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File: 1695537491382.jpg (50.53 KB, 540x394, majoras mask cows.jpg)

No. 63684

Previous thread >>>/meta/59950

No. 63699

I love this picture

No. 63701

cp in /ot/

No. 63702

tranny sperg lose on /ot/

No. 63703

Infighting in the get it off my chest thread in /ot/

No. 63704

Cp in ot

No. 63706

whoever's in there is now shitting up every thread in /ot/ as well, responding 'kys' to completely random posts because they think it's all whoever 'ashley' is

No. 63707

Extra disturbing CP on /ot/ rn I want to cry careful scrolling nonnas

No. 63710

why aren't the posts from ban-evading trolls/spammers getting deleted

No. 63715

still suggesting bpd and narc be redtexted, like toxic, valid, etc

No. 63722

What is “vain bitch”

No. 63726

Read the OP of the get it off your chest thread

No. 63727

Some sperg in /w/ thinks they are funny >>>/w/308632

No. 63737

The nonstop hi cowing is getting old across /w/

No. 63742

Someone who seems like the not funny kind of freak is talking about cowtipping in the Shayna thread, like wanting to put fliers with her porn on it under people’s doors in the apartment complex. Prob just a troll pretending but it’s annoying as fuck and also weird.

No. 63743

Why are anons so unhinged? Doing porn isn't that big of a deal anymore, this is 2023. Most adults don't give a fuck, they just ignore it and don't talk about it. It's not like she hanging out with her neighbors and she can't get kicked out for having an OF like 20% of the resudents probably do.

No. 63744

Tranny posting in post left cows thread.

No. 63745

hi mods, can you please permaban pariah the troon? he's constantly self-posting in leftcows, thread's totally derailed atp, thank you! >>>/snow/1902153

No. 63746

I wouldn't be surprised if this is the same constantly unsaging sperg >>>/w/308727 They can't integrate

No. 63747

Seconded, though I think a post reveal would be milkier because the troon will just ban evade. Then just ban all mention of him from the thread, including if people reply to his posts. The thread has become functionally useless.

No. 63748

Bpdchans blogposting in the Pixielocks thread

No. 63751

there's a baiting troon or handmaiden referring to a male character as a girl and saying we should just learn to accept troons

No. 63756

Lots of bpd blogging in the pixielocks thread

No. 63757

I love post reveals, so milky

No. 63765

sainte the ban evading tranny pedophile cow is in the lolita thread making obvious self posts again

No. 63787

The Post-Leftcows was deliberately brigaded by some of the cows with the purpose of getting it locked so that their words/actions couldn't be documented. Please unlock it and just hand out long-term bans to spammers/obvious derailers.

No. 63789

CP in PT be careful

No. 63790

Except hardly anyone was documenting milk and when they did it would be stale. It's been dry as fuck for a while, probably because all the newfags and selfposters shitting up the thread. There are multiple threads per month sometimes but the actual milk would barely fill three threads per year. It's been joyless nonsense because of too many literal-who names that were forced into the thread.

No. 63791

Can whatever anon is replying to posts in the Get if off your Chest threads just have their posts deleted instead of just banned? They obviously like seeing them up.

No. 63794

Nah, there was plenty of milk, and there was always some self-posting and whining about who/what got posted, even in the early threads. It's just that recently the brigading from Twitter/Kiwifarm right-wingers gpt bad and they either weren't banned or not banned long enough.

The most egregious example is that @theantiherokate schizo who shit up the last two threads with her fascoid anime villain rants. Mod didn't even ban her AFAICT. Just ban the rightoids/racebaiters/derailers on sight and the threads would be fine.

No. 63799

Pro-ana thread has a bmi namefag

No. 63800

Clean up the samefag blackpiller in the vent thread if you have time, please.

No. 63801

File: 1696050213290.jpeg (620.62 KB, 1170x971, IMG_5110.jpeg)

We lose the tradwives threads due to infighting, now we’re losing post-leftcows for the exact same bullshit. Where am I supposed to post this picture of Dasha looking like the crypt keeper

No. 63802

Seconded. it really wasn’t that bad. This stinks like some of the cows did it on purpose.

No. 63804


No. 63806

I can't post links to YouTube shorts in the Video field. It says the system couldn't make sense of the link I posted. Will it be resolved? Altering the link worked in the past but will it be able to use unaltered YT Shorts links as embed?

No. 63807

I don't want the thread to be locked forever either but if that's the only milk you have the mods aren't gonna unlock it. dasha has looked like that for the last two years, plus it's just a still from a movie trailer that was already posted in the thread so if it was milk it'd be stale at this point

No. 63808

Cp thread in PT

No. 63809

I never claimed it’s milk all I said was “where Am I supposed to post this photo of Dasha looking like the crypt keeper” relax

No. 63810

Not surprised. It’s probably the mods doing it at this point.

No. 63812

Anything new regarding those of us stuck in lite mode? Even a nope sorry nothing we can do lol is fine, I just wanna know if I should hold out for hope.

No. 63813

cp in /g/

No. 63814

Thanks to admin for creating a site update thread. Taking 9 months to do it seems excessive, especially since there is supposedly a dedicated communications admin, but real life / jobs / etc amirite

No. 63815

Does the /w/ Mod only work once a week?

No. 63816

Which one of you got thielbux to shut down post-leftcows

No. 63817

Snow is full of unsaged posts and obvious baits.

No. 63818

low quality shit like that is part of why it's locked.

No. 63820

there's an insufferable autist having an hours long meltdown in the /m/ transwashing thread >>>/m/324512 derailing and infighting all because they don't like the character in the op photo.

No. 63821

Please clean up the Dumbass shit thread, they've been arguing about yaoi for hours.

No. 63822

It's the dumbass shit thread.

No. 63823

Infighting still isn't really allowed though.

No. 63832

Either really porn-sick fujos or blaine are posting shota again in the dumbass shit thread

No. 63836

literally where, everyone's posting muscular guys and bishonens

No. 63840

tranny alert >>>/snow/1907602

No. 63841

We need a libfem thread please

No. 63844

File: 1696238554099.gif (1.12 MB, 498x392, _.gif)

cp in /ot/ bumping off front page

No. 63877

There’s some schizo retard shitting up /ot/.

No. 63878

Especially in this thread

No. 63879

I bet it's the schizo from general meta, exact same typing style

No. 63888

Definitely a case for Sherlock Homo either way if you ask me

No. 63894

Chchtards have attempted to infiltrate the discord and friend finder thread to try to dox anons in case anyone was wondering why the GIOYC thread is full of schizo retards. I strongly recommend not adding anyone from here on discord unless you're stupid and want parasocial bpdfags to develop stalker obsessions with you.

No. 63896

We don't have a discord.

No. 63897

Bait in Coquette thread.

No. 63902

Would it be possible to unlock the Onision #144 thread? There is current milk. Onision's lawyers are requesting to be withdrawn from his lawsuits and he has uploaded a 3 hour (3 part) "Onision was Blackmailed, Slandered, Framed" documentary to his main YT, Twitter and IG. The jug has been opened and I'm hoping the glass is going to overfill.

No. 63908

cp in /pt/

No. 63910

Scrote in Moo's thread >>>/pt/920354

No. 63911

Request for the gardening thread in /g/ >>>/g/209934 to be moved to /ot/. It's not a girl talk topic in any way and it sees little traffic. I'm hoping by having it moved to /ot/ it'll get more traffic..

No. 63914

The GIOYC thread mostly just consists of schizo autists replying to eachother, or one autist larping or what the fuck ever.
All of these are replying to the posts above it, including direct reference to the posts. It's just passive aggressively breaking the rules and it's spergy and annoying.

No. 63915

/g/ is being spammed right now with soyjaks

No. 63917

Cp probably on /pt/

No. 63921

There's some retard bumping threads in /snow/ with their uninsightful hot-takes

No. 63924

Yeah they’re still at it. It’s so annoying kek

No. 63925

We didn't lose it to infighting? We lost it because farmhand was lazy and rather than banning the tranny who kept switching vpn, they just closed the thread entirely so they didn't have to actually do their job because a retard scrote chymped out too hard.

No. 63942

Am I retarded or is this redtext just confusing >>>/pt/920412 the anon should've saged their shit but what is the complaint that needs to go in /meta/ I'm not getting it?

No. 63943

Why don't mods delete retarded newfag posts on the cow boards more often? It just eggs shitposters on to see their posts staying up, and it hangs like bait for retarded farmers to reply to, not to mention contribute uselessly to post limit. Especially when they post unsaged then whine about their red text. Just delete that shit, we keep having perfectly good threads locked because 3 dedicated shitposters are enough to make a thread radioactive. They ban evade, banning does nothing, delete that shit

No. 63944

Silly anon don’t you know when a cow has a martyr complex you should take it to /meta/? That poster is a ESL scrote though

No. 63945

Same sperg in moo's thread in pt is changing their ip constantly and posting dumb shit because they keep getting banned

No. 63947

File: 1696563398260.jpg (505.38 KB, 1080x1855, Screenshot_20231005_203638_Chr…)

No. 63950

pedophile tranny sainte ban evading in the lolita thread for the millionth time

No. 63956

I'm not a fan of the current crop of staff but let's be real, some threads are always gonna be radioactive. Politics in both cases. Honestly don't blame the mods on that. I wouldn't want to have to spend all day wrangling that either.

No. 63959

Moid threads asking retarded questions

No. 63960

So is this the sperg from meta? >>>/pt/920465 because it sounds like it

No. 63961

Vile child abuse cp in /pt/

No. 63963

I wonder if it's the loser who keeps ban evading in Moos thread and getting slapped with bans because if the uwu mean farmhands

No. 63965

he's back at it ban evading >>>/w/309292

No. 63967

Scrotoid in /g/ malding in the relationship advice thread because women have standards for men and failing to blend in calling us all scrotes and troons.

No. 63968

it feels like some weird false flag cause many of the posts they're calling "scrote/troon/bait" are completely innocuous. and then it had a mask off moment calling women "shallow bitches"

No. 63969

nta I think it's just an angry loser scrote trying to derail threads and get scraps of female attention, he started racebaiting now after not getting any replies with his other bait. hopefully all nonnies are smart enough to report and ignore instead of replying to him

No. 63970

He's still going at it 5 hours later, I think my post really hit a nerve with him. He started sperging out after I made a post there saying I recoiled at a bad picture of my boyfriend, he's now attacking random anons who are taking the bait thinking they're me and calling them an ugly incel loser who would never deserve a good looking man.

He's telling "me" (I stopped replying hours ago) to "take care of my looks" even though I literally said I do put a lot of effort into them and I just wish my boyfriend would too. But asking that is very offensive to moids and deserves a full spergout on multiple /g/ threads kek.

No. 63973

seems a lot of angry gay men have taken over celebrifags. let us shit on doja for being a pickme in peace.
if I see one more faggot photoshop a beautiful woman into an abomination I just might start hating fags more openly. because they are being proved more and more to deserve it.
wasnt it azealea banks that said "I say faggot in a feminist way"?

No. 63976

Dumbass shit thread is turning into a racebait thread

No. 63977

File: 1696721484365.jpg (347.74 KB, 980x1734, IMG_20231008_012906.jpg)

Holy shit 10 hours later and still obsessed with me. He's creepy as hell, is this that fucking troon?

I never felt unsafe on lolcow before like this, what the hell

No. 63979

/w/ is becoming a tinfoil dump in multiple threads, we need a cleanup

No. 63980

did you report the posts already? farmhands nuked most of his earlier garbage baitposts so hopefully they'll do the same for his newer ones once they get to them in the report queue

No. 63981

Please get a grip.

No. 63982

Please cull the obsessive fujoposting, its becoming on tier with personalityfagging. I come here to escape spaces like twitter and 4chan, not have to watch the same hygiene-deficient neet sperg about "twinks" and post 20 shitty yaoi pics in dumbass shit a day. Give them their own thread or make it bannable because it's reaching a level of cringe and unbearable that was reserved for chch. I'm also pretty sure it's the same anon calling them "faggoty chinks" and she needs to be strapped to a gurney and wheeled into a Quiet Room.

No. 63996

They already have multiple 2d guy image dump threads on /m/ AND the bl/yaoi general discussion thread but barely use any of them and then wonder why that board is so dead kek

No. 63997

reporting seems to do nothing. please for the love of god give this whiteknight infighter a ban. Constantly infighting and stirring shit over nothing. This poster's tinfoils are also beyond the pale. First this marketer/business owner is her "friend" giving a "gift" and now she allegedly paid for it? It's just low-grade bait. Ban it. >>>/w/309373

No. 63998

it looks like the baiting loser scrote is back on /g/ again, reported his posts but a few nonas are biting his bait sadly

No. 64000

Turn off your screen and go outside, holy shit

No. 64009

There is no public postings about it being pr. Shut up and post pr proofor some shit and stop assuming in order to attempt to make her milky. it's not going to magically appear on her socials and you retards are hi cowing too

No. 64010

no one is going to spoonfeed you. you won't even watch her content. You are a troll. Hope you get banned, weirdo

No. 64012

Taylor's thread on /w/ has no milk at all, farmhands might want to check it out. It's been continuous nitpicking, lamenting, and making up controversies for the sake of milk for over a year. The thread is terrible at this point. The thread is about Tom being fat, nitpicking cooking, nitpicking if tagged things her lying about a paid partnership, nitpicking the baby, nitpicking her clothes and hair.. what milk does she even have aside from anons lamenting about when she was milky. Nothing she's done is laughable.

No. 64013

the people wking, infighting, and baiting in the thread need bans. Taylor has more milk when she posts more. It's not rocket science. But then we have someone caping for her in there day in and day out while spreading misinformation. it's insufferable.

No. 64014

Really, mods? I've been reporting the baiting wk in Taylor thread for days and the only post that gets a ban for "hi cow" is anon calling out wk?

No. 64015

File: 1696813113011.png (16.53 KB, 591x518, 1344793938320177.png)

There are seriously dedicated trolls in that thread who play obtuse so often no one can even entertain a discussion, and it's been that way for years. I'm not even interested in her thread personally, it's just glaringly obvious every time I scroll past especially when they're trying to rewrite events that are documented up thread. It seems like they're trying to get it locked instead of just reporting what they consider infighting/nitpicks or hiding the thread. Typical kek, I hope farmhands don't fold every time some retard suggests they censor a part of the site they don't like. Picrel.

No. 64016

Idk nitpicking that her baby is going to have mental issues seemed pretty fucked up in that thread and in the previous thread too. Most of the redtexts make sense in the thread when you see what others try to use as discussion lol don't think other anons are making posters do this.

No. 64017

the tiktok embed thing isnt working. like the video wont play on desktop nor on mobile

No. 64018

It's just Kiki Kannibal, let her express herself(hi cow)

No. 64019

Its ridiculous. You cannot post in the PM without seeing genuinely autistic /g/ tier illustrations spammed in dumbass shit. It's got to be one or two dedicated spergs but they're cows themselves.

No. 64020

i mean.. it wont redirect me.

No. 64022

Nitpicking her child is retarded but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it's part of the bait. Even when I see reasonable discussion being had some mouth breathers are always baiting infights over the most innocuous shit. My point being anons breaking the rules should be banned on both sides, not just locking the thread because someone is too low IQ to find the hide thread function.

No. 64023

Why are farmhands ok with racism against Asians? Racebait against every other race gets redtexted.

No. 64024

I'm glad I'm not alone in seeing that as bait. It's so retarded. >>64018
It's clear Kiki isn't posting, this is another stupid tactic that isn't even funny. Enjoy your hi cow ban.

No. 64029

There must be a male/tranny moid making rounds trolling in /ot/ right now

No. 64030

Not true, I'm EA and got banned for calling someone not-east-asian
I even said there's nothing wrong with not being asian lol

No. 64032

I get anons don't want to own up to their own redtexts but the venus/taylor/dakota/kiki thing is getting really old when anons keep insisting the same cows are posters in other threads. This is even happening in here >>64018 I'm not sure what the brain damage some users have, but it's annoying as hell to see the same anons (most likely) keep tinfoiling in the threads about it.


No. 64041

It’s just one troon who keeps sperging about races. Report and ignore him.

No. 64042

Black girl thread is full of racism, fetishy moids and larpers, lock it please.

No. 64043

I don’t know what’s happening lately but completely harmless posts keep getting redtexted and deleted while blatantly rule breaking posts are allowed to stay up.

No. 64048

Can the black girl thread please get cleaned up? There's been someone in there for like 4 days accusing random anons of being a tranny. I'm pretty sure they're doing it to cause chaos so they can get the thread locked, as seen in the post 2 posts above me. It'll be disappointing as fuck if you let them succeed considering you guys are already on a locking spree, just clean it up and the thread can get back on track.

No. 64049

That thread was shit and slow as fuck, and is full of troons and moids, it should be locked.

No. 64051

The discussions in that thread were fine before it got derailed (probably by you), and if we locked every slow thread this site would literally be dead.

No. 64052

Pointing out that a useless thread full of racebait made by larpers and scrotes should be locked is just common sense. Maybe stop spamming racebait?

No. 64053

Why are you samefagging? Sounds like you’re upset because someone pointed out you’re a racebaiter and larper. It wasn’t just me, other nonas have noticed you too, and jannies can check the ips.

No. 64055

Trying to make milk out of this content is really really dragging the thread down >>>/w/309482 she forgot a holiday and anon tinfoils she doesn't talk to her family because of that. This is just nitpicking. Probably one of the ban evading anons too.

No. 64057

it's not my kind of post but ffs just report what you don't like or better yet don't read the thread. you clearly don't want any discussion that isn't gushing praise for the cow. Stop shitting up that thread and meta with your white knighting.

No. 64059

That sure is a lot of tinfoil. Careful you don't get a redtext for that too, nonna.

No. 64060

can we have some moderation in the shayna clifford thread? the more autistic nonas have been derailing all night trying to dox some dude loosely related to her. /shay/ was created specifically for this brand of autism and now the thread is maxing out as they post MS Paint flashboards of their progress

No. 64061

I wish anons would leave boyfriends and friends out of the cow threads unless they are cows too. Just because they associate with them doesn't mean they need a lolcow presence. It's so obsessive and not in a good milk way.

No. 64062

File: 1696922221051.png (62.13 KB, 969x259, shaytards on crack.png)

They've gone full shaytarded.

No. 64063

Now going after exes? Jesus.

No. 64066

i get it's like 4am but please can we get a mod in the shayna thread? theyre sick with power because no one is stopping them. theyre saying they won't stop doxing until a mod tells them to. now theyre posting some girls phone number they found a cat's collar because she is loosely related to some guy Shayna is working with.

No. 64067

The Shayna thread has always been a trainwreck. It’s just one obsessed troon with a hateboner constantly sperging and nitpicking about her necrotic boob and eye color. The thread should be locked for insane amount of samefagging autism.

No. 64068

Also that thread is boring as fuck and I feel like I have deja vu everytime I enter it.
It’s always the same excuse to spam porn screenshots. ‘Omg shayna just tweeted about wanting a sugardaddy and shoved something up her ass again for the 87383847th time, everyone look at these shots of her gross butthole!’ Over and over every single day. Nobody cares.

No. 64069

the baiting "you're all males/troons" scrote is back on /g/ and this time he's trying to get nonas to post timestamped hand pics. weird shit.

No. 64072

It's okay to admit we have rabid female users who do stuff like this. Its not like it hasn't happened before.

No. 64073

I’m not a scrote lol, are you asking me to post my hand with timestamp?

No. 64074

Thread needs to be locked. When you let them run rampant you get nights like tonight where they're 60+ posts deep trying to dox a totally irrelevant side-character. Why do Shayna doxes get taken down yet they are free to dox strangers phone numbers, maps and pictures of their houses, etc. Like I'm honestly fine with the Chris Hansen shit but they feel justified doing it in a Shayna thread of all places because there is no real moderation there.

No. 64075

The schizo scrote who keeps accusing me of being a scrote whenever I call him a scrote is back.

Sorry hon, I have a womb a uterus and XX chromosomes. Ask my doctor if you like.

No. 64076

Ovaries** lol sorry I’m sleep deprived, but doesn’t change the fact that I’m not a man and never will be. You screeching around me won’t change this.

No. 64077

Agree, lock the thread at least temporarily. But honestly that thread is retarded and overrated as fuck in general, and it’s always the same person who won’t stop sperging about her necrotic tit, her weight, and her eyes being brown. If I didn’t know better I’d swear that thread is just them and a scrote who uses it as an excuse to post her porn and vagina all the time. Nobody wants to see that shit, and literally nothing in those threads has changed over the last few years.

No. 64079

Ugh the schizophrenic orbiter is arguing with himself again in the Shayna thread.

No. 64081

File: 1696929117898.png (12.55 KB, 1185x96, anon got real mad kek.png)

what more evidence do we need that shayna's thread needs to be locked. agree with maybe timing them out for 3 months or something because they're literally just spite posting at this point cause they're butthurt.

No. 64082

The sperging has gotten completely out of hand recently. Someone keeps posting bait in dead threads and then about 80 posts replying to it get spammed within 6 hours, so it’s obviously the same two anons trying to provoke infights or even just one sock puppet schizo arguing back and forth with himself on multiple proxies. The samefagging is incredibly obvious.

No. 64083

lmao what was "tinfoil" about me asking you to stop shitting up the thread with your lame-ass "well AXCTually the cow always hated Thanksgiving and thought it was shit" when this is completely false? I'm not banned or red-texted or even posting in there.

No. 64084

doublepost but if you're concerned about this woman, why would you repost the screenshot with her name here?

No. 64087

honestly was a mistake. i scratched out the phone number before posting but missed the fact they posted her name in the post. can a mod delete pic?

No. 64089

they wouldnt stop infighting and locked their own thread kek banished themselves to /shay/. small victory for the overnight mini mods. but seriously, main thread needs to locked. shayna doesn't produce milk anymore so they're left to infight and dox random orbiters for fun. it was a good run.

No. 64092

File: 1696935644489.png (110.29 KB, 352x396, 1513987876868.png)

>locking the threads of one of the biggest and most popular cows on the site
Shayna is won lolcow of the year twice, has nearly 150 threads and an entire dedicated to her. Her threads aren't going anywhere.

No. 64094

they're the loud labia minora. lolcow can survive with the shaytards being contained to /shay/ where they belong. having the two separate areas just causes too much infighting about where certain topics should be allowed to be discussed. Thread is just minimods, derails, and infights at this point.

No. 64095

File: 1696937248508.jpeg (165.9 KB, 1234x2067, 1686332351027.jpeg)

Lardy Fattel is the biggest bitch on /snow/. Stay deluded.

No. 64097

All made by and filled up by one obsessed moid schizo who can’t stop posting her vagina and stalking any guy she fucks. I swear to god you’re the only person who cares about this bitch.

No. 64099

hi mods, there's an off-topic slapfight over the war in israel brewing in snow/post-leftcows, would be good to nip in the bud since this board just had to be locked for such faggotry. honestly wish it'd be locked for a month, or long enough for the self-posters and derailers to get a new hobby

No. 64100

try reporting the post and asking for the pic to be deleted. I did it now

No. 64101

Tbh its the same thing, new pictures. Her milk is stale and repetitive.

No. 64103

Idk who you think you're replying to but that's not what the post even says. You act like shaytards lol

No. 64104

File: 1696952386639.gif (36.37 KB, 566x41, hFV6.gif)

This is extremely obvious as inorganic posting. If you think the mods are dumb enough to fall for this, when it's a known tactic that cows use to shut down their threads, then you are fucking retarded.

No. 64105

Terrible bait. Anons can point out that there are some cows that are overblown. Doesn't matter if the cow is popular when she's popular for nothing new besides nitpicking her asshole and her tits. That's not even a discussion, that's just shitposting for 100+ threads. Most of it is infighting too and right now it is out of control until farmhands deal with it. Locking threads, newfag, is something we do for cleanup on this site too, not just to retire a cow.

No. 64106

Well, well, well, what have we here another fat twitter whore (most likely burger) shitting up the place with her bpd twatter faggotry. You picked the wrong night to fuck around, asshole. I've just texted the /snow/ mod (we're friends irl) about this thread, so she'll be here shortly to deal with the matter, and most likely hand out some sorely needed bans. i'm also going to report and sage the thread (for safe measure), as well as alert the other moderators in the lolcow discord channel. and just in case you wanna try and pull a fast one, i'm screen shotting the entire thread for additional proof and e-mailing admin about the matter personally. i'm tired of you stupid fucking dick eaters pressing out whatever lolrandom mentally ill whore shit you want on a fucking radfem site. it's time for you assholes to get a reality check, because this shit won't fly for much longer. prepare your anus, you 500 pound pile of shit. your days are fucking numbered.

No. 64107

This is so embarrassing for you.

No. 64108

so true bestie

No. 64109

Wanted to add that any actions taken now after this i know the farmhand bit will end up in the farmhand being immediately removed from the mod team, you know that? This is just like saying that if posts get deleted then the mod is a tranny. I can't comprehend the secondhand-embarrassment everyone feels for you and how you'll feel in maybe 4-5 more years looking back at the stuff you typed out in your late 20s.

No. 64110

pretty sure that's a copypasta

No. 64111

I come here to be among women like me. The misandrists, the radfems, the SWERFS, the TERFs, the gender critical, the lesbians, the femcels, the weeb's with husbandos (and by that, I refer to the dakimakura-owning, husbando-loving dirt of society with posters of 2D anime men all over the walls. The girl who spends all her money on a better computer and multiple anime figures of her husbando to litter her walls and shelves).

I do not come here to listen to how you suck coomer dick.
I do not come here to listen to your whining about selling your OF for less than the price of a happy meal.
I do not come here to DM or otherwise 'chat' with you.
I do not come here to listen to your disgusting drivel about how you spend time everyday shitting in diapers and eating your own mayochup.

If I wanted any of that shit, I'd go to twitter or fetlife.

No, I come here to read about how much anon loves her husbando.
I come here to see TERFs posting their manifesto.
I come here to watch radfems justify the existence of killing all men.
I come here to view pt threads where I can rip apart a fat woman close to 40 for wearing closplay.

I've already done as best as I possibly can to filter shit out. I've got the lolcow filter, I can hide individual posts, I can hide threads, and various other annoyances taken care of, but it doesn't help nowadays.
If I wanted to whores, I'd go somewhere else.
But you do not understand this desire, and so will respond with "uwu~ OMG FEMINISTS" or some other nonsense rather than actually argue for your staying here.

Fucking twitter whores.

No. 64113

Anyone who calls women whores is a moid, 100%.

No. 64115

it's an obvious copypasta, anon

No. 64117

retard kek

No. 64118

The complaints about the Shayna thread are ridiculous. As some other anons have pointed out in a few other posts, this treatment is given to EVERY new character introduced to Shayna’s life. Most recently, the closest comparison is Scott Hancock whom nobody complained about being looked into in thread. Every guy that Shayna works with is discussed and looked into to a certain extent. It is part of understanding Shayna and her milk. It adds context to her posts and contributes to why she is such an infamous cow. For instance, Shayna’s holier-than-thou posts about politics, either in attempts to go viral or publicly humiliate her mother on her pornography account, are additionally milky considering her main fans include a confirmed incestuous pedophile who is a fervent republican. That is just one small detail about the life Shayna chooses to live and display— how can you pretend that is not warranting of a thread? By understanding the people she involves herself with and how she chooses to interact with them, her milk actually increases as opposed to decreases. By knowing who Womack is, we know how Shayna was able to afford things prior and now lost a generous amount of income, possibly contributing to her prostitution saga. This is yet another example of how the “side characters” enrich the thread and make Shayna’s presence of lolcow one of the milkiest presences there is today. Finally, those who point out that Kiki isn’t receiving the same treatment must not remember that Kiki had already been discussed when she was originally introduced and still is mentioned to this day.

No. 64120

Rules are that you're not supposed to involve people who are not involved in the cow's drama. Someone's random ex and saying where they work has nothing to do with understanding Shay and her milk.

No. 64122

The one instance of mentioning an ex in an attempt to gain information about the actually relevant person at hand is an outlier. Overall the people discussed are relevant to the drama and therefore the posts fall within board rules (unless of course there is nitpicking, blogposting, etc)

No. 64124

this is just incredibly false information. you're going off on tangent over your right to discuss a side character when NO ONE was questioning your right to do it. people were posting all kind of irrelevant shit ATTEMPTING to find more info and were asked to take it to /shay/ because it was overtaking the shayna thread when it was about to close (they were literally posting a ton of random pics from his twitter or cats and shit guessing geolocation based on items in the background). nonas have never shitted up the thread that bad with non-info and not called out for it. There have always been people telling nonas to stop derailing unless relevant to shayna. the people derailing were literally agreeing that the discussion should be moved to /shay/ but they started a huge infight because they have some emotional baggage that makes them super triggered by "someone telling us what to do!". Like just read the thread, they were purposely shitting up and saying they were purposely doing it because they were mad a nona asked them to move the discussion to where it was more appropriate. and a ton of other nonas in the thread have agreed now that it should have been contained there. people were saying come back when you actually figure out who he is so we can discuss, but it wasn't enough because some random nona reminded you of your mother or something. you fed a troll and told him exactly what would piss you off most, and then act surprised when they use the info to successfully piss you off. shayna threads could use a temp lockdown so this whole drama can cool down but i dont think any mods even work here anymore. It's been over 24 hours and no response to the Shayna drama.

No. 64126

I didn’t post a thing you accuse me of in the Shayna thread, I am just posting a different perspective on meta as I do not want to see the Shayna thread locked over something so trivial. The behaviour of autistic anons shouldn’t make the discussion of side characters not allowed. Both sides were acting ridiculous and I don’t want to see rules or threads change over an instance like this, when for so long the threads were fine with topics of that ilk being discussed. Indeed, the focus should be on how farmers handle the situation, not on locking the thread or changing rules.

No. 64132

Boo fucking hoo a pedo faggot got doxed

No. 64133

>the focus should be on how farmers handle the situation, not on locking the thread or changing rules
Hard agree

No. 64134

Pretty sure some anons mentioned it being locked just so it can be cleaned up and no, the user base won't be fixed regardless.

No. 64143

it shouldn't be locked. what is this new obsession with locking threads

No. 64146

Hey, newfag. Locking for cleanup and then reopening the thread isn't some new thing. You're probably one of the spergs who derail threads.

No. 64147

Can someone explain why ugly and extremely offensive racebait posts get left up and redtexted instead of deleted? What’s the point in letting a bunch of offensive shit written by a scrote stay up and taint the thread? Farmhands should update their way dealing with this and delete obvious offensive bait posts instead of letting them just hang there and garner replies.

No. 64148

Threads used to get locked all the time until the sperg who kept shitting them up would get bored and fuck off.

No. 64153

Can mods please do something about the annoying sperg who keeps accusing everyone else of being a moid? I’ve seen them in like 10 threads so far and they’re just trying to infight and bait on purpose to threads get locked.

No. 64154

To prove they are racebait. Not hard to figure out. Some posts need to be made examples of in certain threads. It's not harming you to see it redtexted lol

You could post links.

No. 64155

you know there's more than one person doing that, right? there's a lot of repetitive freaking the fuck out and posting essays in response to every moid accusation however which is kinda sus

No. 64156

t. Zoomer looking for a safe space

No. 64158

Transparency of moderation, visibility moderation and to show what isn't acceptable.

Report them for infighting and then ignore it.

No. 64159

there's a retard replying to every thread in /ot/ and /g/ woth racebait atm

No. 64166

There’s a very obvious /pol/ moid on /g/ who keeps posting racebait while talking about how great white men are. Can you do something about him?

No. 64171

board has become unusable lately due to the constant retardation, scroteposting, infighting and bait tbh. im leaving.

No. 64172

No. 64174

Can we PLEASE lock the caitlyn doughty thread in /snow/ theres no milk and it keeps getting bumped by some tranny who deletes their posts after its really annoying.

No. 64176

Same, there's an infestation and nothing is being done about it. I'd rather use 4chan, which says a lot

No. 64177

Found the pick-me

No. 64178

read "I'd rather use 4chan" like you'd read "I'd rather eat broken glass"

No. 64180

Is 2X being moderated at all? So many obvious troll/bait posts and nothing is redtexted.

No. 64181

The shay thread is going wild at the moment with cowtipping and encouraging cowtipping.

No. 64183

Of course it is. I honestly don't see the point of her when its a lot of nitpicking, infighting it causes.. It seems like it's never new milk, just new porn and new anons bringing up beaten to death old milk.

No. 64185

How come cowtipping is allowed and even encouraged on the Shayna thread?

No. 64187

I don't think it's encouraged. It's a few, probably samefagging anons, egging it on. These are rapid female farmers and it's so weird to see them act like 4chan scrotes.

No. 64188

Cow-tipper Jennie needs a ban. Why can't nonnies just leave it alone instead of making the boards look even more insane than they already are.

No. 64189

Why did this poster in the unpopular opinions thread get banned? >>>/ot/1724256 I've seen far more provocative opinions on here than this flight of fancy. It's a dumb thread in /ot/, and no one was fighting about the opinion.

No. 64190

this website is a joke how r u gonna sit and make fun of people for being cringy when ur saying the neekiest shit ive ever heard 'sperging' 'kek' 'sage' 'milking' take a step away from your computer and reflect youre probably no better than anyone youre taking the piss out of

No. 64191

and oab being discriminatory as if you lot dont call people slurs every 3 fucking seconds ur actually so sad i cant even express it seriously

No. 64192

sorry i could go on forever your terminology is so grim 'hey can someone halifax the nonnies over in 20BCV chat the milk is getting too 4chan we need to base the chyrofractor pronto fags'

No. 64193

i dont think ive ever seen a group of people taking the piss out of chronically online people be so chronically online youre all 30 year old elitist men who live with their parents and try and use as many big fancy words as they can to sound intelligent even tho theyre anonymous pls just be irrelevant and log off this is embarrassing(ok)

No. 64194

This saged post broke no rules >>>/w/309543
Not my post but you can correct a person about what is/isn't current milk without redtext banning them. Meanwhile someone just sits in the thread and capes for Taylor, never cops a gd ban.

No. 64195

It's bait.

But that poster just wanted to talk about what we already know of Taylor and it has been disscussed multiple times in various threads, hench rancid milk.
>inb4 if it been disscusses before why shouldn't we disscuss it again
It's the foundation of what makes Taylor a cow and you can easily just go back and read the previous threads. Taylor is now a rich mommy vlogger with a biracial baby and whatever her old fart of an husband does something usefull for once or how out of touch they both are. She isn't a discount Kota doll anymore.

No. 64196

there's a moid posting in the sam hyde thread

No. 64198

They have been doing this to majority of /w/ threads. Taylor will probably get locked like others. The goal is to eventually get rid of /w/ all together by deterring people from using it before the new site goes live.

No. 64199

sorry, I can't understand your post at all

No. 64201

Stop bringing up old milk because Taylor has absolutely no milk anymore. Just waiting on the bait post about mods to get a ban too since every time there's a redtext you idiots complain in meta. It's not managed more than others when every redtext is basically begged for considering posters like that, and probably you, can't move on from old milk and just nitpick the hell out if everything she does. At some point its okay to put a cow out to pasture. Especially when its come down to complaining about her cooking looking like dog food and her bangs being cut and then flipping out when anons did censor her baby. None of this is even lolcow behavior either,just unhinged anons who have a vendetta.

Heres the bait post about mods that redtexted anon posted after getting slapped with rancid milk. Half the thread is anons baiting mods like this after they get their bans
>No, because the mods love their precious tay tay and white knight for her here. Seriously this thread is managed more than any other thread on /w despite other threads being more or less the same

No. 64204

If you get a ban, don't use the thread that you got the ban in as a personal soapbox to rally anons against the site farmhands and admin. Probably not a good idea.

No. 64205

>Old milk
what made Taylor a cow
>Rancid milk
Let's talk about old milk that made Taylor a cow even though everyone should know this and has already been talked about in her previous threads multiple times
>New milk
What continues Taylor status as a cow
>No milk
No cow

No. 64210

Your post made sense. Anons constantly use the "I can't understand anything from this post" reasoning every time they are called out. It's some weird gaslighting tactic they use to try to make you look crazy compared to their banned post complaints.

No. 64215

it was incomprehensible

No. 64216

Why do anons immediately try to shoehorn pedo discussions into this thread any chance they get? This isn't even funny, it's just a desperate attempt to connect Jill to pedos.

No. 64222

Here's another beat-to-death horse, complaining about formula for babies again for the millionth time. >>>/w/309721 I honestly don't think they understand what old milk means.

No. 64224

I'm not that sure about that one. It's a new post by her and anons are calling out her and her friend for using their kids to promote a useless, as they say, I'm no expert, product. I couldn't give two shits about baby formula and ignoring it is pretty easy. Let people who want to discuss it, discuss it. No need to bring every post you don't find interesting here. Wk-chan seems to be there already, too. As long as anons ignore the bait and it doesn't turn into a lengthy infight, it's ok, imo.

No. 64225

I think you're speaking to the person also defending anything the cow posts

No. 64226

They probably shouldn't have randomly posted the other girl's kid to the site just to make a point. The text post alone would've been enough. She and her kid aren't cows.

No. 64230

Entirety of /w/ is filled with twitterfags obsessed with pedos/pedopandering to the point that it reads as hyperbole (but unfortunately isn't). If you tell them to touch grass they'll screech that you must be a pedo/lolicon because that's the only way someone would think they're on a delusional tangent.
Anon, that post is fine you're coming off as obsessive. Formula isn't at all nutritionally necessary for toddlers, she is quite literally shilling for the brand. You may want to hide the thread.

No. 64233

The medfagging around Taylor's baby is so unhinged.

No. 64234

Newfag laments about anachan sister and her struggle with not being a anachan double thread

No. 64238

They've been on-off sperging about pregnancy and motherhood in the reddit hate thread for about a week now, some farmer please clear the dung out, at this point it's almost a third of all replies.

No. 64239

The reddit hate thread is often like that. Maybe they couldn't find the /2X/ board kek

No. 64242

Can someone please revive the next celebricows thread because the political takes celebrities are giving right now are so unhinged and I'm mad I can't discuss it with nonnies

No. 64243

samefagging we're missing out on Jada Smith revealing her and will smith were seperated before the oscar slap even happened, and chris rock was mad she rejected him kek. along with ben affleck basically cheating with jennifer garner despite marrying jennifer lopez kek

No. 64247

You might want ban the racebait in the gyaru thread >>>/w/309698

No. 64250

Be the change you want to see (make the thread, nona)

No. 64257

Anon going on about Jews for no reason in the Art thread as an insult >>>/ot/1727101 Unhinged scrotes

No. 64273

Jannies pls ive reported it several times now, spoiler the burlesque tranny in the tif thread with her vulva sticking out of her panties

No. 64275

This thread reeks of vendetta and probably because the person is black and trans. Anon is requesting their thread be filled with spoonfeeding. >>>/w/309898

No. 64282

why didn't you ban this poster for a-logging? >>>/ot/1727090 or did you and it just wast red-texted?

No. 64283

We have a mtf and ftm thread here with cows of all skin colours. The thread's shit but no one is gonna cry because they're "black and trans" kek.

No. 64286

So when anon goes out of their way to not post any info besides black and trans, then asks to be spoonfed, what exactly do you think this is? They cosplayer can go into one of those mtf threads then. There was no reason to specify that in the OP and have no milk to follow.

No. 64291

100% sure these same anons have been told to take it to meta several times in other threads too it's always the same 'not my ban why did this happen???' They purposely fill the thread with this stuff and it's irritating.


No. 64292

autist in the cosplay thread capping deleted posts and accusing anons of being fans over it >>>/w/309995

No. 64294

there's a namefagging scrote in the lolita thread

No. 64295

They are still derailing about the bans.

No. 64304

so report and move on? posting here won't make your reports work better.

No. 64305

There are some mods who are in /meta/ that could possibly pass on the word to other mods about it who aren't active at the moment I did report and it looks like a bunch of samefagging as usual

No. 64306

I'm sure this is like, top priority in a deadish thread, but carry on

No. 64310

can the latest shayna thread get locked? i'm OP of the thread and im honestly disappointed in the way everyones been acting ITT. its now being spammed by someone trying to lock it anyways. i'll remake a new one in like a week when this all blows over and shay is back home. i think everyone just needs to take a break from it for a week and then they'll act good when they finally have a thread again…

No. 64314

At this point I would agree. Previously I was heavily against locking the thread but anons have been told to stop it by admin, have been informed of the consequences and are still going at it.

No. 64318

Since you're op but like does she even do anything new and milky or is it just repackaged porn from 3 years ago in a new outfit and a new porn scenario consistently? Every time I visit the thread is just the same repetitive derailing. There's a bunch of farmers who have made it their goal just to infight in threads for fun rather than even talk about the cow unless its about her tits or tinfoiling she's a pedo.

No. 64325

not really every once in a while something milky happens like her being on weight watchers. but yea it's mainly just nitpicks. i only have been making the threads lately because no one else steps up and the shaytards including myself tend to start going crazy without a thread. i don't know why i myself find her so interesting, she's just like a car crash you can't stop watching. the saga lately has just been her prostituting herself out and bragging about it. people will say that the thread recaps i make are all nitpicks but thats a majority of what the thread is and i just recap the most replied to posts. it's like complaining water is wet.

No. 64328

Damn.. Then whats the point? Personally think that threads like that only bring more anons willing to fuck up the site to other parts of the site. There's a slim margin of good drama cows anymore. I see it on /snow/ and /w/ too where there's like no milk and just all nitpicks. I thought nitpicking was banned lol

No. 64331

to be fair, we recently got some good milk from her. Shay confirmed the necrotit tinfoil and then got a botched titjob that is currently suspiciously red and inflamed months later- maybe incoming infection saga.

No. 64332

idk I'm suspicious of all these calls to lock the thread specifically at this moment in time. How convenient that so many requests to lock it started right when the karate bozo got his identity leaked. although it would be funny to see the unavoidable manic high that it would give shay

No. 64333

newfag found. did you somehow get permanently closed from the discussion? it needs cleaning and maybe closed for a little bit just to get anons to fuck off who keep derailing, but everyone knows that they will just leave the tab open and wait for the thread to reopen.

No. 64336

>op here
Go back, posting a thread doesn't mean you have a special say in how it's used

No. 64338

Their point is that they made the thread because they like the discussion but anons are running the thread on purpose it seems. Tbh that is disappointing if you're op. Anons act worse than most middle schoolers.

No. 64353

Please remove the mod who keeps on deleting posts from the AI art thread!

No. 64358

Male asking why we are all whores and selfish >>>/ot/1730245

No. 64361

Mods in the Shay thread have been using redtext as a way to make their personal posts more visible instead just banning rule violators. Anything that doesn't align with a certain janny's personal thoughts gets slapped with a redtext instead of them responding to it with that same thought, like a normal human. Half of the posters are being "reprimanded" for the conversation they're having because it doesn't align with one janny's opinion. They seem unable to self-reflect & read the room to realize that they're powertripping & using redtext to amplify their own opinion (that no one agrees with).
It remind me of that one mod who would ban all discussion of Shayna's implant/poland syndrome because she didn't personally agree.

Bans are for gore, cp and egregious spam. That's it. Take your shitty opinion redtext sass bans & shove them up your ass.

No. 64366

The jannies in that thread are seething after being bamboozled by mojo dojo sensei and his mouth breathing law school buddy.

No. 64367

Newfag, mods have always been snarky with redtexts even back in 2015. Not sure why an anon user thinks that they can get away with posting anything they think is milk when it doesn't follow posting rules. There's no power tripping and you won't even link to posts you're talking about because anons will call you out on your personal vendetta against mods. Most anons appeal or ignore it and wait. However, even if they gave a normal ban like 'nitpicking' you would still come here to complain even when it's against /snow/ rules. Also derailing about something because it's loosely related to the topic doesn't make it on topic. Like posting her friend Kiki when posts have nothing to do about her. She's not the subject of the thread and there's no reason to post her individual crap. There's a thot thread for that.

Anons are derailing on purpose and using the thread as a vendetta to try and doxx and then going after her ex's current girlfriend and trying to post her stuff or her friends just because they think they are on topic due to knowing her. That's unhinged. None of that is on topic. You're missing you're usual phrase of but this is a gossip site. What you're looking for is 4chan for that stuff. You don't get to decide that only gore, cp, and spam gets moderated.

>It remind me of that one mod who would ban all discussion of Shayna's implant/poland syndrome because she didn't personally agree.

Yeah because you guys would nitpick it and spam random photos of her tits, zoomed in and everything. Titnitpicking is even banned in Moo's thread. This isn't even a new moderation.

No. 64380

>Bans are for gore, cp and egregious spam
No, bans are for rule breaking you retarded newfag. The shay thread is a cesspit of rulebreaking, deraling and everything else and I guarantee you 90% of the bans you're talking about are warranted. I wish they'd just lock the thread and be done with it. Shaytards are the worst users of this site

No. 64395

And they bleed their shit into other threads too

No. 64397

File: 1697676061944.jpg (75.24 KB, 934x311, ES&DYC.jpg)

Which retarded backwoods inbred janitor banned me for this innocuous-ass post? And why did they feel the need to leave the "(sperg)"? The fuck? Genuinely, are they retarded? There are far spergier posts made every hour on lolcow and yet this incredibly normie post of mine gets me banned? I was literally agreeing with what the anon I replied to was saying. Literally what the fuck? You have people in that containment zone of a thread using stale facebook gifs for every reply but noooo I get banned. Seriously some tranny behavior from that fugly stank janitor.

No. 64398

A logging, even yourself, is retarded

No. 64399

Are you a newfag or something? There was an anon in the vent thread saying she wanted to be called slapped around and called a stupid slut and she wasn't banned even though there is a horny thread in /g/ for that shit, and I get banned because I said I'd kill myself if my last name was Gooch?
Sorry, what fucking year is it? That isn't a-logging, retard. God the fucking retards on this site.

No. 64400

Not that you should've been banned, but acting like an anon should be banned because they posted something you didn't like (while not breaking any rules) is also pretty newfag-y. Sometimes anons post things that are better suited to other threads, it's not a big deal and also not even similar to your post.

No. 64401

You really are retarded. I brought it up because that post was worse than my stupid little reply. All horny shit belongs in the designated threads. A smart anon would have said "I'm very sexually frustrated and it sucks" or something, not "I want to be held down and fucked and beaten and spit on" like, okay? What is the fucking vent? That's not a fucking vent.

ANYWAY I shpuld not have been banned. Fuck you janny.

No. 64403

>All horny shit belongs in the designated threads.
They're not containment threads. You can post outside of /g/ threads as long as it's not excessive posting, some anons were even doing it today and yesterday in the dumbass shit thread and it was fine.

No. 64404

I'm sure it wasn't about getting beat and spit on and called a slut you autist.

No. 64405

Nta, but hope they ban you again. Repeatedly. I don't think you realize how obvious, with the same line of complaints, it is that you ban evading constantly.

No. 64406

You're also retarded. You know bans expire, right?

No. 64407

Samefag to say this is like the first time I've posted in /meta/ in probably months. I barely engage with anons nowadays. I've actually been appropriately banned before, but this was one of the most retarded bans I have received after all these shitty years. I hope that janny feels bad.

No. 64408

Read the site rules and stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 64410

What's with the derailing in shays thread about kiki? Nothing being posted even involves shay and its been nonstop about her.

No. 64412

Don't worry nonna, I agree it was retarded. And it always sucks to come to meta and have to deal with more retarded behaviour. Don't get too upset because it's a sitewide mod/janny issue and not you.

No. 64414

Anon, I want to show solidarity because that is fucking hilarious but the ban was fair enough.
Anyhow, have some chamomile tea or something.

No. 64415

>invents shit to win fight
Neither of you are right. But the 'sass' in question is a lot newer than 2015. Try 2020. Once again calling for shaytards to be moved into containment and left to their own devices.

No. 64416

Scrote posting her address unsaged in sssniperwolf thread.

No. 64421

nta but it's like you guys and the jannies have never heard of hyperbole before. plenty of anons make posts like "if xyz happens i'll kms" without getting banned, it's called a joke. so this ban is kind of strange.

No. 64427

And they, as a site, have to protect themselves if something did happen as a personal threat. They aren't going to be held responsible for letting threats of any kind to be posted. I get that it's a joke, but 4chan has had this issue with threats about killing yourself and people have..the biggest one was the livestreamed one.. Unfortunately the site needs to show they moderate that type of content or they could be in trouble if something happens to a user or cow and someone tries to sue based on assuming the website encourages rhetoriclike this. Even twitter moderates these types of posts, but they are a much bigger company and will argue context in court about posters. You think lolcow has the financial ability to get sued if some idiot posts a threat as a joke to a cow or themselves and its follows through? No. They need donations to even host the site. I don't understand how anons can't grasp this. Why risk it when you can just moderate it? This is just worse case scenarios, but that's probably why they do it. Same reason they remove doxxing and cp. They aren't going to be held liable for some random anon.

No. 64428

File: 1697737164876.gif (1.24 MB, 229x195, 9877.gif)

…Ok time to ban half the posts in the vent threads then

No. 64429

If the posts aren't getting reports, they won't see them obviously.

No. 64439

You really went typed up all that shit lmao. Stop whiteknighting the janny, it was a retarded reason for a ban. You don't need to jump through hoops to defend one trannyjanny.

No. 64443

this is so embarrassing

No. 64445

Nta but the explanation is probably because those types of bans have been complained about more recently

No. 64455

Can we ban Genshin as a topic, or either shut down the twitter/tumblr discourse thread again. It's basically the regular psychology of fandom thread again, because it has the exact same infights about the exact same topics. This time, Genshin keeps getting mentioned and keeps starting the same infight.

No. 64456

Samefag, but not ban Genshin entirely, but at least limit it to it's thread in /m/.

No. 64457

You can't a-log yourself you absolute mouth breather.

No. 64488

Taylor's thread on /w/ has the nitpickingfag back, can a mod handle it? They were told to stop but won't and it involves posting her child again for no reason.

No. 64491

theres hours-long infighting in shayna's thread again, they wont stop…

No. 64492

Then someone will get banned eventually and then come here to complain its a conspiracy by the mods.

No. 64496

Ffs can we get a mod in the Shayna thread

No. 64497

I think moderation is slow during the weekends. I've noticed a lack of bans during and I think the volunteers might have some of their hours based round it. Hopefully there's a weekend mod somewhere.

No. 64498

File: 1697905779894.jpeg (868.33 KB, 1290x1768, IMG_2185.jpeg)

There is a mod redtexting shit like this but not stopping anything

No. 64500

The person in the Shayna thread needs a for real ban. They’re clearly trying to lock the thread, and they sound absolutely retarded too

No. 64501

At this point we’re having weekly attempts to get the Shayna thread locked until it finally happens.

No. 64503

The shay anon is samefagging and ip hopping to prove a point. Time to flip their lolcow.

No. 64504

Can moderators get into the Shayna thread?? I usually defend the Shayna thread so this really is ridiculous

No. 64507

Agreed. This is beyond ridiculous and I have a feeling it’s probably someone related to the Colorado crew, but it could also just be some random retarded girl or a troon I guess. It’s seriously annoying to see them go off for hours and hours

No. 64510

It's just some dumb farmers. It's not uncommon for them to have mental breakdowns and go on thread tirades.

No. 64511

The anon in the Shay thread is going back and forth between their phone being on wifi, then off wifi, and switching their computer VPN. All that work for this? Really?

No. 64512

Yeah it smells like soneone trying to get the thread locked. Wouldn't be surprised if its Kiki

No. 64513

Please get the fucking idiot out of there, farmhands. I agree with these nonnas and it most certainly has to be someone close to shayna trying to lock the thread. Whoever they are, they're completely fucking unhinged and there are a few nonnas in there who keep replying instead of ignoring, dragging out the chaos. I don't want the thread locked, none of us do, I don't think, but something needs to be done to shut this idiot up.

No. 64519

People are posting their vaginas again in the Shayna thread.

No. 64521

The lava rock pic has once again made its appearance.

No. 64523

I don't think it's anon's. It's just random photos.

No. 64524

Thank you farmhand for getting in the thread!

No. 64528

>>63812 here to say that I just noticed everything works perfectly fine in /shay/ but none of the other hidden boards.

No. 64529

Dumbass ban evading in taylor thread after getting bans for nitpicking kek

No. 64531

Unsaged autistic embarrassment in coquette thread kek.

No. 64532

Also male.

No. 64534

Still happening. Please don’t let a repeat of what happened in the Shayna thread yesterday happen today kek

No. 64535

but… I want to be silly and schmecky…

No. 64539

Infighting in the Polish thread in /ot/, some nona calls others moids just for mentioning a cowish site, writes few unsaged posts one after another and calls someone else a cow for no reason.

No. 64540

And they ban evade again to infight

No. 64542

how the fuck do you know if anyone is ban evading? Is this you? >>>/w/310501 Because that is infighting and derailing.

No. 64543

How's that infighting or derailing when an anon posted about cosmo and says they never see it reposted? Seems on topic. The post below is infighting with that anon for some reason. If it's not ban evading, why are you so mad? Move on.

No. 64546

Because anon posted no screens about it actually being reposted by cosmo or anyone. It's just fighting the op, not making a contribution to the discussion.

No. 64547

I have a complaint: The new dumbass shit thread is a moid thread. The OP image is a moid-tier edit made to mock the woman in the photo, the joke is she sucks dick for a dollar. Please look into it. I also think someone is samefagging a lot because it’s moving extremely fast with similar posts, but only a farmhand or mod could verify, just a suspicion of mine. >>>/ot/1734551

No. 64549


No. 64550

>because it’s moving extremely fast
Is this your first time in a dumbass shit thread? It's always like that.

No. 64553

Lol sure jan

No. 64554

scrote on /ot/

No. 64555

there's a scrote/scrotes raiding /ot/

No. 64556

Farmhands need to corral the tards in the unpopular opinions thread ASAP. >>>/ot/1731286

No. 64557

Ok but the 6 year old ass
In response to nonnies talking about why choosing to do sex work is gross…really? You know why.

No. 64558

great work mods the entire site is nothing but male schizos schizoing now

No. 64561

Massive derail/infight regarding prostitution in the unpoplur opinion thread

No. 64563

Yeah, it really needs to be cleaned up.

No. 64564

The Cluster B thread is filled with newfags/genderspecials complaining about this site being transphobic and obviously refusing to integrate.

No. 64565

I have a feeling they're gonna keep going until it reaches the post limit kek

No. 64569

samefag but omg I was right kek it's like at 1100 now it's probably going to reach 1200 by the end of today

No. 64570

yeah I hope to god it doesn't start up again in the next thread, how long can they really keep up this rehashed bait over and over

No. 64572

porn in pt

No. 64573

nta but it hasn't always been like that, sometimes it takes like 2 weeks to fill up

No. 64580

It's the weird britbong normies from the anachan threads, that's why their posts are so particular.
Kek there are probably like 4 jannies for this entire site, of course the moids and schizoposters are going to proliferate. At this point as long as you can pass the voice test and aren't obviously a newfag you could very easily become a moderator. They've had that posting for new farmhands since like February

No. 64581

>as long as you can pass the voice test and aren't obviously a newfag you could very easily become a moderator
for some reason they reject a majority of the farmhand apps. like not even voice checking or replying back but straight up ignoring them.

No. 64584

can confirm, never even got a response.

No. 64586

File: 1698133465084.png (533.17 KB, 863x1540, Screenshot_20231024-090019.png)

There's no reason to redtext the person contributing content and not ban the infighter

No. 64591

Shows where the admins priorities are.

No. 64594

I got a response it was just a few months later (I didn’t follow through, I was moving long distance irl at the time). How long ago was your application?

No. 64598

I want to say late spring. late may? Enough has happened with this board since the summer that I would now feel uncomfortable performing this job, especially if it could open me up to doxing and unnecessary retarded drama. I no longer trust that even basic anonymity among the mods/jannies/admin would be respected. (Obviously I expected a voice interview and stuff like that, but I don't need this shit bleeding into my real-life career.)

I dislike that the tradthots and post-leftcows threads got locked and I would not be surprised if more threads got locked for sketchy reasons, or if all of /w/ got shut. Whatever agenda is already in place is not going to be stopped by a single new mod, I'm afraid. I offered to mod in more than one language btw, and I'm not an idiot who has never been a mod online before.

No. 64599

What infighting? Also with 3 redtexts before this post how do you not see this isn't milk and just sperging over low effort attempts at milk? That's probably why that redtext and 3 nitpicks up thread, within a day of each other, got modded. It's not hard to tell its probably ban evading or the samefag trying to shit up the thread because the other posts got flagged. Its not even a bumped thread either, so why aren't anons posting milk and just this crap? Get over yourself.

No. 64600

Not getting a response is usually a sign your application was denied or discarded or they didn't even get to it at all because they filled what they needed. I'm sure they have a way of checking your post history even with a vpn too.

No. 64601

I don't use a vpn. Glad they "filled what they needed."

No. 64602

The Unpopular Opinions threads on /ot/ are completely out of control please do something this is beyond an infight. The entire last thread was about prostitution and the entire current thread is about childbirth

No. 64608

It’s literally just one schizo samefagging and arguing with itself, why do you think they’re replying every two minutes for hours, you know who it is, ignore it

No. 64614


No. 64615

scrote bait

No. 64621

Kek they definitely didn't fill what they needed because the posting for new farmhands is still up and moderation on this site is still shitty. I'm telling you all, if you were around about 5+ years ago, the difference is like night and day. Everything seems so hands off nowadays, and the amount of baiting/trolling that goes on even in the cow threads is out of control. I think the admins are just too unavailable to properly manage the site, and I don't blame them entirely.

They also can check your post history with a VPN, but only if you also leave your cookies behind too. If you're using private browsing + VPN, delete cookies regularly, or somehow post on multiple devices, then there is no way to definitively track down who is who. They don't collect very much information at all.

No. 64623

Suggestion: Another hellweek, very soon.

No. 64627

This same poster really nitpicks what they can, huh? The whole thread is like this. If there's no milk, it's okay to let the thread be slow. It's the Elon Musk spergs all over again and probably the same one kek >>>/w/310708

No. 64629

report and move on. You're not going to get the thread locked by crying in /meta/. You don't need to reply to every god damn post either. Your posts are painfully obvious.

No. 64630

I’m horny and farmhands should do something about it

No. 64631

This feels like the same anon who was incessantly sperging about Lauren Chen kek

No. 64632

Not trying to get it locked. The entire post is stupid. These posts are killing the thread.

No. 64633

Got a bunch of samefags responding to redtext posts on the site, probably trying to feign interest after the fact

No. 64634

I wouldn't be surprised. The thread gets spammed with the same nothing-milk.

No. 64635

Can we get a mod to remove these kids from /w/ because anons are tinfoil they are being sexualized when nothing about the page or the photos are sexualized. It's weird to have them up there with that tinfoil. It's really gross anons are posting kids and attributing it to sex work when that's not what's happening.


All tinfoil regarding children needs to be banned. It's so unhinged and absolutely scrotal even to have that line of thinking and then to post people under 16.

No. 64636

I don't know what's going on in the Taylor thread, but the report is not working. The latest posts are all unhinged derails.

No. 64637

And an anon taking "leg accessory " at face value. Leave the kid alone

No. 64638

report and do not reply, then. What is so hard about that for you? There are now more posts in /meta/ reeeeeing that someone made a stupid saged post in her thread than there are recent posts in the thread. Just ignore it if it's dumb, stop running to mommy over anything you don't like. Why does "do not reply to bait" not apply to you?

>the report is not working
then maybe your pocket mod is absent, busy, or doesn't care? When /meta/ posts are made about how infighting or WK posts aren't banned, you scream about how mods don't care and everyone's wrong. Maybe they don't care about your crusade of reporting every post in the thread? just a thought.
>leave the kid alone
stop pearl clutching, no one said anything negative about her child. It's a bait post about Taylor. Ignore. Go outside.

No. 64639

You're allowed to report in /meta/, newfag.

No. 64640

You're meant to use the report button, moron.

No. 64641


Male with his autistic specific interest as usual

No. 64642

I just went a read what you complaining about, it's the most innocuous, dumb comment, relax. Why are you so concerned about some retard's offhand comment on an imageboard? Please tell me you're not the same anon as last time (and the time before that, and the time before that)?

No. 64643

some vendettafag spamming a poor girls nudes in the jonny craig thread. the girl is unrelated to the cow for years now.

No. 64645

Anon got a ban because they are an idiot for that part about the kid. Defending bad posts makes no sense and complaining about anons not wanting these types of post in thread makes no sense either. You'd think you'd want quality, not tinfoil and nitpicking. Use this thread to complain about it to mods, anon. That's why this thread exists.

No. 64647

Minimodding meta is a mental illness.

No. 64649

you can reply to more than one post in the same reply instead of doubleposting, you know

No. 64652

File: 1698340719618.gif (394.64 KB, 120x161, 1379808hta9kktgts.gif)

cp in pt

No. 64657

Can someone mod the gyaru thread? The anons tinfoiling about these kids being pedofodder is really gross and calling other anons groomers >>>/w/310818

No. 64659

That thread is trash, no one actually cares about it besides you. I didnt get a no, so just informing you you're way too invested crying in /meta/ every time someone shit posts, but that's typical for a /w/ user. I know more about the Taylor R thread from /meta/ than any anon should kek. The post was retarded I never claimed otherwise, but what's worse is the incessant, disproportionate, crying to farmhands because people aren't getting banned quick enough for your liking.

No. 64662

You do realize there's other anons complaining, right kek Tinfoil all you want. All I ever see are spergs who get reported in meta who get caught samefagging all the time, but yeah, definitely only one person ever comes to meta about w

No. 64663

It's not that one person comes to /meta/ about /w/, it's symptomatic of the kinds of people who use /w/. Zoomers always appeal to authority by clutching their pearls over nothing, and trying to get anything they don't agree with banned. It's why pull imploded on itself and why that board is absolute trash (aside from the obvious bait). Just the other day someone was in here crying about the Taylor R thread because a post said toddler formula isn't necessary. So they proceeded to try and get the discussion ended and that anon banned for the most basic of opinions. I only ever implied it was one person because you dodged my question (or you're not even the anon I was responding to). At this point it's not unreasonable to assume it's only a few spergs baiting, nitpicking and then crying here because the level of dedication required to be this invested in a dried up cow is something special. I'm sorry for all the exposition, but I've been watching this autism unfold for years at this point.

No. 64664

proof? nah, you're just retarded. I like to imagine your heart rate increasing anytime someone posts in Taylor's thread. You grab a fistful of chips and start typing your defenses, first in the thread itself, then in /meta/. Moooom! They're being mean on the internet! They called Sharla fat! They said Taylor isn't pretty! Report button isn't working! Tinfoil IP-hopping nitpicking infighting derailing sperg retards are just ruining my lolcor!!(Tinfoil IP-hopping nitpicking infighting derailing sperg retard)

No. 64666

Didn't the farmhand say in /meta/ it's like 4 people who constantly use it to hype each others nitpicks? I think you're complaining about the wrong anons. Farmhands won't ban just from complaining and a few agreed the bans were necessary. Just sounds more like anons don't want their posts directly linked because it gets seen faster which is the point of /meta/. If it's not banned, that's good. If it is breaking a rule, that's not other people's problem. This goes for all /w/ threads, but even /ot/ anons freak out when their posts are brought to in this thread. Most anons hate getting their posts reported, but even more so if it's directly brought to the farmhands.

No. 64667

File: 1698423197779.jpg (474.9 KB, 1080x1358, Screenshot_20231027_091253_Chr…)

Kek i love that the mods went back and double checked before giving the sperg redtext this morning. How is anyone defending this thread with these posts

No. 64668

I hate that thread. it is just nitpicking. PULL behaviour and she barely deserves a thread

No. 64669

I was wondering that too tbh, how is her thread alive when its all old milk or nitpicking?

No. 64671

All three posts in the screenshot are retarded, wow. Anons should accept that no milk means no posts. The thread won't disappear if they don't post bullshit weekly.

No. 64673

if someone wrote that, please link it. I remember exactly one post saying the thread had too much chat in it back in April or May. Not "hyping nitpicks" or whatever. Things change. But the mod has made their bias crystal clear now by basically shutting down any discussion of Taylor's content as "nitpicking." Including just talking about her clothes. She's a fashion influencer, I don't get why that's off-topic at all.

No. 64674

doublepost, but:
four posts about a slow over-moderated thread in the span of 15 minutes, all using repetitive language. It's ridiculous.(Tinfoil IP-hopping nitpicking infighting derailing sperg retard ban evading yet again)

No. 64677

I did you a favor because I'm nice >>>/meta/59143 It's not hard to follow lolcow posting rules

No. 64678

Time for my semi-annual suggestion to archive /w/ and move any active cow threads into /snow/ … I would like to follow pixielocks but find the culture in /w/ annoying. Pretty please?

No. 64694

CP in /pt/

No. 64697

I get that it's meant to warn people not to scroll until it has taken care of, but it feels like the "cp in /board/" comments are advertising those posts somehow. No offense but what even is being done about it if the spam happens daily? Whoever is spamming those awful videos needs to be assraped in prison since forever ago, and there needs to be better preventative measures in place.

No. 64698

Advertising cp?? How do you get that when its just to alert farmhands just because you also need to post where it is? Most anons aren't linking to it.

No. 64701

What happened to tradthots thread? I was away for a while and came back to see someone shifting the discussion to calling pregnant women misogynistic slurs. That’s why we can’t talk about tradthots anymore?

No. 64705

>alerting farmhands
That's what the report button is for. Posting in 10 different threads about the post calls attention to it and lets spamming scrotes know that someone saw it which is gratifying to them.

No. 64706

I see it as more for anons to not click on that board but ok

No. 64707

Who would it be advertising it to?!
It's just polite to warn other farmers.

No. 64708

As the anon who made the post, I had already used the report button as well. But to me, anything that might possibly alert admins faster is worth doing. I posted in one thread, not ten, and if an unemotional three words is "gratifying" to the scumbag who's posting it then so be it.

No. 64710

What 10 threads lol

No. 64711

There were some posts reacting to it in the mtf troon thread saying it really upset them. There is probably good intentions in warning others to stay away from the board it took place in. but idk, something about it feels counterproductive or like one of the posters might be in on it themselves. The mtf thread is full of self-loathing lurking troons after all.

No. 64712

That is a good question, I wonder what happened

No. 64716

We need to teach newfags the “bump don’t scroll” lingo. I know they mean well when it’s a warning but you’re 100% right it can’t be given attention like that, it encourages the spammer and they look for those comments of people being upset or talking about their cp posts and they get off on it. Some Nonas are even talking about it afterwards and how bad it made them feel to see it — NEVER do that, that’s what the spammers want to see.

No. 64719

You sound so stupid.

No. 64720

NTA but >>64705 is right. I think that it is still a considerate thing to warn others, but spammers normally are looking for a reaction. The best protocol is to continue posting as normal

No. 64721

It's like one report each time in meta. Report derailing in other threads, but obviously it will get a reaction. It's unfortunate but will happen. Anons are also allowed to talk about it if it upsets them, but in appropriate OT threads.

No. 64725

we really need to stop acknowledging it period. the don't scroll posts are also giving it attention. the entire point of those images is to get us to freak out about them.

No. 64726

but why is reporting them in meta an issue? just seems like a lot of anons don't know how we've always dealt with these. men will always always come and invade and make us uncomfortable with the most grotesque stuff possible. nothing we ever do is going to change it. all websites are like this and vulnerable to these creeps. they don't care if they do or don't get recognition. they like doing it regardless.

No. 64727

this is retarded. if you really really think a courtesy warning about fucking cp is advertising it, youre a porn sick weirdo. trolls are gonna troll no matter what, at least were given a heads up to not see mind scarring shit.

No. 64728

Can we get a disclaimer, something that says that a CP and gore raid is happening? I'm tired of seeing poor nonnas bumping random threads to save us all. It's so unfair to ask random users to warn us in such an ineffective way.

No. 64731

Its usually ou a few threads. Check meta before using the site. You use this site at your own risk

No. 64733

File: 1698607875268.jpg (87.97 KB, 664x768, 1396789563767.jpg)

I'm not against bumping threads but it needs to be done in a more subtle manner that doesn't give an obvious reaction to the spammer. Just bump a thread with thread relevant content. We need to bring back the mantra of don't feed the troll.

No. 64734

A lot of suicidal posts on /ot/ in the past 24h, maybe it's because of the recent full moon or the proximity of Halloween, maybe it's a psyop, or maybe I'm imagining things.

No. 64735

Why post this in the site complaints and suggestions thread? do you want farmhands to start banning depressed people? We would lose 85% of our userbase kek

No. 64736

Not at all, but maybe farmhands want to check up if they are frequent posters. Nothing wrong with venting about depression and suicidal thoughts

No. 64737

Shut up. They will do it with our author a reaction. Not sure why anons are showing about this as if it would stop them. It won't. Pick a meta thread to compain in too. We don't need this discussion in both.

No. 64739

Anons shouldn't be posting suicide posts anyway, this is the thread to let mods know. Minimodding, hello?

No. 64745

Its literally not in the rules kek. The irony of your minimod accusation seems to be lost on you

No. 64747

I think telling farmers not to use /meta/ to alert farmhands about concerns seems like mini-modding. >>64734 was just letting the thread know in case it is, or could be, a concern of the admin or farmhands.

No. 64749

For some reason, it says I was banned permanently on this IP on my computer. Seeing if this is the case here too.

No. 64750

File: 1698626016078.jpeg (82.82 KB, 640x633, 68B51F02-BAD2-4AAD-B82E-26B0B0…)

It’s not. But my IP is permanently banned when connected to my wifi. I don’t know what I did because I wasn’t given a reason as to why. I was trying to make a post in the /m/ vtuber thread about a cover song and this happened. Can mods help?

No. 64751

The majority of spammers do it for the reaction. This is especially true when it's spam of gore or CP. They take great satisfaction in knowing that they have upset their intended target. I don't get why this is difficult to understand. Responding to moid spam is allowing the moid to win and encouraging it to post more.

No. 64752

Just contact cerbmin with their email address regarding your ban.

No. 64754

Nta, but that's nice and all, but reporting it openly isn't going to suddenly change it being posted. I think you're overthinking this and I don't get why this is difficult to understand.

No. 64755

As it was stated in the other meta thread, many (maybe not all though) of those posts are just romanianon spamming. She even got banned for it in the previous vent thread and then ban evaded as usual.

No. 64756

yes exactly. the "bump don't scroll" and random cute pictures is what gets a rise out of them. if anything we need captcha and a script that scans an OP without text or with certain text as spam, that would cut down on it a lot. 4chan has scripts that identify spam and while you can get around them, it's more annoying. making it more annoying for them to post will make them less likely to post.

No. 64757

nta but it's not overthinking. unfortunately some of us are more desensitized to randomly seeing CP and gore from 4chan days and earlier raids on here by /r9k/ so we see the problem differently as people who aren't. i feel for those anons, but i also know that the reason that shit gets posted is that the males posting it want to see us unhappy, they want us to voice our unhappiness so they're aware of it. they're not just posting it and then leaving, they're refreshing and scrolling the boards to see us react and get satisfaction from it. i've seen caps from /r9k/ threads about the site with males just saying they want to see "those whores" suffer and stuff like that. it's them or angry trannies who are infuriated we won't let them join our uterus club.

No. 64758

Anons don't overreact the way you think they do.

No. 64759

If there was a disclaimer or warning somewhere when a raid happens, anons would just close the tab and moids wouldn't get any reactions from posting gore and CP. You are right, they love seeing us bump with cute images and speak about being disgusted by the images.

No. 64760

Don't feed the troll, don't respond to spammers, don't take the bait, etc. is one of the oldest morals of the internet. I'm not over thinking anything, I'm posting what has already been established as common sense.

Posting cute pictures of animals is especially retarded during a raid because all that's going to happen is that spammer will start posting images of dead animals or animal abuse.

No. 64762

where did i say that? learn to read.

No. 64764

Anons, keep reporting cp as you do and have for years. Men aren't going to suddenly stop even if we stop reacting.

No. 64767

Please do something about the Blaire White thread


Its nothing but nitpicking on his appearance, and it turned the entire thread to shit.

No. 64772

Newfag made a thread regarding blue vs brown eyes when it could have been posted in the random question thread. >>>/ot/1745423

No. 64773

the annoying thread bumping and cute pictures just started a year or so ago. they will post less if it's less satisfying, there weren't many posts for years before recently.

No. 64774

Here to >>>/g/355953

No. 64775

Racebait moid thread >>>/ot/1745521
Would it be possible to tempban those who didn't report and ignore

No. 64776

There is so much moidposting and racebaiting in every thread now jfc

No. 64781

Retarded newfag thread regarding autism >>>/g/355990

No. 64787

It’s literally just one racist scrote on a vpn. Ignore and report.

No. 64788

This redtext made me laugh so hard. The new farmhand is ultra based, love her.

No. 64789

I was thinking that too nona. I’ve seen hundreds of those ‘CP don’t scroll’ posts but I’ve never seen any actual CP posted, either farmhands are deleting it at lightning speed (which would be impressive) or it’s the spammer advertising his own sick posts.

No. 64790

The racebaiting scrote kept calling the Indian cows slurs and insulting their skin color. I suspect it’s the same scrote who kept sperging about Lauren Chen and has a hateboner for her and kept being racist towards her. I genuinely think it’s just some jealous scrote who is mad he’ll never fuck them.

No. 64791

We all know who the sick fuck spamming CP and gore was. Farmhands banned him hundreds of times. He used to spam it on cc too and because moderation was much slower there, it would stay up often for hours unfortunately. Same with his spamming the same gore gifs, sc*t porn, racebait and CP. I browse here all day and haven’t seen any CP or gore posted lately, probably because there’s only so many times he can afford to get a permanent global ban, but he’s definitely still lurking and posting racebait garbage and larping as a woman. I don’t think the admins will ever be able to get rid of him until he physically dies or gets swatted for being a pedo, sadly. Hopefully that day is soon.

No. 64795

Anon doesn't even realize it's not a samefag that they replied to either lol They make it so easy for mods

No. 64796

I ask again:

please, Please, PLEASE do something about the Blaire White thread


Its nothing but nitpicking on his appearance, and it turned the entire thread to shit.

No. 64797

I don't read that thread often, so sorry, but are you complaining about a thread where the last post was 9 days ago? What do you want done about that exactly?

No. 64799

There's a scrote "moid here!"ing in the MtF thread, very fucking annoying. Men have the ENTIRE rest of the internet, why the fuck do they come here and start swinging their dick around announcing their presence?? At least he could have had the decency to hide, but no, he had to MOID HERE! as if he's somehow different and the hero us women need. So gross and honestly annoying.

No. 64801

Just clean it up and let people know again about the nitpicking rule. I dunno if you are a moderator but is it really up to me to tell you how things work? Not trying to be a bitch here, but yeah, please fix it.
And if you don't feel like it give me temp janitor status and i'll make that thread spring clean.

No. 64809

The board has been absolutely infested with moids lately and I hate it.

No. 64820

Please ban the fnaf spergs for avatarfagging outside of their containment thread. Thank you.

No. 64821

the yaoi avatarfag and the fnaf avatarfag on the /ot/ dumbass thread are insufferable, they refuse to integrate and keep avatarfagging.

No. 64822

Whats fnaf

No. 64823

Seriously. They’re so annoying and autistic, did they come from tiktok or something?

No. 64824

No. 64826

Its not just one moid, tons of anons are racebaiting in g threads sperging about koreans

No. 64827

How is discussing a culture's strict beauty standards "racebaiting"? I swear some anons cry racebait over literally any mention of race without reading the discussion.

No. 64830

File: 1698889295447.png (185.81 KB, 665x401, example.PNG)

I know it's the dumbass shit thread, but are posts like this really what we need to see, especially without a spoiler. Not everyone wants to look or hear about yaoi all the time, and the spamming of it is really annoying

No. 64831

Leftcows thread has been locked for over 20 days, time to unlock.

No. 64832

Why are the yaoi spammers in /ot/ not banned yet? They just do it to annoy others.

No. 64833

Male looking for a pick me up >>>/ot/1748624

No. 64834

What have they been up to?

No. 64835

that thread has been dry as hell for like a year now, just fanboys and the cows themselves jerking each other off. the same anons keep calling the thread "juicy" and asking for it to be unlocked but no one has any actual milk.

No. 64838

File: 1698946103190.png (6.08 KB, 899x63, post.PNG)

So now you're just going to have anons racebaiting about jews and muslims everywhere else in /ot/. Jannies, the whole point of the thread was that it is a CONTAINMENT thread for the infights that were happening in multiple threads about Israel/Palestine. The Ukraine/Russia threads also had a lot of bullshit but were never locked if I remember correctly. Not sure what changed in such a short amount of time.

No. 64839

Report other thread offtopic racebait. You're jumping to conclusions that it's okay, but they won't ban the other posts in other threads unless anons are reporting it. Also, if they got a ban in this thread, it could be they didn't need a redtext in the other thread.

No. 64840

It's not about reporting, it's about keeping it contained somewhere. Imo, having anons racebaiting about Israelis/Palestinians in multiple other threads is not going to be better than having it contained in just one thread. And when anons were infighting about this stuff in other threads it did get reported.
>You're jumping to conclusions that it's okay
? What?

No. 64841

>So now you're just going to have anons racebaiting about jews and muslims everywhere else in /ot/
That's jumping to conclusions, yeah.

No. 64842

That's not jumping to conclusions anon, infights and racebaiting were happening before the thread was made. That's why it got made. And how is it saying that racebaiting is ok?

No. 64843

Then keep reporting them and hope some moderation happens

No. 64844

It was fine. It had enough milk to keep it afloat. Open it up

No. 64845

Have you considered ignoring it like a normal person. It’s just people arguing it’s easy to ignore

No. 64846

If didn’t get closed for no milk it got closed for some arguing about the war. I was in the thread at the time and it really wasn’t that bad, so I don’t get it

No. 64848

What is up with the moderation in /w? Like the Terry thread constantly has people making fun of the way he looks, but the second an anon makes fun of a different cow it’s “retarded nitpicking.” Can you at least keep it consistent and have mods that don’t play favorites

No. 64850

Nuff said

No. 64851

I think it is so weird when someone sperges about "filling up a thread" as if that's even a thing normal farmers do, and as if we don't make new threads. Look at how many threads Jill and Lori have had.

No. 64852

File: 1698967102904.jpg (464.76 KB, 1080x1526, Base.jpg)

Based mod, thank you. Taylor just isn't milky anymore and trying to force it isn't even lulzy.

No. 64853

Sounds like reports arent being done in that thread and he cosplays, its not the same as non costume cows.

No. 64855

That mod has a reputation of constantly banning within certain threads (Venus esp) while doing nothing in most other threads. The heavily moderated threads are likely cows that she's a fan of.

No. 64856

File: 1698972594752.jpg (335.62 KB, 1080x881, You blind.jpg)

Double post, but do you not check the actual thread? Anons get called out for nitpicking him all the time.

No. 64857

Anons post some of the dumbest shit in the Venus thread though.

No. 64858

it's not as bad as other threads

a lot of cows aren't very milky anymore, yet people nitpick about them and don't get banned like in other threads. are you the mod?

No. 64859

doubleposting because i missed this one, but yeah i agree. the whole point of saging your post is for when it's not milk/replying to someone, like people are doing.

No. 64860

just talking about a cow also isn't "nitpicking" them. It's gotten insane.

No. 64863

Suspicious links >>>/ot/1749553 could be phising ones

No. 64864

Yeah exactly. If people were only “allowed” to post when milk happens this website would be dead as fuck

No. 64865

That doesn't mean the posts are exempt from the rules because of saging. Nitpicking and random non-milk is still just shitting up a thread. It's a big reason why there's a lot threads for certain cows tbh.

No. 64866

The yaoi really should be contained to their respective threads, it's getting repetitive at this point.

No. 64867

Troon wanting a female community discord >>>/ot/1749695

No. 64875

Some deranged anon on this board has a hateboner towards Koreans and I genuinely think it’s one lost /pol/ moid because all his posts are very samey and all tinged with racism and stereotypes and massive generalizations. You can tell this retard has never left his basement in bumfuck nowhere USA but for some reason he thinks he’s an expert on Korean society. I’ve seen a lot of white guys on social media getting pissy and jealous about some girls finding Korean men attractive and trying really hard to gatekeep and bash Koreans, and this anon sperges extra hard at anyone who expresses it, so it’s probably some angry jealous scrote trying to poison the well.

No. 64876

Every country has strict beauty standards. Doesnt america have the most plastic surgeries of any country on earth?

No. 64877

I’m pretty sure it was one Jewish person being intentionally extreme and anti-semitic in that thread to bait everyone and then get the thread locked for racism and retardation. It’s clear they didn’t like what was being brought up and discussed in that thread, and nonas were posting a lot of obscure info and articles that make Israel look bad that most people don’t know about, I guess he/she got spooked and started shitting it up intentionally to get it shut down.

No. 64878

There’s no point trying to have a political thread or discussion about the conflict because there’s no real freedom of speech on the board and and post that’s too spicy or any take that’s too extreme of center will just get you a redtext and ban and self-righteous moralfagging replies.

Twitter and reddit are unironically more pro free speech than here, lolcow is the worst place to discuss politics, it’s pointless, and the rules here are very strict. If you wanna discuss it just go elsewhere.

No. 64879

Any post*

No. 64880

The reality is anons are probably going to continue race sperging in dozens of other threads and just making the jannies job harder. A containment thread was the best bet.

Frankly I’m sick of so many threads getting locked constantly as of late, the only thread I really checked often on this board was the tradthots thread because it was so milky and the cows in that thread are genuine pieces of shit actively working to get womens rights taken away, are child abusers, pedos, enablers of abusive scrotes etc.

Now all of /snow/ is just endless nitpicks about Kathy’s beak, Jared’s arms, and Shayna’s fupa. The board went from actually discussing serious shit to just endless annoying nitpicks about cows appearances that have been said a billion times before.

No. 64885

You can't even say cunt towards someone of twitter without the possibility of being suspended for a few days or banned. The hell are you talking about?

No. 64886

Why can't mods just sage a post when it looks like someone just accidentally forgot to sage? I post tons of milk (under the same IP so mods could see that), so I am not in the habit of saging, forgot to sage one single time out of hundreds of posts, and I get redtexted and tempbanned.
The whole saging thing should probably be looked at anyway. Looking at a thread right now where some actual milk is saged, which kind of defeats the purpose anyway.

No. 64888

Samefag, but wouldn't replacing "Hide saged posts for this thread" with "Hide all posts without media" essentially accomplish the same thing?

No. 64889

Anon, how new are you? Not saging is a bannable offense because it's a mark of a newfag since they don't know not to bump posts without milk, banning people who do it makes sure it doesn't become a norm, and they can't just sage a post because you can't un-bump a thread that's already been bumped.

No. 64890

Tell that to literally every other anon who has complained about infighting itt.

No. 64891

Due to the way sage works, you can't just retroactively sage. It's not about the colour of Anonymous in the name field. Using sage on a post means that the post doesn't bump the thread. It was an innate feature of all text and image boards that has now been lost on most western IBs. LC is one of the few IBs that preserves sage culture and it should stay that way.

No. 64892

America and other countries were criticized in that thread as well, did you completely miss the posts saying Anglo countries have pedo standards?

No. 64894

I've been posting here for years but usually just post in the same few threads. Didn't think about thread bumping. My gripe was more that someone who frequently posts milk is probably gonna forget to sage every now and then, and mods should consider that when quickly glancing at that person's IP history. I get it's part of the culture though. I'll make an extra effort to not let it happen again.

No. 64895

nta, but no. If you are an oldfag and you 'forget' and your post history is clean, you probably won't even get a long ban, but you should've checked before posting. Even after posting, you have 30 minutes to delete and repost as saged. Why are you trying to come up with some special anon merit system? All users are treated the same, old and new, if you're being a dumbass.

No. 64896

Yeah, they should move the israel/hamas yaoi fanart to the containment thread. It's like combining the two worst aspects of this board right now

No. 64897

You guys have always been ban happy which, sure whatever i'm fine with it. but I think that even you guys will agree that this ban is fucking stupid:


I wasn't even trying to be clever. That thread had been closed and I wondered why it was re-opened, since there was nothing noteworthy new in that thread.
I don't even expect you to do anything, I just wanted to share with you how fucking stupid that ban is.

No. 64898

File: 1699055011140.jpg (77.02 KB, 720x349, Screenshot_20231104-074101.jpg)

I diligently try to post caps if I can lol. But I definiely did this time.

No. 64899

The thread is open.. why would you go and make an obvious, no contribution, post about it?

No. 64900

what did your ban message say, was it for misspelling Scheiße?

No. 64901

doubleposting to say I am not >>64899 , we just posted at exactly the same time lel

No. 64902

Anon doesn't like that the thread is open and wants it closed.

No. 64903

I should clarify I don't mind mild pictures, but pictures like >>64830 are a bit too much to be posted without spoilers outside of their containment threads. Maybe if they tone it down a bit or spoiler those then idc.

No. 64906

unpopular opinions thread has been unusable for a while now because of the prostitution sperging. It feels like there's one or two anons who replies to every post with some aggressively vitriolic bait to try and stir up some days long circular discussion about how much they hate prostitutes and either they're samefagging or anons are too stupid to not take the bait. It fills the thread so fast any attempts to change the subject are drowned out.

No. 64908

>prostitution sperg
This topic has been discussed over and over again the last 3-2 threads and always leads to the same outcome infighting. Along with the fact that the unpoplar opinions thread has been filling up pretty fast compared to usual. Would it be unreasonable to temporally ban the discussion of prostituion in either the current thread or next one? I don't think am the only one tired of this.

No. 64911

Please ban the anons who keep fighting about sex work in the unpopular opinions thread already. I'm tired of infights being allowed to endlessly go on for HOURS.

No. 64912

unpopular opinions thread should be pruned. it's a bait/moid magnet.

No. 64916

The tinfoil in this thread is reeking of vendetta >>>/w/311588

No. 64917

I'm pretty sure it's bait. Most of the posts in that thread are either bait or nitpicking or stupid wks fighting both. Anons should stop bringing every single post here. Just ignore or report and be done.

No. 64918

The Unpopular Opinions thread #100 >>>/ot/1752250 is filled with nothing but retarded shit-flinging about which men from what country are more attractive.

I hate to say it, but I think the unpopular opinions thread should be temporarily locked, it is absolutely infested with newfags and the infighting is out of control. The thread constantly gets derailed for hours and farmhands don’t seen to care.

No. 64919

Or ignore the posts here, minimod. This is what the thread is for.

No. 64923

the wking in that thread is reeking of obsession(ban evasion)

No. 64926

Oh look, the constantly banned, anon kek

No. 64927

florence sperging in the celebricows thread kek

No. 64928

They were telling others to stop discussing this old news… jfc. More than half the posts from last couple weeks are redtexted now, holy shit. /w/ mod is ridic and must be a huge Tay fan, just like she is for Venus

No. 64929

Ikr? Literally no discussion is allowed, unless it's a well-researched, triple fact-checked, news-article-worthy post. I don't know if it's some retarded wk reporting every post ad nauseum or mods have nothing else to do, but the thread is über-moderated. Sure, spergimg about the kid and rehashing old milk is totally ban worthy, but banning posts discussing her questionable social media posts and ads is a bit much. It's ridiculous.

No. 64930

The board is boring now, every fun thread gets locked

No. 64933

hey look everyone, its vendetta-chan!

No. 64936

The minimodding and tantrums ITT about anons posting possible rule breaking posts is absolutely stupid. What do anons think this thread is for?

No. 64937

File: 1699221769420.jpg (33.27 KB, 602x339, main-qimg-6f8532751ceb198802a5…)

of course, let me go get the manager for you.

No. 64938

Once again begging for a yaoi containment thread. They were posting actual hentai gifs

No. 64939

Going on to say that despite earlier rules of shota needing to be related to the discussion or related to milk, they are posting about it once again.

No. 64940

seconded, this is going too far, please do something about it

No. 64942

They literally already have one in /m/. Jannies need to stop being lazy.

No. 64943

two options: 1) there are no mods at /ot/ or 2) the fujoshits are the mod's retard pets atm and this is a fabricated rage farming, they're allowing this shitshow on purpose for entertainment purposes

No. 64944

Samefag, but I'm also pretty sure it's not an entire horde of anons but only a few, mainly 1, that keep doing this.

No. 64945

File: 1699232388363.png (120.18 KB, 656x342, 48909KollOd.PNG)

Agreed. Mods clearly don't care because they're allowing them to talk like this when multiple people in the thread have complained about it.

No. 64946

There have been people complaining about a yaoi avatarfag since almost a week ago >>64821. Tinfoil, but i think trannyhands is behind this, it lines up with /ot/ as a whole turning into a shithole every time he appears, he has been at it for a while now

No. 64947

don't forget the never ending derail about a certain topic in unpopular opinions. i mean it's not happening now but only because the last thread maxed out. i'm surprised that and all this other shit went on for so long for several threads straight without anyone stepping in.

No. 64948

No one likes the kid that is constantly crying to the teacher over everything. Incessant complaints about the same topic and thread clearly have the same effect.

No. 64952

Unlock the leftcows thread on snow

No. 64955

File: 1699281312222.jpeg (451.69 KB, 1179x1324, IMG_5295.jpeg)

What’s the milk? All I’ve noticed is Matt Christman posting from the hospital, probably high as shit from painkillers

No. 64956

I occasionally lurked and yeah it was funny, there can be a bit more strictness but don't lock it alright.

No. 64962

Fujo posted rape porn in /ot/.

No. 64964

Can you guys please just end the stuff in the dumbass shit thread? Everyday this stuff has to go on for hours and it's just going to keep causing infighting, yeah it's the dumbass shit thread but a line should be drawn somewhere. It's literally been like 2 weeks. Just tell everyone to go back to their respective threads. Everything in /ot/ is unmoderated and I don't understand why.

No. 64965

Fujoposting outside of their /g/ containment should be bannable. This is getting ridiculous.

No. 64966

For the love of god please give the antifujosperg in the dumbass shit thread a time out. They've literally been ay it for hours sperging abut fujos sekrit plan to take over the website or whatever.

No. 64967

secondning this. also a controversial suggestion: do what oldmin did in 2020 and temporarily close /ot/ for a few days until mods get their shit together. plus it would be funny seeing everyone lose their shit on /meta/ again tbh.

No. 64970

The anons we have, and I doubt all male, have been fucking up threads sitewide for the past year.

No. 64971

You are literally the issue. You are the reason /ot/ now looks like the inside of a fucking short bus.

No. 64977

Nta, but why should it not be moderate?

No. 64978

don't post hentai and shotacon, that's it, that's all you have to do.

No. 64980

Literally kill /ot/ already, the ultimate hellweek weeding out newfags permanently

No. 64983

I think making /ot/ a hidden board would solve a lot of issues.

No. 64984

if by solve issues you mean make less moderation work and lose users to cc then yes

No. 64988

So we all agree it would be a good thing then.

No. 64990

The tranny does call himself a fujo, he's the one who posts link and astolfo.

No. 64991


No. 64992

Samefag, and he was outed as the shota spammer.

No. 64994

scam OF recruitment samefagging happening in dumbass shit thread for the past couple hours

No. 65000

At this point change the name of /ot/ to /shortbus/

No. 65001

Or you can just hide threads/scroll past topics you don't like instead of sperging out and derailing them.
In fact, we should have this as a board rule or just a rule for meta complains.

No. 65002

File: 1699435461490.jpg (662.67 KB, 3195x2400, 20231108_101953-COLLAGE.jpg)

It's wrong for mods to lie, even through redtext. The first post is mine - 3 days ban for bumping her thread about an event she attended. Whatever. The subsequent post, marked "samefag" is not my post. I have never used a VPN. So either a "mistake" or deliberate lie by the mod.

No. 65003

i have seen retards sperg about anons posting shotacon but i have never seen them post shota, unless by shota you mean any non roidpig moid

No. 65006

File: 1699436154814.jpg (276.73 KB, 2400x3195, 20231108_102703-COLLAGE.jpg)

doublepost to post another image
I screenshot my ban message at 16h26. Since I was writing a post on another board at the time, this was probably a little delayed. Conveniently, a familiar poster comes in the thread at 16h15 to defend the cow again.

So I'd like admin to state definitively if their mods are posting in cow threads copiously without their tripcodes. I think this is a reasonable thing to ask the admin of this site. Not whether they post at all, but whether they post copiously without tripcodes in cow threads. This is a question, not "tinfoil" or whatever. Thanks.

No. 65007

Retard, it's essentially avatarfagging and derailing the thread when there exist more relevant ones.

No. 65008

>The one shitting up ot is the shotaspammer confirmed

No. 65010

Avatarfagging means one person uses the file upload function like an avatar, using a character to make themselves recognizable on an anonymous imageboard. Multiple people posting images and topics you dislike is not avatarfagging. Just like lighthearted shitposting in the dumbass shit thread is not derailing. The one who spergs out and starts insulting posters for it is the one derailing.
>there exist more relevant ones
Funny how this does not seem to apply for the antifujo thread, antiyume thread or the second dumbass shit thread which was entirely made so you don't have to see or read about any 2D moids.


No. 65012

>Funny how this does not seem to apply for the antifujo thread, antiyume thread
The anti-yume thread isn't even open, but also anons keep saying this as if the anti-fujo anons have been spamming the thread with anti-fujo shit without reason. Anti-fujos (I don't think it's even anti-fujo anons, there are anons who don't care about fujos who also said the spam was irritating) have only been posting there because of the fujo anons spamming their stuff there for hours every thread, this has been going on for a while at this point. If they were doing what the fujo anons were doing (randomly bringing up fujos to sperg and spam about them for hours everyday in every Dumbass shit thread, and infighting) everyone would rightfully tell them to stfu.
Also, even with the bechdel test thread that still doesn't mean anons can just shit up the dumbass shit thread. Nta.

No. 65013

Samefag, but also some of the yaoi posters are completely recognizable even if not avatarfags kek.

No. 65014

>I don't think it's even anti-fujo anons
I just looked into the antifujo thread and within the last posts is complaining about the dumbass shit thread but okay. Spamming can be annoying but it can also be dumbass shit in lighter doses. But in this case they only doubled down on it after the militant antifujo anon played the fun police in that thread for weeks. So you could use the "they didn't do it without a reason" both ways. It's still a shit argument in the end, fujo anons should stop baiting the antifujo (not talking about the anons who are annoyed by spam, but that one anon who can't stop sperging about tifs and pornsickness everytime she sees two 2d moids in a picture) and the antifujo anon should take a chill pill and learn to ignore things she dislikes or take her own advice and stick to the threads where it's not infighting.
I don't like certain breeds of cats, do you see me aggressively sperging out about animal cruelty and insulting anons everytime they're posted as images? No.

No. 65016

So what? That really doesn't mean anything anon. Of course it's going to be posted in the fujo cringe thread because it's fujos, but that doesn't mean that everyone who complained about what's happening in that thread hate fujos or even use the fujo cringe thread. Some of us were just annoyed at seeing the same shit getting spammed in the thread repeatedly. And also it's not even just one anon who complained about the spam.
>Spamming can be annoying but it can also be dumbass shit in lighter doses
This isn't "lighter doses" though. Anons have been spamming for a while.
Anyway, you can say to just ignore it but you cannot blame anyone for noticing and being annoyed if someone keeps spamming the same thread over and over with their stuff when there's already a thread for it. It doesn't mean they just hate fujos or that it's just one fujo-hater.

No. 65019

It is tinfoil that you assume the posters are mods just because you can't post decent quality and get called out for it. Probably repetitively, highly doubt you're not one of the few constantly banned ones because non-milk tinfoil posts like that have been heavily moderated in that thread for a year and only spergs keep at it, probably going to get it locked because of it. It's also not believable you don't use a VPN, but, moving mobile hotspots, connecting to different cafes, leaving the house and using wifi.. these all change your IP. VPN or not, its still very obvious to catch samefags due to other info dropped by your IPs, so if that info matches up, you're obviously samefagging.

Maybe take a break from that thread, anon. Especially since your post was terrible to being with. Read the room in the thread, posts like yours aren't good, especially with Tom tinfoil attatched. Posting non-milk social media posts is against the rules. The facebook thing isn't milky, especially if it's all assuming she talked about nothing. No one wants to derail the thread just to tinfoil about why she's there. Now if we knew what she talked about, that could be a good discussion.

No. 65020

File: 1699461940505.jpg (97.84 KB, 955x272, For anon who keeps getting ban…)

Dropped pic, my bad, just in case you haven't read the rules

No. 65021

I didn't get any ban page for samefagging because I didn't samefag. That's categorically not my post. Given where I live, it's probably not even in the same geographical region. I don't use a VPN.

I didn't ask for commentary on my ban or how often I post (not much recently). I asked a question based on timing.

>Now if we knew what she talked about, that could be a good discussion.

That's why I posted the screenshot I grabbed, to see if anyone had information. Not all speculation is tinfoil btw.

No. 65022

Why don't you email admin? Admin hasn't been active on meta in over a month. This is just a bait towards mods otherwise.

No. 65023

The anons on /w/ need a reality check and across the whole board need to stop posting random things and thinking their commentary that comes with it suddenly makes it milky. Your take about it doesn't make something milk.

No. 65024

I did, I didn't get a reply. I think it's relevant to document this here. I'm not even arguing about the other ban with anyone, I rolled my eyes. But I didn't post that second post, so that redtext is a straight-up lie.

No. 65025

Farmhands will sometimes redtext posts without adding in another ban. It was either the /meta/ farmhand or the admin who mentioned that a while ago. So, even if you didn't get a ban for it, it might still be true that you were samefagging for all other anons know. This isn't the first time anons have tried blaming it all on mods and mods are allowed to be posters, it's not like they are only allowed to moderate and not interact with threads, but nothing in the Taylor R threads seems like they are masquerading as normal posters.

Also, this post is mine, about social media presence. It's not whiteknighting to point out she has a successful social media platform on Meta's Instagram.

No. 65026

You’re right. Also, the whole calling anyone who shits on fujos in the fujo cringe thread makes them obvious twitterfag refugees. No one has used the retard shipper language on this site, only them describing the anons they don’t like. It’s probably why they’re such bad/annoying posters. They came from a different site and refuse to integrate and cope with other anons not liking them, deservedly or not. We had fujos 5 years ago, but none this retarded. It’s why there’s more hatred of them now and more cringe thread posting.

No. 65027

*calling anyone anti-x

No. 65028

If you're not a mod or admin, then my question and complaint has nothing to do with you, with all due respect. Only a mod or admin can answer it, so why are you monologuing and assuming I'm a liar? I know without a doubt I didn't post that, which is why I emailed and posted in /meta/. Farmhands mess up redtexts sometimes, ever thought of that? I saw a redtext in Dakota's thread that said "6 hours."

No. 65029

File: 1699475215357.png (129.24 KB, 863x768, Screenshot_20231108-212340.png)

doublepost. it's about a different issue.

Why are these obviously vendetta posts tinfoiling and using scrote language about Yuhan and her child not being banned?
>>>/w/311227 I've reported it several times.
>>>/w/311948 Reported just now.

No. 65031

Theyre either minors or extremely young, /ot/ has become a haven for actual retards. They do not post in any threads about anything besides their special interests. Yes, it's odd that suddenly only the threads that are allowed shitposting are the only ones moving at all while everything else is extremely slow. They have no interest in integration, they want to change the site entirely. All they do is attract more spergs. They even try to adopt imageboard speak but try to use it in such a clunky, unnatural way while alogging anons who have posted here for ages and claiming we need to just get over it. We are accommodating to them, and all it does is showcase the lack of moderation and current indifference for what happens to LC as a whole. It's dead kek.

No. 65032

Absolutely. I saw one posting the other day to try and gotcha some anon for replying to two anons with one post, trying to insinuate they thought they were the same person. They haven't posted on imageboards for long if they think they, coupled with the rule breaking stuff and complaining about being banned for rule breaking in other threads.

No. 65033

Some retard is spamming pt and w with ReDfeM bullshit and egging on the admin and mods

No. 65034

Sure but can you at least stop infighting in the lolcow caps thread?

No. 65035

No. This board is barely moderated, it's going down anyways. Just like you, I will say what I want.

No. 65036

Please just lock /ot/ at this point for a few days and ban the yaoi thread in /g/. We don't need a repeat of the husbando thread migration from /m/ to /g/ and minimal difference in threads spawning.

No. 65037

>lock your board that receives the most traffic
Idk if they’re gonna do that nonnie

No. 65038

This is my main issue. It's mostly just 3 people and you can always tell it's them because they post about the same things.
>twisted wonderland
>kaworu x shinji
They go in cycles. One of them even went into the fujo cringe thread and posted the same 9/11 image they posted in the dumbass shit thread. They're doing this on purpose

No. 65039

Theyve done it before. It doesn't matter that it receives the most traffic, it shouldn't. Just nuke the dumbass shit and the retarded shitposting thread for good measure and watch what happens.

No. 65040

Way to prove the entire site is completely unmoderated 22 out of 24 hours a day

No. 65041

Is this why you've been infighting in almost every thread in the past days? Because you think if you sperg out enough the board that triggers you gets closed?

No. 65042

Can we banish the yaoi fans? I'm fucking tired of seeing ugly drawings everywhere. This website is nice because it isn't full of moids and they are easy to ignore if they are posted in the right thread. /ot should be free of yaoi.

No. 65043

Why do you refuse to do anything about this sped

No. 65044

File: 1699521942657.png (15.17 KB, 2461x122, i will get the police and the …)

what are you going to do? call the cyber police?

No. 65045

i genuinely dont understand why you refuse to use the bechdell test thread if you hate moid/fujo/husbando talk so much. You want fujos to be vanished to a containment thread but you aren't willing to do the same. rules for thee but not for me.

No. 65046

Just go to fujochan if you want yaoi 24/7

No. 65047

i am not a fujo i just enjoy the shitpost

No. 65048

I don’t have a problem with moid talk, my problem is with your pathetic porn addiction, you fujos legitimately act like borderline retarded tweens

No. 65049

There are now TWO dumbass shit threads, what the hell is going on

No. 65050

why are you looking for serious highly intellectual converstions in the dumbass shit thread, just ignore them. I dont like certain type of posters and i dont derrail the thread calling them fat/stinky/virgins and other dumb moid insults

No. 65051

newfag rushed to make a new thread at 1100 posts. old thread isn't maxed our yet so peolle are still posting in it
give it up lol. your antifujo autism crusade is shitting /ot/ up more than any yaoi ever did

No. 65052

>i dont derrail the thread calling them fat/stinky/virgins
And neither do I, is it not obvious to you that many anons are annoyed by this? I’m not looking for philosophical discussions but did you seriously not see how quickly the last dumbass shit thread filled up because of infighting? And the immature yaoi posters keep drawing attention to the infighting by referencing it in the thread op like are you really this fuckin dense

No. 65053

Women are allowed to hate other women. We are not in a sisterhood with pork addicted attention-starved zoomers

No. 65054

So now you've taken your autism to /meta/ because someone posted a screencap in the dumbass shit thread, you are proving why you deserve to be thrown into containment, fuck off

No. 65055

people had fun though, you can't deny that. Plus its the anons that cant stand the conversation not cattering to them for 5 seconds that always start sperging about yaoi first. We were having fun talking about jodi and snakes and shrek before they showed up and started shitting the thread.

No. 65056

i am not even a fujo, i am just tired of boring mod larpers like you who dont contribute shit to the threads yet want to be the center of attention. It's genuinely not hard to close the tab when fujos are posting or, you know, move to the bechdel thread were they cant post aka your containment. i dont like when normies start talking about celebs/makeup/shoes and other stuff i personalyl dont find interest, do i start hour long infights? no, i fuck off to another thread or do something else, it's genuinely not that hard.

No. 65057

you're right, it was all the evil yaoi poster fault and certainly not that of the sperg postign screeds about how yaoi is illegal indecent exposure and calling everyone fat
don't people realise that by sperging about muh ebil foojos you'll just attract more people posting yaoi just to piss you off?

No. 65058

only beta beckys modify their behaviour to appease retards like yourself

No. 65059

They have been spamming yaoi for several threads now, are you really surprised someone finally sperged out about it and is calling them names? It’s annoying as fuck
>use the bechdel thread!
Someone got banned for posting spongebob what the fuck am I supposed to do there
>not being addicted to porn makes you a retard
well then gimme my drool bib, I’m queen of the tards

No. 65060

>what the fuck am I supposed to do there
kek either cope or fuck off

No. 65061

>Someone got banned for posting spongebob what the fuck am I supposed to do there
oh so you want orwellian level moderation only for the things you dislike?

No. 65062

you have several threads and an entire website for your fag shit, you just like annoying people online because it’s the most acknowledgment you get in your day to day life. Go be pathetic and sad somewhere else.

No. 65063

nta but genuinely what do you like to talk about? if its normie shit then what do you gain from coming to a female autist infested board that has female autist hobbies and interests, go to twitter, join a discord

No. 65064

queen retard I'm not a fujo but minimodfaggots like you are really annoying, take a xanax or something

No. 65065

Your posts are getting very recognizable, good luck with that, sperg

No. 65066

If there are containment threads for all the celebrity husbandofags, monster fuckers, etc, why are fujos the only ones that are allowed to run wild over the entire site?
>what do you gain from coming to a female autist infested board that has female autist hobbies and interests
maybe, just maybe, not all female autists are into yaoi. Crazy idea

No. 65067

I am not into makeup/celebrity gossip/sylvanian families. All of those things have designated threads too, and i dont minimod and act like an entitled sperg and start reeing at them for posting outside of their threads. You could do the same and just ignore the posts you dont like.

No. 65068

nonny I think she is just very mentally ill, because of the lengths she is going we should just let her be, is not like the mods are gonna give a fuck kek.
get better queen retard

No. 65069

cant imagine getting that distraugth by a yaoi, i wonder if a yaoi killed her family

No. 65070

do you think I 100% like or agree with everything I see here? I just don’t wanna see cringe ass faggot porn holy shit, this type of hornyposting should stay in /g/. And it’s not really ignorable when it fills the whole thread

No. 65071

literally just switch tabs for a few hours it's not going to kill you, or, you know, you always have the bechel test thread

No. 65072

Now that you mention it, I hope monsterfuckers and maskedfuckers give the dumbass shit thread a visit sometime. Especially Jason nonnas are ultra stacys.

No. 65073

It fills the whole thread precisely because you cry and moralfag about it. The yaoi discussion fizzles out on its own if you don't come to lecture people on why they are pornsick fujos who are Aidens in the making. If you piss and cry and insult people of course they're going to post what you hate ten times more than if you just left them alone and fucked off to a different thread for a couple hours

No. 65074

KEKKKK this has to be bait

No. 65075

File: 1699526418071.png (47.13 KB, 2461x452, insanity.png)

she's fucking batshit insane

No. 65076

Okay well fujos are legitimately retarded, it’s like talking to a wall. Enjoy sitting in your crusty underwear
I didn’t do any of that you fucking imbecile, I avoid ot for a few days because of them, and every time I come back they’re still yaoi posting. Fuck off dipshit

No. 65077

ironic considering fujos sperged and had a snow thread locked for being named fujotroon ftms. Fujos can comprehend how it leads to derailing, until they feign ignorance when they want to control the narrative. cant take what you dish out tbh

No. 65078

i guess you will ignore the fujocringe thread that 5% funny posts 95% arm chair psychology calling fujos troons/aidens/pornsick/moids for your own convenience

No. 65079

wow you know how you can be sure your never cross paths with fujos? by posting on the bechdell test thread, as shrimple as that

No. 65080

When anons aggressively posted about the forbidden man, they got banned. When anons shitposted about their husbandos outside of /g/, they got banned. Why are these retards allowed to fuck around like this? Who's behind this?

No. 65081

Or don't shit an entire board.

No. 65082

Nta but what does that have to do with anything?

No. 65083

Farmhands sorry for spamming reports, but I doubt you want to go through thousands of posts and I hope this will somehow help finding a pattern in case they're ban evading/samefagging/using multiple devices etc.

No. 65085

File: 1699536625341.jpeg (310 KB, 1170x506, IMG_7474.jpeg)

>Why don’t you like yaoi?

No. 65086

Take the L already and go away

No. 65087

I’m not whoever you think I am.

No. 65092

The /w/ mod might not have been active, this is why anons bring reports from /w/ to /meta/ so often and yet anons bitch and moan about it. I suspect there's more than one /meta/ mod or thread watcher for the site and they probably are able to alert certain board mods if they don't have access to handle reports themselves that anons bring here. After you posted this here, with your several reports, [when you're only supposed to report once - twice at most the same post] the post was gone.

No. 65094

>with your several reports
I reported that first one ("affair offspring") over a week ago, then twice more, days apart. Why is that kind of post tolerated? It's still there. The second one disappeared only after I posted here in /meta about it, but the posts before and after it were banned and the mod was active elsewhere in /w/. I reported it once. How do you know the rules about reporting posts, are those written somewhere?

No. 65096

They also don't redtext every post that belongs to the same poster.
>How do you know the rules about reporting posts, are those written somewhere?
Anons have complained about getting banned for 'abusing the report system' before and mods have mentioned its because you don't need to report the same post multiple times. Once is enough.

No. 65097

If you're going to ban the Fujos and their sympathizers in ot at least also ban the spammers and minimoders who are keeping the infighting alive.

No. 65098

and yet many other threads are filled with redtexts. Yeah, idk. Seems like mods just don't care what is said in some threads and care excessively about others. Sorry you were upset that I brought the situation to /meta/, or whatever. Until an admin or mod makes a statement about the number of times it's acceptable to report, I'm not going to change anything about how I do it. 3 times over two weeks isn't excessive.

No. 65099

File: 1699555353187.jpg (9.11 KB, 380x385, 1656793226234.jpg)

why did tranny janny bend down to cyberpolice chan sperging, you know the people actually fucking derrailing the threads? they literally have an entire fucking thread to talk about the food they ate and other boring mundane shit why does the only place on the internet for women not overrun by trannies and normalfags had to be invaded by mumsnet refugees?

No. 65100

Not spamming the report system isn't in the rules because it's common sense. 3 times over 2 weeks isn't even the same instance I'm talking about. You worded it as if you did it one after another when you say "I've reported it several times".

No. 65103

I reported the first one 3 times over 2 weeks. I reported the second one once and then put it in /meta/. As I wrote. I've never been lectured for "abusing reports" so idk why you are arguing with me about what I did.

No. 65104

My god, anon, go outside. You're reading posts in your head in an aggressive tone for some reason. There's no arguing even going on.

No. 65107

is the tranny janny in the room with us now, schizo-anon?

No. 65108

The funposting thread is redundant as fuck. We already have dumbass shit, retarded shitpost, fujo shitposting, husbando shitposting, mundane shit, and bechdel test threads.

No. 65110

>you must be a tranny if you’re capable of reading when a large audience doesn’t want to see something

No. 65111

I reported it because I thought it said fujoposting and now I’m anticipating a spam report ban kek I feel retarded

No. 65112

you just love to minimod dont you

No. 65113

You are sitting in a thread meant for complaints about the site
I agree. But they refuse to use the fujo shitposting thread for whatever reason because they want it to be in /ot/. They should just rename that thread to that since it's what they're mostly using

No. 65115

>anons bitch and moan
>with your several reports [when you're only supposed to report once - twice at most the same post]
>Anons have complained about getting banned for 'abusing the report system'
>spamming the report system
hm yeah, nothing hostile at all coming from your nitpicking my reports of misogynistic scrote posting and insinuating I abused the report system. Give it a rest.

>My god, anon, go outside. You're reading posts in your head in an aggressive tone for some reason. There's no arguing even going on.


No. 65117

>But they refuse to use the fujo shitposting thread for whatever reason because they want it to be in /ot/.
Actually, you're probably right, I think let it stay open to keep the peace for now and then lock it when it eventually dies and this is over.

No. 65118

>I agree. But they refuse to use the fujo shitposting thread for whatever reason because they want it to be in /ot/. They should just rename that thread to that since it's what they're mostly using
the funposting thread doesnt even have fujosperging, in fact the fujospergs seem to have stayed in the dumbass thread

No. 65119

farmhands obviously camp meta and aggressively defend their shitty actions constantly. that's why the site is in such a mess.

No. 65120

would you guys close that fucking ""funposting"" thread already? its been up for 3 hours. Now everybody and their mom opening random ass threads cuse they keep getting banned, uh?

No. 65124

Celebrities thread in /ot is a mess.

No. 65125

File: 1699571280980.jpg (85.41 KB, 1125x1120, low IQ.jpg)

No. 65126

They should make a study about people obsessing with cows. lol

No. 65131

What shit bait

No. 65138

It’s annoying because it’s basically dumbass shit, just made in haste by the fujos.

No. 65146

Agreed it attracts the most psycho people possible. On the note of the celebrity thread is there a new rule about not saging? I see users getting banned for not saging which is weird for an /ot/ thread unless it's exclusive to that thread

No. 65157

It isn't a new rule. Anything that isn't milk should be saged in that thread.

No. 65165

For the thousandth time, it's the only ot thread where saging is required

No. 65166

Fujosperg baiting and derailing in vent thread since he's been shut out of dumbass.

No. 65167

That's all that needed to be said

No. 65168

Please ban the fujosperg in the vent thread

No. 65170

Who's the anon that keeps making 90% of the celeb thread about what anons are which? Like no1curr go to a site with profiles or something if you want to obsess over which anons are which

No. 65171

Yeah I noticed that too, it's getting annoying

No. 65172

It is actually new. They only started enforcing it a few months ago (with little warning), for a majority of Celebcow's time here we have not had to sage.

No. 65173

Can a farmhand please delete that most recent post in the scumbags thread about blowing loads, I don't want the girl he's talking about to see it

No. 65176

More likely to be autistic or schizophrenic kek

No. 65177

File: 1699635922747.jpg (29.5 KB, 550x458, mDKgpds.jpg)

>as shrimple as that
I don't know if I'm just retarded but I've been cackling at this for like 15 minutes KEK 'cause wtf

No. 65178

Can you only get banned from one thread? I thought that if you were banned it meant you were banned from the entire board or the whole site

No. 65180

You can't, like you said you only get banned from a specific board(s) or from the entire site. I'm not sure what those anons are talking about.

No. 65181

Kek schizophrenic?

No. 65182

Have you seen some of the posts in the cow boards? They'd make Terry Davis blush kek

No. 65202

the jannies keep banning me for making fun of fujos

No. 65205

No. 65207

>Why can't I leak containment and spam an unrelated board 24/7 (even though there exists a place where the spam is allowed) when there exists a thread that I don't like (that contains itself)!
Retard newfags.

No. 65213

Samefag and not trying to be snarky but why not delete the post? Leaving it up just encourages that kind of behavior, it's like a big stamp complete with red to draw attention to it. He's talking about blowing loads to a teenager why not just delete it?

No. 65216

You're valid but it summons them and they never shut the fuck up, they like all forms of attention because their real lives are such low-stim. Just post regular and ignore, we don't need to keep it up.

No. 65217

Does anybody know cerbmins email for lolcow stuff? I just tried to email admin@lolcow.farm and got a message saying it’s an invalid address

No. 65218

>that contains itself
The irony kek

No. 65219

can you ban the fat sperg trying to bait?

No. 65220

the truth isn't bait, they've been caught doing that shit before. no one else would be caping for them while the site is such a shambles.

No. 65221

No. 65222

Does anyone know admins email? The admin@lolcow.farm still isn’t working

No. 65223

can admins do something about the obvious moid/troons invasion on /ot/. There has been a spike of post calling women fat, stinky, fish fingers, telling them to get electrocuted with their hitachis, shaming them for liking husbandos, etc. All very obvious moids coping. Not even when pakichan/romanion post they get this level of vileness throw at them, because women dont call other fat like retarded coomer moids who think if a woman is fat or not attractive to them it means they have no value. Like c'mon it's the most obvious moid insult ever.

No. 65224

pretty sure you just made a typo nonnie, they have replied to me on that email. post a screenshot of the error message

No. 65225

The tranny shitting /ot/ with obvious misogynistic insults was him all along. See how he referenced himself even though literally NO ONE named him.

No. 65227

Can we redtext the word Ozempic? It's thrown at literally every person who is slim now, even people who have been slim their whole lives. Even if their joking it's getting pretty old at this point. It's like some users think no one can be skinny without Ozempic anymore, as if weight loss drugs didn't exist before this one. I saw some month old post in the Poppy/Titanic/Mars thread suggest Poppy is on ozempic, the already slim and has been slim her entire life to the point of looking anachan Poppy. It's getting ridiculous at this point.

No. 65228

The JackFilms deserved it wk is back in Lia’s thread and derailing yet again. Can they be told to take that portion to the YouTube thread? There was interesting stuff about her copying another user and then this dumbass shows up.

No. 65229

Lia is the cow. Defending her is whiteknighting.

No. 65230

I don't think it should get a redtext, but it's really annoying to see anons constantly tinfoil that a cow is on it or joke that a cow should be in it. It's beating a dead horse.

No. 65231

Samefag I just realized I may have used the wrong word, I don't mean redtexted like it should result in a ban. I just meant like the text could be made red like nonnie and femcel, but fair enough if that's not realistic or necessary I just thought that might be fitting

No. 65232

annoying as it is, I bet that's not even tinfoil for most of Hollywood. Elon Musk talked about it openly and a bunch of celebs rushed to get it. I agree with you, though, it's more like stating the obvious.

No. 65233

We definitely call each other fat all the time

No. 65234

I'm sure this has been discussed before, but is it possible for your choice of theme (ie Darkcow) to be reflected when browsing the catalog? The transition is always super jarring.

No. 65235

Scrote racebaiting in black girl problems thread in g.

No. 65236

Samefag, pretty sure it's the same scrote as >>>/ot/1876035 who just thinks declaring lies makes them true like a tranny kek.

No. 65237

Catfishing fucking horrifies me.

No. 65239

* sorry, wrong link


No. 65240

No, we dont. Nor ''ugly'', those are moid insults and it's not a coincidence during the dumbass thread infights the insult that gets thrown the most is ''fat''.

No. 65241

It might be teenage boy finnish invasion nonna warned us about month ago on meta. It's crawling and they're baiting everywhere.

No. 65243

Nta but yeah, some of us do.

No. 65244

we call each other fat and actual fat people fat, only a tranny would sperg for literal days this hard about how the new regina is fat, completely ignoring the legit fat celebs in Hollywood. Blaine is probably mad because they were banking on them making a tranny regina

No. 65245

ntayrt but women do call each other fat and ugly out of spite all the fucking time…wouldn’t be surprised if it was either some freak off her meds or he who shall not be named

No. 65246

I don’t think anyone expected tranny regina kek I think a lot of anons are just commenting on how fat the population of America has a whole has become, cause the whole cast of mean girls is shamuing it

No. 65247

Oh i agree, i just dont understand why that particular anon is so spiteful against that particular actress, even getting triggered when anons are saying they like her body. I just don't get it

No. 65248

That is clearly not the point of the conversation. they're obsessing over her body

No. 65249

>only a tranny would sperg for literal days this hard about how the new regina is fat
Idk nonna some anachans and weight obsessed women can get pretty weird and scrotish, I've known a few irl who would do something like that

No. 65250

People calling you a retard for breaching containment and shitting up numerous threads or users pointing out tifs like yaoi, etc is not them breaching containment. Leaking containment is when it's not relevant to the thread. There isn't much yaoi hate posted outside of the fujocringe thread unless it is in response to a fujo shitting up a non-fujo thread, aka shitting on them for leaking due to underage newfag autism.

No. 65251

makes sense, only an insecure teen boy would get so triggered of women posting and discussing hot men and call people fat/ugly thinkig it's a gotcha moment kek

No. 65252

>There isn't much yaoi hate posted outside of the fujocringe thread
the /snow/ ftm thread is also filled of fujocringe thread baiters outside of the containment trying to infight about how its all yaoi's fault that autistic traumatized women are trooning en masse

No. 65253

Saying that tifs transition because of yaoi isn't bait you coping retard. Tifs post about it themselves. Also the links you posted exemplify my point dumbass. The posts were only made in response to fujos in ot who leaked containment as I said.

No. 65254

Also, the anon you linked isn't even baiting retard, they're saying the whole "we like fujo stuff because it's more equal" makes no sense since anon posted that fujos prefer the bottom character and it's still essentially a male/female dynamic in all but name, the whole uke seme thing.

No. 65255

You really need to lurk more before you post to not stick out so much. It's so obvious your posting this because it's an infight or mean because it's in response to your posts. You must be of age to post here.

No. 65256

Please, unpopular opinions is out of control

No. 65257

We aren't your personal army kek just look away

No. 65258

>fujocringe posters dont shit threads they stay in their containment!!!111
they are shitting up the funposting thread right now

No. 65259

Fujosperg avatarfagging and spamming all the exact same images he did a couple days ago. Its no different, a complete repeat.

No. 65260

the bone sperges are fucking psychotic. I left the thread for a few minutes and there were like 50+ new replies, most of which from the bone rattlers. idk how, or why someone would be bothered to stick around for that long. don't they have shit to do?

No. 65261

A faggot is posting bestiality porn on ot because they know not a single mod is on these hours. Thanks.

No. 65262

it’s not beastiality it’s a bugs life yaoi

No. 65263

Yes, please, do something. He copied another nonna's behaviour, and then added his faggotry to it.

No. 65264

It's porn of people with gigantic bugs you nasty cunt, it doesn't matter.

He posts porn for hours for attention because even 4ch has better moderation than this. Thanks for letting us be exposed to thus faggot and his retarded fetishes so he can feel le epic memetroll poggers and harass women in the process. /ot/ is basically just him jerking off all night.

No. 65265

You already post your own retarded fetishes so how is rule 34 a bugs life worse than that dude shitting out meat

No. 65266

mods are such fucking retards for not banning the moids already
>fujoposting gets banned off the dumbass thread because of trannies and moids causing infights
>ok someone makes alternate thread
>moids and trannies call the mods to close it down
>mods dont close it
>comfy af thread not a sigle infight for two days while the dumbass thread got like 3 infights and a dead animal posted uncensored
>moids/trannies realize mods arent going to suck their pp anymore
>decide to shit up the funposting thread even though literally no one mentioned them or the other thread >>>/ot/1766959
>they start sperging calling everyone fat as usual
>some retards fall for bait and post porn(they deserve the ban and i have reported them)
>eventually anons stop responding and go back to posting fun stuff
>moid/troon realizes no one is falling for bait anymore so he starts falseflagging and posting shitty porn that isnt even yaoi

No. 65267

What are you talking about, schizo? I don't post about fetishes, you're just a samefagging loser trying to justify harassing women with images of pork solely because you know it's unmoderated. You are losers.

No. 65268

Finland is a shithole country faggot

No. 65269

You dont even know if it's actual anons posting porn. That stupid freak samefags like crazy, he's probably talking to himself.

No. 65270

Fujo posting was banned because it was shitting up unrelated threads for a week. You can still fujo post in the designated area rather than leaking containment.

No. 65271

then why did you come shit up the fun thread? it was bothering literally no one but minimodding moids like you and that's why you had to go and shit it with your bait and spam

No. 65272

>then why did you
I didn't you fucking retard. Not everyone who complains about your unhinged and embarrassing behaviour is the same person. Take your meds. You are the problem.

No. 65274

Samefag >>65272, not to mention it's obvious you are the retard spammer since you complain about the same shit every time (minimodding, every complaint is anti-x, every one complaining is the same person). You're a retard.

No. 65275

File: 1699772780297.jpg (31.13 KB, 640x561, 798deaa4ac171d494ab1c04bc9bae2…)

Blaine and the antifujo sperg are shitting up the funposting thread.

No. 65276

I noticed both might as well be the same person because both do the obnoxious replying-to-the-same-post-1000-times samefagging.

No. 65277

this board is filled to the brim of obvious moid bait, i have been here for a long ass time and it has never been this bad nor this obvious. They arent even trying anymore,

No. 65278

When can we have another hellweek

No. 65279

Please ban the moid already this is a shitshow he's posting porn again
The funposting thread shouldn't even exist, you created it to post porn when you got banned out of everything

No. 65280

there was no porn on the fucking funposting thread until the moid showed(what a coincidence!), I genuinely have no idea why you lie like this when checking the facts is as easy as reading the thread.

No. 65281

Just go away already, you shitstain. You should be ashamed of ruining /ot, posting porn for weeks nonstop then creating a random thread when you got banned like a spoiled kid. Your ass should get permabanned

No. 65282

Stop engaging with it nonna and just report if you can, it's bait at this point.

No. 65283

>fujos shouldn't be in the dulbass shit theead, the should make their own thread!!!
>separate thread gets made
>this thread is an abomination, close it!!!!
ueah the porn is fucking gross but it inly gets oosted when moralfags come shit up the thread, funny how that happens

No. 65285

File: 1699806606668.jpg (76.94 KB, 600x632, 69271812685668742.jpg)

When will you realize that people only posted porn to trigger moids like the finnfag and you? Say its moids and troons posting sweet pool sylvanian figures all you want, you sound batshit metakarening over a thread literally called "the funpost thread."

Mods know these anons aren't him, everyone whos familiar with his posting style knows they aren't him, and the posters actually using the thread as it was intended know they aren't him either because these "spammers" are talking to eachother about video games and BL vns as they post their meat men, so I don't know who you think you're fooling. You bitched and bitched to get fujos banned from dumbass shit, they made their own thread, then you followed them there to bitch some more and surprise, they started trolling you again when your one job was to hide the thread. Hide the thread. You're obsessed, go twist your rosary in the antifujo thread and leave the rest of us alone. You're ruining /ot/ with nonstop fighting, baseless moid/troon accusations when you sound more like one than any of the accused, and minimodding.

No. 65286

fujos have never posted unspoilered porn without first facing hours of annoying spergs screaming at them. they've created a single thread to contain themselves in and it hasn't leaked out, so just hide the thread. the daily unpopular opinions infighting and trannyhands is a bigger problem than this.

No. 65288

Finnfag said that he's not from Finland and doesn't know where this comes from >>>/ot/1767813. I don't know if he lies, but it basically reads "yes, i'm a moid".

No. 65290

Also this >>>/ot/1768082. They're saying themselves they're scrotes. It's crawling.

No. 65291

Then *fakefinfag. He was extremely pissy about any BL being posted at all and then started saying "fujos are proof women aren't funny" again kek. The mask always slips, he can't go 5 minutes without resorting to saying women smell like fish, we're fat, we're undesirable, and whatever else. Once he and the other fag I just replied to are banned, no one will get baited into posting porn anymore as they didn't before those two came in sperging. The real reason the one crying that we all "ruined muh glorious /ot/" (that's already been a dumpster fire since 2018) refuses to hide the fujo thread is because the thread they chased everyone out of is a fraction as active now kek.

He's also the one sperging about the AI girl Cillian Murphy? Is that who trannyhands is then? I'm lost there, I never read much celebricows or unpopular opinions because someones always fighting about dumb shit in there.

No. 65292

I don’t know I could be wrong but the activity in the finnish thread makes me think it’s the boy who authored the screenshot that was posted? I’m not gonna repost it because it will just attract him but I’m pretty sure it is in dumbass shit and funposting, it’s like a screenshot of a 4chan post.

No. 65293

>it hasn't leaked out,
It did in the dumbass shit thread during the whole isopod thing. Infight about Fuji's and someone was posting BL/yaoi pics

No. 65295

I saw that, it was supposed to be them discussing where to go because that finn board is being paywalled but idk what it really says since I don't speak finnish. The guy angry about the sylvanian meat figure was a newfag and very esl so i think its at least someone from there given the timing.

>in the dumbass shit thread
>as if it deserved to be banned from there in the first place
First of all, kek. Are you talking about days ago when one of the spergs brought up fujos first outside the antifujo containment thread, once again prodding fujos to troll a shitpost-friendly thread? Have anything from last night when posters were actually active? The fun thread is 3 days old btw. And I don't know what fuji infight you're on about, but simple BL and anime boy reaction pictures are never going to be totally hellbanned outside one or two threads on a weeb imageboard, and if you think the existence of a fujo thread means they should you're in for some disappointment.

No. 65296

>sylvanian meat figure
Kek I love this. The Sylvanian figures are the bunnies and other little critters, the little desk statue of the anime guy is just a figurine lol

No. 65297

File: 1699814651873.jpg (25.43 KB, 501x501, 1699780231664.jpg)

Then what about this

No. 65298

First off, chill out. The anon I replied to is the one who said the fujoposters made a CONTAINMENT thread for themselves and didn't LEAK out, so idk why you're nitpicking what I said and putting words in my mouth. This was like a day or two ago, someone said they didn't think the fujoposters should've been banned, it started an infight, and then anons started talking about isopods which led to some BL pics being posted and sperging about thinking anons shouldn't be allowed to post bugs.

No. 65299

Damn I guess she counts

No. 65302

Samefag but also jannies themselves said they were going to ban BL/yaoi in that thread as they felt people were using it to bait. I'm talking about that specific thread so I really don't know what you even mean with this. Also there were a few times after the funposting thread was made where fujoposters came back to argue in the dumbass shit thread. There were a few times were someone mentioned them first, but there were also a few instances of them coming back on their own after the thread had already moved away from the topic.
>BL and anime boy reaction pictures are never going to be totally hellbanned outside one or two threads on a weeb imageboard, and if you think the existence of a fujo thread means they should you're in for some disappointment.
I never said they should be banned, btw.

No. 65303

Porn on the main page. I don't know where it was posted.

No. 65304

The activity in the Finnish thread is just infighting as is usual for the site, first it was if we are genetically Swedish or not, now it's lesbians vs bisexuals (a classic topic).

No. 65305

File: 1699829664473.png (1.23 MB, 2030x950, dimessquareelderabuse.png)

Can leftcows please be opened. Kaitlin Phillips is elderabusing Wallace Shawn and Deborah Eisenberg in person by having Dasha participate in a dinner party reading of the latter's play.

No. 65306

If fujotalk got banned from dumbass shit, you weren't supposed to create another thread, just go to the already existing yaoi thread at /m/. Please answer this, why aren't you using the yaoi thread at /m/? Like, if you want to talk about that so much, then…just go there? I don't get it, media talk in general goes there, why did you open a whole ass thread instead of using that one?

No. 65307

because the fun posting isnt about fujo talk

No. 65308

Dasha’s such a ghoul

No. 65309

It's been almost a week, don't you get tired of this?

No. 65310

finposting isn't a yaoi-exclusive thread, it's an anything-goes thread. just like dumbass shit was supposed to be before the moralfags threw a fit.
we get it, you're so triggered by fujos you'll keep whinging unless they get barred from lc altogether but that's not going to happen. cope

No. 65311

You need to calm down, I was just asking not everyone is out to get you
>it's an anything-goes thread. just like dumbass shit was supposed to be before the moralfags threw a fit
What can you post there that you couldn't post in the dumbass shit thread without going against the site's rules?
>you're so triggered by fujos you'll keep whinging unless they get barred from lc altogether but that's not going to happen
I don't mind fujos and they've always been here at LC with 0 problems, so nobody is trying anything, I just don't understand the need for so many threads when we already got reduced activity nowadays

No. 65312

>What can you post there that you couldn't post in the dumbass shit thread without going against the site's rules?
cute men/yaoi since it makes the dumbass thread trannies angry

No. 65314

>topic gets banned from a thread due to moralfaggers minimod
>alternative thread is created where banned topic is allowed
you made this yourself by begging mommy mod to ban something you dislike off the thread. the fun thread is covering a niche you created and therefor not a duplicate. You are just begging to close it down because people are deciding to use that thread instead of the dumbass thread where all the boring infigthers reside.

No. 65315

The only reason it isnt happening is because there is no moderation. If it was a year ago you'd be dust.

No. 65316

kek sure tranny

No. 65317

Just ignore it, the thread will probably be locked once this whole thing blows over since it's a duplicate thread, if they do it now it would cause more issues. This entire situation is just the current thing baiters are using to cause problems on the site.
Pretty sure this was in reply to my post, I was reposting. I didn't ask jannies to ban anyone nor am I begging them to shut down any thread. Thank you for proving my point though anon.

No. 65318

it wont be locked you have been begging mods to close it for days >>65108

No. 65319

>if they do it now it would cause more issues

No. 65320

>cute men/yaoi
So you agree? It's literally just a reactionary thread to post your anime boys? Kek
>the thread will probably be locked once this whole thing blows over since it's a duplicate thread, if they do it now it would cause more issues
I wasn't aware this was the strategy to deal with baiters, thanks for explaining. I hope that baiter gets tired of samefagging and leaves soon

No. 65321

why do cute men/yaoi being posted in a primarily straight woman weeb imageboard make you this angry, tranny-kun?

No. 65322

the funposting thread had no bait, no infights and no yaoi posting until one of you showed up to bait. Most of the posts on the new thread arent even yaoi related. I am sorry anons dont want to share a thread with boring drooling retards like you.

No. 65323

Notice how since /ot/ is dead theyre all here samefagging and defending their autism vehemently. They're incapable of talking about anything else.

No. 65324

I'm pretty sure it's literally just one crazy mf. Anyways, let's ignore them, the lack of interaction will surely drive them crazy soon or later

No. 65325

>They're incapable of talking about anything else.
the funposting thread has a wide variety of topics

No. 65326

KEK the Regina George larping stop

No. 65327

You're not even a woman

No. 65328

keeeeeeeeek cope!

No. 65329

I'm the first quote and I guess that's a 'no'.

No. 65330

File: 1699892939909.jpeg (989.74 KB, 1170x2311, IMG_9204.jpeg)

The farmhand in charge of the Shayna thread sucks at it. Can an admin review their work? Whenever moderation is actually needed they’re never around, and when they do show up its just tell people they can no longer talk in the thread. They’re sucking all the fun out of the threads and many nonas agree and example in picrel was especially egregious.

No. 65331

All those posts need a redtext, are you drunk or something? This is why there are so many threads.

No. 65332

Can you shut up it’s been like a week. Close your fucking computer if it upsets you so bad lol! I’m not a fujo but they haven’t been posting gross shit for days so relax or log off. Seriously.

No. 65334

can the fujospammers pls be banned at this point, it's every thread and getting annoying.

No. 65335

Why is there a disproportionate number of anons in /meta/ who like sucking the jannies' girldicks?

No. 65336

well i don't like looking at cilian murphy but i've managed to discover the concept of scrolling

No. 65337

There's a difference between an ugly man and straight up porn, hentai or explicat images. you have your own website and thread, stay there.

No. 65338

no matter how hard you seethe, a female-dominated weeb imageboard is always going to attract fujos,husbandofags and the like. if you're triggered by animu porn this place isn't for you.
go join a rosary or facebook mom page instead of trying to change the entire baord culture to suit your particular taste

No. 65339

no one was massposting straight up porn until like one weeks ago, and it's infecting every thread, I know it's either a TIM or some future soon to be TIF, but it's getting annoying.

No. 65340

explicit images unspoilered at /ot/

No. 65341

Got a bunch of tinfoil in the dakota thread, paragraphs without proof. It's derailing

No. 65343

no one is massposting porn, you consider anything that has 2 guys kissing to be porn. literally hide the thread.

No. 65344

It isn't every thread, we made a containment thread that we've stuck to since it took off and all you need to do is not use it. What's so hard about that?

No. 65345

Fujos have fujochan to sperg out. Lolcow has always been, first and foremost, a weeb-adjacent gossip chan. All of the other unrelated topics are merely tolerated through their own boards. I don't particularly care about fujoposting, but if it's explicit or unrelated to a given thread then it shouldn't be there.

No. 65346

Someone was posting bare asses with no spoiler at the funposting thread, the pics appeared on the front page as well

No. 65347

Amputee fetish at the front page wtf

No. 65348

Get your shit together with the yaoi. It's getting out of hands. This is even worse than the Ezrat fucker. Get new mods or mods who aren't coomers. Jesus.

No. 65349

100% it's an anon reading here

No. 65350

Its related to the thread its being posted in because it was created specifically in response to it being banned from the dumbass shit thread. It isn't being posted anywhere else. Chill.

You're samefagging hard to try and get that containment thread locked. No one is posting bare asses or crazy amputee porn. I don't understand why it makes you so angry and why your response to that anger is not to just hide the thread. Mods can see your IP.

No. 65351

It's really fucking interesting how questionable stuff only gets posted in the containment thread right as someone comes to moralfag and call fujoshis misogynistic coomers and disappears the moment the thread police leave. Really makes you think about who actually posts that stuff.

No. 65352

>it was created specifically in response to it being banned from the dumbass shit thread
Like I said I don't care about fujoposters. As long as it's related to the thread and properly spoilered if necessary then go at it. Otherwise use the containment thread or go to fujochan

No. 65353

They already have threads about their interests on other boards. Why is it so difficult to understand for some of you that not all women want to see ugly drawings of ugly men? No one is complaining about the nonnies into nerds or ugly moids because they stay in their own threads.

No. 65354

That's because anons are alerting the mods directly on meta.. what stupid tinfoil are you insinuating? What do you think meta is used for?

No. 65356

File: 1699918488958.jpg (Spoiler Image,487.93 KB, 1330x886, Wtf.jpg)

Please do something about this, this crap was at the front page, this site is looking like a shithole

No. 65357

File: 1699918696776.jpg (Spoiler Image,270.76 KB, 665x1080, 333343.jpg)

Also this, no spoiler so everyone got to see it at the front too

No. 65358

And it is, its just one sperg who spends all day trying to get fujos banned from the site forever insisting its not.

Then hide the thread and you won't have to see it anymore. They're staying in their own threads on /ot/ and /m/. If the lack of activity in the other thread is what's keeping you from hiding the fun one, that isn't only caused by more non-fujo/yume posters being drawn to the more active thread, but because these enthusiastic fujoposters and husbandofags are capable of talking about other things and made up a lot of the activity in that thread. Too bad. You have the bechdel thread and the now moidfree dumbass shit thread, try to make it more active.

If you hang out on the front page long enough you'll see shay's vag and tits 10x per day but you don't see anyone demanding her thread locked. Transparent.

No. 65359

And everyone told them to knock it off. I reported them and other anons reported as well. Not our fault /ot/ is unmoderated. If the thread is locked the spergs will just migrate to other active threads like unpopular opinions which is already bad enough as it is.

No. 65360

>Then hide the thread and you won't have to see it anymore
You retard, if you don't spoiler those pics they will appear at the front page, making it visible to anyone avoiding your thread

No. 65361

They should at least be spoiled. Everyone knows the funposting thread is just filled with coomers who have been kicked out from the dumbass shit thread. But even people who don't know of the conflict are being exposed to pictures of bare asses and yaoi with a bunch of taboo kinks

No. 65362

Why do you hang out on the front page all the time? Honest question. See
>If you hang out on the front page long enough you'll see shay's vag and tits 10x per day but you don't see anyone demanding her thread locked.
You have to rush there to cap the posts you probably made yourself to post here as evidence for why all fujos should be hellbanned. You aren't avoiding anything, you're watching it like a hawk kek. Read the global rules and /ot/ rules and show me where some fully clothed amputee guy warrants a thread locking. All I see are
> /ot/ rule 6. Don’t report a post simply because you disagree with it, not everyone who disagrees is a man
>/ot/ rule 7. Don’t go into a thread to complain about the exact same thread. Hide threads you don’t want to see and take topic complaints to /meta/.

The ass sports poster was ree'd at by everyone there for posting 3DPD, mods can feel free to spoiler those.

No. 65363

someone just said she would make it clear what the thread was for in the next op, it was kept vague to start because no one knew if it would take off or not

No. 65365

But why do anons think they're immune to like, general site rules just because it was in a specific thread? You still have to spoiler images. And why are anons in here taking complaints as personal attacks. Some of you should take a break from LC, seriously

No. 65366

>Why do you hang out on the front page all the time?
I don't hangout there, but I know nonnas and any lurker from other boards could stumble upon those pics by simply joining the site. That's why you should spoiler those, is inappropriate and rude to users around the site who don't want to see that kind of stuff
>show me where some fully clothed amputee guy warrants a thread locking
I don't think your thread should get locked so stop saying I posted those awful pics to get it nuked, just put spoilers so the whole site doesn't see it

No. 65369

can someone make the new amanda bret thread? it was just starting to get good again

No. 65370

There's no general rules against NSFW unless it's CP. I think mods should just add a "Spoil NSFW" rule and be over with it. But there's a no NSFW rule on /m/, but it's not enforced. Which does not make a lot of sense, kek.

No. 65372

It's says so on the info page but also everyone who uses this site already understands that if you post something explicit or containing nudity it should be spoilered, it shouldn't have to be stated

No. 65373

This, don't know if anon hasn't brushed up on general rules in a while or not but there is no rule against it (although yes, there should be). Only /m/ has a rule against it, and there's a rule about shota and loli. This is an 18+ site, post at work at your own risk. No spoilered nsfw happens on every board every day, report, wait for a mod to take care if it, and move on.

No. 65374

Again, it's on the info page which is basically an extension of the rules but I honestly wasn't even speaking about the literal rules page. Everyone knows if you post something un-spoilered you'll get banned even if it's not explicitly said on that specific page. I just don't get the whole drama around anons alerting the jannies as if some posts should be exempt from that.
>report, wait for a mod to take care if it
That's what those anons were doing though above though. >>65340 >>65356 >>65346. >>65347

No. 65375

i though bare asses were fine because it was something you can find in nature? we have bare asses banners

No. 65376

right? the rugby pucs are c'early nonsexual nudity. can't believe people were clutching their pearls over these
no one should be browisng lc at work anyway

No. 65377

Boobs are also natural yet we are supposed to spoiler nudes tho, if you can post bare ass anyone could post anything else following the same argument. Quit arguing about it before you get banned yet again

No. 65378

dunno who you think i a but i havennt caught a ban. i just dinnt see what teh difference is between the rugby ass pic and the daddy's little porkchop banner.
sorry but i find it annoying that peoole single out one specific autosaged thread when rules about nudity (again i'm Ot tlking about actual porn, just nudity) are inconsistent and we're on a 18+ site anyway

No. 65379

the porkchop banner and the moriah banner also have bare asses

No. 65380

Anons have been complaining about those banners for months though.

No. 65381

Are you ESL or having a stroke?

No. 65382

>i though bare asses were fine because it was something you can find in nature
This killed me for some reason, are you seeing a lot of mens bare bums in nature? Kek

No. 65383

I'm sorry but it is funny that others threads are repeatedly brought up in the fun posting thread but anons sperg if that thread is brought up anywhere else, especially here in /meta/

No. 65384

NTA but that was the argument of a certain anon who sperged about why the porkchop banner was okay because asses are natural and you can see them on the beach, while sylvanian meat figure isnt okay because it's unnatural

No. 65385

Them accusing us all of being moids and trannies is so constant I'm starting to wonder if someone's deflecting

No. 65387

kek are you going to pretend its not the falseflagger bringing it up?

No. 65394

It seems weird to get so defensive about people reporting something bad going down at the funposting thread. If the anons using it weren't the ones posting fucked stuff, but instead a falseflagging anon, then reporting it should be beneficial for everyone, right? Why get so angry at people reporting a supposed false flag?

No. 65395

No one cares about the sisters as a whole and all their old milk and this stupid tinfoiling. Anon keeps bringing up Kiki when she has her own thread. Dakota shouldn't be closed, but anons doing all they can to extend and fill the thread isn't helping keep her milky either. This keeps killing the credibility of these cows even being called cows anymore. The visa derail was dumb enough like the anons do in the Venus thread.


No. 65396

Because anons don't want reports to come directly to /meta/. If it's not reportable, mods ignore it anyway. If an anon spams the system with the same baseless reports, they will ban them for overreporting. I think it's probably the anons doing the derailing who get the most mad about the reporting.

No. 65431

moid or extreme newfag on /ot/

No. 65473

why is funposting on autosage again?

No. 65474

You know why. Anons have been discussing it in meta for days. Literally just wait it out.

No. 65480

just wait it out? im asking why the new thread got autosaged almost immediately
there weren't any inappropriate posts

No. 65481

Because of the fuckery from the previous thread like a day ago.

No. 65482

Because it is some underage newfag failing to integrate with too much autism to recognise their actions are why they're being banned etc.

No. 65483

>Made a containment thread
>Some fujo posters refused to use it out of spite or seethed about its creation
>Thread was only made because they leaked containment for a week and shat up ot
You were one of them, huh.

No. 65484

Why do fujo chan refuges try to pretend lc and fujochan share a similar culture? They don't have a similar culture at all.

No. 65486

it’s not about any inappropriate posts, it’s more trying to cut back on infighting coming to the thread because it’s been so chill. I think farmhands just wanna keep it that way. I’m hoping that’s the case.

No. 65487

Because they want to force a rebrand and see this as the perfect place to do so since there's limited and shit moderation. That'd why they also lie about being oldfags or overcompensate by pretending they know site lore and chimping out whenever you correct their exaggerations.

No. 65488

retarded attention whore scrote made an entire thread

No. 65489

This retard really thinks people should have to see their anime porn all over the front page. Kek that's wild.

No. 65490

I genuinely have no idea why anyone would use the frontpage. I used to get constant screamers of shayna's ass and other vile shit. Just bookmark the threads you like.

No. 65491

misogynistic bait posting in multiple /ot/ threads atm. smells scrotey

No. 65492

Yes please, it's been a month already.

No. 65493

15 year old Ryleigh Nikki K white knighting here >>>/w/312495 again.
Please just permaban her in a "gentle-like manner" since she's too stupid to grasp what an imageboard is, internet safety and what her idols names are.

No. 65494

That makes sense, the poster didn't seem like they are old enough to be posting here either

No. 65495

Is shaymod up? some weirdos have been spergging about animal abuse, race baiting and nitpicking in the thread for the past 5 hours or so kek

No. 65496

samefag there is also ana-chan spergging and literal reddit 3 deep 5 u posts please help

No. 65497

She back at posting again. >>>/w/312513
If this was any other imageboard she would have been doxxed and harassed already, which doesn't help that she's serving all of her info on a silver platter.

No. 65505

there's a lot of infighting about jacksfilms and sssniperwolf in this /ot/ thread >>>/ot/1539480

I reported some of the worst posts the other day. We're not meant to be infighting there, even though some nonas try to instigate it if anyone posts about /w/ threads. Anyway, the ones posting insults about blow-up dolls and accusing nonas of being men are the worst imho, that's not even about the cows or topic of the thread

No. 65509

Retard back again >>>/w/312544 along with continuing her behaviour of being obtuse and self righteous.

No. 65510

The anon saying all anons are the same and saying we are riding jack's cock needs to be institutionalized. Defending a pedo like sniper is absolutely unhinged.

No. 65511

This feels like the anons who larped in other threads too.

No. 65512

There is some tranny schizo posting his wrist (or possibly paid a girl to make a timestamp) and trying to coax other farmers into posting their wrist in the black girl thread. He’s also sperging out and accusing real women of being trannies, can you get rid of him already? I haven’t seen such unhinged cow behavior in a while

No. 65519

Wrangle the infighting anon >>>/ot/1775408 accusing anons of wanting to fuck a moid is stupid as hell

No. 65522

Kiwi poster is still sperging and ban evading about some random in the tradthot thread again.

No. 65524

Spam/ or phishing links >>>/snow/1930005

No. 65525

Pearl clutching weed usage anon is back in the jill thread >>>/w/312598

No. 65532

Romanianon back to using the vent thread as her personal blog >>>/ot/1776288

No. 65533

I wasn't even pearl clutching about weed, I was just annoyed that anons were so convinced that vertigo was one disorder and not an array of them with several causes. I couldn't care less about weed. If you're too stupid to see that, sorry.

No. 65534


No. 65535

I care, the quality of the site will dip if random retards spread misinformation just to one-up a cow who is stupid to begin with. It's pathetic.

No. 65537

You can stop derailing about weed at any point in that thread, you know.

No. 65538

Can someone please explain why janny is having a meltdown in the Sam Hyde thread

No. 65541

I assume it is the same scrote who has been baiting the thread lately trying to lie that black women are more often killers than white men who was posting in the thread earlier this week.

No. 65542

That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. They stick out like sore thumbs, it's pretty funny when they try and pretend to be oldfags and immediately start using any term they see regular anons using but end up using it incorrectly and just outing themselves.

No. 65549

Nonas breaking too many rules and derailing, farmhand probably got fed up good for her

No. 65553

Anon revived the tech cow thread >>>/ot/603913 in /ot/ would it be possible for the thread be moved to /snow/?

No. 65554

To the "mod" that b& me for "non contribution" for replying EWWWWW to a moid selfposting his ugly bare naked ass in the freaking butts thread in /g/–your days are numbered. I hope your holiday is horrible.(stop! i'm scared!!)

No. 65555

Newfag, you're not supposed to egg on or interact with moids. No wonder you got banned, you need to report and move on.

No. 65564

some fag posting scat on /snow/

No. 65567

Tranny baiting in unpopular opinions thread.

No. 65568

hey retarded newfag, don't respond to males or to bait? its what they want? imagine coming to meta to make edgy threats because you don't understand how to use the site

No. 65582

the faggot moid who keeps calling women hags is back

No. 65595

Can we please take funposting off autosage now? All of the NSFW content has been spoilered over the last 2 threads, no one’s been infighting, they’re literally just singing best friend by toybox talking about female Jesus. Why can’t everyone else join us?

No. 65603

>Why can’t everyone else join us?
Take a wild guess, maybe anons don't like hanging out with weirdos posting rape/shota porn

No. 65604

Because you're all smelly fujos

No. 65605

Most anons keep a tab open. There's no reason to unsage when anons like you are reeeeeeing for it to be bumped.

No. 65606

I would like to see a function to hide individual posts in threads.

No. 65608

Yes we’re all smelly and unenjoyable that’s why everyone comes flocking to that thread the moment a new one is made before it’s autosaged

No. 65621

Nta but 'everyone' is just the tards. It's literally a tard wrangling thread.

No. 65622

The post was literally years old, it was a dead thread revived. I'm not a newfag either. Just pointless banning for criticizing one of the nastiest posts I've ever seen.

No. 65625

Since when do farmhands even ban for non-contributions on an offtopic board? Like an i missing something?

No. 65629

Replying to year-old posts with just 'EEEEWWWWW' is absolutely retarded. Anon deserved their ban.

No. 65633

Just auto sage the unpopular opinions thread please, some anons can't hold off from taking the bait and moid take the opportunity to shit things up. We can't control them from posting and lurking, but we really shouldn't be giving them the attention they so pathetically and desperately crave.

No. 65636

Redacted is doing his weird, distinct woman larp itt complete with fetish image

No. 65637

The thread was necrod. It's a /g/ thread, not /pt/. There is literally nothing wrong with looking back on something disgusting and pointing it out, sounds like you want to overmod people away.

No. 65639

Necro doesn't mean reply to old as fuck posts with non-contribution reactions.

No. 65643

Why is the Unpopular Opinions thread seemingly taken over by one opinion at a time for a whole day and it's always something insanely baity and scrotal? I swear it's like it's someone's hobby lately to fish for replies in there and then keep it going all day.

and all the posts in general are so baity lately it's crazy. plastic surgery is good actually, long noses are ugly on women, dating a 30 year old man if you're 20 is a good age gap you're basically the same, uncut dicks feel better [posts images of dicks, asks for help identifying which is which repeatedly so people look at the picture more], people will be nice to you if you dress up and make your self look nice – give me a fucking break.

No. 65645

Actually yeah… it does, the thread was necro'd by other anons. A saged response to a disgusting ass is a non-issue you cum guzzling dickrider.

No. 65646

Yeah, obviously a male. Crawling everywhere.

No. 65647

Where can we discuss J-Vloggers such as Chris Broad and Sharla and Tokyo Lens?

No. 65649

Refer to this thread >>>/meta/1706

No. 65652

Youtube thread, but I've kept up with them, theres no new milk. Them moving and traveling isn't milky.

No. 65653

Half of the shit you said aren't even bait. Of course people treat men and women who are dressed better good. Of course having disproportionately big noses make men and women unattractive.
Though I agree that rest are baits but unpopular opinion thread has always been baity.

No. 65655

tiny noses look creepy

No. 65664

Disproportionately tiny or big noses are scary. Either way looks like you went way to far on one end of the customisation slider

No. 65691

File: 1700608837703.png (165.46 KB, 858x951, Screenshot_20231122-001239.png)

/w/ mod banning people for discussion in Dakota's thread, wtf? Neither of these posts are mine btw. They are not against the rules and these red texts just make the mod look unhinged. Last I checked there was no rule that the posts in a thread need to entertain a mod in order not to cop a ban. Same is true in some other threads, you know which ones I mean. Give it a rest, janny.

No. 65692

Repetitive nitpicking comments don't contribute to the thread, nothing posted is milky. Bitching about the mods but posting like that won't save you.

No. 65693

they aren't my posts, and repetitive "where's the milk ?" whining is boring. Nonnies are allowed to have opinions, none of that is nitpicking, it's simply having an opinion

No. 65694

Her ugly hairstyle isn't a discussion when it's nitpicked so much is like 80% of the thread.

No. 65695

I'll be frank, it feels like one or two people want to red text every new post in a slow thread about a cow who has been here since the farms began. If a thread is boring, don't read it. There's no need to cover it in red ink.

But if you're the mod, post here with your tag.

No. 65696

If these aren't your bans, then who cares? No one comes and complains this much about a thread with bans like this unless they have a stake in it. Might not be your bans, but you seem to not grasp that these types of posts don't add anything of value to the threads. None of it is discussion and it is, as the farmhand labeled them, getting old. Maybe move on and ignore the posts that don't add anything to the thread and contribute something that would. If you aren't posting like those two idiots, then you don't even need to worry. If you have something good to discuss that isn't repetitive, please add to the thread. You're clawing tooth and nail for posters who aren't even you. Either you're a newfag or you don't follow rules properly to get why these users got bans. Nothing about this is a farmhand abusing power and maybe don't go around accusing anons of being them as a last-ditch effort at bait.

No. 65702

The retardation and inconsistency of the /w/ mod has been noted many times here. They ban excessively in their pet cows' threads like Venus and Taylor, while others like Terry and Stef are hardly moderated at all.

No. 65703

>tooth and nail
I'm only invested because it affects my experience on the board. Calm down, maybe.

No. 65704

>the farms
every time

No. 65706

How when the posts contain no milk and no new discussion? How do bad posters affect you and mods banning them? There's no way you aren't one of the posters of you think banning retards is somehow messing with your personal experience using the site. As someone who wants milk on Kota, these posts ruin the thread instead off adding anything of value at all.

No. 65708

because I see the ban-happy mod and it's annoying. There are plenty of threads not covered in red paint and where a mod isn't banning people with red texts because they are being "boring." that's not a reason to ban anyone. Funny how "where's the milk" and the WKing is boring too but those posters don't get a text. But ree some more about how I'm def one of those posters - I'm not, haven't posted there in months probably.

No. 65713

>ban happy
>banning posts that add nothing and nitpick and are repetitive
Confirmed you're one of the usual shitposters. Sure, anon. Blame the mods and not the fact that posters can't integrate. Also the use of """""" shows the anons are newfags in that thread.

No. 65722

can mods start deleting posts like this? the thread was locked (understandably so) and was recently reopened but the diarrhea resonsible for the lock is still present.
I couldn't give less of a fuck about anybody involved in this conflict but reading regurgitated propaganda from retards like this is why I no longer use social media, it's embarrassing to have to read this shit here.

No. 65732

Mods leave those posts as warnings. Otherwise people will still spam with the same shit because they see anons dont get held accountable. Redexts are necessary.

No. 65736

what is wrong with the post? palestinian women face horrendous shit at the hands of the idf. do you know how barbaric military scrotes are?

No. 65743

Would it be possible for us to take funposting off autosage? Even the fujos have totally abandoned it even when it was bumped to the top of the catalog. It’s not dead and it’s still a comfy, drama free thread I think it served it’s time

No. 65744

If anon doesn't want to read it, they can hide the thread if it bothers them personally. The posts before the farmhand notes at the bottom of the thread already discussed these types of posts anyway. There's no reason to redtext or delete them.

No. 65745

The thread isn't in jeopardy by keeping it saged. Coming here daily to whine about it though is annoying and probably doesn't help.

No. 65746

Lol its so telling

No. 65747

It’s not in jeopardy but they also told us that it was autosaged due to our behavior and now that it’s fizzles out they have no reason to autosage it.

No. 65748

Seriously are you a newfag? Admin already addressed all this, funposting is a dumbass shit clone made by bitter fujo shit starters and it shouldn’t even exist tbh, nta

No. 65749

I just don’t see any harm in the thread, especially since fujos have gotten bored of it since no one really interacted with the content

No. 65751

The thread is shit. You're lucky is not deleted

No. 65752

some1 angy

No. 65753

This continued whining from anons about it being saged are clearly angry. The thread is bad, farmhands and admin said so, get over yourself.

No. 65754

They said the thread was bad when it was overrun with personalityfags and fujos posting grotesque stuff which would lead into infighting, and that’s no longer the case. So why not adapt to the change? It’s about the same as retarded shitposting, which isn’t slapped with an autosage.

No. 65755

Like other anons said, which you can't understand for some reason so I'm going to assuming all your posts are bait now, it is a copy of another thread, just a new title. It should be deleted imo or locked.

No. 65756

How is it bait to ask why it’s autosaged? Just because it’s similar to dumbass shit or retarded shitposting doesn’t mean it’s making the board worse. You can’t even acknowledge the fact that all of the infighting yaoiposting psychos have been weeded out, so you’re resorting to calling the request bait. You sound like you just want to argue. If you aren’t a farmhand, don’t respond to requests that are directed towards farmhands.

No. 65757

Terry gets redtexts all the time when anons just post random photos of him.

No. 65758


Do everyone a favor and learn2read. It will never be unsaged.

No. 65759

>If you want to follow board etiquette, use Dumbass Shit. If you want to exist outside of society, you have your Funposting containment thread.

Everyone remaining in the thread is following board etiquette now. So what’s the problem?

No. 65762

I love the thread but come on, literally yesterday or the day before someone posted underage yaoi rape that a mod ended up deleting. Let it be our underground club and stop begging for it to be unsaged

No. 65769

File: 1700712501708.png (7.4 KB, 1160x115, Wrong redtext.png)

I think you banned the wrong anon?

No. 65771

Share post link

No. 65774

you are right, this has been corrected now

No. 65775

Here: >>>/ot/1784014, but they got rid of the redtext by now.
Thank you, moders.

No. 65777

Yeah rape fantasy and manifesto is totes cool in that thread since it's parody teehee ban anyone who points it out.

No. 65778

You can address something so mundane but completely ignore sperging tinfoils about all of you being men and don't address it at all. Interesting.

No. 65779

Why would they do that just to humor conspiracy theorists? Lol. It's more fun to see you all seethe about your bans and come up with all these insane tinfoils.

No. 65780

I'm not one of the tinfoil anons actually, I just find the constant silence and lack of response to be telling now. The tinfoiling is OTT and yet doesn't even get red texted, just ignored entirely. Really aids the conspiracies argument.

No. 65781

You guys would still call them men and troons even if they deny it though.

No. 65782

Probably goes for anywhere on /meta/ where the tinfoil is posted
>Feel free to tinfoil or talk about the state of the site but try to avoid being too autistic.

No. 65783

I can't be bothered to go back and find the post but at some point the admins said they don't ban tinfoil or criticism of them on /meta/ because anons should be able to do that without being censored even if it's retarded. Also the flavor of the month is that the mod team are all men, a few months ago it was that the mod team were all some kiwitard called Ashley who was larping as different people. What exactly can they do to debunk that except just say they aren't that thing? You want them to dox themselves so you can feel better?

No. 65790

If they banned the tinfoiling then anons would cry censorship. I like being able to see what crazy shit gets posted, if admins tried to bury it I'd feel suspicious of them but seeing the utter retardation they get blasted with makes me feel better about the site being legit.

No. 65796

What a weird thing to be upset about. I wonder who is behind your post. Lol.

No. 65799

Only one of the farmhands is a troon, it’s the one who sperges out all the time and goes on banning sprees in specific threads. He’s also a regular poster here and I’ve clocked his posts because he uses the same phrases and obscure terms in his red texts as his posts a lot. I don’t know about the other farmhands, I think they’re real women. But it’s definitely possible they got infiltrated by at least one troon with a voice changer or shooped timestamp or something. Sad.

No. 65801

>obscure phrases
Like what? Show your work

No. 65802

I agree. This level of redtext sperging is overkill and killing the board because everyone is getting banned left right and centre for tiny offenders like spacing a textwall to make it easier for others to read. Nonas should be allowed to reply to each other, not every post is supposed to be milk. That was never the rule on this board. And let’s be honest, threads like Shayna and the Anachan threads are 90% nitpicks about their physical appearance, despite that supposedly being against the rules, and yet none of them get redtexted or banned.

No. 65803

Why am I being accused of samefagging? The post I replied to >>65693
Isn’t even my post?

No. 65804

>pls gib tips on how to stop being clockable

No. 65805

That’s right, falsely accuse me of samefagging because I pointed out one of the farmhands is trans. That doesn’t make it more obvious at all. Jfl.

No. 65806

And now the ‘samefagging’ accusation redtext on my post here >>65802
For replying to >>65693 (who is not me)
Got removed. Fuck is going on? I hope that genuine mistake on the farmhands part…

No. 65816

No one got banned for spacing recently and the ones who did, did it on purpose and it was obvious they were posting that way after meta discussions during hellweek.

No. 65817

I'd love if they are just personally fucking with you lol

No. 65821

File: 1700752224526.png (382.05 KB, 863x1034, Screenshot_20231123-090943.png)

doublepost bc I needed to grab a link.
totally false
ban for "redditspacing" in the reddit hate thread. Post mocks troons.

No. 65824

File: 1700752626423.png (64.72 KB, 863x265, Screenshot_20231123-091614.png)

Redtext should just be for not sageing.

No. 65825

File: 1700753077685.png (149.67 KB, 863x575, Screenshot_20231106-205428.png)

I screenshot this one on 6 Nov but not sure of the thread. Should just be banned for not sageing. It's not even a real blogpost. So yes nonas do get banned for spacing. I didn't make these posts, I'm just interested in what gets banned.

No. 65827

These are also breaking other rules. Seems like adding a space right after a reply is what they are looking at.

No. 65829

Seems the farmhand is a tranny accusation really struck a nerve. Interesting.

No. 65830

Mods as a collective, stop being this dumb.

No. 65831

Why is redditspacing even a bannable offense? It’s so dumb, I don’t wanna read solid textwalls, nobody does. The only people who usually complain about redditspacing are 4chan fags because they’re like dumb children who automatically oppose anything Reddit does.

No. 65832

This is the quickest reply I’ve gotten kek and the redtext I got was also the quickest redtext I’ve ever gotten, it’s very obvious it’s just one butthurt moid who is mad I called him out.

No. 65833

Probably because most moids roam around reddit, so when there is spacing mimicking it, it can be a sign. Seems to now be one integration tactic and if that keeps scrotes away, good. Anons just need to not post like that. If they do it by accident they could also just delete their post and fix it.

Probably because I'm lurking? You replied just as fast, so not sure what your point is.

No. 65834

Uh huh, sure Jan.

No. 65835

Don’t expect a reply when you apply to be a farmhand. The farmhand applications are a farce and just for show imo, just like 4chan’s (the gross scrote who supposedly runs the 4chan janny application process called rapeape or whatever, basically admitted it, that the jannies on 4chan are the same 2-3 people every year who are actually paid, and the stuff about them being random users who do it for free is untrue, they just do it to make users feel like they have more autonomy and say in how the site is run) I wouldn’t be surprised if lc is the same tbh and it’s the same one or two people that it has been for years. When admins want to retire obviously they have to hand it over to someone else, but that person is almost never a random applicant from the board itself. It’s also ridiculous that there’s only a voice test required in order to be a farmhand which is easily fakeable by troons with ai or whatever. Just proves the whole thing is probably nonsense.

No. 65837

Is this in a cow thread? This is just an anon self-pitying without contributing anything. If that's what you want to read in threads, maybe try PULL. You seem like a newfag who's eternally bitter about just not understanding how to fit in.

No. 65839

Can you hop off that one farmhands dick? He’s already erroneously redtexted at least two people ITT.

No. 65841

Nta, but I agree with them.

No. 65843

Also, tinfoil, but do we really believe that the scrote founder of the board, who is a cow himself, would hand control of the board over to a real woman? I can’t imagine any other male imageboard owner doing that.

No. 65845

File: 1700758476297.gif (3.02 MB, 200x172, 5AB82DA6-C610-4B67-BA0A-DB0E46…)


No. 65846

Yeah, fuck no kek. I fail to believe that. We all know this site is operated by men, I have no idea why everyone wants to act like it isn’t

No. 65847

how long ago was this?

No. 65848

lurk more, the newfaggotry among those tinfoiling is astounding

No. 65849

The whole idea of a female controlled imageboard is a psyop tbh. Mods, farmhands etc are moids until proven otherwise imo. Encyclopedia Dramatica admins were outed as high-ranking Department of Energy (government department controlling American nuclear weaponry) agents. Null is a fed etc. Every board is compromised and run by moids/feds imo.

No. 65852

>trusting the moid approved lore

No. 65853

From vice article
>Documents turned over to New York investigators reveal that 4chan signed an agreement to pay the manager of 4chans moderation, RapeApe, $3,000 a month for their services in 2015. By May 2022, that fee had risen to $4,400 a month.
50K a year is about average e-glowie salary lol.
All imageboards are run by glowie moids but they pretend to hire random female farmers as janitors and mods, then nonas get confused when they don’t receive replies for their applications. Jfl. Wake up people.

No. 65856

i'll wrongfully redtext anons all day and have them call me retarded if you paid me 50k a year for it

No. 65857

File: 1700764817478.jpg (44.01 KB, 320x510, cow.jpg)

can we have html snowflakes falling for holidays this year? pleeeaseee

No. 65858

It's banned because it's obnoxious and a sign of newfaggotry. The problem is that what exactly reddit spacing is hasn't been well defined. There's a lot of confusion over what is appropriate post formatting for readability and grammar and what is reddit spacing.

Personally I take reddit spacing to be badly formatted posts that have a sentence on each line. This is different from using paragraphs which is correct grammer and has been standard on forums and imageboards for decades. This post uses two paragraphs and is not reddit spacing for example.

No. 65859

Google lolcow owner and then go from there

No. 65860

Lolcow is a honeypot but it was not ran by Joshua unless he took it over secretly post-2018.

No. 65861

And what's the source of this, the voices in your head? I'm scrolling through this thread and it's all tinfoiling by newfags. You're all complaining about bans for reddit spacing–there have always been bans from reddit spacing. It looks stupid, it makes your posts stand out, and it ruins the sites continuity. You want to revolt because you're being banned for newfaggotry? I don't see a single oldfag itt. If you didn't know LC is a honeypot, you're just retarded. All imageboards are honeypots. That said, there isn't dangerous discussion here, and users aren't the ones that ever spam cp and gore–that's just visiting male degens. I feel like I'm watching underage conspiracytards try to start an uproar when they don't actually know the timelines or origins of anything here or any other imageboard for that matter go on a Google spree and try to take anecdotal and mostly deliberately obtuse info and cobble it into something that suits you. The bans I see are for pure newfaggotry and autism hugbox tier pandering for attention and avatarfagging, that doesnt mean anons are male for finding you insufferable.

No. 65862

I don't remember the thread. Why can't I discuss what posts get bans without being insulted for no reason at all? I don't like every post on lc, but I'm capable of just scrolling by what I don't want to read. I just screenshotted that because I noticed the spacing in the redtext, and then I forgot to post it to ask about it. Because I knew someone like you would reply to say something dumb. Look, asking questions doesn't mean I posted that. Doesn't mean I like that post. Doesn't mean I care a lot. I asked because spacing is being mentioned in redtexts after it was said by admin that spacing was not a bannable offense. I personally do not give a crap about how posts are spaced.

No. 65863

Nta but if you're this sensitive about being given obvious facts you really shouldn't be here.

No. 65864

I'm not sensitive, I'm just tired of this fake rule that if someone wants to discuss bans, that person is the nona who was banned. It's silly. I'm not even saying those posts should not have been banned (1 imho should not have, since it didn't break any other rules). But if reddit spacing is being mentioned, then bannable spacing needs to be defined.

No. 65865

You're being accused of selfposting because of the absurdity of your post. The ban was obvious, for multiple reasons. It was very cut and dry.

No. 65866

Nobody said the anons are male we said moderation was male keep up

No. 65867

Newfag infighting about her lolcow.farm alternate history fanfiction >>>/ot/1785547

No. 65869

I don’t even know who’s in trouble anymore I thought it was the newfag who said “lurk more”

No. 65870

I didn't post any of them but nice try. I also am not the only person you are talking to in this thread. Yeah, I'm just so retarded, replying to (correctly) state that people still get banned for spacing. despite >>65816
>No one got banned for spacing recently and the ones who did, did it on purpose and it was obvious they were posting that way after meta discussions during hellweek.
Totally false. There's your facts.

Anyway, I see that the space after the post number is mentioned in the hellweek post. So that's the definition, and nothing else. I'm fine with that if that's the definition of a spacing violation.

No. 65872

It all started with the post about how null was the original owner of lolcow and then derailed from there when the newfag couldn't accept facts and started samefagging and infighting. kek'd when the newfag dirty deleted and posted again when anons started noticing what posts was theirs

No. 65873

You can't even space your posts out properly here, opinion discarded

No. 65874

It was, now 'she' is attempting to make copypastas that she thinks make fun of people calling her out but she's a loser and had to remake that post literally at least 5 times.

No. 65875

the newfags posting ITT about how null "owns" lolcow.farm are showing what massive newfag retards they are, like the history between lolcow.farm and kiwifarms is known. null registered Lolcow LLC and kept begging old admin to join forces with him, he used to namefag and shit up this board all the time and oldmin posted screenshots of the pathetic emails he sent. this was many years ago (I think 6 or maybe more?) so not sure if I can find the old threads but I'll try! also didn't a few admins ago post her hand to prove she was female? I honestly think this latest "all the mods are moids" psyop is probably being done by kiwitard scrotes to try and make farmhands dox themself, it's too retarded and newfaggy to be actual users. there are MANY valid reasons to criticize the mods/admins but there is no evidence at all that they are men. they literally just uploaded a bunch of banners that are joking about killing scrotes and trannies.

No. 65876

Its a jilted, angry newfag because their shit threads keep getting locked or autosaged.

No. 65877

this one almost got an earnest reply from me good job

No. 65881

Please do something about the attention whores in /ot/

No. 65882

Yes pls it was cute other years

No. 65883

Are you guys going to do anything about the group of trolls that keep starting fights with everyone on the site, specifically /ot/? Surely you guys cannot be this retarded. Awfully ban happy towards users that make the mildest comments but refuse to do anything about trolls that come here to egg people on for fun.

No. 65884

Interesting, isnt it

No. 65885

Samefagging, I'm also going to suggest removing all chat threads. It's seriously attracting the worst people from other sites. LC is better off without them.

No. 65887

Can someone ban the retard who posts pictures of sticks on /ot/? She's both avatarfagging, posting hand, attention whoring and making extremely low quality posts. I know she thinks she's being so quirky and funny tehehe i just found a stick arent i so childish just like a cute animu grill, but she's just attention whoring.

No. 65888

Girl it can not be this serious for you surely

No. 65890

Integrate retard. Why do people come to image boards to attention whore. No, you wont become "stick-chan" and be a board mascot, your posts are annoying.

No. 65891

You're sort of doing a self fulfilling prophecy by yelling this much about her (I am not her)

No. 65892

Report and ignore

No. 65894

I do. Its just annoying because every month it feels like there is a new poster that found the site a week ago and want to be namefags.

No. 65895

She just posted a stick. Overreacting to it and getting upset is what drives her to continue begging for your attention

No. 65896

Close the tab

No. 65897

Its against the rules and against board culture.

No. 65899

Actually under rule 634 paragraph 78 you'll see that posting sticks is a time honored tradition on lolcow and I'm starting to think you sniff your own butt and chew on bones

No. 65900

You could just integrate instead of being this mad. It's not that hard, just stop attention whoring.

No. 65901

No. 65903

Where in the rules does it say no sticks

No. 65904

Nta but stop being this autistic, seriously.

No. 65907

Let me sweep you need PR help

No. 65909

you arent funny, just pedantic

No. 65910

I didn’t post the sticks I’m just curious why is stickposting such an extreme offense now

No. 65912

I thought it was funny, made me lol

No. 65913

Yeah the attention whoring is out of hang these days

No. 65914

Spoken like a zoomer

No. 65915

This might come off as a tinfoil but I think the spammers are the ones infighting with each other because judging by their typing styles it's like they're on one side then suddenly on the other side of the infight for no reason. I also think they can't be older than 25 and must come from another imageboard because they're treating /ot/ as if it was the lul so randum imageboard exxsdee

No. 65916

Feel like your hatred for zoomers and the need to constantly bring them up over some arbitrary slang you've assigned them, is bordering on Freudian

No. 65921

>they literally just uploaded a bunch of banners that are joking about killing scrotes and trannies.
Oh, well why didn't you say so?! Hard evidence like that, damn …

No. 65922

>All imageboards are honeypots.
And gangstalk-chan is here as well, pretending to be an oldfag.
Change it to /mental/ at this point.

No. 65932

>they literally just uploaded a bunch of banners that are joking about killing scrotes and trannies
That…really doesn’t mean anything tbh. The deranged troon who lurks 24/7 also hates men, talks about killing them, and hates other trannies too because he genuinely believes that he is a real female and everyone else is just LARPing. misandry doesn’t necessarily prove its a woman at all, there’s so many gay guys and troons who are misandrists too. it could also be a ploy by moids to make the moderation look more legit. anyway i dont think admin or all mods are men, just one or maybe two at most. and i have a feeling maybe the other mods don’t even know they’ve been infiltrated by a tranny with a voice changer either.

No. 65933

No, you’re right nona. It’s definitely samefagging and vpnfagging. When I see ‘two people’ replying to each other for dozens of posts every single minute im 100% certain it’s some schizo or bad faith baiter arguing with itself.

No. 65934

Nta, but definitely agree. Especially when the same anons come every day to complain about the same thing, with their unsaged posts. And then sprinkle in the lolcow/admin/farmhand tinfoil.

No. 65939

Sometimes people are just feeling chatty. We are lonely this is an imageboard

No. 65942

When you spell things out like this it makes me wonder if there are actually people stupid enough to take everything at face value on here

No. 65943

The farmhands get a lot of shit but imo the general post quality is better now than what it used to be. I guess that's what makes you guys so unpopular kek very strict quality control with this administration. I don't think you're doing as bad as these nonnies say though hang in there

No. 65944

Admins have all but confirmed this is what's happening

No. 65945

Well if the histrionic fag admin who bans everyone who doesn't like him says so… case closed

No. 65957

It gets to a point where the derailing is bannable. So desperate to hate the site, yet you come here.

No. 65959

What exactly is the stalking thread for? It feels really unnecessary and like it kind of caters to a specific type of mental illness. What would make you feel the desire to stalk someone?

No. 65960

File: 1700853574326.png (233.71 KB, 645x430, discord dot farm.png)

what the fuck is this ''dont post memes in #general'' discord mod tier redtext. Are you going to start redtexting every person that talks about food or makes a vent or talks about music or anime now.

No. 65962

Nta but actually she spammed the same images she posted the next day across other threads because shock horror, she was seeking attention.

No. 65963

Kek you can't handle the truth? Lolcow was literally made as a honeypot.

No. 65964

We need a newfag of the year section added to the lolcow awards

No. 65965

honestly they should but I'm sure it would take way too much time.
there's nothing particularly dumbass about movie 3x3s, they're incredibly dry content unless you are a movie buff or just want to circlejerk about movies and they take up a ton of space in a thread

No. 65966

I would also like to have the snow back, maybe as a toggle-able option since some anons didn't like it before. However I understand that may be difficult to implement on this old site.

No. 65967

>take up space in the thread
who the fuck cares if talkig about movies takes one single post away from someone talking about their shit or some dumb infighting, some of you talk as if threads are limited and sacred and not infinite

No. 65968

yes please. We have stickposter, the minimodders, the anon who went to the ''post like a mod'' thread to moralfag, this >>65959

No. 65970

This is a dumb newfaggy post but did it warrant a ban?(ban evading samefag)

No. 65972

newfaggotry has always been punished

No. 65973

>oh you saw a post so you must be the same person
The state of this website is in the sewer

No. 65974

>they take up a ton of space in a thread
The anons posting hundreds of ugly bedrooms for hours took up way more space imo. Why weren't they banned?

No. 65975

I mean a bunch of movie 3x3s is just spam in a random thread on /ot/. there's a whole board for media. nonas who are into movies and want to discuss movies and rank eachother's taste in movies go to the movie thread, or go to grid thread or whatever if you just like making grids. it's not about saving space it's about not having everything be a clusterfuck, there are different threads for a reason. jesus didn't we just fucking go through this with the yaoi, it's not like movies or grids are banned or there's no space for it, just go to the fucking entire board and thread for that

No. 65976

I just hope the same is done when anons flood 90% of the thread with ugly houses and celebrities again.

No. 65977

the stickposter made tons of low quality posts all over /ot/ taking up ''space'' and they didnt get banned either

No. 65978

ok then by that logic dumbass shit thread should only be about ''dumbass shit(whatever that means)'', but it's not, people talk about tons of stuff there. I hope the roach posters get sent to the animal thread on /m/ too.

No. 65979

I saw them get red texted.
Maybe no one reported them, whatever.
Me too.

No. 65980

No the roach posting is appropriate. The movie 3x3 could have fit in too if it was just nine pictures of Leprechaun 5: In the Hood or something else dumb but it was just a regular sincere movie grid

No. 65981

>I saw them get red texted.
yeah, after i complained in meta. Otherwise i am 100% they wouldnt have gotten banned because the moderation lately is extremely lax towards newfags. They were shitting up ot with low quality posts for days and mods did nothing about it.

No. 65982

what about >>>/ot/1786413 there is a crafts thread on /m/.
this belongs in the stupid question thread >>>/ot/1784083
belongs in the mundane thread, not dumb enough >>>/ot/1784308
lolita fashion thread on m >>>/ot/1784723
interior thread >>A/ot/1784892
could go on all day

No. 65984

Anons are really trying to get other anons banned for using the dumbass shit thread as it's always been used. And I bet these posters contribute nothing to the site. This site is going down the drain, and mods are allowing it.
Watching this site change so much in real time sucks. It's just not what it used to be. I see why so many anons have been leaving, it's easier to just let it go than try to combat the changing culture.

No. 65985

/ot/ has been turned into shit, there is constant moralfagging and minimodding, low quality posts are rampant, attetion whoring is through the roof, it feels like everyone is trying to come out with a quirky personality to try to become x-chan. Cant believe i am saying this, but i miss shaymin.

No. 65986

it's impossible to take retards like you who think the admin actually changed seriously. cerbmin is shaymin, shaymin was rom, and so on. every time the admin gets too much heat he changes persona. just wait, I give it until January before he's "looking for a new admin" and changes names again because of all the shit you're giving him right now

No. 65987

go take your meds schizo. shaymin was so retarded she couldnt make banners work.

No. 65989

I can't believe schizos are still going about this rent free after trying to peddle the Ashley is admin tinfoil and desperately insisting that it was a one man show moderating the entire site. Everytime nothing sticks and everyone moves on they come up with something more outrageous than before. I applaud the admins for ignoring these roaches.

If anyone has ever been personally targeted and harassed by these types you should know that they frequently lie about their degrees, employment, and popularity to make themselves seem better than the average farmer despite their bipolar meltdowns. When they're not shitting up the site and buying cheap dresses on AliExpress they're dedicating their time and efforts to shitty love live tributes. What a miserable existence to have this woman's knitting forum live rent free in your heads after you wished for it's downfall.

No. 65991

ummmm hello modss someone posted celebrity gossip outside its containment, hello??? only dumb posts allowed >>>/ot/1787099

No. 65992

That dumb ~teehee stickposting~ teenage bitch that constantly spams is replying to handfuls of posts a day minimodding (and doing so incorrectly) and then personalityfagging to identify herself and saying everyone else gets to be banned since she did for all her posts. She needs a permaban. She's the spammer and going out of her way to point it out and talk about it over and over again because she's likely underage and thinks she's being cute. She shits up the whole boars, samefags, and spreads cancer. All the other anons are right.

No. 65993

It is a dumb post, you need to be punted off the site you absolute child.

No. 65994

I'm the stickposter, everyone was arguing and thats why I posted sticks and since it was a dumbass thread I thought it fit lol. I got banned for that which I even said was fair enough.
I havent minimodded or asked for anyone else to be banned, I guess you've misjudged who that person is.
I'm also not whoever the underage chick is you're talking about.

No. 65997

Anons (or just one anon) keeps saying that someone was "stickposting" all over /ot/ on multiple threads, but I only saw like 4 stick photos in the dumbass shit thread. Did that actually happen or is it just someone being schizo and latching onto some random anon

No. 65999

I think I posted it in funposting or a similar thread also, but not on other normal threads.
I think shes just schizoing over it, my bad I really didnt mean to cause an issue.
Like I said I accepted the ban because its fair enough I didnt mean to avatarfag I was just being silly

No. 66000

I checked and it was in Absolutely Retarded Shitposting Thread and the dumbass shit thread

No. 66001

nta but i am sure she posted ''do you like my stick????'' before in another thread

No. 66013

>and since it was a dumbass thread I thought it fit lol
Not when you're spamming shit and personality fagging

No. 66014

you sound legitimately insane lol

No. 66015

They are trying to get it autosaged. The samefag keeps spamming meta about taking funposting off autosage.

No. 66018

Things that will make the schizo admin here think you're one of their eNeMiES
>lowercase typing
>zoomer lingo
>any sort of observational skills that tell you the admin is the same as always
>proton vpn (vpns in general are very difficult for them to grasp)
>not waiting 5 hours in between making your next post
>having a conversation with someone
>talking about yourself
>making a joke
like get help man you've lost it completely(ban evasion)

No. 66021

Yeah except I wasn't hating on the site. I laughed at one of his dumbass lyric posts in another thread and caught an immediate permaban. You're so fucking nuts and your constant "muh site downfall, hating the site, ban evasion" shit is creepy (in the heavy breathing fat bald man way). Do less drugs or do more, whatever stops you from being so nuts over a website you didn't even make

No. 66022

speak for yourself, funposters prefeer the thread autosaged so it doesnt attract schizos

No. 66028

So tired of newfags coming to the site and going out of their way to not post links or screenshots and directly hoping the cow sees their posts on their personal pages. Feels like lightweight cowtipping to get residual drama/milk for lolcow.


No. 66034

Micro-minimodding starting to piss me off kek why post

No. 66035

We can tell you're a newfag because the admin isn't the one looking at your posts and they're being reported by anons because you're retarded

No. 66036

I didn't make any posts like that and the one post I did get banned for, was saged on a page 2 /ot/ thread so the maths not adding up. It's pretty obvious the janis use your VPN range to make some spam post and then delete it after banning you to make it look legitimate or they just ban some ancient racist post they found on that range to justify censoring an entirely different poster. Sad!

No. 66037

Woops dropped my backlink

No. 66040

Wtf is micro minimodding

No. 66041

What is insane is pretending to be a FANNG gigastacy on LC adjacent servers for years while you're an econ major doing love live tributes as a grown woman over the age of 25 while trying to convince everybody you would have been a competent admin.

No. 66044

Please ban this retarded personalityfag who will not stop namedropping a fucking stick >>>/ot/1787668

No. 66046

I don't want to be laughing at this lmao bless her heart

No. 66047

so I have a few posts bookmarked, and recently I saw a few of the old dumbass threads have been also deleted.
Dumbass Shit Thread #111 for example has been deleted for no apparent reason.
There's something weird going on.

No. 66048

It's calling cleaning up a thread.