been female, even though she has heavily mistreated her past two girlfriends. She broke off with her most recent ex girlfriend, Mystery Girl, around Christmas 2018, because she “was no longer attracted to her”. She kept the Christmas presents that she would otherwise would had given her, to herself.
>Her previous friendships almost always have end up in drama. Rumors of her sleeping with the guy that one of her ex-friends liked at a New Year’s party have circulated. Besides that, she has also said in a video that she stripped in front of Steven and his ex-girlfriend Maggie at some point in a get-together. Even her fans found this weird.
>Formerly identified as pansexual, then queer, then claimed to be “too into dick to be a lesbian” while dating a woman; currently lives inside her rainbow house with her boyfriend Stephen Clarke. Now both Steven and Jillian identify as nonbinary and pansexual. It is worth mentioning one of her exes also became nonbinary and pansexual shortly after dating her. Steven is currently hinting to a very obvious MTF transition despite having a christian family, which will prove beneficial to Jill, since she wants to roleplay being a lesbian very bad.
>Steven Clarke, Jillian’s current boyfriend, enables all of Jillian delusions and pushes age regression onto others, not only Jill. He is porn addicted and extremely terminally online.
>Relies too much on other people, including her mother and her partners. Will interact with content creators she likes in a creepy, harassing way.
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo in her videos and social media despite knowing she has a largely underage audience. Recently started tagging posts with the age regression hashtag.
>Her “angel therapist”, Jedediah M, was a Jillian’s therapist despite only having 1 year of previous counseling experience. Note that Steven was the one to contact Jed for Jillian’s therapy. He’s a “male witch” and a “drag queen” in his spare time, hence why Jillian got so obsessed with him. He moved provinces just a year after treating her, which made Jillian “grieve like someone dear to her died” for weeks, very unhealthy and unprofessional of any therapist.
>Jilly started her own brand, 5 petal flower, months before graduating from her glorified Canadian craft school. She plans to sell badly put together Lazy Oaf knock offs despite her work being labeled as “inconsistent” by her teachers because she was mostly distracted with stim toys found on her sewing table. The only work she has produced so far was a collaboration with a small brand that mostly resells chinese aliexpress items and a very cheap and ugly looking bridal dress for her cousin.
>Very irresponsible pet owner. Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel hanging around on the floor, the cat almost choking to death. She still keeps this choking hazard where the same cat can reach it for years after the incident. Never seems to clean her pet’s space, you can see cat shit and cat fur all over her house in her videos and selfies.
>She tries to prove she’s mentally ill in any way possible, including always mentioning her stims, dissociation, posting edgy lyrics, wearing a t-shirt that reminds her of suicidal ideation, and pretending she can only eat one type of food. Pretends she “never lies”, “doesn’t understand sarcasm” and other autism/neurodivergent LARPing on Twitter. She wants to be mentally ill very bad and will often spread misinformation about it on her socials.
>Uses her alters to hold at least one of her personality traits or past times instead of realizing she can be a normal and full-fledged adult woman with hobbies and emotions. Will defend using emojis to sign off as each alter, to the point of harassing others off platforms if they don’t agree with her usage. She also talks in third person to herself while pretending to be an alter on her DMs, twitter, and on picture captions, calling herself “handsome” or “pretty”.
>Will claim as many labels as possible, some of them are: Queer, lesbian, nonbinary, FTM, pansexual, emo, rainbow, intersex, fashion designer, magical girl, full time youtuber, neurodivergent, autistic, BPD, DID system, witch, kawaii, drag queen. In reality, she’s just a spoiled dumb girl.
>Has been consuming a lot of alcohol and weed in a questionable way, anons wonder if her dissociation is merely caused by substance abuse. She bragged about the liquor store knowing who she is. She pushes weed as a magical cure-it-all for adults and children on her twitter full of underage fans.
>Ran over a deer on July 2022 and while originally saying she had no trauma from it, milked the accident dry for pity points, calling it a “near death experience” and claiming “multiple ptsd symptoms” from it. Her boyfriend Steven really pushed the idea of creating another alter to deal out of the situation, but nothing came out of that.
>Recently got into bio drag queening, changed her twitter description days before her first performance even went live. Danced like a crazy woman to a Steven Universe and a MCR song on her first performance. She’s now fully accepting the drag queen label with a lot of self-importance and yet again overstating her abilities with barely any experience.
>Has cancelled 2 Drag Queen “gigs” so far. But still posts on tiktok saying she’s a valid drag queen.


>Jillian: Actual person, but calls herself an alter for the heck of it. Hates being called “Jilly”. Says she can't hear her "brain folk" when she's experiencing trauma, Jillian is the only one who fronts in those situations, defeating the whole purpose of having alters and having DID.

>Jerrick: 13-16 year old emo guy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits. Signs off with a snake emoji.
>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, calls herself a lesbian (even though she’s dating a man), she is a “protector of sexual trauma”, says she had to become a fuckable bimbo because she was “raped for months”. Signs off with a flame emoji.
>Berry (Nicknamed “Babby Smalls”): Talks and acts like a baby. Proof that Jillian is into age regression. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had its name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Signs off with a strawberry.
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" A mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes. The emoji is a club.
>Flora: A “fragment” slowly morphing into a real alter, and a carbon copy of cure flora / other positive precure characters. She is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Jax: 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching arcane while having major trauma. Jillian called her “hypersexual”. Signs with a test tube emoji.
>sandwich emoji: Cat alter, represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Sneakingly revealed in a vlog. Jillian has bracelets and necklaces with the names of her alters, and this name appeared alongside them in a row of alter names. Note that Jillian’s second name is actually Amanda. Turned out to be the other “far away” age regression alter that uses the piano emoji.

**Note: The DID saga officially starts in >>>/w/176591

Last thread was a shitfest, but heres the clumps of cream i could dig out:
>>255464 Very important farmhand message for all newfriends
>>255508 drama youtuber vangelina had a livestream talking about her interactions with Jill. She has been planning to make a video about Jill for a while, and wanted an interview or something. It didnt go well
>>255565 jill sperges out on twitter
>>255598 jill shares hew and vangelinas DMs thinking it somehow gives her an advantage in the cat fight, it did not
>>255625 Jill threathening Vangelina, but dont worry, she probbably deserved it
>>255697 mama vessey makes a wild apperance
>>255956 jills boyfriend tries to capitalize on the situation and makes a youtube video talking about himself. he has read through at least 5 threads yet this >>256027 is the most threathening post he could manage to find. very scary!
>>256572 jillian continues to lie on twitter, whats new

No. 257067

No. 257068

File: 1665352873700.jpg (336.47 KB, 1080x1727, Screenshot_20221009_175728_Twi…)

Oh god bless the new thread is here. Reposting the meme I just edited in this thread since its fresh

No. 257071

thank you nona!

No. 257073

Thanks nonny, thread looks great.

No. 257076

the title of the last thread did make me laugh but maybe i just spend too much time here

No. 257078

Please in this thread can all nonnies without knowledge/info on the Canadian psychiatric system stfu about how it works in USA/Europe/Etc… Too many pointless comments last time without proper knowledge clogging up thread and confusing others.

No. 257084

Kek this is great nona

No. 257086

File: 1665361314089.jpeg (522.56 KB, 1170x949, AAFBAF97-100B-4680-84C5-CD6B9F…)

What’s this dumb bitch gunna do? What’s with her trying to seem bad ass recently? Lol

No. 257088

shes emboldened by her wks sniffing her asshole whenever she "owns" someone. this is the same girl who has her day ruined when people in public mock her outfits.

No. 257089

cake nonna - it's me lol I will if I have a chance to. lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 257090

the driving part in the op doesn’t include the fact that she is choosing to drive while supposedly having a history of blackouts/switches/DID

No. 257091

this is a really good point. didn't she mention around the beginning of the larp that she blacked out and her toddlersona had crayons or toys in the back of her car or something? and then recently she talked about using an oven while regressing or while a little was fronting

No. 257116

for the next thread someone should slim down the greentext. it's all accurate it just needs to be more concise

No. 257119

agree. i feel like the 'general info'could be streamlined a ton/we should have a separate area explaining her herd of enablers (mama, Steven, angel bby therapist)

No. 257120

I haven't posted new threads in a bit but I will try to shorten the greentext summary on hand for the new thread so whoever makes it will be able to use it faster

No. 257122

File: 1665382390372.jpg (107.67 KB, 720x998, Screenshot_20221009-230404_Chr…)

No. 257124

I was just looking through the very first thread and just watching a few minutes of this video is so sad, what the hell has she done to herself. she's so neurotic and twitchy and loud and fat now

Videoanon you'll get an extra Lisa Frank Pillsbury cookie if you do a clip of this

No. 257125

Bobo always ends up on the losing side in these DID-faker dramas. DissociaDID used her to get closer to other DID youtubers and kept all of the money from donations on their collabs with Bobo. Then she's first approached by Jill, likely for the same reason and she's made the punching bag when the Vangelina video came out.

I feel like she's likely actually a trauma victim, by how gullible and easily abused she seems to be. Drawn by these manipulative liars, due to her past.

No. 257128

fuck this is such a weird experience. It's tragic to see what Jillian used to be and even worse, think of where she could be now if she hadn't fixated on being The Most Mentally Ill.

No. 257130

I actually feel really bad for her. Jill is horrible and once again showed us what a bad “friend” she is

No. 257134

>I feel like she's likely actually a trauma victim, by how gullible and easily abused she seems to be. Drawn by these manipulative liars, due to her past.
I agree. And to add insult to injury, Jill was watching DID content back in 2020 when the big drama happened, so she knew what happened to Bobo. Jill begged for a phone call with Vangelina because it benefitted her, but Bo doesn’t even get a dm since it doesn’t benefit Jill to hear Bobo’s side. I knew how mean Jill could be, but that’s just stone cold to crush Bobo like that because Jill needs a scapegoat. She didn’t care at all that blocking Bobo without a word would hurt her.

No. 257135

Same and it makes me wonder just how many friends she's treated like this. No wonder she supposedly has enemies

No. 257143

The fact Jill goes on about how traumatized and sensitive she is, but then blocks a fellow mentally ill friend without a word. She even fabricated Bobo's "crime" - the Tweets were public. Nobody from Circles shared them. All Bobo did was attend Van's livestream. Stevie watched the edited livestream too but apparently it's ok when he does it? Maybe Jill could talk to Bobo and find out she was probably attending just to find out what was said, not sitting there with a bowl of popcorn.
Dropping a whole friendship because someone watched a livestream is?? I wonder how many other friends got treated like this. We know Jill's content girlfriend from years ago was swiftly dropped, there are probably more.

No. 257144

Didn't someone post a screenshot of Bobo in the livestream basically saying Jill used the Jerrick account to talk shit? Implying her DID is bullshit. It was in the thread where all the Vangelina stuff kicked off. Not a WK - I think Jill is awful - but I can imagine why she'd kind of have to cut someone off who was invalidating her larp like that. Bobo strikes me as just as much as a BDP manipulator as Jill tbh.

No. 257145

No, Bobo just said it seemed like Jill switched to the other account because Van can't see it. Someone else said the thing about Jerrick's account being for talking shit

No. 257148

Theoretically Bobo could even have been there to see what V was saying so she could defend Jill. If someone is talking shit about your friend you might watch it to be able to refute the claims, like Steve later did when he watched it…

No. 257150

God it so sad to see past Jill and knowing what she would become. I feel like if only Jill had taken the time to do a little introspection and realise that she came off as a bit spoilt and over reactive to criticism, I feel like we wouldn’t be here…(sage your shit)

No. 257153

What was surprising was (shown in screenshots in the previous thread) when Stevie read the replies to his video and realized doxxing is not allowed here, so the emailer can't have been from here. I'm so used to Jill ignoring 100% of useful information that's said to/about her. She just fights, blocks, deletes and pity-posts but never listens.

No. 257154

File: 1665398237461.jpg (118.85 KB, 1080x453, Screenshot_20221010_063601_Twi…)

Change it to DID and Jill fails

No. 257164

>came off as a bit spoilt and over reactive to criticism
>a bit
>came off as
Jill is showing her true colours right now. She doesn't "come off as" anything— she IS spoiled and over sensitive to the point where she's wrecked her life, relationships, body, and career. I don't know if you're a former fan or what, but she has always been a mess. And she refuses to accept responsibility for her shitty personality (singular), which is a prerequisite to any meaningful change in her behaviour. I think the only reason her past self looks better in comparison is because she hadn't had as much time to ruin her own life.
Tldr; don't wax poetic about "the old Jill." She was fucked from the start.

No. 257165

>her shitty personality (singular)
kek anon

No. 257170

I think this is quite likely. Jill just jumped the gun and blocked her before she got a word in. I bet she'll talk shit about her in her super secret circle.

No. 257171

Nooo! She's not talking shit she's just venting!!! Kek

No. 257172

While it's possible Bobo is innocent, I'd respect her if she leaked Jill being two-faced and lying because as a wise terf wizard once said: "it takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends"

No. 257175

You'll trigger all the enbies anon, be careful with those Rowling quotes. /s
She leaked nothing though, we went through it on the last thread forensically analyzing the Tweets kek, Jill just posted a video of other Circle Tweets with similar phrasing, but not the offending ones, which were public and deleted.
It seems everyone who stands up to Jill gets the same treatment uwu I'm being bullied, I'm traumatized as we saw in her Vangelina DMs.

No. 257180

Honestly, the level of spoiled she is has been super apparent throughout all of this and really shows why she believes in the stuff she does. She grew up getting whatever she wanted and always being validated whether she was right or wrong, so of course she thinks reality and mental illnesses and everything else is whatever she says it is. It's also why she thinks everyone who doesn't validate her is evil and why she never acts as kind as she says she is, because to her kindness just means enabling and unquestioned validation.

No. 257183

File: 1665411389801.png (124.65 KB, 500x172, lolitasrlovely.png)

I called it. I said since these threads started she's going to go off the deep end and provide us with a ton of milk, but no one believed me. We are now 60 threads in, I feel smug but sad at how far she has fallen. Once a drama monger always a drama monger.

No. 257197

File: 1665413194835.png (370.64 KB, 585x622, firefox_IL3cZMEnCU.png)

No. 257198

That really just looks like blackface lol

No. 257199

At first glance seeing this on the front page I thought it was just some weird racist caricature/edit too lmaooo. At best it looks like the lego guy fell in mud and wiped his eyes/mouth off.

Aren't legos usually yellow anyway?

No. 257201

She's a white girl without a skin condition, what's she so excited about

No. 257202


has to make sure everyone knows how NOT RACIST AND PROGRESSIVE AND INCLUSIVE she is… :/(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 257203

Her tweet about the ugly crustacean plushies got a lot of likes so I think she's trying to recreate it

No. 257206

Because she fetishizes any and all conditions while being a stock standard able bodied white girl

No. 257211

why’s she acting as if this is the first ever media representation for people with vitiligo or smth. Like i can’t imagine any normal person looking at this and having any more of a reaction other than: oh that’s cool i guess, anyways. She doesn’t care this much there’s no way. Why does she always overdo it to the point where it’s so clearly just a way to make herself look more PC. It makes me cringe so bad

No. 257216

tbh im pretty sure she does this so she has solid 'proof' she can point people to that she's a good ally any time the racism accusations make the rounds on twitter. it comes across really badly though in this case bc its clearly 100% performative on her part (since when has she ever expressed interest in lego in the first place?) – but i think for jill she really dreads the idea of people thinking she's in the wrong somehow, bc in her mind she's this really moral person who is always doing the right thing. that's also why she flings words like 'evil' around with 0 self awareness

No. 257223

>since when has she ever expressed interest in lego in the first place?

She’s mentioned Lego a bunch, this is definitely not new. She’s made TikTok’s and talked about her muppet lego sets fairly recently.

No. 257229

This thought process makes no sense to me, im passionate about things i believe in, i care about injustice. But i have no need to feel like i need to publicly prove that to other people because people who know me… would just know that. This is what is so telling with jill imo, everything is a performance for her, it’s all online.

No. 257239

I predict that she will become trans-abled at some point and will try to get her legs fucked so she can use a walking cane as an accessory or so she can have a service dog.

No. 257242

I think in that case she'll claim some kind of invisible chronic fatigue that she can easily lie about without any proof, and she can use it as an excuse to why all her projects failed before

No. 257243

Kek, jill isn't THAT much of a munchie. At most she'll lie on twitter about how "hard I have it uwu" and post an [insert bullshit story here], but she wouldn't ever give up the priviledged lifestyle she lives.

No. 257252

I joined these threads around #40 and didn't know much about her prior (had only heard of her tbh) but wow she used to be so cute and tolerable before.

No. 257262

She's going to need a mobility scooter at the rate she's going.

No. 257274

File: 1665427632985.jpeg (115.66 KB, 750x640, 639CA658-2F09-4969-9276-5AF1FF…)

Sorry for autism but this is Jillybean's actual dream ride, she would get instant asspats and nobody would question her.

No. 257278

somebody has to shoop jill on this kek

No. 257280

I truly wonder if she'll go the way of that weird woman who pretended to be a mute autistic and had a beard. She got super fat and wore her deceased dad's clothing.

No. 257286

File: 1665429054170.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1797, 24FA644F-A592-45BE-B615-40015D…)

No. 257295

File: 1665430270641.png (1.79 MB, 1125x2436, 1665052055802.png)

I just caught up and I didn't see anyone mention this so sorry if it has been BUT the circle excuse aside, even if she says this was Jerrick she put the rainbow at the end, which is her personal indicator that it was actually Jill posting all of this. Not even co-con or any other flimsy excuse. If you're gonna blame your alters for lashing out you have to at least cover your tracks, Jill.

No. 257297

I always forget how off the faces are on this tattoo. She needs to go to an artist who does anime tattoos, they remind me of pre teen weeb wonky tracing and how to draw anime books.

No. 257303

waiting for another jerrick twitter rampage where she randomly goes off on someone again. It would be so fitting to do it today

No. 257307

No. 257310

The trans-abled and BIID crowd is getting bolder and bolder too, probably from all the tick-tock munchies. They literally think they deserve the right to have surgery to achieve their desired disability. I can't wait until it becomes a social crime to criticize them.

No. 257311


unpopular opinion but I think it's cute

No. 257312

File: 1665432697998.png (695.88 KB, 750x640, wah.png)

alright i made this for you nonny, feel free to add onto this anyone else

No. 257313

File: 1665432781513.png (73.42 KB, 200x241, 1665194157115.png)

Kek nonnette, it's glorious!

No. 257314

KEK amazing work nonnie

No. 257315


No. 257317

File: 1665433130243.jpeg (98.88 KB, 1024x774, FBDE1A2E-0019-4162-B8C2-024111…)


No. 257326

No. 257330

Fatvegfemme walked so Pixielocks could roll

No. 257334

KEK nonnie.

No. 257344

Anon means Amanda Baggs

No. 257347

Munching and Factitious Disorder (and BPD too I think) are progressive things though, they will keep making up increasingly dramatic and shocking things when they get confronted (e.g. montreal saga, vangelina) or lose people's attention. She's already escalated quite rapidly just in the last year or two, and with how ridiculous and unbelievable her DID skit already is, it wouldn't surprise me the slightest if she would eventually make the switch to physical ailments. It's really not that uncommon for untreated FD to start off with mild/normal mental disorders (chronic fatigue, anorexia, anxiety, etc.) and when they get bored they start going for the juicier stuff like POTS, EDS, and it just keeps going down from there. I can totally see her proudly showing off her kawiwi central line from that yarned up wheelchair within the next 5 years. I hope not, obviously, even if I find her despicable I still think she should get treated for whatever the fuck is going on in her head. But this is the road she's on.

No. 257349

File: 1665440587604.jpg (127.28 KB, 1080x727, Screenshot_20221010-151827.jpg)

I want to add since I haven't seen anyone else talk about it, not to wk jill, but those tweets were up for 21 hours on the villainy account and only had 5 likes, whereas the tweets posted on jerricks account typically have likes in the double digits by then (I didn't take a screenshot when the last tweet on that account was 21hours old, but it was in the double digits). This tweet from two days ago has 46 likes (I know this ss is not good proof though haha)
The low number of likes after 21 hours lends proof to it being from circles, but I agree that literally everything else points towards them having been public.

No. 257359

I get that, but surprisingly I can't see jill going that far mainly due to her mom. Even if she really wanted to blame her fat anf weed symptoms on "muh chronic fatigue", and other vague shit I feel like the minute she goes down that road Louise would finally put her foot down, or cut her off completely seeing as her mom's a cancer survivor. The DID larp is one thing, since it's largely just her playing pretend and shows just how seriously her family is taking it considering none have stepped in to stop it. But, Jill claiming she has legitimate medical issues, again, just can't see her mom sitting back and not saying anything at the idea that Jill could be dealing with real physical illness. She'd probably be the first to drive Jill to the doctor's only for them to say:
>No sweetheart, you're just fat
That larp could be her hardest and milkiest yet. Since she's gonna need a real diagnosis, and mom's support. Louise is already reaching her breaking point, if Jill keeps fucking around, she could permanently ruin the relationship she has with her mom.

No. 257371

Maybe cuz people didn't like how she blew up. Also: if most of her followers are from EST, they were probably asleep at the time of posting so would have to click on her profile to see. I doubt anyone is checking her profile regularly besides us.

No. 257372

I genuinely don't think that would happen, Jillian is beyond a favorite child and Louise is the worst helicopter parent, she'd be heartbroken her uwu widdle giwl is sick and coddle her even more. She's bought into all of her delusions so far, I don't think her liking that one weed tweet means that much at this point.

No. 257384

How is anorexia a normal mental disorder? Isn’t real anorexia quite serious?

No. 257385

I believe anon just meant it's fairly common and easy to fake. All of the ones listed can potentially be more serious of course

No. 257393

Assuming she does have Factitious Disorder, even if that is the usual pattern of escalation she seems self aware enough to not do anything that would actually limit her. She should have stopped driving when she posted that tiktok about coming to in the car with a shopping bag full of crayons and snacks with no memory of buying them (she’s deleted that tiktok now btw, did anyone archive it?). But quickly after that incident she mastered system communication and became co-con constantly, so the disorder didn’t impact her independence. She even went off her psych meds iirc, so I doubt her subconscious would let it escalate to a physical ailment requiring medical treatment.

fyi fatigue can be a symptom of mental illnesses like depression, but CFS itself isn’t a mental disorder

No. 257400


There is a big link between CFS and depression,because it is very hard to not be depressed if you feel tired and shitty 25/7 and you regularly miss outings or you have to quit school or hobbies or a job you like because you are no longer able to do it. Sorry for the sperg but with any chronic condition it very often goes hand in hand with emotional distress and mental health treatment and therapy is an important factor to trying to cope.

Jillian still full of shit tho.

No. 257409

Oh yeah, being tired all the time can definitely cause depression, but the CFS isn’t caused by depression if that makes sense. It’s not a “get some Prozac, touch some grass, and you’re cured” kind of deal, there’s a physical root cause. A lot of people still think it’s psychosomatic, so I just wanted to clarify.

Jill hasn’t seemed to complain about lack of energy though. She’s unmotivated, but she seems to have plenty of energy to do the things when she actually wants to. And I can’t imagine the amount of energy her twitter rampage took….

No. 257412

File: 1665454617923.png (74.21 KB, 633x321, 1653001673202.png)

>She should have stopped driving when she posted that tiktok about coming to in the car with a shopping bag full of crayons and snacks with no memory of buying them (she’s deleted that tiktok now btw, did anyone archive it?). But quickly after that incident she mastered system communication and became co-con constantly, so the disorder didn’t impact her independence.
Wasn't it mentioned in just this tweet? Either way, you are correct about her making sure she doesn't limit her independence. It also helps that DID has lots of disagreements and is controversial. Nothing is set in stone so to speak as a physical ailment. Much easier to concoct things to fit a narrative.

No. 257413

I’m a dumbass, I thought it was a tiktok. So sorry. I knew it happened though!

No. 257417

You're good, she has a lot of accounts across social media platforms. Thank goodness for the find in page function. Wish it was a tiktok. Would be much more damning in my opinion.

No. 257420

She deleted this, guessing she realized how bad that is for optics. If she's comfortable enough to tweet this bullshit she should be comfortable enough to hand over her license. But she won't. Mamma Vessey, come get your daughter and cut up her driver's license, she's either making everything up or she's sooooooo mentally ill that she should not be allowed to drive. which is it?

No. 257423

File: 1665458091955.jpg (77.27 KB, 640x447, j1n3hb.jpg)

At this point, she HAS to be trying to get government money with her make-believe bs. There are SERIOUS implications to the bs she is spewing.

Jill better not do CFS next. I was misdiagnosed with that for years, turned out to be another (real) autoimmune disease and a heart condition. I also live in a high Lyme area and it gets misdiagnosed as CFS too. It's basically what doctors say when they don't know what else to say and have not been able to find a real illness. Doctors are terrible sometimes. Unfortunately, it means lots of people with legit illnesses get the short end of the stick and munchies flock to it, making it even worse for people suffering.

No. 257426

The tweets are still up surprisingly. Baffled her mother didn't freak out. The link: https://twitter.com/VillainySwells/status/1527298076284575747

No. 257427

Maybe that’s what her meltdown at the MCR concert was? Mommy wasn’t going to buy her a replacement car because it’s just not safe.

No. 257440

As requested by anons >>257116 and >>257119, here's a very rough rewrite of the greentext summary for future use:

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of severe mental illness in the forms of ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
>is still extremely thin-skinned; has history of deleting comments critical to her and has preached getting along with people while also blasting critics and concern in a very rude and passive-aggressive manner; has gotten into pissfights online as of late with users that have spoken out of concern for her or wanting to help or talk in some degree
>her sexuality has been a sliding scale, from pansexual to queer to lesbian to back to currently pansexual (and nonbinary due to alters); current partner is Steven Clarke, who has enabled her delusions and has racked up his own questionable reputation; has a long history of drama with relationships, claiming abuse to some degree in most of them
>formerly had a fashion brand called Five Petal Flower before graduating from her college fashion class, but seems to be no longer active if not just slowly dying; has also gotten into drag with a persona known as Villany Swells; has cancelled two drag gigs so far and claims an online person is stalking her due to a publically-filmed video of a drag show being linked in a previous
>has a shaky history of substance misuse regarding her meds; now takes in various degrees of alcohol and weed leading to possible clashes in medication or mental/physical state;

This is a very short round-up of what's seen in the current summary, basically taking any major issues thus far as leading points and compressing smaller points into the bigger related ones. As DID is a relatively new development (DID saga started 1 year ago exactly in thread #43 >>>/w/176591), I moved it mainly to "current info". I have not touched the alters list as it seems fairly decent, but if there are further broad details to add or anything to change, please do so.

No. 257463

Sorry if betting’s not allowed but I bet $3.50 this shit is Jill playing out some gay ass fanfic type shit she’s written out on AO3. The real obscure shit with questionable tags. It’s even starting to lead into some weird incestual (are alters related to eachother?) loli baiting nightmare?(learn2integrate)

No. 257464

>she mastered system communication and became co-con constantly
You mean she googled a convenient excuse to have her cake and eat it too.

No. 257465

As soon as I saw the wheelchair I was reminded how much I miss our Phoebe

No. 257466

you don't understand anon its really debilitating- but never dangerous or life-threatening. But it's still scary because she needs to save money now that mommy cut her off, and her chibiusa alter keeps showing up exclusively at the grocery store to buy juice and crayons. Its okay though she always turns back into Jill right as she gets in the car crying emoji

No. 257470

The twitterfags sent here from her video stick out like a sore thumb. Let's play a game, drink everytime you read the word trauma.

No. 257471

She reuses that "I blacked out next to crayons!!" fake story so fucking much.

No. 257480

She's going to have to admit to either A) She's faking this shit, or B) she has no control over her illness and needs to give up driving. She can't keep retconing her history, not in 2022. Bitch we have time stamps.

No. 257481

do you not detect sarcasm, anon?

No. 257483

>DID saga started 1 year ago exactly
Only a year?? Thinking about how much she has deteriorated in this short time is insane

No. 257484

She really did because how did she get so good at it so fast before she even had any treatment. From all that is said it should take years of treatment for someone to stop having the black outs and figure things out but Jilly got the hang of co-con almost immediately and says in that tweet blackouts are rare. It’s so blatantly her need to be the best at something because if it was real she just wouldn’t have this level of control without years of treatment, she hasn’t even been diagnosed that long. At least some of the larpers are committing to the bit like some of them are deadass pretending to be a baby and need looked after and wear diapers, Jilly is just co con all the time so nothing bad or embarrassing ever happens. Her ultra extreme mental illness caused by being raped repeatedly seems less inconvenient than much milder conditions, it’s bizarre. She just won’t take the quality of life hits to actually sell it properly.

No. 257485

File: 1665475653812.png (184.55 KB, 1000x400, collage2.png)

Her whole one upping and
>I am SOOO UNBOTHERED you guys!!
Is just funny

A great warning story why you should live healthy and shouldn't overdo it with alcohol and weed.

No. 257486

yeah, she doesn't realize how dumb and disingenuous it makes her seem to say she's traumatized and in danger from one corner of her mouth yet above it all from the other.

No. 257487

How wholesome she wiped the cat shit off the walls and is going to have nuggies with her boyfriend who likes little girls. Definitely better than a nice coffee date with a sane person.

No. 257491

File: 1665477772307.jpg (145.06 KB, 720x1404, Screenshot_20221011-012804_Goo…)

I found this when googling VillainySwells. I clicked the tweet and got "this page doesn't seem to exist" and "this tweet has been deleted" at the bottom of the page.

No. 257492

So much about muh circle tweets

No. 257494

File: 1665478479957.jpg (46.13 KB, 720x1381, Screenshot_20221011-015119.jpg)

No. 257497

I don’t even think it’s due to her need to be the best at everything, but simply due to convenience like you said. All she wants is to get attention for dressing up as different characters, and to have an outlet for the more unpleasant sides of her personality without it affecting her kindness and rainbows public image. She pulls out the amnesia and blackouts when she wants to fish for sympathy but can’t be bothered with them the rest of the time, because having to remember to fit such things into her daily life is a pain in the butt. Even the childhood trauma is something she only begrudgingly wrote into her backstory when it became clear that her story of being “born naturally dissociate-y” wasn’t going to fly.
Likewise the autism is just an excuse for 1) not needing early childhood trauma to manifest DID and 2) declaring herself callout-proof because “omg ur literally bullying a neurodivergent person??”. The majority of the autism traits she copied off WebMD only crop up once in a blue moon when she remembers to drop a breadcrumb, and conveniently don’t apply the rest of the time. If she started faking a physical ailment then it would be a vague one that conveniently allows her to have plentiful spoons for fun activities (+ arguing on the internet) but no spoons for anything she doesn’t want to do.

I firmly believe that if this were happening ~15 years ago on deviantArt or Gaiaonline she would be claiming to have siblings called Jerrick and Veronica who either share or keep hacking her accounts.

No. 257501

Underrated comment kek I miss Feebz

She already tried the anorexia LARP (poorly) as a teenager so she’s been pulling this shit for what, 10 years now? Should go for BED next, at least that would come across believable

No. 257505

Another one to be added to the next threadpic imo

No. 257507

File: 1665491460047.jpg (133.98 KB, 800x450, Are-We-The-Baddies.jpg)

sorry for autism but it just hit me that Jill literally calls herself Villainy so she knows she's the bad one, someone shoop her face into this meme kek

No. 257508

just a reminder this happened immediately after watching moon knight the marvel show about a guy with fictional DID. who blacks out and doesn't know he has DID. she never blacked out before watching moon night and not really much after this either.(sage your shit)

No. 257515

Can someone screen record clicking on that tweet and being lead to the deleted page so she doesn’t claim it was photoshopped?

No. 257518

I don't remember anyone mentioning it in a prior thread, you're onto something anon !
Didn't she make a tiktok with a song from the show where she wakes up from a nap all tired, almost acting à switch ?

No. 257520

No. 257523

She definitely did, I remember commenting on it pointing out the song used so if you want to ctrl-f the threads with "moon knight", it should be easy to find (I'm too lazy sorry nonna).

No. 257527

Retard here whose never used Twitter - can anyone explain what this implies? Did she delete that account?

&Since anons are commenting what does this have to do with the circle tweets 'suck my ass' thing?

No. 257535

She didn't delete the account it's still there. Basically what anon found means Jill's twitter is indexed by google (you can opt out of that on social media like tumblr and twitter), but since Jill sees herself as an e-celeb she didn't change that option. You can't fake what pops up on google, which means two days ago she tweeted that, but she deleted the tweet, as the result says.

No. 257536

File: 1665498719748.webm (826.25 KB, 828x1792, Horrible night tweet.webm)

No. 257542

OT but I almost corrected that last night; technically the thread that the DID saga started in is a year old, but she had started interacting with DID accounts by that point, so it kinda still tracks.

No. 257546

File: 1665500776500.jpeg (109.06 KB, 828x574, 1B1F6B99-5102-4210-BEC6-8C4511…)

No. 257547

File: 1665500831229.png (141.45 KB, 1547x638, firefox_Q0RZ1q6eOH.png)

Cake incident anniversary soon

No. 257548

pls i need pixie trying to defend herself on a call saga

No. 257556

File: 1665501562104.jpg (95.05 KB, 720x479, Screenshot_20221008-212514_Twi…)


No. 257565

>>257556 lurk harder this has already been posted

No. 257576

File: 1665504959543.jpeg (419.04 KB, 1242x867, BDE9D669-7AC1-4DF3-9B89-64E46D…)

No. 257582

Jill…you are the straight girl

No. 257583

File: 1665505377544.png (522.68 KB, 960x2079, E008C6CC-ADD1-4066-AFE8-FCBA19…)

No. 257584

tinfoil, she went on a date and the girl noticed Jill was one of the fake bi-for-clout girls but Jill kept bothing her for days so she lied about being straight to make her go away

No. 257585

I know it's been said before, but if this was true she is an irresponsible selfish bitch for knowingly putting everyone at risk by still driving when she's still suffering from DID. She could literally kill someone, including herself. If real, her DID is the equivalent of being perpetually drunk and unable to drive safely because she can not guarantee she won't switch to her underage/cat alters or black out. There is literally no way she can excuse still driving.

No. 257597

she deletes and filters comments about this topic on her car wreck video

No. 257602

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't she do a lot of vlogging while driving? Or did she have enough sense to pull over to film most times?

No. 257620

She has filmed small bits (mostly b-roll with voice over), but she has never been holding the phone while driving. Mostly she films when parked.

No. 257625

File: 1665511399875.jpg (19.05 KB, 642x480, 45b634ad-4069-4da3-95af-903c89…)

"So we're just a couple of straight people?"

No. 257629

It's not just the weed I'm basing my tinfoil on, that Louise is getting progressively done with Jill's shit. From the family reunion where Jill had her "smoking corner", her alters being "shy" during it (10$ says her parents told her not to act like a clown), that hideous dress she made for her cousin, her twitter meltdown during the toronto trip, and Jill's whining that she might have to move because mommy won't pony up the cash for her townhouse. It's the little things nonna that's causing my tinfoil hat to vibrate.

No. 257633

Gonna bet both Pixie and this girl were simply getting swerved and are too bigheaded to realize it, claiming to be straight to swerve a match you don't like is the equivalent of I'm gay/I have a boyfriend to swerve a guy you don't like.

No. 257643

Could it be that it's not necessarily Louise who can't no longer put up with Jill but Jill's dad? I just can't see Louise suddenly realising what she has created but I can see Jill's dad putting his foot finally down and Louise having to compromise and deliver the message. Sometimes I really wonder how their family dynamics really are considering Jill's brother seems to be doing more than okay and by the little we know about her dad he seems also normal and reasonable.

No. 257647

File: 1665518010971.jpg (124.25 KB, 720x1136, Screenshot_20221011-125026_Chr…)

No. 257649

File: 1665518121740.jpg (106.03 KB, 720x847, Screenshot_20221011-123337_Chr…)

No. 257662

Can she stay away from decora please? Also I like how DD is in her comments when she is going through drama as well kek

No. 257670

File: 1665524945784.png (58.3 KB, 607x499, 1642180821975.png)


It's sad how quickly jill went from sucking bobo's dick and criticizing dissociadid to this. She really doesn't care about her friends, she just latches onto people based on whatever disability/ mental illness they have.

No. 257671

File: 1665525740132.jpg (64.95 KB, 300x300, no.jpg)

why would you post this lmao

No. 257675

File: 1665526783910.jpg (225.23 KB, 716x1271, Screenshot_20221011-151409_Chr…)

No. 257676

File: 1665526895856.webm (5.14 MB, 540x960, Jill.webm)

No. 257682

and you're obsessed right back for using this audio instead of enjoying supper with your loved one

No. 257697

Jill if these threads disappeared you'd have no clue what to do with yourself and you know it

No. 257711

Jill if it's bothering you so much just stop coming here to read

No. 257712

Jill just wants to be nasty and do bad things without anyone complaining. Jill, have you tried not being a vile human being? Maybe focus on that and see what happens.

No. 257713

her dad was playing along with her bs DID larp too. According to Jill he told her a book he was reading had a DID character. Maybe if he found out she was lying about child abuse publicly, making him and his family look bad, he would stop giving her money.

No. 257721

My tinfoil eh, it's fanfiction Could be a mix of both her dad having enough ever since the DID larp started, Louise wanting to coddle jill but her dad consistently reminding his wife that the DID larp is too ridiculous to humor. Louise slowly trying to get Jill to cool it with her antics as the middleman between Jill and her dad but failing because she's a smother. Dad says enough's enough and tells Louise they aren't bank rolling Jill if she doesn't have a stable job/income by the end of the year. Cue Toronto trip where Louise tries to tell her this while suggesting she cut down the weed, Jill takes it as well as you'd expect. Continues to spiral, is just escaping to the internet where she can continue to play pretend AND lash out at randos.

No. 257725

Using an audio from a rapist defender's cancelled radio show. Poetic.

No. 257733

OT but who?

No. 257735

Sounds like Nicki Minaj

No. 257739

File: 1665543740988.jpg (428 KB, 2880x2880, 20221011_195904.jpg)

No. 257740

Any particular time stamps for the clip?
Thank you for archiving it.
I don't get why she can't just accept that she's straight. Nothing wrong with it. It's embarrassing to see women like Jill use the label of bi/lesbian to make themselves more interesting. Using people as accessories is creepy. News flash: the reason you are boring is not your sexual preference but rather the fact you lack any substance and parrot brain dead takes.

No. 257741

Can you show the difference in likes/dislikes? Im curious since the views are so close

No. 257742

File: 1665546413116.jpg (223.1 KB, 2880x2880, 20221011_204340.jpg)

Used the yt dislike button app.

No. 257743

The funniest thing about Jill’s raging against Vangelina is that V also has BPD, but actually gets treatment for it, also has an (actual) ED, and is sympathetic/doesn’t question the validity of DID. Of all people Jill could fued with, V is the most likely to have been on her side. But instead Jill decided to be a perpetual shithead and burn her bridges instantly

No. 257744

Thanks and sorry if that sounded like I was asking to be spoonfed, I thought it'd be a good addition to the thread as well

No. 257745

This. Van doesn’t have anywhere near the intention of viewpoint that someone like that ablaze guy does when trying to make a video on pixie. That guy literally just banks on fake disorder cringe stuff, that’s arguably more harmful and more akin to bullying than what Van’s been trying to do. Like you said the validity of DID wasn’t even brought up by Van, yet to Jill Van is the most evil person ever? I hate the people who do the well if the roles were reversed type shit but, i genuinely would be curious to see how jill would react if a man had tried to make a well researched video on this all. Something tells me she wouldn’t act this way. But hey that’s just my creative writing talking

No. 257752

I haven’t seen anyone mention it yet, but she unpinned her Vangelina DMs and changed her pinned tweet back to her “who am I talking to” alter guide. I guess she’s given up on extending the Vangelina fight. Or she realized it was better not to keep drawing attention to it once the emotion wore off

No. 257755

>>257752 she'll just go right back to it when van drops the actual video and do all the same bullshit again

No. 257757

Her hair and makeup are looking good here, I know the bar is in hell with Jill but this seems to hit the right level of color and style.

No. 257758

I'm pretty sure she thinks it's "over" and the twitter fighting and Stevie's video worked, since she also incorrectly thought it was over back when she was emotionally manipulating in DMs. She's used to her techniques working, but as Van is a fellow BPD person, and sympathetic and familiar with mental illness she likely knows bullshit when she sees it. Van is 100% crafting a video rn, this is not over.

No. 257759

did we ever come to a consensus as to where Steven works? Because I found it within >5 minutes

No. 257761

We do not need to know about where Stevie works. Finding that personal information out and sharing it..along with doxxing Jill’s childhood house/family members/videos of her from high school plays really makes it seem like lolcow is full of stalkers who want to harass Jillian as she says. Do not make it seem like she’s right in her narcissistic argument, it will make her fans see many of the harmful things that she has done that’s documented in these threads from her social media as invalid.

No. 257762

I wasn't going to post it for that reason nonna. He/the both of them made it out to be this impossible to find well kept secret when I just stumbled upon it and confirmed it with further looking

No. 257763

It’s definitely better than her drag inspired makeup, but I’d like to see her do both eyes the same for a change. There are more ways to do rainbow eyeshadow than her usual “one eye blue and green and the other eye pink and yellow”. I think a regular matching rainbow eye would suit her and update her look. A neutral brown for the brows would freshen things up as well, and keep the attention more focused on the eyes themselves

No. 257766

The difference between us Jill is that you make lolcow laugh, while lolcow makes you seethe for pointing out your downward spiral

No. 257767

Ntayrt, matching rainbow eyes with a colored eyeliner, could even pop in some glitter, would be nice looking. Tired of black eyeliner with rainbow eyes as a look. The black just looks harsh in my opinion. Same with the black mascara. So many pretty colors in eyeliner and mascara to choose.
All good, nona. I wanted to mention the app just in case any one wanted to know.

No. 257776

you should change the thumbnail to say something like "Pixie doxxes herself 20 times" rather than what it currently says, since the current one can be read as malicous and moidy, without the context of it being a response to her thumbnail

No. 257777


Also the general point is nobody actually wants to stalk her, it's a gossip website full of women, nobody cares that much, so you are playing into her narrative a bit with this imo

No. 257778



I think you should delete this since while it's edited, you are still highlighting to any actual stalkers where they can find info about her, also weird of you to go through her videos to find this info. This is like doxxing by proxy

No. 257779


who are the "actual stalkers"?

No. 257780

jill states her location in almost every damn video. not that hard to find and "doxxing by proxy" is a bit dramatic

No. 257781

I understand the point of this video but it makes it seem like you're implying she's asking for stalking, when literally nobody is stalking her

No. 257783

Based on what her and stevie said there was someone who emailed her gig and his workplace, but it was never mentioned here
Yes exactly, it plays into the narrative and just makes it look like this is the kinda thing anons post about here, when literally nobody cares.
Delete that shit anon

No. 257792

KEK NONA i dont know why everyone else is tilted but i think this is funny as hell. the vid clearly protected jills privacy by censoring so idk what the fuss is about here

No. 257796

NTA but I agree, the censoring makes it valid.
Anons should rather complain about people feeding outsider trolls or spreading fake info

No. 257798

Wait, so she has dropped Steven's full name in her videos before but they still think it's the threads fault someone contacted his place of work? It could have been literally any obsessive confetti club member if they got his deets from her video

No. 257799

File: 1665583146107.jpg (86.02 KB, 454x454, Untitled171.jpg)


No. 257800

Not to sound too old but there is a real generational divide now on who practices any form of internet safety. Zoomers will post their full names, age, show their identifiable school uniforms, the front of their houses it’s nuts. Jill has done so many things over the years that don’t follow basic internet safety, if you really did want to dox or stalk her she has served up everything on a platter herself.

No. 257802

jill isn't even gen z though? blog but im younger than her and even i still got taught internet safety at school. she knows these things she just doesn't care/doesn't think it applies to her

No. 257803

Holy shit only 30k views after ten days? Literally no one gives a shit lol

No. 257804

File: 1665584721348.jpg (141.68 KB, 1080x573, wiki.jpg)

nta too kek but how old is Jill?

No. 257805

Jill is 24. She's gen z

No. 257813

>>257774 i forgot how much info jill literally hands out herself but yes its big bad lolcow doxxing her

No. 257819

she’s on the cusp on gen z and millennial i think. but she’s definitely gen z. Just older end. People in the early 20s are still gen z. She just is also stupid and doesn’t know internet safety, i don’t think it has anything to do with her generation she just is ignorant for no reason.

No. 257821

Yeah we’ll done for giving her ammo nonna, it doesn’t matter that she’s said it all herself, it’s still the perfect smoking gun for her to latch onto and screech “SEE THEYRE DOXXING ME!!1!1!” She’s literally already tried to claim that without evidence, so you go and provide it for her. Well done kek

No. 257823

We definitely don’t need jill to have more reasons to claim this site is doxxing her. Not even trying to WK rn but this should be taken down. Even if it’s all evidence she’s posted. I don’t think this is a good idea in the slightest.

No. 257824

Oh please shut up, better start correcting anons when they say "Jill accussed her piano teacher of sexual assault" or "Steve is a pedo" because that's actual ammo she can screenshot as over the top accussatory gossip

No. 257827

I think anon is too deep into their hateboner to see the bad optics here, I know what they're trying to do but considering how Jill was screeching at Van on Twitter about imaginary sexual assault accusations (when Vangelina only repeated what Jill said herself in her own video) I can see Jill spinning this like crazy. Any anons should report the video post above so hopefully a farmhand can be the final word on this. It's too close to a banned topic on here personally for comfort.
And imagine if some guy made a video compiling all the times you (like, anyone, since most people are shit at opsec) slipped up and doxxed yourself, it would come across as creepy.

No. 257829


Lol it's not creepy, Jill has outed herself multiple times. It's her fault for blasting her hometown and college in every vlog

No. 257833

>imagine if some guy made a video compiling all the times you slipped up and doxxed yourself, it would come across as creepy.
Jill is pretending she's in immediate danger because she got doxed when she's the one doing it to herself and no one cares about her address. It's not like some person randomly compiled the times she slipped up for no reason

No. 257835

This site is never going to have good "optics" to people who aren't farmers, so there's really not any point in trying to police threads beyond the site rules to appease people who just think of everything here negatively anyway regardless of how it's presented

No. 257838

They're ex Jill fans sent here from twitter/YouTube. Sooner or later they'll get bored or figure out how we operate.

No. 257840

File: 1665595549251.png (1017.46 KB, 1080x930, Screenshot_20221012-112142-972…)

It's not just Jill, her mom also had the local news come over for the cattio building article and various other "look how cool my family is!" type things. Just from the pictures of the house in their yard someone can easily find it. There's TikTok videos where people show each other how to doxx it's really fucked up being online right now because no one is practicing internet safety because they want clout. Also remember that Jill posted images of her recognizable car that had custom stickers. She had enough fore sight to block out her license plate but it becomes null when you have a rainbow stripe and heart stickers to decorate it. Jill wants to cry stalking but she never really started taking internet safety seriously untill now and that's only because Van and other people are starting to catch on to her bullshit.

No. 257846

Didn't she also post a photo of her house key when she moved into her townhouse? I think she deleted it later but still.

No. 257852

Yes, I remember everyone then was talking about how you can copy keys from pictures etc (which is 100% true)
Also I don't know why everyone is talking about doxxing when no one has actually came out and said where she currently lives. There's probably only a maximum of 10 anons even in New Brunswick (let alone Fredericton) who probably have better things to do than sit outside her house with binoculars and trail mix or some shit

No. 257863

File: 1665606970088.jpg (61.53 KB, 720x459, Screenshot_20221012-133404_Chr…)

No. 257864

File: 1665607198681.jpg (110.58 KB, 720x913, Screenshot_20221012-133431_Chr…)

No. 257866

>none of the tweets on this website are funny or cute
You got that part right!
Click on buy, the perfect cure for unhappiness.

No. 257873

her getting into Jellycats is so predictable, they are THE rich girl thing right now. They’re so overpriced

No. 257874


No. 257883

Sustainability and consumerism. two things that go hand in hand!

No. 257884

not to WK jill, but they’re literally $12. how are they “THE rich girl thing”? aren’t you exaggerating a bit?

No. 257887

Keep in mind that's USD. It's $28CDN with priority post (6-14 days) and $51.76CDN with 5 day shipping

No. 257889

anon, you can get them in canada also.

No. 257891

>spending 12$ on a retarded plushie with pronouns when you're over 13 years old
>spending 12$ on a retarded plushie with pronouns when you're "struggling" with money
>spending 12$ on a retarded plushie with pronouns when you just fucked up a car and need a new one

No. 257893

they sell them at indigo
but yeah still overpriced bougie stuffies that are sold as BABY TOYS btw>>257889

No. 257897

>thinking $12 is a lot of money when you’re an adult
poorfags stop shitting up the thread with your retarded nitpicks. jill is spoiled in a lot of ways. having $12 to spare is not one of them.

No. 257899

Is this person seriously trying to claim that people only make jokes when they’re traumatized? I get some people use comedy to cope, but most people are making a joke because they’re in a good mood and it’s funny to them. This reminds me of Jill’s emotion wheel that only had options for negative emotions

No. 257901

Holy fuck you are stupid. Its a copy pasta about when ppl complain about animal videos saying that they are being hurt and it isnt funny.(sage your shit)

No. 257903

i'll out myself as a twitterfag – it's a parody of those tweets or youtube comments where some person allegedly has a degree or works in a field with animals, and will make a comment like "licensed animal person here, this actually isn't cute!! the animal only does [xyz] when they feel threatened!! you should feel ashamed!!", but they're usually talking out of their ass and are making assumptions based on a 30 second video clip

No. 257906

as soon as i saw her tweet about jellycats i just knew that she was getting into them bc of tiktok. they're a big thing on that app rn for some reason, like yes i get theyre cute but i never heard anyone talk about jellycats until a few months ago even though they've been around for a long time. it's very predictable she's only getting into them bc it's a current trend. also to the other anons talking about them not being overpriced; its true that not ever single one of their plushes are expensive but i assure you that they generally aren't that affordable. jade dragon(med size plush) was about £50 last time i checked

No. 257908

no one is saying they're not overpriced, they're just not extremely expensive for an adult.

No. 257911

Why is an adult with no job and direction in life and no clear source of income outside of a dying Patreon and parental support getting into plush collecting not worth talking about? It's not like an actually traumatized person buying one cute thing one time. The bitch has fucking expensive designer cats and a bunch of fucking anime toys that probably mean nothing to her. This is objectively stupid and unnecessary.

No. 257914

Didn’t she say she couldn’t donate to blm stuff when the pictures of her having dreads surfaced as repayment because she didn’t have “a lot of extra money to spend”? I remember the tweet but I’m too lazy to go back and find it. Girl is such a fucked up hypocrite

No. 257915

Oh that makes sense.
I just automatically assume whenever someone says "hey, profession here!" they're full of shit

No. 257916

I agree, it is a stupid nitpick on it's own but it's part of a bigger picture of Jill being one of the most privileged and spoiled people on this thread, constantly crying victim, while living an extremely lavish lifestyle. A lifestyle of infinite support and leisure. She says she deserves things for her suffering and has never suffered in her life. She is a meme. Jilly, go buy a cute plush for a child in a domestic abuse shelter or foster home. Be the magical kawaii angel you pretend to be online.
jelly cats are cute af but it's nasty that we all know she is going to use them for some pedo ageplay session with steebie.

No. 257919

File: 1665621056318.png (112.79 KB, 765x761, not super stacked.png)

is this what you're looking for?
+ link to the tweet https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/status/1487170412408627202

No. 257920

File: 1665621297573.png (135.14 KB, 750x901, confed-up club members.png)

bonus round, confetti club members getting pissed herresponse

No. 257923

It's funny because she's materialistic and will never give up an opportunity to get something. She's suffering! Therefore deserves something! Still waiting on her to stop accepting PR from ColourPop since they committed wrongthink but you know she won't because free shit.
Think she reposted it because of the things people say about how she treats her cats.

No. 257931

File: 1665624008133.jpg (95.7 KB, 720x657, Screenshot_20221012-181728_Chr…)

No. 257932

File: 1665624064126.jpg (42.89 KB, 720x309, Screenshot_20221012-181746_Chr…)

No. 257933

She should probably research and donate to a organisation that actually intends on using the funds on the community kek, but she's performative at best. I doubt she'll actually pay up, even the biggest virtue signaling spergs subconsciously know how ridiculous acting like a hairstyle is violence is.

No. 257934

Urgh she hasn't given up on pretending to be autistic. I hope we get more ticktocks of her flailing around like a special needs child.

No. 257935

File: 1665625180598.jpeg (523.13 KB, 1170x1387, A8250F7E-6683-449A-B97C-433520…)

I know it was 2013 but… can people stop using the r slur?? Retweets the girl who used to use the r slur

No. 257937

Another autism fail, if she was autistic there's absolutely no way she could force herself to watch 200 episodes if she didn't love the series, I would fully have a meltdown if I had to do that (or am I misunderstanding what she's saying because I'm retarded)

No. 257940

So she wasn’t the biggest precure fan after all kek.

No. 257945

File: 1665629233063.jpg (30.07 KB, 640x567, 1639323825950.jpg)

Pixie in 2023

No. 257949

That's fucking hilarious. It just makes her history of shit-spending on fast fashion and plastic junk merch while shooting herself in the foot in terms of pulling reliable income stand out even more.

Nah you're right, her thinking is that she's retarded for dedicating so much to these long-ass franchises just to prove she's enough of a real fan to cosplay from it.

No. 257958

File: 1665635551036.jpg (543.85 KB, 720x5326, Screenshot_20221012_213041.jpg)

No. 257960

As an adult who’s grown into a tall child and loves collecting and consumerism 12 dollars on a plushie isn’t bad. Non brand plushies are about 3 to 10 dollars based on size. Plenty of consumers in their niché will pay 20 to 100+ dollars for a plushie or doll regardless. I don’t see a plushie as being expensive until it gets to 50 dollars but that’s subjective. This is Jill. She’s been paying for “overpriced” and scalped figures and plushies for years now.
The Jellycat plushie that I got a few years ago was 15 dollars and Jellycat plushies seem to start around 10 dollars.

No. 257963

So satisfying that Vangelina is at least quick on her feet and able to handle these idiot confettis dipshits

No. 257964

Her fans are literally the most underage terminally online speds I've ever seen. Inb4 "it is how it works cause I have DID and I said so". The fact that their demographic will be running the country in a few years is truly frightening with no critical thinking skills whatsoever.

No. 257966

>>257958 It was still fuckin Jill, alters doing something doesnt magically end or shift the blame, Jill should still be taking responsibility

No. 257969

Even if Jill’s DID was real the wk is wrong here. Pixie is the system name, Jill is the host or main alter or whatever. So even if Jerrick was a real alternate personality and posted those tweets independently of Jill, it was Pixie posting it because they’re all Pixie.

No. 257970

Exactly. It really bothers me how she keeps trying to get away with being a meanie, when a diagnosis is not and never will be an excuse. It may be a /reason/ for certain behavior, but if you’re not trying to better it, you’re still a bad person?? I cannot stress how badly I want her fanbase to realise this…

No. 257972

Jill wasn't "misunderstood" though, she literally said herself that "my messages got more desperate" and said it was in an attempt to make Vangelina not make a video so she knew exactly what she was doing and how she wanted them to come across. And now she's retweeting this to manipulate people into thinking she's just a poor little misunderstood autist. Jill will do anything to not take accountability for her own actions.

No. 257975

i actually didn't get the joke because i, unlike jill, am autistic

No. 257977

they're treating it like every other stupid identity thing, you're always worse for not respecting their stupid bullshit than they are for the bad thing they did. her wks are basically reeing about misgendering, only it's jills fake personalities. they treat DID like genderspecial shit.

No. 257979

You’re right but that was not my point. The wk is saying Pixie didn’t write it because Jerrick did, but Pixie is the name for all of the alters together. They’re defending Jill but have no idea what they’re talking about.

It’s really frustrating, even more so because you just know people are going to fall for it. Of course manipulative people like Jill are always going to claim they’re innocent and not manipulative (in between posting smug Onision-style videos about being a ~villain~ because she just can’t help herself) but now she has a smokescreen that paints everyone who sees through it as an ableist meanie bullying a misunderstood autistic person. And nobody’s going to care she’s never even been diagnosed with autism because self-diagnosis is valid uwu~

No. 257981

This is exactly the kind of brainless defense Jill was hoping for when she started the DID larp, she must be super smug about this. Honestly I can only imagine the moment where she came up with this DID idiocy was similar to the episode where Cartman starts faking tourettes.

No. 257994

Poor misunderstood genious Jill

No. 257997

does anyone remember how "jerrick" told a minor to … what was it, suck his dick or something? i'll try to find the cap but it's super early in the morning –but my point is, this whole discourse of Van telling jerrick to grow up is reminding me of that incident. jerrick loves to tell people to suck his ass, suck his dick, and wants to get away with it every single time which is fucking insane to me. there is no accountability, just a shield of "ummm im literally a neurodivergent traumatised minor, it's actually my job to be an awful person and you're ableist for calling me out for it"

No. 258002

File: 1665660527312.png (392.08 KB, 1440x1926, 1626769445813.png)

found it. sage for old milk, but why is this her go-to insult and why does she think she's immune to criticism (especially when the criticism is so lukewarm ie "grow up") just because she allegedly isn't fronting when she types it out and sends it out for everyone to see (/rhetorical question, anyone who follows these threads for five minutes knows why)??

No. 258004

looks like she even told a trans minor to "suck my cock", so time to get cancelled by TRAs jerrick

No. 258005

>why is this her go-to insult
Because it's what teen tifs tell transphobes, but it's Jill so of course she says this to trannies too. She's a fully grown adult trying her hardest to pass a teen, it's weird

No. 258006

>that rt blaming every bad thing you have ever done to other people on undiagnosed autism
It's incredible that Jill thinks she is doing something good for neurodivergent people then pulls shit like this

No. 258007

File: 1665661256694.png (1.22 MB, 1280x720, 609C5893-BD48-431E-9331-91C379…)

>steevie respectfully vibing on the couch while jax swirled around singing her heart out

this mental image made me laugh so much. i almost feel bad for the troon

No. 258008

Kek nonny on point

No. 258013

Yeah can confirm I bought my then newborn niece one over a year ago.

No. 258028

Kek anon this is perfect to describe Jill finding DID. She basically is Cartman, a spoiled brat who doesn’t want to take accountability and will lie about anything to try to fit her narratives.

No. 258030

Both fatasses too

No. 258044

File: 1665677777216.jpg (328.26 KB, 720x2568, Screenshot_20221013_091327.jpg)

No. 258045

File: 1665677887429.webm (1.69 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 258046

My sides, this is rich coming from somebody whose entire personality is fake and based on faking an illness

No. 258048

File: 1665679256719.jpeg (347.05 KB, 828x1453, 1B27313D-A46D-4848-B383-3D237F…)

Blue heart? Did a new alter drop?

No. 258052

Isn't blue a color that represents autism?

No. 258053

wait i was gonna say maybe amanda had her emoji changed but this is a way better tinfoil

No. 258055

File: 1665680077589.jpg (139.63 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20221013-095311_Chr…)

No. 258059

File: 1665680533977.png (661.21 KB, 639x891, firefox_Vd2vf6HdRG.png)

Is this our local schizo making a troll account

No. 258060

>Hi I like to waste my time

checks out. kek

No. 258067

Reads like a pathetic Jill fan who's doing all she can to be noticed
Maybe she thinks if she tells Jill "it was me who trolled hehe" Jill will suddenly realize she exists

No. 258078

Why is he trying so hard to rewrite the story about the foot thing as if anons are trying to jerk off to his feet? He avoided the actual context in his video too and pretended not to know why they talked about his feet. Stevie you read the thread, you know that "Jesus" posted their foot and anons were wondering if it might've just been you or Jill. Typical scrote gaslighting everyone.

No. 258087

I was wondering… If Pixie is hyper femme and always wants to be oryginal and stuff why didnt she become a drag king? They are really underrated. She could do things like King River Glass. Or is it not cute enough for her?

No. 258090

She wants to be kikomi.

No. 258097

i guess drag is supposed to be jerrick's thing, and since jerrick is ftm then that means he's a drag queen. but now jill has a dragsona but that's also a drag queen instead of a drag king so. we're back to square one. she would have been better off just being some kind of party clown instead of making up her own rules in an already established community. that way she can wear her rainbow makeup and dance to steven universe music, and it would at least make sense then.

No. 258105

She dislikes masculine things. She’s bought wigs and dresses for the drag personas and for different female alters, tons of pastel toys for the child alter, but what do the guys get? Cliffe has gotten nothing, and Jerrick has gotten a binder that is used almost exclusively as a crop top. What angsty teenage trans guy wants to wear their binder styled in a feminine way like that? And when Jerrick is allowed an actual shirt, it’s the one black t shirt Jill had before the DID began. Money is only spent on cute feminine things that Jill likes, not masculine outfits that would be fitting for her guy alters.

Plus, she gets extra special points for being a bio queen instead of a regular drag king. She’s also already started claiming oppression for being a bio queen, she wouldn’t be able to do that as a drag king.

No. 258117

>i guess drag is supposed to be jerrick's thing, and since jerrick is ftm then that means he's a drag queen. but now jill has a dragsona
I find this hilarious because she can't even pretend to leave the spotlight to another personality, she has to be the star even in her mind, even if jerricka is just herself but dressed up in green.

No. 258120

I been thinking. (Please read the following as slow as possible so that it may sink in deeply for contemplation)
If you take a gander at the words "Dissociative Identity Disorder" any average joe would come to the conclusion that one is dissasociating from their identity.. causing the disorder. So I took this opportunity to do some much needed research. Here lies my findings:

1 the action of disconnecting or separating or the state of being disconnected.
3 separation of some aspects of mental functioning from conscious awareness, leading to a degree of mental dysfunction or to mental conditions including dissociative identity disorder.

1 the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.
2 the characteristics determining who or what a person or thing is.
4 a close similarity or affinity.

1 a type of role-playing game in which participants physically act out scenarios, typically using costumes and props.

1 the art or occupation of performing fictional roles in plays, films, or television.
1 temporarily doing the duties of another person.

1 change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way.
2 make structural changes to (a building).

Now correct me if i'm wrong.. but those who study these disorders are continuously changing, updating and integrating new information as time progresses about these disorders; where we know now that DID can only be formed from repeated childhood traumas. (The brain splits as a defense mechanism and can do so because the sense of self hasn't fully developed and differentiated yet and therefore creates splits in the developement of personality states that seem incongruant)- I don't believe that this will remain the only cause as we see more and more evidence towards another phenomena and experience occuring before our eyes.

From observation Ive concluded that eventually they will see that individuals with undiagnosed and untreated neurodivergences will begin to "split" identities.. but not in the same way that the first group of DID individuals have..

These individuals look like they're acting and larping because that is part of their disorder. They believe in their behaviours (their acting) which creates the dissociation between parts of self.

As an example:

Jillian has an alter that is a sad angsty emo boy.. that for some reason wants to dress in drag?

You know how that translates?

She believes that she cannot have masculine characteristics and be feminine appearing and this has resulted in the creation of a masculine alter that dresses feminine. Her brain cannot integrate the two opposing characterisitics as one individual and thus she dissociates from being "Jillian" when she is feeling masculine because her belief system wont allow her to have dualistic qualities.

Call it what you want. Larping. Lieing. Etc.
She is literally the definition of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Also check this out:

Just because she experiences this disorder this way; does not take away from your traumatic experiences.
Just because she claims having DID and you don't agree with how she portrays it; doesn't mean that it's taking away from those who are also suffering with it.
How she experiences this disorder HAS NOTHING to do with YOUR experiences.(autism)

No. 258121


Im WKing myself so you can shove it.

No. 258124

Anyone find out who Jesus Anon is yet?(yes, it's you)

No. 258128

Nonnie I’m glad your life is going so well that you had the free time to write this, congrats

Still think Jill should get off the internet and have a long vacation in reality.

No. 258131

File: 1665701671405.gif (786.54 KB, 220x220, 00ADD6AA-C743-4522-937A-58CEE5…)

No. 258133


wym? took me about 7.3 minutes.
Im not saying im like a genius or anything but like.. idk I think im pretty damn intelligent for coming up with that synopsis.
My alter Jesus.

No. 258134

Congrats you can read a dictionary. Did you know that in the English language words can take on different meaning with context and connotation? The denotative definition of a word is not the only meaning a word carries. In the context of the rare mental illness dissociative identity disorder Jill does not meet the narrow criteria required to actually have the disorder. No amount of autism and retardation changes the specific age you have had to been to be qualify.
Did you know there are several cluster b personality disorders that matches what you were describing Jill symptoms as?
Trouble with your identity is a common trait in the cluster b personality disorders.
Here’s a legitimate source for you to check out that’s not some TikTok Zoomers’ wiki fandom page

No. 258135

Shhh nonnie, let them think they’re smart they clearly need the win

No. 258139

Thanks for the link.
Not discrediting what youre saying; I just think that eventually it will change and that's just my opinion (acknowledging that this isnt fact).

I do however understand that words carry more than one meaning; but our understanding comes from the defining a fixed term. Ie: How someone is taught to understand the word in context/the definition.
I was simply pointing out that if you were to look up the definition of those words; I would say that it describes what she is understanding as her experience.
Her understanding is that this is what DID is; and therefore can't possibly comprehend when others tell her that her understanding of the definition is not the correct connotation.

My understanding is that her "Larping" or "acting" or "pretending" is part of the experience of the disorder; she is dissociating from herself in order to take on roles that her mind deems appropriate; and believing in said splits of conciousness..

She could be cluster B all she wants.. she's still understanding what she's experiencing as alters; and thus creates a whole other layer to her disorder.

(Also link I posted wasn't for legitimate scientific research; it was something I found that I thought might provide some more insight into the whole world of "non traumatic" DID systems.)
My mom says im smart all the time. <3

No. 258143


"Alter identities seemed to generate most-but not all-dissociative phenomena in DID patients, whereas only the 24% highest scoring BPD patients (MID ≥45) seemed to manifest alter-driven dissociative experiences."

So.. in otherwords she has BPD with alters but understands what she's going through as DID?

No. 258144

Also could someone please tell me why Iam getting banned? What am I doing that warrants a ban?

No. 258145

You’re failing to integrate and shitting up the thread.

No. 258146

File: 1665704213846.jpg (41.02 KB, 789x444, Untitled-1.jpg)

No. 258149

No, you fucking dumbass, read the rules and stop spacing out your fucking posts like you’re on reddit.

No. 258151

The fact you said “this place is weird” is telling of your failure to integrate. Here’s a hint, it’s not about you or your opinions or your “benefit of the doubt”. Lurk more.

Does anyone know if Van is still planning on releasing her video on Jill?

No. 258158

I've thought long and hard as per requested and have come to the conclusion you're retarded. please go

No. 258159

File: 1665705265562.jpg (29.2 KB, 792x410, Screen_Shot_2020-07-24_at_11.3…)


No. 258163

The definition of DID isn’t changing. It’s a disorder that’s actually still argued about by scientists and doctors in the psychology field. Some of them think it doesn’t exist at all while others do.
You contradict yourself with trying to define things with static definitions while arguing that the definition of DID is changing. Why isn’t the current definition of DID static enough for you? The last time Dissociative Identity Disorder’s definition was updated was in 1993 which was almost 30 years ago and that was just to create the term because back then it was MPD or multiple personalities disorder.

Why do you insist that Jill’s thinking she has DID and acting it out means she’s being legit? She has a history and track record of lying and retconning stuff all the time. It’s all found in these threads and in her own words but of course you’ll refuse and choose ignorance in which case you’re wasting your time here.
You can’t give someone the benefit of the doubt if they constantly need it to suspend your disbelief to believe any little thing they’re saying.

No. 258164

You’re literally making up new rules for the disorder based on what you believe science may possibly find in the future. That’s not how this works, and you can’t try to twist dictionary definitions to support your argument when that’s not what those words mean in this case. Is there a possibility she actually has it? Yes, there’s always a possibility. But what she has displayed aren’t symptoms of DID. Even OSDD would be more plausible from what she’s shown. But her lack of amnesia, her alters disappearing during stressful events (see her tweet after recovering from the car accident), her uncanny ability to always be co-con, etc. points to this likely not being DID.

I know some spiritual practices involve plurality and that’s fine, they aren’t claiming to have DID. “Endogenic systems” however are claiming to have DID, which is a real slap in the face to actual trauma survivors. You can’t say “I have DID, a rare disorder caused as a result of the brain trying to deal with severe trauma, but I never experienced any trauma!” That’s not gonna fly.

No. 258165


>You’re literally making up new rules for the disorder

Isn't that what you guys do all day long? Decide if she's mentally ill or not according to your own agenda/experience lol

No. 258166

..No I meant like:
The way we understand things is through words. Those words have definitions. When someone learns to communicate something; they learn what a word means.
If you look up the words seperately and connect them together; this would be how someone comes to understand what is being communicated.
What I am saying is that there is a defined criteria to fit the diagnostic of DID, but there is also having an experience of having disscociative states of identity without the context of DID being reduced to its diagnostic criteria; BECAUSE the words have multiple meanings.
Her fixed understanding is that what she is experiencing is what people define as dissociative states of identity and therefore is saying she has DID.
"Why do you insist that Jill’s thinking she has DID and acting it out means she’s being legit? "
Because I think that someone displaying these behaviours has a legit mental illness that has its symptoms regardless of the title she is going to claim. No one in their right mind would 'act out' and 'lie' about alters which further validates my point that she is infact mentally ill (if she were to lie/act out these things) Also when you guys say shes lieing and acting.. what exactly do you mean? Like she is faking? "pretending" to have alters?
Wouldn't someone 'faking' etc be another indicator of an underlying problem?
(Regardless of the label; it really doesn't matter because she has many overlapping symptoms from different neurodivergent disorders)

No. 258167

No, and our sources aren’t random Wiki pages either. DID might not be common, but there is still set diagnostic criteria for it, and medical research on the disorder

No. 258171


You mean yes

No. 258172

Im not making up anything. I'm pointing out my observations and somewhat agreeing with some of the Anons points on here- whilst providing my understanding.
>>“Endogenic systems” however are claiming to have DID, which is a real slap in the face to actual trauma survivors. You can’t say “I have DID, a rare disorder caused as a result of the brain trying to deal with severe trauma, but I never experienced any trauma!” That’s not gonna fly.
It's not an actual slap in the face of survivors. It's a slap in the face to someone who thinks their suffering deserves more support. Survivors don't care about people doing this stuff because they're too busy dealing with their disorder to be able to care about how others might be "faking" it.
How you respond/react to her is your responsibility. If she triggers you in this way it should be an indicator to heal yourself instead of trying to control the actions of others outside of yourself.
Do any of you go to therapy? Do you guys tell your therapists that you vent out on hateforums? Wonder what they think about that.

No. 258176

okay, buddha, glad you've got all your internal rage sorted out and you don't get triggered by anyone else's actions, ever. also, who are you to speak for all survivors?

i'm not here because i hate pixie and everything about her and want to doxx her or think she deserves any harm to come to her whatsoever. i'm here because i've been a casual fan of hers for a long time up until very very recently, when she pointed me in the way of these forums. i didn't know about most of this stuff and it's fucking appalling.

No. 258183

File: 1665708894478.jpg (146.1 KB, 720x1391, Screenshot_20221013-175311_Chr…)

No. 258184

Do you know much about endogenic systems? A “slap in the face to real trauma survivors” is one of the many colorful ways the DID community has described those “systems”. Seriously, they’re pretty much hated in the DID circles.

I’m not sure why you think I’m triggered just because I’m disagreeing with you? I even conceded that there is a possibility that she might have DID. But your logic doesn’t hold up, it’s entirely based on “what ifs” and twisted dictionary definitions, and isn’t taking into account any of the clinical data on DID we actually have. I wholeheartedly believe Jill is somehow mentally ill, but I’m not going to act like your redefined version of DID holds merit. Sorry if that offends you, but you can’t play semantics to completely change a known disorder

No. 258186

Just because I pointed out something doesn't mean I think i'm exempt. Lol. I'm not an angel, I'm just offering you advice; take it or not- it wasn't meant to be solicited.
Also; you're right. My bad.
Do you have DID? If you do then I would say that you definetely have a claim to an opinion on her behaviour; but I would like to remind you that those of us who do have DID aren't watching Pixie regularly and are not affected by her content/understanding of the illness. No one is going to Pixie's page to learn about people who have DID; what she does is not contributing to anything that would harm those with DID; and anyone who thinks this way should be going to therapy to get help for investing that much attention/care into an individual you do not agree with (can't be a healthy coping mechanism).
Nah because these threads don't actually contribute to helping her lmao..
lolcow: we want her to be better and we do this to show her how bad she is so she will change.
reality: experiencing the influx of people who watch/judge/critisize every move she makes not being able to "grow up" because reading these threads would just trigger and contribute more to her mental illness that they say she is faking because she posts happy things.
she has her problems, but those on here are much worse and that should say something to the newcomers. Like how are these threads/the way you guys act not seen as a redflag? Do you guys not self reflect at all?
Buddha Anon. I like the rin, it kind of matches the whole Jesus Anon.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 258187

What in the schizo posting is going on. To any confused anons, don't pay attention to the blocks of text, Jillybean hasn't done anything milk-worthy for a while.

No. 258191

Posting these snarky tiktoks clearly referencing LC and V makes her look mentally ill, but not in the way she wants to portray.

No. 258192

Could you please explain to me how I have twisted the definitions? Genuinely asking.
I said if it did trigger you in that way; not that you're triggered for not agreeing with me. wanted to clear that up.

No. 258193

Also wanted to clarify my first language is not english; which is why I am asking so many questions.

No. 258194

If you’re ESL I’m sorry but that’s not how English works. Sometimes when you put words together they change meaning through the usage of context, connotation, and syntax. Putting together words based on their denotative definition doesn’t suddenly put them in that state.
I suppose I’ll be more blunt in a graphic fashion so you understand. Jill says she has diarrhea. She runs around and acts like someone with diarrhea. She clutches her stomach and complains she has diarrhea. She refuses to eat certain foods that would cause diarrhea but when the time comes to allegedly shit herself she doesn’t. Cause she full of shit. She never had diarrhea she was putting on an act for attention and special treatment.
You can’t just say oh clearly she’s sick because she’s been faking diarrhea this whole time. Of course she’s mentally ill but that doesn’t justify her behavior.
I’m curious but do you go to therapy? Do you tell your therapist you like to go on gossip forums to defend people who don’t really care about and have clearly formed a messed up parasocial relationship with. It’s one sided too so I don’t think that’s very healthy on your part.
I’m not sure how you can speak for all survivors like that. If someone who’s clearly obsessed with making a spectacle of themselves is claiming to have their rare disorder caused by hellishly cruel suffering at an extremely young age came out appropriated all of their behaviors and reduced their existence to a number of performances to get attention on the internet I wouldn’t be so happy.
You have no right to speak for any survivors. As clearly you haven’t endured anything yourself seeing as you are gripping so hard for any logical justification for her not being malicious in her actions.
She’s hurting people with mental illnesses. She trivializing PTSD, she’s proving all the BPD stereotypes to an already stigmatized disorder, and making anxiety of any kind look like a joke.
If you put yourself out there in the spotlight and try to make yourself a mental health influencer just because your fashion bullshit tanked thank you deserve all the criticism you get. If you don’t want negative attention then leave. These threads will end as soon as she stops begging for attention and validation from strangers.
Also you’re not Buddha you’re Mother Theresa cause she was a shitty person doing shitty things on behalf of a shitty person.

No. 258195

File: 1665710287877.jpeg (38.7 KB, 490x625, Allthatshit.jpeg)


No. 258198

So much hot air trying to justify or debate sustained larping. See also: transgenderism.

No. 258199

English is hard, here’s a less gross and more detailed example than what the diarrhea anon gave you. If I said “United Kingdom,” you’d know I was talking about Great Britain/Northern Ireland. But if I look up the definitions for “united” and “kingdom” in the dictionary and go based off of that, then I could try to argue that all countries with royalty are part of one big kingdom, which would be completely wrong. That’s essentially what you did when you defined each word of “Dissociative Identity Disorder” and made assumptions based off putting those individual definitions together. Make sense?

No. 258204

Honestly yes.. I understand your frustration with me now. Thank you for this detailed explanation.

No. 258209

So I read up on Mother Teresa. She has a feast day.
I too partake in the act of feasting.

No. 258218

No. 258219

embed pls

No. 258234

I'm so fucking tired of these new idiots I wanna go back to our usual level of retardation where we just talked about Jill and not whatever this schizo shit is

No. 258237

It's just steebie and jill trying to "own" us. The Canadian politics videos he was posting was annoying as fuck. Nobody cares about northern Texas.

No. 258242

File: 1665717268889.jpg (202.91 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20221013-201231_Chr…)

No. 258249

Jill's fans using vile and evil to describe her tiff with vangelina is hilarious. None of these kids know what actual trauma or abuse is, they see anyone disagreeing with them as pure evil

No. 258250

I'm onboard with the tinfoil that this is Jesus and they're doing everything they can to insert themselves and try to get attention. To borrow from shat's thread: Bleak.

No. 258251

yeah id bet money this is jesus. the typing pattern is consistent with his retardation in these threads, also calling her jill when her real fans would call her pixie. ik he likes to call us obsessive losers but this right here is prime attention seeking behaviour lmao

No. 258252

God all the attention whores from the schizo tranny, obvious lurking twitterfags, to Jesus-kun, had to come flock to her thread, huh.

No. 258255

How did Jillian’s threads become almost as goddamn awful as Shayna’s threads. Godspeed these twitterfaggots go back to their trenches

No. 258256


I'm impressed actually

No. 258266

Not to take the bait but nobody really believes in DID in the psychology community. In almost all cases it seems to be just a way for immoral psych. professionals to gain fame, e.g. the Sibyl (Shirley Mason) case, or to kick-off their publishing careers. This is why some of us think that the DID diagnostic impression (and anyone, regardless of profession, can give an 'impression') was transactional in nature. Jill got the piece of paper to wave around and Jedd supposedly gained notoriety amongst his peers for the 'treatment' (talk-therapy sessions) that Jill received. DID is a buzzword thrown around by hacks that can't properly identify Cluster-B disorders in their patients nor recognize their attention-seeking behaviours. I believe that the reason Jill has yet to seek proper diagnosis is because she is aware that the more stringent and cautious eyes of trained psychiatrists will quickly catch on to her lies.

No. 258269

File: 1665731188058.png (277.59 KB, 1919x896, vju56vjh45.png)

She deleted it. It was archived though
Honestly nonnas responding to obvious bait is worse, I expected better

No. 258271

It’s honestly depressing how many people apparently can’t see through this obvious bullshit. It would be one thing if they were all gullible teenagers but adults are buying into this nonsense too.

No. 258272

>These individuals look like they're acting and larping because that is part of their disorder. They believe in their behaviours (their acting) which creates the dissociation between parts of self.
Anon, this IS the larp. They think them ACTING like they have a disorder means they actually have the disorder. There is no split, there is only acting. It can be conscious or a delusion, but this larp stems from other disorders and mental issues, a well adjusted individual doesn't do this.

What you've done is taken words and tried to twist their meaning to fit a very specific narrative to make it fit Jill, and that's just not how disorders work. You can't go "well if we change X and Y to Z it totally fits" because that's the same as "it doesn't fit X and Y".

No. 258276

Alright. Let's take out the discussion of the validity of the existence of a DID diagnosis. Look at the symptoms, markers, and manifestation of such an illness. It and her stories DO NOT EQUATE. Unless her story changed, as far as we can gather it, she was sexually assulted/abused somewhere along the line. Now she's fuzzy on if it was severe or not. Her claim is "muh undiagnosed autism" made it worse in my brain than the actuality of the incident. Has this did lore changed? (we almost need timeline of this).
So by this alone she doesn't meet the criteria. Her GP never saw autism? The precious angel bby therapist? The one that did give a real diagnosis? NONE of these has given an autism diagnosis? Orly?

No. 258277

idk how new you are, but go read older threads. No she does not have DID, DID does not exist (and definitely does not exist in her creative roleplay OC do not steal form).
This has been talked through fucking million times over and over and over. Fuck her threads are garbage now with all this newfaggotry and sperging going on.

No. 258278

Oh I agree. It is not real. I was just hypothisizing that by the standards of it, even then she doesn't meet it. She cannot fake the symptoms of this fake disorder.

No. 258282

>The one that did give a real diagnosis?
Maybe you misspoke nonna but to be clear she doesn't have a real diagnosis. She only has a diagnostic impression.
This is part of the story that puzzles me a bit because it appears she did see a slightly more experienced (4 years practicing) female psychologist who must have written that diagnostic impression and had nothing to gain from it, and no clear ties with Jed. I think what makes sense is that the psychologist did NOT think that Jill has DID and her findings reflect that on the paper, which would be why Jill only showed the part that was a report of what she told the shrink during the interview. This whole time, nothing has stopped her from showing the entire paper with personal details and ""trauma"" info blurred instead of blurring everything besides her self-reported symptoms. Nothing unless the paper doesn't suit her narrative. I do think Jed was hoping he would have an interesting case to write about, so I wonder what spooked him out of the profession (maybe the paper coming back with negative findings? or even suggesting that Jill is faking it for attention?). I hope she gets baited into rageposting the whole thing one of these days, I'm really curious what it actually says.

No. 258284

I thought a dr diagnosed her with something after the precious one changed carrier paths? Steve never disclosed WHAT the diagnosis was, just that she had one. I'm going to assume BPD here. But if the female psych gave her a piece of paper saying jill had DID. She'd have that shit as a banner.
So ergo she is mentally ill, just not DID.

No. 258286

Until proven otherwise, I'm assuming Steve is just covering for her. As soon as she got the diagnostic impression, she made the DID cake video where she announced her diagnosis (while saying the paper is not an official diagnosis and she still needed to get assessed, but she immediately started putting "officially dxed DID" in her bios and never spoke of further assessments). Since angel baby quit, she hasn't been treated by anyone else. She has talked about trying to find a new therapist but afaik she hasn't said that she found a new one yet. So I don't think she was diagnosed with anything new. I agree if a DID diagnosis paper existed she would have shown it (maybe have it printed on a cake like they do with photos) already.

No. 258290

Her GP never saw autism? The precious angel bby therapist? The one that did give a real diagnosis? NONE of these has given an autism diagnosis? Orly?
Good point, she saw all of these experts and they seemingly failed to do 2 extremely important things for Jill's validity to hold up. The first is they NEVER suspected autism, only reason is because Jill didn't show ANY signs of it. If they had ANY kind of suspicion (assuming they weren't really shit at their jobs) they would have tested for it. Secondly, this is extra true for testing for other disorders. I've been properly diagnosed and I had to do tests for disorders I was 90% likely not to have, because those 10% symptoms still had to properly be ruled out. Meaning they didn't actually try to rule out any other causes before DID - which only makes sense if she wasn't tested and doesn't have a diagnosis.

No. 258294

Just to be clear, as far as she’s said publicly, she hasn’t seen any doctor/therapist since her uwu queer one left. Steve only said she’d received a diagnosis after people questioned why she treated an impression as a full dx, which of course he’d say she was fully diagnosed. She’s not done any further diagnostic testing since her impression (that she’s said), and was ‘saving up’ for the autism dx

No. 258305

Why should we believe what Steve says? He fully enables the DID LARP, particularly the helpless widdle baby age regression aspect of it. Plus he lives with her (in a house her parents are probably paying the rent for) so why would he contradict her? He’s also the one who introduced her to counsellor angelbabe so he has somewhat of an interest in maintaining the illusion that he isn’t a total hack.

No. 258311

Don’t forget he’s also a troon so validating her extra special personality helps validate his extra special personality.

No. 258319

And it gives them both reason to be degenerates
>Jill can you switch to Flora, so you can safely age regress?
>Jill can you switch to Veronica and be a "fuckable plaything"?
>Jill can you switch to jerrick so I can go see maggie— I mean, let out your repressed rage?

No. 258328

Feels like one of them wasn't reading the threads and now when they caught up to the maggie comments and how little they act like a couple they want to change that

No. 258333

This. DID isn't real, Jill just needs an excuse to be a slut but also pretend to be a child but also be edgy but also maintain her strong kind beautiful rainbow persona all while not being accountable for her degeneracy.

No. 258336

She could just not post it online too. That’s what I don’t understand, she can do these things without concern for others if she just left it in RL and didn’t post it. But she wants the attention and adoration for the behavior, it always has to be affirmed by others and that’s why I feel like it’s so performative. It doesn’t sound like she does this shit irl, it doesn’t sound like she has much going on irl, I guess the internet is the real world for her.

No. 258337

File: 1665769930039.jpeg (292.15 KB, 823x1080, 8C5EF8AC-5D31-41C6-94DA-2B6FB2…)

No. 258340

I would say she's taking lolcow's criticism of her lack of productivity to heart, but that is a very poor product for someone who studied for 3 years

No. 258341

to be fair she didn't study crochet.
it's not perfect but it's definitely better the her graduation collection

No. 258344

Wow another rainbow-themed thing. She really is a one-trick pony huh.

No. 258345

This is a minor nitpick, but I wish she’d stop making faces like that. The picture is cute aesthetically, would be nice if she just smiled.

No. 258346

At this point I’ll give her credit for at least doing /something/

No. 258350

Even if it's a loose-knit sweater ft. fried egg decal?

No. 258353

Lmao you can see where she edited out her chins

No. 258355

Didn't dislike it until I realized the flower-egg was part of it

No. 258356

This is so boring looking. I could get this same top at Target for $20. Why are some of the rows so wide, too? If she's going to crochet, I wish she'd make or use an interesting pattern, why not an arched rainbow instead of straight stripes?

No. 258358

At least she made sleeves this time kek.

No. 258360

I wonder how many alters made this sweater.
But hey, at least that is something productive, and a good way to deal with stress/keep yourself busy, better than tiktok dances at least!

No. 258363

File: 1665773721022.jpg (307.94 KB, 720x2415, Screenshot_20221014_115300.jpg)

No. 258365

If some Canada anons could chime in: what if your doctor determines you need help and writes you a referral to a psychiatrist or a clinic?

As anons have previously pointed out, Jill has nothing to gain from an autism diagnosis.

No. 258366

I mean, aside from the obvious: why the fuck does she want a autism diagnosis so bad? She clearly does not have autism. It's fucking ridiculous. If she really had it, I think her doting mother would have sought that kind of diagnosis when this bitch was a kid.

It makes SO FUCKING SENSE. Can someone please make it make fucking sense!! To think that anyone sees Jillian as anything other than contemptable and STUPID…

No. 258367

this is unironically so hard to look at … if your piece is busy then don't also make everything else around you busy

also kek at the debate on is it an egg or is it a flower. i know its supposed to be a flower because that's her thing but i see the egg now too. she should work a bit more on making a defined shape

No. 258369

I almost wonder if she sat there and went, "God, something MUST be wrong with me, better have a while slew of tests done to find out!" then dunked her wallet into the Canadian health system until something clicked and latched onto it. And unless she's hoping to diagnose an alter with autism, her getting that diagnosis ain't gonna do a bit of benefit to her.

No. 258370

This is a cute idea but not at the level she should be from going to fashion school. At least she finally made something I guess. Why doesn't she make more for a 5petalflower launch?

No. 258377

Idk as someone who crochets, I’m giving her credit for this one. This definitely shows improvement from her drag dress and that rainbow cardigan she made. It fits well, the sleeves are properly installed, and she used a variety of crochet stitches/techniques—it used to be all double crochet and that’s it, but she did a rib stitch at the collar and bottom of the garment, and crocheted in the round for the appliqué. Whether or not you like the design is up to personal taste, but technically it’s a well made cropped sweater

No. 258378

I feel like this just proves how not mentally ill she is. Every mental illness under the sun? And she was diagnosed with barely any, with the rarest one being because she straight up lied. I don't know shit about the canadian healthcare system but isnt it that if you need something, its covered? i dont think she needed any of this.

No. 258380

You still have to pay for it. Referrals only help you connect with a psychiatrist your doctor thinks will be good for you, as many of them won't take patients without one. On the other hand, most insurance will cover a certain amount of psychiatric care each year, but that's only if you're employed someplace that offers benefits, or you're a full-time student.

The only time psychiatric care is free in Canada is if you're actually in the ward.

No. 258381

Remember Nyan Cat? That’s what the rainbow would have looked like arched instead of straight. I mean technically if she’d used a much much thinner yarn it would have been gradual enough that your brain would have smoothed out the arch for you, but ain’t nobody got time for that. With a chunky yarn like she used, it would be a Nyan Cat rainbow. Which could have been cool actually if she was going for an 80s retro pixel art aesthetic, but clearly that wasn’t her vision

No. 258382


I don't know where you live. Or if you live in Canada. (I'm Canadian so I'm chiming in). I've been in the foster care system since I'm 6 yrs old. You don't have to be in a ward to obtain free healthcare here. At least in my province. I've been in the STEPPS program for a year now (it's weekly sessions) and have a psychiatrist as well that checks up on me maybe twice a year. Everything has been free for me. If they see you're struggling a lot they will help you. Ward or not. It's just a process. You usually will talk to a nurse first, then sent to a psychologist then from there they decide what programs are suitable for you if you need any.

No. 258383

I hope that clears up answers because there's a lot of mis-info about how it works. Keep in mind it may vary province to province as well.

No. 258385

OT-ish, but for my crochetanons - how long does something like this take to make, and what's the cost? i'm both interested in getting into crochet and curious how much time she sinks into these

No. 258388

Crochet is pretty time consuming, but the sweater looks to be made up of double or treble crochet which makes it work up quite a bit faster and the fact it's cropped would also make it pretty fast to finish. The yarn is likely just basic acrylic, I would guess that it cost maybe $20 total. Considering Jill is basically unemployed, I think it would take maybe a week or two for her to make if she worked on it semi consistently.
sorry for autism

No. 258391


Sorry for autism but I can pop crochet tops in a couple days if I stay consistent.

I would pay more than 20$ just because 1. handmade and 2. time consuming to make (if you're slow or fast, or using trebles or doubles). and 3. Love supporting small businesses

And tbh some acrylics are hella nice especially if you buy them online

No. 258395

She thinks she will get some special treatment for being autistic when in reality, getting diagnosed once you're an adult doesn't really do much, actually, getting diagnosed as a teen that's about to become adult doesn't do anything at all, so yeah, it's literally useless.
Not only that, she just doesn't have it, she doesn't have the qualities of an autistic person and she can't act them because she's so neurotypical that she can't even begin to imagine what is it like to have a mental condition of any sorts.
She doesn't understand it, and she will never understand because she's just a selfish bitch.

No. 258396

You're completely right and you totally could churn these out fast, I was trying to be quite generous with the time estimate and factor in the amount of time she spends arguing with people on twitter.
$20 is what I would estimate the cost of materials at, assuming it's acrylic which is usually pretty cheap, but if you're buying a finished item I agree that it would (and should) cost more than that. Honestly I also agree that acrylic can be nice (and easy to care for), it's just one of the cheaper fibres to buy so my price estimate is based on the assumption that it's acrylic.
Honestly that's just my estimate though, she could crochet really slowly or pretty fast, she might be using pricier yarn or super cheap stuff.

No. 258403

Yes, I'm Canadian. STEPPS is an outpatient group program that doesn't have to be administered by a psychiatrist. In >>258363 Jill is talking about being diagnosed by a psychiatrist 1 on 1 (allegedly) which you DO have to pay for. Idk which magical part of Canada you live in where seeing a shrink is completely free but it's not. Unless you're a minor still in the care of CFS, in which case gtfo.

No. 258405

She’s using it for content. Remember that she, by her own admission, really got into DID content and glommed onto a few DID influencers before she started seeking a diagnosis of her own. She was losing interest in DIY fashion and needed a new subject to make videos about. DID is trendy, lets her be an asshole online without having to take accountability for it, and is an excuse to dress up in all sorts of costumes.

No. 258406

File: 1665781759945.jpg (157.31 KB, 720x1224, Screenshot_20221014-140635_Chr…)

No. 258407


Rude lmao I'm 26. Why are you just assuming? I'm in the Maritimes and it's been free. I don't need to argue about what's true for my province. I've been in the system ALL my life. I have a psychiatrist. I am diagnosed with multiple things and it's nobody's business but I am telling the truth.
Where I'm living I guess it's easier!! Sorry that it's not the case for you but you can't speak for everyone.(blogposting)

No. 258409

Just answering a god damn question jeez LOL

No. 258411

File: 1665782192252.jpg (92.99 KB, 720x944, Screenshot_20221014-141513_Chr…)

No. 258413

God, these people are insufferable. Jill is just one of the most vocal. All of the members of the mento illness fandom need their router unplugged for 6 months.

No. 258414

It seems like the only real reason to get a diagnosis as an adult is if you need documentation to get accommodation for work or school, neither of which she needs. I know she only wants the official diagnosis to show off to the internet, but if she really needed therapy for autism couldn’t her psychologist just work under the assumption of autism and help her with her issues? Surely a therapist who suspects autism wouldn’t refuse treatment unless she had a four thousand dollar test done, right?

No. 258417

>thinking sentient ai is real and not just programs and neural networks
>thinking a program can get traumatised or have DID
technologically illiterate people are so embarrassing

No. 258418

>emotional trauma
>in AI
[citation needed]

No. 258419

I hope this means we'll hear her terrible Brooklyn accent soon.

No. 258421

So she can control and suppress her alters? Isn’t a symptom of did that you CANT control when they come out? So she needs to actively try to get others to front

No. 258425

File: 1665787643602.jpg (255.09 KB, 720x2299, Screenshot_20221014_154546.jpg)

No. 258426

File: 1665787764640.webm (3.01 MB, 540x960, 73309553927.webm)

No. 258427

she looks kinda good here

No. 258429


not the fucking tongue thing, Jax apparently cant stop doing it too???

No. 258433

File: 1665789891721.jpg (103.38 KB, 720x1006, Screenshot_20221014-162131_Chr…)

Looks like her using "ding ding ding" is a Jax thing.

No. 258434

I just cant believe she has fans that follow her larp so intensely that they pay attention to stuff like that.

No. 258436

ot but is it just me or does this make-up make her look like a fat eugenia lmao its uncanny

No. 258437

i can see it

No. 258438

she looks like the "contry boys i love you" vine

No. 258440

Since she lurks here, you’d think she’d be more conscious of controlling that. It’s kinda sus that every alter uses the tongue out pose as their default

No. 258441

File: 1665792590671.jpg (519.3 KB, 720x988, Screenshot_20221014-210120_Ins…)

I'm pretty sure this is patons worsted yarn so its 100% wool. This is apparently the school store so she probably gets a discount. I've gotten those yarns from micheals for less than acrylic yarns when they're on sale so I don't think its acrylic honestly

No. 258448

Make-up is cute, but i already know that this is going to be an annoying "BPD is my only identity" alter. Especially since she's supposed to be a "cross fictive" of Harley and Jinx. Money is on Jill doing nothing but lip syncs when Jax "fronts" because her accent is shit.

No. 258450

there's more hairs on her shirt than on her head kek

No. 258452

Ooooh, so this is why it took so long to get the Jax video, she had to work out the styling

No. 258453


And in case it wasn't clear that she was a Jinx fictive, she used the opening music from Arcane.

The funny thing is that even though Jillian is TRYING to make Jax feel like a different person, she has the exact same mannerisms. She does the face scrunch and she sticks her tongue out the way she always does.

And it's just interesting that all her 'alters' want the exact same things as her. To identify themselves with cute emojis on social media, to post TikToks and lip sync the way Jillian does. Granted she doesn't make Cliffe TikToks much. Probably because she doesn't even find that alter interesting, it's just some token 'old man protector' so she can check her boxes of what she thinks DID should contain.

No. 258455

File: 1665797119879.gif (2.77 MB, 155x275, 1663725841346.gif)

Makes this even funnier.
>Money is on Jill doing nothing but lip syncs when Jax "fronts" because her accent is shit.
I know you're probably right but I want to believe she's gassed up enough to try.

No. 258458

Jill’s inner world: >>258455 fat baby chick woman refurbishes the nest she refuses to leave with >>258425 beepeedee alter’s broken and dry af hair strands.

No. 258468

>your mental illness is entertainment for me
I know this is old milk but I mean, maybe if she didn't turn her sooper siri-US menthol Illinois into a source of entertainment, nobody would think that mental illnesses and mental conditions are just a funny thing that people do to occupy their free time.

No. 258469

Tin foil but I feel like her mannerisms + song choice (I know it's arcane but still) that she absolutely must be using this to be getting a high off the whole vangelina thing. Something about the way she contorts her face is very unsettling. I think she wants to appear intimidating.

No. 258473

Kek I bet nobody has ever said that to her IRL but they most definitely should lmfao.

No. 258479

this is a 20 year old woman living in a mcdonalds playground house. she can't be intimidating if she even tried. whats unsettling is the army of bootlickers who take everything she says as gospel

No. 258482

Another "subtle" nod to the drama, truely unhinged Jill. I love how obviously Jax/Jerrick is just her cover for engrossing herself in the drama that she loves so much.

No. 258496

File: 1665812867554.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1242x2175, A8F66AF4-45EA-4E72-8062-066618…)

oh jill

No. 258499

>uses filter to completely alter face
fan: omg that is totally a different personality, I can really tell. Jill really gets off when they eat up her lazy transformation attempts doesn't she

No. 258500

they are truly obsessed with DID and validation crumbs its insane. Aren't all these mentally ill split personality teens struggling to get by? How do they have so much time to talk about how spooky and cool DID is all day on twitter?

No. 258501

Wow I didn’t expect the alter to have a completely different face

No. 258506

This is starting to get weird now, plastic surgery arc when

No. 258508


>giving my parts time and space

Doesn't the host black out and have amnesia when another alter fully fronts? Why the fuck would you risk that so your edgy alter can LARP on tiktok?

No. 258509

File: 1665830234304.jpg (3.04 MB, 4096x3276, GridArt_20221015_123704547.jpg)

No. 258510

Without years of specialised therapy it’s supposed to be completely involuntary. The level of control and harmony Jill has is as close to cured as some people get. Some believe that integrating is killing the alters so the level of cooperation and lack of blackouts/gaps Jilly has where she can operate seamlessly is cured to that standard.

No. 258511

>cured of the mental illness she caught from tiktok a year ago
Great news, Jilly!

No. 258514

the only thing i can say about this is at least her eyebrows are a normal color.

No. 258515

Ok, so it’s a cheap wool yarn. I wasn’t trying to make any kind of point by saying it might be acrylic, I was just guessing how much the materials might have cost because the post I replied to was asking.

No. 258516

the way that fishnet is stretched around her roasted ham gut

No. 258521

Not to mention she doesn't work and her parents pay for her lifestyle. She has no excuse to be unproductive. Just being stoned all the time and faking mental illness getting in the way. In another timeline, maybe Jill is doing kawaii thrift shop flip videos. Or fulfilling soap annons fantasy. Now she just a pedo-stanning abelist bully. Such a waste considering how much was handed to her in a silver platter.

No. 258523

they're literally blue kek

No. 258529

If she hasn’t made this a video then it’s such a waste. If she is doing this stuff anyway why not set up a camera and film a little then make a video. This is the kind of content people want from her not tehee I was a sex toy as a child and now I’m a slutty bimbo alter reveal crap. I just don’t get why she is doing this stuff anyway but not making it content like making her drag outfits, that’s easy content out of something she would do anyway. Her work output atm is terrible and she has the cheek to whine about money when most of the time she is barely doing a video a month. You could easily churn out a ten minute video making that sweater. Talk design, a little vlog footage getting materials, time lapse of some crocheting then finish it off with a little try on/styling/final reveal. If she doesn’t have the energy to get ready properly and do her makeup and whatever then the vlog portion and time lapse don’t even need her face in and she could VO the design phase and just show images, she only really needs to get ready and done up for the try on.

No. 258535

She 100% feels like she won that interaction, because she sees everything in black/white and only pays attention to her ass kissing stans. She likely thinks that the live stream is all Vangelina was planning to do, so in her mind she emerged fully unscathed and the victor

No. 258550

She's gonna have a bpd meltdown when that video drops. The way Jill behaved on Twitter (manipulation, lies, accusations) gave Vangelina 0 reason not to make a video.

No. 258551

When the fuck is the video even going to come out, Vangelina has been going on about it being in progress for literal months. Girl needs to shit or get off the pot

No. 258552

File: 1665846449325.jpg (83.37 KB, 1080x1080, 06eec6efbdfb73d92a38798195badc…)

Jill whenever she "quirkily" sticks her tongue out

No. 258554

File: 1665846654349.png (2.03 MB, 1312x1866, so quirky.png)


No. 258557

is this rosie lmao

No. 258558


She looks so demented here. She's had so much time to craft her mental illness fanfic Jaxx look, and she ended up with this?

No. 258563

not the double-braids, arcane audio and stupid deer in the headlights jinx altar

No. 258565

i thought she said she paused it for a while after she mistakenly apologised to her over something, and then only recently changed her mind? plus now she has to add in whatever recent bullshit jill's been up to + the twitter fight they had

No. 258566

Her eyes got that ganja glaze in both pictures

No. 258570

>258554 She has super pretty eyes and seemingly good makeup skills. A waste of beautiful features and talent. I'm concerned for her, she comes across as delusional/psychotic. I don't mean that in a rude way, more in a medical sense. I hope she realises that she is choosing career suicide by doing all these shenanigans. This is my first post, please correct me if I did something wrong.

No. 258573

yea just make sure you press enter after you respond to something so that you're not all green text like that. green text is usually for quoting stuff.

No. 258578

That's not even her face though, idk what filter she's using but her eyes and nose seem to be different sizes to normal.

No. 258580

Yeah if you look at >>258509 I could almost believe it
>nose contouring
>different eye make up
>different lipstick
>eyebrows and eyeliner are differently drawn
>lower angle on face and cheeks aren't puffed up form smiling
But it's significantly different from her older pics + she often uses that freckles filter that brightens her eyes too

No. 258588

Nona, her eye color changes to a light color whenever she uses that specific filter kek her normal color is still pretty though

No. 258593

I feel like she doesn't like her eye colour. She always uses lightening filters/blue eye filters when most of the time they have the option if you tap the screen to get rid of the eye change. But brown isn't part of the ~rainbow~ so she has to make even that fit her aesthetic

No. 258606

honestly I kind of wonder if Jillian even wants to be a YouTuber anymore. She's talked about being uncertain about what she wants to do with her channel in the past, but she's dug this career-hole so deep she can't just abandon it lol.

No. 258610

I know she previously mentioned she wanted to be hit by the “money hose” that could potentially come from YouTube shorts being monetised, but the thing is she doesn’t put out YouTube shorts unless she is reuploading her TikToks. Another thing I’ve seen no one bring up here is the fact that Jill could actually have a decent platform on TikTok, with both old and new followers, she could do little videos about DIY, show her sewing projects, advertise her new clothing/accessories for 5Petal flower, do videos on Drag and promote her upcoming gigs. But she instead uses her main Pixeelocks TikTok account to cry for attention, keep larping DID and discredit anyone saying she’s faking it/doesn’t have it, doing shitty drag videos that are just her poorly lipsyncing and promote her YouTube videos which clearly no one is interested in because it’s all about her ~*mental health*~. It’s frustrating to watch because she could literally gain a following just doing “build an outfit” with me videos and DIY stuff

No. 258613

Here's the October patreon livestream.

No. 258619

lmao that is rosie she just wishes she was that cute

No. 258620

shes going as miss piggie and kermit with steve this halloween kek that’ll be fun to see

No. 258625

She's so fucking bad at acting bahahaha get a life

No. 258627

Honestly YouTube paying it’s users has caused more harm than good.

No. 258637

File: 1665873823159.jpeg (1.27 MB, 2020x1170, 669FE2F7-9B82-468B-901A-EB9298…)

Here’s a summary for all the nonnies who don’t want to watch an hour long video:
>had a 3 hour panic attack this morning
>making a video about the state of her channel, going up tomorrow
>has been filming a video about making a pompom jacket for months (pic related)
>going as miss piggie and kermit for halloween with steve
>almost talked about an up coming drag gig, but stopped herself because it was unsafe to talk about
>the pompom jacket is going to be zero waste, she is saving her scraps for another project
>started a dnd campaign with steve as the dm. is trying to get cliffe to front for the campaign, but veronica keeps fronting because the character is flirtatious. the dnd character is a drag queen.
>started watching stranger things, can watch gore now
>steve wants to do a dnd podcast
>a shop special ordered her a banana jelly cat because they didn’t have it in stock
>wants to do a ‘trying to dress like gen z’ video where she tries very layered maximalist clothing. wants it to be a ‘is it only fashionable because they’re thin’ type of video.
>confirms jax will do a meet the alters video
>wants to do a peeps inspired drag show for easter
>is struggling to upload once a week
>confirms they have a new car now, but it keeps having problems
>feels super tense being in a car since the accident, even if she’s not driving
>dissociation is not an issue for her while driving, cliffe helps her drive. sometimes berry’s awareness will be triggered but not fully front (for example, seeing a rainbow). only jillian and cliffe have driven a car.
>when colourpop announced the peeps collection, jill emailed them asking for pr. they did not send it to her.
>writes off all her makeup on her taxes
>wore her last pair of eyelashes for a year
>someone jokes about jillian getting a UTI in her eye from her dirty eyelashes. for some reason, jillian takes this as an opportunity to announce that she’s had a lot of UTIs (barf)
>says it was weird seeing jax’s makeup on her face because she didn’t look like herself
>jax was going to film her meet the alters video yesterday but jillian stopped her because it was late at night
>might do a couples vlog where her and steve shop for stuff for their halloween costumes
>said she has considered being a drag queen with a puppet and learning ventriloquism because she loves the muppets so much. then says “thinking about my hater’s reactions if i steered my career towards ventriloquism”

No. 258640

she keeps claiming panic attacks yet she's never been to the hospital to make sure she doesn't have heart related issues. even if she does have panic attacks they're probably from vaping 24/7. i can't imagine how much weed she goes through daily now since she has such a negative relationship with it now.

No. 258644

You don't pee out of your eyeballs so no, that's not a UTI. Does she mean a stye or pink eye???

No. 258645

knitting videos are so popular on youtube rn why cant she just do that and stop the weird larp stuff. its really really not that hard to stop making a fool of yourself online.

also did she not specifically say she dissociates while driving in a previous tweet? so shes just lying about it now?

No. 258648


I've had handfuls of panic attacks and never needed to go to the hospital over it. Heart-related issues? Huh. lol, Panic attacks are pretty common for people with high levels of anxiety. Just don't see the correlation to heart problems.

No. 258649

it was a joke anon. she said she lost her eyelashes in her bag with her dirty fishnets and she tried shaking them out to try to find her lashes but couldn’t find them. someone on her stream said she would get a uti in her eyes from wearing dirty fishnet eyelashes.

No. 258650

A three hour long panic attack, though?

No. 258652

>>>jax was going to film her meet the alters video yesterday but jillian stopped her because it was late at night
This is not how DiD would even work if it was real. I seriously just can't understand how this makes any sense to anyone at all, specially to her WKs.
I know this keeps getting brought up all of the time, but it's good to remind all of the lurkers and fans of hers that DiD is supposed to make someone "switch" because of a trigger that comes from trauma not because her OC donut steel listened to the imagine dragons song or because it saw a fucking rainbow.
And the only one that would make any sense would be the original little kid from her "system" because that would probably mean that she got abused by someone in a place with rainbows or some shit, which is fucked up and never happened.
I just can't believe that this stupid shit is a fucking trend, mental illnesses are not a funny game or trope for a story or LARP.

No. 258653

>only jillian and cliffe have driven a car.
In the Jerrick video there was a whole bit about putting on music and driving because the province is "so beautiful it's gross" though, wasn't there?

No. 258656

>>258510 yeah voluntary switching is not possible with DID, i dont doubt it can happen but thats not fuckin possible. Jill once again just proving she doesnt have DID (Have a friend with DID, it was never voluntary. Straight up would faint and black out it would actually be very scary not just for them but everyone around too)

No. 258657

Well you see, nonny, when Jill was a kid, her dad made her go to bed at 9pm every night even though she really didn't want to and the trauma from that repeated abuse caused bedtime to be a trigger.

No. 258658

>started a dnd campaign with steve as the dm. is trying to get cliffe to front for the campaign, but veronica keeps fronting because the character is flirtatious. the dnd character is a drag queen.
I don’t play DnD, but isn’t the whole point to create a character that you could never be in real life? She has two drag characters she performs as irl, why would she make her fantasy character a drag queen as well?
>wants to do a ‘trying to dress like gen z’ video where she tries very layered maximalist clothing. wants it to be a ‘is it only fashionable because they’re thin’ type of video.
Uh… does she not know that she IS Gen Z? I’m all for her trying different styles (thought this kinda sounds like she’s got a “this is fatphobic” agenda), but calling it “Dressing Like a Gen Z” when you are Gen Z makes no sense. Just title it after whatever that specific trend is called
>said she has considered being a drag queen with a puppet and learning ventriloquism because she loves the muppets so much
I don’t like the ventriloquist act idea, but if she would be okay with being behind the curtain I honestly think she would make a good puppeteer. If she took a couple classes on puppetry, I could easily see her getting accepted into a puppet theatre troupe. She has a natural tendency for over exaggeration when she acts, which would be beneficial for bringing life into puppets

No. 258660

What does your friend think about the whole “positive trigger” thing (i.e. going into a toy store to trigger a little out, or making a certain alter’s favorite food to trigger them out)? Do they think that’s total BS, or has that actually happened on occasion?

No. 258661

Precious nonnie did you just actually try to validate her following puppetry as a career path

No. 258664

There was. Jerrick got mad at Steve for being referred to as his girlfriend, got angry, and went for a drive listening to Muse or whatever that Jill didn’t know about because she ~blacked out~.

Stress related issues such as anxiety can be taxing on the heart, anon. Anyone in flight or fight is going to be exhausted especially if they’re having prolonged panic attacks for hours/weeks.

No. 258665

Exactly what I was going to say, that was literally one of the first things she said about Jerrick was that he cracked the shits and drove off after Steve called her his girlfriend.

ntayrt but I have panic attacks and the first one I had landed me in hospital with suspected heart issues because during them a lot of the time you’re not able to recognize that it’s a panic attack the first time and you think you’re dying etc. Not to blog but I ended up having to wear a heart monitor and get an ECG etc to rule out heart issues. So it’s not that strange to think that Jill likely would’ve seen a regular doctor at some point if she were having constant long lasting panic attacks at some point.
Didn’t she used to take Ativan for her anxiety? I remember her saying in a vlog or two that she’d taken one, but I guess she’s given up seeing an actual doctor since moving out, which seems stupid for someone with so many supposed conditions

No. 258668

saw this video today on body language and it made me think about how jill had "someone literally trained to spot liars" to justify her self reported diagnosis. it's all bullshit.

No. 258670

Just regular puppetry, not ventriloquism. Hey, at least she’d be doing something, and it beats soap anon’s idea, right? Worst case scenario with puppetry is she gets a cramp from holding her arm above her head, but worst case scenario with soap making is she poisons everyone in the freaking house from mishandling lye.

No. 258671

>drag queen dnd character
lord help me, i cannot imagine a more obnoxious character to have to play alongside. its a good thing stevies DMing cause id feel bad for a regular dm having to put up with the kind of bullshit shes unquestionably trying to pull off while rping a literal drag queen in a fantasy setting

No. 258672

I find it hilarious because for someone who's a huge "autism advocate" she's heavily relying on a phycologist that does a pseudo science that actually affects autistic people negatively more often than not.

No. 258673

>when colourpop announced the peeps collection, jill emailed them asking for pr. they did not send it to her.

Let's see if Jill's fans can convince colorpop otherwise.

No. 258676

Honestly I'll give you that it's better than soap anon I just didn't have "jill becomes a ventriloquist to fulfill her did rp" on my bingo card

No. 258680

File: 1665891639673.jpg (537.15 KB, 2160x3545, 20221015_233231.jpg)

I also agree that I think it's health related and not
>Hur dur brain no work
It doesnt but it's probably not what's giving her panic attacks.
It's probably from a shit diet, obesity and THC

No. 258685

would love a more tech savvy nona to find this clip and save it and the video

No. 258687

for some reason I'm imagining it's just the two of them playing DnD and I can't stop laughing

No. 258689

if anyone needs the clip where she says only cliffe and jill drive, it starts around 40:53 in her october patreon video. she says she can’t think of any other alters that have been behind the wheel.

No. 258693

File: 1665898340558.webm (8.28 MB, 1280x720, Driving.webm)

No. 258696

Thank you nonnie!

No. 258699

File: 1665900698358.webm (2.17 MB, 1280x720, MyWork.webm)

Timestamp: 9:50 - 10:07

No. 258700

PLEASE I'm dying, when she sticks her tongue out to the beat I've never felt more unthreatened in my life kek

No. 258701

I swear that she doesn't make YT videos for entertainment anymore, it's just to get validation from her WKs. She's immature to the point that she seeks out approval from random teenagers online instead of just facing her issues and owning up to her shit.

No. 258702

File: 1665903066072.jpeg (352.67 KB, 1242x709, 1458802A-6C3A-4B97-BC9B-59F580…)

I was rewatching Jerrick’s meet the alter video and Jerrick mentions that her name choices was pretty chose to someone who is tied to trauma. Jerrick was most likely almost named Walter/Wally/Walt/Walty it’s so close to Walter…….The punk bf that Jill had.

No. 258705

You're being stalked and harrassed SO MUCH you apparently fear for your safety but STILL doing drag. Okay?
>going as miss piggie and kermit for halloween with steve
Why is no one talking about this

No. 258709

Jill's version of DID is so convenient. She switches to jax when she wants to make tiktoks constantly, but suddenly when she's driving she's able to stop dissociating and is perfectly safe. She only switches to the "cool" alters, and they all conveniently love twitter and tiktok so jill can post about them on there. And her trauma wasn't from her family, so they won't question her or call her out.

No. 258712

How is Jerrick close to Walter in any capacity

No. 258714

Her panic attacks are probably a combination of stress put on by her parents, her platforms not performing well, hypothetical situations (she, her friends, or Steve made up) that got her paranoid, and weed (possible alcohol?) usage. She also wants to control the narrative at all times. She couldn't control how the video the anon filmed would look. She wants everyone to watch and react the way she wants. You are not allowed to have a different opinion than hers. She has thin skin which is the worst to have as a public figure. Guess she should be glad she hasn't run into hecklers.

No. 258716

Right? Autistic people are often read as uninterested, uncertain, untrustworthy and even deceitful because we have trouble with eye contact, handshakes and general body language. If I had a dollar for every job interview that was derailed by amateur body language analysis I could buy myself a plushie shrimp in a Santa hat.

I’m a better timeline Jill would become a puppeteer and collaborate with Serenity Sam on fun trippy puppet music videos.

So basically what they do every day but with dice.

No. 258717

>autists have bad body language
>how dare people perceive our bad body language as bad!
every time

No. 258718

>>258660 I dont even have to ask them to know that they would think positivite triggers are the biggest bullshit because thats just… not a thing. It has never happened to them either

No. 258725

>drivings better for the environment

Compared to what???? Was she talking about a long distance drive bs a plane cause if not wtf does she mean

No. 258727

>Have a friend with DID, it was never voluntary. Straight up would faint and black out
Sounds more like epilepsy to me, I hope that was considered

No. 258728

she said bad not better

No. 258729

>I honestly think she would make a good puppeteer
God bless anons

No. 258730

>Jerrick got mad at Steve for being referred to as his girlfriend, got angry, and went for a drive listening to Muse

The idea that Jerrick angrily doesn't want to date Stevie is so amusing since Jerrick is essentially younger Jill, who had boyfriends/was attracted to men, so she really just made an alter who is unattracted to her boyfriend for keks

No. 258732

It’s funny that he is aro ace and the rage alter because it really is like an outlet for when she is angry at Steve and wants him to leave her alone. She really needs to learn to handle conflict in a healthy way.

No. 258733

More like
>autist breaks eye contact
>autist fidgets
>”This body language shows they’re lying!!”

Jill has no problem maintaining eye contact, only fidgets/“stims” as a performance and most likely had the classic duper’s delight smirk on her face half the time, just like in her TikToks. Not that it matters because this so-called body language expert didn’t actually diagnose her with anything.

No. 258734

Before Jerrick was Jerrick the names that Jillian had picked out were similar to the name Walker. Jerrick was ALMOST NAMED Walter which is similar to the name
>> “plushie shrimp in a Santa hat” lmao.

No. 258735

she also mentions that she is not materialistic and isnt a consumer (kek) and has throw in a 'i hate her' when talking about jk rowling and the hp colourpop collection

No. 258738

kind of sad because her natural eyes are pretty. I like dark eyes and that honey color some ppl have

No. 258739

she could get lipo and make the soap from her own fat, tyler durden style

No. 258741

The "criminal body language expert" jill bangs on about reeks of pseudoscience BS. Reminds me of the amanda knoxx girl being accussed of murder based on how she was acting.

No. 258742

Ohhhhhhh. I think it was the way she put her hand on her face mid-word made it sound like “better” to me, but that definitely makes more sense

No. 258745

At roughly 18 minutes in (a little before) she says "I can't force fronting" my be useful to clip for the future?

No. 258746

I never knew it was a thing either but a coworker kept getting them for no reason and one day at work it happened so bad we called an ambulance and the emts straight up were like this isn’t a panic attack there is something wrong with your heart.

No. 258747

Now what if she combines the two. Uses puppets to make the soaps?

No. 258754

Thank you anon, I knew I wasn't just imagining this part kek

No. 258756

She spends a lot of time on youtube, and those "jcs criminal psychology interviews" got popular, where youtubers analyze the behavior of culprits. In those videos they usually acknowledge it's not officially recognized as a valid technique by the law since it entirely depends on your biased interpretation.

No. 258758

You are spreading misinfo, that would be an anxiety attack.

No. 258759

Jill needs some stoner friends to roast her ass and shame her out of her stupid DID larp. Why does it have to be DID? Why can't she just say she's got BPD and maybe some PTSD and call it a day? Weed is actually useful for treating BPD/PTSD, whereas it's contraindicated in DID. There's plenty of opportunities for attention whoring about mental illnesses without claiming fucking DID.

I was catching up on Jill for the first time in years. The fact that she brought a fucking bong with her (and it BROKE) while visiting her parents is just topkek. Why doesn't she roll herself some travel joints? I know she reads here - Blazy Susan papers are PINK Jillian, and they burn slow as fuck. Hell, they just released lavender papers! Seems like pink and purple king size joints would fit her ~aesthetic~ way more than a smelly bong. And why doesn't she own a fancy e-rig like a Puffco Proxy or Peak Pro for dabs? The peak pro even has a pink travel kit.

C'mon Jill, up your stoner gworl game and consider dropping the DID larp and just claiming it was BPD attention seeking gone awry all along.

No. 258760

>her work
is it her unpaid drag "performances"?

No. 258761


Weed isn't suitable for everyone. BPD or not. My psychiatrist recommends me not to take any. Due to it possibly triggering psychosis. (I have CPTSD and other-)
It's not always useful.

No. 258767

Fair, my point is that Jillian clearly doesn't have issues with psychosis so larping as having a disorder that's by definition made worse by weed is fucking stupid.

No. 258769

Come on now Jilly can’t roll. She probably uses her bong and pipe because she can’t roll. Though blazy Susan do cones and you just have to pack them and she could buy pre rolls but I’m guessing more traditional smoking is uwu spooky and not cute enough for her. I would guess she has never actually smoked a blunt or a cone and just went straight for a kawaii bong. I think a vape rig would be better for her, way less cumbersome than trying to take bulky glass pieces in her luggage and there is options to make it cute.

No. 258771

Rolling machines make rolling so easy a monkey could do it and they only cost like $10 at any smoke shop. I think if she can work a sewing machine she could definitely work a roller lol.

Honestly would be great to see her lean into being a stoner, I'd actually watch her content if she transitioned to reviewing different flower and other cannabis products.

No. 258776

File: 1665934924212.jpeg (420.93 KB, 828x732, AD3E22EB-9412-40C1-98B5-FBDDEC…)

No. 258777

File: 1665935103177.jpeg (179.24 KB, 828x458, 926B29F5-9F52-4121-970E-8AC544…)

this comment on the video just got deleted

No. 258778

File: 1665935270435.png (689.28 KB, 655x606, KawaiiCrustyEarHoles.PNG)

i might just have never noticed but did she make her gauged ears bigger? either way they look extra gross and ugly in this video

No. 258779

if im not mistaken, she got some blazy susan stuff for christmas(?) from her brother i believe, so she's at least aware of it and simply doesnt buy the stuff that would make it easier for her

No. 258780

Iirc she posted a tweet where she says that in the messages to her mom, and her mom is like "oh well, I can't stop you" and Jill is all smug about being a rebel

No. 258781

God, the way she will drag this shit out instead of buckling down and making a real video is so telling. So fucking lazy.

No. 258782

waiting for a nona breakdown because i am not watching this shit, especially if it's just her complaining from what little info i'm already seeing here

No. 258783

Happily waiting to see it get 10k views or whatever and twice as many dislikes

No. 258784

are you sure they weren't anxiety attacks? real panic attacks mimic a heart attack and make your heart beat quickly. if she's having one for 3 hours she should go to the hospital to make sure that's what it is. also too much thc can trigger them.

No. 258785

She always deletes any negative comments when the videos are recently uploaded.

No. 258793

At the start of the video I thought she'd say she's finally looking for a job- nope, repeats for the 50th time about "exiting her flop era"
Girl, the flop era is you doing nothing

No. 258795

No one posted the video, so here it is!

No. 258798

File: 1665937537648.png (440.8 KB, 434x483, firefox_qu7nAEZnf6.png)

No captions available and sorry I'm not writing up a whole summary (not summary nonnie) but
>5:15 Honestly I think I can say we have achieved…functional multiplicity??

No. 258801


Oh that's so lucky for her that she skipped the scary, confusing and destructive parts of having DID!

Crazy how all the people who had DID before the internet was a thing went YEARS without knowing they had it, and they never seem to achieve this functional multiplicity that a 23 year old who JUST decided she had it– what like 2 years ago?

No. 258803

It's interesting to me that she considers the loss of appetite due to anxiety/grief disordered eating.

I get it too. When your stomach is in knots, and your jaw is clenched from stress, you aren't hungry. It's not really something you can 'teach' your body not to do.

No. 258804

What a stupid, dumb bitch. I'm sorry, I don't even have the energy anymore. What a stupid dumb fucking bitch.

No. 258805

I don't know if it's because I don't usually watch her videos but she is so insanely self absorbed in this one
>I am so SEVERELY traumatized, I am not a war veteran but I spend hours in fight or flight and don't eat for 4 days
>what hurts me the most is when I think how some people stopped watching me because of my mental illness
>I don't expect an apology or anything, but they'll see they were wrong

No. 258806

>Jerr definitely shows a lot more classic loud BPD traits.

I'm now seeing why she likes having DID. She wanted to literally compartmentalize her actual mental illness into someone who isn't HER.

She now says (Jill)
>I can just kind of filter them (thoughts away) as, "Oh that's a borderline thing"

Lol so DID gives her the delusion of saying Jill is basically in control of her BPD and if she isn't, that must be Jerrick. Jill is perfect now.

No. 258809

>She wanted to literally compartmentalize her actual mental illness into someone who isn't HER.

This is a really interesting observation because separating her mental illness into "not Jill" does actually suggest she is unhappy about being mentally ill, rather than revelling in it as it appears. This is her way of "fixing" it because every bpd asshole thing she does - she didn't do.
Idk she needs a more expensive therapist to deal with this.

No. 258810

It's funny because it seems she's been out of therapy for months and her bpd rage only escalated because she can't find a professional who would humor her.

No. 258812

>>"When they re-diagnosed me with generalized anxiety disorder, they were like this is actually so severe [laughs] they were like this is like one of the most s- I don't know if you guys know how anxious I am because I get on the camera and I'm like 'okie dokie' like I can't even look at my email page without like actually being like [groaning noise]. I laugh because it's sad."

No. 258816

Everytime she posts she goes through every new comment, deletes anything even little critical and then likes all the asspats.

No. 258818

On a sidenote, her Vitiligo Lego figure tweet got flocked by 4channers calling it blackface and Justin Trudeau figure so she deleted it yesterday

No. 258820

So many of her fans are asking verbatim for more 'meet the alters' videos.

And they act like it's a fun game

>Did anyone else think this sounds like Veronica??

It's clear why, if her DID was legit, she would never keep it to herself. It's a cash cow for her.

That's the whole problem with creating content about mental illness for money. It commodifies something that she considers 'so personal' and yet here she is shilling to the public.

No. 258823

there are already a million how-to crochet videos, why would she make another??

No. 258827

This bitch can’t be serious. This just sounds like she’s gearing up to say they merged in a couple of months.

No. 258828

>don't expect an apology but they'll see they were wrong

This? This is fucking stupid. A lot of people unfollowed her because she kept pushing her mental illness instead of the cute shit but I'll bet a lot of them didn't believe she was faking it, it's that people don't follow the rainbow vomit girl for DID bullshit they didn't sign up for that content, full stop

No. 258829



No. 258830

I can't see her going for a merge for another long while, she absolutely loves claiming to have a second personality to blame her aggressive bullying on.

No. 258832

merging will be her convenient way out once she decides she wants to move on to something else … maybe she will keep one or two to use for bullying on twitter

No. 258833


Exactly, she isn't gonna merge until she makes half a dozen more Meet the Alters videos. The milk hasn't run dry. Her Alters videos get more views than her regular vlogs.

No. 258835

First time doing a summary so if I miss something or fuck it up you know why.
Sorry in advance for this being so long, just a lot of crazy quotable moments that should be documented since Jill is so wishy-washy with her own lore and is a known liar.

>@0:36 Still going to upload pompom jacket craft she had in her patreon stream but felt it wasn't right to upload it right after "the most personal and sad and serious videos I'll ever make."

Geee Jill, it's almost like mental health and DID isn't an issue or depressing for her…
>@0:49 admits that the pompom jacket has taken her over 2 months to make
>@0:59 "Things have been very intense, for a very long time!" Says with a giant grin on her face
Jesus I'm not even a minute in and she's so happy about everything she's talked about so far
>@2:54-3:10 Admits that her "DID" is under control/better now and once a month or 2 is when she would experience a "big one" that would affect her eating
Good for her that her debilitating mental illness can be controlled and won't ever get in the way of her making content or living a decent life
>@3:09 "Anytime something really, really big like shakes my world, I straight up can't eat for 4 days. Just water and like sometimes coffee. Cause I've straight up been in fight or flight so much. And I know I'm in a safe home, and I'm not being attacked by bears, and I know I wasn't in the war, but it's literally my body's response."
>@3:57 admits to being "cozy" (????) with her bad reactions to "big, hard news," "grief," "loss," etc.
>@4:09 "Let's get into the mental health aspect of it. Is that okay?" with coy smile on her face
>It's very obvious she doesn't have a script for this since she losses her train of thought, even though this seems to be an important topic/video for her
>@4:50 has had so much "growth, and change and healing within myself."
Yet still has DID and lashes out over nothing at randoms.
>@5:03 admits she's been able to integrate her OC's, "lowering amnesiac walls, parts getting closer, better communication between parts, being able to work as a team."
>@5:18 "At this point I think I can say we've achieved functional multiplicity."
>@6:38 inhaling that copium and that "everyone has settled into their roles, wonderfully and beautifully."
>@8:20 says that she's been able to work through and essentially make a TOOON of her BPD symptoms vanish and they've "lessen" in Jer but still shows a lot more "classic" and "loud" BPD traits.
A.K.A making Jerr her scapegoat for when she wants to be a nasty bully online.
>@8:49 "Like I don't have that little spark inside of me of just twisting things in the worst possible light always. Like I have a lot more trust in the people around me."
>@9:05 - 9:15 Can apparently sense consciously and even subconsciously when she has a "BPD thought that is not grounded in logic." Also to add to her list of superpowers, she can "filter them away"
>@9:54 admits all of her YT stuff is "personality based" confirming what anons have stated here in that she refuses to realize she can be a multi-faceted person without her OC's and larping
>@10:03 "Constantly masking last year." for her fanbase's sake
>@11:50 "I just hope that maybe, in like, 3 or 4 or 5 years… Maybe they remember me and they check back up on me and see that I still have DID. And that I've been the same person this whole time and that nothing ever changed. This is just my life with this illness"
whew. she's in for the long haul girlies
>@12:30 "Oh my god! Would I never roll the dice to ruin my reputation, and life, and career, like that."
johncena.gif are you sure about that?
>@13:13 re-diagnosed with general anxiety but then goes on to say that she was told, "This is actually so severe. This is like one of the most severe–" cuts herself off to laugh.
>@13:30 "I laugh because it's sad" Continues to smile throughout the entire video
>Apparently looking at her emails gives her terrible anxiety but thanks to Cliffe she's been a successful influence beauty qween that can answer emails on time now
>@14:10 In regards to her mental health and the future of her channel "I don't think it should be quite in the way anymore." As if she can now control it like superpowers.
>Thanks subscribers for being "along for the ride"
>@15:45 Asks her viewers for content ideas/what do they want to see from her and she has "a long list" of ideas including a "how to crochet for beginners" video

I glossed over some of her ramblings that didn't seem important since she would go off on a tangent at some points but I think I nailed the major points for the most part.

No. 258838

sounds like it'll just be her and Jerrick in the end of this. that way she can still bully on twitter. merge-saga incoming?

No. 258839

Honestly, how is unfollowing a content creator who no longer makes content you want to watch a moral failing in any way shape or form. It’s worse her having this attitude in this case too because of how the content shifted before it was just cutesy stuff now it’s discussion of an extreme mental illness and talking about being raped as a child. It’s really triggering topics she is covering how can you blame someone who doesn’t want to see that. If you see this Jill thinking you can force content with such triggering topics on people is really fucked up especially as someone who claims to be a mental health advocate.

No. 258840

tysm for this, anon!

No. 258841

i wonder if she realizes she's in too deep now. the vangelina thing scared her in a real way (not because of the danger shit she was claiming) but i think she couldn't handle the dose of reality that she was unable to control. she seems worried the DID shit will ruin her.

No. 258842


By that logic, nobody should post anything lol. I don't think there's anything wrong with thatttt now it's just being nitpicky

No. 258843

I’d like to remind everyone that she only got her diagnostic impression 11 months ago. 11 months!! It was November 12, 2021 when she posted the cake tiktok. For her to say now that she’s achieved functional multiplicity is basically telling the world it was never DID. It takes years and years of intense therapy to reach functional multiplicity; even if Jill started therapy the next day after the cake, she could have only been in therapy for 10 months before her therapist moved away. Functional multiplicity in under a year is impossible. I wish she would realize that BPD comes with identity issues and that explains her constant state of co consciousness and complete lack of amnesia. There’s nothing wrong with saying the doctors misdiagnosed her and then talking about how BPD can cause such extreme identity issues that it makes you think you have DID

No. 258844

Forever confused by her fans that actually see what she's doing but are still able to support her.

And of course it's deleted, God-forbid someone say something logical to her (and in a very non-hostile way for that matter). Her wearing mental illness like a costume isn't just annoying, it's dangerous. When you're actually mentally ill, it can get to a point where if feels like a core part of who you are and "getting rid of it" (getting treatment/seeking recovery) can be made even more scary.

No. 258845

The speedrun she is doing on this stuff is insane. Also she doesn’t have a therapist anymore? How are we supposed to believe she did all this magical rapid healing just being by herself stoned in her house. She hasn’t put any work in so how would she have results. She also seems much worse not better, she keeps bragging about these impossibly long panic attacks how is that her being better at all and is BPD flying off the handle more and more. If she is really deluded into thinking she is better then this spiral is far from over.

No. 258846

oh nonny I was writing one too kek. I'll just post a few extras then
>Jill fronting, with a bit of Cliffe. Filmed Oct 11
>Comments how viewers probably want her mental health talk more than to hear about her pompom jacket
>Implies the recent drama has been a traumatising situation. "Anything that needed to be addressed has been addressed"
>She got through the traumatising and shaking situation really unscathed and unharmed, no relapses, no splits "we don't think". "We really understand and have gripped this tool and are working it in a way that serves us so much"
>Says it was really really bad last year. She rarely knew what day it was, wouldn't respond to important emails for over a week
>Has seen progress in her ability to function and work "not just things that serve society(in a mocking tone). Not just in like a capitalism way"
>Says 'there are straight up people out to get her' while smiling, again

No. 258847

Speaking of no new alters, has she given up on Amanda because she was busy with other stuff. Where did Amanda even come from all of a sudden as well she said the crash and whatever didn’t cause a split so was Amanda just hiding the whole time? Is that even possible, to have an alter that just never fronts or does anything and is just chilling in your brain doing nothing and interacting with no one. She said Amanda is a little too so what she was just vibing in the ether for fifteen years?

No. 258849

thank you nona!! After while I started to tune out but those are some great additions to the summary!

No. 258850

Jill, no one owes you a follow or a view or anything. No one is in the wrong to stop watching, whether you became a DID faker or not. Everyone is in the right to stop watching/following if they don’t enjoy it, they’re not wrong because you think they owe you.

No. 258851

If she this easily put this kind of pressure on her viewers, people that are actual strangers on the internet that she'll never meet, it makes me wonder how demanding she is as a friend and partner.

No. 258853

Thanks greentext nonnas for their summaries!
>@5:03 admits she's been able to integrate her OC's, "lowering amnesiac walls, parts getting closer, better communication between parts, being able to work as a team."
She's speedrunning it (honestly a good move imo, the sooner this phase is over, the better for her)
>@8:49 "Like I don't have that little spark inside of me of just twisting things in the worst possible light always
Her most recent Tweet spat with Vangelina would suggest otherwise
>@11:50 "I just hope that maybe, in like, 3 or 4 or 5 years… Maybe they remember me and they check back up on me and see that I still have DID.
Retaining my self-manifested mental illness to prove the haters wrong(?)
>Apparently looking at her emails gives her terrible anxiety
I'm guessing she doesn't know anyone with an office job because this is incredibly common and normal. Everyone dreads reading their emails especially where it pertains to business.
(many influencers hire someone to deal with the business side specifically due to this)
This is not at all a mento illness thing Jill.
>She rarely knew what day it was, wouldn't respond to important emails for over a week
Literally everyone during the pandemic

It's really good if she has actually seen progress or managed to control her bpd behaviors, we obviously can't know that as viewers. But then she says she'll still have DID years from now(?)
Like if she's controlling her behavior and improving wouldn't that be at odds with having 7 people in your head?

No. 258854

>@14:10 In regards to her mental health and the future of her channel "I don't think it should be quite in the way anymore." As if she can now control it like superpowers.
>Thanks subscribers for being "along for the ride"
KEK she's backtracking so fucking hard already her dwindling numbers probably scared her so she's gonna just slowly push DID to the background under the lie of "it's under control it's fine still there I promise"

No. 258857

Of course you wouldn’t know what day it was if you have no obligations and just sit in your house all day baked. She doesn’t have a shred of structure in any part of her life and she has nowhere to be. A lot of people through the pandemic still worked from home but her “job” is just whatever whenever she feels like it.

No. 258861

autistic fanfiction
>be steve
>have a youtuber gf with BPD
>have to endure your gf's manic phases so you have a place to live
>eventually she decides to larp DID
>introduce her to some therapist you know
>gf starts switching to "jerrick" her male alter more
>really was hoping for flora or veronice but whatever
>"jerrick" starts stealing your clothes and stretching them out
>one even rips
>damn don't have shit to wear
>closet space gf lets you have getting smaller and smaller because "jerrick" needs his own space too
>everytime you argue gf has to whip out her musty black beanie because "jerrick" is fronting now
>after she- I mean "he" leaves in a huff go on twitter
>try to hit up your lolicon loving side piece
>she's offline
>decide to say fuck it and talk to some discord trannies
>"have you ever felt like being a guy never really 'fit' you"
>now whenever your gf leaves during her bpd rages try on her baggy clothes
>if they were a bit smaller you could probably see your boner
>take pics of yourself in her clothes
>"felt cute might delete later ;)"
>:UwU: :Yaaaaaass:
>couldn't ever tell her you do this when she's gone
if you read this till the end, why?(retardation)

No. 258863


I think you are spot on. She was scared shitless that Vangelina was going to discuss her faking DID. I think she will claim misdiagnosis from her therapist to skirt any responsibility for her faking DID and lying about her trauma. I think she knows the larp is on thin ice now and she needs a quick and easy out.

No. 258864

All of her micro expressions come across so smug and patronizing. The laugh and seething smile she does when she says "there are people straight out to get me" is the same as when she says "when I feel this saddness thinking about the people who used to watch me who don't anymore because of my mental illness". She isn't sad, she's angry. Of course she can't admit that, because then it would show that her biggest problem is people not believing her illness, and not the illness itself. Everything she says, it just seeps through. She doesn't even know how to come across genuine when she addresses her fans (enablers) because she knows they could turn against her at any moment, or say something that puts her larp at risk. Just comparing her videos to any other youtubers that do sit-down style content its just night and day, her presence is off putting and disingenuous.

No. 258865

I can't wait for the Jax and Cliffe videos. It's going to be so entertaining and meme-able. I predict (tinfoil?) the next alter introduction video will be Flora, because Flora seems like an easy character to act as on video. Jax may be, in my opinion, the best looking and "coolest" alter, but her way of speaking (a different accent and slang terms/words) is probably what's making Pixie hesitant to do her video?

No. 258867

Less than a year of mild therapy and she’s achieved “functional multiplicity”. So she’s found her 6+ alters, all with different and distinct personalities who vary wildly in age, gotten to know them, every single one is completely onboard with being a DID system and is totally fine with their “role” and are so well adjusted they’ve all learned to function seamlessly with each other all in the span of 10-11 months? Sure, okay, sounds reasonable.

No. 258868

>most severe anxiety

>can post on social media constantly

>feels no guilt for her wrongful actions
>can leave the house
>can still easily and willingly communicate with others
>hosts live streams and uploads videos/tiktoks
the list goes on

im sorry but how does she have anxiety other than waking up with panic attacks, throwing fits when she doesnt get her way and not wanting to do things she doesnt want to do.
thats not anxiety thats bpd and laziness

shes trying to seek an autism diagnosis because anxiety disorders are manageable and treatable. autism is permanent and a much better excuse for immaturity and laziness than anxiety and bpd.

No. 258870

She just can’t help bragging, the wording she used is so gross and braggy. She doesn’t just have anxiety she has the worst they ever did see! Its all a twisted competition to her. It’s the same reason she states the amount of days she can go without eating even though that’s incredibly triggering to someone with an ED to hear, she has to be “the best” at everything.

No. 258876

She’s the most boring stoner ever. Wild to me that she smokes weed everyday but isn’t making it her entire personality. Being a stoner is far more admirable and interesting than larping as having the most ridiculous mental illness there is.

No. 258878

I think it’s a sign she’s got comorbid NPD, which is way less romanticized than BPD.

No. 258894

She's trying so hard to get more views lately with the cryptic titles and drama videos but it just isn't working, sad.

No. 258895

Do people even stretch their ears anymore?? Feels like a millennial trend that should have died in the 2010s.

No. 258899

File: 1665960645712.png (248.43 KB, 1462x1148, idontactushallyhavejustanimpre…)

rainbow coded for our "mentually ill qween"

No. 258901

> "… never seen someone so young…"
> jill corrects them to say she's 24

wow she really thinks she's about to be a geriatric at 30 huh. 24 is still young, idk why she felt the need to correct them like that

No. 258902

Samefag but not to toot a horn that's already been said but how is she doing these "treatments" when she dosn't have a new therapist yet? Also wouldn't these treatments be quite a hefty cost? Since Canadian healthcare doesn't seem to cover mental health care? Where is she getting the money to cover these treatments?

No. 258907

File: 1665962119633.jpg (184.89 KB, 720x1989, Emojis.jpg)

No. 258910

>wow she really thinks she's about to be a geriatric at 30 huh. 24 is still young, idk why she felt the need to correct them like that
Because she's bought into the idea that by certain ages you need to have accomplished things. Why she doesn't want to give up the rainby townhouse. It makes her feel accomplished (even if her parents are paying for it) and same with youtube even though it's clear she doesn't care about her channel.

No. 258915

She could easily be an ayy weed Lmao stoner but with rainbows and kawaii shit, so she can keep smoking every waking hour like she's doing, and so she can do like, I don't know, rainbow sustainable bongs or some shit like that. But I guess it's easier to LARP a mental illness that affects people that has been abused as toddlers for decades.

No. 258916

I could be wrong but isn't she lying through her teeth whenever she says she has a full diagnosis? I'm pretty sure she's only put forth an impression thus far.

No. 258918

yes, I think in the previous thread there's proof it's only a diagnostic impression

No. 258920

She’s never shown a diagnosis, only the diagnostic impression, which she said herself in her DID coming out video was not a diagnosis. You’d think if she had paperwork with an official diagnosis she would show it to stop people fake claiming her.

No. 258921

Then show it Jill ffs it would be harder to call you a liar if we saw it

No. 258923

>re-diagnosed with general anxiety but then goes on to say that she was told, "This is actually so severe. This is like one of the most severe–" cuts herself off to laugh.

This is giving me TND flashbacks, of always having the worst of everything and reveling in it. Even if her anxiety is that bad, is giggling about it the best way to spread ~awareness?

No. 258930

File: 1665966833205.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1506, 2CDF9246-65A9-483C-A8FC-DB971C…)

steve’s shitty black nail polish kek. also she turned off the replies on this tweet for some reason.

No. 258931

I think she worded it that way to make it seem like she's been in therapy for longer than a year. Even the people she would follow claim to reach the level Jill is at after years of intense therapy. She's speed running her larp but being careful how she talks about it or back tracks because she's starting to realize people aren't as stupid as she thinks they are.

No. 258934

She's absolutely seething with that second comment kek, not even an emoji. She really thinks anyone questioning her on any level is an evil hater

No. 258942

File: 1665969788279.png (74.51 KB, 1498x256, whattherapy.png)

Another asslicker but she's not denying that she's no longer in therapy with any comment and letting them believe she's still in process of receiving some sort of treatment. Anyone remember when her "u w u angwel threapwist" left her?

No. 258948

Seriously, it would end it all if she showed the diagnosis. Even her fans are skeptical at this point, and rightly so—Jill made a huge deal about getting the diagnostic impression, but specified herself that it wasn’t an official diagnosis. Okay, so the fans are waiting to here what the official diagnosis is, and they get… nothing. Radio silence on the diagnostic front. Then suddenly, Jill start slipping in “I have an official diagnosis” whenever she defends herself online. I’m sorry, but if you’re gonna buy a DID cake, have a photo shoot with said DID cake, and make a coming out video just for the diagnostic impression, wouldn’t you want to at least make an ANNOUNCEMENT when you got the official diagnosis? That doesn’t add up.

Tinfoil: in the coming out video she said she had to go back for more testing to get an official diagnosis, right? I think she did go back for an official diagnosis, but they wound up ruling out DID and diagnosed her with something else instead. That would make sense as to why there was no announcement/celebration for the official diagnosis, why she clings to the diagnostic impression for dear life, and why she refuses to show proof of a diagnosis despite claiming to have one.

No. 258956

Id agree with your tinfoil if I didn't believe she couldn't afford it
We don't even hear about her therapy anymore, I think it's more likely her current therapist is less of a pushover and isn't referring her because they know it's a waste of money

No. 258958

File: 1665973951419.jpg (8.94 KB, 214x235, pepe-apu-tinfoil-hat.jpg)

>>258899 Im throwing on a big tinfoil hat, I know anons here speculated Jill suddenly saying fusion and shit because of Vangelina, which I think could be the case too, but Multiplicity&Me, a big DID youtuber, recently had a final fusion due to intensive therapy and whatnot. With the Van situation, seeing a DID youtuber not dealing with DID anymore and probably realizing faking DID isn't getting her more fame she's pulling the fusion despite clearly not being in therapy for awhile or anything. The "intensive therapy" is the exact same thing Multiplicity has said she's been in as mentioned before, now Jill is saying that

No. 258959

Ugh those nails are going to make me sick wtf is wrong with moids

No. 258962

Funny that we haven't heard shit about this intensive therapy when before she'd been spilling the beans constantly about making progress with Angel therapist

No. 258963

Yeah except MultiplicityAndMe had actively been in therapy specifically for trauma for around a decade. I get your point that Jill is copying her wording, but M&M actually has the receipts and achieved final fusion on a realistic timeline. If Jill goes from diagnostic impression to final fusion in a year or a year and a half, that screams malingering or misdiagnosis.

Just a slight aside, I know some of you guys think M&M was faking because she hired actors to play her alters in the video showing what it feels like in her mind with the disorder, but personally I don’t see that as any different from when someone with schizophrenia produces a “schizophrenia simulation” video. Her “DID simulation” just required hiring live actors, where the schizophrenia ones require hiring sound designers and other tech people to show the symptoms

No. 258964

This ain't the thread to WK some rando who gives a shit about MM

No. 258965

>>258963 from impression to fusion would just show even harder jill is a fraud lol

No. 258968

I know it’s not about her, I just wanted to put it out there that M&M goes way back documenting the gradual healing process over many years so Jill can’t say “I did intensive therapy like she did and that’s how a I reached final fusion!”

No. 258970

Final fusion is such bullshit anyway, like everything else with DID. The OG Sybil and her quack therapist basically made it up when publishers told her they wouldn't publish the book unless "Sybil" integrated herself and her condition improved. Magically, not too long after, "Sybil" suddenly fused her personalities while she was standing just in the kitchen or something. Yes, it's really that stupid.

No. 258978

This is very possible. I think she's considering about easing the larp, since she's had such a big backlash against it.

If Jill actually had the condition, she would easily get the diagnosis, then she'd parade about the interwebs showing her actual diagnosis papers to everyone to shut off any critisism against her bullshittery.

But no. Jill didn't get a full diagnosis. She can't do the parade, so she has to fall back to these counter measures.

No. 258979

Everything about this condition is based on lies. It's fucking sickening to see how thousands of people gobble it up and start shitting their own tales about fractured personalities and playing the same characters over and over.

No. 258980

>”Omg how DARE you imply that you might not watch my video not matter what! Don’t you know I’m TRAUMATISED!!?!”
Shout out to the nonna who mentioned people not watching her videos because they might be triggering. She doesn’t give a shit at all

No. 258981

File: 1665981608881.jpeg (486.22 KB, 828x840, 581B8289-A434-4F1D-84C5-7D00F4…)

Samefag, my dumbass forgot the photo

No. 258984

Humans are very suggestible creatures, especially the young and impressionable kids that make of Jill's audience. The whole concept of DID should be a case study in psychological suggestion and the power of media sensationalism on the population.

No. 258991

This is a general problem in social media platforms, that are majority minors. People can tout complete lies without any basis on reality and the kids will parrot it to their peers.

No. 258997

another explanation : she thinks the other person thinks she's way younger than 24 because she's so youthful, and chose to take it as a compliment about her appearance

No. 259004

I took that comment more along the lines of she considers herself old because the majority of fans she interacts with are between 16-20. Of course she feels old if she is constantly associating with teenagers.

No. 259008

File: 1665989711881.png (54.57 KB, 741x340, 123.png)

She replied it's cozy though

No. 259009

god that is so tragic, she had to make up a whole fake alter for when she isn't in the mood. girl really be doing the most to not touch her own bf. didn't they also say they have separate bedrooms?

No. 259010

>only jillian and cliffe have driven a car.
Doesn't even matter, because she could still switch or black out at any time which means she is not a safe driver and shouldn't be allowed to drive at all because she could literally kill someone. She can't get away from this fact, unless she's ready to admit the DID was never real.

No. 259017

File: 1665995853014.webm (12.02 MB, 1280x720, Caps.webm)

I put some in compilation webms. If I didn't there be around 11 webms varying from 13 seconds to over a minute. All are timestamped (thank you for timestamps).

No. 259019

Stellar job Nonnie! The effort some of you put in these is joy to lurk.

No. 259021

File: 1665998401125.webm (16.32 MB, 1280x720, Caps2-1.WEBM)

No. 259022

File: 1665998535782.webm (19.32 MB, 1280x720, Caps3.webm)

Sorry for the delay, had to compress the second video because it was huge.

No. 259023

File: 1665998956628.webm (1.34 MB, 1280x720, Cantforce.webm)

No. 259025

I was always a naive person, but even to me the way she's grinning while telling all these horrible things sends major red flags.

What do her fans enjoy considering the lack of content? Is it the quirky rainbow drag queen fantasy? You have so many channels on YouTube that upload weekly and cover fashion and lifestyle. I even saw someone on /ot/ call that stichess girl a Jill clone lol

No. 259027

> Jill: "it's a cozy vid don't worry!"
> also Jill: (goes into vivid detail about how her panic attacks affect her physically for a full 12 seconds, possibly triggering others)


No. 259029

>I'm 24
Kek, what does age have to do with anything at all? Mental illness puts your brain into toddler mode no matter what age you are. Like other anons have said, most people with severe mental illness take almost a decade to progress in recovery to have it not affect them as much. She's not special, if she truly was mentally ill like she claims, she's gaslighting herself. You can't speedrun recovery at all.

No. 259030

>the way she's grinning while telling all these horrible things sends major red flags.
She's enjoying it too much, she can't hide it. She gets to be a victim, not take accountability for her own words and actions, she gets to pretend she's an authority on the topic and can talk about herself all day and she gets all the attention in the world

No. 259031

The way she looks absolutely euphoric talking about the panic attacks "shaking, heart ponding, sweating" etc is just… fucked up. Is she anticipating all the juicy affirmations and comforting pity she is going to get from it? She acts like a troon who just posted a terrible selfie and expects asspats for his fetish…

No. 259032

She covers so many topics in an insensitive flippant joking way while smiling. She has covered with zero warning CSA and general sexual abuse, self harm (even covering the exact method), ED’s (stating things you explicitly shouldn’t like how long she doesn’t eat and weight), suicide attempts and ideation (again covering method and wearing that tshirt all the time). The suicide one in particular they have done studies on ways you can cover the topic and ways that will trigger others. Even putting the faking aside as a supposed mental health advocate and content creator she is doing everything wrong and encouraging people to compete with her by bragging even.
I don’t know why she lies like this it really adds to the problem, she covers the above topics but presents it with this smiley rainbow sheen and people can’t tell what they are signing up to watch. It’s actively dangerous and her guilt tripping people for not wanting to consume such triggering content is disgusting. She uses trigger warnings only when she is bragging about how unwell she is which again you explicitly shouldn’t be doing. It really is sociopathic how she does all this with that Cheshire Cat smile on her face the whole time, all she cares about is the dopamine hit she gets from the attention.

No. 259033

>"I used to be constantly masking, I'm doing better, therapy and system communication has helped hugely, I handle things better"
>"I don't post as much because my mental health is so bad"
So which one is it? How did you post more before when your mental health was apparently worse and you were masking all the time? And now that you've gotten help your mental health is so bad that you can't post as much? Does she not notice when she contradicts herself

No. 259035

>Even putting the faking aside as a supposed mental health advocate and content creator she is doing everything wrong
Because she doesn't see mental illness as mental illness, she sees it as little quirks she can exploit for views and sympathy. People who actually suffer from mental illness don't even cross her mind, all she wants is to talk about herself and for her content to benefit herself

No. 259036

File: 1666006155906.webm (10.37 MB, 1280x720, Panic.WEBM)

Forgot I clipped the part about the panic attack.

No. 259039

>@2:30-> "…because you know figuring out I had dissociative identity disorder is just like a mind like splitting apart and coming back together and like I had to rearrange all my molecules again just to be dramatic as humanly possible in the way that makes the least sense, I guess."
So she tells here that her mind split apart, when she discovered her disorder. This is quite telling, since if she had a disorder she'd first have the symptoms, which then makes her normal life unbearable, then seeks treatment and only then gets diagnosed. It's the wrong way around to get the symptoms only when discovering your supposed issue.

No. 259040

>@7:25 -> "…I have a lot less time loss a lot less like big chunks of unexplainable like, where I was what was I going on. It was really really bad last year. I rarely knew what the day was, thus the bracelets that help, like over a week would go by and I would not respond to like really important emails…"
Also this. If she was suffering from the condition these time gaps would've been part of her life since her teenage. The fact it came on sudednly and that she was still able to function, just selectively leaving things out proves that it was something else. Acute stress due to workload and the corona virus situation are very likely and common reasons for this kinds of symptoms.

No. 259043

she could easily transition into a kawiwi ayyy lmao stoner bitch and would be 1000x more interesting than the DID larp

No. 259051

"Really bad" is not responding to important emails? What about missing meals? Missing the people you love? Missing huge life events? Or even just the actual traumatizing effect of extreme memory loss? What about the ruined relationships, the fear of those who see you so heavily disassociated like a zombie, the actual debilitating effects?
All she can think of is missing important emails. Fucking liar.

No. 259054

maybe it's because I don't experience anxiety like that but is it even possible to have "panic attack" for that long? Also isn't there a big difference between a panic attack and an anxiety attack?

No. 259055

Anons ITT are way too generous my opinion. She only started claiming these ‘symptoms’ after she (by her own admission!) started consuming a lot of content by DID creators and one of the first things she tweeted after the cake reveal was something along the lines of “can I join your club now?”. She planned this whole DID arc out in advance. I doubt she ever experiences time loss or blackouts at all. At most she gets stoned and/or procrastinates and blames it on ‘dissociation’ when in reality she’s just sitting on her ass scrolling TikTok or taking naps.

Because that’s the only thing that actually happened. Who doesn’t hate answering work emails? Most people aren’t irresponsible enough to avoid answering them for a full week but this is Jill we’re talking about. Becoming her own boss and working from home with only Steve to keep her company wasn’t a good move for her. She doesn’t have the discipline to keep up any kind of workload without structure and supervision. A lot of people realised this about themselves while working from home during the pandemic without coming to the conclusion that they have a trendy yet controversial mental illness.

No and yes. She’s probably having anxiety attacks but calling them panic attacks because that sounds more dramatic and severe.

No. 259076

The timeline doesn't lie >>257547

No. 259079

having panic attacks that long is bad for you. it causes tachycardia and stresses your heart a lot. panic attacks and anxiety attacks are totally different things.
she's probably having nothing and just saying she's having panic attacks.

No. 259080

>she's probably having nothing and just saying she's having panic attacks.

This is what I honestly think about…well, fucking everything at this point. She's just lying and lying some more.
The one thing I will say is that: anyone here that smokes weed knows all about getting anxiety attacks from smoking too much. It's beyond obvious that's what keeps happening to her - and she knows it, of course.
But it's so fucking funny to watch her lie about all the DID stuff and claim that she's "settling in" to it when she isn't even going to therapy, isn't doing like, fucking anything really. She just magically has DID and now she's just magically getting better with it. Speedrun is fucking right. Lying must be so much fun.

No. 259087

Not to blog, but from personal experience yes it's possible. I had a week long anxiety attack that culminated in a 5-hour long panic attack and landed me in A&E.
I'm gonna go ahead and say it's very unlikely this happened to our little Jillybean though. Maybe she was mildly stressed out for a couple of hours after she read some evil meany comments..

No. 259088

I wonder if it was Trisha Paytas who initially put the idea of DID into her head.

I can believe she has anxiety attacks as a result of the weed, her failing social media career and the fact that a rapidly increasing number of “haters” are seeing through her ridiculous lies. If I were in her position I’d disappear off social media entirely. That would mean admitting she fucked up, though, which Jill is deathly allergic to.

No. 259089

The weed and the fact that she doesn’t have any actual structure to her life anymore would 100% contribute to anxiety attacks all the time. There’s a reason she went significantly off the deep end once she finished school, because she wasn’t doing anything. Speaking as someone with anxiety who unexpectedly lost my job (pre-pandemic) sitting around at home while everyone you know is working/busy drives you stir crazy and puts your anxiety through the roof. She needs to take some local classes, join a gym or something to give her structure to her days

No. 259091

Honestly, there is even terminology specifically for being fucked up on weed that’s how common it is. Her dumb ass is clearly greening out. She is always mentioning going days without eating, that messes with your tolerance so your normal dose will fuck you up. I would bet that she smokes her normal amount on days where she has only consumed caffeine and it gives her these problems. She has complained of vomiting too, again that’s a side effect of greening out. I’m a stoner myself, I’m not saying she shouldn’t do it at all but she is being blatantly irresponsible with her consumption.

No. 259095

OT but it makes me irrationally angry that after all these years Jill still doesn't know how to do eyeliner for her eye shape. She really has to half-ass everything she does.

No. 259101

File: 1666024862923.jpg (333.14 KB, 720x3102, Screenshot_20221017_093754.jpg)

No. 259102

no, it'd be like her making a "how to draw a circle" video or something. it's just unnecessary. she probably learned from a video herself. any one of her followers who wants to learn will have already looked up one of the millon videos that already exist. it's really egotistical of her to think anybody is waiting around to learn how to crochet from her lmfao

No. 259104

Jill's pattern of trying to insert her commentary on youtube drama but being a literal who

No. 259105

When I was her age, I was in university and worked 3 jobs. I was also smoking a fucking shit-ton of weed and I had disassociative anxiety from weed. The second I stopped smoking so fucking much weed, the anxiety attacks went away. Usually, those attacks would happen because I was ignoring my responsibilities and just doing nothing. It's ALWAYS the doing nothing and smoking weed that causes it. Anyone with half a brain can see that's precisely what's happening here. The bitch just needs to touch grass. It's the same for all the gen z retards that have their multitude of "mental illnesses" yet they literally do nothing but live on social media.

No. 259106

But attacks, be they panic or anxiety, are specific short-lived incidents. If they do last that long, you can assume it will affect your body very negatively as panic attacks generally last thirty minutes or less. If Jill had a two hour long panic attack with her heart racing and breathing deeply, feeling faint or lightheaded, any of the typical symptoms– for two straight hours? I would be concerned if she didn't go to a doctor.

No. 259107

Has Jill ever cared about Rooster Teeth? Why does she always feel the need to comment on the drama du jour?

No. 259108

>I wonder if it was Trisha Paytas who initially put the idea of DID into her head.
I don't believe so, since she obviously knew DissociaDID before that incident. I believe she first saw the infamous Anthony Padilla video, where Chloe did her larp and fell in love with the idea of making these quirky characters for her channel.

No. 259125

jill entering her youtube drama monger phase, watch out jill if you keep putting your nose in other peoples business you'll end up having to interact with keemstar

No. 259130

Didn't she try to latch on to one of Anthony's videos before when he was asking for participants? I'm not sure if that was the DID video, but somewhere around that time there was something she was trying to get a foot in the door to be on it.

No. 259136

nayrt and sage for blog but ime you can have 'chain' panic attacks that may as well be one continuous one and last for hours. There's absolutely no way she'd just be able to resume any semblance of life as normal if she actually had an adrenaline and cortisol dump of that magnitude though, it's an obvious fabrication

No. 259137

lest we forget, that's around about the time she started smoking weed daily. losing huge chunks of time isn't uncommon when you're high literally all the time. used to do it myself. i still can't believe that she's so dumb she hasn't made that connection.

No. 259140

yes it was for BPD iirc and she was seething on Twitter when she didn't get chosen. (meaning she was tweeting about how totally unbothered she was and how it was a great video)

No. 259143

It's really sad how she seems to think her BPD shit just ain't good enough so she fakes DID
>why couldn't I have the special disorder all I've got is this lousy narc histrionic bs

No. 259153

Is this thread screwed up for anyone else?

No. 259156

Define "screwed up" nonnie it's Jill it's always screwed up

No. 259164

You mean the webms upthread not loading even on a desktop browser? Noticed that too

No. 259171

Are you on Safari? That's why webms don't work. It should work normally on other browsers. I'm on Chrome without any issues.

Inserting herself into drama while she's currently dealing with the evil meanie drama board bullies is an interesting move. Shouldn't it be triggering? She's so bad at her larp, seriously. It's so lazy.

No. 259172

File: 1666047364346.jpeg (996.05 KB, 1170x1331, 50CDA4F0-7E45-4790-B850-001E2A…)

This is what I don’t get about her “disorders”…how is it that Jill is always conveniently fronting for the outings/events for aesthetically pleasing photos? I wanna see bald cap Cliffe fronting for this shit lol. Also how the fuck is her anxiety supposedly the worst her mental health care workers have ever seen? I HAVE been in a war & couldn’t leave my house let alone go to a fucking pumpkin patch. I can’t stand this bitch.

No. 259175

im sorry nonny. For all the pointless trigger warnings Jill throws in, she should just make her whole channel and twitter a TW for obnoxious trauma larping to spare people who've actually been through shit

No. 259177

Wait, maybe I'm misunderstanding, so is she saying she had the panic attack for three hours or just spent three hours trying to recover from it/adapt? It sounds more like the latter to me.

No. 259178

It makes it more obvious that her alters are just exaggerated ways of referring to her moods and what activities she wants to do at the time.

No. 259202

I doubt she has panic attacks or anxiety attacks. She has always been a liar and attention seeker. Although it's funny when rich white people experience slight hardship for the first time in their privileged lives and then assume they must have mental illness because they can't cope with the real world.

No. 259205

I don't believe she experiences most of the things she says. She probably just sits on her ass all day getting stoned and browsing tiktok. There's no crippling anxiety attacks, no dissociation, no anything. It's all part of the larp.

No. 259217

You sound bitter(you sound like a wk)

No. 259220

Nta but how can someone with real hardships not feel a tiny bit bitter from time to time? When you have tards like jillian creating problems and trauma out of thin hair, and you just know it's all fabricated because she has such a privileged life that she published it for everyone to see, not worrying about getting kidnapped or murdered or worse, making money out of being a consoomer and so on? Looking at these things and then seeing her going "muh i have menthol illneess look at me during Christmas with a bunch of gifts as a kid, I was totally being abused 24/7" is quite disgusting, it's also entertaining so I don't really complain, but I understand that anon's frustration.

No. 259230


Any time jill posts pictures of her in public it really shows how embarrassing her style is. Special needs kid vibes in that first picture

No. 259242

I don't disbelieve that, from the amount of weed she smokes and her general disposition it wouldn't be hard to believe she gets panic attacks.

And to all the anons crying that Jill has never been in a war zone or whatever therefore she totes cannot have any kind of anxiety… come off it. Anyone can develop an anxiety disorder. You don't have to go through psychological hell to become mentally ill. Stop letting your Jill hate cloud your common sense.

No. 259244

I actually got a panic attack from too much weed due to my adhd brain. it caused a dopamine spike and i was screaming and running around and thought i was having a heart attack because my heartbeat was like double the resting speed. but it was 100% from the weed.(wow, no one cares)

No. 259251

I think the problem moreso lies in Jill's hyperbole statement of being told "This is actually so severe. This is like one of the most severe." I do think she does have anxiety. She could have been more genetically predisposed to anxiety. Who knows the why but it doesn't matter. It annoys fellow nonnies that she has to play it up as being the worst case up along with war victims. She simply has to outdo others. She doesn't care about the implications or the weight of her words. It boils down to what buzzwords/adjectives can she use to give her the most attention.

No. 259253

>out of thin hair

No. 259257

Exactly, Jilly herself is the one putting herself on that level. She herself claimed she had the worst anxiety that the professionals have ever seen, hard to imagine none of them have worked with a client with actual extreme circumstances. DID only forms from literal torture not normal level mental illness, it’s such extreme trauma it literally splits your brain apart. She wants to hang with the big boys so that’s the comparison she has set herself up for, if she was claiming something normal then that would be another case but she isn’t.

No. 259260

>She doesn't care about the implications or the weight of her words
Which is the opposite of autists who she's trying to larp as do as they tend to take words "literally"

No. 259263

Amputee kei

No. 259270

Yeah it's what happens when you have actual mental illness and trauma, nonita

No. 259285

File: 1666102669805.gif (1.29 MB, 320x180, ZOe46J.gif)

No. 259290

Forever manifesting the day a comprehensive, tics n roses style debunking video drops and hits the algorithm just right

No. 259294

A lot of youtubers seem to be afraid of commenting on Jill because of the "diagnostic impression". That's why some of the posts about her got removed from the fake disorder cringe subreddit.

No. 259305

No wonder she believes she is playing 4D chess and winning, great way to convince herself that she is untouchable.

No. 259307

File: 1666106816256.jpeg (455.11 KB, 1170x1064, 579A296F-8029-4122-833C-A1BE47…)

anons saying she would do flora next because she’s easy to larp as were right

No. 259308

Can't wait for this bitch to get canceled. She's so annoying and privileged

No. 259309

i think the steady decline of her channel is as close as we'll get. she's not relevant enough to be canceled anymore kek

No. 259310

File: 1666108524756.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1695, 1F62C4B5-3312-437E-943C-315644…)

>our voices are not that different
gee, it’s almost like you guys are the same person!

No. 259311

Good to hear that Cliffe has another job outside of tax time though, good for him

No. 259312

Lol even if her DID was real (big if) she'd still be too fucking annoying for anyone to stomach for more than 10 mins at a time

No. 259313

wow Jill your trauma disorder is so cute and quirky!

No. 259315

sage for nonmilk and inb4 we all know the did isn't real. but how is it that every one of her alters is on board with and always remembers to add their retarded emoji to the end of what they're saying? even berry has dropped her emoji in a tweet at least once and she's a child. you're telling me not a single one of these supposed entirely different people aren't thinking it's stupid and don't actually want to do that. and they all seemingly want to be a part of her online influencer life and care to be part of "meet the alters" videos. just boggles the mind that more people don't question how well-oiled of a machine her system is

No. 259316

You're 100 percent right. How many patreons does she even have? She isn't even doing any sewing or crafting videos

No. 259317

File: 1666110812957.png (88.23 KB, 980x448, Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 12.3…)

Takes two seconds on google

No. 259318

What brand is sponsoring her bruh. I’m surprised she’s still brand friendly. I wouldn’t want to touch that PR nightmare if i was some company

No. 259323

it’s casetify, iirc

No. 259329

Right Cliff is supposed to be a 30 year old man there's no way he's down for constant Twitter and TT he wants to balance Jill's anemic checkbook

No. 259330

File: 1666116221474.png (62.13 KB, 691x654, Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 1.58…)

She went from making ~$1300 a month back in 2018 to a stunning ~$500 a month in the present. I wonder if she invested some of that profit or if all of it went to buy toys and weed.

No. 259331

Interesting how her biggest drop on this graph was at the start of 2019, don't remember anything dramatic happening aside her stagnating and forgetting to do the patreon stuff. And then we can connect the 2021 drop to the DID faking.
>I wonder if she invested some of that profit or if all of it went to buy toys and weed.
It was probably her pocket money

No. 259336

To add onto this, if Jerrick was even real don’t you think he would be acting out anytime Jill threw him under the bus? Like how does he just take the same manipulative tactics Jill uses on everyone else but as soon as someone blinks incorrectly in her direction Jerrick is like an attack dog. She’s so bad at her larp

No. 259352

That's less than minimum wage lol. 2k is what the canadian govt decided was a liveable wage. kek

No. 259356

Seeing this, there's no doubt in my mind that her mother told her she needed to get a job or move back home after the MCR concert.

No. 259364

To add insult to injury, I use an ad block, so she isn't getting adsense from people like me.

No. 259374

That’s just patreon though. If she was uploading consistently she was probably making a decent amount from YouTube. Also, if that’s USD it’s more in Canadian money (not sure how the conversion works on patreon though).
I’m honestly surprised she’s still making any money from the patreon since all they get is the boring video once a month, right? That amount probably doesn’t even cover her weed.

No. 259377

Brands like Casetify and NordVPN and whatever will sponsor anyone. Jill just has the requesite amount of views for them to reach out, which isn't that high. A lot of smaller channels I watch advertise Casetify.

No. 259378

Since the 2019 drop is clsoe to the beginning of her patreon I'm guessing it was people quickly realizing she wasn't using it for anything actually interesting.

No. 259381

sorry to necro this particular cap but
> I gotta know what headspace to go into it with :)
you need to do this to watch a pixielocks video? how do these people LIVE? how do they go to the grocery store not knowing what the vibes are gonna be or “what headspace to go into it with”? how do they hold jobs. have to hand it to Jill for finding her fan niche of people too delicate and special to handle everyday life

No. 259382

File: 1666123634913.png (84.76 KB, 594x755, firefox_CoBiRfnVOz.png)

Yeah her remaining fans are weird, too deep in the twitter bubble. Here's some questions for her meet the alter video.

No. 259383

sage for offtopic but they purposefully turn themselves into perpetual victims so they can get clout, some of them like pixie go beyond that to grift off it(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 259387


Jesus Christ at the second tweet. I’m assuming this person is very young but do they not have people in their real life to give them advice? Talk about parasocial. Also how is Jill kind or sweet in any way? She certainly isn’t capable of giving anyone advice judging by the train wreck that her life is.

No. 259397

You say “a pixielocks video” but her DID videos are psycho, someone isn’t going to tell you unprompted about being made into a sex toy as a child in the middle of the grocery store. Her old content is completely different from this new direction so it makes sense fans are confused about the tone especially when she still makes the thumbnails cutesy and uses vague clickbait titles. She also lied to this person, it’s not cozy vibes it’s discussion of stalking which is a legitimate trigger for some people who have actually dealt with that. I don’t think it’s overly sensitive to ask if you should be expecting a kawaii video or discussion of extreme abuse and life ruining mental illness.

No. 259400

Her fans consciously and consistently use flattering & exaggerative figures of speech to kiss-up to her. The big sister thing is prime example.

No. 259401

fictional interject … SMH

No. 259404

put sage in the email field next time my friend

No. 259405

File: 1666127573037.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1170x1455, 4A8D3B75-CAB8-4C24-890A-F3F87C…)

wow she actually looks not so terrible here. the natural brows and hair color look so much better than the rainbow vomit. the outfit and makeup are an improvement from the usual too. can flora just front all the time now kek

No. 259406

She looks like she's cosplaying her younger self. That anon that said Flora was just her lolita phase was right. Every phase she has had is now the aesthetic of each alter, she's just cosplaying all her younger selves while avoiding growing up.

No. 259408

File: 1666128070950.png (80.89 KB, 187x250, lmfao.png)

so flora is just her attempt to go back to being like this right? sorry for tiny pic couldnt find a better one

No. 259409

the hair is literally the same, the beret, the pink. it's just like >>259406 said, it's just her old aesthetics for her alters

No. 259411

Lol is that literally a Marin wig

No. 259412

obviously not, she’s had this wig for years

No. 259413

That expression she does with her mouth is giving Dolores Umbridge.

No. 259415

she looks like Sharpay Evans from the original hsm

No. 259417

File: 1666129760719.jpeg (648.2 KB, 1242x684, 8504878C-4BAF-400A-BBF7-77370B…)

No. 259418

my dress up darling didn't invent pink and blonde hair, retard

No. 259419

File: 1666129927358.jpeg (384.39 KB, 683x684, 852B1624-A17C-473C-B46E-D7EAA5…)

Blonde and Brown hair suits Jill nicely. Unfortunately she doesn’t look 16-18. This is like a Flora cosplay but she’s actually 36 instead.

No. 259422

Poor Louise. Jill was a weird and annoying kid but imagine being a normie boomer and your daughter growing out of her punk phase and into this and then becoming an obese clown munchie? What a rollercoaster.

No. 259424

holy shit she looks amazing here?

No. 259427

Oh my god, I’m so freaking happy to see this!!!! Jill, if you’re lurking, your makeup seriously looks good here, please keep doing this!!! It doesn’t have to be pink forever, you could do a different color every day if you want, but the natural brows and matching eye makeup looks SO much better than the rainbow brows/mismatched eyes. It makes you look younger than when you wear the usual rainbow makeup and suits your face so much more. Please, I’m begging Jill, keep this up! Make Flora the Makeup Artist Alter if you need to, just please keep going in this direction. It’s still bright and colorful, but in a way that doesn’t age you or overpower your face(hi cow )

No. 259428

This thread is so washed by Jill's clown shit that the second yall see something close to baseline you pee yourselves

No. 259429

imagine color coding your moods like a 12 year highlighting everything rainbow in a textbook, but in your mid twenties

No. 259430

So the lol ecks dee "alters" (aka jerricka, Jilliax and Verojillian) stick their tongues out, and her uwu soft waif alter tries to do the tranny cat emoji and fails because she has no lips.

No. 259433

the one color hair and normal eyebrows really does make her look 'better' but the mesh and lace together looks horrible with her barbie playset looking necklace

No. 259434

I don't think she's ever made an outfit that actually looks good and not just decent

No. 259436

A hog in theater kid heaven.

No. 259437

Seems like all her disgruntled former fans just dislike her current aesthetic and don’t actually care about her being a manipulative liar.

No. 259438

Agreed, I almost don’t believe this is actually Jill. She’s gone so far downhill wow.

No. 259440

This whole thing really is just a very elaborate way for Jillian to roadtest new styles, just as anons predicted. She did something similar to this when she dressed as strawberry shortcake or something iirc last halloween?

No. 259442

nonna… Jillian has never experienced “extreme abuse and life ruining mental illness” and she also didn’t talk about her experience with stalking in the video that twitter replier was referring to (because she was never “stalked” she’s just being Jill)

No. 259443

Second person sounds like a troon, it's usually only troons who try to intentionally make themselves sound young and vulnerable in social media posts (knowing they are actually rape monkeys and not in any real danger the way a teen girl is)

No. 259450

uh, i think you're confused. all anon is saying is that her fans are right to ask her about what the content of her videos is because she was posting shitty unboxing videos a few months ago and now she nonchalantly talks about being raped, real or otherwise. anon doesn't believe jill, she just understands why her fans want to know if the video is going to have insane shit in it.

No. 259451


It's nice to see her look like a normalish 20-something instead of an insane rainbow vomit rejected clown. It's so much harder to take her seriously when she does her terrible drag makeup or different color eyeshadow looks. for someone terminally online with nothing better to do, you'd think she'd get better at makeup by now.

No. 259452

her skin is pretty rough for her age. she's probably really dehydrated from all the weed and alcohol and cheap instant food, and sugary tea. she clearly doesn't take care of herself.

No. 259454

She never learned how to style herself. She always picks clashing clothes and accessories that by themselves would look nice but, is just too much with what she has on. Less is more jill, shoving shit on just because it's a complimentary color with something else doesn't always work!

No. 259460

is this reply?

No. 259471

i'll make my judgements when we see her like this in video form. she has to cleanse her online presence of dramu, wonderfully calculated jilly

No. 259479

Haven’t we all long since given up hope that she’ll actually get the help she needs to stop behaving that way? I know I sure have. She’s always going to lie, manipulate, bully, and play the victim. She might as well at least look better while doing so.

No. 259481


Funny how she hasn't broken out the blonde wig to represent Flora until she decides to make content for it.

So every time Flora was fronting I guess she liked looking like Jill.

Her fans make it very clear they love the clown car of a brain Jill is representing. Jill is just following the dollar signs.

No. 259489

I wish she went with a softer makeup look and didn't do winged eyeliner. Also wish she would have styled the wig. >>259454 agreed, you'd think she'd have learned that at her school. I am looking forward to seeing her "acting".

No. 259491

File: 1666152408666.jpg (151.48 KB, 720x1392, Screenshot_20221018-210446_Chr…)


No. 259495

The breakup bait…

No. 259500

How many months do you think Jill spent begging for Steve to tweet about her and not just his side piece? I think the cheating allegations really got to her, like she used that as leverage to force Steve to do PDA with her. It's only after his cringe fail loser drama response video that he's begun publicly acknowledging Jill again, so…

No. 259504

Anon is in an abusive relationship with jills disgusting online presence and any crumb of normality has her reeling lmao

No. 259505

You can really see how things suddenly changed and she's taking photos of his badly cared for nails too, lol. One of them wasn't aware of the maggie rumors and then things exploded.

No. 259507

She has admitted to not washing her makeup off properly and sleeping in it which also really doesn’t help. I would bet when she does remove her makeup she is scrubbing her face with wipes instead of removing it properly.

No. 259508

Aside from her obesity she looks so much better like this. I don't get why she can't dress in this style all the time and lose 70 lbs.

No. 259509

The transparent shirt and lacey part look very messy imho

No. 259514

File: 1666171373777.jpg (446.89 KB, 3538x1560, Screenshot_20221019_021504.jpg)

I find it funny so far all her alters wear winged eyeliner and eyeshadow (and high placement for the blush for the girl alters to give the illusion of a different face shape). Jilly you really are a one-trick pony.

No. 259519

Even her "drag" makeup is just a more extreme version of her normal look. Surprised she doesn't use the DID-larp to experiment with different makeup looks, she really is creatively bankrupt.

No. 259520

>Surprised she doesn't use the DID-larp to experiment with different makeup looks
But anon then she wouldn't look or feel like herself anymore, she might end up looking like a different person with a different personality or something, why would she want that

No. 259544

What about Jerrick even makes him a boy? Inb4 gender is a spectrum.

Idk why you'd have an alter who is a BOY but is still characteristically feminine, wearing winged eyeliner and participates in drag.

Maybe that's just my limited understanding, but when I've watched videos of like 50 year olds with DID, their male alters are masculine because their role involves strength.

No. 259551

It has no meaning in modern twitter culture. In some ways they're close to being progressive (just because you're a girl or a guy doesn't mean you have to do xyz) but then they backfire and go "this fictional character is obviously trans because she doesn't fit traditional feminine stereotypes!".

So Jerrick is supposed to be FtM, but is a drag queen? Feels uncomfortable enough to wear a binder but has no qualms about feminine styling? It's a mess even for her own fake story.

No. 259552

Seriously, it would have made infinitely more sense if Jerrick hadve just been a slightly masc (compared to girly Jill) tomboy/dyke

No. 259553

There was a trans guy on drag race with a sort of punk emo vibe, she is just copying someone she saw on tv as per. It makes sense for that guy because he actually looks like a guy out of drag and has had surgery and whatnot but Jill imitating it makes no sense. All of her alters are just a rip off of someone.

No. 259555

File: 1666194617596.png (27.1 KB, 597x265, firefox_MF9zDoaYtW.png)

Jill, that's not even an attempt to be funny
What's interesting about infantilizing yourself?

No. 259559

i thought she was claiming jerrick was mtf?

No. 259560

That's just her fetish Nonna, of course you can't say it all sounds retarded and disgusting coming from an ugly fat bitch.

No. 259561

Jerricka is female to male and is hopping through the same hoops as
The girl this anon is talking about, so she can wear girly stuff and be a "drag queen" since what she likes is being a girly girl and not a gender non conforming girl.

No. 259562


The way Jill talks / dresses in such a childish way then talks about sex, drugs and flashing is so fucking weird. It's like she wants to be seen as a helpless 2 year old and a super kinky stoner at the same time

No. 259563

So she’s just like every other average ddlg pedo retard

No. 259565

>trans guy
You're on lolcow, just say she

No. 259574

I was already thinking that is just a matter of time that she announces that berry is a child drag queen like desmond. She's already her abdlsona and we know abdlfags love public exposure

No. 259577

What I want to know is Jill’s reasoning as to why Jerrick is FtM trans while Cliffe is a cis man. Jerrick feels dysphoria towards the female body and wears a binder because he identifies as male - fair enough. But Cliffe also identifies as male while occupying a female body yet he isn’t trans and afaik there’s been no mention of dysphoria on his end. Why the discrepancy? Is there some inherent difference between man brain/soul/personality and transman brain/soul/personality? If so, can a male-bodied DID system have a transman alter? Can a female-bodied DID system have a transwoman alter? Does Jill think biotransgirl alters are valid? Are we ever getting a Kikomi alter?

No. 259578


Of course Jill romanticizes kindergarten. She didn't have to pay bills, mommy would give her everything she wanted and she didn't have to get a job.

No. 259579


Don't forget Veronica is intersex lmao

No. 259581

File: 1666203558304.jpg (180.93 KB, 720x2032, Screenshot_20221019_111717.jpg)

No. 259582


>Stalking victim who's life is supposedly in danger wants to audition for a reality show

ffs jill

No. 259583

She looks nice here. Imagine if she ditched the drag/bad makeup, hair dye, and wigs and became a cute brunette kawaii pastel tattoo fashion qween. I weep for what she could be. Sorry if this is stupid, she just has so much potential, yet she chooses chaos.

No. 259584

thanks! it's impossible for me to keep jill's stupid lore straight because it doesn't make sense.

No. 259586

That would be the funniest shit. Jill getting criticized and not being able to escape it? Put her on that show now kek

No. 259587

File: 1666205172047.jpg (41.99 KB, 1014x397, 232.JPG)

Wasn't she also interested in joining Project Runway back in the day?

Agreed, I support jill being on the show.

Btw, jill lost another 1k subs on her youtube channel lol

No. 259607

My tinfoil prediction if Pixie got on the Canada Drag Race: She would cry a lot, get defensive when critiqued by the judges, complain about not being able to smoke weed, struggle to maintain her DID/alter act (but make sure to mention it whenever she can), and others on the show would judge her and gossip about her, perhaps even confront her. Not to be rude, but gay male drag queens tend to be quite brutally honest and outspoken, if RuPaul's Drag Race is any kind of indication on that. Pixie, being very sensitive and emotional, would not be able to take the blunt (maybe even harsh) criticism from the judges, and petty/bitchy comments from the male drag queens.

Perhaps it would be a good learning experience and character growth for her. Sorry if my comment is not allowed, still figuring out what's acceptable and not here.

No. 259609

Funniest thing is that by seeking out diagnoses for such severe diseases is that she's effectively handicapping her chances at most reality shows. Drag Race contestants, like most reality TV applicants, have to be vetted by psychiatrists before appearing on air. Jill's 'severe' and 'real' diagnoses that she seeks for fame ironically prevent her from achieving it the way that most no-personality drama-lovers do.

No. 259635

I don’t watch RPDR, are there female drag queens?

No. 259636

This is why Stacy Layne Matthews was only a cameo appearance on All Stars, she failed the psych screening. These screenings are rigorous and if Jillybean thinks she can bullshit her way through the social media screen and the psych screen, she's truly delusional.

No. 259637

I feel like it's a wombo combo of her past fashion selves and a way to let herself be a degenerate. It's pretty obvious flora is Jill as a "little" to sate her coomer boyfriend's lolicon fetish. Meanwhile Veronica exists for jill to larp as a "fuckable plaything", because she gets off on objectifying herself.

No. 259639

>Artists with same face syndrome be like

No. 259643


Initially no, because Ru Paul thought being born a woman was 'cheating', but there was such a backlash he had to allow trans men/women to participate. Still mostly guys or mtf.

No. 259645

File: 1666217753805.jpeg (638.68 KB, 1170x1317, DFE82673-59DD-430B-AACC-546B0D…)

She’s been talking about the confetti club a lot lately…tinfoil that she got hyped from her kid + brainrott followers “supporting” her through the initial Vangelina vid and is now trying to breathe new life into her mini cult?

No. 259647

I don't think so, I think that now that she has attracted an extra retarded audience, even if it's small, she wants them to know that she has her own club were all of her new menthol Illinois fans can belong to and be called "cuties". Give it a few months for her retard fans to call it the "hurr durr pixie cult" and post retarded memes about her, if she reaches that point at all.

No. 259650

I think she would try to start drama and cry how she’s the victim.

No. 259652

Would love a revival of the confetti cult thread kek it used to be pretty fun

No. 259653

agreed, though i worry it might not be as plentiful as it was in the peak of her popularity. either way I predict it would look completely different than when it was active, since I think she's got a whole new collection of orbiters now kek

No. 259656

File: 1666223501928.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1620, 8A2E4E4C-7A7A-4B45-B43D-ED60EA…)

4/6 alters take selfies at the exact same angle

No. 259658

The fact that people look at this shit and actually believe it is so insane to me. This generation is absolutely fucked

No. 259659

File: 1666224224344.gif (2.31 MB, 360x360, 7D872B24-6E65-4FE3-8457-D8D243…)

Shouldn't the 30 years old man be posing like gif related? Since he's supposed to act geriatric, not knowing how to do uwu poses or how to position the camera properly.

No. 259660

File: 1666224352850.jpeg (7.78 KB, 114x145, 1666223501928.jpeg)

sorry if this is a pic for ants but like…

No. 259661

kek she can't wink

No. 259662

File: 1666225508906.png (79.98 KB, 1876x1200, 858A14DA-D60B-4607-8765-2FF6B9…)

Yeah he’s supposed to be like the 30 year old boomer memes. Why doesn’t he come out for lawn work?

No. 259663

it’s just all so silly. i don’t know how long she can keep this up but god i am lost on how she will backtrack from this DID shit lmao. she’s just lucky her remaining supporters are stupid as hell.

No. 259666

Notice how in all the pics she held the phone at the exact same distance. Jill, you stupid bitch, not everyone takes selfies the same way

No. 259672

the bigger the ego, the harder she falls. i am just excited to watch it all unfold someday.

No. 259675

>>259607 if jill made it onto any one of these shows ever she wouldve been kicked off the first episode
>>259656 never fails to amaze me how people cant blatantly see its all jill, all the alters just do the same shit as jill. DID isnt like that there are some actual distinct differences it doesnt involve just magically changing your appearance (I know I cant convince anyone here DID is real if you dont believe it; its the wackiest fuckin disorder ive ever witnessed someone have. Jill and these other tiktok idiots are such fuckin frauds and don't help)

No. 259686

All y’all nonnies talking abt how its the same angle but i’m losing it bc she clearly tried her hardest to get a different facial expression,

we know she still pulls the same faces regardless of “alter” thnx to the compilations here, she’s just making herself look extra retarded to make to larp believable

No. 259688

I know she consooms, but wow the amount of shit behind her. She wants you to see it, from the retarded angle making it a focal point to her smug expression. Of course being "Flora" also means flaunting various japanese plastic items.

No. 259692

Ngl I kinda respect Ru Paul for that stance even if I don't respect drag necessarily. He seems to have a grasp on biology. I honestly miss when people would just do drag as opposed to trooning out to fit gender stereotypes. Like >>259551 said, twitter culture is hypocritical at best and insidious at worst.

No. 259695

me too, i hate drag, but it's supposed to be a physical transformation thing. of course women can look like caricatures of themselves. if anything they should have expanded to drag kings and done a separate series.

No. 259702

>choose your fighter:
>1 eugenia cooney jill
>2 regular jill
>3 sweet jill
>4 emo jill
>5 bimbo jill
>6 cancer patient jill

No. 259703

Ah yes, a VS Pink shirt is what I normally see 30 year old cis men wear.

No. 259706

Berry is the little and what she uses to pedopander to Steve. Flora is her irl magical girl persona kek she's as pure of heart as a shoujo main character, of course. She needs that bounce back from the drama to be fake positive and rainbows.

She makes such punchable faces. Just smile like a normal person, Jill. And keep your tongue in your damn mouth.

No. 259709

I love how boring Cliffe's clothes are. Everything is a shade. I guess being an adult TM means not being interested in colours. Guess that means she needs to give up her rainby colours at 30. Jilly you are so embarrassing and stunted.

No. 259720

I don't know what the acceptable rhetoric is for DID within their community, but in terms of recovery, is it acceptable to state that alters are delusions? I know for some people who have delusions it can be dangerous to tell them their delusions are not real or correct, but for DID, doesn't it base its recovery on the idea of going back to one personality, meaning the others are delusions or not real? They're just parts of you.

Basically, if Jill was pro-recovery or focused on that, would it be gauche for her to be posting so many meet the alters~*~*~ videos and stuff? Regardless of whether or not DID is real, I wonder how the people who treat it or claim it feel about the tiktok/tumblr focus on having 300 alters and how different they are from the OG identity.

No. 259721

>tfw I thought this post would be linked to Steve wearing that while denying being a troon

No. 259724

rolling! kek.

No. 259725


I've never seen someone with a more aesthetic mental illness then Jill's. All her alters are super fashionable, social media loving OCs who never do anything bad when fronting. There's a documentary about a woman with DID where she talks about being terrified when her alters front, because they'll cut themselves or attempt suicide. Jill's alters take cute selfies and play D and D. It's so obviously not how a trauma disorder works

No. 259726

She really could have done all this without the larp, and she could have milked it with "rainbow to emo/goth/drag aesthetic transformation" and "living a day as an emo" and so on

No. 259730

The flora selfie looks so bitchy and judgemental she can’t even hide it at this pount

No. 259737


Jerrick and Veronica's accounts even liked the tweet, what a fucking narcissist

No. 259738

she really has no idea what to do with her brand, "pixielocks" is vague enough to market herself as an alt-fashion youtuber that delves into all kinds of styles and on the side just do vlogs about the local dispenseries she likes, reccomendations, cheapest to most expensive, bong reccs/reviews etc. She's so lazy and uncreative despite the fact that her channel isn't even that hard to half ass content for. Kek I'm glad she has to move back in with her parents, this is some too stupid to function kind of shit.

No. 259739

Gotta show the system support. Even better since Veronica hasn't posted for over a month but likes a tweet about Flora. Jilly you suck ass at acting/pretending.

No. 259740

I also love “his” egirl pose which isn’t remotely how a single thirty year old cis man would pose. Imagine how creepy this would look if it was actually a thirty year old man and not Jill.
The fakers have blurred the lines so far on acceptability now especially in recovery. In reality they wouldn’t be entirely different people they would be facets of yourself just with incredibly strong responses to things so they behave in a way you would suppress. The fakers have warped things to make them all completely independent people and say that to “get rid” of them by integrating is killing them. Basically they have warped things so that they can justify staying sick forever and not having to end the grift.

No. 259743

File: 1666261349953.gif (560 KB, 360x270, 6a017d3f6e48be970c017ee9011aec…)

you've got to consider her references, nonnie

No. 259763

Did she just turn the Jerrick beanie sideways for Cliffe?

No. 259767

She wants the Wonderland system soooo bad

No. 259774

Funny how Cliffe knows how to take a selfie with the correct cropping ideas and framing and also is even comfortable doing it despite not knowing how to use tech very well

No. 259775

I just realized she did some bad contouring on her breasts in the veronica pic, oof

No. 259776

Lmfao same, Steve needs to flaunt his troonery more

No. 259780

As someone who is 35…the whole concept of Cliffe just kills me. Like omfg Jill, what do you think a 35 year old is like?

No. 259784

funny that they didn't ban the older man (tranny) that was in the confetti club page creeping on their teen/little girl fanbase.
but maybe that is what Stevie aspires to be.

No. 259786

File: 1666281375836.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x1527, 167FFF39-70BE-4F98-B128-5A90B7…)

does she not have good options for clothing for flora, because this is an absolute train wreck. the sheer petticoat, the lingerie, the night gown, the pusheen slippers. this is awful.

No. 259787

That shirt is clinging on for it's life. Just wear clothes that are your size.

No. 259789

File: 1666281888867.png (41.22 KB, 737x352, 123456789.png)

I like it the slippers are out of place though
Also Sandwich is trying to escape Jill's mind prison kek

No. 259795


No. 259796

File: 1666282541610.png (609.54 KB, 743x934, 241A0B59-005A-4FA6-9B53-9AB3F4…)

Wtf is this outfit. That precure character doesn’t remotely dress like this. If she actually dressed like that character she would look way cuter. The himekaji style she wore during the phase she is referencing would suit way better. I know she wouldn’t fit in liz Lisa now but it’s not a hard general vibe to emulate.

No. 259797

>>259786 shes too fat for lolita and any other genuine japanese brands so gotta go with scraps

No. 259798

File: 1666282773305.png (395.82 KB, 501x622, D64017A2-B153-4A9F-B117-D46BEE…)

Apologies for samefag and autism but the character has some legitimately decent outfits why would she choose that mess that is just every sheer thing she owns. It doesn’t even look like her outfit after she transforms.

No. 259804

Because she’s gotten too fat to fit into any of her old kawiwi clothes, and she’s not earning enough to drop the money she used to on new shit

No. 259805

Is there a distinction between people with DID who continuously make alters vs people who establish alters during the time of trauma and never make more?

Basically DissociaDID vs MultiplicityandMe. DissociaDID makes new ones regularly and Multiplicity only seemed to have… 4 male alters?

No. 259807

The petticoat for Flora’s skirt is just sad, it isn’t even a tutu petticoat that’s meant to be outerwear, it’s literally underwear. She’s really boxed herself into a corner with this whole only buying sustainable fashion thing. I’ve looked a sustainable brands and it’s all plain basics so her only option is thrifting, and let’s be honest, there aren’t a lot rainbow/emo/pastel kawaii in second hand shops that would fit her. Not trying to be shady or anything, it’s just a fact. She either needs to give it up and start shopping normally again, or go hard into making her own outfits. But this is really getting pathetic

No. 259813

“My toddler alter exclusively wears lingerie and underwear in a kaweewee coquette aesthetic uwu”
Totally not a red flag that you dress up in kinderwhore aesthetic for your supposed child alter jillybean. Not even Veronica was still scantily clad but your alter thats supposedly reclaiming your inner child is…in her panties on twitter dot com ok…

No. 259814

Nah the toddler alter is Berry or whatever she was called

No. 259815

I think the theory is that if no one in the system is equipped to handle the new trauma, then a new alter is created to hold that trauma; but if an existing alter and handle it, there’s no new alter. It’s also supposed to depend on how much therapy someone has had—the brain’s default way of managing trauma is to create an alter to handle it, so someone who just started therapy is more likely form a new alter than someone who has been in therapy long term and learned healthier coping mechanisms

Iirc MultiplicityandMe had an alter that split in two at one point and fused them back in therapy. DissociaDID on the other hand just announced they have a sub-system, basically meaning her DID has DID

No. 259816

Kek I'm guessing that the video will be of her standing up the whole time and holding her breath, because otherwise that shirt won't survive.

No. 259819

>DissociaDID on the other hand just announced they have a sub-system, basically meaning her DID has DID
How would that even work? It's amazing how these weirdos make up shit to stay on the cutting edge.

No. 259820

I knew Veronica was intersex I didn't realise she was also a stroke victim

No. 259823

File: 1666285677222.jpeg (106.3 KB, 828x659, 2239C61F-91CB-4EBE-9D09-B584FA…)

Nice black panties under a white see through petti coat

No. 259824

I think they might be biker shorts, but either way why wear black under a translucent white petticoat? Really dumb.

Why do anons keep confusing Flora for Berry? Kek I think Jill's lore for her OCs isn't too hard to follow tbh because she's not smart enough to make them complex. They are all DeviantArt tier donut steal OCs. Very one dimensional with like one key trait, a favourite colour, and an aesthetic from her past and bam. Thats it kek she's so uncreative, it hurts.

No. 259826

File: 1666286550932.jpeg (266.28 KB, 1170x737, D5CB147D-8645-49E9-B773-FED6CE…)

video will be up soon nonnies!

No. 259827

kek ty for the laugh nona. I had forgotten about sandwich.

No. 259833

Because berry and flora are the exact same, just one is named after a precure character.
It baffles me that nental health on social media conflates acceptance with positivity and that once you reach acceptance everything just stops. Woo-hoo, you have this debilitating mental illness just go to therapy like once a month, make a post relating to your mental illness, and then receive all the asspats because you did the bare minimum of "bringing awareness" to your condition. Oh, and once you've come to terms with it, it's time to just stop any sort of treatment because you now know the reason you're fucked up. Mission over!

No. 259838

well the character is still 13, it is weird to dress her up like that

No. 259840

Very true, one of her main outfits is her school uniform and the main setting for the show is in her boarding school. She is explicitly a child. Which, I find it weird that Jill treats her like a motivator inspiration/caretaker to herself when she is ten years older than the character and the fans are asking about her being an older sister figure to them.

No. 259841


Dissociadid also had a motherly / caretaker alter in her videos. I wonder if she got some inspiration from chloe's larp

No. 259854

That in and of itself isn’t weird but having that role fulfilled by a canon 13 year old when you are 24, that is weird as hell. I think in her mind Jill sees herself as a teenager still and that’s part of why she is so stunted and thinks stuff like mommy should be paying to look after her. Also why she is doing this larp, she doesn’t have to be 24 year old Jillian she can be a little kid or a teenager depending on how much of a baby she is feeling. It’s the true curse of her moms helicopter babying parenting style, she is so ill prepared mentally and practically for adulthood she is freaking out.

No. 259856

Not really. Flora is a precure wuw mommy, Berry is a little who just loves toys and crayons and drives Jill's car.

No. 259857

if you go back a few months, berry's character was called flora before and she was talking about flora having a split or some shit and then she swapped the names and made berry the child one.

No. 259858


Yeah , honestly with Jill's kindergarten tweet and her 6 year old alter she probably sees herself as a toddler more than a teenager.

No. 259861

This was never the case. She just didn’t want to name the Berry/Little alter and Flora was a fragment. Both Flora becoming not a fragment and Berry being named happened around the same time and they both have a kawaii little girl vibe so I think that’s why people confuse them.

No. 259865

It's called Paraphilic infantilism. Jill should add that to her mental health bio. It would be one of the only honest things on there.

No. 259868

I clicked on the Meet the Alters: Flora and immediately closed out because it felt so cringy and fake.

No. 259869

>and fake
Because it is, nonnie

No. 259873

No. 259874

I can't stand her smacking her lips and speaking so slowly. It's unwatchable.

No. 259879

I thought Flora was 6.
How is she 18 now?
Is sandwich the 6 year old?

Anyways this video makes my skin crawl. There's no way anyone is buying this. She's not even a good actor. It's Jill with an asmr voice and a cheap wig.

I will say, I can't wait for a Cliffe video. Big Cliffe stan here.

No. 259880

SO many jumpcuts, she can't even act for two minutes without screaming.

No. 259881

File: 1666297881349.png (296.32 KB, 3490x854, Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 21.30…)

from what trauma?

No. 259882

i started watching and she says in the beginning "i feel like a kid in my moms basement" or i am mishearing thing?

No. 259885

She is basically slapping her family in the face here. Throwing them under the bus so she can be larp characters online and get off on pretending to be a baby. Even after they gave her everything she could ever want.

No. 259886

she starts crying around 19:22 because of how “traumatized” she is. she’s such a cry baby.

No. 259888

LOL I love when all the alters use the same exact DID buzzwords.

One year of therapy and apparently ALL her alters know everything there is to know about DID.

No amnesia involved, and all of them have the exact same vested interest in presenting and promoting their DID, buzzwords in all, on social media as Jill does.

No. 259889

Isn't the alter 18/19

No. 259892

no, she did use the name flora when describing the one that's now berry.

No. 259893

how was she able to travel internationally on her own with such a debilitating and unpredictable disorder
imagine switching in the customs line

No. 259894

It’s so transparent how she keeps ageing up alters so she doesn’t have restrictions on them. She aged up Jerrick so he could drive, club, smoke and drink because she can’t give up those things. It’s telling that berry and Amanda who never fronts and can’t talk are the only littles now. Once again we see Jill’s magic DID that doesn’t inconvenience her in any way.

No. 259895

Berry is 6 not Flora

No. 259896

That was another anon's misreading of it, the Flora oc has never been a "little" and anons getting it wrong back then has brought up this discussion in every thread since

No. 259897

Let me know what parts you nonnies want clipped. I can do compilations and/or separate clips. Timestamps are appreciated but not required. I can always look at the transcription. If I do compilations, I will put clips in order and have descriptions to differentiate. ♥

No. 259899


The fucking cliff ad read got me.

No. 259902

The reason “real” DID goes so long undiagnosed is because it’s covert, none of this I became an anime character uwu stuff. It being covert is part of the point because it’s to protect you and the faker version does the complete opposite of that. The thing that is so stupid about the faker version is you would get diagnosed immediately if you had a seizure like response then started acting like a fucking cat.

No. 259903

i tried to watch this but i really can't stand her breathy agp voice in this, it's deeply uncomfortable

No. 259904

18:25 "I was formed during a VERY smiles gleefully very traumatic smiles life or death situation smiles where they had no idea how they could move forward with the brain that they had"

Guyyyysss I'm really sooo twaumatized… most twaumatized actually, out of All the trauma there is

No. 259905

does this type of content break her sponsorship agreement?

No. 259906

She says she doesn't have BPD symptoms around 4 minutes

No. 259908

I'm gonna take a guess and say Flora is her Lolita alter formed during whatever went down back then, it's way before I started reading these threads but her style seems similar to Lolita times.

No. 259909

Life or death situation? She wants to play autism so this is to be taken literally. What could this even allude to, she has never had an illness or been in a serious accident.
Of fucking course, as per Jilly can’t accept that she would have a single negative trait. That’s her real illness, her delusion and inability to accept that she has any negative traits or could ever be in the wrong. Narcissism is a hell of a thing.

No. 259911

I don’t understand how people keep getting it wrong when it’s been reiterated so many times. Flora was a fragment that split and Berry was always the little but she didn’t release the name for a long time because ‘safety’

No. 259912

she’s referring to a suicide attempt from (i believe) grade 9

No. 259914

The one she is sooo traumatised by that she wears merch of the location? Also why would that form this alter, I was under the impression that to form a fictive that media had to be present at the time of the trauma. Even if that’s not the case idk why an attempt at 14 would form such a childish alter.

No. 259915

Okay sorry I need to say this but she looks like Laura Palmer in that wig and when she makes that face with her lips pressed

No. 259916

Is the whole ad spot supposed to be Cliffe?

> 5:45 I think this is so you can turn it into like a cross-body kind of moment

Why does Cliffe, a boomer-esque 35 year old straight male, have Jills drag queen vernacular? Felt very odd knowing who she’s attempting to larp as.

No. 259918

The thing with her claiming “attempt” though is she was never hospitalised for that so what kind of attempt or was it actually just ideation and having a rough plan. An attempt means you went through with it and failed and affects your health and usually needs medical attention. Might seem like a nitpick but it’s two very different things.

No. 259919

Somebody please fucking kill. I am so done. Jill, you are the biggest retard liar on the fucking internet.(a-logging)

No. 259920

Cliffe is based on drag queens

No. 259921

She talks like Ruby Granger in this

No. 259922

Get hit by a train, Jill. You are the stupidest dumb bitch out there.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 259924

Come on, non. You're not even enjoying the milk.

No. 259925

>phew, phew, phew, phew!
Is she trying to fake some tics? lol

No. 259926

I can't enjoy it any more. I can't bear to watch someone lie through their fucking teeth and act as though they're getting away with it. This is honestly just too much. I don't know how come she thinks she's any different than the 15 year olds doing this on TikTok too. Just because she's better at doing her makeup, or what?

Terrible acting, stupid, dumbass waste of skin, honestly? A shitty, shitty person who is going to get what's coming for her one day. Not everyone is going to be charmed by it in your life, Jill. You're not going to be adorably 24 forever. Buckle up. Stupid bitch.

And you can read THAT on lolcow.

No. 259928

I'm only 2 minutes in but this is just Jill speaking as if she was drugged out on sedatives. This is even more annoying than the Veronica video.

No. 259930

Is it just me or does her under eyes look really puffy here? Was she crying before filming?

No. 259931

She hit the bong before filming this. She got the weed eyes.

No. 259932

Not like she can even deny this because she herself has said she is a dedicated daily stoner. She will be stoned when she films all of these, probably why she can’t stop smiling or act better.

No. 259933

I am pretty convinced Jill's followers at this time are:
a) Children
b) Fakers like her
c) People watching the cringe

No. 259934

I'm not gonna cowtip, but aren't mentions of suicide, sexual assault etc. forbidden when it comes to monetizing your videos and sponsoring?

No. 259935

I'm watching it now, around 18 minutes flora feels so self important she starts crying. It's quite off putting.

No. 259936

This is a 24 year old woman who is more concerned in life about teenagers thinking she's cool than acting her age. Congrats on your real mental illness, peter pan syndrome. At the rate she's going, I can see her being the creepy lady who hangs around teenagers buying them alcohol/weed and acting like she's cool for being able to do that for them.

No. 259939

This was also a lie she is blowing up. She never actually attempted suicide, her mom just found a suicide note. It is CLASSIC narcissistic behavior. My dad would do shit like this, take too many pills and do the manipulative woe is me bs. The abusive fucker ended up in prison. Also, how do Jill's parents watch this and not make her stop? She is implying she should have been taken by CPS or something.

No. 259940

nope, you're right. alluding to her being in pre-moveout pixie videos, for sure

No. 259941

>>259936 That is generous annon. I am hoping for an adult baby only-fans saga when her parents cut her off for lying about child abuse but we can't all get what we wish for.

No. 259942

She is such an insufferable self-obsessed liar. Cluster B theater kid bullshit. It’s so clear that throwing tantrums always got her extra attention and doting and praise since childhood and so she’s gone all in on mood swings, exaggeration and lies ever since. She can’t control her extreme duper’s delight whenever she lies about being raped or trying to kill herself or whatever, it brings her immense joy to imagine herself as a victim that will shock everyone and cause them to pity and love her, meanwhile none of this shit has ever even remotely happened to her.

No. 259943

i dont believe her anyway but the voices just makes it so comical. you might have an accent if you were raised in a different area but your voice doesn't change unless your body does physically. idk how anyone can believe an alter would strain their throat 24/7

No. 259945

This is what I have been saying the ED, the self harm, the suicide baiting, the retconning and inventing new stuff claiming it has been that way all along, it’s all classic Narcissist. I think people who haven’t experienced it don’t understand the actual lengths they will go to, some even kill themselves by accident because the attempt works. Her all consuming need for attention goes beyond bpd.

No. 259947

Ayrt, yeah I was lol. Maybe it'll happen after the failed adult baby OF saga. A bit of a side note, you think her dad's co-workers and/or students watch her videos? Be interesting to know.

No. 259950

Cause fucking of course he is lmao

No. 259957

Pretty sure Berry is her loli alter, Flora is her magical girl nadeshiko mary sue alter

No. 259959

This never happened. You guys are just misremembering. Unless you guys have receipts? I'm pretty sure Flora was a fragment and Berry was just the little she didn't want to name for muh minor safety or whatever. I'm not sure where anons got the idea from but it's annoying to see anons make the mistake over and over. If we are going to document Jillian's bullshit, we gotta at least keep it accurate kek

The fucking lip smacking, it's so annoying. She's talking so softly and slowly, too, like it's a bad attempt at ASMR. Gross. It's hard to get through.

No. 259963

Summary nonna, where are you?

No. 259970

>If we are going to document Jillian's bullshit, we gotta at least keep it accurate kek
Exactly, Jill's lies are ridiculous enough, we don't need to lie about what she said

No. 259973

ok just watching this Oc seems to in part be based on Princess Peachie, the mannerisms and slow speaking especially. Seeing as she was mildly obsessed with her, it would make sense.

No. 259980

Is there a distinction between liars who lie a lot, or liars who just keep the same 4 lies?

No. 259982

cracking up at all the new people because her video only brought people to this thread

No. 259983

if you read the comments on her video, it seems like a lot of her "fans" are also delusional DID systems full of fictive OCs and/or children.

No. 259986

I don’t know if it’s the angle of her lashes but she looks high as all hell in the Flora video. Like she can barely keep her eyes open and they look red

No. 259988

I thought the video was pretty lackluster, kind of a knockoff of DissociaDID’s Sally, but when she said her job is to “soothe this tortured body and brain” I wanted to rage. She knows exactly what’s she’s implying by saying that, and I’m absolutely sick that she would go that far. Even if I were to play devil’s advocate, believing the DID and say “okay, not all trauma is abuse, so maybe she actually did experience something traumatic enough as a child for DID,” her saying she has to soothe this tortured body and mind is directly implying child abuse. How dare she? Mama Vessey immediately sprung into action getting Jill help when she found suicidal ideations in Jill’s diary, you think she would have be abusing Jill? Or that Jill would have been able to hide abuse from her when Jill said her mom was her best friend and Mama Vessey was literally reading Jill’s diary? She had a self proclaimed happy childhood, a great relationship with each parent, was given all sorts of luxuries, and is still being taken care of financially by her parents. How dare she say she’s been tortured!

No. 259990

Jill is high 24/7 it's not a secret

No. 259991

isnt all that stuff supposed to be associated with jerrick? hes the uwu self harm one

No. 259996

I think he’s supposed to be the one that causes harm, and Flora is the one that comforts after the harm is done. Or maybe she’s supposed to yank Jerrick back and front instead to prevent harm from happening at all since she said she doesn’t feel any negative emotions. Idk she was kinda talking in circles for most of the video. I feel bad for the nona who has to summarize it

No. 260001

Flora is just my customer service persona. idgi.

No. 260002

she is trying so hard to replicate her talking style from her old videos in her lolita phase. her eyes are so glassy , she musta took a big ol hit beforehand.

No. 260003


No. 260004

You're so right about the asmr thing actually kek

No. 260006

Somehow I still cannot fully believe she went for this larp. It takes these Meet the Alter videos for me to remember "HOLY SHIT she's actually doing this". Wtf.

No. 260007

Top kek at her crying while talking about how much she loves herself and wants to "soothe" herself, her tortured mind and body, etc. Like wtf. She makes it so obvious she's never experienced hardship and trauma. It's really insulting. She is just a narcissist who wants to be coddled and believes she deserves to be treated special. She's genuinely a terrible person on this earth.

No. 260009

she uses her "alters" to talk about herself in such a infantilizing way and to fawn over herself .. it really speaks volumes on how much of a narc she is.

No. 260010

File: 1666317088505.jpeg (41.1 KB, 490x490, DA2BA1B3-D5DB-4058-9353-C41481…)

Her cadence in this video reminds me of Deb

No. 260011

Yes nona! I knew she reminded me of someone. For the first like ten seconds she almost is doing an ok job acting then immediately starts in with the psycho fake peppy jill shit. “Fuel fuel fuel!”

No. 260012

Jill, I see you're drinking 1%. Is that 'cause you think you're fat? 'Cause you are.

No. 260013

Okay I found some timestamps I found telling. 9:36-9:45 she says she, as Flora, could tell that she was indeed Flora in her lolita clothes. she says "looking back… I can tell" in regard to her with pink hair and J-fashion clothes. Why would she point out that she recognizes herself? Wouldn't you know that was you based on your memories, and not just something some surface level as clothes in a picture? It sounds like a third person phrase- something Jill would say about another alter, according to her own lore of how it all works. Her proof providing in all these videos is so unbelievably canned. odd that she always talks about the aesthetics of her alters first, rather than, you know, who they are as a person.. since they're apparently full fledged personalities.
Does she call her lolita fashion "highly influential" in regards to her internet fame at 9:20? Or am I misunderstanding the context.
4:30 her pitch drops substantially and she says "and I also feel like i'm rambling quite a bit nervous laugh and I feel like I'm speaking very quietly so I'm going to truck along to the next one sorry" Jill's feeling veeerryy self conscious about the way she's speaking because she never larps this character. The hurried sorry felt like she is embarrassed for what she's about to do in the rest of the video because she knows its a weird character she doesn't relate to (whereas she feels more comfortable with the Jerrick larp because she is actually angsty and volatile) because she isn't softspoken and timid.
10:38 she says she doesn't want to get too deep into who she spent her time with as the supposed larp because "there were a lot of other people involved". Her pitch drops again and she makes a sheepish gesture with her head lowering, it looks like she's again embarrassed to have anyone check her old videos or have old partners see this video and wonder what the fuck she's talking about. "It's easy to scroll back and dramatic eyebrow raise see" 10:42 Once again cringing at the idea of people going back and checking if this persona matches up with the old videos. She knows she can't delete old videos because it will look suspicious.
sorry for autistic body analysis shit kek its truly a treat to pick apart these poorly constructed videos

No. 260016

At 18:58 she says she “strive[s] to care for and soothe this tortured body and mind” while smiling and actually laughs through the word “tortured”

No. 260019

Around 15:15, "a sensual flirtatious free thinking woman who's very hyper sexual wouldn't be affected by, again, sexual trauma" (referring to the creation of Veronica)

Is she implying that sexually adventurous women don't care about being assaulted wtf

No. 260020

Yes. She’s also explaining away how she sometimes feels horny and likes to go out drinking and dancing, because it can’t possibly be a normal passing mood like everyone else gets, it must be a whole special OC because of her special twama that no one else can possibly compare to.

No. 260021

i hope she gets raked over the coals for that one. But of course people are going to say that SA victims hypersexualize themselves as a response to trauma. Either way what she's saying about a woman in the club has nothing to do with her claim that she was a "plaything" as a child.

No. 260023

she can't even argue that because she's claiming that's not a real reaction to the trauma.

No. 260024

nice catch, anon. She shouldn't be able to tell visually when she fronted, at least, the alter shouldn't be able to tell. you don't see your memories in third person, at least i don't.

No. 260025

File: 1666322654547.jpeg (64.29 KB, 275x226, 1641682280957 (1).jpeg)

Thread #46 >>192226

No. 260026

File: 1666322812909.jpg (43.12 KB, 626x316, 0516515484756465.jpg)

She's so excited to be traumatized! Quirky!

No. 260027

Ayrt and confused here, how is that a receipt? She isn't implying or saying Flora is a little here. She's saying Flora was a fragment, like I and other anons said. This just backs up that she never said Flora was a little, doesn't it?

No. 260032

File: 1666326460939.png (57.53 KB, 1555x168, kuva.png)