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File: 1694568461511.png (122.8 KB, 500x700, pqutq6.png)

No. 1897269

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males through the screen (classic move). Fakebois usually style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.** Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1897292


Sad thing is that don't only love to claim Mulan is a FTM icon (when she never wanted to be a man in first place), they looooove to use Li Shang's interest in Mulan's "male" mode as "he is bisexual, hello??? Trans ally!!!", except Li Shang was about to kill Mulan and not because she wasn't a man, but because she is a woman in disguise, ignoring how Ancient China was quite misogynist.

Xiran is also guilty on that one, saying the "lolol emperors or higher rank loved men more than women" except they loved teens and women were "only for having kids", like in Ancient Greece.

I swear these "queer icons" love to ignore certain stuff in ancient civilization for their own gain.

No. 1897325

pretty much every patriarchal society has given men loopholes to fuck other men/rape children. greece, middle east, rome, china, japan, etc. only when the puritans took over in the west did it become frowned upon. and now we’ve got retards acting like men dressing up little boys to act out their sickest fantasies was actually progressive.

No. 1897391

kek great threadpic, the ones where there's just some random tif are kinda boring tbh.

No. 1897457

File: 1694605664013.webm (1.18 MB, 320x418, zrB5i_J3lXxnyv83.webm)

No. 1897460

I never got how he was meant to be bisexual, I even told a girl in school that and she basically said it's because I'm uneducated. And of course these people ignore history, given that if they didn't they'd see the examples of epic gayness was pederasty and the examples of epic transmen were women trying to escape oppression.

No. 1897461

I hate when TIFs “Not All Men” by using themselves as an example. It drives me up the fucking wall. They are actually proving my point but I can never point that out and no one will ever listen because it’s transphobic and “trans men are real men.” One example is often times when male and female sexualities are being discussed, and the differences between the male and female gaze are brought up, some TIF will inevitably butt in and talk about how she’s an example a “man” into all the female gazey things.

No. 1897464

he is supposedly attracted to mulan while he still believed she was a male

No. 1897491

File: 1694611073129.jpg (130.31 KB, 757x721, wut.jpg)

Much to unpack here.

No. 1897503

He didn't even come off that way in the Disney film. In the film, it looked like Shang clocked her when she called him a great captain in her obvious female voice, but he stayed in denial. Like when the boys in Ouran Highschool Host Club clock Haruhi one by one in the first episode, but don't say anything out loud. But clocking a woman when she's disguised as a man is a nightmare thought to TiFs, so they call Shang bisexual and pretend Mulan passed kek

No. 1897533

File: 1694617045041.jpg (49.46 KB, 593x437, 222.JPG)

Just, why?

No. 1897535

she doesn't look male, she just looks like she just got a breast reduction and going for a more gender neutral style

No. 1897541

This is kind of crazy tbh, you would think that a girl that looks (not that she probably is but at least seems) healthy and confident, wouldn’t fall into the tranny cult.

No. 1897554

Honestly, I don't understand why some nonas are so surprised when women and girls who perform femininity attempt transition. It can be really hard putting in all that effort trying to look more like an inhuman doll and seeing other women look the same way or even "better" than you, but never seeing how much time, money, or stress they spend on it. It makes it seem like other women are effortlessly like that, and you're the only one who has to worry about "being ugly," which pretty much translates to "being a living human being who has things like body hair, skin texture, and the ability to feel pain or discomfort." Because of this, girls like this often get the sense that they've only been "performing" being a woman/girl in a way other girls aren't, and not even doing a very good job of it. They don't realize that it's just as forced and inauthentic when other people look like that, and that femininity is in of itself unnatural and borderline unattainable for everyone.
Personally, I don't find it much more surprising when this sort attempts transition than I do when girls who deliberately try to be completely "masculine" attempt transition, because both groups are blatantly trying to escape being the person they actually are through strict adherence to one gender role or the other, likely hoping it will protect them from at least some of the abuse they suffer as a result of misogyny.

No. 1897556

i miss when kids going through puberty would just experiment with different fashion styles and bitch and whine about hating their parents. they still experiment with drugs and social issues, but now with hormones changing their biology. the general public will see and gawk at the horrific effects in 5 to 10 years and its really going to be depressing.

No. 1897557

I don't get how they can call that loophole "progressive" without looking the sad reality. Are they THAT desesperate to show "LgBt PEoplE ExisTED FRoM CenTUriES???"?.

MTE Is like "you want to be recognized as man but only in the good way? I have some bad news".


I always thought Shang was happier to find an amazing fighter like Ping for his army than thinking "damn right, I'm bi now!", so that's why he was angry at the fact Ping was Mulan, because the skilled fighter that beat his arse most of the time was a woman! How weak he was to be beaten by a woman??.
So I never saw the "bi icon".

No. 1897567

i think that's true. another factor is that very attractive gender-conforming women are sexually harassed at an incredibly high rate and are often viewed as less competent because they're attractive.

No. 1897570

File: 1694621588140.webm (5.79 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_724428760759989376…)

>TIF poetry

No. 1897571

And its sad that'd usually only happen in a fantasy, but instead of questioning that, these nlogs would rather go "well they won't hurt ME anyway cos I'm so special."

If they really wanna stick to the mulan is trans thing, why don't they talk about how when she was "outed" they called her a treacherous snake and left her on a mountain to die. Such allies!

And tbh if that's all it was I'd support her, but sadly the gender cult wants to rot the brain of even a slightly gnc leaning woman.

No. 1897574

I thought Shang was into 'Ping' when I was a kid, not a fujo or anything, it was just how my kidbrain interpreted it. Love how tifs will pick up literally any message before "gosh misogyny really sucks huh"

>girls in Afghanistan forced to risk their lives disguised as boys so their families can survive crippling poverty where women can't even leave their homes to work


No. 1897595

I think I'll start actually taking them up on their trigger warnings and using them as an excuse to get out of having to experience their nonsense. Do you think she would have been offended if anyone had stood up and left?

No. 1897607

It would've been so much easier for her to cut her hair, stop wearing makeup, stop shaving, and start wearing sensible clothes. Would she see herself as ugly then? Is existing as a woman who doesn't perform femininity only seen as "beautiful" if she's calling herself a man? Instead of existing honestly in her skin, she tries to push herself into another box. She hasn't changed at all, just switched the mask she's hiding behind.

No. 1897620

It was better when the edgy kids just posted their ramblings on MySpace and had silly alliterative names like "Tiffany Terror" instead of trooning out and being bold enough to say this shit in public with a straight face.

No. 1897625

File: 1694631390673.jpeg (88.7 KB, 1193x1182, 79e985ec6d8003611d807a6172ece2…)

Literally lilly-singh-player-her-dad-in-a-youtube-sketch quality facial hair

No. 1897626


YES. Teens haven't changed much, but the fkn internet and society think normal puberty issues need permanent treatment it's so crazy. We were the same weirdo kids, just now they've been looking at porn since grade 4 and get their reproductive shit rocked by medical professionals.

No. 1897639

File: 1694633442033.png (Spoiler Image, 857.91 KB, 1082x1192, Screen Shot 2023-09-13 at 2.08…)

A buffet of some milky TiF twitter threads for your perusal. The replies, RTs, and QRTs are full to bursting. This system of everyone engaging with each others posts is obviously the main thing keeping the delusion alive, cause if they're not like/respond/RTing each other they're announcing that their OF is now discounted. Happy hunting and gathering, nonas.


>rt so others can participate!!

>transmasc sex workers! quote retweet with a few of your favorite photos/videos!


>queer swer / nsfw thread !! You know what to do


>TBOYS!!! quote this with a slutty pic of yourself


>Rounds for the queer baddies out there


No. 1897672

File: 1694638567480.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 684.93 KB, 2048x2048, AA9A4E0C-44DE-490D-A4C1-A0A6BB…)

Nonna I love you but also hate you for exposing me to these Twitter threads…I've not even made it through the first one yet and it's a goldmine

No. 1897686

>loli gender
No word can describe my feeling.

No. 1897687

Pics look like they REEK, i genuinely recoiled

No. 1897690

>loli gender
sounds like more of a TIM thing but extremely self-infantilising TIFs who grew up on the web could identify as that too
nvm i think it's a TIM, a TIF would actually try to diet to become the "loli" because women do have self-awareness, even the ones that troon out. they still have high ED rates

No. 1897729

No. 1897733

I can't believe the amount of girls publicly posting nudes for something as stupid as this. In five years they'll regret this because random creepy internet moids will have these pictures saved and ready to harass or blackmail them with, but they won't listen to anyone who tells them that because they've been duped into thinking this is somehow empowering/liberating. This reminds me of when MRAs would bait libfems into posting sexy selfies by saying all feminists are ugly, but now the MRAs and libfems are on the same side, so the method of coercion has changed from negging to implying posting titties is a form of activism.

No. 1897761

>the general public will see and gawk at the horrific effects in 5 to 10 years and its really going to be depressing.
No it won't kek. I've been reading these predictions for 8 years now and people just don't care. Even when if's their own children or siblings.

No. 1897762

Yeah that's definitely a TIM and his profile confirms it. He deserves to be in the other thread.

No. 1897766

NLOB in here looks less invested for the pride season and more a techie incel

No. 1897773

He's even got the dreaded tube-moobs TIMs get sometimes kek

No. 1897775

How do these ugly weirdos have so much self-confidence to expose their bodies online

No. 1897793

Autism and male socialization.

No. 1897797

>scraggly beards
>questionable style choices
>gottmik wannabe
>all of them got their tits out just for a crumb of validation because nowhere else on earth would they ever find "trans appreciation"
>ugly tim with moobs joins in KEK

No. 1897811

Lmao they are all girls except for the "loli gender" retard

No. 1897813

Don't waste your breath, I've been called a doomer in these threads for saying that 2050 is the earliest I can see modern trans shit truly start to die out. I get that no one sane wants to see the damage it will do if it does last that long, but I can't see it going away nearly as suddenly as a lot of Nonas clearly hope it will. There's too much money and power behind it, since it's currently the hell-baby of several of the most profitable industries in the modern world (makeup, fast fashion, mass media, cosmetic surgery, social media, and porn, at the very least).

No. 1897815

>loli gender
>pic looks vaguely like the amazing atheist

no no no no no

No. 1897820

The only thing that makes Mulan a "FTM Icon" is because she was a woman that pretended to be a man to suit he needs. Also have they not seen the end? Mulan goes back to being a woman happily and chooses not to live the life she led as a male.

No. 1897958

Since when has the real storyline mattered to these types? Before they trooned out, the majority of these girls were screeching at anyone on tumblr who didn't think the two white men from the flavour of the week tv show were having a tumultuous gay love affair.

No. 1897975

File: 1694682450817.png (234.73 KB, 880x1280, Washington University Transgen…)

>I've been called a doomer in these threads for saying that 2050 is the earliest I can see modern trans shit truly start to die out.
Say what you want, but "trans care" providers are already pulling back as more and more detrans people are speaking out and suing them for their gross malpractice and medical abuse. Washington University Transgender Center CHOSE to not provide this care for minors anymore even though they could, if they genuinely thought it helped troons and that detrans people are less than 1%, why would they be worried?

No. 1897995

File: 1694689211594.png (86.46 KB, 1090x478, Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 3.02.…)

they're "reclaiming" gendie now kek

No. 1897997

File: 1694689624712.jpg (Spoiler Image, 846.3 KB, 810x2764, Screenshot_20230914-063900_Red…)

Yet another self-harmer:

No. 1898003

they can be bullied into making anything a flag kek

No. 1898020

I was listening to an episode RedFem and they actually discussed this, there probably won't be a single defining moment where the tide turns, it will just be gradual die down as some other social contagion (whether its some fashion based identity and or poltical one) will take its place, we'll probably go back to some level "tru-trans" Idea regarding trans-identity.

No. 1898027

I wish there was like a huge compilation of all of the flags that has ever existed, a collage of only the random ass flags they all have created, I would post it anywhere there are members of the cult and make all of them all identify the flags as a permanently online test.
Also, I swear I’ve seen that color scheme before, did they use all of the color schemes that have ever existed already? I hate how I just know that these flags were surely made by amateur graphic designers.

No. 1898039

I don't care what adults do to their bodies, but we will see trans ""care"" for minors disappear in the next 10 years. People will wake up, because all people exposed to trans bs do wake up. There's just this biological instinct that kicks in. Detrans people are definitely helping, and I hope they continue to speak out against the evil medical industry. Unfortunately, I don't see the concept of trans ever disappearing from human society. It was opening Pandora's box.

No. 1898042

every damn time

No. 1898081

File: 1694702953380.jpg (19.76 KB, 300x249, copenseether.jpg)

>"I'm not even mad lol call me whatever it doesn't matter because I totally don't care at all lmao"
Do you have any other problem-solving skills you learned from Sally Face, Tiffany?

No. 1898108

god, those scars around the womb area. I feel so bad for these girls.

No. 1898144

AYRT. I do think the legal and medical landscape will readjust as seen in >>1897975 but the "general public" genuinely dgaf. The people that gawk in horror today are the same that will gawk in horror 30 years from now. Journalists, lawyers, pediatricians who lean gender critical, or a bunch of nonnies like us. But, say, the accountant that does the TIF's taxes, or the hairstylist that does her hair, they don't care about her botched chest. It's a question of how sensitive you are to this kind of shit, and most people aren't at all. Some people say that troonery will be one day seen on par with lobotomies. But troonery was invented before lobomoties and is still around kek I see grandparents watch as their grandkids are transed before puberty. Some people genuinely believe that some little boys are better off as "girls" (and viceversa), and some people simply don't care what happens to other people. I mean, I don't care either, I just find troons annoying

No. 1898268

File: 1694728105286.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.02 MB, 1845x2264, images you can smell.jpg)

Ah, the crème de la crème.

No. 1898272

meant to reply to >>1897639

No. 1898278

Unsurprisingly, they're all obese. It's funny how the two who bothered getting prosthetic dongs are still posing and angling their shots like female nudes, though. What actual man touches his dick like that?

No. 1898281

Is that a tea cozy on clown makeup's packer? wtf am I looking at?

No. 1898327


Gawww I'd rather look at their botched surgery pics than this mess. Wtf is the scrotum thing with a white growth? Who tf looks at this kind of stuff recreationally?

No. 1898361

Beyond parody.

No. 1898483

I think they put the pseudo balls where the labia are so maybe its that sticking out, idk I don't wanna zoom in

No. 1898490

yes, she is straight up spreading her (now imaginary) labia, just like in porn or nudes.

No. 1898514

File: 1694755221141.webm (7.8 MB, 576x1024, 1646105991680.webm)

reminded me of this gem.

No. 1898543

>Tacky facial piercings
>Edgy guillotine necklace
>Stupid Sangwoo kinnie/clown hair
>Too weak to not wear makeup at all, but also too inept wth makeup to put on anything other than that shitty eyeliner
>Attempted Billy Badass LARP despite being blatantly hypersensitive and emotionally weak
>Female-typical typing style and use of emojis
>Demanding to be taken seriously on TikTok
I can't even roast someone this embarrassing, there's no challenge to it.

No. 1898594

>or you will not refer to me….. (girly emojis) AT ALL (girly emojis)
Let's be real, king, not many people refer to you anyway, which is why you've fucked up your hair, took a stapler to your face and trooned out.

No. 1898595

Them not having the balls to not wear heavy make-up/eyeliner gets me every time, they want to be perceived as men and swear that they have a male's brain but are still just insecure women who are too afraid to not be stereotypically feminine. They want to be men but refuse to let go of their female socialization.

No. 1898599

NTA but if they lived their lives as GNC women they'd realise how easy troons have it. In most western countries you have to tiptoe around them and be nice. Some women have had police turn up on their doorstep for simply misgendering someone online. Women are afforded no such legal protection, and GNC women are despised by all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons.

No. 1898627

And their faces too, girl aren't you worrying if an employer/your school/your family/someone you know irl sees this?

No. 1898705

They know their employers and schools can’t really do anything because Lambda Legal will be on their employers like flies on shit representing the troon in a wrongful termination lawsuit

No. 1898708

By now, everytime I think I meet a short haired woman I automatically assume she's a gendie and not a lesbian. I know that lesbian/bi women don't have a standard look, that's even a moid thing (thinking that short haired women are all lesbian) but anytime I meet a butchy woman it's always a gendie, even worse she wanted to be called "he." The tomboy to trans pipeline is so fucking common is so sad, they truly ignited the stereotype. I hate them.

No. 1898731

I have short hair and I am a lesbian the times I've been called a tif or nonbinary is unreal its more harder for butchs too. its gotten so tiresome to date real women too since most that I meet are either non binary(which I've dated some although the gendie shit was too much) or moids. The best thing you can do is to filter them out and find the few normal ones. They bark its more liberating but its gotten harder being a woman who like Women without declaring your self either male or non binary

No. 1898736

Yeah. I’m a lesbian and i grew out my hair so people at my university would stop asking my pronouns and gender. Lmao. Might be lame idk but I wasn’t attached enough to my short hair to want to put up with that bullshit every day

No. 1898745

File: 1694796869201.jpg (167.8 KB, 717x1010, F5pXSPWW0AApDaL.jpg)

This is so utterly pathetic that its not even funny, like you can tell this one is a fujotroon.

No. 1898750

Why can't she just be a girl breaking gender roles. Sad.

No. 1898757

So if you're by your own definition "fem brained" then where is the belief that you're male coming from? It's not your fem-brain kek. They've gotten so far off track with what the original trans movement claimed to be "My whole life I felt like the opposite gender with my whole soul and I just want to live my truth!!!" that they don't realize how ridiculously dumb they sound trying to describe why their totes trans guyz.

No. 1898758

this is sad because in the end real women suffer. i really wish these women would accept who they are instead of claiming to be a guy or this nonbinary shit. they so insecure about being a woman pretend to be something else, or worse fuck up their bodies with hormones.

No. 1898763

>people would see me and say "he's a guy who's breaking gender roles"
>since i'm a pre-t trans guy i'm just a girl in women's clothing

The consequence of moids being praised for drag when women are seen as boring for doing the exact same thing. She doesn't have the critical thinking skills or exposure to feminism to even figure out why she feels this way. Why she thinks she has to give up her personality and go on T to feel respected for the girly things she likes.

No. 1898808

In the place I live being trans isn't well known and there are many women with short hair or men with long hair. All the TIFs I've seen I can count in one finger and they all had unusually dyed hair and/or piercings.

This is sad. Imagine if this was rephrased as "I'm ugly, I need to change my appearance so other people will accept me" or something similar. I bet people would have a different reaction to the post then. Just be yourself, who cares if some random person sees you as a woman? Giving up your personality is depressing

No. 1898829

>I'm a non conforming guy, I want people to see me and think wow what a special little boy breaking gender norms that have been broken 1000000s of times before.
>No men in existence have the sticker phone case and funky glasses, I have to burn them and I hate it wahhhh
Girl which is it

No. 1898853

File: 1694812042431.png (Spoiler Image, 418.06 KB, 757x761, female nudes sent to gay man.p…)

This woman sent full-body female nudes to a (probably gay) man expecting that they'd actually see her clit as a penis and be impressed (also the entire comment thread is just lesbians saying they'd want to suck her clit and don't know what that guy was thinking). Literally what is the difference between her and any other woman who had a double masectomy? She doesn't even have a treasure trail worth of hair on her body and her hips and thighs look nice

No. 1898854

File: 1694812068433.png (Spoiler Image, 1.88 MB, 1170x2532, clits are basically dicks and …)

the "dick pic"

No. 1898857

It looks kind of like a caterpillar.

No. 1898863

Ugh seeing a shaved pussy literally ruins my day. And “t-dicks” make me cringe so hard just imagining that exposed tissue rubbing against underwear/clothing constantly. I bet it feels disgusting to eat out / around.

No. 1898865

It's going to slow down because it's social contagion and now that old people are trooning out it's not as cool as it used to be. Cool liberal politicians are quietly cutting back the support they show for the gendies, workplaces are slowly finding ways around troon discrimination, medical transitioning for minors is now frowned upon. I agree that it's been around for years and will be around for many more, but the untouchableness that trannies have now is already starting to fade. Society as a whole won't be brought to tears by a 20 year old TIF with the face and voice of a geriatric frog, but society will move on from this phase and the permanently disfigured troons will fade into the background. Younger zoomers see gender as a fashion so there's already a world of difference between a child going through a they/them phase following a haircut and a disfigured post-op millennial who trooned out in 2016 sobbing about how being a genderless male lesbian is hard.
Imo what would REALLY stop this shit is getting rid of Tiktok and Instagram and cutting out any similar shit before it gets popular. Girls are made to feel that being a man is the only alternative to not wanting to be a blow up doll, kids grow up getting bombarded with softcore porn and think it's reality instead of fishing for views and likes, and they spend all their time online navel gazing so trooning out is the closest they come to having an actual personality. But that won't happen, so the best we can hope for is that trooning out becomes too cringe to be an option.

No. 1898866

Instead of looking anything like a dick, it looks like a clit with an infection making it swollen and uncomfortable, not appetising in the fucking slightest and I'm a munch

No. 1898871

The way she holds the clit is like bursting a zit and I'm more disturbed than I expected myself to be. I can only imagine how much more a gay man is disturbed by seeing that.

No. 1898884

There are still people who believe the earth is flat, despite all the scientific evidence to the contrary. There are still people who believe the earth is 6,000 years old, and that God created it in 6 days. There will always be some people who believe in stupid shit, including transgenderism.

The only difference is that now the Catholic Church doesn’t have the political power to put people like Galileo in jail for stating scientific facts, and for the most part Christians have moved on from demanding that Creationism be taught in public schools (they’ve moved on to protesting drag queen story hours kek).

As long as biological differences between men and women remain (so for the rest of eternity) there will always be some mentally ill people who want to be, or attempt to become, the opposite sex. But the transgender movement will lose steam and political support, especially as more detransitioners sue their doctors and insurance agencies. It’s sad that the protests of women and autistic/gay people hurt by this cult won’t be enough to convince anyone, but unfortunately money is the only thing that people listen to.

No. 1898895

No. 1898935

>TRAs promote transition as people "living as their true selves"
>Trooning out almost always involves people suppressing some aspect of their innate self to "pass"

No. 1898936

Kek, makes me wonder if there are transtrender and AGP flags, too.

No. 1898941

Setting aside the cringe joke about how her dog is trans, she looks pretty good for 40. Get rid of the pubestache and she looks like a lesbian in her late 20s.

No. 1898953

Definitely has the 'why would you send this to anyone' quality of disgusting unsolicited nude down pat, good for her kek

No. 1899063

Sage but a meta question
Do specific birth order affect TIFfing out? Like do TIFs tend to be the eldest or middle/youngest children in their family?

No. 1899067

From all the tifs i met (zoomer in a big city), all of them have been the youngest, with a big age gap between them and the older sibling. But I think all birth orders TIF out. I can imagine the oldest sisters TIFing out, because of the pressures of being 'the second mother'

No. 1899077

Purely unscientific and anecdotal speculation on my part, but I would suspect it's slightly more common for the youngest to troon out. Often the older the mother is the more likely the child is to have some kind of mental illness, and the youngest child will have been born when the mother was at her oldest birthing age. The youngest also may not have the same sense of caretaking a person gets from having younger siblings as they're always "the baby" getting taken care of instead. So they're more likely to be spoiled and entitled. As the youngest female you also get to watch your older sisters get treated worse for growing up as female, or brothers treated better for growing up as male so it's easier to get attached to escaping or becoming the other sex I think.

No. 1899195

>i want to look like a man in drag
why? i genuinely don't understand this. drag is stupid, ugly and sexist. i don't understand how drag of all things caused so much brain damage in young women.

No. 1899226

It's simple. Ugly man in makeup and a dress = endless yasss queen praise stunning and brave. Woman in makeup and a dress = boring het bimbo slut tradthot

No. 1899230

File: 1694888872539.png (358.35 KB, 696x392, scpsassam-2023-06-30T164912.01…)

probably super late to this but i can't believe the actress of abby from santa clarita diet got top surgery because she's a they/them. i just started yellowjackets and was excited to see her again, then i made the mistake of googling her. i'm guessing she falls into the selfhating lesbian category since she says she's gay.

No. 1899279

Her nipple looks hideous and in the completely wrong spot. Fuck the butcher doctors.

No. 1899299

I briefly mistook this for Noelle Stevenson.

No. 1899311

Its called being a faghag(likely fujoshis)

No. 1899325

I totally get the deep desire to be able to go around shirtless, and especially the ability to wear something like that without needing some "modesty" underneath to cover our breasts, but I don't think moids are going to stop sexualising her chest just because she's flattened herself down so she's not any safer doing this now

No. 1899367


This is an insult to lesbians everywhere

No. 1899401

Do tifs basically give themselves menopause cos of the hormones and reproductive system removal? I don't see any of them talk about it they just keep harping on about it all being wither totally reversible or totally safe and "passing"

No. 1899415

think of it this way. they want to be perceived as feminine men because that's still against the status quo but being a gender conforming woman is expected, thus dull and uninteresting

No. 1899451

Lol who drew OP pic?

No. 1899453

trans joy

No. 1899534

iirc they do go into it once their hysterectomy/atrophy takes place and also get it quite early in life if they were ever on blockers (i have it in my head that they get it by their 20s if they took blockers as kids which nobody tells them and lets them think their future is that of an adult male).
Actually for what it's worth, it seems things like ablation and all other uterus fuckery they've started as "cures" for bad periods can spontaneously put you through menopause. Docs will claim otherwise but I know enough older women gaslight about this (then tested and proven right about being in menopause decades too young) to know it happens. I wouldn't be surprised if the regular hormones trigger it too (before atrophy) but the tifs don't realise they're in it cause they want their periods gone and are usually so mentally ill they can't see the side effects of menopause vs other shit nor are capable of recognizing the general state of their body to realise either.

No. 1899621

she kinda looks like Pedro Pascal(sage)

No. 1899650

Doctors be like "sure, I'll totally botch and mutilate a young woman with anxiety if she paid me during a manic episode, why not? It's not like I'll pay some consequences when the fad fades out!"

No. 1899660

Sincerely hope all these "I'm living my best life, fuck anyone trying to stop me harming myself!" videos haunt her when she realises what a fucking idiot she's been. She speedran trooning out in, what, a year? Then went private thinking "surely the nice quacks who take my trust fund money would never lie to me about my totes legit GID diagnosis". I'd feel bad for her, but honestly she's so annoying I just can't, kek.

No. 1899664

I think 2050 is pushing it a bit but I agree with you about industry involvement. It's not going to die that easily due to sunk cost fallacy. Businesses and public figures put a lot of money into their cool inclusive larp and if tomorrow everyone suddenly figured out the horrors behind transgenderism, there is not many ways they could bounce back after building their good image on their "explicit support towards the performing of dangerous experiments on children".

But all in all this is a meme war among meme wars and we can only wait so much time until a strong ideological opponent rises, and with it more businesses and public figures willing to support them as well. The problem is, it's probably the anti-feminist, trad movement that will remain the main opposition to trans shit, while the name "feminism" will be permanently stained by troon nonsense and no one will want to touch it with a ten foot pole for the next decade.

The gnc fancy man fetish is so obvious here kek.

No. 1899692

I'm convinced we'll have one of those "Okay, we all know who funked up here, let's acknowledge and move on without consequences" situations. My granny likens it to when Ireland got independence and the British were still here. Not race bait just a comparison, these things do happen in history unfortunately

No. 1899693

Fucked not funked obviously

No. 1899749

File: 1694967427667.png (3.07 MB, 2090x1906, 45636556334463.png)

Girls who write I LOVE BOYS IM SO GAY GAY GAY GAY coping so hard that theyre completely straight

No. 1899758

I always laugh when I see fakebois act surprised that they're seen as girls.

They look like girls/women with short hair and baggy clothes and They can't even act like actual boys , they talk about bugs and yaoi and while some men like bugs and some gay men like yaoi ,the way they talk about these things or basically about anything, makes it obvious that they haven't actually spent time around actual guys.

No. 1899771

their life would be so much easier if they just called themselves tomboys. but its not special enough i guess

No. 1899772

the tif I know basically is gonna go through menopause if she stops t but she also has awful vaginal athrophy (I think it's called that) and she has 247 pelvic pains due to it, so the clit is bigger and overtly sensitive and she has something she told me felt like period pains on steroids (kek) all the time + balding.

No. 1899775

*wtf did I write here, I mean she is basically going through it right now, sorry nonas

No. 1899779

File: 1694971172290.png (348.23 KB, 720x750, Screenshot_20230917-131738~2.p…)

These two don't even look they they've " transitioned ". Don't even look like twinks kek

No. 1899780

Yeah, it's like menopause if you get your ovaries removed, but any medical transition is going to be hard on the body and induce some symptoms of menopause which may or may not be reversible. I only got a hysterectomy and kept my ovaries, and it took like half a year for them to start working again after I stopped taking T. My vagina was in so much pain at that point that I didn't think it would ever work right again. I had a ton of other awful side effects too. Transition was the dumbest decision of my life. I'm just glad to be relatively healthy again after almost a year of recovery.

No. 1899826

kek these women are so off looking, even if you didn't know they were trans you'd immediately know something is up with them

No. 1899856

They look off so they've probably struggled with being treated like crap for being ugly and weird, and that's why they think they're not women. You just solved it.

No. 1899863

What episode was it?(sage)

No. 1899866

Holy shit, that's scary. Congrats on getting away from the gender cult. I'm glad you're doing better now, I can't imagine how awful it must have felt to go through that shit. How did you end up peaking?

No. 1899878

The thought of entering menopause so young by surgery specifically (so it happens suddenly and not over time) terrifies me because I have witnessed my mother go through that (obviously she had to have it for health reasons) and it's absolutely miserable. I feel like Tifs, much like the average person, do not comprehend just how much menopause that happens like that can fuck you up mentally and physically far beyond "no period and you feel hot sometimes". The depression and obsessive thoughts/paranoia were so hard for my mother, I could literally see her sanity take a nose-dive within a couple of months. I also had some thoughts about trooning when I was younger but after witnessing that shit I would never think about removing my healthy uterus/ovaries or inducing menopause with shitty artificial hormones.

No. 1899879

So basically menopause is the least of her concerns since she's already in constant pain from her vagina rotting (that's what atrophy is) and her unnaturally swollen and sensitive clitoris? Yikes. Is all of that stuff permanent?

No. 1899883

I mean…They DO look like they have pronouns in their bio so there's that. Also I don't know who she is but the girl on the left is kinda cute actually, definitely would've made my high school self go nuts.

It's great you made it out. I don't really know how detransition works but I wish you luck with the rest (?) of your recovery.

No. 1899891

File: 1694979211808.png (169.43 KB, 601x581, Muslimt to FTM.png)

converting from one mental illness to another

No. 1899895

POV: you mistook a faghag for a same-sex attracted woman at a gay bar and she's about to say a slur

No. 1899905

god why do they all use the same ugly picrew

No. 1899910

>tif with muslim male name, it was the name of prophet mo's relative or something
>"islamophobic diasporoid"

Hmm. I mean I hated my Islamic upbringing too and when Muslims and their white liberal defenders call me islamophobe I do not care, however I wonder if her being a tif is tied to that upbringing because of how women are genuinely seen as second class sex objects in that shitty ass religion

Kept having to repost because I'm stupid

No. 1899915

At this point, what even is being trans?
Is someone who is undergoing medical transition? No, because there isn't only medical transition. Someone with gender dysphoria? No because you don't need dysphoria. Someone with body dysphoria? No because you can also love your body. Someone who feels like the other gender? No because trans isn't a feeling. Someone who wears wacky fashion/breaks gender roles? No because you can wear anything!!

Then what the fuck is being trans??

No. 1899928

I was never quite in the gender cult since I saw things from a transmedicalist perspective, but now I think they're just different types of delusion. The thing that really peaked me was looking up the effects of exogenous testosterone on non-trans men and women. It was completely different from how the effects of T are reported in a trans context, just really stark with clear warnings about the health consequences. I saw there had been millions of lawsuits from men who took T and women who took it at a much lower dose than I did. I thought I had done really thorough research before committing to medical transition, but I made the incredibly stupid mistake of only looking at the data for trans people, which seriously downplays the negative long-term side effects. It's a medical movement run on hardcore denial and wishful thinking. The more you try to change the appearance of your sex, the greater the cost to your health.
Thank you for the kind wishes! I think I've physically recovered for the most part but I'd still like to get bloodwork and a physical check-up when I have health insurance again, just to make sure everything is ok. Coming out as a detransitioner was painful and changing my documents back took a long time. Now I really just need to work on building back my social relationships slowly and awkwardly.

No. 1899954

File: 1694987714910.png (239.88 KB, 436x424, mentalillness.PNG)

>Then what the fuck is being trans??

No. 1899960

welcome to peaking kek
nothing they ever said ever made sense and the cognitive dissonance needed to buy into anything trans is immensely big. to believe you are something you are physically not (or indeed to believe you are NOT what you physically are) has always just been mental illness and a delusion. nothing more, nothing less.

No. 1899961

Good luck nona! If possible sue the shit out the medical practitioners who did this to you.

No. 1899965

Oh no, nonny, I'm already peaked thanks to my faggot tim ex back in 2017 but thank you for that, it was a rhetorical question and also what I would ask to them. I wish I could copy and paste it to my social media plats but I'm crypto, I'm just waiting for the Big Fading and the massive wave of regret.

No. 1899995

I was an adult and signed a consent form with a list of the potential side effects (even though I now think it was biased and misleading), so I don't think I would have any real case against them. I just want to move on at this point, but I'm glad some of the women who were transitioned as minors are suing them.

No. 1899996

When I first heard of dysphoria being the "cause" of trooning I thought ok they're delusional but the explanation IS that they're delusion, but now they think dysphoria is a dirty word bc they don't want to think they're delusional, which ironically has opened the floodgates for people to be even more insane?

No. 1900005

Nona, with all due respect
you sound like a moid, hope you don't speak about normal menopause like that. But yeah, I have no fucking idea she thinks will happen because I've gone through gynecological cancer and seem to have been in less pain and do you think tifs go to the gyno? hell no and even if they did, what the fuck are they supposed to do when they keep stabbing their lifeboats wondering why it's sinking

No. 1900021

Now that you mention it, there’s been an increase of FTM in exmuslim spaces/forums. Kinda understandable as leftists still hate exmuslims after all these years but love anything gender

No. 1900039

Sad thing is, they aren't even ugly, in my opinion. The seem to have pleasant faces, and I can easily imagine both them looking good with better styling. I think it's more diplomatic to say that when women fail to meet absurd beauty standards, they feel like the must be better off as fake men. Pre-transition, TiFs are usually just kind of mousy, plain, or frumpy, but not full-on ugly the way they often are after trooning out. Big noses, smile lines, thin lips, and so on will never be as ugly as self-hatred and misogyny.

No. 1900052

>Sad thing is, they aren't even ugly, in my opinion.
Not just your opinion it's obvious that blond girl is really pretty even if weirdo becky nonnies here try to act otherwise kek

No. 1900057

I think they're distracted by the greasy frosted tips and goofy screengrab timing expression. She has a nice enough face.

No. 1900058

This is how it's going to happen. No worries Irish nona, we have a better analogy right here in the States, which is the Iraq War. At this point everyone agrees that Mistakes Were Made, and yet somehow none of the politicians and journalists responsible were ever held accountable, and the only people (besides Iraqis) who have to live with the consequences are vets in small towns who were left paraplegic or PTSD, and nobody wants to think about them because it's too depressing.

No. 1900067

Ayrt, that's a perfect analogy thank you, I'll be stealing it

No. 1900068

She was describing atrophy as what it is and even put it in parentheses, remain vigilant nonnie but this one is okay

No. 1900086

>the exaggerated look of surprise on her face

kek don't worry hetty betty, you'll never be an icky homosexual

No. 1900088

>using that toothpaste flag

Of course.

No. 1900102

File: 1695006470308.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.85 MB, 1125x1930, 6D335BA9-549F-4193-85A1-049357…)

I was curious if the movies/actors, I’m big into horror but tbh just haven’t kept up with recent movies. especially now that it’s so tranny apologist. Left actress is Morgan Davies in Evil Dead Rise and IIRC she was discussed last thread because she played a character in the live action One Piece. Right actress is Zoe Terakes in Talk to Me and is 23 and already has top surgery.

Also this from her Wikipedia
>In November 2020, Terakes signed a petition criticizing the lack of LGBTQ representation in the Australian production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and expressing "disappointment" over the casting of actor Hugh Sheridan in the lead role of Hedwig, whom many believe to be a transgender character. They, along with David Campbell, Michaela Banas, and others, shared an open letter on Instagram addressed to the Sydney Festival, explaining why trans representation is vital when telling the story of a trans character. The Australian producers, Showtune Productions, cancelled the show. Sheridan later came out as non-binary in an Instagram post on 26 June 2021, and also bisexual, speaking of the hurt and serious mental health issues that arose from the cyber bullying around this incident.
Lmao that they complain about the actor not being trans and then he just comes out as a gendie.

No. 1900145

File: 1695011637211.jpeg (871.09 KB, 828x1447, E2B14C8B-714F-47F0-8A50-5DB072…)


No. 1900150

hopefully she removes her uterus next so she doesn't reproduce lmao

No. 1900152

>top sugery tomorrow so I'll wear this top that brings attention to my boobs today

No. 1900165

I completely thought Zoe's character in Talk to Me was just a butch lesbian. Same with Morgan's character in Evil Dead. It's hilarious to think that they're fooling anyone into believing otherwise. But it's also sad as fuck that we could've had awesome butch representation instead of this stupid nonsense.

>Hedwig and the Angry Inch

IIRC in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the titular character is pretty much forced to undergo sexual reassignment surgery because his male partner can't risk being seen as gay? I thought a big plot of the musical was his discomfort with being stuck in this now mutilated body. Or maybe they changed it now that being trans is hip and cool?

No. 1900173

>top sugery tomorrow so I'll wear this top that brings attention to my boobs today
There's a few different reasons tifs have their breasts amputated, this one seems to be the exhibitionist kind. She (and other tifs) aren't as bold as the tims who post their euphoria boners poking through spinny skirts, because tifs are female so they have a bit more reservation and are slightly less direct about it. Making people focus on her breasts is exciting to her, so she'll draw attention to it by binding, talking about binding, talking about top surgery, showing off her breasts before surgery like in the pic, showing off her mutilated chest afterwards. She's one of those tifs that are salivating at the though of going around and showing off topless and having people not be able to call her out for it being inappropriate, she's hoping she'll get comments on her scars so she can loudly proclaim she's a proud flavor of trans boy-man-enby-whatever because she loves that she can get positive attention from her chest. If it's not a full on fetish, it at least borders on it but of course these girls have convinced themselves it's not a fetish and is just "trans euphoria".

No. 1900174

>"the dialogue around trans people is so fucked at the moment"
Well she's right about that, just wrong about what part is fucked up.
The painting didn't capture her dog ear armpits kek

No. 1900178

>they talk about bugs and yaoi and while some men like bugs
I know a male huge bug enthusiast and still the only times he talks about it is to do some little scientific infodump sperging about a specific bug we're seeing like "X bug has this unique feature where it decapitates prey" while the tifs I see are like "lil' buggo guy uwu look at him go, he's just a lil' guy just like me, i love himb uwuwuwu spin ur web bro"

No. 1900179

>There's a few different reasons tifs have their breasts amputated
could you describe the other reasons please?

No. 1900181

2050 is way too far away lol name a recent fashion trend that has lasted for 40 years (2010s is when the trans trend really got going). I think it's harder for Americans/Canadaians to see becuase you guys are SO fucked up and it looks beyond hope but as a euroanon I'm already seeing massive pullbacks in my super woke pro-trans country and I think eventually you guys will follow. You can already see companies changing things up to protect themselves from the upcoming backlash.

If for no other reason it will end because trans is no longer "cool", it's the cringe thing the older generation did while a new trend has entered the market. The trans label itself and the accepted presentation of it has already changed A LOT in just 10 years. It started out without enbys even existing, and a tif was someone who wanted to present as male and that was it.
Now an enby tif can go by he/him, take testosterone just enough to have a frog voice and weak stubble and have her boobs out in dresses and a full face of makeup and she's still seen as a fully valid trans person.

How this thing will really end is silently, with the people who did the harm sneaking away and pretending it never happened. Leaving the hurt mentally ill people they ruined to fend for themselves without help.

No. 1900188

Breast implants, butt augmentation, and lip fillers have existed since the 60s, and gained mass popularity in the 80s. Corsets were commonly worn for hundreds of years. Foot binding also lasted several hundreds of years. Eunuchs were commonly created for hundreds of years. Trends that involve long-term consequences like bodily harm tend to last longer than ones that can be easily forgotten with no losses. You can't exactly leave your scars in the closet or donate them to a thrift store, so people double down so that they don't have to confront the harsh reality of the harm done.
Of course, I can't say you're wrong. I'm just not hopeful, since I know no one with any power will take the responsibility or make the kind of firm stance that would be required to truly kill transgenderism. We may just have to worry about reprises in a similar way that people previously infected with chicken pox have to worry about shingles.

No. 1900192

Reasons a tif gets her breasts amputated and mutilated (a tif can be multiple at a time):


see >>1900173
>Escape from trauma/sexism(/homophobia)
She incorrectly thinks the trauma/sexism wouldn't have happened to her if she wasn't a girl so she has to remove the thing that "gave her trauma" (typical female behavior to blame herself rather than the person who caused the trauma).
>Autism/sensory issues
Breasts are sensitive and for people with sensory issues they may be lead to incorrectly think the higher level of discomfort in that area is because they're trans and not just a side effect of autistic traits
>Trender Light/Non-conventional body
One who does it just because their friends did it, at most they identify as non-binary and go by they/them but make no other effort to transition until their more intense friends do it. They may also have "ugly" breasts (aka not ideal perky perfect porny plastic breasts) and feel inferior about it and this is a way to get rid of the worry that their breasts aren't perfect, even though they don't really have gender dysphoria.
>True Trender
Does it while admitting they just like how it looks, they've typically got a lot of tattoos, multiple piercings all over, and is generally into body mods. They're fully on the trans train and assertive about it but clearly treats it as a trend but can't see it because the ideology encourages it
>Body dysmorphia("gender dysphoria")/OCD
Like the trender light/non-conventional body tif she feels her breasts are inferior/wrong but it's more intense and all consuming for her. It's clearly an unhealthy hyperfixation that consumes her thoughts every day. She's highly likely to either have or have had an eating disorder or other body dysmorphic disorders. For some the trans identity is a cover up to be able to further engage with those other disorders (like getting testosterone to be able to lose more body fat to fuel their eating disorder)
>Trans medicalist
They think if they get surgery to look like a man that means they've either literally or spiritually changed sex - and they ARE a man. Fuelld by mental illness of course
>Child being groomed
The "trans kid" who was either groomed by a parent or trans people on the internet from an early age and had the surgery because "that's what you do when you're trans" and "if I don't, I will end up killing myself"

Let me know if I missed anything

No. 1900196

>Breast implants, butt augmentation, and lip fillers have existed since the 60s
That's not the kind of trend I meant, I meant trends like the label of "trans" itself. You don't see the 60-70s hippies walking around everywhere, or more recent goths or emos. No one (well, maybe a handful of weirdos…) is identifying as a big-butter or thicc-lipper and making it their personality and identity the same way they make being trans "not a phase, mom".
But they're still a noteworthy thing to consider, because while butt fillers may have "been around" since the 60s they've not always been trendy. When I was a kid having a big butt was shameful and everyone wanted a small flat butt. Any curves were just you being fat, ugly and undesirable. Then the Kardashian butt trend started and everyone wanted a massive butt all of a sudden, and having a flat butt was unsexy and ugly. Now it's starting to go back a bit and skinny is becoming the trend again. So again that hasn't actually been a trend for that long, it just comes and goes in waves.

No. 1900198

I think you're both right, because now trans is a fashion and not whatever it was back when it took off. BBLs are out of fashion, so you don't see many people getting them now, but there are plenty of women walking around with wonky BBLs and nobody bats an eye. Lip and face fillers make your lips go droopy and they migrate, and now there are women walking around with sausage lips hanging down to their chins and uneven cheeks, and again nobody bats an eye. It's going to be the same for women with frog voices and mastectomy scars, they're going to be seen as fashion victims at best and sad mentally ill weirdos at worst. Body modification has become so commonplace that the many disfigurements troons give themselves will end up fading into the background.

No. 1900211

kek she looks lesbian like Bob Odenkirk. also wow grats on the first transgender dog, queen!

No. 1900215

ive done this in uni a few times. One time, we had a guest lecture done by a tim telling us about his research into hetero people of same sex romance in prison (I'm a criminology student). TBH it sounded interesting on paper but it was really an autistic man rambling about how sexuality is fluid and little to do with prison environment. His voice was so grating and the lecture was two hours long when he was like "TW: RAPE" I was like.. this is my time to book it lmao. The prof was nice and checked in on me, and i was like "yeah.. its too heavy for me today" she was like aw okay take care, she was so sweet but why she chose him to guest was wild.

No. 1900224

>incorrectly thinks trauma/sexism wouldn't have happened if she wasn't a girl
That is correct though.

No. 1900249

NTA but I think they meant troons think the sexism and trauma will stop because testosterone and surgery makes them a Real Boy thus the predator won't come after them any more. Reminds me of that horrible rape case where the FTM kept telling her attacker she was male, thinking it would make the assault stop.

No. 1900315

Damn. That’s a grim story.

No. 1900318

File: 1695048050555.jpg (171.28 KB, 602x1042, oRnSk0AXVyeMk5.jpg)

Gee, I wonder why?

No. 1900334

which case was this?

No. 1900336

trans is more like a spiritual belief and cult rather than simply a fashion trend, and cults even as they lose power in the mainstream often persist for far longer. look at Scientology, they are getting smaller and not gaining many new members, but still has a strong grip on current members. Trans is different because of the body modification aspects, but I believe even if child transition is outlawed and it loses popularity people will keep producing and acquiring hormones illegally.

No. 1900342

File: 1695053329194.png (757.47 KB, 660x880, trans.png)

No. 1900348

shitty that it happened to her but also makes me kinda wanna a-log that she thinks that women are for raping.

No. 1900361

Did this woman really think being trans was gonna make her immune from getting sexually assaulted by men?
There are even straight men who get raped by other men.(sage)

No. 1900372

I'd wager that a rapist doesn't care about sex and more about whose vulnerable and they could overpower without much effort.

No. 1900381

it's so sad that she believed her own larp so much that it put her in a dangerous situation. any sane woman wouldn't dare be alone with a man she doesn't know.

No. 1900397

>>1900342shes doesn’t even look like she’s on T. I’m sure it was easy for him to tell she was a woman

No. 1900411

File: 1695065503998.png (1.34 MB, 1089x1312, Screenshot.png)

Some Trans-trenderism from 22 years ago.

No. 1900416

Always makes me kek to internet radfems who think praxis is having a radblr blog talk about Bechdel as this wonderful, feminist figure. Like c'mon now, just admit you only heard of her because of the "Bechdel test" and take the L.

No. 1900423

15 years is a joke. He will only do it again when you let him out. At least lock him up until he's too old and frail to act again. This is vile.

No. 1900427

>you will not hurt me, i am a MAN, MALE
tragic but familiar line of thinking

No. 1900428

Nobody thinks that about her, she’s not a feminist figure or even a theorist, she’s a butch lesbian comic book artist. Gen X’ers like her and buck have always had masculinity and internalized misogyny issues. The comic pictured is even alluding to the strife lesbians had about self-hating homosexuals transitioning even back then. Can’t even mock ftms without revealing your lack of critical literacy, smug ignorance of gay women’s history and culture, and absolute disdain for this generation of women’s attempts at continuing to create something that is meaningful and represents their experiences in the modern world.

No. 1900445

I'm fairly certain I've seen a radblr user cover everything wrong with Bechdel, from her frequent tranny promoting, to the way she basically dismissed her father's predatory actions and cheating on her mother with "but he was probably a closeted fag, which makes it more defensible" in Fun Home. No one actually cared, though. They just went right back to sharing panels from her shitty comics.
Why should women be expected to give regard to a woman who criticized Michfest for being "too much woman energy" and not allowing in TIMs? Bechdel is a retard who is more likely to destroy female-only spaces than promote them.

No. 1900459

AYRT, I'm a lesbian and in my experience, both online and off, radfems and rad leaning women can be a lil hero worshippy of Bechdel. Don't get me wrong, when I was a baby butch, I thought it was cool to see someone like me be visible. But she's a navel-gazing libfem, not some important documenter of dykedom, kek. If the tide is turning online like >>1900445 said, then good, it's about damn time. How anyone can defend her after she's caped for her pedo dad and made her views on female spaces so clear is beyond me. That is smug ignorance of gay women's history and culture, not calling a shitty cartoonist cringe.

No. 1900472

Kek i've literally only seen pretentious 40 year old trutrans tifs ever even speak about Fun Home

No. 1900475

File: 1695072620024.jpg (348.2 KB, 798x1311, RCO087_1482116466.jpg)

As I already posted in the bad comics thread, the real issue with her and her type of feminists is that they are academics, their feminism is based and dictated by whatever pretentious theories is popular

No. 1900480

do you know the reason why men have a history and a canon and women don't is that men don't tear down men in the past who were wrong, there is an understanding in academia and in the pursuit of truth that each brick is built upon the other and a little progress is made each decade. women throw each other away for very minor wrongs, young women to old women especially. but i know i'm not talking to actual women.

No. 1900481

I was recommended it by a he/him "lesbian" younger than I am. It was one of the most insufferable reading experiences of my life, despite being a fairly short comic.

No. 1900485

Academia schmacademia. I'm sick of you pretentious fucks. >>1900475 hit the nail on the head.
>but i know i'm not talking to actual women
Incredible. You get called a moid for literally anything these days, kek.

No. 1900486

Oh, yeah, because male "culture" has done such good things for the world. Even if you only look at its effects on men (the ones it's designed to benefit), it makes them reckless freaks who swing rapidly between narcissism and inferiority complexes. Why should we want to replicate their style of "culture"?

No. 1900488

>The dictionary became erotic
I remember the first time I read that line. I thought, "That certainly makes her work make more sense."

No. 1900492

>Fun Home
It's a shitty comic by a pick-me libfem who can't draw OR write. It was never part of the canon except for college students pretending to be lesbians

No. 1900500

"I got a surgery and it was okay! :)"
Sure, sure.
Let's wait a year, shall we?

No. 1900532

None of those terms existed back then, please learn how to construct some arguments

No. 1900534

File: 1695079081511.jpg (364.56 KB, 1080x1752, Screenshot_20230919_001600_Ope…)

Her subscribers are really creaming themselves about it, picrel. Her voice is also starting to sound froggy.

>let's wait a year shall we

They don't know they have to wait since they all think its a one-and-done kinda deal, which shows in how they talk about it and how they don't know or just don't keep up with caring for their new wounds, and of course bully anyone into silence if they talk about the bad parts even if its a tif saying it.

No. 1900556

File: 1695080104307.jpg (180.06 KB, 1080x870, Wendellandwild.jpg)

>going on a spooky film binge because its that time of year
>in one of them, there's a tomboy character in an all girls school, of course she's a tif
This is becoming a straight up character trope at this point

No. 1900571

1 starkly contrasts all the others… so counterproductive

No. 1900575

Bait, or genuine retardation?

No. 1900580

If this is about the movie I think it is , the animated movie with the black girl with green hair , than I'm also disappointed that this character is a fakeboi. Could've just kept her a tomboy but no , can't have that for some reason which is a shame since I don't entirely hate the art style of the movie.

No. 1900594

I think the trans thing is never going away, it’s just going to matter less and less. People are going to start identifying with their sex rather than gender. “Transitioning” will really just be in the name.

No. 1900611

>fairly short comic.
it's over 200 pages??

No. 1900612

File: 1695088814156.jpg (4.7 MB, 2921x4381, MV5BZDg3NzUwODUtYjQ5MC00N2IyLT…)

>Sam zelaya
Never heard of her but she looks very young, and already a tif? She has old videos of herself on YouTube too but its unclear if she was a tif then

No. 1900617

She almost looks like a female Elliot Rodger

No. 1900620

I was talking in terms of books, not one-off strips.

No. 1900630

Kek get her ass
You think queer studies are real don't you

No. 1900658

No she doesn’t but that’s what /tttt/ would have said to crack his egg kek

No. 1900677

File: 1695098363013.jpg (240.88 KB, 744x1039, 454222.jpg)

Based Hori, the stereotypical tif bone structure if u look closely.

No. 1900687

>name a recent fashion trend that has lasted for 40 years
Nta but it's just as much a lifestyle and subculture as it is a fashion choice, so I'd probably compare it to the hippie movement instead. Being a hippie was "cool" in the late sixties and early seventies, and it's gradually become less common over subsequent decades without completely vanishing. Hippies still exist, following Phish around the country in their campers, but they don't dominate the popular consciousness like they did in the sixties and are basically rare to the point of irrelevance these days. I believe that's the trajectory of the trans fad; some of them will continue to adhere to this retarded identity for the rest of their lives because they like the community, have no sense of self, sunk-cost, etc. But most will fall away, and look back on their tranny phases with embarrassment and nostalgia. They are the Zillennial equivalent to hippies who grew up and voted for Reagan.

No. 1900688

smells like anal seepage in here

No. 1900691

I feel like I bang this drum a lot, but Bechdel deserves to be the object of ridicule for the cavalier way Fun Home regards the way her father sexually abused his teenage students. If a straight woman wrote a book about how ~misunderstood~ her asshole dad was and she found naked pictures of female teenage students among his things, she'd be expected to fucking condemn him as the predator he is and raked over the coals if she didn't. But Bechdel frames the whole thing around how discovering his kiddie porn stash meant that she had a ~speshul gay connection~ with her pederast father, totally refusing to address how utterly fucked his behavior was. I don't care that he was gay, or that it was a "different time," soliciting nudes from (and probably molesting) your teenage students is never excusable. I'm glad that sicko killed himself. You just know that if he ended up in court of possession of child porn or statutory rape, his retarded daughter would be the first to defend him.

No. 1900692

Nta but not everyone who disagrees with you is a scrote. You're blaming women for the erasure of their own intellectual history when you know damn well that isn't the case. Women aren't to blame for our own underrepresentation, bootstraps-chan.

No. 1900694

File: 1695102412972.png (982.51 KB, 1100x1004, Screenshot_583.png)

I mean, the characters and events from the comic are amalgamations of various people she knew at certain points in her life. with the exception of Moe, who is simply a self-insert. That being said, there are certain events that are both mundane yet expected, which probably did happen to people she knew. For example, there's a bisexual lesbian who marrys a balding, bearded, fat progressive man. Additionally, there are two separate lesbian couples who had hoped for daughters but ended up having sons (as getting pregnant through sperm donation often leads to). Furthermore, one of these lesbian couples' sons later comes out as transgender(which has some unfortunate implications). The comic also explores how these characters react to real-world events happening around them like 9/11, but in a pretentious academic way.

No. 1900713

i don't understand how you can post on lolcow of all websites while thinking that every single thing any woman has ever done must be lauded and upheld in order to establish a Female Cultural Canon. sometimes women are just bad and pretentious writers with little of value to say. what good does it do to pretend that's not the case?

No. 1900730

sage for a bit of blogpost but also some reflection
Lately a friend of mine socially trooned out as a theythem and started to bind, I tried to express my concern with shit like "are you sure you want to give yourself back pain, rib pain and breathing problems just for aesthetics?" and she went "Well nonna you used to bind too!"
I didn't ever bind my body, I wore compression stuff because my piece of shit ex was telling me I was obese, so with compression stuff I knew exactly how much space I took. Yes, I was young and stupid, that's not the point, but the she went
"You were traumatized, but I'm doing this for myself! I'm happy!"
And that's when I realized that either tifs are doing it to cather weird looks and weird attention, like the Ezra bitch who sure as he will still wear feminine dresses despite being disfigured or they're totally nullyfying themselves. When I compressed my body, I wanted to be small and didn't want nobody to notice me (I was thinking shit like that if my bf thought that I was fat, then everyone was thinking that) and they're doing the same exact thing but they deluded themselves into being happy. I wasn't happy and they won't be either.
I still have some empathy, in fact I know that the world isn't kind to women, but I kinda relate to them in some way and I hate that the world is telling them to dissociate themselves from their body because boobs and being female bad. They don't want to be men, they don't want to look like their dads, they don't want to look like women, period. I know this isn't something new but I can see where they are coming from and I can see the psych damage and the difference from treatment. The world tells women they are fat but no surgeon will cut off all fat (except for money hungry butchers), the world tells women that they're women and women are bad but mutilation is tax-paid and encourage. I want this bubble to burst.

No. 1900733

File: 1695113098165.jpg (34.22 KB, 383x513, ari.jpg)

I seriously thought this was an edit of Ariana Grande's old face on some random teenage boy kek

No. 1900740

there's a "peak trans vent" thread over at 2X nona where you can blogpost all you want

No. 1900741

It should be illegal to perform it when the patient comes in with short blue hair looking like a troll doll

No. 1900742

>men don't tear down men in the past who were wrong
yeah we fucking know, men protect men even when they know they're wrong and then they throw women under the bus. not news
>there is an understanding in academia
Academia IS what is largely pushing trans ideology right now though

No. 1900744

>That is correct though.
The point is more that they think it's their own fault something happened to them, that they "failed" by being a girl when in reality it happened because the abuser was a piece of shit and chose to do that to them. Plenty of little boys get abused too, often for being gay which we can see in hsts detrans men who tell a similar story, and they in turn troon out thinking it wouldn't have happened to them if they were a girl.

No. 1900753

Go king, mutilate that healthy body! Also the fact she's posting this like it's for people who are scared of surgery and not just narc fuel is hilarious. That whole "things you're afraid of" series is just a way to vlog and get extra asspats for it.

Her fans are so sycophantic. It's genuinely freaky how parasocial they are and how much they lie to her because she's a troon. She'd be a few weeks on testosterone and the comments would be like "omg your face shape is so masculine now!" and "wow I thought you were cis" as if heaven and earth moved to give her a Chad like bone structure, kek.

Agree with you 100%.

No. 1900760

seriously. there was a thirteen year old in the comment section complaining about how her mother wouldn’t buy her a binder. fucking bleak. I wonder how her fans will react when she begins her detransition.

No. 1900764

Jesus Christ. I've seen similar comments myself, and it's so scary to see how these freaks are influencing young girls, and their echo chamber comment section reinforce this ideology by effectively love bombing them. Telling them to persevere, how dare their parents be concerned for their child's health, etc etc etc. It's like she grooms her audience and then her audience groom each other. I think if Ezra detransitions, she'll do it on the sly. She seems addicted to the attention, so I think she'll just quietly stop using testosterone and then use ye olde "trans men come in many different forms" excuse. She already dresses like a woman - even her "masc" outfits, kek - so it's not like she's fully socially transitioned in that respect.

No. 1900774

I can see Ezra detransing and then playing it like "it's okay to experiment with your identity!" but don't you dare call it social contagion, poor self image, confusion, grooming, mental illness and misoginy. I can see her still wearing slutty lace suit with scars and going "I can wear anything despite my gender!" but we will never hear her saying the word "regret".
If not this, I can see her spiral down into depression because she swallowed the genderpill and stop posting, pretending that nothing ever happened, to also avoid responsibility on her teen, botched and brainwashed audience.

No. 1900779

there is no term on earth I hate more than “bisexual lesbian”, it doesn’t exist and now men think I will fuck them because bi people and the truly deluded keep trying to dilute language. Not a complaint at your post, that’s the most accurate description of the character fwiw

No. 1900795

AYRT, I agree, I think it's a case of sunk-cost fallacy. She's been so outspoken about trooning out and dived head first into the cult which has made it very hard for herself to back out of it now. Like you said, she'll never mention regret. She'll dance around it, but never address the elephant in the room. I think her audience would pounce on her if she did and tell her that only 1% of troons regret their transition (or w/e bullshit statistic it is they throw about) and that it's just internalised transphobia that she's feeling. Maybe some fans will even dump her for some new up and coming gayden on YouTube, fresh meat for the cult to feast on. I find it hard to give a fuck about Ezra because she's so infuriatingly smug for a NEET who dropped out of uni and lives off what must be her parent's money. But Christ, what a bleak future. She could speak up, be the light at the end of the tunnel for other misguided women, but I highly doubt that'll happen.

No. 1900817

Who is this?(spoonfeeding request; lurk more)

No. 1900842

>no I swear it's definitely bisexuals doing this
what bisexual have you ever seen do this that isn't a pornsick male tranny? I'm being serious - show proof. I'm yet to see a single normal person saying or supporting this. the only people I've seen are trannies calling themselves lesbian. trying to pretend it's anything other than that makes you sound legitimately schizophrenic.

No. 1900850

I don’t mean to sound schizophrenic. It’s mostly trannies, including ones I know personally. I know about 6 bisexual women irl who “identify” as lesbian and date men and trannies though. east coast USA.

No. 1900852

My best bet is that the 1% are the ones who stayed troons even if they regret. Total number of regretters have majority detransed.

No. 1900859

File: 1695140225835.png (1.46 MB, 1102x1331, Screenshot.png)

Honestly, that part was unintentionally hilarious because the character Sparrow was shown to be more man-hating than other characters. So, it was shocking when she started dating (and would later marry) a man. The other characters speculated that she must have been with either some super-macho dude or a super pretty guy. However, it turns out she was seeing a chubby, balding, bearded "progressive" man who is secure about his masculinity. It was comedy gold cause this probably did happen to someone she knew.
There's another character sydney, who is a woman studies professor, very obsessed with feminist theory, and calling out "cis-white-male patriarchy". However, she's bankrolled by her dad, with whom she has a very good relationship. She doesn't care about the fact that he married one of his students who is the same age as her. Again, that's unintentionally hilarious.

No. 1900916

>"you sound legitimately schizophrenic" while insisting it's only TIMs doing the "bisexual lesbian" schtick
KEK, don't play dumb. Plenty of women are calling themselves that nowadays. It's not a condemnation of all bisexuals to say that some of them are language diluting, pomo assholes. Unclench your cheeks.

No. 1900917

This comic is just Dilbert for Liberals.

No. 1900952

This will stay in my mind for the rest of my life. I feel I have learned something profound from it.

No. 1900960

File: 1695154660175.jpg (134.24 KB, 1931x1342, 20230919_145418.jpg)

some TIF comics are just plain sad. left is how she actually is and right is how she wishes she could be

No. 1900961

Wait, there's a bad comics thread? Where?

No. 1900963

As an autist myself, I find it very funny that she still dresses exactly the same in her fantasy where she's not autistic.

No. 1900970

Imagine dreaming of being a fat, scruffy slob. At least aim high and try to manifest into a Chadsona.

No. 1900974

Why can't she work? Even child abuse survivors are expected to work. Why is bougie McDonalds-fat not required to work? I also don't know why her tits would magically hurt unless they were rotting off from diabetes.
TIFs need help but a front-sausage graft isn't going to fix what's wrong with them. Even after trooning out they'd still be autistic unhealthy losers.

No. 1901015

File: 1695162419392.jpeg (569.29 KB, 828x818, DA9B70C8-B90B-4D4F-ADDE-1637F4…)

I can honestly see Ezra ending up similar to mxmorphling/CallMeLaddie, detransitioning and claiming to be nonbinary despite clearly living as a hyperfeminine woman as to not lose all her followers. These type of detransitioners piss me off the most because you can obviously tell they regret the hormones and surgeries but double-down on the gender shit because claiming to be a pronoun freak is more respectable for them than a woman.

No. 1901029

>unintentionally hilarious
You think her obviously intentionally funny shit is an accident because it doesn't say THATS THE JOKE in huge bold letters below every panel?

No. 1901030

>"uwu i want my clothes to look good on me!"
>wears crocs

No. 1901038

i think she's very tired of the negative attention she gets and just wishes to disappear and not be fearful of randoms anymore. an average looking moid is the "default" type of person, she just wants to be seen as "normal" (notice the autistic/not autistic). i get her, to be honest, she wants her life to be easier.

No. 1901042

You could use your brain and think about how much easier it is to be a man for any woman who is even vaguely independent and not interested in living the life that entails male attention and pursuit.

No. 1901045

offtopic but crocs are actually in nowadays. no, I don't get it either

No. 1901062

File: 1695171100534.jpeg (454.87 KB, 750x1013, 71997A64-3304-444B-9F0B-106FF2…)

If anyone follows @ofangie in the art side of instagram. Literally the same tale over and over again.

No. 1901064

I don't know anything about this person specifically, but even "high-functioning" autists can struggle to hold onto jobs. I got fired from a lot of jobs in a relatively short span of time when I was younger, it took me quite a while to find a niche. In that situation, it's hard not to get depressed and worry about the viability of working long-term. There also could be something besides the autism affecting her ability to work. Just my two cents.

No. 1901072

Can't tell if that's supposed to be God, the artist holding a past version of herself, or Toki from Metalocalypse.

No. 1901093

>"Right" and "wrong" hormones
>Female tumblr-user typical art style
>Female typical typing style
>Weirdly misogynistic and objectified representation of her pre-transition self
>Clear fascination with stinky-looking men
This one image alone could probably win TIF bingo in a single turn.

No. 1901114

Nooo what? I always liked her art. Then she started dating this TIF she was friends with and was "suddenly attracted" to her when she trooned out. Really surprising because her art has always had a focus on the female body but idk haven't tuned much into her recently. I always thought she was so pretty too.

No. 1901164

File: 1695188497753.png (101.48 KB, 922x748, reddits.png)

Redditor having IVF and doesn't want a daughter, she admits it's because she doesn't want to bright a daughter into this world because of female oppression. I never want kids, I wouldn't want a son or daughter, especially for the same reasons. But she gets delusional in thinking that her daughter could just identity out of being female and everything would be fine.
>I am lucky enough to have some mtf trans friends. So hopefully a female child would, statistically speaking, feel differently and actually like being female, and if not, hopefully they could do something about it and not have a life of misery like I did.
>I also recognize that the child could always change their own sex, but I am not concerned about that because if they felt that freedom in a way that would be living my dream so of course I wouldn't be against that - it would be a beautiful example of how much the world has changed, even if it is still imperfect.
She shouldn't even have children with this mindset, and if she's the one who's going to be pregnant it will be the biggest reminder of her sex. I can sympathize with the trauma we all have from being born female, but I can feel the hatred for women oozing off her post.

No. 1901166

File: 1695188672783.png (52.99 KB, 902x553, womp womp.png)

No. 1901167

She's a narcissistic idiot for even doing IVF and then jerking off about what a shit life she's about to give to her baby on reddit. Very easily avoidable problem that she insists on giving herself and then pretending to be tortured about, it boggles the mind.

No. 1901168

yes, if she so wanted to not cause her child major suffering, she wouldn't breed at all

No. 1901171

You'd think she'd also not want a son because if a daughter is guaranteed to be traumtized from being female, then a son would be guaranteed to be misogynist and could grow up to be a rapist, but because of her "trauma" she only focuses on how there's nothing worse than being a woman, and you're better off being anything else.

No. 1901172

the first comment in >>1901166 gaslights her into oblivion:
>thinking that birthing a moid is bringing another oppressor = silly
it's likely a mtf commenter though, so obviously, like every common moid, he wants her to breed and defends it. or a tradthot

No. 1901191

why do they all want to be old fat ugly men, self hatred?

No. 1901202

Maybe they're just trying to be realistic, they see themselves as fat ugly women but they think being male in itself is better so they'll be fat ugly men

No. 1901212

>but because of her "trauma" she only focuses on how there's nothing worse than being a woman, and you're better off being anything else.
Does she and the others know how insensitive this is? Seems like touching grass and going for a day field trip is never enough for the bunch of TIPs. Literally you cannot choose the sex of your offspring, live with whatever it comes Tiffany.

No. 1901218

It's probably best they have a boy tbh. I'd really pity any girl growing up with such a misogynistic, victim blame-y parent.

No. 1901220

They're going to raise a super entitled misogynistic freak with no boundaries if they have a son. The best possible result is if they sterilize themselves and every alternative is somehow made unattainable for them.

No. 1901222

TIPs are literally built for sterilization. If we answer to them once more we're giving them what they want. I suggest we ignore this topic if it includes them

No. 1901258

What makes her believe that as a man she wouldn't have autism?
This image only shows that troons are people without self-esteem who over-idealize life as the opposite sex, not because they have real dysphoria problems.

No. 1901286

I mean, she does feel dysphoria, as in she is dissatisfied with her life and feels uneasiness about it. But can it be fixed? Of course it can, she can just go to a doctor, get her hormones checked so she can get some medication for her fatness, eat actual food instead of fast food and candy, workout and find other autistic people to hangout with.
I just hate how trannies try to turn a term used to feeling dissatisfied and uneasy into something that’s somehow very serious and totally important to treat immediately.

No. 1901351

File: 1695227996158.jpg (336.79 KB, 802x1200, Screenshot_20230920_114205_Gal…)


No. 1901357

Not sure what she's even trying to say here.

No. 1901370

Are TiFs just stupid low IQ women? Your style and personality have nothing to do with how your body looks. You don't have to dress femme and be girly just because you have big boobs. You don't need to be on T to dress in shorts. She looks happiest in the second drawing.

No. 1901378

You can tell she wants the ugliest scars possible to attract attention. Nothing better than old smelly socks on fresh wounds that need to fucking breathe!

No. 1901380

Stupidity seems to be the pattern. You have to be at least a little retarded to go on hormones at the very least.

No. 1901398

Like >>1901114 said, it's upsetting because of how she would draw women. But from what I've seen from multiple posts of hers, she seems to just hate that she "bimbo-fied" herself and now wants to be a man. Using the 4chan "foid" to describe herself. A woman cannot be non-feminine, not smart, not funny, gross or weird, because all of these things are "man" apparently to her.

No. 1901399

I'd wager she just invented a problem so she could post something online again. "yeah yeah this is totes a life hack, no no, I promise I'm not a narcissist". The fact she mentioned the bloat from the medicine seems like her old ED mentality is still there tbh. I hadn't even noticed because, well, she has fucking socks in her post-op binder. But she just had to slip that in there to let her fans know she's not an icky fatty. Anyway, infection arc coming soon?

No. 1901411

idk about her ed but I saw the fat part as a massive cope so she could delude herself that it will go away. She is getting fat due to testosterone and will get even fatter, she will look like a middle aged british man with a beer belly. Tragic

No. 1901413

Yeah, as someone with PCOS you gotta get your cardio in or the weight gain can snowball real fast. It's not so bad if you already lead an active lifestyle, but for internet addicted TIFs who think their radioactive gel will turn them into twinks, it can be 41% fuel.

No. 1901558

hate being into niche obscure nerdy shit like boomer shooters or horror movies (not the ones with slashers that girls lust over tho) or dinosaurs or something and meeting other women and 95% of the time its a tranny.

No. 1901561

same nona. you can actually meet other real women at irl meetups if you have any in your area. i love a specific music genre and 99% of the time online "women" into that are mtfs (or themlets), but irl i see actual women

No. 1901562

nice nlog blog. try making friends offline

No. 1901565

>I don't want to being children into this world especially female because of the state of it, but im going to because I have timmy tim tim friends from whom my daughter can learn to love being a woman through their sexualised pedophilic lens of being girls!
Do they test for mental illness before ivf or just physical

No. 1901573

seems like the 2nd girl is her right before puberty, she was happy before puberty hit her and she started to get feminine and not childlike which obviously brought unwanted sexualisation
many such cases!

No. 1901580

have irl friends, they aren't autistically into the same shit i am, and that wasn't an "nlog". it was more like being excited to encounter another woman except they reveal themselves to be a tranny. this is a common complaint in the thread so >>1901562 calm down tiffany.

No. 1901657

File: 1695260940928.png (1.7 MB, 2124x2977, ASK-THE-CAST-CH11-TIFREVIS.png)

Not mention also the "NLOG/Tomboy" is so '00.

No. 1901662

>whinge about "misogyny" but still identify as cis
is she really thinking she can identify out of misogyny? and why the quotation marks around misogyny? does she fucking believe it's a made up thing?

No. 1901683

Does CM stand for cis men??
So women are bitches by default because they're transphobic, but she babies transphobic men because they're only transphobic due to toxic masculinity (which is exclusively women's fault apparently)?
Is there context missing here? Because this feels comically misogynistic for pastel tumblr comic standards and she's agender so she's not even a trutrans. Is she just being really confusing over whether she's using "bitches" in a gendered/gender neutral way or…?

The way she draws herself/her self insert seems like she wants to do a "mean half-contraria edgelord that says things like they are with no sugar coating" LARP, so the only explanation I can think for this is that she twisted her brain so hard trying to be "edgy but in a TRA way" that she flipped herself into hating and blaming everything on women.

No. 1901692

this is a panel from the webcomic leasebound and is supposed to be satirical, for any anons who were curious. i was surprised to see a tif being so upfront with the misogyny but it turns out this wasn't made by a tif at all. still funny tho kek

No. 1901694

fuck i fell for it. the spelling of "transwomen/transmen" should've given it away, true and honest trannies don't spell it like that since it's associated with gender criticals.

No. 1901696

all this coddling of males and calling all women bitches kind of helps this chick pass… as an incel.

No. 1901699

didn't see this until after replying but that's pretty clever satire ngl

No. 1901702

File: 1695267418026.jpg (233.3 KB, 807x1015, Screenshot_20230920_223809_Bra…)

No. 1901707

File: 1695267659665.jpg (Spoiler Image, 401.55 KB, 800x890, Screenshot_20230920_223419_Bra…)

this is what she looks like btw

No. 1901717

File: 1695268898946.jpg (23.37 KB, 500x400, kermit choke.jpg)

>Dyke is a gender identity

No. 1901742

It’s reddit, of course not. Quite a few people even suggesting she transition or see a gender specialist who will only indoctrinate her more. Lots of people thinking they’ve got a good gotcha point asking her what she would do if her kid is a MTF or nonbinary, when it’s clear she hates femaleness so a troon son or an aiden daughter would be a win for her. Also with IVF you can choose the sex unless it’s banned in your country.
Those can’t possibly be fucking dirty socks right, she’s this stupid and nasty wtf.

No. 1901744

I seriously thought the character in the sweater was Mettaton at first.

No. 1901772

File: 1695274998085.jpeg (63.55 KB, 697x377, IMG_0704.jpeg)

>dyke is a gender identity completely detached from lesbianism!
>you can totally call yourself a dyke without ever having to touch an icky vagina!
>anyone who disagrees is an evil nazi bigot terf!

No. 1901773

saged for blogposty which is very common actually i remember when my breast grew the attention i got was way worse i was even catcalled on the street once i was 14 after which i started to bind my chest as so it wouldnt show,then wearing baggy shirts surprise surprise i was still harassed i was very close to the tif route too ,i think often times this is just the wrong way to deal with sexual trauma women face on a daily basis or them being lesbians and not accepting it, desexualizing yourself wont make the moids go away and defining femininity as girl wear skirt and makeup is redundant(blog)

No. 1901815

>"not an nlog"
>calls the anon a TIF with literally zero evidence
A hit dog will holler.

I'm so sick of hearing this shit. Like yeah, being a lesbian - particularly a GNC one - is an experience of being othered, no doubt about it. But how is this helping? The response to being told you're not a "real" woman is not to say "you know what? I'm not". God, I wanna a-log so bad.

No. 1901827

tif ""logic"" and misogyny at its finest.
>if only i was a male, i could be independent and ignore other males!!
tifs will sooner chop body parts than try to get their shit together. it's not even body dysmorphia or trauma here, just some excuse not to hold a job and live on their own like a shit ton of women are doing in the west. bc of course they never come from countries where women are actually forced to rely on a moid.

No. 1901842

>septum ring shows up on camera
This absolutely sent me. These people need a vacation in a gulag to reprioritize their lives

No. 1901888

See >>1901692 Is not a self-insert of the author, but a mock of all the TIFs that think like that.

No. 1901892

So I'm an artist who watches another artist do some livestreams and I noticed overtime that within her friend group that she invites on her stream are vastly younger than her. The artist is in her early 30s while her 3 other friends are in their early 20s (20, 21, 21) and two of them of TIFs and the other one isnonbinary.

Over the past few months one of her TIF friends (who also happens to be the youngest, she had just turned 20 this year) was going on and on about how she wanted to get her breasts amputated and she ended up getting it down last month.The other TIF is looking to "top surgery" as well as well as the nonbinary one.

Anyway the reason why I bring this up is because I can't help but feel that the older friend is being absolutely ridiculous in blindly validating and encouraging her very young friends to butcher their bodies. I mean she is a big handmaiden to troonery so I'm not surprised that she blindly validates and encourages her friends but as someone who is in her age bracket, I can't help but feel shame watching this grown adult woman help steer these young women into bodily destruction. I know that at the end of the day these early 20 year olds are adults but I still can't help but feel disgusted at the lack of critical thought the older friend has with these young'ins thinking that "top surgery" is a good idea for them.

No. 1901893

Oh thanks for clarifiying nonnas. I fell for it haha
I was finding it strange because that level of transparent woman blaming vs man coddling is something you'd probably only actually find in the trutrans MRA that larps as a 4channer on purpose to pass better type of TIF, not on the enby pastel creative type.

No. 1901900

Ah yes, what a very butch pose.

Seems she's on T but shaved her face. Imagine the shock you'd get if you overlooked the septum ring and took her home.

No. 1901903

How drunk would you need to be to do that? Is lesbian dating really that bleak? Or is this just how people look in The Bay(TM)

No. 1901919

Tbh if I saw her in clothes that covered the hairy ass and stomach I would find her cute.

No. 1901921

File: 1695319645725.png (128.42 KB, 729x686, 397612977.png)

Bpd chan fucks gay manwhore but is offended when he turns out to be a gay manwhore

No. 1901923

File: 1695319758755.png (15.23 KB, 709x197, 822989894.png)

Also some trans hypocrisy spotted in the wild

No. 1901934

'Rumors cis men know jack about vaginas'

Not gunna say that men in general are very knowledgable, but since we're talking about a GAY man….

No. 1901935

Congrats Aiden, you hooked up with a nasty UTI ridden bisexual male, notoriously the grossest moid subgenre

No. 1901937

This is honestly hilarious.

No. 1901940

I don't necessarily think the dudes bisexual.

Well , he could be but either way , if he's gay or bisexual , than it's possible the guy was trying to convince himself that he was into fakebois as a way of saying " I genuinely see you as a guy , so you can't call me transphobic " something like that basically

…or the fakeboi just has a really repulsive looking body overall and he's just specifically into her body since he apparently is messaging multiple fakebois.

No. 1901963

File: 1695325109504.png (249.03 KB, 1080x1541, screenshot.png)

They're so fucking sensitive. I've seen so many TIFs who start crying and sitting their pants if the eldery woman at the clothes store calls them "she". And there are ones who can't even stand someone else having their name? Weak. No man would act like this.

No. 1901973

Deadname, really? Sounds very alive and well. They really are sensitive and real dumbasses. These people just don't put any effort into learning not to react to the supposed "dead" name of theirs or cannot even think many or possibly countless other people share the name. Such navel-gazing.

No. 1901980

please don't tell me she got triggered by hotel room service

No. 1902000

If she's in her 30s and her only friends are in their early 20s, she's too much of a stunted adult to begin with, I wouldn't expect an adult like that to stand up for much of anything.

No. 1902003

Maybe I'm a prude, but hookup culture is repulsive to me, you're just going to put some stranger's dick inside you? I almost gagged at the UTI mention, men are so fucking gross, thank god I'm a lesbo.

No. 1902050

i actually agree with her, not with regards to the labels "dyke/lesbian," but in the sense that butch/femme are functionally gender identities, as historically they had very strict roles, codes of conduct, and rules of presentation intended to imitate, to some extent, heterosexual/patriarchal norms. of course, as a result i am critical of those labels, whereas she thinks they're a good thing kek

No. 1902058

My guess is that this tif character was supposed to be portrayed as a 4channer redpill moid larper

No. 1902061

Homophobia is rampant bc misinformation that tends to be read from this moid alone and 100 other similar bi moids

No. 1902063

>this bi male on grindr didn't know my anatomy at all, kept criticising my body and asking weird questions, and let me give head though he had a UTI. Why did this happen?????
Sigh. Also,
>I have a habit of going on grindr when my self esteem is even lower than it clearly already is
So there's gonna be plenty more encounters where that came from. Pray you get out of it with nothing more than a curable STD bc that's the best case scenario there.

No. 1902074

im going to disagree with you here and say she seems more in line with the tumblr "transandrophobia" types. both are brazenly misogynistic but the faux-progressive language and infantilization of moids and tifs is more of a tumblr thing ime

No. 1902086

that's daft. gender "identity" is not real. butch and femme are lesbian subcultures with their own codes, not gender roles.
the tifs just want to say it's a gender so they can divorce the term from homosexuality and appropriate it. classic pomo "words mean what i want them to mean" kweer tactic.

only fucking afab people? sounds like a "genital preference", which as we all know is twansphobic. someone's gonna get slapped with the terf label kek

No. 1902106


Lesbian with extra steps

No. 1902108

>butch and femme are lesbian subcultures with their own codes, not gender roles
why do you think there used to be (and still is) so much hand-wringing about butches transitioning en masse? because the traditional butch role is almost functionally identical to the stereotypical masculine gender role, and it was designed that way so they'd be more capable of blending in back when homosexuality wasn't considered socially acceptable. there have always been arguments within the lesbian community regarding the merits or potential harms of this form of role-playing, but there is undoubtedly a lot of overlap between the butch larp and the ftm/wannabe man larp, even if being butch is perceived as more of a fashion statement nowadays. i'm not saying it's the case for all women who call themselves butch, but throughout history it has been used in ways that are quite similar to what we perceive as a "gender identity" - that is, identification with a socially constructed cultural norm dictating the ways that certain women should look and behave.

No. 1902160

Then explain why did Noelle troon when she looks like the femme lesbian with Molly

No. 1902162

Being a prude is just being sane and having basic common sense at this point

No. 1902167

not every person transitions for the same reasons, but noelle in particular came from a highly religious household and struggled a lot with molly having previously been in a relationship with a man, so i wouldn't be surprised if she transitioned in order to fill that role, so to speak.

No. 1902168

I fucking distrust butch/femme dynamics, and I now understand why after TIFs troon they gatekeep heavily and become the "trannier than thou"

No. 1902171

i don't get it either, especially for women. just get a sex toy ffs

No. 1902190

Samefag, these TIFs dont want any other women to fill the male role because that would mean exposing the basis of their tiffery.

No. 1902318

every gay man i've ever known, and every gay man i don't know who has talked about relationships, describes how they are in an open relationship. even married ones. every single one sleeps around and it's more "okay" because they're with another man where monogamy means nothing. i've even read articles by gay men about how lonely they are despite sleeping around and that sleeping around solves nothing but they feel compelled to do it. typical male brain.

No. 1902393

File: 1695401439299.jpeg (167.74 KB, 1080x1300, IMG_4449.jpeg)

What the fuck

No. 1902415

This bitch wants to be “gangly”?

No. 1902419

can we get this tranny fired? they seriously shouldn't be near children whatsoever. i feel sorry for any child who catches it creepy ass stare, it can fuck you up for years(cowtipping)

No. 1902428

It's the testosterone, girls who go on T get friction rashes from jacking their gross spindly clits. The gay dudes I know who don't sleep around are either overworked and just wanna go home, make dinner, maybe do laundry on weekends, or autistic.

No. 1902452

File: 1695407487913.png (136.16 KB, 1082x711, cowboy304.png)

It just keeps getting worse and worse.

No. 1902494

According to tranny claims about what "dysphoria" is and how bad it is, this would mean that she is willing, repeatedly choosing to put her life on the line to hear hotel motel Holiday Inn.

No. 1902500

Nonas you're braver than I am. I was thinking the same thing, but I didn't want to risk sparking infighting that involved both downlow gender-lovers and classic homophobes. The concept of "inherent masculinity/femininity" is fundamentally genderist, as is precise/strict larping of gender roles and aesthetics.

No. 1902511

I think the nail in the coffin of the butch debate is that when they realise they don't have to front (hanging out alone with you or dating longterm, etc) they act like any other normal woman and wear cute cosy shit indoors. I was androgynous as a teen and looked up to butches a lot as older friends, but ultimately seemed like a facade to make their lives a degree easier in this "gender norm" world. Butch seems to be a gendered role, if not a true gender role. Subtle semantics.

No. 1902527

File: 1695417926288.jpg (19.64 KB, 236x742, the-characters-are-all-slender…)

She wants to be an anime boy

No. 1902572

>theyre not sure what my gender is
they're teenage fucking boys, they know full well you're a tranny and want to be called mr but all they're seeing is a woman who's most likely half a foot shorter than them and non existent facial hair. idk why she's acting like they're just poor confused kids as if teenage boys wouldn't take every opportunity to be purposefully malicious lol

No. 1902584

>wear cute cosy shit indoors
what does this even mean. as if men's clothes isn't comfortable?

No. 1902598


A grown ass woman feeling jealous of teenagers (whether boys or girls) is mental. She's a creep and will probably be in the news for banging a student one day.

No. 1902602

you are actually a piece of shit human being. congrats.

No. 1902606

>people who creep on children shouldn't be fired from having power over children
Nta but this is a bizarre and creepy thing to support.

No. 1902607

Don't touch the poop, retard. Trying to get people fired is the sort of shit TRAs do.

No. 1902609

>Obsessed with Pitbull in current year
Pick a struggle

No. 1902663

File: 1695432876362.png (203.28 KB, 640x334, image_2023-09-23_113428204.png)

No. 1902672

Thats not a comparison, men wouldn't have been given a female name. This is a TIF exclusive phenomenon

No. 1902680

Rather be confused as an ugly moob having manlet than called a woman huh

No. 1902687

fucking kek

No. 1902695

Some people would sacrifice their firstborn seahorse dad child to be a True and Honest Gay Man

No. 1902699

Jfc how obese must this woman be if someone is mistaking her C-cups for moobs?

No. 1902710

AYRT and honestly she kinda does seem stunted.
>Most of her friends as I said are in their early to mid 20s. She only one other friend who is closer to her age which 29 this year but that person is a trainwreck as well as she thinks she's a man.
>30 year old artist is a full-time freelance artist who has a terrible work ethic of not getting her commissions done and has quite a backlog. Her husband is the one who provides for the both of them since he has a full-time job with benefits.
>She feels the need to remind people that she's "not straight" (she's bisexual) even though she's in a long-term monogamous relatinoship with her husband while having a short stint of a polyam relationship that only lasted 2 months.
>Acts a bit immature like saying words incorrectly in a attempt to be "uwu quirky" because her friends talk like this.

No. 1902718

Bust and underbust measurements are insufficient to tell alone, it depends on how it sits on the body. Its always the bra how it fits. Some women with Cs may look small-breasted with simple clothing.

No. 1902719

Nonnie she had her boobs out
However, I really doubt this happened in the first place, sounds like prime transfiction

No. 1902720

>they act like any other normal woman and wear cute cosy shit indoors
Meanwhile TIFs are micromonitoring what they do even during supposed chilltime or when they're alone tho. I was once a TIF and this is very real, once identity takes over there is no way to simply relax indoors.

No. 1902746

i always find it annoying how so much about gender nonconformity conversations even in radfem spaces are mostly about your clothes and hair. you can have women dressing in masculine clothes claim that no one but them knows how hard it is to be gnc while being the mousiest, conforming most stereotypically-feminine behaving people you ever meet.

No. 1902754

>Bpd chan fucks bisexual manwhore but is offended when he turns out to be a bisexual manwhore
Also the fact that he's going after multiple TiFs at once makes me wonder if he's just a straight opportunist posing as a gay man. I mean, straight men don't understand jack shit about vaginas, either, so it's not like it's a stretch.

No. 1902810

At least she actually seems dysphoric? Better than tifs having the world's biggest humblebrag about having big boobs

No. 1902821

That’s honestly not dysphoria tho? If it was dysphoria she wouldn’t have even thought of going to gay bathhouses and being topless around men because she would’ve felt “discomfort and uneasiness” instead of calmly talking with random men about boobs, the average woman feels more dysphoria by shaving her legs, vulva and armpits 24/7 than the majority of tifs who are just either exhibitionists or victims of abuse and/or harassment that self-harm as a way to take control over a situation.

No. 1902844

Fuck the ending of Sex Education S4 pisses me the fuck off with its top surgery troon suicide baiting.

No. 1902849

>watches four whole seasons of netflix grade horseshit
>only mad about the tranny

No. 1902900

How exactly is that better?

No. 1902942

So this girl falls under exhibitionist, she wanted to show off her boobs to gay men even before surgery and I'm sure she's delighted to be able to show off her nipples and zipper tits afterwards openly without the world being able to judge her for it. So much so that she can't help but post about it online. Assuming she's real and not a troll because wtf is gay bathhouse and why would a gay man act like that lmao

No. 1902947

File: 1695488812573.png (474.7 KB, 630x630, pitbull.png)

>Mr Worldwide here triggering to all the few trannies in the world. Dale.

No. 1902948

there are so many tifs like this that gets a "pass" because it's not seen as the same level of perverted as the tims talking about wanting the skin of teenage girls but it really is fucking gross of her to act this way. Especially because the term "gender envy" in 90% of cases is just basic attraction to the person in question. Either way she's clearly mentally unstable and unfit for her job if the mere look of a teenage boy is that distracting to her… when she teaches teens.

No. 1902980

Now, I'm not a 'what about men' type and I am aware she's not a physical threat to any teenage boys. But if this were my brother's school, I would not be comfortable with her being anywhere near any minor.

No. 1902988

I wish there was some kind of test or screening that blocks perverts who have strange thoughts about children from becoming k-12 teachers. Normal adults are not envious of kids, especially not their looks wtf. I don't care if these aren't sexual thoughts, it's still inappropriate to have these feelings towards teens. Now that they're teaching gender shit in school, more of these weirdos will be allowed at schools. Hell world.

No. 1903001

NTA but same. If I had a brother and this was his teacher, I'd want that degenerate fired ASAP. I don't care if it makes me "actually a piece of shit human being" like TIFchan >>1902602 said. It's just common sense that trannies shouldn't be in schools for a variety of reasons. They're perverts, they're mentally unstable, they cannot and will not stay neutral when teaching anything related to politics or human biology, if a child comes to them with a problem they cannot be trusted to give sound advice, etc etc etc.

No. 1903011

File: 1695497441212.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1995, SureYouAre.png)

This personal cow of mine recently got the word "faggot" tramp stamped on herself despite being female and only fucking males as seen in her NSFL Twitter. Picrel.

She also has a video of her using a urinal where she doesn't even bother wiping her pissy pussy before pulling her pants back up, but I'll spare your eyes from that.

No. 1903012

This is revolting I would kms if my daughter grew up into that

No. 1903015

THe worst part about this is it's suppose to resemble those disgusting womb tattoos. This is porn brainrot.

No. 1903017

I can't stand these openly homophobic Tiffanys.

No. 1903036

i think it's important to recognize the difference between being actually gender non-conforming as a woman and simply adopting a different performative "gender." historically, many butch women felt extremely pressured to dress and act a certain way, to perform a certain role in bed, and to repress their emotions in order to fit the stereotypical role of "the butch." while they were outwardly/aesthetically gnc, they were nevertheless obsessed with image in a way that actual gnc women are not. you see it in ftms as well. they're "gnc" in the sense that they wear "man clothes," but it's all extremely calculated down to the point of worrying about the most masculine sleeping position - and that level of neurosis is, at heart, deeply feminine.

No. 1903037

and imagine that being your mother though, that's an even worse thought.

No. 1903050

File: 1695503423805.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 248.26 KB, 1170x1546, F5TbdPvbEAEmWv_.jpeg)

At least is legible, not like this monstrosity.

No. 1903052

Imagine being a parent so "LGBT+ ally" to then see your kid with a tattoo meant to insult gay people back then. I would tell them to cover it.

No. 1903169

there's just no way that's true unless she posted it word for word on her twitter that it's inspired by an obscure insane anime thing. every girl on earth gets generic flower tattoos.

No. 1903170

It is so funny that not just one but several different women have related so hard to the concept of "I love having sex with men, but as a cool, brave, flamboyant man, not as some kind of WHORE WOMAN" that they got FAGGOT tattooed right on their womanly fupa.

No. 1903201

I can't imagine the amount of mental gymnastics you'd have to go through to genuinely convince yourself gay men are attracted to that. mental retardation must be a prerequisite to being a tif

No. 1903236

File: 1695533186295.png (2.01 MB, 810x4175, peakfakeboi.png)

Checks all the boxes

No. 1903251

Why can't she just be a regular non-make up wearing woman?

No. 1903260

cus that isnt special enough anymore

No. 1903263

It's on her back and it shares a common shape that most tramp stamp tattoos do. I don't really think it's womb tattoo inspired at all cause otherwise it would be placed at you know, her womb.

No. 1903264

Kek at how I've known two different women who looked exactly like this girl, and both of them were snobbish turbo-autists with fixations on maleness and obsessions with the idea of being cool and disaffected, despite being among the most overly-senstive, cowardly spoiled brats you could ever meet. She's probably more like the boy-crazy lesbophobic fujo than the self-hating lesbian trying to larp her incelsona, though. The former would definitely be a "gay nonbinairy" (sic) if we were teens today. What should this phenotype be called?

No. 1903265

>feel safer in the women’s restroom

Well gee I wonder why

No. 1903268

Mansonas doesn't exist in 2023 anymore kek. Girls squeeing over incels would be the next trend after being tifs once they detrans

No. 1903274

Why do all these delusional TiFs believe going on T will make them androgynous? The only thing that it'll do is make you hairy, fat, bald, angry, and permanently ruin your voice. It won't get rid of your female hips, curves, or bone structure.

No. 1903301

No homosexual is interested in fucking the opposite sex no matter how much they want to be on the right side of history. A gay dude who’s interested in trying out having sex with a female has got to be bisexual by the nature of it or just a fucking retard, but clearly not 100% gay.

No. 1903305

Ntayrt but what about those gay men with wives/girlfriends who had children with them who come out as gay years later? Those cases honestly confuse me tbh cause they manage to nut inside a woman, but still aren't attracted to them.

No. 1903317

File: 1695549107798.jpeg (183.84 KB, 749x874, IMG_9972.jpeg)

Tif wishes to be the brave little gay boy who gets to publicly come out in a big spectacular manner and shatter gender stereotypes. Unfortunately, she is a feminine heterosexual woman.

No. 1903324

File: 1695550610769.jpg (911.69 KB, 1079x1690, Screenshot_20230924_111641_Gal…)

The drag race tif appeared on my feed and she's looking rough, does she have filler in her jaw? And kek at her small arms next to the male's orangutan ones

A man would nut inside a pringles can with the crumbs still inside

No. 1903337

yaoi and its consequences

No. 1903354

>struggles to separate fantasy from reality.
>troons out.
Sad! Many such cases.

No. 1903358

The types of trannies that fetishize types of oppression they don't face make me want to a-log. I've seen someone bring up similarities between AGPs/AAPs fetishizing "the gay experience" (facing homophobia) to that Lou Reed song, "I Wanna Be Black", and I haven't been able to unsee the similarities. Whites fetishize stereotypes about black people and the fight for black people's rights, men fetishize stereotypes about women and the abuse they face, and straights fetishize gays and the stigma against their sexualities and relationships, all while these privileged people continue to benefit off the oppression of the people they're fetishizing. It's so disgustingly shameless and unempathetic that I can only imagine it to be a symptom of narcissism any time it happens.

No. 1903363

I think its a matter of identity as well, most middle class youth don't have an identity or sub-group to these days, so it’s no surprise that some of them, especially younger ones, seek solace in alternate forms of identity. These "personas: offer them the chance to rise as oppressed heroes or embrace the role of the victim, essentially "reclaiming" their rightful place in the narrative of their lives.

No. 1903382

>get to call yourself any male name you want
>choose Arden

No. 1903454

Do you think TIFs would buy it if I started a GoFundMe "for transition purposes" under the name Melvin? Of course, I wouldn't tell them that the only transition I'd be making is from someone with no money to someone with cash to burn.

No. 1903461

There's an article about how yaoi is making young women turn into tifs and most of the comments are saying "is such a lie! This was written by a TERF! No sane woman would think an unrealistic gay sex means they're men in a woman's body!"

But Aiden, there are TONS of young woman acting like NLOG because "yaoi made her realize she wasn't a girl after all". The kettle calling the pot.

No. 1903499

This is glorification of plastic surgery, nothing else. The butchers must be crying with happiness everyday.

No. 1903521

File: 1695582538671.jpeg (26.86 KB, 640x360, IMG_0896.jpeg)

…As in Elizabeth? THE Red Door herself? Arden is trying to pass as a gay man with a ladies perfume name?

No. 1903553


No. 1903600

Can't believe we have to say it's OK to be straight in this day in age

No. 1903612

They'd support you more if you pretended to be a tim named buttercup or something

No. 1903626

But that’s the issue, nonna! Being straight is too okay, it’s boring, there’s nothing forbidden about being a straight woman dating a straight man.
Not even age gaps are seen as something as scandalous as it could’ve been seen as when she was a teenager, she would need to date a geriatric dying moid for people to whisper and point at her, because even if she dated a man 10 years older than her, everyone would just think “ah, she just likes them older”.

No. 1903629

File: 1695593539976.png (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 885x736, firefox_hHwRspDdt5.png)

I haven't seen anything about this particular tif on lolcow, but she's such a… specimen. I remember her from tumblr from a few years back. She used to run a stim blog, suddenly pooned out, and started doing "gay" (lole) porn. She hasn't posted anything on the latest iteration of her stim blog since late 2021 and has since fully dedicated her life to the coom, doing the usual PH, onlyfans, reddit, and twitter porn run. If you look up her username, you'll see a handful of her older pictures, but mostly porn.

No. 1903658

she's brought up all the time in these threads

No. 1903662

File: 1695598134501.png (476.97 KB, 728x485, picrel.png)

I think because some of them have never seen any of their male relatives and think "I'll look like them too!". Not mention also all the tifs use filters to look better even if they'll age badly.

No. 1903663

File: 1695598272027.png (105.05 KB, 548x731, T is forever.png)

I've been going through Mastodon for milk and while most of the users there belong more on the e-begging thread this one is genuinely depressing. I feel so bad for her, poor girl.

No. 1903671

I looked at this girls Twitter and she retweets a bunch of other FTMs doing “gay” porn, it is insane how many of these girls have gone down this degenerate path. I don’t think there’s a single trans person male or female or who isn’t a pornsick deviant

No. 1903677

And then you have them defending porn "because it helped me to find my gender/myself".

No. 1903678

Are most gay men not aware of this? Or do they just not care? I understand men not pushing back against TIFs in general because they don’t pose any real threat to them. But I have a hard time imagining your average gay man seeing a tattoo like this - a tramp stamp that says faggot in a fanciful font surrounded by lavender - on a clearly female person and not rolling his eyes and complaining about straight girl nonsense. Do they actually resent it a lot but they just know they can’t say anything without the troon brigade coming out in full force? I’m not close enough with any of the gay moids I know irl to ask them without fear of coming off terfy. I’d be very curious to know what the majority of gay men actually think about this. I’d like to think they’re getting more and more irritated by it but I doubt they think much of it at all since TIFs are so easy to ignore compared to their be-moobed brethren.

No. 1903680

My bad, nothing came up when I searched for her past tumblr URL/current username, so I figured she wasn't mentioned here before.

No. 1903690

The way she's hunching her shoulders so hard, don't be shy sis uncrop the photo. Oh wait, you do porn of your non muscular small shouldered body all the time, so why pretend in non porn photos?

No. 1903694

>I really want children of my own
>I shot up my body with the wrong hormones, atrophying my reproductive organs
>but nobody has honestly told me the effects of T and I've seen cringe tiktoks of ~seahorse dads~ so I was misled to believe I can do it too!
Really unfortunate. However, since she's a mentally ill tranny I wonder if becoming a mother would've benefited any child she had or just her own ego.

No. 1903708


No. 1903709

Her story is bleak and depressing. She started doing porn as soon as she was 18, isn’t on the greatest terms with her parents, and moved in with her much older creep boyfriend around the same time who appeared in her “videos.” What will become of her 10, 20 years later, when the impending health complications and accelerated aging from cross-sex hormone abuse catches up to her? Her presence online has bombed all future career prospects and her ‘appeal’ in the market will have tanked. Grim.

No. 1903711

You can use anyone as a cumsock if you really want to, theyre always unhappy though and running from something and the women in their lives are generally too naive to the signs until the relationship or marriage has ruined them. These delusional types who get tats that say faggot are just as creepy as the "transbians" who transition at 40 so they can lurk around with knuckletats that say dyke and harass women on apps. All mentally ill people who cannot seem to realize that their target demographic just are not and never will be attracted to them no matter how much they adorn themselves with homophobic slurs.

No. 1903713

Most gay men on /tttt/ have a common theme of complaining about how their favorite pornstars are "fucking tunapoons" it makes them seethe a lot.

No. 1903718

Unless they’re men from like 1920 (in USA/Canada specifically) I’d wager they’re just bisexual moids, the gayest men I’ve ever met have literal 0 interest in women or fucking vaginas, I honestly think there are more bisexual men than gay men just because homosexuality seems to be so rare, but what do I know, scrote sexuality is an anomaly

No. 1903731

Every time I see her I can't get over how increasingly disgustingly bogged she looks

No. 1903735

You're being way too generous with the 10 years, it takes so much less time than that for the T to do its damage. It's depressing how quickly the irreversible effects set in. Plus she's obviously in a bad place mentally, nobody moves in with their creep boyfriend to do porn at 18 because they're happy with their life, so chances are she'll be doing even worse shit soon. I genuinely feel so fucking bad for these women, they get groomed into doing all sorts of depraved shit online by their pedo boyfriends and convince themselves it's OK because they're heckin valid themby bois now. I wonder how much of the Tif suicide rate is because they've invested so much into trooning out (and ruined their lives in other ways, like doing porn online) that when they snap out of it they're too depressed to move on and decide to end it all.

No. 1903770

Not having a child isn't a tragedy, and TiFs shouldn't be allowed to become mothers imo There are zero studies done on how high levels of T in the mother affect their child during pregnancy. I wonder if children born to TiFs will face any health problems in the future

No. 1903774

Weren't there observed health side effects in the children of female ex-Olympic athletes who doped with T?

No. 1903778

File: 1695613053543.jpeg (39.93 KB, 564x352, D954516F-8346-4E2C-9D0D-34425A…)

Kek Remember when Gigi was just a gay man? I completely forgot he trooned out too. So unfortunate.

No. 1903787

I didnt know Nats Getty transitioned until today actually

No. 1903788

someone post that pic of him standing next to gats.

No. 1903813

If you are not very careful
Your possessions will possess you
TV taught me how to feel
Now real life has no appeal
It has no appeal, it has no appeal
It has no appeal, it has no appeal
It has no appeal(autism)

No. 1903820

I know exactly what I want and who I want to be
I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine
I'm now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy
Oh! Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no, oh!

No. 1903834

I've seen plenty of gay men seething about weird straight tifs. I can sympathize with them a little bit I guess. I imagine it'd be annoying, though tifs hardly pose any threat to moids other than plain old harassment. Mrmenno is a pretty outspoken GC gay guy.

No. 1903847


Anon, you are misinformed.

TIFs stop taking testosterone during pregnancy. Most of them also aren't on it when they get pregnant and they have to plan the pregnancy and they usually have to stop taking it to conceive. The majority of the time it makes them infertile especially after a few months on it.

Some TIFs only take testosterone initially to virilize their bodies and then they quit and let their female reproductive hormones kick back in again. Some take it on and off.

You can't control someone else's fertility/whether or not they get pregnant. How would you stop a whole group of people from naturally reproducing without becoming a mad tyrant whether you agree with their life choices or not?

No. 1903853

There is literally no reason to sympathize with them. They aren't violent or imposing, they're literally just in their line of site. They aren't forced to interact with them and the only people telling them that they "have" to sleep with them are extremely terminally online niche communities. Online gay men spend a lot of time seething over women and calling them all sorts of things. They are not your friends or your ally and feeling bad for them because they for the first time know what it's like even a sliver for women is pointless

No. 1903857

>uwu i want to get rid of my female features
>wait no not that one
liek you get to pick and choose which organs are affected. fucking retard
maybe altering medical guidelines to make sure hrt is treated as potential teratogenic and not prescribed if there's a risk of pregnancy, like they do for accutane. but then again they'd just screech about being denied access to life saving medication uwu

No. 1903873

File: 1695627663896.jpg (559.16 KB, 810x2330, Screenshot_20230925-003454_Chr…)

I really don't get these people at all:

No. 1903879

File: 1695629129022.jpg (175.29 KB, 814x1222, gigi-gorgeous-married-to-nats-…)

No. 1903881

>am I nonbinary because of internalised misogyny? No, I feel nlog, so I must not be a girl at all
>being nobinary is literally like so cool cos you get to choose how you dress which i never thought to do before. Yeah those rules don't exist, but society forces me to think they do and I must obey, so…
For all their preaching and whining that they want to heckin' destroy gender roles they sure do love abiding by them.

No. 1903896

That's funny as well, but there's another pic of them. It's framed as Nats in this super masculine role and gigi as a dumb bimbo (I hate that word, btw). but he's larger than her in every category and it just looks comical.

No. 1903904

This is so stupid, if TiFs really felt like "not a woman" they'd never want to get pregnant and birth a child. If a woman is on T, she is a risk to a potential baby, we don't know if long term T use affects her eggs. No, you can't stop the retarded from reproducing, but it's just so selfish and cruel to that future baby. Not like these narcissists care about anyone but themselves.

No. 1903918

File: 1695634335123.jpg (749.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230925-044831_Red…)

Always so proud of their pathetic pube beards kek
>I honestly think there are more bisexual men than gay men just because homosexuality seems to be so rare, but what do I know, scrote sexuality is an anomaly
Actually more men identify as gay than men who identify as bi, and women who identify as gay. More women identify as bi than women who identify as gay, and men who identify as bi. I'm referring to studies and surveys that occurred before the queer bullshit took over. I have no idea what the numbers are now. Heard like 40% of youth in some cases identify as not straight when that number had consistently been around 5% for both sexes across all age groups until the queer nonsense took over.

No. 1903926

this is such a relief to read, thank god this retard can't breed

No. 1903927

File: 1695636511588.jpeg (96.43 KB, 699x466, IMG_4331.jpeg)

sage for slight blog but relevant.
i haven’t been to this thread in a minute so forgive me if it’s been discussed, but has anyone seen the new sex education season? TIFs and TIMs everywhere. literally the ‘popular’ couple at the school is a disgusting frog voiced TIF, and her ‘girlfriend’ is a weird little twink TIM. i didn’t watch the first episode (my roommate did and told me about it) but apparently there was a ‘trans joy’ sex scene. horrifying. (thankfully my roommate is secretly gender crit too so we’ve been gossiping about the troons we see on campus and are equally grossed out about it). picrel, it’s of the couple

No. 1903928

File: 1695636685807.jpg (45.03 KB, 500x500, Tumblr_l_48239465329251.jpg)

violetdioxazine on tumblr, she made lots of funny comics but unfortunately left the platform

No. 1903930

I've definitely seen girls say they're transitioning because they didn't want to be an evil straight woman (but a man is less evil? Lol).

Had someone block me on Twitter for saying I don't hate straight people too. Incredible.

No. 1903938

I quit watching when they introduced the they/them females. The binder scene from the sneak peeks made me want to vomit.

No. 1903940

You're the same anon that was ranting about "virile lesbians" a few threads back, huh? No one else in these threads talks about women "virilizing" themselves, you seem weirdly obsessed with it. You also reddit space like a retard which make you easy to clock. Also KEK at "mad tyrant" as if trannies aren't absolutely tyrannical in enforcing ridiculous changes to language and law because they're so fragile. Not to mention the way they gang up on anyone who speaks out against them and try to get them fired.

No. 1903948

I saw it. I hated that the supposed big climax of the finale was the school funding top surgery for the TIF as a happy ending. You're telling me we're going to ignore the main characters throughout the series in favour of a boring character that was introduced last season and contributed nothing but boredom to the show?

No. 1903971

File: 1695646417450.png (97.67 KB, 720x688, Screenshot_20230923-123016~2.p…)

This makes me laugh.

There's an obvious difference between a girl simply using a shortened version of her name and a young girl saying she's actually not a girl and that she wants to go by he/him or they/them , that she wants to be put on hormones and eventually get surgery , etc.

As much as these people don't want to acknowledge it , parents have the right to know about these situations and the right to keep their kid from transitioning on any lvl

No. 1903973

Is this the show where a " non-binary " girl gets annoyed at a teacher for telling her to go stand in line with the girls ???

No. 1903979

false equivalent, 30 years ago if Josephine had said her name is Billy and she's a gay man demanding the only openly gay boy at school fucks her bussy they absolutely would have called the parents because shes clearly mentally ill and delusional and is harassing real gay people

No. 1903980

"popular couple" lmao what a joke
i can't wait until this era is over and people start critiquing all this cringe content as the dark age it is

No. 1903990

Not to mention she'd end up like Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry.

No. 1904021

It’s also like okay maybe there was one person in an entire town who felt that way versus a third of a school claiming to be trans due to social contagion.

No. 1904023

File: 1695654037437.jpeg (27.27 KB, 280x280, 19205143-12DD-41EC-8561-4198FB…)

why are tifs always like this and yes she is dating a man and gleams about how they’re totally gay for each other

No. 1904025

File: 1695654192286.png (Spoiler Image, 327.71 KB, 463x725, Screenshot_20230925_105935.png)


No. 1904027

File: 1695654229597.jpeg (180.25 KB, 828x819, CCB90ED5-1095-4EFA-B2DB-FCD9B7…)

of course her bio is predictable and embarrassing

No. 1904029

doubtful but I wonder if these women will ever become self aware enough to realize posting these botched surgeries online are inevitable what will lead to the downfall of trans rights activism. I wonder how soon it will be before she regrets this decision if she doesn’t already kek

No. 1904032

Holy shit this made me shiver, actual mutilation and the skin layers look stapled together, why won't her family/friends say fucking something, it looks horrible…
I bet she would regret it so fucking much, we should use these pics and plaster them on signs. TIFs believe they're gonna walk out with cutesy, half moon looking scars when in reality they look like horror movie butcher victims. Doing this to deal with mild psychological distress and internalized misogyny is just so fucking hateful towards her….

No. 1904041

Sage for OT but Claire Willett is horrible, she's the epitome of the Gen X / older Millennial who rejected her conservative upbringing and is now really into being an "ally aunt." Many such cases, but I feel like this doesn't get talked about enough. There are a lot of fortysomethings who are really invested in being "supportive" of younger "queer" kids, not even in a groomer way, but just because they grew up as outsiders in conservative communities and feel like they're paying it forward by being an "ally." They shut their eyes to seeing the modern social contagion for what it is and tell themselves it's exactly the same as when 1980s evangelicals were persecuting the one gay boy in their high school, who was nice to them because they were a fat theater kid.

Also, newspaper receipts for the "trans homecoming queen in 1992" or it didn't happen

No. 1904049

I associate this behaviour not even with a specific generation, but with upper middle class progressive women in general

No. 1904066

Holy shit, this is that one youtube shorts tif who often gets posted here, right? That is downright grotesque, they couldn't even manage to make her chest look like that of a moid with the way the scar pinches outwards at the side of her torso.

No. 1904086

File: 1695660792997.jpg (37.15 KB, 345x395, WhatsApp Image 2023-09-24 at 2…)

My gf sent me this one she found in the wild. The must struggle moustache I've ever seen kek

No. 1904103

The butchers never put the nipples in the right place.

No. 1904115

The other day my pharmacist with a legendary PCOS pube stache went "EXCUSE ME." when this nb-looking zoomer w her mom were at the counter. idk what was said before that, but the kid (young adult) started crying and left w her mom w their bag.

I know she's not on T bc I go in their every two weeks and bc the nature of my meds, we joke about our periods and she's always been v empathetic. So in my head canon she was asked her pronouns lmfao

She looks so different to me now, her PCOS mustache is like a wispy little Iranian lady's unibrow haha. Mad radfem energy.

No. 1904121

File: 1695663523977.jpg (Spoiler Image, 679.35 KB, 1079x2023, Screenshot_20230925_103535_You…)

The moment I saw this video I had to get to this thread asap. This is fucking disgusting. I can't believe she really chose to mutilate herself. It seems like her scars are doing that weird thing where some of them get that weird triangle jutting out the side. There is no way she's happy with this. I feel she knows deep down inside that shes following a trend that will pass in a few years for some stupid temporary internet fame.

No. 1904138

Stopping testosterone doesn’t magically fix your reproductive system though. The Russian female athletes who were forced to go on testosterone and then go off to imperceptibly cheat in sports still had birth difficulties and increased defects compared to women who hadn’t been on testosterone. Just going off it isn’t a guarantee you’ll go back to a normally functioning reproductive system.

No. 1904144

Yeah kek

No. 1904150

Dog ears (the jutting out triangles on the side), nipples slapped in the middle, looking concave and too flat while a male chest is still convex, yeah classic top surgery tbh

No. 1904151

It's called a dog ear. The surgeons do such a horrendously sloppy job that they just leave that among other horrible mistakes in. The tif teet yeeting community treats them as this cutesy little transmasc quirk when it's literally them being fucking butchered and having loose flaps of skin, busted sutures, numb deformed nipples, and leftover chunks of flesh jutting out. And this is being done to girls as young as twelve.
I notice the trend with these older progressives is that unsurprisingly they are quite sheltered, often well-off, straight, white, etc. They enjoy the rush they get from being seen as a protective ally mama bear. It's not pedophilia but it's creepy as fuck nonetheless. They don't actually care about "trans kids" or "queer kids" because if they did they'd actually look into this shit. They only care about virtue signaling and that sweet sweet validation. This can apply to men too, but that just makes it creepier. It's often the case that straight people and especially straight men get praised a lot more for "allyship" than any woman or minority because naturally gendies believe they are entitled to the support of minorities and especially women, whereas they believe men deserve rewards for cooperating. How very progressive of them.

No. 1904154

we also have more recent data from female bodybuilders who were taking steroids and the difficulties they faced, even though they'd been clean from over a decade.

No. 1904155

Is there a government mandated plan for trans genocide where TERFs want to hunt down brave transwomen, or has everybody has always loved and accepted trans people? Which one is it? It can’t be both. What’s their rhetoric again? Can they keep it straight for once?

No. 1904157

I have PCOS and I'd bet good money the zoomer thought she was a troon and probably said some cringe shit about "muh visible kweer elders!!!". I'm not as offended any more when people assume I'm male or a TIF; but if it's a tranny talking to me, I will make sure that I react with visible disgust so they know how I feel about them, kek.

Cannot do a single thing without posting it online. When the asspats stop and her audience gets bored, she's gonna have one hell of a depressive episode, realising that she covered herself in stupid tattoos and butchered her healthy body for "content".

I thought her results wouldn't be this botched as, given the short wait time, she must've went private. Bleak.

No. 1904170

oh my god that's fucking horrifying. her nipples look like dried out, burnt pieces of spam pasted to her chest. if i hadn't peaked already this might have been what did it for me. how does anyone genuinely think this is okay? oh my god stop doing these things to yourselves.

No. 1904179

File: 1695673132530.jpeg (147.91 KB, 723x744, 4843D068-6AF4-45DA-94B1-3B09A2…)


she has to know deep down she done goofed

No. 1904213

In BL erotica manga they sometimes touch themselves like that. No idea why.

No. 1904235

It's because they're stand-ins for women (/the reader).

No. 1904268


No. 1904276

kek they look like a bootleg rue/hunter

No. 1904366

Even if her family did say something, she'd just say they were transphobic.

No. 1904371

>probably said some cringe shit
Zoomers can't talk to customer service people because of ~anxiety~ that's probably why the mom had to be there even though the zoom was clearly of age

No. 1904377

File: 1695698990032.png (350.61 KB, 453x600, ac.png)

YWNBAC: You Will Never Be Alice Cooper.

No. 1904380

not sure if anyone has pointed this out but she started this shit right after starting to recover from an eating disorder. fucking sad. she clearly has a serious struggle with her body.

No. 1904388

File: 1695700499566.gif (733.02 KB, 165x115, 6BE5DEB6-A917-4855-9F67-E49607…)

>the freedom it gives you to choose everything about yourself, your aesthetics, your appearance, your behavior and not be locked into anything

No. 1904391

You’re the best nona. Love this!
None of these faggots could ever.

No. 1904399

Yeah, cringe and disgusting. Even the nonbinary binder arc in S3 was cringe and disgusting, but troon suicide baiting to get top surgery funded by the school? What the fuck. So manipulative and horrible.

And the "popular couple" and troon euphoria sex eww.

No. 1904401

File: 1695705313893.jpeg (461.35 KB, 828x932, IMG_9427.jpeg)

Not a TIF, but many TIFs were "God I wish that were me" or "good for him".

No. 1904403

File: 1695705991139.png (74.53 KB, 750x434, image.png)

it's neither, actually. it's just a big clit.

No. 1904404

I am confused as to why the nipple never aligns with the natural line of where the muscle would be if they had pectorals visible. I rarely see any of these when passing this thread that dont look like they were pinned on blindfolded. These surgeons are butchers and higher standards of practice should be demanded tbh. Just forking over money to be fucked up.

No. 1904417

Gotta agree with him on this one. Nipples are annoying. Just these sensitive ass pieces of flesh that chafe against shirts when you run and hurt easily. If you are a moid there is no point having them really

No. 1904444

Yeah moids only get them since everyone starts as female in the womb, functionally they're useless, but there is no push to get them nipple removal en masse…

No. 1904458

File: 1695721283181.jpg (266.41 KB, 1080x1274, Screenshot_2023-09-26-10-40-20…)

The replies are so sad

No. 1904459

That’s probably the first results of top surgery butchery lots of these kids viewers are seeing, they’re not even seeing the “good” ones that are still very wrong and overly photoshopped. Fucked up they’re just going to take this as the ideal because their trans king Ezra Butler said so. Even if there was a large amount of comments on how they butchered her it would be tuned out by these kids because of Ezra’s bullshit false positivity being trans and mutilating yourself isn’t scary watch me do it echo chamber. It looks awful to me and i’m an adult who’s had (not cosmetic troony shit) surgeries myself.

No. 1904460

Weirdly instead of becoming the person who rejects conservative views, they instead grow up to enforce them even harder by insisting a dress now literally makes a boy female because gender roles is all a person is. Horseshoe effect kind of thing. It's like they have zero critical thinking skills

No. 1904462

>since everyone starts as female in the womb
Incorrect, everyone starts "sexless" but the pathway towards "female" is older than males existence and therefore default. Males have at no point been female, there's split off from the "sexless" where male/female happens and the two paths never overlap.

No. 1904465

like imagine you're building a car (female) and a wheelbarrow (male). You start by bringing out 4 tires - so it's not a car nor a wheelbarrow yet because all you have are tires. Then there's a point where you either put the tires on a car-frame using all 4 tires, or on a wheelbarrow-frame using 1 tire. Having 3 extra tires left doesn't mean the wheelbarrow "started off as a car".

this is a dumb fucking analogy lmao can't be bothered to explain it better

No. 1904467

Don't be so hard on yourself. It's the most comprehensive analogy I've seen about this so far.

No. 1904492

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but from what i remember learning a long time ago, the nipples appear when the embryo is still in that "default" state, before the Y chromosome sways the development into the male direction? Idk genetics are wild, like my male dog has a bunch of tiny flat nips, it's kinda cute lol

No. 1904509

All male mammals have nipples dude

No. 1904516

What's up with the huge uptick in "Noah" tifs? What fictional character named Noah are they all skin walking? (I guess I'm out of the loop on current popular characters in female fandom spaces because I can't come up with any, but that's usually the source for all tif trends kek)

No. 1904522

except for male mice

No. 1904538

Nature is amazing.

No. 1904546

No fictional characters, Noah is just the most popular name given to baby boys right now

No. 1904547

Noah's Ark? Lots of TiFs like bible names for some reason like Luke, Ezra, Levi. Know a TiF that went from Katie to Gabriel (like the archangel) lmao

No. 1904571

File: 1695746478602.jpeg (32.72 KB, 474x395, th-480498590.jpeg)

Total Drama Island

No. 1904573

I doubt this is it, but it would be really funny if it was.

No. 1904588

>Ezra, Levi
those just want to be soft non threatening jewish boiz.
the damage that supernatural/the entire superwholock did…

No. 1904595

I thought most Levis were AoT fujos.

No. 1904639

I thought they liked Levi cos of attack on titan kek, they even do the ugly curtain bang haircut that he and kpop boys have

No. 1904649

I saw a TIF on tumblr use Levi as her name and said that it was short for "Leviathan", kek. That's something you'd name your DA tier donut steal OC, not yourself.

>those just want to be soft non threatening jewish boiz.
This. A lot of them pretend to be converts too, but judging by their complete lack of knowledge about scripture, holidays, and culture I think the majority of them are lying about it (jewfishing? kek). They probably didn't go any further than googling the nearest synagogue, buying a gay or trans flag kippah from etsy and a Magen David necklace that looks like it came out of a cereal box.

No. 1904661

Leviathan? You mean to tell me a TIF named herself after the archdemon of envy, who also happens to be the only female archdemon? If you didn't just mistake a TIM for a TIF somehow, that's hilarious.

No. 1904663

Catfish isn't kosher, somebody tell these shiksa nerds

No. 1904674

100% a TIF, she was on the fringes of the Fallout fandom posting art and stories of her boring self-insert fucking MacCready from Fallout 4. In true TIF fashion she was in a t4t cope4cope "gay but not in the icky lesbian way" relationship with another TIF. I didn't know that about leviathans though, KEK. I'm guessing she didn't do a cursory google search before picking that name. I highly doubt she's changing her name to that legally, but man… I hope so kek.

No. 1904677

KEK she probably just picked it because name's alternate use as a word for something that is large and powerful, and maybe because of vague recognition of it as an edgy aesthetic word (either because of religious connotation or because its associated with big sea monsters) that she could shorten into a regular sounding "cool boy" name.

No. 1904704

i bet they name themselves gabriel after the mandela catalogue because a subtype of tifs love those lost footage vhs horror series, because they used to love fnaf as kids/teens too. there's more like michael after the magnus archives and those puppets from welcome home or something

No. 1904736

sorry to get off topic but is that MiA? as a vkei fag this doesn't surprise me in the slightest. but the whole trans movement is just extreme bodymoding anyways. people just don't want to question it because it's attached to the LGB and are afraid of getting called bigots over it

No. 1904816

File: 1695770922095.png (125.84 KB, 708x962, the-horror.png)

Another victim of "I hate being perceived as woman and being a tomboy is not enough, so cutting my tits will help me out".

No. 1904820

lmao she's too fat to bind

No. 1904830

Hey d'you think that if she lost weight she'd stop hating her body a tiny bit? Haha of course not, fat people love their fatness and the tit chop is a much safer and saner alternative.

No. 1904839

>welcome home
>mandela catalogue
Yeah why is there a full niche of tifs that like online horror themed stuff that's popular with kids, it's oddly specific. I know one irl who loves my little pony horror/gore after being exposed to it as a little kid and fancies herself a degen "brony" just like one of the boyzzz

No. 1904864

File: 1695776856928.jpg (391.64 KB, 1080x1892, Screenshot_20230927_020245_Ins…)

On an Instagram reel about how siouxsie sioux's goth femininity rejects pregnancy or some shit and that somehow relates to the goth subculture having a "love affair with trans femmes" (tims), and of course tifs are in the comments like "omg something slightly gnc? I totally relate cos my retarded ass I think gnc means not a woman!" Sick of gendies trying to twist anything slightly interesting or out of the norm into pushing their regressive shit that they swear is progressive. Also kek @ tifs having to insert themselves into something claiming to celebrate tims cos tifs barely get the same kind of attention.

No. 1904885

Is this the polyester podcast? Fucking handmaidens.

No. 1904892

Sad thing is that she's not even fat. She just hates being a woman in her almost 30's with, God forbids, boobs.

No. 1904894

File: 1695779820154.png (917.24 KB, 1217x851, image.png)

clicked on this video that was recommended to me on youtube and within the first 30 seconds this guy starts referring to this girl as his "boyfriend" and at first i assumed he was joking until he did it a second time 30 seconds later, then i looked up her twitter and sure enough, this woman is considered a grown man by the "trans men are men" crowd.


No. 1904933

I wish heterophobic slurs existed, I hate these larpers.

No. 1904957

I don't know if it's the look in his beady soulless moid eyes or the way his ugly mushy face is structured, but this is possibly the most repulsive looking scrote I have seen all day.

No. 1904960

AI generated image for "possessed by demons of heterosexuality".

No. 1904972

File: 1695786662417.jpg (231.49 KB, 1920x1080, backdrop-1920.jpg)

ayrt here, when i saw him my first thought was that he looks like the bastard son of the two main guys from mr meaty. he also sounds retarded.

No. 1905010

Shit like this has made me want to resign from taking part in communities I could belong to.

No. 1905023

>The WORST Trend the internet tried to forget
I guess LARPing as a gay couple isn't in there yet

No. 1905074

There's an otome game with demons and one of them is Leviathan and goes by Levi. I wonder if that's where she got it.

No. 1905082

Imagine being motivated to troon out by a game as shitty as Obey Me.

No. 1905105

No. 1905109

>full forehead straight bangs
>dyed hair
>septum ring
>winged eyeliner
>basically all the hallmarks of trendy styling for young women
>doesn't try to look masculine or even just androgynous at all
>0% chance of being mistaken for a young boy
>true and honest "man"
It's over

No. 1905112

Not sure about specifically because of the game, but all of them love Obey me because the MC is just a sheep with absolutely 0 identifiable features so they feel like this is exactly what all otomes should be like (Obey me isn't even a real otome) because god forbid the MC is a boring girl.

No. 1905161

Bet you'll find a few from tumblr.

No. 1905165

Somehow I still geta feeling that the sheep is kind of meant to be read as a girl. The whole game is also clearly geared towards women only. The genderless they/them sheep makes it sell better in the west.

No. 1905245

i bet they identified as EdGy or not like other girls. there are already so many women who like horror so it makes sense they'd like it too but many horror movie fandoms are small, "problematic" or they're full of normies, they stick to stuff that has more representation (aka more TIFs) or looks more visually appealing. so that's why they like cartoons and stuff

don't let some random TIF stop you from doing or liking shit


No. 1905248

File: 1695831695233.png (219.12 KB, 1080x917, Screenshot_20230927-191940-020…)

And the comments say they have dysphoria about their handwriting

No. 1905251

File: 1695831952203.jpeg (272.76 KB, 1936x1936, did-anyone-else-start-writing-…)

>It’s not silly, I relate for sure. What IS silly is I made my handwriting girly. Spent all of summer between 7th and 8th grade teaching myself how to write a very specific way lol.But technically it worked so maybe you could just teach yourself how to write sharper over time? iirc it helped to see the letters as “shapes” to mimic rather than the letters themselves (I don’t think this last part makes sense but I’m really high and can’t explain it a better way lmao). Anyway this is my handwriting before coming out and after


No. 1905263

You just don't understand. These women were born with a medical condition where their true and honest selves are the exact opposite of how they naturally are in every single way. The only cure is to destroy everything about themselves and larp at all times until they die, presumably from stress-related coronaries. To debate this means you hate them and want them dead…from something other than the aforementioned gender-affirming heart attacks, that is.

No. 1905268

If I were asked to assume the sex of the person who wrote these, without any context, I would probably say left is female with around 75% confidence, but I'd assume right is female with 90% confidence, at minimum. It reminds me of the handwriting of several female artists I know of.

No. 1905277

The one the right is too neat to be a males.

No. 1905291

File: 1695837808165.jpg (203.73 KB, 1080x755, Screenshot_2023-09-27-20-57-41…)

This is the top post on their reddit now. This is exactly what i would imagine true and honest men talking about. She doesn't even count herself as one in the title.

No. 1905294

>silly little gender performance
she forgot to work on what she writesand not just how lol sounding girly as fuck all the way through

No. 1905295

>I'm really high
Literally just admitting they're making these huge claims while also delusional kek

No. 1905333

Why does she care so much about her handwriting!? Why do all these retards in the comments care as well and they boast about having the most illegible messy handwriting as if that's a good thing? Does she know not all men write in uppercase? That's more of a boomer thing. And that most people don't give a shit about the gender of a someone's handwriting unless it's painfully obvious but rather the legibility? Why do they make their lives so difficult just for some stranger at the street to accidentally call them "sir" instead of "ma'am"? Why is a stranger's perception of them so detrimental to their health? The answer to all of these is mental illness of some kind, there's no other way. I don't say this as an insult, there's legitimately no other explanation why they're constantly watching themselves from a 3rd point of view instead of just living. They nitpick everything they do, it's like when you breathe manually vs automatically. When you become aware you're breathing, you stop and then you have to breathe manually until you forget you're breathing and the automatic breathing starts again. Except they refuse to forget.

No. 1905338

File: 1695844333278.jpg (183.26 KB, 848x1024, ob_813f9b_18060929-junot-conse…)

wow i guess all the men who wrote in cursive for the past few centuries were secretly mtf troons.
fucking gendie brainrot

No. 1905357

In b4 TIMs start claiming John Hancock like they did Kurt Cobain

No. 1905444

The right showcases far too much fine motor control to be from the hands of a moid. If they want to write like moids they should take enough stimulants that they start having uncontrollable tremors

No. 1905446

next logical step from TIF Hamilton kinnies

No. 1905490

File: 1695862314162.jpg (Spoiler Image, 610.32 KB, 1387x2048, vomit.jpg)

Trying to find milk in the "mlm" and "t4t" tags on Tumblr, but it's hard to wade through all the nauseating pictures. It's just a deluge of pimply, hairy hamplanets advertising their "sex work" with horrifically unsexy selfies. I have no idea how someone can look at this shit and arrive at the conclusion that these women are mentally stable enough to undergo major cosmetic surgery.
And anyone who points out that actually, penis-having gay men don't use the toothpaste flag, "mlm" or "achillean," is 100% right. Obviously Tumblr is a very female-dominant site to begin with, but every single blog I moused over was a TiF or enby. All of the posts were very girly and infantile, too, generally things like "uwu i want a boyfriend who will pet my hair," and "omg boys are so soft, i wuv boys." It's so clear that these women transition at least in part because they want to express these very teenage-girl-y attitudes towards "BOIZ!!1!" and feel ashamed to unless it's re-contextualized in a way that makes it progressive or counter-cultural.

No. 1905493

Straight woman problems kek

No. 1905495

Meanwhile TiMs don't even give this sort of thing a passing thought and they all write like seven year olds with crab claws for hands.

No. 1905509

tifs really are the most feminine women out there holy shit the cutesy little weekly chore notes

No. 1905514

I remember using tumblr in like 2013-14 and I was part of the 80s bands fandom. Every single person in that community seemed to be a FTM. Back then the tranny shit wasn’t such an epidemic so I was super fucking confused as to why the entire community was young women trying to larp as Martin Gore lookalikes lol. Every single one was called either Vince or Aiden. From what I’ve heard the true crime community was absolutely rife with tifs too and they all idolized Eric Harris and shit. So when that tif shot up that school I wasn’t surprised in the least, I was actually more surprised more hadn’t happened already.

No. 1905515

Men don’t write post it notes about feeding their pets, it’s that simple. Lol.

No. 1905518

Testosterone shortens your life which is why men almost always die earlier. Naturally produced estrogen that all women make protects them from so many diseases, that’s why so many women suffer so hard after menopause.

No. 1905544

>Testosterone shortens your life
I doubt this. My understanding is that the difference in life expectancy between men and women is a result of the fact that males are more likely to engage in high-risk behavior.

No. 1905557

I guess that explains why I see so many of them with the name Vince or Vincent. I should have known they’re trying to skinwalk musicians, I just thought they picked it because it sounded like a unique but soft artsy boy name. Occasionally when I run into true crimer columbiner type accounts it’s always a he/it 15yo who goes by Dylan. They really just pick the most wildly unfitting names from their special interests kek, Letterboxd put out an interview of this sperg today who’s watched Saw over 200 times and supposedly legally changed her name to one of the characters name. https://letterboxd.com/journal/watched-to-death-saw-obsessive-rewatcher-horror/#

Not that milky of an article but reactions on social media were just calling her weird kek and her deep trans related take on Saw was that Lawrence Gordon wears blue and suits because he needs to validate his gender.

No. 1905579

Kek at how the part she's most obsessed with in the series is the "gay male subtext" between Lawrence and Adam. I've never met an actual man who thinks much of the relationship between those two, it's mostly women who obsess over that. I'm pretty sure I've even seen more lesbians than gay men talk about the concept of Lawrence being in love with Adam, and I say that as someone who sees the subtext, myself. Actual men are largely more interested in things like John Kramer's "genius", or the goriest traps.

No. 1905583


Don’t play dumb. Testosterone artificially introduced to a female body shortens the woman’s life span.

No. 1905588

Baby you’re being obtuse yourself—does artificial estrogen reduce the male lifespan?

No. 1905591


it's almost as if pumping your body full of opposite sex hormones is generally bad for your health

No. 1905594

yea it do

No. 1905595

It’s because they’re not looking for the clit and don’t care about you, but you can’t expect an NLOG Aiden to know this I guess

No. 1905605

Can you post the reel? I'm interested

No. 1905617

I'm in history-related fandom, and it's painful to not be able to have anything with cute old boys without some fakeboi attempting to skinwalk her history OC :( It makes me hesitant to show up for reenactment, I genuinely want to go, but the amount of fakebois LARPing my period makes me nervous.

One thing that brings fujo together is that we're not, and can never be our blorbos.(:( )

No. 1905638

I mean these TIFs who dent reality, wouldn't exist if fujos could just accept their heterosexuality and stop being obsessed with m/m(which is actually m/f)

No. 1905640

Men are just not into shipping characters or romance. Even if a man has a favorite pairing in a show, they don't dedicate their entire fandom experience to shipping like women will do. They'll consume coomer content of their favorite pairing and characters, but they won't deep dive or analyze romantic dynamics. So it's funny that so many TiFs troon because of m/m fandom shenanigans that men never partake in.

No. 1905643

Nta but

Also, estrogen causes heart issues and some cancers in men. It also seems to similarly inflict men with osteo as it does with women and T. Both women and men have E and T naturally produced in them, but throwing off a natural and the standard hormonal balance in the body causes a lot of fucked up issues.

No. 1905645

File: 1695889078899.jpg (377.35 KB, 1079x1493, Screenshot.jpg)

This is beyond depressing, TIF/Poly crossover

No. 1905649

does she really not realize that guy is just pretending to think she's a man so he can get laid, tragic. literally all he has to do is call her his boyfriend and go "yes babe your tits are so manly, you're so valid"

No. 1905650

File: 1695889919652.png (217.75 KB, 1884x684, kfdegens.png)

Yeah, it's a common thing. KF fags recently even has a big thread where some of the male users admitted to doing it themselves for an easy lay.

No. 1905655

So fucking bleak. I think I remember hearing a new term for this type of guy specifically, but I can’t remember what it was.

No. 1905663

File: 1695893924277.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 369.64 KB, 1767x2208, 4vinz9w0zsqb1.jpeg)

here's another bizarre phalloplasty picture from reddit. this tif kept saying she had 2 dicks in the comments. i looked at the photos and didn't get it at all, but then i realized that's her clit under the limp flesh noodle.

doesn't sound like it was worth it. she feels light strokes and touches apparently. no mention of sexual feelings. it all seems so pointless.

No. 1905667

Late but you mean *when he trooned out?

No. 1905673

Pump more testosterone in her and her cognitive functions will cease

No. 1905674

The horror…the horror…

No. 1905675

File: 1695897051428.jpg (152.55 KB, 900x600, XV9jc.jpg)

No. 1905676

The hairy peen head is worse than the corpse-like mutilation. Do tifs have to shave their pesuophallus

No. 1905677

Checking OP's account is bleak. In chronological order:
>"Came out as trans" two years ago, at age 21 after apparently struggling with "dysphoria" for three years
>All but admits that graduating from high school acted as a catalyst for mental health issues and an identity crisis
>By then she was already a self-proclaimed "daily toker"
>Immediately wanted to bind her chest
>Started taking T injections about a year ago, so her medicalization was fast-tracked
>Claims she's more anxious about using said injections each time she uses them
>The shots also hurt more each time
>She's been skipping shots because they make her faint, but she still wants to continue taking them
>Seemingly blames personal ineptitude for her problems with the shots
>Started balding on 6 months of T
>Became defensive and insisted that she "isn't an idiot" and "did her research" when someone told her balding is a common side effect of T
>Basically "I knew about it but I didn't think it would happen to me"
>Claims that she hasn't done research into topical T a couple months later, despite this
>Her doctor's instructions on how to use the injections contradicted with what redditors and Google search results said
>Presumably she changed how she took T according to how random strangers on the internet told her to do it
>Three months after this, she develops rashes that her doctor casually dismisses as eczema
>Apparently got a new type of T shot and didn't bother reading the instructions this time around
>Mental health is rapidly declining, and she's aware of it
>Wrote a post about "needing top surgery ASAP" immediately after making a post about how her mental health is in the gutter
>Proposed to her gf(?) of four years, and two weeks later, fiancée starts "working" as a sugar baby, despite OP's clear discomfort with this
>Fiancée claims that it's "just work" and that OP is the "only one for (her)", but polyamory was apparently brought up as a possibility earlier in their relationship
>Attributes her anguish over her fiancée cheating on her and prostituting herself to her dysphoria and nothing else
>Keeps repeating "my emotions are getting in the way" when talking about her relationship to her fiancée
>Claims she's been using alcohol to cope, questions if she's an alcoholic
I'm sure she would insist that it's just a coincidence that her "dysphoria" and mental health issues kicked in after a year of being in a relationship with her current partner, who seems determined to sleep with people other than her.

No. 1905682

what are terms for men who prey on tifs? Bearded lady enthusiasts?

while these guys are of course gross the girls had it coming with their dumb asses thinking real gay men wants to fuck their bussy. this is what fetishizing gay men gets you. Even worse when the girls proudly calls all their past boyfriends gay for having had sex with a "man"

also got me thinking, tims call themselves t-girls but i've never seen tifs call themselves e-boys lol i know it's already a term but you'd expect them to make some kind of variation of it

No. 1905689

TIFs call themselves t-boys sometimes. The T stands for trans not testosterone kek

No. 1905720

it's difficult to feel bad for someone who didn't research all of this thoroughly before deciding to go on fucking hormones. also, there are so many options to prevent pregnancy if you're not living in a third world country. that's on you and the dumbass dude who knocked you up.

they always look so filthy, crusty and harboring infections. why are surgeons allowed to do this btw? why the medieval-type cutting when we have less invasive procedures for breast removal? not that i condone any of this but.. ?

kek it's just another one of those "pretty" male names that they use. noah, ezra, aiden, damien, ambrose, kai, oliver, ash… you never see a trans guy named steve.

No. 1905753

That's why most of the time when people says "men write about their fav pairings/mlm stories too", you know that they mean TIFs. I can count with my fingers how many gay men are into Fandom stuff and even then, they're more quiet than TIFs.

You would even think they would have used the male version of their name or middle name, but probably that counts in the "deadname" shit.

No. 1905762

I wonder if she's trooning out to keep her (probably only seriously into dating men) girlfriend.

No. 1905777

File: 1695913950468.png (690.2 KB, 526x1465, Screenshot_20230928-110951~2.p…)

Lmao found this reddit post..it's a trip to read

No. 1905788

Lotta words to say you're straight

No. 1905790

It has hair.
It has fucking hair.

No. 1905804


I could've sworn I read somewhere that most surgeons require electrolysis before reassignment surgery but maybe that's more for TIMs so they don't have pubes inside their "vagina". Imagine working in a salon and having someone ask if you can wax their Tribble dick tip.

No. 1905806

>while these guys are of course gross the girls had it coming with their dumb asses thinking real gay men wants to fuck their bussy.
I look at it this way, if you make it a requirement that sexual/romantic partners lie to you to your face (tell you they see you as a man even while they're as up close and personal as you can be with your female parts) repeatedly and without hesitation or remorse, then what kind of person are you going to end up with? No one with a conscience that's for sure.

No. 1905811

Sweaty gross nerds write yuri fanfic all the time, it's one of those egg memes. A smaller number of them write het fanfic and you can always tell when moid hands tap out how many totally real orgasms the bitchy ice queen who melts only for him has. It's like they have to take strong female characters and either make them dominant sexually in weird humiliating ways, or batter her cervix until she's a simp for him.

No. 1905816

>I am attracted to males and therefore have a strong yearning to see them fucking each other
>I have no attraction to women except for a strong affection for my female best friend, such as imagining us cuddling, and mistook this for a crush
>wow I must be kweer

No. 1905821

Yeah, men will write and consume coomer content. I haven't read yuri fic written by a moid, but I doubt it was romantic or explored dynamics the way women do with their fics. I have read m/m fic written by a man and you could immediately tell the difference. It felt straight forward and blunt, and the smut was purely visual and sensory and not focused on feelings at all.

No. 1905844

I've been thinking about it because it keeps coming up in their manifestos but tifs don't want a gay romance, they just want the fantasy of an equal het romance where they're not just seen as the anchor of "boredom" or "responsibility" to their lover who just wants to be anywhere but with his girl (like with his guy friends as all media protrays). These girls want to go on adventures with their husbands, grow old and stay immature with their husbands, hang out and let loose without putting up a front, be seen as equal and never belittled, etc and the rare tifs that want to top their partners are bisexual and just need the equally rare non fucked bisexual male or straight male who'd enjoy the strap on occasion or just get with women who don't need to settle for "top" or "bottom" roles unlike what gay fanfiction claims. They think if they ascend beyond being seen as "one of the guys" into actually being "one of the guys" their men will value them better but in transition they're seeking a total false fantasy impossible to fulfil rather than the difficult, but potentially achievable fantasy of waiting until they find a decent nigel.
But instead, they think changing themselves will somehow change things and transform the men they date into being better to them (typical female mentality)

No. 1905877

Many such cases.

No. 1905883

And? Your point? Are you already coping?

No. 1905891

Imagine thinking amputation of healthy body parts for aesthetic purposes is anywhere near comparable to getting tattoos or piercings.

No. 1905927

>oh you think I mutilated myself because I amputed healthy body parts? well I also made 37 other rash decisions that I will regret in my old age (if I don't 41%), ha! PWNED!
Oh, Ezra…

No. 1905969

This is what Noelle's relationship with molly would have been like if she wasn't successful.

No. 1905971

Did her “totally gay” boyfriend leave her yet?

No. 1905984

File: 1695939028347.jpg (36.75 KB, 640x480, 851316.jpg)


And with tattoos you can remove them with laser or covering that shit. How do you bring your boobs back when you removed almost all the muscles that surrender them? Implants? Good luck on that.

No. 1905986

There is also bara art and you can see the difference too: Gay men want muscled bodies. Rokudenashi really shows his fetishes.

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