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File: 1656248332714.jpg (2.68 MB, 3444x4133, 1654297640389.jpg)

No. 223174

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats things while hyping up a fake/manipulated diagnosis that she paid for.
She accepted her ~life changing~ diagnosis with a smile and celebrated with a "coming out as DID" cake, and struggles to maintain the LARP after only two weeks.

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a weeaboo style she no longer personally wears, she now looks like an overweight clown.
>Known lurker.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Has a youtube channel with an inconsistent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating her fans.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- shit, including clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent.
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, alienating her previous fans.
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day. She will take meds without even verifying she needs them or not, or stop them without futher medical advice.
>Thinks having a counselor = actual therapy. Continues to fake all kinds of symptoms and illnesses to prove she’s sick, making her into a full-blown munchie. Believes her own lies so much that she thinks she’s knowledgeable enough to advise others on the matter.
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from overseas and doesn’t care if the items come from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments, videos, or tweets under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to criticism and what she has seen in her threads.
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image, even claiming her major trauma comes from a short lived DeviantArt ex-girlfriend.
>Formerly referred to herself as pansexual, then queer, then claimed to be “too into dick to be a lesbian” while dating a woman; currently lives inside her rainbow house with her boyfriend Stephen Clarke. Now both Stephen and Jillian identify as nonbinary and pansexual. It is worth mentioning one of her exes also became nonbinary and pansexual shortly after dating her.
>Relies too much on other people, including her mother, her partners, and other content creators (in a creepy way).
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo in her videos and social media despite knowing she has a largely underage audience.
>Jill started her own brand, 5 petal flower. She isn’t personally selling anything yet, but plans to sell badly put together Lazy Oaf knock offs. Had a collaboration with a small brand that mostly resells chinese aliexpress items.
>Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel on the ground where cat can eat it. Still keeps tinsel up where the same cat can reach it for years after the fact. She doesn’t seem to clean her space full of cat fur and shit either.
>She tries to prove she’s mentally ill in any way possible, including always mentioning her stims, dissociation, posting edgy lyrics, and pretending she can only eat one type of food. Currently saving up for her autism diagnosis, but it's over $3000
>After frivolously celebrating her “life changing” dissociative identity disorder diagnosis with a cake, she swears there’s a constantly growing number of alters living inside her head with some of them being “fragments”.
>recently got into drag queening


>Jerrick: 13-16 year old emo guy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits, signs with a snake emoji

>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, might make a twitter, signs with a flame emoji
>currently unnamed 6 year old alter who is always “co-fronting”, talks like a baby, signs with the strawberry emoji
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" Kind of like her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Certifiably too old for social media, but his emoji is a club.
>Flora: just a "fragment" who is not just a carbon copy of cure flora, but is all the positive cures, and is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Sandwich emoji. Also a fragment. Is a cat! Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city.
>Jax: 19 year old girl who speaks with a Brooklyn accent, and types with one too, which is normal. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane/LoL), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Is going to get seriously into drag. Signs with a test tube emoji.
>piano emoji: ??? Silently added to her tiktok bio.

Stamps from last thread:
>>215745 critiquing my own sewing video drops
>>215763 Jill posts a drag queen she wants to skin walk, and totally didn't know World Famous Drag Queen Jinkx Monsoon's real name is… Jerick
>>216133 ugly tiktok of her dancing with Kermit the frog to about damn time
>>216160 she just won't quit pretending she's attracted to females
>>216360 claims to have enough control over her alters that she can make sure her "little" isn't tweeting >>216362 also her little uses pinterest
>>216466 she creates a Facebook fan page for her… Two drag personas
>>216472 her "artist bio" for the drag show drops. Did you know she has DID!?
>>216735 posts a trans flag for pride
>>217389 Jill ascends clownhood. She's still doing her "racist" makeup but it's ok because she researched how it's racist.
>>217571 she creates a tiktok of herself… Waking up..?
>>217707 June patreon stream
>>218250 stream summary
>>218273 she pretends to like madoka magica
>>219539 "don't be jealous of my hotness" tiktok drops
>>219826 Jill and Stevie celebrate four years. Stevie looks awful trans.
>>220189 still claims her preteen emo phase was jerrick all along
>>220492 claims to be a frequent fainter. She passed out and went non verbal in therapy.
>>220686 drag and DID video drops, summary
>>220694 drag fit complete >>220698 drag makeup concept
>>221055 apparently standing on a bridge and thinking about jumping is a suicide attempt. It was so traumatic she has a commemorative t-shirt.
>>221385 DRAG VIDEO DROPS LET'S GOOOOOOO. She "dances" to a Steven Universe song. She also did an MCR song, which was not documented. Following posts are incredible.
>>222309 Jill was fronting apparently, because she wasn't scowling
>>222067 skin walking Dre ronayne
>>222391 another shitty tiktok about being trans or whatever
>>222760 talking for the trans community, Jill tells a mommy blogger that ftm (first time mom) is a twans term
>>222888 Jill interacts with her mom after anon mentions they haven't interacted much

Last thread >>215574

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks
Twitter 2: https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem?
Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://anony.link/https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 223175

No. 223183

thank u nonna!

No. 223204

File: 1656260396404.jpg (199.04 KB, 1080x1374, 20220626_171744.jpg)

>I was so horribly traumatized as a child I had to split into multiple personalities to survive

>OMG my parents are so wonderful I'm so lucky

Which one is it jilly bean?

No. 223217

This is really twisted with her. Always posting happy pictures about her mother and father, yet larping a condition, that is caused by severe childhood abuse and neglect.

No. 223226

She has the most supportive family in the world who has always let her do absolutely anything she wanted. I don’t understand what her problem is. I’m sure many of us would kill to have parents like that.

No. 223230

Jill's biggest problem is she wants to have her cake and eat it. She wants all the sympathy and attention that comes from sperging on tiwtter and tiktok about muh trauma and muh DID, but she also wants loving and supportive parents who will spend hundreds of dollars on presents and sing her praises constantly

No. 223235

how is that a problem? twitter and tiktok sjw culture allows for that. never question anything, just believe the first thing someone says. if you don't believe everyone is uwu innocent and pure you're a nazi and should get canceled. so jill and everyone else can claim whatever they want and they're protected.

No. 223247

WAIT wasn’t she laying breadcrumbs for some whole daddy issue trauma thing just a few threads ago or do I have uwu false memories uwu here

No. 223250

here's the patreon early access to the video she meant to upload today.

No. 223251

Timestamp 10:45 for House of Wolves performance.

No. 223252

File: 1656273662596.jpeg (426.02 KB, 1242x1214, 5B891343-C1EC-4894-B516-D7B448…)

Seems kinda convenient that right after it’s brought up in the last thread that Jax doesn’t front anymore, she talks about Jax fronting…

No. 223253

Jill mentions around 2:50 she had "horrible, horrible" experiences from musical theatre classes that traumatized her. I'm guessing someone bumped into her during a musical number and didn't apologize

No. 223254

lurking so fucking hard

No. 223255

Her dad is super nice wtf?

No. 223256

Love that Jill is a perfect being. How's that working for you, Jill? Funny how your mask slips and the real you is shown. Doubling down does nothing but ruin your mental health.

No. 223260


>"it's not that i pushed him out of the way, it just naturally happened"

yeah right

No. 223262

Jill says in the video she can't start 5 petal flower yet because muh mental health, and wants to wait until she's ready. But didn't she already release that dress with myviolet?

No. 223267

the "switching" and "hearing voices" is just…. no. if any of this was real why would you feel safe showing your most vulnerable moments online?
She is so fucking cringe, I can't.

No. 223271

Don't get me wrong she doesn't look good but she looks so much better in the talking bits here when you can't see her nasty hair and less clownish makeup. But then it cuts to her flailing in whatever the hell that green mop is so

No. 223282

Using your alters as excuses for your behaviour part #5865

No. 223284

Exactly this, literally larping as a severely traumatised, abused person while getting the classic middle class white girl upbringing with traumas including: not getting lead role in the school play, and a very short teenage relationship with another girl that went sideways

No. 223286

Isn't Jax supposed to be brand new? How often are her friends changing muh pronouns kek

No. 223287

the house of wolves is so much worse than the other friends performance wow

No. 223288

It's so bad. The choreography doesn't fit the song at all, she flops to the ground a lot, and just like the first performance she ends it with her on the ground. She has no idea how to do dance routines and it shows. It feels like a rehash of her first performance. Guess two separate dance numbers are too hard to choreograph for.

No. 223290

the more she keeps waiting the later it will be for her to release shti. It's just common sense. Like, does she expect to have somewhat of a fanbase forever? Specially with the shit she pulls out recently. I think this boat is slowly sailing away.
>she can't start 5 petal flower yet because muh mental health
I seriously don't get it. Sure, I understand if you're not ready for mental health related issues (been there) but isn't she becoming more crazy and delusional nowadays? Idk. She really does remind me of her recovered alchoholic aunt, to the point that her aunt also believes in some weird woowoo shit called "the vortext". But at least serenity sam paints and is active, she's doing great. Jillian would never.

No. 223291

In the intro when se says "this is jill" she does such an annoying fake high pitched voice and so many stupid kawaiiesque mannerisms, she's fucking annoying

No. 223293

File: 1656282966327.jpg (149.25 KB, 718x1275, Screenshot_20220626-153153_Chr…)

Explanation on why she hasn't uploaded the video.

No. 223305

File: 1656287401641.png (1.51 MB, 1242x2208, 2B07AD92-6B45-49FA-BD71-4943A5…)

She also posted this on the tweet about Jax and Veronica not knowing peoples pronouns. I’ve never heard of three alters being co-con before. I’ve heard people say they’re “blendy” and aren’t really sure who exactly is fronting, but I’ve never seen someone say “these three specific alters are all fronting right now” before. Has DID lore evolved? I was sure co-con was just for two alters

No. 223308

It wasn’t terrible, but it seems like she was tired by that point. Her movements weren’t as sharp as they were in her first number, and overall it seemed like she was lacking energy. Or maybe she practiced Other Friends more so she just wasn’t confident in the second routine. Either way for whatever reason, the second song needed more energy. The over abundance of energy and exaggeration is what made the first song successful imo(sage your shit)

No. 223315

Aha she straight up called her, I assume cis female friend lady, that's not even a pronoun booboo, she obviously views the friend as female

No. 223329

She's definitely one of those "major red flag" fakers that TikTok/Twitter would make call out posts about. Blaming the alters for something that would get her crucified in woke spaces.

lol. She's just high, and her real brain is popping out. Based Jill???

No. 223334

This is so fake holy shit

No. 223335

After watching her House of Wolves performance, she just looks like a trashy drunk aunt who had too much too drink. The dress/tunic and shitty mullet really add to trashy aunt look(sage your shit)

No. 223362

I love how instead of just being yknow, a person, who might occasionally misspeak and slip up with pronouns (especially among her crowd where they probably change with the fucking weather) she has to use DID as a cover.
She seriously needs therapy, like actual therapy, to deal with the fact that she literally cannot allow herself to be seen as anything less than perfect, because it’s clearly pathological and honestly kind of sad. What an exhausting way to live

No. 223365

I have not kept up with Jill in quite a while and holy fuck, I'm shocked from her weight gain. I know sometimes it just happens, esp with the lockdowns and shit I know a lot of people gained weight but jesus. She used to be so tiny. What happened, meds?(sage your shit)

No. 223368

not meds, chicken tendies anon

No. 223369

Nah I think Jill is too deep into the performative wokeness to even fake forgetting someone's pronouns/gender. It was more likely an honest mistake that she could oh so conveniently blame on her ~wacky~ new alter.

No. 223381

She looks so much like Cherry Pie (RPDR disqualified contestant) in the green outfit, not just the insane double chin but the mannerisms.

No. 223390

It's quite amazing how her big chance to show her different personas she's just herself. She's always just herself and the times her super special different personalities are present are off-camera.

No. 223393

File: 1656310259882.png (2.88 MB, 1978x1113, image.png)

At 14:54 the Freudian slip LMAO!

No. 223394

File: 1656310539834.png (3.27 MB, 1998x1117, image.png)

At 16:44 the mandatory DID-part of this episode.

No. 223396

File: 1656310845088.png (1.4 MB, 852x1027, image.png)

She also mentions a DID-online-mutual, who goes by @pinksugarfairies on Tiktok. This maybe something to look out for in future Jill-ventures.

No. 223397

No. 223407

Oh, great, another black creator for Jill to use as a prop.

No. 223410

Who's mouth moves like this when they talk wtf
Never heard of this girl and who knows she could be a delight but this picture looks like a snap of a propped up, mummified corpse they would find in the basement of a serial killer

No. 223412

All of the creators she features at the end of her videos are black, it's part of her apology for the n-word incident kek. Hard not to wonder how they feel about that.

No. 223414

she's been coming up on my tiktok lately and she's insane. she's makes videos trying to be informative about DID and seems a lot more genuine about it than Jill, but also talks about how because some of her 'alters' are toddlers that they wear diapers and their 'caregiver'/her boyfriend has to clean her up afterwards

No. 223421

Yeah if she honestly was hearing voices and shit she wouldn't be flexing it online. Psychotic symptoms are usually scary as hell unless you happen to be manic or the symptoms are "positive" like delusions of grandeur so the most likely way to act would be to try to really cover up the symptoms.

But oh no, not our Jillybean! She is so brave and comfortable with her extremely serious mental illness and its symptoms so she, as the most empathetic and altruistic person ever, takes one for the team and shares her totes real switches and dissociation with her viewers in order to educate and advocate! Kek she truly is incredible, I can't decide if I'm furious or kind of in awe of her confidence in pulling this bullshit off (while failing miserably of course)

No. 223432

At least she is committing, I saw this one crazy bitch the other day who was saying she has multiple infant alters (some who “can’t even move”) and someone had asked how they go to the bathroom and she just said it has never once come up. It’s a shame Jillian chose a child alter who is old enough to be potty trained, probably from continence honestly since she also won’t commit in any way that actually makes her look fucked up.

No. 223443

>This picture
>Wears diapers
Love that Jill is at the point of featuring obvious ddlg fetishists in her "family friendly" videos

No. 223451

This is perfect for a thread pic, kek, I love the funny font talking about "hearing voices" like come the fuck on, this is something that if she planned it before hand, it wouldn't be as hilarious as it is, I can't believe she believes in all of this shit, she's like a parody of herself.

No. 223476

Sage for psych autism but “positive” and “negative” aren’t used like good and bad when used to describe psychotic symptoms. Positive symptoms are thoughts and behaviors that are added to a person’s baseline, so scary hallucinations and paranoia count. Negative symptoms, such as catatonia, are marked by a reduction of baseline traits, e.g. motivation, expression, and movement.

No. 223479

>these are everyday parts of life with DID

>has never shown any of these symptoms up until a few months ago
(sage your shit)

No. 223497

This is part of how fake it is to me, how many hundreds of hours of footage of herself has Jill accumulated over the years, how would she have never caught something that would seem strange when she was editing. Her parents aren’t neglectful they spent a lot of time with her and she had boyfriend and friends. The odds of her having DID this whole time and only ever exhibiting signs when she was alone and not filming over the course of over ten years are so slim. It’s just not logically possible she had it before these past few months.

No. 223502

I'm not a dragfag but in both she just seemed like a deranged woman dancing badly. But the second one was worse because her movements made no sense with the rhythm or anything whatsoever. I get the feeling everyone was cheering just because they like the songs and not for her

No. 223507

I could see everyone cheering for her in the sense it's for newbies; so they weren't expecting much; especially not if anyone bothered to read her little about me on the shows website

No. 223513

>She seriously needs therapy, like actual therapy, to deal with the fact that she literally cannot allow herself to be seen as anything less than perfect
Seriously the main thing she needs to address
>other DIDfag
>because some of her 'alters' are toddlers that they wear diapers and their 'caregiver'/her boyfriend has to clean her up afterwards
Oh lord I hate it, this is the community she joined. So indulgent and pornsick they think this is ok behaviour for a healthy adult to engage in.

No. 223514

Our lolcow audience member said half the audience were Jill's friends/fans so that would account for the cheering

No. 223516

This, + the host beforehand said that everyone was newbies and that (paraphrasing) "even if you don't like the performance or think 'i can do better,' still clap because it takes a lot of courage to come up on stage etc"
The host also said to the kids in the audience that drag performers are sort of like Tinkerbell; if you don't give them attention and clap they die.

No. 223522

about three minutes in she literally says that things that happened to her during her time in musical theatre TRAUMATISED her, so the anons who have been saying for years that she felt disproportionately slighted for not getting a lead part were right on the mark. I can’t imagine thinking you could spin middle school drama stuff into the sort of trauma that breaks your brain.

No. 223552

File: 1656366695759.jpg (30.77 KB, 734x373, 488069a637a82e0854a7a4ac37f200…)

>The host also said to the kids in the audience that drag performers are sort of like Tinkerbell; if you don't give them attention and clap they die.

KEK anon no fucking way how did you not dissolve from the cringe

No. 223588

Has anyone been keeping up with her TikToks? Also, does troonvie have TikTok?

No. 223589

Holy shit, can you post a TikTok video from her? I need to see the insanity.

No. 223601

It has to be related to that right? I thought she loved theater. What else could it be?

No. 223625

A bit OT but the real cringe was about how the host could NOT stop making sexual innuendos + talking about drugs in front of kids + bragging about bringing underage kids into bars to preform drag. It's one thing when you read about drag performers being groomers… it's an entirely different thing to see it firsthand and have everyone around you cheer while it happens. Jill's performance was probably the most inoffensive and entertaining thing there, but I'm obviously biased

No. 223628

Yeah, it's almost like kids shouldn't be at a freakin drag show, since they're always sexual and 21+. That screams pedo/grooming vibes

No. 223635

So there were legit kids there? Like how old?

No. 223647

What parents think bringing their kids to “drag night” at a bar is a good idea, the groomers are the parents kek, the host is doing their job lmao

No. 223652

I'm tired of people thinking bringing kids to drag performances is in any way nice or fun. Or progressive. It's not. It's extremely retarded.

No. 223658

In the audience was anywhere from ~11 and up. One of the performers was 5 and the other was like 9 if my memory serves me right.
Yeah, it was an "all ages" show. The kids didn't really like it. The parents kind of had a dead inside look and you could tell they just brought their kids to instill <3 tolerance <3 in them, but the kids really only clapped to be polite. None of them actually cheered, that was more the 17+'ers.
The host would have been fine if it were 18+, it's just strange to talk about porn plots, eating pussy, and doing LSD/etc CONSTANTLY around kids - as in, nearly every other sentence. I understand that drag is an adult thing - but you'd really think with the controversy surrounding it you'd be able to at the very least attempt to keep it PG-13 for two hours.

No. 223679

>One of the performers was 5 and the other was like 9 if my memory serves me right.
What? Were these kids in full drag too? Wtf.
>The host would have been fine if it were 18+, it's just strange to talk about porn plots, eating pussy, and doing LSD/etc CONSTANTLY around kids - as in, nearly every other sentence.
Gross. How is that ~kId FrIeNdLy~? Poor kids. Probably rather be at a playground or playing with friends.

No. 223703

>The parents kind of had a dead inside look and you could tell they just brought their kids to instill <3 tolerance <3 in them
how did we as a society came to a conclusion that this would be a good idea for a kid's education? sure, bring the kids to the creepy adult crossdressers, surely that'll give you clout as a parent. I can't believe this shit is real. Tolerance should be teached in a way that a kid can understand, and this is definetely more akin to shock therapy. The fuck is wrong with people. The stories these children will tell their friends when they grow up. Effed up

No. 223704

File: 1656397480302.webm (7.76 MB, 576x1024, converted-fucking weird.webm)

what in the actual FUCK is this fucking shit? is this the people Jillian follows? gross

No. 223706

anon, you got her tiktok wrong, it's

No. 223722

Is this what Jill and Stevie do after recording sessions.

No. 223735

Sage for no1curr and I'll take my ban but my lowkey incestuous grandmother used to bring me sometimes to cabaret/burlesque shows where the "plot" would be about sex and the performers would striptease to their underwear. So I don't think the sexualization of children through ~artistic shows~ is really a new thing, it's just that creeps can pretend to be uwu woke and LGBTQIABC+++ now which makes it even easier. Fucking disgusting.

Kek probably(okay here’s your ban)

No. 223740

The world needs to end.

No. 223741

Kek I've spent so much time in the woke circles that I can't help but wonder how she hasn't been called out for using such an inaccessible font in her videos. Where I live it was a whole craze to be mindful of the fonts being easily readable some years ago. I'd imagine our neurodivergent queen would know better than to use such a wonky font but maybe dyslexic people aren't a trendy group to pander to.

No. 223769

I hate couples like this and Jill and steve so much. The girl who larps as autistic baby and makes herself as ugly as possible and the soycuck who either looks like an idubbbz knock-off or man bun apple product consoomer piece of shit THESE FUCKERS MAKE ME A-LOG SO BAD

No. 223790

This is one of my biggest pet peeves with Jill when it comes to the woke performance shite. Anything that actually takes an ounce of effort or might compromise her aesthetic is out of the question. It’s like with her dumb emotion wheel that she had to redo in plain font because it was so hard to read. Same goes for the tone indicators (which I hate) she was gung ho about how everyone should use then but only did for about two seconds.

I bet Jill LOVED that considering how hard she crapped on about how drag doesn’t need to be sexualized repeatedly before the show, likely to pre-empt any comments about Jerrick being underage

No. 223805

The first dance was whatever with being family friendly performed by a “minor” but in the second performance she is slut dropping and giving whoever is short and in the front row an up skirt view like come on. The theatrical stuff and flopping around on the ground as a supposedly asexual sex repulsed teenage boy sure but hoe dancing?

No. 223870

>The parents kind of had a dead inside look and you could tell they just brought their kids to instill <3 tolerance <3 in them
Oh man. This is exactly the kind of "good liberal" parent who ends up with a troon kid "out of nowhere"

No. 223934

File: 1656457327359.jpg (153.03 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220628-155722_Chr…)

Incoming new video of meet the alter for Veronica coming up. How much of a dumpster fire will this one be? Will she try to mimic the speech patterns off famous bimbo tiktok girls? How badly will she dress? If she announces doing an OF I'll laugh.

No. 223948

This one is the one I am most excited for besides the Harley Quinn Steven Universe fictive kek, truly can't wait to see what happens

No. 223975

jill living her best life as a bimbo slut bar entertainer when
give us the bad bitch era jill
break up with steebie and fuck a different stranger every night

No. 224001

File: 1656469036332.jpg (107.94 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220628-191322_Chr…)

Jill is feeling herself. The tiktok video is just her eye fucking herself while lip syncing. Didn't grab it because on mobile and busy. Again nonnies, she is hot and flaunting it but remember god humbled her.

No. 224026

I dont even need to see the video this screenshot alone is hilarious

No. 224033

File: 1656481598096.webm (3.09 MB, 540x960, twitter_20220628_232730.webm)

I know the filter is doing a lot of the heavy lifting but. Dare I say? Jill actually looks kind of cute here

No. 224035

jill stockholmed you with her fugly rainbie makeup.

No. 224037

Nona please get a grip. She looks less like a sleep paralysis demon clown and more like a glittery troon prostitute clown. The filter is distorting her features in a really uncanny way. Her nose has seemed more hooked and angular over the years, especially with that ridiculous highlight, and it's going back and forth between pre and post rhinoplasty.

No. 224038

Kek anon I feel your rage.
Does Jillian fuck Stevie as Veronica sometimes? Maybe in her mind it’s okay because it’s helping the system become their own people lol

No. 224040

>eyelashes glitching through hair

No. 224041

File: 1656485751077.jpg (188.99 KB, 715x1394, Screenshot_20220628-235439_Chr…)

No. 224054

Claiming that weed doesn’t get you high is the most deluded thing yet tbh, she’s even a super special stoner uwu

No. 224060

>"weed doesn't make me high, it makes me normal"
ok jill

No. 224062

This bitch needs to be special in every aspect of her life. I feel like she has no mental issue like bpd but just needs constant attention. Thats all.

No. 224070

I think part of what causes Jill’s issues is she is so tightly wound up, getting high probably does make her feel more normal in a sense because she relaxes and stops being so balled up and intense. She needs a way to get her energy out instead of whatever the fuck this is like she needs to just let the perfect bullshit go and Jillian feel negative emotions instead of compacting them down until she explodes with rage and blames Jerrick. Get a punching bag or something Jill you would benefit instead of crushing it down and being passive aggressive and using the people in your life as punching bags. She clearly isn’t this sunshine persona and pushing it so hard just makes when the mask slips worse, it’s better to just be a low-key bitch sometimes rather than these outbursts when you have passed the limit.

No. 224095

Isn't this kind of thinking, that makes addicts. You know, "Without a drink I'm just a sore loser. I can't socialize without getting drunk first"

No. 224099

Ugh, how many tweets in a row? This is high-school level bragging about doing drugs. I TOTALLY SMOKE ALL THE TIME U GUISE!

No. 224100

the bar is in hell

No. 224109

It 100% is and no therapist in their right mind wouldn’t see these statements/thinking patterns as a good thing and let it continue?? Even if weed makes her feel normal, constant use is just harmful and deflecting by acting like you NEED it to feel normal is how addiction starts

No. 224111

this is actually a huge problem in canada right now. constant weed use zaps your dopamine which causes real withdrawal symptoms if you don't have more weed to fix it. it's extremely hard to ween off of it and the canadian medical community is trying to make weed withdrawal recovery inpatient. jill is on a slippery slope.

No. 224115

>make weed withdrawal recovery inpatient
LMAO what are they going to do, put you on an IV drip of THC to stop the convulsions? Some of you have to stop drinking the reefer madness kool aid and crying about muh dopamine just because Jill is a dumbass.

Cannabis and many psychoactive compounds have been used responsibly for centuries. As long as the pearl clutching continues and research and legitimate medical progress will always be slow and difficult ultimately due to laws steeped in racism.

There will always be people who take things to far and smoke excessively and compulsively. Anything can be addictive and set you up for needing a dopamine fix. Cigarettes are still legal ffs and will give you actual physical withdrawal symptoms.(derailing)

No. 224119

Pixie has released the edited version to her Youtube Channel. Haven't had the time to check for any differences.

No. 224122

Anon,weed is not physically addicting, only psychologically - the same way someone can get addicted to a video game for example. You do not get withdrawal symptoms from weed. It's not heroin lol

No. 224124

anon these are new studies, in canada, not your shitty 3rd world usa. do some basic research before you knee jerk. if the idea of providing better help to people overusing weed is so triggering i don't know what to say.(derailing)

No. 224127

that's not entirely true. you get withdrawals from dopamine loss, because it fucks with your endocannabinoid system. this isn't some tinfoil, it's science. it just doesn't cause severe physical withdrawals directly like opioids. but dopamine withdrawal is a very real thing. weed has a real effect on dopamine production, which is why it's prescribed/recommended for things like depression and adhd, but over using it in high concentrations does fuck with your system. why is this so hard to grasp? i'm not even saying anything ridiculous.

No. 224129

It's "hard to grasp" because "dopamine withdrawal" is a nebulous idea that doesn't actually mean anything lol. The pearl clutching about weed use in these threads is so weird. Jill is not in some kind of psychosis or withdrawal from weed use she's just a regular dumbass that can't handle life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 224131

again please do research. this stuff is very real. just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it's not a real thing. both of those articles are from pro weed sites. not some biased anti weed propaganda.

No. 224134

also dopamine deficiency. i don't even care if i get banned. you just sound so fucking dumb.
https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320637(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 224139

Yeah I can see it happening too as more kids are misusing weed vape pens with 100%THC. I saw an article the other day of a girl developing weed induced puking like Shayna got.

No. 224147

exactly. and it's stupid to think that jill, who has no self control, no actual responsibilities and essentially unlimited funds doesn't have a weed problem. i understand not wanting her to have a problem because she will milk it for attention and sympathy, but that doesn't mean it's not a possibility.

No. 224149

Nobody says this, to be in withdrawal Jill would have to stop smoking everyday lmao

No. 224150

if she only smokes weed to feel “normal” not high why doesn’t she just use CBD?

No. 224152

anon just doesn't want her precious weed to have any negative side effects. she's literally seething at the idea that health professionals want people to be more comfortable during dopamine deficiency recovery. imagine getting so triggered by publicly available health information.

No. 224155

While I do agree weed is pretty good when used responsibly (good for pain, good for anxiety), jill is the kind of weed user that is just OBSESSED with weed, she just doesn't give a fuck. The opinion that weed is useful and the opinion that some people get way too obsessed with weed can coexist

No. 224156

I wonder if she will do a tolerance break at some point because bumping your tolerance by blazing everyday is a huge money sink.

No. 224157

I think the people who don't use it responsibly and think they're cool or gangster for smoking gorilla glue are the problem, honestly. The whole edgy subculture around weed is annoying and cringe. There's the useful and fun varieties that you use to unwind once in a while and then there's the ones that knock you the fuck out or give you the extreme dopamine rush. It's all about what and how to consume it, and who you buy from and if you are immersed in a subculture or not. I am all about making weed legal but educated people on the dangers of misuse, just like alcohol.(derailing)

No. 224162

the idea that weed can be bad for you in high quantities isn't even a new thing. what's new is that with weed being recreationalized in canada, we now have more research as to why it's bad and what it's doing. i never even said weed is all bad, just that jill is going to have issues if she keeps abusing it. jill is not like the average stoner with a job who smokes a few times a day, she uses like a medical patient would for pain relief. just that itself is not a good idea.

No. 224167

> cannabis rarely makes us high.

That’s because you do it so much! Using weed so frequently that the high sensation goes away and you just feel “normal” is an indication of high, routine usage. How she ever got diagnosed with a personality disorder while on a substance is beyond me. How can anyone know where the truth lies when she’s masking and making symptoms by over indulging in a drug she clearly isn’t dosing correctly.
And any substance/habit you engage in that results in physiological changes can become addictive, it’s why porn can become an addiction, because your body (including your mind) becomes dependent on it for regulation so much so that it impacts your quality of life. The fact jill has skated so far off the rails and thinks the results are fucking “normal” indicates to me she’s deep in the throes of denial and addiction, look at how she used to be vs now, weed has done her no favors.

No. 224168

that's what i was saying with my original post. weed is 100% legal in canada and there's little information about readily available products. yes it's regulated by the government, but just a few months ago surveys about packaging and dosing information were done, and a lot of people want more information to be available. even in dispensaries, people aren't really educated on what strains do what or how much edibles is an average dose. and we have people kneejerking about how safe it all is that information gets suppressed and handwaved.(enough about weed)

No. 224172

she seeks out hack therapists who treat DID as some kind of spechul gender identity thing, enabling her instead of giving her help.

No. 224173

has jill lost some weight? she doesnt look as bloated as she used to

No. 224174

>bunch of new posts in the thread
>it's all idiots slapfighting about weed

yall can we please focus on the gift we've been given with her stupid drag routine? we havent even gotten a chance to tear apart her house of wolves performance and laugh at it.

No. 224185

Because being high and drunk is most likely her normal. She just wants to justify her substance abuse without realising her reasoning is the beacon of addiction. She is not looking for alternatives or coping without being high all the time but her weed usage to be validated.

No. 224200

I think she might've. I was gonna say it's just the filter, but I was surprised wthat in her performance video she did not look as much as a landwhale as I thought. Still not cute but better. Maybe she calmed down on the alcohol?

No. 224216

Lmao you're onto something, DID is just the new genderqueer thing
We finally lost her

No. 224218

If she was practising her routines and working on her costume then she will have been moving around much more than her purposeless laying around sleeping all day. Having something to do is good for her otherwise she just rots in her house scrolling the internet, eating and getting stoned all day. She seems much happier when she has something to do and focus on, I know she said she is taking a break from her brand for her mental health but actually she would benefit herself mentally if she did the brand. She perks up after a success like look at now, she is so chipper after her performance going how she wanted.

No. 224220

That is a good point nonna. I think anyone would balloon up if they had no other directions in life than being mentoly ill. Smoking/drinking errday.

No. 224226

File: 1656527316951.jpg (146.18 KB, 718x1287, Screenshot_20220629-112614_Chr…)

No. 224230

File: 1656527402048.jpg (88.44 KB, 720x1309, Screenshot_20220629-112523_Chr…)

Bigger version

No. 224247

File: 1656530032589.jpg (152.53 KB, 1024x1024, 46385075475_7671a430e8_b.jpg)

brilliant idea using two similar pinks that are also similar to the purple when put on that background. i'm slightly colorblind and this is literally unreadable.

No. 224251

Jillian, genuinely, no1curr. You're so fucking self obsessed.

No. 224256

Why would Veronica want to be called Mrs? That’s not a gender thing, that’s a marital status thing, right?

No. 224259

>The prefix Mrs. is used to describe any married woman.
Yes. So who is Veronica married to then? Kek

No. 224263

Oh wow so useful Jill. You know she sent this to everyone she knows to make sure they use the right terms, despite misgendering her friend only a few days ago

No. 224264

>Veronica is in man, handsome, and king as well as woman and she/her
So presumably Veronica is supposed to be the intersex one she mentioned before?

No. 224268

Holy cow what a humiliatingly self-obsessed thing to do! It is utterly delusional to think anyone cares - it’s like thinking people are interested in watching your homemade video montage of your most recent holiday x1000

No. 224270

God if she has made the intersex alter the sex obsessed whore that is messed up and fetishising. I wonder if in her uneducated mind intersex is futanari, a porn trope as opposed to a medical condition that is very stigmatised and might need lifelong management with hormones and surgery.

No. 224271

Tinfoil; Veronica is married to Steve and it's how Jill is going to justify not being married to steve yet/ever

No. 224296

i bet she thinks that. every single one of her alters has been the most chronically online stereotype of whatever woke tumblr bullshit it was in the first place. i am actually surprised one of them isn't super autistic, but it seems she's leaving that for herself to keep once she's bored of the DID larp and is miraculously cured and her alters disappear.

No. 224304

I seriously thought this was a different person. She wants to be Jessica Rabbit so bad

No. 224311

She’s doing that tard lip thing that Bella Poarch does, she’s trying so hard to convince herself and others she’s attractive.

No. 224327


The graphic is incredibly hard to make out, and I thought the same at first, but I think it's supposed to be Cliffe's color.

No. 224328

The thing is though when she “fuses” all parts will return to her right so she will just be all of these things smashed together. Also it’s impossible for just one alter to be autistic, it’s all or none since it’s physically how the brain is and they are all using the same brain. So in this charade all the alters have autism if she is going for it. I wonder what all their cliche special interests will be.

No. 224330

Cliffe is the dark blue one, in some of the masculine ones the dark blue appears along with the purple dot (Veronica.) I thought the same as you at first but both colors are there.

No. 224333

File: 1656545616665.png (401.38 KB, 606x716, purpledot.PNG)

Dropped picrel

No. 224335

god my graphic design teacher would drag her so hard and call this shit digusting. jill could never handle the criticism.

No. 224337

it should hypothetically be impossible for one to be trans too but here we are.

No. 224346

I don't think the Veronica is in man, handsome, and king thing has anything to do with her being intersex, but it's just that Jill was quoting Ashnikko some threads back (I don't remember which, if anyone has the screenshot at hand, please), the lyrics were

>Fuck a princess, I'm a king

>Bow down and kiss on my ring
>Being a bitch is my kink
>What the fuck else did you think?

If I remember correctly, she posted this on the Jerrica account before Veronica got her own, so I don't know if that was the edgelord teen boi larp or kinky bimbo larp

No. 224358

File: 1656555871743.jpeg (430.82 KB, 828x1244, A4FF5B2B-0684-48D5-99C5-06AA97…)

No. 224361

I swear to god she wants to be mtftm SO BAD. And if Jillronica is the intersex alter, that makes it not much better. Intersex is a condition you are born with, not a magical thing you can suddenly become because hastag queer yass queen.

No. 224364

she mentioned one of them is intersex though.

No. 224367

File: 1656559779606.png (41.61 KB, 275x221, 1638068067196 (1).png)

>>184790 is the original post with the pic.

No. 224368

File: 1656559796399.jpeg (21.28 KB, 274x274, 75F8AF34-3418-44F8-8B0A-691DEF…)

what in the self masturbation is this tweet. if she isn’t validated by her peers constantly does she implode?

No. 224379

the whole "here's how you can best compliment me" thing reminds me of when cows put amazon wishlists in their bios

No. 224384

Maybe, but some filters slim the fuck out of your face.

No. 224390

>"here's how you can best compliment me"
god… this is so pathetic and sad, it's not even funny anymore

No. 224392

what a self obsessed pathetic attention whore, everyone clap for the cow or the cow will fucking die

No. 224393

…I'm not even going to call her Jillian anymore because this bitch will think I believe in her DID shit since "jillian is an alter". I'm just calling her a cow from now on. There's no other way to put it, she's going to get grosser the more time that passes. Specially if she has friends into diaper fetishes and an AGP boyfriend.

No. 224395

Just look at it the opposite way and you now have a cheat sheet over how to "accidentally" best crypto insult Jill at any given time.
Mr jill sir you're a handsome boy
Ma'am jerrick you're such a pretty lady

No. 224397

>a few years
So she's planning on keeping this larp up for that long? DID probably won't even be in fashion (among brainrot internet users) in another year or so.

No. 224400

From wikipedia:
"Intersex people are individuals born with any of several sex characteristics including chromosome patterns, gonads, or genitals that, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, "do not fit typical binary notions of male or female bodies"."

Jill if you ever read this, intersexuality is something you're BORN with, not a feeling. Stop shitting on people who are actually likely to be ostracised by society just because you need your daily dose of validation jfc.

No. 224401

True, but you know she doesn't care, considering she doesn't give a fuck about people who are so traumatized they develop DID. Its all a game and a label and she only cares about herself

No. 224402

Sorry forgot to sage

You're right, I shouldn't expect basic human decency from her at this point.

No. 224407

That's one of the things that impress me the most about her. She pretends to be full of love and positivity but seriously can't think of anyone but herself and her own larp. She really lacks empathy and you can't expect basic human decency or respect for anyone who isn't her anymore. Just see how often she mentions herself and how she's like "me, me, me" and searching for compliments even. You can't deny she is narcissistic at this point.

No. 224409

Why does she expect that only because she mentions that she has "so much empathy" and "never lies" everyone will just cross their arms and be like "yep guess that's true!!". Her behavior has been documented not only on lolcow but real life too. It's like she thinks everyone is at her level and will believe the shit she says. Adults with functioning critical brains will always see through you, Jillian Vessey. Not everyone is a naive teenager like the few fans you have left.

If someone said shit like the things she says I would simply see through the very clear red flags and run. I am not believing someone who really wants to convince me that they are nice and empathetic and never lie. Those are things that are earned and shown and not simply said on a tweet for clout. Notice I didn't even touch on her creepy and delusional fat clown appareance.

No. 224410

she thinks she's empathic because she cares about all of her altars who are real people and definitely not made up for attention

No. 224442

I really think it's going to end up being Veronica, I feel it in my bones

No. 224463

It's the angle, anon

No. 224472

I bet one paper drag euro bill that the intersex alter has a condition that isn’t a DSD at all and is only thought of as intersex by the alphabet brainrot community. Maybe Veronica identifies as having PCOS. Maybe Steve Jobs thinks of himself as intersex for being a male personality in an “afab” body. Jerrick is explicitly trans but IIRC Cliffe is supposed to be a “cis” male, so there is some kind of distinction there.
Incidentally and I know I’m very late to the party, but the term “assigned male/female at birth” was taken from a very specific subset of people with disorders of sexual development who were born with ambiguous genitalia that were surgically altered during infancy to more resemble typical male or female genitalia (hence “assigned”), and were then raised to match these genitalia even though their genetics and/or gonads were those of the opposite sex. It describes the unique situation of a (fortunately) very small, truly marginalised group of people and appropriating it to sound more woke is perfectly on brand for Jill.

No. 224506

This is why all her semi normal, cute friends have distanced themselves and all she has now are weird genderblobs that are just as delusional as her.

No. 224536

File: 1656612768300.png (368.74 KB, 597x554, girl how.PNG)

Doesn't she do this face all the time?

No. 224541

she would have pretended to be multiple different race if it weren't cancelable, this was the next best thing. She really made sure to tick off all possible minority groups. Old, young, trans (not real but according to twitter), bpd bimbo, intersex, autism, and sandwich gender.

No. 224549

She makes this face constantly, what is she on about?

No. 224551

Literally in the last thread Nonna made a compilation of this dumb face:

No. 224554

File: 1656617370353.jpg (3.84 MB, 2560x2560, 1655930851793.jpg)

Literally this

No. 224555

This cow is so self obsessed wtf

No. 224568

File: 1656621802039.jpeg (71.5 KB, 828x424, D1632133-8FBB-440F-B686-CA9844…)

Whoever has been saying that Jill is using DID to justify obsessing over herself and masturbating to herself in different styles of outfits is completely correct. Also Jill you don’t have a crush on Veronica, the real Jill would be jealous of her getting more attention, especially since she doesn’t look like fat clown

No. 224578

but the veronica face is tooootally different! you just don't get it. jill would never make that exact face herself!

No. 224579

I'm late to the party and it looks like this video is removed now, does anybody have the house of wolves clip handy?

No. 224582

How more narcissistic can you be. This girl is a delusional and untreated narcissist.

No. 224589


Her life is now just perpetually sobering up from benders, reacting to the content she made mid-bender in third person, and then doing that all over again. Truly her own biggest fan.

No. 224605

I'm not watching it but I think it's in here >>224119

No. 224658

kek tell me you're a narc without telling me you're a narc

No. 224680

Jfc. Imagine for a second that DID is 100% real and legit, you as the host as the host are still talking about your own outward physical appearance and your own body… how far up her own ass do you think she can get before she disappears?
Has she ever shown a drawing or face claim of Veronica? Or is she literally just Jill from 2018 before she put on too much fat to feel sexy?

No. 224682

There may be a better version floating around, but here's this >>210433.

No. 224685

She has a crush on herself…? Didn't she say she's always co-con or some shit?

No. 224703

the fact that she larps as a cis male and people are still buying it is… tragic

No. 224704

Jill larping as trans so hard she's now an AGP

No. 224726

NTA but her being co-con all the time is so on brand for her controlling personality. Can't even pretend to be other people without still being present lol

No. 224742

how can someone who was a lolita for years be so bad at wearing a wig

No. 224758

I'm genuinely curious about how many people her old "therapist" misdiagnosed. Jill said that she never even realized she had trauma until he told her she did. Now she's "fainting" all the time and saying that she's intersex. Wtf did he put in her head??

No. 224759

was there even any proof of said therapist existing? i can't imagine fucking up so bad at diagnosing people

No. 224765

Honestly I think it was tiktok which put all this shit in her head, plus being surrounded by enablers, particularly Stevie. Her therapist would have to be a real evil mastermind to be the cause of all this.

No. 224766

it's not a misdiagnosis in the traditional sense, like the therapist didn't believe jill has DID. she was basically purposely misdiagnosed at her own request. troons get the same treatment from therapists. jill probably went through dozens of therapists before she found one who would humor her.

No. 224782

God. Imagine being someone with an actual dissociation disorder who loses large chunks of time and can't maintain a job or relationships because of it and seeing Jill online talking about having a crush on her own "alter."

No. 224796

Tbh my theory is that angel therapist just yass queened her into oblivion. He probably enabled the ideas she got from TikTok. She's so wicked that she will try out anything that might give her attention.

No. 224800

She's just not the same person anymore. Also lolita had strict rules, she doesnt give a fuck anymore

No. 224802

Watch her make a tweet about the bad side effects of "DID" now. Honestly her "DID" is always so good and positive, she even has crushes on herself and controls her alters switching in, by this logic she isn't sick at all.

No. 224803

The thing I wish the most is Jillian announcing herself here and trying to defend herself. Now that would be fun.

No. 224843

File: 1656696121006.jpeg (318.27 KB, 828x953, 301CBA10-EDA5-4154-A69C-D35CB8…)


No. 224851

Do YoU gUyS rEmEmBeR i HaVe TrAuMa!!??!!

No. 224870

File: 1656701434320.jpg (160.8 KB, 720x1373, Screenshot_20220701-114904_Chr…)

No. 224875

She’s high or that stupid. She really needs to talk about her scary trauma every time she can.

No. 224882

this level of softness doesn't compute well with this whole trauma shtick

No. 224883

She did the exact same thing with BPD. Supposedly she only got the fun quirky bits, not the destructive bits.

No. 224909


THAT is the worst pain she's ever had? So she definitely wasn't sexually assaulted. Her tattoos are over her tight scars, there's only fat under that portion of skin, that pain is compared to plucking (been there, done that)(sage your shit)

No. 224916

File: 1656710738243.jpeg (191.17 KB, 828x715, 18F90D2B-2316-4B49-A1A6-537308…)

No. 224936

Don't worry Jillian, I have my 3 COVID shots and even I believe the coronavirus might be more real than your fake stupidity

No. 224958

I thought she wanted to spread positivity but then she always just gets petty over the stupidest comments. Most people would have just ignored.

No. 225029

I would love to see her make another
mental health video about how bpd/did combine; watch her trip over all her lies

Does this imply she has other scars now? I thought she only had them on her legs Or is she just thinking about getting another thigh tattoo; please be for jerrick, something "dark and edgy" like will wood lyrics for her sad emo boi oc

Also; do you think the drag show videos mean Veronica's alter video will be out next? Or will there be some other dinky vlog between

No. 225069

But she’s implying a tattoo she’s already gotten, did she forget we saw the alleged “patch of bumpy scars” and no keloids were present leave alone a whole patch (which would definitely still show with the tattoo)

She’s just exaggerating again like her ED story and everything else in her life

No. 225092

you know you're crazy when an anti-vaxxer is making more sense than you.

No. 225175

File: 1656778945984.png (1.61 MB, 1216x866, Screen Shot 2022-07-02 at 12.2…)

the tattoo right as it was finished, some raising cause recent scars (that IMO shouldn't have been tattooed over yet)
she does exaggerate so much.

No. 225185

Scars become more puffy and irritated during and in the first healing phase of the tattoo, they settle back down again after a couple of days. A scar typically needs to have been healed three years before you tattoo over, that’s not a hard rule though it can be longer depending on the tattoo artists assessment. So basically they don’t look as bad as in this image day to day.

No. 225186

She forgot to switch to her edgy gay trans teenage boy persona to be mean on the internet again. Not very rainby positive sunshine magical girl of you Jillian

No. 225197


"regular" scars can still be really painful to get tattooed, even if there's no keloid tissue.
Experiences vary massively though. Some people say it's the worst pain they ever felt, others say the scar tissue was basically numb and they didn't feel a thing. It can feel like being stabbed, it's no joke.

No. 225207

New meet the alters is out

No. 225208


My god this is insufferable. She's sO sTupid you guys, she's a BIMBO!

No. 225209

This has got to be a joke… The accent and the acting is so bad.

No. 225212

File: 1656793187164.png (383.99 KB, 651x452, jill.png)

"Jill is getting triggered because we're talking about our assault.
Jill is getting triggered but it is not my fault"
very weird to sing in the middle of talking about your rape that went on for months

No. 225214

you know jill is insufferable when this voice is 1000x better than her normal one

No. 225217

Holy shit hahaha
>She split when we were freshly 13 but at an internalized "felt" age of 20

No. 225223

>"I decided to back down from the intersex label because it would just get messy"

Literally just saying she doesn't care if intersex people would get offended, she just didn't wanna be cancelled

No. 225225

There are so many lines in this that are just KEK
>[talking about DID] … and fusion is, you know, like in Steven Universe
>Sorry, it's the middle of the day and I've had nary a glass of wine
>I'm also a bimbo, I don't mean to be antifeminist

No. 225227

Samefag, she also says she helped Jill start the relationship with Steve

No. 225229

in the video she says she got raped repeatedly over several months. I'm just trying to figure out who she is gonna pin this narrative on. Uma? they never had sex iirc and that piano teacher only ever made inappropriate comments.

No. 225231

The text in the video intro says it was same sex, so it pretty much has to be Uma

No. 225233

NTAYRT but still interested; I thought they dated for like, a month tops?

No. 225234

thats fucked up. It's not hard to find Uma, anons in previous thread managed to and Jillian is claiming she did a crime, several times over several months. Everytime i think Jill can't sink lower she does

No. 225235

>Her therapist said Veronica could also be "tagged" as a "social media protector"
What does any of this mean? Tagging?

No. 225237

I'm so confused. Veronica tells stories where Jill is fronting but she can still see and hear everything that goes on. Are the "alters" always around? Is Cliff present when Veronica is stripping? Is the younger alters around when Jill is having sex? I thought you wouldn't have any memories of what other alters did and i especially didn't think you could talk to each other through your brain.
This is insane. How is anyone humouring this

No. 225238

All the big online DID cows do the talking to brain or being copresent thing, but it seems like Jill makes hers more cocurrent with each other than is typical. Most of Jill's lore is very typical of what DissociaDID posts, for example.

No. 225241


How is that in A DECADE of online presence, she has never behaved/spoke like this before? Also, I've read in the DID lore that for an alter to be formed, the trauma must have occurred in early childhood, before the ages of 4-5. She's implying she was assaulted at 14??? Not even canon for your own OC's backstory, Jillian.. I can't with this bitch how is this character even worse than Trisha's horny alter, ffs

No. 225244

File: 1656795471160.jpeg (284.24 KB, 689x950, 3672FCE2-DA0B-4D5D-92C3-007A26…)

Doing some DeviantArt digging. Uma’s is GorgeousMorning, we knew Jill’s was xhellodecemberx. Their journal entries about each other can probably expose some plot holes, in case anyone is up for helping me trawl through it all.

No. 225247

It's age 7-9, but Jill implied in an earlier tweet posted in these threads that she has special delayed trauma due to her alleged undiagnosed autism

No. 225248

She says in the video that the first time she heard someone use the word bimbo negatively it was the person who abused her and caused Jerrick and Veronica to form, and that "she" (presumably Uma) insulted bimbos even though she wasn't talking about Jill, and that's why Veronica is a bimbo. It definitely has nothing to do with bimbos being a tiktok trend, guyz!11

No. 225250

This is the cringest MTA video yet

No. 225254

>This thing is asking me my height. What are you talking about? What do you mean. That is such a stupid thing to have in here.

Jill asked for questions, wrote all the questions she picked out down, and then proceeded to shit all over a question a fan of hers asked. How does she feel comfortable treating her fans like that? How does she even have any left at this point?

No. 225256

if you told me this was a parody video on the DID trend I would 100 percent believe you and think it was an excellent piece of satire. Something that really stuck out to me in this video is the fact that her alters have SUCH exaggerated mannerisms/fashion sense in contrast to jill that it would be really fucking obvious when she was a different ‘alter’. But apparently despite posting hours and hours of footage her DID was only this obvious in the last couple of months. I know other anons have said this but for some reason the veronica meet the alter video really brought it home for me.

No. 225258

File: 1656797428177.png (984.75 KB, 1847x1609, F957764B-0F91-4A11-A8D6-B94E0C…)

Samefag, this is all from Uma’s. Lots of talk about regretting a sleepover with Jill in April 2011.

No. 225259


i dont get it; if veronica is supposed to be a sexual protector then why would she stop fronting when talking about sexual trauma – the thing she's supposed to be able to handle? why would she let jill deal with it on her own?? sounds like a shitty protector to me

No. 225266

so she says veronica split off so that someone could “enjoy it and take it” regarding being raped multiple times. what a weird thing to say…

No. 225267

She says Veronica 'doesn't care about a lot of the things Jill cares about'
How much do you want to bet she will use this as an excuse to buy more clothes and crap instead of being environmentally conscious

No. 225270

In the Veronica video Jill says the same sex abuser used the word bimbo as an insult when talking about another girl the abuser slept with

No. 225274

Ew the sweaty pits @3:45 and then she says 'if you are my dad or teacher just skip this part' how does veronica have a dad or teacher wtf - surely she would have said 'Jillian's Dad' or 'Jillians teacher'

No. 225277

This is such insanely bad acting, she still lip smacks the same way as Jill. Acting like Sharpay from high school music as if anyone would believe this holy shit. This is just Jill being a bitch and being rude to her fans’ questions with the woke armor of DID

No. 225287

She undressed in front of her friends and asked Steve to fix her lingerie??

No. 225296

Am I crazy or didn't she used to say at the beginning of the DID saga that she didn't have a specific trauma that created the split? She was just sPeShUl

No. 225298


The best one yet imo. The levels of bullshit and cringe are off the charts. “Veronica” is an outright selfish asshole and bimbo, which I guess is closer to Jill’s true personality because it felt like she wasn’t trying so hard with this one. A nice break from her trying so hard as pure angel bby uwu “Jill” and 3edgy5me “Jerrick.” Though of course we had to have the obligatory comments about what a good person Jill is.

No. 225300


Iirc she said she was “naturally dissociative,” implying that’s why (or partially why, because she claims autism also enfeebled her development enough to let her develop DID way past the age threshold) she was able split at age 13 or so.

No. 225311

Wow. Imagine being such a mentally ill piece of shit, you have to overexaggerate one awkward, and embarrassing teen "romance" as part of your trauma larp. It's honestly funny to me she decided to be a munchie, because once this fad stops being fun for her, where do you go from "I have a bunch of OCs dicking around in my brain, and am like a super autistic bpd bimbo teehee~". Even her brain dead fans would double take at her saying, "Oh, and then all my problems disappeared". Kek, she's so fucked in the longterm.

No. 225317

You're not crazy. It was a tiktok she made that mentions this craziness. Here's the post: >>194351

No. 225333

Gonna say Uma tried to put the moves on and Jill, fake gay who only loves dick, did nothing in response and made Uma feel like a sex pest despite the fact they were meant to be dating at the time. Then never explained it to Uma since "I'm fake gay for the label/attention" is not an explanation Jill is ever gonna give (though iirc she did post a video years back about how she loves dick)

No. 225336

>so she says veronica split off so that someone could “enjoy it and take it” regarding being raped multiple times.

wtaf, someone who has actually been raped wouldn't say that even as part of some shit larp, there is no element of rape that you fucking enjoy you piece of shit, Jill

No. 225341

Samefag, both Jill and Uma posted that they were virgins on DA like a year after they stopped dating.
It's in the survey responses on both their pages.
So whoever """"raped her repeatedly for months""" categorically is not Uma, since yeah how do you both be virgins and also rapists/rape victims? Is she just inventing a person now?

No. 225342

She said that she would get naked in front of Maggie and Steve back when they were all friends (probably around the time Steve was still dating Maggie). She would be in lingerie and make Steve fix it. Why would she openly admit that?

No. 225352

drink every time she rolls her eyes, god this is the cringiest larp

No. 225355

I honestly find this character as a whole way less irritating than normal Jill her voice is less grating at least she doesn't try to pretend to be intelligent.

No. 225357

Her parents can't seriously be going along with this? Seriously? Seriously? I have literally never cringed so hard in my fucking life.

Like she fucking knows what she's doing, and she's reveling in the fact that she's getting away with it. This is how I know that she's a BPD maniac. She is laughing at every single mother fucker that believes this.

It actually freaks me the fuck out.

No. 225358

Jillian just crossed the "person that I like to make fun of because of the lack of self awareness" line into the "she's way too infuriating for me to care" territory for me personally. Does anyone else feel this way too? Shit's getting too real. Her actions are insulting and she's seriously harboring horrorcow potential, just wait and see I guess.

No. 225362

i also feel this way. faking mental illness is bad enough as it is, but the way she's doing it is sickening.

No. 225363

Now she's blatantly lying about her "repeated rapes" while the evidence is still on DA that she was a virgin along with the person she's fabricating this about, definitely horrorcow potential.
At the point you completely give up telling the truth and just make up pure lies for attention it's a clear descent for her character and online career, she's just gonna be screeching into the wind in a few years if she keeps this shit up. None of her original fanbase will be left, just people left to watch the trashfire, like Trisha or Shayna.

No. 225364

I just can't stand to watch someone who thinks they're getting away with it. She thinks she's so fucking smart, but she is the biggest goddamn idiot on this whole fucking website.

BPD maniac creep. Fucking fake loser. She is going to get hers one day, and it will be hilarious. Eventually, someone isn't going to suffer her little control game, and it's going to rock her stupid princess pathetic world.

No. 225374

File: 1656820335442.jpeg (10.77 KB, 369x137, images (1).jpeg)

She's a trashfire barreling straight into horrorcow. The fabrication and lies she tries to weave to fit into her narrative is appalling. Shit is getting real because there are consequences that are outside of her just being dumb. It can hurt other people in her crossfire and she clearly doesn't care who she hurts in order to get her precious attention. She's playing a dangerous game. I'll be honest and say I hope she's the only one hurt at the end of this mess she created.

No. 225375

That bit about “enjoying it” nearly a direct quote of what DissociaDID’s former sexual protector Nina said when she did her meet the alters video.

No. 225378

Lol, Jillian probably took inspiration from her.

No. 225381

I don’t understand how the “enjoying it” thing is supposed to work, logically. When she (allegedly), Veronica became conscious and “enjoyed it,” meaning…what, exactly? It was then consensual and no longer rape?

It really sounds like a convenient excuse for rewriting history to claim that consensual sexual encounters were actually rape so she can pretend to be a victim. That’s fucking sick.

It also shows what a dumbass she us and imo proves she’s lying, because if she was telling the truth or was smart, she’d just say that Veronica takes over because she can handle it and leave it at that. No reason to say she ENJOYS something like rape.

No. 225383

Jillian talking about stripping into lingerie in front of steve and maggie and having him fix it for her……i have to wonder if that was before or after those two broke up. even if they did- imagine somebody doing that to your ex in front of you. SO weird

No. 225384

Actually these questions at the start are part of the general questions for all the alters, that Jill wrote herself. If you watch the Jill's MTA video she explains it there.

So she wrote the question and made a show about how this alter would react to her own question.

No. 225387

Someone who's more invested really needs to compare DissociaDID's MTA videos to Jill's, because there's bound to be so many things she copied from her original inspiration.

She literally started this whole DID saga defending dissociaDID and since then has propably consumed all of her videos preparing for this larp.

No. 225388

>No reason to say she ENJOYS something like rape.
This sounds straight up fetishistic on her part and I'm not suprised anymore. The small snippets into her sex life she's been hinting on recently is proof enough that there's something wrong here. Please don't be suprised when it turns out this cow is into rape or some sort of hardcore "forced play" BDSM crap. Kinks are very accepted in the queer spaces she plays in, after all. I'm not surprised she and steven are turning out to be sexual degenerates. Maybe she's even saying this to then in the future come up with an excuse of why she "enjoys it".

…I'm sorry, but thinking of someone describing multiple rapes as "taking it and enjoying it" and then pretending to be a "ditsy dumb sexy bimbo" just made me sick. I usually unconditionally believe anyone (specially women) who come foward with this type of stuff. I know there's no perfect victim and people cope in diferent ways. But Jillian… I don't know. The only way I can find solace in not fully believing her lies is knowing narcissists cop these stories from others to then appropiate them and make themselves a victim. I just can't believe someone would lie about being raped so many times. I am conflicted.

No. 225389

This is probably why Maggie lost weight and lost all contact with Jillian. I'm sure Jillian deliveratedly did this to hurt her OR get Steven.

No. 225390

>>This thing is asking me my height. What are you talking about? What do you mean. That is such a stupid thing to have in here.
>Actually these questions at the start are part of the general questions for all the alters, that Jill wrote herself. If you watch the Jill's MTA video she explains it there.
I am 100% sure she wrote this so every alter would "respond" in their own fake acting quirky way. It's way too obvious. I even wonder if she believes in her own DID sometimes.

No. 225392

>Someone who's more invested really needs to compare DissociaDID's MTA videos to Jill's, because there's bound to be so many things she copied from her original inspiration.

No. 225393

the fact that she said she loves drama seals the deal for me. She loves dramatizing the story of her life to the point of rape victim larping and doesn't give a shit about "mental health awareness" that all these cows cry about. It exposes her peak narcissism since she believes no one should speculate about her cringy Lumpy space princess roleplay but admits she likes stirring the pot for everyone else. Thanks for finally coming clean Jill!

No. 225394

File: 1656827305906.jpeg (92.16 KB, 750x883, FA551676-5F48-4D10-9966-CB3FEA…)

Im sorry but didnt she say she was raped so many times in 2011 that she formed an alter just to start to enjoy it? Here she wrote that she never had sex that year

No. 225396

TBF anon, I wouldn't describe getting raped as "having sex" either.

No. 225397

did you forget she called herself a virgin too though?…

No. 225404

I'm 90% sure that Jill is probably counting her doing role play in the messenger of DeviantArt counts as rape. That is the only logical reason for this because if there was any physical contact with Uma wouldn't it have been sex on Uma's end? Because rapists live in delusion even if they coerced someone into sex (rape) they won't see it that way. So why would Uma count herself as a virgin if something happened and for such a prolonged period of time?

No. 225407

I would love Uma to speak about this, I bet she is aware of this shit on some level, but somewhere in Jill's narc mind she is probably intentionally trying to bait a response out of this girl who's just trying to live her life.
Remember her Tweets about emailing her abusers or whatever.
If anything at all happened it was definitely via DeviantArt messages, rping is a good bet.
Jill recently called past suicial ideation a "suicide attempt" on Twitter, which was noted by anons in this thread as being intentionally misleading, I can see her calling a roleplay, sexual or even romantic conversation "rape" because what are words.

No. 225408

Sorry, I can’t get myself to watch this but did she specifically say “raped” or did she say sexually assaulted?
If she said “sexual assault”, I wouldn’t put it past her to use semantics to imply she was raped when it was more in line with sexual assault I.e. being groped without consent

No. 225409

Has this whole DID charade been one big manic phase? She seemed to be having a depressive episode prior to "coming out" with DID

Honestly I feel like BPD explains shit like stripping to her underwear around Stevie and Maggie too.

No. 225410

>It isn’t Jill who stole Maggie’s boyfriend, that was all Veronica!
But Jill is the one who’s dating him now. So did Veronica wreck her friend’s relationship so that uwu cinnamon roll Jill could swoop in and get with Steven while remaining totally blameless?
I love how the whole DID LARP is just a way for Jill to be open about what a shitty hateful destructive person she really is. She thinks she’s being clever but in reality is painting herself into a corner. The alters are part of her, so if she ever wants to drop the DID thing she either has to “reintegrate” and accept all that shittiness as part of Jill or she has to retcon the alters which also means acknowledging it was her all along. There’s no way to ease out of this LARP and maintain an innocent image. She would’ve been better off claiming demon possession.

No. 225411

she used the word rape at least a couple of times, which is even grosser than just saying assault and letting people assume it was rape in my mind.

No. 225414

>I bet she is aware of this shit on some level
If she isn't she's probably about to be, in 2022 it's kind of hard for a youtuber to monetize a video accusing someone of rape and have it not get back to the person

No. 225417

The rainbow background with childish music listing all the trigger warnings such as child rape is so fucking surreal and jarring. Whichever anon said they'd believe this is a parody, I agree

No. 225419

has someone downloaded this video? It's the only one I feel she might actually delete. Holy shit, I didn't know she openly tried to seduce a friend's bf. I guess I need to read back further.

No. 225420

File: 1656833993506.png (4.04 MB, 2560x1440, image.png)

I downloaded it for archival purposes.
Here's the TW screen incase she deletes the video.

No. 225422

She's 100% BPD / NPD and I'm tired of people in these threads denying it. Even if she had autism like anons speculated before, she would be too high functioning to even be noticeable in every day life (again, not the way she wants). She is someone who is so goddamn spoiled that she will never grow up and needs to exaggerate or act every gesture because she wants attention. All these snippets into her true BPD unhinged shit make you wonder what goes behind closed doors.

No. 225423

Even more disturbing and disgusting.
Normally wouldn’t believe or expect someone to lie about something like this but jillybean seems to have no limits about grasping at straws and overdramatizing anything in her life for her DID lore

No. 225424

>Mostly light hearted though
>Watch with care with a fucking heart emoji
Fuck you, Jillian. You gross ass attention whoring sicko. She is severely fucked in the head. Who does this and thinks they're being cutesy and quirky.?

No. 225425

Jill is Veronica and Jill is Jax and Jerrick and all the stupid alters. She's all the bad traits that she's trying to shove into her OC's because "Jillian must remain a poor uncomprehended sweet positive girl uwu". She's the bad BPD and NPD traits she wants to deny so badly because somehow she can't grasp that she has fucked up multiple times over in her life. Mommy will not be there to protect her forever and she will face consequences. Seriously. What a cow.

No. 225431

Her DID is just BPD but without wanting to face the consequences of her actions and learning how to be a better human being. She only went to therapy to get asspats, she did not learn goddamn anything or reflected on her bad behavior. She came out even more manipulative and prone to victimization and lying like any abuser would.
Her BPD consists of:

Jerrick = Being mean to others and actually speaking her mind on shit that makes her go feral, attention seeking, victimization

Veronica = Stealing boyfriends, wanting to be perceived as sexy at any times, doing sexual advances on others

Little = Immaturity, inability to grow up, no self reflection, self infantilization, shifting the blame on others

Precure Alter = Fake positivity, clinging to the idea she's a good person without putting in the effort, lovebombing, manipulation

Cliffe (never comes out) = Inability to plan for the future, living in the now, lack of responsibility, thinking life ends up boring at 35, doing the bare minimum as an adult

And most importantly
Jillian = Stupid Bitch who lies
All of these are just her own BPDsonas.

No. 225432

Veronica is mean and gossipy and shitty too. This whole video is basically dissociaDID's persecutor/sex alter(s) filtered into Jillian. It's sick. She is so fucked in the head. I remember her saying she didn't think her trauma was "that bad" and now she talks about months of rape?

No. 225435

It's so fucking wicked how someone can lie this blatantly about being horribly raped multiple times as a child, all for crumbs of attention from an audience who is either getting tired of her, rapidly outgrowing her, or moving on. Her only audience left are the easily manipulable into submission. Jesus Christ almighty I really feel sick now. She can't see past her own nose. How the fuck can she just lie about this to make her DID story more legit.

She is so coddled. She's actually stealing the pain that so many children go through for years and she's using it for a YouTube video.

No. 225436

Jill at the start of DID saga: I have always been naturally dissociative and my pretend autism made normal things traumatizing causing splits
Jill now: I was raped multiple times over the course of months at an age where I documented everything online and there was no change in my online behavior but i was totally experiencing one of the worst forms of torture and violation of basic autonomy.

No. 225438

She's so much worse than Trisha at this point. I hope Drew Monson stays the fuck away from her.

No. 225439

>She is so coddled. She's actually stealing the pain that so many children go through for years and she's using it for a YouTube video.

This. And imagine being a teen who's actually gone through csa and believes in her bullshit. When the truth comes out they're going to feel so fucking betrayed and hurt.

No. 225440

She's seriously so unappealing nowadays as well. Inside and out. I don't know how she still has an audience that looks up to her. Her videos are boring too. She will never accomplish anything. What the fuck is her plan even.

No. 225443

I think one of the worst things about the video is how intentionally manipulative she's being by making everything vague. What specifically caught my attention was when she mentioned the rape (over months) she said "at the end of elementary school" which generally makes you think of a young child (12 and under for me) when she would have been roughly 12-13 or middle school aged (which lines up better with the theory she's trying to blame uma)

No. 225444

Do we know who Shelley is? I wonder what happened at this sleepover and I guess Shelley is a witness?
This is some real single white female shit damn.

No. 225446

She's always so vague, uses words to her own liking, omits information, changes the meaning of things etc. Remember when she said Bpd is neuroduvergency? And how she said "la mortalidad del cangrejo" was dissociating? Etc. She relies on people not asking more information for her lies to work, and if you call her out you're a bully.

How far did this girl fall? Who knew LACE would eventually turn this girl into trauma larping for attention.

No. 225447

File: 1656839092041.png (57.56 KB, 2224x473, image.png)

I rewatched the first video of her "re-introducing" herself as a DID system and there she mentions the supposed suicide note her mom found, when Jill was in fifth grade. This would fit into the timeframe she mentions in this video, since 5th graders are between 9 and 10 years old in Canadian school system.

So we can deduct from this, that she was supposedly raped at age 9 or 10 and later re-traumatized by the incident with Uma.

No. 225450

So Veronica and Jerr split off at the age 13, when the Uma-sleepover happened, but she says on the latest video starting at 20:50, that "I was forced to be this fuck-able play thing when I was getting out of elementary school". This means she was between 10 and 11 years old when she's talking about this, but her mother found the suicide note a year earlier leading me conclude she had her first experience with the rapist between ages 9-10 years old and the relationship with this rapist continuing for at least 2 years onwards as she referred the rape happening on multiple occasions on monthly basis.

No. 225452

But if it’s not Uma then who is it? Because the piano teacher is male so he is out since she specifically said same sex.

No. 225456

File: 1656842773896.png (2.18 MB, 1813x836, image.png)

She didn't claim, that the rape and same-sex relationship trauma were the same in the beginning TW table, since she put them on seperate lines of text.

So it's possible the rapist was someone else, than Uma, which would make the piano teacher most likely suspect. She made that dramatic tweet about him couple threads ago basically wishing him to burn in hell, which would be on line with this assumption.

But I really don't understand why she wouldn't just say it was the piano teacher, since she's talked about him couple of times in her videos.

No. 225457

This screenshot is her personality in a nutshell
>play-doh background
>unreadable pink font because fuck people with disabilities
>This video discusses rape uwu
>mostly light hearted, watch with care ♥

No. 225460

>"I was forced to be this fuck-able play thing when I was getting out of elementary school".

This bitch is sickening, we can see this is all bullshit from her old DA posts where she says she's a virgin, has boyfriends who she cares about and meets often, and a good friend group who hang out often and it's all rather wholesome at 12-13. This is complete fabrication, she's sick in the head. Mama Vessey seriously needs to intervene before this bitch ends up getting sued by someone.

No. 225461

I just think none of that happened and she's not even attaching her claims to a real person because she doesn't think anyone would dig deep enough to find any contradictions. She's too high on the instant gratification to worry about being caught in the lie.

No. 225463

For the anons who are believing this shit, she says she splits off at the same time as Jerrick to "handle the sexual assault aspect" at around 5 minutes, so the trauma ""rape"" didn't happen earlier. DID lore is you split at the time of the trauma.

I'm trying to watch this but as a very passive person she makes me want to punch her with this offensive bullshit she's spouting at only 6 minutes in, but I think we are seeing a true side to Jill here.

No. 225467

Samefag, she declares she loves gossip and watching gossipy youtube videos at around 18 minutes.
Her personality is clearly modelled after a bitchy gay man, not a woman, but she just comes across like a fat girl pretending to be a gay man.

At 20 minutes she says "the person who sexually abused us and caused Jerr and I to form" talking about a "she" who used the word bimbo which she had apparently never heard prior this moment. So she is pinning it on Uma in the timeline.

"I exist to be someone who doesn't say no. Who doesn't have any problems with what's being done to me, and will actually enjoy it."

That's not how rape works…that's not how coping with rape works.

No. 225474

>"I exist to be someone who doesn't say no. Who doesn't have any problems with what's being done to me, and will actually enjoy it."

This bitch is deliberately mixing up rape fetish (which is common, no matter your stance on it) and actual rape, which are two very different things. I can't believe she's putting this shit out there for people to see.

No. 225476

I'll link these screenshots from DA conversations between Uma and Jill, since they go against what she said in the latest video.
>>189394 >>189395 >>189396 >>189397

These happened at 2011 and this is what she confirms being the source of the trauma, that splits off Jerr and Veronica.

Parallel to these events there's also the Louise's cancer, which happened at unconfirmed time, but likely happened at Jill's childhood from what she's said. This was traumatic experience to Jill, because she didn't get the attention she had gotten before and felt propably abandoned.

No. 225477

I seem to remember her tweeting something along the lines of the piano teacher didn't do anything to her but was always really friendly? I don't think anything happened.

It is all larp

No. 225478

Her mother having cancer was probably the closest thing to genuine trauma that Jill has ever experienced yet it’s the one thing she hasn’t brought up, at least as far as I’m aware. Why? It’s considered a legitimate source of trauma. I know several people who’ve gotten therapy for it. Is she ignoring it because it’s not 100% about her? Or because unlike everything else, there’s real pain associated with it and milking it for views actually feels wrong?

No. 225480

Yeah it's very weird she doesn't talk about this, since it's confirmed by Louise herself on a video and could be used to explain her traumatic past. I wonder if she's even mentioned in her therapy.

No. 225481

I find the "same sex" remark very curious because she paints Veronica's sexualization in a very chauvinist male-centered way.
I really hope she won't go into "supressed memories" pseudoscience just because he's already in prison iirc and wouldn't be able to sue her? Either way this is concerning.

No. 225491

i agree, "same sex abuse" is such a weird thing to say imo. like she's the type to complain about people saying "bpd abuse" and then she says shit like this? is she implying there is something inherently abusive that can occur in same-sex relationships?

No. 225492

Because that was Jerrick, duhhh

Regarding what everyone is saying about "enjoying" the rape. I agree it's a poor choice of words but I think her point was that Veronica split off so Jill could twist the rape into something "normal/positive" to endure the trauma. I think this is the did lore

No. 225493

What if it's the aunt/cousin she hates? Or…her mom?

No. 225494

Yeah I was beginning to think aunt or cousin, based on her previous breadcrumbs.

No. 225496

I'm starting to believe she doesn't plan anything she says beforehand since there's so many inconsistencies. She doesn't have anything figured out, she has no fucking clue what she's doing, she just wings it. Pathological liar perhaps? Or does she actually believe in this shit herself and that's why she doesn't have any kind of timeline figured out, she just assumes everything she says is true?

Waiting for the moment she realises she has contradicted herself so many times she has to start blaming the alters for lying kek. Or maybe she comes up with a new alter that has been secretly co-con the entire time and made everyone lie like some ridiculous cartoon villain. Maybe that alter could have antisocial disorder or something else trendy, then she could play pretend a psychopath.

No. 225499

>Maybe that alter could have antisocial disorder or something else trendy, then she could play pretend a psychopath.

That would be hilarious considering she went after that artist who drew that murderous Moonknight alter.

No. 225501

As far as that goes, I dont remember where, but around the time of the Aunt she didnt like coming for the holidays Jill said "all my abusers have been women" and it was posted and discussed in that thread, so it's almost certain none of this is about her piano teacher

No. 225503

literally give anyone a party city wig and a joint and the same video will come out. i feel like she chose SA as one of her traumas because she thought nobody could call her out on it

No. 225513

>Inb4 one of her alters was the one who raped her

No. 225515

I wouldn't be surprised; I think this is one of those things (her saying hse was raped) that she'll need to be more concrete about; otherwise people will speculate; and since DID is so serious; it'll be her family up first; and we know she barely talks about her dad. My money is on someone saying it's her brother; since she has that obsession with drew since he looks like him

No. 225516

Her mom watches her youtube channel and they seem to talk about her social media stuff often, isn't talking about rape in such a non-chalant way too far? She doesn't even dance around it, she uses the word rape and says it happened when she was a middle schooler which would make it an even worse crime. She's now completely unhinged and I almost feel like she's following things anons jokingly post in these threads because she knows that will get her the most attention.

No. 225517

She used the word she when referring to her imaginary rapist though.

No. 225519

Maybe it was the Veronica alter who raped her, since she's both male and female or something retarded like that.

No. 225521

Doesn't she lurk here? We'll see if she picks up any of anons' ideas for future lies kek

No. 225522

>Jill had to turn into Veroinca when she was raping herself as Veronica
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she said this.

No. 225523

This is same straight up Sybil shit right there. I’m honestly waiting for „therapist implemented false memories in my head” video.

No. 225524

The "enjoy" which she says repeatedly suggests to me she absolutely hasn't been raped ever otherwise she'd know the rapist doesn't expect or want you to enjoy it ffs.
Think it's as this anon said >>225474 and she's confusing a rape fetish with actual rape.

Also worth noting for anons smart enough not to watch the whole thing, she starts off reaal confident in the early minutes of the video talking about her "repeated rape" but then calls it sexual assault in every reference after that.

No. 225526

I don't know why anons are speculating so hard when it's obvious she's been blaming "Jerrick" on Uma from the start based on that account's tweets and is now saying Jerrick and Veronica come from the same trauma. There is like 0.0005% of a chance she is saying this shit about anyone else. Plus positioning a lesbian as a villain against her qweer enby larp is completely consistent with her worldview

No. 225528

I think it's because of all the crazy shit she says like the part about
>"I was forced to be this fuck-able play thing when I was getting out of elementary school
In the video she's actually talking generally at that point about how young girls feel pressure to be attractive or sexy looking even when they're preteens, not about her supposed abuser. But out of context it obviously would lead to speculation.
She says several times that she split at the same time as Jerrick and that's when the supposed assault happened, as you said the chances it's about anyone other than Uma are miniscule.
Just as predicted many times in this thread, miss queer identity is using her singular gay experience as her main source of trauma.

No. 225536

Good god that new video was fucking cringe. I saw someone in the comments like "I'm unsubscribing" and tbh, fucking Same. I've followed her for years but this is some next-level bullshit. I'm out.

No. 225538

Maybe there's no point in it probably since it's harder to do in Canada, but if I were in Uma's position and found out then first thought would be finding a lawyer. Jillian is using calling her a predatory lesbian rapist to contribute to her own financial gain, it's really the final form of her obvious homophobia toward actual lesbians (which Steve probably shares and encourages, as a troon)

No. 225540

actually, it's easier to sue for defamation in canada than in US, in canada you don't have to prove the defamation damaged you, just that it happened. don't think everyone here isn't just as lawyer happy as in the US.

No. 225543

i don’t necessarily believe jill was molested/raped but i don’t think using her dA journals saying she’s a virgin is evidence that she’s lying. i was molested and would probably do the same if i was on dA in middle school.

No. 225546

did you actually read the journals??

No. 225547

It’s very common for narcissists to do this. They lack permanence in some ways and jump around even when it doesn’t make sense in their lore. They act like the new shiny lie is something that has always been true or the new thing they like is something they always liked and the past lies and likes never existed.
She is talking about something that happens with zero nuance or understanding. There is a victim of CSA that does tik toks talking about her experiences and they do big numbers so I wouldn’t be shocked if Jill had seen them. Basically she talks about how she did feel pleasure when her father assaulted her because she was being given physical pleasure and being told she was special and as a child she didn’t understand it was wrong. It’s not uncommon for a groomed child to feel like they are being loved by their groomer especially if they are from a background where they are neglected. It’s a complex topic and as per hamfisted Jill just barrels through with zero thought or care to get her sweet sweet attention.

No. 225548

I can't wait for Jill to discover the pink rainbow big boob clown girl from ace attorney that artists picked up on twitter, I would hope for a clown alter but clowning is offensive now apparently.

No. 225559

>clowning is offensive now apparently
everything is 'problematic' these days but somehow making shit up for views is not

No. 225563

Small nitpick for precision but canadian 5th grade would be 10-11

No. 225565

Exactly. This is all born out of her BPD and needing to have more and more control over her friends, family, and image. That's what this all is, and anyone with half a brain can see it from a mile away. It's quite literally a textbook situation.

Her revealing the "getting naked around Stevie and friend" thing is what does it for me. That is so textbook BPD it hurts. My horrible horrible manic BPD mother-in-law has done the exact same thing in front of me and for nearly the same reason: to get what she wants.

If anyone ever had any doubt about Jill, we received all the answers we ever needed in that video. She is not autistic, DID doesn't fucking exist, she is not neurodivergant, she is not traumatized, NOTHING. She is in the midst of a total and complete BPD manic episode and I bet she is completely abusive as shit behind closed doors. I bet everyone in her life is SCARED OF HER.

And she is fucking laughing at all of us. She can see us seeing her, and she's laughing, because BPD people are fucking EVIL.

No. 225566

Someone else said it but I'll say it too: there's a possibility she means another alter when she says she was raped multiple times for months. People into DID communities say this way more than you think. Remember how Jerrick was labeled a prosecutor and how he was supposedly the one making her cut herself? But now he's a sweetuwubaby.

No. 225567

>"I was forced to be this fuck-able play thing when I was getting out of elementary school".

…You coddled mother fucking bitch. You have no actual idea what you're talking about here you idiot. So many kids go through actual hell. But not you. You have to be the most special of the bunch down to being the most raped. Sick creep.

No. 225568

>I just think none of that happened and she's not even attaching her claims to a real person because she doesn't think anyone would dig deep enough to find any contradictions

I agree.

No. 225569

>"I exist to be someone who doesn't say no. Who doesn't have any problems with what's being done to me, and will actually enjoy it."

Imagine saying this while pretending to be a Bimbo. Are we sure this isn't simply a fetish?

No. 225570

>she paints Veronica's sexualization in a very chauvinist male-centered way.
This exactly, and then she pretends to be a hot lesbian, which is very male gazey.

No. 225571

>Waiting for the moment she realises she has contradicted herself so many times she has to start blaming the alters for lying kek
You 100% know it will happen, down to the cartoon villain part. Then she'll make all her alters fight it, Precure style.

No. 225572

She says at 5:30:
>It doesn't affect me emotionally, which is crazy to say, but as a part it does not affect me emotionally that I know that I exist, um, because we were raped.

And yeah believe it or not women can and do lie about being raped. Lol at all the people here trying to wrap their heads around seeing someone spinning this lie in real time in their face and still having trouble accepting it.

No. 225573

>literally give anyone a party city wig and a joint and the same video will come out.
I agree, she's always following this thread for advice… Like when everyone was talking about how it would be nice if she made more piano videos and bam, she did a video like that

No. 225574

The full quote
>It doesn't affect me emotionally, which is crazy to say, but as a part it does not affect me emotionally that I know that I exist, um, because we were raped. Um, it's just a fact of the matter, and I split off because we just simply needed someone that would enjoy it and take it because it was inescapable and happening multiple times over multiple months.

I don't see how this could possibly be interpreted any other way, she is claiming she was raped multiple times over several months as a kid.

No. 225578

>everything is 'problematic' these days but somehow making shit up for views is not
Yeah, she really has no idea what she's talking about.

No. 225579

>Her revealing the "getting naked around Stevie and friend" thing is what does it for me. That is so textbook BPD it hurts. My horrible horrible manic BPD mother-in-law has done the exact same thing in front of me and for nearly the same reason: to get what she wants.
This, I agree wholeheartedly with you. The first therapist she ever had was right. She has BPD and narcissistic traits.

No. 225580

Her mom watches her youtube channel. Your child saying she was raped when she was 11 is absolutely shocking, is she doing this just to get back at her mom or get her attention? And if it was true it would be airing out very sensitive problems to the whole world, associated with her professional brand and would make her parents look awful for failing to protect her.

No. 225582

>She has BPD and narcissistic traits

yes, and she is clearly spiraling out of control as a result. Jillian is quite obviously not well. I am very convinced that - especially Stevie and her mother - are scared of her behaviour off-screen. With these kinds of people, you either play in to every little whim, or suffer their extreme, mega breakdowns if you even kind of challenge them or refuse to play along.

I mean, I feel embarrassed that us anons analyze this any further than, "this BPD bitch is manic and out of control." I feel embarrassed for us that we talk about her alters or try to figure out a timeline or anything. We should be adults and see this for what it is. Her family should be adults and get her help. I have seen first hand how this behaviour manifests in "real" adulthood and it's NOT GOOD. This does not get better for her, it only gets worse as people are less able to cater to her whims and fantasies as she ages and it becomes less "cute." She is only getting away with this right now because she's young and "cute" and it's actually making her some money. But it's not gonna stay cute much longer. I'm sure it's becoming less and less cute by the day for her family.

No. 225584

File: 1656872992456.png (11.06 KB, 480x200, pixiebio.PNG)

There isn't a single mention of DID anywhere on her Instagram, not even in the tags on her posts. Seems weird for her when it's all she talks about?

No. 225586

>I feel embarrassed for us that we talk about her alters or try to figure out a timeline or anything.
Same, we should treat her like what she is: a woman child that craves attention. Nothing she ever says is real. She's a liar and very immature.

No. 225587

I don't think it's cute for anyone now, as even her mom sounded tired in that text message she posted. And it's debatable it's making her decent money if so many people turned their backs on her and she isn't even doing any collaborations or sponsorships.

No. 225588

It's becoming clearer and clearer how pornsick she and Steve are the more she reveals. Sick and sad. Also just the grodiness of the fact that they are constantly talking about how they are so ~kweer~ but she hates lesbians so much that she even had to make her imaginary lesbian OC have a magic penis so there would be no yucky sex with two vaginas in her headcanons

No. 225589

…we're not treating them like they're real, we're archiving them and laughing at the behavior she exhibits when she's pretending to be these imaginary friends.

No. 225590

Did I miss something? I thought everyone in this thread is aware she's lying

No. 225591

nta but I think she means the anons who were seriously speculating that this meant something happened with her piano teacher and so on. I think by and large most users of this thread are aware it's all bs

No. 225592

we are. i don't know what anons are thinking. no one is treating the alters like they're real, and referencing them by name instead of saying "jill posting from fake alter veronica's account" makes no difference. it would be more confusing to not use the names of the accounts, especially when we're comparing what she claims is alters to what she does normally.(like her "i would never smile like that!" post)

No. 225593

Of course we are. It's still just . . . so fucking embarrassing to even use the words "alters" and talk about Jerrick and Veronica because it's just a manic bitch's game to extract attention. It's just sick and it's sad and after this Veronica video, it's reached new levels of sickness and sadness that I wasn't before sure that Jillian could reach. She'll do anything with this LARP to get what she wants. She will do anything to get what she wants. Strip down in front of friends to try and lure in a man. Gaslight friends and family. Play the eternal victim. Hell, maybe even publicly slander a past girlfriend and maybe land herself a fucking lawsuit.

She is right on one thing: she is mentally ill. Extremely so. But not in the glamorous, speshul way that she insists upon. Life will only get markedly harder for her, because as I said, it gets less and less cute with every passing day.

No. 225594

look at >>225582 post though. it's implying by referencing the "alters" that we believe they're real.

No. 225595


Nta, but adding to this: Isn't it interesting that both DissociaDID and TeamPinata had a male "protector" who was once a persecutor- Nan (TP's) was even actually called Jer (Jeremy). It just seems like such an obvious LARP/skinwalk of the two of them especially when she admitted being so enamoured with their videos (and then never mentioned them again after all the Team Pinata scandal).

No. 225597

how is it embarrassing? all alters are fake bs. either literally lies like jills, or weird shit manifested by therapists that their mentally ill patients believe. talking about them for ease of conversation isn't supporting or even enabling her. you're just arguing semantics.

No. 225598

It's pretty retarded to think that's what I mean by that. Talking about alters at all is fucking embarrassing as a whole concept, because it's so fucking retarded at its core. It's just so much retardation.

No. 225599

the real retard here is you.

No. 225600

To add to that: the fixation on autism is obviously the result of being enamored with "Love on the Spectrum" as well.

No. 225601

Nta but I've never felt anyone here thinks they're real. We do use their "names" but how else are we going to talk about her OCs? It might come off as humoring her though. I do agree we need to be more punctual about talking about Jillian as an immature person and a liar who makes up stuff though.
This, tbh.

No. 225602

File: 1656874433919.jpg (242.03 KB, 1080x1088, IMG_20220703_205342.jpg)

No. 225603

No one said that we think they're real you dumbie

No. 225604

Jillian is proof that being an attention craving hetero girl in a queer space means absolute destruction and degeneracy of oneself.

No. 225605

Can't wait for the next inevitable saga: cutting off her tits.

No. 225610

Anything that fuels her delusions I guess.

No. 225618

I think bc the IG crowd is typically older(?) and more prone to calling out this shit. Maybe?

No. 225621

File: 1656878835321.png (251.11 KB, 600x604, 1656874433919.png)

No. 225625

She had a separate tikok for her DID shit for a while, multipetalpixie or something like that, and she said in one of the videos there she did this because people were calling her out for faking on the main. Probably the same with instagram. She's a liar and a coward lol, can't even commit fulltime if people say anything

No. 225626

I personally feel that Jill feels more special if she states she was raped but morbidly I don’t even think she understands what rape is….I’m starting to think she kissed a girl and didn’t like it (but consented to it) and now is calling it rape. I’ve never in my life thought someone was lying about rape and/or SA until this hot mess. It feels unreal.

No. 225641

The Veronica video states she is the social one but the drag video Jill states she is the social one (which is how she took over for jerrick). Doesn’t add up.

No. 225667

completely agree with you anon, i doubt her and uma did anything more than kiss and now she has suddenly decided eleven year later that this was an act of rape.
if anything i would believe her more about this relationship being ‘traumatic’ if she formally came out as straight but of course she would never as that would take uwu quirky points away from her identity

No. 225669

also samefag but if uma really did rape her, considering how overprotective jills mom is, wouldn’t it have made sense for her to file a police report on jills behalf against her rapist? the excuse could be that jill didn’t tell her about this until recently, but it would make sense that her mom and family would still try to pursue some sort of legal action, right? or am i tinfoiling too hard

No. 225671

okay but at 14:35 in the video veronica says that her username is pixielocks which doesn't make sense at all. veronica has a whole twitter @xcherrybombica so why didn't she say her own twitter username than "jill's" (since they are sooo separate)

No. 225672

because veronica does not exist at all, she's jill
the MOST she could had done was make out and put her hand somewhere and that's it.

No. 225674

I’m sorry but the way Jeronica speaks is identical to other Instagram cows who pretend to have DID. She really is just copying what she sees. This is the classic “sexual protector” voice from the exact same brand of alter who “split off to enjoy sex after SA”. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. They all just copy each other over and over and over again.

No. 225675

She’s gunning to be the top cow this year because she just can’t shut up for 5 seconds online. What a shitshow.

No. 225684

I still wish she had elaborated more on discussing her social media with her therapist/her therapist designating Veronica as a social media protector, it makes me wonder how far this therapist crossed into her online life if they were discussing what each of her alters was going to do online.

Next threadpic material

No. 225686

There's another point when she's talking about her wig where she refers to Pixie's rainbow hair as "my hair" loving how hamfisted this all is

No. 225708

we know she doesn't exist. we're talking in reference to her bs you absolute retard.

No. 225736

No shit Sherlock, if no one talks about her ‘alters’ or the inconsistencies, there’s nothing to talk about. It’s not that deep

No. 225755

What BPD trait would Jax be then? And Sandwich the cat? Assuming Sandwich is still in the lineup, she hasn’t mentioned the cat alter in a while

No. 225757

File: 1656920670253.jpg (48.97 KB, 594x538, firefox_XuMP71w2hH.jpg)

No. 225761

Her followers are insane.

No. 225764

flies flock to to shit, what's new

No. 225783

Some of you are legit autistic. When we use the alters' names we're not implying the alters are real, we're just making it clear that Jill is pretending to be a certain character when she says certain things, which is funny. I don't know why you're on lolcow if we can't talk about what she's doing

No. 225786

There are obviously a lot of CSA survivors in here who are upset by her lies and I don't blame you. I would like to gleam a little clarity on Jill's "rape/virginity" though. When a female same sex "rape" happens- it usually doesn't include penetration… most people use that as their indicator for virginity. She's using the wrong term, and it seems to be causing an unnecessary discourse about her timeliness and contradictions.

At best, she was "molested" by another girl. This could include pretty much anything pre-penetration and not impact her virginity.

I can hit the believe button that she experimented with her gf, and in hindsight thinks it was wrong- but as we know, a rape;that does not make.

Tldr: this doesn't fucking matter, she's lying as usual anyway.

No. 225788

Yeah I considered the same thing, what I am pretty sure happened is Jill was so desperate for the trendy queer label she forced herself to have a relationship with another girl, which she evidently deeply regrets to this day. It's the exact opposite problem of many gays (t.closeted bi) who are traumatised by their opposite sex relationships or sexual interactions because they felt they 'had' to do them to be straight or to be a woman or whatever.

No. 225796

This is what gets me about the whole mystery girl saga. She forced herself to be in a relationship with another women seemingly just for attention but do you think she’s at all remorseful for not only outing her to others but using her as a prop? That whole disgusting display was what led me here in the first place and I’m curious to see how this trauma ties in with her decision to be involved in another same sex relationship and how she’s going to spin it. It might be worth reading older threads to find her breadcrumbs.

Jill really loves to vague post, she’s always hinting at things and laying out a trail. It’s so weird how she’ll openly and loudly come out with stuff once it’s “official” but if you look back you see all the little tidbits leading to that moment of affirmation and coming out. She definitely seems addicted to the attention. Once all the low hanging fruit has been harvested what will become her new “it” thing I wonder?

No. 225805

i totally disagree. this is something she would have mentioned or alluded to before now. it's way way too convenient that now during her DID phase she has some childhood trauma, that she needs for DID, that she never mentioned before. she has bpd, she would have mentioned it again and again for pity before now.

No. 225808

Yeah this is true and even when we look for these supposed trauma experiences throgh her timeline they don't line up with the criteria DID has for forming in a child. Uma thing is too late for her personality to be so vulnerable she'd develop this kind of disorder because of it meaning it's all make belief and dramatization.

No. 225810

Especially since at the start she basically said there wasn't meaningful trauma until she realized nobody would buy the DID without that and then her therapist helped her remember her trauma she forgot

No. 225814

Whenever she pretends that Jill is "coming forward" because she's "triggered" it's so backwards from how did is supposed to fucking work and why it even forms in the first place. Isn't the idea that Veronica comes out to protect Jill from hearing and seeing and feeling bad? We all know you're just trying to cover up moments where you can't keep up your stupid voices and tiktok mannerisms, it's so fucking obvious.
And yes I know did isn't real in the first place it's just annoying seeing her blatantly ignore the rules of the game she wanted to play.

No. 225815

File: 1656953443284.jpg (109.98 KB, 805x756, firefox_KnIB22GWES.jpg)

A comment Jill replied to in Veronica-video.

No. 225816

How was that comment malicious?

No. 225817

Everything that's not a adoring and unquestioning worship of her greatness is considered malicious in Jill's standards.

No. 225821

>i know did isn't real in the first place
that's something that's bothering me itt. DID is a real condition, the difference is the alters aren't real and the way they work for real DID isn't like tiktokers think they are. they're not like cogent separate beings that live in your head and can have full conversations with people. real DID is basically PTSD with amnesia. but people with real DID don't post about it online and portray it as a fun slumber party in their head.

No. 225827

> DID is a real condition

Yeah, and getting fingerbanged in your teens by your fake internet girlfriend isn't what causes it.

No. 225828

genuine comment that dares to question her totally not BPD related, precious DID "diagnosis"= malicious comment

No. 225829

Since she reads here she probably figured it was >>225431 because that was my first thought too

No. 225831

Miyu's comment is so cringe. So many therapists are idiots. It's not like "trusting the science". I really don't understand why the general public holds therapists in such high regard after decades of abuse by them and the fact that so many are fucking morons and mentally ill themselves.

No. 225840

Her lie is so confusing
>"I was forced to be this fuck-able play thing when I was getting out of elementary school".
>"I exist to be someone who doesn't say no. Who doesn't have any problems with what's being done to me, and will actually enjoy it."
Maybe it's just my point of view, but the whole "being fuckable" and having something done to her sounds much more like the abuser in the story is male. If her abuser was female she would more likely be forced/manipulated to do something actively and not just passively lay down.

Yeah, yeah, I know Jill doesn't think her lies out and this was "my gf tried to kiss me and it sucked", but I want to call out the way she talks.

No. 225852

What I imagine happened was: uma, jill, and shelley were on a cabin and they did a dare of some sort, then uma went too far, and jill got uncomfortable. I don't blame Uma, she was too young for fucks sake and she always felt bad for what she did. It's hard to be into girls when you are in your puberty stage, specially if you encounter hetero girls like jill who think everything is rape. Jill is taking everything to extremes when I think uma already apologized and wanted to move on. If you see the journals even jill misses uma and wishes everything went back to normal.

I don't know, but I think she's grasping for anything to make her proof more real. How does someone go from saying they never went through something that bad and always were dissociative, to saying she was raped for months?
If she was truly kind and understanding she would stop attention seeking and forgive a dumb kid who isn't in her life anymore.

No. 225855

>Maybe it's just my point of view, but the whole "being fuckable" and having something done to her sounds much more like the abuser in the story is male.
Because she's using whatever narrative she found online for herself and copying words from others. She's acting like she was neglected and Idk how to say it because I know CSA is fucking awful and don't want to be disrespectful, but she's acting like she was prostituted by her parents or worse. She's dramatizing everything so badly for lore points.

I also don't trust the "fuckable" part. Do CSA victims even say that, normally? If they do, they must had gone through something terribly traumatic then. But in Jillian's case… It comes off as a lie and s fetish. Just the fact that she calls herself a BIMBO for god's sake is proof enough that this is a FETISH. Her career is over and she will never be employable or do anything relevant unless she uses drama to get attention like Trisha or Tana or Shane do. Sorry but it's true.

No. 225858

Big pharma and queer spaces. It infects everything.

No. 225861

she did also say that she had a traumatic experience as a very young child and stated that she was in and out of therapy at a very young age. So was Jill was fluffing up how young she was so she can make her traumas sound more severe to warrant a DID diagnosis or did she forget that she implied that she was younger than a tween when her "rape" happened?

For some one who's trying to destigmatize mental illness Jill's malignant narcissism really jumped out as soon as she read narcissistic BPD. Maybe Jill isn't as much of an advocate that she says she is.

No. 225869

I wish someone would make a complication of all the lies each alter says tbh

Also will Cliffe be the next meet the alter? Do we ever think she'll do one with the kid oc? maybe her and Stevie doing it together since he's her daddy, sorry caregiver

No. 225890

Her spending a decent chunk of the video trying to walk back the fact that her alters share mannerisms, speech patterns, etc was hilarious. Like sure Jan, we totally believe you all just picked up that gross tongue thing from each other.

No. 225891

>"I was forced to be this fuck-able play thing when I was getting out of elementary school"
I could be wrong, but I interpret this line to be about the general sexualisation of girls rather than a specific situation she was in. We all know Jill has Peter Pan syndrome and wants to be a perpetual womanchild, and puberty in our society is harsh on girls to mature faster than they're probably ready to. Of course, Jill is being misleading and implying that this was something specific that happened to her.

No. 225894

I wanted to say how chubby girls usually start getting catcalled early, and then I remembered she only started gaining weight when she got 20, kek.

No. 225895

Why does she still call herself a lesbian when every time she’s gotten a girlfriend she panics when they try to do anything remotely sexual with her and then breaks up and claims it traumatized her and/or that she felt zero attraction to them? So she’s never been attracted to another girl in practice ever, not once. Any time she goes forward with a relationship with a girl she then hates physical intimacy with them and breaks it off. But of course she can sustain long term sexual relationships with men plenty of times and brag about how much she enjoys it. Ridiculous.

No. 225899

I'd love to get a Cliffe video, but only if it's recorded on a big ass RCA camcorder from 1993.

No. 225900

It's the only piece of technology he knows how to use!

No. 225904

Please please please I want this to happen.

No. 225911

No. 225916

did you even read the rest of my post?

No. 225928

File: 1656975700935.jpg (15.21 KB, 562x120, Screenshot 2022-07-04 170129.j…)

Oh I guess we're convinced, then.

No. 225930

File: 1656975833552.jpg (53.51 KB, 557x392, Screenshot 2022-07-04 170305.j…)

The people who matter DO know the truth - and they are fucking SCARED OF YOU.

Everyone is lying to you, Jillian, just like you're lying to them. You aren't getting away with it, retard, they're just humoring you because they're scared of you.

No. 225949

>Why does she still call herself a lesbian when every time she’s gotten a girlfriend she panics when they try to do anything remotely sexual with her and then breaks up and claims it traumatized her and/or that she felt zero attraction to them?
She wants another free label to add to the pile even though she's a very sad heterosexual woman.

No. 225951

No. 225953

Please learn to embed next time

No. 225955

You are not diagnosed. A diagnostic impression is not a diagnostic. Shut the fuck up Jillian.

No. 225958

Well that wasn't me, I made that post but that's not my youtube account.

No. 225963

This dude wants to be Leafy so bad but he doesn't even know how to download videos off of other sites ffs
Jill has been in AT LEAST 4 of these already just from the ones that have been posted here. And she's been on the thumbnail for what, at least half of them so far? It's hilarious how she has become a niche posterchild of "TikTok DID malingerers"

No. 225990

>>"No I am officially diagnosed"
And yet there is zero proof on her end. When she made the video about getting diagnosed, she held up a paper that quite clearly said "diagnostic impression" but she's so far up her own ass, she even lies about things that are super easy to disprove. "People made this up" they quite literally didn't, Jillian, they got it straight from your video that is meant to be the proof of an actual diagnosis when it does the opposite and proves there is no official diagnosis. She's so fucking retarded. If she had gotten it officially, she would have provided the new paper stating it from the doctor to prove the haters wrong.

Late but I fucking hate the autists in this thread that need every single thing spelled out for them. It's just easier for conversation to talk about the DID larp without constantly putting disclaimers that we know it's fake when we all know it is, it can go unspoken at this point. We aren't going to bend our choice of language because one or two anons can only understand things literally. If you are too autistic for this thread, just leave.

I could've sworn this was posted ages ago.

No. 225998

>I could've sworn this was posted ages ago.
It was

No. 226003

This. First it was all the rainbow-vomit autists whining that Jill did their retarded fashion wrong, munchies crying that unlike them and their totally real illness jill was an obvious faker (as if anons needed to read a fucking blogpost to tell them this), then bpdchans ree'ing that Jill totally didn't have their uber terrible mental illness or that she was doing it wrong, and now all the autistic anons coming in and not understanding that anons are being sarcastic/obviously joking.

No. 226020

It's more autistic to not understand that some people simply don't want to humour Jillian and her delusions and we want to discuss shit like adults, imo.

No. 226021

So which one of those are you?

No. 226022

The most autistic are nonnas who keep on bitching about things other than Jill. Can we just let it be and laugh at stupid?

No. 226027

I agree, this one in particular sounds extremely spastic and retarded >>226003

No. 226029

no one is doing that.

No. 226031

Holy shit just let it go you retards

No. 226032

>"i totez look like a teen uwu"
These girls, I swear.

No. 226033

fakers complaining about other fakers will never not be funny

No. 226034

>real DID is basically PTSD with amnesia

Exactly, everyone online is basically living out their Tumblr oc dreams when logically, with the way trauma and the human mind works, no fucking way is it a slumber party in your head like Jill and co present it as. What it seems more to be like is people blacking out when something is too much to psychologically handle, (truma itself or trigger) and whatever they do during that time they blacked out is forgotten, the same way you don't remember anything after heavy drinking or some medication.
But that's no fun so we get a host of ocs with different accents who can be summoned at will instead.

No. 226035

> it's just annoying seeing her blatantly ignore the rules of the game she wanted to play.
>Jill playing sports: if the ball misses the hoop/goalpost that's a goal

I noticed the same thing but couldn't put it inro words, like your protector alter comes out when you're not triggered and retreats when you're triggered, despite DID lore stating these alters exist specically to respond to triggers she just doesn't gaf and uses it as a cover for when she drops character as you said

No. 226036

I want to see Jill in a super bad bald wig for Cliffe

No. 226040

Are you guys saying that Jillian Vessey, the girl who made her whole online presence doing lolita badly and then ran away from it when called out, does not put in the effort into making DID her whole online presence and gets it wrong? kek I'm shocked. Jill doesn't care enough to look into it and she doesn't care enough to cover her lies. She comes online for the asspat hit and each time is like a blank slate all over again to try and one-up the last high. It's art

No. 226042

The DID larp is cringer, but I do hope the DID community she so desperately wants to be part of calls her out and kicks her

No. 226043

I agree with this.

No. 226044

I find the situation she's in now interesting. She's not big enough (pun unintended) for some gossip or drama channel to cover her, and her fans have dwindled down to only those that support her no matter what lie she makes up, because she keeps deleting any negative comments. I expected the rape claim to get some reactions, but nope, every criticism is deleted in Jill's world.

No. 226046

I actually left some comments in one of her vids recently encouraging her to take another path in her life that isn't so self destructive but they got deleted the second I posted them. She must have the most strict youtube comment section regulation setting ever.(cowtipping)

No. 226052

"try to remind myselfves" - this bitch is crazy

No. 226053

File: 1657016811538.jpeg (558.96 KB, 828x1669, 8EC209B3-7F9A-47EE-8368-8655AC…)

It’s very telling that the only negative comments that have slipped through actually have a lot of likes compared to the ass kissing ones

No. 226058

It says it's edited, so maybe it started as a positive comment? I think she's the type to obsessively watch her comment sections because she spends so much time on youtube and notices random asspatting comments and reposts them on twitter.

No. 226060

File: 1657021842651.jpg (34.23 KB, 1330x316, firefox_Q7YUjBZnA5.jpg)

Yeah I noticed the same. The comment section is full of empty praise and then couple critiques get like 10+ likes each.

No. 226061

File: 1657021897051.jpg (112.01 KB, 1329x759, firefox_ONXbkfHx9S.jpg)

Here too

No. 226062

File: 1657022027685.png (101.09 KB, 1495x474, image.png)

The weird story about Jill stripping in front of Stevie before they dated has caused people to question Jill.

No. 226063

I’m not surprised someone brought this up. It’s definitely predator behavior and didn’t come off cute and quirky like I think she thought it would.

No. 226064

Right?! And my understanding is that Leslie and Stevie were still a pair, so her stripping and trying to seduce Steve is so wrong?? I can't understand why she told that and kept it in editing?

No. 226069

I cant believe someone on the cusp of being Gen X is in her comment section taking this seriously, I assumed everyone asskissing over this spectacle was underage or a hyper woke adult tiktok zoomer

No. 226073

Jill is also copying tiktok teenager trends so… there's a lot of people that want to feel younger.

No. 226074

File: 1657027590173.jpg (102.37 KB, 720x826, Screenshot_20220705-092438_You…)

>>225815 Jill's response to one of you about the diagnostic impression.

No. 226075

Shes just straight up lying at this point wtf. No matter what "diagnostic impression" she has, there's so much proof that she's faking an illness. If anything, this is a very good indicator that her therapist was a charlatan who humored her for money. There's no other way.

No. 226076

Who is Leslie? I thought Steven's ex had another name

No. 226077

I am suspecting these are bots

No. 226080

..These people are coping so hard lmao what the actual world. Is everyone a crackhead now thanks to tiktok's brainrot? There's no other fucking explanation, these brainless individuals are playing stupid or are too naive to know.

No. 226082

These comments bring a good point. Saying she stripped to "get what she wanted" is weird and coercive, pure manipulation. Plus, the other girl was literally there… And we don't know fully if they were exes at that point (she was vague). How does no one see this is narcissistic as fuck? Literally wanting to be the center of attention to "get what she wants", even if she had to strip for that. Just imagine you're hanging out with a supposed friend and she strips in front of the guy you dated. Isn't that just fucked up? No wonder she stopped being her friend. Plus if you remember she also got piss drunk and fooled around with a guy her friend liked in that one new year's party.

Plus, if "Veronica" is a sexual protector, why does she seek nudity and sex on purpose knowing it would hurt Jill? There's no Veronica, Jillian simply loves being a kinky whore.

But anyways, I wish her comments were harsher. It's like everyone is too stupidified by social media to criticize anyone anymore, even outlandish shit like this. Shit's fucked. I am not surprised anymore that Jillian has 0 drive other than to seek attention from whatever source, if she's willing to strip in front of a friend and her guy. She can't take a no for an answer, she has always been coddled and enabled. This forced shit will never let her grow up and this will be her demise.

No. 226083

File: 1657029583660.png (567.43 KB, 902x559, 1637525920828.png)

Why did she censor half of her DID impression then? Either it gets dimissed towards the end of the description in some way or she wanted to hide that she shows signs of an "uncool" diagnosis like substance abuse or histronic disorder.

No. 226088

Completely cuts off the diagnosis at the end of the paragraph too. It says they observed her,but she blocked out the conclusion of the testing. Fluidity is obviously an issue as DID isn't how she and Penny Underbust present it.

No. 226089

Yeah it's weird. What's the point of showing proof of diagnosis without showing the part where they tell your diagnosis.

No. 226091

is a random paper supposed to prove anything though? kek as far as we know she could have copied and pasted this shit from somewhere else and printed it out

No. 226092

I don't expect her to dox her doctor and hospital by showing the signature and seal on the paper, but it looks very amateurish. Maybe some Canadian anon can chime in if this looks believable, but since Jillian was in therapy for BPD, she could copy the format of that.

No. 226101

Also no paperwork has patient names at the top like that as if this was a book report. There's inical address, Dr name.. usually header of what the testing was.. jfc, Jillian. This is utterly fake. Even PDFs for self diagnosis to take at home and bring in to a Dr is more professional looking than this. This also bypasses actual clinical terms. Its very basic English class attempt at sounding medical.

No. 226104

In New Brunswick, reports from mental health professionals and specialists are often formatted like this, with patient's name/DOB/Medicare number and/or pharmacy at the top header.

No. 226105

Exactly. At least where I went, the diagnosis papers (not for did) only use the first letter of your name (so they'd just call Jill "J" for example). Though that might be different around the world, I'm not canadian.

No. 226118

People with munchausens are able to doctor shop to get diagnoses all the time, sometimes even to the point of getting physical medical treatments that aren't necessary. Which is exactly what she did, shop for validating psych and therapists. Anyone can lie to a professional, and professionals are not infallible gods who never diagnose munchies either by accident or for financial gain. Even if it is 100% really from her psych, it doesn't change what's obvious to anyone with two plus brain cells and no motive to kowtow to her

No. 226120

Like the 2 quacks who never sat down in a single session with JD yet claimed all these extensive diagnoses. You can get a diagnosis easily, especially if you're acting the right way in front of them. Jillian absolutely would manipulate for her preferred diagnosis.

No. 226121

I actually believe it is real, we know her psychiatrist is real since a facebook anon screenshot his page (i think Jill liked his posts on there and there were only like 12 likes so he obviously is aware of her social media, confirmed by 'veronica' mentioning that her quack thought she'd be a good social media protector)

If she wanted to fake it she wouldn't need to put a blur on half of the impression either, it probably says something about how she's only shown signs of multiple personalities for <1 year and would need further observation over the next few years to get a full diagnosis, and that it might be a phase she will pass through, something like that. I can imagine her quack saying something like that to cover his ass since it would be entirely unethical to diagnose someone with a disorder they had only been expressing for such a short time especially where it's supposed to be childhood onset. Just spitballing here though.

No. 226124

“Ms Vessey reported experiencing 5 distinct personalities in her clinical interview”. “She was observed to fluidly move amongst those personalities during her clinical interview, changing the pitch/tone of her voice as well as the body language”. Did she rapid fire through all five like a one woman show? Surely that’s not remotely how a legit DID interview would go, it’s a covert condition the change would be incredibly subtle. If they bought her performance then they aren’t educated on DID and think it’s like the Hollywood version. Also she “fluidly” moved amongst them? Before any diagnosis or any form of treatment? I wouldn’t be surprised if the bit she blurred is them ruling it out, the wording at the beginning is all about her self reporting and making claims herself then she cuts it off before they can talk about their observations.

No. 226130

>just let it go
>posted walls of text about how "embarrassing" it is
you're the only retard here. no one believes jill or is enabling her. hell, we may as well shut down the thread since the entire thing enables her BPD. you're starting to sound like a wk since the only thing using the alter names does is showcase jill's bs and shows how contradictory she's been.

No. 226132

I didn't do that though? kek I only posted "let it go". Will report for derailing and infighting, bye sperg!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 226134

And mental healthcare in Atlantic Canada is not very robust or known for being very good, it's not like she would have been seeing the top of the top in the mental health field. This is also the same place where anyone can get a coveted gendie diagnosis and hormones no questions asked, so it's not like actual ethics are a requirement.

No. 226136

>“Ms Vessey reported experiencing 5 distinct personalities in her clinical interview”. “She was observed to fluidly move amongst those personalities during her clinical interview, changing the pitch/tone of her voice as well as the body language”. Did she rapid fire through all five like a one woman show?
Any diagnoser would 100% think she is lying and faking it in this case

No. 226138


This is exactly what I'm thinking. Jill is literally a theater kid, surely she has no problem switching between roles to put on a convincing performance to get the reaction she wants.

No. 226139

File: 1657041819708.png (973.2 KB, 2688x2376, bullshit.png)

Compiled some Uma stuff from an earlier thread

No. 226141

Thanks Nonna! Really appreciate when someone takes the effort to compile these.

No. 226144

I find it important to point out timeline wise that the nice comments on Uma's facebook were after that deviantart drama and after the time period Jillain said to have been a victim of rape, so she definitely doesn't mean Uma but is pointing at another girl or woman in her life (ofc we know her lie is bullshit, just calling it out)

No. 226168

File: 1657050219791.jpg (84.66 KB, 640x709, qrzh8o8bz3f71.jpg)

Found this. How many does Jill tick off?

No. 226176

File: 1657051889143.png (226.19 KB, 640x709, bingo.png)

No. 226177

jillian is basically this

No. 226178

You could probably mark off opposed to integration and give her a bingo there, or if you include Steven Universe in the etc etc in the top row you could give her bingo there

No. 226184

Except Rikka is a dumb kid going through a phase

No. 226192

a phase that was actually due to real trauma lmao.

No. 226197

check off self-diagnosed too

No. 226201

File: 1657055497395.jpg (501.97 KB, 1080x1439, Screenshot_20220705-220711_Twi…)

No. 226207

Sage for sperging, but I really don't understand how people see an alter (let's for this just pretend it's real) that former to shield the brain from severe sexual trauma by sorta just taking it all & enjoying it, and then go "yass bimbo jessica rabbit slay". Like; if it was real, the "slutty" behaviour shouldn't be encouraged, because it stems as a bad coping mechanism.

No. 226208

I really want to hear how terrible her impersonation of that accent is. It’s great too because she was limited in choices because it had to be a white accent. I bet we never get to hear Jax speak before she is conveniently gone and we only get the written version of what Jill thinks people with that accent write like.

No. 226209

File: 1657057282900.png (36.03 KB, 898x143, 132353653.png)

Fresh under the newest SBSK video

No. 226211

File: 1657057392804.png (19.1 KB, 1185x113, pixiestrip.PNG)

There's an answer for everything apparently

No. 226230

this is the same generation that encourages ageplay/ddlg as a coping mechanism for csa trauma.

No. 226240

Oh god. Anthony Padilla didn’t happen so have to try this guy now I guess.

No. 226271

I did some quick google research and came with this.

>For 467 patients (55.20%), the initial diagnostic impression given by the referring physicians agreed with the final diagnosis made by the C-L psychiatry team, while in 379 patients (44.80%), the initial diagnostic impression was not consistent with the final diagnosis made by the C-L team. Diagnostic impressions of neurocognitive and substance use disorders were highly accurate, but this was not the case when the referring physicians suspected depression or bipolar, personality, or psychotic disorders.

I assume DID falls within the latter category of disorders. Which means that her diagnostic impression would not necessarily translate to a final diagnosis.

No. 226281

It quite literally reads more like an acting evaluation than a psychological one. The other half of it is just what she "reports," literally anyone could go in say, "Yeah I had this horrible trauma-rape-sexual assault because I wanted clout for being kweer online, and now I have five people living in my head!"

No. 226284

Did she actually try to get an Anthony Padilla interview? He has a long track record of interviewing fakers/clout chasers so it must be a slap in the face if Jill couldn't manage to get herself in.

No. 226290

This sounds like a made up bullshit excuse made in the moment

No. 226296

that's because it is. When was the last time Jill spent time with Maggie? Was Maggie even there for Jill's birthday vlog? Last I recall her birthday vlog was filled with new friends she made at school and that random schizophrenic dude from tiktok.

No. 226299

Its so gross how badly jill wants to be on this channel. Its a channel telling the stories of people with awful disorders you dont wish on anyone. Not for people who want to be disabled and the queen of everything.

No. 226313

Absolutely baffling that she's chasing being on a channel like special books for special kids. Most of those kids are severely disabled and the few mental health videos are pretty insightful. I cannot imagine asking to be featured on a channel of people with severe disabilities for clout it's legitimately disgusting. She can't even keep her own story straight and she wants to be some sort of DID spokesperson

No. 226315

File: 1657083570798.jpg (85.87 KB, 1240x418, firefox_bjMTGkZ0Ze.jpg)

There's always at least one fan giving her a rimjob after every comment. It's nuts.

No. 226316

I'll transcribe what she says on the video about this incident with Stevie and Maggie:
"My friends are like, remember when you used to just like we were just hanging out walk out like 8 feet, strip out being full lingerie with a garter and asking Stevie to fix it? ''I knew what I wanted and I knew how to get it.''"

Jill's attempt to fix the mess with adding all this stuff about concent and respecting boundaries is a total lie.

No. 226324

It's so obnoxious how her previous application wasn't accepted and she has to make a big song and dance about sending a new one to put more pressure on the channel.
For real, I hate how mainstream and popular fucked up sexual behaviors have become. Whenever I interact with girls who are even just a couple years younger than me it's all daddy, sugaring, choke me, wtf happened? It's so weird how in the same generation there is more awareness about sexual abuse and more leniency for degeneracy at the same time. And Jill capitalizes on boh.

No. 226325

This sounds like a total lie,any crítical thinking adult would know.

No. 226326

She doesn't want to look like a manipulative retard so she's adding layers of lies upon lies on top of shit.

No. 226334

Jill can’t keep female friends because she hates other women because she sees them as competition. I’m sure we have all witnessed this before, she is a classic single white female pick me. Her highschool friends that she managed to keep were all dudes and John is the only one she didn’t date. Her college friends came out as nonbinary and having disorders and would you look at that Jill followed suit. Her abusers? All nasty horrible women who aren’t like her!

No. 226340

>she hates other women because she sees them as competition

Literally had to make up female ocs in place of any real close friends (her clown enablers don't count) and then her oc was even mocking Jill (herself) in the latest video, I bet she's like a one woman lolcow.farm when discussing other women

No. 226351

Maggie's close friends with Jillian's old roommate who lived in her basement before stevie. She unfollowed jill and stopped hanging around her a LONG time ago.

No. 226358

just started watching the veronica video .. she’s speaking like she’s in the confessional of drag race or another reality tv show

No. 226361

Jillian is the biggest nlog and pickme ever. I also agree she sees other women as competition. The narcissism is revealing itself
I remember now! Guess she escaped the dungeon early thank goodness.

No. 226362

File: 1657107874957.png (18.33 KB, 1078x103, imagine having a multifaceted …)

A random comment on her video, just thought it gave good insight into the kind of people supporting her now and also what kind of garbage influence she's putting out into the world.

IIRC, in her original DID video, she shows the diagnostic impression and straight up states "this is not an official diagnosis yet", and then within the same video she switches kek gears and calls it an official diagnosis. She had mentioned or tweeted about still needing to be officially assessed after taking the test, but afaik she never brought that up again and now is pretending like it happened and yet tip-toeing around it at the same time. If she wasn't lying (I mean we all know she is but from the POV of her fans), why is she getting angry and not just instead explaining that she had the final assessment after the diag impression? She also has no reason to keep the paper blurred now that she shared her super real trauma, so why not post it in full? Ah and if only she would adress what she answered to the substance use questions that would disqualify the diagnosis or why she still has a driver's license…

No. 226363

the most annoying thing about her being a bimbo and also using DID language is actual women who curate a bimbo aesthetic and image wouldn’t let on that they know about this stuff because it’s contradictory to the whole concept of being a bimbo

No. 226365

>A furry
Kek Jill has always had the bottom of the barrel fanbase

No. 226369

File: 1657113184624.jpg (117.63 KB, 1080x1400, 20220706_091008.jpg)

Jill getting called out in the replies of her SBSK comment (1/2)

No. 226370

File: 1657113250888.jpg (172.63 KB, 1080x1421, 20220706_091022.jpg)

(2/2) (sorry I'm on mobile)

No. 226371

These are extreme levels?

No. 226372

Honestly I hope it happens. It would be hilarious. She'd be in full clown makeup too, you just know it

No. 226375

>"bullied to extreme levels"
>person just replied with a line of emojis

Such a womanchild

No. 226378

File: 1657116120550.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 15FA37CE-6D35-4C1F-B308-DC04FD…)

> bullied to extreme levels
> on the internet

No. 226379

oh no! You were bullied? To EXTREME levels?? You should split into another personality about it, poor baby.

No. 226380

Kek lemon alter when? She needs a yellow one to add to her magical alter rainbow right?

No. 226381

This is how you can tell she has never actually been bullied kek, that is extreme? Get a real problem one time Jillian Jesus Christ.

No. 226386

Did she delete the fakeclaiming thread on her newest video? I can’t find it anymore

No. 226394

File: 1657120766706.gif (758.6 KB, 300x225, lemonalterdream.gif)

>lemon alter when?
Pretty much Jill as Lemongrab incarnate and her alters

No. 226401

So is Jill gonna gain a ton of weight and get botched surgery like her DID hero Trisha?

I can't believe we haven't gotten to Jill's plastic surgery saga yet.

No. 226402

What an obvious retcon, that doesn't sound like how "Veronica" was describing it at all. I love how she obviously wants the edgy/traumatized alter behavior that's present in everyone's DID lore but it so afraid of being seen as anything but a perfect angel that she can't commit.

No. 226403

Literally the exact same logic as Holly Conrad with the clown emojis kek

No. 226406

I hope this DID arc keeps blowing up in her face until she chimps out. Just one meet the alter video and so much narc rage already

No. 226408

Wow I'm so glad the stupid bimbo alter she didn't know existed made sure to get everyone's consent before impulsively taking off her clothes. Definitely a real thing that happened.

No. 226409

The Jax video still has yet to come. I wonder if she's gonna do one for the little? That would get a lot of backlash.

No. 226410

If her “therapist” is quitting then it shouldn’t be a problem to have signatures showing lol.

No. 226411

here's the july patreon livestream.

No. 226412

If it ever comes to light that she isn't officially diagnosed, she's 100% going to pinpoint it on the therapist leaving and how all the new ones are ~toxic~ and just don't get her!!!

No. 226415

File: 1657127015472.png (344.57 KB, 521x306, (s)mug.PNG)

nitpick, but I cant believe she puts her nice dishes in the dishwasher and ruins them. especially someone who owns a lot of decorative dishes
>mug got dishwasher

No. 226418

3mins in:
>People are being so mean to me
>I know that's not new
>I feel like in the past two days it's been like "let's beat them now"
>So it feels good to be with people who don't hate me and aren't like "I hate you now, you sick twisted whore"

Jill clearly enjoys reading here. Top kek

No. 226419

>People are being so mean to me

because it's so fucking easy and you deserve it, Jill. Get a life.

No. 226420

samefag, here's the rest of what I listened to
>People stop replying to me when I serve them with FACTS AND LOGIC
>Every single time when I tell people NO I AM DIAGNOSED I DO HAVE DID THIS IS HOW IT WORKS, they always are just like "no, but no it's not" and I'm like "this is harrasment" and they're like "no it's not, it's a conversation"
>Hate me cause I'm cringe! Don't tell me that I'm lying, I'm such a sweetie!

The rage is delicious lmfao, those yt comments live in her head rent fucking free

>Keeps saying "you guys will breathe life into me"

>I keep reading things that are negative about me. Because I know they exist
>There was one person who was like, "as a long time fan this is why you're losing fans" and I'm like, I know I'm losing some but they don't understand HEALTH! They don't understand mental health, they're ok to go
>I was told recently that the person who diagnosed me, my psychologist [says THREE people diagnosed her, her therapist, her psychologist and "a mental health professional LMFAO SO FUCKING DIDN'T HAPPEN], the main one is ~ trained in forensics to tell when criminals are lying ~
>Says she went in saying "I just want to be told whatever I have", which contradicts the diagnostic impression she held up in that video saying she came in saying she was five different people
>I am so far from a sneaky little sneak! She is trained in forensics! She could tell that I'm lying!
>Small influx [of hate] from Veronica's video
>Rambles about "balance", that she gets more positive feedback than negative (because you delete dissent, lol)
>It took people 5 days to "craft some twisted webs" to make up something negative about Veronica's video
>People have always criticized me online, for fashion and making up that I'm bad to my cats
>People have always just wanted to find something to stomp on me for and now that I'm being ~ sooo vulnerable ~
>Brings up the time when people got mad at her for using a toxic substance to make a cat tree
>The reaching is literally that bad! Are we serious?? Hate me cause I'm cringe!
>I think the spark of hatred comes from the fact that I am cringe, I embrace the fact. But they feel bad hating me for being cringe so they make up that I'm racist, ableist etc.
>Take it to creative writing classes!

She said she wasn't going to talk about it, but it's been on her mind this morning. You've been talking about only this for 10mins straight Jillian

>Says she can't watch her "blended" videos back, or listen to voice messages because she cringes at it

At this point she starts talking about "cringe culture" way too much and rambles about make up. I'm at 2x speed gave up a little after this for lack of milk, she just keeps going back and forth between talking about nothing and going back to "people pick on me, I'm cringe", I can't take this high a dose, sorry nonnas

No. 226421

Is she finally waking up to see that more people hatewatch her than genuinely follow her? Since she watches her comment section like a hawk no wonder she sees every negative word, lmao

Jill isn't insecure, she's obsessed with herself. Tbh if she was actually insecure she would have gotten liposuction or some beauty treatments already.

No. 226422

This is what a BPD manic episode looks like, everyone.

No. 226424

Also her patreon subscribers in the chat are obviously just kissing her ass

No. 226425

Am I tinfoiling or is this a response to anons bringing up the validity of her diagnosis yesterday again and calling it out?

No. 226427

>I was told recently that the person who diagnosed me, my psychologist [says THREE people diagnosed her, her therapist, her psychologist and "a mental health professional LMFAO SO FUCKING DIDN'T HAPPEN], the main one is ~ trained in forensics to tell when criminals are lying ~
Wait so which one of these did she pay, the "expert"? I remember she paid like 1000 CAD to get a professional diagnosis and anons assumed she went to a psychiatrist in a private clinic. So there was never even a licensed psychiatrist involved?

No. 226429

She promises to do a video about "Am I faking DID" after her trip! Quality content incoming!

No. 226431

it sounds like it since she deleted that comment thread on her video after several people pointed out that she was the one that said the diagnostic impression wasn’t a diagnosis in the first place

No. 226439

File: 1657130996016.jpg (89.84 KB, 1071x461, firefox_XaybJiHFzA.jpg)

Her drag advert she's making to get new gigs.

No. 226441

Gonna try to pick this up where this anon left off.

>Wants to try a fake freckle look for Veronica

>Is sad colourpop didn't send her the Peeps collab makeup
>Says she still has BPD
>Says someone said she had an "autistic looking face" and they might be right
>People use mental health as an insult towards her while simultaneously saying she can't be mentally ill
>Says vocaloid and mental illness are in the same venn diagram
>Picks up vocal patterns from her friends
>Her friends are all mentally ill/neurodivergent
>Keeps saying "I am cringe but I am free"
>Very blended, very nervous for stream because Jerrick was co-con
>She can work now because she thought she was having a bad BPD breakdown, but it was actually DID
>Screencaps sweet comments
>People are responding to her comment on SBSK and saying she's a bad person
>Needs to finish Jax and Flora drawings
>2 alters (?) won't have drawings because she can't see them as clearly (I think she's talking about sandwich and piano)
>Uses a box of candy from when she won the Kawaii competition as decoration, expired in 2019
>Uses random books from thrift store so they can be in rainbow order. Steve told her to look through the books to make sure there wasn't anything bad in them.
>Got an "art of drag" book for Cliffe for Christmas
>Laughs about a comment about taking revenge turds on her haters
>Going home for a summer visit, Steve won't come because he has a summer job
>Her cousin's wedding is on Sunday
>She made the wedding dress, just needs to close off the arm holes
>Going to vlog her summer trip
>Huge family reunion, aunt from the UK is coming
>Hasn't seen Sam since she was 10
>Is uploading a Barbie movie fashion review video this Saturday
>Is going back to mostly weekly videos
>Someone crashed at her place last month because of an emergency, was too embarrassed to film youtube videos while they were over
>Had a reunion with her fashion class, everyone brought their partners
>Got "a new brand of drunk", kept falling to the floor laughing at Steve's jokes and got extremely bruised
>Thinking about doing another slumber party video

I'm about 35 minutes into the video, I'll keep recapping it if anons are interested.

No. 226443

this is so embarrassing I almost can't watch anymore

No. 226444


*drug artist

fixed it for ya, Jillian

No. 226445

She's performed one (1) time and already expecting paid bookings?

No. 226447

Of course! She's just born talent and totally got the attention of most important drag people in world, since she's so special!!

No. 226448

Why didn't she just become a pro clown for kid parties? She'd have better chances

No. 226450

What a trainwreck. Can't wait for Serenity Sam content though, she is based.

No. 226454

File: 1657132791495.png (117.08 KB, 1258x756, snip(3).PNG)

Snipped the rest of that comment thread in case it got deleted, which it has. All negative comments have now been removed from the video

No. 226455

Holy shit this is cringe. Thanks for posting this.

No. 226456

AN AUTISTIC LOOKING FACE? What in the nazi science is she talking about, fucking hell. Also the weeding is Sunday and the dress isn’t finished? So she hasn’t done a final fitting?

No. 226457

''Weeding'' kek

No. 226458

The pun was a happy accident I can’t take credit for that, I was reeling from her bizzare ableist phrenology tangent.

No. 226460

Did she delete her comment? I can't find it on the SBSK video

No. 226461

All the negative comments got deleted so that whole convo is gone now

No. 226462

File: 1657133906144.png (29.11 KB, 1230x132, image.png)

Still there.

No. 226464

So uhhhh she's just going to transition her career from seamstress to biodragqueen?

No. 226465

Horrible to you? We give you advice you stupid bitch.

No. 226469

She shooped her arm so much on the left that it looks like a boomerang

No. 226474

oh my god all of this new stuff makes me want to cry/laugh it's so bad

I would rant about every thing wrong with this but that would just take too long. This is absolutely illegible.

>I am so far from a sneaky little sneak! She is trained in forensics! She could tell that I'm lying!
This isn't a movie. Nobody can truly tell if someone is lying or not. The fuck.

The way she replies to a. freaking. psychology. student. lmao she really backed herself in a corner here, no wonder she deleted.

No. 226475

Yup especially when you know all her performances will be the same lip syncing dancing mess. I hope she continues to fall on the floor and put her leg up after each performance.

No. 226479

I can't believe she chose that ugly pic with the binder lmao. The female-to-male-to-female chin kek my sides

No. 226480

Man, that face in the thumbnail. She reall isn't kawaii anymore. Can't wait for her to take testosterone and ruin her life further.

No. 226481

Bravo Jillian! Best way to refute someone is to say they are harassing you. Adding in your mentally ill is a great touch.

No. 226482

>"I hate you now, you sick twisted whore"
If she hates her negative comments, why doesn't she better herself? we give it on a silver platter to her

No. 226483

She looks like a French bulldog with that protruding mandible

No. 226484

>Keeps saying "you guys will breathe life into me"
God narcissistic much? it's so obvious, narcs can never live without a healthy dose of compliments and enabling
>they don't understand HEALTH! They don't understand mental health
We do but you are to stubborn to listen on how it's fucking clear you're ruinning your own life
>Hate me cause I'm cringe! Don't tell me that I'm lying, I'm such a sweetie!

No. 226486

>Is sad colourpop didn't send her the Peeps collab makeup
geee I wonder why. I would not send anything to this creep, ever. Her career is over
>Says vocaloid and mental illness are in the same venn diagram
????? what?
>Got an "art of drag" book for Cliffe for Christmas
Should had given him a calculator KEK

Please anon continue with this mess

No. 226487

oh my fucking god. This is making me go nuts, the nerve of this bitch to say "UMMMMM YOU'RE HARASSING ME BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT ENABLING MEEEE!! IM SUCH A SWEETHEART!!! UWU"

No. 226492

her jaw is so fucked up on the right she looks like quagmire

No. 226496

Usually I’m not emotionally invested, I just follow her for the distraction from reality, but is she freaking serious right now?! An “autistic looking face”?!?!?! Autism isn’t Downs Syndrome or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome where there are physical signs, there is no such thing as an “autistic looking face”. That’s incredibly offensive. She claims to be such a champion for mental health advocacy, but she has said SO many offensive things about autistic people

No. 226502

who wants to bet the person was actually insulting her?

No. 226506

KEK for real

No. 226507

>Says someone said she had an "autistic looking face" and they might be right
What the fuck? For someone who keeps trying to be a huge advocate for neurodiversity that's one of the most fucked up things to agree with. She's going at any length to try to get an autism diagnosis isn't she?

No. 226510

More recap

>Sings a song about her cat Serena

>When she worked retail, she spoke French a couple days out of the month to talk to customers
>Once had to do an ear piercing at Claire's in French, was very proud of herself
>Once was "popping her French pussy" to a sales woman in a Lush. Her mom came up and spoke in English, so the shop lady switched to English. Jill was mad that she ruined it.
>Says "Yeah I don't think I poisoned her with glue" because her cat is still alive
>Says people who call Serena overweight have never seen a long haired cat before
>Some video ideas:
>Jerr closet cleaning/tour
>How to crochet for beginners
>Small part meet the alter
>Cat house kawaii DIY
>Pixie Daydreams Drag Pom-Pom Look
>Am I faking DID?
>Celebrating 9 year anniversary video
>Starting a new style wardrobe
>Accurate day in her life
>Fashion mending DIY, fixing old clothes
>/end video ideas
>Gonna get a pedicure with her mom and aunts
>Says the women in her family are really similar, but doesn't want to dox their mental illnesses
>Cried during her last musical theater performance because she knew it would be her last
>Said she was never the lead or the villain, but still really loved her roles, especially Frenchie
>Said that someone was cast as Michael Jackson and asked if they should darken their skin, and the director said it was offensive to do that. Saw someone learn about black face for the first time.
>Likes being able to be the star in her drag shows
>Steve is teaching in a videography/film camp for kids at a university
>They might also do a Star Wars camp that Steve will teach
>Needs to go buy arm hole binding for the wedding dress
>Is working on her branding for drag so people can book her
>Will take more full body pics for Jerrick's drag persona, last time was quickly thrown together
>Wants to make business cards of her drag personas so she can give them out when she's in public
>Thanks her fans for reminding her of the goodness in the world

No. 226512

autists do tend have specific facial features, specifically neoteny into adulthood. jill, definitely does not have any neotenous features at all.

No. 226514

Did she edit it though it’s so strange she looks like she needs or has recently had jaw surgery in it.

No. 226516

Is she breadcrumbing that she has family members with autism since it’s genetic with that comment about her family members health. It’s funny that she says she isn’t crafty because she is constantly providing half truths and implying things.

No. 226517

She's jutting her jaw outwards to make it look slimmer and more masculine

No. 226521

I can't imagine what her cousin is going thru right now. Imagine not having even SEEN your completed wedding dress with less than a week before the big day.

No. 226522

NTA but autism doesn't have a look, that's a myth. And even if so, Jill does have some neotenous features, as saggy and fat as she's become.

No. 226523

>Steve is teaching in a videography/film camp for kids at a university
Eww please don't let this groomer troon anywhere near children.

No. 226524

it's not actually a myth, look it up. autists themselves spread so much fake information about autism and decry so much as fake just because it hurts their feels.

No. 226530

I hope her parents warned her and helped her prepare a backup dress.

No. 226534

File: 1657144694060.png (118.46 KB, 800x552, IMG_20220706_155613_e.png)

If this is true what about all the times she made a "major breakthrough" with her traumas during therapy? I imagine it would be difficult to talk about DID if you didn't even tell your therapist what caused it.

No. 226535


here she goes, making up her own rules again. when will somebody call her out for this shit

No. 226536


samefag, and i mean somebody with a platform whos opinion actually matters and can actually bring attention to her larping this severe trauma-induced mental illness

No. 226538

i got 5 year old scars tattooed over and they went just as puffy as that - the irritation makes them swell!
but jill is absolutely lying about how much it hurts, ive had tattoos over none scarred areas that hurt more than my scar ones(sage)

No. 226542

No Jill, you feel uncomfortable because you are lying!!!! Jfc

No. 226550

Co-consciousness seems like it would defeat the entire psychological function of the disorder, no?

No. 226554

She's so fucking full of shit the toilet's jealous

No. 226560

God I cant look away from her fucking arm. >>226469 is right it looks so deformed. You'd think after years of photoshopping herself she'd know how to do it

No. 226562

File: 1657149666733.png (463.84 KB, 727x397, autism.PNG)

of course this study was on boys with autism. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fncom.2021.789998/full
"The study found that children with autism have an unusually broad upper face, including wide-set eyes. They also have a shorter middle region of the face, including the cheeks and nose."

No. 226563

it includes girls too if you look.

No. 226565

are we really doing phrenology in this thread?

No. 226568

holy shit
how did she not get to her "months of rape" in therapy yet? But she apparently talked about some other thing she didn't even think was "bad enough" to be called trauma? Make it make sense.

No. 226570

She was pretty young during this too so how much did she have to get through to not have reached that yet

No. 226572

I'm so tired of her, I don't think she will ever change.

No. 226574

Why would she admit that? Literally the ONLY scenario where Jill could be capable of being co-con while Veronica talked about that was if Jill had already worked through and accepted that trauma fully in therapy. Otherwise, if a protector is talking about something that is triggering to the host, there should be a complete amnesia barrier between the host and that protector. That’s how DID works and why the protector exists. I don’t really care if she’s faking all this or not, but she’s poking holes in her own story with this one

No. 226577

Simple, she hadn’t invented the story yet kek, she is clearly still workshopping it which is why she was vague in the video

No. 226583

She has enough clothes to dress as Jerrick that she already needs to do a clear out? Hot damn that's some fast consoom

So her therapist wanted to help her plan her alters' roles on social media and was entertaining talking to her when she was "a six year old" but never even tried to discuss her trauma history with her? What the fuck? This therapist has to be some tiktok weirdo too who is treating DID like some woke gender identity thing

No. 226588

File: 1657153683053.jpeg (569.74 KB, 1123x1062, A25582D3-57F2-4F2C-87E5-801E02…)

Look at Figure 2 from the article, it seems like they’re really reaching. The autistic kids on top row don’t have a distinct look in common, and it seems like several of the neurotypical kids on the bottom row could easily fit their criteria for “autistic facial features.” I’m not buying it. You could maybe make the argument that autistic people tend to move/use their eyes differently than neurotypical people, but that doesn’t mean they have “an autistic face.” There’s simply no such thing.

No. 226590

I'm tired of this bitch's lies and I don't think I'll be able to continue reading this thread if she continues being this much of a stubborn and pathetic liar.

No. 226600

>People stop replying to me when I serve them with FACTS AND LOGIC
Because you reply and then block them immediately after you shit kek

No. 226601

File: 1657158402349.jpeg (52.3 KB, 828x875, 8CE5821C-5F9A-45EC-AA6D-EFE6C0…)

Literally Jill

No. 226602

It probably partially is, but I think a big part of it is her realising she fucked up in admitting to the stripping thing because in her woke Twitter bubble that’s practically full blown sexually assault (kek) and she knows she’s at risk of it blowing up in her face. That’s the trouble with aligning with the Twitter/tik tok crowd, they’ll just as soon eat you alive for a single misstep and she knows it

No. 226614

What in the fuck

No. 226660

She should just embrace this!

No. 226673

oh god I hope this is a parody. I hate that several "influencers" come to mind because they fit this perfectly. jill is also definitely transtrans, or biotrans as Kikomi calls it. She really badly wants to be trans.

the article is clearly nothing but bullshit, just because a few known syndromes like downs comes with physical features doesn't mean every syndrome does. they're reaching so hard they even contradict themselves with the supposed evidential pictures. this is like that one article where they claim you can tell who's trans by their teeth

No. 226675

Jill is a true and honest narcissist. Imagine going to a channel mainly featuring severely disabled kids and thinking "how can I make this about ME". I hope and assume they're smart enough to see through her bullshit, but barf.

No. 226676

I wonder how much more blatant sloppy lying it will take for other DIDtards to stop being pushovers and eat her alive.

But anon, don't you want to stick around and see it bite her in the ass? kek

No. 226693

wasn't there meant to be a "documentary" on her that trash youtube channel Truly?

No. 226698

I remember her hinting at that a while ago; after they did the other one; I wonder if it'll be one of those make-up transformations; or a "mental illness but in a relationship" one; I bet the make-up one; I don't thinkshe'd go full did larp on their; too little control for herself

No. 226703

I'm a newfag here and I've never watched her livestreams (used to watch her videos as a background to see some cute shit) and god has she always been this unsufferable in those? I can't watch more than 10 minutes.
Like I could accept her acting over the top as a youtube persona, but this? She 100% sounds manic here.

No. 226719

Let me guess, she is always very conveniently Jill during her livestreams, no switching or unplanned cat alter fronting?

Now watch her next livestream be rapid fire switching between every alter kek

No. 226721

No you see Nonna she's just "blended". It's totally real and valid part of DID and not invented by fakers for Youtube clout!

No. 226725

You’re parroting Nazi shit dude.

No. 226726

did anyone else catch this at 14:55? in reference to jerrick being co con:

"Before it was like - Why is jill so pissed? Why is jill so mad now? What's wrong with her? Why is she in a mood? It's not…its not me."

Jillian literally cannot acknowledge for the life of her that one person can experience multiple emotions. She literally confirmed what nona's have been saying on this thread that Jerrick is her scapegoat for when she feels angry or upset. Because the persona of "Jill" isn't allowed to feel those emotions. literally, what the fuck.

thank you recap nona i couldn't sit through more than 20 mins, you the real mvp
& always thank you patreon nona my queen >>226411

No. 226728

>Jillian literally cannot acknowledge for the life of her that one person can experience multiple emotions.
That's the personality disorder talking. It's literally about being unable to develop "whole" personality, like most people do, which encompasses both good and negative sids of yourself.

No. 226731

That’s the reason I think that as far as she’s convinced herself, she does have DID. Or at least, the version of it that she’s created in her mind, because the whole thing is the ultimate coping mechanism for not having an unstable personality. I think that’s why she gets so bent out of shape over the smallest fake claim comments, because subconsciously she knows that things maybe don’t quite add up, but she’s desperately trying to force herself into this mold that lets her be angry, or sad, or sexy etc etc without feeling like she has to leave her perfectly curated pixie box that she’s built.
It’s ironic that what she really needs is therapy and to come to terms with her issues, yet it’s therapy that has arguably made her infinite worse

No. 226736

I wonder if she will turn off comments on her newest video

No. 226758

File: 1657211305739.png (28.47 KB, 1194x133, image.png)

Nope. You can check it for yourself if you sort the comments by the newest, scroll down to the page end and search for her username by ctrl+f.

No. 226759


I'm always drunk and high (this isn't a cry for help lmao) but I can even see how off the fucking rails Jill has gone. This Veronica thing is actually hilarious to watch. I could do a better job at faking DID.. and I'm not a theatre kid

No. 226801

that's because all being a theater kid does is give you a false sense of accomplishment and big, fragile ego.

No. 226806

DID truly is the new queer.

No. 226807

The saddest thing is Jillian thinks personality disorder = DID, daydreaming = catatonia, and splitting = switching between alters. That's not what this shit means.

I am maybe hoping for way too much, but when I was a teen living in a turbulent household with emotionally abusive relatives, I had similar thoughts to
>Why am I so pissed? Why am I so mad now? What's wrong with me?
And thought there was truly something wrong with me and there must be something else controlling my emotions inside because I had to be a good kid. I grew up, became an adult, and when I understood my emotions better I had better control of them as well. I hope Jillian actually gets help with her emotions, specially the BPD and narc tendencies because this shit will haunt her forever if she doesn't stop.

No. 226814

>I'm always drunk and high
lmao nonna
>That’s the reason I think that as far as she’s convinced herself, she does have DID. Or at least, the version of it that she’s created in her mind, because the whole thing is the ultimate coping mechanism for not having a stable personality.
This is exactly what I believe too. I'm going to be honest, I know people like her who fake DID just like her, and they're always 100% sure they actually have it and are always on the defense of someone proving them wrong, because they literally convinced themselves that this is real, but the rest of the world can't accept them. They know something is wrong inside them, but since they don't want to blame themselves on their own emotions, they create these characters that embody them. And they truly believe. The delusion is super real to them, it's like when you meet extremely religious people who believe jesus really shows up in tortillas. We all know it's fake, but they are truly convinced of it.

I mean, why else would she defend her diagnostic impression like gospel?

No. 226815

If she could just accept that she's a normal woman with a wide range of emotions and interests and that she's straight and not some weird gender amalgamation she could probably be totally fine even without extensive therapy. She really just needs to overcome this complex about needing to be the most special and unique in everything she takes an interest in. It's ok to just be a normal person, she should feel happy that she was born into a loving home with everything she ever needed or wanted and lived an above average life where she has plenty of friends and a security net. The idea of wanting to be traumatized and have all these problems and illnesses when you are literally the polar opposite of those things is so stupid, and it's a shame that it's so common with kids these days, but it's time for her grow out of it because she isn't one of those kids anymore.

No. 226816

Samefag but she also needs to get over the victim complex of "w-why is everyone so mean to me when I just try to shoehorn myself into the spotlight even when it means trampling over actual child abuse victims I am just a smoll little sweetheart bean who has never done anything wrong in my life"

No. 226817

Agreed. Specially with the therapy part, because even if she went to therapy we all know she's going to go for the enabling ones who will then again make her worse.

No. 226818

she literally has 0 self reflection because she was coddled and enabled all her life so I'm sure that whenever someone stood up to her, her mom just made her believe she was a good kid with no faults whatsoever and then she continued being annoying.
I can't believe she thinks she truly believes nothing of what she's doing is wrong. I don't think she will ever see it, tbh. She's too narcissistic to admit any flaw.

No. 226819

I also agree that she really believes the DID shit. And it doesn't help at all her hack therapist went along with it. When I was an edgy teen I briefly had DID delusions, and I can only imagine how things would have turned out if I had a yes-man therapist acting as an authority and feeding into the delusions. This whole debacle could be a case study on iatrogenic disorders. I wouldn't be surprised if the therapist also convinced her she's repressing memories of "abuse".

No. 226820

Isn't it convenient that she says Jerrica has been hanging around for years before she knew she had "DID" then? That means she truly has been a bpd mess with unregulated emotions all this time.

No. 226821

This. No wonder her therapist quit just a year after practicing.

No. 226822

BPD people aren't normal though. They are eternal children stuck in adults bodies, and life just gets harder and harder from them the older they get. It gets worse, not better. I think she spent far too much time watching people like Trisha get rewarded financially for their horrid behaviour and I think she thinks she is so special and can't understand why she can't have that fame / money too. She is just too sincerely influenced by internet culture.

What I wish she would realize is - she is not a celebrity, it actually is already too late for her for that, and she is currently fucking up her life in a way that she doesn't understand because she is too young and coddled to feel the consequences. One day when she gives up and tries to live a normal life, she'll find out real quick just how much she has fucked up.

Emilia Fart and Trisha Paytas were lightening in a bottle. They don't come around and find success every day. They had very specific life circumstances that allowed them to achieve fame and notoriety. Jillian does not have these things. She will eventually have to try and have a normal life, and she has already fucked up her chances at that.

No. 226831

BPD is very treatable though, at least if you want to be treated

No. 226833

From what I have heard, a lot of therapists won't even treat people with BPD because they are so resistant to therapy (usually because they are liars who won't admit they have an issue).

In my experience, BPD is really, really not treatable. For more info, please read the subreddit "bpdlovedones"

Saged for blog post.

No. 226834

this is what pisses me off about her. she already has a real disorder, just a treatable one like anon said. yet she wants so hard to be ND even though most ND people hate it since it's extremely debilitating for most. it's so pathetic.

No. 226842

You're dumb as hell. BPD is treatable. It's not easy, but it is absolutely treatable. Your experiences are not universal.

No. 226861

I understand your pain anon, and it's true most borderlines never change their ways and continue being unregulated messes. But, for those borderlines that actually put in the effort, there's a high remission chance:
Unfortunately Jillian just doesn't seem like the kind of person who would actually better herself for her own sake and the sake of others.

No. 226862

I wouldn't call her dumb, it's true a lot of people with BPD are so stubborn and manipulative that treatment takes years until you see some actual progress. I think the earlier you treat these symptoms the most likely you will be successful in recovery. Unfortunately the more abusive of the BPDs will not seek this help.

No. 226864

Tbh I blame the person who first said Jillian was autistic on these threads and implying she should seek a diagnosis on why she's now acting like she's the most neurodivergent person out there. Truth is, who knows if she is or isn't autistic or maybe has ADHD, but the way she talks about it and tries to larp it surely is annoying as fuck.

No. 226867

That's reading into it too much. I 100% blame "Love on the Spectrum" and TikTok.

No. 226870

I think it's something like this:
>tumblr: omg imagine being a straightie, so lame
>jill: I am a lesbian!
>twitter: neurotypicals just can't understand
>jill: I am neurodivergent!
>tiktok: singlets are so dumb, fr
>jill: I am an officially diagnosed system

No. 226871

She reads here, so I'm sure it was a contributing factor to it.

No. 226873

No. 226877

That sub is trash, they blocked anyone said they were triggered by the JD/AH trial because god forbid you are a woman who has experienced domestic violence at the hands of a man on a sausage fest like reddit.

BPD really fucks up lives and comes from deep trauma which is why there is so much skepticism that Jill has it when she has gone through life cushy, sheltered, and constantly supported. I honestly think she is just spoiled and coddled and self obsessed to a point where it's embarrassing and stopping her from maturing and progressing at all at her age.

No. 226901

Please tell me that the comments on the Veronica video are bot generated and that there is not more than 350 people that believe that terrible acting.

No. 226902

Anon, you know the men on that sub usually aren't even posting about partners who are actually diagnosed with BPD and are just diagnosing their exes themselves right? Not a good example

No. 226952

Cry more bpd-chan

No. 226964

She has a point and you know it, you can't trust males on Reddit. Nothing in her post stood out as bpd-ish for me.

No. 226970

only someone with bpd would give a fuck.

No. 226982

And with that I'm assuming you mean yourself, because you're being annoying and infighting for no good reason. Go get checked asap

No. 226985

i don't think she's enterly fucked right now. Unless if Uma demands her for defamation, she always will have her tiny village in bumfuck nowhere because i don't think her did queer nonsense reached her hometown, most of her family is blissfully unaware too. But her bpd is getting worse day by day and she's on that sweet age to ruin herself beyond salvation with shit like addiction, troonacy, a marriage with an abusive moid, a baby, ect.

No. 226991

It’s a shame she was so quick to get therapy when she decided she has DID and wanted the diagnosis and she didn’t seek it after her BPD diagnosis, she just took it as well this is how I am. If she had been as proactive when she got her BPD diagnosis years ago she could have had years of treatment for it at this point and be much better for it. It just really comes across as her not getting DID therapy for betterment but just as part of getting the label and the larp because if she cared about getting better she would have been in treatment years prior for her pre existing condition.

No. 226992

I checked Uma's socials including her old Tumblr blogs not too long ago, and she definitely deals with a lot of guilt and regret. I genuinely feel bad for her.

No. 226995

What kind of things has she said/implied?

No. 226996

I can just post the links but would that be okay?(read rules and info)

No. 227000

She's never shown a single symptom of ADHD, pretty sure there's no "who knows" to squeeze in there.

No. 227004

That's what makes her therapist quiting extra shitty because Jill can easily use that as an out. All she has to do is say that she didn't click as well with other therapists (i.e. lie about them being abusive) so she's just not going to put in the effort to get better.

She's relevant to this circus. But everytime Jill drops a video we get in influx of newfags. Probably just post screen caps for now.

No. 227008

Unironically this. She probably has issues because of BPD having a stable sense of identity and it makes her easily influenced by things around her. She's probably going to find the munchie side of the internet next and get herself a feeding tube or something.

No. 227012

File: 1657263346699.png (308.07 KB, 1240x1312, uma.png)

well, here are her tumblrs. I'm sure she doesn't use them anymore

No. 227023

File: 1657269520701.jpeg (660.85 KB, 828x1439, 169308CE-1A95-4193-9508-3986B7…)

No. 227030

Jfc, the whole "little" thing is getting disturbing.

No. 227033

OT but I’ve never understood the logic that the DID community has around not publicly sharing names/info of their child parts in order to “protect them”. Protect them from what, they don’t physically exist??

No. 227040

>vulnerable childlike anxiety
Totally how a traumatised person describes their feelings and definitely not a self-fetishizing narc. Nice totally real trauma and totally real mental illness Jillian. You are so believable, no wonder they bullied you in theater kek

No. 227047

Thanks anon, was speaking entirely from what gets posted in the reddit threads on /ot/ from that shitshow

No. 227058

this. and didnt jill say her little is just herself at 6 years old? i dont understand how the "little's" name isn't jillian too.

No. 227059

And also at the same time making their whole living by describing their supposed mental illness, like that wouldn't be a problem to a traumatized person.

It's surreal.

No. 227064

nayrt but yeah it’s not even that hard to imagine. Reddit contains mostly scrotes, and scrotes are known for gaslighting women into thinking they’re crazy or exaggerating a small reaction a woman has into something else to make her sound insane. That’s why whenever I meet a man who says “oh man all my exes were insane”, it makes me believe he’s actually the toxic one and probably just lowkey hates women.

No. 227076

>227023 It has happened. She is officially an adult baby now. Can't wait for the tick toks of her "stimming" with a pacifier. Diaper porn saga when???

No. 227191

BPD fag here who just started the process of treatment. It is possible to treat and generally has a high success rate. The problem is realizing that something is wrong and getting help. I always knew something was wrong with me, but I didn’t realize what until I checked every symptom on the list.

No. 227195

Also Sage for more blogging, but as someone with BPD I can definitely understand where the DID diagnosis came from. Because a lot of times over the years I’ve felt either not in control of my body and actions until after they occurred and it felt like my mind was almost “floating.” Also had a lot of feeling of being outside of my own body/mind and looking in. Some dipshit therapist could have definitely spun that into DID.

No. 227196

File: 1657298203213.jpeg (417.83 KB, 1170x1708, B2497371-71AF-4317-A8CC-E1FC09…)

Her current account is @fox.babe, she doesn’t follow Jill though so I don’t think we’ll get any comments on the recent rape accusations
Sage for if this has already been dropped

No. 227199

File: 1657299086466.jpeg (717.56 KB, 1170x1286, 38BFFCC1-61B2-42C4-AD8A-7C6606…)

mental health tips with jill: just smoke a shit ton of weed (very effective!)

No. 227204

>Podcasts to calm the voices
She thinks DID is like the stereotypical schizophrenia depiction you see in the movies.

No. 227207

She says this as if her DID larp didn't conveniently start around the same time she started using weed

No. 227218

She is literally larping the person she shouted out here >>223396 The "how caregiver comforts little" video is here >>223704 and it was one of the videos at the top of that girl's tiktok when she talked about her so I'm sure she saw it. Maybe they (DIDtards) all do this shit but I find the verbiage too similar to be a coincidence.

No. 227226

Nice catch! I've seen DDLG-kink in many DID-influencers, but this is very clear coincidense.

No. 227229

File: 1657300722437.png (16.4 KB, 652x130, slayyyy.png)

The top tweet to this (didn't see it posted). Don't know about you but if I'm having a 14-hour long panic attack, I'm not on twitter giving live updates. Also… doesn't excessive weed consumption increase risk of long/intense anxiety episodes like this?…

No. 227230

Kek, and then you see this bitch getting mad at others for "not representing it accurately"
Just blaze it everyday bro what could go wrong

No. 227231

It's probably the weed usage yeah. Remember weed can also give you anxiety

No. 227233

She 100% has a fetish and I am grossed and creeped out. How tf does she keep bringing new milk everyday lmao

No. 227235

File: 1657301224297.png (42.75 KB, 680x627, qedqd.png)

If I had DID my voices would tell me to turn that shit down because podcasters are annoying as fuck.

No. 227254

I'm surprised she isn't puking from all her alcohol and weed usage. Or maybe that's not kawawii enough to share.

No. 227267

I genuinely would not be surprised if she spirals into "kawiwi porn" that slams her straight into irrelevancy.

No. 227269

Watch her post this on twitter and spiral it into her totes real ED

No. 227274

Just open past threads and search for words like "Uma" or "Rape" or "Sexual assault" etc. It shoudln't be that hard, since it was discussed a lot in last year.

No. 227279

you're literally asking to be spoonfed. no one is here to be your intern, make your own dumb content

No. 227299

This is why I didn't want links to her socials posted because there's always a fucking newfag that cow

No. 227303

Why would anyone take mental health advice from her? It would be like taking weight loss advice from Tess Holliday

No. 227304

Ah yes telling someone they’ve been accused of horrible things when most we officially have as proof its about, her is that Jill used she pronouns?? Don’t brag about ur harassment here kek u did nothing

No. 227305

It's not proof that she did anything you idiot. Anons on this thread have begging for her to chime in with her opinion, and yet here it is, and you complain? I swear to God, the same anons that complain about shit are the ones who kill the milk. You do literally nothing, bring nothing to the table, and then complain.

No. 227306

Cowtipping is different though. imo, Uma could have gone without knowing this. I don't think there is much she could do against Jill at this point.

No. 227307

It's not cowtipping, she wasn't made aware of this thread, she was only made aware of what Jillian is doing to her. Learn your terms.

No. 227309

You complain about cowtipping now but months down the drain you will keep wishing she came forward and said side of the things or voiced her opinion. So many threads in this website use screenshots like this, of people accused of cowtipping, years after they were posted, for proof.

No. 227310

File: 1657310213091.jpg (25.81 KB, 605x121, cow tip.jpg)

You don't come off as a savior of women when you do shit like that. It's just a creepy stalker attitude. Like how the fuck do you explain where you know her and how you managed to find her current socials? You just come off as a creep.

Actually read the rules dip-shit

No. 227311

And using lolcow itself is not a creepy stalker attitude? Make some sense.

No. 227317

Cowtipping is against the rules because it's different from how lolcow is supposed to be, it's not the same thing

No. 227329

Ok what happened, those tumblrs were last updated in 2015 so I'm assuming someone messaged her on Instagram or something? I'm sure she's looked up Jill at some point and knows about this shit already tbh, you can tell she's vastly more intelligent than Jill even from those old poems, it's like night and day. So I doubt she is unaware or couldn't even hazard a guess at what's going on even without knowing the details, based on Jill being a massive attention seeker online and the constant mentions of her TeEnage TrauMa it takes like 2 minutes to conclude she's vaguing Uma some of the time.

No. 227333

>becomes a stoner and near instantly becomes a paranoid delusional hamplanet who is always dissociating
>cannabis is VERY good for mental health guis!

No. 227337


tfw when u breathe and u stop feeling traumatised

No. 227342

She actually wasn't aware, if you didn't see the screenshots.

No. 227344

Interesting scrolling through Uma's instagram, she has an 'alter' (as in, the wiccan kind, not DID) and is into crystals etc. I know everyone develops interests/personalities through their peers and environment etc, but is there ANY facet of Jill's personality that isn't just a mimicry of someone else?

No. 227345

They've been broken up for years and probably haven't had any contact since. Uma has new socials and doesn't follow Jill and in general probably has better things to do than checking on some weird teen-period ex.
Literally why or how would she have been aware?

No. 227354

Lmao this is a wild reach.

No. 227357

What happened? The posts are deleted

No. 227394


No. 227404

I think she meant "altar", I saw that too, that she likes witchcraft.

No. 227431

I think I'd have a panic attack if I were her and did a proper deepdive into watching that Veronica video and maybe googling 'pixielocks Uma'
- She didn't name her but basically all of us and her friends from that time can all figure out who she's likely to be accusing of quite a horrible act.
I just assumed she'd think bpd drama queen I dated probably made a thing about it years after the fact but maybe Uma is totally sane and never even considered it kek.

No. 227432

idk about witch stuff, that's very generic really among alt girls, but I did notice the playlist on Tumblr seems very similar to what Jill was listening to back then/associates with Jerrick. She seemed to completely drop any real interest in music after that so I wouldn't be surprised if it was in fact Uma's music taste being represented.

No. 227455

File: 1657333583294.png (198.85 KB, 1174x376, Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 10.2…)


No. 227458

Does all include the baby alter? If so please seek help.

No. 227461

Okay but the tiny crocheted blanket barely fitting over her hamplanet back is sending me. She looks like she has fucking Cushing’s syndrome or something. Especially since her blonde hair at the front makes it look like she’s balding KEK

And I’m sorry but the fact she starts her livestream not properly set up and then waddles off to make a makeshift stand for her camera just shows the lack of respect for her remaining fans. Isn’t this literally the only “work” she does and she still can’t even half-arse it

No. 227462

Ew wtf does that even mean?

No. 227466

This, I feel old

No. 227467

Thirded, what the fuck does that shit means.

No. 227471

File: 1657339140112.jpeg (24.31 KB, 621x434, 3455023F-6CC6-4ADE-B3D3-E193FE…)

No. 227473

its literally an anonymous image board to talk about whatever you want. how long have you been on the internet? the rules are there for a reason.

No. 227478

what does this mean in a sexual context? this explains nothing

No. 227482

Search engine says: hotdogging refers to the act of rubbing the penis between a partner's butt cheeks, but not penetrating the anus. No penetration at all.

No. 227485

Samefag, hamburger is anal sex.

No. 227486

I have never wanted to know less about her and steevies sex life

No. 227487

Nta but I feel like that can't be what it means in this context, considering it's saying riding style… I'm a pretty pornsick anon and even I don't fucking get it

No. 227491

I know there's a running joke that all image board users are autistic but holy shit. The joke is not that deep. It's just shitty zoomer humor that has to do with >>227471 folding techniques that teachers would use to guide their students in a class.

No. 227493

Why would she even respond to that? It’s obviously a troll, and it’s on her supposedly family friendly official Pixieelocks account, not the twitter for Veronica. I don’t care that you put the Veronica fire emoji next to the Jill rainbow emoji to show she was “co-con,” it’s still not very on brand for you Jill. You can’t be this wholesome family friendly rainbow pixie girl and then tweet that

No. 227506

If "hot dog" and "hamburger" style are descriptions young zoomers needed to fold a piece of paper, I am truly worried for society. I can't imagine a teacher explaining how to fold a piece of paper in such a dumb way. And I am also puzzled as to what this has to do with riding a dick

No. 227508

I'm a millennial and it was a thing back in elementary school. I'm sure it's been around for a much longer time in the US. It's just for little kids, chill lmao

No. 227509

Hotdog and hamburger has been used as a way for explaining folding paper for a long time. It's not new. Some teachers use it and some don't. I think the whole tweet is tongue in cheek dumb edge lord humor. Dirty humor has been around forever so not just exclusive to one generation. It reminds me of the game dirty minds.

No. 227510

Uma is actually pretty hot. Jill is seething.

No. 227514

Is Uma non white? Adds a little extra layer for me if Jill the whitest person on earths evil aggressor is non white. Like we have already noticed she only has white friends and there was the weird petting a black girls hair stuff and other micro aggressions.

No. 227516

Yeah I think she is not caucasian, though I think her being genuinely artistic, thin and pretty is the real reason Jill still has an issue with her and keeps escalating her narc bullying campaign

No. 227517

Judging by her selfies she’s probably at least mixed, and the name Uma isn’t exactly a typical white girl name. I wouldn’t be surprised if that fed into jill’s ‘omg she rpaed me!!!’ delusions, because of course non white women are always scary and more aggressive.

No. 227522

OT but thank you.

No. 227534

anxiety attack is different from panic attack.

No. 227553

Apologies for a super late nitpick but when she ties her hair back with that gingham bow she always looks like gypsy rose, especially if she puts her glasses on. The yellow roots here make her look so sickly too, like she’s just had chemo and now she’s drying from liver failure.

No. 227565

Her account is private now. Honestly, good for her probably

No. 227574

Eh, I never looked it up because she is an unwilling participant in all this shit. She deserves privacy, which Jill seems to want to take from her, with her crazy accusations. uwu I split personalities because of a short teenage relationship where we were both virgins

Amazing Pixie's fans can't see what a massive narc she is but they seem to lack critical thought.

No. 227581

Wasn't Veronica the horny one? Her underage fans won't like this

No. 227591

IIRC Veronica uses that flame emoji so this is probably supposed to be her being co-conscious or hijacking Jill’s account or whatever. Like when she used the Jerrick account for hornyposting even though the Veronica account already existed and Jerrick is supposedly an asexual minor. Funny how the horny bimbo stereotype makes a point of ignoring consent and trampling people’s boundaries.

No. 227593

Don’t you see the flame emoji for Veronica? That makes it totally okay to post on a twitter account that’s marketed as family friendly and largely followed by underage kids!

No. 227644

File: 1657392902690.jpg (859.94 KB, 2208x1660, 1657392550395.jpg)

Here's Uma's response from yesterday's screencaps without all the other faggotry.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227652

props to Uma for her sweet reply, but reading this made me feel sad in a way. Also nonnie, cowtipping is against the rules so don't do it again

No. 227655

Reads like maybe Uma came on too strong and Jill freaked out and shamed her for it. Uma probably just assumed Jill was as into the relationship as she was, but we all know Jill is straight and only uses women so she can larp as queer. Uma seems like a level-headed person and I feel bad for her with how Jill is dragging her into her mess like this. Hope she finds some peace.

No. 227656

Didn't make the connection before but apparently Uma is a common Indian name (sometimes Hebrew) so I don't think Uma is white

No. 227677

uma seems like such a good person, she's able to admit her faults and see things in an unbiased way. she's so much more mature than jill could ever try to be. i wish jill could learn from her past and mistakes like uma seems to have done.

No. 227698

It’s interesting and not at all surprising that Jill also did fucked up stuff to her and is confirmed to be inflating what Uma did while not mentioning her own fault at all.

No. 227706

Interesting how Uma's written voice is very much the same as those old Deviantart caps/posts, whereas Pixie seems to be putting on an act all the time now (well, duh with the DID thing, but well before that too)

Also interesting how she refers to the fucked up things Jill did. We know from the DA posts that Jill would self harm and imply it was Uma's fault, that kind of thing. I feel bad for Uma to have to find out about this absolute fuckery this way/at all, Jill should have just talked to her about it directly instead of doing this whole Trisha Paytas lying spree and inventing new personalities as some epic vagueposted guilt trip.

No. 227712

Did the anon who contacted her actually ask her to explain the trauma she hinted at and relationship issues? Goddamn some farmers need to go the fuck outside.

I hope Uma will be okay and can keep her name clear of Jill. Jill hasn't named her yet and I can't imagine she ever will, but considering how long she's been posting under her own name, it isn't hard for someone with a white knight streak to go searching.

No. 227738

I feel so bad for her, I'm sure she doesn't want to be reminded of Jill's BS.

No. 227741

Wow, messaging Uma directly is kinda f’d up when Jill hasn’t named her in any of this. But I’m glad to see Uma’s not going to engage in Jill’s drama.

Has Jill ever admitted to making any “mistakes” or causing any harm to Uma (even without naming her)? Clearly Jill caused Uma some trauma too, but I’ve never heard her own up to any relationship “mistakes” on her end

No. 227743

Stop interacting, you did the same shit with Darcy

No. 227747

This is too far and 100% unnecessary. I feel bad for Uma that people here felt this was acceptable to do.

No. 227748

Is Darcy another ex girlfriend?

No. 227750

Most anons don't cowtip, but there's an anon in /w/ that keeps reaching out to people unrelated to cows directly anymore. It's been a reoccurring issue.

No. 227752

Who tf is Darcy and why is she relevant in this thread

No. 227757

Darcy is some iirc ex girlfriend of?? Nicole Eevee's boyfriend or something? It was a while back but some anon messaged her and she confirmed something that was speculated in the thread.
I doubt it's the same anon who messaged uma and cowtipping is against the rules here, nobody is supposed to interact with the cows.
Personally I think it's good Uma knows about this absolute shittery, even if it was a rando who told her, but I agree it was not appropriate for the anon to do all the same.

No. 227761

File: 1657408242480.png (219.91 KB, 338x340, 1439879140862.png)

I can't believe this girl used to look cuter, better, more sane and approchable, when she was an ita weaboo. She's such a mess now.
This is a comment I can agree with.

No. 227771

Darcy is the former confetti club member that's now a model in japan iirc?
So sad to compare this to >>225207 this thumbnail kek.

No. 227789

File: 1657410736325.jpg (46.61 KB, 676x380, 086c25da-7fce-4570-aaec-bab573…)

No. 227792

She sounds do reasonable and normal. Jillian's brainrot is even more noticeable when you compare it to Uma's calm.

No. 227795

Always has to talk about her speshul mental illness. Kek. I wanna see the abomination she calls a dress.

No. 227802

I just hope she finished it and finished it properly. Her cousin trusted her, she doesn’t deserve to walk down the aisle in a dress with a wonky zipper or fraying seams. When Jill was talking about just needing to finish the armholes a week before the wedding, I was kinda hoping the bride had given Jill a false deadline. No such luck I guess

No. 227804

Right like she sounds like such a normal reasonable adult, something that usually isn't present anywhere in these threads

No. 227819

You are right. Her cousin doesn't deserve to have a wonky dress. I just don't trust Jillian at all especially since we've seen her college collection and how that turned out. She's lackadaisical with deadlines. Plus you know she's going to be bragging at the wedding that she made the dress instead of being happy for her cousin. Can't have the attention off her for even a moment.

No. 227827

>Plus you know she's going to be bragging at the wedding that she made the dress instead of being happy for her cousin. Can't have the attention off her for even a moment.
Of course, as narcissists do

No. 227832

All of these made me sad, but this one stood out the most for me: "It's not as terrible as she's making it out to be". Jillian's lies are really hurting everyone.

No. 227849

File: 1657436704605.jpg (35.89 KB, 204x400, M7q77Tr.jpg)

I only see Zippy the Pinhead(sage)

No. 227856

This is so retarded because she was never even mentioned by name and hopefully isn't aware of this image board but now she might google Jill and find strangers talking about stuff she did a decade ago as a kid. She was never mentioned by Jill in the past year and it's all speculations which Jill can twist by inventing a new person, it would be a different situation if she was named (not excusing cowtipping, just saying) and accused but now she was made aware of unrelated drama she didn't need in her life.

No. 227871

This! Like why are you guys posting this random girl’s socials when she doesn’t even seem like an influencer. That is creeepy as shit. A lot of you hoes lack decorum. Now her image is forever on this hellsite for something that isn’t even confirmed. I hope someone doxes that anon on a kibbe thread and she develops a new insecurity she never new she had. In Jesus name amen.

No. 227876

Uma's full name, socials and pictures have been posted before though, on past threads
Idk, the timelines seem correct and anons even said confirmation wasn't needed. Uma also states it in those dms (although they're unnecesary). It's not even implied anymore, except for the fact no name has been provided (well, except she has been discussed with her name on these threads for a year+)
I wonder if Jillian will in any way change her narrative knowing this is here, because she really does lurk.

No. 227878

She didn’t say her name outright but she told everyone everything they needed to know to find her which is really fucked when you consider the nature of the accusation. She stated also that her mother knows exactly who it is when she said in a video an older girl who would have sleepovers and her mum didn’t know they were gay tehee. It’s one thing that we all know but she doesn’t come from a big town, Umas family could still live there. Anyone they went to highschool with would know. It’s one thing that strangers on the internet are hearing this stuff but the potential for it to bleed into real life is catastrophic.

No. 227879

Jill using self harm as a weapon really gives another dimension to her previous statement about how she just stopped being fucked up when Tristan agreed to date her. Is the truth there really that she threatened and manipulated him into a relationship using ED and self harm as a weapon like she did on Uma?

No. 227880

this. It's pretty much not based on speculation anymore, Jillian herself has been talking about it extensively, people irl watch her channel and could come into conclusions.

No. 227881

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Jill was most likely the abuser in her relationship with Uma by suicide baiting constantly. Jill probably thinks that she can't be liable because she was the younger participant in the relationship.

No. 227882

File: 1657448511052.png (676.51 KB, 1415x1578, pixielocks uma.png)

Since she has now been cowtipped, Uma is incredibly close to simply typing Pixielocks into google, the suggested term is lolcow as it has been for a long time, and reading the threads, or typing her own name and seeing threads going back years that mention her.
I know at least that like 99% of the comments have been on Uma's side so there are no nasty surprises awaiting her in these threads, other than the video which the cowtipper already linked her. But seeing herself mentioned sporadically would still be a mindfuck I think.

If her viewers e.g. us can make the connection I'm damn sure her irls could too, Uma mentioned in her reponse she has friends to talk to about this. I'm sure the circle of people who are aware of this is quite large so unless Jill invents a person it's definitely a pointed accusation as far as her irls go.
Jill is currently attending a wedding with her extended family, if any of them bother to look her up her most recent video is the Veronica one.
Yeah this is quite far reaching with real life implications and it seems Jillian has put no effort into concealing the identity of who she's accusing, barring mentioning the name she has given enough clues.
I find this all quite gross of her since as we've seen Uma is very much not a villain and a straight woman forcing herself to have a QuEER relationship for oppression points and surprise, surprise not enjoying it is not Uma's problem
There's a whole thread on snow now full of spicy straight 'bi wives' an anon screenshot from Facebook, who straight up post about their disgust at the idea of touching a woman's vagina right after waxing lyrical about how uwu cute it would be to date a woman, these women are generally married to scrotes for a decade at this point, much like Jill has been in long term relationships with men for the best part of a decade.
I have no doubts she's just like those women and all of this is just narc homophobia.

No. 227883

Samefag, I didn't realise what pixielocks 50/51 could refer to but we are indeed on thread #52 now, anons or jillian herself are searching the thread # for a quick link.
Imagine seeing 52 threads about an ex on some shitposting gossip site.

No. 227884

The way she treated mystery girl gives us context as well. She used her so much then dropped her the second she would have to actually do anything gay and said she was never attracted to her anyway. She treated her so poorly and had zero care for how it affected her life like the outing to her family. She is a serial abuser of gay women and it’s rich that she spews that crap about oh all my abusers where women uwu.

No. 227885

Can we even hope for Jill to get a reality check after being surrounded with normal people at a wedding?
>DID? Alters? What's that? Anyway, how is your job?

No. 227886

I really hope Jill isn’t lurking this thread

No. 227887

I feel like everyone is making it more ominous than it is, she probably won't care and move on with her life. And if she finds these threads, she will figure out Jillian has always been a bad person, something I guess she already knows.

No. 227888

It might just be because lolcow gets indexed into google, also reminder that lolcow itself has a search function with google integrated

No. 227891

Real question. Does that matter? I doubt she can go do anything to the girl. What is she going to do, paint her face like a clown and go dance like a retard in front of her house?
Mystery Girl had her sister come here and talk about her and Jill before. Nothing happened to mystery girl, all Jillian did was seethe.

No. 227898

you're retarded to think that there's a single anon on the board doing that in multiple, unrelated threads.

No. 227915

>I feel like everyone is making it more ominous than it is
Idk I've never been accused of "raping someone repeatedly over months" but it sounds like a serious accusation to me, we know it's bullshit but it still sounds really bad. We're all kinda numb from seeing people stick dildos up their ass in front of millions, go into detail about (actual) rapes, seeing thousands of people hound people into deleting their accounts or worse, death threats, etc etc, the internet is a garbagefire but objectively, something like this is still a big deal when you're talking about a small community of irl people.

No. 227931

I think Jill completely lost her touch with real life because of being permanently online too. You don't just casually say "oh yes, I was repeatedly raped as a child and had to become thid fuckable thing" and move on in the next sentence about your bimbo alter. Also kind of weird that she brought that up right before a family gathering in her home town, we know she doesn't want to make it a big thing because she didn't post about it on facebook, but what does she think will the family that watches her channel think?

No. 227937


You're just trying to defend your cowtipping. Leave people not currently involved out of shit. She shouldn't have been contacted to begin with.

No. 227953

it's not exactly the same as standard cowtipping though.

No. 227962

Reaching out to anyone related to cows, yeah. Kind of is. You're not supposed to interact.

No. 227967

You replied to two different people, I'm not that anon. I also said it was unnecessary, read better next time

No. 227970

Using it as an example. Read between the lines better.

No. 227972

Honestly like she is literally accusing her incredibly publicly of committing a series of violent crimes over a prolonged period against a minor who was younger than herself during the time of the alleged attack. It’s not a nothing accusation it’s insane. That shit ruins peoples lives. If she does name her then I hope Uma gets a lawyer and takes her to fucking court.

No. 227975

This, I hope anon gets banned. Milk or not she shouldn’t have to deal with some rando coming to her over this shit.

No. 227986

File: 1657466422599.png (29.05 KB, 576x224, jillpoop.png)

she was probably too drunk to remember writing it, or was high while making it and forgot

No. 227990

File: 1657466631689.png (13.55 KB, 588x124, jillpoop.png)

also she replied to this tweet, once again saying that a mental illness is iconic

No. 227993

File: 1657466842022.png (32.27 KB, 594x200, jillpoop.png)

oh and this is the book she was reading, "Blinsight" by Peter Watts. Not sure if this is a good representation of DID or not, but she surely liked it. Inb4 it's full of bad stereotypes or whatever

No. 227994

File: 1657467004698.png (300.3 KB, 438x598, jillpoop.png)

Not sure if this was posted before, but Jillian added Drew Monson to this friends circle thingy.

No. 227997

File: 1657467212609.png (137.31 KB, 432x888, jillpoop.png)

She also still seems to use her filthy baths as "self care"

No. 228000

Anyone know who the rest of these people are? I wonder how many of them are 'people she stans' aka people who publicly ignore absolutely every interaction she makes with them, very bold of her to put them in a friends circle

No. 228001

Eh, the full list is on her twitter, I don't want to encourage cowtipping in here anymore. It's not hard to find

No. 228002

Long haired cats get curls all the time. It's fine, this is such a nitpick

No. 228003

didn't know that, sorry. I thought it was something she caused because she's irresponsible with her pets. Deleted it now.

No. 228004

Of course she’s in the center of this narc graph. Can’t make this shit up

No. 228006

She didn't 'make' this it's just a website that figures out which accounts you publically interact with most. Drew is on here bc she always replies stupid shit to his tweets

No. 228007

File: 1657467819747.webm (1.05 MB, 540x960, jillian summer i guess.webm)

I'm also surprised that no one is uploading her titktoks here anymore. Reminder her new tiktok is https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie as the OP listed it wrong. And you can download them and convert them to webm online

>mentioning mating in her tiktoks

Isn't tiktok for kids and her fans underaged?

No. 228011

File: 1657468328046.webm (2.66 MB, 540x960, jillian summer i guess (1).web…)

filters working overtime

No. 228013

it's totally situational though. this isn't like a "lol look at this" kind of thing, jill is basically defaming her. that kind of warning isn't cowtipping.

No. 228014

ayrt, I scrolled her cursed twitter and found it, seems like the website she used collates whoever you interact with the most on Twitter into the circle, so obviously Drew would be in there, I thought she made it herself manually.
Seems like drag accounts, cure accounts and her own ocs feature.

No. 228015

I think it's actually pretty common for long-haired cats to get wavy/curly fur in the summer.
I know that in some breeds like the Siamese the colour of the dark parts of its coat depends on the temperature/season of the world around it. So, I wouldn't be surprised if long-haired cats getting curly fur in summer was a thing.

Cat fur is actually a really interesting rabbit hole to fall into when you can't sleep, haha

No. 228016

Yeah honestly I don't understand the handwringing, it was actually important Uma knew about it. (I'm not the anon who messaged her jsyk)
Uma's been mentioned in this thread for years and nobody contacted her until now, it wasn't to cause drama but out of concern imo.

No. 228017

You're right, it's not standard cowtipping - it's WORSE because they involved an innocent person who cut Jill out of her life years ago, who we don't even know with 100% certainly is who Jill is talking about. All so anon could suck on some fresh milk. They should be ashamed.

No. 228022

Jill involved her by making an extensive video on the topic filled with crazy accusations.
You're just shooting the messenger. From anon's screenshots you can see Uma immediately identified herself as the person Jill was talking about, so not sure what other confirmation would be needed.

No. 228023

Also to add, there is no possible way for Uma to do anything with that information except stress out or be reminded of a bad time in her life. She can't defend herself against the accusations without publicly exposing herself to the risk that Jill will point her fanbase at a real target. So she can only suffer in silence that someone is twisting her trauma and making her into this faceless villain. Again, this is gross and you should be banned.

No. 228026

Jill never named Uma. Nobody in her comments is asking about Uma or even asking for the rapist's identity. Just because you've donned your super detective hat and follow Jill's every move on lolcow doesn't mean the rest of her fans do, and it's very likely Uma would have never discovered this. Stop defending your an inexcusable, selfish action.

No. 228029

>shooting the messenger
The literal definition of cowtipping, you ignorant muppet. Farmers shouldn't be messengers.

No. 228034

Fuck no. That’s one of my favorite books. It’s filled with hard sci-fi though that she absolutely won’t understand so I’d love to see her try and read it. Also, the DID stuff is not a major part of the story or anything. It’s a side character who gets killed off like halfway through along with some other people.

No. 228037

again, that's not what cowtipping is. it doesn't preclude this kind of contact.

No. 228038

I can't believe she interacts with Drew this much for him to be in the collage. He doesn't even reply to her…

No. 228040

Can we please move past the cowttipping stuff into actual milk? If Uma is reading here somehow, I feel like we're just making her feel worse and worse. Let's stop talking about her and talk about our thread cow

No. 228041

I doubt she even read it then lmao

No. 228042

>Do not alert a subject to their thread or take any other action to lead them to lolcow.farm (cowtipping).

Uma, while not the titular cow, is a subject of the thread and you are leading her here. Any sane person who isn't trying to nitpick language to get around the rules would see this is cowtipping or on top of just being a shitty thing to do to a person just trying to live her life away from Jillian. This is my last reply since you seem unremorseful and will probably do it again.

No. 228043

idk why you think every anon is the specific anon you want to cajole, there are hundreds of people in this thread. That unlisted video an anon put up of her drag show had 700+ views before it was age restricted, and lolcow user polls have over a thousand people responding, usually.

Nobody here approves of cowtipping, but what's done is done. I do think you're missing the point by being angry at anon for telling Uma and not angry at Jill for fuckin' making a video where she repeatedly falsely accuses someone of raping her for months, but y'know I don't live in your brain so whatever.

No. 228044

I think she said someone just mentioned it to her.

No. 228046

please please please move on from this, this is only shitting the thread more.

No. 228048

She only watches childrens shows and said herself that she just bought random books in nice colours for her shelf that Steve checked to make sure they weren’t problematic kek. The books in her house are purely decorative or coffee table books with lots of pictures. Not that I count them but the only “books” she has maybe read is those board books she got for her child alter who is too old for toddler books anyway.

No. 228050

These past couple of months are the first time i have ever heard her talk about her father this much. Before he was only mentioned when he gifted her something during Christmas or birthdays and then was seemingly ignored for the rest of the year.

No. 228053

File: 1657474264987.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x1520, 98DF8B7E-33DF-43CD-BA22-F63A37…)

From her TikTok. Why would she post this. Gross.

No. 228066

Give more context. Where is the rest of the screen and captions? Just blocking out a panty shot is the honest bare minimum required.

No. 228068

File: 1657476001147.webm (3.24 MB, 540x960, converted-eugh.webm)

that's the most consumeristic shit ever
You can download the video and upload the webm just saying
This must be from the wedding as well

No. 228070

Can you post this with her caption at the bottom at all? That way we also have a timestamp.

No. 228071

she literally has no caption though, check the tiktok yourself.

No. 228074

She can't even fake being a functional adult for one day for her family and has to run off by herself to make tiktoks like a bored child. I was going to say her dress looks nice but holy shit the length

No. 228075

The dress has a horrible lenght for a wedding, she really looks special needs

No. 228088

This really reminds me of my narcissist maternal grandmother and how she would do all kinds of shenanigans to be the center of attention at family gatherings. She's so obviously doing this on purpose

No. 228092

>has the entirety of her online presence devoted to DID
>is surprised she did something she can't remember doing
This is like if someone whose entire online persona was about how they were completely deaf was surprised by not being able to hear something

No. 228100

Her DID is so fake she is shocked when something that would qualify actually happens to her kek.

No. 228114

at least the clown mirror effect makes her look slightly more normal… she looks decent here but i wish she wore some tights or shorts, the dress is too short. but yes, of course she has to make herself a center of attention at family events.

No. 228117

Honestly, I don’t have a problem with the dress. It’s a daytime wedding in July and appears to be an outdoor venue, the length is acceptable. It’s really just a couple inches above her knees, if she hadn’t done that dance that pulled the dress up to her crotch, we probably wouldn’t have noticed the length. This is really the most appropriate she’s looked in a long time tbh

No. 228121

Why is she thirst trapping so hard? She's fat and too old for the children browsing tiktok. Can't she just get an actual hobby or get addicted to some gacha game?

No. 228125

>a bunch of anime avis
>a few troons like Jon that are so clockable you can tell from tiny little icons
>her own side account
>the edgy twitter user @slitthroatz for some reason

No. 228128

Drew Monson's icon is even bigger than her own side account, who knows how much she messages him in actuality

No. 228142

File: 1657490713409.jpeg (425.32 KB, 1125x1522, 594A0DAD-4FDD-4F62-81D8-081E30…)

Overweight canadian nutter last seen exposing herself to minors online and at your local weddings.

No. 228178

File: 1657499524725.jpeg (578.86 KB, 1170x1772, 8FE6093C-399A-401A-8280-9AD8F7…)

jillian, you’ve literally pushed weed to your young fan base as a cure for mental illness. even if it’s not “technically” addicting, that’s still really shitty. why are you trying to take the moral high ground on an obvious joke?

No. 228191

I stg you anons must have failed elementary school reading comprehension. She literally said her dad mentioned to her that a book he was reading had a DID character. She never claimed to be reading it herself

No. 228196

Also she gets drunk while having a supposed dissociative disorder, she literally should be the last one talking

No. 228209

So fucking hypocrital.

No. 228212

god this (and anyone on twitter who actually got pissed about it) is so retarded. the tweet didn't even say anything about addiction or frequent use, how is this much different than saying "hello kitty smokes weed"?

a bit ironic as well that ketamine is incredibly effective at treating severe, treatment resistant depression and PTSD. but jill wouldn't know anything about that because her only trauma is people on the internet politely questioning her bullshit and that one time she left her tendies in the oven too long and they got burnt. so she can just smoke weed and take a bath about it.

No. 228213

No way she's getting mad at someone for implying a cute wholesome character has an addiction when all she does is make headcannons about real people and romantisizing disorders

No. 228218

Ketamine can be used for depression but doing bumps of ketamine recreationally is not going to cure that lmao

No. 228220


Mostly 14-18 yr old PreCure fans

No. 228238

I know this probably isn’t gonna be received well, but I have to say it: when pictures come out, I don’t think we should critique the wedding dress. If it were anything else Jill made, that would be fair game since it would only be about Jill. But critiquing the wedding dress is dragging an innocent person into the mix, and might make the bride feel like crap about the day she felt most beautiful. It just feels wrong, like dragging Uma back into Jill’s drama. We know Jill lurks here, and I honestly wouldn’t put it past her to complain to the cousin that people online are “bullying her” about the dress. For the sake of the bride, let’s just leave the gown alone and move on to whatever inappropriate stunt Jill pulls next

No. 228239

Girl what the fuck, go back to /g/ or /ot/ or some shit the farm is apparently a bit too much for you today

No. 228241

The cousin has presumably seen the quality Jill puts out and still chose to commission her. Jill never mentions or publicly interacts with her so its unlikely they’re close, yet we’ve seen that the cousin practically skinwalks Jill. She chose to commission something she knew was going to be shoddily made likely because the increasingly unhinged creator has some (dwindling) internet clout. I wouldn’t be surprised if she reads here. Being dragged into these threads may actually be a dream come true.

No. 228245

like anon said, she chose to ruin her own wedding with some sweatshop tier garbage jill made, grow up and fuck off.

No. 228247

Despite the unnecessary shit you're getting, I think this is very decent of you, nonny, and I agree.

No. 228250

I think even Jill would have enough sense to not make a big deal of it to the bride. I understand where you’re coming from but I think the best you can expect is just that the bride’s identity won’t be revealed. please y’all let’s be courteous about blurring non-cows faces/social media screen names and stuff. Or at least just crop the images or something. Uma’s socials didn’t need to be plastered in this thread and neither do any other non-cows

No. 228252

Sage for non con my point was just that nonny didn’t need to worry because she won’t read it now she knows it exists because she doesn’t read or consume anything not made for a child.

No. 228254


No. 228255

The whole thing is stupid, wedding dresses are a whole other ballpark, it’s specialist you don’t just ask any person who can just sew in general you need someone who makes them specifically. I wonder if it was also a way to cut corners on cost, I doubt Jill charged her what she would pay for a legit gown and the wedding appears to be in the garden of the family home. I doubt things in general wedding wise are as expensive in hicksville.

No. 228261

yeah i agree, if it’s the skinwalking cousin she already seems extremely immature and doesn’t have the best taste, if anything she probably asked for a knockoff of a trendy semi-formal piece like the Selkie dress or strawberry dress that would presumably be less forgiving than a completely white or satin gown that would show every flaw. Knowing Jillian it will probably look like shit, but I don’t think the cousin will really care. Uneducated people have shitty weddings all the time, they’re probably just treating it as a small family party or the equivalent of a courthouse wedding outside kek

No. 228263

>I know this probably isn’t gonna be received well, but I have to say it: when pictures come out, I don’t think we should critique the wedding dress.

It's gonna be a lumpy satin abomination but I also doubt there will be public pictures anyway, since Pixie is well aware of the fact half of her followers are hatewatching and the wedding is between non-internet freaks so it's not relevant to her content.
iirc the last wedding we saw photos from was one of her fellow cows, the girl who got her head shaved by pixie in a video, so she obviously didn't mind photos being posted online.
The rules of lolcow state not to post unrelated people anyway/conceal faces and such. So much handwringing in this thread recently.

No. 228264

>the bride feel like crap about the day she felt most beautiful

Samefag but holy heteronormative bullshit, a boring white dress should never be the day you feel most beautiful. You should look beautiful as and when you want to, any day of the year, not when you're being cuffed to an (I assume) male. This idea you can only do things or look a certain way on certain days is so regressive.

No. 228268

i don't think this comment is as woke as you think it is

No. 228269

I think she has a point, or at least her hearts in the right place but this thread certainly isn't the place for such discussions and it was definitely an unnecessary comment considering the current conversation here.

No. 228272

I think Jill said that she filmed the progress of the dress so she might have made a whole video about it. hopefully she went about it the smart way and won't post video/photos of the cousin wearing the actual gown. Because not only is that infringing on family's privacy it's also drawing the attention away from her cousin's special day to make it about a dress she made.

>It's gonna be a lumpy satin abomination but I also doubt there will be public pictures anyway, since Pixie is well aware of the fact half of her followers are hatewatching and the wedding is between non-internet freaks so it's not relevant to her content.

I think you're underestimating how narcissistic Jill is.

No. 228273

Your wedding day being the """"day you feel most beautiful"""" is right next to tradwife on the woke scale. Nobody needs to look beautiful at all, but if that's something you value or want to do, you can literally put on some nice makeup, dress, wig, whatever and do that tomorrow.
And strange how a wedding is not the day a man feels most beautiful uwu. If you put any regressive female shit and apply it to a man you see how dumb it is.(derailing)

No. 228275

Take that to /ot

No. 228283

I noticed she keeps removing youtube comments asking about Jerrick on her latest video

No. 228284

What are they asking about Jerrick?

No. 228288

Jill made and designed a dress, why wouldn’t we discuss it? Obviously to avoid the cow tip happy idiot in the thread no socials or images of the cousin should be posted but why no discussing the dress? The internet isn’t the real world, if a bunch of random nameless women commenting about her dress “ruins her day” she’s got more to worry about. Not to mention that means she either knows about this thread or went looking for it which again, why would she do that? Or are you suggesting jill would show the comments to the bride?

No. 228289

Seriously, I think anon had her heart in the right place and was trying to be decent, but implying that it being talked about here is to gawking at the bride as she walks down the aisle is just a bit much. Lolcow isn’t Twitter, the bride really isn’t likely to come across any kind of comments unless she specifically knew to look. Unless she’s aware that Jill has a large hate watch community, why would she.

I think it’s fair to discuss the dress itself and the reflection of Jill’s (lack of) skill in constructing it, without shitting on the bride herself wearing it

No. 228298

If you guys stop randomly cowtipping the bride will probably never see what's said here anyway

No. 228299

I saw some people asking why he hasn’t apologized for saying the n word lol

No. 228300

But, you know, just to confirm: it IS the skinwalking cousin. Did a lot of hunting today and no pics yet.

No. 228304

OR just post the pictures with an emoji over the face of the skin walking cousin or whatever. Some of you are too sensitive.

No. 228305

>But critiquing the wedding dress is dragging an innocent person into the mix, and might make the bride feel like crap about the day she felt most beautiful.
Backwards ass thinking. If she wanted to feel ~beautiful~ she shouldn't had chosen Jillian as a seamstress.

No. 228308

You can get better dresses for a reasonable price on a boutique and you don't have to spend thousands. The skinwalking cousin must be a pickme if she wants to get married this bad.

No. 228309

No one is trying to be woke retard

No. 228310

>hopefully she went about it the smart way and won't post video/photos of the cousin wearing the actual gown.
You know she didn't.

No. 228312

I also agree we should discuss the dress and stop being so sensitive. Who the fuck cares. I hate these Twitter newfags so much.

No. 228319

it shouldn't even be a discussion. cowtipping is one thing, but her cousin isn't an innocent victim being brought into this by us or something.

No. 228332

This, we can discuss the dress and not cowtip, simple as that. It's not like someone is going to contact the cousin and tell her the dress sucks or whatever. At least I expect that level of maturity from here.

No. 228333

This. I swear newfags just don't understand you can absolutely censor screencaps or crop out any identifying information related to her family. Anons just wanna laugh at a shit dress.

No. 228337

File: 1657568507251.jpg (225.78 KB, 1064x1280, 20220711_154008.jpg)

Happy Monday, nonnies.

Still no pictures of the dress, but Jillybean just gave us next Thread pic.

No. 228339

i know she will like that i said this but god she looks like a retarded toddler here. can someone edit this with like an "inner monologue" of her and her alters kek? like "jerrick" could be like "lets smoke weed and be bitchy on twitter now".

No. 228342

File: 1657569497617.jpg (184.47 KB, 1080x946, Screenshot_20220711_154710.jpg)

For a severely traumatised SAed EDed qweer transautistic person… Jillybean, you really are so lucky. Most of us were raped by our own fathers and weren't lucky enough to create imaginary friends because real trauma messes your brain so much that you lose the ability to even create better scenarios to "dissociate" (blogpost but my dissociations come from sleeping pills).

God, I hate this cunt.

No. 228343

Wtf? Where was this posted lmao

No. 228345

>Most of us were raped by our fathers
Ok, maybe not all of us, but I also had an abusive father and hers is so nice to her. She has a kind family. I wish I had a family like that.

No. 228347

File: 1657571506617.png (1.84 MB, 812x789, rr.PNG)

Her Twitter.
Jill probably has a more supportive family than most normies and she doesn't appreciate it at all.

No. 228356

Or "who can I accuse of raping me next…"

No. 228358

I wonder if her family members do legitimately think she's retarded and her cousin only asked her to make the dress because she's one of those people that feels good about themselves if they do a favor for a special needs kid

No. 228362

Kek I actually think so too

No. 228368

wow using a fun house mirror filter that wiggles the video for her so she doesn't even have to put the effort of moving her own body around to dance, truly peak laziness. no wonder she's got so fat when she can't even be bothered to dance in her own cringe tiktoks kek

No. 228370

Uma has this song in her abandoned Tumblr music player, and I think the lyrics really reflect on her relationship with Jill.

Sad moon, seraphim in tears dreaming
In the calm bows at their fingers
It was the blessed day of your first kiss
My reverie loving to torture me
The blessed day of your first kiss
My reverie
This perfume of sadness
Even without regret
This perfume of sadness
Even without setback

My eye riveted by the evening light in your hair
Then you appeared ghostly
And I thought I'd seen a hat of light to pass by
You were a spoiled child
Your careless hand is dropping
These bouquets of white snow
Of perfumed stars
These bouquets of white snow
Of perfumed stars(off-topic)

No. 228371

File: 1657577602460.jpg (142.47 KB, 1280x800, FXZOIROXgAYZK00.jpg)

She needs a bracelet to remember what day it is

No. 228374

honestly, can Uma's socials be deleted from the thread? she's already been contacted by some weirdo with no sense of boundaries but if any other newfags come here looking for dirt on Jill it's gonna be way too easy for some other idiot to go and bother her. What's done is done but we can at least save the poor woman from being further harassed by any more autists.

No. 228375


That's a classic autistic trophe… You know, like Sheldon's (The big bang theory) underwear marked with the days of the week because Autism is sooo OCD.
That, or ir helps her for her fake dissociations

No. 228376

This is older news anon. She announced this in a vlog I think it was, shortly before her DID announcement.

No. 228379

Checked her twitter and it's part of the same set as these, so the pic is new

No. 228380

You would need to go months and even years back if you want to delete everything. Let it go already, farmhand doesn't delete things this easily.

No. 228385

How come none of her alters came out during the wedding?

No. 228386

Nonnie, this is a current meme many people are doing. She does look very fat, though kek her whole body looks so squat and wide.

NTA and yes it's a new pic, but the fact she wears bracelets with the days of the week is old news. Are you slow?

Uma's socials have been posted here since 5+ years ago. Newfaggotry. God this thread is getting annoying, so many idiots.

No. 228388

Bringing a day of the week bracelet to a wedding and then showing a selfie where the bracelet is prominently shown in the middle to flex her autism and dissociation is milk. Are you slow?

No. 228395

The image and the context yes… but we are talking about the anon commenting on it like it's new kek it happens often

No. 228404

Idk why she doesn’t do bracelets to show which alter is out instead like that pedo DissociaDID was gonna marry did. That makes more sense for her whole DID act. If it’s supposed to be autism breadcrumbs, no autistic adult wears those. That’s for kids to learn the days of the week. Make the attention seeking make sense at least

No. 228412

that's a good one too that could be what veronica could say KEK… i was trying to think of something "spicy" for her but i couldn't come up with anything, this would be perfect.

No. 228427

File: 1657603834311.jpg (3.16 MB, 3648x2736, funnies.jpg)

>Jill's would be ROYGBIV and say Pixie
>Jerrick's would be that fucking black/green shit and it'd probably have some Drew Monson lyric or literally say "spicy" like you said
>Veronica's would be hot pink and just say bimbo. I would bet real, physical money that she'd do this
>Old man would wear an all grey featureless bracelet that just says "DO THE DISHES" as a reminder
>Flora's would have red/green (like a strawberry) and say something random
>Jax's would have the New York State flag colours on it and it'd say "BKLYN"
>Sandwich would wear picrel
Realistically though she'd probably just do a solid colour for each and add the names to it (since she's trying to make enough alters to complete a rainbow) I've seen trannies wear pink/blue/green bracelets and swap them to show off their pronouns etc. I wouldn't put it past her to do this sometime in the next 6 months or something similar

No. 228447

Jerrick has those dog tags remember.

No. 228449

I don't know about you anons but if I were her dad I'd be more concerned about the rape claims I'd never head of before than the shiny new DID diagnosis.
Wtf is wrong with this family

No. 228459

I don't think her dad watches her youtube channel, just the mom.

No. 228473

I very much get a “mmhmm, that’s nice sweetie” vibe from her parents, where they just kind of grit their teeth, smile and hope she gets onto her new phase soon enough.

Jill definitely seems like the lame duck of the family, and she’s the youngest so I doubt her parents are too keen to rock the boat in fear that it’ll set her off on a suicidal spiral or whatever, especially with how she’s been lately

No. 228478

Yeah, I have no love for her parents but there is no denying they gave her everything and where never abusive and Louise tries really hard, it must be a slap in the face to hear oh actually I was supposedly horrifically abused and you failed.
The lame duck thing is so true especially when you consider her brother when to a real university at a normal age and is seemingly normal and independent. If she was an only child it would be one thing but she has a normal older sibling.

No. 228479

>I very much get a “mmhmm, that’s nice sweetie” vibe from her parents, where they just kind of grit their teeth, smile and hope she gets onto her new phase soon enough.
Don't you remember though how Louise loved to brag with Jill and take photos of her? She was very involved but in the last year or so it feels like she gave up, lol. I also feel like they don't like Steve, isn't it normal to take the guy you've been dating for 4 years and live together to an event like that? But she never visits her family with him and I don't think they hang out with his family.

No. 228488

i can remember exactly when she did give up too, honestly i feel like it was when jill gained a lot of weight (around the beginning of covid maybe?). does anyone else remember her mom posting that awful candid of her on facebook? from behind in like purple sweatpants and you could see just how much bigger jill was? and it was pretty much the first time louise posted an awful picture of her. i remember anons thinking louise posted it on purpose cuz she was annoyed with jill or something.

No. 228489

Tinfoiling that the world Jill has created around herself full of ignorant enablers her age including steve, would be disrupted if she brought him or any of her irl friends that entertain the mental illness bullshit to an event filled with family that have grown up with her (most of whom are probably rational normies) and would have noticed xyz change in behavior had she actually been so violently traumatized throughout her childhood as she claims. She cant let the people who knew her pre-mentol iwness era mesh too much with her current support system in case they put two and two together.

No. 228493

Yeah, I remember that, I believe during that time she was still trying to push the inclusive 5 petal brand but anons saw her bong in a pic she psoted on social media and she became way more open about how much she drinks and smokes weed. Also that time she sperged about the favourite child mug, but I won't reminiscence about her shitty antics kek.

No. 228497

I think someone said in her livestream she said Steve couldn’t come because he was working, so I’ll give her that. Also I think mostly since Covid she’s gone home around the holidays, so in fairness it does make sense for Steve to have been around his family at that time. But I also 100% get the vibe that she would thrive off regressing (ew she’s made that word gross) back to baby Jill back at home with mummy and daddy.
I know it’s unpopular, but I do feel a little bit bad for Louise, because it’s not like she can actually really do anything about Jill now (even if she did kind of create the monster) since she is an adult. But she’s very clearly gone all out by being the super supportive mum and hyped up everything Jill has done, and now it seems like she knows that what Jill is doing is crazy and she can’t be negative towards it because she’s spent her life being positive about anything and everything she’s done. I hope her parents can maybe eventually convince her to see an actual therapist one day

No. 228501