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File: 1653689102234.png (881.31 KB, 787x552, 1653539110442.png)

No. 215574

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats things while hyping up a fake/manipulated diagnosis that she paid for.
She accepted her ~life changing~ diagnosis with a smile and celebrated with a "coming out as DID" cake, and has been majorly struggling to maintain the LARP.

>Began her lolcow run over 5 years ago as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a weeaboo style she no longer personally wears or acknowledges. She now looks like an overweight clown, and has abandoned j-fashion entirely.
>Known lurker.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Has a youtube channel with an inconsistent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating her fans.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- shit, including clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent.
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise.
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, alienating her previous fans.
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day smoking weed. She will take meds without even verifying she needs them or not, or stop them without further medical advice.
>Thinks having a counselor = actual therapy. Continues to fake all kinds of symptoms and illnesses to prove she’s sick, making her into a full-blown munchie. Believes her own lies so much that she thinks she’s knowledgeable enough to advise others on the matter.
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from overseas and doesn’t care if the items come from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments, videos, or tweets under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to criticism and what she has seen in her threads.
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image, even claiming her major trauma comes from a short lived DeviantArt ex-girlfriend.
>Formerly referred to herself as pansexual, then queer, then claimed to be “too into dick to be a lesbian” while dating a woman; currently lives inside her rainbow house with her boyfriend Stephen Clarke. Now both Stephen and Jillian identify as nonbinary and pansexual. It is worth mentioning one of her exes also became nonbinary and pansexual shortly after dating her.
>Relies too much on other people, including her mother, her partners, and other content creators (in a creepy way).
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo in her videos and social media despite knowing she has a largely underage audience.
>Jill ‘started her own brand’, 5 petal flower. She isn’t personally selling anything, but planned to sell badly put together Lazy Oaf knock offs. Had a collaboration with a small brand that mostly resells chinese aliexpress items.
>Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel on the ground where cat can eat it. Still keeps tinsel up where the same cat can reach it for years after the fact. She doesn’t seem to clean her space full of cat fur and shit either.
>She tries to prove she’s mentally ill in any way possible, including always mentioning (and faking) stims, dissociation, posting edgy lyrics,pretending she can only eat one type of food (and acting like an anachan on one of her twitter accounts). Currently saving up for her autism diagnosis, but it's over $3000
>After frivolously celebrating her “life changing” dissociative identity disorder diagnosis with a cake, she swears there’s a constantly growing number of alters living inside her head with some of them being “fragments”.

>Jerrick: 14-16 year old emo boy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits. Claims to be sex repulsed and anti- eating disorder, but follows or posts things involving either, signs with a snake emoji
>Jax: 19 year old girl who speaks with a Brooklyn accent, and types with one too, which is normal. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane/LoL), and Spinel (Steven Universe), which goes against typical DID lore/logic. Is going to get seriously into drag. Signs with a test tube emoji.
>Veronica: Horny alter, 21 years old, has a twitter where she posts tiktoks using the voice of a popular e-bimbo, and retweets twitter sexworkers. Potential onlyfans saga incoming. signs with a flame emoji
>currently unnamed 6 year old alter who is always “co-fronting” (incl. when smoking or drinking), talks like a baby, signs with the strawberry emoji
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" Kind of like her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Certifiably too old for social media, but his emoji is a club. Last seen
>Flora: just a "fragment" who is not just a carbon copy of cure flora, but is all the positive cures, and is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Sandwich emoji. Also a fragment. Is a cat! Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city.
>piano emoji: ??? Silently added to her tiktok bio.

Stamps from last thread:
>>210167 Jill tells us of her incredible ability to switch when she needs to make a video. Ask jerrick anything.
>>210184 jerrick ugly >>210188 and wears dog tags telling the world "he's the persecutor"
>>210190 ugly new pixielocks banner
>>210204 they just work so well together uwu
>>210267 more fucking picrews
>>210427 may livestream drops
>>210433 here's her drawings of her alters

>>210539 may livestream summary
>>210635 >>210636 pics of her cousin's wedding dress mock up
>>210746 so her drag debut is coming. Officially booked. Her dragsona is villainy swells, and is a "collaboration" between Jax, jerrick, and veronica..? Oh and will be singing or lip syncing other friends from Steven Universe. Hot.
>>210842 angel therapist is moving. Boo hoo. Anyone got a recommendation?
>>210884 she's so upset that therapist is leaving she switched and even her babby alter came out
>>211067 jerrick's patreon meet the alter video drops.
>>211389 summary here
>>211430 full video embedded on YouTube here
>>211460 "jerrick's sketches" fashion sketches that don't fetishize binders at all

>>211735 people can't make fan art that doesn't make Jill happy
>>212280 Jill explains the activities each of her alters do..?
>>212646 tiktok singing video. Sorry I mean vocal stimming. >>212645
>>212896 pushing the lesbian thing with veronica
>>212904 villainy drag ugly
>>213434 alter cliffe was named after some street where a bunch of dispensaries are.
>>213568 she wants to relapse on seventy bajillion things she's never done
>>213682 someone call the Canadian dmv this bitch driving and blacking out and buying toys while pretending to be a toddler
>>214378 drag vlog
>>214382 jill is knitting a blanket where every color represents an alter switch
>>214751 don't forget she's neurodivergent
>>215287 and also a bimbo
Last thread >>>/w/210035

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks
Twitter 2: https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter 3: https://twitter.com/xcherrybombica
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://anony.link/https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com/

No. 215575

No. 215579

Ty for the new thread nona!

No. 215581

File: 1653691404460.jpeg (571.35 KB, 1170x1224, 98C2C8C5-BCBE-442F-9205-52F0CA…)

she’s full of rage because she had to send 1 email and clean her house. no wonder she couldn’t keep up her sunshine and rainbows personality if she’s set off this easily.

No. 215584

at least this is some acknowledgement that she doesnt only have the 'uwu so misunderstood' symptoms of bpd and she does actually experience the negative side of it.

No. 215588

But only if it’s jerricka. Jill has no negative traits of anything and loves the smell of her own farts

No. 215611

Jeez. Imagine living with her. Almost like this is the real Jill.

No. 215627

“nO i CANT clean the kitchen?!! I have to send one EMAIL!! and to top it all off, it’s cloudy outside. my whole day is ruined! I am FUMING!!”

No. 215644

Great thread OP!

No. 215646

Steve’s a coomer and most of them never get the chop. If he does let himself get memed into it though I hope Jill leaves him on time. She’s an awful person but even she doesn’t deserve that, and the more they mangle themselves the harder it gets for the woman to leave without being raked over the coals for it. I don’t think Jill realises how big of a hole she’s digging for herself with this “lesbian” thing.

No. 215649

>even she doesn't deserve that
are you fucking serious?

No. 215653

She better work on it, cause that preview shoot/video she did was so bare-bones. Wearing a binder and bicycle shorts under a jacket isn't drag, Jerrricka.

No. 215654

She really never learnt from faking being a lesbian huh.

No. 215655

Having to stick her face into an oozing rotpocket? No, no she doesn’t. I’m hoping that her well established love of penis gives her a relatively painless out before it comes to that. In the meantime she’s feeding into the “lesbians can love dick” lie though and fuck her for that.

There were no real consequences. People who already hated her had even more reason to, but everyone else handwaved it away like nothing happened.
In twitter and tiktok culture any “non-man loving non-men” can call themselves a lesbian and since neither of them consider themselves men, that applies to them. By that community’s standard she is a lesbian. Anyone who wants to call her LARPing ass out will have to challenge this narrative and will probably just get drowned in a torrent of genderfluid.

No. 215659

she deserves whatever she allows herself to accept, just like everyone else.

No. 215680

I agree he, like most, will never get the chop to protect the coom. So their relationship will be fine. I get what you're saying, anon, but I think Jill will just see it as a huge plus and won't go anywhere, she clearly likes all this degen shit.

No. 215689

File: 1653749123647.jpeg (745.97 KB, 1170x1353, 1B549F41-4F39-42FD-98EB-B323A1…)

looks like her next video is called “reviewing my old sewing projects (from before fashion school!)”. honestly i feel like she had no improvement, and possibly even regressed a bit.

No. 215690

File: 1653749317997.jpeg (842.59 KB, 1280x1917, 6CC87569-96FF-4FD0-B7D2-52E9B3…)

she’s holding up her cure flora dress in the pic. i feel like this is much nicer looking than anything she put out during her sewing classes

No. 215695

This is what social media brainrot does to someone. She used to be a cute, normal weeb. Now look at her.

No. 215712

Ugh that ugly clown makeup is back. What happened to not wanting to be “racist”? Even though it’s obvious bullshit her ugly makeup was racist she still runs in those circles that claim it is.

No. 215713

I agree anon. Based on what I can see the craftsmanship is nothing to write home about (especially that bow in front) but it seems pretty nice and typical for a cosplayer who’s making their own stuff. Her outfits from fashion school really show no improvement from this; they’re bad designs so that detracts from them but they should at least show clean craftsmanship and they don’t. It’s clear she didn’t really learn anything, just phoned it in to say she went to fashion school.

No. 215717

File: 1653758325414.jpg (605.12 KB, 1057x1631, Screenshot_20220528-101646_Chr…)

Lurking her thread like

No. 215742

Even if she wasn’t technically better before school, at least she had sewing projects. Wtf has she done since other than crochet a really shitty beanie and ugly blanket? She still calls herself a ‘fashion designer’, but she sews less than a casual hobbyist

No. 215745

that was quick. new video is out now.

No. 215753

sage for no contribution but a youtuber i follow made a video about a "mental health guru" that believes in repressed memories, and the youtuber is a licensed therapist so she rebukes the concept. Specifically regarding the "satanic panic" implanted memories of ritual abuse, which iirc, is dissociadids source of "trauma"


No. 215755

>"I'm in full drag"
What does this shit even mean when you're a woman? she isn't even contouring or doing the crazy eyebrows

No. 215759

scariest part of this video was the reveal that some of her teachers from college watch her channel. I can’t imagine recording videos were I pretend to be different people in the same body and knowing my teachers would be seeing it.

No. 215760

File: 1653768822986.jpeg (185.82 KB, 1253x828, 0087A498-3903-4AFB-BD68-63B136…)

She looks like the witch from howl’s moving castle

No. 215761

File: 1653768885898.jpg (486.51 KB, 1080x1246, Screenshot_20220528-161356_Chr…)

Wtf is that thumbnail.

No. 215763

File: 1653769916547.png (355.84 KB, 533x728, Jerick.png)

I'm sure someone else has already pointed this out, but OF FUCKING COURSE Jerrick is named after a drag queen lmao.

No. 215766

File: 1653770162435.png (72.39 KB, 527x412, drew 528.png)

This whole Drew Monson thing has gone from weird to funny for me. She just doesn't know when to give it a rest.

No. 215767

Oh no, Jerrick’s anorexia is really taking a toll on her huh, just look at all that rapid weight loss she was talking about! She looks like she’s going to drop dead of malnourishment any second, so skelly.

No. 215773

Is it the fabric or is she really sweating like crazy here?

No. 215775

>>215773 defo a pit stain

No. 215776

Boy, our definitely non-binary icon sure has no problem shilling “women’s” vitamins

No. 215780

Why do fat girls always do this "Sometimes I forget to eat! Teeheehee!" thing? Like girl we can see you. We can see that is not a regular problem…

No. 215785

I think they're not aware of how much they eat. Fat people are always like "I don't eat that much" or they don't count snacks as eating. Basically they're retarded

No. 215786

Didn't her mom do most of the work on her cure flora dress?
No, it works because they forget to eat through out the day then binge 2000+ calories at night.
t. former fattie

No. 215807

Can someone explain how she claims to have one of the supposedly most debilitating mental illnesses of all time yet has the energy and awareness to do this detailed of makeup and shit?

No. 215808

Woah I didn’t realize this was the level of skinwalking we were at.

No. 215812

i know the pitch of her voice is always changing but it was especially grating in this video. during the sponsorship, from topic to topic… you can hear it so clearly throughout, it's literally unlistenable. she's a terrible actress. this is not your calling, Jillian

No. 215820

She puts on a weird voice to say she has a "terrible cough thing" at 0:23 and by the end of the video she's speaking totally normal. I guess it must've been a spooky switch she forgot to label in editing. Which is totally normal, of course you would let people know the exact timestamps for when you're dissociating due to a horrible mental illness.

No. 215828

Yeah I don't believe in repressed memories but I don't really trust this hambeast with twilight sparkle hair either

No. 215834

She has a loooong history of skin walking people, but this takes the cake.

No. 215835

Stop responding to him Jillian you're creepy

No. 215849

Just to clarify, that’s not Jerick/Jinxx Monsoon in the green pants, that’s a UK Drag Queen The Vivienne. Jinxx is on the far left, half cropped out

No. 215855

No. 215877

don't people make these types of videos only after they've showed significant signs of improvement/progression in skill?

No. 215878

I thought Drew made a video about illness faking snowflakes, but he sounds quite attention seeking here.

No. 215880

How? I don't follow him but he's obviously joking

No. 215883

Is this not embarrassing as hell? Bitch is 23. Just damn.

I wonder if she realizes he's way off in the corner, cropped?

No. 215901

Pretty sure she mentioned she was going to do a "femme/female" drag persona called "pixie daydreams" in the drag vlog, but she's letting jerrick have his moment or whatever; would kill to see her 'upstage herself' with all the oc's trying to front for the most attention; tbh surprised veronica hasn't done that yet in a vlog/try on haul

No. 215907

Watching the fake british accent she does, just reminds me of jinx monsoon (the drag queen whos name is jerick) she also commented how it was a "weird mimicking thing" which screams of another autism breadcrumb; would have loved to have seen her try all the old outfits on but we all know she's outgrown them and if she tried to remake them it would show how bad she actually is

No. 215946

Right, we have nothing to compare this too.

No. 215947

At least she's wearing something that fits.
Anyways, I think most of her older cosplays were okay. They were better than most first or second or third projects. She definitely was overreacting with certain things (I personally believe a cosplay being sweated in for 8+ hours doesn't need to be completely lined but thats just me) I think her actual reaction to things were extremely played up. I agree with anon >>215690 Her Cure Flora was her better creations and her fashion line graduation projects couldn't hold a flame to this. It's not SSS but it's still her better work.

No. 215950

Did she not say at one point that, that was actually sewn by her grandma or mom and then slowly started to claim it as all her work? Or was that just our speculation?

Either way it would make a lot of sense if her one decent sewing project was not solely by her kek

No. 215962

The fact that she felt the need to immediately say ‘the british voice isn’t an alter’ really made it look like she knows the acting for her other OCs is fucking terrible, and it would be better for her to hint at the tism because she knows not even she can get away with an oliver twist fictive.

No. 215983

Issues with binge eating really. Not even saying it's the disorder but binges usually follow forgetting or restricting your meals.

No. 215984

>Did she not say at one point that, that was actually sewn by her grandma or mom and then slowly started to claim it as all her work?
Yes she did.

No. 215985

GOD NO she's copying Drew Monson's fake brit accent now? KEK

No. 215988

do you have caps anon/ know what video she said this? I'm curious

No. 215989

any fellow MCRfags wanna guess what song she's going to butcher for her drag performance? personally my money is on Prison because it's the obvious gay song and "they make me do pushups in draaaag" but she might go as basic as I'm Not Okay because she's mentawwy ill and she's not o-fucking-kay!!!!!

No. 215993

If it's Headfirst for Halos I would not be surprised.

No. 215999

My money is on something basic since we all know jill only knows surface level stuff about her supposed interests. I'm not okay or teenagers are my guess. Maybe foundations of decay since it just dropped.

No. 216008

She's probably going to do I'm Not Okay because she's a basic bitch and she's pretending to be crazy and bullied

No. 216026

Funny because that's the complete opposite of what the song means kekkkk

No. 216047

come on, we all know it's going to be Welcome to the Black Parade.

No. 216052

Helena and bonus points if she mimics the music video.

No. 216068

File: 1653888802598.jpg (440.55 KB, 895x1840, IMG_20220530_013236.jpg)


The joke tells itself…

No. 216085

File: 1653893756000.jpeg (364 KB, 828x1321, DEA3C326-2694-4E62-8637-6AFB16…)

KEK, any time i see trisha paytas i always think of pixie. they are one in the same

also ???? wtf is this alcoholic tweet????

No. 216111

Her weight gain between calling Trisha out and the DID diagnosis video is nuts.
So she knows she looks like shit at least? Or did she not get what that line means? Kinda depressing to think about her and Steve both getting blackout and greened out just to stomach being around each other.

No. 216114

you either die a youtuber or live long enough to became an obese caricature of your old self who exploits mental illness for views

No. 216120

Sorry, anon, this isn’t meant to be directed at just you (unless you’re the only one saying this shit,) but greening out is a much less euphoric experience than being black out drunk that you will absolutely remember. I assume it’s because there’s a lot of people itt who’ve never really been exposed to weed because of the illegality in most places, but it’s not really something that can be used as an excuse for anything that Jill does. Unless it’s what’s causing any panic attacks that she claims to have. I’ve “greened out” on many occasions (weed does not agree with my brain) and it’s a pretty terrifying experience with no memory loss involved.

No. 216121

File: 1653914012306.jpeg (163.24 KB, 768x1024, 707AD02E-4C07-4B2C-A005-94F241…)

I can’t believe no one has posted this yet.

her tik tok is out of control

No. 216129

Pretty sure it’s a quote from the song literally in the screenshot nonna, not everything is that deep

No. 216133

File: 1653919366480.webm (6.94 MB, 540x960, Kermit the hostage .webm)

No. 216134

truly a hideous goblin

No. 216135

Is Jilonica going to have her very own drag persona?!?!

No. 216147

She's starting to look like Jack Black to me

No. 216151

Is she going for "comedy queen" with the hideous faces she's pulling in that tiktok? Too bad shes not clever or pop culture literate enought to make that work.

No. 216153

Why couldn't she have gone with aesthetic vlogs or something to try to stay relevant instead of… this

No. 216159

File: 1653932255324.jpeg (161.32 KB, 1600x1202, 791FEE24-76FF-471D-8584-6497A6…)

Spot the difference

No. 216160

File: 1653933194505.png (83.07 KB, 548x418, veronica.png)

Is she backtracking on the lesbian thing after >>212896? That would be funny. If Stevie goes full she/her she'll probably pick it up again.

No. 216161

File: 1653933599954.jpeg (22.66 KB, 500x333, 1648254948353.jpeg)

how does she keep getting worse. i can't believe i've been watching her saga since the lace drama…

No. 216163

Love that her twitterfag sjws have started calling her out repeatedly. I really have the feeling that a drama channel or a twitter thread exposing her behavior for being offensive will happen soon.

No. 216167

I don't know how to use this website at all so I'm sorry if I'm doing this wrong but I would like to confirm that that is, infact, my reply and I'm an avid lurker of this thread and am, infact, not a fan of Jill
I used to be but I just,, avidly hate her now and I'm tired of her whole "Veronica's a lesbian and cliffes gay" when she's just?? A bi woman wanting to feel special

No. 216170

No. 216171

She's a spicy straight. They are a disease now a days. She never expressed interests in women.

No. 216172

>bi woman

No. 216173

She has been going at it for a while now because it's quirky and doesn't want to face the fact she's ugly and fat.

No. 216174

Because she's an absolute retard who killed her entire brand before even truly taking off. I'm not talking about the flower brand even, that shit never had a chance to begin with.

No. 216176

You're absolutely right though(again I'm sorry if I'm using this thread wrong, long time lurker first time being active) I find a lot of "bisexual" women just want an excuse to be gross about women while sleeping with their weirdo boyfriends

No. 216179

This, basically. She has only treated women like shit or like a source of trauma. No real love. She only loves dick, like she said. I can't believe more people aren't outraged at her use of the word lesbian when she isn't one, even more so in this thread.

No problem, you're ok! I think more than being gross she wants to prove the world she's totes a lesbian but all her comments so far have been "IM A LESBIAN LOL BIMBO POWER UWU" rather than "I love women, I feel things towards women". Very telling that she only wants the label. She's worse than Trisha lmao.

No. 216180

>Being a bimbo heals trauma
I'm sorry, what the fuck? Kek. She's beyond saving, the internet brainrot really got to her.

No. 216181

Twitter bisexuals are the absolute bane of my existence and despite my reply stating "I mean this in the kindest way" I, infact, did not and just wanted Jill to hear me out on the fact that the word didn't mean what she thinks it means instead of blocking me and saying I'm harassing her poor horny alter
Now I have one of her bisexual followers in my Twitter replies being weird as HELL(don't touch the poop)

No. 216183

Also self reply (again really sorry, I'm not sure how the hell any of this works) but do you need proof that I'm the twitter lesbian or is it cool since I'm literally just some random who responded to Jill

No. 216185

File: 1653938463415.png (354.66 KB, 1198x1262, Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 12.1…)

>"I identify as a woman that loves women!"
No you don't, you're a monger for dick and just like men use women until they aren't useful anymore. She likes the idea of lesbianism more than being an actual lesbian. One of her twitter feinds tried to ass kiss and give her a pass but based lesbian put her in her place.
>even tho I'm bi
straight to the gulag

No. 216187

And you didn't sage bitch so you're also a retard.

No. 216188

no one cares if you are or not and you're essentially cowtipping right now so I'd suggest you stop while you're ahead.

Also based on your Twitter replies I can tell you are going to get ripped to shreds once people look at them so I'd also suggest not outing yourself like this.

No. 216189

How can anyone really identify as a lesbian if they aren't a lesbian and are in fact dating a man?

No. 216190

Don't out yourself nonny, be careful out there

No. 216200

>lesbian includes trans women
girl get the fuck out of this site

No. 216203

File: 1653942860627.png (2.11 MB, 1920x1080, blob.png)

PoV: you're a marshmallow peep

No. 216204

File: 1653943074210.jpeg (99.44 KB, 640x623, 225CACF7-F4A0-42AE-92E1-D7181B…)

fuck didn’t even see that shit the first time why are all twitterfags like this

No. 216205

>nonmen who love nonmen, this also includes trans women
This post gave me a headache.

No. 216206

just like some anons have mentioned, how come most of her OCs have the same interests? so far we know that "jill", "jerrick" and "veronica" are all into drag and drag queens, why does she need all these extra characters if all of them are essentially the same exact thing? why didn't she at least try to make them a bit different so she's at least a tad more believable

don't fill in the email space with your actual email, either leave it blank or write "sage", and try to blend in so stop mentioning that you're the "twitter lesbian". good luck out there anon and i hope for the sake of your sanity that this thread won't tear you a new one

No. 216209

This reply is even more cringe than Jill's original post, anon if you're still here, I hope you feel bad

No. 216211

File: 1653946912228.jpg (24.37 KB, 400x400, 46SC9DYb_400x400.jpg)

begone, scrote sympathizer

No. 216216

She’s a pickme ass bitch lmfao.

No. 216219

>Non-men loving non-men

No. 216220

She mentioned in the recent vlog that she wants to work on her own rainbow vomit drag persona separate from the 'villainy swells' persona, I think? I know she's talked about it a small amount before. Tinfoil but I think the clown makeup we've been seeing is her testing out different looks for that & it gets engagement on social media because it makes her look weird, like Emilia Fart's whole look.

No. 216238

I think she wants to be 3 different kinds of drag queens so she invented 3 different characters. Reminder that the Jerrick account was originally meant to be a drag persona only, but she polluted it with DID and Jerrick being "trans" instead of a drag king because those are not fun enough for her.

No. 216256

Nona, thank you for this.

No. 216260

Let’s not forget all these alters are some how magically going to show up for their correct time slot!

No. 216287

She’s going to take that as a compliment anon. She already referred to herself as a “thick milkshake”.

No. 216288

I guess there was too many bio queens out there and it wasn’t special anymore and Jill is so hyper feminine and in no way non binary so can’t for a second be a drag king. So she needs the extra steps to be better and get more attention than others hence Jerrick is actually afab but a trans man who hasn’t transitioned in any way but is a drag queen. I was surprised when she said the old cosplay wig she has on is her drag wig, it’s all so low effort and lazy as expected.

No. 216289

So she claims she made these all herself right but then how does that work with the green dress coming after other projects with zips but the zip is botched on it because she didn’t know how to install a zip….then how do some of the earlier pieces have zips? I like that she acted like there is a bunch more pieces and she could do a part two when we know that’s not true. Is this video just a clap back at the thread because we keep mentioning how she doesn’t make anything and has a whole sewing room and hoard she leaves to rot while she does nothing. You can’t just call yourself a fashion designer because you went to craft college, you do actually need to design things, you wouldn’t put together a handful of ikea furniture items and call yourself a carpenter.

No. 216304

Why are some of you people so obsessed with outing yourself on this site?

No. 216306

There's a level of cowery in going to an anonymous imageboard where every post says anonymous on it and then going out of your way to namefag or otherwise identify yourself. It's definite attention-seeking. Nobody cares who you are, newfags.

No. 216312

we have a lot of new lukers/contributors in here compared to other threads and i completely get why - its satisfying to see jill's audience come to terms with her behavior after so long. but, for all new lurkers, we don't cowtip – lolcow isnt an army sent after jill

nonna, your feelings about jill's lesbian and gay larp are valid, but don't interact and report back here. we observe, and we let the cards fall without interference

No. 216315

It’s yet another example of hill over complicating things to feed her own ego and not for a second be able to admit to any short comings. It would be 100% fair and valid if she just straight up said she designed her old cosplays and had help from a relative to actually make them. She was a literal teenager with no formal training, no one would be expecting expert level cosplays

No. 216317

File: 1654007708729.png (76.97 KB, 223x447, Droopy_dog.png)

More than a passing resemblance

No. 216319

The video was confusing to me, because was it in order or did she just grab things? She seems to kinda mention when she made things but it kinda feels all over the place.

No. 216320

I was thinking mama because of the lyric “you should’ve raised a baby girl I should’ve been a better son”

No. 216324

the face she makes here reminds me of my 80ish shitty condescending aunt and i want to die

No. 216325

What if… this anon is actually Jill trying to get ideas for a song because she doesn’t actually listen to MCR? Kek

No. 216326


No. 216328

She’s really going to have hella jowls when she gets older.

No. 216329

Kek this is the one, it’s especially favored by tifs.

No. 216331

sewing fag here

you can see how obviously above her level some parts of the dress are. Those skirt scallops are near perfect but the waist bow looks like babby's first home ec project. She likely made that bow and maybe some accessories but not the main dress.

No. 216360

File: 1654023119990.png (103.6 KB, 600x538, syskids.png)

No. 216362

File: 1654023229153.png (422.61 KB, 533x694, syskids2.png)

No. 216371

I find it hilarious how she got "found out" she has DID just a few months ago but she and all of her alters all were suddenly BFFs almost immediately lmao I know we always talk about how much she fakes it but it's both so hilariously badly done while it's also infuriating that she just won't stop

No. 216374

I know it's literally all fake but a 6 year old would be so bored on Pinterest. I would like to see the rest of Jill's Pinterest account though.

No. 216375

These mental gymnastics are getting out of hand

No. 216376

File: 1654027535030.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x2033, 4DF192D2-1621-40EF-AF16-115E9F…)

It was pretty easy to find. All of the pins she’s saying her “little” pinned are 2 months old and under an album titled “Vintage & Nostalgia”. She’s such a fucking liar, and shit at covering her tracks/keeping her story straight.

No. 216383

Isn't the point of DID that it's not controllable? Stop trying to pass your cringe OCs as a disorder Jill.

No. 216389

But that lyric is referring to war and men getting drafted. trans people are so stupid

No. 216390

It's also extremely rare and a direct result of extreme trauma. None of which she has

No. 216430

File: 1654035374216.png (63.17 KB, 610x381, thecryptidsystm.png)

No. 216437

>"Did I mention i have DID!?!?!?! LOLOL so quirky!"
Jesus, Jill, I'd say go touch grass, but you'd likely somehow turn grass into a new alter.

No. 216440

She acts like a 16yo it's honestly sad. And no Jill it's not because you have a 16yo in your brain

No. 216447

She needs to give it a rest.
She either blames autism or DID for her lack of skills and immaturity even though there's plenty of mentally ill people who do way better than she does.

No. 216450

she is someone who was not hit enough throughout her life

No. 216455

I just don’t understand why she needs to be the kid, couldn’t she just create a cringe pet account for her to RP being retarded without any sort of consequences? That way the way she talks about her toddler OC would’ve been projected to a pet and this would be at least sad and not painfully cringe and pathetic, seriously, it sounds like she just wanted/wants a kid but knows that she would get jealous of the baby.

No. 216460

Some people were just not bullied hard enough in school and society is suffering for it.

No. 216461

File: 1654045917828.jpg (212.33 KB, 750x1624, FUGR9tHXsAAhsqM.jpg)

She posted this screenshot to twitter. So she's playing at Flourish Festival, in front of an actual crowd. I hope we get footage from a random attendee filming by chance.


No. 216464

>those awful promo pictures

At least she's setting their expectations low

No. 216466

File: 1654048429402.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1467, 33CE14FD-DB56-4293-B71E-1C3621…)

so these are supposed to be 2 separate people, yet they make the same retarded lip pout in their selfies?

No. 216469

Shocking that she doesn’t know that “lame” is now considered an ableist term

No. 216471

File: 1654049569501.png (459.31 KB, 1631x558, bimboprecuredrag.PNG)

Either this is a farmer or an insanely weird coincidence.

No. 216472

File: 1654049695256.png (399.39 KB, 1298x497, pixie2.PNG)

Samefag, her fucking bio on there.
You'd think someone with a disorder that comes from extreme, severe, repeated childhood trauma wouldn't want to flaunt it as a first impression.

No. 216474

She said her best friends "M and B" were helping with her choreography. Didn't she also mention they'd be performing as well? Is it possible this is the "B"? Just from the similarities, I'm guessing here. There's also an "M" listed on the lineup. Can't remember if she actually revealed who they were.

No. 216477

M might be the fakeboi looking one in Jill’s drag preparation video

No. 216479


Isn’t this Sophia Mehlitz, the Confetti Club member who started a Go Fund Me under the lie that her parents were transphobic? She lives in the area and she’s been in the background of a lot of Pixie’s videos lately. Since she’s a Confetti Club member, it makes sense if she’s just skin walking Pixie’s shit.

No. 216482


Samefag, but isn’t this her and her fakeboi partner? Possibly “M” and “B” if going by their drag names instead of their real names.

No. 216487

File: 1654052844231.png (778.44 KB, 992x516, M_jillian.png)

In Jill's drag prep vlog she mentions that they are "three afab non-binary pals all preparing for their first drag gig together". Sophia does have they/them pronouns on her Instagram. And her most recent post as "Bella Tofana" and doing drag practice definitely leads me to believe that she actually is the same person as the "B" Jillian mentions practicing drag with her. And also, confirmed the "M" from the flourish line-up is the same as the woman in Jillian's vlog. Same tattoos.

No. 216493

Look at all these people listed as having real talents and then she's just there. i mean i don't know these people but drag as an art form feels extremely lazy especially with jill doing it.

No. 216503

It's pathetic to see spicy straight girls being so obsessed with drag queens.

No. 216504

How many more abandoned accounts does she need?

No. 216506

Dang KEK what an own being surrounded by actual professional skilled members of society and then she's there like "I'm mentawy ill uwu" holy fuck kek

No. 216513

And drag is just overacting, talentless faggots more often than not. I agree though, Rupaul should never have happened kek, drag staying an underground art form. These girls could've been doing something better.

No. 216514

File: 1654066408506.jpg (79.78 KB, 900x666, 1654065262573.jpg)

This is literally confirmed to be Jillian after Alyssa and Uma. She needs to stop roleplaying as a lesbian. Steven being a troonbian doesn't count.

No. 216519

do you nonas have actual DID from getting beaten as children or something?
I know you're being hyperbolic or "ironic" but damn, those are some authentically deranged takes.

No. 216523

Not that anon and not to advocate for violence but Jill is definitely the result of coddling and helicopter parents, a cautionary tale if there ever was one.
People need like a dose of reality at some point in their lives to not be like Jill. You can't tantrum your way out of every problem.

No. 216526

I'm the one who said she wasn't hit enough partially kidding but also because people like this need a smack from a peer at some point from their teenage years onwards to cop the fuck on and realise they're being mortifying and retarded, would never want someone to be hit as a child

No. 216528

i talked yesterday to a friend with BPD and told them about Jillian and her collecting new illnesses and they said that's obvious symptom of BPD. people with BPD acquire new labels and illnesses and identities (if illness can be seen as label, for example autism) to feel special and unique. they even told they went through DID phase too at some point, but realised it's cringe.

No. 216534

I agree. I think this thread was my "dose of reality" so to speak. Been following her threads since 2015 and I'm glad I did and didn't end up like her. She will always be my personal and only lolcow I follow, truly a cautionary tale.

No. 216535

File: 1654076392581.jpg (893.25 KB, 1600x1600, 1654076094222.jpg)

Putting these two examples together makes the situation seem very dire indeed. A nobody pretending to be quirky and interesting vs an adult who actually does professional shit. I am starting to think Jillian might indeed be mentally challenged due to low IQ and a lot of weed usage. I can't fathom anyone professional describing themselves like this, she truly dug her own grave thanks to internet brainrot.

No. 216536

>One human, multiple drag personas.

No. 216538

I have a little tinfoil. She knows that on this website we make fun of weird little niche internet personalities and everything she's doing for attention recently clearly goes with the theme of many cows in this website. Instead of changing for the better and becoming someone respectable, she has gotten worse on purpose and doubled down on her quirky shenanigans.
…Is she being infuriating on purpose, actually? Does she secretly like the bad attention she gets and only pretends she's a victim of online bullying?

No. 216545

File: 1654084058709.jpg (368.81 KB, 1325x2048, Flourish2022-LineupPoster_FINA…)

I think Jill still sees everything as high school and this is her quirky project to show to the class.
>Pre-sale Festival Passes: $60 (May 9th - June 11th)
>Full Price Festival Passes: $80 (June 12-15th)
>We encourage applications from candidates who are gender non-binary; women; Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Colour; LGBTQ2S; people with disabilities; people from other equity-seeking groups; and people living at the intersections of the above.

No. 216547

File: 1654084725862.jpg (295.73 KB, 1392x878, LGDMXVYeLk.jpg)

On second glance, Jill seems to fit in with the others in the drag category.

No. 216568

of COURSE her whole description is about DID instead of about the drag persona itself. jesus christ, she's so fucking annoying. good comparison, nonna. it speaks volumes.

No. 216578

File: 1654092593694.jpeg (340.19 KB, 720x1280, 1524740441145.jpeg)

This is the "featured cow" from one of the old confetti club threads years ago. I guess she became irl besties with her idoru pixie after all

No. 216580

I half expected her to be listed twice on there under her different names.

No. 216581

God, drag queens are so insufferable. I hate how people are obsessed with them right now. You’re right nona Jill fits in perfectly here, cringe as hell.

No. 216591

Wow ‘drag’ has officially lost all meaning and become just another thing that boring white girls adopted, like the word gaslighting.

I’m still stuck on the fact that those photos were her literal promo shots and she ‘couldn’t be bothered with nails etc’? Peak lazy. I can’t put my finger on why she looks so awful in that photo, is she hitting out her bottom jaw?

No. 216618

I always wonder how Jill manages to be so social despite being a trainwreck but seeing that her friend group is comprised of other insane, shallow trainwrecks who lie, manipulate people, and skinwalk obsessively, it makes a lot more sense.

No. 216619

Definitely tryn to dislocate her jaw to get a jawline and pouty lips, ive seen tons of actual drag performers do the same thing its nothing original like the rest of her

No. 216623

>of COURSE her whole description is about DID instead of about the drag persona itself.
Lmao this

No. 216636

Yeah I didn’t even notice the nails until now. I’m surprised. It wouldn’t be that hard to just get some cheap press ons for the shoot but as usual she does everything half-assed.

No. 216653

She also 100% photoshopped a darker shadow on her jaw, it looks so fake and awful. Can't hide the double chin irl jillybean

No. 216663

The best way to learn it's bad to LARP autism/mental illness is public humility, anon. I'm not advocating for locker shoving or trash canning or deepfake internet harassment campaigns, I just think it's ok to laugh at people who are clearly LARPing mental illness so they can be super special.

No. 216685

Again how is she going to ensure she’s switched for her performance!? I still don’t understand how that glaring fact just goes over the heads of her followers. Clearly the only people left are either bots, enablers or people whose only talent is cognitive dissonance. What’s to stop any other personality showing up during that time slot and going off and doing their own thing? Oh that’s right jill can magically co-con at will almost like idk a normal functional person with multiple interests and thoughts. She’s insufferable and a terrible larper.

No. 216704

Remember when she kinda did a lovecore outfit? And tried different styles for her channel? I wonder if she could had done better if she did videos trying different ~aesthetics~ for fun and views instead of larping said aesthetics irl. It takes a very special type of brainrot I guess.

No. 216705

Also, I think her audience would had loved that more specially because she likes a lot of shit like cottagecore, witchy shit, etc. She didn't need to make entire different personas to try new styles… I thought she already knew this before.

No. 216706

The truth is, her boat probably sailed long ago and she could had joined into the aesthetic craze of the pandemic since so many people were bored and wanted to see people try out different styles to dress. But noooooo, MENTO ILLNES it was. Pathetic tbh

No. 216715

Maybe she’s keeping the idea of an unscheduled switch as a contingency plan in case she chickens out last minute.

No. 216723

It looks like her lips are upside down

No. 216735

File: 1654118797652.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1290x1971, 1A9ECD77-2EE7-4E3D-9A23-04E933…)

No. 216739

Oh god, I am not ready for this disgusting NLOG saga, part 4.

No. 216743


No. 216815

File: 1654144111275.png (593.3 KB, 516x946, Captura de pantalla 2022-06-02…)

Sofia is also skinwalking the slut alter of Pixie kek
in pixie's birthday video, she is with her fakeboi playing pixie quiz

No. 216828

this is a stupid nitpick but why does this dumb bitch use shoes as decor. she also had those tacky disney (? i think?) heels on display in her kitchen

No. 216833

anon not that this makes the point about her other shoes being on display any less but those wellies are clearly a ceramic planter.

No. 216848

People say nonbinary is trans so I’m afraid Jillybean and Steve can already call themselves trans and probably do.

No. 216867

Are we sure Rapunzel K Brat is not Pixie's slutsona Veronica's drag alter ego? If Pixie would be the whole lineup but with her various alters it would be an event worth going to.

No. 216960

There is nothing clear about that, they look like functional shoes.

Looks more like a plain straight girl who only knows how to do basic makeup. Jill is too Jill to look that clean without pretending it's a whole new person living in her head. Unless it's geriatric Cliffe who is used to simpler times finally getting back into drag kek.

No. 216962

File: 1654192084536.png (1.11 MB, 3444x4133, 08i5cic7low61.png)

we need this to be edited into Jillybean.

No. 216972

File: 1654194088949.jpg (540.3 KB, 2550x2400, sorryannons.jpg)

Sorry I am no artist but I had to

No. 216993

File: 1654197291500.png (353.92 KB, 574x632, pxlcks.png)

Why does she keep doing her makeup like this?? Awful.

No. 216995

Jeez, she's really a shadow of her former self.

No. 216997

It's even worse knowing every "alter" knows how to and actively wants to do this type of makeup too.

No. 216999

anon that's just because jill is co-con and is helping!!1!

No. 217002

Made me chuckle nonna

No. 217010

> #afab #nonbinary

The whole "UwU nonbinary" shit was already unbelievable since she's hyper feminine and refers to the "Jill alter" as she most of the time but doesn't nonbinary mean the separation of gender and sex, tagging it as afab makes it really look like she just slapped the newest trendy gender label thinking it's just "Girl Lite"

No. 217019

That doesnt even look like drag makeup? I kn ow nothing about drag but isn't drag way more exaggerated? This, and all her other "drag looks" are just obnoxious egirl makeup that you literally see girls wearing in hot topic or spencers when you go to the mall kek.

No. 217020

Her makeup looks more clowncore than kawaii. I hope if she really gets into drag more people start roasting her ugly looks. She shy had never gotten into drag. It's not for her.

No. 217021

While I am not a fan of drag for multiple reasons, I think drag queens should be a gay man only thing. She's again shoehorning herself into a community she doesn't fit in. I bet after the show she will start calling herself professional drag queen, just how she thinks she's a professional seamstress too.

No. 217028

Didn't she use to wear this makeup daily before she got called racist for it? Now it's suddenly drag

No. 217034

File: 1654205726212.jpg (142.83 KB, 1500x1500, 6000201657648.jpg)

Nonbinary simply means you don't adhere to the binary view of gender in society (men vs women) so you don't want to be put in either of those cases. Transgender subscribes to the binary view of society as they want to be seen as one or the other. They are actually almost opposite concepts… Except for the fact they view gender as a performance rather than linked to the body you were born with.

Even tho I'm not one to be pedantic, it's been a huge pet peeve of mine to see people throw those labels with each other when it doesn't make any sense.

Sorry for the dwelve in the ultra special flake language

No. 217036

Some of these posts makes me wonder how many anons itt are actually one of the r/fakedisordercringe spergs with TOTZ REAL GUISE!!1! DID/BPD/autism

No. 217038

I think ironically she is making sure to use afab every time so people know she is female because the alternative makes her dysphoric. Her pointing out that her friends where afab like that is actually problematic. She said that she is nonbinary because of DID no? Which is very odd and doesn’t make sense. If she gets cured of DID will she no longer be nonbinary.

No. 217040

The editing makes her look like a scary kids show host.

No. 217043

File: 1654210353275.jpg (861.5 KB, 1079x1698, SmartSelect_20220602-184619_In…)

It's interesting to me how even though she doesn't post on Instagram often, all of the DID tags are notably absent, nor are they in her bio. Is Instagram not as woke and enabling as Twitter/TikTok/YouTube? Or is she hoping any Insta-only followers can be kept on the side for when this inevitably blows up?

No. 217044

How the fuck is this drag, this is her regular makeup but with a few more details and she wears shit like this all the time. No padding, no corset, no stage presence.
Hilarious anon, the drawing of Jill is almost endearing.

No. 217046

I’m mad we have to be anonymous on here because i’m in love with your art style and would love to see more of your art

No. 217053

>The retarded Cartman in the corner

No. 217075

maybe this is nitpicky but the name "villainy swells" irks me so much… it's one of the worst drag names i've ever heard. is there any meaning/backstory as to why she chose that name? it doesn't even roll off the tongue well. all that it brings to mind is swelling like from an allergic reaction and "villian-y" just sounds next level retarded

No. 217087

villainy is obviously just a shitty mix between her first and last name but also villain cause "muh ebil uwu". but no clue about swells, maybe a gross dick reference? the only thing swelling here is her ego.

No. 217088

It's from star wars

No. 217102

come on guys the fat joke is right there

No. 217120

Imagine being a child at a park, having fun, maybe you're playing in the sandbox, or watching tiktoks idk whatever kids do, you start to hear loud thumping, the clicking of cheap beaded jewelry, and heavy breathing, you turn around and to your horror see Jillian (or rather, her ddlg child alter KEK) and she heaves out "WANNA COLOR?!!" shoving down her corporate artstyle bodyposi and trans representation magical girl coloring book next to you.
Nightmare fuel, sage for my autism I couldn't help it

No. 217124

Every time I see the name, I read it as ‘smells’
Next up, Porkielocks Smells

No. 217128

Putting in my vote for a "Jillainy Smells" title for the next thread

No. 217131

Ultra nightmarish holy shit. She's like WANT TO PLAY AND SMOKE WEED HEHEHE while looking like a psycho clown

No. 217132

Seriously, just bc she paints her face like an autistic clown doesn't make it drag. Neither does the flat, "natural" hair or store bought dress from an American "indie brand". Christ she's literally incapable of not half assing everthing she does.

No. 217140

It's almost tragic how she tags it "kidcore" when in reality most kids would be scared of her clown appearance

No. 217141

this could have been a cute picture if not for her face

No. 217142

sorry forgot to sage

No. 217159

This basically lmao. I don't even like drag and even I know her effort is zero to null. Imagine comparing herself to someone who has dedicated their lives to a craft like this for years and has to spend not only money but also time on elaborate costumes and wigs. Without inserting my actual views on drag onto this, you gotta admit that performing in front of an audience, actively being entertaining, and having layers and layers of expensive shit on top is quite a hassle and she really is not ready for this. She thinks painting her grimy face and being greasy is all it takes when she herself admitted she can't work on her special "3 drag queens one human" routine without having a meltdown. Not even when this is her very current special interest. She's not going to make it, I'm sure she will half ass this crap for a while and then never try to perform again, but somehow she will still call herself drag queen all her life.

Just knowing how much she half asses everything is fucking sad.

No. 217161

I really hate how this bitch shoehorns herself into everything very forcefully, half asses everything, and then expects ass pats. She can't even commit to the shit she created or is passionate about. Why the fuck?

No. 217163

The term "kidcore" itself is creepy coming from her too.

No. 217168

I am most disappointed with her costuming which can you even call it that. It’s just a dress and belt she bought nothing added or customised. To be “a fashion designer” and go on about it all the time then for her drag looks to just be off the rail clothes she wears to the supermarket day to day is so disappointing. If she added props or just anything it would be an improvement. If she did her roots and washed her hair the wig is no different from when she puts the extensions in her own hair. It’s just lazy on every level and nothing new because she wears this makeup and outfit to do mundane shit like go to therapy, why would anyone think their daily look and a performance costume is the same unless it’s all fake and a costume kek.

No. 217171

Kek exactly, she's just using the same shit she wears everyday and calls it drag. It's painful. Her hair and wigs also don't have the same volume that these things are supposed to have. I wish Drag was like lolita and she got bullied out of it for looking like shit.

No. 217172

She really pollutes everything she touches, from looking below average in lolita, or making her own "Japanese fashion" while living in bumfuck Canada and then not commiting to it, to pretending to be a full-time YouTuber, to not being able to even kickstart her own brand, having multiple webpages and accounts that she barely uses then leaves forever, calling herself queer/lesbian while being painfully straight, being an irresponsible cat owner, larping as autistic and mentally ill, etc etc etc.

But for me one of the worst examples is how much she thinks she's a legit fashion designer when absolutely nothing she ever does is related to it. She hasn't sewn or drafted new designs in months, she can't even make her own "drag queen" costumes, she's basically a nobody and barely can call herself a hobbyist seamstress. Whenever I look at her, I'm like "is this really all it takes to be a fashion designer"? Maybe some things simply weren't meant to be.

No. 217173

It's funny how impressionable she is that in her small low iq nogging she thinks she can replicate whatever drag queen she sees on TV but then she fails this much. Not to say, she's just a straight girl. Calling herself queer with 142454 alters in her head doesn't make her any more legit, like she believes it does. Maybe if she put some actual effort into it, maybe I could say "wow what a funny little imitator of an imitator" but all she does is look like shit and lie to soothe her precious feefees. This is why you don't encourage a coddled girl like her into thinking everything she does is wonderful hot shit. Doesn't she have mommy and daddy's money anyway? She could borrow some to buy even more frivolous drag queen shit that she only will wear once or twice and the hoard forever. But nah, half assing it is!

No. 217177

She seems reluctant to actually invest in all this shit like the reason the villainy outfit is like that is because those are some of the handful of items she has that Jerrick wears, some of which we know are from Steve. She won’t spend money on the DID larp and she won’t spend money on the drag larp because it’s not genuine, she can’t bring herself to spend money on something she doesn’t really like.

No. 217295

File: 1654288177951.png (55.11 KB, 617x289, Screenshot 2022-06-03 12.32.10…)

The level of second hand embarrassment is off the charts

No. 217342

File: 1654297640389.jpg (2.68 MB, 3444x4133, jjb.jpg)

for you, nonnatella

No. 217362

File: 1654300202940.jpeg (802.93 KB, 828x1610, BCE87E8C-69F5-49D5-B94F-7B95EB…)


No. 217367

What the fuck lmao does she really think Drew Monson cares? Block this bitch already please

No. 217369

my vote for next thread pic

No. 217370

Don't drag Merkel like that, she at least has a reason for that face. kek

No. 217384

Thank you, she’s beautiful. Next thread pic please.

No. 217389

File: 1654309789499.png (87.26 KB, 1036x407, clown.png)

Jillian has ascended clownhood.

No. 217399

>This isn't clowncore because I said so
It's clowncore bitch.

No. 217403

>big lips
she overlines her lips every time though?

No. 217413

>Since everyone got offended, instead of modifying my behavior and perhaps learn something new, I'm just going to keep doing the exact same thing but rename it to a completely different thing, that means everything is ok now!!
The mental gymnastics man

No. 217425

What are some of the wild guesses you nonners have about what will happen to Jillian in the future? I'm guessing she joins some weird sex cult.

No. 217428

This should be the tag line to jill’s entire life. I cannot think of a single time she’s truly modified her behaviour in response to well meaning criticism.

No. 217429

Stevie polytranny plot arc, breakup, moves house, new personality (it's Jerricka/alt Jill) which she sticks to since it's her true self, fitness arc, goes sober, becomes a hippy/like her auntie and posts funny/cute stuff online. I think current Jill is in the middle of a bender but she will chill out as she gets older as opposed to getting even worse. Well, I hope so anyway

No. 217435


No. 217439

I think full Steve troon arc will happen but I don't think they will break up at all. I think they will become horrorcows together

No. 217444

I agree, Steve coming out would be a dream come true for Jill. She will feel more valid calling herself queer and she still gets dick and doesn’t have to do anything and if she doesn’t want to sleep with him then oops guess asexual Jerrick is fronting oh well.

No. 217449

>She starts an only fans with Stebie fully trooned out.
>Includes alters, drag personas, "not clown", pegging, cheap ""lesbian"" magical girls cosplay and DDLG.
>Is mostly videos about 2 sweaty potheads barely managing to keep up a slow rhythm.
>Not enough revenue, they end up seeking "sugar zaddies"

No. 217464

Personally I think Steve has already privately come out to his immediate circle, that Jill going deep dive DID was in response to the attention he was getting. DID has similar lore/protections as trans shit in that it can’t be questioned and everyone has to play pretend with the larper or be labeled a bigot.
Jill will either leave him because transing becomes uncool and falls out of trend, she’ll cheerlead his self mutilation until he becomes invalid at which point she’ll bail, or she’ll stick with him through his self mutilation because the attention she gets for pretending to care for a life long medical patient gets her all the attention she craves.
Agree with other nonnies that there could be an onlyfans saga on the horizon. Can’t decide if she’d be more likely to do that before or after leaving Steve.
Hoping she’ll wake up soon to the reality of her choices and 180. She’d really draw in a lot of her old followers I think if she started getting her shit together, working out, growing up, actually trying to be a functional adult. So here’s hoping that she doesn’t have to hit her 30s before reality dawns on her.

No. 217486

File: 1654364777750.png (319.54 KB, 602x430, stevie.PNG)

Trans flag in Steve's twitter name, coming out confirmed?

No. 217487

Oh shit it’s actually happening

No. 217489

Debatable because as someone said up thread people like Jillian and Steve say nonbinary is trans even without actually transitioning in any way.

No. 217493

File: 1654368319487.png (59.13 KB, 602x306, Screenshot 2022-06-04 2.44.31 …)

No. 217507

She's really dragging this dumbass clowncore discourse out huh?

No. 217509

Course, it's a flex on other people
>not only am I actively being an uber conscious ally, but I'm educating myself at the same time uwu

No. 217511

>She’d really draw in a lot of her old followers I think if she started getting her shit together, working out, growing up, actually trying to be a functional adult.

Honestly even if she did magically manage to turn her life around and not behave genuinely insane all the time I don't think I could ever come back, she has really gone too far this time. Before she was just annoying and ridiculous but this is whole DID saga is in too deep. I genuinely hope she finds a way out of this but I can't imagine going back to being subbed. What would pixie being a normal person even look like can't imagine it tbh

No. 217516

File: 1654378392832.png (291.35 KB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20220604-153213-776…)

Self awareness is the first step to recovery Jill.

No. 217520

seriously, this would be so good for her to stop spiraling, this is just sad to watch.

No. 217525

File: 1654380015226.jpg (191.71 KB, 1080x904, Screenshot_20220604_175932.jpg)

In the replies.

No. 217535

>my true and natural self

She sounds like a troon

No. 217537

What the fuck is kidcore? I don’t even want to google it because it sounds like pedo shit. Grown adults shouldn’t be into anything “kidcore”.

No. 217538

I don’t think her personality will ever really change even if she got healthy. She’ll just find another thing to focus on and need to be the best/most special at it.

No. 217539

Think stuff like crayons, primary colors, etc. i only know because I played a lot of ACNH and people were making their islands “kidcore”. It does sound awful based on the name though lol.

No. 217540

Christ, this bitches victim complex is insane. "people aren't subscribing because I'm annoying and cunty, it's because they don't understand my super special trauma illness uwu"

No. 217551

My true and natural self… kek. She doesn't even know what that means anymore. She's too lost on her own bullshit to notice.

No. 217552

Tinfoil: she's using this mento illness facade because in truth she wishes she was a troon like steweb, but she just doesn't want to stop being a woman kek. Hence why she called nonbinary at first.

No. 217554

Here's an example from the aesthetic cringe thread in ot >>>/ot/1199165

No. 217555

it's basically teens and young adults pretending to be cool, colorful and youthful. there's some kidcore compilations on youtube.

No. 217556

he will come out this month, just watch KEK

No. 217557

>Personally I think Steve has already privately come out to his immediate circle, that Jill going deep dive DID was in response to the attention he was getting. DID has similar lore/protections as trans shit in that it can’t be questioned and everyone has to play pretend with the larper or be labeled a bigot.

I think so too. Remember the pic someone posted of "jillian" that looked more like a guy wearing her clothes? I'm pretty sure he's waiting until he "passes" better to come out 100%.

No. 217571

File: 1654394977320.webm (1.12 MB, 576x1024, download (1).webm)

Woe is me! I have to lay in bed all day because life is sooooo hard and I'm just soooo traumatized!

No. 217574

Omfg lmao imagine filming yourself "sleeping" what a retard

No. 217576

Girl needs some structure in her life

No. 217583

File: 1654400942697.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1000x2399, TheBimboficationOfSteebie.jpeg)

I second this tinfoil. Could also explain why Jil- I mean "Veronika" has been posting about being a ~lesbian~. And when she was called out for it, she doubled down on being a "Woman who loves women"
Her bimbo-sona is probably acting this out with Steebie behind the scenes kek she's already used to transformation all her boyfriends anyway

No. 217593

This is such disgusting tranny pandering art. holyshit. You can smell the XY in it

No. 217595

I think so too. After he comes out publicly Steve will probably start posting ‘lewd’ selfies to fish for compliments from chasers and handmaidens and Jill will further ramp up the DID LARPing in response. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of bimbo Veronica, but I think there’s also a chance that she’ll swing in the other direction instead and double down on the asexual dysphoric trans teenager thing out of disgust. It’s not uncommon for gfs and wives of AGPs to distance themselves from womanhood after watching their husband morph into an insulting, oversexed caricature. In any case I wouldn’t be too surprised if Steve starts an OnlyFans before she does.

I hope for her sake that Jill breaks up with him. If he breaks up with her first (to “live his best life as his authentic self”) then she’s really going to spiral. Worst case scenario they stay together and start grooming vulnerable young people in their orbit into a ddlg polycule.
>Come safely age regress at our happy fun rainbow house, we have weed and alcohol! PS don’t tell ur parents uwu

Will Veronica be the dominatrix or will we get a new alter for that? Born of the trauma of her therapist abandoning her of course.
>You can’t run away from me in a miniskirt and stilettos!

No. 217600

holy fuck, what in the trannyfication transifiyed transwashed shit is this

No. 217614

File: 1654421636370.png (28.75 KB, 494x263, dramatic.png)

Just to add her caption and a cringe commenter that's probably closer to her reason for posting it (the song is from moon knight). I'm sure she's trying to imply "waking up as someone else is so hard uwu" like what happens in the show, on top of the woe is me.

No. 217616

I'm genuinely surprised that he didn't came out earlier since his twitter likes were nothing but tranny shit, but then again I can see him waiting for pride month to make it extra ~special~. This will be such a shit show, can't wait. I feel like jill won't be able to cope with this in the long run since he will get more attention than her. Still curious to see which typical troon name he will choose.

No. 217622

I mean his family are conservative and Christian Right? I kind of got the impression that when he was in the hospital that his family isn’t keen on Jillian. I mean they are conservative enough that they wanted their adult child to have his own bedroom when he moved in with Jillian. His own room which was then commandeered by Jill’s hoard thus breaking his parents rule they were supposed to follow. She made mystery girl come out to her family right? I wonder if she is just blind to how much she fucks with peoples families because she is so narcissistic she doesn’t consider other people or she is so coddled she thinks that parents just bow to your whims and support whatever you say. Either way she doesn’t understand the severity of any of this stuff remotely, wasn’t it her on her social media that declared Steve is bi when he hadn’t volunteered that information himself anywhere. She has such an easy time with her family she can just buy a cake and declare she has an ultra rare maybe not even real extreme mental condition, Steve coming out to his family I’m betting would not go the same way.

No. 217625

I think if his family disown him that will lead to their breakup. Like if you nonnies just put the anti trans stuff to the side and look at it objectively, imagine you come out and lose your family and what you are left with is her. She can’t empathise with that stuff at all and just wants to scream about her “extreme” fake problems and make shit about her. Imagine you come home and try and talk to her about your real life altering problem and she doesn’t like that it’s not about her so she pretends to turn into a fucking cat or small child. She yas queens her partners into stuff because it makes her look how she wants but there is no way she is picking up the pieces. I can’t imagine going through something and your support system is I’m sicker and more special than you and my parents love me unconditionally Jill.

No. 217626

Apologies for samefag but I wonder if Colin dumped her when he did because they reached the point where they were transitioning from being kids to being adults who have to make life decisions. Imagine trying to move out and plan a future with Jill, she bought a pink couch and other crap in prep but it’s hard to imagine her doing any real prep. She put off doing her college prep so much that in the end she hadn’t done anything and she had a year off. I don’t believe that she found her home herself I bet her parents worked on that. She wasn’t even taking care of her own car she was having her parents do it for her. All her other fuckery aside she is just not someone you can have a proper adult relationship with where you make decisions and move forward through big problems, she is stunted and acts like a flippant teenager.

No. 217638

File: 1654436164724.jpg (458.79 KB, 1562x1200, daycarefromhell.jpg)

I can't decide if being a fly on the wall in their house would be hilarious or extremely depressing.

No. 217642

Fucking KEK, next thread picture please

No. 217645

What if he comes out to his family as 'queer' and they disown him and then jillian breaks up with him and he kills himself?

No. 217656

you captured them perfectly!

No. 217657

you guys are being a little ridiculous, don't you think he has friends he could lean on?

No. 217661

I think a lot of people, including Jillian, struggle to understand that families have worth even if they're homophobic/ect. Stevie probably values his relationship with his family regardless how they feel about him being "bi", but Jill likely sees the situation as "they accept you or they're evil and you should hate them", so not much reason to respect their wishes or stay private about his sexuality. Seeing as how she bullied her own parents into accepting her "DID" and other distasteful habits… it's you're with me or against me with Jill I'd imagine.

No. 217675

So many People have this mentality now that either your family accepts/approves of every aspect of your life or they are ~toxic~ and need to be cut out completely. It's unhinged and really sad. Now everyone is complaining about how lonely and sad they are. Well, retard, if you didn't block everyone who didn't align perfectly with you then you wouldn't be sitting alone in your room with no friends.
Your parents can still love you while not supporting your lifestyle. It can be hurtful but that's just the way it is. Family is really the most important thing you will have in your life and it's vile for either side to cut each other off because of political or moral views (To a certain degree, obviously.)

No. 217705

Manifesting this outcome

No. 217706

I know where you are coming from in the first part of your post and I somewhat agree, your second one assumes everyone has a good and loving family though.

No. 217707

here's the june patreon livestream.

No. 217710

How do her fans actually listen to these livestreams? The constant lip smacking, screeching and "bleep boop boops" are so fucking annoying

No. 217712

Other friends from Steven universe (cause it's so villain-y and says swell in the chorus) and MCR song she's doing is House of Wolves (cause it's 'just so fun') about 11 minutes in is when she says it

No. 217714

At around 14 minutes in she talks about filming the drag show on a phone, or filming in a studio (owned by her friends) so everyone can see her performance

No. 217721

I both want to see it and fear that I can’t handle the cringe enough to watch it.

No. 217723

23:25 "this is my first pride month identifying officially as a trans person"

No. 217725


No. 217726

nta but she says that she has so many "identities and so many fucking genders" inside herself that she is def not cis.

Words are meaningless.

No. 217727

I agree. I think no one likes Jillian. Alyssa's family also didn't like her. She's too much of a bad influence.
I think you're right. She's not a stable person to date, even more nowadays. She wants to be a kid forever and play dollhouse. Literally. Not only with her real dollhouse toy but also with her entire home. The alters are the dolls.

No. 217728

Well, that isn't trans then, she's just larping as trans and trying to grab another special label for herself. I'm tired of her faking so many identities for clout. And then bastardizing them and not understanding the struggle who actually have problems go through like autism for example. It must be painful for her to not be part of a minority I guess. This is why she wants the fucking spotlight so much. Very fucking funny that it's pride month and her being a spicy straight she still wants attention so she labels 3 different "queer" labels on herself. I'm tired.

No. 217730

With how many minorities Jill has claimed to be I'm amazed she hasn't claimed to have a POC alter

No. 217731

The flora one kinda is kek but she needs to really larp a brown ethnicity now.

No. 217733

If you're family is abusive then that's obviously a different scenario, dummy. That's not what my post was about.

No. 217734

I would love for her to take a 23 and me and get three percent native and then get an alter formed around the generational trauma of said 3%.

No. 217736

Well I was wrong as hell about the MCR one. She probably likes the "I'm a bad man" and "I S-I-N" parts. Fits her Jerricka larp. Kek

No. 217737

Jill would never, she's been so careful since racist-14-year-old saga.
I 100% believe she will or is already aiding in him trooning out. That headband pic on her birthday was very weird

No. 217739

Around 54 minutes into the stream Jill says she might switch because of thunder, saying it's a negative trigger from when she was small. She really has no idea what actual trauma is.

No. 217744

Triggered by thunder? From what, all the combat she experienced as a toddler in suburban Canada? She's ridiculous.

No. 217746

During her tour of Vietnam. Obviously.

No. 217753

…Wtf? Imagine having such a comfy life that you claim bad weather traumatized you

No. 217754

The idea that she’s claiming to be trans is actually so fucking ridiculous, because even her ‘male’ parts are so hyper feminine that they’re literally drag queens. Even when she’s pretending to be a guy she isn’t

No. 217757

It makes me sad how she throws this trans concept around so easily. Larping as trans is just so disgusting. I don’t understand how people still pander to her.

No. 217759

All trannies are larping.

No. 217760

DID is truly the trans of mental illness, on trend, ability to behave in ever increasing antisocial ways without accountability, so convoluted it can’t be questioned, automatic bigot on anyone that does question it, requires a safe space and coddling, denying the persons delusion is violence, etc etc also this isn’t to say that trans isn’t a symptom of mental illness in and of itself but obviously DID is either easier or more special in Jill’s mind

No. 217773

She desperately wants to be MTF, I thought that was obvious.

No. 217777

File: 1654495616613.jpeg (785.96 KB, 1620x1109, 36DCE516-AD72-4547-90FF-9CA9F1…)

>"bro, what if you made a huge hoodie that could fit around a large boulder" (22 mins in)
>"umm.. like that famous one in Australia- anyway"
uh oh, does she mean Uluru? the same one where laws needed to be made to ban idiot white tourists from climbing it and taking photos there due to how spiritually and historically significant it is to the local aboriginal people that it belongs to?

No. 217782

she's a kikomi comic come to life, absolutely incredible

No. 217789

kek didn’t have a mention of my home territory being mentioned on my bingo card. There’s no way I’m subjecting myself to watching her stream, what was the context of that comment?

No. 217831

File: 1654530260082.jpg (422.36 KB, 1080x1807, Screenshot_20220606-114035_Ins…)

look what I just found on that ig photo she posted. Looks like she's just copying and pasting the same response verbatim to every follower that asks? She probably anticipated people calling her a hypocrite.

No. 217887

Kek I hope more people call her out.

No. 217891

Imagine not taking any accountability and just copy pasting whatever shitty response you pre-made out of fear of repercussion. She never learnt from the LACE drama, she always did whatever dubious shit she wanted to do for attention while pretending to be "uwu" and then when people gave her legit criticizim she just ignored it all. She's as stubborn as a donkey and will always have the lowest IQ, close to shayna levels (the weed and alcohol are rotting her brain anyway.)

No. 217906

Holy shit how can she even say that? Is she trying to one up her partner? I thought these DID larper acknowledged that their alters are different people, just because she has a trans alter or whatever doesn't mean SHE'S trans. it's literally ok to be a cishet i don't know why she thinks she needs oppression points to be successful. Imagine being a rich white girl with a supportive family and making shit up to be sad about. I can't.

No. 217908


No. 217909

Lmao yes, exactly.

No. 217923

Honestly I don't even blame her for this canned response. The people calling her out for doing "racist clown makeup" scream tiktok brainrot. Just say she looks ugly in it if you want to booly her in the comments kek.
Lmao trannies stay losing! Jill loves these amorphous communities like DID and uwu twans because she doesn't have to change anything about herself or prove anything to join them and collect ass-pats!

No. 217935

The people calling her out are cow tippers
Even tiktok zoomers aren't that annoying anymore

No. 217936

Yeah it's pretty obvious too. She just added a few emojis to make it seem less passive aggressive but she doesn't sound like a fan at all

No. 217947

Yeah it’s annoying. Her threads are full of attention whores.

No. 217949

Cowtipping doesn't mean "person who was mean to her on twitter surely posts here", cowtipping means messaging the cow directly (Mostly on DM) and then posting it saying "HAHA GOT HER GUYS SEE??? I MESSAGED THE COW LOL AINT I COOL LOL GOTTEM". There's plenty more people outside this thread who hate her, woke twitterfags at that.

No. 217964

You don't have to openly brag about touching the poop in order for something to be considered cowtipping. I'll agree in that the original comment was "vague" enough that it could've come from anywhere, but a farmer doing something like messaging the cow or their family about the threads is still a no-no and can cut off the milk supply

No. 217998

stop using that term this isn't lipstick alley.

No. 218005

The word "vague"? That's just standar English

No. 218006

This, cowtipping often means telling the cow or her friends/family about the thread they have. It doesn't mean "someone was mean to her online" kek

No. 218016

I feel like could make the connection of Jill stating that the makeup look is based in a racist practice in her apology then continuing to do it repackaged as "drag" makeup as something to bring up since "she wants to do better" - there were comments under the last vlog she did the head shots for asking the same thing that she deleted/filtered out. Since a lot of her actual fans want to make sure that they can defend Jillybean being the "perfect, non-problematic neuro-divergent angel baby" they probably want her to explain why it's okay now, but it wasn't before

No. 218107

Right like the issue isn’t whether we accept the stuff about clown makeup being racist the issue is Jill backtracking and contradicting herself then filtering the response. I don’t think it’s racist but for Jill to say she does think it’s racist and needs to be stopped but then do it anyway is weird.

No. 218112

>we thought it was for steebie but it turned out to be for Jill herself
Insane. She is going for that kikomi-chan logic.

No. 218145

File: 1654606483925.jpeg (253.52 KB, 828x675, B03F187B-C968-415D-910B-90E37A…)

Please please please leave your poor cats out of your retarded trauma larp Jill

No. 218150

I'm not surprised she thinks this due to being a terrible pet owner.

Sorry Jill but it's actually pretty normal to not want to treat your cat like a baby 24/7.

No. 218151

And she thinks this is a personality or an alter thing or whatever? This is normal. Especially when you are busy like when """""""cliffe"”""""" fronts. What an idiot

No. 218152

Which alter is letting the cats near tinsel and not cleaning the shit stained walls then?

No. 218160

Obviously its the child. She obviously doesn't know whats right and therefore can't be held responsible for her shitty actions

No. 218164

So she just pretends to be a baby 24/7?

No. 218228

>one seems to act very differently depending on the alter
Her cat react differently depending on the way she talks to it? Wow, what a surprise. It's as if animals were sensitive to both the pitch and timbre of human voices.

No. 218244

Girls get excited about cats boys don't get excited about cats. Incredible worldview Jillian.

No. 218250

File: 1654622586171.png (1.61 MB, 943x911, jillian_june.png)

Sorry, late, June summary to have saved

>>Someone is currenting staying with them

>>She's going to have Steve or someone film the drag show
>>Show is in the middle of the day
>>Songs will be Other Friends from Steven Universe and House of Wolves by MCR
>>Show has to be all ages appropriate so she has to keep it from being "too horny" or "too sexual"
>>Might have Steve film her practicing in a studio owned by a friend instead of at the actual performance to post instead
>>Steve and Jill's 4 year anniversary is June 12th
>>Steve says he "has something planned"
>>"This is my first pride month officially identifying um as like a trans person […] yes, I used to be just like 'well I'm nonbinary' but I didn't feel like- I know there's- now I'm like okay, there's so many identities and so many fucking genders and so many things in my brain. Like definitely not cis."
>>Says she's scared of thunder
>>Always needs something playing in the background so she doesn't have to be "alone with her thoughts"
>>Talking about precure and possibly making a poll asking how people found it and to see how many found it through her - "It's not cocky to say I love this series and I talk about it so much because I do because I have mental illness and I- it's my favourite thing"
>>Says she loves Madoka Magica and can "write many essays about it" and it's impact on the magical girl genre
>>Stopped watching one season of precure (healing good) because they magically healed a character's chronic illness with magic
>>Freaking out about the thunder and lightening, was just screaming obnoxiously a lot
>>Says thunder is a trigger for her, might switch because of it
>>Goes to find the alter switch blanket, says her house is messy so she doesn't want to show it
>>Says the tassels remind her of a character from Touhou, calls Touhou "niche"
>>Wants to continue doing the blanket for anther like 12 inches

No. 218254

Total tinfoil but what is Steve proposes? A way for him to secure Jill as a meal ticket (assuming she pays rent/for his shit) and for both of them to play up the queer couple card without Steve facing issues with his family cause he can just pass it off as jills mental illness; especially for pride and all that; I bet jill is dropping tons of hints behind the scenes since she's working on her cousins wedding dress

No. 218255

She was just talking about her snuggie, joked about how it is just a big hoodie, then started talking about making the worlds largest hoodie

Cowtipping refers to interacting with the cow in any shape or form as to effect the production of milk.

"5. Do not alert a subject to their thread or take any other action to lead them to lolcow.farm (cowtipping).
5.1 Do not contact a subject's family.
5.2 Do not use lolcow.farm to organize a crusade against a cow (not your personal army).
5.3 Do not brag about or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow."

No. 218259

>>Show has to be all ages appropriate so she has to keep it from being "too horny" or "too sexual"

Which shouldn't be too difficult, since it's your sex-repulsed gay boy alter performing, right Jill?? Like why even mention this unless she had a moment of forgetfulness in her larp lmao

No. 218264

well the issue is when people tinfoil that any negative interaction with a cow is from a farmer, which isn't the case.

No. 218265

Ew could you imagine their disgusting rainbow, flower, austistic themed wedding with probably some splashes of star trek or something for Steve - but everything else would be for Jillian and she'd be reveling in the attention and having the spotlight. She'd be a total bridezilla, too, all while the entire thing is paid for by her parents. Mama Vessey would probably spend an exuberant amount so her daughter could have her "dream wedding". God it'd be so milky kek I hope he does propose, they are two shitty people who deserve bringing each other down to their lowest lows, it would only get worst after marriage

No. 218273

>>Says she loves Madoka Magica and can "write many essays about it" and it's impact on the magical girl genre

This one is interesting, because as autistic as it is, I remember her going off about how much it sucked. Guess she wants smore wlw points

No. 218274

File: 1654626330802.jpg (1.15 MB, 810x3339, 1500955305133.jpg)

Samefag, sorry

No. 218276

Lmao that’s great. She is such a poser with some of this stuff.

No. 218278

It's at like 48:00 for anyone who wants to hear it straight from her own mouth, she is for sure a poser. I would tinfoil that Steve likes it since Madoka attracts troons for some reason kek so she now loves it suddenly.

No. 218279

It is so nasty how troons obsess over little girls I wish they would all die horribly.

No. 218282

please I want a half assed rainbow vomit wedding, with steve wearing a starfleet uniform and looking repressed and nervous as his wife to be lumbers and screeches about switching down the isle. and his parents don’t show up because they’re embarrassed. kek

No. 218283

File: 1654629745817.jpg (36.24 KB, 441x356, sayaka.jpg)

>Says she loves Madoka Magica and can "write many essays about it" and it's impact on the magical girl genre
>Stopped watching one season of precure (healing good) because they magically healed a character's chronic illness with magic

isn't that a subplot of madoka

No. 218286

Not to be autistic about magical girls but most people who like shows for kindergarteners like precure and aikatsu didn't like madoka for starting the trend of edgy magical girl shows aimed at men. Which I'm fairly certain Jill also used to think especially based on that old meme she made

No. 218287

I remember this post! She couldnt even explain why she didn't like Madoka compared to her precure garbage meant for actual children. She has no personality of her own.

No. 218288

Madoka wasnt aimed at men. it was aimed at older audiences in general. Usually people who grew up with Sailor moon and liked darker plots.

No. 218293

You're right, it wasn't aimed at men specifically but they have taken the fandom over, mostly troons, which is unfortunate. Trannies absolutely love Madoka for some reason and co-opted it for themselves. Thus why there is now connotation between the two.

No. 218294

What if Steve proposes at a Pride event. Can you imagine the *~gender euphoria?~* God, please let this happen.

No. 218302

File: 1654633863733.jpeg (118.78 KB, 670x422, 3F0B2687-3A29-4096-8F21-F1B65F…)

Maybe steebe will convince her to do the klingon blackface makeup too, she can just decide it’s not racist like her clown makeup

No. 218339

Yeah this bitch has no idea what she's talking about

No. 218340

Madoka didn't start that "dark magical girl show aimed at men" trend, Uta~Kata did. And comparing the two, Madoka is the better written and more tasteful one. People who think Madoka was only for men are super retarded, they disregard all the women who were into it in the early 2010.

No. 218342

Maybe the one who hates Madoka is one of her other personalities. Kek

No. 218350

>they magically healed a character's chronic illness with magic
She's such an annoying fake fan, I watched this season with a girl I babysit and that isn't what happened. She had a byogen (whatever they're called) inside of her which was causing her to be mysteriously ill and always in and out of the hospital even though they can do nothing for her, once daruizen left her body, he left with the byogen and she was healed because her body was no longer being used as a host for him.
I wonder honestly if she's even ever finished any precure seasons, I remember back when she talked about it more, she'd get stuff wrong a lot and her fans corrected her and she'd pretend like she knew all along kek.

No. 218356

File: 1654643132255.png (383.65 KB, 366x512, madoka.PNG)

I mean… Madoka is pretty aimed towards otaku men, it's girly yeah but so is most yuri/moe anime, the OP shows her in weird fetish gear and theres a ton of lewd official merch. Sage for ot

No. 218361

And sailor moon had panty shots yet it’s not aimed at men. It’s just how anime is in general, always weirdly sexual even if it’s for women or for younger audiences.

No. 218362

>women can't be into coomershit
not this again. the real reason meguka isn't for women is because it's a convoluted critique on the emotional state of teen girls written by an old man.

No. 218365

She actually mentions this. I've never watched precure but she says the girls chronic illness is actually caused by the bad guy injecting something in her. And that when he is defeated, it cures her. She said it sends a bad message to kids with illness because it makes it seem like illness is caused by bad guys and how it would upset kids who couldn't magically heal themselves like the character could. It all sounded very retarded.

No. 218373

Jill's mad the characters illness is cured because she would kill to have a chronic illness for extra oppression points

No. 218407

I've been following Jillian for many years now, off and on, and I cannot hate her. I've tried but there's nothing she's done that's beyond normal human behavior? I'm not saying I like her or her content, but I cannot hate like you all do.
Do you anons ever look at what you're doing as just fan behavior?

No. 218408

Who the fuck is writing this shit? Are you retarded??

No. 218409

Its just interesting that you keep track of everything she does, even all of her posts or anything she does irl.
You are a fan, right?
Otherwise you would have some actual hobbies?

No. 218410

Hi cow(hi cow )

No. 218412

You wish.

No. 218413

Hi Jillian and your retarded brain. Thanks for joining everyone here. So glad YOU are a fan of us.

No. 218414

Everyone you disagree with is Jillian?

No. 218415

Idk about the other anons but I just enjoy watching people descend into madness. It's not that I'm a fan of Jillian, I just find pleasure in watching generally hateable people deteriorating.

No. 218417

either steebie or one of Jill's "enby afab" friends. steebie, if it's you, please do bless us with the deets on the 4 year anniversary.

No. 218418

At least you're honest.
I hate these uppity holier than thou anons who aren't capable of self reflection, especially when they have likely done much worse, they just haven't had a camera on them for years.

No. 218419

>I've tried but there's nothing she's done that's beyond normal human behavior?

ah yeah, cause pretending to have 6 alters inside of you is really normal human behavior.

No. 218420

We got licensed doctors in the thread, guys.

No. 218421

Sage your stupid fucking posts. No one cares that you are obsessed with white knighting Jillian.

No. 218422

oh, and you are liscensed? learn how to sage newfag. nobody wants you here. go dig thru the 7 years of Jill being a documented hypocrite and then see how you feel about whiteknighting.

No. 218425

I started following Jill's threads years ago. And for a long time, I didn't hate her. I thought she was an annoying, spoiled brat but harmless. She was just some girl trying too hard to be unique and spent too much on stupid hauls. But it's when she spiraled down the mental illness hole that she started to make me hate her. I'm not going to blogpost but for everyone who has gone through abusive or traumatic situations, it's just really cruel to see someone who had a perfect life try to pretend to be a victim in order to feel special. I also happened to meet an actual narcissist IRL that put some things in perspective. She reminded me of Jill in a lot of ways and I realized that Jill must be so much more of a nightmare in RL than we could ever know. A person who doesn't live in the real world and throws tantrums when they don't get their way and steps on everyone around them then cries victim when everyone gets fed up. These kinds of people are worthless assholes in society who contribute nothing, never take responsibility, and shit everything up. These threads hold Jill accountable and we know it must piss her off that there is a whole crowd of people not kissing her ass when she views herself as the center of the universe. She deserves to be knocked off her high horse.

No. 218440

We’re all jaded mean girls nonna, is that what you want to hear?

No. 218443

Unsaged whiteknight newfag posts kek.

No. 218444

Here's the deal: that shot is only in the opening for a few seconds and it's meant to bait people. It's not even in the real show. It's like no one here has watched it.
Again, want to see a real magical girl anime aimed towards men? Watch Uta~Kata, that shit came out one year before Madoka and had a shit ton of fanservice while the OG Madoka had basically none in anime standard. You're seriously denying the fact a lot of madoka merch and shit was aimed towards women back then too.
Pixielocks probably likes Madoka now because it's getting increasingly popular between troons nowadays and doesn't want to be left out. Plus, you have no idea how many male degenerates are into Precure and have massive collections of it. If anything, it's creepier for her to like Precure because it's aimed at little children and she takes the message of the show out and makes it into extremely fake positivity mental illness shit. Madoka was at least aimed at mature audiences to begin with.

No. 218445

>>they magically healed a character's chronic illness with magic
I'm sure she got this take from Twitter just like she got the "Madoka is not real magical girls" take back then.
>I remember back when she talked about it more, she'd get stuff wrong a lot and her fans corrected her and she'd pretend like she knew all along kek.
Kek this. Plus she started her wand collection because she wanted to skinwalk someone else.

No. 218446

>Jill's mad the characters illness is cured because she would kill to have a chronic illness for extra oppression points
god you're so right kek
So dressing like a retard clown and larping mental illnesses is normal? Bizarro world.

No. 218447

To me, this site is more like watching the stock market. cows either go totally bat shit, dry up, or apologize. sometimes a combination. It's bad because usually the cows don't have a breakdown where they realize how shitty they've been to other people, but there's always a hope somewhere. The ultimate goal I'd have for this thread is that Jill either goes so off the deepend she loses all of her following OR she actually apologizes for faking mental illness, her sexuality, and stalking people. It gets pretty close to either of those extremes, but never quite. Being a farmer is a little bit self destructive, but the wash of relief you feel when people come to justice is kind of addicting. Unfortunately, that means no more milk, but it's not like we'd ever get to a society where there aren't more cows.

No. 218448

>Being a farmer is a little bit self destructive
I agree. But it's so fun though.

No. 218449

There's not so many lewd Madoka merch actually, most of it is just cute

No. 218450

Sorry I struck a nerve jesus, it's fine for you to like it, I'm not even saying liking it means you have masculine tastes, its just a lotmostmoe/yuri anime is aimed towards otaku adult men who like "innocent" teen girls. It's blatantly obvious to tell what kinds of anime are aimed towards men and what isn't. I know men are into precure, they love to take things meant for little girls kek. But that literally has nothing to do with madoka being targetted towards male otaku, not gonna continue the magical girl derail after this

No. 218453

Oh they’ve definitely done worse, have you been on this website? Full of bitter women who have nothing better to do than hate transwomen & cismen because they’re alone.

No. 218455

Go back to Twitter where your tranny and scrote worship is welcome, now can we please stop derailing and go back to laughing at the narcissist clown

No. 218459

Whiteknighting aside, this anon told a bit of the truth. We seldom see how she looks or behaves outside (and I mean outside outside, with grass and trees and cars) and in a normal environment to know if she looks and acts as shitty in that circumstance as in her videos and online. I don't doubt she's a lot more inhibited around normal people, she gives me that theater/art kid energy, who, at my school, always started drama between each other but never willing to say so much as a word to anyone normal. Also Greater Internet Fuckwad theory in action; she's more likely to go off and be rude to someone online, especially knowing she has the clout, than she would offline where most people wouldn't know who she is. All of this is just to say that I don't think she is BPD or any other buzzword mental disorder that lolcow likes to throw around, mainly because it was another diagnosis she was desperate to achieve, like DID and autism, and tried to explain away her lack of symptoms by calling it 'quiet BPD'. Somebody in /ot/ a while ago mentioned that she acts like a 'normal' twenty-something Atlantic Canadian and that we were missing this context, and quite frankly I think a lot of Jillian's online behaviors can be chalked up to the fact that she's spoiled and slightly immature and probably recognizes that she has a dying audience

No. 218463

We have seen videos of her with her friends, we have seen videos of her in public, we have seen her on TV, we have seen other people describing their interactions with her. Some people are just annoying and some people like to laugh at annoying people, that's all there is to this, no whiteknighting needed.

No. 218468

Context is
>Normal people
Friends, conventions, and fans do not count. These people are inherently under her sphere of influence and are going to be enablers or people she feels more 'powerful' than; it's also a more 'controlled' environment than, say, a grocery store, and we don't regularly see these events occurring. She mostly records in her home. I never disagreed with the fact that she's annoying, but being annoying is not indicative of having a severe 'mental illness' like BPD. Also wanted to mention that the 'normal twenty-something Atlantic Canadian' thing was in reference to her drinking habit IIRC, which a lot of anons in earlier threads thought was a sign of her alcoholism or whatever.

No. 218472

Speaking of the grocery store I am so curious still about her going in and having them make her the congratulations DID cake. I wonder if she told them it was for her uwu and explained it while the worker just stood there dead eyed. She seems like the type to be desperate for them to ask questions about it so she has an excuse to tell someone how special she is.

No. 218473

Anons pointed out in these threads that the handwriting and color she used is similar to some cake stuff she did in the past, so maybe she just bought a normal cake and wrote the congrats herself at home.

No. 218482

She also goes around in public with a sunflower lanyard saying what illness she has. She's so desperate for attention from strangers, I'm surprised she hasn't faked a meltdown / switch at the grocery store

No. 218511

File: 1654698192016.png (1.17 MB, 701x1104, Screenshot_2022-06-08-09-21-16…)

Ah, but she might've done it off screen. I mean, she said herself on tickle tockle "I need to be the most visibly queer mentally ill person at the grocery store."

No. 218529

If I see an obese girl with clothes that scream I want attention I just assume she has a personality disorder. So I guess she got that part right

No. 218546

Is she out in public without her stupid "i am autistic" lanyard thing?

No. 218554

Attention-seeking is a facet of nearly every cow on the board, personality disordered or not. If Jillybean has a personality disorder (doubt) then it still isn't BPD. If you want to see what a cow with actual, probable BPD looks like then see Alicesroom/Holland Proudfoot from the IP2 community on KiwiFarms where she is discussed extensively + has a thread.

No. 218555

Actually I simply browse this site to call trannies gross coomers during my morning piss, otherwise I have a fulfilling life with friends and family who will talk to me because I don’t pretend to be the opposite gender online. Or in Jill’s case, my family and friends don’t have to walk on eggshells around me because they never know which OC is larping as and how i’ll react to an innocuous comment.

No. 218564

>Thinking we hate scrotes and trannies because we're alone
Quite the opposite, we hate them because they can't leave us the fuck alone.

No. 218566

>Oh they’ve definitely done worse, have you been on this website?
I don't know, have you? Retard

No. 218570

Kek and you're telling me this is normal? Anons you're wack, she clearly is an idiot.

No. 218571

We obviously have a tourist that wants to whiteknight her. People saw pics her mom took of her where she looks like a pink hobo in public and she keeps talking how the people in the liquor store know her already.

No. 218589

It manifests differently for everyone, not every bpd-chan is a messy junkie prostitute to seek attention, some seek it other ways like… faking DID and pretending to be a troon

No. 218592

This. She's pretty self destructive too.

No. 218597

I would bet real money she's probably worse in real life. If you've ever met someone that craves attention that much, you'd know, trust me. Just my feeling.

No. 218598

There’s also like 96 unofficial subtypes of BPD or some shit. The consistency is the affect to the brain system and hitting certain key traits off the list. Almost like illness presents differently in different people kek

No. 218601

This. Plus she's a drunkard too.

No. 218607

If you genuinely believe she's got BPD, then I have a bridge to sell you. Again, attention-seeking and acting like a narc doesn't mean she has a personality disorder. Some of you are sounding like Big Pharma in calling every annoying thing that Jillian does a symptom of a severe mental illness. You're just giving her more ammo to believe that she's s00per s1ck in believing her claim.
In what way? Has she lost a house or filed for bankruptcy? Has she been hospitalized for hurting herself recently? Or do you agree that she has the so-called 'quiet BPD' that she claimed instead? Self-destructive doesn't mean squandering her YouTube audience, kek
Almost like BPD is routinely misdiagnosed in patients, especially women, where diagnoses such as PTSD or autism would be a better fit. If Jill doesn't have the 'trauma' to develop DID, how does she magically have the trauma to develop BPD? Do you actually think she has either syndrome?

No. 218609

>If you genuinely believe she's got BPD, then I have a bridge to sell you. Again, attention-seeking and acting like a narc doesn't mean she has a personality disorder.
She does have the BPD diagnosis though, and she has some disordered behaviors. And it wasn't just a diagnostic impression like her "DID".
I saw you deleted your post but you mentioned something about "big pharma". This is not a tinfoil thread.

No. 218610

BPD is not something always developed from trauma, genetics have a key in it. Please stop this dumb tinfoiling.

No. 218612

>People saw pics her mom took of her where she looks like a pink hobo in public

If you mean that photo of her looking like she's walking off to clown college with baggy pink trousers on, that photo still haunts me kek. The fact she claims to not be doing #clowncore anymore and listed not wearing baggy clothes as one of the reasons why, while still dressing in baggy clothes.

Idk about delusional-chan who is convincing themselves she's perfectly normal and lovely offscreen, have they seen her Tweets about scream-crying and whatever? If anything she's far worse offline.

No. 218614

I deleted and reposted. But to your point, you have to be an actual newfag to believe a damn word Jillian says. I don't recall her ever posting a diagnosis, but even if she did get one, do you realise how easy it is to obtain? Have you met any of the munchies on lolcow + KF? Also, Big Pharma isn't tinfoil, it's the actual term for large pharmaceutical companies.
You have to be samefag for posting almost within the same minute and calling my reasonable disbelief of Jillybean's 'BPD' tinfoil. BPD is genetic, but the catalyst is trauma. We already have precedence for the fact that she pretends to be severely mentally ill, why is it so hard to believe that she is pretending to have BPD as well? And notice how she hasn't been sperging out over it lately, almost like she dropped it for DID instead kek. I bet you're one of the munchie retards from r/fakedisordercringe who shits on DID-fakers while having a ''''true and honest'''' mental disorder yourself, if you're wk'ing Jillian this hard
>Reddit spacing
Suspicions confirmed.

No. 218617

>You have to be samefag for posting almost within the same minute and calling my reasonable disbelief of Jillybean's 'BPD' tinfoil.
NTA but you don't even know what samefagging is.

No. 218621

You don't think it's suspicious that 'two anons' posted within a minute of each other and both called my suspicions of Jill's diagnoses as 'tinfoil'? That is besides the point anyway. Either make a logical argument for Jillybean being BPD or STFU

No. 218623

Not any of these anons (I am >>218612 but not the anons above) but medfagging and debating about mento illness is technically against the rules on lolcow, you can't diagnose someone over the internet so it's a pointless debate.

Also this thread is active so several anons will post in a short timeframe.

No. 218634

It's not reddit spacing, I've been here for years and never touched the incel haven that is reddit in my life, just sometimes posts look better with a line break. I scrolled upthread a bit and there's plenty of anons using line breaks every so often, none of them are me. Take your tinfoil hat off, nonno

No. 218643

It's active because there was a wk earlier being a sped and everyone wanted to tell them to shut up. Otherwise there hasn't been that much milk for the thread to move very fast. But I agree with your point that you can't diagnose cows with anything. However
>debating about mento illness
is nullified by the nature of this thread. We can't actually verify whether or not Jillian has DID, I can't see why an exception is made for the retards that keep hammering on about her t0Tez R3aL BPD. I've seen too many people say Jillian has it just because she acts like a tard on Twitter like this mong >>216528 and it all reeks of newfag. She might be bitchy in real life to her fans, but we don't know if she actually behaves like that around normal strangers. Reiterating Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory here. Even if she is as bitchy as she is online, that still doesn't mean she's got BPD. We have all the evidence that she is and has been coddled and catered to by her parents to suggest that she's spoiled, but the actual tinfoiling starts at people insinuating her parents were neglectful enough to cause 'trauma', because they buy her lots of gifts or whatever kek.
Nobody says nonno here, 'oldfag'. If you have been around for as long as you say you've been, then you'd know not to Reddit space, even if all of the newfags in this thread are doing the same thing

No. 218644

File: 1654721080068.png (41.25 KB, 599x152, Screenshot 2022-06-08 4.34.41 …)

God I hope this video just shoots her in the foot for being contradictory for her own larp and just what the clinical ideas of DID are. I need someone to ask how she is sure that Jerricka is going to be the one fronting during the performance

No. 218646

File: 1654721223971.png (1.07 MB, 700x811, 1588391896607.png)

No. 218647

Take your meds and log off, friendo

No. 218648

This type of extreme attention seeking really screams cluster B, BPD or not. It’s utterly insane how she’s latched into calling herself gay and trans just to feel special and get more attention, meanwhile she’s a typical straight girl who has never enjoyed sex with another woman in her life and obviously has no interest in FTM sex transition medically or socially.

No. 218654

Fuck off back to reddit, 'friendo'.
What's the worst thing she's doing? Dressing like rainbow vomit? You'll find 10 pixies if you spend a day on any college campus. Dancing? Plenty of zoomer retards make TikToks in public. I guess everyone who dresses alternatively and every mongoloid on TikTok is BPD too kek and Kelly Ronahan must have an actual blood disorder because she managed to pick her legs enough that she got both of them amputated. You'd make a killing as a psychiatrist KEK

No. 218656

Samefag. The point is, it's not that deep. Jillian is an overgrown child due to the fact that she's been enabled her entire life. It doesn't get any more severe than that, no BPD or schizophrenia or whatever buzzword mental disorder necessary

No. 218658

File: 1654722322472.png (195.59 KB, 445x450, 1610175156550.png)

Every time you post, you change it then delete the first post and post again kek like every single time
Also I am >>218646
and not >>218647
But everyone disagreeing with you is samefagging right? Wk gtfo.

No. 218660

Is it against the rules to delete a post? The only reason I do so is to change a spelling mistake or two, the arguments themselves haven't fundamentally changed at all. It really isn't that serious. Stop being a derailing retard and refute any of my arguments if you think Jill has BPD.

No. 218661

Samefag >>218660 but how is me saying Jillian is a liar, a womanchild, and not believing in her BPD being a wk? Newfags probably wouldn't know this, but if we had gone back a year or two most nonnies in this thread would agree with me that Jill doesn't have BPD

No. 218662

>racist elements of clowning
holy fuck this is a hilariously absurd pairing of words

No. 218663

File: 1654722631655.png (89.94 KB, 1853x652, firefox_smVYKl3hda.png)

Can confirm, I left my PC on all day and this has been going on all day with someone double posting.

No. 218665

Doubleposted and deleted. All of this derailing isn't the gotcha that you think it is. Stop acting like an autist and prove that any of my arguments is retarded

No. 218666

File: 1654722820562.png (761.62 KB, 700x811, 1588391896608.png)


No. 218668

This is obviously a waste of time and you're either too young or too retarded to use this site. I'm not going to maintain this back and forth thing if you can't act like an adult and have a reasonable discussion on why you think my points are wrong.(infighting)

No. 218669

Absolutely praying this anon takes her meds and has a nap, she's been doing this for 11 hours now according to your screencap

No. 218670

The fact that she thinks everyone replying to her is the same person is the funniest part kek

No. 218671

Just before I read through the sudden influx of replies - none of them are about jill or new milk and they’re just infighting right?

No. 218672

this >>218644 is the only thing between the infighting

No. 218673

File: 1654723747727.png (47.35 KB, 604x386, jillian_fomo.png)

She mentions feeling FOMO about conventions. Do we think she'll ever cosplay again? I think she is far too lazy at this point. Also the post about her meds made me think she's probably been sleeping all day long the past 2 days.


No. 218674

Hasn't she proudly exclaimed that she's medicating with weed? I remember her stopping her DID meds and she hasn't mentioned taking anything new since she's been with the sunshine therapist.

No. 218676

My bad, I meant BPD meds from years ago*

No. 218678

Is Jill still doing this "I hate fast fashion" thing? She made a video only recently singing mingaLondons praises, she doesn't care about ethical fashion

No. 218679

so much infighting today jeez

hold up. didnt she claim only jill and flora know how to knit/sew/do art all that stuff on a livestream? does this mean that suddenly all the alters have an skilled artistic ability they're gonna use to 'express themselves'? or is she suggesting that only jill and flora will be doing creative projects to express all the alters? cmon, larp is getting lazy here.

No. 218681

Lol I'd love to see Jill acting like the 6 year old alter in drag

No. 218689

Yeah, it was Jill/Flora who were the ones who sew, but I think her angle now that they are team who work together to make things happen. The way she's like flora went fabric shopping, cliffe went to the bank, the 5 year old went to walmart or whatever she says - I think she is just pushing the idea that her quack therapist helped her in 2 months to integrate so they just switch in and out depending on who is needed

No. 218704

Jill talking about privilege is fucking hilarious considering how privileged she is. Not to mention her misunderstanding the fact that fast fashion is a product of consumerism not people just buying what they need. But she wouldn't get that, because if she went one day without buying useless shit, she'd have a breakdown and cry about it on twitter.

No. 218720

nta but the anon running their computer for 11 hours to monitor a thread isn't much different >>218663

No. 218724

They could have just left it open and done other things.

No. 218730

tbf you could say the same thing for both users if the infighting spergs spaced out their posts enough
ironic considering how much she spends on plastic crap. what does she even take meds for anyway? i don't think meds exist for did or personality disorders

No. 218739

But flora was supposed to be a "fragment" that keeps her positive and gives her encouragement. Do you mean she's hesitant to sew?

No. 218749

i thought the only psych med she took was benzos lol

No. 218751

I think flora is a full alter now?
People leave tabs open anon

No. 218754

I think Flora was supposed to be a fragment, but I thought that fragments are only able to do limited things (according to DID lore) but Flora was able to take over during her vlog so she might be a full alter? She keeps changing her DID abilities and I can't keep up

No. 218758

we need a fucking guidebook for all of her DID lore now. flora is the precure alter, correct?

No. 218760

Yeah, it’s basically kinning at this point.

No. 218767

File: 1654751375728.jpeg (17.62 KB, 225x224, 80632C41-4FD7-4BCE-B7CC-AB7401…)

I’m still waiting for Cliffe, who remember is supposed to be pic related, to do anything other than chores and errands. You’d think the actually successful famous drag queen would be the one expressing himself or at least helping the others to do so, but all he does is pay bills. Also I looked him up and according to Wikipedia the real guy calls himself genderfluid and uses she/they pronouns, yet Jill has repeatedly called Cliffe a man and calls him he. Uh oh.
Any bets on how long it will take her to retcon the whole factive thing?

No. 218781

Anon IDK how to break this to you but I was kidding when I said Cliffe was a Sasha Velour factive because it's what she clearly based the character off of. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

No. 218782

Same for me really. I used to follow her on youtube and really liked her vlog and crafting videos. I stopped watching her videos years ago and found her threads here. Now i just really hate her and only reasoni still read her threads is to find out when is she going to stop spiraling down more. She’s disgusting, as someone who has gone trough serious trauma, it’s repulsive to see someone pretending they are sick for some internet validation or some shit.

No. 218804

Jill made it confusing because she said herself that Cliffe reminds her of a combo of Sasha Velour and her dad. Which I think just translates to ‘an old guy, but not like lame old like her Dad, but cool and hip old like a drag Queen’ because she has the mentality of a 13 year old

No. 218825

He just hasn't come out as a Steve Jobs factive yet

No. 218894

I'm not sure if we'll ever see jill cosplay again. With her fashion "degree" there's no room to show up with a bad cosplay. There are plenty of people who go to animaritime with no fashion degree at all, tiers above her in skill. And some who went to the exact same school as well who are far more talented.

If I were jill I'd be embarrassed to show up at these cons again honestly. How many friendships has she ruined in these circles already? Never mind the embarrassment of both her DID larping and how she presents herself right now. She'd be smarter to stay home, no one wants to see her nor cares about her at these cons anymore aside from her little cluster of "friends". Even when she did attend before she showed up for maybe an hour or two, napped half the time in her hotel room, competed and threw a fit if she didn't win. So what's the point?

No. 218895

That's kinda creepy imo.

No. 218916

I also started out as a fan of jill like 30 threads ago but what made me genuinely start to hate her was when she used her girlfriend as clickbait for the entirety of their two month relationship, then broke up with her through twitter dm by basically saying she wasn’t attracted to her (yet to this day she maintains that shes bisexual). In recent years though, I think claiming a deviantart relationship and growing up in an extremely liberal part of canada gave her trauma severe enough that she had to develop multiple personalities is beyond normal human behavior nonnie

No. 219185

File: 1654849276567.jpg (50.78 KB, 1080x318, 20220610_091955.jpg)

Every time she tweets this "uwu I just love friendship and rainbows" shit all I can think of is that tweet where she told a minor to suck her cock

No. 219272

What does she mean by sweeties

No. 219279

I'm assuming sweeties as in friends/people instead of the uk/europe slang of sweeties meaning candy/treats

No. 219284

Maybe she has a new british alter kek

No. 219291

Her mum is British and she also evidently loves food, so I'm gonna read it as sweeties (food) and sweeties (sweet people)

No. 219298

Impressed she hasn't claimed it yet since her mom comes from the UK guvnor innit

No. 219306

iirc, she's been using "sweeties" as a "gender-neutral" replacement word for bimbo.

No. 219314

She doesn’t have an accent, is she “British” in the sense that her family is but she is a Canadian born and raised. I’m a eurofag so idk if she just means it in the way North Americans do sometimes where they mean they have relatives from that place but have lived in North America their whole life.

No. 219350

Seconded - I’m a bong and i’ve never really picked up any uk accent from her mum. It’s been a couple of years since i’ve listened to her speak though so maybe i’m just not remembering. I think she’s in a significant chunk of the first tattoo vlog so i’ll go back and watch that.

No. 219373

her mom moved to pei with her family when she was little. i remember because she only got canadian citizenship years later and announced it on facebook or something.

No. 219401

wait when tf was this sage for asking to be spoonfed but does anyone have source for this because kek wtf

No. 219410

Wow I’m so hungry I really thought she was talking about the fruit.

No. 219446

File: 1654929350533.png (537.04 KB, 579x617, 5454453.PNG)

She keeps putting her name in that AI photo generator and nothing relating to her comes out and it's just sad to watch. Does she genuinely believe she's famous lmao?

No. 219526

She has so much self importance like you have no idea.

No. 219539

File: 1654991831305.webm (3.18 MB, 720x1280, twitter_20220611_174929(0).web…)

No. 219542

Don't worry Jill, no-one's jealous of your "hotness"

No. 219543

It's honestly so surprising how much weight she gained over the past few years fucked up this aesthetic of hers. When she was slimmer, it was looked cute but now she just looks like a fat toddler with tree stump legs.

No. 219544

When you go from binge/purge to just binging, you turn into a grain silo. Those are the rules, I don't make them.

No. 219559

File: 1655006228799.png (250.37 KB, 500x500, eKxxzPK.png)

Wow. The delusions and cope run deep. It would irritate me but the fact she looks like a fat clown dressing like a toddler makes me laugh. Sure Jill, god gave you mental illnesses to counter balance your ahem hotness. No it can't be your own fault for having gained weight and stunted reasoning; it just has to be a higher power. The only logical response.

No. 219574


Is it me or is she literally moving like a retard? She reminds me of the main girl in "Music", Sia's epic fail movie about autism. It's like Jillybean has been studying her or something, she looks like a true mentally impaired person.

No. 219583

Wtf lmao. Who the fuck would be jealous of this fat clown strolling around. She's fucking nuts.

No. 219584

She really had to film this pitiful shit for TikTok huh

No. 219620

File: 1655031838444.jpg (126.17 KB, 1056x499, Screenshot_20220612_120154.jpg)

LOL nonna jillian has always been obsessed with herself, picrel

No. 219622

The mixing of talking about how "hot" she is combined with the ddlg LARPing and childishness is so fucking weird

No. 219701

She did not see it though kek. So narcissistic even though she's mediocre

No. 219707

File: 1655062167574.png (12.83 KB, 486x167, flora.PNG)

Is this actually possible? I can't keep up anymore

No. 219710

It's only possible in the DID larp community. Honestly, anything she says is probably actively encouraged by the DID larp community.
It's very obvious all these people are faking it and have arbitrary rules.

No. 219712

I think if Jillian ever broke up with Steven she would spiral down more instead of getting help. She will probably date a MLP ex-/pol/ tranny or some shit. There's no other way anyone else would want her.

No. 219713

The saddest cope I've ever seen in this website.

No. 219716

Her tumbling around with the clearly childish stroll, coupled with what seems to be an ugly oversized dress for a fat toddler, and creepy clown makeup, make her look extremely uncanny. Specially because she thinks this looks hot. I hope she's joking, otherwise she's probably implying that this disgusting ddgl-tier charade is what makes her "hot". I'm 100% sure she larps behaving like a baby in Steven's bed as well.

No. 219717

File: 1655063200689.png (262.15 KB, 656x752, 1331414143.png)

No. 219733

I'm not sure being away from her "uwu sweet baby angel therapist" is helping or hurting her. Thoughts? I think I'm past the point of expecting her to apologize for shit but maybe she'll go onto pretending nothing ever happened. Maybe.

No. 219743

in a parallel universe where she stayed a lolita, the alternate version of jill is shuddering in disgust (the irony)

No. 219801

she's never had real therapy, her therapist was just an in person extension of her hug box validating imagined trauma and faking disorders for attention online. It would be one thing if she kept it on the down low, but Jill makes being an "influencer" her personality so her therapist must know about how much she talks about DID online. You have to wonder if it should be legal to strip a therapist's license if there was proof online they were making someone clearly worse- or at least diagnosing them with very serious disorders that have been popularized online just to make them a happy customer.

No. 219826

File: 1655089814129.jpeg (1007.55 KB, 1170x1285, 9A391C35-8694-46C5-A3F8-EDC9BB…)

steve is looking more and more like a tranny

No. 219827

File: 1655089878822.jpeg (980.62 KB, 1170x1331, 9053CC34-85E8-4D5F-A373-6262EB…)

he couldn’t even fix his chipped nail polish before their 4th anniversary

No. 219830

oh, so she only wears the sunflower lanyard when its convenient for her to larp as disabled, huh? funny how she will "wear it out to fetch the mail" but not in a public place like this bridge.

kek @ no ring in sight. sorry jill, maybe next year?

No. 219833

those nails of his are disgusting

No. 219834

I'm amazed he managed to look greasier than her. You can tell that they're a couple that smells like cat piss and stale weed.

No. 219839

Why…would you take a photo of those nails? That looks like prime material for nail infection, get some care done Steebie

No. 219851

men with long nails horrify me

No. 219855

>steebie wearing a pride pendant to celebrate the 4yr anniversary of his heterosexual relationship

Bisexual or not thats a bright red flag and confirms either troon or predator status to me kekw.

No. 219856

He's 100% taking hormones

No. 219857

Fucking gross

No. 219860

I'm still tinfoiling her therapist left the field because he finally went online to look at her stuff and saw that she's just larping for attention

No. 219862

File: 1655109862618.png (2.64 MB, 1266x1448, 23948209384-42093849-489384AC-…)

"we saw u from across the drag show and really dig your vibe. we just want to let you know our kweer rainby homie-womie is a kink and agere safe space if u ever want to visit uwu"

No. 219863

Like most men he probably doesn’t properly wash his hands after going to the bathroom. You just know there’s some nasty shit under those nails.

Steebie scouting out the audience while Jill wiggles her mcnuggies on stage. I wonder if she’ll advertise that she’s an influencer at the drag show.

No. 219865

Lol @ Jill going from needing a sunflower lanyard to tell everyone she's batshit and switching constantly to a 6 year old to suddenly having 0 symptoms of DID when her and steebie have a date night.

No. 219899


Looking at his nails it's no wonder Jill always had those UTI's
Also what the hell is her bracelet about? So she knows what day it is when she's not working and every day just blends together?

No. 219936

Did they discuss getting engaged or something? The ring comment is weird, not to defend Jill but idgi. They’re still pretty young and unstable idk why marriage would be on the horizon rn.

No. 219947

She put those day of the week bracelets together a while ago to help with her dissociation
Anon's tinfoiled from a tweet steve made about their four year anniversary having a big surprise (plus it being pride month) that he would propose

No. 219950

Oh right, forgot about that. That makes more sense.

No. 219958

It’s just chipped polish nonna, log off occasionally.

It’s funny how the DID Show magically disappears when she’s preoccupied doing real life things and not being chronically online. No mention of switching, no clown make up or weird ass outfits (outside of her norm), she even has normal coloured eyebrows

No. 219984

Someone find their first selfie together and line it up next to this one.

No. 219998

iirc she said something about rings in a livestream awhile ago and her voice went up several octaves as the anon described, when she mentioned their promise rings from years ago, and how Stevie doesn't wear his because it doesn't fit (iirc) so it is on her mind rather than being simply random marriage baiting from anons

No. 219999

Look at his hand in this one >>219826 though, it looks necrotic. I think the stats went around at the start of the pandemic and the vast majority of men only wash their hands when they go for a shit, (so, once a day) no other time, so agreed with all the anons grossed out by his nails

No. 220020

I would argue that most men don’t even wash them then. Most men seem to only wash their hands when they’re visibly dirty or sticky.

I also wasn’t onboard with steve trooning out because jill would never share the relationship spotlight with someone but these latest photos scream ‘scrote doing the bare minimum’ tim costume so I’m preparing to be wrong. That coupled with his silence on social media sets the stage for a big ‘come back announcement’ reveal.

No. 220024

I was just thinking I haven’t seen her use any of her other twitter accounts for a while. Was operating 3 accounts too hard Jill?

No. 220035

she hasn't used the Veronica account in a while, I guess it was too hard for Jill to pretend to be attracted to women

No. 220037

Not the nail polish, look at the corners of his nails. If you damage that skin by pushing it's just begging for infections.

No. 220044

Picaroons has the exact opposite aesthetic from Jill. You walk in there and you're going to find 30+ y/o men with undercuts + man buns wearing 2014 hipster attire and shitty flannels… and then you have these two.

For fucks sake Jill go to the gay/"queer" bar or something! At least Steve would have liked it

No. 220060

these posts make me wonder how shes able to not "switch and forget" during huge occasions like this, surely with a lot of emotions, alcohol and weed her OCs would pop up? Her story never adds up

No. 220088

Maybe he likes the flannel shirt men with the undercuts too kek

No. 220136

kek why does steebie look more feminine than jill

No. 220153

dressed like a toddler, dancing like a toddler and carrying a teddy bear…………. yeah such HOTNESS jill. disgusting

No. 220165

shush don't encourage either of them nonna, this is only seen as a compliment by them

No. 220183

Jill doing her old normal makeup and dressing in a semi-flattering outfit pisses me off some much because though she's fat, it doesn't look bad when she's not trying to push her mental illness act on top of it. She just looks like the old Jillian got too comfortable in her life and gained weight, if she wasn't such an attention seeking bitch all the time online she's just be one of those badly dressed "kawaii influencers" who just fade into their specific niche of people who like their personality not style yet she chose to have the worse online personality so she has nothing going for her anymore.

No. 220189

File: 1655238933843.jpeg (210.3 KB, 828x1515, 74A1CBA4-2DDE-40FA-BC72-52201A…)

the way she interacts with herself is too much

No. 220192

sorry for double posting i forgot to sage and didnt see till just now

No. 220194

This is mildly infuriating and extremely retarded

No. 220215

this might sound blogpost-like but i think everyone can relate, especially if they wear or have ever worn alternative clothes
i look nothing like I did in middle school. i dont know who does. its a fucking stretch to pretend that who you were in middle school is a different person entirely.

it might be worse that a part of her still is her middle school self as if she never grew up

No. 220217

When will Jill accept she's a grown ass adult and not a uwu smol lickle baby

No. 220223

Nta but it's more the fact that she's responding to herself from a separate account about a picture of her younger self. The narcissism.

No. 220241

For real, she’s acting like she was some supreme goth/punk being in school when she straight up looks like every other middle schooler who’s parents let them dress in an alt way

No. 220242

This doesn't even make sense in the canon of her larp. Jerrick's "current" age is 14. This picture is supposedly him, as he is right now. So why is this "baby" Jerrick if they're the same mental age? Oh wait because nothing makes sense and it's really just all about Jill, as usual.

No. 220246

*overgrown ass adult

No. 220249

>look at the BAAABY
Bro, just take care of your pets and give them the love they deserve, why does she need to infantilize herself so much? It’s disgusting.

No. 220254

Let’s pretend for a second DID does exist, how would this be a healthy way to interact with her illness? Like you said it’s extremely narcissistic, not only that but her continuing to separate out her interests and styles as individual people can’t possibly be a healthy mindset to have or encourage. It really comes across like she’s actively trying to create this condition within herself, it reminds me very much of creepy incel waifu boys on 4chan that intentionally try to create “tulpas” (where they do exactly what Jill is doing and intentionally try to fracture their mind into a figment of their waifus to interact with). She is literally memeing herself into mental illness.

No. 220257

File: 1655272560036.png (799.48 KB, 592x956, shit.png)

1.You're canadian.
2.That's in very poor taste after all the massacres going around.

No. 220260

File: 1655273198030.png (520.6 KB, 522x560, 1655273022568.png)

she wants to be on drag race so badly, why is she so self important? she barely sews and can't act for shit.
It's just pitiful that this straight girl wants to be a drag queen this much.

No. 220261

File: 1655273302991.png (40.65 KB, 572x296, shit.png)

adding these two because they're extremely retarded.
>The mentality that supporting “local drag” is an add on to supporting queens from TV is just really patronizing.
I'm sure she just wants to be as important as the ones on TV.

No. 220266

How long until she drops the drag queen charade and starts doing "lesbian porn" with troonvie? (stevie)
Anything to cling to relevancy

No. 220273

If Jerrick was real her response would be so patronising and irritating to him, what edgy teenage boy wants to be talked to like that. Also in this scenario Jill is an adult talking to a teen like he is an uwu smol bean, it’s so cringe and suss.

No. 220276

Lol this DID larp is so fake. At this point the only alter she's LARPing is jerrick, who also just happens to have started as a drag persona. Veronica and the 35 year old have been totally abandoned

No. 220278

>mfw you're a niche weeby youtuber and think your face is gonna be included in the data this neural network scraped

She might be better off with artbreeder, where you can upload your own images if you want and then mix that with further images. They're not gonna have a picture of your face in the network already, fam

No. 220285

Cliffe will come out of hibernation come tax time. He'll bust out his abacus and complain about the kids on his lawn.

No. 220295

Just realized this probably means she thinks someone else would have uploaded her image. How self obsessed.

No. 220299

What? Isn’t the bottom one just a reference to that video that’s like “what do you have?” “a knife!” It doesn’t look like a gun to me but idk.

No. 220301

I was thinking this too, like in the grand scheme of things she is a nobody.

No. 220309

I can't believe I'm gonna be following this retard long term just to see where she eventually goes with it. I so wish we could fast-forward to see her in her 30s.

No. 220343

No. 220363

not before veronica posts a bunch of "dumb slut can't do taxes" memes

No. 220376

"A dumb slut can't do taxes…" (turns around) "BUT I CAN"

No. 220379

If Jerrick is a teenage fakeboi who is super endy and goth, definitely NOT jill, why does Jerrick use the same emojis as her? Lmao. Can't imagine any goth fakeboi sending a heart and a rainbow to people

No. 220380

>edgy* kek

No. 220387

File: 1655329231475.jpeg (131.63 KB, 828x1025, A178681B-0189-4746-A0F7-A26970…)

her trauma larp is so disgusting, this just makes me think of when she all the sudden couldnt put in tampons without ptsd even though in the past we all saw the bowl of open tampons that she just left out in the open in her bathroom during that room tour or whatever

No. 220388

Her obsession with her younger self is gross. Especially paired with her self infantalization and this nasty bullshit >>219539
It's so fucking insulting to anyone who has experienced CSA that she's so enamored with the idea and obviously jealous that's something she didn't experience.

No. 220390

it's good she has made her first ever critique of creepy scrotes - aside from the pedo piano teacher thing - but the tone of this is all wrong, like it almost sounds like they wish they were still getting catcalled?
>sees bimbo in the username
well that explains it, that is how op intended it.

No. 220392

This is so fucking disgusting. She could have retweeted this without comment and I would have let it slide because, while worded in that zoomer tiktok mwental hwealth way that I hate, it's a really upsetting but true fact. I’m sure many anons here have memories of being catcalled while they were underage. I’m from a country with school uniforms and every girl I know has an experience being targeted when walking home from school or on the bus and wearing it.
But rather than share it silently jill has to act like she’s the only girl to ever get catcalled at all, especially the only one to get catcalled while underage, and it was so bad it added to the horrible trauma that caused her made up mental illness.

No. 220413

It's interesting how Jill claims her middle school emo phase was Jerrika, but wouldn't she notice blacking out for hours and people in her school calling her jerrick and using male pronouns?

No. 220423

these kind of pretends to read the rest while i'm typing posts are so cringy.

No. 220427

And anons not knowing how to format posts is also pretty cringy.

No. 220428

Her truama is something most girls have gone through
Jfc she needs a real therapist

No. 220442

>she doesn't know what italics is for

No. 220445

That is absolutely a troon

No. 220448

Literally did read the username while I was typing, sorry if you're bimbo in the screenshot but your Tweet is cringe

No. 220455

sorry you're fucking retarded

No. 220478

Catcalling is bad and all men who do it (i.e. all men) should die but is it really a wonder that she got catcalled more when she dressed in leather and fishnet tights vs now when she looks like a pastel baby version of Stephen King's IT?

No. 220492

File: 1655365773849.jpeg (532.46 KB, 828x1337, 610A6970-40D3-472E-87FE-20073E…)

Umm anyone else see this?

No. 220496

Kek. Tbh she was never super attractive but she at least looked better when she didn't look like a crazy fat clown toddler. She scares me a little nowadays.

No. 220499

Place your bets, which is more likely not to have happened: ‘going non-verbal & fainting’, or exercising kek

No. 220500

Imagine being this triggered by the way an anon formatted their post, sorry I sent you in a tailspin by writing the post as I was reading the text, hope your day improves

No. 220501

Yeah it's guaranteed when she refers to her "child" self she means the, y'know slim one who dressed nicely and not the fat clown current version, crazy that people don't catcall her as often now!! Men are also disgusting but I think 100% of people with eyes would agree she looked better at 14-16 than now.

No. 220502

>fattie didn't eat or drink for a few hours
>exercises afterward for added drama
>feels sick due to the above
>wow I really empathize with chronically ill folk

This bitch

No. 220504


Oh god she's definitely setting up a chronic illness diagnosis

No. 220514

nona kek
the "guess non of us ate or drank" part makes me think she's gonna larp an ED to lose weight. Maybe she finally got tired of being fat, but instead of losing weight healthily she's trying to go extreme for sympathy points and to prove how mentally ill she totally is.

No. 220524

Oh it’s worse than that anon, she implied she was smuts Jerrick for multiple years, her whole alt phase.

“Frequent fainter” am I crazy or has she literally never brought this up before and if it were true she definitely would have. Is this just another classic case of when a narcissist introduces a new thing about them but pretends it has always been that way. Also fuck off equating being an idiot on purpose with what anyone with a physical illness experiences, just eat a sandwich and don’t exercise hungry and dehydrated you dumbass.

No. 220525

Apologise for samefag no idea why autocorrect chose “smuts” but it should say “stuck as”.

No. 220541

The "frequent fainter" thing really caught me off guard too, but it is something a few tiktok munchies claim now so that's probably why she's now a fainter

No. 220546

This doesn't surprise me considering she's terminally online looking for new mental illness/mental health rhetoric. She's really going down the munchie path, isn't she? How will she explain this one to her parents and why do they continue to support this insanity? I don't get it at all.

No. 220548


Wouldn't you kind of have to "go non verbal" if you're unconscious?

She really is out here trying to be the most mentally ill, isn't she? But without having to give up any of her cushy life.

No. 220556

This gross piece of shit is either lying or is finally diabetic now.

No. 220557

KEK FDSGHJASBF dude that's the one illness she probably wont show off

No. 220559

God she would have such a field day with diabetes. Excuse the fanfic but
>equating every human struggle to diabetes
>DIY pastel glucose monitor cases
>"outfits to coordinate your dexcom patches with!!"
>having to actually manage a very real and expensive illness instead of RP nonsense

No. 220560


You know what, I think this would be a great chapter for her. Finally, a real illness that isn't made up. She can milk it for internet pity points. And being Canadian, she won't have to get a job to pay for expensive insulin. She can eat peeps and fleece the system.

No. 220564

She also wasn't a land whale when she was a kid. I'm gonna guess that's a major factor here.

No. 220566

The frequent fainting is probably passing out drunk.

No. 220572

File: 1655395826575.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1404x1433, 8D2BE66A-C5F8-4F58-9C52-75B731…)

Groan. Get ready for being a “drag queen” to take over her personality even more it seems.

No. 220574

If Jill is truly a "frequent fainter" and goes non verbal, how the fuck did that not come up when she moved out or was travelling? Wouldn't it be super hard for her to go school or live on her own if she's in danger of randomly collapsing? Her stories make 0 sense

No. 220575

Despite it being extremely cringe I find it funny that women are taking over drag spaces and no one can say anything because that's transphobic, because 90% claim to be trans or enby. It's the only male-only space I can think of that women could and have successfully invaded. Of course the only thing these women are allowed to ruin for men is one of the very few gay spaces, gendertrenders hate gay people for being single sex attracted.

No. 220577

I also bet she thinks falling asleep and daydreaming = fainting.

No. 220579

Exactly. Why did she not faint in Japan?

No. 220581

Did she even have her first show already at all? It's funny that she does basically nothing but calls herself shit like fashion designer and drag queen kek.

No. 220583

She is probably larping reflex syncope/vasovagal syncope. Would be funny if it was actual cardiac fainting. All those nuggies and alcohol clogging up her coronary arteries at the ripe age of 24, kek.

No. 220584


No. 220587

Jill when nobody pays enough attention to her:

No. 220593

KEKKK Please I want to see her "fainting" on camera like that lmao

No. 220600

And once again how is she allowed to drive or hasn’t crashed her fucking car. You have to give up something an able bodied person can do Jill you can’t just have your cake and eat it.

No. 220605

Or maybe she's also hinting at anorexia diagnosis? No eating, no drinking, exercising, fainting…

No. 220617

>Muh "toxic lolita community gave me ED"
I wonder if she'd show off her skelly shoops as "proof" it's been an on-going problem. Along with the "you can be fat and anorexic too insert clapping emoji" cope.

No. 220618

Going non verbal would make more sense if she was at some actual stressful situation like at a store with lots of people around, at a crowded place, under pressure because she would be taking to a lot of people, but in therapy? With the therapist that she should trust already? In a comfy office that’s also surely very quiet? That’s just her being retarded, if she “fainted” then she picked the office of the therapist so she could get a new diagnosis for something that she wants and that will let her shove the DID shit under the rug, she’s so retarded, with her weight she wouldn’t faint from not eating because she has enough fat to keep her going.

No. 220620

She’s anorexic half the day, which totally counts! She forgets to eat for 8 hours then obviously has to eat twice her weight to make up for it, what a poor sick frail anachan. And don’t forget according to her when she does eat it’s ONLY healthy things like salad and vegetables. No wonder she’s fading away.

No. 220623

I love how she did some little fasted at-home workout for her ED LARP that she’s doing in desperation to lose weight because she genuinely can’t stand how hideously fat she’s become, and she’s so out of shape she immediately got sick and threw a huge baby fit acting like she was ill and perishing and could barely survive it without Troonvie saving her and acting like her nurse.
Biggest spoiled drama queen, no wonder she’s fat, just like every other hamplanet who acts like the world is ending if they work out for 30 minutes or don’t eat for a few hours.

No. 220629

Not to wk but fat people can def faint/feel faint. You're not immune from fainting just because you "have enough fat to keep you going"

No. 220632

True, you know she's making shit up though. Unless her blood pressure is super high or something
Kek. Jerrica is anorexic but then there comes Jillronica and she eats twice the nuggies her body needs (eating for two!) because she has to keep her body thicc, otherwise how is she going to feel like a sexy clown. Kek. Then Cliffe eats some porridge or some shit since he's a geriatric 35 year old man.

No. 220633

Sage but I really hate stupid attention whores who don't eat or sleep on purpose and then complain about it

No. 220640

She is probably still in a rage about her therapist leaving so she is punishing him and trying to make him feel guilty by ramping things up recently. Typical narc behaviour.

No. 220645

For someone who's claiming on social media to be going to therapy and doing so much better, Jill sure seems to have horrendous physical / mental health compared to a few years ago. She's gone from going to school and travelling with 0 issues to suddenly fainting and turning into OCs every 5 minutes

No. 220653

>Not eating all day
>Working out so much that you get violently sick
>Yet still visibly gaining weight
Sure, Jan.

No. 220670

can one really call this drag?

No. 220671

>>220670 also the way she talks in this video is so fucking annoying so be warned

No. 220672


According to Jill in this video Jerr and a "baby" were out during the filming of that Japanese TV show, but were somehow able to just wing it I guess. Also the little alter never came out when Jill worked at Claires or the candy store. Very convenient.

No. 220674

lol Jill's definetely been reading thsi thread, she's talking way more about Veronica and Jax

No. 220675

Who wants to bet her “workout” is just practicing death drops and dance moves for her drag routine?

No. 220676

How is there “a very clear switch” in her speedpaint? She was using a line tool and then stopped because she didn’t like it. That’s not a “clear switch”. And Villainy is supposed to be Jerrick’s drag persona, right? Shouldn’t it be Jerrick doing the voice over instead of Jill saying “I want” this and “I want” that for the Villainy costume? She didn’t even try to drop her voice like she did when she was “blended” during the makeup tutorial, it was all the Jill voice about what Jill wants for Villainy. This DID act is getting really old.

No. 220678

Jill says in this video she's worried about switching during the drag performance, get ready for some ddlg bullshit on stage

No. 220679

>"so yeah no, i was NOT drawn to alter egos because i wanted everything to be perfect pixielocks and anything that slightly derived from it would mean i wasnt a rainbow girl anymore"
my god, she lurks so much. i don't think anyone outside of this thread has even mentioned the accusation that she's doing this out of borderline self loathing. you arent slick, jill

No. 220680

"we have a couple of members we don't talk about because they're rooted in trauma" uh isn't every alter rooted in trauma? Make the Larp make sense JIll

No. 220684

File: 1655424256623.png (162.94 KB, 1440x1021, 1626769445813.png)

"I really value being kind"

No. 220685

I mentioned it yesterday on another site and someone took the time to DM me to claim they personally knew the doctor who diagnosed jillian with BPD, that he was a hack who had misdiagnosed a bunch of teen girls, and has since had his license snatched away from him due to a malpractice lawsuit. they really got into their feels about me calling her a good example of malingering, but they have photos of their face and a bunch of personal stuff posted so it's not her. take that for what you will, but if I've mentioned it in the wild I'm sure someone else has too.

No. 220686

File: 1655424373382.jpg (36.67 KB, 480x360, lc.jpg)

i'm still a newfag but i had time so i wrote up a summary, hope it's adequate

> working on some crochet sleeves with her cat on the desk, grooming itself all over the yarn

> shows a lapse of drawing her designs: she says the style changes halfway through and its a "clear switch" between jerrick and flora
> an OC writes "hello" on the screen before erasing it to signal her totes real switch
> showing off the sweater, "it looks JUST like the sketch honestly"
> she's making a slouchy sweater to wear with a belt and fishnets, calls it an androgynous
> the sweater is meant to be worn with a binder (despite it having a wide neck which would show straps?)
> does an ad for vitamins, says she is trying to be more healthy "especially in the body"
> a friend from college gave her advice on changing a gold belt buckle silver. jill wanted to dip it in acetone to wash off the gold, but says she was just "making up science". her friend told her to sand it off with sandpaper but she chose to spraypaint it
> when she shows the outfit on a mannequin, that persecutor dogtag necklace is included
> says she wants to put in more effort with her drag makeup, not just sit down and say "that looks like drag" when shes done
> transitions to a q&a and makeup GRWM
> says jill and jerr are fronting, "we are blended because we just woke up"
> "do you have to summon the right alters to work on projects?" she says she has to wait for them to come to the front, and that it means she has to take longer on videos because she cant force it to happen. she tries to trigger alters to the front when she needs them… retells her story about being in japan for kawai.ai and talks about working at claires to give examples
> "do all adult alters know how to do makeup?" she says she has no idea, but they all have muscle memory for makeup and sewing but might not all know specific skills
> claims her tiktoks with a sunflower drawn on the center of her face was her baby personality attempting makeup
> "veronica likes to make horny tiktoks… thats art, right?"
> says she has a lot of responsibilities that come before her alters doing art, like commissions and sponsorships
> "have you noticed skill differences between alters?" yes, she absolutely CANNOT work unless jill is around
> "there's some finesse [in her old work] that makes it very clear it's homesewn, whereas now after college i can make things that are more like 'oo this could be in a store!'"
> "i have never contoured, and my face is so very moonlike…" reprimands herself for wanting to be a drag queen but not contouring
> "do any other alters do drag?" she has established 'teams', like for with group project.
> calls herself a bouncy ball, kek
> brings up current online arguments about drag being sexual, says "sometimes at drag show there will be boobies"
> veronica comes out at parties to be "the embodiment of if you had several glasses of wine", says veronica just doesnt care about haters and is a diva and slayyys
> brings up her 3 character combo fictive, says her drag performance will use a song by one of those characters (spinel?)
> calls her child OC "baby smalls"
> most of the other questions are repeat questions about what art her alters do and questions about differences between alters, boring and jillian just repeats herself over and over
> says its unusual to switch for no reason, forgetting temporarily about how fast she replies during conversations she has with herself on twitter and the moment she "switched" midsketch earlier in this video
> talks about what happens if jill isnt fronting during the performance, she's trained all the alters including the little but is scared of what might happen (bombing onstage, kek) since she is "just a passenger"
> cliff loves drag but doesnt want to perform, hes more of a fan
> she hopes she can post footage of the show, but needs to ask if it's okay. if not, she'll film the rehearsal in a dance studio
> "i've accidentally been training to be a drag queen my entire life" because she cosplayed and went to fashion school
> talks more about the pressure she feels to be a sweet and peppy persona. when she felt the "bad feelings" she says are coming from jerr, she felt ashamed and scared of not being positive and happy, or of her negative borderline traits. she hopes drag will help jerr 'feel like a person again'
> "i wasn’t drawn to alter egos because i wanted everything to be perfect pixielocks, and anything that slightly deviated from it would mean i wasn't a rainbow girl anymore"
> says the drag event being all ages "took a lot of stuff off the table". she wanted to do will wood but decided it wasnt family friendly
> finishes her makeup and outro

writing this made me realize how much she truly repeats herself, she loves hearing herself talk especially when it's about herself. anyway enjoy

No. 220694

File: 1655425099218.png (740.3 KB, 546x690, nice look lol.PNG)

here's her drag outfit.

No. 220695

>Also the little alter never came out when Jill worked at Claires or the candy store. Very convenient.
She's either stoned or drunk when she comes up with her plots. Love to see how her mind formulates this shit. I'd still be disappointed despite not expecting much.
I love you, nona. I don't have the patience to listen to her nonsensical babbling. Usually just hear "na na na na" like in Charmless Man by Blur. Kek. Thank you for the caps.

No. 220696

Where did she say that?

No. 220697

Why did I expect anything even remotely better. Really showcases her skills. Interested in knowing what the dog tags say.

No. 220698

File: 1655425396774.png (932.12 KB, 1089x706, hearty kek.png)

Here's her plans for drag makeup. She traced her face and made herself slimmer.

No. 220700

at 24:56

No. 220701

her two options for her performance is a willwood song or from Steven Universe…ive never been to a drag show but those both seem like actually retarded options that wouldn’t work for any kind of performance. You’re supposed to be energetic and soft sad music or stuff meant for little kids wouldn’t work, reminds me of kids at middle school dances asking the DJ to play emo music that’s impossible to dance to

No. 220702

i know we all have eyes but i just have to say this looks like utter dogshit, so uneven and gross texture-wise

No. 220703

The fact that she’s constantly inserting these “watch for these very real switch moments!!!!” Just shows she has no desire to pretend to integrate her OC’s into a functional adult life, she’s using it as pure clickbait and puts more work into proving its real than she does showing her audience how to take care of their mental health.
Not that any of that is real. but she’s always played this all off as being a mental health warrior in order to disguise her narcissism. I’m pretty sure that’s how this all started.

No. 220707

Samefag but how is the single use vitamin pack company she’s sponsored by remotely sustainable? She’s such a retard. If she didn’t make it her whole schtick it wouldn’t be so annoying.

No. 220708

so funny hearing her blame her shitty sewing skills on an alter instead of just taking responsibility. so fucking immature

No. 220712

ngl I haven't watched her videos in a while, but holy shit, this was so bad, imo in some of her ramblings it sounded like she was trying to revisit some 'significant' events in her life (Japan, Kawaii.i, college, etc) while making sure to edit the DID larp in so no one who came upon her past could question her. "I wasn't normal you guys, I just somehow didn't realize I had someone else in my head!!!"
And then she had the gall to go on about how she hates lying. And pretend to be embarrassed about that one time she felt soooo bad because she felt she had lied to a friend by exagerating a story. Disgusting.

Btw not to nitpick anon, you did a great job that I could never do, but you forgot the part where she says that "she believes in kindness you guys, it's always been so important to me to be the kindest happy little rainbow blablablah"
Damn if I didn't want to puke before this would be it.

No. 220716

are any fredericton/surrounding area nonnies going to see and/or film pixie at the drag show? i'd to go but i'd sooner kill myself

No. 220721

She mentioned that Jax is a fictive made up of 3 different characters whereas she'd only mentioned 2 before (Jinx from Arcane and Harley Quinn) and that one of the songs she was performing was one of Jax's character's songs. She previously mentioned one of the songs she was going to be performing is The Other Friends which is sung by Spinel from Steven Universe so I guess that's the other character.

I reckon the hearts on the cheeks in the drag makeup mockup >>220698 are a reference to Spinel's gem. Fucking cringe.

No. 220723

When she inevitably gets called out about this (and by “called out” I mean asked very nicely why she didn’t trace her actual silhouette, which she will then label a hate comment), I think she’s gonna rewrite history and say that was actually Jerrick drawing, not Jill. I wish she would just admit that she wants to lose weight. The eating disorder is one of the few diagnoses I actually do believe, but they didn’t specify Atypical Anorexia—just pure umbrella EDNOS, so she must have a bingeing component to her ED. With a proper therapist helping her treat her EDNOS, she could get down to a healthy BMI while building a healthy relationship with food so she doesn’t slip into bingeing or restricting again. She also wouldn’t lose her body positivity card since she lost weight as part of ED treatment. But it seems like she doesn’t want therapy for anything that isn’t DID

No. 220724

This lmao

No. 220726

After suffering through this video, I can say without a doubt Jill is trying to be the first DID Drag King/Queen. She is probably also trying be a figure head in that section of drag (similar how she was trying to be the DID figure head to replace DissociDID until people called her out on Tiktok). Whoever said she’s trying to get on Drag race Canada/TV was correct

No. 220731

>She is probably also trying be a figure head in that section of drag
Oh you're 100% correct. Not only she constantly retweets shit about being in the canadian ru paul but also shit about supporting local drag queens etc.

No. 220732

So she has even more alters? bleak.

No. 220733

What website, and how certain is this information?
I think she herself knows she's clinging to her rainbow persona too much. She knows she could be something else than the rainbow girl. In fact, she always has been changing styles so much, she might as well not be the rainbow girl! She used to be a simple lolita girl, and then a girl who simply wore whatever she wanted in pastel and pink/blue tones. She wasn't the rainbow girl until much later when she forced it to be a part of her personality. I wish she understood this, and understood that the few OG fans she has left always liked her for her hauls, not because she was "the rainbow queen" or whatever. Honestly, from all the people discussed in this website I thought she was going to be the one to get better in no time, but she's truly going through a dark path where she's really trying to convince herself that she's doing better while doing worse. I hope it doesn't take too long for her to realise that she needs to stop.

No. 220734

She realized the only way she can get in is claim one of her altars is a troon for extra diversity points. Can’t wait for her to inevitably get on the show and faint all over the sewing room and cry into a pile of chicken McNuggies.

No. 220735

go film it for us please
>it sounded like she was trying to revisit some 'significant' events in her life (Japan, Kawaii.i, college, etc) while making sure to edit the DID larp in so no one who came upon her past could question her.
This is something that pisses me off a lot. Why is she suddenly being a revisionist of her own life just to fit in DID larp shit?
>The fact that she’s constantly inserting these “watch for these very real switch moments!!!!”
It's even funnier because they don't look real at all lmao. She puts 0 effort in but wants everyone to believe her.

No. 220736

oh wow, so drag, totally. This looks like complete dogshit. This is just some badly done emo costume. What a drag.

No. 220738

A thousand blessings on anyone who goes and films. She mentioned Steebie was going to try and film but let’s be real unedited, third person footage would be best

No. 220741

This bitch did not just make herself a top with a cold shoulder omfg

No. 220742

i don't think there's any merit to this person's claims, it seemed like they were just butthurt that i called jillybean a good example of a person with BPD malingering DID because it made her feel better about herself and got her more attention. the person themselves seemed very mentally unwell from their post history so it's possible they felt attacked because my description of jillian was similar to them, idk.
the website was reddit. pls don't be mean to me i have autism :((:()

No. 220743

I need to see it in motion. It's going to look like a hot mess. God bless Jill for having the worst fashion sense.

No. 220744

No problem, do you know what subreddit? also don't use the ":(" emoji or any emoji lmao, that's against the rules! otherwise everything is fine.

No. 220747

Cold shoulder tops are for moms vacationing in Mexico.

No. 220748

kek you are so fucking right

No. 220750

They’re also the absolute bane of fat girl clothing right now. If she was so ~body posi~ and knew fuckall about fashion she’d know how dated this design is

No. 220752

I want to see her wearing this. It looks like something an edgy auntie would wear. But worse, because the texture looks itchy as fuck.

No. 220753

File: 1655439570359.jpg (268.1 KB, 1560x720, Screenshot_20220616-211638_You…)

Here's the sketch of Jer as Villainy Swells.

No. 220754

Samefag, reminds me of a Monster High doll oc.

No. 220759

@29:17 onwards she goes on this rant about how she's soooooo afraid of lying even by mistake. This feels like a defense against the fake claiming crowds, because Jill can't lie! She's so afraid of lying!

No. 220764

There is the sandwich alter/fragment that she stopped talking about. Dunno about the other one though.

No. 220765

notice the emphasis on thrifted items because fast fashion is bad uwu

No. 220773

Wasn't her performance today or soon-ish?

There was that piano emoji

No. 220774

Of course she drew herself skinny

No. 220775

Kek. That's so childish. She fucking lies all the time. What a narcissist.

No. 220776

It's just another autism breadcrumb based on TikTok's uwu brand of autism. Not being able to lie, having an innate sense of justice and feeling too much empathy are all symptoms that people are mentioning in trends right now

No. 220777

She will not look like that. She's delulu.

No. 220778

That's completely stupid and false, autismo people lie all the fucking time. And don't tell me Chris Chan raped his mom out of empathy KEK

No. 220779

No, I agree, but it's something people are running with. Tiktok is really into infantilizing autism and making autistic people look like pure childlike angels. It's lowkey ableist.

No. 220781

Jill: I knew I had DID because of how jerricka acted, it was so different to me

Also Jill: yeah jerricka fronted for years including on the set of a TV show and no one noticed lol

Also amazing how she was able to sit down and film a speed drawing and doing her makeup without fainting at all or switching

No. 220783

I'm sorry, but with that hairstyle and the cold shoulder sweater, she really is just gonna look like a middle-aged Karen at Warped Tour.

No. 220784

The design choices feel less fashion designer and more comic book artist from 2005.

No. 220785

File: 1655457961324.jpg (123.46 KB, 1080x541, Screenshot_20220617_102255.jpg)

I really didn't think Jill could come up with a name for the little more babytalkish and cringe then little / little one but baby smalls really takes the cake

No. 220786

It's highkey ableist even. Infantilizing disabled groups is incredibly demeaning.

Drawing herself skinny is very telling about how she really feels about her body.

No. 220791

Ah true! She's building this innocent and sweet naive neurodivergent angel figure for the eventual autism diagnosis.

No. 220797

I was expecting her claim that she "faints" when she "switches" but other anons have made good points about her setting the stage for either anorexia or chronic illness diagnosis. Please Jill, don't leave us hanging like this, tell us more about your totally real frequent fainting spells!

No. 220798

I can’t tell if I’m retarded/overthinking it or if “baby smalls” is her making a dumb “Biggie Smalls” reference to try and be funny

No. 220799

As an autist, I absolutely do tell lies but I'm shit at being convincing about it

No. 220814

She is retelling the kawaii international story differently, before she said it was flora who did the taping.
Hyper empathy is something you can have with autism but it isn’t uwu or nice at all it’s actually a negative trait because you just let people fuck you over.
I am also an autist capable of lying and if anything I find it easy because my facial expressions are so neutral the majority of the time. Saged for blog.

No. 220818

File: 1655476340701.jpeg (102.6 KB, 590x884, D0563DF5-519E-44D5-B9B3-8CC77E…)

I'm shocked she actually finished her Killstar dupe, it looks like hogshit and she obviously couldn't figure out how to use chain stitches to replicate distressed knitting. She decided to use cold shoulders in their place. Crocheted clothing is so stiff and cardboard like, not drapey and comfortable. The whole thing is acrylic, meaning it's unbreathable to wear, makes you sweat and will pill instantly under the arms and anywhere friction happens. Funnily enough, when you knit or crochet using mass produced acrylic yarn, it's still referred to as fast fashion by the community because it's gonna end up in a landfill after not having a long enough lifespan to warrant being that ugly. I'm excited to see the abomination on her and have been since she brought up attempting it. Why doesn't she try to be good at anything? Even one, easy thing?

No. 220821

Her having to bring her "DID" into every single one of her interests isn't even remotely surprising but man does it just prove even more how out of touch with reality she is.

Most people with mental illness (especially the "spooky scary" ones) and/or autism/ADHD have to keep their issues as secret as possible if they want to have any hope of living a remotely normal life (finding work, making friends, etc.) One day she's going to have to get out of her internet hug-box and is going to be faced with stigma that she created all by herself.

No. 220825

Kek at her Emma Blackery larp.

I really couldn’t care less, but the fact that she’s actively calling herself a drag queen and acting like an authority on drag because she’s watched RPDR is the absolute epitome of basic bitch white girl. I don’t fault her for getting into actually preforming herself, since it’s fairly on brand for her being a theatre kid and doing the performance things at cons, but the way she’s going about it is so cringe. You’re not a drag queen Jill, you’re at best a wannabe bio-queen

No. 220835

That chick's puffed out cheeks are so fucking triggering.

No. 220839

File: 1655481127667.png (1.22 MB, 1255x700, kkk.png)

No. 220841

I love how in this she say drag is "something for jerrick to feel like a person"
Like this bitch is so narsasstic she can't let her other fucking part of herself have something, Jill still has to be the best at it

No. 220843

Depends on the material of the yarn. A crochet sweater dress to perform in does sound like she’ll be a sweaty hog mess but there are kinds of yarn that are perfectly breathable and comfortable. Also most cheap yarn is acrylic and I doubt she splurged on any good quality yarn

No. 220846


Show is this Sunday afternoon.
The problem is, its in a tiny bar with a tiny performance space, so anyone filming has a risk of being figured out by Jill.

No. 220848

No way did this stupid cunt use appropriate yarn, she used straight up bulk-sized acrylic balls. It would have a completely different look and feel to it had she used like.. a cotton blend. But it being crocheted no matter what will make it thick and stiff, regardless of quality especially in worsted weight. I can't wait to see it in movement, it'll move like burlap.

No. 220849

strange how (7:10) she mentions getting bored while doing drag makeup…I mean, isn’t the process of doing the makeup like the whole point of drag?

No. 220850

File: 1655483190222.jpg (383.6 KB, 845x1447, IMG_20220617_182610.jpg)

Where is the hourglass jill?

No. 220854

She's soap bar shaped. Just based on her pretending not to eat, fainting and word-choice I'd guess she just realized how far she let her body go recently and is struggling to accept it. She'll never be strong enough to fix this, at best she might be able to slow it to 10lbs gained annually for the rest of her life. Destined to be big and ugly.

No. 220856

I disagree. It's a drag Queen show. Everyone films those on their phones. Plus who cares, you're a stranger to her.

No. 220858

>Hourglass figure
Bitch where. So delusional.
I agree 100%, she hasn't even performed yet but somehow she's a know-it-all now. Just like with autism, DID, lolita, sewing, etc. It's so annoying.

No. 220863

She has the money to buy good yarn and the time to read on how to do shit but simply doesn't want to. She is the epitome of lazy.

No. 220865

So Miss Fashion Designer Extraordinaire is poorly copying a shitty sweater? How can you be mediocre at everything? How can someone be content devolving/regressing? (ESLfag, sorry)

No. 220866

Someone please make an edit collage of when she accused someone of stealing her design vs her doing a poor shitty job at replicating this green sweater.

No. 220874

File: 1655486730811.jpeg (626.74 KB, 732x1858, 300A113F-6C20-47DD-AF66-7B69DF…)

I can't find the posts about her claiming to be stolen from, but I have this for anyone able to find them and complete the collage. It's like she has no idea that somewhere down the fashion chain, an actual knitwear designer produced the math and pattern to create this piece, likely over a long period of time with plenty of trial and error, then has to do tech editing to make the pattern possible in a large array of sizes. So it's fine for her to copy someone else's work but not the other way around? God I love that she finds no joy in completing something, or learning something new. It's justice.

No. 220929

File: 1655503793628.jpg (128.13 KB, 1066x592, Screenshot_20220617_230807.jpg)

Kek what was this bitch ever made that looks store bought?

No. 220941

Sounds like diabetes is finally catching up to her

No. 220942

File: 1655506224730.png (912.74 KB, 894x556, Capture.PNG)

No. 220952

it's not the formatting. it's the retarded, quirky dialog anon is having with herself.

No. 220959

>And then she had the gall to go on about how she hates lying. And pretend to be embarrassed about that one time she felt soooo bad because she felt she had lied to a friend by exagerating a story. Disgusting.

she's so full of shit, she acts like she doesn't constantly lie about her weight, about her diagnosis, about her skills. She NEVER lied (or slightly exaggerate) since that day on the bus ? STFU

No. 220963

How the fuck is she calling herself a drag queen if she's yet to perform, not even ONCE?
KEK thank you nonna!

No. 220980

>God humbled me
God most certainly did not, you walking talking definition of a narcissist. Holy shit

No. 220981

Doesn't she claim to be on a bunch of meds? If they are for what she says she has, you're not supposed to drink alcohol while taking them because the combo can legit kill you.

Posting drink pics reeks of self diagnosing confirmation.

No. 220982

Narcs like her are absolutely weird… walking delusional messes but somehow they're hot shit in their minds

No. 220983

>Posting drink pics reeks of self diagnosing confirmation.
THIS. How the fuck is she drinking if she has fucking DID?

No. 220996

File: 1655516367498.png (203.36 KB, 1080x840, Screenshot_20220617-193529-577…)

Gay people are being threatened with actual acts of violence in the US Jillian. Now's not the time to make it about you.

No. 220998

>I am literally partially 6

She’s officially fucking lost it. Why would anyone bring their kids to see a mentally diseased woman who claims she’s “partially” a 6 year old little girl?!

No. 221000

File: 1655516898579.gif (13.22 KB, 128x128, barf.gif)

>I am partially 6
oh my fucking god…

No. 221015

>Be Jill
>Identify as being partially a 6 year old
What a clusterfuck world we live in, nonnies. If I had a kid, I'd keep them the fuck away from this schizo horror clown besides drag shows/drag queens/kings. How tf does her mother justify this insane behavior? Jfc, lunatics.

No. 221030

Just dont be a faggot. no one cares who is filming a live show. Do it and show us the madness

No. 221038

pixielocks hall of fame quotes
>i'm giving colonel sanders
>i really really really value being kind, one of my favorite things to hear people say is 'you're so sweet, you're so kind, you are so nice"
>i have a severe fear of lying
>i have to be the most perfect rainbow girl of all
>i'm a fashion designer mama
>i was catatonic
>googoo gaga… like.. i'm a baby

No. 221039

Imagine someone without any knowledge of Jill stumbling across this.

No. 221042

She doesn’t realize in the eyes of right wingers/anti drag for kids people her “argument” just makes drag queen story hour further look like it’s hosted by mentally unstable freaks. She makes herself out to be a Stefoknee type.

No. 221043

I reeeeally need an established drag performer to call her out for co-opting (another) subculture that she’s only barely dipping her toes into a surface level of

No. 221044

> veronica comes out at parties to be "the embodiment of if you had several glasses of wine", says veronica just doesnt care about haters and is a diva and slayyys

Or I don't know Jill, maybe you just act/feel different because you had several glasses of wine? Like most people do?

No. 221046

She's just a drunktard

No. 221047

File: 1655529252831.jpeg (702.92 KB, 1170x1757, 6938C2E7-4C62-4AF5-87DE-892ACB…)

She’s literally calling herself trans lol

No. 221048

File: 1655529454402.jpeg (655.55 KB, 1170x1549, D3F1A030-23A5-42C5-83CA-759BF2…)

She’s not trans????

No. 221049

Her ripping off someone else’s design after she made such a stink about other people doing that is disgusting, but her crocheted project could have worked out if she’d done some planning and research. If she would have used a cotton fingering or sock weight yarn and some kind of lace stitch, the garment would have looked more seasonally appropriate and draped better for performance. But everything she’s crocheted has used a double crochet stitch with thick yarn, so I think her priority is finishing whatever project as quickly as possible. Which I guess makes sense with her consumerism and instant gratification issues. More happy brain chemicals if you’ve got 6 inches of crochet after an hour instead of 1 inch

No. 221050

I can't keep Jill's stories about her meds straight.
>years ago said she got something for BPD
>drinks too much alcohol and says she self-medicates with weed
Like if we're being real and she got some antidepressants (SSRIs), they are horrible with alcohol and could have caused her weight gain because they increase appetite. Same with some meds against schizophrenia. But if she's actually taking meds while drinking and getting high, she'd be having some really bad side effects.

No. 221051

I could care less about men making a mockery of women who call looking feminine "fishy" as a euphemism to having a stinky pussy but I do love watching retards fight. So I'm on board with this

No. 221052

Sage for blog but I’ve been on SSRIs and currently SNRIs for years and the only affect drinking has for me is that it makes me super tired quickly. I rarely ever drink though, so Jill’s mileage may vary. It’s not all some lethal cocktail nonnas make it out to be, all meds are different

No. 221055

File: 1655533765277.jpeg (463.99 KB, 828x985, 4BBE1F9C-2AAD-4174-9D6E-7522E2…)

Hold on, so now she’s claiming a suicide attempt in Jan 2019?? What was she doing around then?

No. 221056

She's as much a tranny as any other tranny who barely puts in the work in their larp, which are most of them.

No. 221057

Check the first /w/ thread, that's from that time. An anon reposted a deleted patreon video

No. 221058

Kikomi incarnate

No. 221059

Jill being a woman dressing as a woman is such amazing expression of her unique gender!

No. 221060


Jesus. This is the dumbest string of tweets I have ever seen.
How the actual fuck is the term AFAB now considered offensive by the group who invented it because the correct word, “female”, was deemed too offensive.
It was a stupid term to begin with. As if people say - “I was assigned 10 fingers at birth, but the doctors just made their best guess and I actually have 11. It’s not true to say that humans have 10 fingers, because some people have 11, some have 9 - therefore, I doctors can only guess as to how many fingers each person has. And I’ve decided I have 11.”

No. 221061

Ntayrt, istg they are so bored with their queer life that they need to have conflict to bring spice back into being queer. It's middle school level drama. Pathetic.

No. 221063

She forgot another term to refer to female drag queens: fish. Probably because that one would remind everyone how actually misogynistic the whole thing is.

No. 221070

She's been open about drinking on benzos which is a combo that can literally kill you. Not sure if she's still on them or would mention being on them when that would conflict with her totally real and debilitating DID amnesia.

No. 221071

>But if she's actually taking meds while drinking and getting high, she'd be having some really bad side effects.
if she's doing this all the time, that could explain the descent into madness kek

No. 221072

File: 1655551165957.jpeg (564.46 KB, 828x1433, 2E456A43-2F1A-4AB2-912C-156DF4…)

So you admit Jill, you admit you are stoned daily and very obviously binge drink daily too. More proof she paid for someone to say she had DID or very conviently left out that she drinks and smokes during her DID assessment

No. 221073

I have been cackling at Jill using AFAB for quite some time now since last I checked in with my troon circles the terms AFAB and AMAB had indeed turned into offensive for some bullshit reason I don't remember since I don't really care kek. However it just shows once again how Jill really can't bother to research or keep up with her soup of the day LARP, she's just way too lazy to do that

No. 221077

>She’s officially fucking lost it. Why would anyone bring their kids to see a mentally diseased woman who claims she’s “partially” a 6 year old little girl?!

If you've ever had contact with severely mentally ill people at work or elsewhere, you'd know they would not be first choice to entertain your children. The thing Jillian larps, which is delusion, is a big problem when dealing with vulnerable people even if the delusional person is otherwise harmless. Like if you don't know your age, size, weight, profession, what day it is, what happened to you yesterday or last month, etc etc you cannot be in a position of responsibility over vulnerable people. I wonder if the online rainby mentally ill community have ever had a real job or any life experience? Because if they had they'd know that not only will they not be humoured, in the real world mentally ill people are a liability - a world that's unkind to people with even slight impairments, then you get narcs like Jill thinking they can flail around and pretend to be 6 and still enjoy a full, adult life with a home and partner. She's really insufferable to be larping debilitating conditions as an "entertainer"

No. 221082

The woke goalposts keep moving, whatever was correct and woke last year is now offensive, I think people use AGAB (assigned gender at birth) now since specifying you were "assigned female" is now offensive, the whole thing is peak retardation since the vast majority of people are either male or female, whether your baby has a penis or not takes 0.1 seconds to check and is not "assigned" but observed with your eyes, but I digress.
Jillian got on the woke train so she needs to keep up with their retarded terminology.

No. 221084

I hang out a lot on artist twitter and this is the first time I'm hearing it.

No. 221102

Saged for sperg but I will try and explain to the best of my ability. Basically the issue is people differentiating between nonbinary people based on birth gender which defeats the point. In Jill’s case and many others like her they specify the are afab because they need people to know that because they aren’t nonbinary and the idea of someone thinking she was born a dude gives her dysphoria. People like Jill don’t view nonbinary as a third gender they view it as woman but cooler sounding. A lot of people like Jill who are “woke” but not really have started making things “women and nonbinary” because they think this. People who identify as nonbinary who were born male are treated worse in these spaces because of people like Jill. It’s one thing if she describes herself like that but she also specified her friends are AFAB nonbinary because she doesn’t actually respect it. If you think of it objectively her friends expressed they wanted to be viewed neutrally and she pre faced saying they were nonbinary with the fact they have vaginas. Basically Jillian acts progressive but as per she actually isn’t and just like with disability she wants to make it all about her and has regressive views about what that means.

No. 221105

Sorry for samefag but in the case of using it to refer to a binary trans person it’s seen as outing sometimes. So say you have a friend who passes as a woman and introduces themselves like that, If you say oh they are AMAB then people would know they are trans and you would have brought it up when they didn’t.

No. 221106

Begone TIF.

No. 221107

Non binary is used for celebrities to seem woke without effort. Also for people who transition but regret their choice but don’t want to admit their wrongs.

No. 221108

This is so out of pocket, if you tried to kill yourself would you buy merch of the bridge you were going to jump off? She definitely only bought this shirt so she can bring up that lie and brag about how ill she is or she already had it and was inspired to say this. Also this is a fucked up response to someone asking a silly fun question, if someone replied to her like this she would flip out about how triggering and inappropriate that is. It’s like that SpongeBob meme where he cuts across someone speaking with “I lost something once”.

No. 221109

I never said these are my views I was just explaining the context and why some people would be saying she is offensive within her own group, chill out and let’s not start a stupid derail.

No. 221120

If she didn't jump, that's not even a suicide attempt. Wtf.
There's a difference between being about to attempt but deciding against it and actually going through with it and failing.

God this pisses me off.

No. 221123

Not a crocheter so I wouldn't know if the construction is any good or not. But like other anons have said it's obvious this is going to be overwhelmingly hot to wear during the summer.

No. 221138

Nah, I wouldn't deny that going to a bridge with the intention of jumping is a pretty serious thing to be doing. If she just strolled down the bridge while singing and then later claimed she wanted to jump, well that would be attention-seeking. Ideation is still serious and I don't doubt she does a fuckton of crazy stuff behind the scenes.

Canadafags, does anyone know if this is the same bridge her closeted troon took her for a walk on their anniversary? Because that would be a bit fucked up

No. 221148

I never said that what she did isn't serious.
It absolutely is. Suicidal ideation is horrible.

But it's not an actual attempt and equating the two diminishes what dealing with a failed suicide attempt is like.
If you get asked by a medical professional if you've attempted suicide, this kind of thing wouldn't count because there is a difference between ideation and actually going through with it.

Her acting like they are the same thing is in such bad taste.

No. 221152

There is no way Louise wouldn’t flip shit about this if it were true, it’s strange that she would say this and not have gotten any form of help for that. Then to get a shirt and meme about it? Idk it’s odd that she makes these extreme claims but then only got a psych to fish for a DID diagnosis and nothing else. Good thing her new magic fainting condition she decided she has didn’t hit when she was on the bridge kek. Does she even have depression in her laundry list of conditions she is amassing. I would also like to point out in an earlier thread I said that narcissists do this shit all the time and sometimes even succeed by accident.

No. 221155

File: 1655572953288.jpeg (542.1 KB, 828x911, 6CDED43C-4036-4477-9B81-F0671F…)

sage of ot & i only use twitter to check on her insane antics but…. is it just me or is it weird to see her following a 14, esp when she larps as a child

No. 221160

I get you now, you were referring to her choice of words in the Tweet, which I agree was inaccurate or misleading to what we can presume actually happened, which is more ideation than a literal attempt.
She loves to casually misuse words for greatest drama.

No. 221167

Yes, exactly. Thank you.

No. 221170


Fredericton fag here. Pretty sure its the same bridge (matching color/shape). Known as the 'walking bridge' because its the best way to get across the river (that divides the town in half) by foot. Iirc she lives within walking distance of it, and it would drop them off on the edge of downtown where they went to eat (of course they could have parked close by too).
If he knew it as suicide bridge, it would be VERY fucked up to take her there.

No. 221171

File: 1655578969874.jpeg (150.42 KB, 828x384, 902FA656-67C0-4B66-8AA4-B5E991…)

No. 221173

So the official name is baby smalls now? Fucking gross ass bitch.

No. 221175

>This is so out of pocket, if you tried to kill yourself would you buy merch of the bridge you were going to jump off?
This. She's so incredibly stupid.

No. 221176

The place they went for drinks is called picaroons and is right next to the walking bridge…

No. 221177

File: 1655579969105.gif (1.04 MB, 400x213, 34755ac0f2e13975338319d8f61a79…)

Unless she tried to do this she's just an attention whore. God it's like all of you forget how much of a liar and snowflake she is. She's even posting it on Twitter while wearing a shirt of the bridge for god's sake.
I've depressingly stared down bridges as well thinking if I should jump or not. Nothing happened. It's not a suicide attempt.

No. 221178

>There is no way Louise wouldn’t flip shit about this if it were true, it’s strange that she would say this and not have gotten any form of help for that.
This, remember she flipped out with a vague note she found from Jillian under her bed.

No. 221179

File: 1655580127338.jpeg (147.55 KB, 2048x1143, E8M92AEWQAMqr4t.jpeg)

>baby smalls
lets hope the biggie fans don't see this

No. 221183

>But it's not an actual attempt and equating the two diminishes what dealing with a failed suicide attempt is like.
>If you get asked by a medical professional if you've attempted suicide, this kind of thing wouldn't count because there is a difference between ideation and actually going through with it.
Exactly this

No. 221185

>I get you now, you were referring to her choice of words in the Tweet, which I agree was inaccurate or misleading
She loves doing this shit. "I never lie" my ass.

No. 221186

Rather disgusting of her to imply this while wearing merch of all things. She reaches a new low every time with trying to out larp everyone as most speshul mentally ill womxn ever. She probably won't feel shame years later looking back on this.
Her doublespeak is obnoxious and shows how cunning she tries to be.

No. 221189

>She reaches a new low every time with trying to out larp everyone as most speshul mentally ill womxn ever.
This is something I don't get, who in their right mind does this? She's stupid but not the way she wants to be. Attention seeking is the biggest disease she has. She got so much good support when she did her BPD/mental breakdown original video that she just wanted more and more attention. And "mental illness" gives her just that. Wish she stuck with hauls.

No. 221190

Lord, give me the strength to not a-log… How fucking stupid is she really if she thinks it would be appropriate or acceptable to walk around in that shirt and tell everyone how she totes tried to off herself haha she's so hilarious and edgy!!! lol so random!!1! did you know I have voices in my head?

This bitch clearly has never experienced the devastating effects of someone close to her attempting or worse, and it shows.

No. 221195

If you do a-log can you report her to the authorities for driving with a fainting condition and DID that makes her turn into in her own words a baby kek. This is ofc a joke but I don’t think she is going to slow down with this spiral because she never faces any real world consequences for her actions because she is so privileged in every way. I truly don’t know what the bottom of the barrel looks like for Jill, everyone around her is an enabler with money to cover her ass.

No. 221203

Literally who cares. You cant change your sex. Your AFAB is dumb af. XX is female. XY is male. it's so simple but these insane twtard wokies want to make everything needlessly complex to be special as a spicy straight.

No. 221210

This is all such bullshit, but in the context of Jill's larp, it's one of the most obvious signs on how she just grabs random labels to make herself look special. Jill is a hyper feminine woman - she is uncomfortable with being referred to anything besides that. Even she refers to "Jill" the alter as "she" but then puts she/they as pronouns in her bio. Her using the label AFAB while twitfags are claiming it's bad to use it will force her to either deal with people not calling her what she wants or dropping the "I'm a girl who identifies with female, but I am sooo trans because I am a fem nonbinary" act she randomly decides to put on.

No. 221211

File: 1655596008693.jpg (202.72 KB, 720x1402, Screenshot_20220618-164443_Chr…)

Label collecting

No. 221212

File: 1655596285171.jpg (144.4 KB, 720x1292, Screenshot_20220618-165002_Chr…)

No. 221213

File: 1655596333448.jpg (123.19 KB, 720x548, Screenshot_20220618-165007_Chr…)

Full pic

No. 221214

>I am an alter named Jillian

No. 221217

can you imagine actually going up to a literal 6 y/o and calling them 'baby smalls' tho? i mean i wouldn't pull it past jill but still…

No. 221219

Jesus every-loving fucking Christ. Jordan Peterson was right - post modernism was a mistake.

No. 221221

i cant wait to see this. literally just a mornin with bad makeup going on stage to badly lip sync.

No. 221222

and yet she wants to larp autism and sensory issues so badly, even though we know from her style history and the ugly shit she crochets that she has no issue with textures or things being uncomfortable. Lolita is not autism friendly due to itchy wigs and heavy petticoats etc, rainbow vomit is an assault on the senses… she’s such a bad actress lol

And wtf does a binder have to do with being a drag queen? They’re all about exaggerated female proportions and shit, why is she so set on inserting herself into this subculture that she has nothing to do with and yet doesn’t even have the ounce of respect necessary to actually follow their guidelines? She’s so obnoxious

No. 221223

don't know how it works in canada, but i kinda wish she'd get arrested for driving after smoking weed. like it doesn't need to be serious, just a regular police check up, but have her car immobilized so her mom would have to come get her. maybe that would wake louise up a little.

how the fuck can you be trans AND nonbinary/genderfluid at the same time?? this makes no sense, how can her followers accept this bullshit?

No. 221224

You can get penalized for it in Canada. Not sure what it entails as I don’t smoke myself.

No. 221225

If I didn't know any better and saw that tweet out of context I'd seriously assume she's some altright groyper trolling as pretending to be gay or trans.
really bizarre.

No. 221226

File: 1655603201761.png (73.53 KB, 750x439, unknown.png)

she's literally starting to sound like this

No. 221227

>And wtf does a binder have to do with being a drag queen?
Kek this, I guess she thinks that larping a trans male that does drag queen or some shit means she needs a binder. I thought she would look slutty and exaggerate her boobs like she's been doing recently, but no she really wants to be a ftmtf KEK

No. 221229

File: 1655603764333.jpeg (1.17 MB, 960x879, 49A0E5EA-3B78-4D9C-8F65-9E4094…)

No. 221233

We don't know exactly what medications she is on. But certain medications mixed with alcohol can definitely be lethal. That's how my mom died.

Reminds me of those fragile uwu girls who would post their bruised legs on tumblr for attention kek

No. 221240

True, although it seems like she doesn't take meds anymore anyway. She seems to believe weed is a magic cure it all thing though. I would think you would be heavily medicated if she had DID.

No. 221241

The more I read about her makign all these serious mental health claims and none of her family reacting; the more I tinfoil that she's talked to them about it for like "her new post college branding for youtube" or spun it in some way like that
So who's the host? Cause most DID has the 'core personality/host' and then all the alters around it who with treatment intigrate right? She really does have to be the most special; I wonder if someone will call her out on that

No. 221245

Im so conflicted girls. I’m both so excited and dreading the drag performance in a few hours. I don’t think I will be able to physically handle the second-hand embarrassment but Jesus Christ I have been waiting for this since she first announced it.
Please come through for us Canadian anons, please film this disaster

No. 221246

the image of this landwhale flopping around on her knees is sending me nonnas

No. 221249

>Please come through for us Canadian anons, please film this disaster
seconding this. It will be the bright spot of this shit month. PLEASE

No. 221251

I'm excited. She's hyped this up and I hope she doesn't disappoint. I can't wait to see her acting skills for the "switch(es?)". Will it be dramatic or not? How her outfit and make-up look. The performance in general. I hope our wish of seeing it comes true.

No. 221252

That was my point, highlighting once again that she has thrown herself into something she doesn’t understand and is making up her own Jill version of things as she goes and acting as an authority as per.
What the hell is her therapist doing, no wonder he is leaving because Jesus. This is so unhealthy that she is retreating further into her fantasy world and making Jillian an alter. That’s not correct, Jillian is the person and the alters are supposed to be fragments of Jillian. All combined they should just be Jillian not some chimera. She is only going to get worse as her sense of self continues to fragment more like this. A trend in DID tik tok has been people saying they are “front stuck” as a certain alter i.e that alter is out for a prolonged amount of time and they are stuck unable to change. I could see her sense of self getting so bad that she decides to be front stuck as an alter for a while because she doesn’t understand who Jillian is anymore.

No. 221253

Late but I'm really sorry for your loss, anon.

No. 221254

>Jordan Peterson was right
back to /pol/ newfag

No. 221255

>A trend in DID tik tok has been people saying they are “front stuck” as a certain alter i.e that alter is out for a prolonged amount of time and they are stuck unable to change.
Sounds like the method acting approach. They take all this time creating this character that they become the character and forget that they aren't really this character.

No. 221256

please for the love of god there is no doctor/therapist that is actually telling this woman its perfectly okay to call themselves an alter. Surely this brings up more mental health issues and confusion in the long run?

No. 221258

I think it’s more that this whole thing stems from how these people (often young) don’t want to be themselves anymore and don’t know how to change. The alters are always someone they wish they could be in some way so for Jill Jerrick has so much freedom and isn’t confined within her must be a perfect rainbow girl prison she has made for herself. She is so stuck on that she doesn’t know how to change Jillian so she becomes Jerrick and is free from that. All her alters represent something she wants like the baby alter gives freedom from adult life and consequences, Cliffe is the practical adult she doesn’t have the life skills to be, Veronica is free from the family friendly non sexual restrictions she placed on herself. Her therapist has made her worse by enabling this, the treatment she needs is stripping down the pixielocks persona she has made and learning who Jillian is away from that and that it’s okay for Jillian to change and not be the rigid idea of pixielocks she has created and imprisoned herself in.

No. 221259

File: 1655634617131.jpeg (185.45 KB, 828x715, 3973DA9D-A9BD-47B7-B83C-01BFF8…)

Jill we know you’ve treated your pets as accessories since the day you got them. There has been many instances where you have put your cats in danger such as smoking around them, leaving out things for them to chew on DESPITE A CLOSE CALL WITH NEKO and even leaving toxic plants in areas they could easily access. You do not put your cats first

No. 221262

Her talking about fusion just makes me think her larp comes from her obsession with Steven Universe

No. 221264

What the fuck? If Jill is an alter then who‘s the host or what ever they call it? Jerrick? Because deep down Jill‘s just a rude ass special snowflake telling minors to suck her non existant dick?

No. 221265

She ups the emoji usage when she's angry. It's weird how passive aggressive it makes her messages sound even though she's trying to make it not seem that way by covering it in rainbow glitter bullshit.

>Stickers is rag doll so that's just his primordial pouch.
Most cats have a primordial pouch and they don't look like a soccer ball from a bird's eye view. Your cats are obese Jill, stop lying about putting their care above yours.

No. 221266

Cat's health aside (even though yes that's the most important) I wish she would FUCKING STOP with the "I am so caring" "I am so kind" "I am so insert positive trait"
Pisses me off so much. You are none of those things, and nobody talks about themselves like that Jill, STFU.

No. 221269

So take a few minutes and brush them Jill or take them to a groomers for gods sake, that matting is neglect.

No. 221272

>A trend in DID tik tok has been people saying they are “front stuck” as a certain alter i.e that alter is out for a prolonged amount of time and they are stuck unable to change

Probably the most munchie, mentally ill, but yet with highest quality of life generation in history, wonder if there is a correlation? Like, life is too easy let me pretend to be 5 people to spice it up a bit?

No. 221278

I think all those tribes who have intense coming of age rituals for the kids in the tribe are on to something, it seems people invent new challenges if they don't have enough.

No. 221279

I actually doubt that there are signifigantly more munchies in our current age, than in the past. They are just more visible now due to internet.

No. 221285

"I put them before myself" was so unnecessary too, my gosh. Even when discussing her cats she needs to give hints that she's a poor sad soul who is altruistic to a detrimental level. So fucking annoying.

No. 221339


No. 221341

I think so too lmao
I doubt her cats are healthy at all. They're fat as fuck. Oh but she tooootally ~never lies~ right. She's a retard who LARPs mental illnesses for clout anyway, her pets should be taken from her.

No. 221342

It's obvious she never brushes them and just thinks of them as toys. You can see the neglect in them. Her walls are dirty with cat shit as well. She doesn't fucking care.

No. 221372

Done. I'll upload it later >>221339

No. 221373

Anon if you don’t deliver I will be so traumatised that, like Jill, will develop DID and become incapable of functioning without binge drinking and smoking pot

No. 221375

anon if you don't deliver we are going to use weaponized autism to find you

No. 221380

anon i am on my knees

No. 221383

Thanks nona!

No. 221385

It isn't very good AND stephen was there also recording using a real camera + tripod - but I wanted to see it live and also make sure you girls got to see it unedited before anyone else.

Something I noticed was that she didn't have the little spinel diamonds like shown here >>220698 , but maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough. "enjoy"

No. 221388

Noona you are a star.

Is anyone raising a banner saying “screams” to cue the audience? They seem to scream in very awkward moments in the song?

No. 221389

honestly not as bad as I was expecting but drag lip syncing seems to be a considerably low skill type of performance as is so the bar isn't very high in the first place

No. 221390

you're the best, nonna! thank you!

No. 221392

Will she become a bio queen now?

No. 221394

Thank you for this.

Welp. Remember when she got annoyed for not getting the main role in grease? She can finally get all the attention she wants on stage on a one-man show. Good because she looks like a clown and is an attention whore so of course she would turn to drag. I rather see her rolling around like in this video and be active and perhaps lose some weight than everything else. But who knows.

No. 221395

You’re an absolute doll nonny thank you!!

No. 221396

Bless.God what a fucking awful song and dance kek.

No. 221398

I don't remember when I last cringed this hard

No. 221403

Giving high school talent show vibes.

No. 221404

Also is that wig just like…..a green mullet? It looks so flat on the top and so bad. We know she put effort into making her whole dress, did she run out of time for the wig? Hoping she gives us some closer up pics for a better look

No. 221407

This is a super autistic nitpick but it bugs me that she kept the part where the other characters are talking, it's a really awkward break and it'd be so easy to cut it. Also the fact that she "dies" at the end when the whole song is meant to show how powerful the character is.

No. 221409

No. 221410

She looks less fat than I was expecting and more confident too, (Still very funny and amateur though, don't get me wrong, big dancing in the bathroom vibes from this)
I think Jerrick is the real Jill and that's why she's now calling Jillian an alter, putting all my bets on final fusion being a spicy version of Jerrick.

No. 221411

Did she end up not doing the MCR number?

No. 221412

how is this even considered a performance, let alone artistic? as anon >>221389 pointed out lipsyncing is so low skill.
this barely feels like a performance, she just looks retarded.

No. 221413

Thank you nona, please let me buy you a drink to compensate for your time kek. I lost it when she crossed her legs, this is basically just a long TikTok lip synch irl.

No. 221414

This shit is like those cringy tiktok cosplay lipsync videos but irl

No. 221415

She can’t pull off the short hair. Her face is too fat.

No. 221419

This feels oddly like her cosplay competition days. How embarrassing. She thinks this level of "skill" is worth being put on drag race? Thank you for sharing nonna

No. 221420

File: 1655686411906.jpeg (366.91 KB, 1440x1080, 4ACDA06F-BA69-46FD-8F34-5D2AAB…)

The fucking dog tag

No. 221421

It's not even fucking dancing. It's the typical "stand and point" that the worst drag queens employ.

Also - what the fuck is drag about this? Who is this even for? Who wants this?

At least she doesn't look SO fat. I guess I'm kinda disappointed about that. Still looks totally retarded, though.

No. 221423

File: 1655686598747.png (227.83 KB, 820x1376, 918-9186671_peridot-steven-uni…)

Bless you, nona. I appreciate you doing this. Seeing the sweater dress in motion made me realize the cold shoulder arms mimic Peridot's limb enhancers.

No. 221426

Bless, Nona! I nominate you for contribution of the year. She’s as bad as I thought she’d be and somehow less embarrassing? I’m perplexed.
The mismatched greens and the shitty yarn are infuriating. They all look atrocious but she looks less hideous than her friends. What are those eyebrows they’re sporting? Did the clown in yellow use oatmeal to cover its brows?

No. 221427

the bpd gang

skinwalking each other?

No. 221430

Honestly, she looks the best out of this group and for a first drag show, it really wasn't bad. Very "tiktok cosplayer", but that's pretty much what she is anyway.

No. 221431

This really feels like a Steven Universe drag show inspired looks. The one in blue reminds me of that weepy blue diamond character. Is the other girl suppose to be like rose/pink diamond? Also extremely dumb observation, did the girl in blue give herself a mustache or is it just the way the light looks playing tricks on my mind? What were the songs of the other 2 girls?

No. 221433

The one on the right looks like Doug Walker.

No. 221434

So Jill needs her sunflower lanyard to go get the mail, bit not for performing in a drag show?

No. 221437

No. 221439

Thank you so much nona, this is the best birthday present a farmer could ask for! The way she flails around onstage just shows how she half asses everything she attempts, but what I cant get over is the fact she used a fucking STEVEN UNIVERSE song for a drag performance. It gives off special needs more than anything because of how childish it is! At least if she did MCR it would make more sense…though maybe she's trying to sell the 14 year old thing.

No. 221440

>clothing pin
Didn't this bitch go to fashion school

No. 221441

Thank you so much for actually filming this

Wow the yarn looks gnarly in that lighting

No. 221442

she probably thinks it's edgy or whatever

No. 221443

My thoughts exactly, she somehow can be just fine performing in front of an audience and rolling on the ground, somehow she's not mentally ill enough for that.
This shit will never stop being funny to me lmao. GIRLBOSS GATEKEEP GASLIGHT

No. 221444

Thank you for getting this!!! I'm surprised she can move around that much without getting winded.

the short hair doesn't look that bad imo. without the clown make up and a dark color it would be better then her rainbow mess she has now.

No. 221447

She looks better in this style tbh. Obviously not good by anime means but far better than what she usually does.

No. 221448

Oh my god. *ANY means not anime means jesus fucking christ, sorry, I'm multitasking.

No. 221449

oh my god absolutely LEGENDARY NONA thank you for getting this

i've been to quite a few drag performances and what makes them exciting is how over the top it is, i dont really see how this can be considered drag aside from the makeup…the outfit and hair is just kind of alt, not really massive or camp or anything. the dance isnt that crazy either…and the end is supposed to be a death drop or something but she just raises her leg? eh.

this is just jill's evolution of her anime dances on stage from years ago, its just another means of socially acceptable attention seeking performance that is neither great nor entertaining - just lukewarm.

No. 221452

The one on the left is Sofia the skin walker who was a featured member in the old Confetti Club threads and the one on the right is one of the girls she went to college with, attended her wedding and shaved her head

anon my sides holy shit

No. 221453

I'm keking so hard. She looks insane. This is like a cosplay contest dance on crack. Thank you for getting this nona.

No. 221454

How sure are you that that's Sofia? I've been trying to figure out if it's her for the past (while) but I just can't figure it out. The girl in the pictures has less of a doughy face but the eyes and nose are exactly the same to me

No. 221458

Karen at Warped Tour.

No. 221462

File: 1655699680162.png (85.45 KB, 184x188, lol.png)

No. 221464

File: 1655699839929.png (237.67 KB, 246x388, firefox_yTsEXHfwMU.png)

For me, it's this dance move

No. 221467

File: 1655699995324.jpg (62.47 KB, 1280x720, MV5BM2QyYmJhZDktZjUzYi00ZDJlLW…)

all i can think about

No. 221469

File: 1655700182638.gif (13.49 MB, 520x293, lmao.gif)

thats a compliment to her

No. 221470

This is just cringe, but not even in the "makes me laugh" way, just kinda sad.

No. 221471

that stupid roll with her legs really makes me kek

No. 221472

File: 1655700451893.gif (17.79 MB, 520x293, omg.gif)

are you guys really calling this "good"???

No. 221474

Thank you you nona you are my queen.
I don’t know shit about drag but everything about this just feels like a cosplay event at an anime convention

Picrel made me wonder if shes introducing herself to people at this event as Jerrick. Imagine going to a bar to watch a drag show and you see some short overweight white woman with a badly pitched down voice refer to herself as Jerrick then get on stage and perform a TikTok POV to a song from a children’s TV show

No. 221475

the "dancing" that bruised up her knees was just her acting like a toddler throwing a tantrum?
the whole performance wasn't bad, but it wasn't good - it is a thing you would do when you are just goofing off with your friends. Considering she "loves" drag, I expected more than a lip sync and point with some retard flair thrown in

No. 221476

Thanks for making a gif out of this, it's the absolute peak of the performance kek

No. 221477

Ngl I actually had slightly higher hopes for her performance, because of her cosplay dances where she was fairly decent at the whole campy choreography thing. But this was just kind of awkward, as if she was making up the dance as she was going along, rather than something she’d practiced. That was such a bad song choice, even if you were going to pick a SU song.

And lord that wig… why didn’t she even bother to dye it black like the concept?

No. 221480

KEK watching this video without audio makes her look like she's actually insane.

No. 221482

God this 'drag' outfit just makes her look extra frumpy, reminds me of a kid playing closet dress up in their mom's ill-fitting clothing.

No. 221483

File: 1655701906937.jpeg (5.69 KB, 196x258, download.jpeg)

Same picture

No. 221484

>it is a thing you would do when you are just goofing off with your friends.
looks like something i'd do when i put on music to get myself to clean the house. (minus the rolling around lol) wish she stuck to cosplay dances.

No. 221488

Did she just lick the glue stick at the 8:45 mark? Is she trying to larp a special needs kid that eats paste?

No. 221490

File: 1655703301839.gif (7.39 MB, 520x293, mento.gif)

literally performing mental illness in front of an audience

No. 221492

can you post a screenshot please?

No. 221495

File: 1655704258530.gif (17.32 MB, 520x293, kekking.gif)

the end. she literally died.

No. 221496

File: 1655704266248.gif (382.57 KB, 274x174, hello-sass.gif)

No. 221502

so the entire dance was just "look at me I'm an attention whore who is mentally ill and in the end I'll die"?

No. 221513

oh my god it's so cringe, i'm getting second hand embarrassment


No. 221518

Someone should make a ‘confetti club - where are they now’ sort of thing. Would be interesting to see how far Jill has spiralled away from even her closest skin walkers, or if any of them have followed her actions

No. 221520


No. 221524

File: 1655714779211.jpeg (407.62 KB, 828x759, 006464F7-AE81-40A6-8813-4D8993…)

Who wants to bet the person who tipped her was Stevie because Jillybean was having a narc meltdown

No. 221525

of fucking course lmao. Imagine framing a fucking bill because you danced like a sperg.

No. 221526

I have never heard of people tipping performers, but then again I don't live on that continent.

No. 221527

Its a drag thing nonny

No. 221528

maybe she's testing the waters for a way to get more tips onlyfans saga maybe?
imagine tipping a "drag queen" like her lmao

No. 221529

File: 1655715256904.gif (5.44 MB, 252x197, ezgif-1-e991dca7fa.gif)

someone paid + tipped for this shit

No. 221532

It's a stripper thing, which drag is at its core

No. 221538

It helps if you warm up the glue stick before hand, some of the grubby queens on drag race have done that in the show by licking it, there is some who lick their brushes as they go as well, she is mimicking something she saw as per.
It’s a big thing, it’s tragic and pathetic that she got a single bill because tipping at drag shows is so well established as a thing you do. Usually you would get multiple one dollar bills, her getting a singular five reeks of Steve to me which is even more pathetic.

No. 221539

Her framing it is whatever because she always does things over the top, but why would you willingly say that it was the only one you got what was the point in sharing that

No. 221543

hasn't Jill said in videos Jerrica is super uncomfortable in front of a camera, has super bad anorexia and hate how he looks? You'd think that would really affect performing in front of people, especially when she's in full makeup and Jerrica is meant to be an uwu trans baby. This LARP really is inconsistent

No. 221544

Her performance is basically about how she's malding so hard at others having friends and having a normal life that she dies.

No. 221545

$5 for her 5 main alters, though I guess there are 6 now. definitely Stevie.

No. 221547

She saw one trans contestant on drag race and as per decided she can speedrun the idea of being comfortable enough to perform in drag when said drag queen has been on hormones for years and had surgery. It’s just the usual Jill nonsense of deciding she is the best and most competent at something immediately.

No. 221550

My take is different although it may be retarded, I saw it as “Jerrick” taking the POV of the character singing the song and “persecuting” Jillian’s other alters (or maybe IRL friends?) It’s a weird song to try and wrap your head around for a drag number, I figured it must have some super speshul DID significance to her and her Jerrick persona

No. 221552

it would've been more hilarious if people just started pelting her with loonies.

No. 221553

KEK Nonnie, maybe that's why she kept the other characters talking, they're her alters.

No. 221554

So how much are we betting that this is her one and only drag performance, even though she’ll keep calling herself a drag queen? I’m guessing that unless her town has a regular time slot for these amateurs to clomp around during the day outside of pride month that this will be it for her.

Irl nonna, did you watch any of her friends perform? We’re they just as bad or did Jill stand out as particularly amateurish?

No. 221559

Late to the party but… is it too late to ask for someone to upload a webm? The vid is age restricted

No. 221565

I thought the entire point of drag was that it was supposed to be funny/entertaining because it's a MAN doing it. When you take away the only "comedic" factor it just looks so retarded and embarrassing. It gives me the same feeling of when women make rape jokes to try to look cool to a group of moids.

No. 221570

You can tip $1 coins but it hurts the performers kek. We call it “making it hail”

No. 221573

It wasn't age restricted before, I guess Pixie reported it? It's a private listing so rather sus.

No. 221577

We don’t have paper ones in Europe either but because of that a lot of places have their own printed Monopoly money type thing that you trade cash for then the performers get cash in return for those when they cash out. Making it hail is hilarious, I wouldn’t wish harm on her but….it would have been funny. Saged for low relevancy.

No. 221579

I thought drag was supposed to be "sexy" hence why men doing drag look ridiculous, womanfacing and dancing sexy, she could've just made a shitty YouTube video edited by steeb, or she could've joined some talent show or some shit.

No. 221582

Everything about this says “I’ve only seen myself acting on TikTok and am entirely unaware of what an audience would find entertaining.” Like these moves aren’t dynamic, just weird psycho flailing. That staccato movement thing everyone does on TikTok is so cringey to see at a distance. I wish she’d get dance training or something if she really gave a shit about performance.

No. 221583


Drag is a lot of different things. Doesn't have to be a comedy/sexy based act, some only do serious acts. Sure some acts are humping the ground, but some 'sing' Celine Dion, some do musical numbers, some do standup, etc.
Women can do it, but it's only really good if they go full exaggerated drag, otherwise what has changed? There is a 'bio queen' (woman) in Jill's province who does it so well you'd think she was a regular male drag queen based on body shaping, hair makeup, etc. Jill was just a boring girl with facepaint.

No. 221587

she's re enacting every time she faints infront of steevie at home

No. 221589

I was going to say aren’t there more by now? If she ever “integrates”, will she change the name of her brand to reflect less alters?

No. 221591

Good question. I think she’ll do what you said and continue calling herself that, maybe do more drag tiktoks to try and infiltrate that scene more. I’m sure if she can do it in person again somewhere though she will. I hate drag but I’d like to see her put in her place by more talented performers.

No. 221593

Imo Jill will claim integration until only Jerrica (for the drag) and the 6 year old (for the ddlg LARP) will be left. she seems to have completely given up on Veronica and Cliff alreafy

No. 221613

I think it's hilarious that she picked the name Jerrica since it's also the name of Jem's alter ego in Jem & the Holograms

No. 221619

Jerrica was made up by anons. it's jerrick

No. 221663

File: 1655742862425.gif (6.93 MB, 480x270, roll.gif)

This is all I can see

No. 221673

She’d take one lesson and decide she’s better than the instructor.

No. 221674

Can we appreciate how she shittily lies down on the floor and suddenly her leg goes up in a cartoonish fashion? I can almost hear the "badoing" sound effect.

No. 221692

Sorry if this is covered somewhere but has she explained i she could guarantee that jerrick would be fronting for the show? I obviously know she’s faking DID but what’s her logic that she knew who would front on what day?

No. 221694

Afaik, she has never explained anything, she has also claimed Veronica and Jax would help with the preparation. Jerrick is her main OC and she frequently says how they're "co-fronting" and basically active at the same time.

No. 221698

I am 100% sure steven was the one who gave her the bill. Pathetic.

No. 221699

>she's malding so hard at others having friends and having a normal life that she dies.
I wouldn't give her so much credit. She probably just thought "I like steven universe, I like spinel, I'm edgy and have mento ilnes luvx, I'm going to dance to this"

No. 221703

>So how much are we betting that this is her one and only drag performance, even though she’ll keep calling herself a drag queen?
Totally. She'll do it once or twice per year at most.
She just looks like a crazy tumblrina on stage tbh. Tiktok cosplay level.
I want people to toss coins in her face.
>Like these moves aren’t dynamic, just weird psycho flailing.
This lmao. I thought she would be better because of how she used to be a theater kid. I guess not.

No. 221710

It's very funny to me that she chose a song from Steven Universe to dance like a retard. She's so delusional and not self aware at all. It really screams "I'm a womanchild obsessed with drag queens" on stage. The dance was so painful to stare at too. You only find it amusing if you don't know how the fuck this shit works.

No. 221712

File: 1655750430036.webm (12.57 MB, 500x282, jillian.webm)

It's not "sus", this channel used to have the "shit pixie says" video, if you lurk enough. How is it sus to not want her underaged fans commenting under that video? I would be pissed off if I was the uploader. I'm thankful anon recorded it for us.
>is it too late to ask for someone to upload a webm? The vid is age restricted
Are you underaged perhaps? The video says it was restricted due to community guidelines. Probably her or some fan reported it.

Anyway, here's the webm. I downloaded and converted it.

No. 221713

her dance seriously makes no sense. At all. It doesn't go with what the song is saying. This just feels rushed and like she didn't pay attention at all, she just wanted to be tiktok irl.

No. 221716

Tipping drag queens is customary, especially for a show where they aren't getting a base pay. It's probably less common in Canada though because the lowest bill is a 5 (I'm in America)

No. 221718

This part makes me laugh so I'm copy pasting the lyrics lmao.
>[GARNET, spoken]She's running circles around us!
>[AMETHYST, spoken]I'm rusty, give me a break!
>[PEARL, spoken]It really is her, but she can't be serious!
>[STEVEN, spoken]You know her, Pearl? Can you tell us who she is?
>[SPINEL] Who am I? Who am I? What are you even saying? I'm the loser of the game you didn't know you were playing!

No. 221724

Didn't she originally say she was gonna do House of Wolves by MCR? Was it a last minute switch-up?

No. 221726

I mean it's sus of Pixie or Steve to report it, since the video was private but not age restricted before, it means they clicked it specifically from this thread

No. 221728

She does answer this in >>220670
She says she has "teams" and that she told everyone in the system. It's so fucking comical, I can't believe anyone could ever believe this is real. It's so over the top and stupid.

>"We have, like, soft little teams. There's Jerr and Veronica and Jax; and then there's me and baby smalls and Flora - and then there's Cliffe, who's like the angel who helps us all with paperwork and, like, writing down the time and the date (laughs obnoxiously)"

At around 21:30
>"So your system's working behind the scenes, very covertly, to protect you and not even let you know that you are multiple. So, you know, the parts come in here and there and help with passive influence, it's a lot less likely to have, like, a full switch for no reason. Like, I'm thinking when I did Mary Poppins in high school, like, can you imagine if I just suddenly was like 'what's going on, I don't care about this' - you would have to have a trigger for that, right, but now that we are diagnosed and our system is, like, very much talking to each other and our head is, like, very chattery all the time - which did not used to be quite the case, it was more like an internal dialogue of two and now sometimes it's like five folks all screaming. I don't know, all I can do is really hope and prepare and, like, we tried to have the little teams thing going, so even if we're co-con, like, everyone knows what's going on so we are preparing Veronica, Jax, Jerr, and I all with the choreo and performance and stuff everyone in the system is aware, even the little. We explained it in, like, very soft small terms but it's still a worry I have because I don't freaking- I don't have full control. Like I'm just a passenger in this van like everyone else's so yeah, the teamwork group project scenario is what we're trying to do to help prevent like baby smalls coming out and My Chemical Romance is playing and she's just like [screams]."

No. 221733

Some people don't have YouTube accounts, and I'll be damned if I made one just to view this dumpster fire (tempting as it is). Ty for uploading it btw, much appreciated!

No. 221735

She said she was going to do both songs with choreography for both but seemingly dropped the MCR one.

No. 221740

this performance is so last minute. At least she went out of the house though.

No. 221742

>"We have, like, soft little teams. There's Jerr and Veronica and Jax; and then there's me and baby smalls and Flora - and then there's Cliffe, who's like the angel who helps us all with paperwork and, like, writing down the time and the date (laughs obnoxiously)"
What the fuck hahahahahahahahahaha bitch hahahahahahahaha

No. 221748

>"So your system's working behind the scenes, very covertly, to protect you and not even let you know that you are multiple. So, you know, the parts come in here and there and help with passive influence, it's a lot less likely to have, like, a full switch for no reason.
That's just called being normal KEK there's no epic mithos about just doing your daily stuff
>Like, I'm thinking when I did Mary Poppins in high school, like, can you imagine if I just suddenly was like 'what's going on, I don't care about this'
Probably because she was overwhelmed, this is again pretty normal. It's not some magical woowoo switch in her head
>we are preparing Veronica, Jax, Jerr, and I all with the choreo and performance and stuff everyone in the system is aware, even the little. We explained it in, like, very soft small terms

No. 221755

I love the tiny laugh from the nonnie at 1:03 kek

No. 221756

It's extremely obvious from the way she talks about her OCs in that video that she felt restricted by her self-imposed rainbow persona and she needed an outlet for the narc rage and other non brand friendly feelings. Everything that doesn't fit it gets labeled an alter and voila, Jill is never dramatic or overly sexual or a bitch, that's just someone else in her head. It's mento helth.

No. 221757

I can't wait for her to fake a switch during a live performance and start making baby noises in order to try to prove she isn't faking

No. 221759

Cliffe existing just to do paperwork is never not funny.

Like imagine for a moment DID shit is real and you're the alternate personality of some fat clown bitch who just makes you do paperwork all the time and nothing else

No. 221761

No. 221766

File: 1655754770742.png (618.04 KB, 595x1347, jillian_villiany.png)

No. 221768

File: 1655754861447.jpg (362.86 KB, 1289x2048, FVt1e_mWAAA5gwg.jpg)

No. 221773

File: 1655755133246.jpg (442.19 KB, 1536x2048, FVt1e_mWQAAsnhB.jpg)

No. 221774

>I have never felt more like a person
Gee I wonder why, you've been faking your persona for years.

No. 221776

File: 1655755202712.jpeg (453.8 KB, 828x1382, 3E6822D7-3C38-4AD7-A565-28DE88…)

she claims she did both performances anyway

No. 221777

>that face

No. 221784

File: 1655755638843.png (335.16 KB, 603x775, jillian_switches.png)

Video is just her twirling and swaying about and showing her outfit btw

No. 221785

I don’t know what the Canadian currency equivalent is of the 2 quid coin but Jill needs nailing right between the eyes with one.

No. 221786

At about :50 in the video you can see a hand in the audience holding the bill out to her, if the nonny who filmed it could confirm if that was Steebie it would be extremely satisfying although IMHO it looked like a woman’s hand, but who knows

No. 221797

File: 1655756344980.jpg (Spoiler Image,102.86 KB, 1391x704, 714J8lb-ABL._AC_SL1397_.jpg)

Both a Loonie and a Toonie have some good heft to them.

No. 221799

>also this is fully jill believe it or not!
You don't say. I didn't need to be told this to see this is Jillian Vessey without a mask.

No. 221806

File: 1655756946634.webm (3.29 MB, 320x568, converted-bleh.webm)

did she? I thought she was unable to lie.
please nonnas post the webms.
Also, if this is fully Jillian, why is she posting it in the Jerrick account?

No. 221811

I do not see Jill making any friends in the drag community. As a matter of fact, if she keeps forcing her way into gigs it’s only a matter of time before here true colours show and she earns a bad name for herself, which will lead to people actively not booking her/avoiding her. I also think Jill is going to find out the hard way that her online following doesn’t mean shit in the local drag community and she doesn’t have the authority she think she does.

No. 2