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File: 1657902400588.png (6.64 MB, 2560x2560, 1656617370353.png)

No. 229290

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a fake/manipulated diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for .
She accepted her ~life changing~ “diagnosis” with a smile and celebrated with a "coming out as DID" cake, and struggles to maintain the LARP after only two weeks. The number of alters keep pilling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a weeaboo style she no longer personally wears. She currently looks like an overweight clown.
>Known lurker.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Has a youtube channel with an inconsistent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating some of her fans.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- items, including clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends. Nevertheless, she still is a big consumer of plastic crap and will cut corners whenever possible.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of things to show off how much she had spent (as a brag).
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise. She’s also a massive attention whore and very self-centered, never listens to others and only cares about her own faked struggles. Disregards any criticism as “hate”.
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, and her fans are steadily unfollowing her.
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day. She will take meds without even verifying she needs them or not, or stop them without further medical advice. Other questionable “self-care” and “mental health” content has been noted.
>Thinks having an enabling counselor = actual therapy. Said counselor quitted and moved provinces only 1 year after treating her. Continues to fake all kinds of symptoms and illnesses to prove she’s sick, making her into a full-blown munchie. Believes her own lies so much that she thinks she’s knowledgeable enough to advise others on the matter.
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments, videos, or tweets that dare question her and act passive-aggressive about it on Twitter and her videos.
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image, including the claim that her DeviantArt Ex-girlfriend “abused her for months”. Said claim has been proven false.
>She now claims every abuser of hers has been female, even though she has heavily mistreated her past two girlfriends. She broke off with her most recent ex girlfriend, Mystery Girl, around Christmas 2018, because she “was no longer attracted to her”. She kept the Christmas presents that she would otherwise would had given her, to herself.
>Formerly referred to herself as pansexual, then queer, then claimed to be “too into dick to be a lesbian” while dating a woman; currently lives inside her rainbow house with her boyfriend Stephen Clarke. Now both Stephen and Jillian identify as nonbinary and pansexual. It is worth mentioning one of her exes also became nonbinary and pansexual shortly after dating her. Steven is currently hinting to a very obvious MTF transition despite having a christian family, which will prove beneficial to Jill, since she wants to LARP being a lesbian very bad.
>Relies too much on other people, including her mother and her partners. Will interact with content creators she likes in a creepy, harassing way.
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo in her videos and social media despite knowing she has a largely underage audience.
>Jill started her own brand, 5 petal flower, months before graduating from her glorified craft school. She plans to sell badly put together Lazy Oaf knock offs despite her work being labeled as “inconsistent” by her teachers. The only work she has produced so far was a collaboration with a small brand that mostly resells chinese aliexpress items and a cheap looking bridal dress for her cousin.
>Very irresponsible pet owner. Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel hanging around on the floor, the cat almost choking to death. She still keeps this choking hazard where the same cat can reach it for years after the incident. Never seems to clean her pet’s space, you can see cat shit and cat fur all over her house in her videos and selfies.
>She tries to prove she’s mentally ill in any way possible, including always mentioning her stims, dissociation, posting edgy lyrics, wearing a t-shirt that reminds her of suicidal ideation, and pretending she can only eat one type of food. Pretends she “never lies”, “doesn’t understand sarcasm” and other autism LARPing on Twitter. She wants to be neurodivergent very bad and will often spread misinformation.
>Uses her alters to hold at least one of her personality traits (specially the bad ones) instead of realizing she can be a normal and full-fledged adult woman with hobbies and emotions. Will defend using emojis to sign off as each alter, to the point of harassing others off platforms if they don’t agree with her usage. She also talks in third person to herself while pretending to be an alter on her DMs, twitter, and on picture captions, calling herself “handsome” or “pretty”.
>Will claim as many labels as possible, some of them are: Queer, lesbian, nonbinary, FTM, pansexual, emo, rainbow, intersex, fashion designer, magical girl, full time youtuber, neurodivergent, autistic, BPD, DID system, disordered eating, suicidal, kawaii, drag queen. In reality, she’s just a spoiled dumb girl dating a man.
>Has been consuming a lot of alcohol and weed in a questionable way, anons wonder if her dissociation is merely caused by substance abuse. She bragged about the liquor store knowing who she is. She pushes weed as a magical cure-it-all for adults and children on her twitter full of underage fans.
>Recently got into bio drag queening, changed her twitter description days before her first performance went live. She danced to a Steven Universe and a MCR song.


>Jillian: Actual person, but calls herself an alter for the heck of it. Hates being called “Jilly”.

>Jerrick: 13-16 year old emo guy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits. Signs off with a snake emoji.
>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, calls herself a lesbian, is a “protector of sexual trauma”, says she had to become a fuckable bimbo because she was “raped for months”. Signs off with a flame emoji.
>Babby Smalls (nickname): Actual name unknown, talks and acts like a baby. Proof that Jillian is into age regression. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Sings off with a strawberry.
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" Kind of like her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but his emoji is a club.
>Flora: Currently just a "fragment" and a carbon copy of cure flora and other positive precure characters. She is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Sandwich emoji. Also a fragment. Is a cat! Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city.
>Jax: 19 year old girl who speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane/LoL), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Signs with a test tube emoji.
>sandwich emoji: ??? is probably a cat alter.
>piano emoji: ??? silently added to her tiktok bio.

Stamps from last thread:
>>223204 Supportive interaction with her dad
>>223394 Some "switching live on footage" shenanigans
>>223396 She follows some diaper wearing ageplayer on tiktok
>>224041 More weed tweets
>>224119 Her official video on her first drag performance
>>224226 Ugly as sin graphic with pronouns for each alter, Veronica uses male pronouns too, might be "intersex"
>>224358 Gets emotional over a supportive comment that enables her LARP
>>224536 Talks in 3rd person about herself, does the same retarded tongue face she always does
>>224843 Complains about tattoo pain
>>225207 Veronica alter video drops, says she was raped for months and that made her become a Bimbo
>>225420 Veronica video trigger warnings
>>225621 Her fans can't possibly be this retarded
>>226053 Some negative comments on her video that she failed to delete
>>226201 She's "embarassed of her fictives"
>>226209 She wants to be in a SBSK video
>>226315 Fans call her out for stripping in front of her friend and steven, she backtracks
>>226411 July patreon livestream
>>226439 Drag queen graphic thing
>>226454 Fights with a psychology student that tells her diagnostic impressions aren't diagnosis
>>226534 Therapy didn't work for shit
>>226507 Someone said she had an autistic face
>>227023 Age regression + DID larp
>>227199 """mental health advice""" including listening to podcasts lmao
>>227455 More sexual shit in her twitter account
>>227644 Anon cowtips her deviantart ex, she says Jillian is overstating the abuse
>>227789 Another nice interaction with her dad
>>228007 dumb tiktok #1
>>228011 dumb tiktok #2
>>228068 dumb tiktok #3
>>228178 Being an hypocrite about drugs
>>228337 She looks unhinged and fat in this picture
>>228347 A twirly spinny jillian pic
>>228371 Wears her autism larp to her cousin's wedding
>>228700 She literally had 6 months to make the ugly wedding dress
>>228502 Doesn't like being called "jilly" by her family because of DID larp
>>228611 The ugly wedding dress drops
>>228612 Seriously look at this shit
>>228754 THE twirl.gif
>>228753 Some ethical clothing bullshit (she's not fooling anyone)
>>228781 The skinwalking cousin looking like an off brand Jilly
>>228782 The skinwalking cousin doing some pole dancing kek
>>228909 Nice advice from an anon
>>228994 Wears the shirt that reminds her of suicidal ideation around her parents, still talks to herself in 3rd person
>>229070 dumb tiktok #4
>>229071 Anons talk about if she flashed her bare ass or not
>>229072 dumb tiktok #5 (bare ass ?)
>>229113 She gives advice to impressionable tranny kids on tiktok and twitter
>>229145 dumb tiktok #6 "how to look more masc"
>>229182 Jillian and her spinny spin dress

Last thread: >>>/w/226507

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks
Twitter 2: https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem?
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 229291

No. 229292

Thanks for the new thread anon, (timestamps an' all) love the OP image as well!

No. 229295

the thread pic made me kek. thanks OP

No. 229297

Op here. I fixed the links and updated the thread summary with new info. I hope this helps.

No. 229299

well done OP! great threadpic as well!

No. 229302

Best and most complete OP we've had in a while. Thank you for updating it, I hope anons copy paste this version in the future. Nice picture too kek.

No. 229308

The DID saga officially starts in >>>/w/176591, if I went through all the old threads I'd label the interesting parts but I don't think it's too interesting.

No. 229311

Wonderful new thread, OP! Very detailed and organized. The last one's pic always made me shudder.

No. 229313

For the newfagsYou know who you are that frequent here, so we don't end up debating and derailing about cowtipping and such like the last thread

Board rules for /w/
3. Do not doxx any subjects.
3.1 No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.
3.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.

4. Do not harass or brigade against any subjects posted. (cowtipping)

5. Do not alert a subject to their thread or take any other action to lead them to lolcow.farm (cowtipping).
5.1 Do not contact a subject's family.
5.2 Do not use lolcow.farm to organize a crusade against a cow (not your personal army).
5.3 Do not brag about or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.

No. 229326

>The DID saga officially starts in >>>/w/176591
I hope in the future someone implements this label in particular, thanks for the suggestion

No. 229347

Incredible threadpic

No. 229366

File: 1657921273907.jpeg (599.12 KB, 1242x940, 79E0B852-7A27-4CD1-A316-53698D…)

While we were waiting for a new thread to be made, she created a logo for her DID system. I’ll just let it speak for itself

No. 229382

She reminds me of Logan Paul now, when he filmed a dead person for views without a second thought about how that actually affects people. She's made a fucking logo for her DID brand, how tone deaf and insensitive can you be ffs

No. 229385

How long is "forever" since she only cooked up her DID plan in 2021 after getting her quack yass kween humoring therapist?
Found some fortunetelling anons while looking for the exact timeline:
Anon predicts a future DID larp in connection to Jilly claiming to have delayed development (no evidence of this) and therefore the integral childhood trauma needed for DID could occur later on
Jill talks about the trauma she dug up in therapy and anons immediately predict it will be the Deviantart girlfriend, a preduction which came true recently with that Veronica video (though incidentally in that video she says she hasn't talked about this in therapy, so who knows what trauma she could refer to in the initial Tweet)
Jill befriending DID youtubers/tiktokers
Anon mentions how Jill's therapist does nothing but enable her delusions

Looking back at this, it's unbelievable that Jill sees all this commentary (because we know she lurks, and it's posted on Twitter too) and instead of reflecting and improving, just workshops it into more ways to get attention.
Anon here got redtexted for armchairing histrionic personality disorder, but I do think they're onto something.

No. 229396

Hate that it's a cute logo, but considering its for her fake DID, it's no longer cute.

No. 229406

File: 1657933719972.jpg (266.58 KB, 1074x876, SmartSelect_20220715-210658_Tw…)

She found a new DID "angel babe".

No. 229408

Wouldn't most therapists be super uncomfortable with their patient calling them angel babe? Like aren't their rules about patients becoming too close like that?

No. 229409

Im sure the teen eboy, normal adult man, and edgy whores feel this pastel flower represents their personalities to a T. Keep up, Jill

No. 229412

jill needs to be a quirky bean 100% of the time, anon. don't you know that?

No. 229415

Most therapists make it very clear that they don't even want to interact with you outside of patient sessions. Like even if you guys see each other on the street, you need to be the one to interact first, not the therapist reaching out because they notice you first. They are very protective of patient/doctor morals. if her therapist cares, that's their issue and they shouldn't be on Jillian's socials and checking up on her anyway. That is not her job and completely bypasses the whole point to having a therapist.

No. 229416

So I guess she's not a fashion designer anymore and her new branding is DID.

No. 229418

That last tweet… She's suspiciously calling out the fact anons were mad at her for not taking the EMDR visit seriously. But oh well. Can't the EMDR person at least fix her stupidity or is that too much to ask?

No. 229432

I hope this new therapists hits all of her check boxes but they set clear boundaries and fix her misdiagnosis. I wonder if Jill would have a melt down if the therapist is actually proficient in their field. She seems to hate the ones that are able to clock her shitty behavior and any therapist that's been in the field for a long time will know if a patient actually wants to get better or if they're there to waste everyone's time.

No. 229435

Most people struggle finding a therapist who takes them seriously for common disorders like anxiety, so it baffles me Jill finds these who humor her. My tinfoiil is that it's because she's pushing the trans angle and doctors don't want to cause drama or get criticized for dismissing her.

No. 229445

I remember an anon called this a while back, that her five petal thing was supposed to be her "five" alters. Very good fortune telling, anon.

No. 229447

Iirc even Jill tweeted about it shortly after the reveal
>omg 5 petals and 5 alters? We are so perfect
Something like that.

No. 229450

Except now it doesn’t even fit anymore since she added Jax and made Flora a full alter instead of just a fragment

No. 229484

Anon it's a therapist, I'm sure he has worst patients than someone who gave him a nickname on twitter

No. 229505

>She seems to hate the ones that are able to clock her shitty behavior
This is the nature of munchies in general, if a professional takes notice of what they are doing then the munchie will stop seeing the professional and/or pretend that the professional is incompetent in some way

No. 229540

This. I feel like most of the time if an ex-patient is talking negatively about their therapist, it’s because the therapist actually called them out on some of their behavior. Way too many people seem to think therapists exist to affirm everything you do when they really are just trying to help you find better ways of coping with things and sometimes the patient is acting out knowingly and making the process more difficult. Not to say every therapist is perfect or proficient, but it seems like Jill has gone through a lot now, I wouldn’t be surprised if some therapists didn’t want to entertain this and released her in the nicest way possible. t. not a therapist, just embarrassed for some of my past behavior as a patient

No. 229542

It’s true of virtually anyone that has mental health issues that they aren’t properly ready to accept. You can’t help someone who isn’t willing to help themselves, which is why it really doesn’t matter what a therapist tells Jill at the moment, because she’s buried herself tit deep in her delusions and any negative opinion of it from a third party will only ever be someone that doesn’t understand etc etc. Hopefully she will start to wake up and smell the bullshit eventually but I don’t foresee it happening just yet while she’s still favorable in her echo chamber.
The issue with therapists is that it’s super easy to just not go anymore. She’s an adult, there’s nothing to force her if she decides she doesn’t want to

No. 229554

Why are you defending that?

No. 229568

File: 1657988081360.jpg (486.81 KB, 1080x1658, SmartSelect_20220716-121026_Tw…)

The passive aggressive emojis are beyond childish at this point. Also, nobody talking directly to you is going to be using any other pronouns other than you and your. Grow up.

No. 229570

I also think she's trying to find trans enabling therapists. Otherwise, why is she so careful trying to find "the perfect one"? Most people don't do that. FTM onlyfans saga soon.

No. 229571

>I feel like most of the time if an ex-patient is talking negatively about their therapist, it’s because the therapist actually called them out on some of their behavior.
I think this depends on the person and the therapist they had. I don't believe Jilly but I do believe the awful shit other people have told me about their therapists.

No. 229572

I wish she removed herself instead.

No. 229574

Sorry for the distress Nona, I made that monstrosity not anticipating it being the new threadpic. Summoning many blessings and keks for your trouble

No. 229597

Jilly just wants to be all the genders.

No. 229598

Yeah this absolutely irritates me (all this gendershit does but I digress) when you're face to face with someone it's "you" "your", no one gives a fuck about your special pronouns kek

No. 229610

Based George

No. 229619

lmao. jill really tells on how much of a narc she is, bc if she was really so bothered and upset by the 'constant hate and bullying' she would just block people like this and move on. it just comes off as really performative when she delivers these passive aggressive one liners in twitter replies

No. 229628

File: 1658008569787.jpeg (390.35 KB, 1125x2000, E4E98FBF-6DD0-470C-ACDB-DF9FC5…)

Jill’s mum enables/has given up about her copious weed smoking. Idgaf if it’s legal there, having your mum set up a sad little smoking table for you outside of her home is just sad

No. 229640

Defending what? Tweeting about your therapist? Who cares?

No. 229651

That looks really sad and trashy. It’s not even like she’s using it medicinally, it’s purely recreational for her. If she can’t go the week she’s with her family without smoking, that should tell her something.

No. 229654

File: 1658017967714.jpeg (282.8 KB, 2679x1028, C2798B46-FC3D-4B6D-9705-C99E35…)

Jill responding to people pointing out problems with her logo

No. 229657

File: 1658018609306.png (939.34 KB, 757x611, 77834763_p13.png)

Not exactly milk but it is ironic that Jillan had retweeted this

No. 229658

Imagine defending a narc calling her therapist an "angel baby"

No. 229659

File: 1658019597736.webm (5.87 MB, 540x960, 88488059678.webm)

Seems like she smokes weed every day just like a regular smoker, bet that she reeks too. I'm glad that Jill's mother set clear boundaries on where she can smoke. Do you think it's likely that she would get cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome like Shayna in the future?

No. 229662

we already discussed that she's probably reliant on weed now for dopamine.

No. 229677

I haven’t watched this chick in a couple of years wtf happened? I mean yeah she’s always been cringe but she seems really upset over the fact that she’s a straight white woman.

No. 229680

Read all of this >>229291 we are not going to spoonfeed you all of that

No. 229682

“Don’t overthink it too hard” says the bitch that sits there and compartmentalize every aspect of her personality/life.

No. 229691

What she means is "ignore any inconsistencies and anything that invalidates my larp". Rules for thee but not for me. Jilly you ain't slick and it's embarrassing how easy it is to see through this poorly managed larp.
Wonder how much Jilly is using to "function"? She couldn't give it up for a week because then she'd have to be sober answering questions like her fashion designer career.

No. 229710

she can't take a break from smoking weed during a family get together?

No. 229718

>she seems really upset over the fact that she’s a straight white woman.
Kek nonna you pretty much summed her up in one sentence

No. 229726

Is it just me or is Jilly's narc rage seeping out through the cracks more and more recently? Launching herself into the DID larp full time must be stressful kek. Maybe that's why she smokes so much now.

No. 229733

It is. And even when she’s not raging at commenters she’s been sharing more “cute” anecdotes of how she mistreats people close to her. DID gave her an out for all of her more toxic personality traits.

No. 229735

AYART: no worries, nonny! You art/collage anons are a blessing truly.

Goddammit Louise. You're half the reason she's so fucked up, you enabler.

I myself had to go back through all the threads from the last few years because her change gave me absolute whiplash when I saw her again. She is definitely a cautionary-whale for spoiled, entitled, internet-brain-rot kek

No. 229754

you would think that a parent who's had cancer wouldn't support their child smoking, period.

If you're going on a family vacation, just pack some gummies Jill. Not have your mom setup a place for you to OD on dopamine daily and then make stupid shit on Tiktok

No. 229758

Not to be dramatic but next year she’s buying her clean syringes?

No. 229760

"guys i smoke weed! aren't i just the craziest and quirkiest!! did i mention i smoke weed?"

this made me realize Jill is just a modern day Dolores Umbridge

No. 229853

File: 1658072249165.png (438.88 KB, 700x393, JillyBean.png)

>this made me realize Jill is just a modern day Dolores Umbridge
You must not tell lies, nonnie

No. 229884

I love this typo

No. 229892

File: 1658076906984.webm (2.58 MB, 540x960, spinnyjilly.webm)

more spinny spin

No. 229893

I can't believe she made system of a down this obnoxious.

No. 229894

File: 1658077114063.gif (14.7 MB, 388x690, spinnyjilly.gif)

No. 229896

>Toddler dress

No. 229903

Is she larping as kikomi-chan or am I seeing things? This literally looks like a woman satirising trannies showing off their spinny skirts on tiktok

No. 229908

File: 1658079136357.gif (2.1 MB, 360x265, static-assets-upload1423993171…)

No. 229912


I have no idea where she's shopping to find dresses that short, with basically no shape and in pastel colors. They either look like dresses for kids or shirts/tunics for taller women

No. 229915

Where would the world be if we didn't have this incredible artist contribution?

No. 229919

Kek she's so hard to watch. The filters do little for this sapzzing potato.

No. 229924

Banner-making nonnies, I'm begging you.

No. 229932

really? I feel like I see those bag dresses everywhere and I wonder who buys them- then I see Jill

No. 229941

I would love to see her go to a regular, qualified psychologist who has seen people with DID or some sort of real trauma-related dissociation disorder and get called out on her bs.

Doubt she'd see someone who would let that happen though since she seems to think that therapy is only for coddling and validation.

No. 229943

Precure Umbridge and the Great Identity Crisis

AYART, it wasn't a typo, I definitely meant it! It's all I can think of when I see our large 'tards like her, Shayna and Luna. Absolute cautionary-whales.

This is the stupidest thing I've seen all year and I love >>229908 for that gif. Dear God she is so cringy but boy does she fit in on TikTok

No. 229961

I can't believe she's into soad. Also, this is officialy Jilly-fidget spinner era

No. 229980

That would never happen in general since she has no interest in getting therapy for her actual problems, but it especially won’t happen now since she’s getting recommendations from her yass queen “angel babe” therapist. There’s no way he would refer her to someone who would dismantle her DID

No. 230009

god bless you anon i just let out the ugliest cackle

more like System Of A Down's am i right

No. 230053

the way none of you are aware of how tiktok trends work and just assume she likes every band she posts.

No. 230090

Whatever zoomer

No. 230151

agreed, if anything it shows what a lack of identity or unique taste she has. even popular tiktokers will make videos with specific songs they like instead of always just using trending audios like she does

No. 230161

I believe that one is Gem (a sister brand of lazy oaf) dress she got a good while ago. I think it’s short because yes it’s a sack dress but they still come in sizes, as she gets bigger they get shorter because the fabric is being pulled up by her wider frame. It was probably longer on her when she bought it, it’s also noteworthy that Jilly is short and gem isn’t a petite line so it’s even weirder how short it is on her.

No. 230163

Apologies for samefag but this dress appears on her insta as early as 2018 so I think it is just that it’s not her size, so just another classic case of Jills denial holding on to clothes she got when she was thinner that now fit her awkwardly.

No. 230173

Can you post a comparison pic or an insta screencap? I don't have instagram on my phone right now

No. 230183

Sadly she doesn’t have any full body pics of the dress up to show the actual original length but it’s clear to all that she has gone up clothing sizes since 2018. She has it in her lazy oaf haul video from four years ago but there is no try on segment. She doesn’t wear anything else from that same haul anymore presumably because it’s all in her 2018 dress size.

No. 230184

File: 1658138250626.jpeg (23.25 KB, 326x195, 4A7F7077-4F50-4277-9161-2D023C…)

No. 230188

This is nitpicky but the black dress under the pink dress to give it a tiny bit more length is ugly and clashes with her shirt. If it’s too short why doesn’t she use her sewing skills and add a ruffle or something. She could have also done this with the blue dress that she wore to the wedding that is also too short. The second she bends over everyone is going to get a full show.
Isn’t she five foot?

No. 230264

I think she's five foot two (157 cm)

No. 230334

Sage for me being stupid but I've been trying to find this thread for 3 days and today is the first day it came up on search. Is there something secret I'm not typing in when searching?

No. 230346

She was fronting as Jerrick those other times, Jill was nowhere to be found.
open 'catalog' and use 'find in page' function on your browser

No. 230348

u gotta type in the number and jillian vessey when u search it on ur browser, thats the easiest way i find em
(sage for ot, just tryna help bc i have trouble finding them right away too)

No. 230355

I think you’re mistaken, the first time she wears that particular dress was in 2020 advertising her March Favorites video

She never stood up in the 2020 video so I can’t prove it, but just from that tiktok it looks like the black is part of the original dress. It moves like it’s sewn to the pink dress, and it’s a pink/black plaid pattern so that would make sense

No. 230408

File: 1658186884175.jpeg (195.44 KB, 828x512, A7FE4692-FEC1-4BBF-A3B1-546411…)

She does the same thing, maybe not blocking (?) but def deleting comments of criticism.

No. 230412

This made me actually laugh. SHE’S pointing out inconsistencies? Jill is the queen of inconsistency, she’s constantly rewriting history and changing her story

No. 230413

>>230408 man she's such a fucking hypocrite, im sick of this bitch

No. 230416

File: 1658190369421.jpeg (518.48 KB, 1170x1187, 7C5DF166-BBE6-439D-9866-15336D…)

No. 230417

Shouldn't she be switching or something? You know, unable to talk, tweet and the sorts.

No. 230418

>Taken to a mcdonalds
Time to stress eat!

No. 230420

She's been getting bold lately, I sense a callout in her future, one that isn't done by a farmer and one that actually get's a lot of traction

No. 230421

File: 1658191313380.jpeg (511.57 KB, 828x935, 70773D3D-A52E-4468-9E5E-833C5B…)

No. 230422

This bitch has #53 threads on here documenting every single shit she does, including her lies, hypocrisy and inconsistence, and yet she feels superior enough to police others, boasting about being blocked like it was a triumph. Do something with your life Jilly, you're clearly not the one to talk here.

No. 230423

File: 1658191389803.jpeg (135.52 KB, 828x328, 9A3AEB2C-3E0A-4C40-9634-C1C6BF…)

She needs her license taking away if she’s passing out and blacking out over being ok after hitting a deer. It can be scary, but grow up and deal with it like an adult.

No. 230425

>I'm blacking out
>Still continues to post on Twitter
So which one is it?

No. 230426

Watch her make a new alter out of this. Also shouldn't she be doing her DID schtick now?
I hope this is a wake up call for her parents and or they take away her car because if she wants to be consistent with her larp she shouldn't be driving.

No. 230427

Time for this landwhale to eat some mcnuggies

No. 230428

Car crashes are really scary to deal with, but at the same time, how the hell did she end up 2 hours away from her home and having to get someone to pick her up? like where the hell was she going and why couldn't she get an uber home i am so confused.

No. 230429

Imagine having a car accident looking like obese female tekashi 69 and then being take to McDonald's by the police because you look like a clown.

No. 230430

has she ever explained the inconsistencies of 'I' and 'we' she uses?

No. 230431

Drunk driving? Driving while high?

No. 230432

This. In these >>230421 she sounds eloquent and uses the "I" pronoun no problem. But as soon as someone asks about trauma, she switched to "we" >>230423

No. 230433

>Calmly pointing out inconsistencies
I doubt she did it calmly. And whenever someone points shit to her she gets ass blasted mad and blocks people too. Who does this idiot think she is? Does she think somehow the shit she says doesn't apply to herself too?

No. 230437

So Cliffe being designed as “the one to do the adulting” can’t handle the logistics of a car accident? Or Jill, who is responsible enough to drive for two hours, isn’t designed to be responsible enough to deal with an accident?Yeah a wreck is scary, she has every right to be shaken up, but saying she’s not equipped to handle this is going overboard

No. 230445

Deers and other animals can come out of nowhere and jump in front of your car. I believe that this is just bad luck. It's something that happens often in non urban places.

No. 230446


Most likely on her way back to Fredericton after her trip to her hometown. Got into an accident on the long highway in between the two (deer/moose are common). If Stevie didn't have a car to get her, makes sense her father would grab her from where the tow truck dropped her off.

No. 230447

i would argue no one is “designed” to deal with car crashes, it’s just something that can happen in life. god she’s so narcissistic acting like her trauma is somehow worse than anyone else’s

No. 230448

But who is fronting? There’s no emoji sign off?? Was little driving??

No. 230450

File: 1658196607078.png (30.78 KB, 1049x140, dadda.png)

With her "dadda."

Can you imagine how funny it would be to claim something was traumatizing you but you still went into the emoji keyboard of your phone to spam flowers and rainbows?

No. 230454

its because she was probably experiencing something kind of scary for the first time and forgot to intergrate her larp. Responding to scary accidents like a relatively healthy person is first nature for her and she totally just gave herself away with this in one swoop. Not just with the "I" and "we" fail but the fact that she immediately went to twitter, is completely coherent (no 5 year old babble typing) and clearly nobody in her family is worried about her going into a coma from the horror. She's clearly trying to document all this as proof of DID ("I passed out when I saw the damage") but she's so stupid to think anyone actually as mentally ill as she describes herself to be would be making 2 hour car rides by themselves and giving an immediate play by play of her current trauma to absolute strangers.
Sorry for ramble, I can't stand this bitch and I love watching her mess up the larp right after trying to knock someone else down.

No. 230455

I'm confused, the last I recall her car was like an annoying bright colored cutesy car, like a volkswagon bug or something back when she was in school. Did she have to trade it in or did I miss a chapter?

would the alter designed to handle this shit not literally be Cliffe, since he's the straight-laced boring one that handles big scawy "adulting" situations? You could even stretch it to say Flora could help soothe her "trauma" because she's the one that frames things in a positive light or whatever. like I'm sympathetic to how traumatic it is to get in any kind of car crash and especially hitting an animal on top of it but god i just know this bitch is going to milk the fuck out of it and this tweet blatantly being crafted to fit a potential new storyline is proof. what do we think, deer ghost fursona alter? another tougher more protective magical girl fictive? actually I'll stop here I can't believe I'm even typing out or entertaining her delusions like even as a joke

No. 230457

File: 1658199163484.png (34.35 KB, 612x119, Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 9.52…)

interesting she never mentioned it

No. 230458

Hm, maybe Mama Vessey actually has been pulling back financially

No. 230459

What the fuck, has she always called him dadda or is this new?

No. 230460

>would the alter designed to handle this shit not literally be Cliffe
He's too old, he doesn't know how to use a car because of this, obviously nonna.

No. 230463

It’s a bread crumb that she’s at least co-fronting with the little. Wonder if she’ll have some cutesy story about how her dad took such good care of her little alter, only for it to come across as some sort of ddlg shit. If I didn’t know about her degenerate sex life with steve I’d be less critical but she has to know how that sounds!? She’s on the internet and in those circles.

No. 230464

>currently experiencing trauma
>no alters designed for dealing with trauma
>alters originally came about as a way to deal with trauma

No. 230467

It’s an excuse for a new alter, sillygoose

Car crashes are scary but it’s such a reach to call an accident of this type “traumatic”. I’m going to resist blog posting but tons of people are in crashes like this and while it’s scary and can certainly ruin your day/week, it’s not traumatic in the way that being in a serious wreck where you come to and you have dead/seriously injured loved ones in the passenger or back seat. Or you yourself are injured. Honestly I’m glad she’s okay but of course she’s being so damn over dramatic kek

No. 230468

Car crash alter who is a deer coming soon

No. 230469

I did some digging and all that person Braidid said was that she thinks its wise that parents should recognize that having a child is an inherently selfish choice, and it was in response to an unpopular opinion trend. Apparently that caused a shitstorm of people saying it was a racist take (tikok logic) and of course our Jilly bean comes in bold having never been told no in her life by her parents. Absolutely spoiled rotten child her whole life decides to lay into a mentally ill woman who supposedly has DID (who knows) who just wants parents to think of the consequences of bringing a child into the world. Even then it seemed like Braidid apologized and bowed down to the mob. Saged for not entirely unrelated

No. 230473

The more I learn about tiktok the less questions I have as to why Jilly thinks it’s acceptable to behave the way she does.

No. 230474

It was also the DID creator Jill featured at the end of her “My First Drag Show” video that was upset by the comment, so of course Jill had to get involved. It seems like she really wants that person to notice her for some reason

No. 230477

Yes she did, I forget where but it was in a thread not long ago

No. 230479

It was mentioned a few treads back in one of patreon streams that she didn't have her red car anymore. I imagine that it was because she didn't do the maintenance for it.

not to WK but any type of car crash can be traumatic especially one where an animal appears out of no where. But Jill for sure is going to milk it for all that she can to gain pity points from all her peers.

No. 230482

How is saying "some parents should understand having kids is selfish" a contentious take? I swear those TikTok kids and twitter retards baffle me to no end. It's not even a racist or classist thing. Rich or poor, having children is a big responsibility in a areas of life, I've seen a lot of rich parents be completely emotionally detached from their kids but they still decided to have them because of reasons. I really hate this stupid immaturity of the internet.

No. 230483

The diaper wearing ageplayer girl? Jfc. Childish clowns stick together I guess.

No. 230484

File: 1658207782355.gif (793.54 KB, 500x281, 146786.gif)

She just needs to design a new rainbow colored OC that can turn into a car then. Will sign off with a deer emoji.
>Responding to scary accidents like a relatively healthy person is first nature for her and she totally just gave herself away with this in one swoop.
This. Thanks for pointing it out.

No. 230486

Well, what they actually said was “Having children is inherently selfish.” There was no further comment or explanation, just that sentence in text responding to a Q&A sticker that said “one sentence that will start a major argument”. Seems like when you respond to that question you want to start drama, so idk what they expected. I wish I could find what Jill said but it seems like her comments were deleted

No. 230488

TikTok should get hit by a deer

No. 230503

She didn't even try larping to care about the deer's life she ended, she just went to moaning about her car lmfao

No. 230504

For me the most telling thing is the 180 degree turn her tone took. She is typing calmly and emotionally distant for the first time in her life, kek.

No. 230506

Since this is Steve's car and he obviously maintains it and has less money than her, is she actually afraid of his reaction?

No. 230507

He's so much of a fucking doormat I bet he'll suck Jilly's ass while she smokes a whole bowl of weed and pretends to age regress because "uwu I'm baby I forgot how to drive!!!" instead of getting angry for crashing his only method of transportation.

No. 230508

I hate this generation and their hate for women and their reproductive rights so much. Who cares what a random woman who doesn't want to have kids say, she's kinda right. Jillian has no reason to blast her off on Twitter when she's a very big example of a selfish person in all areas of her life and definitely should not reproduce for the sake of children and human kind.

It also pisses me off the fact that she now believes she's an authority figure in the DID larp world so much that she's now investigating others and their DID larp inconsistencies. This grown ass adult woman should use her time to learn how to sew instead of having arguments on the internet and perhaps do some self introspection because the lack of self awareness is incredible.

No. 230509

Her car wasn’t very old, how did it get into enough of a state that the only option was scrap and now she has wrecked Steve’s car as well? She destroyed two cars in a year. Maybe there will be car knowledge anons who know better than I do but Steve’s car looks like a write-off. I hope for his sake that they did everything they needed to insurance wise for the clown to be the one driving his car. Also sharing his car is one thing but to me it’s a bit selfish that she took his car on her holiday back home when he has work and needs to use his own car. I wonder if his parents bought it for him and will now hate Jilly even more.

No. 230510

What’s hers is hers and what’s his is hers. He can’t have anything in their home but has to share his car with her ass that has nowhere she needs to be. Sounds about right, Steve isn’t allowed anything, since the larp she even steals his clothes which he doesn’t have a closet for.

No. 230512

She's just so fucking irresponsible and selfish and can't think of no one else but herself. She is very spoiled rotten but now things are becoming less cute as she continues to demonstrate how much of a failed adult she is. The fact she couldn't make a single dress in six months after going to sewing school was telling enough, and this incident definitely gives even more insight on how she really doesn't care about anyone but herself. Very narcissistic. Only her wishes and wants matter to her, and this is why she succumbs to vices so quick (be it alcohol, wees, shopping, the need for attention, or acting retarded). As long as she doesn't figure she needs to learn to have some self control in order to mature, she will never ever stop being a cow. But at this point she's old enough to have the traits of a narcissist disorder so it might actually haunt her the rest of her life.

No. 230513

I wonder why Steven even lives with her besides cheaper rent and/or sex. He has no space of his own, he has to film and edit her videos, and living with Jillian must be a nightmare. Using his car irresponsibly even if the thing was a complete accident is also baffling because that means she just grabs whatever possession hr has, not just his shirts. But maybe he also wears her clothes but that's besides the point

No. 230514

For me personally the question here is: why didn't she take a bus ride there then? If she as mentally ill as she says she is then she shouldn't be able to drive and this would be the perfect opportunity to take her licence. Who let's someone that has a glorified level 100 PTSD-like trauma disorder drive, anyway? Shouldn't that be a no-no? Or is her diagnostic impression and EMDR bragging just for show?

No. 230515

I think he is just a doormat at this point. Jill has always targeted doormats to be her partners, people she can mould into what she wants. Tristan was insanely whipped, making her content and dressing how she wanted. The second Colin stood up for himself and left her she spiralled completely. I ofc don’t blame mystery girl in any way but a closeted naive girl was also the perfect target for her fake lesbian era. She has never dated anyone with a strong personality because she has to be the star of the show.

No. 230516

I agree, she truly wants to be the only shinning star of the show. This will bite her in the ass later when she realizes she's too old to appeal to TikTok kids anymore and she'll be like those child actors that grew up to be miserable, broke, crazy, and irrelevant. Her late 20s and early 30s will be awful to her since she seems to believe any older than 34 and you're geriatric and no fun. This is why she clings on too hard to the pixielocks persona and 5 out of 6 alters are younger than her, she doesn't want to grow up.

I also think the only person who was ever not a doormat in her life was Uma. She labels anyone who dares stood up to her BPD shit with the abuser label, even though they were right, like that one therapist she hated, her ex friends who removed her out of their lives, anyone with a critical thinking skilled brain in her YouTube comment section, and some of her family. Actually I wonder if the reason why her mom and dad go along with her delusions is because they don't want to be labeled abusive by her and become stranded. She's so damn sensitive and mean at the same time.

No. 230517

That therapist didn’t even call her out is the crazy thing, just dared to ask her about the way she dresses when treating her for a condition that is about your image and she has held onto that for years. It was a completely normal and above board standard line of discussion when treating an ED. So you don’t even have to call her out you just have to displease her one time by doing something normal and she will call you abusive for ten years kek.

No. 230518

Unironically wondering if she killed that deer or not, because if she did then she just took the life of an innocent creature and I hate her even more now. She should had been the one to go instead (this is a joke pls no ban)

No. 230519

Wait. So you're telling me that the therapist wasn't even rude or anything, just asked a normal question? Has she seriously been overstating what other people say and changing everything to look like a victim for years?

No. 230521

I dislike Jill as much as the next anon but this is a bit much

No. 230522

>deer jumped on the road
Don't highways in canada have fences for that? Usually the roads through villages are the dangerous ones.

No. 230523

pretty much. just look at how she got on the cow map with the LACE drama. she felt like she was being bullied and lolitas needed to be lovelies and obviously she knew better than everyone else when people were just telling her that her coords suck and she’s super young and needs more time to improve. she chimped out.

No. 230524

I feel like regular twitter Jilly would spam crying emojis and say something about how life was unfair to the poor animal or something because of her uwu sustainable magical girl persona. But you can see she really snapped out of it because of shock because she is for once typing seriously and saying what affected her the most was trashing Steve's car, kek.

No. 230526

Yeah for someone who has a mental breakdown over the smallest thing she's dealing with an actual trauma in a completely calm and logical way, who'da thunk it

No. 230528

This is probably a weird take but I get such a distrust from people who put such emphasis on how much they care for animals & then when something like this happens they only think of themselves?? She thinks being mistaken for Ronald mcdonald is more important to mention

No. 230530

File: 1658221951354.jpg (123.67 KB, 800x800, 800px-PEIRoute2.jpg)

I'm not sure if this is the exact highway she was on (her parents live on PEI right?) but in any case this is how Canadian highways commonly look, especially in bumfuck nowhere places. Even in deer-populated areas, the woods go right up to the road. I've never seen highway fences like you describe.

I do wonder how much of a role her 24/7 weed smoking had on her reaction time in this situation, however. Perhaps she also worries Stevie will wonder the same thing.

No. 230531

Yeah, I understand it's a shocking event and empathize with Jill but you can tell a lot about her core thoughts reading these tweets
>usually a person would first tell their friends they are fine and no need to worry, then that the car got fucked
>Jill's first thought is "our car is fucked"
>WE are physically okay, I am alone
>got taken to a mcdonalds (why does the brand matter?)
>passed out when she saw damage to the car (not because she could have gotten wounded?)
>has to tell everyone she is currently experiencing trauma
>has to throw in DID and age regression (dadda, crunched car)
>did the animal die on the spot? did it run away? no mention

No. 230533

Nope, Jilly was just enraged someone asked about how she dresses. In ED treatment that is standard to cover because some people dress to trigger themselves which ofc is bad. She was also pretty young and a trigger for someone that age experiencing an ED can be puberty changing your body and not being ready so wanting to remain small. So if you dressed in a childish way that would be brought up. Jilly was emo and we all know that community online was toxic and promoting self harm and romanticising ED’s. Basically the therapist was just doing her job, therapy isn’t supposed to be fun yass queen slay but that seems to be the only therapy Jilly will tolerate. She won’t ever improve through therapy because she won’t let it be hard or questioning.

No. 230539

being dropped off at mcdonalds u could call her a beached whale

No. 230540

naw because the trees are so far away from the side of the road, unless you WERENT paying attention to the road then it wouldn't have jumped out.

No. 230541

Yeah, really weird for this to happen in the middle of the day too, usually they're nocturnal

No. 230544

>& then when something like this happens they only think of themselves

As a city-dwelling britfag, hitting large animals with your car is not a normal thing to happen here (we don't have large wild animals in the uk and a lot of the green land is farmland anyway where the larger animals can't escape from, the wild animals are rabbits and owls and shit) so I just put my reaction down to cultural differences, but I do find it weird when people say they hit a large animal and then never mention what happened to the animal or express sadness about it. I would be extremely upset to have killed an animal, and even if it jumped away I'd still be worried about it. She just posted about the damage to the car? Her uwu larp falling apart as ever.

Anons have actually said a few times if her mental state is as bad as she said it is, she shouldn't be driving, but I'm gonna say it's the weed and her generally being in her own world that caused this, her reaction times will be shit. The thing is, if it wasn't just bad luck and was due to weed brainfog, she stands a chance of hitting an actual human when driving and should get off the road. We don't know for sure ofc but signs point in the direction of her driving while not clearheaded.

No. 230545

Since she says she was in the middle of her trip and was taken to a mcdonalds, I think this happened somewhere between Sackville and Moncton maybe. There's a national park nearby and the roads look similar to her pic.

I live in a forest area, I've seen does crossing smaller roads and usually people's reaction is "aw, poor thing". The thing that's weird to me is calling 911 since her car wasn't on fire and she wasn't injured, but might be cultural differences. Usually there's car-towing and "help on the road" services that you should call instead, not sure if she'll get some kind of ticket or penalty for that crash.

No. 230546

File: 1658228208171.png (30.8 KB, 604x233, firefox_C5BAGhgu1V.png)

She's truly a saint, how did we never come up with such a genius idea?
This looks like it happened in the open and not in the middle of a forest so I bet it was weed and low reaction speed in the middle of the day.

No. 230547

File: 1658228333945.png (25.56 KB, 591x212, firefox_p5lH8uRrsO.png)

>I feel like regular twitter Jilly would spam crying emojis

No. 230548

File: 1658228661090.png (28.5 KB, 592x238, firefox_OIOxiR8nfw.png)

Also rejoice sandwich stans, he is back.

No. 230551

Must be because she killed an animal so it activated his hunting senses kek.

No. 230553

i am holding back so much right now. once again, how can you not see an animal in the road? it sounds like you overdo your weed intake and tiktok intake and it's your attention span -which only works in 15 second burts- that would make you not be able to see an animal in the road. if you can't see animals/objects in the road get glasses or give up your license. This just reminds me of how she "blacked out" with the little and drove to walmart. holy shit she cannot be driving on the road. she is a danger to us all.
also lol, can't wait for her furry alter in commemoration of the deer.

No. 230565

Deer don't usually die when they get hit by cars, they just roll over the hood, fuck up the car immensely and run away. Hopefully she didn't kill it.

No. 230569

he’s a venison sandwich kek

No. 230571

The windscreen is intact so I was assuming the car came out of it better than the deer. Surely an injured wild animal will just die either way though no one will save it and it will die in the wild. If the damage on the car isn’t consistent with hitting a deer and the well-being of the deer is something she forgot about….any tinfoil on whether she is lying. A freak accident she can’t really be blamed for like being a stoned reckless idiot.

No. 230573

You can tell no one in this thread lives in the countryside. Deer are stupid animals and it's not uncommon to see dead ones on the side of the road who got hit by cars. It doesn't have to be an 18 wheeler for it to be killed. When you're going fast on those roads the collision is more than enough to kill.

Jill sucks but the outrage here over her not giving a Twitter funeral to a stupid animal is beyond stupid.

No. 230578

Eh, I am from the country and it’s one thing if it’s a pure accident that can’t be helped and another when the driver is someone who brags about being inebriated every day. Since she started smoking she had to scrap her car and crashed a second car and has stories of other alters driving. I wonder what Steve will do now neither of them have a car, Jill clearly can’t buy a new one herself or she would have done so already presumably since she is addicted to driving everywhere and never using public transit or walking.

No. 230581

Maybe you're autistic, but the point is that Jilly puts on the image of being super friendly, an empath and cried imagining her cats getting hurt. So her going "yeah fuck that, more importantly my car got wrecked" is hilarious.

No. 230582

Deer absolutely are dumb enough to run onto the road and get killed, they don't know how to check if there's incoming traffic. If you hit a deer in a highway speed it will either die on spot or be so badly injured it will die shortly or should be tracked down and put down for ethical reasons as it will not recover.

From my Northern Europe point of view you are supposed to call 911 if you get on any sort of car crash. You should get yourself to a hospital to be checked just in case, you might have hit your head or might have a neck injury from the whiplash movement etc etc. I don't know about Canada but to me she FINALLY did something right and responsible kek, must have been Cliffe co-fronting or something

No. 230583

File: 1658241001331.png (78.19 KB, 720x178, medical fitness 2.png)

Trying to do a little research on medical exemptions for driving in Canada and found this (from medical fitness report in New Brunswick)

Full form is here:

No. 230585


I hate her ass but I live near deer and someone I know hits a deer every few months it's super common.
Yes she's the type to drive inebriated but deer genuinely do just run into the road. The stat in my American state is literally that around 1 in 40 drivers will hit a deer in their life

No. 230588

It’s such a common occurrence where I live the county hires contractors to haul them away. Sometimes I’ll see multiple bodies laying there and a company truck just loading them up one by one.

If any nonnies are concerned about her car it will be reimbursed with insurance.

No. 230590

Nonny do you not live in a country where deer are common? Definitely a huge source of car crashes in the US/Canada

No. 230591

Seriously, I swear half the anons to foiling about hitting an animal either have never driven in their lives, or have never left the city. We don’t have deer, but in Australia it’s super common to hit kangaroos and wallabies because they’re dumb too and shoot out in front of you.

Any kind of car accident can be traumatic, especially given that she was in the middle of nowhere alone, so I’ll give her that. But I definitely think she’ll be milking this, probably use it as a reason to become even more of a hermit because she’ll be too traumatized to driver anywhere etc

No. 230592

No. 230593

i live in louisiana in the us so im not as familiar with deer but i am with inebriated driving. maybe it is more common bit the forest is much further out from the road is in that photo in canada vs a lot of other places. i might just be projecting but i think regardless of how stupid the deer are i think if she was sober she could have slammed the breaks. (sage for ot and autism)

No. 230596

not wking but it looks like she did slam on the brakes, if she didn't the car would be in worse shape. it doesn't matter where the forest is, deer run out from anywhere and are easy to hit. this car accident shouldn't be generating this much discussion it's literally so mundane

No. 230597

Deer or car alter? What do the nonnies think?

No. 230598

Yeah, as an Alberta fag and former BC fag - deer are retarded animals that get hit by cars every single day. They usually sprint off into the woods so you don't know what happened to them, but it's most likely that they die after their shocked flight.

Stevie's car, however, is likely totaled.

No. 230600

Hunter alter. He's into helping cull deer populations when they get out out of control. His magical girl wand is a sawn off shotgun and he wears the bones and skin of deer to honor them. He never wants anyone else to hit errant vermin on the highway like he did. Has zombie deer that follow him.

No. 230602

>I feel like regular twitter Jilly would spam crying emojis and say something about how life was unfair to the poor animal or something because of her uwu sustainable magical girl persona.
This. Unironically the crash made her mor eloquent than ever because she's not hiding behind an uwucute persona
>This is probably a weird take but I get such a distrust from people who put such emphasis on how much they care for animals & then when something like this happens they only think of themselves??
Kek she should had taken a pic of her crying over the dead animal she ran over to show how ~empathetic and sustainable~ she is

No. 230603

>got taken to a mcdonalds (why does the brand matter?)
She needs to brag about her macnuggies

No. 230604

I feel like it went under the radar that her actual response was
>every animal should get a neon safety west, it wouldn't help anyway since I ran into it in the middle of the day and I swear I was fully alert, but little vests! teehee

No. 230606

was she driving zooted wtf

No. 230607

She drank and smoked weed, get involved in an accident then starts to disassociate and pass out.
Then a police officer seeing a landwhale in distress, passing out and disassociating instead of taking her to an hospital, takes her to a McDonald’s at all the places?
Shit is so unbelievably funny. Also if she has did why she drives in the first place?

No. 230609

Not special enough. He also has severe PTSD from the incident and cars are a trigger - He cannot be in or around them. He's also gay and does drag and his drag name is Bambi uwu

No. 230611

>Anons have actually said a few times if her mental state is as bad as she said it is, she shouldn't be driving, but I'm gonna say it's the weed and her generally being in her own world that caused this, her reaction times will be shit.
Agree, perhaps she's smoking too much to realize she is getting affected by it. Unironically she would feel better and see better results if she worked out instead of smoking weed.

No. 230612

>Jill clearly can’t buy a new one herself or she would have done so already presumably since she is addicted to driving everywhere and never using public transit or walking.
Mommy will buy her a car probably. Otherwise Steven will suffer through the BPD narc rage because she won't be able to reckless drive to release some steam anymore.

No. 230614

See she shouldn't be driving if she had DID, but Ms inconsistent won't take a no for an answer. The faking a disease that makes you black out stays in the internet and only the internet for munchie pity points.

No. 230616

Lmao this. If she was blacking out due to trauma, why was she taken to a McDonald's instead of the hospital? Someone blacking out after a car accident means something happened to their brain, it's no joke. But instead, she eloquently started posting that she was okay on Twitter even using the "I" pronoun (didn't change it until asked about DID shit). Also no sign of empathy for the animal until much later. kek she's such a goddamn stupid liar

No. 230617

Someone in her family should show the diagnostic impression paper to the authorities then, let's see if she's happy about her larp afterwards.

No. 230618

See I wonder because her car was scrapped months ago and she had to just steal sorry “share” Steve’s. Maybe now both cars are wrecked with her being the one to wreck a car that is not hers her mother will feel guilty and get a replacement. Steve doesn’t seem as well off financially as Jilly so it’s extra shitty that she took and wrecked his car when he has a real job working for money and she sits on her arse all day spending money.

No. 230619

Apologies for samefag but why does she even need to “share” the car. Where does she need to be? He has a job to drive to and from, she is going to shop and the drive through, it’s hardly comparable hers isn’t remotely necessary and she is taking his mode of transport to do it.

No. 230620

This, also since it's a 4 hour trip by car wouldn't it be cheaper to go by bus than pay for the fuel?

No. 230622

>either of my homes
I'm sorry but just this statement alone makes me annoyed, it just reminds me so much more of how hard she's trying to victimize herself while getting a whole ass house from her parents. Yes I'm jealous, incredibly so.

No. 230628

I have no doubt she drives while high since she’s stated she needs to smoke to feel normal, but I was always told that if a deer jumps out at you it’s safer to just hit the deer than to slam on the breaks or swerve.

No. 230629

Speak for yourself. I’ve seen some insanely bad images of car crashes involving deer and having a massive wreck on top of seeing a dead or dying animal that caused it could absolutely be traumatic. I’m not defending Jill and from her tweets bc it sounds like it wasn’t that bad, but it really can be and sometimes it feels like anons have a much different reaction to something like this happening to her than they would to say, a family member or friend. We weren’t actually in the wreck so we can’t say, but to flippantly be like. Oh it was just hitting a deer it couldn’t have been THAT bad is kind of devoid of any empathy for people who have had those wrecks and they ended up disastrous. Not every car hitting an animal is just a casual hit-and-run.

No. 230630

>>230416 Next time it won't be a deer but another car and with one or more people inside it. What an idiot.

No. 230634

File: 1658253968302.png (150.18 KB, 255x340, 1489743466046.png)

I know damn well her new Deer trauma alter will look like this.
I feel like someone with DID shouldn't have a licence. What if the young child comes out? Jerrick wouldn't know how to drive. It's convenient that she never switches during these times but she can't get through a single youtube video without it happening

No. 230636

>I was fully alert
The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Has she been reading the thread or did people on twitter call her out on driving under the influence/with DID?

No. 230637

File: 1658254140383.png (332.66 KB, 401x753, firefox_PrgyjCTd1P.png)

Car crash pics and Jilly relating to a rainbow cat, perfect time to do that

No. 230638

File: 1658254175068.jpg (297.3 KB, 1920x1080, FYDE5C1XkAAWIt6.jpg)

No. 230640

File: 1658254291869.jpg (352.18 KB, 1920x1080, FYDE5C3WAAA9eZy.jpg)

Notice how there's several meters of flat grass and this was in the middle of the day, she reacted too slow to hit the brakes. You can look at the highway on google street view, the visibility is really good.

No. 230642

File: 1658254410941.jpg (165.71 KB, 720x1364, Screenshot_20220719-111121_Chr…)

No. 230643

This is so retarded I am saying this but that’s a raccoon not a cat.

No. 230644

I know nothing about cars, but this looks salvageable to me? Surely this car isn't a total goner?

No. 230646

File: 1658254513432.jpg (169.41 KB, 720x1386, Screenshot_20220719-111056_Chr…)

No. 230647

Ok, so she hit the brakes but the force was still strong enough to kill the deer on impact?

No. 230648

If you don't know shit about cars or DRIVING, why bother saying anything? Here is a video of what happens when a large animal hits a 2 ton projectile. Can we stop this retarded tinfoiling now?

No. 230649

anons just a tip if you don’t live in a rural area don’t tinfoil about what ‘really’ happened you just sound retarded. every single person i know has hit a deer, when it’s direct impact in the middle of the hood like that it will 100% wreck your car, this shit happens constantly and im not trying to wk but it’s pretty hard to blame anyone for a deer accident it is so hard to avoid in the country. she’s also right that if she hit a moose like she would almost definitely be dead a lot of the times the driver is completely decapitated because moose are so big and heavy

No. 230650

yeah, I've seen a deer basically jump into the path of a vehicle going 50mph with no warning. It went through the guy's windshield. He was lucky not to be more severely hurt than he was.

No. 230651

I live in the states and hit a deer once, my insurance said it was an “act of god”. Covered so little I might as well paid the whole thing.

No. 230652

You don't contribute anything to the thread by trying to sound smarter than other anons. Her airbags didn't even deploy. You also posted a video of a moose getting hit by a car, a bigger animal and the driver in the video starts braking too late.

No. 230653

Then probably don't post. The housing for the engine is dented. Who knows how the actual equipment is doing. Repair for that plus the hood and front bumper and other damage we may not be able to see would easily rise over the value of the car, thus it would be marked totaled.

No. 230654

Do you think hitting the brakes when you're going 70mph causes a complete stop in 1 second? Go outside and drive for once in your life and see how you fare against a brainless animal like a deer. jfc the anons in this thread are as brainless as the deer Jill killed.

No. 230655

So because her airbags didn't deploy, she couldn't have hit a deer? Be honest, do you drive? The point is that it's fucking hard to stop in time for something sprinting across the road because animals are stupid and unpredictable. Maybe you relate to the moose a little too much and that's why you can't accept that it was a legitimate accident.

No. 230657

god it's so funny that she accidentally dropped her DID larp the second something serious happened

No. 230658

Nobody cares, stop seething so hard at other anons and shitting up the thread because you got triggered.

No. 230659

Yeah I think that's the main takeaway we can get from this, like she only added some slightly uwu Tweets after the fact but the initial shocked Tweets were just completely normal and coherent. It's so obvious she does the DID thing for fun, and obviously you snap out of your game when something serious happens.

No. 230663

knowing her, shes gonna go back and claim cliffe was co con or something afterwards, cant wait for each of the alters to start talking about the trauma and its effects on each of them kek

No. 230665

why does the 6 year old say dada

No. 230666

yeah cause nothing says you care about the animal you inadverently killed more than a crying emoji. i bet she's actually pretty pissed that the deer had the audacity to jump out and wreck steebies car & she'll no longer be able to get her drive through chicken tendies, or whatever the fuck she does all day

No. 230667

are you all actually seriously more sad about a deer than her potentially seriously getting hurt (or dying if she was especially unlucky)? if i hit a deer i wouldn't give a fuck about the thing either

No. 230668

most of the time hitting a deer is the driver's fault. either from driving too fast or not paying attention.

No. 230669

Yeah, didn't she say her parents are not the alters' parents anyway?
She was completely uninjured, and the deer was killed. Hope that helps.

No. 230670

File: 1658261234744.png (205.68 KB, 500x669, learnabout-garages-its-totally…)

Bad luck, it's going to be rough finding a replacement in this car market.

No. 230673

Anon I can see on the sides there are tall grasses and since the road slopes, it might be safe to say that there might be enough tall grass/flowers and a small ditch that the deer could've easily jumped out of nowhere and been unseen beforehand. Shit happens and it's unfortunate, but this isn't unlikely and makes no sense she'd be gunning for a deer or was just 'too slow'. Animals to like to camp out in grass and noises, like a car, can startle them and they will run whatever direction they run first and unfortunately, animals like deer, squirrels, raccoons, cats.. They are kind of dumb and go to roads a lot of the time.

No. 230675

ok but really need to stop deer sperging now. This is so fucking common in Canada, it's ridiculous. Get over it.

The real drama lies in Jilly totaling Stevie's car. I wonder how that is all going to play out.

No. 230677

Predatory car loan saga when? Imagine those two pulling up to a dealership

No. 230679

Tbh, she might be able to afford to lease a car. Better than buying for her situation. Like >>230677 said, but at least she could maybe get a new one and hope to not fuck it up. Some people do better on leasing, even if it can come at a higher end cost, but I don't think she has a choice unless she wants a shitty civic for like $1200.

No. 230683

One more deer autism moment plz.

Deer aren’t stupid, they just have a difficult time visually registering the speed at which cars travel.

Mary Roach writes about this in her book Fuzz.

No. 230684

No. 230686

you're right about the hitting the deer>hitting the breaks. I was in a life threatening car accident because of someone hitting the breaks for a deal. spoiler, they still hit the deer, and they nearly killed me behind them in the process.

she pisses me off to no end. it doesnt even look like an airbag deployed- so at the most jill probably just got jolted forward really hard. the windsheild is in tact and you can see from >>230638 that the hood can still be opened/propped up from its hinges. she was honestly far enough from the deer to be shaken, but not killed. this tweet is just way outta line to those of us that, yanno, broke their collarbone.

No. 230688

sage for stupid mobile typo. *deer not deal.

No. 230689

It will depend on if the car was in Steve’s name or his parents and how well it was insured. Hopefully he has good insurance and will get a pay out but who knows. Hopefully Jill was insured, although I’m guessing she had to be for Steve to let her take it that far.
If it wasn’t well insured/Jill wasn’t covered, her parents will probably have to bail her out by replacing the car.
A deer accident isn’t really Jill’s fault, and I’m going to guess that if she was really acting out of it or unhinged, the cops would have given her a sobriety test and since she wasn’t jailed I’m guessing she wasn’t driving high. Most likely it’s just some bad luck and hopefully Steve doesn’t have to suffer for it.

Personally I think the DID larking is online and maybe with her parents as an excuse for her not to work, but I doubt she’s tried to get accommodations or anything with it since that would likely result in stuff like her license getting pulled. I’m guessing her parents are hoping she’ll grow out of it and act like an adult in a few years.

No. 230691

File: 1658264756026.jpg (169.88 KB, 718x1390, Screenshot_20220719-140502_Chr…)

No. 230692

File: 1658264853725.jpg (159.33 KB, 715x1270, Screenshot_20220719-140514_Chr…)

No. 230698

You’re an idiot

No. 230704

>hunting for potential cars with my mom
There it is, mommy will give her a new car.

No. 230724

Giving a new car to stoner who trashed two cars in a year? Great move. Also Stevie might be fucked, because a lot of insurances are very stingy about animals jumping in front of cars.

No. 230731

I get that car accidents are traumatic, but I find it kind of convenient for her to be putting this out in an almost play-by-play on twitter after the validity of her trauma was questioned last thread. A quick tweet that she was in an accident but she's safe would be normal, but it just weird that she "experiencing trauma" but continuing to post about the details despite "blacking out". I'm glad she is okay, I don't like her but I don't wish harm on her, but her posting the damage of the car just feels like a way of her being like "look at this bad thing that happened to me, it's real" and it feels disingenuous.

No. 230737

It feels more like she's bragging tbh, she's going
>look at this! Look! Look! Isn't it craaaaaaazy?! Look at the messed up car! This happened to me!
The way she keeps talking about this makes her sound like either someone who has never gone outside or someone that doesn't seem to have any close friends or relatives to talk about these sorts of things. TL;DR: she desperately needs a diary.

No. 230739

Imagine thinking shopping for a new car right now is "fun" with prices the way they are. This would be a nightmare scenario for most people. Can't imagine insurance would give her much for the car, either.

No. 230742

I like to think she's being sarcastic but I doubt so. This is the perfect moment for her to act as the old moid alter and have an aneurysm after knowing that a new car will be expensive as fuck.

No. 230748

this is exactly how I was feeling but couldn’t put it into words - she’s acting like this was the most exciting thing to ever happen to her and she’s eating up all the narc attention from people being concerned.

No. 230757

Yeah, it just feels played up in a strange way that doesn't fit her supposed response and the way she is tweeting about it.
>>230642 her response made me laugh she really pulled an "ACTUALLY I could have died if it was a different situation"

No. 230760

No way, she's not being sarcastic, she legit thinks mommy buying her a new car is amazing and fun because she just loves shopping so much. She should be fucking embarassed about fucking up so many cars in so little time, she should be embarassed about taking Steven's car and crashing it, she really feels no fucking REMORSE or GUILT because things are given to her so easily, and her DID larp and getting a new shiny car with mommy's money is so much fun and so much more important and something worth bragging about.

No. 230762

I agree with this too, she went from actually being scared to being so excited about being in the spotlight yet again. Narcissitic people looove that shit, anything to be the center of attention they will take it and boast about it more and more.

This mirrors the coming out as DID stuff she did too, instead of being concerned and sad about an accident she's just excited about this shit.

No. 230776

Cars are literally designed to crumple on impact, her windscreen looks completely untouched as does any part of the car other than the hood. Her “I could have died” sympathy calling is hilarious when you think of how cars are designed for this. How long do you think it will take for the ‘I almost died’ story time video

No. 230778

The video will be 30 minutes long with constant switching of the alters that will have breaks to change clothes and put on their respective make up to talk about what happened from their perspective, bonus points if the alter does it's makeup on camera and the eyefucks itself while talking about how sooper scary that was.

No. 230781

Impact can deform the base of the car, so all the places were different sections join will not lign up anymore. Even if it does not look that tragic at first glance, it would require taking apart every single piece and bending it back. That's not cost efficent at all, so those cars are considered totalled, yes.

No. 230785


God I hope that her license gets revoked so she can finally face some real life consequences of larping serious illness. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

No. 230786

This would be amazing.
Also she is lucky the police couldn't tell that she was high.

No. 230794

bold of you to imply that 90% of "woke" twitter and tumblr callouts aren't already written and orchestrated by farmers.

No. 230808

Doubt it

No. 230809

Can't believe her face got more annoying than this

No. 230828

She totally had a near death experience guise.

No. 230837

File: 1658299147347.jpg (124.33 KB, 720x1307, Screenshot_20220719-233618_Chr…)

No. 230838

File: 1658299206077.jpg (138.54 KB, 719x1276, Screenshot_20220719-233548_Chr…)

Jilly needs to stop creeping on Drew.

No. 230846

Can all you faggots who haven’t driven and clearly don’t live near animals just shut up already she hit a deer and she’s fine end of story

No. 230849

“Veronica” definitely wants to fuck him.

No. 230852

This car better be for Steve and not for Jilly and Louise is buying it for Steve out of guilt. If the solution is Jilly gets a new car and Steve is left hanging I swear to god.
For anyone who doesn’t know “/gen” is a tone indicator it means she is being genuine. Tone indicators are for autistic people who struggle to convey tone, they can just tell you the intended tone to avoid misunderstanding because something might read as harsh when that’s not their intention. Jilly is definitely going to use it to get away with being a passive aggressive cunt though just like she uses her emojis when she is raging. So it’s another autism breadcrumb.

No. 230863

The bitch has no taste

No. 230866

I wonder if she fumes over him being gay, and hence will never ever want to fuck her. (Even if he was straight, who would want that.)

No. 230869

She lives with a gay male who she fucks while adopting the persona of a gay male (veronica) so she probably thinks there's a chance

No. 230870

Inb4 old man Cliffe wants to bang him because when Jilly is Cliffe she is totes a gay man.

No. 230875

I genuinely don't get her obsession with him, he just seems like an average dude.

No. 230877

Fun fact: he looks just like her brother

No. 230878

File: 1658317745544.png (642.59 KB, 543x973, troonjillnsteve.png)

Troon saga when??

No. 230879

Oh, she made a twitter post about that for pride month. Apparently she already considers herself trans? Truly kikomi-chan

No. 230880

unfortunately this proves nothing as she's already said she and steeb consider themselves trans as they are both "non-binary"

No. 230905

Instead it was a deer death experience.

No. 230910

Interesting that she attends a wedding which likely took quite a bit of funding to put on where she's merely but a sliver of the attention thanks to her shotty dress, and then next she immediately gets into a wreck which will now demand FULL attention plus LOTS of funding too

No. 230912

I didn't want to say it because I know these things are accidents, but what wonderful timing for our narc queen to get the limelight back on herself (if switching personalities while spending time with family and flashing her ass wasn't sufficient)

No. 230917

I fucking hate when you don't post the webm, I always have to go get it because you newfags think a random screenshot is enough.

No. 230919

>but what wonderful timing for our narc queen to get the limelight back on herself (if switching personalities while spending time with family and flashing her ass wasn't sufficient)
Thanks for pointing it out, this is 100 true.

No. 230922

File: 1658331402002.webm (10.39 MB, 540x960, Snaptik_7122137602920123654_pi…)

You want a dumb video where she's just asking about how to plant/propagate another Sedum Burro's Tail from her current one. Here!

No. 230926

>the way she just yanks the plant around
Lmao, you generally want to be careful with succulents because some species have a protective coating that protects them from sunburn. This is a young plants but older donkey tails should be kept out of touching range because their leaves fall off rather easily.

No. 230943

I found it very funny when she admitted recently that she had killed every single plant she had. I don’t know why she keeps trying to push this interest, she clearly isn’t actually into plants. She even had to make Flora a plant loving alter because she is so weirdly desperate to have that image. She needs to just buy fake plants. She would be so much happier if she just let her genuine interests be her interests instead of these ones she makes up because of aesthetics.

No. 230945

nta but calm the fuck down

No. 230948

File: 1658337985106.png (27.51 KB, 588x238, firefox_fEyoB1IXUd.png)

Imagine being this obsessed with yourself

No. 230954

What is wrong with people. I get maybe revisiting a video you really like from a favorite youtuber but never have I felt inclined to watch someone’s entire back catalogue let alone three times.

No. 230958

File: 1658339002243.jpeg (634.61 KB, 1170x1663, 3BB8AE60-68E0-404E-8939-9534CB…)

she remembered that she’s supposed to be empathetic

No. 230960

Yesterday you were saying animals should just get little neon wests lol
I think she genuinely enjoys the lolcow attention but also wants to prove herself to online "haters" while at the same time ignoring what everyone says about her smoking and drinking too much, for the DID she probably genuinely believes she is mentally ill and ignores criticism on that.

No. 230966

This is so pathetic, it's a deer. People hit them with their cars all the time, people hunt them. I get finding it upsetting but projecting her guilt over a normal occurrence is so miserable to watch. She's really aching for those good person points.

No. 230967

Did you skip this whole thread? She is not-so-subtly responding to people calling her a hypocrite for pretending to be a super softie traumatized nature lover and then not giving a shit about the deer, when she recently tweeted how she sobbed just imagining her cats getting hurt. So now after people started asking about the deer she is trying to get those nature lover points back, but it's silly because Jerrick is the edgy prosecutor alter account.

No. 230968

>that club emoji
oh so she finally shows off the cliffe oc after we noted he was absent during this shitshow here

No. 230976

No. 230977

fake vegan saga when

No. 230979

kek I tried

No. 230981

I just busted out laughing. This is the most hilarious shit ever. Please save this talk for when you suddenly black out while the little is driving and you actually hurt another person.

No. 230984

Late to the party but I say car alter which transforms into a giant deer robot, tranformers-style.
The giant robot thing can earn her some weeb points back.

No. 230986

So obvious she lurks here. Maybe brush your cats once in a while Jilly, keep them away from your dirty ass bong water and tacky plastic shit too. The poor things are simply ~aesthetics~ for her (especially being uwu ragdolls uwu) this bitch makes me wanna a-log so bad

No. 230991

File: 1658342480493.jpg (174.13 KB, 720x1390, Screenshot_20220720-113908_Chr…)

No. 230994

Jilly, you were literally posting smileys and emojis yesterday and how giddy you are about car shopping with mom.

No. 231014


i s2g its gonna be her vegan arc next

No. 231018

I really hope she tries being vegan. She'll blame failing at it on her alters. It'll be a shitshow. "Cliffe wanted bacon, not me!" "The 6 yo wanted nuggies, not me!" So many possibilities.

No. 231020

it's funny because he's shaded her so many times in his videos
she doesn't have the self control kek

No. 231023

File: 1658346234618.png (43.2 KB, 598x461, 2019.PNG)

Thought I'd see how many times Drew has talked to her. Once in 2021 which was posted in an old thread, and then this one in summer of 2019, kek. Once from each of his accounts

No. 231025

"I'm so heartbroken that I took the life of an animal"

Ok Jill, what about all the lives' of the chickens, cows, pigs, and whatever other meat you stuff down your maw so excessively to the point you're obese? You don't feel heartbroken over those lives?

The level this woman-child is disconnected from the food she eats is wild. Highly doubt the food she eats is from ethical farms, either, and you can't call her out on it because then you're "Food shaming someone with an eating disorder" I can't.

No. 231027

File: 1658346919045.png (38.73 KB, 596x318, firefox_DsiWQxiFiy.png)

No. 231030


sorry for being a newfag but who is this mythical kikomi I hear about in every thread

No. 231032

read the mtf threads in /snow/

No. 231033

A parody character created by an anon, she is a "bio trans woman" aka a girl who pretends to be MtF. Remember to sage and use the search function.

No. 231036

my bad, thanks ! kinda disappointed she's not a real person lol

No. 231039

Nah she will blame autism and how she needs to be able to eat her safe foods and she would die vegan.

No. 231053

>>230553 Anon deer are both incredibly fast and incredibly retarded, they pop up out of nowhere much too quickly and much too close to your car for you to slow down or stop. Swerving is a great way to kill yourself and other drivers too

No. 231069

she is anon! you're looking at her

No. 231075

File: 1658358172269.jpeg (61.44 KB, 640x441, CAC241D5-6593-4F6E-B182-EFA2B7…)

Based anon

Vegan alter when

No. 231092

>Yes you do
Oof hes fucking tired of her

No. 231095

File: 1658360505446.jpg (72.7 KB, 362x846, images-1.jpg)

This is Kikomi, anon! The very first FTMTF trans gurl

No. 231097

File: 1658360569142.jpg (66.79 KB, 371x826, images.jpg)

One more for the newfags so we can give them context on why we call Jillian kikomi.

No. 231110

File: 1658361684274.jpg (302.19 KB, 900x2000, FCxc7-qXEAA3Or9.jpg)

Let's not forget this one anon

No. 231111

File: 1658361750812.jpg (912.46 KB, 900x2000, 1628883541519.jpg)

No. 231121

Its all uWU SUstAinAbLe QwEeN until its about the mcnuggies. Its the performative ethics for me

No. 231128

File: 1658365117813.png (94.23 KB, 743x743, 1649543765850.png)

No new alters. gotta keep the five petal image even though Jill only really puts effort/uses her "alters" when she needs to have a temper tantrum when thing doesn't go her way and when she isn't getting any from Steven nor attention from her imaginary boyfriend Drew.

No. 231132

I wish this bitch would suffer real trauma for once. She's insufferable.

No. 231133

File: 1658365744219.png (107.73 KB, 742x715, 89889766.png)

A sign that Jill might work towards fixing her DID? No.

No. 231134

Kek how could I forget, thanks nonna

No. 231137

Surprised that something like killing a deer is less of a motive to churn out a new alter than whatever else she has going through.

No. 231139

Her signing everything with the club emoji now is killing me! She lurks so hard it’s actually hilarious

No. 231141

She has been making OCs and "forcing herself to split" all this time though. She rather split a new alter out of listening to Steven Universe songs than getting in a car accident.

This just tells you everything you need to know about her DID larp: no trauma, only makes alters out of media she consumes and whenever she gets into a new show. The steven universe, drag race, precure anime, emo songs, bimbo tiktok and strawberry shortcake inspired alters are 100% examples of this. Why else did she rush into making a new alter after watching the Jynx cartoon?

No. 231142

>"It's likely a sign of healing"

How long till she's "cured" guys? I give it until jan-feb 2023

No. 231145

Either December of this year after a call out post or the dates you're saying, I doubt she will keep this up for too long.

No. 231146

>extreme stress
Every overworked salaywoman/man should have DID then.

No. 231147

I think a week with her parents made her realize how hard keeping up the DID act is. She would have never brought up something as a “sign of healing” even a month ago. Which probably also says a lot about how much she and Stevie actually interact if she’s had no problem (and even had fun) keeping up the DID since November while living with him, but after a week at her parents she hints at healing

No. 231148

Unironically this

No. 231151

Never forget her getting an entire rotisserie chicken during a hair appointment.

No. 231153

she should unironically had eaten the dead deer meat. Make some nice venison mcnuggies

No. 231156

I say a few sessions with her new therapist. Since they also specialize in EMDR. She's been leaving bread crumbs that it's a magic cure for DID so if she hates the new therapist she can say she's fixed so she can quit.

No. 231157

File: 1658371368060.png (46.08 KB, 1104x460, emdr.png)

Sad thing is EMDR is disputed to actually work by some doctors.

No. 231158

File: 1658371909051.png (71.82 KB, 1260x548, 319869681346891486914368913.pn…)

So true. This is something that has been disccussed months prior and something she's 100% going to do. She'll say she got fixed by EMDR and thus the DID saga will end. She had it all planned all along.

No. 231160

Lol yeah forensic psych fag here EMDR is not commonly brought up in professional circles and/or teaching because when it comes to really destructive mental disorders, it's preferred to utilize, you know, actually reputable therapeutic treatments

Like sure it works for a group of people but DID is already heavily contested to exist in its own right. And even if DID is authentic, that doesn't mean EMDR is authentic for a treatment with its lack of scientific backing. Just cause rebirthing worked for a couple kids back in the 70s-90s+ doesn't mean it's viable and also not a dangerous treatment and just because some therapists fucked their patients and saw improvement doesn't mean it's actually ethical. Treatments are scrutinized rigorously for good reasons. Hocus pocus shit isn't widely accepted in psychology because it's a field Thats already said to be pseudoscience by a lot of people in the STEM community.

For this girl to already be hinting at "healing" with EMDR is sus as hell. Especially because she's only been with this new therapist for less than a month if I remember correctly. Trust me, if EMDR could actually magically fix fucked up people with a few clicks, everyone in the practice would be using it.

No. 231166

So you're telling me that Jilly…
>Has DID, a condition that is extremely controversial and desputed to even exist in the professional world
And also
>Goes to EMDR, a type of bogus therapy that is classified as pseudosciende by some doctors
And no one questions if this shit she's doing is real?

No. 231169

File: 1658375454643.png (Spoiler Image,117.08 KB, 1258x756, 1657132791495.png)

>Lol yeah forensic psych fag here EMDR is not commonly brought up in professional circles and/or teaching because when it comes to really destructive mental disorders, it's preferred to utilize, you know, actually reputable therapeutic treatments

Actually, what's your opinion on this? She said this recently. She also said a criminal psychologist approved of the "diagnosis"

No. 231173

An impression is normally what I see being used by a therapist/psychologist who doesn't want actually diagnose or wants a second opinion or wants to send them to someone who can actually make a solid diagnosis. Honestly, impressions are brought in with the tag line "bruh I'm really not sure tho"

To quote: "enough information to make a working diagnosis but the clinician wishes to indicate a significant degree of diagnostic uncertainty” (DSM-IV-TR, American Psychiatric Association, 2000).

And also having a forensic psychologist on for a civilian diagnostic impression is… weird? I'll be honest, most people in my realm of study are not working with civilians or civilian agencies. Forensic psychology specializes in criminal/deviant abnormal psychology. You'll see them working in law enforcement, or criminal rehabilitation, or support for victims of career crimes like sex trafficking, or even just as expert witnesses for cases. I'm not saying for certain that she couldn't have a forensic psychologist on the team but… idk, I've never seen it being a calling for people in this field unless they're working on a thesis or a study and need people who fit specific diagnostic criteria. So it's also sus but it's "possible" in the sense that I can't rule it out without knowing circumstances.

No. 231174

Samefag cause tiny addition–

The forensic psychologist could have been a friend of her working therapist that was brought in because he had a relative degree of uncertainty and the forensic psychologist had a more extensive background in DID than him. So not wanting to check a box without a good source. But I still don't see a forensic psychologist being like… "okay with this? Not that the diagnosis isn't sound in some way, but that it's a civilian therapy setting and a civilian diagnosis setting. It'll be fundamentally different than what this person is used to in the forensic field according to severe trauma (cause we still don't know if Jill has any) and reason for diagnosis.

No. 231175

File: 1658377489128.png (Spoiler Image,71.86 KB, 1242x542, gay shit.png)

She gives context here:

No. 231176

Lol bitch that is not how psychology works

If Thats the only reason they brought in the forensic psych person with a limited session for diagnostic impression, then there's no way. It takes weeks to months of working with deviant persons to learn when they're lying or when they're not through conversation only. The only way you could know before meeting someone is looking at their entire record and hearing the lies. This isn't poker and this isn't mind reading. Even if this guy was brought in to find the lies, they would need way more than a few sessions.

And honestly THIS is why DID is debated. Because it's hard to tell when someone is lying if you don't have some sort of evidence to say contrary to the lies. When the lies are about voices in the head, it's even murkier. Do you know how easy it is to take this shit? Switching and disassociating, a fucking toddler could do it with enough visual learning. Some people are better at it than others and some people get lucky and find bleeding heart therapists that want to be sympathetic instead of actually helpful. It's sad shit.

No. 231177

I legit think she's just making things up at this point, this is why she had to say she "never lies" on twitter, because she knows she's lying. Narcissistic munchies like her looove lying, they do anything to get that shiny spotlight.

No. 231180

Forensic fag. Gonna avoid arm chairing, and just leave it at the holes in her diagnostic impression and the fact that her therapist didn't actually transfer her to a DID specialist tells me a lot about that authenticity of the diagnosis itself. Hell, he didn't even try to get her some sort of medication (from what I remember) to help with the horrifically debilitating symptoms of DID that she doesn't seem to have cause she never talks about them. I'm not sure how the Canadian mental health care system works, but rare, severe, and abnormal mental disorder like DID is normally transferred to a genuine specialist instead of someone that would've needed a forensics specialist to "make sure she's not lying".

No. 231182

Samefag cause I suck at finishing thoughts, I wanna make it clear that I'm not necessarily saying he was a bad therapist. I am wondering if he didn't believe her at all and made the impression diagnosis to appease her and hoped to work her towards ending a fake disorder and Thats why he didn't medicate or transfer her

No. 231184

not you again. fuck off out of here.

No. 231186

No. 231188

>”it’s only from trauma”
>creates a Harley Quinn/league alter because she saw a tv show once

No. 231189

>I'm not sure how the Canadian mental health care system works, but rare, severe, and abnormal mental disorder like DID is normally transferred to a genuine specialist instead of someone that would've needed a forensics specialist to "make sure she's not lying".
This pretty much… why wasn't she medicated and sent off to a specialist? why wasn't she put under her parent's care? why is she still driving? nothing makes sense.

No. 231196

She was right in the middle of PEI and Fredericton NB. AKA BFE New Brunswick. No fences and long stretches of nothing but deer and moose for fucking hours.

No. 231198

File: 1658384198598.jpg (123.54 KB, 720x1410, Screenshot_20220720-231352_Chr…)


No. 231200

Just in case you’ve forgotten that Wiccan is also one of her collected labels

No. 231202

OT but has there actually been any incidences of Jill’s on admittance that she’s been one of her alters and not been ‘co-con/blended’? It’s something that always bugs me, because it’s really out of the usual for all the other DIDfags on YouTube etc. I genuinely done recall a single time she’s fronted as another alter and not claimed that Jill was ‘close by’

No. 231204

Why is Cliffe tweeting song lyrics on Jerrick’s twitter? That’s majorly out of character

No. 231205

goddddddddddd she's so fucking insufferable, no fucking way everyone mentioned the dead deer and this bitch starts larping some empathy down to posting fucking stupid emo lyrics.
>Might have a small funeral at our altar.
BITCH YOU KILLED THE DEER RIGHT THERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY, no praying will bring the fucking deer you ran over back, what an idiot I swear

No. 231206

she needs to remind us that cliffe exists kek. But oh well. Nice to know cliffe the 35 year old adult has more empathy than Victoria or whatever the hoe alter name is.

No. 231208

File: 1658387358908.png (794.16 KB, 1080x874, lolllllllllllll.png)

>~guys dont forget what a special and spiritual empath witch I am~
deer killer.

No. 231209

The way she described EMDR made me think of what Hannibal does to Will in Hannibal. She was bragging about Jerrick loving gore so maybe she watched it and was inspired kek.

No. 231210

So the 35 year old geriatric social media illiterate man and the emo boy are more concerned about killing a deer than the ditzy dumb bimbo and the age regression baby alter? Go figure, I guess women and children are less empathetic than men in her little head I guess. They should be affected more, or is she implying that they're stupidly narcissitic and wouldn't care?

It really makes no sense. An edgy emo teenage boy would probably make fun or the deer or something too. Specially if "he" wears suicidal thought inducing clothing around the family lmao.

No. 231211

>She was bragging about Jerrick loving gore so maybe she watched it and was inspired kek.
God I remember that she posted this months ago on her twitter. This is exactly what I mean. In her larp, Jerrick is a jerk. Kek. So why is "he" so concerned about a deer dying? Should had taken selfies with it instead.

No. 231212

I really don't care about the dumb deer dying (shit happens unfortunately, Canada needs fences asap) but her pretending to care is very annoying, she never cared, she only cared about herself and the car. She was immediatly looking for new cards with mommy just hours after the incident and didn't mention feeling bad for the deer way after. Overall I'm just over her pretending to be so empathetic about shit when we know she isn't.

No. 231213

also watch her be like "yes we had to explain the baby smalls about what killing a deer is because she was so shocked" or some shit on twitter soon

No. 231214

It’s because she is scrambling to rectify because she forgot she totally has hyper empathy as part of her fake autism.

No. 231215

>feeling deeply for the deer that passed.
you killed it lmao. Also, I really hate how bad she pushes the "each alter talks differently" shit. How tone deaf of her to post dumb lyrics and to want to larp her mento illnes over an animal that died. Anything for attention, as always.

No. 231216

The only way it’s a sign of healing is if Jillian is the host but she keeps saying Jillian is an alter. So which is it then Jilly, at least try to keep up and make sense one time.

No. 231219

How nice that the edgy teen boy and 30-something year old man based partially on her dad are into the same magical girl-inspired social media “witchcraft” as Jill is, instead of mocking her for it like actual guys would.

No. 231220

KEK. Yeah the 35 year old dad would definetely be into witchcraft, sure. Lmao.

No. 231224

She was saying how you don't need to merge to "heal" and existing as a unique special system should be encouraged, you're right, I'd never think she'd swap to "healing".
I don't think it's hard for her to keep the act up, but maybe her relatives mocked her or her parents talked to her about getting a job. Or the car wrecking had some consequences money wise.

No. 231225

Well creepily enough, I think Cliff is meant to be a larp of her therapist, who is a gay (married to a man) thembie and also into witch/pagan shit and drag. I snooped around for his IG one time and he has lots of drag friends, goes to drag shows, etc. I don't remember if he does drag himself. She tries to pass it off as "a mix of Sasha Velour and my dad" instead but the similarity to her therapist is there. Which is really weird and narcissistic bs, no wonder he's quitting and moving to another province.

No. 231229

can you post proof?

No. 231230

Yeah I have to agree, I am majorly disappointed in Jerrica character. I hoped something more Jake Munro-ish. But ofc I should've known she is too lazy put any effort to her twitter roleplay.

No. 231231

File: 1658397516635.png (698.28 KB, 978x1110, dragdiamonde.png)

I am looking again, please forgive me anon but I am lazy as shit and stupid for not saving screenshots back then. I remember seeing a photo of Jeb (her therapist) with some drag queens and possibly being tagged / referred to as friends, but I can't find it again rn. It might have been on the facebook of the drag friends. Here is a screenshot that shows that this drag queen Diamonde, who weirdly enough also performed at the event (Flourish Fredericton 2022) Jill did her "drag debut" at tinfoil hat is tingling, follows both him and his husband. Their accounts are both private but their drag friends' aren't. I also bookmarked the drag ig account "jerephilwee" for some reason so you may be able to find something there too.

I hope it's okay to share their usernames since Jeb sounds cow-ish himself and they're locked anyway. Plus Jill is the one who doxxed his name publicly, and Jeb posted publicly about marrying Chris iirc. But in case newfags see this, please refrain from contacting them.

As for him being into witch/pagan shit, Jill tweeted that herself (she was bragging about it), it's in a past thread somewhere. I don't know if Sasha Velour is into witch stuff, he is 35 years old like Cliff and idk how old Jeb is, but in any case I would still be creeped out if I was this therapist and my client suddenly had a personality with the same hobbies as me. Hopefully this is enough information for better anons than me to dig around if they want to.

No. 231233

Sorry, samefag, there's a 2019 photo on his husband's public photography account that I'm 99% sure is of Jeb in drag. Idk if it's relevant to post, since he soon won't be cow-adjacent to Jill anymore though at the same time I don't have much sympathy for harmfully incompetent therapists. If it's him, he deleted his drag account (@the_vera_strange). Either way, the husband does headshots for drag queens and posted photos from drag shows. Was Jill into drag before meeting this therapist?

No. 231239

>I would still be creeped out if I was this therapist and my client suddenly had a personality with the same hobbies as me
It’s what he deserves.gif


What if angelbaby has DID too and one of his alters identifies as a criminologist? The plot thickens!

No. 231243

File: 1658401587367.png (53.62 KB, 514x694, hmmmm.png)

>angel therapist is also a criminology psychologist
>jillian might be lying about how many people gave her a diagnostic impression and not be 5 or 3 but just one
>he might had given this diagnostic impression to her because Jillian asked for it

No. 231244

File: 1658401653327.png (46.44 KB, 748x558, hmmmmmmmmm.png)

Also, he has written poetry about fucking and being destructive in a relationship. BPD?

No. 231247

File: 1658402512478.png (6.28 KB, 528x82, hmmmmmmmmm-1.png)

Also interesting he calls himself male in 2018 but now he's a they them. Since he does drag, maybe he means "them" as two separate entities.

No. 231248

>I would still be creeped out if I was this therapist and my client suddenly had a personality with the same hobbies as me
>It’s what he deserves.gif
I kinda think so too. But perhaps Jillian is just too BPD unhinged and she's doing the whole lovebombing while copying your entire personality and hobbies to look cooler thing. I think she genuinely wanted to get therapy for suicidal ideation but meeting this therapist that does drag and witch shit meant she had someone new to copy. Very sus that Cliffe the "voice of reason" would be into witchcraft like the therapist is. And also be a drag queen like the therapist is.

No. 231252

Didn't she show us a bill for the psych eval she paid for? That might be some hint, or they diagnosed hee with nothing

No. 231257

>She lurks so hard it’s actually hilarious
I feel like the case for many cows, the anons in their thread are more like a real fanbase versus the asskissers on Instagram and Youtube, they can't tear themselves away from all the honest insights.
>Which probably also says a lot about how much she and Stevie actually interact if she’s had no problem (and even had fun) keeping up the DID since November while living with him, but after a week at her parents she hints at healing
Oh shit, you're right. He strikes me as someone who refreshes hot-transbabes.com hourly but doesn't actually converse with her like a normal person would. I think also being surrounded by people who are similar to you is genuinely good for the mind too, as it's a reminder there's nothing "wrong" with you, judgement from others makes it easy to think your natural traits are problems.
This is sweet, a bit better than joking about animals wearing high vis vests which is what she did at the time kek
I actually think she will fuse into Jerrick, like she chose Jerrick to express kindness here rather than Pixie which she also refers to as an alter. This might be the most convoluted rebranding in Youtube history.

No. 231259

Imagine being 24 and going to a 26 year old newbie therapist for your super severe mental illness and uwuPTSD. And thinking that diagnosis sheet is anything but toilet paper. I can't believe I forgot about the criminology thing, she 1000% was talking about him when she said that, no doubt. btw sorry for spelling Jed wrong all over my 2 posts, to be fair it's a stupid name

No. 231284

How do I not remember this?

No. 231298

File: 1658414729848.jpg (179.95 KB, 717x1272, Screenshot_20220721-073809_Chr…)

She's still sperging about the deer but wanted to cap the "Flora" alter stuff. She definitely is one of those people who see a character and decide to emulate them (voice, personality, clothing, etc). Y'know something a child does but usually grows out of.

No. 231306

Holy shit this is a good counter argument to her saying her diagnosis is legit.
The therapist didn't become a LCT until months after she started seeing him as well.

Why is she mentioning the very chirpy and positive Precure characters she wishes she could emulate right after saying she laughed at the dead deer? What?
Is her Precure character somehow edgier than this? >>231198 I thought she would be mourning for days or so, what a whiplash

No. 231307


My running theory on why jill is "always close" or "co-con" or "passively influencing" is if she ever breaks her larp and does anything Classic Jill™️ she can just explain it away with DID semantics

No. 231313

She doesn’t /actually/ believe others will believe this, does she? I know she’s a narc and the universe revolves around her - obviously, but still…
Can’t help but wonder much of her love for precure is forced and how many hours spent watching and thousands of moneys for merch, just so she can use it as a sparkly front. I’d hope it’s at least partially genuine

No. 231318

omfg - angel therapist is only 26? It allllll fucking makes sense now. We can fucking close the case on all of this bullshit. No fucking wonder.

No. 231321

>omfg - angel therapist is only 26? It allllll fucking makes sense now. We can fucking close the case on all of this bullshit. No fucking wonder.
Yeah honestly I wouldn't even take advice from a guy in his 20s never mind him being my therapist

No. 231329

File: 1658420904976.png (2.02 MB, 2076x1516, Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 11.2…)

just an interesting fact that i just noticed, she has the dress & it's corset thing already half made in the background of the july patreon stream, so I think she had been working on it way before the day before actually. not sure if in the end the design was partially from the bride or not though

No. 231331

>The therapist didn't become a LCT until months after she started seeing him as well.
Wasn’t Steve the one who recommended him to Jill? How did he know this guy, let alone if he would be a good therapist? Did Steve meet some rando at a gay bar and thought it would be a great idea to send his girlfriend to him to talk about her mental health issues?

No. 231332

I doubt she did it in more than a week anon. Don't defend her.

No. 231333

kek my thoughts exactly

No. 231336

The way it has always looked to me is that Jill starts projects and is excited and it’s shiny and new and then she works for a bit and gets bored then leaves it alone until it has to be done then she crunches. I don’t think big projects are right for her at all she seems to thrive on instant gratification. She ends up crunching every single time it’s something larger like a cosplay or her schoolwork.

No. 231339

Yet anons in this thread say “she’s never displayed a single symptom of adhd”

No. 231342

Can we not give her more ideas for new labels? Even if she had ADHD or autism she doesn't need us to give her more ideas for her to call herself ~neurodivergent~ when she's grasping for that label as hard as she can ONLY because she wants to be trendy and quirky like all the other Twitter and TikTok fakers out there. EVEN if she was diagnosed, do you think anything would change? Do you think she would better herself and work on improving? Maybe strive towards being a more responsible adult despite a condition like that?
No. She would only plaster the phrase "diagnosed neurodivergent" all over social media, film awful tiktok videos tagged #neurodivergent, and brag about it on Twitter saying "LOOK GUYSE I TOLD YOU SO, I WAS ALWAYS NEURODIVERGENT!!!! ACCEPT ME INTO YOUR CLUB!!!!". Just like with BPD, she somehow won't have the bad traits, she will only show the fun teehee kawaii so speshul ones and will never learn a thing.

No. 231343

That is a disservice to people with ADHD, she is just well off and spoiled so always had everything served up to her on a silver platter so having to work isn’t appealing to her. She is also a narcissist and you only get attention at the beginning and end of that stuff so the middle is unappealing, no one is fawning over your creation when you are alone working on it.

No. 231344

iirc she was already told she doesn't have adhd, probably why she dropped the neurodivergent label, but iirc she is still planning on getting tested for autism

No. 231345

It’s mean but it would be semi entertaining if she managed to get that diagnosis then meds. To any anons who don’t know ADHD meds are stimulants, for people with ADHD they help them focus for people without it they get high. It would be funny watching her try them, get fucked up then make excuses about meds being bad.

No. 231347

File: 1658426960574.jpeg (154.56 KB, 768x1024, 1636746879058.jpeg)

Jill loves fishing for every mental disorder and even then her self-analysis didn't have that, because she doesn't have it in the slightest way.

No. 231349

Her description of how she eats (being super healthy and only eating salads some days and then starving on other days) is clearly a lie for attention, it’s incredible her therapist is so inept he thought she has any type of ED besides being a lazy self-indulgent lying fatass like every other fat person who doesn’t want to accept any culpability for it. As if she’s put on 100lbs by starving herself.

No. 231350

>The way it has always looked to me is that Jill starts projects and is excited and it’s shiny and new and then she works for a bit and gets bored then leaves it alone until it has to be done then she crunches.
Look. I have ADHD myself, and the way you describe it, yes that indeed does happen like that. I've been there multiple times. But, thing is, as long as Jillian doesn't have a real diagnosis (and not just a diagnostic impression by a 27 year old dragqueen therapist) we shouldn't just assume she has something as delicate as ADHD or Autism. Some years ago we had a problem in this thread when everyone started calling her autistic and asked her to get checked for her own sake, and now look at her, she's over exaggerating some autistic symptoms that she probably read from a random fake and gay internet website just to have proof that she has autism when everyone called her out for using the label neurodivergent incorrectly. Everything she does is super fake and you know it. She's infuriating and will not seek help.

No. 231351

Not wiccan but witch

No. 231352

>The way it has always looked to me is that Jill starts projects and is excited and it’s shiny and new and then she works for a bit and gets bored then leaves it alone until it has to be done then she crunches.
Because she wants attention and will cling to anything for attention, and anything that won't give her attention she will discard in a heartbeat or forget until the cycle of looking for more attention continues. This way she always has a new recycle topic for her followers to say "wow so magical and special!"

No. 231353

If she got a ADHD diagnosis she would definetely overplay the executive disfunction thing and say she has catatonia or some shit like she has said before. And say she's blacking out when she can't do shit because her mind needs stimulation.

No. 231354

File: 1658428364080.jpeg (358.71 KB, 1170x740, 1634157153186.jpeg)

I went back in the threads, digging for that medical bill she posted on twitter (anons assumed she paid for a full psych eval + electroencephalography which can be used to help with "neurodivergent" diagnosis), but I didn't find it. Instead I found that she went to that test with her angel therapist? I never heard of this practice. But that explains her claims.

No. 231356

No. 231357

Sage for non contribution but I didn’t remotely mean she has ADHD. I agree the beginning and end of projects is when she gets that sweet attention hit her little narc brain craves. Also we know she is lazy and just wants to lay around all day smoking weed and napping and mummy did everything for her so she has no work ethic.

No. 231358

Oh so she's NOW a fashion designer? after the shitty "wedding dress" dollar store costume she made?

No. 231359

The title “Fashion Designer Reviews Leaked Barbie Movie Outfits!”. Did she go to college only so she can tell everyone she is a fashion designer when she isn’t? She also misrepresents her schooling constantly calling it “fashion school” when it was a fashion module at a small college. What has she even designed this year aside from that garbage wedding dress a child could have drawn. It’s embarrassing that she talks herself up so much yet that is what she creates, it’s like a child who is proud of their crap art project who everyone is nice to because it’s a child.

No. 231360

She was calling herself a fashion designer before and during that state and her cousin mentioned she graduated in the post of the dress. I would love to know what a third party would think seeing that on Facebook , glorious.

No. 231369

File: 1658430984784.webm (14.51 MB, 720x480, jilly.webm)

I'm not going to watch this shitshow, so I trust a nice nonny will bring a summary and fun screenshots of this crap.

Meanwhile she posted this highlight of her video on tiktok.
>that moan at the start of the clip followed by disgusting noises
…Is she this desperate for attention? Why the fuck did she chose this clip with the overtly sexual moan for her tiktok page where a bunch of kids follow her? Or is this her new strategy so more people watch her videos since sexually suggestive content is all over the platform? Gross

No. 231372

File: 1658432720072.webm (1.77 MB, 640x480, jilly 2.webm)

she also posted this "healing her inner child" tiktok with the same outfit and called it healing art.

No. 231373

that's the vintage romper she split in half and then messaged the seller trying to get a refund. guess she decided to UpCyClE it

No. 231381

File: 1658434844824.png (350 KB, 982x422, jillyshit.png)

She also did a duet with the creepy diaper wearing ageplayer girl about the whole situation mentioned here

This is the original video because I couldn't only upload it unless it was extreme potato quality to lolcow:

No. 231382

>Healing my inner child.
That phrase is specifically made for people who were forced to grow up because they didn't have healthy relationships with their family. It always feels like a slap on the face when she tries to make her traumas more than what they are because she has photo and video evidence that she always got what she wanted and had caring parents that worried over her mental health. She got to be a child, she got to make stupid mistakes, but instead of learning and growing from them she doubled down and blamed other people.

No. 231388

>>Healing her inner child
As if she hasn't has a well documented past that she put out publicly that she was coddled. And that only JUST started to fall apart with her DID larp. Healing your inner child isn't just looking like a clown and buying useless shit, it's practicing on fixing emotional and reactive issues because you weren't taught to react healthily to situations as a kid. I'm sick of all these UwU soft baby angel tiktok retards acting like hyper consumerism is healing them of "trauma"

No. 231392

File: 1658437445639.jpeg (336.09 KB, 1668x420, 4A74850D-E552-44A2-9C6C-1C649C…)

This is a comment from Jill on a dissacociaDID tik tok where she is talking about how someone from her personal life was posting about her and she didn’t know. The interesting part is that it indicates Jilly lurks on DID and fake claiming forums. Not very uwu spread kindness like confetti of her.

No. 231393

With forum they probably mean lolcow.

No. 231412

"Sorry for the cat meow" There's an option for muting the video why would she even keep it in, then?

No. 231416

Love how Jill says she is a fashion designer, despite just barely passing fashion school.

She calls the first outfit "very 80s" despite neon coming into fashion in the 90s. She even shows the Barbies that the look is based on which are from the early 90s. Idiot.

No. 231423


Samefag. Neon colors did come into style during the mid 80s but was more prevalent in the early 90s IMO.

No. 231426

Her moan is not that sexual. Stop being weird.

I do find it funny she says the outfits are immaculate when they're shot from a distance and you can barely see most of the detail. She didn't even notice the stars on the bellbottoms until the end.

No. 231427

this is such a stupid nitpick, oh my god. this thread is becoming untenable with how annoying anons are getting, you don't have to shit on every instance of Jilly existing.

No. 231429

>>231347 no surprise cause jill is such an attention whore, but ive noticed plenty of others in the DID community openly state they won't yell out their other diagnoses and triggers. Meanwhile jill just screams out HERE'S EVERYTHING I HAVE PLEASE VALIDATE ME

No. 231431

Okay then leave no one is forcing you to read here.

No. 231433

Nta, I don't see it as a nitpick. If she actually spent her time at school learning about basic fashion design history, trends, and concepts, instead of doing jackshit on the internet for attention and playing with toys on class, then she would be a more legit fashion designer. Bu she can't even sew, she has no interest besides moaning on camera and spewing random shitty observations to create a semi coherent commentary on something she pretends to know about. Listen to this tiktok again >>231369 , she says "-moans loudly- YES, NEONS AND DENIM, AAAAAAA" literally anyone with 2 braincells could make the same conclusions. We can criticize her as much as we want for pretending she cares about fashion besides buying tacky clothes for herself. She really doesn't give a fuck.

No. 231436

File: 1658452111481.png (759.68 KB, 1300x658, nbccd.png)

Dunno if this has been noted yet but she's in the main page of her craft school

No. 231440

File: 1658453390686.png (2.77 MB, 1100x1248, ohnononononooooooo.png)

just a small reminder, this is jillian's wedding dress vs two graduation collection pieces from one of her NBCCD classmates.

No. 231447

Holyshit, that dress would pass maybe at a ren faire as someone's first costume ever, but this is beyond low skill level. And those fabrics/materials look cheap af.

No. 231453

Let’s also not forget that her college knew about her online presence which lead to them giving her a spot in the fashion course despite it being very competitive and requiring high marks, something Jill didn’t get due to her being off school near constantly for international trips or just not feeling like attending due to ~mental illness~(learn2sage)

No. 231454

Thanks for this comparison bc holy… the difference is insane. Im not a fashion expert like literally everyone else in this thread so seeing a side by side of inexperience college kids' school project versus Jill's wedding dress is crazy. And she has the audacity to flaunt and brag about her skill…

No. 231459

the fact that she's impressed by a big movie's costume designer as if she's anywhere near on the same level as them when she made this shitter is insane

No. 231460

The best thing is that the classmate's constructions aren't particularly complicated. The pink one is just a couple circle skirts and a basic corset bodice, but it's put together in a way gives the dress volume and structure. I've seen cosplayers put dresses like this together in a day or two. Jill on the other hand, used the least amount of fabric possible for her skirt and literally no structure. If I didn't know better, I'd think she was pranking normie cousin or something.

No. 231463

jill's looks like cut up bed sheets compared to the others, and like anons have said, the others are very simple. she can't even compare to these basic designs.

No. 231466

Every time I see those construction paper pieces sleeves, I want to colour them neon orange and have her guide either traffic or planes. It just highlights how she put absolutely no foresight about how it would drape and look. The comparison to her classmate's work shows how bad Jilly is at designing and sewing. Worst part is this was commissioned. I really hope it wasn't that much.

No. 231468

…And she still hasn't, kek.

That could be described as a symptom of ADHD, in the same way you could say being sad is a symptom of depression.

But just like you can be sad and not be clinically depressed, you can display behavior that could look like ADHD to someone whose never actually experienced or understands it, while not actually having any connection to it in context.

I'll take my ban for no1currs blog post but as someone who suffered much of their youth from the more severe effects of ADHD and BPD, I seriously hate you bitches sometimes. (Not you, specifically, anon, I'm just being dramatic and generalizing).

No. 231470

File: 1658462969524.jpeg (871.36 KB, 1242x1237, DF7C279D-747A-435C-AF5A-786975…)

Just because no one has brought it up yet, the sleeves weren’t even sewn on. They attached with a single snap

No. 231474

File: 1658463458857.jpg (165.33 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220721-210922_Chr…)

No. 231478

>our cat meow
>my first time

Pick one, Jill

No. 231480

I feel so, so fucking bad for this girl. What an absolute embarrassment.

No. 231481

That wedding dress literally hurts to look at.

No. 231482

I really really hope the commission wasn't that much and her cousin decided to splurge on the honeymoon instead.

No. 231483

No. 231484

File: 1658465880373.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1125x1443, 43494D6B-C151-43A0-996B-7DC6C4…)

They look like flags hanging off her arms. I wouldn’t even call them sleeves, honestly.
I know I’m probably nitpicking but the fact that a ~graduated fashion designer~ couldn’t even be bothered to google how to draft cold shoulder sleeves and instead went for some first-time cosplayer’s “easy five minute sleeve hack” is baffling to me.
Obviously real wedding dress designers don’t use commercial costume patterns but even that would’ve been a huge improvement over what she ended up doing. Only a few minutes worth of searching brought me pic related, McCall’s 4997 or M2004 from The Vault Collection. It’s out of print but still available from multiple sources.

No. 231486

File: 1658465911736.gif (176.7 KB, 1437x1204, 9415F8ED-ADC5-4C55-9D43-EB5008…)

No. 231488

I don't think she used this pattern. She's missing so many elements. I think she is just referencing fairy/renaissance wear and it's just ugly. There's no reason to try to hunt down what pattern she might have used because there's so many similar ones that aren't even a part of the cosplay collection, but have the same silhouette through other vendors.

No. 231490

No that’s my point. She could have used a commercial pattern and ended up with something halfway decent with actual sleeves, enough fabric in the skirt etc. but instead she decided to wing it and created something a child would make a day before their first ren faire. Yes an actual designer probably would’ve drafted the pattern themselves, but they’d also know what the hell they’re doing while Jill… well.

No. 231503

mte anon. literally any dress pattern with a long skirt would have been better than that abomination.

No. 231521

Jesus Christ she is fucking lazy, not even a white snap to be less visible just straight up silver on full show. She hasn’t even finished the dress in a way where this sleeveless look works, the bride looks like someone came over and just yanked the sleeves off her dress. Tear away male stripper clothes vibes. I would love a more knowledgeable anon to give us an estimate on how much the materials for this project would cost.

No. 231532

is this a screenshot from a video? kek please post the gif this is hilarious. I want to see her twirling once again.
>I know I’m probably nitpicking but the fact that a ~graduated fashion designer~ couldn’t even be bothered to google how to draft cold shoulder sleeves and instead went for some first-time cosplayer’s “easy five minute sleeve hack” is baffling to me.
It's not a nitpick, it's legit critizism and it enriches this thread. Just because some bitch says its nitpicking doesnt meant it is.
>the bride looks like someone came over and just yanked the sleeves off her dress. Tear away male stripper clothes vibes.
>I would love a more knowledgeable anon to give us an estimate on how much the materials for this project would cost.
Same here actually

No. 231533

I love how we're so done with her that we're actively ignoring these things lmao.
I particularly find the whole "dueting with an ageplayer and defending her honour as a DID system" super milky.

No. 231535

I think it’s a testament to how far she has sunk that this stuff is just par for the course at this point. We know she herself is an age player and throws a bitch fit when people dare to question her.

No. 231542

idk fabric prices in Canada, but the fabric choices are all on the cheap side
-Satin (if acetate/bridal it costs more however)
-sparkle organza
-satin ribbon
-chiffon for the overdress
My guess is somewhere around the $100 region for the fabric, bearing in mind it is cheaper fabric, however you still need to use a lot of fabric to make a full-length dress.

No. 231555

I wonder if some of it came from her hoard, a lot of it looks like stuff she would already have.

No. 231556

What an overdramatic caption. Braididbunch is a cow herself, but I can't believe Jill and the tiktots managed to turn her being a run of the mill edgy reddit antinatalist into a race thing

No. 231565

I doubt it would even be that expensive. Again not sure on Canadian prices but going by ebay, you can get a lot of the fabric for less than £5 a metre which is around $7.73 CAD at most. Even 10 metres would be less than $100 and I highly doubt she used that much fabric for the dress. Its a very simple construction and most of it doesn't even look like it has a lining.

No. 231576

File: 1658503972675.jpg (176.14 KB, 713x1380, Screenshot_20220722-083117_Chr…)

Jilly Willy is in a mood.

No. 231577

File: 1658504030048.jpg (189.39 KB, 720x1397, Screenshot_20220722-083124_Chr…)

No. 231581

File: 1658504178010.jpg (178.92 KB, 708x1276, Screenshot_20220722-083130_Chr…)

I cackled hard at stop trying to go viral and do your job.

No. 231586

File: 1658504522354.jpg (125.28 KB, 720x1382, Screenshot_20220722-083902_Chr…)

No. 231587

File: 1658504794370.jpg (211.65 KB, 720x1382, Screenshot_20220722-084546_Chr…)

No. 231588

Wow, jill is fully "rules for thee but not for me". How the hell aren't the DID larpers sick of her trying to join them when she gets her own lore wrong.

No. 231589

File: 1658505201367.jpg (191.09 KB, 720x1390, Screenshot_20220722-084010_Chr…)

The misspeak is telling viewers to look up rule 34.

No. 231593

File: 1658506145188.jpg (154.32 KB, 720x1390, Screenshot_20220722-085938_Chr…)

Meant to post this picture. Forgive me

No. 231594

Simple, because they are all grifters. The fights that happen between them is because they are all attention seeking, she will only be questioned if she draws attention from one of them. It’s just the regular narc infighting where they feel wronged if someone else is blowing up their spot.

No. 231595

Exactly. Pretty much everyone I know has had a deer run out in front of them, it's totally normal. Unless you were seriously injured this shit isn't traumatic. It might make you jumpy and tense up in certain driving situations but that isn't trauma. How does it feel to actually experience something mildly upsetting for once in your life Jilly? Gonna milk it to death I'm sure.

No. 231599

>sending warmth and calm uwu uwu uwu
>continues to fight people on twitter

No. 231601

Btich you do the same shit and you do it WORSE

No. 231602

File: 1658507564011.png (40.47 KB, 595x332, firefox_kauEy6eKPg.png)

Why does she try to be quirky and relatable in this way, don't raise your chances for an eye infection lol

No. 231603

This exactly. How can she be this delulu is beyond me. She's quick to point fingers but when it comes to herself she's super defensive and violent with her replies. I wonder if this is how she has been her entire life or if somehow the DID larp made it worse? Because if she has done this her entire life, holy shit what an annoying person to be around and no wonder all her friendships dropped her.

No. 231604

Is there no store on PEI or fucking Amazon prime? What a grotty bitch just go to the pharmacy, she literally had a car as well. One day sure but in NINE DAYS she couldn’t get off her ass and go to the store?

No. 231605

File: 1658507810205.png (223.86 KB, 688x496, jilly billy sucks ass.png)

I really don't get the context of anything and I won't humor these DID retards, but for what I can tell here, Jillian is inserting herself into this shit because she wants to be a big voice of reason in the DID community, hence why she's being this annoying atm.

No. 231606

We're not talking about the deer anymore though

No. 231607

She was too stoned and lazy to go to the store I believe. She could had even told her mom to drive her there.

No. 231608

Weird, this tweet thread has gotten no attention and this person only has 100 followers, and Jill still found it lol

No. 231609

Oh, if you look at the old threads she was always like this. Right before the DID saga she even tried to claim BPD makes you neurodivergent and made a video about it that she quickly deleted.

No. 231610

Her moan SOUNDS sexual and I bet she did it on purpose. I hate porn as anyone in this website would and it was like a fucking jumpscare to me.

No. 231614

File: 1658508617965.png (7.06 KB, 439x262, firefox_78831PqyvZ.png)

She has 6000 views on this video after a day, that is basically dead for somebody who has 233k subscribers.

No. 231615

damn, didn't she get like $1.5k when she first launched her patreon?

No. 231617

File: 1658509036431.png (174.29 KB, 921x574, chrome_IDpBjtvVh9.png)

Her youtube numbers aren't looking spicy either, especially considering she lives in a house and spends a shitton of money.

No. 231618

Big oof. Not even deing a video about the fashion styles in an big popular upcoming movie from a big popular franchise is going to save her.

No. 231619

>those subs going down

No. 231621

I remember how she celebrated milestone after milestone on her channel and then nothing. The fact that she never got over 250k in the last years really says it all. If she would have played her yt game right, she would be over one million at this point. There was also a time when her average views were around 200k per video.

No. 231622

I just know she's going to have an onlyfans era

No. 231623

explains why she decided to "rebrand" into mental illness LARP kek. I feel like she would have done well if she made more fashion/craft/diy videos. It would have been a proper evolution from the haul videos. A lot of people watch ModernGurlz and Mina Le for a reason.

No. 231624

When someone is given everything for basically free, like her, they do not understand how good they have it and how it could be taken away at any moment. She's now facing the consquences.
People subscribed to her because she was a cutesy girl into japanese fashion, went to japan, etc. She was fun and innofensive enough to just want to watch and be like "oh wow that's cute, I like this skirt and I like those earrings, nice haul!" etc.
No one but her tiny dumb twitter bubble cares about DID, no one finds it entretaining or fun, specially not if she's talking about being raped for months and acting so weird in front of a camera. She also looks older and off-putting with that makeup. Drag stuff might be "in" right now but not everyone likes it. Her mask is slipping off and people are figuring out she's not the "nice girl" they thought she was. There's also the fact she hyped up her brand and her fashion collection and never delivered, she will never post it anyways, so why be subscribed. She will continue clowning around and this will be her ultimate demise.

No. 231625

She could have jumped so easily on the Mina Le grift
>upper middle class girl picks random topic and rants about it while being out of touch with normal people
Youtube is full of woke essayists who try to find deeper political meanings in mundane cartoons too. The swap to DID feels more like she doesn't want money, but she wants more attention and wants to be a wannabe Trisha Paytas.

No. 231626

>I feel like she would have done well if she made more fashion/craft/diy videos.
This would had been indeed the way to do it after doing so many hauls. She even went to craft college and planned her fashion brand, so… yeah. This is what people were expecting.

No. 231628

She doesn't want money or self sufficiency, that's what her mommy, daddy, and stewie are for. This way she can pretend to be a baby forever. But people die, get sick, tired, or leave, so one day she'll have to face reality. In that moment, she'll either have to get a real job, or become some junkie begging from crumbs. The latter is more likely.

No. 231631

And may I remind you her mom had cancer and it could come back anytime. I obviously hope not, I hope no one in her life suffers or falls ill. But the possibility is still there and she seems to be not able to grasp that this could happen again and her rainbow house funds would go to her mom instead. She should had been more careful with her youtube career, and she should had learnt shit at school. Not only for her sake, but for the sake of others in her life. If she doesn't take care of her cats right, do you think she will be able to take care of them when she's broke and has no options? Do you think she will be mature or skillful enough to take care of a sick parent? What would happen if she does marry Steven and for some reason he can't work anymore? For fucks sake. She really has no plan A, B, or C. This was it.

No. 231634

Jill was tagged in the tweet

No. 231636

File: 1658512667056.png (448.6 KB, 720x1219, Capture.PNG)

From thread 25 kek, havent scrolled through it all though so it probably got higher than this because this is right as she made a patreon. Also, it's depressing to look at old threads and see how far she has fallen, jesus.

No. 231638

I do remember her being higher than this. Maybe someone can try and find the screenshot?

No. 231639

She is only 24, it's so weird seeing her drop off so hard on patreon as most people who got youtube famous as teens either quit or keep doing the same thing or cheaper stuff that makes them more popular. I am a RiamuP and I lost my shit at your wrong upload, kek, what a coincidence.

No. 231640


No. 231641

KEK. I deleted it really quick I'm surprised you saw it.

No. 231643

we all know jilly was probably thrilled to be the second tagged in that list above diassociadid

No. 231644

I have the feeling Jilly is an active farmer on other threads, she slips into 100% involved in someone else's drama mode too quickly. Amusing also she's using the Pixie account for this and not even bothering to tack on an emoji to signify which of her OCs is posting, after claiming Jill/Pixie hates gossip and Veronica loves it.

No. 231647

>after claiming Jill/Pixie hates gossip and Veronica loves it.
Good catch.

No. 231648

you make a good point about marrying stebie - if they marry and he does troon out like this thread predicts and goes forward with surgeries or hormones or whatever else troons need to transition, that cost is going to fall on the BOTH of them and they both take on any debt that comes along with it. when you get married its not just uwu im so in love, you literally have to split your assets unless you have a prenup.

stebie will either be dead weight to jill's bank account or vice versa. to be fair its most likely vice versa, since he seems to have a job, and jill watches youtube and tweets all day.

No. 231650

I find their relationship so weird. They have a house (for now), they've been living together for like 3 years, they are both young adults that finished their education but it's like they aren't even together. People at that age at least post cheesy couple photos, meet each other's families, but they kind of avoid even that, unless it's building a…commie gingerbread house for christmas. It's like he doesn't really care for Jill that much and she doesn't want life to move on.

No. 231652

Does Steve have an actual career or is he working a part time job to have some spending money for himself? I truly hope he isn’t paying for rent and utilities and food etc. while Jill gets high and screeches online about her imaginary friends.

No. 231657

Kek, using buzzwords is exactly what they were doing though. It's interesting that nobody had a problem with Braididbunch when she was stanning Johnny Depp and making memes about men hitting women but they care now that she offended their bizarre sensibilities in a vague way

No. 231666

I literally gasped at the fucking snap in the armpit. Like…. I'm an amateur seamstress. I do it for fun. I don't have any kind of proper schooling or degree, but even I know that this is extremely improper and novice. There are so many other ways to do detachable sleeves that aren't a technique a mom would use for her kid's Halloween costume. And this is a WEDDING DRESS, the most important dress you'll wear in your life for most people.

Idk why I'm so pissed off at a snap when the whole dress is a partycity disaster, but it's just so lazy to the point of being offensive. I have no doubt that if this poor woman payed for this monstrosity it was likely a $1,000+ price tag. You can charge out the wazoo for a custom wedding dress, which are overpriced to begin with just because of the occasion.

No. 231670

>I'm an amateur seamstress.

So is Jill. She absolutely needs to fucking remove the phrase "fashion designer" from her repertoire, because it's not even remotely close to the truth, nor does it even mean anything.

She is a hobby seamstress. That's it. That's all. I am fucking sick of seeing her use the term "fashion designer." It's as much the case as her having DID.

No. 231682

I'm sure you have much more dedication to the craft that she ever will as well. She went to school for NOTHING

No. 231687

File: 1658522245951.jpg (129.35 KB, 1080x771, 20220722_162925.jpg)

1. Jill
2. Jerrick
3. Veronica
4. Baby Smalls
5. Cliffe
6. Flora
7. Jax
8. Sandwich
9. ?

Either she's counting the piano emoji she's never mentioned on Twitter before, or she's teasing a new deer alter.

No. 231690

File: 1658522553287.png (129.46 KB, 864x390, Screenshot_20220722-215635~2.p…)

No. 231693

Jill, if you really want to fake autism so hard, you should try doing speedruns. I guess she only plays smash because her friends or steve like it, she can't even be bothered to do deep dives on her supposed hobbies like magical girls or sewing.

No. 231696

>the game is like a stim
Words have no meaning

No. 231699

lmao what the fuck

No. 231702

File: 1658523636636.jpg (86.05 KB, 398x308, manual.jpg)

Nice, I can use this picture now!

No. 231703

If she was swallowed she would do absolutely nothing a la bronto burt. Just useless as fuck.

No. 231704

ah yes let me mentally wavedash. You know, as a stim!

No. 231706

File: 1658524157864.png (356.91 KB, 640x427, 1039714914.png)

I feel extremely autistic that I made this but here's a comparison for those who don't know the characters she's talking about

No. 231708

Wendy makes no sense for Flora's personality and ofc Jill is the kooky one just because muh rainbows. I think she based them all on haircolor and she hates Cliffe lol

No. 231710

File: 1658524457332.jpg (214.98 KB, 600x496, you-just-made-4b3c33.jpg)

>"This game is like a stime for us"

The thing about people with
Faux-tism is that when they don't have a specific trait they will just create one. I'm remembering when jill used to try and force stimming habits by buying stim toys now i guess she gave up on that and started faking her own stims.

No. 231713

so.. they're color coordinated. Like everything else in her DID lore. Truly fascinating stuff Jill, please tell us more. She's so quirky and yonique

No. 231718

funny how she initially revealed herself as a system of 5, implying she spent most of her life with those 5 only. and now the cast has nearly doubled within a year? jillybean you're going too fast with the splits!

No. 231719

File: 1658526164027.png (137.6 KB, 398x308, we just love being mean.png)

>we just love being mean!

No. 231722

I noticed there's quite a few negative comments with way more likes than the positive ones still up on her Veronica video. Im sure its mostly people here and from kiwi but it looks like a lot more of her actual supporters are doubting her DID

No. 231729

File: 1658529562760.png (30.44 KB, 768x268, 59723947052724557420.png)

Sorry for deleting (I wasn't sure if it was relevant or not) but I legit think some of them must be previous fans. This one with the ladybug icon really doesn't feel like a farmer to me.

Also she links her own links on the veronica video, not the alter's

No. 231741

Roy would be her Gypsy Rose cosplay nonna!

No. 231745

No. 231750

File: 1658533334534.jpeg (1.04 MB, 828x1548, A79107BA-319C-45B8-ACDF-0B4375…)

From Tiktok. Jill you do not have PTSD, you may have had negative experiences in the past, you may even have trauma, but you do not have fucking PTSD

No. 231757

how can a car accident trigger her ptsd. is she saying her actual trauma came from car accidents?.. forgive me if i just don’t understand ptsd but i feel like usually someone would be triggered by something similar to the original trauma. Why is she even driving in the first place by that logic. This shit makes my head spin.

No. 231763

she looks stoned as fuck LOL

No. 231764

File: 1658535150302.webm (3.86 MB, 576x1024, converted-Snaptik_712322665605…)

>Jilly right after the cras: I'm fine! no trauma!
>Jilly some days after when her car crash isn't relevant anymore: -looking stoned and smiling to the camera- I'm totes having so much ptsd right now guyse, attention pls?

No. 231765

nothing says needing time away from social media by directing traffic to where people can read about how hard your life is on another platform you're very much active on

No. 231769

My tentative vote for next thread pic. This is so stupid, it's perfect. Bless you nonny

No. 231770

literally this makes no sense she could maybe be in a bad mental place after the crash, that happens sometimes to normal people, but how does it trigger her supposed sexual trauma ptsd

No. 231772

Apologies if this is already well known info but what exactly does her 'sexual trauma' consist of? Like, if she was actually raped I'm sure she would of made 5000 pity tweets about it.
I have a feeling it's just some guys who made sexual jokes to her in highschool for a laugh. It's sad but every woman has experienced some form of sexual harassment but it doesn't lead to PTSD for everyone else?

No. 231782

from my understanding, she went from saying she had no trauma and then out of no where she said she was raped multiple times for months in her Veronica video. She didn't say when or who, but it seems like she's vaguely blaming the Deviantart girlfriend for something for a while. as if it were a family member

No. 231788

This doesn’t fit into Kirby lore and would make him overpowered. We all know if Kirby swallowed Jill he would just gain a dependency problem.

No. 231791

File: 1658544494002.jpeg (559.98 KB, 828x1427, 37E3AECC-CEBE-41BB-AD63-ACCEE8…)

Clearly still very traumatised and suffering from PTSD due to running over a deer

No. 231793

Ew god, so much for experiencing "trauma"
Can you post that ugly selfie too?

No. 231794

Looking extra crusty.

No. 231799

I don't know why but the x on the tip of her nose is making me cackle.
>Clearly still very traumatised and suffering from PTSD due to running over a deer
I get the initial shock and some hesitation to drive (being more cautious all around) but PTSD after all her little tweets during that day showcasing she was okay? Yeah hard no. She's sloppy as hell especially since she has that excited tweet about looking at cars. She outs herself better than anyone.

No. 231803

File: 1658549212611.jpeg (464.12 KB, 1242x1844, 0D4EE140-3622-43F0-9FE3-B78821…)

Why can she never just have a hobby? Not everything has to be therapy or relate back to mental illness. Thats literally not even how “art therapy” works anyway, at best she could say she’s using crochet to cope with the stress

No. 231805

this is actually really relaxing though and helps destress. Sorry it's not a hobby you like, anon.

No. 231810

Anon's comment is valid, she wasn't complaining about the hobby but that Jill has to make everything about mental illness. She could just say "relaxing a bit by crocheting!" but she made her whole social media existence about illness.

Thread pic worthy, great work kek

No. 231811

I have no problem with crochet (I love it in fact) but for her it isn’t a hobby, it’s art therapy. It’s just more of her having to be super special. Crocheting to help you relax doesn’t count as art therapy, you need to be working with an actual art therapist

No. 231812

She just has to be the sickest in the room, the expert, the coolest or the most special. Once she drops the DID menthol illness shit she will say it's a stim or something like that.

No. 231814

It follows the pattern where she admits to negative personality traits by blaming them on a specific alter, then suddenly feels free to openly indulge those traits and forgets to keep up the alter pretense. Everyone keep saying it but it’s so insanely obvious that this whole DID thing is just an outlet for the parts of her personality that don’t fit her carefully curated rainbow uwu persona.

Lmao same. Somehow that snap bothers me more than half the other shit she’s pulled in the last year, which is really saying something.

No. 231815

File: 1658551876946.jpg (245.63 KB, 1152x2048, FYT5mC0WIAAWtty.jpg)

No. 231818

I agree that it is a valid way to relax. But anything that comes out of Jillian sounds very pretentious. It's the way she words shit to look like an attention whore.

>Crocheting to help you relax doesn’t count as art therapy, you need to be working with an actual art therapist
This pretty much, she has no idea what she's talking about, once again.

No. 231825

Does she have a whole closet just for jerrick’s clothes? Kek.

No. 231829

Does it qualify as a bad car crash if you are completely physically unharmed. Blog but I have been in a crash that left me with a concussion from being hit in the head and I don’t think I would qualify it as bad because I was otherwise fine. Was she even checked by a paramedic because it doesn’t seem so, seems like she was completely fine and it wasn’t that serious hence the cops just taking her to McDonalds.
She has shown it before like Cliffes one tik tok appearance was filmed in there, it was pretty sparse then and she seemed to be using just half of it. Raises the question again where do Steve’s clothes go when Jill uses all the closets.

No. 231830


I can assure you she had to show her Jerrica's closet in the background to assure that "He" is a totes real person with a very curated aesthetic… Like her entire larp. Funny how the only consistency she has shown so far, is the one traits she's been known for: a rainbow gurl.
I wish she stayed with the 5 petal/5 alters canon, or 7 rainbowy alters max, but she had to take it to the top and after a year of therapy with her sweet baby angle therapist, instead of melting/fusing/integrating like any normal DID larper does, SHE SPLITTED (with no trauma to justify her split, at least DissociaDID fake a suicide attempt to re-cast her characters).

No. 231833

This is a completely off topic nitpick but god I wonder how dusty those anime figures are. Same with all the other shit she has all over her house, I can't imagine she dusts even once a month. Being in there must feel so stifling.

No. 231838

With how popular anime aesthetic consooming is on tiktok, I'm surprised she didn't get into that. I don't feel like she's genuinely into anything aside drama and youtubers.

No. 231841

She always has to be the best at everything she does, and she must know she can’t outdo the hardcore consoomers in that niche who have been building their collections for decades/have tons of disposable income. She might buy a few pieces of merchandise to prove that her obsession of the month is totes legit but if she can’t be the big fish with the biggest or rarest collection then she’ll lose interest quickly.

No. 231851

i'm sure this joke has been made before but i can't unsee it

big jillyfish

No. 231857

There was a cap in the last thread of her saying there was going to be a Jerrick closet cleanout, so presumably she bought a lot of stuff really rapidly to have so much in the closet between the start of DIDposting and now

No. 231861

She doesn’t actually watch anime (she claims to love magical girls yet has never mentioned Madoka? Or any other shojo, really?) nor read manga.

No. 231868

>>231861 she's mentioned madoka a few times. Once saying she didnt like it for not being cute and cozy, and a second time saying she did like it for subverting the magical girl drama. Based on her old magical girl collection/reviews, she has seen a lot of magical girl anime

No. 231870

My theory is they probably liked his old GF more than Jill. Like didn’t Jill steal him from his ex? Might have to do with that too.

No. 231871

I don't know anything about Steve's parents, but if I googled the name of my kid's partner and saw stoner clowncore tiktoks and a "professional" website where she talks about her trauma and mental illness I'd be grossed out

No. 231879

I mean he's obviously both a pornsick coomer (his youtube videos radiate that) and heavily leaning on the homosexual side (his tranny twitter likes, general vibes), I don't think he differentiates between his beards.

No. 231897

It's so funny to me how someone like him can exist. A faggot that somehow can't openly be homosexual so he needs Jill, but he's openly trannifying himself on Twitter and acting like a pornsick groomer.

No. 231900

File: 1658589653983.jpg (503.63 KB, 657x1318, 1658589462818.jpg)

Huh. I wonder if she saw this post with advice on art in the last thread >>>/w/228909 but instead of taking it as professional advice she's going for the "how can I victimize myself for attention and pity points" route? She always spins everything to her own liking

No. 231903

It’s not just madoka she retconed liking, she also hated Utena and now lies that she likes it and Cardcaptor too. She said cardcaptor had too much filler and she skipped large parts (which sperg but the format is monster of the week what is she talking about). I really don’t believe either that she has actually watched all of sailor moon because if cardcaptor was a slog for her there is just no way. Has she even posted anything about Tokyo mew mew new, it’s coming out atm and a big thing for actual magical girl fans. I don’t think she posted anything about Clear card either did she? (For non anime sperg anons that is the continuation of Cardcaptor, it was a big deal because of the large gap). Basically I don’t think she actually likes anime and it’s just one of her fake interests for attention. She also cosplayed that Pri Para character when she admitted to skipping entire seasons of it. Watch her post now pretending she actually watches anime kek.

No. 231905

His parents are very religious no? when he moved in with Jill he was supposed to have his own room because they weren’t allowed to share. He probably lived most of his life suppressed and now he is around Jillian all the time who has never dealt with that and is just openly batshit and does whatever she wants with zero consequences.

No. 231909

>Has she even posted anything about Tokyo mew mew new, it’s coming out atm and a big thing for actual magical girl fans.
She only cares about drag and DID drama nowadays.

No. 231911

I think what annoys me most is that she is trying to establish it as a special interest for her fake autism and she is this lazy with the larp.

No. 231919

Wild how a year ago she would have just said her Kirby power would be magical girl rainbows and left it at that. But now it’s “teehee no I’m so speshul because sometimes I watch Rupauls drag race and sometimes I watch bimbo tiktoks and sometimes I watch Gen Z faux emo revival MCR tiktoks!” Like holy fuck who cares. She has the most boring hollow life ever, literally none of her identities mean anything except consooming.

No. 231932

This. It's insane how she has all these "hobbies" but unlike a true autist, can't hyperfocus on one and show just how passionate she is about it. Instead, it's the most surface level shit that you know she'll only bring up when it's convenient for whatever she's larping as or if it's for one of her tiktoks/youtube videos.

No. 231941

I think they'll break up within a few years, with Stebie dumping her. Dating Jill probably seemed fun in the beginning when she was a Big Youtuber and going to fashion school to study to get a proper design job, but all of it fell apart and Jill keeps getting mentally worse and worse. Now he also has to deal with her "alters" who aren't even into him, if your partner is open about not finding you attractive at all that would hurt a lot (assuming he does love her).

When it happens Jill is gonna end up somehow twisting it into her being abused by him. Perhaps she'll say he's a pedo for being with her as a minor alter and it left her traumatized kek. Before the breakup they'll probably "suddenly realize they're polyamorous" and try to go poly for a while, either as a trio or Stebie will be allowed to fuck others.

No. 231946

>Dating Jill probably seemed fun in the beginning when she was a Big Youtuber and going to fashion school to study to get a proper design job, but all of it fell apart and Jill keeps getting mentally worse and worse.
This is legit one of the reasons why a lot of couples break up. There's no more excitement or stimulation, Jilly is not someone you could admire in any way, and she's becoming very pathetic. When your partner becomes pathetic, you start feeling adversion and contempt. She's quickly declining and honestly… she's not even that good of a beard. She's insufferable, she's not attractive, and she's not someone your parents would approve of. And besides her tranny enabling ways towards Steven, is there anything she can truly offer him? He's average looking but good enough to find someone better out there (at least someone who isn't an obese clown). And he could try to find a place of his own. Her youtube fame is crumbling so he can't make any more videos clinging to her fame (not that he even made that many to begin with). So what is he waiting for? Drop the landwhale.

No. 231951

>Like didn’t Jill steal him from his ex? Might have to do with that too.
I honestly think Jillian is very manipulative and gross for doing this. She probably saw Maggie, a girl who dressed in similar fashion to her, and then saw Steven (who looks like her previous exes), and decided she would look like a better partner with him. She befriended her to get with Steven and not because she legit wanted her friendship. She pretended to be a nice and positive friend towards her like she does with everyone, but it's always a facade. She stripped in front of them and no wonder Maggie dropped her out of her life. Who knows what other shit she did to her.

This is what happens when you give everything to a spoiled child and never say no to them: they do this shit. And I'm sure this is not the first instance this happened.

No. 231953

She doesn't make a lot of things about her relationship public, but rule number one is that if you can "steal" someone they will be easily stolen from you.

No. 231962

Another thing I just remembered: Pixie befriend Maggie at the same time that she was "dating" Mystery Girl (Alyssa), and then dropped her not very long after. You can search it on previous threads, at that point some anons even thought that Jillian's mystery girlfriend was Maggie because they sometimes appeared together on their respective Instagrams. Alyssa's identity was revealed sometime later.

So the whole "I'm not attracted to you anymore" thing Jillian said towards Alyssa probably was said because 1.She wasn't useful anymore to her image 2.Shes simply not attracted to women, and most importantly: 3.Steven was already on her radar

Steven does look like every other male ex she has had so of course she would drop the girl for this moid

No. 231963

Was just gonna say this.
I think she likes anime but in a very casual way, definitely not in the sperg special interest way that she wants to. She even gets shit wrong about precure sometimes

No. 231968

Eh, you don't have to be a super giga mega fan to enjoy anime, but to me it feels like she always went for magical girls because of the bright colors and aesthetic (not like those anime are deep plot wise since they're targeted at kids). Same with that animal crossing custom decal she got for her switch but she barely plays, a lot of zoomers want to brand themselves as "I am a fan of X, this adds to my personality" but they don't really feel interested enough to sit through 50 boring monster of the week episodes.

No. 231969

Kek. Troon steals steebie from Jill when? Even better if they're some ABDL degenerate she follows.

No. 231972

I wish so badly that she would just shut up and only post art from now on. I know it's not right to expect people to be constantly productive, but social media is clearly bad for her mental health, and she is hemorrhaging subscribers constantly. it's not even like she makes videos on a regular schedule but when she does post it has to be some weird made up trauma. she used to be enjoyable to hate watch but now she just actually makes me wanna vomit. i miss the cringe cosplay/ "kawaii ambassador" era, take us back…

No. 231977

Why shouldn't he pay rent and utilities? He lives in her (parents') house.

No. 231984

File: 1658604524368.webm (2.35 MB, 320x568, bXy54GQzUnyOOWSS.webm)

Villainy fun from last night with a sprinkle of Jax in this

No. 231986

File: 1658604936868.png (1.07 MB, 1088x532, shite.png)

Late I know but I just can't for the love of god fathom how someone who looks like this and does this shit can pretend to be a real fashion critic and give her opinion on youtube as a "fashion designer". She has no credibility and her commentary is so stupid and below average too. My god this is beyond delusional

No. 231988

>Villainy fun from last night with a sprinkle of Jax in this
>filming a bunch of tiktoks and taking pics and stuff uwu
Ok so she films all her alter content in advance and her "switch on camera" moments are premeditated. Got it.

No. 231989

File: 1658605079301.jpg (249.47 KB, 718x1275, Screenshot_20220723-123548_Adb…)

Grabbed it off of twitter, here's the tags she uses on tiktok. Emo tag got cut off.

No. 231994

The flying green ham returns

No. 231995

I'm glad jerrick recovered so fast from his deer trauma lol

No. 231999

it's very fucking funny, jerrica is like "omg im so sad I have so much ptsd omg emo lyrics I will pray at my wtichcore altar" (couple of days later) "YASSS QUEEEEEEN I LOVE DRAG!!!!!"

No. 232015

The thing is we know how manipulative she is and that she has suicide baited in the past to get her way. Guilt can make some people stick around a long time. He might want to leave but feel trapped by her.

No. 232017

File: 1658611998551.webm (4.68 MB, 540x960, 3OyPmrOzNKui00BL.webm)

>A rare Cliffe-tok. Everyone take good care in this heat.

No. 232018

File: 1658612213926.jpg (165.74 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220723-143015_Adb…)

Jilly's explanation for her rainby colored house. Can't just casually like anything. It must be exhausting.

No. 232019

File: 1658612245539.jpg (185.75 KB, 720x1398, Screenshot_20220723-143020_Adb…)

No. 232027

The extended moment of aircon noise really makes this

No. 232050

Whenever she expands on her DID lore I feel like I'm reading the story of a Sonic OC made by a 2001's teenager on deviantart.
>if we ever had a white living room I think it would cause dissociation
Come on, what? The organized living room with harmonic colors won't kill her, maybe all it will do is show her that living like a real adult with real responsibilities is too much for her lazy ass.

No. 232058

A key thing about her manipulation as well is that she said that the first time she met Steve and Maggie she told Steve that she was trying to date Maggie. Jill's a fake bisexual for moid attention.

>our next place
With what money? Is she making enough passive income with old youtube views? I highly doubt that her parents would pay for a new house when her brother bought a home for himself not to long ago.

No. 232065

Does she mean more dissociation? I thought jilly was born dissociating or some such… and she clearly does it frequently if DID lore is to be believed! It’s like she’s so bored that a moment of uninterrupted peace causes her panic and she has to put on these big productions or be surrounded by colors in order to be stimulated. Get a job jill, take up an actual hobby, fill your day with productivity instead of trying to paint over it with loud colors and OCs.

No. 232072

The white living room thing makes her sound so entitled. If she lost everything and had to live somewhere with white walls, would it drive her to the brink?

No. 232074

c'mon anon, you know full well if pixie kept talking about that deer anons would rip her apart for milking it for so long lol

No. 232076

File: 1658619006602.png (140.93 KB, 362x299, Screenshot_2021-7-04_9.46.34_A…)

She trying to look like the orange Doodlebop but in green?

No. 232082

File: 1658619845532.jpg (455.66 KB, 2048x1365, gettyimages-1230017599-2048x20…)

No. 232096

How would living with white walls cause someone to dissociate and not know where they are? Tip: if there’s a toilet near you, you’re in the shitter. Don’t need rainbow colours to figure that out

No. 232106

I wish she would just drop the DID shit and do drag. It would still be bad, but maybe less embarrassing.
no tongue? maybe it is a different personality

No. 232107

This is about the third time that she’s hinted at her trauma taking place in a white room and that white walls trigger her. But hasn’t she always lived in colorful places?

No. 232128

File: 1658639801336.webm (Spoiler Image,2.2 MB, 720x720, Sad, Sleeveless & Shapeless NO…)

Already brought it up, but it truly deserves to be seen in motion. Nothing risqué in this video, using a spoiler in case some aren’t interested in more wedding dress sperging. I just cannot get over how little effort Jillian put into making it.

No. 232130

jerricka's next drag performance

No. 232145

Someone else mentioned this before but it seems like Jer does has his own closet, haven’t we only seen him in the same 2 maybe 3 outfits? Nevermind how hush hush she kept all these purchases because it wouldn’t make sense with the amount of preaching she does over sustainability and being eco friendly.

No. 232146

I think it might be because "jerr's" closet is actually steve's. If she ever did a closet tour, I guarantee you'd see maybe 2 of "jerr's outfits" and the rest of the suspiciously smaller looking male clothes she'd try to pass off as "stuff I don't wear on camera".

No. 232162

They both indicated previously that “Jerrick” steals Steve’s clothes. I could see some bits like that shirt she wears and never buttons up that doesn’t look like it could button up.
She even went as far to say she didn’t remember his name or anything the first few times they met because she was only interested in Maggie. Almost like she was negging him and acting poorly towards him on purpose as part of the manipulation.

No. 232209

lmao, probably has to do with being an inpatient and being taken away from mommy louise (altho tbh that shit does suck ass), shes scared of a white room because shes scared of not being able to puppet everything in her life to cater to herself

No. 232239

I always assumed the whole "white room trauma" was from her moms time in the hospital/dealing with cancer; but Jilly is too dumb to figure out how to spin that without making it glaringly obvious she's co-opting others trauma for her own

No. 232244

Or even just musical theatre. She could have the same characters even, but she just has to pretend to be sick to cope with her failure at her fashion day camp.

No. 232259

I genuinely think you guys are giving her way too much credit (and license to steal those as excuses), I think she just has a pathological need to be as extra and attention grabbing as possible so the thought of a ‘boring’ house is her worst nightmare

No. 232267

if she made the headband last summer in jerrick's style, which if im not mistaken was before the did larp arc, shes been planning this all for so long

No. 232274

File: 1658679161724.png (143.36 KB, 1196x332, Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 12.1…)

forgive me anons if this has been brought up before, but I was browsing an early thread (#4) for nostalgia reasons and saw this post. hilarious looking at it now considering our current saga

No. 232276

It's even more hilarious, since the reason she's so into drag is because she watched Rupaul. Every trend she hops on happens right afted consumes media.

No. 232280

the way it does not fit at all in the back holy shit. even jill's old annual birthday dresses are better made than this. I'm sure because it was a commission any criticism regarding her choices can just be met with "IT'S WHAT THE CLIENT ASKED FOR THOUGH!!!"

No. 232281

File: 1658682307476.jpg (134.69 KB, 957x1105, 1625508771551.jpg)

You inspired me to finally sit down and make a DID timeline, apologies for the wall of text.

>27th Jun 2020 - Jill is seeing a therapist who she calls sweet >>102779

>2nd Jul 2020 - she says she stims >>103656
>12th Aug 2020 - claims she has a chronic illness that makes her change her voice >>108915
>15th Aug 2020 - says she is catatonic >>109293 >>109343
>21st Dec 2020 - Jill claims to have severe dissociation/depersonalization >>127350
>30th Dec 2020 - starts seeing angelbabe therapist? >>129368
>18th Jan 2021 - she retweets DID stuff >>133146
>30th Jan 2021 - removes - then puts back - "Neurodivergent" from her Twitter bio. >>135273
>27th Mar 2021 - Steve comes out as Nonbinary and Pansexual with they/them pronouns >>142715
>9th Jun 2021 - she describes self as "bisexual she/her bimbo with BPD and structural dissociation type two" >>155092
>11th Jun 2021 - her therapist suggests EMDR >>155452
>16th Jun 2021 - says she prefers the name Pixie and uses any pronouns >>156046 >>156843
>25th Jun 2021 - Jill makes a video about neurodiversity being more than just autism and adhd, says that she has many symptoms that BPD can't explain >>157267, she faces backlash and deletes the video >>157430 >>157339
>reupload of the trainwreck vid >>157620
>27th Jun 2021 - Villainy account is made >>157503, anons notice it follows a ton of DID accounts
>29th Jun 2021 - buys a binder >>157849
>28th Jul 2021 - talks about angel therapist on twitter, calls him a LGBT icon >>164616
>5th Oct 2021 - big mental health appointment she paid 1000$ CAD for that lasted 150 minutes >>175804
>13th Oct 2021 - appointment with angel therapist, presumably a full questionnaire psych testing >>176932, angel therapist is NOT a psychiatrist, results in 2-3 weeks
>14th Oct 2021 - Jill approves somebody else's factive of her >>176994
>27th Oct 2021 - makes a video about sensory issues, BPD and dissociation >>178976
>28th Oct 2021 - gets "encouraging results" >>179174
>11th Nov 2021 - presumably gets the diagnostic impression paper >>181386
>12th Nov 2021 - DID Diagnosis cake >>181714

Tl;dr: This could have been cooking since 2020.
While reading old threads I also remembered how she defended shane dawson a lot and her dress was made in Kosovo, and Serbia and Kosovo have factories with exploited immigrants that often end up in the news here in the balkans, lmao small world

No. 232298

Is there any info on why she left the first therapist she said was sweet. If it’s the same therapist then it would track she had this pre planned because she said herself they shopped for him because he dealt with this in particular.

No. 232302

should be added to the official thread summary in the future

No. 232303

Thank you for making and posting a timeline, it's pretty nice to see it all neatly laid out like this.

No. 232305

File: 1658691066565.png (257.71 KB, 384x456, 777324794237.png)

thank you for censoring the faces, also holy shit

No. 232306

So "jerrick" aka herself needs more space to move out and continue her larp but Steven gets nothing? and his clothing continues to get stolen and his car is crashed.

No. 232312

File: 1658692444385.jpg (186.94 KB, 1080x727, IMG_20220724_215046.jpg)

I couldn't find any info, maybe she vaguetweeted about it. Enjoy this gem meanwhile, I think we can all see that COVID + finishing uni + tiktok + trisha drama sent her on the DID trip lol

No. 232314

KEK, holy shit. If someone said this exact thing to her she would immediately say it is soooo malicious and evil and big bullying that makes her split into another Steven Universe fictive, how the tables have turned.

No. 232315

im pretty surprised she said that tbh. i can't imagine much of jills audience would agree with this since a lot of them will be self-diagnosed with various mental illnesses including DID. and calling someone a liar even though she hates when people call her out for lying about DID… hmmm

No. 232318

I was talking about the first mentioned therapist the “sweet” one. It sounded like two different ones but if it is all the one therapist then it would prove she was starting all of this as early as June 2020 because the current they chose him for this area specifically. She also gets significantly worse between the two therapist mentions in the timeline. That could either be gearing up for therapist shopping or her becoming much worse under the care of the questionable enabling therapist.

No. 232325

i can’t believe she wrote this out at one time with her whole chest… the absolute irony is killing me. How does she not realize how she’s doing this EXACT SAME SHIT. Or maybe she does and she simply doesn’t fucking care anymore. She’s become trisha paytas and then some. This tweet just reads like how 99% of ppl in this thread feel about her.

No. 232328

File: 1658697558686.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1582x863, 1603224354411.jpeg)

I guess this needs a little addendum for stuff I missed and stuff she revealed later, feel free to add stuff nonnies

>Jill later reveals on twitter that the moment she finished school she had to full power focus on her mental health, this led her down this path and in the summer of 2020 she starts consuming more mental health content and tweeting about it

>October 2020 - Jill writes in her about me on her website that she was left with lasting clinical trauma from a relationship she had at 12/13 with a person 3 years older >>116828
>28th Nov 2020 - Jill talks about suicide and seeing a new specialist soon (angelbabe) >>122902, >>122876
If you read around the posts I linked, you can already see anons speculating she is doctor shopping and started talking about dissociation a lot more, influenced by following dissociaDID.
>2nd Dec 2020 - she contacts angelbabe and says he specializes in dissociative disorders >>123683
>5th Dec 2020 - new video drops and anons again notice her voice changes >>124420
>8th Jan 2021 - she confirms Steve was the one who researched and found angelbabe >>132524
After cake reveal:
>12th Nov 2021 - her full psych eval results are DID, PTSD, BPD, GAD and EDNOS >>181730
>21st Nov 2021 - DID diagnosis video >>183927 where she holds up the infamous diagnostic impression >>183956
>22nd Nov 2021 - drops the bomb she thinks she has autism too >>184113
>Jill says she was referred to a psychiatric clinic where two other doctors diagnosed her >>182001 but angelbabe was the one who administrated the MID >>181861

It would be worth adding posts and proof what angelbabe therapist's qualifications were an how he's a newbie with a past in the drag scene, but I don't wanna make this too long.

Sweet therapist was apparently inoffensive but not what she wanted, the threads and Jill are less active over summer where she didn't mention therapy anymore and then she starts shopping for a DID diagnosis and Steve helps her find angelbabe therapist. She confirms here >>181861 that she has been working with angelbabe since December, the other tweets on the timeline line up with this.

No. 232330

stop making a timeline if you're just guessing. ffs.

No. 232331

One more thing, after reading all this I find the story of the official diagnosis even more sketchy.
>angelbabe suggested EMDR before she was even diagnosed with anything other than BPD
>he refers her to a specialist to make the diagnosis since he isn't qualified
>since Jill wasn't referred by a normal doctor she pays 1000 CAD
>the professional appointment is only the first part and lasts 150min, which is too little if they were testing her memory, doing an IQ test, an interview and the 200 questions for analysis
>the second part is angelbabe giving her the MID questionnaire on his own, this is not part of the professional stuff, if he's not a licensed psychiatrist how can he be part of her diagnosis?
>all Jill gets out of this is the diagnostic impression
And that's my 2cents of too much autism.

No. 232332

No one is guessing anything, all of her tweets are linked

No. 232333

if she's missing information she should let someone else do it.

No. 232334

>Go to a fucking psychiatrist and get diagnosed. Do not self diagnose on the internet. You don't have BPD. You don't have DID.
>As of right now, with nothing diagnosed, you are lying. It's not cute.


No. 232335

File: 1658698496344.png (735.17 KB, 957x1105, 12331.png)

I'm so sorry, this is fucking hilarious

No. 232340

immaculate finds, both of these. absolute kek, and the drag one is hilarious bc i feel like she said she was a "longtime fan of drag" in her villany video. longtime huh? but not longer than 5 years, silly jillybilly

No. 232344

for real, like not to say people's opinions and beliefs can't change over time (5 years is quite a gap I'd say) in hindsight it's absolutely hilarious

No. 232359

File: 1658704966246.png (1019.73 KB, 756x808, 1349739070799743423.png)

No. 232360

Thank you for censoring the faces. But man. that poor woman. That does not look like a wedding dress. it is literally a renn faire costume.

No. 232364

File: 1658705749842.png (438.52 KB, 902x559, A376EBF5-7FF7-4246-8C15-349862…)

Don’t forget what was actually shown in the diagnostic impression.
It was only what she reported to him; she told him she had 5 different personalities, that she was hearing voices in her head that were distinctly other people but that she knows they arent “outside of her.”
With as only observation being her fluidly switching between multiple alters & changing voices during the testing.

Blurring the rest, the DES-ll results, a self report test measuring dissociation/memory loss etc. Bc??? Probably would’ve made her lies too obvious seeing as how she already can’t keep up with the way she experiences these things

No. 232377

I got so confused when she said mains as Bowser jr instead of just saying the Koopa troopers. Bowser jr is a different character entirely.

No. 232380

File: 1658708037347.webm (5.04 MB, 720x1280, 51112659695.webm)

She's at 20k views with this tiktok. Haven't looked at comments. You know Jilly is getting her dopamine hits.

No. 232385

I can't believe she turned those teen pictures into her larp shit

No. 232390

didn’t she say in that video that a diagnostic impression isn't a diagnosis and then hold up her own diagnostic impression?

No. 232407

File: 1658717704811.webm (8.39 MB, 1920x1080, Jilly.webm)

No. 232410

We all know the views are thanks to the Eddie Munson's audio, right?

Here's my question: If that's supposed to be Jerrica and Jax (?), why is she moving and lip synching EXACTLY like during her drag show, were she was supposed to be Jillian? I mean, her movements aren't typical of a 14-year-old boy, her expression, even her ducking tongue biting, are the classic dance moves made by a cisgender female white woman in school musical theatre. That jump by the end? Come on, Jillian!

No. 232411

Timestamp: 13:16-13:56 of the introduction of DID video.

No. 232417

anons clearly don't know how tiktok works.

No. 232421

I love how you have the "After cake reveal" as this historical date. We should start categorizing years of Jill's DID saga by BCR or ACR (Before/After Cake Reveal).

No. 232441

File: 1658741263770.webm (8.1 MB, 1920x1080, BigBess.webm)

Sage for unbridled autism but I just couldn't help myself

No. 232442

I like how you don't even have to dig deep, but just watch her own diagnosis video where she says "yeah I don't have an actual diagnosis". Then when you read these threads and the timeline, you notice she was eyeing this since summer of 2020 and trisha paytas pulling this stunt and the person who diagnosed her barely has experience, she developed an unprofessional friend relationship with him, and THEN HE QUIT and decided to move to another city. Clown town.

Saved if anyone asks about her official diagnosis, based

No. 232452

File: 1658751396716.jpg (305.01 KB, 1080x1201, IMG_20220725_141547.jpg)

Why she was at a mcdonalds
Also responsing to that bees girl that was found in an earlier thread to obsessively defend her on tiktok iirc

No. 232459

>safer at night
Wtf bitch, wasn't the accident during middle of a bright day before?

No. 232460

Yeah, she says here >>230546 it happened during daylight and the pics of her car getting towed are in the daylight as well, at most it was in the afternoon?

No. 232463

Yeah that stuck out to me too. As another anon said, she was most likely taken to the Sackville, NB McDonalds based on how far she was into her drive. So since her dad drove all the way from the island to get her maybe it was night time by the time he caught up with her, or she thought it would be? That's the only explanation I can think of unless she's just straight up lying again

No. 232465

Unless im incorrect abt her living in Fredricton the drive shouldn’t have been more than 4h even with the worst traffic.
She just has to milk the accident and make everything super scawy

No. 232467

She does live in Fredricton, but her dad was the one who picked her up from Sackville and he had to drive all the way from PEI to collect her there. It's really down to what time of day it was when she crashed/how far her crashed car was from the Sackville rest area/how long it took her dad to get there and how fast she notified him I guess, but even then it seems a bit off

No. 232469

Well from PEI to Fredericton is 3/4 hours depending on where you’re from and to Sacksville is maybe 2, nowhere close to getting dark

No. 232479

I think you’re all just reading too much into it tbh she may have chosen to go there before she knew how she was getting home so was preparing to possibly have a long wait until someone could get her. It was an offhand reply based on someone else’s innocuous comment, it’s hardly her milking it. Not to WK, but she’s said enough dumb shit regarding the accident (passing out etc) that actually counts as milk, this is just nitpicking

No. 232483

absolute gold!!

No. 232485

I pretty much only browse lolcow on my phone so I tend to skip posted videos, so this is the first time I watched this clip of her talking about the diagnostic impression and holy shit her body language just screams disingenuous, it could just be her checking her script/checkpoints off screen but something about the way she moves at certain points screams theater kid recounting what she was taught to sell a role.

No. 232514

File: 1658767823366.jpg (303.41 KB, 1080x1277, IMG_20220725_185013.jpg)

Jill proclaims her love for Demi's nonbinary song, gets warned that Demi is a zionist

No. 232516

File: 1658767865538.jpg (246.24 KB, 1080x1076, IMG_20220725_185125.jpg)

No. 232519

this is bullshit though, demi isn't a Zionist. Even if they were, who gives a shit really

No. 232520

>something about the way she moves at certain points screams theater kid recounting what she was taught to sell a role.
Bingo. I remember when people here said those movements were proof she has autism when in reality… She's just a failed theater kid.

No. 232522

She's lying kek. She wanted those damn mcnuggies because she's a fat clown. Also it was the middle of the day. Miss "never lies" loves changing key details about stuff.

No. 232524

Why am I not surprised she likes someone like this? There's a lot of parallels here down to the entitlement and victimization.

No. 232526

File: 1658768743773.jpg (604.89 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-07-25-18-54-56…)

It's just twitter users trying to outwoke each other and then misgendering Demi lol

No. 232543

>Okay so actually she’s not but she went there once
Jill has set herself up to have to bend over backwards for the stupidest opinions possible by marketing herself as so woke. She could have ignored this type of thing when she was just a fashion blogger but now she has to have every perfect opinion and never step out of line. No wonder she started claiming all her missteps are an antagonistic alter ego.

No. 232545

So being anti-israel is cool under these people?

No. 232552

No. 232555

Twittertards have the amazing ability of simutaneously simplifying and overcomplicating anything. See Jill, she's just BPDchan that's letting herself go. But, no no. She's now a non-binary pansexual system with autism, BPD, pCOS, PTSD, and every other label she can slap on and larp as.

No. 232563

they're referring to the fact that she's pretending the accident was at night time, rather than in the middle of the day.

No. 232585

I just watched her "My Style Evolution 2012 - 2020! 🌈💕" vid from 2020 to get some supposed Jerrick pictures (which are just obviously her ED & I'm not like other girls phase)& I was so blown away by how much her cognitive and verbal ability have dimimished recently! She seemed bubbly and interesting to listen to then, but in her newer videos it's all RuPaul fan lingo and DID shit. In her meet the alter video for Jillian, she talks in an exaggerated high-pitched voice so as to emphasize the femininity and bubbliness and differentiate this persona from the others more. And yet, when she didn't play pretend her (2020 and earlier) voice was lower, fuller, not as annoying. She honestly seems to be on edge recently, and detereorating further. Is it the weed use, I wonder? She has the face of an anxiety haver turned weed enjoyer.

No. 232608

I watched her Jillian intro video recently and I thought the exact same thing. I don't know if it was said when that video first came out, but she's exceptionally annoying in that one, obviously played up to contrast her other characters. But she'll just say her old vids were purely co-con ofc. It's sad. I was never really a fan of Jill, but her downwards spiral peaked my interest. It's been said a million times before but such wasted potential.

No. 232611

File: 1658785174107.jpg (149.25 KB, 720x1292, Screenshot_20220725-143849_Adb…)

No. 232615

very curious to see how the next therapist feels about everything she’s currently “diagnosed” with. i’m assuming she’s going to try and find someone new to the field who will continue to tell her what she wants to hear and she can give that angel babe title to again. As someone from the outside who truly knows jack shit about DID on a clinical level, logically i can still imagine an educated professional would immediately shut down most of the way Jillian is coping and living as someone with a severe condition. If someone genuinely had a personality disorder where they feel like multiple parts of themselves are separate; Smoking weed and drinking alcohol would be the LAST thing a therapist would support. Obviously I don’t think she truly has DID but still. No properly trained mental health professional will believe her self medicating is normal/healthy which i’m sure she’s convinced herself that it is.

No. 232630

Either she's gonna find someone just like this last one that's been guzzling the woke pills or she's gonna keep shopping around until there's no one left and then she'll say she's choosing not to continue with therapy because the current state of the mental health field is "biased and prejudiced" or whatever

No. 232646

kek good one nonna

No. 232648

She literally has no potential other than being a spoiled brat. I pass junkies on the street with more "potential" than her everyday

No. 232652

File: 1658796872403.jpg (510.48 KB, 873x1180, 1111111.jpg)

No. 232654

File: 1658797397863.jpg (136.6 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220725-175238_Adb…)

No. 232666

Except she didn’t say that, anons are just reading into things that aren’t there again. Jill does enough retarded shit without having to make things up

Kek the thread pic potential nonna

No. 232672

she is so fucking insufferable someone can’t even talk about the weather without her making it about herself and her special trauma wtf

No. 232694

She had potential back when she was kawaii ambassador, she had so many opportunities to mature and grow her brand and her name. Having such a big following in a niche market just to waste it on DID larp is wasted potential.

No. 232697

It's insane how fast she managed to throw away her career opportunities especially when they were all handed to her with no work needed.

No. 232719

God forbid someone with Jewish ancestors go to Israel.

No. 232737

I am still not getting why she’s making it so hard for herself by fabricating the trauma and rewriting her past when her mum had cancer and thats a completely valid thing to get trauma from. Would make all this just a smidge bit believable and she wouldn’t have to keep track of an enormous web of lies.

No. 232739

no one liked her back than either. she was chosen as kawaii ambassador because of her following. shes met with kawaii icons and they kind of just cringe and be nice to her on camera
she has never had potential she just had an expensive camera when she was a teenager and started a youtube channel during the 2010s peak of youtube

No. 232740

She is such a narcissist it never even occurred to her kek. That tattoo video where she got her first and Louise went with her and made a comment about how it wasn’t her first because she had dots for her cancer treatment and Jilly couldn’t get her to shut up quick enough, god forbid it’s not about her for a second.

No. 232823

File: 1658864104306.jpg (460.67 KB, 1364x2048, FYnY9NeWQAIYQDz.jpg)

new jerrica pic, where do i even start lmao, the burnt chia pet wig or the questionable photoshop job?

No. 232830

Cause it wouldn’t be trauma where she was the center of it all/the biggest victim

No. 232831

At that point it would have been a better idea to just edit the floor out and make the weird wobbly background the whole thing—that awful green floor clipping just looks weird lol

No. 232873

Weed does cause damage to the hippocampus which makes short term memory and learning abilities go down, perhaps it's her daily usage or her genetics made her more susceptible to that sort of brain damage. I'm pretty sure the weed has given her short term memory issues which has made her think "I must have switched to an alter because i don't remember what i did". I think she's partly aware of her larping and partly clinging on to anything that can validate it to herself and others

No. 232896

She looks like a bug flew into her eye.

No. 232898

This is one of the most offensive to the eyes things I have ever seen, it's so loud. Even if you can look at it for more than a second, the background fading into the floor looks bizarre. How can she stand to look at this stoned out of her mind?

No. 232914

Weed is half her personality, at this point.

No. 232925

They get free trips if they’re Jewish. Unfortunately you have to take emergency training if you go.

No. 232926

I often think about the Japan video where she went into a store and met one of her fashion idols who was sewing behind the counter. She was so inspired by that chance meeting and it really seemed to refocus her aspirations and now, she's made up loads of imaginary friends because she's watched too much Ru Paul and wants to be a boy so she can pretend to be a girl.

I just feel sad for her now. She's so pathetic.

And she's probably triggered by her car crash cause that's exactly what her life is right now. We'll still be hearing about this crash for months and months to come.

No. 232938

It really is tragic, I felt like at that point in time she really did show at least a little bit of spirit to try and forge ahead and make it on her own, I admit I was kind of rooting for her to spread her wings. Now it's just sad, looking back. Making mental illness your entire shtick online can't be healthy, or sustainable (kek, sustainable).

No. 232984

The bad photoshop still pales in comparison to the sleeves. Just take the damn sleeves off! They’re not the right size to fit as cold shoulder sleeves even if they were properly attached, but the way they look hanging by single safety pin is just awful. Either take them off, remake them, or thread some elastic through and make them Vocaloid-style arm warmers, just do something. The dress itself is fine, but those sleeves irritate the hell out of me

No. 232988

I'd say it's probably kiwifarms, pretty sure they have more on dissociaDID than lolcow does.

No. 232998

kek you made it even better

No. 232999

everyone forgot she had "thunderstorm PTSD" until someone had to mention it kekkkk

No. 233001

Idk. Anons keep pushing this but I rather have her boasting about fabricated trauma than saying that her mom's cancer was the cause. It would be extremely selfish if she did say this.

No. 233002

File: 1658899857126.jpeg (139.14 KB, 828x352, 5F1E93A4-EE5A-4E38-A860-C8B9F5…)

No. 233003

File: 1658900116386.png (165.62 KB, 2600x4750, Tol_Peridot_by_Lenhi.png)

the sleeves just remind me of Peridot, one of the steven universe characters she's supposedly took as inspiration for Jerrick. Also, this character is heavily pushed by the fandom to be autistic.

No. 233004

>We've been MEGA SUPER SWITCHY coping with extra PTSD symptoms

No. 233005

Having that kind of following during the golden age of YT pure wasted potential. She could have actually made her name into a brand or a business if she wasn't so caught up in this downwards spiral of retardation

No. 233006

>we've been MEGA SUPER SWITCHY coping with extra PTSD
Jilly, playing as different skins for the same character in smash doesn't mean you're switching in real life OR coping with PTSD kek

On that note, if I was to larp a mental illness like this, I would definetely learn to main different smash characters. Maybe my edgy altersona could be Lucario or some shit. This just proves she's extremely lazy and probably chose the Koopalings ("bowser jr") because they're the same character without their moveset being distinct. If I was an edgy autistically retarded emo guy into smash I would probably wouldn't use something as goofy as the koopalings, but whatever.

No. 233007

Jillian right after the accident
>no trauma I'm fine!!!!
Jillian after not getting enough pity points

No. 233009

Hard agree. Her poor mother (even though she raised the leech) has to deal with enough without Jill flaunting the fact that Louise DARED to get cancer and the affect it had on Jill. Plus, a family member with cancer is far too pedestrian and commonplace for Jilly, she needs enough special points to hang with the CSA victims.

Don’t validate her anon, that’s what she’s going for

No. 233012

she’s trying to claim autism but she can sit there and edit this sensory nightmare? i can’t even look at it.

No. 233019

Dear fucking god just get another fucking outfit for this mofo I'm so tired of it what kind of designer only has one fucking outfit for their Irl OC

No. 233020

she's so cringe and annoying, why is she milking this shit this hard? its not like she cared the moment a deer crashed steven's car. Has she publicly apologized to him at all? don't think so, she only mentioned mommy helping her a new shiny car.

No. 233021

not to wk but why tf would she publicly apologize????

No. 233022

She basically shares everything on her twitter, if she had an ounce of remorse towards steven she would had said anything like "omg stewei im so sowwy -cry emoji- your car omg" instead she keeps mentioning her totes real trauma and ptsd. She does not care.

No. 233023

>if you see my activity online being like 4 people in one hour
Idk, this wording makes me think she's not switching at all and she's just one normal human being doing different things at random points. She already pre-recorded a bunch of jerrick content so she's not fooling anyone.

No. 233024

>anons: she's gonna milk this car crash for months
>jill: I sure am!

No. 233025

I don’t know why she keeps calling this shit drag. It’s not extravagant enough, she just looks like another TikTok egirl with they/them in her bio.

No. 233027

>Having that kind of following during the golden age of YT pure wasted potential

Even outside of active lolcows like Jilly, there have been so many people I've observed who've accrued a following on Youtube or Instagram that then dropped off the face of the planet, I wonder how useful a following actually is since so many people squander or abandon them.
And then even for the ones who utilise their following in the art and weeb communities, then they screw over their kickstarter backers or whatever and late deliver, under deliver or just scam them.
I think the pressure of thousands of people interacting with you every day must switch off some vital parts of your brain because so few people actually correctly use their followings to improve their life, rather than let them go to waste in some way.

No. 233028

Does Jill get discussed on kiwifarms? Last time I checked she didn't have a thread

No. 233041

If she had “extra PTSD symptoms” (not how that works btw and lowkey kinda offensive), she wouldn’t be having fun shopping for new cars with mummy. Just the thought of a car would freak her out if she was actually dealing with PTSD from the accident

What’s up with her and thunder storms? Since when is that “triggering”?

No. 233042

June patreon stream >>217739

No. 233069

They're talking about dissociaDID…

No. 233070

And I was asking about Jill, I made it obvious. Because if Jill is browsing kiwifarms, she probably found it over her own dead thread there:

No. 233137

>If she had “extra PTSD symptoms”
If she had extra ptsd symtpoms she wouldnt be posting on twitter, editing pictures, and making new tiktok videos. Even an ounce of bad anxiety is enough to make you not post online and want to be in bed for hours until it passes. PTSD doesn't make you jump from OC to OC and wear different outfits in a manic way. It's so obvious she's doing this for attention and what she's doing is offensive to everyone with just a small fraction of actual trauma. Unfortunately she will continue thriving in the current twittersphere because for them, saying clearly faked bullshit like this is #valid.
>(not how that works btw and lowkey kinda offensive)
This, exactly.

No. 233174

File: 1658954451018.png (108.33 KB, 1184x376, Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 4.40…)

so quirky owo

No. 233175

File: 1658954478974.png (71.96 KB, 1182x238, Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 4.40…)

No. 233176

File: 1658954686831.png (1.98 MB, 1162x1500, Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 4.40…)

No. 233177

File: 1658954800482.jpeg (244.8 KB, 1152x2048, FYsctIrakAEqmIG.jpeg)

No. 233194

Oh, cool. She's doing the drag-version of a jumpscare.

No. 233195

File: 1658957952230.jpeg (227.52 KB, 1668x934, 31F33284-9934-43CE-A8C0-C67FAE…)

No. 233196

File: 1658958693068.png (1.2 MB, 1451x816, divine-pink-flamingos-john-wat…)

No. 233201


No. 233203

fuck. next thread pick?

No. 233204

what the actual fuck mate this shits getting bad and scary as fuck

No. 233205

File: 1658961277854.png (97.56 KB, 802x541, undefined - Imgur (5).png)

She really looking like kikomi now

No. 233206

What the fuck? she has no idea what she's saying anymore, holy shit I hate her so much, she always leaves me speechless with this shit

No. 233208

Imagine telling someone who doesn't know who she is that this is a woman in her mid twenties

No. 233209

this HAS to be next thread pic. none can compare.

No. 233211

File: 1658962451596.png (146.58 KB, 802x541, undefined - Imgur (5).png)

it makes me so fucking disgusting looking at her, even more seeing the shit she says to be ~quirky~ I've never felt so disgusted at a woman before, no one is as vomitive to me and the worst thing is, she does look like a fucking man in this picture. She looks like an ugly nightmare clown.

No. 233223

Both of these are excellent and should be in the next thread pic

No. 233228

I’m the anon that asked and don’t get me wrong I agree that would be absolutely fucked up if she did which is why I was stumped she hadn’t done so. After reading all the responses I can see she was more resentful rather than concerned for her mother.

No. 233264

Divine does not deserve this. Jill would probably find this to be a compliment. She could never.

No. 233278

By ‘landed another gig’ does she just mean there’s another open/armature night she’s signed up for? It’s fucking embarrassing that she’s been doing “”drag”” for two seconds and is acting like she’s an in demand seasoned pro. It must be only a matter of time before she pisses off an actual drag queen with her bullshit. Her lack of humility is astounding

No. 233279

She doesn't want to pay her dues. She wants the fame and notoriety without having to work to get it. She thinks just by showing up she'll make it. She has a grandiose view of her abilities.

No. 233281

The inevitable, soon-to-be timeless question: which Fredericton anon wants to be the poor soul to record it?

No. 233287

Remember when she said she wanted to be on project runway but then her abilities proved to be shit in the long run? Same thing will happen with drag.

No. 233288

She ALWAYS needs to be the best at everything. Doesn't know how to sew? Fashion designer. Does ""drag"" once? She's so famous and getting a bunch of bookings now. Etc.

No. 233296

File: 1658990099721.webm (9.79 MB, 720x1280, ssstik.io_1658989159522.webm)

This was posted to her "multipetalpixie" tiktok account yesterday. The caption is ":) some soft small time vibes for you 🌸🌈 #agere #ageregression #didlittles #sfwagere"


No. 233303

She's so spoiled and she has everything. How can she pretend to have trauma like this?

No. 233304

Uhh… This is really uncomfortable now

No. 233306

>safe for work age regression

No. 233307

>Sfw age regression
Even if she says that, she's subjecting a lot of underage fans to some term that groomers and autopedophiles utilize to describe themselves. Age regression is a therapy practice that should be done in a place where a professional therapist can be sure everything is being done correctly. She plays with toys and calls it age regression, but that's not what it is supposed to mean. The more you treat yourself like a baby, the least you will be able to work as a full fledged adult. This practice is not only self infantilizing and dangerous to one's psyche but also highly debated if it actually works. It's just like that one "rebirth" therapy, even worse when people use age regression as a kink. It's just one of those stupid things people nowadays accept because of internet brain rot but it should not be a thing. It's not helpful nor therapeutic. It's an excuse to not grow up.

No. 233308

I am 100% sure she search for nsfw age regression too.

No. 233315

File: 1658995211693.jpeg (793.66 KB, 1545x1292, D982B0D4-F30C-4144-9643-9BD7B8…)

OT but there is game consoles in some hospitals?
what does her reply even mean

No. 233318

Very dumb question but who is this girl? Wondering why Jilly jam has fixated on her. Forgive me if this has been discussed before and I just didn't pay attention.

No. 233331

Wait so she has a brand new peeps book with stickers and We should believe she's turning into a baby and doesn't use it? lol

No. 233333

I don't want this to be a subject of OT infighting but age regression is actually more of a self soothing technique to relieve stress more than it is a legitimate form of therapy. Using it in therapy is actual bullshit because that's a time where you need to act like an adult and talk about your issues not just flail around and baby speak about how you're sad.
Though we need to keep note of the SFW agere because that reeks of her slowly worming her way into a ddlg label. Why would she feel the need to differentiate when age regression is supposed to be a nonsexual thing? That's the whole point of this >>231381 post since the girl Jill stitched videos with was arguing with some one who said that age regression was inherently a kink thing.

No. 233334

The ER is supposed to be for ermegencies and these BPD-chans go there so often they don't even realize that anymore. Nobody who is in the ER for an actual emergency is thinking "I wish they had Super Smash Bros", they're thinking "oh fuck both of my legs are broken, will I ever walk again, I am in so much pain, oh god".

No. 233335

I hate it when she does the red circle blush with white dot highlight because it looks like her entire cheek is one gigantic enflamed infected pimple. Vomit worthy.

No. 233359

I know nothing about age regression in any form except what I’ve learned from accidentally scrolling past the Shayna thread too slowly. Does nonsexual/“therapeutic” age regression involve pet cages too? Because Jill knows all about that aspect and has openly joked about it:

Who am I kidding, of course she and Steve are into it sexually (never 4get >>202356). The only reason she’s keeping up the pretense of it being sfw is because openly pedopandering doesn’t fit with her brand, and it’s only a matter of time until that changes.

No. 233364

People go to the ER for things like getting stitches. It can't wait until you get a regular appointment, but it's also not super serious so you'll likely have to sit around and wait for hours. In that case you probably would like to play some games to kill time…
Although it might be a better investment for hospitals to actually pay staff so you don't have to sit around for 2 hours because a single doctor and nurse are in charge of ALL the patients.

No. 233366

there's no such thing as therapeutic age regression.

No. 233367

>Uses the Flora and Jill emojis instead of the strawberry.

Why is it so hard for her to remember her own lore? This one should have been easy. Are "Flora" and Jill now age regressors, too?

No. 233380

reminds me of when Dakota did that white highlight to imitate "anime blush." Everyone thought it looked like cystic acne.

No. 233381

yeah, if she actually had a 6yo alter, that coloring and activity book would show signs of use. It's all a larp, and a bad one.

No. 233390

alters literally don't work like that. it's a larp but that's not why. alters in DID don't just pop up randomly to do kawaii fun shit or show up for quirky interviews and then leave. they appear when the host would otherwise be triggered to prevent them from reliving trauma. tiktok is damaging your brain, anon.

No. 233405

I don't believe in did really. maybe there are some very rare cases. What I meant is that she shows all these toys. If she spent any time as a 6yo, wouldn't some of them look less than immaculate? idk whatever. imo everyone on tiktok with "did" is faking

No. 233408

I hate how the main ambassador for ojamajo doremi is into age regression shit. Gross and disappointing.

No. 233410

well DID is a real condition, it's just a trauma response though. like when people with PTSD have a freak out and think they're in danger or in the middle of the traumatic event. it's just how the trauma manifests. DID manifests as your brain trying to hide you from trauma. i just think the expectations of how people with DID and "alters" act is overblown. it's really not as grandiose as people make it out to be. the brain is capable of all sorts of insane things, so to assert DID isn't real period is ignorant. people with trauma and issues can make themselves believe in a made up past, be tricked by therapists into believing fake memories. there's no way DID as it actually exists isn't viable. though, i agree that jill isn't even following through with the larp she's claiming. it's probably hard for her to juggle all the lies. liars need to remember a lot after all.

No. 233414

what bothers me the most is, she can just simply be into rainbow aesthetic, vintage and modern toys, and other stereotypically childish things as an adult. her scrambling to find "understandable" excuses like "i have did and a little!! its age regression!! i have autism" to me is a stark example of how insecure and sad she is. she wants to stick to her guns and continue to like the things she does, but the internet has rotted her brain into believing she needs a condition to justify it

No. 233415


sorry for samefag but this also applies to the jerrica thing, like she could simply do one of those "get you a girl that can do both" memes and call it a day

No. 233420

There’s no point discussing the validity of DID here, you’ll just signal the rage-sperging from other anons.
I think Jill’s biggest issue is that she 100% buys into her own hype. In her mind, nothing that she’s doing could be questionable, because she’s the one that’s doing it and she’s super duper legit you guys. I genuinely don’t think she thinks far enough head, outside of the occasional blatant bread crumb dropping, to realise any contradictions in her actions. She’s more and more stuck in her own reality that what she convinces herself is real, is. Like the fact that she’s a ‘drag queen’ now, she was calling herself that and put it in her bio long before she even did a public outing or really even any kind of content in ‘drag’, all because she manifested the idea of it being true so therefore it is. She’s genuinely deluded.

No. 233424

>I don't want this to be a subject of OT infighting but age regression is actually more of a self soothing technique to relieve stress more than it is a legitimate form of therapy.
You can play with slime or stress toys without trying to become a dumb little baby. You can build legos, play games, be happy, etc for a little bit like ANY ADULT would do and then continue on with your life. I swear to god, only imature people think you never do anything fun involving toys when you're an adult. Hell, buy some playdoh and make some goopy cake or whatever. But don't pretend to be a child. That's fucking creepy.

The "pretending to be a child googoogaga" was never necessary.

No. 233427

Children's hospitals, not adult ones.
>In that case you probably would like to play some games to kill time…
Then bring your own goddamn switch or tablet and play games there, don't be an annoying cunt like Jill and ask for such thing in the ER where actual people with actual problems are.

No. 233431

Sure but Jill herself has said multiple times that she would black out and wake up surrounded by toys that had been played with and that was actually a trigger to her getting diagnosed. In her own lore she has established the child alter plays with toys, she got her mom to buy that stupid expensive dollhouse for that reason.

No. 233432

Apologies for same fag but if you remember in her Christmas haul she was showing that dollhouse and claimed the child alter was being triggered by it and trying to come out because she was excited.

No. 233434

I agree with you. I think DID is just a trauma response to some extreme trigger, so much that you forget the whole situation after, because your high alert lizard brain flight or fight response activates so you obviously forget afterwards. There must be something in the brain that gets stimulated while the rest doesn't so you act differently in the moment to perserve your own safety. It's not a roleplay.

Jilly and the other DID larp cunts though, they really are taking a serious illness like this and making OCs and wanting to be special even though this bullshit is clearly faked.

No. 233436

There was also that tik tok where she was in the park stoned and said the little alter was trying to front because of the ducks. It was kind of glazed over because people where discussing her exposing a supposed real child to drugs.

No. 233437

yes, but anon implied in her first post that jill would be doing that if it was real instead of larp. not that it doesn't fit her stupid lore. i agree that she's a moron who can't even keep her story straight.

No. 233439

In the end she's just larping and forgetting her own DID lore all the time.

No. 233441

Sage for offtopic but you're thinking of urgent care. ER /should/ be only used if a patient is in critical condition or could quickly become critical. Like having just taken too many pills(big problem) vs having a big panic attack(Jill problem)

No. 233443

Maybe I worded it strangely (English isn’t my first language apologies). I meant yes “real DID” is supposed to be the alters come out when the person is in emotional distress but Jill busts them out for fun activities which is as anon said incorrect.

No. 233444

File: 1659024748455.png (43.52 KB, 408x286, ptsd.png)

speaking of, when did she get diagnosed with PTSD?

No. 233445

I hate how much of a theater kid she is.

No. 233448

File: 1659025134334.webm (2.15 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_7125187499701390597_pi…)

~so switchy and full of ptsd~

No. 233451

File: 1659025537148.webm (6.54 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_7125443267356822789_pi…)

No. 233452

I cannot believe she is only 24… don't people on Tiktok see this as just some millennial trying to cash in on young trends? If I didnt know better id think she was in her mid 30s watching this clip

No. 233467

the pit stains…. this is so disgusting

No. 233487

Somehow I don't see Jill going to group therapy.

No. 233500

I will never understand lip syncing over something that was sort of funny the first time and passing it off as your own thing. Just gives me flashbacks to when Shayna lip sings to music and breathes through her nose loudly while she gropes her boobs. This should have died off 3 years ago

No. 233503

It's probably supposed to mean that "the baby one can't go on social media uwu" or something

No. 233506

File: 1659038519275.png (497.92 KB, 370x549, 555.PNG)

This video is so disgusting to me it makes me so angry kek. Imagine showing picrel what she looks like in 2022.

No. 233509

so she's a twitter user from somewhere up in canada, I feel like it's some where jill is connected to but I'm blanking at the moment. anyway jill has been following and retweeting/liking her shit for ages and it seems kind of like it started out as jill inserting herself in the comments, seeming like she wanted to make friends but now the girl replies. i know she's a "she/they" too so jill probably wants to add her to her minority friends sticker book

No. 233510

Jesus lord that wig up close

No. 233518

I know in 2015 people in here ripped this photo apart but in hindsight she looks so healthy and normal, better than most girls who wear "kawaii" crap nowadays on TikTok. Smoking weed and becoming fat was her worst mistake.

No. 233520


That crochet outfit. The poorly done rainbow. She looks like she was forced to crochet an outfit for herself because she outgrew everything else and can't afford new clothes with her $500/month Patreon money.


She absolutely looks like she's in her 30s, not 24.

No. 233522

She nearly passes for a middle-aged TiM. Mission accomplished?

No. 233524

This is such a weird fucking take. Some people are hospitalized but still well enough to be bored out of their minds. It's not weird for someone to play video games in a hospital any more than it would be weird for someone to watch tv. You always hear about drives to get games for children with terminal illnesses. Considering adults also play games, why would it be weird for them? If anything, I think it's weird for Jill to think it's funny, because it's not a rare occurrence at all. She can't comprehend anything outside of her own experience, not even a little bit.

No. 233525

damn her hairline has really receded unless this pic is heavily edited

No. 233531

Jill has terminal internet poisoning. How else could a grown adult without severe cognitive impairment even think about creating this shit, let alone broadcasting it to the world? Is this the power of TikTok?

No. 233537

No. 233543

Fam, the ER is for extreme emergencies. Aka, people are dying and need a doctor asap. People who almost drowned, people who fell from the 4rth floor, people who are almost freezing to death, people who were in a life threatening car crash (a lot of blood involved) etc. It's far from a normal hospitalization. In that moment you, or your close ones, don't want to play videogames OR hear someone playing them. All your belongings are taken away because you're minutes away from being dead.
People who tried to commit suicide also enter in ER. Because it is an extreme emergency. But the point here is: Jillian is making it onto a quirky uwu thing, and she made it look like a fun trip to the hospital. Please learn to read first.

No. 233545

She's real life kikomi now.

No. 233546

do you know what the ER is? you can get hospitalized in the regular hospital you dumbass.

No. 233550

For me this just looks like a crazy girl who likes wearing different colors sometimes, it doesn't convey the whole "omg switching alters" shit to me

No. 233558

I don't get it. What was wrong with this >>233506 picture to begin with?

No. 233559

Nothing, nonna was saying imagine showing that Jill what current Jill is like.

No. 233561

File: 1659054036382.png (114.93 KB, 1170x414, 1343342342.png)

I don't see anything wrong with that outfit either, she looks very well put together. Some of her earlier outfits were really hit and miss and she never learnt the difference between warm and cold colors but I think this one in particular is cute. I think anons back then were mostly angry at her creating dumb drama and overstating her abilities.

No. 233581

this reads like anon was angry that she has knees

No. 233583

Sometimes I look at old Jill and I just get so sad. Her peak of cuteness/watchability IMHO was probably sometime between 2017-2018. If you told me her then would become her now I would be so horrified. If she just grew up and had some humility and maybe went outside more she could have been a well adjusted, somewhat "cringe" girl

No. 233589

To be frank, even though I know she could had turned out better if she wasn't that terminally online to begin with, even back then she already had the right elements for a recepy for disaster. It was just a matter of time is she would actually become a clusterfuck or not… but the way it is going now I am sure it is clear that she's not chosing to get better. Her mom and aunt are pretty similar to her and turned out far more normal (as far as we know) than her because they eventually chose a healthy way to cope. She's just becoming crazier with age… and small brain is soon going to cement itself into adulthood. Her personality and way of thinking is not going to change that much (willingly, at least) after she turns 25. And more mental illnesses start appearing after that age.

What I'm trying to say here is… wow. I can't believe how much wasted potential and how much of a different life she would have had if she didn't chose to be like this. Because she clearly never learnt anything, ever, and continued going on with her delusions. Sad shit.

No. 233590

I personally am grateful for Jilly for being like this. She's my #1 cautionary tale.

No. 233592

File: 1659062674099.png (218.8 KB, 480x496, 134007703.png)

Dancing like a retard for tiktok is her job now

No. 233593

File: 1659062783502.png (109.01 KB, 480x538, 134007703.png)

>sweat is transphobic and ableist now

No. 233594

if this is the case why did she use her veronica twitter for the last time weeks ago when the video dropped? I thought veronica liked being a terminally online hoe?

No. 233596

>mfw this old jill looked like a princess compared to the current version

Damn that reverse glowup be hitting hard. I honestly think she could recover (get fit, drop the weed and alcohol) and become sane-ish in under two years if she wanted to

No. 233597

>>233593 I saw the tiktok she commented this under around the time it was first posted and I wish I had a screenshot to back this up, but at the time of my viewing it and lurking the comments her "apology" about the brow called the bead of sweat "mean" or "rude" or some shit. She changed it to make it about both "transphobia" and "ableism" and then couldn't even stop there and had to screenshot the comment and post it to twitter. So clearly not about the sweat kek. It's such a performance. How could you make your faggy theater kid LARPing any more obvious?

No. 233601

I know people bring up her weight a lot, but the middle of her body is just a straight up trunk at this point. I know every used to say she had a fridge for a body, but it especially is noticeable now with all her attempts to look curvy

No. 233607

reads as a joke to me, in the same way as calling a bad lighting on a gay man homophobic. too bad she's so off the deep end that it reads like she's being serious.

No. 233610

not very autistic of her to make a weird sarcastic joke

No. 233613

Definitely a joke. I’m just baffled she will drag all the trans & mentawwy iww stuff into anything no matter what the hell she’s talking about.

No. 233615

Would be amazing if she went back to this look. She won't but it would definitely be an improvement.

No. 233616

She couldn't fit into any of those brands anymore kek

No. 233617

I thought Veronica doesn't understand social media.

No. 233622

She has a Twitter for veronica

No. 233623

File: 1659078054758.jpeg (320.05 KB, 1170x978, 64C8E1E3-349D-4CD6-9C9F-D18D96…)

She acts like she was in a horrible wreck. She hit a fucking deer, like move on dude you weren’t even injured

No. 233624

Right, where’s the tone indicator? Thousands of trans people drop dead whenever anyone commits a transphobia and there’s a huge overlap between trans identity and autism, so this awfully callous post may well have caused a whole hecking genocide. Do her drag personas not identify as autistic?

No. 233631

>Going nonverbal
Wtf? Then what the fuck is this shit

No. 233634

i never comment on this thread but holy hell this was my final straw. there is something wrong in her brain and it isn't DID

No. 233635

no one said it's weird, they said bring your own console. chill

No. 233638

She’s straight up reading like a fucking satire account now with how ridiculous this is. This bitch can’t have an emotion, only symptoms

No. 233641

whenever she decided she had ptsd

No. 233645

Really going for that autism diagnosis now huh, wouldn’t it make more sense for her DID to show up more, the mentol illness created to deal with trauma instead of this bullshit

No. 233646

I know her diagnosis is dubious at best, but anyone diagnosed with DID gets diagnosed with PTSD or C-PTSD as well

No. 233648

I don't get what's wrong with the legs in that pic aside her skintone looking gray-ish

No. 233649

File: 1659091201500.jpg (710.03 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-07-24-22-06-09…)

We know she started the whole mento illness saga because she finished school (bottom tweet for source). She'll have to cope with being an adult eventually, and I hope the coping won't be ddlg with Steve.

No. 233650

Remember when jill was trying to pretend she doesn't know what "moving mountains" means as a metaphor? Yeah

No. 233653

I would love for you to be non verbal Jilly because then we wouldn’t have to hear your constant fucking screeching. I bet she is conveniently non verbal when Steve is at work because we know her, she doesn’t stfu. She loves the sound of her own voice.

No. 233654

going non verbal for her just means tweeting and not talking out loud. she has no clue what going non verbal even means. also remember "no trauma" tweet from when she first got in the wreck, what happened to that? putting ptsd in your bio like a badge is so gross. god i hate this cow

No. 233656

Maybe it's just because I'm more closer to Cliffe's age, which means I'm not allowed to have fun anymore, but whenever I see those stupid plastic curtain things all i can think of is how flammable they look. Her entire house looks like it would go up like a tire fire with all the shit in it.

No. 233657

Does she mean she was only Jillian 10% of the time? There is no way, who else was out then? Was she changing clothes five times a day. Or, realistically was she just on a downer because she fucked her final collection. Jillian is a ray of sunshine so depressed and annoyed? Must be Jerrick.

No. 233658

Don’t forget she never put her light switch covers back on in some rooms after painting, lovely exposed wires. She also doesn’t clean and dust goes up really easily.

No. 233667

just means you have taste and don't want to breathe plastic all day, nonna

No. 233687

I’m autistic and ran over someone in my car. Its been 8 years, I still drive and haven’t had anything like it ever since. I bought a new car recently and made damn sure it had all the fancy safety features because it still haunts me. Running over a deer is nowhere near the trauma of running over a human being. Thankfully the man in my situation lived and I’m so thankful.

No. 233688

literally no one asked

No. 233696

Still more traumatic than running over a deer. Kek

No. 233698

>I’m autistic and ran over someone in my car.
Bro wtf

No. 233699

>Thankfully the man in my situation lived and I’m so thankful.
Wrong, men deserve to die. You had one job nonny.

No. 233700

I agree with this
>Was she changing clothes five times a day. Or, realistically was she just on a downer because she fucked her final collection.
This lmao
Manifesting so this narc bitch goes homeless and all her rainbow shit gets burnt away

No. 233702

New Hooked On The Look video featuring Pixie just dropped, wasn't this supposed to be the one where they transform her into looking normie?
Either way, it's so shocking to see older footage of her, all the pre-DID fuckery, she was still quirky but at least still somewhat tolerable.

No. 233704

I’m confused, is she talking about DID or absences? Because she claimed Jill was the only one who knew how to sew, so that makes no sense if Jill was only present 10% of the time through her schooling. Either another alter would have to know how to sew (which according to her they don’t, they’re “just now” starting to work on memory sharing so Jerrick can learn to pattern and sew) or she would have flunked out of school. And if she’s talking about absences, that’s a pretty good attendance record, that’s not enough to make her fall behind. For a full semester MWF class that’s probably only 4 classes missed

No. 233705

File: 1659114627384.jpg (166.25 KB, 720x1403, Screenshot_20220729-100818_Adb…)

No. 233707

Fattie is going to use an electric scooter? Color me surprised

No. 233708

It says "this video is private" for me?

No. 233709

So she gets to use the car but Steven uses the scooter?

No. 233711

Fuck off Jill, you have no idea how hellish being actually non-verbal is like t. had selective mutism for a decade

No. 233712

MobilityMary saga when?

No. 233720

It was on channel 'truly'. I just checked the channel again and the video is gone from it now.
Maybe they fucked up the upload and will re-upload again soon with the actual transformations?

No. 233721

I'm curious, how is real mutism vs what jillian probably thinks it is?
I seriously think Jillian has no idea what she's talking about but no one is stopping her at all, and that's extremely concerning. Are they going to let the clown honk forever?

No. 233723

I'ms assuming it's a complication video that includes the one she did with them? I do remember her mentioning doign a new one (probably some drag transformation one or something) but it hasn't come out yet; unless they dropped her cause of all her mental illness stuff

No. 233724

Not sure if this has been posted before. Jill appears at 00:12:25 in the vid (posted 2 days ago by Truly)

No. 233726

> unless they dropped her cause of all her mental illness stuff
I doubt it, they invite the craizies on purpose. Their channel also has like, gross deformities and shit but they put them under a "uwu everyone is beautiful and strong" filter when in reality they just want clicks and views from people who are curious in a bad way about such things.

No. 233727

File: 1659118310209.png (18.63 KB, 600x148, 34234234.png)

She always has dumb excuses to not reply to messages, yet she's always terminally online.

No. 233730

File: 1659118931226.png (337.97 KB, 602x516, 34234234.png)

Is this the car she crashed?? I thought she was super traumatized, but she's just showing more plastic shit she bought

No. 233736

File: 1659119198921.webm (3.67 MB, 576x1024, converted-Snaptik_712580360958…)

tagged as:
>#pixelchix #mybirkin #kawaii #pastel #kidcore #retrotoys #kawaiifashion #toycollector #pollypocket #carebears #y2k #early2000s #nostalgia #childhoodtoys #innerchild #drag #dragthing #afabdrag #afabdragqueen #dragartist #dragqueen

No. 233738

Reading this gave me an aneurysm. I wish bitches would learn how to use punctuation.

No. 233742

If she's supposedly non verbal why is she lip syncing to TikToks? Is no one going to call her out?

No. 233743

If she wanted people to actually believe she was going through a severe mental crisis shouldn't she have just disappeared off twitter for a few weeks? That would actually be out of character for her and make people concerned, probably.

No. 233750

You can’t get attention that way lol.

No. 233755

this is her original hooked on the look appearance from November 2019 but seems to have just been put into this compilation.
vid rel, the original solo upload.

No. 233757

so steve's parents confirmed for having money too? i mean any form of electric transportation is expensive no?

No. 233759

You've literally been making tiktoks shaking your blubber nonstop.
When this came out I was ripping on her for how fat and ugly she looks in this kek. How has she gotten so bad that this video looks moderate

No. 233760

File: 1659124317019.png (970.28 KB, 1178x888, Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 2.52…)

No. 233762

Why would you post a picture of your mother sleeping to your twitter account?

No. 233765

Mutism Is different to non verbal. If you are mute you cannot talk whereas there is a spectrum with non verbal. It’s important to know that being non verbal plays a big part in how functioning you are labelled when you get an autism diagnosis. If you are actually autistic you know that functioning levels and labels are stupid because they are actually based on how inconvenient you are to non autistic people. So basically you could be totally fine and capable of looking after your self but non verbal, this would make you considered lower functioning than someone who struggles to look after themselves but is able to communicate verbally. Basically for this nasty bitch it’s a loophole to be considered lower functioning whilst still retaining all of her current independence.

No. 233766

One of mine? That indicates she has more than one, I thought it was only Jerrick.

No. 233767

Jax is probably the other one because it's the ~edgy~ alter by being based on Jinx and Harley Quinn.

No. 233768

this bitch…

No. 233769

Did she helpfully come out while Louise was asleep so Jilly didn’t have to try and do the accent kek.

No. 233770

"I just found footage!"
you recorded it yourself motherfucker

No. 233773

File: 1659127082110.jpg (70.5 KB, 1024x1024, wb1_1024x1024.jpg)

I think you guys are confusing it for a mobility aid scooter when she's probably talking about this kind of scooter. I know we're so used to munchies e-beging for mobility scooters but Jill hasn't been leaving breadcrumbs of having a chronic pain illness (yet).

No. 233776

File: 1659129306648.jpg (172.96 KB, 720x1395, Screenshot_20220729-141310_Adb…)

No. 233777

Give her time, the way she is milking the crash it's just a matter of time before she creates an alter with squishy bones.

No. 233778

Are you under the impression that mutism stops you from being able to move your mouth at all? Jill is likely lying about to have another symptom to brag about but what a weird nitpick

No. 233780

Does mutism make you act like a retard on tiktok too?

No. 233781

this is so exhausting lmao. it's not like she has extreme ptsd either way.

No. 233782

being non verbal and mutism are different, non verbal is yet another autistic breadcrumb from Jilly; meaning when an autistic person (or with other ailments, like recovering in hospital) is not communicating/speaking despite being cognizant. So her lipsynching on tiktok would not be in line with being "non-verbal" as it's still a form of communication.
She probably thinks nornal lulls in the day when you don't feel like speaking are "going non-verbal" the same way being spaced out after waking up is "catatonia" or daydreaming is "dissociating" like literally everything is a symptom to this girl

No. 233783

To me it sounds like Jill is too lazy to use the scooter and steve is using it everywhere after the car crash. Also notice how she didn't make any more tweets about a new car (yet).

Electric scooters are actually decently cheap compared to similar shit.

No. 233785

OT, but some people, mostly teenagers, can get so stressed or overwhelmed by something that they just can't talk. I used to have that issue as a teen but it stopped because it's a matter of learning how to deal with stressful/overwhelming situations

No. 233788

Friend that is not normal (outside of normal teenage sulking) you are just describing what being autistic and going non verbal is like. Being overwhelmed or burnt out is a trigger for that and if you mask hard you can push through and talk even though you don’t want to and it affects you negatively. Women are usually better at masking and pushing through because society only really accepts boys as children so girls are forcibly socialised into “acting more normal” i.e masking. That’s why so many women are undiagnosed and many get diagnosed as adults. A fact that this goblin will use to her advantage.

No. 233789

They just make me think of threads a lot time ago in which nonnas discussed her cats eating that material and dying.

No. 233794

Pretty sure Jax is based off spinel from SU too, given the accent and the fact she danced to other friends

No. 233796

(forgive my autism babes maybe it has been said already) I feel like the root of Jill's problems is her perfectionism. Idk what shit her psychologist heard that made him diagnose her, but…

I remember a few years back watching her house tour and thinking MAN I would literally go insane in a house like this. What about the days when I'm feeling sad or edgy or some other shit?? I would want to tear all of the lovey dovey rainbow shit down immediately. Ah, I guess I'm a Jerrick then.

So basically Jill wants to be the perfect pretty kind fairy cutesy girl with a pink defined aesthetic with NO negative emotions. She wants it so bad that she'd rather create other alters and be a mentally ill weirdo than actually acknowledge that she is, in fact, a human being and not an anime character. She wants to be a girly girl and not a person. I do think she BELIEVES she has DID and isn't larping consciously.

Jill = everything that she likes about herself, positive emotions, fake kindness, femininity

Jerrick = everything she HATES about herself: every tiniest bit of what she perceives as masculinity in herself, anger, sadness, basically any negative emotion she has. That's why they're allegedly co-con a lot - because Jill is actually a person that is not 100% feminine or masculine. Jill + Jerrick = actual Jillian Vessey in all of her cringe and complexity

Veronica = horny. That's it. Her normal branding and clothing style has always been so infuriatingly infantile that it must've just worn her down. She's a horny 23 year old woman who wants to be sexy and not dress or act like a cringe nerdy anime girl SOMETIMES

No. 233808

I understand where you're coming from, but… perfectionism? she can barely finish shit

No. 233809

File: 1659142616384.jpeg (404.98 KB, 828x1225, E6B4BF06-E2B1-4C0B-8115-C4E679…)

No. 233813


NOT sure about Jill, but perfectionism can be performed by underperforming, in the sense of "I can't do/finish this if I'm not in the perfect mood/environment/conditions"

No. 233814

NTA but perfectionists usually just don't start projects that they know they're not capable of doing then proceeded to blame everything else for their project for not fitting their expectations. Just look at other cows, Kalel is a pretty great example.

No. 233815

Yup Jax is a fictive of Spinel, Harley Quinn, and Jinx. And Flora is an amalgamation of all the positive/pink Pretty Cures. For someone who spent two years consuming DID content before getting diagnosed, you’d think she’d know that fictives can only have one source. Again with the “rules for thee, not for me” mentality

No. 233818

The fucking autism chewy necklace…

No. 233819

File: 1659150788980.jpg (188.36 KB, 720x1386, Screenshot_20220729-201130_Adb…)

No. 233820

File: 1659150900665.jpg (151.95 KB, 720x1391, Screenshot_20220729-201139_Adb…)

No. 233821

File: 1659150998576.jpg (126.46 KB, 720x1294, Screenshot_20220729-201111_Adb…)

No. 233829

Isnt jerricka supposed to hate "the body" and feel like "a chubby girl in jerrick cosplay" so why would she make her profile pic of "the body" then? kek.

No. 233830

Bitch you’ve done drag ONCE

No. 233831

>I do drag which gives me superior abilities when checks notes listening to music which means I feel the emotions stronger

Yes, makes perfect sense Jilly

No. 233833

Something about her face and expressions is so irritating, this was a thing when she was thinner too. I guess it's because it's a trained smile for photos so you can see the cheek muscles tense, instead of a relaxed spontaneous expression.

No. 233835

File: 1659155773155.png (525.4 KB, 1440x707, judy gillian julliard.png)

I was a little press x to doubt on him saying jillian in a song (never heard this guy before) but he in fact says Gillian, Judy and Julliard variously across three songs. I wonder if she tags him so often her name entered his subconscious

No. 233836

> I do drag so I can take these moments and feel them for their depth artistically
A-logging won’t solve anything. A-logging won’t solve anything. A-logging won’t solve anything. A-logging won’t solve …

No. 233837

Oh fuck you're right. That's a stim chewing necklace
Wow what an attention whore.

No. 233838

Do it nonny speak your mind!

No. 233839

She's really making it look like she has been doing drag for years when she only has done it once and it was a shit show. How infuriating.

No. 233840

Always has to be the #1 in everything, why tf does she go out with a chewing toy in her neck? I'll be honest I chew a lot too and been considering getting one of these to be discreet but holy shit I would only do it in my own room. Advertising it in front of everyone like that is so fucking stupid.

No. 233843

all of these references have nothing to do with Jill. The first two are obvious, I think. The reference to Gillian is an x-files ref. I'm sure Will has no idea how psychotic Jill is.

No. 233844

Even without the context of this being her made up alternate personality this is a weird thing to post.
>Person belie