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File: 1511230585770.png (95.75 KB, 275x229, paganlocks.png)

No. 428929

previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler
>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy])
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which she justifies by making an ungodly amount of haul videos
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight' (Who broke up with her)
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
>Went to Japan to prove to herself she wanted to study fashion design
>was basically a two week shopping spree
>home again and struggling to keep up with making videos
>quitting her jobs to follow ~dream~ of being a fashion designer in Japan
>still lying about making 'enough money to pay rent' (while asking Louise for $$) and about being supportive to her followers
>interviewed by cbc.ca about internet popularity in her basement room
>"would call herself lesbian if she wasn't dating someone with a dick"
>started streaming on younow for money
>Colin broke up with her, now dating girls only through tinder
>Got a tattoo of her cat after getting told her wand plan was a bad idea and throwing a fit about it
>Full time youtuber now
>Got into a crappy fashion/design school close to mommy
>Currently dating normie girl
>Keeps crying about YouTube demonetization because she can't fund her shopping and sugar addiction
>Says she's pagan/a witch but won't talk about it because apparently people are touchy about religions


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/

No. 428931

>Says she's pagan/a witch but won't talk about it because apparently people are touchy about religions

clearly just doesn't want to talk about it because she doesn't even know what she's talking about and doesn't want to be called out on it kek

No. 428937

I enjoy every new addition to her summary. She gets more abnormal with every passing thread and it's likely tied to her lack of social interaction after taking a pointless year off school.

No. 428974

Feel like we should've had something about her being creepy and clingy to alot of youtubers and cuddling up to everyone and anyone to reap those sweet, sweet braindead subs

but pretty good, shows how far gone she is and is heading.

No. 428996

The fucking thread pic tho!!

No. 429018

i can't wait for her to meet normal functioning people her age when she goes to college. it's going to be such a reality check for her. but in all honesty we know she's going to whine about how everyone's just a ~bunch of normies~ and that she's a ~speshul smol soft witch that no one understands~

she's so disconnected from the reality of the world. she's living so far away from real life that she finds it daunting and ~so stressful for muh anxieties~ when she gets even a hint of real life

No. 429064

what annoys me about her obsession with annika is that isn't annika like in uni doing a science degree? or post grad or something? plus she's living with a chronic illness + disability and has time to make informative youtube videos. if i were jill i'd be embarrassed as hell to be lounging around the house all day and sucking up to people actually doing something with their lives

No. 429071

I've never thought about that, but now that you mention it, I think that's really interesting. I know it's not fair to compare illnesses (Annika's chronic illness and Jillian's mental illness), I think Jillian needs to take two steps back and look at what she's allowing her life to be like, especially considering how hard Annika works in comparison to Jillian.

I know how hard it can be to shake mental illness but at this point Jillian is kind of just indulging her mental illnesses, and it's going to make her feel worse. She needs to try to help herself because it can make such a big difference. But she won't. Come on, girl.

No. 429096

Annika is everything Jill is not. No wonder she is so obsessed with her. Kek

No. 429104

She'll only do party kei shit, then when she gets bad marks she'll be like 'tHE FASHION INDUSTRY IS SO BLAND!??!!!! THEY ONLY WANT NORMIE STUFF uwu'

No. 429240

File: 1511270736848.jpeg (26.59 KB, 380x500, CDD693DB-A098-4AD8-8D33-DE5AA9…)

No. 429250

anon this is blasphemy, this troll obviously dyes their roots.

No. 429254

No. 429255

File: 1511273153732.jpg (89.51 KB, 828x1470, IMG_1958.JPG)

No. 429256

File: 1511273272746.jpg (82.29 KB, 736x736, _MG_6495-361_03.jpg)

No. 429257

File: 1511273464350.png (218.43 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1959.PNG)

i suppose you were supporting this jfashion magazine? no? you don't actually support the jfashion industry in any way? interesting.

No. 429266

This irks me so much.. I'm sure if you'd look at her purchases from the past 6 months, 98 percent wouldn't be Jfashion related at all, her ~let's support Japanese indie brands~ phase lasted for a whole 2 weeks back in April or something.

No. 429271


She even went to Claire's and H&M on her sooper cultural shopping trip to Japan while spouting shit about supporting indie brands uwu!!

No. 429276

i’m pretty sure annika dropped out of school to also do youtube full time? her patreon page seems to confirm that.

No. 429291

It just reminds me of people who go to art school and want to draw anime instead of learning any kind of basics to actually improve at various types of art.

No. 429300

Lol yes, she mustve only went to like 3 Japanese stores (and they were americanized fashion at that), bc i only remember the rest being claire's, hm, f21, tgi fridays, 7/11, …

No. 429309


Holy shit that's exactly what it'll be like
But terrible anatomy is just my own unique style, anon!!

No. 429316

that's cause that's what it is. she has no clue about fashion, that's why her 'fashion style' is so shit. also why are we calling it jfashion? a non-japanese citizen can't make a j-fashion.

No. 429322

If jfashion dies off she won't be able be able to rip it off anymore with her "whatever I feel like wearing" kei and claiming she's inspired by it or pretending to care about it for views. It's such an eyeroll every time she has to draw attention to jfashion decreasing, we all know you sleep all day and watch precure then order garbage online, quit pretending you read or do anything related to jfashion.

No. 429344

>non-japanese citizen can't make a j-fashion

This, a canadian rando can't just "invent" a style and call it j fashion.

No. 429363

It would be different if she atleast lived in japan, she doesn't have to be ethnically japanese, but she isn't even part of the culture or country.

No. 429366


It's Jill who calls it a j-fashion (or heavily heavily implies it with the -kei), everyone else thinks it's bullshit.
I think her excuse was "b-but it's inspired by j-fashion!!", which still does not a Japanese street style make. I think she was trying to emulate Peco (so, y'know, an actual Japanese woman involved in actual Harajuku fashion)

If she claims "party kei" is what she's wearing now, it's really all about throwing on a bunch of gaudy western brand clothes anyway, so that excuse doesn't really fly anymore. The original concept was just fairy kei with a Jill Seal of Approval tacked onto it anyway.

No. 429370

we also say that in the thread and description (without quotes) and her followers/fans probably do too cause they're mousey weebs.

No. 429377


I thought the
>her OWN
part was kind of meant to be pointing out how stupid it is, but I get what you mean, we shouldn't humour her.
Her bizarre weeby future-cat-lady fans definitely call it that tho lmao

Typical Jill - Why do you have to actually live in a country to pretend your shitty made up 'style' is from there? Why does j-fashion have to have so many RULES uwu

No. 429429

File: 1511293796992.jpeg (144.85 KB, 574x852, A780646B-50C7-42E9-AB9B-0C0601…)

Thoughts? I think it’s hideous

No. 429439

Better than Jill's tattoo.

No. 429444

Hold up, why is she saying it's her first tattoo, they talked about the fact she had those dots for beating cancer in Jill's tattoo vlog, Jill invalidated it then and I guess she is doing the same again, honestly what a bitch

No. 429458

I will NEVER understand people who get those portrait-like tattoos, all the ones I've seen with this realistic approach look hideous.

No. 429468


Although Im not personally a fan. This is leagues, LEAGUES better than jills colored outside the lines crayon tattoo

No. 429475

Aw, that's a fine first-time tattoo, let Louise have her mid-life fun.

No. 429488


I imagine they would've been radiation therapy tattoos necessary for her treatment rather than a commemorative "you beat this" kinda thing, so maybe Louise herself doesn't really want to count that as her "first tattoo".

No. 429491

It probably won't age super well but it's very lovely in comparison to Jill's.

No. 429507

She never really specified but Jill was incredibly rude about it and Louise seemed pretty hurt/awkward

No. 429561

I actually like the tattoo but it seems a little weird for a 40+ year old woman to get.

I also like her hair color in that pic.

No. 429627

I don't think her mom getting a tattoo is weird what I think is weird is when Jillian dismissed her mom's remark about her past with cancer in her tattoo vlog it was really rude especially since her mom is supposedly her best friend

No. 429631

My mother was 55 when she got a memorial tattoo for her cat Willow. Before that, her only other tattoo was one celebrating my birth, that cat meant a lot ot her. I don't think it's bad at all, whats bad is Jilians blownout clusterfuck

No. 429641


Jill remarked that it was "for cancer" and Louise mentioned that the "surgery hurt more" so that's the impression I get, but it seems really strange of Jill to go out of her way to mention it's her 'first' tattoo considering. Jill only has one (shitty) tattoo too so idgi

No. 429729

File: 1511317968228.jpg (309.65 KB, 627x732, cb6.jpg)

This literally speaks for itself.

No. 429734

If my mom bought me bathtub crayons casually without my asking I would wonder if I was mentally retarded. Jill actually revels in her mom thinking she's this juvenile.

No. 429747

this isn't helping her case regarding her being an adult toddler. seriously.

No. 429773

File: 1511323516314.jpg (42.89 KB, 635x635, hyperrealism-cat-tattoo.jpg)


I don't think it's hideous, but I do think it's too dark and kinda muddy, the pastel-ish colors by the side don't help with this, they only highlight how muddy it is. I do think realistic cat tattoos are beautiful (you can google those exact words and see for yourself), but the artist clearly didn't know their values properly, so everything is too dark. Pic related, a nice b&w cat portrait with good value work. The face on Louise's tattoo is also a bit wonky, but that could be forgiven if the tattoo wasn't so dark and muddy. I think getting rid of the black background around it would've helped tons. Or doing it with colors instead. Maybe it will look a bit better healed?

Glad we all agree it's heaps better than Jill's though. kek

Saged for tattoo sperg.

No. 429778

It's going to lighten a bit as it heals but yeah the black background wasn't a good choice, it looks very disconnected from the right side. It's decent overall though.

No. 429780

whilst I dont like these kind of tattoos, this is fine. Let Louise have her mid-life crisis/fun, it's a perfectly fine tattoo and she deserves it more than Jill. At least she seemed to have got the tattoo more for herself and rather than (I saw this on instagram with lots of likes, I wanna be popular too!!".

No. 429806

File: 1511327648449.png (633.37 KB, 797x884, bleh.png)

jill has been up kelly eden's butt for a while and i saw this in her twitter likes…when cows collide

No. 429836

uhh this just keeps getting more bizarre, you know she'll take ~instagram aesthetic pictures~ of her doodling shit in the bathtub now, and her fans will praise her for it

I know she said she isn't into ageplay, but she sure as hell isn't acting her own age

No. 429896

File: 1511346884160.jpeg (69.31 KB, 640x468, 4E9EE057-D6E9-4A90-A880-BE80C5…)

Jill what ever could you possibly being doing this week that will only leave you with enough time to upload a single video? Didn’t she quit Claire’s so that she could work on her videos to have them done ahead of time in case stuff came up? Also very family friendly Jill

No. 429907

Just fucking pre-record videos, it's not that difficult. Maybe if she just spent a little less time playing Animal Crossing and napping she could actually stick to her schedule.

No. 429914

Why do you guys get so butthurt about the upload schedules of youtubers? I've seen this elsewhere on the site too. "It's not that hard to make a videooo! hmph!".

No. 429920

Because it's their job to upload videos on schedule. Youtube is an incredibly flexible job - Jill herself chose how many videos she'd do per week, when and where she'd record them, how much time she'd dedicate to each video. She is in control of everything, yet she can't even stick to it. It's not even an occasional thing - she regularly moves her streams at short notice too.

No. 429949

I don't think anyone is literally mad about it anon. It's just extra pathetic in Jill's case because she said she quit her job to devote her time to doing just that. She has no bills to pay, and really no other responsibilities other than making videos as she promised herself she would. Yet she can't even do that.

No. 429951

If someone elects to make a career out of YouTube and sets a schedule for their viewers, they're expected to uphold it. If she can't do it as a "full-time job" then she should drop the schedule, explain to her fans, and upload when she can. It's leagues better than always putting it off and making lame excuses.

No. 429954

> I didn’t buy anything so have nothing to talk about

No. 429974

I'm >>429907 and like other anons pointed out it's not that I'm butthurt about the fact that she isn't making more videos, I understand the fact that it can be hard work and I can honestly live without a new 20 minute shopping spree this week.

It's just that I've kept up with her pretty much since she started YouTube and she's always had immense trouble with this, which is fine if it was just a hobby or if she didn't even have a schedule in the first place.
But she actually quit her job to do this fulltime. In the very least she should communicate with her viewers more clearly. Always just saying that you're "busy" or that you'll have a "fucky" week gets a little old and untrustworthy after a while.
On her streams she even talked about how she's worried that maybe she just won't feel 'motivated' to make videos in winter, in which case you either have to prepare a little or you shouldn't be self-employed.

Sorry for the long explanation, just wanted to make it clear that I don't care how many videos Jill actually uploads, I just think she keeps handling this incredibly badly.
If anything this will end up hurting her own 'career' so I'm not mad about it at all.

No. 429976

Imagine if you had an actual,job and acted like this. "Sorry my attendance this week might be a little fucky, and I can't tell you when I'm gonna come in or if I'll do any work! Oops lol"

If you're gonna brag about being ~a big boy fulltime youtuber~ maybe actually treat it like a job and respect your followers who actually do care about your videos.

No. 429978

Yeah exactly, Jill just wants to be able to call herself a fulltime YouTuber and enjoy her silver playbuttons and what not, but then she doesn't want to put in any of the actual work.

At this point I don't have much sympathy left for her. I see a lot of way smaller YouTubers who also work a fulltime job who are able to prerecord videos/stick to their schedules, and yet Jill is just unable to plan that far ahead for some reason.

The thought of her ever becoming an independent fashion designer is ridiculous with a work ethic like that.
She said she'd start up her own Etsy store next year and I'm already afraid of the outcome lol.

No. 429994

i wouldn't be afraid of the outcome, it's likely that she will make the store, customize the look and then maybe, just maybe put up 1 item and then endlessly say how she's getting stuff ready.

No. 429997

Yeah like simplynaillogical. Whether you like her or not, she has a Gold play button, uploads on time every week and still has a full time job.

No. 430000

Not something I'd get, but it looks nice enough. Certainly better than that abomination on Jill's arm.

No. 430001

I like how Jill and everyone always say she quit her job for yt. In reality it was 4 hours 2 days a week. For normal people, that has 0 effect on productivity. That's hardly a part time job at that, may as well call it her 8 hour weekly shopping trip at claires.

No. 430005

Where did that number come from? I always assumed it was a regular roughly 20h/week part time job after she quit Freak Lunchbox.

No. 430012

Iirc she said it in one of her streams and someone brought it up in the last thread or thread before last.

No. 430052

Everyone always says that because jill can't go five seconds without bringing it up herself lol

No. 430054

Oops ignore that comment, I didn't read yours properly!

But really she still quit her other jobs and lowered her hours at Claire's because of YouTube, quitting altogether was the last step I guess.

No. 430109

File: 1511375884360.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 333E0D97-810C-452D-8A32-48D638…)

Stolen from the Kelly thread

No. 430116

I love how this girl and Jill both refer to that glorified arts and crafts school as a "fashion school" Kek just to try to be ~*speshul*~

No. 430352

File: 1511397764251.png (514.94 KB, 750x1050, Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 7.40…)

In the same Lazy Oaf sales group as Jill, and it looks like she's selling her Christmas(?) gifts from last year.

wasn't as in love with it as she thought?

No. 430383

wtf why didn’t she crop the picture. That’s so weird, like is she trying to show off the color block dress? Does she want someone to give her a high offer for it while pretending she doesn’t want to sell it? Most phones have the ability to crop photos.

No. 430390

I wonder if she bothered to wash these or if she's just selling it straight from her dirty floor with cat hair on it?

No. 430405

They were radiation therapy tattoos. My mom had the same, they're to help the machine know where to target the radiation. It's not a "commemoration," it's literally so they can hit the same spot every time.


No. 430406

is jill wearing LEGGINGS? I have never seen her wear something even remotely resembling pants before.

No. 430445

Didn't Jill actually mention something about Christine's fans being obnoxious or something similar in a stream recently? For someone with seemingly annoying fans, she sure seems to have her shit together better than Jill does.

And yet she has the balls to bitch and complain about how her videos are getting demonetized when she willingly gave up her job to do an already-flaky hobby full-time just a year before she moves to go to a "fashion school" and live on her own. I'd love for her to continue making content while she's young and has the time to, but I've no sympathy for someone who's so ignorant about her self-made financial situation that she's blind to just how close she is to screwing her own self over.

No. 430465


Anon, that's literally what I said. That's why I said they would have been necessary for her treatment rather than some kind of reminder that she beat it like some people like to get, which is why she may not have wanted to count them as a "first tattoo".

No. 430513

Holy shit anon if you didn't want to out yourself as a farmer then you shouldn't say you're in the closed Lazy Oaf facebook group…especially after that facebook had a HUUUUGE ol' bitchfest about Pixielocks. Kek I know exactly who you are now.

No. 430522


No. 430566

late, but annika dropped out because of her disability stopping her from being able to do her lab work comfortably and she knew she wouldn't be able to have a career in that field, so she switched to youtube full time

No. 430567

applause applause?
caught the wrong fish because im just a reg. anon?

No. 430653


BUT- the fucking picture? Why wouldn't you just take a fucking picture of what you're selling?! i was so confused because she wears the dress a lot but no. she's not even selling the dress, she's just bragging that she has it. what the hell. can she go more than one second without bragging about the shit she buys?


>especially after that facebook had a HUUUUGE ol' bitchfest about Pixielocks

were they dragging her?

anyways i doubt anon cares that people know he's a farmer.

No. 430655


cat is fine imo. flowers are ugly and out of place. but everyones only going to care about the cat so its fine. seems pretty crazy that jills mom has a better cat tattoo than her. odd family.

No. 430714

File: 1511455347417.png (2.98 MB, 1530x1188, jill.png)

No. 430716


I hope she wears something "normie" to this event and not something that makes her look like a rainbow-colored vomit.

No. 430721

not gonna happen lol

No. 430725

I don't understand those (probably underaged_) girls who are metaphorically sucking Trudeau's dick. They're just as obnoxious as Jill.

No. 430726

If she's wearing her usual rainbow vomit gear, I'd be so embarassed as Jill's mom

No. 430778

I know other people would also post similar things to this if they were in her position but coming from her it all just sounds like another one of her braggy, "look at me peasants" posts. Especially with the added "teehee security is so tight!!!" like she's some sort of VIP star attending and not just tagging along because Louise couldn't find the perfect frozen tendies chef for the night. Would she have even gone if there wasn't an ""exclusive,"" special badge and seat to take pictures of?

No. 430786

Well looks like she's wearing the dress from here >>430352, still has her overgrown rainbow nails, and I think we all know for a fact that she still hasn't even redyed her gross rainbow hair, so…
I don't even know if Jill is simply too socially unaware to actually wear something fitting for the occassion, or if she just wanted to make sure to draw attention to herself lol

No. 430790


I kinda get what you mean. If someone was excited about the event obviously they'd share this kind of thing on social media but does Jill actually give a shit about politics? Given her other interests (children's anime, peeps tea and crayola) it doesn't seem like something she'd actually care about.

No. 430792

Well we all know threw a fit over when idubbbz said the n word. I don’t think Jillian is politically involved/smart enough to have a legitimate conversation about politics. It’s more likely that, much like the rest of her career, she simply listens to hear what the popular “correct” opinion is and then follows along with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if her Trudeau posting hurts her Canadian following though. Most Canadians I know can’t wait until he’s gone.

No. 430795

Why would Jill's Canadian fans not like Trudeau? I don't know that much and don't like an opinion either way. But you'd have to be pretty liberal to like Jill.

No. 430818

As far as I can tell, the only people that like Trudeau are politically uninformed little girls and their politically uninformed middle-aged mothers. I'm likely way off, though

No. 430823

File: 1511467552456.png (19.24 KB, 723x126, reee.png)

right after kelly eden posts her video about managing depression, to the surprise of no one

wish she made it a poll so I could vote "hell no" without getting blocked kek

No. 430826

the reply calling him "daddy trudeau" in that screenshot should explain everything. its just a meme to those girls.

No. 430866

File: 1511472832092.jpg (763.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20171123-163048.jpg)

Was the prime minister thing toady? If so this was her outfit lol

No. 430869

muh struggles and muh TRAUMA

Yes, this is how she looked among all the other people who were probably dressed semi formally. Tfw you have no social awareness but also are an attention whore. No doubt people thought Louise was dragging her special womanchild around.

No. 430940

File: 1511481882504.png (70.04 KB, 750x391, IMG_8446.PNG)


No. 430941

File: 1511481965958.png (62.04 KB, 746x338, IMG_8447.PNG)

Looks like she'll be posting it tomorrow if she doesn't change her mind.

No. 430943

lol what?

plenty of people like trudeau. he appeals to moderates, has done enough to sate a lot of the left (acknowledging indiginous issues and trans rights) who were sick of a decade of harper, and so many late teens/early 20s voted for him because he promised to make weed legal and they don't care about politics otherwise

No. 430969

LOL she's the one who put herself in the box of only doing hauls and shit! People have been asking for more substance in her content for ages, why is she surprised??

No. 430972


I dislike Trudeau because I find him incredibly fake, but I still find him super hot. And hey, he did come through with the marijuana thing.

No. 431020

i REALLY want to see a pic of her at the event surrounded by actual adults. it's like a where's waldo but one easy enough she might be able to solve it

No. 431082

(new posting sorry in advance!)
there was a live stream of it - here she is. 2:39:45 is where i got it from :)

No. 431085

File: 1511506765945.png (29.89 KB, 129x104, Capture2.PNG)

No. 431102

File: 1511509729831.png (838.65 KB, 808x459, dis-bish.PNG)

if it werent for the damn beret she wore i dont think i wouldve found her. she even did the thing where she runs her hand down her braids

No. 431110

Jill's beret is the only cute thing she owns. The rest of her clothes and accessories are ultra tacky and idiotic.

No. 431119

i can’t believe she couldn’t just dress like a “normie”. like you just had to do it for like what? 4 or 5 hours? why girl, why??

No. 431134

Apologizes for the wrong photo- ty anon for actually finding her.
Can't believe her mom would be okay and proud to be an official photographer for the place & let her daughter go like that.

No. 431138

Because it would surprise muh free spirit…also because Jill literally cannot comprehend rules/social norms

No. 431142

thats alright! the pic you got was small and i was just gonna grab a bigger one until i got to looking at it closer.

sage for curiosity only, but i'm starting to wonder if Jill would even wear her gaudy outfits to a funeral. im hoping she'd be sensible and, y'know, not dress like a total moron, but then again this is the girl that cant even keep her style in-check so god knows what shit she'd do

No. 431156

i noticed that too. i bet she just doesn't post ootd with them cause she looks bad in them (tho to be fair these metallic/holo pants look bad on most ppl)

No. 431158

aww and she really enjoyed what she was studying. it must be awful to give up on your dreams because of chronic illness

No. 431183

You can wear pastels and still be sensible Jill what the hell?

No. 431188

Jill sad that she's sad when people dismiss "tea, facemasks, bathbombs, and naps as real self care" because they help her more than her medication does..

No. 431193

I mean great for her if those things help her, but no deep set, legitimate depression can just be cured with fucking tea and naps.
A lot of people NEED medication to even function normally.
Why the fuck is she even still taking her meds then? Lately everything she says just makes it seem like she never actually suffered from mental illness, this is just infuriating.

No. 431195

Her mum must be somewhat professional to be working at an event… I thought it was just a hobby.
On other things, I can't wait for the mess that will be the video coming out, and all the supportive ~uwu your so perfect Jill never change sparkly boi heart~ that is bound to come.

No. 431200

The new video is gonna be about her ED/self harm stuff right? Since she said she'd make a video about that before getting her next tattoo.

No. 431202

Yup most likely, unless she procrastinates or does another random haul.

No. 431207

No. 431210


No. 431217

Honestly, this is not a bad video and I appreciate her being a bit more open about things which have been somewhat obvious for a while. I think shes actually quite likeable here.

No. 431221

Even people who dress alt style still are able to water down their outfit for a day (or few hours) – like wedding, etc. Unless the person is totally okay with your oot style, there's no reason Jill couldnt wear a basic one color dress.. or even a brown wig.

No. 431222

im honestly proud of her for making this video. this really shows her true colors, shes not saying "BOOP-DEE-BOOP" or like "BIG BABY BOY" Shes really trying to help people.

No. 431223

i can’t watch this because i can’t get past the reflection/glare in those cheap fake glasses. it’s driving me insane.

No. 431225

Oh good, it isn't just me. I also still cant stand listening to her voice for more than a minute or two.

No. 431226

are you seriously that petty? you don't have to watch it, just listen to it while doing something in a different tab

No. 431227

polite sage but I dislike Trudeau because he went back on voting reform. But he's still much better than Harper.

No. 431228


I understand what you are saying but ot still irks me that her whole motivation is to be able to film a kawaii tattoo (big cheeky duh-dooh) video.

I am sorry i know i am harsh but i just hate when stuff like this is planned and not a spontanuous sit-down or whatever

No. 431229

lol anachan here but I worked out her bmi and it was still in the healthy range even at her lowest????(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 431233

i didn’t mean it literally, dumbass.

No. 431238

this was very candid and personal and it shows she's capable of self reflection and growth. i feel weirdly… proud of her.

No. 431243

i agree. This was a good video. It also helps her a lot that she doesn't use all the weird made up baby words

No. 431244


I can't stand this video
"It gets better"
Well Jillian, nobody has a perfect life when they are going through puberty/growing up. Growing up is awful, that doesn't qualify it to be a mental illness.

"Mah eating disorder, mah depression"

Mental illness isn't something you grow out of.

I think my point is that I cannot stand when Jillian tries to be an "advocate" of something she experienced for like 3 years.

No. 431245

stop taking it so personally anon

No. 431246

> Growing up is awful, that doesn't qualify it to be a mental illness.
Being admitted to a hospital due to self-harm / suicidal ideation is not a normal part of childhood, anon.

> Mental illness isn't something you grow out of.

So receiving treatment and medication means your mental illness was never real in the first place? Gatekeep harder.

No. 431247



But what the fuck is with all these people who get weirdly proud of jill all the time? If you all want her to succeed or enjoy her content that makes you fans not farmers

No. 431251

The point of lolcow is to document, discuss, and laugh at the antics of cows. If you find yourself actively hating or wanting bad things to happen to a cow, that just makes you a sperg, not a farmer.
As the Kiwi saying goes, "Don't get angry over Lolcows. If you need to tell people you're better than someone, you're probably not."
Plus, this is /snow/, not /pt/. The people here aren't even fully-fledged cows, just people of interest.

No. 431255

bad take. i don't enjoy her content that much, but i do want her to get better and more self-aware. my distaste for jillian isn't so mindless that i'm going to jerk off to her failures. she's young and naive and embarrassing to watch but she's also a person and if she's capable of reaching post-Cow enlightenment then good for her. (she isn't, but it's refreshing to see progress.)

sage for salt.

No. 431256

I'm not that anon but I don't think a comment telling someone to not take what Jill says so personally is the equivalent of taking pride in and worshipping what Jill says.

Either way it's not healthy to be so angry at someone on the internet who doesn't effect your life whatsoever.

No. 431258

i didn't even sage. all along… it was ME who was the fool.

No. 431268

I wish she’d just talked straight about it. No noises and not even anything to do with the tattoo. She should just talk about mental illness, not make it a “OMG I wouldn’t even be doing this but I wanna make money on a tattoo video UwU”

No. 431280

Video will be demonetized and she knows it.

No. 431285

I think it's a nice video.

No. 431286

I once asked Pixielocks if she was thinking of recording a few videos in advance. She said "duh, I recorded tomorrow's video". I guess she doesn't get it. She posts 12 videos a month. When she starts her classes she wont have as much time. If I was her I would record several videos before leving home, so she has stuff to post until she settles down. I still have hope for her and I hope she doesn't quit school.

No. 431288


Don't put your email on the email field.

No. 431291

You’re not from around here are you?

No. 431308

File: 1511549335709.png (238.11 KB, 503x577, 544.png)

No. 431309


I read this forum often and I sometimes comment. I like giving my opinión without being offensive.That doens't mean that I'm stupid. Jill is human and has good and bad things.

No. 431312

Hi, are you Jill's new doormat? Spill the peeps tea

No. 431317

I feel like she just HAS to leave in the prices even though she could've easily cropped it.

Sage for ot blog I have that autism sweater and I want to return it because it'll remind me of Jill

No. 431324

did she really have to pick the ugliest dress lazy oaf has

No. 431325

Does she only wear lazy oaf now? Seems like that's all she's buying and wearing

No. 431328

File: 1511552106072.png (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 1048x551, leg.png)

here's a picture of her leg in case anyone doesn't watch the whole video. she flashes it for like less than a second.

(spoilered because imagines of self harm)

No. 431334

I feel bad for thinking she was exaggerating and did not actually have any mental issues now lol

No. 431338

Seriously same. I too appreciate how serious she handled the topic and I understand that talking about it must've been hard for her but the overall content was shallow as hell, just like literally everything else she does. I know she only filmed the video to explain the scars for her next tattoo vid, but her "tipps" were shit you can read on self diagnosed tumblr teen blogs, while also looking down at therapist/mental wards and not talking about meds. In what way is that seriously helpful or curing for a mentally ill 16 yo? She just had to put herself into the spot of the "expert"/"advocate" again, despite everything we discussed in this and previous threads.
I also don't get where she is self-reflecting either. We're talking about Jill here, who leeches of her mother, hides at home doing nothing but taking naps and online shopping, calling herself a fashion designer despite designing next to no fashion, being a men-dating lesbian and then tells everyone how great her life is and that your mental illness will get better and you can have such a life too, if you just buy a cat, drink tea and listen to music.
Please explain.

No. 431341

It’s actually a popular thing to wear their stuff, a few efamous Lolita’s are raving about the brand. I know she isn’t wearing Lolita but she is fb friends with a ton of those girls still.

No. 431342

Summary of Jill's vid:

Mental illness is hereditary but:
>power dominated unhealthy relationship with a age gap between a 13 y/o and a 16 y/o
>Relationship ended and (self harm?) Jill's anorexia and bulimia developed. Would stop eating for three days max.
>5"0 and 90-95 lbs but still wanted to be smaller so self harm.
>She says it gets better because elementary and middle school were the worst situations ever. High school was more circumstantial and wasn't that bad.
Was just a kid in es and doesn't remember much from when she was 9 or so and her life as a teenager was just self harm and ed.
>Says that it gets better and that you're not alone. Says all the good things in her life.
> Jill has learned to love girls again and hasn't let one person ruin everything for her (I think she's earned the right to say the word gay every second now, and talk about how much she loves girls.She never said that she hated men) . She has to photoshop out her sh scars from every picture (on her right upper thigh).

>Wants her tattoo to say "Strong, Kind, Beautiful" and cover up the scars.

>Hasn't had a relapse in two years and it wasn't that bad.

>Has her sketchbook from when she was in the unit 9 mental ward and doesn't like to like to look at it bc it's really sad.

Listens to muse and layed on her bed. Her mom brought her flowers and cranberry juice. Hated being in the hospital because she missed her mom. Didn't go well with therapy bc therapists always said that the way that she dressed or the things that she liked were why she was sad or that it was unhealthy. They got Neko as a emotional support animal for Jill.

>Struggling with being emotionally ready to move away from her friends and family.

No. 431345

>therapists always said that the way that she dressed or the things that she liked were why she was sad or that it was unhealthy
What the fuck…

No. 431347

File: 1511555829567.jpg (35.83 KB, 251x251, 1483080454672.jpg)

hey jill maybe you shouldve not skipped out on college

No. 431352

I actually was pleasantly surprised by this video, it does explain a lot about her. I noticed she said how her life was just her as a kid and then just her eating disorder as a young teen. It makes me wonder if she really recovered from that or just let it develop into her shopping problems because they're really excessive and not healthy either. I'm glad she has beat this don't get me wrong, but it seems like she's almost gone in the other direction by overindulging in everything materialistic. She always says she's an 'all or nothing' kind of person, that's why she couldn't stay at her first job that didn't like her hair, or why she just HAD to be a lifestyle lolita, she couldn't just enjoy the fashion like a normal person. If she went straight into anorexia and bulimia as a young teen I get why she's like this. She's still not able to do anything in moderation because she doesn't know any different. Even if she's not cutting and starving herself anymore (which is great) she doesn't seem to be able to do anything in healthy amounts. I think she'd really benefit from therapy even if she had shitty experiences in the past. She needs to work through not being able to do things in moderation, or else she's going to be on hoarders in 10 years. Overindulging in peeps tea and naps is not going to help her work through her unresolved issues.

Her saying that her one relationship with a girl is what sent her into a downwards spiral, and it made her scared to date girls again makes sense. It's great that she's overcome that now and wants to try again if that'll make her happy. I don't think anyone on here was saying she's totally straight or anything, but after the way she treated Colin and Tristan as props it's no surprise that people would think the whole gay thing was just for show. Especially after she said she'd call her self a lesbian if 'she wasn't dating someone with a dick' (Colin) That was pretty fucking shitty of her, regardless of his gender identity. I don't believe that she's straight but I agree with the anons who think her ~lesbian uwu~ schtick is annoying. It is, especially with the car thing, she was 100% trying to get attention for being such an ~oppressed lgbt bean~ that someone keyed her rainbow car. To be honest I'm just really glad to see a video with any substance on her channel for once.

No. 431357

I agree with you. She definitely is still using a lot of unhealthy coping skills (junk food, shopping addiction, probably isolating herself to her room) to deal with her mental health issues though I do give props to her for at least getting over her past anorexia and self harm.

No. 431360

>Mental illness isn't something you grow out of.

You do get better, though? That's the whole point of treatment and therapy.

No. 431362


> Mental illness isn't something you grow out of.

So receiving treatment and medication means your mental illness was never real in the first place? Gatekeep harder.

Thanks anon, I don't get it either. Like any illness, you can treat and you can get better with effort, time and the right professionals. It doesn't mean it wasn't real it the first place.

No. 431368

>almost 300$ for a sweater and t-shirt dress

Does Jill think this is normal/acceptable spending habits?

No. 431383

have you heard about this thing called recovery?

No. 431638

i hate the 'it gets better!' because for many people it doesn't, things like personality disorders and more severe mental illnesses you learn to live with. or you claw tooth and nail to get yourself out of a situation that damages your mental health, not sit at home drinking tea taking lush baths uwu self care, which is her idea of recovery, especially with the parts when her alternate to self harm was "DONT DO IT DONT DO IT UWU I LOVE YOU", which when you look at it as an addiction is like telling a heroin addict not to shoot up uwu
idk where i'm going with this, but i just wish she had recommended some actual good mental health youtubers with backgrounds in psychology and/or more than just the 'lived through it' outlook, while still living completely dependent on parents, especially with her young fanbase and the amount of influence she has among them

No. 431643

Maybe with this video will soon come the realization that everything else she does is overabundant.

I don't think it's bad to hope for that, right?

Sage for slight blogpost

No. 431644

File: 1511607825507.jpeg (44.07 KB, 593x288, BE796EF7-DB18-484C-8BC4-443320…)

I feel like a couple people will interpret this as a sex thing but when it’s coming from Jill I think it’s a laziness thing knowing her

No. 431646

well if you learn to live with it-then it does get better..
it's like what do u want someone to do?? feel shit and victimise themselves, fixate on their misery..and then just cut more
or force themselves to be optimistic..at first it'll be hard but eventually if you try at it enough and have support it becomes a part of you

literally what she said is what any psych would..don't cut you'll regret it, you'll get out of it etc etc

No. 431650

pal u sound like a fuckin "this advice is so shitty bc it doesn't apply to people with ____! not everyone can walk/see/___!!!!" from tumblr. just bc uwu shit doesnt help a crackhead doesn't mean it doesn't give some comfort or apply to anyone

No. 431659

If Jill can afford it what’s the issue?

No. 431683

Have the white knights arrived or something?
Nayrt but the issue is that it's excessive and useless with the amount of clothing she already owns and barely wears. Imagine she would save up that youtube money for actually creative courses or some that will be beneficial for her fashion major. Imagine she would save up for the time when her parents won't support her anymore, when she has to be an adult and all her clothes become low priority items.

No. 431695

No not a white knight I was just curious because I never understood why people complain about someone who has the money spending the money.

Does she really need to save up though right now? Jill's in no position where in the near future she'll be tight on money. Her parents are still in good health and wealthy and surely if something did happen to them they'd leave money behind for her. And "saving" for creative courses seems silly too since I'm sure she already has the money on hand if she really wanted to do it.

I think Jillian is immature but she's only like what, 18, 19? Theres no need for her to be saving money right now while her mom is still taking care of her. She might as well live a little and enjoy luxuries while she can. That being said I don't think she's smart enough to know that in probably 4-5 years or less youtube won't be working for her anymore. I can't see Jillian holding her following enough to make a living off of it once she's in her mid twenties.

No. 431700

If she were any normal college-bound kid not being supported by her parents–yes.
But Jill lives at home and gets plenty of money from fans. Let's not pretend she has any real responsibilities. She could be saving that money of course, but Jill isn't mature enough to have that kind of foresight.

>Does she really need to save up though right now?
Wouldn't be a bad idea.
>Her parents are still in good health and wealthy and surely if something did happen to them they'd leave money behind for her.
Neither you nor her should assume this. I've seen kids spend irresponsibly and blow through hefty inheritances anyway, she'd have to save wisely for that situation to mean anything. And does she have a good track record of not spending money the second she gets it? Nah.
Just because we know she's immature doesn't mean the criticism isn't warranted. Most kids her age find out the hard way.

No. 431707

I think it has to do with anorexics often not wanting to grow up, so maybe the therapist thought that her childish things were a part of that

No. 431736

"I don't want anything brown in my life."
-Jillian Vessey, now confirmed racist kek

No. 431742

File: 1511629993973.png (79 KB, 748x771, IMG_8615.PNG)


No. 431755

I agree.

I go to a private university, where lots of the students are of a wealthier background. The first couple weeks at school, some girls on my floor blew $500 on a shopping trip, and it didn't seem like a big deal for them. Yeah I'm jealous but it's not like it really made a dent in their parents' bank accounts.

Growing up, do you think daughters of wealthy people like Paris Hilton or Ivanka Trump had to worry what they spent money on? No.

My parents have supported me all through college, and I think it's the norm for a lot of my peers here and at other private schools. We don't have to work, which I think is the norm for upper middle class kids.

It's probably for the best that Jill learns better money management skills, but she could probably get through life being supported by mommy and daddy's money. It's not fair but that's just life.

I wonder what Jill would do with the money if her parents died. I hope she has a trust fund lol.

No. 431756

You sound bitter as hell anon. Cutting yourself isn't a "ugh stupid fragile teens" thing, and it's not normal.

I don't think Jill is a great advocate for mental illness because she's clearly not very mature or comfortable talking about this, but you can't just decide that people don't struggle with mental illness just because they're annoying.

Also it does get better, treatment exists for a reason. If you're in a bad situation, even a change in your life can help a lot.

No. 431760

What the fuck are those bear nipples on the dress? It looks super unflattering in general.

Sweater is cute but not 150 CAD cute.

No. 431765

Also I have to add it seems pretty par for the course that people in J-fashion blow tons of money they probably shouldn't spend.

I know that lolita dresses can be resold for a lot, but it doesn't seem like used lazy oaf is all that cheap either.

I do think it's bizarre how Jill constantly is buying new clothes while trashing her old ones.

No. 431771

I missed the first 40 mins of the stream but this is what I got:
>random questions
>Christmas gifts
>talking about last vid
>more random questions
>wants to do sewing vids but feels like o one will be interested in watching them bc they aren't hauls.
>might do a vid series where she makes things with the fabric that ppl send her!!!!!!
>she's in the basement because Jill's family we're going to move to a bigger house but her dad is really attached so they called it off but Jill was looking forward to it so instead she got the basement.
>peeps and crayola are in Pennsylvania….
she wants to go the the New Years peeps party but might go on her birthday.
>Hyper Japan meetup.
>Signing off to go to a Christmas parade with her gf, but she can't vlog it bc their relationship isn't that public.

No. 431772

Who cares if Jill spends stupid amounts of money on ugly crap, it's her business. When I was her age I blew fuck loads of money on clothes and shopping sprees to Sephora and it was my own money I worked for my own money and my parents also supported me while I was a full time student in design school. No need to be a bitter cunt about the fact that people can spend their hard earned money as they please. Jealousy is a stupid thing to suffer from.

No. 431774

God I hope meeting her at Hyper Japan will provide some milk. If she does end up going I'm willing to keep things updated w

No. 431776

When will it occur to her that people aren't actually that interested in her hauls and prefer other videos?

Good she's not vlogging though, at least she seems to heave learned something from the mess with Colin.

No. 431778

You seem aggressive. None of that projected nonsense discredits anon's post about how she's an irresponsible spender. Don't take it so personal, miss Sephora haul. None of us would be the wiser about what Jill spends her "hard earned" money on if she wasn't vlogging it for all the public to see.

No. 431780

You sound like a more haggard Jill. Maybe you need your own thread!

There are so many white knights coming to wee baby child Jill's rescue here for no reason (I'm not any of the anons here arguing about this shit by the way, this is an observation).

Criticising her spending habits isn't the same as being jealous. Don't be absurd. Like the other anon said, you're projecting like all hell.

It looks more like a horde of Jill's fans came in to her defense because they relate to her shitty habits. If anyone's taking this thread too seriously and personally, it's her defense team. No one gives a shit about you all being offended in the place of someone you don't know and the infighting is annoying.

No. 431792

You sound bitter and jealous.

No. 431795

>struggles and trauma
You mean that you brought completely upon yourself because you are so bored after being spoiled rotten and having no restraint with buying shit and shoving crap in your fat mouth?

No. 431798

I have always found Jill to be so selfish and lacking depth of any kind especially in regards to her purchasing issues and poor eating habits. Why does she feel the need to broadcast her pathetic life all over the internet. Why the hell aren't her parents concerned for this imbecile's safety and the fact that she is making a complete fool of herself in the public eye.

No. 431799

I watched it back and worth mentioning:
>Her mom apparently doesn't want to go to Japan and complained about Jill's incessant shopping trips to Takeshita Dori.
>Say her mom "Still had fun" though
I'm not surprised Louise didn't super enjoy walking behind Jill and Sharla and looking at pastel crap in WC.

No. 431804

The infighting is annoying but some people seem to hate Jill an unreasonable amount as well. It's no surprise people get heated when it comes to topics like spending and mental illness.
Case in point

No. 431811

The first 40 mins that I missed:
>tattoo talk
>sunday vlogs are going to be more festive
>wrapping vlog
>presents for friends and family
>doesn't know if the fans are going to meet Jill's gf
>they're going to do distance when Jill goes to college.
>pet friendly apptment
>might vist jpn again in the next few years
but also wants to save for school says she saves a lot
>louise doesn't want to go to jpn again bc it was just shopping.
>would like to live in jpn for a couple years.
Wants to experience culture more but precure.
>wants to study in Canada and have a online business but wants to live in Japan for 2-5 years and be a fashion designer there. Maybe have a tiny shop.
>can't apply to be on project runway bc you have to be 21 but will do it after college.

No. 431814

>Why does she feel the need to broadcast her pathetic life all over the internet
People have been asking about this, but I think the answer is obvious: she gets a fuck ton of attention as a youtube celeb. It's the same reason everyone else puts their life on instagram and facebook nowadays, but Jill has been able to make money off of it too.

>Why the hell aren't her parents concerned for this imbecile's safety and the fact that she is making a complete fool of herself in the public eye.

Jill could be more discreet with her information but do you really think youtube celebs are in danger from their lifestyle? People are way too paranoid about stranger danger on the internet, imo, especially considering how millions of people have put their info online and so little has happened.

Totally agree on this. So many people are way too harsh on Jill imo and they are also making it personal.

>Criticising her spending habits isn't the same as being jealous.
Why can't we admit we are jealous? I wish I had a couple hundred dollars extra in spending money and I could buy whatever I wanted. Or put it in my retirement/savings. Doesn't everyone?


>louise doesn't want to go to jpn again bc it was just shopping.

>would like to live in jpn for a couple years.
How would Jill live in Japan? She is not cut out to live in a foreign country. Except for Anglophone ones, of course.

No. 431824

Project runway screws over their contestants. Good luck with that, Jill. Even if you don't win or make the finals, just by agreeing to be on the show you have to sign away something like 30% of any profits you make as a designer FOREVER. It's in the fine print that Im sure most people don't read, but I was told this by a former contestant.

No. 431826

You can admit you're jealous and no one's going to stop you, but not everyone in this thread is jealous of Jill. I think most anons come here to watch and comment on the trainwreck of her poor decision making. Anyone who feels something beyond that should take a step back, jealousy isn't very healthy. Saged for pointlessness.

True, I think the mental illness arguing was obnoxious. Either anons making random assumptions about Jill's former mental state, or triggered anons coming in after reading those posts… It's really not that serious.

Anyone else notice how she talks about the same old shit in every single stream? She's so boring.

>louise doesn't want to go to jpn again bc it was just shopping.


No. 431834

You can't actually LIVE in Japan as a foreigner unless you get a job or school to sponsor you, and that's extremely hard. She'd have to be on a tourist visa, which means she couldn't legally work there (or own a shop like she says she plans to). Many apartments in Japan also won't rent to foreigners. She'd basically have to pull a Marge and leave the country every three months to renew her visa while living and working illegally.

No. 431839

You can go through a language exchange school/company for up to a year. It's not a big deal anon, a lot of people do it.

No. 431840

What if she does have a paycheck's worth (what people suggest) of saving's though? She easily could considering how much she gets a month + the fact she has no bills to pay. I do agree though that we don't know what she would do with inheritance. I guess I'm putting blind trust into her that she'd be smart enough to be tight with it while trying to bring in real income to live off of if such a situation occurred.

Not trying to cause infighting I just think there's a lot of better things to criticize Jillian for other than an agreement she has with her parents about how money is moved around. If her parents are okay with feeding her cash then we're not really in any place to complain. If she were sucking it out of parents working minimum wage, full time, hardly able to pay their bills? Yes. But her parents have no issues. At the end of the day if they cared about how their money was being spent all they would have to do is not give her money, or make her pay rent, food, ect for herself like a lot of parents do with kids Jill's age. But at the end of the day it's their choice not ours lol.

Is Jill a shopping addict? Maybe. I was there a few years ago and she seems pretty similiar. But buying a $300 article of clothing doesn't really make you a shopping addict (lolitas?), shopping non stop for things you don't need/can't afford does. If there's purchases Jill's making ontop of what she is now I would say she's pushing it, but so far all she really buys is some clothes and home decor, so I don't think it's too bad. I would be worried if she suddenly showed up with hundreds of dollars in makeup out of nowhere (not in relation to con traveling) though.

No. 431842

>>louise doesn't want to go to jpn again bc it was just shopping.
Holy shit, that's so sad. I hope Jill realizes she basically ruined a whole country for her mom. Not like that really impacts her mom's life, but she had a costly and boring experience she probably regrets now when it could have been nice, what a waste.

No. 431843

No. 431879

We all know that all Jill cares about is fame

No. 431895

Jill is what one would refer to as an ~*ego designer*~ possesses the ego, lacks the talent.

No. 431919

I didn't see anyone mention this yet. In Jill's stream today someone asked why she naps so much and she said that she thinks she has a problem because she needs 11 hours of sleep + a nap everyday/is sleepy all the time, and she's going to see a doctor about it. I hope she really does see somebody about that bc it definitely doesnt seem normal, even with a shitty diet

No. 431920

File: 1511649548251.jpg (27.47 KB, 300x450, large.jpg)

When I read about her wanting to go on Project Runway, I am suddenly reminded of Project Runway Australia season 3 which had a pink haired girl who just came out of college with an ~anime aesthetic~. She basically sucked at making garments and relied on others to help her while she had breakdowns etc. She was awful and I tried looking her up, but she is no where to be found online so I guess she gave up on that fashion career lol. Her name was Rachael, pic related. Jill on a reality show would just be the producers abusing her mental state and anxiety to get reactions out of her. I mean, all she wants is for people to 'notice her' so she'd fit in, but I'm not sure if she'll be able to handle the way they'll exploit her emotions.

saged for blog

No. 431927

that's a real person who actually dressed like that? I legit thought that was a model wearing a stereotypical 80s Cyndy Lauper wannabe costume for Halloween. even back in the 80s, Cyndi didn't dress like that.

No. 431941

Someone clearly skipped 2007/2008. Good for you, scene-kids and emos were the worst teenagers in the last decade.

No. 431947

Probably a vitamin D deficiency, I was similar to Jill when I had one.

No. 431960

You sound bitter, jealous and too bothered by someone who has no impact whatsoever in your life, anon.

No. 431961

Can someone do anything about these confetti drones that have stumbled out of the safe haven of the YouTube comment section?
If you haven’t noticed, there are 16 threads on Jill. You’re preaching to a thick wall.

No. 431962

A thick thick brick wall

No. 431964

I'd put money on this, too. I'm medicating one right now. I mean, there's lots of things that'd contribute to it in Jill's case outside of that, but the doctor's I've went to say "Virtually everyone in Canada should be taking Vitamin D supplements", and I never knew that/most of the people I know never knew that, so I'd not be shocked if she doesn't know/has that issue. It's not like she goes outside and gets a lot of sun even if she wasn't living in a largely sunless place, anyway.

No. 431974

She looks like she got stuck in 2006, I'm impressed.

Agreed though, Jill doesn't seem to realize that these shows are about entertainment only and not actually for the benefit and well-being of any of the contestants, and people are generally framed in a way that's most entertaining to watch. She'd just be framed as the weird emotional drama queen for people to laugh at. There were some amazingly skilled people at that show but most of them quickly faded back into obscurity anyway.

No. 431975

It could be diet-related if she's lacking any B vitamins, or Vitamin D deficiency. Fatigue can also be a sign of mental illness.

No. 431979

Imagine being this assblasted over opinions that "don't effect you" about someone who you don't even personally know. Almost Like you're defensive and projecting :^)

No. 431981

I'd be more inclined to believe her fatigue has a physical rather than a mental cause. She seems to be doing relatively well at the moment, to the point where she thinks tea and baths help more than meds. That doesn't scream "clinical depression". It's probably her shit diet and the lack of sunlight making her tired, maybe also a side effect of her meds

Don't know why it took her so long to figure out she should visit a doctor about it though

No. 431984

Going to language school requires a student visa.
Since she’s from Canada, she could get a working holiday visa for up to one year.

No. 431985

Nah, not everybody here hates a 19 year old for having money and loving parents. And for overcoming a mental illness?

Complain about her horrendous style, greasy hair and unhealthy food preferences all you want. That's what we are all here for. It's just that some of these cows sound so bitter about Jill's situation in life.

Sage for pointless complaining.

No. 431994

I'm gonna take a guess and say she feels tired all the time because she doesn't do anything all day. She doesn't go anywhere outside of her room. I feel the same way right now on my short holiday break and it goes away once I get back into school and work. She should think about whether she felt this way when she was in high school, and if not, there's no reason to be a hypochondriac and run to the doc about something so basic.

No. 432002

>Put down a mentally ill girl's looks all you want.

That's you right now.

No. 432005

Jill maybe a lethargic, greasy,unwashed Neanderthal who lounges about doing nothing with her life beyond spending money on garbage to pile on the hoard lest we forget she is also 19 years old and that is not an uncommon occurrence for someone in her age bracket. Kek

No. 432007

lmao, this. spergflake anon needs to grow up

No. 432008

I must wonder why so many anons love to play the "you're just jealous" card. It's immature and out right stupid especially when in regards to Jill and her spending. Jill is just a lolcow nothing more.

No. 432009

>she is also 19 years old and that is not an uncommon occurrence for someone in her age bracket.
I'm not sure if you're being ironic, so I'll just answer like an autist.
Is it though? It might be a cultural thing but around 18/19 years old no one, not even the upper middle class children burned through as many hauls as Jill does. A lot were also told to make their own bank account or are gifted their own passbook when they hit 18 to save remaining money at the end of the month or a specific amount every month on.
How is it in america and canada?

No. 432017

Because they might be in a similar situation as Jill and feel personally attacked by the criticism. Screaming jealousy is much easier on the ego than trying to understand why living of your parents and wasting money on dumb stuff in an age where you supposed to start being independent is not 100% morally okay for some people.

No. 432018

I don't think it's the fact that she's spending money. I think people are more upset that she always feels the need to show or tell how much she spent and it comes off as bragging.

No. 432019

How come instead of streaming all the time she doesn't just work on real videos for her ~job~.

No. 432020

Most Americans in Jill's age bracket are in college and working to support themselves to some degree. I don't believe Jill is typical of most American post adolescence.

No. 432022

If we’re being armchair psychologists, I personally think Jill’s constant exhaustion is caused by her SSRI (celexa) and her other medication. When I took lexapro (which is pretty similar to celexa) all I wanted to do was sleep all day. Failed out of college because I was too exhausted to get to class, that’s how intense the drowsiness can be.

I wish there was a thread for mental health so we could talk about it, like in /ot/.

No. 432023

Anon, Jill has a superiority complex she needs to boast and be ~*speshul*~ to get validation as a person to neglect the fact she's basic and bland. Nothing to shocking about that.

No. 432025

I bet a lot of niche fashion is propped up by spoiled kids like Jill. Stuff like 6% Doki Doki isn't cheap. Look at rich Chinese lolitas - do you think they've all earned their own money? For her own sake Jill shouldn't spend so much but if her parents and other parents are fine with the amount then it's better for these businesses. Apparently the way young adults in Japan have been able to afford niche fashions is because they live at home and don't pay bills, like Jill.

What do morals have to do with it? Why is it not "morally" ok if her parents are fine with it?

When you live at home and don't have to pay bills, of course you have a lot of money for random shit. Jill seems to make at least $10,000 a year so that's a lot of spare money for hauls.

I agree with this.

>but the doctor's I've went to say "Virtually everyone in Canada should be taking Vitamin D supplements"
This doesn't make sense for Jill. Europe is on a higher latitude than Canada. White people have evolved to need very little sunlight.


Apparently you only need about fifteen minutes per day if you're white. Black people are more at risk for vitamin D deficiency.

No. 432030

File: 1511664257042.jpg (6.46 KB, 223x207, images.jpg)

golly gee whiz, which of her meds could possibly be causing this constant exhaustion?? kek

i was surprised she was going to see a doctor considering weight gain and sleeping 12+ hours are pretty standard reactions but w/e jill maybe your hormones are all outta whack or something

No. 432031

I wonder if she's on the regular or extended release. my Dr. started me out on extended release and that shit made me a complete zombie all day, no matter how much I slept. Switched to the regular kind and it works much better, so she might be able to just switch if she's on XR

Sage for slight blogging

No. 432033

File: 1511664610775.png (362.53 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20171125-184850.png)

Jill in two years.

No. 432034

That girl actually made things and could sew though iirc.

No. 432044

The difference was this girl knew how to dress and embraced her size. Jill "uwu I love being chubby!!" all the while bitching about her meds enduced weight gain and "she's totes a size S guys!!"

No. 432046

>What do morals have to do with it? Why is it not "morally" ok if her parents are fine with it?
Sorry, I couldn't find a better word for it. But just look at her, a lot of her super special snowflake behaviour could partly be a result of her parents pampering and spoiling her too much. It's shitty for her development. Why bother seriously committing to a career or job if her parents would pay for everything anyway? Why put effort into something if you can just half ass it and get the same amount of praise and attention? That's the thing, this is not how the world outside of youtube and her parents works. No matter how lulzy Jill can be, I wouldn't like to see her stay a womanchild forever like the OG Pixy.

No. 432054


Sage for useless but i saw your comment w/out context and instantly thought pixielocks was prescribed adderall hoo boy can you imagine

No. 432062

>But just look at her, a lot of her super special snowflake behaviour could partly be a result of her parents pampering and spoiling her too much. It's shitty for her development.
A lot of kids today are special snowflakes regardless of their parents. Jill just happened to be able use a video camera.
>Why bother seriously committing to a career or job if her parents would pay for everything anyway?
Idk, plenty of parents have helped out their adult kids to varying degrees. Being a trust-fund kid isn't something unique to Jill. I don't think it would be good for Jill's development if her parents refused to pay for her college, though they should have tried to send her to a better institution.
>Why put effort into something if you can just half ass it and get the same amount of praise and attention? That's the thing, this is not how the world outside of youtube and her parents works.
Yeah it is. It's called nepotism. Plenty of untalented people get jobs because of connections or whatever.
>No matter how lulzy Jill can be, I wouldn't like to see her stay a womanchild forever like the OG Pixy.
You really think she is like Pixy?

No. 432065

>Why is it not "morally" ok if her parents are fine with it?

No one in this thread knows how her parents feel about her leeching, so you're just assuming something here.

Even if they're fine with it now, I'm sure there will come a day when either her mom or dad won't be cool with one of their kids doing nothing all day, when they don't see her as a kid anymore. At some point they're going to want to retire and if Jill's the same lazy ass then and still relying on the donations of tweens to fund her "lavish" lifestyle then I'm sure her parents will grow unaccepting. This is an assumption, too, though, that Jill will be in the same position in x time, but I think it's inevitable her parents will start comparing her to her successful brother at some point.

Not the anon you're responding to but Jill reminds me more of Allie Kay than Pixyteri.

No. 432066

>No one in this thread knows how her parents feel about her leeching, so you're just assuming something here.
Well duh, it's an assumption. But if they really aren't ok with it, then maybe they ought to start charging Jill rent or something instead of being pushovers. Since they haven't, and Jill's mom has been willing to shell out money for plane tickets and such, I'm going to assume they are fine with it.

>Even if they're fine with it now, I'm sure there will come a day when either her mom or dad won't be cool with one of their kids doing nothing all day, when they don't see her as a kid anymore. At some point they're going to want to retire and if Jill's the same lazy ass then and still relying on the donations of tweens to fund her "lavish" lifestyle then I'm sure her parents will grow unaccepting. This is an assumption, too, though, that Jill will be in the same position in x time, but I think it's inevitable her parents will start comparing her to her successful brother at some point.

Yeah there are a lot of parents who would stop being supportive, but there are a lot who won't. Who knows?

There's a lot of parents who support their kids with money well into adulthood. Some people even get enough money they don't ever have to work.

No. 432070

>I worked for my own money and my parents also supported me while I was a full time student in design school

That isn't your "own money" then when your parents are paying for everything else. It wouldn't be yours to spend if you had actually had to support yourself, idiot.

No. 432080

This is why anon is so upset at us, she's taking what we're saying about Jill as a personal attack against her adolescence. Easier to call us "bitter" and "jealous" than admit her choices were less than mature (and tbh if she feels most 19 year olds take advantage, then what's so hard about owning up to it? idk).
There's really no need to double down on pretending that her parents don't support her when obviously if they're paying the rent, bills, and everything else…yeah they are.

Most non-enabling parents would pull the financial plug or be angry if they worked hard to support their adult child only to find out that child's blowing hundreds on haul shit and contributing nothing. Jill's mom is whipped, although I think even she is starting to take off the rose colored glasses.

No. 432084

Why even bother bitching about some idiotic humble bragger anon? Obviously that anon was looking for some attention.

No. 432094

>wants to study in Canada and have a online business but wants to live in Japan for 2-5 years and be a fashion designer there. Maybe have a tiny shop

Yeah, ok, all these unqiue shops and magazines are dying off or going online but Jill thinks she can be relevant there with her basic bitch fashion. Japan doesn't need more fast fashion support, Jill. That's what is killing the jfashion scene. People like you who buy one thing from Spank! Then preach about supporting Jfashion while you buy basically only non-jfashion and forever 21 for months after your Japan trip. Quit milking Japan for views/followers.

No. 432100

Jill just wants to be adored. I kind of wondered why she never pursued theatrical acting because she seems to be very happy when preforming on stage. Not like she couldn't design theater costumes with a bit of training.

No. 432158

What's upsetting about some stranger wasting money? I think laughing at it is one thing, but if you're seriously offended or upset by her spending you need to work on yourself, it's not that deep. She has no bills to pay, even if she saves half of her paycheck that's still more money than most people her age have available to spend.

Most people are Vitamin D deficient in winter because modern lifestyle means you usually spend the daylight hours in the office or at school. You won't die from it, but it's there.

No. 432163

Are you serious? This girl is spending without thinking, uncontrollably and wastefully and it has been a point of our discussion since thread 1. if you are trying to make the „her spending is reasonable“ thing happen - it‘s not going to happen. No one on this board is here to accept spoiled youtubers spending their money -earned from laziness- on shit they actually don‘t need. Especially with Jill. I think most of us are simply offended about how this is literally all her life is about.

No. 432187


legit feel this is @pixielocks @partykei lol

No. 432192

Damn Peachie coming for Jill's neck out here. Can't wait for jill's passive aggresive comment.

No. 432195

Hi there, long-time lurker here—and someone who does theatre as a semi-serious hobby. Jill doesn't seem to like rules, and when you're in theatre there are a LOT of rules for everyone involved. Actors and designers have some creative control over what they do, yes, but those decisions need to be approved by the director. And depending on the director, sometimes there's little to no wiggle room; the director has a very specific vision for what they want and you either do as you're told or be replaced by someone else who will. Even in productions with a more collaborative focus, you still have to be able to discuss your ideas maturely, take criticism, and be prepared to have your ideas shot down.

I go to the same cons as Jill and have seen her performances live, and I do think she's pretty good. And based on her past lolita coordinates, I think she has a basic grasp of color coordination and piecing together a nice outfit. With more training I think she could definitely have the skills to work in the theatre industry, but her work ethic and attitude towards rules would need a serious shift.

No. 432198

same anon. Honestly watching peachie's video after awhile is so refreshing, she has a nice personality. Jill, take some notes.

No. 432212

Again, why are you offended? I don't think it's reasonable, I just don't give enough of a shit about what strangers do to actually be emotionally invested in it.
>No one on this board is here to accept spoiled youtubers spending their money -earned from laziness- on shit they actually don‘t need.
So you're bitter because these people get paid for talking to a camera and have the means to be wasteful in the first place.

I've definitely dragged Jill and other cows for their reckless spending, but you seem genuinely hurt, as do other anons. Just take a breather.

Anyway don't want to rehash this discussion again, so I'll shut up about this now.

No. 432220

Maybe her yellow teeth were from purging :(
And maybe she gained weight very fast when she recovered because not eating had slowed down her methabolism. Her body got accostumed to not receiving food and when she started eating it retained everything.
I feel that she has to leave with things from the past and people keep insisting on them.

No. 432239

Her yellow teeth are from drinking peeps tea all day and not brushing her teeth before taking several naps

No. 432243


No. 432250

Is there a Canadian project runway or smomething? I was always under the impression that you had to actually live in the US to be able to go on their reality tv shows? I highly doubt Jill would ever want to live in the states…

No. 432253

>wants to study in Canada and have a online business but wants to live in Japan for 2-5 years and be a fashion designer there. Maybe have a tiny shop.

Why would she even bother to open a shop or any business if she's planning on only having it for a few years… It can take that long for a shop to even make a name for itself, let alone be profitable enough to make it worth it.

No. 432263

File: 1511719856561.jpg (30.32 KB, 466x477, jill.JPG)


this dress makes her look so big

No. 432270

>Cat appearance
>Went shopping
>"Oh hey haul time!"
>Hair looks bad, poorly dressed

Same as always with the addition of "Hey I still support Jfashion, look at this bag!"

No. 432272

Good for Peachie. I keep seeing people in Jfashion supporting Jill's "I'm so special, I'm an original party kei girl, rules are dumb teehee!". More people need to call her out or at least stop supporting her and others like her.

No. 432295

They have Project Runway in multiple countries, Canada being one of them. It's like ANTM has editions in other countries.

I don't think her teeth have any sinister cause, yellow teeth can happen quite easily. If it was from purging, the stomach acid probably would have fucked them up more.

She bought Crayola Play Dough? Girl.
Jill is really someone who becomes extremely obsessed with something and then just moves on once it stops being exciting, that would also explain why she never seems to have a large rotation of clothes and just gets rid of older shit pretty quickly.

No. 432299

Not at all. Georgie is a lovely, down to earth girl who creates or customizes most of her clothes and accessories. She embraces her size (though she's smaller now) and behaves like the adult she is. Jill would have to mature a lot to reach her level, including style-wise.

No. 432314

File: 1511726905469.png (72.61 KB, 900x357, Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 20.0…)

Seems like commenters have caught on

No. 432322

i find it odd she has an issue with her hair/bangs in this, when the bangs actually look decent in this???

No. 432323

What makes this funnier is that these commenters sound like tweens/kids, who are usually swayed by this stuff. Yet even 12 year olds can see through her bs

No. 432325

File: 1511727597047.png (770.55 KB, 617x753, jill.png)

(samefag) Looks like Jill's out with her super gay lesbian princess gf and has been listening to her snake idol Taylor Swift lately

No. 432330

Thank you, I kind of liked listening to her 'raw' rants and talking about her mental health and I think it pieces things about her together like the ones you pointed out (all or nothing, dating girls, etc etc). She's still irritating but props to her for getting over her EDs and being able to speak openly about it in a video and without being shitty or memey about it.

No. 432334

Do you guys think it would be a good idea for a beginner to sew their own clothes withrout a sewing machine? Can I get a few tips on construction/material? I just want to make sweatshirts, and fluffy or poofy skirts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 432336


No. 432341

I think between her EDs and her mom's cancer, it makes sense why her parents always spoiled her and support her financially while she fuels her shopping addiction. They're probably just happy to get to see her grow up, let alone go to college and do something with her life. I still don't think her behaviours are very healthy (shopping addiction, unhealthy diet, putting off college and quitting her job for youtube etc.) and she'd benefit a lot from seeing a decent therapist instead of taking 20 naps and lush baths a day, but I understand why she is how she is. I don't want to seem like I'm whiteknighting Jill, her lifestyle,mannerisms and fashion sense are god awful and she's done a lot of shitty things for sure. But I think her past explains a lot about why she is how she is. I wish we could see the more real side of her more often, not sure why she is so obsessed with having no substance when there's clearly more to her than just the hauls and shopping that she's centred her whole yt persona around.

Wasn't Jillian a fan of Peachie in the past? I wonder how she'll react to this. I know Jillian never liked Lor and ignored her criticisms, but she did like Peachie, even drew fanart of her back in the day. Wonder if this will make her realise what the general jfashion community - not just the 'meanie lolitas' really think of her. Probably not as she lacks any self awareness but I'm expecting some passive aggressive response.

No. 432344

She's still a fan of Peachie, I've seen her comment on recent vids. I think the video is not exclusively aimed at her and Peachie was very gentle, best case scenario she just stays quiet, worst case she makes a passive aggressive indirect response video.

No. 432358

Her mom had cancer?

And she treats her like THAT?


No. 432405

File: 1511738152198.png (27.71 KB, 574x221, 472377f8dd5aa0943ca0f7a1952b58…)

No. 432416

File: 1511739359817.png (390.58 KB, 1440x1891, 20171126_233351.png)

No. 432420

There is so much irony within this post. Absolutely amazing. She's delusional. Maybe she feels guilt about treating Collin like an accessory, so her fans shipping her new relationship are triggering her? lel

Absolutely no one is commenting about your nonexistent religious beliefs except for you, can you not, Jill?

No. 432421

File: 1511739777260.png (416.08 KB, 1427x2043, 20171126_234208.png)

With this as well…

No. 432426

Forever a victim. YOU choose what you post, YOU choose who sees it. People will always be curious about who you're with when you have a ton of followers. You started it, Jill. You could just not post anything like a lot of internet famous people or just idk, ignore it.

No. 432429

This. I hate perpetual victim complexes.
She's more angry that she won't get attention for it anymore.

No. 432436

Agreed, she's a real piece of shit towards her cuck followers

No. 432454

She should have stated what specific "creepy" beahviour she was on about so her poor followers wouldn't be snapped at when they ask for clarification. Like, are you simply asking people to stop using your gf's real name, or are you talking about posting pics of her face, or? It's all that person was asking of Jillian, but she gets such an absolutely awful & snippish reply instead??

No. 432458

is it just me or does she always seem to address or mention things in the next video if we've talked about it on here? i.e. we call her out for not supporting jfashion, then in the next vlog she's all uwu angelic pretty bag uwu

also we were calling her out for never getting out of the house, and then in this vlog we see her going out and actually being at least somewhat of a real person. very interesting

No. 432490

It’s been obvious since many threads back that she lurks here because she’s self absorbed. It was even confirmed her “friends” lurk here with the Kate screen grab.

It looks like she tries to address anything brought up that she sees detrimental to her image. Too bad you can’t get it through your head Jill that it’s your entire online persona people can’t stand…

No. 432494


didn't anon a while back mention how jill used to play the piano? and that it was odd that she never featured her piano skills on youtube? and now she's suddenly posting a video specificaly showing her piano skills…after like two years of not mentioning piano at all… How strange. >>432458 this isn't the first time things like this happen, she def reads here.

i think she reads here so often that she knows not to engage with us directly. but whatever we talk about in here she always ends up adressing on her livechats so…

No. 432495


i respect her level of commitment to 2006. she put more thought into her style than jill ever has. as dumb as it is. at least it ain't this ugly this >>431308 props to emo girl

No. 432509

i find it interesting that someone who hates following rules seems to do whatever she’s told

No. 432515

Jeez, that's pretty vicious. I don't know how anyone with a conscience can still go after this girl like y'all do, she seems pretty innocuous.

No. 432517

>her mental illness doesn't count because I said so!!!
>also you can never recover from depression!!!

Fuck right off, you bitter cunt.

No. 432553

she plays piano in most of her vlogs. try again.

No. 432556

This bitch is so annoying with her 'omg look at me being gay, eating my gay donut.'

Jill, stop.

No. 432557

This. Colin was like another over priced hand bag to her, but suddenly her gf is 'off limits.' ?

Also, she wants to be youtube famous/youtube if her job. She should know that if you want to be big on youtube, you dont really get a private life. Look at Pewdiepie and Markiplier for example.

No. 432570

Peachie is no one to talk though, she is as much of an obnoxious ageplayer as Jill.

No. 432579

I'm not pulling shit of my ass, sweet lolita/fairy kei look as retarded and ageplayer as Jill's party kei.

No. 432584

Lol did I hit a sore spot? Most harajuku fashions look obnoxious, it's okay if you don't wanna hear that. But it still all does look the same obnoxious ageplayer shit to normal people.

No. 432585

I really dont get how you all sit here and say you are proud of her for opening up about her ED and then call her chubby and fat it blows my mind

No. 432586

Goes to show she was probably right by not talking about her ED problems.

>anons complain she doesn't actually talk about substantial things and keep her online persona centered around vain shit

>she decides to open up
>anons call her fatty

wew lad

No. 432591

I answered how exactly Peachy is an obnoxious ageplayer, it is because of her style, which is questionable as Jill's, you are fucking retard.

No. 432596

Funny how you were quick to call me triggered but couldn't handle having your stupid style choices called ageplayer.

No. 432599

Stop infighting, this thread is about Jillian not Peachie.

No. 432614

Haven't people been calling her fat regardless of whether she has opened up or not?

I think in some of the earlier threads people were being too harsh but it's clear her weight has been increasing over time.

No. 432620

>over 9 months ago

yeah ok

No. 432636

As someone who’s recovered unless you’ve like suffered with an ed for YEARS ON YEARS you don’t gain weight that fast after recovery if you eat right and work out

No. 432640

you act like she plays piano in every vlog video…I can count one from recent memory where she plays a magical girl theme. Enjoy being Jill’s ~uwu white knight desu~ while you can. You’re here and already seeing the shit she pulls and you’re going to start agreeing with the posters in this thread

No. 432675

We knew about her ED since thread #2, because like many other things, she publicly displayed it.

No. 432678

i've been following jill for years lmao

i'm not being a white knight. i just think it's dumb when people reach

No. 432682

>This. Colin was like another over priced hand bag to her, but suddenly her gf is 'off limits.' ?

People learn with their mistakes, anon. Even Jill sometimes. Stop reaching.

No. 432697


you wanted her to stop making her relationship an instagram fest, and now you're complaining lmao

No. 432701

>you wanted her to open up about ED, yet you still call her fat
>you wanted her to take our advice, now she is
>you wanted her to keep relationships private, what's the problem

The problem with anons saying these things is we're simply not all the same people with the same opinions. As seen with the recent finances debate, not everyone dislikes Jill due to spending/bragging habits, while others do. Not everyone here hates jfashion, but some think it's all obnoxious ageplayer tier. Some of us, like myself, have never once put down her weight or pointed out her teeth while others primarily participate in this thread to complain about her appearance.

Not to mention, some of us have been following Jill since 2013-2014 so we have a large frame of reference of her problematic behaviors, yet we can still be cheering for her to grow and better herself.

Others only started posting in this thread because they already browsed lolcow and were looking for entertainment.

So there will never be a consensus as to why Jill irks us. Different strokes for different folks.

No. 432707

I've been watching Jill the shit wreck since 2014, I still find her worse off after having left Lolita for ~*vomit kei*~. Base root of argument is Jill is an attention seeking idiot who contradicts herself with her haughty attitude and superiority complex. She's nothing more than a cheap source of amusement for many.

No. 432716

It doesn't need context because she is making up conflict. No one cares or is doing anything "creepy." If they were, she would be flipping so much more shit. This is just another routine obligatory "see I'm dealing with STUFF that is HARD send me wuvvies" tweet.

No. 432722

The only one being a creep is Jill posting every fucking detail of her pathetic, lack luster life on the damn internet. Kek NEWS FLASH Jill no-one cares about your ugly, fat psuedo lesbian gf or you for that matter.
Sage for sperging.
What a clueless, self absorbed cunt always looking for attention over nothing.

No. 432725

She's putting peeps in her tea again.

No. 432727


No. 432728

File: 1511796878565.png (166.13 KB, 750x1078, IMG_8748.PNG)

No. 432731

Hill billies eat peeps. Seriously, where I am from you only see obese, uncultured hicks consume that garbage. Jill is a diabetes bomb waiting to happen.

No. 432732

cursed image

No. 432733

I literally feel triggered by that peepermint nightmare.

No. 432748

File: 1511798833959.png (23.11 KB, 775x272, sugar.png)

doing some quick googling it looks like her candy crush tea, plus the one peep, plus the 2 cubes of sugar she said she puts it in is about 14g of sugar a CUP and about 57 calories a cup. The average cup of tea has about 3 calories and should have basically no sugar unless you add cubes like jillian. Ontop of that you aren't supposed to have more than 20g of sugar a day. Jillian is fucking crazy. This one cup of tea takes up 75% of her daily sugar intake…

No. 432762

File: 1511800749725.jpeg (94.52 KB, 750x237, 78D88DB9-7181-44E3-959A-93D1C6…)

No. 432767

I looked through the comments and there are a bunch of people asking to reveal MG's face, "OMG WHO IS SHE", that sort of thing. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I guess Jill hasn't realized yet that having a large audience means people will feel entitled to know everything about your personal life, best not to mention it if you don't want to be pestered.

I almost want to try putting marshmallows in my tea just to see what it tastes like, I can't imagine it being anything but disgusting.

No. 432773

would be hilarious to me if Jill didn't even enjoy the peeps tea herself but just did it for the ~aesthetic~ now
I mean I can't imagine anyone enjoying it the peeps don't even dissolve, do they? does she just eat the soggy peeps after finishing the tea then? why even add it at all?

No. 432777

she probalbly just leaves them in the bottom. the sugar will disolve and they'll get soggy and sink, but we don't see in the bottom of the cup.

No. 432783

Being someone who consumed way beyond the amount of sugar I should've had as a child (and even now), this is going to catch up with her quick. If her eating habits are like mine, she's doomed for a weak immune system. That'll lead to more excuses to sleep and rest ("muh health!").

Also, peeps actually are disgusting due to how much of a sugary mess they are.

No. 432792

This is why we don’t feel bad for making fun of her for being fat. Actually, I don’t usually comment on her weight, I just come out of the lurking hole when she is trivializing mental illnesses.

Speaking of which, I wasn’t aware putting peeps in leaf piss was a form of self-care. Gee, I’ll suggest this to my therapist since he had the audacity to suggest eating a “healthy” diet. What a quack, clearly the way to go is this sugary vomit concoction.

No. 432797

yeah, people disregard how important it is for your body and mind to have a healthy diet
just stuffing yourself with sugar is the worst thing you can do when you have depression, it just makes you sluggish and doesn't give you any energy
that's one of the biggest reasons I'm annoyed with her ~selfcare~ shit
for some people eating junk food, drinking every night or taking drugs feels good even though it's actually shit for your body, should you encourage that kind of behavior just because they would consider it 'selfcare'?

No. 432804


I can see how letting yourself have a sugary snack now and then, or occasionally treating yourself to a luxury purchase like a bath bomb or clothes or something can be considered "self care" if you're usually strict with your diet or budget, but when you're binge shopping and drinking several cups of gross diabetes marshmallow tea every day (that's how it seems considering how often she mentions it, at least) it's really going to do more harm than good in the long term. Gross.

No. 432810

yeah exactly, it's fine if you reward yourself or even just do 'self care' stuff in moderation, but if you just start doing those things every single day it kind of loses its effect lol

No. 432840

Jill your Facebook literally says who you’re in a relationship with. I know she took it off of her Facebook info section but if you scroll like 3 posts down it’s there. If you really want to keep it private keep it off your public Facebook.

No. 432864

Peeps are just marshmallows, no? Maybe it depends on the brand but when you put marshmallows into cocoa they will melt.

No. 432883

lol no they're gross and hard. there wouldn't be much issue if they were conventional marshmallows.

No. 432889

Uh I've never had a hard peep? Maybe you got stale ones lol. But they are different from regular marshmallows, as they're covered in dyed sugar. I've put them in hot chocolate before and ngl it was pretty good, and it did mostly melt. I Love sugary shit tho so hey.

No. 432916

They taste like the aborted baby of a regular marshmallow. I remember being 3 years old, very excited to try a peep for the first time, only to find out it tastes awful and I watched in horror as my parents continued to eat and enjoy the rest of the peeps in the package.

Hot chocolate and peeps actually makes sense though. Even though peeps are the redneck inbred cousin of a normal marshmallow, they are still marshmallows and pair well with chocolate. I don’t drink tea but I’m pretty sure marshmallows aren’t usually put in leaf piss.

No. 432917

File: 1511812296569.png (198.44 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-27-14-48-19…)

Did you guys see this in the Pk group it's very interesting to see Jillian saying this. Also there is more comments on the comment shemail made on this post about Peachie's video but I just put up the main comment.

No. 432919

File: 1511812391171.png (28.86 KB, 584x214, 1.png)

Oh no, god forbid your top 3 aren't Japanese brands! Shameful! Disgrace! Really, though. No one cares.

No. 432932

can you actually post the rest of it…i don't want to join a group just to see one post.

No. 432944


>stores like F21 and H&M and people like Gwen Stefani and even Nicki Minaj and old school Gaga taking Harajuku and blasting it to their Western audience without actually crediting Harajuku is e f f e d u p

But Jill you just said you conisder your own style aomoji kei/general harajuku inspired while wearing almost exclusively Western brands nowadays. You keep trying to sell yourself to your teenaged fans as someone involved in j-fashion but you don't actually wear it anymore. How is that any different to what these celebrities have done?

No. 432958

She was getting some flack on /cgl for not wearing any Japanese brands and still applying for the kawaii i contest. I don't think she lurks there at all but someone could've alerted her to it I guess.

I agree with this so much, she doesn't realise she is literally just as bad as Gwen Stefani or Nicki Minaj. Even though she appears to be 'crediting harajuku' she never wears anything that resembles the fashion at all. She's using the dying subculture as a hashtag even though she doesn't take part in it. No one would even notice that she started wearing all western brands if she didn't force jfashion as such a big part of her persona. I think she probably fell out of love with jfashion after going to Japan and is trying to convince herself more than anyone else. Or maybe she still wants to cling on to the 'unique harajuku' label for her image because it's the only thing that sets her apart from every other fat white girl on yt with bright forever 21 clothes and badly dyed hair.

No. 432975

File: 1511815931317.png (167.11 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-27-15-48-14…)

I can't get them to post toget her but here are the comments
1st screenshot

No. 432976

File: 1511815971828.png (169.03 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-27-15-48-22…)

2nd one

No. 432979

File: 1511816005852.png (182.72 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-27-15-48-31…)

3rd one

No. 432982

File: 1511816045520.png (157.8 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-27-15-48-39…)

4th one

No. 432984

File: 1511816084535.png (103.67 KB, 540x554, Screenshot_2017-11-27-15-48-44…)

last one

No. 433004

File: 1511817454857.png (243.8 KB, 728x745, 1453816347789.png)


God, it's astounding she doesn't see the similarities between Gwen Stefani/Nicki Minaj/Katy Perry using Harajuku as a marketing tool and herself using Harajuku as a marketing tool.

I wish she'd actually practice what she preaches with all her "support indie brands uwu!!" or just drop the subject entirely instead of pretending to know what she's talking about and criticising public figures to deflect the fact she's doing the very same thing.

No. 433012

>scared to slip up without realising it
How do you slip up not buying from specific places? Just don't go into the stores or look at their websites. It's not like being a vegan and accidentally eating something with animal products that you didn't know about. That's slipping up. You don't 'accidentally' walk into a F21 and come out with a bunch of stuff. Is her shopping problem so bad that she just mindlessly buys things without thinking? Does she buy things online when she's drunk or something? I fail to understand how she is scared to slip up, more like she's scared to get caught not practicing what she's preaching.

No. 433029

“Hey let me speak on topics I don’t know much about.”
Also, how do you relate Katy saying “I want to skin them and wear them” with treating them like a toddler? Is it common to skin toddlers?

>donating 100% of textile scraps and clothing
I’m confused, wasn’t she selling all her expensive designer shit? Or does that not count because it’s expensive?

No. 433038

File: 1511819905272.png (727.85 KB, 847x433, 3094.png)

Is anyone else concerned about her driving? Falling asleep while driving/just being too tired when driving causes thousands of accidents a year. All her talk about being tired a lot and needing naps, and ontop of that driving makes me super worried. Especially considering she also VLOGS while driving which can impair her even more, considering she keeps looking away from the road to look at her phone and she's focusing on having a conversation when she should be focused on being aware of whats around her. It sounds like an accident waiting to happen to me.

No. 433139

How to kill yourself and others:
be an inexperienced driver and vlog while driving.

god what a moron. Reminds me of this story I heard of a vlogger who actually caused a fatal accident by vlogging while driving. And we all know Jill is self obsessed af so she's probably looking at the camera most the time (haven't watched the video)

No. 433140

File: 1511821381674.png (125.67 KB, 548x643, 1511695031020.png)

Taken from Kelly Eden thread. Kelly seems to be all over Pixie lately, even has done rainbow hair out of the blue.

No. 433142

File: 1511821471612.png (249.25 KB, 584x404, Screen shot 2017-11-27 at 5.34…)

2/2 Also for your consideration. They sure seem to be starting to get buddy-buddy lately

No. 433155

This is just an idea, but could she have narcolepsy?

No. 433156

For someone who constantly says how inspired they are by J-Fashion and calls their style aomoji-kei/harajuku style? Yeah, it kinda is.

At least she's supporting a small brand like lazy oaf now instead of getting all her shit at H&M, AA and F21.

No. 433170

She seems to keep her eyes on the road most of the time, but I generally think vlogging while driving a car is dangerous and unnecessary.

I honestly think her admiration for Annika Victoria is the cause for this, she used to just dismiss people who tried to talk to her about sweat shops and fast fashion in her hauls. Glad she's making that step though.

No. 433174

>How do you slip up not buying from specific places? Just don't go into the stores or look at their websites.
>You don't 'accidentally' walk into a F21 and come out with a bunch of stuff.

Dude seriously, it's not hard, you only buy from either indie designers or used/thrifted clothes (or sustainable clothing lines but they're usually very boring). There's tons of great clothes on ebay, even facebook groups, and supporting small designers is always good. Jill is such a fucking poser.


No. 433177

I think Jill is just gonna pull the same thing she did with Zaful, the whole "ohh noo I had no idea :(((" crap, simply because she's too stupid or lazy to do any proper research
She's probably going to keep buying from brands that use sweatshops and then claim that it was too difficult to find out or that no one told her or some shit

No. 433183

Didnt she just say in a livestream that she's more "Americanized Fairy Kei"? God, I'd love for her to finally stfu about pretending to care about Jfashion. She's reading these threads and seeing other people calling her out and getting herself worked up, soon she'll freak out. Idk why she can't just admit she enjoys fast fashion and doesn't dress in Jfashion anymore. She tries so hard to be better than every other popular kawaii girl for the sake of staying relevant. She doesn't give a fuck about being a fashion designer or Jfashion. She's just trying too hard to be the coolest special pink girl on youtube. Internet fame isn't worth it if you're just gonna look like a fool.

No. 433402

Is Lazy Oaf a small brand? I see tons of their products on ASOS constantly, which usually carries popular/big brands.
I don't think her motivation to buy from Lazy Oaf is due to them maybe being a small brand anyway. More than likely it's because they're expensive (good for taking totally subtle screenshots of your shopping cart total to share online) + they make uglier clothes than the HM/F21 which are now too basic and lower class for this snowflake.

No. 433428

File: 1511840085175.png (545.71 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8780.PNG)

Strong kind beautiful tattoo countdown

No. 433436

Lazy Oaf is BIG, well known brand. They're just seen as smaller because of their quirky audience/high price??? But to call them a small/indie brand is laughable.

No. 433477

I think recently they've become a lot bigger. They've been releasing a TON of stuff as of late, when even just a year ago theyd only release one collection at a time I think. They also are prob considered small because it is an independent designer, they only have one store front, and they are sweat shop free. So yeah, they are popular atm but compared to other stores they are smaller.

No. 433492

>i dont want to support big bad companies like f21 and h&m. No more fast fashion

but she still shops at dollskill.. I'm confused by this contradiction.

No. 433501

Why not just make a private instagram? Posting "mystery" pictures of them together is obviously going to make people curious and start digging around.

No. 433503

>meet-up in Pennsylvania
mmm no

Good god I agree with this so hard. Few years ago I made the mistake of driving 30-35 minutes away from home to an event after being sick for two days. I did fine going over there but started nodding off just a mile or two out of town on the way back and wound up veering off the road towards a field before I managed to snap to attention and get the truck stopped at the risk of possibly rolling the truck. Thankfully I didnt hurt or kill anyone else or tear up my sibling's truck I was driving, but because of that, I can no longer trust myself with driving if I'm anywhere close to being tired. Jill is the exact same age that I was when I did this, and I too had a bad habit of taking a lot of naps and not having a decent sleep schedule during that time, so she's just as likely to do the same shit, especially since she's vlogging a good bit of the time and especially since she's taking meds that are likely causing her tiredness. Assuming she plans on driving to Pennsylvania for this possible meet-up (if it even does happen), I sincerely hope she takes someone with her- mystery girl, a friend, her mom, I don't care who- ANYBODY COULD GO so long as she has someone who can watch and make sure she doesn't fall asleep or take her eyes off the road just long enough to cause a severe car accident.

Jill, if you're reading this, please stop vlogging in your goddamn car because you get people hurt.

No. 433514

Is she seriously saying yikes about peachies video? Why?? It was fine and not even making jabs at her

No. 433573

Because attention. How are we supposed to know that she's so gay and has a gay girlfriend and they go on gay dates eating gay food and wearing gay clothes if she doesn't post about it constantly? I mean I don't think casually mentioning her gf every now and then would get the point across


No. 433582

lol does Jill realize how ridiculous she is?
just imagine if a hetero couple did this:
>"just two cutie straight people holding hands ^^"
>"teheh look at us being quirky and straight :P"
>"I love my hetero cis mystery bf uwu"
I mean even when she was dating Colin she was trying to pass it off as some grand LGBT relationship, why does she crave that so much?

No. 433588

This is stupid because fairy kei is already "americanized", its based on 80's western clothing, the stupid white hamplanets in the western comms just buy any pastel garbage from F21 and claim its fairy kei Jill is just as guilty of this, she skips the 80's vibe and just wears pastel tennis skirts, just further proof she knows jack about actual j-fash

No. 433683

ffs. harajuku is an area of tokyo it's not a magical haven where fashions are born, it doesn't need 'crediting'. gwen stefani -did- 'credit' harajuku in her stupid song, but that was the problem. the rest of this shit is nonsense

No. 433689

Idk. OT but I'm so tired of edgy snowflakes saying "YIKES" at any fucking thing they don't like.

No. 433827

I say Yikes watching Jill and her shit style.

No. 434169

Damn no milk

No. 434255

I’m pre-angry about her trip to London because I already know what will happen.
>omg in Carnaby street! Lazy oaf and Irregular choice!
> the strains are so scarrrrryyyyyy compared to japan
> someone was ruuuuuuuuuuude to meeeeeee

No. 434256


No. 434261

If Louise is going, then maybe she'll make Jill do something other than shopping after the Japan disaster

No. 434263

I hope Louise forces her onto the eye, that be hilarious

No. 434275

Jill said that she doesn't want to travel with her mom because she doesn't want people online to make fun of her again lol.

No. 434289

Wow that's so petty. Like you're going to pass up spending time w/ your mom who loves you so much and might want to travel as well just bc people are meanies online. Jill is so stupid.

No. 434290

If Jill really loved her mum, like she says she does, then it wouldn’t be a problem

No. 434296


I mean she can come across as kind of disrespectful to her mum sometimes but she obviously loves her

No. 434302

Yeah, especially since Jill travelling with her mom was probably the least offensive thing about their Japan trip. Jill acting like a spoiled ignorant toddler 24/7 was the thing people made fun of, a lot of anons actually seemed to sympathize with Louise a lot.
If anything it was cringey how Jill made Louise her cameraman and even made her tag along when hanging out with Sharla and such.
People online constantly make fun of her for overspending on dumb crap and she hasn't stopped doing that yet lol.

No. 434321

She uses a bath bomb every time she washes herself. Imaging spending 5-10$ when you shower.

I have also started to think that she doens't know that you can wash your face. She sometimes says "I really tried cleaning my pink eyebrows but whipes won't do more".

No. 434325


i personally don’t like hyper realistic tattoos, and i think the colour flowers mixed with the b&w cat is weird, but the art itself is good.

the lines are nice and it looks like the cat it was supposed to look like.

it’s good for what it is, and looks like a well done tattoo, but it’s not my cup of tea.

No. 434326

Imagine the yeast infections.

No. 434345

Does she really have candy for breakfast?

No. 434351


pretty much, in one of her vlogs (around halloween) she ate a cupcake for breakfast with a cup of "peep tea". In one of her much older vlogs from earlier this year she only ate some cornflakes, which isn't something I would call a proper breakfast.

idk but maybe it's just me being an eurofag but I always wonder, where is the bread? Some fruit or some fried egg? I miss something REAL to eat and start the day. No wonder she is tired all the time.

No. 434360


people like to forget that some mental illnesses are in fact ‘curable’ and do in fact get better over time.

people depression and most anxiety disorders can recover from them, and not suffer from them anymore.
they might always have a disposition to them, but you can in fact, have a mental illness and then not have it after you’ve recovered.

jill’s got an ED, depression, and an anxiety disorder. she has the possibility of recovering from from and not having those anymore.

No. 434361

Sugary cornflakes with milk is pretty much the same thing as her peep tea. She's probably developing a variety of nutritional deficiencies that can all lead to lethargy. Like vitamin D, B vitamins, iron, all of those help with energy. Not good to neglect nutrition when you're already prone to depression.

No. 434386

This isn't true. You don't get "cured" of those things. You go to behavioral therapy and develop coping mechanisms and take medication and you learn how to maintain recovery.

For most people it's something you spend your entire lifetime doing, even after you feel "normal".

If someone gets "cured" it's most likely whatever they were experiencing was situational and not pathological.

No. 434388

“Anxiety is curable”

Loooool. You can learn how to make anxiety attacks pass over quickly and less intense but you can’t get rid of anxiety. What health books are you reading? I’ve been in counciling for 9 years and even if I have months where I feel normal sometimes they just happen for no reason. Anxiety is with you for life the same as any other mental illness.

No. 434391


they ARE an indie brand though, and asos does sell quite a few indie brands from time to time.

they’re popular on the internet but they’re not mainstream or popular at all compared to f21 or hm.

No. 434395


That's the case for chronic disorders, but there can be episodes of depression and anxiety. Of course, an episode can be several years, but it is possible to recover or put those in remission for a very long time. Hell, people can even have a singular psychotic episode, you're at risk for more but not everything is chronic.

No. 434396


learn how to sage.

many anxiety disorders can be cured and recovered from. ‘anxiety’ isn’t a disorder on its own, it’s a type of disorder, in the same way that mood disorders are a type of disorder.

ptsd, for example, is an anxiety disorder that can be cured by therapy and medication and many people who did have ptsd don’t have it anymore, that’s what ‘cure’ means.
individual cases may be life long, but they’re not like bipolar in that they are inherently permanent.

It sucks that you’ve been doing counciling for 9 years and you still have ‘anxiety’ but that doesn’t change the fact that many people do completely recover from anxiety, especially when they’re jill’s age, just like people can recover from drug addiction.

my aunt had pretty severe generalised anxiety when she was in her 20s, but now that she’s in her 60s, she hasn’t had an episode of anxiety in 30 years or so.

if you seriously think that you carry ‘anxiety’ forever and you can’t recover from it, that’s probably why you still have it.

No. 434397

It's almost like that's exactly what the last sentence says. Great reading comprehension, anon.

No. 434398


exactly, not all depresssion and anxiety are chronic, and even chronic depression and anxiety disorders can be recovered from.

No. 434399

PTSD is probably the worst example you could have chosen for your argument, anon. For more than one reason.

Anyway, this thread is about Jill not chronic vs. episodic mental illness so we should probably get back on topic.

No. 434407


No. 434412

god, just imagining jill's first time on the tube is making me giggle

No. 434420

Nicki Minaj actually did credit Harajuku for her style in that era, and she was photographed shopping at 6%dokidoki. She had more respect for the style than Jill and her party kei ever did.

No. 434434

yeah and gwen stefani literally made a song that namedropped harajuku and various brands.

No. 434435

also i think she's confused nicki with lil kim.

No. 434442

No. 434446

>"this is the wand people most say looks like a dildo, but you shut your un-christian mouth"

No. 434458

No. 434550

does she ever plan on redyeing her hair or is she letting it grow out now?

No. 434647

She's planning to grow it out as much as she can so if you can see her roots it's just because she's trying to grow it out.

No. 434691

hahahahhaa holy fuck. Just opened up the video and…

Did anyone else notice how shes wearing that Candy Stripper dress she bought in Japan? After we were all complaining in here for days about her not even wearing any japanese brands anymore

No. 434693


Already triggered by her not knowing if there was batteries or not in the chibi moon stick. I always take the batteries out of my stuff if they are going to be sitting around for a long time because of battery corrosion

No. 434702

Like she's legit going natural? Where/when did she say this? Because she's been showing messy roots for a really long time and they always look to be at that I-dyed-my-roots-badly-two-months-ago length.

No. 434710

Unless she's using actual dye to color her eyebrows, there's no reason makeup remover and washing her face wouldn't take them off. Even waterproof makeup comes off.

No. 434711

if she uses pressed pigments or just highly pigmented bright eyeshadows, they can stain the skin, especially if it's bare with no primer or foundation. that being said, if she actually washed her face twice (or at the very least once) a day like she's supposed to, there's no reason the stains would linger for days on end.

No. 434805

File: 1512021397060.png (335.31 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20171129-215309.png)

Looks like she's got an eye infection and the ever present yellow teeth. Jill please stop being so revolting.

No. 434807

she's been wearing short sleeves in a lot of her videos since an anon pointed out that she'd been wearing clothes that covered her tattoo as well.

No. 434920

She should continue wearing clothing that covers it so we don't have to keep looking at it.

No. 434934

So how's that sewing coming along huh, Vessey

No. 434995

It's not with you for life. I and many other people have recovered and don't get panic attacks anymore. You will get anxious in certain situations for the rest of your life, it's a natural human reaction but having an anxiety disorder is not suddenly a life sentence. If you didn't get anxious at all there would be something wrong too. I couldn't leave my apartment for months due to anxiety, had therapy, don't get panic/anxiety attacks any more. You can literally be a shut in and ruin your life with it and recover, not saying everyone can but there are many treatment methods and most can recover. Perhaps you need a different type of therapy.

No. 434996

shes growing her hair for college

No. 434999


No. 435122

She said in a stream (either the most recent one or the one before it) that she hasn't started or worked on any projects since the Cara thing since it stressed her out so much.

No. 435134

Could I point out a cool feature here on lolcow? It's called the scroll bar. It's located on the right side of your screen and you can use it to read through previous posts in a thread to avoid asking stupid questions. You should try it sometime.

No. 435140


Since it's Jill, that could easily be a cop-out, but I actually feel pretty bad for her if she feels like she needs to be cautious about designing anything else just because some sorry excuse for a designer thinks she owns the entire concept of a pastel tennis skirt and decided to chimp out at her online.

Having said that, if she wants to work in fashion design it's probably good for her to get used to petty shit like this and if it's still stressing her out when it was almost a month ago, that's not a good sign.

No. 435305

There's nothing about her growing her hair for college, only an anon that doesn't have any sources and doesn't know how to sage. May I suggest not being such a cunt?

No. 435455

i asked for a source specifically because two people said the same thing with zero evidence. i know it's been mentioned, but no one has shown where she said this.

No. 435462

it's been said a thousand times before but if ur gonna grow your hair out just dye it a dark colour and wait, jesus jill we dont want to have to see your pastel rainbow mess

No. 435464

She said it in my most recent livestream

No. 435472

>my most recent livestream

oh hey jill

No. 435505

lmfao wow sad

No. 435555

I don't understand this excuse. If you want to sew, then do it! (this is me begging you)

No. 435740

No. 435741

the featured confetti club member at the end is a called daddyslittlebabydollbigheart PUKES

No. 435764

why is she still pretending to know anything about anime?
it's pretty clear by now that she's too stupid to understanding that isn't aimed at toddlers

No. 435767

File: 1512152770298.png (5.02 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 1.23…)

sage for no milk
but i lost my shit when she tried on her coke bottle lens glasses
this poor girl and her eye sight

No. 435791

"they were cheap so i decided to risk it" oh ok
"for 75 dollars" what the FUCK ??? those ugly ass glasses were $75???
plus if her vision is as bad as she says it is, usually you need a refined prescription for a reason…especially if your eyes aren't equal strength

No. 435808

Video summary?

No. 435820

In what world is $75 cheap? Cheap for glasses is like, Zenni or somewhere you can get them for $10

No. 435823

75 dollars for glasses with a prescription is really cheap ??? Like if you want ones that will last and aren't from fuckin claires. Just a prescription can cost 70 dollars lol

No. 435836

They way she pronounces Madoka is like nails on chalkboard, sage for sperging

No. 435842

Agreed. 75$ for glasses with a high plus prescription is actually really cheap. However, you can tell the lenses she got are pretty low-grade by they amount they distort her eyes and the glare. I have a similar prescription to hers and I usually have to pay several hundred dollars for high-index lenses so I don't get the 'fishbowl' effect she mentions and can avoid looking like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys.

No. 435844

I agree that 75 dollars is cheap for glasses, but not cheap for something to get on a whim that you may or may not end up using. And since she's getting headaches from the glasses they don't seem to be something she'll use.

No. 435846

So she has no problem spending 10x the actual price on stupid shit like toys and clothes, but she cheapens out on her vision??? How does she manage to do the opposite of a good decision or anything else every single time.

No. 435852


I can't stop looking at the mismatched ccs cards and wands. Isn't it the other way around?

No. 435866

Jill knows absolutely dick all about the things she claims to like and obsess over, they're literally just status symbols to her.

More news at 11

No. 435943

True. Especially considering the fact that she essentially paid 75 for a pair of reading glasses instead of getting decent quality lenses. How can someone mess up on this many levels!?

No. 435944

sorry, meant to reply to >>435844

No. 435972

Oh god, that IG girl follows me and likes so many of my posts.

No. 435975

kek she likes the stupid anime literally made with a car company to sell cars.
i dont understand how she can be so snotty about madoka if her taste is so bad.

No. 435981


i know its been mentioned but gurl needs to set her tripod on something other than her bed…

jill, please set your tripod on something stable… a tripod on a bed is counterproductive

No. 436073

This bitch liking CGI anime ha aa hahAHHAH WHAT THE FUC

No. 436080

(pardon me for weebshit derailing)
eh i don't think all cgi anime is that bad. i mean sure you have shit like berserk 2016 but then theres stuff like bbk/brnk. it's just another medium used to convey things that ordinary animation can't. you see it all the time in most modern anime.

No. 436096

File: 1512186575047.png (1.53 MB, 640x1136, A19F7E65-52CA-412E-A166-5D834B…)

When cows collide

No. 436102

That is so fucking gross and I am drinking peach tea as I type this. I can't even.

No. 436171

exactly. plus she included it in her faves, and she said she bought them to avoid a fishbowl effect…and they give her exactly that. she didn't even say how well they worked, vision wise. if she wanted a cheap pair of prescription glasses, she could have probably found a cute enough pair at costco for the same price/slightly less

No. 436175

File: 1512199814715.jpeg (88.43 KB, 750x635, 7EE2FA1B-890E-4B1A-A208-C4C9E3…)

putting yourself in danger by mixing your medication with alcohol is very quirky and naughty you’re such an inspiration jill

No. 436176

File: 1512199878629.jpeg (187.05 KB, 750x1198, 35349079-F771-48DC-8B3F-AB51E1…)


the drink looks really gross as well

No. 436180

mmm… Pepto-bismol, delicious!

No. 436185

The fuck is wrong with her? I know she’s trying to be funny but she has so many fans that are mentally ill and vulnerable and she’s sending the message that it’s quirky and rebellious to mix alcohol with her meds. I hope she doesn’t plan to fucking drive. She could actually get herself killed or seriously injured, or she could hurt someone else. She did the same thing at her last con and got super sick, why the fuck does she think it’s cool to do it again much less promote it?

Jill, if you’re reading this; stop combining alcohol with your meds. It’s not a fucking joke and you could literally drop dead.

No. 436193

File: 1512202606700.jpeg (72.18 KB, 750x542, FC0AB53F-5E3B-4172-B8D1-E8A8C7…)


fucking exactly.

she even jokes about drunk tweeting, as if that’s a cool thing to do.
it’s embarrassing to get drunk by yourself in your room on a friday night whilst you’re on a medication you shouldn’t be mixing alcohol with, and then brag about drunk tweeting.

also i don’t know what she fucking did to that pop shoppe but it looks nothing like any that i’ve ever seen.

No. 436198

this is obe of the most pathetic things I've ever seen
no Jill, mixing meds and alcohol won't make you 'cool', it makes you look like an ignorant twat
after this happened at the con before Jill said that she 'didn't know' she wasn't supposed to mix the two, and now she's suddenly abusing it as something to look cool to her 12 year old fans, such a great rolemodel

No. 436202

Honestly, i feel for her with the glasses thing because I'm legally blind and it sucks a lot wanting to find cute glasses that work in a horrible prescription.

Saged for irrelevance but yeah.

No. 436313

This is why I always sperge about her trivializing mental health. Alcohol is a depressant and it could make her so-called “depression” even worse, assuming she has it. If you’re actually depressed or anxious, why would you fuck up your brain chemistry and medication just to spend a night alone drinking and playing animal crossing?

No. 436318

>screenshot of one of Molly's ig posts
>another screenshot of Molly talking about her (underage) drinking on her side account

Hi Molly. Not sure why you don't think your self posting is obvious or why you're looking for new reasons for your thread here to be active again kek

No. 436336

why does "friday night >:)" matter to her when every day is a weekend bc she doesn't have a real job?

No. 436337

People with mental illness are way more likely to abuse drugs/alcohol or to make shitty decisions about their physical or mental health. I'm not commenting on Jill but your post is really retarded.

No. 436347

she just said in her stream that she spent $125 at claire's on pusheen stuff yesterday jfc

No. 436351

File: 1512234730474.png (397.69 KB, 478x422, 3o4i43ih.png)

she just mentioned giving away signed photos of herself for the giveaway lmfao

No. 436352

so we’re just gonna give her a pass for her shitty and harmful behavior? It’s one thing for her to do it in ignorance, it’s another for her to do it when she’s fully aware it might fuck her up in a bad way with her medication and just throwing caution to the wayside. Anon has every right to sperg about this, she should be held accountable for the crap she’s feeding her underage fans

No. 436374

Why does she think she's that relevent? Also, I'd be super disappointed to get that. Always brags about being a real fashion designer but all she can offer her fans if a picture of herself? Kek

No. 436378

someone asked for her amazon wishlist in the stream. she said she feels weird about sharing it, and doesn't like when others do it. yeah, okay, jill, try to ac like your above it. she's tweeting it now…

No. 436383

Is someone watching her stream right now?
>implies she misses the D
>"I'm not bi, don't tell me my sexuality!! You can't look into my head"
She said she feels more comfortable with calling herself lesbian/queer.
Gee, I wonder why that is.

No. 436398


the post where molly calls jill ‘naughty pixie’ was not posted by molly because it was posted by me because i was pointing out how fucking gross jill is in terms of how she handles her mental illness and her young audience lol

No. 436401


i thought she was a pansexual bean though?

jill, either stick to one consistent label, or stop labelling yourself for thousands of people on the internet to see because it’s annoying.

No. 436407

Silly anon, pansexuals aren't special and oppressed enough.

No. 436409


here's her wishlist
who would've guessed, it's all overpriced magical girl crap with a sprinkle of peeps

No. 436430

Her fans are like 14. How are they gonna buy her anything? Also real shocker that it's all bullshit for "hauls" and not things that might help her in the long run like sewing supplies or something for her camera so she stops putting it on the bed.

No. 436435

I never mentioned giving her a pass. Correcting blatant misinformation about a serious topic has nothing to do with Jill. It's harmful to spread lies about mental illness/addictions like anon was doing, just like it's harmful to broadcast mixing alcohol and medication to underage followers.

No. 436458

stuff like >>436337 totally is giving a pass tho. i think anon meant that she's not acting as if she needs to get better, which contradicts the whole coming out about it and stuff, even if that's more common among people with mental illness, it's not a positive thing. plus it makes her seem overdramatic. and i get she might need some kind of support for her depression, but random fans are not that.

if jill is really that bad off mentally, she shouldn't be on sm promoting dangerous habits.

No. 436473

File: 1512249307913.png (373.23 KB, 1098x564, wtf.png)

$75 for a damn peeps candle? What are priorities?

Isn't she going to college soon? She'll be crying later for more practical shit and will wish she asked for more adult things like appliances earlier in her spoiled life.

No. 436501

I can't help but feel like Jill is forcing herself to be "queer", it just seems like she was more natural being with guys, inlieu of pretending to be a big sugar ccoated rainbow lesbian. I might be reaching. But I know way too many lbgt people and they don't behave like this. She's attention starved so who can really tell.

No. 436516

this thing's dead but lol didn't think i'd actually find anything

No. 436532

She likes blackrockshooter but hates dark and edgy magical girl anime? Okay Susan.

No. 436539

nonono!!! jill isn't a punk anymore, she is a lesbian kawaii party bitch!! she can't like or appreciate anything dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 436541

Well she also claims to like Magical Girl Raising Project, she just really seems to have an issue with Madoka for some reason lol

No. 436552

I bet it's because of the "Homu is abusive!!!11" opinion or other "problematic" things that tumblr likes to lose their shit about.

No. 436554

a 7 is a pretty good score for something she apparently hates. the complaints she has for it were all over tumblr's precure fandom back in the day, so she probably took that opinion from there and made it her own

No. 436617

>Dropped: Lucky Star

No. 436675

Jesus Christ, I only missed this thread for 2 days and already there's a ton of milk. Mixing medication with alcohol and being such a quirky edgy drunk tweeter on the ~weekend~, missing the d, spending over 100$ on Pusheen merch, dropping her amazon wishlist for her fucking underage followers to buy her shit.

God, this bitch is so pathetic. I really find it disgusting how she lets literal children send her gifts or money through various websites like her stream or amazon now. And the way she repays her fans is by bragging about being an irresponsible retard who mixes drugs, drives distracted, lashes out on simple questions, wastes the money her fans gift her on worthless overpriced stuff, and does so much other stupid BS like promoting shitty people or posting tutorials on how to blind yourself with glitter. The fact that she's a hoarder is just sad, but her using her fans to fund her frankly pathetic lifestyle is enraging.

No. 436858

Something stuck with me from her stream yesterday. She said people with severe cat allergies shouldn't enter her giveaway because she can't guarantee her cats haven't been near the stuff, but aren't her special ~pure bred~ cats supposed to be hypoallergenic?

No. 436886


yeah, exactly, jill is at a risk of alcohol abuse so why doesn’t she take that seriously since she doesn’t abuse alcohol yet?

you know what i did when i started taking seroquel? i stopped drinking alcohol.
wow… incredible… what a concept.

the problem is that jill is promoting her alcohol use to her young fans, she’s literally promoting herself drinking when she has a high chance of becoming an alocoholic.

the problem isn’t that she’s at a risk for alcohol abuse: we all know that. the problem is that she’s promoting mixing alcohol and anxiety medication that shouldn’t be mixed to her young audience.

No. 436889


her cats aren’t hypoallergenic, but people with light to medium cat allergies tend to be better around the breeds she owns.

she just wants an excuse to buy pedigree cats so that her weirdo followers don’t yell at her for not adopting from a shelter.

the only cat that i’m aware of that’s actually hypoallergenic is sphynxes because they have no hair, but people who are severely allergic to cats might still have a small reaction.

No. 436893

That's nonsense sphinx still produce the allergy causing protein but I think with reduced levels as with those breeds, due to less hair for it to cling to. People can learn to tolerate it

No. 436905

File: 1512320496321.jpg (389.58 KB, 800x802, sokawaii.jpg)

goals af

No. 436906


none of the breeds jill has are considered hypoallergenic, but there are a select few cat breeds that are.

sphynx are one of them.

and yes, all cats produce the protein that people are allergic to but they’re still hypoallergenic, you buffoon.

No. 436907

According to who. Tolerance depends on the person more than any breed being truly hypoallergenic

No. 436908

Imagine that she insisted on being queer just to match the flag with her party kei…

No. 436919

Make an OT thread if you want to discuss cat breeds.

No. 437096

>all cats produce the protein that people are allergic to but they’re still hypoallergenic

words have meanings, you know

No. 437116

File: 1512336754725.jpg (152.96 KB, 1489x838, the-trailer-park-boys-talk-pot…)

all I can see is Bubbles

No. 437212

wasn't she supposed to upload a vlog today?
did she realize that she has nothing going on in her life?

No. 437340

Aside from being a massive idiot with nothing to do with her life, she's also has no personality to boot. Not like she has any substance as a person to begin with, no wonder she has to buy all the tacky attention grabbing shit money can buy to attract attention to herself. Her viewers are clueless and so is she. Sage for sperg

No. 437462

File: 1512370351579.png (188.28 KB, 1226x1180, IMG_3172.PNG)

No. 437469

Well that's super attractive. /s

Because she's a goddamn young adult (hardly acts like it) that thinks she's on top of the world because she's YT-ing full time and is ~~ACHIEVING HER KAWAII DREAMS~~. God, every time I come back to this thread it's like any respect I could've had for her just dies a little more inside.

How do you miss a weekly vlog when you have no life to occupy your mind

No. 437470

What's the bet that fragile little Jilly bean got hungover and sick from drinking on her meds again and decided to nap all day instead of vlogging? Does she not realise that without youtube she'd actually have to work regular jobs like us peasants instead of wasting hundreds of dollars on fucking pusheen?

No. 437476

File: 1512372956449.png (1.77 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-12-04-07-35-11…)

Giveaway update, also kek at the 666 likes

No. 437483

File: 1512373991768.png (573.09 KB, 621x672, 1488798078889.png)

this looks like a bunch of crap she found in her room that she forgot she bought with a signed picture slapped on.
this is so tacky man.
"thank you 12year olds who watch my videos here's some shit i found in my room."
like she couldnt give some "party kei" starter set or something? it would help promote her stupid style and build her brand.

No. 437484

Has anyone seen this video yet? Fucking ridiculous

No. 437485

Dude.. calm down. Are you >>436675?

If Jill had drank then we probably would know. And she drinks like one drink, max. Not really the safest thing to do with her max but why are people acting like she constantly gets wasted? I think it's ridiculous.

And no, Jill doesn't have to work without youtube because her family is rich.

I didn't know people were obligated to give away certain things for a giveaway.

No. 437492

as ridiculous as it is, but he's somehow better Pixielocks than Jill herself

No. 437501

I think that >>437470 has a valid point on the criticizing of Jill's drinking alcohol while using her meds. She may not drink a lot of them, but any sensible human being wouldn't even consider it in the event that their meds may have a reaction to whatever alcohol they do take in. We don't really know how often Jill drinks (if she has stated that, we don't know how truthful she is in saying so), but we can figure her meds do attribute in some part to her depression and constant fatigue, so the last thing she needs to be doing is mixing meds with any alcohol in any amount.

And the giveaway makes some sense, since any giveaway could literally be anything of some value to those that want it, but what gets me about it is that, as >>437483 is talking about, most of this is simple shit you could buy at Claire's or Hot Topic. Jill could've done without adding the Claire's accessories and it'd be just fine, but including the signed picture makes her seem very vain/shallow, especially as someone who functions in a very niche interest/focus point.

No. 437503

>If Jill had drank then we probably would know.

she did drink

>alcoholic pop shoppes

also it doesn't matter if she's only having one drink (which you also don't know) because the medication she's on makes the effects of alcohol much more intense so you need LESS to get drunk. along with being fairly small (even at her current weight she probably doesn't exceed 130lbs) and an inexperienced drinker, those will make her get drunk more easily and experience more severe hangover symptoms because she's doubling down on depressants

No. 437507

File: 1512380347686.jpg (61.72 KB, 891x435, hjvghvjvhj.JPG)

saw this comment on her latest stream and forgot to post it. kek

No. 437508

I checked both her instagram accounts and her twitter and it doesn't seem like she even announced she was going to miss Sunday's video. She just waited for people to ask and made posts referencing the fact she hadn't uploaded afterwards. That'd be like me not showing up at work and only letting my boss know I wasn't coming in when he calls to ask where the hell I am.

I can appreciate when some youtubers claim it's a real job, but if it was anything like that for Jill, she'd be fired by now

No. 437546

File: 1512392774209.png (320.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-04-14-03-55…)

This was posted in the last thread. Is it true then? As she's confirmating that she drinks regularly…

No. 437553

I'm extremely sure this is just made up bullshit.
At the beginning of her last stream she was bragging about how easily she gets drunk because she's so smol uwu, she said she doesn't even like the taste of alcohol but she likes feeling 'silly' once in a while (I guess to her that means playing animal crossing in a gay bar).
She sounds like a 12 year old whenever she talks about booze and seems to feel the need to tweet obnoxious stuff whenever she actually drinks, I think it would be pretty obvious if she drank more.

No. 437559

File: 1512394959185.png (56.79 KB, 587x531, jill.png)

Also samefag but here are some recent tweets.

I mean I can understand being upset about a pet passing away but that's not really a valid reason to not pursue education…
Also she should've just done vlogs with content from the whole week from the beginning on, her last 4 vlogs or so have just been her getting Starbucks, getting mail and buying crap at Home Sense or something, it's boring as shit.

No. 437560

please fucking sage this edgy, pointless post next time

No. 437592

Hopefully she is just sort of exaggerating out of fear. I've seen a lot of people say dramatic things when their beloved pet is in danger. Unfortunately health issues are a big issue with purebreds.

No. 437596

No. 437597

Can all the farmers enter and win?

No. 437602

Knowing how pixie is I wouldn't be surprised if she quit going forward with her education if Serena died.. it'd be her only sense of home.
Might seem like her reaction is over the top but granted how she was when Mobi(?) got sick and "almost died" saying she'd kill herself it's no shocker.

No. 437616

has she ever sent out the prizes for giveaways before??

No. 437635



Lol no that’s def not true, you can tell when people use and she doesn’t

Also drinking while on anxiety meds isn’t all that bad, depending on the medication
Like with all my meds it says not to because it’ll make me sleepy, that’s the only side effect

But yeah she’s still really irresponsible to be like “I’m cool!!!!1!!!” When poorly kids watch her
Plus I used to drink by myself all the time because of anxiety + depression because it helped, like drinking alone is never a good thing ??

No. 437638

I know that getting the cats really helped with Jill's mental health but she does seem to have an unhealthy emotional reliance on them. Cats have a much shorter lifespan than humans so being able to deal with their death is something you should be thinking about before you even get one. Sure it's devastating to lose a pet, but it shouldn't affect you to the extent that you quiet college or consider taking your own life

No. 437646

If a cat saves your life surely insulting to its memoeory to kill yourself after they die naturally?

No. 437647

Sorry I didn’t mean to post the video again

No. 437661

>>437635 the issue is that jill is prescribed a benzo, which is highly dangerous to mix with booze.

No. 437670

File: 1512409943660.png (125.89 KB, 640x1136, CB5C9587-B2EF-442B-BDDB-4745D7…)

My god, just leave poor Colin alone…

No. 437673

lol wtf??
Jill was the one who pushed her pastel bullshit on Colin, it seemed like he just ended up getting fed up with it?
it really seems like Jill isn't over Colin yet, I feel kinda bad for her new gf

No. 437677

Just watched her give away vid…kek what tacky crap. You would think her being self declared ~*fashun designerrr*~ she would at least offer to custom create an outfit sewn and designed by her at the least for the winner! Or maybe give away a magical girl wand or something interesting, not cheap crap from Claire's and an ugly ass photoshooped pic of her grossness. Jill really is a cheapskate with her viewers, truly the lord giving her scraps to her peasants.

No. 437680

She was obviously in love with Colin, she treated him like crap and now she obviously regrets it. This lesbian act is a flimsy veneer and a sham. She maybe no but I doubt she's a full blown lesbo.

No. 437681

her roots look fucking awful holy fuck

No. 437683

Yeah, I thought it was quite disappointing as well.
I mean 50% was just stuff she either had laying around or that were 'doubles', so just shit she didn't want/need.
Then with something from her merch shop she's just kinda putting money into her own pocket, and all the Claire's stuff was just cheap shit. Not even gonna mention the signed picture lol.
I mean she claims to be both a designer and an artist, maybe she could've at least offered to draw a picture of the winner or something, or custom print a shirt for them or such. But yeah I guess this is just typical Jill.

No. 437760

he she it idk looks better than the real pixie lol

No. 437781

why are you whiteknighting jill so hard? those are valid criticisms man chill.
she is getting wasted. in her tweets she admits to drunk tweeting. in order to be drunk you need to be wasted.

youtube fags always do giveaways to increase their numbers. it attracts more viewers and views. a giveaway should include something that differentiates the youtubers from the rest and is representative of the youtuber. arguably clown junk from under her bed sounds a 100% jill but its a terrible representation of her "brand". she wants to be a fashion designer but has zero skills in basic networking. so might as well take this chance and peddle her fashion style. she already has an audience that eats this shit up so it would be perfect.
whatever man just my two cents.

No. 437785

"a drank a cooler and a half"
-jill, animaritime vlog

No. 437907

File: 1512434666206.png (431.86 KB, 640x1136, DD536012-B9D2-4BD7-A12F-50A10F…)

Oh dear god

No. 437911



just fucking end me

No. 437914

i feel so sorry for mystery girl's coworkers who have to put up with seeing jill when she walks in with these drinks, like you know they're just dying inside when she walks in sporting her kawaii uwu shit

No. 437921

honestly as someone who cant even come out yet im so mad at her and her fucking bullshit
and she so obviously craves the attention and validation of being seen as weird/different, god shes desperate, goes to show how deeply boring she really is without all the rainbow vomit, shes so aware of how boring she is, i bet when she was a kid before the punk stage/ed/lolita/etc she was always ignored by the other kids and accepted but never needed. typical privileged kid with no personailty

No. 437942

>why are you whiteknighting jill so hard? those are valid criticisms man chill.
Because so many people on lolcow are nitpickers who have no sense of perspective. I'm not really sure what I could do to convince you I'm not a fan of Jill, it just seems like people are ragging on fairly average teenager behavior.

>she is getting wasted. in her tweets she admits to drunk tweeting. in order to be drunk you need to be wasted.

What? Never knew that wasted = drunk. Wtf are you on? She probably had one drink and decided she was ~so drunk~.

>youtube fags always do giveaways to increase their numbers. it attracts more viewers and views. a giveaway should include something that differentiates the youtubers from the rest and is representative of the youtuber. arguably clown junk from under her bed sounds a 100% jill but its a terrible representation of her "brand". she wants to be a fashion designer but has zero skills in basic networking. so might as well take this chance and peddle her fashion style. she already has an audience that eats this shit up so it would be perfect.

I'm not really familiar with youtubers or giveaways so I didn't know that. I think Jill's giveaway is lazy in that light and not good for her career, but I don't think any youtuber is obligated to give their fans something. Why Jill has fans is beyond me. If they don't like her then they should stop watching. Hence why I don't participate in the youtuber nonsense in general.

Is this a benzo she takes every day? Or I thought she had one just for anxiety attacks? I just don't see how it is good to take benzos every day with or without booze, but that's a different topic.

I agree people are freaking out too much over the idea of mixing any meds + alcohol. It's not a great idea but I think some degree of risk is ok.

I do think Jill needs to keep that shit private just because she has a lot of young fans.

I don't agree that drinking alone can ever be a good thing. That just seems like a one way ticket to alcoholism.

Do you seriously believe this rumor? It's bullshit and is nothing like Jill. She is really lame and thinks 2 wine coolers is ~cool~.


Sorry I missed seeing the post where she did. I think she does tweet every time she drinks. But she had like one drink. Even with meds I don't think the hangover would be that bad. But plenty of rich and poor teens drinks and get hangovers, why complain about normal teen behavior?

No. 437950

I feel bad for mystery girl, she's just another accessory for Jill.

No. 437951

Anon, I feel your struggle, especially since I am from a generally homophobic country, but Jill was born in Canada and has an incredibly supportive family. Gay or not, it doesn't matter to them or the community she lives in. In fact, she has the freedom most of us would only dream. This doesn't make her a bad person or a fraud; she is 19 and is exploring her sexuality. I wish I'd been half as lucky her age.

No. 437957

Funny that Jill goes on a rant about how people keep intruding on her super private lesbian princess relationship and then posts spoilers like that. Sad that MG has to witness her new gf continuing to drag her ex through the mud on Twitter while simultaneously promoting her new totally-genuine-lovey-dovey-gay relationship. Not too surprised Jill's disrespecting MG so early already.

She's not just a wee teen anymore, she's now a legal adult but has only become a bigger, more dependent baby. The last thing she needs is more strangers coddling her. Compare her to other 19 year olds who are a year into college, have part/full time jobs, live outside their parents home or commute to get to their responsibilities everyday. Most fellow young adults who had the same opportunities as her are doing these things, which is why many anons criticize her lifestyle.

What 19 year olds do you know who just stay at home napping, shopping, and shitposting, doing nothing else? Doesn't sound like average behavior to me. If Jill didn't want attention she wouldn't be posting her whole life online, or contributing to this thread (kek) – there's no need to defend her against constructive criticism.

No. 437958

She's not being forced, you know.

No. 437990

>I agree people are freaking out too much over the idea of mixing any meds + alcohol. It's not a great idea but I think some degree of risk is ok.
>I do think Jill needs to keep that shit private just because she has a lot of young fans.

That right there is the bigger problem about this. Sure, let Jill drink alcohol with her meds, she's an adult. But she shouldn't be airing this behavior for younger viewers to see, especially those that are impressionable and look up to her. If she's going to press the "family-friendly" angle on her videos, she needs to branch that ideal to her other online presences as well.

No. 438003

I don't think she is a fraud but I think even 19 year olds should know better than to go around talking about how GAYYY they are all the time. It's more appropriate for someone who is 13/14.


No. 438013


jill please. i thought you were pretending being a lesbian now? why would you still care about Collin? you didn't love him you're gaaaaaaaaaaaaay, right? bitter as fuck. fake as fuck. jill remains a poser.

No. 438017


no they don't jill! no one cares! you're not a celebrity >>436351 and no one's checking for you. if people stare at you is because your roots are fucked up, sis. ahhhh


your comment is completely right anon. coming out was shitty to me too. seeing jill's privileged rich bitch ass… pretending that people do "hate crimes" on her care and that everyone is checking for her… bitch you live in canada. try living in a third world country. not even just canada, you're rich and your job is buying clothes online. her life isn't any harder for coming out of the closet. she's such a phoney who craves attention and it sucks. it brings me back to the "were your favorite queer couple" saga. jill stop using your "sexuality" as something that deserves praise and attention. she would love laineybots channel

No. 438037

Sorry what? More people need to be freaking out over her drinking on medication, that’s how you get people killed. Guess where most medications are metabolized? The liver. Guess where alcohol is metabolized? The liver. Do it enough times mixing the two and you’ve fucked yourself for life. The ignorance from every side is driving me up the wall. You shouldn’t do it, no exceptions, and what Jill is doing could potentially kill her or a dopey subscribers like if they decide to drink and stupidly take a sleeping pill or something.

No. 438067

what is this gay pride daycare location tho

No. 438096

you still have no proof that it's only one drink. but again, one drink can be more than enough to mess you up hard because of other meds. i'm not complaining about the fact that she's hungover lmao. i'm complaining because she's broadcasting dangerous behaviour as something quirky and "got caught stealing from the cookie jar" kind of bad when in reality it can send you spiralling into a depressive episode or fuck up your organs

No. 438113

Anon like anyone would even care if Jill overdosed from being a retard. Old topic fucking drop it. As for her viewers, they should take no cues from her lousy judgment.

No. 438119

Lol it would serve her right if that happened. Knock her off her high horse.

No. 438192

She said in stream she drank two pop shoppes and one double shot, so yah more than one drink.

And I don't think she necessarily broadcasts every time she drinks. Her mom posted on facebook (this was discussed in a previous thread) that she drank whiskey to feel better after the Collin breakup and this was not on Jill's personal social media as far as I know.

No. 438193

jfc anons, bitter much?
sage for OT but there is a difference between not being a hugbox and just being assholes

No. 438287

She's going to get her gf into trouble if she comes to distract her every day lol

No. 438375

homophobia still exists in canada, esp in small towns.

No. 438394

Lately Jill always makes me think of the overtly gay guy from Key & Peele.
I mean it's great that she can be open about her sexuality, but come the fuck on. I'm surprised her magical girl tattoo isn't going to say "GAY, kind & beautiful uwu" at this point.

No. 438401

Jill is just a disgusting person who smears herself all over the internet posing as a lesbian, had no damn clue the actual struggles actual LGBT people have to face in the world and that it is not a fucking fashion trend.
I really can't believe this bitch has the audacity to be so presumptuous about the way LGBT people are. My best friend is gay and he got thrown out of his house for coming out at 18 to his bigot family and got bullied in school for it . So if this cunt actually thinks she knows what it is to be gay and face adversity think again.

No. 438420


Honestly as much as I think Jill is using the "gay" label as an accessory, she's just a young adult trying to figure out who she is and although I think at 19 she should know better than to parade it around the way she does, it's not the end of the world that she's trying to find her identity and it's not her fault that she's lucky enough to come from an accepting family in a progressive country.

Although what is fucking disgraceful is that she seems to want to play the oppression card when it's not something she's actually had to go through, like when she treated her car being keyed as some kind of hate crime just because the car has a rainbow stripe.

No. 438521

How is this being an asshole? She is asking for it.

No. 438558


Not that anon but wishing death/serious injury on someone is a little extreme imo even if she's being an irresponsible cunt with her meds.
Also she's annoying, yeah, but lets not act like her family wouldn't be devastated if something happened to her. Her mum obviously loves her a ton even if she does unfortunately spoil her

No. 438592

don't forget most importantly the loss of milk here if something did happen. jill, we know you're reading, please be careful, the amount of attention you receive is at stake!

No. 438623


True. What would we ever do without our Lazy Oaf Haul #6437653 videos or instagram shots of soggy peeps soaking in herbal tea?

No. 438647

File: 1512523113711.jpeg (148.04 KB, 741x663, 28F014D5-908C-472C-B2F0-AE89DD…)

No. 438653

This is so shitty, even if it's a meme I wouldn't be surprised different she saw retail work as "bottom tier" and it's actually annoying how much she needs to emphasize YOUTUBE IS MY JOB!!!
I know it's easy to see this as being bitter and jealous but it's mostly annoying. We get it, Jill. Enough already.

No. 438656

God Jill looks like she’s gone from kinda cute looking 20 something year old to try hard rainbow vomit 60 year old granny within a year

No. 438698

>Also she's annoying, yeah, but lets not act like her family wouldn't be devastated if something happened to her.
That is her problem. Maybe they shouldn't have raised such an irresponsible daughter.

Her getting hospitalized would probably increase the amount of attention she gets

No. 438703


I also don't think she has any right to call herself a "fashion youtuber" tbh - buying clothes =/= having any actual fashion-related skills. She does the occasional lookbook but the vast majority of what she does is just shopping.
She's also conveniently ignoring that she used to work retail and do youtube? Honestly to me this just comes across as her trying to convince herself she's accomplished something this year when really she's just the same as before except even more of a hermit.

No. 438706

earlier this year:
-had a stable job
-left the house regularly
-had more human interaction
-moved around way more
-didn't need to whine/worry so much about demonetization every time she uploaded a video

I mean good for her that she makes enough money, but I really think her situation earlier this year was better for her (mental) health

No. 438747

File: 1512526202831.jpg (12.48 KB, 500x332, BQQqcnB.jpg)

is she serious?
>started at the bottom now still at the bottom
graduating high school and working <15 hours weekly as a cashier to sitting at home all day online shopping, posting a shitty stream like millions of other people do online, every other day. much growth, such inspire, wow.

nice classism mixed in the post, not that we should expect any less from jill.

No. 438861

She deleted. Wonder why?

No. 438864

File: 1512537297991.jpg (140.48 KB, 1080x463, Screenshot_20171206-001150.jpg)

Which ex is she talking about?

No. 438867

Probably her first relationship/gf or Walker.

No. 438868

This all looks like stuff from Claire's. She's so damn cheap!

No. 438872

it is, most of the packaging is claires.

No. 438878

She must be on top of this thread to delete that quick out of shame.

No. 438905

I'm sure to Jill, how far you're going in life is literally just determined by how much money you make or how much attention you get online and not much of anything else.
She could have talked about how she is starting school or how she's in a queer aesthetic relationship or literally any fucking thing else but no, it's about "youtube!! Is my job now!!!"/money and how she's made it even though her complaints about demonetization are constant

No. 438906

Good. It's one of the smarter decisions she's made

No. 438928

File: 1512548102717.png (14.05 KB, 586x109, gdmn.PNG)

i smell bullshit.

and it smells like peeps and desperation.

No. 438930

File: 1512548422983.png (238.88 KB, 583x456, asdfaerte.PNG)

I hate to disappoint you all but she's done the meme again, only now she's showcasing her nasty hair decisions of hamfisting her Youtube job in everyone's face.

No. 438959

She had this up simultaneously with the other one. At least when I saw her twitter last.

No. 439012

Still looks like she’s about to spit chunks in the first one

No. 439018

Even though it looks awful too the pastel hair at the beginning of the year still looked miles better

No. 439025

Lol she looks like she could be wearing the same outfit.

No. 439039

Is she not posting a video today either?

No. 439064

fuck, she really ballooned up in a year.

No. 439070


she is so cheap I AM TRIGGERED(Put the link in the YouTube section)

No. 439074

File: 1512577532197.jpeg (97.74 KB, 598x407, B0239086-82E6-4BF4-A4B2-E7D22E…)

I wish I had this photo as the header for when we had the Grandma edition thread. Oh well. I hope somebody makes this the next one.
I love it because it’s truly fucking terrifying.

No. 439080

i don't think price is that important, but so many of these gifts feel like they had almost no thought put into them. it's really… sad. she just bought stuff she would like to give to her friends and family.

No. 439086

She bought lush, makeup and a book for her girlfriend. She opens the make up on camera, says shes going to read her book and use the bath bombs

No. 439089

the way she talks, she wants to be jennamarbles so bad it's creepy

No. 439094

>never did a video like that for the boyfriends she had for years
>now that she has a girlfriend she suddenly makes a video just focusing on that

No. 439098



that's y I called her cheap!! IDK Y IT TRIGGERED ME SO MUCH

she spends so much on her self..all the time..so I thought maybe she'll go all out but lol NO

No. 439101

I don't think Jill understands what "that's a cool color" means when it comes to "crazy uwu bright~" colored lipstick for… normal non "kawaii magical girl uvu" people means… (granted she said mg sends her pictures of them all the time but.. idk..)
Not yes I want this bright cyan color I will wear it all the time.
Seems like she's already pushing her interest onto MG

No. 439105

well in her last stream Jill mentioned that her gf talked about dyeing her hair once, so now Jill is super excited!!! uwu to get her to dye it an unnatural color and has been bugging her about it.
…exactly like what happened with Colin lol
like come on Jill, people can make their own fucking decision on whether or not they wanna dye their hair. it really feels like she thinks any kind of natural color is 'boring' and any kind of unnatural hair color is just far superior.

No. 439110

Funny how her gf was a fan of hers, keeps getting attention "anonymously" and we still get posts and videos about her despite Jill throwing a fit about wanting people to leave her "private life" alone. Gf probably loves the attention since whats better than being included in the life of a popular internet person you admire.

Also, don't blame your shopping addiction on being girly. You just like to blow money, that's it. And now you sit around with someone else deciding want to blow money on because she enables your bs.

No. 439115

Pixie leaves her exes colorful and confused.

No. 439116

Just imagine if one of her SOs ever told her to change her style/tone it down.
Like to color her hair a natural color or ditch the obnoxious Party Kei shit. Jill would cry about it for months, so idk why she think it's ok to do that to other people.

No. 439122

Why call it "what I got my girlfriend" when it was "what I got my friends and family"

No. 439129

The transformation has started. GFs insta description is now: "Gay. Poet. Cat mom. Anime enthusiast."

No. 439132

>anime enthusiast
>neither her nor Jill were able to think of a single lesbian anime couple were both characters were feminine

also I didn't realize her gf also had a cat, I thought she just had a bunny.

No. 439134

shit i forgot about that…

No. 439141

When I google her GFs name theres a Soundcloud account reading poems. Is that her?

No. 439142

How is she going to say that Youtube/fashion is her career now when she will appear on camera for weeks on end with her hair a giant swampy mound of grease with 2-inch black roots

No. 439146

She has to push that gay label.

No. 439155

File: 1512582492845.jpg (151.58 KB, 1080x584, Screenshot_20171206-174622.jpg)

This was on her most recent video kek

No. 439169

working retail can suck, and it pays the lowest legal amount, but there are jobs that are WAY worse and less comfortable than working in cutesy mall stores that pay the same amount. the fact that she seems to not know those exist is wild.

No. 439173

Id line to read the replies that comment got,but i cant find it, did she delete it?

No. 439181

Yeah, I don't really understand why she doesn't wash her hair more. Does she not realize how it looks almost wet in this video?

No. 439194

File: 1512585569878.png (153.11 KB, 847x679, Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 12.0…)

No. 439203

File: 1512587064791.png (820.09 KB, 1242x2208, EE9809C9-AFEB-42AA-95E9-1447E1…)

I’m an enabler.

No. 439211

wait what? why would she get 2? I don't understand

No. 439233

Because last lucky pack was a fail and she wants to have more possibilities to get what she wants.

No. 439237

Still trying to prove she cares about jfashion I see, why does she need 2 though? Lucky packs are risky enough and she didn't like the stuff from the 6% dokidoki one. Why would she need 2 bags of stuff that'll probably never see the light of day? She seriously has a problem.

No. 439239

I've forgotten what WC is?

No. 439241

File: 1512589089996.jpg (293.43 KB, 600x800, 01_001-600.jpg)

so essentially:
>buys a lucky pack
>doesn't like the contents
>"let's get double the amount of lucky packs next time!"
flawless logic
seriously though, I assume that most of the items would be the same in the WC one?

Japanese brand, here's the lucky pack she wants to get: https://gocart.jp/ap/item/i/A0GC0000A8ID

No. 439245

thank you!

No. 439249


Oh my god this is fucking hilarious, what happened to the whole "I'll stop buying fast fashion" shit? Plus she's just going to get duplicated items. Bless her beart.

No. 439255

I'm wondering if Jill gets product placement $ from Claires? Eg: those giveaway items for free if she keeps going on about their brand. Seeing as she used to work there she could probably strike up some kind of deal like this with them. Seems an awful lot of Claire's crap.

No. 439256

Let's guess which excuse Jill would use if someone called her out of it

>"Um well it's actually a ~kind of indie~ Japanese brand, you can't really compare that to H&M or Forever21 :)"

>"Giving them my $200 won't make THAT much of a difference!"
>"Well actually the whole fast fashion thing is just a New Year's resolution, I will get started on it next year. Change can't happen that quickly uwu"

No. 439258

No Lucky Bag for Jill - not one, not two. They are out of stock. Shame.

No. 439330

Why the fuck is she opening her girlfriend's presents and using them? It's almost as if she doesn't get the concept of buying things for other people, not herself.

No. 439340

It'll just disappear into her hoard so yeah, buy 2, add a bit more to the hoard of shit she never wears. This bitch is trying to buy multiples of one lucky pack yet she buys her gf and family cheap bullshit from the mall. Jill is seriously a child. She doesn't seem to care for people in her life seeing as how she treats/takes advantage of her family and uses her gf for queer points. She doesn't appreciate any of the cool clothing she is able to buy and has been buying since she was like 16. Her fans are 14 because they want the cool clothes she does is hauls, they want a youtube career and a chance to be a fashion designer but Jill has it and doesn't give a fuck. She's a lazy rich bitch who dresses like shit and doesn't do shit with herself despite having every chance to. Keep being delusional, Jill. /rant

No. 439345

Price checking her gf's presents?
> Kat Von D "glimmer"- $22usd
> Kat Von D "liquid lip"- $20usd
> wonderful stars- $16usd
> blotting paper- $7usd
> wink mug- $13usd
> book- $12
> bathbomb- $8
total? $98usd
the makeup is what made the gift "expensive"

i feel like jill is going to be the one who ends up using the makeup more than MG.

No. 439351

Yeah, it felt like she bought all of the gifts for herself, especially the makeup and the graveyard girl set for her mom.
It annoyed me too how she gifted some stuff away that she just found 'laying around', like she could just give that to her friend without an occassion and then actually get her something special for Christmas.
Also does she not get anything for John, her supposed best friend? She hasn't brought him up anymore at all

No. 439390

I find it kind of bizarre too the way she talked about her brother's gift. Like you're buying it for him not yourself, why does it matter if you only have one thing in common? Giving thoughtful gifts requires you to actually think about the other person and something they want regardless of whether you're into it. Not "I was buying some youtube merch for myself and it's the only thing we both like so I got him one too weh I have to pay for shipping twice". Jfc I just can't with this girl.

No. 439418

All of her gifts seemed to revolve around what she liked, except for her dad's (the mug seemed thoughtful but I'm not sure if she bought the tool because that's a generic dad gift, or because he likes DIY). I can't believe she's so self centred that she can't seem to think of gifts that don't involve her interests. I'm sure her family/friends love things that Jill has no interest in - why can't she do a bit of research and get them something they really want, like everyone else does? I sometimes think anons go overboard with criticizing her for being self obsessed, but they're right, she really is selfish.

No. 439454

Hmm, it depends on when they started exploring and discovering themselves, though? I’ve seen gays in their forties showering people with their gayness like confetti. At least Jill is still 19.

No. 439475

She is selfish af, at the same time she reminds me of the standard Christmas shoppers I see who hit up walmart and buy people cheap shit they can buy themselves or already have, like pjs and socks. Its sad how she doesnt bother looking for anything unique for others, yet spends hours on the net stalking expensive imports for herself.

No. 439492

whats her gfs insta

No. 439502

Do you expect people to be able to buy nice, tasteful gifts for everyone? Sometimes people just have to get something for people like Great Aunt Bertha out of custom. Also my family doesn't really do Christmas gifts so I don't see the big deal.

I do think it's different that Jill is so careless with gifts for her brother and girlfriend, while probably expecting a nice gift in return.

No. 439510


her gf's insta is lyssabrianne_

No. 439511

This is Jill, and she's buying crappy gifts for the only 4 people who are close to her. Her giveaway gifts are thoughtless dollar store (claires) crap too. Not to mention she's opening up gifts for her gf and using them…

I don't think the gf needs a super thoughtful gift since they just recently met? But for everyone she buys stuff she just wants for herself, meanwhile her mum searched the internet for that one plush last or 2 christmases ago or something, and Jill gets like 20 special gifts per holiday from her parents. The similarity to Dudley from Harry Potter is so strong, its pretty funny.

No. 439513

I dont think claires would really sponsor a smaller youtuber like her. My best guess is she bought them before she quit with her employee discount. Im not sure if its all across Canada but I met an acquaintance that works at a Claires in Canada and I asked about the discount. The employee discount is 50% off of items

No. 439524

>her mum searched the internet for that one plush
I remember during Jill's lolita phase her mom went and made an account on lacemarket to buy her a dress on her facebook wishlist and bought her a new skirt straight from AP. That's really thoughtful, meanwhile Jill only gives people things that she either wants for herself or claires crap from her hoard pile that she bought with her employee discount.

No. 439526


This is just something I noticed this evening, so my view could be off but I noticed on Twitter she posts products she wants quite often. Normally this wouldn't bother me but the Peeps items in particular, she's had fans reply to those tweets saying they're buying the items for her.

I know it's their own prerogative if they want to gift her items, but someone who's getting paid $3k per month to do virtually nothing at all getting gifts from her fans rubs me the wrong way? Just because it almost seems as though when she tweets about such and such item it's her baiting her fans?

No. 439528

I agree, i thnk shes basically figuring out ways to squeeze more money out of her fans with the streams and what you mentioned, but by putting in as little effort as she can. Thats her "youtube job". The fact she posted her amazon wishlist (even if a fan requested it, she didnt HAVE to do it) is just proof of her moneygrubbing, its like those tumblr memes you see of undeserving people with donate buttons on their blogs. I wonder how far she will go with this tactic.

No. 439539


I don't see her fairing out well in college for the simple fact that she seems incredibly entitled and lazy. Jillian really hasn't had to do an honest day's work in her life. I understand that she previously worked at Claire's and The Freak Lunchbox, but let's be honest - this was only supplementing her YouTube income/any expenses her parents paid for her.

Yes, I get that she is young but come on. She didn't go to college/university straight out of highschool (not necessarily a bad thing! I didn't either), and instead of using that time to create a sizeable nest egg for herself, she hopped on the YT bandwagon and gets paid to take videos of herself raving about Peeps and David's Tea.

She's lucky that her parents are seemingly well off, because the majority of PEI is not in the same position.

No. 439566

File: 1512622684264.png (59.33 KB, 620x449, ss (2017-12-06 at 08.57.39).pn…)

No. 439574

Top kek she must've just caught up to this thread huh

I doubt this will last long, I mean, she said the same last week and continued posting personal stuff. We all know she craves the attention. The girlfriend is also a fangirl of hers so maybe she wants to be 'flaunted' like an object in videos and posts.

No. 439576

Why tf is she doing a gift wrapping video right after she showed us all the gifts she bought?? Now THAT is a boring video, and we're even used to her putting out boring content. I think that could have been something fun to do while she streams, but def not a vid.

No. 439595

Jill: I'm going to title this video "WHAT I GOT MY GF FOR CHRISTMAS" even though it's my gf, family, and friends.

Jill: I'm going to stop talking about my gf online.

No. 439599

actually these are more expensive in CAD
> Kat von d glimmer is $30 CAD
> Kat von d liquid lip is $24 CAD

No. 439650

Honestly I have to wonder if it'll be an ASMR video. Since she said she wants to do it before and she was whispering("soft yelling") in the video she just posted of the gifts themselves. Gift wrapping would be a good entry into it. Though Im 100% certain she wouldn't be any good at it.

No. 439656

I guess Pixie wants to be like Marisol Muro… Although she doenst know it yet. That girl has a better style and she designs al her stuff.

No. 439696

The only way I think it could be good, is if she knows some special and nice and innovative wrapping techniques or tips. Or it could be a vlog type of video. But to have a main video where she just … wraps … for 20 minutes … fucking lazy content

No. 439698

Wait am I just stupid or did Pixie make her girlfriend change her insta name?
When I try to look at it it says page can't be found.

No. 439720


As far as I can tell, it's still lyssbrianne_
Maybe she blocked you?

No. 439722


Jillian did have an ASMR channel, with like two videos on it. It's whisperpixie on YouTube. She wasn't very good at it haha.

Also, I saw Jillian's " ~ super gay ~ " car this morning at Papercakes Pretty salon, so I guess she's getting her nails done again. Hopefully they're better than that blobby rainbow set she's been sporting for a while now.

No. 439737

It’s not like she’s just realised she likes girls though, she’s dated girls years ago

No. 439785

And people here tend to forget that when doubting her gayness. Apparently one of these girls was extremely abusive too.

No. 439831

Man, I just looked that girl up. Her face makes Jill look gorgeous.

No. 439854

at least this girl appears to be clean and washed..that's more than can be said about jill

No. 439872

File: 1512679108547.jpg (98.05 KB, 820x312, 1512663187479.jpg)

Just saw this on cgl, according to this Jill would be one of the final candidates for the kawaii.i fashion contest.
Couldn't find the source on the pictures myself but the vote officially ends today/tomorrow so we will see for sure.

No. 439875


looks like every other girl has some kind of visual concept going on, where Jill just looks like a mismatched pastel rainbow clusterfuck.
Idk it's the least pleasant picture to look at imo

No. 439878

I can’t wait for the bitchfest that will ensue if Jill doesn’t win. Have your buckets on hand farmers, we are going to get a lot of milk

No. 439880

File: 1512680570790.jpg (156.58 KB, 560x522, 4773799_lilac.jpg)

If these are the finalists I'm really sad that Kammie isn't one of them, since she has been pulling off the whole rainbow pastel aesthetic way better since before Jill was even around (and she's a way better rolemodel(and she wears J-fashion more than just twice a year(and she manages to consistently have her rainbow bangs look nice)))

No. 439885


I agree. Her top would work with more of a sort of sweet, natural Ank Rouge-esque style (probably because it's gingham) and the skirt looks more like something you'd get from a shop like F21 and it makes no sense.

I know she doesn't wear a whole lot of it anymore but surely she still has some actual jfash from her trip to Japan that would've probably looked nicer than her poorly made clothes with a 6% Dokidoki necklace thrown on just to make it seem more Japanese?

I'm also noticing that most of these girls went with a fairly simple background (the girls who used a busier background made sure to keep it looking tidy or taking a closer shot with less background) so it just makes Jill's photo look even more busy and disorganized in comparison.

No. 439888


I know Jill wants to wear her skin but it's a shame she doesn't take a leaf from Kammie's book other than having rainbow hair.
This looks super cute because she's co-ordinating only a few colours together so that her outfit doesn't clash with her rainbow hair.

It's been said before but I really feel that if Jill wants to go all rainbow, she'd look better if she kept her hair and makeup looking natural, but she seems to look down her nose on people who do that because it's too normie to not look like a clown

No. 439909

I don't feel like the people here doubt her gayness, so much as they doubt her lesbian-ness. She obviously feels some attraction towards males since she spent years dating men, and she still feels attraction to Collin who identifies as non-binary. And she did recently claim that she misses masculine body types (dick). If she called herself bisexual or pansexual I think there would be less uproar.

Also the constant posting about how shes "uwu a big gay jillybean boi~" is real fucking annoying

No. 439923

This. Kammie completely deserves to win a spot, she's a regular jfashion supporter with her own style, her own business, constantly supporting small brands and artists in the west, and she actually goes to meet ups and supports Jfashion.

Idk if Kammie has a youtube or not but if she does she should be getting tons more support than fake ass Jill. All this contest will do if Jill wins is boost her ego and she'll never stop with how much she "supports Jfashion" and "party kei is a jfashion guys". I feel like people in Japan would be too nice to tell her how stupid she sounds.

No. 439926

They care a lot about the number of subscribers you have on social media. Kammie probably isn't popular enough. That's why a dumpster like Kelly Eden won.

No. 439927

That's actually a really reasonable thing to do, but she should have changed the title of the video then.

As far as I can recognize these people, most of them have significant followings on social media. That's not a coincidence.

No. 439929

Kammie didn't make the cut because they're only after white girls that don't know shit about fashion, see: Kelly Eden. The whole show is a joke, even Beckii cruel was a leader at some point. Kammie would be too good for this shit. Part of me wants Jill to win so we can get more milk of her in Japan, but at the same time I don't want to give her the satisfaction because she knows fuck all about jfashion and she has the worst coord out of all these girls. I don't think many legitimate jfashion personalities have any respect for Jillian anyway, it's just her 12 year old weeb fans that don't know any better that vote for her.

Everyone knows she's attracted to women and if she had a bad experience the first time dating girls that put her off that sucks, but she's really obnoxious about being gay, almost like she's got something to prove. No one is doubting that she likes women too, but it seems like she's pushing this 'I'm totally a lesbian now' shtick to stick it to Colin or something because she's obviously not over him if she's still throwing shade on twitter and in her livestreams.

Either that or she wants the extra oppression points that come with being a lesbian ('uwu someone keyed my rainbow gay car what a hate crime') that she can't get by just labelling herself pan or bi like she did for years. We all know she still likes dick, so that's why it's annoying. No one is saying she can't be attracted to women, but the lesbian label just seems so disingenuous coming from her.

No. 439971

File: 1512691214093.jpg (239.56 KB, 1079x648, Screenshot_20171207-185704.jpg)

Jesus Christ, we all know wtf happened. How many times does she need to talk about her ex and quitting her job for youtube. Get a life already and stop beating a dead horse.

No. 439991


I'm excited for more Colin shade tbh
Poor guy, he must've realised what a fucking bullet he dodged when she recorded going to the starbucks he worked at and making bitchy remarks about it and then freaked out when he deleted her on facebook.
I know at 19 people can be a bit emotionally underdeveloped but she acted like a full-on psycho bitch just because she wasn't the one who did the breaking up for once.

No. 439994

What happened to not sharing her relationships? She gets bitchy every time someone innocently asks what happened to Colin so why does she keep doing these videos every year? It's always quit shitty peasant job + new boyfriend, only this time she's totes gay uwu and she thinks she'll never have to work again. Rinse and repeat. Who cares about her life that much to merit a video about the stuff she doesn't shut up about anyway?

No. 439997

if you have a significant following you're going to win, no questions. Thats why this contest is a joke. If Jill doesn't win for having 100k subs on youtube and "inventing her own jfashion" I will genuinely be surprised.

No. 439998

The funny thing is, this whole contest is a ploy for Kawaii.i to gain publicity, but no one actually gives a fuck about the show itself. It's cringe-worthy and the hosts are total nobodies who don't even wear Jfash…what is the point of it all


No. 440021

This is why you should never date someone who likes to play pretend with having a youtube career. So much self-importance and milking of old news because she's boring as hell.

She keeps acting unhinged about it, still posting about it everywhere and how much it triggers her. Collin gets dragged but her fans are supposed to keep out of Jill's and her new doormat's business because they want privacy.

No. 440031

File: 1512700043501.png (820.88 KB, 608x602, pixienails.PNG)

You were right.

No. 440033


These look alright to me but I get the feeling they'd just look moldy from a distance

No. 440040

Are they just meant to look like Peeps uwu

No. 440072

>playing animal crossing with her nose at the nail tech's

What the fuck is this level of autism

I can't even begin to imagine how retarded she must have looked

I'm getting more and more on board with the idea that anyone who has to interact with her must think she has some kind of cognitive disability and just awkwardly try to act nice about it

No. 440142

Her nail beds look so disgusting here wtf

No. 440151


I agree. Kammie has been in the J-fashion scene for over a decade now at least, and was more relevant in that period of time than Jill has ever been, lmao. She does have a Youtube but she doesn't post regularly. Also someone pointed out on cgl a while ago that Jill is just a shitty ripoff of Kammie and I have never agreed more with anything in my life.

No. 440154

File: 1512719621146.png (1.32 MB, 1432x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-08-07-36-43…)

No. 440155

File: 1512719927511.png (994.33 KB, 750x1334, 8D28BC07-D9B9-48FF-9A8D-57346E…)

Apparently she was trending in the UK today??

No. 440168

I cant get the link for it but on https://www.nhk.or.jp/kawaii-i/contest/personalstyle_v_2017.html there is a introduction video for pixie that she made

No. 440181

Now that I've actually been able to look at the entries, I'm disappointed in the fact that Jill, for all her fashion dreaming bull, is the least bit presentable compared to everyone else. She is wearing those crappy crayon earrings with her outfit. The vivid shades of her hair clash horribly with the pastels of the skirt, and her top still looks ill-fitting. Her background looks too cluttered, and we know damn well she could've done one of those simple backgrounds she's done for any of her lookbooks. But nope, she gotta be lazy.

sage because those crayon earrings still piss me off

As shit as this contest is (NHK y u do dis), that's literally the only chance Jill has at winning. Contests like these are just popularity contests, they're just like beauty pageants. If you have enough of a following to commandeer, you've enough of a chance to tilt the vote to your favor.

No. 440183

thats pretty rude to play a game on your phone while getting your nails done, especially with someone doing your nails that you're likely able to hold a good conversation with.

then again, this is the same girl that played the same game at a night club that she probably went to with her friends. yknow, people you should also be able to hold a good conversation with.

No. 440213

video summary:
>introduces herself as Pixie
>talks about her YT channel
>talks about fashion designer goals
>talks about sewing space
>shows off sewing and her magical girl wands
>shows off closet
>she states that her favorite brands
are "Lazy Oaf, WC, Irregular Choice and Candy Stripper"
>obligatory cat

No. 440227

she can't even pronounce one of two japanese brands she mentions yet she says it's her favourite. how little do you care about a brand if you don't bother to learn how to say it?

No. 440259

isn't the only Candy Stripper item she even owns the Cherry dress she's worn like 2 times?? she said before that all of their stuff is too expensive so she doesn't really buy from them lmao. couldn't she have picked a brand she actually bothers buying from?

No. 440261

I was watching those kawaii.i finalist vids, and I wonder how lowkey jealous jill is of Pastelbat's magical girl collection

No. 440263

Well I like Chanel and I cant afford it. She can say she likes Candy Stripper, maybe she dreams with some of their pieces.

No. 440264

I could never really stand Pastelbat but honestly I think she deserves winning way more in comparison to Jill.
Pastelbat has been well known for years and her style has evolved a lot, she actually buys Jfashion but is able to combine it well with Western fashion, I think she really has found her own "kawaii style".

Jill looks so fucking grimey in comparison to everyone else lol.
I feel like the only reason people vote for her is because she's """relatable""", her looks are average as fuck, she can't even be bothered to dye her hair or get her nails done before filming, she makes way too much of her life public etc.
She just doesn't seem professional at all.

No. 440266

File: 1512747086699.png (108.06 KB, 319x151, 32423429034.png)

she just put her christmas wrapping video up. ft extremely fucking dirty socks…

No. 440267

No. 440270

Jfc it looks like she walked through diarrhea or vomit

No. 440271


>cats walking through curtain of tinsel shit that almost killed one

>chewing on it in beginning of video

come on now, is the ~aesthetic~ worth their health or lives?

No. 440275

Aaaaamen. Also, Kammie is sweet af in person - she's a really good role-model and has a good head on her shoulders. Really wish she had made it further.

No. 440276

>"This clashes, but I think it's cute."

We know, Jill. We know.

No. 440280

She doesn't care enough to easily prevent this but will just DIE if her cats passed away suddenly

No. 440285

She just went on and on about how her favourite family tradition is how each member picks a colour of wrapping paper for other people to wrap their gifts in (she has pink, her mom has silver, etc) and then proceeded to throw all of her dad's gifts into pink boxes and bags (of course) when his colour is red. So it's her favourite tradition, but she can't even be bothered to buy a red bag for her dad? So selfish.

No. 440287

File: 1512749201595.jpg (105.13 KB, 593x353, Leslie-Hall.jpg)

>finalist in a kawaii fashion contest
>dresses like Leslie Hall

No. 440289

uwu but he must know its from me!!
Leslie is a legend, don't disrespect her like that anon.

No. 440291

it bothers the fuck out of me that she just leaves the tea bag in while drinking. i imagine the astringent, oversteeped, possibly burned tea combined with the cloying sweetness of the candy that's part of the blend, and the additional sugar or peeps she adds is just repulsive.

No. 440315

Bitch was about to use rotarty cutters on wrapping paper. Kek

No. 440338

She can afford it though. Candy Stripper is about the same price/only slightly more expensive than Lazy Oaf (which she buys a lot), and a few dollars is nothing when you're spending a ridiculous amount on clothes.

Also bear in mind that she spent 600+ CAD on two pairs of Irregular Choice shoes that she never wears, that she actually bought with the intention of only using them as decoration. Jill will buy expensive clothes for the sake of it so I don't buy her excuse that Candy Stripper is "too expensive"

No. 440341

I thought it was only one girl when she was like 13?

No. 440391

It was.

No. 440431

Her crotch fat rolls in those pants are repulsive, you keep saying you love the pants Jill but WHY? They are ugly and look god awful on you

No. 440457

Wait- when did she record a video going to his Starbucks and making bitchy remarks about it? (Sorry, I'm just curious. I tried using custom search but I couldn't find anything)

In any case, good for Colin getting out of that relationship.

No. 440481

i dont remember exactly what happened but she was vlogging and decided to go to collins starbucks at a time he was working the drive thru and commented about how "awkward" it was even tho she put herself in that situation on purpose

No. 440482



No. 440484

Anons, sometimes we have to do things (like go to our fav store or Starbucks) even tho our ex works there are people are allowed to comment it's awkward. It's not like she was whining and crying about it, she just made a funny remark.
Please get over the fact that she goes to the same place her ex works. It's not that big of a deal.

Ugh this bothered the shit out of me. Like out tradition is SOOOO important and then she goes and does that. Why you lying?

No. 440524

I get that but thing is, she has two starbucks. She could've gone to the other one.

No. 440530


Just to play the devil's advocate here…the other Starbucks location is downtown, which is considerably out of the way for her (unless she was down there for another reason).

No. 440532

thats not dirt.. thats ~*mint pastelle mix*~

No. 440553

How is she not embarrassed? she is a goddamn mess.

No. 440555


FUCK the way she calls everything -gies or he’s a ____ boy!! uwu just kills me

No. 440561

LOL going completely out of your way to avoid -maybe- running into your ex cause they work at a place you like to go to is fucking WEIRD. If she actually did that people would be ripping her apart. Seriously what is wrong with people who think thats a normal thing to do?? Of course its awkward to see them but the alternative is fucked up.

No. 440564

Right? If she avoided him completely, people would say she's being childish and still has feelings for him.
I think Jill is a snowflake for so many reasons, but this one is just stupid lol.

No. 440569

I don't think it's weird at all to avoid the place an exe works if you broke up on bad terms, especially if you're easily able to. Rather that than complain about seeng them at a place you knew they would be at.

No. 440573

>>easily able to

That's the thing, it's not that easy when there's only one other starbucks and it's across town. Like sure if she lived in a city and could just go to a different coffee shop down the street that's reasonable. But even then, you expect someone to not get what they want to get because they might see an ex? That's still weird. Reasonable people just go and then if it's awkward they say to their friends after "that was so weird!!" And move the fuck on with their lives. And in this case Jill's friend is her YouTube channel lol

No. 440577

Omfg she wasn't complaining, she was just commenting on it, stop nitpicking.

No. 440578

that didn't even happen, it wasn't colin. it was some random starbucks drive through and she just drove away awkwardly bc ~lol quirky relatable jill~ and someone wildly misinterpreted it as her hunting down colin

No. 440582


Oh my god I was just using the "abort abort abort!" thing she said an example of one of the ways she acted inappropriate after she got dumped by him. If you don't agree that there's anything wrong with that, that's fine. It's quite a subjective thing. Can we please not make a big thing about this because it already happened in the last thread and there's not much that can be done other than agreeing to disagree.

No. 440585

dang, the starbucks thing really triggered a handful of hall-monitor-jill-defense-squad anons for no reason. the policing in jills threads is getting so irritating, no one stfu's arguing over a matter of opinion. it's like a taylor r thread in here. some people think her behavior is weird, others don't, get over it.

No. 440618


Jill, I know you're reading, so let me just pass on some sage wisdom from my instructor in writing school:

"You have to ask yourself, are you a creator? Or are you a consumer?"

The only thing I get from you, Jill, is insane, neurotic consumption, and anyone worth their salt in the creative industry can see that from a mile away.

I won't, however. begrudge you your obvious talent and passion for performing. While your mannerisms drive me crazy, it's obvious you have a performer inside you. Consider costume design, or working in the theatre.

And now I'll go back to being a bitch.

No. 440621

But I think people nitpicking over every little thing makes the thread less enjoyable to read. So we'll just have to agree to disagree unless a mod wants to sort this out.

No. 440634

People already deduced there were only TWO starbucks in all of PEI. One has a drivethru and the other doesnt. Colin works at the drivethru one.

There is no hard evidence he was working at the time but the way she reacted made it seem like he was the one working. Because of "lol that was awkward…"

She seems like the type of ex to try and go to her exs work, filming a video, to try and rub in his face how ~successful~ she is.

No. 440646


To be fair, PEI isn't the kind of place where being a YouTube ~celebrity~ has much merit. The vast majority of people here probably think she has some form of developmental delay or autism with how she dresses and acts OR just don't give a shit/don't see it as a real career.

Thus, I don't think Colin or anyone else here would be amazed by her ~success~

No. 440667


I don't think a huge amount of people (other than her tween fans and maybe parents and gf) care all that much about her youtube "career", but I get what that anon is saying. She seems to think she's some kind of hard-working, successful, career-driven type when she posts shit like this: >>438647
Another anon said she did actually agree with a fan on a livestream when they said something Colin must've broken up with her because he was "intimidated by her ambition" or something lmao >>365295

No. 440668

That bothered me so much. She spent the whole video obsessing over how everything had to be in sparkly pink packaging. Why does it matter if the gifts she's giving to OTHER PEOPLE don't match her own aesthetic? She's so self centered it's astounding.

No. 440670


Oops it was her mum that agreed according to that anon, but it's still pretty crazy when we consider this is someone who picked a super shitty college because she's scared of being too far away from mummy

No. 440741

So she's got a fat crotch, most people do. Kek lay off Jill having crotch bulge is hardly anything to bitch about.

No. 440823

File: 1512813515745.png (583.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171209-095708.png)

The glitter roots… They've returned…

No. 440825

i didnt think those roots could look worse but oh my god i was so wrong

her life motto in a nutshell apparently

No. 440826


her hair looks so greasy, I can't tell if it's because of the stupid glitter roots, outgrown roots, being actually that greasy or all above together. It makes her look so dirty.

Also, this entire outfit just screams tumblr kid ca. 2015.

No. 440828

She would like that shitty random hoe dollskill look. Her gf is into edgy dollskill stuff, guess she is influencing Jill a bit. Sure mystery girl will reveal herself for a twinning video.

No. 440830

File: 1512814626537.jpg (127.67 KB, 916x599, jilljill.JPG)


also looks like Jill is going mint-green next. Can't wait for this mess.

No. 440831

Lol jill hates lor (which honestly says a lot about how rotten Jill is because Lor is actually nice, same to her saying "yikes" about peachie) but is gonna have mint hair like her, amazing.

No. 440834

>>440823 The forehead lines and sagging jowls really complete the look.

No. 440841

No. 440849

Why does she insist on doing that pouty bitch face? It doesn't fit her kawaii magical girl shtick and also makes it really obvious how poorly she applied that dark lipstick.
On the other hand, at least it's not the cheeky tongue between teeth face.

No. 440858

She is a "fashion" youtuber, she should know how to find pants that don't make her look like that, there are plenty bigger girls who don't look that way because they can dress themselves unlike this self-proclaimed "designer" and fashion expert uwu

No. 440861

>jill hates Lor?
source? I might have see evidence in previous threads but I forget why.

No. 440863

300lb men in drag dress better then Jill

No. 440882


This is just dollskill/edgy tumblr shit at this point. Please Jill, stop associating with jfashion….

No. 440893

No you're wrong anon, it's her own original Japanese fashion style! uwu

No. 440924

She's live

No. 440927

I enjoy voting for someone else everyday :)
tbh if you look at the contestants, there's no comparison, Jill is NOT kawaii at all :/

she should stick with pastels…she looks so much better with muted palettes (just look at her older videos)

No. 440957

Is she saying anything interesting at all?
I used to have them on in the background in the past but they were literally the same "bo beep!! magical girls!! peeps!!" talk every single time.

No. 440960

>Excited but scared to get her tattoo because tattoos over scars will hurt.
>Her relationship with her first gf was manipulative and harassment (six months),
so she agrees that Melanie Martinez is a rapist.
> Someone in her stream asked "You're a lesbian?" "I'm really confused because I like girls, nonbinary people and feminine men. And some people say that bi and pan are the same thing but if bi is liking just boys and girls people say it's transphobic.
>Hasn't sewn in a while because she's in a rut.
>Asked her gf if she could use her for mild click bait, she didn't mind.
>Probably no vlog tomorrow because she's been having a hard time.
>Signed off because she had a mild headache from her hangover.

No. 440962

>Probably no vlog tomorrow because she's been having a hard time.

did she specify at all?

No. 440966

>Signed off because she had a mild headache from her hangover.

So she was drinking last night which means this is proof that Jill drinks more than when she just shares it on social media.

No. 440976

I think she means having a hard time with vlogging but she said that she's probably going to redye her hair tomorrow (mint green) and she might vlog.

She "has a new group of friends who like to party."

No. 440977

>a new group of friends who like to party
>probably just a bunch of 40 year olds in the local gay bar

also I can't believe she mentioned her girlfriend again after saying she would completely stop talking about her lol
thank you for taking notes anon! you're great

No. 441007

does she engage in any thoughtful discussions on LGBT platforms/circles at all? bc then she'd know bisexuality has long grown out of its transphobic definitions…

also 'feminine men', as if the personality of the men she's attracted to matters ???

No. 441011

>Hasn't sewn in a while because she's in a rut.

Already? Didn't she only sew one thing?

>Asked her gf if she could use her for mild click bait, she didn't mind.

So much for wanting a private relationship..

No. 441014

She explained what she línea to drink: whiskey pineaple. She said "Im a vodka girl" and she hates gin. She went to a liquor store last night because They were going to a "basic hoe bar" and she was too scared to ask for a drink Theyre, as it wasnt her normal "alternative music scene hipster kids bar". She wished al the partida were only preparties, like house partida because she doesnt like going to bars. This new group of friends are her lesbianas couple, a hay couple and a bi boy.

No. 441018

Sorry my phone corrects into spanish:
"She explained that she likes to drink pineaple whiskey. She said shes a vodka girl and she hates gin.She went to a liquor store last night because they were going to a " basic hoe bar" and she was too scared to ask for a drink there, as it wasnt her usual hipster bar where people are in the music scene. She wishes all parties where only preparties like house parties because she doesnt like going to bars. This new group of friends are her girlfriend's. It also has a gay couple and a bi

No. 441028

She feels bad today although she only took like a shot and a drink, appart from a lot of water. She got tipsy with one of the gay boys and they were playing Animal Crossing being super wild, while his boyfriend and her girlfriend were sober and serious.
She didnt wash her face today, she just applied mascara over the krusty old one.

No. 441044

Watch out for her body rolls, watch out for her body rolls!

No. 441056

did she actually say she didn't bother washing her face and put more mascara on the old? gross wtf jill

No. 441063

Yes she did. And then she apologized.

No. 441065

The coat shes wearing is from sugar thrillz, 65$, she got more stuff from that brand

No. 441074

How many eye infections and styes has she gotten from her filthy habits, ew.

No. 441096

jfc it takes like 2 minutes to wash your face
I would never want to livestream for hundreds of people without showering/making myself look nice first, but I guess that's what makes her 'relatable'?

No. 441098

tbh the only one who looks worse is smella catshine (and why would you even choose that name for yoursef smh)

No. 441117


Jill is no saint when it comes to relationships but there's nothing wrong with having a preference. It doesn't mean she doesn't care about someone's personality too (besides, she certainly seems to care about whether someone is enough of a doormat for her)

No. 441337

I swear Jill is the worst pretend lesbo ever. She's still bitter over Colin, god knows she loved screwing his brains out now she's salty and trying to get her rainbow tumblr dyke revenge.

No. 441397

File: 1512884027574.png (352.74 KB, 1256x1302, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 12.3…)

No. 441416

Her videos are already low quality, what is she talking about? With Jill it's a nonstop pity party.

No. 441458


>her rainbow tumblr dyke revenge

the girl she's dating looks as basic and vanilla as ever tbh. i doubt she has experience dating women too. their relationship is probably just hugging and kissing on the mouth. like a billie and lainey type of "zomg im so gay" bff relationship


lol she was annoying the shit out of everyone with her posts about how GAAAAAy!! she is. so now she's full damage mode 1. randombly making her relationship private and 2. now she's saying she doesn't consider herself a lesbian. so predictable. can't wait for this dumb reboud relationship to be over.

No. 441476

the funny thing about Smella's look is that despite it not quite being a usually kawaii look, the whole color scheme and design fits together, unlike Jill where everything is clashing like she put little to no effort into how she looked.

No. 441537

Always randomly not doing videos and now she's not even doing one unless she feels like it. I can't imagine how shit she'd be at a real job, not that part time bs she's always done. Soon she's gonna run out of things to do. Idk why she doesn't take all that money she blows on aesthetically pleasing clothing and actually do something interesting. Too scared to leave mommy's basement and too stupid to actually work on being a fashion designer. What a waste of her life.

No. 441542

File: 1512912264121.jpg (73.31 KB, 503x441, ss (2017-12-10 at 05.24.08).jp…)

No. 441543

File: 1512912311715.jpg (77.35 KB, 498x494, ss (2017-12-10 at 05.25.02).jp…)

No. 441546

I was reluctant to believe the "drunkielocks" thing because it sounded ridiculous but it seems like she's confirming it herself. No wonder she can't keep up with her YouTube schedule.

No. 441551

I wonder for how long her fans will keep eating up this shit. Whenever she makes one of her pity party announcements all of them just tell her that "it's ok Jilly bean uwu!! just don't do it if you don't feel like it!".
Like come on, her last 2 vids were her talking about her shit gifts she bought and then wrapping them, THAT should've been the content for one vlog video tbh. There isn't some incredibly high quality standard going on here.
Also good luck to her once she starts working a real job again, I'm sure her bosses will be just as lenient lol.

No. 441556

Jill will NEVER make it as a fashion designer. She possesses the ego, not the talent. She's a delusional hack with zero sewing skills.

No. 441560


More at 11

No. 441561

Most importantly beyond talent/artistic sense it is about commitment to serious hard work. Jill just occasionally does things on a whim when she feels like it, for fun. That's why she abandoned her dream of Bunka. It sounded fun in concept but when she realized it would take years of committed study of Japanese and fashion and facing scary new situations on her own, she gave up.

No. 441562

I doubt she'd ever move out anyway.

No. 441563

She talks big, yet she produces nothing. It's just tragic. I actually was rooting for Jill in the beginning to go to Bunka, but like everything else she doesn't do she flakes out cuz she's an immature brat.

No. 441589

didn't she take a poll about filming pieces of her week to make into one more interesting vlog…? but instead, she makes it sound like she needs one 'vlog day'. it all ties back to poor video planning

No. 441611

Yeah that's what I don't get either.
Is she really doing so little within a week's time that she can't cut together a 15 minute video?
Her fans seem satisfied with fluffy meowzers!! uwu bath bombs!! uwu peepy tea!! uwu so I'm not sure why she's suddenly going on about the quality thing.

No. 441632

I reckon she's just too much of a lazy ass to keep up a routine. For all we know she lays in bed all day doing absolutely nothing. Remember when she complained about how a 40 hour work week sounds impossible (or something along those lines)?

No. 441935

At least Smella actually makes her own fashion and has a distinct style. Def not the best pic she used, but she's far cuter and more creative than Jill

No. 441959

File: 1512969487854.png (44.33 KB, 583x391, ss (2017-12-10 at 09.17.50).pn…)

No. 441960

File: 1512969740974.jpg (74.52 KB, 564x439, ss (2017-12-10 at 09.22.08).jp…)

No. 441964

Probably because the editing guy sees you're a fake dumbass trying to boost your fame and ego off their street fashion.

No. 441967

..or it was just a mistake? fuck me, it's not always that deep

No. 441968

She broke up with her girlfriend

No. 441969

This is an image board, post caps or don’t say anything.

Anyway provide us with the milk

No. 441975

File: 1512973824971.png (128.89 KB, 1706x878, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 1.29…)

anon's reasoning is because she doesn't have "a relationship" to show, however if you go to MG's page, it says they're still dating.

If it is something like Jill breaking up with MG and removing it from FB, the MG's relationship title would be under "In a Relationship" without Jill's name.

No. 441980

File: 1512974125902.jpeg (437.07 KB, 2400x2400, 8C67AFDA-C608-4654-93F8-7044CE…)

No. 441982

No. 441989


I was fine with the men
Who would come into her life now and again.

I was fine 'cause I knew
That they didn't really matter until you.

I was fine when you came
And we fought like it was all some silly game.

Over her, who she'd choose
After all those years I never thought I'd lose.

Its over,
Isn't it?
Isn't it?
Isn't it over?
It's over,
Isn't it?
Isn't it?
Isn't it over?

You won and she chose you,
And she loved you and she's gone.
It's over, isn't it?
Why can't I move on?

War and glory, reinvention. Fusion, freedom, her attention.
Out in daylight my potential: Bold, precise, experimental.

Who am I now in this world without her?
Petty and dull with the nerve to doubt her.

What does it matter? It's already done.
Now I've got to be there for her son.

It's over. Isn't it?
Isn't it
Isn't it over?
It's over
Isn't it?
isn't it?
isn't it over?

You won and she chose you.
And she loved you and she's gone!

It's over,
Isn't it?
Why can't I move on?

It's over,
isn't it?
Why can't I move on?

No. 442002

Ah she got dumped. Go figure the bitch probably found a new cock to Pogostick it with.

No. 442013


she did mystery girl a favor by dumping her, imo. now we wait for jill to admit she's most likely 100% straight and not over colin, but being faced with that would probably force her to reflect on past actions that lead to her being broken up with in the first place

No. 442016

Fuck if she’s broken up with Mystery Girl is she even going to give her the Christmas present? My bets that Jill will probably end up keeping it for herself because of how selfish she is kek

No. 442017

I'm curious to see whether this is true or not. As much as I want to believe her FB status, I'm sure that once she runs this vague-posting pity party's tenure, she'll play the part of the victim and heavily imply that it wasn't her fault.

No. 442021

Seems like mg found a boy

No. 442025

wait so mg left her? can someone post a sc of her fb status

No. 442026

Lol she's so dramatic.

At least now she's satisfied the bisexual requirement of having "dated" a girl, now she can go back to chasing boys unfettered and if anyone says something she can point back to this time and shout "BUT I'VE DATED A GIRL!"

No. 442030

okay, same anon from >>441975
MG's relationship status is no longer in view.

well i guess its a good thing that all the things she got MG were things she would have kept for herself.

No. 442031

File: 1512982986612.jpeg (44.19 KB, 640x719, 41AAC9E9-E134-4DD8-92EC-46BD01…)

Posted on MG’s Insta, this makes it seem like there relationship was so flimsy and fake

No. 442040

File: 1512987535740.jpg (942.27 KB, 1080x1920, 17-12-11-02-15-31-962_deco.jpg)

I hate that legitimate artists are humoring this shit

No. 442048

I dont like how she has to use her breakup for more "Im a magical lesbian from anime".
She should take her time before another SO hunting. It seems that she cant be single.

No. 442058

Maybe the whole "her name is mystery girl, I don't want another public relationship uwu" shtick was because Jill was unsure about it all along. I wasn't expecting their relationship to end this early on.

Kind of sad that Jill decided to do this right before Christmas.

No. 442066

Dont worry, she already used MG's presents.

These two have the maturity level of middle schoolers.

Seems like Jill got dumped, not the other way around.

No. 442067


I don't really want to believe anything until Jill comes out and says it, but yeah, I'm pretty sure Jill was the person who broke up with Alyssa since she would be freaking out if it was the other way around

I can't say I'm too surprised though, the whole thing screamed "rebound" from the start. I wonder if she'll be using the presents she totally bought for her gf and not for herself lmao

No. 442069

Samefag to add, but I'm assuming MG dumped Jill because she's a melodramatic , "deep" poet who saw through Jill's bs, since everything is surface level with her. Or maybe she got insulted like Collin was about Jill spamming weird personal relationship/life stuff online?

No. 442079

File: 1512994989330.jpeg (158.97 KB, 1242x871, 0DA7ECFF-CC09-41B9-B550-6FA530…)


I love Oceaninspace but I remember when Jill got gifted one of her sweaters and Jill didn’t even credit her at all. She didn’t even know who made it, all she knew was that it was “expensive.” /eyeroll

No. 442082

then why'd she post the song that pearl sings about loosing her love to a man?

No. 442085

She dated a girl before, anon. Stop reaching.

No. 442091

Maybe mg was trying to pressure Jill into something? Or maybe she was afraid of that.

No. 442093

Because her gf was “mystery girl”, therefore she’s pearl, and the song is called “it’s over, isn’t it”

I don’t think it goes any deeper than that

No. 442096

yeah the song definitely isn't meant to be a 1 to 1 comparison of their relationships. she probably just posted one of the few break up songs she knows lol

anyway i'm thinking alyssa dumped jill. she probably realized jill wasn't over colin

and this is the second of jill's relationships that has ended right before xmas. i almost feel a little bad for her because that shit will ruin your holidays

No. 442099

It seems obvious to me, they literally confirmed it:

Jillian says "sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing" (breaking up with mg), then MG posted "you wear your best apology, but I was there to watch you leave"

So Jillian fulfilled the break up ("hardest thing") and MG was left ("Watch you leave").

Inb4 Jill comes up with a stupid excuse like "I have to move so far away for school!!!!" "I'm gonna be so far away in Japan for NHK~~" "I have to go to Hyper Japan in England to meet real friends~!" for the break up. Or she'll claim she needs to do some soul-searching for her important fashion career and never has time for her art.

I appreciate that Alyssa threw shade at Jill's fashion addiction ("You WEAR your best apology" = superficiality).

After she's spent almost 5 years dating 3 different boys, it's hilarious that her rightful lesbian relationship has shattered within a month. It wasn't even a real relationship.. same as her "first" girlfriend/"abuser" when she was 13. She had no problem committing to her boyfriends though hmmm.

No. 442100

Those are taylor swift lyrics anon
It's not that deep

No. 442103

I think an anon mentioned before that jill said in a stream that they wouldn't do long distance once she goes to school? Maybe they had a tough convo and mg decided she didn't want to move with jill so jill ended it now instead of dragging it on until she leaves for school? Who knows! I hope jill comes out with it soon lol

No. 442104


The thing Alyssa posted about "But I was there to watch you leave" and Jill posting "Sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest thing to do" and the fact Jill isn't having a fucking psycho meltdown like she did when Colin dared to be the one doing the breaking up is definitely giving me the impression that Jill ended it.

Jill just likes SU and thinks Pearl is "literally her uwu" or something.

We won't know if they're even actually broken up until Jill posts about it though (and I know she said she'd keep her relationship private but I doubt she will)

No. 442110

In her last stream or the one before that Jill said that they would do long distance once she went to college

No. 442111

Oh shiiiiit, and after she bought her all those xmas gifts too.

Although she did manage to open/take most of them anyway.

No. 442112

Ah I must have missed/forgot that! Now jill has an excuse to keep all that stuff she bought for mg but obviously wanted to keep from the beginning lol

No. 442115

File: 1513004962066.png (48.26 KB, 528x207, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 3.08…)

Jill was pressured into sex maybe?

No. 442116

She's just saying that that was also "the right thing to do and the hardest thing to do"

No. 442126

I wonder when they broke up/for how long Jill has been planning it. I mean apparently in her vlog on Friday she was still talking about MG, but I can't imagine that something suddenly happened over the weekend for them to break up?
And lol-ing at everyone saying that Jill will use the gifts herself, I honestly wouldn't be surprised.
I remember a couple years ago when she broke up with Tristan (right before Christmas), she kinda snarkily mentioned "oh yeah, and this is the receipt from when I returned my ex's gifts."

No. 442141

Being alyssa’s first girlfriend (which made her come out to her family) after initiating the relationship shows how power hungry jillian is.

As previously mentioned, Jill deals with break ups just fine when its all on her terms. This entire charade of a relationship has been on her terms. From scouting out a bicurious girl on tinder who happened to be a viewer of her channel, asking her to make it an official relationship then breaking it off a month later.

It’s like she regained all the power and control she lost throughout her break up with Colin. Tristan was the whipped perfect boy friend for two years before Jill jumped onto Colin. She probably expected Colin to be whipped af too, and he took her by complete surprise when he chose his independence over her superficial plans to get married and move to Fredericton.

She was at such a loss with that situation, she had to regain her power dynamic with someone vulnerable and be the one to initiate a break up.

At least all the anons who said this would be short lived were completely right.

No. 442190

This is big news to come suddenly and I need to know more. One month relationship before ending after she made a big deal about being a big gay lesbian with her big gay girlfriend, there's got to be something juicy there. Must be embarrassing to have made all these gay lesbian with a girlfriend videos and she's going to have to take it all back now.

I wonder if she was planning it since this comment. Perhaps its just something else to talk about in a video.

No. 442191

I feel like either she'll try to get back together with Colin now or finally get with her gay ally friend Jon lol. Seems impossible for her to be single.

No. 442199

She said that the wrapping presenta video would be the last time we would hear about her girlfriend.
She also said that she has been having a hard time these weeks and thats why she wouldnt be following her schedule.
Her girlfriend seems to have been upset with pixie and ready to break up, but i think pixie took the iniciative. So weird i wonder what happened

No. 442204

Well at least mg didnt end up with colorful hair.

No. 442206

how long until we get a big video spilling all the gory details? taking bets

No. 442208

nah she will do the same thing she did with colin where she will say she doesn't want to talk about the details and then very slowly talk about all of them in her live streams and tweets

No. 442215

File: 1513018087170.png (38.58 KB, 590x302, jilte.png)

I mean Jill tweeted this only a couple days ago, I assume it was someone asking about Colin and she got triggered about it?
Maybe it got to her quite a bit.

No. 442223

>read a 5 month backlog of my inane babytalk bullshit to try and find something remotely interesting before you DARE ask me any questions that might hurt my feewings

No. 442231

>won't be following her schedule

But does she ever

No. 442232

I wonder how MG feels dating a youtuber she liked only to break up in a short span. Her opinion must have changed I bet she could share some different sides of Jill.

No. 442235

File: 1513020022084.png (1.74 MB, 1632x1190, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 3.16…)

Guess she's dying her hair mint soon.

This picture really lets you see how patchy her tattoo is. Both of the browns aren't smooth at all, and they're starting to bleed down below the whiskers. Also the border on the inside of her arm looks super wonky .

No. 442238

Why the hell is she going to film it? She has like 4 hair dyeing videos already. Is that what she considers high quality content?

No. 442241

those sad, thin braids really show how bleach-fried her hair is.

No. 442243


well, on the small bright side, no rainbow bangs ..? I really hope she keeps it in just one colour tho.

No. 442245

File: 1513021116020.png (430.95 KB, 480x750, teeth girl.png)

Please someone make this the next thread's image

No. 442248


Dentist? Maybe she's getting her atrociously yellow teeth whitened…

No. 442249

No don’t because she’s in on this one. Finding awkward pictures of her is more pleasing than haw haw I’m so relatable guis

No. 442251

Should she really just shave and start over.

No. 442252

File: 1513022406364.png (97.13 KB, 719x384, DEXATI20171211145838.png)

Ol' jabba the hutt lookin ass

No. 442275

>vagueposts about personal shit on her account with thousands of followers
>gets offended when people ask what shes talking about

goddamm jill, you're one whiny twat, don't pretend you hate the attention. >>442141 you're absolutely right about jill being power hungry and rotten inside.

i hope MG comes in to spill the diabetes tea on jill, it'd be fascinating to hear one of her former fan's journey out of delusion.

No. 442334

Sorry if I sound too autistic but sasn't MG a farmer though? I think someone casually brought up this possibility earlier on here or in the previous thread. It wouldn't surprise me tbh.
I too think Jill was dumped and not the other way around.
Sage for speculation.

No. 442338

Jillian isn’t following MG (lyssbrianne_) on ig anymore but Mg still follows both of her accounts.
Sage for irrelevance.

No. 442344

I don't think she ever was following her on IG tho

No. 442347

Is she going to even bother to tone her hair? So much damn orange going on in there..

No. 442352

I can imagine it being over this - mg not wanting to go along with the whole party kei thing

No. 442354

lmao maybe MG watched the gift video and was annoyed with Jill for getting her clown make up she'd probably never even use

No. 442355

lmaoooo or being like 'I'll use all her presents hee hee hee'

No. 442356

Sage for baseless speculation, but could be Jill didn't like MG's friends. Jill claims to not like parties but MG and her group have apparently been dragging her out to go clubbing.

No. 442357

File: 1513034650836.png (644.64 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3465.PNG)

No. 442367

File: 1513036830445.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171211-155821.png)

Idk what's up with these weird text posts I get on my YouTube app now but this one came up and I keked

No. 442387


I think it would be pretty interesting if MG wanted a social media presence, and to be niche e-famous like Jill and really visible in her shit like Colin was and get attention, and Jill actually didn't want that, so she broke up with her. It would be the opposite of what we'd expect from Jill, that's for sure.

No. 442403


crazy to see these worlds collide. I love Ocean, been following for years.

No. 442421

If she's going minty green, she doesn't necessarily need to tone it unless it's a really pastel color. We'll see how janky the color really looks when she reveals it, I guess, but I really don't like how she feels the need to fill in her brows with the similar color eyeshadow. It always looks so crappy and she never cleans it all off when she bathes/goes to bed.

No. 442428


As someone who religiously washes their makeup off and still has problems with acne, I have to say I'm slightly jealous of Jillian's complexion considering she doesn't seem to take much care of her skin.

No. 442431

ot but youtube started a thing where you can post updates and photos from your channel.

No. 442441

As someone who has little to no problem with acne until after high school, fuckin' SAME. How the actual hell does she manage to not have super gross skin with all the makeup she wears and how shitty her skincare routine is??

Actually, I would not be surprised if she has body/back acne instead of facial acne.

No. 442459

Honestly we'll probably just have to wait a couple years for her skin to catch up to her life style she's still in her teens technically and every time I've seen teens with good skin but treat it horribly get into their 20's is when it goes to shit

No. 442470

sage next time, but invest in rodan+fields. all their products are amazing.

No. 442483

Treat skin bad how??

No. 442489

This is so gross. Jill was literally using mg as clickbait for her youtube. Jill is an awful person wow.

No. 442491

For starters, Jill sleeps in her makeup, doesn't wash her face, lets eyebrow color seep into her skin for days, and adds layers of mascara on top of her old layer. Her lashes are gonna start crumbling off like her fried hair. Wonder how often she changes her bedsheets/pillowcase because that contributes to shitty skin as well.

No. 442495

Why is she being so bitchy about this? I think it's perfectly fine to ask a quick question just to make sure. I actually tried to find something old of Jill's, both in this thread and Twitter, and was flooded with stupid tweets and pictures of Peeps. Not everyone wants to look through "five months" of that to just know your relationship status or something a quick tweet could answer.

No. 442497


I honestly don't think Jillian is nice to any of her fans unless they're the type to blindly praise her for everything.

I mean, I started out enjoying her content and thought she was generally just a sweet girl with a cutesy aesthetic. I'm not into any of these party kei/kawaii/anime communities but I enjoyed her videos regardless. However, after seeing how she interacts with fans on Twitter, live streams, etc I can see this is quite a facade.

No. 442508

what bothers me about how she acts is that it wasn't even the interactions with fans that's turned me off from her. i found her through the goth transformation video she did, but it was only a few videos after that that she formally announced her quitting her job for full-time YT-ing, and since then she has hammered into everyone's face how she is a full-time Youtuber and how much she's suffering from the demonetization. her hauls and unboxings could've been tolerable had she continued to bring in money from her own work efforts, but since she has gone through with this she has definitely shifted from actually having content somewhat worthwhile for her channel and time, to having all this new time to create pieces for her fashion designing dream and do interesting videos on these pieces but instead slacking off and doing follow-me-arounds, lazy vlogs, and essentially just straying away from what she could be doing to actually benefit from this potential source of revenue.

sage because word vomit

No. 442515


I completely agree. For someone who feels the need to constantly remind everyone that YouTube is her FULL TIME JOB, she really doesn't put much effort or time into her content.

How does she have the audacity to say she can't upload on this day or is cancelling her live stream for this week etc? I'm a full time student who ALSO has a full time job, and I could put together a fifteen minute vlog clip each week even though I'm run rampant…how can she not seem to do this when she's doing NOTHING ELSE?

On top of that, for someone who is supposedly so serious about fashion etc why isn't she using this time to improve her sewing skills?

I'm convinced all she does is shop online, take baths, drink tea, play Animal Crossing, and occasionally leave the house to buy shit for her hauls.

No. 442533

exactly! and there's the fact that she doesn't put this effort into her videos or her skills, yet shes perfectly content with spending money that can't possibly be all her own on these hauls; it's very hard to take her seriously when you can piece together all her slip-ups and see the result of them. i wont criticize her for "muh issues/struggles" as she may have some validity there health-wise, but it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you're going to do a job full-time like Youtube, you have to dedicate your time and thoughts into it a bit more than just repeating the same things over and over (demonetization, mystery girl, college, fashion hauls-whatever) and then claiming some tiny issue for canceling a video one week and not making up for it unless you have a major issue going on. jillian has the time, she has the support, she has the means, so why cant she put forth the effort?! i mean, aside from her spending more effort on chewing people out for asking questions about her "private" life that she "vaguely hints to" so blatantly on social media.

No. 442541


Go take your pyramid scheme somewhere else

No. 442566

I dont know if she washes them, but she has had that yellow flowered bedsheets for years, and Theyre the only ones she has.
She also takes naps with her expensive clothes on. Almost all the clothes she has worn are slept on. She gets in bed with the clothes from the street ew
The clothes have stains, all her socks look gross, and remember that rainbow dress.

No. 442578

File: 1513070170277.png (575.67 KB, 566x450, rtwertu.PNG)

sage for late night brain diarrhea, but i was looking into the Melanie Martinez and saw that one of her tattoos looked a little similar to a certain one Jill has. basically just the heart and the frill around it, otherwise its just a brain fart i had

No. 442646


she did everything wrong when getting that tattoo. she didn’t find an artist who’s work she liked, she just went with the closest guy, and she got her own drawing done by someone else.

it’s such a shitty tattoo, do your research, jill, and stop being a narcissist.

No. 442647


that’s a common tattoo style for cutesy alt people, just a different take on portrait tattoos.

No. 442652

I will never understand why she didn't get it outlined in black.

No. 442680

black isnt kawaii party kei

No. 442719


Speaking of her tattoo, isn't Jill getting her next tattoo tomorrow? >>433428
I'm so curious about the motive she gets, she only said it will be a DoReMi wand. Prob some tumblr shit like "fight like a girl" or so.

No. 442726

Isn't it "strong kind beautiful" that she's getting also didn't she say she was getting her other tattoo fixed up black outline and all in a past live stream?

No. 442745

>strong kind beautiful
yet shes none of those things kek

No. 442749

Her poor ex was just another accesory for her aesthetic.

No. 442751

Jill is disgusting and self absorbed, nothing worth anyone's time.

No. 442775

Sage for irrelevant but Jill has shit taste in teas. The candy cane crush and Strawberry rhubarb parfait sounded somewhat appetitizing so I got a little of both. CCC is overwhelmingly peppermint topped with an oil slick from the white chocolate chips, 3/10. SRP is okay, just like another other basic fruity black tea with a bitter tinge. 5/10

I’m sure she loads her tea up with an absurd amount of sugar to makeup for the lack in taste and complexity.

No. 442776

File: 1513104689351.png (314.97 KB, 640x1136, 0E207579-2F0D-4BE3-BE4A-19CDE2…)

She liked a tweet asking if she broke up with MG hmmmmmm…

No. 442777

The attention whoring begins…
Wouldn't most people be a lil ashamed/embarrassed to share or hint at such personal things publicly, to strangers? It's like she's got no emotional connection to this breakup at all, like another anon mentioned, she would be flipping out if MG dumped her. Instead she's being all snarky about it and was happy to use her temporary girlfriend as clickbait while she could. Truly a pathetic person.

No. 442778

Well personally I'm glad that she keeps sharing all of this stuff, but you're completely right anon lol.
These threads would move so much slower if Jill just learned to keep that stuff private, but no, she apparently just has to air her dirty laundry online.
It's like she's more concerned with providing fresh milk than quality content for her fans lol.

No. 442779

Sage goes in the email field.

No. 442786

File: 1513106519153.jpg (166.7 KB, 1080x1162, Screenshot_20171212-192032.jpg)

MG knows she has been used

No. 442795

File: 1513106837321.jpeg (140.66 KB, 640x1001, 5DD92A74-1C95-4FE4-BED2-DA2E30…)

She looks mouldy

No. 442797

o-oh jeez

No. 442803

Don't be dramatic. Used for what? Choosing to date someone dumb for one month counts as being used now? And it's not like Jill's bad personality was a secret.

I don't get why people feel so bad about Colin either. I feel like in general, people need to learn how to say no and recognize red flags.

No. 442822

Best part is her extensions are wavy and her hair is straight and crispy so you can easily see where fake hair begins and real hair ends. Green is a major improvement from purple tho

No. 442827

Jill was just using her to gain lgbt points

No. 442841


Sure, people need to learn how to say no and recognise red flags, but Alyssa and Colin are in their late teens/early twenties. It's not like they're mature and wise and can recognise a shitty relationship a mile away. They probably haven't really had many relationships before Jill, so I'd doubt they'd know what kind of things to look out for. I can't help but feel a little bad for her even though I think she should've ran away screaming the moment Jill passive-aggressively mentioned her ex.

No. 442847

Not the person you're replying to, but I think it's been made clear throughout these threads that Jill has qualities of a manipulative narcissist. Not in the sense that she manipulates her significant others like some evil mastermind, but she obviously manipulates how her fans view her relationships in a gross way for attention, who knows if it's purposeful or not. Colin and MG are doormats and they chose to date her but that doesn't discount how she 'used' them to further her 'YouTube career' mostly without regard for their feelings.

Just look at how she's treated MG when only knowing her for a short time:
>Presumably felt the need to prove her lesbianness post-Colin breakup and tracked down the first insecure girl she could find on Tinder right away
>Spammed everywhere about her super ideal lesbian princess relationship, hyped everyone up with hint photos, seemed to have led MG to believe she was so perfect and had plans for the future
>Asked MG if she's fine with being video title clickbait (kek), apparently opened up presents for MG on video (kek)
>Lashed out on people for asking about MG, continued posting about her anyway, simultaneously shitposts about Colin
>Dumps MG right before the holidays and only days after clickbait video, appears unaffected by it after all this hype

A lot of anons guessed that she would try to find a gf to date for a few months after Colin and they were totally right, guess she's satisfied with parading her gayness around for now.

Saged for longpost summary but yes, IMO she uses people and used MG for attention, that's a typical narcissist trait. It's not that deep or as uncommon as you might think, you can be a simpleton and still 'use' people.

No. 442910


I don't think I would call that classify that as mint…holy hell

Also, WHY OH WHY must she continue the god awful rainbow bangs?? Jillian would look so much better with one colour all throughout her hair, and perhaps side swept bangs…not these elementary school/friar-esque looking things.

I can only imagine the horror a hair stylist would feel if she stepped into an actual salon.

No. 442932

to guess on what happened: we've established jill used MG as a rebound. MG was a bit starstruck bc she knew jill form youtube. jill rushes everything, was always flaunting the relationship despite requests to keep it quiet. jill tried to dial back but MG probably kept getting weirded out jill would post about her constantly + talk about her sex preferences online

jill told ppl she asked MG permission before using her as 'clickbait', which MG probably said yes to…before honestly admitting she didn't like it and jill reacted in a childish, hurt way and broke it off

No. 442936

File: 1513117941766.png (138.91 KB, 372x214, Cwc_hair.png)


I'm being super harsh here but I'm sorta getting Chris Chan vibes from this new hair colour.

No. 442960


I'm getting the opposite vibes tbh. In streams whenever people asked 'Will we meet your girlfriend?' she'd reply how MG was up for it, but Jill wanted to keep things private after the ~stress~ of her breakup with Colin. I get the feeling MG was way more into Jill than the other way around (Jill seemed initially pretty meh about them being long-distance over college) and I think her keeping things private was because she didn't think the relationship would last but had made such a big deal out of MY LESBIAN GIRLFRIEND she'd backed herself into a bit of a corner.

No. 442966

Jill's really good about backing herself into corners. Like getting demonitized after making a whole video about starting youtube full time and not being able to go back to a stable job without the embarrassment of her failure after bragging so much about her success. Now she'll have a hard time with future relationships now that she's hyped up the whole lesbian thing even though she's obviously attracted to more than just girls. If she ever dates a guy again she's fucked.

No. 442974

Sage for tinfoil but I think Jill got dumped, not the other way around. MG's posts seem more angry than sad, and given how into Jill she seemed to be I think she'd be devastated if Jill did the dumping. Jill is always quiet about things when she's embarrassed, and her being silent about this seems exactly like what she did with Colin.

No. 442991

File: 1513123331367.jpg (38.47 KB, 798x309, qPDVg6q.jpg)


might have something to do with this comment on her gift video lol

No. 443006

File: 1513125370067.png (247.51 KB, 1512x874, mg peeps tea 1.png)

Pretty sure this is one of MG's friends. She basically confirms their breakup on twitter

No. 443007

File: 1513125411253.png (179.97 KB, 1242x698, mg peeps tea 2.png)

No. 443009

File: 1513125479156.png (134.28 KB, 1158x710, mg peeps tea 3.png)

and she also comments on one of MG's recent instagram posts

So yeah, if it isn't obvious enough by now, Jill definitely broke up with her

No. 443010


Emily is Alyssa's older sister, I remember from the light snooping I did when Jillian first made the relationship FB official.

I'm sure Jillian will spill the beans in an upcoming live stream because she loves painting everyone in a very bad light…

No. 443013

Jill is quiet and embarrassed because she knows her confetti club will start to question her intentions if she openly discusses breaking up with rebound girlfriend.

She'll probably mention something about the break up at least casually in the upcoming ~year in review~ video.

No. 443014

File: 1513125915705.gif (495.05 KB, 500x375, MrW5mUX.gif)

maybe jilly will try to drag alyssa through the mud and her dramatic friends will swoop in to spill some tea

No. 443020


I've been dreaming about Alyssa coming here to spill since the breakup happened

Sage for hyperbole

No. 443031

Idk. I think going through breakups suck in general but I don't really understand why people would be attracted to Jill in the first place.

>but she obviously manipulates how her fans view her relationships in a gross way for attention, who knows if it's purposeful or not.
Well, I think a lot of social media stars do this, and people who have an audience (not necessarily online) do this in general.

>Colin and MG are doormats and they chose to date her but that doesn't discount how she 'used' them to further her 'YouTube career' mostly without regard for their feelings.

I think a lot of people use their SOs to make themselves seem more cool and interesting, myself included.

>>Presumably felt the need to prove her lesbianness post-Colin breakup and tracked down the first insecure girl she could find on Tinder right away

Her parading her lesbian-ness is dumb but who says that MG has to be insecure? I feel like she might be in the same boat as Jill, a tumblrina who wants to explore her sexual identity.

>Dumps MG right before the holidays and only days after clickbait video, appears unaffected by it after all this hype

I think MG might have dumped her.

>Saged for longpost summary but yes, IMO she uses people and used MG for attention, that's a typical narcissist trait. It's not that deep or as uncommon as you might think, you can be a simpleton and still 'use' people.

I don't really "get" armchair psychologists who love to throw NPD disgnoses on every social media celebrity. Who in the world doesn't "use" people for attention? Sorry, but I'm just not a fan of the idea that lolcows are just evil and not just similar to people irl.


No. 443053

>I think a lot of people use their SOs to make themselves seem more cool and interesting, myself included.
Can you explain how most people exploit their S/Os for props to the same degree as YouTubers like Jill? I don't know anyone like that outside of the internet apart from parents who brag about their kids or s/t.

>who says that MG has to be insecure?

I figured MG is insecure from her online presence. The melodramatic poems contribute to it. You could also question if she would date Jill if she wasn't already a fan of hers, that set their relationship up for failure.

>I don't really "get" armchair psychologists who love to throw NPD disgnoses on every social media celebrity. Who in the world doesn't "use" people for attention? Sorry, but I'm just not a fan of the idea that lolcows are just evil and not just similar to people irl.

The second sentence is "NOT in the sense that she manipulates her significant others like some evil mastermind." Obviously she's not evil but she still comes off as a major narcissist again and again in her interactions with everyone around her. Example, you have to be pretty narcissistic to go on an overseas trip with your mother and refuse to do anything she wants the entire time, that's on a different level of self-absorbed than most people.
I don't get how "everyone in the world uses people for attention?"

No. 443077

So if MG was a fan of Jill prior to the relationship, is it possible that MG idolized Jill to the point of agreeing to this relationship, but fell out of love after dealing with her on a more personal level and saw how she conducted herself off-camera? Call me crazy, but the broken pedestal idea sounds pretty damn close right now.

No. 443088

how annoying of jill to use MG as clickbait/hype up her relationship with MG for the ~gay princess aesthetic~, then quietly dump her and post vaguely about it for unearned pity/validation

not saying she should stick it out in a relationship she wasn't into anymore, but her whole process is just so immature and selfish

No. 443114


>Who in the world doesn't "use" people for attention?

Quite a lot of people, Anon. Hence why people get upset when they get used. Because they don't do that.

No. 443277

File: 1513160032605.jpeg (539.29 KB, 2048x2048, 173623E0-C2F7-40FD-8E12-D7EB36…)

A girl can reach, I mean dream, right?

No. 443279

Not really much a reach lmao wouldn't surprise me if Jill really did copy Lor
Also hi jill

No. 443304

well god forbid someone dye their hair a similar shade to you, it has to be because they're trying to copy your style ohmigawd

only thing about jill's hair is that now it doesn't even blend it well at all, you can clearly tell her damaged-af natural hair apart from her extensions

No. 443307

Both of these look awful. Why aspire to look ugly as hell?

No. 443322

lor also dyed her hair with dye arctic fox sent her too. so i dont think it's a stretch.

No. 443335

You misunderstood my meaning, I was saying I was reaching, not Lor. So we can chill on the hi Jill thing, we already know she lurks.

I think it's mostly because there's some weird beef between them that seems to have been started by Jill. Neither of them follow each other on anything, and Jill definitely said something negative about Lor, so for her to even be ~inspired~ by her is pretty weak.

No. 443348


why is jill so opposed to dyeing her hair only one color at a time? imo she suits having all bright pink hair pretty well and it would clash much less with whatever "party kei" is supposed to be.

i hope she takes a long break from coloring her hair for a while after this tho, it looks so fried. how has it all not fallen out yet?

No. 443375

Her video is up on dyeing her hair- more like dying but you can tell how fried her hair is Christ. When she shows herself blonde the ends are white puffy and look like straw.
Doesn't help that her bleached roots that were yellow aren't taking the green dye at all and are still yellow. Give it a couple months when she finally washes it - she's gonna get beyond annoyed that she has to constantly redye it.
Also why did she bleach her bangs only to do that same thing to them…… it's like she wants her hair to all fall out.

No. 443376

Imo Lor is another flake, bitch thinks she invented green hair with bangs or something.

No. 443380

No. 443388

File: 1513179587748.jpg (32.57 KB, 358x406, okaay.JPG)


Is it just the light or what is this yellow patch on her hair?

No. 443389

This is the worse dye (or should I say fry job considering how dry and disgusting Jill’s hair will/has become) Jill has done. It looks like Lor’s hair when she’s getting ready to redye it, which says a lot about how grotty Jill is. Don’t get me started on those disgusting yellow green roots either and how her bright and vibrant extensions clash with the pastel mint. This just looks atrocious

No. 443392

Shit, didn’t mean to post the video again sorry

No. 443393

Is it just me or do her bangs look too… wide for her face? Maybe it's just the styling or the fact that she keeps touching them but they look off.

No. 443405

Can't stand Lor but at least her hair blends better and isn't awful on her skin tone.

No. 443411

The beginning of the video… what the fuck?

Artic Fox reached out to her to offer to send her some hair dye, but she didn't notice for months. "If you email me with a business inquiry and I don't respond, forward it to me again because my inbox [unintelligible]."

What? Your entire "job" is to have be on top of your online presence. What do you mean you just didn't notice? My god.

No. 443416

Alternative people being mad about other alternative people having the same hair color as them, espically when hair dying is mainstream. Good luck with that. It's not even exact and Jill is obviously gonna keep a rainbow no matter what.

That color looks so bad. Her bangs look fake and hair shallow, I swear she's actually bald and wearing a wig. She's gonna lose her shit when her hair is too shitty to keep being rainbow.

No. 443419

Lor respects most of all jfashion bloggers and also takes inspiration from them. Im pretty sure she wouldn't have a bitch fit over someone else with the same hair color.

No. 443422

File: 1513204661393.jpg (45.25 KB, 627x465, 20171213.jpg)

holy shit every other tweet of hers is just about being depressed, sad or crying nowadays
maybe that peep and bath bomb selfcare therapy isn't working out so well for you Jill??

No. 443445

I don't think Lor's tweet was about Pixie but let's not forget that Lor accidentally showed that she hangs out in this thread. So there is a slight possibility that she's throwing shade at Jill.

No. 443457

When did Lor do that??

No. 443468

I think anon might be confusing Lor with Kate(girlyhoot)

No. 443475

File: 1513208400473.png (23.17 KB, 274x390, IMG_0162.PNG)

No. 443478

File: 1513208617742.jpg (14.36 KB, 350x516, 1Mkkckv.jpg)

this reminded me of pic related

No. 443480

Holy shit her hair is so fried, it looks awful. She should seriously just shave it all off because no amount of dye, product and extensions can salvage how gross and damaged it's gotten. How delusional do you have to be to think this looks good?

Also the bright rainbow clashes far too much with the soft mint. I know she has concept of colour coordination but how did it not occur to her to do a pastel rainbow? The mint will probably be gone in one or two washes because it's so light so she'll be suck with no main colour/washed out greenish blonde and then slightly faded rainbow bangs. I wonder if that's what she was going for, so in a few weeks she can throw some other random colour on top of it without doing the bangs?

Also the rainbow bangs are apparently part of her identity now, has she forgotten that she stole the idea from Kammie?

No. 443492

Anon it’s common knowledge Jill doesn’t bathe enough for that

No. 443498

You know what? At least it's not that hot pick color it used to be. Any other color looks way better than the hot pink

No. 443504

File: 1513211864228.png (293.51 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20171213-163515.png)

Fuck this reminds me of her fried ass scarecrow hair.

No. 443540


I get that sometimes it's cathartic to just put it out there that you're feeling depressed, but does anyone else feel like Jillian is almost glorifying her depression/baiting her fans to ask about what's wrong?

No. 443548

File: 1513217708317.png (201.95 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20171213-180851.png)

Sage for old crap but dammit she looked so much better a few years ago the fuck is she thinking with the new hair color and trainwreck party kei style?

No. 443554


I still don't like the blunt bangs on her face shape, but the colour looks SO much better with her complexion!!

Jillian isn't an ugly girl, she just doesn't know how to properly cut/style/colour her hair and wear makeup that accentuates/compliments her features.

No. 443574

Amen to that! Jill would be cute if she'd make some major adjustments to her diet and aesthetics. She has the potential to be cute. Shame this dingle berry can't get herself sorted out.

No. 443621

Sage for hairdye sperging but oh my god this is so bad. Bitch needs to learn about TONER. The yellow monstrosity that is her roots every time she bleaches her hair could easily be fixed with some GODDAMN TONER, but instead she gets this disgusting brassy mess that is never going to take color.

I'm also majorly triggered by the fact that she just straight bleaches out all of her hair every time. That's why it's so damaged and falling out, there are much better and safer ways to remove color than bleaching your already bleached head.

No. 443627

I assume your scalp would also get pretty irritated with constant bleaching, too? How does she not care about her skin like, at all lmao, it's freaky

No. 443628

Yeah it's insanely irritating to the scalp and can easily give you chemical burns. This is why her hair hasn't grown at all for the past year even though she never gets it cut, it just keeps breaking off from the bleach.

No. 443651

Kind of wish she would go bald for good. Kek might humble her dyeing habits.

No. 443670

I don't understand why she doesn't care about the health of her hair. We know she could just wear wigs and let her hair grow and be at least somewhat healthy/alive. E.g. Mykie/Glam and Gore did that exact thing and now her hair is great.

No. 443756

Jill talking about having low hair care standards is just confusing. She’s fully okay with looking like shit? Even though having her tracks showing makes her uncomfortable?

No. 443758

File: 1513249147068.png (909.79 KB, 1125x2436, CF6007D4-77F3-4E5C-8AFC-B4D6E5…)

This whole twitter feed makes me want to vomit lol.

No. 443760

File: 1513250365830.gif (2.56 MB, 498x280, BFF31353-09BB-4AB3-8E53-2CF883…)

No. 443771

the crusty pout still doesnt suit her though.

No. 443778

imagine peaking at 17

No. 443799

It's just weird because when she made that video about her mental problems before she basically said that things have gotten so much better now and that she only sometimes struggles with them a bit, but then she just constantly talks about being depressed.
Not sure if she's just attention whoring or not realizing that she hasn't actually improved that much.
She seems to think that just because she makes enough money to buy gaudy shit every month her life is going well, but one of these days she has to understand that buying stuff won't fix her issues.

No. 443841

Her and Kelly Eden should hang out and be bffs because all they do is constantly post online about how depressed they are.

No. 443853


The rainbow highlights and bangs just clash way too much with that mint. And don't get me started on the roots.

If she dyed her whole hair mint (and by mint, I mean a little more blue and a little less green), it would look pretty good honestly. The rainbow just looks bad with the mint base.


Got the CWC vibe too. kek

No. 443857

>>"Why didnt you film it? You suck at your job." Not actually nobody said that.

Pixie, this whole forum is all about saying that.

No. 443867