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File: 1674801846156.png (74.31 KB, 680x480, 1614265512959.png)

No. 279002

Previous thread >>139494

8chan thread:


Brief Summary:
Micky is a disgusting, hambeast, tumblrina who claims to be a CSA survivor, sexual assault victim, bisexual, and has 10 mental illnesses. She's extremely disliked in her local community because of how much drama she caused and her tendency to lie. She at one point, started the "Kawaii Black Girls" page and group, both toxic like her. She's bragged about beating her mom. Slept with her now former best friend's abusive partner. She also pretends to be tough online but hides often irl.

Aliases: Micky Martyrdom, Micky Moon, Micky Bunnie, Micky Magica, Miki Akemi,Kumicky Bunnie, Micky Melody, Kuronekoknaifu, Ruru-chan, Kuro Hime

Real Name: Mikaila

Social Media

https://twitter.com/theplushiedolly?t=TjF5xQZ8BMIPopBcvLoZwg&s=09 (most of her other pages can be found through a link in her bio)

https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/profile/51-milk/ inactive

Make sure to screenshot and archive anything you find. She has a habit of going on a deleting spree.

No. 279006

File: 1674802026278.jpg (304.87 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_20230127_011424_Twi…)

Apparently, a group chat of e-girls talking shit about their "friends" got leaked and, of course, Micky decides to play angel on her page. Like, she realizes that there's tons of stuff that contradicts everything she's saying here, right?

No. 279350

File: 1674959734857.jpeg (344.24 KB, 1668x1765, 481E3553-EE68-4304-AE90-8E7B2B…)

and everybody clapped.
what ever happened to your hottopic “sponsorship” mucky?

No. 279525

never change, mick. ugly boyfriend, useless life, shitty job

No. 279779

Holy shit, I forgot she claimed she got sponsored. She really loves living a lie. Also not sure why she thinks she's famous in any way. If she was, she'd get immediately called out after anyone sees these threads. Lol

No. 279788

Is she still dating the guy she moved in with?

No. 280052

File: 1675461769013.jpg (689.32 KB, 1080x1745, Screenshot_20230203_165102_Sam…)

Judging by this post, I guess so.

No. 280054

File: 1675461859551.jpg (130.52 KB, 1080x579, Screenshot_20230203_164935_Sam…)

She says all this yet, walks around poorly dressed, with facial piercings and colorful weave.

No. 280140

Honestly surprised they lasted this long considering micky's cheating habit.

No. 280196

File: 1675564904570.jpg (129.74 KB, 1080x666, Screenshot_20230203_165348_Sam…)

She's probably looking for someone who hasn't heard of her and her bullshit.

Also, it's still really pathetic of her to pretend she's mentally ill. Especially since it's just to avoid responsibility for the fucked up shit she's done.

No. 287901

File: 1679614699403.jpeg (197.77 KB, 1125x1893, 6E5EDE0C-4393-4595-988F-E4B87E…)

Sage for non milk but sus status timing with the random resurgence of Amina? Also her calf’s statuses are going on about “bullying”

No. 288039

Considering when I went to Amina's thread and saw an anon talking about her edges, I wouldn't be surprised if that was Micky and/or her calfs.

No. 288040

Considering when I went to Amina's thread and saw an anon talking about her edges, I wouldn't be surprised if that was Micky and/or her calfs.

No. 288043

Considering when I went to Amina's thread and saw an anon talking about her edges, I wouldn't be surprised if that was Micky and/or her calfs.

No. 288044

Considering when I went to Amina's thread and saw an anon talking about her edges, I wouldn't be surprised if that was Micky and/or her calfs.

No. 293100

File: 1681861803458.jpg (795.06 KB, 1060x5826, Screenshot_20230418_194245_Twi…)

Apparently her "catfish" randomly came back to scam people again.


No. 293101

File: 1681862039274.jpg (710.61 KB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-04-18_19-54-30-908.…)

No. 293103

File: 1681862430683.jpg (173.66 KB, 1080x1568, Screenshot_20230418_194705_Twi…)

Something within me is convinced that this is just all Micky's doing and she's just trying to cover her ass.


No. 293104

File: 1681863192864.jpg (576.88 KB, 2598x3464, Picsart_23-04-18_20-13-45-354.…)

No. 293114

I know we are all haters here but I genuinely don’t think it’s Micky, tbh she has a look that appeals to weebs and she has nudes so it doesn’t really surprise me that someone took her pics to prey on gamer scrotes. Plus she’s small time/average enough that it’s unlikely they would get suspicious or find out about the real her, this is honestly the best kind of girl to catfish with.

No. 293158

That catfish is using pics from old ass accounts, anon. Like, shit perma deleted several threads back. I doubt some new person is using it. She just brought the catifish back up for attention. I recall her doing this before a couple threads ago.

No. 293314

Wasn't there someone from here who lifted pictures some random posted from her Discord to impersonate her on /soc/? That was probably the same catfish, they have some level of spite toward this cow and choose her every time.

No. 293371

I think shit she was posting on /soc/ and they eventually used it in Discord. Either way, It's either her or the same person, bc they have really old shit that would take some digging to find. Not like she's truly popular either since we know she buys followers.

No. 293375

File: 1682018061061.jpg (178.03 KB, 1077x2392, Screenshot_20230420_151108_Sam…)

Was looking her pages and the prices she's charging for her lackluster content on fansly and OF is crazy. Especially since she post it for free on her 18+ twitter and Reddit.

No. 293376

File: 1682018282201.jpg (193.61 KB, 1079x3703, Screenshot_20230420_151212_Sam…)

No. 293378


So we're just supposed to believe that someone who constantly lies and stretches the truth for attention?
I find a few things suspicious:
Why would they only use old photos? If they have a hate vendetta why wouldnt they use more recent images to make her more easily trackable? Especially since the vtuber was goth themed they could have used her lewd content from her goth phase more easily? We know it cant be an random catfisher because of the photos they have as well as why would they use her of all people. (Again if it was a random catfisher they would have used the goth pictures to match the vtuber) Also the vtuber sounds suspiciously like her, from the clips that are still up, just with a robotic filter on the voice.

Personally i think it's her and she's using the 'catfish' as a fallback just like creepshow art did with the 'stalker' story or its all fake. Part of the reason i think the whole thing might be fake is because if the vtuber could have just done the same pity pleas on stream and had donation goals like so many streamers do anyway. Why would she need to fake LDR people to get money one on one?

tl;dr if she didnt scam these people I think it's entirely fake for attention.

No. 293454

File: 1682040832672.jpg (294.94 KB, 1080x2014, Screenshot_20230420_174552_Twi…)

>Also the vtuber sounds suspiciously like her

Is there a way you can post the clips here? I went to the catfish Twitch page and it was empty, except for the bio.

Also, pic unrelated, but I highly doubt anyone is making these comparisons at all. Especially irl, she doesn't look close to any of these irl.


No. 293457

File: 1682041445365.jpg (168.1 KB, 1080x2706, Screenshot_20230420_150058_Sam…)



Oh, meant to post this earlier with the OF and Fansly stuff but forgot
So, she has a Throne account and she's in the top 3 of buyers for shit on her wishlist. It's pretty pathetic.

No. 293544

>Why would they only use old photos? If they have a hate vendetta why wouldnt they use more recent images to make her more easily trackable?
You kinda answered your question, the point is to not be immediately traceable so they get more free stuff and look more legitimate until eventually they get found out. I agree that it’s probably just the same old catfish or her pics are dropped somewhere specifically for the purpose of catfishing. It’s not really that hard to believe that someone would catfish as her, it’s at most 2-3 people over the course of several years which is not unrealistic for someone who posts like she does online. It makes less sense for it to be herself posting as a catfish when she has her own stuff to advertise under her own name and she’s trying to make a living that way. Selling it as someone else only makes her look bad in the long run because it looks like she has fewer fans.
>Also the vtuber sounds suspiciously like her, from the clips that are still up, just with a robotic filter on the voice.
Post the clips if you really think this but I’m still not convinced. I also think if Micky had a vtuber model made (not cheap) she would be posting about it.

No. 293624

>Selling it as someone else only makes her look bad in the long run because it looks like she has fewer fans

Nta, but you gotta be new to this thread. Micky has a history of going out of her way to make shit up to cause more drama or seem like a victim. That catifish is most likely her. As the other anon said, if it was truly a different person they would have used better, newer pics or picked another girl entirely.

No. 293681

Not new, I just don’t think it’s unbelievable that someone could genuinely catfish with her pics and of course she would make a whole thing about it. People like this thrive when something actually happens to them. Post the vtuber clips so we can confirm it’s her.

No. 294109

The "catfish" always surfaces when she has a sale on her fansly/OF, she's too obvious.

No. 294508

File: 1682646026429.jpg (323.02 KB, 1080x2281, Screenshot_20230427_213535_Twi…)


Looks like she's hosting an event next month. I wonder how this is going to turn out since part of the local community doesn't care too much for her.

No. 294526

Sorry I didnt think to save them there were about 5 or so clips when I checked but funny how they were months old clips not made by the vtuber but now that I mentioned it sounded like her they've all been deleted.

It is VERY suspicious that they're all gone now after I mentioned they sounded like her because again these werent so close to each other that they would have been deleted at the same time normally. Sorry I failed you guys on that front.

My only real 'trying to proove i'm not full of shit' is that only one of the clips was a more pastel/white aesthetic bunny eared character and then the rest was the half and half black and white sheep furry character.

You can also very easily find pay to use or even free to use models all over the place especially because of vrchat and it's easy enough to find tutorials on how to make a model functional for streaming.

No. 294694

File: 1682745583645.jpeg (281.32 KB, 1125x1662, A9E01EA5-94AC-4358-BEC1-1A55A7…)

alright mucky, we get your self middle school insert delirium. You and rikutard can battle for the plot points. Whoever beats Annachan makes best chobit!!!1!

No. 294771

She's really still quietly sticking with that story that Amina was an evil bully to her. Lol I wonder if she has a group chat where she just spergs about all her lies constantly. Especially that attempted suicide one. That one was so shitty.

No. 294773

File: 1682794688275.jpg (102.39 KB, 1080x1300, Screenshot_20230429_145557_Chr…)

Had to check her throne again, for shits and giggles, she's crowdfunding for groceries. Micky, food stamps exist. Also, why isn't her "amazing" boyfriend buying shit like that?

No. 294834

File: 1682829309498.jpg (281.22 KB, 1079x2067, Screenshot_20230430_003238_Twi…)


Micky actually believes tinfoil bullshit. Not only that, she confessed this on a bait post.

No. 294870

If you see some of the shit she says in discord she believes she's a princess (legit believes it), it's funny though, she can constantly suck her bfs dick on camera, get fucked, offer fetish content (including farting) but somehow her "amazing perfect bf" can't buy groceries? I'm betting outside of content he's been done with her.

No. 294952

>(including farting)

What in the actual fuck.

Yeah, I'm sure he's likely cheating or some shit at this point.

No. 294954

File: 1682890285914.jpg (505.54 KB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-04-30_17-26-45-724.…)

It's also funny seeing how she's obviously buying followers when you see how low her retweets and likes are on Twitter. It's similar on IG too. She really tries to seem more popular than she really is. Must still be better over Amina or some shit.

>she believes she's a princess

Please post some screenshots, anon. I need a good laugh.(samefag)

No. 295119

This shit is so embarrassing. Especially coming from a black girl. Cho kawaii angry black woman.

No. 295289

File: 1683067057605.jpg (55.41 KB, 1080x652, Screenshot_20230502_183322_Twi…)


Funny how it's pointed out that her followers are probably mostly bought and now she wants to go on about being "shadow banned". Also noticed she isn't whining about her "catfish" anymore even tho she was acting like it was such a big issue. Guess her sale and wish list didn't go as planned. Lol

No. 295291

Or the opposite is true, she roped in enough simps (or a simp) that gained her enough money she was wanting. She only bitches about her supposed catfish whenever she has sales or no one is buying off her wishlist.

No. 295310

Nah, check the other posts she barely gets shit from her throne, nobody gave money for groceries(not even her boyfriend), and the fart fetish shit isn't doing much for her. Wouldn't be surprised if suddenly becomes "sex-repulsed" and tries to latch onto something else for money instead just getting an actual job.

No. 295919

File: 1683584042598.jpg (189.13 KB, 974x1740, Screenshot_20230508_005520_Chr…)

Was looking at her highlights on IG and I noticed she was hiding her face in one of the clips. I guess she's editing herself again, on top wearing makeup. Not sure why. Like, yeah she's bland or whatever but what's the point when she's attending cons and going to local events?

No. 296159

File: 1683694778336.jpeg (175.36 KB, 1125x1120, 603BD330-41D5-4A9A-ABCE-A28A7D…)

no milk but muckys calf is something

No. 296161

File: 1683695373349.jpeg (273.68 KB, 1668x1621, E550B523-8B72-4A03-A258-1963E9…)

No. 296299

File: 1683769166244.jpeg (224.41 KB, 1124x1765, DA40F255-5BB8-4584-A5F9-7D9659…)

mucky and her troonery handmaiden twitard squad

No. 296482

File: 1683866143127.jpeg (160.47 KB, 1125x1021, 8FF403D6-5DB7-4AB6-BE6E-3FEC1D…)

back at it again

No. 296904

File: 1684119052926.jpg (779.11 KB, 2598x3464, Picsart_23-05-14_22-21-19-155.…)


So she hosted her event and there was pics posted. Ofc, the pic she posted she made herself look pale. I made a side by side so you can see the difference. Not sure why does this.

No. 296906

File: 1684119368148.jpg (710.56 KB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-05-14_22-22-19-776.…)

Also looked at her IG again just to see if she posted any stuff for the event there and saw a selfie and a tagged pic that made for an interesting comparison as well. It's hilarious to look at.

No. 297212

File: 1684436343861.jpg (269.93 KB, 1080x2037, Screenshot_20230515_194931_Sam…)

Wild of her to post this when she spent years trying to ruin Amina's life for nothing. Came here and made a thread about Amina, Taylor, and other black girls in her local community and probably blamed it on Amina and when that didn't work, blamed on someone else. Yet, when confronted with this, she acted like she didn't know what anyone was talking about.

No. 297266

her boobs and gut have that corset hanging off of her so bizarrely, like wtf even is happening here

No. 297318

Looks like she didn't bother tightening the corset at all. Just slapped it on over her fat gut.

No. 297334

It’s probably not even a real corset. Looks like a Tangled costume piece. She can’t even wear that correctly

No. 297757

Her tits are at her waist wtf

No. 298303

File: 1685241099633.jpg (157.5 KB, 1080x1443, Screenshot_20230527_223113_Twi…)


Look at Micky getting ready to lie to someone despite the fact there's threads with not only screenshots, but archived links of all the awful shit she has done.

No. 298304

File: 1685241547341.jpg (173.6 KB, 1080x1382, Screenshot_20230527_223639_Twi…)



>I know how it feels to be bullied

Is she joking right now?? This girl has bullied several different people for next to nothing over the greater part of a decade. Mostly Amina, and again, it's in these threads. Hell, two of the thread she made about other girls in here community are still here. Lol

No. 298470

if you keep posting self-depreciating, "I'm always a victim" crap, people are eventually gonna figure out how full of shit you are micky. theyre gonna realize how extremely bitter and insecure you are kek

No. 298493

File: 1685379170131.jpg (199.17 KB, 1080x1753, Screenshot_20230529_125009_Twi…)



Now she's trying to say her ex was an abuser when she was right beside this dude acting absuive with him. Like, let's not forgot she grabbed some random girl's, possibly underaged nudes and claimed it Amina's, tried to fight Amina when Amina told her this man was abusive to her and to stay away, claimed Amina made these threads, made a thread about her here and on PULL, and lied said Anima posted her nudes on a Facebook page. Micky is super vile. Her and Anthony need to go, honestly.

No. 298494

File: 1685379334678.jpg (152.57 KB, 1080x1807, Screenshot_20230529_124551_Twi…)



She's also in for a world of hurt bc that karma is for her, not anybody she's tried to hurt.

No. 298702

File: 1685492530151.jpg (332.2 KB, 1079x2912, Screenshot_20230530_201913_Twi…)



Lol Micky deleted her previous tweet, and blocked the person who told the truth. Micky is insanely pathetic.

No. 299288

8chan link doesn't work(sage your shit)

No. 299505

It has an archived copy.

No. 300589

File: 1686705411019.jpg (196.34 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20230613_211407_Ins…)

Micky is being so disingenuous with this post. Lol Like, why even lie like this? Are the likes and follows really worth it?

No. 300763

File: 1686844539958.jpg (755.7 KB, 2598x3464, Picsart_23-06-15_11-55-01-760.…)

All these years and she still can't dress properly to save her life. Why does she feel compelled to wear such ill-fitting top at an all ages event?

No. 300902

She isn't even THAT fat by today's standards, how is it this fucking hard for her to find clothes that fit?

No. 300907

She doesn't want to. She wants to show off her shitty body and "own" being a skank based on everything she says. It's disgusting.

No. 300914

There's a side shot of her and you see she's got a bad "beer dad gut" going on. Also doesn't help she's 5'5 or 5'6. On top of the fact she's always been awful at dressing herself.

No. 300915

File: 1687029122684.jpg (726.21 KB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-06-17_15-11-56-728.…)

I went and looked at the vid again, here's some side shots. She's really 90% gut. Lol(sage your shit)

No. 300916

File: 1687029212840.jpeg (62.34 KB, 360x640, 354257876_183800627991786_6038…)


Oh, she also announced this in her IG stories. Wonder how long this is gonna last.

No. 300917

She doesn't even really stream lol

No. 300935

The hell was her purpose of even joining this group then? Seeing who to bully next and cause a new wave of drama with? Lol

No. 301209

File: 1687388472686.jpg (243.5 KB, 1079x2082, Screenshot_20230620_134925_Twi…)


With her track record, I doubt this going to end well. But at least it'll be entertaining to watch fall apart.

No. 301224

>Cuteness is strength
Too bad she's not cute kek.

No. 301357

Looks like a wendigo

No. 301824

File: 1687824596068.jpg (165.33 KB, 1080x1496, Screenshot_20230626_200955_Twi…)


This is was such a goofy ass way to just say you're straight. Not sure why she continues to pretend she's anything other than that after all these years.

No. 301955

Everytime she launches this idea, she uses it as nothing than a honeypot to lord over and control the narrative about all the other black girls that into similar styles as her. It's literally just to round them all up in one place and slowly trickle out rumors and gossip about each and every one of them as to why theyre all awful and abusive with terrible boyfriends she has to fuck and she's innocent and selfless. Hope they all know to avoid this.

No. 302481

File: 1688314049925.jpg (642.39 KB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20230702_115049_Twi…)


This girl has zero ass to speak of, not sure why she lied like this.

No. 302488

File: 1688315343685.jpg (527.02 KB, 1080x1973, Screenshot_20230702_115433_Twi…)



Yeah, and I'm rich. Lol She knows damn well that her hair is 4c. We saw that hot mess she use to do to her head years ago.

No. 302543

File: 1688354712294.jpg (536.5 KB, 1079x1630, Screenshot_20230702_115247_Twi…)


I can see that ending in major drama and disaster in the future.

No. 302559

I can't wait

No. 302759

File: 1688537512852.jpg (239.76 KB, 1080x469, Screenshot_20230704_231351_Sam…)

Ot but those type of pants are so hideous and always have been, make you look cheap because you can get them for like $5 at forever21. Everything tribal print is so ugly and will make you look dated and tasteless. I've seen a few posts talking about how good these type of pants look

No. 302851

File: 1688672772553.jpg (1.33 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-07-06_15-43-57-099.…)

Seeing these side by side on her Instagram is hilarious. She looks haggard in her vid for Glotkau.

No. 302852

I seen that video, you can literally see her whole ass out and shit, in a public event.

No. 302853

File: 1688672909774.jpg (737.89 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20230706_153404_Ins…)

Her truck stop hooker outfit gives better view of how poorly she's built too. She also had on granny panties that you can see when watching the full clip. It's completely cringe. Not sure why they have her as a host.

No. 302854

In some Hanes granny panties though, anon. Don't forgot that. She was so proud of herself too. She really needs to work on her fashion sense and wear clothes that actually fit.

No. 302944

File: 1688792827674.jpeg (524.49 KB, 1242x2174, IMG_8125.jpeg)

This shit is him-fucking-arious there’s no way she looked at it and said “this is the one”. Ctfu it’s so bad that it’s comedy(emoji)

No. 302959

jfc she doesnt realize how ill fitting everything is. she needs to wear a bra, for one. she manages to make her legs look hella frumpy, she should try like high waist bell bottoms or something

No. 302966

I remember a few months ago on her NSFW acct that she doesn’t wear bras for whatever reason. blabbering about being freeing and liberating without them but…you’re gonna need to wear them in order to not look sloppy, especially if you’re gonna be wearing shit that don’t even fit you. I get that there’s bras that suck but there’s a lot out there that can definitely be great for your cup size if you just find the right ones.

but no she’s too stupid to understand any of that

No. 303008

does she just casually have bondage loli guro porn on her wall?

No. 303031

Yes. A lot Of it. It’s all above her computer(sage your shit)

No. 303032

File: 1688926987321.png (Spoiler Image,10.28 MB, 1242x2688, IMG_8141.png)

Full view

No. 303223

File: 1689266808695.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1242x1994, IMG_8166.jpeg)

KEK(sage your shit)

No. 303230

File: 1689274564438.jpg (720.22 KB, 1080x1653, Screenshot_20230713_145030_Twi…)

I highly doubt she's truly concerned with either of those things and is just trying to gain followers.

Oh, she also posted some Barbie meme and while sifting through quote retweets, I saw this. I wonder what they know.

No. 303238

she doesnt care about anyone but herself. she doesnt care about racism unless she centers to around her poor feelings from years ago, doesnt care about any societal structures because shes a dumb bitch who thinks she deserves shit for free.

No. 303522

>climate crisis
why is this the go-to for retards online?

No. 303569

File: 1689712676523.jpg (1.26 MB, 1079x2527, Screenshot_20230718_161737_Ins…)

I guess she wants to seem smart. One the comments ended up ripping her apart though. That aside, she posted this. What's with her posting about "being cringe and free" all of a sudden? Also, why is acting like it's something super deep?

No. 303594

she's fat ngl(unsaged shitpost)

No. 303663

File: 1689811856289.jpeg (696.26 KB, 1242x1935, IMG_8326.jpeg)

This come from someone that admitted to being obsessed with l0li(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 303692

This is the same girl who spent a good amount of time posting illegal content while lying about her age. She'd even go on 4chan and do the same shit. Hell, she took another random girl's pics and tried to claim it was Amina. She also seems to forget she was idolizing Himeka for the longest who made illegal content as well.

No. 303879

File: 1690064728964.jpg (952.78 KB, 1080x2996, Screenshot_20230722_182543_Twi…)


She's really out here pretending like these threads don't exist. As if they don't have evidence of her being a bigger piece of shit than Doja. Crazy.

No. 303975

I cannot imagine what this entire ensemble looks like without the filter and exposure. She needs to love herself more holy shit. I can't imagine a few years down the line. Does she really walk around Detroit like this?

No. 304340

File: 1690480916328.jpg (863.15 KB, 1080x1704, Screenshot_20230727_135553_Ins…)

You're worried about that? She's usually out in shit like >>302851 and >>300763

That aside, not really why they listed her as a featured cosplayer when all she does is put on a maid outfit.

No. 304739

File: 1691160810850.jpg (2.5 MB, 4243x2828, Picsart_23-08-04_10-53-21-486.…)

I don't get the point of her putting on makeup if she's still gonna edit bits of her face regardless.

No. 304740

File: 1691160851908.jpg (909.27 KB, 1080x1749, Screenshot_20230804_104829_Ins…)

She also did a laughable edit to her arms

No. 305403

File: 1691646669878.jpeg (598.21 KB, 828x1050, IMG_0389.jpeg)

I’m surprised this viral post of hers hasn’t been brought up, what’s the likelihood that this is something that’s a genuine issue vs it being another Marina Joyce type of situation.(sage your shit)

No. 305416

Why does it look like her upper half was spliced onto the bottom?

No. 305419

It's just her trying to get more buyers for her crusty porn, she doesn't care for other people.

No. 305426

I've seen her on my TikTok feed. The comments said that the girl got reunited with her family yesterday

No. 305559

File: 1691800871157.jpg (559.95 KB, 1080x1811, Screenshot_20230811_153041_X.j…)

The shit she makes up is hilarious.

No. 305560

File: 1691801226783.jpg (365.87 KB, 1080x1494, Picsart_23-08-11_20-49-35-874.…)


Oh, She also "cosplayed" for that event she was guesting at >>304340 and nothing about this says Nurse Joy.

No. 305823

File: 1692210164535.jpg (691.32 KB, 1080x1736, Screenshot_20230816_111314_X.j…)

So, she's really just gonna pretend she doesn't count as one of the people she's talking about?

No. 305843

Micky.. its all fictional

No. 305882

damn bitch could t just buy the normal cosplay? i’ve never seen someone halfass lolita/weeb vomit fashion ever before. the pink shit is going to look awful by the time she reaches 30. she should not be outside wearing onesies

No. 305919

the COMPLETE lack of self awareness
There are more too obviously, including 'sets' she did in uniform costumes. All of her seifuku pieces are bought from DDLG/ fetish amazon stores

No. 305946

why is it easier for her to pull this shit than just admit her faults, lmao who does she think shes convincing here?

No. 305965

File: 1692484143777.jpg (968.82 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20230817_135150_Ins…)

Her tiktok is just full of shit like that. Not sure what she's gonna do when people on tiktok eventually catch wind of all her bullshit.

No. 306009

barely scrolled up

No. 306053

she’s never going to fix that crooked ass dimple piercing. i’m surprised her manlet boyfriend can tolerate that granny ass

No. 306055

She's not been doing much b/g content lately so he's probably just supplying the place for her to live, no way he tolerates everything she does as a "free spirit" to be a sloppy thot even in public events.

No. 306127

File: 1692773854147.jpg (3.19 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-08-23_02-58-44-679.…)

I think she's been lurking because she posted these two back to back on her Facebook. Tagged her boyfriend too.

No. 306134

Lol yep that timing is pretty hilarious.

No. 306137

File: 1692798293750.jpg (1.81 MB, 3464x2605, Picsart_23-08-23_09-44-24-626.…)

Even better was her punching down on. drug addicts and trying to defend it. Nevermind the downward spiral of addiction being pretty grim and half the time ending in death. She's still so much better than someone struggling with real problems. Lol God, she's pathetic.

No. 306163

Buying cheap plastic shit is an addiction too, kek

No. 306192

File: 1692910948856.jpg (2.07 MB, 4243x2828, Picsart_23-08-24_13-00-52-791.…)

She's making such a big deal out of nothing. It's very clear she buys followers and spams tags. If you look at her likes, it far less than who's following. It's super obvious on her Twitter too. She's essentially still a nobody in the communities she forces her way in.

No. 306207

yeah but i genuinely think she’s a sick fuck for dropping her money on lolicon posters and comics and her brain let boyfriend allowing her to pin it all over the walls

No. 306209

pussy is good wherever you get it i guess nonna, even from a sloppy, ill dressed egotistical hambeast who dresses like a femboy in cheap chinese amazon fetish clothing. thank you for reminding us that your tiny little manlet boyfriend is still alive, mikalia

No. 306211

Especially when those 20k on IG/Twitter(x) doesn't seem to translate to her Fansly/Onlyfans lmao

No. 306350

File: 1693100581841.jpg (1.04 MB, 1078x3013, Screenshot_20230826_214458_X.j…)

I wonder who she's starting to skinwalk now.

No. 306356


>express myself with my clothes

you wear the same damn thing everyday. i realized how lolcows love to spend their money on stupid shit but they won’t buy different kinds of clothes, like micky and shayna. wow expressing myself with ill fitting japanese school skirt from amazon number 383828, tube socks, and a amazon weeb school shirt number 228822

No. 306435

File: 1693254378021.jpg (873.01 KB, 1080x1867, Screenshot_20230828_162214_Ins…)

Is she trying to become a kpop idol now or something? Who did she decide to skinwalk for this to be a thing?

No. 306436

File: 1693254408126.jpg (182.17 KB, 1079x486, Screenshot_20230828_162317_Ins…)

No. 306455

>zooms in her nightstand
>empty (?) monster cans
>vibrators that you know she doesn't wash them with warm water and soap after using
>half full boba tea cup/shake drink?
Damn bitch you really live like this. Cmon Mickers it's almost 2024 delete social media and get a degree

No. 306464

File: 1693277576493.jpeg (294.02 KB, 1169x1142, IMG_5099.jpeg)

Well, here’s your answer. She’s trying to skin walk New Jeans now, a K-Pop group filled with minors.

No. 306467

She's a fucking weirdo for this. I can understand liking an outfit, but trying to emulate a minor kpop is wild.

No. 306469

File: 1693281676782.jpg (447.2 KB, 1080x1361, Screenshot_20230829_000151_X.j…)



She's gotta be reading this thread. Also, I really feel like she's copying someone bc she didn't give two shits about kpop and I swear she was shitting on it before but now it's suddenly her favorite thing. This whole tweet is horse shit. Lol

No. 306472

She’s so full of horseshit. New Jeans had multiple scandals due to their creative director having an obsession with lolita-adjacent content, such as having a poster of an Italian movie in which a minor is solicited to an older man in her office. She also has an obsession with young Brooke Shields iirc. NJ also have a song called “Cookie” which was full of sexual innuendos, released while the members were between the ages of 14-18.
But sure Mickey, K-Pop is so unproblematic.

No. 306490

this dumb bitch seriously thinks kpop and jpop are scandal-free. holy shit shes retarded, scandals are a constant in the music industry no matter the country.

No. 306699

File: 1693501205630.png (211.67 KB, 603x607, Mucky.png)

Sales of her crusty porn must be low, she's starting up the usual "catfish"/"someone stealing my content!" cycle again since she didn't care about it when it was originally reported.

No. 306754

File: 1693572552057.jpg (151.49 KB, 1080x729, Screenshot_20230901_084257_X.j…)

Don't forget she's insisting this the exact same person from 2016 somehow. Even though, it's likely another random person.

Also, what's with her pretending to be autistic now? Being into a trend isn't hyperfixing, it's liking something. Tiktok is rotting the shit out of her brain.

No. 306755

File: 1693572682608.jpg (576.87 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20230901_084904_X.j…)

Also, she's pretending to like tomboyish outfits now. She's copying somebody, and it's definitely just not some kpop group.

No. 306784

also aren’t k-pop stars usually forced and exploited at a young age to perform, are stalked on a daily basis, and even killed?

No. 306790

>usually forced and exploited at a young age to perform
No. Japanese and Korean (for example) pop stars/idols are recruited young but aren't "forced" to do anything nor "exploited" unless you consider anyone in the entertainment industry exploited because they perform.
>are stalked on a daily basis
Yes, just like any other woman who unfortunately gets too parasocial of a fanbase.
>and even killed?
Like anyone possibly. Mucky is just trying to slither into fandoms because no one wants her around.

No. 306806

Yes they are absolutely forced to do things. The amount of idols who came out about the extreme dieting forced on them by their company is staggering. And that’s just the idols who have been open about it, there are plenty others who have never addressed it but you can clearly see how emaciated they are.

Someone needs to tell her about the “Burning Sun” scandal already. She looks extremely stupid saying this

No. 306807

Oh and don’t even get me started on idols being forced to wear skimpy clothes and do sexual dances or sexual things in their music videos (some while being underage)
A sad example is the band Stellar, one of the idols came out about how they were forced to do sexual things and if they refused they would just be manipulated and tricked into doing it anyway.

No. 306826

And I want to reiterate that the group that Mickey is taking direct inspo from has had multiple controversies for making the minor members preform suggestive songs. Look up the English lyrics to Cookie by New Jeans and think about how they were all minors (maybe besides one.) It’s nauseating.
The other idol she’s been posting about constantly is Wonyoung of Ive, the newest leader of the ana-chans. There’s a whole online subculture around skin walking her, and that usually comes with doing pilates, being productive, and aspiring to be thin. She’s popular in ED spaces. Hoping Mickey doesn’t go full ana-chan for this. It’s so stupid.

No. 306843

File: 1693704018295.jpg (325.87 KB, 1080x1011, Screenshot_20230901_162027_Sam…)

She really shouldn't be speaking on "protecting the community" when she's one the people who has caused multiple problems within her local community. Also, wishing death on someone and purposely framing innocent people as bullies who posted your nudes aren't simple mistakes.

No. 306845

anyone who keeps posting about wanting to protect people and how theyre sooooo uwu kawaii, kind and other stupid shit is usually the opposite. you know what i hope she does try to join the kpop community so they tear her to shreds

No. 306878

File: 1693762805794.jpg (639.49 KB, 1620x1080, Picsart_23-09-03_13-40-18-731.…)

Had to put these side by side just to show how little Micky cares about issues. She's just looking for follows and skinwalking.

No. 306927

The bad lipsync was so cringy and awkward
That isn't "masc" dumbass, just pants

No. 306941

mickey probably would look cuter if she was skinny honestly. a trip to the gym, some new clothes, and a dress guide would probably help her appearance

No. 306950

No she wouldn't.

No. 306957

File: 1693844286716.jpeg (185.43 KB, 1169x803, IMG_5242.jpeg)

She’s definitely just skin walking these minor K-Pop idols.

No. 306958

But starving yourself to look like an 18-year old Korean ana-chan is not the way to go about it.

No. 307017

I mean, she's definitely skinwalking them, but what made her suddenly change her tune. >>306878 like she was just hating on kpop, now she's all over it?

No. 307147

File: 1694058602734.jpg (Spoiler Image,747.04 KB, 1080x1717, Screenshot_20230906_234713_Ins…)

That outfit is doing her zero favors. She looks like an absolute fool.


No. 307158

you’re a dumbass(unsaged non-contribution)

No. 307161

she looks like a cheap hooker

No. 307498

File: 1694362081488.jpg (1.81 MB, 3000x4000, Picsart_23-09-10_12-09-56-528.…)

I highly doubt anyone think she looks young. Especially when she's not able to hide behind heavy filters.

No. 307511

100% its because she's immature and has no sense of how to dress herself. Despite being older she's a visual cliche of 'Frumpy girl going off to college for the first time and dressing to extremes to try and get male attention' because nothing about how she presents herself says 'I've been dressing like this for years'. Her clothing is always ill-fitted, her hair/wigs always look cheap and her makeup looks like every tiktok teen down to the poorly chosen blush color.

No. 307537

File: 1694391099450.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.04 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-09-10_20-13-09-898.…)

What's the point of her doing this shit editing to her ass if she knows people are gonna see her in real life?(unsaged nitpick)

No. 307564

Ngl I can see it. But not in a flattering way. More like in the cringey unwashed weeb way. Usually adults who are into j-fashion and anime learn to shower and put in flattering makeup by her age or they give up and become NEETs

No. 307592


Sigh. 26 IS YOUNG.
Wtf is it with people now who think women turn to wrinkly grandmas by the age of 25? She looks like a 26 year old. Genuinely, why do you people think this way.

No. 307620

Anon, she doesn't even remotely look young for her age. She looks haggard. Not sure why you decided to come here and whiteknight this wannabe lot lizard.

No. 307635

You don't even know what white knighting means. It's a general statement ffs. Where in my comment did I say she "looks young for her age" lmao learn to read retard.

No. 307637

Tbf this just looks like angles and posting.

No. 307647

Nona, no. There's obvious editing.

No. 307668

I feel like Micky sent her friends or simps to this thread. Like, we're about to see an influx of random whiteknighting for the next few posts. Despite her obvious being garbage.

No. 307671

I’m the anon that left this
comment and trust me, this woman scares the shit out of me. I think she’s a horrible person and a pathological liar, but I just thought it could be posing. My bad, nonas.

No. 307698

she dresses like shit and she’s out of shape. but does she look haggard or anything for her age? no.(unsaged)

No. 307732

File: 1694650442340.jpg (610.89 KB, 1080x1080, Picsart_23-09-13_20-13-35-568.…)

She definitely looks haggard when she doesn't have filters working overtime to help hide how's she's looking like a hard 26.

Anyways it's clear now she was likely in here defending herself seeing as she posted this on both her IG and Twitter. Not to mention she's got double filters working overtime and that caked on makeup for a tiktok clip. It's hilarious.

No. 307736

If you think 26 year olds look like the image you replied to I worry about the people you know.

Maybe look at more candids of her?

No one is saying 26 is old either (cept maybe her) she just looks older than 26. Its not even anyone saying that people cant dress fun/colorful after 25, she just wears the cheapest shit and cant coord to save a life.

No. 307751

Funniest part about this video is that I’m almost certain that the sound she used is Wonyoung’s voice, as in the 18 y/o K-Pop idol who is the new face of anorexia. She is skinwalking these K-Pop teens HARD.

No. 307765

can someone pull up a video of mick talking? i didn’t realize how fugly and manly their voices are

No. 307779

I don't think she has anything posted on her current pages bc she loves to delete shit, but if look at the old threads, I'm pretty sure there's an archived video of her speaking. She has a deep voice from what I remember.

No. 307804

Check her Twitch she should have a clip there

No. 307810

File: 1694752866138.jpg (613.67 KB, 1080x1869, Screenshot_20230914_204521_X.j…)


Saw this at the end of a sperg ass argument Micky was having with someone. I feel like we're getting closer and closer to something truly hilarious.

She also applied for a panel at her local con ran by people who don't like her. Everyone who oversees the con are people who she's crossed in some way.

No. 307811

File: 1694752951354.jpg (91.23 KB, 1080x753, Screenshot_20230914_210027_Sam…)

Here's the Facebook status she made about it.

No. 307847

i guess hot topic kicked her to the curb(sage your shit)

No. 308512

This is certainly something. Crazy how she’s a sex worker with zero sex appeal.(lacks screenshots)

No. 308696

File: 1695775304225.jpeg (244.93 KB, 1125x1339, IMG_8265.jpeg)

You know all girlies are just all schizo and autistic because of their periods ~ God the bullshit she uses as a shield to deflect criticism and any wrong doing uwu smoll bean hello kitty it’s my BPD/autism/schizo/adhd/ABCPTSD/everything under the DSMV. Micky, keep smoking your dirty carpet weed.

No. 308742

self diagnosing wont make you any less of a dirty cunt micky. the obsession of being a victim is from a shitty personality

No. 308768

Her saying that none the alleged drugs she takes never work is such a clear sign she's bullshitting about having of the mental illnesses she listed. Remember when lied about going to a psych hospital and taking someone else medication? Or how she claimed she used a kitchen knife right before to cut her arm, yet there's zero scarring on her at all? She just takes bits and pieces from other people's lives, shows and movies she's watched to make shit up to keep away any form of accountability. At most she's a pathological liar with NPD.

No. 308770

File: 1695862718784.jpg (355.5 KB, 1080x1440, Picsart_23-09-27_20-55-40-729.…)

Her acting like she's now a catalog model for Hot Topic when all they did was post one pic of her in a set on their IG to show off new items is hilarious.

No. 308771

File: 1695862783157.jpg (790.04 KB, 1080x1703, Screenshot_20230927_202906_Sam…)

Here's the full Facebook post

No. 308791

Even more hilarious, remember when she pretended to have NPD and someone made a comic about her pretending to be an expert on it? It was all "abloo bloo narcs hate themselves that's why they're mean!!" bullshit.

No. 309165

File: 1696506869435.jpg (977.19 KB, 1079x2098, Screenshot_20231005_075106_X.j…)

So now she's going to be a guest at Sin City Anime. She's inivted as a fashion guest. Which is laughable considering how awful her sense of style has been.

No. 309166

File: 1696507007237.jpg (1.14 MB, 1079x2679, Screenshot_20231005_075222_Chr…)


Here's the link to the guests. There's far better, yet, they got her there. Also, here's a screenshot of the blurb for her on their site.

No. 309189

Here's how guesting at a con like this works and the real reason she brought back 'KawaiiBlackGirls': Even if its a nothing group with 10 people in it, cons are incentivized to host people in groups like this where its a part of a racial community because if they turned her request down then she could try to say 'they turned me down because I'm representing BLACK girls because they're RACIST'.

Note how it says 'community builder' in the con's tweet.

Its happened to plenty of cons before where literal-who black cosplayers have claimed they didnt get to be a guest because the con is totally racist (not because they've got C-tier cosplays with a sub 1k following)

No. 309196

one google search of her other aliases will reveal she was a nasty bully in the original KawaiiBlackGirls FB group to the point the community had to remake the group completely excluding her.

No. 309201

fashion model
>literally buys cheap weeaboo shit from amazon

No. 309293

File: 1696652041462.jpg (1.2 MB, 1079x3488, Screenshot_20231007_001033_X.j…)

She announced she's becoming an idol on her Twitter. Wonder how long she's going to spew that nonsense.

No. 309297

Gotta love how she's unable to write "announcing"…

No. 309304

Of all photos she uses the one where it looks like she’s being held hostage while taking a shit.

No. 309305

The amount of editing on this, jesus christ kek, also "Idol"? This girl can't sing or dance.

No. 309308

It's just pure narcissism

No. 309317

she even quite literally says she can’t sing and dance in her debut and that instead she’s going to end negativity lol

No. 309576

This is going to work out terribly for anyone involved. I’m shocked that she’s been able to get this far without a mess ensuing.

No. 309604

File: 1697074845029.jpg (335.59 KB, 1080x1080, Picsart_23-10-11_21-37-30-829.…)

Micky really just spews whatever will get her the most likes and follows. I don't think she geniunely believes in anything she says.

No. 309641

Ngl, there's a difference between cosplay school girl outfits and when cosplayers actually use real life clothing from real schools and real kids. I don't get what you don't get about it. Her wearing a fake non-school seifuku is not the same as creeps actually wearing real children clothing and larping as children.

No. 309652

Don't wk her bullshit. She goes on about how clothes and shit "doesn't have any gender or age" but then goes on twitter and acts likes she's grossed out by skimpy cosplays. She's worn those exact same cosplays. They're in previous threads. She literally just bullshitting for follows and likes. I mean this is the same girl that's into ddlg and lolicon. She's just at her "beacon of positivity" grift of the cycle. Hell, I'm pretty sure she stole the whole idol idea from Amina.(sage your shit)

No. 309653

I'm making a point not even about her specifically.

No. 309659

She’s probably posting all of this because the document about her past is making rounds again and she’s panicking.

No. 309665

Oh shit, it is? Where has it been posted now? I'm shocked it didn't get spammed when she made that stupid idol announcement.

No. 309677

shes a bullshitter. hes a bitter skank who wishes she could fund her lifestyle with her cheap hooker outfits but its too fake, too fat, her current and past behaviors are too well known.The internet is forever so every time posts retarded virtue shit its hollow

No. 309935

https://www.twitch.tv/theplushievixen her "idol debut", she sounds like a damn tranny…

No. 309937

Post caps pls this is an imageboard

No. 310296

File: 1697759461112.jpg (278.74 KB, 1620x1080, Picsart_23-10-19_19-47-59-220.…)

So I went on Sin City Anime's Facebook just to see the response to Micky being a guest and I noticed there were two comments under a post for some event she's hosting. When I checked, someone linked the Google Doc, but when you click on it, it says you can't access it because it violates ToS. I feel like Micky likely reported it. Since, that document had been sitting on there for awhile untouched with no issues. What do you guys think?

No. 310316

File: 1697775903642.jpg (293.51 KB, 1080x1100, Screenshot_20231019_212501_Fac…)

Stuff like that gets retorted all the time. Their page gives them notifications when someone posts, you don't think the event would check and report it as spam when they clicked it? Even if it was Micky, this screams cowtipping from whoever posted it. I highly doubt she's that notorious for someone to randomly stumble upon the doc and send it to the page. Usually people don't do that, but we see farmers do this a lot to cause milk. And it's the same poster, twice.

No. 310328

I don't think a con would report something like that. It would look bad on their part. Also, Micky is known to try and cover her tracks however she can. I mean, she's trying to be an "idol" now and "spread positivity". I'm sure she knows the document is still around.

No. 310330

The cos scene is full of sjws so probably. This is cowtipping for sure tbh. There was no reason to even block out the poster, is this you?

No. 310377

The doc has been reuploaded, Micky seems to have mass reported the original.
Someone reposted the link here

No. 310378

I saw the document circulating on some people’s stories about a week ago. She likely caught wind and acted accordingly.

No. 310385

Nah, not me but I blocked them out bc they're a random person on Facebook. Not sure if that's their personal page or not, didn't really look, but just blocked it for their safety. Though, after having some time to think on it more, they may have been someone who lurked here.

Damn, that was quick as hell.

No. 310386

it was quick because I think someone might've seen it was down by lurking and then reuploaded it.

No. 310388

It was reposted 6 days ago, before it was mentioned on this thread. So it’s probably not a lurker.

No. 310602

File: 1698088317902.jpg (274.43 KB, 1438x943, Screenshot_20231023-150657_X.j…)

I hope she knows that's not what being non verbal means

No. 310604

It's Mucky, of course she doesn't. Also her being "busy" = streaming.

No. 310637

why do e-girls always post shit like this, like everyone was waiting to be graced with their knowledge. its cringe af, because normal people have lives and get to their messages when they can and have no need to make grand statements like this. not to mention shes terminally online

No. 310652

Im so sick of people misusing psychiatric terms like this. Nonverbal my ass

No. 310683

File: 1698236957237.jpg (221.04 KB, 1440x877, Screenshot_20231025-082851_X.j…)

Including the ones who watch loli?

No. 310730

File: 1698280229537.jpg (1.56 MB, 1440x2541, Screenshot_20231025-202603_Fac…)

Having such a terrible person try to represent alternative black girls is so sad

No. 310731

File: 1698280250647.jpg (1.49 MB, 1440x2534, Screenshot_20231025-202653_Fac…)

No. 310907

File: 1698431773479.jpg (821.41 KB, 1034x2176, Screenshot_20231027_142544_Chr…)

I'm honestly not seeing anything in that image she used that even remotely resembles soft girl and living doll. She looks like a lot lizard. Also, she added a link to a storefront on this page. I guess she plans on selling shit soon. Not sure why she feels she needs to be an "idol" to do that.

No. 310944

She has her wishlist on this. How selfish can she be?

No. 311084

>idol debut
that's a funny way to spell stripper

No. 311232

File: 1698722192006.jpg (425.67 KB, 1080x1419, Screenshot_20231030_231110_X.j…)

Ah, she's back to lying about her real-life interactions. I'm pretty no one said this to her, and when search that none of her pics pop up. Even when searching "kawaii black girls" only one image comes of her and it's a screenshot from a tiktok, buried under other images. On IG she's buried beneath a bunch of other posters and it's two posts.

No. 311281

File: 1698765000926.jpeg (333.99 KB, 828x1637, IMG_8549.jpeg)

“It’s been decided” by who? YOU Micky? They deserved to be loved way before you decided. If this doesn’t scream narcissism (which she claims to have) idk what will.

No. 311364

File: 1698880645819.jpeg (535.75 KB, 828x1312, IMG_8556.jpeg)

I wonder if this will bring more awareness to the type of person she really is

No. 311365

File: 1698880699612.png (1.62 MB, 828x1792, IMG_8553.png)

The pee pose is so cringy too considering(nitpicker lrn2sage)

No. 311371

it's Micky's classic "I have to piss" pose

No. 311374

why does every deranged e girl have that skirt? Also she looks like she has a pillow under her shirt

No. 311429

why is her sweater to odd fitting?

No. 311440

saggy tits(nitpick)

No. 311464

File: 1699022175730.jpg (304.02 KB, 1440x963, Screenshot_20231103-101415_Fac…)

But people are supposed to keep supporting you after multiple consitant instances of abusive and predatory behavior?

No. 311676

File: 1699204011158.png (2.06 MB, 828x1792, IMG_8568.png)

So I looked up sun city anime because I was genuinely curious as to what their crowed looked like and omg all I saw were minors going ??

No. 311677

File: 1699204058432.png (2.87 MB, 828x1792, IMG_8569.png)

Selling lewds at a con full of minors while dressed slutty is insane(unsaged bait)

No. 311683

what an absolute attention whore. Theres literally no reason to walk around like that, nothing but insecurity

No. 311698

What minors? Also how do you know she's not in an adult only area?

No. 311703

File: 1699219184715.jpg (596.64 KB, 2048x1536, 20231105_131637.jpg)

Samefag, but I just looked it up. This is during the hentai/adult time. Her normal table isn't even 18+. There are no minors present during the 18+ part of the con/area of the con. Anon is talking out their ass about her shoving porn at minors. She's not even in the same space/spot.

No. 311707

>Nonnie doesn't understand the concept of Minors being present AT the con in general.

No. 311708

She wasn't wearing that during the normal con times either. Almost all cons have a day/night cycle. You might not know this though, so that's why it's being explained. There weren't minors around during >>311676 if they were, they had fake IDs

No. 311723

If you know her track record you know she dresses slutty anywhere. I hope it was 18+ in that area because she has dressed slutty at youmacon many times during daytime hours when it’s full of minors(sage + moralfagging)

No. 311724

File: 1699240651053.jpg (1.03 MB, 1079x1614, Screenshot_20231105_191648_X.j…)

Learn2Sage and she wasn't wearing that during the daytime, so regardless of her track record. I wouldn't call this look slutty like the whole ass out one anon posted.

No. 311736

Ah, thanks for confirming who you are.(hi cow)

No. 311739

glad she learned the difference this time. still don't like the cheap hooker outfit though, its just unflattering and clashes overall

No. 311743

What's the other outfit then? You can only see the side on the other post.

No. 311745

File: 1699281239638.jpg (709.02 KB, 1080x1490, Screenshot_20231106_093050_X.j…)

Had check what that initial anon said and apparently Sin City has an 18+ lounge. I feel like she barely had anyone at her booth though. She retweeted one person who came to see her. I think most of her followers are bots.

No. 311747

File: 1699281412862.jpg (666.57 KB, 1080x1548, Screenshot_20231106_092859_X.j…)

Also, to follow-up, she did all this "I'm an idol now!" bullshit just to push some shitty aliexpress makeup she slapped a label on. Can't wait for this to become her latest big drama.

No. 311752

Who apparently? These are all taken off her twitter.

No. 311754

Her "first makeup palette" and it's just something from AliExpress……..?

No. 311759

>I wouldn't call this look slutty
Neither would I but knowing nasty ass micky her saggy asscheeks is probably hanging out like in >>311676
Minors or no minors I think it's pretty disgusting to expose random people to your ass and backrolls.(pearl clutching, nitpicking)

No. 311766

I used to think she was lucky enough to have big boobs to do her horny e-girl shit but the rest of her looks so bad. She looks so frumpy for her age. She should be styling herself to look taller with a waistline not wider.

No. 311802

Maybe I’m nitpicking but she would really wear a bra in public if this is the daytime look around minors.

No. 311807

why is she pretending shes an idol? why cant she just enjoy herself at the con?
same tbh. i don't know how she does it but literally every outfit she wears -cheap hooker or not- looks frumpy as hell. its mind boggling

No. 311872

She honestly needs really work on her sense of style as well. The fact she still dresses this tacky after all these years is wild. Also shocked she hasn't gotten her "amazing" boyfriend to buy her a decent bra.

No. 311956

File: 1699462615983.jpeg (137.58 KB, 828x497, IMG_8586.jpeg)

Did miss “lolicon ruined my brain” forget why her TikTok is a flop in the first place lol? My thing is… if she becomes the idol she wants to be and gets famous, she’d be the SAME exact type of person she’s talking about here

No. 311959

I don't think she'll really get to be an idol to start with anon, only narc weeb girls say stuff like that then flop immediately. If anything it feels like she's copying, you know, that girl

No. 311964

nah he’s busy working a slave job so she can lay on fat old ass all day doing weeb shit like lori lewd and kevin

No. 312190

File: 1699758461078.jpg (469.82 KB, 1080x2104, Screenshot_20231110_224227_Ins…)

No one has done this. Lol All her comments are just people who kiss her ass.

No. 312255

File: 1699841454229.jpg (126.45 KB, 1080x793, Screenshot_20231112_210439_Sam…)

>conventionally attractive

She needs to stop lying to herself, because she is neither of these things. I swear she's just copying someone else's personality at this point.

No. 312286

File: 1699884938575.png (346.02 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8608.png)

You’re definitely doing this to cover up your past lmao you literally still have Loli plastered on your wall and you’re still being an ass to people in your community. The only time you have a nice persona is when you’re at these events and kissing peoples ass online

No. 312287

File: 1699885110825.jpeg (200.22 KB, 828x656, IMG_8609.jpeg)

Also isshocon is ran by her friend who kisses her ass “sage”("""sage""")

No. 312288

Your icon is present. But yeah, she always shit talked people who even helps her, she even dedicated a whole month to shitting on a person awhile back

No. 312289

she keeps acting like this "movement" needs her and wouldnt be possible without her. no dear, there are plenty of other genuinely kind and caring black girls who could do the same, but wont touch this with a 10 ft pole because of you and your history dumbass.

No. 312300

I’m not sure I know what you’re referring to
(“””sage”””)(there was an attempt)

No. 312315

She's acting like hard_decora doesnt exist, who has been guesting and tabling at cons for years, and even had a month long pop up in the galaxxxy shibuya store. Its annoying cause there's tons of black girls who wear harajuku and 'kawaii' shit so its extra stupid she's making this push now.

No. 312345

That guy doesn't run the convention. The people who do run the convention don't like her and know her past but I'm pretty sure they don't want their first full con to drown out by her bs.

Yeah, it's clear that she's just trying to gain followers and copy whoever. Not that long ago when she was openly mocking other black girls.

No. 312346

File: 1699943226739.jpg (1.39 MB, 1079x4541, Screenshot_20231114_011745_X.j…)

It's pretty much pure narcissism. The community never needed her. There's far better girls out there.

No. 312347

File: 1699943328126.jpg (438.26 KB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20231114_012419_X.j…)

It's so clear she only cares about followers and likes. If someone brought up all the shitty things she's done at the stuff she's hosting, she'd lie and throw all the people she's harassed under the bus.

No. 312493

File: 1700143789066.jpeg (200.04 KB, 828x938, IMG_8629.jpeg)

Looks like she’s going to try to go to dreamcon. Terrible idea because most of the main goers already know about her

No. 312494

She did this like two years ago when she had a dedicated simp she bragged about before her bf and he got tired of her attitude and she immediately jumped to shit talking him.
This is gonna be awesome

No. 312802

File: 1700490705650.jpeg (198.12 KB, 828x481, IMG_8642.jpeg)

I wonder who this is about. I also think she’s gearing up for a “look im not a bad person anymore! Look at how many people like my fake personality now!! ^w^”(^w^)

No. 312803

I thought she was in special ed back in high school? Unless she was there for some other reason.

No. 312826

I went to school with her, she was not in special ed. At the school we had “study skills” which was a class for kids who IEPs. It was a play for them to do homework and extra study help. I don’t recall her being in study skills. We also had a separate special ed class for kids who actually had autism or other learning disabilities “””sage”””

No. 312832

Yeah, it's well documented by other IRL friends and old school mates how full of shit she is.

No. 312841

Weird bc there's others who knew her irl that said she was borderline retarded. Maybe she was just failing easy shit and people thought she was. That said, it's clear she doesn't have shit like autism, depression, anxiety bpd, or bd like she claims.
(Also sage goes in the email field)

No. 312879

File: 1700587434427.jpeg (423.82 KB, 828x1385, IMG_8710.jpeg)

She’s not learning disabled, but someone we would refer to as dingy, ditsy, or a bird brain. If she did have an IEP it was because our school handed it out to black kids like popcorn.

Also does she realize that if a anime community black list was made she’d be on it? Lately it’s been seeming like she’s begging for people to find her past

No. 312904

File: 1700612850608.jpg (167.67 KB, 1080x740, Screenshot_20231121_023845_X.j…)

Yeah, she's just gonna keep pretending to be a victim. Like she made this tweet but everyone in the community said she lied about her age. Not to mention going out her way to post nsfw shit knowing she was underage and plastering some random, possibly underage girl's nudes to try and frame someone she was bullying.

It's crazy she calls it beef when in reality it was just her bullying/harassing someone trying to help her. Then she continued to act this way towards anyone who defended the person she bullied. Hell, I doubt that shit she's saying in the post even happened and she's just putting words in people's mouths like usual.

> also think she’s gearing up for a “look im not a bad person anymore! Look at how many people like my fake personality now

Oh that's 100% the case. Though if anyone came across all these threads and were to spread the information, she wouldn't get her way. Especially on Twitter, certain parts are very ravenous when they find out someone's been hiding fucked up skeletons in their closet.

No. 313061

File: 1700774476502.jpeg (442.49 KB, 828x1354, IMG_8722.jpeg)

No. 313064

So it appears from the screenshots that the person she was claiming to make up with per
>>312802 was Amina? Never thought I’d live to see the day. She’s probably exaggerating the extent to which Amina forgave her.

No. 313065

File: 1700779312439.jpg (406.87 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20231123_172241_X.j…)

There's so much in that video clip. She apparently lied and said that everything posted here, screenshots included are fake and rumors. Yet, I'm pretty sure most of the links are archived and if you ask anyone who knows her locally, they'd be able to co-sign everything posted. The fact she managed to manipulate Amina is sad, honestly. Picrel

I'm gonna post some of the other stuff that stood out as well.

No. 313066

File: 1700779352030.jpg (523.04 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231123_171857_X.j…)

This was all said by Micky, to jojo.

No. 313067

File: 1700779384019.jpg (250.89 KB, 867x832, Screenshot_20231123_171931_X.j…)

No. 313068

File: 1700779521163.jpg (591.41 KB, 1080x1883, Screenshot_20231123_172031_X.j…)

Also her trying to say that the pedo and rapists didn't called out is insane. The rapists are in jail and the pedos have been pushed out from the community. Pretty sure she went out her way to mock rape victims in her community too. So not sure why she's pretending like no one cares or did anything.

No. 313069

File: 1700779633361.jpg (302.3 KB, 1080x983, Screenshot_20231123_172106_X.j…)

This shit was insane. She really tried to go out her way and lie, knowing this chick has actual fucking evidence to contrary.

No. 313070

File: 1700779737614.jpg (238.19 KB, 1080x881, Screenshot_20231123_172348_X.j…)

This also answers why she was even able to go and have a panel at Sin City. Also proves that she lied here >>313067 about that supposed "background check".

No. 313079

I’m laughing. She says she was groomed into liking loli. And that she is undoing it. Yet she has loli posters and under age girls in skimpy outfits and sexual poses on her wall. What part of her undoing is that? No bitch, you still are into that shit and plaster it all over and give money to loli artists.

No. 313082

What accomplishments does Micky have?

No. 313083

If you download the video in MP4 or webm you can post it too

No. 313088

Not a damn thing unless she's counting being hated for a good reason as an accomplishment.

I was solely posting what stood out to me.

No. 313114

So she uploaded her presentation she did at sin city anime and all she did was “teach” people who are darker than her about racism and colorism LoL. It gave off “light skin girl discovers colorism and wants to relate”.

No. 313124

You should try and post the video anyway in case it becomes unavailable, I don't have Twitter so I can't, or else I would do it.

No. 313176

File: 1700871557408.jpeg (187.04 KB, 828x403, IMG_8756.jpeg)

New apology post dropping in 3…2…1…

No. 313186

File: 1700878945860.jpeg (686.65 KB, 1170x1661, IMG_0735.jpeg)

looks like she locked her twitter account too.

she mentioned doing a twitch stream for today earlier as well but that was swiftly cancelled. really wonder what Mucky has in store

No. 313193

File: 1700883832071.jpeg (170.53 KB, 828x667, IMG_8758.jpeg)

Not the lolcow screenshot

No. 313194

File: 1700884314058.jpeg (134.03 KB, 828x506, IMG_8759.jpeg)

No. 313209

It has to be at this point. Her digital footprint is huge, she has to know she can't keep trying to dodge it and make excuses like she has been for years, especially now that it's actually affecting her "appearances" and not just her online reputation.

No. 313228

So, she's just leading people to the threads filled with evidence?

And watch that apology still be filled to the brim with lies and zero accountability.

No. 313230

File: 1700915617369.png (110.11 KB, 597x567, Mucky2.png)

Yeah, going down "memory lane" it seems and she only locked her twitter probably thinking she'd keep certain anons out.
The apology/throwing someone under the bus for asspats part.

No. 313235

Then she’s gonna delete it after a week and say its because people were “talking shit” lol

No. 313259

She's spouting some pure horsehit. Pretty sure she was still actively talking shit in a thread she made here and on PULL. I think she's also trying to block out any one who will speak up and say facts.

No. 313261

This. So unless she gets rid of EVERYONE following, she won't be able to do this.
>Pretty sure she was still actively talking shit in a thread she made here
She does this to this day because she turns around and goes to twitter/fb for asspats afterwards.

No. 313282

File: 1700941085435.jpeg (92.09 KB, 821x447, IMG_8761.jpeg)

She’s gone private on the nswf too

No. 313331

Yeah, I think she's definitely gonna shit out the same tired ass apology and that's why both her pages are locked. She doesn't care about actually bettering herself. She solely cares about just having clout.

No. 313333

She definitely cares about “bettering herself” but only in the eyes of viewers. She wants people to see her as a positive influence for clout but im sure she still watches loli in private on anon burners.

You still have loli on your walls and your energy has been “look! I’m saying nice things! I’ve changed” when you’re the same sinister person deep down

No. 313404

File: 1701031757729.jpg (274.36 KB, 1080x1300, Screenshot_20231126_154203_Sam…)

This is all just a silly joke to her. Probably not even gonna make an apology and just gonna hide behind her locked pages until people forget.

No. 313430

File: 1701060592774.jpg (200.12 KB, 1058x852, 1417491015521.jpg)

No. 313431

File: 1701061043969.png (1.65 MB, 901x1313, bitterbatatyoumacon.png)

No. 313432

The girl is nothing but a liar. How are people still falling for her shit? She is the pedo, abuser, and scammer and keeps projecting onto others who are actually innocent.

No. 313433

No. 313434

File: 1701064954029.jpg (79.28 KB, 734x555, 1422020267307.jpg)

No. 313435

File: 1701066099024.jpg (366.85 KB, 1280x960, dang.jpg)

No. 313436

File: 1701066237962.jpg (31.65 KB, 800x176, ew.jpg)

>>313435(unsaged spamming retard)

No. 313448

File: 1701090232331.jpeg (295.65 KB, 828x1081, IMG_8767.jpeg)

She’s about to accuse some innocent person I bet

No. 313463

File: 1701106797395.jpeg (481.19 KB, 828x1339, IMG_8769.jpeg)

Called it

No. 313464

She is, plus making it obvious she's lurking here as usual.
Ahh yep there it is.

No. 313465

File: 1701107114531.png (45.69 KB, 596x365, Holy shit.png)

Bitch is blaming her shitty porn and buying fake engagement on someone else kek. No mucky, when you buy followers and engagement it gets removed eventually, it's fake, it HURTS your growth. They didn't do shit, stop blaming the same guy every other year when you're bored.

No. 313478

Yeah, this is vile as hell. I just knew she wouldn't own up to her awful bs. Had she just owned up and rightfully called out her ex, that would have been fine. But instead she's dragging innocent people into this, for nothing.(sage your shit)

No. 313479

People are dying, Mickey.
It seems like only in weeb con/art/game circles does anyone even slightly give a fuck about google doc callouts these days and it's only slightly.

No. 313480

File: 1701116273922.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x5838, Screenshot_20231127_151209_Sam…)

She also posted this to her Facebook.

No. 313481

File: 1701116332386.jpg (830.4 KB, 1078x5882, Screenshot_20231127_151443_Sam…)

Terry responded and Micky continues to lie and play the victim card.

No. 313482

File: 1701116474724.jpg (540.59 KB, 1079x3884, Screenshot_20231127_151510_Sam…)

No. 313483

File: 1701116568561.jpg (476.12 KB, 1078x3469, Screenshot_20231127_151532_Sam…)

No. 313484

File: 1701116662706.jpg (436.49 KB, 1077x3276, Screenshot_20231127_151550_Sam…)

No. 313485

File: 1701116734396.jpg (220.95 KB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20231127_151629_Sam…)

Here's her tagging innocent people

No. 313486

File: 1701116765180.jpg (102.2 KB, 1080x854, Screenshot_20231127_151649_Sam…)

More people

No. 313487

File: 1701116872196.jpg (963.28 KB, 1080x5910, Screenshot_20231127_151729_Sam…)

Her going back and forth with another person

No. 313489

The tea is hot today! Glad all of this is coming to light. She needs to be called out and shamed for her continued actions. If she was truly sorry she would quit with decorating her room in loli. It looks bad for her to continue to act the victim with tons of pedo artwork on her walls. Make it make sense. Happy that the kei club call out is still going around. Hope it gets to all the cons she wants to appear at

No. 313490

It also looks like she was counting on someone not remembering her lying about her age to others. That weird ass Anthony dude clearly knew but she definitely lied to everyone else and didn't stop until people were standing up for Amina.

No. 313494

I'm confused as to why men being creeps and not checking id is a her problem even when lying about her age. These men are pedos… young girls will do anything to get attention from adult men sometimes if that means they get attention in general. Micky isn't an exception to young girls being dumb as fuck and letting society from them into thinking this is a good idea. Why isn't more blame being put on the pedos?

No. 313499

I agree actually, those men are to blame.

No. 313500

On cue, here's the defense force.

No. 313501


…..Maybe she shouldn't be a lying cunt and turning men who honestly thought she was of age into pedos.

No. 313502

This. She knew what she was doing when she was sticking sharpies in her ass on 4chan she knows what she was doing LYING about her age.

No. 313504

I'm not even wking. This is a legit question. Especially if it's years later, why bring it back up?

No. 313507

Any time someone calls her out for something problematic that she’s currently doing, she brings up the past. The trigger of all of this was the fact that she still has loli on her walls. She went around DMing people on her own about all of this and then made the doc. Most of the anons here hold her accountable to her pedophilic behavior. Micky is the one who changes the narrative

No. 313511

Its rehashing old milk from years ago that is being discussed. Stop shoehorning in other issues. She's not a pedo and that's not how being a pedo works. At least provide proof besides uwu japanese obsession over cute younger characters on her walls. That's not the same and she was the victim of a pedo, not the other way around. Just smells like an attempt to bring it up, not here I mean, because someone has it out for her, but she's technically the victim in her situation.

No. 313515


Wall decorations here.(sage your shit)

No. 313516

I guess as long as she deletes and rebrands she’s magically changed. She’s automatically not into lolicon anymore. She has an invisible post where she’s holding herself accountable too somewhere.

No. 313518

I would suggest finding the og image before you call that lolicon. That's not lolicon kek it has tits and extreme curves.

No. 313519

You're definitely wk-ing for her or are just her. Please know she went around and lied about her age. She actively posted CP, KNOWING it's illegal and didn't care. Now, in the case of that Anthony dude, he's definitely shitty as well, and I'm pretty sure he even had a thread on here. But the issue here is Micky. Also, she claimed to be traumatized by him and blocked him but also still reacts to his posts and likely still talks to him. This girl bullied and harassed Amina just because Amina tried to warn her about that guy. Then there's Micky making threads on here about other girls she doesn't like but acting as if she wanted nothing to do with this place. Or how about her beating her mom? Or sleeping with her former best friend's partner? Or sexually harassing Amina? Or using suicide as a threat to try to take these threads down or keep her one ex? Even in the doc she post she lied about her ages of everything that happened.

No. 313520

Not that anon, but that bondage image is lolicon.

No. 313521

Can you post the og image then from the artist or link or then or post with censors to add proof to the thread? Also, that subject matter, regardless of character, doesn't scream lolicon and doesn't make her her pedo still either. Doesn't look like the og image is posted anywhere ITT. You'd think anons would. Imo it looks like the proportions of bratz dolls, not specifically a childs body.

Nothing else you are bringing up has to do with the rape issue. Nice hi cow attempt though.

No. 313522

Scroll up, someone literally just posted the og? This is exactly why she gets away with it every time(sage your shit)

No. 313523

The first time the rape issued or the Anthony guy was brought public was in her “lolicon ruined my brain” video. Any other documents with that person on here is of them saying they did t know she was underage. She also has screenshots of herself during that time saying she prefers large age gaps and wants pedos to like her. None of this have been brought up outside of being context for current situations(sage your shit)

No. 313524

Panty and stocking isn't lolicon and the image with black hair is not linked back to an artist or posted in full to prove its lolicon. This is so stupid to say she a pedo based on this.

Also blaming an underage girl for taking nudes and being groomed to think it's okay, online, is not the same as making cp on purpose for the sake of general cp. And seems like a manipulated teen who's now am adult and has to deal with her dumb decisions now. Thats not the same scenario at all.

No. 313525

Did you forget she’s admitted to it ruining her brain

No. 313526

Stop moving the goalposts. I'm only discussing why she isn't a pedo and why she didn't make cp just for funsies because she likes cp.

No. 313527

Basically what anon said:
She does it to distract from herself, she cycles this over and over and over the last couple of years because it's something she can get people easily behind to go:
>"hey, you know what? That's right, FUCK THEM MEN!"
And lo' and behold, the heat is off Micky and now she's being defended.

No. 313530

But whats the current milk that has nothing to do with old milk? Nothing. I'm reading and it sounds like its all ancient milk, also she was 13 and he was 23 and she's still at fault. No way she looked 18 at 13. Come on.

Also none of this spam says anything about current milk either. Safe to say theres a small vendetta going on off site.

No. 313531

>But whats the current milk that has nothing to do with old milk? Nothing
That's the point, nonna. It's Mickey herself doing this, it's not some random vendettachan cycling old milk for the sake of it.

No. 313535

Yet this post >>313061
admits to bringing it up because people 'forgot' and definitely not because she was a guest and is trying to promote herself with OF and this makeup wholesale resale gig. It's very clear what's happening. This is a 2019 problem, but people on Twitter want to try making it an issue again. That's wild imo.

No. 313536

It cropped up again because Mucky hinted at doing something for about a week, then today's discourse is just an anon posting what she's been doing, which is something she does constantly over the years when she gets any type of heat, I interpreted it as someone making sure it's known before mucky spewed her manipulative bs like usual.

No. 313538

That makes no sense, anons hinting at apologies when nothing even happened. This now seems planned to ruin whatever she was planning to announce. You can't look at this 2019 drama and not see it isn't on purpose lol thank you for breaking it down for me though. I was having a hard time figuring out what all these "apology imcoming" posts were and it's because someone knew they were going to bring this all back up to fuck with her.

No. 313539

imagine if she had a job, put her phone down and worked on bettering herself instead of being a bitter cunt.

No. 313565

Oh. So is she in here now white knighting herself or did she trick more people? Micky is trash and the only person setting Micky up for failure is Micky.(learn to sage)

No. 313570

File: 1701146501460.png (179.12 KB, 452x567, isshocon_reponse.png)

Isshocon responded and the person Micky's dumbass is accusing was never apart of the con. She just retaliated because she's mad and trying to cover up the shit she did

No. 313572

Nope, even if she's a terrible person, which she is, men are still to blame for their disgusting actions towards her when she was a minor. She needs to take accountability for her mistakes but that doesn't mean the men that abused her are completely blameless or even worth defending.

No. 313573

Who is being defended here? Besides you trying to defend Micky I mean. The guy she has been in a public relationship with got banned as well.(sage your shit)

No. 313575

I don't care about her anon, defending males is very retarded though, specially if they're pedos. I also dislike her for being into Loli btw, both parties are gross so I'm not sure why people are defending these pedo men either.

No. 313576

Where is the defense of the guy in question? Maybe I missed something.

No. 313577

Honestly I think of the dudes that a used her were genuinely brought up in a “they need to be exposed” matter instead of a “what about these guys!” Would have made people more sympathetic. But she literally only brings them up when she gets called out. She was ok with participating with ishcon until afrosapho exposed the dm Micky sent her unsolicited

No. 313579

Yeah. She was okay with bullying and trying to silence other people. Some of these people she accuses she lies on as well. Shocked she has not seen legal problems yet from the child porn and false acusations.

No. 313582

She was a minor when she took photos. She won't be in legal trouble. She's not going out of her way to recirculate it and make profit. Men convincing a child to send nudes is not the child's fault. You're delusional.

No. 313587


No. 313591

nta but it's not delusional it's a real problem that minors or adults that took sexual underage photos of themselves get prosecuted for CP. anon isn't blaming her, it's a factual thing.

No. 313592

That is not something that happens on the regular without other circumstances surrounding it, especially not in the blame of the children. Usually, I agree on a lot about Mickey, but this doesn't make any sense. There have been no cases where adults have been charged for their own underage photos unless they are redistributing them as an adult. Her photos she took as a child do not have anything to do with her as an adult as she isn't redistributing it. There's zero legal action that can take place and this doesn't make her a pedophile either. The person who has those photos is and should be charged though.

No. 313594

File: 1701157709154.jpg (781.56 KB, 1620x1080, Picsart_23-11-28_02-41-35-468.…)

Anyways, ignoring that whiteknight because it's clearly her stupid friend who is gullible af, she post this bullshit to her IG story. She's blaming two completely innocent people of rape. That's some serious fucking shit to accuse someone of.

No. 313596

File: 1701157881996.jpg (799.71 KB, 1620x1080, Picsart_23-11-28_02-42-46-855.…)

You can slightly see the names of both persons. If they were truly fucked up, you would think she'd show their names like she did her ex and the innocent con heads she's been harassing.

No. 313599

File: 1701158084794.jpg (2.11 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-11-28_02-43-38-914.…)

If those people find out she's going around lying about them raping her, she's gonna get into geniune legal trouble. Like, doing that is actually fucking illegal. She should really should have fucked off the first time she got called out.

No. 313600

File: 1701158221737.jpg (1.1 MB, 1074x2942, Screenshot_20231128_020116_X.j…)

She even had the nerve to post it to twitter

No. 313601

File: 1701158288366.jpg (234.81 KB, 1080x1741, Screenshot_20231128_020707_Sam…)

She's so disgusting for emotionally manipulating people with this

No. 313602

File: 1701158434363.jpg (50.46 KB, 1080x525, Screenshot_20231128_020637_Sam…)

It's not gonna happen because the only thing that's true was her pedo ex. Everything else is false. Otherwise, more people in her local community would comfort her. She knows this, and that's why she's being manipulative again.

No. 313603

File: 1701158927152.jpg (237.48 KB, 1080x1080, Picsart_23-11-28_03-03-33-673.…)

Pretty sure the whiteknight is that Riku chick. She doesn't realize that both Micky and her ex were hush hush about her actual age. It's how she was able to work at Chou Anime. Also, her treating Micky like she didn't know any better is wild. She was a teen who was told by someone that this dude is garbage and instead of trashing him and telling an adult, she harassed and bullied said girl. Then tried to act like she was a victim of bullying and claim said girl was "jealous". Also, it's insane as hell for her to still have been in contact and reacting to dude's posts. If she was geniunely feeling trauma, she wouldn't been anywhere near him online or offline.

No. 313605

You need to learn2sage and there hasn't been proof of her lying about rape. Speculating she is isn't the same as an actual lie. If it was so easy to get away from DV and abuse, victims wouldn't spend years still interacting or having trouble getting away, Mickey included. People can be super shitty and you can still have some sort of connection to them, especially at a young age like she was, that messes with your head.

No. 313606

Riku is mucks calf

No. 313607

Obviously, but it's clear that >>313605 and all these other sudden whiteknight posts are her. She pretty stupid to believe Micky when there's plenty of threads with evidence showing she's a manipulative liar.(hi cow)

No. 313608

I am not the cow or any of her friends. Stop hi cowing because some anons don't agree with you.

No. 313614

Micky is utter poison to the black community. If she listened to Anima in the first place about the creep and did not get super jealous none of this wouldve happened.

No. 313616

Micky is poison in general. I wish she'd just kept the promise she made to the one girl who called her out a few years back and stopped trying to make a "community" around her - no community she had her hands in will ever be a safe place.
Just a few quick reminders for any new faces Micky's stupid post brings. The first time she attempted running the "kawaii black community" she rejected a bunch of girls for not being pretty or cute enough, by her own admission. It was only a few years ago when Micky was stalking her ex Adam's new girlfriend and trying to skinwalk her. It was only a few years ago when Micky proudly proclaimed she cucked her friend Emi by fucking Emi's boyfriend in the same bed they were all sharing, and enjoyed thinking it made her better by comparison. The stalking, bullying, and harassment she subjected Amina to for literal years has proof spanning several websites, and she still won't keep Amina's name out of her mouth and out of her drama. She's a nasty, jealous girl who hates other women, and she will always be nasty, toxic poison.

No. 313619

Okay but anons are talking about the rape and cp.

No. 313620

>no community she had her hands in will ever be a safe place.
This is why people who join her discord(s) are basically people she's taking notes on to drag under a bus when needed.
There was no rape.

No. 313621

Where does it say she lied though? I'm going through all the screenshots, there's no callouts about it being fake and she doesn't secretly confide it was either in the messages in screencaps. PULL link doesn't work either. Even "find in page" isn't hitting anything.

No. 313624

Just a note for the next thread. We should have her call out documents in the summary for the future so more eyes can see it.

She really got rejected for a convention and turned it into a personal attack. Then is trying to gather an army to go after said convention. I didn’t think she could get any lower. But here we are.

No. 313625

Yeah there's noting in the OP like other cow threads linking back to everything she's done.

No. 313628

Cool, and I'm not. There are enough anons in this thread arguing about her victim status in regards to multiple supposed rapes, whether or not it's her fault for making CP, and whether or not having lolicon on her walls makes her a pedophile. I was replying to anon's mention of her local community.

No. 313639

I almost befriended this micky person at glotaku they seemed relatively normal, covered in makeup but normal a tad sloppy in the chest too. Seeing this level of manipulation is wild, nasty stuff. Did she pay to host glotaku, why on earth is she being asked to host events ? I noticed a few questionable guests at glotaku(sage your shit)

No. 313682

If people itt are going to call her a pedo and hold her accountable for having loli in her walls (and she should be accountable for that) then there's even more reasons to hold accountable the men who groomed her when she was a minor. You can't do one and excuse the other, even if you hate her.

No. 313684

>then there's even more reasons to hold accountable the men who groomed her
No one groomed her. She knew what she was doing, she LIED to everyone she tried hooking up with, there was no grooming. I know "men bad" but seriously, don't rewrite history just to believe her BS.

No. 313685

They still decided to date a minor. The "they were lied to" is the shittiest excuse that scrotes do in this type of situation. Hold her AND the groomers accountable. I don't know why people here are defending males of all places.

No. 313688

>They still decided to date a minor. The "they were lied to"
>They found out after the fact she was a minor because she lied to them
She wasn't groomed. Maybe you need to understand the concept broken down
>"Hi I'm over 18."
>Okay cool we can date
>"Ew this guy is stupid I hate him, btw I was a minor the whole time!"
>"Hi I'm over 18."
>"Okay cool I'll hit on you"
>"Ew no creep I'm a minor, why you hitting on me in a mcdonalds"
There's no grooming in this scenario, which is what Mucky did. People hold groomers accountable when it warrants it, Mucky's situation has no grooming involved, ever.

No. 313689

There's 18+ threads of Micky history, most of us know she lies through her knee tits.

No. 313713

No one is giving the men a pass for what they did to her. No one is defending the guys. What we want is her too, to be held accountable for her part in the mess of lying to the men. Both parties are guilty. Micky is known to use her lying and abuse for clout and pity. That is wrong and so gross. The threads are not about the pedo men; they are about her. Her whiteknights are making it be that we are defending the guys and that isn’t true. She also has yet to overcome her own addictions to loli and blames it on her trauma. That isn’t ok. Nor is her lying about everything, from the Emi situation, to the conventions, to her stalking of other women.

No. 313732

>a child 13-15 knew what they were doing when a pedophile convinced her to send nudes and be slutty online
You have got to be kidding me. Kids don't understand the repercussions of that stuff. Only surface level attention whoring. Men who didn't stop her ARE groomers. Stop twisting this into a "she should've known better" and both partying it. It is not her fault that the internet literally grooms women in most social media spaces to think this type of content and acting this way is okay. Her parents and the men who took advantage of her should've been the ones to know better.

No. 313733

>Men who didn't stop her ARE groomers
You mean her parents that didn't stop? Or other WOMEN not stopping her? Stop focusing on acting like she was groomed, she knew what she was doing WILLINGLY shoving sharpies in her ass. When she pulled her tits out ON HER OWN on 4chan as her first post there. She wasn't groomed into doing that. Seriously, you gain nothing whiteknighting a manipulator.

No. 313735

Yeah. Everyone who was an adult should've either asked for ID or her parents or other women watching and knew she was underage telling her to stop. Doing it willingly doesn't mean she should've and doesn't make her less of a victim. Men should always ask for ID, online, at all times. Everyone should. Women lying about their age to seem more adult isn't some new thing and people take advantage of these girls and women because of it, including Micky. Men on 4chan applauding her for what she posted is grooming, doesn't matter if she did it willingly. That's how grooming works, anon. Gets to a point where you don't second guess this stuff, you just do.

Also 4chan is a grooming ground. Just because her first party was obscene, doesn't change people around her or people convincing her that it's okay. How exactly do you think kids in these situations, anon? Same reason we have girls trying to emulate ethots instead of Daisy Duke girls in the 2010s to now. Posting lewd online has been a thing for decades. Willingly /=/ not groomed.

No. 313736

Literally, not sure how anons think girls at 13-15 start acting like this. It's not human nature.

No. 313737

>think girls at 13-15 start acting like this.
Ah yes, women have 0 sentience and free will, you're correct. None of us have EVER thought about porn, naked bodies, snapping pictures of ourselves etc unless a boy or adult is involved. You whiteknights are almost as retarded as Mickey.
>should've either asked for ID
No one asks for IDs anywhere unless you're buying smokes or alcohol because it's not feasible and realistically tell me honestly, do you go around asking random people and friends for their ID when you strike up a conversation and not selling anything?

No. 313739

Human nature is to mate. Our bodies can mate and even produce babies when we hit puberty and start having our periods, which fyi, varies from age 10-15, sometimes even sooner, sometimes later. What isn't human nature is thinking we don't have the ability to think for ourselves.(weird derailing)

No. 313740

This is the internet. If anons are going to say in the James Charles thread that he should be asking for ID, yeah, then everyone should. It's not a nay for some and yay for others. Adults should be protecting themselves online when interacting with people, period, if they don't want to be called pedos which all those men are. And Micky learned to want to do that, where?

No. 313741

I see this thread is devolving into Mickey defense sperging every time she pulls her bullshit.

No. 313742

Saying women should be accountable for their own rape when they are 3-5 years under 18 because they lied about their age is a whole other level of mental illness. No one is defending Micky by pointing out that flawed logic.

No. 313743

She wasn't raped.

No. 313744

Anons already mentioned that they have tried to look on PULL and in past threads where she admits she lied about it. Maybe you could link it, anon?

No. 313745

Micky is here reading all of this and it must take a mental toll on her every time.

No. 313751

Micky the way you are going about this is not working. You are literally giving ammo to people who will use it against you and target your partnerships/brand because you are reacting this much over a small loss. Isshocon is not even a big con you literally could do bigger and better things. Tagging people who are not close to you and expecting them to fight for you or to shame them is not going to work either. Do you want to prove you have changed? Stop the cycle of how you react people here have your reactions down like clockwork. You have said your peace about the situation and the more you entertain it the more it shows you are still stuck in the same cycle and you have not changed. When you outgrow the need to prove yourself or give reactions no one can milk you anymore. Move past this, stop reacting the same way try something different so you do not have to tell people you changed since they will see it. Take my advice or do not that is on you but the way this is going if you do not change you will be here till you are 30.(sage your shit/no1currs/hi cow)

No. 313753

and what, you’ll be here clowning on her since 30? being on lolcow isn’t a death sentence(sage your shit)

No. 313754

Was not clowning at all. I am new here like a few people. Being on here is not a death sentence but she has stated many times how bad this place is for her mental health. Why should she keep coming by to visit to read things that harm her? IMO if she left this place behind, changed how she reacts to setbacks in life, and did not engage people who want to see her fail she could see things change in her life.

No. 313756

They all sound like pedo apologists to me.

No. 313760

Samefag, but looks like theres no proof she wasn't raped, so unless anons can link that somewhere she states she lied, theres still the likelyhood she was raped as a teen by some 20-something.

No. 313772

ffs moids suck and mucky sucks. They’re all self diagnosed “autists” because that’s easier than taking accountability of their own actions. Oh some scrote groomed a minor? Shocker. Oh some BPDchan lied about her age/etc? Shocker.(pointless post)

No. 313783

So for years Micky went relentlessly against Amina who warned her of the very same pedophile she is now railing against? Micky, you fucking imbecile. How is this suddenly a massive crises when you're not the one bullying the grooming victims?

No. 313795

Looks like someone got upset their logic didn't work kek
This is just how Micky is and why no one should be trying to whiteknight her, she flips the script on a whim.

No. 313800

File: 1701355237016.jpeg (366.1 KB, 1125x1925, IMG_9116.jpeg)

Even down to the shit tier power point alibaba font. Never change Mucky

No. 313811

Ai art is shit, so what are you trying to say with this post?

No. 313837

The fact she uses the same AI font for her “makeup pallet” logo. Hypocritical

No. 313840

It's not "ai font". Its a font style. A legit font. What are you even talking about?

No. 313851

I def think some of these accounts are sockpuppets. Is this a fan thread or what? Who cares this girl a pedo supporter and tried to retaliate against being exposed. You just donr stat in a relationship with a dude who likes lolis especially in your high teens.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 313857

I thought that font was just the whole video game 8 bit style thing(sage your shit)

No. 313864

A lot of young girls think its love. This is common.

No. 313999

Whatever the case, I'm just glad this freak lost her panels. As far as I'm concerned, she's a predator too. The last thing she needs is any kind of reach out to anybody. She needs to leave black girls alone-all girls for that matter. She'll start out about her usual 'empowering' shit and then immediately tell all of them to pimp themselves out on the internet just like she tries to do. She does nothing but live a terrible life, and then try to convince everyone that she's doing great when she's not. She's in no position to give advice to anybody, about anything.
All this screaming and shouting is her trying to save face for getting the boot. Well I'm not buying it. Stay away from women and girls, freak.

No. 314006

Yeah, like it wasn't that long ago she fucking Emi's boyfriend behind Emi's back and bragging about it. Or lied about her parents being abusive and made the claim she had a restraining order on her dad but then turned around and beat up her mom and admitted that she would have stab her. Like, a good chunk of the trifling shit she's done is recent and she hasn't openly apologized for it. She keeps blabbering about it all being when she was a kid(see, teen) just to keep people from checking and just believing her.

No. 314074

No. 314080

Kek they mentioned Shayna there

No. 314089

134 fucking pages…
She's gonna have a meltdown kek

No. 314092

Yeah but how much of it is just bullshit people make up like her not being raped or shes a pedo? Severely take this with a grain of salt.

No. 314094

None of it is BS, nonnie.

No. 314095

There are no speculations mentioned in the document. Everything mentioned has been captured through screen caps. If there was no proof of it existing , it wasn’t mentioned X

No. 314096

You obviously didn’t read it, most of this document is screenshots of Micky’s own posts. It’s incredibly damning, there’s a lot of stuff in there that people forgot about. I didn’t realize how deep her DDLG and lolicon past went. There are multiple examples in this document of her engaging with this content up until her early 20s, a far cry from the “but I was a minor” card she keeps trying to pull.
The document doesn’t accuse her of lying about her assault or lying about her age. So she and her WKs (like you) can’t even try and pull that card to deflect.
In my opinion, there is more than enough evidence in this doc to say she’s sexually attracted to the likeness of children. Not saying she’s attracted to real kids but, you can’t have hundreds of lolicon posts across multiple platforms, spanning several years (and WELL into adulthood) and not have some attraction to their image. It’s actually undeniable after looking at this document.

Her ass is toast. She better start praying that the wider community doesn’t catch wind of this document, because it actually makes her look so much worse than the last ones did somehow. If she was upset about the last one…she is surely in for a surprise!

No. 314097

It's just a whiteknight or mucky as usual.

No. 314098

This should be added to the top of the next thread

No. 314102

Peddling the pedo shit when its not true is stupid

No. 314103

Kek on cue her whiteknights are here.

No. 314104

File: 1701639915903.jpeg (Spoiler Image,132.49 KB, 613x1159, IMG_7600.jpeg)

Read the doc you fucking imbecile. She has mounds of examples of her getting off to drawn five year olds. Only reason to defend this is if drawn children also make you horny.
Not to mention her fetishizing literal pacifiers.
This image alone shows Micky thinks things associated with literal newborn babies are sexy.
Stop trying to defend this. Literally nobody that read that doc will be on your side.
Riddle me this:
Why is it okay to sexualize drawn children? Why is it okay to sexualize items that are made for babies that can’t even walk yet? Why is it okay to make fake rape porn for moids and sell it for profit? What’s sexy about the likeness of a child?
Seriously. Explain. What is fucking sexy about this photo? What’s sexy about lolicon? Go ahead. Tell me why this is okay.
Micky was 20/21 when this was posted btw.

No. 314109

There's a difference between ddlg and pedo. These are all adults, if this was a child it would be different and then the pedo thing would make sense, but it's not.

No. 314110

Read the document or shut up already.

No. 314112

This is an imageboard.

No. 314120

File: 1701642899387.png (Spoiler Image,413.25 KB, 760x768, 1637335861289.png)

Anon, this was from the last thread. That's a child and she posted shit from kodomo no jikan. A fucked up anime about a little girl being lewd with an adult. You really need to actually read the doc.

No. 314123

I don't care about art. Anons want to know if she is or isn't a pedo, not this gray area stuff because of drawings, especially when the drawings can also be equated to design being cute and not because she wants to fuck the characters. This is an imageboard, anons need to post caps of the document. Some of us don't want to click a direct link.

No. 314125

File: 1701644186580.jpg (152.99 KB, 1080x730, 1638335986657.jpg)

Whiteknights better realize this girl is just a POS. Didn't do anything to improve from dealing with her gross ex. Just got worse and sneakier. Like, this is the same person that tweeted picrel. Not really someone worth defending.

No. 314127

File: 1701645061930.jpg (783.44 KB, 1080x2266, Screenshot_20231203_180657_X.j…)


Oh, she also has currently lied and said the heads of Isshocon didn't want to hear her out but it's clear that they did. They had banned Anthony when she told them everything. She lied about trying to get everyone to know about him prior with the video she made, since she deleted said video. Also lied and claimed that the person who ran the mudnaynay tumblr was local. On top of that, lied and said her local community was full of drughead hippies (wooks). Anything to look like a poor, innocent victim though, amirite?

No. 314128

Let me just quickly clear all of her WKs:
“Anons want to know if she’s a pedo or not”, nobody ever said that? You’re moving the goal post. People on this thread already KNOW she’s attracted to the likeness of children. There are almost 20 threads of proof.
Explain to me anon, why do you think masturbating to drawn children is okay? What is sexy about it?
You’re repeating her exact same talking points about how lolis are “cute girls uwu” even though the images in question are clearly fucking sexual unless you’re a complete and total dumbass. You’re dumb for asking to evidence when everyone here has already seen it. You’re not gonna make us unsee what we saw.
Tell me:
Why are pacifiers okay to sexualize? Explain now or don’t bother replying again. Tell me why you think this is okay. Justify it.

Also, THIS IS NOT A GREY AREA. LOLICON IS CONSIDERED CHILD PORN UNDER US LAW. PEOPLE HAVE BEEN PROSECUTED. This is not a topic of discussion. This is not a debate. Lolicon is pedophilic. Inherently. Full stop. And you’re in extremely sick bitch if you think this is any type of grey area. Seek help kid diddler.

No. 314141

File: 1701655876437.jpg (3.58 MB, 4243x2828, Picsart_23-12-03_21-09-34-068.…)

Still trying to play victim in her Instagram. The fact she can't just say she's not a good person and did nothing but start shit in her local community and lie is insane. She always has to be a victim.

No. 314142

File: 1701656081523.jpg (401.54 KB, 1080x1068, Screenshot_20231203_210505_Ins…)

She's also adding in the lie that she wanting to be helpful and make a space for black people in jfashion and cosplay but spent a good chunk of her years in these spaces doing nothing more than acting awful to others and self-hating. Meanwhile others were making spaces and helping people be more comfortable. These same people she harrassed while playing victim. She really should delete this, her accounts, and fuck off.

No. 314145

Listen. I’m the Anon that made the doc. My intention is to be straight forward. Please read the doc and form your own opinions. I am tired of the bickering and arguing. EVERYTHING is in the doc

No. 314148

You google doc schizos are absolutely unhinged. Thank you for every kek

No. 314151

>constantly feel like I'm being watched
I mean, she's the one putting all this on the internet in the first place? She's the one who keeps coming back and trying to establish herself as some sort of influencer?

No. 314153

You should learn to integrate. Post screenshots of your doc and sage.

No. 314155

Nobody screenshots documents on this site. Every single time they've been posted, people read it. If you can't handle that, go back to sucking Micky's sagging tits.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 314169

Ok lolcow schizo

No. 314170

File: 1701699067304.jpeg (402.32 KB, 828x1357, IMG_8883.jpeg)

I’m not putting 100 screenshots in here but I’ll post the topics and y’all can read for yourself

No. 314171

File: 1701699095997.png (252.86 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8884.png)

No. 314172

File: 1701699176535.png (255.37 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8885.png)

It’s gonna take some time because of posts limits

No. 314173

File: 1701699203843.png (325.43 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8886.png)

No. 314174

File: 1701699262911.png (811.7 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8887.png)

“Flood detection”

No. 314175

File: 1701699289065.png (420.51 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8888.png)

No. 314176

File: 1701699328763.png (575.84 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8889.png)

No. 314177

File: 1701699360526.png (816.28 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8890.png)

No. 314178

File: 1701699383417.png (463.9 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8891.png)

No. 314179

File: 1701699407109.png (713.83 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8892.png)

No. 314180

File: 1701699434990.png (962.8 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8893.png)

No. 314181

File: 1701699456704.png (723.84 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8894.png)

No. 314182

File: 1701699515220.png (403.74 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8895.png)

No. 314183

File: 1701699560076.png (528.83 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8896.png)

No. 314184

File: 1701699586910.png (442.19 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8897.png)

No. 314185

File: 1701699619122.png (718 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8899.png)

No. 314186

File: 1701699694488.png (438.95 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8900.png)

No. 314187

File: 1701699719012.png (272.31 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8901.png)

No. 314188

File: 1701699850410.png (689.3 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8902.png)

No. 314189

File: 1701699889769.png (358.5 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8903.png)

No. 314190

File: 1701699912132.png (619.34 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8906.png)

No. 314191

File: 1701699966196.png (332.69 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8907.png)

No. 314192

File: 1701700002991.png (343.26 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8908.png)

No. 314194

Some of the caps are just petty and not that big of an issue lol over 100 pages for some of them to be sarcastic comments but anons took seriously like >>314191

No. 314195

As proven by
Who is clearly just a whiteknight and new to the Mucky saga, no matter what you say or show they'll try to spin it as "nothing."

No. 314196

The trump comment was sarcastic, not because she endorses trump. Pointing that out doesn't make me a whiteknight and not new to the saga.

No. 314197

It's called context, and if you weren't a newfag, you'd know exactly why it was less sarcasm and more tonedeaf.

No. 314201

Let anons discuss the screencaps since they were posted.

No. 314202

Look, I know you think Micky is a good person. And it seems like you want to believe that no matter what you hear. But the truth is she isn’t unfortunately. She’s even said so herself. Good people don’t have to try THIS hard to be good.

No. 314206

I don't think she is a good person, but I don't see her as being this extreme predator who can't even be around children and not one of the schizo anons who reach out to people around her regarding it. Some of this is pretty old, but valid, but I mentioned the Trump thing specifically because it seems stupid to include it in the doc when it's making fun of him and her at the same time. There's really no other extra context needed for that post kek

No. 314209

I don’t think you read the doc nor do I think you plan on doing so so I’ll say this. The doc does not say anything of that nature. At all.

The trump comment was included in the doc because she has admitted to being a narcissist countless times. “Kawaii black girls” is a representation of her narcissistic nature.

This is why it’s just under the “odd comments” section because it’s in context with the rest of the document(newfaggotry continues)

No. 314210

Yeah no point in explaining it to whiteknights who can't do their own reps.

No. 314211

No one is going to care about your doc when you can't even learn2sage and integrate. This isn't your soapbox.

No. 314212


Damn who ruffled your feather this morning. Wanna talk about it?

No. 314214

Mucky is lurking and sending her whiteknights, nothing new

No. 314222

Nobody here is claiming she’s an extreme predator who can’t be around children. Only her WKs keep going on about how she’s totally not a pedophile.
We’re just saying that getting off to drawn children is creepy as fuck and actually illegal and considered to be CP where Micky is from. The law is the law and even if it wasn’t, what’s sexy about kids and pacifiers?
The WKs on this thread completely avoided justifying why lolicon is acceptable, because they know it’s not and that the argument of “it’s just cute girls/a drawing” crumbles as soon as you analyze it.

No. 314235

Anons haven't justified lolicon or said it's okay. It just doesn't automatically make Micky a pedo which seems to make anons seethe for some reason.

No. 314239

Nobody here is claiming she’s a pedo in the first place. The anons defending her from pedo allegations are defending her from thin air. YOU guys are the ones saying she’s not a pedo over and over again.
But again, in the country Micky lives in, lolicon is considered CP. Lolicon in general is made for pedos, so anyone who enjoys watching little girls in hypersexual situations is pedo- adjacent. I don’t think Micky is attracted to real kids, but being attracted to any form of CP is dangerous and sickening.

No. 314241

Anon, that's not how that works.

No. 314258

Yes, that is literally how it works according to US law. Lolicon is considered CP, and people have been charged. I mean, if you don’t think that’s how it works, good for you but try that shit in court and see how that works for you kek.

No. 314265

keep moving the goalpost retard

No. 314266

File: 1701732429192.png (822.3 KB, 1242x2208, 9B30B277-3503-42A0-ABCF-9A4B12…)

Her simps are so fucking stupid. This paradiseinvite dumbass is probably wking her here.

No. 314267

Police will never go after micky because she doesn't possess or look at real cp. That's why anons won't go to the police and agencies have mentioned before that these false flag allegations based on only drawings waste time when there are people reporting real cp cases. This is such a stupid discussion about mucky. Stop infighting. This shouldn't even be a discussion.

No. 314268

The police here don’t even do anything is someone reports rape

No. 314269

File: 1701732664118.jpeg (398.58 KB, 1242x2208, 967DBE53-BC0A-4017-873F-1FD677…)

samefag but I read the document, seems like Micky and Amina are on cordial terms at least, but this was never about just Amina. Its about her behavior. isshocon banned the creepy predator dude, she was heard, but it sounds like her mad about her panel being cancelled. if you speak rudely to the people running the convention and accuse them of having predator in their ranks, they are under no obligation to bend over backwards for you lmao.

she doesnt seem to understand a digital track record like hers for 10 years across social media platforms is not normal behavior whatsoever. In my opinion, I can very clearly see a direct correlation between from her posting on 4chan, loli, ddlg, to now. Her mind is completely warped from being online too long. How can she claim shes changed when she still has loli friendly art up in her room (picrel, she posted this today), dressing in sailor uniforms, posing provocatively with plushies n shit? if i wouldnt give a guy a pass for this shit why would i give her (and other egirls) one? thats the type of shit that grooms young girls to into thinking that shit is normal and end up prey for creepy moids and posting. nudes of themselves brainwashed into believing thats empowering or something retarded. she needs to understand shes apart of the problem and this is why no one believes shes changed. Shes not above lolcow and never was. Black people in her community don't want to associate with her.

No. 314275

Really don't need to be reposting the images 3x at this point in the same thread and that art isn't loli art. The character has a developed body with tits. Anons asked for other anons to find the artist to prove it is loli, but no one will, so they just assume it is. They just look like ugly chibi porn. Especially panty and stocking which isn't loli material at all.

No. 314276

They’re talking about the shibari pic anon

No. 314278

Yeah, me too. The character has an adult body with a big ass chibi head, reminds me of gaiaonline characters. Doesn't look like a child at all.

No. 314279

I think what’s triggering the newfags is the fact that she used to post loli similar to that but has resorted to things that look similar.

I remember last year when she got caught posting loli again on tumblr plate she made that year

No. 314280


No. 314282

But anons argument that that photo is loli on her wall is wrong. We aren't talking about the past. Also we don't edit posts like this on lolcow, so not sure why you're calling other anons newfag when you're clearly the newfag. This isn't tumblr.

No. 314283

The artist name is bitterbat and their Instagram name is bitterbatty. They do a mix of lolicon and teen art IMO. You can look for yourselves. No one wanted Micky arrested she is just a nuisance to most of the community but now some may think she is creepy due to the new doc. No one will report her unless there is a streamlined way to do so online while anon. No one wants the drama associated with her or potential retaliation that comes with angering her.

No. 314285

am I in the twilight zone, why are some anons ok with this shit on her wall? her wks are weird. I wouldnt be ok with a guy who has this shit on the wall

No. 314289

kek exactly i'll bet anything that half of these anons wouldn't be doing all the mental gymnastics if there was a dick attached to her. the second there's a pacifier sucking egirl involved these people turn their fucking brains off

No. 314290

samefag, i just know they're twitterfags too. i genuinely dare them to recite the shitty "its just loli" argument with their public handles attached to it. they won't.

No. 314291

File: 1701742562714.png (795.51 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8914.png)

This is what I’m referring to

No. 314292

Anons here have terrible reading comprehension. The point of pointing out that CP is illegal isn’t an attempt to use the legal system against Micky. Nobody wants to call the police on her. It’s about showing that enjoying lolicon is abhorrent and is deemed so by the law.
Stop defending her masturbating to (drawn) images of little girls and/or grown women dressed in diapers, onsies, and pacifiers.

No. 314293

No seriously. Like it’s not that hard for regular people to get this. Either they are a WK of Micky or they Ingest lolicon themselves

No. 314294

Like Its very weird knowing that shes the type of neet that stays in their room all day and no other part of the residence, so shes looking at these pictures 24/7. That’s very uncomfortable to know.

No. 314296

If anyone wanted to report her how could they do so in a way that would work? I don't think any pictures here are enough to concern law enforcement since the lolicon is not realistic enough.A call to action would only work if there is an actual case and so far Micky is untouchable.

No. 314297

can we fucming drop this already

No. 314302

>adult photos and non-porn.
Wow, sure is bad?

No. 314303

She isn't a pedo, end of story. No one wants to hear about all these stupid gateway reasons why she is, or might be, because of drawings. If she's not touching or talking about real children, then drop it. More than one anon is calling out this stupidity at this point now.

No. 314304

We can drop it Wks. Anyway let's just drop this whole thread I mean Micky great amirite?

No. 314305

There's no reason to be so dramatic. No one said she isn't problematic, but this lolicon thing is a joke. The photos she has aren't even very NSFW that she's liked if >>314269
>>314291 are the examples. That's what anons are pointing out. There's clearly no attraction to children, she doesn't talk to children, she doesn't like photos of cp or children or reblog them. Anons can discuss how this is weak milk with no proof to back it up.

No. 314312

Don't even waste your time trying to get that whiteknight to listen. It just seems like they're trying to bury the doc and all of Micky's bs in being purposely ignorant and causing infighting. Like, let them yell into the void.

No. 314322

does she know what "healing" means? shes so pornsick and degenerate that she has made this shit integral to her identity. theres no way she'll ever grow up and move on.

No. 314327

They couldn't because nothing she is doing is illegal and doesn't involve real children and is a waste of time for any agency.

No. 314330

It's also weird that she keeps calling herself an idol. Nothing she has done is remotely close to being an idol. Especially all the shit slinging she's been doing. Which in turns contradicts her trying to be a better person. Wouldn't even be surprised if she has a group chat where she just constantly talks shit about people. Only way she's truly gonna stop being set in her weirdo mean girl bs is just permanently getting off social media and stop surrounding herself with ass kissers.

No. 314341

File: 1701814553833.jpg (231.05 KB, 1080x852, Screenshot_20231205_171513_X.j…)

The fuck is she on about? She's said bigoted before too. Transphobic shit aside, at least as far as we know.

No. 314343

She has a point though. Religion isn't real, unlike transphobia and racism.

No. 314345

She has a point but not for that reason. Religion is taken seriously. Faggots and trannys are a joke and not to be taken seriously.

No. 314346

If she would listen even just once she would not need to keep going through this. She does not pick her battles wisely. She does not need to even take accountability publicly anymore and if she stop starting public fights people would leave her alone. She could take a break,come back and rehabilitate her image successfully. This will blow over if she stop this and focus on positivity like a real idol.People would forgive her or forget this if she just focused on herself and her projects.Now she riles up her alleged victims,discredits them and bam another document as a fellow victim she shows no empathy. Her alleged victims would leave her alone if she just stop passing the buck and airing out her life online.Nobody here wants her to kill herself or live a horrible life she needs to change that's it. No one cares for documents clearly
they care to see changed behavior and accountability. Micky could have one hell of a comeback story if she stop adding to her digital record with the drama. The fact people in here are trying to defend her by downplaying lolicon is wild. I would never want my WKS doing that the optics look weirder and weirder by doing that when this could have been avoided. She still has a chance for peace and growth if she learns to let go,focus on herself and stop adding her whole life online for strangers to dissect. She has to learn how to play this all correctly.

No. 314350

sounds like another weird attempt at being the victim. she should stop getting involved in twitter battles

No. 314352

More Twitter beef currently instead of just ignoring it and proving to be above it.She's blaming the creator of the latest doc of being a user here and insuinating she knows who made the doc.She can't help herself there are people here rooting for are they also the problem? Almost felt proud of her for just going about her life. Stop the mudslinging ,be grown and go live your life.

No. 314353

File: 1701823436083.png (164.06 KB, 603x599, Kekaroni.png)

So the fact she's even using screenshots from here definitely leads me to believe (unsurprisingly) it was just her whiteknighting herself.

No. 314354

Where are her screen shots of being defended? Why so selective with screen shots? Why does she not acknowledge that this thread has been very pro Micky? Why keep platforming the Tumblr user?

No. 314355

Because the "pro mickey" comments were likely her kek.

No. 314359

Kinda telling on yourself there, nonnie.

No. 314360

You don't need to keep indirectly hi cowing posting you don't like and as one of the people you have freaked out on, I'm not Mucky. There's plenty of anons who have called out some of the more outrageous, non-proof claims ITT. That doesn't make any of us her.

No. 314361

When anons don't link specific posts, but make assumptions about anons being a cow, that's called being indirect.

No. 314364

I think she loves these threads now. She was so scared of this becoming public and now it's her public scapegoat. She gets to use it as a source to pin her behavior on and her place to manipulate on anon. This place completely enables her. She will never have to grow as a person because of it. Forever a child and victim.

No. 314365

>leaked my own cp
I'm tired of this wording, just say you used 4chan back in the day as a teenager and posed sexual photos of yourself

No. 314367

I think she's talking about the anons who said she should be arrested for taking the photos. Some of the comments said she leaked them herself for gratification which really sounded weird. No one goes out of their way to be a cp victim.

No. 314368

Nonnie, if you share nudes of yourself while you're underage, like she was, that is sharing your own CP. As you're obviously a newfag, she claimed some pictures of her were "leaked" back then as well.

No. 314373

She was coerced by someone older than her that it was okay, anon, and ramifications don't really seem like an issue at that age until it's too late. The consequences are the last thing on kid's minds.

No. 314375

I can't believe you really said a child doesn't deserve sympathy for having nudes distributed of them. That's really fucked up.

No. 314378

She never tried to dox anyone either? Never bullied anyone either? She is not well liked for a reason and it's not out of jealousy.She did share her nudes unprovoked but regrets it. She had people who cared for her but she burnt bridges for e fame or in Emi case just for fun. She tried to shoot for older guys all the time,disobey her parents, was willing to stab her own mother. People had her back and she threw it away at every turn. She holds some responsibility for how she turned out and the fact people try to act like she has changed or even refuse to think she could be guilty is wild. You don't go this far in life and have this many people try to call you out for nothing.
You revisionist don't need kids you won't teach them accountability either. She could have been killed by now due to the shit she got herself into. You care about Micky get her some damn help and stop enabling her before she ends up in a situation she cant tweet herself out of.Stop validating her actions because you see yourselves in her.

No. 314381

>She never tried to dox anyone either? Never bullied anyone either?
Who said she didn't do any of that? You're making up things no one has even argued.

No. 314386

The fact she tries to come sideways at them about their supposed weight and skin is kind of wild. She doesn't care about spreading anything other than her negative energy and fake victim tale. Also, she doesn't seem to realize this site has many different people on it. Mudnaynay is likely some random ass anon that lives nowhere near her. It's not like her threads and bullshit are hard to find. She also needs to realize that she's the solely reason these threads keep going. All she has to do is geniunely be better and these threads would die off.

No. 314387

teen girls arent whores for getting their nudes leaked, pedo. Next thing youll be saying teen girls are manipulating adult men into sex and theyre the guilty ones.

No. 314388

File: 1701836957979.jpg (845.06 KB, 1920x1080, Picsart_23-12-05_23-27-33-333.…)

Two of these takes she has sound awfully familiar.

Also, I'm pretty sure some threads back she mentioned in a screenshot, when still harassing Amina that the Facebook page that had her CP on it, that the images were ones she posted to 4chan. Hell, there's evidence of her with a hand written time stamp of her posting there again. So this victim shit here is pointless.

No. 314389

File: 1701837239710.jpg (343.94 KB, 1080x787, Screenshot_20231205_232027_X.j…)

Also, this was rich. Nobody feels insecure. Especially not when compared to her. She screams insecurities because she's gone out her way to harass and bully people who have done nothing to her, and these people are always either doing better than her or more attractive than her. She also constantly heavily edits her pics. The only time people can see the way she really looks is from pics taken by others. Most importantly, she always hids her hand when she does fucked up shit. If she really had something going for herself she wouldn't need to do all of that.

No. 314390

File: 1701837429337.jpg (907.65 KB, 1080x2902, Screenshot_20231205_232239_X.j…)

Then there's this.

If that was truly the claim, why is the video gone, Micky? Not to mention she had a blog not too long ago with lolicon on it. Yet, she doesn't say anything about that. Clearly trying to manipulate things to seem like a perpetual victim.

No. 314391

File: 1701837740508.jpg (334.78 KB, 1080x879, Screenshot_20231205_232537_X.j…)

Not even gonna acknowledge that top one since I already pointed out the flaw here >>314388

That second tweet though.

>I guess I read it wrong

No need to be passive aggressive, you read it wrong. Also, it's stupid to pin them as a lolcow and 4chan user. Especially when you made and posted in threads on here yourself. Oh, and you did the same on PULL. Obsessively posting about Amina when it was still up. Once again, you're hiding your hands and playing victim.

No. 314394

Now she could end up being sued for saying certain things in a video and at worst could be targeted. She fears for her safety I will not destroy her for that and if anything at least shows she thought about possible repercussions. Guilty or not people who would do her physical harm are still around and goes to the events she goes to. Let's not goad her into potentially being harassed IRL.
If we see her change and behave better that is enough.

No. 314403

Did you just say “womp womp” to a NPD 26 year old woman?

No. 314412

thats why i take issue with the wording, the anons who keep bringing the cops like theyre gonna give a fuck about a sheltered pornsick retard like her are sheltered and retarded. she did the same thing a lot of stupid young girls, and while it would be considered CP, eventually it gets misinterpreted and people go into a moral panic

No. 314413

sorry for samefagging but wernt we just talking about bitterbat? so she and paradiseinvite are actively reading here, and shes making up excuses for her creepy "art". yeah the optics for this are really bad.
i must be ignorant to hentai n shit and don't spend too much time in that sphere (for my sanity), but since when did chibi become code for loli? i don't personally don't see a difference and the lines seem deliberately blurred. its creepy nontheless. if loli destroyed her brain and in her words she was groomed, why would I trust her to have a healthy opinion on this? man being terminally online legit rots your brain

No. 314414

Yeah, so anyone thinking it's "indirect" or "hi cow" literally just need to actually read the topic and the latest pics posted.
>Posts the pics themselves
>Later decides they didn't want to
>Claims it's leaked
Do your reps, Mucky didn't have anything "leaked" she posted them herself. The only time she claims "leaked" is when it goes off 4chan.

No. 314415

I’m trying to figure out why this thread keeps getting derailed.

The ORIGINAL topic was that she got mad at isshocon and started manipulating the situation.

Her reaction to isshocon alone should have been enough. But I’m pretty her and her friends are derailing so that she can use her own “points” on her page and claim an anon wrote it

No. 314416


Reposting here because it’s obvious someone is trying to bury it

No. 314417

>I’m trying to figure out why this thread keeps getting derailed.
It's not a mystery, anon.

No. 314418

The funny thing is, I bet isshocon and their con goers are watching this and glad they dodge a bullet. her predator is banned and his name is known. But that’s not enough for Mucky which is why the community doesnt want her around because shes a dumb drama whore. Hope her and her simps realize the magnitude of this fallout, she might never get to host a panel again and lost some networking connections

No. 314419

File: 1701865862115.jpeg (405.46 KB, 828x1323, IMG_8919.jpeg)

Anyone with a brain would read the message she sent. She said she’s still trying to unlearn. Which means she still struggles with it. She turned her being called out into a me too movement. No one brought up rape or predictors except for a random anon AFTER isshocon dropped her. Kinda like how all those pics in her doc got posted in here the day before her doc came out. I know Micky is in here reading and I don’t think finding out which anon it is is important. The important thing is to stay on topic and stop letting the thread get derailed. It’s useless talking about cops on here so let’s end that one. Right now she is on twitter being manipulative.

No. 314420

It’s actually not this anon that’s deflecting . It’s the one that was talking about rape and the fact the loli isn’t cp. they say something in here and then THIS anon will fire back. At the end of the day the back and forth is not helping

No. 314421

Integrate better. You don't decide what the "original topic" of the discussion is and you don't need to repost something that was already shared in the thread. Stop posting multiple times in a row whenever you comment. Don't post until you've replied to everything you want to comment on. You can delete your post for 30 minutes if you want to add more to it. Read lolcow.farm/info and the rules.

No. 314423

I’m not “deciding” a topic. There have literally been complaints in /meta about someone hi cowing.

Please leave me alone and fw the anons who are actually being annoying(you had 17 previous bans and a warning. begone)

No. 314427

Was not expecting the farmhand to make it clear its just mostly one poster using lolcow for their own personal attacks off site towards micky lol A few anons definitely called it. Saying a kid deserves their cp to be shared was the dead giveaway, even if it is micky.

No. 314428

Oh nah. I think that's the one anon that keeps trying to whiteknight her. That aside, what is she trying to gain really from lying to people about everything like they won't find out the truth?

No. 314434

I’m neither. I’m the one who made the doc. I don’t like this website , I’m only here because the proof was here. I’ve barely said anything besides this morning.(ban evading retard)

No. 314437

For the last time, nobody on this thread was proposing that we take legal action against Micky. Not a single person was seriously proposing that and anons made that clear. Stop using it to fucking deflect. The point is that lolicon is considered CP where Micky is from. That is it. The WKs on this thread have the reading comprehension of a 7 year old. Stop. Bringing. It. Up. Nobody is trying to charge her as a pedophile and you don’t even have to break the law to be considered a nasty ass person that people don’t wanna associate with anyways.

No. 314438

They dodged a bullet for sure, Micky and her WKs are trying to cover this situation up because it’s frankly embarrassing. It shows she is in no place to be a black community leader even at her grown age of 26. She went full mask-off and started shit slinging accusations to multiple innocent people. Cursing people out in people’s DMs, lying about who made the doc, harassing Isshocon on Facebook and Instagram. She has solidified herself in this space as someone to be avoided.

No. 314439

There are clearly multiple people on this thread and always have been. Stop.

No. 314440

>Trying to argue against a farmhand
Nonnie, stop.

No. 314441

That’s not what the farmhand said. They red texted and replied to the anon they were specifically referring to. Nowhere did they say this entire thread is one person. It would be shut down if that was really the case. Please stop getting so excited that lolcow is on “your side” without fully comprehending what the Farmhand is saying.
I bet Micky is cumming right now at the idea of the farmhands defending her in any way. Her ultimate goal is probably to cause infighting until the Farmhands are forced to shut this thread down and I just hope they don’t play into her hand unintentionally.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 314448

You sure are doing a lot of backseat modding.

No. 314449

Don't forget she's suddenly trying to act any anons here would physically attack her. Yet, the only time she's almost gotten beat up is by someone she turned around and tried to make a thread about. Even then, Taylor didn't even fight her, she just stood in front of Micky and Micky looked like she was gonna cry. I think what makes this more hilarious is her acting like she's gonna beat someone's ass even after all that.

No. 314451

Invisible white knights? Think I will stick to lurking this thread or come back later. The shitstorm has passed and maybe the damage control will calm down later

No. 314458

If you don't have new milk, stop posting her twitter replies. They are the same talking points she's had for days now.

No. 314462

File: 1701897391728.jpg (477.58 KB, 1080x1294, Screenshot_20231206_142516_X.j…)


So, not sure why my post was deleted. Considering this tweet is fucking new. Anyways, she's sitting here acting like she's not the fakest pos around. She betrayed Emi and was like it wasn't a big deal.(retarded)

No. 314474

This isn't milk, that's why. And you posted an instagram link that's busted

No. 314480

Woops, wrong link. Was slightly distracted.


No. 314495

Bitter Bat and Oceans in Space are known to draw under age children characters and often they have bikini tops on or revealing outfits. While not loli, they are teenage magical girl characters. Miki has chosen to support artists like this because they are popular and have an almost loli style without being overly loli. Miki has not changed in her tastes of young girl characters. She isn’t “unlearning” by supporting artists who push boundaries. Both these artists do upskirt drawings without being explicit but enough for any reasonable adult to not want to see a real child in a position like that. Having little girls in sexual or problematic poses in this art is feeding Miki and her fantasies.

No. 314496

I’m tired of her WKs defending her love of loli art. There are so many artists who can draw magical girls without them being in weird compromising situations. If Miki needed sexy art there are a million adult characters she could get lewd art of. But she chooses mindfully to get “chibi” art of sexy young looking girls. It’s not chibi style and she knows it. She just is lying to look morally superior.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 315009

why is she still talking about this lmao, if lolcow lives rent free in your head thats because youre a regular and a drama whore. Not really countering any legit criticism by doing this Micky.

No. 315020

She is trying to cope. People here want Micky to change and that is it Micky has also tried to make a thread about that girl she threatened. Micky wants to prove a point and show she has changed then show everyone by moving on with her life. Focus on the future and stop scrolling lolcow.

No. 315024

Shes trying to move on, but how do you expect a cow to do that when docfag-like users keep reposting old drama ywars later trying to get her still canceled? You can't have both.

No. 315027

Ignore them. She will get more gigs and sometimes she will not. But if she keeps her composure, ignore those people and keep focusing on her growth she won't have to pay attention or address those people.She can grow in other communities that she has no other conflict in. Not everything deserves a reaction and not ever fight needs to happen.

No. 315041

Except those people reached out to the showrunners who gave her an opportunity and fucked it up. Imo, thats sabotaging to have milk to post.

No. 315043

You are reaching. You honestly believe this was a set up for milk? I'm not going to argue about that. If you are concerned about her encourage her to rest,let this go and understand if truly wants more opportunities they will come provided she does not engage the drama and show future venues she is safe to work with by how she behaves on social media. Better yet she could do some community work and other positive things to add to her record to show her being proactive and dedicated to shedding her image of the accusations and drama. She does not need tin foil hat anons and more enablers. She can change and turn this around she just can't rush it.

No. 315044

Not that anon, but let's be completely real here. If she wanted to change, like honest to God change, she would have done that awhile ago. Like, around the time she left Adam, hell, even after the whole Taylor situation. Yet, she hasn't because she knows that all she has to do is hide her hands and manipulate others who don't know a thing about her. Her local community clearly doesn't need her and the kawaii community was/is doing fine without her. Unless she truly opens up about all the bullshit she's done, does proper self-reflection, and leaves social media alone, she's just gonna stay the same but get better at hiding her shitty behaviors.

No. 315047

People have known about this weirdo and her tendencies for years now. Not everything revolves around people who post here. There are plenty of others in the communities that she continuously tries to target that warn each other about her, and so whenever she goes to do something of course someone (if still in that group) raises the alarm and spreads the word about her. There's no way around it. She's a creep, a weirdo, a narrative control freak, a bully-she's always been so many things toward this group that she claims to care so much about. And then she says she's changed, yet goes right back to trying to control "black kawaii" spaces. If she were serious about changing, she'd leave them alone. or if she had to be included, she'd just join a group and be a regular. Not keep trying to set up new groups. She keeps trying to set up new groups because all the old groups already know about her and want nothing to do with her. She needs to take the hint and leave that group alone already. Make a new group.

Also, again, her running and crying about whatever she went through only happened once they gave her the boot. She was just upset because she was bragging about how great she was doing, lost her gig, and wanted revenge on them for kicking her out and letting her "haters" win via victimizing herself instead. That's it.

No. 315049

samefag, but I meant to say *make a new group about something else. start a bimbo egirl group or something-anything else. Just dont keep crawling back to the same black girls shes talked so much shit about over and over again, desperately trying to round them all up into a new group of hers again. They dont want her as their fucking leader. She needs to get that already and move on. There are plenty of other genres she could work with, such as "very tall offputting undesirables" or something(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 315051

I agree somewhat but what are the chances of all that you mentioned actually happening? The most anyone can hope for is that she changes enough to go live her life elsewhere. Even wanting to be apart of a community she has been traumatized by is not healthy. How do you heal in the environment that continously harms you? She should wipe her hands of her local scene, build new connections,let her self grow somewhere less toxic for her and hope for the best there. She becomes a new person else where new people in her life would only care for her present self not past self.

No. 315055

>How do you heal in the environment that continously harms you?

That would be an excellent question if this wasn't about someone who harmed her community and spreaded toxicity. If she did move to another community, I think it would just devolve into the same thing, just in a new place. She hasn't really owned up to all her shit. She just lies about how it didn't happen and points her finger at people who didn't do anything to her to avoid accountability.

>Also, again, her running and crying about whatever she went through only happened once they gave her the boot.

Honestly, that's the crazy part. Had she really cared about protecting people, she would have said something sooner. She even had a video about her ex, that she deleted. Not something someone who cares about the safety of others would do. Yet, she only brought things up after it was pointed out she's a weirdo and takes no accountability for anything she's done. She's better off just focusing on whatever 9 to 5 she has and letting her simp Riku be her friend. Maybe staying in the background would help her gain some actual sense.

No. 315056

Why can't she start in the past year?

No. 315058

To be honest sticking to a 9 to 5 would work but she does not want that she wants her platform now forever.I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she may actually care but her methods have not gone over well and she may very well have a reason to fear for her safety like she said so depending on what she backtrack on might have been for the best people dp crazy things when pushed into a corner or angry. She could have gotten hurt or worse if Taylor actually wanted to do her bodily harm.Taking a background role could be a smart move it would give her peace of mind,show humility and give her causes a chance to thrive without the active negativity around her.I get it this is overly optimistic but I do feel like it's best for everyone if she left her local scene alone for good. She can show she cares without her making herself the center of attention
If she does care the way she's trying to show it is coming off as self-centered and vindictive.

No. 315142

This is exactly it. She has no desire to change, she only wants the same thing she always has which is "fame," asspats, and control. Otherwise she'd be perfectly content to have a community with common interests and just leave it at that instead of constantly desperately seeking the spotlight like the narc she is.

No. 315157

You bring yourself wherever you are. Her mind is completely fucked from being terminally online for 10 years, especially considering how she acted from thay creepy loli art on her wall. Shes never gonna give up her e-fame even if she cant understand how it poisoned her mind. But thats the norm for narcs. Everyone else is the problem but them. all these lolcows are cows for the fact they don't change and keep running into the same drama.

No. 315194

That is actually tragic. You are right on all counts. Her need for fame always been a source of trouble for her. If she let it go or at least ease up her life could improve greatly.Her Efame has been more infamy than anything.She could become a functional member of society and find peace if she detox from the internet and the learned behaviors she claims she is trying to unlearn. She could honestly change if she just got off 5he internet for awhile and detox seriously.

No. 315310

File: 1702657581920.jpeg (747.77 KB, 828x1369, IMG_8961.jpeg)

Jesus Christ

No. 315314

She won't change.
I do not know why I was rooting for her.She needs the validation and numbers. Long as she is not harming anyone though I guess it's fine?

No. 315315

I'm not seeing the issue here?

No. 315317

A couple weeks ago she said she was not in a place to try to be a leader for anyone. Now she’s redoing her idol debut. Just another example of how the narcissism always win even when she says she will try to change.

No. 315318

But she's not marketing it as a leader role for anything, so that's not what's going on here. Also she had a debut before, so it's not really narc behavior to re-do it or, re-debut, as it could bring in more audience. I think anons are just adding old milk into this post. This is her 'change', but she's not going to be able to grow and all this bullshit talk anons do if all they are going to do is keep trying to drag the new shit down with old milk. Someone can't change when people keep throwing up old shit with the intent to ruin said change. I don't think anons understand what they are even talking about. I think what you want to say is for her to leave the community and cosplay and disappear from social media. Otherwise it's "same narc behavior".

No. 315322

She can do whatever she wants long as she is not harming other people in the process but it's not wrong to bring up the fact wverytime she says she does not want a platform and acknowledge the things she has done she goes right back to wanting a platform. If she is not starting more drama and minding her own business then it's fine but she should stop saying she does not want a platform when she clearly does that's all

No. 315324

By platform, I thought she meant speaking for a community of people, not her solo debut idol shit. I think you're conflicting the two, anon.

No. 315327


But FYI being an idol carries influence
She wants to keep influence over people and potentially use that when it's convenient for her. She will never go away no one expects her to but when she says things like not wanting a platform abd expects people to believe her she should explain that she wants her twitch,her instagram,fansly,onlyfans and such but she is trying to be a better person so she can have her platforms and people feel safe knowing she still have them. She can't sweep her actions under the rug and holding her accountable is not rehashing milk. If she ever changes the people who want to hold her to her word will drop off because she would have actually held her word. This isn't bullying it's holding someone to their word which is why she should express her goals clearly because being an idol comes a platform and influence over others which can be abused.

No. 315328

Mucky's whiteknights need to learn what it means to try to parade yourself as an idol, let alone an idol of xyz.

No. 315340

They are enablers. If Micky actually took the criticism constructively instead of only as "bullying" she would see that people genuinely want her to change for the better. She comes by here to lurk and her enablers as well just to ignore the advice given. We are all basement dwelling losers one second but also say it's not too late for us. We tell her the same and we are portrayed as monsters who her Wks need to defend her from.

No. 315346

Someone made a whole doc with old milk where some of the takes were completely retarded because they wanted to cancel her. I highly doubt anyone is actually rooting for her.

No. 315347

Oh my god the whiteknights truly are back just because they seen the topic bumped.

No. 315348

I know you didn’t read the doc because there were no opinions. Only screenshots and context to them. If you really read it you’d know the doc showed how she’s TRIED to change

No. 315350

Rooting for not enabling like some people are.She had enough yes men around her who refuse to let her face her own flaws. We want her to change and no one is craving milk so much to keep using the phrase so much let alone sabotaging her efforts she does that on her own by letting her temper or ego go unchecked
This place could be damn near dry in a month or two if she continues to focus on her thing. Stream away far as most are concerned the issue was saying she don't want a platform then going to stream on one to build it. Say what you mean and if you change your mind say how you currently feel.
It's not that hard to understand.

No. 315355

Where do you expect her to stream? Just admit you mean she shouldn't be online. That's a really dumb expectation for creators. She's not using being black as a platform and speaking for the black community with her black magic girls thing. Her doing her solo stuff is not the same as holding a platform just negate she's using a posting/streaming service and you calling it a platform.

No. 315363

NTA, but you need to understand that she already brought up not wanting do anything in regards to being an idol. Streaming included. For her to turn around only a few days later and continue on like she didn't say any of it, is disappointing and a bit pitiful. Obviously she gets herself into shit by running off at the mouth on social media, so the best thing to do is take a real break from it. Yet, she seems to refuse to take the actual time to do that. If no real attention is on her, she's likely miserable. It just shows she's not trying to grow, just stagnant.

No. 315368

Putting words in people's mouths much? I typed what I meant to say. Also yes her twitch is a platform.
Any social media that is her page is her platform that is not rocket science. It is disappointing or confusing to say you do not want a platform and decide to stream
But she plans to explain her intentions and such so maybe she will explain she still wants her own platform but plan to make sure to stay focused on content and reassure those who support her she still wants to make sure she is making efforts to show her having a platform will not harm others. She could do charity stream as a community group event. Micky could also do a workshop on helping people with their branding or emotes and show that off on stream. She can do good now but needs to express clearly she still wants to be on the net but will be harmless
That is it why is this hard to get?

No. 315393

File: 1702741695095.png (401.32 KB, 1242x2208, 7CDA261C-C644-4BBE-AB52-36DBCE…)

I have a hard time believing this. Shes lies too often, and narcs always say shit like this and think the solution is to have people believe them and never actually change. Reminds me of Venus' "I'm getting better guys!!!" schtick

No. 315403

It's not unbelievable either, this has become a trend for some reason, but it'll pass after holidays. Everyone always tries this type of stuff before the new year/in to the new year then it always falls off.

No. 315426

It's just more face saving. She humiliated herself and is trying to cope via acting like she's healing and in a much better place now. She's seething inside furiously wondering why her callout post didnt cause a big scene like she hoped it would

No. 315430

She is trying to move on.
Let her do so and see where it goes.To her credit (which isn't much) she is TRYING to focus on other matters. Give her time before judgement(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 315441

I would much rather see her posting herself trying to limit herself on social media and asking people to donate to charity than the other stuff. After all the drama I am sure everyone is tired including her. It's time to attempt to move on.

No. 315442

This. Anons are being unreasonable. Its so bizaar. We probably have the twitter vendetta poster still ITT.

No. 315458

Just to be clear she has upset and even hurt some people by her admission. Some of those people have a right to hold a grudge but cannot claim they want her to change if they just want her to suffer or stay stagnant that is all.(sage your shit)

No. 315461

what makes micky so special that she such hardcore wks?

No. 315463

>She is trying to move on.
Nonnie, the "Micky Cycle" is a thing for a reason.
Nothing, she likely offered some moids some free porn rather than ripping them off.

No. 315475

She's just manipulative enough to convince other girls like her to get them to defend her. The guys are basically in love with catfish her.

No. 315477

While I agree with this, this other line
>want her to suffer
Makes no sense. Throughout all she's done, she hasn't suffered. She's just denied casuing any problems and wrongdoings. To me, a true sign of growth and really wanting to change is for her to openly acknowledge what she's done wrong and apologize to who she hurt. Alongside that, giving people the choice to stay with her while she does what she can to grow or move on from her.

No. 315478

Anon, stop coming up with shitty tinfoils.(still hasn't learned how to post)

No. 315479

Sage your shit whiteknight

No. 315481

File: 1702837496672.jpg (336.21 KB, 1080x1241, 1000018808.jpg)

Anyone planning on watching this? I want to know what "life changing experience" she's talking about, but not trying to contribute to any views because I really feel she needs to step away from social media and focus on her real life.

No. 315493

I may lurk for a bit but to be honest I rather not. Tired of the drama and I'm not sure I can stomach anymore. If she sticks to non drama content and positive experiences I will watch who knows it could be a decent time.(blogpost)

No. 315495

Is this a buzzword that has no meaning at this point? There hasn't been any wks. Just anons mad that other anons aren't going crazy over the dumbest shit mickey does.
>She should move on
>She tries
>anons vendetta sperging that she should move on still

Like, you aren't making sense.

No. 315497

File: 1702846504599.png (74.31 KB, 680x480, 1674801846156.png)

>She should move on
>She tries

No. 315500

No there are wks here let's not pretend there aren't. But there are also people who will bump this thread over Micky posting that she likes puppies and someone will ne passed about that.The better we keep things on topic the easier it will be to discern genuine criticism from the enablers and die hard haters.

No. 315504

Anons need to just post milk. Not random social media every time she makes a post, but I still don't agree there are WKs. Not agreeing with anons isn't the same as being a WK. Not everything is black and white and a lot of anons are clearly on the younger side. I also don't like that we have a native twitterfag who is posting ITT and has tried to use this thread to their benefit.

You do realize you can be sex repulsed and still be a sex worker, right? A lot of sex workers don't even enjoy sex. The OP image is badly put together imo.

No. 315506

>You do realize you can be sex repulsed and still be a sex worker, right? A lot of sex workers don't even enjoy sex. The OP image is badly put together imo.
It's not about that, the picture was made when she first was very confident on being hypersexual, doing adult content and giving bjs for weed discounts, then eventually after the Emi thing happened (saying she was an unicorn etc) she changed it all and started saying she was sex repulsed. Maybe she actually was, probably, but the timing was weird. Please don't conflate both ideas, you're not wrong at all but that's literally not what happened.
I wish someone watched it and gave a summary but I don't think anons in this thread are smart enough for that, most feel like retarded unintegrated vendetta posters. Just want to know what life changing experience she's talking about. Also curious about what her dreams and future goals are. I wonder if she'll be able to turn into a better person this time or maybe the narcissism will win again.

No. 315508

The stream has not started. By all means you or others can go watch it and give your thoughts. She could be talking about her recap for the SinCity Anime thing she did or she could bring up the drama which is what most of us do not want to hear about again. I'm betting she will try to stick to positive things though. I would personally LOVE to see her break the cycle and become a better person. A healed Micky is better than more milk.

No. 315511

Nearly half an hour after the given time and no stream. Might be late or having tech problems.

No. 315525

She is live so far just hellos and plans on a presentation.

No. 315526

>might be late
>practically lives on the internet

No. 315529

Tech issues. Most streamers can attest that stuff seems to go awry before going live. So far there has been no drama so that is good.

No. 315535

She had a slideshow to show more about herself. Her likes, dislikes, her pets, and such. Talking about past work experience and some venting. Did not know she did some work for Glotaku. I hope the document people leave them alone as we say what happened with Isshocon she may lash out if Glotaku makes distance.
She is also explaining her discord community and community in general.
Outside of some stuff we may not agree with when it comes to how she feels it's been mostly tame. Just virtual community building.(newfaggotry)

No. 315539

File: 1702862316557.png (1.22 MB, 1152x756, Ugh.png)

I see she's trying to do the e-thot Twitch Meta with shining up her tits.

No. 315540

how does she manage to look both sweaty and dusty at the same time

No. 315543

File: 1702863654732.jpeg (241.46 KB, 828x1122, IMG_8971.jpeg)

Is it me or does it seem like she edited this pic (face) like her riku friend ?(nitpick)

No. 315545

File: 1702863776519.jpg (105.19 KB, 1200x1800, Borscht-Recipe-2.jpg)

This tit is so purple I could make some beet borscht out of it

No. 315555

Just hope Riku does not end up being the next Emi.

No. 315577

this is the weirdest comment ive seen on lolcow lmao

No. 315592

I still don't understand her need to edit her skin lighter and nose smaller.

A part of me doubts it because they seem to be more similar than Emi and Micky were. Then again, Emi and Micky were similar up until Micky decided to something shitty to her.

Pretty sure Glotaku cut her out as well during her tantrum with Isshocon.

No. 315594

What gave you the impression that Glotaku cut ties with her?

No. 315595

She's not in their promos, not to mention they're connected with Isshocon. So, I'm sure they know everything. I mean, if they haven't, they're certain to do so once the community sees her on a promo post on their page.

No. 315597

I figured this as well which may have been another reason she tried to go all scorched earth. I will say this though as far as her stream went it was not bad or anything. The silver lining in all this for Micky is that the worst is over and maybe she gets to move on from this community. Time away will be good for her and she will see who will support her.

No. 315600

File: 1702945401703.jpeg (218.55 KB, 828x805, IMG_8979.jpeg)

Pretty sure glotaku didn’t cut her out just based off of this interaction. I know it’s not much but I think it’s weird for him to still interact with her under the impression that he’s one of the people organizing both isshocon and glotaku

No. 315602

It's called professionalism. Mucky is 100% the type of person to cause shit if they blocked her outright. She can be cut off in the future and they still interact.

No. 315609

She is probably still working with them. Another reason to stay away from their parties sadly. If she was cut off from them she would make another scene and that is something they probably do not want to risk. I know people in the community who are put off from attending Isshocon because of the drama. Glotaku does not want the same issue and it is best to just give Micky what she wants.

No. 315619

>I know people in the community who are put off from attending Isshocon because of the drama.

Weird, because I seen many people fine with them having banned her and Anthony.

Nta, but that's likely the case.(this is an imageboard)

No. 315620

Some people I have seen were put off for sure. You may have seen a greater amount of people who still want to go. People were more so worried about Micky going than Anthony. That guy life is probably over and we may never see him in person so he was not too much of a factor.

No. 315734

What "people"? At least post examples.

No. 315753

File: 1703095268807.jpg (806.74 KB, 1079x3412, 1000018929.jpg)

This, and I've been approached by several people I'm close to irl, and a whole separate Discord I'm a part of went on about how they were glad she's banned. The latter two would reveal to much personal info about me, but I know plenty of people locally are still going and glad she's banned.

No. 315776

Yeah I am not going to post their names or too much info to get others harassed I also would like to remain anon. Wouldn't be right to screen shot others who are afraid of drawing Micky's ire. You do not have to take my word but there are people who want to avoid potential drama and stay home. Some people fear her or at the least the drama she can bring it.(are you lost?)

No. 315978

File: 1703244193880.jpeg (345.42 KB, 828x1139, IMG_9004.jpeg)

Saw this interaction on twitter

No. 315979

File: 1703244219419.jpeg (445.72 KB, 828x1347, IMG_9001.jpeg)

No. 315980

File: 1703244247804.jpeg (395.25 KB, 828x1173, IMG_9002.jpeg)

No. 315981

File: 1703244356350.jpeg (340.16 KB, 828x904, IMG_9003.jpeg)

“I may be looking at this from a based and whorepilled lens that’s messing with my perspective of it”

No. 315991

this is very fucking gross, ngl.

No. 316029

She is gross and has no right speaking on this. I hope other women do not view her as any kind of role model or authority. She is a little monster and her influence on others could really be harmful.

No. 316034

what the hell is wrong with her? is she and other whores so retarded to think the criticism of twitch just stops at what childrens, and that people havent brought up the other points too? women have brought up for years the issues with scantly clad women and games and how degrading it is. why do dumb bitch always need to talk?

No. 316036

Why is she pushing for real people to be posting NSFW shit on Twitch? She know damn well anyone can access whatever stream they want and not to mention, Twitch waas solely supposed to be for gaming, meaning kids could be on there. Especially since most of the time, it's tame, fictional shit and not some weirdass, real person twerking their naked ass to promote an OF. I swear these types of people need to just stick with posting their sexual stuff on OF.

No. 316037

Thank you there is a time and place for that. She should know better.

No. 316039

She isn't pushing for it by pointing out that there is hypocrisy on the site depending on who got what attention at the time. You might not be following it, but Twitch redid their rules on nudity and then backtracked. If everyone has to follow NSFW rules, then that should extend to Vtubers and artists. Porn is porn.

No. 316053

File: 1703296277134.jpeg (476.83 KB, 828x1270, IMG_9009.jpeg)

No. 316063

File: 1703299943940.jpeg (452.48 KB, 828x1153, IMG_9010.jpeg)

No. 316064

File: 1703300204183.jpeg (198.86 KB, 828x778, IMG_9011.jpeg)

No. 316071

File: 1703306007565.jpg (494 KB, 1080x1512, 1000018957.jpg)

Her trying to equate shit like a Fortnite battle, Tekken matches, or run-of-the-mill rpg and action adventure battles to NSFW is wild. Not even sure why she's so adamant about it being on the platform. Especially it's likely some kid is just gonna manage to get around a simply "Yes/No" for their 18+ filter. OF should just make their own livestream thing.

No. 316076

She always has to pick a fight and I guess to be fair this is her way of life. Sexual content and trying to stick it to men whom she hardly sees as anything outside of money is her way of life.

No. 316078

When you have scrotes playing DOA for tit fodder and kids can veiw it, I think she has a point.

No. 316079

Lol, are you serious? Who even plays DOA anymore? There is more moral panic over GTA than DOA.

No. 316080

File: 1703310630244.jpg (141.98 KB, 996x556, 1000018963.jpg)

Yeah, idk what that anon is on about considering it's a fighting game, picrel. Though the FGC focuses more on stuff like MK, Tekken, SF, Smash Bros and MvC. Hell Melty Blood gets more attention. A kid would more likely just learn fighting game jargon and creative cursing more than anything.(derailing)

No. 316092

Muckey's whitknights always come out the woodwork whenever she gets called out, you should know this by now. No one with a brain finds these two things equivalent in the slightest.(derailing)

No. 316100

it shows how pornsick she is tbh (and how fucking stupid she is overall)

No. 316130

As if being able to fuck strippers in a car isn't porn? She isn't wrong that literal porn games get away with being played and vtubers in just chatting being nude is happening. She's tone deaf to the obvious fact that porn consumers and makers have co-opt the website and have twisted into a platform that isn't for kids, but gambling and everything has always been on there. The PubG scandal being the biggest one. It's a gray area, but the website isn't strictly, and has never been, strictly for kids. It has gotten out of hand though with what NSFW content is allowed to be posted and the constant back and forth from twitch makes it worst.(derailing)

No. 316137

And not just her, but the people whiteknighting her over this as well. Real people livestreaming some irl NSFW shit isn't what that platform should be used for. Fictional shit in a game isn't the same as a real person spreading their cheeks or getting off just to get views. She really needs to actually use her brain for once and just think about how fucked it is to want that next to a regular ass video game stream.

No. 316139

Some people are playing actual porn games and vtubers are being nude, artists drawing porn too. Don't be daft.(derailing)

No. 316144

She is a self righteous asshole and I disagree with her view on the matter but begrudgingly admit this shift to focus on Twitch and focusing on setting goals in her own community online might be the move. If she can avoid drama from now own,not pick fights and just learn to move forward she might at the very least see some success on Twitch. I feel like this thread is starting to dry up if the only thing we have to talk about is disagreeing with her stance and that is a good thing IMO.

No. 316149

This thread is drying up because it’s filled with “what she should do”. Suggesting shit to her is useless because she’s going to keep going what she wants to do.(sage your shit)

No. 316150

She is currently not causing any more trouble. These are real people who get harmed due to her actions. What she should do is post is better than posting reactions of shit that she could start is all.

No. 316164


No1currs, anon. Let old milk be old, you don't need to lament repetatively about people she hurt once a day. We don't care what you think is good or not. This thread is not the place for your personal takes on a cow, day by day, you made a Google doc on.

No. 316165

Honestly, it's partly the fault of that one self-righteous anon that came in here and acted like that's all anyone could discuss and kept running to the mods for anyone trying to have a laugh. Like, I don't mind discussing how she needs to fuck off and how she's in denial about being pornsick. But, I also would just like to joke about her being a dumbass. I think that's what made the previous threads so great.

No. 316171

I did not make the document or any of the others. I misunderstood people's intentions in here and that is on me. A circle jerk to hating one person instead of wanting change is kind of wild to me but I misread the room will not happen again.

No. 316179

No1currs, newfag. This is lolcow.

No. 316227

File: 1703444452389.jpg (785.15 KB, 1067x2722, 1000018981.jpg)

Crazy how miserable she is that she has to make almost every discussion she jumps in, into some weird ass argument.

No. 316265

File: 1703486694382.jpeg (520.34 KB, 828x473, IMG_9016.jpeg)

“Twerk on stream”

No. 316277

While playing a Nintendo game, she really is trying to do the meta shit all e-thots are doing.

No. 316281

she can be so painfully stupid, she either felt the need to respond over a dumb twitter comment, or took it personally. either way perfect solution is not commenting
this, along with her recent pics, seem to be taken at different angle than before with that creepy loli art. imo i don't think she actually took down and removed it, its still up on the other side of the room

No. 316283

What's wrong with her playing nintendo?

No. 316288

There’s nothing wrong with it per se. It’s the fact that she’s playing splatioon which is a game that’s got mostly kids on it, and she’s doing a “I will twerk for subscribers”. It’s the fact that she’s will be showing up under the spa toon category instead of just chatting which is where the meta is supposed to be

No. 316289

As this person said:
Nothing wrong with it, just everything surrounding what she's doing, knowing full well she'll get random kids seeing her in splatoon, which isn't THAT populated.

No. 316290

Random kids enter nsfw chats all the time. Twitch isn't a child platform. The game doesn't matter when you have dancing streamers too. I hate how these girls take advantage of pretending their soft core porn is the same as using a non-adult website for adult gamers though.

No. 316422

File: 1703649510439.jpeg (424.46 KB, 828x1269, IMG_9020.jpeg)

Girl what the fuck is you talkin about

No. 316425

CNC is a thing, newfag. You don't need to post everything you don't like that she posts.

No. 316426

I don’t care for cnc as long as it’s consensual. It’s the fact that she’s a hypocrite when it comes to shit like this. Because the second things don’t go her way it’s “but what about the men!!!”

No. 316434

That Tumblr user is right and she's a pick me.

No. 316438

how old is she again? to still act like a pick me for..who? she doesn't even have simps. also saying her profile is a "safe place for sick cnc perverts and sadists" when she was claiming being a victim of CSA for years, sure

No. 316440

well, she admits shes a porn addled freak, so no wonder she has that loli thing up. safe space? lmao why so you can rot your brain more into thinking this is normal? porn addicts are fucking weird and creepy
youre on lolcow retard. what do you think this place is for and why do you think we need your approval on whats posted here?

No. 316443

File: 1703682817658.jpeg (Spoiler Image,708.62 KB, 828x1450, IMG_9021.jpeg)

This is a safe place(ban evasion)

No. 316450

File: 1703691057958.jpeg (215.28 KB, 828x708, IMG_9022.jpeg)

Like clockwork lol

The only thing bad that’s happened to her that she's talked about was the fact that she was instigating and down to fight someone at youma, and when they showed up to fight she ran away and tried to get them banned because she felt threatened lol. But every year she brings up how she has 100 Bobby pins in her hair and clothes that year incase she has to stab someone

No. 316451

File: 1703691154652.jpeg (198.55 KB, 828x667, IMG_9023.jpeg)

@ anon crying in /meta

No. 316452

FUCKING KEK. Wasn't her whiteknights JUST saying she wouldn't pull this basically? The muckey cycle is a thing, it never fails.

No. 316459

iirc, I remember her using suicide as a threat against this site's admin on her twitter. Also, she calls all her shit trivial online shit, but from her bullying and harassing someone up to recently accusing the con chairs of being friends with a pedo and having said pedo on staff has been far from trivial and definitely not something that's just chronically online bs. She really wants to pretend to be a victim and act as if her hands aren't filthy from her nonsense.

No. 316463

This is probably about the twitter posts going around involving roofied girls at cons and not about her specifically. Not sure how pointing out men being predators has to do with some cycle of hers when that's a valid take 24/7.

No. 316464

I think you’re the most annoying WK that’s been on this thread. Either you’re, dumb, friends with Micky, or you are Micky. Literally SCROLL UP lmfao the mf said her pages were safe places for people who have sexual fantasies for doing fucked up shit to women and then turns around an condemns men who like to do fucked up shit to women EVEN THO it’s been captured multiple times that she fantasizes about men sexually abusing her while she’s at a con or walking down the street. The only reason I keep getting red tags is because I’m a “ban Evader” and you run on /meta and cry to admins after EVERY post.(infighting / ban evading)

No. 316465

A have ban evades because I used to be one of her WK on here trolling but then I seen for myself how truly awful she is

No. 316466

I think you're missing that she said it should be consenting. There's a difference between welcomed abusive behavior like BDSM and actual abuse and predators. Most normal people can differ between the two.(infighting)

No. 316468

This is why I said you are with dumb, a friend of hers, or Micky herself. I’m going to end up repeating myself here. Read the last post over and over till you understand please. If you have any questions on clarity I’d be glad to answer

No. 316470

Think she is talking about holomat and other Twitter responses. You all can't get a long at all. I would love to see this thread if she actually dies or goes off the internet the meltdown would be glorious.

No. 316473

File: 1703709802159.jpeg (68.64 KB, 828x120, IMG_9029.jpeg)

That’s cool and all but coming from someone like her, it should be obvious she’s looking for asspats.

Unrelated but this is under the rules for /w so my image posts aren’t against rules(ban evading retard)

No. 316609

File: 1703829173005.jpg (200.62 KB, 1080x1237, 1000019044.jpg)

What the hell do Millennials have to do with shit that was happening when most of them were young? Not to mention, negligent parenting plays more of a part in unnderage people seeing NSFW. Also, in this current time, 18+ content creators, like Micky, act like they can't keep their shit tucked away in 18+ spaces. Like, she just had a Splatoon stream and was sitting there in skimpy clothes and saying she'd twerk on Stream. Hell, before that she was just whining about how Twitch should allow NSFW streams on their platform. Is she braindead?

No. 316612

Where is this massive influx of annoying newfags coming from? She's gone inactive for a while before and the thread went quiet too. Micky isn't even popular enough as a cow for anyone to melt down over her absence.

No. 316619

She started streaming, which in current coomer meta, people see saggy tits = they check her out and do research to see if she has nudes they land here and try to defend her. She also has a new discord which seems to be a collective of her usual whiteknights that she likely sends to defend her. The thread was only quiet because SHE was quiet, now that she's running her retarded mouth and trying to fight the universe in her usual cycle, the thread was revived.

No. 316620

I don't think shes ever read up or did any research on this (or anything) at all. seems like she only parrots she she sees on twatter or tiktard with her own retarded thoughts

No. 316684

isn't she 26 or 27? 25-29 are in the zillenial age range (speaking as a 25 yo myself). you're not an 18 year old, micky, you're complicit in fucking up actual zoomers

No. 316715

No. 316836

File: 1704158109450.jpg (395.65 KB, 1080x1400, 1000019158.jpg)

>this year was so traumatic for me

What is she talking about? Is she really trying to claim being rightfully called out is traumatic?

No. 316838

At least post when she has milk. This is useless.

No. 316886

Nayrt but that's why it's saged, fucking integrate

No. 316901

File: 1704200115078.jpeg (323.53 KB, 828x1432, IMG_9137.jpeg)

I find it crazy how she has to try THIS hard to come off as ( and not actually be) a good person. She’s gonna find some nice girl to skin walk and write how to act like her in her journal because Micky is a naturally nasty person. It’s surprising that this isn’t raising red flags with her FB friends unless they have to try very hard to be good people too. Which would explain why the WKs here are brain dead

No. 317029

At least post when she being shitty.

No. 318641

File: 1706385899052.png (456.38 KB, 1242x2208, 693BF584-66C2-4E16-ADB1-19D920…)

I feel like shes making an excuse to delete her instagram account. the cycle continues I guess.

No. 318657

This is literally a product of what Instagram, does not have to do with any cycle. They throttle accounts. This is so well known lol

No. 318661

You're new here. They don't do this "all the time" or "is well known to throttle accounts" or it would be common place. Do you know why it's mainly e-thots that post about this issue? They tend to buy engagement and followers and she was caught doing so. You can look at any other e-thot and see they post way more than she does (even nude shit when they shouldn't) and their engagement isn't in the gutter, because they have more genuine followers than fake engagement.

No. 318663

Micky is right and it's because she's a thot and has had things reported in the past. This is how Twitter handles it as well and their bots. The person who has the bots doesn't get held accountable because you can't trace it back to them and Meta isn't going out of their way to find out who is buying who. She has had Instagram posts removed before, that's all it takes to be shadowbanned. That's what happens and why thots are targeted.

No. 318716

File: 1706581829291.jpg (376.61 KB, 1080x1776, 1000019862.jpg)


Here she goes again with the nonsense. I'm guessing she caught wind that people really enjoyed the convention and now she's trying to make the owners' lives miserable by lying again. This is basically how she was with Amina years ago.

No. 318717

She sorry as hell. The con was chill and security did a great job nothing bad happened despite her wishing it would. Wish she would get a life and actually grow for once. Start your con and stfu.

No. 318722

File: 1706589115439.jpg (128.71 KB, 1080x887, 1000019864.jpg)

She even posted it to her Facebook. Which only got two likes. She's really trying to make innocent people seem like they're evil and demented.

No. 318723

File: 1706589325604.jpg (597.38 KB, 1078x2887, 1000019869.jpg)

Oh,she also posted this. Which reads like something she sent herself. Really not sure why she needs to make her local community into villains for her to "grow" or whatever. It's really stupid. She's hell bent on being seen as some innocent angel who never did wrong and was just bullied to this point. Even though it was that wasn't the case. Hope she knows she won't find any real peace until she accepts the truth.

No. 318724

So nothing new, just reuploads. That email sounds like cowtipping, ngl.

No. 318731

It’s not new but the doc does seem to be a little different than the first one she uploaded so I wonder if she deleted the first and re-edited it to fit her narrative.

She also reposted it one day after isshocon ending(learn to sage)

No. 318740

>won't show period of the doc being edited
This is an imageboard. You need to prove she edited it and not just tinfoil about it. Doesn't matter when the con ended when it was about the con to begin with.

No. 318741

File: 1706638110064.jpg (811.75 KB, 1080x2400, 1000019877.jpg)


When I clicked the other one Google says the previous one violated its TOS. Should have archived it when I had the chance to properly compare the two. Also, not sure why she links Change petitions and articles about KF. She doesn't have a thread there nor is she mentioned there.

No. 318742

So it was reported and taken down and so no one can prove there are differences and all she did was reupload it to try to bring attention to the staff and con again.

No. 318743

File: 1706639123075.jpg (239.12 KB, 1080x1080, 1000019887.jpg)

Now she's showing her true face to the little bit of support she has left.

No. 318744

File: 1706639428540.jpg (198.45 KB, 1080x1440, 1000019886.jpg)

Also, she made this laughable post and comments. Micky is delusional. She has no "opps".

No. 318748

she just cant let it go. like its cringe how she keep bringing it up. she showed her ass, and members of her own fucking community don't want her around. thats what happens when youre an insufferable bitch full of negativity and lies (every one knows you lurk hard here micky, quit playing). she can try rebranding with this couquette shit (her room/den and clothes are still the same loli porn addict shit) but she can barely even hold that up.
why do cows keep bringing people here like it helps their cause?!

No. 318749

>ExTreMe TriGgEr WarNing for Suicide, self harm, mass shootings!!!
>6 replies, 40 likes, 13k views
Seems like this did not land the way she planned so she reuploaded to try again, transparently attention seeking here

No. 318752

File: 1706651858926.jpg (774.44 KB, 1078x2050, 1000019891.jpg)

Now she's trying to make a video about Chou Anime and asking for the other former maids to reach out. Pretty sure none of the maid want to speak to her. Especially considering most of them friends with creator of Isshocon and two she posted here. Micky is truly desperate to make her local anime community into villains so she can play victim.

No. 318753

Why can't she move on? She outed herself as a lolcow,her attacking the con chairs got her banned when they were still willing to work with her and she keeps making her trauma everyone else problem which she acknowledged she does. She turns on everyone who cared and trying to drag people who were apart of Chou Anime down is trash she lied about her age to get that job. Her biggest beef with thst place was Amina and other girls she hated. She just said fuck the community but still wants to run it make it make sense.
She is on some Chris Chan and Nicki energy.

No. 318755

Proof that she’s further lying on innocent people, how could she accuse those people to use KF to harass her if she’s never even been posted there? She needs to understand this makes her look so much more unhinged, especially dragging it up again months after everyone else has dropped it. I wonder if these people even know that she’s ranting about them again, it feels like she wants their attention.

No. 318756

And a lot of the people she’s calling out are well known in their communities, whether it be because of con organization, social media, ect, and most of them are black.
It is not wise to drag this up again when she has no defense. Isshocon is already over.

No. 318765

>I wish you carried that same protest strike energy as my traumas
translation: you worried about something else other than me and these are people making mean comments about me in a fight I started!!
lmfao. never change Micky. pathetic wimp

No. 318790

File: 1706708168780.jpeg (406.87 KB, 828x1252, IMG_9312.jpeg)

Here we go again

No. 318791

Mucky is just trying to stir shit to feel better because no one cares about her. She nuked her discord like two years ago because people were chatting in it and not focusing on praising her 24/7. No one got "cancelled" so now she's upset and trying to get people to attack them for whatever reason.

No. 318794

If she was truly concerned about Anthony being called out, she would have made a document and video. Hell, she would have placed charges on him since she likely has actual evidence against him. But she doesn't really care about that, she just wants to play the blame game and act like a victim in the wrong circumstances.

No. 318796

File: 1706713493587.jpg (349.79 KB, 1080x905, 1000019926.jpg)

She says this like they're posting the same things over and over, yet they're not. She's still salty about someone spreading the word about all the bullshit she's done. Also, if she's so concerned about this man, like I said here >>318794 , why isn't she using her platforms to call him out? All she does on her pages is start shit, post dumb stan shit, and beg for stuff. So, if she isn't showing an ounce of interest and care, why should anyone else? Her local community already excommunicated him.

No. 318810

It seems like she found people to replace her unhealthy obsession with Amina. She’s claiming to be stalked but she’s probably the one stalking them.

No. 318812

File: 1706729287292.jpg (766.82 KB, 1080x1440, 1000019947.jpg)

Oh man. You're in for a treat. She posted a goofy ass highlight to her IG solely dedicated to Isshocon and its con chair. Even claimed she's the reason Anthony was banned. Gonna post the screenshots, but be warned, she babbles quite a bit.

No. 318813

File: 1706729592021.jpg (4.08 MB, 3000x4000, 1000019948.jpg)

No. 318814

File: 1706729961042.jpg (3.22 MB, 3000x4000, 1000019949.jpg)

No. 318816

File: 1706730512031.jpg (2.82 MB, 4243x2828, 1000019950.jpg)

No. 318818

File: 1706731297448.jpg (91.06 KB, 900x1600, 1000019946.jpg)

She ended the highlight with this. I highly doubt anyone was saying they missed her and asking why they didn't see her. It was publicly known she was banned and the majority of the local community doesn't even like her. Why would anyone be looking for her at the con?

No. 318832

oh god youre right. shes now obsessed with cinnagal and sailor sappho. retard doesnt understand shes displaying exactly why they made the call out post.
because shes mad everyone had fun and she wasnt invited lmao. now shes seething in her neet den drunkposting. enjoy your negativity Micky, this is why no one wants to hang out with you.

No. 318836

The con heads did not know about her relationship with that guy in detail. She brought light to it and they banned him. She keeps blaming everyone for not being successful She is only worried about HER SUCCESS. She never would have brought up her ex if she still had her panel. She said does not care about the community more than once and it shows. Everyone involved with her are resources to feed her ego and throw under the bus when it's time to dodge accountability. She is being manipulative trying to garner sympathy. We hate her but still held out hope she would heal and maybe change.
She chooses to be trash every chance she can.

No. 318839

File: 1706752617789.jpg (655.28 KB, 1080x1608, 1000019962.jpg)

She even has this post on her IG with several similar images acting like she's been in the trenches of trauma. The only thing I'll give her is dealing with Anthony. Even then, Amina tried to warn her and she took that as Amina being jealous and spents years gleefully harassing and bullying her. So, now I'm wondering if she had lied about her age to him as she did to everyone else back then.

No. 318841

File: 1706752894944.jpg (538.5 KB, 1079x2481, 1000019958.jpg)

It's a shame the people in the comments don't know how she's just being manipulative and gaslighting them. This comment thread, under the same post, in particular irked me. All of this because she was rightfully banned from a con. She really needs to just to get off social media permanently, get an actual warehouse job, and stay out all nerd/alt communities until she truly gets her shit together.

No. 318852

>We hate her but still held out hope she would heal and maybe change.
who is this we?

No. 318853

All of us non Whiteknights, so not you. Stick to her IG/Twitter echochamber, this isn't the thread for you.

No. 318865

People who know her IRL.
The community hates her or at the very least avoids her like the plague because she can't change. People are scared just by hanging with her they will get dragged into shit. She turns on everyone the moment she does not get her way and suddenly you are one of her"opps" and a horrible. We don't want her around until she heals and change. She hates us and the feeling is mutual. She had real friends before she decided to lean into being enabled by internet strangers and if you followed her you know how she treats her friends.(vendetta-chan)

No. 318874

>We don't want her around until she heals and change. She hates us and the feeling is mutual.
It sounds like you have personal offline beef with her and that you know her. Stick to posting about the milk that's visible because most anons don't care about uncapped issues with Micky. If you have personal issues with her irl, don't bring it here.

No. 318877

>most anons don't care about uncapped issues with Micky.
>Ignoring all her threads and interactions

No. 318879

Wasbt trying to speak for anyone here if that wasn't clear. Thank you for the advice.

No. 318880

I'm not a whiteknight. I just cant stand it when retards start using "we" on lolcow because we are not a monolith at all and its flat out cringe. I don't hate her, and I never had hope she would turn out better. What are the signs there was even hope? Shes still terminally online. Ill think on that 10 to 20 years from now if she changes lol
You got into your feels a bit much and completely misinterpreted buddy lmao

No. 318881

>You got into your feels
>No one was upset
All I needed to see to come to a conclusion, thank you "anon."

No. 318882

The "we" was not for lolcow users it was for the community she comes from. I hope that clears things up I will not make the same mistake

No. 318891

File: 1706880528506.jpg (2.79 MB, 1079x7459, 1000020318.jpg)

Micky's stupid ass just screenshotted somebody else's tumblr blog thinking it was Sailor Sappho's actual blog. She even @'d her. This bitch is unhinged.

No. 318892

File: 1706880858670.jpg (213.99 KB, 1080x669, 1000020320.jpg)

This is that catfish bullshit all over again. She just sends her followers to attack whatever random person first pops up when she "googles" shit.

No. 318893

File: 1706882724281.jpg (2.54 MB, 3464x3464, 1000020326.jpg)

She's even posted this false info on her IG stories. All of this recent bs from her because she was banned from a con. It's really pathetic. If she had any kind of maturity in her she'd take that and use to to self-reflect and grow from it, not all this dumb shit.

No. 318894

File: 1706885859627.jpg (1.13 MB, 1077x3332, 1000020329.jpg)

Micky is openly ignoring sailorsappho/jojos posting her actual blog with her name in the the bio and is still claiming this trans person with a similar name is her(jojos). She also keeps claiming jojos lurked her, but it's a moot point when Micky's local community has passed around most of the screenshots from threads over the years.

No. 318895

File: 1706886542090.jpg (665.36 KB, 1079x2165, 1000020332.jpg)

She also keeps harassing them to make a document about Anthony. Micky, what in the fuck is stopping you from doing it? You have all the evidence. You keep spouting bs about caring about protecting the community from predators, yet, you haven't made a document about this man. All you've done is cause drama. Either put up or shut up.

No. 318903

She has her new obsession for sure this is unhinged. None of this is easy for her tolet go of but the more she hangs onto this the worse she looks. She could honestly still delete this,take a clearly needed social media/mental break and come back to streaming or something.

No. 318905

It's part of the Micky Cycle (tm), she was upset she's not doing as well as other e-thots or have people throwing themselves at her feet.

No. 318906

File: 1706899166344.jpg (171.82 KB, 900x1600, 1000020334.jpg)

Nah, she's just better off becoming a full on normie. Especially considering this is how she acts when she's not allowed at a con. If you showed this to someone who didn't know anything about her at all, they would have thought she lost a friend or family member. Like, no one in there right mind is this fucking unhinged and dramatic.

No. 318907

File: 1706899984279.jpeg (114.42 KB, 828x728, IMG_9321.jpeg)

Looks like she deactivated her main twitter account

No. 318908

File: 1706900224884.png (15.53 KB, 600x125, Keka.png)

Its because she got called out

No. 318909

File: 1706900300247.jpeg (444.54 KB, 828x1047, IMG_9322.jpeg)

You’re not wrong

No. 318910

Makes sense, one of the people she’s arguing with seems to have a decently big platform within a similar niche. I’m sure that stings.

No. 318917

Hopefully, this time she will take a long break, calm down, and get some help. Still, her other pages are active so this might be for dramatics.

No. 318924

The cycle continues. Going full retard, then playing the victim.

No. 318927

It's definitely for dramatics. Again, all for a con she's not allowed to attend. Her Facebook is still up and she hasn't posted any of this. Her NSFW pages definitely don't have any of this either. She's just throwing a tantrum hoping it'll get her what she wants.

Like, this shit is so unnecessary. This is something an edgy teen would do, not someone who is damn near 30 years old.

No. 318933

File: 1706940187930.jpg (2.37 MB, 4243x2828, 1000020346.jpg)

So the left is the latest story on her main IG and it links to the post on the right. She's really trying to manipulate people one last time. Still didn't delete any of the pages though.

No. 318936

Why can she not admit she was wrong!? She looked for dirt on SaliorSapho, got the WRONG person, said if she was wrong she would delete the post, doubled down on her actions, got proven wrong, and then deleted her page.
Not one ONCE of acountbility.

No. 318937

No one lives are in danger here and no one is trying to destroy her she keeps shooting herself in her own foot and claiming it is everyone else. I hope she gets help and maybe some of the people simping for her finally learned something.

No. 318938

File: 1706967044718.jpg (192.27 KB, 900x1600, 1000020349.jpg)

>the horrible things I have seen and been through

The fuck is she talking about? All she's been through is beating her mom, doing drugs, lying, dating and defending a pedo and bullying other girls.

No. 318939

All this over a fucking con

No. 318940

File: 1706972491407.gif (779.65 KB, 500x280, 00A5BC3B-6F5B-4D2B-B011-C403A6…)

what a whiny brat. no one died in her family, shes not in massive debt barely surviving to make ends meet, her life isnt in danger, she doesnt have any major medical procedures, nothing is happening to her at all.
but oh no. she missed out on a fucking con and people had fun without her. So now shes deleting fucking everything.
jesus fucking christ terminally online e-thot bitches like her have completely bastardized the word trauma. you didn't suffer trauma over the weekend Micky, you threw a tantrum. lmao doesnt she realize that her trying to reach out to the community is always for starting drama and its extremely transparent every time?

No. 318941

It's so embarrassing and, again, manipulative as hell.

You would have thought she'd learned her lesson when she almost got her block knocked off by Taylor all those years ago.

No. 318942

File: 1706977645027.png (555.77 KB, 508x854, kekk.png)

Nice lurking, muckey. Now apologize for being a dumbass and starting random arguments.

No. 318943

Why does she keep making it seem like sailorsappho has messaged tons of people when it was just Amina, Isshocon and Kei Club? Also they made like two vids and posts about her on all their platforms just to make sure nobody ended being manipulated by Micky. Micky's acting they made 50 vids and posts. Once again, being manipulative to her followers that don't know any better.

No. 318944

At least she apologized for this. Not really expecting more than this.

No. 318951

>I still stand by the statements I made about them in my document

That document is full of horseshit. If she's worked up about her pedo ex, why hadn't she made anything warning others about him? Like, something about her running off every time someone brings it up makes me suspicious.

No. 318952

She uses her ex as a get out of jail free card that is it. The guy did date her and she can use that evrrytime to direct the heat onto him. Yes,he is the weird autistic guy around but has never attacked her or his ex. He is wrong as fuck for dating her but she knows he did not introduce her to lolicon,physically assault her and the other stuff. She only brings him up when she needs a diversion from her current actions.

No. 318955

Looks like she deleted her Facebook and the Kawaii Black Girls Facebook page. Wonder how long it'll be before she comes and act like nothing happened and start new drama and run away again.

No. 318956

I give her a month before she comes back with another attempt to slander but against my better judgment I will hope that when she does come back she just focuses on her life and what she can do to become a better and happier person. She does not need to keep trying to force things to go her way in a community that is toxic for her.

No. 318957

She's nuking everything but her porn platforms kek

No. 318959

That is her potential money I can see that one not going.

No. 318960

Her alt twitter pages are all up the ones Sappho tweeted about I mean.

No. 318962

Her IG pages and tiktok page are still up too.

No. 318963

She is not going anywhere. She will stay around lurk which will defeat the purpose of going off for a detox.

No. 318967

File: 1707040080929.jpg (606.2 KB, 1080x1502, 1000020366.jpg)

Yeah, she just went back to posting like normal on her main IG.

No. 318969

So she spent a full 24 hours telling her audience they’ll never see her again just to post a selfie the next day? If they don’t see she’s a load of bs at the point they are completely brainless

No. 318971

Yep, but it's a good thing most of her engagement is bought anyway.(tinfoiling, post proof)

No. 318974

the most 'me me me' apology ive ever seen. >>318967
only her most retarded simps would follow her at this point (that paradiseinvite tard, wk'd when this first started). like if a lying bitch keeps lying to you and you believe it, then youre the retard in this parasocial relationship

No. 318981

Iirc Cinnegal didn’t even make the doc on Micky, it was mentioned earlier ITT that the original doc was somehow taken down by Micky when it was circulating again. Cinnegal just screenshot and reuploaded it. She needs to stop the witch hunt against these random people.

No. 318982

The only way to take things down is to report it, you can't do it another way, so there's no way to even prove she is the one to take it down. There's a lot of SJWs in the space where it was posted to her publicly. Anyone seeing that would report it for harassment possibly. Anon made the mistake of sending it to her where anyone could see it and in turn, cowtipping because of it. There's an anon who made it very clear they made the doc.

No. 318985

Her fans should understand how much shit she really is full of by now. Micky has been trying to play the mean girl all her life but wants to pretend she is uwu positivity while still being a bitch? She might as well lean into being a hateful bitch fully and embrace it. She loves the drama might as well go full heel

No. 318991

She also should drop the whole mental illness bs. Everything she does in regards to it seems like she read a mayo clinic article. Especially her recent posts. Not sure why she wants to use mental illness as some cute accessory.

No. 318992

It is crazy watching the very people who Salior Sappho showed the truth to still kiss Micky ass.
They are all morons and enablers. She is acting like she made a suicide note and decided not to kill herself like all of this was not to save face. It is okay to see she did not hurt herself but praising her and letting her completely off the hook is what contributed to her being the way she is now. This pretends Im gone shit is silly. Congrats even when you do wrong your simps will still support you. Never change Micky you have no standards to keep.

No. 318997

File: 1707114033341.jpg (Spoiler Image,818.45 KB, 1080x1816, 1000020378.jpg)

Yep. Now she's just posting lewds on there. She's probably just gonna hide out on her IG until she thinks people forget about her acting like a complete psycho on the other sites.

No. 319000

The "trauma" was her family eating her SECOND birthday cake that one year kek

No. 319046

She's black anon and it's pretty common to see POC in the cosplay community get harassed.

No. 319048

Nobody has been racist to this girl in her community, at all. Literally, she's spent most of her time being a self-hating pos to others in her community and random girls than anything. There's several threads and multiple documents about this.

No. 319052

She gets to lie, cheat, steal, slander, and of course, she sees the best option for all of this is to turn her drama into a story to spin to rally people behind her again. Must be nice to be able to manipulate and cause people so much stress with little consequences. She says people will never let her move on but she never changes. Change and people will stop viewing you as a threat or dangerous.

No. 319056

To be fair she does not need to get off the internet it would be great if she did if only just for a bit. She can create whatever content she wants and I doubt anyone would care as long as she chills the hell out and leave other people out of her mess. She still has the habit of trying to drag other people into her revenge tours.

No. 319058

She won't fuck off and what makes this worse is that she keeps saying all the things she has done were in the past and she should be forgiven by now but keeps doing this shit. She thinks she is the only person capable of change or worthy of grace. Everyone she has tried to come for is just trying to live their lives they have every right to grow and change without her looking for a scapegoat for her current behavior. Pretty sure Sailor Sappho and the the others have shown Micky the same grace she begs for while Micky keeps trying to harm people. She can't live and let live but expects everyone to drop everything to appease her.
It is wild.

No. 319062

Stop responding to the vendetta poster. We keep banning her, but just don't encourage her to keep posting her fan letters and unhinged sperging.

No. 319083

I'm glad we all understand that there's a vendettafag poster just regurgitating the same "grow and cycle" sperg every post they can.

No. 319084

It's clear she's never going to change. The only thing that will change when it comes to her is who she decides to harass and how long she disappears for attention.

No. 319222

File: 1707431708575.jpeg (635.6 KB, 828x1370, IMG_9336.jpeg)


Saged for being unrelated to the current drama. But am I the only one that thinks it’s weird that she keeps marketing her content as “perverted”? On top of the fact she moans with a high pitche voice like she’s in an anime knowing damn well her real voice is deep as hell. She’s never beating these allegations I fear

No. 319224

File: 1707431954210.jpeg (645.99 KB, 828x1696, IMG_9337.jpeg)

Like is ts not weird ? Because who are you really marketing too?(unsubtle vendetta poster)

No. 319249

Funny to see you being marked as vendetta anon when it's me I guess.(ban evasion)

No. 319259

lol like nothing I said was a vendetta, just thought it was weird considering the fact that “she’s not that type of person anymore”(ban evading)

No. 319482

File: 1707775535876.jpg (668.57 KB, 1079x1750, 1000020569.jpg)

Not surprising at all. She posted this to her IG story. Her fake mental illness is her second favorite scapegoat.

No. 321722

File: 1709142960883.jpeg (486.51 KB, 828x1427, IMG_9401.jpeg)

Annndddd she’s back for the hypocritical holier than thou points. Honey you use children aesthetics in your porn. Teddy Bears, Hello kitty, and Little for big shit all up in your porn pictures. Kek

No. 321730

Anon, she doesn't market herself as a teen and she doesn't even look like a teen. She's against teen being a category and she is absolutely right. There's a massive difference between adults who never look like children roleplaying DDLG vs 18 year olds hired for the sole purpose of being pimped out by porn studios and peddled as if they are younger.

No. 321735

She was very much into all of these things at one point. She loved incest and lolicon for a long time. She is somewhat self-aware I guess.

No. 321737

File: 1709151654175.jpeg (936.43 KB, 828x1544, IMG_9404.jpeg)

I didn’t say she is marketing as a teen I said she uses children aesthetics in her porn. Which she talked about on tik tok lol. Saged for replying to bs

No. 321738

She thinks all this shit is weird but supports dolly Mattel who literally pretends to be an infant in her porn(ban evading sperg)

No. 321754

File: 1709186433273.jpg (233.1 KB, 1080x879, 1000020930.jpg)

She really needs to just stay quiet and get an actual job. She's just embarrassing herself more and more.(ban evasion)

No. 321756

File: 1709186900704.jpg (2.21 MB, 3000x4000, 1000020933.jpg)

She's so pissy over this. She's really not cut out to be active in any community. It's like she lives to create petty drama and bullshit wherever she goes.

No. 321761

If this is about what was said here this is a bad comparison. The difference between her smoking cigarettes and using children aesthetics is that she still actively uses children aesthetics in her porn while trying to “police” others.

No. 321764

…so a porn addict scrolls that side of twitter for hours, then proceeds to to act all high and mighty when its painfully obvious shes virtue signaling because we know she has similar shit posted on her wall, and god knows whats on her computer and phone.
When is she gonna realize how painfully transparent she is? but then again that’s a trait of a lolcow.

No. 321793

File: 1709241361033.jpeg (548.7 KB, 828x1343, IMG_9409.jpeg)

I saw this interaction. Seems like other people see the hypocrisy(repost)

No. 321794

File: 1709241397544.jpeg (474.66 KB, 828x1423, IMG_9410.jpeg)

Part 2

No. 322054

Late, but funny she's arguing all this while having a whole ass baby bottle emoji in her name.

No. 322582

a little late since she posted this feb 21, but she never got rid of the shibari pic that she was defending during the isshocon debacle. Seems she just posted content from the other side of her room for a while to lay low or something?(this is an imageboard)

No. 322643

File: 1710110222908.jpeg (383.51 KB, 1242x2208, AE859B2B-589C-4314-B73F-B96E60…)

woops, went to work and forgot to add the screenshot(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 322738

This has been discussed already, it's not even a loli in the photo. It's just ugly cringe chibi art, the body isn't even childish besides the big head and smaller body. The character even has boobs which kids don't have in lolicon most of the time. She doesn't need to remove something that isn't offensive just because you don't like it lol

No. 323756

File: 1711486137080.jpg (2.13 MB, 4243x2828, 1000024438.jpg)

So, I looked at Micky IG and saw she posted this. I really don't understand why she keeps claiming PTSD when she has been through anything traumatic. Is she just trying to trick a bunch of people so she can get them to harass someone again?

No. 324287

File: 1712281074568.jpg (421.32 KB, 1080x1554, 1000025228.jpg)

Looks like Micky is stirring the shit pot with the lolita community now

No. 324288

File: 1712281108516.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x2526, 1000025226.jpg)

No. 324290

File: 1712281422942.jpg (2.5 MB, 3464x3464, 1000025229.jpg)

No. 324294

Kek I remember the lolitas shat on her because she was into loli and was sexualizing lolita fashion. If she’s still pissy about it then she’s basically admitting she’s still into loli, stupid pedo Micky.

No. 324295

File: 1712294705261.jpeg (194.19 KB, 828x881, IMG_9555.jpeg)

Seems like her post is back firing a bit(selfposting)

No. 324296

Saged to note that it seems like the comment I just posted here was deleted on her page(cowtipping)

No. 324333

Not sure why you redtexted for that since you didn't say that was you.
That aside, she likely deleted that comment because she doesn't want her followers and the lolitas she pissed off to find her threads and the documents.

No. 325914

File: 1714828700426.jpeg (363.55 KB, 828x1526, IMG_9709.jpeg)

The same can literally be applied to her. The only difference between her and drake is that he’s rich and she’s fully black. She does not consume hip hop, only when it’s a trend. If you pay attention to her body language in her reels featuring rap songs, you can see she has no idea what she’s doing lol. She cosplays just like him. She’s been doing weird creepy shit for years like him.

No. 325945

This isnt about her though.

No. 325959

Duh the first sentence is “this can be APPLIED to her”

No. 326032

File: 1715031357682.jpg (378.95 KB, 1080x1343, 1000027003.jpg)


She's gonna need to come to terms with the fact that what she read fully applies to her. Especially when she was at her worst.

No. 326036

Did… she forget she pretended to have NPD? Someone even drew a comic about it??

No. 326041

She talks about art so much here as if she's an artist and not just some black girl who wants to be recognized for dressing alternative.

No. 326063

Everyone commenting hate on this girl are fucking haters. She was abused as a child and her predator is still out there preying on underage girls but all you bitches can do is harass her. You’re the worst kind of people. Her community loves her a lot and it’s made it hard for her to trust anyone because yall suck. Everything that I read here is a rumor and hearsay and yall believe anything you want to believe. Get a life.

No. 326065

File: 1715097904730.jpeg (61.95 KB, 828x281, IMG_5168.jpeg)


No. 326116

File: 1715141236682.jpg (2.53 MB, 4000x3000, Picsart_24-05-07_23-52-05-566.…)

Not sure why she's trying to act like she's any better. Especially when she was doing the same shit for years. Also not sure why she's acting like she can't get clothes at a regular sex shop or just a normal clothing store.

No. 326117

File: 1715141318057.jpg (2.12 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_24-05-07_23-52-24-360.…)

No. 326118

File: 1715141409185.jpg (141.11 KB, 1080x564, Screenshot_20240507_233521_Ins…)

She says this but not only was she still doing ddlg shit up until a year or two ago, she also posting lolicon material on her tumblr.

No. 326120

File: 1715142854392.jpg (469.94 KB, 1079x2214, Screenshot_20240508_001217_Sam…)

She reactivated her facebook. This post is fucking hilarious because she's still trying her hardest to make herself look innocent. She neglacts to bring up how she bullied someone who tried protecting her and lied to everyone else about her age. Even had her parents defending her nonsense. Oh, and this part was rich

>using me for clout, for ideas, for content, and for

my graphic design abilities
She knows damn well she doesn't have any of that going for her.

No. 326134

>I'm doing better
lmao Venus is that you?

No. 326139

There has always been places to buy skirts and cute clothes her size, she isn't morbidly obese. It wasn't too long ago that she put those things in her wishlist. Little for big isn't jfashion, it's made for a fetish. What an idiot, also she looks like a crossdresser here.

No. 326140

She really is in the "sex repulsed anti kink better than you" part of her internet cycle huh

No. 326181

File: 1715227014477.jpeg (808.12 KB, 828x1500, IMG_9728.jpeg)

What’s crazy is saying this when that’s exactly what her friends did when people tried to warn them about her. I feel like she’s purposely making this type of content as a reverse psychology thing for her followers

No. 326182

File: 1715230177130.jpg (402.9 KB, 1080x1259, Screenshot_20240509_003952_Ins…)

The caption is stupid as all fuck too. Does she not realize she's her own "opp"? If she acted like she had sense years ago, she wouldn't be isolated from her local community.

No. 326184

File: 1715230404787.jpg (369.34 KB, 1079x1292, Screenshot_20240509_003654_Ins…)

Also wanted to add that she's likely pissy that one of her followers has evidence that's she's bullshitting her newer followers. Not sure why Micky feels the need to gaslight people when her digital footprint is easy to find. I feel like she might
end up running off again soon.

No. 326222

She always pulls out the same phrases when people want accountability out of her but then she changes her views way too often to know what's the truth. Last time she said the same shit but then posted dubious content on her new Tumblr and she still has a weird poster on her walls. I feel bad for her for getting groomed and legit hope she's coping better with that (it still feels like she isn't coping very good, tbh), but some of the worst things she has done she did as an adult.

No. 326257

She hasnt been a minor in years, most of the stupid shit she's done was as an adult, but I guess she just hasnt realized that yet.

No. 326317

File: 1715434241945.jpeg (1.03 MB, 828x1412, IMG_9739.jpeg)

I keep forgetting she’s not that smart

No. 326318

its really cringe when she tries to act like a badass. like you stay behind your phone micky.

No. 326328

>I'm going to show you how unbothered I am by burying my feelings deep underneath a drug-induced false sense of happiness and calm

No. 326350

>it's muckycore

No. 326400

File: 1715532543610.jpg (649.96 KB, 1080x1641, 1000024617.jpg)

>Storing her soon to be stale weed improperly in a plastic bottle
>blown out shitty weeaboo tattoo
>absolutely filthy cluttered background
She sure showed us! She almost has the same smelly aesthetic as junkie tuna in PT tbh.

No. 326402

this is disgusting

No. 326461

File: 1715616566429.jpeg (663.26 KB, 828x1408, IMG_9759.jpeg)

Any idea who this may be about?

Also the “I’m trying to move a different way now” while also admitting not having accountability for her OWN energy and putting it on the people around her is crazy

No. 326462

File: 1715621868533.jpg (156.06 KB, 665x984, Screenshot_20240513_133048_Sam…)

I was gonna say it's likely that Riku chick because I doubt she has that many people close enough to her anymore. I also managed to read the other part of >>326120 and it's wild she says all this because Amina was the first to try and do anything. Yet she bullied for it. Not to mention quite a few others stepped in to try and help but she also mocked them. Someone even reached out to her mother just to get met with the same attitude problem. So, I'm assuming she's just lying to garner white knights. Plus I highly doubt another girl spoke to her prior to that post because everyone was aware of how he was after Micky. Not sure why she continues to avoid responsibility and reality.

No. 326466

I doubt it just given off the fact that her and riku interact pretty frequently still on social media. I homely feel like it has something to do with one of her peers going to isshocon and she didn’t like that very much. The main people who have outed her publicly in Michigan is isshocon and emi

No. 326467

It may be that Itaysha girl who posted here. Probably trying to get back into Micky good graces.

No. 326480

Honestly she’d be better of without Micky

No. 326504

can she move on already?

No. 326654

File: 1715989759787.jpeg (855.41 KB, 828x1514, IMG_9789.jpeg)

I think she’s definitely mad at indigo

No. 326703

That's the same girl. I guess her real name is Itaysha. I could be wrong.

No. 326733

File: 1716153072585.jpeg (1.13 MB, 828x1461, IMG_9796.jpeg)

A crash out is loading in 3….2….

No. 326735

It's wild she's giving advice like this when she doesn't even do those things. Not to mention being introverted just means you're more quiet and reflective in social settings.

No. 326736

Is this like, advice for herself?

No. 326758

Saged bc I’m possibly gonna get retexted

But the rest of Detroit is currently recovering from Megan thee stallion being here, that’s all people are talking about here, but she’s choosing this time to give bad advice. She is not a girls girl

No. 326778

File: 1716252589152.jpeg (359.33 KB, 1080x1920, download (1).jpeg)

She posted this story to her 'Kakwaii Black Girls' Insta page. I feel like >>326733 just might be right. Wonder what's making her act like this all of a sudden though.

No. 326785

She probably hates Megan like she hates every other black woman who is successful and openly a nerd/weeb. She cant claim to be at the forefront of a movement when Megan is literally internationally famous, hosting anime awards, getting anime characters based on her, etc. It was the same with Amina on a smaller scale.

imho Mucky wanted to be able to claim to be a top dog as a black girl in the weeb community without having to put in any real effort because back in the day it was easy in her small communities who didnt know any better. If there are black women who show that 'wait no you can very much be a successful black weeb' it ruins her facade. ESPECIALLY Megan who is basically everything Mucky larps as.

No. 326796

I also wanna piggy back off of this and say Micky is someone who very obviously benefits from colorism. Look at baby storme for an example, she’s having a public meltdown turning on everyone around her which it’s obvious that it’s a mental thing. This has damn near ruined her career. Micky does the same thing and is able to come back and pretend like nothing happens and still keep her audience. Baby storm was also someone who had more influence than Micky in the black girl alt scene >>326785

No. 326800

File: 1716304985839.png (1.22 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9808.png)

Proof she over exaggerates about being fat or chubby. It’s literally just her boobs hanging low that makes her look bigger. Whatever is holder her boobs up is doing a great job(sage your shit)

No. 326801

She looks decent here. Still a shit human being but I can't knock her for dressing better and working out.

No. 326802

She’s really not that big just really not toned with unfortunate breasts for her age. If she actually got fit she could have a nice body I always thought, and tbh her face (her REAL face) isn’t bad either it’s just how she acts that makes her nasty nasty nasty and her style is just a little too trashy to be cute

No. 326823

Tbh good for her for loosing weight

No. 326824

Am I missing something? She's still fat, definitely in overweight territory. Not every fat person is immobile Nikoavocado style

No. 326829

I feel like I'm missing something too, especially the anon who thinks working out would give her a good body. She's extremely top heavy with long hanging breasts and absolutely no hips. She's not massive by any means, but still chubby. Working out will help her, but it isn't going to fix her proportions.

No. 326834

cant help but feel this pic is a little shopped

No. 326835

She's definitely using a slimming filter here. One day of working out isn't suddenly gonna make her gut look a bit flatter.

No. 326863

I might be wrong but I think she's been working out for a while now

No. 326864

File: 1716391768433.png (728.59 KB, 720x1324, IMG_20240522_092821.png)

No. 326868

you can’t tell me she had her uncomfortable looking tits the last time someone uploaded a image of her here and now those tits are magically gone

No. 326875

She hasn't, it's clear from the beer gut she has in her vids. It's also been pointed out here >>326864 that image she posted to her sotry is edited.
She truly needs to just get off social media and fully focus on actively becoming a better person, inside and out.

No. 326881

She's wearing a shirt with a lazy bra. The fuck are you expecting?

No. 326884

i don’t fucking know i highly doubt she’s wearing a bra kek but good guess(sage your shit)

No. 326899

There's plenty of vids and pics of her clearly wearing a bra. It's obvious the story pic is edited.

No. 326911

this >>326182 >>326181 was posted this month. You cant really lose that amount of fat in a month from working out
She has the bodytype where she carries a lot of her fat around her stomach so she only has to shoop that. She's pretty much always had thin arms and 'chubby' legs but simply look at any of the videos she posts and you can see her stomach hasnt changed.

No. 326919

i heard the lolcow admin is a groin who masturbated to nicky in the past(ban evading)

No. 327285

lol I went to high school with micky 10 years ago, I’m not even defending her because I don’t care to read thru your pages and pages of brainrot to find what she’s accused of, all I’m gonna say is she was cool and funny and I liked her and she was nice to me when other people usually were not. definitely strange but whatever. just 2 cents from someone who actually knew her irl.(no1curr/whiteknight/sage your shit)

No. 327302

File: 1716854043957.jpeg (688.02 KB, 828x1265, IMG_9826.jpeg)

So I guess we’re back to ahego after she said “uwu Asian fetishization is bad! Ahego is bad!”

No. 327305

I went to school with Micky too (WLC c/o 15 if you think I’m lying) yes Iin school Micky seemed cool. Everyone thinks Micky is cool from an outside perspective. Until you got too close to her. Micky has not kept a black friend for more than a year after HS. ESPECIALLY if they didn’t go to WLC. Micky was only around for brownie points (African American alliance) and weed. She only hung out with 2 back people (assuming you were one of them and if so I probably know who you are but will not put you). Micky is very white washed and I feel like that’s very obvious. She’s literally never lived 10 min outside of west Bloomfield LMFAO. When I was friends with Micky, anything that was traditionally black culture was not for her. She only wanted to live in fairytales and uwu culture. Why do you think after 10 years she STILL is mainly friends with yt people after years of joining black spaces. Coming in here to defend Micky because you went to WLC is crazy. The worst thing about WLC was that it was and still is apparently full of dick suckers.

No. 327306


Also just because someone was quirky in HS doesn’t mean that they’re a good person. It’s literally ok to be like “damn they were cool in HS but holy fuck they’re a shitty person” at the same time.

No. 327307

And just in case you aren’t black and is someone totally different. Her being cool in HS doesn’t excuse her watching animated child p*rnography. It doesn’t excuse her bullying black women. It doesn’t excuse her Asian fetish. It doesn’t excuse her of making false claimed against black non binaries. It doesn’t excuse her of being a bitch just because she wants to be. If you’re gonna defend someone or attempt to put your 2 cents in at least know wtf you’re commenting on. AT LEAST!

No. 327308

Damn this is actually interesting. Do you have more deets?

No. 327309

File: 1716857655141.png (106.88 KB, 828x1792, IMG_9828.png)

No. 327510

Pretty sure that anon wanted information that isn't in the documents. Especially since you knew her personally.

No. 327527

I made it.(no1currs)

No. 327529

So it was irl vendetta-chan who made the doc(learn to sage)

No. 327555


Ahegao is sticking your tongue out with your eyes crossed. Just crossing your eyes isn’t ahegao(sage your shit)

No. 327593

File: 1717302141346.jpg (120.18 KB, 880x1280, m2.jpg)

There has been a crossover with >>>/ot/1914925
Apparently Micky made a site on neocities (https://softteddypaws.neocities.org/), had a discussion with an user who has an imageboard, talked shit on her back on r/neocities discord and this user posted the compilation doc on the discord.

No. 327594

File: 1717302198770.png (18.5 KB, 565x181, m1.png)

No. 327595

File: 1717302790589.png (63.1 KB, 600x425, m2.png)