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File: 1674971865722.jpg (125.26 KB, 720x560, Screenshot_20230128-211328_Gal…)

No. 1484820

Inspired by CC's unfortunately deleted thread. Post deranged things only a troglodyte XY defect would say.

No. 1484821

File: 1674971956286.jpg (101.31 KB, 1284x2778, e0lowmgcwmh81.jpg)

I've literally seen women on the bus built like this you roasties are just jealous.

No. 1484822

I saw a white woman walking her dog, and bro you just know…

No. 1484823

belongs more in 2X, maybe? good thread though

No. 1484825

There's this fat ugly chick who's totally DTF but bro she's so ugly, I hate talking to her cause like my should dies, but I'm gonna meet up fuck her this weekend. I'm gonna ghost her afterwards because fat women are soulless sprites that are just there to be easy lays for men.

No. 1484827

Men are the more rational gender! starts sperging about the smallest thing ever

No. 1484829

Bro my mom is like such a bitch dude she keeps asking me to like get a job and shit and saying all sorts of condescending shit like "you have potential, sweetie." and "have you checked on those applications today?" I want to shoot this bitch and steal her credit card

No. 1484832

If women are such victims then how come a lady teacher at my school fucked a 17 year old student?! (That guy was lucky though, she was hot.)

No. 1484840

You're so right, bro! Women are always too emotional and go overboard with their reactions! gets angry over losing in a video game and punches hole through wall

No. 1484842

Hey fellas, is it gay to wash your own dick? On account of it being a penis?

No. 1484866

It was deleted because it just became a place for moids to post their bs, just like this one will

No. 1484880

Washing your dick is foid brainwashing. Foids are simple minded animals and they don’t deserve to dictate how a mans dick should smell, they should just shut the fuck up and choke on it. The longhouse was a mistake and reappeal the 19th amendment. I’m being abused by my female teacher, she keeps giving me F because she can’t handle my facts and logic essays about why adolf hitler was oppressed by feminism and the holocaust is their fault. Then she made me sit on a table of foids so they could help me with my reading comprehension and one of those whores was really cute, she was Asian and literally looked like a ten year old which is biologically the most fertile age, everyone knows that, so I asked her how far she can shoot a ping pong ball out of her pussy, because all Asian chicks dig that, and they put me in isolation. They punished me just for being a logical male and that’s why I flunked school. Men are forced to be in a room with their inferiors and forced to suffer equal treatment to foids, which in turn makes them depressed. Nothing is ever men’s fault because we live in a gynocracy but also we are the ones who created literally everything whilst women sat around and gossiped.

No. 1484884

There is no such thing as a patriarchy. Feminism was invented by older men who wanted to restrict younger men and their access to young and fertile foids, leaving us with leftover dried up old hags of equal and similar age. Women didn’t create feminism because they have absolutely no agency at all. Having to go about in public not being able to savagely rape and harass everyone that takes my eye Is a human rights violation. I’m sick of cuck fathers smashing my recessed chin even further into my face just because I take sneaky pictures of their teenaged daughters in public to post on r/beautifulfemales and r/creepshots and their hysterical screeching wives who take my phone and discover the rest of the filth in my phone, giving them evidence for a false accusation so they can put me in prison.

No. 1484892

File: 1674980976063.gif (1.44 MB, 480x333, resize.gif)

>whilst women sat around and gossiped.

No. 1484908

Please no, the thread on CC is already an actual moid magnet.

No. 1484937

>waaaa please don’t!! You don’t want to upset the male overlords baaaaaawww!!!!
They come here and shit up the place no matter what. When will you newfags fucking learn?

No. 1484951

I'm not a newfag and judging by the other thread it doesn't upset them, they use it as free ticket to post and then claim it's just the thread topic.

No. 1485038

I went to the zoo with my famil and I got a little turned on.

No. 1485046

My gf was crying because her dad died on a car crash this morning and it really turned me on, never felt like this before. She called me out and I feel like she was being too unsympathetic with me is not like I can control it, I know she's going through a rough time but sometimes your penis just does its thing y'know? I think she needs to check her anger issues

No. 1485048

Celibate women are honestly so selfish, imagine going out your way just to not love and take care of your potential partner, all those statistics are obviously fake because every married women I know is very happy with her relationship, you could be as happy as them too but you only think about yourself

No. 1485049

I remember when my dad used to beat me to pulp with a comically large chair and sexually abuse me, and you know what? That made me stronger, he did the right thing and I think every child should go through that to become a man. No, I'm not "traumatized" and "fucked up" just because I think beating women is okay too, that's just how things should be you're just too weak

No. 1485073

File: 1675008284012.png (563.39 KB, 801x394, itsover.PNG)

>get assigned new coworker to shadow me
>she's qt3.14
>make small talk
>her social skills are fucking worse than mine somehow
>she keeps doing this weird motion with her hand on her nose
>ok she's an autist i guess
>introduce her to other coworkers
>she brightens up and walks over to them, is acting like a completely different person
>she quickly befriends all of them and isn't doing the weird hand motion anymore
>realise i just fucking stink

No. 1485084

This is real

No. 1485329

Heh. Imagine being pro-censorship over fictional child characters in fictional situations in a fictional world of a fictional game. The devs and artists put their whole hearts into FuwaFuwa LoliBuster Succubus ~ SweetDREAMs ~ 2:Yamete Kudesai Princess Kino. Meanwhile Karen-Americans like you want to destroy these hand-tendered, high artforms from Japan. Just because you said that, I started learning Nihongo so I can fap better to lolicon ASMRs on DLsite.

No. 1485337

KEK this is beautiful anon

No. 1485348

so I (35M) just got a cute new coworker (19F) and i think she is secretly into me. anyways i asked my girlfriend to open up our relationship because c'mon it's 2023 and we all know humans are not meant to be monogamous and she got upset and hysteric. anyways after weeks of explaining the logic and rationale behind my decision she finally gave up and let me open the relationship. tips on how to apprach coworker???

No. 1485355

Based, anon, as a scrote, it's funny how amerikarens will tell me that I can't fap to elementary school little girls, but if they are drawn with bedroom eyes and huge tits, they're adults, what's so hard to comprehend?
>insert article about the how puberty affects the female body and how it's possible for a kid to get pregnant and the story of the 5 years old girl that got pregnant after getting raped
See that article? It's made by someone who can use word and shit, and it says that I should be able to fuck kids, therefore it's okay for me to fap to the idea of fucking a kid.
Plus, they're not even young. Sure, the girls of FuwaFuwa LoliBuster Succubus ~ SweetDREAMs ~ 2:Yamete Kudesai Princess Kino are going to a preschool, and are learning how to read and shit, but their ages are
>6000, 70000, 8000, 9000
So it's 100% legal for me to want to fuck them.

No. 1485356

Bro, ask her for bob and vagene pics bro.

No. 1485357

hey its me again. i fucked up really badly bros. that 19 year old bitch got me fired from work because she reported me for harassment to HR, thanks feminism.
meanwhile my gf left me because after we opened our relationship she started going on dates and now she fell in love with another man and left me. i told her we can now close the relationship because i realized she is the one true love i have ever had but the she is not the woman i know anymore, she is now a cold hearted bitch. wtf is wrong with women? men really need to go their own way…

No. 1485363

Geez bro, have you tried getting into stroganoff? Maybe stop hitting on straight women, you're just a lesbian in the wrong body and they don't want you as a man, if you let your hair grow and shave, you will be a woman and you will get a gf, become the gf to get a gf.

No. 1485370

This thread is hilarious

No. 1485371

I have just sent you reddit gold because your post has made me wake up to the fact that I have been a girl all along. It was obvious from when I was a teen, I would steal my sister's panties and bra, wow I was such an egg!! Anyways I am still early into my transition but just thinking about how womanly I feel made me grow boobs a little and I got period cramps for the first time after I was done with my mountain dew and cheetos gaming night. Yes I am a gamer girl, don't on me silly boys because I am a lesbian TEEHEE

Anyways why is it so hard to find dates as true and honest girl lesbian?

No. 1485372

My dad left me while my mom tried to rise me with love and care, this only means one thing: its clearly her fault dad left and she's an evil bitch. I fucking hate women reeeeeeeeeeeeee

No. 1485373

I get a boner when I tend to my potted plants.

No. 1485377

File: 1675027302584.jpg (31.89 KB, 704x400, uguu-`1.jpg)

why can't women in real life be like this? its not fair bros…

No. 1485380

File: 1675027329755.jpg (143.43 KB, 1916x1142, Mulh01A.jpg)

Picrel is me. For context:
>24 year old KHHV
>qt 4.13 turned out to be a roastie
Fuck that bitch
>but still…
>shes kind of a qt 4.13
>stalk her
>am obsessed
>cant get enough of her
>remember her smell
>we never dated BTW
>I just stole a hoodie of hers once
>she never knew
>cum to the smell
>realize i want to smell like her
>so i can jack off
>notice it's more than just that
>I want to be her.
>look in the mirror
What do I do? Do I order estrogen immediately and start looksmaxxing? Should I go a different route and start getting /fit/? I want to be a girl i think so i start smelling nice, like Stacy… also people will start treating me better and not run away from me when I round a corner.

No. 1485381

Bro, I get a boner when I'm playing soccer, my bros can't know.

No. 1485382

I used to hide my friends boners all the time during gym, it's not gay if you're doing it to avoid other guys seeing his dick. Now that would be gay.

No. 1485390

Me and the bros would be this classic game all the time called Willy's Steamboat. We span in a circle and whoever we stopped on was Willy. Then we'd get someone to take turns tugging on his willy and screaming "STEAMBOAT STEAMBOAT STEAMBOAT!" until he either started punching us or he splooged. Anyone else do this?

No. 1485391

so i was preparing some squids for lunch and one squid fell down and touched my penis a little (i was not wearing boxers, haha). now i got rash on my penis so is there a cure without having to visit a doctor?

No. 1485402

Got a gf recently and she's kind of a karen bitch sometimes cause she had some of those feminist ideas like not watching porn you know, but men have to watch porn and it is healthy to masturbate to sexy girls after a hard day at work playing vidya. The pussy is good but sometimes I miss the masturbating sessions with my homies, we would show our favourite pics and pornstars we found and just jerk it together while hanging out, seeing our reactions and smelling each others you know. Jerking off sessions with your bros is so healthy for straight men who love pussy.

No. 1485412

as a gay man i gotta tell you women - like get it together??? i see so many women walking around streets and supermarkets no makeup on, hair in a bun and wearing hoodies? the fuck? do you want to keep your boyfriends or do you want them to leave you for me? girl get it together and put that makeup on…

also lose weight.

No. 1485424

File: 1675029878543.jpg (38.66 KB, 585x574, cxl8c9hbmzs01.jpg)

How come my gf is mad I showed her nudes to my roommates? I told her that they want to fuck her and said she's so hot, why would she be angry about this? She can't be mad at me, she knows I have trauma from that one time a faggot said hi to me and I thought I was gay. Bitches are so inconsiderate

No. 1485434

Fuck I reported this post because I keep forgetting what thread this is. Sorry nonna

No. 1485442

I’m fucking dying KEK

No. 1485443

How dare you? That's just like my gf or mom wtf you're all the same always reporting me no matter what I do it's never ever enough fuck I try so hard why can't you see it reeeee

No. 1485444

The main reason for why I can't get a girlfriend is because women are fat.

No. 1485445

No. 1485450

I do heroin because I'm traumatized by not getting a prom date 10 years ago, life is so fucking bleak no one understands my pain.

No. 1485453

My mother taught me how to express my emotions in a healthy way but my bros always called me a faggot so I decided to stuff it inside and be more like my dad. Just got out of a 6 month prison stint for my third bar brawl I started, anyways guys what I want to know is how can I convince my girlfriend this is somehow all her fault?

No. 1485459

No. 1485461

If I have a criterion for choosing the greatest anime, it's an emotional one. These are anime that moved me deeply in one way or another. Anime is the greatest art form ever conceived for generating emotions in its audience. That's what it does best.

After seeing this anime many times, I think I finally understand why I love it so much. It's not because of the humor, or the intrigue, although those elements are masterful. It's because it makes me proud of the characters. These are not heroes – not except for Renge Miyauchi's resistance fighter, who in some ways is the most predictable character in the film. These are realists, pragmatists, survivors: Komari Koshigaya, who sticks her neck out for nobody, and Hotaru Ichijou, who follows rules and tries to stay out of trouble. At the end of the anime, when they rise to heroism, it is so moving because heroism is not in their makeup. Their better nature simply informs them what they must do.

The sheer beauty of the anime is also compelling. The colorful closeups of Renge Miyauchi, the most bravely vulnerable girl in anime history. If there is ever a time when they decide that some anime should be spelled with an upper-case A, "Non Non Biyori" should be voted first on the list of Anime.

No. 1485472

File: 1675033012452.jpg (260.82 KB, 723x1707, 995e92dec39827632f08e7cb593a2e…)

>Nobody will break into my NEET lair apartment I've holed myself into for months and beg me to have sex with them, my life is harder than most humans on earth.
>Women aren't human for scrolling Instagram but scrolling r9k and incel forums endlessly is not the same thing at all.
>My mother is disappointed in me but it's her fault for having expectations of me. Now that she's given up it's all still her fault because she doesn't have expectations for me.
>The reason I'm alone is because I'm going my own way.
>that couple holding hands and smiling are just a evil whore and her simp.
>Johnny Depp has aged like wine.
>I'm not a loser I'm just an omega male who is unbothered by social hierarchy. Now let me rant about alphas and chads.

No. 1485496

Fuck anon, I get you, I'm still traumatized from that one time a girl told me "no" what the fuck does that mean? What's "no" even suppose to express? That bitch fucking told me "no" when I was in middle school and I'm still malding, females will never understand what is it like to be told "no".
So now I'm at my mom's home, mad, I'm also a kissless virgin, I got out of jail because the judge game me a 3 weeks sentence for killing some stupid cats and dogs, and it was that girl's fault.

No. 1485523

that scene at 12:08 made my dick diamonds bruh

No. 1485532

I was jerking off for like the 5th time today when my dick started spewing out blood. What does this mean? Earlier I stuck it in a French fry cutter but i put a glove and lotion in there so I don’t see why that would be an issue.

No. 1485537

I take it back, please keep it up kek.

No. 1485543

You forgot to say no homo.

No. 1485544

Bro you just gotta rinse off with some water, two days a week is fine. If you don’t want to get in a shower wiping with some toilet paper the next time you shit should do the trick

No. 1485545

No. 1485546

This is not healthy, man. We really do live in a society where men got brainwashed into jerking off 500 times a day, I used to fap to rape and teens too but I changed for the better. Don't let whores control you like this, stop jerking off or your DICK will suffer the consequences, do you SERIOUSLY want to lose your DICK? this is a warning for all the men out there

No. 1485563

File: 1675041891080.jpeg (1003.41 KB, 1280x960, 0123EB47-492C-4CB0-A34E-0CDE15…)

Always thought she was mid

No. 1485564

File: 1675041957813.jpg (215.86 KB, 1080x1115, Screenshot_20221130-093723__01…)

Yeah! Women with this body type naturally exist, dumbass troons. Go Google ‘wide hips nude’ and see for yourself.

No. 1485570

I told my gf she should get surgery to look like this hot bitch, she cried and asked me why I never appreciate her, women are so sensitive sometimes, just because I follow 1000 accounts of sexy women who don't look like her at all it doesn't mean I don't love her (She should still get that surgery tho)

No. 1485571

I'm so fucking pissed. I watched this anime labeled "shoujo" and it was about some chick romancing a couple of faggots. I don't want to fucking see that shit! My years entrenched in glorious Nippon art mediums have taught me that shoujo means girl so you ignorant retards incorrectly tagged this gay shit. Shoujo refers to my favorite anime such as Azumanga Diaoh and Lucky Star because it only has GIRLS. Not long haired faggots! Who even is this for?

No. 1485575

Dude you're obviously retarded it's for gay men who wear dresses. Japan has always been gay, die mad anime pfp.

No. 1485580

Nah I get it, women and their bullshit "shoujo" animes where men look like lesbians and nothing interesting happens ever, females have shit taste for real. You should check high school DXD: sexy women, tits everywhere and NO fags, that's the stuff

No. 1485582

>men look like lesbians
Me when I boymode

No. 1485585

if women are just as smart as men then why didnt they do as much stuff as us all through history? i mean come on how many famous female inventors are there? none because men built civilization.

No. 1485590

fuaaaark i started showering twice a week last month and thought i smelled better. never showering daily though what an obvious fucking psyop that shit is, i'd rather stink than be a retard

No. 1485592

true, its not like we kept them enslaved for thousands of years using violence.

No. 1485595

I'm tired of these females not understand that us men get tired of the same pussy. It's not cheating, it's our nature. They need to get over it, like bitch you are still my girl but i need some side pussy while you must be loyal and SUBMIT. This is why you females get beat, because y'all hoes don't like to listen. Y'all hoes are going to die alone.

No. 1485596

You mean to tell me that shit was for females?
>Brings up chartfag's latest anime season chart with 30 series and 2 labeled shoujo
Women take over fucking everything. They should stick to Twilight and keep out of men's hobbies

No. 1485597

>Who even is this for?

No. 1485610

File: 1675046099366.jpeg (147.81 KB, 873x987, 01D0775F-3F20-4926-8914-099A1C…)

bro I love my gf and everything but i would sell my soul to get Sugarf4iry to suck my cock! I love goth mommies step on me yo !

No. 1485613

File: 1675046394862.jpeg (509.1 KB, 1041x964, CA614497-1889-4512-9861-B2D732…)

I’m coming out as a goth trans girl! I’m gonna grow out my hair and I just ordered some estrogen pills on the dark web when I got done jerking off to my irl lol I collection and then I realized… I want to be just like them. I am a little girl, that’s why I’m so drawn to them. I do DDLG my little age is 8-13. I am a lesbian looking for a gf but since I’m always getting catcalled I figured you boys could validate me. Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me. I’d fuck me so hard

No. 1485617

Porn is my self care and foids taking away is a human rights violation.

No. 1485619

stay strong brother

No. 1485620

No. 1485622

I miss my girl so much…she left me after her parents found out she had a DDlg blog about all the kinky sex we had. She’s such a bitch too, I left her a letter under her bedroom window and she didn’t even look at me at school today. I swear I love her, nobody’s ever let me beat their ass and let me deepthroat train them before, I think she’s just scared cuz I’m in MS 13 and she knows me and the boys will roll up on her dads house if he tries to keep me away. I even wrote her some poetry on my tumblr and she won’t even give me a second glance…she’s such a village bicycle bro. I can’t believe she let me take her butt virginity, she’s such a whore. I love her tho.

No. 1485645

For real honestly, only fat hairy ugly dykes are attracted to dainty faggy pretty boys, REAL hot and sexy women are attracted to hypermasculine beefcake dudes bro

No. 1485744

reminds me of my whore ex that wouldn't let me piss on her
i hate females so much it's unreal

No. 1485754

File: 1675073062215.jpeg (96.36 KB, 960x960, 8gi1wVr.jpeg)

My brothers, I have ascended. I stopped lifting in 2012 and since then I have been achieving the perfect form by practicing callisthenics. Everyday, I start my day with the sun rising and then follow the 3 commandments of Hephaestus. I shower with cold water, drink 6 liters of water every three hours and eat only raw soil. I haven't fapped in decades. My dick's energy is so pure that I have no need of acknowledging his physical existence. I'm now a metaphysical man with an Olympian health and an accomplished businessman who own $320 billion worth of NFTs. Join me my brothers and find your Olympian-self by following me on tiktok, twitter, instagram, reddit, snapchat, onlyfans and discord. Only the heroes will prevail in this world of mindless obeisance.

No. 1485765

i feel like these threads attract actual moids to pretend and post here

No. 1486012

>Ending the cash flow before stealing the credit card

Let me help you out, ladies. The problem here is you post about relationship problems because that's all you vapid sluts think about. You have no agency and only exists to be some guys cock sleeve.
This just proves that any guy that ain't Chad or a family member is invisible to women.
If you wanna post like us, you gotta put yourselves in the worn out new balances and unwashed ass crack and basketball shorts of a guy who's invisible to women. Not that you can, since women have no empathy.

No. 1486107

I have a feeling this thread was made by a moid honestly

No. 1486247

Am i the only one who thinks that's a self-own? We are laughing at them. Nobody is taking them seriously and would likely think it's an anon being silly. Unless they get off to women mocking them, then sure. I never saw the cc thread, so i could be missing a puzzle piece here.

No. 1486255

femoids more like reeeemoids am i rite brothurs

No. 1486282

No am OP, and I'm an anon who's been here since 2016. I just laughed so hard at the crystal Cafe thread. I kinda regretted it when >>1484866 was posted but I find it funny still.
should I post my hand? I've already done it before when i got accused of being a scrote once by multiple anons.

No. 1486288

File: 1675123529980.png (588.46 KB, 768x894, EuOAlQHWQAIIHt8.png)

And there's gore of course.

No. 1486290

spams CP and gore
>terfs and femcels owned!

No. 1486297


No. 1486322

Someone's upset that an anon posted sexy gifs of a boi being bullied in the femdom thread, cope harder

No. 1486415

Don't you know what the puzzle piece stands for anonita?

No. 1486527

Wow another wahhhmen at it again. Chichi-chan decided to marry him of her own accord. You would know if you watched a single episode of "Perapera! Papa-tan is my Lover in a New World?" Way to go not allowing females to make choices. Not very feminist of you is it now?

No. 1486626

brushing teeth is a jewish psyop, i have not brushed my teeth in 3 years and i am doing fine

No. 1486702

KEK. This is fucking genius nonna, you nailed it.

No. 1486704

She was hot before she hit the wall at 18. Why can’t whores stay cute forever? I personally lose wood at the slightest hint of full sexual maturity. A sexually mature looking female is dried up and infertile.

No. 1486746

This is peak moid

No. 1486962

My brothers in Christ, have you had your zinc pills today? We need to saturate our population with a highly intelligent generation and the only way we can do that is to shoot strings.

No. 1486992

LCfags can't meme

No. 1486996

I’m 30 and my high school gf broke my heart and this is why I’ve treated every woman like shit since then. Women really don’t know what men go through and what heart break really is.

No. 1486998

How 2 make dick bigger

No. 1486999

Oh shit I thought this was google, bros how do I delete this?

No. 1487004

File: 1675189226297.png (1.15 MB, 1526x3411, trans-selfies-rule-v0-llh92wqf…)

I fucked this lady I met at the restroom of Shell. It was so hot. She was wearing high heels. Long gothic, rocking bod. Just so happened to be in the men's room and sucked me off, kinda sounded like a man, but she let me use her backdoor, I think I found the one bros!!

No. 1487028

Cum is such a funny word lol cum cum cum

No. 1487045

Women are just more emotional thinkers and men are more logical. Its why we men favor war over just ya know, working together and trading local goods for foreign goods. Like why do that when logic says "kill them and both are all yours." Psh. Women and their EMOTIONS… also why women take care of babies just instinctually and us men have the hardest time just figuring out changing a diaper or why the baby is crying. Crying is an emotion men dont have so women just hear a baby cry and its like a secret language between the baby and mother. Definite lack of logic there bros. Women are dumb and literally wouldnt survive without men. Also men have it way harder than women because we have to deal with women complaining about the bad things us men do. Hella fucking hard ass life bros.

No. 1487091

Last month I started the carnivore diet and I can feel the testosterone boost, but I haven't shit in two weeks and today one of my fingernails fell off. How long does it take for my body to get used to it?
OOC: this is peak /b/ lmao

No. 1487099

i love penises, i think about penises, i draw penises, i joke about penises all the time but i am straight and if you dare suggest i am homo i will rage the fuck out because I AM NO FAG.

No. 1487108

File: 1675193515396.jpeg (18.18 KB, 194x192, 1623689979995.jpeg)

Hey /ot/ how do I get a cosplay,e-girl,goth,milf,dommy mommy,trad,right-wing,tomboy gf?

No. 1487114

Holes are just copycats, even in womens work like cooking or fashion the greats are men. Must suck to suck haha

No. 1487116

Hey girlies, anyone else ovulating today? I've laid five eggs on my pad but reckon I could do a couple more, I need to finish in time to get to the nail salon for my appointment, how else will i be ready to have sex with 80 chads tonight? ♥

No. 1487136

File: 1675194654048.jpg (387.72 KB, 2344x2203, 8FtU3tz.jpg)

girls like that aren't real anon, it's all photoshop and media psyops from roasties who are scared they won't find a partner before hitting the wall so use deception to lure in innocent men.
see picrel, the obvious choice here is to become your own perfect girl. it's the only way.

No. 1487188

File: 1675196393915.jpg (136.32 KB, 387x698, Screenshot_20230131-131836_Pic…)

Bro isn't it so funny when we joke about raping 6 year olds unprovoked. I love making people uncomfortable with it like bro it's a joke get a sense of humor, I only jerk off to lolis, bro i dont wanna go to jail. it's funny when other guys reply "hol up" AHAHHAHAAH THATS SO FUNNY DUDE I'm gonna split my balls in half guffawing at pedophile jokes

No. 1487191

Don't you just love commenting random sexual stuff on innocent videos? I was watching a video of a girl who wasn't trying to be cute, the bitxh was ugly tbh but I commented "ik it's gripping" and I got 75k likes, and other bros were like "hear me out" roasties should know that we see them as nothing but warm willing(?) holes

No. 1487192

bro i love commenting that on videos of toddlers on tiktok, its just a joke, why cant women just take jokes.

No. 1487387

File: 1675211517181.png (375.85 KB, 691x415, FmcqGNEXwAEmzKV.png)

Finally got her bros

No. 1487388

there’s nothing funnier when a dude posts ‘bubblegum pink’ on a picture of a 2 year old girl, especially as all the roasties with their beef coloured flaps screech like harpies about it! They’re just jealous.

No. 1487400

you fucked the squid didn't you

No. 1487401

you did

No. 1487406

a hole is a hole. Ive done worse, a rotting coconut, i was bored so i thought ''hey why not?''.
my dick is itchy for some reason though and there are bumps over it.

No. 1487434

The 3 terabytes of child porn on his portable hard drive was just a goof you're honor. My client is a prankster. A real zany goof ball if you will.

No. 1487457

File: 1675217604508.jpeg (100.73 KB, 758x568, A1A8D23A-062B-48BA-8E47-B1988A…)

No. 1487478

Nah man, i can't fuck wit a bitch who don't got a big ass. I was following some baddie with a fatty in walmart and the bitch called security on me and I got yeeted out of the store and can't go back. Smh, now I can't get hot pockets and gatorade all because of some feminist bitch who won't let me pipe her in the middle of the store real quick. Don't trust these whores and stay strong brothers, they all just want to steal your money.

No. 1487508

Shut up, nigger. All you do is commit crimes and get away with it while simultaneously filling up the prisons. Don't make my get my FBI crime statistics out. Did I mention I don't trust the government?

No. 1487518

Shut up white boy you wanna be me so mad. Bitches be like my pussy stay wet bitch that's fatness!

No. 1487520

I went on a date with this Icelandic chick. She was like five six and put on six inch heels so she's six foot tall walking around and dude she was fucking stunning like ice queen blonde hair blue eyes, petite little girl that is just like ridiculously tall. Literally dudes are hollering at her as I'm walking down the street and I'm like yeah I'll get out of here. Wouldn't want a wife or girl that was like that.

No. 1487534

I am a normal looking man and I have a job. I have great taste in video games, and my t-shirts are always clean and free of stains. Despite all this, I cannot find an attractive woman who wants to have sex with me. Feminism has destroyed western civilization.

No. 1487632

Women are the Jew of the sexes haha. Isn’t that extremely profound? I read it on 4chan and I said it today when my foid mother told me to clean my room and go out and get a job because I’m 32. She just looked at me with utter confusion and hopelessness. I wish my dad never left, he would put that fucking bitch in her place.

No. 1487633

i believe that women should be submissive wives and leave working to the men just like the wives of the prophet Muhammad i as a wahabi muslim man truly believe that women are less valued than livestock ,hazrat khadija may have been a business owner but she was subservient

No. 1487636

Mohammed is a pedo, you muzzies just want to come over here and rape little white girls and all you do is steal jobs from decent British blokes. I can no longer afford my bi yearly trips to Thailand and Hungary.

No. 1487645


i swear on my life vacuuming dick works

No. 1487648

Heh… I'm glad I'm not like other millenials. Instead of being into social justice, starbucks lattes and Taylor Swift I save my enthusiasm for things that actually matter - such as sperging about minorities on /pol/, stalking e-girls and in secrecy fantasizing about trooning out.

By the way, aren't you all just so tired of all these millenial twitterfag SJWs telling you not to make rape jokes? It's just a joke, all these roasti– I mean twitterfags just don't realize their hypocrisy in limiting my freedom of speech! They might as well go back and take their meds, heh!

No. 1487665

Why so many women on antidepressants? Because women fucking suck of course. Why so many men committing suicide and the bulk of the worlds atrocities? Because the world fucking sucks, of course. We work hard so that fat liberal whores get to sit around and watch reality tv, guzzle wine, pop Xanax and baby their cats. This is literally ALL women do, women don’t work, the government literally pays them to exist. Women don’t have to work, they only get jobs so they can be around men and get attention.

No. 1487668

Women should be submissive, not pursue education and so the bulk of the housework. They should not be allowed out the house unattended. They should focus only on children and be the primary caregivers because mentally and emotionally they’re still children themselves. But also, they should be drafted to wars and they should get off their lazy cellulite ridden asses and go get jobs. But not better jobs than men, because that isn’t fair, they’re robbing a decent man of getting that job and that’s feminazi social conditioning. Women should be chaste and modest, and should be punished legally if they are not, but also porn is awesome! Don’t you dare get rid of that. Im entitled to see tits whenever and wherever I want but the women who’s tits im looking at should be regarded as lower than cattle. In fact, I’m not sure what exactly my world view is, since it’s full of contradictions, I just know that it makes me extremely happy when women are disadvantaged or miserable in any way shape or form. The destruction of foids happiness is my lifeblood. I want to live in a world where I can have a harem of submissive young roasties at my beck and call who wear burkas in public and around other men, but also I want to visit prostitutes and watch violent pornography on a park bench. I also want to see women publicly humiliated and scantily clad at any I’ve given opportunity so that I have an outlet for the more savage may violent aspect of my manhood, whereas my “tender” side will be reserved for demeaning compliments towards my child brides and not smacking them in the face whilst I’m impregnating them repeatedly. This is the only way I’ll ever be happy.

No. 1487675

>could you please stop defending rape and pedophilia?! That's wrong and evil
Firstly, woman, we should have a deep, complex talk about morals, what is morality? Ahem Morals, as we know them, are not objective, you could think feeling aroused by my little sister and mocking rape victims at the town shelter is inhumane but…is it really? We need to think about that, does it really matter? Do you understand that your rigid morals are not necessarily my morals? In my mind, kids are attractive and sexual harassment is not that bad, is a matter of opinions and you are imposing your subjective, rigid and arbitrary morals on me, which is objectively wrong

No. 1487677

This is so spot on I don't know whether I should laugh or cry

No. 1487741

File: 1675261075072.jpg (220.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

GOD blessed this lady with an incredible gift!!! Meanwhile western women already act as if pushing out 1 child is hard laboir and something we should worship them for! I'm going to show this my entitled ungrateful lazy american teen daughter!

No. 1487744


Funny thing is, women built like that do exist, but they're black.

No. 1487745

>Evangelion isn't a good anime.
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

No. 1487747

Life is all about survivial of the fittest. If you're not fit, strong, able bodied, fierce willed… nature is going to wipe you out and thats just life. That's how its meant to be. Nature doesn't care about your feelings and natural selection is nature at its finest. Die mad if you're not all that.

On a totally unrelated note. Why won't anyone have sex with me? Why won't women date me? Why am I not settled down with my dream 10/10 subservient cream pie loving hotwife yet? Muh offspring, I must spread my seed.. why am I not being seen as the stud that I am? I don't get it.

No. 1487753

File: 1675262917750.png (897.19 KB, 1522x810, Screen_Shot_2020-06-19_at_4.04…)

No. 1487764

Women have to take antidepressants because they shared fluids with too many men and absorbed their negative personality traits. Women are forever tied to every man they sleep with and her DNA changes to match his. Any child born to a non virgin woman is a cuck baby and probably will not have your DNA. My wife's baby came out Mexican last year because she had a summer affair in Tijuana when she was in college. When women go to foreign countries they get gangbanged and absorb foreign DNA to pollute the gene pool. This is the only reason a woman goes anywhere. To steal seed

No. 1487792

I finally managed to get a date and what happens? The fucking foid is not even impressed by my extensive knowledge of haplogroups and phenotypes. I even brought up Charles Murrey and the real science that they don't allow you to talk about and she just wasn't interested. After a while she just went to the bathroom and left. Look bitch, I put my race first in my Tinder bio and it is for a reason.

It's truly over for Wehrmachtcels.

No. 1487793

File: 1675265885598.jpg (50.8 KB, 563x844, preview.jpg)

Wow, your 12 year old sister is gonna be gorgeous when she grows up. I mean like, wow. She's probably got a boyfriend, or what? Haha. Yeah, she'll become a total babe the exact day she turns 18. A sex bomb. Naw, I'm just kidding haha. Dude, it was a joke haha! She's a cute kid though, got jokes too. Funny lil kiddo, that one. Hehehe.

No. 1487833

jesus christ anon this impression is way too accurate. Picrel gives me the creeps too

No. 1487846

I'm one of the good ones I try to blend in here to learn how to talk to girls, can I stay?

No. 1487849

File: 1675270420349.png (56.92 KB, 240x300, AverageMan1.png)

She is mid anyway

No. 1487859

It's all about the story with My Little Pony, sure the same archetypes are there in most other media but as a 50 year old male the pastel colors and watered down messages speak to my undeveloped mind. That being said I don't understand bronys except when it comes to Midnight Dash as she is clearly 6000 years old unlike the rest of them who are like 7 at most. Midnight Dash is clearly the superior waifu and I modded a map painting game so that I can have her rule the world and live vicariously through my Goddess Pony.
This ended up being more Chris-Chan than I intended.

No. 1487889

I wanna fuck the green one

No. 1487908

Foids really expect us to wash our asses and cock and balls and maintain our personal hygiene and dress presentably (there is absolutely nothing wrong with years old graphic tshirts with permanent stains and cargo shorts) and NOT TROON OUT? TOP KEK. They're so retarded. Women really are like children if they don't realize the the taking care of yourself and putting effort into your appearance to tranny pipeline. Fucking clueless skirts. You want me to put on a button up and cologne? I may as well change my name to Alice, wear programmer socks, and go on titty skittles. Men are supposed to be fugly abominations. Being an attractive man is literally against the tenets of manhood.

No. 1487929

I swear this guy looks exactly like the teacher from my school who got caught having an affair with one of the students

No. 1487936

Some of you nonas are absolute comedic geniuses. I swear I've seen some of these exact posts from 4chan and reddit.

No. 1487944

kek same, I thought this thread was going to be shit but I'm genuinely busting my sides laughing at it

No. 1487955

Something about how 13 year old girls smell is different and way more alluring than the way a legal "adult" woman smells. Mmm if only I were still allowed within 15 yards of a school.

No. 1487964

File: 1675281621088.jpg (226.4 KB, 1080x738, Screenshot_20230201_195904.jpg)

ot but reminds me of this real tweet from a uk conservetive party candidate

No. 1487965

Women be like porn is bad because revenge porn and trafficking, bitch please. It's bad because it causes erectile dysfunction and the whore pornstars deserve no sympathy. They get paid tons to suck dick and I did that many times for free in my fraternity.
Day 4 nofap and I keep jizzing randomly even though I'm soft. I think women are picking up on my pure energy. I cried today because I miss jerking off. I miss Riley Reid, Mia Khalifa, Lana Rhoades, and Trisha Paytas. I miss them more than I miss my beloved nana (RIP) today my wife asked me what was wrong and I told her and she said that it's unhealthy for me to be so attached to them, I told her maybe if she had sex with me more than just once a night I wouldn't need to jerk off to beautiful sexy women that I feel more attached to than her and then she started crying. that turned me on so we made up and had sex. After we had sex, I had post nut clarity and then I felt like she had an ogre body. And a gargoyle face. I can't believe I live in the same house as this bitch, so disgusting. Anyone else wanna stab their wife?

No. 1487970

Me (35M) and my fiancé (19F) have just moved together after two weeks of dating and I'm already sick of her. I told her that she could move in with me because driving all the way to her apartment around 0,3 miles from mine was exhausting, made me miss so many gaming sessions and discord voicechats wasting all that time in my car. So anyway, I thought she would be serving me drinks and food while I was on multiplayer but instead she spends all her time working her two jobs because I had to quit mine due to pursuing a career as a future e-sports star or a streamer.

So we haven't had sex in three days because of this and as a man with a very high sex drive this could actually potentially be classified as spousal abuse. So one time she came home after her third shift and just like that, she passed out on the couch from exhaustion. I finally took my chances and had sex with her as she was laying there. She woke up in the middle of it and got mad, now she hasn't spoken to me since and accuses me of rape. I'm really hurt about this and tried to explain that men need to have sex to prevent themselves from going on a killing spree and as we're engaged she's automatically consenting no matter what circumstances. I don't know what to do other than to ignore her and keep focusing on my professional gaming career. Am I the asshole?

No. 1487980

Pedophilia aside
>conservative party
>usa flag emoji

No. 1488020

File: 1675285260059.jpg (35.16 KB, 263x280, Screenshot_20230131-204455_You…)

No. 1488031

I didn't read the OP and was seething while reading the posts thinking we had a moid invasion.

No. 1488334

pickup artist voice
…so anyway, women have literal dog brains and will always follow you once they've imprinted on you. If she starts to question you then you just gotta trade her in for a younger model, the feminism got to her.

Why does nobody compliment men? We roll out of bed and put on ragged jeans and cum stained hoodies and nobody even looks at us. I'm sorry bro, you're not an asshole I promise. Feminists need to just stop expecting anything from us men.

No. 1488902

Right? They always have an answer for different types of porn too. Verified couples?
>They're exploiting themselves.
>All of them look like kids!
Western animation
>Her poor back, where are her organs?!
Furry porn
>Eww you're a furry?
Meanwhile they they flick the bean to fanfiction but it's ok because because reading about some dagger chinned spider handed faggots kissing is totally different.

No. 1488915

File: 1675365847091.png (19.24 KB, 657x527, 1634472880226.png)

Yeah I have only been complimented by a female once. She told my I have a nice hair. I tried making a move on her and of course the cunt had a BOYFRIEND. Like even if they compliment us it is fake??

No. 1488916

File: 1675365963213.jpeg (21.56 KB, 648x680, Fnw9BGDXgAMIxSg.jpeg)

I fucked up today bros. I asked my buddy who's his waifu and he fucking said my waifu. I left the call and ripped off all her limbs and smashed all her faceplates for being such a cheating bitch. A couple hours later, I regretted ruining my favorite bishoujo doll of her but my heart is broken

No. 1488922

bro vid related is some real PUA tactics from a pro. Watch and learn

No. 1488956

Dude fr. If you compliment me then there's the pussy you bitch? I acted nice and even asked her out politely but she would not have sex with me, then what's the point? Feminism is ruining women, they're more emotional and will freak out and become catty if you reject them while men take rejection all the time and are supposed to take it.
Looks at statistics saying the complete opposite
A few chads getting aggressive and violently raping their girlfriend doesn't mean all men are like that. You never hear this happening with loser quiet guys. Women just hear "yes" a lot more.
Serial killers are often losers who want revenge and then kill themselves
Feminism is ruining women! They had it coming, mothers can't do their job and the boys just needed to be listened to. If they had girlfriends who gave them pussy these things wouldn't happen.

No. 1488958

File: 1675368104191.jpg (328.93 KB, 1742x1450, 06f.jpg)

i truly believe that the matrix is behind great men like andrew taint and sneako theyve only spoken truth about women, they claim that assaults' against women is high because men are animals but dont say anything to the women wearing a skimpy tshirt and jeans at night, i truly believe theres a world order whos trying to take down these brave men

No. 1488959

File: 1675368141543.png (61.64 KB, 243x206, d.png)

Why do those whorish white women not like me, is it cause my skinny fat manboobs are bigger then their scrawny bodies, by Allah they deserve to be "punished" and its morally correct as allowed by the Holy prophet to rape kafir women

No. 1488962

File: 1675368260682.jpg (78.69 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

thats because youre a sunni muslim if you were wahabi like the superior muslim arab you wouldve gotten a harem of wives at your service

No. 1488967

File: 1675368458235.jpg (29.34 KB, 800x450, Sects-in-Islam-Final2.jpg)

breaking the larp for a second, but wahabis are part of the sunni sect

No. 1488969

Women should like “dadbods” bro you just wait til you hit 35! All the fertile 18 year old babes will be throwing themselves at you. Just follow a bunch of 14-16 year old girls on Instagram and that’ll let them know you’re a chad who is sexually available to that generation. They will notice bro.

No. 1488971

Andrew tate and Elon musk are being hunted by the government shadow GOONS rn for no reason besides being TOO masculine.

No. 1488976

I have no interaction with women in real life so I just sit at home and consume 20 hours of BBC cuckhold porn every day, let me tell you about how all women are used up whores who only want black pp and its all the jews fault!

No. 1488981

no thanks brother, saving myself for marriage to a blonde, ghori(white woman) who converted to Islam and is willing to be my personal maidwife, also 18 is too old for me

No. 1488996

File: 1675369597972.jpg (72.72 KB, 540x536, 69b3b9_f97c2228_540.jpg)

Do I mog you? Be honest

No. 1488998

Hey bros can I get some help with my relationship problem? So my gf is like a hysterical BPD bitch who gets mad when I hurt her feelings and this really pisses me off. Like, she just wants to be mad at me and she enjoys being miserable so she will pick dumb reasons to get mad like when she catches me checking out teenage girls asses in the supermarket (as a man of course I can not help but stare at a fertile behind). So basically I didn't even do anything wrong and she just becomes super mad out of nowhere and I tell her that her feelings are stupid and illogical and she is still mad?? Like bro wtf? I already tried screaming and throwing things at her and that didn't help either.

No. 1489002

Same bro I'm a 5'5 white chad and the girl I saw next to be was trying to tell me something when her big black boyfriend came up. It's over. Years of feminism, SJW and cuckholdry will end the white race.

No. 1489007

Hmm bros my wife is pregnant with our first child… should I start transitioning now or after I trap her with a few more?

No. 1489009

Say what you want about Women beaters and murderers, but they always have wives and girlfriends.

No. 1489012

Bro, you don't even know, it is so over. I saw Tyrone today, and he looked at me, and I just knew he was going to steal my girlfriend. All I have now is interracial porn and tears.

Over before it even began. I'm going to spam slurs now.

No. 1489017

Women are such whores it's unreal, like they come out of the womb and straight onto the cock caroussell, they will literally fuck any man all day long and yet I am still a virgin this just doesn't make sense. Like I see women being sluts all day in my pornos and yet when I ask my step sister if she wants to suck my dick she says "Ew no get away from me you freak" Like wtf? I know that whore has had at least 7000 dicks inside her so whats one more right? Anyways, how do I find a virgin pre-teen trad gf?

No. 1489021

Wait til the kid is 5, and then get him to transition too. That way she’ll look like a total bigot Karen when she is in court fighting for custody of the kid.

No. 1489030

Guys I am 45, live at home, have no job, am a serious alcoholic and I am basically too depressed to do anything but jerk off and scroll 4chan all day. What do I do to get the 10/10 qt trad virgin aryan mommydom tomboy gf that I deserve? How do I meet women age 14-16 that havent been spoiled by feminism yet?

No. 1489044

After reading this message, your LIFE will be changed forever. Alea iacta est. YOU will be crossing the RUBICON. The farmers of life have taken over the STATE BY MILKING YOUR SONS AND BROTHERS. The first cause of death in the world isn't cardiovasocullar diseases. The first cause of death in the WORLD is death-grip syndrome, aggressive and recurrement male masturbation. Masturbation is the wasting of bodily fluids. By practicing oral masturbation, you will replenenish bodily fluids and level your testosterone. The gay agenda is shaming you into rejecting LIFE ITSELF. Homosexuality is a psyop to SHAME MEN. Consuming cum is natural. Greeks and Romans, FOUNDERS OF CIVILIZATION, knew the truth. Cumming into young men was a way of rising their testosoterone. That's how deep and real relationships between master and students are developed. Testosterone is best taken anally. CIVILIZATION IS COLLAPSING BECAUSE WE ARE MADE FEMINININE BY THE FARMERS OF LIFE. Feminism wants you to believe that love between men is homsoexual but you have been LIED TO. MASTURBATION between TWO MEN IS THE PUREST FORM OF MASCULINITY. Women only purpose is to bear children, not to rejoice in the CUM. CUM MUST BE KEEP MASCULINE. CUM IS MASCULINITY. IT CAN ONLY BE SHARED BETWEEN MEN. Casual sex is masculinizing women. Porn is killing men. If you are pale, uncelan and irreducibly consuming porn, you are already half-dead. PORN IS the gateway to DEATH!

No. 1489048

Oh shit I jerked off to this pic and only noticed the face when I was done. It is not gay right bros? If you just look at the tits it is kinda like dick girls which are 100 % straight and better than roasties. Right bros?

No. 1489050

This song is just roasties seething that my boipussy will always be prime (once the docs do yet another revision and fix the fistula that's leaking fecal nuggets UGH)

No. 1489051

It's not gay because it looks to be a Japanese man which means your act is very straight and possibly even honorable. Japan is a perfect ethnostate BTW I'm moving there as soon as my moms dementia progresses and she gives me all her life savings.

No. 1489054

File: 1675374076214.png (97.43 KB, 190x309, 1665056681693506.png)

UWOOOOOH ;_; ;_; CUNNY ;_; ;_;

I can't fucking do this, I hate moids.

No. 1489057

It’s not gay if you’re an egg, sis. This is how I found out I was a kinky little dickgirl.

No. 1489060

Glownigger detected! Jk tho we need to keep posting drawings of children to save the white race also does anyone need funds and encouragement to commit a mass shooting maybe?

No. 1489065

File: 1675374668645.jpg (36.93 KB, 780x439, FeSqms-UAAYjBnp.jpg)

Bro, normalfags have such bad opsec. I have spent 10 years in the dedicated jewish discord server for trolling Chris Chan and I am a moderator of his kiwifarms board. I have doxxed Bella Janke WHILE jacking off to her big fat tits and at the side I pretend to be a cool wine mom and have my own mean girls clique but that's not gay or anything, I don't plan on transitioning, it's just to lead them off my trail.

No. 1489066

GUYS! I Owned the foids on LC. They banned me for posting one picture of a foid. Women are so fragile. kek. I hope my mom makes me hot chocolate tonight and kisses me to sleep because she is the only woman who will ever love me because I'm such a chad, rotting on his computer's chair. kek.

No. 1489068

Is your mom hot? Pls post her tits, she sounds like a MILF. My mom is a cunt who is never around to tell me what a great boy I am cause she works two jobs to support me cause I have depression from being a virgin.

No. 1489073

No way fag, cumming is the most cucked act a man can do. You just produce x chromosome spermoids who LEAVE you. That's why I eat testostestrong every day and focus my energy on being a pro fortnite streamer.

No. 1489075


No. 1489086


No. 1489089


No. 1489095

File: 1675377434792.gif (318.57 KB, 498x498, imposter-sus.gif)


Now excuse me Ladies, I have to sus on /g/ and /m/

No. 1489099

Ye is my president and Nick Fuentes is my hero. Also I hate black people and mexicans. America first!

No. 1489104

All women want babies or whatever bullshit null ranted about that one time

No. 1489105

File: 1675378271035.png (176.63 KB, 468x536, chad.png)

would with my eyes closed

No. 1489111

File: 1675378756078.jpeg (3.03 MB, 4032x2268, 5brhBQJ.jpeg)

Rate my setup. My pan has a GeForce RTX 4090 with a Noctua NF-S12B redux-1200. My spatula is a Intel Core i9-13900K. I cooked a Pattyware 34 QD-OLED (AW3423DW) in 8K.

No. 1489126

i'm norwooding bros… how over is it for me? any advice?

No. 1489128

bros my bitchy mom has been yelling at me for collecting lewd loli figures and doujins, what do? I tried explaining to her the lore of the loli moe idol girl harem erogames series and how they're all actually 100 years old succubus but she told me to get a job and threatened to kick me out. I'm only 35, I should be enjoying my youth not wageslaving away. roasties just don't understand glorious redpilled japanese art, they have no culture. loli erogames are very profound and meaningful and evoke strong emotions, you need to be smart and cultured to understand the deeper meanings. these holes are just jealous they will never be as cute and desirable as my 2D loli waifus. also I just spent my latest neetbux on a waifu pillow and a bunch of loli doujins, I bet all the bpd egirls reading this post are seething that they will never have a desirable redpilled chad with lots of neetbux like me. too bad I'm mgtow and will never fall for the tricks of the 3DPD. anyways can't wait to spend next months neetbux to replenish my stash of cheetos and mountain dew, cooking using fresh vegetables and fruits is a government psyop - I learned that on /pol/ today. oh yeah cleaning your room is another psyop bros. leaving half eaten food and trash everywhere along with never washing your sheets gets your body used to different bacteria and builds immunity. you will live a long healthy life doing this, I saw it on an infographic in /pol/ so it must be the truth

No. 1489132

Why are women always naked? Everytime i log onto the internet i always see some femoid slut with her tits outs or slurping on some dick. I can't remember the last time i haven't seen a woman who was wholesome and wanted a traditional family. I don't understand why those feminists whores keep complaining about women getting called whores when every single woman nowadays dreams of getting railed by 50 black guys and has an onlyfans. They are just mad that nobody wants to subscribe to their onlyfans because they are fat.

No. 1489148

women are shallow talentless emotionless whores. anyway i'm gonna go sit on my unwashed ass play modern warfare and hurl slurs at the television screen like an actual fucking child. having a deeper thought? developing interests in things besides consoomerist funko pop marvel dog water? that's for women. those brainless uncultured sluts. gotta get back to drinking nothing but energy drinks and eating like a 12 y/o while forcing my bitch gf to be my mom, bbl.

No. 1489167

Bros help me out… idk what's worse women not having children and ruining the west or women having kids which is obviously using men as betabux…

Single motherhood is a cancer. Also, any man that marries and dedicates his life to a femoid and her spawn is a retarded simp mealticket wageslave.

In any case, you should both spread your seed but also protect it from semen stealing witches.

No. 1489168

Wonder how many of these posts in this thread (and LC in general) are from actual moids, posting in a kind of NLOB attempt to make themselves feel better than other moids. “At least I’m not THAT bad haha right nonnies?”

No. 1489188

bros, I'm thinking of leaving my bitch girlfriend after finding the girl of my dreams on a Japanese dating app. My new waifu is so much fucking hotter and cuter than her anyway, and acts like a real woman. She always tells me she loves big strong American men, and that all Japanese men are soyboys! She always send me nudes, but for some reason she always looks different in them… I'm guessing it's just the angles and lighting. She doesn't work like a good trad woman should and so is always short on money. I already payed her hundreds of dollars so she can afford her things, but I didn't think it was so expensive in Japan. In any case, I am prepared to pay for everything like a real man who provides should. I already payed for her plane tickets and broke up with my-ex hog of a girlfriend, to make her know that I am committed to her. I'm finally getting the submissive tight waifu of my dreams ~~

No. 1489194

it's so blackpilling to think about how foids will never understand my machiavellian ways… sigh, bros…

No. 1489197

Depends on whether or not you're white tbh

No. 1489202

[a short ugly man with a beard walks across the factory floor]
All the females working are probably so impressed with my swagger and in your face vulgar comments. I should walk around swinging my shoulders to emphasise my short stature to get all the girlies wet

No. 1489204

My dumb cunt girlfriend started crying because I punched a hole in the wall. Idk what her problem is she should be grateful she wasn't the one who got hit
Dumb roastie keeps reeeing about how I need to work on my "anger (((issues)))" but I know it's just some jew psyop she read on twitter that tries to demasculate men and turn us into limp-dicked simps. It's like she thinks I'm not good enough for her KEK. She doesn't know she's actually the one on thin ice since a qt 3.14 10/10 big tittied 18 year old co-worker is all over me lmao

No. 1489217

bros, I am so upset that Taint got locked up. He should be free and continue being a member of society because he's innocent, and the Romanian government knows it too, they're just putting him in prison because they're just NATO matrix agents. Romania is a gynocentric society where the women dominate men. All those whores around Taint did it because they wanted to and were getting paid, and even if they weren't they deserve what happened to them, because Taint is a legend. He tells me to think for myself and pay for his courses so I can learn about how I can become an independent free thinking man and escape the matrix. I made a presentation about it for my English class, and my bitch teacher told me it barely fit the criteria of the assignment, and she fucking failed me bros. When we had a meeting after class about it I told that cunt that she had no right teaching me or other young men because we are by default better than her. She's just too dumb to teach young men like us, bros. The school system is failing us because most teachers are women, and women are dumb as shit bros. It was a system designed to favor women over men, which is why girls can read better! If books weren't so feminist, more men would read! What the fuck is A Call to Arms? Some gynocentric feminist bullshit? I'd rather read Top G's thoughts on women and society. That way, I can end up just like him.

No. 1489218

I feel like it's only a matter of time until moids find this thread and mistake it as serious. I see this thread as a ticking time bomb, and it's getting close to exploding already. There was a post ITT complaining about being banned from lolcow with a porny pic of a naked crying woman. it deleted by farmhands so it was probably a moid. This thread is dangerously close to crossing the line between ironic moidposts and actual moids posting. I really do hope farmhands lock it

No. 1489221

File: 1675387544971.jpeg (6.81 KB, 168x300, images (1).jpeg)

I don't consider ugly women people. If she does not have
>at least C cup titties
>18inch waist
>48inch ass diameter
>5'6" under (anything taller is a man)
>Hair past shoulders
>face like picrel
She's a total dog, bro! You should totally fuck her but treat her like garbage.

No. 1489222

Alright waifuchads I'm finally moving to Japan. I'm sick of being cucked by western ideology trying to keep us white men down. Japan is the model society every nation should strive towards. A nation proud of their ethnicity and they keep those feminazis in their place. It's great that I'll finally be in a country that knows the reasonable age of consent. I'm not sure where to meet women though, whenever I tried dating apps in the west foid bitches never swiped on me and when I tried to pick them up while they were working at the cashier they never gave me their number and called security on me. Feminism ruined those western bitches. Fortunately Japanese women are all submissive and will do whatever men want plus they are all qt unlike western foids who hit the wall at 18. I'm gonna head to the maid cafes or go to a bunch of idol events so when my cute young waifu sees me, glorious white man, ask for a handshake they'll fall in love with me. Anyway bros, if you see this you gotta get out of the west who is constantly pushing propaganda against us and move to based Japan.

No. 1489223

Who is your pic? She's sexy

No. 1489228

That's Lolly Jailbates, hottest porn star ever

No. 1489230

I'm OP and I regretted making it and I'm surprised its not locked after the gore flood yesterday. It's so funny but moids like to ruin everything so wouldn't be surprised if they got extra bootytickled and raided this thread specifically to ebically ~own~ us.

No. 1489234

File: 1675389010437.jpg (45.7 KB, 564x564, ragdoll.jpg)

"You're going to die alone and your cat will eat you."

(moids are dumb dumb)

No. 1489244

dying next to kitties>dying in a miserable marriage with a sexual deviant who watches degenerate incest porn and is likely to kill you.
It's so hard being a man, nobody ever compliments you, females like to complain about cataloging but I wish my looks were complimented from across the street. Life on easy mode. Amirite bros?

No. 1489246

I know man, I gotta lookmaxx or be beta bux for the bitches. Why can't they love my fatass?

No. 1489248

(laughing my ass off right now, nonnie)

No. 1489268

I can't fucking believe women have the gall to make fun of men's interior decorating when all they do is hang up LIVE LAUGH LOVE, put down a plant, hang up personal photos, and coordinate with more than 2 colors as if they aren't all copying one another. Don't they see the memes about how messy women's rooms are? Pushes away stack of empty pizza boxes

No. 1489280

Hold on, the pic posted wasn't just a porny pic, it was literally a screencap of this woman crying after having deepfake porn made of her https://twitter.com/itsybitsyspicyy/status/1620187503725789185 The pic was of her crying face photoshopped onto someone's naked body. Fucking disgusting, this thread is just attracting flies

No. 1489287

Don't regret it. Moids are bullies. We shouldn't let them push us around on our image board. They can go crawling back to 4chan or pedochan.

No. 1489292

All i know for sure is that there are too many white bitches fucking black guys and marrying Indian tech workers. The race mixing is ruining western society! Every white woman i meet nowadays is has a worn out pussy and lose their virginities at 10 years old. I hope the libs enjoy their high crime rates!

This bitch used to go to my high school and she fucked every guy including the janitor. I heard she is fat now, this picture was from 2 weeks ago.

No. 1489294

Don't worry, they would have posted gore no matter what. This is a really fun thread and it's really made me laugh, good work. I think it would be fun to have more larp threads in general, idk if other anons would find that too cringey though.

No. 1489300

File: 1675398072855.png (573.99 KB, 595x600, deception.PNG)

this is why you have to take girls swimming on a first date, she doesn't even look like the same person

No. 1489301

I would agree but I don’t see any makeup in either pic. On the left is just what a beautiful NATURAL traditional girl looks like in her teens and old hags are mad they don’t look like that anymore after hitting the wall at 20 and being used up. Maybe at most she has mascara on but I’m sure she could be convinced to give it up as self respect.

No. 1489303

This is why I’m never having a daughter. She will just grow up to be another whore in Tyrone’s harem getting pounded in the a** every night by his huge sexy BBC while his masculine ebony ballsack swings to and fro like a delicious bag of chocolate marbles. Not that I am into dicks or anything. I hate faggots.

No. 1489304

(OMFG nonnie, I'm dying)

No. 1489314

That's no girl, that's an old ass hag. Look at her mouth corner fold and her skin holes.

No. 1489335

Women only go for the top 20% of guys. I hate those Chad-chasing whores. Anyways, women hit the wall at 22. Every guy knows only 18-22 year olds, less than 20% of the adult population, are attractive.

No. 1489336

Some of you are way too convincing, lmfao

No. 1489344

Bro black men are deviants do you wanna see some videos of them twerking I have saved on my phone?

No. 1489346

>I think it would be fun to have more larp threads in general, idk if other anons would find that too cringey though
Nta but there used to be a lc hotel thread and a lc nightclub thread where nonnas larped as cows, celebrities, basically anyone and those were pretty fun

No. 1489347

>Larped as cows
Oh god that'd be a bloodbath nowadays.

No. 1489350

How come

No. 1489367

gohris(white woman) aur chiini(chinese woman) truly are the perfect to convert, allah will truly bless me for converting so many kafir women

No. 1489373

So true brother, you are blackpilled. After watching 9000 hours of interracial gangbangs I have deduced that all women are racetraiter whores who love BBC the mostest. Once I had to go to the store to buy some things I didnt want my mom to know about and I saw some white hole walk around with a white man and a bunch of white 3D lolis and shotas and I was like "wtf???" Must be her step brother cause I saw that in a video once as well.

No. 1489405

Never get married bros. My bitch of a wife nags me all day long cause some stuff needs to be repaired around the house and I told her not to hire someone to do it because I am a real man and I will do it myself, so every day she reminds me I still havent fixed that hole in the roof and that it keeps dripping water and she has to empty 20 buckets a day and also the front door is still broken from when I bashed it in after coming home drunk that night. But like, I will get to it in my own time okay???!! Like bitch do you even know that you can't pause a DOTA game in the middle? Like I will do it tomorrow for sure. Ugh.

No. 1489409

Btw I am not violent or abusive or anything I just smashed the door in cause my favorite football team lost the cup. Foids will never understand that pain.

No. 1489430

File: 1675414741879.jpeg (49.56 KB, 294x500, 37685840-A211-4F1C-8169-757E8E…)

Lmao all you roasties are just mad that trans women are more feminine than you. It probably hurts you so bad that I’m out here fucking several schizo trannies and you’re just at home with your cats.

No. 1489431

File: 1675414896010.jpeg (47.73 KB, 645x773, 33F99DD1-4528-4167-8524-E539ED…)

No. 1489444

Whoa that's sexy, this doesn't make me gay right? The custom leather interior pussy is way better than a foid.

No. 1489460

Gyms these days are complete shit. Every time I go in to get my reps in, there's some retarded roastie with those stupid scrunchy butt leggings and a bra on at the step machine or treadmill. There's also about a 30% chance she's talking with her placeholder hamplanet becky friend (who usually dresses in gym shorts and a oversized tee since they can't be fucked to dress properly) about diet plans or which black guy they'd like to fuck at college. After 15 minutes of gingerly walking at a pace my grandmother could outrun, they usually sit on the weight bench taking photos of themselves or texting Chad for about 45 minutes. They dont seem to be self-aware enough that people actually use those. I can't even finish my no-barbells deadlift since it requires lots of concentration for me because these whores are prancing around the gym.
Anyways, does consuming semen raise T?

No. 1489481

File: 1675425411259.jpg (1.28 MB, 1580x2063, 1675260854181632.jpg)

>start talking to this girl in my lit course
>she's a huge fantasy autist, massive tolkien collection
>loves nature and animals and hiking
>taking a philosophy class as well
>seems based to me
>send her some reading recs off the tedcore essential chart
>she calls me cringe and asks if i'm serious
>i'm kind of caught off guard by her blunt response
>tell her i think she'd enjoy my recs since she loves tolkien
>she asks what tolkien has to do with "any of that incel manifesto stuff"
>i redpill her on why LOTR is an ecologist critique against industrial civilization and progressivism and how based ecofash chads like ted and linkola are tolkien's spiritual successors
>i get ghosted, we stop talking, she starts ignoring me at school
why are women like this bros? this whole encounter has led me to believe women are ultimately unable to comprehend the underlying themes of tolkien's works. no matter how much they get into it, they will only perceive the most surface level concepts like "friendship" and "hope", completely incapable of any deeper philosophical reflection. i bet she's also one of those yaoi fangirls who think sam and frodo are gay. it's usually the only reason girls even get into tolkien. did modern society and feminism cause women to be this shallow and dumb, or can they simply not read or think on the same level as men?

No. 1489484

OT but Tolkein famously despised any sort of philosophical/pretentious over analysis of his works

No. 1489494


No. 1489496

Long story short:

I was tired of living in this cucked leftist western shithole so I decided to move to Japan. I love Japan because it is a honorary white ethnostate with no niggers allowed and women are submissive and cute.

So when I moved there I had to get a job to get a visa and only job available was assistant english teacher at Peppy Kids Club. Job fucking sucks because I don't even get to teach, I am more of a mascot there, having to sing and dance to that baby shark song. Pay is also shit, way below average.

So I figured out I was gonna find a better job soon so I focused on finding a wife. All these bitches acted nice and polite to me but would run off for no reason at all? Also I do not speak their ching chong language, they all say they want to learn english anyway.

Anyways managed to find wife through tinder. She said she wanted to marry right away and have "hafu" baby. Perfect! So we had sex and got married day after. But then she turned out to be crazy. She started demanding for me to get a better job. Not only that, she beats me up every day and threathens to kill herself if I complain. We never have sex because after she got pregnant and had her "hafu" son.
I can't even see my son because I have to work overtime until 10 PM at Peppy Kids Club. Also no luck in finding new job because nobody wants to hire me since I don't speak their ching chong language.

TL;DR Moved to superior Japan, now I am working a dead end job and wife beats me up every day and calls me a failure. At least there is no feminism and blacks around.

No. 1489499

You should have asked her if she knows the name of Lovecrafts cat, she probably wouldn't tho cause shes only a dumb hole.

No. 1489503

I had a similar experience but I went to Thailand to find my submissive trad waifu cause they are more poor and desperate there than in Japan (rookie mistake broski). Thailand is so incredibly based because all the women see a white Chad walk down the street and basically immediately offer me sex the way women are supposed to do. So I picked out the cutest cutie and also married her right away so we can have sex (she is catholic and trad as fuck and so am I so no sex before marriage, no hymen no diamond). We have been trying to have a baby for a while now but no matter how many times I creampie her she isn't getting pregnant so I'm thinking maybe she lied about her age and is already over 20 aka infertile empty egg carton?? Her penis is also bigger than mine which makes me a little insecure.

No. 1489508

File: 1675431558592.jpg (13.51 KB, 225x225, 1675333362523103.jpg)

>be me, 35 year old, 5'5, 90lb, blue eyed aryan chad
>hairline only receding a little bit
>somehow don't have a gf despite complimenting bitches asses on Tiktok every day they don't answer my DMs
>western women are totally ruined by social media
>pay for online course to teach me how to approach cutiepies in real life
>learn that all women are shallow whores that only want to fuck Tyrone and if I want to have a shot as a white man I need to be mega rich
>go on /biz/ to get financial advice since everyone irl just tells me to get a job (lmao yeah right like I'm gonna be a wagie like them)
>this anon is an insider and tells me to buy AnimeFeet Coin, it's gonna moon
>today is my day bros
>take out a loan of $100,000 with my bank and invest everything into AnimeFeet Coin
>already imagining my new life with my 10/10 hot asian waifu who lets me do anal every day
>AnimeFeet Coin crashes
>it was a rugpull

Anyways, anyone know any fast and painless ways to commit suicide?

No. 1489509

No. 1489514

File: 1675433386720.png (44.29 KB, 657x657, e07b20ffd67e495e5f6325dd395d0a…)

>be me, 28yo kissless virgin
>go to the same coffee shop every day cause the waitress there looks like my favorite Overwatch character (idk the name cause I don't play the game only watch the porn, it's the bitch with the snowsuit)
>sit there every day fantasizing about what her farts smell like and what her feet taste like, probably delicious
>she is always really nice to me and calls me sweetie, honey etc and sometimes gives me extra syrup with my pancakes
>she wants me
>this is my chance to lose my virginity so I decide to ask her out
>You have really nice feet, maybe I can buy you some sandals someday, mommy?
>realize I accidentally called her mommy cause I have been staring at her mommy milkies the entire time
>she says "sure sweetie I just have to get my things out of the back"
>can't believe my luck, I knew she wanted me
>after 10 minutes some big guy walks up to me and tells me to leave and never come back
>tfw this bitch had a boyfriend the entire time she was flirting with me

I just hate women so god damn much they only want Chad.

No. 1489516

Neither of you did anything wrong except that you haven’t done mewing or negged women enough.

No. 1489521

Genuine question, is it gay if I "helped" one of my mates out once? We were camping and he'd broken up with his ex (she was a fucking bitch and wouldn't let him watch porn) and we were both horny. We're both straight but this one night was kinda different.

No. 1489525

It's not gay if it's your bro and you're both straight (bisexuality doesn't exist) me and my bros exchange brojobs all the time.

No. 1489538

No homo

No. 1489588

Looking at these posts makes me think that creating a moidspeaking bot would be relatively easy and even believable.

No. 1489619

Only Chads gets three wives, cucks get none, brother. I should thank you, your post made my third wife Fatima laugh so hard she might not even beg me to buy her stupid shit today.

No. 1489654

Tom Brady has been making huge wins after divorcing that ugly bitch, but make no mistake FAMILY COURT will ruin him just like it ruins 100 000 other innocent American males.

No. 1489661

Wow the vent thread really shows how much feeemales love to complain about their non issues. What do you have to complain about when you can go out and bang someone any time you want. Some of us don't have that luxury. Some of us have to put on a false charm and systematically manipulate someone into sleeping with or dating us. Do you know how tiring that is? Must be nice being a female and just complaining about being abused all day long. I bet you secretly love it. Otherwise you'd be giving nice guys a chance.

No. 1489675

Holy shit nonnas, these posts are so in point its both hilarious and eerie. xyoids are truly inferior beings, great thread.

No. 1489676

nlobs are a total thing, look out for them anons. If a post sounds like a moid its probably a moid escaped from his shithole containment websites.

No. 1489677

meant to reply to >>1489168, im dumb

No. 1489678

R u a girl? Pls post bobs & vagene

No. 1489679

holy kek anon

No. 1489680

I honestly think the unfunny ones that are just extreme without being ironic are just scrotes thinking they're better than other y havers because male comedy lacks so much self awareness.

No. 1489692

Like yeah I cheated on my wife and every girlfriend I’ve ever had, but at least I’m not one of those 4chan incels haha amirite?

No. 1489696

File: 1675444956844.png (Spoiler Image, 360.1 KB, 679x377, 1632404585833.png)

>female (((abuse)))
Good job falling for glowie memes, if anything it's the feminazi roasties abusing us. The average first world white woman is pretty much on top of the social hierarchy and even if they weren't they would probably enjoy the (((abuse))). Crime statistics don't count being a psycho cunt as abuse, which is why they aren't dominating them.

No. 1489724

Started at 150/350 cum. T was in the 80s and milking just barely out of range. Threw in AC (anal cum) at the end for 5 weeks I never bothered increasing cum. It was working just fine.

TL:DR Before & After

No. 1489728

I fucking hate this meme,moids are disgusting

No. 1489732

No. 1489751

If you'd post this for one week on 4chan, there'd be a group of moyds who seriously start believing it.

No. 1490089

I always say sorry to my gf when we fight because she always makes me the bad guy and even if she apologizes to me she somehow expects me to do the same? Why do women hate being wrong? She always tells me this annoying shit about me hurting her feefees and disrespecting her just because I ignore it when she asks me to clean the dishes with soap.

No. 1490122

File: 1675481107274.jpg (149.31 KB, 1024x768, 1656001037560.jpg)

I just about finished with my mancave! Managed to put this together just before the new homeowners arrive tomorrow, really can't wait to live with them and see them every night when I go up to grab some snacks, dirty panties and socks. They have a mega hot daughter that goes to my old school and she's just my type! I heard that she's trying out for the cheerleading team from her mom, who's alright looking but she's one those better suited in the kitchen if you know what I mean. How should I get the girl to like me? Should like make a card with some hand-drawn cars and say that I like her? or should I wait until she's fully settled upstairs before talking to her? I could see myself waking her up from a nightmare like her shining knight in armour in the middle of the night while her parents are in their bedroom sleeping. I want to talk to her without her parents knowing since they think I moved out a few days ago and I don't want my efforts to go to waste.

No. 1490129

File: 1675481475595.webm (3.68 MB, 512x638, midwest emojak.webm)

heckin foid at my work bragged about her tinder matches and guess what. 100 matches in a week. the west has fallen. it's over.

No. 1490138

>even if she apologizes to me she somehow expects me to do the same?
this is straight up abuse

No. 1490177

Hello fellow nona, just so you know not everyone who disagrees with you is a moid, nonny. Actually, you sound like the tranny here. I'm really tired of radfems shitting up lolcow, did you know this website was created by a man and that moids weren't always forbidden from posting? Not saying that it should be lifted, but not wanting moids here is newfag radblr reddit twitter radfem behavior that we as a website really don't need. Don't forget that this is not a woman-only website but a drama board. Nearly every conversation gets derailed by radfems nowadays, just like now. I'm tired about reading about moids everywhere, so maybe we should just tone it down and shut up about it nonie.

No. 1490474

Never apologize to a woman. Women are like dogs so you never reward their bad behavior (being upset with you) by apologizing because otherwise they will learn to be more upset more often! This is what my redpill sensei taught me. Instead you should just gaslight her into thinking she is overly sensitive and insecure and that her feelings are wrong and don't matter. Whenever she criticizes you, get mad as hell and punch holes in the walls so she learns not to be mad.

No. 1490991

File: 1675549136858.jpg (72.79 KB, 449x500, Naughty_kirk.jpg)

Foids keep telling me I'm gay, just because I talk about dicks and joke about having sex with my friends on Discord. Just because I write "you gonna post cock or what" or "you gonna let me suck your cock already" doesn't mean I'm gay, come on

No. 1491013

I would like to thank my black brothers in Christ for inventing basketball shorts because without them (and my XXL Limp Bizkit shirt), I'd be homosexual

No. 1491026

File: 1675551314503.png (110.5 KB, 615x300, mackenzie-foy-interpretou-rene…)

she hit the wall hard

No. 1491036

Anons, I beg you to stop reporting posts here with the reason as “moid.” Read the room. You’re in the Larp as a Moid thread.

No. 1491043

>You’re in the Larp as a Moid thread.
Would it be possible for you guys to change the subject to the greentext? OP didn't do it and I think that's what confuses other people.

No. 1491072

This is hilarious
Dummy nonnas lmao

No. 1491203

I very strongly wish we could see which posts were reported

No. 1491269

File: 1675572019727.jpg (110.66 KB, 1121x1119, ee4.jpg)

>Tfw no farmer gf to humiliate me online

No. 1491322

for real, is that a troon ?

No. 1491404

Whenever I read about a woman teacher having sex with her underaged students I get so fucking mad. Men are always demonized as pedophiles and you can't even go to a kids playground and sit on the bench and watch them play without people assume you're there to snatch one of those litte morsels up. Yet women can be pedophiles all they want and nobody cares! But the thing that pisses me of the MOST about it is that none of my hot teachers ever molested me?!?! Like those boys are so lucky…

No. 1491428

Mad that a tranny looks better than you ever will, roastie?

No. 1491441

You're an homosexual man, if Hitler was alive he would execute you on sight

No. 1491444

Kek, I did this once because I was scrolling down /ot/ and didn't see which thread the last post was posted in. Easy mistake.

No. 1491466

File: 1675603625349.jpg (59.25 KB, 691x387, guitar.jpg)

Cool guitar, beautiful blues by a beautiful woman, what's not to love?

No. 1491470

Women aren't actually attracted to things they say they are attracted to. For example, no woman likes cute and pretty guys. They all secretly lust after ugly cavemen like me. I know this because as man everything I think should be true is what women actually think.

No. 1491478

Don't tell me you think that woman can actually play that guitar. Everybody knows women know nothing about music except for top 40 pop trash and gay boy bands who look like girls. If you ask that woman about Cream I bet she wouldn't even know who they are. Women need to get out of our music and stop pretending to like it for attention. Jimmy page is 1000x more beautiful and talented at guitar than that poser whore

No. 1491509

File: 1675607887986.jpg (72.88 KB, 576x1024, EkyPabFW0AE4_vS.jpg)

dream girl right there…yup.. Want to make her my wife and grow old together. got lots and lots in common..We like the same song

No. 1491588

File: 1675617098411.jpg (20.6 KB, 474x296, th-1549286270.jpg)

Today I was browsing pinterest in order to find new photos of women to objectify, and can you believe it someone had uploaded a photo of a female movie star SMOKING. Don't they know that I find smoking unsexy? Why are women doing things that turns me off and why were they doing it in history? Why would anyone upload a picture of it? I had to write a comment and complain about how beautiful women should NEVER smoke because kissing them tastes bad. I'm sure everyone found this very important imformation. Especially Lauren Bacall, I bet she would care supermuch about my opinion and stop smoking if she were still alive.

No. 1491596

Are you a faggot or something? Smoking is totally hot because it means the woman is a cool girl who doesn't give a FUCK, not like other foids who are all hoity toity and only eat salad and drink kale juice or whatever. Also it is sexy because it makes me think of my wiener being the cigarette and she's putting it in her mouth UNGA BUNGA!

No. 1491602

The problem with female pedos is that (unlike male pedos) they are grossly underreported, and if a victim does come forward, what happens? He is laughed at, told he was asking for it, that he secretly wanted it. Even accused of lying. Same for male victims of domestic abuse. Most of these cases never make to court. Women will NEVER understand what men go through

No. 1491604

The problem with female pedos is that they didn't target me. Bro I was horny in high school where were the lecherous female teachers who would whoop me with a ruler

No. 1491606

Bad satire
Good satire

No. 1491617

I sometimes let the strong milf teachers catch me doing something bad just for their attention and time

No. 1491618

>male victims of domestic abuse. Most of these cases never make to court.
Forreal. My ex wife slapped me in the face once, no one gave a fuck. But when I broke her wrists, nose, and beat her into a shivering bloody pulp suddenly the police wants to show up? Make it make sense, bros.

No. 1491625

Tbh any man that cries about female "rapists" is a loser faggot, if a woman had surprise sex with me I'd COOOOOOOM to the MOOOOOOON unless she was ugly, then I'd beat the shit out of her for raping me.

No. 1491636

Bros, my gf is upset cause I am in several discords where I share porn with my bros and we masturbate together while watching the same thing. She said this is gay and cringe. How do I explain to her that I can not fully enjoy my gooning session if I don't talk about how HOT the purrno I am watching is with my bros? It's not gay at all. Anyone want to add me on discord btw and join in my goonroom? Just search for my name "FartOnMyFace420".

No. 1491643

File: 1675621701470.jpeg (245.88 KB, 800x800, 1F2E3AC6-249A-4DA2-BFFF-6BB4CC…)

Any hole is a goal

No. 1491644

She probably got creampied right after by chad's mighty beautiful cock, like every foid. His testosterone fueled sixpack was probably drenched in sweat as he relentlessly pounded her. It's all those whores do. You look at any foids and you immediately have the image of chad's monster cock in your head. The redpill is very long and hard to swallow.

No. 1491646

Bro I thought I was the only one picturing that whore getting pounded by 21cm lonng black cocks and imagining them impregnating her every turn. That doesn't make me a fag right?

No. 1491650

File: 1675622285126.jpg (28.75 KB, 647x363, 85aa34ff25ad4bfb4189571fd72bd5…)

I was in the grocery store today girlmoding with my supercute dresses, and this fucking cunt kept staring at me with this annoying smirk on her face. It took all my humanly restraint not to grab her and punch her right in the face. I am a foot taller than her, I could have beaten her to a pulp if I wanted to. I swear to god these fucking cisbitches will never know our struggle. They already live life on easy mode when they can pass as woman all the time. Once my HRT starts kicking in, get laser therapy, tracheal shave, FFS, orchiectomy, vaginoplasty, height reduction surgery, breast implants, then I'll finally be the woman that I've always meant to be and I'll serve cunt better than all those other cisbitches out there. I hate cis woman and their female privilege so much, oh my god.

No. 1491657

File: 1675622895792.jpg (14.91 KB, 480x360, transition_goals.jpg)

Me too sister, last day the gamesotre employee sideeyed me because I wasn't enough of a woman to him. He then started calling me "sir" so I ended up screaming inside the store and throwing figurines on the floor. Cisbitches will never understand our pain. Fuck them and fuck transphobic bigots. They want to erase our pain and struggle so bad.

No. 1491680

File: 1675625840506.jpeg (5.45 KB, 232x218, download (5).jpeg)

We're in this woke hell because they started adding female playable characters in farming sims which put too much extra stress on devs. They had to write all new dialogue. From the perspective of a woman, one of the hardest things a man can do. It was so strenuous, it caused XSEED to work overtime, gas their homes, and kill themselves. And that's how we have bland gender neutral protags now.

No. 1491851

Gaming has always been a man's hobby, culturally and historically. Foids getting into video games is only a desperate cry for attention because these bitches just want to scam us by begging for our money donates to favorite twitch streamer Anyway this bitch refused to talk to me after I pinged her 50 times in the public chat and I got banned as a result? Why are foids like this? First they get into our territory and they won't give us the time of our day? They should be lucky we even give them any views. Anyway, have you checked the latest FPS game? I couldn't focus on the gameplay because there was this 2D whore and her massive titties distracting me and making my dick twitch. I'm gonna COOOOOOM 10 more times today. Fuck females.

No. 1491932

There's a Skyrim mod that adds a companion that reminds me of her. Described as "Goth mommy with big personalities." Oh my

No. 1492009

I see you've voiced your discomfort over 12 y/o Lala-chan being forced to marry an old bastard knight, but you should know that it was a very common occurrence in those times. It may be wrong to our modern eyes but as an amateur historian, it makes me so giddy to see it depicted in my favorite jrpg series! You should also understand you're getting offended over fictional characters that aren't real. If you wish, I could tell you more about this world and setting?

No. 1492029

Lol fag I make $1.4M a year working 1.5 hours a week all WFH in quant equity machine artificial intelligence gentoo learning. I hate Pajeets so much, smelly pajeet noises always filling up the office.

No. 1492253

that's because women use psychological abuse and terror tactics against men, like accusing/threatening to accuse them of rape or abuse when they don't get their way. they don't use physical violence kek how would they ever overpower a man? they have to adapt and become conniving manipulative bitches because of their inferiority. that's why young women seduce and manipulate older guys, they know they'll have all the power in the relationship due to their monopoly on victimhood and blackmailing tactics. read lolita and you'll understand.

No. 1492255

>read lolita and you'll understand.


No. 1492277

Why are foids so retarded? They spend so much money on dumb shit like body wash, bath bombs, and candles. Anyway, did you guys see the new Overalorant Fortcraft Genji Skin? It's RGB and has custom colors and only costs $45 after you subscribe to the battle pass. Totally worth it.

No. 1492283

>read lolita and you'll understand.

No. 1492398

File: 1675706225489.jpg (17.06 KB, 275x155, 1635017997743.jpg)

>read lolita and you'll understand.

No. 1492415

File: 1675707665365.png (Spoiler Image, 220.85 KB, 600x782, 47d.png)

I am here posting this on /g/ picrel is the thread because disgusting vile wojaks amuse me.

No. 1492465

If only incels actually did heroin, I'd have more respect for them. At least then they would have done something about their "depression" and shit life, albeit destructive, I would at least be something.

No. 1492493

Tyrone is based for cucking white soyboys like you.
Post boobs or stfu femcel.

No. 1492592

File: 1675721707255.png (429.78 KB, 396x669, my dinner.png)

Bros, I've been eating a raw meat diet for 1 month now and I can definitely see some gains, but I just keep having diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps for some reasons. And no it's NOT salmonella, stop asking !

No. 1492628

why do roasties take everything out of context? just because I stalked you and threatened to rape you, does not mean I am a danger to you. Chad would never experience this.

No. 1492640

Why are you femoids so devoid of any empathy? We truly live in a matriarchy if you think a poor man who just wants to experience love is dumped by a stupid whore who only wanted money. I swear, you whores stop being wholesome by the age of 12.

No. 1492706

At least the animals I think of fucking aren't DOGS, lmao. It's basically a giant rat. For all women go on about not wanting to take care of men they'll feed, pet, play with, and scrape the shit off the ass of their dogs no questions asked. They'll spend an hour trying to fuck a dog with a smaller than average dick that's only going to nut two pumps deep anyways yet judge men for doing better!

(a moid just told me this on 4chan)

No. 1492707

These are women, gentlemen. The creatures you hold so dear to your hearts. Repulsive swine. They should have never been granted freedom or rights as they are clearly incapable of any form of critical thinking. They should be locked away like the livestock they are and forced to breed our children.

(moid also told me this on 4chan)

No. 1492718

Big Jew is trying to corrupt us with feminism. I will never consider women humans, fuck the government. Trump 2024

No. 1492722

me neither, those deranged harpies, They need to be locked away in breeding camps so we can creampie them and make white babies!

No. 1492757

We should make it official and rally up all bros for the 24th of April. Also, every foid who isn't bubblegum pink, grippy and hairless should be executed!

No. 1492776

File: 1675741387281.jpg (70.45 KB, 828x468, FvmbmbJWYAEH2q0.jpg)

Here's my face reveal

No. 1492782

File: 1675742018661.jpg (110.38 KB, 736x917, 420e7c1a355fa826d7a77f8818d422…)

Here, I found you a looksmatch based on your phenotype.

No. 1492788

What the fuck? Why a Latina? Those bitches are always mad, they're high maintenance and they get ugly after popping kids, plus they just want to harvest your organs, get him a blondie, he deserves it for being based and not cringe, and she better be 10 years old.

No. 1492791

too swarthy, I need a big breasted six feet tall germanic tradwife

No. 1492805

File: 1675743811454.jpg (70.11 KB, 500x678, 8827302877c3a2c3846.jpg)

Israel is RUN BY JEWS, HOW COULD THIS BE ? I thought they were based whites dabbing on arabs

No. 1492806

You’re in a room with a woman and a Jew. Who gets the beating first?

No. 1492808

is the Jew a woman as well

No. 1492810

No. 1492824

My dick, as I sit in the corner and hope they have sex. I may be a cuck now but once I finish this sigma male Tate academy training course, I'll probably work my way into having sex with him too.

No. 1492829

Bruh the baby has no consciousness or concept of literally anything going on outside the mother’s body. They can’t even form memories until like three years post birth. Yes there’s an evolutionary reason you’re not interested in sex with visibly pregnant women you can’t impregnate them thus your drive to conquer and breed that bitch goes down to basically zero but if your pregnant wife wants a pounding you suck it up and you give it to her because it’s gonna suck for her in another month or two and she deserves it

No. 1492833

This thot mid as hell. My gf is a g cup with dsl and a fat pussy and she is sexier than this bitch. My girlfriend would agree that she is ugly and has no ass and we would both laugh at her and throw rocks at her.

No. 1492834

Why did I get banned from lolcow for saying I would fuck the cows? They should be so lucky, I would only have sex with every woman who would ever let me do it.

No. 1492848

The patriarchy doesn't exist because females get to choose who to mate with. That's how it works.

No. 1492861

File: 1675755403544.gif (4.81 MB, 498x498, 204B1C30-EAFE-40F8-93C6-F8C6EF…)

The patriarchy doesn’t exist because I said so checkmate foids

No. 1492910

kek I also read this KF thread

No. 1492917

>needing women's permission to fuck them

No. 1492938

Western women were ruined by feminism, better you move to Japan like me and get a submissive asian waifu. All the women there are obsessed with white guys

No. 1492940

um achskully I went to Japan and women avoided me, was it cause I was 5'1.75 inches and bald ?

No. 1492941

File: 1675772078354.png (547.8 KB, 659x933, 4705k8n5kz74z.png)

oh nooo how could Jordan Peterson(my surrogate father figure) betray us like this, that's It I'm never cleaning my room again

No. 1493481

File: 1675804741169.png (656.39 KB, 831x698, lewd.png)

Femaleanons. add me Lolibreeder#3469

No. 1493502

File: 1675806150476.jpg (20.18 KB, 667x375, Ryan Gosling in Drive_wide-767…)

He's literally me

No. 1493506

So you're a faggot?

No. 1493510

File: 1675806492580.jpeg (184.95 KB, 764x512, VIhlxwZ.jpeg)


No. 1493846

File: 1675838438632.jpg (230.4 KB, 2048x1400, gettyimages-594337220-2048x204…)

Anyone here watch "I Am Jazz"? Dude those girls are so crazy hahahaha at least Tyler sounds like a girl, and Jojo has a big girthy hog, /nohomo/ though, but I would suck Jojo off, but shes a girl cause she sounds like one

No. 1495070

File: 1675947527431.png (36.2 KB, 294x466, Untitled.png)

How many bitcoins do I need to get a girl like this to agree to be my bangmaid slave?

No. 1495082

I wish more men were real men like him. I see too many weak cucks that simp for females and get no pussy in return. Even worse if she has some chad as a boyfriend or children with one.

No. 1495096

would any bros like to add me on snap and see me bust a nut to some hot forced anal demon squiddog loli futa incest schoolgirl punishment impregnation humiliation piss hentai. You could join in too, I would prefer if you also showed your dick on the call.
My user is onichaan_obito just don't save our messages my gf might see

No. 1495109

Yeah I don't get it either tbh, the driver character was stoic but he was also kind and willing to do anything to protect a woman he barely knew

No. 1495194

I'll only add you if you promise to send your gf's dick.

No. 1495231

File: 1675960985157.png (54.59 KB, 600x570, e37.png)

this whole thread basically

No. 1497522

my stupid bitch gf got me normal pizza rolls instead of the ones without seed oils. I threw them out because seed oils make you low test and give you autism, and then found out she's been cooking with canola oil this entire time. this fucking explains why my dick didn't grow on nofap and also why she's morbidly obese (120 lbs). Goddamit I'm so angry and she kept laughing at me and my favorite anti seed oil twitter accounts so I punched a hole in the door and now she's at her mom's. I just converted to catholicism though so I was planning on going to confession about it, not that I feel bad because it was her fault anyway for poisoning my masculinity with SEED OILS

No. 1498880

Media for women should be hidden from male view at all costs. I can't believe Nintendo wasted time in their direct on this gay shit "Fashion Dreamer." Women shouldn't play video games and being exposed to this girly shit was like being hit with a gayifying laser.


Guys, MtF here, I can't wait to play Fashion Dreamer and upload my character dressed like my ideal cumslut bimbo for the world to see. I'll join Discords about the game to terrorize the women in them who just want to talk about style so I can tell them about how hard those little skirts make me, tee hee!

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