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File: 1700878121862.png (10.36 KB, 275x154, IMG_8037.png)

No. 1787422

Steal some chicken wings, they’re free.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1784074

No. 1787425

Sorry noncies that’s the only photo I could find in a crunch kek

No. 1787427

File: 1700878234662.png (369.36 KB, 640x443, Bill_Gates_mugshot.png)

Side profile is not the forte here.

No. 1787429


This thread is for dumbass thoughts only. Please direct the following topics to the correct threads.

food thread
celebrity thread
grid thread (NOT the movie thread)
general image thread
reaction images
houses, interior, rooms
otome games

No. 1787430

Anybody else think McConnell is kinda sexu

No. 1787432

Amazing he can have such a strong chin front facing but it disappears when you see the side profile

No. 1787433

Where can we post our sticks?

No. 1787434

Watched this movie a lot as a youth

No. 1787440

What did he get arrested for? Other than fashion crimes

No. 1787443

This whole time of cinema was weird, it was very hit or miss

No. 1787445

Traffic violation iirc

No. 1787449

Warning for edgy shit, but I'll try to murder my family somehow and commit terrorist attacks against the government of my country. I will end the monarchy. (I know it logically would never happen but let a woman dream)

No. 1787453

female gaze

No. 1787455

Selling LSD.

No. 1787457

Stop trying to make everything about you, your failed threads and your retarded sticks

No. 1787458

Tell me why I selected my first manga in weeks and a man immediately jumps out of a TV like Samara, fucks some guy silly, and jumps back into the TV. I'm going to bed.

No. 1787464

The shane dawson blank space parody was put back up on his channel recently after 3 years and I can’t comprehend how anybody agreed to be apart of the production to begin with. How much could he have been paying

No. 1787467

Its funny how all the big yt creators have fallen hard from grace. I guess their audience grew up

No. 1787468

Whos failed threads?

No. 1787472

cant believe there was a time when men didnt only wear black tees+jeans.

No. 1787473

literally my type i was born in the worst timeline

No. 1787477

The what now. I'm just helping in case another grid ban happens.

No. 1787480

File: 1700880949388.png (279.62 KB, 1280x1280, its-actually-disturbing-and-lo…)

Don't mind the file name, not mine.
>male fairy
>hijabi fairy
I fucking hate lib fem winx fans.

No. 1787481

What manga is this kek

No. 1787487

what’s with the little gay boys

No. 1787490

isnt the point of a hijab to hide the hair to be modest? she would get stoned to death

No. 1787495

The idea of a hijabi fairy is cute. Fuck scrote faggot fairies though there should be no such fucking thing as a scrote fairy.

No. 1787498

No. 1787499

Even better, magic is haram in isalm. Whether "good" or "bad". If they're actually was a muslim magic using characters, muslims would hate it and won't think of it as representation at all. They hated the muslim guy in castlevania and thought it was an insult, they hated Ms. Marvel for the same reason, they actually avoid any media with muslim characters like the plague because they hate being represented, since every representation is a misrepresentation to them, unless they made it themselves, and specifically if it's one of those historical shows about how cool and strong they were. by muslism I mean the middle eastern ones specifically who are more serious about the religion and don't see it as oppression/victim card kind of thing like American Muslims
I remember when this guy tried to make a muslim superhero show back in 2009 and it got banned in saudi arabia kek. The show was cool though and the islamic elements weren't overwhelming surprisingly. But that's because he was half American half kuwaiti or emirati can't remember.

No. 1787502

winx looked so fucking ugly to me as a kid. Same for witch and totally spies. Only ''girl'' show i liked was PPG, that show rocked.

No. 1787503

oh, and my life as a teenage robot too.

No. 1787506

File: 1700882085579.jpg (115.01 KB, 1080x1068, 1688797096524.jpg)

Tecna didn't sacrifice herself and earth fairies didn't get genocided for you to hate like this smh my head.

No. 1787510

File: 1700882225603.jpg (28.21 KB, 315x321, 8c1832ab9b32c5e36dbf046db75f00…)

Probably should have taken an edible before doing this Thanksgiving family get-together trip.

No. 1787511

i could break them with a single hand, she looks like she's made out of popsicle sticks

No. 1787515

>tfw horny
>dont find modern men attractive
>have to cope by drawing the type of men i like
>suck at drawing
god give me strength to git gud at drawing

No. 1787518

power puff girls had a weird crossdressing tranny thing so no

No. 1787521

But he was literally the devil so it was realistic

No. 1787522

File: 1700883119244.gif (1.26 MB, 330x250, troon.gif)

he was obviously potrayed as evil

No. 1787526

File: 1700883249136.jpg (24.39 KB, 360x270, 327876.jpg)

The Powerpuff Girls was pretty TERFy with how they handled men in dresses.

No. 1787530

No. 1787532

it just grossed me out as a kid

No. 1787534

i would have beaten you up as a child, you sound like a nerd

No. 1787543

Who names their kid Rex? Is he a dog? Rex is a pet name.

No. 1787552

File: 1700885725208.png (1.13 MB, 1200x676, HIM.png)

they made troons a concept that grossed you out, see how good the show was?

No. 1787555

didn they ban him from the reboot for being offensive towards troons lol

No. 1787557

I love this episode so much. Kekk

No. 1787563

Such an ugly name

No. 1787564

Ugly threadpic I hate moids, reported so mods change it. Saged(don't do this. )

No. 1787565

I cant tell if someone is joking or just retarded anymore. The absolute state of lolcow

No. 1787569

you don't beli?

No. 1787575

There was a period several years ago where anons ended every post with "saged for non contribution" to unsaged posts like daily avidly it was turrible

No. 1787576

File: 1700889027996.jpg (10.81 KB, 335x335, 1692896655858310.jpg)


No. 1787581

I’m sorry I apologize I apologized for this in my first comment, it’s just for the dumbass shit thread though and I’m sure you can agree it’s a dumbass pic nonna

No. 1787589

Fair point

No. 1787590

No actually, but aside from the 4th sister episode his appearances are extremely mundane, like pretty much all villians on the reboot.

No. 1787593

I laugh so hard when I troll the unfunny spastic that's in charge here by sharing made up information about myself or looks and then see her make dumb memes or blurt them out angrily when I criticize something about the erratic bans. I don't even use the cow boards anymore, she's enough for me

No. 1787594

Gosh, such tension.

No. 1787595

Everything in the world moves too fast except for threads I find interesting dammit

No. 1787597

I already have 2 boyfriends sorry

No. 1787598

I have 3

No. 1787599

Cheers to that

No. 1787600

I lied I actually have 4

No. 1787601

File: 1700891242173.jpg (5.42 MB, 3464x3464, uhoh.jpg)

No. 1787611

File: 1700892704935.jpg (283.32 KB, 1074x1002, Indie-band cows be like.jpg)

No. 1787628

You're retarded and a complete paranoid narcissist.

No. 1787631

No. 1787638

How would you know! You only percieve what you understand. Retard globohomo

No. 1787649

Oh my god you even type like an annoying sped that thinks you're funny please seek attention elsewhere

No. 1787654

I can’t beli

No. 1787665

Why don't I understand the reference

No. 1787675

Never been to NYC but the only people who can afford to "party" everyday are usually just rich kids.

No. 1787694

If you don’t regularly delete your texts and you save messages you have with people you don’t know anymore I consider you weird

No. 1787696

You are projecting I wasn't trying to be funny

No. 1787703

Don’t they automatically get deleted after a while anyway?

No. 1787705

Not on an iPhone, you can save years worth of messages and files shared in messages on iPhones and macbook computers

No. 1787728

Why the fuck did you choose this shitty picture

No. 1787733

Because i beli. Don’t you?

No. 1787753

File: 1700896892093.gif (3.13 MB, 498x281, 1698696107508616.gif)

No. 1787782

File: 1700898312454.jpeg (24.6 KB, 320x346, IMG_8042.jpeg)


No. 1787784

File: 1700898487605.jpeg (147.79 KB, 800x630, s875156898710623174_p164_i40_w…)

Need some suggestions for good Yankee candles for the bathroom

No. 1787788

File: 1700898762100.jpeg (566.8 KB, 1037x871, IMG_8433.jpeg)

Are you kidding? There's Funky Winkerbean! Over here, Funky!

No. 1787790

>The idea of a hijabi fairy is cute
Nah, it’s sad. Not even the fairies are free from extreme modesty and religious retardation it seems.

No. 1787796

Thinking about it seriously, I’d be okay with sacrificing a limb, probably a leg, if I could be with the unattainable woman of my dreams. I thought about sacrificing one of my senses too, but I need all of those to appreciate her with. My eyes to see her beauty and cuteness, my hearing to hear her voice that I love so much, my touch so I can hold her, my smell so I can smell her neck and natural scent, and my taste to

No. 1787798

I’d also sacrifice some years off my life since she’s older than me anyway and I’d never want to live without her… so 14 years

No. 1787800

Which limb?

No. 1787802

Right leg.

No. 1787838

Left leg is the better choice, most people favor the right leg

No. 1787855

I just learned nonna means grandma in Italian, so we all callin each other granny on here?? Cute

No. 1787860

lol yes, we are

No. 1787899

You were born a cunt, you have lived as a cunt, and you will die a cunt.

No. 1787902

Nuh uh

No. 1787903

Your daily affirmations?

No. 1787906

The Hail Mary I dispense at the church of You're Being A Cunt.

No. 1787926

In the gay way or straight way?

No. 1787929

Amen and thank god for that

No. 1787939

He looks so much like me wtf I got jumpscared

No. 1787971

If that's the case I think you're very cute

No. 1788009

How many (half)rooms would you like to live alone (pets are ok) with ideally? Please don't respond with ft² or something like that, I can't visualize that.

No. 1788011

Nona what the fuck is a half room

No. 1788021

moid friend recently mentioned that he was diagnosed with BPD and i was like sure whatever but after that he started being so annoying

No. 1788022

No. 1788039

How long has 4chan had this stupid slide captcha?

No. 1788061

a British single bedroom

No. 1788093

Why do you still visit 4chan?? Love yourself nonna stay away from that cesspool.

No. 1788130

should i tell off this faggot in my class for calling our professor girl? should i keep my mouth shut and just ride out the rest of the semester in silence? she doesn’t seem to mind (or if she does, doesn’t say anything out of fear of being called a homophobe), but it is still so disrespectful. he literally cannot go two seconds without yas kweening someone. literally makes me cringe.

No. 1788132

I think it’d be cool to have a 2bd all to myself. One room for sleeping and one room as an office/studio/study. Most places these days are too pricey for that though.

No. 1788139

one or two years i think. It actually made the site much better

No. 1788141

Nta but I have an insatiable need to bait and troll on a regular basis and I'd rather do it there than here. It's about in the middle of my hierarchy of needs. I have to feel the telepathic ire of strangers for me to have a good day, and if it must be so then it may as well be from retard males than nonnies. But I still slip sometimes and get involved if I see a spergout here… sorry farmhands

No. 1788143

It really do be like that.

No. 1788157

Faggots must keep their mouths shut in order to not stink up the room with their dick breath, world must be returning to a new dark age if perverts can be open about their pooftery and not get bullied.

No. 1788171

i'd crossdress(maybe put on some insoles) and do whatever i like, maybe ruin the life of some cute moid, shoot ugly ones dead, too many men in my country anyways, if i wanna travel, i'll go to the states prior and defile Hugh Hefner's grave. so they'll be looking for some fagraging moid instead kek.

No. 1788177

Is crossdressing ilegal where you live?

No. 1788185

You should apologize to the trees who's oxygen you waste.

No. 1788188

How dare she… have fun and bait scrotes? 1000 years dungeon for sure

No. 1788192

I just had BBQ wings, i love my new air fryer.

No. 1788194

You too retard. She said she spergs out and does it here sometimes.

No. 1788195

File: 1700932555625.jpg (205.83 KB, 896x896, 1682879979377519.jpg)

I though fixing a cat was like cat's lobotomy. But even after getting fixed my cat is still a little manwhore.

No. 1788196

You think this moron spotting this shit goes outside, let alone can talk to people face to face?

No. 1788204

nah, just an effort to keep my identity hidden

No. 1788209

we have an autistic newfag minimod ITT who was trying to get anons banned for saying faggot fuck you stickposter you will never be a mod(stop baiting personalityfags)

No. 1788212

I never want to be mod and don't mini mod that's someone else

No. 1788213

File: 1700933373219.jpeg (224.41 KB, 1072x720, the_mice_at_work_threading_the…)

The site seems to be overrun by twitterfags recently, it's sad.

No. 1788215

How long has it been since your cat was fixed? Sometimes it takes a while for their cat hormones to drop.

No. 1788216

My favorite part about Thanksgiving is that the radio plays Alice's Restaurant and it has the word faggot in it and I think that's swell cuz radio hosts love saying BITCH all the time. Let's have a song played a few times a day once a year that says faggot. Fag got Faggot faggot faggot

No. 1788220

File: 1700933639465.png (14.24 KB, 1192x213, why.png)

You can just use the report feature, you don't have to run to /meta/ for the smallest things you deem to be rule breaking.
I feel like a group of nonnies are trying to turn the dumbass shit thread into the most overly moderated thread on /ot/ which is so silly kek.

No. 1788221

File: 1700933643044.png (12.08 KB, 1403x165, stickposter.png)

its you, stickposter. You said you were banned for calling someone a moid on the meta post. At least be more intelligent and dont tell on yourself like that.

No. 1788223

the newfag post is me and its an actual underage retard posting ''uwu''

No. 1788224

This is my second post here tonight I just woke up, whoever you're talking about is someone else idc what gets posted lol

No. 1788226

>just woke up
>just in time to respond to a post calling her out
keek please mods need to add the ''worst newfag'' category to the lolcow awards.

No. 1788233

What the fuck even is a stick poster? How come I spend so much time in here and still miss new personalityfags or whatever these are?

No. 1788234

Mods can tell from my posts that isnt me, it really was coincidental kek. People call eachother moids all the time I doubt it's just me whos veeb banned for it

No. 1788235

File: 1700934021463.gif (1.14 MB, 220x220, 1694906397137.gif)

I've been gone for two days and completely missed out on it too kek

No. 1788239

Some anon posted a few photos of stocks, and now anons are saying that they have been infighting/derailing all over /ot/. You can see them complaining about a stickposter in /meta/. I honestly think it's just a schizo anon trying to push this stickposter stuff

No. 1788240

If there was a newfag award she's winning by a long shot. Bitch has been breaking havock for months at this point, I've never seen someone so dedicated to being as insufferable and disruptive as possible, only thing she's missing in the attention whore bingo is posting her pussy like the shaynafags but I suppose she isn't that retarded

No. 1788241

Samefag, to clarify the stock photos are in the last thread. It made some anon accuse them of personalityfagging by posting sticks. It's all very stupid

No. 1788242

I posted 4 sticks in 2 threads (retarded posting and dumbass shit) 2-3 days ago and now everyone is conspiracy posting that I'm other people and trying to mod threads when I'm not truly, I'm sure if mods cared they could vindicate me. I'm just here to have fun I don't care wants posted

No. 1788245

its because you always announce yourself

No. 1788247

File: 1700934324620.jpeg (102.27 KB, 1024x768, 67DA0446-F52B-47AB-AB0B-3A2793…)

So you guys think it’s an attention whoring newfag, and keep bringing her up and giving her attention?

No. 1788248

I feel like making a faggot themed cillian grid

No. 1788249

she announces herself anyways

No. 1788251

It's actually impressive you haven't bitched about minimodding or the cyberpolice yet

No. 1788252

what the fuck is even going on

No. 1788258

I don't, anons bring me up saying I did stuff and I said I haven't lol. I jokingly said in this threads "where can we post our sticks" and in the meta thread I explained stuff because of the conspiracy posting.
I just get brought up and I say it's not me doing whatever I'm accused of.
I just don't care what's posted but I'm a bit worried for the anon who's conspiracy posting linking me to two other people randomly posting when I have nothing to do with them. Sure it's annoying being mini modded but I just ignore those people who get pedantic

Anyway back to normal now that I've explained(stop)

No. 1788259

some dumbass shit

No. 1788261

some dumbass shit that’s what

No. 1788262

It's the stickposter the fujosperg that created the duplicate thread from some days ago?

No. 1788264


No. 1788267

No that's probably one of the people who's being linked

No. 1788269

Don't talk to me like we cool, you're insufferable

No. 1788270

File: 1700934771366.jpeg (49.78 KB, 540x335, 5AE2A104-E136-4296-902F-F5CAC0…)

We on the same wavelength lol

No. 1788282

This is an anonymous imageboard. Stop giving specific posters attention between threads, and stop announcing yourself and/or responding if someone brings you up. This personalityfagging bullshit is getting out of hand and we will be issuing longer bans than usual to users on both sides of it until it is stamped out. And to clarify, the stickposter and the anons who are minimodding are not the same people. Stop tinfoiling.

No. 1788287

File: 1700935690372.jpg (57.44 KB, 736x736, d237a3c7d5f96e1fe6a6337e1ec298…)

>This is an anonymous messageboard.
No, it's an imageboard dumbdumb.

No. 1788288

Are you TRYING to get grounded kek

No. 1788295

File: 1700936194301.jpg (138.74 KB, 675x1200, fecd5fb21826ebc6f674f68eb124ce…)

Finally made the robber AI bot my trophy husband. You better work for that money biatch

No. 1788296

I’m so sorry you have to tard wrangle in here in between cleaning up CP spam and whatever else you have to see. I could never.

No. 1788299

File: 1700936604770.png (729.96 KB, 645x718, image (3).png)

I despise sneakers with dresses, but I love the opposite. Jeans with heels are so cute to me.

No. 1788300

File: 1700936645452.jpg (81.99 KB, 634x768, jean heels.jpg)

Samefag, jeels are cool too

No. 1788304

Real bad taste

No. 1788306

File: 1700936850570.jpg (88.09 KB, 512x640, Nigel Xavier on Instagram_ _Pa…)

You're not feeling the joots? What about jeakers then?

No. 1788307

I don't love sneakers with dresses either but I'll always be in favour of wearing comfortable footwear over uncomfortable footwear

No. 1788309

File: 1700936969505.gif (34.36 KB, 150x155, hop hop.gif)

Please take this cat meme from 2009 that I just found on my old sd card

No. 1788310

I'd wear it with a dress

No. 1788311

i have these sneakers that are SO fucking comfy, it feels like walking on literal air but man they're fugly and i hate the color. life is pain.
hope the shrunken tendons and bunions are worth it anon

No. 1788315

this made me think of the good old days of 2008-2009 when people shared pretty animated phone backgrounds and music through bluetooth. I distinctively remember receiving Lady Gaga's Pokerface as an mp3 file through bluetooth on my fliphone that way for some reason.

No. 1788317

Why all the salt anon? I don't personally wear heels (at least not stilettos). I love sneakers, just not with dresses.

No. 1788318

ty nonna

No. 1788322

File: 1700937370368.gif (145.19 KB, 320x304, 311962244_1899835.gif)

Wish we could retvrn. Genuinely touch screens feel like a setback to me, smartphones killed the fun and variety.

No. 1788325

Men are weird and scary

No. 1788327

I miss iPods I felt like a genius for figuring out how to spin the wheel and select things the first time I was handed one

No. 1788345

My sister is a primary school teacher (bong) and one of the girls in her class speaks with an American accent, those valley girl accents that all the dumb blonde stereotypes have. They can’t get her to stop. They think it is from obviously watching American tv shows but it is so weird and they have to try so hard not to laugh sometimes and it is really jarring. So weird. I guess this is the reverse of when some American kids started using an English accent after watching peppa pig

No. 1788359

I hate that you have to deal with this faggot.

No. 1788366

She'll grow out of it.

No. 1788372

So cute!!

No. 1788381

some celebrity fans make me feel so embarrassed for liking the same person but then again i probably wouldn't be considered a trve fan anyway since i don't furiously defend his weirdass behavior

No. 1788388

I wish we could put more males in jail. Even if they didn’t commit a crime fucking go away.

No. 1788389

File: 1700942739893.jpg (247.68 KB, 1399x538, tumblr.jpg)

The best part about reading tumblr fanfictions is when some drama happens and seeing cow fic writers sperg out

No. 1788390

File: 1700942949253.jpeg (42.49 KB, 640x426, 8FE84305-B7DC-450C-8A0C-09DAB8…)

can you please name some really sleazy characters you know? i have a fetish for abusing and torturing sleazy salesman type men and looking for fics rn. don't say reigen, he's just some anime dude. thank you!!!

No. 1788392

File: 1700943182886.jpg (41.02 KB, 600x435, f2bb1df16c4f1847c1f45a72d6c7d5…)

Oh my god, that writer is only making it worse for themself KEK. Nobody has to know that random people think their fics are bad, as the writer could've ignored them instead of letting them become posts. But no, they just HAVE to have the last word, and look how stupid it made them look KEK

No. 1788397

Looks like me but a guy

No. 1788401

No. 1788414

is a pin/button/badge thread on /m/ something anyone would be interested in or is it redundant to other another thread i'm not aware of ? i'm not sure where to share my finds and i'd also love to see farmer tastes in pins. sometimes i even edit and print designs i like kek i love those little things and putting them everywhere even if i do feel like that comic from way back of the guy noticing meme related pins on some girl he hoped was normal(?)'s bag in class and then promptly trying to escape out the window. can't find it at all right now for some reason maybe we can even have some OC nonnie-made ones there too…

No. 1788423

I just listened to a suicideboys song for the first time (I think) and I genuinely think that was the worst thing I've ever consumed through my ears. And I'll listen to basically anything, I'm not very picky.

No. 1788425

>all of y'all
What a retard

No. 1788426

You posted twice kek

No. 1788427

Bill Gates' missing children have reunited!

No. 1788437

please do! i have been collecting buttons from the 70s

No. 1788457

saul goodman

No. 1788491

>please don’t let tumblr get y’all killed
Please anon who is this or what fandom what a great find

No. 1788497

This is amazing

No. 1788529

I can't tell you anon. If I do, she might doxx me, track me down, and kill me herself. It's Attack On Titan kek. I come across the blog those screenshots are from sometimes despite them not writing for who I like. The drama is basically that they write one of the characters like a stereotypical ghetto black person (making them a drug dealer rapper and whatnot) and other people think it's cringy. It's so stupid and I love tuning in sometimes.

No. 1788537

File: 1700952811438.jpg (27.99 KB, 564x605, 8218c39c28238c9654bbd01752a5ea…)

Tell me a fun fact about you, I'll go first
>I can move my hairline by lifting my eyebrows

No. 1788539

I can do armpit farts

No. 1788541

File: 1700953160273.gif (6.89 MB, 2560x1920, d2ubv00-7467c076-bc43-45ff-a83…)

The black guy from Marly who was a scientist and was friends with Hange? because of so, I see why they'd think it's cringy.

My ears move involuntarily to the direction of loud sudden noises. Kinda like a cat ear does.

No. 1788542

i am actually missing a tooth: the one just to the right of my front tooth. they just took the entire right top side and just moved it one notch closer to the center.
Ppl are usually amazed when i tell them this, you really cant tell.

No. 1788545

Samefagging to add I didn't need my wisdom teeth removed. I can use them to eat now and they don't hurt or anything. Only when they were growing. Now I have 4 extra molars. Cleaning them is hell though.

No. 1788546

No, Eren lmao

No. 1788548

I survived a car crash by jumping out of the car and rolling into the grass action movie style, no bones broke

No. 1788549

I have slight heterochromia

No. 1788550

i can put both legs behind my head

No. 1788552

I've read enough liturgical history that if I read a Wikipedia article on the early Church, I can often guess what the citation will be of at the end of a sentence. Sometimes it's a secondary source summarizing a primary source and I get livid.

No. 1788555

The only interesting thing about my body is my vagina (internal, not vulva) is numb to everything even pain. Fuck ssris

No. 1788557

I can lick my elbows

No. 1788561

i can predict the exact time within 2 minutes no matter where i am

No. 1788565

File: 1700955011443.gif (3.79 MB, 576x1024, dancing fahgot.gif)


No. 1788566

I can "retract" my lips, I can go from big lips to thin lips on a second, my sister can't do it so it seems it's genetic

No. 1788569

I give good fortune to stores, I can walk in literally any empty store and it will be full of people buying stuff after a while, this effect multiplies whenever I’m with my family, so if I walk in a store with my mom, the store will be so full of customers that the employees will freak out.

No. 1788572

File: 1700955601579.jpg (1.14 MB, 1837x1919, 1125_183556.jpg)

No. 1788577

There's a conspiracy as to why so many black famous people keep pushing ass eating.
It's like they are using the F tier stars like, Sexxy redd, Suki Hana and random Love and Hip hop stars to plant the seed of ass eating, hoping to normalize It to black women/teens.
Like every other day somebody talking about how they ate a scrotes ass or a scrote "exposes" a woman for doing so. I refuse to believe this is a natural occurrence/movement. No this is brainstorms.
I also legit read something about how women eating male ass can cause some behavior changes. It's disgusting and whenever/wherever I can I soeard the word of how gross it is and NO woman should ever put her mouth/lips on a male ass and we should shun the men who dare to ask/request or push this.
The women who advertise this shit should also be shunned.
I do think they use certain people to push certain ideas towards young women/teens. Like how sex work was being pushed so heavily

No. 1788580

And when you think about it it's never spoken about as something men even like. It's always in a humiliating men. Men will have women do it then trash them for it on urban blogs, women will expose men for wanting it done or doing it.
You never see men talk about now it's pleasurable. No uts meant to humiliate and corrupt. This is one of the more lowkey but nefarious movements.

No. 1788582

Me with restaurants, but maybe I'm just extremely talented at showing up a few minutes before the lunch/dinner rush

No. 1788583

Licking their nuts isn’t degrading or gross enough they’re stepping it up next we’re see people trying to normalize scat

No. 1788584

That sounds like a nightmare. I hate busy stores.

No. 1788590

Typical male sexuality bleeding into everything, men spread their degeneracy wherever they go like some sort of mind rotting memetic plague. Pick mes do whatever men want and most famous women are pick mes because the only way to get ahead is to appeal to men (not always but most often). Pick mes act as a gateway for male depravity to spread through society, which is why you’re starting to see it. Men can then blame women for their degeneracy because well women do sex work/eat ass/like being choked instead of having to ask themselves why they’re so comfortable dehumanizing other people (namely women). It’s just a convenient way in which they can justify their lack of humanity “she likes eating ass” instead of “I’m such a scrote I get off on dehumanizing women by making them lick my shit!”

No. 1788596

Tinfoil but I unironically believe some They Cloned Tyrone tier shit is the reason why they are being pushed

No. 1788600

I am double jointed

No. 1788602

i almost posted the best bait but decided to contain myself i'm so proud

No. 1788609

I give you a round of applause

No. 1788611

File: 1700958298970.jpeg (16.24 KB, 474x316, th_-_2022-05-29T050624.648.jpe…)

What the actual fuck? I hope fanfiction get copyright claim and all of those kids go to court and get legitimately sued so we'll never ever have to deal with this bullshit ever again. this is a joke fanfic writing and reading nonnies

No. 1788612

Why are you trying to force my meme

No. 1788614

This is such a weird way to address your professor because I feel like at least in the past gay people knew when to hang it up but young people just refuse to treat people with respect even when it warrants it

No. 1788615

I wish this trend would shift to ball torture. Let's meme men into castration without being a tranny menace.

No. 1788621

They Cloned Tyrone? Idw to google because I’m scared, explain

No. 1788625

thank you

No. 1788631

File: 1700958845966.png (68.79 KB, 243x275, 1686421807670.png)

No. 1788634

whats wrong with being a misandrist

No. 1788635

No. 1788636

>You’re single because of your misandry
>He thinks this is an own(report males, don't respond)

No. 1788639

maybe men should try not being depraved animalistic sex pests with absolutely zero redeeming qualities before demanding women walk their "end of the two way street"(report males, don't respond)

No. 1788644

kill yourself male(report males, don't respond)

No. 1788645

if a bunny thumps at you does that mean she’s angry

No. 1788648

Who says she wants to be anything but? Retard

No. 1788650

I'm picking up a bad habit of masturbaing whenever I'm under a blanket, while it feels good i gotta stop doing it, I'm becoming addicted, i find myself doing it all the time even when my family is around.
It's not healthy but i can't stop.

No. 1788651

File: 1700959320390.jpg (25.26 KB, 275x273, 1656120987957.jpg)

>hating men is bad(report males, don't respond)

No. 1788652

pretty sure you're on the wrong website. and no it is not the same thing, scrotes hate women because of their weird inferiority complexes, and women hate scrotes because all of them are awful and violent

No. 1788655

too bad men are incapable of love

No. 1788656

Implying that the only fulfilling love someone can find is love from a man who can’t handle his sex class being rightfully called out for being vile pieces of shit. Raise your standards.

No. 1788657

deep down you just want me to be sodomized in the ass by another man and you know it

No. 1788658

samefag i am assuming this poster is a male, if they are somehow female and not a scrote baiting i retract that statement i would never say that to a woman

No. 1788659

File: 1700959566759.jpeg (27.29 KB, 275x271, 1652116840009.jpeg)

And I'm sure you'll get the same "love" that Jodi gave to this faggot.

No. 1788660

pretty sure it does kek, am not a bun expert tho

No. 1788661

File: 1700959618048.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1646360745494.png)

No one buys it. Men hate women because they don't want to fuck them and have a choice to reject them. Women hate men because they are the main demographic in anything violent and destructive for thousands of years.

No. 1788663

File: 1700959715403.gif (60.99 KB, 224x275, 1692020672272.gif)

Nta but what is this woo woo bullshit kek. That's some cartoon logic there. Nobody "secretly wants to be loved and that's why they're mean!!!", it doesn't work that way. Also wanting to be loved is actually unironically lame and pathetic. What kind of loser only lives to be loved and thinks it's the most important thing ever? Genuine mental illness. Have better life goals, man. He normal, be sane, have a hobby, interest, dream or aspiration that isn't other people's validation and approval. Love yourself.

No. 1788665

File: 1700959721793.jpg (21.61 KB, 275x271, 1654563375081.jpg)

Shut the fuck up and go die in a war like the rest of your sex deserves.

No. 1788667

It's a movie. Spoiler for the plot just in case someone wants to watch it. It's a movie about a drug dealer, a pimp, and a prostitute discovering that their neighborhood was being manipulated and subliminally conditioned through stuff like food and music.

No. 1788668

This wouldn't have happened if yaoi nonnies were still here. Just saying.

No. 1788669

File: 1700959827644.jpg (14.42 KB, 275x275, 1680315303462.jpg)

I'm sorry you're four times more likely to kill yourself.

No. 1788670

I miss them

No. 1788672

Why don’t you go find a girlfriend if that’s how you’re feeling(report males, don't respond)

No. 1788673

the male suicide rate should be HIGHER

No. 1788674

It's so funny when bunnies thump cause they have weird little soulless eyes. It's like a robot trying to display anger. No offense to any rabbits here.

No. 1788676

Why don’t we form huge mobs and murder a bunch of men the way that men do to women all the time around the world

No. 1788678

ok that might be true for those anons but personally i am mad because there's an obnoxious scrote shitting up my site(report males, don't respond)

No. 1788679

Welcome to Costco I love you

No. 1788681

normal men don't exist lmao

No. 1788682

File: 1700960018082.jpg (61.37 KB, 736x742, 1661826003862.jpg)

No. 1788684

Wtf, I'm literally watching a video of people playing a Costco lockdown game. Anon stop spying on me.

No. 1788685

nah it's just fun to join in on the deserved hate, who cares about some 4chan moid tbh

No. 1788686

File: 1700960080524.gif (6.49 KB, 275x275, 1683384015860.gif)

Blah blah blah shut the fuck up and go die unloved by everyone like all the other males in war

No. 1788687

i can be happy WHILE being a hater jsyk

No. 1788690

Don't expect moids to have any sense of self reflection or actual emotional intelligence. This passive aggressive "you must be hurt" is just a cope to avoid responsibility and confronting himself with how godawful his gender group is. All they ever do is project kek.

No. 1788691

do you have the same energy for the males who constantly post about hurting and killing women? interesting that you have this buddha mindset in the one space where women vent and not 99% of the rest of the internet that is non stop incel rage and violent fantasies about women

No. 1788692

Nah, I was defending the anon you're attacking. You're being rude to her on the basis of some arbitrary made up shit. I have a theory people who are obsessed with getting in a romantic relationship like you were neglected by their parents so much so that they're trying to get that attention they crave from strangers they fuck. Weird af.

No. 1788693

It’s kind of annoying but it makes me happy knowing that the store is selling stuff and making money, specially if it’s a small store, I usually try to make sure to enter places that aren’t from big companies because of this luck I bring to them.

No. 1788694

men inherently know that they are completely
worthless, that's why they project incessantly and kill themselves once reality finally catches up

No. 1788695

Was this the bait nona or "nona" was talking about?

No. 1788700

kek right, there's entire subreddits dedicated to posting videos of women getting beat up, and he's over here crying cause a few women are being mean to scrotes on the internet

No. 1788701

ladies when are we gonna start posting penis mutilation pics

No. 1788703

you know that's a great idea, sadly I don't have any

No. 1788705

youre right and you should say it

No. 1788706

i would but i dont have any smhhhh

No. 1788707

File: 1700960399126.gif (657.7 KB, 498x385, pepe-mad.gif)

We literally got over one infight just for anons to start up another one! I hate you people! You're all ruining my favorite thread! If you think a post is bait or a male just ignore it REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 1788709

someone call kiki

No. 1788721

That's incredible.

No. 1788725

Nta, how is going to the gym gonna change their mindsets? They're gonna be the same mentally except they'll feel more entitled about getting in relationships because now they're "hot" so they totes deserve one, like it's some sort of award or self worth proof or something. As I said above, genuine mental illness.

No. 1788728

File: 1700961169528.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.08 KB, 997x1180, FpOeoFqWIAAJKt9.jpg)

Closest I've got

No. 1788729

Nah she mostly has vaginal disease photos she's fucking weird

No. 1788730

File: 1700961222152.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.49 KB, 275x273, 1652099147006.jpg)

No. 1788734

saw him at school once. he's shorter than expected.

No. 1788739

This isn't 4chan bro. There's a lot of wives and mothers here.

No. 1788745

File: 1700961667396.jpg (Spoiler Image, 942.39 KB, 400x249, bKyXqO0.jpg)

You asked

No. 1788746

I only like pink ones sorry

No. 1788747

I hope one day we all wake up and all of the social medias are just offline permanently. Everyone would be so much better off. And the social media feys who get paid to post? Fuck them, that’s what they get for not knowing a trade

No. 1788748

File: 1700961780065.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 640x361, 6y38n2ht6md21.gif)

No. 1788750

File: 1700961824009.jpg (71.78 KB, 799x789, a024018257702c513a6e14411c8db1…)

No. 1788751

I can think of several people completely incapable of living without it that would kts and nothing of value would be lost

No. 1788755

Ow! My Balls

No. 1788758

Good, this is all the more reason to force these scrawny faggots to take their little apps offline

No. 1788760

File: 1700962336523.jpg (57.3 KB, 680x680, 1672051551713.jpg)

post cute men to scare the moid away

No. 1788763

File: 1700962711229.jpg (56 KB, 640x660, 1000003494.jpg)

I'm so fucking mad at this anime because this bitch got fake ass fucking freckles
I should have known from the boring ass opening and that I've read like 50 other manga/manhwa/etc that they hate freckles that the female lead eventually becomes generic and doesn't have them anymore.
I don't even want to watch any more because there's a 90% chance she ditches the freckles permanently and I don't want to watch it
And I know it's a hiding defense mechanism that she makes herself ugly to keep away creeps but I don't really care since it being a thing means she'll probably drop it.
But I'm still mad

No. 1788768

She doesn't though

No. 1788769

i always though ''freckles'' in anime were just skin imperfections

No. 1788771

This is like how I get irrationally mad that characters that wear glasses will end up not wearing them anymore, as a sign of character development

No. 1788772

i keep saying, this is the only thing that truly unsettles them

No. 1788773

Why there are so many leon fans here where are the chris fans or the wesker fans

No. 1788776

Which is telling because mods banned it kek

No. 1788777

The dream.

No. 1788778

The relationship advice threadpic makes me laugh Everytime, I love it

No. 1788782

leon is so fucking hnnnngg to me and ive never played a single resident evil game. im this close to looking up fanfic of him and mr x tho

No. 1788783

Sorry, he's the only attractive one. The other 2 are old looking and ugly. But you can post them if you like them, and I've seen some anons talk about them.

No. 1788785

That's basically how they show a character is ugly, freckles. It signifies being poor and out in the sun. Asian beauty standard is so racist and colorist I can't take it seriously in any capacity.

No. 1788789

Wait, freckles come from sun exposure? How come pale white people have them too? I'm so confused, I thought it's something people are born with? I was in the sun a lot as a kid and didn't develop them, but I have dark skin so maybe that's why.

No. 1788793

sun exposure can make freckles more prominent on ppl but if you don't have any it won't cause u to start developing them

No. 1788796

chris and wesker are ugly

No. 1788799

Reminder: do not respond to bait. Do not respond to suspected males. Report them and do not respond. Whether its bait or a scrote, you are giving them what they want by giving them attention. We've deleted the scrotes posts so they don't get further encouragement (since you retards can't help yourselves). Report and ignore next time!

No. 1788801

File: 1700964392490.jpg (194.96 KB, 900x1180, 1680034495379.jpg)

I would sacrifice several people to be able to draw like this

No. 1788802

how about you delete the weirdo posting weird porn shit too >>1788748 >>1788745

No. 1788804

The oil paint rendering is lovely but the faces are the most souless sameface wax museum looking pseudo-animu shit.

No. 1788806

File: 1700964668202.jpg (47.81 KB, 634x614, 9987804-6720005-The_Spanish_fa…)

White people have melanin, just very little of it. Just like with any other race, certain people are genetically predisposed to more freckling or melasma than others. This is why you don't see babies with freckles or moles, hyperpigmentation, etc. They're born from darkness with no sun exposure kek. In Asia they have a hierarchy of Asians and view brown Asians as uglier and lesser. Freckles signify ugliness to them, they're associated with bumpkins and farmers as well as less developed Asian societies. There was genuine outcry several years ago when a modeling campaign used an Asian model with freckles, they claimed it was racist and trying to show Asians as ugly with "opium eyes". Yes, that's right, they refer to unoperated Asian eyelids as "opium addict eyes".

No. 1788808

But everyone draws like this now

No. 1788810

heisenbergfags where you at

No. 1788811

Anon literally asked for cbt and it was a joke that was spoilered you whiny pearl clutching baby

No. 1788813

That's interesting to know, thanks nonnas.

No. 1788815

i love the faces whats wrong with pretty looking male faces

No. 1788817

the admins banned a figurine of an anime boy kneeling because it hurt the feefees of someone so i dont see why i have to see literal scrote porn, spoilered or not

No. 1788820

You unspoilered it, you didn't have to look at it at all actually.

No. 1788822

and? its literally scrote porn why would you post that. In fact, why do you have that saved if you arent a scrote yourself wtf

No. 1788823

>figurine of an anime boy kneeling
Name so i can Google it myself for research purposes?

No. 1788824

File: 1700965439095.gif (147.74 KB, 512x384, 1553002315781.gif)

finding the quizlet with all the answers for an online exam is the best feeling in the world

No. 1788827

No way. Chris is so fucking hot in leather or military gear, esp military gear. I haven't played the new game yet but he is just gone white, still would. Wesker is dead last I heard so he can't get old, I clearly remember killing him while wearing that leather outfit, very hot fight (haha get it?), then he went swimming in lava or something after eating a rocket or so help me cus chris didn't punch that boulder for nothing!

And theeeeen chris comes back with that kiddo piers and the boy just…. dies after getting really hot. For real, he went a solid 11 after getting that arm. When will resident evil stop killing hot men? This mustn't continue. It's probably leon's fault somehow.
Young lady, I will pretend I just didn't read that!
Now that is some ugly dude

No. 1788829

Are you seriously asking me why I have pics of women punching balls on lolcow? You're retarded. I think you're mad because it made your balls hurt to watch it.

No. 1788830

My dress sounds like a shower curtain

No. 1788834

you have scrote porn saved, weird as fuck. Fuck you for subjecting all of us to your degeneracy.

No. 1788835

Haha you stupid faggot, yeah you're mad you felt that in your gonads

No. 1788840

you are gross as fuck i bet you are a moid trying to gaslight us into thinkig cbt porn shit is le so based misogynistic thing to do when its literally porn men get off to and pay women to humilliate themselves and do that

No. 1788842

No im genuinely convinced you're a falseflagging faggot because unless you're 14 years old you should not be so triggered by a funny image of a woman in boxing gloves going at a disembodied pair of nuts

No. 1788844

>Now that is some ugly dude
Oh well, more for me. Too bad gendies latched onto him, but they’ve done that to every RE character at this point.

No. 1788847

>funny image
there is nothing funny about fucking porn you retard, moids get off to that shit. You probably do too and are trying to impose your weird fetishes onto us. Hope mods delete that, they censored the ass banners so they better delete gross moid porn.

No. 1788848

>only men can get off to porn

No. 1788851

You have serious issues, how do you even function

No. 1788852

whats wrong with not wanting to see gross moid porn here? you sound like a coomer you should seek help

No. 1788855

they censored the banners because they weren't spoilered retard. even if some scrotes can get off to it, women hurting men will always be funny

No. 1788856

Nta but they don't look pretty at all. They look british and teenagery. Are they harry potter characters or something?

No. 1788858

its not funny its literally a fetish for men those gifs are from literal porn you retard

No. 1788860

whats wrong with them looking young? i dont want to draw old men.
>Are they harry potter characters or something?
no fucking idea i dont have the source

No. 1788862

File: 1700966615071.jpg (444.65 KB, 2460x3300, 20231126_054331.jpg)

First anon, never played the games so idk what do they look like in motion, but they're just not my type. Leon is more my type with the body and hair and pretty soft youthful but still masculine face. My sister likes Chris though so you're not alone I guess?

No. 1788863

Sorry I'm laughing at you you're seizuring over nothing you sped

No. 1788864

go masturbate to cbt shit moid

No. 1788865

its still funny even if its porn? please get a grip. its spoilered and responding to someone asking for CBT, you literally brought this on yourself.

No. 1788867

you are so retarded a moid tells you to post porn to satisfy his fetish and you do it, some of you are on the same level as those shayfags who post their tits to prove they are women

No. 1788868

hope you get banned soon

No. 1788869

Nothing, I like youthfulness, but more so when they still look adult. It's a fine balance kind of thing between mature features that still look young. The art you posted leans more into young without mature so I see them as young teens, like 16-18. Just not my thing. I'm >>1788862 and as I mentioned, Leon strikes that perfect balance I like, and so does my main husbando and many other husbandos I have.

No. 1788870

they look 18-19 to me. leon always looked super old to me, isnt he 30?

No. 1788876

He's 20 in early games and when he has a clean shaven face. When he gets a beard he's 27. I prefer 20 yo Leon though, more my type. I guess because I'm attracted to adult looking people and characters, it's in my blood to do so. The sharper they look the more attractive. Been like this since I was a kid kek. I did had a feminine male character liking phase though when I was a teenager, but my taste changed with age.

No. 1788878

File: 1700967429883.jpg (102.78 KB, 736x1108, 52eb7bab96ee423381d721b33a1cea…)

good for you, i still prefer pre-wall men.

No. 1788884

Kek okay God warrior

No. 1788885

File: 1700967915528.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.88 KB, 828x515, ihdm7h9zy4u41.jpg)

A moid didn't do anything, shut the fuck up you touched in the head ass bitch

No. 1788886

But sharp mature features aren't post wall though? I'm talking about defined jawlines and cheeckbones, prominent chins, straight noses etc. I think a human being is at the peak of their beauty when they look like that. Goes for both men and women. I just dislike neoteny.

No. 1788893

Those are post wall features. Its fine if you like them but i hate bogdanoff features in men. I really wish men didnt develop those features the microsecond they turn 20, makes them look like drag queens. Women have cute round faced through most of their lifes, wish men aged as good as most women.

No. 1788904

Who tf is bogdunoff lmao. Plus those are features that people develop when they finally finish puberty and is a result of losing baby fat.

No. 1788905

File: 1700968705577.png (329.45 KB, 1292x656, Screen Shot 2023-11-25 at 7.18…)

Some nona accidentally posted this with no context and everyone thought it was hilarious

No. 1788907

What a shame, men age terribly.

No. 1788910

File: 1700968815870.jpeg (631.83 KB, 1814x1814, bogdanoff.jpeg)

ntayrt but the Bogdanoff twins were these french TV presenters who absolutely wrecked their faces with plastic surgery. It's where we got the term "bogged" from

No. 1788919

File: 1700969235875.gif (129.13 KB, 275x207, 1694568740271.gif)

What subject does Bayden Shapiro (he/him) major in at Stanford and what does his trans fag bestie Sam Smith (he/they/it) study?

No. 1788920

average yaoi seme

No. 1788921

There is always so much fighting on this thread lol

No. 1788930

Because it’s where all the terminally online anons hang out

No. 1788933

damn u got me there

No. 1788934

I feel so retarded every single day

No. 1788938

Don't worry nona. There are plenty of tards out there living really kick ass lives.

No. 1788944

Who gave me diarrhea curse

No. 1788947

You should

No. 1788951

Should I publicly accuse a moid who was a prick to me when I was underage of doing worse things than he actually did
Idk he's a moid and deserves to get his life ruined

No. 1788953

Embellishing stories can get victims into a lot of trouble during the investigation and trial stage. I really do not want to see that happen to you, so it’s better to just be honest about everything that he did do

No. 1788956

It's not an investigation or legal issue I just want to see him cancelled by all his online discord type friends kek, just a little bit of drama to spice up my day

No. 1788957


No. 1788958

I really want a burger but i dont want to see my dad. The things i do for a whooper.

No. 1788959

Oh I see. Fascinating to know. But they're not what I think of when I say sharp features kek. Still funny though.

No. 1788960

I wish lazybedhead wasnt so obnoxious, her moth videos would be perfect sleep white noise otherwise.

No. 1788961

Still thinking about that anon who was confused about her boyfriend's markers and was tinfoiling about drawn-on temporary tattoos while everyone who replied just said "he's putting them in his ass"

No. 1789023

File: 1700978394478.jpeg (34.86 KB, 377x328, D9FCFDA6-5EAE-4615-B3D4-E24D6A…)

I had a dream that the greasy wigger at work pinned me against the wall and told me he wanted to go down on me. How do I remove the part of my brain that makes dreams.

No. 1789049

Americans using disposable plates at thanksgiving/christmas. Isnt it supposed to be a holiday? Like, no effort in setting a nice table and having a finer dining experience? Completely wild for an European to watch.

No. 1789056

American holidays are basically planned and done by like the same 2-3 women with setting up everything, cooking, cleaning, taking everything down, etc. On top of the fact most women work and barely get off around holidays. Most of them don't have the time or energy to be scrubbing dishes for hours after slaving away cooking giant meals and then get up the next day at 6 am to work for 12 hours. I'm sure bougie families probably eat off of porcelain and silver but those people are also rich enough to buy themselves time and help

No. 1789060

astrologyfags is now a good time to apologize for something you feel bad for? We’re in the very beginning of mercury retrograde shadow and I want to apologize to someone but if now isn’t a good time astronomically I won’t

No. 1789061

I’ve never eaten off of disposable dishes at any holiday, and I don’t use them at all and I don’t know anyone who does. Those are meant to be used at events sometimes and on camping trips.

No. 1789062

No because mercury retrograde creates problems with communication

No. 1789069

You’re right and I did some research apparently Sagittarius mercury retrograde specifically really exacerbates this so I’m just gonna wait another year kek

No. 1789072

Its the same in all of Europe and we still dont use disposable plates. Even the poorest European uses porcelain plates, its not bougie to use real plates what the hell.

No. 1789075

samefag but I kept looking and apparently mars is also squaring saturn right now, which makes verbal communication and expression of intent even rougher than it already can be…fuckin hell

No. 1789077

Ok but who's washing all that?

No. 1789079

What makes you think Americans use paper plates at holidays? I haven’t witnessed this so why would you have? I hate how Europeans keep inventing weird rumors about American culture and pretending like they’re an authority on it

No. 1789080

There are a certain subset of Americans (generally "trailer trash") that will even operate in a household with no dishes year round, relying on disposable paper plates continually. These people are exceptional and not the average American. If you're seeing a family eating a Thanksgiving dinner on nothing but paper plates, they're that type.

Unless they have a huge gathering, that is. If it's something like a huge family reunion for the holiday, some families will use paper plates simply because it would be a logistic nightmare to deal with dishes for 20+ people.

No. 1789081

I've literally seen hundreds of vids and pics of americans using paper plates, and hundreds of comments from americans that its common to use paper plates at all times, thats its too much work with real plates.

In Europe we still use proper plates for large gatherings. Only at like, school parties or young childrens parties do we use paper plates.

No. 1789082

I don’t believe you, but even if you have, hundreds of people aren’t indicative of an entire country with millions of people. I’ve never seen any pictures or videos of people using paper plates.

No. 1789085

I’m starting to hate Europeans, they’re all so smug, snobby, egotistical, and inbred

No. 1789094

File: 1700984366434.png (597.59 KB, 950x462, my-image(2).png)

Why do I always love the meme men

No. 1789095

File: 1700984414447.jpg (43.47 KB, 628x392, weh.jpg)

No. 1789096

>We're so much better! We use… porcelain plates!! You lazy burgers who don't slave away doing the dishes for 20 people!!

No. 1789099

the only people i have seen using paper plates in america have alot of melanin(racebait)

No. 1789102

i suppose some of these are gay, what's the point of loving men who can't love you back?

No. 1789105

Send the link to this tier maker I need to make mine

No. 1789106

They're not real they can't love you even if they're straight. And not everyone self-inserts

No. 1789107

Oh, you couldn't pay me to date even one of these men besides maybe Kau. Most of them are super rapists. I can at most love them from a distance as they rape cute boys or get raped by cute boys.

No. 1789113

File: 1700985709674.jpg (505.05 KB, 500x573, N.jpg)

No. 1789114

I wasn't talking about them being real or not tho

No. 1789122

Then what was your question about? Fictional men will never love you back by their nature of not being real. What else is there?

No. 1789127

Look it's 3 am here we ain't doing this, i'm already regretting asking so just let it be, you win, whatever

No. 1789134

I wasn't trying to argue I'm just asking for clarification

No. 1789135

I want a fish tank so bad… I want to raise shrimps and some tiny little fishes

No. 1789147

File: 1700990100643.png (3.64 MB, 3420x2214, whensomeonecallsme.png)

just dONGT

No. 1789155

They met and fell in love studying cock and ball torture

No. 1789161

i can crack my finger joints 18 times, two for each finger except for my thumbs which i can crack only once each.

No. 1789164

i made this gif!!

No. 1789165

Mom is giving me an air fryer as a birthday gift, I have never used one before so I'm excited for all the things I now can do without having to rely on my oven but also low-key freaking out because I can't think of anything except vegetables and potatoes. Air fryer owning nonnies, what do you usually cook (or bake?) with yours?

No. 1789166

I made banana bread in mine the other day!

No. 1789167

File: 1700993391334.jpeg (74.69 KB, 750x712, 764302E9-E120-4C59-919E-A1BC1F…)

me when miyamura in horimiya no longer had longer hair and his fucking piercings closed up

No. 1789170

you posting this was the best thing ever bc i google searched it and found other drawings of cute boys in suits

No. 1789172

ntayrt, but *squatting, the character was from Sweet Pool and in the figurine, he was squatting pantless with cuts of meat around him, non-fujo nonnas thought he was shitting meat kek.

No. 1789174

You just need to sacrifice your social life by studying and practising every day. Nice to see Hogwarts Legacy fanart btw.

No. 1789175

Wishing I could be friends with some anon on lainchan who’s insane lifestory I just read,need someone like that to keep my life less boring.
Oh hell nah is that giygas? That thing used to scared the shit out of me

No. 1789176

its the pretty much the same thing just adjust the cooking time as needed

No. 1789178

File: 1700993986738.png (119.91 KB, 595x338, 1656638218032.png)

Never forget
There used to be a Chris yume in /g/ who drew really nice pics.

No. 1789179

File: 1700994188336.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.06 KB, 933x948, F1514648-222B-45AF-9E00-487583…)

No. 1789212

No. 1789221

Beautiful moodboard nonnie muah

No. 1789229

Not a big fan of air fryers since the food comes out dry. But I've seen people make fried chicken, chicken skewers, boiled eggs (dangerous, don't do it), entire cakes, pancakes and many other stuff in it. Chinese cooks use it to make healthy deep fried chicken dishes like sesame chicken. It acts like a convention oven, just smaller. The one we have at home has a strange smell to it, that gets stuck on the food, so I don't like the taste of air fried foods.

No. 1789230

She’s mesmerizing

No. 1789237

Don’t worry anon I love my air fryer and the food isn’t dry unless you overcook it. Mine came with a recipe book and this is my favorite from it. Ours came with a pressure cooker setting as well so we use it to cook rice all the time. It’s really good for heating up leftovers, toasting bread, baking meat, I’ve made carnitas in it lots of times too.

No. 1789239

is desktop/phone thread on /m a good idea? I don't mean the one for posting wallpapers. Not sure if I should make one or no

No. 1789253

File: 1701003692606.jpg (426.42 KB, 1078x1514, Untitled.jpg)

calling all ameriCANs

No. 1789257

wake up its lonely without you

No. 1789259

I never even went to sleep help

No. 1789266

I'm not a messy person but fuck do I hate dusting and vacuum cleaning.

No. 1789270

you can make onion rings! I guess that's a vegetable of course but no one is ordering onion rings as a healthy vegetable side when they're deep fried, which is why the air fryer is great. for some things you might have to experiment with temperature and cook time, but I've made a lot of stuff in there. the oven here is broken so I actually baked brownies in it for my brother's birthday

No. 1789277

Whenever my current vaccuum dies I'm going to get one of those wireless standing ones, I hate dragging that giant thing behind me, the hose unlocking, having it flip over on it's back like a helpless idiot bug and the cords getting stuck on the furniture, fuck I hate vacuuming, the issue exacerbated by owning a dog that sheds, but you gotta do what you gotta do I guess. Dusting is fine cause I always use a damp rag, I don't get people who dry dust at all.

No. 1789294

I had a huge crush on my 40 year old coworker and found his social media accounts and then saw that he spend the last 8 hours fighting and reeeing at trump followers on twitter nonstop and i think i am healed lmao

No. 1789303

I didn’t mind vacuuming at my old job but I hated doing it at home because the vac was big clunky one that seemed to barley work, and turns out my parents never changed their vacuum filters EVER. Thanks retail for making me care too much about vacuum maintenance like a 50 year old German man

No. 1789330

File: 1701010789390.jpeg (64.55 KB, 1200x926, IMG_1307.jpeg)

Wondering if I should go to the AA meeting or not. I want that 1 month chip but I’m also so fucking lazy and depressed

No. 1789335

Just do it, nonna, go to the meeting.

No. 1789338

Wtf, was that in the dumbass shit thread?

No. 1789341

I just wanted an excuse to use some Jodi memes. I won't do it again.
Your gif is pretty cool! Terf Kuromi forever

No. 1789355

File: 1701012775181.mp4 (3.02 MB, 640x360, Fvcked up my diet in a ✨ God H…)

Damn, I missed out on posting this in time rip

No. 1789359

I think it was one of these threads, it's from around the time we started our retarded hornyposting threads in /g/ instead.

No. 1789371

I loved these videos back when everyone was making them kek

No. 1789377

No. 1789386

99% of my problems would be fix if i had money.

No. 1789392

Wanna cook some meth with me?

No. 1789397

My classmate told me about how one of the guys in our class had kissed her at the end of the night after all of us had hit the pub after school. When she pushed him away all wtf he went "what? I want you and I know you want me. By the way, stop calling me Daniel, my name is John".
So she had been calling him the wrong name the entire night (started at 6pm, and she estimated the kiss happened at roughly 2am) and no one, NOT EVEN HIMSELF, had corrected her and he somehow convinced himself she was into him. I'm fucking losing my shit whenever I think about it.
Note: She is fine, she told him off and took an uber home immediately after.

No. 1789398

I let one of my cats outside earlier and she hasn't come back in yet and now it's getting dark. Gonna have to go outside and try to find her

No. 1789402

Oh I love these

No. 1789403

File: 1701017174498.jpg (270.69 KB, 949x1332, IMG_20231126_194709.jpg)

Does anyone else remember John Mulaney? This is what he looks like now.

No. 1789406

Coquettes going nuts over the Priscilla Presley biopic gloss over how he died on the toilet taking a shit so big he had cardiac arrest. Very Lana Del Rey

No. 1789409

File: 1701017510672.jpg (470.99 KB, 1080x1742, IMG_20231126_195211.jpg)

These photos are 3 years apart. Males age in dog years.

No. 1789412


No. 1789413

I’m not trying to be anti-you but I can’t tell the difference he just looks like a walmart greeter

No. 1789416

You’ll feel better after you go

No. 1789417

Idk he looks the same to me besides the hairline. The hot ones looks like there's more sharpness or (whatever it's called) edited on the photo but I think that's the lighting

No. 1789423

Saying "scrote" and "moid" in twitch chat is crazy kek at least I know we watch the same people nonnies

No. 1789424

Update: she came in

No. 1789425

Honest to god thought that was Drake Bell

No. 1789426

Wow, it's so great kek i wonder how do other people in the chat react to that?
Welcome back, kitty ♥

No. 1789427

Next time you probably shouldn't worry, cats hunt in the dark, they're fine in the dark.

No. 1789429

Nothing since normies don't know

No. 1789434

kek great next time i'm in a chat, i'll be using it freely too.

No. 1789440

File: 1701019365123.jpg (81.22 KB, 720x1159, 85934463.jpg)

Kentucky reporting in.

No. 1789443

File: 1701019454626.jpg (Spoiler Image, 156.79 KB, 1600x739, LeviBloodShed - Copy.jpg)

sobbing rn(spoiler for mildly bloody 2d moid)

No. 1789444

I know, but I always get her to come inside because I don't want her outside overnight.

No. 1789448

it's so funny tho, that i have his accompanying artifact on one account, and this card on another kek

No. 1789449

File: 1701019686631.jpg (217.65 KB, 1200x1200, Ev4EqsoUcAgnto5.jpg)

May I have a ten piece chicken nugget combo with an apple pie instead of fries, a medium strawberry-banana smoothie for the drink, and two sauces of BBQ and Honey Mustard? Thank you.

No. 1789450

>damp rag
I love you I’m gonna KISS YOU big brain nonna.

No. 1789455

What would we post there?

No. 1789462

You think that's crazy? I call people scrotes in real life.

No. 1789481

File: 1701021184163.gif (511.85 KB, 750x350, 8x0i6UD8sakE9oeD1.gif)

No. 1789495

File: 1701021859137.jpg (640.67 KB, 892x1481, Screenshot_20231126_124348_Chr…)

How did you protect yourself from the gangstalkers today?

No. 1789499

Have you never wiped dust before?

No. 1789508

File: 1701022421927.jpg (267.42 KB, 1600x645, file.jpg)

i showered in the nude and heard every fed in a 2km area drop dead.

No. 1789513

it was from some deleted thread a moid made last year or the year before (not the big shitposting one that went on for hours, this was a shorter thread), some anons husbando posted in it for fun

No. 1789519

My family is staunchly for feather dusters, the thought never occurred to me.

No. 1789526

I'm gonna angrily email a company saying that their product sucks (it did) and see if they give me anything for free.

No. 1789534

Woke up and feel violently depressed for some reason. I'm incredibly confused because these past few weeks I've been super happy and productive (got out of previous bad depression), have been getting what I want, got distinctions in courses, etc. so today is like a random slap to the face, where did this suddenly come from

No. 1789537

File: 1701023914746.jpg (40.54 KB, 300x300, 096d7b2e09104b0ecc1cb94059e17b…)

I closed my curtains in the room I'm in, and leave the lights on in the room I'm not in. Then I play the radio in that decoy room (I bought a stereo from 2001 for this, low power usage high volume) and it plays a cd I burned with downloaded YouTube asmr background talking sounds. I also have tinted windows in my car and have a decoy coat in the car to change into so that the gangstalkers cant easily relay my visual info to the ones waiting elsewhere.
Also, thanks for capping my post.

No. 1789547

File: 1701024799021.mp4 (1.96 MB, megahomo.mp4)

mega homo

No. 1789567

I only use those for spider webs or to get the dust behind the dresser/wardrobe that otherwise couldn't be reached, damp rag all the way for everything else. Enjoy your sneeze and cough free dusting!

No. 1789574

This doesn't work, your gangstalkers user thermal imaging to track you from any room you're in.

No. 1789605

It is a blessing to be freed from a prison of your own making.

No. 1789618

File: 1701028158008.jpg (25.15 KB, 460x329, 1538966631129.jpg)

late reply but I keep seeing users named "nonny", "elsie", "nona" etc in a certain online game but then I convince myself I'm tinfoiling too hard

No. 1789621

Which online game?

No. 1789623

>implying I'm not wrapped in aluminum foil at any given moment I'm not in my foil room

No. 1789625

I always have to stop myself when I want to say moid out loud

No. 1789627

File: 1701028355733.webm (472.81 KB, 480x600, 1701022908921481.webm)

How it feels to post good bait
Bonus farmhand appearing at the end

No. 1789632

Scrote sounds better anyway. They call us whores, bitches, etc easily so don't be embarrassed. Don't even explain what it means if normies ask. They can use context clues. It'll become common vernacular within a year.

No. 1789633

That pic always grosses me out so much, I immediately feel its fur in my mouth…

No. 1789635

project sekai

No. 1789636

That's your sign to stop eating pussy

No. 1789638

File: 1701028567244.jpg (52.9 KB, 206x206, Tumblr_l_703028363849689.jpg)

I used to see this cute Jewish guy at the gym almost every time I went but now I haven't seen him in weeks, I'm so upset..

No. 1789658

Since the corpse husband thing I occasionally listen to his song "agoraphobic". Tragic. But still hilarious. Love it.

No. 1789659

File: 1701029565076.jpg (8.86 KB, 250x250, 47932640.jpg)

>interest is niche within a niche
>finding qualified artists takes weeks, months
>ghost or express disinterest in my commission even if i offer extra for the inconvenience 9/10 times
i am god's least favored soldier

No. 1789661

No. 1789666

tell us your fetish

No. 1789667

File: 1701029706263.gif (322.51 KB, 500x374, Zone Out Hey Arnold GIF - Find…)

My favorite past time is clearing my watch history and then going on my youtube homepage and seeing what random albums and songs it has on there. It's always stuff I've never heard before. Currently jamming out right now to new tunes.

No. 1789673

My Spotify time capsule is full of songs I don't know and never ever listened to before. I'm enraged.

No. 1789678

Sims build videos are so cool. I downloaded the sims so i can build cool houses, too bad the gameplay is a snooze fest. Maybe i will download some mods and build my own harem to keep them in my cocaine mcmansion of the 70s

No. 1789681

nice trips satan, i'll never tell

No. 1789688

its scat isnt it

No. 1789697

I like Wesker he looks like if Rick Ashley was in the matrix

No. 1789704

No. 1789705

File: 1701031380504.jpg (49.09 KB, 512x512, 512x512bb.jpg)

New challenge for Thanksgiving. No plates or spoons or forks, everyone sits next to each other and holds up the turkey with one of their hands, whenever someone wants to take a bite they pull it closer to their side while fighting off with the rest of their family for the meal or they climb the table to get closer to it. It's like that spaghetti game except the difficulty is raised and you might kiss 10 people simultaneously. It's a fun game to play with your uncle, Tom, your grandmother and your 7 year old brother billy and a guarantee they'll stop visiting you for the next upcoming years

No. 1789713

Not everyone uses paper plates, but if they do it's usually because it's a large gathering and it's more convenient to not have to watch all those dishes

No. 1789731

File: 1701032183466.jpg (432.46 KB, 1080x1703, IMG_20231126_205135.jpg)

This is so fucking sad…who cares about record attendance, it's just not the same. Now it's concerts, soon people will go on "vacations" via their computers. These used to be the most social things ever and now even that will slowly stop existing. One day people will just stop leaving their rooms or rather screens completely, no more personal human interactions at all.

Recently I also keep thinking that I'd likely go out much more if I was born 20 years earlier. Nowadays music and especially club/bar music is total trash and artificial.

No. 1789738

Sorry for saying this but just use AI

No. 1789741

Gotta be against the grain and say I'll enjoy going outside more if there are less people outside, so no crowdedness or traffic.

No. 1789746

Shut the fuck up before I shove more Jodi down your throat.

No. 1789749

I like virtual concerts because the sound quality and view is so much better. (Indoor) concerts are sweaty and smelly and crowds in my favorite genre are rough. Idk I just don't get a lot out of live concerts but that seems to be a really impopular opinion amongst avid music listeners.

No. 1789750

fortnite only concerts is what modern musicians and their fans deserve.

No. 1789755

>Recently I also keep thinking that I'd likely go out much more if I was born 20 years earlier. Nowadays music and especially club/bar music is total trash and artificial.
same, wish i was born earlier. Being a zoomer sucks because there is nothing to do and the culture is trash. The only concert i went to was King Crimson's concert a few years ago. All of the musicians i like are dead. Roger waters came really recently to my shithole but i was broke lolz.

No. 1789761

Maybe I'm just extremely autistic, but I find it a little weird when grown adult men talk about their preference in women but refer to them as "girls" e.g. "I like brunette girls" "I like girls who can cook" etc. You're an adult, use women.
On the other hand it's perfectly fine if grown women refer to their friends as that like "girls night", but moids are icky

No. 1789762

File: 1701033607150.jpeg (71.22 KB, 737x403, IMG_0617.jpeg)

Just watched Napoleon and I can’t stop thinking of this anon. I hope she enjoyed that movie

No. 1789766

I love it when youtube recommends to me random channels with cute looking people. The dork put his instagram in the about section and I decided to take a look. Wish he'd post pictures of himself but I'm alright with this.

No. 1789767

all manlets are certified bottoms

No. 1789769

Do you actually get that worked up when someone posts something you dislike though? Because if you're not, it's unlikely that people responding to you are either. I've had nonnies claim that I was seething because I responded more than once, but then I'm literally slouched in a computer chair blazed watching Gordan Ramsey shows while occasionally tabbing over.

No. 1789771

Lately I keep discovering (female) 80s singers and bands and they genuinely want to make me dance all night. Nowadays stuff, hell no… It's been ages since I last went out and I always kept glancing at the clock

No. 1789775

I hate when moids say shit like ''women dont have hobbies they always steal their bfs hobbies'' yet most moids i have met end up copying my tastes, some even find their favourite bands/movies through me.

No. 1789776

Nona really channeling her inner Ignacy Rzecki

No. 1789788

It's because they don't consider our hobbies actual hobbies to begin with kek

No. 1789792

80s music is great, I really appreciate my gen x parents for bringing me up with it. Here's one of my favourites

No. 1789794

what hobbies? stuff like make up and shit? i personally dont consider it hobbies the same way collecting funkopops isnt a hobbie, it's just cosoomerism.

No. 1789805

Nah typical female hobbies, or anything. It's just that when a woman does it, it's invalid in the eyes of moids. Video games, cooking, art, music, knitting, sports, you name it.

No. 1789806

File: 1701035591821.gif (2.83 MB, 640x640, 2024 approaching.gif)

Cant believe the year is almost over nonnies. Have you achieved any of your goals? I have achieved most of mines but i am stil depressed over not doing more, i feel like i wasted tons of times doing nothing thanks to creative block. I am hoping i can start working on a game next year.

No. 1789807

oh yeah that sucks. I rspect women that are super into [forbidden topic] and make autistically long essays explaing the lore of the MVs.

No. 1789809

Mostly yeah. I'm still struggling with my art goals but at least I have moved on from the past and I am at a financially secure place right now, which has done wonders to my mental health.

No. 1789810

Felt, nona. I'm getting my grades up, I'm being creative again after a few years, got out of depression, but I still feel like it's nowhere near enough. I'm mentally healthy enough to feel more ambitious rather than depressed but I still wanna be more.
Hey, we all start somewhere, so I'm staying positive at least

No. 1789812

Why do people post videos of their babies and toddlers crying while they get vaccinated

No. 1789813

No, spent most of the year either 'girl rotting' in my bedroom or doing shit for university now that I'm about to graduate. Only good stuff I did was hanging out with my friends going to malls, dining at ikea, and visiting different cafes. I also watched some cool cartoons I guess.

No. 1789814

Moids are so fucking weird I just had a completely random one go into my DMs after seeing me comment on a post just to say "get off your mom's laptop little kid" like I'm 25… where did you get the assumption I'm a 10 year old or something kekek, pedo tendencies much?

No. 1789820

File: 1701036097137.png (37.44 KB, 337x247, 1700939508193.png)

>girl rotting
So THAT'S the word for it? Good God I need to find more outdoor hobbies. Fuck this room, fuck this bed.

No. 1789821

I never understood the Ufh I don’t agree with you so you must be a 10 year old rhetoric. It’s like these people never disagreed with someone before kek

No. 1789824

i get such insane secondhand embarrassment when i see people fall for bait or obvious lies. especially when someone is lying to make their life or self seem better than it is and someone compares themselves and feels bad or goes "i wish i had that", along those lines. i can't handle how embarrassing it is to witness

No. 1789826

It's not even that kek. I literally commented on this YouTuber's post with his wife "nice" because why not and this moid decides to open a message request with me instead of just replying to who he assumes is some 10 year old kid. Maybe it was my shitpost pfp or something? Who knows, they're all pedos.

No. 1789830

That’s so stupid he’s just begging for attention in the youtube comments. Sad

No. 1789831

My goal was to continue to be a NEET and I've definitely done that.

No. 1789832

at least you are in college. I am putting my entire future on the hands of making it big on the internet. Being low iq sucks.

No. 1789834

nta but I wish I had the eggs to do that too

No. 1789835

It was Instagram lol hence dms but yeah. That site has substantially increased in pedophiles and religious manosphere type moids since last year though, for some reason. Where did they migrate from

No. 1789836

File: 1701036733543.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1429, IMG_8090.jpeg)

Curious why that fat little daughter that looks like a bobs burgers character from The Desperate Housewives didn’t make this list but somehow Caillou did

No. 1789838

Just learn how to use AI + make AI porn + profit off moids who can't tell or don't care (jk but moids are dumb enough)

No. 1789845

One day I want to wake up and see that all forms of pornography are banned

No. 1789846

There is no comprehensible reason for caillou to be in the same list as joffrey, ramsey and the governor

No. 1789847

he forces moids to confront the inevitability of their baldness, no wonder they hate him.

No. 1789848

Unfortunately this would probably cause moids to go and rape and assault more tbh.

No. 1789849

caillou is an whiny little shit, he throws tantrums and is selfish and is never disciplined by his doormat mom. Probably one of the most realistic kids' show main characters but I get why everyone hates him

No. 1789852

i have nothing else to do and no qualifications. I am going to be 40 and my only accomplishment in life will be a youtube channel kek. At least its the AI age, so it's not like i have many options anymore, and everyone is going to be broke by the time i turn 40. I will try to be intelligent and save/invest.

No. 1789853

Men still rape and assault at the same velocity they always have even with accessible pornography and high tech sex toys, I feel like pornography should be banned from public accessibility for the purpose of preventing another generation of children from being born into immediately having porn shoved in their faces

No. 1789854

File: 1701037689422.jpg (22.4 KB, 400x400, ae1c85e07470bfc69048aaee079ce7…)

I love watching dance videos, but every single tango video is ruined by the woman being breathtakingly beautiful and the man being a literal thumb. I don't know the jury criteria but they should give minus points for this kind of blasphemy.

No. 1789855

why is skylar white so hard. Proof men just consome media without understanding it.

No. 1789856

How is Lori the highest out of all the walking dead characters? And Negan or that annoying fuck Carl don’t even make the list wtf

No. 1789857

I will riot if they ban yaoi and yume content, it's the only thing that keeps me from fucking 3DPD.

No. 1789859

same nona

No. 1789860

Maybe try finding a healthier hobby like showering

No. 1789862

Men have a range boned for a fictional woman who died giving birth in like the first episode

No. 1789868

My goal was finishing high school and I accomplished it so now Imma wait till january to see if I'll get in to uni or have to go to plan c plan c is thinking of a plan b. I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life and I'm tired of planning way ahead only to fail and have to start again
Fr. People just hate women and bald kids.

No. 1789869

File: 1701038175345.jpg (12.64 KB, 300x250, shady AF comeback.jpg)

No. 1789870

I know we already knew but it pains me how to be an evil man you must be evil incarnate and to be an evil woman you must just be slightly annoying.

No. 1789873

No. 1789874

She didn’t do much wrong even she just cucked Rick and could have had better taste in men.

No. 1789875

I’m joking I know your world wouldn’t really end if you lost access to porn because you’re not that poorly adjusted right

No. 1789877

yes i am that's why i am here, just like you

No. 1789878

>you go online you have to have a porn addiction
Men are annoying

No. 1789879

Twitterfags gtfo

No. 1789881

I think I did pretty good with my goals. Got a job that doesn't make me want to kms but I'm having trouble keeping up with working, going to college, and also being responsible for most of the cooking and cleaning. In the beginning of this year I was a NEET and sometimes I think back on it wistfully- I miss the endless free time but I squandered most of it smoking weed, depressed and directionless instead of actually participating in hobbies or honing skills. Don't have time for any of that now but at least I'm being productive kek. I hope busting my ass right now will pay off when I have a degree, savings and a well-paying job, that's how I get the motivation to get out of bed in the morning. I also managed to lose 30 lbs this year! My bf is also a solo gamedev and wants my help with art for his next game, I really want to give it a shot but I'm scared to commit because I am so short on free time and I'd have to learn blender, I'm a traditional artist at heart and every time I try to learn blender I give up kek

No. 1789885

Ayrt, and I do have outdoor hobbies like walking and listening to music and working out. I just don't always find the time and place for it. Try that, try bird watching, feeding stray animals, just listening to nature and observing it in a park or a nice forest, going to a mall window shopping, trying bakeries and cafes around your town, going to local music shows etc. Hope you find something fun to do!

No. 1789889

File: 1701039262509.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1284x2059, 0B9C5B87-DAA0-462F-AAF1-D13979…)

If all the hot girls are going after ugly men who are ugly women supposed to date?

No. 1789890

I didn't get to move to a new apartment but I did travel to Japan this summer and I had a lot of fun so I'd say half of my goals were achieved. I'm not very ambitious to begin with though. I don't have any goals for 2024 except not dying.

No. 1789891

File: 1701039398807.png (255.43 KB, 462x250, Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 6.57.…)

you can't convince me he isnt female

No. 1789895

i dont know who this fagorette is, but i agree. I have never seen men dress like that.

No. 1789902

File: 1701039813614.jpg (146.37 KB, 1072x1500, Aaron-Taylor-Johnson-shirtless…)

the hot men

No. 1789905

the perfect example kek

No. 1789907

7 years later and Ashley Isaacs is still alive! How? People shouldn't worry that much about Lucinda, the human body can clearly take a lot more

No. 1789908

I am fucking freezing but my cat gets angry if i turn the AC off

No. 1789912

I just watched the money I just spent leave my account. God Im so mad.

No. 1789913

blanket + cuddle with cat

No. 1789914

File: 1701040103947.jpg (896.32 KB, 1080x1081, RDT_20231123_07244172403521442…)

No. 1789915

They look like someone's grandparents

No. 1789917

go back

No. 1789920

Alright, what does everyone here want for Christmas

No. 1789922

No. 1789925

3 wishes AND I can ask for more wishes AND it’s not a monkeys paw situation.

No. 1789926

File: 1701040763139.png (169.8 KB, 1023x682, 1623613614591.png)

i would befriend someone who hits all the boxes so we can become gymcels and gangstalk/beat moids

No. 1789928

my husbando

No. 1789934

File: 1701041192431.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1081, nsksjb4f.png)

forgot posting the pic

No. 1789935

A brain rinse of all my worst memories.

No. 1789938

die while sleep or mental stability

No. 1789941

Driving lessons, a car, and a driving license.

No. 1789946

File: 1701041947868.jpg (398.18 KB, 1080x1080, 1701040103947.jpg)

No. 1789948

File: 1701041979286.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1081, mehh.png)

yep. too bad there isn't a husbandofag option, i suppose that would increase my autism points

No. 1789954

money or gift certificate for an herbalism course that I want to take

No. 1789956

health and happiness

No. 1789961

File: 1701042915026.jpg (223.8 KB, 1080x1081, RDT_20231123_07244172403521442…)

Bingo I guess

No. 1789978

I'm trying to post mine but it won't let me because it thinks it's a duplicate image, but imagine I ticked most of these

No. 1789989

moooooooddddsss isn't this considered spam, like you said?

No. 1789992

talking about movies=bad, horrible, wastes pwecious thread space
responding to moid bait=quality posting

No. 1789995

Your dad works at McDonald's?

No. 1789998

i wish he used to sell cocaine

No. 1790001

You live in a town full of them?

No. 1790008

I had a dream the world was ending and my Nigel was stuck in a wedding hours away and cell service went out and I teamed up with some random chicks that raided the grocery store I was hiding in. Then we found this moid friend of mine and he drove the car off an interstate rail into a river but thabkfully the river was only like 3 ft high and we got out okay. Then there was this zoo type place right off the interstate and they were acting like everything was business as usual but not charging admission and letting people go home with the zoo animals of their choice but they also had a ton of kittens and dogs. Also my dog that’s been dead for 12 years was there and so was my cat who died a few years ago and they were both young and healthy so I took them home, a couple kittens, and a kangaroo. But then realized I had no home cause the apocalypse burned it down and we built a house by the river and it was kinda okay but I never met back up with my Nigel and kept endangering myself trying to find him.

No. 1790016

Anon who posted the blank here, not sure how I came off as moid bait kek

No. 1790019

Either superpowers, true love or escaping samsara.

No. 1790021

sex with my husbando

No. 1790027

Is it just me or does nobody seem capable of remembering things? My coworkers never remember things they've told me or things I've told them. They'll tell the same story like three days in a row and ask me questions I've already answered multiple times before. These questions are basic things like "what are you studying in college". I've even had people try to tell me stories regarding something that happened a month or so ago while I was literally there. Meanwhile they act like it's weird for me to remember things about other people or things they've shared. I always get hit with "how did you know/remember that" Like…you told me 2 weeks ago….

No. 1790029

File: 1701047201274.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1081, 17010416467460103947.png)

If it wasn't for debilitating anxiety, I could erase like… three of these squares. I am my own worst enemy.

No. 1790031

Did you change the filename?

No. 1790032

File: 1701047314536.png (101.37 KB, 790x757, 1687658377757.png)

i need more stacy chad edits that arent that twinkette woman with 0 muscle

No. 1790037

File: 1701047768764.jpg (15.32 KB, 460x561, aE8B35M_460s.jpg)

>me getting ready to alog a moid with terf kuromi gifs

No. 1790043

Yeah, I tried uploading it through imgur too. Just didn’t want to work

No. 1790044

Try cropping the image a tiny bit.

No. 1790046

Question for all the anons that played the femcel bingo: even if you got a bingo, would you CALL yourself a femcel?

No. 1790050

no, i am just a misunderstood stacy

No. 1790054

No, because while I do fit the criteria for the stereotype, I’m not a virgin so it feels disingenuous to say so.

No. 1790056

No because I'd keep my virginity even if I didn't have mental issues. I'm a volcel

No. 1790058

>believes men and society should accept them as is despite offering nothing of value
So a moid made this? Because I would rather have 1000 self proclaimed femcels than 1 incel faggot that would shoot up a public area

No. 1790061

File: 1701048924451.jpg (82.47 KB, 768x1024, smokinbarbie.jpg)

All femcels are Stacys, but not all Stacys are femcels. Just like how all toads are frogs, but not all frogs are toads.

No. 1790066

i couldn't even fill 20% of that bingo

No. 1790067

I hope there’s demons or entities stuck in the internet that would be funny. Don’t come after me though pls

No. 1790069

I like dumb men. Smart men bad

No. 1790070

there are no smart men they are all just ugly himbos

No. 1790071

dumb men that know their place, yes

No. 1790073

Nah, in spite of a bingo, I'm a pretty functional member of society. Plus, I'm actively working on myself and trying to fight my demons. I associate femcels more with people who have intense negative traits that interfere with their participation in society and refuse to get better. but tbh I also don't believe in femcels because you can't equate a jaded woman to the level of depravity in incels. Incels kill and rape. Femcels…? Blog online? You can't equate the two.

No. 1790074

No you retard that's not how you use Himbo first of all second of all I'm obviously talking about the men who consider themselves smart shut the fuck up never speak to me again you buffoon you shithead

No. 1790076

Yes yes very spooky

No. 1790077

No. 1790084

File: 1701049864318.jpeg (125.11 KB, 540x686, IMG_1286.jpeg)

I feel pretty lonely nonnas can someone say hi to me

No. 1790085

File: 1701049962729.jpg (18.26 KB, 236x236, shady af comeback the squeakqu…)

No. 1790086

How tf did this meme get here?

No. 1790088

>A scrote made this
Yep. Women offer value to society just by being alive because we're genetically valuable and are generally better than scrotes in every way

No. 1790089

Shouldn't faggots at least know how their lingo works like that's not what shady means either

No. 1790092

File: 1701050139028.jpeg (536.94 KB, 1509x2000, EaA2hMDXQAEYRmd.jpeg)

>we're genetically valuable and are generally better than scrotes in every way

No. 1790093

Go back

No. 1790095

i just use that picture when someone responds like an angry twitterfag trying to sound cool, bonust point it makes anons angry

No. 1790096


No. 1790097

No, some autist saw it explained in another thread the other day and has now taken it upon themselves to use it everywhere because they're retarded.

No. 1790098

youre projecting your own male rage my post was very obv not sincerely angry(scrotefoiling)

No. 1790099

I feel like that reply was sarcasm though. Who actually says "buffoon" anymore?

No. 1790101

You fucking liar, you literally saved this like two days ago because you were asking what it meant and immediately started spamming it directly after you learned the meaning, same stupid overexplanatory filename after you saved them too. Kek so lame, no one is angry you're just incapable of doing anything besides mimic other people and not even in a funny way.

No. 1790102

File: 1701050415512.png (78.63 KB, 391x400, nonnylove.png)

hi nonnacita

No. 1790103

Man people really think these threads are a boxing ring lately

No. 1790106

Twitterfags. It's literally from twitter and that's why everytime it gets posted someone is confused and asks what it means kek. I'm not sure why anons insist on using it here, just makes no sense.

No. 1790108

You literally saved this from me eww

Yup same filename from when you saved it directly from the thread asking about it. You'll copycat and forcememe like a newfag but then claim you ~always do it~ >>1790095
you are basically trying to spam something to seem cool and it's failing

No. 1790109

File: 1701050540831.jpg (943.89 KB, 1240x928, RDT_20231124_13004753126498792…)

No. 1790111

my faggot cat keeps going out and there is nothing i can do about it.

No. 1790112

please don't bother arguing with that retard, she purposely acts dumb and lies to piss people off, she's insufferable but please don't give her attention
>you are basically trying to spam something to seem cool and it's failing
she has been using this strategy for the past few weeks

No. 1790113

File: 1701050645718.jpeg (47.96 KB, 500x500, IMG_1288.jpeg)

Thank you nonna feeling better

No. 1790114

>faggot cat
I was going to ask "how do you know your cat is gay?", but I've seen two orange cats do some pretty gay things.

No. 1790115

I love cats to death but I hate when cat owners act helpless about their cat "I can't make them stop going outside!" "I can't make them stop jumping on my counters!" like wtf why did you get a pet if you can't control it.

No. 1790116

he's an actual faggot and an incel. He doesnt like my mom or my grandma and its pretty autistic towars women but its weirdly comfortable towards my male friend, to the point he sits in his lap and starts purring instantly. I am getting cucked by my faggot cat.

No. 1790117

File: 1701050751664.jpeg (110.49 KB, 473x752, IMG_1317.jpeg)

Just ate a bunch of moomin biscuits

No. 1790118

That's kinda weird why did you do that

No. 1790120

I have no idea how to keep him out if i dont close all the doors and windows. He's a really well behaved cat otherwise, he never leaves more than a few hours though.

No. 1790124

You know how you go over to someone's house and you watch their pets? Well there were these two orange cats that were even litter mates and loved grooming each other so much, that one of them would try to lick the other one's butt (which would kind of piss the other one off). They were both boys, so there you go.

No. 1790125

Anons getting so angry about literally nothing is always funny to witness.

No. 1790126

maybe the owner watches gay furry porn and now the cats are pornsick. Cats love to watch videos

No. 1790127

Yeah it's good posting. Great stuff

No. 1790129

i cannot sleep, i think the you know who's are after me

No. 1790130

The who

No. 1790131

You know.

No. 1790132

I am going to miss boomer TV

No. 1790134

god speed i can't sleep because it's boring

No. 1790135

My friend has a cat who is the opposite. He runs and hides when men enter the house but is very friendly with women and purrs and jumps up to cuddle immediately. I can only imagine what happened in his past but we joke that the cat is a manwhore. I've only ever seen him being super affectionate so it was kind of sad when her boyfriend came over and the cat was hiding and hissing

No. 1790137

File: 1701051358549.jpg (40.15 KB, 296x450, The-Who-1.jpg)

No. 1790138

The men in black probably… or voldemort

No. 1790139

It gives me something to do when threads move with motion picture speed kek

No. 1790141


No. 1790142

I dont see anyone angry, i just see anons calling that dumb bitch retarded because she is

No. 1790143

Hmm fascinating tell me more about cat psychology

No. 1790144

Anons making up boogeymans and getting angry at them is always fun to witness.

No. 1790145

That cat is sweet I like that cat

No. 1790146

You're ruining the art

No. 1790148

anons getting angry at the pwecious troll quality getting ruined is always fun to witness

No. 1790149

Anons having fun witnessing is always fun to witness

No. 1790150

They're one of the only animals that can get away with being creepy. Slept over at a relative's house and woke up to the tiny breaths of her cat that got into the room and decided to fall asleep face-to-face with me. No, I didn't wake him up.

No. 1790151


No. 1790152

No. 1790153

No. 1790155

No. 1790156

File: 1701051991020.jpg (1.05 MB, 2894x3587, [20-05-26] 1265350775040954369…)

some artists make art look enjoyable, how do they do it

No. 1790159

my own cat prefers my bf over me and I hate it

No. 1790160

have you tried conversion therapy

No. 1790162

for me? or the cat?

No. 1790164

the cat if boy

No. 1790165

Girl nobody likes you just get over it

No. 1790166

File: 1701052237778.jpeg (113.58 KB, 960x959, 1650734172594.jpeg)

he's a boy cat… I can't believe my son is a fag where did I go wrong

No. 1790168

girl, like, you cant sit with us sweetie those shoes are soooo last decade

No. 1790169

Which mean girl bullied you in high school I always see you sperging like this when someone says girl

No. 1790171

File: 1701052408695.gif (6.14 MB, 640x640, 1700533280848.gif)

No. 1790174

Male moment

No. 1790176

File: 1701052488134.gif (9.31 MB, 498x279, nikocado.gif)

No. 1790177

Did they taste above average?

No. 1790179

She's a pathological liar and constantly begging for attention, she makes like 200 posts a day and is angry everyone thinks she's annoying

No. 1790180

No. 1790181

how did you recognize who that anon is this is an anonymous board
maybe I made that post
you will never know

No. 1790182

since this is a mean girls roleplaying forum who are you roleplaying as? you cant take regina because i am regina

No. 1790183

Ok I don't know her like that sorry you guys don't get along though

No. 1790185

I'm Amanda Seyfried

No. 1790188

the book

No. 1790189

Your posts are so fucking annoying and you're easily identifiable because you talk like a minor

No. 1790190

i ate her green crayon in elementary school and she resents me for that

No. 1790191

File: 1701052845287.gif (1.3 MB, 220x220, 1700137038964.gif)

Whoever said that Harlan Ellison had a sexy voice in the game of IHNMAIMS, you're not wrong.

No. 1790192

Ok schizo-chan

No. 1790194


No. 1790195

I should have bought that game before Steam deleted ARS

No. 1790196

File: 1701053070332.jpg (29.68 KB, 540x540, download (1).jpg)

I wish my hogwarts house had nicer colors

No. 1790197

Good thing it’s not real and you can change them

No. 1790202

File: 1701053190065.jpg (165.74 KB, 640x960, 1642422791528.jpg)

Post interiors i need inspo for my sims4 harem house. Minimalist beckies refrain from posting.

No. 1790204

But there's no magic in that

No. 1790205

There's an interior thread in /m/ anon

No. 1790208

Imma be that nerd from she's all that. Pls bully me so freddie prinze jr take me to prom

No. 1790209

they are ugly becky minimalist trash

No. 1790215

File: 1701053728383.png (933.18 KB, 1000x585, 71753e57b12e73052656edf8c73257…)

No. 1790227

File: 1701054126940.jpg (77.17 KB, 784x1024, b2780e6f487fbb10400cc2f235f963…)

Where's the movie grid minimod I thought you were going to report equally?

No. 1790230

i reported the anons talking about heels outside their containment fashion board and they did nothing so they better not ban me

No. 1790231

I still think it's stupid that some anon got clapped for just doing a movie grid. It's the "dumbass shit" thread, as long as it's dumb, anything is fair game isn't it?

No. 1790232

File: 1701054357618.jpg (179.62 KB, 650x990, 22lewis-hawthorne.jpg)

I posted an all-green floral nightmare monstrosity in the last thread and I've actually modeled it 1:1 (or as close as I could with the CC I could find) in sims 4 kek I think I like the home building tools more than the actual gameplay. I also like using old sears house blueprints if I'm stuck on layouts and exteriors

No. 1790233

It's not even about being dumb, this is a general discussion thread.

No. 1790234

can you post it? if you want, i want to see nonnies building skills

No. 1790236

Reporting you for micro mini modding

No. 1790238

reporting all of you for not being dumb enough, some of you are too high iq and are lowering the quality of the thread

No. 1790239

i miss the sqauready era

No. 1790240

Reporting you for misreporting

No. 1790241

File: 1701054669489.jpg (53.91 KB, 1500x500, a0g5tcb13ci31.jpg)

Watch out

No. 1790244

i am soooooo fat

No. 1790264

File: 1701055334777.jpg (296.05 KB, 1280x1259, Tumblr_l_208653503708935.jpg)

I wonder where kirbyanon went

No. 1790265

NTA but sometimes one of my cats goes up to his adoptive brother and keeps sticking his stinky butthole in his face until his brother cleans it for him. He doesn’t like licking his own stinky butt and my other cat would rather just clean his ass for him than deal with his stinky butt.

No. 1790271

She suddenly realized she has feelings

No. 1790277

nah I considered it but it's really not very good lol. If I ever make anything good enough I will though! Those CC tumblr users can do crazy stuff with the game

No. 1790279

I think she was trying to get over her kirby paraphilia. Good for her

No. 1790285

File: 1701055965684.gif (10.78 KB, 480x480, 1635413821_11034_gif-url.gif)

I like to imagine the nonas in the get it off your chest thread as wailing ghosts. You can't speak to one another, but you can hear the ghostly cries of agony.

No. 1790290

I think you can talk to one another as long as you don't quote their post

No. 1790297

that always turns into a schizo shitstorm kek

No. 1790320

Sometimes I write something cryptic in there just to see what cryptic response I get back. It's fun

No. 1790326

File: 1701056647868.jpg (36.22 KB, 490x490, 6747398b2ae1ac1619c360e3d4a24f…)

*My face against the window pane
A tear for every drop of rain*

You're the reason that I'm feelin' bad**
I am so lonely and so sad
Livin' in a dream I never had

No. 1790327

Unironically want to see more anons pulling it off without being too obvious

No. 1790329

What cartoon is this? Reminds me of random stuff I would see on tv in 2009

No. 1790331

It's the music video of So Alone by Anna Blue. It was popular in like 2010 because it became a Jamster ringtone kek

No. 1790332

you just ejected me into the past what the fuck

No. 1790342

Me after gaining 20 lbs

No. 1790346

I'm having a canned grass jelly drink and it's kind of gross but I will probably finish it anyways

No. 1790358

I think for some people, being attractive means less ambition. Ugly people get a lot of money since they don't really have any relationships or sex to be focused on. There's a reason why fine men are always bums.

No. 1790364

You drinking grass little cow

No. 1790375

add some coconut milk!

No. 1790377

I wanted to look like her so bad when I was like 12 kek

No. 1790395

Just like that one bifch

No. 1790416

No. 1790422

No. 1790424

Ur mom

No. 1790477

File: 1701059533707.jpeg (527.63 KB, 794x842, IMG_8096.jpeg)

No. 1790542

File: 1701060938849.jpg (23.24 KB, 480x360, 1699045073058.jpg)

Two questions:
Was the moid who came in here last night really just one of the anons who wanted to try baiting? Why even make bait just to try starting a shitstorm, is it boredom? Also I only watched the first few episodes of that little analog by UrbanSpook before I grew out of it, but people have been saying it's pretty bad. Do any of you agree?

No. 1790544

File: 1701061000655.jpeg (12.07 KB, 275x183, download.jpeg)

Goodnight everyone. I will sleep now and I am manifesting good dreams only for myself.

No. 1790557

Piggybacking on this Nona’s question: I missed the moid in here last night, what was it he said basically?

No. 1790560

>Why even make bait just to try starting a shitstorm, is it boredom?
some anon in one of the confessions threads said she does it to blow off steam

No. 1790572

File: 1701062193853.jpg (60.97 KB, 768x1024, 1697874526478.jpg)

It was basically passive aggressive shit like "maybe if you held your end of relationships, men would like you", "you all just want love", "you're just hurt by men", saying that "femcels" were just as bad as straight-up incels, and other bullshit to try watering lolcow'w man-hate down to "you're all just angry women with relationship problems".

No. 1790575

Grass jelly is fucking nasty

No. 1790585

it's 6:26 I wish I could go to sleep again

No. 1790589

Yawn what a faggot

No. 1790590

Screenshots of our desktops, or just any pretty looking ones.

No. 1790618

The rules just depend on mods mood and they should just admit it kek
I think it's fine. But i have no idea if it'll be popular enough. Anons, would you post there? I can see it dying pretty fast though.

No. 1790632

I’ve farted out some little messages in there for someone I knew who used lc just in the slim chance she’ll see it and be subliminally influenced.

No. 1790640

No. 1790642

I’m not finding her again to fart directly in her face. They’re not very stinky either.

No. 1790650

When I look at dms from deleted accounts on instagram, any photos they sent me no longer load. Is this true for everyone else as well??

No. 1790651

samefag sorry for posting it here it’s just that when I googled it literally nothing came up at all kek

No. 1790659

File: 1701067732223.jpg (25.25 KB, 564x700, punch.jpg)

Some anons are so ridiculously recognizable, jesus.

No. 1790661

who am i

No. 1790663

You're anon.

No. 1790665

Someone please answer me I’m begging

No. 1790667

Nice try internet demons

No. 1790673

File: 1701068072414.gif (2.12 MB, 498x457, 75AB3459-2480-4F2E-9848-6A3148…)

I know I am but that’s why I disappear for months at a time. Nobody ever remembers me.(personalityfagging)

No. 1790675

What in the hell does muff even mean

No. 1790677

It either means female pubic hair or it’s one of those things Victorian Christmas carollers put their hands in to keep warm

No. 1790678

So this gets an immediate answer but my important questions don’t. I see where the priorities lie

No. 1790679

Just go to stupid questions

No. 1790681

That was where i went first and nobody ever responds there I wish I could sad face emoji here

No. 1790683

Just wait. Most questions don't get immediate answers

No. 1790684

makes me glad none of my nonnies knows that much about instagram. Fuck that shitty app

No. 1790685

are you sure? occasionally i get accused of random posts even when the typing styles are different.

No. 1790686

That was an easy question to answer though nonna

No. 1790690

You know not many people here use insta because we don't have an insta hate thread kek

No. 1790691

I think that IG doesn’t keep images for some GDPR law or something anon but I don’t use it often so I don’t know. But you just reminded me of accounts I deleted without checking if I wanted to save any messages that could have been sentimental so I feel kinda sad.

No. 1790693

You’re right we don’t have a single thread. We have a whole board called /snow/ that wrangles all the instafags into one spot

No. 1790697

When I strike oil from rigging or come across a bunch of rare crystals while mining it’s gonna be over for these twiggy little twink tech fags

No. 1790698

KEK maybe nonna should ask there

No. 1790700

i considered making an account just to read comments on something but literally seconds after it was made, like right after putting in the code and all that they banned me because they thought my account wasn't real (since i didn't use a real name i guess?)

No. 1790705

Nonna, that happened to me too?? Years ago, they banned me right after registration, i didn't even got to use it. To this day i don't know why. I boycott them because of it kek fuck them

No. 1790713

the staff of facebook twitter and instagram wouldn’t survive an FBI raid of child pornography

No. 1790723

I never thought about that damn I hope they scrub CP completely clean and just keep hashes but I don’t have high hopes. We need a world restart at this point.

No. 1790727

And apps like Instagram and Twitter have already admitted that once messages sent through their servers are deleted by the recipient or sender, they’re not actually deleted from their database. They remain there, just marked as deleted somewhere in the file. I can’t imagine how many photographs still exist that shouldn’t.

No. 1790729

File: 1701071561670.jpg (54.27 KB, 735x737, a3347d6fd5a5f927f560ba4ccc1325…)

This is unironically true. Wee woo retard energy sustains image board culture. Without us it would be just nitpicking, complaining, and mundane venting on this board, via the midwits. Midwits are the hall monitors who eventually cause every discussion to be banned, moved, derailed, reported, and the more mods appease them the harder their job is kek. Mods should appease retards instead, we are easy to please.

The ultra high IQ posters should stay and be vocal though. That'd the jodieposters and a couple others. The 2 nonnies who play along when a joke is posted and don't immediately freak thr fuck out

No. 1790739

Are you out of your mind, the board looks like it's been raided by underage middle schoolers

No. 1790751

Ngl I didn’t see the original post >>1785326 was referring to but I still laughed

No. 1790764

Been wondering about her as well, maybe she tried again and succeed at getting over him. Meanwhile I’m over here doubling down with my husbando insanity.

No. 1790773

You call every single fucking thing egregious. Stfu

No. 1790777

File: 1701075073661.jpeg (20.22 KB, 269x187, E8DA24C0-D1C3-4908-930A-692FB8…)

Damn shawty, you actin real egregious rn

No. 1790783

I miss when anons were actually funny and not, well…you

No. 1790784

who are you replying to

No. 1790786

Fuck off you don't have to respond to every post

No. 1790788

but i'm curious

No. 1790789

File: 1701076061699.gif (581.84 KB, 280x158, 4ECDAAD5-6415-417D-8643-F33E31…)

I miss when anons didn’t bring the thread down with their negativity ♥

No. 1790791

who is he ? he's just my type !!!

No. 1790793

I think that's jabba the hutt

No. 1790794

It's not a dumbass shit, it's a fighting ring now, nonnie.
omg are you that anon who's into men in their 30s??? he looks like his name would be Tony, maybe that would help!!

No. 1790799

yes, it's me the only women attracted to men in their 30s

No. 1790800

who am i ?

No. 1790803

Fightass Shit or Dumbass Fight

No. 1790807

File: 1701076674158.jpeg (236.04 KB, 1080x1081, IMG_2013.jpeg)

No. 1790811

I agree, vindicating control freaks and the easily offended in online communities never goes well

No. 1790833

I have her entire in 2 minds album. Unironically a good album.

No. 1790837

Ugly people math. The funny thing is I wanna get rich so I can afford plastic surgery and go on expensive dates with hot men and women. I want to rent a male prostitute or something if they invented that.

No. 1790839

Samefagging to add her boyfriend is a better singer and has a unique beautiful voice but without her pushing him into emo and goth stuff he'd create shitty pop/acoustic guitar/r&b etc. music instead. She has an ok voice but lacks technique and can't do high notes at all despite how high pitched her voice is, it's very weak and never improved that much. And I'm convinced she paid someone to sing the french version of "so alone" and is pretending to be that someone, because it sounds nothing like her in her entire career. I don't know why is she lying about this and why doesn't she come clean about it.

No. 1790848

it’s the porn industry pushing this as usual. black pop stars generally have more pull with gen z than white pop stars, so the leeches from all the big porn companies encourage them to discuss porno sex as they know it will automatically be considered “cool”. if this was being done by white people, everyone would see it for the dirty grift that it is and would be understandably aghast at adults bragging about doing gross shit like booty licking and whatever else degenerates like to do. unfortunately black people are already perceived as being hypersexual/uncouth, so this is not helping our image by any means. it’s the newest version of the minstrel, only this time instead of us jumping around on stage a la kevin hart/chris tucker, we’re turned into sluts and prostitutes. i would go into it more but i don’t want to get in trouble for racesperging as lolcow isn’t really the place. but some of this is also deliberate smearing by the establishment to degrade black people’s image in the public eye.

No. 1790850

You can go to Japan, I think they have them there

No. 1790851

You're not that annoying bpd homurafag, are you?

No. 1790852

File: 1701080533082.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1081, BINGO.png)

It's okay, nonners, we all struggle with some mental health issues
Dumbass fight for sure
How much points is enough to qualify as the true femcel, anons? >>1789934 this is a winner so far

No. 1790854

File: 1701080647923.png (45.79 KB, 1190x178, We live in a society.png)

Btw, samefag, i was googling the definition of hypersexuality to know if a have it, still not sure if i do, but would you look at that lol how expected

No. 1790855

I will be free when I never have to see this dumbass meme posted here every two months. It’s very isolating to be stacymaxxed while femcelcoded.

No. 1790858

File: 1701081100803.jpeg (285.06 KB, 1170x1172, 65E4EFBC-3B51-495F-8941-E097B7…)

Almost got a bingo despite having a long term relationship

No. 1790862

Sorry to say this but they're usually ugly. Maybe I'd get lucky and find a hot one idk.

No. 1790863

Some of these " fact or other fact" should be in separate places because there's a difference between having an ED and just ordering greasy fastfood and starbucks a bit too often. Then again in my country calories and quantities are very rgulated so it's not like eating at mcdonalds twice a week is as harmful as in the American continent.

No. 1790865

Who originated the trend of obsessively shitting on a celeb and her looks? Was it the Dua Lipa fag?

No. 1790866

I think it's because disordered eating can develop into an eating disorder, so that's why they're lumped together.

No. 1790875

File: 1701083004250.jpg (529.23 KB, 1080x1088, Screenshot_20231127_120409_Gal…)

me doing this shit despite having a whole ass nigel

No. 1790890

You're anon #2

No. 1790895

Yacht to live in, sailing endless ocean. And a hot subservient orca monsterboy I stumble upon along my aimless journey.

No. 1790897

File: 1701086031220.jpeg (347.01 KB, 1077x1078, IMG_5327.jpeg)

They were a little vague on the ‘childish interests one’ so I wasn’t sure if I should put it down or not
I like stuff like Disney parks and Sanrio though which might fit?

No. 1790898

File: 1701086131287.jpg (49.51 KB, 500x500, artworks-sEURXXuATajCS0gx-dDo0…)

What gets me about you speaking up about this obvious and gross psyop is that it always attract angry users who take it all the way wrong and personally, as if you insulted black people as a whole. It's the kind of reactionary bullshit I would expect from twitterfags or youtubefags, but that kind of overreaction to criticism about celebrity behavior is even HERE; an imageboard designed to be critical of ANYTHING. Even on here, there's still gonna be those users who think you're a "hater" who hates rap as an entire genre just for calling out the glorification of rap songs with violent lyrics.

No. 1790908

File: 1701087840229.jpeg (256.74 KB, 1080x1081, IMG_1319.jpeg)

To clarify I don’t watch scrote porn, just read erotic lit which classifies as pornography I guess

No. 1790943

File: 1701090754752.jpeg (288.94 KB, 1170x979, IMG_6328.jpeg)

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves

No. 1790953

Kink in the fucking username oh my god

No. 1790955

I don’t understand anymore

No. 1790960

I just ate two omelettes the size of my hand and half a pancake, what should i do to feel less full, take a walk?

No. 1790965

Why would this retard expect anything else?

No. 1790966

Yes actually. If you overeat more than your body needs and can digest, it can harm your liver. Walking right after a meal or while eating burns the sugar/carbs immediately and helps avoiding exhausting the liver and pancreas. At least from what I heard, I could be misinformed. Also, drink water or camomile tea for better digestion.

No. 1790967

Til Lindemann in a fat suit
he's accused of rape tho so…

No. 1790970

Which one of you is behind this

No. 1790971

File: 1701093056066.png (894.6 KB, 1080x1081, bingo.png)

No. 1790972

What's always been interesting to me about the "cut your own fingertips off first if you want to declaw a cat" is that it's a false premise. There are straight up freaks out there who cut off body parts, but I imagine anti-declawing people would still be mad if those people got their cat declawed.

No. 1790974

NTA but I started analyzing text posts on here and I'm now much more convinced that there's only like twelve of us who post constantly on ot with occasional others who only post much more rarely. Which makes the cattiness easier to bear because it's just one fat retard and one woman who might not even be a woman (might be a gay male). Luckily, there are several really nice anons here.

No. 1790975

Can you recognize me? Who am I?

No. 1790977

>cAN yOu reCOGnIze Me?!? whO Am I?
You're that retarded bitch.

No. 1790979

File: 1701094576068.jpeg (51.49 KB, 640x320, IMG_6274.jpeg)

Most of us are nice

No. 1790983

Sometimes I’m sour, sometimes I’m sweet

No. 1790986

You are more sour than sweet. And you post a lot.

No. 1790990

File: 1701095389330.jpeg (81.56 KB, 750x761, 1DA829E2-228F-434F-8334-D9C45B…)

I only post a lot when I’m not taking my multi month breaks and I’d say I usually make neutral posts. A lot of my posts have been featured in the lolcow funny caps thread so watch ur back, all knowing nonna, or I’ll bring out the sour in full force(Ban evading after getting a temp ban for incessant personalityfagging)

No. 1790999

Okay, that's actually a really cool picture.
Adds two sweet markers to your column in my excel spreadsheet on posters(encouraging personalityfagging, roleplay talk)

No. 1791001

File: 1701096927169.png (947.84 KB, 1080x1079, bingo.png)

No. 1791010

File: 1701097980468.jpeg (245.15 KB, 1080x1081, IMG_2609.jpeg)

No. 1791023

File: 1701099535806.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1081, Untitled49_20231127153858.png)

unfortunately more than i expected

No. 1791031

File: 1701100050389.jpeg (696.89 KB, 1170x1181, B72C6EA3-B2FB-492D-BA49-7D8A13…)

No. 1791032

File: 1701100073289.jpg (16.41 KB, 415x739, conspiracy.jpg)

Why are we doing femcel bingos? Is that a psyop by Kaitlyn Tiffany of the Atlantic to prove that we are in fact femcels in a femcel site and that she was right this entire time?

No. 1791037

I cannot believe I'm the least femcel one here kek

No. 1791041

it's just having fun. a bit of jovial companionship

No. 1791042

File: 1701100767823.png (895 KB, 1080x1081, 1701040103947.png)

My mental health is too good to be a femcel

No. 1791058

File: 1701102347214.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1081, bingo.png)

i wish i could tick more boxes

No. 1791063

for christmas my boyfriend is paying for my university tuition. i can cry tears of joy

No. 1791066

a steady job that is mon-fri

No. 1791068

happy for you nonna! what's your fave class in uni?

No. 1791070

How come we didn't have any memorable retard threads this year like >>>/snow/1145913 and >>>/ot/1151094

No. 1791072

Hufflepuff has good colors. I love being a hufflepuff. You can do a lot with black and gold

No. 1791073

There's still another month left, anons might be saving up the retardation to unleash at the end of the year like a mega-tard blast.

No. 1791074

we had but mods delete them now

No. 1791077

Lol what can you get banned for roleplay talk? Or was that anon a special case

No. 1791083

File: 1701103414895.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1081, 1701040103947.png)

Somehow more than I'd hoped, and yet simultaneously, not nearly enough

No. 1791093

File: 1701104034139.jpg (42.15 KB, 700x700, sacabambaspis.jpg)

This is my current favourite extinct creature. Post yours pls

No. 1791096

rewatching fear and loathing in las vegas and going ''yeah, that's literally me right there'' damn i need more schizo female characters i dont wanna keep self inserting as a bald man

No. 1791100

Whats a confession you have that would get you labelled as an NLOG? i always hated girls show as a kid because i considered them gay. still kinda do, those winx skellies scare me.

No. 1791104

I have what's left of Hunter S. Thompson in my basement. Johnny Depp paid to have him made into fireworks. I want to sell him but I have no idea how to find a buyer.

No. 1791107

Long haired handsome men

No. 1791108

long haired handsome men that dress well… modern male fashion trends + hairstyles are absolutely horrendous

No. 1791110

>modern male fashion trends + hairstyles are absolutely horrendous
i have never seen a modern man who wears anything but black tees+jeans.

No. 1791112

You're so right. Forget resurrecting mammoths, we need these to return.

No. 1791115

my bf did too, and I ended up dropping out after a month. please don't be like me nonna

No. 1791117

i wonder if this is really what it looked like alive or if this is one of those blob fish scenarios

No. 1791124

Full moon tonight nonnies! I'm going where the streetlights aren't to soak up some silvery rays wbu?

No. 1791125

File: 1701105720262.jpg (46.85 KB, 640x471, e8ed50d3565b6af0f47fd8f381a286…)

Well it had it's eyes together like that and no jaw so it likely did look like a living emoji. It was before it's time.

No. 1791129

File: 1701105966855.png (1.67 MB, 1258x1786, beaver moon.png)

>Full Beaver Moon
I'l be soaking my full bush in the moon beams as nature intended

No. 1791133

File: 1701106116225.jpg (70.11 KB, 520x647, ggs.jpg)

Giant ground sloth, they were too tasty and gentle for this world.

No. 1791135

It's -8 C where I live, should I still go for it nonas?
And scary as fuck, damn!

No. 1791136

File: 1701106200192.png (90 KB, 232x332, picrew.png)

nothing activates my fight or flight response like seeing THE picrew for annoying people everywhere while searching for cute stuff to post in the dress-up game thread

No. 1791137

File: 1701106210760.jpg (1.12 MB, 2473x2482, springfield.jpg)

really tempted to waste my savings on her. It would be like 150 usd with taxes+shipping though.

No. 1791139

bring hot water bottles and long underwear. frostbite is no one's friend

No. 1791141

what is with trannies and picrews like a moth to a flame? they don’t even use the actual cute looking ones

No. 1791142

>eyes together
>no jaw
Put some broccoli hair and it's not extinct anymore it's just on tiktok

No. 1791144

File: 1701106609522.jpg (18.1 KB, 400x374, 1688498478253.jpg)

No. 1791147

>goes online for 2 seconds
>sees moid opinions about sa
>day ruined
And they say there's no empathy/sympathy difference between the genders. The amount of victim-blaming is insane because they know just as well they'd do the same thing to said victim. I need a drink.

No. 1791148

i cant believe my friend only wanted to come over because of my pool. fuck these bitches i bet he was the type to talk only when you had gum in elementary school

No. 1791149

They have no sense of colour theory or style, a result of a moid brain

No. 1791150

damn i wish i had a pool wtf

No. 1791156

File: 1701107429724.png (461.08 KB, 1246x967, 1688208734482975.png)

I miss this meme.

No. 1791161

Thinking of using AI to finish this commission. I am tired of it.

No. 1791166

My current husbando is a spider hybrid demon thing and I hate how whenever I describe this, people think I'm referring to fucking angel dust from hazbin hotel
To be fair they both do have six arms and the like

No. 1791167

can't believe this never became the viral hit it was destined to be smh my head

No. 1791171

TIM whose deadname is Tim

No. 1791172

I just learned about them the other day and didn't know they were a meme, that's cute.

No. 1791173

Holy shit guys, someone screenshotted a comment I made on an AITA post on reddit and it got passed around tumblr with hundreds of thousands of notes and now people have screenshotted it from tumblr and turned it into a compilation post and put it back on reddit where it's reached front page. That's fucking crazy that that many people are aware of something I wrote. The best part is someone removed my user name from it, likely because all of my reddit accounts are filled with "transphobia" and I get banned a lot for it.

No. 1791175

>roleplay talk
KEK What

No. 1791177

show comment

No. 1791187

File: 1701108798486.jpg (83.73 KB, 1024x626, 1653047552551m.jpg)

make men dress slutty again

No. 1791192

gays took this away from us

No. 1791193

what was it? if you can even share kek

No. 1791194

File: 1701109031426.jpg (159 KB, 646x1001, c4eddc3182d413cb58c4899b509264…)

Revive these valuable creatures from extinction so women actually feel like multiplying with scrotes

No. 1791198

Appointment at 9 tomorrow and I just know I’ll spend the entire night husbandofagging instead of getting proper sleep

No. 1791199

>tfw no collie bf to pet while i am stressed
nowadays all moids have steel sponge hair due to constantly shaving it

No. 1791204

I think about my husbando to get off to sleep of a night so I know how you feel nona

No. 1791210

Man I vividly remember when I met a guy that looked like that though he had curly dark hair, and it was so soft and clean with defined curls, you just don't see that on metal heads with curly hair, they're always lacking on the hygiene department. He gifted me some nice spear he crafted when we played LOTRO totally out of the blue, I had hardly ever talked to him before that but I assume we did some quest together cus I did sometimes participate in quests with the kin members, and I was one of the few wardens there. So I stalked him on facebook, he was super good looking but he had a girlfriend and she was super good looking too kek no way I could compete with that, no way he'd break up with her to be with some ugly rando like me, and besides I think he was sure I was a guy because everyone thought I was and I never clarified kek. Man, you just can't find good looking nerds anymore, he was good looking, had clean, soft long hair and crafted me some items without me ever asking, where the hell can I find a man like that? Never, I tell you. I don't have the looks. World is so unfair with fucking useless ugly men getting hot chicks way out of their league and I, a competent gamer but slightly ugly can't get a hot bf.

No. 1791214

Men have degenerated so much, not just in fashion but bodies as well, they all chubby these days.

No. 1791225

I agree with you but near the end I started reading this in a Donald Trump voice in my head for some reason. I think it's the way it's worded

No. 1791229

If my dad dressed like this I would leave the family

No. 1791232

i agree nona, i have extremely low standars and i still cant men a single man that meets them. All i ask is ugly cute 80s nerd.

No. 1791234

my stretch marks are so FUCKING ITCHY

No. 1791247

File: 1701112759222.jpg (37.51 KB, 828x167, 6b9a129f6e626b93666196df7b30_c…)

I had to check first that I couldn't be tracked down with this comment only. The funny thing was, the original post that I passed judgement on did not get very many views or comments.

No. 1791251

holy shit… the legend is here..

No. 1791256

i kepe farting

No. 1791257

File: 1701113279335.jpg (63.61 KB, 560x793, 1670937164179.jpg)

No. 1791259

kek why are these so true

No. 1791262

File: 1701113501613.png (97.21 KB, 193x273, asasasas.png)

they just know they are the last generation of women to witness the extinct race of hot men and are enjoying the moment

No. 1791270

This is the first time anons post "hot men" that are actually hot. I salute you, dumbass shit nonnies.

No. 1791276

Does anynonny have that post where an anon had a dream that she got rejected by Elsie and made a little drawing too? It was in a dumbass shit thread but I don’t remember which one

No. 1791282

what thread are we having the good fight in today nonnies? i just got up

No. 1791285

no infights going on right now, but we had so many back-to-back fights in the fandom thread, just start reading it from the top kek

No. 1791287

File: 1701114914791.gif (308.27 KB, 220x220, 2C77797A-005C-4908-B642-96D186…)


No. 1791288

File: 1701114999825.png (76.43 KB, 372x397, 1647385296899.png)

>getting rejected by Elsie
What would be Elsie's type anyway?

No. 1791290

let the worl blow up its all i really wanted my whole life the universe wont notice bitch u just another life the sun'll rise the stars have already died

No. 1791292

2X-chan is elsie’s type
Or am I wrong and that’s shipper brain? Are they just friends?

No. 1791294

I’m a burger and I hate when other americans speak in british accents to each other. like just shut up that’s not what we are

No. 1791295

Oi mate that’s not very shrimp on the Barbie of you

No. 1791297

oh my god square up i cant believe u said that

No. 1791298

tf are you talking about lmfao

No. 1791302


No. 1791303


No. 1791304

oi are you sure u dont want a nice digestive biscuoit while we watch tha telly

No. 1791307

I'm britbong and the opposite annoys me lel

No. 1791308

It feels like if Eminem had bastard children that grew up and tried to replicate the musical egelord instinct that runs in the blood kek

No. 1791309

youre going 2 need a loicense for that telly

No. 1791315

you can see what i’m talking about

No. 1791316

are television licenses a real thing and why do you need one

No. 1791318

that’s australian! so close

No. 1791321

Why am I seeing so much Telly license shit it all looks seriously deranged you girlies in the UK are fucked I cannot believe wot I’m even seeing a license for tv? The fuck?

No. 1791324

wrong mate u just havent had your brekkie bong and a milo yet

No. 1791327

File: 1701115992159.jpg (35.46 KB, 600x582, 0b88fc88761cf23f286fe3945bddd2…)

No. 1791328

howdy brah

No. 1791329

File: 1701116057540.jpg (91.54 KB, 1500x1500, 71Mkmw8_2B_2BmL._SL1500.jpg)

Britbongs, come get your britbong

No. 1791330

I am so hungry, and depressed. I wish i could inherit a million dollars.

No. 1791332

Wail howdy y’all!

No. 1791334

not if i snatch it first

No. 1791335

Bb that’s a pipe, not a bong.

No. 1791337

no its a britbong

No. 1791338

The closest I could find, dahling

No. 1791339

File: 1701116263863.jpeg (11.05 KB, 241x119, IMG_1840.jpeg)

No. 1791341

File: 1701116377669.jpg (22.28 KB, 700x700, aa02-ast_a.jpg)

When you're a britbong and you take a hit of the britbong and you sip the tea and munch the biscuit to help the britbong munchies

No. 1791346

What is the source of this photo?

No. 1791347

No. 1791348

Found a slightly manhating subreddit accidentally
https://www.reddit.com/r/boysarequirky/comments/183zc1x/made_a_fixed_version_of_it/(this is an imageboard)

No. 1791349

File: 1701116603435.jpg (72.49 KB, 718x517, 68xms5Aj1rqbl96o1_1280.jpg)

No. 1791359

Which European nationality is seen as more annoying to the rest of Europe: the britbongs or the frenchfags? Let's settle this.

No. 1791360

it depends because every country hates their neighbours. like Brits hate French and vice versa and also Sweden hates Norway etc

No. 1791363

russia is most hated, history wise, not just what zoomers think on twitter

No. 1791370

I wanted AI to make me a picture of a woman walking a poodle moth down the street. Interestingly, no matter what art style I request, it will only show me Asian women doing this. It seems in its logic, Asian women and moths are always associated, while changing the parameters of what they are walking changes the race of what the AI outputs.

No. 1791372

My mom fed me nothing but white noodles and water when i was a kid and now gets angry when i waste 20 bucks in fast food in a single day

No. 1791374

Probably because of mothra

No. 1791376

>Sweden hates Norway
No we don't, the scandic countries are like our siblings and at worst we make jokes about each other.

No. 1791381

Sorry nonnie. Just what I have heard, and it was first that came to mind as it is often said that neighbouring countries don't get along

No. 1791383

Try specifying the woman's race.

No. 1791387

I feel bad for anybody who has a child because what’s the likelihood that the kid is going to do anything important? Slim to none. this goes for my parents too

No. 1791392

The French because they're arrogant fucks.

No. 1791396

Chatted with different Europeans online for years and almost all of them said they didn't think highly of French people. I would ask them why, and it was always some form of "French people are stupid" kek, so I thought I'd ask anons here

No. 1791399

But that’s not the purpose of life at all

No. 1791400

Yes they are real. They are what fund the bbc and allow them to never show advertisements.

No. 1791402

I don't think most people think that when they have children unless they are a narc.

No. 1791405

Where can I get cheap noise cancelling headphones my family screams and fights 24/7 and I'm actually going insane

No. 1791416

Are you my cat

No. 1791423

No, I’m your cat. Check your shoes. I took a shit.

No. 1791431

the french provided weapons to the hutus during the rwandan genocide so ill never give them a pass

No. 1791436

After 4 years the gingerbread coffee came back and it was so milked down. What a waste of my money.

No. 1791443

the sony wh-ch720n. i own them and have annoying younger siblings. i use them for studying and they work perfectly. i can’t hear a thing even when someone is talking directly to me. they’re really light too. they cost $100 usd. playing white noise on them works best

No. 1791445

File: 1701122406346.jpg (552.52 KB, 886x1920, 1701070945392601.jpg)


No. 1791452

Didn’t know hedgehogs had lore, it’s cute we’ve kept them as pets this long.

No. 1791462

I wanna say this is some tinfoil bullshit, but these details seem to line up too well kek

No. 1791465

the frogs

No. 1791466

ty nona

No. 1791468

drenching everything in pepper sauce just to feel something

No. 1791469

whenever the wingstop workers are so high they can’t even answer your questions the food is always better

No. 1791484

pregnant women get the n word pass(racebaiting)

No. 1791490

Shinzo abe that's very tempting but you gotta try harder man

No. 1791494

Why do I get hungry, prepare and cook a meal, and then the hunger is gone before I even take a bite and then I feel anachan levels of disgust? Why does my stupid liver only undergo gluconeogenesis after I spend all that time cooking and cleaning up?

No. 1791495

I always get kind of annoyed when I see people (mostly writers) on Tumblr saying that you MUST reblog and like their work, because I know that there are some artists and such who will block people for liking too many of their posts.

No. 1791497

File: 1701125852929.png (183.42 KB, 326x303, _0fcc41850373e68664b8cb6eb0a5…)

I chuckled.

No. 1791498

what does shinzo abe mean

No. 1791499

Former prime minister of Japan. Known for his attempts to increase the Japanese population by encouraging people to have babies. He got assassinated years after his term by a guy with a home made gun.

No. 1791501

I had an erotic dream about Joaquin Phoenix and I don't know why

No. 1791502

Why do east Asian countries seem to have issues with population size? China had that one child policy, Korea's birthrate is very low, and now you're saying that Japan also a low birth rate?

No. 1791503

Ohh. I think we should have more babies though babies are so cute

No. 1791504

I need them to confirm this

No. 1791508

cause there’s like 500 billion people there they’re trying to cut back

No. 1791509

you made me laugh, congrats

No. 1791511

No. 1791512

Chinas one child policy (which is over) and Japan and Korea having low birth rates are completely opposite things

No. 1791514

You don’t have to reblog or like shit what are they on about

No. 1791515

The movie where he killed all the pedos and loved his mom was hot

No. 1791520

Yes I know, but don't all of those things concern the population size?

No. 1791522

Supposedly based off some stats I've seen online, Western Europe has comparable birth rates to Eastern Asia these days. I'd guess Western media focuses on the Asian birth rates because it's easier to criticize others than yourself. For Japan at least it's not a very new problem and I've seen weeb material mentioning it even as far back as the late 80's. It's more a developed country problem than specific. Take everything I said with a grain of salt since I'm stupid.

No. 1791531

>want to write stuff
>cant even remember what a noun is and how to properly use punctuation
i hope god though it was hilariouuuus to make me retard, i bet he's pissing himself laughing while i try to write a sentence

No. 1791535

File: 1701128751259.gif (939.22 KB, 540x400, BoredGrim.gif)

Took at peak at the lore of UrbanSpook's analog series, and it ended up being terribly written and tries so hard to be edgy to where it falls flat as gross. I'm not sure why I expected it to be good; it's analog. Is there any analog horror series that's actually good and not just overrated?

No. 1791536

Me too nonna but I write my crap anyway and edit later. What are you writing?

No. 1791538

i feel sorry for the delivery guy that has to smell me i havent taken a shower in 4 days and its hot

No. 1791541

I've heard that it's because of how densely populated they are, and that life is just incredibly stressful due to their culture. Most developed nations have falling birth rates, while shit holes explode in population.
The media stress on Japan is not only because they have one of the lowest birth rates, but because they're not willing to open their borders to immigrants to artificially boost their numbers.

No. 1791543

No one cares about your fetishes.

No. 1791544

I think she means it's hot outside?

No. 1791547

the delivery guy is ugly

No. 1791548

File: 1701129417025.gif (1008.53 KB, 498x280, cat-typing-gif.gif)

When I'm in a bad mood I go on 4chan and call scrotes faggots

No. 1791549

Nah, it's weird fetish wording.

No. 1791551

accusing random men of faggotry is the most fun a girl can have these days

No. 1791553

how coomer brained do you have to be to think that's a fetish and not just severe depression

No. 1791554

No. 1791555

I love you

No. 1791556

i am fighting with the delivery app customer service guy because they only gave me a partial refound even though they ruined my dinner. Fuck you i was craving onion rings. Should i go full karen and lie to them and tell them i am pregnant and craving onion rings kek

No. 1791558

I cringe everytime I look at Jacob Elordi because he looks like my ex.

No. 1791566

fucking faggots won, next time i am lying

No. 1791580

File: 1701132825342.jpg (20.02 KB, 572x572, Tumblr_l_408307539106645.jpg)

good night nonas

No. 1791586

File: 1701133130555.jpg (45.1 KB, 400x400, silly.jpg)

No. 1791588

She really has such a likeable face

No. 1791592

I love how these memes were what made me look more in-depth into the Jodi Arias case, and after much Serious Research™ I came to the conclusion that the pedo scrote actually had it coming

No. 1791599

She pissed that interviewing scrote off so much, I kek'd at how much he was seething at Jodi

No. 1791608

>pedo scrote
You've got my interest, could you elaborate? I would do my own research after I'm back home but I'd really want to know now kek

No. 1791622

On a phone call, he said, "You sound like a 12-year-old having an orgasm, that's so hot, like little girl." Jodie also said she caught him jerking off to little boys.

No. 1791625

Someone I follow says she wants to name her future baby girl ‘Clear’ and all I can think of is the dude from DRAMAtical Murder.

No. 1791627

the chick from final destination was named clear. that's a bad omen lul

No. 1791628

She's so naturally pretty. When I first saw pictures of her and didn't know her story I thought she was a model

No. 1791629

I love making myself angry by remembering that bitch who filmed herself giving birth to her child and sold it as a porn video

No. 1791632

how many of you beli

No. 1791637

File: 1701137586094.png (18.07 KB, 577x262, a93898382.png)

Can anynona explain how tf terf = shotacon? What are they even basing this stereotype on?

No. 1791638

File: 1701137629762.png (457.85 KB, 800x583, IMG_6289.png)

No. 1791641

File: 1701137726995.jpg (21.41 KB, 640x456, jodi-arias-which-styling-do-u-…)

this is my favorite Jodi photo

No. 1791642

This whole tweet is delusion after delusion kek. They call terfs racists and pedos because they are unable to reply to any terf arguments

No. 1791643

There is no explanation. TRAs don't even know what a terf actually is of course nothing they say about them makes sense

No. 1791644

Men constantly demonise women, telling them they are evil so all their opinions must be wrong. If you aren't super in tone with the cultural zeitgeist then you are just a stupid evil bitch

No. 1791656

File: 1701139347305.png (60.07 KB, 594x216, Dumb moid.png)

Ahahhaha dumb moid thinks I'm a man/tranny that catfished him.

No. 1791658

i belie

No. 1791661

Too many. If farmers knew my experiences and opinions on a lot of things I’d be exiled immediately

No. 1791671

I don't even think i can share most of my confessions in this thread without being called a scrote or causing infighting. But for a more tamer one, when i was young i had a purposeful aversion to pink which tbh is still ongoing. At first i was being a prick about it, but now i unironically feel no draw to the colour. It's just not for me, kek.

No. 1791674

idk about NLOG but i thought the w.i.t.c.h. show was weird and somehow lesbian coded. my family was very antigay/antilesbian so i never got into it. it took me till middle school to realize i liked girls so it was probably engrained shame. they also thought card captor sakura was satanic so they wanted to get rid of the only book i had of her.

No. 1791675

File: 1701141221841.jpg (685.13 KB, 1226x982, IMG_20231128_141404.jpg)

No. 1791678

No. 1791680

File: 1701141807716.jpg (56.16 KB, 472x708, 177.jpg)

no like this

No. 1791681


No. 1791686

KEK maybe this has been posted already but I was watching this australian incel documentary and they interview this girl who is fully browsing /ot/ at the 8:00 minute mark

No. 1791687

Anons made a very good point to shit on the idiot users who browse this place in public, or infront of anyone else kek

No. 1791688

File: 1701142860018.png (798.02 KB, 1650x934, Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 10.39…)

Australian femcel art nonny, where art thou?

No. 1791689

I wonder if she still browses here, you think she'll see this?

No. 1791694

probably, this video was posted only 4 months ago

No. 1791695

I'm not watching that, I don't want to die from second hand embarrassment

No. 1791696

damn i can see the little red text ban and everything

No. 1791697

Then she needs to show up and explain herself immediately? When are roo hours?

No. 1791698

oh shit i just saw myself in the mirror and i am developing a neck hump. I am going to start doing this to see if it works. Does anyone else have some posture videos i can follow, preferably timed? i miss going to pilates, but i dont have money anymore.

No. 1791700

File: 1701144102387.jpg (245.2 KB, 631x616, RDT_20231126_09524436935951515…)

No. 1791701

>lesbian coded

twitterbrained zoomers get out!!

No. 1791702

File: 1701144294952.jpg (28.05 KB, 573x500, 1667801790999.jpg)

I am starting to fall in love with a moid to the point i feel jealous when another woman makes him laugh. This is pathetic i have never felt like this, this shit is what being in love feels like? I have never had a crush or been in love of a 3DPD prior to him

No. 1791703

Then the redditmoids be like: "YTA you shouldn't have went into his stuff because you should have known how important his privacy is. Men are told to man-up all the time, and now it's normalized to walk all over their privacy? I hope he cancels the wedding and finds a more respectable woman".

No. 1791704

Any adult who wastes their time arguing politics (any side) on twitter for more than three hours straight should be pimp slapped. You are embarrassing and pathetic.

No. 1791705

File: 1701144671871.jpg (30.72 KB, 564x564, 1696140729910.jpg)

Horror rpg with themes of what growing up as a woman feels like to me. It's gonna be ''S[he] Be[lie]ve[d]'' 2deep4u tier most than likely, so i wanna polish the visuals and gameplay as much as possible. I wish i picked up writting earlier, i will never write something like higurashi.

No. 1791707

Powerleveling dragon ball chracters or discussing who's the best ninja turtle makes you more mature and interesting than politisperging on the internet.

No. 1791710

how was the L word even allowed to be aired. literally the first 4 minutes of the series is two girls making out saying “let’s make a baby” l

No. 1791711

Find a husbando quick

No. 1791714

i already have my husbando and i love him. I dont know why i love this dude, maybe because he likes me at my absolute worst and he seems to genuinely like my personality instead of seeing me as an easy victim like the others. I have managed to defend my wizard title for 22 years, so i doubt i am going to bend down. It's still scary to feel like this for the first time.

No. 1791715

anon i was like 5-8 and i dont think twitter even existed kek

No. 1791717

autist on autist violence is my favourite kind of youtube content

No. 1791718

File: 1701145811738.webm (301.59 KB, 720x1042, 1701006183461815.webm)

I have been trying to recreate this move for the last half hour. The carpeted basement doesn't help because the ball of my foot gets hot with friction. I think i could practice in the kitchen but there are guests in the house who don't leave until tomorrow… but inam not sure I can wait that long. I think I could do it in one try on the slick flooring up there though. I think they'd think it was cool.

No. 1791724

File: 1701146281121.jpg (72.59 KB, 875x618, jodi.jpg)

this is mine

No. 1791727

Good luck with your sick moves noanna

No. 1791728

Kek! She’s one of us! That thread was from March - July of this year so she’s probably still here. Hi Aussie nona

No. 1791729

No. 1791730

File: 1701146855800.jpg (167.53 KB, 1024x1024, ausfarmer.jpg)

it's like 3/4pm east coast rn here she might be at work

No. 1791740

File: 1701147465054.jpg (204.48 KB, 1440x1800, dan.jpg)

I wish picrel had been Ben Shapiro who unlike Dan Howell can actually pull off the mature twink aesthetic

No. 1791746

I hate this so much, I have no idea who this is but I hate it

No. 1791748

So ugly ewwww make it stop

No. 1791751

File: 1701147896964.jpg (104.99 KB, 750x936, h7.jpg)

One million TIFs will cum to this image while imagining it's them

No. 1791752

File: 1701147911691.gif (635.85 KB, 1125x1044, f07.gif)

I'm so sad they never gave dorohedoro a second season.

No. 1791753

File: 1701147937279.jpg (46.38 KB, 414x532, 1701059389415311.jpg)


No. 1791756

tifs dont want to look like that because he's ugly

No. 1791757

it's a shame its 3DCGI. I might crave in and watch it, but 3D anime is always trash.

No. 1791759

File: 1701148196339.png (778.47 KB, 1869x933, cursedshapiro.png)


No. 1791760

This melting raddish is mogged by tiffanies.

No. 1791762

His shape would look so much better in that outfit unironically

No. 1791766

men got memed into wearing kneesocks and cat ears in the span of 5 years after calling boy band members ''gay'' for decades. It proves my theory that men are all gay and will only do things to please other men like the gay whores they are.

No. 1791767


No. 1791768

>J-jordan are you sure this will encourage young men to embrace traditional conservative values?
>Please, call me Mr Peterson

No. 1791770

What do people gain from giving this stupid shit attention? What does anyone gain from waahhing about pathetic males and the stupid children with terrible parents that become victims of them?

Same tbh I just skipped to the picrel timestamp >>1791688

No. 1791771

looking rough kek. is he trying to get his old fujo fanbase back or is he trying to thirst trap for gay men? are they even into this shit? he's not cute anymore. also, the artist of his shirt drew a yaoi webcomic of him and phil like 5 years ago and it's crazy that she's still into them.

No. 1791781

>how do you do fellow twinks

No. 1791782

File: 1701149274621.png (1.42 MB, 718x683, otp.png)

No. 1791783

My otp…