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File: 1608500700757.jpg (91.12 KB, 340x202, 1608500556768[1].jpg)

No. 127283

Previous thread: >>>/w/111715

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

General info:
>Frivolously spends her parents' or her own money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite previously complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; has been highly dependent on her mother, friends, or partner in social events and blows minor issues way out of proportion
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image; formerly referred to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual; currently with her live-in partner Stephen Clarke and both have formally come out as bisexual
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not
>Jill started her own brand, 5 petal flower. She isn’t selling anything yet, but plans to sell bad Lazy Oaf knock offs
>She got rid of the rainby bangs
>2 year anniversary with totes not gay Steevie
>Uses the word ‘pandemie’ and gets called out for being insensitive, but a fan claims she was just speaking French
>She won’t stfu about her stims and super scary ‘restrictive’ eating disorder
>Finally picks the winners of her tattoo contest. She picks questionable designs that queerbait
>She receives PR from Wet n Wild and throws a bitch fit about the plastic in it
>Makes a video which clearly had editing on her voice, but claims the unnatural high pitch is just a symptom of her bpd
>Makes a ‘scene kid transformation’ video but looks nothing like a scene kid and instead just subjects us to horrible shilled drag eyelashes from Toshi and a badly coordinated outfit once again (but this time in black)
>Anthony Padilla announces he is making a video on BPD, Jill gets her confetti cunts to beg him to put her in the video. He had already picked people to be in the video
>Buys a $100 too small vintage romper, only to break it with her fat immediately

Last time on "Do I have BPD, autism, psychosis, a gay boyfriend or am I a narcissist?":

>Got a stimming toy as part of her munchie journey

>Continues to gain weight in lockdown
>Posts on FB about her suicide attempts that have happened in the past
>Thifts trousers 2 sizes too small for her that gives her a giant camel toe and proudly shows them off on multiple occasions
>Continues to sperg about Anthony’s BPD video despite not being in it
>Continues to claim she has catatonic episodes, psychosis, and that she dissociates regularly. Claims to be seeing a specialist.
>Steve gets appendicitis then experiences a bowl blockage after surgery. He spends a month in the hospital. Jill makes it all about her suffering and how difficult it was for her.
>Claims the major trauma that happened in her life was a relationship she had exclusively over DA when she was 13 and the girl was 16. This is in spite of the fact that the DA posts show the relationship wasn’t abusive.
>Posts a heavily edited lewd.
>Picks the models for her end of year fashion show. She also shows the designs she plans to make.
>Claims she has major back pain from her ‘big tiddies.’
>Sub tweets and makes a video about old friends that ‘abandoned’ her during a mental health crisis. Claims the police got involved.
>Buys the wrong kind of hair dye from the store and acts like a Karen, until she was informed it was actually her mistake.

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No. 127306

thanks anon for making the thread

No. 127315

perfect OP, thank you! lol

No. 127336

File: 1608512033456.jpg (349.74 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201221-015306_Eco…)

It's my first thread omg, thank you!
Also, I've checked her Patreon lately: she was near 1k when she started and is now a sad 680 bucks. Any Patreon here to talk about her declining content?

No. 127350

File: 1608517443364.jpeg (254.01 KB, 828x466, E705CFAD-3F08-4857-AAD2-208556…)

No. 127352

bitch you're f i n e. Most neurotypical people dissociate when stressed and she's most likely creating it in her head.

No. 127365

File: 1608522652644.png (57.54 KB, 597x428, hhihi.png)

>how can I make myself seem special by saying that I get scared with thunder and sad with bad weather just like 80% of people
>oh I know
>hey there mentally ills, jillian here

No. 127368

File: 1608522755804.png (139.49 KB, 592x394, oughihohio.png)

what did she mean by this? is she this proud of the dissociatey tweet?

No. 127391

“If the day isn’t bright, sunny and colorful I feel so icky and mentowwy ill!!!”

No. 127404

That's SAD if anything and most of non-mentally ill people feel this way during winter months/ when away from sunshine long.
We need a bingo for Jillibean…

No. 127407

File: 1608538128211.jpg (397.7 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201221-090632_Twi…)

Also, member the ~I'm an uwu witch and have an altar~ phase? We come back at it. Fuck taking responsibilty to get better LOL

No. 127418


Maybe she will go full azealia, and kiww some fluwffy chickins at her witchy alter which will hewp with the icky weather-based feewings!

It must be hard being this speshul and magical that every fucking passing thought and feeling has a deep spiritual or psychological meaning.

No. 127439

File: 1608561619301.jpg (577.38 KB, 1400x1800, ef38d31b7bb6127db7ebfd96482c56…)

No. 127463

Marry me anon. And pls expand this once we reach another thread…

No. 127505

Seeing Jill talk about DID like its quirky and cute is so fucking filthy, she clearly has no clue what it is (just like anything else she claims to have)

No. 127513

I don't think this has been discussed so far, but Steve said something about how his parents can't know him and Jill are together in her latest video? It's been like 3 years, have they really managed to keep it a secret the entire time?

No. 127530

File: 1608582576558.jpg (223.75 KB, 1080x1558, IMG_20201221_202759.jpg)

New Instagram account, she mentioned it on her twitter. Don't know how long she has had it for and I doubt she lets randos/non witches follow it.

No. 127536

Ya it occurred around 13:45 in the vid, although IMO I think that was just a joke. I can’t imagine him being able to hide his Girlfriend who’s about as inconspicuous as a Macy’s thanksgiving parade balloon

No. 127539

Now I’m picturing her beheading a bunch of Peeps.

Maybe his parents are bigots and wouldn’t approve of their Queer(TM) relationship.

No. 127541

… Reclaiming what? I thought wicca was basically a hodgepodge of several native, african and pagan practices. Wouldn’t it be ~wacist~ to say she’s reclaiming such cultures?

No. 127542

I wish jill actually put the list of podcasts in her video. Not actually listening?

No. 127544

File: 1608588017259.png (208.66 KB, 304x394, Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 4.59…)

No. 127555


Reclaiming is an offshoot of Wicca that places greater emphasis on feminism and political activism. It may have been more legit when it was begun in the 70s but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s now been overtaken by 3rd wave fun feminist libtards, especially if Jill’s claiming to be a part of it.

No. 127577

Isn't not showing Jill as your girlfriend very very suspicious? There's so many implications there
what a stupid ass name.
What the fuck is she going to reclaim? and why can't she post this on her normal account?
Idk, this """witch""" stuff just seems insane.

No. 127585

I think she just wants to larp as a magical anime girl.

No. 127597

His parent's do know they're dating. I'm pretty sure he said it as a joke especially since he said that his parents are most likely going to watch the video. But what's concerning about that is if his parent's watch her videos does that mean that she outed him to his parents? That's not very Qweewr friendly Jill.

So she made a finsta? it sucks since it's likely limited to her friends and school mates.

No. 127676

new vid

No. 127680

I am not even a fan of the show but figures she is one of those who didn’t watch chilling adventures of Sabrina and thinks it’s uwu too scary and why did they ruin my children’s show, they didn’t, the source material isn’t that show it’s an entirely separate comic, feels nitpick but it really speaks to her character of talking out of her ass like she is an expert on subjects she has no clue on which is what this whole video is

No. 127690

>>127676 How can she make a video on this topic when she hasnt watched the original show? She also criticized the Sabrina reboot without having watched it.

No. 127694

she looks so punchable here, I can't believe it

No. 127699

i generally don't have a problem with jill's content as much as other farmers, but why the fuck would you make an educational "let me tell you everything that's wrong with" video when you haven't even seen the original show? just trying to be relevant anywhere for attention? this dumbass snowflake trend ruins all the good in the people, and i hate it with all my heart

No. 127709


Its incredible how many times she mentions having not been a winx fan and just.. keeps talking. Same with Sabrina, especially bc shes talking about the animated show which came after the sitcom, lol

No. 127713

We had Winx club in Canada, Jill. Maybe you're just too young to remember.

No. 127714

if she has to remind the audience every minute that she hasn’t watched the original and doesn’t have much knowledge on the subject, it should have been a huge sign to her that she shouldn’t have made the video

No. 127721

She needs to stop doing this shit, if she want's to discus something she should've at least watched the show or a comprehensive video on what the show is about before making the video. Also again she proves that she doesn't know what specific style aesthetics looks are, she called a streetwear look athleisure and amounted all of the Flora fan art as Cottage core.

No. 127722

she doesn't know shit about fashion or mainstream trends, she only knows about buzzwords and her own rainbi baibi barf "aesthetic"

No. 127736

did she just admit she still hasn’t tailored the Big Bud Press pants that she got TEN months ago?

No. 127748

File: 1608675310055.jpeg (51.92 KB, 750x566, 1DC14158-FE3F-495A-9D9E-4BC435…)

I wish I could just remove that word from her vocabulary. literally NOBODY asked, jill.

No. 127749

This really has to be one of the worst videos she has ever made. She comes across as one of those people who are trying so hard to be woke without knowing anything about what they are talking about. She even looks the part with the typical fakeboy libtard look. For someone who is constantly talking about being a 'uwu fashion designer' she knows nothing about fashion.

No. 127752

OMG, shut up Jillian. She’s feeling personally attacked because something isn’t her aesthetic. Something she has no connection to lmao @ her stating over, and over that she had never seen the old one. This new show just looks like a modern fairy teen drama, it’s not gonna be all rainbee, and bright, with glitter.

No. 127754

sorry for samefagging, but how the hell can she say shes introverted if she constantly requires the presence other people for emotional stability? in her last video she literally wouldn't shut up about how horrible it was to be alone while steve was gone.
this is such a retarded sperg but she's clearly a token ENFP..

No. 127768


Yeah, as an ENFP, I dunno where she gets off claiming INFP.

She's as ENFP as it bloody well gets, really. Best to recognize it. And no, INFPs are not just introverted ENFPs.

No. 127813

Honestly I feel like she's an ESFP. Extroverted sensing seems like her primary function. I don't think she ever uses Ne (extroverted intuition, the primary function of ENFPs).

No. 127827

if she’s claiming to be an INFP then she def has covert narcissism. comes with the territory.

No. 127880

sage for possibly further derailing, but I’m willing to bet she’s claiming to be an uwu empath INFP even though she’s not just like she’s LARPing by claiming she has all these supposed mental disorders. She’s seriously fucking lost it. I was rewatching some of her older videos from 2-3 years ago and she was just a ditzy cringey girl, she’s truly gone full Twittertard and is a fat munchie now or some shit

No. 127890

Unless you are completely objective about yourself all Myers Briggs does is tell people what you think about yourself, there is no way she answered objectively without bias so really she is just painting a picture of how she perceives herself which as we know is completely divorced from reality

No. 128058

Imho, the first "bottleneck" here is, if she even got typed by a person who properly knows Myers-Briggs.
I would not be surprised if she just used that "16 Personalities" site and didn't look into it any deeper (because that's all that most people do).
That site is not reliable at all and misinterprets the system, as far as I learned from a Myers-Briggs community some years ago.

No. 128108

Regardless of the medium of the test if she is answering the questions then she would warp the result, that extends to other things too like would therapy even work on her because she lies and embellishes so much

No. 128127

When is jill's and her classmate's online fashion show?
Are we going to record it or live comment on it here or something?

No. 128132

>that extends to other things too like would therapy even work on her because she lies and embellishes so much

This. Maybe I'm speaking from a personal experience, but we should remember therapists are humans too and can fail in their diagnosis, especially if you lie, put a different awnser than you would on a test, or change things up. I had one psycheatrist tell me that I was HPD with no signs of being promiscous or flirty just "because she felt like it". The same thing can be happening to her, but the thing is, Jillian is retarded and likes to make 1 little thing her entire personality, so she makes every single inconvenience or symptom into something more big or grandiose than what it actually is. Like, she can say whatever the hell she wants and a bad therapist will go like "yep, that's true, you have x diagnosis just like you say -even though you read the description from wikipedia- now fuck off".

I think Jillian just lives in a very small town to be able to get a good therapist, tbh. Or at least revisit the one who told her that her fashion sense was a symptom of mentall illness… which in Jill's case it is, she loves the attention she gets and it makes her feel special, so she doesn't even invest in learning how to dress according to her body type and what pinks who with which pinks.

No. 128170

I think the main issue with Jill is that she was told too early on (age 12-13) that she might have BDP so growing up she was most likely building her life around that probable diagnosis just so she can get it when she's older. So she made up some lie how her online relationship with Uma was her trauma when she actually has a solid foundation in saying bulling was her main trauma.

She's lucky that not that many confetti cultists are thorough in their stalking since you know one of them would "unintentionally" expose her for having a typical awkward teen relationship with Uma if they found her DA.

No. 128172

lol where

No. 128180

File: 1608841367162.png (1.05 MB, 720x991, Screenshot_20201224-151955.png)

Kinda off topic but I wonder how jill is gonna feel about the new precure series, since the main pink isn't even pink.

No. 128191

pretty cure is played out and I'm legit surprised grown ass adults still watch it.

No. 128194

Yeah I agree. While I do enjoy the series every now and then the fact that jill can sit there and have a whole marathon is insane to me.

No. 128198

Can't relate, I find it to be a souless cashgrab for kids and otaku. It feels so fake and generic, fake positivity bullshit.

No. 128207

I'm honestly the same, i can watch the openings, endings and some fight scenes but i can't watch each episodes as a whole

No. 128227

File: 1608872637251.jpeg (215.82 KB, 828x462, 74868FD0-2F8B-4771-B444-FF21C8…)

Yeah Jill, because you’re totally a ~*broke struggling queer artist*~ who doesn’t go out and buy tonnes of plastic to hoard in your kaweewee home

No. 128230

This would be a great time to plug other artists and indie brands that feature amazing perfumes that while expensive,, aren't 200$ and support small businesses. BUT NO. Jillybean is so fake with her artist persona.

No. 128235

Does she not know what "invest" means? Op is saying to treat yourself because Bath and Body is just a bunch of shitty cheaply produced air freshners packaged as perfume. Also what happeneded to her being a consumer of ethical and slow businesses? High quality, ethically made perfume is gonna be more expensive. By her logic, she is classist herself by putting down people who shop from forever21/H&M/etc.

No. 128245

If that other person had ended the Tweet with 'do whatever you need to do to improve your mental health' along with some flower emojis, Jill probably would have Retweeted it. So close!

No. 128247

Kinda OT but seeing the replys to OPs tweet is weird since so many people are taking it as a personal offense like Jill did. B&B is only good for handsoaps and candles the actual body mists are specifically made to be reapplied every hour since it has a higher alcohol content which in the end creates more plastic waste. When a decent perfume can cost any where to 50-100 dollars, can last a long time and are in glass bottles which are more eco friendly. She claims classism but most people would rather pay more money for something that lasts longer (sent and level of product) vs something so cheep the smell dissapears after the product dries on their skin.

No. 128249

Plus you end up accumulating tons of bottles because b&bw has the crazy sales.

No. 128287

I don’t understand how anyone could read that tweet as belligerent or ~classist in any way. It comes across as hyperbole for comedic effect more than anything - most decent perfumes cost a lot less than $200 unless you’re buying a 4l bottle or something

Slight tangent but I’m getting really tired of people justifying their consumerism with “muh affordability”. I was on a popular lolita’s instagram recently and she made a reel taking the piss out of the Alice Girl Cats Tea Party ripoff. Her comments were full of North Americans crying about not being able to afford AP, which was laughable considering the lolita in question is from Latin America.

No. 128314

Jill got assblasted by a random tweet because she herself is a womanchild who insists in still doing everything as if she was a defenseless stupid baby, so anyone confronting her with reality is threatening to her sad little bubble of rainbows and babytalk. She, of course, has to lash out and prove she is right, so she uses a woke insult towards this random lady who is actually right for a variety of reasons.

Jillian is so frustrated and spoiled that anyone and anything triggers her rage. She could, indeed, invest in whatever she wants, just look at all the figures and crap she has in every single space in the townhouse her mom rents for her. But somehow, this upper middle class white girl that has never struggled once in her life, has the nerve to call some random lady "classist", as if she has any authority, knowledge, or has even suffered from it.

Oh, to be Jillian Vessey and live in a happy, cozy bubble with no struggles whatsoever so you gotta make your own, and throw some random woke buzzwords so people clap at you. To be Jillian Vessey and be able to be so coddled that a random tweet reads as a personal attack. To be Jillian Vessey and have everything in the world, yet still be this sad.

No. 128315

I wonder if Jill got zero waste environmental friendly nonplastic Christmas gifts or if its 100 % made in China shit but it’s ok because it’s a gift so it’s totally ok

No. 128376

so, by this logic…
Investing in yourself and getting a nice perfume for yourself is classist but… somehow, always talking about the money you spend on figures and trinkets and even showing the price tag on video isn't?

No. 128385

I get that maybe she's changed, but she would throw $200+ at a lolita dress years ago when there were plenty of cheap brands around as well? Or second hand? And nowadays spending so much on shitty plastic things to hoard. At least the clothes had a purpose.
Sage for rant.

No. 128391

She lives in a fully decorated house, goes to school, has a job AND spends hundreds on clothing with the excuse that she is being sustainable. I've never been the bath and body works but I expect their perfumes to be eau de toilette instead of parfum or Eau de parfum. Surely she would know in this case that it is better to get the expensive stuff, she's literally in the fashion sphere. Compare it to her sustainability, buying a cheap t-shirt meaning you'll have to buy more overall (Needing to keep refreshing scent and needing more sprays) compared to buying an expensive shirt that will last longer (Strong scent which will last all day and doesn't need as many sprays)

No. 128453

She's just a joke, a pretender, a wannabe, and a has been. She'll never understand because her thick head can't process anything. She can't even care to learn about things pertaining to fashion, real fashion. She's only a seamstress playing pretend like a child, she will never be a fashion designer.

No. 128476

File: 1608932991065.jpeg (435.13 KB, 828x942, 2A288F32-717F-4929-A4C7-FE8C1F…)

Get her Jade

No. 128477

>but sure, telling someone to invest in quality instead of cheap plastic shit is classist
The strange part about that post is that most kinds of expensive perfume are equally as much in the "cheap plastic shit" category as any Bath & Body Works product.

No. 128478

Queen!! Slay!
Has someone ever made a video about calling out Jill? There is enough material for sure.

No. 128486

self posting your cowtipping isn’t milk.

learn to integrate samefag. no one wants jill to be called out

No. 128496

This wasn’t a self post and I am aware the person who did reply to Jill is cowtipping, but I do find it refreshing since Jill locks herself in a hug box with all her confetti club members coddling her

No. 128534

musical number begins

Why can't anon…hide the fact they came straight from this thread due to the phrasing being identical to posts in this thread, Jill is awful but don't cowtipppp

musical number ends

No. 128545

There's actually another thing she could've been mad about. If she's so neurodivergent (read: completely fucking neurotic) like the autism everyone ITT think she has… scents, whether B&BW or $200, are really annoying to autistics… so couldn't she have just been like "OMG you ableist! don't you know you're creating a sensory HELL for people like me!!!!!!1!!"

Also, people have allergies to scents that range from annoying to life threatening, so that's, like, hyper ableism or something.

No. 128559

Ok, ignoring the cowtipping, isn't her patreon down to around 600 dollars now? just how cheap can the rent of a wholeass townhouse be???

No. 128572

She's lying cause she's a liar. She has no other job and youtube doesnt pay that much for her view count.

No. 128581

Yeah her apartments probably 1000-1200 dollars but honestly how tf can she pay for it otherwise…
600 from patreon + 833 from youtube (veryyyy generous estimation) is only like 1400. She MUST be applying for student loans or something… which would make sense because they don't account for your parents income if you've been working for 2 years after high school.

No. 128605

File: 1608997220824.jpeg (276.15 KB, 828x601, CA224B9F-187A-4AEC-B857-2F3B22…)

she’s posting holiday content… after the holidays…

No. 128622

Not only is it after the holidays, it's a holiday decor crafting video so like it's completely useless to any of her fans who wanted to follow along. Like something like that should've been posted beginning of fucking December.

No. 128678

It's obvious her parents are paying for it and it's not even a bad thing. It's pretty common for upper middle class families to do so. They only have 2 kids to take care of… But she has to flex that she's such a independent hard worker that's neurodivergent uwu

No. 128693

If she actually had as many crippling neurological disorders as she claims to have, she wouldn't be able to earn her 2k+ monthly living expenses unless she were also a savant, which she clearly is not.

No. 128735

I have never heard of someones parents paying a whole townhouse for their kids until I saw Jill, so is it really that common?

No. 128755

Sage for obvious reasons
But wth where do you live that your parents pay you not an apartment during your studies, but a fucking house?
My parents are middle class, have two kids and always tried their best to support me; yet I was living on 20qm and was also working 20 hours a week.
It's not normal, really.

No. 128770

This actually happens in a lot of places. Not defending Jill at all but you just don’t know anyone that has that privilege but it’s out there. Trust.

No. 128772

I'm also Canadian and even my cousin with the millionaire parents rented her an apartment while she was in college. Renting an entire house is unheard of for a college kid unless they want to play slum lord. Plus they're far more expensive because you usually have to pay all of the utilities on top of rent.

No. 128776

anon are you some sort of saudi oil heir? It’s less common than you think

No. 128786

Anon, Atlantic Canada is one of the poorest and most rural parts of the country. Jill's family is not only really wealthy in comparison to the average person, but Jill herself is really flaunting her privilege at a time when people in her area are struggling financially and couldn't do Christmas this year.

No. 128787

We are also in a housing crisis in NS and PEI. Many people are paying high amounts for shitty apartments because that's all that's

No. 128789

then that just means that's even worse because it's a whole townhouse, not an appartment

I know of a guy whose parents have a lot of money because of showbiz, and they didn't rent a whole townhouse for him. A college dorm sure maybe, but not a townhouse. Mommy Louise just went the extra mile and Jill loves to flaunt it. And it's not like Mommy Louise has that much money either.

No. 128792

I'm sorry not to wk Jill but I do believe she is paying for her own townhouse. Did you guys already forget that she nearly cried to her followers, right before she went to college, about how she didn't want to end up a struggling college student. Which is how she ended up with a patreon in the first place. But in reality she just didn't want to live in a studio apt in the city because she is/was a borderline hoarder. And when her fans shelved out (at the time) 1400 dollars a month for her. She went on several shopping sprees and bagged a gorgeous 3 floor townhouse. I do however think that her parents are paying for her college (which is no big deal a lot of parents do that) and I'm pretty sure Jill is on her parents car insurance. So yes it's believable that she pays for her own rent.

Jill is a standard middle class privileged girl. She never has and never will have to struggle for anything. The only person who is denial about that fact is Jill herself.

No. 128795

Look at what the Atlantic Canadian anons said about housing in their provinces. You're absolutely white knighting and 1400 doesn't get you a fucking townhouse in Canada.

No. 128798

The whole townhouse thing makes it really hard for me to take it seriously when she says she's struggling because rent in places has been so sky high, and I know people who's parents won't pay for their college housing at all so they're having to balance college and work to share a shit apartment with five other people in a pandemic. I can't think Jill is depressed or miserable when her whole life is having a whole house she can paint and decorate any way and living in bliss 24/7 with her bf rent free. If she tried living in a dorm she'd have a screeching attack at her roommate for not wanting to make the whole room rainby and kawiwi for instagram. She shouldn't be complaining about anything.

No. 128801

File: 1609096383089.png (93.4 KB, 1080x257, Screenshot_20201227-120540~2.p…)

I'm pretty sure feeling happy for them is a common feeling but to go as far as calling it euphoria and pride is a little too much. It comes off more as a narc collecting a full "rainbow"of friends. Also here she goes outing her friends without their permission again since you can tell this is about John.

No. 128806

I never denied wk. Get the dildo out of your ass. But 1400 including money she was getting from YouTube is absolutely enough for a townhouse. Also a long time ago a farmer found out where she lived and apparently her townhouse is only 950. So I will reiterate that yes 1400 would be enough for rent.

No. 128809

File: 1609100944236.jpeg (318.6 KB, 828x621, 7830AB73-A2D4-4F79-A93F-32BCC7…)

jill still thinks she’s j fashion

No. 128811

Its odd bc at one point, she was in the jfashion scene and was relatively accepted as an influencer in lolita & fairykei. For her to be so out of touch now that she considers her plastic rainby vomit to still be considered jfashion seems so disconnected imo

No. 128812

No you are just an idiot that wants to drive in a point that’s not valid. Some parents DO pay for apartments or dorms or town homes or houses for college students. Move on.

No. 128813

And if you are only considering YOUR families wealth then it probably isn’t common for YOU. Remember not everyone is from the same town you are and it is very common in other places so it’s plausible for Jill. Fuck off.

No. 128830

Really Jill? I thought you left because of all the ~*bwullying*~ that took place in the community that’s why you made that infamous Lace video that you ended up taking down

No. 128858

File: 1609114721612.jpg (808.22 KB, 1053x1442, Screenshot_20201227-161504_Ins…)

Hilarious. Considering she could barely be bothered to retweet about her beloved Masuda-san's tourist trap closing. I was half expecting a tearful ig story or upcoming video about it, but I guess shes busy "riding a different wave"

No. 128861

she may have fallen into a state of catatonia after pressing rt

No. 128895

Didnt she swear in her home tour video that she wasnt in jfashion and had no idea where it came from?

No. 128918

that's not to mention that steve is probably also paying a portion of rent, or at least utilities. i doubt he is getting a free ride

No. 128942

File: 1609138842331.jpeg (108.13 KB, 750x401, 1607880087484.jpeg)

>It comes off more as a narc collecting a full "rainbow"of friends.

This, it's like "I AM the PROUD GIRL of MY FRIENDS" "I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER because you came out for my benefit", focusing so much on herself. It's not that sweet even if she barnishes with friendship and love. I think if you have had experiences with narcissism you can tell that she comes off as off putting, just like her mom here (pic related).
I'm not an expert in mental health, but I feel like she rather get the BPD diagnosis she wants so much because being any other PD like NPD is fucking scary and it would call her out. But she has so many traits (again, not claiming she has it because I sincerely don't know, some people can have traits and not be NPD, just the typical old narcissistic). For example
>she makes everything about herself
>she makes her accomplishments bigger than what it actually is
>she thinks she is knowledgeable enough in things she has no idea about
>she doesn't care about how she truly looks but cares about standing out
>she has the need to come off as sweet in public but when she rages she becomes a different off putting person. Who knows how she behaves behind doors
>She has always done things for attention, she victimizes herself and changes the past to accomodate her own story
>She uses people for her own agenda (like Alyssa, or like fucking that one guy at new years eve, and I feel like that one Maggie chick also falls into this)
>We all know she's just ME ME ME all the time and how pretentious she can get (remember LACE?)
>and lastly, she cannot take critizism for shit, or not being the center of attention at least one, like when she wasn't picked up for the bpd video / or how she says she was bullied in highschool, because I honestly believe she just stood out too much and she was so self centered and annoying that if anyone dared to say anything about her she cried.

Again not claiming that she has NPD, I'm not a doctor, but she is honestly your typical narcissist.

No. 128943

her plastic things made in china can't possibly be jfashion
This, she used to be "alright", kind of like a copy of that one girl from australia, forgot her name. I think catatonia has really been shrinking her brain, lmao.

No. 128944

I was going say, Steve mention that he works a job outside of being Jill’s editor because it was mentioned in the Q&A. He is definitely paying part of the rent and probably for groceries as well

No. 128975

File: 1609169355874.jpeg (323.83 KB, 1546x1024, A123BDB1-ACA4-477B-9B9B-EB9029…)

old jillian posted today on twitter

No. 128978

Jeez I can’t believe this is the jiggly Jill in the Threadpic. She was so thin and had so much hair.

No. 128981

Okay uh not to be weird but what the fuck is going on with her foot in that pic

No. 128986

Ew it looks like a baby hand on an arm can not unsee

No. 128993

File: 1609180466008.jpeg (342.64 KB, 750x687, FFA5AE85-E641-4D13-87E6-C6B4B1…)

never been good at taking care of pets, I see.

No. 128996

ah, i guess she has always done that stupid shit with her mouth.

No. 128998


I'll give her this: she has obviously always been a maximalist and she does it well.

No. 129023

I hate her hair in this too.

No. 129115

File: 1609215689557.jpeg (676.23 KB, 640x810, D02F9BAB-8A8E-42CE-8436-B5755D…)

>>128998 sage for graphic design major sperging,
In my opinion she doesn’t even do maximalism well at all either. She does it in a way that’s not organized chaos but looks sloppy and like it was thrown together by a child than curated. A better example of maximalism would be something like this, where its maximalist yet balanced visually, pleasing color palettes, and well curated.

No. 129125

That poor fish. In a too small, empty bowl on top of a vibrating subwoofer. Might as well have just flushed the poor thing and put it out of it's misery. kek

No. 129131

anon, what are you on.. that’s not maximalism

No. 129153

regardless, if she's going to do a rainbie kawiwi aestheitc she should do it fucking right and eye catching

No. 129157

Anon, I'm sure thats kidcore. And even though we suspected a while ago that Jill may be into ddlg and acting like a child (I know thats not w kidcore is), she is way too into the 'kawaii sexy' of tight clothing, faux leather, and chains to be classed as kidcore. Also, imagine her using her descriptive + moaning speel while dressed in this… it would feel hecka creepy.

No. 129160

Slight derail but no one was talking about her rainby aesthetic shit. The maximalism specifically referred to her constant need to hoard shit. I don't think she actually started adopting that into her fashion and ~aesthetic~ until she went through her "party kei" phase

No. 129172

why does her foot look like a tiny hand? cannot wrap my head around it

No. 129173

sage bc this is old shit and kind of ot but just wanted to mention it’s super fucking easy in canada to get large student loans, especially if you’re paying rent, in which case you can ask for EXTRA. i knew kids who both parents were making six figure salaries and they were living at home but still managed to get maximum funding. since jill is in college i would not put it passed her to be one to take out maximum student loans to pay for all her excessive crap and so she can continue to skip out on getting a real job, not to mention she gets to split all of her bills with her boyf and stuff like her health insurance is covered by her parents as long as she’s a student.

No. 129183

File: 1609259124314.jpeg (136.85 KB, 828x336, 8AEE78E9-251E-47B4-A8DE-850F02…)

this is supposed to be our “sustainable” slow fashion queen

No. 129197

No. 129202

The way she globs paint on that house is horrid.

No. 129203

File: 1609266339458.png (485.78 KB, 800x449, Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 1.22…)

Ew, acknowledging the cat hairs doesn't make it any better. Maybe don't use the footage or try dusting stuff off before you start painting it?

No. 129205

File: 1609266917699.png (494.85 KB, 800x721, Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 1.33…)

They're nothing to write home about but at least she's sewing

No. 129249

My initial reaction was oh those actually aren't that bad, they're kinda cute actually, but the longer I look at them, yeah no they're kinda ugly and lazy looking. But at least it's something she sewed.

No. 129258

Was it really too much effort to cut out the squares following the fabrics pattern. You know a thing your supposed to do with patterned fabrics…

Her final pieces are gonna be eye sores from just that alone.

No. 129265

They're so wonky lmao. Also they really don't stand out on that wall. Having bright pink wall actually diminishes the aesthetic, so much effort to have a worse look.

I wonder if she'll make a video painting everything back to white when she moves out (altho with her laziness and utter lack of career prospects I see her staying there for many years)

No. 129284

I wonder how jillian sleeps at night knowing that the owner of her precious “cruelty free” arctic fox hair dye is a known and documented animal abuser, racist, and homophobe. nothing makes me roll my eyes more than jill trying to LARP as woke kween when simply paying attention to what’s going on would alert her to how shit a person Kristen Leanne is.

No. 129286

Im'a search but do you have any sources for the Kristen Leanne thing? Not doubting you, just know nothing about it.

No. 129290

Update: the first page for "Kristen Leanne Racism" was useful enough if you click around the reddit comments.

No. 129309

She hasn't used arctic fox in a while she usually uses Ion.

These crafting videos tend to be her better ones as an audience to watch, but I don't know how much views they get since they're not really a comprehensive DIY project that people would search for so they can recreate it.
If it's good for views she should just become a crafting chanel which would work in her favor so she can refine her skills of clothing making while also keeping her channel afloat.

No. 129327

this video just really exemplifies how lazy she is and how untrained her eye as an artist is. no attention to detail, no effort. unless she decides to completely revamp and start doing craft tutorials for children, anons are nuts thinking this is good content. she should focus on clothes instead of minimal effort tacky craft projects. good to see her sewing though, too bad she’s putting off her school work with this stupid crap.

No. 129343

she admitted she has bought arctic fox up until recently (as stated in her “i needed a change” vid) which is surprising considering the shit about kristen has been known for a few years now.

No. 129344

I will admit I like this style of video better, only because I don’t have to be subjected to seeing her weird face. it’s well edited, she’s speaking clearly instead of doing her usual mush mouth thing, and it’s less over the top cutesy uwu aesthetic. surprisingly chill video. content sucks but it was a nice change from her usual drivel.

No. 129368

File: 1609333822985.jpeg (380.6 KB, 828x675, E570F8DD-7A83-47B4-988E-CF799A…)

No. 129381

From what I learned via Youtube comments and videos from a therapist experienced in dealing with trauma (humoring the idea Pixie has trauma) laying it all out at once is the opposite of what you should do and may re-traumatize the patient. You're supposed to take as long as possible, even years to actually work on and heal the trauma.

Though she might just have decided to do this on her own since the Tweet doesn't specify her therapist requested a trauma brainstorm before even one session.

No. 129394


Translation: She’s scrambling to write down anything that can help her justify her BPD diagnosis and any other diagnoses she may be shopping for, with the added bonus of letting all of her followers know that she’s been so traumatized(TM) that she can write extensive, detailed notes on all of it.

No. 129409

>>129368 DID diagnosis when? kek

No. 129422

if she thinks she's j-fash, then i'm a lolita because i like to wear dresses.

seriously jill, just because you wear colors that don't match and have magical girl tattoos, that doesn't make you jfash.

No. 129428

That's what my mom did to get me my autism diagnosis. She documented my problems over the years for the autism specialist to look over. The only difference is my problems were legitimate and were happening since I was a baby.(Blogpost)

No. 129443

She does realize that fist sessions are always more of a get-to-know-me kind of meeting and rarely touch base on anything that's too extreme. He may be a specialist but I imagine that once Jill realizes that every session ends with homework she'll drop him since he'll want her to take accountability, instead of coddle her and tell her that her actions and self created trauma are valid due to the BPD.

No. 129539

>fist sessions

No. 129570

Samefag as >>129381
The thing about the dropping all your traumas in one session and retraumatizing yourself that many less experienced therapists do is the patient never comes back, whereas working slowly through the trauma means a lot of work for both the patient and therapist. If unloading on people actually worked, all trauma would be healed by one rant to a friend. I can't see Jillian actually putting the work in to fix whatever trauma she has, since she's actively pushing for the first, ineffective "unloading" method.

No. 129571

Wth yall actually believe she's in therapy? She's wearing any label on this planet to be more special than you, why on earth is such a person going to seek help? Surely not to get diagnosed with unkawiwi autism, rather to bitch on twitter about her ~traumata~.

No. 129572

got get her lies in order

No. 129783

I’m assuming this is the dissociation and personality discord specialist, can’t wait for the “meet my alters” video

No. 129784

Did Jon troon out?

No. 129863

KEK at OP's f21 crop top calling herself j-fashion, sage for no milk but why do all fat girls who dress like children online think it classifies as jfash?

No. 130025

>>129784 yes. idk if its against the rules to post his fb photos? He's grown his hair out and is dressing more feminine.

No. 130086

Yes pls post

No. 130116

Writing about trauma is actually a legitimate therapeutic technique used to help the person become desensitized to it (as long as they have effective coping techniques to make sure they don't get retraumatized or overwhelmed). Now in Jill's case, I don't think the trauma itself affects her too much, but whatever the aftermath of it is (i.e. victimization, egocentric personality, emotional manipulation) definitely does affect her. I hope her therapist goes over those traits and helps her deal with it in an emotionally regulated way.

No. 130188


That may be the case but that’s not what Jill is doing whatsoever. She hasn’t even gone to SEE the specialist yet and hasnt been instructed for her to do because the specialist wouldnt eve know if that form of therapy suits her. It’s blatantly stated in her tweet she says she’s starting with a new one SOON. Her tweet just gives out the vibes that she has to get her “story” straight and in order before talking to them, which is something people who are lying have to do to try to make sure there are no holes in the story. Jilly poo is going to be in for a big surprise when she finds out therapy isn’t just listing off your traumas in chronological order

No. 130200

what's depressing is i bet she'll go to maybe 2 or 3 sessions and then tell her audience that the therapist was biphobic or some fuckshit. i genuinely don't see her going to therapy because with the right therapy, she could literally GET RID of her BPD diagnosis. (mentioned in last thread but most people with BPD "outgrow" it with enough healthy coping, esp the impulsivity bc frontal lobe development.) and i think we all know that she wants more diagnoses, not fewer kek. sage for non con tho

No. 130354

you can never actually get rid of your BPD diagnosis, that's dangerous misinformation. you CAN learn to control the symptoms and develop coping strategies to handle the impulses/mood swings. The reason personality disorders are so controversial in the psych community is that they're a label for life. Symptoms can lessen as you grow older and they can lessen even further with therapy and a LOT of work, but it'll never 100% go away.

Sadly most people with personality disorders don't want to put in the work required to learn how to control their symptoms. They are by far my least favorite clients to have, especially the younger BPDs like Jill. Most of the time they just want me to agree with them that everyone is out to get them and reassure them that they're just an innocent victim. It's a never-ending attention cycle that's so exhausting. Which is probably why Jill cycles through friends so often and has ended up basically having none beyond Steve now.(infighting)

No. 130356

you're going way off topic but literally do 5 seconds of research bruh. most people with BPD diagnoses do not qualify for the diagnosis later in life. google is free. also i seriously doubt you're a psychologist by the way you are woefully misinformed and simultaneously are shitting on people with BPD. if you are, you need to find a new career path. have several seats.(infighting)

No. 130378

sage for bpd sperg but it’s not yet universally accepted that people “grow out” of their bpd diagnosis. the general theory is that the impulsivity symptom CAN lessen over time do to full development of the frontal lobe, which controls impulsivity and is not fully developed until at least the age of 25, which is also why you rarely see anyone over the age of 20 being diagnosed. there’s no such thing as “growing out” of a personality disorder, just being able to manage symptoms and growing a better support system, and if they do happen to age out of a personality disorder then they probably didn't have one in the first place.

don’t go throwing shit out there pretending you know everything about an EXTREMELY NEW diagnosis that is still debated about whether it’s a legit diagnosis or not when you really just looked at the first result when you googled “can you grow out of bpd”. your 5 seconds of “research” are severely lacking in background information.(infighting)

No. 130428

File: 1609794198363.png (306.48 KB, 393x496, Screenshot 2021-01-04 at 21.02…)

why does she make these faces

No. 130438

Autism. Literally.

No. 130439

It's because she's feeling herself and is uber bodi possi anon! /s

No. 130441


Sage for no milk but FUCK is this bitch porky

No. 130464

File: 1609818882584.jpeg (398.43 KB, 828x1272, 31A4CF22-82BB-406A-8B87-AF4D12…)

No. 130467

I can already see she's gonna test the patience of this poor therapist

No. 130503

Because literally nobody in her hug box life has ever told her she looks bad or awkward and unpleasant so she has very little self awareness

No. 130522

this seems like something I would make up when I was 13 to make people think I’m cool

No. 130529

If this was actually true it would be upsetting and triggering for her not uwu so funny and randumb aren't I unique everyone? She's preparing for this therapy session like it's an audition for a play.

No. 130553

the fuck? is she shopping for a psychotic disorder diagnosis now?

No. 130564

That’s the weed Jill!

No. 130705

File: 1609942925223.jpg (177.93 KB, 1080x742, IMG_20210106_142003.jpg)

She's ranting and raving about this as if she is going to meet the love of her life… Oh wait, she is. Her beloved DID (mis)diagnosis

No. 130771

I didn't call the thread that way for no reason lmao
Maybe her diagnuwusee should be analphabetism uwu.

No. 130812

Does this girl think she has bod? I’m new to commenting so I’m so sorry if I do this wrong. I’m disgusted with her fascination with mental disorders. I could go on and on but hopefully she tells the therapist if she does go that she has a YouTube. If she does or not (regardless) the therapist will easily tell she doesn’t.. that she has other disorders that make her the narcissistic bad words I can’t say she is. That therapist will be able to see right through that crap. They won’t fall for her hand written notes. They will see this try hard who’s obsessed with being an attention hog, who loves to pick out what’s wrong with her, and who loves to shop for diagnosing. The thing about mental disorders and such is.. google searches will not do anything. Sure some are accurate. But you have to study for years and there are different tools other than opinions on google. Thank god the therapist will be trained and set her straight. I truly feel bad for all of her therapists or whoever comes in contact with this girl. She’s insane. And I’m putting that nicely. I’m going to be a cop soon and to see how this girl lives her life is truly mind blowing. Idk how she’s made it this far. And If she was in America she honestly would be eaten alive. Have been a long time lurker xoxo. Hope everyone has an amazing day!(no1curr)

No. 130813

This post was a rollercoaster ride

No. 130817

Peep at the cow asking her, she could have a thread of her own.

No. 130835

Oh my god the DID thing was a joke but I’m seriously starting to believe that’s where she’s going with this shit, “thinking you can time travel” isn’t a part of BPD in the slightest
Please do it Jill, it’ll be oh so funny meeting all your “alters”, you can give them all different mental illnesses and genders and sexualities to be the most *~queer~* of them all

No. 130836

File: 1610030206023.jpeg (248.82 KB, 750x614, 2AEA1DD0-BD07-447A-B763-D47412…)

Flashbacks to what? What the fuck is she trying to claim she’s experienced

No. 130843

Is she angling for a PTSD diagnosis or something? Holy shit jill you’ve never been traumatised even remotely

No. 130854

If she wants PTSD so bad, I'd give anything to not have it, it's not something to be proud of having.

It's tiring, a lot of work goes into it and having all those "fun" symptoms/issues/what the fuck ever, I don't even have the words to accurately describe how crippling it can get sometimes.

Jilly bean, please just grow up and be honest with the shrink but I guess being a spoilt twat is now uwu enough for your dumb arse.

No. 130857

Forgot to add something

Money on her angling more for a C-PTSD diagnosis cause of "how long the trauma has been going on uwu" and it sounds like it get even more pity points (still not worth having, free to good home)

No. 130890

God I hope she comes out as otherkin with a whole background story for her alter witchy persona. Itd be great to see a "I feel so welcomed in the kinnie community uwu" tweet after her therapy

No. 130900

Exactly. The types of people that actually DO have trauma don't fucking go on and on and on about "muh scawy mysterious traumas" because it literally fucking hurts to think about it, and they'd give anything to escape it. People who actually do have shit going on in their lives don't bring it up literally every second they get like Jill does.


I 100% believe she would pull something like this. Normal PTSD isn't cool enough, everyone has that, let's have complex PTSD because that's more interesting and sounds more traumatic, and she can go on about "complex PTSD doesn't get enough attention and representation guys!! Please notice how special I am!!!!!"

No. 130981


Bet she goes on having a fictive and it being like sailor moon or some random magical girl

Becuase shes the ultimate fan that she IS one of the characters

No. 131054

File: 1610097978446.png (1.01 MB, 716x1372, Pixiexshopmyviolet.png)

I can't remember if anyone posted these, they are from her patreon update this Monday.

No. 131058

Wtf are they gonna talk about in their podcast??

Can’t wait for her collab lmao I’m sure it’s gonna be hella ugly

No. 131069

>Get a production team and facility

So assuming she doesn't get them made in China, this means making them in Canada/US and paying the staff. I predict these awful halfassed designs to be $100+ per item.

No. 131070

IMO the blue dress with the daisy pockets is pretty cute but you can already tell that Jill is most likely going to use cheep fabrics that fuck with the draping making it look like a forever 21 dress. The rest of them are so frumpy just so Jill can wear her own collection and be a rainbeee amelia fart knockoff.

No. 131086

File: 1610116688352.jpg (387.04 KB, 972x3463, 20210108_143628.jpg)

The prices aren't that much but they look so cheap

No. 131087

File: 1610116756250.jpg (453.63 KB, 972x3872, 20210108_143648.jpg)

Some more of their dresses

No. 131089

File: 1610117130154.jpg (243.22 KB, 1080x2005, 20210108_144415.jpg)

(Samefag obvs)

But I'm really sceptical it could be ethically produced at these prices?

Picrel shoes made ethically in LA for only that $$?

No. 131094

Her podcast will purely be her rambling about witchcraft and BPD. Im sure Stevie will try to talk about his interests only for her to immediately shut it down with something about her life. Good luck to the farmers listening in on that but there's no way I can handle it

No. 131097

These are horrible, it's rare clothes look this bad even from a distance but somehow they managed it.

No. 131099

The shoes are absolutely horrendous in construction and fabric so they could still be made in the US.

No. 131131

Holy shit. These "fashion sketches" are level 1 fashion design whem you're in entry level about to start your studies.
The collab is certainly not based upon her "skill".

No. 131144

Honest to god these dresses wouldn't be that bad if they weren't all the same frumpy, shapeless fit. These are just all painfully basic, I'm sure I could walk into a forever 21 or h&m and find shit that looks exactly like these. This is exactly up Jill's alley though kek

No. 131168

I don't know who owns that shop but that prettysourlaura girl works for them and simps for Jill's rainby mess. Cheap kawaii influencers have to stick together for clout and scam people into thinking rainbow trashbag dresses are hot.

Who is going to pay for her to set up her own little fashion house? All she's done is draw crayon level doodles and make a handful of half assed clothing in community college. Before this all she did was pose with her sewing machine for pictures and painfully attempt a once a year cosplay. This collab is setting her up for failure.

No. 131172

I can only assume it’ll be like Jenna and Julian’s podcast, considering they followed the ‘boyfriend starts youtube channel off the back of their more successful partner’. However they’ve both got zero charisma and nobody is going to want to listen to them for an hour. Can’t wait…

No. 131176

File: 1610143982051.png (558.21 KB, 1186x1394, Screen Shot 2021-01-08 .png)

They're YRU shoes.

No. 131179

It's def not all made in house, there is some imported stuff. Not sure that they do brand themselves, or say that they are ethical/sustainable, ect.

No. 131190

Level 1? These are worse than some of the drawings I saw in my primary school drawing class. Absolutely not something you should see from someone in fashion school never mind someone who has supposedly been drawing for years. Jill would be thrown straight out of any actual fashion business, there is nothing about these that fit any standard fashion sketch.

No. 131204

File: 1610150434256.jpg (148.72 KB, 1080x1602, Screenshot_20210108-155825__01…)

All they say in their About Me is that their orders are packaged and shipped out of LA, nothing about also being made in LA, which is something really important that you would think they would include if it were true.

No. 131209

Considering how awful their stuff is, if it's from China it literally probably costs them less than a dollar per item, maybe $5 for the shoes.

No. 131214

The top dress with the tie on straps looks like dresses I'd see grandmas make for their grandkids.

No. 131278

wow, these dresses are worse than Forever 21 this is some wal-mart quality shit.

They probably do the high fashion thing and outsource majority of the product from sweatshops then do the final assembly in America so it can still receive the seal of approval.

wow, Jill lying so she seems more woke and sustainable!? I'd never thought I'd see the day! /s

Honestly though, when is she going to realize that the substantiality doesn't work for the kind of life she wants to live? she can screech sustainability all she wants but she constantly proves that she absolutely does not give a fuck.

No. 131312

nitpick maybe? but, those are not princess seams, those are just really long darts. I can't believe she is still going with the weird egg pocket thing, it's not hard to make the shape more distinct to not look like an egg. Also, if this is considered a technical drawing? There is no real elaboration on design elements or sewing techniques (ruching, pleating, etc.). I've taken 1 intro fashion design class and this is really the bare minimum you need to show manufacturers and she can't even do that. There's also no showing the outfits from different angles… I don't know, am I being too critical?

No. 131328

Looking at it from the perspective of someone who received this as some sort of instructional document, she really isn't ready to form a "production team" with such useful direction as:
(Ok what size print?)
>60s shape
(so…loose fit? How are we gonna guarantee it folds in the middle as shown, are these pleats sewn down or are we just hoping for the best?)
>layerable (over cute tees+tops!) (wtf, this is a description of how you think they should be styled by the wearer, not design instruction)
>Simple fabric belt comes with
(what fucking fabric, Jill?)
>but really easy to style with mix+match belts
(This is styling instruction not design)
>princess seams
She just likes the word princess seams
>layerable! Comfy! Cute my violet style
>size inclusive
How you scale items to fit XL+ is actually pretty important and part of the design, how will these be scaled for different sizes?
>Loose, belt loops adjustable
How are they adjustable, pixieeeee
What fabric, jill. A print, metallic, sequins?
She has no labels referring to the types of ruffles, pleats and seams, no instruction on fabric type, no instruction on size scaling other than just declaring it adjustable, no instruction on what kind of closures it needs (stretchy fabric? Zip? There's one reference to a button but not at a closure point)

In summary, totally fucking useless and an insult to whoever she sent it to.

No. 131330

Samefag, I think she likes the idea of being a designer because she thinks it means just firing off some halfassed doodles and making your seamstresses do all the work figuring out construction, seams, fabric choices, size scaling…typical narcissist Pixie logic.

No. 131384

File: 1610209946879.jpeg (174.51 KB, 1242x902, 2122045D-9C12-489C-B6CD-71A88A…)

Sort of off topic but didn't Jill say she stopped supporting fast fashion altogether which included unfollowing the brands she loved. I'm pretty sure she even mentioned unfollowing lazy oaf specifically in her video about sustainability when she still follows them to this day. Did we really think she would stick to this sustainability trend?

No. 131391

File: 1610211744362.png (515.84 KB, 547x502, Untitled1.png)

from live stream

No. 131396

These "production notes" seem more like something you would jot down for your personal sewing patterns just as a reminder or brainstorming ideas. If she was using these for herself she could be as vague as she wants by "gingham" and "60s shape" because she knows what she's talking about and it doesn't really matter about being specific because she knows what it means. It just shows that she definitely does not have the skills to make a production team whatsoever and only knows how to sew at a hobby level. Which like on its own is fine if she wasn't constantly sucking her own dick about how much of a professional fashion designer she was.

No. 131405

File: 1610214388895.png (3.68 MB, 750x1334, 8B8FB857-185D-425F-94A1-F48989…)

ot but pixie on tik tok was something I hadn’t anticipated

No. 131406

File: 1610214412279.gif (3.43 MB, 260x331, 5B13A3B1-38D5-424A-B88C-05E891…)

No. 131413

File: 1610215327745.png (479.53 KB, 470x519, Untitled2.png)

No. 131426

She looks so much like Shayna. This is horrible

No. 131439

Jfc nonnie it needs a spoiler warning. I was eating

No. 131446

why does she always make that constipated neanderthal underbite face when she's trying to be sexy? jill, please, reconsider, this is not a good look

No. 131451

She looks like a cat that’s about to throw up

No. 131452

I usually don't notice these things but she clearly needs to get bigger pants

No. 131466

I honest to god cannot tell if she's being funny here or if she's taking herself seriously and thinks that this is actually sexy.

No. 131625

A lot of these are so close to being nice but she just adds too many design elements
Then only decent thing is that blue dress with the rainbow and even then the rainbow placement is weird

No. 131687

oh my god i didn't even notice the '60s style' note because the font colors are so god awful to read. that's called a shift or an a-line jill. some of the most basic fucking dress shapes? doesn't note if it's cut on the bias or it's a skater dress style or what. it's so obvious to me that a cosplayer wrote this up because with cosplay, the designer usually put no thought into what it would look like in real life. even artist alley people with no experience with bags or plushies make better production notes than this.

No. 131702

Sweat this is some taobao resell shit

No. 131715

Agreed, I've definitely seen shoes like this on Taobao.

No. 131758

File: 1610383027652.png (653.13 KB, 1080x1170, Screenshot_20210111-093345~2.p…)

How does it match? if anything the pants take away the attention And make the tattoo look like a dirt stain.

Also if you look at the first photo closely it looks like she tried to photoshop/contour her boob to look bigger.

No. 131762

I see what you mean - the cleavage is too close to the collarbone and it's not like that in the second picture

No. 131764

she looks so much like cruella de vil in the second pic, with the even more exaggerated than usual eyebrow arch and red lipstick

No. 131777

The fact that pixie thinks anything matches in that photo, or is even complementary, tells an outsider everything they need to know about how good she is with fashion.

No. 131789

Why the pants?? I kinda like red x pink combo if she switched the pants… or into an a line skirt to fit the top ugh idk with her she’s gradually getting worse and worse

No. 131797

The way Jill wears pants give me the impression that a violent sneeze will just bust them. Why can't she buy pants her size?

No. 131854

Idk how because she literally doesn’t go outside, but her arm tattoos look faded as all hell. I’ve seen decade old tattoos look brighter.

No. 131895

I don't think she could sit down in those pants. Her belly would burst right out.

No. 132052

File: 1610532149607.jpeg (100.56 KB, 282x263, DA040C18-0109-4065-9170-ADBEF4…)

She looks absolutely deranged in the ig thumbnail

No. 132053

File: 1610533185342.png (490.37 KB, 664x739, Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 9.16…)

This face she pulled was like something you'd see in an autism awareness ad. God I hope her new therapist gives her the right diagnosis.

No. 132056

File: 1610536234576.jpg (1.03 MB, 1536x2048, CYMERA_20210113_130612.jpg)

That my violet shop is just overpriced aliexpress stuff, I feel sorry for people who fall for it. Honestly kind of morally iffy for Jill to do business with them after talking so much about ethical life/fashion. Hope someone calls this store out on social media, too lazy to do it myself.


No. 132059

File: 1610536462136.jpg (1.03 MB, 1536x2048, CYMERA_20210113_130808.jpg)


Sorry for bad crops.

No. 132266

I’m wondering why she did this in front of the rainbow wall and not the red/white/pink striped wall?

No. 132402

I have to laugh at their photos of the real lower quality pieces after they get them shipped in.

No. 132502

File: 1610679855052.png (730.8 KB, 857x668, getthisoffmystorage.png)


No. 132505

File: 1610682380022.jpg (142.83 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

The hi-tops are Strange Cvlt. They're notorious for the soles separating because they're made of cheap vinyl that peels.

No. 132524

File: 1610692982541.png (355.39 KB, 1204x1232, Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 11.4…)

is it just me who finds it odd that Steve was the one who had to do research for her to find a professional???

No. 132553

Holy fuck that reply - yeah a psychologist has to make sure you don't kill yourself and that you're physically safe from your own actions. These spergs love to play mentawwy ill uwu until they face real consequences for their histrionics. It could be good for Jillian to do in-patient work if she really needs it so what's the stigma of the "loony bin"

No. 132596

he's probably tired of her so she pushed getting therapy and even helped getting a therapist because he cannot do this anymore

No. 132601

No anon it's not just you, but being honest considering how fucking lazy she is I'm not surprised she didn't do her own research for a therapist. I find it odd how she hasn't made a dedicated post talking about how her sessions are going, like she's been going on and on about "omg about to start new therapy!!!! Here's my notes!!!" But she has yet to actually make a "hey here's how therapy went" post outside of that one comment mentioning she likes him.

No. 132635

not to WK some random web shop, but thats what a wholesale license is for. They also seem to make items on their own that arent from ali.
I dont know what this means for Jill. Hopefully she's just approving designs and not actually making them herself.

No. 132648

The problem isn't with the store, its the two-faced nature of Jill pushing how sustainable she is. She has stated countless times that her aim is to be an 'environmentally and socially conscious designer' while also seemingly partnering with a brand who goes against all of these standards. She can't preach how ethical she is and how she is fully against fast fashion etc when wholesalers such as these aren't exactly known to be the best in this area.

No. 132736

File: 1610781293248.jpg (130.3 KB, 1080x1263, IMG_20210116_001319.jpg)

I'm starting to feel bad for Steve, especially since most of his illnesses/symptoms can be associated with stress.

No. 132737

File: 1610781376567.jpg (120.5 KB, 1080x1272, IMG_20210116_001602.jpg)

Samefag here's his tweet

No. 132743

Is there a reason why she’s referring to Steve with gender neutral pronouns? Is he going with someone else or does she want him to be a non binary boo

No. 132750

Dumb me though it’s Stevie and a friend but I’m afraid I think Stevie is an enby

No. 132769

I hope Stevie gets out and dates Colin next (since he seems to go through friend groups)

No. 132770

Is Steve they/them now or does he have friebds?

No. 132792

They sounds so weird, it feels like he would be better here

Also Pixie staying true to OP image

No. 132803

God damn. He's literally in pain being driven to the hospital and somehow she still managed to turn it around into "omg!! Look how much of a good girlfriend I am!! Guys I'm so concerned :((((((" I genuinely feel bad for him in this situation.

No. 132804

Why did she not join? Bc of the current regulations?

No. 132807

File: 1610821440697.png (293.63 KB, 976x1572, Screen Shot 2021-01-15 .png)

No. 132808

or she could just buy it instead of shamelessly dropping hints to be on their PR list…

No. 132814

Probably not allowed to have a guest with you at the hospital. They just had 20+ cases the other day. While that doesn't sound like a lot the rest of Atlantic Canada only gets a handful of cases a day if any.

No. 132843

I hope no companies put her on their PR lists after she shat all over the wet and wild x Sanrio collab for sending her "too much plastic" for the packaging.

No. 132862

right? like of course they'll try to make sure someone with suicidal ideation won't hurt themselves, these type of people love to romanticize mental illness without dealing with any of the consequences

I feel sorry for him too, having to recover and deal with Jill's bullshit at the same time must be hell

No. 132915

Same girl who bitched about the wet n wild collab being fast makeup. As if colour pop isnt the textbook example of fast makeup

No. 132920

Jill is the epitome of "I am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?"

No. 132929

For some reason they’re like “I want to kill myself but you can’t put me in a psyche ward but you have to help me not kill myself???”

No. 133014

I hope Steve is going to be okay. This sounds like hell to go through.

No. 133082

File: 1610933787382.jpeg (416.02 KB, 1125x1147, 6333330B-C1AD-4E17-A083-B21AD9…)

Any guesses why she’s trying to get Eugenia’s attention?

No. 133086

mfw this random anon in the lolcow thread is expressing more empathy for Stevie than Pixie did

No. 133119

It's obviously her INFP personality and definitely not her self aggrandizing thinking that she's a voice of the bodi possi movement making her a mouth piece for fellow current/former anorexic people! /s

Jill's fucking delusional, instead of trying to "save" Eugenia she should focus on her self. I hope she mentions this her her therapist so he can tell her doing shit like this hurts to her "healing" process.

No. 133146

File: 1610957301367.jpeg (142.63 KB, 750x393, 19F2F7CB-33CE-47D5-989D-A5FFCB…)

More DID bullshit she’s retweeting, just like she did with BPD before getting “diagnosed” with it

No. 133168

Super gross when people publicly mention that they DM'd someone on twitter. If she wanted to read it should would've. This also goes for the colourpop PR thing. Fuckin hate when people do this shit

No. 133192


Pixie you can barely find enough empathy for your partner. Leave that poor girl alone.

No. 133194

… tf did I just read

No. 133197

File: 1610991160427.jpg (225.51 KB, 1080x784, Screenshot_20210118-163209_Fac…)

Jill replying to Maggie on a lazy oaf sales group thread about a faulty coat.

No. 133202

what was the coat anon? Was it one that Jill gave to her? This isn't really milky or worth a thread bump if it's just some FB comments.

No. 133203

She sounds like she’s about to make a MLM proposition kek

What language is this? Google translate is giving me nothing

No. 133212

"things you should NOT say to (people with disorder), (people without disorder) retweet or u owe me $20"

No. 133226

>things you should not say to systems
Okay so things I shouldn't say to larping "mentally ill" snowflakes


Uh you mean normal people?

>retweet or you owe me $20

I owe you nothing jackass

No. 133227

It's so rich that she's willing to suck dick for the animal crossing pr list but the sanrio wet n wild is sooooo problematic to her

No. 133228

NTA, I find it milky because Jill and Maggie are not even friends anymore I believe, and also jill's comment feels weird?

No. 133229

I'm the anon that posted it and yes I agree which is why I posted it. Its widely speculated here that they are no longer friends and Jill's comment feels off. The cost in question is the furry pink bear face coat.

No. 133254

File: 1611014076549.jpg (282.33 KB, 1080x1682, IMG_20210118_235028.jpg)

Seems as though they are fine with eachother, or Maggie has to keep having to have neutral responses to Jills comments for Steve's sake. Because we know that he would get an earful from Jill if Maggie had a fight with her.

No. 133381

Maybe Jill's earfuls are what keep Steve in the hospital.

I feel so bad for him. There's so much toxicity in that house. I hope that he leaves and then tells everyone what really happened while dating Jill.

No. 133455

I put in a thread request for DID "systems" based on this tweet. If anyone is interested, comment on the thread requests in /pt/

No. 133486

File: 1611128136322.jpeg (589.39 KB, 828x1187, A090BA53-F4DF-4CFC-BE36-98FEEC…)

No. 133491


These really aren't things anyone should talk about to thousands of strangers on the internet.

No. 133493

says the girl who posted her SH online for it to be seen by strangers and to be immortalized. Also she's posted photos of herself in middle school wearing regular t-shirts with no added layers. Such an annoying attention whoring brat.

No. 133496

>I work in the arts now

Ok Jill

No. 133501

Her addition doesn't add anything to the conversation. It doesn't include a "lesson" or advice, it's just self-centered oversharing. I don't care if people want to publicise their entire lives. Although I disagree, they're free to do it if they want. But Jill, this is your professional account and you are sharing very sensitive information with potential customers for no reason. Really bad and weird branding. It isn't "mental health positive" to feel the need to share an anecdote about self-harm from decades ago for no reason. That seems very unhealthy and immature. Why is she so silly??? And she can also start a fund to help the mentally ill or donate to charity or something if she really wants to make mental health positivity part of her brand. Like, sell your entire precure collection or something and donate the money to a mental health organisation or donate unworn clothes to a shelter for qwueer teens or whatever. She chose one of the easiest worlds to "work" in with the most mainstream branding (uwu mental hwealth social justice possss!!!) And yet she fails so hard js

No. 133509

Haven’t you seen her About Me page on her “professional” website? Oversharing about mental illness is her brand, she just draws clothing sometimes as a side project.

No. 133520

File: 1611155330904.jpeg (274.63 KB, 828x557, 0468BD84-9FF9-4674-8935-A3CE46…)

No. 133522

"Literal piercing physical headache" from
"Your mental thoughts"
A common stress headache, yeah that's so crazy.

No. 133531

>describes a stress headache
>relates it to disassociation
>> one of the key symptoms is lack of pain/numbness both emotionally and physically
Jill please for the love of god, stop.

No. 133536

No. 133537

Jill really is a fat, rainbow munchie now huh? Jesus. She could easily be a member of her “confetti club cuties” because she’s indistinguishable from them now both physically and with her current online persona

No. 133538

No. 133539

Wow her voice and mannerisms are annoying in this one, and I normally like Jill's videos

No. 133544

holy shit she's not going to get it done in time, she's not even half way done with the cardigan and she doesn't have all of her materials ready. How she expecting to get any of this done/make it look nice if it takes her months to finish a pair of pants that she asked for an extension on.

No. 133545

File: 1611172133286.gif (1.78 MB, 360x270, BrownMaleKitten-size_restricte…)

>I work in the arts now

No. 133549

File: 1611172341621.png (353.86 KB, 387x606, Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 2.52…)

This drawing is killing me… the legs…

No. 133551

File: 1611172553612.png (373.98 KB, 468x368, 1.png)

God her voice and mannerism are crazy in this one (inb4 DID shit). She sounds like a spoiled toddler talking about her drawings to people. It just doesn't seem likely that her collection will work. She's hyping it up like a small kid who picked a crayon for the first time but seriously no serious designer just shows their drawings and starts talking like baby to her clients. IDK if I'm explaining my train of thought, but this is seriously a low point, it's like I'm looking at an adult acting like a baby on purpose.

No. 133552

File: 1611172875800.png (198.58 KB, 488x296, 1.png)

No. 133553

File: 1611173149087.png (413.36 KB, 648x370, 1.png)

I'll spare y'all so you don't have to give views to this porky:

20+ year old adult woman talks like a high pitched toddler showing her "uwu" anime inspired drawings to a retarded audience, neither know anything about fashion design

No. 133554

Sperging about how much she loves fashion school and doesn’t want to leave, yet she won’t consider putting mommy and daddy’s money to actual use by pursuing further education at a more accredited school….

Does she really think that she is ready to run a business after, in theory, having made ONE extremely thematic niche collection? I know that the toddler vomit kidcore stuff is popular now but…just how is she so deluded? I can see right through her “fake it til you make it” attitude with her brief moments of humbleness in the video but she immediately turns around and lies to herself.

No. 133558


It's not bipolar, it's not anxiety, I'm not even sure it's Borderline Personality Disorder. She is just a malignant narcissist, and she gets worse and worse and worse. I'm sure all of her instructors can see right through it at all. This is Jill at her utmost insufferable and fake.

What a fuckin' loser.

No. 133560

she's way behind with working on her collection, so much maybe's and if's and I guess'

No. 133561

Did she just confess she did jack-sh*t for 1.5 months, with her 're-learn how to sew'-joke (?)

This collection will look terrible

No. 133563

it’s really irresponsible considering the fact she seems really not confident in her ability to finish

No. 133565

Anon it’s not Anime inspired it’s inspired by ~house~ lmao

No. 133569

I can sort of see the purple one work if you take off the belt, and I'm really curious how someone at her level will be able to pull off the white one - it is obvious that it is inspired by something you'd see on a high fashion runway except they are made by actual professionals and not by someone that just majored in arts and crafts.

No. 133572

Jill is so fucking boring. She spent months making videos about her rented house. Her fashion collection is her sperging about her rainbow vomit house and living in a city instead of in mommys basement. Like is she going to stay there when school is finished? She clearly has an autistic obsession over it and will probably lose it if mommy decides to stop paying rent while she's jobless pretending to be a rainbow ethical fashion house.

No. 133576

File: 1611178732236.png (967.41 KB, 587x591, 1439934681244.png)

Yeah, this is honestly the worst timeline for Jillian Vessey. She's a retarded coddled womanchild.

I wonder what would had happend had she chosen a different life path.

No. 133578

File: 1611179079288.png (1.08 MB, 1104x588, 1.png)

No. 133606

This is unfair
>I’m you but I’m literally just 15 years old
I hate the “look how far they’ve fallen” meme when people share pics of them when they’re barely past puberty. Jill looks disgusting, but she really wouldn’t be very pretty skinny either. She’s aging poorly and only eats chicken tendies.

No. 133626

omfg her hair wad literal goals and now she's roots with rainbow vomit whyyyy

No. 133627

it's not about the weight, it's the styling. If anything her style should had improved, not downgraded. She looks like a clown and acts like a retard

No. 133681

"flower power two-piece set that is connected together on the waist"
then it's a fucking dress.

No. 133685

Damn her eyes must have gotten smaller. Unless that's the eyeliner or puffiness.

No. 133697

There was nothing special or flattering about her styling then, she was just thin and a minor.

No. 133720

I think her face just got fatter around them. She also shooped her old pics so wouldn’t be a stretch to say she did stuff like enlarge her eyes to look more ‘cute’

No. 133746

Same with “It’s not going to be an entire shirt underneath, just a decorative bib. But there is going to be a cute little shirt underneath.” Mid-sentence contradiction aside… That’s called a dickie, Jill. It’s a dickie.

No. 133765

Sad enough, this is better than all the other scary fanart of her

No. 133822

File: 1611271145377.png (3.51 MB, 1334x750, C26CC05F-E7F9-4FAD-9A20-7E48CD…)

she’s wearing so much lipstick that’s she’s moving her mouth strangely while she talks to keep it from smearing. she needs to clean up the outer corners of her lips.

No. 133893

The entire cardigan is just granny squares (what 8 year olds do in school) sewn together with the easiest crochet flowers on top. This should only take a week to make and she hasn't even started the arms. How embarrassing.

No. 133990

NPD is commonly misdiagnosed as BPD so I honestly would not be surprised if she already knows this and is trying to reinforce her diagnosis with a new provider so she doesn't get a new label that will force her to acknowledge that she may be a terrible person at heart.

No. 133992

The issue with that is a specialist should be able to differentiate the different cluster-b personality disorders. So if he diagnosis her with NPD she'll drop him and never mention therapy for a couple of years until she says that he was a bad therapist in passing. like she did with her first therapist that told her her clothing choice was attention seeking and counter productive to her mental health.

No. 133993

>like she did with her first therapist that told her her clothing choice was attention seeking and counter productive to her mental health.

I wonder: Is there like, a real co-relation on her mental health being bad with dressing like a rainbow toddler?

No. 134027


Jill comes off as someone who wants to deflect problems and avoid her issues by buying things or making herself look as loud as possible, thus taking the attention off her mental state. It's easy to hide actual flaws when your whole personality is rainbow vomit. It seems like the worse she feels about herself, the more outlandish she dresses.

No. 134031

Obviously only a mentally ill person would dress like that

No. 134197

File: 1611495247916.jpeg (649.06 KB, 828x831, CCC5BFA8-891B-4357-890C-49F33E…)

Posted Today on Twitter. 15 year old Jill in her unfinished Precure costume

No. 134202

wtf hahah! back when she had a small amount of passion and drive! XD what are the chances she finished this cosplay?(XD)

No. 134214

Everytime i see pics of a younger jill i realize she is absolutely ugly and there isn't really a way to fix her face. Young her looks like a goblin and older her looks about the same but more bloated, even if she were to get PS there's no right way to balance out her face to make it look decent.

No. 134219

I think it’s more the stupid faces she needs to make

No. 134222

She looks fine anon, she just doesn't know how to relax her face or complement it with her style.

No. 134223

This looks like hot shiny ass but it’s still better than anything she’s produced in the last few years. I’m with those anons who think her mom (or someone else) did most of the work on her early cosplays and she just took credit for it.

No. 134281

ah yes back when she was so thin and frail she was practically withering away
good thing she "beat anorexia" so she can justify being morbidly obese now

No. 134342

File: 1611593674606.png (22.08 KB, 384x153, 1.png)

this is so funny to me because getting fat is not how you beat anorexia. You can be thin and beat anorexia lmao
It's the fact that she never got psychological help and was allowed to roam free and eat chikinmcnuggies like a retard because she's so coddled and afraiduwu of psychologists who critique her "fashion choices" lmao, so instead she fucking went the wokeness is my therapy- route with "fat acceptance" which means binge eating while still feeling like shit inside. I promise you she still feels like shit and that's why she has to post lewd shit on twitter and other underwhelming rainbow clown looks for everyone to compliment. She just wants people to clap at her like a toddler, only that she's 20+ and a womanchild. Any mental illness and any eating disorder requires help and assistance from a professional to get better, this is just common knowledge at this point. She's just legit special needs it seems

No. 134343

I think she's probably still purging occasionally. When people have bulemia, there are these glands on the sides of their jaw that get inflamed and puff up when you purge, and her jaw is pretty puffy looking.
Might also just be fat, but I doubt it.

No. 134345

File: 1611593979230.png (74.21 KB, 585x387, ytduddfy.png)

how is this any worse to her baby talk and disgusting mannerisms of today

No. 134347

Didn't she make a video about relapsing a while back, or was that about her self harm?

No. 134353

File: 1611602876748.jpg (65.78 KB, 590x374, v.jpg)

This is the girl who runs the My Violet shop, right? Her garments are the same style of home economics gingham tents that Jill makes.

No. 134361

No. 134364

>Designer Life & Sustainable Swaps!

Here we go again.

No. 134367

Is taking a moment to wake up in the morning not a common thing most people do?

No. 134373

File: 1611608837918.jpeg (380.72 KB, 1356x752, 7C84736B-1505-4CCE-8CA3-04504E…)

No. 134378

good god her house is filthy. you think she might bother to wipe the shampoo off her bathroom walls before filming there- maybe get a soap dish from goodwill or something so that there isn’t a sludgy grey rainby smear in her sink. even just washing some of the cat hair off her sheets or something, anything to make the place less of a cesspit before she started filming

No. 134379

File: 1611609935468.jpeg (365.46 KB, 834x682, E6D30D97-7B01-4983-B2DF-049F96…)

also kek at her being sponsored by a hair care company while looking like this

No. 134380

File: 1611610200005.png (8.62 MB, 2688x1242, 2AC97FC1-58B0-4702-85AB-2D0639…)

yeah, she cant be seriously trying to pass those extensions off as an improvement to her hair when you can literally see her crispy split ends at the top of the shot

No. 134384

sage for nitpick but why is her audio so bad. her primary income supposedly comes from youtube but it sounds like she recorded the voiceover on apple earbuds

No. 134390

iirc she isn't the owner, but works for them

No. 134397

I can't with the so called "fashion designer" label. It's so cringey and disgraceful. She can barely sew and pattern mediocre intermediate level sewing projects. You can't call yourself a fashion designer if your barely possess the sewing skills of a 7th grade home economics student. Seriously this is comical asf. Jill always the unimaginative poser and never the creative innovator.

No. 134403

this is basically a remake of the day in my life video she did a while back. really boring, bad audio, reuses video clips but they end up looking more pixel-y than they did the first time around, same sponsor- and she couldn’t even get her hair looking nice for the video. why

No. 134406

Possible nitpick, but it feels weird for her to advertise razors to her uwu-mentawwy-ill followers

No. 134408

So I'm guessing Steve is Nonbinary. In the video she posted today she referred to them as her partner not boyfriend. Maybe that's just a them thing though

No. 134431

She's been calling Steve her partner for like a year now.

No. 134432

you must be new here

No. 134440

Everything Jill does is special and only experienced by her, and definitely a sign of some rare and mysterious health problem or disorder anon


No. 134442

Could be, but I really don't think it necessarily means that. I started calling my long-term boyfriend "partner", just because I associate "boyfriend" with rather fresh or more casual relationships and it seemed unfitting after a while.

No. 134448

The fact that she felt she needed to clarify the SAD lamp really got on my nerves. 99% of people who didn’t already know what it was for would have assumed it was for filming but pixie can’t have people missing any of her special mental health quirks.

No. 134450

Wasn't this video really cursed? The intro is super sped up, the voice over at the start is wired, the old footage she used for the sponsor was laggy and she didn't do a featured confetti club member at the end. Is she okay? Is Steve not editing her videos anymore?

No. 134456

You're not the only one, Since cutting is her main self harm it feels weird and completely out of touch for her to recommend a razor where you have to constantly buy blades to use. Wouldn't owning a box of blades just be incentive to start up again?

she was probably pushing the deadline for the sponsorship which is why everything was crap.

No. 134464

she's been editing most of her videos again for a little while now. she said steve was too busy with his new job to help her. when it's a video that steve edited, she credits him in the description.

No. 134471

That got my attention too, it was so weird watching her shave knowing there were self harm scars right there!

No. 134516

One of her mental health tips for everyone is to track the sun light as it hits every individual room in your 3 storey townhouse you have all to yourself and spend time in each of those rooms

Implying her audience consists of any homeowners whatsoever and not teens and twenty somethings living in dorms or their childhood bedrooms at their parents' home kek

No. 134531

Not to mention that many people live in apartments or studios that are facing north and therefore have no direct sunlight.. How dumb is she

No. 134536

Sage for blog; I have SAD and you have to go OUT. It's nowhere brighter than in direct sunlight when taking a walk. Sitting in your room following sunrays is idiotic.
Also the lamp is to be used once you wake up for an hour and social connection is one of the best advice.
TL;DR: jill's advice is stupid, as always.

No. 134537

I was surprised by how blown out her tattoos look already, especially the precure anniversary one on her leg, it looks terrible considering she got it in July 2019, mild blog but I have tattoos three times the age of that tattoo that don’t look like that, some blowout is normal over time but not to that level over such a short amount of time, if they look this bad already they are going to look really bad a few years down the line

No. 134574

The way she brushes her teeth is so awkward? Definity the most uncomfortable part.

No. 134631


At this point I am just dying to know:

Which voice is her REAL voice? Does she have a real voice anymore?

No. 134681

Bitch is so out of touch she's probably like at her school, "Oh you peasants have to live with your parents at 20 instead of a full house? Sad. You poor dear."

No. 134688

Aside from how out of touch this is, - not everyone is awake during the day due to sleeping issues or nightshift, not everyone has free rein of a whole house, not everyone lives in a sunny location, not everyone has the luxury of spending all day inside the house - who has the time or attention to move whatever they're doing to different rooms all day to follow the sunlight? Just go for a walk like this anon said: >>134536

No. 134730

>>134537 I suspect the blow out is partly caused by her weight gain

No. 134731

home street home is souch an unlucky name. like… is she targeting homeless people or what.

No. 134751

She just wanted to have a quirky name cause it's a pun on "home sweet home" lol, it's really unfortunate. It also makes her seem more coddled and outside reality than what she already is

It's also stupid because I doubt people would like to wear that at home or the street, because they're not designed for that in mind… her designs are all over the place, you have a nude mummy dress and then a lolita dress and then some kind of fancy dress, the only thing that connects it with the theme is the fact that she has a townhouse with rainbow colors, but if you didn't tell me she did I wouldn't had guessed the theme (maybe I would had said "toys" or "childhood nostalgia" instead)

No. 134752

File: 1611782399110.jpeg (20.99 KB, 283x269, C08F33A2-1BA2-4709-B409-6B1DF4…)

No. 134754

File: 1611782600604.png (1.59 MB, 1458x700, hiprhg.png)

Samefagging but this is what I mean, she could had picked stuff that really conveys a homely + streetwear kind of feel like she wanted to. (I even picked up the colors and styles she likes). Instead she opted to make something based on herself, her rainbow house, and her shower curtain (she literallty says she was inspired by it in her video).

Like I said I would had guessed something more like childhood nostalgia from her explanation and her clothes >>133553

No. 134755

It took me a minute a while but i think when Jill calls this style street wear she's talking about harajuku street wear and not the western idea of street wear. Its still a bad concept especially since she doesn't keep up with J-fashion so all of what she's making is outdated by a decade even for harajuku standards. But your right she should've named it after a kidcore idea or something more westernized.

No. 134756

File: 1611783446232.png (87.04 KB, 123x307, 11111.png)

This! I agree with you
But also, lol, I doubt this even counts as jfashion harajuku street wear lol.

The way she explains her collection is also very self centered (surprise surprise I know), like she says "Ok my collection is based on how iconic houses are" and then she says "I love knitting so I'm making a knitted sweater", like ???ok?? she's just doing whatever she wants based on her OWN house, no other explanation given. It doesn't help that what she's incorporating more flower motifs than anything

And her collection is just uninspired, imagine making a whole collection on your rainbow vomit house and then call it "home street home"… that title feels so inapropiate, almost offensive, it really reminds me of homeless people and it's kinda sad

No. 134758

File: 1611783751391.png (455.73 KB, 746x434, 11111.png)

Looking at the video again, I saw that the left part of this pic has the silhouette of a woman but the style the drawing doesn't align with how bad her anatomy is and how amateurish her drawings are, did she copy/trace this and then drew a very ugly bad sketch over it?

No. 134763

When I think of Jill and her colletion I think "she could have had potential if she really wanted to work hard and consistently on it" but compared to actual fashion designers she's like a toddler waiting for praise, from the fact that she has 0 idea if she wants to do jfashion inspired pieces or haute couture or stuff you see in forever21 to how she explains her collection. She has too much to learn yet she isn't willing to. She doesn't even know how to properly sew or draw stuff. Add the fact that she's been rude to brands and she already has a bad reputation. Like, if she seriously wants to be a fashion designer, she should stop all the bullshit and learn, and stop making cosplays for that matter. Video related is a good comparison on how you should sell your brand.

No. 134772

God watching this video makes me understand just how ugly and undeveloped Jill’s collection is and not to mention how rushed it will probably look come the time to show off the collection. These looks are so refined and polished (I know it’s a designer brand so it has to be), but even though the gowns are pretty out there, they looks so beautiful and refined

No. 134787

By the looks of the lighting in the video it was already (late) afternoon when she filmed it anyways

No. 134789

I agree, I don't know anyone who would call this Japanese streetwear, and frankly it's embarrassing she referred to it as such. Typically, jfashion is born on the literal streets of Harajuku or in close knit friend groups. For Jill, a westerner who never leaves her house, to have the audacity to call it jfash when it doesn't even fit any current style gives me really bad second hand embarrassment.

Jill can't sew worth a damn and half of these designs are far too complicated for her to pull off assuming she even managed to choose the right textiles (which is doubtful). If she can barely structure a blouse she has no business drafting and sewing a heavily structured coat like >>134758

One last note, a good designer like >>134763 explores wider cultural themes using design as a vehicle for expression. Jill will never be a good designer because she can't get her head out of her own ass enough to meaningfully interact with the world around her. Her designs express nothing but her own shallow vapid half-baked thoughts.

Sage for obvious fashion sperg.

No. 134795

This. Also notice how the way the collection is presented in a very detailed way. It mentions why they made each individual garment, the fabric they used, and why each element is there. It also puts an emphasis on the customer, it says "you will feel like royalty" and "this is a garment for this occasion". What Jill says instead is:
>I made a dress based on my bath curtain because omg I love it so much
>I made a knitted sweater because omg I love knitting flowers
>I made a dress inspired by lolita because omg I used to be one and I love jfashion
Etc. The only thing this has accomplished for her is not being taked seriously by anyone but her echo chamber that is just as oblivious as she is. Plus, I doubt a real designer reveals their whole collection in detail before even starting.

>One last note, a good designer like >>134763 explores wider cultural themes using design as a vehicle for expression. Jill will never be a good designer because she can't get her head out of her own ass enough to meaningfully interact with the world around her. Her designs express nothing but her own shallow vapid half-baked thoughts.

This so much. Take this finalist from the 18th season (2019) of Project Runway for example. This guy made a collection based on the artic melting down and portrayed it with shape, color, and texture. He wanted to tell a whole story with his art. She loves this show, yet she still can't prove she can do anything like it. All I see in Jill is a bunch of ideas here and there with no direction.

I'm tired of these tumblrinas thinking that sewing a bunch of stuff based on what they saw on instagram is enough to be a fashion designer. They only know how to copy, they don't know what they or the customer wants, all I see is badly sewn novelties that people will buy out of peer pressure. I don't know what Jill's hopes for the future are, but I see her ending up with an online shop with underwhelming customer service and unfinished dresses.

She's not a fashion designer, she doesn't have the patience, diligence, willingness to learn, or the passion for it. All she wants is to be ass kissed.

No. 134796

oink oink

No. 134808

Her entire morning life is a sub box product placement and a dirty bathroom sink. Jesus.

No. 134810

What kills me about that paper shredder dress is that, she would have versions with the slip dress,for every skin tone, if she were to actually ever sell her shit. Or else make that item, which let's face it she never will, she's too lazy, and it's all too much for her to handle, made to order to match the customers' skin tone.

No. 134811

Not WKing but I don’t think the runway collection necessarily needs to be something she could produce and sell. They’re supposed to be pieces of artwork, not sellable product.

No. 134819

i assumed it was going to be just an over dress for any sort of bodycon style dress, like an added layer and see through on its own. kind of accessory-ish, not that itd come with a slip, unless i missed that part of the video.

No. 134826

that's kinda true but this is jill who we are talking about, she can barely make a skirt let alone that level of complex thing, it will end up like toilet paper I swear

No. 134837

Watch old Christian Dior runway shows by Galliarno if you really want to see how bad this "fashion" of Jill's is, or Zuhair Murad for something recent

No. 134848

File: 1611823564878.jpg (296.13 KB, 1080x1401, IMG_20210128_084142.jpg)

For those who aren't following @hostile_bean on twitter. At least Jill is doing collabs, it might actually produce some quality work. Normally, I think Jill's designs are cool just badly executed.

No. 134893

File: 1611851345496.png (201.61 KB, 760x728, Screenshot_20210128-112454.png)

No. 134894

Tf does she mean? ED?

No. 134895

‘struggle to maintain control of my body’ seems insensitive to her boytoy and his recent revolving door trips to the hospital. or maybe she’s about to unleash some full munchie/DID bullshit.

No. 134902

Is traumaversary a thing? She really does seem to live in her trauma, repeatedly making her sense of self revolve around that trauma.

I can’t even articulate what it is about the way she brings up her trauma and mental illness that rubs me the wrong way. It all seems like a performance or something.

No. 134905

This is beyond a child oversharing about their personal life online. "10 year Traumaversery!!" The way she just constantly vomits her trauma and mental illness is so performative that I worry it's negativley impacting her young audience. Imagine some 13 year old thinking its acceptable to walk up to loose acquaintances and tell them about a panic attack they had at their daily therapy session to treat severe PTSD. Theyd get looked at like they were insane, but Pixie does it under the guise of destigmatization so its percieved as a socially acceptable thing to do

No. 134909

Oh my fucking god
oh my god I want to punch her so badly.

Most people live through multiple traumatic experiences in their life and none of them obsess this hard over what EXACT date it occurred, I get saying "oh it's been x ammount of years since then" but none of them publicly yell a made up word like they're proud of getting traumatized. i fucking hate you Jill. I fucking wish she knew what hardship and trauma really was.

I don't think she lives in her trauma, it's more like she has the need to have had some kind of shitty trauma to justify the stupid obnoxious and disgusting person she is. Even if she had some trauma that she's somehow not telling anyone about (because let's be honest, if she had some REAL trauma she would plaster it everywhere on twitter), the way she is living through her mental trauma is completely counterproductive to actual healing, any fucking therapist would tell you that, even the shitty ones. You're supposed to get BETTER not to bring it up every fucking time to anybody to validate, and if you don't wanna see her stupid mental health tirades you're somehow ~ableist~ fuck I'm so mad.

No. 134911

File: 1611856328227.jpg (454.27 KB, 1536x2048, Esv_RJqXUAEK2da.jpg)

special needs cancer patient kei

No. 134914

File: 1611856925081.png (337.85 KB, 578x492, Sin título.png)

yes jill tell me why firing a trooner with xenogender pronouns from a children's cartoons production house was a bad idea. He was probably a degenerate, precure attracts that kind of scrote.

I also find is so fucking funny because she really thinks she can 1. speak for precure fans -no one in /a/ even knows who she is and /a/ is the lowest point of the precure fandom 2. speak for animators or animation studios -she will pull the muh art im an artist card ofc- 3. speak for the lgb–→t+ commmunity when she's a fucking hetero piece of shit that mistreated the only girlfriend she ever has had

>inb4 xenogenders are good you're queerphobic etc

just accept people in this thread might have a different opinion than you
>inb4 gc sperg
this has to do with jillian.

No. 134915

she's like one of those white karens that think they're always right and their opinion matters when they don't know shit

No. 134920

What trauma has this bitch actually had other than being a stupid fat entitled pig with parents who spoil her talentless molly coddled ass? Kekeke

No. 134923

Have literally any of these change.org petitions actually accomplished jack shit? I'm genuinely curious because I seriously can't think of a single one actually doing anything and I've seen hundreds of them.

Also god I hope she actually follows through on making this video and isn't just saying that to look good, it's going to be fucking hilarious.

No. 134924


She looks like Gypsy rose in that picture it's just colour vomit.

No. 134936

I thought Japan didn't fuck with western gender swapping. The influence of Jill's lil precure army is nothing compared to Japanese parents who don't want mentally ill weirdos creating tv their kids watch. She'll make a video full of buzzwords pretending to care but will keep watching Precure and buying the merch from said company. She must be getting uber lazy on videos, going back to the old days of a day in my life and now a remake of her one transphobic in my store video.

No. 134937

>2021 is my ten year traumaversary
What in the absolute fucking hell is wrong with this girl where she thinks saying shit like this is okay? She has to have had experienced zero trauma to think that it's okay to talk about it in such a cutesy way.

The way she's worded it makes it sound like a year long experience. But with how vague she is with her "traumatic experience" I feel that it was completely self made and she actually traumatized Uma. Something about Jill isn't adding up and its frustrating that she's constantly painting her self the victim when she was most likely the abuser.

Ah yes Jill, tell us about a country where you have no understanding how it works or their own queer history. I bet they love it when foreigners over step their boundaries and talk out of their ass about things the country already has a complex history with.

No. 134941

As if any japanese animation company will care what a bunch of butthurt westerners think kek, a lot of us usually watch anime through less than legal means, since a lot of shows aren't available on netflix or crunchyroll, especially if we want to catch it while it's still airing so they're not exactly earning a lot from us viewer-wise and everyone will still buy their merch anyway. Especially the kids like Jillian that throws shitfits whenever they realize there is a world outside their cutesy bubble and will forget it until they see the next shiny thing that attracts their attention.
Japan's lgbtq+ acceptance is still years behind (despite what manga/anime shows you) the ones in a lot of western countries so expecting a shitty petition to help some red crayon gender get their job back is only going to do two things: jack and shit.

God I hate it when westerners try to force their beliefs and privileges onto japan and the anime industry when they have no idea of how any of it works.

No. 134950

It's that she actively celebrates her "trauma" - putting it all over her about section of her portfolio site, calling it a "traumaversary," she treats this thing that supposedly ruined her life as some accomplishment she can't shut up about.

No. 134955

>>134920 she says the relationship she had over deviantart with Uma is her main trauma.

No. 134968

i know this is the wrong place to be like try to defend this to a bunch of lolcow bigots but the toei animation thing isn’t “parents don’t their kids cartoons made by perverts!!!!” But its toei refusing union rights to one of thier workers because they don’t go by their birth name.
Precure actually has an interesting place in Japanese queer culture also that isn’t “””degenerates”” or whatever kind of goofy basic things you guys want to say.
It’s just a little embarrassing to watch you guys clutch pearls over something you don’t have even a basic knowledge of, but I think it would be kind of funny if Jill covers this.

No. 134970

It's so pathetic that whatever she's doing right now is her "dream school" (how about studying fashion design in Japan? Talk about giving up your dreams) and "dream career" (what a joke).
It sounds like a big obvious cope to me.

No. 134976

>nooo the lolcow antitroon bigots dont understand nooooooo
then why use lolcow sis

No. 134989

The issue is that Jill is an outsider from a western country that has separate LGBT history. It is shitty what toei is doing but knowing Jill she's not going to do any thing but complain about it using her western views on the LGBT community to build her argument when Japan has a separate culture.

No. 135021

Why does she only care about trans people when it’s precure related

No. 135022

>I can’t even articulate what it is about the way she brings up her trauma and mental illness that rubs me the wrong way. It all seems like a performance or something.

I think it's the narcissism, her posts drip with my experiences, feelings and "trauma" are more important than anyone else's

She barely if ever posts support or empathy for others, it's always about her. The main topic is poor me and my speshul brain. Narcs are emotional vampires, it's insincere behavior intended to drain the energy from empathic people because they literally replace all your issues with their own. Stevie probably dotes on her while suffering in pain, for example. By endlessly promoting their own "issues" they erase an empathic person's ability to express their own, because anyone with empathy wouldn't try and prioritize themselves over someone else in pain. But a narcissist has no issues with this. This is Pixie's core personality which she swaddles in bright colors and baby-voices to try and disguise the toxicity.

No. 135026

>Something about Jill isn't adding up and its frustrating that she's constantly painting her self the victim when she was most likely the abuser.

This would explain it, maybe she's terrified the DeviantArt girl will drop the info about her real behavior, so she spends all day every day waxing lyrical about her trauma in order to get in first.

No. 135050

File: 1611910610395.jpg (531.2 KB, 1080x1958, IMG_20210129_084943.jpg)

New tiktok uploaded to the song daisy w ashnikko and hatsune miku. The outfit looks nice (at least to me, colours go together) But omg the hair, that purple/blue is so dark and bland it just sucks the potential life out of the look.

It might be cool if she tried a rainbow ombre, it might be easier to maintain too if that's why she avoids doing her roots. Just pray to the god that she lets the colour wash out and becomes pastel, that vibrant salmon pink is death to the eyes.

No. 135051

The worst thing in this image is her middle-aged Karen face and expression amongst all that pink and pastel kawaii shit, so jarring

No. 135062

Random but the next thread needs her Twitter and tiktok handle added

No. 135088

>>135050 this is a really good outfit for her. The colours don't clash too badly and it's not that obnoxious.

No. 135096

upon first glance looks like shayna

No. 135102

Wait for shartna to get pink hair lmao could be sisters

No. 135129

File: 1611949924610.webm (1.05 MB, 576x1026, Snaptik_6916532596134432006_pi…)

>I simply had to stunt to this horny Miku rap verse #bodypositivity

Jill please… no.

No. 135131

I'm so fucking grossed out by this womanchild like you girls have no idea.

No. 135166

I feel bad but it amazes me how some people don't know how ugly they are

No. 135170

File: 1611962596087.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1590, 3DFDDFCB-E692-4AE3-B5D5-7C83D2…)

Jill lurking the thread possibly?

No. 135173

File: 1611962738650.jpeg (699.38 KB, 1125x1560, EE8E6CFF-A6C0-4B54-8D2F-1961DB…)

Everything must be about “muh mental illness” with jillybean

No. 135174

File: 1611962787253.jpeg (63.27 KB, 1136x640, 59A0458C-875C-425A-B3CA-2ECE06…)

No. 135175

This woman is so excruciatingly insufferable. She keeps regressing more and more. lolcows are a special breed.

No. 135179

Is she searching etsy for ‘complex trauma’? Buying merch for her traumaversary?

No. 135180


No. 135184

She's literally cosplaying as a person with trauma. Every ounce of this a show to her. She's not even being subtle here

No. 135186

If she really didn’t want people to notice her tabs why didn’t she crop the image or use the basic markup function to hide the tabs. She’s so transparent.

No. 135188

KEK good catch. maybe it's an old book or something but still

No. 135190

>People with trauma: push through work suppressing extreme stress from mundane things that trigger them without bothering others, zone out during important moments because of flashbacks and hate themselves for it afterwards, try to excuse themselves as politely and unsuspiciously as possible to deal with a panic attack or vomiting in the bathroom, can't be touched by anyone without feeling sick, just want to sleep but can't because of nightmares, constant suicidal thoughts, complete isolating from others, dont feel comfortable talking about it, just want to move on and live a normal life without being reminded of trauma by the most simple things and hurting physically and mentally from it
>jill: heeeeheeee I have trauma!! Rainbow cute trauma!!!! Woooow let's bring attention to the day my trauma happened:33 haha trauma cheeky trauma. By the way, I have trauma lets talk about it more and let's bring attention to this thing which is supposed to be intrusive and painful to talk about and private hehe trauma trauma trauma mememememememememememememememe

I hate this

No. 135195

>>135174 in case there was any doubt about her wanting a did diagnosis…

No. 135233

File: 1611978114200.png (122.63 KB, 1080x702, Screenshot_20210129-203853~2.p…)

Either she's lurking again or she really does lack self awareness.

No. 135234

Holy shit does she not realize OP is talking about people like her?? How delusional…

No. 135246

File: 1611983902454.png (51.34 KB, 721x103, 1.png)

Holy shit… literally window shopping for diagnoses

No. 135247

Lmao. He's talking about people like her.

There's a big difference between talking about a diagnosis and people being aware of it and being the obnoxious piece of shit that Jill is.

She has 0 self awareness, she probably thinks that by retweeting this it means she's excused of her shitty behaivor and that she's not like the others. She's trash and has no redemtion.

No. 135248

Petition to move Jillian to /snow/ because she's a fucking obnoxious snowflake

No. 135250

Is she shopping around for a C-PTSD diagnosis now? Is she going to make a mental health update video where she talks about her having DID and C-PTSD instead of BPD? also the fact that she treats it as ~QuIrKy~ by pointing it out is even more insufferable, I hope the therapist diagnoses her as a narc or HPD so she finally shuts up about this shit.

seconed since she never talks about j-fashion any more and she's moving into munchie territory.

No. 135257

She really has pushed into gross territory with this shit.

No. 135265

It’s been a long while since a lolcow made me disgusted, what an attention seeking piece of poorly dyed piece of shit. Nothing upsets me more than bitches like her romanticising trauma and bad mental health. We get it Jill, your life has always been boring so you like to “spice” it up a little in your imagination.

Is it just me or did she crank up the trauma narrative and start shopping for a new diagnosis after she didn’t get to be in that dude’s bpd video?

No. 135272

No I feel like she’s really been angling her dissociation symptoms since DissociDID girl blew up due to her going after Trisha Paytas DID video. Also it was around this time Jenny or Wendy mentioned having dissociative tendicies and mental health stuff (mostly anxiety related, but that’s not special enough for Jillybean) that she mentioned once in a Insta posts

No. 135273

File: 1612000237205.jpg (589.72 KB, 1080x2121, IMG_20210130_093935.jpg)

Well, she took out neurodivergent from her Twitter bio. Don't know when that happened, but retweeting a 'dont make mental illness a trend' doesn't make you a goddamn saint. We all remember 'Ojamajo BPD' from her Twitter bio a few months back. Bet she won't even apologise for it.

No. 135274

File: 1612000459839.jpg (204.19 KB, 599x538, 1575208125755.jpg)

Old milk for context

No. 135278

Has anyone done a callout video about Jill? Your post makes me think it's becoming due.

No. 135280

Ayrt, I'd make one if I didn't have a life. Her antics aren't funny anymore, it's time she gets a reality check.

No. 135286

Someone did a video on her when she used her gf for YouTube clicks, and about her mistreating her cats. But nothing on her being a spoonie yet

No. 135292

Let me do something. I'd absolutely love to and make video essays anyway. I'll use a new account to not burn myself lmao.
Write me an email at the email field if you have something to contribute. Just making a timeline of this snowflake will cost me a week. Thankfully I'm free cause of the varus, yet I gladly take any info (did someone save all her idiotic tweets?).

Anons here, anything really important I should include?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 135298


You‘re not gonna get spoonfed here; just sift through the threads and do your own research

No. 135301

I would focus on her obvious diagnosis-seeking and hopping, (going from BPD, to briefly putting "neurodivergent" in bio and retweeting ADHD/autism Tweets, to now pushing for a DID diagnosis) and the unhelpful, attention-seeking way she addresses "trauma" to her audience, most of this should be in the last two threads. However for old milk, she used her only recent bisexual relationship with a "secret" girlfriend for clicks, even making a video about what gifts she bought her girlfriend for Christmas (which she never actually gave the girl) before dumping her. The girl even posted about it on lolcow iirc.

Bonus is her hassling Anthony to include her in the BPD video and then writing passive aggressive Twitter replies about it when he didn't. She seems to be using diagnosis/mental illness for clicks and promotion and it's getting to a point of obvious grossness.

No. 135303

Include Steve and the way she talks about/treats him

No. 135317

No. 135322

the colour palette she keeps choosing is such a goddamn eyesore

No. 135325

Has Jill mentioned her new therapist lately?

No. 135331


I wonder how she's gonna take it when she finds out she's nothing more than a narc with anxiety.

No. 135332

File: 1612030667275.png (289.52 KB, 1068x994, Screenshot_20210130-111546~2.p…)

Farmers stop cow tipping challenge.

No. 135333

File: 1612030698062.jpg (90.38 KB, 1564x397, IMG_20210130_111550.jpg)

No. 135338

Nice email

No. 135344

She completely missed what this person was even saying and what that other tweet she liked was getting at (and it’s easy to see cow tipping every time someone complains but I didn’t even know about this site before I unfollowed Jill because of a similar issue. I even considered messaging her about it but decided it wasn’t worth my time).

Talking about and destigmatizing mental health issues is a noble pursuit but at the same time don’t romanticize it by using all these cutesy words and treat it like it’s this cute little quirky personality trait teehee. Be serious, be open but this stupid babying shit is so fucking insulting to those who have to deal with it day in and day out with no support or safety net. And what kind of message does it send to her younger viewers who see all this shit and all the asspats and special attention this public performance yields? Mental health problems, personality disorders ruin lives and relationships, they aren’t fun little things to bring up in casual conversation and parade around like a tacky accessory.

If she really wants to destigmatize these problems she would tell us what she’s doing to work on the issue, indicate what steps she’s taken, things that worked, things that didn’t, issues that have cropped up. Because that’s what destimatizes it! Talking about how it can be managed and lived with and that there is hope if you’re suffering and no not everyone with this problem is an unstable asshole.

Instead we get fucking traumaversary. So fucking gross.

No. 135351

I genuinely don't get how she can film and upload this and not once look at it and think that it looks so bad and cringey. I wish I had her level of confidence it's insane.

No. 135353

I don't even think she has been working on it. She'd been completely silent about seeking help until her newest psych. you just KNOW if she had been going to therapy, she wouldn't have been able to shut up about it. She says her friends didn't support her, but don't you think that she was just using them for free therapy instead of seeing a professional, and burnt them the hell out?

No. 135358

It's so funny, that she made that video about Trisha, and she does the same shit with her "~beepeedee~". LOL Also… Trisha has actual BPD.

No. 135359

That’s just it. She doesn’t actually talk about getting help or the struggles she has. It’s always like “teehee trauma” “traumaversary nwn” “this is inspired by my trauma”. It’s all about her trauma, never her recovery, never her struggles with it.

No. 135360

What's with the lighting/contrast in this vid,
she looks like a damn glowing peanut

No. 135362

>part of my entire social media mission is to normalize and destigmatize different MH conditions

By offensively larping as an uwu cutesy caricature of people who have different MH conditions, diagnosis-seeking and hopping and essentially creating a character for clicks? This is the closest thing she's done to admitting she intentionally seeks to "have" different conditions in order to roleplay as someone who has them, as her "social media mission"

No. 135366

Right, there's a difference between destigmatizing and normalizing mental health conditions, and straight up glamorizing and romanticizing them. Surprised she isnt in to menhera kei tbh

No. 135378


it's not Etsy, it's actually this website: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S2468749917300145

so… just goes to show what exactly Jill has been looking up recently. imo, i doubt she's even read this paper, otherwise she would've linked the pdf or something instead.

No. 135403

what even specifically is her trauma? in the DID thread on snow we discussed that DID is mostly from child abuse, especially long term abuse, and idk anything about her dad, but her mom is totally up her ass so. is this about that relationship people bring up in here sometimes? she barely ever talks about abuse, but brings up 'trauma' constantly. isn't abuse more heavily stigmatized, anyway? i guess it's not 'quirky' enough for her.

No. 135413

Mentioned earlier in this thread, she sites her relationship with a girl from deviantArt as her main trauma

No. 135424


Agreed. Destigmitizing mental health doesn’t necessarily mean talking about every single aspect of your life- idk where that came from. It also completely disregards the gravity needed to talk about real trauma. Just say “go to therapy, I did it and I’m better for it” and move on with your life.

Its not healthy to include your disorders into your social identity. Does her therapist not talk about boundaries? If anything, it restigmitizes mental health because it confirms people people’s beliefs that therapy is for attention seekers and it leads people to think there is some benefit from oversharing to an audience that doesn’t truly care about you like a friend or family member would. I don’t think anyone with a twitter account who overshares about their personal life should be an advocate about any matter of bettering yourself. If these MH warriors truly had some mission they would leave it to people with actual degrees.

No. 135427

File: 1612068934971.png (57.05 KB, 580x376, 2.png)

>my social media mission
As if there was such a thing as a social media mission lmao. God fucking yikes
>normalize and desitgmatize differetnt mental health conditions
She's not a professional and she doesn't know shit about psychology or any form of therapy. Her only knowledge on the topic is shit she reads online and shitty takes on twitter. Doing this is irresponsible at best, and uterly stupid and harmful.

Idk I feel like for some reason she's trying to be this figure in the mental health youtube community, which is already shady and unprofessional. I'm sure she's still assblasted about not being on the BPD video by that one dude.

No. 135429

File: 1612069293182.png (35.3 KB, 586x234, 1.png)

more therapy talk

No. 135430

File: 1612069406256.png (317.17 KB, 594x412, 3.png)

funny because some days ago she posted this

Idk. Without armchairing, my bet is that she's a narcissistic aspergers womanchild with anxiety and 1. Needs to mature ASAP 2. Needs to understand how stupid she's been without sugarcoating

No. 135431

kelly eden vibes

No. 135433

File: 1612072333349.png (530.71 KB, 1130x814, are you retarded.png)

Is this you

No. 135435

You know there can be more than 1 person that speaks spanish following her thread right? I'm not this girl, I don't even use twitter. But thanks for the screenshots, both girls sound insane.

No. 135436

Doesn’t she have supportive present parents? She lives in a town house. Could she not simply move home and use the saved rent money to continue to see a professional? Why is this only something she can get support for while at college, any Canadian anons have some insight?

No. 135441

Canadian and in college. Didn't Jill say she's on student loans? Yeah her parents pay for everything so once school is done she's off the college insurance and probably back on whatever plan her parents have. Kinda funny how she brought up the therapist after anon mentioned it earlier.

No. 135444

Ayrt surely though her parents would recognize how important it is and have a plan that covered mental health services? Or is it like the US and anything more than basic is extravagantly expensive? I’m unfamiliar with how it works there and was under the impression health care is super great.

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around why she couldn’t continue to see someone after college or is she expecting it to be solved by college end?

No. 135447

NPD and BDP have a lot of similarities honestly, and can co-occur. I wouldn't be surprised if someone pointed out that she isn't always the victim, she would react with blind rage. Just based on the fact she can't take criticism to any degree, she def has NPD traits.(armchairing)

No. 135453

so, i went and did some digging, and it really doesn't feel like that was the actual trauma, with all her sad journals before she was even with that girl. still, i don't get this bullshit about her not being able to afford therapy with her rich parents. i don't know if she was always materialistic, but it sure feels like it has escalated to an unreasonable degree. I hope someone knocks some sense into her because I'm so tired of her 'twaumaversary uwu' bullshit.

No. 135454

it kind of depends on the severity. also depends on how much money she makes.

so if she doesn't make a lot of money when she finishes school she could qualify for added benefits from the province that will cover the less emergency MH therapy as long as she had a referral for it.

if it is serious she would be fully covered by the province to be in a program.

also depends on the type of therapist she is seeing, some of them are not covered because they are just talk therapy with a counsellor type of things.

average costs if it is to be paid out of pocket are around 100$ per session.

she can also buy an insurance package and those are about 800-1000$ per year and will cover pretty much every thing.

No. 135463

Without sounding like alogging, I really fucking cannot stand Jillian at all at this point. I seriously hope people call her out on her bullshit (not cowtippersthough) so she can be taken down a couple dozen notches and stop being so fucking tone deaf. JFC Jillian is truly a fat munchie rainbow narcissist

No. 135465

Seriously though. She needs some fucking perspective & unironically online bullying or being dogpilled on Twitter might be the only way she ever changes any of this behavior because god knows her online and irl hugbox won’t push her to do shit.

No. 135467

This just makes it seem even more like she’s treating this like some sort of accessory. She could be getting the actual long term help she needed for her trauma if she was actually interested in treatment and not the attention it gains her to be so uwu quirky. What a great advocate for destigmatization.

She truly has become my least favorite cow.

No. 135473

Tbh /w/ is for weebs, yes, but she has proven she belongs more on /snow/. I'm sure she has the potential to move there in the future, considering how she's behaving right now.

She's my favorite cow in the "wow you're disgusting" way. Like, she might not be making onlyfans content and calling herself a "system" -yet- but it could happen any moment now. There's also the fact she'll have a store and we'll see if she can keep up with orders.

No. 135475

That’s why she’s my least favorite, her attitude and interpretive performance of what she thinks mental illness is makes me actually angry. It’s ridiculous she can be so coddled and have such a stable environment but not actually make moves to work on herself. She’s in an amazing position to do so, she could actually make strides to improve herself but instead she’s putting on this performance for internet strangers. It is so off putting.

She will eventually end up in snow with the way she acts. Wouldn’t rule out a pixielocks only fans either — “uwu to help with my trauma and destigmatize mental illness here’s my nudes #bodiposi #did #bdp #cheekytrauma”

No. 135481

Yeah, she's honestly one of the most draining cows on this website. It's never fun and giggles, it's always some bullshit that makes you roll your eyes. She's infuriating, she could fix her life so easily if she wasn't such a piece of shit. She has the support of her family and no hardships whatsoever. It's also annoying when farmers call us "jealous of her" when we have nothing to be jealous of. She's such a stupid munchie with so many retarded mannerisms that even if she got to be an actual fashion designer, I would still consider her a cautionary tale on how not to behave when you're in your 20s.

No. 135514

I mean she's friends with Callie who did this exact thing. Bets on the fact she'll get orders, complain that she got too many orders and was causing her anxiety and running away from her business.
Part of me really wants her to actually succeed with the store but if he continues to use her mental health as an accessory there is no way she will be able to handle it. There's a fine line between being open about mental health and destigmatising it and using it as an extension of your personality and she's crossed that line. If she plans on hand sewing each piece I can't see her lasting more than a month.

No. 135518

“Opening up shut doors in my brain” sounds a lot like DID amnesia barrier bullshit

No. 135523

File: 1612109918758.jpg (358.71 KB, 1079x1196, Screenshot_20210131-171653_Eco…)

Does she not have anything better to do..? Like work on her project? I say this because she is always crunching out videos which are well-edited and clearly took effort, typically ABOUT her "fashion career", when she is making 0 progress with the projects themselves.

Oh wait, Stevie does all the work for her

No. 135526

File: 1612110887359.jpg (563.89 KB, 1080x2137, IMG_20210131_163319.jpg)

Oh, spoke to goddamn soon. Neurodivergent is back, unless someone told her about it or she remembered herself, it seems pretty lurky to me…

No. 135527

You do have to give it to them, it's a pretty nicely edited video. I'm a little worried that the crochet cardigan is the only one that seems to be progressing though, doesn't she only have half a year left?

No. 135542

File: 1612116674131.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, 2DA3AD7B-9C7E-4116-A1BD-8FAD31…)

Isn't this the tinsel one of her cats almost died from eating?

No. 135544

instead of talking about it she should be working on the rest of the pieces
It is. I know it is mentioned time and again when she shows it but it just means she never learnt to make her home safe for her cats, I don't get it.

Also is her trauma something to do with ED, cutting or suicide? why does she put all the blame on a shitty dA relationship?

No. 135557

Menhera is ookie spookie for her. She uses the over saturated rainbee vomit to cover all, and shove down the bad shit, that exists within the world, and herself. including her real shit ass personality. Also, she isn't even into jfash anymore and hasn't been for YEARS LOL. But, I 100% agree, that she isn't destigmatizing/normalizing. She's straight up glamourizing, and romanticizing, and she been for awhile now. Also, she only truly cares about her own mental state. She only involves others, and their experiences when it's for soooo "~beepeedee~" brownie points.

No. 135565

Didnt her mum have cancer when Jill was really young? Like that could be genuine trauma. But she never uses that which is weird. Its the one thing that is believable.

No. 135586

Because she needs a scapegoat, if she blames it on SH or ED people will question what caused her to develop those tendencies in the firs place. If she claims bulling, people she used to go to school with could poke holes in her stories. So why not put it all on some one who seemingly disappeared from the internet so she can't defend herself?

Putting on my tinfoil hat to say that she probably thinks that allowing herself to realize that her mom's situation with cancer was her main trauma would make her feel like a bad kid. But she needs to realize that its the situation that's traumatic not her actual mother so its okay to blame her mother's cancer.

That or she want's a more aggressive or violent trauma so she can romanticize it making herself the "perfect victim uwu".

No. 135603

Lol no. We’re not here to make content for you, put in the work and read the threads yourself. Earn those viewbucks you so desperately want.

No. 135641

lmao why so mad
You know you don't get monetized on YouTube in your first video, right? I don't think they'll use their main account unless they've spilled tea anywhere else.
My hint would be: include her totally gay phase when she was hiding her girlfriend cause she's such a lesbian.(ban evasion)

No. 135643

i wouldn't be surprised if she lurks/self posts. content creators tend to keep heavy tabs on themselves, and it certainly wouldn't be weird for her to want to flagellate herself with comments she perceives as mean lmao

No. 135647

ntayrt but >>135292 doesn't lurk enough itt or on the site since her post was namefagging, included an email, was asking to be spoonfed, and was trying to cowtip. It's not a stretch to say that anon was pretty lazy.

No. 135649

Dunno, maybe it's just me, but blaming something as her mom's cancer as something so traumatic to cause her to develop DID is just not okay.

No. 135662

I don't know, I could see it. Frankly, it could be anything. I'm sure some privileged white girls get into the emo/punk scene but it's usually because they have mental illness and can relate. I don't think it's something we can tinfoil about, but she's never going to get better unless she herself can pinpoint it.

No. 135664

She overshares every detail of her mental illness and bf's health issues, but can't ever say specifically what was traumatic? Just that she had "trauma" because of an "age difference power dynamic" she's full of shit anon.
Like >>135649 pointed out she never mentions her mom's cancer as something traumatic but she sure as shit did make some flippant remark about her mom's cancer TO HER FACE in her first shitty tattoo video. Save your concern for people who have actually experienced hardship in their lives instead of this spoiled narc munchie.

No. 135688

in defense of that anon she did put a burner email in the field because she was asking people to email her milk. but other than that yea, probably new

No. 135733

OMFG, she did! Just watched it back, always wondered how we knew about her mum's cancer. TBF her mum did bring it up first, but then again her mum scooted around it being for cancer and then Jill was like 'yEaH BUt THat WaS fOR cAncER' eeeeeeee, don't put that in a goddamn video, Jesus Christ.

No. 135754

please tell me the timestamp, I ain't sitting through all this baby talking, I really tried but couldnt

No. 135761

Next time go through the video at max speed, thats what I did. But its around 12:40, her mum had the dot tattoos used for radiotherapy.

No. 135764

Cats are going to die of a heart attack before they manage to consume the tinsel, it’s disgusting how obese they’ve gotten.

There wasn’t even a proper age gap, going off their Devinantart profiles Jill was 13/14 and Uma was 15/16 when they dated, pretty sure there was only a short time between their birthdays when Jill was 13 and Uma was 16. 2 years really isn’t a big deal, especially if there isn’t any sex (Jill would say that she was a virgin in all those dA question journals iirc).

No. 135768

>watching jillian babytalk in a highpitched voice on 2x speed
why did you torture yourself like that

Also when she's like "bUt tHaTs FoR cAnCeR", wow that's annoying

No. 135773

Better than watching it at normal speed, cant stand it for more than five seconds XD(XD)

No. 135784

Her intro used to be so much better and interesting.

No. 135807

Her lasst video… she said Ticky Tok??? Ticky Tok???' TICKY TOK?

No. 135829

She also said it in a tweet, anon >>135523
At least it's not pandemie this time

No. 135837

File: 1612211244112.png (336.09 KB, 760x959, Screenshot_20210201-152720.png)

Too late - another cowtipper in pixie's replies

No. 135840

>Those things are literally 90% fabricated tales and webs they spin up out of boredom.

kek. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 135846

If its 90% lies. She should debunk it. After all. If its fake. Surely that won't be too hard. But if anything she would just wine that the thread is just some mean bullies. Bullying her because of her uwu DID

No. 135856

Come on Jillian, disprove that anything said here is a lie.
Disprove that you are a womanchild.
Disprove that you're a manipulative coddled child.
Disprove that mental illness is not an accessory to you.
Disprove what you have done to your exes and previous friends.

Come on. I'm fucking waiting, bitch. I know you lurk.

No. 135873

Hey Jill since we know you're lurking here, tell me, how are we fabricating anything when all info shared is from your own videos and social media? Are you that in denial of how toxic, manipulative, and conceited you are?(Hi Cow)

No. 135890

This is a gossip site. I’d say most of what gets said here is just opinions and interpretations of the behavior the cows present, even if outright lies do crop up (how often does that happen though?).

Like with Jill we can see her baby talk and treating mental illness like it’s this Kawaii totes not a problem issue and using her partners pain for social media fodder. If she didn’t want people commenting on aspects of her life just don’t put it out there? Her problem is she made herself into the product she sells and now she can’t and doesn’t know how to censor herself. It doesn’t help that social media has made it the norm to just parrot woke phrases to avoid being labeled as problematic and to deflect from being cancelled; not to mention Jill slapping labels on herself to appear oppressed.

No. 135895

File: 1612224698250.jpeg (1.79 MB, 2048x2048, B2E5AFFC-43C9-4ECE-96C8-1EB2AB…)

Jill, the once fabled kawaii ambassador, now hated by the community. Sucks to suck buttercup.

No. 135899

Nice fanart anon

No. 135922

While I'm from Ontario so it might not be the same, most, if not all post-secondary have mental health services for free to students.
In Ontario we have a branch Canadian mental health association (makes me think it's national) per county. I'm currently on the waitlist for the intensive 6 month DBT treatment (the only proven treatment for BPD) the waitlist is 3-4 months and it's free. Assuming it is nationwide, there's no reason for her to not have done so already(blogpost)

No. 135923

Ngl I like the artstyle

No. 135978

File: 1612254659551.png (34.19 KB, 541x289, Sin título.png)

like she could change anything

No. 135980

File: 1612254731897.png (127.2 KB, 524x362, kel.png)

also, I know kelly eden is insane, but this is hella sus

No. 135981

File: 1612254792880.png (21.3 KB, 536x256, steviea.png)

This hurts to read. Steve you're gay
Maybe his family is homophobic and he uses Jillian as an excuse

No. 135985

Gosh this is actually really sad. He’s definitely still in the closed and Jill is his beard.

No. 135987

He’s out as bisexual so not really in the closet, plus him and Jill post about being *~queer uwu~* every other day

No. 135997

Is he out to his mother though?
Like, a parent accusing their son of sinful homosexual behaivor is not to be taken lightly. If he's out as bi, I'm sure he's actually gay. Like, why do you think he searches for girls like Maggie and Jill?

No. 136024

I mean he posts it all over social media so his mom wouldn’t have to look hard

No. 136026

Imagine reading Kelly's thread and coming away with "Kelly Eden is copying Pixie's style" - a sentiment I have never once read on lolcow, and isn't true (Kelly originally started skinwalking people and doing the kawaii style ten years ago, well before Pixie was doing kawaii, and still Kelly's decor and style is approximately ten times more appealing than Pixie's bargain basement "chic")

Kelly has her own problems but the nonexistent intersection between their styles is not one of them.

No. 136034

File: 1612282067315.jpg (187.25 KB, 720x778, 20210202_110642.jpg)

This a DID thing? Really tryna be the posterchild for a disorder she doesn't have..

No. 136035

Is she a graphic designer aswell

No. 136039

she makes the graphics for her youtube channel, patreon stuff, and for her school stuff. i think that’s what her experience is

No. 136041

File: 1612283544984.jpg (45.84 KB, 650x650, a-lil-bit-of-positive-encourag…)

Graphic design is her passion kek

No. 136063

File: 1612290821237.png (252.86 KB, 1578x1042, Screen Shot 2021-02-02 .png)

Yes, please tell us how you're suuuucchh a designer!! A totally working, selling one uwu!! Oh , wait… Literally anyone could design a pair of shoes. LOL It's comical how much she is acting like it's her job already. When all she's done is a arts & crafts school last year final project. Also, her begging Emilia Fart, and calling her mom, cringe. But, what else is new…

No. 136064

almost like literally anyone could buy a pair of 'ruby slippers' and stick a pom pom on it. jill really thinks she's so talented.

No. 136080


Honestly, out of all the things she dips her toes into, I think graphic design is probably the least awful and that's really saying something.

No. 136095



Hey @drellaaa_ if you're reading this: Kelly is not copying Pixie, they're just the same brand of unhinged womanchild that thinks wearing all pastels/pink/rainbow is a personality. They're both shitty and stupid.

No. 136098

God imagine someone trying to design a fucking app for a meme otherkin disorder (that everyone suspiciously has nowadays aka they're fucking faking it) and saying IF YOU NEED KAWAII GRAPHICS I CAN HELP YOU "UWU" god I want to smack her

No. 136100

this looks shitty but at least she's okay at something

No. 136101

>I am a designer
(proceeds to hot glue a pompom on a fucking $3 shoe)

No. 136188

Real question is, why the fuck does Amelia need someone to do this for her in the first place? how god damn hard could it be for her to buy some sequined shoes and sew a pom pom on it herself?

No. 136217

The funny thing is, the person isn't even going to make the app or plans to, they're just venting that they want one. Pixie saw an opportunity to insert herself and took it but only because she has no reading comprehension.

No. 136240

Jillian is just really fucking disconected from reality huh
>inb4 catatonia

No. 136248

File: 1612353157635.jpeg (494.54 KB, 828x951, DACEA30E-1139-4E53-A518-D705D5…)

God fuck off Steve your girlfriend is not a fashion designer she’s a fucking womanchild posing as one

No. 136251

Nitpick, but this also implies that being a ""fashion design goddess"" is even remotely in the same league as working in a hospital.
(The woman's wearing armour for a reason dammit.)
I hope he just didn't even think that far, rather than ignoring the connotation because he really wanted to make that joke…

No. 136255

>Fashion design goddess

>Scribbles and designs an 8 year old could make, yet to finish a single piece

No. 136265

File: 1612363778899.gif (95.88 KB, 220x124, 85796220-60A4-4F91-AB5E-8F73EA…)

Dude what-

No. 136270

File: 1612369175781.jpg (315.57 KB, 713x979, 20210203_161916.jpg)

No. 136279

You’re mad at “ticky tok” when a couple videos back and on her Twitter she’s been saying “tickle tok”?

No. 136297

They really are unironically the "girl boss and male wife" troupe.

Also how fucking distasteful to compare someone risking their life on the daily to his lazy slug of a girlfriend.

No. 136303


Can Louise not count

No. 136308

Jill is probably only going to end up doing 5 because of time constraints, so that’s what she probably told her mom.

No. 136312

You know. Sometimes I feel bad for the way Pixie treats Steve, but then he says dumbass shit like this and I start to feel less bad.

No. 136328

kek anon if their first post didn't get them banned you surely would have with this reply

No. 136346

that's quite pathetic, I wonder if he's into ball and cock torture.

No. 136348

>mom is so proud of her 9 year old's daughter's drawings
oh wait she's like, 20 something lmao

No. 136352

>Also how fucking distasteful to compare someone risking their life on the daily to his lazy slug of a girlfriend.

Holy shit this.

Like, the post means:
>I'm a guy that works from home
>My wife is a nurse that is risking her life
>So I'm very proud of her

But what Steve interpreted was
>I'm a worn out dude that likes being used and abused and I edit videos for my dominatrix
>Meanwhile my gf does nothing but be a "fashion godess"
>fashion goddess is debatable because she can't sew, design or draw for shit
>she doesn't even know how to dress herself
>But I must kneel to my goddess!!!

No. 136381

is THAT what she was saying? god, her communication skills have degraded so much in favor of weird baby talk

No. 136426

I still don’t get it being called “Home Street Home”, all it brings to mind is someone being homeless

No. 136455

File: 1612442074841.jpeg (160.53 KB, 828x301, 057F2248-75B1-444E-86D2-7D122B…)

No. 136458

Wow so destigmatising! I feel so much more empowered and comfortable with my mental health problems and the fact that I go to therapy thanks to this tweet. I'm definitely going to refer to Jill's Twitter page next time a family member doesn't take my therapy seriously. Such an educational resource! /S

No. 136477

It makes legit no sense. The only thing related to "street" is that her inspiration are houses and so I guess how houses look like on a street? None of her looks would make anybody think "street wear".
So basically "Home sweet home" would have made more sense but obviously it's totally generic and not witty at all. It's all so stupid. Can't the deadline come already so we can make fun of what a trainwreck this will be?

No. 136481

My guess is that the teacher dictated that the collection has to be streetwear-themed and Jill simply doesn’t understand what that means.

No. 136484

From what I know their final runways can be anything. I've seen casual maternity wear, historical re-creations, "runway" fashion, toddler clothes, cosplay-inspired, and everything in between.

No. 136495

I'm actually more interested in what the other students come up with.

No. 136510

what would have been destigmatizing is if she was open and said that the session was emotionally draining on her instead of this bullshit.

Jill just doesn't understand fashion, as a kid she was calling her scene style punk/goth. If she was a normal person it would be okay for her to not understand the nuances but since she claims to be a fashion designer she needs to know what subgenre of fashion is which.

No. 136540

Im hoping a student either uses deadstock fabrics or takes clothes and turns them into his/her designs. Just to one up her sustainability.

Ive seen other actual fashion student graduates do this.

No. 136852

let's not give them too much credit. just because they aren't jill, doesn't mean that their work is any more professional. these people didn't go into serious fashion programs for a reason. and if you recall the videos posted in an earlier thread, honestly, jill outshines her class. which isn't an achievement when you're surrounded by kids like the mummy movie superfan and the muh two spirit culture face mask bedazzlers.

No. 136892

I don't know if Jill outshines them, I think they're all equally bad to be honest. I only remember that one girl was at least halfway competent sounding compared to everyone else, but clearly her shit was completely forgettable because I don't even remember what it looked like or what it was about, I just remember her presentation was put together more professionally and didn't include "muh mental illness" compared to everyone else.

No. 136943

File: 1612635056838.png (312.99 KB, 533x377, 1.png)

ugly retarded special needs flakey kei

No. 136965

it's dandruff kei, anon

No. 136970

Is that Gypsy Rose?

No. 136974

Are you serious anon it’s a snowflake

No. 136982

Nta, but its a joke

No. 136986

File: 1612655728809.jpg (77.04 KB, 960x1280, photo_2021-02-07_00-27-55.jpg)

hey, first post on here.
took the time to sketch jills actual proportions under the hideous granny square mess she came up with. she doesn´t even know what she looks like. it´s terrible. obviously she doesn´t like the fact that her fat thighs touch, so she left them out completely. the cardigan is gonna make her look even fatter and more like a box of rainbow vomit. how she can think this will look good on her is honestly a fucking mystery to me(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 136987


No. 136988

Welcome to the thread anon, but please read the rules and integrate

No. 136991

i don't mind the actual drawing itself (lol @ the neck) but i agree, boxy is THE last thing she needs on her frame. then again i say that like she has ever been able to dress herself without either looking like she's wearing XXXS or XXXL

No. 136998

The problem with most of jills designs is that she does not focus on the fine details and strong seams, which is where quality garments drastically differ and stand out from clothing you buy at target or h&m. She only seems to put in 70% effort as if she’s only doing these things for a grade. i can’t imagine her having repeat customers on her garments considering the frayed edges of everything she has ever sewn.

No. 137007

Nice email, idiot. That wasn’t a drawing of herself anyway so good job being illiterate

No. 137015

Don’t forget the extremely cheap polyester fabric our sustainable kween seems to gravitate towards. Although it works in her favour that her fans really don’t know any better. Most of them seem to get their clothes from AliExpress, H&M, F21, maybe Lazy Oaf if they can afford it. If that’s their standard for quality then Jill’s creations will only be a slight disappointment which is easier to gloss over.

No. 137065

File: 1612726470543.png (20.43 KB, 652x144, new pixie lore.png)

Who wants to start a betting pool on whether or not Jill is going to make a video on how Uma groomed her? My moneys on her doing it and her blaming Uma on why she treats women she tries to date like shit.

No. 137070

well she’ll do anything to capitalise on her ‘uwu trauma damageywamegy’ so it’s not off the cards

No. 137072

some of you people are sad. someone makes a critical post and you ban them? for what?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 137087

Fat ugly and talentless. No Jill you are not a fashion designer, hell you can barely see home economics level shit.kek
Always find it bizarre how talentless people are always so self confident in their utter lack of it. Watch her clothing be made of hideous, cheap and oh so tacky polyester. I heavily doubt Jill would ever go for beautiful cottons, wools, silks and light weight knits for textile choices.
Pattern maker fag here. Jill is a disgrace to fashion.

No. 137123

They banned you not for your "critical post" or whatever, but because you failed to read the rules on how to post here. Write "sage" on the email field, don't write a subject, don't write a name. That's all. Better luck next time.

No. 137149

File: 1612769153867.png (72.43 KB, 583x394, 1.png)

she's so angry for nothing

No. 137150

File: 1612769340035.png (15.41 KB, 491x132, 2.png)

No. 137151

File: 1612769527277.png (217.32 KB, 595x499, 2.png)

why does he think anyone would care about his retarded takes

No. 137153

File: 1612770426317.png (135.07 KB, 1080x809, Screenshot_20210208-004324~2.p…)

These are lyrics to rainbow connection, don't crop caps to push a narrative let her make milk herself.

No. 137156

It would be incredibly easy to disprove, there’s a tonne of posts on deviantart saying she’s a virgin well after breaking up with Uma

No. 137159

I think I would get more insight from a day-drinker sitting on a park bench than from steebe “thinks marvel films are high art and made a video talking about how he couldn’t stop jacking off because mu porn addiction” steebeson. Commentary style youtube channels only work if you’re intelligent and/or funny and unfortunately for steve he’s batting 0 for 2 in those respects.

No. 137162

She said in the replies that she wasn't angry at this woman at all, she was trying to make a joke. Kinda wish she still used those 'Im expressing this emotion' tags because damn her tweets give off the wrong vibes sometimes.

No. 137165

Leaving the person's face in the photo was a shitty move, I believe she's sincerely angry about it personally

No. 137177

Deadass someone with more followers should know better because you know there's a bunch of little kids dming this girl like "Give Pixie her name or I'll report!!1!!"

No. 137189

File: 1612795729310.png (6.48 MB, 1242x2688, 7B5FA841-006F-4DDF-A9BA-B5E254…)

there’s a line between ‘cute things’ and literal children’s bedroom decorations tied into your fried out hair, jill

No. 137190

why she insists on pulling those constipated faces i will never know

No. 137194

Wait steebie had a porn addiction?

No. 137197

His channel is StevieTV, he talks about it in the video with the thumbnail ‘Jesus ruined my sex ed’. None of his last 6 videos have broke the thousand view mark either, can’t even sponge of his girlfriends viewers right.

No. 137198

Does she tag all her posts with her brand fivepetalflower? Or did she actually make something in this image?

No. 137205

sage for retarded nitpick but I find it funny how she tagged her brand called five petal flower and her flower eyeliner only has four petals

No. 137243

Honestly she is just branding herself at this point. 5 petal flower isn't even established yet and she still managed to make it all about herself

No. 137252

He talks about it briefly in this video, around the 8 minute mark. Recommend watching the video on 1.5 speed because he talks like he's trying to send you to sleep.

No. 137264

Her eye is the fifth flower anon, very "uwu kawaii" of her of course

No. 137266

>she still managed to make it all about herself
She hasn't even done her collection and she still pushes it so hard
She always makes everything about herself, like the cosplay group(s) she had, the music group she had, the party where she fucked some dude that a friend of hers was interested in, etc.

No. 137384

Did anyone find out where Chrissa Sparkles clothes are produced? (The jumper Jill is wearing) I can’t find any information on her websites, maybe I’m just looking over it.

No. 137470

Damn not used to see stewie lookin as a normal guy anymore that was unexpected

No. 137472

File: 1612933133471.jpg (107.5 KB, 1080x529, Screenshot_20210210_055745.jpg)

Lol k

No. 137510

Her MTO clothing used to be done by a seamstress in the USA, but now she does not say where it is produced only says that she pays a team a fair living wage. I checked the heart jumper I own and it does not have a tag saying the country it was manufactured in.

No. 137539

Isn't that illegal if she sells in the states? What's with all of these Kawaii brands being so shady with their business practices? We all know Jill isn't going to disclose her fabric composition and is most likely going to upcharge like lyrica mitoshi so her brand will fit right in.

No. 137644

File: 1613018409748.png (2.16 MB, 2048x2048, 6BBCD81A-5118-404D-8B7F-6454F8…)

I don’t mind this girl too much, but I will be amazed if she tries to pretend to have DID(Shitty fanart)

No. 137685

She has tge same stoner eyes as Shatna

No. 137708

File: 1613051060904.png (3.57 MB, 1242x2688, F2FEF78D-4DCB-4EED-ABB8-8957E4…)

i know jill made a statement that she’s not going to buy more makeup in a video a while back but who wants to bet that she’ll end up breaking that ‘sustainable pledge’ to get her paws on this?

No. 137725

File: 1613058307737.png (37.99 KB, 652x218, Screenshot 2021-02-11 082611.p…)

LMAO she "retraumatized" her self.

>who wants to bet that she’ll end up breaking that ‘sustainable pledge’ to get her paws on this?
Let me just point you to >>132807, She for sure gave up on her sustainability and only picks and chooses what she thinks is sustainable. IE. Cute animal crossing collaboration with Colour Pop = Totally sustainable ; Sanrio (a brand Jill doesn't care about) collaboration with wet n' wild = The work of the devil, how dare they send her so much plastic.

No. 137734

She is so transparent. NOBODY with trauma discusses it like this.

No. 137738

Anon I don’t think those are stoner eyes. I’m pretty sure her face is swollen with fat. Shocking how much of her weight she carries in her face, tragic.

No. 137745

Um, good? You shouldn't be sharing 90% of your posts? Learn some fucking healthy boundaries and the concept of privacy?

No. 137746

she already says she smokes weed it wouldn't be a stretch to say that those are stoner eyes.

No. 137752

What the fuck does she mean she can't share any of it online?? She never shuts the fuck up about her trauma. Also what's holding her back in the first place lmao I mean look at her about me section on her website, if she's comfortable sharing all of that with complete strangers on her """professional""" website, then how is this shit any different in comparison?

No. 137779

how the fuck do you retraumatize yourself lmaoo holy fucking shit shes so fucking retarded kek

No. 137780

>cannot talk about it online
Bitch what have you been doing for the past year and a half then? stupid cunt

No. 137786

So this is how she’s going to excuse her romanticizing and infantilizing of mental health problems, by claiming she can’t actually talk about it? Guess she’s done claiming to be de-stigmatizing mental health problems with here uwu traumaversary nonsense. Get ready for vague posts seeking sympathy and asspats instead.

No. 137850

Sounds like she signed an NDA lmao

No. 137861

If her therapist was a cow, kek. They'd be doing us some favours making Jilly sane. (Not serious)

No. 137965

A narc would think this, yes.

No. 137990

File: 1613171854396.png (449.01 KB, 780x725, Opera Snapshot_2021-02-12_1815…)

She did buy from Colourpop. It's the Animal Crossing release though. She really does cherry pick what's sustainable.

No. 138058

ew absolutely disgusting, it's always these fake soft boys types that have the worst sex habits

No. 138133

Within 40 mins of release the AC Colourpop collection sold out of what she bought … she was definitely waiting on release for it. I'm sick of all these white lies, why cant she just tell the truth?

No. 138140

No. 138146

oh loooord. Bless any anon who transcripts this thing because i hate listening to her talk about anything. Why does she give a shit what Toei anime in japan does anyway?

No. 138147

File: 1613244379331.jpeg (139.9 KB, 742x698, F61C83C0-5CDF-4170-9389-1C6B68…)

>"In a situation where it is [Precure]… vs. one of the most important issues that I extremely want to stand up for and fight for and not be quiet about as trans rights and lgbt rights."
this is a direct quote. her brains are fucking scrambled

No. 138150

can any kind anon give a rundown on why Toei is transphobic? I really can't stand to sit through the vid.

No. 138152

File: 1613245944650.png (298.82 KB, 722x406, unknown.png)

No. 138158

What's annoying is that it makes sense from a legal standpoint why the company refused to use a new name that wasn't the legal one. That's how it is everywhere even in canada.

It's shity that the company completely ghosted the person and that should be the main focus at how unprofessional the union acted to the situation but the company is in the right since it's a legal issue more than a human rights issue.

But again it's Jill wanting to virtue signal for a different country when she ignores what's going on in her back yard

No. 138179

Weebs really don’t give a fuck about Japan’s shitty treatment of people unless it’s trannies huh. What a fucking joke lel

No. 138189

I hate Jill and I hate trannies. Guess I'll pass.

No. 138248

Well it's Japan. While it sucks that non cis or whatever people are treated that way there's not much you can really do about it.

No. 138261


her entire attitude in this is just so shitty. the way she's like WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION but i won't cancel my crunchyroll account and will still spend money on precure is ridiculous. what is the point of this video, no call to action, just sign this petition thanks.

No. 138272

Yeah in genreal asian countries are behind on things. Like its illegal to be a tattoo artist in some countries. Let alone be gay or non cis.

They are improving but it takes time for culture to change. Even pro lgbt counties have issues. Including Canada

No. 138294

File: 1613336679396.jpeg (176.04 KB, 750x849, 48D1A238-030D-4099-BE83-E45648…)

No. 138295

File: 1613336747551.jpeg (172.21 KB, 750x851, 1962E5EC-97AF-4A95-83B7-467C39…)

From today’s Valentine’s ootd on Instagram. Every shot in this video is awkward, the lip sync isn’t great, and the song she used doesn’t make sense for someone who’s in a relationship on Valentine’s Day.

No. 138297

the lipstick is the most distracting for me. She overlined her lips to make them look fuller, but it makes her philtrum look too short. She also overlined the inner corners, which makes the application look messy and like she’s a child who’s using makeup for the first time. Not great for close up shots of her face. Some cleanup would have made a big difference in presentation.

No. 138306

she looks like that tlc tranny jazz or something, what the fuck has happened to her face

No. 138309

Yo, this isn’t a trans hatred blog. Stfu.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 138313


No. 138314

this isn’t Twitter or tumblr lmao

No. 138315

go back to twitter retard

No. 138323

File: 1613340869669.jpg (91.84 KB, 672x514, bbbbb.jpg)

Did she buy the bag from MyViolet or is it genuinely old and she's not bullshitting? If she bought it from MyViolet she must be somewhat aware it's resold fast fashion.

No. 138335

Not Pixie trying to look smol by having this much negative space above her head/next to her. Is she over trying to become the next Emilia Fart now?

No. 138347

"Asian countries are behind on things" i see you're a fan of american imperialism

No. 138380

>asian countries not subscribing to the tranny agenda

This isn't a tranny sucking cock blog either

My god this might be a better coord than others we have seen from her but she looks so much like she's into DDGL it's annoying. Plus why does she want to look "smoluwu" wtf. Also I'm pretty sure her shit is not reused fast fashion lmao. Jill just go back to doing your stupid hauls from dollskill, no one cares about fake sustainability and you're just making a fool of yourself. At least the hauls were somewhat interesting lol.

No. 138384

The furthest japanese people seem to care is gay rights. I don't think they care much for trans folks.

No. 138389

Why doesn’t she fight for trans rights in general? Why does it only matter to her when its precure related, ugh

No. 138403

Maybe because it is biologically imposible to become the opposite sex? Seems logical to not want to give men ugly genital slits and women ugly meat tubes. Sucks for the Toei animator but maybe he should get therapy.
Honestly Jillian should just shut up about any social justice issue and just keep buying plastic shit and pretending to look special instead of pandering through woke shit. It used to be annoying how much she spent on shit but now I rather watch her spend her mommy's money than see her be retarded and parroting on any issue, like she knew anything about it.

No. 138404

I guess she's clowncore now

No. 138405

File: 1613367875172.jpg (30.92 KB, 600x600, 99_56102_1529569131_bca1d9.jpg)

No. 138425

Agreed, she needs to stop trying to have "takes" because she isn't that smart and can barely even properly regurgitate the standard weeb-y girl lines. At least when she was just buying tons of plastic baubles and clown clothes she was bringing something interesting and new to the table. She had so much money to waste and such specific interests, it was way more unique content and while cringey, at least entertaining. I used to like watching her hauls in a mix of hate and genuine interest in some of her clothing choices…but now she just makes lukewarm trendy social issue videos and shit about her school and "brand".

No. 138435

Yeah I fully agree with you.
Her 'peak' was definitely a couple years back when she was still doing hauls of tacky plastic clothes and public livestreams, she was obnoxious as hell back then but at least that kind of content was decent enough to put on in the background/to 'hate watch' because it was just her sperging about things she genuinely enjoyed.

I don't think every influencer is fit to be some woke political role model and Jill is a great example for that, she's unintelligent and simple minded, all of her opinions are just regurgitated 'hot takes' she saw on Twitter, it provides absolutely 0 value to anyone with more than 2 brain cells.
I haven't been able to sit through a single video of hers ever since she started doing this sustainability shtick, they're all terribly boring.

Also she's just really shit at taking care of stuff like her Patreon, she clearly lacks the maturity and work ethic to actually make it worth something paying for, all the content she posts on there (if she does at all) is seemingly just a slight variation of stuff she posts on her other social media anyway.
The Patreon livestreams which an anon reposted for us were a joke too, usually only 1-2 hours and even then she was struggling to fill the time.
When they were still public at least there were more people interacting/asking questions.

No. 138441

It's been over a month since her last livestream, and we never had one in December. Her scheduling sucks ass, just hope it gets better after she finishes college.

No. 138445

You've probably been following Jill long enough to know that it never gets better. She'll have 15 new life-threatening excuses as to why she can't the week she finishes design school.

No. 138446

Nope America sucks never been never will. I just dont really care what people do to their bodies.

No. 138455

This also isn't a place for mental retarded people to come and spew their transphobia. Listen I understand that your mom was raped by your father thus resulting in the likes of you. But you would be better off killing yourself (which I hope you do) the to come on here and derail the thread with your transphobia anon(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 138457

Are you lost, anon?

No. 138460

NTA, but in what world 'transphobia' is worse than telling people to go kill themselves? Check yourself Anon…

No. 138477

Japan is such a shit country with their treatment of women, workers, and even children. They have no help for mental illness and no foster care system. Why the hell should Jill just pay attention to what her favourite toy marketing company is doing?

No. 138478

Tbh im just learning this place is transphobic and ive been posting for years, guess I'm still a newfag at heart. Jill aint ever gonna listen to you guys now because the valid criticisms will be drowned out by the transphobia. Unfortunate that you've given her something to dismiss all your claims with but thats how these forums are I suppose

No. 138479

Anon, it’s lolcow? What criticism has or would Jill ever take from a gossip site of all places? If she’s smart she sticks to her hugbox and rarely if ever looks here. Also to suggest people should censor themselves here on the off chance Jill would ever take anyone’s advice is stupid. We’re here to gossip, laugh and point out her hypocrisy.

No. 138485

No, I know exactly where I am.
If they are gonna be transphobia I think it's fair to tel them to go kill themselves.

People like yall will think a place like this is your safe space to be openly shitty, but then when someone is openly shitty to yall, you get ass blasted and offended.(ban evasion)

No. 138488

Jill cares about 'transphobia' about as much as she does sustainability. As in just trying to get a pass to continue being exactly the same, enjoying her plastic, fast fashion, and Precure.

No. 138489

I agree with most anons that she should go back to her old fast fashion ways. Maybe set up a shop to resell those clothes too.
Quit going off-topic, retard. Take your sperging back to Twitter and suck Jill's cheesetit some more.

No. 138522

>Listen I understand that your mom was raped
>If they are gonna be transphobia I think it's fair to tel them to go kill themselves.
>Jill aint ever gonna listen to you guys now because the valid criticisms will be drowned out by the transphobia.

Big yikes, maybe it's time to go to Jill to have your trans identity validated!

No. 138526

People like that make it hard to believe you can be trans or a trans supporter? Without being an asshole.

No. 138527

This person (and I bet Jillian too) is like "suicide and joking about rape is ok but calling a man a man? unacceptable, you all disgust me". Jillian's fans are milky as hell too.
>safe space
Lolcow isn't anyone's safe space, you're confusing it with twitter.

No. 138532


Nope i dont think either are acceptable as i wasnt the one making those jokes. I was referring to the rape stuff as a reason why people think all trans are assholes. Sorry for the confusion anon!

No. 138555

File: 1613457100666.png (1.07 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210215-223018.png)

Have any of you seen this? Right up Jill's bulging cornhole.

No. 138557

As soon as Jill sees this she's going to be frothing at the fucking mouth to get her hands on it.

No. 138560

You can see your icon in the cap.

No. 138562

an emo kid lurking the rainby thread? this place gets better by the day

No. 138571

Are you a dude anon

No. 138590

File: 1613490746224.jpeg (116.11 KB, 1280x720, 42799EDF-E306-4193-9F5B-4DCD90…)

I’m late but honestly she reminds me of this drag queen

No. 138596

I bet he's the same guy telling people to kill themselves and that their mom was raped
God this thread is a mess

No. 138605

>>138590 she does look like sherry… how unfortunate

No. 138611

Eww an ugly emo dude

No. 138620

File: 1613512811056.jpg (619.1 KB, 1440x1800, Screenshot_20210216-170021_Twi…)

jesus jill the social media intern does not have these answers

No. 138621

Lmao she's cyberbullying the toei intern

No. 138622

You should move the thread to tattle.life where you have to make an accounts. You still have anonymity It would weed out the weirdo basement dwelling transphobes(DILATE)

No. 138623

singing to anon
Are you…are you lost

No. 138644

Jill the journalist everybody. If she really truly gave a shit about how toei treats queer people she'd tell her fans to boycott their anime and she'd stop watching and supporting it. But she just wants to virtue signal while changing nothing about herself.

No. 138648

How can you consistently keep whining about transphobia/lack of compassion and then turn around and tell other anons their mom was raped and they should kill themselves in the same breathe?
The absolute cognitive dissonance of these fake-woke virtue signalers is a mental illness in and of itself, go back to twitter and suck jillians clit some more you fucking retard

No. 138654

Kys troon

No. 138655

this sounds godawful of me but i genuinely miss her "haul" days. she just sounds preachy and condescending when she tries to be political or "uwu mental health awareness." it's also so fucking boring because she's not educated whatsoever. just go back to the vapid bullshit. it's the only thing she was good at.

No. 138659

this is fucking hilarious. what outcome would she like then? anyone can just sign legal documents as mary fucking poppins if they feel like it that day?

No. 138666

Feel you anon. I actually liked watching her japan blogs aswell when she went with her mother. She had a sweeter personality back then and was way less obnoxious that nowadays

No. 138669

File: 1613563893728.jpg (135.14 KB, 720x767, IMG_20210217_140927.jpg)

she retweeted this lmao

No. 138671

this is absolutely retarded lol
Steve coming out as nonbinary queerio when

No. 138676

Simply being a normal bi person in a het relationship isn't good enough for Jillybean. This is the same girl who literally made a sign about how she's hyper ultra feminine but stil a lesbian (kek) and had that car covered in rainbow decals. It's more important for her that people KNOW how special and kweer she is, it's as if she'd die without that attention.

Also Steebie going nonbinary finery wouldn't surprise me either.

No. 138703

>they're bi/pan and want to identify with that
lmfao that doesn't even make any fucking sense. i understand that to people like jill the term "partner" just sounds cooler, but they are all trying so hard to be valid with some bullshit excuse

she chose to harrass an innocent intern and yet all she had to weaponize was her own dumb quote?

No. 138704

The first point is fair enough but I doubt that's what Jill identifies with, plus they haven't been together for that long. She's definitely just trying to force her "queerness" down everyone's throats. Makes it so much more obvious that it's a front to get rainby oppwession points.

No. 138712

File: 1613613131072.png (605.92 KB, 592x1098, original design do not steal.p…)

No. 138714

Jill, shut the god damn fuck up. This person actually made a finished product and all you have to show are some shitty half assed sketches, I can't believe she's so full of herself to think that someone would actually want to steal her useless piece of shit crayon doodles. I guess she owns the entire concept of putting flowers on a cardigan now, that person's doesn't even look like hers. God she's such a narc.

No. 138716

god the actual fucking audacity, jill never actually pisses me off but this takes it. this person made an ACTUAL product, something not just easily whipped out out of thin air but takes months of planning and prep and work, of a design that isn't really all that hard to come up with, in completely different colors and with extra detailing, and she has the gall to even imply that it's ripped off her middle school sketches. genuinely gross

No. 138717

this looks nothing like the sketch she drew. What a vile cunt to think that some one with a lager following and has never heard of her would copy her. She's going to be very annoying when ever people infringe on her "brand" even though she's trying to be a copy and paste Betsy Johnson. Soon she'll cry that Lyrica Mitoshi are stealing her style.

No. 138718

samefag but holy shit I didnt realize it was meyoco, meyoco has been an established artist for forever, and producing apparel and other stuff for I don't even know how long. fucking insulting of jill and her nasty followers to accuse her of this

No. 138719

Was just about to say this too. Plus this kind of aesthethic isn't even original? Jill didn't even invent her aesthetic, seems more like Animal Crossing refined this type of style and made it mainstream.

No. 138722

File: 1613615345122.png (258.84 KB, 748x492, 164d4b7bfe9f732d76b0e99ca62e5f…)

To add on top of this shit cake, I found the original sketch meyoco did for her product. This was in November, and Jill didn't post her design reveal video until January. Using her own logic Jill was the one who ripped meyoco off, what a fucking retard.

No. 138724

For someone who talks about "supporting small designers uwu" as a huge part of her brand, she was very quick to encourage her fans' criticism when she could've said it was cute or just ignored it. I wonder if she'll apologise for it, dirty delete or just act like nothing happened.

No. 138725

she even liked a comment that says "this has pixie written all over it" like jesus, her fanbase is so deluded to think that ANYTHING flowie rainbie uwu is jill's original idea do not steal!!!!! and for her to encourage them is nasty.

No. 138733

I wonder how embarrassed Jill is that meyoco posted a picture of her product design before jill and clearly didn’t copy. Or will she just full on refuse to recognize she jumped the gun thinking she was all that and start claiming that she posted pics of her design in early 2020 but took them down or some shit.

No. 138740

God moments like these make me wish someone would call this bitch out (not someone from here, though). At best she'll give some snarky oopsie non apology

No. 138742

"Hopefully it's just a coincidence :("
Bitch your shitty toddler sketches look nothing like the cardigan in question, stop being so full of yourself. I swear to god someone needs to smack her out of her delusions

Someone should add this cardigan shit to the list of bullshit she has done, because this is honestly in my top 5 reasons why I dislike her. I'm so pissed, I'm just waiting for her to do something super wrong so her woke fanbase cancels her.

No. 138746

Ah yes an established respected professional artist with a ton of work going back years copying an amateurs craft college crayon drawings

No. 138749

Didn’t someone do this same shit to her over her rainbow tennis skirt or something? I think it was unanimously agreed that it was a easy to think of design and it was BS for the girl to accuse Jill of copying it, but now that the shoe is on the other foot Jill does the same thing?

No. 138758

jill deleted her comment without saying anything, because of course she did

No. 138759

lmao what a spineless bitch

No. 138763

File: 1613654012414.png (16.11 KB, 598x106, 1.png)

This just in: "good therapy" consists of being able to talk about your tv shows with the therapist

No. 138764

File: 1613654384090.webm (987.93 KB, 1280x720, NNNSmk2y-Lbhj40n.webm)

Jesus christ how horrifying and self absorbed. She looks like a middle aged woman pretending to be cool, clowncore looking ass bitch. She even has the autism eyes.

No. 138768

File: 1613657473919.jpg (107.23 KB, 570x750, il_570xN.687714598_dt6g.jpg)

Watch out Jill the thieves are everywhere!

No. 138777

Her mouth moves in the most disgusting way… She looks like a blowup doll too. How does she not puke seeing herself like this.

No. 138780

Holy shit, pixie someone invented time travel so they could steal your designs!! This is serious!

If that's all it takes, I've been so some damn good therapy then.

No. 138865

she like every comment implying that this was a stolen idea. but not the comment proving otherwise.

i hope jill isn't so far up her own ass to think that everyone knows what she up to and what she is doing fashion wise that she would accuse someone of stealing her basic ass design.

No. 138883

Lipsyncing is a skill jill does not have

No. 138884

Jill's so painfully unoriginal it's really disgusting and sad. She was definitely that one attention starved, unimaginative kid who's mother told her she was special and sadly deluded poor Jill into the pig we see today.

No. 138890

she has removed her comment.

No. 138897

A small business owned by a POC, if meyoco is gay that would be the cherry on top of Jill shooting herself in the foot

No. 138898

Of course she did. Glad we have caps in case she wants to back peddle.

No. 138902

I'm getting legit horror movie poster vibes from this.

No. 138905

Meyoco already has a sort of standard cutesy nature inspired theme that you would find from vintage and new brands alike. I saw she also has an allover print mushroom top, which is verrry typical.
The fact that Jill fans can't put their two brain cells together to figure out making the pockets the pot for the plants is a no-brainer cute design choice, that isn't owned by Jill, >>138768 is what's more sus than this design.

No. 138907

The two fans on that post are backpedaling now too, like they didn't know exactly what they were implying

No. 138908

Gotta love when they chicken out instead of at least saying sorry for implying something extremely insulting and damaging to another small business/creator. I wish artists online being a bit more aggressive wasn't considered distasteful so they could shut that shit down with the anger it deserves.

No. 138913

File: 1613759247589.jpg (125.73 KB, 1080x622, 20210219_192650.jpg)

Girl she's on some wack drugs

No. 138916

File: 1613760784832.png (261.29 KB, 598x557, Screenshot 2021-02-19 114334.p…)

What's funny about this take is that people who experience childhood trauma are rarely "totally fine" even if they don't exhibit all of symptoms Jill claims to have it doesn't mean that trauma they have experienced doesn't effect their daily lives. She really does act like she's the only person who has experienced anything bad.

anyway OT but Jill really needs to stop advertising that she's going to be a shit business owner, she already throws fits when she's rejected, she cant make calls or answer emails.
How does she expect to sell shitty clothes online when she would probably cry any time some one emails her for a faulty product?

No. 138918

Has anyone noticed that, yeah, she has phases of mimicking people (YouTubers) but she almost always seems to give off Amberlynn Reid vibes. Is it possible that, aside from maybe enjoying her mindless vlogs, pixie uses Amberlynns content to make herself feel better about her own weight gain?

No. 138928

The cheek of Jill's fans to attach that shit-ass drawing of a shit-ass design and imply an actually talented creator copied Jill ahahahahah

You could probably find better design ideas in a preschool art class, but ok stans. Also love that it's disproven by >>138722

No. 138929

She's doing/promoting trauma olympics, where she wants to insist her trauma is worse even if it is identical to someone else's

No. 138941

U don't understand anon. Some people are ~*hypersensitive*~, they can't help it that they are 10000% more sensitive then us normies who don't experience life ruining crippling trauma every time we breathe.

No. 138949


the funny thing is that jill's making a jacket, isn't she? not a cardigan lol
so what the fuck is she even complaining about? flowers are a common motif in clothes, she didn't invent them.

No. 138950

That shit is so infuriating.
first of all >>138913 this fucking tweet makes no sense. This georgie girl is spewing some nonsense right there. "hypersensitive in your genetics" excuse me what?
Then, the fact that Jill retweeted it means she's using it in her arsenal of "reasons" why she "has trauma". Suddenly she can pull out any excuse out of her asshole and whatever situation is suddenly escalated into a deep emotional trauma because of how "she's not fine uwu" (like, for example… whatever she's trying to do with her dA "trauma"). She really is trying her hardest to seem more affected than other people. At this point she should just call herself an empath because of how her "emotions are magnified" lol.

No. 138989

OT but I'm genuinely surprised Jill has an older model iPhone. With all the money she throws around and how much she brags about her equipment I assumed she'd be up to date on phone releases too.

No. 138991

File: 1613827253207.jpg (71.62 KB, 1080x412, IMG_20210220_131855.jpg)


No. 138997

Oh my god, these people need SO bad to have had some kind of childhood trauma to make them speshul that even if they grew up in stable, healthy households they still find ways to make something up. I hope the world kicks them in the teeth like they deserve, wishing you had trauma is fucked up

No. 139011

>> 138949
Yeah, if you genuinely like pixie you gotta be as braindead as her to even enjoy her as a personality or humor her extreme and obvious entitlement. So it makes sense that they went "i see pastel and flowers is this 5 PEDAL FOWER?? ICONIC JILL MOMMY?"
It was such an infuriating reach.

Can't believe that pseudo-scientific garbage got 2k+ likes. Can't they justify themselves with astrology like every other boring ass idiot. Affixing childhood/general trauma and PTSD to everything is v dramatic.

No. 139012

Oops, messed up my tag to >>138949

No. 139018

No. 139020

Her voice sounds extra annoying in this

No. 139021

i think it's too late now, but i wish jill could realize that just because she's sustainably woke now, it doesn't mean that the only content she can still make is unwanted takes on shit that she barely treads. this is a place halfway across the globe that she only visited once and knows almost nothing about, and yet she dragged out the mourning for 12+ minutes.

i wish she would do more of crafts videos or vlogs. be damned whatever happened like 2 years ago that so abruptly turned her into a completely unbearable and obnoxious obese snowflake. i know she's been a cow for a while, but imo her questionable behaviour was typical for a teenager. and she used to be sweet and funny, and made interesting, feel-good videos that you could watch when you felt sick or bored. i can't even stand her new voice now.

No. 139022

War, rape, murder and torture happens everyday. There's so much shitty stuff happening this right second, not only in countries with no human rights, but in Canada too. Children being trafficked and beated to death. Women being humilliated, murderer or sold just because they're women. Kids with unstable and horible family lives, or living on the streets. But no, Jillian is the most traumatized child ever, because she's sensitive.

She lives in such a painless bubble.

No. 139023

>i wish she would do more of crafts videos or vlogs.
Yeah, for someone oh-so passionate for fashion you would think she would do more crafts. She's laughable

> i wish jill could realize that just because she's sustainably woke now, it doesn't mean that the only content she can still make is unwanted takes on shit that she barely knows

This, I think she's trying to be like one of those e-girl channels that talk about why this or that is problematic and wrong. Only thing is that, just like she is, most of those channels come from girls that barely know what they're talking about. She loooves Shane Dawson to the point of defending him, so we can assume she watches shitty breadtube and videos with bad takes all the time. Funny thing is that fashion channels and crafting or art channels are out there doing super well, but I guess her priority is to look woke. I'd rather see her pulling out badly done crafts than whatever braindead braindamaged 0 braincells takes she's doing. She has no brains, she only knows how to look like a clown. And clowns gotta clown.

No. 139031

File: 1613861021810.jpeg (479.63 KB, 750x724, 0BC4D2B6-E167-40E9-A2F2-4A8955…)

im pretty sure she stole the flower design from this jacket a girl instagram made who did a commission for jill kek

No. 139032

File: 1613862194680.png (1.71 MB, 1076x1324, Screen Shot 2021-02-20 .png)

No one stole anything… This isn't AT ALL a new design or concept. While Jill is 100% shitty for thinking the way she did. Flower pot pockets of all kinds have been done and done.

No. 139054

Yeah it’s kind of a shock she isn’t redesigning/flipping thrifted clothes especially if she wants to be a fashion designer. She doesn’t sew or craft because she doesn’t have an original idea in her head sadly.

No. 139058

Flipping used clothes would also be the best eco friendly choice if being eco conscious is the most important thing to her. I WISH she would do that instead, especially since it would take less time than just constructing entirely new clothes and deadlines and time management are clearly not her friend

No. 139083

Out of curiosity, who made this anon?

No. 139084

File: 1613931095324.jpeg (697.65 KB, 828x1249, D29DFD00-F218-4BC2-8345-C69E20…)

High off getting people to go after Meyoco for her cardigan design, despite Meyoco designing it before her, Jill is now trying to supposedly get someone fired from their job (but thankfully people pointed out this isn’t an employee anyway). Also the way she tags Steve underneath it just screams “Steve you can’t like Hazbin Hotel anymore, it’s too problematic because of this one person and you have to stop liking it or else I look bad”

No. 139085

Thinking about the millions of people freezing their asses off in Texas with no power, water, food while Jill makes a video lamenting the loss of a cheesy themed cafe kek

No. 139088

I just find it funny she isn’t like. Capitalizing on being a silly sewing Channel given the popularity of Micarah Tewers or Best dressed. Like clearly there is interest in sewing/thrifting/flipping so idk why Jillian hasn’t completely leaned into that.

No. 139089

The hypocrisy of her criticizing someone else for turning mental disorders into cutesy stereotypes when that's pretty much exactly what she does herself. Honestly not disappointed or surprised, this is exactly what I expect of her.

No. 139092

File: 1613935867333.jpg (81.25 KB, 584x416, Screenshot 2021-02-21 123049.j…)


No. 139096

Well Jill needs to be faster or no unique designs will be left oh no!

No. 139107

I’m starting to think she doesn’t actually want to design anymore, she just wants to be mentally ill. Her parents should get her off the internet and get her real help. She’s starting to seem TOO obsessed with me taking illnesses….idk just feels icky and like she’s pushing too hard to have an issue.

No. 139134

When she's introducing her skillshare sponsorship at the end she says "our channel" as if it's also Steve's channel? Or is this a DID hint?

No. 139193

It’s so funny seeing motifs she considers her signatures done by other people far better than she ever could, even if she wants to say she popularised the ideas and oh people are stealing ideas from her the execution on this and the meyoco cardigan is just far out of her league, to claim copying when the other party is out of your league is just embarrassing

No. 139195

Not to mention the fact that she hasn’t completed anything that she’s saying people stole from her. it’s one thing to have a completed project that’s being ripped off, it’s another thing to have only a drawing and be like “I WAS going to make that :(“

No. 139220

They are stealing her ideas!……out of her brain? Damn telepathic art thieves!

No. 139253

exactly. studio vlogs are also really popular right now so she could do something like that and show the process behind making her collection. like I'm sorry but no one cares about precure or bpd

No. 139262

File: 1614037074360.jpg (130.45 KB, 750x872, Tumblr_l_141602467952718.jpg)

No. 139265

Oh boy I do hope it’s “DID”

No. 139266

File: 1614039366564.jpg (112.6 KB, 1080x1080, b80c4a1f8eb4c1cb4f6f99360fafa6…)

Does Uma the 2 month dA relationship girl know that Jillian is making her into her main trauma? Isn't she offended? Like if someone kept paroling about how 2 months of my life when I was a teen were enough to traumatize a whole ass person to the point they have catatonia I would definetely be annoyed to say the least
Why don't their ex friends and ex boyfriends come foward like Alyssa's sister did? I don't think there's anything to lose here?

Also, found this surprisingly very nice outfit from her past, boy if she only knew how bad she looks now

No. 139268

File: 1614039652681.png (321.04 KB, 374x418, 3.png)

No. 139272

I really don’t think thinness makes much of a difference tbh, she looks like poptart throwup either way.

No. 139283

It's not the thinness or fatness, it's the styling. She looks relatively normal and well coordinated in the old picture, I like her outfit. Her recent shit though, she looks like an unghinged clowncore bitch

No. 139317

Now when she dresses every item is a statement piece and her hair is really loud then she stands in front of a loud background so there is no focal point so she just looks like a blob because the eye doesn’t know where to focus, the old look is nicer because the focus is on the skirt and bag not everything in the image at the same time

No. 139327

i'm here to wk my girl Micarah lol, she does amazing videos and she almost always thrifts her fabrics or flips old thrifted clothes into amazing pieces. jillian could ABSOLUTELY go down this road and be insanely popular, even moreso than she ever was, but i guess it'd also require shutting the fuck up for five minutes about how mentally ill she is and how much she creams herself over a japanese tv show for kids

No. 139332

went to her channel for refference, and man, she has like a million views on a well thought video full of effort… jill could never lol
it's nice to know people are actually living the dream that jill wishes she put effort in lol

Is it me or in her old outfit, she made an effort to look good? Like, the outfit has a nice and more fitting body shape, and even though it looks simple, it looks well coordinated, the pinks match, the hair and makeup are not busy and make her look cute, and it works, she looks fresh and approachable.

The newest outfit looks so busy, so outlandish, and it makes no sense, hearts and cheeta print? and that disgusting flat and damaged clown hair?
It's like she wants to look as loud and obnoxious as possible with no thought in whatsoever. I feel like she used to dress in a way that made sense to her, now she just wants to stand out?

No. 139339

File: 1614107183800.png (859.08 KB, 1080x1198, Screenshot_20210223-120346~2.p…)

Something about this photo leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

No. 139340

File: 1614107679323.gif (2.02 MB, 300x171, 7EEA6A64-6910-4594-B530-9BA099…)

>cAn U TelL i LöVe wHAt I dO

God I can’t with her

No. 139341

Oh god THIS is the make up she’s planning on putting on this poor girl?

No. 139342

File: 1614107730225.jpeg (357.88 KB, 2048x1514, 2DA2A380-79F9-4374-859C-89D6B9…)

Dropped pic like an idiot

No. 139343

Looks like the mock anon it’s gonna look hideous and you can see the regret in the girls face

No. 139345

Yeah, we know you love putting yourself at the center of attention lol

No. 139346


Is it just me or the silhouette of this mockup is different than the design? On the drawing its an envelope neckline high waisted dress with a belt and mockup has neither the fold on the bust nor is cut off under the bust? She couldn't even stick to her own design.
I won't even mention the fit of that mockup though

No. 139347

Jill doesn’t know anything about makeup. That eyeshadow isn’t gonna translate the same on such hooded and deep set eyes. If she wants to draw out her ideas to such a particular degree, she needs to make the sketches look like the model so she can…..actually figure out what she’s working with and come up with something flattering. No skill or thought whatsoever.

No. 139348

She would be better off with a skinny model, everything is easier, cheaper and quicker to make. She clearly doesn’t know what will happen to the skirt part in motion with this girl as her model, I won’t even go into the shit awful sketches she produced.

No. 139349

You can tell Jill designed this specific outfit for herself. Also is she planning on putting her in a wig, if that's the case why didn't she do the same for the model with the shaved head?

the mock up is different but it's still a sweetheart neckline. I actually prefer the new design over the drawing since it looks like she's putting in effort and it isn't just a babydoll dress with a belt.

Anon she attends a woke crafting school where their final assignment has to be deeply tied in with their mental illness. I think she would actually get reduced points if she didn't have at least one obese model on the runway.

No. 139352

Jesus christ that does not look good

No. 139353

I know, anon but It’s actually cool whenever a designer knows how to make clothes for more than straight sizes but it has to be done right, can’t wait to see this shitshow go down. When is the runway or have I been blind and missed the date posted

No. 139354

there's no way she can design for a body this big and fat if she can barely dress her own fat self. This looks so bad.

No. 139355

Looking at this model, it's sooooo painfully obvious that she's designing clothes for her own goddamn self. Like, she's not taking in account the face or actual weight of the model. She has hooded eyes for gods sake, how is she going to translate her makeup?

She is so stupid. Like, she's using a fat model to get inclusive brownie points but it's clear she just wants to make shit for herself

No. 139356

Yeah, her "model drawings" aren't actually even her models… lol

No. 139357

Jillian: Colorful mess and eyesore
Her design: absolute shit
Like you can tell she wants to be the center of attention and doesn't actually want her clothes to be the center of it

No. 139360

I have to wonder what kind of undergarments is the model supposed to wear with this outfit? She seems to be fitting the dress over a sports bra? Doubt Jill can make a garment structured enough to make such a big model go braless lol.
Of course she designed it for herself huge titty Jilly queen uwu

No. 139361

It was years ago, Uma probably doesn’t know any of this is happening honestly

No. 139364

Ok so we've found out where her crazy pose in her illustrations comes from. Maybe study anatomy before you start dressing humans. Legs are not straight sticks that extend from the body with a cavernous chasm in between them.

No. 139365

I feel like she's negging her model to make herself look better in comparison lol? Who puts that bland potato sack on some poor big girl and thinks it's cute & a good representation of "loving" what you do? Jill if you gave a fuck you'd coach and mock up the garments on your model so she can actually look good.

No. 139376

sad that this went under the radar. jill doesn't strike me as a haydur though. i feel like if she watched ALR, it would be because she actually liked her ngl. although she was my wakeup call to lose weight so how funny would that be

No. 139377

sage for no one cares but i've noticed a lot of people tend to dress more outlandish the worse their self esteem gets. it's like how some people hide behind their hair. it's like a distraction from their actual appearance. notice how the more weight jill gained, the more outlandish her clothes got. i spy self hatred disguised as fat positivity.

No. 139382

I noticed a lot of similarities as well.

No. 139383

Oh I’m certain jill is the kind of person to secretly look at people bigger than herself and relish in “at least I’m not that bad” kind of thinking

No. 139409

I absolutely get this vibe too, specially because of her pose and her "I LOVE WHAT I DO" caption, she's so annoying and just wants attention

No. 139410

I completely agree, right now she's copying emilia fart but she has mimicked a lot of people and their mannerisms before, that could either be a spergy thing or she's insane

No. 139411

No you're completely right.
She's hiding her insecurities with weird clothing.

And she never learnt to deal with rejection or the need for attention from others. She needs people to look at her.
If she wanted to get better, this would be the first thing she would focus on.

No. 139443

File: 1614211630970.png (488.61 KB, 760x848, Screenshot_20210224-190333.png)

No. 139444

GUYS did you KNOW that i’m a LESBIAN????? have i mentioned it yet????? i’m gay give me points??? i manipulated a girl i dated once for my social media presence so i have proof that i’m a lesbian!!!

No. 139448

File: 1614213485821.jpg (53.45 KB, 847x473, EsrgrOKXAAA0XcE.jpg)


No. 139450

You can be bi/pan and still be sapphic? Or am I just dumb?

No. 139451

the point is that she uses her supposed "attraction" to women as an aesthetic and a "~UwU look at me im so queer!!!" even though shes almost exclusively dated men

No. 139453

It is an umbrella term for any woman who exhibits sexual attraction to other women.
Which Jill loves to say she is but she treats women like shit and she's only had sex with men so she's using the term for ass pats.

No. 139459

File: 1614220859907.png (590.67 KB, 1200x1253, 1200px-NSMBW_Wendy_Artwork.png)


I mean, if the shoe fits

No. 139460

You're dumb, but besides that, she CLEARLY prefers to date men, she even said "I like dick too much to be a lesbian" at some point.

Also, saying sapphic should be only for lesbians, but I'm not here to discuss that. She's clearly not into pussy, I doubt she has even eaten one. I doubt she likes women at all because of how she treats Uma and Alyssa and how fucking much she loves talking about fucking Steve on twitter. She's using this shit as an aesthetic queerio woke point. Fucking hell

No. 139474

She’d absolutely take this as a complement and push her dumb lips out even more.

No. 139489

Did Jill ever finish that crocheted mess she was making? It was acrylic yarn and stiff as cardboard, and if I'm remembering correctly it was going to be done in like four or five Easter colours but she had only gotten as far as the hot pink. It's hard to find it because it obviously wasn't a big event but I'm still curious

No. 139490

probably not, i feel like she realized how much work and how long it takes to attach those individual squares by hand and quit.

i think it's funny how quickly she jumped from "just learning to crochet" to "im making a cardigan!!!" like yes jill, work that itchy acrylic yarn and the one granny square you know how to do. sage for craftsperg

No. 139499

If you’re talking about the zig-zag one, I think she put it to one side since she’s currently working on that granny square cardigan for her “runway collection”. I actually think crochet would be very good for Jill since she can do it while watching cartoons, so I hope she keeps at it.

No. 139502

File: 1614274127089.jpg (86.58 KB, 680x675, EvFAmpIVgAINGw1.jpg)

Does Jill still like Peeps? Because I feel that she will buy this stuff if she does.

No. 139509

Island anon here who has friends who knew Jillian in her middle school and high school years. I'm almost positive the relationship she keeps referring to isn't actually Uma, but rather a guy named Walker she dated for a while. Not to wk Jill but iirc he's a few years older than her, and he's known for being a piece of shit.

No. 139510

Any proof or do you want to feel special?

No. 139512

File: 1614283931453.png (120.66 KB, 762x398, Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 4.06…)

Not sure what exactly you want proof for but I got this. I don't use Facebook much and cleaned off my friends list a while ago. I can't exactly give any proof for the Walker stuff as it's just what I've heard, and I can't seem to find him on social media anywhere. I'm pretty sure they dated in 2011 or 2012, so it lines up with her dA days.

No. 139515

wasn't walker the one she was emotionally cheating on with colin? like she admitted to liking colin while still being with him iirc. and they were friends.

No. 139522

so she was with uma and walker at the same time, wew

No. 139525

was uma online or irl? I wouldn't be surprised if she was an online gf since jill is bad enough even just dating girls irl as is

No. 139526

No, the one you are thinking about is Tristan from her lolita phase. Walker was a punk bf from before

No. 139527

She has mentioned Walker before if it’s her punk era boyfriend, she claimed once before that she wasn’t actually punk and he made her like that and that’s the way he was abusive, I found it a really odd claim because since then she has talked about that phase as if she was into it and never mentioned that again

No. 139537

yeah i thought she just really liked pop punk music at that time. she still claims to. it's also super common to go from one form of alt fashion to another. (i know her current "style" is godawful but she also did lolita and kind of dipped her tow in j fashion.) i'm curious now though hmm

No. 139538

With all the information I find out about young Jill my tinfoil that she was the abuser to Uma just gets stronger

Jill really wants to be traumatized doesn't she? It's weird how she's trying to find anyone from her past she can blame for being a shitty person.

No. 139541

off topic at this point but idk man. i feel like the fake self esteem is directly linked to her weight gain. she's gotten louder and more spergy as she's gained weight. seen it a million times. so either she grows some balls and works on her self esteem instead of all of this surface level bs, or she loses weight. (or both. ideally both because disordered eating and shite self esteem go hand in hand.) and i don't see that happening because she's drinking the FA kool aid like it's water. sorry for sperging myself i just miss the old bearable jill more and more as time goes on. talk about a devolution

No. 139569

No, she specifically claimed it was a relationship she had when she was 13/14 with a girl, which was definitely Uma

Looks like mostly online but they also hung out irl

No. 139575

when did she say this?

No. 139579

she specifically says she was in "an unhealthy power divided relationship" with a girl at 5:30

No. 139593

File: 1614369290469.jpeg (289.5 KB, 828x625, 91CF5755-FEB7-4FBB-974A-D5136B…)

Sage because it’s directly not linked to Jill but feel like it’s related to the conversation about Jill’s obnoxious style and personality being a cover up, but I feel like this post is aimed at people like Jill. It’s also funny because Jill actually follows this Queen

No. 139598

Absolutely true Tweet.

No. 139600

no, it was mostly online. her and uma met at summer camp when jill was in eighth grade, iirc. if i'm not mistaken, uma had a relative that went to school with jill and they were close.

No. 139607

in her live stream today she said she's going to start doing "boudoir" because "titties are fun and body positivity is fun"

No. 139617

Holy shit anon, I was about to how the fuck am I supposed to remember but you were waiting

How do you know this, where did she say it?

Only fans here we come

No. 139630

in that video, she talks about being with a girl who was 16 when she was 13. was uma the same age as her or nah? also her and uma only lasted two weeks right?

No. 139632

File: 1614404996542.jpeg (66.81 KB, 750x430, EE55AD56-7473-4971-8AB4-50EB45…)

she met uma before seventh grade, so she would've been around 11 or 12. I don't think uma's the person she's referring to as abusive. the timeline just doesn't add up.
it's all in her old deviantart journals

No. 139634

Time to archive her shit, anons.

No. 139646

I remembered this too but I also remember her accusing Walker being abusive or whatever. I was able to gather from the old threads that she apparently left Uma for Walker and Walker forced her to "censor her feminity" and become punk. Idk, maybe seeing some patterns here?

No. 139662

She also said she loves cock too much to be a lesbian so I bet Uma tried to kiss her or whatever and since she's NOT attracted to women she called that "abuse". It's the same thing she did with Alyssa, she treated her like fucking trash and left her for a new dick to ride onto.

No. 139712

File: 1614485646904.png (147.63 KB, 584x454, lol.png)

really now

No. 139717

what a weird reply wtf lol. so totally sunshine and rainbows. also she strikes me as the type of person who would start crying if you punched her so… sure, jill.

No. 139718

sorry dropped my sage

No. 139725

>>139339 This mock up is utter trash the bra cups look as if the are going to swallow her fat model whole. Kek. Pattern maker fag fucking painful. I'd offer to drape, fit, draft, grade and tailor Jill's apparel for here just to spare her the embarrassment of this.

No. 139734

Are we not gonna talk about how she has been pulling this cancer patient look lately? Honestly what is she thinking?

No. 139747

File: 1614529309592.png (615.31 KB, 1080x1464, Screenshot_20210228-091517~2.p…)

She's totes queer guys, even her picrew avatar has a bi pin.
why the hell did she choose such a snobby chat box? i guess she's getting bored of pretending to be **~uwu soff~**

No. 139748

it's also funny because some people upthread said they would smack her if they could

god she looks nowhere close to that

No. 139760

This parasocial “date me” shit is so nauseating and I wish YouTubers would stop doing it.

No. 139762

Also a little bit predatory considering how many Youtubers have young fans… (see ProJared, Shane Dawson, Onision, Corpse…)

That shit ain't cute.

No. 139885

But she said her abuser was a woman, and she was shown to be dating Uma on deviantart when she was around 13. Just because she met her earlier doesn’t mean that’s when they started dating right? From deviantart it looks like her and Uma were friends for a while before they dated

She’s also claimed Walker was abusive too, but Uma was her “age gap relationship with a girl” that’s her “main trauma”

There are thousands of pages, it would take weeks. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have access to that account anymore or it would be gone by now, it was first brought up years ago

No. 139948


Saged for kind of OT but why do some of you retards continually refer to what was basically a period of her chatting (emailing, posting, whatever) with her mostly online-only faux-girlfriend as "dating"? I'm no Jill expert but have followed these threads for a few and it reads like this was not a real relationship, they weren't going on dates. Or even hanging out in person other than initially meeting. Why are you validating her?

No. 139952

i mean i guess "talking to" would be a more accurate description but don't get your panties in a bunch over it. just semantics.

No. 139973

There's a watermark on the fake dateing sim art, so pixie didn't draw it. Still, the drawing has a feeling of her looking down on everyone and pixie shared it so theres that.

No. 139991

This is what's so hilarious to me about her claims. How did Uma manage to traumatize her to the point of DID if their relationship was simply online? I know of exactly two cases of diagnosed DID that I genuinely believe and the things that happened to those people were so horrific and fucked up… having a toxic online gf in junior high is not the life-threatening traumatic event Jell-O -Bitch thinks it is.

No. 140011

File: 1614698936010.png (1.18 MB, 1018x1016, Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 10.2…)

sage cause kinda dumb, but i'm surprised the confetti cunts aren't spazzing that she stole Jill's design.

No. 140015

well, now she claims that she's just inherently "more sensitive" than everyone else. what i don't get is why she is so desperate for validation with this fake trauma. is having anxiety and a history of self-harm and eating disorders not enough anymore?

No. 140030

That relationship couldn’t have given her DID even if (and that’s a big if) it was as abusive as Jill says. 13 is too old to develop the disorder, the abuse has to be at a very young age, I believe before 9? Maybe younger. If Jill starts claiming DID from that, it will be easy to prove she’s faking.

No. 140051

Jill and like two others did nonnie

No. 140056

I have read her old dA lately and it says they used to go to movies and do pancakes together, if I understood and remeber correctly. Jill's mom had also commented they were drifting apart so I would guess it wasn't only online. However, Uma seems genuinely caring in her comments, not the type to traumatize someone but I guess we can only speculate.

No. 140060

yeah it's a piccrew she didn't draw it,,,

No. 140086

Of course not anon! In this modern age of technology everyone and their dog has "verified" web-md self diagnosed anxiety and depression so of course our special girl Jill needs a special diagnosis just to prove she's not like other girls! She has BPD and is all sunshine and rainbows, unlike all those other scary BPD e-girls!

Do you think she did the same exact thing that she did to mystery girl(i forgot her name) where she would love bomb her then suddenly turn into a bitch that would ghost and stone wall? I know it's all speculation but with mama vessey saying they "drifted apart" it comes off as her trying to defend Jill for being horrible. Especially since that was the excuse Jill gave for breaking up with mystery girl. It really is a repeating pattern.

No. 140088

sorry for sperging but tbh i would even say she still 100% partakes in disordered eating habits. maybe not bingeing necessarily, but you don't get to that weight having a healthy relationship with food usually. she's definitely at least overeating. it's very common to swing from anorexia to BED though, and just lie to yourself and say you're recovered. far easier with the FA movement now too. i don't believe this ARFID bs though. it's a common ana thing to have safe foods and fear foods and it sounds like she just never recovered properly. sage for sperging and honestly armchair she's just so easy to read sorry

No. 140106

>>140088 her safe foods are all junk processed shit

No. 140111

truu lmao. honestly still seems disorder af like her diet does not look like the diet of someone "recovered" she just swung to the other extreme

No. 140114

File: 1614738236850.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1427, Screenshot_20210302-191957~2.p…)

Still pushing the neurodivergent label is see.
Also if you look at the hashtag it's artists that know how to use bright colors in a way that makes the artwork look nice while Jill's pics look messy in comparison

No. 140115

File: 1614738406534.jpeg (888.28 KB, 828x1238, 440BDF10-2CD0-4977-A724-232D6B…)

I find it extremely interesting she used old pieces to display herself as a *~fashun designur~* and jeez idk, the pieces she made in fashion school, a school that supposed to make her a better designer/seamstress

No. 140117

Unless she comes out as a sperg, she's not using the term neurodivergent corretly lmao

No. 140118

She's also using some pretty bad examples lol

No. 140121

yeah she's an idiot. i've honestly only seen tumblr-diagnosed speshul muh beepeedee girls use this term though ngl. which is so confusing.

No. 140123

Again, which only refers to ADHD or Autism, neither of which she is diagnosed with or has even directly mentioned or discussed online, despite her propensity for oversharing. All about the labels with this bitch.

No. 140134

File: 1614745524345.png (111.08 KB, 760x394, Screenshot_20210302-232500.png)

Here we go again

No. 140135

I don't mind people talking about their diagnoses but jfc you do not need to seek out every tweet and conversation you can mention it in great detail. Is she partially self-diagnosed?

No. 140136

jfc seek professional help because this is embarrassing. i don't even like the girl and i have second-hand embarrassment from this. also trich? since when? i always assumed her thinning hair was from bleaching the absolute fuck out of it but go off

No. 140138


I have trich and usually people go years not discussing it out of shame. But I am surprised too

No. 140139

i have the derm version so yeah i get it but this is jill we're talking about so the lack of oversharing caught me off guard lmao

No. 140147

>>No. 140134

She's replying to a commenter on her tweet who was surprised she was neurodivergent? Then lists diagnoses? None which include ASD. It's not an identity like she makes it out to be

No. 140159

That's not what neurodivergent means you absolute melon. For someone who self diagnoses so much via the internet you'd think she'd use the right terminology.

No. 140162

i mean the girl is going to an unaccredited craft college. not to be a cunt but i think it's clear she's not exactly a scholar. what bothers me more is that her confetti cult will see this misinformation and run with it. like if you don't know what the fuck you're talking about, at least don't spread your stupidity around. also "you absolute melon" top kek

No. 140165

She's really grasping at anything to seem like a damsel in distress isn't she? I would say I'm loving the munchie Jill since it makes her extra milky but it's really infuriating since she she does half assed research on the illnesses she claims to have.

No. 140171

>secondary structural dissociation
So she's admiting to having DID now LMAOOO


>Secondary structural dissociation refers to the presence of one ANP and multiple EP within an individual. As in primary structural dissociation, the ANP in secondary structural dissociation is responsible for daily life while multiple EP hold traumatic materials that the ANP could not adequately integrate. However, unlike how primary structural dissociation involves one EP that handles fight, flight, freeze, and submission as necessary, these multiple EP each handle unique and often conflicting aspects of the trauma.

>Individuals with BPD have EP that handle both attachment and detachment, idealization and devaluation, as both of these patterns of thinking, feeling, and reacting are necessary for a child whose caregiver alternates between support and emotional unavailability, neglect, or abuse. This leads to an unstable identity as the conflicting EP intrude upon the ANP.

>Regressive (childish) behavior in those with BPD often reflects an EP that is frozen in time. Difficulty with emotional regulation and temper relate to the ANP dismissing the emotions of the EP which, upon activation, react upon the extreme feelings which are usually denied to them. This inability to regulate emotions derives from the individual's primary caregivers never teaching them to identity or manage these emotions. Impulsive and self-harming actions arise as an alternate way to handle intense emotions and potentially due to unacknowledged parental criticism, rejection, or hostility.

No. 140172

She just had to drop this "more mentally ill than you" bombshell did she

Jill pls come out as an sperg with NPD now, that's all you are really, stop with the munchie labels you idiot

I wouldn't give her this much credit.

No. 140174

I’m sure people have explained to her multiple times what neurodivergent means, she just doesn’t care.

Oh boy. Does this mean she’s going to accuse her parents of abuse/neglect or is all of this somehow still on Uma?

No. 140176

Those are some loaded allegations she's making against her parents. Since that solely has a basis on parental neglect, it would be fucked up if she blames her mom's cancer just because the attention was on her mom rather than her.

No. 140178

File: 1614762972879.png (143.22 KB, 436x398, Secondary SD.png)

I was looking through this DID website and came across many things she claims to have, like catatonia and AFRID, and now SDS, is she using this website to diagnose herself?

>it would be fucked up if she blames her mom's cancer just because the attention was on her mom rather than her.
Holy fuck that's disgusting

Also, I doubt she has anything at all, including pulling her hair. She's just an idiot

No. 140180

>is best friends with mother
>cries about moving away from home for months prior to move
>dissociation associated with primary caregiver

damn this bitch really smooth brain, huh?

No. 140192

File: 1614774118561.jpg (1.64 MB, 810x7956, 20210303_132104.jpg)

Absolute kek, if you go through the hashtag (both Top and Latest) essentially everybody actually posts art, whereas Jill has to post retarded selfies, failed costumes, patterns, HER HOUSE and attention-grabbing captions with irrelevant information. Going through the tag, you'll notice she's basically the only one to do this, even though the hashtag is all about vibrant, ultimately obnoxiously loud, colors. Quite characteristic!

No. 140207


She isn't a single one of those things.

She is a narcissist. That's IT. Full stop. All these "so speshul" labels and diagnoses she's collecting are nothing more than an attempt to cover up the bold fucking truth - she is nothing more than a fucking pathetic narcissist. And her therapist makes far too much money off of her to tell her otherwise!!

Jillian Vessey - the most pathetic loser on the fucking internet. I can't wait for her to hit 30 and she realizes just how retarded she is.

No. 140219

They did hang out offline fairly regularly from what I remember of her deviantart

No. 140223

It literally makes me sick, Anyone with a mental illness will know that waving your diagnosis around like a pride flag is not only irresponsible but cringe as hell. Mentally ill people want help and to be proud of how far they have come regarding their healing not to be proud of simply being ill and not taking steps to help themselves.
Jillian, you are a narcissist which in itself is a mental illness, get some fucking help and stop parading around like its something to be proud of.

No. 140226

>She isn't a single one of those things.

>She is a narcissist. That's IT. Full stop. All these "so speshul" labels and diagnoses she's collecting are nothing more than an attempt to cover up the bold fucking truth - she is nothing more than a fucking pathetic narcissist.

Exactly my thoughts, her fifteen million "disorders" are so extravagantly laid on and lacking in validity, it seems she's absolutely desperate for nobody to figure out she is NPD. To the point of throwing her loving mother and random teenage deviantart girlfriends under the bus in order to cover it up.

No. 140233

I think her having some autism is also likely, since she acts like a retarded womanchild. And the times she acts more like a kid aren't "double personality" shits she's trying to prove kek, it's just her having a stupid aspergers meltdown.

I think BPD and NPD has a lot of common traits, she might even have both. But it's so damn obvious how narcissistic she is though.

I want her to stop self diagnosing so bad.

No. 140235

File: 1614801846725.png (355.82 KB, 586x387, ugh.png)

she should stop doing this stupid spergy face already.

No. 140236

File: 1614801905620.png (13.2 KB, 588x108, ugghhh.png)


No. 140237

File: 1614801974462.png (46.7 KB, 598x345, ugghhh.png)

if she loves sewing so much she should show it by sewing kek what a retard

No. 140239

Dumb question here, but is DID an actual medical disorder? I though psychiatrists/psychologist were still debating over it

No. 140241

dont encourage her, she's literally not autistic at all. shes just a coddled spoiled brat who never had to face reality and grow up

No. 140244

well to put it this way; it's not in the dsm-5

No. 140246


I agree. I don't even buy the autistic label for her. It's 100% straight up, lazy spoiled coddled brat narcissism. Nothing more, nothing less, and she KNOWS it.

No. 140258

Since when it's not in dsm-5?

No. 140262

it is in the dsm-5, you walnut. the controversy is that a lot of psychologists want it removed from the dsm because they think it's iatrogenic in nature. sage for sperging

No. 140267

christ, my mistake

No. 140294

The combination of this tweet & thread title is pure pottery. She’s such a baby.

Yeah nah, get back to us when the entire crown of your head is bald and covered in scabs

No. 140296

Has she mentioned this before?? I swear she just added that to the list

No. 140300

According to livestream anon, she mentioned it a year ago >>83681
I'm absolutely not denying Jill's a munchie but she's had this one in her pocket for a while.

No. 140343

File: 1614880706251.jpg (127.43 KB, 610x311, jill.jpg)

No. 140344

File: 1614880759349.jpg (51.17 KB, 590x184, jill2.jpg)

No. 140348

Her having trich seems odd with all the hair content she has posted before? Like her dying videos? Her eyebrows never seem irritated from hair pulling? Not sure how her body hair could look but idk seems odd to all of the sudden suffer from this?

Definitely uneducated on the subject but I don’t get how she has this unless it just recently became an issue for her?

No. 140356

Maybe she pulls out her pubic hair lmao

Wtf? I really dont want to see this hambeast naked

Good luck having friends then retard
God Jill is so unlikeable

No. 140373

it's such a WEIRD thing to larp too, like literally everyone with trich hates it and are insecure bc it just makes you straight up ugly I have never seen anyone romanticize it, but I guess she's doing it bc it's PG self harm?

No. 140378

Tumblr ED scene queen Shmegeh romanticized the fuck out of having trich.

No. 140464

File: 1614972997287.jpeg (558.9 KB, 1241x2151, FB92E8CE-F994-4097-8246-DE36C5…)

i think she legitimately gets more massive every time i see her? she’s gigantic!! have i just not been paying attention or has she been gaining weight rather rapidly as of late?

No. 140465

>>140464 Sage for nitpick but
Why do her tattoos look so dirty? She obviously color-corrected this pic like crazy so if these are edited colors than why do they still look like that? Its so muddy..

No. 140466

File: 1614974391350.png (141.72 KB, 254x213, oihoih.png)

wooooow holy shit she looks so massive now, does she want to be as fat as emilia? she needs to stop seriously

Compare it to this picture from last year

No. 140467

It's always depressing to see someone piss away their health; 23 is awfully young to have blown up this way and it's only to get worse as her metabolism slows down in a few years. What a waste of her youth.

No. 140468

Is she really 23? She looks a smooth mid-30s in this picture. Not sure what it is.

No. 140469

kek look at that face

you think she would know by now that it’s not an attractive look

No. 140470

File: 1614977160339.jpeg (209.43 KB, 750x1035, 95667C19-F2B3-4A29-8F0A-FC0537…)


Companion photo. A preview of her ~boudoir~ photos?

No. 140471

File: 1614977184865.jpeg (753.55 KB, 750x1116, 56282ACF-DE94-40F1-A365-845803…)

No. 140475

I don't think the shoot is bad at all, just not my taste

Find something better than talking about people's body fat there are so many better things to criticize amidst the trainwreck

No. 140482

oof the fact that the top fits her differently too, the bottom used to hang off now it looks like it's clinging on her.

you're on a gossip site and she's a munchie that claims to have beat having anorexia/bulimia. Those things tend to be synonymous.

No. 140483

Almost everything in this photoshoot is pastel apart from that goddamn bag! I know its a birthday bag but like if she had a darker pink belt or skirt it may of made that bag look less out of place. But this may be me nickpicking, otherwise, nice photoshoot. She does look like a ham but at least a nicely put together ham.

No. 140485

I think the site normalizes talking about her weight and pixie normalizes talking about her weird ass behaviors soooo it goes hand in hand?? I’m sure if she is medication that has increased her weight gain but we all know she isn’t a healthy eater so combining the two is making her fat. No need to beat around the bush because she is fat and that’s that. She’s not healthy and obviously isn’t caring for herself through proper nutrition.

No. 140486

nitpick, but i think she looked way better with her bangs, it gave her face a less round look? And the hair pushed behind her ears isn't helping either.

No. 140487

are you new?

No. 140491

her fat is milky because she claims to have a restrictive eating disorder kek

No. 140503

her bangs looked good when she took care of her roots and actually styled them

No. 140504

no i see it too. the bangs kind of distracted from how round her face has gotten. and were just more forgiving because they kind of framed her face.

No. 140506

still squeezing into too tight clothes until her fat spills over the waistband i see. i swear she would look so much better if she bought clothes that actually fit her and wasn't clearly in denial about how big she's gotten. flashbacks to the cameltoe pants

No. 140507

how the fuck are you supposed to drink out of that cup?

No. 140509

Why are all her tattoos on one side of her body… I personally find it a little bit distracting. Anyway, Jill's style is quite clear to me. There's a type of cookie cutter sustainable artsy geek woman that she's trying to emulate, but it comes across as so insincere and gentrified due to the high quality pictures and brand versus low quality output and products + insincere personality. I also wonder why she hasn't jumped on the vegan bandwagon. You'd think it's up her alley, especially considering most of those alternative sustainable "curvy" catmoms tend to promote it.

No. 140510

b-but anon, she has a super scawy restrictive eating disorder! she would simply wither away if she went vegan. but seriously, jill? vegan? i have to laugh. maybe the junkfood type of vegan.

No. 140513


She moved her patio furniture indoors for this?


Since her boudoir photos announcement all I can do is anticipate her posting like this but in lingerie.



No. 140536

The colours her tattoos are done in often don’t fade out well, like yellows just looks kind of gone off on a lot of white people

No. 140550

Warning: Arm-chairing coming up, ban me if you must

Just to throw my two cents in… I work in special education and am part of a diagnostic team. I absolutely don't mean to say that Jill has autism; I don't know her and wouldn't claim to try to diagnose her. But here are some features of ASD people may not consider:

-being focused on yourself and unable to take the perspective of others; possible deficits in theory of mind
-not thinking through the consequences of one's actions, general executive functioning issues
-restricted interests, mimicking others
-strength of emotional reactions not matching what's actually happening
-idiosyncratic language
-difficulty maintaining friendships to the level expected of same-aged peers
-often associated with anxiety, depression, etc.
-eating more limited foods, particularly difficulty with various textures

ASD in women can also be really easy to miss! I hope that she at least looks into this. High-quality therapy could do a ton for her.

No. 140551

I think at this point no one really cares what she does or doesn't have (not to say I don't love this input, thank you anon)Yeah, let's say she gets diagnosed with autism - then what? She'll just put a puzzle piece or infinity symbol or something in her bio or boycott Sia and not actually work on improving herself or managing symptoms. A (self)diagnosis of whatever means nothing to her unless it allows her to live the exact same cushy life she always has (muh BPD for having shitty relationships, AFRID for eating like garbage, catatonia for lazing around…)
Pixie isn't capable of meaningful introspection that is deeper than "what mental illness can i malinger to excuse my shitty behaviour?"

No. 140578

She could never give up her chicken tendies to be a vegan, even if she tried, it probably wouldn't be super beneficial because she would be a junk food vegan

No. 140588

This is some sad truth. Even if she was correcly diagnoses with ASD and NPD or BPD or whatever, she would never recieve real good therapy. She would just flaunt it around. And never get help. She's a sad case of being super coddled and stupid.

No. 140602

I've seen people's legs blow up like this from anxiety meds, pretty sure it's that along with her shit diet. If she's inflated this quickly from her diet alone I'll start suspecting Stebie is a feeder.

No. 140618

Antipsychotics are known for making people get fat kek.

Plus her super restrictive eating disorder diet restricted to processed foods, her sedentary lifestyle—I mean catatonia, her alleged pot habit…we don’t even need to tinfoil. She’s fat from doing literally everything she can to get fatter.

No. 140629

You're right, I guess I'm just finding it hard to watch her trash her body like this and so quickly too. I was fan until she made her entire existence about romantisising her mental health. It's very sad to admit she's done all of this to herself.

No. 140693

File: 1615192110982.png (101.95 KB, 596x439, ugh.png)

as someone who speaks spanish, she offends me with this tweet.

Lol. She was always insane, she's just willingfully letting it out more nowadays. Ever since the lace video she was a delulu sperg.

No. 140697

So she's equating dissociation to daydreaming? Fair enough, it only further proves that she has no idea what dissociation is.

No. 140706

It’s called zoning out ad everyone experiences it. She needs to stop with this jfc.

No. 140707

underrated observation kek

No. 140721

yeah, pensar en la inmortalidad del cangrejo means you're zoning out and it's a cute little thing you say to a friend or a child when they're thinking and daydreaming. It's not dissociation for gods sake. I could even go further and say, she's appropiating my language by calling it a mental illness when she has no idea what it truly is, and to be honest this is why it offends me a bit, because it is supposed to be something sweet not some stupid bullshit about her mentally ill retarded fatass.

No. 140722

Jillian needs to learn that spacing out does not equal dissociating :/( :/)

No. 140725

See but it's this kind of stuff that creates stigma and leads people astray with misconceptions avout these disorders.

Jill you do not need to nitpick a disorder that is what you discuss with a trained professional about to navigate it. To help yourself you need to focus on real self-care, not spergging on social media…

No. 140733

“wool-gathering” is the 19th and 20th century English-language idiom for spacing out/daydreaming, but the Spanish one is much cooler

No. 140736

Holy fuck I just now noticed this, I guess like off the left or right side?? There's no way she actually uses that cup practically though.

No. 140779

A stupid thought on my part, but could you imagine if her therapist found her online, much less this thread? I feel like it has had to have happened?

No. 140805

I imagine her therapist would cringe and realize how truly berserk pixie is.

No. 140812

You really believe Jill wouldn't shut up about how "awesome and internet famous she is" her therapist totally knows kek

No. 140969

File: 1615489399262.jpeg (139.7 KB, 828x284, 8032851B-A8B9-4E6E-A409-548F64…)

She posted this as a reply to a tweet about an ugly precure jacket announcement, I don’t know much about that kind of thing but is experiencing a physical pain from this even possible

No. 140970

I thought “hyperfixation pains” was a new phrase from munchie Twitter but googling it only comes up with Jill’s tweet. I think what she’s experiencing is just the same materialism/shopping addiction that drove her to fill her house with precure merch in the first place.

No. 140974

that may be the most ridiculous thing this bitch has said
‘hyperfixation pains’ bitch shut up you just want to use mh buzzwords to be safe from criticism bcs ‘muh mental health’

No. 140980

so her butthole literally hurts because she needs to buy some fucking ugly jacket? good to know, fucking stupid cow

No. 140982

I thought only autists or ADHD spergs could use the word ‘hyperfixate’ (if i’m remembering my twitter mental health logic correctly), so which do we think jill is claiming?

No. 140985

I've never heard of "hyperfixation pains" but hyperfocus is a neurodivergent thing which means intensely focusing on one topic which interests you. It is not associated with pain or discomfort and is equivalent to a happy, interested state except for in instances it goes on for too long and you forget to eat, wash, or ignore some pending emergency outside of your interest.
Pixie is just making up new conditions and states like this anon suggests >>140970
such is her level of munchie.