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File: 1673238585885.jpeg (2.07 MB, 1284x2404, 1672684461607.jpeg)

No. 274761

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for.
She happily accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression (NOT a real diagnosis!) with a "coming out as DID" celebratory cake, but struggled to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of severe mental illness in the forms of ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
>is still extremely thin-skinned; has history of deleting comments critical to her and has preached getting along with people while also blasting critics and concern in a very rude and passive-aggressive manner; has gotten into pissfights online as of late with users that have spoken out of concern for her or wanting to help or talk in some degree
>her sexuality has been a sliding scale, from pansexual to queer to lesbian to back to currently pansexual (and nonbinary due to alters); current partner is Steven Clarke, who has enabled her delusions and has racked up his own questionable reputation; has a long history of drama with relationships, claiming abuse to some degree in most of them
>formerly had a fashion brand called Five Petal Flower before graduating from her college fashion class, but seems to be no longer active if not just slowly dying; has also gotten into drag with a persona known as Villany Swells; has cancelled two drag gigs so far and claims an online person is stalking her due to a publically-filmed video of a drag show being linked in a previous
>has a shaky history of substance misuse regarding her meds; now takes in various degrees of alcohol and weed leading to possible clashes in medication or mental/physical state

No. 274762


>Jillian: Actual person, but calls herself an alter for the heck of it. Hates being called “Jilly”. Says she can't hear her "brain folk" when she's experiencing trauma, Jillian is the only one who fronts in those situations, defeating the whole purpose of having alters and having DID.

>Jerrick: 13-16 year old emo guy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits. Signs off with a snake emoji.
>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, calls herself a lesbian (even though she’s dating a man), she is a “protector of sexual trauma”, says she had to become a fuckable bimbo because she was “raped for months”. Signs off with a flame emoji.
>Berry (Nicknamed “Babby Smalls”): Talks and acts like a baby. Proof that Jillian is into age regression. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had its name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Signs off with a strawberry.
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" A mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes. The emoji is a club.
>Flora: A “fragment” slowly morphing into a real alter, and a carbon copy of cure flora / other positive precure characters. She is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Jax: 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching arcane while having major trauma. Jillian called her “hypersexual”. Signs with a test tube emoji.
>sandwich emoji: Cat alter, represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Sneakingly revealed in a vlog. Jillian has bracelets and necklaces with the names of her alters, and this name appeared alongside them in a row of alter names. Note that Jillian’s second name is actually Amanda. Turned out to be the other “far away” age regression alter that uses the piano emoji.

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/villainyswells/ (used to be @pixieespam)
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 (“Veronica” alter): https://twitter.com/xcherrybombica
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 274763

No. 274764

Last thread:
>Couples question recap >>267978
>Clips from the video start here >>268282
>Uploads video on her DID cake and the outrage she got from it as well as how she got her diagnosis >>268493
>Video summary >>268500
>Clips from the video start here >>268957
>Jill and Veronica have talked about OF >>268790
>Magazine style spread eyegore >>269194
>Tries to do a Sanrio outfit building series on Tiktok >>269673
>How to Crochet almost anything >>269896
>Anons point out there are some mistakes and the video is generally hard to follow as a tutorial
>December Patreon stream >>270449 and recap >>271691
>Teases Cliffe's Meet the Alter video >>270570
>Upset that people call her Jill >>270839
>Which turns out to be her subtweeting a friend >>270856
>Sees something she thinks may have been a suicide and tweets about it >>270942 and gets called out by one person who she lashes out at >>271146
>Jill is mistaken for a trans woman and celebrates for days >>271342
>Decides to weigh on on AI art conversation with a whole pointless video >>271728
>Cliffe video is up >>272709 with summary >>272734 Jill gets a hate comment and dances on it >>272771
>Falls for a fake DollsKill ad offer and brags on Twitter >>273102 which they confirm is fake >>273148
>>Jill's Youtube recap reveals how deep her obsession with Drew Monson is >>273204
>Jill had an integration and says she finally feels herself at Christmas >>273207
>Cookie contest video >>273230
>Jill's Christmas haul of plastic trash >>273446
>Veronica had a great NYE and she loves to party >>273852
>Turning her mom into herself trend gone wrong >>273926
>Jill beats up her marshmallow peep pillow, brags about it >>274131

Sorry this is split into multiple posts lolcow won't let me write anything longer than what's here but we needed a new thread

No. 274765

File: 1673238733799.png (422.23 KB, 589x757, jillpreg.png)

Can't believe we haven't had this posted yet. Jill took a pregnancy test because she just found out stress can delay your period.

No. 274774

Love how she's accidentally telling on herself if this is the most stressed she's somehow ever been in her whole alter-forming life.

No. 274776

File: 1673243119620.jpg (312.79 KB, 1080x1481, IMG_20230109_064437.jpg)

Thanks for making a new thread!

She got some controversy for this DID take too

No. 274777

Jesus Christ this bitch is bored. Has she done POTS or EDS yet? Chronic Lyme? Long COVID? Morgellons?

No. 274781

by the looks of her, her digestive system hasn't shut down in a while either

No. 274783

Thanks for the new thread anon, you are the best.
KEK please god give us a Morgellons saga. I need this so badly.

No. 274786

Thank you angel nonna, I tried to make it so many times and never got it short enough to post. ilu and the thread is perfect

No. 274800

So tired of her using things like fight or flight and catatonia in place of just being sad or stressed. You wouldn't be able to be constantly online if you were in fight or flight.

No. 274803

She's trying so hard to make it seem like Steeb and her fuck all of the time or some shit. The one that probably got the most scared was the soon to troon Steve.

No. 274805

She said multiple times she wants to be childfree, should use better protection because a pregnancy would be so much drama.

No. 274808

Exactly, isn’t this something many women her age will have experienced at some point? I remember it was covered in my middle school sex ed and several girls mentioned skipping periods before they’d ever even been sexually active because they were going through a stressful period. Keep telling us how perfect and stress-free your life has been, Jill.

So many TIMs troon out when their wife gets pregnant or shortly after she gives birth, even ones who didn’t show any signs beforehand. Steve has been teetering on the edge for ages so another pregnancy scare would probably tip him over.

No. 274809

Gaining weight can also cause skipped periods.

No. 274812

Literally. Who cares. Why post the negative pregnancy test? To prove she did it? To reiterate: who CARES. She's such an attention whore. Can't even get up in the morning without posting about it. Loser.

No. 274814

Literally a million things could cause a missed period. Over-eating, under-eating, hormones, and sometimes its practically random. Most women have have a least one month skipped so I dont know why she's using it to say "look how stressed out I am!"

No. 274816

My thoughts exactly. Why post it ? Is it all she's got to prove she's stressed ? How miserable do you have to be to spend every minute trying to coinvuince the whole internet you're the most stressed person ever

No. 274822

bet she doesn't even track her cycle.

No. 274842

Thank you for the new thread angel Nona!

No. 274844

Considering Jill's pregnancy test tweet, I'm surprised she hasn't claimed to have PCOS. That's pretty common with illness larpers

No. 274845

Considering how she supposedly goes borderline blind whenever she turns into cliffe she'll probably develop an alter with pcos someday lmao

No. 274848


>> Literally a million things could cause a missed period.

Like an ED wich she totes has and should've altered her cycle before?? I just can't with this fat bitch

No. 274909

tbf the reason i know she isnt stressed ab shit is that she'd be posting about whatever it is like crazy to garner extra pity points and get gold in the opression olympics

No. 274925

I'm 99% sure she did this just to scare and manipulate stevie, every woman knows stress and other factors change the schedule of your period. I have never had one on schedule, it changes slightly every month.
She just has to inject some drama into every day otherwise her bpd demon doesn't get fed.

No. 274927

>You wouldn't be able to be constantly online if you were in fight or flight.
Honestly I doubt she has ever been actually stressed in her life. Overweight, constantly taking videos of herself and posting. Serious stress and anxiety doesn't preclude stuffing your face and taking selfies and tiktoks while keeping your thousands of followers updated on your every passing thought. Same as what she thinks is "catatonia" or "dissociation" which she also films and posts through. Rather than spacing out and becoming immobile for hours, she gets even more active while "dissociating"
>Throw medical terminology around like confetti

No. 274928

Even if you didn't know, why post a negative pregnancy test online? It's such a weird thing to do.

No. 274930

She posted it because just a few days after people here were saying that she was in a sexless relationship. It was an indirect response to us like “see, Stevie and I have sex! So much so that I was afraid I was pregnant! We’re totally intimate!” It was literally like two days after the sexless relationship conversation that she posted the negative pregnancy test

No. 274934

I can't help but feel sorry for her..

No. 274945

I agree that Jill isn't over stressed the way she claims, but saying that nobody stuffs their face when stressed is patently false. Emotional/comfort eating is a common thing.

No. 274950

I think it’s to punish and manipulate Louise, it’s a pattern now. Jilly sees Louise, is triggered by something then spirals and posts about how tortured she is. Like Jilly is punishing Louise for whatever she is doing that is challenging her to and trying to beat her into giving up.

No. 274953

I get it, but I'd try not to. She really does do this to herself. She wants people to feel sorry for her, the attention and sympathy is what she gets off on. Mentally ill or not, she purposely belittles people's real struggles in order to make them into a quirky aesthetic. Feel sorry for the people who seek help and don't get taken seriously because of uwu mental illnesses LARPers online, not Jill.

No. 274955

File: 1673354928021.jpeg (571.44 KB, 828x1300, 1995093A-4E99-45A4-89A4-0616CF…)

No. 274962

Agreed 100%. This is Jill saying
>Look how much I’m suffering, mom! I’m barely surviving yet you’re asking me to [try and get my shit together/ act like an adult/ stop embarrassing myself on the internet]!? Don’t you care about your child’s well-being!!??
I bet she’s been doing this since she was a teenager or even earlier. She already admitted that her super srs eating disorder miraculously went away when the boy she liked agreed to date her, and I’m sure she used both her EDNOS diagnosis and other mental health issues as a bludgeon to make her mom give her whatever she wanted. Her control over her mom is slipping now that she’s an adult and no longer living at home and that’s causing her to escalate. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s holding the implication of horrific mind-shattering child abuse over her mom’s head, too. They both know that nothing like that happened and it wouldn’t go anywhere in a court of law, but Jill has a small army of morons following her on social media who bought her DID story and would likely believe any lie she told them about her upbringing.

No. 274963

God forbid she is challenged to leave her comfort zone and learn how to design without vomiting a rainbow on her works.

No. 274964

File: 1673358321192.jpeg (329.77 KB, 828x1081, 7503CBD4-6121-486B-9D34-BC58CE…)

The characterizations of her alters are so black and white I swear a 13 year old on deviantart wrote them

No. 274966

It could also be
>haha mom, what if I habe an unplanned kid, what will you do? You will have to fund us

No. 274968

File: 1673362569168.jpg (333.78 KB, 1080x1313, IMG_20230110_155616.jpg)

No. 274971

File: 1673366139995.jpeg (22.22 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpeg)

What kind of fool do you take me for? He's ableist, you're ableist, I'M ABLEIST!! Are there any other ABLEISTS I should know about?

No. 274981

Jill is 24 fucking years old. Other chicks her age already are married, have children, own homes, and just generally have lives. Louise failed long ago and it's too late to fix it now. This is who Jill is: a failure. The fact that Jill exhibits this pattern at all is proof of her being a total failure.

No. 274991


>goes to fashion school

>complains about runway challenges


No. 274998


>so many of us in the precure fandom are this severely obsessed with it because of neurodivergence

does Jill know you can like a show without being autistic?

No. 274999

She can't even say she's obsessed because someone who is actually obsessed to an autistic level would have something like a "stan" account of some character and would roleplay as the character, or would at least do those "daily picture of insert characters" and would post second per second screenshots and such. Jillian barely even talks about precure because she's not neurodivergent in any shape or form, and because she just doesn't enjoy the show.

No. 275000

>having children
>owning homes
Kek where the fuck do you come from? She's a greedy lazy womanchild but to really judge a 24 year old woman for not having children or getting married or owning a fucking house is crazy talk. Maybe focus on the fact that she barely has a job and went to a craft school for fun and didn't learn a single thing or gain any skill.

No. 275001

I am in no way judging her for not having those things - but some chicks her age absolutely do have those things. Maybe it's an unfair comparison considering she barely qualifies as an adult when she . . . well, has a literal child in her body, apparently? I dunno. But I was an actual adult living a real adult life when I was 24. Jillian is not even in the same stratosphere.

No. 275002

God Jill marrying stevie during her DID larp would be such a shitshow. Just imagine the wedding video with Jill switching constantly and stimming

No. 275004

Their relationship seems oddly non-comittal, they're together for like 5 years and live together but don't want any legal ties.

No. 275006

This would be the greatest milk Jill has ever given. Imagine Steebie coming out as a tranny during the wedding in a strapless wedding dress (that was bought, NOT made by Jill). Jill having multiple outfits that she switches throughout the entire wedding. Instead of a bride and groom dance, Steebie sits in the back while Jerrica performs in drag in front of her family and friends. Ahhh it would be fucking amazing.

No. 275009

What do you think started all this deranged larping? I think she started to take a nose drive around 2020, when she started to get into having bpd but I'm not sure why she spiraled even further down after that time.

No. 275040

She got into DID when she started following DID youtubers and tiktokers in 2020

No. 275058

She literally complained the whole time, and then shoehorned her aesthetic into everything. It's what turned me off her in the first place. The point of doing it in muslin is to see the construction and not hide it in a tacky pattern. Her refusal to try new things or learn the proper way is why her construction and fabric choices are still shit.

No. 275069

well jill's main problem has always been quitting things she isn't immediately amazing at. she always gasses herself up and then gives up when she doesn't get 100% what she wants. and then tosses it into the pile of stuff she attempted.

No. 275128

One would assume the muslin is supplied by the school and students would be expected to pay out of pocket for other materials to introduce color. Schools are typically pretty good about not 'outing' students that are receiving financial aide, but her plight is petty AF.
Being able to start your own fashion brand or line is really difficult for the average person. Jill doesn't realize that working for a brand is consistent work/pay and you would have to conform to the line's standards and style – not just creating things for yourself, but what is actually profitable and practical for people beyond yourself.
She's selfish even when given an outline that everyone must follow to make it fair.

No. 275130

File: 1673406872021.png (151.15 KB, 1162x644, Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 9.13…)

No. 275135

Has she ever even mentioned an interest in vocaloid

No. 275143

Occasionally but mostly always refering to herself as a kid/teenager
It's definitely a weak attempt at relevancy

No. 275144

Not another retard into vocaloid, it's enough retardation with the shitty "artists" making generic music and retarded tranny fandom.

No. 275150

To add: The thing she is referring to is the First Years' Challenge. It's a two year program, only second years get to put full fashion lineups in the end of year fashion show, the first years' challenge outfits are the only thing that gets displayed.
Each year, the challenge is different, but usually it's "make an outfit using only X material" like rope, a specific weird fabric, etc. It's a challenge because you can only use whatever weird material is chosen that year. It completely defeats the purpose if they wanted to add extra shit to it. It's about creativity/ability to make a good outfit out of "trash".

No. 275154


She really can't accept that she doesn't have DID. I wonder if she'll just end up drawing pictures for the video to support her larp.

No. 275156

File: 1673421761519.png (1.32 MB, 649x893, df.PNG)

The terrible fucking editing of her double chin, does she think people are blind? lmao

No. 275157

I really wonder how she passed, if it was the big project for the year and she didn’t submit and then her collection in the second year was submitted late so should have had marks deducted and then it was also garbage. Is it just pass fail as opposed to a grade? And if so did they pass her out of pity and obligation after they made a point of bragging about a YouTuber being there and her I’m so sick antics.

No. 275159

That "fashion school" is a joke. They give you a certificate at the end of 3 years
I don't think you can fail unless you just don't show up. Oh wait remember the beginning of her first year where she kept skipping. And she still graduated

No. 275163

File: 1673429519131.png (3.07 MB, 2000x816, the missing link.png)

why does she keep doing this shit with her face…..

No. 275168

kek I think it's to disguise her double chin. Jutting out her jaw gives a (very slightly) more defined jaw

No. 275169

OT but do you have a medical problem? Most healthy women's cycles are not all over the place.
They're still young though - if you're going to get married before 25 why even leave your hometown? Jill is no where near ready for that sort of adult step, and Steven is gay.
She doesn't understand basic anatomy.

No. 275171

Definitely to give her some kind of jaw definition, I knew a girl who had no chin (head like a bob's burgers character) who would constantly do this in photos too. It looks so awkward once you notice people doing it.

No. 275185

File: 1673449699643.jpg (336.67 KB, 1080x1133, Screenshot_20230111_150739.jpg)

No. 275186

File: 1673449730069.jpg (228.15 KB, 1080x705, Screenshot_20230111_150750.jpg)

No. 275189

All this vague posting is so lame, if you actually have anything to say (which I doubt you do) just say it Jilly. What’s that? You can’t because your abuser is imaginary, yep.

No. 275197

She really nails the FTM impression; passive aggressive and whiny as fuck. She's such a pussy with her DID LARP.

No. 275199


How convenient that Jill won't name her abuser or what they did, but they'll somehow get some punishment

No. 275200

I still don't get how you can "get the wrong name" for someone with DID. Like at least with trans people I can understand they want to be addressed as such one name from now when and will often legally change it. But with DID? You want me to pretend your imaginary friends are real and will be mad if I don't address you as one of your delusions?? Might as well let anorexics starve to death to "respect" their wittle mentol illness

No. 275207

It's funny to see her bitch because she can literally only be talking about us. It's not like she has to go out into the world to socialize or interact with people and coworkers, so who else could she even be referring to?

Oh, and Jillian: you AREN'T "trans enough" because you are not trans. You also don't have DID. Just a friendly reminder.

No. 275209

File: 1673459322786.jpeg (368.31 KB, 1587x1334, 15392638-5007-4B09-A560-0972BC…)

Slight tinfoil but since Jill has to be the center of everything and Bobo & DissociaDID are feuding again rn, I’m guessing at least some of this nonsense is about Bobo.
>>>/w/257065 for previous Jerrick vs. Bobo.

No. 275210

Yet another example of her switching on purpose/when it’s convenient to her. Oops, gotta do work, back in your box Jerrick

No. 275217

Oh you can fail. They had someone who redid first year of fashion at least three times before giving up saying he knew better than the teachers. But that was under the old fashion department head. The new one seems to have lower standards… Jill and many in her class (and classes since) shouldn’t have passed. They are an embarrassment to the alumni.

No. 275226

Why this on a weird post about circumcision scars?

No. 275228

Surprised she's retweeting Kwite, most of his content is pointing and laughing at mentally ill furries on reddit/4chan

No. 275242

File: 1673469734333.png (3.11 MB, 412x756, IMG_1888.PNG)

my eyes just rolled so hard into the back of my head

No. 275244

File: 1673469845723.png (9.66 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_1889.PNG)

also the colourpop tag

No. 275250

>I hope you can get a restraining order for an online site you can just ignore
Zoomers are so stupid. wow

No. 275261

The drama between these people is so over the top, I can't even comprehend it. "threatened to physically assault us"
I'm sure this twentysomething girl on the other side of the world is SUCH a danger to you.
Does no one understand how restraining orders work? Like seriously, what does this person think that will fix? kek

No. 275266

ah yes, a restraining order against numerous strangers, most of whom never stepped a foot into canada, not to mention her area

No. 275273

Fuck nonnie I've stepped into Canada am I gonna get sued kek I'd like to see Jillian on a witness stand attesting to abuse suffered by me, an anon, while she switches between 10 different personalities and swears those count as 10 different victims

No. 275277

police is on their way i'm afraid. I hope the trial will be televised at least

No. 275278


By Jill's own logic, doesn't that mean people on lolcow are autistic and she's being ableist?

No. 275283

kek yes.

No. 275290

Nonas I am laughing so hard at that commentor thinking lolcow is one single man that she can get a restraining order on. What the fuck kek

No. 275299

>and he was one of the first searches with your name
does the commentor think lolcow is just one person?

No. 275310

pixielocks fans are so retarded that they'll find the one place on the internet that isnt centred around men and still believe it's run by a single man

No. 275311

it's a self harm joke to start with anon. OP is joking about a circumcision scar being self harm

No. 275313

As someone who’s into body piercings it really annoys me when people don’t get theirs downsized. She (and Stevie) have had theirs for almost a year and they’re both still rocking the huge original septum ring that they got pieced with instead of going back to the piercer to get it changed for a smaller one when it healed. I know this is such a nitpick but like. Once again shows her complete lack of attention

No. 275315

How does she have the time to throw on an entire outfit with accessories, a full face of makeup (with falsies), occasionally putting on a wig to film tiktoks? I would think she would have posted a selfie with some stupid tweet about how ZOMGGGG SHE WAS GONNA FILM A TIKKY TOK BUT SHE SWITCHED HALFWAY THROUGH OMG JERRICK WAS SO DYSPHORIC BECAUSE HE WAS WEARING VERONICA COSPLAY!!!!! By now.

No. 275332

>owning a house and having kids by 24
Sounds like a brain dead scrote or boomer take. Not defending jilly bean here but not that many of our generation have enough wealth to start families and buy property. She fails at being an adult in plenty of other ways.

No. 275371

kek I'm with you there, nonita.

No. 275384

>As someone who’s into body piercings
Can we not do this TikTok comment thing where you start with a blogpost. Just say their piercings are stupid. We don't care about you.

No. 275387

Kek inb4 we are the source of her DID """trauma"""

No. 275421

Kek so it seems some of Jill’s recent freak outs are because someone she knows keeps calling her Jill when she’s in Jerrick mode AKA a bad mood or having a BPD anger shitfit, and that’s apparently transphobic and ABUSIVE. What a spoiled brat, good for whoever is refusing to use her stupid nickname or pretend that she’s trans for an hour a day when she goes emo mode.
Jill really needs to learn that a hallmark of BPD is the constant mood swings in which they suddenly hate everything and everyone, that’s why she feels like Jerrick multiple times a day and randomly gets angry and starts dreaming about self harm and how she totes hates Steebie. In BPD it’s called splitting but she acts like she’s incapable of it until she transforms into her teenage emo boy OC.

No. 275429

It's probably her mom or Steebie committing these terrible acts of abuse. They should know which character she's portraying at any given moment and address her accordingly. They are so evil.

No. 275435

I keep seeing anons say Jill is 24 but wasn't she born in 1997 (toward the end of the year)? I explicitly remember she and Shayna having the same birth year. She should be 25 now, unless she's been lying about her age kek

No. 275436

she was born in 1998, she’ll be 25 on march 5th of this year

No. 275439

Did you find this on Google/some other search engine? Just clarifying because I'm getting some Mandela effect here

No. 275441

File: 1673540692951.jpg (617.62 KB, 1080x1428, 1550712574239.jpg)

Just looked it up, it's 1998

No. 275444

DD is such a nut. I don't understand how anyone believes her bs.

No. 275456

Ah 25, and some people absolutely do have marriage, kids, careers, houses by 25, even in Canada these days. She knows people with those things her age, but there's a whole goddamn world between them.

No. 275457

I don't expect any zoomer or "zillenial" to have a house in this economy, but she basically has no direction in life.

>Oh nyo, my laptop exploded and I can't make videos weekly…
She has no fulltime job and depends on youtube and patreon but barely cares about them while Steve goes to work.
Health? No therapy or exercise going on.

No. 275458

I should be more Canada-specific: I don't mean house, but certainly do mean condo. I do also realize that she lives in a bit of an "economically challenged" area of the country though.

What I'm trying to say is: she is literally too fucking old to be punishing her mom publicly for criticizing her choices (or total lack thereof). She's also too old for her mom to influence and change her. This is what you have created, Louise. A 25 year old fucking loser, with absolutely nothing to show for herself.

The thing that annoys me the MOST about Jill is how she puts "fashion designer" in her bio. It's like saying you're a "writer" when you haven't written or published jack fucking shit. It's SO childish and says a lot about her.

No. 275460

Why are you so obsessed with marriage and kids? Not all women want that at 25, which is still young enough to be making career moves and not being weighted down by a family.

No. 275462

what the fuck are you talking about? anon obviously meant no one at 25 owns their own dwelling be it a house, condo, townhouse or whatever unless they live in the middle of nowhere.

No. 275463

Just making an old-fashioned comparison to the utter nothing that Jill has

You would be quite wrong about that but go off.

No. 275464

Jill's brother owns his own house

No. 275467

in the middle of nowhere.

No. 275468

I mean no sense even bringing up the topic of homes when Jill can't even buy her own vehicle.

No. 275472

she spent all this time editing her face & chin, but then left her arm looking like a sausage, she's not fooling anyone

No. 275473

You're splitting hairs now
It's still a house.

No. 275476

the cost of a house is not splitting hairs, retard. no one living in a city can afford a 1.5mil house at 25, 45k house in the middle of nowhere, maybe. some of us live in civilization.

No. 275481

AYRT, thanks for the confirmation. Not like there's much of a difference between late-97/early-98 anyway.
Plenty of people at 25 at least rent their own place (and yeah it's not common these days for someone at that age to own a home). I guess Jillybean has that if her mom stopped paying for their place (I don't remember if she fully stopped or if she just threatened to, nor if she deciding to start paying for it again). I don't think she has her own car, but that would be the next step.
It's just for comparison, though. Most (accomplished) 25-year-olds, if they're not in a paying career (i.e. not a dead YT channel), then they're in law school, medical school, or in the process of completing their master's/PhD. Jill is stunted by the fact that her only means of earning a living is tied to her internet personality, which is not a stable career even for people with millions of followers and hundreds of thousands of dollars in brand deals (if they don't know how to invest in their money carefully). I don't think she's very far behind her peers like some other anons ITT, but she needs to find a way to stabilize her income so that she can be more independent from her parents.
Kek, you can get a decent home in suburban Atlantic Canada for like 400K USD. Nobody is paying 1.5 mil for a home unless you live in a city or very wealthy town (and even then most houses are more like 600-800K, but never usually more than 1M). You don't need to live in a city to access all of the amenities of 'civilization'.

No. 275485

OK here we are splitting hairs: this is Canada, there are no 45k houses, not even in PEI. That's seriously a bullshit number.

No. 275486


No. 275487

you're not from canada, are you?

No. 275489

Uh yes, that's why I wrote that.

No. 275490

NTA and admittedly I'm a burgerfag but I come from New England and have looked into houses in Atlantic Canada (Nova Scotia and Newfoundland particularly). I can tell you that houses are a lot more expensive in NE than they are in that area of Canada, not only in the cities but even in the suburbs. I never saw any place that was 45K, but normal-sized three/four bedroom 1500-2000 sqft homes were between 200K and 500K (USD). Even in Halifax, the full-sized, newly-built/renovated 3000-4000 sqft homes went for only 800K-1M USD. 1.5M in this part of Canada is stretching it unless you're going for a luxury dwelling (not necessary for a 25-year-old), but you can easily afford a decent home for way less than 600K USD in any place outside of the big cities and even in parts of those cities. I'm not saying that a 25-year-old should expect to own a home at their age, but it's not that expensive where she lives (at least relative to where I live, it's pretty cheap) and in any case you can just rent a place.

No. 275491

Please stop talking about if 25 year olds can afford houses or not.

No. 275492

It's pertinent to the discussion of Jill, you can just hide the posts if they bother you so much.

No. 275494

I am honestly fucking sorry I brought it up. It was just meant to illustrate that Jillian has fucking nothing. God I hate how anal you people are. Where I live in Alberta, yes, a lot of 25 year olds own their own damn homes. Things are a lot more hurtin' where Jillian lives though, and certainly retards with a craft school diploma don't have 2 coins to rub together, YouTube "personality" or not.

No. 275496

I feel like this is just how art colleges are going now a day. Not to blog, but I work at the art college that I graduated from all these kids coming in are talentless and have been special art kids their whole life and have a shit fit if you try to give any feedback. (Not to mention the mental illness fakers and the first kid to do a whole project about their DID, kek.)
Anyways, Jill went into a perfect setting for someone like her, a bunch of liberal artists that don't want to hurt fefes

No. 275504

25 year-olds can afford to buy homes in Alberta because they're slurping up filthy oil sands money and because Alberta has the lowest taxes of any province. Also, nobody wants to live in the Prairies so homes are cheaper. Not really applicable to other parts of Canada.

No. 275526

Ok trad-chan sorry we're not all barefoot and pregnant by 24 in our oil field scrote's condo.

No. 275527

>retards with a craft school diploma
ok i get it, you're one of those people who think that only STEM degrees matter

No. 275528

I'm sorry for you too.

No. 275529

>in Alberta
Say you live in the middle of nowhere next time nonna. Obviously a flyover providence with a population of thirty is going to have lower property prices that 25 year olds can afford.

No. 275530

lol you're gonna defend her craft school diploma now?

No. 275531

The richest province in Canada.

No. 275535

I was gonna say. the average house cost there is still 400 to 600k, even though they pay almost no taxes. I dunno what kind of realistic income that is for any 25 year old.

No. 275536

The point is - regardless of housing prices, it's all completely unachievable when you don't leave your house and you prop yourself up as a "fashun designer" who makes a Youtube video or two per month. The point is also that other bitches her age are at least attempting to make something of themselves instead of playing make-believe online. 25 is an actual adult, house prices or not.

No. 275538

Well you could've just said this from the beginning. Instead of acting like you're literally autistic.

No. 275539

So fucking sorry

No. 275549

I wonder what her explanation for stopping therapy would be if a fan asked her.
>mental health influencer
>keeps getting stoned and doesn't go to a doctor

No. 275551

house anon is a retarded tradthot.

No. 275556

Inb4 she has a new alter inspired by Lolcow. A farmer alter that has a passion for milking cows. The alter feels dysphoric when it doesn’t get to wear cow print. Many moos.

No. 275563

File: 1673569407439.jpg (104.65 KB, 455x595, Screenshot 2023-01-12 172303.j…)

Yeah I'll take that over whatever the fuck this is.

No. 275593

File: 1673582284924.png (98.54 KB, 937x464, p.png)

i dont think anyone latched on to the fact that shes teasing an ultra personal TM video about a recent fusion. final fusion seeds are being sown

No. 275595

what would be the point in final fusion for her? shes built her brand around having DID and mental illness, to the extent that she even chastised former fans who stopped watching bc they dislike her new mental health content. if all her alters fused she'd have nothing to make content about

No. 275644


Jill's upload schedule is such a mess. Didn't she say a while back on a patron livestream she had a list of video ideas and Christmas videos to make?

No. 275657

i think she means two alters fusionning to become one, i doubt she will stop the larp to soon and so abruptly

No. 275696

Yeah I don’t foresee a final fusion in the nearby future, she needs to keep at least Jerrick and Veronica around to justice any negative traits she might show. She’s just tying up loose ends with the alters she offhandedly hinted at and never did anything with, like Amanda. I suspect we’ll have the main cast around (Cliffe, Jerrick, Berry, Veronica/Jax) around for a while. She might decide to fuse Jax with one of the others since she’s the trendy tik tok zoomer

No. 275700

Yeah, DID creators do this to keep things fresh too. If a character isn’t getting enough attention or is boring then you can just cycle them out for a exciting new one to keep people interested.

No. 275707

Seems about right since she teased some Ramona alter in the previous thread

No. 275729

wasn't the chin thing supposed to be a jerry trait?
bitch can't keep up with her madeup shit

No. 275813

Did she ever upload pics of her and stebie’s Halloween costumes? Or did dressing up like a pig make her realize how close to reality it was kek

No. 275842

Jesus, that picture of Louise is fucking horrifying. The only thing worse than one fat grifting failure to launch is her successful mother cosplaying as her.

No. 275844

File: 1673700030518.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1495x1883, 6C909B19-7D5F-4A82-9C7B-0DF621…)

No. 275845

File: 1673700127811.jpeg (4.26 MB, 4160x3120, DD1D6D11-8400-45BC-8267-E69398…)

No. 275846

It’s so painfully obvious that this whole thing is just a scapegoat for the fact that in reality she is a bitch which doesn’t match her fake persona she is so desperate to convince people is real.

No. 275852

The voice was different, yeah probably because she puts on a fake higher baby voice to be kawiwi as Jilly. He natural voice is lower, we have all heard it. Is every kawaii influencer who fakes a kawaii voice now a sufferer of a rare extreme mental disorder?

No. 275853

File: 1673706009773.jpeg (45.21 KB, 306x395, Snapchat-1049156689.jpeg)

No. 275855

File: 1673706321082.jpeg (159.37 KB, 840x1292, Screenshot_20230113_225641_Tik…)

No. 275857

First of all, “weed-introducer” jfc.
Secondly, yah Jill seemed ‘almost offended’ you’d mention her being a bitchy gossip in front of other people because she cultivated an image of being 100% entirely positive and can’t handle anything that might shatter that illusion

No. 275858

>sexual protector alter comes out to go to nail appointment for you
Hm what was Jill needing to be protected from at these appointments? (If we're playing by her larps rules)

No. 275864

so is Veronica supposed to be an unapologetic badass or not it's annoying how all her "alters" play nice

No. 275876

I like how Jill fed us this milk. I know she did it to try to prove Veronica's existence but all it does is show that she's a two faced bitch that loves talking shit in private.

No. 275885

Did Jill ever upload a January patreon livestream ?

No. 275886

"This disorder is disordering as hell" Jesus fucking christ she's really trying to drill in how insanely mentally ill poor Jilly is

No. 275889

Exactly kek. This just indicates that she goes through vitriolic BPD moods and shit talks people and acts catty and then later regrets it and wants to pretend it didn’t happen, especially when other people find out. She gets embarrassed when her own gossip spreads to other people even though she’s the one who said it, because she wants no consequences for her shit behavior. It’s so funny how she realized no one cares about BPD as an excuse for being two faced so now she conveniently has evil alternate selves who possess her against her will.

No. 275893

File: 1673722588216.png (132.41 KB, 1268x476, Screenshot 2023-01-14 at 1.50.…)

She did, but she removed the link to edit out some parts. It's been almost a week and she never bothered uploading it again kek she's awful at her job. I do however have the link to the second part of the livestream

No. 275894

I'll post the first part of the livestream if she ever decides to upload it. At this point I doubt she will

No. 275899

File: 1673727778686.png (198.46 KB, 1080x850, Screenshot_20230114-132213-192…)

Kinda sad that she just drinks and gets high alone.

No. 275900

> And no it wasn't spicy time

ma'am nobody was thinking that about you

No. 275901

>Thinking 100 squats is a lot
Kek fatass

No. 275902

This is some of the cringiest shit I have ever seen in my entire life. Holy fuck. Why does she keep fucking with her face? She's acting like she's high on coke or something.

No. 275903

>What was she doing why are my legs tired?? Because memory loss, this disorder is disordering as hell!
>Don't worry guys it wasn't SEX RELATED just dancing alone all night!
How would you know what she wasn't doing if you don't know what she was doing?

No. 275906

I don't know if its the ex-theater kid vibe or what, but something about her mannerisms reminds me so much of nikocadoavocado

No. 275909

I know she's faking it but it'd be hilarious if one of her alters started working out to change the body instead of playing dress up.

No. 275910

absolutely not white knighting this lying fat clown, but you'd probably feel that the next day if you don't work out a ton, esp if you're like Jill and barely walk to the mailbox each day.

No. 275915

Absolutely. The DID stuff is so that she can be blameless (in her own mind) for the manipulation, the gossip, the mood swings, the overuse of weed, the skinwalking of her own ugly partner, etc. … She thinks she's finally figured out a way to avoid all accountability for the worst of her obvious BPD-driven behaviors.

No. 275919

Thank you nona!

No. 275926

File: 1673741463393.jpg (106.17 KB, 689x388, 194198703_4200838329974862_294…)

Jill and Jerrick in the Pixie System Headspace

No. 275928

Fuck off with your Nicado shit.

No. 275965

god spoiler this shit

No. 275971

He's one of the Youtubers she watches and she doesn't have a shred of original personality or thought.

No. 275974

Crazy how basically everything she claims to be absolute PROOF of her DID is truly just by the books BPD but people aren’t informed enough on BPD so they just latch onto the funky TikTok aesthetic disorder. Everything from the mood swings to the voice changes to the gossiping to the hot and cold behavior toward her boyfriend/friends and the pleas for attention to the consumerism and weight gain. It was BPD the whole time…

No. 275977


Wasn't Jill supposed to upload an integration video as well? She got a new laptop for editing and uploading, why tf doesn't she use it

No. 276001

Wasn’t spicy time “she thinks”. Should that not be easy to confirm or deny since it’d be with Steve? She really likes making herself seem more interesting than she is

No. 276029

New Video Up

No. 276030

File: 1673812488300.jpeg (219.7 KB, 828x1261, 818B0C3C-C956-46D9-8022-BF1EDB…)

How convenient the Ramona alter we’ve never heard a thing about is the first one to be eaten

No. 276032

She’s got some insane marionette lines going on. But jeez, how fuckin bored of life does someone have to be to do this shit? She was running out of content ideas so coincidentally she fuses with an alter nobody has ever heard of, probably just made up on the spot.

No. 276033

Only 1 year into her DID diagnosis and she is already fusing. I give it another year until she is completely "fused" and cured. I remember not too long ago her saying in 5 years she couldn't wait to prove to people how they were wrong about her DID. It's not going to last that long kek.

No. 276034


We should all support her on her fusion journey so that she eventually fuses completely and shuts the fuck up about DID.

No. 276035

she's getting bored of DID. my guess is she'll keep "fusing them" over 2023

No. 276036

This thumbnail makes me so mad kek

No. 276039

We've known all her alters ever since she self doxxed them with that necklace or whatever it was with all their names on it, like Amanda. Was there ever a Ramona? This is such bs lol.

No. 276040

>Are you bored and depressed? Go get your crafting supplies! Okay Flora…
Yes Jillian, the only explanation for your depressive mood swings is the existence of another person in your mind, and the only explanation for thinking of happy alternate coping skills to put you in a different mood is yet another entire person in your head. No one else feels radically different based on their current mood or activity. Just you and Gollum.

No. 276041

Around 18:30 she’s talking about how over time she’s spent more and more time “seeing her inner world more clearly” and there’s a house in her head full of characters that she now “sees” walking around in there really vividly all day. She literally sits around high playing the fucking sims in her head as her primary activity now. She’s genuinely obsessed with daydreaming about these characters nonstop and playing pretend house with them.

No. 276047

"Jerr's BPD"
so she's just fully blaming jerrick for her toxic BPD traits now, as other anons predicted months ago lmao

No. 276053

I'm halfway through the video (god help me) and someone else might post a better summary but basically
>she asked her mom to go through her old sketchbooks and journals to find "gold nuggets" of evidence for her DID
>her mom found a journal entry that says "I think I have multiple personality disorder" from when she was 13
>claims this as evidence for her DID and says "even though I didn't have the words to describe what I was going through, I knew what was happening"
>says that Ramona formed from trauma she had when she was in middle school, she makes it sound like this was a different trauma than the one that formed Jerrick?
>Ramona is that 13yo "pure, innocent" self that has been "dormant" until her mom sent her a picture of that journal entry
>says that in middle school, she would have different "headspaces" like depressed, angry, joyful, etc. so basically saying that having normal mood swings and identity crises due to puberty is "muh DID"
>Ramona fused over the course of a month and Jill says her brain is different and "painted a different color"
Also, towards the beginning of the video she mentions that in regards to final fusion vs multiplicity, her goal is "whatever feels natural and healthy," leaving her options open for whenever she gets bored of the LARP

No. 276054

…I need to find something else to do with my time. Listening to any amount of this bullshit just ain't it.

No. 276062


thank u for ur service anon

No. 276063

listening to this at 1.5x speed so I can move on but
>says that before she became aware of the Ramona alter, driving around her hometown and being home in general was very painful for her, ESPECIALLY downtown
>now that she has magically fused without any kind of therapy needed, she feels like her hometown is "home" and she is more comfortable there
>describes more DID larp about feeling like her middle school self had time jumped to the present etc etc
>interestingly enough, she says that post-fusion she started picking up her old hobby of playing the piano and mentions taking piano lessons at the time the alter was formed (possibly hinting at the piano teacher that was molesting kids?)
>the rest of the video is just her self-obsessively shrieking about how pure and sweet and innocent and tiny she was in middle school
>and yes, Ramona was named after Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim
this was so genuinely insane I feel like I need to go outside and touch grass just from watching it

No. 276065

Like honestly, my takeaway from this is that it really must be hard in someway to be this fucking insane. Like she is really, really batshit insane, and I am so beyond exhausted after listening to this.

I can't imagine thinking about myself, analyzing myself, and talking and obsessing about myself to THIS DEGREE. God this shit is on another level.

No. 276071

Kek kek kek yes make it about the pedo piano teacher after literally saying she was never molested waiting for her to say actually was and claim it was repressed like what the actual fuck where is the line

No. 276073

This video is literally just Jill pathologizing normal nostalgia and having different moods.

No. 276075


She's not batshit insane, she's bullshit insane.

No. 276076

There was a part in the video where she insisted she was really good at the piano and if she met someone that was better she would die inside.

No. 276077

File: 1673823170520.png (953.51 KB, 1440x2617, Screenshot_20230115-162911~3.p…)

More people in the comments are calling her out

No. 276078

I can't imagine being so narcissistic. Jilly thinks she's a god at piano and "dies" whenever someone is better than her.

No. 276080

Jeez, seriously? Her Precure medley was adequate, but it’s not like she’s getting into Juilliard any time soon. She’s somehow harnessed the confidence of the Mediocre White Man

No. 276087

>this was so genuinely insane I feel like I need to go outside and touch grass just from watching it
>Like honestly, my takeaway from this is that it really must be hard in someway to be this fucking insane. Like she is really, really batshit insane
She's gonna be so validated to read this, she is the best at something (being batshit insane)
>Around 18:30 she’s talking about how over time she’s spent more and more time “seeing her inner world more clearly” and there’s a house in her head full of characters that she now “sees” walking around in there really vividly all day. She literally sits around high playing the fucking sims in her head as her primary activity now. She’s genuinely obsessed with daydreaming about these characters nonstop and playing pretend house with them.
Holy crap, I wonder if this is even true because someone this crazy would not be able to do reasonably focused tasks like putting on makeup and uploading videos online, Tweeting etc. Her daily activities vs how she self reports her mind to be don't add up at all for me, the level of delusion she aspires to have would inhibit all but the most basic tasks

No. 276089


>being home in general was very painful for her

Jill has multiple videos of her at home or talking about going home where she says she's so happy to go home and how wonderful it is, she's so full of shit

No. 276095

File: 1673830253238.png (1.19 MB, 1182x1132, Screen Shot 2023-01-15 at 7.50…)

No. 276096

File: 1673830359758.jpeg (111.79 KB, 2047x725, jill prob wrote this when she …)

I think it's interesting that she says she asked her mom to dig for these even though she had just visited. Tinfoil, but I think she wrote this when she visited for Christmas and planted it for her mom. Very problematic language there jillybean.

No. 276097

and samfag, it looks like a full sentence was erased from behind it.

No. 276098

Kek at the thought of her gone-girling her mom into believing her diagnosis. What a loser.

No. 276100

How old was she back then? And isn't it too convenient that she wrote that? I don't know about you all, but back then in 2012 most people didn't even hear/care about autism enough to actually give a fuck about mental health and shit, so DiD sounds even more batshit insane for anyone back then to give a fuck about it.
I feel like DiD only started getting popular around the time tumblr retards started calling themselves they/thems and talking about tranny shit, so 2015 would be the oldest date for DiD to become a trend enough for this loser to be into it.
And is she seriously telling the world that she didn't latch to it when she was young enough for it to be acceptable and even believable? Like let's be honest, this loser smells like the kind of idiot that gets taken to the medic once and won't stop sperging about ever being sick or having some really obscure diagnoses that she misinterpreted, or that shows off the vitamins she has to take as if it was some antipsychotic or some medicine for chronic pains.

No. 276102

due to the nature of splitting in bpd, people with bpd often report feeling like they're different people at different times. its a common thing

No. 276103

She’s not insane she’s a narc spinning a chaotic web of elaborate lies to excuse all her personal failures.
She’s the usual empty BPD who defines herself solely by superficial things like fandoms and hobbies.
She even admitted that she defined herself as a pianist when she was young.
Also on that note all those pictures she used of Ramona are the same ones she used to show examples of jerrick

No. 276105

Her describing how it's definitely real and here's how it's different to my writing now makes it look very planted

No. 276110

I mean, 'multiple personality disorder' is extremely common in stuff like horror movies and halloween specials on TV, so it's not weird that she knew the concept. Still, I don't believe her, because, yes, everyone went through a weird and highly emotionally charged phase in middle school. It is the most normal thing in the world. And it's so weird to me that she'd be like 'omg i was so cute and sweet as a child' and then show pictures she said before were 'totally jerrick'. It's whatever suits her narrative at any point.

No. 276113

United States of Tara was out at that point and pretty popular.

No. 276116

im rusty on my jill lore but she mentioned scott pilgrim/ramona flowers in one of those deviantart exchanged with una around the time they broke up right? i would imagine its related to that somehow

No. 276117

She really didn't need to clarify that her hand writing is different now. It comes off as her trying her hardest to sell the larp.

Jill would be around 12 or 13 when she "wrote" this.
Also multiple personality disorder was a popular thing to toss around in edgy emo DeviantArt circles like how those kids would always claim to be schizo.

No. 276124

Yeah that looks erased and planted as fuck.
However if I gave her the benefit of the doubt (which is way too generous) at that age you’re moody as fuck and if you’re prone to mental illnesses that’s when it starts showing up and teens talk in exaggerations and bombastic language to articulate their overwhelming feelings and misuse a lot psychiatric terminology as a result. I remember at that age I was schizo so it’s pretty par for the course as an edgy teen.
I noticed in the video she took her mother driving around to places in her hometown where she was traumatized and as I much as I dislike Louise I think she must feel like absolute shit and as a failure of parent for letting such horrible things happen to her precious jillybean. I just imagine how torn up she is because according to Jill’s bullshit her mother wasn’t able to protect her from all the “heinous” things that happened under her nose and on top of that she wasn’t even aware her daughter was being violently raped.

No. 276126

Self diagnosis was huge on tumblr in 2012,for all kinds of illnesses. And MPD was popular, it was even in that "mental health hotline" meme video that people were making edits of with anime characters

No. 276129

File: 1673858072196.jpeg (352.21 KB, 828x1416, 7126613C-DF13-4BB9-B3E1-566CA1…)

Jillybean trying to clap back on the haters. “Haha you’re using a fake account to avoid getting dogpiled by my rabid fan base. Tee hee spread kindness like confetti”.

No. 276137

when i was a kid in 2012, i was super into horror/gore anime like higurashi, elfen lied, mirai nikki, which were really popular among the edgy kids at the time, and they all had characters that had multiple personalities in some way or another. it made me want to be cool and edgy, and i'm not as insane as jill, so it definitely is possible she was in the same boat, just taking it with her into adulthood due to never having had to mature because of everyone around her coddling her lol(unsaged autistic blog)

No. 276138

samefag but i also believe it very well could be planted 100%, especially since she hates anything remotely gore and most concepts with mpd/did are in that genre. my first thought was it was probably planted

No. 276140

What edgy teenager in 2012 didn't think they had mpd
Lol she really thinks she's special

No. 276141

She would have been 14 i think

So the age where every chronicly online kid thought they had multiple personalities and Jeff the killer was their boyfriend

No. 276142

Her having just been at the house is very suspicious because why wouldn’t she have looked herself. Why would she make Louise get them and read them just a few days after. It’s definitely fishy.
Making Louise find and read this stuff feels like more of Jillys manipulation and making her feel like shit/beating her into submission. She could easily have read them herself, brought them back to her place or even had them mailed over. She was in a rage when she got back. I can’t help but feel like Louise said something and in a fit of rage Jilly wrote this crap then made Louise look at it as payback for what went down.

No. 276154

> I can’t help but feel like Louise said something and in a fit of rage Jilly wrote this crap then made Louise look at it as payback for what went down.
This sounds very likely, what if momma vessey said something like I never noticed any signs of alters when you were younger and Jilly rushed away to scribble some evidence to make her "find" later. Didn't Jill come back from that visit and punch up her big Peep toy? Momma vessey always pushes her buttons kek

No. 276161

The weirdest thing for me that no one has mentioned is Jill wanting her mom to read her journals despite probably writing the usual messed up stuff every teenager does like I'd be mortified and I know they're close but jfc

No. 276168

Having your mom read your journals is so fuckin' bpd, I can't.

No. 276173

File: 1673887982792.png (67.33 KB, 662x234, Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 11.5…)

From her New Jillian video. I'm taking into account that this might be a troll, but imagine some kid looking up to Jill and wishing they where as "traumatized" as her. Also that username.

No. 276174

This isn't milk. Why even post random shit like this?

No. 276190

cows never cease to amaze me

No. 276196

Nta but I think it’s kind of interesting motivation wise. Like I have wondered why these kids are faking this en masse. It’s also an insight into who is still watching Jilly and buying this crap, lonely children I guess. I feel like the fact that her audience are so young and susceptible makes what she is doing worse.

No. 276206

I will be very interested to see if she replies or addresses comments like these in the future, because they are so ducked up.

No. 276218

It is really telling. People who are genuinely going through shit would rather die than have their family read their diaries. I don't even care if her family didn't abuse her, because even with that being the case, I still don't know why you would want someone to read your diary from when you were oh so uber traumatized? Other than like, if it were a legal thing, but it's not in this case.

No. 276226

If she thinks her fashion choices are good, I don't think I trust her opinion on the things the can and cannot do right.

No. 276243

It feels like an underage viewer to me. This is horrifying

No. 276244

That's so dumb, there's at least 60 more people in Canada that play better than her. Has she heard about professional piano players?

No. 276246

60? Kek nonna, she’s a decent player (or was, who knows if she even plays anymore) but she’s hardly a musical prodigy. She’s as good as anyone who took private lessons from a young age

No. 276249

VangelinaSkov is live right now and said shes going to talk about Jillybean later in the stream perhaps not all hope is lost on that video being made

No. 276250

Idk I just didn't want to say 600 because I have no idea how many people in Canada play the piano

No. 276256

There is probably at least a couple hundred of people in her current city who know how to play piano. It's a common instrument to learn.

No. 276263

Still waiting around for Vangelina to come to her senses is pathetic at this point. Idk how her channel has credibility to anyone itt after how quickly she backtracked and uwu didn't want to accuse anyone of fake claiming.

No. 276264

She’s not. Pls don’t give this attentionwhore any more views please. She’s too scared to disprove Jill’s DID. Anything she’ll put out is worthless especially after seeing her asspat with Steven.

No. 276283

Vangelina won't make a video about Jill the DiD shill because she's a Larp supporter, if anything she would make it about how Jillian was uwu letting her awalters be meanie means to her and how anon-e-moose websites are 100% bad and give people twama, just like how lolcor twaumatized Jillian.

No. 276294

Vangelina is a scaredly cunt. She backtracked so hard. She lost any credibility she had by not delivering shit and she's literally so stupid to still pretend that she's good at the drama channel game. I've never seen someone so worthless make drama videos, she adds nothing to the conversation, points at nothing, doesn't denounce anything, and even enables the faker's delusions. She's not competent at all, we all already know these people claiming DID online are all fakers but even while knowing this she is still scared to call people out. Ffs she even befriends these people.

No. 276297

She’s the epitome of female socialization—too afraid to rock the boat and chooses to be meek and avoid controversy

No. 276298

For someone who says YouTube is her “job” you’d think she would’ve known this feature has been around for fucking months now kek

No. 277370

Jill is the ultimate example of a rich kid that has to overcompensate for her privilege because she feels like she would be more interesting if she had problems.

No. 277579

Hard agree. Vangelina platforms people like DisociaDID & Adam McIntyre so idk what I was expecting.

No. 277580

File: 1674096622956.jpeg (203.06 KB, 828x488, EC2304DF-304A-4FD5-A5B1-A851E0…)

I can’t wait for another poorly made costume, god I hope she goes to a con and throws a tantrum when she doesn’t win

No. 277581

File: 1674096815217.jpeg (222.26 KB, 1179x530, 78A8C518-6B18-4DEA-BE7A-CCC790…)

She doesn’t need to announce it. It’s obviously the new precure, probably with Sof.

No. 277587

Everytime Jill cosplays with friends the friendship dies soon after. Who wants to place bets that it happens again since Jill still has her BPD completely unchecked?

No. 277600

File: 1674107144228.png (1.15 MB, 1808x1085, D8FC19FA-1640-425A-9CA6-0E278B…)

Wow I wonder who it could be?

No. 277613

Kek I had the exact same thought, she must be impossible to work with like she is controlling and has to be the best but is also wildly lazy and does a half assed job last second every time.

No. 277631

where is this from? both of them together will be hiriously awful. two cows for the price of one.

No. 277664

nayrt, she posted it on the animaritime facebook group

No. 277674

>white, pastel blue and pastel pink
fuck it, i'm sure fans headcanon her as trans and jill will try to argue she is trans for cosplaying her or some shit

No. 277687

here's the first part of the january livestream

No. 277690

thank you nonna!!

No. 277693


kek at the 22 minute mark she basically admits she is addicted to nasal spray

No. 277704


"I don't like talking as if I'm diagnosed with autism, especially online . . .

I wouldn't want to make myself an autism figure until I eventually get my proper screening."

Jillian Vessey, 2023.

No. 277705

Fucking hell, that’s literally all she does. Also her narcissistic ass just pre-assigning herself the role of figure head for the autistic community. She really does think she’s some massive influencer doesn’t she

No. 277709

Jill doesn’t have the same reach as she used to. So many alt “influencers” that are better than her. Even Mikan has a clothing biz and she didn’t complete fashion school.

No. 277717

Autism figure? What is that? Why would that be on your mind before even getting the diagnosis? She’s so hilariously transparent. Get expensive diagnosis = Immediately become a championed mental health warrior with expertise

No. 277727

And the perpetual cycle of idiots and impressionable kids claiming mental illness for internet kudos continues. No one without an actual degree and specialization should be an "mental health" guru/advocate online. Bleak

No. 277731

Jill really thinks a diagnosis makes her a spokesperson / expert on whatever disorder she's talking about, what a narc

No. 277733

In the livestream Jill claims she went 4 days without eating multiple times last years… Somehow didn't lose any weight though

No. 277736

If you suddenly don't eat you're telling your body it's a tough season and it should save more fat. That's why temporary fasting doesn't work for weight loss, you need to cut calories and exercise.

No. 277739

Jill is here admitting she wants to and is planning to be "an autism figure" in the future. When she has gotten the diagnosis she doesn't have, but she plans on getting. She's so transparent with her narcissism

She's probably lying, but if she didn't starvation mode doesn't kick in that fast anyway for someone who is obese. She can't truly be "starving" because her body already has a big surplus of fat stored to take energy from kek. Humble bragging about not eating for days doesn't matter when you spent the rest of the week eating several thousand calories over your daily intake. At best you evened it out

No. 277741

File: 1674207631365.png (375.9 KB, 954x622, 352411.png)

This is apparently the only thing she can keep consistent in her life - see picrel from thread 11 and >>41093

Note that the second anon put in her real email and doxxed herself, but the details line up. Even a retarded clock is right twice a day.

No. 277742

sorry for stupid q but why would someone be addicted to using nasal spray?

No. 277745

If you are prone to have a stuffy nose your reliance on nasal spray could be considered addiction I guess. I have friends that either are prone to it or became paranoid over not being able to breathe after being sick that are "addicted". Could be that she is slightly allergic to her cats or the layers of dust her house gathers and has to use it all the time because of that.

No. 277752


The overuse of decongestant sprays can lead to a physical dependence as you can experience a rebound congestion (which in reutrn leads to people using the spray more often). Some people also develop a resistence and need more and more over time. Long term overuse can lead to some nasty side effects, which is why in some countries they won't sell non-saline sprays without a long ass disclaimer. Those who "really" (idk nobody likes not being able to breath properly) need it due to allergies or whatnot are better off switching to a medication that not only treats one single symptom.

No. 277754


>nearly 50 minutes of Jill rambling and pretending to be mentally ill

Who is paying money for this shit?

No. 277755

File: 1674224983157.jpg (155.41 KB, 1048x513, Screenshot_20230120_142645.jpg)



No. 277757

I just don't get why she won't study psychology if she wants to become the ultimate expert on mental health. That would probably make her go out and talk to people in real life, and while I know it would be like her shitty fashion designer "career" she would at least have a paper that says that she somehow graduated from college and is legally allowed to be retarded about mental health.

No. 277766

Anon, please. That would require effort. That would require attendance. That would require leaving her home. That would require her to not throw a fit when a project requires something of her she doesn't want to do. It would require studying and discipline. The bitch ain't capable of getting such a degree, she could barely get through her "fashion" certificate.

No. 277768

Exactly this, it would require her actively deciding to challenge herself and leave her little bubble that she’s created by taking a positive step in her adult life instead of being the widdle bwaby that she thinks she is

No. 277770

she struggled even getting coursework done for her fashion school, i seriously doubt she'd be able to handle having to write and turn in essays on time. maybe she could handle a part time distance learning course, but yeah, kind of doubt jill cares much about getting an education.

genuinely? i think at one point jill had a shot at actually doing something with her life. she had a sizeable following, was kawaii ambassador, she's been a part of various high profile events and projects etc etc. she COULD have tried to get into bunka like mikan did, she COULD have at least easily found a program at a more prestigious institution that would've been happy to take on someone as well known as her. jill is frustrating because she's had so many opportunities (on top of a comfortable start in life from her parents) and now look at her, making drag queen DID content and having meltdowns over chicken tendies, and she's clearly miserable

No. 277771

At one point in this stream she's like, "I love!! I love being a professionalllll!"

And I'm like what the fuck are you talking about? Professional WHAT? You do NOTHING. You add NOTHING. She gets more and more delusional by the day. Unless she gets her whole entire act the fuck together, I sincerely doubt that Jill is going to accomplish much of anything in her adult life. This schtick isn't going to be cute forever, the people she interacts with "professionally" will be less charmed by her demeanor and they'll be able to see the BPD on her face (and she was totally manic in this video btw - she seems less able to conceal it - it reveals itself in the way she blames others and spits vitriol at them for not playing into her hand, in this case the doctor she mentioned). The shoe is gonna drop for her.

Because she isn't special, she isn't unique, she is NOT hard working, she has nothing important to say. She isn't Drew Monsoon, she isn't Emilia Fart. Emilia actually had a point to what she was doing, she actually had something to say. Jill just wants to act as though she does. She doesn't! No special insight here. Just acting and playing pretend. That's it. She is a faker of the highest order, and I can't wait for her to get to the other side of 25 when people tend to lose patience for such self absorption.

No. 277777

She would also have to think about people other than herself. The only way Jill would be able to finish such a degree is if she could just hand in video diaries in which she rambles about herself, and ignore the rest of the curriculum. Even then she’d probably complain about deadlines.

No. 277780

she loves being a professional do nothing, obviously

No. 277796

File: 1674246993167.jpg (173.59 KB, 1077x587, Screenshot_20230120_203411.jpg)

The funniest part of the livestream is when Jill talks about telling her doctor she's been diagnosed with DID and ptsd, the doctor ignored her and Jill throws a hissy fit about how her doctor doesn't care. She really can't deal with people not constantly coddling her

No. 277808

>why don't you care about me
She genuinely doesn't realize there are people in the world way worse off than her with actual debilitating diagnoses kek

No. 277812

Even primary care physicians have seen thousands of people with genuinely horrific debilitating conditions and terminal illnesses. As part of their training they’ve been in emergency rooms and ICUs and palliative care wings where they’ve watched people bleed and suffer and die. They’ve seen people with debilitating mental health disorders like severe schizophrenia that causes serious harm to them and renders them homeless. All normal stuff they see in training. Of course doctors don’t fucking care when some spoiled rich girl with pink hair starts whining about her new imaginary friend disorder that her special woke kweer therapist says she totally has. Jill is so sheltered and narcissistic it’s hilarious, she doesn’t realize what a blissful lovely little spoonfed life she has.

No. 277819

what a beautiful screen grab. Jill really isn't good at hiding her visions of grandeur

No. 277822

>She isn't Drew Monsoon, she isn't Emilia Fart.
And there in lies her problem, in her mind, she is on the same level as them. Which is a pretty fucking low bar, but not everyone can or wants to be a super star. As you said, they had a point to what they were/are doing, and something to say. And so would Jill if she could be genuine for even a single second. That’s the stupidest part, she’s lucked into a career where she can just talk about her life (and essentially herself). She doesn’t have to get up and go to a soul crushing job she hates in order to make ends meet and scrap to find time for her hobbies.
But she won’t even put a consistent amount of effort into doing that. There’s a reason that the YouTubers that treat content creation as a 9-5 scheduled job are the ones that have their shit together, because humans crave routine. It’s not a coincidence that Jill truly lost the plot once she finished school and had no structure to her life, because she never made the effort to fill her time properly.

If she’d make a schedule for her filming/editing, maybe take a class locally, or hell even get a part time job, she would be infinitely less retarded.

No. 277843

File: 1674293153152.jpg (169.71 KB, 1040x581, Screenshot_20230121_092357.jpg)

I forgot to mention Jill's massive cope after this where she claims her doctor msut not know what DID is, because the doctor gave jill medication to wean her off nasal spray like a medical professional would instead of fawning over Jill

No. 277845

I wasn't gonna watch the vid but now I need to. Wtaf she is pressed because her doctor didn't give a shit about her larping age regression? I bet doc told her to quit smoking so much weed, exercise, and lose some weight, since a responsible doctor would do that. I have nothing against people who smoke occasionally but the human body wasn't meant to be a furnace, smoking anything does cause damage to it. For a normal person, it might be a negligible amount of damage, but Jill's lifestyle is so unhealthy and gross… I guess she'll end up with some serious disease (heart, lung) by 40.

No. 277848

>why don't you care about me
God I hope she never needs to go to the ER. Not for her, but for the poor people working there, trying to wheel a severely injured patient past her while she has a tantrum about the waiting time.

No. 277853


The doctor story starts at 20:50 if you want to skip past Jill's baby talk and screaming

No. 277857

She already looks 40 in this video, her health has absolutely tanked now that she can’t cruise by on an adolescent metabolism. What happened to her severe weight loss from Jerrick’s anorexia? Intermittent fasting is supposed to yield good results and health benefits but it looks like literally nothing has happened for Jill since she’s aged even more in this video and is still a ham.

No. 277863

Any brave nonnas want to give us a recap of the stream?

No. 277864

why the FUCK would a physician care about your mental illness (even if it was real, which it isn't) Like…that's outside of their remit as a doctor?? "I have elevnty billion mental illnesses" yeah OK well there's fuck all I can do about that, so can you please stop huffing nasal spray every 2 seconds?

No. 277865

sorry to samefag, but she's clearly congested all the time because of all her smoking. She's such a fucking retard.

No. 277866

Yeah, daily smoking and being in such a dirty dusty environment her sinuses are probably screaming.

No. 277867

thanks nonna

No. 277872

I’d bet Jill smokes out of dirty glass and doesn’t change her bong water regularly. Do we ever see pics of her bongs? You’d think she’d be posting Canna Style haul videos and posing with kawaii glass. I’m wondering if the reason she doesn’t is because she can’t be assed to keep her shit clean and knows she’d get roasted if she ever showed off her glass.

She also probably needs to take a month off the internet and focus on dusting all her shit. Kawaii hoards of Knick knacks and plushies get dusty quick. Add in cats with their dander and litter and yeah her house is probably a straight up assault to anyone’s sinuses.

Homegirl needs to invest in some HEPA filters while she’s at it. Isn’t literal ephedrine still legal in Canada? She could start taking that and maybe lose some weight and have enough energy to dust her hoard and clean her glass kek

No. 277877

IF this has been her life-long physician, then they don't care because they know her. They know she's fucking lying. Full stop.

No. 277885

I’ll start on it now

No. 277886

Or they could somewhat believe her but they've known her so long that they can tell this dumbass diagnosis doesn't change what they're gonna do for her as a patient like she claims she has people in her head oh no still gotta look out for diabetes hun

No. 277888

Livestream recap part one:
> she is in the flora zone so a little bit slower (also she is doing the flora voice)
> straight away starts talking about not being able to eat due to being in flight or fight mode
> stress stopped her period which is why she took the pregnancy test
> hoping to start selling physical clothing or accessories in a drop batches, aiming at early summer
> in the new year mindset of freshening you decor ‘old polly pockets have to go, new polly pockets have to come in’
> coffee preferences fluctuate between parts
> last year was fight or flight survival
> thinks she needs to interact with people more (kek)
> knows that everyone expects her to be bad at replying
> will be attending a convention
> he/hims a cure and says one is a they/them
> has been watching a lot of drew monson so is starting to talk like him
> gets her nasal spray
> doctor story: saw her family doctor for the last time because she doesn’t live there anymore and is not covered by her dads insurance, Jill gave her a catch up on her mental illnesses and then the doctor asked about the nasal spray stuff and her doctor was more concerned about that and then Jill said that the doctor needs to ‘get her priorities straight’ and did not adjust her medication except to give her stuff to ween her off of nasal spray
> is on a waiting list for a doctor
> the podcast is happening ‘pixie talks’ but with stevie… but it’ll be named after her…
> she became strawberry shortcake age six, calls it a mental illness obsession
> ‘I don’t like talking as if I am diagnosed with autism especially online but it certainly was not a hyper fixation is all I’m gonna say’
> says self diagnosis is valid but doesn’t want to make herself an ‘autism figure’ until she eventually gets a proper screening but will not be any time soon due to money but talks about it with family and friends
> they will make a set for the podcast with picnic vibes and will maybe have guests over FaceTime or something
> podcast length will be 45 min to 1.5 hours and will be monthly at least to start
> says she needs a minute to ‘go through the files’ and starts talking to herself
> wants to do moonknight/sailor moon for the con and then maybe one of the precure
> got asked to be a guest on the PEI con but never replied
> plays drew monson all the time to hear his voice
> has a cart of ‘age regression shit’ in the background
> had a screaming ptsd flashback the night before
> hard to tell the difference between age regression and when it’s Berry
> she age slides as Jillian
> says strawberry shortcake could have an audience of neurodivergent adults like bluey and MLP do
> age slides as Jillian between 6,12, and current age
> tweety was another special interest
> her good septum ring ‘crumbled’ and she thinks it was because of her nasal spray usage

No. 277890

> has been watching a lot of drew monson so is starting to talk like him
> plays drew monson all the time to hear his voice
Say whatever you want about Drew but I feel sorry for the man to have this rainbow freak obsess over him like this. I'm surprised she hasn't claimed he's a special interest of hers yet.

No. 277892

Part 2:
> struggles with staying happy when it’s dark and she copes by following the sun and plans activities which don’t involve moving around the house when it’s dark and does boring things when it is the daytime
> jerr gets angry at discomfort such as when cat fur sticks to his feet or if there are coffee grounds on the counter and can trigger a meltdown
> sunshine triggered flora out and the whole place got cleaned
> unsubscribed from emilia farts patreon because 13 dollars for one vlog was too much
> talks along to an organic rice cakes tik tok and this is her new stim

No. 277895

>age slides as Jillian between 6,12, and current age
What the FUCK
so when does Stevie know what age Jillian is

No. 277896

I don't know anything about him and have felt bad for him for more than a year now. The Jerrick account had some decade-old quote by Drew as its header for a really long time. That's sick and if I were Drew, I would make sure Jill never met me in person. I wonder if she will reveal an alter based on him.

No. 277898

Literally the only thing I could think they would care about would be if she was taking some other kind of medication…which she isn’t.

No. 277908

Insane nitpick i know but why would she get rid of her old polly pockets (actual collectors items with some value) for the new cheap ugly ones?

No. 277916

>>277895 Age-slides. They are so disgusting. Why did the SJWs normalize pedo stuff. >>277896 She publicly accused Drew of age-play shit before too because of his dog tent.

No. 277917

As soon as I saw her claim that she's been talking like him, I had the same thought. I'm betting the Drew Monson alter will drop by the end of spring. Even if my time prediction is off, I feel confident that it will happen.
I wonder what Drew would do if word about her fictive got back to him. Cease and desist? Kek it would be so funny. I do feel bad for him though.

No. 277922

That wasn't Drew, it was the Penguinzzz guy or whatever he's called. But you're absolutely correct, it's vile.
I'm sure ol' Steve-o doesn't give a shit what age she's pretending to be. His fake disgust during that Q&A is still fresh in my mind. Behind closed doors, he probably encourages it. My guess is that he's sick of her DID shit but plays along because of the child alters. I hope I'm wrong but we all know how trannies are. Shame on Jill for encouraging this pedo shit.

No. 277940

I did a summary too
January live stream

>Showing cat using cardboard scratch item but the background is grime as fk with a plate of melted candles on the floor?

>Oh good, she's clarified that it's witch shit on the floor that needs to be cleaned up
>Feeling the New year energy~
>Spends the first 5 minutes setting up chargers and fixing stickers all over her face to hide her pimples. Not skincare patches just plain old star stickers.
>03:53 Flight or fight causing her digestive system to shut down several times last year and for 4 days not be able to like "chomp-chomp". Jill didn't say not eat but "chomp-chomp" so liquid calories were still going down the hatch
>04:08 "The period test is when you wake up and you see what life has dealt you" Fuck around and find out Jilly-bean
>Stressed out "literally shut down our period". 50 seconds on that moment regarding the pregnancy test and no follow-up regarding it
>"Super motivated, super passionate, super excited to be here" Rapid speech with high mood

>06:24 New video about a fusion so new year, new jill

>Talks about wanting to do a drop of artesian items and probably early summer for first rounds. Look me square in the camera and say that Jill. Gonna be crochet, sewing and prints
>Talks about simplifying, freshening decor, moving furniture and changing her space
>There is a shot of her cats with her fluffy desk chair in the background and it's just as matted at the cats.
>11:34 Talking about last year flight or fight mental health and how she's excited to move on. Nice that you've been able to conquer mental health mountain Jill, can't wait for you to claim supreme senpai-ship over it.
>12:32"It's hard to know the boundary of what do people expect" "and whats ok with DID & amnesia"
>Classic Narcissist's prayer and expecting people to come to her and needing to respond to some people more.
>"…But they know my brain doesn't work…But it's working better now so I don't want that to always be a problem"
>Guess the 'get out of jail free card' of mental health ain't working for you when people use it on you.
>Complaining how hard communication is with the internet "everyone has access to you at all times"
>Rambling about mindless scrolling vs. the effort of social media and people in her DMs
>Shrieking about how the room echoes

>Going to conventions and cosplays this year: Princess Rosalina

>Pre-cure shit

No. 277946

>20:34 nasal spray addiction Otriven (main ingredient: Xylometazoline which causes nasal perforation and thinning of sinus tissue long-term) Saddle nose saga when
>Jill got dumped by her old doctor
>Gave her a years worth of medication scripts and gave no shits about her 'mental health re-cap'
>Didn't adjust Jills medication which Jill states should of been changed so expect Dr Jilly-Bean to self-adjust and titrate to whatever she thinks she should be on.
>Her family doctor said "you don't live here anymore, your not a student and your not on your dad's insurance so I'm not your doctor anymore"
>"Why don't you care about me????"
>Louise was waiting in the car the whole time
>23:50 Commenter states they can't blow their nose and need to get on that spray so Jill starts giving advice about it with a duper's delight smile.
>Podcast 'pixie talks' "It couldn't be called anything else could it?"
>27:40 "Autism figure" Her speech says she won't but her eyes say that she will
>"self-diagnosis is valuable and if I didn't diagnosis myself no-one would take me in to get a real diagnosis"
>5 minutes of pure duper's delight smiles about autism
>"How to you go to a doctor to get something treated if you don't know anything's wrong"

>Con is themed: magical girls

>cosplay: moonknight/sailor moon mash-up
>states she last sewed a cosplay 2019, lists 3 other things she's sewn since then. Pour one out for the cousins wedding dress.5
>37:00 Got invited to be a guest at a local con but forgot to answer because of bad brain and then in the next breath states she should contact them back and she loves being professional
>anime talk: sailor moon fav design is chibi moon but hates her attitude and likes sailor venus attitude. Guess chibi-moon is too close to home with her bratty attitude
>Decides it's sailor moon, gotta be the main star can't be a side character
>Never watched all of sailor moon, stopped when it stopped being dubbed
>41:57 talks about screeching and noise while briefly stating she had a screaming PTSD flashback where she had to put her face in a pillow
>42:25 talking about age-regression and 'Berry' influence, age sliding but berry is separate little.
>42:45 "…I can figure it out whenever it's me and you're brain is small and squishy…Bring me the lego"
>So basically Jill orders Stevie around to put on her shows, bring toys and nuggies.
>Happy about how many got into pre-cure because of her~
>More age sliding talk - just admit you don't want to become an adult Jill it's more relatable than you think
>49.42 Video ends mid-sentence about nose jewellery

Talk about new work/content/up coming cons:10min
Mental health talk:25-30min
Toddler sounds & jibberish:10min

No. 277949

"how can you get something treated if you dont know whats wrong?" is such a bad justification for self-diagnosis. Most things you go to the doctor for could be cancer or could be something entirely different, but thankfully people aren't self-diagnosing cancer I hope. It's the same with mental illness, any symptom you have could be a million different things unless you get an expert opinion to narrow it down. Not everyone who is shy or quirky is autistic, and not everyone who has different emotions (See: Everyone) has DID or bipolar.

No. 277950

I think those stickers are starface stickers (they are acne stickers)

No. 277954

Guessing she’s invited to guest at Animaritime given the Magical Girl theme and her acting like the Precure gatekeeper. I really hope they won’t make her a judge. She has no sewing knowledge to do so and frankly it would be insulting to the good handful of people who attend who do know how to sew, to be judged by her.

No. 277956

Nope she states they're plain stickers in the video

No. 277962

>cosplay: moonknight/sailor moon mash-up
Forgive me if not but didn't she throw a massive bitch fit about moon knight when the trailer first dropped because "muh problematic media"?

No. 277965

>Her family doctor said "you don't live here anymore, your not a student and your not on your dad's insurance so I'm not your doctor anymore"
I imagine the doctor said it with more tact but it's hilarious that Jill's upset that her family GP told her to grow up. She's not even in the same province she should have found a new GP a year after moving out for school. Especially if she's been having constant mental health crisis like she keeps claiming she did.

No. 277967

So it’s 100% confirmed now she has been intentionally dropping those autism breadcrumbs and phrasing tons of random shit with autism buzzwords on purpose for the last several months because she self diagnosed. She has been obsessing over it as another quirky badge to wear ever since watching tiktoks about it and copying all the stupid crap she sees on there like calling everything “stimming” and buying the chew toys and sunflower disability lanyard etc.
Fucking figures since BPDfags love the idea of autism being more “blameless” and a way they get to chimp out over every little thing without it ever being their fault. But Jill’s history and behaviors don’t line up with autism. Her freakouts are socially focused, vindictive, attention-seeking, and image oriented. Her intense obsessions that cycle over time through trends and identities are indicative of identity-seeking and dopamine seeking, not special interests.

No. 277971

No, she ended up liking Moon Knight.

No. 277978

File: 1674376708173.jpg (174.06 KB, 1047x577, Screenshot_20230122_083523.jpg)

I think it's interesting that ji in the livestream fucks up at one point and says pictures of her as a child. Then she quickly corrects herself to make it sound like she doesn't know which alter it was. Just more proof this DID larp is fake

No. 278020

This doctor will likely have known her for years I mean possibly as a child too. She will know it’s all bullshit because she will have been dealing with this clown in a medical capacity for years and knows her parents. If she knows Jilly and knows about her BPD ofc she is being dismissive she knows it’s garbage. Jed diagnosed Jilly with DID without even knowing her a year and was fresh out of school. Our bratty queen couldn’t help but whine because she feels hard done by but honestly it’s just damning to me that the doctor that knows her background and history the most reacted like that. It also to me sounds like Jilly was fishing for meds and doctors are trained to identify that for obvious reasons and again she knows Jilly.

No. 278041

bitch looking dehydrated as fuck. Does she even eat vegetables?

No. 278043

File: 1674403238019.jpeg (152 KB, 750x649, 214AE491-5D0B-4CBF-A4F6-97C223…)

injured while watching baby cartoons

No. 278058

wish we had video of this disaster, what a sight that must have been, like when a manatee flips over

No. 278060

>paused with all of my body weight on my neck

She has to be pushing 200 pounds. no wonder she fucked her neck. kek

No. 278090

So much anachan and smol baby larping and she can’t even do one single somersault without her massive weight injuring her neck. Maybe this will trigger Jerricka to diet harder although Jill already claims to only not eat at all or only eat super healthy low calorie food like peppers and salad. Must be the amnesia tripping her up and losing track of all the peeps and whole rotisserie chickens, Berry or Flora must have eaten all of those.

No. 278092

Actually laughing out loud at the visual. And imagine the shrieking for Steebie! He was probably not paying enough attention to her.

No. 278094

Little late to the party; but I was interested in how she stated Ramona was a lesbian and how they fused; possible breadcrumb for steve trooning out; since now Jilly is more inclined to be ~extra kweer~ (even better than dating a girl is dating a girl troon) and totes into girls since steve is playing dress up with all her clothes. I bet she'd throw a hissy fit about that, having to share her clothes but she's probably too fat for Steve to fit into anything she owns.

I feel like she's throwing out breadcrumbs not for final fusion but for a "we were misdiagnosed with DID when we really had autism, BPD and DID" and being the most mentally ill of all time

No. 278096

File: 1674415947933.jpg (204.24 KB, 1080x1137, IMG_20230122_203113.jpg)

Love how twitter now recommends you people you ocassionally hate watch, lol
But yes, seems like it's not her alter, it's jill the adult who is into bluey

No. 278099


I'm sure in a week jill will be claiming bluey is her hyper fixation and proof of her autism

No. 278118

Her personality really is just a series of tik tok trends now.

No. 278128

Tinfoil but I think Ramona being a lesbian and fusing is to cover her ass about the Uma situation. Now she can try deflect that uma wasn’t her main trauma but just that one alter that’s conveniently gone.

No. 278306

Speaking as an Australian, fuck off jill.

Yeah the whole thing about the doctor is so stupid, of course they ‘didn’t care’ about her mental health, because they didn’t diagnose her, are not a psychologist, and haven’t been seeing her regularly regarding her mental health in years. The fact that she’s only just now looking for a primary health care doctor in her own province shows how bullshit all of her so called illnesses are. She’s been supposedly so life-alteringly mentally ill, yet she hasn’t even considered finding a local GP.

No. 278439

I hope she gets an Aussie alter next. But for real I watch Bluey with my two-year-old, it's a great show for CHILDREN with jokes that are relatable for PARENTS. I hate that it's getting a cult following from gross people like MLP did.

No. 278442

If Jilly bean got a bogan tradie alter i would die kek but she's more likely to do that horrendous Melbourne accent everyone makes fun of

No. 278445

i want her to whip out a crocodile dundee style alter with a huge bowie knife and a gilly hat and hyperfixate on kangaroos and "maccas"

No. 278447

Can’t wait for her future PeachPRC rip-off alter

No. 278449

Maybe she’ll get a freelee the banana girl alter and say it formed during her ED days kek

No. 278473

she literally only hops onto stuff when it becomes big on tiktok i swear to god. pls jill get an original interest

No. 278482

this is almost certainly going to happen kek

No. 278483

It continually amazes me how she has no sense of privacy or boundaries with the internet–she has to realize that her weird flips and nasal spray addiction are not kawaii aesthetic.

No. 278511

Any idea what her next video could be? Do we have more alters to meet besides Jax? She usually puts out a DID video between regular (read sponsored) content

I'm surprised she didn't go for a 'Romana fused with a different alter to become a new one" that seems to be popular with first time fusion

No. 278526


Jill said she would make a meet the alters video for berry, maybe that will be the next upload

No. 278544

I thought there was a part 2 of the patron video but she's mentioned talking about the fusion video

No. 278548

dear god imagine her outfit for berry, do you think she'll have toys to play with while she introduces herself? will she put her hair in pigtails? she'll probably talk about how much she wuvs magical girls and kids shows

No. 278553

Didn’t she say her child alters won’t have an online presence or did she lie about that too?

No. 278566

The DID community tends to have this opinion that child alters shouldn’t be ‘shown’ online for their own protection (wtf does that even mean idk) so if she does do a meet the alters I imagine it’ll just be Jill talking about Berry. Which is fitting since she’s conveniently ‘co-con’ 100% of the time anyways.
Also, if Jill supposedly age slides to a child, then wtf is the actual point of having a child alter? She honestly cannot allow anyone else, even literally herself, to have anything she doesn’t have

No. 278567

She's posted a bunch of clips of her "co-con" with her babby alters and shamelessly age regresses. I wouldn't put it past her to completely ignore the whole DID LARP troupe etiquette thing about not posting your uber vulnerable babbies since she's a huge and unapologetic DDLGfag. Pacifier arc when? Lol especially with the autism shit

No. 278598


She did, Jill also said she wouldn't reveal her child alters name online for safety reasons.


According to Jill she age slides, age regressed and has a 6 year old alter. Because having a 6 year old alter isn't enough for Jill's ddlg kink

No. 278627

The larp isn’t real until she consumes 50 bananas a day.

No. 278651

This "safety reasons" bullshit DID ppl have with ther fucking minor OCs
This is so stupid it makes me angry

No. 278655

>Jill supposedly age slides to a child

Yeah, it's called BPD

No. 278677


Yeah, the safety excuse makes no sense and was just Jill copying dissociadid.

No. 278695

Tinfoil: Jill planted the "I have multiple personalities" journal entry one of the times she went home recently.
That's why she bizarrely asked her mom to look through her old journals instead of just taking them home herself and looking

No. 278700

One of my old friends who had BPD often spoke about feeling mentally like a kid or teenager still, Trisha Paytas said the same thing. Jill really needs better therapy than whatever she got because all of her massive personality, style and interest switches and younger “alters” are typical of BPD.

No. 278701

Usually people tend to hide children name or face so they can't be easily traceable offline and/or to protect the child privacy. I can't even wrap my head around the mental gymnastics to apply it to a child that literally doesn't exist… like wtf do you think can happen to a pretend person?

No. 278704

the thing that gets me about her the most is she keeps saying oh autists do x, people with did do x. no jill, people with bpd, something you used to claim you had do those things. and someone with bpd would also hop on trendy mental illness bandwagons for attention. it's not even subtle.

No. 278740

Thinking about it Jill is probably distancing herself from the BPD label because people in the woke circles are starting to hold people with mental illnesses, like BPD, accountable for their actions. To her DID is an easy scape goat for all of her negative actions.
Get called a faggot bitch who should kill them sleeves? Jill wouldn't say that, that was Jerric. And of course any predatory sexual action wasn't Jill, it was gossip queen veronica! Definitely not Jill going on a BPD/narc rampage.

No. 278768

Plus BPD isn’t quirky or interesting as far as mental illnesses go. It doesn’t afford her any clout online

No. 278808

I kind of feel like if she gets the autism diagnosis she will claim she is one of the people misdiagnosed bpd when in reality they are just a woman with autism. I feel like she only kept the bpd label because she wanted multiple illnesses and didn’t have enough other ones.

No. 278863

File: 1674756550589.jpg (253.58 KB, 1080x1291, Screenshot_20230126_180701.jpg)

Jill's upload schedule is awful

No. 278869

I think that’s her dream right now because it would make her feel absolved. BPD doesn’t get any sympathy, people openly despise people with BPD and accept that there’s zero excuse for them choosing to be pieces of shit to others to cope with their feelings. But if she says the BPD was fake all along or that only Jerrick has it, she can reframe all of her bad behaviors using misappropriated autism buzzwords, which is what she’s been slowly trying to do, putting autism terminology over all her completely unrelated shit. Autism is also her ultimate wish maker because of her being so immature and shying away from adult responsibility: if she now says she was disabled the whole time, no one can blame her for not studying harder or sewing more or committing to her business and so on.

No. 278875

when’s the last time she announced a video and actually released it on time and didn’t delay it. it’s like clockwork.

No. 278880

Kek that photo looks awful I'm surprise "Veronica" let Jill post something that made her look so bad

No. 278911

File: 1674770614150.jpg (62.95 KB, 543x383, idiot.jpg)

She has such cute ways of getting around saying that she's a jobless loser who does nothing but smoke weed and sit on her fat ass. "Self employed?" Where do you get off, Jill, seriously.

No. 278912

Wait so the teenager alter is the the only one working their "job"? No wonder her schedule sucks . Where's cliffe, he needs to get their shit together and start using his authority kek

No. 278914

It's also hilarious that her and steebie are using this fake illness to publicly flaunt their nasty pedo ageplay fetish too.

No. 278916

I know weed supposedly isn't addictive, but like, is she? does she need a weed break every few hours? what's the deal. Is it just an extremely unhealthy coping mechanism that none of her doctors will say shit about?

No. 278917

weed isn't chemically addictive but it's psychologically addictive. saying it's not addictive is incorrect, and depending on how much you use it and how strong it is it actually has withdrawal symptoms similar to caffeine withdrawal. she's addicted to the dopamine and she probably gets irritated when she stops taking it.

No. 278920

Here's the real question: why is she no longer seeking therapy? I realize Angel Therapist is gone but like, if you're apparently THIS degree of mentally ill, then shouldn't she be in therapy still?

Oh wait, I know why. Because no one else is going to cater to these fucking delusions, and the first thing they'll tell her is to stop smoking weed.

No. 278936


>time off for illness

Jill's job is sitting in front of a camera for half an hour, then editing and uploading which she doesn't even do on time. Tf does she need time off for?

No. 278942

It’s so funny to read people like Jill tweeting about their chushy jobs to their fans who most likely have real jobs, and how she needs time off- while also tweeting from her main social media page all day. but also, how is she ever actually taking a healthy break from her influencer side? There’s no distinction from influencer Jill and BPD Jill that is constantly on the brink of cracking, by her own accord. She’s terminally online, she has absolutely zero healthy habits for someone who is mentally ill. She just doesn’t want to work. Has nothing to do with this indulgent self care bullshit. She’s been nose diving for two years straight and no one can tell her otherwise

No. 278947

Influencers like to whine about how they don’t get paid sick leave or pto etc. and seem to forget that they chose this job. They could easily get a regular job with paid leave but none of them want to give up their cushy lifestyle and don’t realize how incredibly tone deaf it is to complain about. I can’t wait for the influencer bubble to burst and all these brats to get a wake-up call about what the real world is like for normal people.

No. 278966

I hate their argument about PTO the most considering they're able to earn passive income if they play by the right rules. It's not like you only get paid for the first hour the video is out. If you do the job right, it's almost literally idle money.

No. 278974

Tax season is coming up, he's busy getting everything prepared

No. 278996

File: 1674799324622.jpeg (868.96 KB, 1170x2054, 17E94357-7FEC-411C-BAD7-6FAEDA…)

How has this bitch never eaten broccoli lol

No. 278997

>post fusion me is consistently surprised (…) we can eat these things now
it's called growing up you dumbass it has zero shit to do with your personality.
also kek at "pressure to try things" like her mom would ever force her to eat anything she doesn't like. we've seen the japan trip saga.

No. 278998

Adults that can't handle eating raw veggies sometimes are so fucking pathetic. Oooohhh I need to eat my broccoli steamed with a pound of hot cheese on top or else I get the Icky Yuckies!!! And I frow up on myself because I'm a retarded womanbaby. Bitch what is so scary about broccoli. Just eat it. Tard.

No. 279012


>more control over how food is prepared and less pressure to try new things

Is Jill talking about living with her family here? Because if so it sounds like she's trying to claim some food trauma

No. 279022

Which also is another autism breadcrumb

No. 279057

For real, that’s normal when you come from a home where your parent primarily cooks dinner, because obviously they make things they way they like. For years I refused to eat steak because I always hated it growing up, turns out my mother just can’t cook steak without turning it to dry leather. The fact that Jill constantly acts like she’s not a typical 20-something living out of home and discovering her own tastes and way of navigating life.
God it must be exhausting to be Steve

No. 279077

>and someone with bpd would also hop on trendy mental illness bandwagons for attention. it's not even subtle.
I don't have BPD and don't research it so I want to ask the BPDchans ITT: do people with BPD know that they're doing this? Is she so seriously mentally ill (and not in a DID way) that she genuinely has at least convinced herself that she has alters, or is she 100% lucid and aware she's bullshitting? Because I have been under the impression that, at the very least, she is entirely believing she has this instead of deliberately scheming. I would have at least a tiny bit of sympathy for her if this is something she doesn't know is going on and can't control it

No. 279079

Kek this makes me nostalgic for her Japan trips where she only ate western food

No. 279091

Yes and no. She will want to believe it’s real so badly that she’s convinced herself, but not in a ‘she doesn’t know what she’s doing’ way. A lot of it is essentially a desperate cope from someone who doesn’t want to admit that they are the cause of their own issues, so she clings fo these other disorders etc as a justification for the way she’s acting, because if she did have DID then it wouldn’t be her fault etc.
Deep down she knows what she’s doing, it’s why she’s constantly on the defensive, but I do also think personally that she’s dig herself so deep that it’s be incredibly hard to pull herself out of it without real therapy and self work

No. 279098

BPD people are calculated in every word, every exaggerated reaction, every change in style, everything. Yes, she knows what she's doing and why, she knows the type of reaction to expect from it, she knows exactly what words to say. She knows what she's doing. BPD people just think the rest of us are too fucking stupid to see them - and the thing they hate more than anything is when someone "sees" them. She thinks we're all too fucking stupid to realize that she planted the journal entry when it's beyond obvious. That's how stupid and obvious BPD people are. I have a BPD person who is almost exactly like Jill in my life and the parallels are endless and agonizing. They are absolute complete and utter nightmares in every way.

No. 279105

In her new video she says she is a 70/20/10 blend of alters, with Veronica, Jill, and Flora.

Bruh, this co-conscious shit is the absolute biggest LARP. Gives her plausible deniability for how she manages to never black out (until she remembers she needs to fake a tweet about it to look more authentic) and remembers everything that happens to her.

Didn't she lose her therapist who gave her the diagnostic impression? Other people who go their lives without having control or co-consciousness with DID require years INTENSIVE therapy to have any sense of control, and yet Jill has been diagnosed for, what, 2 years now? And she's able to fuse and have near complete control of DID on her own?

No. 279116

Recipe…? Does she know you can just steam them and eat them like that?

No. 279125

new video is out

No. 279127


God damn this video is boring. It's basically Jill not being interested in fashion for a year, then caring about fashion again. She really can't come up with videos more creative then this?

No. 279129


According to Jill she was dealing with "DID crap" in college… no one in her classes noticed her talking in different voices and using different names?

No. 279132

NO!!!!!!!!!! I resisted reading the threads but now I'm going to have to… that sounds hilarious.

No. 279133

this reminds me of when little kids are playing pretend and one kid is like "boom I have super strength you're dead now!" and the other kid is like "nuh uh now I have a force field that's 200% effective against your super strength!" like it's so specific and still so clearly made up on the spot

No. 279135

Arfid is really common in autists so she's probably just exaggerating to add to her tism larp.

No. 279136

her entire class is sped gender unicorns with mentow iwnesses

No. 279138

If you're self-employed and you make your own schedule, you're not successful.

No. 279151

>Her talking at 7:00 about how she was upset that her weight gain made it impossible for her to wear her favorite kaweewee clothes so she lost some of the weight again to feel better
This is what she previously referred to as being Jerrick's super serious anorexia flaring up and referred to as extreme weight loss, and her sometimes skipping meals and eating only shit like raw peppers because of convenient "low appetite." Yeah, a blatant lie, it was her crash dieting on purpose like a typical insecure fatty. She's so dramatic about everything to try to milk maximum attention out of it.

No. 279154

She also barely lost any weight, not noticeably anyway. She just got new shit to wear and squeezed herself into old stuff

No. 279155

File: 1674882026071.png (557.9 KB, 784x522, 601597_10152648539765386_14756…)

she spends 24/7 hinting to have a super traumatic event when she was young but never actually says shit. she knows her parents would freak out if she faked being abused like shes CONSTANTLY hinting to.
the real story comes in times like this, where you remember this bitch was so insanly privileged and coddled by her family that she didn't even eat her fucking broccoli back in the day. crazy shit. she has literally being able to do whatever the fuck she wants every second of her life.

No. 279159

Anon, you’re mistaking BPD with NPD. BPDchans are too emotionally driven and stupid to be calculated, unless they have comorbid NPD.

No. 279160

I like how she's now calling herself "post-fusion" and praising fusion despite being only a year or so into her larp and the character she "fused" with not even being one of her previously announced OCs. Just making it up as she goes along, admirable dedication to her own bullshit, new bullshit delivered every day piping hot.

No. 279164

File: 1674889285122.png (813.58 KB, 905x631, Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 2.01…)

Her parents even took her to Japan so she could live every teenage weeb's dream. It doesn't scream abusive or negligent at all.

No. 279165

Why did she take this selfie wtf that's so fucking weird, she has to be genuinely retarded holy fuck.

No. 279168

I still don't understand how jill can gain a lot of weight and stil claim to be super antexc and having multiple weeks of not eating and living on protein shakes.

No. 279169

File: 1674897066410.jpg (155.96 KB, 1080x689, Screenshot_20230128_091000.jpg)

>I'm surprised we didn't cry when it ended

>23 years old talking about a show for toddlers

No. 279219

File: 1674916224156.jpg (45.7 KB, 240x210, blue.jpg)

Not to mention people with Afrid are usually very thin so it's physically obvious they have a problem. Same thing when she was trying to claim Catatonia yet had ZERO of the muscle wasting you see with people actually suffering.
It's like these poor people are just commuting to work and the spoiled foreigner is using them as props.
Ludo Studios doesn't deserve this. Fuck her and her nasty adult baby bs. Bluey is not like Spongebob or similar shows that adults can watch along with and be entertained. It's good, but it's more akin to sesame street or paw patrol in that it is literally a BABY show. Show for my retarded sperg I just predict some nasty things to come in future Jill threads.

No. 279221

141 episodes minus the missing 10. Runtime of 10 minutes an episode. 131 x 10minutes = 21 hours. Did she seriously just binge nearly a full days worth of a children’s show in what, a week?

No. 279229

Unemployed remember? Guess that's why the video was a day late kek

No. 279231

Very true. Once our business took off we no longer made our hours. When you're self employed you don't turn away any opportunity that presents itself. You must constantly work and grow your business, otherwise you are dying. Jill is currently stagnating and before long will start declining rapidly in terms of engagement/views if she doesn't figure out a proper schedule or work ethic.
Let it be known if your kids don't ever try broccoli, they may end up like Jillian

No. 279250

It’s also clearly written with parents in mind, but the parts of the show that are relatable to adults are very specific to parenting and its challenges. I doubt Jill is watching it from that angle, though. She doesn’t want kids (I hope) and is incapable of empathising with anyone that isn’t her. She must be identifying with the 4- and 6-year old main characters in the show. It’s 100% some age regression DDLG shit for her.

Jill, if you’re reading this: you are Muffin. Like you, Muffin is a spoiled brat. Unlike you, Muffin is only three years old. People tolerate toddler behaviour from toddlers because they are likely to grow out of it. You are way past that grace period and it’s not cute anymore, it’s disturbing.

No. 279285

If you read anything from Jill’s threads it should be about the Japan trips. I think they were milky highlights and even though she’s more controversial with what she’s doing now, that time period was more fun to watch.

No. 279287

This pic will never stop being amusing. An attention whore surrounded by normal people just trying to go about their lives and being used as props to show how special Jill is.

No. 279302

>>279287 theres a post ive been seeing going around about the influx of people (mainly tiktok idiots) calling people they dont really know NPCs cause they believe theyre the main character of the whole world, im shocked jillian hasnt done that publicly yet (unless i severely missed that i can see her doing it)

No. 279307

She lives most people’s dream life in the sense that she gets everything she wants, has access to basically everything she dreams of as long as she puts in minimal effort, gets to travel, have all the things she wants and pursue any hobby, her family supports and loves her, she has a supportive s/o, friends, and she has family supported financial stability and very high quality of life with almost zero effort. But she’s so used to getting EVERYTHING she’s never learned emotional regulation at all. Anything less than minor effort for infinite praise and rewards is a catastrophe, any minor inconvenience or misfortune is a catastrophe and she has to self sabotage and hurt herself and threaten suicide to get coddled about it and told she’s so TRAGIC and special and perfect because the truth is once you’re not a kid living at home anymore no one cares THAT much if you hit a deer or get in a fight with a friend or get stressed out by work. Everyone is going through much worse shit so Jillybean has to invent problems to try to replicate her childhood coddling via desired reactions of shock and pity from others.

No. 279323

Actually anon tons of autists with ARFID are lardasses cause they’ll only eat tendies and fries or shit like that. I knew a fat autist who’d only willingly eat chicken fried rice with no veggies, chicken tendies, and pizza with no red sauce (just cheese on bread).

No. 279365

I will never get over the lady sitting next to her, such an iconic look on her face.

No. 279373

File: 1674975844807.jpeg (739.79 KB, 1170x1542, 5B5A403F-2547-44F8-A89D-115D16…)

Her frame of reference for spending is insane. They must be getting monetary help from someone right? Like I have a proper adult job and $25 for a bag of coffee is fucking insane considering their waning cash flow

No. 279375

Eh, it's not that wild even if you're relatively broke. Especially considering plenty of folks spend $5-7 on a cup of shit ass starbies everyday. A $25 bag of whole beans that you use to make yourself pour overs at home or whatever is still far more economical than purchasing an individual coffee at a cafe.

Life's too short for gross coffee, nonna. Live a little. Go support a local coffee roaster and get yourself some fancy beans. Grab a coffee grinder, a gooseneck kettle, a pour over coffee maker, and some filters off Amazon. Congratulations, you've leveled capped your morning coffee routine and will never go back to whatever you're drinking now.

No. 279376

nta but starbucks brand isn't $25 per bag and i live in an expensive city. also pc isn't that much different in price than no name, especially now.

No. 279378

I’m pretty sure she uses a keurig. I think I saw the mini one in her kitchen once.

No. 279380

oh, then I take back my entire post. fuckin gross, of course she does. bitch literally can't do anything with an ounce of class.

No. 279381

I don't have a frame of reference for costs in Canada, but notice how she only talks about drinks and chicken burgers. I highly doubt she gets the groceries because if she was involved with cooking we'd be seeing frequent Flora cooking selfies and posts.

No. 279382

File: 1674983172169.jpg (100.94 KB, 1071x492, Screenshot_20230128_090944.jpg)

More of Jill's tips for spending less on groceries

No. 279388

Insane that her advice is stop shopping at the rich people store and go to a normal store as if people aren’t doing that anyway. She is so out of touch. Uwu buy own brands, this bitch has never struggled for one second in her life.
So she is letting food rot then, she clearly isn’t actually suffering financially or actually meal planning properly. Might seem nitpicky but meat isn’t cheap. I’m sick of her poverty larping.

No. 279390

Don't you put it in the freezer? Both her and Steve just seem super sheltered and unaware of adult life.

No. 279397

Expiration dates often aren't hard lines. For meat except chicken, you can eat it post expiration date as long as it smells fine and you're confident it's been sealed correctly and stored correctly. There's no real gamble if you've been responsible with your food. Jillian, though, has never been responsible a day in her life.

No. 279398

Has she never heard about planning your meals around what's on sale? Nobody buys the full price orange juice (unless you have a big budget). The name brand chicken patties are also often on sale at around 5-8$.

No. 279401

File: 1675007251917.jpeg (193.04 KB, 1170x850, 013B5EEC-94A4-4045-8871-5B5769…)

She’s so aggressive in her replies. This is in her fusion YouTube video comments. She can’t stomach anything but absolute ass kissing without freaking out.

No. 279408

I love that her super wise and definitely worth her adding her two cents advice is to buy cheaper things. Thank god you weighed in Jill, we were all floundering

No. 279409


>orange juice and coffee is expensive

then don't buy it? You don't need juice and coffee to survive Jill

No. 279421

starbucks coffee is $15 where I live in alberta, not $25 kek. also PC coffee is horrible, tim's colombian is way better for like $2 more

No. 279424

well jill uses a keurig so it's much more expensive anyway. she's an idiot. buy a $15 pour over coffee maker if you only want to make a cup.

No. 279429

She originally got the Keurig purely as a way to boil water for her tea so I think we're asking too much here.

No. 279443

But nonnie those don't come in aesthetic pastel rainbow colors which is one of her only 3 personality traits

No. 279446

why didn't she buy a kawaii japanese water boiler?

No. 279463

File: 1675047809764.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x930, 7EE4DD4E-758F-4B10-AC3F-A1EE4F…)

No. 279464

File: 1675048085181.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1242x2169, 651BCD0E-7818-44B2-8CB7-F8D29E…)

No. 279465

File: 1675048123842.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1242x2307, 8070305F-C605-4E1E-B463-E0FDB7…)

No. 279467

Looking extra wide.

No. 279475

My apologies to Jillmum but this is a visual representation of “kill it with fire.”

No. 279482

Bunch of fuckin' normies.

No. 279488

Too bad she can't take herself to the gym, kek.

No. 279505

“Inner system love song” why must people pathologize ever fucking thing

No. 279509

She looks very nice here, she should copy whatever this filter does irl
This is such Bridget Jones single woman behavior, I wonder how much of a role Stevie really plays outside of texting her supportive nonsense from within the same house

No. 279511

Jill's mom is honestly so cute, I feel bad for her that she just unequivocally loved her kid and was so proud and happy to have an artistic unique daughter and the result is Jill turned out so ungrateful and pretends she was abused badly enough to develop a condition that people get from being trafficked or chained to a radiator their whole childhood. For her sake I hope Jill eventually gets over this stupid high-induced tiktok mental illness era and just starts working on her little business more or whatever.

No. 279533

imagine how much waste she is making if she buys the cups. sustainable queen

No. 279543

File: 1675127389668.png (128.88 KB, 287x672, Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 8.05…)

she is so fucking obsessed with "calling out" anyone who doesn't believe her larp. it makes it so clear how insecure she is. also "stealing my designs" jill you sewed pom poms to a cardigan. im done lol

No. 279567

"Stealing my design" that's only reasonable if the person who wants to recreate it wants to sell it and not use it for personal use (which is most likely the case). It just reminds me of the time she tried to accuse someone else for stealing her skirt design even though the person selling the skirt put her design up for sale before Jill even put photos the the skirt she made online. If she does make a fashion brand i can't wait for the milk that comes with her unoriginality.

No. 279570

This is the second time now she's openly admitted not only to reading "hate" comments, but also checking their commenter's history and other comments. And then furthermore getting so upset over it she has to project on twitter.

Where's her friends? Stevie? Her mom? No one's gonna stop her from sitting and stewing and doing this? What a lonely life she created.

No. 279584

I feel bad for her too. I don’t know what the trend in parenting styles was like in Canada when Jill was growing up but by the standards of where I currently live she did everything right. She unconditionally loved, supported and encouraged her daughter and nurtured Jill’s every interest, both financially and through active participation. She helped her set up her YT channel, travelled to Japan with her and even now she’s letting Jill dress her up as a clown for ‘content’. In my opinion she’s been too indulgent but many parents I know strive to be like this for their children. My own parents tried to be like this for me but without the large disposable income. Kids who are raised this way may grow up spoiled and lacking resilience but most of them don’t turn out nearly as narcissistic, manipulative and utterly lacking in empathy as Jill is.
Maybe Jill wouldn’t have learned to be so manipulative if Louise had put her foot down earlier and had not given in to Jill’s threats of self harm as a teen but how could she have known what the outcome would be? If Jill had gone through with seriously harming herself, Louise would’ve blamed herself and probably so would her community. She couldn’t have know for certain that they were just idle threats. And even if Louise had stood her ground and Jill had backed down, there’s no guarantee that Jill wouldn’t have used the incident as evidence of abuse later on. “I told my mother I was suicidal and she didn’t care! No wonder I developed a trauma disorder!”

Sorry for the essay but I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Being a parent is hard enough under normal circumstances, but in this social media era where narcissism is encouraged and claiming an abusive childhood raises your status it’s downright terrifying.

Also the cardigan, where IIRC the ‘copied’ cardigan was already for sale and her design only existed as a drawing in her sketchbook.

No. 279586

File: 1675162741620.jpeg (28.62 KB, 896x478, FXFwdWFWYAEXyY9.jpeg)

>her friends

No. 279587

I wonder how quickly Jill would drop her "uwu I love my mama so much she's such a sweetie angel" act if her mom stopped sending her money or buying shit loads of gifts for Jill and her DID larp. She would probably jump right to blaming her mom for her so called trauma and abuse

No. 279590

She showed these refillable ones a while ago so I assume she is still using those and just buying pre ground to fill them with.
I think she wants to get these comments because why would she not have blocked words including “faking”, she loves having her victim complex validated. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she had burner accounts to make hate comments on her own things to then post and be like look guys!

No. 279607

louise didn't do everything right though. even from previous threads, like during the japan trip, it's obvious she just doesn't say no to jillian. it's one thing to be supportive, but it's another to be a spineless doormat to a dumb teenager.

No. 279608

>have “fashion” channel and make videos showing how you made various things to wear
>if a fan watches your video and is inspired to make one of those items for themselves, that’s STEALING.
So it really isn’t about showing people fashion to inspire them at all, it’s just about trying to show people how unique and different she is. Typical narcissist behavior. I guess she must internally hate the confetti club too despite how they worship her because it means other people walk around STEALING her style.

No. 279609

File: 1675177914324.png (337.79 KB, 828x1792, C80E5DED-B4A1-4C5E-BFF0-52947C…)

Dw she also made sure to throw some ePiC oWnS at this commenter, guess she didnt wanna show her own nasty narc attitude again

No. 279610

Nonnie your icon is showing

No. 279611


I feel like Jill never really responded to that much hate before her DID larp but nowadays she does it all the time. She's grasping at straws to prove to people that she totes has DID and more people are finally starting to wise up. The larp is crumbling beneath her kek

No. 279614

Add this to the list of times she’s weaponized her platform against a random person with little disregard about their own mental health etc. She’s so fucking nasty, like middle school bully nasty

No. 279616

Parenting styles come in trends, and it’s currently trendy to treat “no” like a dirty word when it comes to children. You’re supposed to offer alternatives (“How about we go eat X instead?”) and trust the child to make their own decisions. So if the child only wants to eat chicken tendies and peeps, all you can do is make sure that other options are available in case the child decides on their own that they want to branch out. Forcing them to eat broccoli would be considered bad parenting, or even abusive. Some children do well in this system and go explore on their own (as I did), but others will happily subsist on tendies and peeps for years. Jill clearly belongs to the latter category.
I personally don’t entirely agree with this parenting philosophy but it’s a very common one, and I know many educated professionals who believe in it. I received a bunch of books on it when I had my own baby. They contain a lot of examples of strictness backfiring on parents and causing bad behaviour in their children, but notably contain no tips on how to prevent your child from turning into a lazy manipulative (wo)manchild. It’s all very idealistic.

No. 279617

she knows she's faking it, she has to prove it all the time, people doubting is her worst nightmare. Notice how she doesn't respond to people who critize her fashion sense, lazy editing or ethical choices. She's so defensive over DID, no real mentally ill person would spend so much time trying to coinvince everyone they're ill with little hints from an old diary or old pictures.

No. 279623

Kek Jill being so bitter and passive aggressive at some random commenter with the stupid heart emojis. She’s such a self-conscious overreactive BPDfag, she must be joking to say only her imaginary friend Jerrick has any BPD symptoms. Requiring endless approval that is never enough, and not focusing on the actual kindness in her life but instead fixating on any minor criticism or negative input and reacting to it with unnecessary rage and malice is real cluster B behavior. If you pursue a job in the public eye and call yourself an internet microcelebrity or influencer of course some people are not going to like you and you’re going to get some comments that disagree or criticize you, but she can’t just let it slide, she has to obsessively stalk every mean commenter and read everything negative they’ve said and publicly make a spectacle of it and try to get other people to back her up.

No. 279631

File: 1675200512829.jpeg (242.01 KB, 1170x750, 201EE45C-EFEA-4D92-AF35-D3DC4B…)

When has her life ever NOT been easy omfg.

No. 279633


in all these years i've been silently following her threads, this is the final fucking straw. how in the fuck is it brave to sit on your ass, smoke your brains out and eat chicken tendies all day???

No. 279635

You have your own home (which you ruined with a bad paint job), the boyfriend you wanted and enough money that you aren't pressed to accept a low pay job yet. I wonder why Chelsea isn't seething at her considering she's constantly begging for money.

No. 279637

I'm pretty sure Chelsea is hate watching her, and also she gets off on talking down to her.

No. 279638

Also I would like to thank Jillian for giving me Chelsea, my personal lolcow. She's just…so beyond rotten.

No. 279639

Anything new? Last we saw her she was in Jillian's private circle shitting on Vangelina and got banned on her twitter main. (I think this is relevant because she is a big presence and influence on Jill, being in her top 4 best friends for gossip)

No. 279640

Now imagine if she wasn't born to supportive parents and living in a neighborhood that thinks she's special.

No. 279648

she literally has everything she needs. a boyfriend who loves (or at least puts up with) her, a family who loves her and pays for her rainby house, cats, a wardrobe full of clothes, and enough money to sit around on her ass all day, smoke weed, drink pink wine, and pretend that she's five different people.
all of the times she says things aren't "easy" or that she's in "fight or flight mode" are because she's just irritated. irritated because she's understimulated, she doesn't fucking do anything all day.

No. 279649

File: 1675214670655.png (95.65 KB, 747x1042, pompom.png)

Jill has had a trademark on all things pom-pom since her birthday outfit circa 2018. It's crazy how far, yet how little, her sewing ability has come.

No. 279655

You can tell from this exchange that Jill actually loves the fact this girl wrote 40 comments on her shitty videos, all just normal mild things as far as I can see? Considering that girl's account is 11 years old I'm not sure it's the slamdunk she thinks it is, those comments could be from 8 years ago
I feel like there is an alternative timeline where Jill is a real psycho, consider this is how she turned out with everything the Western world has to offer a typical white girl, (barring a mansion and superstardom) and she still turned out like this, perhaps she would be even worse if she had ever been through real trauma.

No. 279660

File: 1675223036335.jpeg (79 KB, 680x504, 5150D261-556C-4229-88F1-196783…)

>I want things to be easy for a second.
She has the easiest life on earth, wtf is she talking about. There are tons of people slaving away working 80-100 hour weeks at minimum wage to support their families right now, people who are terrified that they can’t pay their next bills, people with actually severe life threatening illnesses and injuries, people losing their loved ones. Literally almost every person I know has gone through worse trauma than Jill’s worst scenarios she brings up AND they have an infinitely worse day to day life.

No. 279666

Do you nonnies think Jill might shape the fuck up if she were to adopt a dog? Or would she just neglect the poor creature?

She can afford a dog. It’d be wonderful for her mental health. She could even get a psychiatric service dog and take it everywhere. Maybe she’d finally drop the DID larp and just focus on living a chill life with her dog and dedicate herself to being a good dog mom. She’d have to go for a walk everyday and might lose some weight!

I want homegirl to get a doggins. A nice breed like a golden retriever or a standard poodle or a rough collie. I think it would be good for her mentally and physically and would make her grow up.

No. 279667

Anon she has 2 cats that she barely takes cares of. The only things those cats are there for is for Jill to coo at them and use them as a status symbol

No. 279668

please don't curse a dog to exist with her. She would probably want designer dog for dirt cheap and get a puppy mill dog with genetic failures. That plus her chronic weed smoking would probably kill the dog within two to three years of adoption.

No. 279669

do you really think shed walk a dog consistently or do the bare minimum to train it? is this your first foray into these threads?
my money would be on jill pitmommy era kek

No. 279675

I don’t think Jill would ever get a bully breed or pit mix, she only has purebred cats. A pit bull or pit mix wouldn’t fit her image at all, and she probably knows enough about pits that they’re a dangerous breed and wouldn’t risk her cats’ lives for an ugly dog breed that’s known to have severe behavioral issues.

I feel like if she actually sought out and purchased a trained psychiatric service dog it would be good for her. Her cats aren’t poorly cared for and we never see litter tracked around her floor in pics or anything. I don’t think she’d neglect a dog that comes to her already trained.

Part of why psychiatric service dogs are so helpful is because they force their caretakers into a routine. They force them to take care of something, and by caring for the dog, the crazy person gains confidence in themselves. They have better self esteem, and will see themselves as worthy of taking care of eventually. Service dogs teach immature people how to be mature and less self centered. I don’t think Jill is heartless, and only heartless people like Shayna will let a dog languish via neglect. Dogs are FUN, especially a well trained dog. They make everyday activities more fun, almost like weed makes everyday activities more fun. They’re the ultimate hype machines.

Dogs don’t let you forget to take care of them, especially not an expensive professionally trained service dog. She could even adopt an older rescue (not a bully breed) dog that’s already trained and that could also be a great choice, lots of people can find a nice senior dog that doesn’t need to be trained and isn’t an annoying puppy. For the record I don’t think Jill should get a puppy, I want her to get a professionally trained service dog or an older rescue that’s already trained in basic obedience and isn’t a stressful little shit.

Service dog mom Jillian saga when?!?

No. 279678

>Her cats aren’t poorly cared for and we never see litter tracked around her floor in pics or anything
But doesn't this just prove the benefits of caring for another creature clearly hasn't worked on her given what a state she's currently in

No. 279679

No, and the reason is because caring for cats, while calming, does nothing to get someone out of their house. Cats would like it if you spent all day inside and on your patio with them. There’s no incentive to get out and exercise with your cat. There’s no easily accessed opportunities to connect with fellow cat parents. Ultimately, the bond between humans and cats is fundamentally different than the bond between humans and dogs. I say this from the “cats are better pets than dogs” camp, I prefer cats over dogs as pets, but cats are more like roommates and dogs are more like toddlers.

No. 279681

You should never get a dog (or a baby, since there has been that sperg going on in some threads) based on assumption that you will "shape up" to match the lifestyle they need. Don't get a dog based on "I will start going to runs and hikes with it" if you already don't have active lifestyle.

No. 279682

Nonna, this is fucking dumb.

No. 279683

cringe. disgusting dog anons go peddle your propaganda elsewhere

No. 279684

I kind of agree with this. I wouldn’t recommend someone like Jill adopt a pit bull or a super active breed like an ACD or GSD. Nothing that would require one to go on hikes or completely become a different person.

But everyone who isn’t physically disabled can handle the necessary walks for easier breeds and can handle the activity needs of an already trained adult dog. Apologies for the blog, but I was terrified to leave my house even for walks before I got my (already trained) dog. Since getting her, I have walked her at least 30 min everyday minimum. I go to parks with her and my partner whenever schedule allows. I am more social and I finally know my neighbor’s names. I’m actually getting out into the community and connecting with people. Before I had a dog it was almost impossible to get my ass outside and go for a walk, I was scared and then would feel awkward outside. But now I’m always excited for my daily walk/s. I don’t get discouraged and cry and decide to stay in before getting out the door. Everyone I know has been pleasantly surprised at the transformation.

No. 279685

dog owners get out jill is never going to get a dog and get healthy (dumbest shit I ever heard)

No. 279686

Good for you (genuinely), but Jill sits on her spoiled narc ass watching toddler shows while plotting how to become an autism influencer, she isn't just socially anxious to leave the house

No. 279687

You keep taking Jill's weed addiction out of the equation and just goes at it from an angle like she is just socially awkward and lazy. This woman CAN be social, she is outgoing and has no problem doing anything on her own (remember; she had multiple jobs at one point), she just won't.
Another unemployed and weed-addicted cow is Shayna, and she has a dog that is now incredibly overweight because she rarely walks it and is still staying inside all the time, poor dog probably suffers from her second hand smoking together with the cats.
Getting a dog as some sort of ultimate solution to your problems isn't a good way to go about it, they are living creatures and not tools.

No. 279688

I also smoke weed everyday, I’ve cut back since getting my dog because I’m not so anxious all the time. I don’t think being a daily weed smoker means you have to be lazy or fat. Maybe if she actually had friends she could discuss strains and find some sativas that work for her and don’t knock her out cold so she can be stoned without napping throughout the day.(go smoke some weed)

No. 279689

ffs no one gives a shit about your dog, jill should not be buying another animal that she can ignore once it stops being cute or entertaining enough for her

and she doesn't have an alter to clean up dog turds

No. 279691

She is feeding her poor cats to death, she shouldn't have any animals. Her basement tranny is enough of an animal itself.

No. 279696

Remember the literal cat shit smeared on the walls next to the litter boxes??

No. 279697

I love dogs but if she isn't getting better with two cats, she won't get better with two cats and a dog, if anything, she would get worse because she wouldn't know how to take care of a dog when she already has two cats, it's not the same as being petless and then getting a dog.
Knowing her she would be like Shayna, she would let the dog do whatever the fuck it wants and the cats would have to get locked up in a room or a closet, if she doesn't just send her to her mom's house so they can get taken care of, which is honestly great for the cats but then the dog would be at the mercy of that fat fuck.
Jill doesn't need pets or special needs help, she needs to grow the fuck up and drop the weed because it's clearly fucking her up, but that won't happen because she's a lazy fat fuck who got addicted to weed and asspats.

No. 279704

All healthy adult dogs, even the "easier" breeds need way more than 30 minutes of activity per day. Dogs are active animals and are built to be able to move for longer periods of time. Anyway, there's no way Jillian would have the strength of mind to go on multiple walks every day, no matter the weather. I don't think she has ever even stated that she likes dogs, she's definitely a cat person so she will probably never get a dog.

sry for doubleposting, forgot to sage

No. 279706

She’d just make Steve walk the dog.

No. 279707

I'm surprised Jill hasn't claimed she needs an emotional support animal yet tbh. Also haven't seen her lanyard in a while, maybe even Jill realized that larping a disability in public is dumb.

No. 279708

this isn't true at all. i don't think jill should own a pet for a number of reasons. responsibilities don't make someone responsible. but there are tons of breeds that won't even deal with more than 30 minutes a day of exercise.

No. 279711

Are you from the US? Emotional support animals aren't as common in canada because we have different laws for service animals and service animal identification. I know in the US it's common for people to try to pass off emotional support animals as service animals, but you can get into trouble for doing that here. It's also easier to identify.

No. 279712

Oh please. Louise was her friend and not her parent. She didn't raise her right. If she did, Jill wouldn't be such a narc, wishing she was a CSA victim so she could use it as a personality. It sounds like Louise did everything to spoil her and never gave her any real responsibilities. So now that Jill is nearing 24, she has nothing to show for it. Kids from worse homes managed to still go to school and get jobs, but Jill cant even boil her own broccoli. Jill is a failure and Louise is mainly responsible for it.

No. 279716

god I hate dog people so much, you are all so delusional. your dog didn’t make you stop smoking weed, you stopped smoking weed because you had something else you cared about more. jillian has two cats she smokes around without a care. she isn’t going to stop. i don’t know why you think dog owners suddenly become amazingly active people when there are so many examples of this not being the case. probably the same kinds of people who think that shitty people automatically become better when they become parents. newsflash some people make up fake disorders for attention online because they don’t care about anyone but themselves and no amount of animals will change them.

No. 279720

A dog that cannot exercise for 30 minutes a day isn't healthy and honestly a breed like that shouldn't exist or be owned by anyone at all. Or the dog isn't used to exercise because it has lazy owners. Where I live even the dogs that are tiny companion breeds owned by old people can exercise at least 30 minutes a day and it's considered poor animal care to only take your dog on tiny walks.(go walk your dog)

No. 279723

Dog anon(s), your idealism is charming but I think this has now been discussed to death, can we please drop it? The last thing a lazy narc needs is more dependents.

No. 279735

you're a moron. drop it.

No. 279736

Jill's parents made the same mistake shaynas parents did. Spare the rod, spoil the child. Jill was not told "no" enough in her life. I'm assuming Louise went through the opposite of something and she was trying to fix her own childhood thru Jill, but it didn't work. Gentle parenting is great but you still have to parent the kid.

As an artist,she did Jill a disservice by not pushing her to take her craft seriously. Only so much you can do as a parent, but she of all people should know how competitive the creative fields get and Jill had the rich white girl edge a lot of people would have killed for. She could have gone to school somewhere actually noteworthy without worrying about tuition or unsupportive parents who want you to be a doctor instead. But she wasted it because she wasn't made to understand her privilege. She just got it.

No. 279747

exactly this - she could have honed her skills while her parents paid for her rent and all of her living expenses. how many of her classmates at the arts and craft daycare she graduated from were studying and working at the same time? she claims to be a hard worker, but the only jobs she's ever had have only been to fund her shopping addiction. she truly doesn't know what it's like to work for a living, and doesn't understand how massively privileged that makes her.

No. 279757

I think after she had cancer, Louise went too soft on Jill

No. 279775

Sage for semi blog but I'm actually so furious about this one. Maybe it's because in all my time following this cow I'm currently at my lowest point ever. But it seriously takes an astounding lack of self awareness to tweet something like this. She has never had to choose between food and rent or had to walk 2 hours to a job interview because she can't afford the bus. She gets all the useless clutter she wants and doesn't even get off her ass to sweep the cat hair in her big beautiful home. And at the end of the day she has both her parents who will do anything for her and lives with her caring boyfriend. I'm livid.

No. 279784

File: 1675303742141.jpg (258.49 KB, 1080x1472, Screenshot_20230201-180816__01…)

Why does she do these terrible boomer angles

No. 279785

Why does her overlining her lips have to do with afab drag? I believe she has done this for years, even before her drag/did saga cause shes shit at makeup and has no self-awareness. Also those jowls, jesus christ.

No. 279786

This tweet gives away the fact that she's a fucking loser shut-in. What, she doesn't go outside? She dresses like a retarded stoner clown and she's worried about what is an "acceptable" amount of lipliner? She can't look at the women around her and extrapolate information? She sucks at the autism LARP so badly.

No. 279787

You can't even see her jowls in this picture kek.

No. 279790

How can you be a drag queen if you're a woman? Nice way to add to the sexist caricatures that men do of women.

No. 279795

She does the angles because she knows she’s bloated and ugly and wants to play it off as the unflattering angle being the reason she looks bad/the defense of it being a “goofy” selfie. The only way she feels good taking photos that aren’t highly posed and edited now is by passing them off as purposely ugly. Same reason she’s using TikTok filters constantly.

No. 279798

God fucking jump scare

No. 279801

File: 1675321642653.jpeg (6.46 KB, 220x229, download.jpeg)

wendy o. koopa fictive confirmed?

No. 279802

File: 1675321649380.jpg (155.69 KB, 1080x1107, Screenshot_20230202_070602.jpg)

Idk how stevie and Jill aren't embarrassed acting like this as grown adults. This is in response to someone saying no one cares about Jill's precure obsession

No. 279803

File: 1675321678702.jpg (118.5 KB, 1080x755, Screenshot_20230202_070614.jpg)


Samefag, here's Jill's response

No. 279805

imagine being 24 years old and still finding ways to blame your silly little imaginary friends when your mum catches you playing with your ball inside

fuck, imagine being 24 and needing to unleash your basement troon to defend your honour on the internet

No. 279813

File: 1675329896047.png (365.95 KB, 863x541, Screenshot_20230202-102032.png)

don't think this got posted. She admits she likes the attention.

No. 279814

File: 1675329929117.png (233.64 KB, 863x536, Screenshot_20230202-102057.png)

No. 279817

anon you're socially retarded she doesn't admit that she actually likes it here, she's using Paris Hilton's "loves it" tagline ironically.

No. 279818

I love cows like Jill because she wouldn't do half of the things that she does if she wasn't a cow. She's not bpd or whatever diagnosis she wants to have, the only label that truly describes her is being an absolute cow that's addicted to attention, I'm pretty sure she must wish she was treated like Chris Chan during the early internet cow days, so she could play victim forever.

No. 279819

She really wants to copy Emilia Fart's "I'm ugly and I'm proud" so hard

No. 279825

nta, she's not outright admitting it but her posting a quirky tweet about it and making it grandiose by calling them a stalker when they weren't is in itself admitting to liking the attention

No. 279826

can't wait for stevie to troon out and act even more like a cunt

No. 279837

ok sorry I'll take the L

No. 279840

I agree with this. And it was quite a while now too, so why bring it up unless she just wants to draw attention to it again? She wants to victimize herself so badly but curious people will find LC and start reading more about her. The ones who come here to defend her will just get told to BTFO, so I guess it works in her favor if mean old LC “bullies” her fans too.

No. 279848

This is what makes me believe she is bpd, a lot of this behavior smacks of a self destructive blow out. Like she’s intentionally trying to blow up her brand and channel so she can be a victim of something else and not her own failure to do what needs to be done. She really needs to knock it off and get to work, before her parents goodwill runs out. She can tap new sources of pity in the mentally ill community but there is only so much support that comes with that. She needs to stop looking for things to blame or problems to create and just do the work. She has only her self to blame for the decline of her brand, channel and sense of self.

No. 279860

File: 1675360832215.jpg (272.28 KB, 1080x1297, Screenshot_20230202_175316.jpg)

Does Jill know what a special interest is? It's not just liking something

No. 279865

Jillian “I don’t like to publicly talk about being autistic without a diagnosis” Vessey

No. 279867

this is hilarious

No. 279870

Putting on clown makeup every day doens't serve a practical purpose, you just do it to express your taste Jill. And since it's bad you cope by pretending to be confident.

No. 279871

If she was just a little more affraid of looking stupid, maybe she wouldn't be the giant fat clown that she is

No. 279873

File: 1675364196595.jpeg (475.48 KB, 1179x1120, 30DA6C89-5EF7-4F7B-88C5-20F833…)

From animaritime Facebook group

No. 279874

File: 1675364260994.jpeg (570.11 KB, 1053x959, 3D3F07A9-6ECA-415C-A502-1C09C7…)

Playing video games everyday…

You almost called it!

No. 279875

Since when is she into beanie babies & webkinz? Don't remember her mentioning them before

No. 279876

>I'm in my mid 20s and my only accomplishment is being mediocre at super smash bros after playing it all day every day, can't wait to throw a shit fit when I don't automatically win at my local con!

No. 279878

Does she ever play any other games? (ACNH phase aside)
I mean I don't think it's wrong to love a game that much, but since she plays it so often and it's a fighting game, I tinfoil that it might be a way to cope and feel better about herself when she wins over other people.

No. 279880

Oh no, the fighting game community is a completely different beast. You have people with custom made controllers who study every character animation frame by frame, it's very competitive and not friendly to newcomers.I don't think she considers herself a pro, and there's nothing wrong with being a casual gamer but if she considered smash one of her special interests it would be laughable. A lot of "influencers" want to be gamers or tack another badge to their personality but don't really feel like it.

No. 279881

I wouldn't even call that tinfoil, with the way she argues and fights on Twitter (aggro, emotional manipulation, liespinning, all caps) at any opportunity, the way she attacks fans for mild commentary.
Her character choice of Bowser Junior (aka an enemy character in Mario lore) is also very telling. This is absolutely another outlet of aggression for her.

No. 279882

The thing that gets me is that she always HAS to respond to these people for some reason. Jill, sometimes it's okay to let things slide. Someone commenting something stupid under your tweet to get a rise out of you doesn't warrant a response every time. Was she always so quick to respond to trolls in earlier years? I can't quite remember

No. 279884

Literally every aspect of her fucking being can be attributed to BPD. She's a psycho, and I bet everyone in her life suffers due to her BPD.

No. 279891

>her choice of character is telling
>bowser jr (an enemy in mario lore)

does your arm ache from reaching that far nonna? it’s just a small cute character that’s about as deep as it goes for her

No. 279897

How does she expect to win against autists that live and breathe competitive fighting games?

No. 279908

Take your meds nonnie bowser jr. is not responsible for the sins of his father

No. 279920

>my special interests
>lists a bunch of trendy/nostalgia/age regression shit she’s never mentioned before or only has had a normal momentary and casual interest in
Jesus christ I hate autism LARPers. Every single time it’s “muh special interest (thing they bought one of and read one book about once)” like get a fucking grip. If she only mentioned her actual lasting interests like precure it’d make more sense but cluster B LARPers like her always have to throw in every single trend of the month shit they like at the time because there isn’t actually any difference to them.
Hobbies are normal. Collecting objects is normal. Literally almost all normies have houses swamped with objects related to their favorite things. For work when I was younger I used to go in tons of homes and most people have big collections of dog things or cat things or angels or crosses or yoga stuff or gardening things or funko pops. The world is filled with boring run of the mill normal people who own 7 pugs and 50 plants, or 80 ceramic babies, or 500 musty books about the civil war. Jill could use to get out and speak to people who aren’t also all attention seeking special snowflakes so that she could learn 99% of the shit she does is what everyone on earth does.

No. 279937

I'll "believe" the LARP when she starts exclusively tweeting at the void daily for years about shit like Beanie Baby tag misprints or exact dates some random Webkinz was released. If she had a special interest we would have known by now which is what makes this such a dumb thing to lie about

No. 279939

>Her character choice of Bowser Junior
Jill, take note - this is what genuine autism looks like.

No. 279947

>Jesus christ I hate autism LARPers
I wish calling them out was more socially acceptable, but people are so afraid of accidentally calling out an actually mentally disabled person that they leave even the very obvious fakers like Jill alone

No. 279963

File: 1675427407098.jpeg (345.04 KB, 828x885, DAABF576-3612-477F-BEE4-63413F…)

>Jill: I’ve been STALKED by creeps online and it’s so scary!
>Also Jill: posts screenshots of the exact location, down to the seat number, she’ll be in at an upcoming event.

No. 279968

Wasn’t she just complaining about her supposed poverty and having to buy poor people orange juice? Now she is going on a trip to Montreal and seeing a show. I’m not saying poor people can’t have nice things but that’s not remotely what this is. It’s two tickets though so maybe mommy is being dragged along again and used to pay for nice hotels and paying for food. Can’t wait to see what meltdown she will have this time.

No. 279973

It's so fucking stupid that she just posted this right after complaining AGAIN about the stalking. I hope someone actually stalks her and scares her a little and she'll learn some internet safety .

No. 279977

She never even had the right to complain abt finances when she’s obviously still consuming so much weed.. that should've been the first expanse to go but ofc she wouldn’t even dare to think about cutting that out

Didnt she tweet herself she spent a couple hundred a month on it?

No. 279979

Every day her taste in media just proves itself to be more and more dismal

No. 279982

She’s so oblivious and callous to what people actually go through. There are YouTubers like Jonna Jinton who actually experienced stalking and had her home broken into and her art pieces destroyed by a schizo stalker and had to truly fear for her life until the maniac was locked up. Jill’s worst problem is what, being an influencer with publicly advertised performances that someone in her area went to (and she later posted video of herself) and then people talked about it online? Who cares. She’s just assblasted over the fact that the person found her performance funny instead of amazing and inspirational, but public figures don’t get to make every person who sees them love them. In fact celebrities often get more gossip and roasts than public adoration because most people don’t care that much to worship some rando, especially trainwreck ones who openly have s/h fits and binge drinking episodes and friend drama etc.
She can either be a raging BPD wreck in private or she can continue to choose a highly public source of income (which she barely relies on anyway, and she could easily just work on fashion and make the same $ or WAY more by shutting up and only focusing on a professional brand image) but she wants to be constantly watched and publicize every super personal insane detail of her life and drama and mental illness AND be unequivocally adored and that’s just not going to happen.

No. 279990

she has Muse tickets also

No. 279993

this. i get that food is getting more pricey, but she spends so much anyway. she's whining about swapping to cheap pc keurig cups. it's not like she's feeding 5 people. she eats like a manchild anyway and can't actually cook. if only they made peeps flavored mountain dew…

No. 279994

I always think it’s tacky when people who complain about money post about something they got with the price visible. Clearly she has enough for leisurely things like events, weed, and alcohol, yet she still complains about it. I don’t understand how her fans can like or trust her anymore.

No. 279995

115 CAD isn't a crazy price for concert tickets, but trip to Montreal (no way she'll take the bus, lmfao) and hotel and food expenses pile up. If you have the money for that you aren't struggling for food expenses.

No. 279998

It really just highlights that she was never even a little bit bothered that someone from here was at an event she was at. Someone who was dealing with/worried about actual stalking (and/or anyone with any kind of sense) would be hesitant to even mention they would be at a specific event on a certain day, let alone literally tell people exactly where they would be. There was no need for the screenshot, she could’ve just said she got tickets, or cropped it or literally anything else. But it didn’t even cross her mind because it’s been a complete non issue for her

No. 279999

File: 1675443982689.jpg (205.42 KB, 1080x925, Screenshot_20230203_170327.jpg)

New DID video from Jill coming soon

No. 280003


Her views on her non-DID videos have been awful so i'm really not surprised shes making more of these

No. 280006

Not even a concert, Kurtis Conner does stand-up.

No. 280010

Oops, my bad, no wonder it's that cheap. Never heard Jill talk about him so it's weird she'd suddenly be hyped after complaining about money.

No. 280014

can't even daydream these days without kids making it about how special they are for doing it too

No. 280033

Is she really just asking for help with what to say here? Like is she asking people to give their info to mine it for her own.

No. 280034

>>Please give me ideas on how this made up disorder works that I’m currently larping because I don’t know what it’s actually like, and If I say it’s fan submitted information no one can blame me for making shit up! Also because all this mental health content has been entirely self centered and I need to pretend like I care about my audience for 2 minutes so people don’t suspect my narcissism rainbow emoji

No. 280039

Can always count on Jill to post her full receipts, monetary amount never cropped out. Right after pretending to empathize with her followers who actually can’t afford groceries. She just tacks on other peoples problems as her own to blend in and then outs herself two seconds later

No. 280042

me and my friends with zero social media presence even block out the seats and dates when we post these screencaps, let alone leaving the money spent in it too? this is so bizarre after she whined about stalking too. wtf.

No. 280066

File: 1675469396738.jpeg (353.04 KB, 828x905, 7530DE1E-97E9-4596-A3D7-5BA6EF…)

Speaking of stalkers, jills weird skinwalker’s sister is so based Kek.
Why does jill interact with her, across all her alters twitters? this creep is literally starting fashion school, YouTube channel, buying precure and jellycat merch and way more. She’s actually obsessed.

No. 280070

>bpd is the only diagnosis she has

No. 280078

>this freak is starting a youtube channel
Drop the link

No. 280084

Not to derail but her tiktok is @cureichigo and at a glance is full of literal autism and ebegging for a service dog, overlayed with a cat-eye-glasses filter

No. 280088

Ahhh this explains Steven’s current hairstyle and overall look lately lmao

No. 280099

ok but that chick actually seems autistic to me.

No. 280102

File: 1675498726299.jpg (157.56 KB, 1079x785, Screenshot_20230203_170337.jpg)

>stalked, harassed, sexualised

Literally where jill

No. 280113

File: 1675512219208.jpeg (274.73 KB, 1475x346, 86F2401E-D907-44BC-9B33-25F4A6…)

I will take “things that never happened” for $500 please

No. 280114

Note: she has started making shorts because youtube decided to pay creators for shorts since February 1st
You will be paid based on the percentage of views you got in your country

No. 280121

Tbh that's the level of her actual French skill anyway so not too far fetched.

No. 280124

french baby alter dropping when

No. 280138

I know she’s trying to spin it in a DID way, but like goddamn, it’s just a dumb thing someone who knows a bit of another language did while drunk, that’s nothing to write home about

No. 280153

She really is pure evil. Nasty cunt. My work hires people with disabilities for like janitorial work and there is a man with autism that will talk forever about old cars, like from the literal materials used (metal manufacturing) to the country of origin of all the parts, etc. That is a special interest, Jill. Not trying to blog but her autism larp makes me sick to my stomach. She has no idea what autism really looks like or the struggles people face. Lowlife spoiled scum.

No. 280184

Just regular drunk white girl things, really. I don’t even get why she shared this, was it an effort to sound quirky?

No. 280195

>"petite enfante"
totally native level french wow

No. 280234

She is definitely intending it to be another look at proof of my DID in the past thing, either Jilly age sliding because she is soooo traumatised or berry popping out.

No. 280274

>>279873 oh GOD the smash community is so full of male dramawhores and incels (sadly know too well firsthand) jill would start screaming and crying immediately going to some local place. They always fucking stink anyway, the smelly no deodorant wearing gamer stereotype exist for a reason

No. 280276

you're reaching, she could just agree with the statement without feeling like ti's abour her

No. 280309

File: 1675623801887.jpeg (190.3 KB, 828x640, 5C89F248-CFB8-4CE2-8BBC-EDEA76…)

I swear she adds 1 to the number every time she says it

No. 280310

I admire her self control im sure Jill has 100+ OCs she would love to larp as her alters I'm proud she's limiting herself to 10 OCs atm love to see it

No. 280311

For real though: how is she going to recover from this? Because like, everyone knows DID won't even be around next year once the idiots and the retards have found something new to latch on to next year.

No. 280319

Considering she only got one therapist to sorta kinda agree she has DID (who promptly ran for the hills) and no actual diagnosis, I think this has a limited lifespan. She will start fusing with her alters, probably in the next 1.5 years, be suddenly cured (no change whatsoever) and pretend it never happened. The lack of an actual diagnosis helps her in this case since I think an actual DID diagnosis would be difficult to walk back.

No. 280320

I personally do not agree that she has even 1.5 years of mileage left on this. I literally give it 6 months, because there's no way DID has this much shelf life left on TikTok.

No. 280321

Yep seems she's already moving on to autism so the change is already happening tbh.

No. 280323

I would sure love to see the "normal and functioning adult female with a job" arc instead. Wouldn't that be fun? Cool? Kawaii? Trendy?

No. 280368

smells like the inside of a carnival gravitron ride

No. 280395

File: 1675650649754.png (1.28 MB, 1016x848, grease.png)

She posted a tiktok about having a watch party for the newest season of precure, nothing super groundbreaking but I can't get over her aggressively greasy bangs

No. 280424

People said the same thing about trannies and sjws and look where we are now.

No. 280429

I dunno, I think in order for her to drop it she’d have to find something else to revolve her personality around, and at the moment this allows her to not actually have to actively do anything and wallow in her own self pity

No. 280444

You’d think she’d have a favorite dry shampoo that smelled like radioactive cotton candy or rotten peeps. I wonder if she knows she can use baby powder as dry shampoo and it costs pennies and takes a couple seconds to look and smell way cleaner.

No. 280450

Also corn flour/maize flour works well if you don't like carcinogenic ingredients

No. 280454

File: 1675688307852.png (1.3 MB, 804x1536, 21365874.png)

If she doesn't make everything about herself, she dies.

No. 280463

Not gay anymore, Jill?

No. 280467

let me be real nona, she totally related herself to that because of her scary stalker

No. 280468

offtopic, but kek at the italian.

No. 280469

File: 1675697851621.png (1.02 MB, 1196x1068, Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 10.3…)

not a good look.

No. 280471

Ahahaha the ratio. I'm always surprised she just doesn't get it, the race thing always brings her in trouble and as a rich white girl she just can't be opressed.

No. 280472

File: 1675699392060.jpg (284.19 KB, 1080x1107, IMG_20230206_170317.jpg)

No. 280474

the way she's not gonna delete it either because all her retarded followers are replying with their "bingos" too

No. 280475

Here she goes using her autism breadcrumbs as a way to deflect responsibility. Jillian, people with autism have to carry responsibility for their actions too. You wouldn't know since you aren't actually autistic and just think it's an easy cop out for us. Nowhere does she apologise or show she realises her mistake. Even if she's confused about the post she clearly offended people so why not apologise?? Either double down and say you don't give af or show remorse but don't use autism as an excuse holy moly she is literally doing exactly what that original post is mocking

No. 280476

She of course understands. She’s doubling down to further give evidence to her “autism” by not understanding social clues and feigning ignorance to obvious context.

No. 280480

Bitch it's been explained twice to you and regardless if it's dumb or not you should be able to grasp these simple concepts. Retarded stoner bitch stop smoking so much marijuana and while you're at it stop stuffing your face porky.

No. 280482

File: 1675702128703.jpg (141.08 KB, 1080x620, IMG_20230206_174841.jpg)

No. 280483

File: 1675702167159.jpg (499.28 KB, 1080x1919, IMG_20230206_174934.jpg)

No. 280485

The neurotypicals are based and right with that one.

No. 280489

>>I am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?
Kek at her trying to win oppression Olympics on Twitter. Don’t even engage Jill that was your first mistake. You were not doing a self deprecating joke you just wanted to shoehorn your own special blend because you saw them being mentioned, just like every other gendie autismlite Twitter user. She can’t help herself even when it’s against her own interest. What the fuck is her deal with needing to constantly remind people every two seconds she’s got every popular label under the sun.
Already feigning defensiveness of autism like she’s been diagnosed for years. We see you Jill, you’re not autistic

No. 280491

I thought all baby powders were cornstarch nowadays? They don’t even sell talc based baby powder in burgerland nowadays it’s all corn starch. I use it cause it’s cheap and also cause a lot of dry shampoo sprays literally have talc which is like, why. Not gonna SPRAY asbestos containing material in my hair when there’s a cheaper safer alternative

No. 280493

I find it really funny that for these people who call anything they don’t like abusive, they sure don’t know when the appropriate time to make a “joke” is. I don’t give a fuck about the woe is me tiktok- but they all supposedly do and are being told to sit down and listen, and they still continue to walk all over it and make it about themselves. How anyone survives such a self involved community they’ve created for themselves is beyond me. Just an endless cycle of never getting attention from your peers because they all desperately need yours. Seems exhausting and pointless. Just go see a therapist and hang out with friends who don’t talk about their childhood traumas every two seconds.

No. 280495

Once again: it's literally all just BPD. JUST BPD. She is not autistic - I'd say even further from autism than DID. But she's most certainly not DID so…

Fuck you, Jillian Vessey, you lying fake loser.

No. 280496

Not gonna lie, that tweet from her alone made me decide to completely avoid any of such twitter identity politics, same vibe as
>but I'm neurodivergent and also a minor??
Nobody asked you Jill, these people just want to be special in some way because they don't have a skill that makes them special.

No. 280497

Jill's is so far up her own ass lmao. She can't even look at a meme without reminding everyone that's she's a super traumatised neuro divergent non binary sweetie with DID.

No. 280504

lol good catch

No. 280512

File: 1675709393795.jpeg (253.34 KB, 878x1322, 1643390110162.jpeg)

but she learned and understood that she's privileged, she continued to shoot out black creators after blm ! Such an educated ally

No. 280513

New trendy equivalent of saying organizing your desk or liking a clean room is "so OCD." Fuck Jillian retweeting this shit that has nothing to do with her. Every time I see her shit I am reminded of how insufferable people with BPD are. She is so completely vain and dense she thinks every single condition and special label on earth must be hers.
Her also simultaneously going "oops I'm so confused because I just don't understand anything about social cues" now really shows it's true that her goal in adopting the autism label is to get to do her DDLG age regression shit harder AND, primarily, to avoid responsibility for her bad traits, BPD outbursts, etc. because she thinks autism means fun cute toys, being a kid forever and no one can criticize you, and acting however you want and getting to play dumb and never apologize. All the things that the new self diagnosis bandwagon fakers have in common.

No. 280514

>dude just admit you're wrong
>waAAah I'm baby crying emoji

No. 280517

She smells like provolone I know it

No. 280520

like.. what even is the joke here? "ah yes i too am a white person who incessantly squawks up their perceived oppressions haha thats funny"? its just telling on yourself whats funny about this

No. 280526

> i thought it was funny and self depreciating
in what world is being self depreciating an acceptable thing to do socially, especially to a massive argument? she's so out of touch and annoying.
>i am the fucked up white person
just a glimpse into my dark reality. a full stare into my twisted perspective would make most simply go insane!!

No. 280527

*audience not argument. fuck

No. 280534


Didn't Jill say in a livestream she wouldn't claim to be autistic publicly because she isn't diagnosed?

No. 280536

I refuse to believe she read that caption and read it sincerely like I am the fucked up white person and not as it obviously is, a critique on exactly herself those who think their behaviour can be excused via a list of identities and mental illnesses. She is one of those people but she must know identities actually don't excuse behaviour?
I feel like this is part of her shit autism larp, not knowing that it is irl conversation where neurodivergents miss context and social cues, since they may be expressed by subtext, expressions, etc. This was very simple English and she knows it. Just being a smug bitch as always.
I see a confusing time ahead where she continues to attack others over perceived slights, but now claims to "not understand" when someone calls her out in return. Truly a tiresome individual.

No. 280542

She loves contradicting herself because the more she does it, the more people will stop trying to find the truth, and the easier it is for her to be like
>oh I said that? Well, that wasn't me!! That was my OC roseberry! This is such legit proof of my menthol Illinois!
Or some shit like that, and retards will eat it up.
And then you have this situation in which she's badly larping and trying to make people think she's mentally handicapped, people with autism may be fucking weird and retarded, but not while at their comfortable home, where they can do whatever the fuck they want and reread shit as many times as they want.
If she was truly autistic she would know that when you have to mask your entire life, you either learn how to deal with retarded subtexts in irl conversations or you end up feeling so stressed that you just go along with whatever is going on which then leads to awkward situations that makes you feel suicidal.
But she will never understand that shit even if you explain it with apples and peaches because it doesn't align with her obvious DDLG LARP.

No. 280550

She's trying to pull a Julia Fox. She didn't know that "mascara" is tiktok lingo for sexual assault and the autism card was used. This just happened like two weeks ago too.

No. 280552

>She loves contradicting herself because the more she does it, the more people will stop trying to find the truth,
I don't think she's that clever.

No. 280574

‘I was just reacting to the words on the post’ yes exactly Jillian, that was the issue. The utter irony of her not so subtly doing exactly what the post was talking about in pretending to be so confused and innocent when some calls her out

No. 280621

Only neurotypicals benefit from saying shit like that, which is why Jill is so pro-autism-erasure while calling it "gate keeping". She needs neurotypicals like herself to fit into the autism label so she can be one.

No. 280622

Other people really are just props in the movie of her life huh? She pretends the way she treats others is because she’s got a mega special mental illness/brain but the truth is she’s just selfish and doesn’t think other peoples thoughts/feelings matter. She lacks empathy and doesn’t care to learn it or attempt to expand it. It’s a shame bpd isn’t the current “it” mental illness because she could benefit from treatment but I guess she doesn’t really try to treat her super special and real DID so she’d probably rely on the whole “I can’t help it, my bpd symptoms are out of control but that’s not my problem, you guys just need to accommodate me better and let me be a cruel and callous asshole! Center me!!!”

No. 280628

File: 1675788703766.png (127.49 KB, 1128x662, the ultimate annoying bitch.pn…)

the quote retweets is just based zoomers calling jill an "annoying bitch". I can't believe they didn't use plural "bitches".

No. 280629

oh holy shit this is so satisfying to see. inb4 she says they're all stalker haters from lolcow

No. 280647

ahahahaha this is great I can’t wait to see what milk continues to flow from jill putting her foot in her mouth

No. 280650

File: 1675793120062.jpeg (254.69 KB, 1413x324, D9829FF3-3E2E-4413-B1B3-95CE58…)

What a cope. Jill you are a stoner that only eats junk food, dropping legit medication in favour of keeping the weed and nuggies isn’t going to do anything. Also what happened to her body positivity and screeching about how “juicy” and thicc she is and how she loves it.

No. 280654

Ok but like, not many outside of the SA community knew what it meant, especially older people until it blew up. I can believe that one because it is coded language whereas what Jillian is trying to do is deliberately misunderstand regular language use.

No. 280661

> body positivity and screeching about how “juicy” and thicc she is and how she loves it
But nona that was totes Veronica she’s just not fronting
No but fr don’t remind me of her lingerie shoots and everyone thinking she’s doing OF

No. 280668

Couldn't she just google it? Ask some in some related reddit or other forum? Why ask on twitter in front of all her followers and yes-sayers that will most likely give her the response she want?
I know why, but still. Just fucking use google.

No. 280677

Jill's taken quetiapine for 6-7 years now, right? I've always thought that was weirdly very long period to be prescribed quetiapine for the treatment of early-adult depression. My quirky tinfoil is that the drug is actually exacerbating her psycho BPD tendencies because it's the wrong drug for her (plus daily cannabis-use) but because of her weird family dynamic and shallow relationships nobody will question her (flawed) judgement/delusions.
I struggle to see how Jill would re-enter the workforce at this point in her life. She's coped with mediocrity by became an adult-baby with learned helplessness. How would employers react to the Google search results from her name? The customers would avoid the creepy clown-cashier that always reeks like weed on register 4. I think if she had to serve a Karen she'd quit immediately and be too anxious to go pick up her last cheque.

No. 280678

Oh dear, today is absolutely golden. Love the callout replies.

This has an extra layer of hilarity because she looooved tweeting about her meds if you look it up on twitter
>remember to take your meds!!
>hello kitty-chan I need a seroquel
I bet she can't get prescriptions because she isn't going to a doctor for months now and can't find another angelbabe therapist.
She wants to be coddled and validated that she'll suddenly lose weight and go to her teenage self.

No. 280679

File: 1675800740589.jpg (234.36 KB, 1080x965, Screenshot_20230207_200915.jpg)

>tweeting this after calling grocery prices unbearably high

No. 280681

>>280679 sage but this set is like 11,000 yen. Definitely not something you'd be buying if you're struggling to afford groceries

No. 280683

yeah that's because she's e-begging for someone else to do it for her. hence her mentioning it's dropping right before her birthday including nonchalant sunglasses emoji and over-exaggerating her "need" for it or she'll "die"

No. 280704

This is so funny. she got a ratio to hell and back and she still hasn't deleted the tweet? Jill…

No. 280705

Seroquel actually can cause metabolic issues like weight gain, and even diabetes. But there’s a solid chance she permanently fucked up her metabolism by taking the seroquel for so long. She started taking it when she was still a teenager. And clearly it’s done shit all for her.

She could always work part time at a weed dispensary or a smoke shop. Seems like both would be pretty chill and she could even be the DJ at work sometimes and listen to whatever garbage music she listens to.

No. 280708

Idk how it is in Canada but you usually need some sort of licensing to work in the cannabis industry in most if not all US states. Does anyone who suggests this random shit for Jill ever do any kind of critical thinking? Don't you think every stoner in her college town has thought to apply to work at a dispensary at one point thinking it's a zero effort job where you get stoned all the time? Even if it was an easy job to get, wtf kind of sense would it make to work at a dispensary? Is it also a good idea for her to become a bartender or get a a job at a liquor store too? And then cure her mental illness and addictive tendencies by getting a dog! Completely braindead take.

No. 280711

You need a license to be a weed seller in Canada. Believe me, I’ve applied for those jobs lol.

No. 280720

Hate that I'm agreeing with her, but these are so cute. Mental jillness is contagious nonnas beware

No. 280722

ah, glorious. can feel jill seething. just waiting for the jerrick "ive starved myself and had a mental breakdown" tweet to roll in per usual.

No. 280732

Since when did Pixie care about Sanrio or figure collecting outside of precure?
Also nitpick, but it's my figure collection not collector…

No. 280734

File: 1675838004384.png (893.14 KB, 873x782, poor jenny.PNG)

Jill attention whoring again and comparing her shitty clothes to stuff that looks literally nothing like it.
Where are the pastels Jill? I see none.

No. 280738

She totally feels disappointed that her dieting (sorry, I mean ANOREXIA) didn’t make her lose as much weight as she wanted to. She’s probably salivating imagining stopping her meds and losing 20lbs for free and getting to look better while also flipping daily between bragging about her amazing mental health progress and natural weight loss and then saying actually Jerrick is so anorexic it has her on death’s door and she’s going to end up as Eugenia if everyone doesn’t pity her immediately.
She’ll play both sides about it if she gets what she wants just like how she says she doesn’t have autism until actually she does but actually no it’s a maybe and she won’t present a social media influence about it but actually yes she will publicly post opinions about “her” autism.

No. 280742

I guess the prior discussion about seroquel and whether it’s an anti psychotic has been solved, Jilly is describing it as such. Even though her dose has never been high enough for it to be for that. It’s clearly generic depression meds that they hand out like candy but she wants to now look like she totes has psychosis and has all along guys.

No. 280743

>mental jillness

No. 280744

okay but seroquel is classified as an anti psychotic. most docs give it as a sleep aid or if you have mania. honestly would do her some good if she just got off the weed instead. can't wait to see what new medication she begs her doctor for so she can prove she is "extra" mentally ill.

No. 280745

It is officially classified as an atypical antipsychotic but it has other uses as well. A small dose can be used to treat insomnia and it is also used to treat bipolar disorder and "regular" depression as well. I don't doubt Jill using it to exaggerate her super serious mental illness though, she gets to brag she's on antipsychotics. If I was her I maybe would want to avoid that angle though, now she just sounds psychotic instead of having a Totally Super Legit DID.

No. 280755

it is used for normal depression and anxiety too. My doctor was talking about it bc I was dealing with anxiety/depression from recent trauma and I said I would personally never take that medication. I need to be able to think and function and work, effexor ducked me up bad enough (decided to stop and I feel better, still in therapy though)

only mild blogposting to say that it is sometimes prescribed to normal, working people.

No. 280760

ah yes the graudating collection she never released publically.
its amazing how she's trying to retcon it to make it look like it was some doll house inspired collection, when there was no lace, subtle pastels, ribbons or literally anything that would imply delicateness. didnt she cite white picket fence houses as her inspiration or something at time?

No. 280764

She did iirc. Her collection took the term "streetwear" and turned it into a celebration of…suburbia lmao just the most basic middle class girl shit you could think of.

No. 280774

File: 1675868786112.jpeg (157.72 KB, 643x900, ick.jpeg)

why is she lying about this? It's pathetic how much she lies.

No. 280782

I really don't like this picture, at all, nitpicks but
>the whole bra showing on a strapless dress
>the hambeast
>the hambeast's necrotic legs
>unmatched shoes for everyone
>saturated colors everywhere
>ugliest makeup choices even for a fantasy line
>is "street wear"
>kawaii shit clothes and showcasing the most boring tattoos ever
>the bra showing on the other skinny girl
>the fabric that looks like it's just the worst quality plastic she could find
It's an absolute eyesore.

No. 280783

She should definitely get a psychiatric service dog, she can afford it.

No. 280796

Sorry for blogpost, but I was prescribed a low dose of an antipsychotic for a condition other than psychosis so it does happen. I can't believe they're allowed do that though because they're serious meds and can fuck you up bad, especially for someone as young as she was and with body image issues

No. 280799

File: 1675875870158.jpg (47.89 KB, 640x596, lf70j73nadq61.jpg)

She's at what, 5 out of 8?

No. 280800

off-label prescribing is really common with strong drugs for some reason, even habit forming ones. seroquel is used as a sleep aid because the side effect of the drug is tiredness and it affects serotonin levels. they don't take into consideration it fucks up your dopamine levels and affects brain receptors. it's really messed up.

No. 280802

it's because doctors still get perks for prescribing a certain number of units for some drugs. it's illegal in many places for doctors to push opiates like this now but it's still extremely common for psychiatric medication and certain birth control brands, private practices will get stuff like new furniture or really nice Christmas packages. saged for no milk.

No. 280804

If she is on anti psychotics and has been the whole time then what was all that trash she was spouting when she was teasing her illness and making it sound like schizophrenia. The hearing voices the in her own words hallucinations. Considering she was prescribed it as a child when she was much smaller than she is now there is no way the dose was high and she hasn’t been regularly seeing a doctor for years for it to have been altered dosage wise.

No. 280807

She’s definitely looking for confirmation that she can stop taking it and loose a bunch of weight easily, even though that’s very clearly not what made her put on weight in the first place because she was taking it for years before she put on the ‘I’ve just moved out of home and into a long term relationship’ weight

No. 280811

Berry and Amanda
Veronica/Jillian (the persona)
No one yet
No one yet

No. 280812

samefag but I guess the last one is Jax more so because Jax is supposed to be Harley Quinn and Jinx and if it’s just anime character (not boy) that’s Flora. So she’s only missing the black woman lol.

No. 280814

Yeah, she’s teased every illness by now including epilepsy. She thinks she has everything on earth from her killer combo of BPD attention whoring and literally always being high.
Every time she brings up another fake self diagnoses she should have to watch that video of when she set up her camera, started filming to document, and then immediately pretended to black out and have a seizure and be possessed by her next DID alter.

No. 280815

Cliffe is her OC given black woman traits because he’s based off drag which is a bunch of gay white men LARPing as black women. So Cliffe is her excuse to talk to herself in AAVE.

No. 280823

I"m pretty sure it's sheer black thighs, her skin is fine. No idea why she picked that colour tho.

The way she seems completely oblivious to her own privilege is honestly what makes me the most annoyed with her. Imagine complaining about the price of groceries when you can't be bothered to get a job and got a townhouse from your parents.

No. 280839

File: 1675894699582.jpeg (118.03 KB, 631x900, legs.jpeg)

no shes just as gross fatty

No. 280846

derailing. no one cares about some girl who was in a class with Jill two years ago or whatever go cry about fat people somewhere else.

No. 280847

nta but the other anon was literally wrong and was replied to to correct her. seethe more fatty.

No. 280852

shut the fuck up annon. this lazy, privileged narcissistic larper does not need another animal to neglect. She is a liar, she has zero problems besides bdp/npd, the proof is in years and years of threads.

No. 280853

Ironically it was actually one of the better ones of the bunch (not saying much granted since every set but one were terrible), burnt toast or that ‘mob wear’ set definitely won for the worst clothes that time.

No. 280855

File: 1675902730083.jpeg (418.03 KB, 727x594, 7A6B063D-4C9B-4739-A4C2-49F785…)

That’s exactly what she does. She gets off on teasing new diagnosis and new facts about how her disorders work. She looks absolutely giddy in her second to last video with her definitely not planted diary entry. I was just rewatching it and found it so remarkable how excited and surprised she was to have found out she thought she had it. Why would it be so shocking to read, if you’ve experienced these symptoms for your whole life? You’re happy reminiscing on a time that caused life altering trauma, then posting a photo of it in a thumbnail next to you gleaming with your signature garish egg colors? She couldn’t be more transparent. “Hey guys look I found proof isn’t it amazing! Uh- I mean, it’s so sad and I can’t tell you what I actually went through so don’t ask, but I’m totally ready to show an audience of 10k strangers my childhood diary!” Old news I realize, I just can’t believe how un-self aware she is.

Also, just gonna throw in that if you trust your mom to go through your childhood diary your youth was not bad. Sorry. Not a chance. If something happened to her, her mom would be the first person she’d tell- it’s near impossible an on going traumatic thing happened in her household. Her mom bends over backwards to her every whim, as we’ve seen. Having a trusting relationship with even one parent is more than most people have. Jill has parents most people would kill for, what a disgrace to them this whole charade is. I would be so insulted if I were her mom. Her mom basically built her channel on buying her lolita outfits and she turned it into the “my parents were so checked out they let me get abused” show.

No. 280871

The Ebonics and passive aggressive Twitter retardation is embarassing, but still not as embarrassing as jill needing to insert herself into every fucking thing online holy fuck

No. 280883

Yeah, even if she did have a good relationship (not healthy) with her mom, it’s interesting she is willing to subject her to reading her childhood diaries especially during a time when she alleges something traumatic happened so she would have likely mentioned it in some way in the diary. Even normal people with good relationships with their parents who never went through any trauma wouldn’t really want that because like everyone is cringe at 13. We have all theorized about it being planted later, but it’s just so perfect that her mom would happen to find the exact excerpt in her diary that indicates multiple personalities. Especially since there are multiple diaries and multiple pages if we are to believe Jill.

What are the chances of that, anyway? There’s no way I would read them that closely just to appease my BPD kid. It’s such a weird thing to agree to do anyway and crosses some lines even if she asked. Tinfoil but what do you guys think the likelihood of her mom actually not even “finding” the excerpt is? I don’t know if I would say her mom is involved in this scam but I think it’s possible that Jill could lead her in such a way that she could technically say her mom found that without it being an outright lie. I feel like she’s using her mom to make her larp more legitimate because she knows her mom would rather just go along with this than cause her pain of outing her to thousands of people (because she’s more or less normal and in a tough situation)…

No. 280894

I will never get over the ass colour grading in these photos

No. 280911

I don't want to unnecessarily criticize this woman (who looks a lot like jill) but this isn't really a criticism… she's got decently shaped calves and ankles for being obese. Like, they don't look like fat woman calves. I hope she looks after herself and loses weight.

No. 280917

She really upped the saturation to make the colors pop, but instead it just makes the colors look mismatched.
She's at the same striped background in this pic >>280855 and the color difference is striking

No. 280918

If I was her mom and I found the obviously planted evidence I would have pretended not to have seen it just to see how Jill would react. How obvious would her "oh are you sure, maybe check it again just to be sure" be until mommy found it?
>I feel like she’s using her mom to make her larp more legitimate because she knows her mom would rather just go along with this than cause her pain
I agree with this. Her mom knows she's not actually got DID but she doesn't know what else to do and I'm sure she's not on social media enough to know the full extent on how Jill is harming others through this larp. Jill's too much of a narc and thinks she's stealth and everyone is buying her larp.

No. 280919

She isn’t on a large enough dose that it’ll have an effect. She’s said before she regularly forgets to take it. Slight blog but I’m in a dose for antipsychotic effect and you do not forget a dose, if you don’t take it you feel really really unwell
She’s probably on 25/50mg instant release for anxiety and sleep which honestly does fuck all, especially so long term

No. 280921


A lot of fat women have shapely calves and ankles, it's because those muscles get a workout just from walking because they're holding up all that weight

No. 280927

No. 280994

File: 1675992458060.jpeg (442.39 KB, 1170x1741, C3B8C585-8C6D-4230-9B5D-EF2A17…)

Why is she proud of this when she smokes weed every day, multiple times a day.

No. 280999

If I spent all day posting retarded tweets and replies and staying home all day every day I'd kill myself.

No. 281032

It’s kind of weird to just share your every thought like she does as an “influencer”. Maybe it’s funny and cool when internet celebrities do it every once in a while to look down to earth, but they actually “made it” and can afford to be open with their audience- and they can hand their social media over to their PA whenever they get tired of it. She just casually makes such big faux pas with her sjw audience and never thinks about how it ruins her image or how it makes her too accessible to all the ddlg illness larger weirdos. We saw her avoiding them since her community page days but since she couldn’t get away from them she just accepted her fate and became one of them when it was somewhat unique and profitable. You gotta have some more distance between you and your followers if you want to stay sane and to be remarked as a big youtuber. Just kinda makes her look like a loser when she spends her day on Twitter fighting with retards about made up social rules. I wouldn’t want to take fashion advice much less mental health advice from someone terminally online like her.

No. 281075

That’s her problem, is that she has way too much time on her hands that she doesn’t spend creating actual content, so she has to be ever present in some capacity lest she be forgotten and fade into (more) obscurity. Her content is far from the level of YouTubers like Jenny Nicholson or Hbomberguy who can post literally one video a year and still be successfully noteworthy. She doesn’t even make an effort for her patreon aside from a halfassed live stream once a month. That’s pathetic coming from someone with no other job

No. 281109

All I can say is she had better stay tucked away in podunk Anne of Green Gables land. Better to stay there coddled by her family because the world out here would make her catatonic. Can you imagine her dealing with simple home repairs? Paying off a student loan? Applying for.. ANYTHING?

No. 281113

as far as I know, Jenny Nicholson has a day job

No. 281155

File: 1676078902235.jpeg (865.27 KB, 1170x1427, 2C18D5A4-E0F6-4A48-8EA5-F1823A…)

Jill looking for things for a new “special interest”?

No. 281156

File: 1676078949347.jpeg (323.27 KB, 1170x830, 32013BE2-065D-43DC-AE7B-A50AE9…)

jk she was fishing for alter attention. how is it not exhausting to make everything did related?

No. 281159

Kek she wants people to draw ship art of herself and her OC

No. 281162

Exactly my point, and she manages consistent patreon content as well. What’s Jill’s excuse when her videos are all so shallow.

I’m sure she thinks she’s a genius for noticing this trope and is going to make what she thinks is a super insightful but ultimately entirely surface level video about it (that’ll probably end up as a tik tok/short)

No. 281173

Oh my god she’s so embarrassing. I have no words. I can’t believe she’s a real person sometimes, it comes across like a performance piece for narcissism awareness

No. 281175

KEK so she really wants to date herself as a teenager, that's totally not a gross concept at all.

No. 281189

File: 1676092380559.jpeg (727.71 KB, 1179x936, C8FEFE53-1ACC-49D3-9B41-3582DA…)

What ever happened between her and her goth friend anyways. She was never mentioned again after this video if my memory serves right.

No. 281192

"teehee yes you're right its completely about me!!! that's the only reason i have interest in it ^_^"
how is she not embarrassed

everything is a prop to jill. friends, animals, significant others, they only serve as an accessory and/or extension of her. she used this one and was done with it like every other prop she's had.

No. 281195

Steebie wears all black and yet Jill only wants to ship herself with her tranny teenage self.

No. 281196

This vid is from august of that year. In September jill and co did a cosplay performance and tubby did awful, wouldn’t be surprised if Jill totally phased her out after that

No. 281198

Didn’t she live in a different town/Provence and was only visiting, or something? Also I think it’s probably safe to assume that majority of her friends from around the end of high school probably went to uni, got real jobs and moved forwards with their life.
I don’t imagine Jill is the kind of friend you’d be able to easily catch up with because the conversation would be entirely about her and how awful her life is but how great she also is actually

No. 281199

I can 100% see her talking about high school nonstop too. It was such a twamatic time for her after all

No. 281234

File: 1676120781856.jpeg (64.15 KB, 640x759, 04e.jpeg)

You'd think that little miss fashions designer wouldn't be so quick to boast about having no ability to pay any attention to detail.

In b4 she goes the route of having her OCs date in her inner world. And this trope has been meme'd to death for years.

No. 281340

what even is there to research about this ? people like pairing cute and dark because it’s an interesting dynamic and provides contrast, its that simple

No. 281343

It clearly speaks to her deep traumatic backstory! Only someone with multiple personalities can like all pastels or all black and green. She’s the most unique person alive

No. 281347

File: 1676164101638.png (1.2 MB, 1200x894, innerworlds.png)

Inner Worlds video coming tomorrow (allegedly).

No. 281350

Literally just an animal crossing island holy kek batman

No. 281364

Spends all this time building an animal crossing island in her head but can’t even bother to clean her actual rainbie house in the plane of reality.

No. 281380

Such aesthetic trauma coping mechanisms

No. 281384

"This is the imaginary land I pretend I live in because I hate my empty abyss of a life!" She is so cringy. I think it's funny she only designed some buildings on the map too, like most of them are just rectangles of different colours not even unique shapes just rectangles. Even her fantasy is half-assed.

No. 281393

File: 1676190627368.jpg (190.21 KB, 1080x960, Screenshot_20230212_083002.jpg)

I wonder what chronic illness Jill will start claiming to have

No. 281398

Service dog Jillian saga soon

No. 281402

>chronic illness
where, bitch? Does she has something planned or is she now claiming her mental illnesses are chronic illnesses?

No. 281404


Dissociadid claimed to have chronic fatigue syndrome a while back, maybe Jill is trying to piggyback off of that

No. 281407

I could see either chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, as both rely more heavily on user described symptoms/ self reporting than machine/medical tests, like an MRI or blood results, so Jilly wouldn't be able to pay her way to a diagnosis, but also wouldn't be able to be questioned for 'self-diagnosis' as having a chronic illness seems to always have doctors refusing to listen, not to say doctors can't make mistakes/not listen, but with Jilly we know she won't have that issue with her doctor shopping

No. 281408

Nitpick but those stairs are so fucking bad kek Ramona must've tripped on them and died

No. 281409

I would love to see her claim chronic fatigue after those videos of her frenetically doing a dance routine in drag, she has a ton of energy for someone with a shit diet who drinks and smokes.

No. 281413

Anon this made me laugh so hard. Whenever Jill wants to "integrate" one of her OCS she has to picture pushing them down the fucked up inner world stairs.

No. 281415

I like how she left large blank spaces for yet-to-be-invented alters to occupy in the future.

Dog anons go away! You make me miss soap anon.

She’d be the kind of spoonie whose spoons evaporate whenever there is something she doesn’t want to do yet instantly replenish when something comes up that she does want to do.

No. 281416

we all know this will be delayed. as per usual.

No. 281420

>Dissociadid claimed to have chronic fatigue syndrome a while back
Jesus fucking Christ, is this bitch really that unoriginal? This is baffling, like okay, pretend to be insane or whatever, but can't she make it unique or some shit? Is she just playing that loser's videos every single day and memorizing everything so she can do the same shit exactly as she did?
It's insane but not in the cutesy way she wants it to be, it also isn't in the autistic way she wants it to be, it's psychopathic shit, unless Disociadid whatever to write that is helping her behind the curtains, or gave her a script or some shit.

No. 281422

It’s the perfect cover. If someone says that’s not how DID works or whatever she can point to the most well known DID personality and claim that clearly because their symptoms are so similar she can’t possibly be lying. Just more of Jillian using other people as props.

No. 281427

People who fake having CFS/ME fucking suck. But I can see Jill faking it, and like another anon said, she’ll be able to have energy to do everything she wants to do and no energy anytime it’s something she doesn’t wanna do.

If fucking only CFS/ME worked like that. Meanwhile people who actually have it are often bedbound/housebound for days or weeks at a time during a PEM (post exertional malaise) crash, and can barely take care of themselves. It doesn’t magically disappear when there’s something fun to do.

She doesn’t even have any stimulants but it’s not like we hear her talk about how she sleeps 18+ hours a day. Someone with actual CFS/ME will usually spend 16-20 hours a day in bed either asleep or half asleep, unless they are prescribed a stimulant like modafanil (amphetamines aren’t great for CFS/ME patients, can make them push too hard and end up with severe PEM). And even with modafanil it’s not uncommon for a CFS/ME patient to need 10-14 hours of sleep. It’s not a hehe hoohoo kawiwi uwu condition, it’s not aesthetic like DID, and I’ll be pissed if that’s what she claims she has.

No. 281429

It would be so easy to "fake" because chronic fatigue syndrome isn't a real diagnosis, the criteria is literally just experiencing fatigue and there's no actual determined causes. If you're suddenly experiencing symptoms like that there's either an actual health concern or you're literally just not eating or exercising enough. Or depression. That's why all these "chronic illness" influencers have CFS suddenly, because everybody's daily routines were changed during covid lockdowns.

No. 281432

So I take it you also don’t think long covid is a diagnosis? Because it’s the same thing as CFS/ME, just caused by COVID instead of other triggers.

It’s a real condition, but it’s not something Jillian has. It’s also a disease of exclusion, so she would need to quit smoking weed for a while to even see if she has it, in addition to having extensive blood work and imaging and medical history taking. And if she’s smoking weed everyday and has a history of mental illness and isn’t taking anything for depression, no doctor will DX her with CFS/ME.

No. 281433

Samefag but the criteria is not “just experiencing fatigue” - just because munchies like to claim they have some serious condition, and just because it’s currently a flavor of the week condition, doesn’t mean it’s flat out fake. CFS/ME is very real but it’s also quite serious and is something a munchie would love to be able to munch about, so of course it attracts munchers.

No. 281435

Yeah. I don't honestly think long covid (as in post-covid cfs) is a real diagnosis either. The diagnostic criteria is literally a survey and doing tests to rule out other conditions, which tons of cause chronic fatigue. And tons of studies on CFS causes and treatment are contradictory to eachother. Like it's controversy literally has it's own page on wikipedia with like 75 different sources. It's not crazy to be suspicious of a condition that has no known causes or agreed upon treatment. I just think some of them have something else going on and maybe it's a condition we still don't know anything about yet. Maybe form your own opinion on it

No. 281437

File: 1676221789365.jpg (180.65 KB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_20230212_170855.jpg)

I can't imagine the amount of emotional labor Jill goes through to make 20 minute videos where she pretends to be a 14 year old

No. 281441

Is it still “emotional labour” when making videos is literally her job?

No. 281453

alright so you’re just stupid.

No. 281455

I hope she gets a service dog and starts making soap for dogs(baiting)

No. 281458

Do more research, both long covid and CFS have micro blood clots in common. What both also have in common is essentially major, all body organ and muscle failure. CFS/post viral fatigue is very real and is a result of a failure to beat the virus, instead your body is in repair mode for what can be a decade (however long it takes) until you are fit enough to repair your body and beat the virus that initially incapacitated you, most commonly now being covid, but CFS has always been triggered by a viral infection or prior illness of some kind. This also comes with brain fog, breathing difficulties, aches and pains, dizziness, vertigo, just a hell of being trapped in "repair" forever and unable to live your life. It can be very easily measured by simply looking at someone's cognition and fitness levels vs a baseline for their age and weight. Someone with CFS will have much reduced mobility, cognition, strength and stamina than a healthy person of the same age and weight. And exercise will leave them bedbound for weeks rather than build muscle and stamina.
Please move on from the idea it "isn't real" especially when millions now suffer from long covid and the evidence is endless.

(also will be very interesting to see actually chronically ill people's reaction if Jill escalates her lies and starts claiming to be, since from my observation they have no tolerance for bullshit)

No. 281465

People with actual severe childhood trauma have no tolerance for bullshit either but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming a “DID influencer”. If she does start faking chronic illness she’ll fit right in with all the other chronic illness fakers on social media.
What worries me is that Jill always has to be The Best at anything she latches on to. Would she be content to simply be one CFS (or whatever) sufferer in a sea of CFS sufferers? I doubt it. The initial novelty of being an autistic spoonie clown with multiple personalities and (I’m calling it now) a badly painted rainbow wheelchair will wear off eventually and she’ll have to come up with something even more ridiculous to make her stand out.

No. 281467

>LARPing your barbie dreamhouse on youtube for pennies a day

No. 281468

People think it’s not real because it’s basically what they diagnose you with when they can’t find any other reasons for the fatigue and other issues. There’s no diagnostic test for it; it’s about excluding other possible causes. Different people have different symptoms because different bodies handle viruses differently. Not everyone with it is disabled like you’re making it out to be.
Of course, if Jill has latched onto it as her new larp, she’ll have a hard time since she can’t pretend to have it “THE MOST SEVERE THE DOCTOR HAS EVER SEEN!” without being essentially bedbound which means none of her fun activities and she will get called out for all the weed by people with actual chronic illnesses.

No. 281470


>there isn't a lot of research on inner worlds

It's almost as if it's bullshit or something

No. 281471

samefag, according to Jill she has alters outside of her inner world house. She also says she talked to cliffe who somehow knows these alters and they'll introduce themselves when she's processed her school trauma in EMDR. This shit is so convoluted.

No. 281475

Apparently Jill has a mall with a toys r us, wine shop and hot topic LMAO

No. 281477

Putting aside how bullshit the concept of her having an extended imaginary drag race that is friends with Cliffe, I hope when you say “school trauma” you don’t mean the craft school she went to. The trauma of having deadlines? The trauma of having her own townhome to share with her caretaker rather than a dorm of strangers? What in the world.

No. 281480


Jill doesn't specify in the video what the school trauma was, so she either made some trauma up or got in trouble at school one time and convinced herself it was a major traumatic event

No. 281482

>LARPing your barbie dreamhouse on youtube for pennies a day
next thread title? she really is recreating barbie/sims/animal crossing irl

funny thing is, there are sources out there about hallucinations, imagination, visualisations, visual lerning techniques, stuff like that but I guess because it does not have "DID special trait" written in it so she is not eager to learn something cool, she just wants to be super special without any work

No. 281483

watching the video, it's even more hilarious that Jill liked a comment about emotional labour. Most of the video is her going off topic and rambling, showing footage of her staring into space and mumbling, then reading other peoples tweets. It's so low effort and lazy for a video that's supposedly meant to be educational.

No. 281488

Don't try to keep a timeline of this larp.

No. 281491

there is no trauma nona, jill is very vapid and will share anything to twitter. if something actually happened to her she would have already exploited that 1000 times. just like how she reminds everyone that she was skinny in high school every other month.

No. 281504

She’ll get called out for being online all the time picking fights with people. People who actually have CFS wouldn’t be able to handle that, mentally and emotionally exerting oneself can trigger a crash.

No. 281513

She's made her own CWCville

No. 281517

Hamplanet munchie arc continues unsurprisingly. How many more labels do you think she’ll have a year from now? Probably the entire collection of munchie shit they always have a giant list of like CFS, POTS, PCOS, chronic lyme, IBS, arthritis… Great additions to her BPD anxiety depression autism schizophrenia DID.

No. 281525

Literally just maladaptive daydreaming, holy shit she’s such a retard and needs to just go to a normal therapist again. Or better yet simply get sober and go out into the actual world. She’s spending like 16 hours a day stoned out of her mind lying in bed imagining that she’s in an animal crossing sims world as 10 different OCs who go shopping all day for imaginary clothes and toys and booze. Good god. Even her fantasies are just consooming, any decent therapist would instantly clock that she has serious issues regarding instant hit dopamine addictions and has destroyed the chemical balance of her brain by being a lazy consumerist addict. She needs to quit all of this shit to stand any chance at ever feeling better but she wants instant gratification so badly at all that she’s realistically doomed. She’s just going to get exponentially worse like every other washed up spoiled BPDfag whose “trauma” is not getting everything they want after an insanely spoiled vanity-inducing upbringing.

No. 281538

She’s mentioned before all this she was bullied in middle / high school, which clearly affected her more than most people because she was so used to being coddled by mom and dad. She’s including peer bullying, something everyone goes through with far less of a support system than she had, in her severe childhood trauma disorder. Insanity.

No. 281565

God these people are annoying. emotional labor is specifically made for people who work retail and need to pretend to have no emotions to deal with customers.

also Jill apparently lied about it and she was actually the bully. (or that's what some anons who claim to have went to school with her say)

No. 281572

l o fucking l.

No. 281582

Very little backlash so far (most of it is recent which makes me think the comments are being deleted, but it’s more of the same “I miss your fashion content”) and the rest of the comment section seems to all have aphantasia which is insane to me.

No. 281591

File: 1676275067194.jpg (136.21 KB, 1059x582, Screenshot_20230213_075641.jpg)

Really sums up the DID larp in this part

No. 281593

They don't have aphatasia, they're just uncreative people (which in itself is not shameful) who get distressed over the smallest shit because otherwise they can't feel speshul.

No. 281607

kek this is exactly what i thought when i saw her tarded map
we should start a bingo card lel

No. 281611

The one person I’ve known who claimed to have aphantasia was an abusive pornsick rapist retard, so I just assume anyone who has it is also a retarded piece of shit.

No. 281619

people itt need to calm down. aphantasia is super common, it's not a virtue signal for autism or anything like that. why are you so pressed? it's not even relevant, jill wasn't the one claiming to have it. it's really not that unrealistic not being able to visualize things clearly. how about you focus on the milky video she posted instead, like the totally real switch around 16.35. when she supposedly switches and talks to herself you can tell how awkward she feels filming it kek. gave me second hand embarrassment.

No. 281623

Ok sperg I am the original person who posted about the aphantasia. I was just surprised by how many people in the comments seem to have it because despite what you say, it’s NOT super common, less than 5% of the population has it. I was commenting on how everyone in her fanbase either is THIS special or is just so lacking in creativity that that’s why Jill seems unique to them. We can talk about her followers and fans in this thread, that’s allowed, especially because it reflects back on her.

No. 281634

Can someone summarize this please

No. 281641

File: 1676308906936.jpg (710.93 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20230213_172032_com…)

Why does she keep flashing in her tiktoks? It's so weird

No. 281645

She thinks she’s being a relatable girl on tiktok in her pjs when she’s an adult overweight pantless woman larping a fake perma ddlg disorder talking about a show made for kids

No. 281646

Because she refuses to accept that her clothes don’t fit

No. 281647

lol is this your thing that pushes your button? It’s notable because all these people are desperate to have a special thing when as you said it, most people can visualize things in their minds. They’re all making a normal human experience unique to them, down to naming it by its clinical term. There’s a commonality in the people who are desperate for labels no matter how basic the actual thing is- they’re all attention seekers. Kinda what this whole thread is about, a giant attention whore.

No. 281658

Probably thinks it's quirky like a drag queen losing their wig.

No. 281680

File: 1676330762312.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x1593, 194134BD-4103-4CD9-92CB-FC8CD9…)

To the anon that said her “inner world” is just an ACNH village…well

No. 281682

Kek called it

No. 281752

whats with the weirdo bumping old pixie threads?

No. 281756

that's some basic ikea-ass decor too. she really doesn't have a creative bone in her body

No. 281757

They’re bumping every thread

I mean it’s animal crossing. You’re kind of limited to what is there.

No. 281770

You can still mix and match colorways and styles. But yeah, Jillian is wouldn't ever think about it.

No. 281777

anon called it lmao her mental jillness is expressed by her playing AC how convenient

No. 281779

bump to fix the catalog

No. 281785

So that's what her ideal house looks like basically? Maybe it's time to redecorate the rainbow prison, that'd make for decent content at least.

No. 281788

File: 1676382156223.jpeg (261.74 KB, 828x603, 66FA0D81-7262-481A-984B-193FCC…)

Can’t tell if this is genuine or a dig at how disgusting her boots her kek

No. 281817

I have no idea why she doesn't do home decor videos. They are insanely popular right now, especially pastel rainbow and maximalist spaces. At least her pedophile/fakeillness phase is much more entertaining than her "spoiled rich girl showing off her possessions" phase. At least for us.

No. 281831

File: 1676400927881.jpeg (690.01 KB, 828x1427, 5C2D1976-C2AA-43D3-A741-3DA95F…)

okay does she even know what a found family is, she comes from the most privileged and loving family to exist. also…. is that skinny body is supposed to be her?

No. 281834

What the fuck is this retarded shit? Is this not just her using her imagination and being creative in a fucking sandbox game? “Inner world” god how insufferable

No. 281837

Yeah, on the couch because heaven forbid you share a bed with your life partner.

No. 281838

It feels like aphantasia is going the way of all disability LARPers and weirdos: celebrating something you can’t do over something you can. I would never admit that I can’t visualize things in my mind, it’s extremely embarassing to admit and makes a person seem like a tard or just an airhead, but that’s exactly the sort of shit that Jillian and her followers love to inact and celebrate

No. 281839

>found family
>moving from her incredibly supportive and stable home into a new home paid for by her loving birth family, with cats from that house bought by her birth parents, to live with her boyfriend
Why does she frame everything she does as counterculture and rare and special and tragic? Just say family. Having a normal straight relationship—even a spicy straight one with rainbow hair and special pronouns—is a normal life milestone and people just call it their family. It’s not like she built this from the ground up after being lost and alone in the world with no one who loves her. It’s literally funded by her parents and her mom is basically her best friend.

No. 281844

“Found family” nonsense aside, what the hell kind of diseased fungus worms are on Steve’s head?

No. 281852

The way she couldn’t even be bothered to finish it + drawing herself so skinny lol

No. 281858

Nothing pisses me off more than privileged assholes acting like they've had a hard life cause they just can't feel special enough

No. 281864

"Found Family". She really is just pure evil inside. Throwing her loving family under the bus again and again and again for her attention-seeking larp. Jill, look at what foster kids go through!

No. 281875

She is… In love with Jerrick? This is the peak of these threads

No. 281880

ik he doesn't have the wicked witch nose (in fact they look pretty similar hmmm) but that's steebie i think

No. 281882

She drew herself skinny but kept her double chin. And she made Steve's hair gray? Living with her is aging him prematurely kek

No. 281883

She has reverse body dysmorphia, this character weighs like 50lb less than she does. I actually think found family refers to the characters in her head rather than Stevie; "whole family on the couch" is all her alters, plus Stevie and the cat

No. 281884

Also nitpick but the pose she's in is a good way to knee your partner in the balls, and she didn't bother drawing both his legs >>281838
> I would never admit that I can’t visualize things in my mind, it’s extremely embarassing to admit
How's that embarrassing? People with aphantasia still dream vividly, create, have high intelligence etc, it just means their visual imagination is limited to when they're unconscious and doesn't bleed into conscious hours. Not 'tarded in the slightest, just greater control over imagination and conscious/unconscious. On the other end of the scale you have maladaptive daydreaming and designing houses for your OCs which is much more embarrassing imo.

No. 281885

>is a normal life milestone and people just call it their family. It’s not like she built this from the ground up after being lost and alone in the world with no one who loves her.
Reminds me of Nicole Eevee and Heather Explores who frame normal life experiences (within quite sheltered, privileged upbringings) as heroic battles against adversity, main character syndrome in full force

No. 281891

Jill saying found family = my actual family is telling me to stop my DID larp and get a job

No. 281895

Jill is such a pussy. She would never fully claim her family abused or neglected her because they would call her out on her bullshit, so she leaves these weird crumbs about some kind of terrible trauma and needing a found family. All because she needs her mom to pay rent and coddle her

No. 281896

>"whole family on the couch" is all her alters
Definitely, that's the DID blanket between her and Steve if I'm not mistaken. The fact that it's keeping them separate in the image, plus the visual hierarchy of Jill > DID > Steve (how she prioritizes these things in her mind), is pretty funny.

No. 281907

File: 1676465666356.jpeg (517.15 KB, 2048x1170, B975D02C-443A-48F8-B87E-F20B65…)

I know Jill stalker probably belongs in a different thread so last post but Jill should honestly watch out. Atleast her larp is the same as jill with the wearing black thing rather than actual DID.

No. 281914

Is she skinwalking Jill's alters? The internet has really opened my eyes to how many deranged people are in the world, parasocial stans definitely being a shade of that.

No. 281922

tinfoil but, what if this is her cope for living in her self made rainbow hell? This is very tame compared to her normal decor. She wants out so bad so she's making up shit with her OCs.

No. 281937

Jill is her special interest so of course her “alters” are based around Jills. This is what real autism looks like. Not cute and bordering scary.

No. 281948

Lol at her drawing herself thin. Not so body positive of Jillian. I didn't realize that the magenta blob was suppose to be a couch until I read the writing.
She won't win the oppression olympics if she doesn't remind everyone that she has the most trauma ever(TM) which doesn't interfere with her life until it's convenient. She's put her self-worth into being seen special by everyone and gets aggressive when people don't see her as such.
Steve's mullet being coloured grey and not bleach blond is funny. She's exhausting to be around for sure even when walking on eggshells around her, he could still easily set her off. Already know Steve hates Jerrick and Jax which both 'alters' conveniently get blamed for Jill's bpd shit which Jilly apparently no longer has.
>The internet has really opened my eyes to how many deranged people are in the world
I think part of the reason why is because these individuals find other like minded people who help fuel their obsession. Pandora's box and whatnot.

No. 281953

maybe it's time to resurrect the confetti club thread?

No. 281956

No. 281966

Jerrick has green hair anon

No. 281973

Thought you were talking about Jill before I read the rest of the post- because come to think of it Jill is Jill’s special interest too kek. Maybe she can coin a new rare disorder, Narctism

No. 281975

>I'm gonna live my life as a mix of my two different personalities!
aka just live life as a normal, multi-faceted human being?

No. 281976

Essentially jill’s DID larp kek

No. 282034

It's weird how just scrolling through this girls feed she gives clear autistic/disorder/something vibes without trying, but I get none of that from Jill despite her doing her best to larp it. I can't even fully pinpoint what it is that makes them different

No. 282038


That's because You need to be mentally ill to be a Jill fan

No. 282040

it is, she attracts so many freaks, i don't get how it even died down

No. 282051

That’s because every retard breadcrumb Jill posts is specifically curated based on what the perceived reaction will be, which is why she throws a shit fit if it’s taken a different way. Actually tarded people like that follower have no clue that what they’re posting is being perceived as weird or stalker-ish because the one person they care about perceiving it has been positive.

It’s a beautiful irony that Jill will never be as mentally or socially inept as her followers. It reminds me of her car crash video where every other comment was one of her fans empathizing by sharing their own actually horrific car accident stories

No. 282057

File: 1676566936669.jpg (470.24 KB, 1080x897, 20230216_125630.jpg)

She really loves to recreate that semi-viral pic she had with Colin. Only issue is Steve is gross and Colin wasn't so slimy looking

No. 282062

I know it’s a nitpick, but fuck it annoys me that she’s still got such massive jewelery in her septum and hasn’t bothered to downsize

No. 282068

They look so smelly

No. 282071

Steve could be a hobo and she's still wearing that oversized heart pajama top she bought years ago, just that now it fits her normally

No. 282079

They went to a store for Valentine’s Day. That’s all.

No. 282082

omg the one where it's like "this is what a queer couple looks like"!

No. 282100

File: 1676584034524.png (115.99 KB, 745x1049, 1508950043334.png)

No. 282104

Steve looks like a sexual predators.

No. 282108

>Only issue is Steve is gross and Colin wasn't so slimy looking
Steve is smug and has a haughty attitude which makes his face even more punchable. Just remember he chose to stay in this personal hell himself. Also very stupid nitpick but it's annoying me that he's wearing dungarees.

No. 282113

Steve legit looks like titanic sinclair here

No. 282153

>Actually tarded people like that follower have no clue that what they’re posting is being perceived as weird or stalker-ish because the one person they care about perceiving it has been positive
unrelated to Jill but I see so many seriously insane comments people leave under influencers/artists/musicians pages which influencers reply to or like (because fans = money I guess) like wildly inappropriate things where op is clearly spending all day every day thinking about and engaging with their content.
The fans are at like 200% unhinged level but keep doing it because it's perceived as acceptable by their obsession.
Idk how any influencer or semi famous person does it, it doesn't seem worth it at all for a bit of "easy" money like the obsessive comments would make me fear for my life for real.
Jill's stan here even dressed up as her for halloween complete with head wound or fake blood or something, I'd be shitting myself

No. 282176

And Jill wonders why Drew Monson never acknowledges her. Maybe she should follow his lead and ignore the crazy fan that wants to wear her skin.

No. 282187

Here's the February Patreon livestream.

No. 282188

Anything interesting?

No. 282207

currently writing up summary, will post soon

No. 282210

Bless you, hang in there

No. 282217

not one of the the usual summary anons, i'll try my best.

>opens with her just messing around and talking to/about her cat

>when this stream was live, she was in the middle of processing the inner worlds video
>apologizes for delaying the second half of the last month's stream, said she had to edit it in youtube to prevent "doxxing herself" after showing the view outside her window (and also apparently just put it off)
>one of her new years resolutions is to celebrate her cat's birthdays with "intention and severity" and apparently has very bad constant anxiety about her cats aging
>shows off her new fidget spinner (it's broken)
>"I've been a lot more fidgety and just constantly moving since our fusion, which is not a bad thing it's just something I need to kind of adapt to and make more time to stim in ways that are more productive so I don't have a breakdown or meltdown"
>"We have such good friends in our life now"
>talks about conventions coming back
>confirmed she's cosplaying one of the new precure characters, cure sky, and has a full cosplay group for the characters (including the pig apparently)
>is confused by (water?) stains on her wall
>says it's nasty (kek)
>trying to decide what she wants for her birthday
>contemplates getting something practical like peel n stick tile (because her lemon wrapping paper "wallpaper" is apparently disgusting, or picking her favorite precure anniversary merchandise and asking her mom to buy it
>(deep voice) "mommy i want a present" (kek)
>feels like her precure love has taken a bit of a backseat, hasn't been keeping up with the seasons as much as she used to
>only her and the friend cosplaying cure prism will compete and do a dance
>has started learning the dance
>remarks on how different it will be cosplaying a blue cure
>has been working on "the mural thing" (? gives no context)
>talks about how her paint was stored badly
>talks briefly about andrew tate
>makes joke about calling the confetti club "confetti alphas/alpha club" and how that would be a "terrible new alter, no bad parts except for the andrew tate sigma alter"
>talks about making a joke in a drew monson patreon livestream chat that she feels like "a dancing jester (trying to entertain herself so she doesn't die)" and he laughed at it
>talks about how in her "inner world" they decorated for christmas with a "beautiful wholesome team building christmas tree decoration moment"
>but it was just the tree, would have taken too much "subconscious brainpower"
>apparently did it to help berry because "it's hard to not be able to be a kid around christmas"
>shows a screenshot of her lockscreen calendar with her video plans/general plans, which are all behind schedule, unsurprisingly
>wants to make a video about the "over-core-ification" of things (spurred by the valentine's season and lovecore)
>when she's "not around to film", Flora or Jerrick find something productive to do that's still related to the channel or video production like cleaning filming area, working on footage, making art
>talks more about "-cores"
>her fashion style "isn't strictly anything at the moment" to avoid feeling boxed in
>suddenly drinks her orange juice and says (in response to nothing) "I think it's jerr…I think it's jill and jerr" possibly implying co-con
>Mentions party kei: "I want to talk about the whole like party kei thing, because I got a bit of pushback about party kei because 'kei' is a japanese word…and I'm a white person"
>Says she definitely understands now that it's weird to try and pioneer a movement underneath a japanese name despite being inspired by other japanese fashions
>therefore, she likes "birthdaycore" cause it's "literally the same thing"
>She says she doesn't think it's wrong to wear "clowncore" (in reference to past drama about it that I can't remember), she just wanted to educate herself and says no one is saying it's racist to wear clowncore
>spergs for fucking ages about her looking into the "pink cutesy x dark edgy duo" archetype (it's not interesting but she wants to make a video about it)
>implies that jerr was made because she pigeonholed herself into a positive sunshiney rainbow persona ("…I was like, I can't be anything other than sunshine so all of the darkness goes into one")
>talks briefly about witchcraft, and how she follows no deity
>goes to rescue her cat from what sounds like a pile of trash
>"i cleared him a path"
>still participating in her local witchcraft group
>stickers tries to eat thread
>stream ends

This stream was pretty kekworthy, she said some pretty dumb stuff.

No. 282218

Jill’s social faux pas are all classic cluster B, that’s why. The goal of her weird behavior is always to attain attention and to fabricate a shallow semblance of identity due to a lack of a genuine stable sense of self. She’s flashy, sexually inappropriate, extremely moody, self-destructive, substance dependent, vindictive, an inconstant friend with a large history of interpersonal drama, and loves to be on stage and be stared at. She aims to be different, famous, to be looked at, treated specially and as though she’s a doted-on literal child, to constantly attain new temporary highs (new objects, hair changes, tattoos).

No. 282220

File: 1676663002241.png (1.56 MB, 1474x942, pixie schedule.png)

Screenshot of the schedule.

No. 282222

Her schedule is so empty… like she really just announced to the world officially who boring and empty her life is. This is bleak.

No. 282225

Not wk this isn't to say she's not doing anything if it's mostly a "professional schedule" for her work
I 100% believe she is a boring person but the schedule doesn't mean shit for that

No. 282228

>apparently did it to help berry because "it's hard to not be able to be a kid around christmas"

didnt she literally go back to mommy's house for christmas, got a stocking full of rainbow kids stuff, ect? how was she not a kid around christmas

No. 282230

Of course she has to cosplay the main character of the season even if it is a -gasp- blue cure. God forbid any of her friends get a chance to.

No. 282250

>but it was just the tree, would have taken too much "subconscious brainpower"
Not to brag but I just imagined a whole Christmas town in my head and it took basically no subconscious brainpower.

No. 282273

are valentines and stevies bday professional?

No. 282277

Did she make this to get mama vessey off her back and show how hard working she is? Lol. Planning something ≠ you did the work. Got to actually execute them and not just daydream them in a weed haze. Not surprising she's behind.

No. 282281

Hell yeah they are professional she has Stevie as part of her brand cause Stevie is part two of the queer couple

No. 282282

so i guess we're not getting the lovecore video (and i doubt we're getting the video of her painting a mural because come on dude)

lmao why even make a schedule if you're not going to follow it

No. 282283

She's either complaining that she has to buy presents for others or the fact that she's not physically a child. Both are really grim ways of thinking.

No. 282299

>implies that jerr was made because she pigeonholed herself into a positive sunshiney rainbow persona ("…I was like, I can't be anything other than sunshine so all of the darkness goes into one")

Yeah this is your delusion Jill. You summed it up in one sentence. She needs to be special so bad that she invents childhood trauma while smoking dope instead of just thinking "Hm it's silly to compartmentalize my hobbies and interests."

No. 282303

File: 1676706091457.png (16.34 KB, 528x330, wtf.png)

sorry for late but I swear to god, this DID shit is getting so out of control. It's like transgenderism 2.0 and what kinnies thought they were back in 2015. People like her are just spreading it further to young and impressionable teens, when she's a maladjusted womanchild. Disgusting.

No. 282306

File: 1676710700848.jpg (431.05 KB, 1080x1663, Screenshot_20230217_221426.jpg)

No. 282325

She talked on stream about how she was still planning on doing it but had already uploaded her inner worlds video late, the whole chat was eager to reassure her that post-valentines day was not too late. So who knows, we might be getting it before March. Maybe.

No. 282332

is this cutified weed with heart emojis ? kinda hope she starts doing cocaine and act like it's all pink and girly too

No. 282338

In Canada, cannabis is a regulated market that exists alongside a pervasive black market, too. Regulated cannabis products have to follow rules and have safety checks and all that. This edible is black-market, it lacks the certified nutritional info and has a vague THC-level. It makes me wonder it Jill is only shopping for her stash through the illegal market, something a lot of chronic smokers end up doing because of cheaper prices and higher drug potencies. It's weird that she would even post this photo and information. She's been worried about doxxing for a while, but it'd be super easy to call the listed black-market dispensaries in Fredericton and ask if they do free-cookie deals on Friday. Her actions always contradict her words.

No. 282340

Wait, wtf? There are technically illegal black market STORES for weed in Canada? When you say black market I honestly thought you were implying Jill just gets her stuff from a run of the mill street dealer. Does Canada just turn a blind eye to these illegal dispensaries? Absolutely wild. In the states it’s super regulated and the only way to get black market weed is to order it from sketchy online spaces or find yourself a street dealer.

No. 282341

The stupid thing is that it’s just fundamentally not true. According to her, Jerrick appeared in her early tweens when she went through her ‘punk’ phase, which from what I can tell was her first foray into alt fashion, she was just a normie before that. So she went regular kid > punk > tumblr anachan > Lolita > Japanese inspired > whatever she is now. She wasn’t ‘cutsey and rainbow’ prior to when she says Jerrick formed

No. 282342

File: 1676732326177.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1982, D16B8C65-39CC-4096-9C55-099481…)

Found it easily, jilly’s fave dispo is Mimi’s Medicinals

No. 282345

You a lot are going to start another stalker fiasco

No. 282349

So glad I checked the thread! I was searching for it too I thought it was gonna be "Canna Queens."
It's a grey area. A dispensary needs to be certified by provincial cannabis authorities, for example Cannabis NB in Jill's province. A lot of black-market dispensaries operate illegally in daylight because it takes a while for the legal process to shut them down.

No. 282350

I didn’t see the “free cookie friday” deal even listed anywhere on the site. If Jill had just said she got a free rainbow chip cookie at her favorite dispo and not taken the picture, or at least taken it out of the packaging, it wouldn’t have been this easy to pin down so quick.

No. 282351

Ayrt and I also checked through the stock at Cannaqueens first, kek. Seems more befitting of Jill’s aesthetic for sure. I’m surprised she doesn’t own a bunch of their merch, hell even I kinda want a canna queen tee.

No. 282366

Jill is the only cow who has somehow gotten MORE boring the crazier she gets

No. 282369

Yeah she gets to live exactly how she did as a kid with the only change being she gets her own special rainby dollhouse all of her own instead of ONLY one room decorated top to bottom with everything she likes. But she hates knowing that she’s aging because she prefers fantasy and dressup to having to actually do the job of designing and sewing, and she hates her weight gain so she keeps representing herself as internally being younger, shorter and thin. In one of her recent videos she drew some thing showing how she has a mental overlay of her internal alter self or whatever that is like a tween girl overlayed on top of her bigger body.

No. 282370

File: 1676740000271.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1023x2145, D9C23C8C-8DDD-4176-B765-393900…)

Have people pointed out yet that this is exactly her talking about her childhood?

No. 282371

just saying that it is defiantly a regulated edible. It's in the super "child-proof" bag and the nutritional facts and warnings are most likely on the back. I'm in the US and edible baked goods from farms come on the same packaging.
I also think Jilly would be to much of a pussy to buy from some random guy on the street despite it being cheaper.

No. 282375

nta but the black market anon is talking about is unregulated stores, not some guy on the street. since you're not from canada you don't know, but we've had a big problem with illegally produced edibles being sold at sketchy stores or through online delivery services. a lot of them look like food or snacks. that package isn't a proper childproof package and you're not allowed to have clear packaging on those products here. just google it, since i'm not spoonfeeding you more.

No. 282379

File: 1676744523121.jpeg (445.03 KB, 1170x1658, A4FFBA8D-1DAA-465F-8BEB-49C124…)


There are only two locations that are considered authorized cannabis retailers in Fredericton, both are called Cannabis NB. So looks like Jilly is not just smoking weed but smoking illegally obtained weed. KEKK

No. 282380

kek nonna, perfect

No. 282400

Idk why the "RAINBOW CHIPS" is absolutely sending me. Like could you shut up about your rainbow personality for one fucking second

No. 282401

iirc first nation reserves can sell weed and related products. so she probably got it from there instead. they still have to be registered businesses but yeah, don't have to be related to the province.

No. 282402

Mimi's is on the rez, it's legal for them to sell to people with a status card but definitely not for Jill to buy.

No. 282409

Nonnas are really pearl clutching over Jill doing something majority of canadians who consume weed do, buying it off non-govt ran establishments. Im not a wk but this isn’t milk unless you’re a sheltered neet.

No. 282427

I think we more so find it funny she's broadcasting her relatively illegal activities like a dumbass kek

No. 282430

these kinds of places are a huge issue here because they sell to children. you shouldn't be defending them or jill for supporting them.

No. 282436

what is this nonna it looks interesting

No. 282452

I find it funnier that she consumes so much weed at such a high volume now that she has to go to the black-market to fulfill her high-THC/quantity needs. She drives out to the rez for a reason, to save money – so how much money is she spending on drugs in the first place? Only the most chronic stoners I know still regularly buy at rez stores or black market shops. I always pegged her as a Pink Kush diehard,

No. 282458

This. It's also the fact that you don't know where the weed comes from. It could be grown in some idiot's apartment, or be the result of the war against narco in poorer countries.

It's very unethical, and goes against sustainability. Didn't she proclaim to be both?

No. 282460

Kekkkk this.
She already wants children to smoke weed to cure their autism or some shit like that, so of course it makes sense.

No. 282461

nta the new puss in boots movie

No. 282502

Seems like her new bff pinksugarfairies follows a lot of ana accounts…(this is an imageboard)

No. 282507

>TW: weed

No. 282510

This is lolcow, an imageboard, if you claim something we need screenshots.

No. 282517

With the whole Pink x dark combo; I wonder if it's her slowly pushing/accepting Steve trooning out; so they can be the edgy/cute queer couple of her dreams and no one can attack her because of it

No. 282518

she might also take inspiration from alb and her all-black troon or formerly kelly eden and dre ronayne, it's kind of a common influencer thing

No. 282576

Oh yeah I totally think it's been done to death before. I'm thinking it might be her sort of justifying it to herself, since she's 'totes queer' after dating mystery girl (liking dick too much to be a lesbian of course) with everyone speculating Steve trooning out; if he does I feel like Jilly will see him as competition unless he follows what she deems is appropriate, the pink x dark aesthetic combo since most troons tend to pick one of the two for attention

No. 282585

I think it's just popular nowadays, I went to a comic con yesterday and saw a bunch of teenagers doing the pink&cutesy + dark&edgy thing while cosplaying together. It's cute for a cosplay with friends, less cute when its a 25 year old woman trying to make a lifestyle out of it.

No. 282592

File: 1676833956009.jpeg (551.87 KB, 1170x1186, C0C899E4-87BB-4317-8FB8-74C08E…)

It’s crazy how people can think she is nice when her words are so mean when you take 2 fucking seconds to actually look at them

No. 282597


I like how Jill admits to seeing people who hate her as evil lmao.

No. 282603

Jill shouldn't be smoking weed at all. She claims to have several mental illnesses and weed doesn't help the things she claims to have, only aggravate. But of course, it makes no difference, because she actually doesn't have anything but regular depression and chronic spoiled child syndrome.

No. 282621

>major apology
>consistently hateful
>on multiple platforms
>these people aren't "just evil"
>they are (also) "going through something"

Jill, this a lot of exaggeration to say "someone on the internet said sorry to me on Twitter for leaving a negative comment on my YT video"
Arrogant loser she is. What is a "major apology" ffs

No. 282623

File: 1676846100997.jpg (126.84 KB, 1080x621, Screenshot_20230219_222618.jpg)

She should really stop going her DID LARPing therapist and start working on her weed issue, that much smoking isn't normal

No. 282636

>We are a daily smoker

Please put the weed down Jill.

No. 282640

Lol what sane person broadcasts this? Especially on their main twitter? You're a thin-skinned bitch Jill. The fact you see people who disagree with you over anything as evil is very telling. She's anything but sunshines and rainbows. She's a fucking stormy raincloud that uses her flashy lightening and scary sounding thunder to control her narrative. Too bad it's all smoke and mirrors.
Her fresh out of school recommended by Steve angel therapist no longer does therapy sessions. He moved on to something else after doing a year of therapy sessions. He gave Jillian some recs for a new therapist but looks like nothing came out of it and no longer has a therapist who will endulge in her delusions the moment she showed up. But Jill being miss psychology is my passion loves to brazenly spread misinformation give out her own advice. As for the bragging about daily smoking/high weed tolerance, it is absolutely cringe to be bragging about high tolerances. Hey Jill, you remind me of a fatass almost 40 year old millennial man I know. He does the same thing. You both are mentally stunted stuck in the mindset of edgy 13 year olds. It's pathetic how you both think it makes you somehow look cool.

No. 282642

She'll bitch about having to buy cheaper brands of food but you know she'll never forgo the weed. Her main priorities in this recession especially for how high her tolerance is.

No. 282653

>daily smoker
Kek no wonder she doesn't get her videos done on time

No. 282684

>actually felt a teeny high!
>it made her pass out
This shit is literally the reason she’s become a complete lazy sack of crap who does nothing but lie around daydreaming. DID is her primary hobby and use of her time because it’s simply an extension of weed. She wakes up and lies around high going “woahhh, my inner world, I can like, totally see my past selves walking around in there and going to uhh, Hot Topic…”

No. 282686

If your “medicinal” use of weed results in you “conking out” when it’s not bed time that’s bad mmmkay.
She tells on herself so consistently, in her mind it’s a) not a big deal she does weed every day, b) perfectly fine she does weed while suffering mental health problems exacerbated by something like weed, c) only “feeling it a little” when she conks out, which sorry to say means you’re doing way too much unless the you’re trying to sleep!? She really is just a stoner with no personality at this point.

No. 282692

She acts like some fucking tommy chong but can't handle or even properly consume edibles. Insufferable twat starts smoking for a year and thinks she's a burnout, kek.

No. 282727

Does Steve know Jill's larp of DID is just a result of her smoking weed every day and does he care?

No. 282728

Didn’t she only start breadcrumbing DID shit AFTER she started her quest to be the biggest stoner of them all?

No. 282729

Yeah I think they pretty much coincided, after she finished uni course and had nothing else to occupy her time

No. 282730

daily smoker??? no wonder she's a mess. i used to smoke daily and it was hell. no energy, constantly zoning out, no thoughts. it's standard to be asked in therapy, especially with bpd/did/cptsd, if you use substances. if you do, you need to quit while being evaluated, since it can affect your symptoms and give you symptoms you don't really have when sober. you'll also likely be told not to smoke daily even after being evaluated. how has she not been diagnosed with substance abuse? has she just been lying to her therapist about her weed and alcohol consumption?

No. 282735

She’s doesn’t even have a therapist, nonna. No therapist is gonna recommend someone who 1) has no physical chronic issues to contend with and 2) has a severe debilitating dissociative disorder, to smoke weed all day everyday. There are some cases where mentally ill patients (though usually not those with severe dissociative symptoms and never for those with schizophrenia or family history of such), usually those who are also struggling with some sort of painful physical chronic illness, it wouldn’t be considered substance abuse but rather a medication. And even then, they will ask you to stop consuming THC and just stick to CBD during the initial diagnostic process.

No. 282737

she did use to see a therapist though, so she should've been told to quit while she did, especially since it wasn't medical. i doubt many therapists accept using weed with her diagnosises, especially since she doesn't seem to have perscription, but rather consumes as much as she wants to. thus, it should be considered substance abuse, but i doubt she would sacrifice her addictions to actually get better - because her condition is really not what she makes it out to be anyway.

some nonna commented earlier that she seems to be addicted to dopamine, which makes a lot of sense to me. she relies on weed, attention and food to get dopamine because she ruined her brain by constantly consuming things and scrolling mindlessly being chronically online and getting instant dopamine, and now her brain can't produce it from basic tasks like moving her body or being productive. she would really benefit from staying off social media for a good while, but we all know that won't ever happen.

No. 282739

this is why stoners are so annoying. replace “weed” with any other substance and it’s an addiction; but, because it’s the glorious all natural plant from the ground it’s cute being lifeless in steve’s arms. so cute and adorable and relatable nodding out all day and doing nothing with her life except convincing yourself her problems are a super rare condition and not the most obvious thing in front of her face.

No. 282743

File: 1676902692867.png (19.7 KB, 575x110, never.png)

She might have been honest (well more like humble bragging as she does) about her weed usage to her angel baby therapist (who, as a drag queen thembie, probably validated her for it), but she definitely lied to the psychologist who handed her the diagnostic impression. She only saw her once for the test and that was it, AFAIK, so it's easy to lie. The shitty MID test that she took literally starts with picrel.

No. 282744

Do you guys think she smells like weed? Do you think she’d wear perfume to try and cover it or just proudly reeks of weed and cat piss?

No. 282750

Weed smell then poor hygiene smell and I bet she doesn’t do laundry properly or often enough given the state of her home. She probably reeks then tries to cover it with sweet scents. So musty and sickly sweet is my estimation.

No. 282762

File: 1676914816534.jpg (45.84 KB, 604x567, lolcow.JPG)

No. 282765

It's becoming self aware

No. 282770

File: 1676919570725.jpeg (359.1 KB, 1170x1103, F05283E3-31AB-43B8-A3DE-35BD74…)

No. 282771

I hope the person who apologized retracted it immediately after this.

No. 282772

File: 1676920162807.jpg (158.94 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_20230220-190314_Tik…)

Let's pretend for 1 second that DID is actually real…you're stoked that your idol has it aswell? Yoire stoked that someone else has this apparently life changing debilitating condition and you're stoked. I'm actually at a loss for words. I honestly want off of the Internet.

No. 282778

Watching this video was pretty amusing because yes, I could totally see her bpd ass blowing up her life in the hopes of gaining more victim status and attention. We’ve seen her change her life to revolve around fads and trends since she’s been online, this isn’t that much of a reach. It’ll be easy to get out of too when she finally fuses into her final form! Or throws her Angel therapist under the bus or even just admits it was her actual mental illness running rampant.
She just can’t help broadcasting exactly who she is. Most people who suffer a trauma don’t want that to be their brand (much less a brand) the way she and other mental health munchies do. What’s she going to do when she’s 30? 40?

No. 282780

Honestly I had to stop even reading this thread because I am sick of watching someone lie, and so smugly, and even moreso watching people so willfully fall for LIES. I can't even say Jill is delusional, she isn't, she's just fucking lying and getting endlessly rewarded for it. It's so sickening and the main reason why I think she's the biggest, stupidest bitch on this whole fucking site. I hate her the most out of anyone.

No. 282783

It might not have even been a lie. She might believe her own shit. You know how she said that weed doesn't have an effect on her? She will smoke and then say she's not under the influence because 'i wasn't REALLY high lol!' like. i don't think she understands she has a problem at all and I don't know if that's better or worse. The enablers are the really irritating part.

No. 282801

I honestly feel like she should be moved to pt at this point because of this. It’s not like she has anything to do with lolita or weeb stuff anymore.

No. 282814

File: 1676947604104.jpeg (34.5 KB, 284x379, 91F7E256-F182-4EF7-8E05-637132…)

Next thread pick please (even though a lot of us hated her before the DID)

No. 282815

sorry I typed save instead of sage, spare me

No. 282843

File: 1676955509314.png (62.43 KB, 1053x339, Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 11.4…)

No. 282852

File: 1676962029754.jpg (342 KB, 1080x1632, IMG_20230221_074517.jpg)

Black rock shooter has multiple anime, the newest one has a creepy guy raping young girls, she should probably specify

No. 282853

File: 1676962121578.jpg (131.65 KB, 749x1084, 20230221_074819.jpg)

No. 282856

only the ova was okay. the rest are literal garbage. the older anime has creepy groomer teacher and tragic lesbians.

No. 282859

>"weeb" her whole life
>only anime she knows or talks about has been precure and sakura card captor for 8 years cuz shes always been a lazy larper

No. 282865

How long have they been together and he's acting like this is wild new behaviour? Like I get that it's parody but he also has these crazy eyes which suggest this is genuinely new behaviour for her. They really are roommates who bang

No. 282867

>stoked that you have DID just like me
Never in a million years will you hear someone who's actually sick say something like this. All sick people want is to get better, not to see even more people with the same problem.

No. 282910


It's crazy to me that stebie just accepts all of Jill's bullshit without question. if your girlfriend is smoking weed everyday and falling asleep randomly after getting high that's extremely worrying, especially for someone claiming to have severe mental health issues.

No. 282971

Except they don’t bang

No. 283030

>I was so STOKED to see you have cancer like me!
>Wow, I can't believe you have AIDs! Me too!
If you want mental illness to be recognized the same as physical illness you don't get to do this shit. You don't get it both ways.

No. 283042

Imagine your friend's BF sending you this shit. How fucking annoying. Like no I don't want to be a part of your weird self roleplay slash fanfic. You are not cute or funny.

No. 283089

I wouldn’t know what to do with the self obsession or Stevie playing along with Jill thinking she’s the center of the universe and everything she does is fascinating and cute. I would lose his number so quick.

No. 283094