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File: 1703935338389.jpg (315.73 KB, 540x754, 1703623059121.jpg)

No. 316686

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and compartmentalizes every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of money for.
She eagerly accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression with a "Congrats on the DID Diagnosis" celebratory cake, but struggles to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem ready to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of “severe mental illness” in the forms of a brief stay in a mental hospital in her early teens due to ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
>is still extremely thin-skinned; has history of deleting comments critical to her and has preached getting along with people while also blasting critics and concern in a very rude and passive-aggressive manner; has gotten into pissfights online as of late with users that have spoken out of concern for her or wanting to help or talk in some degree
>her sexuality has been a sliding scale, from pansexual to queer to lesbian to back to currently pansexual (and nonbinary due to alters); current partner is Steven Clarke, who has enabled her delusions and has racked up his own questionable reputation; has a long history of drama with relationships, claiming abuse to some degree in most of them
>formerly had a fashion brand called Five Petal Flower before graduating from her college fashion class, but seems to be no longer active if not just slowly dying; has also gotten into drag with a persona known as Villany Swells; has cancelled two drag gigs so far and claims an online person is stalking her due to a publically-filmed video of a drag show being linked in a previous
>has a shaky history of substance misuse regarding her meds; now takes in various degrees of alcohol and weed leading to possible clashes in medication or mental/physical state


>Pixie: The collective name of all the alters. Is a "genderfluid they/them".

>Jillian: Rainbow emoji. 25, but "age slides" from 4-25. This is actually just herself, but she herself is both an alter and the host. Desperately wants to have autism.
>Jerrick: Snake emoji. 14-16 year old emo trans guy. "He mentioned feeling 17." Was labeled as being a co-host. Conveniently holds all her BPD traits. Entire personality is being angry and liking green. Like all the alters, is into drag.
>Veronica: Flame emoji. 21 year old horny alter. She is a “protector of sexual trauma”. Says she had to become a "fuckable plaything" because she was “raped for months”. Was going to be intersex, but Jill didn't want to deal with the backlash and decided against it.
>Berry: Strawberry emoji. 4-6 year old. Talks and acts like a baby. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had her name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Is for some reason triggered out by positive things like holidays and presents and is "trauma-free".
>Cliffe: Club emoji. 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant". A mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes.
>Flora: Cherry blossom emoji. 18 year old fictive. Used to be a fragment, but became a full alter. She is supposed to be Cure Flora and all the pink PreCures. She is a blonde, sweet lolita.
>Jax: Test tube emoji. 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching Arcane while having major trauma. Jillian called her “hypersexual”.
>Sandwich: Sandwich emoji. Cat alter. Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Not much has been said about her. Note that Jillian’s middle name is actually Amanda.
>Ramona: An alter that was only announced after she fused with Jillian. After doing so, Jillian suddenly wanted to start playing the piano again.
>Sunny: Shooting star emoji. 14. She's "energetic" and positive in a way that's "crazy". A protector that likes yellow. Basically just Flora, but hyper.
>Amber: Partly cloudy emoji. 25. She's edgy and has freckles. Also a protector that likes yellow. Formed at the same time as Sunny in response to the McLean video drama. Supposed to look the most normal.

Last thread: >>>/w/313646

>>313799 >>313802 >>313905 >>314225 Makes her mothers cat dying all about me! me! me!
>>314452 New video, coloring her hair
>>314467 >>314586 >>314675 Trying, and failing, to use the H3 podcast chat as a hugbox
>>314910 Another video, wrapping presents
>>315616 Actually filming herself pretend crying with the mascara down her cheeks, i would call it a tweenage move but i guess she would take that as a compliment
>>315682 claims that she needs to google up images of other food in order to be able to scarf her chicken tendies down
>>316084 showing her kindness this christmas by publically spamming hate on a nobody on twitter because of the slighest critisism

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/villainyswells/ (used to be @pixieespam)
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 (“Sweetie” alters, previously @xcherrybombica): https://twitter.com/pixie_petals
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Threads: https://www.threads.net/@pixieelocks
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 316687

No. 316688

File: 1703944648648.jpeg (449.95 KB, 828x1401, jill screenshot.jpeg)

This screenshot was posted in the previous thread but I wanted to post it here again to elaborate more.

>I wake up every morning at 5AM with horrible…panic…it is honestly hell on earth.

>Catch me pacing in circles in the garage before sunrise doing breathing exercises.

Why is she doing breathing exercises down in the garage? You'd think if she was really feeling so panicked and horrible, she'd just stay in her bedroom… not get up, get dressed for the cold garage.

I think she just wakes up at 5AM so that she can go to the garage when nobody is awake and smoke marihuana without any judgement from her family, not because of panic or cortisol or 'dysregulated physical panic. It's clear to everyone that she's been struggling with smoking less now that she's in her family's home, so I think she's doing most of her smoking now in the early morning before anyone is awake and late in the night once everyone is gone to bed. She just posts a shit ton about the 'cortisol' response on Twitter so that Stephen/others doesn't question why she's online at 5AM.

No. 316689

File: 1703945241160.jpg (343.59 KB, 1080x1750, 1000003721.jpg)

another instance of Jill being so kind. twitter locked her out because she replied "eat glass" to someone who criticized denim

No. 316691

Or she's just sleeping poorly because a lot of people do when they aren't in their regular bed, and she isn't going to the garage at all

No. 316692

The meet the alters that was used is outdated. Here's the up-to-date one.

>Pixie: The collective name of all the alters, but is also used interchangeably with the name Jillian. Is a "genderfluid they/them".

>Jillian: Rainbow emoji. 25, but "age slides" from 4-25. This is actually just herself, but she herself is both an alter and the host. Desperately wants to have autism.
>Jerrick: Snake emoji. 17, formerly 14-16. Emo trans guy. Used to be a co-host. Conveniently holds all her BPD traits. Entire personality is being angry and liking green. Like all the alters, is into drag.
>Veronica: Doing nails emoji, formerly flame emoji. 21 year old horny alter. She is a “protector of sexual trauma”. Says she had to become a "fuckable plaything" because she was “raped for months”. Was going to be intersex, but Jill didn't want to deal with the backlash and decided against it.
>Berry: Strawberry emoji. 4-6 year old. Talks and acts like a baby. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had her name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Is for some reason triggered out by positive things like holidays and presents and is "trauma-free".
>Cliffe: Sprout emoji, formerly club emoji. 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant". Combo of her dad, sweetie angel therapist, and Ian Bruce. Formerly a mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes.
>Flora: Cherry blossom emoji. 18 year old fictive. Used to be a fragment, but became a full alter. She is supposed to be Cure Flora and all the pink PreCures. She is a blonde, sweet lolita.
>Jax: Test tube emoji. 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching Arcane while having major trauma. “Hypersexual”.
>Sandwich: Sandwich emoji. Cat alter. Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Not much has been said about her. Note that Jillian’s middle name is actually Amanda.
>Ramona: An alter that was only announced after she fused with Jillian. After doing so, Jillian suddenly wanted to start playing the piano again.
>Sunny: Shooting star emoji. 14. Another PreCure fictive for all the yellow ones. She's "energetic" and positive in a way that's "crazy". Basically just Flora, but hyper. Can't "mask".
>Amber: Partly cloudy emoji. "20?" Formerly 25. She's edgy and has freckles. Also yellow. Formed at the same time as Sunny in response to the McLean video drama. Supposed to look the most normal.

She also mentioned once that Flora and Sunny might be co-hosts now, but I didn't add that to the list just yet.

No. 316698

Pacing in the garage doing breathing exercises sounds more like rage than panic to me, it would not surprise me if she has narc/sociopathy tendancies and has a lot of unchanneled rage when she wakes up every day. She certainly seems to have an abundance of rage based on her weekly Twitter shitfights.
She keeps using the "emotional (dys)regulation" phrases because that's popular for tiktok (actual) autists to talk about, and she has probably also seen videos where Spoiled White Women TM like her elaborate about their public autism rage tantrums which were totally uncontrollable because of their autism!! despite these women seeming to be fully functional adults in every other way and just being indulgent. They conveniently have much more severe disability needs only in situations where they can be indulgent, abusive and get away with it, like taking it out on customer service staff, family and friends.
Autism is her Karen freedom pass where she thinks she can be a public nuisance and get away with it. But she knows she can't fake it for a psychologist so she just keeps using these phrases and seeing if she can pivot further away from DID content online.

No. 316699

File: 1703957324697.jpg (184.24 KB, 720x1437, H8ers.jpg)

No. 316700

>>316699 Well what the fuck is it Jill? Is trauma part of your 'real' DID or is it a crazy standard people put on DID bitches to have trauma for a trauma disorder? Pick one.

No. 316701

How the fuck did she make the pornification of the internet thing about herself lmao

This confirms theories that she got those recent ideas from copying Denim

No. 316707

She's been copying Denim since high school. Alyssa was one of the girls whose style she was copying when she left lolita

No. 316709

File: 1703965179224.jpg (157.9 KB, 719x1187, 331.jpg)

She's back at the rainbow dungeon.

No. 316710

thank you for the new OP!

No. 316713

H8ters have really been on her mind lately. It was her telling everyone to ignore us now she is heavily hinting that she reads up here while
giving us attention from her curious fans . If the h8ters have 70+ threads on her, you'd think she would do something different with her life.

No. 316720

Shit so she confirms that her did stems from childhood trauma! She avoided saying that before since she obviously doesn’t have any childhood trauma

No. 316722

File: 1703989271714.jpg (92.67 KB, 288x425, stop attacking me!.JPG)

Okay where's your sense of wonder nonna…. Where's your tinfoil hat sometimes you have to put it on to have a little fun… Picrel…
She changes up the story again less than a week after 'DID isn't dependent on trauma!!' tweets.
I've also noticed she's been making more indirect comments (re: what's discussed here) lately.

No. 316725

Not to derail but coomer artist moids definitely revel in the fact that children discover their fetish art. They love the destruction of innocence. The idea of a child looking up their favorite character online and finding porn that they drew is part of the the thrill for a lot of them. Maybe it’s not traditional online grooming but these grown adults have no issue with children seeing sexualized media and porn super young and encourage it to be everywhere, and they know it will mean children will have less boundaries and less idea of what they’re doing, and they’ll have an easier job preying on said children.
Also, I’m so sick of Jillian’s annoying Twitter lingo in every. single. fucking post…she is incapable of responding to someone without being passive aggressive and “sassy” or just sounding like an obnoxious drag queen

No. 316726

I am having fun, nonny! I'm saying she's lying to get sympathy on twitter!

No. 316727

This is where societies love of the morbid will rip her larp to shreds. If, by clinical standards, you must have experienced severe trauma to acquire such a disorder, she's going to have to tell her story. She can't profit off of such vegueness for long. It's kind of gross how we are, but it is what it is.
At the end of the day, this is what it is. Jillian was never known for making money by being a seamstress. She has produced how many outfits in the past years? She was known for purchasing cute outfits. She isn't known for interior design. She designs her spaces to her tastes. Even then, she just paints over existing items. She doesn't alter the design or shape. When has she ever crafted an item or accessory for sale? Never?
She can't sew enough to make money, she can't design to make money, nor can she craft to make money. All she can do is sell her life story. Which is boring and extremely privileged.

No. 316728

Like Jill makes absolutely no point here about anything related to the topic but responding to a tweet defending porn of kids shows is strange even if the op of the original tweet seems stupid too

No. 316732

File: 1704016364538.jpeg (96.71 KB, 622x829, D8673E29-B444-478D-86EA-4CBFE7…)

She just can’t stop talking and inserting herself into every conversation even if it isn’t about her. My 2024 prediction is her amping up the attitude factor. I'm placing my bets she gets another bigger cancellation but she will never be outright cancelled because she’s just not a big enough creator.

No. 316733

Jill’s response to literally everything anyone else says is
>Me! This happened to me! Or if not this, then something else! Things happen to me! I do things! I feel things! I exist! Me!!!

I don’t think she even properly reads or thinks about the posts she responds to much of the time. She just sees something that reminds her of herself and has to jump in.
Though I wouldn’t be surprised if she and Steve are into that sort of thing. Steve almost certainly.

No. 316734

I scrolled by and thought this was Oli London. Woof.

No. 316735

File: 1704016963641.jpg (52.02 KB, 500x535, 20231228_005133.jpg)

Some talented nona should edit this as Jill kek

No. 316739

porn has always existed on the internet, even during the 90s and 00s when millenials were kids. searching up anything has always been a wildcard. its just a retarded a zoomer just now catching up to the realization that The Internet Is Not A Safe Place And Never Was. Zoomers are slower at realizing this because they grew up under social media. Micky, another cow, made a similar retarded comment, its gow these grown ass adults shirk responsibility for their actions, like jill's "sexy alters" and her whole ass being in general

No. 316743

File: 1704049074468.jpg (139.5 KB, 720x1090, Blocks.jpg)

No. 316746

Ok but this isn't how amnesia works. You don't KEEP forgetting something after you've relearnt it.

No. 316749

That's just not giving a fuck and forgetting the death of a random person even if that person was famous. I'm sure she will do this again but with the death of her mom's cat so she can pretend to give a fuck about animals.

No. 316750

this is not amnesia block. this is forgetting about an event that doesnt matter in the grand scheme of things. i loved betty white too, she was an icon, but i fully forgot its been a full two years since her passing. jill linking every single thing she experiences to mental illness is outstanding honestly.

adding on, i just googled amnesia block just to double check my facts – amnesia block pertains to personal information about one's self, like name, phone number, or address. forgetting betty white's death is not a personal traumatic memory nor was she experiencing anything particularly traumatic when it happened. the only thing annoying and useless is you, jilly bean.

No. 316752

the way she pathologizes everything is truly something

No. 316755

File: 1704065128411.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1833, IMG_5718.jpeg)

The filter she has on makes her look 20 years younger, it’s weird

No. 316759

That hardly even looks like her anymore wtf

No. 316761

Did she discover snow or was she too high to focus while editing this…?
Also man I feel like her hair faded really quick. Shes basically almost blonde if you look at this in the thumbnail view

No. 316762

Kek definitely looks like an East Asian filter app like Snow, especially since we also saw that previous picture where she edited her background distorted. That's a thing on Snow. What happened to her swearing she's never doing filters again?

No. 316763

I wonder if seeing pics of her around her parents' place made he realize how much weight she's gained since leaving

She uses low quality hair dyes lol

No. 316764

You would think that after years of having colored hair she would've learned to maintain it to keep it vibrant but ig not

No. 316765

Her hair's super damaged from all the color removers she did on her bangs. Color tends to fall out of damaged porous hair very quickly

No. 316766

File: 1704075525042.jpg (136.83 KB, 720x890, Safe and Alive.jpg)

No. 316767

>halved weed consumption
Kek there’s no way she has. She’s at home now so she’s smoking her regular dosage and is less irritable.

No. 316768

>lost a ton of weight
did she actually? its kinda hard to tell when she's lost weight or not, pixie always looks more or less the same to me just varying degrees of chubby

No. 316770

Wow, what an accomplishment to stay alive after a doctor mentioned you in a video about faking DID, you're so brave!

No. 316771

>lost a ton of weight
That doesn't sound very body positive of you Jill, I thought it was ~fatphobic~ to lose weight?

No. 316772

File: 1704085740034.png (2.26 MB, 1848x654, comparison.png)

I was thinking the same so I went to the older threads to make a quick comparison, idk about you but she looks about the same to me.

No. 316773

It may just be the angles, but her face looks 10 times fatter in the Lolita pics than the earlier ones

No. 316774

is it hard for her to talk like a normal person for once? I can tell she's not using the term amnesia seriously, but my her rules isnt that trivializing it? and that shes not as special as she thinks because every one forgets something?

No. 316775

The others were filmed for Tiktok so she can use a filter. The lolita is from her Youtube channel so she has to deal with raw footage

No. 316776

Unless by losing a ton of weight she means she dropped friends, I don't see it. Her double chin and fupa tell a different story.
I'm making a 2024 prediction. She's going to claim to be an autistic agoraphobic. Just so she doesn't have to work a stable job or function like an adult.

No. 316778

Could be her trying to set up fake weight loss to cover up oncoming filter abuse complete with chin and jaw shrinking ref this >>316755

No. 316780

The only ton of weight she lost was her car after she hit that deer. Otherwise she’s a big chungus. Jillian except you are a fatty. You can not outrun your reality on this one. Literally. Doesn’t she want to like Emilia fart? That lady is a planet and Jillian is 3/4ths of the way to planetdom.

No. 316781

Off topic: I started using the internet mid 2000s and the first thing I was told is never to post my name, address, photos, or personal information online. I think when the internet moved towards Web 2.0 a lot of people, especially younger people who started web-browsing past the 2010s, forgot those really important rules. If our favourite cows had followed the rules of yore then there wouldn't be any lolcows.
She lists 10 positive accomplishments from the past year. Of these 10, 2 are about fusions (i.e., not real events), 1 is about having aged another year. So then already 3 of her accomplishments aren't real. I think the only solid accomplishment on this list is starring in an advertisement for a candy brand: even though she's retarded I do think that it was pretty cool she got featured in an ad. What I'm really focused on is her saying she's got her channel back in 'slay mode.' So I did some math because there's nothing better to do.

In 2023 she released 30 videos, and got 618k views on those videos. Her most popular videos were: "My Response" (March 2023, 48k views), " My 5 Year Old Self" (May 2023, 36k views), & "We Fused!" (January 2023, 35k views). Her least viewed video in 2023 was "The Return of the Rainbow Bangs" (December 2023) at 10k views.

In 2022 she released 30 videos, and has 986k views on these videos. Her most popular videos in 2022 were: "Meet the Alters: Jerrick" (May 2022, 79k views), "Meet the Alters: Jillian" (January 2022, 70k views), & "Apologizing for Past Behaviour" (January 2022, 63k views). Her least viewed video of 2022 is "Problem with AI art" (December 2022, 10k views). The flaw with looking at the 2022 views of course is that she could have gotten a lot of these views in 2023, but I doubt anyone is discovering Jill's channel and re-watching old content.

When I look at all these statistics, I think Jill actually entered a "flop mode" (to use her terminology) this year as she got less views than she did last year on the same number of videos. If I was feeling more autistic I would have counted the number of comments she received in 2023/2022 as well to compare her audience's engagement.
Using Jill's logic I'm sure she's probably gone from smoking a quarter-ounce of 20%THC Pure Sunfarms bush-weed to smoking a half-quarter of 30%THC top shelf product.
When you put all her photos side by side like that her anterior pelvic tilt problem becomes super obvious.

No. 316782

I tinfoil that since she's had to cut out alcohol any weight she's lost is from booze bloat. But her face really tells a different story.

No. 316784

Isn't she oddly silent for this time of the year? Nothing much about her family visit and Christmas, not a peep about the dinner with Steve's family.

No. 316785

Does Jill think people who aren't mentally ill remember every single event that's ever happened? I'd say most people forgot the exact date Betty White died. It's not a mental illness to forget what year a person you never met or knew died.

No. 316787

>halved my weed consumption
Does she see smoking less weed as good or bad though? Genuinely would like to know, iirc she has been nothing but openly positive about how good weed has been for her and how it helps her act like a normal person etc so for her to now act like halving is a good thing feels like another retcon (or rather admitting she has/had a real weed problem)

No. 316788

embarrassing enough to rage that hard at someone for daring to joke about shady their fave who very shoves autism around as a "disability" cause they "don't get jokes" and seemingly is extra unempathetic to a overtired meltdowns making me assume they're a malingerer too, but to then show off to the world how proud you were telling someone to eat glass 12 hours ago resulting you being put in a time-out? I'd delete my online presence
Also it's almost like she was trying to get Denim's attention when obviously a person trying to win drag race fans, who will terrorize anyone they deem "problematic", over isn't going to put their endorsement behind a comment like that. Jill should be happy she was ignored instead of platformed as an opportunity to show off how unhinged and extreme drag race fans can be. I don't think she realizes in her weed stupors that she's not being "sassy", she's just being a rude, antagonistic person

No. 316790

This is exactly why the retards of younger age piss me off especially with the whole "I don't remember my childhood, I'm traumatized"
Losing memory is part of aging and getting older. Unless you're revisiting childhood memories frequently as you get past like 20 you're gonna forget them because the synapses aren't being used
Jill isn't traumatized or mentawy iww uwu because she can't remember shit, it's because she's not exercising her memory

No. 316793

Since jill lurks here, there is a possibility she is trying to rewrite her personal history. There was a time she was adamant on the idea of weed=good and a lot of people here made good post on pointing out that excessive weed use has adverse effects on the brain. People also pointed out that a lot of Jill's "mental illness symptoms" and her supposed autism symptoms mimicked the exact symptoms of someone who smokes a lot of weed.

Jill has brought up a couple of times that she doesn't smoke as much weed because she is trying to indirectly prove to farmers that she does in fact have these symptoms and weed does not contribute. Ironically since she has "halved her weed consumption" she has had less symptoms of her supposed DID (ex. No mentions of auditory hallucinations, less supposed fronting from other alters–on the internet and irl, less mentions about psychosis.) Also,she tried to act like autism = acting like a toddler because she infantilizes autistic people, which has come to halt ever since she HAD to cut back on weed.

Jill should quit weed all together and I bet her life will go back to what it used to be.

No. 316796

Just waiting for her to write some Tweets doubling down on the symptoms you mentioned in order to "prove" something.

No. 316803

man. seems like Jill is trying hard to not admit shes just a giant pothead who does nothing but sit on her ass all day talking to herself lmao

No. 316804

File: 1704134413808.jpg (152.25 KB, 872x1080, 1000003800.jpg)

if anything she looks fatter in the middle pic. this is from the christmas video, she definitely hasn't lost any weight

No. 316806

She really does look like any smalltown fat stoner chick but with pastels on, huh

No. 316808

While I agree that weed can absolutely have adverse effects I think there's a combo of issues causing Jill's behavior including poor mental health and physical health, and social media addiction. It's possible to smoke weed all day every day and not be negatively affected by it. It's also possible for smoking weed all day every day to ruin your life but to not necessarily result in the sort of behavior Jill exhibits.

No. 316809

File: 1704135780670.jpg (128.33 KB, 720x816, Trends.jpg)

No. 316810

File: 1704135863006.jpg (148.31 KB, 720x1703, Flags 2.jpg)

No. 316811

File: 1704135940219.jpg (141.41 KB, 720x1376, Flags.jpg)

The tweet unavailable is Sof's from her magical_sof account.

No. 316812

>>316811 I get the first two, to an extent. But DIDgender? She needs to log off and get a job ffs.

No. 316813

Curtain bangs have been in for what, two years now?

No. 316814

Terrycloth Jill.
It's called terrycloth.
Nitpick but as such a "huge fashion enthusiast" and "aspiring designer" she should know or at least look up the damn name.

No. 316815

God she wants a flag. Of course she wants a flag. Ffs. Considering all the drama/discourse around flags in the last months she's prob hoping for some sort of attention and drama.
Could even see her be so delusional to go and make merch of it and then throw a pity party when it inevitably flops.

No. 316816

Her 2024 trend predictions…
-cardigans (small or otherwise) have been popular for a long time.
-curtain bangs were popular between 2021 and now.
- 50s style girl ponytail…not a bad prediction, i can see that happening, but the current trend cycle is still stuck in the early 2000s and is currently moving towards the 2010s
-"tulips have a big moment in spring" again, not a bad prediction especially since hf brand like Sandy Liang have already had runway shows featuring 3d flowers on the runway. As someone like her who claims to be into fashion she should at least know that especially since that brand has been tiktok popular for 3 years and is responsible for the popularity of bows in the mainstream.
-crocs are literally leaving the fashion scene, yes some people still wear them but they are not something that's going to be mainstream trendy for a while.
-terrycloth tops??? I don't think so. Maybe robes.
-gingham might have its final hoorah in 2024 especially because A-line dresses are becoming popular.

I wonder if her fashion predictions just based off of things she likes and dislikes?

No. 316818

re: your last sentence anon, I hate to break it to you but this is Jilly’s world and the rest of us 7+ billion are just living in it. There’s your answer

No. 316821

It always blows my mind that fat activists think that being thin and loving yourself are mutually exclusive. Eating yourself to death is not self love babe!

No. 316823

god the special snowflake syndrome never stops
makes me think about how different generations have always had to explain certain words to each other, which is normal, language changes over time. obviously the buzzwords our parents used when they were young are not the same for us.
but then with gendies/gen z it's like you need a fucking degree to even communicate with this bullshit jargon. and if you don't gaf you're a heartless monster who needs to be cancelled immediately. i can't. i refuse to even try for science anymore(derailing/baiting)

No. 316827

were talking about jill. were not talking about functioning responsible stoners who can hold down a full time job, have a social life, pay rent etc. because thats not jill whatsoever as her mood swings proved over the holiday proved. her weed usage cannot be separated from the rest of her spoiled princess special snowflake behavior. thats why shes coping and trying to rewrite history.

No. 316829

If this were literally any other fashion “designer”/influencer I would interpret this as her hinting at future projects like a crocheted cardigan or colourful tulip skirt for spring, but this being Jill I doubt she’s going to make anything at all in 2024.

How is it bait or derailing to comment on Jill & co.’s insane obsession with identity flags?

No. 316843

File: 1704159181231.jpg (105.58 KB, 720x954, Screenshot_20240102-013325.jpg)

Looks like Jill's skinwalker is back to not having DID

No. 316845

File: 1704162409240.png (2.26 MB, 1391x1733, 016AC2E2-CE46-4794-9946-394D6B…)

I tried, nonnie .

No. 316846

File: 1704163260945.jpg (192.64 KB, 720x1728, Keeps the score.jpg)

No. 316847

File: 1704163412590.jpg (217.93 KB, 720x1652, Mystery trauma.jpg)

No. 316848

The irony of her skinwalking Jill and putting 2+2 together before the person she's skinwalking

No. 316850

Jill should take notes, this is quite a good way to back out without inferring you've been lying the whole time.
Right, how does she have it together more than Jill does

No. 316855

Every malingerer and munchie loves to make these kinds of self-pitying posts on social media about how much they're totally suffering from the disorder they totally have to try and guilt gullible people into thinking, "Oh, how could she ever fake something so serious when she's in so much agony!" But to anyone with half a brain, the manipulation is clear as day. Jill can bring up her "PTSD flashbacks" as many times as she wants, and each time it's glaringly obvious that she's just an attention whore who wants to be special and oppressed.

No. 316865

File: 1704169385622.jpg (120.29 KB, 720x814, 212120.jpg)

No. 316866

File: 1704169523118.jpg (111.9 KB, 720x1042, 212053.jpg)

No. 316867

File: 1704169617020.jpg (59.62 KB, 720x466, 212111.jpg)

No. 316868

Claiming ADHD now??

No. 316870

Instagram is also the only platform where she doesn't talk about having DID and all these other mental illnesses

No. 316872

This really sounds like the "repressed memory" BS that was being peddled in the 80s. It would be hilarious if Jill started going full satanic panic and accused her family of sacrificing babies and kittens in front of her as a child.

No. 316876

It’s weed. Like at this point I’m convinced all her symptoms are weed related. Her memories are coming back and becoming less hazy because she’s decreased her consumption. This is why if you want a real diagnoses you shouldn’t be taking substances.

No. 316877

Can someone please explain what she means in the first paragraph? I can’t understand her larp jargon kek.

No. 316878

Since it says AuDHD, if this were anybody else, I'd assume she's just replying to the autism part, figuring that the person might not be asking specifically about people with both.

But since it's her, she might have not even considered that and is inserting herself in something she can't answer to again.
Or maybe she is gonna claim ADHD too.

No. 316881

Didn't she also barely make it through a barely-college? She skipped a bunch of days and put together a set of clothes that look rushed and half-assed. She shouldn't be answering this at all.

No. 316882

>figured out today why i've been feeling so triggered; i forgot aspects of my (alleged) abuse and only one of my alters knew about it, last summer we both combined and i forgot that it happened. PTSD flashbacks i hate my life!!!
whose the fusion? i forgot what she said that was

No. 316883

doubleposting but if she seriously starts claiming adhd because her high ass is sitting there greened the fuck out all the time and cant focus on anything because of it, i'm gonna finally lose it

No. 316887

She’s admitted several times that psychs have ruled out adhd before so I don’t think she’s gonna try to claim it. That’s why she’s gunning for the autism diagnosis to have that coveted neurodivergent label that she has been denied so many times.

No. 316888

From >>316692 updated meet the alters post it's probably
>Ramona: An alter that was only announced after she fused with Jillian. After doing so, Jillian suddenly wanted to start playing the piano again.

Her piano teacher abused some of his students, not Jill though but since it's her only halfway legitimate claim for childhood trauma she's probably going through the horrible PTSD flashbacks of not being abused again.

No. 316893

She straight up said at some point in the beginning that angel therapist thought she had repressed memories of trauma which was why she originally thought her trauma "wasn't bad enough" for DID, but "actually" it is, she just forgot about it. I remember she made a tiktok gloating about it. Same thing Shane Dawson said as an excuse for his shit (molesting kids when he was a kid), about how his therapist thought he must have been molested by an adult, even though he didn't remember it himself. Which is obviously bullshit. It's just insane how she keeps flip-flopping on having or not having trauma.

No. 316896

i know it's a nitpick but it's such a classic jill moment to not know about the things she claims to be autistically interested in. She doesn't even have the most basic knowledge, doesn't care enough to look it up, calls it whatever and still acts high and mighty as if she's the expert.

No. 316897

i'm sure she's got her issues too but to openly correct your previous false claims and even clown on yourself for it is honestly something we need to see more for, good for her. she seems like the kind of person who could actually heal from it unlike jill who just gets worse in every area of life the more she lies

No. 316898

I guess this officially marks Jill starting to claim ADHD too lol a new saga begins

No. 316899

Is the piano teacher the abuse part she is claiming? (Or is it the "raped for months" thing?) I can totally see her spinning it to sound valid, like "this creepy guy was sexually abusing my kid peers/friends at the time and it left a deep mark on me that I had to interact with him even if I wasn't the main victim" while just omitting that she didn't even know about it until 10+ years later as an adult and liked the guy just fine until then

No. 316900

lmao, the last thing someone would need if they were actually traumatized and going through an episode is to watch some random video clinically talking random symptoms of your disorder which may not even apply to you. It'd be like if someone got triggered and reminded of past abuse then watched a video about the facts and stats of domestic abuse instead of like a silly cat video or some video dedicated to soothing ptsd episodes. Honestly there are so many videos out there dedicated to it I'm surprised she only shills the psychs she's obviously learning to malinger with instead. inb4 she suddenly starts shilling the most popular "ptsd" dedicated relaxation videos that pop up on a youtube search.
Also who wants to bet Jill getting high as balls then watching these videos is actually causing her to invent memories? There's a reason good trauma therapy books tell you not to read sections that don't apply to you because you might absorb it meanwhile that's exactly what's she's doing in a suggestible state.
I love how the moment you compare Jill's tweets with her skinwalker, you see what true crazy actually looks like and Jill just looks embarrassing. One is clearly suffering and aimlessly trying to stop the pain, the other is stoned off her ass collecting traumas and probably enjoys when people call her bpd despite a total lack of trauma or neglect

No. 316904

God this is such a useless response it’s pissing me off. First off her “accommodations” weren’t even for AUDHD so it’s self inserting again and also yeah no shit “Accommodations” they meant what kind dumbass. She got extensions but those aren’t accommodations those are more of a emergency as and when you need them and I don’t imagine they had mandatory attendance since it’s for adults and you pay to be there so skipping class and them not caring isn’t an accommodation either. Also “crying a lot” fuck off she always has to be a victim, this stranger is asking for practical advice not a ticket to the Jillybean pitty party.

No. 316905

She said outright previously that she was not one of his victims but still tried to insert herself by saying he was overly friendly with her in a way she now thinks is creepy. It’s a mystery who she means with the raped for months sex toy thing, she keeps it vague purposefully. It’s not uma because they never slept together and she stated she was a virgin when they fell out so timeline wise it must be after that.

No. 316907

I know this has been said before but I'm still baffled at how Jill can paint this picture of her childhood as being full of abuse, neglect and molestation and still claim her family was super loving and sweet. Even if someone outside of her family was abusing her, her parents would have to be neglectful to not notice their daughter being severely molested and abused for years. Especially for how young Jill is claiming to have been when this abuse took place. I really think she wasn't abused and this therapist is a quack who convinced her she repressed all of this.

No. 316908

Internet pharmacies and YouTube therpaists. How convenient. She doesn't even have to read a book to larp every mental illness know to man let alone leave the house.

No. 316909


Do you really think that if Jill was forced to be more specific for internet trauma points, she wouldn’t just lie? Like she’s set it up to have a whole narrative of how she had major amnesia periods in childhood, she thought her piano teacher was great but then the truth came out and she got the “body keeps the score” sick-to-her-stomach feeling and then started remembering her trauma. The random DID Twitter users are not going to fact-check this claim and just give her more asspats, and it’s much safer than lying and saying Uma raped her because she’s lying about somebody who’s actually committed crimes.
Right now she doesn’t even NEED to be specific. She’s skated by for so long in this online DID community where NOBODY has to be specific. Why would she start now? The only way I’d see her specifying exactly what this “debilitating childhood trauma” was is if the DID community cancelled her in some way.

No. 316911

Previously, only a psychiatrist could diagnose and prescribe ADHD meds where she lived. She would never actually qualify, so she probably has said that. However, in the last year or so, an online service where anyone can pay $200 to be told they have ADHD and start meds has popped up. We know she wants to lose weight. She's photoshopping her face 60lbs thinner. I don't think it was a coincidence she got on wellbutrin. I think her next step is going to say she has ADHD (either saying AuDHD for her autism larp or correcting herself by saying it wasn't autism but ADHD this whole time since they're ~similar~) and get on an actual stimulant so she can finally try to drop some pounds.

No. 316912

God Jill is so fucking annoying. Can't even give basic advice (it's easier to get discovered if you're already famous?) without shamelessly throwing in a brag about how even her least active social media is still a "super strong" social media presence and fanbase.

No. 316915

File: 1704209998074.jpg (107.33 KB, 720x1188, 4010083528.jpg)

No. 316918

File: 1704210265307.jpg (205.52 KB, 720x1174, 02083555.jpg)

No. 316919

File: 1704210405301.jpg (178.25 KB, 720x1152, 02083507.jpg)

No. 316920

File: 1704210523579.jpg (130.91 KB, 720x796, 4010083654.jpg)

No. 316921

Throwing mom under the bus in 3, 2, 1…

Maybe she didn't get enough presents and pandering this Christmas, or mom offered her some mild critique before she left. Anons have noticed a lack of bragging or any details about her Christmas (she was supposed to visit Stevie's parents too?) so something is brewing.

No. 316922

The way she over simplifies things to oh my mom bought me an expensive gift one time. Parents can absolutely throw money at a kid and emotionally neglect them but that isn’t the story for her at all and implying it is when Louise has always bent over backwards for her is so shitty of her. She wouldn’t last five minutes with an actually neglectful parent if she thinks her charmed life was a horror show. She herself said many a time Louise was her best friend. She says so much stuff that edges into defamatory towards Louise. Like she isn’t perfect but implying she let all this fly under the radar and caused Jilly to have an extreme disorder when in reality she took good enough care of her to get her treatment for her mental health quickly, medication and a therapy cat is stupid. She is clearly attentive otherwise none of that would have happened.

No. 316925

Apologies for samefag but even outside of health stuff she always helped her with her hobbies and hyped her up and took an interest. It’s not one dress either it’s photoshoots, instruments, art and sewing supplies, stuff to do YouTube, musical theatre costumes, holidays to a place Jill wants, concerts Jill cares about, a car that suits her taste, a house decorated how she wants the list goes on like a lot of parents couldn’t even tell you what their child is interested in let alone take such an active role like this.

No. 316926

How is this related to Precure in any way? Because there's a Cure Gelato? It's a real fucking word. Put the weed down, Jill.

No. 316927

She's specifically saying her trauma isn't from her parents

No. 316928

>Also who wants to bet Jill getting high as balls then watching these videos is actually causing her to invent memories? There's a reason good trauma therapy books tell you not to read sections that don't apply to you because you might absorb it meanwhile that's exactly what's she's doing in a suggestible state.
Yes anon so much this, when you are high all the time you become much more suggestible and I think both the content she consumes and her social media circles, combined with her self-centered viewpoint (due to both her spoiled princess upbringing and earlier social media success) are a really bad combo in such a suggestible state, and is providing a kind of feedback actively making herself worse, possibly even to the point of inventing memories as you suggested. I'd written a similar post upthread but deleted it as I thought it was too rambly so thanks for stating it better!

No. 316930

Sure but in order for her to have experienced such extreme brain breaking trauma for such a long time and her parents to never notice is neglect. The level of trauma needed for DID is torture repeatedly inflicted on a child. It’s throwing her under the bus to say she never noticed any of that when in reality she is very attentive and took measures to help her mental health swiftly when she noticed an issue. It doesn’t make sense that she could be so attentive and involved but also all this happened. Also simplifying it to my mom bought me an expensive dress so people think she is great is manipulative wording and diminishes all she has done for her. Jill downplays it for her larp but the trauma needed for DID is incredibly extreme and not something that could go on under the nose of parent who wasn’t neglectful let alone one so involved and engaged.

No. 316931

You don't have any trauma, let alone DID, Jill, and you know that very well. You are just a lazy stoner with anxiety, looking for any reason to not have to be an adult with a real job. Just ADMIT it, it might get you farther in life.

No. 316933

Well said, nona. It makes no sense that Jill could have had both a loving and supportive family and also undergone severe childhood trauma. You gotta pick one or the other. And does Jill realize that there are kids who experience real trauma inflicted by people outside their home, and then return to a dysfunctional/abusive household… and they don't even develop DID. Why would a child's traumatized mind need to develop a dissociative disorder to cope if they already have a safe place in their family home, where they spend most of their time anyway? Since she admits her parents were supportive and not abusive, then going back home to them would've been the escape she needed, so… why would she need to dissociate so hard?
I hope she follows through on her word and makes a video trying to address this because the more she says, the more she tells on herself and makes it even more obvious that she's lying.

No. 316937

File: 1704215885656.gif (2.02 MB, 498x258, the-devil-wears-prada-meryl-st…)

No. 316940

Second day of the year and she's already planning on spilling her fake trauma story. Unhinged chicken nuggie queen this is your year, kek.

No. 316941

>People always try to use my relationship w my parents as a "gotcha"

Correct me if I missed something, but what "people" do that "always"?
Does she mean the handful of disappointed ex-fans and anons looking for entertainment who stumbled across this thread?
Who never directly interact with her so if she didn't lurk she'd never be confronted with this?

I get that looking away when you first discover you are discussed on a website like this is hard, but it's been years so you'd think she'd have grown a thicker skin by now?
Or at least taken some of the pretty decent advice anons leave here?

Making a couple disgruntled strangers on an obscure imageboard out to be a hoard people constantly being in her face about this is just such a stupid way of victimising herself.

No. 316945

She absolutely pays attention to this thread, but she can't admit it, so she has to rage out about other things on twitter when she's upset lol

No. 316946

honestly lately it seems like everything she does is for this thread.

No. 316949

>"internet has rotted people's brains," says #1 victim of internet brainrot

No. 316956

Conveniently Jill leaves out the part where dissociadid / Kya and co implied her parents were part of a satanic cult that kidnapped her and tortured her in a cave for months. Before that even the people criticizing her believed she was abused as a child.

No. 316957

Jill if you want to reply to us so badly just come on here and do it directly lol it's already incredibly obvious that you read/care about what we say

Also didn't she just recently retweet something about neglected babies and trauma? if it wasn't your parents neglecting you Jilly then who was it? She's retweeted loads of stuff either implying or outright stating that her totally real twauma is a result of parental abuse and then gets angry when people question her about it

The irony is if she came out and admitted in a normal, reasonable way that she felt a bit neglected or alone when her mum was dealing with cancer I'm sure people would understand because that is a scary and difficult thing for a kid to deal with, but Jill has breadcrumbed that she's been abused, emotionally neglected and potentially molested as a child and her parents somehow tie into the picture, not given us any further context, and then acts surprised when people try to delve into her past to understand exactly what went on (especially since from what we've seen her parents have been nothing but wonderful and supportive to her and she still has a good relationship with them)

No. 316959

What she's trying to say here is literally "don't hold me accountable to my own words and actions"

No. 316963

File: 1704226539918.jpg (74.92 KB, 1080x352, Screenshot_2024-01-02-14-58-16…)

So let me get this right, she's claiming the weed that's been helping her with ptsd/trauma/whatever this whole time, has been SATIVA strains? Abusing sativa means she's less likely to be on the couch all day but so much more likely to be anxious and paranoid among so much else. It's the strain type that over excites you and it's not a good one to abuse. No wonder she feels a desperate need to chime in with every stupid thought she has. It's 100% the sativa.
Also I don't think this is legal cannabis store kek. Probably shouldn't be advertising this store to a large following. They only accept cash so they're probably working under the radar and wouldn't appreciate a raid. Also not to nitpick but wouldn't a sweet tasting concentrate or edible be precure-like? Lots of strains are named after deserts and sweets and they all burn the same
It's her guilty conscience taking. If she weren't faking why would she care about randos on the internet not believing her?

No. 316966

There are no raids to be had lmao the government doesn't care about dispensaries at all. They barely did before weed was legal

No. 316968

I for one am tired of hearing people claim trauma and refusing to offer any evidence or even do more than allude to what it supposedly is. There's a reason ancient societies didn't believe women, it's because women exaggerate and make up shit all the time. Oh, you're claiming you were tortured and abused as a kid? Post evidence, name names, or i don't give a shit anymore. It's hard? Too fucking bad, everybody else in the world is expected to back up their claims with evidence, you don't get a pass. I can't count how many times it's been bullshit like this or dissociadid where they either made or up completely or the horrible trauma was completely mundane. Put up or shut up if you're going to make a spectacle of yourself on the internet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 316973

This. Jill is infantile in every aspect of her life, but the most repulsive has to be her refusal to take any accountability at all. I am ashamed to be of the same sex as her and those alike her.

No. 316975

She despises her mother for having the gall to get sick with cancer and taking the spotlight from her. In her first tattoo video she shuts her mom down when she brings it up to go back to talking about herself.
But yeah of all things she could claim to be traumatic she constantly overlooks it and avoids it. It just shows how much of a narc she is.

No. 316977

Lmao this is perfect nona

No. 316979

You're ashamed to be of the sex that lies on the internet as opposed to… the sex that rapes babies?

No. 316980

File: 1704232866819.jpg (129.35 KB, 720x921, 023511.jpg)

No. 316981

It's beautiful nona, thank you!

No. 316982

Plus you literally couldn't develop DID if you have supportive guardians. Assuming it's real in some people, that's the literal criteria. Kids could be severely abused at daycare but if they have loving parents they won't develop it.
Not potentially molested, there is a cap of her saying on twitter she experienced CSA at an early age. I'll try and find it because she can't walk away from that kind of statement.

No. 316983

File: 1704235105141.jpg (83.65 KB, 720x515, 253830.jpg)

No. 316984

Which one does
>pretending a 4-year-old takes over your brain when you hear ducks quacking
fit under?

No. 316987

Does calling autistic people slow, giving a grown man the R-slur pass because you think he is autistic, saying blatant problematic shit on Twitter then when people would nicely call you out on it you would act like you didn't understand social cues and nuance to get out of being held accountable….do all of those things count as infantilization Jill?

No. 316989

thats a safe assumption. every time she posts I assume shes high as balls, multiple blunts and edibles every day. just keep reframing every post she makes as 'unhinged stoner' and every thing makes sense.

No. 316991

>my mom scolded me for smirking while I was thinking about a cartoon character smoking weed

This is embarrassing to write lmao

No. 316995

>oh em geeee pee tee es deeeee!!!

She might had gone to angel therapist at first for legit concerns, or not, but you can clearly see that Jed did more harm than good for her. He didn't solve anything, he made her worse then quit kek. When she says that the body keeps the score I imagine he convinced her that her anxieties were actually "super deep hidden trauma" and not feelings that came out from, say, being an unprepared over protected and sensitive womanchild that can't deal with life so she rather run from it. She has been running for years now. So she now blames the weed induced trepidation and any other anxiety on "hidden trauma" that she can't even comprehend herself or else she wouldn't be changing the story constantly.

Jill I know you want to be traumatized very bad for pity points and attention, but you don't have inexplicable hidden trauma that your body is keeping the score of. You don't have amnesia. You were failed by the therapist and enabled by Steven. It's ok to realize that you're sensitive and less capable than other adults, you can get better. It's just that you won't because you don't even know what the real problem is to begin with and you're too adamant to even look inside and think.

No. 316996

I know the average twitter user is unhinged and that social media is cancer but seriously how does anyone take this irresponsible weed smoker seriously?
>Omg look at me and how much mental illness content I watch on YouTube!
This doesn't prove you're mentally ill, it only proves you're obsessed with said content. "I watched this DID video and immediately felt something calm down inside me" what does that even mean lmao. Singular pronoun use too.

No. 316997

>This doesn't prove you're mentally ill, it only proves you're obsessed with said content.

Just like how watching "fashion designer" content doesn't make you a fashion designer (that fuckin' term), watching Drag Race doesn't make you a drag queen, saying you have autism doesn't mean you have autism, and so on. She is a consumer, not a creator, and never, ever will be.

No. 316998

It's funny how she thinks she can outsmart multiple threads, multiple anons, her ex fans, twitter users, and people who knew her irl too. Her echo chamber won't last forever, the attention and validation she gets now could crumble under pressure any time soon and it's all because she decided to build her current image on lies. If it wasn't for her ruining her own internet brand and persona she could had graduated from cow status so long ago. That requires introspection and self awareness though. So yeah, bring it on Jillian, make the infamous video every DIDtuber makes about trauma and see all your lies being dismantled one by one, minute by minute, or did you forget the Veronica video already lmao.
She's the one with a rotted brain here.

No. 316999

>and so on. She is a consumer, not a creator, and never, ever will be.
This. Agreed with your post. This is why she made so many hauls back in the day.

No. 317005

I hope she drops weed in 2024. Not because I want her to "do better", I just want her to shut up about it. It's cringe when teenagers make smoking weed a personality trait, but she's 25.

No. 317007

File: 1704256371763.jpeg (306.56 KB, 828x1355, IMG_4502.jpeg)

No it doesn’t Jillian. Thanks for further proving you’re a malinger

No. 317010

I really doubt that the people that got repeatedly abused as children can manage to feel like a cute horse with a happy face.
It's kind of funny how she retweets the tweet
being mad about the infantilization of people and then she proceeds to infantilize DID by saying that it feels like a toy for babies with different sections.
Which is also very non-autistic of her, like tf does it even mean? The basic ass concept of the fragmented mind? (Groundbreaking BTW, totally unexpected) or the body of fragmented too because some parts don't feel like they belong to the same body? She could just shut up, but that must be very difficult to her.

No. 317013

Yes, men never make up silly bullshit or repeat other men's silly bullshit, no don't look at those podcasts, youtube videos, reddit threads, comments, and insane Tweets that men post, say, and repeat all day long it's because (only) women are hysterical liars and Jill is a perfect representation of a typical woman, this is why she has 72(!) lolcow threads because we all agree with her so much

/absolute bucket of sarcasm(learn2integrate)

No. 317014

Something something abortion is worse babymurderers hoes etc, I can feel the reddit/Twitter moid brainrot from those nonnas from here. Deranged takes, this is not a female specific issue.

No. 317017

>i was completely fine until like 20 mins ago
Yeah Jill, that's because 20 minutes ago you decided to smoke another bowl. At this point it's just denial about how marihuana effects her. She has 5 nights of "shaking and twitching" and "physical dread," AKA the effects of greening out/consuming too much marihuana.
Wont lie these tweets made me roll my eyes so far back into my skull that one got stuck for a minute. She claims to be an ally to the LGBT community but every action she takes is so tone-deaf, insincere, and hurtful. She's already outed one of her ex-boyfriends in a public video, now she's trying to sell the idea that she has "parallel gender identities and sexualities," whatever the fuck that means. She's never lived in a place with a population of more than 80k, and her small-town bumpkin backwards retarded mindset reflects that fact. Whenever she has to deal with someone that isn't white or straight that mindset jumps out quick, e.g., the infamous "touching black-person's hair" photo.
Crazy for Jillian to retweet this after all the posts she's given us about how everyone around her infantilizes her. Like for example, when she got into a car accident and Stephen told her to put on the special lanyard she ordered online that makes her 100% officially autistic to deal with the cops.
Bit of a nitpick but you'd think if her anxiety was as bad as she says she'd at least set up the battery % to show on her phone rather than just the icon. It's always the little things that give her lies away.
I was about to comment the same thing.
I noticed that Jill was lurking a LOT in the last thread based on her tweets, if any nonnies pay attention to what's said here they'll witness Jill's response a day or two after whatever comment pissed her off.

No. 317022

It’s already been proven that Jill exclusively buys shit from illegal dispensaries.

No. 317025

This shit genuinely reads like some Star Trek technological babble to me. How in the world can you put so many words together about abstract concepts luke emotion and memory? Bitch can't just say "I remembered something bad happening and it made me feel like shit" noooo it has to be some memory locked behind the AMNESIA WALL and it FUSED WITH HER CORE MEMORIES. Like bitch be for fucking real.

No. 317030

It's hilarious how special these people seem to think disassociating is
Fun fact, if you've ever been given laughing gas, you've probably experienced symptoms of disassociation, as nitrous oxide can be used as a dissociative anaesthetic

No. 317036

Nonnie am I missing something? What does a battery life preference have to do with anxiety? Is your assumption that anxious people more likely to feel the need to be in control of shit like that?

No. 317037

nta but I assume if Jill ever left the house, having an icon with an obscure low battery symbol but no specific percentage would be anxiety inducing since you might need your phone to contact someone or look up travel information or whatever and it might run out at any moment. Where if you see the % you can estimate how many minutes of power you have left.
But Jilly never leaves the house so she had never actually experienced that, anyway I get what anon was pointing out there but it is more revealing to how much of a NEET Jill is.

No. 317041

Anon has a point, slight blog but it's just a quick example, I have anxiety and if I can't see the exact percentage then I feel I can't use my phone at all because what if it's lower than I think so then dies and there's an emergency. These are the retarded things people with anxiety might think about but Jill seemingly never does

No. 317046

File: 1704317410128.jpeg (163.93 KB, 828x585, IMG_4503.jpeg)

No. 317047

File: 1704317503791.jpeg (444.9 KB, 828x1078, IMG_4504.jpeg)

No. 317049

Gosh, I hope this year is as uneventful as Jillian's whole life, so we can enjoy not having any sort of problems.

No. 317050

File: 1704319458435.jpg (165.22 KB, 720x1055, 45906.jpg)

No. 317051

File: 1704319545839.jpg (166.05 KB, 720x1066, 948.jpg)

No. 317052

File: 1704319771853.jpg (113.09 KB, 720x654, 150001.jpg)

No. 317053

File: 1704319860101.jpg (143.69 KB, 720x1400, 151013.jpg)

No. 317054

>>317050 cue her predictable sensory issues breadcrumbing to prove her sooper real autism

No. 317055

Holy shit those nipples are so botched kek

No. 317057

She is so incredibly dull for this, imagine not trying a variety of cake until you're 18 because you don't like the name.
I will give her points for actually replying to the content of the Tweet for once and not twisting it to be about something else entirely though.

No. 317060

That fugly chest and zombie pepperoni hackjob nipples kek of course Jillian is sucking on this mentally deranged straight woman's Mega clit, she's literally everything Jillian wishes she could be but isn't brave enough to do (ie retarded botched mastectomy for marginalized brownie points).

No. 317066

File: 1704331672981.png (142.93 KB, 244x340, 1627244708285.png)

retard translator for nonas:
>stepped on cat vomit cuz stevie cleans and hes sick
>threw away old food
>made soup
>wanted to dye hair but no dye
>still bitter about xmas with family
>house is a mess cuz stevie cleans
she's saying this shit is her "death"… literally nothing happened…

No. 317073

>house is messy
>i despite a messy house
Girl how many times did we see cat litter on your damn floor your cats use a tin cooking tray for a litter box last I checked you exist in messy

No. 317074

File: 1704335476854.jpeg (642.31 KB, 828x1339, IMG_4507.jpeg)

No. 317075

Ah, makes sense. I think most people who plan for emergencies likely have the same setting preference, myself included, although I won’t blogpost about my anxiety disorder/mental illnesses I guess I never looked at it as an anxiety thing, moreso I just hate the minimalism guesstimate you have to do otherwise. It is quite telling that Jill doesn’t have that setting on based purely on how responsible she should aim to be as an adult, but yeah with her annoying LARPing taken into account it is unusual she wouldn’t have it turned on in case she gets lost and can’t contact Stevie to come find her fatass

No. 317078

What are you doing with your life, Jillian Vessey?

No. 317082

that's what happens when you retreat further and further into your comfort zone : you become useless and afraid of everything. the absolute least she could do if she doesn't work is be nice and keep a tidy house.
lol at the hair, she knows how lazy she is yet is so image-obsessed she has to keep the rainbow hair and so arrogant she can't go to a hairdresser and has to do everything herself.
also of course she pitybaits on twitter, steeb is sick so she can't be the center of his universe fir a few days.

No. 317083

>Flora will be out later
"Flora" is code for Jill getting super high and doing a bunch of childish time-wasting shit to make up for the effort of cleaning and cooking for one day.
>purged some old tupperware
I've never heard someone use purge in this context. Tinfoil but this alone makes me think she's been browsing ED (eating disorder) content more often recently: she's been using filters to slim her face, mentions weight-loss, and now she's dropping common ED vocab into her sentences. Be so for real who uses the verb " to purge" in place of "to clean", "to remove", "to tidy", etc.. Did anyone else catch that weird word-choice or am I just being too nit-picky?
>sick partner
I'm gonna go on a limb and say that's why she didn't go to Stephen's family's place for a holiday dinner, the household probably just got sick and she didn't wanna get sick too.
>our house is so messy… i simply despise existing in a messy house.
So then fucking clean, Jill. Notice how it's "her" house when she mentions it in a positive light, but it's "our" (I assume she meant herself and Stephen) house when there's a problem. Her deflections are so sneaky sometimes!
>my arms are tired
From putting your hair in ponytails? I actually wonder: when was the last time Jill exercised? When was the last time she performed a bicep curl? Or followed along to a Youtube calisthenics video-programme? I can't remember a single time she has ever mentioned exercise. That's how I figure all the weight she's lost has been from eating less junk food during her late-night marihuana-fueled munchies sessions, rather than actual active and healthy lifestyle changes.
The other nonnas summed it up but yeah, when I was learning diagnostic procedures we were taught to look for little things like Jill's phone-battery-% because they often reveal more about a person's mental state than their words. A LOT of Jill's actions and behaviours are NOT reflective of an anxious-mind, and no matter how much she says she has anxiety disorders and panic attacks I can never bring myself to believe her words because of the hundreds of little things she does that scream "I'm not anxious, there's no wild worries and fears running around my head- in fact, I don't think at all!" If Jill has such a social phobia that she can't leave her house without an anxiety attack - why dye her hair rainbow colours that will attract curious-looks from strangers? Any person suffering from an anxiety disorder hates to even be glanced at in public.(medfagging/not your personal blog)

No. 317085

Influencers often refer to getting rid of clothes as a 'closet purge', I think she's using it in that context and not an ED one.

No. 317087

I'm sorry because I agree with the rest of your post but the phone battery thing is such a weird nitpick. I have anxiety and I don't have that thing enabled because I always have my charger with me and my phone tells me when it's time to charge anyway. I want to live free, I don't need to enable my anxious mind by always checking the percentage. Out of every other annoying thing she does this is the least worrying one

No. 317088

This is just more afrid larp huh

No. 317089

Not to be rude to you but your post kinda proves my point. It sounds like you always have a charger with you because you're anxious that your phone will die. It's the same anxiety you just respond in a different way. Most normal healthy people don't care what their phone's battery life is like, nor do they think seeing the battery level will 'enable their anxious mind.' I only regard it as strange for Jill because she's social-media obsessed and seems like a phone-addict, so if she really is so anxious she'd have the battery level displayed for her peace of mind. Another nonna pointed out that it could be more indicative of Jill's NEET status and the fact she never leaves home long enough to worry about her phone dying.
I didn't know this, thank you for pointing that out. I guess it makes sense for her to use purge in this context because she's cleaning out a storage unit.(derailing)

No. 317090

Heck, anyone who's ever spaced out experienced dissociation.

No. 317095

would it kill her to put her phone down and help clean up the fucking place?

No. 317096

I'm not WK for Jill but that's not how anxiety works.
For instance I also dress in ostentatious ways with wild colors in my hair. But my anxiety comes in when I have to socialize on a personal level or when I have to publically speak or when I go somewhere that I'm not Familiar with.

Also I was lurking Jill's old threads and there was a time that GAD was her only diagnosis which makes a lot of sense for her to have.

Not to mention anxiety is extremely common unlike everything else jill claims to have. So yes I do believe she deals with anxiety.

No. 317098

Agreed, and it's not to WK her
Literally everyone deals with anxiety to some level in their lifetime
Jill, though, I firmly believe over exaggerates with her
>panic garage walking at 2am pee tee ess Dee
She's so offensive with the way she portrays this shit

No. 317099

I don't know if this is supposed to be sarcasm or if you really think daydreaming is the same as psychological dissociation. I'm hoping it's sarcasm because I thought only Jill was stupid enough to say something like this.
I'm starting to armchair so this will be the last comment I make in response to this. The feeling of anxiety, or nervousness, is different from the actual clinical Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It's normal and human to feel nervous before you speak in front of crowds, or when you go somewhere you haven't gone before, or meeting someone new that you hope to befriend. That's not you suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, that's just you being closed-minded and inexperienced. It's okay to be close-minded. Nobody is saying openness to new experiences is the only important part of human personality.

In Jill's case, she was diagnosed with GAD when she was in her early teens. She was diagnosed by her family doctor. Most family doctors will diagnose any mental health concern, especially from young people, as either GAD or MDD without further investigation because those are two conditions that they're able to prescribe medications to treat without evaluation from a psychiatrist. Jill was prescribed an anti-psychotic medication called quetiapine (or Seroquel), which isn't even approved for treatment of anxiety disorders. I don't think that her doctor should have prescribed her that medication when she was so young, or before she had tried other more well-tolerated medication options like SSRIs. To give you context, this is actually a really common problem in Canada: where a patient is prescribed an anti-psychotic medication without genuine diagnosis of psychosis. It ends up with patients suffering from the side-effects and dependencies caused by anti-psychotic drugs for no real reason: which is exactly what Jill complained about before she stopped her quetiapine treatments. She's now switched to bupropion, another atypical choice for treatment of an anxiety disorder. I think a lot of her "slip ups" lately on Twitter where she drops her nice-girl persona, or her 5AM garage pacing, are just symptoms of intense bupropion-fueled rage, a common side-effect of the drug. Further complicating her treatment plan is her incessant consumption of cannabis, which will have adverse effects with any psychiatric medication. I know it's speculative, but Jill has been so open with her treatments and diagnoses in the past that I think it's fair game to discuss her medication history.

People that suffer from GAD don't dress up like clowns and do really sweaty and poor drag-dance routines in front of crowds of people, nor do they start and maintain huge successful social media presences for years as young adults. To be a disorder, the anxiety actually has to effect you to an extent that it DISTURBS the quality of your life. Jill is leading EXACTLY the type of life that she wants to live. She's secluded in a rainbow echo-chamber of lovey-dovey fans, friends, and family that act to affirm the worst parts of herself and enable her poor life choices without every holding her to any type of scrutiny. I think Jill's desire to lead this type of life is more indicative of a comically immature and deeply selfish mindset than it is of any real psychiatric disorder.(medfagging)

No. 317100

You have split ends because you constantly wear your hair in a bun on top of your head and are too ‘scared’ to get regular hair cuts. People like this make me seethe. Hurr durr I do chemical stuff to my hair but never actually take care of it, y so damaged?? More of her expecting everything with no effort.

I also don’t understand why she continually goes through the effort to do these elaborate rainbows on her hair just to wear it down for a single video a month. I know it’s been said before but get a decent wig and call it a day. Colored hair takes upkeep and is not for the faint of heart.

No. 317103

Jill was prescribed low-dose seroquel for sleeping, which is a very common off-label prescription. She was on celexa for her anxiety.

How tf does she have split ends? I thought her ~trich~ was her cutting the ends of her hair all day?

No. 317104

It's obviously not the same level, but it's the same mechanism. Almost everyone experiences dissociation to some degree at some point. Most just don't realise that's what it is because it's either mild, harmless stuff like daydreaming or a rare occasion of feeling "out of it" in a stressful situation, and not a chronic issue that needs looking into.
The other anon mentioned that dissociation is not some special experience because anyone who ever got laughing gas experienced it, but that's not really a common thing to have gone through, so I thought it was an odd example compared to zoning out, which everyone does once in a while.

No. 317105

The autism bait is so annoying and forced. I will believe you when you show us footage of you punching yourself in the head Jilly, this shit is not fun like you seem to believe. I guess her hair did fade already which yiiikes. That iroiro pink is known for how it stains she has really fucked it if her hair can’t hold that. I did wonder why she was bothering with the bleach baths and multiple rounds last time she bleached because it wasn’t even necessary because she did rainbow again. Blue is also notorious for staining sometimes to the point of you just having to go dark or cut it out and I also didn’t see any blue in that new years pic.

No. 317106

She adds conditioner to make her dyes pastel and that's notorious for making it last less time

No. 317108

That sounds…stupid as heck.
She'd be better off just dying it with the non-diluted dye and then washing it out with shampoo until it's faded to pastel. Whatever is left will then probably also last a while longer.

Tbf about the fading in general, according to >>313858, it's been about a month since she dyed it, and I would assume she's the type to shower hot in winter. Hot water + shampoo will make semi-permanent hairdye wash out fast as fuck and even permanent dye doesn't take that well.
So if she washes her hair frequently, it's not surprising.

But I find it funny she said here that it took her about an hour to do this, which seems pretty alright to me considering all the sectioning, and now it's suddenly too much.

No. 317110

I just don't know what she was thinking with the new rainbow hair. She already didn't want to do her hair, of course she's not going to want to do it when it's 3x harder. She should just do rainbow bangs and everything else blond or something.(sage your shit)

No. 317113

That's not what dissociation is, it's not daydreaming. That's literally Jillian's entire logic and she has said this exact same thing before. I remember specifically when she thought "la inmortalidad del cangrejo" meant dissociation and it's simply not that.

No. 317114

I agree she probably has anxiety but her weed consumption and need to over exaggerate makes her worse.

No. 317116

File: 1704389857940.png (23.8 KB, 340x289, 1519710400694.png)

Is it me or did everyone already forget that lolcow called her autistic for years and years?

No. 317117

It was an insult back then, now the real insult would be BPD or retard, which is what she is.

No. 317119

File: 1704393677217.jpeg (245.31 KB, 828x1371, IMG_4509.jpeg)

No. 317120

"I'm the mentalliest illiest person to ever live! No one has ever had symptoms as bad as mememememe!"

No. 317121

File: 1704396815856.jpeg (174.48 KB, 828x516, IMG_4510.jpeg)

No. 317122

Always using the most extreme terminology she can to make herself sound more mentally ill than she is

She's on a super common antidepressant that isn't a controlled substance

No. 317123

Surely this is a joke this bitch couldn't have been experiencing memory problems before her trauma that triggered her totally legit DID

No. 317124

File: 1704399351044.jpg (138.57 KB, 720x985, My stupid hair.jpg)

No. 317125

File: 1704399454176.jpg (187.23 KB, 720x1162, 3 same girls.jpg)

No. 317126

File: 1704399561320.jpg (185.11 KB, 720x1116, Your nervous system.jpg)

No. 317128

This isn't true at all or every war vet would have DID

No. 317130

Of course multiplicityandme would say this. Her "trauma" and reason for having DID is her grandma dying lol

No. 317132

File: 1704407861162.jpg (124.46 KB, 720x754, 04152034.jpg)

Jill whinging more about her hair
I do wish she'd give her poor hair a rest. She's so stupidly stubborn over the most asinine things. You'd think she'd learn considering how long she's been dyeing her own hair. Too bad she's highly allergic to learning. Agreed the wig route would be so much better especially because obtaining a decent wig isn't that much of an issue.

No. 317133

>>317132 she trying to claim textured hair brownie points now? Normal thing to normal people but for Jill's weird ass, she sees it as token woke points so she can try to be an authority on conversations about textured hair just watch.

No. 317134

Man, I kind of miss Veronica. At least she was fun to watch.

This whole anxiety back and forth is exhausting. Yes, everyone experiences anxiety. Yes, GAD is different from just feeling anxious. Yes, you can have GAD that doesn't involve obsessive worrying over your phone dying.

No disorder looks exactly the same for everyone. That's part of what makes Jil's larp so obvious since she essentially goes through an online list of possible symptoms and tweet about having all of them.

No. 317135

So she loves the two styles she barely ever does?
Make it make sense?
I think most of the time she either wears a tiny, half falling apart top bun or her hair is down and wavy.
I feel like it's rarely properly straight or in a big bun unless it's for special occasions/photoshoots.

But let's say she does actually straighten it so much that it gets super damaged, why wouldn't she get her hair permanently straightened then?
If the waves bother her so much?
I think Rachel from Rachel&Jun had that done ages ago and POC get their hair relaxed too, so it's an option.

The one consistent thing with her is really that most of her complaints don't make sense in context of her posts.
And that she rarely chooses the easiest route to deal with the things she's complaining about, for no apparent reason at all.(integrate)

No. 317136

So she's just going to call herself autistic now?
What she said sounds normal and not an inherent part of autism at all. I don't think having the three same friends and then ditching you means you're autistic. Real autistic kids act way different.

No. 317139

this is so fucking stupid. her medication is so common she could get it prescribed after a 10 minute telehealth visit on one of those gimmicky mental healthcare apps. why would she need or want anything more than quick communication for a REFILL of a mild medication? most people just send an email for something like this.

No. 317142

I don't know how Jill thinks she can be a mental health content creator when she does literally every fucking thing wrong. Get therapy and get a real doctor. This is ridiculous.

No. 317144

Her hair would break off if she got permanent straightening lol. Bleach (especially at home shit quality Sally’s or whatever sells) and relaxers do not mix. Also it would require her to go to a salon to have it done professionally and that’s just ‘sensory overload’ for her or whatever.

I didn’t even realize she had any sort of texture to her hair it’s so poorly taken care of and chemically damaged.

Hard agree though people give her very simple solutions to these huge issues and she makes an excuse for it, every time.

She’s so stuck in her ways/afraid to try anything new aesthetically. Personal nitpick/opinion: She would probably look cuter if she could just take 5 seconds to scrunch and air dry her hair and get it actually hydrated instead of wearing it as an over processed, heat damaged husk.(integrate)

No. 317145

The fact that nonnies have been saying her hair looks like shit for EIGHT YEARS. Unfortunately she will never change her ways.

No. 317146

you can get your hair straighened if you're bleached given you never bleach over the straighened hair again. jillybean would get bald on the first root touching because she cant do it to save her life and keeps applying bleach on already bleached parts so that's why her hair looks deep fried. she should have gotten into hairtok instead of mental illnesss tiktok, imagine she had long hair instead of a self made mental illness. jillian if you're reading this buy hair oil instead of weed and start massaging your scalp instead of your ego on twitter. come on girl.(sage)

No. 317157

For the anon who got integrate redtexted and probably doesn't know what they did wrong, (farmhand probably just wrote the same thing on the ban notice) it's the paragraph breaks. You need to try and blend in on this anonymous imageboard and the paragraph breaks are associated with reddit and also make your posts identifiable >>317135

No. 317161

File: 1704464808629.jpg (3.44 MB, 4096x3072, 24-01-05-11-27-15-037_deco.jpg)

Expectation vs Reality

This is just too funny, I'm (not) sorry.

No. 317162

>we have a Veronica
why is she saying that like there's more than one? kek

No. 317163

Because the person she's replying to is talking about their own Veronica in their larp

No. 317165

Pretty sure we did away with that retardedness. Lot more likely it's all the hair sperging and chitchat style.

No. 317166

How is it possible that Jill is so literally this >>316845 like it's getting ridiculous. Hilarious but ridiculous. Now that I have started noticing it I can't not notice it every time she does it.

No. 317167

If she did a keratin straightening treatment at a salon or even at home it would be so much better for her. It repairs the hair but she needs to deal with not bleaching for a while. I remember seeing previous photos of her with her unstraightened hair and she looks kinda cute actually, at least she looks less dopey lmao. Too lazy to go find it but it was around the time when she faked seizures, kek. If she was more natural with her appareance she wouldn't look so fug imo.

No. 317168

Next threadpic please

No. 317171

File: 1704475837275.jpg (476.97 KB, 720x3731, 01829.jpg)

No. 317172

File: 1704475931794.jpg (162.38 KB, 720x1201, 01418.jpg)

No. 317173

File: 1704476016246.jpg (104.02 KB, 720x644, 1324.jpg)

No. 317174

>that is such a small slice of what they are
She really talks like these are real people living in her house

No. 317175

File: 1704479063307.png (231.67 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_0824.png)

KEK GST cheques are for the poors.

No. 317176

To be fair, that person is replying TO Jill

No. 317178

No they aren't, non-Canadian anon. You have to make like 70K/year to not get any GST. What this does say to me is that Jill didn't file her taxes some years because there's no way she would have ever made enough to not get GST.


She's officially started claiming autism. She said she was self-diagnosed somewhere.

No. 317179

She has some nerve asking for insisting only people with DID respond when she responds to >>317125 even though she isn't autistic.
Slight blog but I suspect I'm autistic/have some autistic traits but I haven't bothered getting diagnosed so I wouldn't reply to posts like that because it's nothing to do with me? I think she just finds any excuse to talk about herself and her oh so traumatic childhood(blog)

No. 317181

Would it be crazy to think that she would probably feel better if she stopped taking all of her meds cold turkey for a while? Anon upthread says she was on anti-psychotics for anxiety as a teen and is now on all this heavy shit still, if the worst thing she actually has is anxiety then I feel like all of these meds are probably CAUSING more of the issues than solving them. I'll take a ban for medfagging but god, she talks about side effects and taking meds and switching meds and upping and downing doses constantly. It's hard to tell what's actually wrong with her when she's on a million things that medically alter her mood + weed.

No. 317183

she doesn't "only" have anxiety, she's known she has BPD for years. cutting cold turkey would make her worse.

No. 317184

Anon upthread is wrong about her being on antipsychotics for anxiety. She was on low dose seroquel for sleep issues, which is a common off-label use for it.

No. 317186

I agree the meds probably aren't helping her but stopping cold turkey is dumb

No. 317189

Bad take. She is a mentally unstable bpd narcissistic that is all. Tons of people have been on medication all their lives and it doesn't turn them into a monstrosity like Jill. Plus she has never had anything serious. I agree that she should stop abusing wellbutrin for the energy/weightloss because its known to exaccerbate anxiety and rage. She should obviously quit with all the lies and faking and go see a doctor for her actual cluster b but she won't because she only likes doctors that kiss her ass. She has complained publicly many times about other doctors challenging snd questioning her behavior before.

No. 317192

I’m Canadian but a YouTuber making less than 70k cad is pretty bad.

No. 317194

We know she isn't making tonnes of money. Her Patreon is just over $600/month. Her video views are atrocious. If she was making real money, she would be doing hauls of Precure shit and clothes. She makes enough from YouTube and Patreon to cover her rent, groceries, and weed.
Most people in the Maritimes don't make 70K. She lives in a cheap tiny city in a rent-controlled townhouse. Her rent is likely under 1K/month, and I'm sure Steebie contributes a bit. She doesn't need to earn more than like 15K after taxes to fund her current lifestyle.

No. 317198


Fredericton-anon here. Nitpicks, but context for her area.
There is zero chance she is paying less than 1k for her place. Less than 1k only gets you moldy one-room apartments in the main city. She is on the cheaper side of town but not a shady area. She must be paying minimum $1200, but I'd guess closer to $1500 for a multi-room townhouse. She doxxed her place's listing before (don't look it up) but the price has probably gone up a couple hundred by now. There isn't exactly any real rent control in the area. Landlords can increase as much as they want as long as it isn't too high above market value of the area.

No. 317199

She said before if she does a fashion haul video, she makes more on the video than the haul costs so that's not why she stopped. She just painted herself in a box by being exclusively anti-fast-fashion. So she can't make videos about what she buys anymore. But since most of her money-making content was about buying stuff/experiences, she doesn't have any money-making ideas left.

No. 317201

It drives me nuts how she seems to think of doctors exclusively as prescription printers who must do as she deems best. Some meds really do take months for side effects to fade, some get better if you raise the dosage and so on, that's why you talk to your doctor about it and let them decide or at least advise you on the progress, because your doctor knows more about these meds than you do. But she didn't do that. I have decided these side effects probably won't go away unless I lower the dosage. No wonder she keeps having to shop for new doctors who put up with her.

No. 317202

File: 1704496970808.jpg (141.54 KB, 720x845, 162140.jpg)

No. 317203

File: 1704497166729.jpg (198.56 KB, 1080x1046, Screenshot_20240105_202541_Chr…)

Jerrika (or Jax?) is partially based on Jillian's brother… cuz they're both autistic I guess?

No. 317204

So convenient that all of these ARFID babies only ever seem to like chicken nuggies, mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes lol. There's no one who ever seems averse to any of those foods!

No. 317205

She needs to go back so bad, she can't follow the sustainable larp at all so why not just go back to doing whatever, DID clearly did not work for her lol

No. 317206

Uh oh.

No. 317207

>alter suddenly based on her brother
>obsessed with youtuber that looks like her brother
I would be so icked out

No. 317208

That's so fucking weird, larping as your brother

No. 317209

File: 1704502384352.jpg (175.87 KB, 720x1089, More meltdowns.jpg)

More on why she's reducing her wellbutrin dosage

No. 317210

Not to medfag, but this is the reason doctors tell their patients to avoid caffeine while taking Wellbutrin.

No. 317212

So Cliffe is partially her dad, now Jax is partially her brother. Poor Mama Vessey is left out?

No. 317214

Throwback to when she made the dolls(?) of Jerrika and herself kiss

No. 317216

File: 1704517884083.gif (1.37 MB, 275x155, 1679200750527.gif)

>He had a revelation that has made me feel closer to him
I want to know what she means by this because part of me wonders if he tried to give advice to her.
I'm surprised she actually admitted this. Hey Jill, actually follow what the pharmacist told Steve. The pharmacist didn't talk about warnings/precautions for shits and giggles.
For you, nonnie.

No. 317217

Anon it's too late for her to go back. YouTube hauls dont get as many views anymore like they used to in 2015

No. 317221

"Meltdown" she's larping as an autistic child who can't control themselves or their emotions

No. 317222

It’s almost as if taking a stimulant you don’t need is a bad idea, funny that

No. 317223

Jesus, the layers of narcissism. Like is this because she is jealous that her brother also gets attention so she wants to become him to also get his portion of attention.

No. 317224

If I was her brother I would be so weirded out by her over sharing online. Like first she's claiming to have a trauma disorder caused by severe and extreme, which generally is a kid is being abused that badly their siblings are either being abused as well or they have to witness that. Now after having some "revelation" with her brother she's immediately jumping on twitter to talk about it. Idk how her family can tell her anything personal when she tweets about it to all of her followers right afterwards.

No. 317227

aka "meltdowns"= family induced rage, and "morning panic" = too much caffeine
She should make toy collecting/review videos. She might not be able to do fast fashion anymore, but toys aren't too pricey and some brands are pretty popular. They even have children's dolls that wear kawaii shit now.
Since her audience is dumb, she can justify it as "it's okay because I collect them so I won't throw them out!! Besides this is my special interest so you can't tell me what to do!!"

No. 317228

so not only is this attention whore doing an autism larp here, we also have a new additional layer to this gif. The incest larp layer.

No. 317229

It was the spacing and the farmhand was kind enough to include it in the message, but thanks for the heads up nonna. Always thought Reddit spacing was just about the newline after the post link.

No. 317230

Basing your edgy emo drag persona on your brother: Just Jilly things.

No. 317232

nah your a failure as a parent if you never bothered diverifying your kids palate jill. proof the only people who talk about arfid are retards coping with never going to a restaurant before

No. 317233

File: 1704548952326.jpg (121.73 KB, 1000x789, 81eXK9nfQmL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Samefag, realized I should have posted a pic as well. Look at Rainbow High(s) for example, isn't this one perfect? She has the rainbow hair and even the same moon face kek

No. 317235

Not defending Jill because she doesn't have it but that's because all the things you mentioned have very simple and easy to eat textures and flavors. It's very homogeneous and always the same. That's why they eat it.
That's so fucking weird. If that was my sibling I would genuinely start cutting off contact after that.
Meltdowns being another autism larp? I only see it used when it comes to autism. I just don't get why she so desperately wants to be autistic. She already has the most special and terrible of all conditions anyway, according to herself.

No. 317236

If she got into doll customization she could get a lot of views, she larps as a fashion designer too so it would fit her, but she would need to drop the mental illness stuff and only focus on the dolls. I don't actually think she could do something like that though, she's becoming more and more narcissistic as she gets older and ALL of her content has to be about her, her life, her mental illness.

No. 317237

People who have ARFID do not have toddler diets. Those are just picky eaters. Actual people with ARFID barely eat at all. It is "avoidant/restrictive" food intake disorder. One of the requirements to have ARFID is to be underweight or to lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. My whole point was that these fakers are happy to eat calorie-dense foods for their toddler palates, but they're afraid of vegetables.

No. 317238

That's because vegetables have more complex textures and flavors than mushy pasta and sugary garbage. I know a man with ARFID and he does indeed barely eat, but he also has a toddler diet. He visited Spain and only ate french fries. He only ever eats plain buttery pasta, candy, and other simple, predictable junk food with textures he can tolerate. He's rail thin and visibly unhealthy.

No. 317239

Again, I'm not talking about people who actually have ARFID. I'm talking about how everyone on the internet who solely lives off of tendies and boxed mac & cheese now claims ARFID. You can always spot the fakers because while they won't ever try a vegetable cooked a new way, they'll be happy to try whatever new snack food or fast food comes out.

No. 317240

>If that was my sibling I would genuinely start cutting off contact
Makes me wonder, Jill doesn't seem to talk too much about her brother except in relation to family gatherings like christmas, right? It could possibly be her narcissism making her unable to post about anything but herself but it makes me wonder if he is actually trying to distance himself. Jill is the kind of person that you would check in on out of pure entertainment every now and then if you as a normal person ever had any sort of interaction with her so you'd think someone would send some of her tweets his way and go "uhm, what is up with your sis?"

No. 317241

I want to clarify that as I don't mean cowtippers, but actually friends of his that might have met her.

No. 317242

The constant mention of meltdown is odd to me. Considering that jill has no history of meltdowns prior to 2 years ago. Adults can have meltdowns most of them internal but can be external, however it's usually because they have a history of behavioral explosions dating back to when they were younger. Jill's "meltdowns" seemingly only started recently, which doesn't make any sense given that she has gone to therapy in recent years, and she lives in a safe space (in, her own home).

Inb4 jill lurks and sees this and tries to come up with the lie of masking. "Meltdowns" are one of the hardest things to mask especially as a child. I would know.

No. 317243

I think her brother lives closer to their parents, and has become closer with their family more than Jill after her DID shenanigans. The fact that they haven't bought her a car when younger Jill would've def been gifted one from her family is telling. I think she's narc raging that her brother is the new family favorite and tries to steal his identity through her DID larp

No. 317247

we already have enough predators and attention whores in the doll community. my only hope is that the doll community would turn on her due to her fucked up internet history(derailing)

No. 317248

File: 1704567515092.jpg (147.37 KB, 720x1022, 5158.jpg)

No. 317249

File: 1704567730809.jpg (337.84 KB, 720x2724, 15508.jpg)

No. 317252

i have a feeling they only see each other on holidays n such, part of it being jills too obsessed with social media that shes too awkward and annoying irl for longer periods of time

No. 317253

Everything about this sounds so bad, from her dosage to the way she gets it without a proper psych checking her up

No. 317256

Maybe nitpicking, but doesn't she claim trauma from a car crash? Funny she would joke about a car crash despite not being able to drive thanks to trauma.

No. 317257

File: 1704594896376.png (139.98 KB, 720x283, IMG_20240106_202947.png)

I find this incredibly insufferable and not funny at all. How is acting like a little shit and scaring your partner putting him in danger of crashing a funny little thing to post on Twitter? Didn't she get traumatized from the car crash or whatever?
She just wants Steven to drive her around

No. 317259

How can she fail at life this miserably? Funny that without Steven her house is messy, full of cat puke, and can't do shit without having a meltdown. Go back to live with your mom already holy shit

No. 317263

File: 1704599866732.png (32.53 KB, 275x139, 1653001673202.png)

Her "trauma". Dumb bitch just hit a deer like literally every single person in rural North America has at some point and then acted like she almost died. Yes its scary when it happens and you will be a bit jumpy in the car afterwards but that's just normal everyday shit. My coworker called into work a few days ago because she hit a deer on her way in and almost everyone had a story about the times they also hit a deer. Sorry to sperg and rant but the way she milked that shit online and put on her sunflower lanyard to play special needs autism was gross. People get horrifically injured and/or die in collisions Jill. First responders and EMTs have to see horrible things you can't imagine. I guess she shouldn't be driving anyways since she claims to be a frequent fainter that also sometimes blacks out or turns into a 6 year old /s(learn 2 integrate)

No. 317265

To be fair, she's clearly exaggerating and I doubt they were in danger at all, she just has to make everything sound like the most extreme version of the situation

No. 317266

Once a guy I was friends with sent me a photo of his sister (who was admittedly cute and clearly got all the good genes) and said something like he wanted a girlfriend like her…I doubt her brother is creeped out by this but he should be
This suggests he really jumped when he heard her laugh, man has PTSD for real like your partner's laugh shouldn't frighten you
She was taking double the normal dose since he costs have halved and the other person has a similar cost, wow wonder where all that AnxIety came from
doll customising is actually very advanced and requires good attention to detail and a high artistic skill, plus it's a low drama low hugbox community which is mostly about admiring dolls, so she wouldn't have much fun

No. 317267


pffft. the doll community thrives on drama and arent above cancelling Dolltubers that have done things comparable to her. She would be eaten alive by any doll twitter users that get bored enough to air her drama out(derailing)

No. 317270

File: 1704609724214.jpeg (320.05 KB, 1170x978, 1659078054758 (1).jpeg)

Yes. Went back to thread 54, thread 53 is the crash, and I forgot all the theatrics she did about the crash. Remember how she was going ~nonverbal~ yet was excited to look at cars >>230691 with Louise? She posted her dream car >>238589 was a VW ID Buzz. Some more whiplash tweets was the Jerrick tweet about seeing images of the deer in her cats' eyes while stroking their fur >>230958 to then the joke with the tow guy >>231298 about seeing the dead deer saying here's bambi. I get comic relief but if it really messed with you, would you really repeat the joke the guy said or simply just write he made a morbid joke to cheer you up? I agree with >>317265 that she's joking, at most maybe just startled Stevie if anything happened, but it's funny how she goes from super dramatic to joking especially making such a big deal about going home for Christmas because she would be on the highway even though she wouldn't be the one driving. She has admitted she misses driving and probably bitter she can't drive Stevie's car. She wants to be the most traumatized yet constantly contradicts herself when it isn't convenient/interferes with what she wants to do.

No. 317273

vinyl doll collectors seem to not give a fuck but anyone on the resin side gets butthurt at everything I've noticed.(derailing)

No. 317275

>She was taking double the normal dose since the costs have halved and the other person has a similar cost.
That's not how medications work.
Being on a low-dose anti-psychotic that isn't even approved for sleep issues for over a decade is still weird as hell.
I think her brother is just the low-profile type, iirc she's mentioned that he's more of a quiet nerdy person.
"Hey Bro! You know all those Twitter accounts I use to roleplay as children and talk to myself? Guess what, I'm basing one of my fake roleplay characters on you!! Now I get to pretend to be YOU when I talk to myself about Pretty Cure!"

No. 317276

kek that's why I said doll collecting and not customising. Besides I wouldn't trust her near a can of MSC. She'd gas herself for sure.(derailing)

No. 317277

I’m guessing it wasn’t a normal persons laugh but that horrible abrupt fake screech she does, she does it in videos sometimes and honestly it would make me jump. It’s so fake and over exaggerated to grab attention.

No. 317278

Did she really go full surprised pikachu after realising consuming something less also makes said thing cost less? Thank God she has Cliffe to do her taxes for her if this is the state of her financial literacy.

No. 317279

I doubt she's that dumb. She's addicted to attention. So long as someone is paying attention to her, that's good enough. She's also terrified of aging and becoming irrelevant. Given her internet niche, that's inevitable and fast approaching. Expect her 30s to full of these meltdowns and further spiraling into failure to launch. The only suprise will be if Steve sticks around or finds a younger faghag to live with.

No. 317281

>that horrible abrupt fake screech she does
Kek my thoughts exactly. She's such an annoying womanchild, but now that she's claiming autism she won't get any accountability on how annoying she is ever. It's like she equates being insufferable and acting like a grown up toddler to being autistic and she doesn't actually understand how prejudiced and ableist that is. This is how you spot autism fakers imo, they don't understand that functioning autistic people have a wide range of personalities and can live lives that are not just their autism. Man she's very annoying kek.

No. 317284

File: 1704637000194.jpeg (619.26 KB, 1749x1749, s829822297583751229_p21_i1_w17…)

I think soap is more her peace imo.
Agreed kek.

No. 317285

But for real though she needs to watch more soap content instead of whatever stupid breadtube moids she likes on YouTube because she's missing out on a good creative business opportunity, it's like stuff like this was specifically invented for people like her.(soapsperg samefagging)

No. 317286

Shut the fuck up about soap I beg you. It was slightly amusing the first time but now its getting annoying.

No. 317288

Sage for blog but I myself am autistic and spend time around a group of other autistic people frequently and if I was Steven I would be telling her to Stfu, why is she always fake screeching for attention. Like yes we make noises sometimes but not like that I don’t know how he lives with her I can’t even tolerate her videos anymore. I know other nonnies have mentioned it but there is science backing up that we can identify eachother and she just does not have autism, she is just annoying kek.

No. 317290

File: 1704646343234.jpg (304.37 KB, 1080x1236, 1000003914.jpg)

No. 317291

File: 1704646384902.jpg (143.84 KB, 1080x686, 1000003915.jpg)

No. 317292


>why is she always fake screeching for attention. Like yes we make noises sometimes but not like that
Could you please describe the difference? Because Jillian keeps screeching in the worst way possible to prove she's autistic and it's fucking bad and probably also not how autistic people do it at all. Same with the gifs of the arm flailing and alter toys kissing, she overreacts so much and it's all so annoying.
>I know other nonnies have mentioned it but there is science backing up that we can identify eachother and she just does not have autism, she is just annoying kek.
Please elaborate why you don't get the autism signals from her if you can?
First stop bullying black people off platforms or touching their hair and then think about your stupid online child games later, because you can't take accountability for your racism unless it's something retarded and easy to virtue signal like a fucking picrew. Jillian truly is the biggest ally of all, holy shit. People have real problems Jill.

No. 317293

Samefagging to add more sorry. Her overreactions feel like a performance for a camera or for other people in general, like when she's performing in drag, the movements are clunky but deliverate and exaggerated. It's not natural, feels more like an NPD BPD person who is having some kind of self indulged extasis moment than whatever else it's supposed to be. Jillian really thinks the world is her performing stage I guess and we're all onlookers. Narcissistic small town overprotected child YouTuber bullied theater kid moment for sure

No. 317296

Not OP but the reeee thing people make fun of and imitate those kids have co-morbid intellectual disabilities that make them behave that way. Autism mommies make things all about the autism which is why people think that and don’t talk about the intellectual disabilities for some reason. So basically Jilly is probably using people with additional disabilities as her frame of reference because it gets presented as just autism on social media and most people aren’t educated on it so don’t know better.

No. 317299

This is virtue signalling, Jill.

No. 317300

jesus jill's life is so depressing at this point
god forbid a small private artist doesn't pander to every shade under the sun. And how many dark skinned precures are there…?

No. 317301

You kind of got it here, it’s intention. Her actions are very clearly purposeful and performative, the real deal isn’t intentional. I don’t want to give her a cheat sheet but she is also doing too much like the long streams of babbling. As for identifying eachother it’s mostly down to having very high pattern recognition so it’s a mixture of traits that come together like flat effect for example. It’s hard to explain but we also just have different delivery when it comes to stuff like presenting information which there is a lot of examples of her doing. Neurotypical people can actually recognise it often too but they describe that as being more like uncanny valley, think people coming up with “indigo children” before having medical understanding because they can tell something is different.

No. 317303

>It’s hard to explain but we also just have different delivery when it comes to stuff like presenting information which there is a lot of examples of her doing.
How different is it from Jillian?

No. 317304

>>317303 nta but it's because everything she does is theatrics based on her idea that autistic people are infantile. Coupled with her narc need to have the attention on her, it's so obvious what she does is just for show because of the patterns in her exaggerating shit and expecting attention in return. Wheras autistic bitches are just that and carry on without waiting for attention like her. They just are. She's not.

No. 317305

File: 1704651412364.jpg (58.44 KB, 720x360, My literal humanity.jpg)

No. 317306

Dumb ass bitch.

No. 317307

This so much. Autistic people tend to be more mature than NTs in my experience.

No. 317309

How does one go about proving they are not a fence sitter? What does this mean? Must her followers come to her defense? Recite a pledge? Actively hunt down naysayers? She is so unnecessarily hyperbolic. She knows she can just quietly block whoever she likes right? Like she can take her own peace of mind into her own hands at any moment, don’t some socials even let you go private so strangers can’t see your shit? I don’t get her.

No. 317311


because she has to show off how uwu bullied and victimized she is, of course! this is fishing for asspats(sage your shit)

No. 317315

There’s also a very strong sense that she’s working off diagnostic checklists she found online and purposefully spacing out mentions of symptoms and traits using medical jargon. Even people who were diagnosed a long time ago and have immerse themselves in the medical literature on their condition generally don’t do this to describe their own experiences, especially in a non-therapy setting like Xwitter. Like an actually autistic person might complain about the stress they’re experiencing when having to integrate into a new group of people, but a performative faker like Jill would post
>wow I sure hate it when my [checks notes] rejection sensitive dysphoria is acting up!!
Likewise an actual autistic person who hates change might complain about the thing in their life that is changing but has no reason to follow that up with “gosh I hate change!”. Fakers do this because they have something to prove, but real autistic people don’t think of every aspect of their own life in the framework of their diagnosis. It’s just their life.

No. 317316

File: 1704658947163.jpg (117.95 KB, 720x807, Screenshot_202.jpg)

She's now involuntarily hitting herself

No. 317317

>>317316 hilarious how she says this just as an anon pointed out that 'she doesn't hit herself' or anything when debunking her fake meltdowns

No. 317318

Huh??? Why did she specify that it's involuntary
>don't worry guys I'm not hitting myself on purpose like a boring normal person, it's in an autistic way!!

No. 317319

Petition for autistic nonnies to start making up new “autistic” traits and intermittently posting about them here until Jill starts claiming them too.

No. 317324

Just linking the post from 3 days ago for other nonnas who were looking. Looks like she's catching up on the thread after probably taking a break during the holidays. Absolutely insane, but not in the way she wants to be.

No. 317325

Literally who follows you for precure, Jill
You don't tweet about it much aside how it relates to you

No. 317326

Oh my god I can't believe that we were just discussing this shit about how she takes things off a checklist and then immediately she comes out with this

No. 317327

>claims hitting herself
This is so fucking weird. She never exibited this behavior, she can stream for hours without any tics, now suddenly when she's angry she develops this behavior?

No. 317328

>hitting myself (involuntarily)
Did she really have to specify this, kek.

No. 317329

Well, if she's hitting herself in order to get her way, it's manipulative. If she totally can't help it that she hits herself until she gets her way, it's really sad and everyone has to pity her for her difficult life.

No. 317330

We need the video evidence of this, kek. I imagine her having Daniel Larson schzo fits when I read this. She will say and do anything to not get a job.

No. 317331

She's describing a level of experience that warrants partial hospitalization at least, in a first world socialist med place like Canada. You feel like you're dying all day every day? Seems like your doctors would need to know this and probably want you to change something about your current routine.

No. 317332

Jill when Stevie asks her to clean up the cat puke for once

No. 317333

This is crazy to fake this sort of thing. If I saw my friend or girlfriend posting this online, I would call mental health services and get them to do a wellness check.

No. 317334

Plus she has never lived alone, are you telling me that neither her family nor Stevie have ever seen/heard her do this? Didn't she spend some time in a psych facility when she was a teen, none of the staff picked up on her super duper extreme autism?

No. 317335

Well I mean which autistic nonnie doesn’t involuntarily shit herself on the regular?

No. 317337

I was literally talking about this a little bit earlier in the thread here >>317242. Jill's "meltdowns" don't make any sense because she has no history of it.

No. 317338

If she's doing as bad as she says she is why has nobody intervened yet? Does she know how unhinged she sounds right now by faking this shit? Even if it is real, who wouldn't be concerned about a tweet where she describes being in intense distress? Either her family and bf don't care or they all also know she's just faking it. This behavior if real requires intervention from professional help and therapy and yet she gets none of it because it's easier to pretend to be autistic on Twitter for pity points

No. 317339

If she's really hitting herself why is she posting it on twitter. I would be embarrassed and scared. I think everyone who read that is embarrassed and scared as well. She wants to be a male autist so bad.

No. 317341

wow jill, way to exclude sandwich

No. 317343

Like really, if any of this is true, then Stevie and her folks are extremely neglectful, and this woman needs serious psychological intervention. It's not a fucking joke, Jillian.

No. 317344

There's literally 0 evidence of this shit happening in the past but somehow it's only now that it comes up. Hm. She can always invent an excuse to why but it's very suspicious. Fakers want to have their piece of the pie so bad, it's insulting and ableist.

No. 317345

I bet that if she actually did hit herself (doubt) she did it deliberately and for attention. I knew a BPD narc male who did that to make his parents bend to his will.

No. 317347

Enjoy trying to recover Stevie now that Jillybean will have you on tard watch when she feels like she doesn't have enough attention on her.

No. 317349

Oh at least once a month. Definitely in conjunction with the lunar cycle - I won't say which phase though as it's something only true neruo-spicy babes know

No. 317350

File: 1704677317722.jpg (160.21 KB, 720x908, Screenshot_2107.jpg)

No. 317351

File: 1704677425524.jpg (150.35 KB, 720x880, Screenshot_20271.jpg)

No. 317352

Like clockwork jill is stanning for random men for no real reason. It's as predictable as her attacking women, women of color, disabled people, etc

No. 317354

Not very inclusive of you to make fun of people for making the same jokes over and over Jilly, repeating shit and latching onto something is quite common for autists

No. 317355

Does Jill even know any men personally outside of that trannyfaggot Steve and her family members…? She is defending a fantasy.

No. 317356

real autistic people just fucking live jill. they don't go down a list and make a post of actually autstic things they do. I swear this mental/ developmental health trend were in has been completely overshadowed by munchie attention whores. when tf can this be over

No. 317358

File: 1704683778423.jpg (51.3 KB, 720x289, 0107201310.jpg)

No. 317359

This is such blatant virtue signaling. If she was actually bothered she could just block and move on but of course she needs to be included in the drama

No. 317362

"they will look back in a year or two and finally see what shit heads they were being" what about you jillian? faking this messed up stuff because you don't want to get a job?

No. 317364

File: 1704688779484.jpg (400.32 KB, 1095x1080, 1000006348.jpg)

Would it kill her to pick a side in her lore? This whole bait and switch game of hers with her followers by telling them
>I was abused!!! Or not…?
Is getting really annoying at this point.

No. 317365

imagine being 25 and caring this much about online fandom stuff…

No. 317367

>I'm going to pull a muscle from cringing
She sounds like such a bully holy shit
Kek she's like all those terminally online losers who say they're now dangerous and seeking revenge but can't even go out to the store at all. That's exactly what she is, what a cope

No. 317368

Honestly what's wrong with not wanting creepy guys near your hobbies? Specially anime aimed at children. Why is she such a pickme for creepy men? She can't possibly be aiming for them to suddenly like her or idolize her. If she was more of an egirl she would totally do this but unfortunately they don't like the type of woman she is. This is just virtue signaling, pickmeism and narcissism all over again, it's easy to see through her intentions when she defends these men online

No. 317369

She's such an incredibly easy to spot faker too. At least people who try to make it more credible say shit like "I might be autistic but I'm not just my symptoms!" Or "autistic people have lives outside their condition you know!" Etcetera
She needs to make a TikTok hitting herself like the seizure video she made tbh

No. 317370

I get what you’re saying but you’re arguing that adult women have more of a right to be active in fandom of a series for kindergarteners than adult men are. I don’t really care if adults watch kids shows but like maybe the fandom isn’t for any of them because they should have other concerns by now.

No. 317371

File: 1704698871377.jpeg (1.31 MB, 828x1427, IMG_4551.jpeg)

Can’t have a Jillian post without fake witchcraft

No. 317372

I give them a pass because most female precure fans are actually very young adults / still teens and probably grew up with it. Precure is maybe a 20 year old franchise at this point (not sure but I remember the original coming out in the 2000s) and it's the same nostalgia others have for things like pokemon, digimon, etc it's not that farfetched considering that a lot of millennials and older gen z are obsessed with this type of stuff. It's still concerning but whatever, at least female precure fans aren't pedo groomers that post dubious shit on imageboards, which is the type of fan that Jillian is defending here.

No. 317379

This is an abusive neurotypical person who previously has not had these issues, watching hours of DID and now hours of Autism content daily and copying the behaviours because it draws attention from her partner/family/friends/internet. If she keeps this up she'll be thrown in an institution and forgotten about which is the opposite of what she's trying to achieve.
Isn't Stevie sick like she's having a "sick day" yelling, and hitting herself because she isn't getting her narc supply for the day

No. 317380

File: 1704701168502.mp4 (444.34 KB, 848x480, Don't You Judge Me.mp4)

>Plus she has never lived alone, are you telling me that neither her family nor Stevie have ever seen/heard her do this?
She's so stupid it hurts especially since she talked about how proactive her mom was getting her help when she found the "suicide note". It's beyond insulting how she thinks her audience/fans are stupid. Your word is not the gospel truth, Jillian Amanda Vessey. Also it's obvious she didn't want to stream and film so she made up a lie as to why she couldn't work.
She probably typed all of this out onto twitter while wearing a duper's delight smile. It's creepy as fuck how she feels she needs to up the ante every time she wants a bigger dopamine hit from twitter.
You'd think with all her rEsEaRcH she'd not portray male autists. Guess she thinks larping like one makes her more valid or something.
It's disturbing how she can easily justify her words/actions. Does she think no one can be hurt by this? I would be crushed if I was Louise and her father.
Right? Like little miss overshares everything would keep that quiet. Her excuses are worse than a young child's lies. Embarrassing.
Exactly, she's manipulative. It's gross how she doesn't care as long as she gets her way.
I'm afraid of all the damage/collateral damage. The attention whores don't care and will just walk away to find a new shiny way to get attention. I think that's what pisses me off the most about all of this.
I would be interested in seeing just how bad it would be. That seizure tiktok was wild. Why did she ever think that was appropriate?

No. 317382

>watching hours of DID and now hours of Autism content daily and copying the behaviours because it draws attention from her partner/family/friends/internet.
This is what fucks me up the most, there's no way that people in her life aren't noticing that this type of behavior wasn't a thing before and not decide to intervene
>Plus she has never lived alone, are you telling me that neither her family nor Stevie have ever seen/heard her do this?
>She's so stupid it hurts especially since she talked about how proactive her mom was getting her help when she found the "suicide note".
This, exactly. She has all the support in the world and yet…

No. 317383

Cringe and unfunny as always as Jillian is but honestly not the worst considering she has done more offensive shit recently kek. She didn't mention flora the witch this time though that's impressive, no emoji indicators either. She's so lame when it comes to the fake witchcraft ass larp honestly kek

No. 317387

No fucking way, I posted the hitting yourself thing because it’s one of my traits (I am female for those speculating on it being a male thing) and it’s one of the things I’m most embarrassed about and that scares other people. The way she has posted about it like a brag is disgusting. I said in another post about not wanting to give her a cheat sheet and well I guess I was right. When you read this Jilly know that you disgust me and your narcissism is so transparent legitimate autists can see it clear as day.(blogposting)

No. 317388

Apologies for same fag but her strange use of unintentional here, if you look at the posts describing what outs her as a faker up thread you will notice intention and how her behaviour looking intentional is a give away is mentioned more than once.

No. 317391

kek I've seen gay guys that like precure but most guys who like little girl media are just creepy pedos. Especially in Japan, where men aren't openly gay so guys who like girly stuff are pretty much all perverts

No. 317393

File: 1704721074446.png (61.84 KB, 517x135, IMG_20240108_073125.png)

Nonnie is this even how it works? Can you actually go take a nap if you start hitting yourself like that? Why do I feel like the nap thingy gives it away in this post?

No. 317394

Hitting herself? Really? Nah, I doubt this event even happened. She doesn't alert her partner, her parents, literally anyone in her support system? No she boohoos onto the internet for asspats and pity. 100% faked.

No. 317395

>couldn't go 3 minutes without
>yelling/crying/hitting myself (Involuntarily)
This is literally not how meltdowns work. That shit never lasts more than a few minutes, and yelling only happens if there's some sort of provocation like someone fighting with you over something retarded and you try to reason with that person but it isn't working, which then frustrates everyone.
Plus, some autists hit themselves for no reason whatsoever, like, blog: but I used to teach at a school with a kid that would hit himself Every. Fucking. Second, like full slaps to his own face, and it was just a normal thing that just happened.
Jillian should just go outside and at least try to learn how actual autists act irl instead of reading all of the stuff we all write here.
Don't forget about how all of us autistic girls tend to post on our social media accounts all of our credit card information every two to three weeks.

No. 317398

nta but you're right that doesn't make any sense. If you're so upset you're hitting yourself how the fuck could you take a nap? See the problem with Jill's idea of autism is that she thinks meltdowns just happen for no reason. The only time I would be yelling, crying and hitting myself is if I'd been arguing with someone and they kept frustrating me. It's not randomly being upset and taking a nap to feel better lol

No. 317402

The "I'M HITTING MYSELF (sadface)" is just another BPD "cry for attention" song and dance. Blogpost but I have an acquaintance with BPD and right before she hospitalized herself and left her roommate in a hole rent-wise, she told her roommate she was hitting herself (lie for attention and to weasel out of paying rent), this is probably to weasel out of doing responsibilities around the house kek. Imagine if Stevie asked her to wash her dishes.

No. 317404

I forgot Steebie was sick currently, and you're absolutely right that she's lashing out because of the lack of attention. He's not there to see that she isn't hitting herself, and she can play the sympathy card to him and be like "look what happens when no one is here for me"

No. 317407

File: 1704733049710.jpeg (874.8 KB, 1125x1365, IMG_0836.jpeg)

One thing that’s got me raising the brow is her posting about dolls. There’s another post too about colour reveal Barbie’s and having a ball pit included.

No. 317408

File: 1704734628171.gif (495.25 KB, 356x200, 200.gif)

The way she portrays her supposed autism trauts reminds me of how a neurotypical person perceives autism. It's the movie "music" by Sia all over again. It's a performance without any understanding of nuance and it feels uncomfortable. What she is doing is pure mockery.
That's what I think too, she's throwing fits and harming herself because she now has to clean her cats puke herself and can't get any of the usual attention anymore.

No. 317409


so predictable! She better watch out though. This moron just keeps making herself more and more transparent each day, I cant wait till she can't pull the wool over her own audience

No. 317410


It is giving Sia brand ableism. She probably think every autists is Rain Man due to her brain being fried. She cant even back out of her only speaking throug Web MD jargon because its all over her twitter and YT. If she were a real autist she'd know we dont broadcast our shit that way

No. 317411

I just need a video of herself hitting involuntarily with Steven coming to rescue her and I'll see if I believe it. Come on Jill you know it would be super juicy for TikTok and super real and neurodivergent too.

No. 317412

This won't happen. Her audience will do two things. First, get bored of her repetitive nature and constant need for validation with no return of attention towards them (or the accolades that would come with "acutally talking with THE puxielocks"). Secondly, they will move on to the newer version that will be hungry enough for e fame to acknowledge and reciprocate their attention.

No. 317413

>It is giving Sia brand ableism
It is honestly the worst type of ableism because it comes from completely normal neurotypical person that thinks they've got everything figured out and can speak for a group of people that have always been misrepresented of completely shut down and then they go on and make this type of shit shows for praise and "look how much of an ally I am! I understand autism and you don't! Give me my medal" it's so fucking gross, they're using neurodivergent people for their own gain (like Jill).

No. 317415

>Secondly, they will move on to the newer version that will be hungry enough for e fame to acknowledge and reciprocate their attention.
This is the most likely scenario and I might even say it's been happening for a while already since she loves broadcasting how much of a loser she is on social media and bleeding fans left and right

No. 317418

literally a Card Captor Sakura rug being larped as "witchcraft"

No. 317426

my finals are just around the corner and i can't help but be jealous of this lazy bitch. I wish everyday was a mental health day.

No. 317429

it's very clearly a joke, anon

No. 317430

No it isn't lol. Jill has used her knockoff clow cards as tarot cards before in her ~witchiness~

No. 317431


I think this specific instance is a joke, but yes, she often uses anime items in her 'witch' activities.

No. 317432

Well, your life is just starting. You will have a future of career growth. She's at the end of one and is too spoiled and selfish to restart.

No. 317433

Didn't Sia say she was diagnosed?

No. 317436

File: 1704745772255.png (Spoiler Image,289.55 KB, 720x1279, IMG_20240108_142320.png)

Only two years after her shit movie came out. But this isn't the celebricows thread so I won't say more.

No. 317437

I feel like that’s already happening as she hasn’t put out anything good in over a year.
I don’t think she’s actually autistic but only said she was to save face.

No. 317438

File: 1704746047987.jpg (167.33 KB, 716x1130, 130747.jpg)

No. 317439

If she had autism she would had known how to direct a movie about autism instead of getting advice straight out of autism speaks don't you think? Even autism speaks denied all connection to the movie after it came out.

No. 317442

File: 1704749416001.jpeg (104.32 KB, 750x247, 8F9F8995-8C84-447C-A2BA-B67A59…)

(lurk more)

No. 317444

This was already posted up thread
This is just bullshit lol

No. 317447

the grappling for specificity with what is, at the end of the day, a delusion, seems so counterproductive. real DID or not, at the end of the day jerrick isn't real and he's not "cofronting" or the only one experiencing something. you don't actually have multiple personalities, it's a coping mechanism.

No. 317454

File: 1704761874849.png (526.21 KB, 720x1179, IMG_20240108_185644.png)

She can't even put pinks together so why is she like this.

No. 317455

File: 1704762989371.png (21.23 KB, 331x148, image_2024-01-09_011731368.png)

i guess she has fans in the h3 chat? she picked out literally 2 comments to respond to and acted like everyone knew who she was. real niche microcelebrity!

No. 317460

Proof she pays the chat more attention than the video/audio how else is she gonna make every conversation about herself

No. 317461

File: 1704774079884.png (236.5 KB, 419x732, Screen Shot 2024-01-08 at 11.2…)

Picrel she's liked these two tweets in the past day. I'm wondering if she's been having more relationship problems with Stephen lately. He's been sick and a lot of us theorize her outbursts the past few days are because she's been having to pick-up more slack around the house. I assume whenever she has to do more around the house it causes drama in their relationship.
I love you autistic nonnies but PLEASE stop describing your symptoms in-depth blogpost style because Jillian uses your words & experiences to add fuel to her LARP.
Yup, I'm pretty sure she's gone through the thread too based on the self-harm tweet but also because some nonnies were talking about dolls up-thread and suddenly she retweets >>317407 talking about dolls and stuff.
I assume she added involuntarily because she's seen that word before in descriptions of autism meltdowns.

No. 317462

Of course Jill would know better than professional character designers! She's designed a total of what, like 10 dresses?

No. 317468

Some nice nonny should photoshop that tweet and replace the picture with her fashion collection kek

No. 317476

fucking cringe lmao. bfs sick? bitch and whine about having to be a fucking adult and help with chores, but not without excuses the entire time and act like the relationship is failing. I want steve to eventually leave just to see jill cope because this is wildly pathetic
god imagine seeing someone do chores then they stop just to aggressively type away on twitter. god just imagining how long and frequently shes on her phone is cringeworthy

No. 317479

Was this during the Jake Dolittle stream? If so, did she say anything negative about what Ethan and the crew was doing?

No. 317480

is he still sick tho? it's been a week

No. 317481

It’s even worse when you remember he works a full time job. I would break if I was working full time and had to come home to Jilly who has just been sat on the couch all day getting blazed then she starts complaining about how hard her life is while you get on your hands and knees to clean the cat puke she hasn’t cleaned.

No. 317482

Tinfoil but it's normal for people to take time off in this period, maybe he's avoiding dealing with her or they had an argument

No. 317483

Is she giving up on everything? Her relationship and career. If this isn't just another bpd tantrum, maybe it is time for her to start over and do things differently.
She should grab the opportunity to make more precure videos now that she's very active in the fandom instead of DID stuff for starters. Or maybe a complete career change is ok too. It doesn't have to be sewing. It's never too late to start again.

No. 317485

curious about this too. they basically belittled him and humiliated him for having a stance against Ethan spreading medical misinformation via his podcast and insulted him about being in a wheelchair/being autistic. how could she stand behind them when they do that if it runs counter to everything she claims to stand for?

No. 317486

File: 1704822455724.jpg (365.52 KB, 1080x1387, 1000004153.jpg)

the question was about precure but she has to insert herself with something unrelated

No. 317487

There's so many anons that want to see her get better and give her advice or tell her nice things and yet she always focuses on the comments that she can use for her autism larp etc. sad

No. 317491

I wanna see her face a real tragedy / hardship.

No. 317492

Who askeeeed
And since Jill is such a paragon of correctness and hater of pedos, isn't there a couple in CCS that was a male teacher and his underage student? Or was that in Sailor Moon? Either way, my point is that Jill will gladly consoom things that are accepted and dogpile on things that are already hated.

No. 317493

It's CCS. She probably doesn't know about the relationship because she admitted to never finishing it.

No. 317495

>couple in CCS that was a male teacher and his underage student
it was in the manga, they retconned in the anime and further manga works like clear card arc.

No. 317497

There’s actually three teacher/student relationships in cardcaptor Sakura. Touya and Mitsuki (he was in middle school and it happened a few years prior to the main plot) , Sakura’s teacher and friend Rika and finally her mom and dad.

No. 317498

Anon it's an anime. Reading in to it this hard due to tropes is just dumb. She didn't even say anything about that. She's just posting her collectors edition popcorn.

No. 317499


maybe but theyre pointing out Jill's selective SJWing.

No. 317503

File: 1704839316628.jpeg (235.43 KB, 828x653, IMG_9618.jpeg)

No. 317504

I know she will never leave steeb, specially if he troons out officially, but imagine she drops him and tries dating around.

No. 317507

… is she splitting on Stevie because he's sick and can't care for her like she's a giant toddler…?? Top fucking kek. Also I feel like she phrased this in a way so she can be like "IT'S NOT ABOUT STEVIE IT'S ABOUT VERONICA AND JERRICK!!!" Or some shit.

No. 317509

File: 1704842421114.png (707.11 KB, 720x950, wtfisthatomgimscared.png)

No. 317511

>>317509 jfc jumpscare warning nonnie!

No. 317514

Mama vessey might be Flora, since Flora is supposed to be the caretaker alter. Jill has very deep issues tbh, but not in the way she wants people to believe. Or maybe this is just early set end stage NLOG syndrome.

No. 317517

File: 1704849136861.jpg (66.25 KB, 720x542, Jill.jpg)

Oh my god, Jillian.

No. 317519

her bpd is showing(armchairing)

No. 317521

She's just quoting a dumb canbadge she found

No. 317523

can someone translate that ? wtf does it mean ?

No. 317526

I read it as both >>317521 dumb merchandise quote & that in Precure often any apology is accompanied with a extravagant gift or public displays of "I'm SO wrong and you're SO much more right than me"

Time for Stevie to tell Jill he's going back to his parents so he can really sit and think about what he's done to her over the last week (made her clean and had the nerve to be actually sick around the most sicky-wicky girl in the world.)

No. 317534

She keeps forgetting she’s supposed to be a (dick-loving) lesbian.

No. 317537

File: 1704888634778.jpg (53.3 KB, 424x424, 1000004187.jpg)

it's a joke. this is literally it. anons are starting to sound insane assuming she's giving some deep meaning to it kek

No. 317538

File: 1704890551719.png (608.22 KB, 720x1178, truth.png)

No. 317540

anon try way too hard reading into her shit. like serioisly calm down the autism, shes a stoner obsessed with precure its not that deep

No. 317541

>what's going on with the colour design here
The question on everyone's mind for 72 threads

No. 317546

She literally designed this dress with her in mind because it doesn’t look good on anybody.

No. 317547

Saying this about your collab with a brand is so fucking unprofessional. Like the drag look sure that’s her own work but this is an item her fans bought and involves another creator and she is shitting on it? It wasn’t cheap either, imagine you bought it as her fan and now she is saying it’s ugly

No. 317548

nonnie this is edited

No. 317549

why didn't you look at the post it's replying to

No. 317551

She wishes she was actually obsessed with precure, I really doubt she actually likes anything to the point of actually enjoying it, maybe she likes weed or eating like a picky toddler while also self-diagnosing every second of her life, but that's about it.
It's so easy to notice that she put that on her bio because someone said something about that button during the rare merch tweet
Or she found it while trying to get the weirdest merch to go viral by posting a picture and being like "not this badly translated button crying emoji crying emoji crying emoji skull emoji skull emoji".
If she actually was obsessed, she would've known about it for a long time and would've said something about it.

No. 317572

File: 1704930021911.jpeg (444.84 KB, 1169x1536, IMG_1548.jpeg)

She absolutely used that quote because of this post, I doubt she knew about it beforehand

No. 317574

File: 1704931040167.jpg (183.97 KB, 1080x831, Screenshot_20240110_205214_You…)

Haven't seen it so can't comment on it… I'm just glad at least her public image is openly related to Tiktok fakers(sage your non milk)

No. 317575

saged I quickly scrubbed through this entire video and I don't think Jill is even mentioned at all. Its about cancer fakers. Don't waste your time with this video nonnies.

No. 317582

File: 1704940521704.jpg (174.68 KB, 720x1378, 20292114.jpg)

Jill's newest insta post.

No. 317583

And yet no mention of DID

No. 317587

Too bad she's not in it, but how funny is it that they needed a well-known faker for the thumbnail and she's the obvious choice. She really ruined her own reputation

No. 317591

I don't think she's that well known, I think she's just a woman with rainbow hair which is an easy Tiktoker stereotype for people who enjoy Ablaze's content to hate.

No. 317592

I don’t know if it’s intentional but the way she phrased it as “a Sunny shot” instead of “a shot of Sunny” makes it look to casual observers like she is using Sunny as an adjective that got capitalised by accident, not as a name for one of her many alternate personalities. If she posted a photo of someone else, like Steve, would she call it “a Stevie pic” or “a pic of Stevie”?

No. 317593

It reads like cosplayspeak. Cosplayers will do that a lot of the time, be like “I only had thirty minutes to get out of Miku and put Junko on. Here are some Junko pics for now~” and we know a lot of her following is comprised of people who are into that. She’s only ever strategic for lies and even then it’s so transparent and clumsy.

No. 317594

People who follow her, and us, know what she means. Normie people usually don't read captions and just scroll and like.

No. 317595

she’s been strictly hushed about DID on instagram to be fair. She knows it’s not good for engagement

No. 317596

I didn't miss that part, anon, but no one is going to care for the most part. Not only that, she says she's done bringing it up anyway. If she's just going to be doing her personas instead of shouting from the rooftops about it, people who follow her are still going to be in the know. She's still doing it, just not tagging and screaming about it anymore. It also doesn't kill engagement. I don't know where you got that from. Mentalheads all stick together and like each other's posts. If it was an issue, she would've stopped a long time ago.

No. 317598

>commenting on her OWN post "Omg I have an ad idea"
this retard couldn't be more obvious. no legit company is requesting shit from her again but its funny she couldnt wait a little longer before testing what nona said >>316865 >>316870

No. 317600

She doesn't say anything about an ad, she says "omg I have had an idea"

No. 317601

>commenting on her OWN post "Omg I have an ad idea"
First of all she said "I have had an idea", nothing about an "ad". Second, that account commented on her post, but instagram only shows her reply unless you open the comments

No. 317606

Anyone notice how precuretwt is starting to see Pixie's fake ass?(not milk, lack of sage)

No. 317608

Post some examples

No. 317611

File: 1704995783968.jpeg (412.21 KB, 960x912, IMG_2617.jpeg)


No. 317612

stop cowtipping nonnie

No. 317613

your continuous lack of sage makes it obvious this is you, kindly integrate

No. 317614

learn to integrate twitterfag(infighting/report and move on)

No. 317615

Stop namedropping lolcow, you fucking newfag. Cowtipping is also against the rules.

No. 317616

File: 1704998322000.jpg (129.61 KB, 720x725, 1113403.jpg)

No. 317617

File: 1704998418397.jpg (217.21 KB, 720x1752, 1113700.jpg)

No. 317619

>>317617 Jillian, the difference is a lot of self diagnosed people used it to excuse their behavior when the ones that yap a lot are always privileged with money, and to dictate and speak on behalf of a whole community like you. The ones who self diagnose because of poverty basically never yap about it and at most go eh i'm probably autistic but stay in their lane. Jillian just wants to be the number one dictator on every mental illness/handicap.

No. 317620

No1currs about your vendetta over Pixie and then posting it here as if some random person was commenting on it.

No. 317622

Just like liars and narcissists to try and push the burden of proof onto anyone but themselves

No. 317623

Now we may have two outcomes, she could say she's the rarerererererest case of DID with a "final fusion" Imagine typing that Unironically, I can't stop thinking that it's Steven universe related or she could keep on profiting off being totally mentholy Illinois for the rest of her life or until she gets bored and/or canceled.
>where did you get your information
Fuck off. I hate these permanently online retards.
Real people that interact with other people are capable of noticing, but of course she's too busy consooming mental health content, getting high and eating greasy food to actually sit down and analyze shit or at least meditate.
Not soapchan, but making soaps would at least make her unable to use the internet for a few minutes.

No. 317625

Final fusion isn't real jill, it was literally made up by the Sybil grifters when the book wouldn't get through a publisher unless "sybil" healed.

The good news is that fake DID doesn't need fusion to go away. You can just stop engaging with it.

No. 317626

why does Jill even like h3h3 or go in the chat? H3H3 and his fanbase are known as edgelords who make dumb jokes like that. ethan has said way worse then that multiple times.

No. 317627

File: 1705002590678.jpg (360.42 KB, 2880x2880, 24616.jpg)

Jill's full comment. I edited to show what comment she was responding to. Third party site InstaNavigation lets you look at comments with no account.

No. 317628

On top of the edgelord shit, hasn't it been proven they steal designs for their clothing brand? Isn't she soooo against that as a super successful and renowned fashion designer…

No. 317629

no negative opinions on jake, just agreeing w ethan and calling jake stupid. can't get screenshots unfortunately.

they did an autism poll in the middle of the stream, asking what percent of their audience was on the spectrum. so of course she had a field day.

No. 317630

File: 1705009840448.jpg (248.66 KB, 720x1647, 401144945.jpg)

No. 317631

File: 1705011120863.jpg (220.04 KB, 720x1698, 401151152.jpg)

Next video will be her Christmas haul and the video after that will be a "system update" video.

No. 317632

Excited to see what she got for Christmas (or didn't get) and see if there is any correlation between that and her meltdowns at home or if those were strictly from not being stoned all day

No. 317633

They actually use the word cosplay for DID? they might as well admit it's all just a hobby

No. 317635

What are we thinking, did Jill genuinely contract whatever Stevie had or is she pretending to be sick so he looks after her again?

No. 317636

i don’t have a screencap on hand and it’s not even worth getting because it’s barely milk but she said something minor during the recent h3 stream chat just being like “jake doo doo” after ethan said who they were talking about. Very obvious she was trying to act like everyone else in chat who was currently making fun of jake. I doubt she even knows who he is or how lowkey fucked up it is what ethan did by sicking his entire fanbase on an actually chronically ill person.

No. 317637

She doesn't realize that they're using autism as a self-identifier for being too awkward to talk to women rather than actually being autistic lmao

No. 317641

How tf is Jill's upload schedule this bad, she works part time from home. It's not like she made hour long documentaries or travels to different countries for her videos. She can shit out, edit and upload a 10 minute video in 1 day,

No. 317642


No. 317648

>twitterfag has been with the munchie DID "community for 10 years
>doesn't think they're apart of the problem
no wonder jill replied

No. 317650

This is her admitting she is phasing back the dressup games too, she is absolutely phasing DID out over time so she can drop it, delete a few videos and change content without anyone really noticing.

No. 317657

I kinda wonder if this is her admitting the fake DID crap turned out to a big mistake she pulled. not just because of a retarded wattpad YA novel interpretation of alters, but the compartmentalization of her fashion choice and emotions she could no longer contain. When something would get under skin she would immediately drop the "we" pronoun and reveal her cunty behavior like the old fan who she chewed out and sent her followers dogpile her. not to mention the lies piling up while at the same time directing people to this site lol. its no longer a feasible business move so shes slowly having the DID fade in the background.
Like congrats jill. you ruined your own life lol

No. 317658

new video, honestly shocked she says she's privileged in it.

No. 317661

samefag, but Jill's parents buying her lego sets and doll house furniture at her age is so weird. I don't even mean adult lego sets or doll house items for collectors, like they're clearly made for young kids.

No. 317662

good lord her parents got her a new ipad pro. get a real job and pay your own way in life Jill.(learn to sage)

No. 317663

>>317658 probably because she can't get away with the false narrative that she's a hardworking starving artist, since everybody knows how always spoiled she was/is. She even says she's spoiled in the video.

No. 317664

she's still trying to pull the "I have a trauma disorder caused by abuse and also my family is lovely and spoiled me" BS in this video. Jill, you don't get abused and neglected from infancy as badly as as you claim without shitty parents.

No. 317666

Is that why she kept saying hers was broken in the last thread?

No. 317667

She says that she's in such a good mood in this video, but I feel like she is more anxious than ever here? I'm not even trying to be mean. She doesn't seem well in this video.
But also like my god? If this is what "childhood trauma" looks like, then I wish I was so traumatized? I have absolutely otherwordly adult trauma and PTSD and it doesn't come with half as many amazing presents or Ipads. This fuckin' bitch.

No. 317669

Jill also mentions at the end of the video that her family called her pixie for the first time this year. Tbh even though she says she knows she's privileged and spoiled, but I really don't think she realises how spoiled she is. Her parents enable everything she does, they never question her or disagree with her and they buy her landfills of plastic shit for literal toddlers to play with. And she still wants to be oppressed and abuse.

No. 317671


I actually thought she was being less insufferable in this video (showing off how spoiled she is aside) and seemed a lot more normal/happy talking about a regular, normal thing like family Christmas until about halfway in when she gets to the jellycat blue bunny and then the obnoxious babytalking and mouth noises start and never stop and just… sigh.

No. 317674

>I was soooo mad I couldn't buy the dollskill strawberry shortcake t-shirt!!
>because I CARE about THE WORLD
For fucks sake, buy less plastic, import less shit and eat more vegetables, then I'll think you care.

No. 317675

She calls herself Jill in this video, so that's funny

No. 317676

where does Jill think her legos, plushes and ipad came from? I'm not defending dollskill but those products are also not made ethically.

No. 317677

>honestly shocked she says she's privileged in it.
She probably thinks her family/friends are gonna watch it so her react to their gifts and want them to think she's humble and deserves it all and more

No. 317678

Something about her saying "it is Pixie" hit me. She actually makes people call her that for real and not just as a stage/username, that is wild

No. 317679

So she thinks of DID as cosplay, and thinks she'll be able to fusion in the future, and she doesn't want to talk about DID on her YouTube channel or instagram as much anymore. Yeah this fake larp might be over soon since she knows she fucked up.
Might be the wellbutrin

No. 317680

Watching it now. This is the most enjoyable video she's put out in years. I hope the likes and positivity on this video will encourage her to drop the DID nonsense and go back to old Pixielocks content that brought her so much success. She seems really happy and normal in this video. Nonnies, is Pixielocks in cow recovery now?

No. 317681

lol dream on. It's funny how you see her as in recovery here, and I see her as more anxious and unsure of herself than ever. She seems positively uncomfortable in her body here. It's really hard to describe. But I see it, loud and clear. Especially after the insane tweets of the last week, she is definitely not in recovery. She is acting.

No. 317682

I think she just wants to look down to earth, it's not real self reflection. Might just be a way to set up more trauma larp or more starving artist larp in the future.
It's so embarrassing. Like an ipad child.
Not cow recovery but this is why haul videos are miles better than her DID content.
I also see her uncomfortable in a way.
Honestly I know adults into doll houses and Lego sets but the combination + how childish and spoiled she is gives me the ick. I hope nonnies understand what I mean.

No. 317683

>is Pixielocks in cow recovery now?
She'll be in cow recovery when she gets a job and stops faking mental illnesses

No. 317684

wow she got a lot of cute and expensive gifts tailored to her interests, but all she got for her family were some plastic mini containers and shitty plastic necklace
somehow that to me shows how spoiled she is, minimal effort for others with maximum payout

No. 317688

File: 1705095655822.jpg (147.48 KB, 720x928, 40112143235.jpg)

No. 317689

File: 1705095746259.jpg (170.57 KB, 720x1270, 0112143706.jpg)

No. 317690

File: 1705095845986.jpg (155.96 KB, 720x991, 4011243300.jpg)

No. 317691

File: 1705095989937.jpg (137.69 KB, 720x1580, 202401123717.jpg)

No. 317692

File: 1705096059954.jpg (91.49 KB, 720x559, 401143148.jpg)

No. 317693

File: 1705096178369.jpg (220.23 KB, 720x1175, 11243451.jpg)

No. 317694

>tweeting about how much you hate collaborations
>tweeting about a meeting getting cancelled
yeah this is a great way for companies / creators to avoid her. Why tf would someone collab with a person who publicly says they hate doing it.

No. 317695

Talks about recycling right before showing off her acrylic clothes and plastic toys. Never change, Jillian.
Her entire job is youtube, she has been sitting at home for how long now? Get a constructive schedule like every other youtuber. It baffles me every time. She has endless free time but she still hasn't gotten bored enough to work out, try new hobbies, or spontaneously cook a meal and clean the house for her boyfriend.

No. 317696

Both her and her mom are obnoxious

No. 317700

Okay maybe the hardest confirm ever that Jill has no idea what dissociation is. It doesn't just happen when you're tired. This bitch is just zoning out or daydreaming.

No. 317708

She's hitting a wall when her 3 coffees and monster wear off and thinking she's dissociating lol

No. 317710

All the adults I know who are into dollhouses/miniatures are into making them or customising them in some way, either by making stuff from scratch or buying furniture kits to assemble and paint themselves. I’ve never come across an adult who just buys ready-made dollhouses for children and leaves them as they are. Jill identifies as creative but all she ever does is consume.

No. 317712

File: 1705132530626.jpeg (24.27 KB, 275x150, pic related jill when she refr…)

>gets slighly positive attention from DID shit
>gets slighly positive attention for a non DID video admitting to being a brat

No. 317714

you must be a cow yourself because I'm finally watching the video and she's as obnoxious as ever and literally in the first 3 minutes she puts a screenshot of her "I still have DID even if my family spoils me" tweet

No. 317715

So she is cured and normal now Steve is able to be her butler again, nice.

No. 317718

When has she worked 60 hours a week in her life? She didn't even finish her fashion collection on time, and it was all relatively simple construction, one layer, short dresses. iirc some people in her class had layered, flowing gowns and shit. Even when she had a real job it was just for weekends? 60 hours where?
She is a chronic liar and approaches so many people with completely unverified "relatable " tales in response to whatever they say.

No. 317719

File: 1705159435669.jpeg (860.31 KB, 1179x1644, IMG_0368.jpeg)

Looks like she's putting that new iPad to use

No. 317720

>"Don't ask about anything not pictured pls"

Just erase it before you post it, bozo. Stop pretending you don't love the attention.

No. 317721

She used to work at Claire's and some other store later (not sure about the timeline) while managing her youtube channel, some youtubers also like to add some hours for "research" while putting out the laziest least-researched content out there so no wonder she added up the hours.

No. 317722

So are the ones without lines not on talking terms kek

No. 317723

Geezus, now she's twelve people? No wonder she got so fat. Kek.

No. 317724

Hasn't she talked about everyone interacting multiples times? Like it's some big group of friends on movie night
Why is she now claiming that only certain personalities talk to only specific other personalities?

No. 317725

The alter that goes between Cliffe and Sunny has got to me the one inspired by her mom that we just predicted right? Who else would be the connection between her dad alter and her childhood alter?

No. 317728

The FiNaL FuSiOn is happening lmao

No. 317729

Amber kind of looks like Plumber

No. 317730

>its-a me! Amburrr!!

No. 317731

I guess the A is for Amanda that she made a bracelet for?

No. 317732

Jillian is so desperate for Drew Monson's attention. "I know I tweet you a lot" then stop doing it? He never replies. And he looks like her brother. It's weird.
Also just want to point out her mom just feels like she's giving out an "ok sweetheart" response.

No. 317733

Didn’t she say she absorbed Amanda though? The real question is where is sandwich kek

No. 317734

This is literally Jillian and how she will react when she finally fusions.

No. 317735

Amber and Amanda are two different alters. And I wonder where sandwich is too kek.

No. 317736

Veronica has no friends because she keeps taking her clothes off around everyone’s boyfriend.
Is the unnamed alter that’s in a group with Cliffe another grown man?

I think Sandwich is the S fragment. Flora feeds him (not their real cat though).

No. 317737

>>317735 maybe the s is for sandwich and the flora oc is his owner or something lmao

No. 317738

>I did this in procreate before anyone asks
She's just flaunting the fact that she got an ipad from her family this Christmas kek I doubt anyone would had asked where she drew some blobs and lines because it might as well had been good ol photoshop, like, who cares Jill kek.
Meanwhile she gave them the cheapest shittiest presents. It must be so fun to be this spoiled tbh.
>Don't ask about anything not pictured
Where is sandwich though

No. 317740

Just noticed some blobs are censored and crossed out. I wonder what that means? She loves being cryptic so much that I feel like she must be doing it on purpose at this point.
Also noticed how the A for Amanda Vessey (her second name) is all the way on the left with no communication.

No. 317742

File: 1705169745145.jpg (203.62 KB, 1080x1122, Screenshot_20240113_151547_Chr…)

No. 317743

Did precure twt get tired of her clout bait or did she realize she's not the biggest fan ev4r?
>I doubt anyone would had asked where she drew some blobs and lines because it might as well had been good ol photoshop, like, who cares Jill kek.
This is so fucking hilarious, especially because a lot of artists don't drop "done in procreate!" on full paintings

No. 317745

Which of the sweetie rainbow baby alters is the one who’s been fighting with and insulting people on twitter?

No. 317747

I can't find any tweets where she engages in discourse so Idk what she's talking about. She could just take a break from that account and no one would notice but she has to make it clear that SHE doesn't like what other people are talking about

No. 317749

Maybe she's finally admitting defeat and realizing that Sof is actually the Precure queen and not her. Lol.

No. 317750

>>317749 As much as it bruises her ego and self importance, 100%. Sof is attending and hosting panels, entering contests, uploading costume process, actually doing shit instead of talking about how talented she is with zero to show for. Jill could never.

No. 317751

attention grabbing tactic, in the tweet she says she doesn't want ppl to ask about anything not pictured. it's reverse psychology. obviously she included the crossed out blobs precisely so people would wonder about them.

No. 317752

Wish I was in the precure scene to see this, I didn't think Jill could be friends with anyone actually productive and successful considering the shot it would be to her ego

No. 317754

>This is Jill btw
Kekkkkk you don't say.
I noticed that in her last twitter description she also removed Veronica from the alter list and kept it only for Flora, Sunny and Berry. I guess it makes sense with the chart and all the hate she got.
Kek, she knows she can't stop fighting people on twitter.
She'll probably switch to piripara or whatever it is called (the anime with the neon green hair girl she wants to make a cosplay of)

No. 317755

I keep coming back to this and I wonder if her plan is to slowly integrate all OCs and keep a bare minumum of 3-6. Flora, Sunny and Berry are the closest so they're good candidates to survive the culling. I don't see Veronica or Jerrick surviving, somehow Jax and Amber will merge and make a new edgy alter. Then she will keep Cliffe because his hobby is taxes, though who knows, Flora could learn to love taxes too kek. Amanda was supposed to be dead but I guess she's just there in the background. And please Jill we need more sandwich, that cat is the only alter I'll give a pass to.

What does a nonny think though?

No. 317756

Love how this validates the theory she can't handle being viewed as anything other than happy and cheerful. All the alters sharing a blob with "Jill" are the non problematic Pollyanna characters. The real Jill has no negative emotions. It's weird to see her confirm this herself

No. 317757

File: 1705188989483.png (551.77 KB, 720x916, IMG_20240113_172813.png)

Nerd guy to trans pipeline real.

No. 317758

File: 1705189056677.png (426.81 KB, 720x743, IMG_20240113_172915.png)

No. 317759

File: 1705189129483.png (237.69 KB, 720x689, IMG_20240113_173513.png)

This is creepy.

No. 317760

File: 1705189369449.png (153.4 KB, 720x632, IMG_20240113_172848.png)

"worse for my career"

No. 317761

I haven't kept up with Jill in literal years. Whatever became of Colin? Did he finally come out of the closet?

No. 317762

i wonder what that 'z' instead of 's' typing quirk is. could that be an autism larp thing

No. 317763

I think you mean Steven?

No. 317764

i love that she uses bpd terms even tho she claims she doesn’t have it anymore or it was the wrong diagnosis. Not to mention that having a Favorite Person is not healthy for either party.

No. 317766

shes like a study on someone who stays at home all day. makes up characters and talks to them, completely buzzed on coffe and energy drinks, weed all day…..and she wonders why shes pissy all the time

No. 317769

Pretty sure A is for Amanda and S is for Sandwich. I can remember her saying she had a fragment who was "non verbal" too… it might be Amanda, the og severely autistic/host/real Jill?(sage your shit)

No. 317770

Collin was her (tbh most likely gay) boyfriend from the later 2010s, but before Alyssa the gf of 20 seconds

No. 317771

I know, anon. I was asking because Collin hasn't been mentioned for a long while and we always talk about Steven coming out as gay, so I thought that anon got confused.

No. 317772

so >>317761 nona has just genuinely been out of the loop for years because jill's had several partners now and colin is irrelevant. it was speculated in the last thread that she outed either colin or tristan here >>315670

anyway that's a long ass time to not be watching jill and then suddenly decide to check out lc of all places

No. 317777

Jillian cheated on Tristan to be with Collin. So she has no bad blood with Tristan so she’s probably outing Collin since she’s still butt blasted about that break up being the only one she didn’t end willingly.

No. 317782

This tweet and the part in Jill's Christmas video where she claims to need a tablet for work is making me think she's going to try opening a shop / designing something soon. But she's also incredibly lazy and low effort do probably not.

No. 317783

"Needing a tablet for work" probably means to draw shit like this >>317719 or for making art of her OCs, because DID is a full time job for her.

No. 317785

she's never said she doesn't have it anymore or that it was the wrong diagnoses.

No. 317786

She still claims BPD but she has used the DID to segment it so that Jill has quiet BPD and all the bad traits go to the edgy alters like Jerrick.

No. 317787

The idea that Jill has quiet anything is so funny

No. 317794

Who is your favourite person Jilly be honest? Because it can't be yourself kek. If she tries to claim it's Stevie I will develop abs from how hard I laugh
That's actually kinda fucked up to retweet, especially as a "mental health" influencer. Yeah it's a joke but as a content creator, the last thing she needs to do is to potentially co-sign and enable the behaviour alone, let alone encouraging it with her own content. As a supposed "autist" you'd think she'd be sure to spell out that this is a joke and that they should get therapy if they can if she had to joke about it. It also potentially leads into shaky legal ground because it's technically supporting avoiding medical help to support her instead which could be bad on the off-chance the joke is serious about this kid's reality. Even ASMR videos include disclaimers not to use them instead of therapy just in case.
It also just feels so gross and ignorant (and not to mention narcissistic) to even joke that you are a replacement for therapy. It feels like something Kanye would say about his music. Influencers in the 2010s knew to even shut down shit like "you took me out of a bad place" and encourage the fan that they did it on their own using their content/art. It seems in poor taste to joke about. Especially as a total normie who is scared of real crazy and larps all day.

No. 317795

I don't have the screenshots to confirm, but I remember seeing screenshots of tweets/posts in previous threads where she does call Steve her favorite person, as well as one other friend I think. I might check and see if she's mentioned it in any videos too, because I feel like that's something she would sperg about.

No. 317798

Sage in case I'm being a retard but doesn't this have a pretty fucked up connotation when it comes to BPD? Like it isn't some cutesy little term, it's like an actual psychological term for the person someone with BPD is codependently attached to.

No. 317799


>'I also have BPD and both my partner and one of my best friends are FPs of mine so the deep deep intense love and care is very similar [heart hands emoji]

this one >>222020 doesn't mention specifically who but I thought I might add it anyway
>'We have multiple FPs but only one per alter. I think it may be a DID + BPD combo moment [slew of emojis]

No. 317800

yes, and it is also a sign that relationship is unhealthy and basically implies the "favourite person" is a weak connection. what causes someone to become a fp for someone with bpd is usually the fact that the person with bpd is so insecure in their attachment with this person that they feel addicted to the hot and cold feeling and splitting on the person. it is not a cutesy term, and calling your partner you have a supposedly healthy relationship with your fp is extremely weird. it's usually people who have been toxic, unclear, fluctating or not willing to commit that end up being someone's fp because it makes the person with bpd unwanted and in need of their validation, to the point they become obsessed or addicted. jill is basically admitting stevie is not doing enough to assure her.

No. 317801

Yeah, as a self aware bpdfag, the favorite person situation isn't pretty. It sucks for everyone involved and it's not a cutesy lovey dovey thing, it's creepy. Because you can lovebomb someone and then if they fall for it there'll always be a devaluation phase when they don't meet your perfect expectations. It's putting someone in a pedestal and then kicking them off repeatedly unless you break the cycle of codependency. It's possible but oftentimes you have to start all over again. The FP thing is like a crush but it can also be platonic and it tends to be exhausting for both parties, "pay attention to me" "love only me" "talk to me" "tell me these things back" etc. Not cute and shouldn't be sugarcoated.

No. 317802

There's a part of me that thinks Jillian isn't using the term correctly (like every other mental health she has touched) and literally thinks favorite person just means someone who you love way too much.
It's like thinking daydreaming is dissociation.

No. 317803

AYRT, she absolutely isn't using it correctly at all. I assure you she's using it in a way to make it seem like her fatal flaw is that she loves too deeply, too much. But she also has it completely under control and she would never do any of the bad stuff normally associated with the actual definition of Favourite Person. What an angel.

No. 317806

Yep I'm thinking this too, if she thinks being sleepy = dissociating I'm pretty sure she thinks caring about your close people = favourite person (literally)

As the anon describes >>317801
it is not pretty, I had a brief experience with a bpd male or two and it's actually awful to be the focus of someone's attention that way.

No. 317809

Her and Steve just don't feel like a couple that's been together for five years, things went downhill once she graduated and didn't want to work on anything new.

No. 317811

Their relationship is so stagnant. They moved in too quickly, and they turned into roommates.

No. 317812

kek this whole concept is insanely bpd, "no im GOOD so if i do anything BAD then it actually wasnt "me" at all!"

No. 317813

File: 1705281298361.jpg (123.61 KB, 720x770, 011181431.jpg)

No. 317814

so glad her mystery panic attack is so manageable that she's able to tweet about it while it's actively happening. and if that yogurt is dairy then im sure putting that on top of a tummy ache is going to help a lot.

No. 317815

I never watched Jill as a fan, I always viewed her as a cow and most of my exposure to her was through Tumblr (initially) then here.

No. 317816

I hope she continues this self-awareness arc. It would be so good for her mental health to be less online.

No. 317817

She isn’t stepping away from Twitter she’s just trying to use one of her three Twitter accounts less and is gonna try to post on her main one first.

No. 317820

So she has the excuse to be a bitch depending on who she wants to roleplay as.

No. 317821

What is this now, eating disorder larp? This implies she hadn't eaten all day, and that's why yoghurt supposedly helped cure her mystery panic attack and tummy ache?

No. 317823

self awareness where? both of those screenshots are attention seeking lol

No. 317824

this faggot isnt seriously thinking shes self-aware now they lmao. sure buddy, using one less account online is cheer-worthy.

No. 317825

>very slay the voices that used to tell me to hurt myself now remind me to drink my yogurt
This bitch has never had a genuine psychotic intrusive thought in her entire fucking life and it shows

No. 317826

File: 1705337751802.jpg (360.19 KB, 1080x1686, 1000004280.jpg)

No. 317827

File: 1705341177559.jpg (111.19 KB, 720x681, 115105231.jpg)

No. 317828

File: 1705341486043.jpg (384.77 KB, 720x2094, 40115105819.jpg)

No. 317829

Every time she posts a new picture she’s much fatter than the last one. At least her outfit looks like it fits and she’s not bursting from the seams.

No. 317830

File: 1705343095906.jpg (66.93 KB, 720x416, 20240115112410.jpg)

She also posted it on insta. Here is the caption and tags.

No. 317831

>rocking horse style shoes
Those are just wedges jill

No. 317832

File: 1705343827104.jpg (169.13 KB, 600x600, 1000004281.jpg)

>rocking horse style shoes
Jill what are you talking about. those are just some cheap wedge pumps with a strap

No. 317833

her lurking couldn't get any more obvious lol. Fuckin pottery.

No. 317834

God this is bad even by her standards, nothing is cohesive. I hope this isn't what she wore for her 'date' >>317827

No. 317835

This is a big claim. She's seriously saying she hears voices? That's schizophrenia or a psychotic episode. How is she not scared and confused about this? If my family member posted this I would immediately contact their parents and tell them to have a serious intervention. I'm trying to give Pixie the benefit of the doubt when I can, but this is strange and a huge claim to make, especially as this will affect her future job opportunities. Is anyone else somewhat concerned about this behavior from Jill?(learn2sage)

No. 317836

No because she's just talking about the inner voice everybody has

No. 317837

Incoming oversharing posts about her having a UTI

No. 317838

File: 1705353303518.png (797.21 KB, 720x1179, notlettinghergo.png)

No. 317839

She really did bless us with this meme format

No. 317840

Kek what is with the little pigtail she’s holding up!? Did she leave that there intentionally to do this pose or did she forget about it and thought it was cute? Wonder how high she’s getting now that she’s at home.

No. 317841

gonna need a wider piano stool soon

No. 317842

she manages to bastardize the word 'slay' in the straightest white woman way possible. who are the retards thinking shes queer or some shit?

No. 317843

She has claimed to have hallucinations before too but that was before the DID stuff when she was thinking about larping schitzo and started following/interacting with schitzo influencers. She's a really bad lier for someone who lies constantly.

No. 317844

>abandonment trauma supposedly extreme enough to cause the development of split personalities and feeling essentially possessed by fictional characters
When has severe mind-altering traumatic abandonment ever happened to Jill? She hasn’t even experienced the kind of abandonment that half of troubled adolescents have (an absent parent figure or being kicked out of the home).

No. 317845

I was about to point these posts out too, lol

No. 317846

Samefagging but it’s like Jill is so sheltered she thinks extreme trauma only happens in stories, so she relates her run of the mill standard life experiences to descriptions of severe trauma and violent loss.
She’s going around saying she’s routinely possessed by her mental image of Jinx from Arcane while most people at least have acquaintances whose families have suddenly died in accidents, rare illness, suicide etc., people who have faced actual loss and abandonment and violence and poverty, and they’d laugh in Jill’s face over her spoiled crap. Jill’s only problem is never learning to practice active humble emotional regulation.

No. 317847

i actually think other nonas are right when they theorise that Jill’s mum getting cancer and being unable to give her daughter undivided attention for a short time is what Jill is calling her “abandonment trauma”.

on one hand, watching your mother go through something like that as a young child is terrifying and can stay with you and even mess you up a bit if you’re at the right (or wrong) age. but where Jill loses me is that she wants everyone to believe it broke her mind into multiple fragments and has gone through repeated trauma since then until she is the most broken uwu baby warrior ever

No. 317848

File: 1705377599535.png (469.63 KB, 720x1049, IMG_20240115_215841.png)


No. 317849

It's just the bpd and the need to get attention imo. It's interesting seeing her retweeting posts about war not too long ago and then acting like the most traumatized victim. The lack of self awareness.

No. 317850

And on top of that, that she’s barely addressed that topic during the million times she’s brought up her issues. Her mom’s cancer is the one thing that would make the most sense as a psychologically damaging event, but Jill is so self-absorbed, she’s done everything possible to detract from potentially almost losing her mother, and instead has pointed fingers at a middle school girlfriend, a piano teacher who only touched other children, no one at all (just her own biological tendencies according to her), suddenly not no one at all but actually a serial rapist, and so on.
Quite frankly I think she knows that the world is filled with grieving young people who have suddenly lost their parents to cancer and other illnesses and accidents but they don’t develop this ultra-rare trauma disorder from it, it’s still just something recorded in response to some of the most heinous crimes imaginable, so Jill has come up with a ton of other vague excuses and exaggerated stories.

No. 317851

This discussion gets brought up so much, I'm just waiting for the day when Jillian actually uses this as her big trauma reveal. She uses so many things in this thread. I wish anons stopped giving her ideas.

No. 317852

>Stop basing my literal trauma healing on what the Internet might think of me based on misinfo
Kekkkk, Jillyjam you are a riot. Let me give you a pointer, acting like you are the smartest person in the room is the dumbest thing you can do. Your stupidity is showing along with your ass.
I hope Jill did her trick of looking at food on her phone while eating. Corissa, fatgirlflow, is now claiming arfid too, Jilly. Maybe ask her for advice.
She acts like no one has eyes or knows how to google.
Please, god, I hope not.
She's a pathological liar. She sucks at it because she has gotten away with bad behavior and lying for so long she thinks a half-ass excuse will make everything go away. She'll just try to deflect the blame, find excuses for her lies, downplay the importance of the lie, or if she does admit, it will be only a small part and not the whole lie. It's funny how much of a tantrum she has when she's caught in her own lies and cannot talk/write her way out of it. She tries to memoryhole too often especially because she's dumb enough to keep old videos up that contradicts or debunks her own lies easily.
I await for that day as well. Her over-the-top exaggerations/body movements along with that stupid duper's delight smile will be jarring. It's comical how you can tell Jill has been doing some reading when magically the things nonnies point out start cropping up not long after. I still get a kick that she put involuntarily hitting herself with no foresight whatsoever. Wonder how much she smokes after reading these threads?

No. 317853

No. 317861

File: 1705422020997.jpg (208.89 KB, 1080x1022, 1000004293.jpg)

this account she's talking to is over 50 larping as a DID system kek unbelievable

No. 317862

WIDE, nona.

No. 317866

/notmad my ass, she's pressed someone dares to try out suffer her

No. 317868

Imagine having such an incredibly privileged life and yet being absolutely incapable of mustering an ounce of gratitude for even a single moment.

No. 317870

wow she really is a fucking phony. Bet she is also one of the ppl endlessly harassing Jake and his gf for Jake committing the terrible offense of saying it's maybe not great to accept a bunch of donations for an illness you never had.

No. 317872

FFS Jillian… Jillian, get your story straight. You discovered your DID with angel therapist. Got a diagnostic impression by a psych intern. The most therapy you've got has been from Better Help and you're saying that you managed to get an alter/persecutor to therapy and now has healed enough to stop trying to murder you, but taken care of your precious little self? This bitch is literally so unique, thesis material tbh. Freud would've made wonders with her insanely prodigious yet sadly so mentally ill mind.(fan letter, not even saged)

No. 317878

File: 1705454122418.jpg (61.62 KB, 720x466, 16181431.jpg)

No. 317879

>>317878 no way she just made someone's suicidal rumination about herself. She stoops lower in her self-obsessed ego every time

No. 317881

God, she is fucking on one today. Things can't just be left alone, she has to be worse off than everyone else. Also regarding the suicide tweet, didn't she move back to main to keep this shit to herself for her mental health and to keep herself brand-friendly?

No. 317882

File: 1705460510163.png (428.05 KB, 620x348, junk5.png)

From her patreon 4 days ago:
"This image is also the thumbnail for our next video!! We have been working on this for 3 months at least now. Any parts who wanted to participate answered the same few questions that we tacked on the fridge with a big arrow lol. The questions are;
What is most important to you?

What do you spend most time doing?

Has anything changed since we last heard from you online?

Anything else?
I’m reaaaalllyyy excited and nervous, we’ve never done a vid with multiple alters participating like this so it is super freaky for me to see in video form too. Hoping to have this one up Tuesday or Wednesday"

No. 317883

January patreon stream & will post a recap soon

No. 317885

"i should've been at the club" is a meme, OP was definitely making a joke lol

No. 317887

File: 1705462854850.jpg (185.79 KB, 720x1432, 116203935.jpg)

No. 317888

Hey look it’s the sad knockoff of the thread pic kek.

No. 317889

What a psycho.

No. 317890

Wow all her alters seem to purse her lips in the same exact toad like fashion. What a strange coincidence that the alleged group of people that live in her brain that are supposedly fully fleshed out individuals make the same exact ugly distinct expressions Jillian does.
Sad at the lack of Jax and sandwich.

No. 317893

sandwich ate tinsel in headspace and fucking died guys. she will never say it but it's true. bong rip

No. 317894

dolores umbridge speedrun

No. 317895

Whoever put Jill on wellbutrin really fucked up her up TBH, she keeps getting into a cycle of getting a new dose and talking everywhere about how amazing and slay and lovely it is. Then she gets a new dose and says the other one was actually terrible and making her have panic attacks and meltdowns and fight or flight nightmares. But now this new dose is totally different and she's so motivated and happy. Also apparently she's launching 5 petal flower in spring lol good luck with that.

No. 317896

Apparently Jill got a 900 dollar refund from better help, she says she's "so dissociated" and "her brain was broken from college" she didn't notice and "couldn't manage her finances". She really tries to make it sound like she's the victim but it really sounds like she was blowing through money without caring in college and now she regrets it lmao.

No. 317897

File: 1705480588218.jpg (143.36 KB, 828x1054, sailor_moon_leg_tattoo_1_by_ne…)

Saged, but when I googled "Pretty Cure tattoo" this was one of the top results, someone copied Jill pretty hard


No. 317898

I know this is a "joke" but the way she responded is so… Ugh. Grosses me out somehow.

No. 317899

Didn't even dot the "i" on the word beautiful.

No. 317900

it’s hardly a joke rather than embarrassing, ungraceful one-upping. Congrats Jill, you’ve wanted to fucking kill yourself since you were pre-pubescent. Hear the uproarious applause, bask in the hearty laughter of all

No. 317903

is this retard that jill is replying to seriously admitting they too busy being terminally online and playing with their imaginary friends that their SO has to remind them of basic hygiene and other shit. lmao

No. 317906

Can't wait to see exactly what level of high she is in each of these performances

No. 317909

So she’s changing clothe behind the scenes for this video and stealing Stevie’s black shirt for each "switch"? Like come on the larping is too obvious. How could anyone take this as a serious mental condition?
This is exactly why she’s "mentally ill". It’s a great way for her to never be accountable for her spoiled behavior

No. 317910

Imagining her doing the staircase behind the counter trick whenever she's "switching" and coming back up with a new wig every time

No. 317911

It's also so obvious that it's fake because what are the chances that 6 of your alters all are okay with answering personal questions to be put on YouTube? Especially ol Cliffe???

No. 317913

>Worked on this for 3 months
Yet misses an obvious line of pink drawn on her face in the bottom right photo.

No. 317915

it's so weird how she -has- to always be sunshine and rainbows. good old jill would obviously never make a grumpy face, it has to be someone else.

No. 317918

"tw suicide lighthearted" made me do a triple take

No. 317919

It's shockingly retarded when you actually think about it. She can't just be happy, be sad, wear masculine or feminine clothes, be childish, be horny, take care of her adult responsibilities, etc sometimes like a normal person, she has to have separate personalities that do ONLY one of those things 24/7. And Jill/the main personality just happens to have no flaws

No. 317920

Funny how half of these "totally different people" are making the same damn expression

No. 317922

Her past history is rewritten with every thing she says, she has had no therapy for at least a year and this "improvement" is a recent one. She sounds genuinely pissed off here, maybe because she got out-sicky wicky'd by this person since Stevie doesn't plead for her to get out of bed I guess?

No. 317927

File: 1705520039297.png (1.12 MB, 1280x720, hold a space thats safe blah.p…)

veronica the super sxc alter

No. 317928

>>317927 currently watching the video and god she's trying to larp to autism so hard on "Sunny"'s part pretending to get distracted and 'stimming' according to her. All of this reeks of performance, there's no sincerity.

No. 317930

Im seriously in shock at just how performative this video is. I wonder if it will stay uploaded. How does she not realize that her “distinct alter personalities” have the same speech patterns, the same vocabulary, and the same facial expressions, even when she has a monster can waving around as a prop or does her makeup differently?? Veronica the Sexual Alter saying she loves “going to the club and partying” made me laugh out loud. Jill, its okay to be a multi faceted individual with diverse interests, its okay to have a personality disorder, its not too late to get real help. two traits of bpd are literally identity issues and dissociation. It is painfully obvious that Jill is a bpd girlie NEET that is LARPing DID and i sense the jig will be up soon.(sage)

No. 317931

does she lack any shame or self awareness? how is she not embarrassed at what a performance this is?

No. 317932

Sunny feels like she's trying to be the boxxy video back in the day.

No. 317933

I take back what I said in this comment. Pixielocks has chosen to die on the DID hill and so her brand, career, and reputation will go with her. The fact that none of her family or "friends" are doing anything about this is insane. Do they not care about her at all? These are not the actions of a stable person and it's literally sad to watch

No. 317934

>>317933 She's not mentally ill the way she wants. Everything is theatrics. These are the actions of a spoiled, privileged and entitled, self-obsessed woman who has to one-up everyone in her life and fails miserably. So she claims things to avoid accountability for what a shit daughter and content creator she is. Her mother should be horrified by her even suggesting DID let alone larping it so terribly.

No. 317935

For Veronica she had to have been stoned out of her gourd. She can barely keep her eyes open. Jilly this is just embarrassing.

No. 317936

Video since no one’s posted it. Milkiest thing in a while kek just make OCs Jill

No. 317937

I love that Jerrick has a monster as a prop to just show off that im 2000s emo boi. Veronica looks like a washed up druggy/alcoholic. I keep expecting Cliff to be like "I do the taxes" everytime they talk. Sunny is just the most annoying to listen to and is how she always tried to be in her brand/videos before she had to leave the nest.

No. 317938

This is KILLING me, so cringey. Idk how people can watch this and leave her so many positive comments. It's so obviously fake and acted.

No. 317939

File: 1705523762915.png (101.73 KB, 328x186, 420.png)

her eyes are crazy red. Her verocinca character is very different, i guess she used to be her when she was drunk, now it's when she's high

No. 317944

This is the worst acting I’ve ever seen. I’m in shock. So Stevie and her mom buys into this?

No. 317945

I don't understand how they could genuinely want to be around her like this. I imagine they're hoping she grows out of it soon, but they're really only enabling her.

No. 317946

File: 1705526459367.jpg (344.65 KB, 720x2641, One.jpg)

No. 317947

File: 1705526544613.jpg (106.59 KB, 720x692, Two.jpg)

No. 317948

File: 1705526638538.jpg (174.33 KB, 720x1004, Three.jpg)

No. 317949

File: 1705526781707.jpg (233.58 KB, 720x1679, Four.jpg)

No. 317950

This is what she does while Stevie is at work. Play dress up. Her emo male loves weight lifting, the other spends time cleaning and cooking. Jill we all know you don't do that shit, get a job to prove the haters wrong.

No. 317951

File: 1705528004463.png (226.06 KB, 600x496, IMG_2443.png)

No. 317952

No. 317954

she’s practically nodding off in the “veronica” parts, jesus christ, what a mess

No. 317955

How is she not mortified by this? She's literally acting exactly the same with each alter, except for the one that's completely drunk. What a mess.

No. 317956

This is so dumb but “Cliffe’s” inflection makes me think of Obama

No. 317957

If they alters are SO CONFUSED that they need the questions posted on the fridge, how do they ALL know how to perform as a content creator exactly the way Pixie does?

And she always tagged multiple personalities being co-conscious in her videos, but now they need to communicate with messages on the fridge?

No. 317958

God this is a new low, the acting is truly Oscar worthy kek

No. 317960

I was speaking to a friend about this, and she think's Jill's DID is real because Jill has admitted that the DID videos were bad for her channel, yet she still makes the content.

So how do you reconcile that she wants to be a full time content creator, she wants money, but she still wants to LARP with DID?

She definitely gets a social advantage to blaming undesirable behaviors on DID, she gets a new tight knit community that blows smoke up her ass and defends her against haters, she seems to allegedly get some kind of monetary gain from disability resources…

But is ALL of that worth the loss of income by insisting on making DID content?

OR, does she know that the loss of her viewership has more to do with her lack of effort in doing the things she used to do? So to her, this content is less effort, thus worth the trade off…(integrate)

No. 317962

She's been quoting the phrase "the body keeps the score" for months now, and she's never even read it or even knows what it's about? Lmao I shouldn't be surprised

No. 317963

its kinda amazing how jill doesnt understand how complex human beings are. we have an array of emotions, mental states beliefs, skils and what have you. but shes too simplistically retarded to realize how badly shes limiting herself. I think shes fried whatever remaining brain cells she has left

No. 317965

DID is a win/win for jill because she gets a never-ending opportunity to talk about absolutely nothing but herself and have people take or feign interest in all of these aspects of herself, and also, she gets to have a very convenient and much more mentally acceptable reason to have her channel currently be failing. If her channel failing is because her mental health is so bad, then that's not her fault. but if her channel is failing because she's not willing to do anything other than sit and obsess about herself (which is the reality) then obviously, that both looks and feels bad. Its easier to fail acceptably, basically. She's too lazy to do any other kind of content anymore, and just sitting and talking about herself takes care of two birds with one stone; getting more attention on just herself, and not having to do anything other sit down in front of a camera for maybe 1hour every 2'ish weeks with bare minimum editing required afterwards.

No. 317966

>she think's Jill's DID is real because Jill has admitted that the DID videos were bad for her channel
whatever the fuck Jill is doing is NOT what psychiatrists and psychologists defined as DID. there's no mentall illness that involves having OCs in your head. your friend is ignorant and retarded

No. 317968

damn i would’ve loved to see jill joins a MLM arc …

No. 317972

Her channel was failing before she started the mental illness larp. She picked DID because she was consuming DID content and it was popular on tiktok for a while, so she took a gamble and picked DID as the thing to revitalize her channel. She was toying with the idea of claiming schizophrenia for a bit and now she’s bread loafing autism because that’s currently trendy. She was even contemplating trooning out but she could never commit.
Suggesting she’s for real because it’s harming her channel is also ignoring that she probably does have a disorder, a personality disorder, but that’s not cute/in right now. And it’s a childish stance to think just because she’s not getting popularity/money from it she’s getting no benefit, she’s getting attention and diverting accountability. She can be a raging dickhead to everyone and everyone will still uwu her because she’s mentally ill, she can’t help it! So failing is never her fault, being nasty to people is never her fault, you can never hold her accountable and if you dare you’re an ableist asshole!

No. 317973

File: 1705538887752.jpg (237.9 KB, 720x1778, 240117174711.jpg)

No. 317974

File: 1705538958405.jpg (158.77 KB, 720x965, 17174742.jpg)

No. 317975

File: 1705539002596.jpeg (437.87 KB, 663x984, IMG_4600.jpeg)

Just realized who she reminds me of and it’s Milo Stewart. Attention seeking phenotype

No. 317976

kek if somebody else tweeted this she’d call it ableist or something. It amazes me how fucking stupid she is sometimes

No. 317977

took me 10 minutes to figure out what the fuck a breakie sams was. just to be clear, she's trying to say breakfast sandwich yes?

jesus nona jumpscare warning next time kek

No. 317978

Shout out to the McLean institute who has enough proof in this video of how people fake DID to make 100 more videos

No. 317979

I’m just going to say this again. She literally stole our thread pic idea. I hope the nonna that came up with it is POC.

No. 317981

File: 1705541887777.jpg (104.39 KB, 720x890, Shareholder.jpg)

Casual reminder to Jill that the Coca-Cola company is the largest stockholder of Monster.

No. 317985

I’m not the number one Jill translator but yes I believe this is about McDonald’s supporting Israel and it’s referring to their breakfast. I wish she would just talk normal once in a while

Jill? Performative activism on social media? I’m so shocked.

No. 317987

Jill and Shayna really love to talk about breakfast in a mentally undeveloped way.

No. 317988

Does she know what capitalism is? It's literally an influencer's job to sell shit people don't need, for more than it's worth.

No. 317989

In shock by how bad the acting is here.

No. 317994

Just no shame. No shame at all. What an idiot. A genuinely stupid woman.

No. 317999

Shout out to the anon who pointed out the pink line in her thumbnail because she did end up fixing it after you mentioned it kek

No. 318000

Lol remember when Jill was tweeting implying she had PICA? Now it's back to AFTID.

No. 318001

It's a win for all the DID fakers because as someone said before it's a perfect get out of jail free. "I wasn't being a bitch, that was Petal." All the bad parts get split off into alters, then add some 'fun' ones and in the middle is the perfect self, the true person we just don't know, OK. And for jillybean, it's a perfect evolution of the brat she always was. She used to just be fine with 'messy' before the DID craze. All the same 'alters' but it was just different aspects of her.
I wonder how long she can ride that wave for.

No. 318002

From Jillian as Jerrick sperging about grudges and avoiding people her “other parts” are friends with to Jillian as Sunny bringing the spaghetti fiasco up again, all her videos lately seem like theyre targeted towards people in her personal life that she wants to manipulate.

No. 318003

The part towards the end where "sunny" malds over the haters Is hilarious, it's so obviously Jill throwing a temper tantrum. also if cliffe is just there for work why is her upload schedule so had and last minute?

No. 318004

This got me too, she's never even fucking read it? I shouldn't be surprised, but considering how much she referenced it in her shitty tweets.

No. 318005

How does she explain her DID only appearing since she got "diagnosed"? So basically once she got the DiD impression, all her personas suddenly started dressing up in specific clothes, performing on camera and living differently, although she claims she has had it for years?

No. 318006

>So Stevie and her mom buys into this?
Do they though? Her mom is just "that's nice dear"-ing her like always, and Stevie has a sexual and monetary incentive to pretend and encourage her

No. 318007

she claims they was always there but she just edited out switches that happened on camera in the past. I’m assuming you are new to this insane lore which is fine! it’s honestly a lot to keep up with. but tldr she shows pictures of her childhood self very often and claims these are clearly [blank] alter coming through and because she doesn’t remember the photo ever being taken it must’ve been someone else !! Examples being her teenage vocaloid anime cringey phase was Sunny, her lolita phase was Flora, her emo/scene phase was jerrick. She’s basically creating it as she goes.

No. 318008

Thats weird, better help actually won't work with you if you're severely mentally ill. She should theoretically be too special for them to allow her to sign up.

No. 318009

Indirect shade at Mikan again kek

No. 318010

obviously mlm companies are shit but at least it'd get her out of her house and give her content that isn't all about her own ass. but we know she won't do it because being around other people is so scawwwy

No. 318014

I don't think she understands that changing looks, like with Penny Underbust and Trisha Paytas, doesn't make someone have DID. Someone with DID doesn't do what the movie SPLIT does. She's so stupid and yeah, these are just OCs. Having a personality shift depending on the situation isn't what DID is, Jill. It's called masking which is an ADHD/Autism/ND thing in general. Even normal people can have mindset shifts due to who they are around. She honestly makes me so mad. Oh wait, let me put on my red gloves to type so she can tell I'm angy.

No. 318015

me me me me me me. it's like it physically pains her to not barge in and direct someone else's story or experience towards herself
saying that you can easily drop a disordered eating habit because it conflicts with your sense of ethics implies that eating disorders are a choice and not a complex mental health issue with obsessive and deeply ingrained behaviors that can't simply be stopped when they are no longer convenient or because other people on twitter might not approve of them. her constant need for attention is secondary only to her blazing ignorance

No. 318016

kek so she’s bragging that she made… an individual consumer choice not to eat some fast food from 1 company out of millions that supports Israel? not to derail completely but she’s an influencer, if she wanted to have any real impact she could educate people on shit they can do to actually make a difference, like the workers in weapons manufacturing and transport going on strike. or use some of her disposable income to donate to medical aid instead of more plastic crap. but obviously she’s gonna pick the most low-effort (and low impact) option of “boycotting” a select few companies so she can brag on twitter without doing any work and then feel better than other people

No. 318017

This stupid fucking cunt knows NOTHING about arfid. Sage for blog but my little cousin has arfid FOR REAL and will have a nuclear meltdown if her meals are suddenly changed from her safe foods. You cant CHOOSE to break up with your safe foods when you have arfid. I fucking hate this poser so much.

No. 318018

Twitter boycotters are only boycotting because it's trendy (the fast food industry has always been horrible but they only care now?). Jill fits right in with her sustainability larp

No. 318020

There was me wishfully thinking she was going to stop this DID larping.

You're right there.

No. 318025

File: 1705591496750.jpeg (153.48 KB, 828x508, IMG_9937.jpeg)

sandwich incoming

No. 318031

Oh fuck yeah, we will see sandwich in action.

No. 318034

It's funny how she says arfid is debilitating and then turns around and says it's completely manageable. It's almost like she doesn't have the disorder and simply is a picky womanchild with food preferences and not someone who needs safe foods or else she won't eat for days.

No. 318038

Not only is the acting bad, the editing is god awful too. How long have you been a youtuber Jill?

No. 318045

I’m not sure if it’s apparent that’s she’s trying to make herself look more legit by not wearing all the costumes and wigs for her alters anymore. No gypsy rose beanie for Cliffe or shiny ugly wigs for the others either. I guess she took the McLean presentation to heart and noticed all the fakers are into the cosplay aspect of it all. She’s obviously still faking she just seems like she’s trying to distance herself from the TikTok fakers

No. 318046

She is the absolute worst at giving advice. Like I’ve never seen anyone worse in giving advice yet so adamant in always giving it out. She’s like a machine of churning out masturbatory responses like this.

No. 318047

>I guess she took the McLean presentation to heart and noticed all the fakers are into the cosplay aspect of it all.
good point, if we checked exactly what mclean criticized fakers for i'm sure jill will have magically toned down all of those traits specifically

No. 318048


What's worse is that she has a friend with actual schizophrenia. Super well known in our community for his art. She even had him in a video for her birthday I think. "xorad"
What I'm saying is that she's probably copying the poor guy. Ain't no way she just casually talks abt it lol

No. 318050

She did say cosplaying as your alters is helpful in a recent tweet though, it's upthread

No. 318053

What an awkward and unhelpful response, wild how she manages to shoehorn her mental illness into every tweet that isn't about her.

No. 318054

At one point, she says that they have the autism crumb one stop fronting when they have to cook food
Admitting they can control shifts and just shove alters in and out of control defeats the purpose of DID

No. 318057

this needs to be in the next thread pic

No. 318058

File: 1705622796014.jpg (175.94 KB, 720x1165, Little treat.jpg)

No. 318059

>>318058 regardless of their sex, these chicks do know how medication works right??? Like the obvious fact that mediations can have side effects?

No. 318060

File: 1705623520064.webm (1.38 MB, blasted.webm)

wow she's completely obliterated as "veronica"

i'm honestly kind of shocked she would upload this. she is stoned out of her mind and seems drunk too. does she think she seems cool here?

No. 318061

>Obviouslyyy since I'm so traumatized I'm like really good at the sex stuff

Does she truly believe her own larp? Is anyone this bad at acting fooling anyone?

No. 318062

jill doesnt go to parties. but she is high and drunk af all the time

No. 318066

This shit is fucking disturbing at this point.

No. 318067

Sorry anons but the more you all go on about how "disturbing" she acts the more she gets off to it. This just feels like some BPD theatrics to me. She might've even gotten drunk on purpose. I do not believe this bitch suffers without premeditation.

No. 318069

File: 1705626982452.gif (10.32 MB, 520x293, 1185f454e655454989c31fbcf3d07d…)

So cringe

No. 318070

File: 1705627148312.gif (14.27 MB, 520x293, 8ae2caeae0774ad2955f836bc2f6b6…)

No. 318071

File: 1705627244150.gif (10.43 MB, 520x293, 5e62352143c9431f8f00a15061f16e…)

No. 318072

I only made it about five minutes in of however many hours this is, but this is incredibly funny. I lost it when the retard alter showed up. Is the thing at the beginning supposed to be “her”? What would happen to this creature if she had no internet or mirrors?(sage your shit)

No. 318074

Apologies for slight off topic and maybe blog but it's truly deplorable what she's doing. A few years ago I watched an old documentary about people with "multiple personalities" who had gone through severe trauma and are now living in assisted care facilities. I believe it was actually linked in a Jill thread. It was a hard watch. What she's larping is so much worse than pretending to have uwu cutesy tiktok autism, it's simply disgusting. I'm aware she won't but I do hope she realizes that someday and feels some level of remorse for her actions

No. 318075

This one?
Unfortunately, and evidenced by her most recent tweets, she thinks representations of DID are valid, even if they don't look like this. I think these people are actually traumatized.

No. 318076

she's not saying it's manageable, she's saying that even if someone with ARFID who has immense trouble changing their diet is able to boycott McDonalds or whatever than normies should be able to with no problem.

some of yall just want to hate on Jill so bad you misread the most basic stuff she says, stop making up your own milk(wking)

No. 318080

File: 1705636293841.mp4 (15.71 MB, LBBPITBG.MP4)

Jill as Jerrick talking about grudges.

No. 318081

File: 1705636691677.jpeg (380.72 KB, 1170x1263, IMG_6105.jpeg)

Since when does she do anything other than lay around and get high?

No. 318082

File: 1705636783912.mp4 (16.75 MB, The Best Acting of All Time.MP…)

End part with all alters, skip to 10 seconds for Jill as Sunny malding over the haters. Also Jill as Jerrick talked about possibly doing more drag.

No. 318085

File: 1705637990982.mp4 (16.88 MB, 1280x720, SDK.MP4)

Jill as Sunny talking about spaghetti fiasco skip to 1:10. Let me know if there are other segments you nonnies want clipped.

No. 318088

BPD is disturbing, and this is all 100% BDP.

No. 318089

What the hell happened to this woman

No. 318090

That's the one nonnie, thank you. Unbelievable that this is the type of illness and trauma Jill is mocking

No. 318091

this is ming bogglingly weird and pathetic. the internet is full of fakers and jill chose to bastardize and appropriate a traumatic disorder as an excuse to keep talking about herself since she has no friends. cant believe she acted this all out on camera, sat down for hours editing it, then posted it online, never thinking 'hmm this is cringe and offensive I gotta lay off the weed' lmao

No. 318092

I thought Jax was the one who ruined the spaghetti? Or is this a different ruining food incident?

No. 318093

For someone who loves being progressive and kind on social media, Jill's idea of autism is really offensive. Like she really seems to think autistic people are children who stim constantly and can't hold an adult conversation.

No. 318094

if you think about it, this is her parody of a tif

No. 318096

File: 1705654487059.png (556.97 KB, 837x419, Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 2.49…)

>tfw this is the girl who breadcrumbed for months how she "forgot to eat" all the time and how she has super rare illnesses like arfid and pica and toooooootally struggles finding real things to eat

No. 318097

Thanks for uploading clips. I can barely make it through just this snippet though, it's so unbelievably boring to listen to someone talk about themselves this much. Like if we didn't have the costume changes to laugh at this is literally just someone talking about themselves nonstop for half an hour. And not even an astronaut or someone with interesting stories and accomplishments to discuss, just a fat NEET droning on about "I have different emotions sometimes isn't that weird".

No. 318098

Are you saying this ISN’T the face of someone who vacillates between all-out anorexic starvation and only eating healthy stuff like salad and peppers? I can’t believe Jill would lie about that!

No. 318099

Sheesh anon, are you going to tell me that these two interviews aren't literally the same? She's just as traumatized as the last woman in the video!

No. 318103

she has a really thick neck and overall stubbiness characteristic of someone with hypothyroidism. she should get her hormones level checked. but also could just be the monster and tendies, ofc.(armchairing)

No. 318107

Don't give her munchie ideas, lol

No. 318108

she's literally just fat

No. 318109

She's 5'1, lives off of fat, sugar, and sodium, and comes from a tiny island with a shallow gene pool

It would be far more surprising if she looked any other way

No. 318110

"I don't want to feel abnormal in any way. I want to fit in." Says it all. This what mental illness looks. Jillian is what internet brain rot and retardation combined with borderline personality disorder allowed to run rampant looks like.

No. 318112

It’s insane how she legitimately looks 40 in most of these clips. I know 35 year olds that look significantly more youthful than this, even ones who are also overweight and drink often.

No. 318117

>Jillian is what internet brain rot and retardation combined with borderline personality disorder allowed to run rampant looks like.
She truly has an incredibly unkind, putrid soul and I genuinely do not believe that she is capable of change in any meaningful way.

No. 318118

I honestly think she is completely despicable. A truly rotten, selfish person who is affected by nothing but affluenza. Violet Beauregarde incarnate.

No. 318119

File: 1705690471561.png (125.78 KB, 1080x595, Screenshot_20240119-115413~2.p…)

Blaming daddy because he doesn't buy in to your retarded bullshit? I wonder what daddy dearest would think if he found out you were publicly blaming him for extreme physical and sexual childhood abuse? I'd love to find out.

No. 318120

File: 1705690916932.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1504, Screenshot_20240119-115854~2.p…)

Cool, now try "actually going to therapy" instead of lying. Counselling is not therapy. Having a BetterHelp subscription that you forgot about isn't therapy. Telehealth isn't seeing a doctor. Staying inside your home isn't healing. Cosplaying isn't DID. Posting on Twitter isn't a job. Being a fatass that subsists on tendies isn't ARFID. Every single thing Jillian Vessey says is a lie.

No. 318122

sorry for spoonfeeding request but whats the hand gesture she keeps making?

No. 318123

It's a finger heart. It started in kpop.

No. 318124

File: 1705697146644.png (2.07 MB, 1080x1857, markup_1000004196.png)

sage for not exactly Jill related but this brand Jill did a sponsorship with has been called out for stealing from a small artist. Very ethical!

No. 318129

Sunny coming out being the most demented of the lot. Not even acting like a child, let alone some supposedly stunted autistic kid. I couldn't hold my laughter at her attempt to be an "excitable" kid enthused about the magical interwebs. Veronica I think she tried being sultry for? I don't think she's necessarily more drugged out than usual, I think she's trying to act like a femme fatale kek. Instead it sounded like a girl overplaying being drunk for attention.
Anyone watched the whole thing and/or plans on recapping? If not I have time to kill. Just don't want to put myself through it if someone already is

No. 318132

Right? I thought Sunny was meant to be an innocent happy-go-lucky kid. Why is she swearing and ranting about haters?

No. 318134

Please make a recap or summary if you can nonny. I'm not strong enough to watch it all. It's too cringe.

No. 318135

File: 1705707985318.jpg (159.57 KB, 720x1162, Next stream.jpg)

Next live stream date
I wonder if that was part of the reason for the tantrums she threw when she was at her family home during the Christmas stay? Maybe he didn't affirm her enough and she took it as a slight? Who knows what heinous crime he truly committed against his portly princess. Still lol and stay mad, Jillian. Humoring ≠ believing
That took me by surprise too. It made me laugh because you can tell how genuinely angry she was.

No. 318136

File: 1705709511596.jpg (113.11 KB, 613x616, 0987653456.jpg)

Jax was the nacho incident. Picrel from the recap of the QnA video about having DID and relationships in thread 62. It amazes me how Jill has no qualms about ruining food and thinks it's funny.

No. 318137

You can always tell which OC is Jill’s current fav because her true personality shines through, the same thing happened with the green OCs when they were her fav of the month

No. 318138

You both are 100% correct.
Her dad is supposedly on the spectrum. I think this is just more larp tbh.

No. 318140

Definitely more larp. She THINKS her daddy is autistic, but I doubt he is. He's just a nerd who probably actually told her to "get real" over the holidays. I feel all of her recent "I need to change how I act online and act professionally" somehow has to be the result of her Dad giving her a frank "get it together" talk. However, she did just go all-in with this recent video, so I don't know. One thing is for sure: Jillian is never getting hired for a real job ever again. Better baby trap Stevie soon.

No. 318143

The fact the layout here is the same as the thread pic
>So how do you reconcile that she wants to be a full time content creator, she wants money, but she still wants to LARP with DID?
Self destructive behaviour anon, often people don't do the logical or smart thing because they find it easier to be a mess.
Her combination of meds, weed, alcohol, coffee and energy drinks on a daily basis speaks to that.

No. 318147

"supposedly" is honestly too generous. these threads go waaaaaaay back. she only started saying her dad was autistic after breadcrumbring that she was. how convinient.
if the only evidence of something is jill tweeting it, its a lie. works 99.9% of the time.

No. 318148

a kek in the sea of darkness

No. 318151

Nta I agree with you a thousand precent but I also wouldn't mind if part of her family was autistic, be it her dad, brother, etc, whatever. I mean her cousin who got married is on the spectrum, I think that the most likely scenario is that she has family members like this and she's just mirroring them or copying them. Or she wants an excuse to say "omg it runs in my family so it must mean I'm autistic too!!" Why doesn't she just get tested already? Or she could pull the fake ass diagnostic impression shenanigans again.

No. 318155

She likes the idea of her dad having it because social media promotes the idea that if one of your parents has autistic traits then you must have ASD.

No. 318160

Imagine wishing your dad had a mental condition so you could claim to have it too

No. 318171

god i hope her sycophants butter her up so she can put the sandwich cat larp on full display for us to laugh at
nuclear level cringe

No. 318172

File: 1705754468561.png (6.19 MB, 2880x1863, combined.png)

#Ask the LARPS Recap
Intro (Pixie)
>been planning this for a while
>she has “high hopes and her life has been getting less-” makes a face and giggles but cuts,* ”basically I’ve been crawling out of the dark ages”. - KEK
>claims she’d do this video even if she didn’t have a youtube channel because she “never gets to see them like this”
>”if you’re here you know what you’re in for”
>claims she won’t answer any of the questions because we hear enough of her all the time even though obviously one would want to know directly how she interacts with them and acts as host, not just extrapolate it. though i suspect it was just too hard to think of how “she’d” answer them and fit in

interspliced intros (combined by person here)
>(1)veronica - “k, hi”
>(2)Sunny - “Hello, I’m here for my participation points.”
>”I lost the questions so I had to listen to Jer’s then write them back out”
>(3) Jer - hi (”boy*”*)
>was the first to film “almost 2 months ago now”, but apparently re-filmed because the first time her hair was bad and she was in a bad mood and she didn’t want to be “the sad guy”
>(4)Grandma - hi (grandma voice - it’s cliffe but i’m calling her grandma because of the demeanor)
>(5)Flora -” hello! I’m sorry that I’m the last person to get to this”

What is most important to you? (+unnoficially, “what do you do for jill?”)
>veronica - “I feel like it’s really important to feel…good? about myself? like as a part I feel like one of my main roles is to feel confident, like obviously in a sexual manner because trauma" (best part imo, but tough call)(6) >>318060
>”so it’s important for me to make a safe space for that kind of stuff”
>”so I guess the relationships around me are very important”
>realises she still has the sunny bracelet on and awkwardly takes it off saying “it’s not miss ma’am no more” as many PEI sluts do I’m sure
>It’s important for me to fulfil my role in helping us express our sexual identity (7)
>sunny - friendship, my sweet friends, and being happy
>”i place a lot of importance in trying to make sure that if I’m in my apartment and I’m sad and there’s no reason to be sad, like, why am I wasting my time being sad? so what if we were happy? but that’s why I’m here as a little (smirk) slice of the brain”
>Jer - Music is the only thing they care about like a “true emo”.
>likes drag because it allows them to perform to music (has she ever done an “emo” song?)
>here for recovery, fixing life, getting better, maintaining relationships, not fucking up, keeping the “persecutor” or “protector” role, doesn’t want to cause “more harm than they already have by accident” and not be the bad guy
>grandma - “our wellbeing and Jill’s wellbeing specifically”, helps everyone but helps Jill the most
>goes on tangent about they do nothing else like hobbies or passtimes. happy to be internal and otherwise be pulled out to do work
>Flora - making sure the people around them are taken care of and encouraging a positive energy in the headspace and physical home
>”with ptsd and anxiety it’s very easy to have a bad day with no external factors”
>”people say if society was completely accepting of your illness it wouldn’t be considered an illness because it wouldn’t impact you but that’s definitely not the case” smiles. reiterates this point that their brain can enter “dangerous territory”
>she maintains the feeling of safety

what do you spend most of your time doing?
> V - having a good time, going out to the club, partying, staying up late, getting wild - and not expending what that means on [youtube.com](http://youtube.com) (8) (because you would be content restricted for saying getting stoned on the couch watching children’s cartoons all night)
>idk I feel like I have to keep the youthful spirit of mischief alive, or idk, something bad will happen (9)
>sunny - singing anime music very loudly and doing anime dances
>”doing makey-upey” 8:37
>is child but is carefully plucking hair off of nose and rubbing in a way to not disturb the makeup application
>tries to act like a fortnite kid i guess but sounds actually kinda tired and distracted even doing this
>stutters around that just anime dancing makes them really happy acting like a kid’s tv character played by an adult with a headache
>”sometimes energy builds up and up and up, and then it has to come out in some way - if you know what I’m talking about - freaking meltdown, not fun! so if i can get that energy out in a positive heavy breathes way, with like positive heavy breathes **stimming then we don’t have to freak out in a negative way”
>also likes making AMVs (evidence includes half-finished video in tweet from a month ago that was potentially shat out while making this video as the video would have been in production then according to her)(10)
>we need more hobbies that don’t relate to capitalism (how old is this alter?) or our career. Jill wants to monetise everything, and I get that because it’s easy to because I get that it’s easy to monetise putting up your christmas tree, or fucking having a baby kid (which is not a thing we’re going to do) but you know what I mean? you need to sit down, watch anime, listen to vocaloid music, you need to dance and have a good time. and you only need to tweet about it, STOP VLOGGING (*because if you get one of your alters to say it you can pretend you’re always working right jill?). not always, but sometimes you need a hobby that’s just useless and just creates joy
>jer - used to co-front more, been chilling inside more recently
>”I’ve had a lot of life development that has allowed me to chill out a little bit”
>”on the cooldown of mental angry boy puberty”
>jill is co-con with me, I can’t shake her all the way, can kinda hear her
>I help with the emotions, not by choice it’s just how the system runs and was built
>the reason why I’m here is to deal with the “hot, hot, hot bpd crap” - *so is he there to deal with it or is the containment of all the symptoms of it? wouldn’t the “soothing” alters be the one actually dealing with the bpd?
>I listen to music and struggle severely, life is not fun, I cannot help but imagine kids with real issues from fucked up childhoods hearing this and be mad at her snorting her way through this farce
>”big new thing the last few months, loves exercising!” her and a couple of other alters have gotten hooked on weight lifting. Intends to make it a party trick that they’ll be in a cute dress and have “guns” as they increase their reps each time
>grandma - spends more of her time inside. doesn’t often fully front, only once a month, mostly there as a “hand on Jill’s shoulder while she does emails and makes sure she knows when to take breaks”. *breaks must be a real struggle for jill I’m sure
>”an internal manager”
>introduced sunny to flora, helps to communicate, has more access “to amnesia walls” than the others
>flora - spends time cooking, cleaning, and lots of time co-con
>fronts on her own quite a bit, some parts are internal only. probably fronts more than others on her own
>most of what she does is “cooking and cleaning”.
>”I guess I can also make youtube videos because I’ve been doing it for a long time so I’m good with filming and edditing. and I guess I’m really into fashion too. but I wouldn’t say that takes up a lot of my time” (implying cleaning does)
>in fact she filmed this right after really scrubbing down the window! (that hadn’t been done in a while) and also other cleaning! and a stir fry! and actually also filming and editing!
>she and sunny spend the most time out as they “do what needs doing the most in the collective” like work, cleaning, and cooking (the kid?)

No. 318173

File: 1705754506336.png (541.95 KB, 713x488, 19.png)

pt 2
what have you learned since we last saw you? (+unofficially, “what are you here to learn? - no idea why she didn’t write that too since she answered it for them all)
>V - “I’ve leaned I need to communicate (hard jump cut) and I guess I’ve like, learned my place in this whole more (breathes) I think I am probably the part out of the whole the most who feels the most like they’re a girl. like I know we have DID but I feel like a person? and I don’t really feel like a part”
>claims that the ones who front in order from most to least is “jill, jer, veronica, flora”
>I haven’t learned anything else, I don’t think I’m here to learn (girl is slut)
>sunny - learned that she likes making AMVs since the recent last time she talked and has “made friends in the system” is “epic besties with flora” (insert mouth noise that triggered my miscophonia for the record)
>veronica’s twitter has been highjacked to being “all girls and sometimes cliffe”
>I don’t think I’m here to learn a lesson or do anything
>I need to get out of the car when we are making spagetti
>jer - 2 things can be true at the same time: it’s possible to hold a grudge or have feelings and not let it affect the whole system and their choices. apparently they hold grudges on friends that the other alters don’t. they’re learning to “withdraw” and let the others be friends in that case and when they do so the other headmates “validate” their feelings while holding their own
>life would be easier if we didn’t hold grudges till the end of time
>tired of forcing herself to “just get over something” as we all know jill is known for keeping things in
>obsesses over her hair again. I guess it’s a jer quirk while acting like a coke addict (right down to rubbing their nose) is something sunny does
>”we’ve done dialectical thought”, omg has it been 2 years since i’ve been online? (what about “dialectical thought” jill?)
>I guess I can respect people’s opinions and “truths” and “situations” and whatever, pushes an exagerrated voice ugh DIALECTICAL THERAPY whatever. (imo if jill had gone through dbt i feel like she’d have been keen to list the ways it helped her vs claiming it’s a pain forcing her to be empathetic which might be her reason why she hasn’t actually done therapy kek. she’s worried it’ll just be sessions forcing her to not be a pos)
>had lots of teenage angst that needed to come out and feels like it has been put to bed (while still acting like an exaggerated tween girl)
>wears jammies in the headspace and believes they did what they set out to do which was be emo all over the place and now they can sleep
>grandma- learned boundaries between members of the collective, hit the ground runnning for learning to communicate amongst themselves. they’re in a nice sweet spot now
>grandma has learned they’re not the “all-seeing, all-knowing gatekeeper” and so there are sometimes conflicts even they are not privy to and go over her “level”.
>”cares the least about how they present in ‘this body’ because there’s no way to look how they do inside. - a tall bald man”
>Flora - I’ve been used the most. if someone needs a place to crash on i have a guest bedroom. if things in the inner-world don’t feel safe they can stay with me.
>did lots of work with sunny, sunny jill and her have had a blossoming friendship since she came out this year. “we’re like sisters or twins or something! we have like two sides of an energy that can balance out together nice” - extension of her “sunny and I are out the most” thought train from earlier that isn’t congruent with what she says elsewhere
>most of her life felt like she was the “only one” so she’s used to being out and used to things like customer service transactions.
>jer and cliffe being out was good for internal healing to function in daily life again
>”jer’s chapter isn’t at a close, but he’s gotten enough closure that he doesn’t need to be out all the time, now he can rest a little bit and only come out when it’s necessary for him”
>”[jer] experiences a lot of pain, a lot of the time. and in the way we are all really co-conscious, we can really all, well not all, the parts that are around when jer is out, we can feel it”
>”so with sunny and me as the second in command, I feel like this has been a really good chapter for progressing our life? not that doing therapy and healing is not progressing your life, but we just, we weren’t really able to work and we all weren’t able to focus on things that we enjoy” (11-ass covering that she isn’t doing zero therapy)

Anything else you wanna add? ( >>318082 )
>V - I enjoy making content, so if you will have more of me(12), I would like to be here(13), peace and love (14)
>S - i love you. i like the internet. (you never go full retard jill)
>(hater rant) “even though, even though! (15kinda loses act) the most hatred we’ve ever gotten is on my meet the alter. just a little youtube short of me doing the calmest, most simple dance. just a little lady, just basically doing a little dance to one of the most viral songs this year? and people are like, there’s no way a person would ever do this, this is fake”
>(16) just this, you don’t think that a person with did could do this??? anyway
>(resumes retard so she doesn’t just have sunny rant which is what the total positive kid alter who doesn’t see a reason to be unhappy would do) plays with hair then says goodbye
>jer - wants to do more drag this year, jill also wants to do some drag
>”watch me get buff”
>grandma - we’ve gotten into a better routine at the end of the night checking in like unloading at the end of the night to a good friend. even if we have hashed it out already externally, even if jill has talked it out already with stevie, it’s always you know - with DID you always have to (phone dies) communicate with other parts on top of communicating externally
>flora - “i love you, i really enjoy making content, it feels very at home to me”
>”you tell me hearing my voice now reminds you of really old videos from 6, 7, 8 years ago and it just really touches my heart and really means so much to me that you see me”
>”I don’t think anyone… there’s very, very few people that kind of see me like that”
>appreciates being able to do the same thing now while being “out of the DID closet” (wasn’t she already out?)
>V - (more white girl gang signs) Peace and love
>sunny - “kisses, kisses, hee hee hoo ha, see you in the new year”
>flora - bye
>grandma - stay well, thank you folks (17 steals one of veronica’s gang signs)
>I learned this from Jill
>Jer - so yeah, thank you, happy new year. The internet has been, (stops herself from another internet hater rant) the internet but you guys have been awesome! it makes me feel like a person and a human being
>not every part needs this but they do to “get over their crap”
>(18) does the sign, guess it’s a “thing” now
>happy new year and bye

Back to Jill
>”i hope that wasn’t too weird!”
>created post-it notes for the fridge (19), looks to be the same notes Jer is holding (20). Alters on note: JILL, JERR, CLIFFE, FLORA, SUNNY, VERONICA, AMBER, JAX (assumed wouldn’t want to be involved), (REDACTED - sandwich?)
>”the co-operation of my parts surprised me!”
>two alters want more videos like this, yay! (21 - insert another attempt to make fetch happen with the silly finger thing)
>”anytime i talk about my parts I get a tsunami of hatred, but that’s just the life of someone with dissociative identity disorder online so pray for me my sweets”
what a video

No. 318174

Kek we all know why she won’t get tested. I knew a faker who said she was getting tested last march and she hasn’t been posting autism stuff since.

Yeah neither of my parents are autistic it doesn’t have to come from them. However, my husband and I are autistic and if we had a kid it would be low-functioning.

No. 318175

thank you for your sacrifice. her OCs (because thats what they are, not DID alters) are too stereotypical and one-dimensional like a shitty YA novel or a compilation of tik tards. some of the OCs feel like a major cope for jill's behavior and some are just cringe. the veronica one feels like a shitty (and weirdly offensive) interpretation of a child abuse victim, but its weird because jill doesnt go to parties, she doesnt even leave the house lmao.
man, affluenza is a bitch.

No. 318178

>used to co-front more, been chilling inside more recently
Ay lmao what the fuck. So the inner world bullshit of hers is for real and she totally believe that her OCs can just talk to each other in the animal crossing world.

No. 318180

It seems like Jill is mistaking using her imagination for an “inner world”, she’s so ridiculous.
Everything she does is mega special and a sign of an extreme ptsd condition, how can anyone doubt her totes believable DID! She dresses up and has mapped out the inner world where her OCs live, only someone truly suffering would do that.
She spends way too much time sitting with herself and trying to slot her bullshit into some sort of mental illness/disability. How bored must she be, how empty does she find her life that she’s pathologized liking different colors and feeling different feelings? She just seems bored.

No. 318182

I remember she said her inner world looks like an animal crossings island, which is a hilarious giveaway that this is fake. What kind of inner world designed for her safety from PTSD and CSA looks like a fucking island from a 2020 video game

No. 318186

her eyebags have eyebags kek amazing

No. 318189

Kek she really does live her life like it’s an anime. Jer’s arc hasn’t ended yet, we have yet to see his final form.

> peace and love

Veronica confirmed the system’s H3 fan

No. 318191

>really important for me to like… feel… good…?(shakes head) about myself (still shaking head)
She says those things but her body langauge is literally saying the direct opposite

No. 318192

what's the crossed out name? amanda again?

No. 318194

File: 1705791272579.jpg (361.03 KB, 1868x1080, IMG_20240120_235525.jpg)

Nonnies,if you want to watch the most cringey part of the video, please watch 9:40
It's jill singing "Fallen Leaves" by Billy Talent like a total sped while an anime video plays

No. 318195

>>”people say if society was completely accepting of your illness it wouldn’t be considered an illness because it wouldn’t impact you but that’s definitely not the case” smiles. reiterates this point that their brain can enter “dangerous territory”

She's poorly referencing the social model of disability here, which is an actual disability activism concept (that most disabled activists subscribe to) that has nothing to do with acceptance and everything to do with accommodation. AKA if disabled people have consistent access to basic accommodations (things like a ramp to enter a building) we can be normal productive members of society and live like everyone else. It has nothing to do with disabled people still experiencing symptoms of their disability with the accommodations, or with being disabled being "hard" also. Most disabled people want independence and freedom, not that Jill would ever understand that because she wants to be a leech who gets to do whatever she wants and still be universally pitied by everyone.

I just find it especially heinous that she would co-opt/rephrase this, it's a really important concept to the movement and she clearly didn't care to research it or understand it, because all she cares about is people feeling sorry for her. She is genuinely rotten inside.

No. 318196

It's just like how she parrots "the body keeps the score" when she's never read the book and didn't even know what it was about. She is brain dead.

No. 318197

File: 1705793183019.mp4 (11.31 MB, 1280x720, AMV.mp4)

Here's the clip of Jill as Sunny singing the song "Fallen Leaves".

No. 318198

File: 1705793775921.mp4 (6.95 MB, 1280x720, If society was completely acce…)

Thank you for the recap. Jill was really all over the place. Her insecurities were really shining through.
Clipped it so other nonnies can see how she looks while saying this.

No. 318199

that pissed me off because she completely missed the point and made it all about herself once again. she has to constantly find things that don't apply to her and twist them to play victim

No. 318200

File: 1705795656688.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1170x1992, IMG_6130.jpeg)

No. 318201

Nothing petite about it

No. 318202

>like as a part I feel like one of my main roles is to feel confident, like obviously in a sexual manner because trauma
God there's so much bullshit in this video but this one specifically is one of the worst. I could single out more but I would never end. Thanks for the summary

No. 318203

>did lots of work with sunny, sunny jill and her have had a blossoming friendship since she came out this year. “we’re like sisters or twins or something! we have like two sides of an energy that can balance out together nice” -
How can she say this shit with a straight face is beyond me

No. 318205

idk her makeup looks caked on?

No. 318206

did she post a monochromatic outfit so we couldn't make a "what is going on with the color design" meme ?

No. 318209

I don't typically shit on her appearance, she's ugly because of how she acts not how she looks, but what the fuck is she doing with her mouth that looks horrid

No. 318210

She's taken to pursing her lips because she thinks it hides her fatness. It doesn't.

No. 318212

She’s trying to Do a cutesy winky face and it’s just not giving. She just looks retarded

No. 318213

File: 1705805625650.jpeg (198.11 KB, 683x1024, IMG_0838.jpeg)

No. 318216

My sides, thank you anon because I suck at video compression

No. 318222

Imagine being Jill's brother and seeing this video of her saying her alters are like her siblings. Like wtf.

No. 318223

>what do you spend most of your time doing?
> V - having a good time, going out to the club, partying, staying up late, getting wild

When was the last time Jill - I mean Veronica - has been to a club or a party lmao. Does Veronica go to the animal crossing island's club to do party drugs or wtf is she on about.

No. 318226

shes complete dork trying to look cool tbh. real club goers would laugh at her ass lol

No. 318227

seriously, the pic would be ok if she smiled normally instead of doing a retarded 2010s duckface. she's afraid of getting older but she makes herself look like a millenial kek

No. 318228

File: 1705847454389.jpeg (459.34 KB, 828x1381, IMG_4596.jpeg)

No. 318229

>diagnosed as general anxiety disorder
>uses methods to stop anxiety to feel better

Huh, wonder why they thought it was anxiety

No. 318230

>cracked the ptsd/did egg
The fact that she's using tranny lingo is disgusting but I hope a bunch of terminally online trannies cancel her for this.

No. 318231

>coping skill the house down diaphragmatic breathing pussy slay
Shut the actual fuck up you vapid liar bitch, you have no idea what this kind of fear actually feels like if you're talking about it like this

No. 318234

File: 1705850565832.jpg (214.72 KB, 720x1510, 00181423.jpg)

>coping skill the house down diaphragmatic breathing pussy slay the vagnus nerve eleganza
I loathe how she phrases things. She really thinks she's a wordsmith.

No. 318237

She sounds like such a nightmare to be around lmao. Imagine not responding to 1 message and having this bitch throw a tantrum and start screaming and rocking. She probably freaks out on people if they don't respond to her in seconds.

No. 318238

i think what's really happened is
1. the person just didn't want to respond to her neediness or was uncomfortable and when narc jilly freaked out, they blamed facebook not to have to deal with that
2. jill is actually posting this on twitter to confirm that facebook does send messages out of order, because her BPD ass thinks the other person may be lying to her

No. 318240

Jill is a walking BPD stereotype, constantly oversharing on her public social media and starting arguments for no reason. No wonder it's the only mental illness she barely speaks about

No. 318242

its called a hangover you dumb cunt. oml theres only 2 ppl in that apartment and shes not from the streets nor a broken family, tf is she doing. all her anxiety shit is self-inflicted from energy drinks, weed and alcohol. you don't know fear jill, put down your phone

No. 318244

There is absolutely no situation whatsoever where this grown ass woman should be behaving as such, especially considering it’s her reaction to the sheer idea alone of someone not coddling and patting her ass — for what? Nothing but the digital transmission of every emotion she experiences? It’s noise at this point anyway! People like her who don’t actually struggle often fail to realize that truly disadvantaged people get the opposite of extra support LMAO rude awakening incoming

No. 318245

The fact that she started a whole ass argument over it too makes me wonder how tf she has friends
If the friend did see it and chose not to reply, wouldn't mental health queen Jill be kind enough to respect their boundaries and not lay into them? What a fucking narc

No. 318247

Isn't this kinda manipulative to throw one Emotional message in normal ones like a grenade and then freak out if they don't reference it? Normal people have consistent conversations where each message that hour or whatever (or irl, that 20 minute period etc) will be about the same thing.
Also this person isn't compelled to reply to whatever she said and she could have simply repeated it/rephrased it rather than create some villain of this poor person on a different platform.

No. 318248

For whatever reason her constant use of the word "slay" and the heart-finger gesture irritates me with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. She really has no personality beyond what is trending in the most tasteless corners of the internet, does she?

No. 318249

Also "oh my feelings hurt" sounds like a direct reference to narcissistic injury given the context. Tfw you're trying to drain someone's emotional energy and they just skip those messages!!(armchairing)

No. 318252

You know how I know she doesn't have trauma? Because the most traumatic thing she has gone through has been lolcow bullying and yet she always tries to "prove the haters wrong" instead of milking it. She's such a narcissist.
If Veronica is the one that feels more like a "girl", then that means she revamped her lore from being intersex into being just female. I'm also guessing she's allergic to saying "I feel like a woman".
>Pussy slay
The fuck. Who talks about anxiety like that.
Anyway it's pretty obvious that she's happy to have leveled up her anxiety into PTSD status. Even though she clearly doesn't have PTSD, what she describes still sounds like your run of the mill anxiety and the fact that she can still tweet about it proves it. But she has to make it extra special this snowflake.
This, she's just using all kinds of terminology to make herself look more special. Why is she using that lingo is beyond me.
Kek get wrecked.

No. 318253

I'm imagining that the first case is the most likely scenario, but I guess instead of a quick google search she rather have her narc ego boosted on Twitter. I wonder if this person follows this account too, it would be fucked up that now they're being shamed just because they didn't reply to desperate attention seeking Jilly.

Like, you can't cause an argument like this just because someone didn't reply to your emotional blackmail. And she said she sent it to multiple people? She's scary to be around tbh. Uncontrolled narcissist. Now this person might not ever reply again or simply ignore her some more out of fear that she might get this bad again. Jillian is an idiot. This is why people avoid her.

No. 318254

File: 1705868442438.jpg (49.31 KB, 554x554, images-2.jpg)

>Narcissist injury
Oh god it fits her to a t. All the rage and tantrums she has ever thrown.(armchairing)

No. 318255

Newest livestream

No. 318256

File: 1705871074832.jpeg (482.27 KB, 828x674, IMG_9643.jpeg)

She’s never learned how to relax her mouth and it only emphasizes the lines on her face and makes her look older

No. 318258

>I drink a coffee and a monster every day

No. 318264

God this was 50lbs ago

No. 318274

At this point I think she's trying to induce anxiety on purpose

No. 318275

This and her weed, sugar and alcohol consumption… Then she wonders why she wakes up feeling "wrong for no reason"

No. 318276

I hope summary nonna comes and gives us the deets. Thank you summary nonna for your service.

No. 318284

File: 1705889118833.mp4 (18.69 MB, 1280x720, Neurodivergent exercising.mp4)

>Disclaimer for vibe, she's a little bit disregulated hence the cozy mode
I skipped around a lot because her mouth noises and screeching were insufferable. At the end she talks about how she may throw in some exercise content in a vlog.

No. 318285

File: 1705889345774.mp4 (9.7 MB, 1280x720, Energy drinks and coffee.MP4)

>Every single thing I touch becomes a problem

No. 318286

Who tf is she to call marketing a problem she's the one drinking coffee and energy drinks put the fucking sugar down Jill you're not important

No. 318288

Buckle up nonnies, she's doing a video on Selkie using AI. Jill also mentions she loves cleaning especially on a sunny day and engaging with her objects. Stevie apparently got her into saying engaging with objects and told her he wished he had a tiny shred of the joy she feels from cleaning.

No. 318291

0:00-10:30 saying hi to her fans and continues to weaponize her incompetence about not knowing how to do her fucking job and playing it off like she's such a quirky smol bean.
13:00 - Discussing girly games (Polly pocket, MLP etc) and her inability to answer emails & her joking about how she's lost so many cool opportunities because her brain is literally broken
15:52 - monster drink lore. States it replaces 2 coffees for her but will still drink coffee afterwards
20:15 - finally has chat working properly in her custom boarder thingy.
27:03 - excited for valentines day, went on a pizza date with stevie, discusses pineapple on pizza, stocking up on cute home goods with all the valentine themed items around.
34:50 - Selkie using AI. Standard belief of AI should be used for boring jobs and art should be made by people. Repeating every AI bad catch phrase for artists around.
42:28 - precure, anime & general chat interactions
56:30 - cleaning, her explaining why she's enjoying her stuff (sounds like marie kondo advice), morals turning on once she turned 21 (no big clothing hauls)
1:01:00 - chat stopped working
1:04:28 - turning 26 in a month & a bit so expect a nice big BDP spiral and more Jilly-bean trivia rounds. Chat asks if they can send presents and Jilly states she'll try and get a PO Box up. Won't be making a special birthday outfit
1:10:44 - cat talk and baby noises
1:14:00 - using a silk pillow case and her hair "literally felts into a mat'
1:15:08 - goal for this year is to get buff as hell but doesn't want to go near any fitness or diet content. Continues to talk about hair and general chat interaction.
1:21:21 - finished and it was full of ads

No. 318293

Jill makes the average person seem like a health nut, lmao
>it has 0 calories!!
she's coping hard

No. 318294

>stocking up on cute home goods with all the valentine themed items around
Clothing hauls bad, themed seasonal plastic good
She's just a tiktok consoomer
>goal for this year is to get buff as hell but doesn't want to go near any fitness or diet content
She wants the fantasy of being "buff" but is scared to face the reality of her lifestyle, same reason why she doesn't go do a health check up

These streams aren't informative, they are "let's talk about me me me" hour for people that relate to her

No. 318295

>15:52 - monster drink lore. States it replaces 2 coffees for her but will still drink coffee afterwards
Gee I wonder where that "PTSD" is coming from

No. 318296

Wish she went back to just being unapologetically a consoomer. It was so much more entertaining than the DID larp, the mento jillness is just infuriating.

No. 318298

Jill's been livestreaming for months now and she still spends half the stream asking her fans how to fix things, and half of her streams end early with her mid sentence. How is she this incompetent and lady at something she expects people to pay for.

No. 318299

>These streams aren't informative

most streams aren't, she's basically doing a "just chatting" stream on youtube. I thought it was obvious that was her goal, another place for her to talk about me me me

No. 318300

It's more that I'm baffled she can maintain an audience for that, she entirely relies on parasocial patreon fans. 'Just chatting' mainly works for thirst bait, otherwise you have to be entertaining.

No. 318301

I’m shocked it took her this long to get a livestream overlay. She’s extremely incompetent.

No. 318306

It looks like shit, too. The first wave on top dips into the camera feed, but the second one doesn't.

No. 318307

File: 1705928605729.jpeg (359.24 KB, 828x1056, IMG_0073.jpeg)


No. 318308

Warming up to the "new alter who is a total cunt to my friends" saga where she can no longer be held accountable for anything she posts on twitter

No. 318309

How tf would she know if she truly doesn't remember? Does she just go to her Twitter settings and check the mute/block list every morning? What a shitty cover up, she only knows it's happening because she's doing it and trying to act like she's not a BPD narc

No. 318311

Kek at the one bookmark. someone is saving this for later I see. It’s so funny that she’s blaming her DID instead of taking accountability.

No. 318313

I have accidentally unfollowed people before and thought “I’m not seeing them much on my feed” and gone to check to see I had unfollowed them. It’s (or was) easy to do that on the app. So it could be something like that where she noticed so and so was missing and checked, if this was actually happening unbeknownst to her which it isn’t. I’d like to know who was blocked though, I bet Mikan for some reason.

No. 318316

Unfollowing isn't the same as blocking or muting so I don't see that as a valid explanation for what Jill is doing

No. 318318

Here's the answer: she went on a narc rage and blocked a bunch of people and then greened out enough to not remember it or is simply pretending to forget she did it

No. 318319

Isn't every alter supposed to be nice now? Even Jericka is supposed to be going through her redemption arc according to her last video.
I wonder who really could be blocking Jill's friends?

No. 318321

Jill (larping as her favorite OC of the month). Like >>318318 said she probably blocked them in a huff. It was probably more that they committed some sort of wrong think against the moments activist trend and she’s since forgotten what wrong think they committed because she’s moved on to the next thing or because of all the weed.

No. 318324

Wow what a "coincidence" that yesterday she had a narcissistic induced fit when one of her friends ignored her shitty behavior and now she's claiming amnesia saying she doesn't remember blocking so much people. She's deliberately doing this shit and then pretending she did nothing wrong.

It's very subtle but this reeks of manipulation. This spoiled brat just never learnt anything growing up and will keep pretending she's a good loving "friend" but honestly I find that so hard to believe.

No. 318325

File: 1705952797301.jpeg (387.5 KB, 828x1173, IMG_4603.jpeg)

No. 318329

I wonder if people actually come over to her house at all? She insists she lets people stay and that she's very generous but it all feels like a lie..plus she never cleans

No. 318330

my bet is that she hasn't even unfollowed or blocked anyone and this tweet is just part of the larp

No. 318332

Yes, that could be it. Soft launching her new evil alter. She needs to see how people react to her openly denying accountability and disallowing criticism. So far people have been supportive, which means she has the green light to escalate for more attention. Can't wait for the next melty.

No. 318339

its a very immature and cunty thing to do. how she lives with herself is beyond me.

No. 318343

Tinfoil her friends are getting sick of her and blocked her themselves or softblocked her and she’s just trying to cope.

No. 318345

File: 1705988415794.png (290.13 KB, 720x1113, IMG_20240122_233926.png)

She has done this exact thing before.

No. 318346

File: 1705988562618.png (135.97 KB, 720x576, IMG_20240122_233947.png)

And she's still seething about "haters"

No. 318347

File: 1705990042014.png (1.47 MB, 1395x1395, handmade.png)

No. 318348

kek tfw your art is so uninspired and avaricious that robots are a enough of a threat to make you chimp out and try to cancel them. She had no creation to offer besides throwing outfits together at the height of her career.

No. 318350

trying to make a quiet exit before they receive a birthday invitation and spend an evening playing jilly-bean bingo

No. 318351

According to her she gets black outs and switches and has amnesia all the time, this should be a normal everyday thing to her. I'm not fully sure she's faking it all this time, it could just be that X is acting up and she's delightfully taking advantage of it for her larp, pretending a bug is totally her alter being a dick

No. 318354

If she has amnesia and blackouts all the time like she says it means her meds aren't working and she needs the help of a professional asap. But of course we all know she's clearly bullshiting everything kek.
Next thread pic please I beg.

No. 318358

Elementary school “I didn’t send that message it was my cousin on my computer” level excuse from Jill kek.

No. 318359

If she has blackouts she wouldn't be able to be unsupervised, for example when she was alone when Stebee was away. She could burn the house down or hurt herself, this larp is ridiculous

No. 318361

It's funny when idiots like her think they're expert manipulators and yet they come off as completely infantile. She's the dumbest narcissist out there. Only dumbasses fall for it

No. 318363

File: 1706013756581.jpg (228.92 KB, 1080x1117, 1000004858.jpg)

Jill being retarded
>A food desert is an area that has limited access to affordable and nutritious food. In contrast, an area with greater access to supermarkets and vegetable shops with fresh foods may be called a food oasis.

No. 318365

She's truly so sheltered and dumb

No. 318366

spoiled sheltered rich girl who has spent her entire life living in a bubble of privilege has no idea what low income areas are like, what a shock

No. 318368

late but does this girl claim they stole a stripey sweater as her design? kek

No. 318369

does she for real think a food desert is a place with no food at all? how would people live? the sobbing emoji really makes this one.

There are plenty of valid reasons to be opposed to AI art that are not “I’m jelly bc robot better than me” but I am interested to see what Jill says about this (what other points she parrots). The thing about Selkie is the prints have always been designed by the owner, often based on existing art (classic art) so she didn’t really take the job from anyone she just used different tools at her own job. Imo the AI prints really don’t look as nice as their usual prints so the gamble wasn’t worth it but it’s interesting how many people focus on that jobs lost argument when it’s not really valid in this case. Also Jill’s argument is pretty weak considering traditional collages are literally art made from existing art. Or is that not art?

No. 318370

No. She was talking about the print on the tie which is actually her eye and handwriting

No. 318371

File: 1706019335900.jpg (1.77 MB, 2560x1920, 24-01-23-14-13-51-253_deco.jpg)

Here is a comparison for those interested

No. 318373

File: 1706022963803.jpeg (609.31 KB, 1125x992, IMG_0933.jpeg)

Does this mean we can call her racist again? Kek

No. 318375

stoners who change their weed usage (less altogether or more during the day/less at bedtime) can start remembering their dreams better or have more vivid dreams, I wonder if this is the case

No. 318376

File: 1706023647838.jpg (808.59 KB, 1080x2157, 20240123_103137.jpg)

Trying to convince everyone that she's a skinny queen and totally not just sucking in her stomach. Also the foundation color makes her look jaundiced kek

No. 318378

Idk why everyone is getting on Jill here, she's right, who has access to a Starbucks but not a fucking Walmart?

No. 318379

That dress looks so cheap and sad. It genuinely looks Shein-tier, but if she isn't buying fast fashion anymore, where could she have gotten it?

No. 318380

It's McDonald's they're referring to but also this is totally possible. At one of my old apartments in a shit part of town, I could walk to a Starbucks in under 5 minutes. Walmart was a 90 min walk away. The closest grocery store was a 30 min walk away. I bought almost all of my groceries at the gas station and the pharmacy.

No. 318381

Plenty of people who live in cities? As well as suburbs where if you dont have a car/good public transport youre essentially fucked

No. 318382

>gas station and pharmacy
So there are other options aside from a typical grocery store
Jill has a point, these retards are just making excuses for being fatties(derailing, infighting)

No. 318383

are you actually retarded? it isn't about a lack of food period, its about a lack of nutritional options available. those two places you mentioned carry only garbage food, and nothing you'd actually want to shop at if given the option of an actual grocery store(derailing/ infighting)