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File: 1664679820323.png (2.13 MB, 1331x1836, jillian.png)

No. 252849

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for.
She happily accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression (NOT a real diagnosis!) with a "coming out as DID" celebratory cake, but struggled to maintain the LARP after only two weeks. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who rage-quitted due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as the creator of the Confetti Club, a group of skinwalking fans that wear “Party-Kei” style, a weeaboo fashion she invented and no longer personally wears. She currently looks like an overweight clown.
>Known lurker.
>Extremely sensitive.
>Terminally online.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Very notorious attention whore. Always overstates her abilities in a delusional way and barely puts any effort.
>Runs a youtube channel with an inconsistent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating most of her fans.
>Has multiple inconsistencies in her DID story and lore. Will change or forget key details about her trauma origin story or her alters. She also tends to deny the bad parts of her mental illnesses.
>Started deliberately age regressing while smoking weed not too long ago. Cannot put the weed down.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special. Thus, results in obvious faking.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- items, including clothes, makeup and other shit for any new trend she gets into. Nevertheless, she still is a big consumer of plastic crap and will cut corners whenever possible.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of things to show off how much she had spent (as a brag).
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise. She’s also a massive attention whore and very self-centered, never listens to others and only cares about her own faked struggles. Disregards any criticism as “hate”.
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, and her fans are steadily unfollowing her.
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day. She will take meds without even verifying she needs them or not, or stop them without further medical advice. Other questionable “self-care” and “mental health” content has been noted.
>Thinks having an enabling counselor = actual therapy. Said counselor quitted and moved provinces only 1 year after treating her and givng her the DID diagnostic impression. Jillian continues to lie and fake all kinds of symptoms to prove she’s sick, slowly transforming nto a full-blown munchie. Believes her own lies on the matter so much so that she thinks she’s knowledgeable enough to advise others on the matter.
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments, videos, or tweets that dare question her and act passive-aggressive about it on Twitter. Will also e-bully anyone she doesn’t like or goes against her ideas.
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image. Somehow, all her male exes end up looking like the current aesthetic she’s into at the moment of dating.
>Has claimed that her DeviantArt Ex-girlfriend she kept in amicable contact with for a while right after breaking up “abused her for months”. Said claim has been proven false.
>She now claims every abuser of hers has been female, even though she has heavily mistreated her past two girlfriends. She broke off with her most recent ex girlfriend, Mystery Girl, around Christmas 2018, because she “was no longer attracted to her”. She kept the Christmas presents that she would otherwise would had given her, to herself.
>Her previous friendships almost always have end up in drama. Rumors of her sleeping with the guy that one of her ex-friends liked at a New Year’s party have circulated. Besides that, she has also said in a video that she stripped in front of Steven and his ex-girlfriend Maggie at some point in a get-together. Even her fans found this weird.
>Formerly identified as pansexual, then queer, then claimed to be “too into dick to be a lesbian” while dating a woman; currently lives inside her rainbow house with her boyfriend Stephen Clarke. Now both Steven and Jillian identify as nonbinary and pansexual. It is worth mentioning one of her exes also became nonbinary and pansexual shortly after dating her. Steven is currently hinting to a very obvious MTF transition despite having a christian family, which will prove beneficial to Jill, since she wants to roleplay being a lesbian very bad.
>Steven Clarke, Jillian’s current boyfriend, enables all of Jillian delusions and pushes age regression onto others, not only Jill. He is porn addicted and extremely terminally online.
>Relies too much on other people, including her mother and her partners. Will interact with content creators she likes in a creepy, harassing way.
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo in her videos and social media despite knowing she has a largely underage audience. Recently started tagging posts with the age regression hashtag.
>Her “angel therapist”, Jedediah M, was a Jillian’s therapist despite only having 1 year of previous counseling experience. Note that Steven was the one to contact Jed for Jillian’s therapy. He’s a “male witch” and a “drag queen” in his spare time, hence why Jillian got so obsessed with him. He moved provinces just a year after treating her, which made Jillian “grieve like someone dear to her died” for weeks, very unhealthy and unprofessional of any therapist.
>Jilly started her own brand, 5 petal flower, months before graduating from her glorified Canadian craft school. She plans to sell badly put together Lazy Oaf knock offs despite her work being labeled as “inconsistent” by her teachers because she was mostly distracted with stim toys found on her sewing table. The only work she has produced so far was a collaboration with a small brand that mostly resells chinese aliexpress items and a very cheap and ugly looking bridal dress for her cousin.
>Very irresponsible pet owner. Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel hanging around on the floor, the cat almost choking to death. She still keeps this choking hazard where the same cat can reach it for years after the incident. Never seems to clean her pet’s space, you can see cat shit and cat fur all over her house in her videos and selfies.
>She tries to prove she’s mentally ill in any way possible, including always mentioning her stims, dissociation, posting edgy lyrics, wearing a t-shirt that reminds her of suicidal ideation, and pretending she can only eat one type of food. Pretends she “never lies”, “doesn’t understand sarcasm” and other autism/neurodivergent LARPing on Twitter. She wants to be mentally ill very bad and will often spread misinformation about it on her socials.
>Uses her alters to hold at least one of her personality traits or past times instead of realizing she can be a normal and full-fledged adult woman with hobbies and emotions. Will defend using emojis to sign off as each alter, to the point of harassing others off platforms if they don’t agree with her usage. She also talks in third person to herself while pretending to be an alter on her DMs, twitter, and on picture captions, calling herself “handsome” or “pretty”.
>Will claim as many labels as possible, some of them are: Queer, lesbian, nonbinary, FTM, pansexual, emo, rainbow, intersex, fashion designer, magical girl, full time youtuber, neurodivergent, autistic, BPD, DID system, witch, kawaii, drag queen. In reality, she’s just a spoiled dumb girl.
>Has been consuming a lot of alcohol and weed in a questionable way, anons wonder if her dissociation is merely caused by substance abuse. She bragged about the liquor store knowing who she is. She pushes weed as a magical cure-it-all for adults and children on her twitter full of underage fans.
>Ran over a deer on July 2022 and while originally saying she had no trauma from it, milked the accident dry for pity points, calling it a “near death experience” and claiming “multiple ptsd symptoms” from it. Her boyfriend Steven really pushed the idea of creating another alter to deal out of the situation, but nothing came out of that.
>Recently got into bio drag queening, changed her twitter description days before her first performance even went live. Danced like a crazy woman to a Steven Universe and a MCR song on her first performance. She’s now fully accepting the drag queen label with a lot of self-importance and yet again overstating her abilities with barely any experience.
>Has cancelled 2 Drag Queen “gigs” so far. But still posts on tiktok saying she’s a valid drag queen.


>Jillian: Actual person, but calls herself an alter for the heck of it. Hates being called “Jilly”. Says she can't hear her "brain folk" when she's experiencing trauma, Jillian is the only one who fronts in those situations, defeating the whole purpose of having alters and having DID.

>Jerrick: 13-16 year old emo guy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits. Signs off with a snake emoji.
>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, calls herself a lesbian (even though she’s dating a man), she is a “protector of sexual trauma”, says she had to become a fuckable bimbo because she was “raped for months”. Signs off with a flame emoji.
>Berry (Nicknamed “Babby Smalls”): Talks and acts like a baby. Proof that Jillian is into age regression. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had its name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Signs off with a strawberry.
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" A mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes. The emoji is a club.
>Flora: A “fragment” slowly morphing into a real alter, and a carbon copy of cure flora / other positive precure characters. She is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Jax: 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching arcane while having major trauma. Jillian called her “hypersexual”. Signs with a test tube emoji.
>sandwich emoji: Cat alter, represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Sneakingly revealed in a vlog. Jillian has bracelets and necklaces with the names of her alters, and this name appeared alongside them in a row of alter names. Note that Jillian’s second name is actually Amanda. Turned out to be the other “far away” age regression alter that uses the piano emoji.

**Note: The DID saga officially starts in >>>/w/176591

Will post them down below asap

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/villainyswells/ (used to be @pixieespam)
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 (“Veronica” alter): https://twitter.com/xcherrybombica
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 252851

No. 252852

OP HERE: Fixed some info about Jedediah (took out the "gave her a DID impression" part since that would be impossible), added info about Amanda and Jax, added info about the cancelled drag gig(s). Last thread filled up pretty fast so I thought I should make this thread asap, and my browser crashed before I was finished with the last thread stamps so I will have to do that all over again, but thought getting the thread out there was more important due to current drama events. Will post them asap. This is the most up to date thread description (minus thread stamps) so please refer to this one to copy and paste for the future.

No. 252853

I love how in her video she refers to everything on here as “creative writing” because she knows she can’t call it lies

No. 252854

thanks for making a new thread anon!!

No. 252855

I just wanted to say as a former fan I’m so happy Jill directed me here!!

No. 252857

File: 1664680740414.png (61.02 KB, 1080x559, Screenshot_20221001-230901~2.p…)

Big Evil Lolcow: bans for doxxing
Sweet little Jillybean: Doxxing is super cute actually

No. 252858

i'd just like to know how it's creative writing if most of the shit posted her is screenshots/videos of things SHE uploaded.

No. 252859

File: 1664680824095.jpg (181.58 KB, 720x1386, Screenshot_20221001-201626_Chr…)

No. 252860

Lol these idiots know people can use a VPN right
And even then, it's hard to prove who has which IP unless someone's dumb enough to out themselves by clicking links which most nonnies aren't dumb enough to do

No. 252861

File: 1664680954550.jpg (174.12 KB, 720x1399, Screenshot_20221001-201635_Chr…)

No. 252862

Congrats, nonnie! Welcome to the farm life.
Kiwifarms didn't get their information exposed and everyone knows to use a VPN these days.

No. 252863

>and make it seem like I was aggressive for no reason
Wtf? but she literally is?
>I only ever match people's energy/tone
WTF literally not fucking true.
Wow. Did she really get this scared about that one youtuber making a new video on her? KEK

No. 252864

except nothing actually got exposed at all because when they tried to run their shitty script, they crashed the site altogether because they tried to grab too many IP's at once. also no one on lolcow has an "account" lol every single one of her fans are fucking boneheads. no one's scared of glitter vomit tenderqueers.

No. 252865

File: 1664681107788.jpg (172.41 KB, 720x1376, Screenshot_20221001-201646_Chr…)

No. 252866

Thanks for the new thread!

It makes no sense that they didn't publicize Jill's withdrawal if the organizers were afraid for everyone's safety. The author of the email (if there even was an email) would have come anyway, expecting to see Jill. I suspect even this explanation is not truthful.

I'm so proud that one of my observations bugged Jilly so much she had verbal diarrhea about how witchcraft is a protected belief system and subliminal videos aren't. All as a justification for bullying some nobody who suggested weed might be a factor in her mento illness. Jill, I don't care what Leaf law protects or doesn't. Both can be or are profoundly stupid belief systems. But that woman wrote you calmly in your comments without insulting you. You put her on blast to everyone in your demented followers group and were proud of doing that. Please consider using your magical girl wands to reabsorb all your cursed horcruxes back into your hollow empty soul. Your video wasn't blendy, it was pure, nasty, defensive, vindictive, lying Jill.

No. 252867

Poor idiot thinks everyone will believe her lies when this is just fuelling the fire for an even more delicious milky drama video on her own ass.

No. 252868

File: 1664681219311.jpg (153.1 KB, 720x1364, Screenshot_20221001-201659_Chr…)

No. 252869

Ashlee has a point as to why her did larp is fake lol yes Jill is allowed to cuss and not be bubbly it's called being a multi faceted person rather than claiming she has 8 different people inside her

No. 252870

File: 1664681336228.jpg (79.58 KB, 1080x557, Screenshot_20221001-214302_You…)

Kek, as if Lucas would help an actual woman with anything.

No. 252871

>you're not a child
But she has child alters kek. No one is stalking her, she posts every single shit she does online. And her online persona has always been about being cute and positive uwu. She's such an idiot.

No. 252872

Keffals is a male and a pedo.

No. 252873

Keffals has connections to journalists and terminally online trannies to fight for him. Jill has teenagers and spicy straights.

No. 252874

The anon last thread who called that she's so paranoid about this forum that she now assumes anyone who questions her/slightly annoys her must be a farmer, called it perfectly.

She's "matching their tone" because to her an innocent question or dislike of anything she does = lolcow user. She truly believes it's impossible to dislike her or something she does while remaining an innocent party or fan.

No. 252875

File: 1664681614584.jpg (170.95 KB, 720x1389, Screenshot_20221001-203114_Chr…)

No. 252876

File: 1664681651139.jpg (55.43 KB, 714x382, Screenshot_20221001-235816_You…)

She got this information from reading the thread on her. No way does baked Jillian have the focus to do any actual research on someone.

No. 252877

this is so disingenuous. she doesnt have to engage with people and be aggressive, she can legit block troll comments and move on. also for someone with supposed autism she sure doesn't have a hard time figuring out the exact intent behind every single piece of criticism she gets, huh

No. 252878

Anons, this seriously is like… LACE 2.0. Remember how she said she wanted to take on the mean /cgl/ bullies and felt empowered by kate's shit? and thought she was a knowledgeable voice in the community so this is why she should lead an anti-online-bullying crusade?

This is the same fucking shit, but with Keffals. She literally thinks she's important enough to take this website down. Kek. History repeats itself.

No. 252879

File: 1664681786768.jpg (172.02 KB, 720x1372, Screenshot_20221001-203117_Chr…)

No. 252881

File: 1664681823312.jpg (153.67 KB, 720x1347, Screenshot_20221002-032007_Chr…)

here are the deleted tweets

No. 252882

lol i thought she just posted a video where she said we're allowed to not like her and call her cringe and hate the way she dresses and think shes fake etc. and that all that is gucci with her. can she go more than 5 minutes without lying? geez lol

No. 252883

File: 1664681948392.jpg (171.04 KB, 720x1372, Screenshot_20221001-203123_Chr…)


Thank you, lovely nonnie! I was wondering the context since I grabbed these late.

No. 252885

File: 1664682018884.jpg (151.63 KB, 720x1245, Screenshot_20221002-032030_Chr…)

no problem, here are the others I have

No. 252886

ik im wasting my energy here but it really looks like she's just jumping at the chance to ride on the kiwifarms coattails and get this place taken down, as if she has enough clout to do such a thing. jill has NO problem engaging in internet drama: it's only a problem when the focus turns on her, and then suddenly the narrative changes and shes getting stalked and cyberbullied

my exact thoughts. you'd think she'd have learnt something since the whole LACE debacle but apparently not

No. 252887

File: 1664682129677.jpg (197.56 KB, 720x1448, Screenshot_20221001-235550_You…)

She raged about this yt comment also

No. 252888

Can't wait for people to come here and read how many anons stressed she never got diagnosed

No. 252889

yep, what a weak attempt. Jerrick probably wrote the email for added dramu

No. 252890

It really is the Lace drama all over again. She never learns.

No. 252892

She says people are stalking her but has she considered maybe the person who filmed her drag was someone who wanted to see one of the other performers or support the lgbt community in NB and just happened to not like her & be on this thread? The person who filmed her could've literally been a guest or friend of another performer and she'd never know it.

Is her plan to require shows to not allow filming? Is she going to be making mental police sketches of everyone she sees with a phone out?

No. 252893

The funniest part is the footage Nonnie got was better than what steebie recorded.

No. 252894

File: 1664682607691.webm (8.1 MB, 1920x1080, 1663862395978 (1).webm)

Reposting this video from the previous thread.

No. 252895

She plans to "overhear" them "talking shit," since that is how ppl write things alone on imageboards. Just hope our local nonna is not fazed by this because Jilly's severe DID means she cannot possibly remember anything. Next time just wear a bad troon wig if you're scared

No. 252896

Jill, if you have an actual diagnosis, not a diagnostic impression, show it or shut the fuck up. We know you don’t because it would mean you’d likely lose your driver’s license at the very least (what if she switches to one of the underage alters who doesn’t know how to drive?) and possibly have to go in to serious therapy and possible inpatient at worst. In either case they will likely make you stop smoking weed and move back in with your parents because if you had DID you wouldn’t be able to take care of a house or yourself if you’re a child for a time.
It’s only fun if it’s an online larp, isn’t it? Wouldn’t want to have to give up fun things and be under the thumb of your parents would you?

No. 252897

You summed it up so well nonnie. This is exactly her problem, she can cry all she wants about how serious it is but at the end of the day she’s still smoking weed, driving and having and adult relationship with a man. It doesn’t add up.

No. 252898

You don't have DID, Jill.
You are a faker like all the others.
You don't have trauma.
You're just a liar. A bad one.

No. 252899

tinfoil incoming: the campus told her they were fearing for everyone's safety when in reality they didn't want to be associated with her

No. 252900

I hope somebody from the event speaks out.

No. 252901

Good tinfoil. I think between that and whatever happened between her and Louise in Montreal, and whatever has gone down with Stevie and the car, things are starting to come to a head in this bitch's actual real life.

No. 252902

laughing my ass off. "Super secret different personality". Just admit you're a bitch and move on. Holding onto your middle school MCR phase and making it an identity isn't cute.

No. 252903

She says at the end that none of her fans asked where she was except one. So she's saying her fans don't come see her shows and no one cares?

If they were fearing everyone's safety then Sof, who's friends with Jill and has been the thumbnail of the CC thread wouldn't have performed either. I think Jill wanted an excuse to bail and made the decision herself not to perform.

No. 252905

File: 1664683874567.jpg (91.38 KB, 1060x708, SmartSelect_20221001_195726_Tw…)

I also grabbed this one. (Redo, didn't think to black out usernames.)

No. 252906

It's online not real life? You can literally just not reply?

No. 252907

File: 1664686105357.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 2E316F30-6632-4662-9268-88F7EA…)

No. 252908

OT as hell but I can't believe that tweet is almost a decade old… wow, time sure does fly.

No. 252909

god this gets better every time

No. 252910

File: 1664687151034.jpg (190.82 KB, 737x588, 1664334819890.jpg)

My impression is that her fans will barely touch this site, the confetti club will blindly believe she's being harassed. But she can't erase that everything that's posted are words from her mouth and her own photos, and that anons are only mad because of how she trivializes autism and other conditions as a neurotypical privileged upper middle class girl who smokes weed all day. Not to mention her accussing her ex-girlfriend of rape when she tried to kiss her.

Here's my theory: she wants to be a pro youtuber again and earn money from it, but her recent attempts didn't grow her channel despite her effort and she needs a job and salary. Nobody adressed lolcow in the keffals drama and she wants clickbait, so here we go.

No. 252912

Just so Nonnies know I did archive the video on kiwifarms. Her thread is dead but at least it’s saved. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/pixieelocks-jillian-vessey.30550/post-12972646
Also as a user of both sites I can confirm that my info wasn’t stolen because the hacker tried taking so much information he crashed the servers. Kek
That’s because if she brought up kiwifarms they’d check and find a dead thread.

No. 252914

File: 1664688275866.jpg (153.34 KB, 720x1391, Screenshot_20221001-111157_You…)

Wink wink nudge nudge please go defend my honor!
>Here's my theory: she wants to be a pro youtuber again and earn money from it, but her recent attempts didn't grow her channel despite her effort and she needs a job and salary. Nobody adressed lolcow in the keffals drama and she wants clickbait, so here we go.
Considering all the tweets she's made about youtube and wanting to be "hit by the money hose", I think you're right. She fears irrelevancy because no more youtuber lifestyle and of course money. An incident would give her views and attention.

No. 252915

One thing i find funny about this whole situation is that the huge influx of cowtipers is literally just old fans of hers. Those are the people who contacted Uma and are constantly negging and poking at Jill. But she doesn't want to recognize that people who used to like her hate who she's become.
They come here to the board, realize how racist she was by creating a "kei" style as a non Japanese person or how she only uses black people as props. How horribly she treats women and female partners. mystery girl is around the time i joined the board because I felt that the way that relationship ended was weird They start picking up on how fake she is with her sunshine and rainbows persona now that she's constantly getting in fights on Twitter or is looking for drama.
People are just getting frustrated with her. even her own mother is on her last thread when it comes to supporting her and her antics.

No. 252916

She needs to show the receipts for me to believe that email story. It makes no sense to quietly uninvited Jill with no public comment if Jill’s alleged stalker is what’s making the event unsafe. If it was actually a security concern, they would have announced her removal to neutralize the issue. If there was an email (which I’m not convinced of, idk why anyone would waste their time doing that) it was probably someone bringing up how problematic Jill is and the event didn’t want to endorse her.

She’s so obsessed with her cat eating pepperoni and an audience member filming her drag show (which literally everyone does at drag shows, that’s not stalker behavior), she’s missing that most of what is said here is actually just constructive criticism. She’s also missing the part where the only things discussed here is what she voluntarily puts on the internet. It’s not like people are following her around or posting pictures of her house. It’s all content she posted, and if you post something on the internet, people are gonna discuss it whether you have 500k followers or 5

No. 252917

ah, the milk is so bountiful. let's point out some interesting points tonight my precious nonas, shall we?

>Jill says 'Jax' is the social protector, but claims to be a blend of jill/jerrick/cliffe in this social protection video. forget your larp much?

>Jill makes an anti-lolcow video, knowing vangelina, a suspected lurker, will be using these threads for timeline and documentation. Seems like she's pre-emptively attempting to discredit vangelina, imo.
>cites being critiqued for 'feeding her cat pepperoni' and 'shopping fast fashion' but does not cite valid critiques such as: lying that a diagnostic impression is a diagnosis, appropriating autism, claiming repeated CSA from her ex-gf, admitting to 'blacking out' as her little alter while driving and then finding crayons and snacks in her backseat, using psychoactive drugs as a 'treatment', engaging in pseudo science EDMR treatment, using jerricks Twitter to straight up harass and bully people, canceling creators when its convenient to her but then shrugging off huge allegations towards creators she likes, responding to any feedback with 'you're literally bullying a mentally ill person'… ah, list goes on and on.

To our new confetti club members visiting, I reccomend you start a few threads back and enjoy the lovely documentation of a spoiled brat with an untreated narcissistic personality disorder.

No. 252919

Let's assume the worst case scenario. An online troll contacted whoever is organising the event and told them about Jill's reputation- we don't encourage cowtipping. But let's say this happened, why would the organisers care about somebody recording the show? Most people do that. Why would the organisers care about Jill's reputation? It's a small local event, not a national tv broadcast. The most damning evidence is that SHE TWEETED she's looking for advice how to plan a routine right before the event.

>She’s also missing the part where the only things discussed here is what she voluntarily puts on the internet.

This, and nobody would care about Jill if she didn't claim sexual assault and then say "being on a gossip board is the worst thing that's happened to me" or record fake seizures and delete them when she realizes how obvious she is.

No. 252920

>Seems like she's pre-emptively attempting to discredit vangelina, imo.

that's exactly what she's doing, thinking she's smart. she should have honestly waited, but jumping in front of Vangelina makes her look more guilty imo, along with the bullshit she sprinkled through her video like only being here "once"

okay Jill, keep digging that grave

No. 252922

I hope Vangelina shows proof of Jill reading the threads and responding to our claims kek. I don’t think other YouTubers have done stuff like that.

No. 252923

It’s called having a persona! Everyone puts on different personas in different situations. Jill’s persona just happens to be one that’s super upbeat, bubbly, and colorful, so of course there’s a stark contrast when you drop the persona and are mean to people on twitter. But it’s not the same as having a dissociated identity. She dragged Trisha for claiming her different personas was DID, she can’t see that she’s doing the exact same thing?

No. 252925

Practice internet safety and learn boundaries for once, Jill. She lacks any foresight about why disclosing her full name, where she lives/where her parents live, and places of work over the years along with pictures of her car, house, and events that she’s attending to the internet would be a unsafe idea. To add salt to the wound, she’s also linked her past boyfriends/friends to her account. A personal account where her face/name isn’t shown and she only lets close people that she knows follow her would be good for her. She wouldn’t feel the need to put everything out into the internet all the time as “content” because she’s has an internet persona. You ruined your own reputation and doxxed yourself. You are not Jessi Slaughter. Go touch grass and actually get offline. No good person would try to convince people that they’re a good person. You have provided the evidence for your own “slander”.

No. 252926

>realize how racist she was by creating a "kei" style as a non Japanese person
lmao this has literally not been an issue until now. Quit it with the racebaiting

No. 252927

We should start cancelling all the non english speakers that invent -core aesthetics/styles now too kek

No. 252928

for legal reasons this is what happened nonna LOL. Someone said earlier (last thread?) that she claims a stalker (assuming she means me) approached her at the show but the only thing I did was film. I didn't say a word to her or was even particularly near her and I'm pretty sure no one else approached her that night either. inb4 random girl that went up to her when I wasn't looking is going to get a restraining order from her for no reason

Also the email doesn't make sense. Someone said Sofia was in charge of the event iirc, wouldn't she just say "nooooo Jill would never hurt anyone" and ignore it?

No. 252929

thread stamps finally coming in:

>>249621 Jillian is planning to change her gender to x gender
>>249622 Nail date with Steven
>>249630 Wants to monetize shorts in the future
>>249636 Gives advice on having a DID journal (somehow all her alters know how to write kek)
>>249637 Dissociation preface (before someone asks her about weed)
>>249671 Talks about Amanda
>>249675 Steven follows Vaush (a pedo)
>>249753 Says autistic people develop slower than a normal child (aka calls them "slow")
>>249840 Jill can't handle adult media (but said she wathed gore not too long ago)
>>249841 Her boss Chelsea got a tiktok
>>249861 Chelsea drama (start here)
>>249878 Chelsea is crazy
>>249913 No one wanted Chelsea's prints (her own fault for not placing it properly)
>>249949 Chelsea gets the cops called on her
>>249954 Chelsea's ugly pinterest tier prints
>>249956 Jill + Chelsea interaction
>>250073 Jillian about her "haters"
>>250136 Jillian stopped using ativan because she started smoking weed
>>250203 Jillian recommends Drew Monson to someone asking for new bands (creepy coming from her)
>>250218 Fake stimming
>>250226 "Overconsumption is always tacky" (hypocrisy)
>>250228 "My mental illlness is not your entretainment" (then stop making videos about it kek)
>>250275 "Educates" someone on autism
>>250312 "Drag Gig" with her pic on the cover
>>250411 Current social blade
>>250454 Ugly jerrick drawing
>>250465 Someone asks her about her weed habits while dissociating
>>250609 "there's something cute and chic about being the family disappointment"
>>250498 Interesting screenshot
>>250503 Another interesting screenshot
>>250535 Interesting webm
>>250481 Bullying someone on twitter saga starts here
>>250532 Bullying someone on twitter saga continues
>>250608 Makes fun of the twitter user some more
>>250611 More bullying
>>250613 and more bullying
>>250614 "I unbloked you on twitter so you can see my response" (to the person who asked about her weed habits) (very slimy of her)
>>250617 Hypocrisy + bullying
>>250619 and more shit
>>250624 and more
>>250629 "you're harassing a mentally ill person" (wtf)
>>250635 "Go read a book uwu"
>>250700 These "books" (more like decorations) are the shit Jillian "reads" btw
>>250639 "That was fun lol" (after bullying)
>>250656 "This is the most entretainment I've had in a while" (after bullying)
>>250692 "Sending luv uwu" (after the bullying)
>>250724 Some shit about the asexual flag having jerrick colors
>>250728 Continues to seethe about the girl who asked her about her weed habits
>>250736 Diagnostic impression zoom in
>>250782 The "drag gig" she's in the cover of sells out
>>250806 Nightmare gif
>>250825 "Good people with good intentions will always prevail in the end uwu" (said literally the same day after she bullied the girl)
>>250829 More pretending to be nice
>>250861 She gets called transphobic
>>250946 Calls playing with winx cards "stimming" and "age regression"
>>250977 Drag gig photo: She did not attend
>>250983 Funny pic
>>250995 The people who were at the drag show
>>251070 Another ugly drawing
>>251112 "so glad you're okay I thought you were crushed in your sleep" (said to someone in the middle of an hurricane with barely any reception)
>>251125 "Veronia" says her tiktoks get "saved to drafts" (sounds like a lie)
>>251126 More stupid Veronica shit
>>251134 Some shit about her DID
>>251135 Some more shit about her DID
>>251136 People keep waking up to her content not being the same quality anymore
>>251138 "Guys please research DID outside of tiktok and social media"
>>251152 Smiles to the thought of being a villian in someone else's story
>>251259 Bails on the drag performance but calls herself "valid" on tiktok
>>251316 Says drag being for cis gay men only is "clearly wrong"
>>251321 Gif of the tiktok where she said it
>>251346 Still follows trixie mattel after his controversy
>>251378 Blocks someone on tiktok for simply saying that she did not show up to her performance
>>251477 Acts aggressive on a tiktok video
>>251567 Some retard fan of hers comes into the thread, calls herself a guy
>>251576 Picture of the special snowflake
>>251594 "Cozy magical flora vibes :)"
>>251595 She plans whenever her alters need to come out to film lmao
>>251661 Jill is posted to fake disorder cringe reddit again
>>251706 Jilly loves the try guys drama
>>251774 She "LOVES justice" (about the try guys gossip)
>>251811 "Jax" tiktok
>>251816 Keeps faking the brooklyn accent
>>251829 picture of her wearing dreads resurfaces
>>251835 Ugly pic
>>251836 picture of her touching a black girl's hair resurfaces
>>251910 She censors her feet on tiktok because of foot fetishists
>>251920 Alters talking about each other on her twitter kek
>>251921 and more brooklyn accent
>>251925 "Jer is asexual Jax is hypersexual"
>>251972 Some shit about switching making her vision blurry (can't be more of a faker)
>>252031 People used to watch her while on elementary
>>252128 Posts music again relating it to her alters
>>252150 Calls the undertale main character "plus sized" (kek)
>>252176 Cringe "Jax" tiktok
>>252230 Talks about her "wonderful" life
>>252231 Her thoughts on the hurricane contradict her "thunderstorm switching trigger"
>>252239 Another cringe "Jax" tiktok
>>252240 and she calls it "stimming" too
>>252280 "I do drag to unleash this beast"
>>252343 Says she will post a video about why she didn't "bail on her performance"
>>252344 Calls some drag queens "jerrick henchmen" (they look better than she ever did)
>>252472 Louise Vessey aka her mom likes a comment that says "you shouldn't do THC with dissociation"
>>252473 proof it was Louise
>>252610 "They're stalking me in real life" video drops
>>252620 "Lolcow slander needs to be adressed"
>>252746 Deleted this interesting comment, she's observing everything

That's it. this is the last time I will OP a thread on her probably, I hope people can continue making good thread OPs. To make text in bold you use ** at the start and end of a sentene. It helps highlight important things I think.

No. 252930

>um I haven't looked in a long long time
Literally not fucking true. She keeps mentioning shit all the fucking time from these threads and the proof is INSIDE all of the threads. Otherwise why would she fucking make the whole video about lolcow? if she didn't "look" then shit would not bother her. She's so fucking butthurt right now.

No. 252931

File: 1664693674266.gif (8.21 MB, 400x225, Lolcow_Slander_Needs_to_be_Add…)

Can someone please do a summary or post the entire transcript on what this shithead said? Made it some seconds in but couldn't handle the fact she smiles and giggles when she said "today I have a very wild and juicy topic". She loves the fucking drama so much

this, it's just LACE all over again. This bully learnt nothing in the span of 7+ years.

No. 252932

Honestly it feels like she's lying most of the fucking time in this video. I just don't trust the "someone wanted to harass me at the drag event" shit.

No. 252933

The emoji usage and passive agressive tone make me think she came here a few times when she was angry. She said it herself, Veronica loves gossip.

No. 252934

>I would not go to lolcow for your mental sake uwu
She's scared that her fans will read the truth.

No. 252935

File: 1664693993150.png (418.93 KB, 566x380, shithead.png)

this shithead is so fucking happy about making a video on this website. She's not "scared off her life" she loves the fucking drama

No. 252936

File: 1664693998830.jpeg (359.64 KB, 828x452, 17DC11FA-4534-4A1B-8D37-7C8A27…)

She literally tells on herself that she comes here all the time and that her uwu memory gaps make it hard to remember because everything she reads is so twaumatic.
Tinfoil but I think because of the whole uma thing having the potential to blow up in her face and faking getting molested by the piano teacher would also be super hard to lie through because she’d have to get legally involved she’s gonna say lolcow and cgl were her trauma that catapulted her DID and that since shes so “autistic” it developed later for her.
I also remember during the early days of claiming her DID diagnosis that she said she started splitting when she was 3. Essentially leaving an open door for another justification of her fake diagnosis.

No. 252937

I don't want to defend Jill, but we have to remember she didn't say anything outright about Amanda being related to the piano teacher I wouldn't put it past her,but it's guesswork at the moment.

On the other hand we have her on video claiming she was raped, when we also have caps of her friendly talking to the girl she was dating even after the supposed incident.

No. 252938

File: 1664694804634.png (154.74 KB, 360x212, bleh.png)

>"my memory gaps uwu"
Where were those memory gaps when you kept saying shit that you read on lolcow on your twitter?

No. 252941

I actually really like the rainbow brows and eyemakeup here, Jilly since you have now admitted to reading every post in this thread, please continue doing this makeup.

Also some of us genuinely enjoy seeing you throw yourself around on stage, so don't meme yourself into only doing "drag" online, people are gonna film and react but that's what happens to every live performer.

I think bringing the Jill show outside of her rainbow prison is actually healthy for her, and maybe finally addressing the thread is healthy too, since basically on some level she has to acknowledge all these women don't converge to discuss her behavior for no reason. Even her mom is on the fence about some stuff she does e.g. the weed. Idk maybe this is a turning point, here's hoping.

No. 252943

she is only doing the sensible makeup because cliffe was partially fronting. she should let him front more.
jill if you are reading this, stop locking cliffe up until tax season.

No. 252944

The rainbow eyebrows have never looked good on her, you just think it does because you've been seeing her in her clown makeup more often.

No. 252945

i think what was most telling throughout this whole video was the fact that she herself admits her life is all rainbows and sunshine OTHER than the fact that she’s on a gossip website…. jill what about the intense trauma disorder you have? The said trauma must’ve existed to create a disorder like this? maybe it’s just me but i would think that would be a bigger burden and cloud over my life than some people making fun of me from a distance.

No. 252946

She tried to fix it putting a brief caption clarifying “in my YouTube life,” but you can’t unring that bell. She was talking about her life as a whole in the video, a two second caption doesn’t erase that. Even I give her the benefit of the doubt and believe that she really did mean her YouTube career, that’s still a heck of a Freudian slip

No. 252947

File: 1664699286044.jpg (155.66 KB, 720x1396, Screenshot_20221002-012523_You…)

No. 252948

In the video at around 10:52, Jill says the organizationers got an email and Jill herself has not seen the email. Had a zoom chat with two of the organizationers at 1 p.m. day of show. Later in the video around the 17:24 mark, Jill says people (read: forum) do not want her to succeed and stopping her from getting work and paid.

No. 252949

Yep. She has never suffered once in her life. Mask is slipping right off.

No. 252950

File: 1664700217132.jpg (77.24 KB, 736x742, soap.jpg)

>Jill says people (read: forum) do not want her to succeed and stopping her from getting work and paid.
That's literally not true. She can always make and sell shitty kawaii soaps. That's what all the retarded womanchildren with no prospects end up doing anyway, and she's clearly not good at sewing. Everything in her life failing is literally her own fault. Including drag. She cannot blame an entire gossip forum if she has her entire life online and overshares all her shit. We just make observations.

No. 252951

So she replies to comments that openly “fake claim” her but deletes ones that state constructive criticism >>252746

And we’re the manipulative ones? Ok Jilly

No. 252952

She's 100% manipulative and her PD (narcissism?) comes shining through with this video. She wants everyone to believe her without questioning her. Also notice how she's so happy talking about her own gossip? She's so self obsessed and self important that she's willing to blame her own failure on this website. No, Jilly… clearly you're the one fucking up. If she wasn't milky, if she wasn't useless, and if she wasn't a bully, literally no one would say shit about her. But ok, keep smoking weed jilly, keep fucking up your frontal lobe so you keep making fun of yourself.

No. 252953

Lovely to see you again, soap-anon

No. 252954

File: 1664701024247.png (41.2 KB, 552x468, youtube description.png)

dunno if this was documented but she finally changed her youtube description.
>Hello Confetti Club, we are Pixie!
>We’ve been making colourful content for years and years, from highschool to fashion school and from diagnosis to diagnosis, our whole journey can be followed on this channel. If you like kawaii fashion, colourful living, and learning about mental health from someone who lives it day to day, this is a great spot for you

No. 252955

Surely this wasn’t a paid gig though? Her first performance was volunteer and her only performance, why would she be hired this early. She isn’t known as a drag queen and the whole audience won’t be confetti club how how would it make sense to pay her when she is unknown in that scene still.

No. 252956

File: 1664701228403.png (20.1 KB, 836x186, yt.png)

Ratio not looking good.

No. 252957

File: 1664701259252.png (12.29 KB, 812x126, comment.png)

also caught this comment posted like minutes ago kek. Hello nonny

No. 252958

File: 1664701581585.png (67.99 KB, 782x692, commentsss.png)

more comments

No. 252960

Oh Jillybean…Your employer just didn't want to be associated with you. It's one thing to fake a mental illness but to fake a mental illness that is based on heavy trauma?? Actual queer people who live in real life have faced abuse and trauma just for being alive. We know how to spot a liar and a faker. We, people with PTSD, especially don't like the mockery you are doing of our lives. You are disgusting and people with PTSD despise you.

No. 252961

File: 1664701819357.png (22.7 KB, 794x264, nope.png)

Also how in the fuck is filming a PUBLIC event even count as harassment?

No. 252964

File: 1664702331491.png (713.44 KB, 1034x576, turning girls.png)

thank you, these take a lot of work and your efforts are appreciated

No. 252966

File: 1664703039963.jpg (728.92 KB, 1500x3523, IMG_20221002_112852.jpg)

She also deleted these and her cousin commented.Cannot find the cousin anymore(?)

No. 252970

i never read this rainbow dumpster piles thread but i can't sleep and her posting about how ordering premade food SAVES ON GROCERIES makes me want to fucking scream this fat bitch has never worked, is spending more on two meals than most people spend on food in a week oh my GOD

No. 252971

A few things I noted
>Refers to the "forensic psychologist" as a "she"
imo she purposefully did that because she knows we found out Jed minored in forensics, further proves how much she lurks here
>cat peperoni
It made me think she's talking about how she lets Serena eat pizza slices ("because she doesn't puke them out so it must be fine"), which she gleefully shared in that old video where she talks about her cats. I don't know if she got criticism for it at the time, but it's a valid thing to criticize her for— bread, tomatoes, garlic, etc. are bad for cats. She's latching on the "peperoni" to divert.
>Genuinely grateful to lolcow for criticizing her overconsumption, thanks us at lengths for helping her change
Wtf was that even? The way she talks about it seems like she's so fond of LC.
>only read her thread "1 or 5 times" but refers to several comments made over the years, including recent ones
Clearly she's so fond of this place because she's been an active user ever since she found her thread.
>"These people are trying to ruin my reputation"
Hun, we don't need to. You're doing that all by yourself.

Unrelated but the way she keeps harping on about how the professional who diagnosed her is "literally trained to tell when people are lying" paired with a giant duper's delight expression makes me wonder if what she's actually bragging about is successfully fooling Jed into believing her lies.

No. 252973

File: 1664705194947.png (59.81 KB, 538x980, pix.png)

she's going at it on twitter too
>Refers to the "forensic psychologist" as a "she"
>imo she purposefully did that because she knows we found out Jed minored in forensics, further proves how much she lurks here
I remember she also mentioned a friend of Jed that had a digree in forensics having something to do with all this.

No. 252976

The cats thing gets me because she acts like it’s unfounded and she just fed pepperoni once! To catch up anyone who doesn’t follow it all. She consistently has treated them poorly. When she got heat for buying pedigree cats and not adopting she made up the story about how buying said pedigree cat was saving him from a backyard breeder. Saving him by….giving the breeder a ton of money and nothing else? The tinsel incident she changed the story after the fact to justify keeping something around that is actively dangerous to the cats. On that same subject she gets flowers that are poisonous to cats and places them where her cats are frequently shown to hang out. She took serena away from home and said oh she hates other cats but then had to get stickers (a pedigree cat from a breeder once again) because she was lonely. She showed that for a long time for litter she was using aluminium turkey trays for her convenience. The cats are matted and not well looked after, she can try and lie that this is not true but we can all see it and serena looked different when Louise was caring for her. Serena has a flat face which is unethical and causes respiratory issues yet Jillian is fine smoking around the cats every day. The smoke which also does affect pets, she is getting her cats stoned. The environment they live in is filthy which once again bad for Serenas breathing. She treats them like a kawaii prop not living animals that need her to look after them properly, they don’t need a uwu aesthetic cat tower they need to be groomed and kept safe properly. I know some anons get annoyed at the cat sperging but I truly feel Jill is so far gone she could kill a cat with her negligence and learn nothing at all from it and see herself the poor tragic heroine. I feel like it’s so indicative of her personality that she portrays this Disney Princess special autism affinity for animals when in reality she is lazy and negligent.

No. 252977

This can’t be the response that she was expecting but i dont see how she thought people would believe all the lies she keeps piling on

she’s dug herself so deep I don’t ever see the milk drying up here

No. 252979

My tinfoil: (or fanfic??)
Jill's mom (or maybe her dad via her mom as he seems much less enabling) gave her an ultimatum saying she either had to quit weed or pay her own bills. They see how she's suddenly claiming all this ridiculous shit and they blame the weed. She refused to quit weed and this is why she flipped out about money and saying she might lose her """apartment""", because they threatened to pull her funds.

The people she's really trying to fool is her own family, coming up with excuses for why she can't do x y and z. That's why she mentioned posting the video on FB etc as well.

Bitch is pathetic

No. 252980

For me the cat stuff is like the first time something happened I thought okay well accidents happen. But at a certain point it’s a pattern of behaviour and she hasn’t changed her ways concerning the first incident.

No. 252981

Does anyone have an estimate for how much money she is probably spending on this weed. I know she has stated her strain preference, her smoking method and even the shop she visits so I wonder if a more knowledgeable anon could use that to make an estimate. If I was paying her way I wouldn’t be happy if she suddenly had these new drug expenses and is complaining about money. If weed is legal and can be used medicinally in Canada is there some coverage for that if you are obtaining it legitimately for health reasons? I know they have some free healthcare there.

No. 252984

List what her preferences are anon.

No. 252985

So previously she stated when talking to her ex boss that she is a daily stoner and smokes “sativa only”. She used the pipe on her trip but her main method day to day is bong. I believe it was shown in an image she posted that she frequents dispensaries on Cliffe street.

No. 252986

Yeah, she really fucked up IMO by making that video.

No. 252989

STOP MAKING ME WANT DUMB SOAPS. I restrain myself from this desire constantly because I would never spend money on something so stupid, but then you post this and it reminds of rainbow cake and I want that

No. 252990

Can one of our talented artanons draw Jill as a cow? You can only make the face hideous and spare us the rest (like make a chibi cow with Jill clown face)

And then I was thinking, cows have all those stomachs, and Jill has an alter for each stomach

No. 252995

so THAT'S why she can't stop eating, every alter has a separate stomach to fill!

No. 252997

don't worry you'll be able to purchase some from jilly soon

No. 252998

Imagine what would had been of Jill if she actually devoted her life to soap making instead of larping DID and other mental illnesses for attention. Soap making is literally so low effort and she can decorate them to her liking and people would eat that shit up. She needs to ditch DIDtok for soaptok asap

No. 253000

Even if keffals wasn't a self-centered pedo, him associating with a crazy DID clown makeup faker who claims some of her alters are trans wouldn't be a good look for him so why would he help

No. 253001

i hope Trixie or any actual drag queens starts calling anyone filming their public performances and putting them online stalkers.
Anyway, thank you for your service nonna !

No. 253002

Reminder to new lolcow farmers coming here from Jills video:
>Jill does NOT have a DID diagnosis
>Jill does NOT have childhood trauma (the ONLY way DID can develop is through childhood trauma in a specific period of brain development)
>Jill now wants to be autistic because she thinks autistic people are mentally children, and she thinks that would make the need for DID trauma as a child "null" so she can get past the fact that she didn't have any childhood trauma
>Her child alters are most likely an attempt to prove that she is "mentally a child" and thus could have childhood trauma… but as an adult… because her brain was a child at the time….
>Because she can't prove autists are all mental toddlers like she wants them to be, she is using another persons childhood trauma of CSA to insinuate she also got traumatized from it despite no abuse towards her ever taking place

No. 253004

Weed is legal federally, you dont need coverage you can just go and get it as an adult over 19. Based on her just smoking with friends she isnt doing it medicinally as it requires actual reason to get that kind of dosage and its pretty easy to just go to the liqour store anyways. You can also shop online.

With daily usage she is probably going through at least 100$ a month on it easily, probably more depending on how savvy she is about pricing.


No. 253006

NTA but that's a lot less than I expected (then again I'm not from Canada and a lot of substances cost you an arm and a leg in Europe). It would seem she would be spending more on alcohol.

No. 253009

I imagine I smoke less then Jill and spend around $150 every two weeks from a despesery with the same pricing as the one she goes to. The difference is that I have a job and support myself while Jill sits on her ass all day. If she’s taking bing hits all day everyday she’s probably spending <$200 every two weeks.

No. 253014

This is the go-to excuse of abusers. “You made me blow up! You made me be an asshole to you! If you didn’t do XYZ, I never would’ve had to verbally/physically abuse you!”

No. 253015

Jezus christ nonnie do y’all just have insane prices? I can smoke daily for €45 a week and even i should cut down

No. 253016

Good point. Being an asshole to someone because "they were an asshole too" just makes you an asshole. It doesn't solve anything so there's no reason to do it unless you're already an asshole

No. 253019

File: 1664720149686.jpg (468.17 KB, 1080x1162, kawaiijo.jpg)

sage for tinfoil but this is her patreons.is this THE kawaii fluffy jo?the virtue signaling troon loving jo??

and there are no socials of stevie anywhere.twitter and insta are gone.

No. 253020

File: 1664720287936.png (6.47 KB, 426x133, firefox_JgoNZXdYXW.png)

You mean in her video credits?

No. 253021

That sucks about Stevie. It's easier to catch predators when they are not spooked into hiding.

No. 253022

File: 1664720417332.jpg (170.04 KB, 1080x785, Screenshot_20221002_081908.jpg)

How do you know all these rumors from lolcow if you don't read here you brain dead cunt

No. 253024

Mega tinfoil but I'm surprised no ones even suggested maybe she sent the email herself as a way to get out of working

It seems weird to me that someone would send this email but yet we haven't seen it. Everyone wants to see the content of the email so why hasn't the person who sent it posted it here? Unless that person is unrelated to here… or there was no email/it was Jill who sent it?

No. 253025

I like how she tries to deflect that people are saying she is being BRAINWASHED into having DID.

No, I think most people here agree that she is malingering as having it. Yes, the SUPER SECRET personality you've been hiding has been a greedy attention seeker who will compromise values and lie to make sure you stay relevant.

No. 253027

I think there was no email and that never happened. Maybe I am biased but I feel like organisers would be like: "Whatever, have fun kids as long as you're civil. You feel threatened for your safety? Guess you can skip the event then."
She probably used lolcow as an excuse why she didn't attend.

No. 253028

I agree I think it's all a facade. She lit up at the end talking about catching people filming her and how she wanted lolcow users to feel unsafe, lose their jobs, ect. The video is just a way for her to try and scare people away from making fun of her. She's engaging in a revenge fantasy and I think this is going to consume her and she's only going to get worse tbh. She might even honestly believe lolcow is why she can't work, I think she desperately looked for an excuse why her life is bad and landed on blaming us because her ego couldn't handle blaming itself.

She thinks we're idiots and that threatening us will make people be silent. Even how eager she was to mock that manifestation girl was really gross in the video. I don't know how anyone can watch that and not be bothered by her attitude, she's acting like she's above everyone else. She paraphrased everything in the video and tried very hard to spin a narrative, nothing she said was in full context or honest. She purposely misinterpreted all of the weed comments and the pepperoni stuff, and didn't use the time to provide any evidence of otherwise on any of the claims people are "falsely making". It's all very pathetic.

No. 253031

I wonder if she's hoping any drama youtuber would jump on her claims and make a video about her, but she doesn't have any clout aside being a DID faker occassionally posted to reddit, she's not a big internet personality.

There's hundreds of people like Jill, but her being 24, oversharing online and malicious refusal of introspection and admitting her flaws turned her into a symbol of privileged online people who WANT their life to be bad, while there's people out there struggling with actual mental illnesses, money and abusive relationships.

No. 253032

I honestly think of jill like an early 2000’s troll. She’s having fun, she knows what she’s saying is bullshit but the hilarity and entertainment is people thinking she’s for real or going along with her outrageous claims. Like anons keep pointing out she’s always got that dupers delight smile that she can’t help. She even says it’s entertaining and fun, she has a whole character that loves drama. Just the way she acts seems very for the attention good or bad. Not to suggest shit hasn’t had anything go wrong in her life, just that you can be an attention seeking troll and have baggage without being uwu (this is for you jilly because we know you think you need an excuse to be an asshole, you don’t! It’s ok, plenty of bullies lead rewarding fulfilling lives with rewarding relationships, you can be a garbage person and still have parents/friends that love you)

No. 253033

File: 1664721781703.jpg (71.45 KB, 828x496, Tumblr_l_836002310917703.jpg)

Damn, just showed up here to post another shit edit from an image I found online to see we have milkmas and LACE 2.0 happening. Kek

No. 253034

Yeah compare Jill’s video to Keffals and there’s a stark difference. She’s such a bad actor she can’t even make a serious video without a mask on.

No. 253037

File: 1664722048568.jpg (143.94 KB, 1080x432, Screenshot_20221002_104649_Twi…)

Shocked she hasnt started raging on the jerrick acc again

No. 253038

She got her daily dose of validation, meanwhile literally nobody bothered to talk about lolcow aside Jill herself. Nobody cares, lol.

No. 253039

Yup she says that most people will deal with this but that's not true at all. If you're posted here it's for a reason, it's a sign you're doing something wrong. Good creators & normal people, even crazy people who keep it to themselves, don't end up here. The few times people have posted random creators that aren't very bad people it's been ignored. There's many people who do what Jill does, even in her own community, even as small as within her j fashion meets there are cow types, but none act quite like her. None of those people have threads, even the cc club thread is dead.

I think the fact she claims that we're just "ableist and phobic" really takes the cake in the end of it all. She cannot comprehend why anyone wouldn't like her and has decided the reasons must be some sort of socially unacceptable behavior. Everything we say are lies and we're just making up excuses for being ableist or "phobic". I wonder how much her and her therapist discussed this place together.

No. 253041

File: 1664722792446.jpeg (175.72 KB, 959x1175, 263372C3-E200-4997-B91C-EA72C1…)

Her fans are confused now they don’t know who’s telling the truth.

No. 253042

The more internet savvy people can just look up her tweets, and that tiktok of her faking a seizure is a video we couldn't have fabricated. As well as that old video of hers where she tried to claim she is neurodivergent that offended a lot of people.

No. 253043

That got to me too. What an INSANE cope. She really said every content creator will end up on a gossip site. What? Are there only like 100 content creators alive and making videos right now? There are millions of content creators who never get mentioned here. How small is her bubble/big is her ego?

No. 253045

These read like cowtippers trying to push people to read here to me. A LOT of the 'supportive' comments she liked gave me that vibe too, like they're trying to subtly point out flaws in her narrative.

Of course those efforts are wasted as anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together has already become an "ex fan".

No. 253046

nayt but I feel like it's a bit of both. Def some cowtippers but if you aren't terminally online and only watch from a distance I can absolutely imagine some of them having an actual revelation now she pointed them straight to the evidence.

No. 253048

>even the cc club thread is dead
sniff I miss it, it was hilarious.

No. 253054

File: 1664724506041.png (845.94 KB, 900x1600, collage.png)

Girl, just stop the weed and get a job, you finished school

No. 253055

I like the way she's frames "diagnosis to diagnosis" with "content for years and years" and "high school to fashion school" to make it seem like her diagnosis process was also a several year long endeavor. This is what we're talking about Jill, the little lies you sprinkle in to give yourself more credit for things that aren't true. I'm sure if she was faced with those thing she could easily say "Oh I didn't mean the diagnosis part!" But we know what she's doing. She does shit like this all the time, down to her diagnosis impression and then denying thats all she had.

No. 253056

People wanting to consume mental health content is a tiny percentage of those that would consume fashion content. She flipped to MH with 0 fashion and now she's grasping at anything to make money there. >>253054
She's learning the same lesson as Hollywood, these woke crowds don't pay out

No. 253058

Kek more autism breadcrumbs.

No. 253059

Now that you say that, Jill doesn't really offer anything for those interested in mental health. She's a vlog channel, people interested in mental health content watch doctors and those documenting their journey to handle life better and sharing tips and help.

No. 253060

She offers something to those who want to LARP with mental health issues. She shows them the social capital it can give someone. Suddenly people treat you with kid gloves and are afraid to speak up against you for fear of being labelled ableist.

Not to mention she is showing just how FUN it is to be a system. You get to LARP as characters you've always wanted to be! You get to feel like you're super unique! And you get to be a part of a larger community that blows smoke up each other's ass and circle jerks to maintain their façade.

No. 253061

There are already so many kids, some who aren't even teens, pretending they have DID because they see it as a fun way to make OCs and cosplay. And here comes Jill, telling them it's 100% real

No. 253062

something important to point out for anyone questioning her DID diagnosis is that in the video she featured in on inabbers channel talking about her DID diagnosis, she herself says that DID can take years to get diagnosed properly. she leaves out the fact that her diagnosis (diagnostic impression) was given to her in a matter of months – before that she had been diagnosed with bpd and depression. and at no point during her years of taking meds, seeing therapists etc did anyone point out the possibility of a disassociative disorder. her diagnosis falls in line with the time she started getting interested in, following and interacting with other DID youtube channels. even if you give her the benefit of the doubt the timing of it all is still very sus

No. 253065

File: 1664729563388.png (9.27 KB, 822x461, jill.png)

You're just a liar, and you know it.

No. 253067

if she was seriously frightened for her life why did she take the time to look nice for the camera? i don't think stalking victims would be able to apply fun and uwu makeup if they were that anxious.

No. 253069

>my mental health is not your entertainment
>relies entirely on her "mental health" to entertain

No. 253074

Honestly, it's really sad to me that she's faking DID. If instead of falling into this awful LARP she's doing, she could've been personally working on herself and going to a real therapist to sort out the issues she's having with being a multi-faceted person. It's obvious she's having problems reconciling different sides to her personality and interests so she's creating fake alters to explain them away. For whatever reason, she can't seem to comprehend that she can still be the same edgy emo teen and sparkly rainbow adult she is, all at once. Boxing yourself into one aesthetic and then freaking out when you like something outside of that aesthetic shouldn't be a reason to create alters but a chance to grow into a nuanced, complex person like we all are. It makes sense to me that teenagers fake having DID because they are still learning who they are and trying on new things and identities but Jill seems to have not matured past this stage for whatever reason.

No. 253076

Also if you were being actually stalked by people who could harm you, why would you make a long ass video talking shit about them

No. 253078

this is why a lot of her viewers are going to leave the video with more questions than answers. Yes right now it's subscribers watching but down the line a popular youtuber will be sent this video or stumble across it and it's game over.

No. 253079

She has 233 000 subscribers but only got 10 000 views on day one. It's more than her usual videos since there's a dramatic title, but most of her subs are dead accounts.

No. 253080

It's sad but it all makes so much sense. She is in total denial about growing up. She has no intentions of working because she has been raised to believe that she was special - to her parents, within her school, her community, and now the internet. Nothing has ever happened to her in her life to make her face the fact that she is not special. Every single thing is everyone's business, every single thing is something to hold above everyone else's heads. Jill is special, and it's specialness alone that she believes will bring her a career and money.

So special that she couldn't even get through her 2 year program without requiring special accommodations - accommodations that amount to nothing more than what I assume was the stunning realization that she can't get ahead in school on words and insistence alone. She can't be a "fashion designer" because you have to actually put in the hard, grueling work instead of just SAYING that you are as such. I've seen this play out time and time again. You know the old classic saying? "Writers write." If you don't write, you're not a writer. If you don't design and create and sew, you're not a designer. So let's just say we're too mentally ill (and on top of that - one of the most extreme mental illnesses out there) to accomplish our goals! It's not our fault for just being too lazy or too intimidated to do the work! But I'm still a fashion designer!!

It's all so beyond typical, so transparent, and sad. Jill will literally never amount to anything because she is incapable of accepting reality, putting in the hard work, and doing anything more than lip service. She is all talk, lies and excuses, and that's it.

This is what happens when you insist your child is special and you never ever let them face the consequences of their actions. This is what happens when you never force them to follow through with their claims. For those with kids here: make damn sure you make your child follow through with their endeavors. Don't allow them to generate excuses for their lack of follow through. It does not end well.

The funny thing is: I always thought that Jill and Louise's relationship was actually more competitive than anything. Jill is competing with her mom. But Jill will never be able to build up the life that her mother has, as her mom quite obviously is a hard worker. She followed her passion all the way through and has built a successful life upon it, while also raising two children. I know Jill looks down on that because her mom is "just a mom" but she doesn't realize that her mom has accomplished something extremely challenging: monetary success in the arts. Louise didn't get there by just saying she's a photographer. She did the work. Now it's your turn, Jill.

No. 253081

Ya, and she was smiling and very bright during it. I feel like if it was something so serious and traumatic, she would be more somber, maybe even shedding some tears if she seriously felt like this was a danger to her. But no, she’s just talking like it’s no big deal. I’m not sure if this is part of the attempt at an autism larp or if she’s just so out of touch that she doesn’t realize how off this is.
However, if she said she’s going to post this on Facebook, and her mom watches…. What if she comes here and reads it? Do you think she’ll see us as the evil bullies Jill says we are, or will it just cement the fact that she’s whacked out on weed and needs an intervention? That would be interesting.

No. 253086

for someone claiming to be traumatized by lolcow for such a long time, she doesn’t seem to be that phased. she keeps laughing throughout the video like it’s a joke. having multiple posts is a quirk.

No. 253087

Yeah people are going to watch it and then her views will go right down again. Look at Yumi King’s channel. All of her drama videos got lots of views while her normal fashion hauls don’t see the same numbers.

No. 253089

File: 1664736256438.jpeg (133.58 KB, 960x1012, 0DFE7CC4-8C5C-407B-9274-3554AA…)

Here’s the results of looking up her username.

No. 253091

>>253041 "did she really say that?!" You can easily find them on twitter still lmfaooo

No. 253094

I don't understand why so many people in the comments think we shit on her for her clothes/makeup because there are thousands of creators who dress in a similar 'alt' way to her and have extravagant makeup who don't have threads because they are not bad people or bullies or mental illness fakers!!! Please anyone who sees this understand that this isn't us shitting on someone for 'being herself' by dressing differently, it's because of her personality and actions

No. 253096

I used to live in Fredericton and I went to the shop she posted a map of lol. >>253004 cannabis nb is infamously expensive, basically no heavy weed smokers go there because it costs an arm and a leg compared to the grey market shop Jill goes to. But I actually think your cost analysis is still accurate (although she would be spending way more if she actually went to cannabis nb). You can get an oz of mid for $60-$100 at the stores on the rez. assuming she smokes a gram a day that's about an oz a month. if I knew what strain she was smoking or the exact amount I could give a more accurate cost breakdown but I'm not that autistic yet.

No. 253097

Yes I'm sure these are real fans and not your alt accounts. Please stop.

No. 253098

If Jill wants to be a "mental health advocate" so bad, why doesn't she go back to school? She should tell her parents that mental health is her passion and that she wants to uni for it. That way she could do a minimal amount of shit for another four years. She could even stay in Fredricton and attend UNB

No. 253099

Didn’t her mom make posts here fairly early in her threads, defending Jill? It’s been a long time so I could be misremembering.

No. 253101

Yes she did, click on the first 3 threads, its around there. She even defends herself pretending she's an anon but forgets to delete her name from the name field.

No. 253102

>for legal reasons this is what happened nonna LOL. Someone said earlier (last thread?) that she claims a stalker (assuming she means me) approached her at the show but the only thing I did was film
Very important info.

No. 253105

>I'm glad you understand now! (Passive agressive emoji)
What an hypocrital manipulative narc bitch.

No. 253107

I caught them in the wild?? It’s easy to blame cowtippers but a lot of her actual fans are waking up.

No. 253108

>She was also commenting my tiktok
Not all people here are the same as your stupid followers kek

No. 253109

I agree. I doubt any email was real. It's way too convenient she mentions an email but no screenshot of it when she loooves showing screenshots for proof (like with the car accident). She's pulling shit out of her ass and lying yet again to manipulate others. She's the one making up shit when we all know everything posted here is stuff she posted herself.

Or maybe she's projecting. Remember that time she was seething so much that she wanted to send angry harassing emails to people? She thinks people here would do the same when no one would sink that low at her own game. Plus, not everyone who hates or criticizes her uses lolcow, her fans themselves, the confetti cunts, have showed stalker and skinwalking behavior before, so much so they have their own thread.

No. 253112

More interesting to me is how she went on about people harassing her with brand new accounts with obviously fake avatars!!1 Like if anyone can just make an account to "harass" her, what's to stop her from making accounts to make up fake narratives and make herself look like a victim? I wouldn't put anything past this munchie.

No. 253115

Who would even have the time to do that. We just discuss her here, and she's losing fans like water between her fingers.
>I like the way she's frames "diagnosis to diagnosis" with "content for years and years" and "high school to fashion school" to make it seem like her diagnosis process was also a several year long endeavor.
This. In reality she got her diagnostic impression in less than a year. It's all out there, it's all documented, idk why she thinks she can lie this much.

I hope the vangelina video comes out soon.

No. 253117

it's also obvious some of her fans are posting itt now.

No. 253119

She's probably seething over the low view count and like to dislike ratio. The only way she can break 30k anymore is on her DID videos that get overwhelming amounts of hate. Sad to see how far she fell off

No. 253123

Personally I like to imagine soap nonnie is jills mom trying to drop hints at her to get a job lol

Also I think her mom was here before closer to the Lolita days?

No. 253126

check out the first 3 threads, Louise posted there

No. 253130

File: 1664741054996.png (57.62 KB, 256x256, loudly-crying-face.png)

I hate when this disgusting lil shit uses this emoji so fucking much

No. 253134

File: 1664741696712.jpg (174.72 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_20221002-130756_Chr…)

No. 253135

Ahahaha, you can see how pissed off she is that literally nobody cares. No one is talking about it aside in the comments under her video.

No. 253136

File: 1664741833005.webm (2.96 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 253137

1. She is absolutely gleeful and loves being the center of drama
2. Is it against tiktok rules to advertise your video on a different platform?
3. Restraining order for what? Somebody recording your public performance and not even talking to you?

No. 253142

File: 1664742289219.jpg (153.73 KB, 720x1381, Screenshot_20221002-132240_Bra…)

No. 253143

Wow she's so fucking happy and excited about her own drama.

No. 253144

congrats on looking insane yet again (and again not in the way you want to)

No. 253146

File: 1664742384499.jpg (170.98 KB, 720x1362, Screenshot_20221002-132140.jpg)

No. 253148

File: 1664742487288.jpg (182.77 KB, 720x1379, Screenshot_20221002-132116.jpg)

No. 253155

>real life stalking
>she posts all her business public on social media
I dont think this bitch knows what real stalking is

No. 253156

>>253155 sure is real life stalking when you post exactly where you are and performing even. Fuck forbid

No. 253158

What's next week?

No. 253163

Thanks for your permission!

No. 253166

oh hi cow

No. 253167

No idea, the person limited who can see tweets.

No. 253169

Cause this topic is one of the first results when you Google her name? Nice try.

No. 253170

>>253168 at the very least dont put a name in nonnie

No. 253173

I think we all need to just take a second to appreciate that Jill will never be half as accomplished and chill as fuck as Serenity Sam.

No. 253176

Please ignore and report the desperate retard who can't even read lol

No. 253179

You’re from eastern Canada trying to talk like a black person. Calm the fuck down goof.

No. 253183

>not that you would admit to it
Then why ask dumbass

No. 253191

Then post screen shots and fuck off you attention whore

No. 253192

if ur gonna come in and act goofy trying to wk jill at least know how to use the sage feature properly. It’s more embarrassing having to see someone named “Jesus” with the green name. You are out of your element here, take a breather.

No. 253193

Soap-chan!!! I have missed you ♥

No. 253196

Leak it pussy

No. 253201

it's not that hard to read the site's rules

No. 253203

I hope she doesn't download a restraining order template and act like she's really filing one out. That is peak late 00's behavior.

No. 253204

>why is this anonymous person so scared of being anon huh????? why don't you tell everyone online your name?
The room temperature IQ and sheer despair are obvious lmao

No. 253205

>twitter speak
>don't assume my origin
Read the rules. You have to be 18 to post here.

No. 253206

Bestie, if I recall, the Nona who went to watch the performance never said they weren’t going for Jill? They told us they would go to the first one but never gave confirmation about planning to go to this one. I think Jill is blatantly lying to get out of bailing her gig the other day. No one threatened her and no one is stalking her. Besides if jillybean was so scared, why would she continue over sharing online?

No. 253207

People can do whatever they want and I don’t see why poor NB anon has to be harassed for filming footage that was posted to YouTube anyways lol

No. 253211

>pls doxx yourself while I pretend to have milk

You're transparent babe just fuck off unlike you anons here can read rules and most important is no doxxing including ourselves lol you're the worst investigator ever

No. 253214

ive met some pretty bad attention seekers before, but never this bad. the blatant lies are cute. people like her are the reason every 12 year old has "autism, depression, ocd, anxiety, adhd, did, and osdd". i swear.

No. 253219

Put ‘sage’ in the email field. A loving welcome, nonnie

No. 253220

No one’s going to tell you anything, i doubt anyone even knows anyways because there’s no real way to confirm which anon is which as an outsider. Please stop wasting everyone’s time clogging up our thread. I’m sure you have a ban incoming anyways so just cut your losses now and dip.

No. 253224

you are clearly not over the age of 18. please leave. we'll welcome you back with open arms when you're a little older and a little less desperate

No. 253227

if you're not here to talk about the cow in question, you are derailing. Nobody cares about this KC person, only you.

No. 253231

I'm just going to post this because of idiotic tourists like you. The demographic of this forum are women from all across the world, most of us have never been in Canada and don't know anybody, the only topic discussed are public things on the internet. Nobody here knows the person who recorded it and she didn't do anything dramatic because she recorded a public performance.

No. 253232

I don't think you know what anonymous means

No. 253234

guys, its Jesus himself. Show a little respect. Even he gets his info from gossip boards

No. 253236

if this is so important, then tell us. nobody here is going to give up their anonymity.

No. 253237

you are the epitome of derailing. No one here is focusing on this shit besides you. You are seeking the irl identity of someone on this anonymous message board. Are you retarded? Why would anyone tell you shit?. Obviously you can’t prove this either which way but I’d be hard pressed to find someone over 18 who types as obnoxiously as you do. You’ve had your fun trying to act tough, chill out sis.

No. 253241

you are very obviously a child. please, for your parents' sake, leave. this forum is not a 'safe space' for children.

No. 253243

yea ok anons let’s just ignore and report this child now please lmfao. Recording someone at a public event is not blackmail. Do you have marbles in your brain?

No. 253245

Get it through your thick skull that nobody cares about your righteous passion to take down this person. begone already

No. 253246

Does it look like we care if the person who posted is bad or not
Doesn't matter if they're a "bad person" the video was impartial and cringe on its own
Jill sucks no one needs to help her be her worst self she does it on her own

No. 253248

This is an image board posts pics or gtfo, you’re doing nothing here but clogging the threads and your words mean nothing

No. 253251

Do we even want their information? If it's not relevant to Jill, I say it doesn't belong in this thread. But their cryptic, incomprehensible idiocy is going to deliver them a one way ticket to the pastures anyhow.

No. 253258

why would it matter if that anon is this KC person? all they did was post a video of the drag show.

No. 253259

no one cares about your drama from high school you retarded fuck. i pray you will be banned for namefagging shortly.

No. 253260

Hey, I'm going to try and meet you halfway here and ask: does it have any relevance to the subject of this thread (Jillian)? If it doesn't, then it really won't have any effect on anything and doesn't belong here. Please be straightforward.

No. 253261

Who the fuck is K.C

No. 253262

Anon, how in god's name would we even know if it was this KC person or not?

No. 253263

kek this cant be real

alright pack it up nonas this bait isn't worth it, apparently we're dealing with an expert here

No. 253264

>oh noooooo someone doesn't like jiiiiiiill who is really a cringe overbearing destructive and cruel person why would someone not like her don't you know rainbows are friendly

No. 253265

Who cares if OP is K.C ? I'm here to talk shit about an attention whore, not try and decipher peoples identities on a website that's intended to be anon. nobody cares

No. 253266

File: 1664747168397.jpeg (256.58 KB, 1125x1811, 3F48C8F7-DCE6-4576-8CB4-239D24…)

This is the screenshot they just deleted

No. 253267

Glad the trash has decided to take itself out

No. 253268

File: 1664747293194.jpg (182.68 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20221002-143956_Chr…)

No. 253271

So that idiot has a personal vendetta against some random girl nobody knows and takes it to lolcow. Posts a series of messages where she's agreeing with this "k.c." and also makes it possible for this "k.c." to identify her over the context of the messages and names mentioned. Truly genius.

No. 253272

It’s been said before, sage your shit

No. 253274

Jo is a clout-chasing idiot, it's no surprise that she sucks up to Jill

No. 253275

now THATS fucking funny. how are we gonna say any of what op said is a lie when its that obvious on her twitter, tiktok and youtube?

No. 253276

File: 1664747390808.webm (4.11 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_7150014851090238725_pi…)

No. 253280

File: 1664747473123.jpg (57.96 KB, 550x550, 3946228b5c440eef552c792cd8aead…)

I hope the vendetta-chan is identified, they are often more cringe and amusing than the cows.

No. 253281

Wow you sure fuckin' fooled us. What is that like some 5D chess or something?

No. 253282

Implying it's not just ji-I mean jerrick

No. 253286

File: 1664747613589.jpg (53.33 KB, 709x438, 20221002_225128.jpg)

Back to the topic of Jill's youtube video, at 3:28 jill says her whole life has been nothing but sweetness and wonder. Then she looks to the side and a subtitle comes up saying "my youtube life". Interesting how someone with a childhood supposedly filled with trauma and abuse she would say that

No. 253287

Honestly it's kinda hilarious Jill is pretending to be all sunshine after dropping her video against lc like she thinks she did something big

No. 253289

yeah so . . . anyway, back to Jill.

No. 253290

anyways back to jill and her usual ugly house tour, who wants to bet she's never dusted all of her shit and it continues to be caked in cat hair

No. 253293

It's even better that nobody cares. Only one person mentioned it on twitter, everyone else is staying in Jill's own bubble and she disabled comments on that tiktok but didn't get any more views.

No. 253297

File: 1664747836742.jpeg (12.92 KB, 225x225, 7D6BCD2F-9ADA-4651-A813-257391…)

Found the anon who filmed Jill’s drag show. His name is Sam Hyde.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 253298

Are you having an episode? Are Ashton, KC and Jesus in the room with you right now?

No. 253303

Join us, it's fun!

No. 253304

They’re her alters nonnie. Kek

No. 253305

But what about Ashton Parks?? Which one is it?? (Wasn’t fast enough to screenshot)

No. 253307

What if it’s Jillian pretending to be Jax pretending to be Jesus pretending to understand how lolcow works

No. 253309

Jillian is twice as hateful and unhinged

No. 253310

banner worthy just needs illustration

No. 253313

No. 253314

It’s obviously both of them because they’re a team.

No. 253315

I'm thinking we shouldn't be clicking on any links right now, anons

No. 253318


It's sad how jill constantly needs to verbalize how happy, joyful, wonderful and sweet her life supposedly is. I've never met a genuinely happy person who has to make 20 tiktoks a day announcing how happy they are

No. 253320

>noooo you just trashtalk jill because she's cringe!
Girl, she trivializes serious mental disorders and sexual assault. Nobody cares about Jill being cringe, she is mocked for faking seizures, trying to claim autism, making outragous claims about rape then saying her life has always been happy etc etc.

No. 253321

Jill probably bet on this happening she knows how white knights are thanks to her own mom

No. 253322

All Jesus is trying to do here is catch us on doxxing / libel / slander. They have no info, they are just trying to bait us into doxing. Which is funny, because we are fucking anon, and we have no idea who these people are.

Anyway. Back to Jill.
Y'all can flood the thread all you like but the hatred for Jill just keeps flowing.

No. 253323

lol people taking sam hyde super seriously there imagine getting paid to write stuff about z-celebs

No. 253324

eh, it’s just an article about that guy who keeps getting pegged as the culprit of every major us shooting

No. 253326

I wish you’d just post whatever you have to post and go tf away.

No. 253328

Too retarded to cross reference real tweets/tiktok comments put out by Jillian herself? Yeah they are.

No. 253329

She just made a video saying her whole life has been wonderful and sweet lmao, Jill has never had to deal with any sexual assault

No. 253331

File: 1664748512691.jpeg (354.3 KB, 1170x986, 08CEF97A-713D-4ED1-8256-ECD00E…)


No. 253333

Hey at least you saged. That makes me respect you a bit

No. 253334

File: 1664748625667.jpeg (15.51 KB, 259x275, yesdoom.jpeg)

No. 253335

File: 1664748634974.jpg (165.17 KB, 1280x1920, easter_pictures_jesus_cross.jp…)

Can't wait for Jills next meet the alters: Jesus edition (and Mohammed apparently I guess)

No. 253336

She says YouTube because she knows that people coming here to WK probably don't know about all of her lying so as long as she doesn't bring attention to it the people that tune in for just the drama won't realize

No. 253337

Some of us used to be fans, we just have more common sense and can see through the blatant lies that spew out of her mouth. I actually liked her years ago being from NS and it was cool seeing someone with similar interests so close to where I live. But then she started to do really scummy things and then with this whole DID thing was the final nail in the pixie coffin for me. She very clearly is roleplaying and changing things constantly to fit her "mental illness" persona she has created for herself. It's a shame that she can't separate the different sides of her personality from her online persona. She's aloud to be edgy and not always "bubbly" without making up a different character to fit her mood.

No. 253340

the bar is so low

No. 253342

Every time a Jill fan posts in this thread, it bumps it up further in the google search index for her.

No. 253345

File: 1664748787846.jpg (42.12 KB, 542x500, j2.jpg)

No. 253347

File: 1664748834961.png (16.34 KB, 542x500, j1.png)

Let's make things loud and clear for the newcomers then

No. 253349

Have you ever considered that coming here and telling people to LeAvE JiLl AlOnE isn't going to work. There are 54 threads documenting how shitty Jill is. Until she stops being a cow, this isn’t going to stop.

No. 253350

Because she's a liar and you're dumb enough to believe her.

No. 253352

I didn't even really have much interest in her but then when this shit starts up my interest is piqued. (I see the CP-spamming tranny is ITT too…gross…)

No. 253354

hmmmm because she's so fun to hate? I mean have you read the threads? It's so goddamn fun. You might enjoy it, Jesus.

No. 253356

Is put the cats and Steebie on the disciples faces. Maybe even find a pic where Mary is there and slap Louise’s face on it.

No. 253357

Yeah I mean it was fun, a year ago

No. 253358

Are you saying you are literally bullying neurodivergent mentally ill minors in Jill's name?

No. 253361

Like atm you're all spidermanning with this jesus namefag about morals, who the hell fucking cares, where is the fucking funny?

No. 253366

File: 1664749376874.jpeg (72 KB, 640x320, 981A595B-3F47-49F2-8CCD-2853C8…)

Adding onto this. Make it like the last supper. The tables are full of weed nuggies, Louise is Mary, Steebie is a disciple, cats are disciples or orbiters. Elsie is also there as Judas.

No. 253368

To the random trolls spamming the thread, you do realize that this is just going to fill up the thread faster, meaning Jill is going to have even more threads on here, right? Which will make lolcow show up even more when you Google her name? You’re not helping your case if you’re trying to defend Jill

No. 253369

File: 1664749586666.jpg (156.42 KB, 1080x628, Screenshot_20221002_182608.jpg)

Anyway, now that WK has been put out, scrolling from top comments this is up there

No. 253370

the organizers did. on the day of the show they made a story tagging all the performers and Jill wasn't in it

No. 253371

It's funny how these trolls come in here accusing anons of wasting their whole day on here, while they sit on the thread hitting refresh and posting for 2 hours straight.

>I remember she also mentioned a friend of Jed that had a digree in forensics having something to do with all this.
Nonna do you remember where she said this? Was it in one of her patreon vlogs (I don't watch those)? It's interesting that she had no issue doxxing Jed (she tweeted his general location, interests, psych specialties, pronouns, "religion" (witchcraft) kek, and one time referred to him as "Jed") but won't say a damn word about those "3 specialists" or whatever that had to confirm her diagnosis. I know it's because they don't exist/that never happened, but still, I'll look into it if anyone remembers where she said this.

No. 253374

File: 1664749756514.jpg (219.25 KB, 1080x742, Screenshot_20221002_182825.jpg)

Also kekking at Jill hearting this and other comments involving getting police involved when she knows damn well they won't do shit

No. 253375

File: 1664749760791.jpg (29.1 KB, 629x603, b59e4a1db7d43e9c00140ecacebdf0…)

my side, i'm dying

No. 253377

exactly, what will they even be able to do?
unrelated, though it's very unfortunate what happened to this commenter and I do hope they're safe, saying someone mailed them a dead animal to "dull their sparkle" is such an insane statement to make, why does everything have to be kawaii uwu

No. 253378


Lol can you imagine if Jill tried explaining this BS to the police?

>i need a restraining order against my alt right internet stalkers, they're ruining my wonderful sweet rainbow life!! My little alter is coming out because it's so traumatic to talk about!!!

No. 253379

Not that long ago she said acab kek

No. 253381

File: 1664750079773.jpg (224.62 KB, 1080x1024, Screenshot_20221002_183123.jpg)

One last youtube comment pic for now; saving for here incase/whenever Jill decides to delete since most are magically sunshine, rainbows and Jill approved

No. 253382

File: 1664750133630.jpeg (288.99 KB, 643x900, DDF135D1-C31B-489D-8767-5BA71B…)

No. 253383

I have Jill’s video archived on KF. If it ever gets deleted on YT that’s where it’ll sit.

No. 253384

This is beautiful anon love the cats & chicken nuggets wonderful touch

No. 253385

Jill's just mad that we guessed it right about what went down in Montreal with her mom. She's just mad that she had her offer to do this drag gig rescinded. Jill's just mad that we guessed right about the shit with the new car and Stevie's parents. Jill's just mad that we all know she's faking DID for clout. Jill's just mad that we all know that when you have a serious mental illness like schizophrenia or DID, you're not supposed to smoke marijuana (it's common knowledge). Jill's just mad that we know she doesn't have any trauma. Jill's just mad that we know she doesn't have a diagnosis beyond BPD, and we all know that all of this goes back to BPD because this shit is literally textbook.

No. 253386

There's probably a lot of farmers in this thread who dress alt too

No. 253388

The police would tell her to stop posting online and stay offline. Jill if you were being stalked, why the hell are you still using all your social media platforms? You would be adding fuel to the fire. This is digusting to be pretending. Every time you think she can't sink lower, she does with spite.

No. 253389

Love how Sam is the North Star. She’s my queen.

No. 253393

Fucking love her. Great touch, anon.

No. 253396

add a joint, nonna

No. 253397

>she doesn't know how to reply to posts

No. 253398

I remember her dad gave her a screwdriver or wrench or something once in a Xmas vid I believe, would be great for the man next to Louise

No. 253401

>she thinks she can continue putting something in the name field and somehow not be reported on sight

No. 253403

I genuinely cannot wait for drama YouTuber to pick this up, research it, and fucking roast Jillian alive on their channel. It seems like she thinks she's the victim, like Keffals was with KF, but to my knowledge she's never been swatted and never actually been doxxed (since she posts all her business online anyways due to terminal brainworms)

No. 253404

I know this is bait but a lot of us don't actually hate Jill and would genuinely like to see her get better.

No. 253405

>it doesn't know that everyone is K.C.

No. 253406

Even Keffals fans are questioning him now. He basically put his 100k “legal funds” in savings and fucked off to Ireland.

No. 253407

Lol just you I wanna see her crash and burn after all she's done

No. 253413

File: 1664751482098.jpeg (296.86 KB, 643x900, 2F936491-9A38-4941-B5FA-89305E…)

I’ll stop with the autism now

No. 253414

sage because OT but people following amelia fart because she’s so inspiring when she’s repulsed by her own chins will never not be hilarious to me.

No. 253416

AHAHAHAH thank you nonna!

No. 253417

no no no one more thing. give the cow blonde low braids and overalls

No. 253418

It’s beautiful!!

No. 253419

Maybe Jed as the one holding weed?

No. 253420

Oh Nona I’m having a lot of fun with this. Coming right up. Might do the last supper too.

No. 253421

It's almost like Jill is intentionally poking a hornets nest to cause drama ahe can be traumatized by. Some people walk around piles of dog shit, Jill rolls around in it.

No. 253423

Please add her cousin as well.

No. 253426

Please don't stop, this is amazing.

No. 253429

do you guys think she will create new alter after this terrible incident of stalking? I hope for a cow alter.

No. 253431

A cameraman alter, she'll "black out" at 3am and trawl around downtown Fredericton while filming strangers

No. 253432

so…. a gangstalking saga?

No. 253433

There are many people reading this thread. We all have different thoughts about Jill, this isnt some hivemind like you seem to think. Do I hate some of the things Jill has done? Absolutely, and maybe I'm retarded for this but I don't believe it's too late for her (though on her current path it will be before she knows it)

No. 253434

It's going to be either a farmer alter that's an alt-right bitch (because that's what she wants to pretend we are) so she can justify being a racist retard who hates women. Hey, maybe with the new alter she will be able to shit talk the girl that steeb is fucking on the side.
Or she will have another teen alter like Jerricka who will be a racist moid.

No. 253435

I think it's too late tbh, how is she going to clean up her name? Specially since her face is plastered everywhere in different styles throughout the years.
I think that faking a mental illness was the most retarded move she could've done, hell, I would've accepted it and I would've thought that she would have a way out if she had pretended to be a tranny, because then she could've been like "uwu I'm detransitioning and just got out of the cult pls love me" now that would've been quite the perfect bleach to make everyone sympathize with her.

No. 253436

Yeah there’s no way she’ll be able to have the fame she once had. Once the drama boils over her channel will be dead as ever.

No. 253437

File: 1664753021078.jpeg (300.18 KB, 643x900, C4C83F9F-8B18-4748-9760-00628F…)

Couldn’t find a Jed picture

No. 253439

maggie as the final wiseman

No. 253440

That's what I was thinking. I wouldn't be surprised if Jill just ripped her story straight from what Keffals talked about so she seems like a pure victim that did no wrong. I'm not absolving Keffals for the shit that they did. Like give people black-market hormones. They're still shitty and creepy
Well… Smoking weed does increase paranoia. Schitzo psychotic break saga coming soon?
You'd be amazed. She's still small enough and plain looking that if she just dyes her hair back to brown she would look like everyone from her part of Canada (remember how almost all her friends look like her, especially Maggie). That's the whole reason Jill is a cow in the first place, she needs to be the most specialist when she's surrounded by people who look and act exactly like her.

No. 253442

The fake threats line up with Keffals story lol. He’d go onto KF and pretend to be someone else while fedposting.

No. 253443

I love this early christmas gift nonna!

No. 253444

I think the reason why Jill posted the video on Facebook was so she could garner attention from the locals and get a spot on the local news

No. 253447

Exactly this! She wants this to blow up in her town.

No. 253448

She's probably posting it on FB because her online larping is affecting her real life. Who's going to want to work with her now she's entrenched herself in fake seizures instead of posting fashion hauls. At best, she's falsely accusing a real and identifiable local woman of horrific repeated rape and at worst, she's co-opting the real CSA of a local child.

No. 253449

I am bemused at the fact that she's accused us of stalking when she's friends with her very own skinwalker that SHE let into her life via Confetti Club.

No. 253450

Honest to God, I will stop fucking posting here if she does two things:

1. Gets a real job. Making and selling kawaii soaps at local farmer's markets counts, just to give her an easy out.

2. Stops the DID larp and ADMITS that it's a larp. I will not accept "I'm fully integrated now!" as that's just too easy. The DID bullshit needs to end for real.

Do those things and I'll fucking stop. Until then, this little leech deserves all the bullshit she gets and she knows it.

No. 253451

But what could that possibly accomplish?

No. 253452

Keffals got his journalist friends to write hit pieces on KF. People are stupid and don’t know to look into “gossip”. Let’s not forget that Amanda Todd is Canadian too.

No. 253454

I don't know if she is such a mastermind to think about it, BUT… she was begging for a long time yt creators to include her in videos about DID/mental health, to make her larp valid. Maybe in that sense if she was on local news she could pretend that stalking is real and get a lot of validation?

No. 253455

She wants the Keffals narrative. A poor mentally ill she/they lady who just wants to spread kindness like confetti is viciously attacked online and fears her life. In her mind, she could easily use it as a ebegging chance. Local drag places would hear her story and hire her to help her out! She'd be the underdog every one roots for! Essentially Jilly wants to get valudation and things without working and thinks this is her shot.

No. 253457

Well I dunno - why are you? Honestly? WHY?

No. 253458

Like how sad and lonely are you in your life that you watch this pathetic waste of skin's videos and gain anything from them? How is it not a constant insult to your fucking intelligence? Do you seriously and sincerely buy the DID bullshit? Like honestly? LOLcow haters may be sad but I truly cannot understand how anyone could be a fan of Jillian.

No. 253461

A lot of anons were once fans of Jill’s.

No. 253464

You're not answering my questions. Do you actually find entertainment in her content? Do you actually believe her?

No. 253468

Oh, we know she's mentally ill, it's called BPD. And she could have left it there, because it's pretty obvious that's what she has. But it's also pretty fucking pathetic and sickening to fake a traumatic illness like DID, which basically implies that her parents or someone within her family sexually assaulted her as a child for an extended period of time. The fact that she doesn't see that is what makes her such a compelling cow. She thinks she's getting away with it all. She thinks she has everyone in her life fooled and charmed. The fact that she has squandered every single opportunity and privilege she's been handed on a silver platter, and has had the gall to stab those people in the back again and again, is what makes her so fucking hilarious to us. She just can't help herself.

Yes, because of a mental illness, to be sure. BPD is the worst. Jill has BPD. She does not have DID. And she believes we're all too mentally deficient to believe her. It's a cycle she will never break out of. She will never understand why she just can't win.

And she can't. She will never win. It's all just too good.

No. 253471

She’s claimed that her ex gf sexually assaulted her but that wasn’t actually the case. Nonnies directly asked Uma for some answers and said it wasn’t true.

No. 253472

File: 1664756095445.png (194.96 KB, 933x702, 4260841F-9002-46E5-B68A-50AAA0…)

Here’s a cap between the alleged abuser and Jill after they broke up.

No. 253474

nayrt, but she repeatedly extolled her idyllic childhood for years online, and said she'd never had sex before /after/ the alleged sexual abuse occured. caps are in past threads, don't ask for spoonfeeding.

No. 253475

That did happen to her in her childhood she was a teenager lol. It’s also the one she mentions the most.

No. 253477

She has documented her life in great detail and has shared many details over the years. I'm not about to lay it all out for you - there's quite literally nearly 60 threads linked above for you to read at your leisure. Find the inconsistencies for yourself.

Jillian is too naïve to fully comprehend the gravity of what she claims. She puts her foot in her mouth over and over and over because she can't keep track of her own lies, and she doesn't fully grasp just what it is she's saying, and just how much she is fucking up her future. Again: this is what makes her such a great cow. She CAN"T win, and the only reason why is her own compulsion to lie, exaggerate, avoid, and excuse.

And again, there's no libel here, no slander being committed, no doxing, nothing. This all comes from everything she has posted and shared over the years. You CAN'T feel sorry for her in the way you can't feel sorry for Chris chan. At any given point, they could have stopped chasing clout and internet fame (and in Chris's case, stop feeding the trolls) and instead she could have gone out and tried to make an honest life for herself - like her mom did, like she looks down upon.

And if you can't see these things, then you really haven't read the threads, and you really are not paying attention.

And to answer your question: Jill has stated again and again and again over the years that she has had a truly blessed life. She has claimed, in her own words, that the worst trauma she has ever experienced is her cat nearly dying from swallowing a tinsel (that was literally her own words). If anything, she has committed genuine slander and libel against her high school girlfriend (go ahead and read about it if you like).

Jillian does not have DID as she does not have significant trauma. She also just happened to get "diagnosed" (again, read the thread, she does not have a diagnosis, this is a lie) at a period of time when having DID is a literal TikTok trend. She also admitted about a year before she started this LARP that she consumes a very large amount of DID and mental health content on TikTok.

So, draw your own conclusions, anon. I can't spell it all out for you. I am not a professional but I am likely a lot older than you and have seen these kinda things play out in person and online over the years. A liar is a liar, and Jillian is a grade A liar. There's nothing on Earth that will ever convince me otherwise.

UNLESS she comes out and actually publicly points the finger at the family member who committed the childhood SA against her - again, over a sustained period of time. And she won't do that of course, because it didn't happen, and it would be sladerizing her own family. She has already basically slandered her own family publicly by making this DID claim.

No. 253478

cap in this instance is shorthand for screencap. like screenshot. use context clues next time

No. 253480

>how you guys know FOR sure she has not experienced trauma
because Jillian has said she had a perfect childhood several times and has publicly said she had no sexual experience after she alleged the abuse took place. screencaps are in previous threads. even if she experienced sa at a later age (unlikely, given her penchant for oversharing ever excruciating detail of her life), it would not result in did.

No. 253483

You're welcome, Jill.

No. 253485

Yeah you’d think she wouldn’t remember her “assault” with the other girl. Though every time SA is brought up she’s always dragging that poor girl through filth.

No. 253488

Tell that to the people she supposedly got her diagnosis from.

No. 253489

Her angel therapist only has a year’s worth of experience and gave her a diagnostic impression.

No. 253490

>still don't think you can make assumptions based of social media, regardless.
so you can't trust her social media when she talks about how perfect childhood, but you can trust her social media when she talks about her DID? Her DID that she continues to lie about being professionally diagnosised, when all she had was a diagnostic impression?

No. 253491

stop asking people to explain everything to you, learn how to integrate and read previous threads about jill, start with first post in this thread - there you have linked exact moment when did larp started and other anons where compiling arguments against it, including opinions and screenshots about her past. 3-4 past threads should be enough to show you where criticism comes from
and at the end of the day this is a gossip forum, what do you expect?

No. 253494

File: 1664758176699.jpeg (303.87 KB, 1655x514, 421A13A8-A862-4BF1-B72C-380FC9…)

Only had a year’s worth of experience and then apparently left the field entirely. Not to mention, anyone can fake a mental illness and doctors will basically always believe them if not forcibly diagnose them. I recommend looking into the Rosenhan experiment. Her diagnostic impression still wouldn’t be reliable even if it were a real diagnosis.

No. 253495

We do spread proper information by compiling her lies and discussing them. Lolcow and kiwifarms are not illegal and will continue to host free speech. Anything Jill puts on the internet is free game for us to discuss. If you hate gossip sites so much why don’t you take down lipstick alley while you’re at it.

No. 253496

I wonder if you’re Jill’s friend who screamed about not selling anything at the garage sale? She seems to argue with people a lot and lives in the same town as Jill.

No. 253497

if you don't care, then why keep asking for proof? no one here is pressed or cares about ~spreading proper information~. it's a gossip forum, we're gossiping about a public figure mired in self-inflicted drama.

anyway, moving on from the above WK, will Vangelina include this milk in her pixie vid?

No. 253500

Once again, because you seem a little slow (just like all of Jill’s white knights). Everything documented her is straight from Jill and then there is discussion around it. You say you are here for a good time but you can’t even bother to read the thread and use your minimal reading comprehension skills.
Jillian consistently contradicts herself and can’t keep her own story straight, if she could we wouldn’t be here with nearly 60 threads documenting her lying and bullshit. Stop being a little retard and go back to Twitter and get off of the 18+ forums. You should like a 15 yo autist that can’t take a hint.

No. 253501

Yes, get used to it. Integrate or leave, cow. Wouldn't be surprised if you are @papercakes like >253496 mentioned. Would be pretty in-keeping with her style to insert herself into drama.

No. 253502

tinfoil: namefag is a vendetta-chan larping as a fan and asking for spoonfeeding so that all jill's transgressions from past threads are freshly posted for all the incoming WKs.

No. 253505

once again, there is NO WAY jed could have or would have diagnosed Jillian or given her a diagnostic impression. it's literally malpractice. she had to have gotten it somewhere else or Jed could be sued/license revoked because coubsellors are NOT the same a psychiatrists or psychologists.

if she got it done in fredericton, she probably went through public health or a private practice. Based on Googling she probably got it done at Otteson Psychological Services, Hale Psychological Services or Kathleen Graves Psychological Assessment. They seem to be the most popular in the area.

No. 253506

I could totally see papercakes putting on AAVE and Jesus persona. Didn’t she mention she was also older than us as well? I think the fact she described herself as a lover of chaos and maritime girl set off bells.

No. 253510

File: 1664759018805.jpeg (31.9 KB, 400x400, AA6BBFFA-94F2-4532-AF99-ACDDC2…)

Nona rn trying to be slick

No. 253511

The Jesus schizo just said she(?) is 27 years old before deleting the post.

No. 253514

If she’s 27 then why did she say she’s born in 1996? If that were true she’d be 26 this year.

No. 253517

Chelsea did follow that cowtipping account too and describes herself as a “internet veteran”

No. 253522

You're welcome, next time put a "sage" in the e-mail field if you aren't bringing any milk.
Exactly what i was thinking nonnie. If she could pull this off, is the supreme gift. That would cover any narrative holes because she was lying because she wanted to "conceal her trauma", and even if that's retarded as hell, it can be a reasonable doubt for normies. She could be the actual female version of keffals if she plays her cards right.
Luckly for us, she doesn't want to be. This shout-out isn't for any audience, is for her mom. "Mom you can't cut me i have crazy stalkers i can't work crying emojis" also she wants to make her mom feel bad for daring to agree with some lolcow posters. "Saying i should quit weed/My degree is useless/i'm a failure is a lolcow narrative and you're a Bad mom for daring to agree with altright nazis that traumatized your daughter". Sure if she can get some giftbux she isn't going to complain but Louise is the main target for this
She's literally saging kek there is no way she's a newfag. Maybe a random bpd waiting for a trill.

No. 253524

File: 1664759367889.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1711, FC78626C-454F-42CD-9641-D83518…)

Nah she's too busy raffling off her shitty art that no one at the yard sale wanted

No. 253527

She only started sageing after someone literally told her how to step by step ITT kek

No. 253530

>hotdog nails
is she shaynas nail tech!?

No. 253531

ah the duality of milk. on one hand, hysterical gossip. on the other, influx of twitter users. think anon is dead on with the notion that this is for louise. wonder how far jill will go with it? every time she mentions the thread, she sends fans over; some of them are going to read from the beginning and put the pieces together.

No. 253539

File: 1664759986089.jpeg (412.67 KB, 750x748, 3B2A51F9-E597-491A-9645-F392C4…)

what the fuck is going on in this thread

No. 253541

File: 1664760032861.png (33.42 KB, 732x464, 7DB9123C-8ABC-46D1-8965-FBE966…)

It’s time to leave

No. 253543

File: 1664760069767.jpeg (32.82 KB, 400x400, 219DE15C-6A6E-4F67-80D0-2BEACD…)


No. 253544

File: 1664760070600.jpeg (630.8 KB, 1535x1872, 01E02048-3807-472D-8F46-A08BD5…)

She thinks she’s playing some kind of 5D chess, actually. So never mind. Just ignore and report the Jesus schizo.

No. 253546

The retards are speed-running to Thread #59.

No. 253558

can we please stop responding to the retard thats been on this thread all day jfc

No. 253559

If anything Jesus-chan is just making Jill's fans look worse to those coming here for the first time since she comes off as a WK at times so good job? I guess?

No. 253560

can't wait for this thread to be locked by mods and we can all pretend this never happened

No. 253569

I'm sorry, why are the mods not banning a namefagging obvious troll who won't stop posting? Why is anyone even engaging with this?

No. 253570

File: 1664760874351.jpg (448.28 KB, 2880x2880, 20221002_183238.jpg)

Current amount of views for tiktok and youtube.

No. 253572

I love how you’re here saying you can’t believe this is our hobby when it really seems like yours since you’ve been on here ALL FUCKING DAY. Don’t you have a job? Or kids? Of something that isn’t hitting refresh on lolcow all damn day? Go outside, take a breather, touch grass??

No. 253573

No literally. I thought we made a silent vow earlier to just ignore the trolls. It would almost be entertaining that they're just bumping the threads up on Google if it weren't so annoying.

No. 253576

>>253570 Jill must be heartbroken that she's not going viral like Keffals. I can imagine something like that happening when she was more relevant. Now that she's not, her campaign fell flat.

No. 253577

They have definitely evaded their ban. Just report the name fag and move on.

No. 253578

Don't engage nona, just report. You're feeding them.

No. 253583

Nothing wrong with a little trolling, its just that you're really bad at it. Its supposed to be funny. Keep practicing though you'll get there!

No. 253584

Probably tanking her own engagement having to delete all the comments that dont suck her ass

No. 253586

It's the schizo-troon. I know he's annoying af but don't respond to him. Report his unwashed ass and farmhands will delete his posts.

No. 253601

KEK she's such a failure. And this is yet even more proof that males can get as many whiteknights as they want as long as they wear a shitty wig and a dress, but if a woman "goes through" the same shit, she will get ignored.

No. 253627

I’ll see y’all in the next thread nonnas, this shit is boring now

No. 253630

I'm not done catching up but the typing is similar to what Jill does for Jax. Jinx/Jesus pretty similar names. Jax as Jillian has created her is an avenger figure.

No. 253634

I miss Jesus.

No. 253635

Oh my fucking god please don't summon her again

No. 253639

God fucking damn it anon

No. 253640

No. 253642

File: 1664769460111.jpg (116.73 KB, 720x1173, Screenshot_20221002-205306.jpg)

No. 253643

File: 1664769559676.jpg (187.68 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_20221002-205333.jpg)

No. 253644

File: 1664769692581.jpg (88.13 KB, 720x1039, Screenshot_20221002-205350.jpg)

No. 253649

File: 1664769803229.jpg (145.77 KB, 720x1135, Screenshot_20221002-205338.jpg)

No. 253653

At this point we should do bingo for all the content ideas shes "gonna do" and just never fucking does

No. 253654

Ngl that tv show would be Jill smoking weed and pretending to switch alters.

No. 253657

I wonder what her mom thinks about all of this.

No. 253658

>with IPs
kek, they don't even show the proper city/town sometimes, just a vague region.

No. 253667

>Jill says she has been harassed at drag gigs before
>24 hours before campus drag gig the organizers get a threatening email regarding Jill
>Jill has apparently not seen this letter
>Day of gig, Jill has a zoom call with 2 organizers
>Decide to quietly pull Jill instead of announcing
>Drag show goes on and no incidences
Let me get this straight based on Jill's word, Jill has been harassed at drag gigs before, the organizers (her friends) running the gig know this and still decide to invite her and put her on the fucking banner, few days before the show a fan tweets at Jill about the show and Jill confirms, Jill tweets about it, the "harasser/stalker" found out and sent a threatening email, instead of announcing that Jill has been dropped the organizers quietly drop her day of the show, and no one seems to care about the other performers' or even the audience's safety or welfare. Why wasn't the campus police/campus/police involved? None of this makes sense. The only odd thing is that the 203 centre's fb and insta deleted anything mentioning the drag show.

No. 253668

Lol. Lmao even.

No. 253669

File: 1664777412950.jpg (245.44 KB, 1080x920, 20221002_230621.jpg)

Posted this in the last thread because I'm a retard but I'm fucking rolling at this comment

No. 253672

File: 1664778748219.jpg (213.7 KB, 720x1278, 1663896785989 (1).jpg)

Samefag, thought I repost this from the other thread. The 203 Centre's fb post >>250995

No. 253674

OT but it absolutely kills me that it was hosted by the ‘centre for gender and sexual diversity’ but every performer was a woman

No. 253675

I thought she performed exactly twice… so she claims harassment at every show. bs

No. 253678

maybe this is also a way to quit real live shows, she can now just do it on tiktok, because 'this is unsafe uwu'. or to rail people against some innocent strangers, can you imagine her just pointing finger at some random person in the crowd and then bunch of snowflakes just canceling them irl for no reason? power trip.

No. 253680

Wasn’t it just the one? I thought >>224119 was her first and only gig, unless I missed something. Either way, we all saw this coming. Shit like equating a video of a performance taken at a public event to stalking and harassment is how we all got here in the first place kek

No. 253682

Yes, there's no "gigs", she ony did one so far.

No. 253683

The narcissistic urge.

No. 253684

She has only performed at one drag show but she did two dance routines (Steven Universe Song and MCR House of Wolves). The anon who went only filmed her Steven Universe routine. Jill loves to misconstrue the truth and tries to weaponize her language.

No. 253685

And after the fact she was positive about the event, if she had been harassed she would have told everyone IMMEDIATELY. There is no way she would let that slip by, her victim complex wouldn’t allow it. The restraining order thing is so stupid, even when you have been physically assaulted by the person it’s not a guaranteed restraining order they are actually really hard to obtain. The police would laugh her out of the station, she announced where she would be and it was a public event where they encourage photos and whatnot. No crime was committed and again even if someone did commit a crime against you it’s not a guaranteed restraining order. There is no proof of malicious behaviour or intent, OP didn’t approach her or interact with her directly just legally filmed her and there is zero proof to indicate otherwise. Paparazzi have done shit that is incredibly fucked and I’m not saying they aren’t bad but they also aren’t breaking the law. Also it’s so typical that Jilly and Steve are all acab but resort to the police at the drop of a hat with zero concern. When she crashed the car immediately that is who she thought of and had to be reminded by Steve they are uwu scary. As an actual minority who is discriminated against by police there is not a chance I would be doing that and I wouldn’t need to be reminded to fear them. So many privileged white kids preach acab but the second anything inconvenient happens they immediately call them.

No. 253686

>And after the fact she was positive about the event, if she had been harassed she would have told everyone IMMEDIATELY

Anon, you see she WAS harassed! Someone wearing a cow outfit came up to her, snatched her holy weed straight out of her hands and said "lolcow sends their regards" but she doesn't remember because the moment she saw the cow pattern she blacked out and switched to Jerrick who did an emo roundhouse kick, punishing the evil troll for their evil misdeeds! But the experience was so jarring that Jerrick got traumatized which in turn caused Jax to finally evolve into a full-fledged alter!

No. 253688

She just lies and lies and lies and keeps lying, when is the fucking video on her lies going to come out? I hope these new lies get debunked on the video too. No one harassed her, no one sent her emails, she's pulling shit out of her ass and then she thinks she won by making a shitty video about this website. I legit think the video she made was the final straw and people are waking up. 2015 pixielocks without the fucking weed overconsumption would have had at least 1 functioning braincell left to not do this kind of crap. But there's nothing else going for her, so she needs to release her narcissistic rage everywhere. She has no redemption, anyone who thinks she did have any chance left was wrong.

No. 253689

near the start of the vid where she’s talking about getting people fired from their jobs… like girl, how do u think this works? are you gonna get everyone’s IPs (including any fans btw) and message all their employers? and it’s wild to think the people in these threads deserve to lose their jobs over GOSSIP. that’s all any of this is, and if you don’t obsess over it- none of it matters. what is it with wealthy people caring about what people online think? if i had jill’s background and resources, you would not catch me on social media other than for business purposes. get off twitter/tiktok and enjoy ur 20s girl omg.

No. 253690

i think she seriously conflates lolcow anonymous gossip with the kind of drama she consumes where people lose their jobs over cheating or posting stuff on social media. it is kinda funny though to imagine someone emailing employers these logs of their employees posts and it's all just mundane shit like thirsting over adam driver and calling people fat online lmao

No. 253691

I would definitely fire the people working for me if I knew that they prefer Danofagging over Driverfagging tbh.

No. 253693

If a niche micro influencer contacted me to say one of your employees is definitely an anon on a gossip website and is mean about me! I would delete that email. Girl why would someone’s employer give a shit or even believe you. Consuming celebrity gossip is so mainstream and normalised I bet in some instances the boss would ask the employee oh hey I got this weird email about you and then employee anon would just have to say who you are. Why would they jump to side with a literal clown they have never heard of over someone they know. Her image to normies would make them think wow what a giant weirdo, she doesn’t look remotely credible to some normie she looks nuts. Real life isn’t your very narrow Twitter sphere.

No. 253694

On an anon website too lol. The reason people get fired for saying shit online is because they usually do it with their face and/or name attached so there is a clear connection to said company, it’s an image thing for the company and nothing else. An HR department wouldn’t give a shit if they caught you anonymously laughing at a retard online if it can’t be tracked to their workplace.

No. 253695

She doesn't realize there's a lot of us here from Europe and other continents too, lol. Let's say Jill is really pissed and wants to reveal and harm the anon that recorded her- no bad action was committed. She silently recorded a public performance. There's no photo or video of her acting disrespectful or talking shit about her employer (which is maybe what HR would care about). Most people would just tell her to touch grass, the only way somebody would take it seriously if somebody acted rudely towards you on their job.

No. 253696

Jillian is a shit head and you can see it because when she gets to be the "villian" and bully she smiles. She has to make crap up so people believe she's good and a victim. Again notice how she's the one who wanted to be the one who sends emails to people to harass them and then gasp she claims someone sent them to her? No one in their right mind smiles through her own created drama like she did in the entire video.

No. 253697

Honestly her life is so sad and devoid of fun that she had to make a video about a thread she supposedly doesn't look at ever for content. Fake ass drama. She has sink so low

No. 253700

She is not a drag queen and she has only performed ONCE. How can she claim someone is stalking her at her gigs?

Cringing at the bunch of people getting manipulated by this narcissistic fake ass drama hungry woman.

No. 253701

File: 1664798514003.png (13.18 KB, 275x108, 1663560288676.png)

Something that just occurred to me that has to do with her changing her gender to x gender:

I feel like she's doing this so she has a paper that excuses her lgbt larp just as much as the diagnostic impression excuses the DID larp. She's obviously just a spicy straight but needs all the fucking labels for herself. It would also help her drag queen larp since by law she would not be a "woman" anymore (but biology is different Jilly!)

No. 253702

I am a bit sarcastic here, but I think it's good we have people like Jillian because they'll make people realize the system means nothing.

No. 253706


No. 253707

I am a woman, you idiot. I'm saying more people will get peaked.

No. 253708

This is exactly why I have no sympathy for her. If you are actually struggling mentally because of what gets posted here just log off? People will get bored and move on.
Look at someone like Jenna Marbles, she has a much bigger following and is way more recognisable than Jillian but has managed to go pretty much completely offline. She is not a cow imo but if she did have a thread there would be nothing to post about anyway.

Jill could easily get a job, even just part time in a shop or something like she had before. Or even get a desk job where she can work from home and live a relatively normal life in her rainbow dungeon

No. 253709

Being in the limelight unfortunately means people talk about you good or bad. It’s part of the package. If you seek fame then you have to accept this. She made herself a public figure, she isn’t a viral star who became known by accident she did this on purpose. You could be super nice and have no issues in daily life but there will be someone on the planet who doesn’t like you, by making yourself seen and heard globally you give that person the chance to find you when otherwise they wouldn’t have known you existed. It’s unrealistic to want to be famous and liked by everyone on earth.

No. 253710

I agree you guys aren’t stalkers and you totally don’t engage in stalking behaviors at all. You’re clearly the sane ones.

No. 253711

Apologies for samefag but that’s why I too respect Jenna’s decision, she couldn’t handle it so she bowed out. Continuing to do something that is so destructive to you supposedly when you have other options is just self sabotage. Jill won’t die if she leaves, she isn’t incapable of having a normal job and life.

No. 253713

There is no need to stalk this bitch, she overshares everything

No. 253714

what did she mean by this

No. 253715

but anon, you don't understand, she can't have a normal job - look what evil stalkers did to steebiee even though for a lot of people it was unknown that he has/had a retail job… but it was totally someone from here sending emails to his job.. another excuse for mom maybe?

No. 253716

This has been speculated before and I agree, this whole video is for her mother.
Jill’s mom probably got on her case about jill never following through on anything any more and suggested it was the weed to which jill flipped out and had a meltdown. Now this video where the reason she can’t do the things she really wants to do are the stalkers and alt right trolls and it’s super serious, so serious an event had to remove her due to safety fears (but never announced she wasn’t going to disuade the violent psycho showing up I guess). In the past when jill has done this Louise came to her defense and rescued her so she’s clearly trying to illicit her moms pity and protectiveness and make excuses why she doesn’t try to or actually do anything that isn’t weed and age play.

No. 253719

Bless you nonna. I'm pretty sure I found the "forensic specialist" Jill liked her pics on a NB medical services' fb page and unsuprisingly she does not specialize in DID or mention it at all anywhere, rather she has a focus on PTSD and eating disorders (specifically bariatric kek). She's also a psychology resident, not a full fledged shrink yet but at least with 4 years in practice she has more experience than Jed. I couldn't find a link between her and him, but she also follows some witch/wiccan accounts on ig. Normally I would post the screenshots but with all the trolls and newfags currently visiting, I don't want them to cowtip to give Jill more victim ammo. I'll post it another time if it's still relevant. So anyway, there is some proof she did go to someone other than Jed to get a diagnostic impression, but that's where it ends, and thus newfags please pay attention to this part: she has not been officially diagnosed with DID. Jed administered the MID test to her and then this forensic lady gave her the dx impression. AFAIK Jill has never uttered a word about any other professionals or tests, while she overshares everything, so it's clear that's the point where she stopped pursuing it because the sheet of paper was enough for her to feel emboldened to LARP as Queen of DID.

Forgot to add, the MID test is fully available online including the scoring method, so she could easily have prepared for it. It's also a very old test with IMO questionable contents (some question was along the lines of "do you imagine old men reading the newspaper on the toilet" and things like that).

No. 253720

The funniest thing about her making this video is that she’s just given Vangelina/any other drama channel up license to cite this thread without hiding it. We were speculating that Vangelina was a lurker, but now she can fully just pretend that she looked at the thread after Jill pointed directly to it without being able to be accused of using the site herself. Not to mention by making the video she’s brought the drama fully into drama channel territory where it’s more likely to get picked up and picked apart. I know that’s what she wants because in her mind she’s fully never done anything wrong, but when there’s multiple accounts of her bullying, brigading and doxxing people on her Twitter alone, it’s not a great look.
Remember when you weaponized your followers against a mental health tik tokker to get their account banned, Jill? Or when you fully posted the full name and Instagram of a minor who sent you a letter, and then blocked anyone who mentioned it? Even without lolcow you don’t come off particularly well when scrutinized

No. 253721

kek I just looked up the test and the first thing it says
>How often do you have the following experiences when you are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
Is she ever NOT under the influence?

No. 253722

I firmly believe that Jill reads other cows’ threads on here. Wouldn’t it be lovely if her post history could be revealed like with Kiki and Creepshow Art? We’re already being brigades by her wks anyway. Probably not going to happen, but I can dream.

The average normie has no idea what DID is and would probably interpret Jill’s LARPing as schizophrenia or some other kind of mental illness involving delusions and “hearing voices”. If Jill, who looks like a literal circus clown and claims to have multiple different people living in her head, contacted an employer to tell them she’s being stalked by their employee, they’d assume she’s a rambling lunatic with paranoid delusions. Being The Mentally Illest Ever may elevate your standing and make you untouchable in some very specific circles on social media but in real life it means nobody will take anything you say seriously. Jill has shot her self in both feet with a cannon and hasn’t even realised it.

But anon they totally ruled out that her getting high and drunk every day has anything to do with her mental state, she said so!

No. 253723

File: 1664804583883.png (267.87 KB, 1780x990, Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 9.41…)

checking in on the comments on the lolcow video. "top comments". She can't delete the comment telling her to stop deleting comments, can she?

No. 253724

confused how the “gigs” = money since they were a volunteer thing and unpaid
aren’t these events the woke equivalent of open-mic nights?

No. 253726

maybe she thinks it gets her more viewers? or she's trying to seem more important than she is.

No. 253728

We know she just has to make everything bigger than it is, i’d love to see a single thing she hasn’t exaggerated

No. 253729

they're unpaid, but she could have TOTALLY been making tips. remember how much money she raked in during her last performance? these threads are obviously infringing on her ability to make like 5 whole dollars in a single night

No. 253730

Trying not to go too off topic, but, wasn't creepshow exposed because of a long history of ban evasion? Jillybean definitely lurks but I don't know if she replies much if at all. I feel like she's too self obsessed to spend much time on other threads besides maybe the youtube general. I still want her post history though because she's being hypocritical as hell acting like she doesn't go here at all.

No. 253731

Jill isn't very tech savvy to evade this, but I won't talk about the method mods used too much. She is self admittedly into gossip and I'm sure she follows drama either on this site or kiwifarms because she had some comments about dissociadid's thread on kiwi iirc

No. 253733

IIRC Creepshow being a selfposting ban evader who cribbed off lolcow threads for YT content is what set a target on her back. I don’t imagine Jill selfposts much nowadays (she doesn’t have to) and I don’t see her as a repeat ban evader, but she did attack lolcow directly. She loves YouTuber drama and hates Trisha so if she’s a farmer I bet she’s all over those threads.
She was heavily involved with /cgl/ drama back in the day so there’s a good chance she’s been here since the beginning and knows how to integrate. Shit stirring on anonymous imageboards is how K8/girlyhoot got her notoriety and Jill rode Kate’s coattails to YouTube fame, after all.

No. 253737

I guess we’ll see what the mods think. Wouldn’t be surprised if she was posting here though.

No. 253739

As an ex-fan I'm typically more just annoyed and upset with what she has become over the past couple years, I don't hate her, but this bit made be absolutely rage. You literally can't just correct something like that in post-production when your entire online identity now hinges on you having a very serious trauma disorder. Oh whoops I misspoke, I forgot. No you fucking didn't. It's just exactly as you've been telling the world for years: your life has been charmed and you've been blessed with a great family and privileges. That's NOT A BAD THING. Don't make up trauma and make a mockery of people actually suffering with this disorder. This edit just felt so flippant.

No. 253742

I wonder how Louise feels about Jillian bringing all this into their lives. I can’t imagine being a parent and having to come on to an anonymous image board to defend my shit stirring teen and now adult child. Jill is so terminally online and invested in drama that this probably doesn’t seem that insane to her but to a normal functioning adult fucking up so bad and being so hated that this is the result is nuts. It’s like Jill sees this sort of thing as an inevitability but it’s really not especially for such a niche smaller influencer as another anon said there is influencers far larger than Jill who don’t have threads let alone so many.
Five dollars that Steve gave her not even an impartial audience member kek.

No. 253744

File: 1664814155028.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x2029, 82114FD1-5EF4-4530-B298-60E388…)

New tiktok with what seems to be jerrick's drag persona

Does anyone else think it's funny she's talking about needing a job or having to move back home while buying new clothes and wigs for this drag larp

No. 253746

Most cows seem to have a shared inability to handle money it's kinda funny
She really is just self destructing and thinking she looks good while doing it even tho she's a clown

No. 253748

you can tell that she thinks that she is hot shit with this outfit kek. Her head looks really big here.

No. 253749

File: 1664815450460.jpg (184.48 KB, 720x1296, Screenshot_20221003-094014_Chr…)

No. 253750

File: 1664815543925.webm (2.28 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 253751

File: 1664815639781.jpg (144.26 KB, 720x1392, Screenshot_20221003-093713_Chr…)

No. 253756

This is a 24 year old woman

No. 253758

Legit thought this was emilia fart again lol, female dragqueens really think it’s just slapping on a wig and a pound of makeup

You’re wearing a binder and a blouse what are you doing

No. 253761

I don't get the purpose of the binder here. The clothes, make up and hair are feminine, just wear a sports bra, it's healthier and you aren't trying to look masculine anyway.

No. 253762

wait, sold out?
but then in this new video at 18:06 she said that it was a free show.

No. 253763

she treats binder like a top. trans men hide binder under shirt or jumper so they pass better. Jillian has no clue about trans people

No. 253765

Was she wearing the binder during her drag performance as Villainy, or only for photos/TikToks? Because wearing a binder is unhealthy in itself but exercising in one is downright dangerous.

No. 253767

I'm pretty sure she was wearing it, I don't know why she enjoys it because anyone with a bigger chest finds binders painful

No. 253768

I'm trying to look through past threads to see any mentions of her wearing it underneath the sweater but not seeing any, I do remember her saying it was Jill performing and not Jerrick, so idk why she would need to wear the binder if she doesn't need it

… unless of course she was never planning to wear it because yes it is very dangerous and stupid to be flailing around like that with a constricting piece on.

No. 253769

I think it's funny she put ads on her serious video about harassment as well as how dressed up she is for it. You're afraid for your safety, but makes a video before getting any proper authorities involve and just give lip service that you're getting a restraining order. The whole video is a mess. She's probably angry it isn't getting the traction she wanted.

No. 253772

File: 1664818740700.jpeg (366.91 KB, 1440x1080, 1655686411906.jpeg)

Same anon as >>253768, picrel, looks like she is wearing the binder after all.

No. 253778

I really don’t understand the mental gymnastics of Jerrick doing drag. Like the trans drag queen that was on drag race fully transitioned and lives life looking like a dude and has done all the surgery and whatnot so is dressing as a woman on stage but then takes that off. Jerrick is trapped in Jill’s body supposedly, Jill’s female body that she hasn’t altered in any way that makes him dysphoric apparently. If you lived life looking like a woman and hating it why would you have fun dressing up like a woman especially for an audience. It doesn’t make sense like Jerrick hasn’t worked through any of his supposed trans issues and does have them yet is also fine? I also don’t get her using the binder in the drag outfits it doesn’t make sense why would being clearly female in all but that area work mentally.

No. 253779

Given her hyper feminine whore alter I think it's safe to assume Jillian doesn't have normal views about what a woman is to begin with so I wouldn't think too hard about it. She's just a retard who wants to look mentally ill on a stage. No different than the thousands of other tiktok addicts who say they're male but cosplay female characters.

No. 253780

Maybe Jerrica is supposed to be a drag king but Jill has no idea how to make an outfit like that? Nah, doesn't make sense with the make-up. Feels like the binder is just there to say "hey guys btw my alter is trans"

No. 253781

File: 1664819615788.jpg (253.51 KB, 717x1272, Screenshot_20221003-104934_Chr…)

No. 253782

File: 1664819720968.webm (1.41 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 253783

She doesn’t have a big chest she just lies about being curvy and wears super padded push up bras as a cope for her weight gain. It’s also not super tight on her. Someone with her chest size should be flatter than she is in that so I think she has sized it so it’s more comfortable to wear but she still gets to say she is wearing it.
I feel like she had posted some edgy sad boy shit on Jerricks account before talking about wearing it to exercise even though it’s harmful. A two for one for look how Jerrick is totes trans and a skelly who needs to work out. She never posted any proof of doing it or anything so it was probably just shit talking as per.

No. 253784

Why is this so funny to me? It's like Jill is the villain fighting against the lolcow anons telling her to stop smoking weed and make rainbow soap, kek.

No. 253785

Is this old news or is this the first time we're seeing that she has a literal jerrick closet now? I've never noticed before, but all the clothes in the closet are green? Is she dedicating a room to him?

No. 253787

That also wouldn’t make sense because you cosplay the opposite sex and if Jerrick is a real man like she says then it wouldn’t work. I don’t know why she didn’t just make drag Cliffes one thing other than taxes it would make way more sense he is even based off a drag queen.

No. 253789

She did this a while ago, I believe it was Steve’s closet and Jerrick was just sharing but now as per she has taken the little space Steve was allotted as her own.

No. 253790

I believe this used to be Steve's closet. Jill was using some of his clothes for the larp at minimum, I wouldn't be surprised if Jill took over it completely or is sharing the space with him.

No. 253791

Peak consumerism

No. 253792

File: 1664820657099.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1668x2045, 2D6D677A-5571-4212-A6B0-B6EADE…)

Apologies for samefag but this is the first appearance I remember of this additional closet.

No. 253793

Omg wait I haven’t seen this cliffe clip yet this is gold

Jilly let grandpa out of the closet his bones probably hurt

No. 253794

Kek at this bitch roleplaying as some geriatric 30 year old man and the only articles of clothing and accessories she can manage to scrounge up are sundress hipster girl glasses, a chemo hat, and a hottopic chain and shirt. She's so with it!

No. 253796

It is hilarious Jill wears a binder like a top when Ive seen so many posts online telling people do not wear a binder like clothes (wearing it to a damn concert, nice going jill) and has a jerrick closet, but eco friendly low buy queen everyone!

No. 253797

It’s also unfair if you think of it as they are all real equal people but Jerrick gets a full closet and no one else gets anything. What does Cliffe wear, not anything that is his style going off the clip of him posted he just makes do with Jerricks clothes even though they aren’t his style or age appropriate. Veronica just gets whatever slip dresses Jill owns so hand me downs. It’s convenient that Jax has the same style as Jerrick just minus the chemo patient hat.

No. 253799

If she was harassed she would not be smiling and taking selfies like this.
So another lie then… Huh.

No. 253800

Do you guys think Vangelina or anyone else will talk about this "stalking saga" on YouTube? This is like… The tipping point and the last staw of her lies

No. 253801

That was my favorite part of the video because most anons thought he was just leeching off of Jill. No one knew he was working a regular job and they thought he was still working for Roblox if he did have a job. Maybe (if she is telling the truth) every thing bad happening is coming from someone much closer to her and isn't an anon on here.
So is she high from the euphoria of getting her ass licked by her followers then rages when she comes here and realizes there's not a legion of WKs to defend her honor? Like even Jesus anon wasn't here specifically for her it was just a 4chan scrote wanting to find a new chan like board to troll.

No. 253802

>hello puhlice yes someone came to my drag show and filmed it send help !!

No. 253803

Please tell me she's going to get cancelled somehow. These lies are too much. This is seriously the stupidest shit she has done so far and karma needs to get to her FAST

No. 253805

Please do not reply to the poster above.

No. 253807

Just report and move on

No. 253810

File: 1664824285968.jpg (260.66 KB, 1080x1743, Screenshot_20221003-210712_You…)

Brilliant crossover. Also noted the "stop deleting comments" comment was deleted.

No. 253812

We are just on this side to observe and laugh for fun, why are some people so pressed about it? Threats are against the rules, interacting with the cows directly is against the rules, so are racism and sexism and they get banned. Stay obsessed and eat your ban lol.

No. 253813


No. 253814

Can we get context for who the commenter is? A fellow cow? And if so anything of note in relation to Jill?

No. 253819

the jowls are JOWLIN

No. 253820

Jude Bishop, has her own thread here and commonly crosses into the alt cows on /snow for being an edgy and predatory DDLG cunt. She has also been known to drop friends and relationships if they smoke weed or drink so I'm shocked she is showing support.

No. 253822

she only befriends fans and other people with bpd or people worse than her so i wouldn't be surprised if its someone she knows.

No. 253825

I think its safe to assume that anyone coming on here to contradict the hate narrative doesn't have a chance because lolcow users are fond of deleting comments/banning people but when others do it they're pussies. LOL you guys are such fucking hypocrits.

No. 253827

jude bishop????? they're all crawling out of the woodworks now huh jfc

No. 253829


If anyone has evidence to contradict what has been shared here, please share it in the form of actual photographic evidence.

Everything else is just seething.

No. 253831

We are anon, we don't care what we look like. We don't look like anything.

No. 253834

I'm pretty sure it just had a reservation system or something and all free places got reserved and she used it as a figure of speech

No. 253836

Yeah, that's literally the whole point. Is this your first day? I invite you to check out the rest of this website, you are seriously gonna love it.

No. 253837

File: 1664825802887.jpg (28.6 KB, 500x375, DXSmu3kU0AEf3jZ.jpg)


No. 253840

OK jesus

No. 253841

Those pants quite literally make her look like a cow. That look is so bad I have no words for it. Why do all of the Jerrick outfits make her look middle aged?

No. 253846

Okay I'll bite. It's so funny that your lord and savior jill keeps telling y'all not to visit these type if forumes but the first thing y'all do is visit here lmao. It's okay you don't have to pretend you're here because you care about jill, we know you're here because you wanted an excuse to visit and read the truth. This confirms that jills biggest fans are actually her biggest haters. Welcome anon!

No. 253850

Oh so this is jill. Welcome jill we knew you were a lurker.

No. 253854

Of course it's Jill, it's not like she has a job to be at during the day.

No. 253855

Wait so you admittedly agree with us but to teach us a lesson you choose to act like us? Are Jill's fans retarded?

No. 253857

Also her clap backs are lame as fuck so yeah i agree this gotta be jill.

No. 253858

File: 1664826585539.jpeg (440.66 KB, 960x1318, 8E440D70-D67E-4F44-9ECF-4AAEC7…)

Can’t believe Jilly Willy would hate lolcow. Doja Cat has a thread here too and she thought we’re funny. Kek I’m sure some anons have seen her live and filmed the concert. You’re not special, Jill.

No. 253860

But you said you agreed with us smooth brain!

No. 253861

It seems to be a mentally deranged lolicon troon from kiwifarms who has been trying to "troll" lolcow for months, his pics were leaked and people laughed at him. Best to report and ignore, it's obviously not one of Jill's fans because the reaction images are more 4chan and scrote-like.

No. 253865

It's the schizo pedo tranny everyone, just report.

No. 253867

Jill has been posted several times this month on FakeDisorderCringe on Reddit.


No. 253872

Holy cow, nonnies. We’re gonna go through these threads like it’s nobody’s business. I’ve never had to try so hard to catch up

No. 253877

tbf most of this threads been a shitshow and i doubt the next ones gonna be much better

No. 253878


Being a try-hard for your own entertainment is self love <3

No. 253879

They say being a hater is bad for you but I have never felt more invigorated

No. 253884

what gamer moment?

No. 253888


Back when she was doing let's play of anima Crossing

No. 253891

Anyone responding to Jesus is equally retarded fucking hell

No. 253893

Lol no.

No. 253896

don’t worry nonna. They’re probably referencing her apology video she posted in Jan (correct me if I’m wrong).

No. 253908

really wishing jill hadn't said shit about lolcow. feels like a fucking gas leak is going off in here

No. 253911

I feel like I’m having a stroke.

No. 253912

File: 1664828588440.jpg (45.42 KB, 622x559, EgW8qaYXgAIKHu7.jpg)

this whole threads legit just been picrel

No. 253914

Pretty much nobody came here, none of her fans are talking about it on twitter or anywhere. There was that bee girl who is her mutual and who whiteknighted her hard on twitter. This thread just caught the attention of a retarded pedo moid who has an IQ of 70.

No. 253916

Ugh all these fucking tards here now, which I’m sure is what she wanted. People who come here to troll this way are so goddamn embarrassing I swear…

No. 253918

File: 1664828739671.jpg (102.77 KB, 1080x693, 20221003_212424.jpg)

Well she isn't wrong

No. 253919

That's the point though. The Jill's goal is to have retards spam and derail the thread so badly that it becomes too hard to navigate and use and farmers stop reading, and that all the new milk gets buried under it all. Active threads will be pushed lower, until the ones pre-lolcow video are so far down in the list that fans won't possibly stumble upon them and will instead enter this shitfest, leaving without seeing any of the evidence we post.

No. 253924

Nah, she isn't that smart. She was hoping she'd get some notoriety from being "stalked by lolcow", but nobody cares about her video. I just hope the mods delete all the junk posts from this thread.

No. 253928

Keep trolling and getting these threads closer to the top, retards. You're only helping our cause. Like yes, let's drive more attention to this thread - it only works out in our favor.

No. 253933

File: 1664829144387.jpg (380.59 KB, 1080x1284, Screenshot_20221003_163007.jpg)

>>253381 surprised these last comments haven't been deleted, found another piece tho

No. 253937

●‿● do these hoes not know how sending a tiktok link work? It'll send the persons profile OF THAT TIKTOK y'all reaching omg(●‿●)

No. 253939

>Hurrrrr durr me no retard, YOU retard ahahaha.
JFC jannies pls

No. 253940

First of all who's Blaine and who's kayla LOL if you guys start sending messages to them I actually feel bad I had to jump in because y'all about to troll a poor random girl for nothing

No. 253942


dumb as fuck hoe you don't know how tiktok works for your age? I'm 26 get on with the program or stop harassing random tiktok girls bitch

No. 253946


my point is you guys are saying for a fact "kayla" was jesus

No. 253947

which sorry but no LOOLOLOL

No. 253948

nuke this thread. no, literally

No. 253954


No. 253955

Imagine whiteknighting someone who pretends to have some m. Night shyamalan level of bs mental illness, probably autism too and to top it all off they also are a goddamn theatre kid who failed to launch.
>you spend your life hating on someone online!!!
it takes me less than a few minutes to check out a threat every once in a while, doing that is definitely less weird and harmful to myself or my loved ones than whatever miss but my did is different actually is doing kek

No. 253956

We should just go on KF to comment on Jill’s thread. Signing up is invitation only and that will help the retard problem.

No. 253958

x2. What the literal hell is going on in here

No. 253962


Nice feet

No. 253981



No. 253986


Jesus are you still there

No. 253991

can we get back to jill please, this thread is a garbage fire

No. 253993

Still find it so funny that she thinks someone filming her performance is harassment. Might as well report all the concert videos on Youtube to the police

No. 253996

my friend just was talking about her harrasment I said this exact same thing, nona.

No. 254000

Would it be cowtipping if you contacted the group that hosted the event on clarification with regards to the threat?

No. 254001

Yes don’t do shit like this

No. 254002

Yes and they wouldn't respond anyways. They didn't tell her what was in the email they're not going to tell us.

No. 254011

Lmfao have fun with this one.

No. 254020

It's still not illegal to record a public act. Cope

No. 254031

Yeah it’s not California and the footage wasn’t any different than what Jill uploaded herself lol.

No. 254032

Don't reply to the retard, nonnie, it doesn't know how to say things that make sense, it's just white knighting m'lardy Jill.

No. 254046

File: 1664848437906.jpg (116.22 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_20221003-184632.jpg)

No. 254047

File: 1664848567250.jpg (212.59 KB, 720x1356, Screenshot_20221003-184536.jpg)

No. 254048

File: 1664848779022.jpg (149.41 KB, 720x1350, Screenshot_20221003-185801.jpg)

No. 254055

File: 1664850322915.jpeg (496.49 KB, 960x888, 3E8A835B-A77D-44BD-84E6-ED06A3…)

The girl that called Jill transphobic posted some art on her animation collaboration account.

No. 254056

File: 1664850520675.png (122.7 KB, 760x497, Screenshot_20221003-161457.png)

What the fuck Jill kek

No. 254057

File: 1664850566258.png (275.59 KB, 584x602, KEKEKEK.PNG)

Here's another one it's a gif and twitter wouldn't let me save it.

No. 254058

>she retweeted stonetoss's irl friend

No. 254060

You can use youtube-dl to save twitter videos. Not sure if it works for gifs though

No. 254061

No. 254062

File: 1664851136222.gif (426.67 KB, 850x720, OMG! Who else is excited for t…)

No. 254064

I love this.

No. 254066

Unfortunately mine isn't as high quality as the one they posted as it's missing some frames. Wish they posted it here for us lol.

No. 254068

Is this hehesilly?

No. 254069

it's hehesilly and drippydreich they make animations together kek.

No. 254070

Lol omg I hope to god this isn’t meant to be flattering to Jill and she just sucks at art, I hope she’s doing this to show Jill how the rest of the world sees her

No. 254071

who is this?

No. 254073

File: 1664853153225.gif (31.99 KB, 850x720, jill.gif)

I'm in a discord server with them, here is the version posted there not sure if it will look any better though

No. 254074

sorry nonna, page loaded too slow.

No. 254076

bless you, nonna! I'm a big fan of them!!!

No. 254077

Now it's perfect KEK 10/10.

No. 254085

This is an anon board.

No. 254088

Jill is a human gas leak. The moment she posted a video ranting and victimising herself because of a women correcting her for putting gender special bullshit into her son's head in her retail job I knew she was a cow. And she's only gotten significantly worse since the years have progressed. Sending people here is the biggest mistake she's made thus far even if it feels like a bomb's gone off in here atm. This is the newest way she's found to commit social suicide kek.

No. 254091

I have a way to determine whether or not Jill is Jesus. Give me time and I’ll have results.
Kek nonnies! God I hope they’ll take our requests for more Jill art.

No. 254093

Yeah once again she is deliberately fucking up her career. Sending her already DID-sceptical fans here will just make them see the 58 threads with proof of her vile personality.

No. 254097

Jill got very arrogant and thought she could pull a hail mary with this half-baked video. Too bad she's become a has-been. The views are low and no one seems to really care. She'll get a couple "uwu how scary!", but I think she forgets that other mental illness larpers only want to talk about themselves. She's reminding me of Onision with how badly she put together this scheme. You can tell how scared she is by the fact she's still posting online. If she was truly afraid, she wouldn't still be in the rainby townhouse. I want to see how she's going to do damage control when people question the validity of her restraining order. Wonder if she's crazy enough to try to forge a fake one from a free online template.

No. 254099

You have to be truly pathetic and mentally ill to think her posting online means she is scared.
But also, if she was, I wouldn't blame her.
You people are narcissists and losers.

No. 254100


My guess is once jill realizes she can't get a restraining order from lolcow she'll drop the subject completely, if anyone asks she'll claim her DID made her forget / cliffe went to get the restraining order and she doesn't remember what happened

No. 254101

>"Jill is a human"
Remember that.

No. 254102

Stop putting your goddamn email in the email field nonnies ….

No. 254103

I love how her spoiled way of living is coming to an end and she has to face being an adult. She doesn't even want to do comissions? YouTube is obviously not an option since she alienated her audience by lying.

No. 254106

>Women are so cute and sweet
Ooohhh she's backtracking now. She's 100% a woman hater.

No. 254107

File: 1664869134438.jpg (42.88 KB, 720x304, Screenshot_20221004-003301_Chr…)

No. 254108

>studio pierrot is reanimating naruto

No. 254109

Kekkk I hope she debunks whatever Jillian says.

No. 254110

He's right, only schizos have a gender identity. Normal people just live their lives without caring this much.

No. 254111

Probably part of her "futanari" pegging dominatrix veronica larp.

No. 254112

I've been avoiding this thread since it went buckwild with shitposting since her video came out, but scrolling her youtube comments was interesting. One person thought lolcow users had fabricated the screenshots and was confused (I think they are posted somewhere upthread) and several people already knew about lolcow via stumbling upon it, those people said they basically read it all and were shocked.
A lot of people seem to believe she is being targeted for her style/appearance when most people don't mention her clothing here, I didn't watch the video itself but I presume she gives that impression. Past the lolita years I think people are more focused on her personality, a little on the makeup I guess.
But, interesting point to address here: what specfically is untrue that is discussed here? No screenshots are fabricated, people throw theories around but they don't claim them as fact.

Also worth pointing out, as someone else did above, if some creep emailed Stevie's workplace as she claims (haven't watched the video but going off what is posted here) it isn't an anon from here since nobody here knows or has mentioned where he works. So I wonder who tf that even could be. Also emailing her drag gig people wouldn't make sense for lolcow either so since we wanted to see it.
So I'm theorising, if she's telling the truth, some weirdo from her irl is doing this, not us, since neither the drag email thing or stevie's work has ever been mentioned here - or, really wild theory, she had a DID moment and emailed those people herself while being one of her "alters" but I think it's more likely some weirdo irl is doing it because it doesn't make sense for a farmer to do it for various reasons - most strongly being these things were never mentioned once here. Nobody wanted her to cancel the gig or not to perform, nobody posted once saying so either, nobody even knew Stevie had a job and just assumed he was bumming off her income. It doesn't add up at all. Idk what else she covers in the video but those are the things that come to mind that don't make sense.

No. 254113

I always want to see her drag gigs, idk why she thinks we don't kek.

No. 254114

Jillain's fans need to be aware that people here just enjoy seeing a privileged person with a bad personality fail based on her own choices. A lot of people here are saying she should drop the weed and exercise, get a job, do arts and crafts,make soap or candles or whatever but it's her insistence to not change and to fake illnesses what makes her entertaining for gossip.

Nobody here knows what Steve is doing since he's pretty much private online in the last year and just mentioned being in some Roblox program. It is quite possible someone in Jill's life has a vendetta against her considering how she broke friendships and loves drama in the community.

No. 254116

How can she even claim we fake the screenshots when we take them directly from her social media and youtube

New tip for everyone:
Try to post the direct link of her posts along the screenshot and try to archive everything with wayback machine

She's clearly lying to make herself look like a victim but judging by all the idiots in her comments believing her manipulative lies people are going to go with whatever she says unless someone stops her

No. 254118

The fact that Jillian is saying people are harassing her with no proof and then saying everything posted on lolcow is a lie but not debunking anything is very telling and sus. She can say all the shit she wants in her little niche youtube channel but it's just making her look worse and giving fuel to the fire for a bigger and juicer drama video.

No. 254119

>Jill says people (read: forum) do not want her to succeed and stopping her from getting work and paid.

Idk why she's saying this shit when everyone here always tells her to get a job and stop smoking weed. That's literally the opposite to what she says there. I always see so many nice anons encouraging her to pursue new ventures too and fix her life unless she's ignoring all those too. A lot of people here were willing to forgive her if she only got her shit together and apologized and stopped lying and larping and ruining her life. Its sad what has become of her. Unless she means that anons critizice her for her bad sewing and not performing… Literally anyone would. She's not good at those things. She needs a real job even if that means compromising.

It doesn't even have to be retail, she could go back to making youtube hauls, but idk… Part of me also knows she's an insufferable husk of her former self and the appeal she had in 2015~2018 with the calm magical girl retro vibes is over and never coming back. All she likes and does nowadays comes across as annoying, attention grabbing and fake… And she screams too much. And she doesn't dress or like the same things anymore. Nothing wrong with branching out but I think all her appeal is sadly over. She could had taken this stuff into a more healthy and mature yet cute and colorful place but she freaking ruined it dude. She ruined it herself with her own immaturity.

All of this must be the projection of her rage after her mom told her the stuff she did at the MCR concert. There's no other way. She needs to narc rage and blame others for her own downfall but can't do it with her own mom so she invented some spooky boogeyman instead of working on fixing her life. It's sad. She's clearly sick in the way a narcissist is, not in the way she actually wants for pity points because no one likes or pities a weak raging manipulative and self hating narcissist.

Stop smoking weed, stop evading life, stop blaming shit on others, and fix your problems, Jill.

No. 254121

this. I think that maybe stevie has someone who has vendetta against him and/or jill - contrary to what people think about lolcow, special snowflakes from twitter and discords are more prone to 'cancel' someone, here those activities are frown upon, most people prefer to just laugh here without touching poo

No. 254122

The sheer amount of actual useful advice that has been on here before is nuts. There have been video ideas that still adhere to her more eco conscious values like remake fashion and up-cycling. There has been business suggestions like soap making (shoutout to soap anon), jewellery making, selling remake fashion, doing something with crochet since she seems to like that. People have referenced other influencers and content that Jill could also do. So many didn’t see her as irredeemable before now and even now some will still think and hope she can bounce back and pitch ideas to get her career going again. This stuff makes more sense when you realise that a lot of the anons are former fans and did like Jill at one point and want her to go back to before this mess. Spreading misinformation about mental health and autism the way she does isn’t just offensive and ableist it’s actively dangerous. This isn’t something simple, this is a disorder that is the result of literal torture and/or repeated SA of a small child. She faked a seizure which she then deleted, seizures can be deadly and are life ruining if you have one don’t post it to tik tok as lol relatable see a doctor immediately. I don’t think a lot of people realise how serious her claims are. If the claims where true and she is still happy to operate a car then she is actively putting everyone around her and innocent bystanders in life threatening danger. It’s not trivial, she has underage fans who will take on what she says and does.

No. 254125

>There has been business suggestions like soap making (shoutout to soap anon), jewellery making, selling remake fashion, doing something with crochet since she seems to like that. People have referenced other influencers and content that Jill could also do.

I think at this point in her life it's clear she has no direction and the career path she originally thought about doing is not viable anymore so she's resorting to pissing everyone off and doing whatever gives her the most attention for the sake of it. No one in their sane mind ends up as a drag queen, there's something about it and how she's doing it that rubs me the wrong way. Maybe some anon can reply to me and understand what I'm trying to say here.

Her weed stuff is also very out of control. I know she wants to paint it like a miracle cure but after starting to smoke it she became worse. More like Steven, more like Chelsea, more like all the DID fakers she follows, and with less self control since weed affects that zone in the brain. She was never great or smart but back then she wouldn't have gotten into pointless online arguments this often for example.

No. 254126

It fucks me up how much she wants to manipulate others into thinking the screenshots are fake when she can clearly remember the shit she typed out and/or scroll down her twitter and look at the shit she posted herself

No. 254127

also, watch her claim memory loss or amnesia again because she can totes no remember bullying people on the internet and posting wack shit

No. 254128

>So I'm theorising, if she's telling the truth, some weirdo from her irl is doing this
Tinfoil but what it was her mom, she is clearly not happy with Jill's detoriation from weed and fake-DID. She could have been worried about Jills safety and made them cancel the gig on her

No. 254129

File: 1664881410574.jpeg (175.37 KB, 828x478, 4DD9B53C-E7F6-4451-9952-FBC70F…)

As someone who has been following the threads since her first Japan trip (and even read early threads to catch up since there were only 2/3 threads at the time) I don’t remember this ever happening??? Unless this was around the time of the Walker break up (her Lolita bf) this never happened?? The closest thing to this happening was when Alyssa’s sister came to the farms to offer insight into Aylssa and Jill’s relationship but that was it. I find it awfully rich that her wk want to cry about the *~lies and rumours~* spread here, but they are just making stuff up as well

No. 254131

On the topic of seizures and driving you are not permitted to drive or even learn to drive unless you are three years seizure free.
Walker was before she had a thread right and was during her punk phase. Tristan was her Lolita era boyfriend. This could be referring mistakenly to Alyssa’s sister (rightfully) posting or to the recent confirmations from Uma that Jill is misrepresenting their relationship.

No. 254132

This is hard to follow but the parallel to Scott pilgrim and the rest, does this say Jill dumped uma for someone else that she was pursuing whilst with Uma? Scott leads the more naive knifes on and uses her while he is into Ramona who he is pursuing. Uma alluded to other fucked up stuff happening is this it? Jill said they were dating, uma tried to initiate and Jill freaked out and started emotionally cheating with a guy then uma found out.

No. 254144

>On the topic of seizures and driving you are not permitted to drive or even learn to drive unless you are three years seizure free.

This isn't always enforced. I had a family member who had them pretty bad, she only stopped driving just for a few months after she fell onto the pavement, but she was driving like a week after brain surgery.

Basically, I don't think you are legally forced not to drive unless your doctor chooses to enforce it, or if you are caught in an accident. Canada could be different in this regard however.

No. 254145

I just wanted to point out that she isn't just lying. She is using a motte-and-bailey fallacy.

She's arguing against an easy absurd position:
"People think my therapist brainwashed me into thinking I have DID."

And she's avoiding the harder to defend position:

"People think I am choosing to fake having DID."

No. 254146

NTA but oh yes definitely. Not to defend Jill, but from time to time we get some a-logging and over the top claims. This doesn't represent the majority of the posters who just watch and laugh at the real things she posts. It's easy to discredit it by saying "These people are insane! They are saying Steve is cheating on me when he just isn't online!" vs defending her own quotes like her video saying she was forced to "become a sex toy" when she just had a 15 year old gf and they stayed in friendly contact for years.

No. 254154

Yeah on the thread I found the cap in it was revealed that Jill cheated on Uma with a guy.

No. 254169

No, you're correct. The doctor would have to contact them in order for you to have your license revoked which almost never happens out here.

No. 254171

She isn't going to stop. She's like Onision in that she'll just become too toxic to be associated with and fade into obscurity once she can't pay the bills with a rapidly dwindling base. Well she's losing the base that has their parents disposable income infavor of fellow "w0ke qweer munchie larpers" aka broke ass e beggers that can't support her living standards. She's such an idiot.

No. 254178

How hard would it have been if she just stuck to her diy shit? This is what happens when people want attention they are end up being the reason losing their fame.

No. 254186

She can't stick to it because she would have to sit down somewhere and work instead of spending the whole day getting high, eating buttery Mac and cheese, harassing her favorite moid and children, and "thirst trapping" children on tiktok.
We could make a huge ass list named tips for jillybean to stop being a retard and becoming a better person with detailed steps that she could follow and she wouldn't do them because it doesn't include getting high, eating like shit, having a retarded sleeping schedule, not working out, not consooming useless plastic shit and not dropping the stupid ass rainbi persona that actually died a long time ago.
I'm just perplexed at this point, does she even like anything? Does she even enjoy doing anything? This fat retard needs to stop consooming for 5 seconds so she can use whatever part of her brain that wasn't deep fried by the weed.

No. 254187


TBH, I don't care what she does in private. I don't care if she's fat. Don't care what drugs she does.

All I care about is she is LARPing as multiple personalities at the exact same time as all these other teens are jumping onto the bandwagon.

The effect TikTok has on creating social contagions for mental health is gonna be a very interesting and well warranted study in the future.

No. 254192

Okay this just got me thinking about how much she promises and never delivers on, which is a big reason there are many ex fans in here (me included). So here is what I remember her saying she would do: fashion school collection, that list of Jerrick centric videos she mentioned in that one live stream, animal crossing series, patio tour, patreon newsletters, the rest of meet the alters (she can’t even grift properly), moon mist girls (I guess those friendships are over but even when it was a thing it went no where). I know I’m missing a few but that’s what I could think of on the spot

No. 254193

Don't forget she also bailed on the "design me a tattoo" thing

No. 254194

We deadass need a document with everything Jill could do to improve her life and slap it in the top of every OP lol.

No. 254195

Samefag can’t believe I forgot her ENTIRE FUCKING FASHION BRAND

No. 254203

the fashion brand and the tattoo thing are the most recent and egregious examples imo. still cant believe she hyped up her own ~sustainable~ fashion brand so much and then proceeded to do nothing with it and go radio silent on updates

No. 254204

samefag but i just checked the five petal flower instagram page and she still has what looks like her fans asking if theres been any updates on the latest post. the bio even still says 'spring 2021'

No. 254213

>>254195 holy shit youre right, I forgot about these (and so did Jill KEK)

No. 254214

File: 1664902142120.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1170x1975, 65EF1F51-269C-46C1-B1C0-FB6F9B…)

I actually forgot she made this for herself, promised it would be launched in two colourways and then never did it. Maybe because the colors were similar to the collab she did or something.

I feel bad for her fans in the comments who were waiting for a release. She really did never use her fashion degree. All this time she could've been sewing up this dress and selling it…

No. 254217

No bc this is exactly how i feel anon. I know some anons go after jill’s weight and body image issues a lot as a genuine criticism but aside from it being a direct conflict with her whole toxic super positive body positivity persona, being fat is the least of her faults, it’s not even really a fault worthy of being a cow. If jill was just a pastel themed chunky girl online who didn’t act so spoiled and parade herself around as someone with one of the most intense trauma disorders possible, none of us would be here. I know she has had threads here prior to her DID saga (i wasn’t here for them i’ve jumped on this since finding out she had DID allegedly) but the legitimate criticism and negative affect are what so many former fans here mention. Sure some people will be more harsh than others, that’s image board culture. Maybe it’s just because there was a time where i used to enjoy her content (her japan vlogs were fun and i liked hearing about how she saved up to plan for it) but i don’t hate jillian. In that same breath tho i don’t have much hope that she will improve from cow status. She had the opportunity to be a better person but i don’t think if she’s capable or willing

No. 254219

File: 1664902545479.png (34.12 KB, 740x453, welp.PNG)

I ran Jesus's and Jill's tweets (from jerrica's account) through an plagiarism checking tool. Unfortunately this is not Jill trying to find the girl who filmed her. The possibility of it being one of her friends or Jill changing her text is high given the clues Jesus gave us.
This same program has been used for May/Ethan Ralph in the past so it has shown to be accurate.
The faces are the results and the more similar they are the more probable it is Jill.

No. 254220

Her private circle of friends is weird. That bees girl who is her private mutual on twitter was found and screencapped to defend Jill a ton on tiktok, like dozens of comments.

No. 254221

You should take those comments and run them through Ghostdetect. Same with Jesus’s comments from here. I recommend doing it in word since it requires you to upload files.

No. 254223

The audience who followed her for DIY/sewing content is expecting a fashion line because that’s what she promised them. She doesn’t want to have to deliver on that so she’s trying to rebrand as a DID influencer who’s not expected to produce anything but the occasional dress-up selfie. IMO she doesn’t actually enjoy sewing and DIY and probably hates being reminded of her failed fashion designer ‘career’ but wants to retain the numbers she got as a sewing YouTuber, so she churns out the barest minimum of DIY content to hopefully string along some of that audience for as long as possible. It’s obviously not working.

No. 254226

what drives me crazy is she doesn’t even have to sew. You very much can be a fashion designer and just outsource things to China these days. So many indie brands do this and have been successful with it. She shot herself in the foot by saying it would start off 100% sustainable which is an expensive endeavor especially if you aren’t motivated to sew your own MTO clothes. She really should have just said sustainability was the end goal. But she’s never going to actually do anything. She came up with a whole DID larp to “explain” why things were so hard when the reality is not having things handed to you is difficult but most people learn that when they’re like 10.

No. 254228

I'm not sure why anyone would care about screenshots. Its only farmers who put Jillian on this pedestal and want to harrass her or get her canceled over shit you guys likely do on and offline as well.
Its projecting.

Also the irl stalker likely uses these pages as justification to stalk and harrass, so regardless if they're a farmer or a lurker, lolcow is still at fault.

Can't wait for lolcow to see the same fate as Kiwi farms.

No. 254229

File: 1664904558062.png (218.56 KB, 871x1674, Screenshot_20221004-122913.png)

I ran the Jesus and Jill's Pixie tweets through the same program and they seem to be pretty similar

No. 254230

well she's not a designer. but she could just dropship taobao shit if she wanted. she's just lazy and thought fashion and shit would get her what she really wanted, clout. she will do anything for a crumb of efame, including fake mental illnesses.

No. 254235

Then you should know better than to fan the flame.

I have looked through a lot of what Jillian has done and none of it has been offensive enough to warrant these threads. You all spin everything she posts. You follow her every move. That alone is online stalking.
You can argue that it's all public info and you're allowed to view it all, but you collect it all up and skew it to fit a particular narrative.

At the end of the day, you've been running to these sites to trash talk a teen/young adult for close to a decade and thats embarrassing.

These are still Jill's developing years.

No. 254239

post the faces from the program. I want to see what they looks like.
Kiwifarms is still online we're going anywhere. Go hard, retard.
When is she not in her "developing years"? People online get cancelled for less and they're about Jill's age too. It's when they make money off spinning lies and deceit their fans that it actively contributes to the "disability culture" moving backwards.

No. 254247

what program is this? thanks

No. 254249

I liked her Japan vlogs too but not way would Jillian now work to save up for one she is too lazy

No. 254252

File: 1664906993904.jpg (59.74 KB, 720x376, Screenshot_20221004-110709_Chr…)

No. 254254

it's a plagarism program called "ghostdetect"

No. 254255

Her Japan Vlogs were honestly entertaining and I loved to see what she bought. She had a charming personality in the vlogs, and she seemed like someone I could be friends with at the time.

Now her videos are unwatchable and she just comes off as disingenuous.

No. 254256

File: 1664907436827.png (37.78 KB, 767x553, jax jerrick jesus.PNG)

Here's the results I got when I ran through the Jesus/jax/jerrica texts

No. 254258

>She needs to narc rage and blame others for her own downfall but can't do it with her own mom so she invented some spooky boogeyman instead of working on fixing her life. It's sad.
It is. She has a lot of resources and family support, she could easily turn her life around. Instead she chooses to wallow in her failed conquests and put up the front she's successful and happy. The weed is to numb her sadness.

No. 254259


Her obsession with being little / small is so weird. What grown ass woman would want to be described as a small frog?

No. 254260

File: 1664908038358.png (210.61 KB, 596x531, firefox_79PnDNr9P6.png)

Jill acknowledging other fakers? Spicy

No. 254262


Lol Jill did the exact same thing with her alters, once the veronica video got backlash she suddenly stopped switching to veronica and barely uses the twitter account

No. 254263

File: 1664908765671.jpeg (34.63 KB, 244x244, 47A7DE67-5F59-457A-9BB2-D0DE77…)

>Jill as a tiny frog
Kek sorry for being a tard my hand slipped

No. 254264

Please stop, that foot pic is from a mentally disabled guy who's been raging at this site for months.

No. 254268

>Doesn't get that literally every spammer has been called one person by idiots/trolls keeping a joke alive
NGMI, that was Jill's foot lol, her 'alter' 'Jesus' claimed to be trans but that foot looked pretty much like any picture of Jill I have seen.

No. 254269

Mentally challenged* [Redacted] actually has DiD which is why the posts are pretty much at the same level of aggression that the quoted posts are when it actually is [Redacted] and not just someone being called them. More than 3 people now have posted hands to prove they are not the tranny and I highly doubt that induces rage into [Redacted].
So either play into that game more knowing the tranny is laughing at you, or stop playing the game.

No. 254271

File: 1664909746541.jpg (164.58 KB, 1070x1027, 20221004_195518.jpg)

Just checked the comments on Jill's lolcow video, apparently us anons have a body count lmao

No. 254272

one of the deaths is jill's sandwich alter rip

No. 254274

they're confused with Kiwifarms and the death count for them is rumours. Null himself explained in great detail that the "deaths" were not because of the farms.

No. 254275

If someone decides to off themselves because of some gossip site they clearly had other unaddressed issues that were the actual cause. This place alone isn't enough to push someone to that and any normal person could see that

No. 254277

To devil's advocate: You're correct but the alogs around these sites get very bad with irl harassment and that is not the targets fault.

No. 254279

Oh agreed, once it stops being online and turns to irl harassment that's a very different situation and not at all what's happening with Jill. No the drag recording doesn't count before anyone says something. People go to public performances to make fun of them and post online all the time, Jill isnt special in that regard. If someone was going up to her it could be different but nothing of the sort happened

No. 254283

Yes, I just wanted to make it clear that lolcow should never be blamed, the alogs somehow always end up leaving identifiable stuff for the most part and at that point it becomes obvious to most people who is in the wrong and hopefully we never have a situation where someone takes their life because of it.
Honestly can't wait until we get some nice alogger cow threads but might have to go to kiwi or somewhere else for that.
>If someone was going up to her it could be different but nothing of the sort happened
Exactly why I feel justified in clowning on her for coming here and crying about it, saying she was somehow bullying back when it was just weak shit? Oh yeah that's some milk to me, I hope I don't miss too many of her spergs, I get why jannies delete it but I also enjoy seeing someone talk tough when they fail to act tough in reality.
Bullying bullies nonna, it's too much enjoyment for me to make someone who's used to being the manipulator into someone who's being manipulated. Yes I know it's dark triad behavior, idc

No. 254284

Oh no, the Canadian mounted cyber police will take the time to visit everyone's houses in different countries because we made fun of Jillybean's ugly mug.

No. 254286

I'm fairly certain you can call any Cyber-Canadian Cop any slur as long as you don't misgender them and they are legally obligated to apologize about it.

No. 254288

These people are such hypocrites. They'll attack anyone who doesn't think exactly like them on social media platforms, try to get them fired from their jobs, black balled and name smeared, but under the guise of righteousness. Also funny they always use rumors as truth and never look any farther than they have to. >>254274 don't you know anon that Joshua has a fleet of drones he uses to cross oceans to personally harass people?
Ntayrt, but agreed. Also Jill filmed a bit of the MCR concert. Would that be considered harassment? Absolutely no just like her drag performance getting filmed.

No. 254293

File: 1664912542662.jpg (106.21 KB, 1080x584, 20221004_204045.jpg)

Remember when Jill went all acab in the car crash video? I guess she's fine with the police when they let her sure gossip forums

No. 254296

I think what's most frustrating to me about Jill is how she'll fully lie as a way to justify her major over reactions to small things. I don't think it's unreasonable to feel bummed/annoyed that someone is coming to your show just to make fun of you. But because she lacks any kind of perspective, it feels like the end of the world to her and she spins this lie about harassment and emails to pull other people onto her side. It's like her first instinct in any situation is to overreact and lie

No. 254299


I would respect Pixie a lot more if she actually distanced herself from DID fakers. Like if she was legit, she'd be able to call out teens faking it.

But instead she'll blow smoke up anyone's ass in hopes they will do the same for her.

No. 254300

It's very easy to spot, usually if people use it to deny responsibility it's fake.

No. 254304

>the lolcow

No. 254310

File: 1664915111130.jpg (182.94 KB, 720x1172, Screenshot_20221004-132327_Chr…)

No. 254312

File: 1664915306870.jpg (165.92 KB, 720x1243, Screenshot_20221004-132558_Chr…)

No. 254314


Did ned fuck stebie or something? Ned's a POS but jill is weirdly bitter about someone she doesn't know or has met cheating on his wife

No. 254315

It’s because of Maggie.

No. 254317


She cares more about staring at her own face than actually stimming. But most people who post TikToks are guilty of that level of vanity.

No. 254318


I can't wait to see what else Jill will claim is a stim

>omg guys I just took a shit, butt stim! I'm so autistic

No. 254319

I would respect Jill a lot more if she actually stopped LARPing DID, period.

No. 254321

that’s never going to happen though. that would require her to admit it was a lie all along and faking it for attention. jill is going to continue her LARP as long as she can. until she makes up some excuse.

No. 254322

i'm calling it now; "integration" arc within the next year. there's no way she has the attention span for or even wants to put in the effort for pretending to be 5 or 6 or however many people for the rest of her life. waaaay too much work and brainpower, not that she's putting on a convincing show right now anyway. especially since jillian is somehow always co-fronting. it's just an excuse for just in case she breaks character.

No. 254323

File: 1664917446463.jpg (119.67 KB, 720x1380, Screenshot_20221004-140117_Chr…)

I get a visceral reaction any time I see the word ratio now.

No. 254327

I'm noticing she speaks waay higher pitched in her TikToks than in her Youtube videos.

Feels like she's trying to (consciously or subconsciously) imitate the younger kids she is watching on TikTok.

No. 254328

>'omg whatttt my following has been majority female for 8 years, how bizarre!!!'

yes, jillian. we know you're a pastel kawaii hyperfemme youtuber. thank you for non-contribution and thinly veiled opportunity to promote yourself on somebody else's post

No. 254329

Quick question: this can't actually happen right?

No. 254330

I like Maggie more than Jill so I hope she continues to piss Jillian off by simply existing.

No. 254333

Depends really, is that gun picture death threat still on /meta/? If so, maybe actually.

No. 254334

No. Cyberbullying laws exist, but they are usually intended for people from the same area harassing somebody online. Like if a person keeps writing somebody threatening mails and being a nuisance online, that can be acknowledged by the police and help with restraining orders if physical threats are being made (even then, police sadly dismiss that stuff). If Jill were to contact the police and say she is being badmouthed on a forum whose owner is in another country, the police would tell her they aren't properly equiped for such a large scale case for something so trivial.

Stalking is a real problem across the whole world, and you can see how twitch streamers struggled with reporting it and couldn't even get the police involved when the stalker was across the street, that's an absolutely awful situation but in regards to lolcow some anon just recorded a performance. I don't know if Jill is getting some private threats, but knowing her, she'd love to talk about it and feel so dramatic.

Sorry for the sperg, but if I were Jill, I would just focus on stuff my target audience wants (fashion, hauls, arts and crafts) and become boring to the lolcow audience.

No. 254335

I'm tired of seeing people defending her on YouTube and bashing this website. It's naive and infuriating. Can't wait for karma to get her.

No. 254343

The way Jillian is acting 100% mimics how she's treating Uma and 100% mimics how she bullied others in school. By manipulating others into being in her side because she's a poor little victim and not facing any repercussions. This is the worst type of bully. I rather have someone more straight foward and direct telling me what problems they have with me than this erratic crybaby thinking others will come defend her. Mommy cannot defend you anymore Jillian, you're an adult. Face your own faults and understand you also are the problem here.

No. 254344

It’s getting Keffals now. Won’t be long for her.

No. 254345

File: 1664919565472.jpeg (806.49 KB, 1170x1827, 7041B064-1585-48D7-A1A1-907211…)

No. 254347

File: 1664919639986.jpeg (758.62 KB, 1143x1659, DD702884-9C94-4B14-BF2E-BFF8A0…)

No. 254348

File: 1664919669009.jpeg (309.04 KB, 1170x652, 469F5A6A-C59C-4BE6-B5AB-D1210F…)

Vangelina im begging you please post the dm for everyone to see I am begging

No. 254349

Was about to post those, lol
Jill, you still don't have a diagnosis in your own words. Just an impression.

No. 254350

Is it actually getting Keffals, though? I need to know

No. 254351

>>>>>Thats so harmful and serves no one
Harmful to your lies and serves nothing to your own lies. She's caught now. She's not going to answer and she's doomed.

No. 254352

>Stalking is a real problem across the whole world, and you can see how twitch streamers struggled with reporting it and couldn't even get the police involved when the stalker was across the street, that's an absolutely awful situation but in regards to lolcow some anon just recorded a performance. I don't know if Jill is getting some private threats, but knowing her, she'd love to talk about it and feel so dramatic.
The mental impact from being stalked/harassed is tremendous. The toll messes with your head and cause you to become more introverted, scared, and paranoid. My friend had me watch a video of a primary school girl being stalked by a classmate. The police wouldn't do shit and cited to the parents that the altercation that happen at the slumber party should had been reported. Unless another altercation happen, the police did not care that the other girl would physically sit by the girl's house staring at it. The poor girl had to deal with this other girl sitting near her house staring at her house for years. The other girl's parents didn't give a shit that their daughter was stalking this girl. She went from outgoing and happy to scared and not wanting to leave the house. It ended okay with the other girl moving away. The reason I give doubt to Jillian's claims is bevause she chronically over shares every little detail. The video itself is very gross because who the hell uses the words "juicy drama" when talking about being stalked/harassed? Her body language and word choices don't reflect her claims. It feels very off.

No. 254353

this hypocrite she participated in a drama video about gabi hanna, made a video calling trisha a liar and is obsessed with youtube drama but instantly tries to shut down the first attempt at making a video about her

No. 254354

>The reason I give doubt to Jillian's claims is bevause she chronically over shares every little detail. The video itself is very gross because who the hell uses the words "juicy drama" when talking about being stalked/harassed? Her body language and word choices don't reflect her claims. It feels very off.

Because she's happy to talk about drama, she's a drama hungry person. I doubt everything she said.

No. 254355

I didn't see that but if that's the case it was probably a stupid troll and Lolcow deeply and harshly penalizes this shit, no sane farmer would do this.

No. 254356

whys she even care so much about this? she let the threads go on without commenting about them for years but the second someone says theyre making a video shes full damage control, its just a bit of a weird hypocrisy

No. 254357

Psychologists came to the conclusion that you think you do

There. Fixed it for you.

No. 254358

As far as I know the person who made that post is actually in custody and the person it was made at doesn't blame the site.

No. 254359

If she truly had nothing to fear, if everything on this site really is fake then she wouldn't care at all about the video

No. 254360

Because the forums are just full of a small number of people who don't like her anyways. The YouTuber has an audience of 82k people.

No. 254362

Yes, Destiny wrote a manifesto exposing all of Keffals’ lies and uploaded a three hour video about it to youtube. Not sure if it’s still up or not.

No. 254363

sorry for ot but context on this?

No. 254364

If you don't know about it, don't worry about it. Somethings should just be forgotten at the end of the day, I brought it up because I was worried that someone might use that example when the person that it was targeting doesn't care.

No. 254366

It's fucked up how much she's willing to lie about the anon who filmed her PUBLIC even approaching her

No. 254367

Oh dear I just caught up and it's amazing how gloriously this thing failed for Jill. The moment she decided she can copy keffals and talk about scary lolcow is when people found out keffals is a lying grifter.

No. 254368

She should have made the video a month ago kek. Would have been easier for her to grift.

No. 254372

File: 1664923405773.png (339.96 KB, 926x1250, keffals and Jill.png)

Nice to see the similarities.Notice how Jill makes LESS than Lucas?

No. 254379

She created her account 4 years earlier and has been losing followers whereas Lucas is just now beginning his downward spiral, this is why for now he makes more.

No. 254385

She really does revel in internet drama as long as it isn't about her huh

No. 254390

I really hope she doesn't persuade her to not make the video

No. 254393

Ugh that dm is probably Jill lovebombing Vangelina.

No. 254395

Nah she's probably threatening her with legal action if she makes the video

No. 254400

Kek I'd love to see her try. Either way I'm sure whatever she's saying is just more material for the vid

No. 254401

Can someone please find the highlighted photo of the paper that says that
She suggested the diegnosis and she
Described her symptoms in a very did diegnosis type of way

It was basically doctor speak to make munchies feel valid but let other doctors who read it know that the patient is insane and not in the way they pretend to be

No. 254406

The way this isn't even specifically malicious. She could be making a video that's positive, for all Pixie knows. Would she not want a video like that? A video dispelling the "made up" stuff? But Pixie has a guilty conscious because she knows we're right.

No. 254410

She's 100% manipulating her into making her believe a fake version of the truth so she can look like a victim and pursuade Vangelina into not making the video. I'm sure Vangelina is smart enough to not fall for this tactic.

No. 254418

File: 1664932768929.jpeg (497.64 KB, 1165x787, 9770B83C-D252-4B37-ADA9-E5B5A6…)

Not sure about the highlighted one but here's a screencap her video. Tried to include the first line she has half cut off best I could.

No. 254421

Wanna point out she reported five but how many does she have now without any trauma to necessitate a split? Only trauma that could've happened was that car crash and she specified she wasn't gonna split. Just wanna make sure that's noticed by all my lovely nonnies

No. 254422

She has 7 now and Jax was a new alter she talked about with her therapist early after announcing DID (when arcane was freshly out) if I remember right

No. 254424

"Splits" don't happen Willy nilly nor with "hyper fixation"
One hallmark of false DID players is just making up alters with new fixations and fandoms
Jill outs herself every day

No. 254425


Weird how older people with DID had no idea they had distinct other personalities until other people told them.

No. 254427

It is a spectrum and some are more aware because of different factors, really depends but yeah if the DiD development did not happen in early childhood it's more like what you said.

No. 254435

Trying to make out what that top line says, but I can only make out "her health conditions or its consequences," hmmmmmmm

No. 254437

Hilarious to watch her realize how much worse her video made her plight

No. 254439

File: 1664935028373.jpeg (130.29 KB, 1190x180, 52075697-C475-4988-B8FA-CF9A32…)

I'm assuming it's something like "mrs vessey reports that her life has been affected by her health conditions and she has spent significant time on her health conditions or it's consequences"

No. 254440

OK but the sentence doesn't make any sense no matter how I try and read it.

No. 254441

The verbiage is important– Angel therapist never saw any of these personalities. They never experienced any switches. They do not have any observations for it. It's all self reporting from Jill.

No. 254445

>Jillian (Pixie) Vessey
That's what makes this obvious she's trying to fool people into thinking this is her therapists reporting/finding. Does she think no one ever has read one of these before? Wild. Too bad Jilly, you are a classic malinger.

No. 254451

File: 1664937228258.jpg (133.95 KB, 720x1201, Screenshot_20221004-193207_Chr…)

No. 254457

They’re so ugly…

No. 254461

rhetorical question incoming but why does everything have to be an Interest. you can just really fucking want something, now pick up your autism crumbs they're getting everywhere and it's gross

No. 254466

Tbh, being a consoomer is her only personality trait which makes consooming her special interest.

No. 254467

File: 1664939785559.png (21.2 KB, 339x75, hm.png)

>Jillian (Pixie) Vessey
wtf… you're right, it says that. It's in the very bottom upside down
wouldn't it say Amanda instead? since that's her middle name

No. 254469

Do you think she'd ever release the full page to "own the haters" or will she always keep it censored because it's filled with damning evidence?
Ironically if she is using it for an autism larp she's going it wrong because special interests with autistic people spans years of gathering more knowledge with no actual end. This can't even be classified as a hyper focus either because she doesn't consume just that one thing for an extended period. She just needs to accept it for what is is, a phase.

No. 254471

They will often list non-legal preferred names in parentheses

No. 254477

Thats one of the things that gets me about her attempting to drop autism breadcrumbs. She has no idea what a special interest actually looks like. If it was, say, Precure for her I'm sure we would be hearing about it from her constantly. She wouldn't be getting info about it wrong and if she did she'd be quick to correct it, possibly even really upset that she got it wrong. Since she's such a consoomer she would likely have a significantly larger collection of Precure merch because when you're consumed by a true special interest the need to surround yourself with items related to it can be very strong, speaking from experience.

No. 254478

>when some horny de/g/enerate thirstposting paragraphs about their husbando and mentioning how they've spent thousands on merch of them has a more legitimate claim on autism than jill

No. 254479

KEKKK I was about to say this. She really doesn't know how an autistic person types like. /g/ girlies and a certain kirby lover definitely do.

No. 254482

Who’s the Kirby lover?

No. 254493


Jill is so desperate for this autism larp, it's pathetic. She can't just find things cute or want to play with toys, it needs to be a stim or a special interest

No. 254503

File: 1664961455991.png (214.73 KB, 226x412, wtf.png)


No. 254505


No. 254509

File: 1664964251983.png (2 MB, 544x2052, 1659683262143.png)

This is such an idiotic stereotype for people who suffer from BPD due to trauma and are actively trying to get better. Not surprised coming from her. Remember when she made faces and mocked up a girl with BPD on tiktok? It was a put a finger down video.

Also she looks like absolutely trashy dogshit and makes no sense to wear a binder during drag queen drag.

>People with BPD are the devil
Trivializing mental illness much?

No. 254510

No one tell her, it's not relevant.

No. 254512

File: 1664964699929.jpeg (773.78 KB, 1125x1942, 77785283-9CD3-4DC7-B2D2-34FF29…)

Just found this in the comments on her tiktok about whether she thought she had did before she was diagnosed. She’s really pushing for that neuro divergent label hard still. Tism diagnosis shopping when?

No. 254514

I always wonder how is it possible that Stevie is dating this goblin. He is not extremely handsome, but he is decent looking and I'm pretty sure he would be able to get a really nice and good looking girl. Is it the free accommodation provided by Jillybeans parents?

No. 254515

Idk why it pisses me off so much because she's obviously a dumbass, but bitch needs to fucking learn that psychologist =/= psychiatrist.
For someone who claims to want to educate the masses she ought to know the difference, one is about helping you learn healthy coping mechanisms and unlearn toxic thought patterns etc, the other is A FUCKING DOCTOR.
Obviously there are some similarities (duh) because psychologists have to learn about the human psyche to help treat it, but that's all they can do, HELP. If you're schizophrenic good luck getting better without meds, which you know are prescribed by a fucking psychiatrist, who studied MEDICINE.
That's like asking a physiotherapist to operate on your broken leg, because they help you get back on your feet after.
SAYING IT AGAIN JILL, a psychologist might have opinions about your mental illness, but they're not a doctor, and thus CANNOT DIAGNOSE YOU JFC.

It's just so obvious that she's hiding what she doesn't like in there. She literally overshares everything about her personal life, what would there be that's not already known? Her name, DOB, etc are all public knowledge. The only thing I can think of to keep private would be info about her family, and since this paper is about her reporting her own symptoms, what would there be except perhaps "my mom saw me and said I didn't look good these days" or something which she wouldn't need to hide??
No way did it say anything besides something along the lines of (at best) "Miss Vessey reported those symptoms and seems very distressed, as this is my first time dealing with such a patient I don't feel equipped to tell what's going on with her so here's a referal for additional testing."

No. 254516

samefag, sorry for the wall of text kek

No. 254517

Psychologists can diagnose in Canada, retard. You literally just had to Google it for a second

No. 254518

Welp, my bad. You'd think it'd take more than the couple appointments she got for something as serious as DID though, and wouldn't she need meds too?

No. 254521

Ntayrt but yes she would definitely need meds. She needs to be trying out different meds to help her brain deal with the fluctuating moods, switches (whether they're "actual" switches, bpd switches, or something else), extreme anxiety, PTSD, suicidal thoughts, etc. Slight blog but I'm very close to someone who has a dissociative disorder and trying to find the right combo of meds has been very scary and a very long process. And P.S. any kind of weed makes their symptoms worse
Weed can help relieve anxiety for some people, but even for someone with depression, weed alone is not going to do anything meaningful, let alone help someone with a disorder like DID or BPD that has deep roots in trauma.

No. 254523

She is just saving up for it atm I think because she said it was around 3k or so. I think that’s one of the reasons she has been bitching about money and trying to big up self diagnosis after flipping out at Trisha kek.

No. 254524

>>254523 3k for AUTISM?? She could simply just drop the larp and save her money; wasn't the DID shit 1k?

No. 254525

There’s likely something really off about him in real life that’s harder to pick up on over the internet. Maggie is a nasty lolicon and looked just like Jill when he dated her, so there’s something of a pattern there. He’s admitted to having a porn addiction on his YouTube channel and follows notorious pedophiles like Vaush and Keffals. Whether consciously or subconsciously, non-goblin girls probably pick up on these red flags and give him a wide berth.

No. 254527

Her DID one isn’t a full diagnosis though it’s just an impression so I guess that would make it cheaper if she didn’t do all the steps. An autism diagnosis involves a few steps, in the UK it’s four appointments with the patient and one appointment with an informant (someone who knows the patient since childhood usually a parent).

No. 254528

He's a troon anon.

No. 254529

I don’t understand. Why does she think this is cute or quirky?

No. 254530

File: 1664974042556.jpeg (156.46 KB, 828x540, 2E85D045-38CC-41E0-A96B-4D28B0…)

Someone’s getting nervous

No. 254531

God I'm so tired of her claiming extreme trauma

No. 254532

Shoutout to her video about Trisha and appearing on the Gabbie hana video speculating about her which was literally during Gabbie having an episode. Also she is trying to make her career monetising her not really diagnosed faked mental condition. Stfu Jill, as per she can dish it out but can’t take it.

No. 254533

Is the Veronica video with her claims of CSA and being flippant about it monetised.

No. 254537

I think if Jill’s parents agreed with the professionals that she needed to get tested for autism they would have probably funded it by now. 3k isn’t that much money especially if you’re loaded.

No. 254539

Yep it is

No. 254540

Then stop monetizing it bitch. She's scared about the Vangelina vid now.

No. 254541

Kek right, wasn't Gabbie way more "actively unsafe" while being in that kind of state? But the iNabber video was fine somehow

No. 254542

This. He’s a porn addicted DDLG pedo. His ex Maggie who he still hangs out with being an open pedo on her Twitter posting dozens of drawings of half naked kids and then Steebie immediately after dating Jill who “age regresses” makes it very obvious along with his admitted porn addiction. He dates Jill because they’re both morally depraved child-obsessed weirdos.

No. 254543

Come on, Vangelina! drag Jill’s lies out by the hair! You can do it!!!

No. 254544

File: 1664978264064.jpeg (38.45 KB, 828x203, 9937A076-D01E-400B-BB6F-94EADC…)

Then get off the fucking internet lmao

No. 254546

Is that video she appeared in talking about Gabbie Hana monetized? She cannot be serious with this tweet

No. 254547

So she's basically admitting that she's full of shit and that she will get hashtag cancelled, which is probably the worst thing that could ever happen to the terminally online loser Jillybean.

No. 254548

What?? There are less people on lolcow than she has followers and Vangelina is just one youtuber? Why is she making such a huge drama out of this and drawing attention to it when she could have ignored it?

No. 254549

Yup seems like it. It’s like when she begged whatever’s left of her fans to not look at lolcow. She knows she lied and can’t afford to lose more subscribers.

No. 254550

File: 1664978672220.jpeg (30.87 KB, 660x315, C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpeg)

exactly…its totally fine for inabber and jill to publicly comment off of GH's situation even though she was clearly in a less safe situation than jill has ever been in. imagine someone coming into your house and filming it? that's stalking. video recording a public drag event? not stalking.

the dissonance is amazing. she performs live drag to be the center of attention, posts videos about her life and interests, posts every waking thought to twitter. if you wanted to be left alone, wouldnt you go offline, jilly? you cant be the center of attention AND be left alone. consequences stink, don't they?

No. 254552

Manifesting mama Vessey watching Vangelina’s video.

No. 254555


a Mama Vessey farmer arc is on the horizon

No. 254556

>All I ever wanted was to be left alone.
Then why do you expose yourself like this? She's pathetic.

No. 254557

>Why is she making such a huge drama out of this and drawing attention to it when she could have ignored it?
Because she's loving this. She craves drama and victimhood for the attention and sympathy it gets her, she's so fucking transparent. Also, unrel but big agree on the tinfoil going around that it's one of her IRL skinwalkers that contacted the drag gig people and Steve's job that we didn't even know he had. Maybe cousin-chan's revenge for the dress? kek

No. 254558

This is so typical of Jill, she bullies others then plays uwu soft baby after the fact. You get what you dish out Jillybean, it’s karma. Stop bullying people on Jerricks Twitter then posting a bunch of uwu I’m a pure autistic empath who never hurt anyone ever trash on your brand account immediately after. There is a reason she can’t keep friends and it’s like people say, if everyone else is always the problem then maybe you are the problem.

No. 254560

Boo fucking hoo you drama hungry bully.

No. 254561

That’s literally impossible to believe Jill, because YOU put yourself out there on the internet on YouTube. YOU are active on twitter. YOU are making TikTok’s. If YOU want to be left alone, you wouldn’t be posting. Even if you didn’t get off the internet completely, you wouldn’t be posting. But you don’t want to be left alone, you just don’t want any negative reactions. And when you get them, you want to be the victim.
No one is stalking you. No one is trying to ruin your life. You’ve done that yourself by being a liar and trying to gain clout by claiming a disorder that you do not have.

No. 254565

In my average home

No. 254567

As always, actions speak louder than words. She doesn't want to actually be left alone. She knows for a fact she does not view the internet as a place to escape. She can clearly be left alone by not making videos, editing them for hours, and uploading them with a simple click of a button. She's putting so much effort into this.

No. 254568

>inb4 she posts a few tiktoks with black and white filter and edgy MCR music

No. 254569

you very well could just vent to an irl friend or family member or even a private twt account, yet here you are publicly airing out your problems in front of everyone again, for attention? sympathy? more people to be on your side when there's so much evidence against you?

you're digging yourself deeper into a hole that you claim to so desperately want out of and i do not feel sorry for you

No. 254575

Remember when she said she has nightmares about waking up to find herself cancelled on Twitter? It really is the worst thing she can imagine happening to herself.

No. 254576

You guys are idiots

No. 254577

File: 1664985303544.jpg (112.97 KB, 696x1146, Screenshot_20221005-085212_Chr…)

No. 254580

Her Veronica says otherwise, especially since it's monetized. Can't have it both ways, Jillian.
Then cut the crap, get off the internet, and work on yourself. No one is forcing you to use social media platforms. These are public online spaces not your diary. Being a public figure means dealing with criticism and not 24 hour asspats for just existing.

No. 254582

Better than losing your livelihood, unable to access your bank account and can’t get a lawyer to defend yourself.

No. 254584

No you don't. You want to make weed money from YouTube by sitting on your ass and doing absolutely nothing but film mind-numbing DID trauma videos nobody watches. You don't care about putting in the work to do anything meaningful or creative. All you do is cry about being the victim while you'd interjected yourself in situations you had no business in being in to get attention and ass pats.

No. 254586

File: 1664987911918.png (2.35 MB, 1275x1544, 7DC7352F-B2FD-46B5-B3F9-554D96…)

Can we get a redraw of this?

No. 254590

Guess her little dms didn't pan out the way she wanted. I hope they get included in the video!

No. 254596

I gotta say, the only reason someone would want to be diagnosed this bad is because they want to hand wave responsibility away and blame it on something.

Or she wants extra immunity and brownie points in the extremely PC liberal mental health online space.

Like how does it really change her life to be diagnosed? Does she need medication? Even if I suspected I was autistic, and it wasn't debilitating, I wouldn't need to shell out thousands of dollars for someone to go, "Yep. Autistic. Keep doing whatever you were doing."

No. 254597

"I'm unsafe, but I love money and attention so much that I'm gonna keep posting."

No. 254598

she wants to pay to be able to post the piece of paper online and have an out for if she says something wrong like you said

if you're in school having a diagnosis is good for legal reasons, and probably the same with some work places, but obviously jill doesn't have to worry about that.
there's literally no other use for an autism diagnosis. as long as you are "high functioning"' literally no one asks or cares even if they do notice something being a little "off" (including normal doctors and shit)

No. 254600

I imagine the DMs went something like

Van: "Anything you want to refute"

Jill: "Pwease don't be mean, you are being very ableist right now"

Van: "So nothing to refute?"

Jill: "How dare you– I am baby uwu, so mean"

No. 254601

Didn't she herself say everyone with an online presence gets posted on gossip forums, and receives hate? Why would someone that wants to be left alone and is "actively unsafe" not just delete their social media and get a real job?

No. 254603

An official diagnosis is necessary to qualify for accommodations and legal protections in school or the workplace. Jill is self-employed and works from home so those don’t apply to her. You’re right, she just wants a piece of paper to wave around while crying that no one can criticise her.

No. 254604


She put all her eggs in this basket. She probably gave up a lot of real world opportunities for her internet fame. I imagine she's had to convince her family that this is the best thing she can do with her life, so going back on that would be a lot of shame in her interpersonal relationships.

And obviously, her fans blow so much smoke up her ass that it's worth all the hate from the dissenters. Until, of course, the dissenters affect the payroll.

No. 254607

Euw no we shouldn’t redraw anything from the scrote farms

No. 254608

They steal stuff from us all the time.

No. 254609

Like I’ve said before if Jill’s parents were on board with the LARP they would have paid to get Jill diagnosed for Autism. I find it hard to believe that her parents noticed any autism signs while Jill was growing up. My mom saw that shit when I was a toddler and took me in ASAP to get all the help I needed (I’m Canadian too and older than Jill).

No. 254610

Additionally, they would have paid for the DID-related stuff as well. Pretty telling that they didn't.

No. 254611

Additionally, pretty telling that they didn't just buy Jill a new car after crashing Stevie's car. I also wonder whatever happened to her old car? She said she junked it but it's interesting she never posted anything about it.

No. 254612

The DID diagnosis was around $1000 which would have been easy for Jill to pay off.

No. 254613

Correct me if I’m wrong here but weren’t the 1000$ for this brain scan thing she posted about? I don’t remember her naming the cost for the DID diagnosis. Doing a brain scan is important to tell if her described symptoms aren’t due to some brain damage/ tumor etc. so that’s what I thought it was for

No. 254614

Yeah it probably was tbh.

No. 254616

If she did an electroencephalography, hints for autism and adhd can be spotted on those tests, but she didn't post anything about that expensive brain scan she did.

No. 254617

Getting diagnosed with autism in adult hood actually causes more issues than fixes especially for women because it can actually affect what medical care you receive. Things like birth control and abortions can be affected if you're officially diagnosed with autism because a malicious doctor can easily say because of the disability she doesn't have the right headspace to make the decision. She's playing a really dangerous game trying to gather all of these diagnosis.
The brain scan wasn't a real thing it was something an anon made up. The 1000 dollars was for her DID. With most phycological tests for official diagnosis they just use word if mouth from the patient there's no testing for physical symptoms (the only exception is ADHD and autism since those have actual physical symptoms like audio processing issues).

No. 254622


Because Jill claiming to have DID implies she had childhood abuse or trauma.
That's implies that her parents failed her in some way. So it's a bad look for them.

No. 254623

I mean, let's not even mention the Veronica video where she says she had to become a "sexy plaything" in middle school, wtf.

No. 254632

And yet she questions why her parents won’t pay for her lifestyle anymore kek.

No. 254633

There were no brain scans done on her. Some anon said there should be and other nonnies got it all mixed up thinking she was getting one.
She just had a bunch of interviews and her Jed gave her the dumb quiz thingy.

No. 254646

I think >>254617 hits the nail on the head as to why Jill’s parents don’t really seem on board with this larp shit. Jill is an adult, getting a diagnoses poses more risk than reward at this juncture and I’ll bet her mom is very aware of that what with serenity Sam and being a woman. She doesn’t understand the reality of what she’s doing, she thinks online is the real world but in the real world people who black out and have seizures aren’t allowed to drive and women with diagnosed disorders are often abused by systems because there’s proof she’s crazy. That she’s chasing this so vehemently speaks volumes about her sheltered upbringing.

No. 254651

Simply, she wants attention. She wants to live life on "easy mode." Munchies are known for doing retarded stuff to be the center of attention. I doubt Jilly has Munchausen's herself, she doesn't want to get to the point of taking 17 pills at a time for a mystery illness so instead she just smokes weed as the cure-all, but she saw that corner of munchie internet and saw profit for her ego. As long as she believes she's the most interesting and the most unique person out there with the most amount of positivity surrounding her, she's good.

No. 254655

I think the best thing Jill could do for herself at this point is get a part time job. Just a few hours a day, she would have structure in her day, responsibilities outside of internet culture, social interaction outside of her bubble, and hopefully a supervisor/boss who would be a responsible role model in her life.
If she was able to do it and just not talk about it online she could have a source of income that wouldn’t rely on her making content around her mental health and could focus her YouTube around her passions. If she’s worried about “stalkers” just don’t share any details about it online

No. 254656

File: 1665001057450.jpeg (324.71 KB, 1242x829, F077625E-729F-44B4-94E9-1A8941…)

She should not be driving

No. 254658

My god she think it's so quirky that she cannot function because there's 15 people in her head and one of them is a child that tries to operate cars and ovens sometimes!!! What the fuck!!!

No. 254659

lol bring back the deer spergs we coped so hard saying it wasn't her fault but if she can't open a bottle of pills then damn guess I gotta eat my words

No. 254662

File: 1665002144365.jpg (93.81 KB, 576x574, 9ICymAI.jpg)

our jillybean is in the thumbnail of ablaze's latest tiktok did fakers video. i'm sure she'll love that

No. 254665

Man . . . this has all really backfired on her in a big way, eh?

No. 254666

She's just fine. This is all bullshit.

No. 254667

he’s calling her out on the cake post and how pleased she looks to be getting this horrible mental disorder.

No. 254669


No. 254670

lmao this is gold. and i thought I couldnt stand her when she was saying "cheeky" every 3rd word. seriously though, she honestly thought that after years of just being a normal person online, that she would be able to pull off a stunt like this? How does she think people wont clock this? Are her viewers THAT dumb, too though? like, you've always been "normal" girl, get over it lmao. Actually I remember her being, not really stuck up but also, I dont have another word for it.

No. 254671

not to wk but ablaze and his girlfriend talk about mental illness fakers all the time. he was bound to talk about jill eventually but i was hoping he would go more into it vs just barely touching on it.

No. 254672

This is amazing kek Jill, you wanted the attention, now you have it.
Her part starts around 5:41

No. 254673

Looks like he got all of his content from the subreddit for fake disorders. I've seen every clip he posted. And Pixie was posted twice on that sub in the last few weeks. One post being that cake.

No. 254677

good thing u screen grabbed, he changed the thumbnail. shes still in it tho

No. 254680

atleast this will give headway for others looking to call her out. jill should have stuck to what she knew. the first rule of clout chasing is not being controversial.

No. 254681

he probably saw Jill posted on Reddit, or at least this photo, thought it was good for the video and that’s it. Maybe he’ll go more depth in the future? Idk

No. 254686

He talks about that subreddit nearly every video, he says that's where he gets his content.

No. 254687

File: 1665005264801.png (251.21 KB, 594x703, firefox_2FYdiyNTGL.png)

No. 254688

Oh my b. I'm not a regular viewer.

My concern is that subreddit is going to get banned like so many others do. If it gets enough traction and people complain, it will get banned.

No. 254689

Let's be real, I imagine Trisha Paytas has been more unsafe than Jill has ever been.

Pretty sure Trisha was stalked on her own honeymoon.

No. 254691

File: 1665005687752.png (27.33 KB, 1279x271, firefox_8Wqe2uJjUS.png)

The cowtipping is everywhere

No. 254692

>"Not the gotcha,"
Verbiage Jill, watch your verbiage.

No. 254693

File: 1665005791781.png (137.28 KB, 1277x760, firefox_L80bNC2XW4.png)

Oh, jill's defenders also found the video

No. 254694

how is that cowtipping?

No. 254695

File: 1665005894360.jpg (70.76 KB, 720x516, Screenshot_20221005-143627_Chr…)

No. 254696

File: 1665005908485.png (2.16 MB, 1275x1544, Untitled135_20221005183736.png)

No. 254697

I meant the post I was responding to. I don't mind Jill getting called out, but people are kind of obviously referencing these threads.

No. 254698

File: 1665005991035.jpg (104.89 KB, 720x1084, Screenshot_20221005-143636_Chr…)

No. 254700

This gives me an idea…

No. 254703

Clinical psychologists in America can absolutely diagnose as well? They just can't prescribe. Hell even MSWs can diagnose.

No. 254707

This has to be the mute little alter because this is brazenly retarded and unfunny.

No. 254711

I just don't get why she goes on and on about being cyberbullied and won't stop responding and then posting about boobs or whatever. She's so seriously addicted to social media

No. 254712

it's not cowtipping at this point, jill called us out. to me, cowtipping is more intentionally baiting cows to come here to sperg out. the meaning has gotten lost over the years and lolcow is less obscure now. not every reference to lolcow is cowtipping.

No. 254727

This, Jillian talked about the website and bringed her own followers and viewers here, it's not cowtipping at this point, they're literally checking this website out by themselves because of Jillian herself mentioning it so of course they're going to have a couple things to say.

No. 254728

She's not going to think this larp is cute when it gets her license taken away.

No. 254729

>I get the cake
But Jillian's diagnostic impression took less than a year

No. 254730

And so the downfall begins.

No. 254733

File: 1665013109718.jpg (176.78 KB, 718x1275, Screenshot_20221005-163432_Chr…)

No. 254734

File: 1665013204900.webm (1.29 MB, 576x1024, 36432269868.webm)

No. 254735

The lack of self awareness is astounding

No. 254736

Why is making this out to be cute and quirky? If this was true, she'd need to be around either family or a care taker. She wouldn't have independence with something serious.

No. 254738

This is not stimming, putting an object against the sky is normal and not stimming.

The person faking ADHD in this video really got to me. I have it and it's not cute, it's fucking horrible. I hate all fakers including Jillian. I want this fucking trend to die.

No. 254739

That's all stuff she has done herself… lmao

No. 254740

saying neurodivergent people experience trauma differently and then saying a disorder specifically caused by trauma is being neurodivergent. What?

No. 254743

me too! why do people think adhd is like that? it's so embarrassing and offensive.

No. 254751

"Most embarrassing behavior" is a lolcow dogwhistle kek.

No. 254753

"Most embarrassing behavior" is a lolcow/cgl meme that no normie would use by accident

No. 254754


People like her ass and the autism fakers deserve their asses called out. Stop bastardizing us
>>254656 You know whats interesting, I checked out that one diaper DID chick that was posted a few threads ago, watching a few videos shes directly stated she doesn't drive anymore due to how dangerous it is with child alters and can't even go alone in public. Says a lot Jill following her and not even taking that basic note (oh wait- she doesn't have all the tewwible symptoms! all of its magical! -insert a million emojis-)

No. 254755

Well this was a very sad and underwhelming attempt at getting more views. I wonder how long she’s gonna keep the DID thing up now it’s pretty clear it didn’t work out.

No. 254757

Honestly, TikTok needs to just ban mental health content unless they can vet it as being from an expert. The fact that it gets a lot of views just encourages people to lie and fake disorders that are incredibly difficult and detrimental to the people that actually have them.
Jill is just a nasty clout chaser who couldn’t hack it as a fashion designer and instead of getting a regular job or finding another passion decided to pretend to have a terrible mental illness. I don’t know why her parents went along with it for over a year or if they actually believed it until she was home for a bit and spent 16 hours a day smoking weed and realized she’s full of shit. If they were smart they’d tell her to drop the act and get a job or be institutionalized. I’m willing to bet she’d drop the act fast if there were some real consequences.

No. 254761

does this not also apply to her beloved keffals? or did she renounce that

No. 254765

She probably saw how her parents dealt with Sam and probably doesn’t want the same for Jill. I mean smart move by letting them hit rock bottom because nothing will wake up addicts.

No. 254767


OK but like . . . Sam is literally living her best life? She has an extremely ideal and enviable life and that women seems to be completely fulfilled and happy. She also seems to have a great work ethic and doesn't appear to let anything affect her self expression and fulfillment. I completely unironically love Sam. That's the kind of person I'd like to be.

No. 254770

>she doesn't understand the reality of what she's doing

This the one thing I'll never let go of when it comes to Jill. She is too dumb, too sheltered, too naive to understand exactly what it is she's doing to herself. She really doesn't understand just how much she has fucked up here. She doesn't understand just what kind of implications and insinuations she is publicly making upon her own family, most of all. That alone is how I know she is a true blue DID faker and just a BPD lunatic out of control. She does not understand what she's implying by faking all of this, and it's so fucking bad.

No. 254771

Sam is amazing now but apparently she used to be hard into drugs. Not sure what drugs but it’s part of her backstory.

No. 254801

I'm going to disagree with both of you on Jill doesn't understand the reality and raise you this point: she knows what she is doing because of her lies. She's purposely misconstruing DiD to her parents because she's banking on that they won't research the subject and just take her word as gospel. She consumes a lot of social media talking about mental illnesses. A lot of those will tell you how to make your larp look more authentic without specifically saying this. Look how she tries to manipulate her audience and use them as a mob she can sick on anyone she doesn't like. She's losing the narrative which is why her behavior is becoming more erratic. She's desperate because she sunk a lot into these larps and this can damage her reputation/credibility big time. She can't blame anyone but herself and that is driving her insane.

No. 254817

File: 1665022787374.png (38.17 KB, 760x456, 2877FE14-D4BD-47E4-8B43-853F7F…)

What I find to be interesting is after researching it a bit more I actually notice the faces I posted looking more similar after all.
These faces is the result from an article I found.

No. 254824

It's known mostly in Lolita circles, not everyone who uses lolcow likes Lolita fashion.

No. 254825

File: 1665023721397.jpg (113.62 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_20221005-193328.jpg)

No. 254827

File: 1665023895262.png (34.92 KB, 685x444, jesus jer.PNG)

Believe what you want but I'll be running through Jill's Pixielocks tweets soon enough. Here's the results after I merged the texts into text only without double spaces. These are the same as earlier so Jerrica/Jesus. If you want to read more about it here's the thread where the same program was used for May/Ethan Ralph.

No. 254829


>actively unsafe

Jill, you live in a townhouse in a nice part of Canada with your boyfriend. You're not a child living with abusive parents or a victim of sex trafficking stuck with a pimp

No. 254831


Sam made it to the other side but a lot of addicts aren't that lucky. I imagine all of this is traumatic for Louise to be watching. Weed is fine in moderation but Jill is definitely the immature type who will either move on to harder drugs or end up mentally stuck as an early 20s do nothing. She definitely crashed and can't open pill bottles because she's smoking too much.

No. 254834


Samefag, but these tweets almost make me feel bad for Stevie

>Stebie open my meddy bockle, my little later came out and I can't do it! Clean up the kitchen, I made a messy wessy! I'm busy make tiky tokys of my stimmy wimmys!!!

No. 254835

lol yup my cousin is living on a mattress because she's losing the battle to meth. The only way to get them to hopefully recover is to take away their resources and let them hit rock bottom. Addicts won't always see this as a wakeup call though.

No. 254837

No it is not

No. 254881

I did and scrapped it because someone said the feet belong to a troon. Jill’s floors look like real wood anyways.

No. 254884

Hold on lemme get on the pc because I had a few comparison photos to go by

No. 254889

File: 1665028338195.png (1.82 MB, 2318x800, feet.png)

I made comparisons and gathered SOME feet pics of Jill. I did not want to look it up but I had to because they looked familiar.

No. 254890

we, uh … we're really about to have a Feet Discussion huh.

No. 254899

File: 1665029347457.png (504.94 KB, 712x568, haha.png)

I've also been looking for a high res version of her flooring.
You know what I find funny? You type exactly like Jill and you bet I've capped your comments and will be using them later.

No. 254900

At least some of us are actually smart enough to do the investigation, unlike you who somehow thinks you're playing 4D chess or some shit by posting low tier bait on here

No. 254902

…why don't you analyze the handwriting on the feet to Jill's handwriting instead of trying to compare feet

No. 254903

I see your point but it's easy to write in a font different from your usual while you can't exactly change your feet (unless photoshop is invoked ofc)

No. 254904

I have but all of her examples are cursive (for the aesthetic). She either had steebie write it or this is what her actual handwriting looks like. I feel like this is Jill's foot because she's always hid the tips of her toes. Every photo/video has her toes censored in some way.

No. 254905

Samefag *involved not invoked kek sorry

No. 254908

Jill I mean Jesus even deflects the same way.
Schizo theory:
This is going to be Jill's new alter. She's going to say "waaah I don't remember posting there it's muh DID"

No. 254910

File: 1665030557584.jpeg (376.62 KB, 1169x1953, 181D170B-EA9A-40D9-9443-402951…)

No. 254911

I think the feet comparison pics triggered her because her latest Jesus comments read more like Jill's tweets than past ones.

No. 254912

File: 1665030684266.jpeg (563.74 KB, 1150x1380, E7149112-B93F-4212-B5B5-A871A8…)

No. 254916

This is what happens when a fake autist goes up against real autists. If Kiwifarms cared they would have ran laps around her. Just shows that Jill knew what happened to CSA and used a VPN. But even a VPN couldn’t keep her safe.

No. 254917

>Dog whistle and kek in the same sentence
Get out

No. 254924

File: 1665033947155.jpeg (21.51 KB, 335x272, D5C010BD-69F4-42F3-9C4B-DDCAC5…)

The J’s line up. Nonnies you do the rest I’m going to bed.

No. 254928

Even if foot-chan isn't Jill this has all been very fun and I'm excited to see what the results end up being regardless of what the conclusion is

No. 254930

imagine accidentally outing yourself by posting a foot pic to tease the thread lmao

No. 254931

The shirt in the photo. If anyone has seen one like it on “Jerrica” post comparisons.

No. 254933

File: 1665034811827.png (1.04 MB, 1366x768, uh oh.png)

So it looks like she mostly writes in cursive but maybe one of you schitzo nonies can see if there's still some matches between the cursive and the print lettering

No. 254935

I thought it couldn't possibly be her but the level of wheezing fat kid stupidity and Penguin of Doom "wit" does match up. If true worst cringe since Canyon. (Don't even remember the name of his girlfriend whose thread it actually was)

No. 254936

File: 1665035329464.jpeg (187.41 KB, 750x1334, F23EE1F4-1621-4B65-9FFA-FCA11A…)

We also need to take into consideration that Jesus censored their own toes. Something Jill has been really vigilant about recently on social media.

No. 254937

the fact that this translates perfectly into English with google translate is proof this person is not a native Russian speaker.

No. 254941

File: 1665035923373.png (40.46 KB, 518x784, 40C97E2F-FFF1-43D3-89A3-125BDA…)

Better to have proof than to not check at all.
She fell for the bait! What a dumb bitch lmao.

No. 254944

I can just imagine her going on a rant that it was Veronica or Jax who was aggressively reading here, not poor Jilly!

No. 254948

File: 1665036717852.png (2.3 MB, 1275x1544, PICKSIELOX.png)

Pardon the autism ladies

No. 254951

File: 1665036831800.jpeg (171.38 KB, 1147x1169, 285E399D-2692-43FF-960E-99DABB…)

She can censor the toes now but Pepperidge farm remembers

No. 254954

I'd hate to shit on your theorizing but the floor (to me) from the schizo twitterfag looks more dark brown, has more grains, and looks like imitation wood where as the wood pictured in Jill's kitchen and livingroom looks like real laminated wood of a lighter shade. Also, the schizo's foot has a weird gap between the big toe and second toe, whereas with Jill's feet I see none of the sort. Swear I'm not trying to discredit because of ulterior WK motives, just pointing out what I see.

No. 254956

That’s a different location, nonnie. The wood from the original Jesus footpost matched her current living room floor.

No. 254957

Reaching but could it be steebie’s foot that Jill wrote on?

No. 254960

It doesn't look like the same feet. Look at the steep slant at the base of jill's toes in comparison to jesus's

No. 254963

I don't see how putting weight on your foot could literally change the appearance of where your toes start , like wtf nonna

No. 254964

File: 1665038477905.png (1.69 MB, 1534x758, Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 2.37…)

Sagerina for autism but these do not look the same. Even if she were to put weigh on that foot how does that change the shape of her foot so drastically?

No. 254965

my sister in christ what’s going on why in the hell are we analyzing jillian’s feet. I’m going to sleep…. maybe i’m sleepwalking rn wth

No. 254966

No offense nonnitas, but the whole foot saga is stupid considering
1. We've just been spammed by the kiwifarms pedo in the recent days
2. Jillian's private twitter friends are just like her and defensive so it could be a rando we don't even know who just found the site over Jill and decided to troll

No. 254968

The point is it's a troll, the feet don't match, people need to stop sperging about it

No. 254969

File: 1665039323370.jpeg (200.28 KB, 1226x903, 715C756F-62B7-4AFA-8DDC-5DA678…)

Several minutes of my life I won’t get back trying to find a barefoot Steven but I am curious. The handwriting is just a little too close!

No. 254970

those are the hooves of an autistic man on the verge of trooning out. God pls let it happen, i request more milk.

No. 254971

I agree the wood looks different to me but it's also possible she took this Jesus foot photo in a room we haven't seen or a friends house

No. 254973

His pants are filthy ewwww nasty moid

No. 254974

File: 1665040086769.png (176.25 KB, 1024x1024, navi_1705.png)

joining in on the feet detective discourse but I think the handwriting looks v similar to Steebie's in the gift tag.

No. 254978

His troon ass fucking would try and dismantle the thread with his Jesus-sona. Should have raised a red flag with the copy and paste Google translate Russian and his retarded gingerbread communism house from the holidays

No. 254980


I know other Nonnas have said this, but the way Stebie immediately jumped on the DID train is fucking weird. I wonder if jill would have tried to go for a DID dia