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File: 1688850844445.jpg (478.63 KB, 1200x630, skinny kween.jpg)

No. 916503

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>908454
Websites: https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/peachygirlmomo
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, mmallad.jpg (formerly btsmomokun, xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscats), peachycollective.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@xmomokunx (Banned)
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (Old, deleted)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad (Inactive)
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them.
(You need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog).

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/92925
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/174607
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

Last Thread:
>lots of fighting on twitter, mainly with randos
>admits to amending taxes so that she pays less taxes due to making "donations"
>follows/unfollows ozy about 10 times on instagram
>admits her studio is not a business and is for private use
>copes about her botched nosejob by calling it a "barbie nose"
>porno with the boyfriend leaks (according to those who have seen it, it's gross and moo sucks at sex)
>gets back together with ozy, vagueposts about not being together days after
>desperate for attention, simps for Amouranth on twitter
>goes on a podcast, to talk about being an onlyfans whore
>talks about "arm surgery" (probably just skinny kween language for a lipo)
>teases a twitch arc, but nothing comes out of it (that would require actual effort)
>mooriah seems to be hurting for cash. has a public breakdown on insta/twitter, threatens TheRealReal's customer support with legal action
>runs a scam of selling used underwear (but forgets abot her scam and mentions in a tweet days later that she walks around commando)
>announces she will be attending multiple cons in the coming weeks
>(ozy?) raises a domestic violence case against her, do we have a court appearance to look forward to?

No. 916504

be gentle nonas. i never made a thread before and i did my best. please drop milk you collected since the last thread has timed out!

No. 916505

File: 1688851174719.jpeg (833.28 KB, 1836x3264, 6A7124B5-564B-4E65-B25F-94C93B…)

Thank you nona! Just in time for Moo’s latest rant on IG.

No. 916506

File: 1688851335816.jpeg (872.95 KB, 3264x1939, BAF07EA5-0603-4E23-9889-58E2D6…)

Moo painting herself as the victim in her spat with Ozy I’m guessing.
>And the manipulation of what I believe to be a narcissist, is scary.
The lack of self awareness is staggering.

No. 916507

File: 1688851803984.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1818x3264, B256FF00-7AC3-4ADD-A51C-47FE58…)

I’ll go ahead and dump the caps I got during AX. The bottom right pic was on Saturday of AX when she was supposed to do one of the meet and greets. In the story, she used the same excuse that she did at Lvl Up where the con was "at capacity" and wouldn’t let her in… again.

No. 916508

File: 1688851896288.jpeg (859.58 KB, 1248x1557, 20C7814C-6C18-48A1-8795-DC9C6E…)

She contradicts herself here…

No. 916509

File: 1688851951856.jpeg (879.45 KB, 1836x3264, 4B212D3A-89A3-42B9-A95C-64C691…)

No. 916510

File: 1688852093571.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1862x3264, C18C8230-3236-49C6-891F-FC1B9B…)

I only include the FGO cap to remind people she spent $300+ buying that account.

No. 916511

Her response convinces me she's actually retarded.

No. 916512

File: 1688852181395.jpeg (898.02 KB, 1857x3264, 555D7F4B-C6A9-4E5D-8085-4C04EE…)

The Jasper outfit was already torn before she went out with it lol

No. 916513

those are surprisingly okay costumes for once, too bad she’s so botched and enormous

No. 916514

File: 1688852368408.jpeg (Spoiler Image,829.78 KB, 1836x3264, AF3CE258-0BD4-4530-85EE-89A22B…)

That’s all I have for now. Just a bunch of dumb shit. Looking forward to how she’ll milk the abuse allegations against Ozy for sympathy.

No. 916515

the luka one looks awful it just has LEDs on it. and the wigs are helmet shit per the usual when luka's hair looks nothing like that.

No. 916516

Wew lassie, that wild bra shelf going on with Chonk-Li. The shapeware under it isn't doing her any favors either, as usual. She definitely ballooned up since LvlUp since that costume was shat together for that con by her calf.

I'm looking forward to seeing proper candids of her at AX!

No. 916517

File: 1688855385605.jpg (3.74 MB, 4032x3024, 30NVifODnb.jpg)

Stumbled across her in the entertainment hall at AX. She gave me a weird one-armed half hug. She didn't stink per se but she smelled like she'd showered the day before and decided to douse herself in bath and body works vanilla body spray to cover the mild BO. Umbrans cum-hardened wig felt just as hard as it looks. No surprise there.

No. 916519

does she.. does she think standing for 3 hours is such an achievment she had to write about it? jesus what a fat sow kek

No. 916520

how is she not embarrased to stand, looking like that, next to a bunch of her photos in which she has a waist kek

No. 916521

Kek nona I ran into her too waddling to the booth in her Luka, she looked so scared when I made eye contact with her, sorry for personal/hearsay post but it just showed me how chickenshit she really is irl
Also she literally did nothing, she had her cosplay mule hauling her shit to and from

No. 916523

File: 1688858578647.jpeg (935.95 KB, 1284x1342, IMG_6722.jpeg)

No. 916524

File: 1688858664450.png (10.38 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_6723.png)

No. 916525

File: 1688858778443.png (12.62 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_6757.png)

No. 916528

oh she's pulling the "I've been with trans men before" thing again?

Moo, only coomer men ever want to touch you. Watch her next rant be about how she's becoming a lesbian

No. 916530

>she looked so scared when I made eye contact with her
I noticed that too. It seemed like she was terrified, to the point of being scared move/breathe. Almost like there was an imaginary person holding a gun to her head.

No. 916533

Notice how she didn't mention trans women? Kek good to show you despite how woke and inclusive she is and such a warrior for the lgbt community is she sees trans men and women and trans women as men. Which is true but kek

No. 916534

Her saying all this over pictures of fucking Makima of all characters reeks of a lack self awareness.

No. 916537

I hate her Luka. It's a nice cosplay outfit but she's so engorged and swollen it's just awful on her. And she's so stumpy, the skirt does no favors for her

No. 916547


I think she is full of shit and this massive projection on her part. I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that she’s the one being violent and entitled with her partners, treating them as her property and getting physical whenever they upset her. There’s countless photos and videos showing just how violent she gets with her male “friends” and how she is utterly incapable of keeping her hands to herself. Now she is trying to pander to another group with her “ I was abused” bullshit, this time to the man-hating feminist crowd.

Now that the well has run dry on any degenerate coomers desperate enough to willingly put their dick in her rancid pussy, she’s now back to claiming to be a lesbian and how “she always felt safe and taken care of by other women”. Despite the fact that her dumbass admitted to sexually assaulting other women so if anything, other women don’t feel safe around her.

No. 916551

Now that she’s facing real fucking consequences to her dumbass and abusive actions she’s pulling the woe is me card because she can’t come to terms with being responsible once again!!
Also cue to her calling lesbians dykes or whatever that tweet was awhile back.
Like the other nona said her using makima to talk about her uwu trauma is either so fucking tone deaf or she knows she’s pretending to be a good person while fucking up someone’s life in the process
I cannot stand that pic of mimsy as miku either it looks like she’s missing a tooth where her mic placement is

No. 916552


So is the bad bitch moo era finally over? Kek. Just want to add, when the hell did moo date a tranny and how did we miss it? (Obvious woke points lies shes spinning, but still)

No. 916556

She’s mentioned it a number of times in IG stories but only vaguely as "I dated a trans person once!" I have no doubt she’s talking out of her ass.

lol I thought the same thing about the mic placement.

No. 916558

def either talking out of her ass or dated someone who, post-breakup, came out as trans.

No. 916566

they don't exist, but it's the perfect cover because she can hide behind the "i would never out them, that would be evil" SJW shield to never have to name that person, even though we know she would in an instant if they were real without caring how they felt about it.

No. 916573

The shapewear is the one holding the gun to her head. Constricting her fat hurts, I think she was just about ready to suffocate.

No. 916574

Wouldn’t it be ironic if she did pass out and her clout chasing friends just left her there and continued enjoying the con without her, just as she did to Nana?

No. 916578

Kek, her hotel room is already a mess. There were a bunch of hotel workers striking outside of hotels and I’m sure moo didn’t care at all about crossing that picket line because muh animu

No. 916579

File: 1688929586278.jpeg (596.66 KB, 1284x1601, IMG_6759.jpeg)

I know she’s been talking about streaming lately but it’s already been a week since AX and also I guess moo has a sensitive nose now and couldn’t smell the halls smelling like literal ass and b.o at the con, explains her nose blindness

No. 916580

I'm the nona who took that pic and i forgot to ask if her belly button was always off-center? Initially I just thought her hips were turned or something but she was facing me straight on without any rotation

No. 916583

Between this and her telling another person she never encountered the large crowds at AX, why does she feel the need to contradict people about con experiences? In any case, she really spent $30k just to ruin her nose lol

No. 916602


She always has this incessant need to be right or “win” the conversation. She is so insecure about her mediocre and pathetic life that she always tries to appear as an expert or the most knowledgeable about whatever given subject she is talking about since she has no skills of her own to speak of.

Even with something as subjective as “convention going experiences”, she has to one up this person and be like “Umm actually, I have a super sensitive nose and I didn’t smell anything all weekend, you must have been doing something wrong since that wasn’t the case for me”.

I’m willing to bet she was so blinded by her own stank that she couldn’t smell anything else worse than her.

No. 916603

Not to mention that there was a screenshot of her dming Ozys ex and told her to stay away from him. Yeah, who’s the possessive one here?

She’s the type of person who always call the shots and wouldn’t let NOBODY tell her what she can or cannot do. Plus she had history of being abusive towards her friends mentally and physically. AND there’s a video of her kicking Ozy while she’s on the floor. Who the hell is she fooling?

No. 916608

Let’s not forget she bullied someone to suicide. If her track record wasn’t so vast I’d probably side with her.

No. 916617

File: 1689004642989.jpg (770.24 KB, 1079x1901, Screenshot_20230704_081012_Tik…)

Just going to add my saved photos while we had no thread, new tiktok. 4th or 5th account now

No. 916618

File: 1689004676125.jpg (348.85 KB, 715x826, Screenshot_20230703_002904_Ins…)

No. 916619

Moo wants a tsundere man to rape her. She's said this on multiple occasions. I'm not buying this uwu victim bs. She's planting seeds. Id love for her to use anime as a defense.

No. 916620

I guarantee it's someone who transitioned after the breakup and later, but she's going to use it as LGBTQ points to say she dated someone in transition. Referring to someone transitioned as trans isn't an ally thing, Moo, you'd know that if you actually dated someone who was.

No. 916628

Yeah but that would have been a FtM. And we all know how she truly feels about lesbians. She's had like, what, 3 or 4 confirmed boyfriends and her onesided larp with Vamps?

No. 916632

When a sexual predator larps as a victim. Never change, moo

No. 916633

She looks like a man in drag

No. 916643

Did she or ozy talk about the case or any violence on Twitter or something? I do not remember anything like that mentioned, it seemed like he just disappeared?

No. 916644

She beat up ozy and initiated it, he literally has to stay quiet or he can lose the case.

No. 916645

Thought she said she 'won' in court or something though. Wasn't it his name in the other thread where he was filed as the abuser because she went to the police first? Usually, in these matters, they will believe the woman and the fact that she went to the police first.

No. 916646

Oh no she didn't win or lose yet that's just her being retarded as usual ALWAYS thinking she wins, it would be on public records that she won it (went in her favor), nothing was updated as far as we seen. She called it, but she initiated the whole ordeal from the little bit we got last thread.

No. 916649

File: 1689139948518.png (494.61 KB, 588x836, bdmoo.png)

are we about to get moo's bad-dragon arc?

not realted, but I wish i'd grabbed the screenshots at the time, she's deleted them now, but she was going on about neopets the other day and how it feed her "stimmies"

No. 916650

File: 1689142007742.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1284x2114, IMG_6785.jpeg)

Wasn’t she soooooo triggered the other day about abusive and unbalanced power dynamics in a relationship?? Isn’t redo the healer like really triggering for some people?? God reminds me when she was on her euphoria (anime) shit and that fucking disaster is disgusting, she really is so fucking predictable

No. 916651

She really has no sex appeal and she looks so dead in the eyes kek

No. 916654

I know it's been said before
But I've seen more believable mft than Moo. I know she's a woman, it's just sad that if I didn't know any better I'd clock her as a man

No. 916656

I don’t think she’s been in any serious relationship besides Ozzy since her “career” started. Bitch was so quick to post about an actual relationship she was in and to brag about it, you know if she was with anyone at any point she would’ve done the same. Even when she was fucking bbq she was posting them out together and on dates all the time. She needs to put her life on the internet.

No. 916660

Should you be surprised anymore. Its Moomoo-coom, the serial sex offender with the miraculous power to play victim when it suits her needs! She has super binge eating action! Use her Photoshoot playset to dig herself further into a hole. Sets sold separately, accessories not included.

No. 916663

File: 1689182744367.jpg (206.58 KB, 1079x740, Screenshot_20230712_132554_Twi…)

Wasn't her ass caught in 4k for being a shotacon? Yes, people can change but she's only now finding out about Redo of Healer and jerking off to it, sooo

No. 916664

She also supported lolicon too and was even quoted saying "those thighs aren't innocent" about the dragon maid loli. Plus wasn't she taking pics of children in Japan like a creep to appeal to her scrotes? She can fuck off

No. 916668

ISNT THIS THE WHORE WHO WAS POSTING MOMMY FETISH LACTATION PORN UNCENSORED IN HER STORIES . Its so easy to see how transparent she is. She is quite literally casting a net trying to rope people towards her by inserting herself into buzz topics.

No. 916669

She cosplayed a shotacon character as that fat ghost woman in a strictly shotacon hentai. She said it was a dream coslplay.

No. 916670

Which one nona?? I don’t remember, I remember her doing Lucoa and excusing the characters behavior with the little boy character.
Gotta love moo’s selective memory of when something only benefits her

No. 916671

File: 1689188369160.jpeg (841 KB, 903x1527, 59839CD3-5CEE-47EC-9155-53961F…)

nta but I believe it was this one. She was really playing up the "mommy" bullshit at this time.

No. 916672

File: 1689188619456.jpeg (457.75 KB, 863x1579, 32CA22FA-43B9-44B4-B35C-5B3331…)

No. 916673

Didn't she also say if she was a teacher she'd fuck her male students? Look at her pretending to have morals

No. 916674

If they did work with her it wouldn't actually be one of her 'kinks'. She's too pussy now, after saying she doesn't like shota, do act out her 'younger than me guy' and she doesn't want to be drawn like a grandma, so she can't have the storyline be anything about shotacon. Then you have the whole other side where it can't be lolicon then. She can't do where she's chained up and treated like a slave because she doesn't want people to know she has a massive rape and degradation kink. What the hell does she plan to make the story?

No. 916675

Don't know any dirt about FAKKU but maybe they don't have qualms about touching the poo

No. 916676

They work with Bunny and Susu, so they don't care. It's just a bunch of men who only care about how the video/photo edited version of a cow looks. Bunny literally got 2 boob jobs before they wanted to work with her, but she claims 'all natural' still.

No. 916685

File: 1689216309045.jpeg (212.02 KB, 2048x1366, IMG_6791.jpeg)

Truly a cosplayer of our generation, she emotes so well!!!!! Kek.

No. 916686

File: 1689216343054.jpeg (195.75 KB, 2048x1366, IMG_6792.jpeg)

Gotta love seeing how crispy and crunchy everything looks here(sour milk)

No. 916688

These were already posted before.

No. 916689

Whoops, sorry nona!

No. 916690

This is gonna backlash HARD if Fakku works with her. Even if they don't really care if they're gonna work with a sex offender, people are gonna talk and protest just like they did with the Sensei Squad.

No. 916695

I'm sorry for being off topic but please tell me this isn't that character that one bitch keeps posting in the husbando threads.

No. 916697

No. 916699

it's been a few days but i am still FLOORED by how stupid this cow is. the turn of events so far is
>she hits/abuses ozy
>he reports her to the police (?)
>he presses charges
>she goes to court
>she posts this bs online to make herself look like an abuse victim
she has NEVER BEFORE mentioned ANYTHING about being abused. this bitch legitimately believes everyone around her is as stupid as she is to fall for such poorly thought-out plan to make herself look good and make him look like the abuser. it boggles the mind

No. 916700

When did she hit him?

No. 916701


It’s especially stupid since she is the one with a history of sexual abuse. She’s the one who stupidly admitting to sexually assaulting other women at cons. Yet her dumbass wants to talk about how she has “always felt safe and taken care of when she was with other women”. Bitch, if anything other women felt unsafe around you. Knowing that at a moments notice they could have their tops pulled down and having their breasts exposed to the public or have to deal with you and your fat greasy paws touching their privates because you want to larp whatever stupid anime you saw it in.

Not to mention the dozens of photos and videos of her getting way too violent and physical with her male “friends”, way past the point of simple roughhousing to where cuts and bruises are left.

No one is buying her “I’m just an innocent victim who constantly has to deal with incels trying to control and hurt me” bullshit. Practically every moment of her life she was constantly going on about how she is some supposed boss bitch qween who would fuck up any man who would dare put his hands on her, talking tough shit like she was jacked superhero that would fold dudes into a pretzel for even daring to look at her funny.

Now that there are potential real world consequences for her violent tendencies she is trying to do to the act like the typical “oh woe is me, men are such violent psychos who can’t handle a strong opinionated woman like me so they can’t think of anything other than getting physical with me/try to control me” online feminist.(learn2sage)

No. 916703

I'm going to laugh if Ozy uses this thread as proof of her past actions in court by finding the original posts and using those, not using this actual site. Also Ozy uses drugs, admitted to things on stream in another thread doing that. Not just weed either, so like, that doesn't look good for him in court. We have zero proof Moo abuses other drugs besides using weed constantly. They both don't look good.

No. 916704

Her bullshit is well documented, he literally can use some of the past evidence, whether the court takes it seriously or not is another story.

No. 916706

File: 1689274465429.jpg (1002.86 KB, 1061x1822, SmartSelect_20230713_115618_Ga…)

No. 916707

are these hallucinogenic shrooms?

No. 916708

>We have zero proof Moo abuses other drugs besides using weed constantly.
Welp lol

No. 916709

Yeah. Wouldn't want to go near her house though….

No. 916710

Promotion of unregulated goods on her Instagram. Good job, Moo. She always makes herself easily reportable to people. I don't know why she complains about her accounts getting taken down.

No. 916712

What a tard. Hopefully she got some spores in the floorboards.

No. 916713

Oh joy, at some point in the very near future we're going to get some nonsensical "deep" philosophising about a spiritual awakening or something while she's tripping. Hope she has a bad trip.
She never grew those either. She'd have been posting about it nonstop, like she does for everything else. Guarantee you she just brought them of ozzys dealer
Also, given its tagged "penisenvy" she's either pretending to read Freud or whatever dick she's now chasing is interested in him.

No. 916714

Penis envy is a strain. They don't even look like penis envy shrooms. They get their name for being shaped like dicks.

No. 916717

That's the name of the mushroom. These look nothing like it, not sure what shes grown lol

No. 916719


You’re right. Considering all the other stupid insignificant shit she has claimed to secretly always be an expert at, she would have definitely bragged about this and try to one up someone correcting her in the comments when she gets basic facts about it wrong.

No. 916740

File: 1689329386272.jpg (Spoiler Image,72.47 KB, 476x388, Fzn1NHe.jpg)

Saw this greentext and had to share here

No. 916742

maybe i missed something but what does this have to do with momokun

No. 916743

I think they mean she tried to make her face look like this with the terrible nose job

No. 916748

the case is not about drugs, so it really doesn't matter if he uses every drug known to man. it's a case about physical abuse, tat's all that matters

No. 916749

Which precisely is why they'd get all the evidence SHE'S in the wrong.

No. 916751

If you don't think the courts don't use your addictions or drug/alcohol use in general in the formation of your character by the judge, you need a reality check.

No. 916752

Unless you're black they literally don't.
>"Oh this case is about drunk driving"
Obvious it'll raise an eyebrow to see something about drugs, but there's enough evidence regarding her to be the focus of the claim. It's not a drug charge or drug related, it's related to mooriah beating up on ozy not out of self-defense.

No. 916755

Anon, did you even read the post or did you assume it was only about drugs? I was replying to an anon about the fact that this thread also has proof of her being violent needlessly to strangers and other men besides Ozy. Not only that, the entire callout over her sexual harassment and unwanted touching is documented here too. This isn't just about drugs, but the fact that she does drugs, not even talking about Ozy doing drugs, add to the shitty character she's bringing into the court already. I don't know what sperging you're going on about with adding being black to anything.

No. 916757

If I remember correctly, though, the filing listed Ozy as the inmate. Wouldn't that mean that Moo is pressing charges against Ozy? Unless there's something I don't understand.

No. 916759

NTA, but that's what I was asking up thread too. The papers anons found had the police called on him, so I don't know what weird storyline these anons are going on about involving Moo being the one who was called on for domestic abuse. There hasn't been any proof of that anywhere and all Moo said as her side of the fuck-up was that she didn't tell the judge all the real information which makes her look like a fucking idiot.

No. 916760

Women RARELY get hit (no pun intended) with charges, since he defended himself he of course wouldn't have gotten off scott free.

No. 916761

If he can prove she hit first somehow..

No. 916762

Yeah. I'm not saying that Moo couldn't have started it, just that the papers seem to say that Moo is bringing the charges against Ozy, not the other way around.

Oh, it wouldn't surprise me at all to find out that Ozy was defending himself. We know Moo's history. It's been very well documented. I'm simply correcting who is charging who (if my reading of it is correct).

I mean, it wouldn't surprise me either way, really. They're both clearly toxic people. What else is there to say?

No. 916765

Moo just seems upset that a relationship went sour and a guy defended himself. Other guys were a bit smarter than Ozy and didn't strike back and just stopped hanging out with her.
Okay so that being a smart move might actually be dumb on other guys parts. I remember that one guy Moo struck with a random bit of metal she found in a parking lot and he had to go to the hospital because it was a HUGE gash on the back of his legs.
That should have been put on record

Moo is def using her woman card to get away with physical and sexual assault. She's moid tier bad

No. 916766

Considering that moo no longer has an army of white knights to come to her defense, the police are the next best thing. Back when she had clout and she saw herself as untouchable she could send people to deface her sex buddies house ( kbbq he was not her bf she refuses to admit it was only sex for him) or lie and say she was raped (Nathan deluca) both these guys she had chased out of the cos community, same with the girls she sexually harassed, or felt threatened by because they actually had talent and she can’t share attention. Nana, the girl at colossal con, Susu’s ex. Moo has a history of not keeping her hands to herself shit you fucking learn in grade school and by competent parents. Moo never keeps her mouth shut and is only barely losing any of the invincibility she felt when all the scrotes protected her originally, I hope moo just takes whatever assets she has liquidates and fucks right off. Because the way things are going-her fate will be that of those onlyfans thots who killed their bfs.

No. 916768

File: 1689387092789.png (Spoiler Image,473.3 KB, 693x768, 46.jpg (1127×563).png)

uncanny resemblance or no?

No. 916773

Who got her into shrooms? It has to be a man

No. 916775

when all the info comes out about what happened we might be surprised to see for once it wasn’t her as the aggressor
she called them on him, so who knows

No. 916778

Moo was most likely the aggressor from her past history and temper. She even hits people for no reason other than impulse or because it's funny. Ozy is an asshole who was cheating on her and using her as an ATM. I would hit him too. They're both shit. But Moo is def physically abusive

No. 916779

We've literally seen the vids of her randomly beating up on him though.

No. 916780

i think its reasonable to assume they might both be complicit in abusing each other. moo has a track record and ozy ain't no saint. they were both very clearly toxic

No. 916781

Agreed, it's just more to not try to pile everything up on him when we know she's an abusive piece of shit that also sexually harasses. It just sucks she always tries to play victim and innocent, but at least this time it's in the legal eye, so unless she can pay a judge and court off, she isn't getting out of this with her usual means.

No. 916783

If I was Ozy I would use the videos of her randomly walking up to him and beating him as evidence. Court case easily proven. If he was big brained he would comb through the threads of her randomly beating guys as well

No. 916815

File: 1689503225767.png (282.54 KB, 594x618, chastity.png)

bold of you to assume you'll find one anytime soon

No. 916818

Maybe fot paid dick for her cheap porn
I know most guys don't appreciate a cock cage though.

No. 916819

It's literally a femboy and shemale thing, she's just making it obvious what community she's trying to reach out to because every other community is tired of her shit.

No. 916820

The cuck community is big on cages too. It's honestly so funny how she makes these posts to cater to these communities and then we never hear ANYTHING about it again. Speaking of, what happened to that fur suit she was gonna get?

No. 916821

Same place as her Vtubing career I'd suspect.

No. 916822

Apparently these are painful which is fine for masochists I guess which are the only people who would use these anyway. Moo has no idea what community she is a part of. She just sees sex toy kink objects and goes full "I LIKE THESE!!" mode because scrotes love a girl who sees no worth in herself and always degrades herself. Moo has no actual respect from these people. She's so delusional. She thinks money means respect when if she didn't deliver stuff, they would chimp out on her. Like before with her shitty posters she became 10 months behind in.

Also I forgot to cap it when scrolling last week, but she's selling panties for $100 now, not $75 anymore.

No. 916827

File: 1689531789459.jpeg (550.03 KB, 3264x1372, 6EA705E5-E1B4-49CD-9461-63CD0E…)

Moo is supposedly in some kind of "tweetdeck group" to promote her posts. I’m not going to pretend to know how that works.

No. 916828

she's basically admitting all of her engagement is share4share bullshit

No. 916831

The same shit bunny/su/hidori/kaybear were doing

No. 916832

File: 1689547087771.jpg (230.95 KB, 1080x905, 20230717_103841.jpg)

This coming from the person who can't waddle round a conveniention without worrying about being confronted

No. 916833

For someone who claims to be a helpless victim of DV, it seems rather odd to proudly claim that she wants her boyfriend to be in cock locks, especially making a post about being afraid of men not too long ago..

No. 916834


So now she is back to claiming to be a “boss bitch qween who men cower in fear of”? What happened to “I’m an innocent victim and men are violent psychos who hurt women that don’t submit to them and I was living in constant fear”?

She probably stupidly thinks she is in the clear now and doesn’t have to play at trying to come across as a battered abused woman. She only gets weirdly confident like this whenever she thinks she is about to get away with something and doesn’t have to garner sympathy anymore.

No. 916835

It’s only been a week since she made that post. It’s like she’s too dumb to realize the mistakes she’s making since her ego is clouding up her mind. It doesn’t matter if people aren’t gonna fall for her shit or even calling her out. In her mind she will always be the winner and will find a way out. She thought that she won her case after ONE trial but in reality it’s a pre-trial before the defense can present their side of the story. Narcissism is one hell of a drug.

No. 916837

playing the muslim card again i see. i don’t think i’ve ever seen her worry whether the food she shoved down her throat is halal or not.

No. 916839

"dropped him so hard on his ass he has trauma"
Why the hell is she admitting to DA when she's going on a court case?

No. 916840

Dropping someone is another term to stop being around them, anon.

No. 916842


Although, I wouldn’t be shocked it she began claiming to beat his ass. You know, to get back on her “I’ll fuck up any dude that puts his hands on me” bullshit. Because she always has to try to be seen as some “boss bitch qween who is not be fucked with/weak men need not apply” insufferable dipshit.

No. 916843

I wish I took a screenshot of it when I saw it, but she deleted it when I went back to her account, but she filmed “gamer gf plays switch b/g” and I was wondering if she’s gonna do what she did with kbbq where she releases content with people she’s talked shit on and yet still profit off of them. I wish I knew what made her delete it too

No. 916846

Agreed. Shes literally scraping the bottom the barrel. Anyone who would be willing to be her friend, or work with her. Shes hard for money and attention and popularity that she once had.

No. 916855


Degenerate coomers don’t want their dick anywhere near her.

Other women feel unsafe and scared around her.

Weebs won’t go near her anymore and know she is a fake fan at this point.

The furry community kicked her ass to the curb before she even had a chance to get in.

Fitness bros are repulsed by her gross body and lazy as shit attitude.

She’s practically a meme in the fighting game community.

The cosplay world for damn sure doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore and her name is worth less than toilet paper in those circles.

She’s managed to burn every possible bridge that she has come across to where practically no community wants any part of her. And she has no one to blame but herself. Even when she manages to find a community that doesn’t hate her guts that she manages to weasel her way into, she can’t help but self-implode being the miserable bitch that she is and just being toxic to everyone. She has the uncanny ability to somehow get an entire community to universally hate her guts. And now this one will be all the same.(unsaged and unintegrated)

No. 916857

File: 1689641919247.jpeg (1.04 MB, 883x1590, 07632EC5-6FCF-4448-9FE0-F83905…)

I can smell the desperation for cash in this IG story

No. 916863

Gotta say i admire her confidence. If my tits looks like that I’d lock my doors and windows and never leave my house again.

No. 916865

imagine ozzy just prints these threads out for court

tbh didn’t he comment saying he had no idea she released that sloppy icky sex tape of them during one of their break up periods? could be considered revenge porn in a way just saying(emoji)

No. 916873

Forget about her tits. Of all the pictures she took, she chose the one where she looks pilled out or maybe the botox was botched?

No. 916874

the wonky eyes, the liquify tool boobs, the photoshopped waist… the pic keeps on giving

No. 916875

I've noticed she keeps deleting tweets every few days. Her series of cuck and chastity tweets are gone, along with about 30 others
she doesn't need to specify its 'unwashed', we just naturally assume it is.

No. 916878

She wants to gaslight her audience about being afraid of men and that she doesn’t even have those tweets. Or that she knows that we’re watching her and will call out in her shit for it.

No. 916879

not to mention its far beyond cringe to be posting porn of her with her ex bf, while also claiming he was physically abusive. What a twisted brain…

No. 916930

File: 1689739170422.jpeg (568.09 KB, 882x1592, D9954994-AB77-49CB-8BC0-655DE4…)

She was "abused and manipulated" so badly by Ozy but still has him on Discord. lol ok moo.

No. 916931

She's gonna do emergency damage control lol

No. 916934

File: 1689765190544.jpg (333.91 KB, 1080x1687, Screenshot_20230719_061522_Ins…)

No. 916935

File: 1689765245617.jpg (228.37 KB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_20230719_061600_Ins…)

No. 916938

What if she’s preparing to leave the studio behind?

No. 916939

She is, but she financially can't take that hit, why do you think she's selling fake products now? ("Used" panties she got caught lying about earlier in the thread.)

No. 916940

Nta, but relax the tinfoil. We don't know if she's struggling financially. I honestly don't think she is.

No. 916941

It's not tinfoil, the financial comment is regarding closing up property or not breaking even at minimum is a massive hit to anyone and she's not pulling in millions to offset losing a large chunk of money like that.

No. 916943

We have yet to see any set props up for sale. That will be the telltale sign.
Ethots aren’t making what they used to and with people saving their money from inflation and the incoming recession I wouldn’t be surprised if moo got even more desperate.

No. 916944

However she isn't like other thots because she has an established fanbase before all the blowup of OF even started. Moo's had fans, pretending they don't exist doesn't matter. Anons need to remember, the people who sub to her might not be under the following count of her twitter or Instagram. A lot of scrotes are discrete. The underwear has also been selling out, disgustingly. She would've been moving before making another room a studio if there was money issues. Traveling isn't even a an issue because it's just she has control issues over running the studio or what might happen. She seems to have to be there any time anyone shoots.

Scrotes will always pay for porn. The recession has nothing to do with it. Men spend on porn the same way people who like weed and alcohol spend on those.

No. 916947

>The underwear has also been selling out, disgustingly.
according to whom? moo? kek

No. 916989

File: 1689813177425.jpeg (948.24 KB, 886x1577, D48E8076-1F1D-4720-B233-B3F5B2…)

>"I bought the jacket"
I fixed it for you, Moo

No. 916990

Yep according to her, no one is buying them, especially after she outed herself lying about it.
>"I never wear underwear"
>"btw I'm selling used underwear"

No. 916991

I'm sure the irony is not lost on her obsession with the character of Makima the control devil whose power is literally the ability to force people to do her bidding

No. 916992

that version of Chunners is supposed to be pushing 50, so; momo gets some points for picking a cosplay she at least somewhat looks the part of this time I guess

No. 916997

She's selling them on ManyVids.. I don't think you understand how desperate men are on there and how gross. People buy scat porn. The panties most likely are selling. She's not buying them herself. You don't have to wear underwear to take polaroids in pairs to sell.

No. 917001

Scrote, this is a female site.

No. 917002

and i dont think you understand how shitty moo is and how much she lies

No. 917004

Anon, this isn't about Moo in general, I'm talking about how the MV site works and how it's not crazy that they sellout. She isn't just using twitter and OF, MV has been around for a good decade and it very well known in the pron industry outside of the cosplay scene. Men, from all over, will see the marketplace and they don't care who you are as long as the get underwear and she's adding in polaroids which most thots on there don't do. Calm down with your tinfoil because it doesn't even make sense.

No. 917005

NTA but:
>Calm down with your tinfoil because it doesn't even make sense.
Right after saying "this isn't about moo in general", nona, the point they're saying is regardless there's 0 doubt she's lying about even actually wearing them before selling, which yes even MV is against deceptive practices.

No. 917036

Provide milk of the scam or stop tinfoiling.

No. 917046

there's 132 threads of moo history, saying she lies and scams and this is probably also a lie and a scam is not really a tinfoil you think it is kek

No. 917049

This isn't about old milk. Jfc.

No. 917055

Nah you can clearly tell she bought a coat and drew on it, look at the uneven lines. Very much on par with her work.

No. 917056

She literally has said several times, including recently that she doesnt wear underwear.
So how is she selling used undies she doesn't wear?

No. 917059

Yeah wasn’t there a cosplay where people were saying she was almost practically flashing vag at the con goers? I can’t remember if it was an old chun-li or something else. So idk why that nona is upset that moo possibly being deceptive is tinfoiling?

No. 917069

She'd only need to wear it for like 10 minutes each to get some stank on it, there's no way she's stupid enough to sell totally unused underwear.

No. 917070

She literally has to put them on at least for a moment in order to take the pictures.
Sometimes anons are so angry at the fact she indeed DOES make money, they don’t think logically. Probably naive to just how depraved, easily tricked and desperate males can be.

No. 917073

I see we're back in the part of the cycle of moo getting defended.

No. 917075

Moo isn't destitute, yes, but she isn't as well-off as she used to be. She's spiraling into doing more and more degenerate shit to keep those incel dimes rolling in. That and she isn't flexing nearly as much as she used to, she'd be oinking about a vacation or three by now, or some stupid ass purchase like that Douma car if this was a typical year for our cow.

>>917069 You hit the nail on the head, her hygiene is so wretched, she only needs to have them on long enough to pose for a creepy Polaroid to completely skunkify the poor things.

No. 917077

No one is defending her. It makes no sense for her to fake her sales. She wears the underwear once, men don't really gaf when purchasing. The few on Twitter who gaf probably aren't even buying.

No. 917078

I honestly think she's slowly coombraining herself. I don't think she's worrying about money, I think she's literally bimboizing herself by demeaning herself further and further and she protests she doesn't like it uwu with the 'my first time oh no' shit, but she is going full porno route and it doesn't even come with nice filters.

No. 917079

Moo defenders are weird or just tuned into her bullshit. She's a known scammer. But the panty scam is fine with me tbh. If scrotes are dumb enough to buy clean 2 dollar panties more power to her.
The main point is Moo is even having to sell panties and piss videos in the first place. She has to do more degenerate stuff to pay for her life style

Before she would post every time she went to the "beauty spa" ( plastic surgery and lipo), weekly hair appointments and extensions, random thousand dollar trinkets she'll throw away, random vacations. Moo has to buy attention and spots at cons

No. 917080

I've personally pointed out before that the reason she probably hasn't gone anywhere is because of her controlling issues. She's not going to let someone else watch her studio and who know's who comes in while she's not there, someone she personally didn't approve of. Of someone coming by for a check for the building and she's not there to hide the issues. She still posts about her nails and stuff, going to the gym, about building a new studio.

I think a lot of it is that anons haven't been posting the random bullshit, which honestly it's appreciated. I don't care if she got her nails done again or if she got her hair done.

No. 917081

nta but I seriously doubt she’s there each day out of a need to control everything. I’m not disagreeing that she’s controlling or anything but it’s most likely because she has no employees. Which makes sense because who the fuck would want to work for her if she couldn’t even wrangle her friends to do it. She dug herself a deep hole with this studio that, from what I can tell from IG tags, doesn’t make any money outside the occasional random thot that comes in once in a blue moon that isn’t an orbiter of Moo. She’s stuck with the place and being there constantly until she eventually loses enough money and is forced to close up.

No. 917082

More likely she just keeps the place locked up unless she's shooting porn or dragging a friend there.
Though here's a tinfoil. She can't go on vacation because she's in trouble for writing off every vacation as a business tax write off.

No. 917084

At least make it good tinfoil. You tax retards need to go. Also if she is shooting while on vacation, it unfortunately does count as a write-off.

No. 917088

File: 1690109709207.jpg (67.76 KB, 591x476, Untitled.jpg)

No. 917089

File: 1690110435257.jpg (170.29 KB, 593x526, wigroom.jpg)

not to detract from the truly riveting tax & panty tinfoil, but i think this is the only room in her marble palace that actually has carpet in it.

No. 917091

File: 1690110519224.jpg (954.42 KB, 1794x1080, wigwip.jpg)

and she's back to "styling" her own wigs, again. which got me wondering, is maddy still around? I don't think I've seen her in awhile

No. 917092

the only room where carpet doesn’t make sense
great choices, moo

No. 917093

Trying her hand at 'I'm a real cosplayer!!!' again eh? Nice of her to set up a workshop in her personal mental ward for Aly and her other craft slaves to work in.

No. 917097

Bet you anything Moo is just jealous of Akemi right now. People noticed her hard work. She even spent 6 months updating her crafting workshop. Now look who's here pretending to do the same. Moo can't be happy for anyone and is always trying to one up them. This is like Moo lying about going back to collage to be a pharmacist when Vamps announced it. Or when Vamps got Invisalign so she had to do the same

No. 917098

Why craft in the only room with carpet? That’s just asking for some hot glue and hairs embedded in the carpet. Kek

No. 917099

They did go to AX together, so idk. I'm assuming she's slowly learning shit from the people around her.

No. 917100

Most of these wigs were originally styled by maddie ftfy. Moo is just tidying up the styling, because she cant seem to avoid wearing anything even for mere minutes without destroying the styling.

No. 917103

File: 1690139959980.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1854x3264, 7E611163-7350-443D-9137-28921B…)

Someone needs to take the filters and sharpies away from her. Also, not surprising that she likes Robaato, he’s just as much of a narcissistic grifter as she is.

No. 917106

>Hu Tao
of course she can't resist cosplaying the character with the most porn.

No. 917107

Have her eyebrows always been that thick and dark?? Also I hate when she does the side profile selfies idk what she’s trying to prove other than her pig snout
I was thinking that too nona, especially since that tiktok blew up for akemi and she’s been doing pretty well so I can’t imagine the seething moo is feeling. Also, didn’t vamps or Maddie also reveal a craft room too?

No. 917111

The art community even stays away from him. He's a big bitch who his behind his weed and private accounts. Of course she would be an over his shit, but Moo, he followed me too, you're not special. He follows anyone who shows tits and ass. He brags about women groveling in his DMs for photos.

No. 917113

Oh dear Lord her tits really will look like two fried eggs nailed to a wall in this, made worse by how terrible at “crafting” she is.

No. 917126

>I hate when she does the side profile selfies idk what she’s trying to prove other than her pig snout
shes getting her moneys worth by showing hus how skinny kween she is without a double chin kek

No. 917134

the entire vacation doesn't, you're using onion logic.

No. 917138

File: 1690252017749.jpeg (726.36 KB, 3264x1932, CDA583CE-38BD-4CFC-8464-B6530F…)

No. 917157

Posed like a toddler that hides when they’re shitting their pants

No. 917159

File: 1690314509850.jpeg (500.26 KB, 3264x1879, 6C1FB2CE-1EFD-44E8-BF49-E5CB1A…)

Samefag but she deleted the swimsuit story pretty fast lol

No. 917160

Fat women are so gross. Tub of lard.(moid)

No. 917183

Moo’s “momokunpeachy" IG account was nuked lol

No. 917187

File: 1690394989840.jpg (548.9 KB, 1080x1973, Screenshot_20230726_111129_Twi…)

Abusers defending abusers

No. 917189

File: 1690395431080.jpg (649.19 KB, 1080x1824, Screenshot_20230726_111631_Twi…)

She's so tone deaf, this comes off as calling the cosplayer fat, Moo. Probably why she's ignored you.

No. 917190

She's not a giant tub of shit, like you, Moo. She doesn't need braided steel cable to hold her up.

No. 917192

It's also not even about balance.. Your body can be lifted under your shoulders in general but it's probably been since she was 2 years old that that was possible.

No. 917200

Why is she talking about the Amber and Johnny case even though it’s been over a year now? Although it’s no surprise that she picks a narcissist since those two are a lot alike. But then again she’s also a huge misogynist who likes to sexually harass women for power dynamics. And she did defend men who actually harass women like Leon Chiro.

No. 917202

wasn't Amber literally caught on video/recording beating on Johnny and telling him "No one will believe you! I'm a woman!"
lol of course Moo would defend this

No. 917204

even with the intense filter she still looks lumpy lmfao

No. 917205

No, you idiot lol

No. 917209

probably cause there was just a Netflix series about it announced

No. 917210

Tweet she's replying to was about why amber should've played Barbie instead of Margot Robbie. Surprised no-one shared the tweet of her calling Gal Gadot a zionist

No. 917211

File: 1690423736070.jpg (502.67 KB, 1080x1789, 20230727_141035.jpg)

Just grabbed it for posterity

No. 917212

Are you retarded? This was one of the most high profile court cases in the world, everyone has heard her say it (and worse) on tape. How do you not know this?

No. 917215

File: 1690431527676.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1127x2025, 58C23103-3EDC-4177-BFD5-774F92…)

Before she deleted nearly all her stories today, I was able to record her pathetic attempt at pretending she’s a serious cosplayer. I sped it up slightly because long. Hopefully any actual cosplayers will get a good laugh out of it.


No. 917217

"I have no idea what I'm doing. I bullshit everything in my life". What's sad is that she thinks she's just joking, self-deprecating humor. Too bad it's not actual self-awareness. We'll never get that from Princess Delusion though, not in a million years.

No. 917218

The fact she’s making kirito and attempting to drape pattern it is so fucking stupid, especially since it’s on a female body form if she’s making it for a male apparently??
Also ruffles are pretty easy to sew… so she literally does not know how to start her stitches and end them, that’s so basic.

No. 917219

She’s right about this one. Yes it’s been over a year but it’s also the most recent example of a woman being destroyed by a media campaign.

No. 917223

It's so funny since both moo and Mia would be lynched the second they set foot in Gaza,I urge them both to visit

No. 917224

No she isn't right. Anyone who doesn't hate men agrees Amber was in the wrong. Stick to your mooriah hugbox.

No. 917226


Only a repugnant piece of human garbage like Moo would defend a fellow abuser like Amber. Despite all the evidence at trial showing she was the lying abusive one, where she in on tape admitting to hitting Johnny, admitting to starting physical fights and openly mocking him for attempt avoiding fights and walking away, idiots like Moo still try to make him out to be the villain and her an innocent victim.

Of course she would see her and Amber as “kindred souls”, two “brave” women who were “falsely accused and dragged through the mud on social media by the internet lynch mob”. Except the only thing they have in common is that they are both lying, abusive pieces of shit who are a waste of functional airspace who got mad when the internet found out what garbage people they are yet still try to play the victim.

Both lied about donating to charity, both lied about being sexually assaulted, both abusive assholes who get violent with men when they don’t behave as they want them to. Both narcissistic bitches who think everyone is beneath them, that they are better than everyone else and that they don’t know the truth because “you weren’t there”. I’m sure Moo thinks the two of them are practically soulmates. Only garbage like her would even think to try to paint Amber in the right because after all this time, she still believes herself to be. That it was all just some internet witch hunt meant to take her down just as her star was rising, by jealous bitches who couldn’t hope to ever see the “success” she had attained.(derailing, samefagging)

No. 917231

File: 1690477867052.jpg (646.27 KB, 1080x1473, 20230728_051011.jpg)

The simps have spoken lol.
She's really just larping as makima now too. She's almost always wearing that wig and just saying whatever she's wearing is "casual makima, swimsuit makima, etc".

No. 917232

Shota is fine. Especially if women like it. Cartoons.(bait)

No. 917233

Forgot to add, but like clockwork she's deleted this now

No. 917235

i hate men and i still know amber was in the wrong kek

No. 917236

moid(sage your shit)

No. 917242

Is she aware even guys hate Makima? She's really embracing her abusive era. She really dropped the love and light spirit mother of peace act when tattoo sensei got married kek
But she's been going full force into showing she loves abusing people since Ozy is fighting back in court. I'm sure she's mad that she simply can't put him in jail. But what's up with Moo wanting to harm/destroy everyone she dates or has a crush on? Like she beats on everyone she dates then tries to accuse them of wild shit

No. 917243

You can always tell she took some kind of substance because she always looks absolutely manic
She's been getting blasted since she was a teen nearly daily. Makes you wonder what kind of person Moo would be if she never did drugs… probably still a bitch lol
I'll never forget how baby Moo throw eggs at her mom or would freak at her sisters birthday parties. But yuh, I don't know how anyone can look at her face and think she's sane

No. 917244

It's surprising how much less annoying her voice is when it's pitched up slightly from being sped up. Not great, but way better.

No. 917245

File: 1690485293339.png (2.94 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0271.png)


Posers always spend more time talking about how much of a pro they are then doing the actual work

No. 917246


Just like in the gym. Spends more time posing in the bathroom and next to the machines than actually working out. She just wants the credit and ass kissing that comes with making the announcement.

No. 917251

wow i didn't know she's a lolcow??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 917256

File: 1690499348209.jpeg (Spoiler Image,268.84 KB, 1268x2031, 17DAFCFA-78DC-46D2-8070-3E7968…)

That’s literally all she knows. Zero effort.

No. 917257

File: 1690499425629.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1520x1684, 383791A5-2C87-4A82-B350-7A47F9…)

Her "fans" are just casually dropping her OF content under her Twitter posts lol

No. 917258

I'm going to vomit

No. 917271

Dunno which is worse, her wig or her titties

No. 917274

Her life.

No. 917282

looks like you don't know how to sage either

No. 917284

No. 917290

File: 1690558510221.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1001.66 KB, 3264x1763, E1AA9493-51A8-487C-B56E-935F63…)

Surprised this was even posted to Twitter.

No. 917293

Ugh, the other one has the body of a 60 year old mother of 4.

No. 917297

all that surgery and yet she refuses to get a breast reduction. i dont get it

No. 917299

She thinks it looks good.

No. 917301

i hate that i zoomed in enough to see that her underwear is pulled up so far that the thong is going through her pussy lips

No. 917305

Neither of them know how to post or look sexy. At least Moo isn't as mishapen with two BBLs and 2 implant jobs. Mimsy is like a bad SFM from a beginner Blender modeler.

No. 917313

It’s always so funny when moo poses with other girls, for someone who’s sooooo bi and loves girls she really shows no fucking interest or at least feigned interest.
Her and mimsy are having a give nothing contest

No. 917316

File: 1690582667771.png (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 2408x631, freshlipo.png)

lol check out those fresh lipo marks. looks like we were right about her "arm surgery" just being more liposuction.

No. 917321


She only bi when she either wants the attention of degenerate coomers to buy her stuff or for asspats from the LGBT crowd for being seen as “such a brave ally”.

Otherwise she hates other women, especially anyone remotely more attractive than her, which isn’t hard to do since she looks like a bloated corpse half the time, and sees them as competition for her to take down. She doesn’t have the slightest clue how to be even remotely sexy or sensual when filming with other women. She does all these awkward gestures and poses that can only come from the mind of someone who watches way too much porn and has never spent a second in an intimate relationship, let alone with another woman. She spends the whole time trying to draw attention to herself, lest she be one upped by another creator.

For someone who claims to have “so safe and taken care of by other women”, she couldn’t be more of a danger to them. I’m sure she has other women completely terrified of her, with her fat greasy mitts pawing at their privates under the guise of “just messing around” or “having fun”, gaslighting them about being too uptight and conservative for having the audacity to have boundaries.

No. 917327


Mimsy can’t find anyone else to make content with her since she got outted and cancelled for being a complete bitch and Mariah swooped in to find a loser like her to work with. Both of them are disgustingly toxic and are a prime example of how e-whores continually escape responsibility for their actions

No. 917337

Mimsy and moo look so saggy and haggard you’d think for women trying to larp as anime waifu perfection they’d learn to tone up their bodies or hide the flab. (I say this for ewhore standards not regular people since their naked bodies are their income)

They’re so jarring compared to excessive meitu/snow edits

No. 917338

File: 1690644972400.png (2.04 MB, 1242x2688, 39E45A54-3A6D-42C9-B91F-EAE8BA…)

Googled moo moo measurements and this random page claims she weighs 55kg… kek ain’t no fucking way.

No. 917339

That's pulling from the fake weight she gave everyone, we know damn well she's in her 200lbs.

No. 917342

Using one of these sites is probably the dumbest thing possible. They are never accurate or updated.

No. 917349

if she is 165cm she is above 90kg. more likely 100

No. 917352

I know she’s lying but it’s funny how that weight at her height she’d be slender and skinny. Like the scraping site really just puts anything kek

No. 917356

File: 1690689527744.jpg (384.37 KB, 1079x1638, Screenshot_20230729_210100_X.j…)

No shock she supports stolen art if she agreeing to AI.

No. 917361


Where is the sudden Johnny Depp hate boner coming from with her? I mean, it’s obvious projection on her part. She’s the one with the history of sexual assault and abuse, so she thinks by going in so hard on this it will get the heat off of her and somehow absolve her.

Even though she’s feeling emboldened now cause she thinks no one is watching, I can’t wait to see when suddenly her dirt gets brought up again and she’s suddenly having to answer questions about her history of abuse to women.

No. 917403

Anytime someone on Twitter comments under her posts with her past abuse, she jokes and memes about it. She doesn’t care. Until someone with actual pull actually does a call out on her, she’s going to continue being a snarky bitch about it.

No. 917405

She had people call her out, now they are under her follower list. Don't hold your breath.

No. 917418

Mariah Mallard does not matter enough to get called out for sexually assulting people on video.
She is only famous for being a fat only fans girl and sporadic poorly done porn. Her only value is to be a commerce item for porn sick moids and laughing fodder for us. No one knows who she is when some even know who Jessica Nigiri is.

No. 917453

Probably because she sees herself as Amber and Ozy as her Depp. Weird choice for roleplaying though . She usually tries to emulate successful women.

No. 917469


It’s because she and Amber suffer from the same delusion. Kindred souls that believe that they were young, beautiful, successful “brave” women who believed they were wrongly taken down by the social media lynch mob just as their star was rising and that they are the true victims in their circumstances. With the reality being that they were lying sacks of shit that finally got all of their terrible behavior exposed and can no longer get away with their bullshit.

Funny how she was so quiet when the trial was actually going on, probably cause she knows all her sexual assault/abuse dirt would have been brought up the second she tried opening her fat mouth. Now that she thinks no one is watching and she needs another community to weasel her way into after burning all her other bridges, she is throwing her hat in with the Turd stans

No. 917477

I don’t think she believes Amber but is using the case to make people sympathetic. Amber is innocent btw and no mutual abuse doesn’t exist.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 917493

File: 1690863816111.jpeg (Spoiler Image,842.25 KB, 887x1579, A835DF49-299A-4E88-A997-B37C41…)

>toilet/piss kink
Katina Mallad must still be so proud of her successful entrepreneur daughter. I can’t wait for jokes about her fancy toilet being the only constant in her life to the point she’s making videos with it. Ozy never stood a chance.

No. 917498

File: 1690886048314.jpg (32.2 KB, 606x231, makima.jpg)

hope you're looking forward to more makima, because that's apparently all she cares about lately. Her obsession with makima kinda reminds me how she obsessed over that fate guy and then douma

old news, keep up.

No. 917500

she likes makima because she sees herself in her, she thinks she's like a mommydom type who is always chill and in control because she's probably only seen the anime. she completely misses the reality behind the character that ironically reflects more accurately on mariah's character: literally the control devil, ruthlessly manipulative, sees others as dogs to do her bidding and will do whatever it takes to reach her goal at the expense of others around her

No. 917502


I’m guessing that this is the new character that she is going to insufferably claim to be the “irl” version of like she did with Mei? Where she thinks hers is the definitive cosplay of the character and no one else should even bother trying cosplaying the character since they don’t understand them like she does?

No. 917503

Waiting for the arc where she covers up her fate/stay tattoo with an ugly chainsaw man one.

No. 917508

What is a power vid? I thought piss videos are not allowed on Manyvids.

No. 917510

Power is the name of the character

No. 917514


Like her previous obessions, I wonder how long it'll be before she gets a shitty Makima tattoo.

No. 917520

piss is fine, you just can't consume it on manyvids
wasn't she supposed to be getting that fate tattoo removed?

No. 917525

She pussied out after one removal session, unable to bullshit her stronk bad bitch persona for it. I guess the clinic wasn't going to tolerate her being drugged to fuck during the procedure.

No. 917526

She doesn't actually piss in it anyway, she just simulated it with the bidet and added sound effects of "peeing" in editing.

No. 917533

At that point it's easier to piss
But just like her fake nipple content it's going to go into real piss porn
How desperate for cash is she?

No. 917534

File: 1691010989995.jpeg (Spoiler Image,564.57 KB, 3264x1939, D97B0A45-FCE3-4B71-BB21-577377…)

I know it’s been said to death but her tits look painful.
That actually sounds even more pathetic than just peeing on camera. The length she goes to fake it when, like the above anon said, she’s just going to do it for real down the line soon anyway. Not sure who she’s trying to fool at this point, everyone knows she’s a degenerate hard up for OF cash.

No. 917537

Urgh, they always have a rash, too. I feel like I can see Moo’s old droopy-eyed turtle face peeking through in that photo on the right.

No. 917542

It's fake nipple saga all over again.

No. 917543

File: 1691035434479.jpg (Spoiler Image,686.42 KB, 1080x1759, Screenshot_20230802_210606_X.j…)

She's literally copying SO HARD

No. 917545

something looks off with her face in these and i can't quite put my finger on what exactly. It almost feels like she's editing herself to look more asian tbh

No. 917546

I cant tell if it's because of the quality but i think you're right because her top eye crease is usually really prominent but in the first two it looks completely flat and almost mono-lid levels vs the last one where you can see is clearly. She's also not contouring as much

No. 917548

Her face reminds me of akidearest in these.

No. 917551

Remember her "I'm Lebeanse which means I'm West Asian" defense? kek

No. 917558

that's what happens when you use all those face presets in meitu and chinese apps. these apps are a blessing though because they convinced her to get that botched nose.

No. 917559

I posted about this yesterday, but Moo's video to go with this literally copies this cosplayer. The whole 'jumping' bit to reveal the suit and everything, even the turn around to show her ass where the suit is torn. There's no damn way that this cosplayer posted hers and now moo did the same thing. She's just not wearing a Gwen wig.

No. 917588

Fuck off scrote

No. 917595

File: 1691162137069.jpg (110.16 KB, 589x641, Untitled.jpg)

She's at EVO, traipsing around in her baikan cosplay

No. 917602

Going back to the event where people openly laughed her out of the venue? Lol ok.
So 30min to an hour tops before she waddles away as per usual.

No. 917619

File: 1691207348415.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1284x2016, IMG_6935.jpeg)

No. 917620

File: 1691207598709.webm (4.79 MB, 720x1280, IMG_6936.webm)

No. 917622

What the fuck is with this retarded walk she's doing

No. 917623

I want to say she's trying to imitate the livesy walk meme from ages ago given the phonk music playing, but i'm not even sure of that at this point

No. 917624

Ah, nothing says pro cosplayer like someone who doesn't even bother to iron/steam out their outfit for an event

No. 917625

File: 1691229100914.gif (569.94 KB, 458x656, tumblr_48c928659a747a1d8b892e5…)

No. 917627

Infected tit looking extra angry. How does she keep getting those rashes, constantly manhandling her sad flapjacks I'm assuming?

No. 917633

It looks like a bug bite or pimple.

No. 917636

File: 1691249428738.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1175, Screenshot_20230805_082708_Ins…)


No. 917638

glad i'm not the only one who noticed, if it was on the back that would be forgivable from sitting but its all over the front like girl.

No. 917639

Nitpick but Mariah's leg looks the one of a baby doll, just fatter.

No. 917640

File: 1691253989955.jpeg (1.15 MB, 2120x3264, BB9B6BC9-96F0-47A2-9272-D249A1…)

I was just about to say lol
I guess if she’s scratching the shit out of it, maybe. Whatever it is, it’s very noticeable and makes her look even sloppier than usual.

No. 917659

Can she not put some concealer on that massive tit zit? It's really, really obvious and right out front.

No. 917669

I'm just surprised we don't have any candids yet
I guess no one gives a fuck enough to care which is valid

No. 917670

In all of these, the rash or whatever it is on her tit, could pass for a areola / nip slip, which makes me wonder if she left it uncovered on purpose.

No. 917672

Anon that's such a dumb reach, it does not look like that.

No. 917674

it looks like it's faded coloring from her forehead mark. Is it possible she rubbed it putting the eye piece on and just rubbed on her tit rather than on a paper towel. Usually her tit rashes are that super red not really pink

No. 917675

Some people are allergic to mosquito bites and it's summer. That looks like a bad bite. It's not that big of a deal.

No. 917677

I’m surprised she’s out in public with her legs showing, the last time that happened was that cosplay park thing

No. 917678

I thought she only knew how to wear leggings with cosplays or those dumb thigh highs

No. 917682

Anon, that’s been there for at least a few days now. It’s in her half assed ripped bodysuit pics upthread.

No. 917690

her thigh is MASSIVE

No. 917699

NTA but in some of the pictures the redness does like a bit areola-ish

No. 917702

Yes but would the dumbass moids she feeds on know that?

No. 917705

File: 1691379288147.jpeg (475.32 KB, 1006x2048, 00639381-3DCF-4341-9167-A9B942…)

This came up in my twitter feed. At least her tit rash isn’t visible here but that leg, yikes.

No. 917713

>only kind of fan willing to take photos with moo are fatass ugly mystery meat moids with their chodes sticking out of their sweatpants that they chose to wear in public

No. 917716

File: 1691419707588.jpg (645.12 KB, 1202x910, evo.jpg)

not entirely true, just mostly true. Surprised she didn't attempt to grope them given that that's her favorite con activity

No. 917722

File: 1691423035001.png (Spoiler Image,872.7 KB, 1207x728, ew.png)

Found out that she's following shadman, an artist who has totally never drawn anything questionable ever, nope.

No. 917724

File: 1691423324268.jpg (281.48 KB, 1080x1043, 20230807_200025.jpg)

also not surprised she's taking the antisemitic stance on the whole Israel/Palestine topic

No. 917725

We know, she pointed this out a few threads ago, she's not shy about it and will only stop following him if enough people voice up that she's following an pedo who draws from real children like H3H3's daughter and 11 from Stranger Things [whatever her name was]. Moo is disgusting. She wants art desperately no matter who does it because she wants those coomers attention. It's so pathetic when women base their whole lives around men. She probably she's she's girlbossing and controlling men, but she's not. They have been consuming her porn exactly the same way they always have consumed porn and she's delving deeper just because she's desperate to keep attention. Moo, your depravity relies your numbers and that's udderly sad as someone who spouts female empowerment. Men will always dictate what you do and you openly feed in to it.

No. 917741

she’s from an arab background, she’s going to perceive israel as an illegitimate state. anti-zionist ≠ anti-semitic necessarily
the continued shadman simping is grim though. i actually thought she was pretty based for coming out in support of amber heard on the account she attracts coomers with (probably a terrible business strategy unless it’s supposed to be some weak ragebait) but she had to ruin it by renewing her support for a lolicon.

No. 917745

Amber isn't based. Stop finding ways to whiteknight her.

No. 917748

File: 1691464555210.jpg (196.33 KB, 1080x731, 20230808_151612.jpg)

Apparently maddie is planning to release a book on wig styling. Don't know why she's bothering given that you can find tutorials on how to make better looking wigs for free online

No. 917751

And then she still follows Shadman who draws fetishized porn of hijabi women and portrays them as terrorists.
Make it make sense, Mooriah!

No. 917760

The Kleins don’t have a daughter

No. 917763

That anon was mistaken, it was Keemstar’s daughter. Still gross af behavior.

No. 917764

Yeah, idc who's daughter it was, I dont follow these scrotes for a reason.

No. 917769

maddie couldnt even keep up with patreon wig styling snapshots and stole hundreds or more from $25/mo patrons while uploading zero content. It will be a miracle if she actually releases a coherent tutorial. Though this discussion is better off in the calves thread.

No. 917782

File: 1691552680239.jpg (135.66 KB, 595x849, potmeetkettle.jpg)

she's defending sniperwolf again. The irony of her second tweet is seemingly lost on her

No. 917783

Didn’t SSSniperwolf recently ghosted terminally Ill kid? Why does people keep defending her even though she keeps screwing up.

No. 917784

The only people that defend her are scrotes that watch her to sexualize her.

No. 917786


Another girl she is trying to skinwalk in the desperate hopes that she’ll let her into their friend group. She tried the same shit with Nigiri back in the day and she eventually got fed up with her and kicked her flabby ass to the curb.

Sssniperwolf will do the same, eventually getting fed up with this bitch constantly putting her name in her mouth, getting into spats with total randoms on Twitter on her behalf, acting as if they are life long best friends. Give it another couple of months and watch, Moo will be right back on her “Trust no one, everyone are snakes who will stab you in the back/ I now know who my true friends are instead of fighting for others approval and acceptance” bullshit.

No. 917787

I think there are times where SSSniperwolf would visit her studio as well as allowing Mariah to come to her home. I think Lia is only taking Moo for the ride as she would only use her for friendship money and using her studios anytime she wants while talking shit about her behind her back. Mariah is just too dumb to notice it as she keeps on skinwalking her in hopes of being her #1 bff. Also I’m surprised that Mariah didn’t try to do reaction vids just like her Senpai.

No. 917798

It used to be more of the same back in the day with Nigiri. Going to conventions and partying with her, getting to go on hiking trips with her and her friends, and expensive bunches and dinner practically every other week. All sometimes on Moo’s dime as well since she wanted to flex so much back then. And then there was of course, getting into Twitter slap fights with total randoms on her behalf, often playing her name as some sort of card to one up someone in an argument, just like what she does now with Lia. And just like Jessica, she is eventually going to get sick of her, because as always, tolerance will outweigh production when it comes to Moo. People have no problem using her, but eventually her personality becomes so grating and she becomes so overly clingy that people can’t wait to get out from under her. Except Lia doesn’t have the convenient excuse of Moo being outed as a sexual predator to be able to silently disassociate with her.

Every couple of months or so, whenever getting called a talentless whore starts to get to her, she’ll float around the idea of possibly doing starting a YouTube channel or doing Twitch streaming. One time she thought about reviewing anime figures, another she thought about reviewing anime episodes. Basically, the things she believes she has any authority to speak on. But we all know Moo, she is just about the most uninformed person in the world and will constantly spout out blatantly false information and will refuse to listen to anything of the contrary under the delusion of her own inherent superiority. But as we see whenever she tried to dip her toes into streaming or being a camgirl, it’s clear as day she has zero personality or charm whatsoever. She has no idea how to be charming or engaging. She’ll just awkwardly stare at the screen hoping someone will ask her something interesting, just standing around waiting for people to just give her money for simply being there. When she tried being a camgirl, Vamp totally upstaged her everytime she was on screen with her and you could just see how much she was seething at her for that. Not to mention it takes hard work and dedication to properly maintain a YouTube channel, doubly so for Twitch streaming. So either is completely out of the cards for her.

No. 917832

Moo has been trying to be in Sssniper's calf herd for years now, who can forget the time a drunk streamer called out Lia at Blizzcon and Moo waddled in to the rescue to defend her fair maiden?

Moo even had a period of being a Dollar Tree version of Lia, after which she was spending less time with our porcine bovine.

No. 917836


Holy shit I almost forgot about that. That was so cringe seeing her puff her chest out like she was gonna fight someone even though we all know she would have gotten her ass kicked, despite how tough and badass she thinks she is.

I remember seeing that vid being passed around and everyone thinking she was being cringe and making an ass of herself, with most people not knowing who she even was and that she needed to mind her own business. And when she tried defending herself all her previous dirt got brought up again and she shut up the fuck really quick. I imagine Lia must have been super embarrassed by the whole thing, not needing some tard who she barely tolerates being around barking at people like some attack dog for her.

That’s the exact kind of shit she does that gets her kicked out of friend groups. She’ll get overly attached and desperately clingy, thinking they are best friends and act like a complete social retard on their behalf that this person now suddenly has to field questions about. She did the same with Nigiri back in the day, getting into Twitter slap fights with complete no names and invoking Jessica’s name to try to one up someone or “win” the argument. She eventually got sick of it and was one of the reasons she stopped associating with her.

No. 917851

File: 1691670533544.png (130.92 KB, 589x676, psychotic.png)

how utterly psychotic moo

No. 917852

File: 1691671822066.jpg (804.38 KB, 2199x599, plastic love.jpg)

lay off those damn Asian filters

No. 917853

Hideous perversion of a beautiful artist.(sage your shit)

No. 917854


Christ she is so god damn cringe. It’s like she never grew out a f that pathetic 14 year old wannabe edgelord phase.

No. 917857

She looks like a busboy at a country club trying to get tips from saggy balled scrotes.

No. 917858

File: 1691684992896.png (526.73 KB, 1080x1421, Screenshot_20230810-122715~2.p…)

No. 917860

File: 1691687979967.jpg (59 KB, 597x548, Untitled05.jpg)

She's really embracing her Momo origins here.

No. 917861

So much of being afraid of men amirite?

No. 917863

File: 1691696784420.jpg (413.37 KB, 1080x1713, 20230811_074817.jpg)

I love seeing her respond to hate comments. She's trying to act like she's #notbothered, but you can tell its gotten under her skin

No. 917864

Maybe that anon was onto something when they noticed she’s been suspiciously looking a little Asian (albeit not like straight up like other ea-baiters but there’s a tinge)

No. 917865

I wouldn't be surprised at this point tbh, she even replies to japanese twitter users in Japanese which I just find a little cringy (maybe because it's her, and I know she's just trying to get in with the JP crowd)

No. 917878

She’ll only grope them if she can A. Use the humiliation to boost her own ego or B, its someone she wants to bang and thinks her being a sexually aggressive woman is attractive to men. (When really most men want small submissive chicks and not a massive woman whose shoving in their face “HEY BRO KNOCK BEFORE COMING INTO -MY- ROOM. I MIGHT BE RUBBING ONE -IN-)

No. 917879

Lol you do have plastic love Moo, Plastic surgery love. Also, I know its not uncommon to cosplay real people but her doing it makes me unusually angry especially someone who is actually talented. Like she didnt ask to be sexualized like this and shes still alive…hello? Respect??

No. 917880

>most men want small submissive chicks
ugh imagine thinking anyone but terminal pickmes would find that anything but disgusting
moo is horrible but also most moids are horrible; the reason she’s horrible isn’t because she doesn’t fit into gross moid domination fantasies

No. 917881

I was speaking on broad terms, but okay salt and vinegar tits.

No. 917884

Yeah that's pretty gross.. wtf?

No. 917900

Can't wait until she enters her PT era and starts claiming she part Japanese.

No. 917913

File: 1691808660033.jpg (513.57 KB, 1080x1440, 20230812_144943.jpg)

The absolute delusion of her thinking she has this dainty body, whilst her evo shots would say otherwise.

No. 917915

only mariah would sit and type away how murdering a 21 year old for threatening to expose a mom cheating on her husband is valid and looks up to them. evil.

No. 917916

I wonder if Moo jumpscares herself when she looks in a mirror without filters…

No. 917923

Bold, assuming she would actually look in the mirror, and away from her phone. That's why she blocks her face with the phone (and coincidentally does us a small kindness)

No. 917927

Nah, she just has a melt down and goes and gorges herself. The tears are uses as lubricant to help food down her gullet you see.

No. 917929

scrote-tier writing + trying too hard + parroting family guy on lolcow.farm
cringe kino(derailing)

No. 917947

File: 1691884839852.jpeg (451.1 KB, 894x1240, 0F4577B5-282C-472C-8800-017B9A…)

Posts this and still expects people to think she looks like >>917913 lol

No. 917950

Her anatomy is so fucked up, her midsection is so short she doesn't even have a waist anymore.

No. 917957

She looks like a crackhead attempting to be sexy

No. 917958

I think this is old, anon. Not recent like chunk-lee

No. 917965

She literally just posted it to her account yesterday. It’s recent.

No. 917966

People don't actually check her accounts here unless providing milk.

No. 918005

She's leaning forward to be ~extra~ "sexy"/to hide her hamplanet arms behind her back. We know she doesn't have a waist though, when she's between lipo and coolsculpting sessions.

No. 918012

File: 1691985333700.jpg (412.69 KB, 1080x1103, 20230814_155326.jpg)

I guess we can add 'art connoisseur' to her repertoire of skills, and yet another thing she's going to make a video about. But I still can't get over her lack of personality. She just jumps from trend to trend, basing herself on whatever character is popular before moving on to the next thing. I'd almost feel sorry for her if she wasn't such a shit person

No. 918013

If it’s not in a manga or anime she’s hyper focused on, she wouldn’t give a shit. It’s just pathetic that she hasn’t in all her years developed a personality of her own that she has to adopt them from anime characters or people she’s trying to leech clout from.
>I am scared to even open it
Oh fuck off Moo, it’s just a print.

No. 918017

File: 1692008771856.jpg (397.94 KB, 1080x1758, IMG_20230814_112819.jpg)

No. 918019

>Obsessed with Makima
I hate how this bitch always seems to latch onto characters people adore then make it her identity.

No. 918022

if you "adore" any anime character you deserve to suffer at least this minor irritation(derailing)

No. 918023

Interesting roundabout whiteknighting.(derailing)

No. 918024

Moo is giving autism, not ADHD. I hope she realizes that.

No. 918028

It's really not whiteknighting to say that people who care too much, or at all, about weeb trash are deserving of malice and poor treatment, nonny. Moo is a shitheel, on this there is consensus, but the only funny thing she ever does is piss off the idiots overly attached to their cartoons.

No. 918035

>gustavo dorè
kek i love that she managed to fuck up both his first and second names while trying to make herself look like a fine art connoisseur. never change moo

No. 918046

She cannot be spending thousands of dollars over an art piece from an anime that she’ll probably ditch in a year or so. With inflation happening who knows if her followers will ditch her to save money. If it were up to me I’d save the HELL out of it because in a next few years scrotes will want someone younger and prettier since as you get older the looks will disappear, especially with all that procedures she been doing.

How in the hell is she getting all this money while laying on her ass all day? Some OF girls at least work hard to market themselves all day so they can stay relevant, but with her she does Jack Shit. Even if she did a set it’s half-assed!

No. 918049

Even when she’s forced to promote her OF on Twitter, it’s a pathetic sight. You can tell she hates having to do it because it means she’s like every other sex worker on the site fighting to get attention. How’s that paid following/engagement working out for you, Moo?

No. 918064

File: 1692075328964.jpeg (776.33 KB, 889x1585, D9C1ADB6-CF8F-4C43-9395-B6388B…)

Consistently choosing the literal worst characters to cosplay. Not helping her image as a manipulative, abusive asshole.

No. 918066

i feel like she incorrectly believes that having a house and income means she'll be safe for life. she has basically no plans though, obviously no investments besides basic ones because she's too cheap to spend on anything that doesn't get her some instant gratification. even with whatever she's making, she spends so much of it because she has no foresight, that's why she had to start real porn after being so smug and indignant about it. i believe once she crashes she will crash hard.

No. 918068

I think Homelander would be the perfect passion character for Mariah. Abusive racist asshole who markets himself as a badass boss, but as soon as he doesn't get his way he cries and turns into a huge baby. Just like Moo.

No. 918071


does she even know what this woodcut represents? does she know the significance of it in this scene in chainsaw man?

No. 918095

probably not, but it's hilarious that she wasted so much money on it and it's not even the flex she thinks it is. the mangaka put it in for the symbolism so that's the important aspect, not the art piece itself. it's just an ironic touch.

No. 918100

People buy art because they like how it looks all the time, not everything has to be about some deep meaning

No. 918101

Ntayrt, Moo's deep meaning is LARPing

No. 918102

Yes, most people buy art that are typically $20-200 at best because they like how it looks. Not $2000-10,000,000 pieces because they "like how it looks" and precisely what a piece represents or who made it. It's done as a flex and nothing more and she even fails at properly flexing.

No. 918105


Exactly. This is nothing more than a stupid flex for her. Another thing she will try to point to in order to say “Look how much I’m like the character in real life! Don’t bother cosplaying her anymore because mine is the definitive one!”

Except once her coomer buxs dry up when they get bored by her or are finally repulsed by her and want someone younger it will be among the first things she will be looking to pawn off for cash. Although considering her reputation for terrible upkeep and maintenance, by the time that comes it will be worth precisely dick judging by how she takes care of her belongings. 10 bucks says it already wreaks of cat piss.

No. 918106

We’ll know it’s fate when Moo rages yet again on another consignment shops social media about them taking "thousands of dollars" worth of her junk and running with it.

No. 918109

she bought it for her stupid makima larp. she does this with every character she's obsessed with, but this time she could get a real world item that no one but her cares about.

No. 918119


That alone should tell you the sorry state she is in. In the past, she wouldn’t think twice about losing money like. Sure, she’d make a shitty call out post on social media and expect her fans to brigade them on her behalf. But she really made a huge stink about how much she lost on that, meaning at the very least her well is finally starting to run dry now.

It’s why she isn’t bragging about another Japan trip right now. One would think she would have been one of the first to go after they opened their borders for tourism back last year yet it’s been crickets from her. No huge announcement about returning or wanting to shoot there or mention of any plans. The days of her blowing thousands on an impromptu vacation to flex on people are gone now.

No. 918120

don't forget it's all going to the studio no one uses. it cost a lot to set up and costs atleast 2k a month for rent so it's eating 20k+ a year and we don't know if she pays electric or anything there either. everything she spent on it is gone and it keeps burning cash with no one using it.(sage)

No. 918121

I know anons are going to eventually bring up "but she can’t go anywhere! She has to be there for the studio!" Which… no? I’m betting that place is only active if she’s shooting there personally or there’s a once in a blue moon booking. She’s not even handling booking appointments since she uses a third party for it on another site. Moo could technically piss off for a couple weeks (or leave Akemi/Mimsy there to run it since they basically lives there) and come back if she wanted to but, like you, I’m guessing she can’t since the money is drying up. Sure she’s still technically making money but not anything like she was before now that she‘s debasing herself more and more to keep what’s left of her audience around.

No. 918132

File: 1692292053613.jpeg (Spoiler Image,658.31 KB, 3264x1601, 109F4013-2EF5-45F2-B33B-D9BD22…)

Moo somehow still thinking she has an ass will never not be funny.

No. 918133

Moo needs a BBL, but looking at Mimsy who has had 2 of them, she still doesn't have an ass. These cosplay girls have such a skewed idea of what they actually look like because all they ever see is photoshop.

No. 918143

It's somehow the inverse of an actual ass. How is that even physically possible, given how fat she is?

No. 918144

If I was mimsy I'd be pissed the artist made me the same size as moo

No. 918162

Note that most cosplay thots who dip their toes in porn don't work out. Most lie about working out and just get surgery like Moo. Though most put down the fork at the very least unlike Moo

No. 918165

File: 1692342690235.jpg (200.74 KB, 594x795, Untitled.jpg)

late to the trend as usual 1/2

No. 918166

File: 1692342815406.png (1.28 MB, 1827x1713, mooxtrisha.png)

she's also going to bat for trisha patyas 2/2

No. 918168

They cater to coomers that don't realize women look like anime girls. Of course they have deluded themselves into thinking that's what they look like, it'd be depressing to admit that after all the surgeries the image coomers want to see is unobtainable

No. 918170

>as someone who definitely dabbles in that bpd territory
It's good that she's self-aware, but… She is so pathetic.

No. 918185

Moo is so embarrassing. Trisha has been guven 2 decades of chances.

No. 918187

she doesn’t have bpd, she’s a narcissist and dumb as shit. she’s trying to take the bpd label because adhd can’t excuse the shit she does.
i am surprised she didn’t pull out the poc card when arguing though.

No. 918189

Any time she spouts off like this, all anyone has to do to shut her up is ask if she ever apologized for using ADHD as an excuse to sexually assault people. It usually does the trick from what I’ve observed lol
Also, since when does she even care about Trisha? I thought in the past she was busy criticizing her her weight and using the same male escort?

No. 918190

Birds of a feather… I'm always amazed by how self-unaware Moo is. Her stupidity is legendary.

No. 918191

She deleted all those video too tbh

No. 918192

No mental illness, social or behavioral disorder excuses anything anyone does. It just explains it.

No. 918198

I love how she talks down to POC about how they should forgive her idol despite her Idol doing quite a good amount of damage to the community even though Mariah never experienced the discrimination herself. Like bitch sit the fuck down. Also Dr. Drew is a quack and not an actual professional doctor.

I just wish someone would call her Karen or Becky.

No. 918206

File: 1692425929524.jpg (57.89 KB, 587x208, Untitled.jpg)

firstly, I doubt a park ranger was just "chill" with you performing sex acts in public.
Secondly, That's just disgusting

No. 918207

A blowjob while on a mountain in an incoming hurricane…? And they were just shooed away? Christ, she is so profoundly stupid that she can’t even make a more believable bullshit story.

No. 918209

Either she made up this story for attention or she is just plain stupid. She’s lucky that the ranger didn’t give a fuck, otherwise her ass would be arrest for indecent exposure. One of these days she won’t be so lucky and will be in trouble.

No. 918210

is she brainstorming ideas for a photoshoot or

No. 918211

File: 1692446052754.jpg (652.31 KB, 1080x1492, 20230819_235432.jpg)

I think she was doing a shoot

No. 918212

I know we make jokes about her looking like 50 year old wine mom but holy shit.

No. 918213

If shes telling the truth the real question is which friend did she drag to stick a dildo in their pants.

No. 918214

File: 1692452022009.jpg (11.55 KB, 339x339, Dmry14NVsAA0leV.jpg)

No. 918215

Is she not currently in Las Vegas?
The hurricane poses 0 threat to her, what the hell is she talking about. This is the fakest fucking story to date.

No. 918217

Her cheek is completely pixelated

No. 918218

It’s monsoon season in Vegas. I have no idea how she equates that to "hurricane" other than her being an attention seeking retard.
She’s pressed her luck and gotten away, way too many times. She’s exposed herself at Red Rock canyon and a rest stop on Mt.Charleston previously. How she hasn’t been arrested yet for public indecency is beyond me.

No. 918219

Didn't she also do something in hawaii or am I getting that mixed up with something else?

No. 918220

I wonder how hot it has to get for Moo to finally ditch the LONG SLEEVES in summer. You're not free until your arms are free, bitch

No. 918221

hawaii anon here. She didn’t do any indecent exposure here, but she trespassed on some land that specifically has signs that tell you its kapu to disturb the area. She also refused to wear a mask while we still had a mandate. We were literally begging people to not come to the island but tourists don’t care. I’m shocked she hasn’t taken advantage of the people on Maui right now.

No. 918222

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't she wear a super tiny bikini when they went sailing or something in front of other people, including children, on the boat? I remember anons saying one incorrect move and her granny tits would've just fallen out

No. 918225

NTA but yes. Her whole trip was a shitfest. She almost showed her nipples to little kids and also did a photoshoot on a sacred ground. On the other hand there were a lot of candids showing how huge and oddly proportioned she is.

No. 918242

She loves taking photos of kids and making fun of them. She's obsessed with this mommy bullshit and dares feign "NO SHOTA!!!!" yet will comment and reblog shota. Moo follows shota/lolicons. If it was an issue, she not follow the artists straight up, but she's a liar.

No. 918254

I dunno who she's skinwalking at the time and she still looks like she's a solid decade older than she is but tbh this is the most flattering her hair and makeup have been since she started imho.

Was this the trip when she was acting like her hair dresser at the time was her BFF because Vamps had ditched her?

No. 918256

Kek, yes. It was in thread #100. She really used less filters then. Kinda odd to see since she looks completely botched now.

No. 918262

Her hair is visibly greasy as shit and her makeup is crusty as hell nonny are your eyes okay? She needs to fucking stop with the white cut-in on her eyeliner, it really makes her look so much older and accentuates her overuse of nasty crusty falsies

No. 918263

Uhh, nonnies are we totally sure it's the same woman?

No. 918265

Holy shit, it’s such a slap to the face seeing the old moo. Honestly, I wonder who put the idea of liposuction in her head or if she came to it on her own, but it should be reality check to anons who constantly say Omg she’s lost so much weight!! Because now the fat just collects to her organs than showing physically on her body.
I wanted to point it out when she showed off her new fubuki cosplay and mentioned a meimei wig, but she always chooses characters who have weird sibling complexes too, I feel like apart from the appearances, meimei should’ve been the character she’s being an autist about and not makima

No. 918267

File: 1692570860240.png (28.92 KB, 161x275, IMG_2677.png)


I remember Hawaii being her at her absolute fattest. She no joke looked like a silverback gorilla the way she was lumbering around during that whole trip. And she of course was covered head to toe in compression gear the whole time because of how embarrassed she was at how big she had gotten.

No. 918270

She lives in Vegas, is lazy, and surrounded by costhots who got inplants and other surgeries. Moo is/was a fat lard who got lazy after high school and is still lazy. She could've worked out to get a slimmer body, but instead she got lipo bc she is scared to lose fat from her tits and have them be long pancakes. That's why she goes back and forth between "i want to get work in my boobs done" to pretending she not upset about them. She just wants an easy fix.

No. 918278

File: 1692604572065.jpg (148.21 KB, 1080x532, 20230821_195620.jpg)

I regret to inform everyone, but she's back on her "gay" phase again. As for who the "gf" is, my bet would be mimsy.

No. 918281

What if the "gf" is a troon

No. 918282

What if said gf isnt even aware momos been referring to her to strangers as a GF just like when she larped her and Vamps were a thing (which was unbeknownst to vamps)

No. 918283

try to fucking keep up you freak

No. 918298

Mimsy has a kid, so i doubt it. She's using the term the same way a 68 year old would. She doesn't mean relationship. She just knows scrote will salivate over lesbians.

No. 918301

>mimsy has a kid
All the more reason to larp as her gf then

No. 918306

My guess would be Akemi. After all, they have done Porn together so that would be no surprise there. However if she doesn’t know that Moos referring her as her gf then it’s not doubt that she’ll slowly walk away just like Vamps.

No. 918307

Nta, but like i said earlier, moo is using the term to confuse people
She means gf as in girl friend,like how old ladies call their friends. Its bait. She knows how it reads. Don't take the girlfriend bait.

No. 918309

File: 1692678314515.jpg (874.46 KB, 1079x2356, Screenshot_20230822_142521_X.j…)

Jap larping complete with hair in her mouth and lard bursting out the side seam on her suit

No. 918311

The strategically placed hair to hide her fat bulging out of the sides jfc tragic.
Again, that nona was right when they said it looked she started to asian-fy herself
Also are realize swimsuits still the rage with costhots anymore??

No. 918315

No just wants people to see she can wear one. She's always been jealous of BunnyAyu and Susu for their partnerships.

No. 918316

The photoshopped shower wall where she tried to round out her hips kek, the line for the caulking is all fucked from top to the bottom. It's not straight.

No. 918317

Her legs look so painful. Her whole bottom half looks like it belongs to an entirely different person.

No. 918318

File: 1692691656109.jpg (359.83 KB, 1102x855, Untitled.jpg)

nice to see she just admits that her "asexual" phase was just bs (not that we didn't already know that).

if you think thats delusional, wait till you see mimsys

No. 918319

That horrendous photoshop! Like what’s the point of making yourself look that skinny around the waist?

Also nice to confirm that you’re on drugs moo.

No. 918325

Anon her reply doesn't automatically mean drugs.

No. 918326

NTA but keep up, we know she's been dabbling with drugs for at least the last 2 years.(sage your shit)

No. 918327

So drugs cause asexuality, and adhd makes you a molester. Got it.

No. 918330

It doesn't automatically mean that. Could mean she was in her whole "bigbossbitch i dont need no man" which she was. Moo smokes weed and only recently tried to be cool by acting like shrooms haven't been a thing for years. Idk if anons have literally never been around club kids, but Moo isn't in hard drugs and she's not coming off as a popper either. She's not doing coke, acid, meth.. at least learn2tinfoil better.

No. 918334

I swear to god people in the momokun threads make the worst reaches on this site and have no reading comprehension. You sound completely retarded.

No. 918363

just noticed she's paying for verification again on twitter. Didn't she say it wasn't worth it not that long ago, or am i just misremembering things?

No. 918364

But anon, how is she gonna stay relevant if she doesn't have the blue checkmark? Those engagements arent gonna pay for themselves!

No. 918367

Her grimy loser boyfriend was a cokehead, it's really not a stretch that she would run in circles with people who use "hard" drugs lol like are you 12? Did you just finish D.A.R.E.?

I hate to break it to you but plenty of people at your precious anime conventions are using drugs. At this point, her antics and random erratic rants on ig stories have gone on for years, she's had surgery which often gets people dependent on or at least have a lot of access to rx pain meds, she has money to blow through and lives in Vegas like…come on nonna use your head.

No. 918368

If you haven't noticed by now, people come to her defense weirdly whenever she lurks.

No. 918408

anon was just saying that
>I was on some shit
doesn't exclusively mean "I was doing drugs"
it means several things – she could have been doing whatever the fuck drugs but also thought she was too bossbitch for men to handle and didn't need them, they're not mutually exclusive

No. 918412

Anon, not sure why you want to infight about this. Provide proof she does other drugs. Tinfoils are worthless.

No. 918413


NTA but this is literally from this very thread.

No. 918414

Anons said things that aren't legal. Meaning meth, coke.. That's exactly what anons mean when they say she does 'drugs'. Weed and mushrooms are recreational. She doesn't seem like she's on other drugs. She has ADHD and smokes weed constantly. Moo is always manic too. This isn't a drug issue, it's Moo just being fucking Moo.

No. 918415

File: 1692853092302.jpeg (319.06 KB, 886x1600, B2E62A55-A663-401B-A54E-74ABF8…)

Sorry to interrupt the drug sperging…

No. 918416

Why is she gloating about this or acting like it's cool? She went to court for DV with that nasty chode. It's just another excuse for her to overshare, but I don't think most people properly diagnosed with bpd would appreciate their disorder being sexualized for men's benefit. Only Moo likes that.

No. 918417

between this and the earlier trisha stuff, why is she suddenly claiming to have bpd?

No. 918426

An excuse for her actions. Plus, BPD is (or has been) the new quirky girl mental illness to claim for asspats. She's just parroting what she sees all the onlyfans girls she follows say. Hell she might even have just picked it up from Trisha since she was gushing over that video of her talking about her own BPD not long ago.

No. 918435

Girl probably has pms once a month and thinks shes mentally ill. What else is new on the internet

No. 918437

All the fictional characters she lo es have this stupid "cute but psycho" personality so she loves romanticizing toxic behaviours, and violence. Also she wants to be mentally ill in a quirky way and not in a you need therapy and proper higiene sorta way.

No. 918444

Yep she wants to be yandere irl. It's so unbelievably cringy.

No. 918448

As a person who is mentally Ill this shit really piss me off to no end. Having a mental illness is not something to be proud of. I also have friends who got BPD and it’s a no laughing matter. That shit fucks you up good and it’s hard for them to be in a relationship whether it’s platonic or romantic.

No men is interested with a Yandere in real life as it ends up with them having to call the police or get a restraining order. Mariah can’t really tell what’s reality or fake and actually believes that a boy would fall on their knees to a girl boss with homicidal tendencies.

No. 918449

bpd anon here. I was diagnosed in my late 20s.

The fact she is faking this makes me so angry. She had no idea what someone with bpd actually has to go through. I’ve been in years of therapy(DBT) and I have come a very far way from where I was before. There are still days that are bad though and I can’t even tell anyone because of the stigma around BPD.

I also feel like Moo has had “homicidal” tendencies since her early twitter days. Never forget the way she claimed to want to murder her own mother and always talked about “effing a bitch up”. I’ve been bored and going through old threads. She hasn’t changed.

No. 918454

“she’s so crazy and mentally ill totally a cluster b narc” but the second she says yeah I’m borderline it’s a lie? tbh it actually seems like the truth for once.

No. 918457

she’s obviously claiming it bc it’s trendy. sw love claiming bpd bc tons of weird men fetishize it. she thinks she has it because of comorbidities or she pretends to have it to make ppl want her. dumb bitch doesn’t have it. just adhd and npd, you can’t be a narc AND have bpd it doesn’t work like that. that’s so aggravating.

No. 918460

That’s the thing nona, moo is a narc not the bpd princess she thinks she is. She willingly and knowingly manipulates people, whether she is good at it or not doesn’t matter, but moo is someone who enjoys hurting others whether it be emotionally or mentally.
I hope this doesn’t come off as armchair cause I’m not trying or wanting to diagnose her dumbass, I feel like if moo ever went to therapy it would be with a therapist who condones her behavior kek. Like other nonas have shared bpd is hell and I’m a nona that has bipolar.
I hate how Twitter has fetishized this mental illnesses and all these costhots and moo think it’s a cute quirk.
Slightly OT but are mushrooms seen as recreational in NV? For some reason I thought they were considered illegal in most states

No. 918461

nta but I think a bill just recently passed in NV (like, literally this month) concerning mushrooms for medicinal purposes. But moo was still growing/consuming them while they were illegal.

No. 918463

File: 1692936448490.jpeg (164.03 KB, 898x1573, 6159BD0C-EE36-4662-92A8-F85481…)

nta but yeah, she pretty much just confirmed it’s a cute quirk to her.

No. 918465

File: 1692936815524.jpeg (Spoiler Image,794.01 KB, 3264x1937, AC55CF69-DFE1-43EE-B1EF-47D577…)

Moo, getting the fat sucked out of your chin every other month and layering filters is nothing to be proud of when the rest of you is a massive bulky mess.

No. 918466

We call her a skinwalker for a reason. These threads have gone on for so long I'm assuming a majority of nonas haven't been here from the beginning but it used to be every week for her. Skinny popular cosplay girl she wants to one-up does a certain character, a day later she is screaming about how she's the biggest fan ever of that character and she's gonna do the best cosplay ever. She wanted tattoo-sensei's dick so hard she suddenly became an all natural self-love guru because he was one. Girl she currently wants the fame of has BPD, she has BPD. She absorbs the personality of anyone she wants to be/fuck and acts like she was always like this. That's not BPD, that's a classic narc.
Therapy, real therapy, not someone who's going to affirm and validate her for a paycheck, would never work for her. For therapy to work you need to acknowledge you have problems and actually put in the effort to improve yourself. She can't even be truthful about what she does at the gym.

No. 918476

let’s not forget mariah was pulling her fat ass around and following that tattoo guy and his fiancée after they got engaged and that awkward photo of the three of them. remember when she turned “uwu cute skinny girlboss goffic gurl” because of that asian guitar guy she was lusting over who turned out to have a gf? remember when she pretended to be a lesbian because she saw a lesbian thot egirl couple and felt jealous and bitter? good times good times

No. 918479

Remember how she copied Nigiri down to her hair, stalked her favorite hiking trai and planned to move to her town?
Remember how she became a sssniperwolf clone? Wearing fake glasses, the same choker, clothes, photoshopped her face like hers and copied her selfies?
I love how both women tolerated her then stopped all contact because it's creepy
She's never self aware enough to not understand how unhinged she comes off when she does that. She should watch "The Roommate"

No. 918482

OMG NONNA REMEMBER WHEN SHE BOUGHT A $3K GUITAR BECAUSE OF SAID ASIAN GUY AND FUCKING TRASHED IT BECAUSE HE CURVED HER? and how despite she lived with vamps she shitted on her for years/harassed her at her job, and spent those years trying to upstage her with cosplays because of how unfortunate her nose looked at the time. then got a fucking nose job after vamps was able to save enough money and moomoo money to get one and quickly left her ass, never talked to her since? she skinwalks these chicks but never had some kind of connection with them. imagine being 27-28 and you have the social skills of a girl 14 year old. cliquey, retarded high school behaviour that she didn’t control at all when she got older.

No. 918484

No, it's textbook BPD. People with BPD don't have a stable sense of identity.
Narcs do the opposite, they try to force their identity onto everyone else/make everyone be like them.

No. 918487

ngl armchair but she’s clearly using bpd as a quirk to sell more of shit to degens or as an entrance excuse for the upcoming behaviors that may come out about her. if you rly think she has it bc she comes out and says it you’re retarded.

No. 918488

Self diagnosing is Moo's specialty. Don't forget she has real diagnosed ADHD. From experience, hyperactive imagination is a thing which can result in Moo skinwalking characters and people, sometimes it can look like BPD, when its not. She has 0 impulse control and heads right in to whatever idea she gets in her head. She has no idea what BPD is. Weed can feed heavily into mood swings with ADHD too and enable BPD-like symptoms without it actually being BPD. ADHD and weed are like someone taking adderal who didn't need it. That's literally Moo from what we do have proof on. I'm not armchairing either, just so mods know.

No. 918489

Hasn't she said that she has bipolar disorder in the past? Maybe she's just being her dumbass self and reading the acronym wrong, or even possibly conflating the two.

No. 918490

She claimed ADHD, BPD and even Schizophrenia as her reasoning why she sexually assaulted people and why she should get away with the dumbshit she does.

No. 918497

She only said ADHD, anon.

No. 918504

Yeah when the hell did moo say she had schizophrenia unless she’s said she’s schizo posting, from what I can recall I don’t think she has?? But maybe she’s fucking stupid
All in all moo is a flat out narc, like it’s said before she might not be a good narc but she gets off hurting people.
God that first pic looks painful how can she feel comfortable letting her tits droop like that

No. 918509

File: 1693010913897.png (460 KB, 1044x1080, MOO.png)

not to distract from the armchair psychiatrists, but she's getting clowned on twitter

No. 918510

No. 918511

File: 1693015812897.jpg (26.75 KB, 680x351, 3de.jpg)

All of these people are gross

No. 918512

File: 1693016257549.jpg (295.53 KB, 680x852, Untitled.jpg)

No. 918513

Well Momo, this is your audience that you’re catering to today. Is it worth all the attention you want?

No. 918523

These pompous, performatively pious post-nutters have clearly never read the pericope of Mary Magazine

No. 918534

Idk, kind of the least weird Moo response. Very weird for incels online to parasocially determine that Pewdiepie's wife was a virgin when they got married (unless this was actually discussed somewhere, I don't give a fuck about this dude lol)

No. 918543

reality is most men want an untouched woman and most women want an unobtainable man. regardless how weird they are for putting that, mariah is not the person to ever give her word on what’s creepy and weird or on what men want she is the most unsexy creature ever.

No. 918561

They're all disgusting since Marzia's sexual status should never be a topic, like wtf. But Mariah is a god damn hypocrite since all she does is cater to men online.

No. 918564

Moo sure is saying a lot for someone who had to resort to piss porn and filming her intimate moment with bidet kun.
She can pretend her Japanese toilet is her Asian husband kek

No. 918567

Oh no, I definitely agree with you. Mariah having pretend come to Jesus moments when everyone can see she hasn't changed at all is just sad. She can't even go after incels without people pointing out her own shitty misogynistic behavior. She thinks she's a girlboss mommydomme rich bitch but she's just as sad and lonely as an incel.

No. 918579

cue momokun pregnancy/child arc when… Shes what, 27? Peers are reaching that stage of life, and she is so desparate to stay relevant.

No. 918582

What peers of her's is having kids? none. The hell are you talking about?

No. 918585

Idk where you're from but most men in younger social circles in Europe take you being a virgin at 23+ as probably having a lot of red flags and it's not really desirable. The few virgins (that I know of) lie on dates about already having experience. Only weird Tate Bros who want to somehow devalue and dehumanise women and religious nut jobs want virgins.

No. 918593

also true in the US and Canada except among weird chuds and superreligious

No. 918594

your shitty anecdotes don’t matter this thread is about mariah

No. 918598

In 2021, the average woman gave birth for the first time at 27.3 years old, according to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

No. 918605

Car modeling? LMFAO yeah maybe for magazines like outlaw biker if they need a filler spread.

No. 918616

File: 1693276046519.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1010.56 KB, 890x1603, IMG_1014.jpeg)

Jesus, how can anyone be proud of this?

No. 918621

Slight nitpick but I cannot stand Maddie’s crunchy wigs especially with characters that have such simple hairstyles, like the spiky bangs look so illfitting for makima and I feel like every time moo cosplays her it emphasizes her size and botched nose

No. 918622

Looks like a pile of melting butter

No. 918623

how can someone who is so insufferable telling everyone about their “holistic healthy diet” and “going to gym everyday for years” still be this fucking fat. something is off.

No. 918626

That's the EDITED version too, seeing that they bothered to edit out vein-chan for once and whatever horrible rash she has going on these days. Good lord, even with heavy editing that isn't 500 phone filters, she's getting worse and worse.

No. 918644

The way she poses to hide her arms makes her look even more like a melted candle. Makima in slutty bdsm gear (despite mostly wearing the same button-up shirt and pants) has been a meme for ages now and she's even slow on that. And is certainly not delivering. She looks truly awful. Instead of taking some inspired shots of a fully and neatly dressed Makima handling some bdsm gear (not that she would ever be interested in actually being a domme), she just goes for the lowest hanging fruit as usual.
Yeah the wig looks like shit. Her bangs should be less geometric and just look more like hair.

No. 918652

What really drives me nuts is how the top and bangs will look so plasticity/styled and then the ends will be left soft and plain. Maddie needs commit and make it all look the same style; all hard like one of those dbz wigs or natural. Don't be so lazy.

No. 918656

why does she insist on squashing her boobs like that? i know it’s an anime trope of big titty small bra but it’s so unflattering irl and makes her boobs look so saggy and sad. sage for titpick

No. 918661

I don't get the crimping, granted Idk anytning about wig styling but I don't feel like I see that anywhere else. It looks like it's carved out of foam.

No. 918668

>>918661 I do wig styling. The crimping not only helps with volume but also with keeping the fibres from tangling. You can add more wefts for volume but wigs can get really heavy. Usually you'll straighten the top layer to cover the crimping. I normally like the fluffy wig style unless it goes overboard and the wig might as well be made of foam. The Makima wig is not good. Helmet with wefts.

No. 918677

I'm so amazed at how fast she piles on the pounds after each round of lipo, is that normal? I know you need to do the upkeep yourself and that a lot probably don't follow through but she gains it all back at breakneck speed.

No. 918701


LMAOO the warping on the arm, poor moomoo's got a broken wrist

No. 918707

File: 1693451194754.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1253x1869, IMG_1055.jpeg)

Good to know Moo still doesn’t regret a thing about using an acquaintance’s death to her advantage.

No. 918708

File: 1693451347677.jpeg (Spoiler Image,521.19 KB, 3264x1573, IMG_1056.jpeg)

Describing her own video as "horrifying" is probably the only accurate thing she’s done.

No. 918710

she is SO incredibly low-effort. this looks shooped to hell, but she still doesn't shoop out her ugly tats.
get some dermacol, bitch, I know you can afford it.

No. 918718

I can't believe she even started trying to remove the fate tattoo. It's so faded and blotchy. It's been more than a year since she posted about getting it removed and still seems like she's only done one session. She made it look even worse by starting the process. Literally why tho.
It is, however, a very good visual representation of how she starts things in a manic episode and never finishes them. Yet another visual red flag for her

No. 918725

I know the character has red eyes but she looks like a fearsome demon ready to beat whoever's closest to her with that dildo

No. 918726

>>918708 Meh compared to her other cosplays her Yor is nice. Idk if its the massive wig making her tiny head look more proportionate, the somewhat normal bangs or what it is.

No. 918739

What’s really horrifying is she does this video on her kitchen table and two of her cats show up in the background. Poor cats having to see this shit.

No. 918743

File: 1693556396490.jpg (102.98 KB, 1075x535, 20230901_201806.jpg)

The woman who is incapable of getting, let alone keeping, a boyfriend is giving advice on what men like.

No. 918748

File: 1693569962131.png (13.08 KB, 589x147, Untitled.png)

looks like she's going to japan at some point soon. wonder who she's going to be dragging along on this trip

No. 918751

KEK as if she is some expert in what men like that’s…that’s hilarious. Pro tip Moo, if you’re actually attractive with a good personality, most men could give a shit about your pedicure.

No. 918752

More like which friendship is she gonna end. Vamps went with her to Japan and Hawaii and those two were seperated.

No. 918753


Couldn’t be more obvious she lurks here. People here talking about she hasn’t flexed about another Japan trip in a while. And now lo and behold now she suddenly mentions a new trip. Wonder which “friend” she wants to get under her thumb by dragging them in an expensive vacation that they can’t hope to pay for.


What happened to being scared to death of men for being entitled, violent, toxic, controlling assholes Moo? I thought you couldn’t care less what men want or like since you apparently never feel safe around them and it’s all about girl power. Also hilarious that the disgusting hambeast slob that men are completely repulsed by thinks she can give tips on attracting men or knows what men want. If she even remotely knew what she was talking about, the. She wouldn’t be perpetually single and constantly flip flopping between “All men suck and are entitled and want to abuse you” and “I know exactly what men want and have them all wrapped around my little finger”.

No. 918754

My money is on Mimsy since she's her new "GF", either because she is already going or she's convinced Moo to pay for a trip there.

No. 918766

Anon there's a whole bunch of costhots heading to Japan. She's not going because she lurks.

No. 918767

NTA but they've been going for months since Japan re-opened, she lurked and now is suddenly going. Stop trying to give her credit where it isn't due.

No. 918769

We always talk about her trips regardles of what time of the year it is. Not everything is about lolcow lol If it was hawaii anons would say the same thing.

No. 918770

File: 1693622020293.jpg (392.87 KB, 1080x1136, 20230902_143240.jpg)

Okay firstly, what "brand" is working with you and how low are their standards (wouldn't be surprised if this was like how she calls herself a fansly partner)
And secondly, is maddie still around? I don't think I've seen her in posts lately and moo claims to be doing her own wigs again, so has maddie been given the boot? Has she been replaced by mimsy?

No. 918771

It looks bad. The color is completely wrong and she's tried to shape it a la Maddie when it should look less sharp and softer like hair. Remember her claim to her attention to detail lol

No. 918772

Kek the color is so far off. She so damn lazy her wig is just kinda wavy when the original has what looks like big ringlet curls. Embarrassing.

No. 918773

File: 1693624832314.jpeg (785.39 KB, 1089x1256, IMG_1083.jpeg)

Literally nothing has changed lol

No. 918775

Now that Moo is attempting to prove she's a 'legit' "cosplayer" again, we get to see once more just what a colorblind and sloppy bitch she is. She's like if Sarah Spaceman couldn't sew at all, you love to see it.

No. 918777

Who the hell says wiggies. What a crusty cringy cunt.

No. 918778

… when the last time she actually SAW your own feet, moo? You cant even wipe your own ass.

No. 918784

She thinks she's the sexy and cool onee-san giving advice to other women but no one asked and no one wants it. I personally don't think anyone is going crazy for her dirty feet, but hey, it takes all kinds.

No. 918786

File: 1693670968739.jpg (279.15 KB, 1080x759, Screenshot_20230902_091146_X.j…)

She deleted this post, won't let me even click on it, but luckily my mobile saves previous loads of pages. Says deleted when I click on it.

No. 918803

File: 1693736361601.png (562.31 KB, 600x915, newtwit.png)

for reasons unknown, the studio has a second twitter account

No. 918804

>Reasons unknown
She's probably preparing incase she finally gets clapped for ban evading lol

No. 918808

I think it's funny how only that tiny white sci Fi room is the only usable set in her studio and she hasn't fixed the others gathering dust.
I wouldn't call it a studio since it's just her friends or people she bribed

No. 918812

Probably to try and get that page argentine outside of ot promoting that moo uses it.

Stop tinfoiling, moo is definitely not paying people to be there, otherwise there be way more people and not the same 4 for over a year. People just don't want to go to her vetting fucking studio. Back up this bribe bullshit or stop. You guys don't do moo any justice when you make shit up.

No. 918827

File: 1693814550013.jpg (332.02 KB, 585x958, Untitled.jpg)

apparently its some porn game. looked them up and their "games" look terrible

No. 918829

Our cosplay expert cant even sew pleats into a skirt.

No. 918830

KEK the gingham print isn't even lined up properly on the top. What is this, her first sewing project??

No. 918832

File: 1693838222302.jpg (706.14 KB, 1080x2023, 20230905_023623.jpg)

Wouldn't be surprised, although at this point I don't think twitters going to care, it's not like she's posting anything offensive or that breaks ToS. Also found another alt.
There's like a dozen others too but aside from one or two, I think they're just people larping as her for whatever reason.

No. 918834

Of course moo said yes to a shit rigged porn game kek its porn shovelware. She's a complete fucking moron to promote this. Lowest denominator "brand deal". Her even calling it that is embarrassing. If Moo lurks, I really hope she realizes no one is jealous of a broken money grab deal she made. The shoes aren't right, the wig is terrible, the pattern is supposed to be smaller on the bottom with pleats

But yeah. Just fix the top.

No. 918856

uh who’s she making this cosplay for…? because no one on earth is believing that’s gonna fit her

No. 918868

File: 1693936823676.jpg (235.61 KB, 1461x2048, F5RS1AubsAAqC6r.jpg)

Herself of course!

No. 918870

The top wants to rip in half so bad

No. 918871

Jesus, was that pig-nosejob a mistake. And she paid like 5x a normal nosejob, for that? Never change, Moo.

No. 918874

She can't even show her stomach while sitting lol

No. 918875

File: 1693941222748.jpg (715.12 KB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_20230905_121646_X.j…)

No. 918876

Lol. It probably doesn't zip in the back either.

No. 918878

God I am dying to know how she put this pic together hahahah

No. 918879

Any guesses of her cosplaying Nemu from Euphoria as she mentioned before? She’s the Typical Girl Boss Bitch character that Moo would kin for and would say that she’s the IRL Nemu who loves the nasty sex and would be every man’s fantasy.

No. 918883

God I missed Moo styling her own wigs, she’s in leagues with zoomers who crispify their wigs

No. 918884

Did she sew in a place to put removable bra straps on and if so, why? I'm not a seamstress so I'm confused since the character does not have straps and Mariah is not wearing those transparent ones either. Or maybe that's something else I'm seeing?

>it already has a ton of good reviews and a huge fan base

Where? You can hardly find anything other than what NLT themselves publish and Steam has only 94 positive reviews. I couldn't find anything on real game review sites. Not even on the ones users can give reviews in.

No. 918886

I checked their Twitter and the game is the most generic looking shit I’ve ever seen. The animations are also completely stiff and lifeless, almost like they took lessons from Moo herself! It just makes it even funnier looking back at her post here bragging about her collabs with Arda Wigs and Funimation. Now the only people willing to work with her is some sketchy game studio making low effort porn "visual novels". Embarrassing.

No. 918889

>Did she sew in a place to put removable bra straps on
I'm pretty sure that's just seams being lumpy and twisted. I can't imagine her putting in that much thought or effort into construction.

No. 918894

No. 918904

This doesn’t even look like her, not to mention you can’t even see the poorly constructed outfit she was just so excited to show.

No. 918907

File: 1694076421793.png (238.87 KB, 593x619, krispytrixie.png)

Whoever makes the next thread, you need to update her tiktok link. 'xmomokunx' is just some rando who links to another cosplayer also called momokun. Her current tiktok is 'peachygirlmomo'
Also shitty new wig

No. 918919

She looks terrible. Never wouldn't thought that was that character.

No. 918922

the xmomokunx account is run by a minor whose trying to make money off Moo’s identity. She’s a hardcore white knight.

Also love how she said she was against sexualizing children….and proceeds to sexualize children.

No. 918933

Anon, this is not what sexualizing a minor is. Its fiction anyway and Moo doesn't look an ounce of pedobait. People who like the character enough to get off to it originally aren't going to look at an obese woman with tits. Get a grip.

No. 918935

Grew up or grew out? Lol

No. 918940

>>918907 3 tittys

No. 918944

I thought this was a grimace cosplay, proving moo is always late to trends and is inspired by the threads

No. 918948



No. 918953

Jfc that fucking wig, did Maddie do this one or is moo attempting to try it on her own now? Maybe asian larp incoming soon? I know it’s not straight up her taping her eyes and shit but like her previous photos there’s something about them.

No. 918958

Moo did the wig. She had an IG story up a few days ago showing it off. It looks even worse than it did previously lol

No. 918965

Showing it off, not showing she worked on it without help

No. 918970


jesus that wig is so bad, looks like a helmet

No. 918972

File: 1694185381261.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1274x1650, IMG_1159.jpeg)

How hard was it to just check her socials, anon? She’s been mooing a lot lately about doing her own (shitty) wigs.

No. 918973

File: 1694185500971.jpeg (515.15 KB, 1277x1150, IMG_1158.jpeg)

Word salad.

No. 918977

Again, she took the photo. Doesn't mean she is honest that she did it herself. I do lurk her socials which is why I said that in the first place.

No. 918978


She swears that she has all this intellectual insight on men and dating, that she has men all figured out, like she is a some kind of expert on dating when most of the time she sounds like a complete retard spouting unintelligible nonsense.

If she even knew half of what she was talking about she wouldn’t be constantly bitching and whining every other month about how all men suck and how lonely she is after having been rejected for the umpteenth time. If she has all this supposed insight and knowledge about dating and can see through men and all their tricks and shortcomings, then why does she keep falling for the same bullshit every single time? Oh that’s right, it’s because she is full of shit because she doesn’t know the first thing about men and hasn’t spent more than 30 seconds around one she wasn’t constantly trying to fuck.

The truth of the matter is most guys are completely repulsed by her, either by her profession or just her appearance in general. I know she has deluded herself into thinking she is this “thicc gym goddess who will drain your balls dry and have you calling her mommy by the end of it all”, but the truth is, is that she looks like a disgusting bloated corpse, her skin discolored, her face looking sallow and sunken in, covered in stretch marks and acne in the worst places and and ass that is literally concave. And if they can manage to get past the horrible body odor they then have to deal with an insufferable, desperate, overly attached clinger who is looking to get violent with you the second you say or do something she doesn’t agree with. Which is why any guy that manages to date her is usually running for the hills after only a couple of months.

No. 918988

Since you lurk her socials, you would have already known she said Maddie was giving her tips. Not to mention Maddie being MIA for a while recently. Not to defend Moo, but she is perfectly capable of butchering her own wigs without her friends help like the pink disaster upthread.

No. 918993

That was well said.

It's funny to me when she tries to be intellectual about anything because she can't type proper English so it's like trying to decipher something. Cow has her own damn language.

No. 918997

lol wtf, just because it looks a certain way in a cartoon does not mean it translate well in real life, but even if it was supposed to look like the cartoon it does not. lmao

No. 918998

So much for "attention to detail". Not even the character's grown up designs have hair like this. Where did she get the extra hair on the front from? Also those bangs look ridiculous lol.

No. 918999

File: 1694235093855.jpg (1.3 MB, 1808x1476, reform.jpg)

now she's trying to act like she's some beacon of security or something in the community
unsurprisingly she's deleted this

No. 919001

All that word salad just for moo to call the kettle black… kek she’s deranged

No. 919004

File: 1694245981545.png (359.37 KB, 1217x1425, momokun.png)

is she trying to get vamps back?

No. 919011

>blasts squarenoodles for being a manipulative creep
>in the same breath defends her manipulative racist friend Mimsy
You can’t have it both ways Moo.

No. 919013


It feels like every other month she is trying to help cancel some “creep” that she was all too friendly with back in the day. She was all too comfortable being around these people and in most cases she was just as bad as them. But as soon as an opportunity comes to throw them under the bus she immediately takes it and tries to either pretend she was completely divorced from it or yet again play the “innocent helpless victim who felt too scared to say anything or speak up during the time it was going on”, despite the fact that she parades herself around as the “boss bitch qween who isn’t afraid of any man and won’t stand for abuse and will protect other women”.

Funny how that whenever her dirt gets brought up she is quick to try and change the subject or try to deny having done any of it despite the fact that the is video of her fat ugly mug crying into the camera admitting to it.

No. 919016

Looks like square noodles is posting his statement on Twitter right now(this is an imageboard, please only not sage when posting receipts of milk)

No. 919017

File: 1694287044124.jpeg (725.57 KB, 1272x1755, IMG_1177.jpeg)

Sharing images would be helpful

No. 919018

No one in this shit show looks good, but it'll be interesting to see who comes out looking worse.

No. 919021

Seriously… each post is “what about me?” “Imagine how scared and hurt i felt”, yes what Marvin allegedly did is weird and creepy, but man reading mainly Moo’s response is so fucking self centered and seeing Marvin’s response it’s like a competition of who has the bigger ego to shut the other up.

No. 919022


That’s how she always is. Even with shit that doesn’t affect her at all she’ll try to find a way to make it all about her or talk about how she is personally affected. She never gives sympathy or space to any of the actual victims, and when she does it’s pure lip service to try to maintain face in public. But she is truly the biggest narcissist who believes everything revolves around her and that everyone is looking for her opinion on everything.


Usually in these matters, none of them are the “good guys” in any of this. They are usually all shitty people who enable each others shitty behavior until they no longer have a use for each other, then they toss them to the wolves and try to pretend their hands are totally clean in any of it. Or it just devolves into internet shitflinging with everyone trying to one up each other with some sort of “gotcha” receipts that they had been secretly saving all along.

This guy may very well have some skeletons in the water closet that need to be exposed. But Moo is for damn sure the last person that needs to be trying to call someone out for inappropriate behavior. Especially if it turns out she was complicit or aware of all of this but chose to say nothing like she does with all of her other abusive “friends”.

No. 919024

all of a sudden when he no longer benefits her she’s going to call him out lmao. fuck off mariah

No. 919027

File: 1694300543483.jpeg (1.16 MB, 3264x2176, IMG_1190.jpeg)


No. 919028

File: 1694300640252.jpeg (677.56 KB, 3264x1472, IMG_1191.jpeg)


No. 919029

File: 1694300771866.jpeg (801.97 KB, 3264x1974, IMG_1192.jpeg)


No. 919030

her trying to get someone else to apologize is funny given she’s never rlly made a real public apology herself

No. 919031

File: 1694304674684.jpeg (489.23 KB, 828x1425, A98C3548-071C-4A4D-B6B0-0816E7…)

Spill it Squarecuck!

No. 919032

File: 1694304934862.jpeg (462.2 KB, 828x1425, 40712051-177E-4925-A141-71981D…)

To no one’s surprise Moo is lying. She took her sweet ass time to make a video after a bunch of attempts and was grinning the entire video like the smug cunt she is in the video she did eventually put out. Which was still piss poor. Bitch has never changed since then. Square could just dish out whatever he has on her at this point since he pretty much has nothing to lose and Moo is egging him on by butting in and bringing attention to herself.

No. 919033

The way she talks is the same way jonah hill manipulated his ex. She makes you want to slap her. She's such a condescending cunt. She doesn't care, she just wants to be involved in drama because she has this savior complex.

No. 919034

She's so embarrassing for using a fucking reaction image while discussing all of this shit. It's so inappropriate, she can't be serious for one minute and is definitely just using incidents like this to be holier than thou even though absolutely no one wants to be involved with her anymore.
Like I really wish she wasn't treating shit like this like a gaia online role play but that's probably genuinely how her brain works

No. 919035


Fucking Christ, the way she talks to people just makes you want to punch her in the mouth. She is so goddamn fake and condescending. The only reason she is even involving herself in this is she thrives on drama. Not some holier than thou, helping others bullshit she is trying to pass of here. If she really gave a shit about helping people, she would have said something sooner and not just sit on it as some kind of card to play against him later on down the line.


Dumb cunt can’t help but out herself. Surprising no one, she knew about all of this and didn’t say anything. And how her dumb ass is trying to play that as some kind of trump card. As if she now doesn’t look guilty as shit knowing all of this and sitting on her fatass and doing nothing about it. A smarter person definitely wouldn’t let her off the hook for that and take her to task for it.


God she is such full of shit. She didn’t instantly try to make amends like she is trying to claim here. She had first chalked it up to lying whores just looking for clout chasing, as if it was some coordinated effort to bring her down. Which of course speaks to her narcissism that 1) She was ever all that important and 2) That it took some sort of coordinated conspiracy to take her down and not her own shitty actions that she had been finally called to task for. She spent the whole weekend laughing at and mocking them into the camera thinking it was all some sort of joke. It was only after weeks of arm twisting and call out posts that she finally issued some sort of formal apology along with some obviously bullshit claims of having reached out to her victims. Which she then proceeded to delete the second she thought she had gotten away with it.

She is trying to act as if she “took her lumps and and paid her dues”, but to this day she keeps denying having done anything and that it was all just lies meant to ruin her reputation. She isn’t sorry, she didn’t learn anything and he absolutely right. She isn’t in any position to lecture anyone on their behavior. If anything, she needs to be called out right along with him.

No. 919036

File: 1694308491226.jpeg (772.13 KB, 3264x1464, IMG_1200.jpeg)

Still going at it

No. 919037

Right, the fact that it’s fucking Makima is soooo true to her character that she doesn’t mean what she says, which surprise surprise is moo’s m.o. she makes me want to a-log so bad but whatever she always get her shit thrown back at her anytime she attempts to be a “saint”. Also who is she to decide that mimsy is reformed when moo literally still does questionable things and backtracks or doubles down when she’s called out. Marvin is right that it’s the worst girls in thot cosplay community calling him out and they all have shit on each other, I just wish they would say what they mean, I never understood why the more “popular” costhots always say “omg I knew he was a bad person but I was so scared to say anything uwu” a whole bunch of fucking enablers. I hope Marvin drops shit he has on Mariah but I doubt he will

No. 919038

File: 1694308609379.jpeg (864.42 KB, 3264x2201, IMG_1201.jpeg)

No. 919039


I imagine that it’s a case of mutually assured destruction on all parties. That if it ever got out just exactly what all these people knew, participated in or covered up, it would bring the entire cosplay community down. There is no telling what kind of heinous shit they were all up to and have sworn to the grave. Every now and again you get a few pop offs from disgruntled costhots who are mad about how their life turned out, but nothing seems to go anywhere cause they are probably are all afraid of the whole community being reformed and getting knocked off their perches.

That and they are usually spineless cucks who are afraid of any confrontation. You have nothing to lose at this point. If you have any information that will at least let you bury one of these cunts who are trying to ruin your life, then let all out. You stand to gain nothing by staying silent and you are continuing to let her get away with it.

No. 919040

File: 1694310648885.jpeg (703.2 KB, 1276x1709, IMG_1202.jpeg)

No. 919041

File: 1694312345701.jpeg (859.01 KB, 1232x1817, IMG_1203.jpeg)

No. 919044


She’s somehow managed to make herself look even worse in all of this. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was another cocaine fueled rant that she’ll delete later in the early hours of the morning when she sees how stupid she looks trying to pass these off as some sort of “gotcha” receipts.

No. 919046

File: 1694317012562.jpeg (1.12 MB, 2744x3264, IMG_1211.jpeg)

God she is so fucking stupid.

No. 919047

File: 1694317547000.jpeg (824.97 KB, 3264x2095, IMG_1214.jpeg)

$5 says Mariah sent herself that "anonymous" message.

No. 919048


The fact that all she can post is reaction shot memes to everything he is saying should tell you how full of shit and wrong she is. She thinks she’s “won” the argument replying with some dumb picture, as if that refutes anything he’s said. It’s appears she’s desperately digging for anything she can throw in face to show that he’s the “bad guy” and not her, there seems to be no lengths she won’t sink to. This has gotten well beyond “Just looking out for other women and colleagues” and into just pure internet shitflinging.

And of course Moo is dumb enough to think she is untouchable or even remotely in the clear. I’m sure he could start posting stuff that would instantly bury her as well, but he seems to be doing just fine refuting her with actual receipts of everything she is claiming and trying to put the worst possible spin on.

No. 919049

File: 1694317889769.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1269x1780, IMG_1215.jpeg)

Insufferable cunt

No. 919050


Dumb cunt. Bet she deletes all these tweets by tomorrow morning. She really thinks she “won”. All it proves is what a trashy piece of shit she is who is bitter that her “career” is in tatters after having been exposed as the same kind of abuser and creep.

Literally every time one of these cancel campaigns comes up in this community she is the first to throw gasoline on the fire because she thinks others have to suffer as she had to when she was outed.

No. 919052

She's deleting posts now kek

No. 919053

That’s faster than usual lol.

No. 919054

Moo, trying and being turned down isn't the same as being a fucking predator, especially since she said he fucked off after she turned down the cuddle. Holy shit, you brain dead fatass. She's twisting everything possible to make him look as bad as possible. Not once did he threaten Miso or sexually assault her in Japan, that post is him saying he isn't in a headspace to be AROUND people. He didn't even abuse her. The way she is gaslighting the situation when she wasn't even there is insane. Anyone who isn't reaching can read these messages and see Moo is taking so much out of context. Even Vamps screenshots don't show him trying to coherse her into porn. Vamp says "Im old and ive already gone nude". Him saying he thought she'd go slow instead of all at once isn't some cohersion tactic.

Fuck all these women. What terrible, lying bitches.

No. 919055

File: 1694319761352.jpg (500.16 KB, 1080x1379, Screenshot_20230909_212517_X.j…)

Moo had literally taught all these girls how to over exaggerate situations to benefit them. The texts don't lie though, he's telling the truth.

No. 919056


Massive projection on her part. It’s because she doesn’t simply “fuck off” when she is told no. She keeps pawing at them, trying to disguise it as “simply messing around”. Guys will reject her and yet she still will keep trying to initiate physical contact in some way. The excuse she gave when she was outed as an abuser was that “we were all just playing around”.

She is desperately trying to paint all of this in the worst possible way she can. Where only someone looking to completely argue in bad faith will agree with her. He’s literally telling her to leave him alone and stay away from him so that things don’t get escalate to something worse, yet Moo is trying to frame it as him being abusive and threatening her (Now that weird hate boner she has for Johnny Depp is starting to make more sense). She has no right speak on any of this since she wasn’t involved at all and to post it as some sort of “gotcha”, completely ignoring any and all context just shows how shitty she is.

Fuck he so right. Nothing but a bunch of vindictive cunts who thrive on drama.

No. 919057

File: 1694320740610.jpeg (6.43 MB, 4534x13056, IMG_9786.jpeg)

Marvin’s spilling the tea on Vamps and he’s about to release info on Mariah as well

No. 919058

Yes yes yes and then she'll cry "muh private messages:

No. 919059


Watch her bitch about being “taken out of context”

No. 919060

so… vamps tried to paint him as an abuser who pushed her to do OF content she wasn’t comfortable with, and moo decided to take that chance to make it seem like he’s violent when she’s the one who is documented abusing people, and also used this moment to throw her weight around and toss in jabs that he’s a bad businessman, but she’s the REAL bad ass expert? She seriously reminds me of Vicky sometimes with how she views and talks about herself

No. 919061

File: 1694323864160.jpg (278.29 KB, 1080x887, Screenshot_20230909_223320_Dri…)

From one of the girls experiences with Marvin. I believe her way more than Moo, but what do you bet this part is her? Lol

No. 919062

Well she does have the money and is the only plus size person that Marvin works with compared to other models so I can take it that he’s talking about Moo.

No. 919063

File: 1694325224558.jpeg (217.92 KB, 1269x646, IMG_1219.jpeg)

She nuked everything from today already. Way to stand by your convictions Moo, totally doesn’t show that you’re a pathetic, attention starved coward.

No. 919064


Fucking called it. Total chickenshit coward.

No. 919066

It's all still up, anon. She's deleted a few things before this post.

No. 919067

Why is she deleting it? People are going to go on her accounts (as I have mutuals posting her and vamps “callouts” on Instagram) and then not find anything, wouldn’t that make people find that weird? Why does she always do that? She talks so much shit only to fucking cower away. Reminds me of seeing her at AX and how fucking scared she looked when we made eye contact, I know other nonas who saw her had similar encounters.
I hope Marvin calls her out, I didn’t think he would and of course it would be a moid that would make Moo mass delete quickly.

No. 919068

She needs to just stick to making porn. Every time she tries to insert herself into a discussion it goes bad.
We've all seen the video of her grabbing that dudes taint. That isn't someone retelling a story. She sexually assulted an innocent bystander. Her opinions on sexual assult are null and void.

No. 919069


Probably because she is afraid of it gaining more traction and having her own words and dirt thrown back in her face. It’s why she deleted her apology when she was outed as an abuser. It’s exactly what Marvin said, she wants the outward appearance of being seen as a saint despite being a dogshit person behind closed doors. On all her posts of her she wants to cultivate this image of being “a bastion of love and positivity who just wants to talk about porn”. Whenever she goes “boss bitch cunt” it makes her look bad, it betrays the image of her being this loving figure who wants to protect people and instead makes her look like the vindictive cunt that she is that thrives off of drama. When she’s posting people’s private messages and laughing at them at their lowest moments, it tends to reflect poorly on her when she lets it simmer and gain more attention with her often piling on more so that she can “win” the argument. So she deletes it all and gaslights everyone into thinking she never said or did any of those things or that they were simply taken out of context to make her look bad.

No. 919070

Thank you to any anons who keep up with this over night/day for us! This is great milk, I can't wait for Marvin to leak hey DMs.

No. 919071


It’s because she felt like she was “done wrong” when she was outed as a predator.

Behavior that was so prevalent in the community, and she feels like she was the only one called out and taken to task for it. It’s why whenever one of these attempts to cancel someone comes up, she is always the first to try and throw gasoline on the fire. She wants others down in the mud with her where she has been forced to reside since being labeled a sexual predator. Her name is still the poster child for sexual abuse in the cosplay community and no one has been able to knock her off that perch unfortunately for her. Which is why she is so desperate for someone else’s name to blow up as an abuser and will try her damndest to make whatever someone supposedly did almost 10 times worse than her, just as she just tried to do with Marvin, despite all evidence to the contrary.

She tried every trick in the book get his name ruined as much as hers, from accusing him of being a creep, a pimp and even tried to say he was abusive and a danger to women, despite all his receipts saying otherwise.

She so desperately wants someone to be the next “Momokun”, the convention creep who assaults and and bullies women. Who’s name is passed around in circles as a strictly “Do Not Invite” policy.

No. 919072


I’m sorry but how is this cancel worthy? This just sounds like you’re mad y’all no longer friends? Just saying random shit. Ok he thinks you’re disgusting, and??? He’s rude at most? You’re not victims, you’re literally just fucking stupid lol. Why would you say yes to 35%?? No one forced you? Or lied to you? That’s buyers remorse baby. Not abuse lol abusing our time with this nonsense

No. 919073

Right? Yes it’s shitty behavior but nothing to truly cancel someone and burn them at the stake. If that were the case the half of the cosplay photog community would be cancelled as they clearly have their preferences. Even Martin Wong won’t shoot Moo and has said before he doesn’t shoot not fit people.
Yes it sucks to hear but it’s a fucking moid… like you should’ve gotten an idea of what his preference is from his social media posts and work. They’re making it seem like Marvin forced them into sex trafficking or something. They’re all just shitty people, I wish like the other nona said that situations like this would reform the cosplay community cause it’s nerds living out their bullying fantasies or people who want an easy job by throwing others under the bus or making them sell out

No. 919074

Im very confused with what Vamp making out she was forced into doing more sexual content. The screenshot she posted doesn't seem like squarecuck was pressuring her into it. Also thats the nature of sex work and this happened with a bunch of cosplay e-girls. They started not making as much cause lewd wasnt enough they either just stopped doing it or went full porn

No. 919075

our favourite convention creep assaulter mariah mallad should be busy fighting off that domestic abuse charge she got for beating up ozy before integrating herself into bullshit that doesn’t involve her lol

No. 919077

No one forced you to agree to 35% and no one is "coercing" you by saying that their business model isn't right for you if you don't intend to make sexual content. I don't know how these people can be so pearl-clutchy and pretend they don't know what's associated with being an "Only Fans model."

No. 919078

Honestly, the whole thing looked like a friend-fight. None the accusations were as serious as they kept trying to make it out to be. It was just all he said she said and nuh uh yeah huhs. Vamp wasnt assaulted or anything. I don't doubt that the scrote is creepy, violent, and likely even encouraged her as he took the pictures or whatever, but at the same time if Vamp didnt want to take lewds she didnt have to. She booked him specifically for that purpose. What was he supposed to do, show up and say "m'lady this isnt right"?? Sounds like she thought she would be an overnight sensation, but no one gave a shit. She didnt rake in the money like other cosplayers did. Most of the cosplayers are only where they are because of extreme exposure, or they started in early. Vamp came all late with little to no relevance. It's very unfortunate and downright sad, but it's the honest to god fate of like 98% of women who attempt the OF/lewds route. They make pennies, no one cares, now they're flashed their bits to the entire world for literally no reason which makes them slightly less employable. Oops? Shouldnt have tried to rely on coomers in the first place, idiots.

No. 919080

I typically don’t side with scrotes when it comes to sexual assault accusations but I honestly think he should sue for defamation if it ruins his business.

No. 919081

Where are you guys reading 35? Even Vamp agreed to 20%.

No. 919084


This was a huge nothingburger that she desperately wanted to turn into something because she is tired of being the premier name being associated with sexual assault and abuse in the community. Every time she gets involved in one of these cancel campaigns it’s to drag other people in the mud with her since she felt like she was the only one called out and taken to task for her behavior even though that kind of behavior is littered all across the community.

No one was assaulted. No one was taken advantage of. Marvin may be a bit of a creep that tried to hit on some of his clients, but last time I checked, just hitting on someone isn’t abuse. It’s just Vamp being pissy that that her “career” didn’t instantly take off when she decided to go nude and is now regretting her life choices and needs someone to blame. And Moomoo, who thrives on drama of course had to shove her fat, pig shaped nose into it while stupidly trying to claim she is doing it for altruistic reasons.

No. 919085

I don’t get it either, Marvin really asked- do you really wanna go full nude? And she responded- I don’t care anymore lmao. Like what?

No. 919086

Absolutely fucking INSANE how many times she talks about HERSELF and how much MONEY SHE MAKES all while trying to stand up for women. Disgusting. Never change Moo.

This is giving off mad vibes of regret sex. Just because you regret going full nude doesn't mean he forced you to do it Vamps. That doesn't make him a predator lmao. I know we say this all the time but man, these women are insufferable.

No. 919092

if her exes would just come out with shit about her that would be great

No. 919094

Yeah it really does seem like regret sex, most onlyfans girls have take some financial hit with the current economy she probably isnt making as much and now regrets going solo porn/masturbation route

No. 919095

Unless you are a breakout star for the porn world, you got what 3-5 years before the scrotes get tired of seeing your snatch and move to a different one.
There are legit sick ass fuckers out there, but squarecuck is just a lame ass parasite beta. He isn't Andrew Tate ffs.

No. 919096

File: 1694385039221.jpeg (956.44 KB, 2289x3264, IMG_1225.jpeg)

It’d be so fucking funny if they just deactivated her account already. She’s always been given too many chances despite constantly violating ToS on any site she peddles her crap on.

No. 919097

"Be very vague about how to continue to break the rules." Scrotes better be asking for refunds on removed sets lmao

No. 919098

File: 1694388877359.jpg (Spoiler Image,824.01 KB, 1079x1766, Screenshot_20230910_192821_Twi…)

Dressing up as a slutty version of Trixie from Fairly Odd Parents of all things is beyond scraping the bottom of the barrel. She's so desperate for male attention that she'll cosplay a porno version of a nickelodeon cartoon for dumb children made by Butch Hartman, no less. It's so pathetic. It reminds me of this loser from my high school who wore a usb drive around his neck full of porn of cartoon network and nickelodeon characters as some kind of badge of honor, and everyone knew about it. There are like five million anime milfs out there that she could do horny cosplay of instead, but nope, I guess someone drew some flavor of the month sexy "grown-up" Trixie Tang fan art, and all Mariah saw was dollar signs.

No. 919099

You're reading way into this. It's just a cartoon and she doesn't even look like the child version, so what's the problem? I don't like defending Moo, but the anons crying about minors need to take a break from the internet. The show is 22 years olds and the kids who watched it aren't even kids anymore. Probably daydreamed about dating Trixie ffs. If she didn't say who this character was, most anons probably would've thought it was some TDI character instead. Focus on real milk like the Marvin stuff.

No. 919100

All I see is defending pedobait. There is no "adult" version.

No. 919108

That makeup with those contacts just makes her look really fucking cursed. Like her eyeballs will pop out of her sockets if she moves them too quickly.

No. 919113

nta but moids are attracted to the idea of the age rather than moo's literal representation. it's the same as really big ugly girls into ddlg. the moids are getting off to the idea that she's pretending to be underage and that's why it's a problem. moo doesn't look like any of the characters she cosplays period.

No. 919119

Gotta love that 20k no contouring makeup needed nose… oohhhh wait.

No. 919120

That's not what this is jfc.

No. 919121

My point was less about Mariah portraying a child from a cartoon with big floppy titties (not that it's okay) and more about how she's going for the lowest of the low-hanging fruit these days, but you do you.

No. 919127

File: 1694420536878.png (577.35 KB, 1231x2143, lonleyfans.png)

sounds like she might close to losing her onlyfans. would love to know specifically whats being removed, other than her classroom photos

No. 919128

Doubt she's close to losing it, but wouldn't that be some karma after the Squarecuck shitflinging. That'd be it for her too. Can you imagine her trying to peddle lewds on Patreon again? lmao

No. 919129

No her account is safe, apparently she has had a few sets taken down for violating their child protection rules, oh and outdoor sex. I'm honestly suprised she hasn't moved to fansly or another one with more loose rules.

No. 919130

she does have a fansly, its just not been added to the op yet. Didn't you know, she's an offical partner? /s
speaking of moving, whatever happened to her peachy fans thing she was claiming to be working on around the time OF planned to move away from their porn reputation?

No. 919131

File: 1694426468603.jpeg (6.64 KB, 168x300, download.jpeg)


So this guy ItsBeboppu is her b/g content partner I guess, when I googled him it came up with lots of couple cosplays of him and his gf from a few months ago don't know if they're still together

No. 919132

how do u know for sure

No. 919133

Well her main site was a flop, so why pull a second one. Jfc she has OF, fansly, her .co, and her "photography studio" site, ohhh and her returned patreon. I believe her main (and only tbh) income source is OF. As the token fat chick.

No. 919147

File: 1694445525217.jpg (303.57 KB, 1080x1531, IMG_20230911_162112.jpg)


He's tagged here where she's mooing about her b/g partners release form being tagged

No. 919148

I thought she was complaining about the videos being suspended, not her account says she's still active 6hrs ago.

No. 919149

Of course she’d go for the taken guys to be her scene partner. That’s her MO.

No. 919153

File: 1694455349053.png (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1253x871, this beppo.png)

Is this him??

No. 919155

moo is always getting with these ugly weeb small dick pathetic losers it’s kinda sad honestly

No. 919157

File: 1694464392258.jpeg (400.48 KB, 828x1316, 4E7E34A5-742F-4158-98EC-98F194…)

No. 919158

do you guys have 0 literacy or something?

The guy is Kantasea’s partner/guy in videos. Moo never mentioned him

No. 919160

Omg nonna you are so right I will accept my 0 literacy award sorry for misdirecting the thread

No. 919161

do u have porn brain or something nonna?
you realize she’s a whale.

No. 919172

no you’re just retarded that’s all

No. 919173

the dicks are small stop defending you fucking moid

No. 919184

okay size queen chudette(unsaged infighting)

No. 919185

File: 1694493464928.jpeg (1014.42 KB, 3264x2829, IMG_1239.jpeg)

If you’re so unbothered about being hated, then quit jumping bandwagons to drag others to your level.

No. 919186

You're worse than hated, Moo, you're irrelevant. No one gives a fuck about you.

No. 919187


Being hated implies anyone gives a shit about you Moo. You’re wholly irrelevant. Your name is dog shit in the community. No high profile brand deals to speak of, you’re not being invited to guest at cons, and you’re not being invited to the high profile parties. It’s just you and your trashy, Z-grade porn and whatever desperate sycophants still sticking around for whatever crumbs left of your “career” they can leech off of. No one gives enough of a shit about you to hate you.

She’s trying to act all “boss bitch qween, so unbothered”, yet everyone who has ever met her knows she is pissing herself scared of someone even looking at her the wrong way.

No. 919191

Looks like you don't have an ass.

No. 919195

Anon is trying to say that it's the association. Moids association moo's sexed up version of the character with the actual character regardless of how she looks. And even if she ages the character up she's still trying to attract moids who see a child character and imagine it growing up into a sex object.

No. 919199

can we all agree that if you’re cosplaying a child character of a tv series and sexualizing them then it’s wrong 100%. she did this with kanna before and her fat ass didn’t get cancelled for it

No. 919200

You have selective memory, she did get cancelled for it, the problem is it doesn't stick because Moo can get away from basically any wrong doing.

No. 919201

Shut up about drawings already. Most characters are under 18 anyway in almost all popular series. This doesn't even matter and no, no moid uses a bimbo as replacement for children, they will literally go look at kids or the actual show with the version they do like, not moo as some proxy.

No. 919203

Drawings of what, anon?
Most characters being under 18 in popular series is simply untrue. Stop making excuses for her. There are plenty of characters that she could dress up as that are adults. She makes the decision to dress up as Butch Hartman characters that are "aged up" according to her. Obviously we know Mariah isn't a child, but she is reaching out for the type of person who looks at porn of children's cartoons. That's some freak shit. If a grown man told me he wanted to fuck Trixie Tang from Fairly Odd Parents, I think it would be a mercy to kill him on the spot.

No. 919205

Christ, who cares. We go over this same shit every thread, and everyone just makes the same arguments and it accomplishes nothing. I genuinely wish mods would just ban whatever moron brings it up, and any moron that continues arguing about it from now on..

No. 919209


It always suspiciously seems to happen whenever something actually worth talking about happens; some retard comes in here sperging about her cosplaying supposed child characters and accusing her of either being a pedo or trying to attract the attention of them and totally details the conversation.

No. 919213

the only suspicious shit is the anons arguing that it's fine to sexualize underage characters for moids. if you didn't seem so hellbent on defending it and just let anons comment on how cringe it is for moo to sex up underage characters for scrotes to get off to there would be no argument. defending pedobaiting really isn't a good look.

No. 919215

You came here just to start this argument. Go somewhere that matters to defend drawings. This isn't even about real kids. You just wanted to cause this detail. You need to be 18 to post here.

No. 919227

speaking of, when’s the last time she actually guested a con? was it her first international con when her phone was stolen by a man and she hunted him down, or the one in oregon (?) that she complained about?

No. 919228

File: 1694579129675.jpeg (Spoiler Image,462.33 KB, 3264x1608, IMG_1252.jpeg)

Looking like she got picked up off the side of the road just outside The Strip.

No. 919229

That rash still hasn’t healed??!! She kinda looks like glitterforever17 to me for some reason kek.

No. 919230


That very same trip where she claimed to have chased the guy down, tackled him and everyone cheered. That was probably the stupidest lie she has ever told.

But aside from some local handouts she gets from some desperate leeches, she hasn’t been invited to anything. She’s been forced to actually have to purchase tickets and waddle around hoping someone wants a picture, while simultaneously ready to piss herself in fear of the idea of someone confronting her.

No. 919232

i’m more surprised she’s still fat.

No. 919233

Right?? All those repeated rounds of lipo, coolsculpting, """clean eating and exercise""" over the course of YEARS and she still looks like that.

No. 919235

i ts not that surprising. we've all seen the portions she eats. no amount of lipo can offset her intake

No. 919237


Not to mention she doesn’t actually work out at the gym. She just hangs around the machines, desperate for some gym bro to chat it up with her or she’s posing for photos in the bathroom.

She doesn’t do a single thing to maintain her health. She just goes and gets lipo done every couple of months, and then gaslights the complete retards who can’t tell that she is obviously lying when she says all she does is “eat right and totally crush it at the gym”. If she did even a modicum of the stuff she claims she does, then she wouldn’t look like the bloated corpse that she is today.

No. 919238

File: 1694590723669.jpg (11.97 KB, 610x427, 1546168079796.jpg)

>>919228(sage your shit)

No. 919240

You can tell she's struggling to suck that gut in in both pictures lmao. Now that someone's brought up the gym, expect some gym selfies.

No. 919241

My exact reaction to this eldritch horror.

No. 919242

holy fuck. she might as well get that rash on her tit checked, its starting to look like a third alien nipple.(sage)

No. 919246

i've never felt more sorry for a piece of fabric in my life

No. 919247

File: 1694598815577.png (13.19 KB, 589x122, fall.png)

looks like she's going in fall

No. 919250

I'm going at the end of the month, what a treat it would be to run into this cow.

No. 919262

no one cares(sage your shit)

No. 919277

Her body legit looks like a bloated corpse. Thats not that a healthy body at all and her skin is showcasing that. She can cake up her face until the cows come home but theres no cover up for zombie flesh unless she starts spray tanning

No. 919279


I’ll be going in two months. It would be hilarious to see her making a complete embarrassment of herself like Marvin said she did last time she was there. She’s definitely the typical, loud drunk American tourist that gets kicked out of places for being obnoxious and disrespectful.

No. 919280

I remember her failed Japanese Tinder tries. Absolutely no dudes would fuck her. It was hilarious.

No. 919282

Even merely chubby people are second class citizens in Japan. And Moo is enormous. Even Gaijin hunters wouldn't get within 100ft. of her.

No. 919283

You underestimate scrotes, especially in a land that highly fetishizes white people. It's not going to matter if she just hires someone for porn anyway. There is BBW porn in Japan.

No. 919284

Omg remember a nona found her profile and posted all the filtered to shit pics she used too. God I hope she goes dick hunting in Japan I can’t wait to see the meltdown

No. 919285

And yet she still couldn't catch any dick last time she was there. Apparently even scrotes have some sort of standards (one or two notches above rock bottom). Paying someone to fuck doesn't count, for obvious reasons.

No. 919291

Tbh, she looked fatter then. She lucky she's "skinnier" now.

No. 919292


And they’ll still be as repulsed at her as they were back then. She still looks like a fat, sweaty shut-in who hasn’t showered in days and probably smells like it too. She’s somehow “thinner” than she was back then but still somehow manages to look even worse, with her skin all bloated, covered in acne and stetchmarks. Once any guy gets a look at her that isn’t photoshopped to hell and covered in filters, they’ll be looking to run for the hills.

No. 919302

>Asking an anon to dox themselves
>Probably trying to figure out where to hide

No. 919305

You seem lost.

No. 919306

Idk why you're even going off about this. Its tinfoil until it happens. It's not fun to speculate what will happen or if she even does it again at all.

No. 919310

Most likely she's there to go to a Japanese studio, steal some ideas and come home to write it off her taxes
She is def going to gain a bunch of weight. But it's okay, her holiday lipo binge is about to start.
But really, unfiltered pics of Moo are becoming more rare. But even the filtered pics you can see the scares and damage non stop lipo has done. You would think for a girl who's so scared of being fat would have anorexia and just not eat. But she just keeps shoveling it in

No. 919311

She got the idea for her money pit of a studio from the themed studio she went to on her last trip to Japan. Who knows what idea she’s going to come back with this time that’ll eventually be another failed venture and drain on her finances.

No. 919312

File: 1694665565719.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1882x2008, IMG_1255.jpeg)

Her bloodshot dead-eyed stare is almost a meme in itself.

No. 919317

File: 1694674021509.jpg (344.94 KB, 591x891, Untitled.jpg)

i thought you were putting this behind you moo?

No. 919318

Just wait moo will then claim it was his idea to build the money pit of a studio.

These girls were probably used not gonna lie. But they also lurk here as much as moo and they would have seen the posts about how much Marvin hated moo and shit talked her to anyone who would listen until he started screwing Tokki. The minute he started sleeping with her suddenly he was moos bestie, moved in cooked her food all that.

The so cal scene is polluted with these backstabbing OF girls and scummy photogs. They live for the drama. Honestly Marvin wanted what 40% and they were all ok that sounds great to me! Professional agency’s don’t even take that much. Sheesh. honestly no one in moos circle is intelligent, all looks no brains and no plans for when those looks fade or a younger hotter girl shows up.

No. 919319


Ah yes, our dear moo being a "girls girl". Thank you for looking out for us moo!(still hasn't learned how to sage)

No. 919322

She looks like that Brendan Fraser meme. And how’s that sooper-speshul $30k nose job working out for you, Moo? Cow or pig, who can tell these days?
Right? I snorted with laughter. Her cognitive dissonance is legendary.

No. 919326

>I was the one stopping a lot of girls from saying anything about you for YEARRSSS

>for years we've asked for some acknowledgment of this behaviour but it has fallen onto deaf ears
Don't lie if it takes you only a couple of days to forget what you said, bitch. Such a girls girl, telling other women to shut up when they allegedly get abused by a moid.

No. 919327

you know lolcow farm is a great website when the admin starts deleting every single post. you can never express yourself on this app, but some moid can go like “oh yeah i’m fake going to japan and i’m gonna stalk moo”(confused newfag)

No. 919328

i’m kind of convinced the admins don’t have jobs if they’re on here every day to quickly delete posts at an alarmingly fast rate(ban evading sperg)

No. 919329

Would help if you showed what she's replying to

No. 919335

Shes probably layering her contact lenses again or shes using expired lenses and its irritating her eyes.

No. 919336

File: 1694708382337.jpg (301.61 KB, 1080x888, 20230915_042158.jpg)

That's the considerably less gross version than reality

No. 919337


The only reason she keeps going back to this well is because she thinks she “won” against him. That because he didn’t respond any further to her bullshit and obvious attempts to cancel him that she’s won the argument. It unfortunately didn’t gain the kind of traction she wanted, so now she is going to try to push it even further. Because at the end of the day, what she wants is a new “Momokun”, someone where their name is synonymous with sexual abuse in the cosplay community like hers is. She so badly wants one of these stories to take off and swarm the internet like hers did, she wants everyone to think what Marvin did was somehow worse than her and that everyone should stop talking about her. But newsflash Moo, the reason no other story has popped off like yours did is because you were the worst of the worst. And no amount of gaslighting or misinformation is going to change that.

Although, she isn’t as nearly in the clear as she has deluded herself into thinking. She thinks that because her name isn’t trending or that there aren’t articles being written about her behavior that she is safe now. But ask anyone about “Momokun” and what is usually their instant reaction? “Wait, isn’t she the girl who sexually assaulted people at conventions and blamed it on her ADHD?” That will forever be her legacy, and all Marvin, Sabrina or really anyone has to do is bring up her self-admitted history of sexual abuse and bullying and have it gain any traction whatsoever, and watch her completely bitch out and go back to wanting to to be “all about peace and loving one another and not tearing each other down” like she always does when someone threatens to expose her again.

Maybe Marvin does deserve some amount of scrutiny, but Moo and her cronies are for damn sure the last ones that need to be trying to do it. There is no telling how much they’re covered up, knew about and refused to say anything about, or especially in Moo’s case, actively participated in. And there’s still a lot to be said of how many times Moo has gone to bat for some of her other abusive “friends” like Leon. How that whenever other girls were coming out with stories about him she’d accuse them of lying for clout.

Seriously. Marvin or Sabrina, just bury her. It’s the least the bitch deserves. Especially if she is only looking to just ruin people’s lives.

No. 919340


JFC there is no end to how low she is going to sink, is there?>>919336

No. 919341

It’s just funny how Moo goes on about this happening for years and years. Last I recall, she only stopped working with him, what, a couple years ago? Funny how Moo was silent throughout the entire time because we know damn well she doesn’t care about other girls in the community. She actively shit talks everyone and won’t stick her neck out for anyone unless she stands to benefit from it. She can claim all she wants about how the alleged harassment and what not "shook" her but there are still plenty of people outside her circle who know damn well the kind of person she is.

No. 919342

I guess we will see her soon wearing an eyepatch, letting cum fall in your eyes is actually really bad for them, she could even lose the vision of that eye, but hashtag thriving I guess.

No. 919343

File: 1694713900824.png (798.11 KB, 895x896, 53D608C1-B581-4C01-B7D2-6E4951…)

No. 919349


She’s also too stupid to realize how much this implicates her as well. That she knew of it the whole time and said nothing and probably actively prevented other women from speaking out.

What I find funny is that according her, a “simple apology and acknowledgment of his behavior would have prevented all of this”. So that either means, that this was a huge nothing burger that she and her cronies would absolutely turn into something down the line if they need to, or that they were complicit in some heinous crimes that they were more than happy to overlook just because it was a friend. So which is it Moo, is he really a abusive menace that needs to be locked up, or is this all because he refuses to bend the knee anymore to you and your cronies so now you’ve all decided he is “cancelled”.

No. 919355

second one

No. 919357

File: 1694724213430.jpg (434.77 KB, 1080x1236, Screenshot_20230914_134618_X.j…)

Moo calling a cosplayer ugly compared to Amber Heard

No. 919358

File: 1694724237885.jpg (195.89 KB, 1126x1500, 20230914_134425.jpg)

The photo compared

No. 919362


Not just any cosplayer though, that’s Lucie Pohl, the voice actor for Mercy.

There’s stupid, and then there is completely retarded. Moo really thinks she has more clout than the actual voice actor for the character. Not only that, but she is also defending a fellow abuser like Amber Heard.

The shitshow that is about to ensue is going to be legendary. Watch all her stories about sexual assault at cons come right back up into the public consciousness when people start coming at her and wanting to defend Lucie.

She always gets like this. She gets one “win” and suddenly thinks she is untouchable and can now start mouthing off to whoever she wants.

No. 919363

Mooriah is THE LAST PERSON to comment on someone's wig.

No. 919364

the absolute cringe i felt right now. forever stay a (literal) cow Mariah. side note but why are nerds so painfully immature abd retarded

No. 919365

Unfortunately the VA is getting harassed for the cosplay by scrotes without Moos help.

No. 919366


Amber shitstains are pretty rabid and will show up literally anywhere her name is mentioned. They’ll only stick around until someone else mentions her and then they go dogpile them instead. I never worry about what any of them have to say because they are bunch of brain dead retards still clinging to a known piece of shit like Amber.

Moo will get hers though, because it will never be enough. She’ll keep tweeting at her and try to “clown” her until she thinks she’s won. And eventually it will all get thrown back in her face.

No. 919369

Sure would be terrible if her account got taken down for harassment with her constant @ing of the same people, looks like spam. Twitter ai has been crazy with removals lately and its tracking ip, device, location without your location being on.. They aren't fucking around. All her pages would slowly disappear for bypassing. This goes for changing names too. I hope moo fucks with it because it would be hilarious. Especially because she wants to such elon musk's hairy teet off so bad.

No. 919373

It would seem our cow is becoming cocky once more. The pitchforks are directed at Marvin so she feels safe, in all likelihood he is a user. However, the circle making claims aren’t that reliable either, they are after all mooriah’s calves.

It would also seem that moo is starved for attention, likely feels safe enough to try and start fights like she did when she was 19. She fails to realize that those same tactics that got her the attention she wanted years ago will simply not work anymore. There is no longer an army of white knights coming to defend her honor; she’s older and uglier than she once was and her true personality has revealed itself several times over, she’s not worth fighting for. Mariah cannot count on a female fan base to come to her aid either as they once did in the beginning, she bullied most of them, molested and humiliated many, and constantly talks down to women.

I cannot help but wonder if our cow is becoming desperate, almost 30, no hot boyfriend and not a reliable friend in sight.

I’m looking forward to the milk that will surely overflow in the coming weeks.

No. 919375


This exactly what landed her in trouble the first time. Her thinking that she was the “biggest, baddest bitch on the block”, picking fights with anyone and everyone she thought she was better than. In that case it was I believe Jannetincosplay, a pro cosplayer (who actually got invited to cosplay Widowmaker for Blizzard at Blizzcon that year, meanwhile Moo was still sneaking into cons and claiming to be an “invited guest”) and because she didn’t sink to Moo’s level and involve herself in internet shitflinging, Moo thought she had “won” the argument and was beating her chest about how big and bad she was all week.

Lo and behold, all of a sudden her name is now trending on Twitter, with everyone sharing similar stories of abuse and bullying at the hands of her. Articles are being written about her behavior and conduct at conventions and how it was time types like her, abusers, were ousted from the community. And before she could even sneak onto the convention floor that weekend, she was already persona non grata. All of a sudden everyone was talking about her, everyone was looking to confront her. And she was so pissing herself scared that she hid and cried in her hotel room all weekend. Scared that anytime someone put a camera in her face it was to confront her and call her out. And even though she tried and failed to laugh it all off and claim it was all misunderstandings and conspiracies, no one was buying her shit and she was forced to give an apology.

But I think what stung the most for her is that no one else since then has eclipsed that. No matter how many more stories come out, how many creeps get exposed, not one of them were are as bad as her, enough to have their face made synonymous with sexual abuse in the cosplay community. Which is why she keeps instigating herself in all these new “cancel campaigns”, she so desperately wants one to pop off like hers did and finally have someone else be made the poster child for sexual abuse. Unfortunately for her, none of them wind up sticking because they usually huge nothing burgers that are started by cloutchasing ethots who are regretful of their life choices and need someone to blame. It’s usually stories of awkward nerds flirting gone wrong or complete misunderstandings, meanwhile Moo keeps trying to make them into harrowing stories of sexual assault and abuse, the stuff she was actually guilty of and admitted to in her apology that she immediately took down the second she thought she had gotten away with it.

And now more of the same is going to happen. She thinks she’s untouchable and that she is the big bad bitch again. And I can’t wait to see it all come crashing down again for her. Except there won’t be an army of simps to defend her or a group of desperate leeches willing to go to bat for her this time.

No. 919380

I'm honestly surprised she admitted she didn't have a good time and she was the most hated person there. Usually she pretends she has lines of people waiting to meet her and what a wonderful time she had being famous.
I guess no ones buying it. Her con conduct is well known. She has the occasional porn sick scrote wanting a picture. But now people know she goes up to others and asks for pictures or self inserts herself in groups or booths.

I can't remember her, but one of her friends had a booth at a con and Moo basically hijacked it and pretended she was invited

No. 919384

File: 1694793837053.jpg (258.41 KB, 1080x1762, Screenshot_20230915-100128_Ins…)

There are self-righteous anti bullying pages run by young retards slamming Moo now. The white knights are definitely gone.

No. 919386

No one is going to take comparing moo to an ugly stlized drawing of a 10 year old seriously. These pages aren't going to do shit because majority of the community laughs at these retards who have never taken a damn psych course to learn the basics of pedos like the fact that they don't and can't pretend a full blown bimbo is a child. If anything they would be getting off to the character but then they'd be actually looking at the character and not a cosplayer or looking at their actual cp. Why would they look at an adult instead? The braindead army behind this makes people actually calling out Moo look like idiots too. There's always some group that ruins all credibility.

No. 919390

>>919386 Thank you finally some sense. A reason many coomers like cosplays of kids tv shows is they grew up with it/was their first crush. Actual pedos don't give a fuck if an adult looking woman is cosplaying a minor character.

No. 919392

I'm more shocked she still looks that fat with all that editing
Why is she still shopping her head that small? Is this just the effect of poor photoshop?

No. 919395

>"You do realize that lewding a fictional minor is against the law, guess what it's called, a felony."
Of all the things Moo has done, these stupid fucking kids latch onto the dumbest shit possible. Zoomers are so detached from reality, it’s honestly sad.

No. 919396

Because out of everything Mooriah has done, doing stuff like this hits more circles. How many people care that it's illegal to strip and fuck in a public place? It happens, she claims she got "caught" and they "let it slide" but the people who see THIS circulating will more likely comment on it than anything else she's done. It has nothing to do with Zoomers, noona.

No. 919398

No this group seems pretty detached. Their whole page stalks this clearly handicapped autistic girl who says retard and uses the wrong pronouns. They have a type they like to try and drag and it's always for the dumbest things.

No. 919401

No they don't. Most of us understand that pedos aren't looking at adults. Jesus christ, can we please make this comparison and defending fictional kids bannable? It's such a fucking reach.

No. 919409

File: 1694811050291.jpg (151.29 KB, 1080x1920, 20230915_135335.jpg)

Here we go again

No. 919411

Fucked up part, he isn't wrong. Guy or no, anyone that breaks shit off with mooriah does indeed become a target of some kind and we've seen in the past like 30 threads.

No. 919412


What gets me about her and her gang of cunts is that they are all are acting as if Moo has “paid her dues”, that her time in internet jail was spent, mentioning how much she “lost” and that she is now a better person than she was then.

Completely ignoring the fact that every single one of these cunts attempted to bury the story as much as possible. They’d call all her accusers liars and cloutchasers , conspiring to take her down. Any one attempting to call her out was labeled as an “insert internet buzzword for people who don’t agree with you” at the time. Moo herself attempted to laugh off the accusations and make jokes about her victims. She deleted the “apology” the second she felt like she was in the clear. And to this day whenever it is brought up she tries to deflect with either reaction shot memes or deny any wrong doing whatsoever.

What happened was that because Bunny, one of her main accusers, was outed as a shitty person, she thinks that she has been completely exonerated. That because one of her victims turned out to be a shitty person as well, that it completely invalidates all the other accusations because “Well she was a shitty person who was behind all this, so why should you believe anything she says, or anyone else for that matter, about me?” As if there still aren’t dozens of other with similar stories of her groping them at conventions who didn’t get so much as an an apology or “acknowledgement of her behavior”, as she keeps saying with Marvin. Her own logic dictates that if multiple people are saying something about you, then it must be true, which is what she has been trying to do with Marvin. That because all these girls, conveniently in the same friend group, are all saying stuff about him, it must be true. Well Moo, there are dozens of stories of you groping and assaulting people at conventions, so it must be true, right?

So her and all her leeches can fuck off with this “she’s acknowledged her past and has changed since then” bullshit. Especially Vamp, hook nosed bitch trying to act like she wasn’t Moo’s main lap dog during that time and has the nerve to ask “How can you defend someone accused of assault like that?”

No. 919413


That’s the thing with anyone who attempts to leave her friend group. For women, she accuses you of being a bitchy, slutty backstabber who can’t be trusted around other friends. For men, she accuses you of being an abusive creep or a rapist who is a danger to women.

The point is, she wants you as radioactive as possible so that no one who values their reputation would even think about associating with you. She’ll accuse you of some of the worst shit humanly possible, with almost always with no proof whatsoever of course, and act like she is a saint for having covered it up for so long or act like she was so scared to say something at the time for fear of being victimized as well.

She absolutely wants you publicly humiliated, miserable and suffering, because how dare you spurn her friendship?

No. 919415


Well said. If only all the other “friends” moo canceled before she got thrown down would speak spill the tea. Game over for moo and the calves. Kbarbbq specifically, understand why he wouldn’t since he’s been out of the scene for nearly 8 years. All because he did not want to be her boyfriend! Moo knew he was only a fuck buddy she agreed to the arrangement! But she wanted more and he did not. No clearly means nothing to Mariah even when it’s clear she is wrong and has lost, her mom let her get away with everything as a child and to this day. Stupidity cannot be cured.

No. 919421

ireland reid is apart of this?(learn to sage)

No. 919422

File: 1694827067401.jpeg (393.02 KB, 1283x1008, IMG_1284.jpeg)

Your own words could be applied to you, Moo. Jfc zero self awareness.

No. 919423

File: 1694827808710.jpeg (473.61 KB, 3264x1601, IMG_1287.jpeg)

Shit like this should be considered a huge red flag for anyone choosing to listen to them.

No. 919424


Another big fat nothingburger with another dash of zero personal responsibility on the part of any of these cunts. They are so desperate to lay the blame for their shitty choices in life at anyone other than their own damn selves.

And again, Moo trying make this into the scandal of the century so that someone else is finally being talked about. Also completely ignoring that everything she is saying could be directly applied to her, yet when it was her getting dragged thru the mud it was all “out of context lies and conspiracy”. Also, what happened to just leaving this all behind Moo? I thought you were done? It’s probably because none of the shit you keep trying accuse him of is sticking to get him cancelled, so you keep coming back with more ludicrous accusations.

I’m about half convinced they are going to try to accuse him of murder next. They already tried labeling him an abuser and a rapist and no one is buying it.

And again, you were supposedly sitting on all this information Moo and all that was needed was “a simple apology and acknowledgement of his behavior and this would all go away”? If he was half as bad you you keep trying to see he is, then you should have went to the police years ago. But you know this is a big nothing and this is nothing more than extortion and blackmailing, to get him to bend the knee to you and your cronies since leaving you and your gaggle of cunts.

No. 919425

File: 1694829183867.jpeg (889.46 KB, 1283x1804, IMG_1288.jpeg)

Something I’ve noticed having checked her Twitter for the past few days over this spat. She’s been retweeting this one particular post almost every other hour. Like she’s craving attention from this person. She’s been doing it to a few other tweets too and it only makes her look desperate to keep the drama going. Literally nothing happened and she’s sitting there hoping her retweeting her idiotic responses will trigger something. It’s pathetic.

No. 919426


Like I said, she obviously so desperately wants this to take off like her own drama did. She wants this to be a trending topic with multiple articles written and videos done about it like she had done to her. Except no one is biting. Mostly because

1. It’s fucking Momokun, the literal poster child for sexual assault in the cosplay community trying to instigate it. The last person on earth who should be trying to call out someone for sexual misconduct


2. It is largely a big nothingburger that the accused has been largely able to refute with actual receipts and not just nebulous allegations of “abuse”.

No. 919429

Momokun and calves are going after Marvin hard because they are so embarrassed at agreeing to such a stupid contract, 40% for representation?! A professional modeling agency only takes 20%. These airheads agreed and now are playing victim. Especially the ex gf, for gods sake these receipts are crap. Moo had hardcore evidence video included and these girls just said it’s not what you think. They let her off without having to do anything to make it up to the people she hurt.

I don’t think Marvin is innocent because he obviously is not, but all we have is word of mouth and little evidence. If they went to a proper agent and he told them “yeah you bimbos got ripped off. Deal with it” now they want blood since we know moo is desperate for money these days, the others are losing yo younger hotter, less problematic girls and they are scared. In miso’s case she has serious revenge gf vibes.(sage your shit)

No. 919430


Exactly right. These dumb bimbos who are constantly going on about being “boss bitch successful businesswomen” got completely ripped off. And now that their old fugly asses are seeing less income, being replaced by younger, hotter and infinitely less problematic models, they are out for blood. It was their own shitty decisions that lead them down this road and now they want someone to blame for the predicament they are in.

It all goes back to them being unable to take accountability for their own actions. These bitches keep trying to lecture Marvin about accountability, yet with Moo all they had was excuses, how she was being “taken out of context” and “it was all jealous vendettas being conspired against her”. There was full on video and her admitting to all of it, yet these dumb bitches were all like “It’s not what you think” and “if you only knew the truth behind the scenes, then you’d see how wrong you are”. Yet we’re supposed to believe Marvin is some sort of menace to society that is a danger to women, solely off of their nebulous claims of “abuse”, of which he has largely debunked with screenshots showing that these bitches are all full of shit.

Marvin may very well be some sort of creep, or at the very least some weasely nerd who tried to use his profession to hook up with some moderately attractive cosplay thots. But that is a far cry from the abusive rapist that Moo and her cronies are trying to make him out to be. The only thing he is likely guilty of is scamming a few dumb cunts who thought they were so much smarter than everyone else but apparently too dumb to see that they were being conned.

Again, I keep going back to “this could have all been settled if he just apologized and acknowledged his behavior”. Somehow we’re supposed to believe that this abusive menace you was apparently a danger to women everywhere just needed a stern talking to and just needed to say he was sorry. If he was half as dangerous as Moo and her cronies believed him to be then they would have gone to the police ages ago. They of course wouldn’t because this is a big nothingburger, vague claims of abuse and assault with no proof other than “Trust me bro, he is super dangerous to be around”. Either you were willing to keep this heinous criminal under wraps because you happen to be friends with him, or you knew none of this was a big deal and are trying to turn it into something now later on down the road that he isn’t useful to you anymore.

This amounts to little more than extortion for him having the audacity to no longer associate with her and her friend group.

No. 919431

Mariah once claim to make 10,000 a month right? So in the timeframe she worked with square (whom miso obviously vouched for) than you mean to tell me she willingly forked over 4k a month for a manager? So 48k spent on just shooting for these photos and during that time they are going on lavish trips and what not including a garbage studio. That’s insane to me, I know Mariah has always been wasteful, especially with money but in the end the only one to blame for wasting so much money is herself. It’s easy to get scammed like that when at first the money is coming in and moo likely was approved for loans, and high credit limits on cards, and she has always spent money on her stupid friends which is why we all know why they still cling to her. Now the bills are stacking up and she’s realizing how much money she threw down the drain it’s on them.

So many people struggling to make a living these days and these butches just pissed it down the drain. Own up to your stupidity mooo!

No. 919434

File: 1694853515956.png (18.16 KB, 609x218, studio.png)

I think her lease on the studio might be up, why else would she want to create a space at home when she has a whole studio to use.
It would explain why her studio site has been down, and why her last few sets have been either at her home or a hotel.

No. 919442

If that's true, what a fucking colossal waste of money on everything she had built for the studio

No. 919443

We all literally called it the second she tried to make it "Exclusive" to only her friends and "no males, aside the ones I'm fucking in it" and trying to keep it out of public eye.

No. 919444

Didn't she also already spend a bunch of time and money converting her garage into an at home gym? I mean clearly she never uses it, and from the sound of it just went back to using it for storage, but just another example of her throwing money away on something frivolously. I don't want to tinfoil about money, but between her talking about converting one room of her house into a studio for crafting and now the garage into a place to shoot it does really seem like she's having to downsize and can't afford the studio anymore.

No. 919445

>use garage
>has studio
And now she's stealing content creation from a cosplayer who does seasonal at home photoshoots for all cosplayers to use. I'm not going to name the cosplayer, but quite a few bigger names have used to studios seasonally including bishoujomom. Moo is so transparent. She didn't need an art home seasonal setup when she had an entire studio for that.

No. 919446

I completely forgot she did that. It was around the time she was pretending to be into motorbikes, iirc

No. 919449

File: 1694881655169.jpeg (Spoiler Image,905.77 KB, 1471x1455, IMG_1294.jpeg)

$30k nose job, never forget.

I also checked to see if the studio site was up and it’s not, lol. The studio as it is now might be officially dead but the "peachy collective llc" was renewed last month (it’s in the first page of google searching her studio where it literally gives out her home address. It should be a problem if your home address is easier to find than your business jfc Moo.) I sincerely doubt she’ll run a studio out of her home.

No. 919450

File: 1694881707298.jpg (190.93 KB, 1080x1115, FB_IMG_1694846877858.jpg)

Looking wide and busted

No. 919451


All that money she pissed down the drain. No wonder she is trying to get back at Marvin. Turns out the “boss bitch successful businesswoman” doesn’t know shit about business. She’s lost what, thousands of dollars over the years at this point?

No. 919452

Oh wow, she looks busted as fffuuucccckkkk.

No. 919456

Holy fuck lmao she looks absolutely awful. I knew she looked bad but this really drives it home…like she looks like she hasn’t slept properly or eaten a green vegetable in years.

No. 919457

The way she inverted her chin kek

No. 919458


God, she looks so gross and unwashed. Like she does nothing but sitting inside watching anime and stuffing her face with food and hasn’t slept in days. Probably because she’s been up all night tweeting about Marvin trying to get him cancelled.

She seriously went out the house looking like that?

No. 919461

She looks hungover as hell.(sage your shit)

No. 919465

wasn’t she just talking about looksmaxxing?
imagine getting mogged that hard.

No. 919486

File: 1694906457861.jpeg (261.83 KB, 828x1023, 7EA88827-05C5-4F44-92D0-7F27DC…)

Guess we won’t be getting that dirt on Moo. I wasn’t expecting it anyway. It’d be funny to see Moo try to lie her way through a court hearing with absolutely zero evidence and her taking screenshots out of context though.

No. 919489

Ugh, this fucker had the one chance to put this bitch in her place (all 3 of them really) and of course he chickens out

No. 919490


Makes sense, good on him. No sense in stooping to Moo’s level and getting involved in internet shitflinging.

The only thing that will get these bitches to stop is bringing it to court. Where their narratives and excuses will mean precisely dick. Where the only thing that matter is facts. Moo can’t just post meme reaction shots and thinks she’s “won” the argument. She’ll actually have to come with facts and receipts, not just “trust me bro, he’s a bad person”.

I bet she is pissing herself now that it has gotten all the way to this. She could have just left it alone and gone about her business. But no, she just absolutely had to win, to see him completely cancelled, groveling at her and her friends for forgiveness for “betraying” them.

I said this was going to bite her in the ass if she kept going with this. Now she is about to learn the hard way that you can’t just try to ruin people’s lives with lies just because you don’t like them.

No. 919494

This should be good. I want to see these girls try and weasel to a judge that they "uwu agreed but then were giving away too much money" uwu help me". They agreed, they knew what they were doing with a porn photographer they knew before he even started shooting porn. This is all such a joke. Not sorry, the girls are clearly overdramatizing it. Aly constantly makes comments about her own body, but the second square did instead of miso or moo, its harassment? Kek

No. 919495


No one is going to side with them. They knew the terms of the contract and were even given multiple times to opt out, and even were allowed to leave at anytime they wanted. Moo is trying to make it out to be some sex trafficking ring that they were all forced into to, when really it was these dumb cunts not realizing how much money they lost out on due to their own negligence and now want revenge. And they are grown ass adults with no one to blame but themselves.

No judge with any common sense is going to take pity on them.

No. 919496


With the exception of the accusations of assault, I don't think there's anything either side can really go to court over. I might be stupid and missed something major (all of the text just blurs together whenever I try to think about it), but the main complaints seemed to be the deal was garbage, and Squarecuck pressured them into porn with the promise of more subs… I assume. If that is how they felt, I don't think that them saying it or being angry is illegal. Likewise, nothing Squarecuck did under that is illegal. Or, at least, it would be hard to prove one way or another.

This goes out the window with accusations of sexual assault. But given that Momokun wasn't the main source of those accusations, I'm not sure if she would be caught up in anything legal.

All that being said, it wouldn't surprise me if Marvin was scum. We know how these OnlyFans "managers" work. We also know Momokun and her circle is nothing but garbage. I'm waiting to see how this shakes out.

No. 919497

File: 1694915508806.jpeg (467.42 KB, 1233x1351, IMG_1303.jpeg)

>You tried to get into her bed and cuddle with her on a business trip
The screencap implies he asked, was told no and he fucked off to his own bed. How does what’s said in the cap equate sexual assault, Moo? Her and her toadies have no leg to stand on with these allegations. He’s a creep, sure, but there’s no evidence he assaulted them and he has texts of them agreeing to his terms after multiple chances he gave them to back out.
Let’s see how Moo’s "team of lawyers" handle this lol

No. 919498


The biggest issue is her accusing him of rape and assault. She didn’t just simply say he wasn’t a nice person or that he was mean to her one time. She’s accusing him of a crime of moral perpetuity, something that on its face is defamatory and damaging to his reputation regardless of context. And if he can prove that she or her friends said these things knowing that they were false, which they might considering they know the truth of the matter and are obviously trying to either obfuscate it or muddy it into something that it factually isn’t, then they are going to be in a hell of a lot of trouble. And you have Moo being especially being stupid enough to admit to trying to conspire to ruin him by saying she was getting a “cavalry” together, so there is definitely a case that can be made.


Because according to Moo and her retards, even showing sexual interest is basically rape. Guy made a move, was rebuffed, and simply left it at that and didn’t pursue any further. But according to Moo and her idiots he basically tried to rape her.

She’s is going to get laughed out of a court room if she thinks this is evidence of sexual assault.

No. 919500

I’m not a legal expert but couldn’t he probably take Moo and the others to court for libel? Mariah, being the dumbshit that she is, has numerous public posts defaming him, retweeting them constantly even. I hope something does come from it because it would at least teach Moo that she isn’t some teen kid anymore that can get away with saying dumb shit online. This could get her into legal trouble for making knowingly false accusations.

No. 919502


He absolutely could. Once she started making accusations of rape and assault, this ceased to simply be a matter of internet insults being hurled at each other. She accused him of crimes that are so morally reprehensible that on their face it is implied to be defamatory and damaging to his reputation, regardless of context. She is also trying to instigate a moral panic, claiming him to be a danger to women everywhere, so it absolutely shows that she tried to damage him publicly.

She’s absolutely fucked if he can prove that she is saying all this with knowledge of it being false. And there is a good chance he’ll be able to. He may not receive any compensatory damages, as he has yet to claim to have lost out on any jobs because of all this. But the punitive damages alone would prevent Moo and any other dipshit like her from going online and making false accusations about people to ruin their lives.

Granted, this is all speculative. Who knows how the courts can go. But I think he at least has a case.

No. 919503


Oh, definitely, although I think proving that she knew the validity of these allegations would be extremely difficult.


And here we go. Is trying to sleep with someone who essentially works under you gross and strange? Yes. Is it illegal? No.

No. 919505

And moo she said no and he fucked off. This isn't harassment. She's a fucking idiot.

No. 919507

Vamp would be fucked if this went to court haha. A lot of her accusations were pretty bullshit, the screenshots she posted didn't prove anything and she was already doing more sexual act content even before Squarecuck was even her "manager"(learn to sage)

No. 919511

His lawyer will submit an order of protection. So should fatass and snaggletooth try further defamation, it would be a monetary charging offense.
This is just speculatory. I see this going on for a spell. Moo is reaching her thot shelf life and her "boss bitch" investments are hemorrhaging.

No. 919540

Yet for years you told women to shut the fuck up and continued to work with him. You said so yourself and it is screenshotted in here. Also the messages you published to try and paint him as a preadator just showed that he was worried if you truly want to go that route and that maybe they should consider again. I hate defending a moid, buy you are the shitty one, Mariah. Again to no one's surprise. Just because you deleted the messages doesn't mean they disappeared and anyone can find them here. I am not saying he is not shitty, the chances are he absolutely is. But so is Mariah and them both burning will be funny just because Moo wanted to virtue signal. She never learns.

Ew wtf? She looks very ill. She should go see a doctor (and also show that titty rash she has had for way too long), but she would propably lose her shit when they tell her to lose weight.

No. 919542

I wouldn’t doubt that Mariah just like the shoots he did even if they were mid and also possibly wanted to hook up with him at some point.
She is oddly protective of people until they deny her what she wants.

No. 919544


She’s trying to act like her hands are completely clean in all of this, that she is somehow a saint for having kept a lid on all of this and that she was afraid of speaking out against him since he was “so dangerous to women everywhere”. When it’s as you said, she was the main one telling other women to shut the fuck up, that they didn’t know the whole story of that they were just jealous whores looking for attention. If anything, she needs to be called to task as well since she knew about all of this and chose to say nothing and even actively prevented other women from saying anything.

She wants so badly for him to be the “bad guy” when it is and always has been her. Despite how much she tries to scrub from the internet and deny ever happening, the proof is all there for anyone to find. Straight from the fat cow’s mouth herself with greasy tears streaming down her face. She was the worst of the worst and is desperately trying to find anyone else she can get to have everyone talk about instead. Only a complete retard would buy her attempts to paint Marvin as some kind of rapist that’s just going around beating and raping women everywhere and forcing them into sexually explicit photos.

No. 919545

Moo deleted everything she posted regarding Squarecuck. Such conviction lol At least it’s documented here.

No. 919551


Yep. It’s all gone. What a chickenshit coward. Probably passing herself scared at the thought of being dragged into court. Or was probably sent a cease and desist order to take down the tweets or she would be threatened with legal action.

Either way, so much for the “boss bitch cunt who ain’t afraid of no one”

No. 919556

I feel like most would fuck her but her porn is just so bad…

No. 919557

File: 1695003416580.jpg (735.54 KB, 1080x2189, Screenshot_20230917_191948_X.j…)

No it's not. Its just buried.

No. 919562

This whole "He pressured me into porn n said I would get more subs" is stupid. And Moo is still the biggest POS here because she literally told girls to sign up with Marvin because she shot with him in the past. She was the one porn thot who assured the girls that porn was the way to go, and to look at her.
As for the girls, they're dumb. Their careers were going no where and decided to do the easy route. But they didn't get rich and now they're sad their brown eyes are on the internet forever.

No. 919563

I hope he goes after Moo. How many times has so falsely accused a guy of assault/rape just because she doesn't like them anymore. Also speaking of assault. Moo there is video evidence of you beating on men and "wrestling" them to the ground. She's projecting hard

No. 919581

File: 1695072106016.jpeg (Spoiler Image,627.84 KB, 3264x1674, IMG_1360.jpeg)

I’d swear she was getting closer to 50.

No. 919588

She's getting closer to the wall. And she'll start losing OF buyers.

No. 919593

no ass all back

No. 919594

This caption >>919581
with this picture >>919450
is the perfect set up for the next thread pic. Thanks for the delusion as always, Mooriah!

No. 919597

"when I look at myself in photos"
You know we joked about Moo refusing to look at herself in pictures without filters or edits but it's good to know it's confirmed
So does she think taking a month break from weed reverses aging? And why admit she was indeed abusing Adderall. What hard drug is she hiding

No. 919603

>i have adhd
>quirky i quit adderal

What a fucking idiot. Advocating not taking medication.

No. 919606

File: 1695097778794.jpeg (802.82 KB, 1867x3264, IMG_1370.jpeg)

Her sister and dad are in the stories as well, nobody looks thrilled to be there.

No. 919608


Standard fare for anyone who has to spend any extended amount of time around her. She’s so loud, annoying and obnoxious and becomes doubly so whenever there’s alcohol involved. She is just such a chore to have to deal with.

No. 919613

I see the sharpie eyebrows have made a comeback(sage your shit)

No. 919617

Moo, you're definitely yokai core, you look like the epitome of the haggard old wicked witch. Idk why you think having ugly, swollen necrotic rat paws is such an own but you really sound convincing and not bitter at all. You don't even have to make yourself uglier than you already are, men run from you the second they get close enough to smell you.

No. 919620

The worker looks miserable.. as someone in CS, assholes coming in and forcing you to participate in their crap is so annoying.

No. 919622


She can’t decide between “All men are intimidated by my boss bitch energy. Weak men need not apply” and “All men suck and are violent, entitled incels who think they can treat women however they want and I feel constantly unsafe around them”.

Really, it’s whatever happens to give her the biggest ego boost at the time or if she is trying to play the sympathetic victim after putting her foot in her mouth for the hundredth time.

When the truth is, no man is even remotely interested in her and her rancid, disgusting fat ass. She’s completely deluded herself into thinking that there is just the sea of guys that are practically tripping over themselves for a chance to get with her when really they are completely repulsed by her. No guy wants some nasty, unwashed shut in who stays inside watching anime all day and stuffing her face with junk food. She has to trick guys with fake pics that have been photoshopped to hell and covered in filters. The second they get a look at her in real life they are completely disgusting by her. And if they can somehow get past the horrible body odor they have to contend with her equally as shitty personality. A desperate, clingy, emotionally and physically abusive, complete woman child who they are often stuck babysitting rather than dating.

You can just tel how miserable she is with how often she complains about men in general. She is desperate for a relationship. She’s likely seeing all her peers and friends off getting married, starting families or in long term relationships that will lead to such.

And here she is stuck being lonely with her Z-tier porn career that is now on the downswing. She can’t flex nearly as much as she used to be able to, she can’t just pack up and go on a random expensive vacation. She’s been forced to be more mindful of her spending and exactly where her money is going. She’s nearing the end of her rope and is now likely looking for companionship. But she is so damn prideful and insufferable that no guy is going to want to put up with her. So she has to keep telling herself that “they are just too intimidated by me”.

No. 919625

Her peers and friends aren't being married.. Are you following the same cow/s actually around her? Miso, Aly, her photog, Vamps, everyone is single.

No. 919626

Vamps isn't single, nona. Neither is Miso, they're just better at keeping it not shoved into moid's faces so they don't kill their income. Moo is the only retard that bragged.

No. 919628

it will never not be funny that all the guys either had to look at Moo's friends naked to keep a hard on, watch porn, or get a pre chub by not looking at her
Most decided money wasn't enough and didn't come back. The only one who stayed for a bit was Oz because he was broke. Even then he had a girl on the side.

No. 919631

that's 99% of thots. also moo's age group is going to start settle down within the next few years. but honestly it's funny how unlikable she must be. she has a house a car and money and still can't keep a man depsite her clearly wanting one.

No. 919634


She also has this nasty habit of accusing her exes of rape and assault. Every known relationship she has been in, by the end she is publicly accusing them of all kinds of heinous shit. Either they were abusive the whole time and she constantly felt threatened by them, or they forced themselves on her/took advantage of her in a vulnerable state/felt entitled to her body and was demanding sex from her when she didn’t want it. She is such an emotionally stunted woman child that she can’t just end her relationships amicably and like a responsible adult. Recognize that the relationship no longer works, go your separate ways and don’t speak to each other anymore. But that’s not enough for her. She has to make sure that the other person is completely destroyed socially so that no one dares to ever associate with them again, all for the simple crime of dumping her toxic ass. The relationship can’t ever just end nor can she ever have any fault in it failing. It’s never any flaws in her character or behavior. It has to be that she was apparently dating a monster that she was lucky to get out from under.

She not only wants the pity from being dumped, but to also the extra tacked on sympathy from being a potential victim as well. All so that some idiot who doesn’t know any better will come swooping in to “save” her.

My guess is that word gets around and that no guy wants to risk catching a case from from her once the relationship inevitably falls out. You’ll be breaking up with her and the next thing you know she’s on Twitter calling you a rapist or saying that you threatened her on multiple occasions, calling up all her friends to spread false stories about you to get you cancelled. At that point, no amount of money would be worth it.

No. 919651

The delusion of her having a loving fanbase is gone. But to cope she thinks she's aging backwards and looks great. It's like swapping one delusion for another.

No. 919655

Thanks for sharing, Ozy.(hi cow )

No. 919678

this is all publicly known, definitely wasn’t him that posted this, moron.

No. 919737

moid behavior

No. 919740

Kind of the point
Who's Moo's major demographic?
A lot of girls in the sex industry hide their ages or just lie about it. Especially irl events. Moids can't tell a 30 year old from a 20 year old. But if you tell a moid someone is 30 they think that woman is old and gross.

That's the problem when you try to be a pick me for moids.

No. 919776

File: 1695352465894.jpeg (324.86 KB, 3264x1088, IMG_1453.jpeg)

Sure Moo.

No. 919777

I love how she said she was done with this, yet she keeps talking about it.

No. 919787

Yet refused to publicly warn anyone years prior. I hopege rewads here and takes our refutes to her to his lawyers to see if he can use anything. Seriously though, she's only now saying anything. That's not helping any victims.

No. 919789


This cunt keep leaving out the fact that she she knew about all of this for years and actively prevented other women from saying anything. Although there really isn’t an “anything” to expose. No one was assaulted, no one was exploited, no one was forced/coerced into doing sexually explicit photos. Just a couple of dumb bimbos devoid of any personal responsibility whatsoever got ripped off and are now pissy that they aren’t making as much after literally showing their asses to the internet. Moo desperately keeps trying to make this out to be some story of rape and abuse and that this guy is a danger to women that needs to be locked up and it simply isn’t.

Anytime Moo mentions this “team of lawyers” I know she is full of shit and is just trying to intimidate people from taking further action against her. Notice how all the talk here of her potentially being sued for defamation for falsely accusing someone of rape and abuse, and the there being a chance of her landing in serious legal trouble, she is now sticking her chest out about how “I’ve got my team of lawyers on it and I have other girls to coo-berate our story”. Just because her and her gang of cunts are getting together to try and cancel someone doesn’t make any of it true. It doesn’t matter how many bitches of you there are “with similar stories” when it’s all the same lie being passed around. But I bet she is hoping that this will be enough to get him to back off.

I would say to him to stick with it and don’t let her off the hook. He has the receipts to disprove all the shit she and these other bitches are saying. She’s the one who escalated this to accusations of rape and abuse. Show the cunt that she can’t just make up lies about people just because she doesn’t like them. The bitch is already scared now that she is trying to flex her “team of super lawyers” on you. She’s hoping that will be enough for you to back off since she knows she doesn’t have the truth or facts on her side. Just salacious, emotionally charged accusations that will prevent any further line of questioning for fear of being labeled a “victim blamer” or “incel”

No. 919804

moo is really keeping up this "lawyers" charade, despite making it obvious she doesn't have any. whenever she talks about lawyers the rest of the posts are clearly just her hot takes. this post alone is something that a lawyer would advise against posting because it can be construed as defamation, like everything else she's been posting. i feel like it's just because she's dumb and thinks having a lawyer is a flex, but it's not like they're hard to obtain.

No. 919805

Pretty sure she does have lawyers

No. 919806

An anon a long while back posted the firm her lawyers are from and all they handle is social media bullshit for thots. Which is probably why Moo kept getting unbanned from IG. Not sure how helpful her "team of lawyers" will be fighting against a potential libel case when she stupidly posted defaming comments about him all over Twitter and Instagram stories. She’s overwhelmingly guilty as are all her buddies who pushed it.

No. 919808

If Moo was smart she wouldn't say anything until the court case. She's in a defamation case, so what does she do? Continue to defame. This isn't her opinion. She's actively lying about someone and just confessed she's in a group to continue to lie.

She always had this problem. She can't keep her mouth shut online. If she kept quiet Marvin wouldn't have a case. Now he does

No. 919827

Honestly this is the one time I hope moo doesn’t stfu so she can finally see how running her mouth is getting her into deep shit of possible fees to pay to Marvin

No. 919828


Having this go to court would be the worst possible outcome for her. There she can’t just rely on salacious accusations meant to get an emotionally charged response and shut down any form of questioning. She has to come with actual receipts of the things she is accusing. Not just “trust me bro” and retarded reaction shot memes. Which is why she wants to keep the fight on social media. Where she doesn’t need facts, just enough retards to believe her obvious lies and letting the cancel culture mob handle the rest.

She intends to intimidate him with talks of lawyers and other women preparing their stories as well, when really she is full of shit and praying she doesn’t have to sit for a deposition and have all her shit aired out in the open. Ever since this all started she has been trying to scare him into running away with his tail between his legs to some small corner of the internet. And each time she keeps failing, having to accuse him of more heinous shit so that people will just take her word for it and make him go away.

I say call the bitch’s bluff. Let her know she can no longer get away with this tactic of calling up her friends and spreading lies about people just because she doesn’t like them.

No. 919832

all marvin related tweets and comments seem to be deleted from moo's twitter.

No. 919833

my bad not all of them, but it seems like some are missing(you have a 30 min window to delete and correct posts)

No. 919853

hiring a firm now and then is slightly different than saying you have a team of lawyers.

No. 919856


She’s acting as if she has a team of lawyers on retainer that she can just call up anytime she needs them. When it’s more like as you said, she has to call a firm once in a while whenever she get into deep shit legally.

It’s just another weird flex on her part, usually meant to scare anyone off from pursuing legal action against her. Basically, act as if she has this group of high priced lawyers that will ruin you if you continue seeking legal action against her.

No. 919873

yes exactly, it's a weird flex and it's obvious whenever she mentions it that she hasn't gotten any legal advice about whatever she's posting about. especially here, where she keeps posting unfounded defamation again and again.

No. 919887

Unsurprising that Moo would harp on and on about the scourge of man and how it affects her and all of the supposed abuse that Ozy put her through and then pretend as if skinny penis Mcgee that somehow ends up in all of her B/G videos isn't him. At first you could give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she just had a backlog, a couple videos with him included that she doesn't care enough to not release. Now it's just clear that you went on another tirade on social media that you clearly didn't mean before going back to your regularly scheduled programming. I wish someone in her personal life would just tell her that she does not act like an actual person. This behavior is some actual synthetic human shit. On the other hand, I'm legitimately surprised after all the shit that supposedly went down that Ozy would still want a piece of that. I guess that many men have higher tolerance than others, but this is just sad. Move on, dude. Is it genuinely worth helping her film her shit ass porn? Please, I'm begging you. You're only feeding her ego and her idea that she's entirely infallible in her day to day life. If you can't escape then you really are in an abusive relationship and I hope you can get some mf help.(sage your rant)

No. 919929

The same lawyers she said she would get back her banned twitter? KEK

No. 920026

File: 1695877494767.jpg (395.83 KB, 1080x1481, 20230928_180401.jpg)

No. 920027

Her levels of depravity just sink lower and lower.

No. 920028


Christ, she is just debasing herself further and further. And these degenerate coomers will only keep demanding she keeps “upping the ante”.l once they start getting bored. How long until she is filming herself shitting on camera?

No. 920029

It's to stupid that Moo and other ethots think this size queen shit even matters when realistically you can't fit any of that. Men are fucking stupid to believe it, but the video is going to be like 3" max.

No. 920033

you know, at this point i'm not even shocked or surprised by this
honestly, probably sooner than we realize

No. 920038

File: 1695901167954.jpg (330.84 KB, 1080x1081, Screenshot_20230928_063905_Chr…)

No. 920045

>How long until she is filming herself shitting on camera?
Never, because she wouldn't know how to fake that like she faked the "piss fetish" video.

No. 920047

Is she going antimedicine or what is this retarded take? I wouldn't be amazed if she thinks medicine is bad and all natural products are good since nature is totally never toxic or deadly.
>Trust me

No. 920048

Current dick she's probably chasing has something against medication.

No. 920049

Sounds plausible. Must be tiring adapting a new personality every few months, but then again it is one of the reasons why she is a cow.

No. 920051


Just more pseudo-intellectual horseshit wherein she’s deluded herself into thinking that she is so much smarter than everyone else and thinks she is now suddenly an expert on any given topic she happens to be talking about. That, and likely some new dick she is chasing just so happens to be some anti-medicine, all natural cure dipshit she is trying to impress or steal away from some other girl.

No. 920052

Moo telling someone who actually needs medication to get off it. It flies over her head that people don't abuse medication like she does

No. 920056


That’s the thing with her being an insufferable know-it-all, she thinks her “advice” applies to everyone equally. That if you don’t do it the same way she does then you’re just stupid and not doing it correctly.

If she had any sense at all she wouldn’t be trying to give anyone any kind of medical advice as she is not a trained professional and doesn’t know the first thing about treatment. But because she always has to know better than everyone she butts into conversations that don’t involve her while being as ill-informed as possible.

No. 920057

Next she will tell people with suicidal depression that they don't need their pills, they need the holistic approach for all the bad vibes to dissipate.

No. 920077

She actually has told her ex with the self harm (the one who told her to stfu) medication is bad and all he needed was vitamin D.

No. 920081


She also, funnily enough around the same time she was outed as a sexual abuser, said that people suffering from depression were “simply not strong enough “ . I remember some celebrities’ kid ( I think it might have been LeVarr Burton’s daughter) was talking about mental health and depression at the time and of course Moo had to open her fat mouth and force herself into the conversation being all like “I’m a boss bitch qween who doesn’t let anyone affect my mood. Y’all some losers for letting other people make you feel depressed/ I’m too strong willed to ever feel something like depression”. And she was rightfully dragged for her absolutely retarded take. Right around the time she was outed for being a con creep as well.

No. 920085

Insane take coming from someone who has ADHD and used it as an excuse to harass people.

No. 920092

She also needs a tard wrangler again.

No. 920094


Not a whole lot of good that will do her, since she has no respect for anyone that she pays. It’s why none of her personal trainers have ever worked out for her, eventually they will say something she doesn’t like and she’ll throw the fact that she pays them back in their face and how she doesn’t have to listen to them and then they obviously end up quitting.

No. 920101

Or she gets creepy and starts pretending to like what they like to form a connection that is never going to happen because she's a female incel.

No. 920103

Speaking of Moo's weird stance on mental health. Didn't she mock the girl she bullied to death saying she was weak and it wasn't her fault?
But she changed her tune about suicide when that famous YouTuber ended himself because of his mental health and suddenly she's spreading awareness.

Anyway, Moo can't spend a week silver. She's def lying or twitching staring at her stash. Moo loves drugs

No. 920109

Sssniperwolf is getting sued by her husband. Can’t wait to see moo try and suck up to Ali, or more likely talk shit about.

No. 920111


She is of course going to be completely insufferable about it, get overly defensive at anyone attempting to call her out or ask any questions and act like Lia is some victim of horrible abuse. She’s going to parade herself around like they are super best friends and practically sisters, like a clingy overly attached girlfriend.

No. 920119

File: 1696022802306.jpg (147.69 KB, 1080x680, 20230930_102446.jpg)

This I'll be interesting to see if see does actually go to Japan, or if she makes up some excuse for not being able to go

No. 920120

File: 1696022915918.jpeg (98.36 KB, 835x377, IMG_1600.jpeg)

She’s already being insufferable. This cap is a response to Lia’s sister who was bragging about being blocked by someone criticizing Sssniperwolf. She’s going to look for any mention and insert herself as usual because she never learns.

No. 920122

File: 1696023175439.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1130x1987, IMG_1597.jpeg)

So basically the same Makima outfit she’s worn to death a million times already, gotcha.

No. 920123

That is peak delusion. It's funny how she used to claim "body positivity" yet she's so ashamed of her own body she heavily edits and filters everything

No. 920124

Lmao I’m dying at the mirror image, absolute delusion

No. 920126


Lol who the fuck does she think she’s fooling? The mirror is a dead giveaway you dumb cow. There’s delusional, but this is just downright sad and pathetic.


That’s their entire playbook. Just being an insufferable cunt, have the other person block you after not wanting to their with her bullshit, then go around claiming that she “won” and that she is “a bad bitch who is not to be fucked with because she will humiliate you”. And if that doesn’t work she’ll just accuse you of being a dangerous predator. She’s like a goddamn toddler that thinks that as long as she is annoying you, she is “winning”.

All because it isn’t socially acceptable to beat the shit out out of her. The way she talks to people just makes you want to see her get popped in the mouth.

No. 920138

File: 1696038684232.jpeg (80.51 KB, 1450x1014, IMG_0205.jpeg)

Nice Rumi cosplay.

No. 920140

Especially since most Japanese people are angry and disgusted by loud, disrespectful westerners right now after that one attention seeker who got arrested there recently.

No. 920142

Am I just missing it, or did she delete this one after we pointed out how fat she looks in the mirror lol

No. 920144

File: 1696043483378.jpeg (522.05 KB, 3264x1756, IMG_1639.jpeg)

It was on her Twitter. She even has video of her trying to bounce her sad flat ass on her fingers. The other anon making the Rumi reference is onto something lol might make a good thread pic.

No. 920145

If I'm not mistaken, didn't she go a perfect blue sperg months ago? I swear she did, but I could be wrong

No. 920146

She did and was going to cosplay Mima. Probably backed out for good reason kek.

No. 920147

She did some shitty "comparison" shots where she didn’t even try to look like the frame she was trying to imitate. Tbh, I wouldn’t put it past her to still do a cosplay because she really is that delusional and has no sense of self awareness.

No. 920150

File: 1696064326785.png (Spoiler Image,1.94 MB, 1600x1600, Screenshot 2023-09-30 at 09.57…)

The face of a professional

No. 920151

somehow though she does porn as a profession she can’t seem to even remotely act or be sexy in the least, it’s like a chore for her. this is possibly the worst thing she’s made thus far and no wonder her numbers are dropping

No. 920155

Wtf is she doing in this? Shoving an entire lamp up her ass?

No. 920158


She read >>920029 and took the Pepsi challenge.

No. 920178


Geez, that rash/breakout on her ass. I'm completely familiar with that particular struggle, but… why? Why leave it? I'm not saying women should feel the need to hide their flaws behind makeup and filters, but with her constant Vaseline-lensed photoshoots and slimming app usage, she already does that. What she chooses to photoshop/edit and what she chooses to leave constantly baffles me. If you want to make realistic, "amateur" porn and be "body-positive" and "honest", then do that. If you want to shoop yourself to oblivion and sell a fantasy, then do that. This halfassed middle ground she chooses just makes her seem lazy.

Then again, being lazy is her MO. It's just something that's been on my mind whenever I see these photos. I'm all for leaving behind the airbrushed standard, but if she was going to do that, she'd also have to stop photoshopping everything else. As well as come clean about ALL the work she's done. Which will never happen.

No. 920185

This picture and her sisters blurb “my sister doesn’t do porn, she’s not disgusting “ would be hilarious.

That quote aged like milk.

No. 920187


Yo there is a snowball’s chance in hell that she actually has a thigh gap. Then you can see her ham hocks reflected in the mirror

No. 920202

Even people who are over 200 can have a tough gap, if they turn in their knees and rotate their pelvis enough. Like moo.

No. 920205

File: 1696178224092.jpeg (Spoiler Image,776.03 KB, 3264x2921, IMG_1676.jpeg)

The jokes write themselves.

No. 920208

The fact that she's lipo'd enough to have the body most disgusting coomers want now actually infuriates me. She's lucky she has had access to surgeries and photoshop.

No. 920210

File: 1696181867237.jpeg (Spoiler Image,76.38 KB, 708x917, Oh no the curtain.jpeg)


I don't think it's the lipo… Or the curtains just happen to curve at the worst possible part.

No. 920211

File: 1696184345293.jpeg (889.84 KB, 1412x1772, IMG_1677.jpeg)

The box is even slanted lol

No. 920212

File: 1696187266120.jpeg (59.02 KB, 1200x675, McDonalds-Japan-anime-ad.jpeg)

Dressing up as the slutty version of this, for some reason? She probably saw the McDonald's and got horny.

No. 920213

If it wasn’t for the lip she would look like amber Lynn reid(sage your shit)

No. 920214

File: 1696189430726.png (Spoiler Image,622.07 KB, 640x1023, mcnasty.png)

twitter moids have been going absolutely crazy over the mom and her clone child, so most likely a cosplay of one of them.

No. 920215

People are so fucking crazy. Even cartoon women can't exist without being sexualized. Everyone's aware of the horny Wendy's cosplays from years ago at this point but it's still disappointing and creepy. Especially wanting to see the child in a sexual context. Brain poisoned.

No. 920216

For once Mooriah is catching a trend before it is done and dusted, I am shocked! As usual only the most degen coomer is going to be delighted by this slop though.

No. 920225

>Even cartoon women can't exist without being sexualized
All cartoon characters of any gender get sexualized.
Has nothing to do with a poisoned brain, it has to do with if something is cute or attractive it will get sexualized. This is the least issue in all of this.
Probably because it's something she actually knows about and not just catching through osmosis after every cos-thot shit it out months prior.

No. 920234

It's not gender, it's sex and women get way more sexualized than men. This video was literally a cute SFW cartoon with NOTHING going on and still in less than 24 hours coomers took a hold on it

No. 920240

Anon it takes a poisoned brain to sexualize everything.

No. 920241

> it has to do with if something is cute or attractive it will get sexualized.
Coom-poisoned-brain take.

No. 920242

Coomers gonna coom. Getting mad about it is like getting mad at a swarm of flies on a pile of shit.

No. 920243

>This video was literally a cute SFW cartoon with NOTHING going on and still in less than 24 hours coomers took a hold on it
Literally what e-thots do with characters on a daily basis and for their "Cosplays."

No. 920244

The moid who drew that abomination and every person who liked it has never seen boobs in real life. Then again Mariah's simps are also paying for body horror so same old same old.

No. 920245

>The moid who drew that abomination and every person who liked it has never seen boobs in real life
It's a cartoon, noona. It's not supposed to be realistic, I hate that bullshit and even I know it was done that way intentionally.

No. 920246

Lmao why are you defending that drawing?

No. 920247

Nta, but being retarded over obviously porn sick moids drawing art is a dumb. No one is defending it by pointing out its obviously not realistic. There's plenty of them that do draw them realistically. Anons complain about "saggy boobs" on cows and you're worried about moids drawing tits a certain way? No1currs, its a drawing.

No. 920250

I was just laughing about how ridiculous that drawing looked, nona. No need to go that deep about it kek. It's not that serious.

No. 920257

Stop derailing about coomers and coomer art. Stay on topic, this thread is about Moo.

No. 920261

man this thread sucks(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 920293


Back on topic, we now have proof she hasn't gotten rid of the studio. I'd recognize that poorly painted window scenery anywhere!

No. 920294

File: 1696356778569.jpeg (Spoiler Image,907.06 KB, 3264x2917, IMG_1730.jpeg)

She’s definitely the only one getting any use out of it.
This is apparently a "witch" according to her. Looks like "old hag" to me tbh

No. 920296

That's the witch from Left4Dead and the other person, Akemi or some dude, is a hunter. It's not supposed to look like a hat wearing crooked nose Halloween witch. They are zombies.

No. 920298

Doesn’t change the fact she still looks like an old hag.

No. 920300

I know cottage cheese gets thrown around a lot on LC but she legit looks like it. She looks so sickly and horrible, like just the epitome of unhealthy. Her stomach is vomit inducing.

No. 920301

This really emphasizes how lumpy she really is and not the smooth, overly filtered mess she likes to portray. Also she’s undead but has a red nose??

No. 920302


She is just so gross to look at. Her skin looks so bloated and there is discoloration everywhere, either from lack of hygiene or her poor diet and the fact that she wears compression gear 24/7 so her skin has no opportunity to breathe whatsoever all because of she is ashamed at how fat she looks without it. There’s acne growing everywhere, especially on her ass. Her face looks so sunken in and haggard, like she gets no sleep whatsoever, has no routine to take care of it and just thinks she can mask it all with makeup and filters. And she is of course just so fat. She could easily be pushing 250 to 275. Her knees have got to be aching with all that fat she is putting on them.

No. 920305

boobs aren't supposed to do that, they're like flat when they're getting grabbed there.
>inb4 titsperging

No. 920306

Do you know how mammograms work? Lol Boobs can and do do that. She doesn't have silicon and she has big tits.

No. 920311

I think what bothers me most is how different her face looks in those photos when compared to others she's posted recently. Near unrecognizable. I'm sure you can defend it by saying it's part of the cosplay element, but I find it unsettling. It reminds me of back when her face would be edited differently in every photo.

No. 920315

Should've done Spitter. Though I am happy she is out of character. Would have been very creepy if she was crying and wailing while getting groped.

No. 920336

>implying mammograms aren't painful as fuck because it's squishing them
whatever you say, dumbass.

No. 920344

stop defending mariah please. i’ve seen better ravens and velma’s and zombies than this hag

No. 920346

You need to take some pills because her boobs act like boobs. Stop derailing about it. You sound like a scrote.

No. 920348

shut the fuck up retard. and learn to sage(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 920349

NTA but that reply is saged, scrote.

No. 920353

Bump don't scroll

No. 920354

bruh nobody cares post milk or gtfo. you bitches are weird af

No. 920390

File: 1696469312039.jpeg (430.15 KB, 3264x2042, IMG_1761.jpeg)

No. 920391

Forever the victim but never the victimizer this cow. The victim thing of course got her attention but she’s nearing thirty it’s pathetic.(sage your shit)

No. 920395


Every relationship she has ever been in, by the end she is accusing the guy of either beating her savagely or violating her sexually. She wants to be seen as the “strong woman” for having survived such an ordeal and wants public sympathy. When really she is the one doing the abusing in the relationship and she looks to pin it on the guy first and bury him publicly so no one ever calls her out on it.

No. 920404

Has she been stirring the pot anymore with that photographer/manager Marvin? I want to see Moo get sued(spoon-feeding request)

No. 920408

Fuck you and your saging it was a legit comment.

No. 920412

So true. Since the first thread she has had a martyr/victim complex. Starting with that cringey that girl you used to bully? Well she grew post where she used to claim she self harmed on her despite there being zero scars

She’s All about pity points .

Moo will never grow up.(sage your shit and take your complaints to /meta/)

No. 920413

the mods are literally in their butthurt red text stage, i guess i’ll wait until somebody throws milk. admin needs to stop handing out moderations like candy

No. 920422

The kids are out of control

No. 920423

Mods are banning everyone who doesn’t agree with them. Time to spill milk elsew

No. 920424

Anon was making a point about moo pathelogically lying about a serious matter to get clout and mod is mad about that? We’ll time to go to kiwi farms Ban me mod I don’t give a fuck

No. 920438

shayna loving retarded mods back at it again

No. 920445

Ban mod just killed the thread(retarded samefagging)

No. 920465

it’s not retarded samefagging you 1 IQ having brainless retarded moderator(ban evasion)

No. 920473

Moo's waist editing is getting more ridiculous. Who called her fat?

No. 920475


No. 920482

god this place sucks(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 920490

her body looking like a crumpled up McDonald’s bag and being half plastic just like McDonald’s food is justice for her being a coomer and coomer apologist

No. 920491

probably the shibari rigger she's complaining about here >>920390

No. 920505

File: 1696676515094.png (340.18 KB, 606x600,