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File: 1602559667751.png (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 1088x725, updated.png)

No. 1057353

Previous thread: >>>/snow/903707

stwawbwewymilk/aggy/matt Is a transwoman "indie" comic artist that is known for drawing CP and incest, drinking his own piss, wearing diapers, and tweeting degenerate takes such as “it’s impossible for a trans woman to be a pedophile”, and “fucking in public in front of children is OK”. When met with any criticism, his army of orbiters swoop in to protect their mentally ill traumatized incest loving pedophile queen.

Background milk:
>speaks in baby talk, calls himself a “stupid little girl”
>made up a trauma narrative to justify drawing little kids being pissed on and fucked
>if you criticize him it means you hate trans women, bigot
> is friend of fellow Troon and child groomer four lung >>743790
> steals stuffed animals and tamagotchis claiming "I'm literally so poor and broke I need to steal to survive check your privilege" >>903332

>has started camming, >>1011296 drinks own piss out of wine glass live
>his likes are full of child/animal bestiality porn >>1027140 >>1031373
>jokes about child grooming >>1007013
>will not stop drawing pictures of children pissing, getting pissed on >>1011843 >>959367 >>1005077 >>1005787
>Admits to being autogynephilic >>1009047
>Admits to being attracted to the “little girls” he draws >>1035966
>tweeted a long thread about how you should never call a trans woman a pedophile. When people asked “what if they’re an actual convicted offender”? Matt replied “NEVER.” and then compared people taking issue with that to men who say a woman “deserved abuse” >>1005737
>has taken up urethral sounding and posts pictures of his microdick >>1007022 >>1008469 as well as pics of him pretending to be a baby and wearing diapers >>1031592
>claims to love getting hate and that it turns him on>>1007057, but also claims to have PTSD and suicidal ideation from the “harassment” (read: being correctly identified as a raging pedophile) >>959395
>one of his friends died, he immediately stole their weed and posted about it >>1027261
>is dating a hideous hambeast, likely as a beard for being a pedophile >>1046729 >>1056821

Twitter : https://twitter.com/stwawbwewymilk
CuriousCat: https://curiouscat.me/stwawbwewymilk
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stwawbwewymilk/

No. 1057360

File: 1602560148134.png (236.28 KB, 730x677, poorthing.PNG)

His account on gumroad is being suspended for CP, and as expected matt is losing his mind.
Kek at him immediately pulling the "buh-but im a trans creator! If your business doesn't uncritically support my drawings of children having sex that means you're OPRESSING me!" card.

No. 1057362

File: 1602560305835.jpg (116.45 KB, 704x766, p1.jpg)

pics from tweet (1/3)

No. 1057363

File: 1602560334726.jpg (38.02 KB, 708x240, p2.jpg)

No. 1057365

File: 1602560439759.jpg (34.1 KB, 692x286, p3.jpg)

No. 1057371

He’s insane. He’s throwing a tantrum because companies don’t want to support him being a pedophile.

No. 1057372

File: 1602560956129.png (Spoiler Image,2.08 MB, 1974x1072, Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 8.48…)

Live with the girlfriend on cam last night, only stuck around for a minute but it was rough. NSFL

No. 1057378

Is he in pain?! What on earth is this face he’s making, who could be attracted to either one of them

No. 1057380

File: 1602561398426.jpeg (358.29 KB, 1242x901, D01149BA-AFB0-474E-ABBD-DD02E7…)

This is so funny, he's acting like gumroad's problem with his art is the cartoon porn aspect, when they explicity told him the problem is his sexualization of children. Pedophiles losing income, love to see it!

No. 1057382

you know it’s bad when you can hear the disdain through the customer service tone

No. 1057385

File: 1602562069080.png (233.79 KB, 1080x1583, 9CAA2975-8FEA-41C5-8A62-5CFEDE…)

Sexually harassing a girl, insisting she’s turned on despite her saying how uncomfortable she is in the situation.

No. 1057386

File: 1602562103110.png (299.22 KB, 1080x1534, 17A01B22-3A6E-402B-A71B-CB2D97…)

No. 1057388

File: 1602562202076.png (314.11 KB, 1080x1479, AAC0C47D-FDBD-4575-A3FF-F10B2A…)

No. 1057389

File: 1602562303189.png (326.09 KB, 1080x1612, EB6E7E4D-9321-4401-A84B-DD6787…)

No. 1057392

Based Steve. You can just hear the contempt

No. 1057393

>if you criticize my art, you must be secretly aroused by it
Lmao that’s not how any of this works.

No. 1057399

>>1057363 >I'll have you know i'm a target of harassment campaigns!!
>>1057372 oh god my eyes. they look like the same person too

No. 1057401


Lmfao this poor customer service dude really having to explain to a deranged fat troon that child porn doesn't have to be explicitly named in tos because it's universally understood to be revolting. Steve don't get paid enough for this shit.

No. 1057407

Gross, but this was already posted in the last thread.
KEK steve is the patron saint of this thread now

No. 1057424

>turned on by my work
she just admitted to using her "trauma art" as jack off material, haha someone lock this grease trap up for good.

No. 1057427


Must we do this every time? Go back to Twitter. Pedophiles don’t get their preferred pronouns.

No. 1057433

He's not even trans, that's his fetish and he's a pedophile. So no need for she pronouns.

No. 1057438

Yes, I’m posting it at the beginning of this thread as part of the recap.

No. 1057445

>if you happen to see my art randomly on twitter and have an opinion on it, then that 100% means you are sexually aroused by my art confirmed

…that backwards ass logic kek. so all those people who see constant pics of trump on twitter in their home feed are secretly sexually aroused by him? what about pictures of interior decorating?

+compliments to the chef for this quality thread summary write up.

No. 1057446

This is some vile shit. They're both so fat they kinda look alike. Is this some weird kink about fucking himself but tanner and with a pussy?

No. 1057455

Classic pedophile reversal.
>no, YOU are the pervert for thinking this cp is sexual!

No. 1057533

I don’t think he actually believes this person is aroused by his art, it’s just him trying to be sassy and snap back at his “harassers”. NO U is the favorite tactic of pedos, lolifags and other cumbrained idiots to turn the argument around. He really wants people to leave him and his little pedo circlejerk alone to stew in their own degeneracy but unfortunately for him it doesn’t work that way.

No. 1057538

File: 1602587060718.jpeg (404.42 KB, 750x1061, 7A3F8CD8-7573-4DB4-8E05-B10DCE…)

Oh, Fatt is calling people out now but he won’t drop the @s. How much you wanna bet it’s because that person’s art is leagues better than his scribbly crap?
Also, Steve got a shoutout kek.

No. 1057556


this sounds like actual sexual harassment I’ve witnessed irl, holy shit.
For all aggy knows that person could even be a minor… Twitter really needs to step up their moderation because the unironic MAP community there is getting way too big way too fast.

No. 1057563

Is he doing this "youre/your" shit on purpose?

No. 1057617

Most surely, Mathew likes to pretend he’s retarded because that’s his fetish.

No. 1057627

So I guess Matt was considered too offensive for innocent eyes even after having everything censored, judging by the spoiler that mods applied to the thread pic?

No. 1057636

Calling a dude like this a pedo is like calling a spade a spade, but he acts like it's this horrendous slur that's been used against him

This reply made me realize his arguments really do sound exactly like when predators would argue with Hansen on old Dateline NBC episodes

No. 1057648

File: 1602604560847.jpeg (151.05 KB, 750x567, E333AA07-C562-4ADB-8187-E53F06…)

“Detractors” lol

No. 1057666

Does him being a degenerate pedophile somehow displace all the mirrors in his roach ridden home or is he just blind? He should borrow his blobfriend’s glasses so he can finally see he’s uglier than the average british man kek

No. 1057677

i dont understand why they think being trans is why his gumroad got taken down. lol no its because you draw kids in sexual situations.

No. 1057686

Don't put your email when you reply, and he obviously knows that it's because of the child porn that he's been banned, but twists the argument and makes himself look like a poor twans woman being discriminated against.

No. 1057687

File: 1602606053723.png (20.93 KB, 306x752, puppy.png)

She should sell her comics on Pixiv Booth or DLSite.
Japanese websites understand that there is LITERALLY nothing wrong with or pedo about liking loli art


No. 1057695

File: 1602606548310.png (4.07 KB, 266x130, 1547132450125.png)

hey anon! since you don't know how to spend your money on anything that isn't $10 on a Klinefelter's microdicked pedo piss porn, you should post those REALLY COOL numbers on the front and numbers on the back of your credit card immediately

No. 1057699

Anon you’re so stupid. You can easily reverse markup images on any software even an iPhone thus making your card # accessible.

Imagine spending $10 on. Pedophiles work just to get your account info public. If you’re smart I suggest you delete this.

No. 1057710

He twist every criticism he gets into people actually hating him for being trans
Honestly the mental gymnastics he does could almost land him in the olympics

No. 1057732

For what purpose, anon?

No. 1057742

File: 1602608490040.jpg (35 KB, 300x406, 1601261689421.jpg)

I hope you're proud of yourself, pedo-chan.

No. 1057751

File: 1602608905118.png (601.17 KB, 1282x720, yCHrxjyj0lwjmGEXjAnOyM-xjsgCKT…)

Sorry anon, but I need that money to purchase more lolisho manga from my local bookstore
Made in Abyss isn't going to pay for itself

No. 1057755

>those images
Good taste, ily anons

No. 1057761

Sage your shit anon. Actually no, keep bumping this thread to the top so Matt can reach peak cow stardom and be recorded as a sex offender and deemed unemployable

No. 1057768

File: 1602609491942.jpg (92.85 KB, 755x696, 1599536515864.jpg)

>spending 10 dollars on tranny pedo porn
leave it to the trannies and tranny sympathizers to try and poison the well of pixiv

No. 1057783

pixiv isn't a well it's a cesspool. unfortunately matt's pedo porn would fit right in with all the other gross shit

No. 1057850

just waiting for this psycho to be a registered sex offender already. disgusting.

No. 1057863

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re fucking with us and in reality you’ve bought all that shit to post here for us to mock.
If not, then you should probably be dilating rn instead of posting here.

No. 1057896

Based Steve didn't mince words. I like that it wasn't an automated response and Steve personally told him he's a fucking sicko.

No. 1057941

ok holly

No. 1057946

You can leave the name, e-mail and subject field empty, you know? In fact, it's basically customary here.

No. 1057950

thanks for letting me know !

No. 1057953

File: 1602624214438.jpg (148.47 KB, 1080x399, Screenshot_20201013-142430_Twi…)

This is absolutely the funniest thing aggy has ever said. I love it. Never change stwawb.

No. 1057956

File: 1602624384393.jpeg (93.96 KB, 750x1222, D82C2776-85BF-4B2E-B877-64F18B…)

(sorry. Repost)

This still… makes me laugh so damn hard. only a person with deep insecurities would flatter themselves THIS much when there is absolutely no place for it whatsoever, lol.

No. 1057957

File: 1602624464708.jpeg (927.01 KB, 1242x1528, 7BCD6217-7EC7-4777-B223-01071D…)

Yeah he's still having a meltdown over not getting his way with Gumroad. Hopefully they won't give in to the pedo crew mass emailing them hate. The transphobia argument kind of falls apart when gumroad can simply point to the thousands of trans artists who are using their platform with no problem because they're not drawing children peeing on each other.

No. 1057961

booooohooo cry me a river aggy

next time maybe draw literally anything other than the shit you draw right now and people would actually let you sell your stuff

No. 1057966

Is reporting him to local authorities considered cow tipping?

No. 1057967

Why is he so entitled? They have the right to not let him use their platform if they and/or their banking partners don't approve of his content. They don't owe him anything.
So sad he can't make money off his degenerate "art". Also, he can shut the fuck up about them being "outside of their terms of service" because
>Gumroad may decline, remove or halt sales of any Digital Good or Physical Product, suspend or terminate an Account, and/or suspend or terminate the Platform at any time, in its sole discretion, without cause or notice to you or any penalty or liability for doing so.

>Gumroad, in its sole discretion, may suspend or terminate your Account(s), or retain any or all funds in your Balance, if Gumroad suspects or has reason to believe and/or if a person otherwise claims that you have violated the law or breached any term of this Agreement.

>Without limiting the foregoing, Gumroad shall have the right to immediately terminate your access and use of the Platform, or any portion thereof, in the event of any conduct that Gumroad, in its sole discretion, considers unacceptable

No. 1057969

yeah can't some locals just report his ass since he's acting all "lmao call the cops on me"?

No. 1057970

god matt, you're more delusional then any psych patient i've ever worked with. the reason gumroad didn't want you is because you draw 5 year old children pissing on each other and raping stuffed animals. a pedo is a pedo, troon

No. 1057971

i'm sure the only other locals are his fellow troon incest-child loving degenerate buddies

No. 1057974

File: 1602625683867.jpg (101.8 KB, 1079x274, Screenshot_20201013-144643_Twi…)

Hey Aggy! Would just like to let you know that the shittiest late-2000's anime tracing ms paint art is much better than any illustration you will ever create, based solely on the fact that it is not pedophillic. You produce content for you and other pedophiles on the internet, that in and of itself makes your art bad. Have a great day!

No. 1057980

File: 1602626396110.png (19.79 KB, 725x123, cryhardermatt.PNG)

I love how this literally doesn't make any sense. This is like saying you have to love and support convicted serial killer richard ramirez or else you hate all mexican americans.
Nice try matt but the world doesn't hate you bc you're "trans", they hate you because you're an unapologetic pedophile.

No. 1057983

File: 1602626672972.jpeg (97.12 KB, 828x327, 9931F271-4FE8-4EF4-8F63-312758…)

Oh I'm sure we have enough evidence. Yk how pedos are placed at bottom of the prison chain?

No. 1057984

lmao also not everyone's life goal is to put out art??? some people have other hobbies you know?

No. 1057985

Aggy is unable to look at the situation he is in from any perspective other than the one that has been the standard in his pedo circles on twitter. Any rational person looks at this, looks at >>1057953, looks at >>1057974 and all they see is a crazy person's justification for being a pedophile that likes to draw preschoolers cross dressing and being pissed on. Massive, massive amounts of cope. Nothing wrong with me, it's the "antis" that are the problem! There is no coming back from this. The best we can do as a society is deplatform people like this and hope they never have access to children.

No. 1057990

File: 1602626890608.jpeg (127.67 KB, 746x1122, EBF8614E-3740-4A15-8AB2-1A35A0…)


He's obviously trying to provoke us lmfao. sad and pathetic

No. 1057991

I always knew I avoided that series for a reason

No. 1057992

every drawing you produce is another one that gets archived forever and ever, matthew. make yourself unemployable one pedo comic at a time.

No. 1057996

gross. i don't want to file a report but to be fucking fair, i wouldn't want this troon getting, sadly, into contact with children or pets. i'm sure his poor dog has been put through enough having crisco consuming lardkings as owners.

No. 1057997

the whole point of his work is to provoke, draw attention both negative and positive, and claim oppression when he is called out. that's all he does.

No. 1057998

does Aggy understand supporting trans people means believing they deserve basic human rights? ….and not that being trans is a shield from all criticism or means everyone must approve of and shill for your art?

No. 1057999

Actually there are a few that have expressed their discontent

No. 1058005

I feel so conflicted about this too. Don’t want to be the one to cowtip but the cow is asking to be reported to the police… I’ve never hated a cow like I hate Matt, he is becoming more of a danger to society as his fetishes get more extreme.

No. 1058008

File: 1602627856982.png (159.34 KB, 587x590, 9649d4419d5f226dff26bfc9b6ff56…)

Love seeing him act like the only reason his work is taken down is because of a mob lynching him, and not because he's making blatant CP. The only reason it was up as for long as it was was because Gumroad didn't see it, they were gonna take it down as soon as they realized what it was, regardless.

No. 1058013

reporting him wouldn't accompliah anything. drawing pedo shit is immoral, but not illegal afaik

No. 1058016

he is so dumb&entitled like dude. get a grip. this is not bc you're trans or bc people reported your shit. it is 100% because of your so called "art"

No. 1058017

I think any anon wanting to report aggy to the cops will be sorely disappointed. Unless you can convince them that he is abusing his animals or has photographic CP on his computer or in a physical photo albumn in his house, it's safe to assume that they aren't going to give a shit. What we're dealing with is more of a moral issue than a legal one (which is all of the twitter pedo's biggest defense and why "antis" are all called puritanical in their cope). legally, drawn CP is a grey area in the US. afaik it's a state-by-state thing. he can get in trouble federally but I doubt the FBI is going to knock on aggy's door.

No. 1058018

seems like the only thing he really cares about is money, i would put more effort into reporting his shit so he can't make a living off little kid dick

No. 1058022

Tbf illustrations of children in sexual acts are against twitters TOS and they have a whole separate reporting system for that to combat CSE. He’s lucky he hasn’t lost his platform on Twitter yet since they’re so incompetent at dealing with nonces already

No. 1058025

kek, we should have someone go undercover as a minor DMing him on twitter saying how much they love his work. then watch as troon sends alleged minor his CP work. watch how that turns out.(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 1058027


people tried that a week or two ago I think, he was smart enough not to take the bait

No. 1058032

He knows, he’s just playing the tranny card because it’s his go-to card to play in his attempt to distract from the real reason

No. 1058035

Just jumped into this.
has he become to powerful bros?

No. 1058048

Jesus, what's with all the newfags today? I'm begging you guys to please lurk for at least another week and read the rules before you post. Stop fucking up the thread with inane unsaged shit.

No. 1058055

File: 1602629982892.png (19.87 KB, 408x142, okmatt.PNG)

imagine trying to get a company to take you seriously– @ing them every hour on twitter with legal complaints– and yet you keep this as your bio

No. 1058057

not only does he read this thread, he blocks minors. don't tip the cow

No. 1058058

oh he DEFINITELY reads here

No. 1058061

File: 1602630257871.jpeg (35.41 KB, 275x275, AGP and its consequences.jpeg)

Pedo Matt deserves to see what he did to himself in pursuit of a wank on every new thread.

No. 1058062

these eyebrows look so damn terrible >>1058061

No. 1058063

File: 1602630521786.jpg (522.42 KB, 1079x1418, Screenshot_20201013-160851_Twi…)

Aggy perpetuates the idea that queers are predatory and disgusting. He is predatory and disgusting on twitter 24/7. I hope all pedophiles die.

No. 1058067

For real. This kimochi_noodles sounds like a pedo too

No. 1058069

Is it me or is his nose ginormous now? He had a pretty everything but now even his nose is fucked up.

No. 1058075

it's because he's fucking fat.

No. 1058077

File: 1602632705395.png (557.87 KB, 1064x1388, Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 4.44…)

Steve from Gumroad support is not getting paid enough to deal with this.

No. 1058087

legitimately curious for your opinion: if not "pedophillic," how would you describe drawings done by a grown man depicting preschoolers' genitals while they piss into each other's mouths, get tied up BDSM style, and fuck stuffed animals?
Perhaps """powerful and brave queer art"""?

No. 1058088

imagine thinking depicting children sexually isn't pedophilic. can you please die

No. 1058093

Found the nonce

No. 1058096

File: 1602633933952.jpg (66.9 KB, 960x488, 1577113110080.jpg)


No. 1058102

einstein here thinks arguing that sexual drawings of children are okay BECAUSE they depict children as if they're "toys, playthings, or dolls" is a strong argument in favor of said drawings.
i hear if you hold your mouth open over a bowl of milk for a while, the worms in your brain will be attracted to the smell and exit your body. you should try that

No. 1058103

>abstract fantasy artwork
lmfao. what a cope. it's representational, not "abstract", and you are actually living in a delusion if you really believe people somehow aren't thinking of children when they look at this shit. for fuck's sake

No. 1058104

they do resemble actual children faggot, that's the point. go back to wanking it to loli porn you bucket of wasted sperm

No. 1058105

You realize those drawing are used to groom actual children into thinking it’s normal for kids to act like that… right? They are 100% harmful to real minors, and help cause real molestation and sexual assault.
Stop justifying the sexualization of minors, you fucking weirdo.

No. 1058109

>Art is merely what you perceive it to be
Wow, haven't heard this defense of wanking it to depictions of children in AGES. Did you just teleport here from the 2002 annual NAMBLA conference?

No. 1058110

Stating that lolicon is just fictional drawn depictions of sexualize children and that lusting after imaginary anime children isn't a great hill to die on. You're not smarter for accepting something that is morally reprehensible.

No. 1058112

Pedo-chan please go. Being attracted to minors is fucking wacko and makes you a creep. Fictional or not. Stop justifying child porn.

No. 1058114

>Art is merely what you perceive it to be
and "art" depicting children, which aggers himself fucking agrees that they are children, will be perceived as such.

>hopefully predators that groom children can be stopped

they can be stopped by refusing to tolerate the content you're defending right now, moron. try as you might to avoid acknowledging it, you are part of the problem.

No. 1058117

He thinks he passes
He thinks his “art” looks good
Waiting for the part of his degenerate saga where matty boy is finally admitted into a mental institution. His delusion knows no bounds and the world would be better off with him locked up. It’d be super milky too

No. 1058118

But it is. The morality of lusting for children is abhorrently bad and reprehensible. Even in a fictional sense.

No. 1058120

There's no real chance of him being committed, but with the power of hope and a little bit of teamwork, we can probably get him to kill himself.

No. 1058122

File: 1602635517429.png (197.42 KB, 1080x1956, Screenshot_20201013-192933~2.p…)

interesting that he deleted this tweet. maybe he thought implying that his gender is tied to wanting to fuck toddlers wouldn't be a good look for him

No. 1058124

File: 1602635557537.png (212.91 KB, 1325x843, cryevenhardermatt.png)

this is truly a first-rate tantrum, it's still going!

No. 1058125

It would be his choice for sure but I wouldn't want to be to blame for him becoming apart of the 52%. Hopefully he can turn down the lolicon shit and just be a regular weirdo troon.

No. 1058126

KEK kimochi noodles can die too for all anyone should care. They’re a pedophile apologist loser who would rightfully be ostracized from society if locals knew.

No. 1058127

File: 1602635626012.png (180.8 KB, 1080x1646, Screenshot_20201013-192942~2.p…)

re-uploaded that tweet with different wording

No. 1058129

>I wouldn't want to be to blame for him becoming apart of the 52%

that's a you problem

>Hopefully he can turn down the lolicon shit and just be a regular weirdo

you can't un-pedo a pedo

No. 1058132

dilate & 41%

No. 1058133

Making a pedo troon kill themselves ins't something to be proud of, Anon. Its easy pickings. But w/e, its a "me problem" to you, after all.

No. 1058134

Anon why are you being sympathetic to this thing? lol he deserves nothing better than joining the 52% and he has solely himself to blame

No. 1058135

>that doesn't mean everyone does
if people didn't perceive it this way we wouldn't even have a problem in the first place. you can't even face the reality of how matt describes his own pictures, you have to cope with "oh he's not good at articulating his points" shut the fuck up already. you're accomplishing nothing here.

can we get a farm hand to ban this troglodyte? literally not worth arguing this uwu beauty of art~! bullshit

No. 1058136

>Making a pedo troon kill themselves ins't something to be proud of

I would put it on my resume, personally

No. 1058137

is this bitch even reading the emails? it's not because you're trans, it's because you openly draw kiddy boners. lrn2read

No. 1058142

It sounds like sympathy and that was my mistake. I was trying to emphasize a fair amount of indifference while deflecting the fact that statistically this troon is probably going to neck themselves eventually.
And you're right, anything this creepy weirdo does is on his behave and not ours. Its HIS fault for looking at this thread.

No. 1058143


Based anon

No. 1058144

Children engaging in sexual acts with each other is “part of the trans experience”? Lol okay Matt.

No. 1058145

it's a you problem.

No. 1058146

people who get off from lolicon are pedos. they get turned on by children, because why else would they seek material that depicts children? does a pedo stop being a pedo if he just masturbates thinking about imaginary kids? how the fuck thinking about children in sexual situations is not pedophilia.

No. 1058148

My analysis is that because this fully grown adult man wasn't able to experience growing up as a girl he uses his cum filled brain to make up scenarios that would be to him what being a little girl was/is. Usually to men its something sexual. Its enough to frustrate me too, Anon.

No. 1058151

kill yourself retard. if a man masturbates to bara, do you think he's straight? do you think a gay man would masturbate to anime girls?

if a pedo masturbates to kids who don't exist, does that mean he is not a pedo because the kids in his head are not real?

No. 1058152

I wonder if Aggy would call a trans person transphobic if they called out their stuff for being pedophilic. Drawing pornographic zines of children is not a shared experience among trans people, only pedophiles.

No. 1058153

>they seek this art out because it looks cute and toony and they like cute and toony things

If this was true then wouldn't the fact that the characters be enough to turn the fans of cartoon erotica off?
You're really enabling pedophilic tendencies.

No. 1058155

Just say you're a pedo and go.

No. 1058156

also there is cute and kawaii art that doesn't depict kids. of it's just about the cuteness, why not choose other cute things?

it's the kiddy aspect that turns people on if they need the characters to be cute kids and not cute adults

No. 1058160

why? bara shows muscly men, what about it would turn a man who isn't into men on? what about anime girl would turn a man who is not into girls on?

No. 1058161

>a gay dude could certainly fap to anime girls.

And get off from? How many gay dudes do you know who do this? These seem like lame hypothetical guessing than actual answers.

No. 1058165

men masturbate to characters that aren't manly or look like men, that means they can be attracted to men, are you listening to yourself. i was talking about bara.

No. 1058167

Can a farmhand put this thing to pasture already
It’s probably matt himself or one of his cretinism ridden companions

No. 1058168

it's definitely one of his cumbrained fans lol

No. 1058171

NTA but I don’t think they were being sympathetic, just don’t want Matt to become some sort of sick twisted martyr.
He’s definitely going to use these comments for his ~crusade against internet meanies~ And say it’s all because he’s trans. When in reality it’s cause he’s a pedophile.

No. 1058172

They clearly use this website often, they’re saging their bullshit and everything.
Probably follows some cows here themselves, yet has some affinity for a pedophile. Gross.

No. 1058176

>>straight men can be attracted to men if they are fem enough

those men are not straight, it's funny how you people LOVE gay shit but try to call gay shit "straight". Stop listening to bisexual/in the closet men who are into men as long as they feel they "look" like women. Thats not how shit works, those men are not straight and they know it.

No. 1058178

why would a man who is not into men turn on by depictions of extremely exaggerated masculinity.

that's what i asked you and ask again. then you dodge the question and say "well idk about that but some men turn on by characters that don't look like men at all and don't have traits that real men possess but look like women actually" like how does that answer my question

No. 1058181

File: 1602638424179.png (29.67 KB, 757x806, steve.png)

I made some fan art for steve.

No. 1058182

imagine breaking your back in the effort to argue why a straight man would turn to bara porn when an infinite number of depictions of women with every possible body type in every possible situation already exist kek(derailing)

No. 1058183

bless that poor man

No. 1058189

god bless you, anon. if only steve could see this

No. 1058191

This is exactly how I imagined him. Poor guy doesn't deserve Matt's madness. Hope he gets a bonus or something.

No. 1058192

there is muscle girl porn and monster girl porn, why not go for that? something about the male aspect would appeal to them if they choose bara over some muscle woman porn

No. 1058193

but they're turned on by some kind of monster with a dick at this point? why not a monster with a vagina? there is plenty of female monster porn. this is so sad to watch lmfao

No. 1058194

matt either deleted or renamed his twitter account

No. 1058195

File: 1602638966484.png (28.11 KB, 583x416, gone.png)

Are they gone?

No. 1058196

Either way their sperging crusade is boring. Matt is enough of a full-time retard and pedophile for the thread all by himself.
This is good anon. Kudos to you and Steve.

No. 1058198

This is cute anon

No. 1058201


Make a Steve zine and sell it on gumroad.

No. 1058202

can we ban the retarded pedo anon already

No. 1058203

He deactivated.

No. 1058206

so then they're bisexual. and pedophiles merely like other things in addition to being pedophiles.

>Cute! You're talented anon!

you can't sit with us, freak.

No. 1058208

what was he thinking going adding gumroad on twitter and bringing attention to himself, did he think that people outside of his bubble would see his tweets and feel sympathetic towards him and not the site he is trying to accuse of transphobia? like troons might get pass from lot of things but child abuse still doesn't fly with the normies or anyone outside of a map bubble.

No. 1058209

Are we sure of this? Any ways to get his account banned for good when he re-activates?

No. 1058211

he'll definitely come back

No. 1058213

Reporting his account. I assume he deactivated it himself because his account isn’t being shown as suspended, which is what happens when Twitter decides to shut you down.

No. 1058215

torn between being wanting him to get banned and suffer vs not wanting the milk flow to end

No. 1058216


No. 1058217

>Loli art came about as a fetishization of Japanese kawaii culture,
Not this pedo revisionism, lmao. "Lolicon" is a portmanteau of "lolita complex". It's always been about sexualizing little girls, not "Hello Kitty-esque cuteness uwu", you creepy fuck. Go back to whatever NAMBLA forum you're visiting from.

No. 1058218

poor steve lmao i love this

No. 1058220

Steve is definitely talking shit about Aggy during his next Zoom meeting. You really captured the exhaustion he probably felt from this days long interaction, anon.

No. 1058222

Beautiful. Support for >>1058201
What are the odds that he'll make it to a week without reactivating or w/e?

No. 1058223

>Again, look into the birth and evolution of kawaii culture in the 90s
Nta but despite what Wikipedia says it started way before the 90s, kek.

No. 1058226

File: 1602641087942.gif (3.25 MB, 482x256, 6EF3739F-CD37-4A8E-9906-487AE2…)


No. 1058227

You're still here? Leave already. No one's going to fall for the headcanons you wrote about Japan to justify your fetishes.
I'm sick of obese, piss-drinking autogynephiles and nonces trying to convince people they're "wholesome". Go do something "daring" and "progressive", like sticking a live wire in your urethra or something. Just remove yourself.

No. 1058228

NTAYRT but there's something about Matt that makes it hard to be completely callous towards him, perhaps because you can occasionally catch a glimpse of the potential that he had before he irreparably destroyed his life over porn and social media addiction. This is one of the worst cases I've ever seen of someone young being completely rekt by hedonism without getting hooked on drugs or alcohol. It doesn't help that he probably would have grown into his appearance really beautifully if he didn't troon into a misshapen blob.

On the other hand, he is a pedo.

No. 1058232

Your drawing makes me wish I could send Steve some cookies and a sweater. This has to be next thread pic, or at least be a part of it.

No. 1058235

He's live on his chaturbate right now.

No. 1058237

>On the other hand, he is a pedo.

yeah, that's where sympathy for his ~~~potential~~~ should end

No. 1058238

File: 1602641917028.png (807.58 KB, 953x576, skdfjlksjflskfdj.PNG)

he's thriving

No. 1058239

File: 1602641942053.jpeg (287.68 KB, 1242x1377, 45DD46AB-310A-470A-A4B6-178E02…)

Still shows up for me but also says 0 followers which usually means deactivation

No. 1058241

File: 1602641966785.png (158.94 KB, 312x251, aksjdlaksdj.PNG)

No. 1058254

Anon i love this and love that you made steve a dilf! the complete opposite of what aggy is into.

No. 1058258

File: 1602643157685.png (75.05 KB, 788x248, nkekjs.png)

Is he really co-signing the idea that sex with/between children is part of being trans?
With shit like this, no one even needs transphobes. They cancel themselves.

No. 1058259

kek at the fact anon’s 5 minute ms paint endeavor makes for better art than anything aggy made that’s been posted in all threads about him

No. 1058263

Someone joined, said "hi mommy" and he kicked them, then said "Fuck you, Greg. I'm in a baaaad mooood". Lmao.

No. 1058264


How fucking stupid are they. Gumroad isn't his employer lmao. Even if we ignore that it had everything to do with being child porn and nothing to do with him being a tranny, they're under no obligation to host art for trannies at all. They don't even owe him an explanation, based daddy Steve is generous for offering him one at all.

No. 1058273

reminder that aggy has confessed to being obsessed with reading his thread and most likely has sicced some people over here. Anyways it’s hilarious to imagine him seething over not getting away with using transphobia as a cover

No. 1058281

File: 1602645509750.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.24 MB, 1000x2800, D4D76A61-154E-4E86-B5D9-87EBA7…)

aggy infographic I made for any newcomers!

No. 1058288

You should have added the one with the horse fucking a girl and his tweet about wanting to draw horses. But this is a great summary!

No. 1058295


No. 1058300


No shit, he linked the thread in his online abuwuse post. Of course his degenerate orbiters are the ones who rushed in here to defend pedophilia, they're agp pedos themselves.

No. 1058302

File: 1602647456604.png (82.38 KB, 748x452, image_2020-10-13_235154.png)

speaking of
is his twitter deactivated or was it wiped? I can still access it. i dont have twit so idk how that works kek

No. 1058305

File: 1602647822456.jpeg (138 KB, 1242x252, A267458A-3052-46E2-B5BA-7CE71D…)

his twitter is back to normal, he tweeted this (eyeroll) a few minutes ago. still pouting on chaturbate.

No. 1058306

i dont want to join that shit. anyone want to describe what his voice sounds like for lulz though. is it as deep as i'm imagining

No. 1058307

Yeah, his voice is pretty deep. Just imagine any fat male trying to sound high-pitched.

No. 1058308

File: 1602648237139.png (273.3 KB, 960x1134, fikvsk.png)

Found Angela/Himeka WKing him. When cows collide.

No. 1058309

t.Patrick W. Galbraith

No. 1058311

File: 1602648362650.png (132.32 KB, 379x335, image_2020-10-14_000744.png)

heard what you said about transwxmen. not cool.

No. 1058312

Yes. The funniest parts of the stream so far are his dad-tier sneezes and hacking grandpa coughs. He'll be baby talking and pretending to be a uwu baby girl and then whatever illusion he is trying to maintain is shattered when he accidentally sneezes or coughs and turns into the incredible hulk.

No. 1058373

Aggy and his other pedo friends are really trying to make people believe that being a pedophile is part of being trans or gay, so they can use being trans or gay as a shield for criticism. If I recall, that's a thing pedophiles often did in the past as well.
Also the mental gymnastics of the pedo sympathizer above lmao. Yes, so far it's drawings we're talking about, but he goes out of his way to specify that they're children, not adults dressing cutely or some shit, and that he gets off with them. So he's sexually attracted to representations of children, therefore he's sexually attracted to children and the whole concept of being a child (so cute things, toys, baby talk, being "stupid", pissing himself, being dirty). The fact that the art style is exaggerated doesn't mean shit, as you can see in his twitter likes he appreciates more realistic art as well. A man that gets off to exaggerated men is gay, a man getting off to exaggerated women is straight, girls getting off to two fictional perfect-looking men fucking are still straight, a man getting off to exaggerated bug eyed chidren is a filthy pedophile.

No. 1058387

>heckingest gay enby
That is the biggest red flag I’ve ever seen

No. 1058409

I can immediately tell from your reaction image choice alone that you’re a groomer, nice try.

That bunny drawing is used as an emoji in edgy /pol/ furry cp servers.

No. 1058415

>>1058221 You make no sense, lolicon games have been around since the 70s and 80s you fucking uncultured coomer, even Square (yes like Square Enix) made a creepy loli torture game in the early 80s, where the fuck are you getting your facts from because implying kawaii culture or loli was born in the 90s is a load of bullshit. The term lolicon (as in PEDOPHILE) has existed even longer than it was a “genre”. Shotacon is a fairly modern term but Lolicon isn’t.

The japanese word for pedophile literally is lolicon, police use this term for real life pedophiles why are you lying? are you crying because Tumblr banned all the loli/shota blogs and this is your way of coping? You clearly have no knowledge of the history of Japanese contemporary art.
You don’t realise kawaii art was traced back to originate as imperialist world war propaganda do you, it’s always been used to hide shady criminal shit.

No. 1058420

lmao aggy defender anon.
aggy literally tweeted a few months ago that what he's doing was FETISH art. yes you read that right. meaning this is HIS. FETISH. he busts a nut to this type of "art". And yet you try to convince us that it doesn't make him a pedo?


No. 1058424

Pedo apologist anon, read this and stop deluding yourself into believing loli is on par with something as cute as wholesome as hello kitty. It was always meant to be jerk off material for sleazy men, such as Matt.

No. 1058432

I’m not saying this bc I want to flatter this disgusting brain damaged pedophile hippo, but I think Matt’s just pretending to be dumber than he is and knows what he’s doing. I mean he wants to be an uwu stupd giwl.

No. 1058493

i hate that Aggy found my alt twitter and blocked it. My alt isnt connected to my main. like wtf all i did on my alt was liked random posts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1058516

Aggy runs block chains, so your alt account likely just got caught up in one of those.

When posting just leave the name field blank. Also, leave the email field blank if you want to bump the thread or just write "sage" instead.

No. 1058518

for your next post don’t add a name in the field. you’ll catch a lot of shit for it. also aggy has a block chain going so anyone who even vaguely interacts with an account related to one blocked account gets automatically blocked as well

No. 1058521

>You are so puritanical for not letting me simulate CP and profit from my disgusting fetishes in public, Steve!

Oh, he's absolutely intentionally obtuse. He thinks it makes him smart and above his critics, but he's really just transparently manipulative

No. 1058523

File: 1602684775472.jpeg (56.19 KB, 750x595, 2B75CD56-C3E7-4E0F-A654-77644A…)

lol yes. yes you can and you will. in fact, you already kinda did that to yourself because nobody in their right mind wants to be associated with you- people and companies alike.

No. 1058551

Is this one of Aggy's friends trying to reverse uno or something?
That character has been spammed on deviantART, tumblr, /ic/, /co/ and CC for a long time. The only accurate part of your post is the /pol/ thing, since the creator is mentally ill and panders to them.
The only furry pedos are the "Puppy Milk" stans posting in here trying to convince people that Buffalo Bill: Diaperfag Edition did nothing wrong.

No. 1058553

File: 1602688519279.jpeg (72.31 KB, 341x353, 4FEF45E9-50FE-417A-AEC9-61E807…)

What are you even trying to achieve with this?

No. 1058560

I see you focused on the otaku killer part and missed the stuff about a group of degens and their sympathizers publishing gross pornographic material involving little girls (which was also intended to drive women out of the founding community, on top of that), which, in turn, led into sexualization of underage bodies becoming a fixture in hentai industry and an ongoing gross undertone in loli.

Yes, everyone knows Matt’s garbage would sell in Japan, because that’s what their comic and cartoon culture devolved into. It’s a very good thing that it isn’t the case with other countries and I hope the Steves of this world will make sure it stays that way. I have no idea why you’re choosing to defend something gleefully trampling the line of morally reprehensible, just because “oh, you can’t prove those are real children”.
You die on that hill all you want, I’m not about to catch a ban for further derailing.

No. 1058562

>Aggy could absolutely get officially published by a company in the US.
Okay, then why is he bitching at Gumroad and trying to force them to facilitate his bullshit?
Understand that most people want nothing to do with cartoon CP, have no interest in publishing it, and don't want their name anywhere near it. If there are "well off companies" doing so, hit them up and leave everyone else the fuck alone. No one owes you shit just because you want to hack your dick off.

No. 1058565

>But muh cartoons
Yeah, like I said, most people want nothing to do with cartoon CP. CP artists are reviled amongst all sane groups of humans. No one likes pedophiles, even ones that think drawing their fantasies makes them innocent. This is an issue you're going to have to discuss with your therapist.
Stop trying to make a thread about Matt, who could only be considered a "girl" when placed in a jail full of other burly, mentally ill men, into a discussion about your porn addiction.

No. 1058568

File: 1602689926440.jpg (79.37 KB, 888x499, 4i8zy3.jpg)

can't you just go slit your wrists or something? would do a lot more good for the world than shitting up this perfectly good thread(a-logging)

No. 1058569

So, what do you even want? No one here will stop seeing how Mathew is just some retarded degenerate who likes little kids to the point in which he wants to rip their skin off to wear it as a suit.
Just leave and maybe consider suicide, that would make a bunch of people truly happy.

No. 1058573

No, I’m not worried would-be pedos. I’m worried about the very real pedos that exist and made the whole thing gain traction in the first place.

Correction; i said “in Japan”, because the site you posted sells exclusively Japanese hentai, so saying that kind of content gets made and is universally accepted in the US is a stretch. Nobody wants Matt’s shit, deal with it.

Also, I could see unconcerned content involving teenagers straight up on the front page. Gross.

No. 1058576

*I meant uncensored, fuck

No. 1058582

>niche kink
>the mentally ill
Pedophiles are probably the only mentally ill people who need to be bullied, or else they end up like you and Matt, thinking they're in the right, hyper-entitled and trying to force people to accept their twisted fetishes. Don't come back.

No. 1058587

File: 1602691156718.jpeg (451.01 KB, 1242x2208, 49D31EA8-A9DF-4B3A-9FA2-38DD57…)


No. 1058588

So the mentally ill should be coddled and given all the CP cartoon content they can consume instead of being therapy, while everyone should just smile and accept their kinks.

Okay, I’m done. You’re trolling. For your information though: by posting in this thread constantly you’re bringing more attention to Matt and I guarantee you it’s not of the positive kind. I’m sure he’ll thank you for bringing him more “harassers”. Maybe he’ll even fuck you!

No. 1058595

File: 1602691707519.jpeg (356.17 KB, 1242x628, 05DF76D8-D3C5-4B8D-860C-1D6E69…)

fucking lol, he's losing it

No. 1058597

>i belong in the degenerate wing of an art museum
More like the shit-stained floor of a solitary confinement area.

No. 1058598

You're not that special, matt.

No. 1058599

File: 1602691870093.jpeg (403.88 KB, 1242x1991, F560B357-3B3C-4225-BFF7-8EC939…)

Hopefully whatever tantrum gets decides to throw will be in his house.
>he thinks his shit belongs in a museum

No. 1058602

I'm so tired of people enabling pedro's. Is it really that hard to not sexualize kids? It's not a kink, it's not eve. a fetish it's degeneracy.

BlogpostI was molested as a kid by a mtf and he used a lot of the same language aggy does. My woke parents thought it was a good idea to allow him to babysit me. Aggy is going to eventually hurt children.

Can we ban pedochan already??

No. 1058607

File: 1602692227832.png (141.08 KB, 794x736, 76t67.png)

>Gumroad politely emails him telling him to get his cartoon CP off their site as per their own rules
I guess "cool" and "dangerous" are the new words for "cringy" and "disrespectful [to all CSA victims]", too.

No. 1058614

His mug isn’t exactly what people think about when they hear the words “Cool” or “dangerous”
I guess he will slowly admit that he’s a danger to society.

No. 1058616

Since farmhands seem to be completely incapable of doing their jobs right now, may I minimod and humbly suggest everyone stop fucking replying to the obvious bait of this pedo retard? Seriously, jesus christ. It's that easy.

No. 1058618

You're dangerous because you're drawing and actively enjoying cp, degenerate.who cares if you're trans

No. 1058623

Actually, I agree with you! You're just trying to explain a very complex kink (like you said, very niche!) that is liking seeing kids getting rawdogged, showing their widdle peen and getting pissed on. Lolicon (commonly mistaken for pedophilia, which involves real children!) is an attraction to cartoons only, no matter how the children are realistically depicted and act like such, it still does not "translate" to pedophilia. Therefore it counts as a harmless kink, one could say it's normal to masturbate to it especially if at the moment there's no real child you could re-enact your harmless fantasies with. Anons here on lolcow most of the time are just very sensitive to niche kinks, actually I doubt they know a lot about it, after all they possess the common sense of normal people. Maybe there's a bit of denial as our very feminine-looking and oppressed trans woman Aggy said to that user in the screens above. I'm just sorry so many people are attacking Aggy, SHE should be able to produce and consume harmless content like everyone else normally does. Plus! It could teach real kids about themselves and normalize this kind of kinks! uwu(no1curr)

No. 1058631

Wow this thread has turned to shit so quickly from this derailment. If you’re a closet nonce and fiddle yourself to child sexuality then just keep it to yourself and move on. This thread is about Matt and his disgusting milk

No. 1058632

Agreed. Report and do not interact.

No. 1058633

Don’t drag Rei into this, you dork ass loser.

Mods, pls ban

No. 1058640

Ah my bad! Though while it's true that children can't be exposed to sexual content, I think the tamer things like Puppy Milk can really teach children-to-teenagers about what they might be into and such (like fucking plushes and being humped!). I recall Aggy wanting children to be inspired by her comics, so that's mainly what I was referring to. Is it really pedophilia? I think it still falls under the lolicon term, after all you're not directly involving children in the act, just slowly getting them used to such content! Sorry if I was confusing!

No. 1058642

File: 1602694385775.png (1.52 MB, 1498x830, OHBo9N9.png)

No. 1058649

Hi cow???

No. 1058655

File: 1602694722055.png (1.94 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-00_08_42-2020-06-13.PN…)


No. 1058659

File: 1602694919302.png (218.7 KB, 294x442, her.png)


No. 1058665

Except he doesn't draw CP, and he can actually draw.

No. 1058672

File: 1602695573396.png (31.3 KB, 221x221, 1557531193697.png)

>Mfw wake up hungover to see people arguing about why it's healthy to expose children to kink porn

The fuck is the matter with you people

No. 1058678

we should have left pedo-chan to rot after he got boxed into the reductio where he claimed that a man attracted to pictures of penises and vaginas somehow isn't bisexual, rather than get into some stupid "definition of lolicon" debate. let's just ignore the freak and move on

No. 1058680

File: 1602695873137.jpeg (525.63 KB, 1536x2048, 6F698EDE-5C0F-4B6C-AA93-F9E028…)

It’s just 1 or two retards that haven’t been banned yet for some reason, ignore them

No. 1058686

File: 1602696225049.jpg (815.59 KB, 1500x1000, tom_of_finland_leather_brother…)

>new tom of finland

fucking KEK this arrogant bastard

No. 1058689

>actual artistic skill
>drawings of grown-ass men
Matt could never compare.

No. 1058691

also the mere 26 likes on his tweet he sure is making history

No. 1058692

this is what pedo-chan thinks straight man can find attractive since they are just drawings. maybe tom of finland wasn't gay at all actually even if he drew material like this!

No. 1058697

File: 1602696816776.png (22.29 KB, 128x126, 679822351034351638.png)

top kek

No. 1058700

File: 1602696932259.jpg (587.38 KB, 1009x1499, 63.25_TomofFinland_GAYLETTER.j…)

>Not gay, it's just lines on paper bro

No. 1058703

I didn't put anything in anyone's mouth! Our totally a lady Aggy has said that her Puppy Milk comic could inspire children with twama and kinks, you can probably find it in the previous threads! She was pressured to change her brilliant mind by people who couldn't understand, that's why I think she now blocks minors and has put a warning on her account. It's pity really, and now her work is being criticized even more for featuring children in sexual situations. I think you're being very closed minded, you think like the people who shut her down when she made the masterpiece Puppy Milk. Or maybe you could stop your bullshit and go fuck yourself, pedophile that you are, oh sorry, I meant poor lolicon fan. The way you say children shouldn't be exposed to sexual content is in contrast with your "harmless" kink you know. Aggy and your pedo friends wouldn't agree, their end goal is always to involve children, but it's fine because they're widdle giwls too!! Maybe you're just in denial, no hard feelings!
/s for anyone who can't fucking tell

No. 1058704

don't feed the troll, people..

No. 1058711

The pedo's posts are being deleted. Please do not respond if they ban evade again.

No. 1058712

People might not get what you're saying, but I do, and you're based, anon. Hopefully, these pedos fuck off.

No. 1058719

Can farmhands expose their IP at this point

No. 1058732

And not a single RT. Can Matt finally accept that he's an insignificant low-life and just 41% instead of having his next wank?

No. 1058737

>i am the new tom of finland.

Lol Matt you fucking WISH. Dream on, pedo.

No. 1058766

I am NOT fucking posting it but Aggy rted beastality porn, I truly hope the hand of God strikes him down and I'm not remotely religious.

No. 1058769

File: 1602703620705.png (81.99 KB, 383x271, image_2020-10-14_152831.png)

i feel like my eyes have been violated

No. 1058783

Doesn’t this fat ugly degenerate have a pet cat??? I wish he’d hurry up and have his dick chopped off so I feel less worried about animals and vulnerable children coming into contact with him

No. 1058786

File: 1602704920205.png (Spoiler Image,243.2 KB, 737x503, bro..PNG)

Bro I really think matt might be fucking or making his gf fuck his new dog. he's always posting about the dog and also retweeting shit like this… it doesn't add up to a good conclusion.

No. 1058791

File: 1602705253344.jpeg (104.72 KB, 576x576, 6F1A18EB-437C-43AC-8DEE-07B41E…)

No. 1058796

Someone save his dog..

No. 1058804

I would bet money on this being the case.

No. 1058812

He does a lot of this shit to specifically fuck with us & KF (hence why its often right after uwu i was harassed by evil turfs!) but all he's doing is saving himself a court date. what a fucking idiot.

No. 1058820

File: 1602706835440.png (22.45 KB, 711x380, image_2020-10-14_162218.png)

sorry for samefag, seems like he's down again?

No. 1058821


No. 1058842

Maybe twitter banned his dog fucking ass?

No. 1058850

He probably deactivates his Twitter every time has a breakdown.

No. 1058918

how the fuck does aggy think that being banned from gumroad is "transphobic" when a), it's full of trans stuff and b) even trans people are fucking disgusted at the little girl bestiality sex

No. 1058937

he does not think. Being trans is the reason any bad thing happens to him and the sad thing is, it works for a lot of people.
They'll get criticism and go, "I'm a black transwoman and I'm being attacked, of course I did X bad thing but lets not pretend this isn't transphobic"
the reason Aggy is like he is because people have made it seem like trans people are the most hated oppressed people on this earth.
So they either handle them with kids gloves or fall for the "I'm trans!!" excuse.
The same people who hate white women and men, will excuse the actions of a white man if they identify as a woman.

No. 1058942

I fucking hate Twitter wokescolds for this reason. They're brainwashed and too retarded to realize it.

No. 1058957

this doesnt have shit to do with race, but everything to do with being a pedophile hiding behind the specific type of trans person who will never criticize one of their own

No. 1058960

This whole situation reminds me of furries, 90% of them will completely turn the other way when someone in their community is openly fucking dogs. I completely blame garbage in-group / out-group dynamics that are encouraged by social media. I dont believe for a second that every one of aggys orbiters are pedophiles, just people desperate to be validated by their chosen in-group

No. 1058971

File: 1602719062645.png (496.61 KB, 534x637, image_2020-10-14_194612.png)

No. 1058975

I was just calling out the hypocrisy of the people I know for a fact defend people on the basis of them being trans.
im not trying to race bait and i hope people don't take it that way

No. 1058978

I mean this particular situation doesn't, but I think what anon is trying to say is that there's a double standard. The same people who post kill yt will go to great lengths to protect the target of their agression as long as they claim to ~love spinny skirts~ uwu.

No. 1059036

because it becomes an easy way to shrug off accountability. aggy legitimately doesn’t understand why there would be a backlash against sexualized drawings of kids and sees it as something rooted in transphobia/homophobia by conservative reactionaries instead, like how explicitly gay expressions of art face/d backlash (obviously less extreme today but it happens). the only other trans people i’ve seen rally around aggy are ones that have similar… tastes

No. 1059059

He understands why, he just doesn’t care lol he gets off to this shit

No. 1059114

File: 1602739569814.jpg (Spoiler Image,881.5 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201015-000519_Bra…)

Yikes. I popped into his chaturbate stream and he made a total of 8 tokens out of his 1500 token goal. He just sat there jostling his tube socks and limp micropeen. The 8 tokens were donated one at a time, seemingly just to be nice, not in the pursuit of any goal that was listed. Super depressing. The tip menu popped up at least five times more often than any actual comments.

Deleted and reposted to spoiler

No. 1059115

Looked up the Chaturbate coin to USD exchange rate and its 1 coin = 5 cents
Aggy's making bank lol

No. 1059121

this is the first time i've gotten a clear view, let alone bother to look at the tattoos. and im fucking winded. the fucking amalgamation of arms with a dog bowl to the right of it? and just above the knee theres a fucking shittily shaded dog skull right next to a fucking sjw furry dog head. theyre nearly touching, too. all on a fucking huge formless flabby leg. why. fucking why

No. 1059204

not even enough to reach the 'goal' of tell a joke LOOOOLLLL

No. 1059242

So pathetic to look at

No. 1059246

Omg didn’t realise it was tattoos until I read this, I was wondering why no one was commenting on the seemingly random dirt on his legs

No. 1059304

Don't know why pedos constantly claim moral high ground for just viewing or drawing fictional children in sexual situations. Congratulations, you may not be molesting actual kids, but you're still harming minors and ARE still a pedophile! How about instead of further encouraging your sick desires to manifest, you try to get some therapy and improve as a person?

No. 1059726

I wonder why Matt doesn’t retweet body posi stuff like his deathfat girlfriend does. She’s definitely heavier then he is but he’s still visibly obese. He doesn’t even acknowledge fatties in his art. Do you guys think he secretly resents his size and stature? Maybe because it makes him look all the more masculine? Just a thought I had lol

No. 1059976

This is implying he even sees himself as fat. He sees himself as hot and passing and a tortured oppwessed artist being censored by the Puritans, do you really think he's sane enough to see himself in any truthful light?

No. 1060029

Please sage if you’re not contributing anything. Otherwise it bumps the thread and makes us think there’s actually milk.

No. 1060127

Ugh, seeing those toys amongst this degeneracy gives me Binkie Princess flashbacks. Somebody please take them away from this beanbag looking ass and donate them to a charity after a lengthy sterilisation.

No. 1060431

He fucks them, so all his toy animals need to be burned at this point sadly

No. 1060681

daily reminder that loli isn't cp and has no relationship with pedophilia and that aggy did nothing wrong(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1060703

where do you retards come from

No. 1060954

Daily reminder that pedophiles and child molesters use lolicon and other drawn cp to groom real children into real assault and is absolutely harmful to real children. Fuck off pedo-chan.

No. 1061352

File: 1603057134308.png (93.47 KB, 599x483, Screen Shot 2020-10-18 at 2.45…)

sage for slightly ot but this kind of reasoning reminds me of some controversy that JUST happened wherein a questionable twitter artist was outed for talking to minors by….. another questionable twitter artist that draws nasty cp and has a HUGE following that refuses to see the problem with it. can we just delete the whole app

No. 1061435

oh sorry I wasn't trying to defend anyone, he's absolutely fucked up by getting involved with actual teens over the internet and I'd never justify that shit. It was just ironic that the two girls calling him out are huge cows themselves with equally dodgy pasts, but I'll just end it here because I was off-topic in the first place and it's pointless to fight about whether cartoon cp is depraved or not on some other weirdo's /snow/ thread on lolcow of all places

No. 1061488

Dude are you serious? You’re comparing apples and oranges. Knives have multiple purposes, such as being used for cooking, or even self defense. Please do tell the number of uses drawn child porn has. I’ll be waiting.

No. 1061495

Aggys girlfriend (Hattie Ming hsu) retweets shota shit and she actually works at a family care clinic so the whole argument is not invalid.

No. 1062036

File: 1603150054630.png (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 1393x2048, Screenshot_20201019-192534.png)

Not entirely sure what this is, but here's some online presence.
Spoilered bc Aggy in underwear.

No. 1062067

It looks like it's just a bot, the entire profile looks like different usernames from chaturbate. Could confirm that Aggy is still doing cam shows?

No. 1062176

>This does not make toys, games, and promises by themselves inherently bad, and is the same reason we don't ban things like knives since knives by themselves are not bad.
Imagine comparing things as innocuous as toys to literal drawings of child porn. Fuck’s sake.

No. 1062204

It's true that loli legally isn't CP and it probably shouldn't be because courts can't reliably determine the age of fictional characters drawn in a thousand different art styles by people of widely varying skill levels and trying to do so would be a poor use of time and resources.

That said, I don't see who blatant loli content that intentionally depicts kids could possibly appeal to but pedos

No. 1062232

He is definitely still doing camshows, if you go to his chaturbate address you can see the last time he was on.

No. 1062266

exactly this. normal people don't get aroused looking at drawn toddlers touching each others genitals.

No. 1062535

File: 1603229812731.jpg (43.38 KB, 500x340, EfK0tGfUwAEGgLb.jpg)

>courts can't reliably determine the age of fictional characters drawn in a thousand different art styles by people of widely varying skill levels and trying to do so would be a poor use of time and resources.
>That said, I don't see who blatant loli content that intentionally depicts kids could possibly appeal to but pedos
it's that easy. nobody gives fuck about artists that draw neotenic characters, i'm most concerned about the people openly advertising that they're drawing toddlers and kids diddling. so i don't get why trannypedo apologist-chan keeps trying to excuse this man drawing sexy kids. "checkmate farmers! he's beating it to drawn toddlers, not real toddlers!" like what the fuck?

No. 1067699

File: 1603640864915.jpeg (200.88 KB, 828x1044, DBC7CFFE-3F97-4E49-AEFE-634AA3…)

Did Aggy reactivate and then deactivate ? I can’t find the context of this. I’m starting to think he deactivated because he’s scared of being a registered sex offender

No. 1067748

Yes. His account's deactivated. He'll be back, presumably under a new alias or he'll just switch platforms.

No. 1067826

File: 1603655229045.jpeg (215.16 KB, 1242x1271, 998A8903-053C-47A3-9D4C-CBC6EB…)

I have notifications on and he hasn’t tweeted anything. Still showing up as disabled on my end.
Maybe he reactivated for a bit and someone responded to an older tweet?

Either way it’s such a nice silence. I hope that pedophile stays off the internet and stops sharing his gross art forever.

No. 1067827

Fuck I forgot to sage, sorry

No. 1069901

File: 1603928059631.jpeg (372.35 KB, 1242x1758, 2F942048-F404-4CA6-B8BB-8BF1C8…)

This is from earlier, didn’t have a chance to post it, but he’s back online again. The silence was good while it lasted. Hopefully he’ll get bullied off again soon.

No. 1070056

This image is still so tragic. He was actually beautiful as fuck in the before image

No. 1070067

Goes to show just what having a small dick and gynecomastia will do to a mans brain.

No. 1070678

File: 1604014887223.png (1.33 MB, 2048x1941, Screenshot_20201029-193930.png)

Yeah, we can tell you're high

No. 1070690

They blame terfs for everything huh? I guess this is what living in a bubble of dick suckers get you. You think everyone thinks like you and those who don't are evil Terfs, because only they would dare think public sex is wrong.
I guess a lot of Terfs walk among us, even some TRA's must be terfs according to these clowns.
Aggy you make no sense.

No. 1070698

>public sex is bad
lol what the fuck? there are literal libfem bdsmer trannies, just like you aggy, who are against public sex because random people haven't consented to seeing it. the nsfw twitter brainworms are real

No. 1070708

ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why couldn't he have just stayed deactivated

No. 1070714

File: 1604017032604.png (Spoiler Image,193.24 KB, 738x662, kyspls.PNG)

more from this fuckers likes. This is exactly the type of shit male pedophiles watch, I wish I didn't know this but I fell down a rabbit hole and found out about pedo youtube channels a couple years ago where it was just hundreds of videos of little girls doing gymnastics with old men in the comments lusting over them. I initiated mass reporting and got the channels taken down though so
"~~Sexual deviants~~" just say pedophile

No. 1070715

Because children might witness them, for instance.

It sounds terfy to you because you viscerally know that paraphilias come in clusters. Ergo, any argument against predatory sexual degeneracy is by extension an attack on transness.

No. 1070725

I was going to say "Imagine being so male you hear "public sex" and don't immediately know that 90% of the time that means predatory flashers, catcalling, groping, and dudes jacking it at you on the train" … but then I realized Aggy et al definitely DO think of these things, it just makes them horny

No. 1070758

>Because children might witness them, for instance.
Implying that isn’t part of the kink for him. Matthew is a pedophile and he gets off to the idea of children seeing him sexually.

No. 1070775

>Even implying that it isn't the whole point of why he wants to do it and is only part

No. 1070922

Yeah the fact that pedophiles get off to little girls or boys doing gymnastics isn't exactly a secret. It happens a lot with sports because the clothes tend to be (by necessity) kind of revealing and they jerk off to that.

No. 1071488

Please forgive my probably non properly saged OT, but anon you're a guardian angel. I fell down the same rabitt hole and it was my very first turn off from youtube (as an espectator).

No. 1071499

Not to mention stuff like cheer, dance, gymnastics and figure/ice skating has a culture of sexualizing little girls beyond just costumes. Little girls in those sports are made up more than most adult women and coached to act "sassy" etc.
People defend it by saying you're the creepy one if you find a problem with it but it's obvious some sick people are aroused by it. It's no secret that kids in sports are often sexually and physically abused by coaches and other staff

No. 1071500

write "sage" in the email field

No. 1071849

File: 1604170864403.png (536.97 KB, 2048x978, Screenshot_20201031-145751.png)

Please, no.

No. 1071883

I refuse to believe this freak has never heard of doujin
Unless they mean western indies to which I say, never gonna happen

No. 1071886

File: 1604174668491.png (24.99 KB, 737x143, kyskyskyskyskyskyskyskyskyskys…)

notice how he has to use unclear, niche language in order to not sound like an obvious pedo. Replace "lolisho" with "kidfucking" and it's not as nice sounding, is it.

Anyway imagine if you had to be horny and get into your weird kink headspace in order to draw anything. Sucks to be you bro

No. 1071889

Oh no what does lolisho mean?
Loli + shota?

No. 1071905

What really disturbs me about that picture is that the body looks very realistic, like the artist referenced (or even traced) from actual kid's gymnastic photos or something. Whoever drew this wanted the details just right.
There is no "It's not about real kids! These are just cartoons! It's just cute!" argument to make at this point.
It's just wrong.

No. 1071943

Yeah, that's the thing. Speaking as an artist, you can't get good at drawing something realistically unless you are looking and studying a LOT of reference photos/videos. You can't pull that detail out of your head without first feeding a shit ton of references into your mental library.
People who draw shit like that are 99.5% likely to be active CP/borderline CP consumers. And Matt supports them. But he's not a pedophile guys!

No. 1071977

That would be my guess, just seeing kids together.

No. 1072776

File: 1604276304310.png (34.08 KB, 561x213, pleasepleaseplease.PNG)

I thought i'd write a poem to preemptively one-up Matt. I think he'll find it relevant to his life:

On pedo twitter the perverts post
Between the retweets, row on row,
That mark their place; and in their likes
The pervs, still bravely yiffing, cry
Scarce heard amid their fake gusto.

We are the pervs. Short days ago
We whined, felt sad, and slept solo,
Loathed and were loathed, and now we lie
On pedo twitter.

Take up their quarrel with Gumroad:
To you from failing hands they throw
These tweets; be yours to repost high.
Unless you’re blocked for your reply
They shall not sleep, though callouts grow
On pedo twitter.

No. 1072825

I can't tell whether I want to completely throttle you or kiss you passionately because of the poetry, anon

No. 1072874

@budderbuddie is hatties TikTok for the people that where questioning her gender. Her voice is extremely feminine here so she’s definitely a biological woman. Saged because there’s nothing particularly milky there, probably because tiktok doesn’t allow shota porn.

No. 1073540

File: 1604360846732.gif (1.14 MB, 640x360, 0mKXcg1.gif)

No. 1073729

Their catchall for the "genres" of lolicon and shotacon, doesn't mean kid-on-kid just any content containing either loli or shota

No. 1078025

File: 1604860692297.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x1730, 70EAF1AB-104C-473F-A9E7-CD9676…)

Well, he's back and posting ogre selfies. Remember how he got facial "feminization" surgery just to end up looking like this?

No. 1078047

Well Matt, I can positively affirm that you have a serious case of manface, and it’s incurable.

No. 1078077

I totally have missed out that he got surgery, he looks just fatter and uglier than he did "as a man", money well spent matt.

No. 1078126

Weird that he would pay money to have a barely noticeably surgery when his eyebrows are right there and he could do something about them for free

No. 1078181

and to think this was the best selfie he managed to take

No. 1078207

File: 1604880742037.png (33.13 KB, 150x128, bump.png)

am i tripping or are these bumps new

No. 1078274

yeah, they look like hives or something. weird.

No. 1079598

File: 1605048497346.jpeg (443.52 KB, 750x988, 1C5D039D-87E1-45BC-B0D3-0072FE…)

I've read the 2 threads and it seems like this was never posted. Here's Matt and his family (before he was ever a troon)

No. 1079603

Such a cute face wasted on a horrible man.

No. 1079608

Aggy gave up looking sorta like a Darren Criss (from some angles) to look more like…how they do now. I saw the other pre-transition/surgery picture before, but this was one was actually jaw-dropping.

No. 1079624

Once a perv, always a perv. I'm glad he trooned out so any sane girl will steer clear from his pedoshit

No. 1079696

Anon come on, he was moderately fugly then and is simply fugly now. Like >>1079608 said he did somehow manage to fuck his looks up for the worse.

No. 1079701

Okay, it didn't come through in that picture for ants of him from before, but he gives off strong incel vibes in this. Something about the expression especially, there's something that he exudes that's just… off. Gross.

No. 1079706

I’ve been lurking on these threads since the very beginning and my first post was gonna say the same thing. In the first pre-transition picture of Matt he looked like a charming newsboy type, but in this one I’m seeing more Dandy from American Horror Story or Henry from Ratched

No. 1080640

lmfao this picture has such a cursed energy. his fucking stance and facial expression, the woman's closed eyes, the two other largely expressionless men

No. 1080800

did he fucking deactivate again? nothings coming up for me

No. 1080856

Most likely, I checked all of his social media accounts, all wiped clean. It's that he either is gonna go offline for a bit before we get new milk or he's under a new name.

No. 1082301

File: 1605387036901.png (1.63 MB, 1344x2048, Screenshot_20201114-105459.png)

Since Aggy has deactivated, heres something from the gf to tide you guys over

No. 1082396

File: 1605394647316.jpeg (908.5 KB, 918x1651, 169F360F-2DBD-4C4B-8ECA-117602…)

anon you left out the enormous gunt lmao

No. 1082442

>that facial expression
Kek, this is the picture he'd use in a slideshow to prove that he was miserable pre-transition.

No. 1083269

I should probably lurk her social media accounts if she has talked about matt or showed pics of matt. God fuckin dammit I miss that cow, I just need to know if he went to jail.

No. 1084385

You know you fucked up when Matt is cuter than you. Absolutely and unapologetically turgid

No. 1086827

Damn he got super fat

No. 1087322

File: 1605906306832.jpeg (205.46 KB, 828x965, 118FB527-E6FC-4C89-AD57-33EC4A…)

Boring update, I’m guessing the criticism he’s getting online is getting to him so he’s avoiding it for now. So much for embracing being a controversial artist and the new self appointed “tom of Finland”. Also, what do you want to bet that his dog’s going to be obese in a year? His sedentary lifestyle combined with the shit he’s already feeding it publicly isn’t a good sign of things to come.

No. 1088078

File: 1605989329019.png (482.57 KB, 494x531, 11111.png)

No. 1091111

Saged for not really being milk, but I was watching this video talking about Trevor Brown's art and gross shit he's said, and immediately thought of Matt.

No. 1094665

File: 1606683461339.jpeg (213.61 KB, 828x825, 04B2CCC5-DF92-4DC5-9B10-4A8473…)

He’s baaaaack

No. 1094667

File: 1606683533694.jpeg (Spoiler Image,614.94 KB, 828x1384, 09BC703A-5474-4360-A3F8-1753BD…)

(His RTs but totally not a pedo right. No nudity but still spoilered)

No. 1094676

File: 1606684300438.png (Spoiler Image,202.81 KB, 600x418, _m_ - Books_What are you read…)

You forgot this shit anon. Literally a fucking degenerate as a person, I still can't believe people still see it as him coping with his trauma when it's obvious fap material to him.
spoilered for child porn and bestiality.
had to repost several times because I forgot to spoil

No. 1094830

Kinda unrelated but that YouTuber annoys me so much

No. 1095744

File: 1606788531286.jpeg (530.62 KB, 1242x1176, 49DFFAD0-035F-43E1-9D01-069246…)

why is "no u" his only response to people calling him out? does he think he's clever?

No. 1095907

It's the scrote brain. He'll do anything to deflect criticism and make himself appear the victim. Nothing about this freak is cute or girlish and he knows it.

No. 1096011

“Actually, YOU’RE the pedo!” is the #1 pedo defence tactic, above even denial. I think they believe that being a pedophile is normal and everyone else is just lying about it.

No. 1096019

You know, when you have absolutely nothing to defend yourself with you just start spouting bullshit like a toddler or you "accept defeat" and admit you're wrong, and we know Matt doesn't do the latter.

No. 1096734

That's a weird way to spell "grown man"

No. 1097412

File: 1606937461577.jpeg (364.61 KB, 828x1170, EFBE3237-6002-4177-BEBE-1FA4A9…)

Sooooo he’s saying all trans people are pedophiles

No. 1097413

Well he's not wrong.

No. 1097565

Lol, he is so internet addicted that even when he doesn't want people on Twitter to know something, he's got to brag about it anyway. Hope his new hobby is searching for his carotid arteries and cutting off the blood flow til he dies.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1097719

Aaaand three days later, he's deactivated his twitter again. Can't take the heat he constantly baits for, I guess.

No. 1098727

OT but I really want a history lesson from you now anon ♥

No. 1106270

File: 1607831425385.png (288.92 KB, 1440x2426, Screenshot_2020-12-12-22-46-25…)

>>941793 called it, no surprise

No. 1106678

File: 1607890665007.png (16.12 KB, 640x91, pissfreaks unite.PNG)

Damnit beat me to the punch, but it's funny how now they're totally open about being with their other "fellow freak artists " ( see : pedophiles ) and I've been online long enough to know that motherfucking Mastodon / Baraag is a cesspool of kiddyfucker artists.

Hoping they stay at a stagnate 80 followers and don't breach too high but good fucking lord here? He has no boundaries and is able to repost their shitty Puppymilk comic for profit again.

No. 1106720

Admitting to being a lolicon after all of this denial?

No. 1107878

his pupils look big as fuck. wouldn't be suprised if he's strung out now by now to cope with the brown amberlynn reid gf and the failing comics

No. 1107908

the dog is actually really cute. hope he's not fucking it :// the bestiality in his likes makes me worry sometimes(emoticon)

No. 1107923

Sage, dumb dumb

No. 1107984

i can't seem to find this website. anyone got a link?

No. 1108051

christ i struggled to look it up

No. 1108054

File: 1608101386071.png (490.88 KB, 1420x2340, 2020-12-16 01.46.39.png)

he follows that font person, weren't they mentioned in the previous thread?

No. 1108058

File: 1608101826078.png (206.61 KB, 1440x1668, 2020-12-16-01-50-14-1.png)

matt's mutual follower
>actual cuntboy irl

No. 1108425

Hearts loli/shota…
But blocks maps for mental health.

Is it crack they smoke?

No. 1112665

File: 1608659899086.png (328.41 KB, 720x785, Screenshot_2020-12-22-12-55-39…)

Huh, kinda reminds me of this person.

No. 1113172

And that’s unsageworthy milk, is it?

No. 1117622

You know that pixiv had to change they're terms of service cause of the influx of pedos.(necro)

No. 1128543

File: 1610386136196.png (48.88 KB, 618x684, kidtoucher.png)

He's back.

No. 1128553

File: 1610386637974.jpg (215.82 KB, 1121x1461, ae3f23c780df2ce7.jpg)

…and two more pictures he uploaded to baraag/mastodon that haven't been uploaded yet


No. 1128557

File: 1610386785044.jpg (249.31 KB, 1125x1457, 17ef8ec4f04aa598.jpg)

No. 1129888

lmao I knew getting 1 or 2 likes per post weren't going to be enough for him to stay on mastodon.

No. 1130109

his art is not good. without the shock value of being an unrepentant pedophile, he's just not clever or skilled enough to make something that holds people's attention.

No. 1130167

Sage your opinions.
I disagree, ignoring the elephantiasis and coomer ass >>1128557 is cute in an amateur way which is concerning because he can and has lured in followers with his art more effectively than people who draw like Chris Chan can

No. 1130376

i agree - his style is very cutesy and sketchy and has an almost nostalgic feel to it. if he was drawing normal shit, i feel like he'd be pretty popular. like you said, though, his cutesy art style is more concerning now because it absolutely has given him a much wider reach despite the content in it

No. 1142819

File: 1611695770726.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1788, 3663472B-CAB3-46F2-A739-3D2C90…)

Aggy's back on twitter giving away his kid smut for free because no one wanted to buy it.
Not very milky but I got a chuckle out of how obese he's getting, pic related.

No. 1144448

File: 1611857191185.jpeg (238.25 KB, 1242x413, 59E99BBA-E53C-49A8-BDEA-7C34D1…)

Another spicy take from the depraved fuck who brought you "never call trans women pedophiles even if they molest children". This is seriously disturbing.

No. 1144450

He’s gonna be really pissed when he finds out that’s only a popular take with other groomers lol

No. 1144453

>other groomers
You mean pedophiles anon. Pedophiles.

No. 1144995

How is he not in prison? I'd bet my life that he has cp and has molested or groomed a child by now. He's obviously not afraid of people knowing he's a pedophile if he's still tweeting these hot takes. Someone has to have reported him by now.

No. 1146158

File: 1612038316568.jpeg (842.1 KB, 1242x1514, C6ACF8AC-FBD6-4147-88FF-D382D9…)

His most impressive talent is spinning any situation ever into his own victimization. Leaving troonhood is terf propaganda now, how very culty.

No. 1146167

what a dumb take. if you’re on your way to being a woman, taking hormones but not having had any surgery and you stop and reverse the actions you took, that’s detransitioning. there’s literally no other way to describe that. a person stopping their process of becoming trans isn’t transitioning into an entirely new thing, they’re going back to their old identity. the whole “you’re just becoming a new person!!!” is dumbass propaganda.

seethe harder over people who realized their mistake before it was too late, aggy.

No. 1146290

File: 1612047167520.jpeg (99.77 KB, 750x238, C1C313FB-F89A-48B5-97B8-1743DF…)

ATA, didn’t mean to soften the language. I assumed pedophiles went with the connotation.
So… people can detransition, but referring to it as such is somehow terf rhetoric? That’s so fucking ass backwards lol

No. 1146322

what a fat hand.

No. 1146340

i should not at all be confused by this, but isn't his stupid fucking puppy milk comic supposed to be based on his supposed childhood? suggesting another one of his siblings trooned out? how many siblings does he have. i know it's entirely bullshit, but why would he make it like that with something tangible like this existing to prove his "trauma" is fucking fake?

No. 1147093

File: 1612079145382.png (198.87 KB, 1398x460, Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 2.43…)

OT for aggy to an extent, although he'd probably say the same thing but this YT video led me to look up an interview with Trevor Brown, trying to find his face. This quote nearly made gag. "I'm not even particularly sexually attracted to children at all." what the fuck, admit that all you want if you're an artist I guess? Aggy took a page from this OG ~edgy~ pedophile artist's book.

No. 1147639

>you can't go back to being the person you used to be
>using detrans is an attempt to distance yourself from trans people
but then goes on to say
>it makes no sense to build a political identity around NOT being trans, you are the majority
implying that detransitioners are somehow both trans and cis, privileged and oppressed. Make it make sense.

The excuse that it's based on his childhood is only trotted out when outsiders criticize him. Everyone in his hugbox is a pedo or an enabler so they're fine with it and don't care about the holes in his story. He's relying on randos not knowing enough about his personal life to believe the lie.

No. 1151433

File: 1612404447927.png (883.58 KB, 750x1334, 727D2CDC-331B-477E-8B87-A389CB…)

Trevor brown(off-topic)

No. 1151540

Honestly Trevor Brown should have his own thread all together. I have found some really lolcow worthy things he did online. Like take a 15 year old girls pictures and saying she was a hypocrite cause she dressed like a slut or something so she couldn't call him out. Shit was wild.

No. 1151702

Might not fit the criteria here but is there an art thread in ot or something? I’d like to know more about how fucked up he is. Wasn’t ever into his art but a lot of musicians I like have used it.

No. 1167827

aggy deleted her old @. New one is @AgathaKartoffel(necro)

No. 1168042

File: 1614011345718.jpg (1.53 MB, 3066x4096, EusBMpYXAAMGzcG.jpg)

He cut the greasemane?! you'd think considering a huge part of the puppy milk comic was how (allegedly) getting his hair forcibly cut by his mom was ~traumatizing~ he'd grow out his hair to spite her?

inb4 detrans saga

No. 1168275

he actually looks….relatively normal. what the fuck alternative world are we living in.

No. 1168366

Funny you can still see the 5 o'clock shadow under all that filter

No. 1169051

File: 1614129965551.jpeg (341.2 KB, 1242x671, ABF707D1-E21B-4C63-BC59-1CCFC8…)

Look who's still lurking. Also, he retweeted a drawing of a toddler peeing herself before this, fucking nasty pedophile.

No. 1170129

the name 'Kartoffel' fits like a glove, he really does look like a potato.

in light of his previous tweets about detransition i think he's gonna try to detrans, but will continue using his previous trans identity as a shield because as he said he 'can't go back to being the person he used to be'

No. 1171048

he deleted his twitter again

No. 1171078

Implying we are the dirty ones is pure projection, we've seen his grungy "cam" space

No. 1177064

Fun fact this person gets off to baby wives/child brides. Which is a fucked up thing that happens to irl children around the world but they parade in there twitter account as a cute kink and funny meme. Wish I could find screen grabs but that shit was heinous.

No. 1177107

File: 1614978800970.jpg (109.35 KB, 720x746, 20210305_161218.jpg)

Okay here it is. This shit is vile. Plus they are a baby fur just like aggy too.

No. 1180306

File: 1615322903799.jpeg (310.97 KB, 828x712, 76848F4A-FDF5-4D2F-8255-36F9CF…)

Looks like someone stole his Twitter @ hoping he fades into obscurity

No. 1184866

It'd be to his detriment to detransition, because then he'd just be a "cis"man

And "cis"men aren't allowed to use the "I can't be a pedophile!" excuse both transwomen and actual women use. Why would he want to give up his Pussy Pass, even if it's fake(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1184901

File: 1615805525111.png (275.72 KB, 770x424, IMG_20210315_115127.png)

No. 1214640

File: 1619157720868.png (630.42 KB, 1084x562, Screenshot 2021-04-22 11.50.18…)

Not really worth a necro but for posterity's sake Matt's had a "sissy" sw account for a while. I saw someone retweet a photo of his today that I thought looked familiar and sure enough, when I went to look at the profile I was able to recognize his weird, sad man tits and shitty tattoos. There's some other degeneracy there (like his amazon wish list which has both diapers and ugly, cheap looking lingerie that only mtf troons like) but I haven't dug too much into the account to find anything else. He goes by tssweetcream on chaturbate and onlyfans but from what I can see it doesn't look like he uses either site much.
Here's his amazon list: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1M13WN4UAQKW9?ref_=wl_share

No. 1216475

the fact that matt kinda passes in this photo scares me lol

honestly could be any number of dumpy, unfortunate girls who somehow believe that people will pay to see them naked

No. 1217059

File: 1619461230489.png (154.26 KB, 626x510, Screenshot 2021-04-26 12.16.12…)

And there it is. After months of defending the pedopilic shit he draws as "trauma art" he's finally admitted that it's just for sexual gratification. Imagine wanting to cam because you want to be like a "cute little girl". Men are disgusting.

No. 1217078

File: 1619462391564.png (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 1178x936, ogreddlg.png)

my god he is hideous lmfao. The WIG! and he thinks this is cute?
>5 day old tweet
yeah sounds about right

No. 1217088

File: 1619463085608.png (184.92 KB, 507x468, Screenshot 2021-04-26 12.48.24…)

imagine spending thousands on FFS to end up looking like this. RIP.

No. 1217091

File: 1619463214004.jpg (55.41 KB, 738x443, kysasap.JPG)

he retweeted this, I guess he's finally admitting it's all been a fetish (we been knew)

imagine being so pathetically male that you let your creepy sex fantasy totally run your life. Everything this guy does is so that he can masturbate to it later. men are such sad creatures

No. 1217093

lmao what a caveman face and literal thumb dick, jesus he's delusional

No. 1217099

File: 1619463623259.jpg (92.44 KB, 1063x769, lmfaooo.JPG)

the open box of cheeze-its sitting right next to him in the second picture is sending me. truly nothing says sexy like the mental image of this thing munching on cheezeits

No. 1217190

This is gross/needs a spoiler and I can’t get over how bad e fucked his face up where did that twinky bone structure go? He has the face of an inbred trucker now

No. 1217193

so basically he is a guy with tits in his everyday life

No. 1217408

Yup. Just a fat man dude with fat dude moobs.

No. 1217867

File: 1619543752288.jpg (42.97 KB, 250x528, 1981142-020a76e06f2ca51ccd995e…)

(taken from the other farms)Uh oh ladies, look out. Morbidly obese pedophile Matthew Paul Wienecke wants you to know that your identity isn't secure here and he also knows about your personal cleaning habits! Also, here's a link to a site that saves screenshots of his cam shows. He really should start marketing himself as a "stupid widdle beached whale" instead: https://cshive.com/model/1049661

No. 1217878

File: 1619544049208.jpg (Spoiler Image,12.16 KB, 480x270, 1049661-1612391201.jpg)

such a dainty widdle giwl uwu

No. 1217903

jesus he's bigger than the whole chair

I love it when people who have no idea about "chan boards" try to talk big like this. fucking hilarious, like what, matthew the elite uber hacker pedophile and his band of sissy detectives are gonna track me down for saying they look like they smell like cottage cheese? im literlaly crygin an d shaking rn

No. 1217926

>You're identity isn't as secure on there as you think it is
Awww, what's he gonna do? Is he going to try to expose some evil farmers to teach us a lesson?

No. 1218661

Watch out ladies, Matthew’s backtraced us and reported us to the cyber police

No. 1219595

File: 1619709491591.jpg (123.2 KB, 748x910, hesbackandsmellierthanever.JPG)

Matt finally remade his main twitter and is now trying to give away his pedo comics for free


No. 1219609

File: 1619710726864.jpg (310.18 KB, 813x784, lkjlkjsdkh.jpg)

No. 1219656

He gives me Jaelle vibes lmfao

No. 1219699

He really does, straight out of Deliverance

>You're identity
Damn, I'm really scared now!

No. 1219734

File: 1619720455671.jpeg (181.93 KB, 1242x356, C45DE56D-3658-445F-B758-73C12A…)

Does he not know obesity makes your moobs bigger? This dude is in denial.

No. 1219769

lmao yeah DD if you roll them up and then tuck them in like a cinnamon roll those things are skinny little tubes otherwise

No. 1220106

File: 1619755453511.jpg (Spoiler Image,16.01 KB, 480x270, 1049661-1612817960.jpg)

you're just jealous of his stunning and brave double d's.

No. 1220163

Christ, those motherfuckers are on opposite sides of the planet. And that gunt, what a human disaster.

No. 1220663

I'm crying, this looks like a fucked up painting.

No. 1226356

File: 1620537188099.png (290.43 KB, 796x1288, gsgnk.png)

Mental illness.

No. 1226366

File: 1620537389771.png (139.21 KB, 798x718, nknk.png)

Also, he's breaking up with his spouse, seen in >>1057372.
I feel bad for the pets, but especially the dog, alone with Aggy in an emotionally volatile time.

No. 1226371

Huh, somehow I didn't realize he was actually married. Is the spouse that super fat "budda" person? Regardless, congratulations to whoever it is that is entering their newly matt-free life.
This is so funny with the context about his marriage falling apart. Posting about lolicon and shotacon is how he copes with divorce, don't judge guize

No. 1226388

congrats to the spouse for removing themselves from this tubular moobian freak. sad he gets to keep the dog though, he prob wants to fuck it ugh

No. 1226483

>Our bodies are pornographic
His body is X-rated, but not in the way he thinks. Instead of NSFW it's just NSFL

No. 1226777

File: 1620600101250.png (706.62 KB, 1764x2048, Screenshot_20210509-183938.png)

Disgusting scrote.

No. 1226888

Makes me happy the pathetic fuck has to beg people to read his already free comic.

No. 1231104

File: 1621142614672.jpeg (461.07 KB, 1242x1465, 33828CCA-E7ED-447F-BC7E-C81BD4…)

Yep, we called it. He's drawing diaper fetish shit of his own dog now.

No. 1231132

oh my god. He really went and did it. Included his dog in his fetish drawings. I wanted to believe that anons who were tinfoiling about him abusing his dog were seeing things that weren’t there, but here is the near damning evidence right in front of us.

No. 1231150

Pedophiles are often also zoophiles. And seeing how he constantly posted about his dog when he was a puppy and how he used the word "puppy" in some of his pedo comics, it's obvious that he's abusing the dog. If he's not, then he surely sees him as part of his fetishes.

No. 1231358

File: 1621187016158.png (16.61 KB, 587x481, Screenshot 2021-05-16 134019.p…)

@bwubwewymoomoo got taken down sometime today, @xxxtssweetcream is still up but they havent touched it in a while.

No. 1237381

File: 1621921038899.jpg (38.61 KB, 739x285, thatscuzitscpmatt.JPG)

(posted on his sissy account, which is still up) your art is banned because it depicts children engaged in sex acts, matt. this does not make you a kewl rebel making outsider art, this just makes you yet another hulking male creep being shunned from public view for being an open pedophile sex pest.

No. 1237457

terminally online coomers and spergs always end up describing "normies" as all people who don't enjoy real life gore or CP.

No. 1237567

He really wears being a sick fuck as a badge of honor and thinks it makes him special

No. 1242199

File: 1622395947484.png (115.88 KB, 574x846, chbsdcj.png)

nothing too interesting, fatthews been active on instagram according to his kf thread and hes tard raging on his sissy account rn

No. 1245342

File: 1622751687659.png (567.89 KB, 1194x782, avke3.png)

He's back, this time with more diaperfag shit.

No. 1245345

File: 1622751868106.png (252.28 KB, 1204x1012, nknnkj.png)

No. 1245377

Wow, it's almost like geriatrics becoming incontinent when they are like 80+ years old is different from being a sick pervert who wants people to watch them piss themselves in public! Weird, right?

No. 1245510

Lolllllll he couldn't get his old handle back, that's great

No. 1245530


No. 1245649

File: 1622778918001.png (2.35 MB, 1982x1400, ibkbjh.png)

This dog has seen some shit.

No. 1245655

the man body and flat ass in the mirror is hilarious to me. however the open grinder and bong at dog level is concerning…

No. 1245659

Damn Mattie gets bigger every time I see him. It’s always so funny that his ideal aesthetic is small children when he looks like a 250lb retarded man.

No. 1245687

while I understand why a normal person may choose to be topless when they bathe a dog, the splashing, I've got to wonder why known bestiality enthusiast Aggy would choose to be topless while bathing a dog.

No. 1245720

he's stark fucking naked dude, check out the mirror behind him

No. 1245731

I was blissfully ignorant, jesus christ. that poor dog.

No. 1245791

File: 1622802871226.png (15.8 KB, 587x436, Screenshot 2021-06-04 063404.p…)

new account is already suspended lmao

No. 1245796

The fucking state of that hovel behind him, and he spergs about his "haters" needing to clean their houses. Cope.

No. 1246417

File: 1622862227387.jpeg (144.84 KB, 910x1024, E2_VveiVcAANJ0n.jpeg)


No. 1246426

kek I look forward to >>1245530 being his next username at any rate

No. 1247332

sorry for old but why is this box of cheez its the funniest thing i've seen on this godforsaken website

No. 1249081

File: 1623112894152.jpeg (619 KB, 1242x1388, 3C6EFB22-F8D0-4992-B1DC-8E3FB6…)

Anotha one. This time he has turned his "sex work" account into a new art account. I guess his corpulence was too repellent for even the depraved babyfucker crowd. No milk yet really, just more drawings of children pissing themselves.

No. 1259174

File: 1623982441578.jpeg (385.67 KB, 1242x1057, A9A60BA0-C2DC-48B3-9704-232D03…)

fat moid is jealous uwuwu

No. 1261092

File: 1624238233935.png (27.33 KB, 608x559, Screenshot 2021-06-20 211620.p…)

sage for no new milk but did anyone happen to catch his tard rage before he got flagged? it looks like it was pretty juicy but i guess i just missed it.

No. 1266660

File: 1624926441337.jpg (62.83 KB, 750x505, welliwishitworked.JPG)

matt is taking up arms in the crusade against kiwifarms, claiming they murder people for sport

No. 1266663

File: 1624926796554.png (440.9 KB, 1198x926, pg.png)

looks like matthew has moved operations to itchio and is trying to peddle his latest kiddie diddling book for $2

No. 1268264

File: 1625070529000.jpeg (410.63 KB, 1242x1004, 83BC0F67-AD9D-446D-85B7-DF852B…)

i don’t think he had your kiddy porn in mind aggy

No. 1268383

File: 1625077212615.jpeg (540.56 KB, 1242x1484, CAD88F89-4D0B-4058-8CE9-2EE5C4…)

God he's going full zoophile now. Poor dog.

No. 1268459

Even goldfish aren't safe from this fucker

No. 1268523

This feels like bait so much. "myeheheh, those lolcow/kiwifarms users are gonna be in for a real treat when there's no actual zoophilia at the end of the zine! i sure showed them!!!!!1"
Maybe that's too optimistic considering it's probably actually there, knowing him

No. 1268553

Same. This is just lazy bait.

No. 1268599

File: 1625097611041.jpeg (108.99 KB, 828x250, 6ADC1EF7-FDA9-4CCC-847B-4F3380…)

why do you act surprised when people call you out on your pedo bullshit?

No. 1268617

>Be-because porn is art you vanilla normie!

No. 1268766

File: 1625118897430.png (2.15 MB, 1242x2208, 20963DBE-25B6-497C-81A7-3ECBAA…)

Usually image dumps on this site are great, but god I hate bumping this thread. Out of order, but so much for that MUH TRAUMA excuse he tried using in the past. He’s not even trying to excuse it anymore, he’s just a fucked up piece of shit.

No. 1268768

File: 1625118931509.png (1.51 MB, 1242x2208, 5E2C3F65-BBBD-41F0-AF45-5AA786…)

No. 1268769

File: 1625118975891.png (1.56 MB, 1242x2208, 5A4109DC-0AFF-4E57-B9D5-1A76F5…)

Just the worst

No. 1268771

File: 1625119016426.png (2.5 MB, 1242x2208, CE7F5F83-B300-4444-A541-4C659D…)

Random caption to hopefully stop flood detection lol

No. 1268772

File: 1625119115163.png (4.01 MB, 1242x2208, 9D74C80D-34A3-4C09-B8F3-9661CA…)

And the end for now, he’s been pretty manic lately though so who knows

No. 1268773

File: 1625119249152.png (1.96 MB, 1242x2208, 7A5E4790-2C24-42AF-AEE4-F5FAFE…)

Oop forgot one, time to purge my phone

No. 1268776

I don’t believe for a second he’s this stupid, but he must think other people are. Only an actual brain damaged retard would buy that half-assed explanation for why people hate Matt’s work. Yes Matt, everyone hates your art because it’s ~queer~ (read: sometimes you draw little boys peeing on things instead of little girls) and we’re homophobic, not because you’re drawing young children having sex with everything on earth including, now, animals apparently. By the way if any of you are dimwitted enough to give this ogre money just to post caps of the new zine, I will be judging you. lets be real it’ll probably be a kiwifag if anyone

No. 1268787

Considering the people most likely to be harmed by matt’s shitty art are actual csa survivors, just out and admitting this feels like a new low

No. 1269484

File: 1625196257218.jpg (59.08 KB, 730x394, slkdjflsdij.JPG)

Hi matt, stalking the thread again are we?
Imagine failing so hard as an artist that the only idea you can come up with to make any comic sales is to say you hid a secret child-goldfish orgy at the end of it lmfao

No. 1269490

None of us will have to pay for it anyway, Matt will release it for free as usual when sales drop after the few orbiters he has all buy a copy.

No. 1269492

File: 1625196822588.jpg (56.15 KB, 720x430, tofrollingingrave.JPG)

he's still on this tom of finland delusion? not to mention

>"i draw cartoonishly idealized queer bodies!!"

>the drawings: small children peeing themselves
you can't make this shit up folks

No. 1269495

Psh. Only filthy normies, evil lolcow terfs, and those transphobic kiwifarmers would be prude enough to hate drawings of children being placed in sexual situations. His porn is art that helps him through his ~trauma~ and totally not because he's a degenerate pedophile that wants to skirt past CP laws.

No. 1269500

File: 1625197377762.png (1.01 MB, 1102x878, 1098887_19.png)

eeesh, as soon as he takes the tiniest step away from his usual plain line drawings, it's clear to see how amateur his skills are. Imagine posting something like this and being proud of it. Looking at this gives me nostalgia for my middle school sketch books (sans the diaper fetish, of course).

No. 1269502

we've been deceived all along. matt's true fetish? lymphedema

No. 1269507

no cw for pedophile cartoons but cw for imperialist propaganda aka a creepshow art tier thumbnail? I hate moids especially this fat fuck

No. 1269515

>not the straights
Uh, people don't like straight art with these themes, either. Is the implication here that pedophilia is a queer identity, or…?
The drawings are gross, but I feel like it'd be easier to ignore them if this person wasn't also against the sex offender registry, didn't try to push the idea that trans women "can't be pedophiles", didn't think that teenagers are in the wrong for not wanting to see adults having sex in public, and if they weren't into realistic content. Aggy's an entire fucking creep, the fetish art just signals it to everyone.

No. 1269516

as a trans person, she does not represent all of us we do not claim her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1269525

File: 1625201883628.jpg (95.5 KB, 2048x618, 20201102_073147.jpg)

go back, moid, and stay off of female only platforms

No. 1269529

jesus christ you radfems are fucking unhinged(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1269533

valerie solanas queen

No. 1269543

File: 1625203658050.jpeg (90.29 KB, 512x512, 90505546-4333-47AF-B722-05E7EB…)

No. 1269562

Fuck off, man in a dress.

He is trying to pass off his pedophilia as a queer identity, the way every pedophile does. So everyone who "discriminates" him is an evil straight who's oppressing queer people, apparently.

No. 1269786

Nobody in the posts he's referencing here did or would call him a she

No. 1270425

YWNBTOF Matt.Next thing you know he’s gonna be comparing himself to Keith Haring

No. 1270800

File: 1625337804560.jpeg (522.67 KB, 1242x1160, 6DF76BFB-6A45-4218-9A71-7559B0…)

Having a bit of a meltdown today.

No. 1270801

File: 1625338031461.jpeg (336.03 KB, 968x1609, 80831A3B-B3A9-41AA-B6D8-432E63…)

No. 1270813


I want to say "I can't believe men like this can show their whole hand and still get support" but I'm just in denial lmao. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1270902

I have never heard of terfs doing this but we should start. i mean we already know men love criticizing and demeaning "white women" when they mean all women.

No. 1270930

I can literally smell the aids coming off of this picture.

No. 1271021

It’s so funny how even under all the layers of troonery, this meltdown still smells exactly like your typical man getting embarrassingly angry at being criticized by women. The Y chromosome is like a dead skunk, you can identify it from a mile out and it never goes away lol

No. 1271030

File: 1625363932296.jpeg (240.77 KB, 554x1969, 11B64918-273C-47BB-88BD-D7D0B0…)

lmfao he’s having a huuuge meltdown over “terfs” (read: anyone correctly identifying him as a pedophile) on twitter

No. 1271084

he's really grasping for any semblance of recognition here. Also it seems like when he was with his landwhale ex gf, he didn't sperg nearly as much. His meltdowns are way more frequent and less spaced out. Doesn't surprise me a stunted retard like Matt would need someone to keep him in check emotionally. I wonder if that's why she dumped him.

No. 1271085

It's funny how this is just a thinky veiled "It's because I'm white, isn't it?". He knows damn well while he's in social exile but, it's so funny seeing him try to push the blame onto based terf-chans.

No. 1271125

aggy's just trying to cope with the fact that he willingly transformed from a pedo who could more easily groom little kids to a doughy ham-hock who mothers drag their children across the street to avoid

No. 1271526

File: 1625438502578.jpeg (230.78 KB, 1242x412, 578F8F75-0A5F-4527-9AFB-D48E6B…)

Thanks for your insightful input on pedophilia, pedophile.

No. 1271567

I’ve never heard of this happening haha. Typically at any gym they have a childcare facility and the only women using locker rooms are 18+

No. 1271589

Over here in things like leisure centres which have gyms and swimming facilities kids are allowed to swim and it's pretty communal though most have cubicles and family sized cubicles too.

No. 1271619

This never happens

No. 1271683

This is what men genuinely think happens in women's locker rooms, just children and adult women flashing their genitals at them kek
the fucking pedophile only has this on his mind

No. 1271867

I’ve never heard a woman call her genitals an “axe wound”, that’s gross scrote talk.

No. 1271883

MTF frankenginas are usually referred to as axe wounds around here, see the MTF thread for countless examples. Nobody is calling real vaginas axe wounds here

No. 1272096

plus there's plenty of women who will take their kids to the bathroom or hold up a towel for them to change if they're uncomfortable with changing in public. thankfully this troon's never been to a public locker room to know that.

No. 1272761

File: 1625627088035.jpeg (158.32 KB, 640x832, E5AB20D4-1FBE-43BE-96EE-46A3D0…)

Matt seems to be reposting a lot of his old artwork right now. This one is particularly revolting, I don’t even know what to say.

No. 1272765

File: 1625627594923.png (Spoiler Image,361.44 KB, 640x1136, F7E8BD77-5425-4785-B9A6-80546E…)

this screenshot of his twitter page as it is right now is cracking me up just because it displays such a good summary of everything wrong with him. Spoilered for Alvin and the chipmunks incest art with tiny child penises drawn on

No. 1286802

File: 1627584201054.jpeg (Spoiler Image,490.02 KB, 1538x2048, 7DAAB212-B88C-4079-BF5C-964296…)

Matt's fetish is escalating to getting off on little kids having their throats slit.

No. 1286805

File: 1627584297824.jpeg (Spoiler Image,673.11 KB, 1242x1473, EF18774C-5BB9-41C9-9C21-1589CF…)

Samefag, this retweet combo really demonstrates how warped his coomer mind is. "You just hate trans people because we love ourselves and you're jealous" next to fetishization of pedophilic grooming.

No. 1286937

this is legit disgusting
pedophiles say the same things to the kids they're grooming and this shit is just being shared on a public social media? ugh

No. 1341496

Всем здравствуйте!

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No. 1341580

Someone needs to rescue that dog

No. 1341590

File: 1633447937681.jpeg (390.95 KB, 828x1129, 3E6BC8C4-4D05-4B4E-B96A-0A8532…)

Tell me you’re a pedophile without saying you’re a pedophile

No. 1341624

I regret looking up this person's twitter. It's filled with CP

No. 1341982

File: 1633486960861.jpeg (308.37 KB, 828x944, E779115E-9C8A-4AD3-B97E-40A757…)

..you would have to be trying to make a sick joke at this point, right?? He’s so lost in his own delusion

No. 1342045

File: 1633493854435.jpg (970.76 KB, 2550x3276, E6sW4WyWQAE-Wq7.jpg)

I regret going to his twitter too anon. jesus

No. 1342047

there's a whole comic of this kid killing a goldfish by using it as a sextoy

No. 1405495

File: 1640928470090.png (7.83 MB, 1242x2208, 69EB5387-52CD-439F-AA12-F71361…)

What the actual fuck someone please take this dog from him. How does a dog just get into methamphetamines???

No. 1405548

How is he not getting sent to jail for even owning meth?

No. 1405554

it's adderall are you guys retarded

No. 1405563

honestly im just glad he didnt fuck it..

No. 1405680

Yeah I was expecting that he fucked it

No. 1405942

dude's perpetually retarded and shouldn't even be allowed to own animals. Knowing matt's just a fat lazy slob probably means he leaves his prescriptions laying around wherever. Also lol at having an adderall prescription and still being incredibly obese. Stay losing matt.

No. 1406030


As a slight aside, that dog is super cute. Poor thing.

No. 1406097

sorry aunts a meth addict and autocorrect is a bitch lol

No. 1406542

What are his current socials?

No. 1408225

nta but i just found his twitter @stwawbwewypwess

No. 1409945

File: 1641459609665.jpeg (454.35 KB, 1242x920, 0718861D-1629-4E7D-A765-C0F921…)

the pedophile projection is unreal. he's salivating over this mental image.

No. 1410034

At this point it feels like he has to have a mental disability to be so unaware of himself

No. 1410273

damn this freak just can't stop thinking about little girls getting molested in restrooms, huh? Can't wait for a violent anti-pedo to recognize this guy in minecraft.

No. 1424313

File: 1642897028225.jpeg (474.22 KB, 1533x2048, 62B22DB5-20C6-4886-8F46-78F139…)

Pedo got face tattoos, permanent unemployment arc begins now.

No. 1424316

Funny how this will stop him from getting a job and not being a kid diddler

No. 1424318

He looks like he lives in Portland kek
I'm sure he could easily get a job at some retarded troon center

No. 1424360

He has the most punchable face ever.

No. 1424402

yeah matt those definitely don't look like giant infected boils from a distance. why does he look like a fetus version of lord farquad here tho

No. 1424403

omfg I was like "where did his moobs go" and then I realized they're hangin so low these days they're not even in frame

No. 1424916

File: 1642973577223.jpeg (127.61 KB, 1242x301, 8840FC05-8336-41A8-B33E-72CF78…)

Someone's lurking his thread again lol

No. 1425150

>I actually LIKE when you say things like that, p-pwned terfs!
Whether it's genuine or not, either way you lose.

No. 1425321

the dots between the sparkles look like clusters of blackheads. gross

No. 1425685

please dont give him any ideas are the kids here not already in enough danger

No. 1425904

File: 1643071295934.jpg (28.51 KB, 540x360, will never happen.jpg)

he looks like he could quit twitter and stop being schizo as fuck/drawing kids pissing on each other (sexually)

No. 1427849

File: 1643246236949.jpg (Spoiler Image,86.75 KB, 732x889, rt1.JPG)

I don't think it's possible for him to make the fact he's a pedo more obvious. He just retweeted this weirdo wearing a shirt featuring little girls being abused while doing gymnastics, one of the MOST common things IRL pedophiles get off to. He is 100% a menace to children IRL and I hope he doesn't have access to any.

No. 1427850

Seriously, why hasn't anyone doxxed and swatted this degenerate faggot yet?

No. 1428159

now that's an unfortunate tattoo. Can't believe someone would PAY TO have this on his face. 41% when?

No. 1428228

hol up. what

No. 1428891

File: 1643334166439.jpg (75.35 KB, 686x745, lwkfejlewkfj.JPG)

so… an obese man in his underwear drawing child porn while hunched over on the floor? That's how you want people to know you?

I'd love to know what this photo looks like in his head, I'm sure it's hilariously delusional

No. 1429465

File: 1643400878776.jpeg (86.21 KB, 982x726, 068F1CBC-242F-4D59-AE0E-6E577E…)

If he looks like anything other than someone's collapsing spam sculpture in his head, he's more delusional than we thought.

No. 1431181

File: 1643599898042.jpeg (101.59 KB, 1242x236, 94D2AADF-6D09-4CCE-A776-11970E…)

Straight man fetishizes lesbians. Groundbreaking.

No. 1440353

you would think a troon this stereotypical would have to be some sort of radfem psyop but no– he's real, he's massive, and he's bragging about being a diaper-wearing AGP who's into little girls on twitter

No. 1440475


this dude has a crazy high body fat, he looks pre diabetic.

No. 1441723

This person is sooooooool


No. 1454420

this is actually a Chris-chan epilogue, the revenge(necro)

No. 1467206

File: 1647262084292.jpeg (Spoiler Image,574.82 KB, 1242x1161, 2B4B6304-52BD-4A1E-8CFC-BF7D8A…)

nothing like posting a video of yourself cuddling with your dog while half-naked

No. 1470729

I think kiwifarm doxxed them, but I could be wrong(sage your shit)

No. 1528309

File: 1652500309692.png (49.73 KB, 598x425, 1652475361030.png)

Matt spent the past two days advocating for pedophilia and the abolition of the sex offender registry.

No. 1528314

File: 1652500413096.png (17.76 KB, 590x205, 576342.png)

No. 1528320

File: 1652500574756.png (33.81 KB, 598x253, 1652497335093.png)

No. 1528332

File: 1652501240777.png (35.6 KB, 591x341, 57098765.png)

He was posting about this in-between retweeting lolicon and beastiality art btw.

No. 1528336

File: 1652501518754.png (152.46 KB, 593x860, 9765432.png)

No. 1528338

gross, aggy is so dangerous

No. 1528375

What made him go full retard? He has to be high as fuck or some shit.

No. 1528408

People who commit CSA are pedos. Family members can be pedos. He's intentionally twisting what these words mean because he's a fucking pedo

No. 1528534

Actually a lot of rapists are opportunistic offenders who see a chance and take it, not dedicated pedos singularly obsessed with abusing children. Still, neither flavour of rapist deserves any compassion. In an ideal world all males would be summarily killed at the first sign of sexual violence.

No. 1528535

He keeps digging deeper huh
Someone save that dog

No. 1528553

These people literally can't stop manipulating, they think they can do it to other adults but it's so transparent to anyone who isn't a creepy fuck what they actually want/are doing.

No. 1528879

I hate this because he's not saying it for the nuance like when teens get put on it because they have pictures of their own nudes. He's saying it because he wants children to be in the direct line of harm. And the fact that some people have straight up brain rot agreeing with him is disgusting.

No. 1529214

File: 1652593196600.png (49.43 KB, 599x366, unknown (1).png)

It appears someone has doxxed aggy

No. 1529216

File: 1652593288998.png (32.5 KB, 557x200, unknown.png)

Of course he immediately doubles back on the "come and get me" BS and claims its the wrong address

No. 1529466

File: 1652627718417.png (259.39 KB, 579x474, unknown (2).png)

As of today they have deleted all of their tweets

No. 1529526

Wish he’d delete his life too. Bet the fatass pedophile is scrambling to try to find another shit infested hole to waddle to.

No. 1529541

Did he really expect the majority of people agreeing with him? While I know he had way too many likes to my liking
I just want to know what made him think that he would get praised, because honestly, it seems like pedos have been way too comfortable on Twitter, enough for them to try and create a movement using the LGB as a crutch, like usual. The tinfoil about trannies being pedophiles using the LGB as a shield is looking more and more shiny, this shit can’t be just a coincidence.

No. 1529560

>people are displaying unhinged behavior towards me
Bitch you literally said you support pedophiles and want them taken off the sex offender registry. What did he expect??

No. 1529580

File: 1652637237703.jpg (116.54 KB, 1080x775, Screenshot_20220515-105004_Twi…)


No. 1529623

File: 1652640654753.jpg (86.45 KB, 720x630, 20220515_143741.jpg)

Countdown to Matt getting arrested for grooming a 13 year old boy he found on a /tttt/ discord server.

No. 1529738

File: 1652649472218.jpeg (290.32 KB, 828x981, 38ED616E-4ECA-4137-AD69-E83E19…)

Vee, another minor proship cow who was outed from the animation industry, steps up in support of Aggy and claims he’s a ~traumatized twans woman~. Glad an actual pro-pedo woman was kicked from the children animation industry.

No. 1529752

>outed from the animation industry

No. 1529790

They tried to submit an application somewhere and people rightfully emailed whatever place Aggy applied to letting them know that he is a notorious nonce

No. 1529801

you’re retarded anon, I don’t have access to my PC at the moment but handsomehugs/politepuppet worked on hazbin hotel and mighty magiswords until her proship account got exposed and she was promptly kicked, it’s in the western animation industry thread if it helps.

No. 1530101

thanks nonnie!

No. 1530744

It's unreal how he took his crutch from being "um well transwomen can't even be pedophiles" to "actually I just completely support MAPs full stop" as soon as he tested the waters enough to find a few other degenerates to validate him. If anything his brave and stunning temper tantrum is more proof that there is no safe supportive community these people congregate in, they will always encourage each other to escalate their behavior and become more out of touch with reality.

No. 1533415

File: 1652966684691.jpeg (164.56 KB, 828x1175, BBDCC67F-6039-4BD6-BA4E-E6D540…)

new private account

No. 1533662

File: 1652988442729.jpg (14.44 KB, 384x120, Capture.JPG)

Really odd that I just checked that account and now he's following… no one?

No. 1537545

File: 1653352069064.jpeg (278.69 KB, 828x633, C234B7CF-ECD1-4599-989C-1D2243…)

new account

No. 1537546

File: 1653352443821.jpeg (272.85 KB, 1170x1334, 03A7580D-D718-4F6B-8755-E5DD9D…)

> while i want to have a twitter for flirting with hot girls i dont plan on making this the primary platform for my art. I have much bigger much more irl plans

God please no. Do not need this fucking scary ogre terrorizing the outside world anymore than he already does

No. 1537646

The crayons in the header are skeeving me out, also is that his supposed poetry in the description?
>i owe you nothing i will upset you and disappoint you
You know the angry suburban 12 yr old white boy voice? That's what I'm getting right now lol neon sports jersey and all
I wasn't aware he went outside at all. I wonder what public venue would even have him

No. 1537650

At least before the pandemic he was frequently attending Zine swaps and handing out his drawn child pornography to unsuspecting people.

No. 1539920

he locked his account again, has anyone managed to get in? (saged for no milk)

No. 1541707

hes @ bitchassagatha now (archive.ph/B94ls). the account is public again, 30 tweets but nothing noteworthy yet imo just the usual. also seems to have changed his itch.io username to agatha-k (archive.ph/A7pkL) and his venmo/cashapp usernames as well. actually seems like hes trying to double down on distancing himself from his old handles instead of just "owning it" like he was bragging about previously lol

No. 1550888

saged for no new milk. hes assbitchagatha now, still private

No. 1569378

File: 1655956383561.png (97.89 KB, 337x373, sm.png)

hes at circleaemoji now and it looks like hes weeding out anyone whos not explicitly kissing his ass in his replies

No. 1653068

File: 1663754427932.png (157.37 KB, 755x484, aggy.png)

He now goes by xeroxprincess.

No. 1653073

the fat male arm kek

No. 1685581

File: 1666821574219.png (368.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2022-10-26-18-56-07…)

He started re-uploading all of his old shitty art in thar new "xeroxprincess" account.(namefagging)

No. 1685583

File: 1666821639320.png (404.51 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2022-10-26-18-56-28…)

And also, it looks like he's dating another hideous tranny too

No. 1841855

File: 1686058618678.jpg (Spoiler Image,122.3 KB, 1170x1233, aggy.jpg)

aggy is still active as PrincessAggyK on twitter. still posting pedoshit and pictures of his ugly mug and gunt. unspoiler at your own risk.

No. 1889056

Suspended again kek

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