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No. 1870608

Please ignore baiting scrotes and tradthots who like to seethe on this thread and get it locked. Report and ignore.

Previous four threads:

A 'trad' in this context is a woman with pronounced "traditionalist" values especially around gender which usually shows up as "anti-feminist" attitudes emphasizing how women should be subservient to men and essentially embrace being "barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen." We all know what a 'thot' is and most of these girls in fact show up on social media with photos not-at-all subtly focusing on their looks. Our "tradthots" mostly try to have the best of both worlds, consciously or not. While claiming traditional values they embrace modernity and many of the gains of feminism in their pursuit of grift and clout.

Most have pickme tendencies and are addicted to the dopamine hits off male attention in social media despite the fact that some are (supposedly happily) married and claim to believe that a woman should reserve her sexuality for her husband. They tend to be from well-off backgrounds and have lived very sheltered lives of privelege although many come off as possibly having some trauma problems. Their attention to the female role and the female body often comes off as performative and even fetishistic, to appeal to their audience of MGTOW red pilled incels, neckbeards, and wignats.

Many of our tradthots are quite preoccupied with the outer trapings of religion, usually identifying with reactionary trends within Roman Catholicism or sometimes Eastern Orthodoxy. Some are quite fond of parading around in conservative dress or a chapel veil, but almost invariably this comes off as weirld sexualized too. Meanwhile all the religious talk on social media falls flat and seems performative. Reached for comment, Jesus Christ had this to say: "they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen … they have their reward." (Matthew 6:5)

A few examples are:

Estee Williams
>stay at home gf queen of trads
>Tried to make a reality tv show of family, model and be an influence to get as much attention as possible but all else failed because of her stupidity and lack of talent so she became a trad and shows off her ridiculously large tits
>dresses like a 1950s housewife and does cooking videos and explanations on why trade are better
>Tries to have an aesthetic 1950s love story like the Notebook or something pathetic along those lines, aesthetic posts and moids eat it up
>actually can’t cook and pretends to, moids eat it up anyway
>Constantly sperges about trad living and tries to one up everyone

Megha Verma
>Racially insecure indian girl
>Posts unhinged angry rants on twitter about burning women on sticks
>White worshipping pick me
>Married a white pasty 40 year old scrote who's never around with a huge following list of tiktok teens in bikinis
>Got knocked up recently her husband didn't even attend the baby shower
>Takes out her anger on random women online

Social media links:

Lauren Elise Chen

>Formerly known as 'Roaming Millennial', is a mixed race white worshipping YouTuber who fancies herself as an Asian Lauren Southern

>Has claimed 'The Bell Curve' is factual, a book that addresses a difference in IQ between ethnic groups kek
>Believes that IQ is mostly genetic and other scientific racism claims
>Interviewed and defended several white supremacist, neo nazi moids such as Richard Spencer ,Nick Fuentes and Stefan Molyneux
>Is against feminism (obviously) writes articles for Evie Magazin seething over more successful liberal women aka tradthot daily
>Her content recently is mostly just red-pilled incels and MGTOW pandering made several videos calling women with a body count "sluts"
>Focuses her rage on women who chose not to have kids mostly made more than 6 or 7 videos seething over them
>Defended mass shooter incels like the UK virgin killer and Rodgers blaming the existence of incels on women and feminism
>Is an Andrew tate stan
>Has a patreon where she coaches incels by repeating Jordan Peterson's advices to them
>Her mug looks uncanny from all the botox and filler when she's not heavily filtering it despite claiming to be a 'traditional woman' kek
>Married to an ugly fuck 'producer' who lusts over big titted insta thots
>Appeared on several red pill podcasts and the ben shapiro show
>Has a useless shit degree in politics and middle eastern studies

Social media links:

Sarah Doe
>Extremely stupid
>publicly tweets her husband is abusive
>husband beat up cat to near death and threatened to beat up the baby
>Doesn’t leave, thinks Bible can fix him and says he’s his #1 fan in her bio

Lauren Southern
>Former costhot
>Failed journalist, pissed off both the left and right.
>Got famous for her anti-feminist MRA content
>Was in multiple anti slutwalk videos
>Promoted traditional values and white nationalism
>Dated an ethnic man
>4chan nazis found out and got big mad
>Made multiple shitty documentaries where she misrepresents facts and pushes the far right narrative.
>Recently married, husband is allegedly Asian, she hides his identity
>Whitewashes her poor baby, insists he has green eyes and a ginger gene
>Released a pro-cop documentary

Hannah Pearl Davis (JustPearlyThings)
>Below average unfortunately shaped woman in her late 20s who constantly larps on the internet as a trad who shits on modern working women despite contradicting her many statements to her scrote orbiters
>Comes from a rich family, mother is a modern working woman who literally owns the family company
>Pearl used to date a black man (imagine what the scrotes would say) who is also a content creator, he left her because of her high body count apparently
>Pearl claims outrageous things like women shouldn’t be able to vote because they don’t have to sign up for the draft, women are unhappy when working and are all medicated despite men being the gender that is more likely to commit suicide, just selective research and bias (etc.)
>sperges about statistics even though she’s selective about the data and flat out lies while making overarching generalizations that feed her stupid shock value statements
>humiliated on the H3 podcast somehow, see more below:
Ethan brings up Pearl stating America was built on good relationships between slaves and their owners, when asked for a source cites “a book I read by Thomas Sowell” and doesn’t follow up
Brings up Pearl’s rich family and mother who owns the family business and is a career woman, despite Pearl claiming to hate career women… this throws Pearly off
Ethan brings up her multiple claims but she gets fussy and starts throwing statistics that aren’t cited and when Ethan actually brings up credible information she looks to the side of her monitor while sighing and stalling, clearly flustered and embarrassed and says “they’re saying the numbers are inflated”
admits to having information spoon fed to her by a group chat on discord during the interview
it’s painfully awkward and Pearl calls the interview “not in good faith” and runs away, abruptly ending the call
>Dwindling views on yt despite spamming algorithm, more views on TikTok

Rebecca Barrett
>She's gained over 10k subs in the last month or so alone
>Decided to become traditional after doing some marriage group with her husband and allegedly realizing that she was apparently the one creating all the problems in her marriage
>Claims she was a "porn addicted feminist" before marriage
>It seems like she was already doing a variety of other trendy types of videos before but her channel was small, now she almost exclusively posts advice content
>Makes advice/reaction videos from the perspective of a married woman talking to single women where she criticizes women for things like leaving their husbands for cheating on them, and is always making comments that are obviously meant for a male audience
>Gets hilariously visibly mad whenever talking about other women even if the women in question are just some women she made up to be mad at or some low hanging cosmo writer fruit

Robyn Riley
>Ex yoga teacher and libfem hippie.
>Supports rapist Roosh V
>Used to have pink hair and a nose ring and spent her 20s traveling and dating abusive bums.
>Born again Christian housewife
>Had a baby at 31 married to some Slovakian meat head.
>Writes for Evie magazine aka Tradthot daily

No. 1870617

The greentext on Lauren Southern in the OP should be updated to say she's a divorced single mom now

No. 1870770

how long will megs marriage last you think? I’m guessing 5-8 years. The amount of ig girls her moid follows is gross. But she seems like the type of hang on and blame those “whores” for ruining her marriage when he’s already checked out

No. 1870789

I seriously doubt they'll divorce honestly. Her husband's a catholic so unless one of them cheats it isn't going to happen.

No. 1870803

for everyone that wants a massive laugh at pearl

No. 1870831

File: 1690330059309.png (641.5 KB, 852x630, Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 8.08.…)

Mrs Midwest is botched

No. 1870833

File: 1690330422940.jpg (1.33 MB, 4000x3000, SAD.jpg)

She looked perfectly fine before. SAD!

No. 1870835

I don't think it was surgery. Having two pregnancies back to back and dealing with a porn addicted racist cop husband does a number on anyone.

No. 1870855

Didn’t she lightened up for trad views when her second pregnancy went bad and she was saved by a female doctor?

No. 1870867

File: 1690339888842.png (395.19 KB, 720x1136, F17eJY9WAAATGqb.png)

the misery radiating off this tweet is breathtaking. why aren't women attracted to megha's husband, nonnas? what's going on? it must be the women who are lying about what they want. in fact, whenever they call megha's husband mid or gay, they're actually betraying their own desire for him! this makes perfect sense.

No. 1870914

lol meg is so bitter that her absent husband is chasing younger models on ig so she turns to twitter for male attention with these regarded takes. I guess in her mind, it shouldnt be attractive when any man puts effort into the relationship, to justify and validate her incels feelings that they deserve a perfect bang maid for doing nothing all day. She’s probably also just jealous that there are men who do nice things for their gf or wives while hers couldn’t care enough about her to do the same so she has sour grapes over it

No. 1870951

Holy astronomical cope Batman, why is she pissed off at these random women who like a guy who cooks?

No. 1870957

Wanting a partner who cares about you enough to want to do nice things for you? That's so pathetic and unnatural!

No. 1870973

>when smegma's husband decides he will start doing one nice thing for her in his life:

Saw a heartwarming reel of a guy showcasing how he lovingly prepares lunch for his girlfriend every day. The comments were filled with admiration from girls who found it incredibly attractive. It's heartening to witness such genuine affection and openness.

When girls are genuinely attracted to a guy, they don't hold back their praise and appreciation. Instead of insulting him, they openly express their admiration because they are not afraid to show their feelings. They feel a genuine connection and enjoy being drawn into his world.

No. 1870984

jesus the bar for men is so low

No. 1870989

Huh?? Lmao these people are so deranged. You have to be terminally online to be projecting and screeching like this.

No. 1871000

Is she schizophrenic? Where is this coming from?
>Noooo women hate when men do nice things and can cook
Sounds like she's coping about being in a failing, neglectful marriage and/or projecting her own twisted sexuality.

No. 1871003

This is something similar to what Mrs Midwest said about her husband and how it's attractive to her when he is cruel to her. They are projecting their low self-esteem preference for degrading men onto other women and appeal to scrotes who treat the red pill stuff (disrespect her and she will like you) like the Bible. These simpletons can't discern between teasing, being assertive, composed and being simply vile and inconsiderate. Megha convinced herself that unkind men are sexy and now seethes that she actually desires someone who would take care of her (and evidenced multiple times)

No. 1871007

File: 1690375272156.png (431.58 KB, 591x755, mvv.png)

Smeg's being very kind to herself by pretending not to notice Charise is whiter-looking than her.

No. 1871035

God she's so pathetic and miserable kek

No. 1871073

Imagine how unbearably envious she has to be of that girl. Megha's all alone, unfulfilled, pregnant with crypt keeper sperm by a moid half a world away too busy jerking off to teenage white girls to spare her any attention, and she gets absolutely nothing for all her efforts, not even so much as her moid making her lunch to show he cares. I think this is the first time I've ever felt bad for her.

No. 1871159

he is probably actively attempting to cheat on her now but getting rebuked by the women half his age and completely out of his league. megha can and will see signs and remain completely in denial.

No. 1871192

Lol whoever made the OP image is based

No. 1871194

5-8 years? It’s not even been one year round and he’s already practically checked out.

No. 1871195

>thinks a scrote being a catholic means anything
Kek. Catholics are literally one of the most lax and freewheeling denomination of Christians and I say that as a former Catholic myself. Especially British catholics they don’t take their religion anywhere near as seriously as other European or even American catholics do. ‘Just say sorry Jesus forgives everything uwu’. Good Catholic men don’t masturbate to lewd teens bouncing their tits on tiktok, he’s already proved himself to be a creepy coomer. He only settled for Meg because she’s probably the only girl who was desperate enough to reply to his creepy DMs kek.

No. 1871197

Yes Smegma. Every time a woman calls an ugly loser male an ugly loser male they are actually foaming at the pussy and want his dick. Retard, what kind of cope is she spouting kek. She talks like she’s on drugs.

No. 1871202

Didn't Pearly sing a sing about da joooooz recently try try and get Nick Fuentes to notice her?

No. 1871203

>Meg thinks the world works like a retarded tsundere anime
She’s projecting her own social awkwardness and immaturity onto others, honestly. Especially if the anecdotes people have told about meeting Meg irl (that she’s extremely awkward, aspie, shy, unassuming etc) that would explain why she still thinks the world operates in a ‘girls hit and bully the boys they like’ first grader level of emotions because she’s probably autistic (and that explains her constant unexplained sperging and aggression too). She’s a very unhinged, repressed, and emotionally stunted person.

No. 1871204

Meg has radfem energy and her husband kinda looks like a butch lesbo. I’m gonna tinfoil that she’s a repressed lesbian who can’t come out to her trad Indian family and that’s why she rants about burning lesbians at the stake.

No. 1871205

Proofs? That sounds hilarious. Women thirsting over that little edgy Eddie Munster manlet is so funny to me.

No. 1871207

Genuinely speaking if I was married to a man and we were both deeply in love with one another I would wanna spend every waking moment by his side and would happily neglect all social media. Just attention from the right man is enough and you never feel the need to find attention or validation online ever again when you are in a happy relationship with a handsome man who makes you feel like a princess. The fact these women spend so much time on twitter talking to random ugly scrotes and reply guys and seething over thin air is testament to how lonely dissatisfied and attention deprived they must feel. These are the women who are supposed to be lording it over all the evil miserable modern feminist wenches and there are endless modern feminist women who are in far happier and more functional relationships than them with far better and hotter men than any of these tradthots husbands. Must suck to suck.

No. 1871209

She probably has a degradation and cuckquean kink. All these tradthots are weirdos with a fetish for men who treat them like garbage.

No. 1871211

https://www.instagram.com/p/CvGDwIeoB6m/ here's a repost, looks like she deleted the tweet. C'mon Pearl, if you're gonna say edgy offensive shit for engagement, commit to the bit(imageboard)

No. 1871212

Her account is honestly just reading like a parody now. She’s clearly deeply mentally ill and neurotic and the pregnancy hormones and getting fat again coupled with finding out her hubby still craves blonde teen puss have probably sent her into an anachan downward spiral.
Also the
>fellas, is it gay to attend your own unborn childs baby shower?
>fellas, is it cucked to cook food?
>fellas, am i less of a man for telling my wife i love her?
>fellas, am i a faggot for spending more than 5 days a year with my wife?
Just comes across as cope for the fact her scrote doesn’t give a shit about her.
>U-uhhhh actually I love the fact my husband never does anything nice for me! It’s soooo sexy when he is absent and neglectful of all my needs! Women in happy relationships are just jealous of me!
Is just extra strength copium.

No. 1871214

It’s just the same old tradthot damage control method for the fact their husbands are scummy dirtbags who don’t give a fuck about them.

No. 1871218

The quirkiness…intense.

No. 1871222

It’s funny because in lefty women that preference gets labelled as daddy issues and mental illness meanwhile right wing women can TMI about how they love their scrote raping and beating them and cheating on them and think it makes them healthy and normal kek.

No. 1871224

She answered the call.

No. 1871226

File: 1690405138499.jpeg (194.4 KB, 707x1000, 28BB7FDF-BF07-43A8-983F-8E709F…)

It’s so sad that her husband is not only bald short and ugly but also a massive piece of shit like bitch pick a struggle

No. 1871232

If Meghas husband hadn’t been caught simping for ewhores I would have sworn he was gay to be honest. If she really loved aggressive masculine bad boys she would have shacked up with some toxic abusive meathead American guy, a Wall Street Bateman psychopath type or a misogynistic Ranjeet from her village, not a polite soft spoken catholic English guy lel. She betrays her own ‘akshually women all crave being abused by sexist assholes and men who are nice are just gay’ incel tier logic by that alone. She found a ‘nice guy’ who also turned out to be a coomer and ignores her existence, which is why she is malding so hard.

No. 1871235

What’s funny is you have women with bodycounts in the triple digits, who don’t cook or clean and they still have hot bfs and husbands who worship them and will do anything for them. Then you have tradthots who slave away (or at least try to give that impression) in return for a mid as fuck scrote who gives them nothing but grief and heartache in return.

That’s why the tradthot thing is so strange. It’s like two people who set off on the same destination, one took a shortcut and got there easily and won, while the other took the long road and still ended up nowhere as the loser, but the loser is deluded and tries bragging because they worked harder at losing. It makes zero sense lol.

No. 1871306

omg hes higher up on the dune than she is kek. a cop too? severe little man syndrome

No. 1871316

File: 1690418700577.jpeg (956.48 KB, 1620x3168, EEE544D0-BEAF-4E5F-87A9-6089D5…)

Omg nonas this is absolutely disgusting.
Amber Gibson
>her dad was a rapist and pedophile
>her and her brother were thrown into care home by social work because of this
>an older boy at the care home raped her
>then her own brother eventually raped and murdered her too
>the man who found her dead body also molested her, his dna was found all over her breasts and vagina
Why are XYs like this? This is absolutely disgusting.

No. 1871318

Oh fuck just realized I posted this to the wrong thread. Sorry for making you see this nonas.

No. 1871354

God this is horrific. Scrotes are truly vile creatures. I hope she is resting peacefully at last.

No. 1871366

File: 1690424133791.jpeg (1.53 MB, 2178x7390, 06EA3DBF-DDE7-4565-8CBE-51740E…)

Lol another self hating pickme. This girl like Megha grew up in Brampton and she also complains about south Asians all the time despite being south Asian herself.
What is it with Indians and weird self loathing and constantly dissing their own group but also thinking that they should be allowed to stay when they are Indian themselves and throwing a fit when other people insult Indians?

No. 1871379

They think that they are 'high caste' and should be allowed to stay, but the 'other indians' are 'low caste' and should be made to go back

No. 1871394

First thing I noticed was her lazy eye

No. 1871407

What’s funny is that most Indians who emigrate to canada and the us are ‘high caste’

No. 1871536

Even in death the poor girl couldn't escape violation by moids. The superior gender that deserves all leadership roles, everyone!

Wonder what tradthots have to say when moids do horrific fucked up shit like this?

No. 1871549

File: 1690471888976.png (48.18 KB, 716x389, doug wilson rape.png)

They say trad men will protect trad women, at the price of you giving up all agency. However, as trads like Doug Wilson repeatedly demonstrate, the protection never arrives. They always blame the woman and protect the man. It's a protection racket with no protection. Questioning the wisdom of trad men means you want to be raped.


His daughters Rachel Jankovic and Rebekah Merkle are prime examples of do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do fundie grifter e-girls.

No. 1871582

File: 1690475563916.jpg (36.84 KB, 1125x1246, Ixs6WZEMoKhlIAfgdWci.jpg)

No. 1871605

she's willing to sink this low for her grift kek pathetic

No. 1871606

Same 'othering' and cope that gets them down this path in the first place. "Oh, that must be those other people. They're all that's wrong in the world. That's why I chose this much better way!" And whenever shit goes wrong well, those other people must be responsible somehow. Or stress. Or I'm just a girl so I don't understand tehe.

No. 1871638

The beauty of the trad life–women get no agency, no accomplishment, and no satisfaction out of life while the "providers and protectors" are awarded total power over with no accountability. Everything he does is her fault, every sin he makes is because of a woman. Most moids believe this to an extent but religious ones are the absolute worse.

No. 1871663

I wonder if they ever say anything about the fact that women are most likely to be abused or murdered by their boyfriend/husband, not a random stranger?

Tradmoids are what women need protecting from

No. 1871665

Promoting pedophilia to own the libs! Wonder what the anti-groomer crowd has to say about that.

No. 1871688

Silly nonnie, it's only grooming if it's done by libs. If you want to get children pregnant you can just promise you'll marry them and that's just raising them right!

No. 1871694

That's exactly what trad scrotes think Matt Walsh even said that publicly 'kids getting pregnant is not an issue it's unmarried kids who are pregnant ' lmao i fucking hate trads

No. 1871697

They hate women so much they only consider child rape that isn't against one pedophilia

No. 1871698


The online anti-groomer keyboard activists (mainly conservatives) don’t care about heterosexual pedophilia.

A man and a boy is bad (and it is).

But a man and a girl? Well that’s how it’s meant to be!

No. 1871707

They'd say she should've picked better and refuse to think any harder on the topic. Men are never at fault for anything in trad ideology.

No. 1871710

Learning that Sally has two daddies or that their teacher is married to another woman is grooming and tantamount to child molestation. Actual child molestation is fine though, so long as the child is legally trapped with their rapist right after. God these people are sick

No. 1871717

what makes you think that Human Thumb is racist?

No. 1871720

>Saw a heartwarming reel of a guy showcasing how he lovingly prepares lunch for his girlfriend every day. The comments were filled with admiration from girls who found it incredibly attractive. It's heartening to witness such genuine affection and openness.
Ngl, if a guy I was with was making me lunch everyday, I'd be kinda weirded out. A guy cooking a nice dinner for your birthday is sweet but a guy making your lunch like he's your mom is weird. Also, don't put your simping online for the whole world to see. Keep it between us.

No. 1871724

>It’s funny because in lefty women that preference gets labelled as daddy issues and mental illness meanwhile right wing women can TMI about how they love their scrote raping and beating them and cheating on them and think it makes them healthy and normal kek.
Except it appears that their scrotes don't even both to rape and beat them. They just neglect them entirely and often don't even bother to live in the same country that they do

No. 1871725

It's not weird women have been cooking scrotes 3 meals a day for ages it's the bare minimum and not simping unless you got your self esteem on the floor and have low expectations from your partner kek

No. 1871731

speak for yourself nonnie, I have never cooked for a man. I don't even know how to cook.
And yes, a guy making your lunch everyday is simping. I'll let a guy do it if he wants to but it is definitely over between us if he puts that shit online.

No. 1871737

It's not simping it's the bare minimum y'all need to stop putting scrotes on a pedestal for doing something as basic as cooking.

No. 1871770

I was wondering why no one mentioned the fact the posted it online. Like that the hell is that, "look at me, I am cooking for my wife everyday, praise me, I am special", male feminist thot

No. 1871771

>man making lunch for u is simping
That's just called being in a relationship jfc get a grip. Also he most likely posted about it for attention because he knew women would be fawning over him for bothering to do something for his gf.

No. 1871772

Everyone should know how to cook. It's a basic adult skill along with knowing how to clean and manage finances responsibly. Why is boasting about being an inept adult so trendy? Istg I see it everywhere.
This is an issue I have with these things, if he needs online asspats for cooking lunch, that's a huge red flag. If it's part of the routine and you truly enjoy the act you don't need to brag about it online to get fawning women sucking your dick. Same with tradthots, no actually trad woman is attention seeking online. Idk, I feel like if you are genuinely happy you have no necessity of seeking online validation.

No. 1871820

>Also he most likely posted about it for attention because he knew women would be fawning over him for bothering to do something for his gf
Exactly. And I'm not okay with a guy I'm with doing that. He can find another girl if he wants to thot it up online about how great a bf he supposedly is.
>Everyone should know how to cook. It's a basic adult skill along with knowing how to clean and manage finances responsibly. Why is boasting about being an inept adult so trendy?
Cooking is irrelevant in 2023. If you have a microwave, a cubbard full of breakfast cereal and a nearby McDonalds, there is no reason you should ever have to cook. If you need to have "home cooking" then find a guy who will cook for you.
> Same with tradthots, no actually trad woman is attention seeking online
This scumfuck moid is way worse than any tradthot. The only reason a guy would make a video of him making his gf's lunch is so he could get praise from anonymous online women. His girlfriend probably never even asked him to make her lunch. He's her boyfriend, not her mom.
If he made a video of him cooking her dinner for her birthday or something, that would be endearing. But that's not what he did.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1871890

would you stop sperging like a retard?

No. 1871912

something smells funny

No. 1872029

Ewwww I can smell the unwashed ballsack

>moid seeking attention for doing something nice is way worse than saying women shouldn't have rights, molesting little girls is fine, beating your kids is good and domestic violence is the woman's fault
kys sperg

No. 1872043

File: 1690540531153.jpg (11.84 KB, 239x211, t.jpg)

Same, i had a feeling it was a scrote but the later replies confirmed my doubt kek

No. 1872051

File: 1690543710766.gif (1.59 MB, 500x279, IbPGYG0.gif)

>only men can prefer "unhealthy" foods and having a boyfriend who thots it up for other women on TikTok is "based"

No. 1872052

File: 1690544003562.jpg (47.93 KB, 627x626, 490.jpg)

every single anon remarked negatively on the thotting it up part

No. 1872057

File: 1690545587483.jpeg (57.59 KB, 640x440, 8F369E25-0DE0-4999-A0FF-7E42FC…)

No. 1872058

File: 1690545627740.jpeg (163.45 KB, 640x882, 493B7798-7DBC-4E53-A7FA-FB604C…)

Kek didn’t expect this

No. 1872082

Kek at the sociopath stare and far apart titts

No. 1872102

all tradthots and "traditional women" as a rule are prostitutes, this isn't surprising at all

No. 1872124

File: 1690555571347.jpeg (1013.45 KB, 1170x2221, IMG_0196.jpeg)

No. 1872128

Andrew Tate says shit like this all the time and his creepy goblin hoarde love it. love it. That's gotta sting.
Is she just famous because she's so easy to dunk on? She has no charisma, cracks under the slightest hint of pressure, and doesn't seem like she actually believes what she's saying. She just says stuff for attention and doesn't know what to do with it. She's not even a male fantasy type to compensate for many shortcomings. She's gotta be some sort of liberal op to make angry internet men look bad, right?

No. 1872132

This is because you're ugly Pearl not that teenagers are objectively more attractive than grown women.

No. 1872139

holy shit pearl has no grasp of reality anymore, whens the last time she hanged with a 15~16 old? They're dumbfuck kids
are they lowering the wall down to 15~25 now?

No. 1872141

I think for pick me's to gain a following thats loyal you have to fit a certain mold, scrotes will take any old retarded moid who hates women and can "Dress it up" to look like they are successful and confident. When they orbit pick me's they are like Shoe, or trans or just someone whose thoughts are more then, YOunger women hotter older women ugly! I feel like for Pearl, everyone knows it's because she's ugly, she's never been the hot girl, she just keeps repeating the same shit, with no passion, just pure retarded Shayna like repetition.
Who does she appeal too really? She's not clever or smart, or charming. She's not even the type of ugly some scrotes will simp over. I just think pearl isn't likeable and as a woman trying to profit from woman hate you have to bring something if you aren't nice to look at. Be clever or..something.

No. 1872164

>redpiller is pedophile
Imagine my shock

No. 1872169

Y chromosome is a birth defect. I keep telling you this.

No. 1872175

Some moids have been saying the wall is 23 for ages now. Then they have the gall to blame feminists for young girls not wanting to date their decrepit will-dump-you-at-24 pedo asses kek

No. 1872193

I give it a year before they start saying girls hit the wall in 9th grade

No. 1872237

Did piers grill her on why she isn’t married or anything? Why interview her when she isnt even living the lifestyle she pushes on other women

I’m convinced Hannah and moids in general have obsessively watched Hollywood so much that it rot their minds. they actually believe that all preteens and teenagers look like the actors irl when those actors were all in their mid to late 20s or 30s.

No. 1872296

They say women hit the wall at 16 nowadays.

Funny, because all sub 8/10 men hit the wall at birth.

No. 1872349

File: 1690589771385.png (697.6 KB, 901x922, smegthief.png)

megha caught stealing tweets to seem smart

No. 1872386

From what I saw, Piers was too busy defending her from the other woman that was actually grilling her in >>1870803 by saying the woman wasn't a real feminist for not letting Pearl have her own opinions and let Pearl talk over her about things that didn't have anything to do with what was being said.

No. 1872414

File: 1690596283501.jpg (179.56 KB, 1054x735, F2-Jxk-FHa-YAAc5-Cc.jpg)

I can tell why she hates other women

No. 1872419

The next thread should use this image and be called "Just Burly Things Edition" kekkkk

No. 1872421

Pearl looks like what body dysmorphia tells me I look like

No. 1872452

there's really nothing wrong with Pearl's body. She just has a big frame and no shape

No. 1872454

Why is her head so small

No. 1872466

Her body's too big

No. 1872473

File: 1690607407680.jpg (278.65 KB, 1440x1800, wa0o61ue4leb1.jpg)

Fellas is it satanic to want to be appreciated by your husband

No. 1872479

Pickmes are so sad. They get nothing and convince themselves that they're happy with nothing.

No. 1872487

there is truly so much wrong with pearl's body

No. 1872501

Tradfags using big melodramatic words like "satanic" or "demonic" for barely liberal behaviors will never not be funny to me.

No. 1872512

I have never cooked for a man. Men exist to cook for me.

No. 1872533

this bitch talks like she's grifting in 1983

No. 1872587

She looks like a man lmfao

No. 1872592

I'll remember that next time he licks my feet bitch. kek i hate this old hag so much she's the perfect example of crabs in a bucket her man cheated on her many times and treated her like dog shit so she's mad the rest of us don't get the same treatment and we don't even have to fuck over our bodies and goals to birth a scrote's worthless spawn or make him 3 meals a day to be treated 10 times better than her kekekeke the tradwife's life is so pathetic and sad you almost pity them

No. 1872596

Literally laughed out loud, same. I hate shitting on people's looks but god damn bitch is ugly inside and out

No. 1872601

>make him three meals a day
she doesn’t cook for her stupid ugly husband, though
he hates her weird food and cooks his own

No. 1872622

“Feminists are fat and bitter” - tradcunt orbiters

(Not realizing that girl defined, pearl, and classically abby are massive)

No. 1872624

If Megha is not with her husband, who is cooking for him? Megha has failed as a wife because she's not cooking at least three meals a day for her husband, not very traditional of her. How can she even live with herself knowing her husband must have to cook for himself, or even worse, someone else, perhaps another woman, might be cooking for him?

No. 1872627

I love how Nick Fuentes and Pearl have teamed up, they both don't believe the shit they spew. They just repeat whatever redpill/4chan shit they see online. Such pathetic losers so desperate for approval from literally the most retarded demographics.

No. 1872635

These trad christians seems to forget that Jess Christ himself said that the husband should love his wife as he loves the church, aka willing to die for her and do everything for her out of pure love

No. 1872645

easy for Jesus to talk big when he himself wasn't even married. Typical moid: all talk and no action

No. 1872658

Nick Fuentes is an actual neo nazi lol

No. 1872659

it's funny how they try to portrait every feminist to be fat with colored hair and tattoos while some of us look exactly like their dream thin blonde trad wife kek it makes them lose brain cells and seeth when those types of women are hard core feminists and wouldn't take shit from them you love to see it

No. 1872675

He's hispanic and he wanted Kayne to be president lmfao. He's just a LARPer.

No. 1872683

I hope one day one her kids speaks out against her hypocrisy. But I wouldn’t be shocked if they went NC with her so she copes by being chronically online

This. They’re both funded by their rich parents and couldnt compete in the real world despite having the advantage of rich parents so they act like retards online for clout except they don’t know when to stop.

No. 1872684

Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift are both radfems. I'm sure there are others as well

No. 1872685

Well he most likely was married but those text have since been removed from canon. Anyways my point was that those christian trads arent even following the gospel of Christ, so much for being christian. I mean Jesus also says men should gouge their eyes out if they cant stop themselves from looking at women lustfully, and not that the woman should cover up. They just conveniently forget things like that, despite beng tru and honest christans

No. 1872689

That scum bag stephan Molyneuw is obsessed with taylor swift and would always sperg about her eggs and how she needs to have arian spawn lmao it really gets under their skin when their ideal women are fem

No. 1872700

I don’t think they’re exactly radfems by definition kek

No. 1872701

lol no they're not

No. 1872722

File: 1690654631438.jpg (140.97 KB, 720x966, Screenshot_20230729-141804_Bra…)


No. 1872729

>Well he most likely was married but those text have since been removed from canon
then he was prob a shit husband
>That scum bag stephan Molyneuw is obsessed with taylor swift and would always sperg about her eggs
well he isn't using that famous moid logic, then. Everyone knows that Taylor had her eggs harvested when she was in her early 20s and has enough to have 20 super healthy kids if she wants
>and how she needs to have arian spawn
He wants Taylor's kids to be Arian Christians? Why? Taylor herself is a standard Trinitarian Christian, why would she raise her children into a heresy that had already become obscure by the 5th century? That is weird even by Molonyeux's standards

No. 1872740

Not working is based though. Same as not having kids. Eat shit tradthots.

No. 1872742

No. 1872743

I have a feeling he has a whole other family in England/Dubai or some shit, honestly. It’s definitely not normal for your husband to be away ‘working’ almost the whole first year of you being married, no matter how much of a career freak he is. The fact that they’re supposed to be a trad couple but are already basically estranged makes it even more bizarre.

No. 1872744

>The fact that they’re supposed to be a trad couple but are already basically estranged makes it even more bizarre
How is it bizarre? If anything, it seems to be the norm of "trad" couples

No. 1872745

Also it means that either Meg refused to follow her husband and go live where he lives, which isn’t very trad and obedient, or he just told her not to come with him and to stay where she is while he works abroad, which is very sus.

Megs husband should gouge both his eyes out then

No. 1872747

I mean, I agree most tradhusbands seem to avoid their wives as much as possible, but I haven’t heard of another ‘trad husband and wife’ where they live in different continents for 300+ days a year…sounds like a meme internet LDR relationship.

No. 1872749

how are they not radfems, because they date men? Radfems have never said that women aren't allowed to date/marry/have kids if they want to, regardless of what a bunch of 14 year olds larping as online feminist gatekeepers think

No. 1872751

J Law and Taytay are sigma females, simple as.

No. 1872754

>sounds like a meme internet LDR
that’s what smegma and her johns relationship is no matter how hard she copes. she was just desperate to get married and pop out a crotch goblin before 30, that’s all.

she is also absolutely coping with the fact she will be staying with her mom and letting her do all the child rearing and chores most of the time.
no trad culture does that, the bride almost always goes to live with her husband/her husbands family instead. johns family are probably those typically polite middle class english people who pretend to be nice to smegs face but cant stand her in reality, they probably asked him not to bring her over to the UK again lol.

No. 1872756

He gives off fed youngling vibes.

No. 1872757

True, people should be allowed to live however they want with the freedom they want. Also women choosing not to give birth is nowhere near equal to a man wanting to be a couch potato. It’s a lifelong commitment some women don’t want to or can’t handle. It’s creepy how it’s treated as a moral failing to not be a broodmare. Especially creepy when it’s supported by “women posting Ls” because you know moids can’t stand women being free and happy not sacrificing herself to prioritize a man.

No. 1872758

She’s really built like a brick shithouse lol.

No. 1872760

We are entering an era of automation, no work and soon, artificial wombs so no woman will actually have to go through the horrific and barbaric tradition of childbirth and labor. The era of slavery and servitude is ending. And that’s a good thing.

No. 1872763

One day in the future humans will be looking back on human pregnancy and labor the same way we look back on plague and smallpox. It will be seen as a repugnant disease of the distant past that humans managed to overcome.(ACF retard)

No. 1872770

File: 1690659719710.jpeg (297.56 KB, 1242x626, 42E95564-8BC0-4B94-AB3C-3F7C1A…)

>Smegma try not to seethe about white girls challenge: impossible mode

No. 1872772

She’s not even correct, white women vote conservative the most of any race of women. It’s black hispanic and Asian women who overwhelmingly vote left wing lol.

No. 1872777

if no work needs to be done, what is even the point of continuing to keep moids alive? Wouldn't they essentially be obsolete?

No. 1872782

Are we sure pearl isn't a TIM? He looks like a towering bridge troll next to the real woman.

No. 1872784

>wouldn’t they essentially be obsolete

No. 1872792

An era of slavery is actually just beginning. Artificial wombs will be harnessed by men to create sex slave armies. New technology is always used by human beings to further enslave each other.

No. 1872796

Yeah, automation isn’t going to advance people into a higher social or economic class. It’s used by businesses to make more money so they don’t have to pay or accommodate real people. I don’t see it as being a net positive for the average person. Seeing how people act over the years doompilled me, we will never be free of human/male evil and degeneracy.

No. 1872806

Oh my god shut up with this samefagging and victim mentality.

No. 1872812

But that won't happen because women will be the ones who will control the technology
>Are we sure pearl isn't a TIM? He looks like a towering bridge troll next to the real woman.
y'all need to get off Pearl's case. She's just big. Not every woman can be a 100 lbs, 5' waifu. Stop body shaming her.
If all women were as robust as Pearl than men would be afraid to attack us.

No. 1872834

Aryan, not Arian

No. 1872840

she's perfect.

No. 1872841

File: 1690667884311.gif (2.61 MB, 498x283, GO PEARL GET HIM.gif)

real chargin' chuck vibes

No. 1872848

File: 1690669642995.jpg (6.45 KB, 287x176, téléchargement.jpg)

Women who don't want kids aren't brainwashed they're smart and logical and above all actually value themselves kek They saw the fruits of sacrificing your body, time, freedom and goals to scrotes's below average genes and they want nothing to do with it. Again with crabs in a bucket mentality if you want to spend the only life you'll ever have being an unpaid domestic servant then so be it but stop trying to drag the rest of us with you your shitty life is beneath some of us. Tradthots hate themselves and other women so much they want us all to have low self esteem and beg for crumbs of male validation even if it meant destroying our lives for it kek y'all tradthots are a unique kind of pathetic

No. 1872849

>y'all need to get off Pearl's case
Shut the fuck up. If she likes shitting on women for getting old and call feminists fat and ugly then it's fair to point out the fact that she looks like a troon and is ugly af.

No. 1872853

we are absolutely not entering this era.

No. 1872856

Except she's not ugly and she does not look like a troon. She is average as the day is long.
And nonnies itt aren't criticizing her for being ugly, they are criticizing her for being big. They are basically saying that women with big frames look like men.
you are probably one of those tiny women who are easily bullied by moids

No. 1872859

Pearl IS shaped like a 300 pounds 6 foot tall moid kek i see the anons pointing that out got under your skin since you're also shaped like brick wall lmao

No. 1872860

Who cares about wombs, do you guys not think about what happens after that? Men use and need women to take care of children so that they can have their freedom. Pregnancy is "just" the 9 months out of a lifetime of being chained down by caring for the children and the house while the man goes on to have freedom and career. Pregnancy sucks but it is just 9 months while caring for a screaming shitting ungrateful kid and their father is much longer.

No. 1872865

>you are probably one of those tiny women who are easily bullied by moids
Women who aren't built like a troon that started transitioning at 40 are free to defend themselves with guns and pearl is ugly as fuck stop coping

No. 1872876

She seems more like a straight femcel to me.

No. 1872879

File: 1690672817940.png (142.52 KB, 893x782, retarded.png)

There's so much retarded fuckery going on in these two tweets to unpack

No. 1872896

I thought this dumbass went private? Every tweet is a cry for help about what a useless bum her pet chimp is and how he never helps with anything. But she’s his biggest fan, don’t forget!

No. 1872907

what technology do women control right now? it's naïve of you to assume this

No. 1872913

Most new technology is invented by us. Women have been dominant in math and science for the last 30 years as moids have mostly moved on to finance. The women who finally develop the artificial womb will certainly share the technology with other women. And even if moids eventually figure it out for themselves it won't matter because they still can't make babies without our eggs

No. 1872926

t. evolutionary dead end

No. 1872932

Maybe if she wasn't such a seething misogynist people wouldn't feel so inclined to insult her unfortunate appearance. She makes a living out of insulting women's bodies. Fuck her linebacker gorilla ass. And I'm a tall woman myself.

No. 1872935

Farmers aren't criticizing her for being tall, their criticizing her for being big boned and powerful. They are obviously jealous of her physical strength and it just makes them look pathetic. A woman who is built like Pearl never has to worry about being victimized by a moid, unlike all these coping small girls

No. 1872942

Some people really don’t care. I didn’t even ask to be born and idgaf about continuing mine or anyone else’s bloodline.

No. 1872950

seething scrote detected

No. 1872954

her dead-eyed manlet doesn't even help with the kid she pushed out for him. dear god. i think this whale is the most depressing tradthot of them all.

No. 1872959

>A woman who is built like Pearl never has to worry about being victimized by a moid
You’re living in a fantasy world nonna.

No. 1872965

Wait, Megha is pregnant? Did she reveal this info herself? I wonder when the last time she actually saw her husband irl was.

No. 1872972

Help? He threatened to murder the rape baby he forced on her during one of his many chimpouts.

No. 1873014

I kinda hate all the terves here but I'll be the first one to say this bitch is built like a fridge, and not even just in the stereotypically male way. she's got a face like a hare and looks like her breath could clear a room. I would feel pity if she wasn't the least sympathetic woman I can think of alive right now

No. 1873054

I just went and got a hysterectomy because of this tweet.

No. 1873061

I'd rather be whatever tf you wanna call me than waste a second of my life being a doormat to a worthless scrote such as yourself and his retarded kids. Keep seething at my freedom scrote you're not king Louis of france or some shit your genes are mediocre at best you're just producing the next tax payers and wage slaves that you can barely afford while childfree retire early sit tf down kek

No. 1873063

>They are obviously jealous of her physical strength
Whatever helps you cope with the fact that you're shaped like a massive fridge. Seeing those small framed real women on the runways and online must really hurt.

No. 1873071

Oh no some moid with an unwashed ass thinks i'm an evolutionary dead end i better go mutilate my body with some moid's cum and spend 18 plus years caring for it without his help who needs six figure careers,being able to buy a 1m + dollar houses and travel it's all nothing compared to living a life of sacrifice for the sake of our men's glorious bloodlines amiright ladies ???

No. 1873073

File: 1690714402463.jpg (38.07 KB, 552x609, killyourselfscrote.jpg)

Do us all a favor

No. 1873075

Same only i made my man get snipped before marriage kek it makes trathots seeth more when you make moids do it

No. 1873078

>seething womanlet detected(b8)

No. 1873082

Stop baiting in here you've been reported many times and you'll get banned soon.Nobody is seething or is jealous of Pearl's ugly ass and there's no such thing as a 'womanlet' kek

No. 1873090

Wasn’t she abused by her moid ? Like, physically and all?

No. 1873091

I don’t think you’re a woman. Men even rape dead bodies, that’s why mortuaries refuse to employ males.

No. 1873092

I can tell why she hates other women.

No. 1873093

She was and he beat their cat to death and said would do the smae to the kid she's braindead

No. 1873094

It's a baiting incel scrote best to ignore until he gets banned

No. 1873098

Yet men victimize each other everyday lol.

No. 1873099

The seething in here is so retarded and smells like multiple scrotes. Women come in all shapes and sizes, no one is jealous of big- or small-framed women. Pearl is just ugly.

No. 1873104

I'm not saying scrotes won't want to rape a woman as big as Pearl, I'm saying they won't be physically capable of it

No. 1873107

A scrote is still stonger than a big framed woman you retard. Learn basic human anatomy.The only thing that will protect you is shooting them dead.

No. 1873108

File: 1690723329276.jpeg (7.34 KB, 275x183, olympics.jpeg)

no lol

No. 1873112

It's a rape baby too? Rape is grounds for divorce even for nutty Catholics, what the fuck is her problem

No. 1873117

It's not tho trad whores think you shouldn't deny your moid sex just cause you feel like it and instead go with the flow if you wake to him raping you kek they are sick as fuck

No. 1873119

I dare your fridge shaped ass go pick a fight with a 6 foot tall moid and see how that will work out for you kek you maybe are stronger than a feminine looking woman but a moid would still kill you now stop sperging on Pearl's body she is ugly and not feminine looking at all for someone that thinks you hit the wall at 16 stfu

No. 1873124

How about just having a child when you are financially stable and a normal age. Already with tradthots and having an obsession with girls popping out babies at 15 when their bodies aren’t developed yet. Then for the cherry on top now Mrs Midwest is sayinng to have babies older too so the poor kid is going risk birth defects and be caring for their elderly parents in their 20s. Do people think before they tweet this shit?
Bet they’ll all be especially bitter on international childfree day coming up

No. 1873129

I swear the amount of hatred and bitternes they have towards women who don't want kids is just psychotic if they're so happy with their lives of unpaid servitude they wouldn't give af what other women do they just want every single woman to be down to their level they can't stand seeing them free with high paying fancy careers it must drive them crazy lol

No. 1873144

I swear they are bitter because this wasn't such an issue like 3 or 4 years ago. Maybe it's just me, but I don't remember anyone caring that much about childfree people back then (back when the tradwife lifestyle and redpill wasn't a big thing too).
But now that the tradwife lifestyle/aesthetic is so popular now; I feel like some of these women babytrapped themselves into it. Kinda like how trangenderism has been a trend, but now thousands of them regret it and now detransitioning.

No. 1873148

I think it’s a weird post pandemic thing where being in lockdown and years of turmoil made everyone’s beliefs swing to extreme levels so now as we’re going into the 2020s what before was “Oh she’ll be lonely maybe but her choice, I’m sure she’s a good auntie” is now “how dare you YOU FAT feminazi pig! the government needs to force you to give birth or get shot!”

No. 1873150

They can eat shit and die cause at the end of the day childfree people will have their freedom, money and peace while they're still stuck with them kids and useless scrotes rolling in their misery kek they're just a fart in the wind people will continue to do what's best for them and enjoy their lives

No. 1873162

I heard a lot of childfree people saying they get pleasure from getting called selfish and whatnot by these people cause it makes them feel like they have the upper hand while the other person is mad they 'got away' with not sacrificing themselves for others while they didn't so the trads sperging and ranting is in vain lol
Shaming them on twitter doesn't mean jack shit while they don't even see it nor care what they think

No. 1873168

Also being stuck with their kids 24/7 and incels seething it's much harder to babytrap a fuckmommy than it used to be.
Wtf, caps? Yeah he's a future family annihilator. Sucks for the kid who has no choice in any of this shit.

No. 1873171

I also think it might be due to the god awful unsustainable economy for the past few years and tons of people (especially tradthots just living off their husband’s income) are getting financially fucked. So they jealously look at career women with no kids with pure rage/envy. Due to nostalgia for pre pandemic, pre social media, and pre economic collapse times they want to bring back the 50s to try and “make everything better” not realizing the 50s were so good (for neurotypical, straight, white people) because people could buy a house really easily and the economy was better. Not because women were “trad” (and were popping xannies at the time to deal with the depression from it)

No. 1873173

You must be male to type such retardation. My friend weighs 250+ lbs and she was violently date raped by a moid. Men rape other men regularly in prison and during wartime. No woman would be retarded enough to claim anyone is safe from your chimpouts, that’s why you should all be put down.

No. 1873175

THIS 100%.
What comes through tho is how they're extra jealous when it comes to childfree hetero couples in long term marriages it must really hurt knowing that some women out there get treated like queens by their men without having to birth their kids or do their laundry while also getting to keep their careers and travel together while they get treated like a doormats by their trad moids despite of the fact that they scarificed their bodies and freedom for them and don't even get help with the kids or any appreciation out of it kek it's too tragic

No. 1873177

KEK get him anon. Scrotes are cancer.

No. 1873179

Yes, she claimed the moid forced the pregnancy on her. Even other tradthots told her she was retarded for staying in a situation that will likely get her and her baby (and her cat) killed, but she blocked them and defended her chimp. She’s the biggest horrorcow on the thread.

No. 1873182

>Unlike tradthots we get treated like QUEENZ by our men
No you do not, lmao. Your man jerks off to porn and plays bing bing wahoo just like theirs. Not having a child with a guy doesn't make him treat you and better and you need to stop selling this delusional guy. Men are men regardless.

No. 1873187

If a man wants to spend his life with you despite you making it clear you're not fucking over your body, freedom and career for him or his spawn then he must like you for who you are and not for what he can get out of you kek
News flash childfree women don't have to stick with a porn addict moid that treats them poorly cause of muh kids or some retarded shit like tradthots do.Let that sink in.

No. 1873188

Well, a man who’s childfree and willing to respect his woman’s body and mental health enough to not want her to “carrry muh leguhcy durrrr” if you took statistics, would be most likely more likely to also believe in equal division of labor, carry more feminist beliefs, and respect a woman’s right to choice compared to a more traditional oriented man who wants a white picket fence/5 kids

No. 1873194

“Muh childfree hetero couples” anon always sounds like a cringe pickme (or male), and I’m childfree too. One huge benefit to being childfree as a straight woman is being able to easily dump a moid if he’s abusive or a bum. They call it “baby trapping” for a reason ffs. But no one sane would claim childfree men are magically better partners than dads or they all treat women like “QwEeNz.” The only thing they have in common with us is not wanting children. Otherwise, moids are moids.

No. 1873196

An easy to kick to the curb moid will ALWAYS be better than the rest of moids.
Nobody said all childfree men are perfect angels who kiss their women's feet i was saying that women in childfree hetero marriages who get treated like queens exist and that's a huge fuck you to tradthots who do too much and get nothing kek

No. 1873198

I'm just saying you sound totally delusional trying to sell this lie of "if you act a certain way a man will treat you right". Men will not treat you right regardless. If you are a career woman or an obedient housewife, your man can still cheat on you and fuck you over in a million different ways. Being a career stacy will not ensure that a man will stay faithful to you, not be violent to you and not ruin your entire life if you try to leave him. In fact if you earn more than him you might end up having to pay for him if you divorce him.

And don't pretend like childfree men are childfree out of respect for the women they are with. If he is childfree because he "doesn't want your body to be ruined by kids" is that not fucking gross and selfish? How is a guy like that a winner exactly? Let's face the facts most men are childfree out of selfishness because men are on earth with only one purpose and that is to spread their seed and the only reason a man would go against the thing he is hardwired to do and forego "muh legacy" that they ALL want is if he is just so selfish that he can't imagine devoting any time or resources to anything that isn't his own immediate satisfaction.

No. 1873208

>I'm just saying you sound totally delusional trying to sell this lie of "if you act a certain way a man will treat you right".
Except i never tried to sell that and you need to read what i said instead of jumping to weird conclusions.
I said that the fact that some women in hetero relationships getting treated way better than tradthots without having to sacrifice themselves for their moids's cum must really hurt the tradthots who sacrifice a lot only to be treated like shit anyway.
>if he is just so selfish that he can't imagine devoting any time or resources to anything that isn't his own immediate satisfaction.
You're retarded af if you think men who want kids aren't selfish or are devoting shit to anybody they just cum in you then leave you to deal with the burden of their kids on your own mostly with no help all you get if you're lucky is some child support a month and you'd still have to work two jobs to make ends meet many scrotes will knock women up to spread their seed then vanish kek

No. 1873209

Are you done making the same post several times in a row yet?

No. 1873217

>I said that the fact that some women in hetero relationships getting treated way better than tradthots
Doubt. If you enter a long term relationship with a man you eventually end up being his mommy bangmaid anyways, the only difference is you also have to work on top of it, lmao. Women who work still do 80% of the household chores on average. The only way to win the game is not to play and not to date men.

>You're retarded af if you think men who want kids aren't selfish

Except I never made that claim, you're the one who said that men who don't want kids do so because they "respect their partners body and health" which is just utterly delusional.

No. 1873234

>If you enter a long term relationship with a man you eventually end up being his mommy bangmaid anyways, the only difference is you also have to work on top of it, lmao. Women who work still do 80% of the household chores on average.
I have no idea what kind of relatioships you're sperging about but it's a fact that childfree marriages have way more equal labor dynamics than the traditional ones most childfree couples divide house chores equally and don't even believe in gender roles or else they wouldn't be childfree kek Both man and woman have careers or jobs usually and some even hire maids to clean their homes plus divorce is much easier and if a woman is smart enough to not have kids she should be smart enough to make the moid sign a prenup if she earns more kek you can't be retarded enough to deny that childfree marriages are way better than trad marriages for a woman.
Lastly you're right about how all moids are dog shit but you have to remember a childfree woman with agency has the power to erase a scrote out of her life damage free like he never existed and divorce them for small reasons then move on with zero baggage holding her back which is something a tradthot or mother can never dream of.
Kids and financial dependency are a moids's greatest weapons against us you take that away from them and they're finished. That's why men and tradthots hate childfree women so much.

No. 1873264

File: 1690741628036.png (52.83 KB, 885x267, kek.png)

On top of being painfully retarded she also has zero self awareness calling other people fat

No. 1873267

File: 1690741696963.png (175.07 KB, 249x377, fatdoormat.png)

samefag for what she looks like

No. 1873272

Why even get married in the first place?

No. 1873273

Idk maybe cause some people actually love each other and want to get married out of love and not to spread muh seed and conform to norms ? it's a wild concept i know.

No. 1873275

but we can't allow pickme's to have all the babies, then they will dominate the next generation

No. 1873284

Sounds kind of trad tbh to devote your entire life to only one man.

No. 1873324

There are a lot of financial and tax benefits so it makes sense to get married if you’ve been in a long enough relationship and can see it continuing. And being in a relationship doesn’t require devoting your life to someone, people still have their own independent lives after marriage.

No. 1873332

no they don't. Haven't you ever seen those gross old couples? They essentially merge into a single person

No. 1873342

"gross old couples" Nonna who hurt you. It's perfectly okay to want to live an independent live and be single and not be a tradthot. But what the hell did little old Evelyn and George across the street who have a cute garden and bake you cookies do to you.

No. 1873345

they have never baked me cookies and I don't like seeing people who have completely lost any sense of individuality

No. 1873349

are you living in pelican town, by chance?

No. 1873384

I’ve never met an old couple who still loved each other. Either the husband is already long dead or they spend as much time apart from each other as possible.

No. 1873385

Being a massive hypocrite seems to be a prerequisite of tradthottery.

No. 1873394

No nona youre actually completely right. Nobody gave a shit about childfree women say 5 years ago, people mostly left them to their own devices and agreed that having kids is an entirely personal decision that one is free to make for oneself.

Now there seems to be a massive and strangely concerted effort to force women into being broodmares and aggressively shaming any woman who doesn’t kowtow. And I agree, the whole thing feels like a weirdly artificially coordinated psyop, just like the whole tranny thing has felt incredibly forced the last couple years. The anti-childfree stuff seems to be coming from a few directions: incels who hate feminists and are seething that bangmaids are harder to find, narcissistic tradthots on tiktok and twitter trying to promote their lifestyle on the algorithm, boomers who are worried that there won’t be enough people to wipe their asses once their kids have chucked them in nursing homes, the media pushing out stories about how sad and lonely x female celebrity is, and hell, perhaps even the government is pushing all this too, given that birth rates are dramatically dropping all around the globe as fewer and fewer women desire childbirth and motherhood.

And I agree I bet these tradthots got sucked into the placenta cult and are now regretting it, just like trannies who drank the koolaid and now want to de-transition.

No. 1873400

You only have to do a 0.1 second Google search and you can find thousands of posts from women who had kids and now regret it or are on the brink of a mental breakdown from the stress of having kids and have no idea what to do next. It’s an absolute myth that having kids will make you happy, if motherhood and kids in themselves were such a joy then you wouldn’t see the vicious seething hatred towards single moms that trads have. It’s all about the scrote and his ego and dick, not the sacred bond between mother and child.

Also, child homicide rates rose almost 30% between 2019 to 2020 across all races, partly due to lockdown. It’s almost like people who keep pumping out kids willy nilly are selfish narcissists who don’t even like their own children and often abuse the shit out of them.

Meanwhile people who actually consider the child’s happiness and well-being above their own, and decide not to bring a child into a non-ideal environment, are the ones who aren’t having any kids and ironically would probably make far better parents than the mentally ill quiverfull tradwhores, rapey incestuous fundie/Amish freaks and other trailer/hoodrat trash who can’t stop popping out kids to abuse and neglect.

No. 1873402

I see you've never been in a long term relationship, kek.

No. 1873408

It really does feel like some form of weird government psyop to get more people knocked up so there can be more taxpayers and people working in low wage factory jobs.

Like it’s so creepy how all of the sudden celebs like the Kardashians and Paris Hilton are suddenly popping out babies at age 40, there’s been a rise of the tradwife content on tiktok, and the Babylon Bee makes a whole viral video portraying childfree women as lonely and miserable with mean bosses.

I’d love to continue this discussion in the childfree thread in /g/ so this thread doesn’t get too derailed

No. 1873444

It’s sad that little baby is growing up with a family annihilator for a father and a retarded mother choosing to stay with him. What’s even more sad is when he snaps, other trad thots will defend her memory by saying how she couldn’t have known he would do that despite him already getting arrested for it in the past

No. 1873455

Korea and Japan are basically bribing and begging women kek. The problem is they need women to have at least 2 or more now to replenish the tax pool and maintain a ethnostate, but couples who do only have 1 kid. One is enough to fulfill the parenthood desire, but also no one can afford beyond one since its way too expensive.

But for the West I feel like during covid lockdown, it just scrambled with peoples fucking brains. Redpill popped off, tradcons got louder, cottage core got big, and then the tradwife trend got big. I started to see the cottagecore trad virgin "I dont want a job, I want a husband to obey, 6 babies, read my bible, and make bread" rhetoric a bit after lockdowns started. I wonder how many of these girls babytrapped themselves with a religious moid and now realized it's not glorious as they thought it'd be but just keep it up for social media. Lauren Northern is lucky she didn't get pregnant with her degenerate pornaddicted cheating husband. Can't wait to see whats leftover when the aesthetic is over kek(derailing)

No. 1873465

This is not true at all. Either you were too young back then to notice or you were living a under the rock lifestyle.

Childless women were always made fun of and people used that as a insult towards them some examples were calling them crazy cat ladys, leftovers, not normal etc etc. This is not a new thing at all and it hasn't gotten worse, infact I'd say its better now.

No. 1873476

It's counter-culture. For millenials being childfree and unmarried was counter-culture because that's what your parents did and now everyone's parents are divorced and Hollywood and social media and advertisers are promoting the childfree career woman lifestyle and pumping out tons of "black CEO girlboss" crap in hopes that women will feel "empowered" to buy their products. So marriage, traditional values and having kids is the new counter-culture.

No. 1873485

>the social role forced onto women until a few generations ago is akshuly counter culture!!1!
Bad feminism on my part, but women who fall for this are dipshits who deserve no sympathy. Every old lady(minus brain cancer'd tards like Lori) will tell any younger woman who asks how terrible it was to be her husband's property unable to take birth control or get abortions, open a bank account in their own name, or pursue any jobs other than teacher/nurse without pushback. These tards who submitted to the fleshlight lifestyle because working is too haaard were failures waiting to happen, tardwifery is just the way their failure manifested. When the inevitable backlash happens and they all come crawling out of the woodwork bawling about how they were tricked, I won't be moved.

No. 1873492

I don't really blame young people who have divorced parents, were latchkeye kids with two parents who work full time, onlychildren who feel like they have no family strucxcture to rely on and now romanticize traditional families with lots of kids. Its because they want what they were missing out on growing up.

No. 1873505

does anyone have screenshots of comfysarah talking about her husband hitting her and threatening her child?

No. 1873510

They exist in past threads

No. 1873513

Having kids on your own by choice without a moid isn't even bad it's the married single mom life that's shit however most liberal women had conservative parents and turned 180 when they grew up and realized how fucked up trad beliefs are we don't need to reproduce in order to overpower them, their kids will realize how fucked up their beliefs are and cut them off as usual kek

No. 1873516

That child will grow up to hate religion and be a hardcore feminist after finding out about their retarded pick me mum and soul less dad i hope she survives him as for Sarah idgaf if he beats her into a bloody pulp she's vile.

No. 1873538

hop over to the leftcow thread nonna, Peter Thiel and other tech oligarchs are throwing hundreds of millions of dollars toward pushing this nonsense online plus forced-birth legislation.

No. 1873585

Maybe in your shithole, in mine, women were left alone.

No. 1873587

This. It’s not single moms who fuck up their kids. It’s a combination of poverty that often afflicts single moms and predatory scrotes who come into their lives and prey on the woman and kid because they know there is no man around. And it’s worsened if the mom has to work long hours at a menial job and leave the kid with a sitter all the time, which raises the risk of the kid being molested. Same with having boyfriends, 1 in 5 women who were raised by stepfathers report being molested by them.

If you’re a wealthy middle class woman with a good amount of savings, you have plenty of spare time to spend with your child and don’t have creepy or predatory moid friends boyfriends or family members, and at least a couple decent women in your support network, then your kid is gonna be absolutely fine.

No. 1873588

Most men don’t have bloodlines worth continuing, honestly. Most moids were ooga booga ugly peasants who bred through rape and now are crying because they don’t get a state mandated rent a womb by birthright anymore. Fuck that shit, at least 90% of mens bloodlines deserve to die out.

No. 1873590

File: 1690790741093.jpeg (225.99 KB, 1242x873, F493EF42-8B80-4568-BC98-D0A6E5…)

The wests birthrates are gonna be just as low as Japan and Koreas within 5-10 years. Tradthots are dying on a retarded hill. The only people keeping western birthrates afloat are new immigrants and communities like Hasidic Jews and the Amish (who only number around 400K at most and don’t interact with the outside world anyway, around 1 in 5 people end up leaving Amish comms anyway) The only people panicking about this are conservative boomers and the government who are dry heaving at the thought of an ageing population, less taxpayers and less service industry workers to exploit. The nona above is right, billionaires are funding this shit to go mainstream and pop up in the algorithm.

I used Iceland as an example because they have far fewer fundie Christian types and less immigrants than other European countries. Funnily enough Iceland is one of the most feminist countries on earth and their birth rate is still higher than religious Christian countries like Italy or anti feminist countries like Russia, but yeah their population is still very low, their birthrate is still below replacement and will almost certainly continue to drop, this is expected.

No. 1873600

why don't people want to have kids anymore?

No. 1873635

1. It’s expensive as fuck, especially since the cost of living, food and housing is so pricey and public schools are hellholes
2. Life isn’t about endless labor and toiling anymore: most people in the old days had kids as helping hands to provide free labor and also look after their siblings while the parents were working
3. with the current state of the world all the violence wars rape moid bullshit degeneracy etc it’s not really surprising many people don’t want to bring children into it. there’s also an ethical question of whether it’s right to force a non consenting being into existence to suffer and die
4. people nowadays are more focused on themselves and their own lives in general and many simply don’t want the responsibility of children, which is fair enough.
5. Moids are crappier and more coombrained than ever, many men just bounce and leave women as single moms: many women simply don’t want to risk this. It’s extremely hard to build and upkeep a stable family unit to bring a child into.

No. 1873636

Trads are retarded if they want people to have more kids they need to make it more attractive by lowering housing prices and giving mothers more benefits and also making moids help with kids by advertising it to them all this shaming and seething will do no good

No. 1873638

1-2 kids is plenty. I’ll never understand people who want 10 kids or more.

No. 1873639

Even tradmoids are all worthless degenerates let alone normie moids. More and more women are deciding the juice just ain’t worth the squeeze and we can blame them.

No. 1873640

Can’t blame them**

No. 1873646

Biological urge isn't as strong as we thought it was. Seems like motherhood has been something socially pressured onto women for centuries. And in developed nations, where the social guard rails are off, the internal pressure just isn't there as we thought it was. For tradcons, they can't imagine a women who doesn't want to be a parent. But a man who doesn't want to be parent? They don't care.
Another example, thousands of years moids thought women were too stupid for school so women were forbidden to be educated. Ironically, now we know women are better at school than men. Women get better grades and female graduates outnumber men.
So now we see tradcons choosing homeschooling because 'the education system is a disadvantage to boys and only benefits girls' rhetoric boohoooo kek "the male college crisis" boohooo

No. 1873663

Yeah it’s very insane how all of them are blaming feminism for the declining birthrate and not y’know the fact that jobs are paying minimum wage and houses are millions of dollars

No. 1873695

Actual measures that improve the birthrate like affordable housing, living wages, guaranteed maternity/paternity leave, and safe neighborhoods and schools necessarily improve the lives of the people they effect, which neither the billionaire class nor trads want. Billionaires want a permanent underclass of desperate workers willing to take shit jobs for shit pay since they have no other options since they have kids to feed, and trads relish in other people's suffering, being miserable themselves, and want everyone to be as unfulfilled and hollow as they are. Racist trads probably want the muh white birthrate to go up too, but given how often they marry interracially I do wonder if they actually care about it at all.

No. 1873728

>automation isn’t going to advance people into a higher social or economic class
It literally already has, the industrial revolution, and capitalism in particular, lifted humanity out of poverty in unprecedented levels. Moids have always been evil and greedy, automation at least means their antisocial behavior has positive externalities.

We have better things to do and the ability to choose to do said things. It's that simple.

As a shithole-chan, I really don't get point #3, it seems like one of those cases where the less there is of a bad thing the more people notice it and the worse they think it is. The "current state of the world" is miles ahead of what it was as little as 20 years ago. I'd still not choose bring a child into this world tho, for all the other reasons you listed

No. 1873753

Yeah, if the urge to have children was so strong it wouldn’t have needed artificial structures, laws, systemic barriers, economic leverage, religion as well as social cajoling (it’s your solemn duty) to ensure women would kee reproducing. Now that women have a choice in the matter it’s ‘beautiful and magical’, naturally.

No. 1873816

Plus the US has the highest maternal mortality in the developed world, which is getting worse every year (and is directly related to the shit Healthcare system and no maternity leave).

I think a lot of millennials not having kids isn't so much a rebellion against their parents as it is not wanting to make the same mistakes they did. A lot of us are the products of boomers who had kids solely because they thought its what they had to do, and were predictably awful parents. Some were straight-up abusive and their kids don't want to risk continuing the cycle of abuse. Some fell into religious breeding cults like IBLP and their kids ended up estranged and traumatized (there's a reason why breeding cults try to marry off girls and get them popping out babies as young as possible, they know if they don't trap girls before their brains are even fully developed there's a good chance they'll end up running screaming from that cult/lifestyle). Some ended up with mental illnesses/trauma that makes them struggle just to care for themselves, let alone another completely dependant person.

The biggest reason of all is financial though. Even people who want to have kids aren't doing so because they can't afford it. Boomers have no one but themselves and their ladder-kicking to blame for that.

No. 1873818

No they werent and i live in the West and not in a "shithole" you racebaiting tard.

No. 1873847

There are many reasons but can we at least acknowledge the birthrate is low because people are having LESS kids, not because childfree/childless women are so common. We're still a minority, there's still a tonne of stigma, women still romanticize motherhood to a great degree no matter how many logical reasons there are not to have kids at all. But nobody, not even enthusiastically maternal women, want to pop out 5+ kids. They can't afford it and don't have the ability to care for them all.

No. 1873880

>Even tradmoids are all worthless degenerates let alone normie moids
tradmoids are far worse than normie moids.
>Actual measures that improve the birthrate like affordable housing, living wages, guaranteed maternity/paternity leave
Robyn and her moid have none of those things and yet she has been perpetually pregnant for the past 3 years. I don't think it's a financial thing, people just don't want to have kids

No. 1873886

Didn’t they say something like 45% of women under 50 will be childless in 10 years or something? Looks like being childless isn’t really going to be a rarity at all.

No. 1873890

The main reason people aren’t having kids anymore imo is that kids are a massive timesink and moneysink, and for what? What do you actually get in return for 18 years (or 30+ years these days) of cooking for, cleaning up after and tending to a dependent?

Most natalists claim kids make you happy and I’m sure plenty parents do get joy out of their kids, but how many parents do you see that seem genuinely elated to be with their kids? I saw a bunch of parents with very young children in the park today and none of them seemed particularly enthusiastic or elated. Most of them were very quiet, tired or seemed annoyed. Sure there are some parents who absolutely adore kids and it’s their biggest joy in life, but those people are the minority for sure. Why else would the vast majority of people have at least some kind of issues with their parents, ranging from nosey helicopter parent to full blown sadistic abuser? How many people in the world have a fantastic wonderful relationship with both their parents full of love, mutual respect and happiness? It’s obvious they’re also a minority, sadly.

At least in the old days people actually had valid reasons for popping out kids: it was insurance for the future when you’re old and infirm and can’t work and there aren’t any social welfare systems in place, kind of similar to how people in poor shitholes pop out so many kids so at least one of them might get a good job and be able to support the family if their parents couldn’t. This is seen as toxic and wrong to do in the west anyway so there goes another huge social incentive to have kids.

No. 1873893

Also as it’s been proven countless times before, children are not insurance against ‘dying alone’ or ‘ending up in the nursing home’. Which seemed to be the main driving factor for trads and boomers to reproduce (and it’s already backfired)

No. 1873899

Same also goes for husbands. Fewer women want to get/stay married because marriage is a huge effort for what’s increasingly clear extremely little in return.
The fact that being divorced+single and having alimony is more appealing for so many women than having to live with a moid and pick up his shit everyday tells you everything you need to know.

No. 1873933

it’s all about “out breeding” the others. Fundies do it because that’s what their religion says. Crunchy trad families do it because they want to larp like it’s the 20th century. Race spergs like varg and Marie do it to out breed brown people. The kids quality of life and their futures are always ignored because the parents are always narcs who think of themselves. And they always parentify their oldest kids to raise their siblings. It’s fucked

No. 1874015

>move all the fats to the south
Well she lives in Alabama, so that’s very convenient for her.

No. 1874035

File: 1690856548265.jpg (675.84 KB, 1170x2391, 1690847561522.jpeg.jpg)

idk why this was posted in in the old thread but i'm reposting it here. megha gave birth.
i hope the kid grows up to be well adjusted and she doesn't spread her heinous shit to it…

No. 1874040

File: 1690857751790.jpg (126.78 KB, 800x987, Macarthur_hirohito.jpg)

Same vibes

No. 1874109

Funny thing is no one cares lol.

No. 1874112

The Muslims have already got that one on lock, and the crucial difference is they’re way more anal about their religion and all it’s rules. ‘Christian births’ doesn’t really mean anything as most westerners count as loosely Christian but don’t follow any of the rules or even go to church. I don’t think there’s any point trying to compete with the Muslims desu their faith is much stronger, they’re much more strict and kids born into Muslim families tend to stay Muslim too.

No. 1874113

I don’t actually know Lauren Chen is only 1/4 Chinese. I thought she was at least hapa or 3/4 Chinese lol. Those Asian genes are strong.

No. 1874115

>Jess Christ
This made me snort, sorry. Momentarily imagined Christ as a buxom tattooed red haired barista named Jessica.

No. 1874119

File: 1690876954831.jpeg (2.82 MB, 2830x4267, 93D6CA24-86E3-49B8-BAE1-8799A0…)

Wonder how tradthots feel about trad 50s housewives needing nerve tonics and benzos to help them get through the day.

No. 1874122

File: 1690877907665.png (1.98 MB, 1080x1080, Laurenchenbaby.png)

She actually is half Chinese and grew up in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Here's her dad with her and her brother.

No. 1874127

No she said in her bio she’s 1/4 Chinese and 3/4 European. Her dad is hapa, his father was Chinese and married a white woman. Then in turn he married a white woman. So really only Lauren’s Grandfather and Great Uncles were fully Chinese.

No. 1874132

I genuinely wouldn’t be able to tell this was Lauren in her childhood. She looks like a completely different person now with completely different features. Must have had so much plastic surgery desu.(you need to be at least 18 to post here)

No. 1874133

Dubious, I can't find that in any of her bios. Nothing about her dad reads as hapa to me, either. I can definitely see her telling white lies about that sort of thing, though. Did she ever post photos of her grandpa and his wife?

No. 1874135

I agree it sounds made up. Lauren really hates being Asian. But her dad does kinda look halfish so I dunno.
I think she was fairly attractive before all the surgery and fillers. Aren't alt righters and trads supposed to be all about having a "natural face"?

No. 1874172

>muslims outbreeding everyone else
I'm glad I won't live to see meaningful life extension, else I'd have to pop out a dozen kids myself. What a depressing future

No. 1874173

Housewives were the original "cats and wine" women, trads on life support inb4 moidsperging about how it's totes different because you'll have a moid at home to turn boredom into utter misery

No. 1874200

Perfectly said.
Only a retard would fall for the kids trap even six figures careerists are saying hell no to it.Logic before instincts and feelings people.

No. 1874203

Hell yes anon. I love these threads cause seeing so many smart women who know exactly what's up is refreshing.

No. 1874246

actually Muslim birthrates have also collapsed. The only Muslims that still have a high birth rate are the Palestinians and the Muslims in sub Saharan Africa

No. 1874256

she lied to you.

No. 1874272


Lmao at her trying to emphasise the skin colour contrast. I feel so bad for this baby, if he/she ends up looking more Indian than white, Megha is going make sure that kid knows about it.

I wonder if her philandering husband was at the birth? And whether she and the baby are going to stay in Canada where she will effectively be a single mother, or if she is going back to live with him in England or Dubai or wherever.

It's all such a mess. She was so desperate to have a kid before a certain age that she rushed into it with the first sperg who would have her and she doesn't even live with him. Give it a couple of years max and this fake marriage will dissipate and the poor baby will grow up without a father figure.

No. 1874290

you just KNOW the first thing meghavermin thought when the baby was born was its complexion and how shes going to tweet about it. I feel bad for the baby because the father is absent and DMing instagram teens. smegs will continue tweeting vile filth while her parents raise the baby

No. 1874322

She thinks having a white baby will make her more attractive to the right-wing men she spends every minute of her life trying to gain the approval of. I hope having this baby makes her realise how terminally online she is and she finally grows up and logs off. And learns how to cook.

No. 1874329

File: 1690907522657.jpg (184.91 KB, 1170x2391, kki4gdffjefb1.jpg)


No. 1874359

All babies are pale and most have grey or blue eyes when they’re born. I’ve seen black newborns that literally look white colored but over time they become the same complexion as their black parents.

No. 1874362

Does she even have any simps or orbiters? Doesn’t seem like it. Most people in her replies seem to be calling her retarded. She’s too mid of an ethnic girl to attract simps and she’s also married which makes her less attractive to moids.

No. 1874363

Muslim countries birthrates are still higher than Europeans, East Asians and most other countries

No. 1874371

Systemic rape, female oppression, and denial of birth control will do that

No. 1874376

File: 1690913540710.jpg (46.17 KB, 354x766, 95x5jt56zafb1.jpg)


No. 1874420

This is just not true. Anecdotal but my family was very well off when my parents divorced. My grandfather helped our family financially IMMENSELY. My mom had a successful small business and worked from home. We travelled, went to the theater, had a very comfortable lifestyle. My mom by choice decided not to date and focus on us. Both me and my sister ended up very fucked up in our early 20s, had classic issues with no consistent father figure. My sister is still dealing with issues and she is 34. I grew up in a very wealthy area and saw this as a common occurrence in our school with other children of divorce. Single parenthood absolutely fucks children up unless the parents are ideal at co-parenting. I saw lots of well cared for, children of financially successful single moms become drug addicts, get pregnant in high school, several OD’d. it affects children of all socioeconomic levels.(no1currs)

No. 1874447

You know what also fucks kids up? Their parents staying in an abusive relationship, especially ones where the moid threatens to murder them and their mom like Sarah's husband.

Bet child victims of family annihilators wished their parents divorced.

No. 1874451

No one is saying that’s not true but most divorces in the US now are categorized under “no fault” usually it’s not abuse that ends a marriage. Divorce is detrimental to children, so is a parent staying in an abusive relationship. Both things can be true. The only point I was making was that divorce can be harmful to children no matter their socioeconomic status. My mom didn’t divorce my dad because he was abusive. It was the opposite, he was completely checked out of their marriage. I think that’s the case for many high earning families. While my mom always at home with us she also worked from home her whole marriage so she wasn't dependent on him solely financially and she left because he didn’t even do the bare minimum so it wasn’t a loss for her. He was a fine dad until she divorced him, he emotionally separated himself from us and didn’t really have a relationship with my sister at all.

No. 1874454

Sounds like you came out fucked from the womb kek, and "very well off" tends to breed insanity almost at the same rate as poverty does. I grew up with a single mom and me and my sisters are fine, worst mental health issue that cropped up was due to our mother having extreme nausea and not eating properly during her first pregnancy.

No. 1874455

>muh no fault divorce
>muh father figure
Begone moid

No. 1874470

>dad emotionally separated himself from being a dad after the divorce
I'm thinking your mom was justified divorcing him and that the reason you and your sister are "fucked up" is because your dad is an ass that's feeling more huffy about his divorce than he ever felt love for the two of you. You have "daddy issues" because you have a shit dad, not because your mom divorced. Anyway, laughable if you think that prior to no-fault divorce, most women would've ever been successful in divorcing their abusers. Courts are shit at recognizing abusive scrotes for what they are even now

No. 1874477

I literally was just making a point that divorce is hard on kids, that was it. This triggered more people than I thought lol

No. 1874479

>both me and my sister ended up very fucked up
Maybe that’s on you, not your mom.

No. 1874483

you're either a pathetic failmale or an equally pathetic, delusional, spoiled bpdfag who leeched all lifeforce from your poor hardworking mom growing up and all throughout your 20s, and now you post on reddit about how you were raised by a narcissist abuser mother who forced you to clean your room and occasionally take the trash out which akshually gave you complex ptsd. the fact is that everyone ever would be much better off without a father.

No. 1874487

You have no idea how much I wish I was raised without a dad from the get go. Mine molested me from when I was around 3 until I was 12. You severely underrate how many people are traumatized by bad fathers, not just absent ones. Great fathers are hard to come across.

No. 1874492

To me motherhood represents masochism and that just gives me the ick so badly. It’s basically allowing a moid to traumatize your body and leech off you in so many ways. Only a pathetic masochist would find that idea attractive, and there are plenty of retarded masochists around. It’s been said many times before but women invest so much into pregnancy and childbirth and raising children while men quite literally invest a teaspoon of cum. It’s not surprising whatsoever that men LOVE the idea of having as many kids as possible because their input is absolutely minimal. I also don’t really ‘get’ what people find so appealing about having children. Sure sometimes they’re cute, but so are lots of things, and they’re noisy and poopy and pukey and just make me feel kind of irritated and annoyed. I don’t really see what you get out of it. I think it’s simply a preservation instinct that makes you think your kid is the most important thing in the world because humans were retarded for thousands of years and thought we had to keep breeding otherwise humanity would die out. But it’s not, so who cares. Just don’t need em.

No. 1874494

What exactly does a father offer to a child? Fathers barely spent any time with their kids to the point they don't even know what grade their in or who their doctor is. Men hate their kids so much they'll take extra hours at work just to stay away from their families. Especially if they have daughters. So what is the purpose of a father?

No. 1874495

why does having an absent father cause girls to seek out male approval? Shouldn't having an absent father teach girls that moids are shit?

No. 1874500

This lol. Why do tradthots screech about the importance of fathers, when by their own admission their kids spend barely any time with their father at all?

When it comes to the single mom issue they’re simply not willing to accept its many other factors and variables and cause doesn’t equal correlation.

Trad culture revolves around blaming women for absolutely everything. Men never get chastised apart from the occasional weak ‘man up sweaty, also you should start doing nofap’ advice. Women get blamed for absolutely everything, from the apple eating incel schizo fairytale nonsense to being responsible for the entire moral breakdown of society.

No. 1874501

>man abandons his children
>let’s blame women

No. 1874506

All religions are a mistake, or at least the ones invented by men. But Abrahamic religions are by far the worst.

What a brilliant idea to invent the idea of a god that is hungry for baby penis foreskins, to the point it’s followers must offer up their babies foreskins soon after birth, and create mentally deranged scrotes that grow up hating and trying to violently control women because they are paranoid we’re gonna castrate them even further and just cut their entire dicks off one day. It’s a Freudian field day.

No. 1874513

Shoulda put up with that mental and emotional drain sweaty maybe someday he would have checked back in and connected with his family! The real villain is mommy for cutting her losses

No. 1874517

I actually love my mom I just think she made a mistake she and I are close. I don’t think either her or my father made a good choice getting married to one another. The abandonment was absolutely on my father. I do think my mom alienated him but she’s only human. The women on here seriously are terminally online. I was just making a point that divorce isn’t always a better option for families. I didn’t say women shouldn’t get divorced or that it couldn’t be beneficial all I was saying is that it affects children of all socioeconomic statuses. Everyone needs to calm down.

No. 1874521


So you grew up financially well off and both you and your sister weren’t sexually abused growing up because your mom chose not to dad shop.

You are either a male or an ingrate.

No. 1874522

I feel like 90% of these threads are women shitting on women for any kind of commentary they may make that isn’t lockstep with their own weird ideology. There isn’t even a ton of discussion on the dumb tradthots it’s just women being like “oh your parents divorced and that affected you you must being a horrible person for mentioning that it affected uou MU DAD ACTUALLY MURDERED ME I WISH I DIDNT HAVE A DAD”.

No. 1874523

im not sure what the point of trustfund nonna's post even was or why they came to this thread specifically to deardiary

No. 1874524

No one could possibly have any issues in life if they had financial security or weren’t molested by your dad. What if I were molested by a family member? I was groomed by a teacher, does that count? My older sister was gang raped at a party, does that count? Jesus man I guess people who didn’t have a gross step dad are just ingrates.

No. 1874526

My post was just that divorce hurts kids regardless of financial status. Someone said wealthy single parents raise kids with no issues and I just said “I saw a lot of kids who were well off become drug addicts, have teen pregnancy and also OD” I wasn’t saying no one should divorce but rather it does have consequences for all kinds of families. That was it.

No. 1874528

I’m not even here defending marriage lol, I’m single and want to remain that way, I don’t want a husband or a family. Divorce is never something I wanna put on children. I hate these women especially the ones who don’t believe divorce shouldn’t exist. I just was saying divorce can harm families. That was the post. That was it.

No. 1874566

did her husband visit or did he not care enough in Dubai still stalking OF models on ig

I don’t really trust the rates on muslim birth rates since lot more people have left the religion but can’t outward live it because of apostate laws

I think it was long ago I read that Lori got kicked out of her own church group for these extreme takes.

No. 1874588

>dad emotionally checks out
>it was the divorce that did it!
Like saying it was climbing up a flight of stairs that gave an obese diabetic alcoholic who just did an entire gram of coke a heart attack

No. 1874611

Her dad was a piece of shit but it's totally reasonable to believe that the divorce is what caused her piece of shit dad to emotionally check out. A lot of women stay with men because they know those men are pieces of shit who will never bother talking to the kids again if the marriage ends. You are acting like anon is blaming her mother when all she is saying was that she was hurt when her dad's shittiness was revealed by the divorce

No. 1874617

Exactly this. My dad was involved up until the divorce. He was checked out emotionally with my mother and that was what made her leave but he was still a decent enough dad when they were married. Once he moved out he was less and less involved. I’m not blaming my mom, that’s on him for choosing to do that but at least when they were married he still was interested in being a dad, even if he wasn’t interested in being a husband. No he didn’t traumatize us by hitting us or yelling or molesting us. It was still disturbing to lose a dad and it wasn’t my moms fault he checked out. But had they decided to work on their relationship (and my mom said she really didn’t try as hard as she could so she has self awareness around this) I think they could have fixed issues they had. Kids losing either parents to apathy is hard, especially when it happens when they are young. My mom was a great mom, it didn’t stop my sister and I from experiencing hardships around male figures as young women. Not having a good dad in the home left a huge hole for us. Is that the case for everyone, no??? Did I say that before, no??? My original post was just that divorce can affect children from all backgrounds, money is not the only reason single parenthood is hard on kids. This post wasn’t about abuse, molestation, anti divorce, anything like that. It was just that divorce can and does affect all different kinds of households.

No. 1874624

stop spamming the thread with your bullshit, no one fucking cares just stfu

No. 1874627

I made one comment and was attacked by no less than 10 other posters, this thread wouldn’t be full of anything if it weren’t for the other women just waiting to absolutely jump down the throats of other nonnas for the smallest comments.

No. 1874636

it's lolcow. Take it or leave it.

No. 1874677

you’re still blaming your mom, as if she could have fixed the marriage by herself
your dad checked out of marriage, then he checked out of parenting, he’s the asshole
get therapy

No. 1874683

File: 1690946956187.png (59.21 KB, 922x351, babycope.png)

kinda feels like twitter is more important to u megha

>>1874627 unless youre a cow, stop talking about yourself

No. 1874686

“If THEY had worked on THEIR relationship THEY could have fixed THEIR issues” see how I’m not pointing at either of them? I only know her perspective which is she feels as though she could have tried harder because I don’t talk to him. No clue how he feels. It was both their marriage. They both chose to not change. My mom initiated divorce. She’s responsible and so is he for not choosing to work on it. My mom took responsibility for her part. I think it’s actually very introspective of her. Yes he’s an asshole. The level of language nitpicking in here is fatiguing.

No. 1874706

Are people still harping on about Destiny supposedly impregnating Lauren Southern. That's one of the most absurd and dumbest rumors I've ever heard.

It's amazing how people will constantly talk about that in the RW/RedPill circles, but they won't go anywhere near the Lauren Southern dating andrew tate stuff. Unlike the pregnancy stuff, this one has valid evidence supporting it.


No. 1874709

That baby is made with curdled sperm so I hope she enjoys being an autism mummy.

No. 1874718

YWNBAW and you can’t blend worth shit kek. Sorry the psyop on Mongolian basket weaver forum doesn’t work. Samefaging fools no one.

No. 1874721

Rollo tamassi is the one who started the rumor. But Rollo hates Destiny with a passion, and hates Lauren because redpillers hate divorced women and single mothers because its all their fault blah blah

Despite Lauren and her baby being abandoned by her husband, left penniless because she used all her savings to help her husband, quit her career for her husband, being told she should've picked better by her own kind, etc etc… Lauren hasn't moved one inch away from her conservative right wing trad views. So I highly doubt she'd ever touch a dick attached to a blue hair Biden loving manlet.

No. 1874722

They hate that this is true.

No. 1874725

File: 1690956499555.png (32.87 KB, 1786x177, myad1 - childswitcharoo.png)

Children are essentially mens reward and what they're designed to accomplish while women have more options so they try and convince women that akshully their reward is ours.

No. 1874727

The filename sounds like you have more of these, care to share? What does myad stand for?

No. 1874728

Screenshots that remind me of manifesto-chan kek. Not my post but ones that fit.

No. 1874729

Can you make a mega of them or something please? I am down bad for more manifesto chan content.

No. 1874731


Would love to see your Andrew Tate/Lauren Southern evidence. Have they ever even been in the same country at the same time? But yeah the Destiny thing is a fantasy

No. 1874754

Men are subhuman garbage and should be blamed for everything. Women should violently abuse all men

No. 1874767


No, but people who choose to do whataboutism on an image board instead of going to therapy are.

Stop blaming your mother and get help, ingrate. You certainly have the financial means to do so.

No. 1874772

Rollo hates Lauren because she humiliated him in their debate. Lauren wouldn't touch Destiny with a 10 foot pole.
According to Farmers itt, we can't because supposedly men are sooooo much stronger than us

No. 1874776

Divorce is the man’s fault, 99% of the time.

No. 1874780

You should have been aborted.

No. 1874781

So you blame your mother for all of that?

No. 1874783

Most men don’t really give a fuck about their kids desu especially if they’re girls. Fatherhood to moids means securing their genetic legacy. Once that part is done they’re good. The actually doing anything part is entirely optional. That’s precisely why single motherhood rates are so high and keep climbing, when given the option to check out, plenty of men will.

No. 1874808

the guy that made the video is a vile cretin but the comment section of this video is actually what's eye opening. hundreds upon hundreds of comments agreeing with him.

No. 1874824

>post "divorce is harmful ackshually!" to thread dedicated to shitting on people who'd rather stay with a family anihilator than divorce and deprive their kids of muh precious father figure
>reveal your absent cum donor already had a history of emotionally abandoning family members, insist you were built different and he never would have done it to you were it not for evil mommy
>wah wah why am i being ATTACKED!
Go get therapy, retard

No. 1874836

depends on social/economic class. My dad definitely favored me over my brothers. I had friends who had a similar experience. But I was white, American, upper middle class so my experience wasn't necessarily the norm for girls who grew up in poorer households

No. 1874837

video doesn't work

No. 1874845

Nona there’s literally multiple studies proving most men are pedophiles. Not just hebephiles or ephebophiles or whatever. Actually pedos. In the 1950s the UK government surveyed thousands of British men. It gave them a pamphlet about pedophilia and what the definition of a pedophile is. Then they asked those men if they would consider themselves to be pedophiles and 95% of the British men answered yes. There were also follow up studies where ‘normal’ non pedophile, non offending men were shown videos of prepubescent naked children, pubescent naked children, and naked adult women. Half of the ‘normal’ men shown prepubescent naked kids developed an erection on response. Of course these studies were later deemed unethical and aren’t really done anymore. But way more men are attracted to children than would admit. The pedo blackpill is something many women don’t want to face because it’s so horrifying, but the truth is right there. The media is also trying to normalize pedophilia too.

No. 1874849

nta but can you link to those studies? i've never heard of this

No. 1874917

ew that scrote’s entire channel is trying to “rehabilitate men and masculinity” but it’s the same tired shit mgtows have posted before where they blame women for male issues yet boast how males are so much better than women at everything. Just rage bait to get chronically online scrotes upset and stay on his content as a negative feedback loop for ad revenue

I watched a video of crime stoppers trying to catch pedophiles on ig. They photoshopped the team members face to be about 16 at first. And set her up on the platform. It was immediately that they received 100s of messages of normal men wanting to meet her. Then they lowered her age because they thought that these men would blame their decoy for any trouble due to her proximity to adulthood. Even after the age was lowered and the photoshop made this woman look like a little kid, the males came

No. 1874966

>these 40yo women have too much emotional damage, they're bitter and traumatized lulz!!!
>entire channel is trying to “rehabilitate men and masculinity”
classic projection from bitter mentally ill moids past their prime who got ditched/burned by their ex and can't recover

No. 1874987

File: 1691000888022.png (241.71 KB, 1024x652, 2023-06-22_14-20-39.png)

Ah yes the perfect toy for children, a pedophile in a diaper

No. 1874997

training baby girls so they can take care of their manchildren husbands when they grow up, does he say ''gib chicken nuggies mommy'' when you press him?

No. 1874999

I would unironically become a practicing Christian if Jessica Christ was a thing.

No. 1875006

It probably tells little girls they're fertile and should birth daddy's rape baby

No. 1875027

Most left-wing men; the study left conservative men out

No. 1875039

yes conservative men are famously not pedos at all

No. 1875070

>Then they asked those men if they would consider themselves to be pedophiles and 95% of the British men answered yes.

Wait, are you referring to the Brass Eye episode? That…was parody, nonna.

Anyway, the most recent British study put the rate at 1%, consistent with an earlier large-scale German study (which is still a lot of men!)

No. 1875090


Tommy Robinson, an old British acquaintance of Southern, said he saw Tate and her making out in a hotel he was staying at with them and Caolan Robertson. Caolan Robertson made a tweet a couple of months back claiming he was at Tate's house and saw the rooms he did the camgirl stuff in. If he was there, she was there. This would have been in 2018, when Lauren was travelling around Europe and the likes.

They never filmed anything in Romania. Lauren never spoke of going to Romania, so it was off the books. Caolan was her camera guy. He would have been having more intimate conversations with her, because in the tweet that he deleted, he said a close friend of his got SA'd, and Lauren is the only woman he was close with - not romantically, but as a gay friend to her.

Romania is where Tate lives. Now, Robinson has a soft spot for Tate. He likes him. So when he was making this claim, he was doing so in defense of Tate, but Caolan was implying to those in the know that Lauren was the one he was referring to in the deleted tweet. He accused Tate of SA'ing Lauren indirectly, then deleted it - for what I presume was of Lauren asking him to take the tweet down.

Here's the most interesting part - on social media, where Tate is a divisive figure constantly talked about by most youtubers, especially in Lauren's circle of friends. Whether it's the likes of Venti, Chrissie, Shoe and whatnot; all of whom have made content about Tate or mentioned him…

… Lauren has literally never gone out of her way to mention Tate at all. Nowhere. Not on Facebook, twitter or Youtube most importantly. Literally never uttered his name. A guy who is fawned over by conservative frat guys, many of whom tend to dislike Southern and she has expressed her distaste for guys LIKE Tate, but never made anything about him. A little odd, he's not a nobody, he's infamous and he's everywhere and she literally has nothing to say about him? While her friends never shut up talking about him?

Also, her friend Ashton Birdie/Whitty literally said in a simpcast video that Lauren has been in a room with and met Tate himself, because Ashton herself had a run-in with him.

Lauren actually blocks people on twitter for asking about Tate. Why would she do that? She doesn't literally have Tate himself blocked on twitter, because he liked a tweet from her back in June of this year.

She engages with the Destiny pregnancy rumors and mocks them so openly that those rumors are obviously bullshit - but the tate rumors? Won't even for a second acknowledge them.

Caolan, Tommy and Lauren travelled with each other for a while. They were a trio. Caolan was Lauren's main camera guy alongside some other guy who was in a relationship with Caolan, think his name was Robert. Lauren was very busy in 2018 and that's when Caolan and Tommy were in Romania, so she obviously went there with him.

Tommy also said that while in a taxi cab with Lauren, that he saw her texting Tate, wishing to see him again and that she would fly to Romania. Tommy made his claims in a video in defense of Tate, because he knew Caolan was referencing Lauren and it was sus that he deleted the tweet in the first place, considering he didn't name names, so it can't be a lawsuit thing or whatever. Tate is already fucked, so that would have been pointless.

You can use your common sense here and deduce that Lauren told Caolan to remove the tweet and he did, because she didn't want attention drawn to something few people know about. She can't hide her spat with Paul Joseph Watson or those cosplay pics with her non-white bf, but the Tate relationship being obscure is a relief to her, I imagine.

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text. If you want video reference, just ask. I'm just describing the evidence and giving you a logical explanation for everything that isn't known.

No. 1875116

>ew that scrote’s entire channel is trying to “rehabilitate men and masculinity
Scrotes are designed for manual labor and for killing each other in war. The modern world has taken away their purpose so they have lapsed into existential despair and they have to cope by watching "masculinity" videos on YouTube. They are like a dachshund that isn't allowed to dig holes

No. 1875144

File: 1691016861234.jpg (42.43 KB, 1280x720, Jordan-Petersons-Daughter-Mikh…)

>Have they ever even been in the same country at the same time?

Tate is American and Southern has connections in the UK, it doesn't sound that far off to me that they'd both be in the same place at the same time especially since they're both in "right wing" circles. He's also dated Mikhaila, Jordan Peterson's daughter.

I don't like these women but I honestly thought they'd have better taste in men.. ig not.

No. 1875148

Lol you really know nothing about Hispanics if you think it's not possible to be a white nationalist hispanic… btw Hispanic doesn't automatically mean you're brown. Take a look at Ana De Armas and Pitbull, those two are Cubans but are full blooded European.(unsaged racesperg)

No. 1875155

I love when men howl into the void about “male preferences” or “what men want.” Women as a collective are unbothered by this pathetic sperging, because no one actually cares what men want. Men will take whatever they can get and everyone knows it. They’ll fuck a 12 yo boy, a 70 yo grandma or a chicken sandwich if given the opportunity. That “expired post wall corpse” woman they’re all triggered by could log onto any dating site and get deluged with desperate dick, and they all know it. Yet these low-value moids who literally no one wants believe if they whine loudly enough about “preferring” 19 yo virgin supermodels, they’ll magically appear KEK

No. 1875157

This comments section actually isn’t that bad. Like there’s a lot of women against it which is good

No. 1875160

Yeah there’s also married men like “well my wife is 50 and I find her pretty hot”, and the loveless incels are calling it “cope” like they aren’t doing the worst and most obvious coping of all by pretending they get to reject women who wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot pole.

No. 1875164

>I honestly thought they'd have better taste in men
Umm…why, nonna? Both of those women are solely motivated by grifting & clout chasing. A red pill idiot with a large following of brainless simps is 100% on brand for them.

No. 1875167

Redpiller men want 16 year olds: “durr hurr its my preferences! deal with it! men habe standurds!”

Women want a guy who isn’t a heavy breathing basement dweller that would stalk/murder/abuse them:
”how dare you you are sooooo picky you fat modern woman femcel you’ll die alone”

No. 1875171

I'm curious too because I've heard of redpillers and pedo tradcons talk about a study where men find the 16 year old face the most attractive. Thats why these degenerate fucks say marriage with a teen girl should be acceptable ugh. All I know about it is that it was based on silhouettes but I can't find that answer in the conclusion

No. 1875178

Men who have no preferences and low standards are usually bad men anyway because men are hardwired to want the challenge of having a woman worth chasing and investing time into to feed their ego rather than gaining a doormat with no effort hence why all pickmes never prosper because men who have no standards will ultimately treat his women like shit in the long run even the ones who are ex-incels who supposedly would "treat her right as long as she loves me!"

No. 1875184

File: 1691021779558.jpg (149.51 KB, 1080x422, IMG_20230803_015353.jpg)

"Fun" fact for nonnas, when this happened everyone referred to Tate as the man that set up a sex trafficking ring in Romania. Mikhaila had already given birth to her daughter, she left her with her the boyfriend, the girl's father.

Mikhaila likes writing every now and then captions under her insta pics in this style, once saying that she was glad she had her daughter at 25 and not at an older age like libs demand, as it was a much worse age to give birth ti children.
Funny how she was so mature and so ready for a child that she ran away with a well recognized sex trafficker not even 12 months after giving birth to her child.

No. 1875187


Wall of text guy here again:

The reason Lauren dated Tate is, I suspect, because he was wealthy and I guess she got swept up in the excitement of dating a rich man for the first time, hoping to ride it out. How they met or what caused them to break up are mysteries in themselves - but she dated him… that much is for sure.

Lauren has some demons in her closet and she's not willing to talk about these specific demons in particular. As in, the fact that a womanizing pick-up artist managed to charm her into bed and fucked her, literally. Tate isn't even the type of guy to wait around - he's not traditional or conservative. So you know once they got together, she had sex with him within the first 1 week or less than a week of meeting him.

That's a dent on her conservative values in retrospect, but then we know she got knocked up before getting married and her marriage was a panic wedding before her bump showed too much. She didn't acknowledge that in her divorce video either, she made it sound like she married her partner out of love. These things have to be a source of insecurity for her, that she can't truly hide or pretend they didn't happen.

Anyone remember that video of Tate that leaked a couple of years ago? The one where he's on the bed with the woman and she's wearing lingerie and he's hurting her and it's like some painful kinky thing; said something to her about kissing or licking his pimp stick. It revealed Tate gets off on paining women with toys and part of me wonders if the reason Lauren broke up with him is because he tried to do that kinky shit with her or maybe she already did and she broke up with him for some other unrelated reasons.

Either way, on top of all the other shit Lauren Southern has gotten scolded for, if this thing got out to the mainstream media, she'd never hear the end of it. Surprisingly, none have already taken it up, but it's like a goldmine waiting to be… well, mined.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1875191

what age do couples stop finding each other physically attractive? Surely 90 year olds can't be attracted to their corpselike spouses?

No. 1875202

I figure at that point sexual attraction is pretty much gone

No. 1875208

then what's the point of even getting married, then?

No. 1875218

Old people fuck like crazy. They have legit issues with STI's like syphilis in old folks homes cause none of them use peotection.

No. 1875226

Companionship, deep friendship rooting in decades of marriage, like interests, liking to do everything together. I don’t know if this will apply to younger generations but I have several neighbors in their 80s who’ve been married 50+ years and their spouse is their best friend. I think it was a lot different when your pool of prospective mates was much more local and more people were outdoorsy and actually allowed to live without being corporate conglomerate slaves.

No. 1875236

Comfort, companionship, social cohesion, fear of dying alone etc. Marriage as an institution has never been based primarily on sexual attraction.

No. 1875256

You think the only point of marriage is sex?

No. 1875262

no, but it's stupid to pretend that it's not a big part of it for most people

No. 1875264

ok ethan ralph

No. 1875269

I thought it might be bullshit. Not because I think men aren't inherently pedophilic, but because most of them wouldn't want to incriminate themselves for ego's sake or potentially even more nefarious reasoning.

No. 1875291

File: 1691033522726.png (1.16 MB, 2016x950, 9EFE1586-0C0B-4D9D-ADB1-DF4718…)

You are naive as fuck lol. >>1875269

No. 1875292

File: 1691033563281.png (895.9 KB, 2222x1283, 1A143B16-3299-421B-83F9-C64F8F…)

Moids also admit to finding 13 year olds the most sexy.

No. 1875314

Ok, well then it shouldn’t be hard for you to find the study where 95% of British men confessed to being pedophiles lol

No. 1875352

Also, if men only want girls in their teens, why would women ever get emotionally invested in a romantic relationship? Why would they ever trust a man, even their own fathers? Like if everything they say in this video is true, it 1) says a lot more about the bleak, degenerate nature of male sexuality than it does about the value of women, and 2) would confirm the notion that it would be in the best interest of girls and women to separate themselves from men entirely and be as sociopathically self-interested as they can possibly be.

No. 1875363

File: 1691051162056.png (150.25 KB, 944x1124, capture.png)

>hundreds upon hundreds of comments agreeing with him.
The moid is an absolute subhumanm, but what's the point of lying? as >>1875157 stated there are plenty of men and women in the comments who are calling out his bullshit.

No. 1875367

I'm just turning 30 next year but I think people (read: not terminal coomers) get used to what they and their age peers look like and still feel attracted because it's just "a person like me", not "a disgusting old person, unlike me", and those are the ones you recognize as romantic/sexual partners. Moids who didn't hit the wall at birth hit it on their mid 20s as they start getting bald and fat and their uncared-for skin starts to sag, but you still consider them "more attractive" than teen boys because of that, and eventually a 30 years old moid doesn't seem as repulsive as it did when you were 19. But still feels weird man, late 20s men seemed ancient until I turned 28 myself. Fucking a 34 yo at 27 made me feel like a disgusting ddlg coquette, moids don't understand that when non-mentally ill teen girls say they like older guys they don't mean a 40 yo corpse, they mean a college sophomore

No. 1875430

I will never be attracted to a 90 year old moid, even when I'm 90 myself. But maybe not everyone is as repulsed by the elderly as I am

No. 1875442

What do people expect if their marriage is only based on shallow appearance bullshit and not actual personality compatibility? That’s the biggest recipe for divorce/screaming arguments if I’vs ever heard

Second of all, these men who typically date younger women are never these mature, responsible “providur” types that redpill men portray. In reality it’s men who are immature themselves in these situations and mentally still in high school. So they want to just get drunk and party, are overly whiny/clingy, throw adult temper tantrums, and gossip/start drama with everyone around them.

And calling people “post-wall corpses” is exactly what a gossipy teenager would write in their burn book.

No. 1875450

>why would women ever get emotionally invested in a romantic relationship? Why would they ever trust a man, even their own fathers?
Because women have Stockholm syndrome towards men. 1/4 of women will be raped in their lifetime. 1 in 5 women who were raised by a stepfather report being sexually molested or raped by him, and its 1 in 40 for biological fathers. Women are more likely to be killed by an ex or an intimate partner than anyone else. Men commit 97% of violent crime despite being just 49% of the population. And yet we still treat men like they’re human for some reason. Like I said, because of evolutionary Stockholm syndrome. We know we cannot beat them physically because of their upper body strength advantage, so we tolerate their horrific traits.

No. 1875477

yep. all the moids i've known who've dated significantly younger girls have been addicts and/or mentally ill. they just want to latch onto someone too dumb and naive to see their problems, or someone who has the same problems themselves so they won't care.

No. 1875497

This doesn't surprise me because I stated men are inherently pedophilic, I'm just not dumb enough to think there's a nation wide survey asking men if they're pedophiles in which 95% of the answered honestly.

No. 1875537

>Men commit 97% of violent crime despite being just 49% of the population
find it funny how radfems freely bring up statistics like this yet its "racist" to bring up statistics like black people being 13% of the population and committing 52% of crime?(racebait)

No. 1875574

It's not "black people", it's black moids, but I can see how a racebaiting moid would assume they're the same thing

No. 1875575

lol okay

No. 1875638

>scrotes trying to count abortion as a crime to inflate womens statistics to excuse male violence.
You did this to yourselves faggots.

No. 1875641

They are trying to include abortion stats as crimes to inflate womens stats because they're degenerate scrotes that would rather continue to destroy society than stop committing crimes while identifying as superior like trannies.

No. 1875649

White men commit more violent crime then black women. The main indicator for violence is a persons sex. Keep coping faggot and trying to project your retard violence on to "NOT ALL MEN! It's these other men so fuck me reeee". What's it like being the degenerates of gender?

No. 1875657

File: 1691096063333.jpg (33.04 KB, 320x240, f492405345648fd4798a1989153c.j…)

I've yet to see a black female mass shooter tho. Yeah the African American community as a whole statistically commits more crime than other ethnicities, but I think most BW's crimes are still probably something like theft or prostitution, not violent crimes like males.

>>1875187 why was this anon put to pasture? This is more interesting than the annoying derailing race bait comments here.
>>1875184 I don't follow either of them but wow if that's true.. It's sad how so many people don't think twice about having children and just do it because they can. No consideration to the upbringing of the kid..

No. 1875658

Ok ban evader tard, where exactly is your proof they commit more crimes than asian men that doesn't try and include abortion as a stat.
>Men don't identify as degenerate!
Kek, no wonder you retards created the tranny problem we have now.

No. 1875659

Because it was a scrote.

No. 1875660

You're trying to claim it is a race problem when violent crime is a sex problem. Black womens crimes are usually the non violent crime, and the violent ones are less in number than literally every mans. Keep coping why you retards aren't violent because you don't identify as violent.

No. 1875662

File: 1691096308460.jpg (597.68 KB, 1080x1351, Screenshot_20230803_230050.jpg)

Asian men are still way more likely to kill their wives than black women are to kill their boyfriends.

No. 1875664

File: 1691096449141.jpg (405.47 KB, 1080x1731, Screenshot_20230803_230249.jpg)

This website isn't for you. You can leave if you want, Elliot Rodger.

No. 1875666

He wants to try and incorporate abortion and womens non violent crimes like prostitution in the stats when anons specifically reference violent crime to deflect from men being more violent than literally any women because it's their coping mechanism for why women should still obey men when they are more degenerate.

Is this replying to the wrong anon?

No. 1875668

It really does trigger men to recognize men commit 90% of all violent crime kek.

No. 1875669

Any predictions for Pearl's future and marriage?

No. 1875675

File: 1691097201220.png (37.94 KB, 2991x194, trad shilling.PNG)

It's going to end in divorce inevitably. The kind of people who try and shill being trad to others are always mentally ill and insecure.

No. 1875677

Don't reply to racebaiters.

No. 1875678

is there a compendium of these posts? are they the same wise nonna?

No. 1875686

when non white women attack "white feminism", they mean libfems. They aren't talking about us. Libfems really are a cancer so there is nothing wrong with non white women calling them out

No. 1875687

It also tries to posit that posters in this thread that recognise sex as the main indicator of violent crime across the board are all non-white women as a cope that the women they want don’t see them as the violent retards that they are.(racebaiting)

No. 1875724

This is so inhumane, not only did they abuse the women but they had no issue admitting to it when asked which means they felt no shame. Again proves it's a male issue rather than a racial one.

Also if you see racebaiters please report instead of replying, anons.

No. 1875738

Kpop fags stay losing. It’s no wonder Korea has so many radfems

No. 1875851

holy shit he let her out of the house!

No. 1875857

It's definitely a loaded phrase, but I agree. I don't think it's race that's the pressing issue it's that it happens to be middle class white women won't stop being faghags and troon lovers at the expense of all women.

No. 1875901

File: 1691133677604.png (46.41 KB, 641x376, Sci-Hub-Penile-circumference-s…)

Anon, I looked up the citations at the top of the pages, and the text shown there does not exist in the paper it's being credited to.
I ctrl+F'd "In considering", "penile", "50%" and "70%", and none of them gave any results.
Moreover, in the Quinsey Steinman, Bergersen and Holmes study cited even within that text (https://doi.org/10.1016/S0005-7894(75)80143-2), all the participants were members of a maximum security prison and all the non-pedophilic men were either psychotic, mentally retarded and/or had a personality disorder. The same was true for the sex offenders, as well. This is not a representative source in any measure. Even then, it doesn't say 50% orr 70% of them were as aroused by prepubescent children as they were by adult women. If that were true, then the mean would be much higher.
Pic related, the penile responses to adult women weren't even close to female children (AF is adult female, PF is pubescent female, CF is child female, "Het" is heterosexual pornography). Disclaimer: The age range for PF is 12-15 years old, so that is alarming, though this wasn't conucted on members of the general population. The age range for CF is 5-11, and C<5 is children under 5.
Idk where you found that but please check sources before posting shit.

No. 1875905

File: 1691134496781.png (56.62 KB, 1022x606, other2.png)

Samefag, forgot to add, AM is adult male, PM is pubescent male, CM is child male, SP is sadistic pornography (a woman being choked by a man, and a man being whipped), and NS is neutral stimuli (a chandelier or a landscape).
This screenshot is better quality. The "CM" at the top stands for child molesters, whil the lower N stands for non-child molesters.

No. 1875997

File: 1691157793309.png (411 KB, 500x593, 90% of r9k moids.png)

Despite the grifting, she genuinely wants to get married. But, I don't feel bad for her knowing she makes a living encouraging disgusting degenerate behavior in men. You're right, if she manages to get married, she'll end up with a psychopathic scrote just like the ones she caters to on her platform and it will inevitably end in divorce. Picrel

No. 1876001

File: 1691158443556.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, did you know men.png)

Same fag but friendly reminder to all scrotes itt. Cope harder

No. 1876009

genuinely don't understand what goes through the heads of women that shit out half a dozen babies. especially ones that are only a year apart from each other… why would you let your disgusting moid touch you so soon after giving birth

No. 1876033

Yawn. Everyone with a brain knows most men are pedos, they will happily tell you themselves when anonymous.

No. 1876035

Black women commit more violent crime than white women and men combined.(global rule #7)

No. 1876038

Uh no Asians in the US are literally the least likely to commit crime, both men and women.
White males in the US are twice as likely to commit murder as Asian men and white men are also 5x more likely to rape or molest a child per capita than Asian men in the US, even when populations are adjusted for.(racebaiting)

No. 1876044

That study included ever raising your voice at least once in the relationship and arguing as abuse.

No. 1876048

File: 1691162901045.png (850.75 KB, 1374x1080, CC5C1B7D-2C29-4FE8-9ACF-8666B8…)

Lol no, not that anon but you’re completely wrong. Black women commit murder at almost double the rate of white men and at almost quadruple the rate of Asian men.

No. 1876052

All anyone's saying is not to post fake shit like an incel, kek. The false pages are probably from some pedo scrote trying to convince people too naive to actually investigate that he's normal and women all just need to accept his pedophilia. First the Brass Eye parody show being pushed as real, and now this.
This thread is supposed to be anons smarter than dumbass tradthots and right wing tards laughing at them, not their same bullshit repackaged mixed in with them coming here to defend themselves and racebait in fake womanface.

No. 1876054

Why did you reply twice to the same post pretending to be two different people? You sound like a scrotes with this weird whiteknighting.

No. 1876055

? My first post was "All anyone's saying is not to post fake shit like an incel, kek." and I deleted it to add my full thoughts. That's not pretending to be two different people. How is it "whiteknighting" to say anons shouldn't be retarded and post fake content?

No. 1876056

File: 1691163301367.jpeg (387.99 KB, 1313x1181, 8BE376E4-7B43-4515-9082-849851…)

(race-themed derail)

No. 1876058

Lol you’re not slick. Everyone knows you’re a tranny/scrote. Go back to defending pedos on 4chan.

No. 1876060

Okay, now I'm sure you're an actual scrote and probably the same person posting racist graphs and screeching about black women to try and deflect from your criminal male activity (which is also why you're suddenly attacking me for saying this thread isn't for you to LARP as a woman, racebait and defend yourself). Probably the BBC-addicted hapa guy who shat up the last thread. Dilate and 41%, no one will miss you. No farmer is nearly as retarded as you.

No. 1876061

Literally who and what? Nobody cares about your weird 4chan beef, scrote. Go back to spamming CP on your soyjak board.

No. 1876062

Go chop your balls off, pedoscrote. You're not going to normalize shit.

No. 1876063

>I’ve yet to see a black female mass shooter
Black women shoot multiple people dead each day, anon. You’re choosing a very weird hill to die on. Black women aren’t angels and it’s patronzing and misogynistic to portray them as such.(racebait)

No. 1876064

Hi Blaine. Everyone knows you’re a pedo, no point projecting it onto random women.

No. 1876066

I wish we could get rid of Blaine and the other baiting tranny vermin who plague this board.

No. 1876067

Nice try, but mods can see my post history. I wish all gaslighting pedophilic scrotes spamming their incel shit here a painful death.

No. 1876068

File: 1691164088450.png (936.11 KB, 931x715, BEAF5EBB-A79B-4669-B002-48727C…)

Just remember this is who is shitting up the thread and spamming gore and racebait on cc 4chan and here

No. 1876084

How do you know that's him?

No. 1876087

Imagine looking like this and thinking you're superior to others, kek.

No. 1876088

This. Men who participate in pedophilia studies are more likely to be pedos than the average because they tell participants they'll be shown children's pictures to test them, only a pedo would consent to joining such a study.
Ask yourselves, would you join a study where you're shown child abuse material? You wouldn't, right? It's because we're not pedos.

No. 1876089

I'm betting you're not even Asian American. I grew up in neighborhoods and towns where there were Hmong, Cambodian and Vietnamese gangs. <- this was more prevalent with the older generation but still, these gangs were run by ASIAN MEN. Places like SF have Chinese gangs too. Please stop with this model minority rhetoric. There are massage parlors in Chinatowns all over the US which are literally a front for sex trafficking. The US aside, globally men in most cultures are more likely than the women to commit violent crimes.

No. 1876091

Question is why do the people doing these studies have child abuse material..

No. 1876092

F-for sc-science!!! Of course. Obviously. Pay no attention to the pedophile underneath the lab coat.

No. 1876093

Because they're pedos themselves who want to normalize pedophilia using these studies, unfortunately. Just because someone is in a high position of power doesn't mean they have good morals. Most of the sexuality based surveys like this abuse someone in one way or another but I don't want to derail more.

No. 1876095

Some of them cite Kinsey, who literally supported pedophiles and didn't report admitted child molesters that he interviewed for his studies on sexuality.

No. 1876101

Yeah I was talking about kinsey when I said other Sexuality studies, thanks for clarifying anon. And yeah his studies are neither trustworthy nor moral. He chose either deviants/johns or sexworkers for his lgbt study for example and as a result found that "more than %50" of the population was either gay or bisexual.

No. 1876108

File: 1691168702483.jpeg (232.89 KB, 750x959, 4ABC7908-BBE7-4EA6-897F-7529D7…)

I imagine it’s hard for a man to change his child’s nappies when he’s 5000 miles away.

No. 1876109

She will be changing nappies her whole life because that baby is gonna be ‘tarded.

No. 1876110

File: 1691168876751.png (311.59 KB, 1298x910, sexualarousal.PNG)

the other chart is bullshit too, nonnie. The cited study was about sexual attraction to broad child/adult categories so there's no mention of specific age whatsoever (attached is a description of what was shown to the participants). That image has been circulating for years and it's annoying to see so many people buy into something a poltard made up in an attempt to rile up women.

No. 1876112

I’m 100% certain this is a scrote from 4chan who doesn’t know how to sage and has a hateboner for Asians for some reason. The statistics don’t lie. Go cry on /pol/ you dumb XY faggot.

No. 1876114

Most men are attracted to 12-14 year olds. I don’t know why this is so hard for you to admit. You can ask a bunch of them yourself in an anonymous setting if you want. No idea why you’re choosing to whiteknight moids so hard, makes me think you are one.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1876115

File: 1691169236845.jpeg (432.41 KB, 750x1028, A58D05A4-851C-4FE5-9E3A-B1348D…)

>child sex crimes and searches for child pornography skyrocketing
>moids larping as women and women with their heads buried in the sand: NOOO NOT MY PRECIOUS SCROTES THEY WOULD NEVER

No. 1876116

NTA but Blaine, please just kill yourself already. The plan to shit up Lolcow with content from your favorite forum or Discord server or whatever has failed.

No. 1876117

Looks like male racebaiter moved onto here after he talked about engaging in sexual acts with black men in /ot/'s vent thread, kek. Just report and ignore until he leaves.

No. 1876119

Posting on Twitter for her and entertaining these weird men who are "searching for a good wife", are "so unhappy with their wives" or want someone to "train their wives" almost seems like a replacement for her husband, or even her way of "keeping things even" with him, since he likes ogling other women on social media on top of being absent.

No. 1876121

My ex was a tall nice handsome normie with a good job and no weird sexual fetishes. I was actually older than him by 3 years. I remember I found some accounts linked to his email and he was talking about how sexy 12 year old girls are and how he had urges to rape them in the street before he met me. How they were made to be raped by older men. If even normal guys like him are pedos then I’m certain just about any scrote can be to be honest. Not to mention every male dominated board becomes a hotbed of jailbait posting and CP. Literally thousands of comments calling that woman in the YouTube video an old decrepit hideous hag despite being barely 30. Preference for teen and underage looking girls are incredibly popular in porn. All men are pedos I don’t need any dumb study to prove it. Just listen to them talk in private.(not your personal blog)

No. 1876126

I guess that's his thing, porn addiction re: black men and attacking black women (though to be honest he bashes all women) for hours. Typical male shit.

No. 1876128

Don't reply to the baiting pedophilic male who's saying all men are pedos. Please. Report and ignore.
How are they saying they're trad and then ignore all traditional family values and try to raise kids with absent parents? She is literally saying she's trad while raising a fatherless child/ a child whose father is so distant from them they'll have issues bonding. That's so sad.

No. 1876130

reminder that preferring anecdotal evidence to empirical evidence is a hallmark of low intelligence(sage your shit)

No. 1876132

Just from this description alone makes me think it's a mixture of 4chan and kiwifarmers, both are equally obessed with race mainly bringing up black people and Asians randomly (and jews). I wish they'd leave

No. 1876133

Have you now given up dating men entirely? How did you confront him about this?

No. 1876136

I'm Asian talking about my experiences living in an Asian neighborhood in the US. If you bothered to read at all, I was responding to another anon claiming that Black women commit more violent crimes than Asian men which simply isn't true because men of ANY race are more likely to commit violent crimes than women.
>>1876132 Don't jump to conclusions when you don't even know why I was talking about this. I don't hate anyone.(sage your shit)

No. 1876140

It's most likely blaine baiting, normal women don't mention their bfs height when talking about the said bf committing crimes, don't reply to the bait.

No. 1876141

Uh no. I was simply saying even in US Asian communities, there is still crime and violent crime actually has more to do with your gender than it does with your race. That's all.(still racebait)

No. 1876166

Reminder that not knowing how to sage is a hallmark of absent intelligence, reminder that anecdotal evidence is literally empirical evidence, reminder that we have a replication crisis going on et cetera. Dilate and 41%

No. 1876182

errrr imagine reading the sentence "wish you'd train my wife" and not be utterly repulsed by the cretin that wrote it. smeghma is truly one of the lowest self esteem women i've seen of these tradthots, its like she is physically in her late 20s but mentally still a teenager.(learn to sage)

No. 1876219

So fucking psychotic. These people care more about themselves than their own fucking child. “Wine and cats” sounds far better than a partner who acts like a spoiled little snob over a diaper. So much for women being the “spoiled” and “prissy” sex

No. 1876220

Same. May all trannies, and especially Blaine, 41%. Does he really have nothing better to do?

No. 1876258

Thank you. This is the same anon calling other anons “naive” for pointing out the “95% of British men are pedophiles” thing literally came from a joke reality show. Moids are disgusting pieces of shit but posting fake statistics doesn’t help anyone’s cause. If anything you’re just helping pedophiles pretend they’re totally normal and everyone else secretly agrees with them.

No. 1876259

I wish gruesome death on moids who refuse to raise their kids. All Megha is saying is she can’t trust her husband to be alone with his own child ever, or her basic needs will be neglected and she’ll end up with diaper rash. What a disgusting thing to brag about, somebody call CPS.

No. 1876263

The tragic irony of this all is this thread is full of childfree radfems (a lot of which don't even like kids) and we care more about the health and safety of children than tradthots.

The reasons why they want to have kids? "me me me" "I need someone to take care of ME when I get old" "I need someone to listen to ME talk". Their husbands? "I need someone to change diapers FOR ME so I don't have to touch that brat" "I need someone to cook and clean for ME". me me me me me me.

No. 1876278

not to tinfoil but these sort of posts from tradthots make me wonder if they're actually raising their kids. the first months of infancy are BRUTAL. we can either believe her that shes choosing single motherhood, or her parents bought an army of au pairs for her. I feel similarly toward alot of the cows here. they are all extremely flippant toward getting 30 minutes of sleep with a colicky 1 mo.

No. 1876288

>Meg doesn’t let her pervy husband around little girls vaginas
Yeah I wouldn’t either, love(sage your shit)

No. 1876298

Shades of the IBLP telling followers not to let men change diapers because seeing a baby's genitals might tempt them to rape it

No. 1876309

Candace Owens, Phyllis Schlafly, and a lot of anti-feminist political women who rage against working mothers who utilize childcare actually ironically enough had nannies raise their kids. It's very common hypocrisy among tradthots

No. 1876325

if you wouldnt trust your husband to take care of your daughters most basic needs, you should not marry and then have children with him.

No. 1876331

what if that scrote ends up killing her and their daughters? Are you going to make a smug meme in response to that too?

No. 1876342

>you must wish the best possible outcome for this misogynistic failure or you might as well be wishing death on her and her daughters

No. 1876389

This trad stuff isn't just a lifestyle we disagree with. It puts the women involved in it and their children in physical danger. So yes, you are obligated to hope that she finds her way out of this unless you believe that she and her daughters deserve to die for her stupidity

No. 1876396

These are grown women responsible for their own actions. I hope they get out of it, but if something bad happens to them, it's their own responsibility, they knowingly put themselves and their children and pets in danger, and urged other women do the same. This is not like rape or domestic violence where you can't blame the victim. They literally preach domestic violence BEFORE they have a moid in their homes actually doing it. I have no sympathy for them, though I do for their children and pets.

No. 1876453

File: 1691211049733.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1779, CF28A099-41A7-4CEA-906F-D6F65A…)

Has anyone else posted about this bitch? She constantly screams about how men have it worse than women and talks about how fucked up circumcision is. She does reaction videos to stupid Tik toks and always has a bunch of high contrast filters so her bare face, acne scars and shitty tattoos really pop. She’s hideous and is covered in tattoos so she’s really an unconventional “trad.” She has come at Pearl before but is super hypocritical and posts a bunch of “embarrassing radical feminists” compilations. Total butter face, might be worse than our girl Pearl

No. 1876454

File: 1691211235278.jpeg (510.71 KB, 1170x2145, 2112BB8E-5CEB-4BEF-9265-A49A17…)

The thirsty scrotes under her video about playing Apex legends always makes me kek

No. 1876458

File: 1691211549237.jpeg (99.61 KB, 1170x290, ACFDB9CF-3EAD-43B8-A06D-8A08C5…)

I don’t think she falls under the “trad” category but a lot of her views are super conflicting and weird.

No. 1876487

File: 1691217576508.png (283.03 KB, 1000x599, kek.png)

This is one of the few instances I think someone actually has BPD.She genuinely believes transwomen aren't predators KEK and when she made her video about Pearl, her audience actually ended up defended Pearl instead. I'm betting she HAD to tack on the anti-manosphere/redpill thing because she was getting harassed by them lmao. I imagine the harassment gets worse when these chYmps find out she has a mixed daughter and the bio dad isn't around. Women like this don't realize they can't win because moids are fucking retarded and will eat them alive.

No. 1876501

tbh, i think pearl is in it for the grift, shes just an attention starved normal girl from a good family that found a good grift, and because shes really not trad shes about as likely to get into an abusive relationship as any of us are

No. 1876543

I thought you were kidding but I just googled it and it’s real…ew.

No. 1876549

I can’t stop laughing at these goobers with their America flag, Gigachad meme, Deadpool and Rick & Morty pfps. I can just imagine a bunch of bald fat schlubby moids, 14 year olds and Indians behind them.

No. 1876552

And you’d be right. It’s the bitter leftover unwanted moids who rant about women all day on Twitter. Normie moids are usually married and spend their free time fishing or grilling meat or whatever.

No. 1876556

With these moids, and their posting comments on Lauren Chen’s videos calling women “fat feminazi slobs” “OINKs” and talking about “disciplining” women and beating them with stones, you have to wonder how completely negative and exhausting they are to be around in real life. Even if you were some pickme girl who agreed with their stuff, I can’t see how a relationship would last with someone so seethingly rotten/gossipy. Would they treat a restaurant service worker this way? Their best friend? Their own child?
Anyone from 4chan lurking this thread who thinks we’re “bitter mean cat ladies” should see how tame this thread is compared to the shit redpill/manosphere men say

No. 1876595

normie moids ftw

No. 1876655

File: 1691255527775.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x2033, 1488F5F8-EEBE-461C-94E6-B51985…)

I’m glad this cunt caught on in this thread. Here’s another post with one of her most frequent points about how men and women are equally as violent. When people bring up statistics of men commuting violent crime against women, she brings up women who kill their children because that’s more likely out of the two genders? But that had nothing to do with violence towards the other gender. Just a fuck ton of mental gymnastics and contradicting viewpoints that scream “I have raging BPD”

No. 1876683

Men would have equal likelihood of murdering their children if they didn't dip out and leave it all to the mother. Not to mention mental illness/untreated post partum depression is a huge factor, and if men could give birth those statistics would be a lot more equal

No. 1876698

She doesn’t use statistics at any point, just denounced other statistics without any evidence over and over again and just uses news articles

No. 1876712

A lot of these men’s rights activists have clearly never taken a college/high school level statistics course and have no clue about sampling bias

No. 1876715

Okay, well why do men choose to have sex with and impregnate psycho women then? Doesnt the blame also lay on the father of the child for choosing to impregnate a homicidal nutcase of a woman in the first place?

No. 1876723

arguments like this are so retarded because it's not realistic and it can easily be flipped on the woman too. why didn't you just date a better guy if you didn't want to be raped?

No. 1876738

she looks unwashed

No. 1876739

That top right comment tho
>Men go to war for their right to vote

No. 1876742

guarantee that fat fuck's only proximity to "war" is getting domed by a 12 year old in call of duty kek.

No. 1876765

men only went to war because other men forced them too. Russia literally is trying to erase Ukraine from the map and Ukrainian men are fleeing the country so they don't have to defend their homeland while other Ukrainian men are being forcibly press ganged into military service. The women would fight but the moids in charge won't let them.

No. 1876821

but thats literally the argument they consistently make. trads love to trot out the "pick better" to women everytime a trad relationship (inevitably) fails

No. 1876926

they always accuse middle aged women of the one and only group of people against old men "going after" (their way of saying "preying on") young (mostly teenaged) girls. yet the overwhelming majority of people i see criticizing them are young women who are tired as fuck of old men being fugly washed-up perverted blobs towards them, and the few older women i do see criticizing them were in age gap relationships themselves when they were younger and experienced profuse amounts of manipulation, abuse and fetishization, and only begin to understand the full scope of it when they mature and realize the type of person youd have to be to prey on someone so much younger than you.

No. 1876933

your last line reminds me of how militantly pro age gap men always pull out the "erhm acktually young women prefer old men just as much as old men prefer them, its statistically proven sweety". the way they word it and the instances in which i often see them repeating this mantra would make you think all hot 20 year old girls are insatiably horny for 40/50 year old wrinkly viagara dick. meanwhile, the studies theyre talking about do show women prefer older…..as in, around 5 years older. and less than 10% of heterosexual relationships have age-gaps of over 10 years. if young women liked old men even half as much as theyve let hollywood and copium delude them into thinking, you would see a whole lot more middle aged men with 18 year old supermodels on each arm in the real world. yet ive seen this happen irl like…twice maybe.

No. 1877134

I've seen some women get triggered AF over men going with younger women, but that's usually in regard to like a 10 year age gap. A 20 or 30 year gap is too pathetic for anyone to get angry over.
>"erhm acktually young women prefer old men just as much as old men prefer them, its statistically proven sweety"
even a moid couldn't be this delusional
>if young women liked old men even half as much as theyve let hollywood and copium
wtf movies are you watching? Hollywood never has an age gap of over 10 years other than to mock it. Except maybe in Saudi Arabia there are no societies where large age gaps are accepted

No. 1877137

File: 1691332663415.jpg (80.54 KB, 1024x652, soy baby plushie.jpg)

No. 1877154

They should edit the description to say "This baby was carried by a 16 year old because according to Matt Walsh that's an ideal age to get pregnant, raise the baby as a single mother because the dad would rather play call of duty, and dump it off on the aging grandparents who had been saving for retirement. America!"

No. 1877204

did Walsh seriously say 16 was the best age to get pregnant?

No. 1877219

>dad would rather play call of duty
Walsh isn't big on those "fertile" 16 year olds marrying other teenagers.
NTA he also has an extensive knowledge of what years were peak for teen births in the US. The radfem darling, anti-child grooming figurehead, kek

No. 1877224

Megha is tethered to her phone despite just having had a baby. Not very trad.

No. 1877226

Wrong. I just saw an old woman and old man riding a jet ski together on a lake a couple days ago. It’s rare but real nonnie

No. 1877240

>even a moid couldn't be this delusional
They are though you retard. Moids fall for the muh teens are more fertile and they crave older men rhetoric very easily. They even think their “value” goes up as they age while for a women it decreases kek Also there are plenty of movies where in a relationship the actors are significantly older than the actresses and it’s played off as normal.

No. 1877249

> The radfem darling, anti-child grooming figurehead, kek
Matt Walsh is a tradfag not a radfem? What the fuck are you talking about. Thinking a man isn’t a woman because he says so doesn’t make a tradfag who hates feminists including rf a feminists. Do you retards call anyone who doesn’t pander to tranny delusions a rf?

No. 1877250

Right lmao and the funniest part is the nonna upthread who said when teen girls like “older guys” it’s like, a 21 year old at most. When I was 16, I was disgusted by adult men and only wanted to date guys my age even tho minimoids suck too kek also the “much older men” that younger women (like 20s and early 30s) are actually into…are hot like Jeffrey Dean Morgan types, not gross tradcel losers.

No. 1877251

File: 1691349822776.jpg (179.5 KB, 917x1200, smegs.JPG)


No. 1877255

Yeah and no. The clip was kinda creepy. He kept saying "I'm just stating facts! No opinions here." Facts like teen pregnancies in the 50's were so common and acceptable for its time because not only are 16 yrs fertile but also married. How teen pregnancy only became a problem because of single mothers. Even with the decline in pregnancies today the mass majority of them are struggling single mothers. I mean it's true, but completely disregarding that women back then couldn't do anything without a man and would be ostracized for even thinking about divorce.

No. 1877259

>Moids fall for the muh teens are more fertile and they crave older men rhetoric very easily
You mean like on "red pill" YouTube videos? I'm talking about irl. Do the old scrotes in your family think that teenage girls are attracted to them?
>Also there are plenty of movies where in a relationship the actors are significantly older than the actresses and it’s played off as normal
In indie movies or European films, sure, but not in Hollywood. The only time you'll see a major age gap in Hollywood is with Tom Cruise or Keauna, and in both of those cases those guys are playing characters that are supposed to be much younger. Hollywood mostly promotes age appropriate relationships.

No. 1877260

so many moids believe their value "increases" in their 30s due to washed-up, lying 40somethings on the internet kek. whos going to tell them they'll need TRT and viagara just to feel close to an achey version of their mid 20s again kek

No. 1877261

I have no evidence, but I am confident that Walsh is seriously into girls in the 12-16 age range. I know a lot of moids are, but those moids tend to at least know it's wrong and feel guilty about it. Walsh absolutely divorce his wife and marry a 14 y/o if he could get away with it.

No. 1877272

Matt Walsh and troons are two sides of the same cpin. Both are men who want to take away womens rights.

No. 1877303

you're so fucking retarded, just google the famous actors love interest age gap charts there are like 100

No. 1877305

This is just a degen fantasy. Teen pregnancy wasn’t normalised and was way looked down on in the 50s for goodness sake. It’s never been considered appropriate for school aged girls to be pregnant. Predators love to spread bullshit of the 1950’s being full of everyday 16 year old mothers. Teenagers have worse fertility and outcomes than young women. Organisms mature before reproducing, getting in the way of that is an oppressive perversion. No vitriol directed at you anon.

No. 1877307

name me a Hollywood movie in the last 20 years that featured a large age gap

No. 1877317

File: 1691355937630.jpg (30.15 KB, 500x375, 1641696113807.jpg)

In my family? No, but moids outside my family? yes. Men are fucking delusional about attraction and even without incel/redpill rhetoric moids still gravitate towards younger women because they know they are easily as fuck to groom and manipulate. Especially if they have no fathers/parents to take care of them. Is it really that hard to believe? Have you never been told "if she's old enough to bleed, she's old enough to breed" as a justification for finding minors attractive? If not consider yourself lucky. And no I don't live in a third world shithole.

>In indie movies or European films, sure, but not in Hollywood

So? I was talking about movies in general, not Hollywood specifically so my point still stands. Even then Hollywood is filled to the brim with pedos anyway so I'm not sure what your point is here kek Even if they aren't promoting age gaps, they're still hurting actual people IRL behind the scenes.

No. 1877330

Her nose is a literal potato

No. 1877331

LOL are you kidding me? https://hollywoodagegap.com/
i'm on my phone so i can't ss all of it, but there are lots of hollywood movies listed there from the last 20 years with extremely large age gaps

No. 1877335

Last time I checked the UK government census they said the age of first baby in the UK in the 1930s was 29, same as it was in 2019.

No. 1877336

File: 1691357602963.jpeg (353.11 KB, 1242x1012, 226E5B29-ED3D-4324-81C2-631EA2…)

So it says in 1920, 1 in 3 women were still childless by their 30th birthday.

By 1940-1945 there was a big push for a baby boom to get the numbers back up after 80 million people had just been murdered for retarded scrotey reasons.

By the 1950s it was back up to around 1/3 of women remaining childless by 30.

No. 1877338

File: 1691357759687.jpeg (203.73 KB, 1096x1392, FA0345A1-46D8-44BA-9781-A19BCD…)

In the 1920s only around 7% of women had a baby before 20. This increased to 20% after the baby boomer shit when women were basically begged to help repopulate the country.

No. 1877341

File: 1691358137967.jpeg (154.05 KB, 783x1579, FEBBC542-7C51-4CBB-9119-C3E4CA…)

In the 1920s, 1 in 5 women who had completed their fertile years were still childless.

This was actually the highest childlessness rate the country had right up until the 1990s when it peaked again at around 1 in 5.

No. 1877343

File: 1691358295446.jpeg (545.97 KB, 1242x1717, 38C9BC3F-2843-4DB2-877F-BFBF80…)

Again shows that women in the 1930s and women in the 2010s were having their first baby at almost the same age (29)

No. 1877345

So yeah idk what the American stats are but here in the UK childlessness was never really a strange phenomenon, as you can see, 100 years ago more than 20% of women who had completed their fertile years were childless and 1/3 of women hadn’t even had a baby by 30. Only towards the end and after WW2 did the weird push for babies really take off and it was for political reasons. Gotta get the number of wagies and taxpayers back up.

No. 1877352

>Have you never been told "if she's old enough to bleed, she's old enough to breed" as a justification for finding minors attractive? If not consider yourself lucky
You are talking about the perversity of moids, as opposed the delusionality of them. My dad and uncles are pure shit and they only go after women their own age. They would love to sleep with underage girls but they know they'd have no shot with them.
>So? I was talking about movies in general, not Hollywood specifically so my point still stands.
Didn't you explicitly say Hollywood? Maybe that was someone else. I do agree that Euro films promote age gap relationships but nobody watches them so who cares
>And no I don't live in a third world shithole.
Oooooohhhh, you're in Europe. Yeah, old Euro moids do believe that young women find them attractive. American moids aren't as deluded in that sense

No. 1877354

Nona this is really interesting, can you link source?

No. 1877366

stfu already you've already been disproven

No. 1877461

I will admit I'm not familiar with most of these movies but I can comment on a few: the whole point of the age gap in First Knight was that Julie Ormond was not attracted to ancient Sean Connery so that is a horrendous example. In Lost in Translation, Scarlett wasn't physically attracted to Murray, but her uncertainty about her own marriage caused her to develop a crush on Murray as a means of psychological escape, which she snapped out of at the end. The Quiet American was a commentary on neo colonialism, patriarchy and white worshipping. The movie was saying that age gaps are bad, not ideal. Magnolia had a massive age gap but Julianne Moore was still nearly 40 so it isn't what we are talking about here. Something's Gotta Give was another example where the whole point of the age gap was to show how utterly pathetic Nicholson's character was. Arbitrage, again, the point of the age gap was to show what a selfish scumbag Gere was and that Casta was only using him for his money. In A Perfect Murder, Paltrow is not attracted to her old man husband and that is what inspires her to cheat.
Now some of these I admit do look legit, although I personally haven't seen them, but I still will not concede your point

No. 1877504

normies have a completely different reaction for women bashing moids than they have to moids bashing women. When moids bash women, normies just laugh at how pathetic they are. But when women bash moids, normies are horrified. After moids, normies are our greatest enemy.

No. 1877509

istg i see you in nearly every thread i lurk being a pedantic retard with horrible reading comprehension.

No. 1877530

>they always accuse middle aged women of the one and only group of people against old men "going after" (their way of saying "preying on") young (mostly teenaged) girls.
They want to paint older women as jealous and seething because it reinforces their delusion that they’re the prize and we’re all competing over them. The concept of female solidarity and women caring for the well-being of other (younger) women is alien to them because their lives are a brutal sexual competition. Most unmarried older women I know aren’t even checking for men like that.

No. 1877582

Amen, I still see redditors bring up the FDS sub about how evil female incels are and pretending it was anywhere near male incel levels of hate. I'm pretty sure FDS was shut down a year ago but they still whine about it.

No. 1877599

They call themselves stunning brave alpha males but in reality they sound like a bunch of giggly gossiping teenagers writing in their burn book.
Like saying “Oh my gawd feminists are such fat pigs” “Yass they’re just jealous of transactional sugar daddy relationships that usually end in a year slay king”

No. 1877600

It wasn’t even a female incel sub or remotely close to it in the first place. A majority of the women on there had husbands/boyfriends and even some had kids. It was about having standards so you didn’t get raped/killed/cheated on/left to be a single mom and men felt threatened by that.

No. 1877630

it was definitely a WGTOW sub. The guy had to be tall, be "big", make a lot of money and be a chivalrous radfem (a contradiction). Nothing wrong with these standards but there just aren't enough such guys out there.
Not even an iota as hateful as the manosphere, but almost as unrealistic.

No. 1877648

The whole "The man must provide" and "The man must make a lot of money and support me" were the only kinda iffy parts of the sub. Especially because despite the amazing tips on there on being an independent woman who's not a doormat, having a man "provide" for you can easily be a tradthot pipeline or means for financial abuse. Or it could lead men to act like you can't have opinions because "I pay for all this!"

No. 1877673

what?? why was it shut down?

No. 1877682

They didn’t say a man must provide, they encouraged financial independence. They just said a man had to spend money on you. This was to avoid getting “played” by the stereotypical fuckboi who comes over at 1 am and then asks you for money so he can buy breakfast in the morning

No. 1877786

File: 1691445067146.jpg (21.66 KB, 600x284, anti_fem.jpg)

anyone have any familiarity with this new breed of tradthots. I don't even know if they can really be called tradthots because they don't pretend to promote traditionalism, they are just anti woman. They seem to be inspired by Pearl, Tate and Fuentes in that they obviously don't believe the stuff and are just trolling.

No. 1877797

File: 1691446643661.jpeg (869.24 KB, 1242x1368, F7A916C6-0C72-4439-8247-EF423A…)

>let’s keep jerking off to AI, brothers!
>that will force women to become tradwives and start them competing for our musty broke dicks!
Why are scrotes so delusional kek. They’ve been repeating this for years.

No. 1877799

No. 1877809

I’m not surprised about the large number of childless women in the 1920s. That’s when womens liberation and the suffragette era was beginning to happen and a lot of women were deciding they didn’t want a life of domestic slavery anymore. It was also after WW1 and a lot of people had just become bereaved. So there was an attitude of fuck it, let’s just have fun while we can. There is plenty of anecdotes from that time about wild parties and promiscuous sex. A lot of the songs, clothing, media etc from then are quite racy and have a somewhat feminist message. You have bawdy maneater women from that time who were well loved like Sophie Tucker, Jean Harlow and Mae West. It wasn’t called the roaring twenties for nothing.

No. 1877810

Lol cry harder scrotes AI just makes it easier to scam moid paypigs out of money.

No. 1877812

This just shows that moids are so fucking stupid that thay will spend money on AI Porn. Hope they get addicted to this shit until their brains melt down lol

No. 1877814

can porn being considered feminist insofar as it causes millions of men to just become reclusive coomers and leave women alone?

No. 1877815

File: 1691448482569.jpeg (541.63 KB, 1242x1700, 29054A72-31F1-42AC-BB10-6D3BFD…)

I wish we could say so but unfortunately rape rates have been rising for the past 10 years (only went down in 2020 due to lockdown) and even little boys are all brain rotted coomers who sexually harass women.

No. 1877823

Also a ton of young people had just died from the 1918 influenza pandemic. it was before the Haye’s code made all film and media be “wholesome” what a time to have been alive.

No. 1877832

Christ, what happened in 2013?

No. 1877837

Or maybe men can compete with THEIR loyalty, reliability, and splitting the childrearing. Whoever said this is clearly sheltered as fuck.

Also gotta love the thot vs tradwife dichotomy as if normal women like Allison next door who's a nurse, has a white fluffy dog, a reusable starbucks cup, and her boyfriend of 4 years named Todd is just nonexistant. No everyone is either an onlyfans model or classically abby.

No. 1877849

Black and white thinking is a hallmark of cluster B personality disorders, which most tradtards fit the criteria of.

No. 1877850

Good points nona.

No. 1877854

I still don’t know what Pearl’s schtick is. All of /pol/ seems to absolutely hate her.

No. 1877858

I didn't see this posted even though she made it about two weeks ago.

No. 1877865

>College experience promotes casual sex, partying, drinking, etc.
Fair enough.
>Go to community college
I… agree
Sorry nona, this particular vid is fine. The only thing that is problematic is the way she tradbaits in the beginning by saying it's a problem for young women but towards the end she slips and says that it's a problem for anyone that age

No. 1877866

I wish I’d spent my youth having casual sex partying and drinking to be honest.

No. 1877867

Anon, at no point in college was drinking, partying, and having casual sex promoted to me and also why are we acting like personal accountability is something to be allergic to yet again?

No. 1877868

The world actually ended in 2012 so we’ve just been living in hell since

No. 1877869

Yeah. I think they think movies and tv are real. Most are normal.

No. 1877870

I went to a party school so maybe it was different then me. I had fun but in hindsight I made some bad decisions that could have ended with me getting hurt. I didn't really mature enough to be on my own with no responsibilities until I was 20

No. 1877871

You don't need to promote drinking and pursuing sex to young adults, it's something they seek out no matter what. Sex is just something most women like to do, it's not the central focus of their lives like it is for tradthots whose whole identity revolves around being a submissive fuck-object

No. 1877872

I was about to say this. The people itt and Estee who think that all colleges are like this sound like they get their idea of reality from 90s and 2000s teen movies that were made by men and geared towards.. well.. men.

No. 1877873

if you had a daughter, would you encourage her to go to a 4 year university when she was 18 or would you encourage her to do 2 years at community college and then go finish her 4 year degree after she had a chance to mature?

No. 1877878

>the fact that half of them are Woody Allen movies
BRB puking in my mouth

No. 1877929

How would going to a community college be beneficial in any way, assuming saving money isn't a consideration? Why would I want to educationally cripple my daughter out of fear she'd drink and have sex, something almost all young people do regardless of educational level or type of educational institution they go to? Psychotic.

No. 1877959

This is a good question. Generally societies where women have more rights do this at the cost of making women more sexually available. Unfortunately male sexuality is a bottomless pit which can never be satiated. Ultimately we need mass culling.

No. 1877982

This. The ‘porn and prostitution decreases rape and sexual assault’ is an absolute crock of shit. You could have every woman on earth chained up spread eagle in public for men to use freely and they still wouldn’t be satisfied. Nothing satiates the scrote coomer instinct, they are like children who require constant novelty.

No. 1877985

She doesn't explicitly say it, but I've seen this point made before by people who are way too into the idea of those schools nazi Germany set up for little girls where it was essentially a home economics academy. It's very groomery to paint "we needed to do these things because we were dependent on men back then, this is how we survived, we needed to secure a marriage for our wellbeing" as "we were happier when we were trained to be serviceable to a man uwu"

No. 1878000

anyone else notice how tradcons/redpillers incessantly sexualize teenaged girls and defend men in their 20s/30s preying on them because "girls mature faster" "two consenting adults" "its not illegal!!" "it is ingrained in our biology to find 18 year olds hot!" and regularly whine about how an 18 year old girl is perfectly mature enough to get married and shit out kids before shes even in her 20s. but when it comes to being sent to college, getting an education, moving out, etc., suddenly 18 year old girls are wittle tiny babies with brains made of play dough who need to be coddled and protected from the evil influences of the outside world at all costs.

No. 1878006


yea it was a big discussion if you scroll up. But basically they think women are too stupid for school (despite women getting better grades and graduating in higher numbers) or it's useless for women to go to school because they're designed to submit to a husband and become a breeding cow.
They always throw out the stats that women are unhappier than before (even tho research points to social media as the root, not being single and childfree) and if women would just become a stay at home mom, then everything will magically flip a 180 and they'll become happy. I dont know what their bullshit reason for mens' unhappiness is, but I doubt they say its because men aren't fathers.
Same shit with the Tate's trafficking case, they say these 18 year olds are adults and freely went, so the Tates are innocent. But I bet if their own 60 year old mom got scammed by an african prince for months they'd want the fucker to be punished.
Men don't give a fuck about women. I roll my eyes when they cry about men suffering in current times. Fucking losers.

No. 1878044

Nah, societies where women have less rights make them completely sexually available, rape is rampant and unpunished, bangmaidenry is the norm, etc. Societies where women have more rights allow women to opt into sexual availability and get something out of it if they choose to, and not be totally ruined in the eyes of society for it

>I doubt they say its because men aren't fathers
They do say that tho, and I believe it. "Being a father" for tradmoids means their pathetic genes made it to the next generation, and that is it. No responsibility, no changing diapers, hell, not even monogamy. It's all upside.

No. 1878064

like all trads she has a major academic inferiority complex cause she failed/dropped out of college or didn't make it into a good school etc. the self hate is palpable. some nonna said once that tradthots and pickmes are failures who lack strength, ambition and intelligence and thus can't compete with the more successful "girlbosses" they always seethe at. which is also why they grind their life away spreading redpill rethoric and trying to drag other women down to their level to boost their own perceived value.
lol go slurp fermented incel cum on tradtwt

No. 1878147

File: 1691513999050.png (963.38 KB, 1080x1281, D7EE1392-7BDE-4971-ACC0-61146E…)

Moids will keep cooming until their dying breath nona.

No. 1878238

jesus fucking christ. how come every time a moid gets busted for csam they have fucking 10 million terabytes of it??

No. 1878280

72 going on 90

No. 1878291

He's really gonna hate her after today. Lauren and Venti just served his head on a plate.

No. 1878323

lol what. moids are so desperate for women to want them that they’ll coom themselves into having ed thinking that will make women want them again. the logic of moids is truly something

No. 1878391

I told you guys that Lauren was based

No. 1878417

Have you guys seen this? You all owe Brittany one hell of an apology

The only thing I didn't like is when Brittany attacks Rollo for arguing "like a feminist". That's bullshit. Even if you disagree with RadFems, they are much more articulate and intelligent when making their points than the Manospherians are. I'm sick of people saying that RadFems a female version of the Manosphere, it just isn't true

No. 1878435

File: 1691550120252.png (202.23 KB, 1194x1165, laurenbrittroll1.png)

Here's Lauren's tweet on it all

No. 1878436

File: 1691550156178.png (222.12 KB, 1206x1100, laurenbrittroll2.png)

No. 1878438

File: 1691550187999.png (230.33 KB, 1153x1102, laurenbrittroll3.png)

No. 1878439

File: 1691550216734.png (341.2 KB, 1168x1097, laurenbrittroll4.png)

No. 1878440

File: 1691550243852.png (1.2 MB, 1153x1123, laurenbrittroll5.png)

No. 1878462

One thing I notice about these so called 'trad' men is that they see women in black and white (in psychology this is called splitting). Either they are a heavenly angel that can do no wrong or they are an ebil feminist AWALT whore. It doesn't take much for these men to have a BPD freakout so all these women will inevitably find a way to 'fall from grace' at some point. I think that Lauren is a very intelligent woman. I think eventually she will see this.

The downfall of her marriage has really awakened me. You can be a beautiful, young intelligent woman like Lauren and still end up with a nasty scumbag who leaves you high and dry if you give too much and have little self worth. Women need to be a little selfish with men. I'm totally convinced of this.

No. 1878480

>You can be a beautiful, young intelligent woman like Lauren and still end up with a nasty scumbag who leaves you high and dry if you give too much and have little self worth. Women need to be a little selfish with men. I'm totally convinced of this.
But these guys are already scumbags when they start dating them. They don't suddenly become scum when they realize these women are doormats, they go after them in the first place because they are doormats. It seems like trads only attract misogynistic scumbags or beards. Doesn't it defy probability that they never seem to attract an innocuous, normal guy?
But yeah, I'm def on the Lauren train. Fuck all the haters

No. 1878484

>Either they are a heavenly angel that can do no wrong
A lot of trads don't think even "good" women are all that great. At absolute best they're forgotten as background maids/breeding accessories, and any slight misstep–which to them, is her doing anything that differentiates her from a doormat–is grounds for her being lowered to Evil Feminist Whore status. I've seen them say psychotic forced birther women who want raped 10 year old to give birth to rapespawn are "feminist" for not wanting women to be shamed too much for premarital sex. There's no winning with them.

No. 1878516

ugh here comes the lauren and venti simps

No. 1878560


This is pretty funny, but didn't Lauren make videos about how women need to get married young before they lose their value or whatever. She made a living off of being a pick me then had to rush to get married and have a kid because people were starting to call out her hypocrisy.

It's beautiful irony that her own advice ended up making her a broke single mom and that her ex was the one that dumped her. Don't women initiate 80% of divorces? So why would her ex-husband ditch his ideal doormat trad wife that every man wants? At least the humiliation seems to have humbled her a bit.

No. 1878570

Because of "misandry" lmao

No. 1878574

there is nothing wrong with "simping" for 2 talented woman who have publicly taken on influential misogynists. When you make a viral video that humiliates the self proclaimed "Father of the Manosphere", then you can talk.

No. 1878601

File: 1691593474341.png (22.1 KB, 589x411, most empathetic tradcon.png)

ew lmao they are both complete retards promoting tradshit for money and attention. brittany especially is a huge cow. you're so embarrassing. also
>viral video
yes and even though she "left" the extreme right (not really) she's never apologized or even taken back any of her previous statements or actions. she's still as tradthot as ever, she just toned down the unfunny /pol/ humor a tiny bit and started leaning into the tradfem shtick after getting chewed up and spit out by the movement she was part of and helped grow - same as brittany.

No. 1878630

File: 1691597117243.jpg (134.9 KB, 1170x1403, sk7v126en3hb1.jpg)

Brain tumor thinks voting should be restricted to the sex that commits a majority of rapes and murders, ofc

No. 1878638

This is fetish shit. There is no way these women aren’t also on tumblr reblogging black and white bdsm gifs kek

No. 1878663

Then why not just do kink content? Why bother with all the trad bullshit?

No. 1878674

All trads, extremely online or not. are massive perverts by definition. Their whole ideology revolves around maintaining the sexual subjugation of women; everything they espouse from limiting the extent of education girls and women can get to strict "femininity" standards to demanding women(girls too) get married as young as possible is to ensure as many as possible are made into disempowered fleshlight-maids. It's a completely sexual lifestyle. Everything to them revolves around fucking, it's why men can't even look at a woman's bare knees or talk to her in private without "stumbling".
Other anon is delusional, there's absolutely no need to simp for these two tradwhore faildaughters. Their takedown of Rollo doesn't matter at all–the men who follow him don't give a shit if he's a lying retard, they're not going to give up their ways and start treating women normally. They hate women, and like anyone who feeds that hatred. That's all there is to it. Lauren and Brittany could write treatises prefectly breaking down everything he's ever said as the false, emotionally-driven drivel that it is, and his fans would call them dumb sluts in response. There is no getting through to them.

Also, where does this idea that women only get abortions because they don't have enough support? Most women just don't want to get torn up for some screeching shit demon. Scandinavian women get ample support during pregnancy, birth and with childcare(as they should) and still abort pregnancies due to just not wanting them. There are just fewer unintended pregnancies due to their sex ed/birth control access. Lauren should spend less time mincing over how women just wanna be moooomiiiies and spend more with her own spawn, kek

No. 1878681

>we need a community
Lauren needs to shut the fuck up. Pick mes and tradthots are by definition the anti community girl. Feminists at least have groups and friends to support them while these girls throw every woman under the bus for a scrote. Now she wants to whine about a lack of community? That’s just consequences

They think by restricting their own rights, that men will respect them. History has shown that when women had nothing, no rights, stayed at home, couldnt leave - the trad wife’s dream - the men still couldnt care less about their wives. A wife was just another tool to be used and they had the comfort of knowing she couldn’t leave either. She had to endure all the abuse. Lori though has been a crazed old hypocrite. She’ll cry about stay at home moms when she worked, had nannies and maids do her job for her. She most likely voted in every election and will continue to do so while encouraging others to not. She thinks all women who don’t live like her are all evil whores when she literally baby trapped her cheating husband.
>5 retweets 176 quote tweets
I’d like to think she’s getting roasted like she always does but since this is musks twitter, probably a lot of bots agreeing with her

No. 1878694

Rad fem and woke fem aren’t the same thing
Woke fem = censorship no fun forums like this
She is talking about woke lefty fem(sage your shit)

No. 1878697

> You all owe Brittany one hell of an apology

she still cozies up to James Healey from "women posting their L's" fame, she hangs around all kinds of right wing freaks and weirdos, she is a grifter and we dont owe her anything

No. 1878701

Brit has done more to promote feminism to Zoomer girls/women than all farmers combined. So yes, the haters owe her an apology. You might want to get on that

No. 1878706

Don't you have some unwashed girldick to suck on, vaush?

No. 1878712

>Also, where does this idea that women only get abortions because they don't have enough support?
her arguments are lies and make no sense. in stone age societies where people lived in tribes, relied completely on muh community and surviving birth was seen as a miracle, women still had abortions.
>Scandinavian women get ample support during pregnancy, birth and with childcare
ayrt, i'm swedish and that's not entirely true, like yeah in comparison to other countries we're a lot better but there has been an ongoing maternity care crisis (deliveries in particular) here for many years due to privatization and underfunding as a result of neoliberal right wing politics. there have been protests about it and everything. just this summer a lot of otherwise overburdened delivery clinincs got by okay simply because of a decline in birth rates kek.
cringe and laughable

No. 1878759

Imagine being dumb enough to think voting actually works and that every election isn't just a massive puppet show. These women claim to be anti establishment yet they believe everything the government feeds them, including the fake birthrate "crisis" (AKA an excuse for misogyny/throwing women under the bus)

No. 1878761

No. 1878763

>not voting is soo based amirite fellow women??? i have no agenda

No. 1878772

They don't want women to vote because they only want people who don't give birth or actually have to raise the screaming kids to decide if people should be allowed to give birth or not

No. 1878799

She's such a brainless pickme lmao

Shill harder freak

No. 1878818

Brittany's audience is comprised solely of other Zoomer tradthots and the RWNJs who jerk off at the thought of fucking a mixed chick. She's done jack shit for feminism, everything she does is for herself and her career. You have to be literally, no joke retarded to think otherwise.

No. 1878834

so don’t vote then, Lori

No. 1878843

can someone explain to me what's wrong with this? I don't know who that is who Brittany is arguing with or what they are arguing about.
>Brittany's audience is comprised solely of other Zoomer tradthots
Calling Brittany a tradthot is deranged

No. 1878850

If she's such a based feminist then why does she associate with pedophiles like the Milady freaks and Anthony Cumia?

No. 1878934

It’s the exact same sub/dom shit, just repackaged in a floral dress and straw basket.

>make me your fuckdoll daddy tell me what to do use me as a cumdump, treat me as your possession and control my life put a collar on me

Etc etc is just the blatant kinky way of saying
>women shouldn’t have rights or vote my husband is my master I obey him and exist purely as a baby factory to give him children and he owns me I am his property

No. 1878936

That’s what being a coomer does to you

No. 1878939

Not remotely defending that creep but Lauren is a narc who always DARVOs on everyone and everything in her life, she’s written about a million tweets and essays on why such and such is such a terrible person. She’s fallen out with just about everyone she was ever friends with or close to, and always blames the other person in that snarky smug way. I honestly feel like Lauren lurks and posts ITT, when any nonas being here up it starts getting weirdly defensive of her.

No. 1878942

>tradthots are anti community
This. What’s funny is tradthots will say that women are naturally more conformist and agreeable as a survival tactic to avoid being shunned by other women in the community but will then go on to pride themselves for being as controversial and edgy as possible and weirdly aggressive towards anyone who isn’t their husband, while bashing other women, trying to rile up and troll people, and failing to establish real friendships with other women the whole time. By their own logic they would have been chucked out of the tribe for annoying everyone.

No. 1878946

American elections are controlled by and recorded on Chinese owned databases. It’s hilarious.

No. 1878947

Lauren wrote this post lol.

No. 1878949

Lauren is insufferable. Her husband wanted to get away from a narcissistic woman who was nerfing his livelihood. That doesn’t make him a bad person. The only thing you can do with narcs is cut them off completely. You have a right to leave anyone at any point you want. I just hope he still sees his child.

No. 1878950

Thread is absolutely infested with Venti and Southern simps right now. I have a sneaking suspicion they lurk, Vaush too lmao. Look at all the sudden posts calling them beautiful and intelligent hahaha.

No. 1878954

Brittany does go on lolcow. There was an Instagram story/post she had that showed her on /2x/. A lot of her earlier cow videos were just threads she read.

No. 1878958

>women only get abortions because uhhhhh they can’t afford the cutest baby outfits and don’t have endless nannies on call
God she’s so fucking stupid. She’s acting like rich women who have access to all the resources money and support systems in the world dont get abortions and pop the morning after pill all the time kek.

No. 1878961

File: 1691635516696.jpeg (271.56 KB, 1242x1564, 227C3824-501F-464E-B6A7-00464A…)

Rich women are literally more likely to get an abortion per capita than poor women. Lauren is talking out of her ass as usual. Rich women unsurprisingly don’t want to pop out kids young because they’re too busy enjoying life and partying it up on a yacht having affairs with various gorgeous men, who wouldn’t prefer that life over handwashing the skidmarks out of their mid hubbys undies and mopping up baby puke.

No. 1878962

I’m not surprised. I don’t really have anything against Venti other than she’s mildly annoying, but the wk-ing ITT is getting out of hand kek.

No. 1878966

Too much competition on that front. The right wing is an absolute sausage fest and farming attention and money from right wing scrotes is like shooting fish in a barrel.

You don’t even have to take your clothes off or be pretty, just pose in a confederate flag or standing in a wheat field and shriek ‘WOMEN SHOULDNT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE’ and you’ll be immediately inundated with 500,000 thirsty paypig twitter followers begging to wife and betabux you.

I can actually understand the right wing grift mindset completely, it’s the easiest market to milk by far, there are 100 guys for every woman and most of your female competition is other 5/10 girls in flowery dresses, a few bogged Fox News presenters, and a lot of portly middle aged Republican women who hate Mexicans.

No. 1878970

i dont think its that deep
some are just enjoying a gossiping misogynist redpilled scrot get trolled by 2 women he hates

No. 1878974

Why waste your time? They’re never gonna change any of his moid followers minds. In fact they’re gonna use it to justify hating women even moreso. Seeing women humiliate him will just make his scrote fanbase relate to him even more. But then I forgot all these people are attention addicted retarded cows so I guess that’s reason enough in itself.

No. 1878975

>right wing grift mindset completely, it’s the easiest market to milk by far

supposedly tomi lahren was originally pretty progressive when someone found her old social media posts kek. But she somehow got into conservative content, quickly found an audience, and it was easy money so she went with it. But the right wing cut her off when she said she's against abortion restrictions because it's the government interfering with personal lives.

yea if you search tradwife tradfem etc tags on tumblr a fuckton of it is bdsm/kink/sugaring/etc. There's only a handful of legit catholic cottagecore trads but they're always complaining they have to everyday block all the kink stuff "taking over their tags" kek

No. 1878976

I agree. I love being rich and partying all of the time. Breeders are fucking disgusting scum.

No. 1878977

The right wing scrotesphere turned on Tomi because she used to be a petty girl who dated black men. Same way the scrotesphere turned on Pearl for dating black guys too. You see the exact same phenomenon from incels and paypigs when their favorite e-girls date non-white men. What both sides have in common is that their whole system is propped up by racist sexist virgins who feel sexually threatened by black men.

No. 1878978

Party girl** lol

No. 1878981

They also turned on Lauren Southern for (possibly) dating a half black guy (the one in her cosplay pics) then marrying an Asian guy. Poltards used to constantly post that infamous tiktok of a ‘pretty white girl’ (acursednat) singing in a duet with an ‘unattractive black girl’ to show ‘how superior white people are’. Then they found out she’s dating an ethnic guy and seethed about it and stopped posting her. Same with that other e-thot sinisterdarling, she was all over 4chan for years until they found out she dates ethnic men.

No. 1878983

>racist conservatives: you must worship patriarchy and aggressive displays of masculinity!
>also racist conservatives: nooooo not like that!

No. 1878986

Afaik Lauren S didn’t even date that guy. They were just friends. But just associating with a mulatto moid was enough to make /pol/ Chuddies shit themselves in rage and start tearing down their simp shrines. Lmfao.

No. 1878987

the white knighting is only in response to the unending attacks against Brittany when Brittany is the number one antagonist of the manosphere. Southern you can attack but anyone who bashes Brittany loses their feminist card.

No. 1878988

And ftr I dislike black scrotes as much as any other race of scrotes. I just find pitting moids against each other and triggering their insecurities to be absolutely hilarious.

No. 1878989

why would you want to change moids minds? Do they ever think about trying to change our minds?
Just dunk on them and have fun

No. 1878990

>Brittany is the number one antagonist of the manosphere
90% of /pol/ simps for her, you are retarded. She is a retarded attention hungry pickme like every other cow, the only good thing she’s done is call out lolicons for being pedos.

No. 1878991

I smell udders ITT.

No. 1878993

This is the thing. Men don’t actually have any values or principles. Everyone knows this. Every Republican scrote wants to bone AOC. Every wignat Nazi has an ethnic wife and mixed kids. Every poltard fantasizes about having sex with black and Asian pornstars. Every attractive conservative asshole moid brags about fucking tattooed blue haired liberal girls at the weekend. Why would they take our opinions seriously when they don’t even take their own opinions seriously?

No. 1878995

The whiteknighting is likely from the 4chan scrotes who found our thread last week and kept shitting it up ever since. Brittany is their queen and poster girl. You can always smell moidposters from a mile away. They really think we can’t tell kek.

No. 1878997

they shit on women dating nonwhite but these scrots ironically support passport bros to get their 'traditional wife' in south asia or south america because they're just such social losers in their own demographic kek

No. 1879002

you really don't think that there are women who enjoy Brittany's content?

No. 1879004

No. 1879008

File: 1691640455174.png (1.72 MB, 1170x1447, FFCB1C14-EB81-4322-8EA8-272BE5…)

Men always support other men over women, even if those men are rapists and murderers. We need to prey on moid’s insecurities (usually tied to their dicks) and create more schisms between them all to prevent them from uniting.

No. 1879011

No. 1879038

If you are wealthy enough you don't actually have to do any childcare. You can pay someone else to look after your kids.

It's probably to do with better access and career advancement.

No. 1879043

only moids and women with severe mental retardation would enjoy her content

No. 1879087

Lmaooo, and they were saying the same thing about sexbots 10 years ago. Face it, delusional moids, there is no future where you’re the prize and women will compete with each other for your useless asses, let alone compete with robots & computer graphics. These options exist because 1) we’re tired of your bullshit and 2) we all know you’ll chimp out and start wars & riots without your fake women substitutes. Cope, seethe and wank to digital porn alone in mommy’s basement kek

No. 1879092

>as if normal women like Allison next door who's a nurse, has a white fluffy dog, a reusable starbucks cup, and her boyfriend of 4 years named Todd is just nonexistant

Twitter shitposting scrotes have no chance of scoring educated well-adjusted normie women. Their only options are jerking off to porn, paying e-thots to pretend to care about them, or seething online that Allison won’t give up her career to become their oppressed baby factory. So in a sense, that dichotomy is very real for red pill moids.

No. 1879101

Wealth is related directly to high IQ and work ethic that's why rich women have fewer kids to none at all smart women know that kids aren't worth it and actually have self worth unlike low IQ women with equally low self esteem who give their lives up to moids and their retarded spawn only to not get a simple thanks you KEK it's the harsh truth.

No. 1879135

ironically, you sound retarded

No. 1879176

i assume you're a mom of ten in a low-income household then?

No. 1879227

Nonnas, please stop replying to the "KEK" weirdo who constantly spergs about kids. It just encourages more deranged walls of text. Report and move on.

No. 1879271

Oof the truth must hurt. Studies show that the wealthier and more educated a woman/couple is the less kids they have that is a simple fact you sound retarded,triggered and bitter af. It's funny how y'all are using the 'No u' ad hominem insults cause you can't debunk what i said which ironically proves how retarded and low IQ you really are, I guess cleaning up shit and vomit plus lack of sleep makes you lose brain cells. Roll in your misery harder.

https://fluxconsortium.fi/the-highly-educated-often-have-two-children-childlessness-and-high-numbers-of-children-more-co(holy shit no one cares, sperg)

No. 1879297

I know quite a lot of rich women from uni who have never worked a day in their life (because their families were extremely wealthy) plenty of them openly said they had abortions and they really don’t give a fuck who knows about it. When you’re rich and having fun and your life is just designer clothes, parties, love affairs and dining out in fancy restaurants, the last thing you want is a screaming shitty baby cramping your style, thats why so many wealthy people put it off until as late as they can. And rich women also have far more access to fertility treatments egg freezing surrogates IVF etc. When given the choice between freedom money love and having fun, or having a baby, most women with the means to do so will choose the former. Babies are something for having in your 40s, at least in for the upper class in my country. These women also have extremely high self esteem and confidence and the last thing they care about is becoming a housewife and baby factory.

No. 1879298

This. The simple fact is most normie women actually have a career, a husband and children. Tradscrotes are terminally online losers who do nothing but jerk off to twerking underage girls and searching for feminist outrage porn on twitter to retweet and seethe about.

No. 1879303

Scrotes really wanna be the prize sooo bad don’t they kek. Says a lot about how worthless and inherently undesirable the male gender is that they have to constantly pull strings, seize the narrative, put put propaganda, force artificial constructs into place and intentionally manipulate women into having sex with them.

No. 1879307

Put out propaganda**

Problem with society that no one is willing to address is that we have a massive surplus of men. Most moids were supposed to die in wars before 25 and the vast majority of males were never even meant to procreate. When every worthless defective moid lives until 80 and demands a wife and access to a womb, that’s how society becomes a shithole. Look at india for example, just more proof about how patriarchy giving every moid the opportunity to breed is a disaster. Female sexual selection is a good thing.

No. 1879362

But then every desiireable moid will have a harem of pickmes. We either need to either cull moids or cull pickmes

No. 1879405

>But then every desiireable moid will have a harem of pickmes.
That already happens. Good looking men are extremely rare and therefore all become manwhores.

No. 1879422

Why do you worship the rich so much? The useless consoomers destroying the planet for luxury goods aren’t morally superior to the breeders overpopulating it, they’re just different flavors of selfish asshole.

No. 1879425

the 1% have an infinitely bigger impact on the planet than any poor or even middle class "breeder" ever could

No. 1879426

NTA, As we have seen in this thread from tradthots getting fucked over by their dumb decisions, a woman having her own wealth is an extremely powerful thing. It means she can do as she pleases without being under the control of a scrote. It unlocks an insane amount of opportunities that women in generations before us who were made to be tradwives didn’t have.

No. 1879431

Rich women are based. Seethe, poorfag scrote.

No. 1879438

so how do we stop other women for being pickmes for them? It's hard enough to stop them from being pickmes to ugly moids, even

No. 1879597

can mods start doing their jobs and tracking the KEK idiot right here that keeps using new IPs to post?

No. 1879598

just report and ignore

No. 1879607

Rollo's source for his claim that he has proof that Lauren is pregnant from an affair is Lauren herself who sent an email with forged documents to troll him. He is having a meltdown on twitter right now.

No. 1879647

To clarify his source was his ass that she had actually carried a secret child to term despite being in videos, streams, and IG posts constantly. Then she sent him fake documents to prove how gullible he is, but that’s entirely a criminal psyop and not him being retarded.

No. 1879654

I don't know if this phenomenon is genetic or not, but I know it is a fact. I knew a girl from middle school all the way to university, she was extremely well off, her parents were doctors, happily married for thirty years, politically left, and very kind and gracious from what I saw. Easily the most insane person I've ever met. I grew up as an immigrant in poverty, had a single mom and I am not even 5% as fucked up as her. I would be 0% as fucked up if my mom kicked out my dad sooner. Everything about her behavior was EXACTLY like my dad's, another sociopath who was raised well off with "happily married" doctor parents.(not your personal blog)

No. 1879744

Eurononnie here, we actually did have schools like that still back in the early 2010s and I was one who went there. Basically it was a school for us good-for-nothing girls who were too stupid for academics but the government had to put us somewhere to fix statistics. Majority of my classmates had been raped or gone through some other trauma very early in their childhood/teens. Also most girls from that school ended up as NEETs and alcoholics because it doesn't actually prepare you for anything and in general girls with background like that weren't uwu desirable tradwives.

No. 1879769

damn nonna that's fucked up. what country are you from, if you don't mind me asking?

No. 1879804

File: 1691776148166.png (434.02 KB, 601x596, Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 18.51…)

Keyword there 'reported'-and it should be noted that, for example, marital rape was only recognised in the US nationally in 1993. It's probably much more likely we're getting a more realistic picture of the actual rape rate as years go on and people are more willing to report things that would have been far more stigmatised when they happened in the 60s.

No. 1879831

Disagree. Men are getting increasingly more porn rotted and perverse and misogynistic. This is like people who talk about how the murder rate is decreasing when actually doctors are just saving more people’s lives.

No. 1879835

This "anecdotal" evidence doesn't reflect reality and instead just parrots trad moid bullshit about muh traditonal family, when many/most people are not suited to raising a family and if you pay annny fucking attention to what mothers say, in their droves right now if you cared to pay attention, being a mother married to a moid is essentially the same as being a single mother with 95% of childcare and household duties on the mother. The only difference with single mothers is the neglectful or abusive moid is out of the picture. There is no correlation to addiction/prostitution whatsoever.

No. 1879898

If I could afford it and she showed interest I'd send her to a 4 year school straight away. CC then 4 year doesn't make if you have the money for it. You have to let people make their own mistakes sometimes. As long as you teach them to value themselves and actually warn them about the dangers out there, they'll be fine. It's usually the overly sheltered girls who finally get a chance to breathe, and the girls who no one cares about at all that go buck wild and fuck themselves. A girl having a party phase and casual sex isn't the end of the world as long as she handles it responsibly enough to not drop out/get pregnant/become an addict/etc

No. 1879900

I wonder what role the great depression played in all of that. It's actually a pretty similar time for us now. Something about the 20s and 30s must be cursed. I swear a lot of the worse shit that happened always happened during a __20/30 something time period.

No. 1879981

There is no way that the 1920's had the air of hopelessness that exists today. In the 1920s and even the 30's, people believed that there were better days ahead. Nobody believes that now.

No. 1879993

File: 1691798616266.png (92.04 KB, 1168x370, Screenshot 2023-08-12 at 00.54…)

What is her problem? If she's in the bathroom or cooking or otherwise occupied while her husband is looking after the baby and the baby shits itself, does she honestly think it's best for her husband to just leave the baby to sit in its own faeces until she is free to change them? A good father and a truly masculine man would just spend 2 minutes changing the nappy without making a fuss about it. How is something as innocuous as wiping your child's ass indicative of greater problems in the home or the relationship? If you ask me, a man and woman so insecure and fastidious about gender and relationship norms are the ones with problems. Megha out here trying her best to make us forget that her husband looks like a gay pornstar and artificially manufacture some semblance of masculinity for him by insisting that he doesn't do anything remotely feminine. In a healthy relationship, you work together to care for your child.

No. 1880002

Smeg forgetting not all moids are pedophiles who will be overcome with the urge to rape a baby b/c they saw its genitals.

No. 1880024

is Meg on the spectrum? I know she's a trad but even by trad standards she seems really hung up on the diaper changing thing

No. 1880120

It’s seriously starting to creep me out how much she focuses in on this innocuous non-issue. Both libtards and tradtards seem to be unhealthily obsessed with children’s privates and bathroom habits.

No. 1880122

I guess for Smegma it’s not really an option seeing as her baby would be stewing in its own feces for 6-8 months before its dad got back from his Dubai porta potty, I mean, journalistic duties.

No. 1880126

Tradthots are extremely insecure about people thinking their husbands are gay and effeminate. It’s just pure overcompensation for the fact her husband looks and talks like a lispy little uncooked twink.

No. 1880131

I don’t really think so. The Great Depression wasn’t until 1929 and lasted until 1936. Birthrates began rising about that time, probably because so many men were broke and unemployed at home all day and all couples could do for fun was have sex. Afaik although around 60% of Americans lived below the poverty line in the 20s, the upper classes had a shit ton of money and led pretty wild and debauched lifestyles. Plenty of stories and accounts of that. In Europe the Weimar Republic was infamous for its debauched upper classes and resentment and jealousy towards those hedonistic wealthy people is part of what stoked Nazism’s later popularity.

There were also a lot of nouveau riche types in the US who’d made their money from trading and selling shares during the mid 20s financial boom, when many stocks skyrocketed. The number of millionaires in the country doubled between 1918 and 1928. However that number sharply fell again right after the market crash in 1929.(sage your shit)

No. 1880134

File: 1691817206600.jpeg (32.37 KB, 424x366, 2184B7EB-CE79-4E63-8625-045D1F…)

Okay I didn’t realize the chart above was for UK birthrates. US birthrates did plummet between the 1920s and mid 1930s.

No. 1880136

Her weird fixations on inane shit and spergouts make me think she is indeed on the spectrum. She also was ana for many years and there is a correlation between being ana + having food aversions and being autist.

No. 1880138

I’m starting to suspect janny is tradthot aligned.

No. 1880142

I’m so glad the adolescent male suicide rates are rising. The world will be so much better without these fried brain coomchimps filming and harassing women everywhere they go.

No. 1880145

>another lispy campy juiced up haggot
I wonder what the correlation between being mercilessly bullied at school and becoming a manosphere podcast bro is

No. 1880151

I actually somewhat agree with her on this point. If a teenager has a good relationship with their family, it seems wrong that the kid has to uproot their life and move to another state for 4 years, away from their support network. But she also assumes that all kids have a good and harmonious relationship with their family or want to stay with them, and that’s also just not true. Plenty of kids can’t wait to go to college because their families suck and are annoying or abusive.

I would also say that most people function just fine away from their families when studying abroad or in another state. Tradthots arent the most sane of people so she probably has a touch of DPD or attachment disorder if the idea freaks her out that badly. Yes in many cultures and throughout history it was considered normal for women to prefer being with their parents and families, but it was also usually expected that the parents would arrange to marry off their daughter to another household at quite a young age where she would get to see her own blood family much less frequently if at all.

No. 1880153

I also think that if a kid is that dependent on and attached to their family then they simply won’t go to college that’s far away, and their family probably dissuades them from going too. A 18 year old is capable of deciding themselves what they want to do with their life, and the fact most kids who get offers to study in another state or country will take it and go shows that most of them are fine with it.

No. 1880155

he's not on steroids. If he was on steroids he'd look like RFK Jr. does

No. 1880204

she's obviously farming engagement by writing such retarded shit to give her guaranteed replies. Don't forget that tardthots are attentionwhores first and foremost.

No. 1880221

This. Nonas, I know it’s hard because she keeps throwing retarded bait out there, but DNI.

I’ve seen scrotes on /pol/ devising fantasies about marrying mail order brides then buying white women’s eggs on the cheap in Eastern Europe then forcing their brown/Asian third world ethnic wife to implant them so the kid will come out fully white. Wignat scrotes are literally scum of the earth.

No. 1880240

>The useless consoomers destroying the planet for luxury goods aren’t morally superior to the breeders overpopulating it
The carbon footprint of an added person can't be compared to a childfree one taking 10 flights a year you fucking retard even trying to compare the damage procreating does to the planet with someone using thier hard earned money to have a better quality of life than you'll ever have is a brain dead take.Cope and seeth over women choosing wealth and freedom over being burdened with your useless inferior rape ape DNA.

No. 1880242

I was the one with richer women have less kids comment and i didn't type that one ya know more than one person will find your takes retarded af you're either a butthurt soccer mommy seething over the mention of wealthy free women or a scrote.Either way die broke about it.

No. 1880246

Same tradthots keep dunking on childfree women so it's not off topic to point out how they're just jealous of their money and freedom i guess you can't point that out without the mombies on this thread getting hurt lol pathetic

No. 1880267

I agree that comment wasn’t off topic at all. The breeder vs childfree debate is a huge part of these threads and the tradthot movement. That redtext was just weird.

No. 1880270

Good luck getting your wife to agree to that, I’ve never seen even the most self hating ethnic women agree to a weird ploy like that. Even self hating Indian and Asian women who marry white guys always seem to have biological children with the dude.

No. 1880282

The childfree debate that has been frequently coming up on these past several tradthot threads has actually done an amazing job of debunking several of these tradthot’s misinformation, especially with their lack of actual portrayals of motherhood outside of propaganda images of a happy looking tradwife cuddling a baby while cooking. Any young girl can easily get influenced by that and so it’s so important to be able to refute those points

No. 1880292

Oh no, the "KEK" moron is seething again. It's so easily triggered lol

No. 1880336

I see the retarded anon who replies with 'no u' when they have no argument is back at it again.

No. 1880337

Yep, it's just weird how even your average mum can be so triggered over chilfre women especially when you bring up how advantaged they are compared to them (their life is theirs and not dedicated to a scrote and his cum) it's especialy weird to come seeth over them here out of all places and try to silence anons who talk about it by running to cry to the jannies how it's off topic lol you retarded pick me doormats are something else

No. 1880350

Longtime farmer, first time seeing this thread

It’s been really validating and confirming to read all these nonnies. I’m a career woman who just turned 30 and doesn’t want kids. Been feeling the pressure from people and was questioning myself for a while but genuinely do not see the appeal of children or being a mother. It seems like the worst path

Binging this thread has eliminated any lingering questioning I had

And sure enough: the second I finish reading this my best friend calls me in tears wanting to kill herself for having a second baby. Telling me all about the shit her moid has done today. How she doesn’t understand how she ended up with this life and she hates that all her freedom is now lost to two kids and she gets no help.

Sorry to blogpost but you ladies are doing gods work here and I needed to express the gratitude(not your personal blog)

No. 1880370

well thank God we can still redtext blogposters as fast as possible, that was the biggest problem facing lolcow

No. 1880382

The average mom, while not a tradthot, still has to deal with all the stress and misery that comes with raising a child on top of being penalized at work, having her body permanently changed for the worse, being expected to give up all her dreams, aspirations, goals and hobbies to attend to her kids, and dealing with a husband that not only doesn't do any of that but likely is becoming lazier and more dismissive of her now that she's legally trapped with him. It's like how SAHMs cry-gloat over having "the most important, fulfulling job" in between popping benzos and chugging wine coolers; the less happy and fulfilled someone is, the more they have to pretend otherwise. Naturally, they can't help but seethe at people who aren't saddled with all the shit they secretly resent.

No. 1880383

there’s a childfree thread in /g/, but samefag this thread provides a lot of perspective on how miserable tradthots are but are trying to sell the lifestyle like troons

No. 1880407

It helped me too. I was thinking there was something wrong with me cause all my friends were having kids and I'm glad their are other women who think that children are as boring and retarded as I do
>my best friend calls me in tears wanting to kill herself for having a second baby
Did she enjoy the first baby, at least?
>she hates that all her freedom is now lost to two kids and she gets no help
sounds like her problem is her husband, not the kids
>this thread provides a lot of perspective on how miserable tradthots are but are trying to sell the lifestyle like troons
Having kids is not the same thing as being a tradthot. Most women have kids but very few women are trad

No. 1880409

actually, psychological studies indicate that porn consumption leads to increased suicide rates. The relationship appears to be causative, not correlative.
Radfems really need to reconsider their anti porn position

No. 1880445

Megha Vermin lurks this thread nonnies, just remember that. She’s trying to bait us into talking about her more because she’s starved of attention.

No. 1880447

As if men will listen to us anyway, porn and suicide goes hand in hand with having the Y chromosome disability.

No. 1880448

I agree nona it’s important we debunk and challenge the retarded shit tradthots spew, not only is it harmful to young women but the little scrotey factoids they parrot are also often false and misinformation.

No. 1880454

You can get paid for engagements if you buy Twitter Blue. She's ragebaiting so she can make money.

No. 1880487

I think she's mainly just coping with how shit her husband is
I'm just saying that statistically speaking, the more porn men consume the fewer moids around to murder us. Porn literally saves women's lives(terrible bait)

No. 1880507

yeah its so frustrating that the twitter girls keep engaging with her, shes not one of the stupid trad thots, shes the grifting type and every time you quote tweet her you're providing for her family more than her husband is.

No. 1880513

>sounds like her problem is her husband, not the kids
NTA but the kids literally are the problem. Children are massively burdensome. Men make it way worse by foisting all responsibility onto women, but the kids themselves very much are the problem. If nona's friend hadn't had children, she'd have her freedom.

No. 1880525

File: 1691886256039.png (104.6 KB, 989x674, Screenshot 2023-08-12 172131.p…)

Speaking of that…Tradcunt weekly is at it again with the obsessive stalking. My god do they ever stop talking? Holy fuck stop writing about the same subject over and over again.

>Meanwhile, young women in their "prime working years" devote themselves to a career and a boss who doesn't truly care about them, have promiscuous sex that has a negative impact on their mental health, and miss out on the true, lifelong fulfillment that comes with being a wife and mother.

Who. Cares. It's their life. If they end up "bitter and regretful" (which they probably won't because who the fuck wants to have a toddler bite them or a teen slam a door in their face) then it's their problem. not a tradthot's problem to obsess over. They're still not bringing up any proof or statistics that women are happier as mothers. Just redirecting towards what we already knew: casual sex isn't fulfilling. And it was radical feminism that actually helped discover that being a bangmaid/fleshlight to scrotes isn't actually as empowering as libfems say it is.

No. 1880549

File: 1691887543930.jpg (133.41 KB, 1080x666, Screenshot_20230812_204235_Chr…)

God forbid. Let's go back to the 60s with all the happy housewives knocking themselves on klonopin

No. 1880564

File: 1691888396399.png (155.21 KB, 1342x584, washingtonpost.png)

throughout history there's been a significant amount of a single cf women, if the option was available to opt out of marriage and kids, women would take it. In Europe, a lot of women would join nunneries to escape marriage - you were educated, clothed, fed, had a bed, could travel a bit, and of course weren't trapped with a fucking scrot. And if there were options for paid work, women took the option. But tradcons believe 99% of women were happily married with 8 healthy child who survived to be good adults kekk

No. 1880572

The fact that she gave birth to that baby and is taking care of it by herself and with family members on her own side, this babys father isnt even present kek. She calls herself a "wife" nope ur a single mawma megha!

No. 1880573

I apologize for samefagging but its laughable how she insists that her moid cares about her yet he refused to be by her side during pregnancy and actually squeezing the thing out. Makes me cackle literally kekkk its what she deserves!

No. 1880588

No one works somewhere because they think their boss "truly cares about them", they work there for the sake of making a living. Reminds me of the anti-no fault divorce guys whining that there are no contracts that can be ended at will–seemingly unaware that employment contracts are just that. Really shows most of these people have never had a real job

No. 1880590

People also work because it’s fulfilling and they’re doing something they love. Like even people stay for years at underpaying jobs such as video game developers/animators/artists because they’re so passionate about what they do and love their creations despite poor pay/conditions. Following your dreams is a powerful thing

No. 1880625

File: 1691895512953.jpg (726.77 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230812_220109_Gal…)

Is Pearl posting this to backtrack on her coalburning ways and pander to white supremacists (as if they care once she's already slept with a black man) or is she just too stupid to realize the meme is about black crime?

No. 1880655

True. I guess they think women can't have any passions beyond changing diapers, the concept of us being people with inner lives doesn't click with them at all

No. 1880660

File: 1691901929690.png (643.26 KB, 893x420, ihypocrite.png)

I see that misogynist I,Hypocrite yet again. Really fucking weird moid that shows up a lot in the trad/white supremecist/right leaning circles. If you pay attention, they're always liking and retweeting his content.

He's a crypto Jewish man who's really defensive that he isn't Jewish, due to his circles. He was also a chronic porn addict until he found a Caucasian woman to impregnate, now he's ultra "trad" and chronically online trying to appeal to white men to fit in. He oddly posts a lot of "demoralization" content if you check out his channels, like things right wingers hate and perceive as the West decaying. Very strange character but not surprising Pearl interacts with him. All of them seem like they have secrets to hide and that's why they're so extreme right so they hope people will forget what they are or what they've done, like Pearl's black male past.

No. 1880705

to be honest, they actually believe this. They believe women don't have ("real") hobbies/interests/passions or that women are just boring. Redpill shows push men to do hobbies, outside of gaming, to be interesting to attract women though. In a fresh&fit episode, they invited that nazi Fuentes and he said women shouldn't have hobbies outside of being a stay at home mother; because that should be her only purpose and focus. And besides destiny; all the scrots just nodded their heads and agreed with him and restating that women don't need to be interesting. I dont even know why they bother to continue to live in a developed nation.

No. 1880738

Jeezus this moid has a face that could curdle milk. What kind of moron decides to piss her life away being this thing's bangmaid? These women are always the ones who have a sob story about how they "didn't knoooow" when their moid inevitably starts abusing them.
>to be honest, they actually believe this. They believe women don't have ("real") hobbies/interests/passions or that women are just boring.
That, or all hobbies we have are just to attract men. I'd pay good money to see one of the guys who believes this try to explain yaoi and how is spending ungodly amounts of time drawing anime twinks fucking is akshuly just a ploy for male attention kek

No. 1880787

>Having kids is not the same thing as being a tradthot. Most women have kids but very few women are trad
Dedicating your life to a moid's shitty DNA at the expense of your personal growth and aspirations is what they all have in common. It's sad pathetic and humiliating to women with actual self esteem. (Only talking about hetero families not single by choice mums or lesbian couples with daughters those are awesome)

No. 1880790

>>Meanwhile, young women in their "prime working years" devote themselves to a career and a boss who doesn't truly care about them, have promiscuous sex that has a negative impact on their mental health, and miss out on the true, lifelong fulfillment that comes with being a wife and mother.

How many times do they have to repeat the same bullshit threats ? we don't fucking care.
Imagine being so clueless about how careers work and so ambition less you think a career means working for one person your whole life and never even starting your own business kek they must be pretending that women who havve their own businesses don't exist. Also LMAO at the 'a boss that doesn't care about you' bitch who told you career women give two shits about their boss ? it's called business you offer your skills and get paid for it then go home nothing less nothing more unlike your bangmaid ass working as a pocket pussy, dishwahser, cook and baby sitter 24/7 for zero dollars and not a simple gift or thank you from your moid. It's extremely weird how these trad whores equate having a career to submitting to a scrote it tells you how brain dead and low IQ they are for not being able to comprehend business by that logic their moids are submitting to their boss too way to admit you have a faggot submissive husband ladies

No. 1880795

This. I don’t even work but I’d MUCH rather have a boss than a husband. At least my boss wouldn’t expect me to cook 3 meals a day for him, clean his skidmarks from the toilet bowl, raise his spawn for 30 years or try to guilt trip me into doing anal every night.

No. 1880797

The truth is women were and never will be seen as people by scrotes. The only reason they didn't try to kill us all is because they would go extinct and wouldn't have anymore kids to rape, scrotes have a dumbfouding level of lack of basic human empathy they see the other gender as nothing but a servant and hole to fuck so of course they think our only purpose is taking care of their worthless retarded spawn while they get to live their lives and have aspirations,hobbies and dreams. They didn't spare a single effort to opress us for thousands of years and make sure we stay in 'our place'. They are our number 1 hater and enemy and any woman that spends two minutes putting them or their spawn ahead of her own self is a failure.

No. 1880798

Men are having a mental breakdown that their coping of pretending women want what men want them to want (a life in service of men and securing their legacy) isn't in fact what women want and is propaganda pushed on women by men. Women instead when they have freedom, live their own lives instead of live as objects for men to use. Some women have kids, some don't, and men hate that women aren't a monolith that all desire to service every worthless scrote so he can fulfill his coom-and-die imperative.

No. 1880800

Yep. This nona gets it. If we didn’t birth their hellspawn, provide more kids for them to groom or let them violate our bodies at every turn, moids would gladly kill all of us off. Look how they’re already excitedly talking about trying to replace us with sex robots and artificial wombs. All tradthots have Stockholm syndrome, a masochism fetish and probably a deathwish too. Nothing else explains why they only want the gender that commits 97% of violent crime to have the right to vote.

No. 1880801

A boss you can leave, report if he harasses you, pays you, and only makes you work a specific set of hours, not 24/7 like men. And if men think working for a boss is so bad, then why should men be in the work force? We all know it's a cope because they just want women to leave so they can take womens jobs because men don't work as hard or as well as women. They're mad they're a loser with a shit job and want women gone from the work force so they can try and climb the ranks to the womens position that's been vacated.

No. 1880805

Any woman who had sex with a black man will never be accepted back into the wignat scrotesphere.

Also OT but is Tobey Macguire gay? I heard he wanted the execs of Spider-Man to have Peter Parker explore his sexuality with other men in the movies and he’s also on a boat with Leonardo DiCaprio 24/7 who he has an odd bromance with. I heard Leo might be gay too and all his gfs are beards because he dumps them so quickly and acts completely disinterested during sex.

No. 1880808

>by that logic their moids are submitting to their boss too way to admit you have a faggot submissive husband ladies
Lol good point nona. How do tradthots justify their husbands being metaphorically fucked in the butt by their boss 5 days a week? The home is simply their little sandbox where they can larp as king of the castle once they get done being bossed around and delegated to by their bossdaddy. If you worship masculinity and male leadership then isn’t it pretty pathetic that your husband has to submit to another superior man? Hmm.

No. 1880809

It's all projection they work shitty dead end jobs so they think all career women have shit dead end jobs they forget that a lot of us are engineers, doctors, lawyers, accountants who will eventually have their own businesses, agencies and law firms or simply become an executive in another company and be our own boss kek it's a sad cope pretending that career women must be trapped in dead end jobs and get yelled at and harassed by their boss 24/7 while the truth is most of us make more than their useless scrotes and go on vacations and nice restaurants and spoil ourselves with spa's and clothes from working 8 hours a day with paid vacations while they work all day and night with no pay while being at high risk of getting abused or left to single mom life by their moids lmaooooooo

No. 1880812

Men are innate bootlickers of other men which is why they worship hierarchal structures and like answering to another male, be it their father, lord, king, god, sergeant or boss. 99.9% of men in history were simply subjects of another man who had more money power and women than he did and acted like his bitch and did all his bidding at his beck and call. Men are the original submissive pickmes.

No. 1880817

Moids aren’t even good at their jobs, surgeons and doctors constantly fuck up, moids in top positions are constantly having to be dismissed from their jobs for theft corruption and misconduct. Patients are more likely to die under the care of a male doctor than a female doctor for example, medical mistake or surgical error is also the 3rd most common cause of death in the US. So much for scrotes leading the way in professional excellence.

Then you have jobs like teaching, care staff and nursing which quite literally need to be predominantly female staffed as there is too high a risk of male employees sexually assaulting or abusing the students or patients. In my country a male teacher or nurse isn’t allowed to be in a room alone with a pupil or patient. Moids can’t even be trusted to spend time around vulnerable people without raping them and we have to act like this is the superior sex? Hell no.

No. 1880818

True they are each other's bitches that's why when locked up together they get fucked in the ass by other moids kek them trying to push this whole sumbission thing on us is just projection. All they do is project all their desires on us, men want to secure a legacy so we must want to burden ourselves in order to make that happen, men are fucked in the ass by their boss and yelled at so we must be getting the same treatment, men love being another man's little bitch so we must want that too lol The Y chromosome diability and dysfunction is real.

No. 1880819

It’s funny because almost every woman I know has more hobbies and interests than men do. I guess if you count jerking off and playing videogames as hobbies then yeah almost every moid has at least 2 pastimes.

No. 1880820

They are the superior sex tho ….when it comes to raping children,animals,corpses, killing,stealing,starting deadly wars,dehumanizing others and being the scum of the earth. lol

No. 1880823

I’ve never seen such a bunch of dysfunctional misfits as I have as this weird right wing circlejerk, it all feels very forced and artificial like when music producers throw a bunch of dudes together and start a fake band except in this case it’s a band of autists uglies and psychopaths, has anyone checked if they’re on Thiel’s payroll? You’re right nona, all of them have secrets to hide and skeletons in their closet. Not a single one of these tradthot or tradscrote freaks gives off the impression of being a good person.

No. 1880825

I thought this was Paul Elam they all have the same garden gnome pedo phenotype. Any hypocrite dude is a schizo he unironically believes prostitutes and single moms are possessed by demons kek.

No. 1880826


Also agree it’s rather strange how the extreme tranny left, post-left/redscare dirtbag left and right wing spheres are all full of self loathing Jewish men.

No. 1880827

LOL i'm dying after checking your claim anon imagine banning women from getting eduaction for thousands of years and once they get the right to it for a few decades they beat your ass in the field and do the job better than you kek males are pathetic failures


No. 1880829

This ugly ass moid looks so similar to this psychotic killer

No. 1880830

I remember a couple years back there was a case of a scrote that worked at a Med School who was lowering women’s test scores with a computer because women were absolutely BTFOing the moids and he wanted less women to get into the course. Then after they put a stop to scrotes rigging the test scores they found women immediately went back to BTFOing and outperforming the men. Kek.

No shit the gender that actually has an organic understanding and curiosity for the human body, pays greater attention to details, is naturally more empathetic and good at listening to patients and genuinely wants to make people feel better make the superior doctors than some psychopath egomaniac scrote.

No. 1880831

Ew you’re right nona. Why haven’t we exterminated this baldy beardy pedo phenotype from the gene pool yet? Their physiognomy says it all.

No. 1880836

In the West?
because this actually happened in Japan, lowering the scores of female applicants to keep the ratio of women at the university below 30%. I bet most of the top students were women too. All that hard work gone just because of some bitter moids. Just proves again that women are better at school despite society believing the opposite in the past. Now that it is known women are better at school, all of a sudden trads want to homeschool because school "disadvantages" boys kek


No. 1880846

>school "disadvantages" boys kek
That's fucking rich considering how girls are told to go home for showing their shoulders cause the retard sex pest gender can't focus in the class room and how girls are discouraged from pursuing careers in high end fields cause of muh motherhood and retard scrote's cum pets who we totally should be prioritize over our own dreams and goals. Fuck that shit.

No. 1880847

Cause sadly a lot of women have low af self esteem and are low IQ that's the only reason most men were able to spread their worthless genes.

No. 1880861

The fact that they haven't been born with the capacity of giving life to the world shows that they have an innate incapacity of holding power. They feel impotent and power needs to be in the hands of others, but as the male also lacks empathy (because he was not made with the natural capacity of love that the female had been made) the others need to be other males, that he's capable of relating, even if a bit. They are envious of females and extremelly aware of their weakness, like a narcissist. Males weren't made to live longer than a female. Life for them is fuck and die.

No. 1880870

Is this true? He wasn’t there at all? I’m sure someone posted a screenshot of her Instagram story when the baby was like a couple of days old and her twink husband was in the picture.

No. 1880915

my mom worked more hours and had more professional success than my dad. When I was growing up, my mom regularly worked 60 hours a week and my dad took care of things like making dinner. My best friend from high school is an executive with an NHL team and her husband stays home and takes care of the kids. Marie Curie had kids. So did Bella Abzug. Even Mary Wollstencraft had a kid. Women can have kids if they want to.

No. 1880921

>Is Pearl posting this to backtrack on her coalburning ways and pander to white supremacists (as if they care once she's already slept with a black man) or is she just too stupid to realize the meme is about black crime?Is Pearl posting this to backtrack on her coalburning ways and pander to white supremacists (as if they care once she's already slept with a black man) or is she just too stupid to realize the meme is about black crime?
It's neither. Pearl is just a troll. I can't believe how many anons keep taking her bait. She's probably reading this thread and loving it.
When Pearl first came on the scene she didn't say any of that "women shouldn't vote" stuff. She just did standard MRA talking points. It was when she realized that she could get more engagement by triggering normie women that she started being all edgy. Just ignore this bitch

No. 1880937

They sure can and we're allowed to think they're retarded for it too. Your mom and best friend are an exception to the rule that kids hold women back and most scrotes are useless twats congrats also women like Marie Currie couldn't use birth control so they couldn't have avoided kids if they wanted to. Kids are a shit deal for women who actually have self esteem and ambition it's just reality. Also nobody gives a fuck about your blog posts,scrote. Nobody is going to read them then be like 'yeah kids won't hold me back i better go have some'.

No. 1880940

>Even Mary Wollstencraft had a kid.
Which ended her activism entirely since it killed her.

No. 1880942

I agree it wasn't a good idea. She should never have married that douche

No. 1880948

She had two daughters, actually. Her eldest didn't end her activism and the surviving youngest went on to defend her mother and do more for feminism than you ever will.(sage your shit)

No. 1880951

>It's ok if women die giving birth cause the kids are more important
Kill yourself.(alogging)

No. 1880952

>They sure can and we're allowed to think they're retarded for it too
You are not allowed to think that Bella Abzug was a retard

No. 1880982

We are superior because we have evolved and grown out of the primitive biological urge to procreate. 99% of moids are still stuck in the ooga booga caveman brain stage of evolution and tradthots are all stuck in an archaic ‘if I don’t bear his children he’ll kill me, if I don’t get picked I’ll get left by the wayside and die’ lizard brain mindset. When I talk to breeders I feel like I’m trying to reason with proto hominids.

No. 1880983

kek yeah she died giving birth at 38 and retarded moids still think they can sell us lies about motherhood in order to keep spreading their bottom if the barrel genes try again only low self esteem retarded women will fall for your bullshit and their numbers are decreasing with social media spreading the good word of how fucked up your gender is lol

No. 1880989

>We are superior because we have evolved and grown out of the primitive biological urge to procreate
THIS.I support and admire women who have daughters in an only female household whom they teach to excel in maths,science and educate them to be smart and independant that being said bearing children for the sake of moids is extremely retarded especially if the spawn is male.

No. 1881002

Seriously, when people start screeching about babies to me I feel like I’m talking to a bunch of retards screaming ‘NOOOO YOU MUST SHIT IN A HOLE IN THE GROUND IN THE WOODS BECAUSE…ITS JUST NATURAL OKAY!’ And it’s like uhhhh I have a perfectly good toilet and plumbing system right here which is objectively better. I’m good. Sorry you’re still stuck in the Stone Age lol.

No. 1881006

It takes a brave and rational person to go against the social pressure to do what's best for THEM. Pissy breeders are just a fart in the wind at the end of the day they're still stuck with them kids forever and we still have our lives to our selves kek

No. 1881023

>THIS.I support and admire women who have daughters in an only female household whom they teach to excel in maths,science and educate them to be smart and independant
That I can accept, but these retard nonnas who say not to have any kids at all are idiots. If they got their way then only pickmes would reproduce and the world will end up dominated by moids

No. 1881043

This makes no senses. Women not having kids means less moids since there’s less people in general, and the children of pickmes do not necessarily turn out the same as them and a common phenomenon is that children turn out the opposite of their parents (especially for children in bad households as what these tradfags would be) thanks to observing their parents mistakes and wanting to avoid them. Even then, liberal men become more trad oriented then they present themselves when married since it’s become a lot harder to drop them for shit behaviour.

No. 1881049

>This makes no senses. Women not having kids means less moids since there’s less people in general
We can have only daughters and make sure they are properly educated. If we keep doing this one generation at a time eventually the world's population will be 75% female and 90% of those women will be feminists. There will always be some pickmes just do to genetic variation, but their numbers will be too small to matter

No. 1881065

I agree with most of the things in this thread. Am a lesbian who did IVF and had twin girls (by choice, we decided we didn’t want any mini scrotes) and we’re committed to raising them to be as capable and smart and savvy as possible. I always wanted to be a mom (I know, I know) even though I have a career, and my wife luckily was on board. It’s def not the norm, but tbh it should be. Even if it’s women having platonic partnerships and having daughters together. More of us and less of them. Sage for relevant semi-blog

No. 1881078

How did that change that giving birth killed one of the most important feminists of that era? Mary Shelley was a great woman, but the fact of the matter is that her birth killed her mother. If she hadn't been born, Wollstonecraft wouldn't have died.
Charlotte Bronte also died giving birth. How much art, science, literature and discovery has been lost to women dying for some screeching brat? It's horrifying to think of.

No. 1881084

How can anyone force a child into this world to exist without consent? Society is completely evil, existence is suffering for most people even if they have plenty of resources, most humans are pretty awful, and at least 1 in every 20 moids is a pedo. When I look at kids smiling I feel fucking sad knowing that their blissful naivety will eventually be shattered by the inevitable suffering in life and trauma inflicted on them by their fellow humans. Breeding is the most evil thing you can do imo. There are already so many fucking kids in care homes and who need to be adopted but no, muh genetic legacy and muh dna comes first, which just shows you how evil and selfish breeders actually are.(derailing)

No. 1881085

>Mary Shelley was a great woman
Lol wut? Did you read Frankenstein? All the female characters are total pickmes. She also simped for her misogynist father even though he openly hated her
>More of us and less of them
exactly. Nonnas ITT aren't thinking strategically (or they are just moids using reverse psychology). You can't say you are against the patriarchy but then criticize the women who are working to bring it down

No. 1881091

Breeders think all childfree people hate kids and want them dead. In fact the opposite is true. Many childfree people care deeply about children and for that reason don’t want to inflict existence and suffering onto an innocent being. It’s a myth that childfree people hate kids. Do I hate men’s insistence on spreading their DNA, the pain and trauma women go through during childbirth and labor, the toll it takes on women, all the things that can go wrong? Absolutely. Do I hate kids and feel urges to snuff them out when I see them? Of course not. Seeing children suffering causes me physical pain. I’ve gone through adoption lists and cried my eyes out at kids who’ve been on that list for 5-10 years and still haven’t been adopted and knowing that I can’t afford to take one in, so I just donate what I can. Do I want children of my own? Hell no. It’s funny breeders try to paint us as selfish psychopaths when some of us care about kids wellbeing way more than many actual parents in this world.(no1currs, stop derailing)

No. 1881094

That’s the funny thing. There’s tradthots in these threads who literally beat and abuse their children. Most conservatives don’t give a single fuck about children. They’re anti abortion and they claim to care about babies but they don’t give a single fuck about the child after it’s born. It’s just a way to control women.

Anyone who has actually witnessed the horrors of this world or been in care knows that many of those unwanted children would be better off being aborted while insentient at 4 weeks old than forced into a foster system that abuses rapes and traumatizes them and having to be aware of every second of it.

No. 1881098

You’re right and it triggers me how much attention she’s getting for ragebaiting. In a way these threads aren’t such a good thing because they feed tradnarcs egos and give them attention. But on the other hand it’s important to challenge their retarded ideas.

No. 1881099

It's important to challenge people like Lori but women like Pearl should just be completely ignored. She's eventually gonna start saying stuff like "slavery was good for blacks" and that female infanticide is a good thing. It is counter productive to respond to people who don't even believe what they say

No. 1881112

I agree with you nona. Pearl needs to be ignored, and several of the other more pathological trads need to be treated with caution too.

No. 1881222

Only photo I found (that shes posted) was of her holding her poor infants hand, her scrote was nowhere to be seen, big surprise there kek

No. 1881224

is it a girl or a mini scrote? If it's a girl, I definitely don't want daddy around her

No. 1881271

Dickriding Jordanian pedophiles is more important than attending your own child’s birth ofc.
It’s a girl.

No. 1881306

File: 1692011629455.png (607.88 KB, 990x516, vomit.png)

I just saw what Map Walsh looks like without a beard and now we know why he keeps a beard lmao

No. 1881309

Some of y'all childfree people need to grow a fucking spine and stop giving two fucks about what a bunch of jealous bitter breaders think let them think you hate kids or whatever it's good that way since they won't try to befriend you or make you babysit their brats,let them think you're selfish let them think you're heartless and own that shit take it as a declaration of your freedom ,the power to determin your own path in life and having the upper hand to end bloodlines if it suits you. Stop being apologetic and pathetic.

No. 1881395

File: 1692027427187.jpeg (685.91 KB, 1170x1601, IMG_2860.jpeg)

Tard wife discovers she’s not the first woman in history to have multiple children

No. 1881397

This is making me kek like you think everyone’s gonna faun over you just because you’re doing something that billions of women do daily? Were you just having a baby for attention and fanfare? Grow the fuck up.(sage your shit)

No. 1881434

Some woman saw this and decided to dedicate her life to pushing out his spawn. Wonder what she'll do now that she's 35 and only has another 10-15 reproductive years left, especially considering MAP Walsh's very obvious predilection towards teenage girls.

No. 1881473

Why are some women like this tho? idgaf if she's a butt ugly obese woman she deserves wayyyy better than this ugly ass pedo scum bag seriously what causes women to sink this low and rip their crotch open for this thing's cum ? just why ?
I'd rather die alone a thousand death than spend one second with a mf that looks like him

No. 1881483

File: 1692039093921.jpg (82.09 KB, 1249x703, thatsnoneofmy.jpg)

My grandmother got married at the age of 16 to a 40 year old moid and had 11 children all delivered at home, never had a job or education and never spent a minute online and she always tells me to focus on my education so i don't end up like her and constantly roots for me to be independent and rich lol what do you say to that tradcunts ? is she another angry feminist trying to brain wash younger women or simply a woman that lived the life y'all keep larping online and knows how miserable it really is ?

No. 1881486

Is that seriously him? He looks totally different. Is this before his trad grifting career? I just assumed he’d always been a fundie weirdo

No. 1881488

I said it once and i'll say it again a lot of retards have kids in order to use them for attention whoring and feeding their narc asses i hope this bitch has a great time getting her vag torn for that attention she thought she was gonna get lmao

No. 1881490

Yep that's him sad part is one of our gender pushed out 6 brats for this fuck ugly pos TRAGIC kek

No. 1881493

Wanting attention and praise is a perfectly valid reason for having children. Why else would someone do it?

No. 1881495

A brain dead ego maniac breeder that thinks kids are accessories isn't worth debating.Go bait else where scrote.

No. 1881498

File: 1692040606500.jpg (102.89 KB, 787x812, EzykDNzXMAApu2s.jpg)

This is his wife and she's a desperate pick me that has no life outside of tweeting about how amazing it is to wake up in a house full of screaming brats and a pedo butt ugly husband kek they deserve each other only a matter of time before he runs off with a 16 year old pick me

No. 1881502

File: 1692040747867.png (124.02 KB, 1223x698, 2023-08-14 (1).png)

No. 1881504

Same. My grandma told me getting married was the worst decision of her life and she wishes she could get all that time back lol. For most of my grandparents marriage she just spent time with her girlfriends and avoided my grandpa as often as she could. I told her I was going to Italy a couple months ago and she was like ‘kiss as many boys as you can when you’re over there, youth never comes back’

No. 1881507

Better than him staying and molesting the daughters or becoming the American Josef Fritzl

No. 1881511

It should be a crime to pass those genetics onto children

No. 1881512

>has children purely for attention
Least selfish breeder

No. 1881515

Natalism is evil, full stop. Not only are you ignoring the millions of kids who already exist and need a home, but you are forcing a non consenting being into existence to suffer due to your own selfish need for validation and enslavement to your primitive biological urges.(derailing)

No. 1881516

He's always been a weirdo trad. Screencap is from when he used to rant in his car, clad in a fedora of course, about how teenagers are fertile and how sex for pleasure and not breeding is evil
All this for a man who clearly doesn't even like her. He shamed her on twitter once for not changing one of their spawn's diapers and having a 7 year old daughter do it instead, while he admitted he's never changed a diaper at all. What kind of brainwashing goes into making a woman think that is how her life should be spent?

Also, I hate to shame a woman's looks, but that is a rough 35. Not surprising since all the perma-pregnant fundie women have wrinkle-cragged foreheads and dead eyes before 30, pregnancies do a number on you especially ones of male fetuses. She already looks post-50, I bet all the fascination with teenage girls makes her seethe like no other. I wonder how MAP will try to get rid of her, considering divorce is a no-no. A few more dangerous pregnancies with the hopes she'll croak is my bet.

No. 1881517

Tell your grandma to stop simping for moids. Girls should spend their time having fun with their friends, not kissing ugly, std carrying scrotes

No. 1881518

Can you imagine how awful society is going to be in 20-30 years? Do you see how brain damaged children are growing up nowadays, addicted to their iPads and the internet by 5 years old? The number of child on child sex crimes skyrocketing as porn use in under 10s becomes so common? Anyone who wants a child in this current era is absolutely insane.(derailing)

No. 1881519

As true as that might be it's still none of our business how many selfish retarded attention whoring breeders have kids.As long as they keep their dumb mouths shut and stop pushing their poor life choices on the rest of us. Crabs in a bucket.(derailing bait)

No. 1881521

I Agree. Female breeders are whores(moid)

No. 1881522

Does anyone know why tradthots glorify pregnancy and childbirth as natural and therefore good, but are almost all against harems, polygamy and female dual mating strategy which are also technically natural and were commonplace all throughout history?(namefagging)

No. 1881523

>children suffering is none of your business
Are you just a scrote trying to make antinatalists look bad?

No. 1881525

Nona not everyone on this board is a dyke.

No. 1881526

i came here to read tradthot milk not blatant eugenics psyops, wtf.

No. 1881530

>nooooo yo have to be loyal to one scrote your whole life
We literally get horny for different men depending on our cycle and at our most fertile prefer handsome masculine men with deeper voices and higher testosterone levels. We are literally programmed to get pregnant by a hot guys baby and make a beta paypig raise it. Nothing wrong with that. Best genes and upbringing for the kid.(bait)

No. 1881531

Hey you RETVRNED to the trad lifestyle, now enjoy giving birth in the woods alone like your ancestors kek

No. 1881533

She probably rattles her tin cup against the cuckqueen cage saying ‘HONEY CAN I COME OUT NOW PLEASEEEE’

No. 1881536

Nope i'm saying it's none of our business who decides to have kids you fucking weirdo it's beyond our control and their own personal decision no matter how flawed and retarded it is(infighting)

No. 1881537

If she were that old MAP would've already disposed of her kek. She looks like his mom in that pic. Pickmes truly never prosper.

No. 1881540

File: 1692042402657.jpg (4.53 KB, 283x178, wtf.jpg)

>I hate to shame a woman's looks, but that is a rough 35
Hold tf up ….SHE'S 35 ??? i thought she was in her mid 40s but why am i surprised ? she wakes up to 'a house full of children and an amazing huzbannnd every single day' lmfao

No. 1881541

Is there a reason why tradthots always look so haggard and busted, apart from the obvious sleep deprivation and stress of their husbands eyefucking 15 year old girls in shorts all day? I think I read a study a while back showing that parous women show more signs of ageing and being biologically older than non parous women, but I’m not 100% sure. I’ve also heard a lot of women saying they felt like their faces and features changed a bit after becoming moms and that they looked more mature or something, maybe some kind of evolutionary signal to other scrotes that says ‘I’m taken’. Certain ethnicities of women also show weird little quirks, like Asian women often develop melasma on their cheeks during pregnancy.

No. 1881543

You’re obviously just some kind of psychopathic tranny who is baiting.

No. 1881546

File: 1692042819986.png (7.76 KB, 224x225, bait.png)

Being a cum dumpster for scrotes and single mum dependent on other scrotes to molest and pay for another scrote's spawn is the lowest of the lowest a woman can get. You reek of hairy incel ass.(derailing/infighting)

No. 1881547

Do you have any idea when/why he changed his style and presentation? Any links?

No. 1881549

>nooooo you have to birth an ugly scrotes genes and can’t just pick and choose who will be superior for both gene pool and betabux
Kys scrote(alogging/responding to bait)

No. 1881553

You just described yourself. Now go around and tell random parents how they should be in jail for child abuse cause they decided to have kids and see how realistic that is you fucking retard. It's none of your business period and i think it's selfish af to breed myself but i dgaf who does and who doesn't cause i have something called a life.Try getting one.

No. 1881556

>low effort bait
>thinking it's a power move to dedicate your life to a moids's cum if he's mawsculin and strong
>acusing anons who point out your retarded baiting attempts of being scrotes
>Y chromosome disabilty

No. 1881558

You dumbass moids really think that we can’t tell the difference between a masculine writing style and feminine one? Just because you say “moid” and “scrote” doesn’t mean that you can blend kek

No. 1881560

NTA I hate to burst your bubble but not every woman on this board is a hardcore antinatalist, a lot of us are childfree and are just too busy enjoying our lives instead of stressing over some random fucking brats that aren't ours which is the point of not having any we just come here to laugh at retarded trathots like Map Walsh's wife so go touch some grass lol

No. 1881570

Saying that hideous pedo moids like Walsh shouldn't be allowed to spread their genes is a fact not eugenics.

No. 1881575

Pregnancy,lack of sleep,giving birth all take a tool on a woman's appearance add having a useless ugly coomer moid like walsh as your husburden that puts you on blast for not being 'grateful' enough when he comes back home and rants about how sexy 16 year olds are to the mix and you'll age 10 years in 10 days kek

No. 1881577

Samefagging to say i don't feel sorry for her cause she's pretending that her life is great and that her husband is amazing online in order to drag other women with her pick me ass

No. 1881583

I bet she ugly cries on every single birthday knowing her 'expiration date' is getting closer and closer and that her 'amazing' huzzzbaannd is itching to dump her in order to marry a fertile 16 year old and have more kids with her i c bet money that if a young woman ever gave Map Walsh the light of the day he would eat that shit up and she would become a single mama of 6

No. 1881585

That literally is eugenics. Based eugenics, but eugenics none the less

No. 1881586

It has more to do with how he's a pedo piece of shit that tweets how a 12 year old should have her dad's rape son than him being ugly as shit is a bonus

No. 1881589

Pregnancy is essentially a parasite sucking up your bodily resources for 9 months, always results in some kind of permanent injury, and until recently had a very good chance of killing you. It's not surprising that it causes a lot of strain.

No. 1881599

File: 1692048021570.png (74.2 KB, 1016x395, wut.png)

>pregnancies do a number on you especially ones of male fetuses
ok tbh i didn't believe this claim at first and went to check and jesus fucking christ anon you're right scrotes are such parasitic murdering scum they even try killing us before they're even born harder than a female fetuse. just wow

No. 1881644

Every woman who self-identifies as a "mama" is guaranteed to be buttfuck insane and hate her kids, no exceptions. Women like this are into the martyrdom of being a Self Sacrificial Mother figure, their kids are just props that exist for them to claim this title (and, like all narcs, so she can have small dependents on her who can never leave). She probably screeched at her litter to shut the fuck up while she was writing out that tweet about feathers and rocks kek

No. 1881650

It's fucking rich how they called CH every name under the sun for making a harmless video about how peaceful her childless life is and used the 'if you're really happy you don't need to post online about it she's totally coping' while they tweet every day about how 'full' and 'amazing' their lives are with kids the double standards are off the charts lol

No. 1881658

you don't have to be a dyke to be sick of seeing male worship everywhere

No. 1881727

Can we go back to making fun of tradthots now instead of taking bait over and over like a bunch of retards?

No. 1881791

Can I see receipts of creepy or pedoish stuff Matt said? I’m not finding anything

No. 1881798

Yeah I really want to see it to. I truly revile Walsh. The thing is, I'm certain he has pro pedo beliefs, but I think he is smart enough to never come out and say it

No. 1881800

samefag, does anyone have any idea what it is that makes Walsh in particular so loathsome? I mean, he doesn't anything worse than any other redpill moid, so why does Walsh have an additional "ick" factor beyond even what Fresh and Fit and Rollo have?

No. 1881806

The Serfs(annoying moids but they hate Walsh so good for them) have catalogued a lot of his worst moments, they were the ones who uncovered the video of him tazing an intern's ass, the "fertile 16 year olds" speech he gave, and recently released a video of him overseeing a wrestling match between two diaper-clad adult men, one of whom had a very obvious swastika tattoo. He sells a doll of himself clad in a diaper on the DW site, so he very likely has a diaper fetish.

Diaper wrestling: https://twitter.com/theserfstv/status/1684600056291442688

"Fertile" children and why adult men should be able to marry them: https://twitter.com/theserfstv/status/1577500016494903298

Just released today: racism and wignat beliefs: https://twitter.com/theserfstv/status/1691143334914572288

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the shit he's done. He has too many rancid takes to post here, like wanting to force 12 year olds to birth rape babies, saying feminism has killed more people than nukes, or his desire to repeal no-fault divorce and prevent SAHMs from collecting alimony. Also lesser evils like him being a dick to food service workers or calling his crypt keeper-looking bangmaid out for not changing enough diapers(this is an imageboard)

No. 1881857

Ugly, pedo and fetish freak, he sure meets all the tradscrote criteria

No. 1881908

That mentally challenged Comfy Sarah made her tweets private kek i wonder if she lurks on here

No. 1881922

File: 1692096608052.png (75.71 KB, 847x459, braindeadmombietakes).png)

Who's gonna tell her that spending your time changing shitty diapers and being a maid for a moid and his worthless genes is the opposite of being in a position of power ?
You're just being in a pathetic vulnerable position open to abuse lmao this bitch is out of touch with reality she doesn't do any research nor look at the real world and how normal people live. Agency, education and having no anchors to the retard chimp gender aka kids is what makes a woman in a position of power and that's a fact.The stress and rage from her husband jerking off to teens in shorts made her hate other women so much she wants us all down with her

No. 1881923

File: 1692097054904.png (53.24 KB, 893x184, pedosupporter.png)

advocating for child rape by grown ass moids just when you think she can't get anymore psychotic and unhinged.I hope you're ok with your scrote dumping you for a 18 year old blonde girl that can give him fully 'western' spawn then lmao(racebaiting)

No. 1881947

Moids only talk about muh male loneliness because they literally cannot perceive unfuckable women/women in general outside the muh dick context. I'd also think women have no hobbies or inner lives if they disappeared as soon as I'm no longer horny.

They explain away women who have real interests as "mentally ill exceptions" and the hobby as a distraction/cope for a lack of male attention. If she's hot, she's been psyopped away from her real, healthy interest, which is cooking for husband and caring for baby. They literally cannot conceive of women in any context independent from them.

No. 1881951

>women can't handle power they're too emotional

meanwhile moids regularly kill themselves and their entire families over mild inconveniences and can't keep their hands or dicks away from children when they are given any position of power.

No. 1881953

File: 1692101788803.png (413.58 KB, 606x571, lmao.png)

This is Clarissa collins another tradthot who looks a lot like Map Walsh's wife kek Haggard looking self loathing women are your typical fundie tradthot

No. 1881958

File: 1692102864369.png (926.63 KB, 682x776, gross.png)

How could any sane women not want to look like the crypt keeper by her late 30s and be covered in snot from a moid's spawn ?? LOL

No. 1881991

This is hilarious kek these people really got internet-poisoned enough to expect IRL normies and their own families to treat having multiple children as some incredible achievement to be celebrated beyond a "congratulations"? I think even posting about it online will stop being a good source of attention as more people do it, it will lose the novelty factor and these people will become annoying, unhinged online parents. These people are having children like a baby is a shein strawberry dress they can toss when the trend passes

No. 1882016

Her smile looks so fake, I feel bad for her

No. 1882020

For real, some Bosnian bodybuilder just live-streamed the beating and shooting murder of his wife. Then went and murdered two more people. Scrotes are scum.

No. 1882022

The murder video is absolutely horrific. He beat the shit out of her to the point she can’t move but is still conscious then shoots her point blank in the forehead. Scrotes aren’t human.

No. 1882040

>The killer's victim had previously reported him to the authorities for violent threats and acts – but her request for a restraining order was rejected by a local court.
I'm gonna be fucking sick. These tradthots are at extreme risk of a murderous chimpout than the rest of us who see men for what they truly are: emotionally unstable sub-human murdering chimps who snap at the smallest of reasons.

No. 1882049

File: 1692112886541.jpg (36.73 KB, 590x350, Nermin-Sulejmanovic-killed-th.…)

This is the scrote that assaulted a defensless woman then shot her dead on livestream in front of their child then went on to kill two more people. He looks just like the type tradwives usually get with.The 'leaders' and 'position of power' holders Ladies and gentlwomen kek

No. 1882079

I worry about her daughter. I hope the grandparents are sane enough to protect her when she's older, otherwise Megha is going to try to marry her off at 15 to some ancient scrote
I mean these people think having children at all is some kind of countercultural expression of nonconformity against the government, as if it's not completely expected of someone to do. They act like most childless adults are politically childfree and not just too poor to buy a house and have children. When people don't moon over them and shower them with praise for being a selfless rebel, they break down.

No. 1882087

It gets worse when you remember she compared 25 year old scrotes to 16 year old girls and said they were equal stages of development. So scrotes get to be coddled into their mid 20s but 16 year old girls Hve to grow up and have kids? If that’s not gonna breed a society of decadent, weak and overindulged sperm dispensers then I don’t know what will. Honestly I hope her scrote does divorce her for a 18 year old and takes full custody because any son she raises will create a shit ton of skin lamps…

No. 1882088

Didn’t she have a boy?

No. 1882090

Ah yes, because those weakass fat incel moids totally don't hate women. It's only buff or masculine guys who do.
Also, this guy looks like he took steroids. They do make you hyperaggressive, I heard.

No. 1882092

This woman acts like the tradest, crunchiest mother alive but she’s in her 30s, got married late, has a WFH job and is covered in death metal themed tattoos. she used to be part of the hardcore scene and she spergs our when her trad mutuals start to diss tattoos.

No. 1882134

Isnt Bosnia one of those ‘trad, anti feminist’ societies ‘where women are kept in their place’? This scrote looks like the type of juiced up psychopath the right worships.

No. 1882145

So sad. She did everything she was supposed to do and it didn’t help one bit because she lived in a ‘trad’ society that worships masculinity and thinks women should be property of their husbands, now her child is an orphan because of a giant overgrown rape ape and their mothers murder video is all over the internet forever.

I know firsthand how lethal the trad life can be. My own grandma was a Christian tradwife lady who got married at 18 and had multiple kids. Her scrote aka my grandfather murdered her too, I’m ashamed to share a bloodline with him.

Men also kill themselves at 4x the rate women do, how can we trust a gender of emotional violent suicidal crybabies to take care of us?

No. 1882147

Trads will literally look at cases of women being murdered by their husbands and say shit like ‘oh she probably deserved it because she wasn’t putting out enough/burned dinner/maybe she cheated’ etc etc. The woman is always always ALWAYS at fault in their eyes.

No. 1882157

Same,my grandmother was meek sumbissive and quiet af and she still got beat tf up by her scrote even while pregnant with my aunt. She was happy when he died.

No. 1882159

Unfortunately for Matt most ‘prime, fertile’ teenage girls prefer beautiful young men and prettyboys, not someone who looks like a balding Turkish redditor.

No. 1882169

these disgusting scrotes don’t want women or girls to choose their partners—they want to buy them from their fathers at best, abduct them at worst
it’s full Taliban bullshit

No. 1882170

You forgot to mention women don't like men with bushy asses kek cause that moid look hairy af

No. 1882296

Hey he was just being a manly alpha male, maybe she should’ve changed more diapers and stopped back talking!

God I hate moids so much. It’s bad enough to be such ugly deformed ape-looking creatures, but they have to be violent & evil as well? Every day I thank God in Her infinite wisdom for making me a lesbian.

No. 1882318

That Gia Macool woman sure is one useless piece of shit excuse for a human being.
>Women shouldn't have power, she says while attempting to accumulate power by catering to men's love for female subjugation and inferiority
I don't care if it's a grift, it's such a pathetic, shameless grift. I hope she never has daughters
Megha's life (and future as a single mother dependent on her family) is punishment enough for how narcissistic, cruel, and hollow of a person she is. She will never experience a healthy, safe relationship with a man because she's a masochistic, self-loathing, racist mess of a person who hates herself, hates women in general, identifies with men (especially redpillers who love teens) and will get treated like a doormat bc she will choose abusive psychos who can sense her self-loathing tendencies and use them against her. I wonder how much her Indian heritage influenced both her racist views of Indians and her misogynystic opinions on women. I'd guess a lot

No. 1882328

>I wonder how much her Indian heritage influenced both her racist views of Indians and her misogynystic opinions on women
Her parents wanted her to be a doctor. Her failure to achieve that definitely did a huge number on her psychologically.
What's amazing is that women like Meg and Shoe (not a tradthot, but still) would have both ended up having totally normal lives if not for social media. If they had just been born 20 years earlier they would have turned out so much better.
>Megha's life (and future as a single mother dependent on her family) is punishment enough for how narcissistic, cruel, and hollow of a person she is.
cruel? how so

No. 1882339

File: 1692143209591.jpeg (75.39 KB, 750x490, 0052B406-DACB-4C1C-84E6-D716C6…)

Men are literally subhuman coomers until the day they die just saw this top comment on a ED video lol

No. 1882342

Why is she repeating Lauren Southern’s retarded take that women aren’t having babies because they can’t afford it? We already proved that rich women get more abortions and have kids later in life because they’re having too much fun being rich and fabulous?

No. 1882345

Tradtards pathological obsession with teenage girls bodies and wombs is beyond creepy. I’m convinced all the men in this movement and also a good proportion of the women are pedophiles/groomers. Smegma was also ranting about how teenage girls love her and worship her content a couple days ago. Seems an obsession with underage girls is something she and her scrote have in common.

No. 1882348

Tinfoil but I have a feeling quite a lot of these trad couples are in polygamous or open relationships where they turn a blind eye to their man fucking other women and justify it with some evopsych bullshit or Biblical reference. Might sound far fetched but when you think about other weird Christian sects like Mormons who praise polygamy it’s not that hard to believe. A lot of right wingers also worship history, old Gods and societies where men also had harems. Also the fact many of their hubbies seem to be gone from the household a lot and their wives never say anything about them openly lusting over teens. It’s definitely not normal for women to be this tolerant of such behavior, even Jesus said men should gouge out their eyes for looking at women besides their wives in a lewd way.

No. 1882349

It wouldn’t be surprising. Pickmes are known to be cuckqueans.

No. 1882355

Uh how does having kids put you in a position of power lol. It basically nukes your SMV (Parson me for using scrote terminology, but it’s true. No man really wants to date a single mom and moids are v