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File: 1680297980790.png (789.51 KB, 1080x837, 1679855074403.png)

No. 289660

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for.
She happily accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression (NOT a real diagnosis!) with a "coming out as DID" celebratory cake, but struggled to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of severe mental illness in the forms of ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
>is still extremely thin-skinned; has history of deleting comments critical to her and has preached getting along with people while also blasting critics and concern in a very rude and passive-aggressive manner; has gotten into pissfights online as of late with users that have spoken out of concern for her or wanting to help or talk in some degree
>her sexuality has been a sliding scale, from pansexual to queer to lesbian to back to currently pansexual (and nonbinary due to alters); current partner is Steven Clarke, who has enabled her delusions and has racked up his own questionable reputation; has a long history of drama with relationships, claiming abuse to some degree in most of them
>formerly had a fashion brand called Five Petal Flower before graduating from her college fashion class, but seems to be no longer active if not just slowly dying; has also gotten into drag with a persona known as Villany Swells; has cancelled two drag gigs so far and claims an online person is stalking her due to a publically-filmed video of a drag show being linked in a previous
>has a shaky history of substance misuse regarding her meds; now takes in various degrees of alcohol and weed leading to possible clashes in medication or mental/physical state


>Jillian: Actual person, but calls herself an alter for the heck of it. Hates being called “Jilly”. Says she can't hear her "brain folk" when she's experiencing trauma, Jillian is the only one who fronts in those situations, defeating the whole purpose of having alters and having DID.

>Jerrick: 13-16 year old emo guy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits. Signs off with a snake emoji.
>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, calls herself a lesbian (even though she’s dating a man), she is a “protector of sexual trauma”, says she had to become a fuckable bimbo because she was “raped for months”. Signs off with a flame emoji.
>Berry (Nicknamed “Babby Smalls”): Talks and acts like a baby. Proof that Jillian is into age regression. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had its name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Signs off with a strawberry.
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" A mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes. The emoji is a club.
>Flora: A “fragment” slowly morphing into a real alter, and a carbon copy of cure flora / other positive precure characters. She is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Jax: 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching arcane while having major trauma. Jillian called her “hypersexual”. Signs with a test tube emoji.
>sandwich emoji: Cat alter, represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Sneakingly revealed in a vlog. Jillian has bracelets and necklaces with the names of her alters, and this name appeared alongside them in a row of alter names. Note that Jillian’s second name is actually Amanda. Turned out to be the other “far away” age regression alter that uses the piano emoji.

Latest milk:
There's a lot going on with her friend Sof turning out to be a farmer and posting Jillian on the thread, and also Jillian harassing an entire hospital institution, things are moving fast. If some nonny wants to write the last thread stamps please do so, it will be greatly appreciated.

No. 289662

File: 1680298041932.jpg (24.42 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/villainyswells/ (used to be @pixieespam)
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 (“Veronica” alter): https://twitter.com/xcherrybombica
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

Previous threads:

Latest thread: >>>/w/285667

No. 289663

File: 1680298240440.jpeg (170.83 KB, 1125x1048, 8497BC91-F3F3-4A53-AB65-661C47…)

Thanks for the new thread!

From the last thread, the mere concept of not having access in any way to your own medical file in the apparently 3rd world country of Canada is sending me.

No. 289668

Thanks for the thread nonna

No. 289672

It should be pretty easy for her to get her files? I’m not sure how the legal/medical system works here but I’m Canadian and was able to get all my old therapy/psych files a few years ago. It was just a simple request… shouldn’t be that difficult for her to do either. I’m not sure where the impression it would be difficult came from.

No. 289674

File: 1680304126760.jpeg (51.29 KB, 828x534, 9EEDBA8B-EC5A-4466-9634-E32D3A…)

Autism larp going strong

Also it’s just a lie that she doesn’t have physical proof, she’s shown her diagnostic impression paper on video. Anyway doesn’t she already have a therapist? There’s zero reason for her to keep going on about how worried she is other therapists have bias against her now. That’s not the reason she wants a response from dr robinson, she just wants it to feel superior.

No. 289678

File: 1680304724019.png (775.11 KB, 720x5256, DID.png)

No. 289679

File: 1680304828939.png (1.84 MB, 720x4265, Misc.png)

No. 289683

File: 1680306607438.png (143.17 KB, 902x559, 1637525920828.png)

It should not be my job to un-do the bias that was created! She always tells on herself when cornered. Yeah funny how she can show it on camera but sending it to the hospital and showing it online is a big invasion of privacy despite supposedly showing it already.
>Anyway doesn’t she already have a therapist?
Nope. Angel baby therapist ran for the hills and Jilly decided to stop shopping for another one. Weed is her therapist now.

No. 289685

No. 289686

She can make everyone stop doubting her if she just shows her official diagnosis. She already shows the diagnostic impression so what’s the harm?

But even if she doesn’t, just being generous because I know she doesn’t really care about privacy, why would she be so concerned about healthcare professionals not believing her if it’s on her file anyway? Does she think you have to go through the diagnostic process every time you change doctors and not know that the info is on her file? Does she think that doctors wouldn’t respect and consider what other doctors have diagnosed her with? So if she has a diagnosis, who cares if another doctor insinuated she was malingering? She should be confident in the fact that she already has a diagnosis right?

Even if she went to another therapist or psychologist who could not access the files nothing is stopping her from signing off on that or just getting them herself and presenting them, if they exist. But we all know there is no DID diagnosis. The video was up for less than a day and didn’t even mention her by name, just shows a video she put up herself. SHE is the one who made the DID cake video. If anything, it’s her fault if people think she’s malingering.

No. 289688

File: 1680308037407.png (653.23 KB, 720x6047, Screenshot_Brave.png)

Apparently going to wear her binder very briefly because she rather die than to be seen without it again. So incoming tiktok probably of the hospital.

No. 289689

File: 1680308215536.png (395.71 KB, 720x3527, Screenshot_Brave2.png)

Firgot to mention in previous one Jill thinks undiagnosed and unsupported/undersupported autism can cause DID.

No. 289690

Undiagnosed autism causes DID? They are fully just making things up on the fly.

No. 289692

An "undiagnosed autism causes DID" theory is the perfect way for her to walk back this DID phase without taking accountability for the lies. If she can get an autism diagnosis, she will admit she is not actually other people, but her autism made her believe it. So she will still be an innocent victim.

No. 289693

Sorry but exactly what support did she not get? She was doted on her whole life, not abused. Other people I know who were late diagnosed got the shit kicked out of them daily, told by their parents they should die etc. What happened to her that was so much worse than ”other” undiagnosed autistics that she developed a disorder only previously seen in people who were severe childhood sexual and physical abuse survivors? I swear she just talks out of her ass, sheltered privileged prick living the princess life. Acts exactly like every other over spoiled theatrical cluster B who knows drama is the key to the world. She sees autism as a big golden ticket to getting out of blame. It doesn’t line up with her behavior AT ALL except for quirky tiktok shit like liking to collect plastic crap.

No. 289694

File: 1680310360544.png (52.22 KB, 557x560, SOF.png)

She was liking Sof's tweets earlier today.

No. 289697

honestly her thinking this just goes to show how little she actually knows about mental healthcare. she's all talk.

No. 289701

File: 1680312651295.jpg (469.46 KB, 2160x3840, 20230331_182040.jpg)

People are still being relentless.

No. 289708

So basically, diagnosis works THE EXACT SAME WAY as it does in America, where your insurance keeps that information, right? Maybe they don't have insurance in Canada idk but I think it would similarly be on file.

not to blogpost, but for me it's listed on my pharmacy and doctor login, and if she ever wanted to like 'prove' she has did it would take two seconds to pull that up and screenshot. But I don't think it would even work with her BECAUSE if she is not receiving medication for it, it may not even have a record. I think it would be similarly important in both countries due to both the insurance and the government needing to cover things that are 'medically necessary'.

The only thing that new doctors would need from a client to sort of confirm diagnosis is a letter of consent to disclose or w/e it's called and that's it. But Jill, motormouth she is, has not spoken about seeing a psychiatrist in a LONG time. If she sees one at all, I don't know why they would keep giving her the same meds all this time when she has shown 0 improvement. Her life is sooo horrible but she's not getting treatment? She has 'days long' panic attacks even though most people diagnosed with anxiety or similar have medication to stop panic attacks or significantly shorten them? I'm lost here.

No. 289716

It doesn’t work like the US, she would need to get her medical file and scan it to be able to share her diagnoses. Her pharmacy can provide a list of medications, but it won’t say why they were prescribed.

No. 289717

The thing these idiots don't understand is that feeling doesn't mean much. If you "feel" like you're two people… maybe you're just two-faced or have different personas for different situations. It's not an abnormal thing, but because these people want to feel special they make normal sane experiences seem strange and foreign. What this Heather person describes is literally just being in different moods… In the first tweet, I think Oriiion claims that the autistic mask constitutes a separate person from the autist behind closed doors. This is an stupid idea and by that logic so many autistic people would "have" "DID." It's so cringey seeing autism larpers do anything because they fundamentally don't understand the autistic experience instead peddling weird shit like all this. Then, Oriiion has a hard time dealing with internalized homophobia around meeting new people and instead opts to blame it on "DID." All these larper people are so blind and ignorant it's baffling and funny to laugh at.

No. 289721

File: 1680317473905.png (953.02 KB, 720x1719, Screenshot_20230331_195044.png)

No. 289722

File: 1680317581427.webm (5.56 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 289732

>I can't seem to face up to the facts
you can say that again!

No. 289736

File: 1680319886051.png (5.13 MB, 1170x2532, 25C61148-BB01-44A2-8384-630BBB…)

God I knew she porked up in the last few months but she looks enormous

No. 289737

why do those musty looking dirty white socks have to be dead center in the clip

No. 289741

Canadian here, it’s a pain in the ass to request a medical file but it isn’t that hard to obtain, I once was given my file on accident and was able to read most of it for free. It shouldn’t cost much either, kek. I wonder why she’s so against it…

No. 289743

These socks are so gross and she's making us have to look at them. How unaware.

No. 289744

is this what passes as content these days? because if that makes money I too can roll on the floor kek

No. 289746

It makes absolutely no sense to me. Blog but when you look for a therapist you’re looking for one that fits your needs and what you need help with. If you’re struggling with xyz you find a therapist for that. You usually get a free 15 minute consultation to see if y’all are the right fit. Is that too stressful and scawwy for her to do? She switches to her 5 yo alter and cwies cuz being an adult is uwu difficult

No. 289748

All the weird grinning is so wrong for the tone of the song.

No. 289757

she can't speak french for shit, "ce qu'elle a dit ce soir là" isn't a question it doesn't make sense

No. 289758

Her lip syncing is so shit, so much for her sooper special drag career

No. 289764

Really nonny? All her trashfire of an existence and you pick this? Breathe fresh air.

No. 289777

I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I'm just continually so confused. Even if you believe DID exists in the way these tiktokers are presenting it (different personalities/characters that you swap in and out of with or without control), they have to realize that it's like… just fragmented parts of themselves, right? These personalities aren't real people, so why are they talking about "I share the body with other people"? Or are the alters like souls from other people??

Like I said this has probably been asked before and there's no point because they're all pretending anyway. But even when you take these kids at face value, it still doesn't make any sense.

No. 289778

How convenient that she is now uwu scared to get treatment. It seems like her fans are still under the impression she is getting treatment. This is just another excuse for her anti recovery and anti doing anything that takes effort set up that she likes. She just wants to have the illness and stew in it and whine. She has always been this way too like all these years she has never had treatment for her BPD she just let it run rampant because it hurts other people and who cares about them.

No. 289781

File: 1680359352440.png (302.64 KB, 854x477, clown.png)

blessed be the nonnie who made this gorgeous new thread !
have you guys seen this outrageous shit ? she says she has "already addressed this criticism in a previous video" like a harvard fucking professor should take her opinions into account like she's not a fat loser who's not achieved a thing in any field of knowledge… she talks about it like she's written a paper and he quoted her wrong, who the fuck does she think she is ? why would a doctor making a presentation waste his time looking for serious information and facts in her clown show videos. she didn't understand he was taking her as an example of a factitious liar and not a source, as a piece of info/data and not as a respected peer. the entitlement and arrogance blow me away, jill is WAY more delusional and narcissistic than i thought and the secondhand embarrassment kills me omg

No. 289787

Yeah she’s a complete liar and right before the whole “UN-SCIEN-TIFIC” thing she flat out lies saying that her DID diagnosis was so she could access proper care. What care?! Her therapist had no real knowledge of DID or experience with it and he quit shortly after and ever since she’s been languishing in her townhouse with no therapy or treatment whatsoever, saying weed is her medication still. It’s a complete lie for her to say that she’s accessing better treatment from it and we all know she shunned other professionals like the plague because after her big public DID announcement her worst nightmare was for everyone else to tell her she was misdiagnosed. Now her fear has come true and she wants an excuse to never see another mental health professional because the last thing she wants is to be diagnosed correctly and have to walk back her super publicized DID performances. She’s dug herself into a hole where she has to stick to this story forever now, AND she wants it. The last thing she wants is to heal and get better and become a normal functional adult who works every day sewing and doing real labor for her clothing company.

No. 289789

Thanks for the new thread, anon. I'm still catching up but wanted to mention that in the last thread there's a long screenshot of cow crossovers because QCKND is an obnoxious self obsessed cow herself, and The Redwoods is a DID troon who was in Anthony Padillas DID video with dissociadid. God this is bringing so many psychos out of the woodwork and imo it's by far the most prolific Jill has ever been. Watching her seethe like this in real time is incredible but it's also a peak example of prime BPD while she blames it on everything else. She's unhinged and it just gets worse and worse

No. 289790

We have already discussed this but I will add, it may not surprise you but almost all of the people being called out feel like the doctor “should have done more research” as if he is not well equipped already. Then when pressed, they mean that he should have watched the rest of their videos to see how real they are before slandering them or whatever. They are so deluded that they think the only way someone would think they were fake is if they didn’t watch all of their other fake videos.

The Capella university doctor actually told him via comment that he should pick up her book and attend her workshop to be more informed about the issue. They really think they are the experts even when faced with an actual expert.

No. 289794

Apologies for vent, but her "response" video has turned me from a casual lolcow watcher to a full-on alog.
I'd been giving Jill some benefit of the doubt, probably way too much. I smoke weed too, and was once a teen who, under stress, thought I had multiple personalities, so I can see how she's getting there.

But the response video takes away any and all notion of reasonable doubt. Just seeing this smug bitch call a Harvard research "UN-SCI-EN-TIFIC". Bitch, I'm sorry, but what? This guy literally spends his life doing science and researching this shit, who the fuck are you?

the fucking audacity. She doesn't even CONSIDER that this expert might have something to say, that it might be something else other than true DID. Not even when the good doctor VERY CHARITABLY suggests people might not be aware that they are imitating. Any normal person would probably be happy to think that they don't actually have a super severe life-threatening disorder. They might, I don't know, look into it? Talk to some more experts? Try to figure out how to actually put their life back together? But not Jill. The audacity of the lies coming out of this bitch's mouth in that whole video. The best was when she self-diagnoses herself with autism and then immediately uses it as an excuse for her behavior. You know, in the video where she's addressing criticism of people using DID as an excuse for their behavior.

She just blatantly lies throughout the video. She does NOT have money problems preventing her from an autism diagnosis. She didn't just "eat a cake" for "Friends and family". She didn't get a diagnosis to receive "care" or whatever she's saying. She doesn't even go to a fucking therapist anymore or take medication for it! Really fucking serious diagnosis, I bet cancer patients wish they could just ignore doctors and not take their meds but they can't because they have REAL FUCKING PROBLEMS YOU CUNT. This fucking bitch twisting this shit all around and lying out of her ass. I can't with her anymore. I hope this this CSA-faking cunt continues to flail like a retard as all her friends convert to cowwatchers and she loses relevancy inversely proportional to the weight she gains. I almost want to do a point-by-point take refuting her lies in this video but I think ABLAZE already nailed it, which was beautiful considering he doesn't really follow us like her and doesn't even know the full extent she's lying, but he's still able to sus out all the bullshit.

No. 289796

Oh and my other favorite part is when she wails it was DANGEROUS for her to not have a diagnosis. Dangerous? Bitch, how? Dangerous because Stevie and your friends might ditch your ass after another a BPD episode, and this excuse conveniently mitigates that?

Dangerous because you black out and switch while driving, or out and about, or doing some hazardous activity? OH WAIT, YOU DON'T HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH DRIVING OR GOING OUT OR ANY OTHER STUFF YOU REALLY WANT TO DO!!! This fucking bitch I swear to fucking god. She has no idea what "danger" even IS. Fuck this malingering cunt, I hope she gets cancer.

No. 289797

lol look at her legs in the background
Did she think this was cool?

No. 289799

File: 1680364976261.jpeg (160.13 KB, 1170x1679, 5AAF2886-B999-4800-8733-571B3E…)

Dunno what this is about but uhhh yeah

No. 289802

you guys did, sorry i was late about that. i'm just so astounded by the absolute hubris of this useless neon do-nothing
absolutely, he's quite respectful and mild about the attention-seeking fakers and even makes a point to distinguish them from malingerers looking for money, even though mental illness influencers absolutely can make money from SM.
good on her, she lost weight

No. 289804

April's fool

No. 289822

lmao, she considered losing her checkmark to make this her April fool's joke?

No. 289823

I thought historically a lot of people with supposed DID weren’t even really aware of their alters. Like the knowledge of them came after years of things being off or other people taking notice. But somehow every tiktok DID influencer knows everything about each alter and can communicate with all of them at any given time.

No. 289828

File: 1680370864077.jpg (128.13 KB, 1504x1374, EA2C0C24-6B67-428E-BF78-188D85…)

My tinfoil theory is that Jill pretends to have these neurological disorders so she can slip away from doing any work/studying which I assume Louise and her father (the actual money haver here, let's be honest. Louise's career wouldn't pay for all the luxuries Jillian has) would want her to. Seems too obvious to be true but I think that's the reality of Jillian's life: pretending to be too sick to work so her daddy can keep paying for her luxurious NEET lifestyle.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 289829

this is correct, "co-fronting" didn't originally refer to "omg kylo ren and draco are both helping me pick out what to wear!" but being conscious of other alters. i don't even think true did really exists but all the more legit, medically documented cases present as someone with amnesia about what they were doing, not someone coming in with a fully laid out cast of characters.

No. 289832

This is why I don't alog at what's happening. She's a failure to launch. When things aren't offered to her or handed with no effort on her part, she's done with it. We are deep into deflection.

No. 289833

I thought she was too autistic for jokes since she allegedly doesn’t understand idioms.

No. 289840


is curefruits that stalker ichigo person ? Did they change their user?

No. 289844

it's a lyric from the song she's lip-syncing, psycho killer by the talking heads

speaking of this video, I just realized this is the first time we've seen jax in a while (im assuming its her because of the hairstyle)

No. 289847

“Psycho killer” Jillybean lol. Her friends should run while they can.

No. 289848

love love love how she can't eat for days, but the food she actually mentions is a fastfood sandwich (peep the eggs, cheese and bacon emojies, of course it's not veggies) and a sprinkle-covered donut.
keep larping anorexia, fatso.

No. 289850

File: 1680378115456.jpeg (240.46 KB, 828x1883, A93376A2-16E8-4CCC-BE59-B7240F…)

How are they still raging about this?? Imagine having a patient like this that looks at your 12+ years of schooling and training, your lifelong dedication to helping others, and says “you’re just in it to feel powerful”

No. 289856

>they have the idea drilled into them that they know what's best
yeah it's called "years spent on an actual education and research you have abolutely zero idea about and refuse to even google"

No. 289857

Hate Jill but this got a genuine chuckle out of me. Maybe she should rebrand as a literal clown and start up a puppet show.

No. 289860

If these mfs did their research they’ll be using terms as epistemic injustice or hermeneutical injustice but since that’s not on TikTok they wouldn’t know.

No. 289881

File: 1680387956435.png (893.6 KB, 1190x1074, Screen Shot 2023-04-01 at 6.25…)

Love this new thing she does where she takes old selfies and labels them with different alters. It's a whole new level of deranged.

No. 289882

File: 1680388175705.png (958.93 KB, 1220x1106, Screen Shot 2023-04-01 at 6.26…)

Part 2. Fucking kekking at the implication that at this time she already had her fucking precure alter approximately seven months after that particular series came out (based off of the blonde selfie on the left, posted sept. 2015)

No. 289883

God, I’ve been following Jill since the start and this DID shit is absolutely not the hill I expected her to die on. There were so many times she could have shifted gears and done something actually productive. it’s been such a strange trip.

No. 289884

File: 1680389252793.jpg (214.88 KB, 2048x1356, FsqBvtbWAAQK5J6.jpg)

This little walk down memory lane she posted is reminding me all about all the downright fugly styling choices she made over the years. The hair, the lipstick, the glitter, the jaundiced foundation, her iconic dead eyed expression, it's all so nostalgic. and awful.

No. 289888

to clear things up, to get a file transferred between clinics you just have to sign a consent form at the new dr's office for them to request the file be sent to them OR you go to the old clinic and sign for them to send it to the new clinic. it's really not complicated or hard to transfer files they do all the work for you. I'm sure if she wanted a personal copy she could request it, or at least request parts of it.

No. 289889

broke: it’s not a phase, mom!
woke: it was just a disassociated identity fronting

No. 289898

File: 1680393010908.png (1.52 MB, 720x5229, Afd.png)

No. 289900

I hope all this DID drama doesn't scare Berry away. I was really looking forward to that alter drop video.

No. 289905

kek she's using her "alters" as a way to justify her hopping on whatever was the trend of the season

No. 289907

How does a 'system' integrate against their will? Makes zero sense if you use actual logic for five seconds. When left handedness and homosexuality were stigmatized, people didn't actually convert, they just did things in secret or still had thoughts. What, do they think you can brainwash someone into… what, thinking that they are one person because they are one person? Where even is their source for the integration being "against their will". Your imaginary friends disappear because therapy despite the fact that they apparently have no negative effect on your daily life?

I know some of these weirdos say that being a system and having DID is not the same thing, and I would be inclined to agree, because you can't have a disorder unless what you're dealing with affects your life negatively, but then what, they think systems are being misdiagnosed as having DID? I am so lost. Is it the same or is it not?

No. 289918

Didn't Flora form later in her lore…

No. 289920

I think it's confusing because they don't understand what they're saying either lmao. I've seen people say system/multiples is an umbrella term, under which someone could have DID but you don't need DID to be a system. What is the cause then?
> Literally whatever your special little mind wants it to be, because you're all valid and no one should question your multiplicity.

Not to derail but I tried looking into the Richard Kluft they mentioned in that tweet and from what I've read, they should be kissing his fucking feet. When people wanted to remove MPD from the next version of the DSM because it felt made-up, he was one of the big voices that said "well I've diagnosed people with it so it's real" and it stayed. Reading this interview, he was financially motivated to diagnose more people with MPD/DID to grow his business.

If any nonas are interested or know more, I found these pages by the Grey Faction that go into the ISSTDs history with falsely diagnosing DID. Interesting that this person brings up Kluft "integrating systems against their will" and not him making people falsely believe they have DID with coercive therapy.

No. 289931

Technically in her lore they all formed earlier, but she “found” them later. Just a way to be able to say “ruh roh that was Berry she’s just a baby” when she does something iffy even if it was years ago.

No. 289949

>Imagine having a patient like this that looks at your 12+ years of schooling and training, your lifelong dedication to helping others, and says “you’re just in it to feel powerful”
Projection at it's finest. This fucking creep is only larping DID so he can try to wield power over people as well as play out his creepy fantasies. I also feel the aggression towards Dr. Robinson is because he is a well respected man unlike this flabby failure. If you can only garner "respect" by resorting to having tantrums, threatening, baiting/suicide baiting, and silencing others then you really aren't a respectable person. This failed man knows deep inside no one, especially experts, believes his comical charade and it fuels his aggression.
>Treat us like people and we will consider treating you like an expert
Lol, why would Dr. Robinson or any of the other experts give a shit what you and your other mealy mouth dweebs think? Terminally online losers make me laugh. The world, surprisingly, does still spin without you. Once DID goes out of vogue, I wonder what these dweebs will latch onto?
My lord this is embarrassing. I am always astounded that Jill can feel no shame over doing the shit she does.
>Also wtf we have always dressed so differently
Kek imagine calling your stereotypical teenage years unique.

No. 289954

File: 1680414943394.jpg (46.02 KB, 720x532, Kek.jpg)

I love how this video was suppose to be with Jerricka but Jill opted out and used Jax instead. Jill couldn't squeeze herself in that binder anymore. You'd think the fact the sprinkles dress and binder not fitting would be a wake up call.

No. 289964

B-b-but nonna she does know best cuz it's HER brain! That's why people with brain tumors can just walk into the ER and tell the surgeons exactly what to do, duh!

Fr tho this fat cunt is even more delusional than Shatna

No. 289972

Do you think Jill would accept getting told she doesn't have DID nor autism from a person who doesn't have a DID or autism diagnosis themselves but thinks they do, who doesn't have any education on the matter at all except for having spent hours upon hours on tiktok, youtube and few sporadic google searches, who has a long past of bad mental health, who spends a big portion of their time just smoking weed, AND that person directly personally benfitted from and got money for denying her a diagnosis?

Because if she doesn't she shouldn't think that person is capable of correctly granting her a diagnosis either, but that is exactly what she's doing but in reverse.

No. 289974

With the following she already had, she could have made the stupidest, laziest craft tutorial videos (how to make her kawaii sockpuppet for example) and that shit would have still garnered a bunch of views (and not have scared away as many of her original followers.)
But like you said, she chose that hill to die on instead. Some people really are bizarre.

No. 289982


It's so funny to me how much time jill spends just looking at pictures of herself. Especially for someone claiming to have such low self esteem and an eating disorder

No. 289984

Tinfoil, but I am fully convinced that when Jillian decides to drop the larp, shes going to pin all of this on her "angel baby" therapist that lost his license. Fully expect her to say that he made her believe she had DiD. Absolves her of all of this and shifts the blame, her favorite things kek

No. 289992

Didn't he just move to a different area of psychology as well as moving location? He was a trainee counseler and was collecting enough hours of therapy in order to move to a different stage of his career afaik, nothing to do with Jilly. However she had a history of blaming any random person for her imaginary issues so he may be blamed one day, I agree with that.

No. 289993

her BPD ass really might, i'm going to look out for this one

No. 290006

Yeah, or she could have even made soap! (Not soap anon, I just miss her).

No. 290017

Also not soap anon but if she half-asses it like everything, Jill could even get high off the chemicals and get her sooper special and legit therapy treatment WHILE crafting. Best of both worlds

No. 290045

Did she ever acknowledge Sof posting about her on here?

No. 290051

My guess is she will eventually do a mix of multiple things including casting blame on others, absolving herself, distracting from her changed opinion and minimizing and reframing her past actions, the same way she did with being "gay."
Remember how she went on and on about being gay, how rainbows fit her perfectly bc of being gay, gay pride, how she's "a lesbian if not for that she likes dick so much" and then got a girlfriend just to be performative, used her gf as a prop and then broke up with the poor girl claiming she was NEVER ATTRACTED. Because she is STRAIGHT.
Now she just quietly breezes over this, vaguely calling herself queer (which to her means a quirky, fun spicy straight, and includes her imaginary DID alters' MLM/asexual/transgender identities) and in the bingo-fication post she conveniently leaves "gay" unchecked, even though she talked NONSTOP about being gay in the past and made it her whole fucking public identity despite everyone knowing that every time she got a gf she went crying about how it was traumatic or unrealistic to date someone she couldn't be attracted to.
She will eventually sweep DID under the rug with a bunch of convenient excuses about autism and fusion and healing, double down on ASD or some other bullshit and make everything about her kawaii autism accessibility aids, eventually definitely go into chronic illness, and so on. Munchie arc and rainby cane is on the way, I bet.

No. 290052

File: 1680456536239.jpeg (104.93 KB, 831x1173, 80549E06-E073-4AD5-B29C-50332D…)

She could literally pivot to kawaii stoner lifestyle blogger, there’s way more of an audience for that kind of thing. But I bet she never cleans her pieces and probably just rolls with whatever cheap papers she can buy at the gas station.

They even have wraps made from rose petals these days. The amount of kawaii glass is through the roof. They have fancy joint holding rings. They have pastel pink and purple papers with matching tips. She lives where weed is legal, I’d love to see her weed hauls and watch her unbox and use a bunch of glass. She could do joint rolling tutorials and learn to roll some fancy intricate joints, she could do glass cleaning tutorials, she could compare and contrast the pros and cons of a traditional dab rig&torch vs an e-nail like the puffco peak. So much content to mine there. She’s such a fucking retard.

No. 290055

I also noticed her leaving gay unchecked on the bingo post and loled. 2017 jillybean would have never let that slide.

No. 290056

Yes, exactly. It's a niche and unique market which she could easily capitalize and thrive on. Honestly, I think she'd be able to design some cute kawaii weed paraphernalia.

No. 290066

File: 1680460283404.jpeg (140.75 KB, 1007x1625, 4571DFD1-A25B-4309-93DE-CE60F5…)

Exactly, there’s an opportunity for her to create something neat and it’s INFINITELY easier to come up with something stoners will squee over than it is to design a line of clothes.

People loved her for her kawiwi consoomerist lifestyle videos. She’s flourish if she dropped the DID bullshit and became a rainby kawaii stoner lifestyle vlogger, plus I feel like it’d be way more fun for her than this larp?? She’d still have haters and drama to respond to cause people would accuse her of glamorizing drug abuse, she could still play the victim and cry that she needs weed to function cause muh PTSD or whatever (THC actually helps PTSD, whereas people with severe dissociative or schizophrenic tendencies should NOT consume THC), she’d just also actually be making interesting content that would actually intrigue more people than it would infuriate. She never even posts pics of bud or talks about the strains she smokes! Cmon Jill, post your weed in n cute areas and take pics of your smoke station. There are subreddits where ladies get tons of interaction and karma from other ladies just for posting clips of them doing bong rips. The only hate they get is if their bongs are filthy.

No. 290083

sorry to burst your bubble because it’s a nice idea but she would be one of the girls with a filthy bong lol

No. 290090

File: 1680468551410.jpeg (234.33 KB, 822x2156, A3667B72-EAB1-4DB8-B66D-2D1D48…)

Nonnies this might be it for me, I can’t stand this “i’m deranged, a freak, a weirdo i like things to unhealthy degrees dont you see??” cringe ass shit

No. 290094

"We have always dressed so differently"
These are literally all some form of colourful pink and/or pastel girly outfits. The only outfit that is actually different is the black dress. She struggles to find black/masculine clothes for Cliffe and Jerrick and steals Steve's because so much of her wardrobe falls under the same category of tacky ill fitting rainbow unicorn shit despite allegedly 'always' having two male alters. The attempts to rewrite her past to validate her DID are pathetic

No. 290095

She hasn't acknowledged it, but I did notice that she was liking her tweets the other day (more than just these) >>289694

No. 290097

Sorry, forgot to sage! Won't forget again

No. 290099

This is more scary than anything, I feel like she's just sitting on it, waiting for the right moment to strike. If I was Sof I'd be sleeping with one eye open

No. 290107

Literally everyone has something they like as much as she likes Precure. Look at any group of middle aged normie men and see how closely they follow sports.

No. 290108

nta i just hate her, her pretending to be gay and only posting men, precure being the only media she's seen for last 8 yearsjust stfu

No. 290110

FWIW, I worked with people who had DID as a nurse, and all of them had horrific stories. One of them was born into an infamous cult basically as the cult leader's sex slave and was raped from infancy through her entire childhood. When she'd regress, it was terrifying. She was so scared and shaking until an alter protector would come out. She basically flashed back to being a prisoner in a room again and being raped.

Jill's ideas of what can cause DID are just… So insulting to the few people who actually have it due to severe trauma at infancy.(learn2sage)

No. 290111

Let's just all remember once again that Jill herself stated that her worst ever trauma in life was her cat almost dying from swallowing tinsel. Her words, not mine.

No. 290122

A lot of middle aged men actually like precure and are far more deranged than she is.

No. 290131

She is leaving breadcrumbs for her autism larp.

No. 290138

sooooo… no drew monson among these 4 men that are her taste. is she finally ready to leave him alone or did she finally realise how creepy her obsession with someone who looks exactly like her brother is?

No. 290144

I want anons to remember that at one point, Jill also said that she was just born with DiD and that she never went through any traumatic events that made her get DiD, she was just “born more dissociate-y”
Her lore as to why she somehow got DiD changes every fucking second, you would think that as a theater kid she would have made some script or guidelines to make the story make some sense.

No. 290156

This is why we need a turbo autost nonny to compile all her "DID origin stories". She seemed to change them when we posted caps of her contradicting herself.

No. 290165

No. 290168

you're not wrong lmao feels like the magical girl genre has been co-opted by pedophile old men these days, long gone are the days of Nakayoshi being for girls only

No. 290186

File: 1680534520235.jpg (39.14 KB, 468x344, HHrjKiNCEyfagQYMBFWzOLWFJvNvQs…)

Pedos have always been the largest market along with the children the show is actually for.

No. 290190

File: 1680535446077.jpeg (452.34 KB, 1280x1804, BF768B38-CF1A-4613-AEF3-488D4F…)

Yeah shows like creamy mami and Minky Momo had a lot of grown ass men liking it. Creamy Mami even had an unofficial spinoff made by them.

No. 290201

File: 1680536338642.jpeg (66.73 KB, 600x942, 53070E86-ACD4-4167-8ECB-3718DE…)

Sage for shitpost but I thought you nonnas would like my dumb meme

No. 290206

Has she ever mentioned liking Star Wars before this?

No. 290221

Probably watching because of Steve, he occasionally makes her watch series he likes with him and he's into all the standard moid fantasy actionshit. She said one of the functions Jerrick has is to suffer through watching Steve's shows with him because Jill hates them so much but Jerrick can tolerate them or something.

No. 290229

that's not what she said. she basically compared it to people who are born predisposed to being addicts, where she was born with a higher likelihood of developing DID and then had trauma which triggered it. she explained it stupidly and it's literally not how mental illness works but this is what she meant.

No. 290251

No. 290254

File: 1680548797360.png (1.4 MB, 720x4649, Jfc.png)

No. 290256

How does she even come up with this stuff, I mean for fuck sakes. Desperate to be "special" by any means possible. It's no different than a teenager claiming they have special powers.

No. 290258

This is so pathetic. It would be fair if they actually did what they claim. But they didn’t, and it’s been like two weeks.

No. 290259

File: 1680550617529.jpg (143.34 KB, 1080x1483, Screenshot_20230403-153227_You…)

Her "hero" who curves her every interaction put out a new video after months hiatus admitting he had been dealing with a drug and alcohol problem. And what does the mental health "sp3culi$t", totally not 24/7 high say?

No. 290261

>especially for people who struggle with mental health
Who are these miraculous drug addicts who have no mental health problems? Kek.

No. 290269

Her Psycho Killer tiktok is gone.
The fact she tweeted ISSTD her fucking response video is peak narcissism. I love how this privileged pampered doughy princess only thinks about herself and how to insert herself into all conversations/situations. She knows she's in the wrong but continues to double and triple down on her narratives. Go cope about no one caring by smoking another most deserve joint and eat a most deserve donut. God knows you need it.
She's so stupid. Thanks for the laugh, Jillian.

No. 290270

I worked at a psych facility for kids under 18 and we were taught trauma informed care. Trauma informed care is to not invalidate a child’s experience when they open up to us about it but it’s NOT coddling everything they say and do. We let their therapists know what they told us (if it’s something serious like abuse happening in their home) or we recommend the child to tell their therapist whatever they told us. Being trauma informed is to help the person get the treatment and care they need, not blindly play along with whatever they’re larping.

No. 290271

no one cares about your blog holy shit read the rules

No. 290274

File: 1680557129057.jpg (65.89 KB, 500x681, 332340834.jpg)

When were they a "nice respectful little patient" lol

Nta but I thought it was interesting and relevant, point is Jill and co don't want actual trauma-informed care, they just want to be told they're valid

No. 290278

I care

No. 290292


Wtf kind of lawsuit would this be? "this hospital didn't watch my YouTube video, give then life is prison"

No. 290293

I thought it was interesting, I'm not up to date on tiktok retard newspeak so it's nice to hear what the phrase was supposed to mean

No. 290295

I thought it was interesting

No. 290298

do these idiots know that the main "doctor" giving the presentation is NOT a licensed practicing doctor… he can't have his license revoked because he DOESNT HAVE ONE lol

No. 290302

Medfagging is against the rules. Especially when it's just some retard blogposting constantly about their trauma experience. For all we know they could be some quack faggot like the "doctor" posted above in this thread.

No. 290303

Wow a bunch of basement dwelling greaseballs are big mad at doctors because they can’t be bullied into playing pretend with them just like all these narcs force their families and loved ones to.
Can you imagine what they can actually accomplish with all this effort they put into seething?

No. 290307

I seriously hope she means this, a gofundme "legal fund" would be so milky. Her dumbass followers might learn something from being scammed

No. 290317

Not sure who counts that as medfagging other than you it's pertinent to the conversation and highlights how uninformed Jill is
Plus these TikTok fuckers want the coddling and throw words around that they know nothing about
It's important to clear things up for anyone that could be unfamiliar with the true meaning of the term
Jill absolutely doesn't understand trauma informed care and that's pertinent info

No. 290323

File: 1680567515430.jpg (77.49 KB, 720x782, Ss.jpg)

Lol. These dipshits really are just trying to intimidate to win. It worked with everyone else around them before so they're going to keep on screaming. They really are showing they don't know shit about laws or even costs for retainers. Glad to see watching tv show lawyers made them experts. Be funnier if they received a cease & desist.
I'd love the fallout from it. It would be hilarious especially if Louise couldn't bail her ass out.
There is a license board who can revoke his license if they saw it fitting to. MDs are not the only ones called doctors. PhDs are called doctors even if they do not have a med background. My cousin has a PhD in English and is called doctor. AuDs (audiologists) are called Dr. too but do not go to med school and once they get their license have a board they must answer too. Btw despite being called doctor of the ear, an audiologist cannot diagnose ear infections only a MD can. Back on topic, the board is most likely use to histrionic tantrums and empty threats.

No. 290326

Pretty much everyone disagrees with you please shut up already

No. 290333

File: 1680574611240.jpg (75.34 KB, 720x1072, Wat.jpg)

No. 290335

>A simple apology or statement would suffice
She really expects people to grovel to her after trying to do life ruination shit. What a cunt. Hope she remembers that her """twitter friends""" would sacrifice her in a moment's notice if they could. All these people are just clout chasing backstabbers.

No. 290339

File: 1680576047155.jpeg (233.9 KB, 1920x1080, 7895AE90-FDBA-4744-9B81-BBFB49…)

These losers wanna go on tv and discuss their totally real illness or something???!! What if they share their story right beside a a person who cannot be present mentally because of the things they’ve been through. I would die of shame

No. 290341

File: 1680576474187.png (1.74 MB, 720x3424, Screenshot_chrome.png)

"""Reparations""", kek. Figured I'd post these since this creep is someone Jilly retweets a lot of. Also look at that """conference""".

No. 290343

>at least 3 furries
>tran flag pfps
>ppl calling themsleves crystal and obscura
ah yes sounds like a very serious conference much scientific wow

No. 290344

I know this thread isnt about that creep but jfc how do you interpret "People faking mental illness should recieve help" as "doctors want us dead"
I swear its like their number one dream to be discriminated against

No. 290346

>>290344 It's just like the fat activist armies on tiktok that say "diets are literally genocide" All these rainbow haired creeps are the same I swear. >>290339 It's funny I feel like if you tried to tell any of these people about all the children bought and sold as sex slaves they would just throw a tantrum because "no I'm the most oppressed and special". I also love how NONE of them, Jill included, say or do anything in support of actually abused kids. Like people who are actual victims go on to educate the public and prevent future crimes. Or even just fundraisers for charities that reach out to abused kids or foster kids. Nope, it's "me me me look at me I'm the most special oppressed snowflake".

No. 290358

>Crystals Multifaceted
What in the Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way crap is this, how do these people say this with a straight face?

No. 290362


Wasn't the it gets better campaign in response to gay people being bullied / committing suicide? The fact these larpers are seriously comparing one video to being severely bullied is insane

No. 290368

interresting how jerrick, the poor emo trans boi has nothing to say on this matter. you'd think he'd commiserate, being oh so ~opressed~ himself.

No. 290369

I physically sighed at this. "The ISSTD won't hug you."
feel free to insert claping emojis.
If your therapist is holding your hand or coddling you, they are a shitty therapist. Good money says a majority of the "speakers" have an OF and/or are into sexualizing animals/children.

No. 290372

File: 1680611952350.jpeg (97.17 KB, 403x1065, E7DCB76E-C1E9-4E6A-9EA0-865E1D…)

What a drama queen indeed

No. 290379

Spoiler alert. They won't because you're an uneducated nobody.

No. 290381

The fallout from this McLean/Doc Robinson arc will be so milky. I'm calling it now. Jill is going to hemorrhage followers as she fixates on this "terrible injustice" while completely neglecting her patreon supporters and fanbase. She may even truly go off the deep end this time around.

No. 290387

>Hope she remembers that her """twitter friends""" would sacrifice her in a moment's notice if they could
All these Twitter drama queens are aching for the chance to dogpile and cancel someone, even better if it's a former friend who they can drop gossip about and act like concerned saviours. Eventually all these communities implode because you can't maintain any group with such strict, ever changing demands of subservience and virtue signaling combined with the promise of being the attack dog for any perceived wrongdoers. Seems so tiresome and if Jilly had an actual job (or anything worthwhile to keep her busy) she'd check out of all this shit within a month.

No. 290394

>>289850 They think "They Know What's Best". YES they do. Cus they're fucking DOCTORS.

No. 290405

File: 1680628134542.jpeg (159.01 KB, 1125x1385, 1352BDC8-360F-46B9-AAA7-44A199…)

Holy shit you’re right. If you look through the site like half the speakers are furries, one claims to have had 400 alters, there are ones with underage bunny girl furry alters, one is a BDSM coach, and the one called the Harmonic System has written pedophilic urine fetish shit on tumblr. Most of these speakers are extreme internet porn addicts with trans, furry, and pedophilic fetishes.

No. 290407

The speaker Nighten, LetikNighten on Twitter, (Chinese guy with the trans flag colored wolf furry icon in the speaker lists above) also runs a NSFW account with likes full of pedophilic furry art and extreme fetishes like childlike looking furries having their genitals hooked up to machines. Not going to post any of the images here even spoilered because what the fuck.
These are the people Jill wants us to trust the opinions of instead of medical professionals who specialize in DID.

No. 290413

Not to derail since this isn't snow but yes all trannies and furries are usually pedophiles too and it's amazing how the majority of the public worship them and think they are precious victims and they get away with everything. There is even a tranny author, Clarine Klein (I don't know his real name), who wrote bdsm guide books and hired a notorious child porn artist (arkhaminsanity) to do the illustrations. You can literally buy the book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. And nobody will do anything about it or call him out because this world worships trannies even though they are a danger to women and children. Sorry for the derail sperg. These are Jill's people, this is what she stands up and fights for. This is the kind of person she chooses to be in a relationship with. She pretends to be an abused child while fighting tooth and nail to support actual child abusers.

No. 290421


and these people are raging after professional phycologists calling them unprofessional.

No. 290430

Ablaze or whoever needs to cancel these idiotic furries from being "mental health advocates" because these degenerates are doing more harm than good to society. And Jillian supporting some pedo groomers is simply not a good look. I'm disgusted. Anything that enables her narcissist delusions I guess.

I bet Jillian is a pedo pretending to be a mental health advocate too just like them too. People like her who hide with a kawaii aesthetic are fucking nasty. Who knows, perhaps she ageplays while looking at precure porn or some shit like that. It would make her very deranged, as she said.

No. 290431

I can't believe we live in a society where people like these are being taken seriously just because they're the loudest. I feel bad for the actual victims that the doctor they're trying to cancel treats.

Imagine studying all your life and helping people overcome their trauma just for some degenerates with a piss kink to cancel you. I'm mad honestly.

No. 290434

No one takes anyone like this seriously kek. I don't know how you would even come to that conclusion.

No. 290435

>No one
Anon. There's stupid people who do. Specially on social media.

No. 290436

There's people on social media who think that the government used 5G towers to beam covid into people's brains. That doesn't mean that "we live in a society where people like these are being taken seriously".

No. 290445

Minimodding is also against the rules, nonna.

No. 290450

File: 1680643567047.jpg (86.43 KB, 720x1201, Jj.jpg)

No. 290452

File: 1680644025108.png (2.11 MB, 720x4809, Screenshot_20230404_143319.png)

No. 290454

Lmao @ the shooped Barbie selfie, she's such a narc. Literally anyone else would just tweet about being excited for it but not our Jillybean.

No. 290459


amazing how all of these people who have never been to mclean or talked to the doctors working there know exactly how an appointment would have gone with them.

No. 290465

File: 1680651427782.jpeg (193.02 KB, 1170x1194, DAB0A086-1215-49F3-A6E1-F7FB11…)

Ya girl is a savant. Also autism.

No. 290466

>Have always been freakishly good at the piano
Isn't there video proof that she's mediocre at it?

No. 290467

It's called "not having time to practice your skills", dipshit

No. 290468

I'm waiting for her to claim that her predator piano teacher victimized her I'm just waiting

No. 290470

But her mom and the teachers getting paid by her mom told Jillybean she was so special and talented so that must make her a piano virtuoso!

No. 290471

This is blatant misinformation.

Kek at Jillian though. She smokes weed all day and does nothing but sure, "becoming more social" is what ruined her chances at playing piano.

No. 290472

Just wait until the plural shit gets the same traction as the gendie movement.

No. 290474

someone breathes about autism on twitter
Jill: I'm so unique and talented and quirky!! Btw here's my trauma history all in this quote tweet, if you don't take this public info dump seriously you're a bad person uwu

No. 290476

IMO mediocre would be stumbling through Fur Elise and she’s better than that. Pianons have other opinions, but. She’s not a savant either way, savant implies significant impairment in other areas besides piano and detrimental attention-seeking doesn’t count.

No. 290477

Imagine being privileged enough for your parents to pay for piano lessons while also claiming your childhood was traumatic enough for DID, like war crime survivors.

No. 290481

I’m pretty sure this is what she’s always implying. Even though she has said explicitly that she was never abused by him and only heard about it after the fact that others were, she has to know that the only other possibilities are her internet girlfriend, maybe one of her pastel boyfriends, and her family members. But the story does keep changing. Suddenly remembering the trauma actually happened when it didn’t and pulling a Trisha Paytas and accusing him explicitly when he cannot defend himself seems obvious and would explain all her cryptic “I experienced childhood trauma as a young teenager” and the appearance and disappearance of the piano emoji aka the “far off little” aka the person who was traumatized and the talking about how good at piano she was, and Veronica “forming” at the time she did to “take” the sexual abuse, but I don’t think she would do it because of the fact that there actually ARE victims of that man and she’s not one of them. She would have to play the victim and that role is too hard when it’s real and others are impacted. But tbh it would make the most sense, and honestly before all this DID stuff I probably would have believed her. People do repress sexual abuse, it happens. But then of course she has also said she was traumatized by a female in her early teens (around the same time she claims Veronica formed to be raped or whatever), which is why so many people think she’s talking about her deviant art girlfriend. Unfortunately her entire youth is online so she can’t really mention anything explicitly because she knows we would catch her in the lie.

No. 290483

It’s very much like the Always Sunny bit where Mac gets jealous that his teacher abused other boys and not him. I would bet Jill believes she unearthed some vague “repressed memories” during sessions with her angel counselor, which she wants to imply something worse, out of her extreme desire to have been traumatized and therefore be pitiful and super special and coddled forever now.

No. 290484

>akshully I’m an autistic savant genius sexually abused severe trauma victim
>meanwhile the reality: she was okay at piano and her teacher turned out to abuse some other kids and not her.
The BPD narcissism and lying even to herself to appease her own ego continues. Very typical of cluster B theatrical behavior though, which the McLean conference even explained.

No. 290486

Yes, exactly lol. I fully believe this is her true desire because despite claiming PTSD, I don’t think she really understands what trauma, or at least this kind of trauma, really is. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but I think most people who have never experienced it have the grace to admit that they don’t understand and leave the space for others. To her it seems like trauma = a way to get attention. So the BPD desire for sympathy and attention is synthesizing itself in this childish, surface level concept of what being traumatized really means (DID larp) because she can imply she was victimized and just doesn’t remember it without outright stealing the pain from actual victims.

No. 290490

It’s a Twitter trend, there’s an image generator as a tie in to the movie.

No. 290496

Wait, she moved what four years ago now? What protector is she talking about? Jerrik was from her youth and Jax was this year right?
Is Veronica a “protector”? Her shit is so confusing, and what abuse was she going through when she moved???

No. 290497

… was sandwich the cat the protector??? i don't remember her talking about abuse, just that moving away from home was traumatizing

No. 290499

do you think the abuse happened before or after her mom paid for and helped her paint the rainbow house kek

No. 290500

Why must everything out of her fat void of a mouth about herself has to be over the top exaggerated bragging? Ffs she wasn't freakishly good but was obviously decent/good due to lessons. So full of shit that it was aboose to why she wasn't playing. She got bored of it and stopped for a while then wanted to play again because her interest sparked up again. Such hysterics for a simple reason. Also fuck off Jillian with that savant stuff. You clearly are just shoehorning whatever word of the week you just learned into sentences. She is such an embarrassment and has no shame whatsoever.
Wasn't cried over enough for leaving maybe? Did her parents Need to throw themselves on the ground crying about her leaving and moping for weeks about their princess being a couple hours away from them? Who the fuck knows since every word out of Jill's mouth is a lie after a lie. Jill reminds me if the pathological liar I went to school with. Fucking eerie.

No. 290501

Pretty sure she means bald man

No. 290505

Didn’t her friendship with Jenny and Wendy fall apart around that time? Maybe that’s the “abuse” she means which clearly shows she doesn’t know what the word even means. God I wish all her past friends would just reveal all the shit they must have went through dealing with her(learn to sage)

No. 290506

I wanna say she’s implying her ex Collin abused her because he had the audacity to break up with her and no one has ever dumped her before so it significantly bruised her ego therefore she thinks that justifies calling it abuse.
Collin leaving her did a number on her because she allegedly already planned out a whole tacky rainby future with him.

No. 290511

I'm dying nonas, I can't deal with Jill anymore. I'm hitting peak Jill.
She's claiming she is a one in a million autistic savant which has a 6:1 male ratio. AND she has DID, but all her alters are fully functional and they disappear during traumatic events. AND she has trauma from when she was a toddler- wait no teenager- wait no it was just a few years ago- anyway super serious trauma. AND she smokes weed every day, wait you weren't supposed to hear that last one forget about the weed.

No. 290515

File: 1680682818811.png (14.62 KB, 585x309, 1501609134855.png)

She did not take being dumped well at all so you're probably right that she's inserting it into her trauma DID narrative. She was raging pretty badly over it. It won't let me link the thread for some reason but thread 12 is the Colin dumping Jill one. Here's an old pic from that thread too.

No. 290516

What jill is describing is totally normal for someone playing an instrument. She was good, then lost interest and stopped playing and now she isn9as good at playing. The fact she's trying to frame this as some autism or Did symptom is so weird

No. 290519

>I always forget I have a depressive disorder until something depressing happens and I react appropriately to it by getting depressed like a normal person

No. 290521

Did she ever compete? Like if you were actually a crazy piano savant you would be competitive in the scene and have something to show for that.
Remember how she also had Louise in a video slagging Colin off and saying he was intimidated by how amazing and special Jilly is while she sat there with a shit eating grin. Insanely cringe to be an adult and have your mom do that and love it.

No. 290523

Why did she throw it all away? Was she actually too lazy to even drop ship some rainby garbage?

No. 290524

I wouldn't trust anyone who starts a sentence with "folks who are X" it reeks of high amounts of social media consumption and a lack of ability to distinguish truth from online lies for attention. There is no way Jill would follow actually knowledgeable people regarding these topics, the second they imply she's wrong about something she tries to cancel their whole workplace.

I wonder what it would take to make Jill realize she's just an average normal person. Perhaps an actual tragedy.

No. 290526

>haven't touched it since we moved and split a new protector to deal with abuse going on at the time
this deranged bitch is making up her lore as she goes because literally what could have been happening to her that was SO deeply traumatic that she had to split a new "alter". not even going to mention her piano thing when there's vids out there of her performances and they're just regular mediocre kid piano playing kek

No. 290527

This is why self diagnosis absolutely can be extremely wrong and damaging and lead people to terrible conclusions and harmful results. People say “but you can just read the symptoms and see if they’re you or not” but look at how badly Jill is interpreting symptoms of her BPD as other things, thinking she’s an autistic savant for no good reason simply because she’s an egomaniac, thinking her BPD mood swings and unstable identity are DID, meanwhile neither of these other disorders actually apply to her. She has such a poor sense of self that it’s also leading her astray and preventing her from getting appropriate care. It’s like people molding themselves to their astrological signs because they want to see the results match up, but even worse because she’s appropriating the struggles of abuse victims and the disabled. She literally believes she is both a genius (savant) and disabled now.
What she needs is to see a proper BPD specialist to do DBT and stop smoking weed constantly, but thanks to Twitter and tiktok she’s certain that she needs to stay away from medical professionals now, as they can never truly understand her super special case of savant PTSD ASD DID BPD.
Incidentally a lot of DBT centers won’t even accept BPD patients who are actively smoking weed within the last couple months because it completely fucks your ability to recover from the disorder in many cases.

No. 290528

Literally what she is referring to is how BPD patients experience splitting and severe mood swings, impulses and significant shifts in identity and behavior regularly, particularly in response to stress and the relationship instability that is a cornerstone of their disorder. Her breakup with her boyfriend isn’t trauma that would cause a DID split, but it IS the kind of interpersonal conflict that sends BPD individuals into the kind of episode where they start acting out of character, making up new identities and impulsive goals, and engaging in tons of unusual reactive behaviors.

No. 290571

stop pretending to have an illness that you don't have, then you won't be othered, it's not that hard

No. 290596

I thought the breakup with Colin happened quite a while before she moved. The entire Mystery Girl saga followed it. What if the “abuse” she’s referring to is the blowback she received for dumping Mystery Girl/Alyssa? Maybe she counts Alyssa’s older sis as one of her abusers since she came to lolcow and spilled the tea.

No. 290602

There's a lot of things people can be bullied for online, but as far as actual hate crimes I can't think of a single instance where someone has been hate crimed for having DID. Schizophrenia? Maybe. DID though? These people are delusional, right? It gets better was because people get killed for being gay not because people were getting teased on twitter.

No. 290620

File: 1680743461549.png (1.08 MB, 720x8587, Ldayc.png)

Still creeping on Drew and also she has really embraced these people.

No. 290624

I forgot about that. That was so fucking creepy and embarrassing. Like I get that's your daughter and you're helping her get through a breakup but what the fuck was that? I can see Louise being a monster-in-law. Colin dodged and huge bullet so good on him.

No. 290625

they get bullied for being dweebs larping an extremely complicated, underdiagnosed and dangerous mental illness, but they will claim they get bullied for having DID and being so misunderstood uwu, which furthers their delusion, it's honestly hopeless.

No. 290696

File: 1680769617489.gif (688.94 KB, 400x216, you-dont-want-to-end-up-like-a…)

Her life is genuinely so sad to think about. She won't ever get better, and it's only because she herself refuses to accept her real problems and demonizes anyone who tries to get her on the right track. The older she gets the less acceptable that is both to society and friends/family. A quirky teen to early 20s is (sometimes) accepted because they're still expected to grow out of it once they mature, but being a 30-40 y.o. loser who is still an immature narcissist dressing like a clown and speaking to her brain-people in a baby voice won't last her long. It might seem like she's got a couple of years left but mental problems can take literal years to sort out so if she doesn't start soon she'll be there in a heartbeat.

i'm not used to making gifs sorry for the quality

No. 290698

KEK anon. we need this as a banner

No. 290701


For people who supposedly went through severe repeated trauma, they really cone off as super privileged and spoiled here.

No. 290720

File: 1680789245877.jpeg (194.63 KB, 1170x1857, 2DC2EF00-11EE-47A2-9D89-1DE88F…)

Guess she woke up needing drama today

No. 290723

Kek at her ignoring the 7 years needed for a diagnosis knowing that her 6 months with Angel therapist for a piece of paper saying "I'm not sure" is all she got for her diagnosis

No. 290724

File: 1680790989160.jpeg (65.41 KB, 828x890, 5B2DEFE0-442C-413A-8FE6-40ED61…)

yup, she definitely woke up cranky. angry at her sweet mom for not using pixie instead of jillian? jill, there's people that are dying.

No. 290727

"My parents finally acknowledged their adult son is a disgusting sex offender Uwu" Don't worry Jill, your parents will acknowledge that you are a pig too since you are lying about being a horrifically abused child. Seriously how tf does her mom even humor this?

No. 290731

File: 1680797789080.png (299.57 KB, 591x476, psycho.png)

>has a birthday party where the majority of her friends buy her MULTIPLE gifts for her multiple "alters" even to the point of color coding them
>even got a cat toy for her "cat alter"
>emoposts about Louise not calling her Jerrick, even after louise gave her plural stickers in her stocking for christmas

shut the fuuuuuck up jill. jesus christ, unsufferable bitch. how far does everyone have to go for your sake? its clear your mom is already accepting enough of your shit.

No. 290732

That's a cis woman kek

No. 290737

Maybe jill will drop a new alter from the trauma of not being called pixie. Another way to guilt trip her parents into buying her toys and stickers.

No. 290739

File: 1680799032984.png (57.46 KB, 594x765, Screen Shot 2023-04-06 at 12.3…)

>"i almost admire the attempt at math"
>after your teens = 20 years old
>20 + 7 years = 27
lay off the morning joints, jill.

No. 290745

This is an excellent example of proof that she is NOT a DID case. The insanely huge ego on her, how obsessed with attention and praise and gifts she is and how readily she expects over the top spoiling by default, and still instead fixates on every other little thing she wants in addition, is very cluster B and absolutely not the behavior of a DID patient.
The McLean conference talks about how DID patients display a ton of shame, withdrawal, anxiety, guilt, confusion, they shut themselves off from people; imitative DID displays the exact opposite where everything is these big cartoonish broadway characters going “I’m HERE! LOVE ME! OR ELSE!” It’s sheer histrionics. Jill is only getting worse over time, too. Her DID saga is the worst her BPD has ever been.

No. 290749

She makes me want to a-log so bad when she posts stuff like this. For fuck's sake appreciate all the things your parents have done for you Jill. People would do unimaginable things to have parents as both emotionally and financially supportive as yours.

No. 290751

Give it time, nonnas. Things won’t stay the same forever. 30 is a lot closer than you think lol.

No. 290752

She always has to make everything about herself. No one can be happy if she can't have the same experience.

No. 290755

File: 1680806151483.jpeg (85.89 KB, 1170x996, 3DD6D4B7-DEEA-4C25-B3DD-327C8C…)

Wait I thought getting her DID diagnosis made everything better by getting her access to resources? Guess not

No. 290756

File: 1680806343948.png (197.23 KB, 720x2318, Screenshot_20230406_113740.png)

No. 290760

File: 1680807447488.jpg (60.05 KB, 720x618, 20230406-115241.jpg)

No. 290762

Just say you’re high jill.

Sounds like narc injury

No. 290767

Isn't your whole thing being half human? Or even more fractional of one? Don't be depressed about your identity!

No. 290784

Where is the God damn Berry video? The response video is good enough for her weekly upload so we have to wait i guess

No. 290801

I feel like she often (always?) just names symptoms instead of talking about them the way a person actually experiencing them would. Except for side effects of weed use ofc, suddenly she's able to describe things in detail (but tries to pass them off as DID or whatever).

No. 290810

Planting the seeds for a merge to be about mercy kek

No. 290816

File: 1680820131026.png (1.58 MB, 720x4255, Screenshot_20230406_152809.png)

No. 290823

It's like she's filling in a Madlibs on how quirky she is. No one has ever listened to music while doing their hair ever.

No. 290828


Jill will probably claim it's too dangerous to upload the video because she's totally being stalked and harassed

No. 290830

OT but Drew Monson needs a swirlie

No. 290838

File: 1680828795201.webm (11.45 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)


No. 290840

File: 1680828960694.jpg (80.87 KB, 696x1222, 20230406-174526.jpg)

New video hopefully this weekend. Kek

No. 290850

File: 1680833360198.jpeg (128.81 KB, 828x1165, A4E64D31-7601-44C9-A670-80005C…)

>reflection of a lack of knowledge by “professionals”
Lmao. Or it’s that majority of professionals will diagnose with real illnesses before you find the random hacks that’ll say you have a fantasy disorder.
>first misdiagnosis was at age 14 or 15
There’s so many disorders that can’t be diagnosed before a certain age because you’re too young to know, that’s being responsible not misinformed.

No. 290861

File: 1680836848051.jpeg (111.15 KB, 1170x848, 3B785AEC-A225-44BD-A1E0-86964F…)

She really just wants to be a perpetual child

No. 290863

even her use of emojis is insufferable

No. 290871

This "I'm a piano virtuoso" shit is so fucking funny, the narcissism lmao

No. 290872

I mean I’ve heard of grown up egg hunts where the eggs have scratchers and shooters in them. Something tells me that’s not what she means

No. 290873

The sight of this retard ageplayer going for an egg hunt is sending me. Googoo Gaga I'm coming for your easter eggies KEK wtf. Fucking hate ageplayer bitches who do degenerate shit like this in public.

No. 290875

>So joyful and healing
Yeah free shit is apparently healing.

No. 290882

Why is she like this? Why is she seeking validation like this? Who tf cares if you have kids or not Jillian, just have fun. She’s so performative and creepy. She could even do an Easter egg hunt with Stevie where they hide nice little love notes in them to each other or something. Why is she so embarassing lol

No. 290886

Same. I can't care about anything else Jillian-related until the Berry video drops. It will be so milky. I bet/hope there'll be response videos to it, hopefully by a massive YouTuber like Cody Ko.

No. 290889

It’s not even just because a child doesn’t know themselves per say it’s because you aren’t fully developed. Some of her BPD behaviours like unstable sense of self is fine in a child, it only becomes a problem when it continues to adulthood. DID especially because so many kids play act stuff just like these fakers. It even has a name in Japan that is roughly translated as middle school syndrome. If you work with children you come across it a decent amount kids that make up fantastical lies, Jillys little spoiled narc child brain is no different.
It’s not just the free shit it’s the making Steve do it for her for me. Like when does she do shit for him? Remember when she hosted a birthday party “for him” but it was actually an uwu star sign party because they have the same one so it was about her. Her idea of a wholesome nice Easter is Steve doing a bunch of stuff for her while she toddles around pretending to be a baby, how has he not cracked yet.

No. 290890

>age regress or have child alters

…both are age regressing. Jil realises she doesn't have a literal child inside of her, right?

No. 290895

>I’m an autistic piano savant
>guys I can hear this incredibly basic sheet music in my head, wow!
When you compare her peak piano skill from past videos to actual piano savants it’s so funny how delusional she is. She literally self describes all of her behaviors and symptoms completely wrong.

No. 290897

I didn't like those emojis before but now I can't help but think of her whenever I see one and it pains me.
I know right, I think the concept of grown-up easter hunts is retarded but if that's your thing, go for it. Why does it HAVE to be about age-regressing and healing? Just say you still like the colorful chocolate eggs for fucks sake.

No. 290899


Jill's Did larp is definitely age regression / ddlg shit. She tried introducting adult alter but got bored of them really quickly.

No. 290903


Nonnies I'm trying so hard not to a-log

No. 290913

File: 1680875110449.jpeg (72.57 KB, 334x1146, F9AE5210-3D37-4459-BC9E-61ED55…)

Came across an old article from 2021 pre-DID saga, before her mountain of lies, confirming she was collecting data on disorders she didn’t have before she started claiming them herself. The rest of the article talks abt her amazing childhood & mentioned times she’s now given to her alters, atleast it shows a more truthful side to the story she’s twisted so many times now

No. 290916

Exactly, just look at this actually piano savant, Jillian could never, and she’s too old for that to be considered a cute trait anyways. She seriously wishes she was child in school being praised for whatever she does.

No. 290918

>first misdiagnosis was at age 14 or 15
So you admit you don’t have a depressive disorder then, Jill?

No. 290919

it's crazy how aware she seems in this compared to now. She seemed actually willing to do something good for mental health advocates. (even though she had her bad moments then too)
Now she is just making more of a fool of herself and making fools out of people who have actually been abused.

No. 290921

I think Jill actually thinks "better than average" means she was a special savant (when it just meant the average kid doesn't play piano at all).

Jill is like those old beer-belly dads who swear they COULD have been a football pro if they just had kept playing it but life got in the way. And they spend the rest of their life bragging about this potential "could have" that never even existed in the first place.

No. 290923

Jesus fucking christ look at how many posts wre in here. How the fuck do you obsess so much over one person?

Like holy shit this random girl on the internet misconstrued her personal health information to the public, better go dig up her file just to make sure.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 290927

Ive noticed whenever people do this, the excuse is always how "great" the victim is said to "think" she is. It reminds me exactly of this time in elementary school this kid pulled down his trunks and everybody starting bullying him for having a massive penis. Theres a point where its just brazenly parasitic.(sage your shit)

No. 290928

This may shock you, but there are hundred of threads on this website that are exactly the same! Can you believe it? How did someone like you even find this secret evil troll dungeon?

No. 290930

Well you answered your own question. There are many similar posts, leading to them becoming well known to anyone who might know her. Thats actually what I asked, is why there are so many of them.

No. 290932

Also, most people know lolcow, they just dont go on it because theyre too busy doing anything else.

Shouldnt say anybody that might knownher, but you hear stuff like "Didnt you hear about all that hate online for ___" and so you end up reading it yourself. Figures its the truth since its not uncommon, as you said, rephrasing my question as an answer.

No. 290935

yeah but you're apparently not busy, you have so much time to spare and nothing better to do than to shit up this thread. really says a lot about you

No. 290936

To be fair, she did post herself publically online. This is legal and fine, shes basically a celebrity. Youre just a fucking faggot.(Sage your infighting)

No. 290939


Why are you on here if we're so terrible?

No. 290944

Yeah because you guys are still posting these like five years or more later. Its been that long since I last even thought of this, no joke. Did you not think maybe I had seen this once before and happened to return this one time? Of course you did. I got fifteen minutes to call you a weird faggot as I drink a coffee and Im not even at work.

No. 290945

When you achieve something enviable, you will get it. I didnt when i was a teenager, but i still never posted in here. I dont thimk youll ever get it. Go to local business twitters of people with net worth of 200 mil and youll see it there too, constantly.

No. 290946

File: 1680884136370.jpg (49.34 KB, 1080x568, 000d02ea643071fa0dba1d38161705…)

No. 290947

who gives a fuck if you've been here or not

No. 290951

File: 1680884806955.jpeg (62.81 KB, 1170x679, 23345DA2-24B1-4D57-95E4-816B30…)

No. 290952

File: 1680884933973.jpeg (15.39 KB, 366x360, b8.jpeg)

just report the confetticunt scrote nonas

No. 290953

Who tf are you

No. 290955


She probably almost snapped because mommy called her Jill instead of pixie

No. 290957

Oh i didnt mean to say anyones a millionaire, i meant to say that youre worthless. Its not really about me so much it is about your posts, which are the subject of mine.

No. 290959

Im just saying its really weird man and youd feel all feel better if you quit trolling real life people. You arent funny, its just like gossipgirls in here. Im way more interested in your posts than their actual content

No. 290961

I used to have a blast trolling people to their face but this is just like, i dont know… Big Brother? One of those RealityTV shows, you probably know all of them.

No. 290962

Holt fuckvkk mann she has a nicknmae????? Ohhhhh fuk i think im gonna cooooooooom oh god lets go thru her friends listnand look up their family treess!!!

No. 290963

No. 290964

Fucking freaks

No. 290965

Go get a brown keyboard so you can type faster you fucking indian

No. 290966

You are very personally upset about this, can you please tell whichever system member this is that DID is bullshit and that doctor will never apologize to you?

No. 290968

Oh gooooood hes trowlingg usss omg he mus be so personal mad kek butthurt poggers grow up and make someone laugh. You knowsomeones gonna laugh st my last one because im funny and you arent.

No. 290970

No clue what you just said cause im not a little geek freak like you. You seem pretty mad to keep responding, maybe you need a pee?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 290971

Aren't you done with your coffee yet?

No. 290973

Figures you cant read time after spending so long in moms basement or whatever. I finished it like 30 minutes ago and you can clearly see that I continued posting. Why ask? I literally told you it would take fifteen minutes to finish the coffee and I'm still posting long afterbthat. Are you retarded?

No. 290974

If I were still drinking the coffee, it would either be cold, or coming out of the microwave. Did you not stop to ask yourself if perhaps the coffee went cold, prompting me to microwave it at a later time to finish it? Can you think of anything but Pixielocks or did I catch you with your parents around your ankles?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 290979

nta but I love it when newfags who don't know how to sage or tag the post they're responding to act high and mighty in the replies, nobody cares about your coffee, dipshit

No. 290980

Even better when they try to act calm and cool and unbothered but their reading and spelling disability says otherwise

No. 290983

File: 1680892281525.png (52.93 KB, 1178x612, Screen Shot 2023-04-07 at 11.1…)

It's so beautifully ironic…

Yeah sorry thats what I meant, the doctors can't know because the kid is too young. Kek youre onto something though, I think jill might be a chuunibyou

No. 291001

File: 1680903707495.png (67.12 KB, 1188x818, Screen Shot 2023-04-07 at 5.41…)

i need to know how sof managed to get in the clear from posting on here. does jill even know?

No. 291016

You realize the more everyone talks about it, the less likely Jill will ever speak publicly about this. They obviously dealt with it privately since someone cowtipped about it in her Tiktok comments. I can't imagine she'll ever talk about it publicly but anons will keep posting about it every time they interact now.

No. 291017

She really never does anything for anyone but herself. Not for her partner, not for her mother, not for her friends, not even her cats. It's all about herself at every and any time.

No. 291019

Lmao. So much lack of self awareness…

No. 291025

Definitely just claimed it was an evil troll impersonating her as a setup to ruin Jill’s life and friendships and Jill probably (half) believes it because she thinks anyone who criticizes her is a hater/troll. She does the normal narc thing of “everyone must love me and if they don’t they’re crazy. But obviously they love me”

No. 291054

kek I like how she doesn't care for having ADHD. It's almost like she doesn't want the one mental illness that only has bad stereotypes and it's practically impossible to fake the symptoms without ruining your life.

No. 291055

Based on how she is dressed (tweety shirt - she randomly decided that was a "special interest" of hers as a kid), that's going to be our Easter gift. I cannot wait!

No. 291056

I think she means BPD which is funny because she still has the diagnosis. It was solidified when she went to her craft school. What I'm wondering is if she thinks she doesn't have BPD even though all of this circus she's putting on only proves that she has some type of cluster-b money's still on narc, since a lot of people who have BPD actually want to get better once they realize they have it
So they try to discredit professionals and get angry at people who aren't? So who should people listen to? Because most people won't listen to people who claim to be menially ill. Especially when the disorder means that there are multiple people who are supposed to have different thoughts and feelings. Like how come none of the LARPers have an alter that agrees with the DR that ran the panel, why are all the alters angry and hate him? You would think one of the alters would agree with everything he says.(take it to the real opinions on cows thread)

No. 291093

>Like how come none of the LARPers have an alter that agrees with the DR that ran the panel, why are all the alters angry and hate him? You would think one of the alters would agree with everything he says.
None of the alters seem to be trolling either. Suddenly everyone is all srs business about it. Almost like they're one of the same mind…

No. 291100

She was only just diagnosed with BPD a few years ago. As far as I know she still claims it.

No. 291102

It's honestly still so weird to me how posters itt will cling to the BPD diagnosis like it's the gospel truth when I'm more inclined to agree with
That she's just a narc. Not trying to armchair just an observation. It's also wild how on board with 99% of her "alters" are with her decisions, almost like there is no disorder.

No. 291107

I'm not commenting on whether or not she actually has BPD, I was just clarifying that it's not the misdiagnosis from her teens that she was referring to in that tweet.

No. 291138

Before her diegnosis and during her assessment she was posting breadcrumbs for a handful of disorders hoping she would come out of the assesment with at least one or a few of them
Including schizophrenia, ADHD, OCD and other interesting mental disorders. From my memory she was pushing schizophrenia the most and was more calm about the DID stuff. We where all surprised when the unofficial diegnosis came out even she was surprised she managed to get the most severe disorder out of the ones she was going for.
It's why in her grand reveal she went through all of them and gave straight forward logical answers from her doctor for why she couldn't have them and why she gave up on those ones.
>No ADHD because she didn't have it during her childhood
EXCEPT FOR AUTISM LOL. She didn't start breadcrumbing autism until one of her doctors mentioned it and she saw it as a way out of her bpd

She only went after a diegnosis in the first place because she wanted so badly to identify as a neurodivergent designer but everyone told her that bpd isn't a neurodivergency
Instead of accepting the truth she went out of her way to prove herself as special and went harder into it when she realized how much in her advantage it could be

She was also likely jealous of her design classmates who did her project on having bipolar disroder. And she felt left out of the internet during the pandemic tourrettes obsession. Which was a time Jillian was most inactive.

Sorry for the long post. I can tell there's alot of people who have only showed up in the last few month or even weeks

No. 291141

File: 1680980248889.png (1.73 MB, 720x4972, Screenshot_20230408_115645.png)

No. 291142

File: 1680980363882.webm (445.67 KB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 291144

This will never stop being annoying.

No. 291155

I'm almost pissing myself laughing at these absolute vampires. They must be so unsufferable.

No. 291160

It is interesting to look at what lead up to her DID-larp. Along with what you already mentioned, she was also clearly disappointed when she wasn't chosen for Anthony Padilla's video on BPD. It all seemingly ties back to her need to be the posterchild spokesperson for everything she's into.

No. 291169

File: 1680994275378.png (288.61 KB, 1234x1058, Screen Shot 2023-04-08 at 6.51…)

We called it! From her latest "system picrews" tweet kek.

No. 291170

samefag, sorry, but I just wanted to say that she couldn't have gotten a little more creative with naming her OCs? No longer trying for subtlety, though I don't think she ever was tbh

No. 291171

So how many are we up to now?
Veronica (lately silenced guess she’s not horny)
Ramona (killed off)
did I miss anyone? This is so cringe, why does she need so many “protectors” anyway? From what? Lolcow?

No. 291172

samefagging but remember when she started her fashion line (lol) called five petal flower because she had herself and 4 alters? That was less than 2 years ago. She has added a new OC every few months now, claiming they have always been there she just didn’t discover them until now. How is she discovering them and becoming fully able to communicate consciously with them so quickly with NO therapy?

No. 291173

So what caused the new protector, McLean or her mom not calling her pixie?

No. 291175

lol at her using the skinny body type for all of them. not very inclusive or body positive of you, Jillian

No. 291177

File: 1680997493148.jpeg (103.17 KB, 750x750, 3413599E-730A-42D9-9ED7-161D62…)

not all of them…

No. 291179

It is as if she knows that she is fat and not as body positive about it as she wants to be but to cope with it instead of losing weight she just made up imaginary selves that are skinny to solve the problem.

No. 291182

She must have an alter for every color of the rainbow to match her brand.

No. 291185

I didn’t realize Jerr and Jax were separate lmao. I can’t tell the difference between the green Grinch themed emo demiboyz. Why do they share a Twadder? Which one is doing drag? So many questions

No. 291188

File: 1681004260524.png (73.72 KB, 1232x354, Screen Shot 2023-04-08 at 9.37…)

off topic but this comment made me snort. an AI robot?? I really don't understand the logic behind it>

No. 291202

LMFAO she really went and made a new alter for the TRAUMA of her public videos being used publicly. What a spoiled brat and a joke of a person. Real DID patients who were trafficked and severely abused as children would hate her guts or at best laugh in her face in shock and disbelief in this stunt.

No. 291203

So that's why she kept putting the sun and cloud emoji on her tweets during the height of the McLean drama? Funny how she hasn't been using her emoji sign offs to denote who is "speaking" over text, only remembering it so she can breadcrumb a new alter. Transparent clown, such a fucking joke

No. 291207

Jer is the only boy. Jax is a girl. Jerry is green and Jax is blue. But they are both edgelords which is probably why they share a Twitter lmao.

No. 291209

The thing I’m wondering is…if this supposedly happened before she was diagnosed (I know it didn’t) what did Stevie think was happening? Did he freak out? She just sits there and doesn’t respond then suddenly changes personality? Obviously that didn’t happen before, so between him and her parents how can any of them even play along with this lie? Even since the beginning of the larp the way she “switches” has changed.

No. 291216

how dare you forget old man cliffe

No. 291227

Mood swings, arguments, and her acting like they didn’t happen. In one of her videos he says he knew before she did because she would fight him and then act like it didn’t happen and she couldn’t remember it. Jill acted shocked and like this statement of his was news to her. If you ask me it’s also just the same shit as always, how people with BPD suddenly explode at their loved ones and then act innocent or gaslight them and go “what? I wouldn’t do that, what do you mean…”

No. 291230

LOL I did forget him….he’s so bland and old and never around (busy doing taxes) can you even fault me for it

No. 291233

Yeah, I remember that but I mean her dramatic “switching caught on camera” performances obviously didn’t happen before when she wasn’t familiar with DID. She just behaved badly then gaslit everyone into thinking they were wrong the next day. Wouldn’t SOMEONE close to her be like “hmm, that’s weird that she just started doing the weird seizure thing when she decided she had DID.” Did they just assume that she had been doing it out of sight this whole time? Stevie edited her videos for a long time and he never saw a single “switch” in the raw footage or at least never thought to mention it to her? She never switched on livestream until she got “diagnosed.” No one took her license away or expressed any concerns about her operating a car? Like, none of it makes any sense. I just wish someone close to her would just not entertain her. In a “real” or at least traditional case of DID the alter(s) don’t really come out that often except in very high stress/triggering situations, but she’s going between 4 different alters a day. Yet somehow no one at school or work has ever said anything about this behavior enough for it to be a concern. No one who has ever spoken about knowing her irl has mentioned any of this. She just never mentioned it. I know this is old news I’m just baffled by how so many people buy this, not just for her but for every faker. I wonder if her family really buys it or they just don’t know what to do.

No. 291235

the people that choose to stay in her life like stalker sof and her overly attentive mom are probably used to her antics and just hope its a phase. they know if they don't support her, jillybean will call abuse and publicly shame them for not being a part of her attention seeking behaviour

No. 291236

File: 1681024700467.gif (832.96 KB, 352x264, d1v.gif)

I just hear this in my head… is this an alter? Kek

No. 291237

File: 1681026806121.jpg (15.89 KB, 592x240, Screenshot_20230409-0050.jpg)

No. 291239


No. 291240

We almost need a revive of the did larp thread.

No. 291241

holy fucking KEK nonnie, made me laugh so loud I scared my dog. Gotta go watch this oldie now.

No. 291245

Shouldn't getting new alters be a bad thing, since they're caused by trauma and lead to more blacking out? Also very coincidental that Jill's alters all know how to use twitter and pic crew

No. 291246

i would love there to be a mental illness larpers thread, i'm sick of that pandering ass subreddit

No. 291247

But nonny, Jillybean was so deeply traumatized by the hospital abusively using her video and fake claiming her totally super real DID! Of course she would develop an alter from such a DEEPLY traumatic experience!

No. 291252

trauma is when things don’t go my way and people are mean to me

No. 291255

OT but I agree. It’s gotten so out of hand with fake autism and fake DID etc. I definitely would be into a thread for all the cows within that sphere/section of the internet.

No. 291257

I’d also love a thread like this, but weren’t munchie threads banned a long time ago? I remember we used to have regular munchie threads and I loved them.

No. 291262

i think the munchie thread was banned because people like kelly ronahan were actually causing physical harm to their bodies? if we had a DID larp threat it should be allowed because they're not actually physically doing any bodily harm during their grift for attention. jill has really surrounded herself with a community of larpers and id also love a thread where nonnies can post how crazy jills mentally ill larpers are themselves

No. 291270

File: 1681049945414.jpeg (49.25 KB, 828x503, 83DCD934-519E-47BD-A054-230F55…)

Even more alter splits?! I can barely keep up ffs

No. 291273

If she had even half a brain she’d have taken notes from the doctors presentation and quietly toned down the obvious fakery so as to seem more legit moving forward. But of course she’s so pig headed that she’s instead doubling down

Guys, how have we missed it all along, her huge string of emojis after every tweet for years has clearly just been her alters silently being co-con all this time!

No. 291276

File: 1681050351083.png (11.32 KB, 550x233, retard disease.png)

weird that 'sunny' isnt the one using the sun/cloud emoji. so shes got TWO alters that use similar emoji, one being a shooting star and then the cloud/sun. how does she expect people to keep all this lore straight

any guesses what the cloud/sun alter is?

No. 291277

oops didnt realise my image also posted with it

No. 291278

>that’s someone else
Don’t tell me she created TWO new alters because of the McLean video, fucking kek can you imagine.

No. 291286

I just…sometimes I have to step away from these threads because I genuinely cannot fathom why people do this. Do they really think anyone who isn’t a part of this crowd believes them? Really? It’s just so fucking cringe and weird, like the whole kinning community of tumblr in the 2010s. Ultimate embarrassment.

No. 291287

I honestly think Jill is introducing alters to guilt trip the people who question her. That and she's bored of cliffe and veronica.

No. 291289

i spent a week reading all the threads since the beginning of the DID phase. its worth it to go back if you're reading now and don't know the full DID history.
when the next person makes a thread and posts the old thread links, plz add a note after the first DID thread so anons can easily find it.
the thread is >>>/w/176591

No. 291299

Less than two years ago she only had Jerrick. Really puts it into perspective.

No. 291308

Her skill level is the same as any kid that took 4 years of music school. Any person attending higher music education is better than her, and that would be perfectly fine if she didn't claim to be exceptional and a savant.

No. 291321

What if they're Sunny and Cloudy, twin alters
She was very into contrasting duos a while ago (pixie/jerrick)

No. 291323

this is absolutely retarded, i.e. highly likely that's what jill is doing. you reverse-engineered her cringe

No. 291324

this has been going on for almost two years? holy shit, time flies

No. 291325

I wonder how long this LARP will go for. My guess is in a year Jill will get bored and claim her alters fused.

No. 291328

We said that a year ago and she keeps doubling down as if to prove us wrong. It is obvious that she will claim fusion once she is bored, but at this point it feels like she is ready to die on this retarded hill.

No. 291329

To be honest I would have thought it would be over by now or at least dwindling but it just keeps getting worse and worse. My new question is how much longer can her family and friends pretend to support her larp before they break. Obviously Sof doesn’t buy it or she wouldn’t have posted here, but I think that friendship would probably break inconsequentially like the rest of her friendships. I have to assume her family is probably not 100% on it as they knew her before the internet and it’s mostly her mom openly supporting her larp because she’s such a creative little genius. Tinfoil but I also feel like Stevie doesn’t totally believe it either as he has seen hours of raw footage of her where she didn’t switch and lived with her for years but just wants to believe so there’s some explanation for why she hates him sometimes. Someone is going to crack…who will it be.

No. 291332

File: 1681069340960.jpeg (141.95 KB, 1884x2048, 1679591889830.jpeg)

it's possible steebie buys it, he doesn't look too too bright and even though he's knee-deep in it the madness has been creeping up really slowly, living with jill mustn't be the best for your mental health and common sense. plus it gives him virtue points for being a great caring partner of a DID autist + leeway for his current sloppiness and impending troonification + special attention points on the internet. idk what he does for work but maybe he enjoys jill's parents money as well.
that's a lot of reasons to put up with her shit

No. 291333

File: 1681069582713.jpeg (98.68 KB, 1170x1141, 1EBCD92C-24DD-407D-AA2D-C2031C…)

No. 291334

imagine having the bare minimum "cyberbullying" and it is so traumatic that you split into a whole new personality. there are actually kids being beaten and raped, but jill had a video of a doctor saying she might not have the worst disorder ever and that is obviously much ore traumatic.

No. 291335

File: 1681069901416.png (25.69 KB, 1196x288, Screen Shot 2023-04-09 at 3.52…)

No. 291336

"echo chamber" is right, jesus christ

No. 291337

> the echo chamber
so fitting…

What goes on in these peoples lives that this is such a traumatic thing. I feel like even for normal non traumatized people this wouldn’t be such a traumatic deal. Just log off. If you have a diagnosis you have nothing to worry about…..lol

No. 291338

She has got to be kidding. I wish I could smack this girl hard enough to knock some sense into her retarded rainby head. The anon upthread who posited she was going to get a new alter because of the ~trauma~ of her validity being challenged by a professional with a platform was 100% correct.

No. 291341

For any nonnies left who still give Jill the benefit of the doubt regarding her 'trauma', she has clearly never been sexually assaulted if this is her idea of a traumatic experience. She is incredibly privileged and sheltered

No. 291348

I don't know how her mom still publicly supports her the way she does. Is it love? Is she insane too? Her own daughter, that she spoiled and coddled beyond reason, is basically telling the world she had the most horrible traumatic childhood without any parental love or support (required for DID). As if she is one of those children collected from war torn areas of the world and bought and sold at auctions in Mumbai to be camel jockeys that often get killed and maimed racing and sex slaves for old men. In fact her and Steve are nasty creeps themselves and a danger to kids with their adult baby fetish shit. I hate her so much it's unbelievable someone can be this awful and so smug.

No. 291363

he is so incredibly annoying. he must be exhausting to be around.

No. 291367

Forgive the rant but I can't believe she's actually creating NEW alters now, when she barely maintains the illusion of the ones she has. I genuinely can't work out where Jill thinks she's going to go from here. She's been publicly exposed for her DID larp by doctors, half her fans who aren't delusional already recognised she was faking due to her God awful acting and inconsistencies and unsubscribed, she lost most of her Patreon subscribers, she's likely alienated all of her whole old friends, and her new friends are backstabbers and/or crabs in a bucket. How long does she seriously think she can keep this up? Can you imagine her at 30+ still trying to maintain this stupid low effort larp?

She never posts regularly as it is, we never see her alters in videos except for 'co-con' usually with Flora or Berry who are already similar to her personality. The only time we 'see' her other alters are in tiny snippets on TikTok where they're not even speaking but lip syncing or posing, or on Twitter which is also low effort. Even her drag career ended up like her fashion designer career, dumped once she realised how much work it would actually take and that people wouldn't pat her on the back for sloppy, low quality work.

Jill honestly needs to start getting her shit together, either admit you're too lazy to commit to anything for more than a year and log off, or stop creating new alters, 'fuse' as many as you can into non existence, pick a new niche that actually appeals to people, and put actual effort into bettering your work and life. Jill's is one of the most genuinely aggravating downfalls I've seen in a while because it would be so easy to fix and actually become successful

No. 291375

I think we are all there with you. I love to laugh at these bitches but Jill is really an example of someone who has had a ton of opportunities handed to her that she let slip through her fingers. She had a collab with MyViolet, not that it was good but it could have netted her some cash to get her own stuff started. She has connections among her kawaii friends with their own brands to Chinese factories so she could get her magical girl brand rolling. But no…she needed sustainable. She had the kawaii ambassador title and a decent following already and was on hooked on the look so the normie visibility to basically throw her fashion line at. But no her mental health was more important. She even went to craft school (barely) and couldn’t even show her final collection beyond a few ill fitting and poorly styled photos. She has parents who support her every creative endeavor, which is more than most 25 year old stoners have. But i guess she thinks it’s just easier to get money capitalizing on the DID larp. When she starts getting bored she just makes an OC. She failed to realize the reason it worked for disassociadid and some others is because they were first and only for a while and people are less inclined to believe people claiming DID now. So many people would kill for the opportunities she has been lucky enough to have and yet she in return shows NO appreciation to the people who got her there in the first place, the people who believed in her fashion designer dreams and kawaii stuff. She just tells them they’re repugnant for doubting her larp and makes a new alter.

No. 291376

samefag but do y’all remember when she got the Kuromi Melody wet n wild PR and she made a huge show of throwing it away? She was complaining about the wasteful packaging etc so she just fucking threw it away as if that made any sense for sustainability. Wet n wild is a pretty huge and accessible vegan brand and she just burned the bridge without even thinking about it because it was so inconsequential to lose such an opportunity. That’s how it’s been with everything.

No. 291377

the fact that she threw away anything sanrio feels blasphemous. Especially the kuromi/my melody one with her stupid fetish for contrast couples.

No. 291391

She is a true and honest to god retard, idiot, fool, imbecilic, stupid goddamn bitch. This is not a serious person. She is absolutely and completely pitiful, a total failure. I no longer care to pick apart the absolute nonsense that she says, because it degrades me to even engage in this pathetic bitch's delusions.

No. 291392

I need to take a break from this thread because I hate Jill so much at this point and every time she says something I become enraged despite her having nothing to do with my life, which is so stupid but I keep thinking I’m going to miss something big if I do. Does anyone else have the confetti fomo or am I alone in this

No. 291394

Same. I’ll make a pact with you to take a break from Jill’s bs if you want anon. I commented my prediction about the sun alter emoji drop thing during the whole doctorgate thing- And I’m actually shocked she went through with it. She’s really trying to guilt trip a Harvard doctor who knows she’s faking. She’s such a stupid asshole I’m not sure I can stomach it anymore either. At least at one point she kind of acted like a person. This is all non sense. I’ll check back in in a few months when she realizes how stupid she is for setting herself up for failure. She’ll still have her loving mommy and daddy (who let her get abused regularly as a kid, my ass) when it all goes to shit. She can rot in hell for larping CSA for all I care.

No. 291395

File: 1681105432668.png (1.86 MB, 720x2619, Screenshot_20230409_224032.png)

Happy Easter my sweet nonnies! Hope you all had a pleasant day. I did not grab the webm of this tiktok because it just shows Jill hiding eggs with the biggest one in a cat bed. Here is the description and two screenshots.

No. 291396

File: 1681105625830.png (1.09 MB, 720x2770, Screenshot_20230409_224050.png)

No. 291397

File: 1681105801964.webm (5.66 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

Also lol at last comment.

No. 291399

File: 1681108416406.png (66.47 KB, 623x218, Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 12.3…)

>inner child healing
my sister in christ you're so self absorbed every second of your life has been documented by you. this was in your blog unprompted! thank you for sharing nona i can't follow this bitch at all.

No. 291400

I encourage you to take a break especially if you can't find some of the stuff funny. It happens and good to take a step back. I do want you to know she is receiving karma just unfortunately not in the way lots of nonas want it to be. I know this gets brought up often that she is gaining weight but it clearly is a huge sore spot for her. She cannot magically fix this problem by whinging or throwing [her parents'] money at it. It's the best kind of karma because Jill has to be the one to actively do something about it. Her laziness and unwillingness is her ultimate demise.
>Does anyone else have the confetti fomo or am I alone in this
Yeah, I did a while back because I thought her own ilk would turn against her. I mean she's the epitome of what they hate on paper: spoiled privileged white girl with loving parents who give into all her whims. Yet no one calls out her obvious bs despite Jill herself providing the documentation in the form of journals/tweets/videos. I don't know if it'll happen, most likely not the way I envision it if it does, but I did get a kick out of reading threads I missed out of. Some of the shit she writes/talks about still hurts a bit especially because she has no idea what's it like to actually suffer from any of the labels she likes to tack onto her social media like enamel pins. I do get the anger because I do suffer from some of the issues and it's hard especially when parents are dismissive and act like by smiling everything will be better. Just know her being told "no" is world ending and it makes me laugh because she's an adult with a young child's temperament. She still holds resentment for the dumbest shit like not being able to have dyed hair at her grocery job. She's never known hardship and it's glaringly obvious. She can only act, I'm being very generous using this word, like she has. How embarrassing and pathetic at her age. So even if you do miss out on the drama when it's happening just know you still read about it later and be hopefully able to laugh about then. I feel like I can laugh more at her antics since my break.

No. 291405

so who else thinks this donkeydirt person was genuinely being hostile but it only took a fake apology to appease jill's anger? wonder if sof did the same kek

No. 291408

The initial comment seemed like a joke but Jill jumped at the opportunity to be a bitch for anyone insinuating that she's not original.

No. 291409

I think Jill just blocked the person then came up with a dumb cover up. Kek

No. 291410

It would be hilarious if Steve started larping everything Jill is larping while insisting it's real and he only just realized it. See how Jill likes it when he has an edgy alter who hates her and says she's not his gf, an alter who's a young child and breaks her rainbow stuff and throws tantrums, a sex obsessed seductive one who tries to sleep with her friends, a trans girl teen alter stealing her clothes and going into female only spaces and a drag queen 30 year old grandpa alter.

No. 291412

Fellow nonnies any time you feel jealous or resentful about any cow here, just remember their predecessor cows. There is no net positive end game to this. Cows like Jill need attention, it will go away (her numbers have mega dropped so it's already started). In the future there will be a younger, thinner version of her. Maybe this one will actually come from a broken background and not need to invent trauma. Dunno really. Just realize that Jill is in her death throws and let's all enjoy the fervor before the crash.

No. 291414


I don't think jill realizes this because she's an idiot, but DID is caused by EXTREME trauma. As in kidnapping, chained to the radiator and starved, child sex trafficking trauma. Even if her parents weren't directly involved they'd have to be criminally negligent at best. This bicth wants to claim trauma and abuse while also getting her parents to buy her landfills of presents and coddle her constantly and it makes no sense with what she's saying about her childhood.

No. 291415

I remember Jill posting that she had a super speshul autistic brain that takes mundane trauma and cannot handle it and creates alters to deal with it. I believe it's her breadcrumb scapegoat to bypass the whole issue of her WELL DOCUMENTED cushy, privileged, spoiled, and protected life.

No. 291418

why does she fangirl over this guy so hard anyway, this song sounds like shit

No. 291419

I will never forget the ridiculously expensive doll house she got as a gift from her mom, it’s just so funny, everything she does is documented, honestly, anyone could just backread her Twitter and that’s it, that’s all the proof you need to know that she’s never been abused, at least not to the point of developing fucking DiD, like lol, yeah jillybean, your sooper neglecting parents didn’t know your piano teacher (who never touched you) had you locked up in his house for many years in a satanic cult rape dungeon, hey! Maybe she was locked up with Soren and she’s actually Soren’s special friend.
She wants him to fuck her.

No. 291422

I wish Jillian realized it is okay to be a boring heterosexual white woman. She would be at peace with herself.

No. 291429

File: 1681131262766.jpg (129.75 KB, 1080x990, Screenshot_20230410_135213.jpg)


It's really bizzare watching any of Jill's videos after the DID larp, because she really makes it sound like something awful happened to her as a toddler. But then ore larp she talked about having an amazing childhood, being super lucky, getting tons of gifts and support from her family. It's sad to see how she throws her family under the bus.

No. 291430

File: 1681133587992.png (96.77 KB, 512x384, 0EC64617-AC5D-48C4-B406-191925…)

she really is so mad she didn’t get abused. insane behavior.

No. 291445

Harhar. Do these people have to relate everything to their various traumas? Even a fucking Mario movie. They are so focused on their (real or imagined) victim statuses that they don't even seem to want to live a healthy normal life.

No. 291457

Seriously, this shit is obnoxious and nauseating enough when parents film themselves doing this for their small children to post on Instagram . . . It's on a whole other level seeing this stupid cunt do it for herself. I just can't.

No. 291472

File: 1681148239705.jpeg (149.95 KB, 1170x922, DEBE81FC-7343-4465-86F1-648FC1…)

Ah so she’s always had zero consequences to her actions and treated boundaries like they aren’t her problem. Jillian’s origin story is making more sense. Spoiled princess with no consequences.

No. 291473

File: 1681148309351.jpeg (62.98 KB, 828x666, ACB7BF31-A07E-4086-BE18-EBAF88…)

she’s past baiting and now just straight up telling people she’s autistic kek

No. 291475

‘no bigger than a 0’? what does this tweet mean?

No. 291476

nayrt but considering she's talking about jewelry, I'm thinking she's talking about her ear gauges?

No. 291477

Yeah, she is. It’s insane to me because I can’t even imagine a world in which my parents would have even let me get a second piercing let alone stretch my ears. This girl got handed everything to her.

No. 291479

not even handed in that case. apparently she just takes it and nobody stops her for some reason

No. 291480

>I am autistic
Still a POS put that acronym in your bio too Jill

No. 291481

Where’s the dx sheet, Jildo? People like her make my legitimate autistic rage flare up kek like Jill stop self diagnosing using checklists you find online challenge (impossible)

No. 291486

It makes me mad that she is angling for late diagnosed as well with how attentive and caring her parents are. They also sought her help really quickly for her ED behaviour and clearly took it seriously getting her meds and a designer emotional support cat. It’s just not believable that she would have the level of support needs she is trying to portray and that her parents wouldn’t have caught it.

No. 291488

Plug/Gauge sizes

No. 291490

File: 1681153414000.jpeg (219.59 KB, 1170x1515, 0C1DA587-B9EF-4B68-A632-673177…)

No. 291491

File: 1681153442728.jpeg (80.84 KB, 1170x541, 7259E299-558A-42D6-BCC1-9F70C7…)

God damn they really don’t stop coming huh

No. 291492

What is it with her trying so badly to pseudo-flash people in her pictures and videos. She is forcing her tits really close together with her arms and is wearing a tiny shirt that's slipping.

No. 291493

KEK heavy freckle-having anon here to say this looks like she splattered dookie all over her face. Nice try tho Jill. She clearly is trying to go for natural freckles too and really ~nailing~ it lmao like some people pull off the fake kind, some do NOT.

No. 291494

Gotta reign in the a-log rage for a minute and say I love that all of Jillybean's alters dress like shit. girl you look like you've been dumpster diving. She is so deranged I can't even take it.

No. 291495

Sigh… I just wish she'd just go to therapy to deal with her personality disorder instead of making more OCs to larp her feelings out.

No. 291497

So in simpler terms, she's the little costume Jillian puts on when she wants to act like a passive-aggressive cunt? I love that she paints herself as a "delicate and sensitive uwu rainby bean" who needs her protector alter to talk to people on the internet for her because she's so twamatized by a medical professional questioning her delusions when she's always been an edgy, mean bitch since the minute she got access to the internet. I can't wait to see her change her story and act like Amber has existed since childhood like she has with all her other alters (aka her different fashion phases)

No. 291498

Go away, Amber.

No. 291499

Honestly it's embarassing to see how the hospital stuff emboldened her. If her mom is still hoping this is just a phase, this is a big wakeup call.

No. 291500

praying for Louise to put her foot down, come on Louise your daughter is destroying her life on the internet do something

No. 291504

so she split off not one but two yellow girl protectors from being featured in a hospital lecture video. Like…is this trauma to you? Girl.

I think this is what does it for me. It’s one thing to fake OC disease that all the teens are pretending to have but it’s another thing to be like “I AM autistic even though I literally just said I’m not diagnosed in a video last week
everyone SAYS I am so I must be.” And no one will call her out bc self dx is more accepted than ever.

No. 291505

Lol she's getting so fat she split a Hamberlynn Reid alter, traumatizing

No. 291506

So which twitter argument or tiktok comment about a month ago was so twaumatizing that she needed a new protector to help her to accept the horrible situations she could avoid if she stopped broadcasting her LARP on social media?

No. 291507

what was happening a month ago? I don't remember anything super bad in the threads.

No. 291508

File: 1681157156753.png (122.67 KB, 500x1068, consoomerism.png)

So consumerism is bad unless you're pixie, because shes a special autist who buys consciously
>being a sjw is what created Amber
no fucking way

No. 291515

>>291473 stupid bitch can kiss my double diagonsed autistic ass
>>291490 going to take a bet nonnas, this Amber character is going to be jill's (poor) cottagecore aesthetics
>>291508 love how jill pretends she actually cares about her environmental impact

No. 291518

File: 1681159027527.jpeg (99.76 KB, 750x750, 8DEE7D17-63DD-48B5-8A0D-F76DB0…)

Nothing happened a month ago. The emoji didn’t appear until the McLean situation and she’s just saying it was a month ago this girl split to be more credible, which backfired because that would mean something horrible and traumatic happened that she just didn’t mention at all.

Nah, she did a picrew of her. She’s basically yellow Jax. Her selfie was misleading.

No. 291523

100% she worded it like this because just saying she thinks she has autism doesn’t give that gotcha moment to stop any further criticism.

No. 291525

File: 1681160740674.png (139.3 KB, 1184x874, Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 2.05…)

Where is "has playlists for alters" in the list of DID symptoms?

No. 291526

lmao pretending to give a fuck about the planet for clout just because she thinks her kawaii shit is superior aesthetics

No. 291527

Wow she is so original. Love the knife and scars, as if she's tough while she got a panic attack breakdown over a hospital video referencing her behavior.

No. 291528

This. The only genuine autistic who I’ve seen use their autism as a get out of jail free card is CWC. Myself and my other autistic female friends do not do this. We do not talk about it freely or online at all. People like Jill and others (a certain “author” ahem Piper CJ) who like to use it to shut people up when they get criticized for legitimate reasons are scum to me.

No. 291529

Pretty sure the 'strong sense of justice' is more autism breadcrumbs. It's painfully obvious she is just parroting symptoms she has seen on tiktok

No. 291530

My thoughts exactly, because who tf says that? And who mentions their "sense of justice" when having a…totally groundbreaking discussion about "funko pops bad" like where's the justice in bitching about other people for consooming rather than doing something about it kek

No. 291531

I can't really explain why but the fake freckles are KILLING me. Obviously it's always been absurd that all of the "alters" have their different hairstyles, etc, but something about the mental image of Jill painstakingly drawing all those freckles on so this "protector" can come out and be a bitch on Twitter is just next level to me.

No. 291533

Jillian will start taking fifteen minutes to respond to hate replies on twitter because she's too busy dabbing ink on her face so she can embody Amber

No. 291534

OMFG she has literally just copied this from an autism checklist. I remember reading that exact quote when researching autism a few years ago. How on earth are her family putting up with this!?!?

No. 291539

Why is her protector a cutter?

No. 291550

Jillian loves appropriating phrases that have nothing to do with her. She’s never displayed an actual strong sense of justice! She’ll attack people when HER pride is wounded, and do a little bit of Twitter policing, but most of her standards were shit other people pointed out she was doing wrong, and she continues to have awful boundaries about. Like she CLAIMS to be so interested in environmentalism and slow fashion after she was called out on her hauls, but she actually still obsessively buys tons of plastic and consumer crap whenever she wants.

No. 291562

Jill is pink, berry probably red, amber orange, sunny is yellow, Jerrick is green, cliffe/jax could be blue, Veronica purple. This is a larp to her. She’s made these two to finish her rainbow.

No. 291563

but what about samwich

No. 291564

File: 1681177502007.jpeg (46.31 KB, 640x332, F4F9D46C-89FB-42C2-B3F3-ECB859…)

Bitch is trying to be rainbow high.

No. 291565

beige to represent her diet

No. 291566

Yes Jill, you are the most honorable consumer and have never fallen into fads or have them take up a majority of your personality! You go ahead and sit on your high horse made of peeps plastic.

No. 291572

>tiddy and freckles because senpai didn't notice me despite my hate campaign about his educational lecture, much trauma my personality FraGmenteD while I was Tweeting about a video I saw on Youtube

This entirely self caused drama "causing" a split pretty much sums up Jillian, she has been active online for a decade and mentioned and reposted countless times, but she upset herself about this particular mention and was so distressed her peesonality fragmented
all bullshit of course but it's so clear to anyone following along that she has never had any real trauma if this was significant enough to cause a split, even in her own world and lore the running theme is zero actual trauma (thus zero actual DID) and she makes this so clear by what she thinks passes for "trauma" like an internet personality being publicly analysed…something she has experienced for the best part of a decade, is suddenly "trauma" because she says so

Wonder what it will take for her to "fuse" probably a marriage proposal or pregnancy or something, she's obviously not satisfied with her current life but is expressing it in all the wrong ways.

No. 291573

Holy shit Jillian is such a fucking clown. I love the shitty drawn freckles and view of boobs, need to show them off. So badass. I don't know why she thinks she's intimidating. Like girl you cry, throw a fit, and go running to mommy and daddy to solve your problems. Remember when her royal highness said Jax was her brawler? Yeah right. She'd piss her pants if she was in a real fight. Also her picrew >>291518 and drawings of her alters really show how Jill wishes she'd look. She's so insecure which is why she's aggressive. Also love the scars Jilly Bean, really tone deaf of you. >>291539 cause Jill wants her to look intimidating. I mean look a knife! Scary girl who will fuck your shit up! Jill is forever stuck in her middle school mentality.

No. 291590

What happened to Amanda her other alter?

No. 291594

Something about it is giving Shaynacore

Can I hold Jill legally responsible for giving me brain damage from the trauma of her stupidity if she can do the same with the doctor presentation? If not, if I wear a little beret to signify change of personality does that seal the deal?

No. 291599

Amber just seems like a new character she can use to fight with Steve and gaslight him since she's practically integrated with Jerrica. Funny how Jill can't even pretend to be a fake boy yet she wants to continue to claim the queer lable.

No. 291601

>giving Shaynacore
KEK you’re 100% correct. It’s the big, painful and unsexy veiny boobs being thrust in our faces and greasy pigtails with poorly done fake freckles.

No. 291604

agreed on the shayna comment. both of these women have really let hedonism (weed) destroy their lives. they both used to be thin, then ballooned up and just gotten into worse degen content over time. if jill truly is into ddlg, they've got even more in common. jill even has a 'bimbo' alter. they both lurk so I bet they read each others threads and think they're each better than the other.
all jill needs to do is get into an onlyfans phase. it would match her with shayna even more, especially because mama vessey will beg jill to stop. then, both cows can whine about their lack of familial support.

i really do bet jill is going to get into an onlyfans arc. we've all seen her subscribers drop over time. maybe mama vessey will give in and continue paying jills rent if jill threatens that onlyfans is her last resort? it will be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of years.

No. 291606

File: 1681192377983.jpeg (78.71 KB, 828x620, 3FE67F4A-5AA2-49DA-BFB1-509AAE…)

Instantly knew this is where she got the name for her new OC. It’s a song about an ex of his. She’s such a fucking creep. Drew will never love you Jillian. I know Steve is an enabler but come on, where is the line? Genuinely seems like they are together just so he can feed her ego and have a place to live. Or maybe he’s just a massive cuck because why else would you stay with someone clearly interested in another person? She is constantly pursuing Drew and trying to get attention from him. It’s actually scary how obsessive she is. Anyone else would take the hint after being ignored so many times and back off but not this entitled cunt. She is accustomed to getting everything she wants so I hope she seethes every time he ignores her.

No. 291610

wow I already thought it was cringe but now it’s worse

No. 291611

File: 1681193274136.png (19.72 KB, 382x692, Screen Shot 2023-04-11 at 12.0…)

damn, great find. the lyrics are also this, no trauma or mental illness, just her pretending mytoecold is her bf. she doesn't even try anymore, shes too high to make shit subtle and doesn't care lolcow figures out her drag race alters in a couple of hours. i would be so emberrased

No. 291613

I like how the picrew is flat and unsexualized but she has to push up her boobs in the picture."I want to be a bitch but I can't wear a binder for Jerrick anymore"

No. 291614

Good find, when I heard Amber I just kept remembering Randy Stair lol

No. 291615

That was Ember but close enough kek

No. 291617

File: 1681195632294.png (123.78 KB, 250x274, SmilePreHaruNoCarnival.png)

She's trying to be prettycure
She literally has a prettycure fictive

No. 291619

Jfc Jillian is so creepy. I think Steve just stays with his meal ticket because he can be as degen as he wants so he just looks the other way because this whole "relationship" is a facade. Jilly can't not be in a relationship. She's super desirable y'know.

No. 291620

The way jill talks about her alters is so weird. They're meant to be a response to trauma, but she talks about them lime they're cool and fun to have. Also what "horrible situations" has jill ever been in?

No. 291621

you nonnies are so fucking strong, been lurking for years and i still take so much fucking psychic damage everytime i check back here. personally i was holding out for the twin alter (sunny/cloudy) theory some nonna or another proposed, also meet the alters: sandwich when? just pixie meowing for 20+ mins

No. 291622

tbh i think drew is just glad to have a fan, god knows he needs them

No. 291633

Ohhhh my god I’m so embarrassed she is so fucking embarrassing what the fuuuuck lmao

No. 291635

Exactly. In no universe would he get an iota of the attention and free ride he gets with her.

No. 291636

I'm just waiting for her to announce this is why she feels so much affinity for a rainbow. Her existence is a brand. Kek, imagine such an empty, vapid way to be. Consoooom to feel alive.

No. 291640

A request to any anons interested in Jill's friends posting ITT: You can help us by going back and reporting any posts you suspect of being made by someone in Jill's social circle. Please include "Jillfriend" in your report reason so we can collect them easily. Feel free to go back as many threads or years as you wish.

No. 291642

so sunny is basically jax but orange how creative
she was no different than her usual self during hospital presentation drama
I noticed that her favourite OCs - jerric, jax, sunny - are those 'bad bitches manic pixie dream girls' - the same aesthetic, different color. oh, and also a child alter, but that is for stevie roleplay ew

No. 291645

All hail the new admins era!

No. 291647

File: 1681213014623.jpg (113.75 KB, 1080x1220, Screenshot_20230411_123636.jpg)

>continue as we are if not louder

Oh good, she's going to be more loud and obnoxious

No. 291651

heres an old DID larper thread. jill has surrounded herself with a hugbox of other fakers and I bet if nonnies spent some time looking at the profiles jill interacts with, they're all doing the same stuff, if not worse.

No. 291652

I thought this guy was a faggot

No. 291653

She has “I’m in a nice cute good mood and I’m just a widdle innocent babby” and “I’m MAD and HORNY and DO WHAT I WANT” like every BPDfag on earth. So funny she says her new alter is a combination of the personalities of 3 other ones that are already similar (especially with her breaking nice Angel Pixie character to be a bitch on Twitter anyway). Like, Jill, these are all the same character because this is just your personality and it has a range based on mood and circumstance like everyone else except you have bigger mood swings from BPD.
Cliffe, where she roleplays as her dad combined with a collection of gay men, is a hilarious exception since “he” exists solely to make appointments and do paperwork. Once again just mundane shit no one traumatized actually needs protection from, but every young adult alive needs to learn to do, to the point millennials even have the cringe word adulting to refer to the charade necessary in slogging through boring bureaucracy and work etc. But Jill thinks this is unique of her too.

No. 291654

This is why it's all just an attention play. Can't just quietly exist, gotta be the loudmouth.

No. 291656

This playlist is music she listens to anyway, it’s funny how these alters are all uwu unique but just like the same shit. Like surely in reality there would be something out of left field like Cliffe liking Jazz kek. It’s so low effort like she can’t be bothered to research different stuff for them to like she just gives them stuff she knows already.

No. 291658

I wish I could be put in a coma and woken up when the Berry video drops. I'm praying to God that Amber and Sunny didn't eat her.

No. 291668


No way jill would give up her ddlg little baby smalls alter

No. 291669

>My personality fragmented due to extreme trauma and I created multiple personalities in order to protect my mind from the tragic memories
>Such as when my new alter made a playlist on Spotify for herself, a task so taxing and triggering it was impossible to do without switching personalities
>this definitely is not an extended Tumblr OC larp
She's one step away from selling merch for each of her characters, they are so far removed from the root cause of DID as a mental disorder stemming from harrowing CPTSD.
Get some stickers and badges made for each of your characters Pixie, maybe some "DID Awareness" ones, sure some of your followers would buy them without a moment's self reflection on how this is just a person marketing mental disorders

No. 291670

File: 1681222071226.png (20.21 KB, 893x235, Screen Shot 2023-04-11 at 10.0…)

the milk truly floweth today nonas. unbelievable how deep the mytoecold skinwalking can go.

>manic pixie dream girls
dont forget about her "ramona" alter she admitted to as well. the manic pixie dream girl has always been her goal, no matter how truly mysogonistic it is. jill used to have this as her tumblr bio too.

oh my god, bless you farmhands

No. 291672

Strong sense of justice is more like all us anons in this thread who are dedicated to documenting her lies. Generally it refers to people being excessively truthful and accurate which is perceived as unusual, Jill is the opposite, everything she says and does is a lie

No. 291676

File: 1681225433503.jpg (73.16 KB, 1080x742, Screenshot_20230411_160336.jpg)

Jill's been tweeting about starting a small business, I wonder if this is the 5 petal flower shop

No. 291677

Please god. Let her finally do something productive in her life, I am begging.

No. 291679

I guess the trauma and splitting was because she has to get a job. She should look at her former boss who sold nothing of her arts and crafts.

No. 291686

jillian splitted because papa vessey wouldnt split the wallet open kek

No. 291690

Does she really think her Twitter disorder crowd is the best sample to ask how to run a successful business? Open a book for Christ sake

No. 291691

The manic pixie dream girl thing isn’t just misogynistic it’s also shitty towards actually autistic women. I bet other autistic nonnies have experienced people trying to push the “quirky” label on you and commodify you because of this crap.

No. 291694

Manic pixie dream girl has always referred to women with BPD, not autistics kek.

No. 291697

I hope her faking autism to get out of adult responsibilities destroys her. She is no better than people who fake being retarded to try and receive government benefits. She is fucking evil, there is no way she can come back from this. I hope every doctor she tries to swindle looks her up and sees that she is an attention-seeking munchie. I also hope "angel therapist" Jedediah Matthews has his career ruined for enabling this shit in the first place instead of doing his job and shutting her bs down. I also hope Steve's conservative parents find out that he is a creep and has a little girl roleplay fetish, why not, justice for everyone.
>>291694 The ramona flowers song comes to mind

No. 291703

Her newbie counselor was in way over his head not expecting to immediately encounter patients who are pathological liars even to themselves. A lot of more jaded professionals would instantly clock her dishonesty, exaggerations, and theatrical attention-seeking behavior, but he naively took her at her word. Quite frankly it’s good he has changed fields.
Off the record, not a professional statement of course, I’ve shown Jillian’s case to doctor friends who have quickly said things along the lines of “she’s a dopamine addict scrounging for her next hit. The new character is another dopamine hit for her.” You know, the type of reaction that experienced doctors at McLean also had upon seeing her. Jill says she’s afraid to see any doctors now because she’s been slandered, but the truth is she just knows her play pretend game here doesn’t hold up to their scrutiny because they don’t take it at face value and they actually investigate her real psychological motivations.

No. 291706

Kek anon you don't need to be a doctor to spot an obvious social media addict

No. 291710

You dumb bitch.

No. 291712

She shopped for someone who was a doormat, if they remotely challenge her she labels them abusive and never returns. A therapist who can actually diagnose her properly will never get the chance to do so because she will bail. People with her kind of issue have to be self aware and want to change, she will never snap out of the denial imo.

No. 291731

Exactly, it's why she's not in any kind of therapy now. And I don't know how it is in Canada, but usually you shouldn't keep getting medicine when you haven't been checked by a licensed psychiatrist for a year. She did mention going to her family doctor and telling him she has DID though.

No. 291735

its more often refers to autism. its the ones that turn yandere who are bpd

No. 291737

File: 1681246382992.jpg (8.58 KB, 256x197, donottt.jpg)

i think strong sense of justice in the autisic sense is more like calling out animal abuse on every cat video. (alot like some of the nonnies here everytime they see jills cats in her videos)

not like jill always being right and i told you so every chance she gets
thats >bpd

No. 291738

Literally Titanic Sinclair writes and records better music than this ugly faggot, why is she so obsessed with him and his shitty music?

No. 291741

It never refers to autism. But I guess if you don't know what the word "commodify" means either you must be just operating on a different level of understanding of basic concepts and words.

No. 291750

Using “yandere” outside of an anime context is so cringe please shut up you’re just wrong.

No. 291751

Using “yandere” outside of an anime context is so cringe please shut up you’re just wrong.

No. 291755

she doesn't want sensible business advice, she wants to hear "omg ur opening a shop????? yass queen that's amazing!!! im gonna buy everything"
so the uwu krew is indeed the best crowd to ask

No. 291756

File: 1681257023137.png (2.74 MB, 720x6726, Screenshot_20230411_164838.png)

No. 291761

She should honestly have another collaboration with a fellow creator. We’re coming into a recession so starting a new business might not be a good idea right now.

No. 291782

shhh nona don't say that. why it's the perfect time to start a business! especially one backed by your parents' money!

sidenote and sorry this isn't milk but holy mother of god i haven't been on these threads in ages and the fact that she was called imitative DID by an actual doctor and tried to cancel said doctor is the funniest and most deranged thing i've ever seen. zero self awareness.

No. 291787

She’s not going to start a business, she’s just recharging the dopamine hit from saying she’s going to kek she repeatedly falls into the trap of getting satisfaction from hyping things up ahead of time online without needing to actually complete them

No. 291788

No. 291789

Honestly like how many times now has she teased an uwu business I will believe it when I see it at this point.

No. 291791

Is she actually going to do a distance collaboration with the recently scandal plagued try guys? How will her uWu fan base take that? Oohhh, kiss her ass online and post here anonymously, right Sof? Kek

No. 291792

Jill is such a failure that i bet any nonny in this thread could open their own fashion line, release it, and have better results than jill even though she has craft school experience and a head start.

No. 291793


Lol jill constantly buys mounds of plastic shit and fast fashion, this "uwu I literally died buying shampoo" act is such bullshit

No. 291802

>Virgin Funko Pop collector vs. Chad Beanie Baby collector
Twitter is a weird place

No. 291803

It's funny because she's obsessed with pretty cure and magical girl anime. Japan makes tons and tons and tons of plastic throwaway toys

No. 291808

She has two shelves full of plastic toys in her room. She's a hypocrite

No. 291809

But anon, it’s different because she orders them shipped secondhand except for when she flew across the entire earth just to buy a suitcase of new merch in Japan in person. Oh yeah, how much does a long distance flight pollute..? Well, nevermind, it doesn’t count because it’s her autistic special interest obviously which therefore surmounts her autistic strong sense of justice, resulting in even more autism and blamelessness. We all know the studies about autistic sense of justice say “autistic individuals have strongly held, clear-cut, consistent moral standards, except for when they decide they don’t feel like it at the moment because they want something.”

No. 291817

what are you talking about? the try guys are getting a huge boost in popularity right now because of how they dealt with the scandal. there's no way they give a shit about her but they're doing great atm, no thanks to the creep they kicked out.

No. 291820

Jill's post was obviously facetious, noonie. The Try Guys are a legit production company that gets a million views per video. There's no way they'd collab with a dying NEET vlog channel who's main focus is causing controversy.

No. 291827

Jill be like "I used to think I was the main character, but then I realized I'm the entire cast!"

No. 291832

istg some nonnas here are dumber than the cows when they fail to recognize jokes.

Obviously Jill isn’t collabing with the Try Guys, she’s just trying to feel important because they did a video “she suggested” that was super generic and likely planned for Easter months ago. Classic Jill self-insert

No. 291842

Oh, you're just retarded huh. Autists get coded as the weird annoying horse girl, manic pixie dream girl is definitely BPD coded.

It's to be expected at this point. Her mental illness larping attracts literal speds using her thread to feel some weird form of moral superiority.

I know Jill didn't draw this, but those freckles look like she was eating literal shit. Also, this is so goddamn embarrassing. You're supposed to grow out of this edgelord shit in highschool the latest. When Stevie finally gets tired of pretending Jill's got DiD and that's why half the time she acts like she can't stand his goofy ass, it will be hilarious. They probably disgust each other and are just sticking together to prove something to Stevie's parents/lolcow.

No. 291849

I haven’t visited her thread in a while but god she just keeps spiraling. I know many other nonnies have pointed this out before but it’s insane how someone who has so much to be grateful for chooses instead to focus on such small and insignificant issues. If she could just look up from her phone screen and rub the chicken nugget crumbs out of her eyes maybe she could realize how lucky she is. Not just in a material sense but the fact that her family loves and supports her as they do. But instead she’d rather make up and even cause problems just to wallow in pity and twitter likes from people she doesn’t even know. I don’t know how she can claim to be so positive when her actions are so clearly not.

No. 291852

She literally has no actual material issues. Her problems are just shit she makes up in her own head. What is she struggling with anyway, allegedly? I mean, she has no responsibilities. She gets to live her entire life on her own terms. She should be grateful but instead she’s lying around ruminating about fake crap. And if it’s supposedly trauma she can’t get over then she needs to go back to therapy for it and they’d tell her to get sober and occupy more of her time instead of lying in bed thinking about her oh so sad life.

No. 291863

File: 1681337477121.png (2.24 MB, 720x5723, Screenshot_20230412_150029.png)

Soon to come art by Jill of newest alters. Place your bets on how they will look.
That's exactly why I posted it because it's funny to watch Jill try to self-insert herself into every little thing. She is such a fucking loser. She doesn't get how desperate and weird she comes off because she's been ass kissed and hyped up her whole life as super special.

No. 291867

>different art styles because muh cocoon
It’s a nitpick, I know, but having a consistent art style isn’t something that just happens, this loser really thinks that just because she doesn’t draw often, she has multiple people in her head drawing for her. That or she’s using/tracing/very-heavily-referencing different references to draw “her alters”.

No. 291868

She even made the excuse to not show the totally real different art styles by saying she will redraw them to make the style more uniform.

No. 291869

File: 1681338476268.png (66.56 KB, 500x290, Bm6gVFZIIAAsvCC.png)

>anti-plural culture
omg society considers a human being is a single human being ! so oppressive
also kek at
>they are different art styles tho as they were co-con
DID really is just a way to justify her inconsistencies for work, upload schedule, behavior. Why can't she just admit she makes mistake ?

No. 291872

I'm still waiting for that new video to drop. Must be nice not to worry about money and just smoke weed all day. I still laugh at her saying """the harassment""" affected her. Nah bitch you just a lazy sucker who leeches off of others. She should change Jerricka from a snake to a leech. Much more fitting.

No. 291876

The switching thing just sounds like an excuse to make lazy content. Like why put in minutes of staring and mumbling that adds nothing to the video?

No. 291898

Honestly she struggles to get over 20k views on videos not related to drama. She should be thankful to those doctors and to lolcow for the ad revenue kek

No. 291903

File: 1681354083077.jpg (84.05 KB, 720x1158, Screenshot_20230412-1805_Brave…)

No. 291904

Jill's never even switched on camera, which is the hilarious thing. its always co con this co con that unless its an intro video. whatever happened to triggers? word has lost all meaning in today's tiktok culture they will be like 'berry is triggered out when we see crayons!' but wouldn't DID only be triggered by negative shit or at least things that remind them of it (i.e. things that would remind them of trauma) I mean, I could be wrong, but the only context I can understand this disorder in is PTSD flashblacks, which for whatever reason fakers never talk about until its convenient.

No. 291908

File: 1681361466776.png (516.85 KB, 720x3927, Vv.png)

Is Jilly bean going to make a twitter account for Sunny and Amber? She already sucks at keeping up with the other two. Anyway here are some old tweets on the Veronica account.

No. 291911

still cant believe she made a whole alter just so she could hornypost. a normal person would just have a secret nsfw twt account but that's not good enough for jillybean, she has to have thousands of followers.

No. 291913

It's funny that she thinks she can "get away with it" just because she blames it on an alter but we really just get to see her secret horny posting out in the open.

This is a bit tinfoily, but I'm wondering to which degree her alters overlap with her period, since the hormonal fluctuations makes women have pretty predictable patterns in things like feeling hornier when more fertile, getting depressed/angry around PMS time and so on. It would be hilarious if it turned out her alters directly correlate with that

No. 291914

I think she switched once but I can't be arsed to find that video. I remember it was a hard watch and nonnies posted the snipped in one of the threads

No. 291916

File: 1681372525345.jpeg (175.96 KB, 828x1337, 1655365773849.jpeg)

Was reading through some old threads and happened upon this tweet (thread 51). My favorite thing is when Jillian Amanda Vessey cannot for the life of hers keep up with her own made up bullshit. It's hysterical. How deep fried is her brain now?

No. 291918

I guess a way to make yourself appear sick is literally depriving yourself from hydration and nourishment kek if you can't even eat by yourself anymore you should be admitted to a mental asylum, Jillian, not post about it on Twitter.

No. 291921

File: 1681378095316.png (2.72 MB, 720x8224, Chloe.png)

No. 291923

im absolutely rofling and lmaoing over the commenter who implied the doctor made the seminar BECAUSE HES JEALOUS OF DID FAKERS for having clout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these people are terminally online, they will ever understand that the drs involved have real life achievements. they're educated, they're teaching others, they have esteemed jobs, and likely have families/own a home. these tiktok larping retards have absolutely no comprehension that life exists beyond having a follower count

No. 291929

When will sandwich alter get a twitter account?

No. 291935

April patreon livestream part one

No. 291936

part two

No. 291937


-Says she has been low energy and anxious but also happy

-Still pretending to have super curly hair, as someone with 3a/3b hair, please shut up Jill. How can you even judge the texture of your hair when it is so damaged and dry

-Says she misses having a daily commute but doesn’t like driving, wants to walk to a cafe and work but is too anxious and afraid of being ‘triggered’ and switching. Is afraid to leave home

-Talks about doing a show and tell of her Cure Sky (? I don’t know Procure characters) cosplay

-Shows off her magical girl shelf full of plastic crap. Muh sustainability

-Has been getting ‘requests in her brain’ to set up her piano again. No mention of she ever plays it

-Wants a HelloFresh sponsor. Good luck with that Jill, who wouldn’t want to sponsor someone who never posts regularly and is completely unstable

-Says she’s been dealing with deep depressive feelings where she’s not been eating, feeling lethargic, not taking care of herself etc, but doesn’t feel ‘sad’

-Posting a video that is 80% Jerrick 20% Jill about whether she is faking DID tomorrow (allegedly). Convenient that Jill always manages to be in her videos huh

-Jerrick has a ‘Maritime Prince of Rhode Island’ accent that comes out when he’s mad… just like Jill (convenient again)

-Her video has a ‘hate comment’ bingo and will ‘destroy’ her enemies KEK I’m shaking in my boots Jill

-Talks about some ‘strong singer-songwriter’ female artists she’s listening to on Spotify, doesn’t mention any names (except someone called Chincilla)

-Mentions ’strong sense of justice’ again

-Triggered by Melanie Martinez music on TikTok

-Thinking about vlogging going to the Barbie movie

-Says her fashion analysis videos flop so she won’t do them anymore

-Says Berry video is ready to go but McLean drama postponed it, wants to be make an Amber video, more DID videos about parts and fragments, and more general lifestyle videos like her sleepover videos, and more DIY videos

-Feels like she has to ‘defend herself in the court of internet’, wants to make videos about her cat house. Why don’t you just do that then Jill, no one’s asking you to ‘defend’ yourself and you’ll probably make yourself look worse

-Says she needs to defend herself because the hate towards her is so widespread now and it’s been going on for years

-Someone asks her to do a favourites but she says she ‘consumes things much slower now’ and favourites feel too 2016

-Says she’s afraid of the Lolita community but dreams of wearing Lolita

No. 291938

>Says she misses having a daily commute but doesn’t like driving, wants to walk to a cafe and work but is too anxious and afraid of being ‘triggered’ and switching. Is afraid to leave home

Wow this is soooooo serious and heartbreaking to hear she has to worry about switching every time she leaves her house, she's just so brave, i really wonder how she managed going to school every day without once having a switch triggered, she's just so strong.

No. 291939

kek i was thinking that! also she says in previous videos that shes 'healing' and 'doing better than ever' yet she never mentioned being afraid to commute before. maybe she'll say that's why she missed so many days of school

No. 291941

Honestly like if she has had this all along then it didn’t hinder her from graduating high school normally, doing extracurricular stuff, her band side projects, working multiple jobs at once and attending and graduating college. She can’t even imagine what it’s like for people whose illness prevents them from getting to do all of these normal things. There is sick kids who dream of being able to attend highschool like everyone else.

No. 291943

samfag but the more she hams up her suffering and inability to do normal tasks, the more I believe its all just a ruse so she can tell her mom she cant work. i watched a true crime video today about a guy who lived at his parents house and faked a brain injury so he could avoid work and be babied, it reminded me of jill. shes making herself seem frail and helpless so no one can put expectations on her.

No. 291944

-Talks about new Angelic Pretty releases she likes, says she wouldn’t 'fit into Lolita anymore'(presumably weight-wise)

-Shows her cat, it’s cute but it's fur looks matted to me idk

-Loves Jojo Siwa, says she’s healing all of Jill’s ‘teenage lesbian trauma’

-Show cosplay wig and sketches, it's a Hatsune Miku wig

-Says she has the energy of all the Cures unfortunately for the world, but fortunately for her

-Nasal spray break, someone says she’s using it incorrectly, seems irritated by this comment, says it works the way she uses it

-Says she won’t smoke weed on stream in case it triggers people, says she only smokes a little (HA!) because it ‘keeps her normal and regulates her anxiety’ (HA! again)

-More nasal spray talk, this is so boring and unnecessary, she's so triggered by people correcting her about it lol

-Someone points out that in the UK nasal sprays are considered risky because they make your nose dependent. Jill blows past this and refuses to acknowledge that his is very clearly the case for her. Says that everyone in her family uses nasal spray everyday for their whole life because the congestion is hereditary

-Wants to make a Bluey video about why it’s loved so much by adults and neurodivergents

-Everyone still talking about her nasal spray abuse kek

-Watches Bluey and Bear in the Big blue House every night

-Think she’s most like Bingo from Bluey, isn’t that character a literal toddler

-Putting contacts in, apologises for no trigger warning

-Halfway through the video, so much stupidity so far

No. 291945

That guy ended up murdering his parents so Mama Vessey better sleep with one eye open if the facade ever cracks.

I think this has been said before but "adults and neurodivergents" rustles my jimmies something fierce. She really thinks she has a "get out of adulting free" card.

No. 291946


-Talks about loving the Super Mario movie

-Talks about needing to update her PO box

-Broke her cherry pipe in the wake of the ‘McLean disaster’, almost snapped, confirms she smokes weed daily

-Says that being a weed smoker ‘was her biggest secret of all time’ for a while. Has been smoking regularly since 2018

-Says it’s really bad that she keeps delivering her monthly calendars late/in the middle of the month but ‘better late than never’

-Overall goals for 2023:
Five Petal Flower drop for summer (June/July/August/September) and Christmas. Possibility that these plans may not come to fruition because there’s so much to do. Shows very basic sketches, a dress, cardigans, clay earrings, hair scarves

-Says she wants to get motivated again

-Gets distracted by her cat and mentions no other goals LMAO

-Brings up nasal spray discourse AGAIN, says she’s going to Google how to use it

Tbh this stream was kind of… sad. She sounds like she kind of misses her old life, some of her interests, having a decent routine and doing things outside of the house, and is lethargic and unmotivated. I really think the constant weed use and DID hugbox is screwing her over more than she realises.

No. 291947

This paragraph really sums up how work shy she is, very directly using her imaginary illness as an excuse to not (figuratively) work since she has plenty of physical energy to throw herself around in videos and argue online every day (never mind all the madness that only Stevie sees)

No. 291949

>Has been getting ‘requests in her brain’ to set up her piano again.
Is this like…instead of having a thought she has to frame it as a request like she is popular within her own brain
Mental illness but not the one she wants to have
>Says she’s afraid of the Lolita community but dreams of wearing Lolita
Please Jill, start wearing Lolita again and rejoin the community. I missed the initial saga and based on the Lolita thread on /w they are all drama queen cows, you can have scheduled Lolita beef every week like a cozy routine.

No. 291952

Y'know Jill, there's plenty of people who have no problem in the lolita community because they aren't dramawhore freaks

No. 291953

>Wants a HelloFresh sponsor.
Currently she looks obese and unhealthy, that would be a horrible look for them lol

No. 291954

This is so ridiculous honestly, not eating or drinking, fainting, then exercising after knowing that will fuck you up more, and then finishing the sentiment by sympathizing with chronically ill people (who, Jill, feel like shit even when well fed, watered and rested and without weed and alcohol interference)
She genuinely tries to feel as bad as possible for maximum sympathy and still fails.

No. 291956

>frequent fainter who starves and dehydrates hersel

>worked 2 jobs, graduated from school, drove for years with no issues

Lmao what?

No. 291959

I still don't get how her weed addiction goes with her "kawawii lifestyle brand", her target audience seems more like kids with the way she babytalks

No. 291960

>broke her pipe
Hahahahahahahahaha bitch is literally throwing her toys in rage over a non-issue, this is hilarious

No. 291961

managed to have years and years and years cataloged on video of her being able to go out and do all kinds of thing without "switching" with zero traces of this imaginary illness. She went to a foreign country and met Sebastian Masuda and that is all well documented with literally no hints at DID.

100% this. She wants to get out of all adult responsibilities and act like a baby and have everything paid for her. She thinks ND means being mentally handicapped. I hate her. If she tries to take disability benefits, there would be legal consequences so I hope she does.

>>291944 I'm so sick of pedophiles being obsessed with Bluey. It's for TODDLERS. There is all sorts of nasty cp artwork of them from the adult baby community now too. Probably what Steve is into as well.

>>291954 Maybe she will go for larping chronic physical illnesses next once she gets through all the mental ones.

No. 291962

God damn, this livestream sounds sad. Jill can't even spend time with her fans without starting fights and trying to right constantly. Stebie and her family must be exhausted dealing with her.

No. 291967

God she’s such a fucking sped

No. 291969

She’d never get disability benefits because you have to be actually diagnosed… a diagnostic impression doesn’t count. She knows that an actual doctor would clock her bullshit immediately, which is why she hasn’t gotten an actual diagnosis. You know she’d already be trying to get benefits if there was any chance, but I think she’s smart enough to know that all of this is bullshit. She doesn’t have DID, she doesn’t have ASD, she just lives in a hugbox of other malingering self diagnosed idiots on Tik Tok.

No. 291975

>Says she’s afraid of the Lolita community but dreams of wearing Lolita
For the love of god, no. We have enough retards and fetishists to deal with without adding her retarded fanbase to the mix.

No. 291976

Her nasal spray habit is so gross, the fact that it’s brought up in nearly every livestream because she can’t go an hour without using it. Using it for longer than a week is considered overuse and actually caused congestion, fucking moron.

The fact that she continues with the rhetoric that weed makes her feel ‘normal’ should be a sign that she has a problem. Weed should get you high, if you’re smoking to feel normal that you’ve literally entered addiction.

No. 291979

>I chuckled at "Prince of Rhode Island," I think Jill said Prince Edward Island here. but thank you for summary nonna.
>fashion analysis videos flop
Her fashion analysis vids fail because she's bad at them bad that's her cope.
>Says Berry video is ready
Why wouldn't she post it during a time when a lot of viewers were coming to her channel to see what she was about after the McLean drama if it was ready? The views would be great. It probably isn't ready.
>Says she’s been dealing with deep depressive feelings…but doesn’t feel ‘sad’
Jill is in a constant state of inebriation that kills all her motivation and motor skills.
>because the congestion is hereditary
Her whole family is a neurotic. It's reminiscent of CWC's early days when his mother enabled his socially-awkward behaviour against the wishes of his father.
>Think she’s most like Bingo from Bluey
Calling a Bluey-tinged alter, maybe Berry will be a lazy fictive cover.
>delivering her monthly calendars late/in the middle of the month but ‘better late than never’
Not when it's something your fans pay for… They're basically missing out on half of the content of the month but still pay full price each time?

No. 291980

I love how Jill talks about how she dislikes being alone for 9 hours while stevie's gone, and never even considers getting a job. Peak rich girl problems.

No. 291981

She's already been there and done that with lolita, I hope she stays away.

No. 291983

File: 1681407350217.png (244.76 KB, 591x439, milk.PNG)

Fresh milk soon

No. 291984

Could it be that I'm wrong and those medical professionals are right? Could it be my doctors have good intentions? Could it be that I have a lot of haters because of my obnoxious behavior?

Nah, it's all of them who are wrong and traumatizing me

No. 291985

This. Semi blog but that’s when I knew I had to stop using weed. I’m sure the ~twauma~ of withdrawal and kicking it would cause her to split into like five new alters tho kek

No. 291987

File: 1681409686327.jpg (77.62 KB, 720x939, Screenshot_20230413_Chrome.jpg)

No. 291990

Jill sure is a medical enigma in the sense that usually people first suffer from symptoms, then try to go get some help and diagnosis and after that start a treatment in hopes to get better. Jill on the other hand functioned just fine before getting her diagnostic impression and then suddenly started having super serious symptoms such as "uwu can't leave my home to get mail without my special lanyard", frequent fainting, panic attacks lasting for days and splitting new alters faster than she can make picrews for. Truly such a mystery that no professional without a degree in Jillology can ever understand, now give her your money and admiration.

No. 291991

File: 1681411408247.jpeg (143.65 KB, 1128x1389, C2FAA3A1-226A-4EB1-B2B1-8FCF67…)

it’s not the best bc I don’t have tons of free time in between contributing to society and being a normal functioning adult but I have predictions

No. 291996

Placing bets now. Is this the hill she's willing to die on?

No. 291997

are you for real retarded?(infighting)

No. 292003

they wouldn’t have enough name tags for her work uniform

No. 292005

Thank you for summarizing the videos.
>Talks about needing to update her PO box
Always wanting free shit for doing little no work. She really expects the world to just give her shit for existing.
>Broke her cherry pipe in the wake of the ‘McLean disaster’, almost snapped, confirms she smokes weed daily
Figured she was the type to break shit when enraged. She so reminds me of my mom's friend's kids I use to play with as a child. I remember one of them broke one of their toys in front of me, laughed, and said daddy will just buy me a new one. It was an eye opener as a 5 year old.
>Says that being a weed smoker ‘was her biggest secret of all time’ for a while. Has been smoking regularly since 2018
I like that she says this shit like it's a good thing. It ain't cute Jill.
>Watches Bluey and Bear in the Big blue House every night
Age regresses every night. Gross.
>Think she’s most like Bingo from Bluey, isn’t that character a literal toddler
Gee I wonder why? Oh yeah it's because adults like Jill who watch it decided Bingo was autistic.

No. 292006

Break out those bingo cards!

No. 292007

>>291921 i love when people online sperg about shadowbanning, most of the time you arent shadowbanned its more that nobody fucking cares lol
>>291937 Thanks for the TLDR! Kek shes scared of the lolita community, they didnt forget spoiled brat teen jill
>>291944 (responding to more lolita bc im an egl fag) fatties like jill screech that no lolita caters to them when meta is right there but even the good meta prints and cuts arent good enough

No. 292008

ayrt, yeah I know. I was mostly thinking about how her followers now are a bunch of troubled teenagers, and downright crazy adults. I mean, I'm sure she has always had some crazies, (wasn't around at the time tho so I can only assume) but back in the day the majority watched her for the kawaii shit. Now what's left is a bunch of people who think it's acceptable to go googoogaga on main. People already assume so many things when they see a lolita without influencers insisting that they turn into a 6 y/o whenever they see a cute toy.

No. 292009

>>292006 im 5 minutes in im dying jill saying she asked the psychologist if she can tell people shes diagonsed

No. 292010

She calls herself adolescent coded. I have this video on 2x to get through this faster to do the bingo posted here, maybe Ill make that TDLR for everyone else

No. 292011

Diagnoses aren't just "given verbally". The psychologists assessing you have to write up a full report that goes into minute detail about your symptoms and how you responded to the evaluation. Maybe they don't always give it to you unless you request it but I still think it's fishy.

No. 292012

After watching her livestream, I'm starting to think Jill is doing these drama and DID larp videos because her usual fashion videos are flopping

No. 292013

Homegirl is SEETHING. She's so dedicated to misinterpreting anything as a personal attack

No. 292014

File: 1681417570068.jpg (140.63 KB, 1079x1305, Screenshot_20230413_162652_Gal…)

>>291991 alright, I had this video on 1.5x and 2x so I couldve missed words. Jill says she wasnt tested for autism because "they couldnt do that" but suggested it. More breadcrumbs. (If anyone wants a tdlr that isnt working on it already I can rewatch in normal speed)

No. 292015

>>292014 samefag, forgot to mention already this video just shows how hard jill lurks here

No. 292016

File: 1681417839506.png (352.47 KB, 1148x1378, Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 4.24…)

>>292006 i will sacrifice my sanity to the farm today

>before she even gets into the video, talks about that she's made a bingo card of what hate comments will typically say

>starts off with the "theory" that the diagnostic impression is not a diagnosis. admits she "made it kind of confusing" based on what she said in the past
>"i didnt think the hate would get this bad and stay this bad!!"
>3:16 says that her angelbby therapist gave her the impression and doesnt have the power to officially diagnose. said she respects people who consider the impression being "medically recognized" because its long and expensive to get a full diagnosis
>said she paid $2200 to get a psych eval and that she got the diagnosis verbally
>4:46 "I thought that people would just know I wasn't lying, cause why would I lie about that!" (diverts eyes to the corner of the room and with an exaggerated hand movement)
>says you dont get a certificate/document/card for her diagnosis, says its on her record, but theres no "magic golden ticket that says i have DID"
>such a great narc moment at 6:30, "i guess i apologize for making it confusing" but visual disgust is all over her face. clearly does not feel she has to apologize, flips the middle finger and says "but also, don't be an asshole," begins to smile, "and tell people that their lying" and smirks like the grinch, shakes head no
>Second question: Why would someone fake DID?
>references mcclean conferences with screenshots that say malingering faking DID is for social attention. jill, super exaggerated jazz hands says "I GUESS…but not in a disordered evil way. in a way that anyone with a baking channel would want you to see their cookie" (huh???)
>defends why people with DID aren't seeking attention on the internet but doesn't actually make any point. just says that the suggestion is "very funny" as if it's a ridiculous accusation
>says she made her bingo hate board in a way to "enact control" so when she "inevitably gets hate" it would "gamify it and soften the blow"
>picrel, bingo board
>says people accused her of studying for her diagnosis and that its truly ridiculous
>again brings up that her doctors suggested strongly she had autism
>11:34 "I'm 25, but I feel like I give adolescent vibes…probably the trauma"
>11:48 "It's really exausting being told that your mental illness is a trend cause i absolutely promise you im going to be here in 30 fucking years STILL having DID, whether im fully fused or not. im still gonna dissasociate and have all the ptsd and shit like…" groans and rolls her eyes (wow, a 30 year larp jill?!!)

moar 2 come nonas

No. 292018

>said she paid $2200 to get a psych eval and that she got the diagnosis verbally
Personally love that she stressed she asked the psych "so I can tell people I have DID right? this is a diagnosis right?" as if it's extra proof that it is a diagnosis because she Triple Checked and not more proof she was excited to be able to tell people because the attention is what really matters.
>says you dont get a certificate/document/card for her diagnosis, says its on her record
That record that you apparently can't access yourself and so can't show anyone…? Right

No. 292019

It's genuinely sad seeing how much time Jill spends reading negative comments, and then spends her time making an entire bingo card out of it. She could have spent that time with her friends or boyfriend, but defending her precious autism and DID is more important ig.

No. 292020

fucking kek nona

No. 292022

File: 1681419724610.webm (14.92 MB, 718x404, VerbalDiagnosis.WEBM)

2:30 - 5:18 for this clip timestamp

No. 292024

File: 1681420298898.jpeg (28.32 KB, 640x640, 1677473200782.jpeg)

>references mcclean conferences with screenshots that say malingering faking DID is for social attention. jill, super exaggerated jazz hands says "I GUESS…but not in a disordered evil way. in a way that anyone with a baking channel would want you to see their cookie" (huh???)

THIS is what makes me want to a-log all these costum play party bitches.
Dissociation is a thing that is supposed to protect you from your trauma. It's literally masking as a disorder. If people NOTICE those obvious changes in your appearance, they can figure out pretty easy that something is wrong with you to abuse you and exploit you further.
No one with genuine dissociation would have talk about their switches and personalities so much and telegraph them as a colorful set of characters to the entire world because THAT'S LITERALLY COUNTERPRODUCTIVE to the whole disorder she claims to have.
And that is literally what the McLean doctor is talking about with imitative DID.
Not a single person who was traumatized to that point would choose willingly by themselves to advertise their trauma so openly to everyone in the world. Dissociation exists for you protection. To appear NORMAL to others or to handle triggering things in a more NORMAL way.
Get fucked, Jill. People who actually dissociate (and I am still not even sure if DID is real, but dissociation certainly is) probably want you and your cohort of fakers fucking dead, because you choose to larp a thing thatis extremely stigmatized and make a laughing stock of the victims of actual horrific abuse, making it harder for them to access care, because psychiatrist waiting lists are swamped by your rainby hair bretheren.
You are a vile human being and your entire circle is as well, you are taking away resources from people who actually need them for some vague internet clout (of being a laughing stock to 99& of people) and ruining your own chances for any employment and opportunity in the future.
She is a vile, vapid attention whore who has never had any consequences for anything she's done and has never thought about anyone but herself. While she shells out her big mommydaddy jillybux to a next psychiatrist in the line, someone, literally anyone on the waiting list might actually harm themselves because they couldn't receive help in time.

No. 292025

There’s no golden ticket but….you have to be able to prove you have DID or other debilitating mental illnesses…otherwise no one could make accommodations for you. So you should be able to produce a letter from the diagnosing doctor stating that you have it or a copy of her records. That’s how you get benefits and stuff. But as >>292018 mentioned, her records are apparently in a lockbox being held hostage by the government and she can’t access them right now kek. I’m kind of indifferent to her showing a diagnosis on camera because……she doesn’t have DID lmao like even if she shows a paper that says she passed the test AFTER doctor shopping for the first sucker who bought into her fantasies she can’t undo the 7 years of being online with no sign of it before 2021 or the countless medical professionals including her other therapists, the McLean doctor, and her family’s private physician who clearly don’t buy it.

For real, this is not the slam dunk she thinks it is. Especially because she hasn’t really debunked anything she just keeps insinuating the haters are stupid for questioning her larp.

No. 292026

>said she paid $2200 to get a psych eval and that she got the diagnosis verbally
oh my fucking god, THIS IS NOT A THING
Any medical professional can tell you this is bullshit

No. 292028

File: 1681420626662.png (790.06 KB, 1072x1188, Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 5.14…)

>>292016 continued

>basically addresses the bingo board one by one for the rest of the video

>colored hair: says people that have DID dye their hair because they have an identity disorder and a disconnection between brain and body and so it "makes sense" to dress up in these ways
>shows images from her different dyed hairs era and calls them different parts (blue/purple hair is veronica, blonde lolita is flora) says "its a stereotype but theres a little bit of truth to it"
>trauma not bad enough: says she hasnt shared her trauma and so the internet doesnt know how bad it is
>attention seeking: "there are enough things about me that bring attention…definitely dont need to pretend to have an extremely serious condition. i dont need to spin an absolute inescapable web of lies that would absolutely destroy my life to get more attention" jill, be fr right now lol. narc moment again
>on tiktok: laughs and just says its a stupid thing the mcclean conference referenced. super bitter at 14:51 and says "suck my cock" picrel of the hideous narc face she makes when she says that
>facticious disorder: doesnt say anything about it, just shows the definition
>you didnt act like this before: says people that call her out for never acting like this before during her 8 years on youtube and tens of hours livestreaming "have always been hateful and never liked me" and that true fans have seen her true differences over the years. tldr my brainwashed confetticults believe me that i did act like this before!1!
>you were a cosplayer: laughs and says she is a cosplayer
>you are younger than 25: guise im totally 25 now jeez im not a little girl take me seriously cause im not attention seeking teenager
>u follow DID creators: says this is talked about on the farms mostly, admits she followed dissasociated/schizo/autism creators bc she "places importance on learning about mental health conditions" because she wanted to "learn about her friends brains" says her whole friend group has "every mental illness"
>tries to spin it that she was doing it out of true empathy to be kind and understanding of others
>i need to shut up about mental health: only says people have told her to shut up
>bored of my bpd: "nasty, putrid, vile thing to say" that she got bored of her mental illness
>you watch anime: laughs as a joke but says "just wait for the precure introjects"
>21:34 "if you pour your entire psyche into a media to try and numb the pain during trauma– you guys know how fictives and introjects work – you saw moonknight – NO, moonknight is not a real representation of DID but I do really like how they depicted fictives forming"
>musical theater/acting: just says she figured she'd hear this
>you have introjects: says she didnt tell anyone how she had a fictive introject for a long time because people tend not to believe fictive-heavy systems/fictives are contested in the community
>basically admits she consumes media all day every day and the human brain doesn't have enough creativity to create something purely original, hence introjects
>she says all her alters either look like someone she knows or stereotypes (emo teen boy) or are from media
>trying to save my channel: just says people are horrible for suggesting she's using her mental illness for views
>weird makeup/eyeliner: says systems have a disconnect between selves and body so they draw our eyeliner to get closer to how they feel
>did is not real: compares mental health to LGBT issues and says its the same as people thinking gay is a choice "there will always be a percentage of the earth that are flat earthers."
>something homophobic: doesn't say much just makes a joke about it and sips a redbull (what a nice cocktail of anti psych meds, weed, and caffiene she's on!)
>i manipulated all the doctors: says people have theories that she intentionally lied and fished for diagnosis, that she was tricked by her angelbby therapist, blah blah. says its such a nonsense theory and that she was "so extremely open and so far from pushing DID as an idea and reluctant to mention it"
>told psych "I want you to check me for every personality disorder…EVERYTHING !!!"
>you cant be happy about a diagnosis: says shes talked about it so much and tells people to watch her last video (trying to get the views up huh jill?) "i'm just revolted and disgusted and…holy shit"
>all the doctors are wrong: makes jokes that the doctors made and oopsie as if it's an insane accusation
>says the whole video was a co-con blend of jill and jerrick (literally barely any tonal changes the entire time)

honestly that was a pretty fucking boring video nonas. no milk today, just more jillybean sperging and refusing to explain anything

No. 292030

This- there’s not a DID test like there are for learning disabilities etc. You get diagnosed with DID after working with ONE psychiatrist for many years, after ruling out everything else. If she paid $2200 get a DID diagnosis, she either got scammed and the doctor is not legitimate or the doctor is legitimate and is breaking tons of medical guidelines for money.

No. 292031

There is also no such thing as a verbal diagnosis only. The purpose of a diagnosis is to seek further treatment and you can show it to get perscribed medication or seek specific therapy. She has nothing.

No. 292032

File: 1681421506971.png (140.38 KB, 2396x1584, Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 5.29…)

>That record that you apparently can't access yourself and so can't show anyone…? Right
saw this in the comments. apparently she has "no reason to" access it…? why the hell get the diagnosis if you have no need for accommodations and shit. OH YEAH, for internet clout! ofc! that mcclean doctor was really onto something jilly. it's not looking great for ya.

No. 292033

Yep, >>292025 that’s what I was saying there as well. There’s really no way we could function in a world where diagnoses were only verbal as people would be lying/having to be reassessed any time they change doctors, as well as no record for disability cases, etc. Tinfoil (joking) but did she pay $2200 to a doctor to tell her she had DID with no formal diagnosis so the doctor has plausible deniability? lol.

What I actually think happened was: she finessed a diagnostic impression from angel therapist, went to a center on his recommendation that probably did full mental health testing/evaluation tests (these can be around $2000 and test for things like adhd, lower tier personality disorders, social issues, depression and anxiety, etc) and the doctor said something affirmative like “it’s possible but you will need further evaluation” when she tried to breadcrumb DID as most professionals would do, not knowing how the patient will act.

No. 292034

Also I am sorry for samefagging, but I just realized how this ties into Jill seeing DID as a personality quirk. Many professionals define mental ILLNESS as something that gets in the way of your life and happiness, it's creating an additional hurdle for you. People with anxiety don't want to deal with those attacks, people with OCD know their rituals take away a lot of time, people with eating disorders feel pain and their health worsens. Jill doesn't want to progress or treat DID, she wears it like a badge of honor, a quirky trait that doesn't need treating, she is like an lgbtq person guise! She needs to be accepted as more than simply a person in society and it should be celebrated!

No. 292035

File: 1681421891680.jpeg (110.01 KB, 1170x1101, 1633463348022.jpeg)

You can see her flexing a 1000$ medical bill here >>175804

No. 292037

I love how the bingo card is everything we say about her here. What a way to tell people you “don’t read” lolcow kek.

No. 292038

>she says all her alters either look like someone she knows or stereotypes (emo teen boy) or are from media

Isn’t it kind of normal for BPD people to do this? Like to specifically copy other people/characters/things they see in media? Or do I have this confused with some other disorder

No. 292039

I know she always does this but it’s still annoying to see Jill so badly misunderstand and twist her criticisms. She wants to seem more level-headed on YT videos, compared to her twitter ranting, but this video shows she doesn’t want ANY dialogue.
>some people think my Dr hypnotized me into thinking I have DID, which is just a conspiracy theory
It’s not though, that’s documented in history and still happens. One second she says Dr’s treat people with DID like their guinea pigs, the next she laughs at the idea that Dr’s would falsely diagnose someone with DID because it’s interesting/fun (and they can get repeat business with it). To her, Dr’s are only qualified if they’re validating what she already believes is true.
>everyone thinks I’m this Supervillain
>why would I intentionally ruin my life??
She said this so much. As if you’d have to be truly evil to fake DID so of course she’s not. But by faking it, you get all the sympathy and leeway without the actual debilitating symptoms. She’s never worried that people will think she’s dangerous because she has DID, will discriminate against her at work, that she’ll have a switch in public or lose time, etc.
She has zero problem telling even the most qualified DID professionals, let alone randos on the street, that everything they know about the disorder is wrong. So how exactly is her life ruined by the stigma from DID?
>of course people with identity disorders are going to have colored hair/cosplay/like anime/have introjects, because we're just struggling with who we are duh
>Mclean thinks if you're not struggling constantly, you're faking it
Again she just doesn't get the argument, probably purposefully. People fake DID for attention and to feel special, these are other things that accomplish that. Meanwhile someone with an actual debilitating disorder does not feel compelled to share it with the internet.

No. 292040

Ain’t no way you’re taking a 2 and a half hour test to get diagnosed with a major personality disorder. I wonder how stupid she thinks her audience is (I mean, they kind of are so never mind). If you could confirm you had DID by taking a test what’s going to stop anyone from just lying?

No. 292042

There's no way her psychologist actually thinks you can rule out X amount of disorders and concretely diagnose DID just like that. Unless they're actually a scammer.
>"In just 5 hours we'll diagnose you with the right mental illness for you!! For only two payments of $999.99!"

No. 292043

Wonders why she doesn't get sponsors when she fucking throws this hot flaming garbage out as content. Monetizing your psychoatic rants is fucking cringe. Stop treating the Internet as your personal hugbox and fucking diary. You aren't going to win Jillian Amanda Vessey. You lost the moment you put this exceptionally stupid plan into motion. You will be forever mocked on the internet and there is nothing mommy and daddy can do to stop it. You did this to yourself not the hAtErS nor your EnEmIeS. Also little Miss I dOn'T pRoFiT fRoM mY DiD clearly has ads once again. Liarlocks Vessey. But please keep making this garbage because all you are doing is making it so you can't walk any of this shit back. You should know by experience the internet isn't very forgiving.
"But you only get a verbal diagnosis"

No. 292044

File: 1681424670039.jpeg (149.92 KB, 607x1716, D4CC7C00-EE04-466C-A188-6D4699…)

BPD chameleon behavior explains her “shifting” lol

No. 292048

I'm surprised she doesn't seem to be fond of Meta, they're fattychan friendly plus put out prints that intersect the line between cute and clusterfuck. right up Jill's alley!
i just know if she ever wears lolita again she's gonna end up buying some eyeburning taobao dress and skinwalk Lor's shitty styling i can feel it in my bones

No. 292050

Didn't she already say in a past video that she's addicted to nasal spray, and her doctor has already told her about the issues and how she needs to wean off? It's weird she's suddenly getting defensive about it when she's already admitted her issue.

Guess not trusting the medical professionals is a common theme with this cunt.

No. 292052

> tell your therapists they have ~connections~
> he just wants the clout
these people are actually so retarded holy shit either they're literal children or people who have never worked an actual job a day in their lives

No. 292053

Wow, it's really convenient that Jerrick doesn't mind wearing all of Jill's girly, flowery shit! It's also convenient he seems to have all Jill's exact mannerisms and vocabulary too!

Jill, the diagnosis may be given verbally, but it will be recorded on your medical record. Is Jill really dumb enough to think that no diagnosis, especially a mental health diagnosis which can't be obviously seen, is never written down and recorded in your medical history? Even if somehow it wasn't, you can request it be added to your file. People could claim they were diagnosed with literally anything otherwise, or lie about not having something they do have. If you were diagnosed it will be on your record Jill, and if it's in your record you can get a copy of it, and if you get a copy you can show us the evidence.

Also I like how she never addresses the actual good points in her 'haters' bingo, like her never acting like this before, her BPD affecting the situation, or the fact she doesn't actually have any serious trauma. The copium levels are astronomical

No. 292055

incoming fibromyalgia / cfs arc soon… maybe she'll start using a cane and become the next phoebe tickner kek

No. 292057

The scatting at the beginning made me kek. DOOO DAA DOO DAAA DEE DEE DAAAA

Scooble dee dooble dee daaa

No. 292060

She thinks she'll have DID forever, even when she is fully fused, she will dissociate and have ptsd- that's just called ptsd? and schizophrenia? i don't know why these people can't understand that people can and do recover from mental illness and while they may continue to have struggles, get to a point where they no longer meet the criteria for the disorder. It is not this innate thing, you could be more likely to have a mental illness through genetics but you're not actually born with one. i don't know if people fully recover from ptsd, but they might get to a point where they have a lot less episodes. Does she not understand how anything works? I mean, I guess that is a given.

No. 292062

File: 1681440064559.png (2.51 MB, 720x7459, Gimmickyqueen.png)

No. 292063

>stinky smelly girl
>say it back
Diaper fetish

No. 292064

File: 1681440933068.webm (3.06 MB, 718x404, 'Apology'.WEBM)

>such a great narc moment at 6:30, "i guess i apologize for making it confusing" but visual disgust is all over her face. clearly does not feel she has to apologize, flips the middle finger and says "but also, don't be an asshole," begins to smile, "and tell people that their lying" and smirks like the grinch, shakes head no"
Here's the clip to capture this very mature moment.

No. 292066

File: 1681442582477.webm (8.83 MB, 718x404, ThisIsEnraging.WEBM)

>>says people accused her of studying for her diagnosis and that its truly ridiculous
>again brings up that her doctors suggested strongly she had autism
>11:34 "I'm 25, but I feel like I give adolescent vibes…probably the trauma"
>11:48 "It's really exausting being told that your mental illness is a trend cause i absolutely promise you im going to be here in 30 fucking years STILL having DID, whether im fully fused or not. im still gonna dissasociate and have all the ptsd and shit like…" groans and rolls her eyes (wow, a 30 year larp jill?!!)
Her body language gives away her true intentions. She can't act to save her life.

No. 292067

Jill needs to tell Steve to unprivate that video about the slander. I mean he was there for the diagnosis. We have a clip of him saying so.

No. 292070

File: 1681445746647.png (65.76 KB, 211x244, 1651706043557.png)

>"went non-verbal and fainted in therapy" >aka therapist gave slightest pushback so i made a scene like a child. ive never fainted in my life so i wouldnt know i sound retarded
>"did a bunch of exercise which made us vionently sick"
>aka i remembered today im fat as fuck. i tried doing some exercise for once in a lifetime but got obviously got really tired because im so out of shape
>"it made us violently sick from dehydration (feels like an insane hang over)
>aka i googled shit so im larping severe dehydration because i have no personality to offer. ive never done sports or lived outside of Canada so im too sheltered to know most people know what the fuck dehydratation is (hangover? god, fuck off)

No. 292073

File: 1681447801756.jpg (427.32 KB, 2160x3840, 20230414_004919.jpg)

I am not surprised to find her comment here

No. 292075

blueysperg (cant help it, i have friends whove worked on the show kek) but bingo is a relatively quiet, shy 4 yr old, though she is also the insane adult fandom's favourite for sperg headcanons. idgi, every character in the show is well adjusted (for their age) and at least somewhat conscientious because it models good social behaviour to preschoolers…
its been said before but jill is a muffin kek, except muffin's behaviour is age appropriate and forgivable because she is three.
imo that never happened, she probably stood up and got mildly dizzy and thats all. but also this lol >>292070

No. 292076

Could we have a canadianon explain how the medical records look like in Canada? Like is there a website you can log in to in order to check out your records, what kind of content you can access etc? I find it so hard to believe that there wouldn't be a somewhat easy way to see a record of your visits, different test results, prescriptions and diagnoses.

No. 292077

She reads here. Maybe don't give her a breakdown full of tips on how to fake it until after she tries to produce something.

No. 292078

Kek is is 100% Muffin. And yes, none of the characters are autism coded, they’re just literal fucking preschoolers.

>told psych "I want you to check me for every personality disorder…EVERYTHING !!!"
That’s not how that works, also that’s literally her shopping for a diagnosis, any diagnosis in order to say she has one (but not nasty BPD that’s not kawaii)

>all the doctors are wrong: makes jokes that the doctors made and oopsie as if it's an insane accusation

She’s spent the past few weeks on a crusade to prove that a Doctor is 100% wrong, but if it’s her doctor that it’s inconceivable that there could be even an iota of a mistake.

Honestly the biggest ‘tell’ that she doesn’t have DID is that she’s not currently, and hasn’t been for a considerable amount of time, seeking treatment of any kind. And it’s not that she lacks the resources or the supposed ‘proof’ of a formal diagnosis, she simply chooses not to. Someone suffering from such debilitating trauma that your entire psyche has fractured (and continues to do so apparently) would want nothing more than to get help and learn to move passed it.

No. 292079

canadianon here, generally speaking, you would contact the public health office of the province for a copy of your records, or if it was through private practice, contact the office of wherever you went. pretty simple

No. 292080

File: 1681454424151.webm (3.75 MB, 718x404, NotTraumatizedEnough.WEBM)

>trauma not bad enough: says she hasnt shared her trauma and so the internet doesnt know how bad it is
>attention seeking: "there are enough things about me that bring attention…definitely dont need to pretend to have an extremely serious condition. i dont need to spin an absolute inescapable web of lies that would absolutely destroy my life to get more attention" jill, be fr right now lol. narc moment again

No. 292081

File: 1681454565915.webm (10.94 MB, 718x404, Alwaysbeenhateful.WEBM)

>on tiktok: laughs and just says its a stupid thing the mcclean conference referenced. super bitter at 14:51 and says "suck my cock" picrel of the hideous narc face she makes when she says that
>facticious disorder: doesnt say anything about it, just shows the definition
>you didnt act like this before: says people that call her out for never acting like this before during her 8 years on youtube and tens of hours livestreaming "have always been hateful and never liked me" and that true fans have seen her true differences over the years. tldr my brainwashed confetticults believe me that i did act like this before!1!

No. 292083

the bingo and her verbalizing "inescapable web of lies" makes me think she's panicking a bit about what she's gotten herself into…

No. 292084

File: 1681459635940.webm (9.44 MB, 718x404, Beforeanyinklingofplural.WEBM)

>u follow DID creators: says this is talked about on the farms mostly, admits she followed dissasociated/schizo/autism creators bc she "places importance on learning about mental health conditions" because she wanted to "learn about her friends brains" says her whole friend group has "every mental illness"
>tries to spin it that she was doing it out of true empathy to be kind and understanding of others

No. 292085

Tf is this "Dr" even trying to say, "we hope the OSDD's dialogue excludes doctors who have lived experience with DID"? Bitch nobody was talking about doctors with DID and even if they were, wouldn't you want to center their voices not exclude them? How can you have an alleged doctorate and be so bad at writing kek
Meanwhile functionally illiterate Jillybean is just nodding along to seem smart and popular.

No. 292087

File: 1681460468238.webm (10.51 MB, 1280x720, LastDitchEffort.WEBM)

>trying to save my channel: just says people are horrible for suggesting she's using her mental illness for views

No. 292088

File: 1681460808579.webm (16.15 MB, 718x404, Imanipulatedallofthedoctors .w…)

>i manipulated all the doctors: says people have theories that she intentionally lied and fished for diagnosis, that she was tricked by her angelbby therapist, blah blah. says its such a nonsense theory and that she was "so extremely open and so far from pushing DID as an idea and reluctant to mention it"
>told psych "I want you to check me for every personality disorder…EVERYTHING !!!"
>you cant be happy about a diagnosis: says shes talked about it so much and tells people to watch her last video (trying to get the views up huh jill?) "i'm just revolted and disgusted and…holy shit"
>all the doctors are wrong: makes jokes that the doctors made and oopsie as if it's an insane accusation
If there's a clip I didn't do but you think is good, let me know.

No. 292089

File: 1681460875015.webm (1.45 MB, 718x404, BoredofBPD_compressed.webm)

>bored of my bpd: "nasty, putrid, vile thing to say" that she got bored of her mental illness

No. 292090

She mentions she "manipulated" her therapists and psychologists but what she really did was just shopping for a therapist that gave her desired diagnosis.

No. 292091


So she has no actual argument for being bored of having bpd?

No. 292092

>Says she’s afraid of the Lolita community but dreams of wearing Lolita
Proof she only does things for the attention and less of because she actually likes them. Theyre alot of lolcow Lolita's who have removed themselves from the online community and still wear lolita without any problems.
If she really dreamed of wearing lolita she would just do it. Why does she need to be apart of a community for it? Is it because she's obsessed with being some sort of expert or authority on the internet and she knows she could never do that in lolita ever again since the LACE incident.
Lolita's are just as crazy as her and she cant handle that

No. 292093

>“suck my cock”
Pigsielocks is a nasty cunt. Remember when she used this line on a minor?
None of her “arguments” in this video make any sense, must be all of the weed and antipsychotics she doesn’t actually need fucking up her brain.

No. 292094

Crazy that none of her fans question why she has to make so many “debunking” videos about her totally real illness. I’m not well versed in mentul illness tiktok/YouTube so I have no idea how common this is.

No. 292096

She says she doesn't read the threads but where its not like people are hating on her on her own socials. Sometimes she'll get a comment questioning her or asking for clarification on something but the only actual "hate" she can say she gets is here or for that brief amount of time on reddit.
Also hilarious that she says all her haters have "always been haters" to categorize lolcow as insane hatful people who dont know her. We've all been fans of Jillian at one point

No. 292099

Lmao right she could not be telling on herself more, more than half of it is stuff we say in her threads and they’re valid criticisms/reasons. I can’t wait for her to turn 30 tbh with her “muh adolescent coded” tf does that even mean lmao sounds like some pedo troon reasoning

No. 292100

she is saying she hopes they talk about the very real (lol) issue of excluding doctors who have DID. She said this because she means herself, tho she is not a medical or psychiatric doctor so like that’s the reason her opinion is being excluded.

No. 292101

Also using “coded” is weird she isn’t a fictional character. She isn’t “coded” by anyone she just exists like wtf is she talking about.

No. 292102

Upon reflection I think it’s more Comoros adhd/autism breadcrumbing. A lot of autistic women w adhd tend to mature a bit slower and sometimes have a more adolescent mindset still in their early and even mid twenties (I was like this til I committed to meds and therapy more seriously). I Fucking Hate Her kek

No. 292103

*co morbid fucking autocorrect

No. 292104

Her video reminds me soooo much of those police interrogations on youtube, where the criminals legit think they are smarter than the detectives and won't get caught, but are really stupid and say a bunch of incriminating stuff. That same level of smugness and confidence while speaking absolute horseshit. >>292099 well pedo troons are HER people.

No. 292105

Sure but she still wouldn’t be coded because she is a real person not a cartoon character that the creator is using subtext to imply something about. Also all her assumptions about autism and how she behaves to try and show she has it is so offensive, really just highlights that in reality she doesn’t have progressive views and is actually ableist. It’s the same with her comparing this stuff to being gay, it’s so hamfisted and offensive like she actually comes off as homophobic. Which is funny because she would describe herself as a super progressive empath uwu.

No. 292106

It’s just a zoomer/TikTok discourse thing for people who don’t know what they’re talking about and it’s pointless to read into. A lot of people use “coded” to refer to real people because they don’t understand that “coded” means the writer intended them to be x without saying it and not “it is my belief/my head canon.” She’s not using it maliciously she’s using it stupidly.

No. 292107

Oh my god you nailed it. She is EXACTLY like those videos I’m kekkin

No. 292110

did steve say he SAW the diagnosis physically? i dont remember because his slander video was just as hard to follow and pure nonsense. if he said he saw the diagnosis himself, that would be HUGELY a hole in jillybilly's tale here.

thank you so much clipnona, you are the best. this was my personal favorite moment, the fake apology sums jill up so well

absolutely agree, they talk a lot about "duper's delight" and the smile that people have when they trick people and you can speculate jill uses it a ton. even in this clip when she says "evil villain" >>292089

No. 292111

File: 1681486601203.jpeg (99.36 KB, 828x944, 6AD13902-85DD-46E6-B1B9-8EEF10…)

The self awareness, it’s at 0% ladies and gentlemen

No. 292113

File: 1681486741958.jpeg (66.35 KB, 828x838, 21C0B85B-6406-4C62-9B13-F4D7CC…)

How can you scan a report you supposedly don’t have Jill? If you have a physical piece of paper from a doctor saying you require treatment for a condition, that it literally evidence of diagnosis. Does she really think that we expected her to walk out with a diploma style certificate she could frame saying CONGRATS ON THE DID

No. 292115

>Jill: I can't even go outside I experience switches and panic attacks
>often tweets about ~money struggles uwu~
>unemployed, needs weed to function
>also Jill: doesn't apply for any benefits
Sure, Jan

No. 292116

What work on it? She isn’t in therapy and when she was for the brief stint she was grubbing for that DID diagnosis and doing pseudo science crap, not receiving DBT or something to help he BPD. She can’t reconcile with the BPD diagnosis at all she has just decided the negative traits are someone else and not her. The perfect sweet empath angel Jilly doesn’t have BPD! That’s Jerrick and co. That’s not getting better Jill in fact it’s you getting worse and further away from treating the BPD.

No. 292119

File: 1681487872315.png (21.64 KB, 537x763, oh no not their reputation.png)

>the more trust and respect they lose from the community
>lose respect
>implying the top mental health care center in the world GIVES A SINGLE SHIT what illness fakers online have to think

No. 292122

File: 1681488207132.png (16.23 KB, 547x305, fake dr.png)

jill keeps agreeing with the tweets from that fake dr. i had to read this tweet 3 times before I could even figure out what they were saying. also kek at jill implying there's any level of quality to her videos, as if she doesn't just smack the record button and ramble for a while. no, jill, your videos are a mess, just like your twitter. you're not fooling anyone

No. 292125

She's deleting negative comments now. lol.

No. 292126

Any Nonnies know if Jill is still taking meds? My tinfoil is that she's possibly acting like this (crazy and unreasonable) due to the weed and alcohol interacting with her antidepressants. I know from personal experience that weed and/or alcohol abuse while on antidepressants can cause schizophrenic or psychotic symptoms.

No. 292127

>something homophobic: doesn't say much just makes a joke about it and sips a redbull (what a nice cocktail of anti psych meds, weed, and caffiene she's on!)

She's choosing to worsen her mental state by using weed, alcohol, and energy drinks while on medication for mental health issues. She would feel so, so much better if she did what most "normal" people on antidepressants/mental health related meds to, and NOT abuse or over-do the substances.

No. 292128

She has posted about wanting to get off of her meds like…4 years ago. She was taking an antidepressant, birth control + 2 mystery meds + she started smoking weed then and drank a lot. She tweeted about still taking the antidepressant like a year ago (seroquel), that she didn't stop it after all. I know I discussed this with nonnies in previous threads, but this is all I remember. She hasn't tweeted about medication or therapy for a year.

No. 292135

Nonnas I’m hung up on something from this video. Jill says a therapist didn’t diagnose her, a psychologist did. Did she mean to say psychiatrist? I thought only psychiatrists could actually diagnose and psychologists are essentially the same as therapists. At least in my own experience, that’s how it’s been.

No. 292136

File: 1681491185572.jpeg (124.7 KB, 1921x1081, hormones-onpill.jpeg)

holyshit: birth control, antidepressants or antipsychotics, weed, alcohol, caffeine, AND highly processed diet. no wonder she's overweight, her body is probably fully inflamed every single day and her hormones are nuts. birth control can aggravate BPD symptoms to the extreme, no wonder she's fucking insufferable. if she just got off of half of those substances MANY of her issues would be resolved.

No. 292137

I'm pretty sure she's still on some sort of SSRI
She acts like someone on them but she has also occasionally tweeted about forgetting to refill prescriptions and discribing the side effects of missing doses that sound similar to SSRIs

No. 292139

She wanted to stop birth control because she is "queer and gay", but then she met Steebe. Birth control is shitty, but it doesn't make your hormones go nuts, it stabilizes a lot of side effects (but I have endometriosis, so it depends on the person, it could have the opposite effect on Jill).

No. 292142

dont give jill any credit in thinking she has any psychosis or actual psychotic symptoms at all. shed doing this mental illness larp because she has no actual health issues at all. if she had anything that was actually bad she would ham it up to the 100000th degree and we'd never stop hearing about it

No. 292144

read the old milk about her "diagnosis"

No. 292147

File: 1681494054580.webm (3.62 MB, 1280x720, 1665201200090.webm)

He said he physically saw it and it is in their possession. Here's the clip.

No. 292149

Claims he physically saw something that even pixie said doesn't physically exist and calls US delusional kek

No. 292153

I can't believe I'm even asking this, but is it possible to have autism and BPD? Like I don't believe she's autistic but in general I've never heard of someone having both of them, only that one got misdiagnosed as the other.

No. 292159

I think it's more likely munchausen syndrome and autism. Her did larp is very close what munchies do

No. 292161

Yup, Jill was posting about having hallucinations a while back when she was fishing for a schizophrenia diagnosis and started following a bunch of schizophrenic people online before settling for DID. It was painfully obvious what she was doing I don't know why she assumes the rest of the world is too stupid to notice.
>>292147 Hahahaha they made an oopsie woopsie. What is she gonna do, tell the internet Steve is liar?

No. 292165

Does anyone actually believe that she had hallucinations and all of this? Does anyone think any of that is actually legitimate? It all just seems like lying! Every ounce of everything she claims. I believe she has anxiety, I know for certain she has BPD (every single thing she does mirrors the shit the BPD person in my life does with freakish accuracy), but everything else just seems like total and complete lies. I really don't believe a single word she says at this point, and this recent video really cements that even more. Is she even capable of not lying?

No. 292166

More like pig sty with how filthy and unkempt her house is

No. 292167

I'm tired of autistics getting shat on. We are nicer than kinder than the vast majority of neurotypicals. No fucking way can someone have autism and BPD at once.

No. 292169

how is this not siding with McLean saying it's hammed up for the camera? you think Jimmy Fallon or someone like that is the same on stage and off?

No. 292170

She does NOT have autism, period. Nonnies need to really stop humoring her nasty larp. It's a calculated ploy to not have to grow up and be a forever "baby" with no responsibilities. Because that is what she thinks autism is. She does fit a lot of criteria for Munchausen, which is often comorbid with another personality disorder (like BPD) and can develop if the perso grew up with a sick family member (her mother), but we probably shouldn't armchair.

No. 292171

oh. my. god. this is absolute gold.

verbatim from steve:
>i physically looked at it. its in our possession.

>it is given verbally. there is no magical ticket that says i have DID.

so what did steve look at physically? hmm?

No. 292172

She could go for claiming munchausen by proxy and still get the sympathy she craves. Maybe the DID thing will become too saturated and common and she will want something to jump to so she can be the most special kek.

No. 292173

Gypsy rose gets out of jail soon right, if it gets enough media attention and the general consensus is people are sympathetic towards her it could be profitable and see a boom honestly.

No. 292175

She has said she has a diagnosis by a psychiatrist. Not specifying WHAT diagnosis she has.

No. 292179

I mean for fucking real: has Jill, and any of you, even met an autistic person? In no way even remotely does Jill resemble what autistic people are really like. When you meet an autist, no matter the "degree" of autism, you fucking know it. It's not something that can be "masked" in the way the idiots and retards claim they do on the internet.

Jillian is about as far from autistic as physically fucking possible. She is just a liar looking for an excuse for her pathetic life, and best of all, she knows it.

No. 292180

File: 1681504812990.jpeg (215.5 KB, 1170x1731, EC908921-1AA8-4A9F-81AE-256E1E…)

Much eco friendly

No. 292183

>When you meet an autist, no matter the "degree" of autism, you fucking know it. It's not something that can be "masked" in the way the idiots and retards claim they do on the internet.
The only people who can't tell are normies who think autism means severely mentally disabled to the point of little to no function whatsoever. They're genuinely shocked autists can even speak coherently. They instead think you're a weirdo of some other kind, because they can still tell something isn't right. But it's honestly a very visible disability at the core. It's only "invisible" in the sense that it doesn't manifest in physical traits like downs syndrome or dwarfism, but when you see and hear the person it doesn't take much to see that they're mentally disabled in some way.

tldr; Jill is fucking autistic (slur), but she doesn't have autism (medical).

No. 292184

totally agreed. The way Jill speaks is all the evidence you need to know that she does not have autism. Literally anyone who has ever known, met, loved, interacted with, worked with, whatever, a real autistic knows that this bitch just ain't it. Every element of the DID and autism LARP is just fucking offensive. I can't believe this cunt, she is so deplorable at her core.

No. 292186

OBVIOUSLY he was looking at the doctor when he spoke the totally real diagnosis, and its currently in the possession of Cliff, inside Jill's brain, for safe keeping. We won't be able to see it until next tax season now.

No. 292187

I fucking hate jill. The last couple of weeks have turned me from a casual watcher who was semi rooting for her to actually wishing harm on her.
Can you? Maybe I'm autistic but I've known at least two girls with aspergers that I didn't know until they told me. I just thought they were shy.(take a break)

No. 292191

She’s also claiming to have a physical report that she could scan and send for accommodation/benefits purposes if needed, so add that to her contradictions.

I mean, Asperger’s isn’t considered a legitimate diagnosis anymore, it just falls under autism spectrum disorder. It’s also funny you mention females, because neurodivergence often manifests in completely different ways in girls, but all of Jill’s stereotypical ‘knowledge’ of symptoms are based on male presentations

No. 292194

Lmao nice to get confirmation that both Jill AND Steebie lurk here. Hi Steve! How's the porn addiction going?

Also love that we all picked on the fact that Steve called lolcow hypocritical whilst actively making a completely different statement about Jill's diagnosis (saying he saw it, when Jill said it's only given verbally). You two couldn't spend five minutes together getting your fake stories straight?

No. 292196

File: 1681518646730.jpeg (20.2 KB, 373x344, CB564641-5906-4541-A004-9AF86F…)

>11:34 "I'm 25, but I feel like I give adolescent vibes…probably the trauma"

This part absolutely sent me

No. 292199

File: 1681522203923.jpeg (109.73 KB, 1200x900, image-4-for-yourlife-telly-mon…)

She seriously thinks people see her as a cute little girl from all the age regression she does when really people see this. It's just going to get more ugly and sad with every year.

No. 292200

File: 1681524694745.jpeg (163.33 KB, 1170x1842, 98A15042-9C27-440A-B21D-313725…)

Her Berry costume I imagine? Unless Sunny jumped right to the front of the line

No. 292201

that’s definitely sunny. berry is a strawberry shortcake brunette loli.

No. 292204

I agree. Autistic people are incredibly kind people with tons of integrity unlike most neurotypicals. Especially Jill

No. 292205

File: 1681528398918.webm (2.79 MB, 648x576, SunSun.WEBM)

No. 292206

File: 1681528692704.png (743.21 KB, 720x1598, D.png)

No. 292207

kek the first jilly video i actually watched (start of did saga) all i could think about was dupers delight. her shit eating grin is textbook

No. 292208

Literally thought this was Shayna on the front page

No. 292209

yeah like chris-chan!

No. 292210

This look is unironically the cutest she’s looked in years. The rainbow drag makeup is so disgusting, and the huge fake lashes she wears don’t suit her face AT ALL.

No. 292211

Chris Chan isn’t autistic

No. 292212

Tbh I’d believe if Shayna was actually autistic over Jill.

No. 292214

Seroquel has been the only medication she has ever named that’s she’s been on and it’s not an ssri. I also recall talking about taking ativan for anxiety but nothing else. Her dosage of seroquel is small and was prescribed to her as a sleep aid

No. 292215

She looks so stoned constantly now. Always either has tomato red eyes or is just half out of it.

No. 292216

you are insane for saying this bro. have you met an autistic moid. i might buy that some aspie women who are obsessed with adhering to social rules could come across as more conscientious or as having a lot of integrity, but literally the average autistic male is a speedrunning sex pest with agp and aggressive tendencies

No. 292217

I feel like this is the worst she’s looked yet. She looks so unkempt, the wig is ratty and the clips are just..there. They’re just jabbed in there. Put in like absolute shit. Does she not care anymore or is she that high?

No. 292218

This. Even her past diary entries where she wrote that she might have multiple personalities is the same as some one with BPD (fragmented sense of self) would say. If anything her previous therapist should be barred from practice if he easily allowed a patient officially diagnosed with BPD believe that they had DID.
So is Sunny going to be her open DDLG character or is this her pretending that this was actually her when she did her party-kei phase?

No. 292220

File: 1681536674307.webm (10.16 MB, 1280x720, Jill.WEBM)

If there's more talk about a physical paper diagnosis in another video, let me know so I can add it.

No. 292221

File: 1681536775000.webm (12.82 MB, 569x320, FullClip-compressed.WEBM)

Here's the full clip of Jill ever speaking about diagnosis and process.

No. 292222

can’t believe she would get such a big ad ?? Probably because she Canadian and rainbow.

No. 292225

Holy shit the Shayna butthole eyes kek also the quality of this look is the worst “”””alter”””” yet

No. 292228

Oh how she’s fallen. Going from believing she started a fashion trend (party kei) to being a designer to looking like this. What’s with the wig being so ratty? I can’t wait to see how her animaritime cosplays look if this is what her standards are now.

No. 292232

does she explain why she can drive with DID? sorry if this was mentioned somewhere recently

No. 292233

Isn't this Flora?

On a side note, I'm dying to see the Berry video. It's potentially going to be very milk-inducing.

No. 292234

She is wearing the precure plush keychain and putting her tattoo front and centre, I was wondering though if she has more than one precure alter now. Because she mentioned “precure fictives” as in plural and upped her defence of fictional introjects post mcclean. The way the show works too it’s never just one lone precure because they are teaching little kids about working with others and how special that is.

No. 292235

The answer to all these kinds of questions is she is somehow inexplicably co-con with all of her alters at all times.

No. 292236

File: 1681549244866.jpeg (53.19 KB, 510x680, D6C7D304-39E1-4DFE-BFDB-360315…)

she posted this on Twitter at the same time so it was an assumption, but it could be Flora.

No. 292237

A few fakers have addressed it and claimed it’s totally safe, one guy his name is evading me even had video of him “switching” while driving. He claimed that only alters that can drive come out during the task because the littles are scared VOM. They have made sure to craft excuses for why they can live their lives normally as they did before without being hindered in any annoying ways, which to me is one of the most glaring reasons they come across fake.

No. 292238

File: 1681549521639.png (977.09 KB, 720x1266, SunnyDisposition .png)

It's Sunny who is one of the two new alters. She uses a shooting star emoji for her. Here's the picrew Jill did of her.
Not really just glosses over by saying the alters that can drive are the ones behind the wheel therefore no oopies doopies Berry is driving.

No. 292239

File: 1681550409696.jpg (82.2 KB, 720x1132, DonteverquestionJill.jpg)

No. 292240

>I mean, Asperger’s isn’t considered a legitimate diagnosis anymore
Yes it is, please stop spreading this tiktok level of misinformation, the DSM-5 is not at all universal and many countries still give out and use aspergers to this day. Even private clinics in countries where the DSM-5 is typically the standard they can often use other systems (obviouly depends on the local rules).

No. 292241

>I've known at least two girls with aspergers that I didn't know until they told me. I just thought they were shy.
They may have been misdiagnosed or faking it like Jill. Aspergers/autism was a trendy disorder to fake and overdiagnose before the trans craze started (still is, just look at Jill). It's also different if they/you are literal kids/teens becuase then everyone is socially awkward becuase your brain hasn't fully developed yet.
>Maybe I'm autistic
Well there you go nona. An autist missing blatant social signals or a lack there of isn't exactly shocking.

No. 292242

kek Jill be careful or that's gonna backfire real hard on you

No. 292243

File: 1681551828745.png (531.13 KB, 918x462, Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 5.40.…)

sage for not new milk, but Pixie used to be a comfort watch for me back when her videos actually had quality. Was cleaning my room and I saw this one part where she's pointing out a lot of jokes on a menu, which doesn't match up with the 'tism larp. (Screencap is from her Aesthetic Spots in NYC vlog btw)

No. 292244


Jill is obviously faking autism, but I don't get how that's relevant to it.

No. 292246

File: 1681554495722.webm (2.6 MB, 718x404, Classic.webm)

To celebrate Jilly Jam trying to force people to stop questioning, I bring back a classic.
>They have made sure to craft excuses for why they can live their lives normally as they did before without being hindered in any annoying ways, which to me is one of the most glaring reasons they come across fake.
It's interesting how they avoid anything that would strengthen their larp but then again that requires actual effort, work, and commitment to successfully pull it off. Easier to put on a silly voice, hand gestures, different outfits, play victim by screaming your harassing a mental ill person by pointing out facts, and call it a day.

No. 292248

File: 1681555394499.jpg (61.6 KB, 720x1019, Youhavealottolose.jpg)

This part is funnier

No. 292249

File: 1681555441443.jpg (80.42 KB, 720x1151, Rules.jpg)

So aggressive

No. 292250

File: 1681555448714.jpeg (169.38 KB, 1170x1701, FFA5D092-442D-454C-B871-2017E4…)

I love whenever she ends up on Reddit

No. 292251

Her DID faking got posted on kiwifarms too. Funny how she doesn't respond to youtubers who criticize her, but a female image board and doctors who made a serious presentation…

No. 292252

lately she's been claiming to not understand jokes, sarcasm, figures of speech, like posts here >>291473 which is a common symptom of autism

No. 292254

>one guy his name is evading me even had video of him “switching” while driving
lmao in my country sometimes they'll advise you against drinking (water duh), eat, while driving cause it can lessen your attention but sure, changing into a completely different person is fine.
>only alters that can drive come out during the task because the littles are scared
tell that to 6 y/o me who definitely did try to drive lmao. kids change their mind all the time bro, but sure, totally safe.

No. 292264

Wait, so there are two new yellow ones? Amber and Sunny? Trying to keep track.

No. 292266

Beautiful annon thank you. I wonder what they have to say about their lies being exposed with rock-solid video proof. Probably just explode into a rage like most narcissists do when confronted with their lies.
Amber is orange, Sunny is yellow. She really thinks she can be the entire main cast of a magical girl anime. Each with their own color and shallow personality trait. We got Narc, Slut, Edgy, Cheerful, Responsible, Kawaii, Angry, Pedophile and Cat.

No. 292268

How could you forget Sandwich

No. 292274

Sandwich is the cat.

No. 292275

My bad, it’s no longer considered a separate diagnosis in my country, I didn’t realize that wasn’t a universal thing

No. 292276

Kek she really is trying to larp as a complete magical girl squad down to the cat as the teams magical mascot/mentor. Holy shit, why couldn’t she have just done this kind of thing for fun? It actually would’ve been interesting to have her format her videos based on colors and hammy personalities, it’s not like YouTubers don’t do that kind of cringe shit all the time.

No. 292277

File: 1681580468753.jpeg (123.43 KB, 1170x866, FB03019A-E1DC-417A-BB2D-2F56E8…)

She’s incapable of seeing anything beyond herself. If they have a shortage of doctors on the island, of course they are going to start relinquishing care to patients who don’t even LIVE on the island? Stupid bitch

No. 292278

File: 1681580745450.png (13.76 KB, 593x373, firefox_PFKxBO5ojh.png)

I was looking for her tweet where she said she told her doctor she has DID and found this
Which confirms my theory that she's just refilling antidepressants without any check ups…

No. 292279

It’s also just impractical distance wise, in my country your home needs to be within a certain distance to the doctors office for them to register you. Is this confirmed though that she hasn’t seen a doctor in a year? How do pill refills work in Canada? Is she able to just keep getting more without ever consulting with a doctor or checking in.

No. 292280

if its a low level antidepressant a general doctor can prescribe it, but if shes on anything more serious I'm pretty sure it would actually require appts with a psychiatrist to keep going. curious what Canadian nonnies have to say about how it works there. it doesn't make sense to me that she'd be taking anything serious if its gone on unchecked.

No. 292281

I am pretty sure I remember her mentioning she went to her family doctor last time she visited PEI and she made a butthurt tweet how she told him she has DID and he ignored her. Guess this was before the deer saga.

No. 292282

proof of what? OP even said Jill may have did, they just don't like how she presents it. That's an opinion Jill, you don't need proof of that.

No. 292283

those spoiled bitches complaining about having to see their doctor to get a prescription for meds that can literally fuck with your brain. fucking hell.
also really sus if she can still get her meds without seeing a doctor (gp or shrink, doesn't matter) since that stuff isn't over the counter medication.
AND she should check with a doctor every once in a while anyway, to see if they still suit her. Some meds are listed as being dangerous to take if you're driving kek.

No. 292284

Because she knows YouTubers/influencers have numbers (more than her) who will dig into her and her videos, and that the YouTuber isn’t held back by a loss of job or legal obligations from saying what they believe, and will earn money doing it. She’s bullying a doctor because she knows that he knows it would be unprofessional to respond or have (medical) peers defend him, and that she can potentially directly harm/impact his life by stirring a fuss. She has been awfully different since Vangelina. I think she realized she doesn’t have the power she thinks she does so she’s being safe now about who she attacks.

No. 292287

She lives in a province with shitty mental healthcare so I could see someone going under the radar getting constant refills for a low level antidepressant. Prescriptions in Canada have a limit for how many times you can refill them but for something minor you don't necessarily have to go to your gp for the renewed prescription. It's designed so if someone is on birth control or has something like diabetes where they're always going to be on the same meds won't get screwed if they can't make an appointment and can just go to the walk in.
Walk in doctors are supposed to do due diligence but most (especially in the Maritimes) don't know much about psych drugs so just go with what the patient tells them if asked. When I was on low level SSRIs my limit was around three reffils of one month bottles of pills (I know it's lower for ones you can overdose with). I got one of my new rounds of pills from a walk-in and informed the doc there I'd been on it for x amount of refills and it worked well. I was in a sister maritime province with similar shitty mental healthcare at the time so no real questions were asked, they just handed me the refill in under 5 minutes and I was on my way (including a rather large amount of Ativan when I realised no questions were asked kek). When I later got on more specific drugs for my issues (granted in Ontario) I was actually put on a strict appointment schedule initially to ensure the meds were working and if I had kept them up I'd need more of an evaluation between renewals.
Jilly is probably just hopping to the local walk-in and perpetually renewing the old prescription by telling them it's working great (ironic considering her Twitter)

No. 292288

Yeah, it's recommended to do at least a blood test once in a while because certain meds can affect your liver or blood sugar, etc. It wouldn't surprise me if she's afraid to go to a health check up because she'd have to face the reality of her substance abuse and unhealthy lifestyle.

No. 292289

Would the proof not just be her analytics and the fact that she monetized the did vids? I'm pretty sure she's just making up new alters so she can have new videos. Isn't that the grift among YouTube fakers?(sage your shit)

No. 292290

We have an app you can talk to nurses on and they just give you fucking whatever. I got on a new antidepressant that way without seeing someone and they never ask for proof when I say I need a refill, they just give it. I also don't have a doctor because no one here does anymore so YMMV

No. 292292

>lately she's been claiming to not understand jokes, sarcasm, figures of speech, like posts here >>291473 which is a common symptom of autism
What a dumbass move kek. This means any and every time she has said something sarcastic, or snarky, or exaggerated, or a figure of speech we can read it as a cold hard fact statement from her and she can no longer blame it on being a joke.

No. 292294

I fully believe the doctor just used that as an excuse because they didn't want to deal with her now that she's clearly a daily stoner who is faking DID while dressed as a rainbow clown. She's a medical liability and the fact that it's a family doctor means the family will blame the doctor for not "helping her" when she's hitting rock bottom.

No. 292297

i can't wait to see this mess she's made of her life blow up in her face.

No. 292298

File: 1681592835907.jpg (128.04 KB, 1080x1057, SmartSelect_20230415_165650_Tw…)

I don't know if it means much, but she said that both new alters are yellow.

No. 292302

What are we missing in our Roy G Biv here? Red? After she has her anger emoji alter will she transform into Super Failure To Launch? It is it a new attention grift to avoid being responsible for her actions?
You want to know what's different now? She's ALOT more public with the bitchyness. Not as many fans to attack people for her.

No. 292303

File: 1681595333901.jpg (59.91 KB, 720x859, Screenshot_20230415-1432_Brave…)

No. 292304

Sage your shit newfag

No. 292305

File: 1681595602189.webm (9.74 MB, 576x1024, SunFun.WEBM)

No. 292306

Red- Berry
Orange- Amber
Yellow- Sunny
G- Jerry
B- Jax
I- Cliffe? arguably this is the one that is missing but it’s close enough to violet.
V- Veronica
Plus pink Jill as the main cure (lol) and Sandwich the mascot.

No. 292307

File: 1681595805058.png (3.57 MB, 720x12394, Screenshot_20230417_144555.png)

No. 292309

File: 1681597666964.jpg (233.74 KB, 1080x1707, Victimcomplex.jpg)

She's insufferable.

No. 292310

>Proof of Harassment folder
She really lets every negative/slight negative comment live rent free in her head. Jill acts like she suffered Jessi Slaughter levels of harassment.

No. 292311

File: 1681598021056.jpg (29.18 KB, 720x324, Screenshot_20230416-150333_Bra…)

No. 292312

Just think about the implications of what she she said for a moment. She will screencap and carefully store away. Every. Single. Negative. Comment. That's beyond insane. That's something every single therapist would tell you to never do. I know we make fun of her all the time but honestly obsessing over even the tiniest perceived slight against her is so incredibly bad for your mental health it's almost impressive.

No. 292313

Jill wishes she had Jessi’s fame and trauma.

No. 292314

File: 1681598566165.png (5.66 MB, 1179x2556, 84E7315D-DC1F-40FC-9774-ABB9D0…)

Not to tinfoil but I think Jill is attempting to get her autism points by copying or at least being inspired by this girl whose ‘tism interest is the yellow crayon. She has yellow crayon stickers on her face and is holding a yellow crayon… reminded me instantly of this girl

No. 292316

I hate this time-line

No. 292317

>cushy conference
It's a professional meeting, you dimwit. Not that Jill would understand how research or academic careers work.

No. 292319

Jillian is really entering ageplayer territory with this, absolutely deranged.

No. 292320

I actually do hope that you are suffering, Jillian. You are utterly contemptable and despicable. Might actually do you some good to learn what trauma really fucking is.

No. 292321

You can just crash your car and get actually disabled then you will suffer real problems. Do it, Jill.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 292322

>so cute and fun
not Jillian saying pedophile dogwhistles like "cute and funny" kek it took her long enough(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 292323

Only a true narc considers getting called out for lying "trauma."

No. 292326

i'm mostly a lurker so idk how to add screenshots but she is raging over on her jerrick account too

No. 292329

File: 1681601385408.png (914.67 KB, 720x7851, Screenshot_20230415_8675309_Br…)

No. 292330

>cute and funny is a pedophile dogwhistle
sorry, what? have i been living under a rock or did you forget to take your medication(sage your shit)

No. 292331

File: 1681601716769.png (884.53 KB, 720x2865, Screenshot_20230415_77302_Brav…)

Thanks nonnie! I wonder what made her so bitchy today? The level of anger is at critical. Her video get more negative comments than she expected?

No. 292332

Ignore- they forgot to take their meds, it’s bait.

No. 292333

File: 1681602696915.jpg (81.42 KB, 720x1217, Screenshot_20230415-166666.jpg)

I wonder if she sent Matt Robinson and McLean a email embedded with her video. She's so fucking deranged I could see it.

No. 292334

Seeing JILL of all people say she's going to destroy anyone is absolutely hilarious to me. I don't doubt Jill can be mean in a petty, vindictive, back stabbing, high school sort of way, but this is someone who claims to have 'breakdowns' and 'trauma' at the drop of a hat, and whose parents, friends, and boyfriend have hand held her through her whole life. She lives in a big rainby townhouse her parents pay for, eats, wears, and buys whatever she wants, and doesn't work and afaik her boyfriend barely works either. She has no inner resilience or mental strength, she just admitted recently she's too afraid to go sit in a coffee shop by herself.

Jill, the only person you're capable of destroying is yourself, and no one's scared of your drag queen emo boy OC, or any of your other OCs either, no matter how many pouty faces they make, edgy songs they lip sync on TikTok to, or middle fingers they hold up.

No. 292335

She keeps doing stuff worse than the people she's complaining about in the same thread like
>a moronic comment is "proof of harassment"
actually it isn't, harassment is a very specific thing legally and 'u suck lol' posted once by some rando is not that, but go off
>but me publicly threatening actual harm to an actual human is perfectly fine
actually threats of direct harm are against the TOS for most sites and are often taken seriously legally!
Maybe plot twist Jill ends up getting arrested because her standards of what is ok for her to do vs other people are wild
"I'm about to do something bad lol"
"I would support any bad happenings towards him"
Jill might have been threatening self harm based on the "I'm fine lol" followup but she should have shot the reply down if so. Those Tweets together look so bad.

No. 292336

File: 1681603179410.png (827.32 KB, 720x1916, Screenshot_20260_177.png)

No. 292337

NTA but since you asked sincerely, "cute and funny" is used by some scrotes as a reference to "cunny" (pedo slang term for cunt) however >>292322 was definitely baiting, this is not that context at all

No. 292345

>things have been very turbulent and traumatic this month
She really thinks that some internet comments are severe enough trauma to cause the formation of multiple DID alters. Yeah I don’t buy into her saying she has secret unmentioned super awful trauma at all.

No. 292346

Wtf she's high out of her mind in this shit. This is why DID isn't diagnosed unless you're sober long term.

No. 292347

Made it about herself again kek

No. 292351

Anon, no. That's not true at all. Wtf.

No. 292352

not to mention she has apparently had DID for a long time (Jerrick, Flora, and Veronica, since she was 13) and only in the past two years has everyone else popped up. So of the ~10 alters, 3 split within the 10 years from 13-23, and then 7 in 23-25, 2 since turning 25, which, disregarding how unusual that would be considering most splits in “genuine DID” happen by age 10 and are so subtle that others wouldn’t notice it, what has been traumatic has happened to her in the past few years?

She has so far listed openly the following things causing a split:
-McLean video
-Moving out
-Having to take on adult tasks

She also insinuates some sexual abuse happened, so Veronica had to exist to be a fuck doll or whatever, but it doesn’t fit into her narrative. The story keeps changing. With that said, if taking on normal adult tasks cause so much trauma that would cause multiple splits in her world, one could reason she views moving out/having internet drama on the same level as sexual abuse. Nothing traumatic has happened in the past two years, she just got more attention.

No. 292365

File: 1681611047497.jpg (96.31 KB, 720x1301, Screenshot_20230415-234879_Chr…)

No. 292367

she always loves to answer a question that was never asked and not answer the question being posed to her. It makes it seem like she’s engaging in these discussions but she’s just changing the subject.

No. 292368

File: 1681611425218.jpg (44.29 KB, 656x507, Screenshot_20230415-191539.jpg)

No. 292373

>(usually the next day)
How convenient isn’t it? I’m glad her alters know that once she goes to sleep, the curtain closes and it’s time to rest, so other alters or jillybean herself can do other stuff the next day.

No. 292374

She is unhinged my god. Like, she’s definitely crazy but not in the way she pretends kek. The actual narc energy radiating off her tweets is so fucking foul. She’s assblasted someone with actual credentials rather than pithy internet clout questioned her and presented her in a way she couldn’t manage the perception of.

No. 292379

I swear to god she said in a past video that she can control her switching to some extent, or am I imagining things

No. 292381

imagine someone tagging someone else in your selfie this cherry girl is so annoying(do not use emojis)

No. 292383

>yellow coded
This is getting supremely retarded, but not in the way that she wants.

No. 292384

File: 1681620209640.jpeg (102.52 KB, 264x1253, 30191B1C-8503-4BF8-952E-85F3B5…)

what really gets me about jill is that she dead ass thinks she (as one person) isn’t capable of feeling a full range of human emotions. she is simply Jill, the quirky spaz. She doesn’t get drunk and horny, that’s her alter Verosika Mayday Veronica. She doesn’t have bad days where she wants to go ape shit, that’s her secret maniac alter jinx/harley quinn/spinel Jax. She doesn’t feel relaxed and caring, that’s Flora! A fictional anime girl who lives in her head and definitely isn’t Jill trying to relive her past lolita days when she was skinnier and prettier and significantly more popular.

anyway, here’s a chart using her picrews because i’m having a hard time keeping up with who’s who.

No. 292385

>what really gets me about jill is that she dead ass thinks she (as one person) isn’t capable of feeling a full range of human emotions.

This gets even weirder when you take into consideration a part of >>292006 where she mentions her constant consumption of media and acts like it's totally normal to claim to have "only so much creativity" as a result of constantly watching shit. I know it's probably just some weird zoomer/avoidant thing but she keeps creating weird limits for herself. Not sure what she'll limit next kek

No. 292392

NTA but it is sadly true, you can google it.

No. 292393

I genuinely wonder what her family and friends are thinking. She has escalated hard in the last 6 months and she's isolating herself more

No. 292394

File: 1681627673861.jpg (45.14 KB, 720x829, Screenshot_20200416_Chrome.jpg)

That's just Cureichigo7's new twitter handle. She's known to be obsessed with Jill and ended up dressing like Jill for Halloween. I picked this picture because I still don't understand why she added the fake blood/burn aspect. She has a yt channel now and the link is on her twitter.
Nah she knows people are capable but is too damn stubborn and just quadruples down on her bullshit instead. She made a short career out of a sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows persona. She still thinks she can replicate that lightening in a bottle. I think what truly scares her is the fact she can't get out of this mess the way she wants to which is why she's going down the DiD and autism route. She hates being held accountable yet wants to hold others to her own twisted standard like not calling her out on her bullshit otherwise you're harassing her.

No. 292395

The picrew self harm scars make me giggle every time, it's all just so pathetic for an adult to do

No. 292396

It's been said a thousand times but god, this girl hasn't faced any real discrimination in her whole cushy life. If she had she'd know mean internet comments or someone disagreeing with her aren't even remotely on the same level

No. 292408

>There's no solution to discrimination
God the eternal victim mentality is strong. Nooo you can't do anything about discrimination we just have to suffer forever as no group discriminated against has never made any progress, woe is me.

No. 292432

I wonder if the double yellow is her trying something new since one is edgy and scawy and the other is sunshine and rainbows. Going off presentation is one supposed to be a persecutor and the other a protector but if they spawned the same time from the same event does that make sense. Surely if it worked that way you would always have them spawn in pairs. The reality really is that she clearly likes having edgy alters and cute alters and doesn’t want to only wear yellow for one. Also interesting that she is only spawning female alters now, she clearly wanted the clout of Jerrick being trans but hated pretending to be a boy to be her idea of punk so created Jax so she could do femme punk looks. Cliffe never appears and Jerrick usually just tweets or conveniently like in the newest video is co con and dressed like Jill. It’s funny because she bragged so much about being queer and nonbinary but she can’t bear to dress masculine so those alters get relegated and all the new ones are girls.

No. 292434

As much as jill complains and whines, this is exactly what she wanted: being an eternal victim, always being discriminated against and hurt by the big bad haters.

No. 292435

File: 1681640627938.jpg (97.01 KB, 1077x587, 1674246993167.jpg)


Is that the same doctor jill threw a fit over not caring about her DID larp? Maybe she hasn't gone to another doctor because she couldn't them not caring about her larp lmao

No. 292436

No because it's not kek

No. 292438

Fucking thank you, I was looking for this thinking she tweeted it, but it was actually from a video/stream.

No. 292440

are you really going to make me link this


sage for irrelevant trash(don't use emojis)

No. 292444

>A fictional anime girl who lives in her head and definitely isn’t Jill trying to relive her past lolita days when she was skinnier and prettier and significantly more popular
This made me kek hard, because thats exactly what it seems like to me too. I wasn't able to put a finger on it, though her "blast from the past" alter selfies certainly made it clear too

No. 292447

she definitely misses her lolita days but doesn't know how to relive them without getting flack from the lolita comm. that or stebie's ageplaying fetish wants her to wear lolita and she will abide because she has BPD and wants to people please. it's strange to me she has OCs specifically for ageplaying now like sunny, when she just used to do it covertly, I guess she knows we know stevie is an ageplayer and is tired of hiding it. Jill's DID morphing into something to enable ageplay is definitely not the hill I expected her to die on but I didn't expect the DID thing either so she keeps impressing me.

No. 292465

This seems like a reach, not gonna lie.

No. 292468

Right, like it's kind of scary how pathetic it is. I wonder how bold it'll get, if they ever end up being upfront about it. lolita tinfoil, I'd genuinely love to see her get back into lolita just to see the potential shitstorm. the milk would cater directly to my taste kek. plus, I know how her current taste has evolved will make for some delightfully ita coordination choices. do you think she might get some black and green sludge taobao "punk" dress for jerricka?

No. 292473

I know "system" refers to the medical system, but I read it as "Jill's DID system" kek

Then end it Jill, post a copy of your diagnosis- wait you admitted you don't have it. Just a verbal one (is that how they deal with fakers these days? To get them to go away happy but not with the actual faker benefits of having it on paper?) So then just go back and ask for a written one that directly states you have DID that you can show. Clearly people were questioning you a year ago and will still be in a year from now so time isn't an issue. It costs money? How much is peace of mind worth?

No. 292474

She gave that comment 1 minute of rest before she had to put in on blast, compiling every hate comment is unhinged and self destructive enough no need to be actively looking for it.

yk she’s just spending her time getting high waiting for those mean haterz to pop up so she has a reason to keep harassing the McLean doctors.

No. 292477

With how cringe the lolita community is now a days, I'm sure she could fit right in, LACE and all. Too bad she really screwed her image over with DID. Even being only Jill and doing different looks and hauls for aesthetics would be better. slight a-log, but it drives me nuts how she has dug herself into this hole despite being given so many opportunities. I wish the opportunities would have gone to women who deserved them and would have gone on to actually achieve great things.

No. 292488

This is so ridiculous, they switch, decide to completely change their entire outfit and makeup, and then film? Even in a scenario where switching was real I can't imagine the first thing the personality would do is throw on a ratty wig

No. 292493

It is a reach. It originated from some dudes wife and was based on a pun. Pedos haven't co-opted cunny, all scrotes use it because they are disgusting creeps, its not a play on 'cute and funny'. Anon is just projecting and it's fucking gross. Been everywhere online and never, ever, seen scrotes use this for 'cute and funny', even on 4chan. At least in the art scene too, haven't seen degens use that either on Twitter. Even anons post said nothing about 'cute and funny' being code words on the meme page. Obviously anon is a lolicon.(off topic infighting)

No. 292499

There is a guy on tik tok who does a full transformation like he lays the wig properly, full makeup, sometimes fake piercings and a bunch of temp tattoos. Jill is actually lazy in her transformations in comparison to some of them. He claims he can encourage alters to front by dressing up as them. He quit his job recently because his boss didn’t use the alter names kek these idiots and their invented problems.

No. 292506

File: 1681660265002.jpeg (221.07 KB, 1242x2404, C5B85F51-BD9C-45E1-854F-98A560…)


cute and funny is a play on ‘cunny’ not the other way around. it is real and commonly used on 4chan. that said Jill was not using it in this way, she’s an autopedo.


No. 292512

File: 1681661342419.jpg (190.98 KB, 1080x1701, 20230416_120336.jpg)

Just did some googling for shits and giggles and apparently there are pretty cure characters named Amber and Sunny, I fucking can't with this bitch, she really turned her cosplaying into a mental illness for clout

No. 292514

File: 1681661439685.jpg (121.53 KB, 1080x1648, 20230416_120348.jpg)

They don't look like her claims but just the fact that they exist has me rolling on the floor

No. 292515

Wow, good find nonnie. This is now Jill's way to cosplay except she doesn't need to be accurate or make detailed outfits.

No. 292516

>doll divine watermark
that cure looks like an OC. I looked it up and Fandom of Pretty cure is also a wiki dedicated to fanmade content instead of canon content

No. 292517

My b, guess I jumped the gun with that one. Wouldn't surprise me if she stole someone's Pretty Cure OC tho(sage your shit)

No. 292521

>all posts from April 15th when anon was posting here
So anon went, posted about this, and suddenly now it's used in this context when the way they are using it also doesn't even make sense? Fuck off, scrote-pedo.

No. 292522

These don't even look like her and she is wearing all yellow, the color of the sun, for, I don't know, the name Sunny. Stop being a fucking idiot. The reaches anons keep coming up with make no sense.

No. 292526

The lolita community is such a disaster nowadays that I'm not sure Jill would even stand out. 95% of North American lolitas are fat and dress like clowns.

No. 292527

File: 1681665398396.jpg (133.28 KB, 1080x1569, 20230416_131527.jpg)

Jilly's in the chat on Dissociadid's livestream if anyone wants to stalk right now. I'm looking forward to the incoming bootlicking

No. 292529

In another timeline, Jill put her talents and efforts towards becoming a children's entertainer. Maybe on some Canadian children's show or something. She lived a normal life, fulfilling her dreams and maintaining a steady job, and carved herself out a modest salary, she married and had a couple of kids, and she was normal, and her family was proud.

No. 292538

What talents kek
We should be happy she's not having kids, and kids aren't even a mark of success. She's a waste of space and it's her own fault for not applying herself. Thank god she isn't having kids, she wouldn't give a shit about them

No. 292543

I hate Jill the fucking most, but I can at least admit that she's relatively good at performing, and at one point in her life, I think she was on the path towards that as a career. I realize that's what she's doing now, but this is the fucking sick, mentally ill, degraded version of what she could have been. She could have done something with herself. Now she is lying to everyone in her life and the world and for fucking what? Does she even make any money at this point doing all this self-serving bullshit?

Jill: you are NOT fucking smart enough to pull all this off. You are not fooling anyone, you are not bettering yourself, you are not winning. You are not smarter and more clever than a fucking Harvard doctor. In this state, you are good for nothing. Stop fucking lying. Stop being a fucking liar. If you can do nothing else with yourself in life, at least don't be a liar.

I dunno, today I have really just fucking had it, man.

No. 292545

File: 1681673123654.jpg (35.16 KB, 935x409, cf.jpg)

NTA, but this is page 100 on 4chan archives and it's only in February. This is an extremely common phrase nowadays (sadly).

No. 292547

love you nonas but official petition for everyone to shut the fuck up about 4chan and the cute and funny discourse

No. 292555

Fucking this I was trying to catch up since yesterday and I feel like every other post was about cunny, take it elsewhere

I do think that Sunny is meant to be another precure (she has similar kawaii anime portrayal as Flora) but I fully believe that Amber is supposed to be based on the Drew Monson song. I think Sunny exists so Jill can do decora as a Japanese (anime) girl much like Flora exists so Jill can do lolita as an anime girl.

She said Amber was a protector in her “intro” tweet for her and has said Sunny has helped her get through the drama so I think they are both protectors. I also think even though she said yellow coded (lol) Amber is supposed to be orange.

No. 292560

NTA but ffs why are you so stubborn, it IS a thing on the internet believe it or not, its supposed to be a pun, saying "cute and funny" referring to a loli character implying the word cunny, not that cunny was actually MEANING that in the first place, it's not that hard, now stfu about this shit

No. 292570

File: 1681680350356.jpeg (1.35 MB, 3463x4933, 9C1D2B57-0F1A-4DA8-A906-F7CE79…)

Our favourite stalker is now claiming DID thanks to Jill, in a matter of days. Whole Twitter is a mess but some screenshots. Went from stating it’s not DID to now gathering proof for therapists. Wonder if Jill will finally drop her, unless stalkers are fine now if they worship her. 1/2

No. 292571

File: 1681680499281.jpeg (178.06 KB, 828x1259, A8AB0A7C-73E3-4059-AF0A-D8C66C…)

Bonus alters (check the jer one) and system account 2/2

No. 292572

She literally cosplayed Jill last halloween, but at least she's more original with her alters lmfao

No. 292573

Pedo, begone. It's not.

No. 292574

Report the pedo

No. 292578

File: 1681681375348.png (96.67 KB, 500x938, 280418350.png)

"Re-triggering" just log off twitter holy shit
Jill would be a hypocrite if she didn't call this retard "valid" lmao, remember kids the only requirement to have DID is wanting it!

No. 292579

Is she seriously stalking this whole conference? Insane hater levels, Jill

No. 292580

It’s like she has a tab open with that account’s profile open. Kek.

No. 292584

Could you stop derailing already? Jill obv didn't mean that by saying "so cute and fun" but "cute and funny" is still a real thing pedos are saying and pointing that out so ppl are aware =/= being a pedo.

No. 292586

No it's not. Stop derailing about it.

No. 292587

Just report the schizo

No. 292590

What do you gain from insisting it's not when it clearly is?
Also it's very in context because Jill is an ageplayer and she posted that within context of a child alter. She's a weeaboo and she knows her way in imageboards, there is no way she never heard that phrase before.

No. 292596

this shit is so funny (ESPECIALLY the Jerrick alter) but at the same time this is why so many people have a problem with Jill faking. I know Jill isn’t the first but a lot of people look up to her for whatever reason and this is just the natural progression. She seems to realize she’s faking but still going along with it, and I just wonder if Jill would bother with calling her out.

Can you imagine being someone’s “special interest” (more like special victim)?…lol

No. 292599

Nonna I'm with you that it's a phrase lolicons use since I've seen it myself, however it's pretty obvious that's not how Jill was using it and you're reading a bit too into it. If Steebie had said it I think it may be a different story but in this case it was nothing more than Jill's usual way of talking

No. 292600

File: 1681685437204.png (1.35 MB, 720x3550, Screenshot_20230416_154934.png)

>More emails to be sent but other parts will do that lol
Absolute Karen tier I need to talk to your manager energy. Someone needs to make Jill a Karen alter. Holy fuck how many emails have these freaks sent altogether? Amazing. So entitled Karenlocks.

No. 292601

Exactly, of this was just some random people that get properly ridiculed as they should, and sane people wouldn’t follow them, then this wouldn’t be such a big deal.
But there’s people with actual mental issues that are vulnerable who will think that DiD is somehow the answer to all of their awkwardness or even problems that they have with themselves.
While I don’t think this could possibly affect them irl (maybe not in countries where people don’t give a fuck about diagnoses for mental health) it could be quite a pretty bad phase to ignore once you grow up. And hardcore speds like that girl seems like the kind that would literally throw a tantrum and maybe hurt someone else if not validated instantly like on the internet.

No. 292603

We need another world war.

No. 292604

The fact Jill regularly responds to this girl is insane. If anything online should have Jill worried and breaking down it's this not a random medical doctor

No. 292606

>i'm never in reality
yeah we can tell
also i love that she has a fictive of cure whip but has apparently never seen the anime. this is like kinning in 2015 but way more elaborate

No. 292607

The use of picrew to show what their totally original do not steal (TM) alters look like always have me sending. Love the self harm scars on the black hair one. Nothing says tortured soul like self harm scars and medical bandages. Lol at discount Jerricka especially since she has a J name too.
Only good news is she's not a Canadian and lives on the west coast. Currently trying to get money for a service dog to have and train with a gfm. Wants 20k to do all of this. Has gotten 0 donos.

No. 292609

File: 1681687679872.png (3.28 MB, 720x9836, LegalEagle.png)

No. 292610

Does that imply that Jerrick is the jealous one? Because that's hilarious. Otherwise it feels kind of random.

No. 292615

The ones who say they are going to disengage never do. I’m sure she’s still watching what they’re doing.

No. 292617

File: 1681689639727.jpg (61.95 KB, 720x1080, Iamthevictimyahear.jpg)

Rent free insanity

No. 292618

>She/her I think!

She continues the LGBTQ larp but then says that some outside force defines the alter's gender instead of like. the alter themselves. I mean say what you want about trans people, but this is just not consistent?

No. 292619

I mean this is how she treats Drew Monson so I don't think she could recognize it as unhealthy.

No. 292620

This is just a slight tinfoil but what if this is just a long manic episode triggered by weed and SSRIs

No. 292621

The word cringe was literally nowhere in that presentation. How dense can she be? If she didn't want people to see her cake video, she could… I don't know, not have it public? Like, it's really up to the person viewing a cringe compilation (which this is not intended to be) to decide if what they're watching is cringe. It's not like tiktoks aren't posted with full context. They can't not be!

No. 292622

Now this girl is unquestionably autistic.

No. 292623

Surprised that Jill is friends with Mikan, I thought she'd be seething with rage and jealousy that Mikan actually has a successful business and gets to live out her weeb dreams in Japan

No. 292626

So returning after a break to find that Jill is starting to summon her own team of rainbow magical girls (complete with cat mascot) to take on the "evil forces" of McLean.

I guess if you can't be a precure just pretend you're all of them I guess. What a loser.

No. 292630

>finding out I’m plural
Literally >>292570
>”I do not have DID”
I can’t take it anymore…..but anyways the fact that they keep hammering at this just confirms to me that none of them have anything else going on in their lives and that having their DID internet identity taken away threatens them so much is just further evidence that none of them are confident enough on their own with their own personality. I understand being annoyed they used their likeness, that would frustrate me too, but they seem more preoccupied with the idea that people might think they’re faking…which if they’re diagnosed, or not faking, shouldn’t be a problem. What exactly do they want anyway? An apology? For presenting medical research?

You know, you are 100% correct she probably sees nothing wrong with this behavior because her own behavior is so informed by her various parasocial obsessions.

No. 292631

"schedule as best we can" I'm sorry, she doesn't have a single alter that is camera shy and this completely sounds like she plans switches.

No. 292637


No. 292641

>I'm disengaging

>bit also I won't sleep and will threaten legal action

This is so unhinged, mclean senpai won't notice you Jill

No. 292648

Jill's narcissism levels have reached a new high, she finds a way to twist anything to make it about her; Jill they're talking about people who are actually severely mentally ill and have been punished, neglected, or abused instead of cared for by medical professionals, especially if they've had to be institutionalized.

Being called out by a doctor for faking an illness you obviously don't have isn't what this is referring to at all. Be very, very grateful you haven't literally experienced this

No. 292651

File: 1681695418866.jpg (100.17 KB, 720x1137, Screenshot_20230417-183448_Bra…)

Won't stop her from trying.

No. 292652

A petition will do literally nothing lmao this is so stupid

No. 292653

I'm honestly laughing my ass off at that first tweet, they all want to believe they've suffered some kind of injustice so badly. What else exactly have ISSTD/McLean done except post that one video one time. Are they even still using it in their conference?

No. 292654

It's from a site glitch that's been happening for a couple months now, nonnie. She didn't mean to post four times in a row, the site just lags. I've had this happen to me multiple times.

No. 292655

this is immediately what I thought of when I saw her holding the crayon / stickers on her face! I went through jill's following lists to see if she followed the dandelion creator but couldn't find anything so I didn't post about it… maybe she didn't follow on purpose so it wouldn't look like she was copying her lol

Also didn't a previous nona point out that the cat alter being named sandwich arose the same time as tiktok of someone finding a cat on the street and naming it sandwich became popular ?

No. 292659

He didn’t even say she was faking, just that the symptoms of these online grifters run counter to the symptoms they’ve seen in their patients and that this should be recognized as a separate form of DID so the system isn’t overwhelmed.

No. 292660

File: 1681699641641.webm (16.15 MB, 569x320, Dumped By Doctor.WEBM)

Didn't watch it until now and it made me laugh how mad she was at the doctor.
Shhh she's obviously making a difference and then congratulates herself on a job well done by smoking the "most deserved joint" followed by a "most deserved ice cream".

No. 292661

File: 1681700226501.webm (14.81 MB, 569x320, 'Autism Figure'.WEBM)

Also clipped the Autism Figure part because it's clear that Jill just wants to be the top dog, or the main voice, in any community she wants to be apart of. Fame comes with a price.

No. 292663

Special form of imposter syndrome.

No. 292676

The thing about DID is that there is a lot of evidence dating back to the 1960s that it is a man-made tactic taught to victims of CSA by pedophiles, offenders, groomers, traffickers etc because it pushes them into a headspace where they can endure more abuse and also strips them of credibility and gives offenders plausible deniabilty. There are many types of "handbooks" made for predators that detail inducing DID that have been passed around physically, orally, and now through the darkweb. A good example of this is the Dutroux Dossier papers, which contains the interviews of a child from a sex trafficking ring in the 60s-70s I believe where her trafficker gave her these personas. It takes a LOT of audacity to claim a serious personality disorder that has ties to child physical and sexual abuse and turn it into a grift, of course no doctors take these people seriously and only go with it out of obligation.

No. 292678

They should never be around children and never have children. I think creepy Steve is actually dangerous to children and would do bad things to one and I think Jill would either go full narc mother like Janett McCurdys or be a psycho mom who is extremely jealous of their kids taking attention from her and want them out of the way.

No. 292679

Please, please fuck off with the pedo-talk already. What you are describing isn't brainwashing, it isn't something you are groomed into to make it seem like the assault is okay, they say that shit because they think lying about it being okay will make the child actually think it's okay [or God doesn't see it as sin if you want to go the religious route]. It's a coping mechanism for victims of trauma. There's more to this and real DID than some 1960s one-off. Also
>the dark web
Shut up. Stop trying to link Pixie with pedophilia already. It's fucking weird.

No. 292682

Stop engaging just report

No. 292690

The funniest part of this whole McLean saga, is that it was Jill who platformed the presentation and single-handedly brought in 10k~ views. She directly linked herself to the presentation in a way that no body would’ve even noticed had she not blown up about it. You’ve literally created your own problems Jill.

>lost thousands of patients
You’re not even in basic therapy Jill shut the fuck up, nor are you even in the same country to be able to go to this hospital

No. 292693

She really is working overtime to give McLean ammo to sue her for defamation.

No. 292694

I wonder if she has even thought of this possibility. She and the others keep talking about the lolsuit they want to bring against this hospital (good luck funding that one bro) but none of them have stopped to think they could counter sue for damages. They have the research and the proof that they aren’t spewing lies and they took the offending presentation down from YouTube and never mentioned anyone in the video by name. At this point it’s just waiting to see if they really want to risk striking first and us waiting for them to then proceed to have a reality check and their asses handed to them.

No. 292700

It's like she's asking to get her expensive ass diegnosis reassessed and revoked with all this shit stirring and attention seeking
>We will not rest until we get the Attention we so desperately crave

No. 292703

Can you read? There is no link between pixielocks and pedophilia, the origin of DID itself stems from man-made trauma done to children.(unsaged, offtopic, infighting)

No. 292707

if jill had to pay a defamation fine i'd be in heaven

No. 292713

Wouldnt she have to actually prove in court she has DID? With a diagnose she doesnt have??? lol

No. 292715

File: 1681715745449.png (72.28 KB, 600x600, 1944831_ryjE5C5W.png)

Ask and you shall receive. Karenlocks: She/ her, 45, wino, always co-con with Jill, BPD symptom holder.
(Pretend the cig is actually a spliff lol)

No. 292716

Oh please god give us a Pixielocks lawsuit saga. It would be hilarious

No. 292717

Amazing, she fits right in kek

No. 292719


Honestly I don't even think DID is real, all the cases I've seen are kids on tiktok claiming to have a million dream smp alters or insane satanic panic shit like this.

No. 292723

I believe it's really but that it looks absolutely nothing like Jill and the others pretend.
I really hope the hospital files some sort of harassment charge against Jill and the other fakers. Idk how any of that would work but wouldn't it be brilliant milk.

No. 292729

File: 1681720652676.png (4.98 KB, 158x166, Sans titre.png)

is it possible the LOGO influenced jill ??? like she was making yellow alters in picrew and when she saw the logo she went yup, sunny and shooting star it is

No. 292730

I love how she's seething and saying using a flimsy disclaimer. Rich coming from her since she loves using flimsy excuses to back up her own bullshit. I've been told I'm autistic by professionals but I can't afford the diagnosis, I totally have DiD but I got a verbal diagnosis and can't get my physical copy to totally prove it omg stop harassing me by asking to see it, and there's nothing that can be done to stop discrimination. Projecting much, Jillian?
I really want to read the emails Jill sent. Was she sober or stoned while writing? Also I want to see her harassment folder. Like how old are some of these comments? Her descent into utter madness is fascinating.
Jeb having to take the stand would be great.
She's great. In my mind she has the Jersey accent like Shelia in the Jersey Shore parody episode on South Park.