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File: 1597358909741.jpeg (119.53 KB, 1280x720, AB4FAC26-7812-42F5-A856-6B33BD…)

No. 603913

Talk about any tech and engineering cows. Here are few good ones to get into:

>fired from google, makes money off wannabes by prefacing satire videos with “as a millionaire”
>Went through a divorce with his wife after forcing her to live with his family to save money, ignoring her complaints about the way they treat her.
>Made a video about how he felt free because his wife and child were holding him back from being able to do whatever he wants like travel
>supposedly doxxed and blackmailed some guy named Matt Tran

Joshua Fluke
>typical know-nothing “web developer”
>makes weirdly personal videos, including ones claiming:
>his wife forcing divorce
>shitty girlfriend cheating on him with his best friend
>his parents disowned him
>press x to doubt

Eli the Computer Guy
>Network admin who used to make good networking videos
>randomly started doing live streams in which he regularly has mental breakdowns about sjw, non-assholes, tech
>has made at least 2 sites that seem to have disappeared off the internet
>2 channels: eli the computer guy and The Daily Blob

No. 603933

Fuck this guy. I can't believe he has fans, especially fans in the Bay Area.
He's such a joke with his whole "I got fired from Facebook because I'm a successful Youtuber and a threat to FB" claim when he was actually fired for talking shit about FB, filming himself at work (i.e. filming inside the FB offices), and for offering a paid interview practices that he claimed were guaranteed to get you into big companies including FB.

No. 603934

Oh, my Bad. Matt Tran and TechLead supposedly doxxed Tren Black. fucking similar names

No. 603936

TechLead was also supposedly developing a social media platform that's identical to FB while he was working there, which is a firable offense for literally any company.

No. 603947

Fuck, two errors. He was fired from Facebook but calls himself the ex google techlead

Anyways, a few months old, but here’s the video about the doxxing

No. 603995

In typical scrote style, he made it all about money while ignoring his wife’s actual needs, and then judged her for taking her child with her out every day away from his parents while almost certainly not doing anything to be a father anyway. I’m trying to find the video where he said that his child is a burden. In the first video he focused on money, and even a bunch of his male audience were criticizing him in the comments. He said he wouldn’t describe the situation in depth to be respectful, but then went on to make another monetized video and again… make it all about the money.

It’s insane how many retards he has in the comments of his satire videos who take him seriously and don’t realize when he’s joking

No. 604195

A lot of tech guys are hyperfixated on how much money they make as a means of superiority. Sure, making shit tons of money does mean that you'll have an easier life, but you can't buy social skills or life skills.

No. 604488

I especially loved the video where he explained why his wife left him. He mentioned how he always just used his money for everything, so it came off as a humbebrag with "I'm such a great catch that she gave up on lol" undertones. But at face value it really did come off as an incel thinking money will solve all his problems.

Wife still complaining about issues left unresolved because you keep sweeping them under the rug with bribes??? GIVE HER MORE MONEY!

No. 604493

I don't know if TechLead is just acting for the camera or if he really is a massive prick.

No. 604499

Techlead is rich but still an engineer with no emotional intelligence. It's a wonder he was married in the first place.

Either half and half or totally genuine. I know plenty of guys with attitudes like his. Love it when guys like him act as if they're special for being a software engineer, as if like 80% of the bay aren't software engineers.

No. 604504

It’s both. Pretending to be cocky and give asshole advice is his schtick. But he’s also a douche in real life, as evidenced by the way he views his wife and son, the doxxing shit, and his algorithm courses

No. 604509

Did you see this update? This is what a 12 year old would think is deep. For a second, I thought he would see his wife’s perspective, but he still blames her for everything and feels nothing toward her. It comes off as if he is mocking her in this video, actually.

>I doubt that she will admit to me, or even to herself the gravity of her actions

No. 604537

Is it in this video that he talks about how family is just a way to transfer money between generations and that's why he'll always keep a good relationship with his parents? To keep the money flowing.

No. 604689

I was expecting Elon Musk and SexyCyborg but these other cows look interesting

No. 604969

File: 1597484018313.png (633.13 KB, 586x5879, aksUZ7Z.png)

Oh boy, I wish this thread was here when the retarded ass Contributor Covenant drama was going down. The open source community is filled with insane people but this is one of my favourites.

Contributor Covenant
>A "code of conduct" i.e. set of rules for open source projects on how their community should be run and get rid of discrimination that is available for any project to adopt
>Quote from the CoC: "We as members, contributors, and leaders pledge to make participation in our community a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of age, body size, visible or invisible disability, ethnicity, sex characteristics, gender identity and expression, level of experience, education, socio-economic status, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation."
>Okay sounds good, how did they fuck it up
>Well, as you would imagine, when a contributor to the project is found using language that someone finds offensive based on the listing above their access to the project can and should be removed, even when they have behaved well when interacting with the community and restrained from using problematic language. You tweet something possibly completely innocuous on your personal twitter account but end up hurting a snowflake's feelings - poof you're gone.
>Can you already guess what group abuses this to death? Hint: it begins with a T

Now the Contributor Covenant was created by an individual called Coraline Ada Ehmke (@CoralineAda on Twitter):
>A strong, independent wommyn in tech making the community more inclusive
>Just kidding, it's a tranny nutcase in his late 40's/early 50's with major mental health issues and constant public meltdowns and suicide bait on Twitter and riding the troon fame to make a living because he's a lousy, unskilled programmer who benefited from being a male dudebro called Corey Dale Ehmke in a male-dominated field for years before succumbing to his fetish in his early 40's
>So he's basically injecting his trojan horse of a rulebook into communities just so he gets to drive anyone out whenever he feels like
>Worked for Github but got booted out for this bullshit he was pulling (poor contribution quality and taking time off work for "mental health issues"), then refuses to get a job that isn't exclusively remote because he's "averse to offices"
>Has a BDSM fetish (duh), is in a poly relationship with another MTF tranny and a cis man who's a sexual deviant. His "transbian gf" is a young gay man who he groomed into trooning out
>Smokes weed all day to "help his anxiety"
>An important part about his character: Because he's such a shitty developer only experienced in a niche language (Ruby) and refuses to improve his skills he's bitching about how m-muh meritocracy is just "thinly veiled misogyny and white supremacy propping up fragile cis het white men's egos" [sic]. bitch you got your job by pulling your brotherhood strings despite being technically incompetent shut the fuck up
>He makes tons of pointless microcommits to his github repositories (like moving a file's location) to look like he's an active programmer on his Github commit history

Some of the drama relating to the Code of Conduct:
>How he does it:
>In 2015 Coraline Ada suddenly popped up in the repository of an open source project called Opal accusing one of the contributors of having written transphobic statements on Twitter and demanding him to be removed because t-t-trans people don't feel safe with him around and him to donate to a "transgender charity of my choice". Original github discussion: http://archive.md/3ovLg#selection-777.181-777.290
>In 2017 Coraline Ada tweeted how a reporter should've been punched because he allowed Richard Spencer to appear on screen, people opened up an issue to have him removed from the CoC project due to encouraging violence but he immediately dismissed it claiming he did nothing wrong
>He tried to make the Ruby language project adopt it too but ultimately failed due to diligent contributors realizing what it was about https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/12004
>The daughter of the creator of Linux, Linus Torwalds, signed the "Post-Meritocracy Manifesto" written by Coraline Ada which is basically him bitching about not being handed stuff without working for it: https://postmeritocracy.org/ which caused an uproar in the Linux developer community
>In 2019-2020 he's been busy tracking down all open source projects that are used by the ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and demanding them to refuse service because the dumb fuck doesn't realize that open source projects don't really have any control over who uses them, that's why they're open source
>Additional drama: pic related, it's his meltdown from 2018 attacking the community of Ruby, the very language he uses

His twitter is a fucking shitshow, I recommend checking it out. He's currently suffering of side effects of estrogen because nobody told trannies that popping almost a decade worth of synthetic hormones does a good deal of damage on your body.

No. 604982

Sage for blogposting but I'm a tech recruiter so I have to talk to these type of scrotes all day every day, and it's actually embarrassing how these big money tech chads act around women. Had multiple hit on me while just talking fucking business, one guy asked me out fully so i sent the call recording round my whole company to laugh at him kek. It's like they have never been on the phone to a female before.

No. 604997


Dave Jones of EEVblog wrote a book on internet dating years ago and it has shit like to just hit on random women you deal with through work. He makes a big deal about how his autistic creeping 'got him his wife'.

No. 605056

File: 1597500547495.png (2.46 MB, 777x20000, gtsby-main-thread.png)

Are you guys following the Nat Alison vs. Gatsby drama on twitter?

No. 605062

File: 1597501238284.png (243.45 KB, 777x2800, gtsby-main-thread2.png)

Remaining of the first thread.
Basically it seems like Gatsby is very badly run, a lot of the projects they hire contractors for are dropped, the documentation is done mostly to optimize SEO, and the turnover is huge, now a bunch of people on tech twitter are bashing them. Reddit doesn't care at all though and think Nat is just attention seeking.

No. 605074

I thought TechLead was a satire of douchey tech millionaires?

No. 605079

It seems he's actually serious considering his sketchy business practices and how he helped doxx that kid.

No. 605081

Hadn't seen this before but reading the rant I gotta be honest - Nat really sounds like he's one of those whiny, entitled contractors who get butthurt as the company didn't hail them as the sole savior of the project and a genius contributor and is now being melodramatic about it. I'm not saying Gatsby didn't have its incompetent moments, but he's blowing it out of proportion in my opinion. It's just a company kinda fumbling around and him screeching about petty annoyances. I've worked with people like this and they're insufferable with their victim complex.

Additionally the "this evil white woman was so mean!!!!" part and how many times he kept coming back to it kinda spoke for itself.

No. 605105

Samefagging because I reread it with more thought.

I'm not too hands-on familiar with Gatsby but I know it's been gaining traction lately, surely it wouldn't require him to spend 30 minutes building the site again and again to make each change. That makes no sense and honestly it sounds like he's doing something wrong himself or he's simply exaggerating. I have an extremely hard time believing the Gatsby devs would want to deal with that if someone who just came in would fix it and reduce the amount it took to build into 30 seconds just after two weeks. Something stinks with this statement, as does the fact that he keeps claiming that everyone else is an incompetent buffoon but him (and of course he "received nothing but praise" from everyone) which is already a big red flag for this story.

>"I started overworking, becoming way too invested in the gatsby website and ecosystem for a contractor, getting a sense of ownership over it, making improvements not-strictly-related to the translation project."

And here he just outs himself as sticking his nose into issues that weren't included in his scope. This is something you don't want to do. It creates unnecessary friction between you and the other developers because you're belittling their work instead of focusing on what you were hired to do there. I get it that he's hired there to do ~consultation~ but him overcomplicating what he came there to do and filling his plate up with things he wasn't supposed to be in charge of tells me more about him than the company.

And just when I started thinking "did I misunderstand or why would he have to build a separate site for each translation, why isn't he using template strings and external localization files?" the story just falls apart and he starts having a spergout about muh diversity and being excluded from company channels triggering his PTSD (lmfao). Literally like 3/4 of it is just him crying about evil white straight cis ppl oppressing him by trying to be allies, especially this EVIL white cis karen !!! that he keeps mentioning multiple times.

He also keeps shaming Gatsby for wanting to create a profit. It's a company for the love of god, of course they want to maximize their visibility with SEO and paid plans. It's a common practice. It's not "unethical". It's the equivalent of plastering your flyers outside to create more visibility. Most of the stuff he's complaining about is pretty standard anyway, usually externals aren't included in the company as well as he was in the beginning either. It's no surprise they decided to exclude him from internal channels to keep him from spying on business strategies and how the inner workings are run.

All in all he sounds like a fucking menace to work with, the company seemed to treat him quite fairly but he kept fucking up and causing drama to push their buttons. I went to look at his twitter account for more information regarding the case and holy shit this freaky troon is going on tinfoil tirades about how React is the capitalist corporations' framework from hell and vapid idpol issues. The people appalled by this seem to have had a knee-jerk reaction to the "discrimination" part of the callout just like he intended them to, and shared the story simply based on the "horrifying" treatment he received by having to listen to a diversity speech a WHITE WOMAN!!!!! gave. I seriously hope nobody will hire him after this just to save the poor developers' nerves that have to deal with his delusions of grandiosity and the tendency to burn bridges.

No. 605114

I’m going to be real, I don’t give a fuck about this. I mean, it’s cool if you want to warn people of a company that’s bad to work for, but maybe I just have a bias against dumb contractors who allow themselves to be exploited by companies instead of making the industry better by just not.

In fact, the thing that shocked me the most about this thread was Nat saying
>with React contracts, I interacted with my clients through twitter

Sounds retarded as hell

Nope, agree. I noticed a lot of these things as well

No. 605156

File: 1597514387115.png (1.64 MB, 1600x669, tumblr_85bbee01d68b0121d2f326c…)

Got really tired and annoyed of him with each video after his first one and finally unsubbed especially after Techlead's little "diversity hire" video bit. I figured his stuff was just "shock-value, dramatization" jokes where he personifies ridiculous extensions of certain industry tropes but this guy is just making jabs at stuff he doesn't really understand for the sake of views and clicks and basically just goes to /r/ProgrammerHumor/ and makes a video out of the top post of the month.

He's drunk on his fortunes.

No. 605163

Reading my stuff back, the better way I can put it is: "the Tosh.0 of the tech industry"

No. 605169

>with React contracts, I interacted with my clients through twitter
Holy shit yeah, that alone screams how unprofessional he is. Considering how nutty his Twitter behavior is I have a hard time believing any reputable companies would look at his feed and think "this is the guy we want to work with". Diving deeper into his history he seems to be addicted to causing drama because he's been hellbent on bitching about being triggered by the amount of white cis men at React conferences like it was the biggest scoop of the year. Top that off with basic troon shit like openly talking about getting fetish lingerie and shit and you have a cow. He also seems to have a high resentment towards women because he loves to act like they're somehow overrepresented in tech and acts extremely hostile towards them, and only accepts diversity in the form of "trans/nonbinary people of color" i.e. himself.

No. 605174

>that Coraline Ada greentext
Jesus Christ. And to think, this is the exact type of person some "farmers" were saying should totally be mods here.

No. 605285

Nat is a man? I was pretty sure she was a bio woman, are you mixing her up with Coraline?

No. 605299

You tell me if this thing was born a woman. The constant tranny sperging and male aggression alone should be a dead giveaway.

No. 605304

File: 1597534173017.png (49.06 KB, 930x191, nathan.PNG)

Further proof

No. 605364

It's really obvious after you pointed it out anon. I don't know how I managed to miss that, damn.

No. 605623

File: 1597589067611.png (399.22 KB, 713x611, Screenshot_2020-08-16 Página I…)

This guy.

No. 605892

Another colleague type that I hate - brogrammers who think they're special snowflakes when they work out and can't shut the fuck about working out and their ~healthy life style~. Every lunch discussion turns into them going through their workout routine and diet and I couldn't care less. I get it, you're not a stereotypical programmer who douses themselves in doritos and mountain dew, you're not that unique. They always have this exact fuckboy haircut and beard too.

Also god his twitter is the cringiest motherfucking stuff I've seen in a while. Recycled r/programmerhumor jokes and JUST DO IT-gymrat content or a horrifying mash up of them both. This seriously feels like an AI-generated account just to annoy me personally.

No. 606072


Tinder isn't enough for this douche canoe I guess. It would be less cringey if he actually had some athletic reason behind his ~physique~ rather than just collecting all the internet minge.

No. 612209

After all these hours of workout he still looks insecure as fuck, how is that even possible

No. 612213

Joshua Fluke makes such laughable videos where he speaks very confidently about shit he barely knows, but he definitely does this on purpose to attract views. Either that, or he really is that stupid.

No. 612525

What do anons think about sexycyborg?

No. 612542

Yet he still manages to look soya af

No. 612569

Who? Post pics or at least a summary.

No. 612660

Nothing about Joma Tech? he and techlead started this "coding bootcamp" that was insanely overpriced.

No. 612663

As a software engineer myself, it embarrasses the fuck out of me to see people like this who are so completely obsessed with their jobs. They all have the same personality because they think that it's the only way they will succeed in tech. They're all very insecure deep down.

No. 614853

people that have no other identity other than their tech job feeding their man-child consumerism are unbearable

No. 614877

people in tech who complain non-stop about these types and constantly make excuses to justify why they're nOt LiKe OtHeR tEcH gUyS are pretty annoying too, to be fair.

No. 1776462

File: 1700282322351.png (479.65 KB, 755x1383, Screenshot_20231117-203655.png)

Posting now before she takes down everything, look up Annie Altman. She is a cow in her own right, I'll have to dip back into her back catalog but she accused her brother Sam Altman (creator of OpenAI aka ChatGPT) of sexual assault when she was a child. Now Sam is fired from OpenAI but no one really knows why (probably because he's a pathological liar IMO).

Incredible tiktok of some of her "work" - I dare anyone to listen through the whole thing, this is pure uncut full millennial BuzzFeed lib girlboss cringe. Singing about resource distribution over Lizzo' Truth Hurts

No. 1776465

File: 1700282603073.png (423.56 KB, 1079x1697, Screenshot_20231117-204045.png)

All her online writing and YouTube videos are painful to see, she's a Gawker/Jezebel-pilled internet nobody who wants to go viral. And her brother is a big tech power player in AI.

No. 1776469

File: 1700282970168.jpg (144.88 KB, 1170x1454, RDT_20231117_20470691660810910…)

Her accusations, Sam Altman also hangs out with Elon and Grimes and is gay (has a long term male partner).

No. 1796432

This guy is so up his ass with being SO smart and creating 'The Blueprint' when he's just Freelee the Banana Girl for tech bros. Moid had a binge eating issue (eating pizza and burgers and snacking at the office) so he started fasting and working out, then did a speed-run into every fad and ED imaginable with eating 100 pills and drinking green goo and sticking electrodes on his penis at night.
Deep down he's a calorie counting munch who acts like he found inner enlightenment by losing weight and exercising. No, that's too femme and basic- he's gotta become a superhuman tech god that sells his ED program to everyone so they can 'not die' and recruit his son to give him blood and other stupid ass procedures. And he's afraid of the sun, too much heat/cold, staying up late /not getting optimal sleep, eating too much, missing a work out, getting sick, etc.

No. 1796502

File: 1701458658551.png (101.08 KB, 1176x460, Screen Shot 2023-12-01 at 11.2…)

I remember when he was engaged to Taryn Southern and they had some agreement where he would provide her with "lifelong financial support", and then he broke up with her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer because she had "become a net negative". He also made her give him a list of every sexual partner she had and all of the sex acts she's done, while he went out and had fucked prostitutes that he found on sugardaddy websites. Kek

No. 1796558

What a fucking disgusting moid.

No. 1796621

I've tried to get into software development but my brain just rebels against me every step of the way. There is something unnatural about caring about this stuff too much, which is why it's only happy go-lucky autistic men that really do. And even then those types keep it to themselves it seems, and it's just the cerebral narcissists that blabber on about it.

No. 1797049

I remember this guy from bodybuilder Will Tennyson's video, his lifestyle was absolutely insane and he basically expected his wife and children to devote their entire existence for this bullshit. And the tech bros who hate the idea of eating and working out more think he's a genius. Moids just absolutely can't accept the fact they will eventually die and be forgotten.

No. 1806994

Rumors say that she got breast cancer because she was his lab rat for Blueprint XX, the female version of his regimen. Specifically the addition of potent soy derived phytoestrogen, genistein.

No. 1807190

Wow he can perish

No. 1807206

>He also made her give him a list of every sexual partner she had and all of the sex acts she's done, while he went out and had fucked prostitutes that he found on sugardaddy websites.

>Rumors say that she got breast cancer because she was his lab rat for Blueprint XX, the female version of his regimen. Specifically the addition of potent soy derived phytoestrogen, genistein.
Play stupid games win stupid prizes

No. 1807240

I wonder if that bubonic faglord knows that having more than 10 lifetime sexual partners increases a man's risk of cancer by 70%. Also predicts accelerated aging. Many theories as to why, most of them way above his reading level I'm sure.

Life history, bucko. The #1 predictor of life expectancy.

No. 1807737

Hey Bryan are you a farmer reading every random thread on you here and on Reddit? He's trying to scrub his image of being a narcissistic fiancé with this nice scripted video where he looks like a meep chemo patient in a cozy condo instead of his regular look as a psychotic shredded skinny cult leader in his over designed gym with a shiny six-pack and pampered face. His poor fragile reputation oh nooo, he keeps trying to emotionally manipulate like all youtube 'my story' videos but stumbles by referring to lawyers and paperwork.

No. 1807746

He will probably have supercancer himself eventually.

No. 1807880

He does do that at the very least on Instagram, and probably on the blueprint subreddit too. He often makes posts explaining how much he doesn't care about the haters kek

No. 1807887

I also love how he chose diffuse, dim lighting for this video to make his face look less harsh and aged than it usually is - almost going for uwu boyish in the thumbnail.
His regimen could be a separate cow entirely. His doctors are clowning him hardcore. Without going into too much detail, his interventions literally cancel each other out - the retard is eating growth cycle suspending shit like rapamycin and then tops it off with growth promoting stuff like roids, among other things. This is because like every walled moid, he can't let go of the notion of anabolic peak, or likely doesn't understand that you can't be virile and also long living. Those things are inherently mutually exclusive in humans.

Any biofag here knows what antagonistic pleiotropy is and could probably explain better.

No. 1808024

Cowness aside, I think longevity research is fascinating. I wouldn't wanna live forever, but maintaining physical and mental function for as long as possible into old age surely must be everyone's dream. I kinda have to commend his dedication, though it's obvious he's also selling a product.

He's on botox right? His features and mannerism reminds me so much of Data from Star Trek TNG, very uncanny vibe

No. 1808041

He's on a variety of extremely retarded things aesthetics wise, most of them (as usual) literally cancelling each other out (see: tretinoin/monthly laser AND adipose matrix injections, topped off by collagen destroying topical finasteride/minox). That's part of the reason why he looks older by the day. Also kek at the fact that he looks exactly like Mitt Romney in this pic where he's liplessly soyfacing at vegetables.

Longevity research is indeed fascinating, and anyone familiar with it sees how useless his regimen is. What's unfortunate is that we won't even be able to get any meaningful null results from his self experiment, because he takes EVERYTHING at once.

No. 1808085

he's probably on botox yeah

Pairing tretinoin with topical minoxidil seems to be a fairly common regimen. I don't see how the minox could cancel out the tretinoin (tret is one of those things where it is really obvious that it is making a difference and really obvious when you stop so you'd notice if it was rendered ineffective). But the monthly laser is a waste since it means he has to keep stopping and restarting his tretinoin and the adipose matrix injections would require healing where you aren't bombarding your skin with anything that could interfere with it so it's definitely a waste.

He should just get plastic surgery, at least it's better documented and some of the potential surgeries have good results and fast healing times. He's too stubborn to do stuff that actually works like hair transplants or blepharoplasties.

No. 1808197

Typically tretinoin is part of the formula because it increases skin permeation, thus increasing the topical delivery of minoxidil. His formula is finasteride+minoxidil, tretinoin goes on the face. However, topical fin and minox don't exactly stay put. They end up on your face one way or another.

Tretinoin promotes collagen formation via fibrosis, whereas minoxidil is antifibrotic. Tretinoin is also a ppar-γ antagonist, so he's kneecapping the potential results of his adipose matrix injections. Lastly, laser, especially spamming it multiple times per year, further damages adipogenesis - similarly to HA filler staying forever, this is actually no longer in the realm of personal anecdotes.

Tl;dr everything he does is like shooting heroin and then immediately hitting some Narcan. There's no rhyme or reason. It's just "slather and inject and eat everything simultaneously".

No. 1808216

It’s mental illness. I think he knows but doesn’t care. In theory I think some of what he’s doing could be combined to work but not if he’s doing everything all at once or too frequently.

I think a lot of it could be fake though and he will come out with a personal brand of supplements to hawk.

No. 1808269

You're onto something because there's no way what he's been doing would add up to 2mil per year. Even his supplements are all shitty ones from Amazon. Rapamycin is dirt shit cheap, so is acarbose. Tretinoin is $2 everywhere that isn't America. Pro laser devices are like what, 4k each tops? Red LED panels cost nothing, medical grade HBOT chamber is under 20k. Etc etc etc. For that price tag, I was expecting him to do shit like cultured autologous BM derived mesenchymal stem cells (and even those are maybe like 50-70k as a BRAND NAME procedure - surely he could find it for less). Then again, judging from what he's confirmed to be doing cosmetically, he's kind of a retard so there's a chance his doctors are actually fleecing him this hard.

You're absolutely right about shilling his product, which is something his equally retarded simps have been malding about lately. They all thought he was selflessly doing this "for humanity" and "to push research", because "he's a billionaire lmao he doesn't need to shill products". That persisted even after he started selling $75 olive oil and dark chocolate. Now that he rolled out a powder form of his Green Giant smoothie (which he previously insisted should ONLY be made of fresh veggies), they're all malding in unison.

No. 1809652

It's the only thing that makes sense to me other than him being retarded.

No. 1809873

ntayrt I do agree that he does a lot of unecessary procedures butI don't doubt that he spends over 2mil per year. The majority of the cost are not in supplements or even the cost of having medical-grade machines + home gym or even the procedures, but the constant monitoring by a full medical team that I suppose are on his payroll. He lives in one of the most, if not the most, expensive areas in the world in terms of healthcare costs and having multiple specialized doctors advising him and conducting research (of which the scientific validity remains to be seen), skilled nurses, regular clinical exams and tests… I honestly don't know much about the medical field but this simply cannot be cheap in california and the more I think about it the less 2 million sounds like.
I would honestly love to see a financial breakdown of his costs and if that 2 million include costs of blueprint as a company/entities he owns related to health or if it's just the costs directly related to his medical expenses.

Maybe his wealth is in stock or somehow tied to his previous companies and so he needs to larp as a new age diet guru oops sorry I meant totally cool and stoic epic tech CEO to cover his medical bills.
Someone tell him gywneth paltrow did it firts please and without burning as much cash on social media promotions because I doubt other wannabe influencers are letting him in on their videos out of the goodness of their hearts.

No. 1809912

File: 1702428331076.jpeg (8.77 KB, 299x168, transferir.jpeg)

2 posts but I forgot to talk about this, on another note, techbro retards do not undertsand a sliver of nuance and think everything is an equation with a clear answer. Like there are many things that can improve your health sure but you can't code or debug your body/health like techbros think. There simply isn't an "optimal" diet, and if there was one it would be closer to italian nonnas living in sardinia or grandmas in japan in one of the longevity blue zones, with fresh food, VARIETY and blood-related COMMUNITY, and nice occasional treats instead of a sterile shithole in california.

I'm not a medicalfag but the guy that invented the lobotomy won the nobel in his days, too bad there were no podcasts at the time, can you imagine? He would go on Joe Rogan talking about how visionary this new procedure is, especially for women of course.
And techbros would eat it up.

No. 1809920

Random but lobotomies are fucking terrifying. Even just seeing the diagram about how they're preformed is evil. Imagine thinking that removing someone's will and way of thinking is completely okay. This happened to much to women. Husbands can just check them out, call them crazy , and get them lobotomized. Of course a man invented such a cruel torture device. A man could just get rid of their current wife and date another women by doing this.

No. 1811064

Ever wonder why actual gerontologists don't come out screaming that AGING IS SOLVED because of X intervention? It's because, for one, nobody actually knows what causes aging, and there are regular shitfights over this in academia. That one bearded "celebrity" longevity scientist (can't remember his name fr) is a ROS/accumulated damage retard, so is scammer David Sinclair. Some ancientfags like Leonard Hayflick himself are straight up blackpilled and stand entirely by programmed aging (actually, Leonard believes it's so programmed that nothing can reverse it safe for physics-based time warping solutions kek). Hypefags mald about programmed aging all the time, periodically flinging some retard tier on vitro "age reversal" papers according to one of the 42069 proposed "biological clocks" (there is zero standardization there too).

Then there are severely unpopular, actually credible theorists who don't have BPD/walled moid panic and thus agree that aging is both programmed and acquired. They also remember the boring school stuff, like how the maximum lifespan of an animal is strongly predicted by its extrinsic mortality (prey animals being good examples), followed by mode of reproduction and ecological niche - it's almost as if evolution is a thing or something. The extremely unpopular ones continue to remind everyone that there's such a thing as reproduction/longevity tradeoffs, causing much REEEEing from the Bryan type old liches. They can't accept that virilization and aging are the same process, meaning that a long life would entail accepting some level of muh skulinity loss.

Tl;dr the longevity scene in general is pretty fucking cowish, 10/10 would recommend.

No. 1811264

File: 1702506025261.jpg (4.45 MB, 4096x4096, 20231213_171926046.jpg)

Someone tell him that what he's doing is literally pic related, except less successfully.
>mentally ill old man wanting to be his son
Many such cases.

No. 1811273

I don't understand how these moids have this much hubris. Don't they understand that messing with this stuff is just going to cause them to die from some new horrific type of cancer at best or at worst develop some brand new terrifying ailment that we're lucky enough to avoid by dying naturally? What if it's like when you get blasted with radiation and your dna just starts falling apart at the seams? And let's not even get into what could happen to the mind

It's all just womb envy in the end, isn't it

No. 1811282

Some insight into a male's life trajectory would help with understanding.

There is literally no point in existing as a male if you're not in your reproductive peak. Before agriculture and medicine, extrinsic mortality would take care of them around the time said peak ended. These moids go into this fully expecting to become young again or die trying, because there really isn't anything to their lives unless they're young. Many societal ills can be attributed to aimless roaming by past prime men who fundamentally don't understand why they're still alive.

No. 1811292

That makes a lot of sense. I've always sort of pitied men because of their frenzied attempts to escape the fact that they only exist to coom and destroy

No. 1811320

It's worth a mention how much of longevity research is focused specifically on male life extension kek

No. 1811962

Most of this longevity shit is so vain, how does younger looking skin actually make you age less? How much of his time is spent on completely useless interventions that don't enhance his longevity at all, that are only there to maintain this external veneer of youth?

This guy is like the embodyment of this, there are loads of studies on how not having a super low body fat percentage is beneficial for the elderly. Yet he insists on keeping it low to look more like his son. (ew)

No. 1817735

File: 1702874949001.jpg (24.75 KB, 246x480, 20231217_234745.jpg)

The amount of time and effort and money he is dumping into his looks is insane just for him to look like this omg just gain 20 pounds and give up already

No. 1891891

File: 1708207854675.jpg (94.72 KB, 977x607, 1322325649374119134219987.jpg)

The balding piglich that wants to sell you meal kits and $80 olive oil is channeling his inner Johnny Depp in his newest, heart-rending fanfiction:


No. 1892104

He is so gay

No. 1936322


The undead ghoul finally announced a cult. His simps are soyfacing - now they for sure will be saved from hitting the wall. Maybe even grow some hair back.

Hope it's not a manic delusion and he actually does it, the milk will be endless.

No. 1936380

File: 1711218050782.jpg (Spoiler Image,112.66 KB, 1200x1500, Jared-Leto-e6dfab1d45f0491b855…)

How does Jared Leto at 52 look younger than this weirdo who drinks literal blood? Spoiler cuz it's Jared leto and I still hate him.

No. 1936529

Maybe he's lying about his age? Though he's been around for too long. Also wtf are those moles? Bro is on the way to get skin cancer if these aren't makeup.

No. 1936672

File: 1711233365252.jpg (57.79 KB, 594x960, Jared Leto and his mother.jpg)

I think he's had some work done but he was also blessed with good genetics, his mother looks incredible. Unfortunately, Johnson clearly doesn't have the same kind of luck because even with all the fancy treatments he looks his age.

No. 1936774

His weird obsessive diet and extreme narcissism I think

No. 1936775

Those are dots used in cgi and animation etc to map the face movement.

No. 1936779

If you see high-res candids it gives away his age more, his skin looks really thin and taut and his eyes are sunken. I'm sure he'd look older without the facial hair, and the pic you posted is obviously edited and filtered. He does look better than the average man his age obviously, he's vegan for over two decades, hasn't drank or smoked for more than two decades, etc. But I think personally it can be accredited to the fact that he has a no sugar diet. I'm pretty positive if it were possible for regular people to avoid sugar like that, they would also look incredible but it's pretty unavoidable to have enjoyable meals that are sugarless when you aren't rich.

No. 1936882

His mother is gorgeous. And yes, he's definitely had some work done, but genetics and diet play more of a role than plastic surgery. That other dude is straight up horror material. Like a cryptoid.

No. 1937020

>How does Jared Leto at 52 look younger than this weirdo who drinks literal blood?
He obviously got the very worst of Irish genetics. A lot people with UK DNA look like death warmed over if they get to feeling just slightly haggard. He should give up whatever he's doing and go buy a tweed suit and cap. And not dye his hair and eyebrows. I have that same hair and will never dye it.

No. 1940776

File: 1711558419523.jpg (130.76 KB, 720x900, GJgTjJXWoAAgSic.jpg)

Huberman cheating scandal hasn't been covered yet, but yet again moids gonna moid. He cheated on 6+ women at the same time, spreading diseases to his partners with unprotected sex because he lied to all of them. Anyone can see this coming since he's a podcast gym junkie, tech bro, self-help, supplement peddling, ice-bath, testosterone obsessed, Standford professor sperg. He's been on Joe Rogan and other podcasts non stop for years,

Article Here: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/article/andrew-huberman-podcast-stanford-joe-rogan.html

Happy end? All the women found each other and teamed up, documented all his cheating and timestamped what he did to each of them gave it to the New York Magazine. He tried to impregnate many of them as a way to keep his control and show how committed he was (mind games). In the end, for all his life protocol optimization, look maxxing, successful public career, $$$, and reputation - all the women dropped him like a bag of shit.

No. 1940787

File: 1711558707219.png (410.09 KB, 998x998, when-is-huberman-going-to-drop…)

I also enjoyed reading this reddit thread of people FROM HIS OWN SUBREDDIT going in on him and saying he's a liar, loser, shill, and more.


No. 1940806

He looks like the Yes Chad meme. Like a masculine caricature.

No. 1940835

Well I for one am SHOCKED

No. 1940837

Omg this is so juicy thank you for linking - I could always feel that something was off with this guy and here we are.

No. 1940857

This story is weird to me. It doesn’t seem particularly newsworthy that he’s a cheater. Like, wow a man treating women like trash, must be another day ending in y. It’s pretty much tabloid fodder. I was way more interested in that he might be a total fraud, which seemed like the more important issue at hand than his messy personal life. Also, it made it way too easy for his supporters and even random people unaware of him to dismiss this as a hit piece. But I guess that’s not as juicy and scandalous as juggling six girlfriends and their emerging friendship.

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