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File: 1697031124547.jpg (423.63 KB, 1152x2048, F8HSzxDWEAAWTxz.jpg)

No. 1911980

Thread for discussing aging edgelord Sam Hyde and the various cretins in his orbit.

Social media:

Previous threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/411446
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Thread #3: >>>/snow/1362733(you're not even trying)

No. 1911981

There's evidence that at least one of the two or is it three? girls that Sam knocked up went through with the pregnancy https://web.archive.org/web/20231011125043/https://endchan.net/agatha2/res/24139.html

No. 1911983

It’s always these racist dudes who hate blacks always acting exactly like them, because in their twisted mind it’s the only way to be masculine. Expensive cars in no garage, bastard children scattered to the winds living in poverty, always trying to hustle to pay to flex. Imagine working on all these stupid projects for minimum wage just to watch all the money generated go to pay for Sam’s dumbass mistakes. He has the self-discipline of someone with a two digit iq, doing manic bpd shit to self-soothe his constant masculinity crisis. The sausagefest tards jizzed for world peace 2 so you know it’s going to be exceptionally lowbrow.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1912048

He can’t keep getting away with it

No. 1912168

Anisa alert(non contribution)

No. 1912249

It’s weird cause the rapper Bones watched Fishtank. And $uicideboys mentioned him in their songs, and that fat retard Joeyy is a meme that reached normies, he is seeping in to pop culture and it’s so weird.

No. 1912291

Bones is going to be in wp2. Makes me sad that Sam Hyde is becoming even more popular. I blame KSI

No. 1912293

Bones has been part of the MDE thing for a long time. They did a merch collaboration years ago. They have a lot of connections in music. A.G. Cook was making soundtracks for their skits early in his career. Tyler the Creator namechecked the Peanut Arbuckle sketch years ago. Obviously there's John Maus and Ariel Pink and I think Ferrarro as well. Dylan from 100 Gecs hangs out with Charls.

No. 1912305

there's no way a.g. cook was involved

No. 1912346

is the story of the teenager girl real? The news about it are so scattered in shitpost from his dumbass fans

No. 1912350

File: 1697093332589.jpg (602.68 KB, 1080x2153, IMG_20231012_094827.jpg)

This Christine shinobazooka bitch is retarded. Have some softness, don't be hateful to the poor trannies. Guess it makes sense, her baby daddy is tranny fucker Hyde. The woman she's responding to is a moron too of course, but not for saying trannies. Feel sorry for their daughter, imagine being born to these idiots

No. 1912361

Imagine having to rely on Sam Hyde for child support… I'm sure he delights in finding a million petty ways to make sure the payments are late/less than the agreed amount. He's already done that to his employees so why not his baby mamas. Unless he already lost or forfeited parental rights which also seems likely. Either way he's trying to keep at least one secret family separate from his public persona but his indiscretions are coming back to haunt him like always.

No. 1912375

It's 100% real. But it happened like 10 years ago and I feel like the way its been turned into a meme harms Marky more than it does anything to discredit Sam at this point. Sam refuses to address the allegations and blocks anyone who brings her up so I guess he's just waiting for people to eventually lose interest.

No. 1912440

Scrolling by I legit cannot imagine how this creature could get any woman to willingly copulate with him. He’s not normal ugly, he’s advanced ugly, like one of those hyper detailed gross-out drawings from 90s Mad magazine. He is viscerally, disgustingly ugly. He should be put down just for that, not even touching on his repugnant personality and reprehensible behavior.

No. 1912462

I keep seeing nonas ITT and previous all having the same reaction and same, there is something literally viscerally offputting about him. it's not just ewww stinky it's like something primally offputting about him.
I had a good read of the earlier threads and the rumours that Adam from Girls is based off him instantly made sense. especially how he treated Hannah in the earlier seasons, being unhinged and immediately demanding anal from her and she had to uncomfortably (but still being a pickme) navigate her way out of it. makes me sick to think it could be true.
the fact he makes himself "more repulsive" on purpose but still pulls makes me so fucking sad for all those poor women.
seeing the screenshots of 4chan faggots saying "roastie 1" or "roastie 2" describing his victims makes me want to alog so hard, no wonder he literally actually keeps getting away with it. the "he can't keep getting away with it" meme is diabolical in its evil

tl;dr he sets off my fight or flight, I feel bad for the fawners.

No. 1912467

Agreed nona he’s literally so vile. I saw his picture years ago on 4chan but didn’t care to look him up any more because he seemed grotesque. He looks like human version of a cardiac infarction, he looks fetid, turgid, diseased and demonic.(sage your shit)

No. 1912512

It's because he looks like a waterlogged corpse

No. 1912514

Not only that, which is staggeringly true, but a waterlogged corpse of a man who was hideous in life as well. Seriously he looks exactly like what you imagine all child molester/murderers look like when you’re a kid and (if you are lucky) don’t yet know they come in every visual flavor of moid.

No. 1912541

I think he’s bipolar along with some other personality disorder. The risky sexual behavior/addiction that is life-ruining (tranny aids, multiple baby mommas, unable to form healthy relationships) plus the failed steroid era redpill reincarnation come off as lengthy manic episodes. His weight fluctuations where he looks like a different person in his teen years makes me think he was medicated briefly.

No. 1912548

File: 1697130382296.png (913.28 KB, 818x1122, 345647890.png)

Sam’s baby mama’s twitter timeline is REALLY depressing. Like are her posts being ghost written by Sam bc even pickmes don’t usually cope this hard on behalf of their moids. I know she’s technically an adult but she has such grooming victim ass tweets I still feel bad for her. Also he doesn’t follow her back ofc.

No. 1912551

He specifically seeks out girls who are mentally stunted even for their age

No. 1912553

How do you fumble being asian in the tech bro era this bad

No. 1912610

I don't understand y'alls reaction at all, I think he fine as hell. He can be my babydaddy fr(bait)

No. 1912625

File: 1697141105724.jpeg (179.29 KB, 640x359, 6F71228F-A84B-4538-9EE8-0A7A07…)

Roasties who hit the wall btfo by this man who aged like fine wine and gets bitches (and men pretending to be such) left and right(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1912637

kek do you think he's some perfect angel? MDE was popular with guys just like him for a long time before WP came out. They were internet comedy darlings, art faggot shit, DEFINITELY AG Cook would have been extremely happy to make music for their sketches. granted no one really thought Sam believed the crazy shit he later went on to spew, at the time they seemed like irreverent Occupy Wall Street types. Why tf wouldn't some dope on Soundcloud make songs for them?

No. 1912641

MDE was never on that level. Men who work with women and gays know he is a third rail. He only appeals to people who know that alienating women won’t hurt their demographics, like blue collar comedians and sexiest musicians, and trannies who were chuds less than a decade ago.

No. 1912648

Ag cook seems like a closet tranny autogynephille and there was a rumor from the last thread that he posted his nude coffee alien body shamelessly on /mu/ but proof never surfaced. I could see him being a pedo like sam, but he’s too smart and posh to wallow in the gutter and alienate his female collaborators.

No. 1912654

MDE was absolutely on that level, you must have a heightened sense of A.G. Cook's level, particularly in 2011 - 2014. loads of musicians made music for MDE back then, and they could've given a shit about Sam's true beliefs about women or whatever. They were funny, they were underground, they were "artsy", they were shopping around for underground comix publishers in Brooklyn to publish their book which btw, has loads of contributors who would certainly disavow MDE now. Good thing How to Bomb the US Government is extremely $$$ kek and no one wants to bother reading it anymore. Sam, being a retard, exploded what was going to be bigger than A.G. Cook ever could've hoped to be because he couldn't shut the fuck up about libs and trying to own them.

No. 1912660

File: 1697144404365.png (120.59 KB, 414x657, Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 4.59…)

Samefag, would you look at that, duxcontent on the MDE album Twat! https://mde-tv.bandcamp.com/album/twat

No. 1912694

People from PC Music were (are?) tied to MDE at some point. Danny L Harle and AG Cook had some of their stuff in MDE's projects.
Maybe I'm just a crazy person, but I don't think it's mere coincidence that Charli XCX's 1999 music video, from her era with heavy Sophie and AG Cook influence, was done by Pomp&Clout (where Sam collaborated at some point with his friend Ryan Staake, and whose people worked on MDE WP transitions). Ryan even defended Sam at one point in a reddit thread (comments were deleted, but it was asked in the Wyclef Jean AMA).
SAGE because it's more rambling than proper milk.

No. 1912747

this is a total retcon to try to get some hype from a more discerning demographic than the future plumbers and roofers that attend skankfest. name the tracks and collaborators then

No. 1912830

I will say I think he does that moid coping mechanism of making yourself look ugly in every picture so they call you ugly on your terms not theirs

No. 1912832

Sorry I forgot to sage you can give me the funny redtext I refreshed and forgot you had to retype it

No. 1912850

AG Cook looks like a mouth breather and at first seeing a photo of him I thought he was on the verge of trooning out if he hadn't already and I just was unaware.
I wonder how he feels about making music for the most controversial man in history kek

No. 1912871

>most controversial man in history
is it summer already? earlier every year

No. 1912902

So he despises women but only dates stunted girls with bpd? What is going on? Big sam fan btw. This isn't the girl chan is it? Or was that something castles? I dunno. But no woman near sam's age in her right mind would date him(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1912904

Nah, it's not crazy to think that she'd seek out an MDE affiliate to get that look. Basically anyone attatched to the turn-of-the-10s post-internet aesthetic is two degrees max from Sam, whether they still openly affiliate with him or not.

No. 1912911

the only woman that would give him the time of day would have to be mentally ill with cripplingly low self esteem

No. 1912913

Damn, this is the girl chan. You have some savage memes about men that honestly made me feel kinda shitty, but I guess its the same as the memes about women on 4chan. I'll have you know I don't treat my girlfriend like shit lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1912918

No, what's revisionist is to pretend that Skankfest spics were the audience for Williamsburg Street Fashion in 2011. I honestly can't tell if you're just next level stupid or a literal child who is too young remember the post-internet era. Anyways, all the known collaborations are named in this Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmusic/comments/42euef/ag_and_danny_produced_tracks_on_mde_album/

Also, fun fact: the early version of Charli's Track 10/Blame It on Your Love was made for an MDE sketch.

No. 1912927

you're right, even in his youtube clips on youtube all the girls he describes dating are clearly mentally ill.
I kinda agree with the BPD theory for Sam. He burns bridges all around him, has a series of dysfunctional, short relationships, the only friend he could keep around was Nick, and it seems like he might've been paying him. He for sure seemed to self sabotage World Peace for brownie points on /pol/.
Are those texts about him destroying his dads car or whatever real?
I've always wondered why he got cut off

No. 1912928

Nta but something that strikes me about Sam Hyde is that despite exuding absolutely 0 sexuality he still has incredibly dedicated fangirls. What are they seeing that I can't see?

No. 1912930

From a guy's perspective the only things I could see are he's really tall and built. He's also got a cult of personality and is charismatic, pretty funny, and sometimes insightful. But then he blows his nose on his shirt, has HGH Joe Rogan expanding head, and never showers and has horrific fungus. I dunno how anyone could stand to be around him to be honest. This fucker can't even be bothered to not eat on the podcast he puts out like once a month(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1912931

This is probably why he’s jealous of Hassan tbh. Dude isn’t even funny but claims to be a comedian. I haven’t heard one funny thing come out of his mouth. He has to cling to a fuckboy for relevance.(unsaged)

No. 1912934

Any female with working eyes will tell you it has absolutely nothing to do with how he looks. I agree it's down to the cult of personality and women with low self esteem getting positive attention online from his male fans by projecting themselves as Sam megafans

No. 1912936

You need to leave

No. 1912937

Did any of you watch fishtank.live and do you believe that the reason he kicked off Simmons was because he was projecting over the Marky situation?

No. 1912940

I’m glad people are pirating the fish tank episodes. There’s some personal beef with one of the staff members so it makes me happy that karma is a thing.

No. 1912941

At this point I think Nick only tolerates Sam and treats him as an extra income source.

No. 1912942

Based on the baby registry name and items it looks like they had a daughter…

No. 1912945

Doesn’t Nick also have a daughter? Does he even know about Sam’s baby? Their podcast’s tagline is literally “I’m doing it for my daughter” and yet they completely avoid the subject

No. 1912955

Chauvinist men have daughters and they are as fucked up as you think.

No. 1912956

i was being ironic, it's what AG Cook probably thinks in his head since his name is tied to him from years ago.
I think it's part of the post-ironic humor that he exudes. The fangirls know he acts so insane as a bit and I guess there's some mentally unstable ones who get very curious about the "unknown" side of him.
In the mind of a delusional dedicated fangirl: He's extroverted so obviously when he's behind closed doors, he'll be very caring and dedicated to the women he's with.

No. 1912958

i was being ironic, it's what AG Cook probably thinks in his head since his name is tied to him from years ago.
I think it's part of the post-ironic humor that he exudes. The fangirls know he acts so insane as a bit and I guess there's some mentally unstable ones who get very curious about the "unknown" side of him.
In the mind of a delusional dedicated fangirl: He's extroverted so obviously when he's behind closed doors, he'll be very caring and dedicated to the women he's with.

No. 1912960

Nick seems okay though. He's said some edgy stuff but he seems to actually care about his family(unsaged)

No. 1912972

I think it’s trailer park dummies who have no hope of even bagging a mall optometrist who think that popular online means rich guy. “Exudes post irony” lmao. no, it’s just loud asshole = big fish in that economic strata.

No. 1913047

>he’s advanced ugly, like one of those hyper detailed gross-out drawings from 90s Mad magazine
nona im screaming kek

No. 1913049

File: 1697208630182.jpg (223.38 KB, 1152x2048, 20231013_154912.jpg)

Ayrt ok I realise that what I'm about to say is shallow, but there is a point where being funny and extroverted does not go further than being ugly and dirty all the time. I see pics captioned "he's so big uwu" and it's just picrel (or worse). It has to be some sort of weird way to get attention from retard men watch him and think he's just like them fr

No. 1913081

Which? That's milk

No. 1913114

He’s not just a chauvinist though he’s an actual pedophile, like the “pretend she’s a baby” type of pedophilia >>>/snow/1634242

No. 1913130

oh i know sam is, i was calling nick a chauvinist, even though he has high eq like a gay man. he's got a tom wambsgan in a king zøg body type of thing going on

No. 1913131

File: 1697222809598.jpg (291.98 KB, 823x1095, b7ab53cba7e6b0295abe1d96a30d9e…)

No. 1913142

Sage for spoon feed but can’t find anything on Reddit, can someone link bones’ music for MDE

No. 1913160

I don’t think he’s made anything official yet but he’s going to be featured in WP2

No. 1913176

She’s so brain damaged. She tweets about being happy and likes all this trad shit as if her boyfriend that will never marry her doesn’t live with another woman.

No. 1913275

Ayrt, oh I know, but I'm saying this in the mind of some Daniel of mentally unwell. She's looking for a mix of a man who isn't attractive to be a father figure and some comedian who you probably wouldn't know about but she does because she's online enough and it's the kinds of jokes that are comforting to signal that "yes, you're just like me, we go on the same websites, etc."
He looks so Arabic in this photo…

No. 1913501

This level of profound unsettling ugliness really needs a spoiler.

No. 1913585

Fishtank gives big mckamey manor vibes and it’s just Jet and Sam inflicting their childhood trauma on others with zero cultural value except reveals them looking bad and damaged to the public.

No. 1913610

actually, it was surprisingly very heartwarming and sam even cried at the end. the girl who in my opinion should have won but came in second place put up with a lot of shit but always kept her cool and her head held high. i think it has cultural value, not just for people who are terminally online, but it explored a lot of modern conditions that young people find themselves in today, such as trauma, loneliness, not knowing what to do with their lives, dealing with the fallout of having your naked pictures leaked online, etc.

No. 1913747

>sam even cried
Doubt, don’t think he can spare the moisture

No. 1913753


he literally injects himself with hormones lmao of course he's going to cry and get emotional. at one point he flinged a piece of furniture in the garage because he got mad at 1 of the contestants.

No. 1913755

File: 1697344331178.jpg (103.77 KB, 742x900, F89wXqobQycLw7.jpg)

Sugar cookie Sam vs. Slim Jim Sam

No. 1913763

banks always with the scathing reads, love her

oh he cried? even if he cried, he is so irony poisoned that him mustering a tear would seem like him playing into a bit. He is extremely untrustworthy, nothing about him is genuine or real

No. 1913776

He looks like if a slim Jim got fat

No. 1913828

this is exactly him, he looks like he has a weeping ulcer somewhere. maybe on his cock from having that weird cage thing on it.

No. 1913867

Was this actually a response to Sam? Or what was the context of it

No. 1913871

Oh my god shut up.

No. 1913873

nta but what are you even being triggered by here? take your histrionics back to whatever cesspit you crawled out of before ending up here

No. 1913874

The difference between marshmallow moids and pigjuice moids is time. Most marshmallow moids turn into sweating pig moids after 10 years. Another reason all 25+ scrotes should be culled

No. 1913876


Sam needs to post more pictures of his younger self.

No. 1913882

Ask him for more pics on his Instagram @xceed1m. After moving to @SNL he uses his old account to talk to young girls so his baby mamas don’t notice.

No. 1913968

be smart and don't invite nightmare marseyfishers into your life

No. 1913971

alcohol and coke makes men pork out at 27

No. 1914402

He’s just ugly you fucking tryhard male

No. 1914406

Lmao right there’s no such thing as appealingly ugly, sounds like some dumb shit men would say to cope. Sam is one of the ugliest men I’ve ever seen, including those weird inbred freak people.

No. 1914409

I lnow he cries over losing the left in the mirror every night

No. 1914496

File: 1697470250919.gif (329.05 KB, 360x270, IMG_6113.gif)

>implying I have to cope about any pathetic woman wants to copulate with this pile of excrement rather than just stating facts that he’s disgustingly ugly.
Go home, Roger lmao

No. 1914516

He was linked to the violet girl from fishtank and her nudes leaked and she had a rather beefy labia, boss(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1914521

Where is the evidence? All I’m seeing is people speculating after she posted a positive pregnancy test. Are there any real court documents proving paternity or anything?

No. 1914526

If he does have a child, although I’ve yet to see conclusive proof, it’s sad he’s not publicly claiming or talking about her. Imagine being some dirty secret of this insane ogre

No. 1914529

Not saying much considering he keeps his own baby mama a secret

No. 1914541

Shinobazooka’s baby registry and picture with her stroller in the background was enough to convince me. If you look through her Twitter too.(learn to sage: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1914555

This is proof she has a baby. Not that it’s Sam’s

No. 1914562

Where did you find a picture with a stroller?

No. 1914568

the image of sam's bloated little xanny minions having to pretend to be teens gassing him up is so hilarious. uwu um, actually sam's hocks are pwetty cute n-nonnie. Um actually it's gray hat seo dark guerilla marketing to pretend to be a girl online to drum up pussy for your boss spending your prime years locked to a chair for eight hours a day for minimum wage and no transferrable skills a legit corporation would ever touch. when sam's 45 and tearing the tents down these henchblobs will be 30 and fucked.

No. 1914573

nothing on her Twitter showing she has a kid or that Sam is father. His obsessed loser fans want him to have a kid

No. 1914575

do men really think that creating a mass of low iq dysgenic squibs is some sort of flex? it's possible that there is some bitter joy in taking down a woman's bloodline using your own as a hand grenade. more blood for mammon, i guess.

No. 1914588

Her endchan thread

No. 1914904

troye sivan is quaking and stocking up on lean skinless chicken breasts

No. 1915141

His eyebrows look like centipede legs

No. 1915227

You guys totally have to believe me on this one, but one of Sam's baby mommas has a son named Samson.. as in, yes, Sam's son.(unsaged shitpost)

No. 1915255

>one of Sam's baby mommas
Other than Christine/Shinobazooka? So Hannah?

No. 1915260

That’s a joke, retard

No. 1915261

Fun thread. Zero tangible proof that Sam has kids

No. 1915278

I tend to believe most of this baby mama drama but how do you know?

No. 1915295

Hi Sam, great OPSEC you’re doing amazing sweetie(hi cow)

No. 1915461

I don't even know how retarded or young do you have to be to buy into Sam's crap. I like MDE and have liked them since around 2014, mostly Sam's retarded vertical videos, but I can't fathom believing him as a person. Guy's a character.
>The fangirls know he acts so insane as a bit and I guess there's some mentally unstable ones who get very curious about the "unknown" side of him.
There's only the latter. They don't have the mental faculties to understand it's not a bit.

No. 1915665

>Adam from Girls is based off him
Maybe this was already mentioned in an earlier thread but apparently the “cabbage patch lunchbox” scene in S01E02 of Girls was inspired by her friend’s experience dating Sam.
Speaking of Lena and her extended circle there was a Glossier exposé published a few months ago in which Emily Weiss confirmed the rumors that she and Sam dated in high school.

No. 1915751

his life has just been non-stop bag fumbles

No. 1915754

Makes sense. Troon fuckers like sam tend to be pedos too

No. 1915759

Much like uncle ted was identified by his linguistic quirks, Sam is easily pinpointed by his deviant art taste in sex. Can’t believe he’d treat a woman with a blue name father the same as a trailer park girl with no dad. The arrogance is unreal. Nick would have navigated being a half-caste rich boy so much better.

No. 1916350

That's not the podcast tagline lol, that's a bit that Nick does on stream and some unaffiliated clip channel uses it for their intro

No. 1916367

whose uncle ted?

No. 1916369

Ted Kaczynski

No. 1916469

Oh and he was played by a tall man who is ugly so.

No. 1916551

I feel so sad what he did to Marky. She was only a kid and h sodomized her, made her lick his ass, choked her, socked her in the face and gave her a bloody nose and teeth. I genuinely hope this fat cunt dies.

No. 1916721

Kek. His wife is now stuck with his kid and I don't know how she can put up with him. You just know he's a shitty person behind closed doors since he's friends with Sam and he's made weird tweets saying questionable things about women who go to his shows for some reason. I can't tell if he saw some hot chicks at his concerts and got frustrated because he wanted to fuck them but couldn't due to his girlfriend-turned-wife or if he just hates women. I'm glad he fell off because in the end, he's just some autismo 4channer dork.

No. 1916725

He didnt even bother putting on a shirt for his own wedding

No. 1916726

Anyone have pictures of hannah brandt/konzeptglobe? Thats sams main babymama that he lives with and lets him cheat on her(learn to sage)

No. 1916729

Christine and Hannah both went to Pratt but Sam convinced both of them to drop out so neither of them graduated AFAIK

No. 1916731

Is this why Sam said all that unhinged stuff about Lena back in the day? Bc she really got his ass with this scene lol even out of context it’s funnier than anything Sam’s ever written.

No. 1916745

Hannah graduated Christine dropped out

No. 1916747

Sam’s first thread has pictures of her. Haven’t seen anything new since.

No. 1916763

I thought they broke up a while ago and someone else runs the konzeptglobe insta now

No. 1916769

No, it’s still Hannah.

No. 1916779

Why would she allow a pedophile to impregnate her? What a disgusting bitch. I get so surprised that nobody calls her or sam out more for this shit.

No. 1916819

it really was insane when this aired and it was obvious it was him even back then. it was the clarion call to women how pornsick millenial men are even when they were really young

No. 1916843

no way

No. 1917120

Holy shit no wonder he threatened to "put her 6 feet under" dude got exposed for the nasty pedophile he is

No. 1917228

idk im looking it up she says that the creator of that show said she based it off alot of guys
like a few guys were like hey weas that me????(sage your shit)

No. 1917368

File: 1697929555735.png (333.33 KB, 1748x1098, 454536578.png)

No. 1917981

that’s actually insane

No. 1918030

So this dude went to a private school with celebrities and just went on to become this? Male Justpearlythings

No. 1918271

nah its a public school wilton hs. i went there and my mom teaches there(sage)

No. 1918285

Post more of Sam’s yearbook pictures

No. 1918291

i don't have im only 26 sorry

No. 1918295

Most people in media come from wealthy families and went to private schools and good colleges. Barely anyone gets picked from lower class families, it’s weird when you research peoples backgrounds and see how affluent most celebrities families are. P Diddy went to a private school and a private university for instance, but he acts like he came from the streets.

No. 1918344

it's paywalled but the photo in this thread is from the wilton 2003 yearbook. first photo in the fourth row. they have 2000-2009 archived too if you feel like digging around.


No. 1918477

File: 1698114449536.jpeg (67.59 KB, 640x454, F565B63B-347D-465D-95A1-73A042…)

I thought everyone had seen this one? He looks like such a little posh boy lel. Twink death is brutal.

No. 1918479

Ew at everything on the right especially that palumboism roid gut.

No. 1918623

comment anything about Marky and his incel army threatens your life, apparently. why do even straight coomers want to suck his decrepit knob? are they all really that fatherless?

No. 1918632

I think it’s bc they see the ugliest man ever and see that he was able to like sort of do some shit and have some (very mentally ill) young women at his beck and call and they are all ugly too and want that? Or something? Or they’re stuck in edgelord phases for life? I can’t get over the pic of him above, he’s so fucking hideous it makes me want to throw up. He looks like rape personified and like he smells horrible.

No. 1918698

because they want to be able to reject the possibility that their idol could do something so awful. after all only lefty troons are capable of being pedos

No. 1918725

he's their only representation in culture because cumtown is too urbanite and lefty for them

No. 1918851

cumtown is even worse than mde tbh

No. 1918886

They look up to him and idolize him because he was a creepy ugly pedo freak who managed to groom multiple pretty underage girls into sex and they love that idea and want to emulate him too. I used to talk to Marky on discord and she was actually such a sweet girl and was basically forced into hiding because of how much threats and abuse she got, this fat cunt has never been brought to justice for all the trauma he inflicted on minors.

It’s also disgusting to see ethnic pickmes like his Asian girlfriend and Doja lifting his balls for him, they probably hate pretty white girls too and are extremely jealous of them with a shit ton of internalized misogyny, especially since Doja has been trying to shill herself on 4chan for years to no avail because shes black, whereas Marky instantly gained a lot of orbiters from 4chan for being cute and white.(racebaiting retard)

No. 1918889

Ethnic women are not white womens allies and never will be. Asian women would throw every white rape victim under the bus for a 5/10 white pedophile. A black female jury acquitted OJ Simpson for murdering a white woman. White women spent years trying to include black women in their feminism and be as intersectional as possible, only for black women to turn around and backstab them. White women spent years campaigning for Muslim women’s rights and liberty, but Muslim women still hate white women and blame white women for their Muslim men cheating on them when they come to the west. Ethnic women hate white women and they will never be our allies.(racebait)

No. 1918911

I know, he is probably the ugliest cow to me. There’s something so off-putting about his whole appearance & aura, like if vomit was a person. He makes Shayna look like Cindy Crawford. I have to scroll past photos of him quick so I don’t get sick.

No. 1918936

Has there been a single shred of evidence of a third baby momma?

No. 1918969

His biggest fans are all friendless losers with little to no experience with women. Of course they think it’s cool and edgy that he took advantage of an underage girl with a bad home life. They shout it down only because they don’t want him in legal trouble

No. 1918974

There’s barely any evidence of one baby mama. Oh she had a baby registry. Where is the proof it’s Sam’s kid? He doesn’t even follow her

No. 1918981

The only reason guys like Sam get with non white women is because these women hold him to lower standards. He doesn’t respect them at all, it’s just easier because they’ll kiss his ass and not call him out on anything(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1918991

did doja really shill herself on 4chan? any proof

No. 1919031

yeah it cant be sams kids because he doesnt follow her socials ..

No. 1919144

File: 1698248679366.jpeg (307.75 KB, 1069x995, IMG_2397.jpeg)

Between the screenshots on that endchan thread and a lot of the stuff she posts and likes on her twitter, it seems obvious she had his baby. And why else would she move to Rhode Island, a place she seems to have no personal connection to outside of Sam? Her family is apparently in new Jersey. Just for the hell of of it? Or to be near her kid’s father?

No. 1919159

Why is she secretive about the baby then? Does Sam have her under gag order? This is sooo weird

No. 1919181

probably bc she’s his side piece? its pretty normal to keep your kids offline especially if you are an “influencer” or whatever. I dont agree that shes secretive anyway.

No. 1919187

this girl is so fucked, can't imagine being that stupid and falling for that bullshit. girl, get an accounting cert before you're 30 and living in section 8 with your mentacel offspring tormenting you for internet content.

No. 1919199

So what's the deal with Hannah? Sam has her churning out 2nd rate Pomp&Clout style vfx for his demented comedy videos while he's driving across town to spend time with his secret family? Is she even aware that Christine kept the baby?

No. 1919260

what's pomp&clout? have an example?

No. 1919299

Already covered ITT >>1912694

No. 1919387

I understand not doing pics but she has never outright mentioned she has a kid

No. 1919489

File: 1698308248633.jpg (737.06 KB, 1640x2423, 2.jpg)

No. 1919504

Why do you need her to say it outright when the evidence pointing to the obvious is all out there anyway? She didnt publicly post SAM IS MY BOYFRIEND!! either but we all know who she’s talking about when she alludes to having a boyfriend thats almost 40

No. 1919507

File: 1698312562824.jpeg (208.72 KB, 750x631, BC909744-6762-4BEA-B26C-D72BB9…)

this >>1919504
but she has

No. 1919651

File: 1698332623112.png (2.31 MB, 2060x1096, 787564080908.png)

Rhode Island phenotype

No. 1919805

He had a kid with an asian? He really is Jewish(global rule #7)

No. 1919836

nice now he can pit the two children against each other to fight for his love and resources just like he was raised. it's cases like these that remind me that men don't have free will.

No. 1919948

File: 1698365207234.png (17.66 KB, 337x148, Screenshot_1.png)

also, Sam used to be in obcessed with Lena friends Joana Avillez, also i didn't know he dated Emily Weiss in high school, i thought he dated Lauren Carroll from his high school and got a handjob by some girl called Julie also from HS

No. 1919951

I really pity the next generation of hapas with pedophile Jewish fathers and self hating doormat asian moms

No. 1919953

The baby is already born and it’s a girl, they named her Sophie. No doubt Sam will probably end up molesting her before she’s 5. Poor kid.

No. 1919960

Honestly Marky could probably get a book deal or something and make some $$$ its crazy what she's been through and she's kind of emblematic of the whole egirl internet fame experience that's ruined a number of young women's lives.

No. 1919961

do you know anything about sam's half brother?

No. 1919980

File: 1698370633903.jpeg (265.27 KB, 453x547, F639068D-1BE0-41FB-839E-0C97E9…)

She used to post her music on /mu/ she has a song called dindu nuffin. And did you see her on tinychat video calling sticking her fingers in her mouth attention whore bald pear.

No. 1919982

The registry says Rin. Where did you hear Sophie?

No. 1919985

his name is benjamin moreland or william moreland(sage your shit)

No. 1920046

Also I'm willing to bet this is where he keeps his other family. Imagine having such a low level of self respect that you knowingly let someone, especially someone who looks like Sam, two time you like it's no big deal, even impregnating some other bitch at the same time as you. What kind of mental gymnastics are Hannah Noel Brandt and Christine Shinozuka doing to convince themselves that this pedophile isn't going to rape their kids?

No. 1920073

she probably thinks it's the only way to get paid doing motion graphics because the industry is too competitive

No. 1920079

Seriously have a sick feeling in my stomach thinking about his daughter

No. 1920099

Looks like a complete dump

No. 1920122

Christine lives in providence not Fall River. You can find her address with a Google search

No. 1920140

I’m laughing at the fact that racebait anon believes Marky has more orbiters than…Doja Cat? Lmfao. Not a Doja fan but if there’s a pickme Olympics, she’s clearly winning.

No. 1920142

Doja doesn’t have any orbiters let’s be real all her fans are 12 year old girls who don’t understand her lyrics, starbucks moms and stan twitter faggot moids

No. 1920244

His ex-girlfriend stories are weird to me. Does anyone know who he’s talking about in this clip? I think he’s mentioned her once or twice before. He always throws in that she was an "actual pedophile" but never gives any further context.

Feels like a bit of a projection coming from him, and it's hard for me to take his word on this stuff without believing there was some degeneracy on his side that he conveniently leaves out.

No. 1920248

Banjochan, her real name is Samantha. Another hapa. There at least one post about her in previous threads if you want to go looking.

No. 1920260

She's the girl Sam had living in the Fall River house posted earlier >>1920000 that for some reason got deleted…

No. 1920265

everything he says about his life is a total retcon to fit his redpill manosphere persona. he was a total ratboy anime sperg for most of his early years. in another video he seethes about a female roomate who was an evil succubus for… showering and then wearing a towel to return to her room. disgusting jezebel! /s

No. 1920290

honestly seems like a good guy in this one. how he kept the rats away from her when she left and got a big cage for them

No. 1920307

well duh, coming from him he's going to make himself sound like a good person

No. 1920327

File: 1698437859356.jpeg (77.12 KB, 405x720, 36693A67-0E70-46AD-A9DD-B752D6…)

Doja Cat is bad at being a pickme, girls like Belle Delphine and Shoeonhead act like chill “one of the guys” and take getting made fun of with I wouldn’t say grace but frankly they’d do anything for male attention even being criticized en masse. And it kills them inside but they joke about it or try to act witty with their comebacks and their simps eat it up. Doja Cat is a celebrity with literal fans but she disses her fans and goes off on rants and deleted the Sam Hyde shirt picture because her fans gave her backlash, she talks about pussy and ass and titties in her song, and we all know the men she’s trying to attract aka troglodytes don’t like when women act like sexy women, (Madonna whore complex) they would much prefer a woman acting like a child while doing sexual things because they’re pedos. Look at her boyfriends they look like white crusty nerds who are into MDE and browse r9k. wasn’t one of them a pedo confirmed? And like other anon says she doesn’t really have simps, now that she’s bald, anyways kek. She used to definitely get male attention but it wasn’t for being “the cute quirky meme girl” it was just because of her porno music videos. Also I don’t think they were racebaiting, all women of any race can be hot, she is ngl but it’s really obvious that ingesting media of moids like Sam give women brain damage and probably make them believe the racist and pedo ideals and internalize it. I’m just surprised she is cause she is so attractive, like how can you be that insecure? All that money and literal fame and you still want to be the exception to racist moids…

She makes music for Target.


Imagine letting this creature nut in you. His penis was inside of a transvestite’s butthole. They should all move in together and be part of a Heckin polycule! Sadly he’ll probably treat his daughter like his wife. These women are obviously self harming with their pregnancy but now their dragging a child into their messy ways. I just hope the babies come out unscathed from their genital warts as Sam gave them herpes with his rancid little dick

Also I know he smokes and takes steroids but does he do other drugs? Joeeyyyy is on heroin so does he partake in that as well

No. 1920343

File: 1698439473090.jpg (98.71 KB, 675x1200, 1550718763398.jpg)

thanks anon. I looked her up and was able to find her twitter archive: https://archive.ph/ng4zm

I think I’m starting to see how she’s fucked up now lol

That’s interesting you mention that. I also saw the clip you’re talking about.

I was rewatching his old Hydewars and noticed he mentioned her back on episode 48 (Woman Stories II). For some reason he failed to mention in the newer clip that he was also dating her, so he was probably reflecting on it in a jealous rage.

She was the one that called the FBI on him and told them he was producing CP. She also gave him a yeast infection on his balls and had a husband the entire time she was with him.

During his recollection he also threw in the fact that he was cheating on her with three other girlfriends at the time.. which is very classy of him lol

I actually could’ve sworn I saw a screenshotted message from her where she goes over what happened from her perspective and how abusive he was to her. I’ll go back through the threads to see if it’s there.

No. 1920358

>Also I know he smokes and takes steroids but does he do other drugs? Joeeyyyy is on heroin so does he partake in that as well

Sam’s gone on record many times saying he never does drugs. Supposedly he never drinks (I think because he said he dad was an alcoholic?) and that he's never smoked weed or gotten high in his life.
Also, his common words of wisdom to his fans is to never do drugs because they make you an unproductive loser.
I’m not sure how honest any of what he says is, although Sam is sorta eccentric enough that I might even believe it. Whenever he’s on video at social events he always appears fully sober, do idk

No. 1920359

being the type of psycho he is comes naturally without the help of any drugs. I feel like if he did partake (I'm sure he has before) he seems like the type to be obnoxious about it. he definitely uses steroids or equivalent to get that disgusting body

No. 1920383

He's talking about Samantha aka Banjochan the 4"10 girlfriend he bragged about(learn to sage)

No. 1920404

i hope the baby is mentally retarded so that it is protected from it's psychotic parents while at the same time being a drain, burden, and source of shame for their narc egos(alogging)

No. 1920406

>reported to him to the fbi and gave him an std
she's a queen

No. 1920408

he smokes weed with nick on pgl a couple of times, he definitely does some drugs, probably by himself or when he's fucking trannies. he probably is afraid of being out of control or in a weakened state around his minion crew. guys like sam use drugs to weaken and control other people around him, he'd never partake himself.

No. 1920433

that's tobacco. he's never smoked weed hes too much of a square nerd

No. 1920438

This woman looks bogged and completely dead inside, I figure that’s the only kind of woman who could tolerate a scrote like Sam Hyde for longer than 10 seconds. Still she’s based for giving him a yeast infection.

No. 1920440

Whats with hapas and being racist schizo pieces of trash?

No. 1920441

All hapas are all mentally ill. Seriously.

No. 1920443

I think they often get molested by their yellow fever white father and it fucks them up mentally. Sam will probably molest his daughter too since he’s a pedophile.

No. 1920444

He didn’t go to RISD and ape Ryan Trecartin and Paperrad without smoking a lot of weed kek. Love how he has tried to reinvent himself as some straight edge daddy for a bunch of pathetic warm weather IQ losers. His personal degeneracy is the only thing he has in common with the “blue collar” gas station attendants who are his paypig patrons.

No. 1920445

Afaik she’s a catfish, she’s really short and kind of fat in real life and she shoops her face like crazy. She was also married to a federal agent and had a lot of deepstate connections, she got invited to Trumps Christmas party and stuff. Apparently her and Sam used to do ageplay a lot and Sam would make her dress up like a baby with a pacifier and diaper and stuff before sex. Gross.

No. 1920449

File: 1698451801831.png (2.41 MB, 2100x864, 5784290878.png)

Pic of her with less filtering

No. 1920450

I mean weed is a nothingburger who cares, this is a weird nitpick.

No. 1920451

Left is still shooped to hell and yeah you can see her arms are really fat.

No. 1920456

File: 1698452379705.jpg (10.38 MB, 5312x2988, 56785765348766.jpg)

Pretty sure that's Hannah in the Atwells Ave building.

No. 1920458

Kek he claims to not smoke weed and acts like someone who isnt an art school faggot … when it is all he is

No. 1920461

Interesting how he tried to blame the diaper closet/fetish on her even though he’s known for being a pedo and making diaper jokes all the time…

No. 1920464

File: 1698452810510.jpg (57.81 KB, 400x720, 1550717432547.jpg)

She looks so uncanny in all her photos so it doesn't surprise me she's a catfish lol.
According to Sam she's a literal 12 outta 10 uncanny airbrushed sci-fi looking character irl though. If you can believe him.

I bet he panicked so hard when his friends discovered the secret stash and he had to pretend to be oblivious to it all. Now he’s repeating the lie publicly so everyone knows it totally wasn’t him that’s the weirdo.

She wasn't the one that gave him the infection. It was his gf from when he was living with charls a while ago that was in her 30s when he was 20something.

No. 1920466

Sam doesn’t smoke weed. That’s one of the few things he’s honest about. Why are you so convinced he smokes?

No. 1920467

shes way better looking than the hapa he knocked up

No. 1920468

File: 1698453030918.jpg (10.05 MB, 5312x2988, 45325453643255.jpg)

is she being held hostage tho

No. 1920470

Are you high lol. She looks like a deranged troon. Even a potato could look decent with that much makeup tbh. But yeah she probably dumped Sam and he was seething so he desperately tried to find another hapa woman to replace her.

No. 1920471

autistic white guys just fetishize the shit out of any hapa to be honest, and i say that as an asian woman myself

No. 1920509

keep coping they just cant get white women so they settle for you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1920515

their white/jewish fathers and asian mothers are racist white supremacists

No. 1920516

looks like the same app effina uses

No. 1920585

Bitter Midwestern hamhocks typed this post

No. 1920586

Why are you so convinced he doesn’t? Just cause he said so? He also said he never groomed Marky.

No. 1920587

So he admits to dating a female pedophile and animal abuser, interesting how men say women are shallow yet moids will turn around and happily admit to dating psychopathic animal abusing bitches and getting them pregnant simply because they found her hot.

No. 1920588

You’re right, looks the exact same as the filters Foot uses, pretty sure it’s just snow cam

No. 1920610

Not like Sam is a stellar moral citizen himself. Trash attracts trash.

Snow is not this heavy unless this bitch manually put every setting on max which is even more funny that she thinks any of these photos look good and natural. She looks like a snapchat filter monstrosity.

No. 1920621

Omg she looks like that Finnish girl who tried to be Tifa

No. 1920634

Right. Even marky kind of looked hapa in the eyes although I don’t think she was. He’s too ugly and weird to attract a normal pretty white woman(racebait)

No. 1920635

maybe he assumed he couldn’t get anyone pregnant due to the roids

No. 1920663

So no one has pics of the Christine chick either pregnant or with the baby? I’m going to pretend she’s some deranged fan girl who moved to providence to stalk Sam because the thought of Sam with a kid is too scary(spoonfeeding request)

No. 1920692

Hot take, that’s why I think it was intentional.

No. 1920756

This putrescent faggot can only attract insecure mentally ill women. Any normal female in her right mind, hapa looking or no, would feel naturally repulsed by his appearance. You don’t have to be a “pretty white woman” to have a regular disgust response at pigfaced moids.

No. 1920778

File: 1698506139682.png (567.98 KB, 1096x1078, 34q5q295.png)

Her whole twitter is broadcasting that she's a pickme who will raise her daughter to perceive abusive behavior as normal. You can tell that she has no backbone and will let Sam do whatever he wants with her child.

No. 1920806

I'm the original nona who replied to you. not sure what the other weirdo is trying to do arguing with you over his drug use!

No. 1920807

his own personal effina right down to the uncanny valley editing kek

No. 1920858

I think it was to try and quash the gay rumors. Still a fag.

No. 1920859

He’s using her to gestate a child he can abuse. I hope protective services get involved. Sam is going to have a lot more eyes on him.

No. 1920885

How the fuck is it spoonfeeding if the pics don’t exist to begin with or if they do they are on a private account(ban evasion)

No. 1920893

This one makes the most sense to me

No. 1920900

We know her full name and address. Time to get cps involved

No. 1920901

You know she’s dying to post pics of the baby to brag but Sam doesn’t want the authorities spying on him and his pedophile ass. That’s why he doesn’t follow his own baby mama and why she doesn’t post pics

No. 1920902

Hapas are all mentally ill. Like uniquely(racebait)

No. 1921001

File: 1698539433036.jpeg (448.37 KB, 750x530, DF7833C5-6E6C-4AF4-8614-362F09…)

forever seething that a girl who looks like this would never want his seed

No. 1921023

where are her parents in all this?

No. 1921033

Considering she hid their relationship, dropped out of college and ran away to be with him >>1919144 my guess is they are not pleased with the situation.

No. 1921039

It looks like Hannah gained weight, I wonder if she also carried her pregnancy to term?

No. 1921043

More than one baby mama and one is Asian. So much for being white supremacist grandmaster. Their show got trashed for something Sam barely believes in himself

No. 1921045

What are you comparing? There haven’t been any recent photos of her revealed.

No. 1921059

File: 1698548311510.jpeg (150.03 KB, 625x415, 034C9235-F4FD-42A3-B49B-A21EA5…)

His racism was always performative like
many other disgraced alt right edgelord losers

No. 1921063

File: 1698548680939.jpg (623.83 KB, 1080x1315, Screenshot_20231028_220451_Red…)

Both of these people are Jewish

See pic attached for more information on Sam's heritage(derailing)

No. 1921067

All right wing white moids are Asian fetishists(derailing)

No. 1921069

It’s obvious he’s Jewish, he has bug eyes, frizzy hair, a hooked nose and large lips. No offence but these are very typically Jewish features.(derailing)

No. 1921072

Most right wing moids have mommy issues and hate their white mothers. They view dating Asian or hapa women as ‘getting back at white women’ and think it will make them jealous, but attractive white women don’t care who ugly incel looking freaks like Sam date and all Asian girls wish they were white Stacy anyway kek(ongoing race derailing)

No. 1921083

My bad I thought these photos were new bc of the location, turns out Sam has been renting the upstairs unit since like 2018 or something and just recently purchased the building this summer. Also kind of OT but some goofy HGTV show filmed a tour back in 2005 https://vimeo.com/131008485

Pics of Hannah before Sam started monitoring what she posts on social media btw

No. 1921085

truly is a mommy thing. every moid I’ve known to be super into non-white women had a white mom who was obese, mean or both. These men who hate their moms are always abusive in relationships too, even if when they don’t date white women. Who knows all the horrors Sam has put these chinks thru(ongoing race derailing)

No. 1921086

I've seen more white women pretending to be Asian than I have seen Asian women pretending to white. To be quite honest I've only seen white women larp and pretend/wish to be other races and never have I seen non white women pretending to be white.(ongoing race derailing)

No. 1921093

Oh please. The facial surgery in Korea is all based on making full asians look partly white, and hapas and Asians dye their hair blonde all the time to look less ethnic(ongoing race derailing)

No. 1921098

File: 1698555242945.jpeg (102.99 KB, 750x737, 471D7616-220A-4AD5-883F-AF7BC3…)

Poltards literally make edits like this and claim Japanese people are white to justify their racial fetish and failure to secure a white woman. If anything I’d say right wing scrotes are the biggest race mixers and are the most obsessed with interracial porn of all. It’s partly mommy issues, and partly because no attractive white woman would ever touch them.(ongoing race derailing)

No. 1921099

They’re in for a rude awakening if they want a Japanese tradwife, something like 70% of Japanese women admit to cheating kek.(ongoing race derailing)

No. 1921104

I’ve seen these edits but most of them feature a white woman. This is some Jewish yellow fever loser larping as a nazi(ongoing race derailing)

No. 1921113

Cheating seems really common in Japan for some reason. I remember seeing a video where Japanese men and women were both saying they generally don't think paying for prostitutes count as cheating because it's a "business transaction". Very few felt differently.

Honestly I always chalked this up to how western men infantalize Asian women because of their (usually) petite size. We all know most men have pedo tendencies, so it's unsurprising these guys idealize very small and young looking women with baby faces. Add on the weird "submissive" delusion they've been taught on top of it and they develop the fetish. Weak insecure men want weak women.(ongoing race derailing)

No. 1921118

It’s just some moid racebaiting trying to get women to fight each other

No. 1921123

Yeah there’s a lot of testerical race sperging itt in the last few days, it’s wild how bad they are at integrating despite lurking constantly

No. 1921148

no they are just beta males who can't get white girls lol. the asian girl shit is just them coping at best.
sam hyde is only 6% jewish i've bought the ancestry on gans (gans is 12% jewish or so basically sams great grandmother married a jewish early hollywood actor). Either way he is an upper class WASP which is basically the same thing(chronic newfaggotry)

No. 1921158

interesting. I always thought sam was from 4chan, but it makes more sense that he just used it to shill himself but wasn't much of a poster. A lot of the proto alt right anti hipster stuff he was doing in 2010 wasn't at all popular on 4chan. I remember 4chan was a full blown hipster website in the early 2010's(chronic newfaggotry)

No. 1921159

if you interview 300 people, you can probably find 4-5 opinions to put in a video claiming everyone in Japan is ok with prostitution or cheating or whatever. I never trust vids like that. Same goes with "look how stupid the new generation is" vids: obviously they cut out people who answer their questions correctly since it doesn't fit a narrative.(still derailing)

No. 1921185

Jewish isn’t a race, different Jewish groups descend from different ancestors, and most of them became so intermixed with Europeans that it’s extremely common for 99% European to show up on many Jews ancestry tests. The only one they can really test for is Ashkenazi Jews because most of them descend from the same tiny group of people, but Ashkenazi Jews were not even Middle Eastern to begin with anyway, they were an assortment of Turkic and Slavic peoples who mass converted to Judaism and lived and intermarried in Ukraine.(derailing)

No. 1921196

Mischling here, Jews have their own sub ethnicities, Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Mizrahi. Most Jews are Ashkenazi and like you said, we descend from Khazars. The Khazar empire was most prolific in the Byzantine era, which is when most Khazars converted to Judaism and then tore across Europe being mega violent. “Jewish” isn’t a race, like you said, but the ethnicities are distinctly different haplogroups from other Europeans and MENA people. The only two groups of people who will be honest about this are ironically, Jews and people who hate them lol. Most people who are unaware just think Judaism is a religion, not an ethnic group, culture, and finally a religion.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1921206


> Le khazar hypothesis in my lolcow

Palestine will never be free, faggot.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1921266

Anon Sam's mom is fully Jewish which makes Sam Jewish by halakhic law. That's how he got away with so much at adult swim. You can see it in the guys face he looks half middle eastern that nose and those hot dog lips do not lie. He looks exactly like my Jewish dad who was also a sex addict who enjoyed psychologically torturing women so anyone who thinks having a kid with this man is a prize…get ready for a lifetime of abandonment don't expect him to want to actually provide for his kids or anything lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1921274

It’s that too, but you don’t think the way a man’s mom treats him growing up can make him seem beta or neurotic? The most beta and neurotic guys I’ve met have all hated their moms. I think there’s something there with Sam and his mom. He copes with steroids and trying to box but he’s the same beta neurotic deep down

No. 1921282

>never any mention of dad
maybe you should consider that instead of the obvious blaming mom and not aloof daddy who didn't love him

No. 1921289

I’m guessing his mom couldn’t deal with the manic episodes + tard rage meltdowns he subjected her to growing up and they have a bad relationship because of it. In this video you can hear the utter exhaustion in her voice and this is just the “funny” abuse that Sam was willing to post so I’m sure it got a lot worse behind the scenes.

No. 1921292

he got the "there's no point polishing a turd" treatment from his dad once a new heir from good stock came into the picture.

No. 1921293

Another video of Sam being cruel to his mom.

No. 1921310

He’s so annoying. It’s a miracle he was able to latch onto funnier sidekicks

No. 1921379

What is wrong with him? He's acting like a 14 year old boy in a giant body.

No. 1921488

Well that took an unexpected turn

No. 1921489

Rhode Island is absolutely crawling with feds btw and many people from there come from fed families or work for the government. It’s intentionally made to seem like a crappy boring little state where nothing ever really happens to reduce suspicion.
t. Lived there for years

No. 1921495

I’ve always suspected Sam was a fed or had deepstate connections, it’s sus that his crappy show got picked up by quite a popular network, he went to a private college, his ex was married to a secret service agent, also why he got shilled endlessly on 4chan a few years back then suddenly all the hype around him died down and suddenly is resurging again, why he managed to get a steady supply of young girls way out of his league and got away with raping underage girls which is open knowledge and had plenty of proof behind it, he knows a bunch of people in Hollywood etc. Pretty weird that this fat ugly unfunny bastard has been allowed to run riot for so many years. I don’t think him being Jewish even explains why he’s been allowed to get away with it for so long.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1921498

Hes also a supporter of other glowie pedos like Andrew Anglin who said men should be able to marry 13 year olds and that 8 year olds can consent.

No. 1921500

Strange that Sam can afford to be unemployed long term and donate thousands of dollars to random while saying ‘it’s nothing to me’, I wonder whose payroll he’s on.

No. 1921502

Why did he get cancelled so fast then? You sound retarded

No. 1921503

He has tons of loser fans funding him through gumroad and he got into crypto at the right time

No. 1921504

adult swim isn’t that popular and it airs late at night. The cancellation is what made him most notorious

No. 1921506

He talked about being interviewed by the FBI after one of his exes tipped them that he was a pedophile. The feds probably cut a deal with him.

No. 1921507

I don’t think he’s a fed. Marky never went to the police, there wasn’t anything for police to go off other than some rumors on 4chan and sites like LC. That’s not real evidence

No. 1921508

Also whenever you insinuate he’s a fed he gets upset and starts samefagging super hard kek. Seen him do this on /pol/ too.

No. 1921509

That’s not what samefagging is and you are making this loser sound way more important than he is by saying he’s a fed. It’s annoying

No. 1921510

>there wasn’t anything to go off
Wut? There’s literally pictures of them together where Marky is bleeding and sexts where Sam is talking about abusing her. Why are you so defensive, Sam? We all know you are a spook kek.

He was friends with and used to party with Richard Spencer and Weev who are both the biggest homosexual spooks of all time, so yeah he’s probably a fed.

No. 1921512

He destroyed all of his communications between him and marky. The only evidence is 4chan anons and a picture of them together. Unfortunately that’s not enough to get someone out on jail. you need the actual victim to come forward, this should be common sense

No. 1921513

Sam was singing Nick Fuentes (who is also a fed)’s praises and saying he’s the next Tucker Carlson (also a fed) yeah they all glow in the dark together, all pedophiles who are being blackmailed by the FBI and paid to sheepdog the right wing.

No. 1921515

Same with BAP.

No. 1921517

Amazing how no one thinks it’s odd that the edgy alt right consists solely of old money, (mostly) Jewish homosexuals/pedophiles who all went to prestigious private universities and had family members in government, banking or academia.

No. 1921518

not Sam. don’t start doing the annoying hi cow thing. Again a picture isn’t evidence. From what I know about law enforcement, i think the problem was the victim or parent of victim wasn't willing to come forward and open a report and tell her side. That harmed the case the most. He probably told the fbi or whoever interviewed him that he has unstable fangirls because of his following and since he doesn’t have a criminal history they didn’t look further into it

No. 1921520

What does sam’s dad do? I don’t think I’ve seen it discussed here

No. 1921530

He was a professor at Columbia University (or at least used to he’s retired now I think)

No. 1921535

it's a lot more simple than that. He comes from a very wealthy family

No. 1921590

Everyone who is politically vocal and has a sizeable following is a federal agent until proven otherwise.

No. 1921623

he sure schizo(sage)

No. 1921710

Name a single right wing pundit who isn’t a fed then.

No. 1921717

Every right wing and left wing pundit is a fed, but where does Sam have this huge political following? He doesn't do shows where people show up in suits, they're usually autistics in streetwear.

No. 1921726

The anon you’re replying to is a retard. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of his dumbfuck fans. Sam isn’t a fed and it’s annoying people are saying he is because it makes him seem more mysterious or omniscient than he is. He’s just an art edgelord with a rich dad who got lucky with a late night sketch show then he took advantage of underage marky, but she never went to the police so he didn’t get in trouble. That’s it, stop acting like this guy has more pull than he does

No. 1921785

medical profession

No. 1921972

I’m not a fan of his retard, don’t flatter yourself. You sound like Sam kek.

He has a huge fanbase on /pol/, who are notorious for bootlicking le based edgelords until they get exposed as glowies (every time)

No. 1921977

Also being a fed doesn’t make you mysterious or omniscient you fucking retard kek. Feds arent these cool mysterious James Bond type figures, they’re just lame shills whose job it is to plug stuff or spread memes with a certain agenda. Anyone can ask to join them and shill whatever retarded shit they pay them to. If you come from an upper class wealthy family they’re much more likely to hire you. You think someone like BAP is cool and mysterious? He’s a lame goober who gets paid to deradicalize anti smites and sheepdog the alt right into accepting Jewish influence into their movement. Same with Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Alex Jones, The Right Stuff, Richard Spencer, Weev etc (last three of which are literally gay pedophiles)

No. 1921979

You’re a fucking idiot if you think that’s not how his fanbase thinks of feds. Unless you have real proof other please shut up about it. You just sound schizo and annoying

No. 1921981

Of course they hired a bear Jew type like BAP who they hoped latently homosexual fatherless poltards and /fit/fags would respect and look up to, because they were sick of ugly little bespectacled Jewish nerds like Yarvin telling them what to do. Doesnt matter anyway since nobody likes BAP and he reeks of shill a mile off. Sam calling his book How To Bomb The US Government was just ironic glowie dogwhistle shit. Why would a Jew want to hang with and lead a bunch of Nazis? Why would a pedophile Jewish man like Weev get a swastika tattoo and hang out with other Jews like Sam while praising Hitler? Ask yourself that.

No. 1921983

Sam would always send his shill army to post dumb bitches he had a thing for (like Letty Knight) and derail the board. Whoever Sam was currently crushing on would strangely get a bunch of threads made about them and dumb simp posts while the rest of the board was telling them to fuck off and didn’t care. He’s truly autistic and pathetic.

No. 1921984

Cry harder glowie.

No. 1921986

Letty is also a Jewish rich kid.

No. 1921991

File: 1698724985671.jpeg (126.37 KB, 495x671, 88BDE01F-D3FE-4C5A-BB2A-4649B5…)

Like the Post Leftcow redscare crew they’re all privately educated Zionist rich kids from liberal families who pretend to be based basement dwellers and flirt with Nazi ideas for ironic edgelord points. You might wonder why there’s so much overlap between the left and right nowadays, it’s because they’re all bankrolled by the same zorg.

No. 1921994

No amount of bulking and squats can hide Sams chicken legs and birdbone ankles.

No. 1921996

It’s all roids. Same with his puny Ashkenazi wrists.

No. 1922017

They all look like they smell

No. 1922018

Her nudes leaked at the start of fishtank and her vagina looked horrible. Very dark and beefy

No. 1922035

>nitpicking vagina

The shayna thread is that way retard

No. 1922038

Not a nitpick. It seriously looked awful

No. 1922078

Kek nona…

No. 1922080

Yet probably all have trust funds of at least a million each

No. 1922081

I’m pretty sure either Sam leaked them to get people talking about the show more, or Letty leaked them herself for attention because she took a ton of nude selfies and somehow they all ‘leaked’ on 4chan. Letty and Josie were just roped into the project to lure in more simps for the show and so Sam could continue to brag about having a harem of dorky e-girls to give incels something to aspire to.

No. 1922082

Also someone called them out in the leaked nudes thread for samefagging because there was hundreds of posts with only 3 IPs and it was painfully obvious it was just Sam, Josie and Letty posting the nudes and talking nonsense to each other in the thread and simping for each other while saying stupid injokes.

No. 1922148

It's her insane ex Jeremy and Tommy posting them, it's well known(how have you newfags still not learned how to sage)

No. 1922207

Reminder he's changed this story to blame his ex-gf on hoarding diapers when that Channing girl said the situation was reversed. She and some other person had to help Sam move out and they found his diaper closet.(how have you newfags still not learned how to sage)

No. 1922224

File: 1698773903451.jpg (57.62 KB, 780x672, 1691801020285147.jpg)

It was Channing and Emily Youcis who found them. James Price the old MDE sound guy even confirmed that they told him afterwards.(how have you newfags still not learned how to sage)

No. 1922234

Are we doing this to annoy mods(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1922248

I don’t understand what the endgame for these girls is, I feel sad for them but I’m also grossed out.

No. 1922254

I don’t think it’s hard to figure out from Christine’s Twitter she is very pleased with her life and in love with Sam. Her goal is to be a tradwife and have a bunch of babies. She is totally retarded and mentally ill though, not sure why playing house with a man that lives with his other girlfriend is so fulfilling for her.

No. 1922269

Are you going provide any milk proving this because they don’t look or act rich at all nonnie

No. 1922271

Really? She seems miserable and like she’s coping to me

No. 1922285

File: 1698787656629.png (284 KB, 948x1312, 657565453355689.png)

You barely need to read between the lines to figure out that she's miserable, half of her tweets are blatant cries for help. I'm not even trying to dunk on her I think its extremely depressing how Sam has sunk his claws into her and is keeping her isolated from her family and friends. Christine if you're reading this it's not too late to escape

No. 1922286

If she liked her family she would have never gotten involved with someone like Sam in the first place

No. 1922313

File: 1698792480319.jpeg (132.39 KB, 750x494, 9659A9C1-10FC-4F85-976A-E0CC7C…)

Disagree. The deleted tweet was asking where you see yourself in 5 years.

No. 1922314

File: 1698792515829.jpeg (111.58 KB, 750x721, 48E94F6D-9FB8-41E7-9992-3050A5…)

No. 1922326

imagine being older than like 8 and finding appeal in retarded babytalk

No. 1922330

This is delusion not happiness

No. 1922331

The kid’s father is a wimpy Jewish pedophile. If she wanted her kid to be an Olympian she fucked up

No. 1922335

She wants to be tradwife but her own baby daddy won’t marry or claim her. No way she’s happy with that setup

No. 1922337

She really thinks Sam is going to make the mistake of knocking up his side chick more than once? Also she's an art school drop out and he's a bipolar psychopath in 500k of debt who won't commit, there's no way she's ending up rich with smart kids if she sticks with Sam.

No. 1922339

File: 1698797552021.jpeg (82.88 KB, 750x533, 9B04C45B-3A57-404A-AAF7-B8D4DE…)

No. 1922340

File: 1698797691154.jpeg (88.69 KB, 750x326, DFA1FC27-40D8-46D4-9582-457414…)

No. 1922373

Sam won’t marry her, let alone mention her anywhere online

No. 1922404

No shit. I’m just saying she is happy with her life and relationship. Truly do not understand how..

No. 1922407

Next time sam is doing a tinder stream make a bunch of shinobazooka and marky accs near his office lol

No. 1922415

Sam literally has a fetish for babies

No. 1922417

They have a self hating insecure Asian mom and a Jewish pedophile dad. Her kids will probably be confused school shooter psychos or bpd whores like Elliott and Kelly Balthazar. Also both her and Sam have ugly round fish faces with bug eyes and big lips so they’ll be uggos for sure.

No. 1922418

Her tweeting she’s happy means nothing, Sam is known for monitoring his gfs socials and telling/dictating them what to tweet.

No. 1922420

Sam is proven to be only 6% jewish though. He's a snobby WASP

No. 1922424

There’s no way she’s going to ‘escape’ anytime soon sadly, becoming a single mom at that age is just too difficult and damning and she’s also Asian, single motherhood is one of the biggest stigmas imaginable for them.

I actually feel bad for Christine because she seems like quite a sweet girl. Completely ruined her life by latching onto a disgusting pedo degenerate because he acts authoritatively towards her, and then procreating with him. Bee is also pregnant with a pedophiles child who’s already made jokes about raping it if it’s a girl. These girls are just so lonely insecure and stupid, and these scrotes know it.

I wish their parents were more involved with their daughters welfare, i cant imagine their families are very loving or caring if they allow this to happen to them and to get involved with such disgusting creatures like Samuel

No. 1922429

Christine is really pretty she just has bad filler and low self esteem. She's way more attractive than Sam who doesn't even look recognizably human these days.

No. 1922434

She's not even asian like that though, she's hapa and both her parents were born in New Jersey. Its 2023, being a single mom these days isn't stigmatized the way it used to be and she'd be way better off leaving him and collecting child support than raising her daughter under the thumb of a pedophile.

No. 1922443

yea she's set. who knows this might even be her plan tbh.. get knocked up by sam and tell him its not very trad of him to have her get an abortion and leech that child support money

No. 1922444

Anyone is more attractive than Sam, nona kek. He's one of the most hideous people on earth inside and out.

No. 1922445

>being a single mom these days isn't stigmatized the way it used to be

No. 1922447

She doesnt have a 'plan' ffs. She's a depressed young girl who fell in love with an older groomer and wanted a baby. If she wanted a rich sperm donor to leech off there's plenty far more attractive and wealthy moids than Sam to do it with.

No. 1922456

Do you not understand what child support is? It's not "leeching" if she's raising his child.

No. 1922458

Isn’t that essentially what’s going on already? They’re not married or living together. He must be giving her money at least to shut her up and not post about it

No. 1922460

>If she wanted a rich sperm donor to leech off there's plenty far more attractive and wealthy moids than Sam to do it with.
She’s not really attractive or socially adept to swing a better guy

No. 1922467

The type of people saying how much they love their lives online are always most miserable

No. 1922484

She could do wayyyyy better than Sam. It’s not like there aren’t a ton of rich STEM moids with yellow fever that would absolutely love an Asian/hapa gf.

No. 1922504

Wrong. Any stem guy more attractive than Sam could do better than her

No. 1922505

File: 1698826129049.jpeg (462.23 KB, 646x946, FDECB803-8544-468E-8421-944BE5…)

She looks like she has an extra chromosome like ice spice and her personality is retarded. No idea why you think some wealthy, attractive stem guy would want her, unless you mean an asian man maybe?

No. 1922518

You sound like an incel

No. 1922526

Incels like Downs looking Asians like her(just stop)

No. 1922547

she does look downsy and her personally is so retarded cuz she has autism fr

No. 1922548

kek she looks 12

No. 1922559

just Sam's type

No. 1923450

Skinny white Silicon Valley betas would go crazy for her. Other anon is right you sound like an incel.

No. 1923478

I mean maybe if she had something going for her besides being young. They typically marry and date Asians who have done more than drop out of art school.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1923491

Men don’t give a shit about womens careers especially if they’ve got plenty of money themselves. Not sure why you’re acting like ugly geeks and incels can be choosers kek, most of them are desperate for a gf, even if they’re rich, and 90% of them have yellow fever too.

No. 1923492

Sam is probably lurking ITT and doesn’t want Christine to know that she has options…lol.

No. 1923565

File: 1699032003206.jpeg (552.91 KB, 472x2047, 435243535434.jpeg)

This is the type of behavior Christine was documenting on insta before Sam probably forced her to make her account private and started monitoring her social media like he does with Hannah. From https://sh1teamcancel.com/2021/10/31/1/

No. 1923571

Christine you’re aging and your man is talking to younger girls on instagram.(fan letter)

No. 1923589

This girl is a retard and she’s blowing up her life to bait for sympathy and attention. “Ha ha hope he doesn’t family annihilate me, anyone better want to save me? Anyone? Anyone?” It’s Darwinism at this point.

No. 1923594

She said that in a DM and those stories were posted to close friends. She’s not looking for an out, she got pregnant on purpose and thinks Sam is a prize. She will keep pumping out Sam’s mentally ill mutts.

No. 1923603

Christine turns 25 today… Here's hoping her frontal lobes are finally fully developed and she now has the foresight to leave Sam BEFORE he starts molesting her daughter…

No. 1923647

Does she have close friends who aren’t men? I doubt it. She could simp max, get an out and get child support from Sam. She could easily get full custody with a lot of money because he has so much documented degeneracy and documented assets in cars, stream receipts, and tweets bragging how much fish tank took in, plus whatever MDE2 makes. A case being taken to discovery would probably uncover so much additional payroll fraud and tax evasion, probably every car purchase is tax fraud, the documented FBI door-knock would get revisited too. He would probably be too scared to let a custody battle get to discovery for that stuff to be dug up again, so she could just say a number and he’d agree. And then would be forced to do fish tank seasons until he’s 65. It’s funny that three different women all have this same exact leverage over him. So many loose ends out there.

No. 1923658

You’re right but you’re forgetting that these girls had children with Sam on purpose and want to be with him.

No. 1923662

That hinges on Sam’s good behavior, they could mature down the road demand child support at anytime. I really think these aspiration-less women think they’re securing guaranteed allowance money for the next 18 years with the public school system doing all the work raising kids. Tedious divorced dad welfare queen griping from Sam incoming.

No. 1923663

I think you are underestimating the level of mental illness in these girls.

No. 1923669

She very clearly does not have any women looking out for her that aren’t just trad wife twitter accounts that are probably being run by men. Honestly I feel like some of you are being very harsh, just bc she fell for the trad wife meme doesn’t mean she’ll be a retarded pickme forever, like its normal to have retarded politics in your early 20s its just unfortunate that she didn’t have anyone looking out for her wellbeing. God willing she wakes up, steps into her divine feminine power and goes scorched earth on Sam for stealing her youth and making her act crazy. 2024 avenging angel arc I’m rooting for you girl.

No. 1923675

What options. She’s a single mom and her baby daddy is a weirdo who normal people don’t want to be associated with

No. 1923676

Ok but the person said she could get someone far more attractive and wealthier than Sam and that’s not true. Especially now that she’s tied to a baby

No. 1923678

It’s not like she’s 15, she’s 25. She’s not that young to where you could blame her actions on being a kid

No. 1923679

I doubt Sam will make it to 65. He already looks closer to that age than his real age

No. 1923680

>she could just say a number and he’d agree.
She could leave Sam and live off the child support. And it would not be hard for her to find someone more attractive than Sam that's an extremely low bar.

No. 1923681

She got knocked up two years ago? So she was only like 22 at the time and probably had very little life experience outside of college and the internet. So yeah she was technically an adult but not mature enough to know what she was getting into.

No. 1923690

Ok but she’s not a child. Stop acting like she is, it’s weird

No. 1923694

She honestly looks Mexican(with an extra chromosome)

No. 1923714

not mature enough? give me a break. what 22 year old is not mature enough to know what a pedophile is? she willingly got with a kid fucker who will probably end up wanting to be in the kid's life once she hits puberty. dont excuse this bitch shes just as sick. and im surprised her parents are ok and dont try to get custody of the child.

No. 1923731

File: 1699064146479.png (1.29 MB, 640x1136, 25645A6D-5288-4A1D-9E54-6B3E36…)

I’ve noticed a lot of Hapas look Mexican. Anyways who is this progeria Selena Gomez he’s grabbing?

No. 1923735

Oh never mind I guess he was doing a fan meetup I can’t imagine the smell

No. 1923743


No. 1923761

Why is it weird to point out a younger woman, not a girl, has the potential to be emotionally manipulated by an older man?

No. 1923770

What did he manipulate her into doing? Because if you’re talking about the pregnancy, she was literally plotting to get pregnant on her Instagram stories before she did. It’s not like Sam trapped her, if anything she plotted to trap him

No. 1923808

Why aren’t mods banning wk posters who are obviously Sam and his brainwashed harem?

No. 1923809

Baby trapping and child support trapping is just scrote paranoia and projection, if these girls wanted to trap someone they could do it with someone far richer, more generous and less woman hating than Sam.

No. 1923855

>sweet girl
Didnt she write a bunch of racist stuff on her hand for Sam? I remember he would get girls to write stuff like ‘I hate niggers’ on their hands over discord

No. 1923874

Never heard this claim before. He had a girl cut his name into her wrist though.

No. 1923998

yeah but she willingly got with a pedophilia. so shes just as sick and deserving of someone like sam.

No. 1924199

How do you know this? Sounds like vendetta posting. Anyways sex comes with the risk of pregnancy especially if you don't wear condoms like Sam so it's not like she took advantage of him.

No. 1924247

It’s in the screenshots. >>1923565
She literally says “I’m on my period which means I am unfortunately not pregnant yet” not pregnant yet anon. And then in the DM says she hopes he doesn’t kill her and the baby. She was trying to get pregnant behind his back. Why would she have that thought if they were planning the pregnancy?

No. 1924310

Wanting a baby isn’t an unusual thing for a young woman you know. It’s literally a completely normal biological desire

No. 1924331

wanting kids is normal, planning a pregnancy behind the other parents back is not

No. 1924383

>trying to get pregnant behind his back.
You make it sound like she was cucking him lol like he wasn't the one who got her pregnant. He should have wrapped it up, a man in his 30s should know better than to stick his raw dick in the baby crazy 22 year old he flew out to live with him if he REALLY didn't want a kid. Which I doubt, because its not like he wasn't getting other girls pregnant at the same time. He was probably triangulating Christine with Hannah and she thought a baby would make him stay (she was right).

No. 1924518

>make him stay
If by stay you mean never publicly acknowledge her or take a photo with her. Yes he stayed. I’m sure he’s sending her money and checking in because he has to, but dude is clearly a deadbeat “boyfriend” otherwise

No. 1924519

She was posting her plan to get pregnant on her Instagram stories that the loser probably never looked at. He doesn’t care about her, the whole situation is sick

No. 1924576

>Joeeyyyy is on heroin

No. 1924709

to add to this, if sam cared for her at all he wouldn't be allowing her to consume, create, and like so many braindead posts on twitter. especially after their "relationship" has been publicized.


No. 1924762

File: 1699294927294.jpeg (Spoiler Image,153.35 KB, 1284x956, FuFZyhhXoAQ2PP6.jpeg)

Lcyheelex tweeted about this and retweeted this exact image but has since deleted any tweets mentioning Sam

No. 1924795

File: 1699299984383.jpg (67.4 KB, 720x960, 23132026_10210285127540027_479…)

This pic of hannah is from her mom's facebook

No. 1924804

File: 1699300681826.png (1.75 MB, 640x1136, A3E53BCC-0771-4AAA-9030-BB052F…)

This is just really sad. I feel sorry for her being outed to the incels, they’re probably calling her a who’re. She doesn’t deserve the humiliation/harassment along with seeing his infected chode in the woods.Do you guys think he’s killed anyone? Wouldn’t be surprised if he did, I know he encouraged some loser he worked with to kermit

He posted pills on his story and his raps are about lean and other drugs and he’s a fat retard so..
https://www.reddit.com/r/joeyy/s/RGG29BQiu7(this isn't milk. sage it)

No. 1924808

@Lycheelex I mean

No. 1924889

pics or it didn't happen foid(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1924899

Go back

No. 1924917

this fat retard has his own subreddit? can't say I'm surprised, but my hatred for zoomers has grown to the point that it gives me energy

No. 1924989

hes basically more famous than sam hyde now… hes the new bladee… all the nyc drainer girls love him

No. 1925002

File: 1699337701703.jpg (207.08 KB, 1500x1876, _DSC0784.jpg)

Photos of Hannah modeling Pratt fashion student work http://www.isabelhall.com/lookbook-fw17

No. 1925007

File: 1699338465854.jpg (268.58 KB, 866x1084, 87667345897797.jpg)

No. 1925034

File: 1699343094324.jpg (68.73 KB, 675x900, 2017Prattonia_0073.jpg)

No. 1925076

Her face is kind of derpy(unsaged nitpicking)

No. 1925130

>an extra chromosome like ice spice

Kek I've never noticed the autistic phenotype observed in her before. Everyone's always so focused on her hair.

No. 1925179

No they don’t, only other fat addicts like that turd. Everyone else is laughing, he’s like soundcloud jellyroll

No. 1925181

she is prettier and seems to have better genes than christine at least

No. 1925240

She doesn’t seem like his type? I thought he only liked women who are like 4’10” because they remind him of children not tall modelesque types.

No. 1925366

I think Sam Hyde fucks anything he can get his clammy ham hocks on, tbh.

No. 1925668

Is this nick guy legit? Something doesn’t add up to the claim that he’s flipped several houses before or knows anything about houses. According to that breakdown video, nick was a depressed car salesman after the show right? Before that, it was known that he was selling cars with sam to make ends meet prior to the AS show. After the show got cancelled he got an antique store we know didn’t do well so where did he find the time to learn about homes and flipping?

I got nothing against him, but I just found it weird. His so called house streams are just him shit talking furniture and gardening. Never heard him criticize a home for its structure etc

No. 1925707

I have no idea, but you might be onto something. Using approximate knowledge to get money from zoomer kids is totally doable as long as you manage to keep it a interesting or slightly funny for them.

No. 1925810

He’s probably not an expert but he helped build the house he currently lives in with his family. I think he knows some stuff

No. 1926062

His brother is a realtor, and the majority of his immediate family are at least tangentially related to that field. I'm guessing he's picked up most of his knowledge through osmosis and hands-on work with them? Car sales are his primary source of income, the antiques stuff is a kinda side hustle. I guess borderline austistic research in his spare time would explain his acumen with antiques.

No. 1926088

She was with Jet after this too


No. 1926091

she dated jet?

No. 1926136

>there are two types of white men: white men over 25 and white men under 25

incredible azealia wisdoms

No. 1926313

File: 1699586868292.jpeg (283.59 KB, 1284x1012, IMG_9770.jpeg)


No. 1926645

there's literally videos of him smoking joints/blunts etc, he seems to smoke a lot more tobacco than pot but you are insane if you think he's stone cold sober kek


No. 1926682

File: 1699662461257.png (1.56 MB, 1324x810, 65467790778567.png)

Spot the baby bib + stroller in the background.

No. 1926707

I hate all these horrorcows(hide the thread)

No. 1926900

Getting all those pay pigs to finance his degenerate lifestyle is next level comedy to me. People are paying him 50$ for useless life advice. He is just like the normal twitch streamer at this point but for very special boys. Those fucks will get so much more clout next year and I am waiting for all the scandals that show up. Will not be surprised by any pedo shit coming up with all of them. Everyone surrounding this fat jewish trustfund baby is just so creepy to me. Why is everyone on the internet a creep pedo?

No. 1927491

Imagine how hideous this mutted child is

No. 1927508

Question: Does Sam and his cadre get all these stupid bitches from RISD or am I missing something here

No. 1927609


No. 1928245

Lol she privated her twitter now, i wonder did she realize how embarrassing these posts about being so happy and running away to have a kid with a tranny fucker pedo are, or did sammy make her private it

No. 1928248

Sam and his goons monitor all social media in order to protect his new brand. He is planning his mainstream return after world peace 2 which is carefully catered to create media attention. They are reading every word typed about him on the internet it is really sickening. Well at least we can count on him to fuck up again because he cannot control his roided out brain.

No. 1928300

wouldn't be surprised. Sam has been sperging about how having kids is important and how bad "antinatalism propaganda" is with no indication or mention of him having children of his own.

I'm under the assumption that Sam is probably real schizo about it and knows that if more people knew about the babymama situation that his "credibility" as a self-proclaimed dogshit life advice guru would take a hit and they'd harass the shit out of those girls and the kids.

him wanting privacy is pretty normal and expected, but it's also probably a convenient reason to also cover up the fact that he's just a mentally unstable tard who can't fathom the idea of acting his age and committing to a family and a wife like Charls and Nick have.

No. 1928354

It’s hard to stomach his recent content knowing he had some chick stashed away hidden while pregnant and now with a kid. He really must have had his zoomer workforce on some crazy ndas andcontract along with charls and nick. Also, fuck those two, especially bitch ass nick. It’s not only weird that they’re ok with this shit because of money, but also a fucking disgrace alcoholic pos.

What are the chances that hell introduce the child and the hapa on stream, can’t keep a child and partner hidden forever can he

No. 1928362

>What are the chances that hell introduce the child and the hapa on stream, can’t keep a child and partner hidden forever can he
0% chance. He’s hiding his live in girlfriend and kid too, he will never acknowledge any of them. Sam has always kept multiple girlfriends this is nothing new. I remember him mentioning somewhere he cheated on girls in hs.

No. 1928411

>we know didn’t do well
did I miss something? as far as I was aware it’s still open/trading, pretty well known locally and all his merch for it sold out. he’d advertise polish movie posters or whatever on insta and they’d all sell out fast. I’d say his stream and involvement with Sam et al isn’t because he needs the money, just purely to get back in the game as a comedian/internet celeb.

No. 1928462

I'll freely admit to liking a handful of early MDE sketches (primarily sketches with a focus on Nick and Charls) but nu-MDE/Sam is just irredeemable. WP1 was lacklustre, but season 2 is going to be a fucking shit-show. The pandering to their newly cultivated gen z fan base has been embarrassment after embarrassment.

And what the fuck even is Fishtank, are zoomers so retarded and myopic that they have no knowledge of Big Brother and similar reality shows?

No. 1928608

File: 1700008013194.png (57.76 KB, 560x460, mde stream Nov 2023.png)

Is this her? It's from a new MDE stream. The title is Sam Hyde's HONEST Opinion of ENGLAND! (With New Girl)
>(With New Girl)
I just started the video. I'll listen to it and see if anything milky is mentioned.

No. 1928611

>barely over a minute into the clip
>sam screams "TALK!" into the woman's face

No. 1928634

it's obviously not his baby mama. just another 4/10 asian girl. all that these scrotes can pull. i guess they are using her for clickbait like a new josie

No. 1928772

File: 1700042599350.jpeg (202.65 KB, 621x366, 0B090A4D-434E-463D-942D-6F7668…)

Are we sure? It looks like her to me. angles and lighting changes a face. The green hair dye could be temp. Maybe she was bugging Sam to be on vid?

No. 1928787

@korpse.viv different girl. sam would never show his baby mamas

No. 1928799

I was a fan of MDE back in the day but after the falling out with Charls and Sam hiring/associating with zoomer faggots like Jet Ineptitude and the rest of his gen z pandering cohort and their unfunny shit wigger content, it's never gonna replicate what it once was.

No. 1928827

They’ve all gotten so fat and old looking too. It will only add to the shittiness

No. 1928870

u know her twitter? she has no mutuals with them on ig

No. 1928911

File: 1700069537063.jpg (140.4 KB, 640x640, IMG_0798.JPG)

No. 1928941

>the "he can't keep getting away with it" meme is diabolical in its evil
It's also stolen from a Breaking Bad episode. Think about that: the most memorable meme about Sam Hyde isn't even from any of his stuff lol

No. 1928943

people need to leave this poor retard alone so she can finally get some help

No. 1928953

you're right, no matter how badly you triggered the (obese) mod lel(racebaiting and not even saged)

No. 1928955

why would you admit to ever being a fan of those subhumans??

No. 1928958

>barely legal

No. 1928960

nothing wrong with her snatch, moid
keep seething about your baby dick tho lol(sage + retarded infighting)

No. 1929057

Sam hyde is literally promoting an OF fans whore on his stream right now. Is this fresh and fit?? is sam this desperate for money right now? He's acting like hes broke and trying anything fo ra buck LOL.
The best thing is this girl is like a 4/10. Has a FREE OF. has 100k bought followers on social media with only 120 photo likes.
Sam is desperate because everyone else who works in media his age has way more money than him and he's sitting in providence(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929071

Anon, tbh it seems like you just lowkey hate Asian and black women. They shouldn't be hated more than the average pickme. All pickmes are obnoxious and work actively against feminism. This comment is so annoying it reeks of pickme on pickme violence.

No. 1929081

not only that but they eventually get into a subtle argument about an hour and a half in over sam saying some lowkey misogynistic shit and it gets so fucking awkward… sam can't even look her in the eye when she begins to press him and immediately after he leans into hating on david goggins & making jokes about jews, just so revealing where the truth of his bitterness comes from

No. 1929086

File: 1700088205566.gif (1.71 MB, 498x386, cat-computer.gif)

Okay, this thread is borderline unreadable. What the hell, its all racebait and I'm 99% sure this thread is mostly moids and vendetta posters. Nobody is actually posting milk. It's just women pathetically comparing themselves and weirdly coping about race mixing. "Th-They just fuck asian girls because they can't have an aryan, pure white cowgirl like m-myself". This is like exactly what neckbeards say whenever they see a black man and a white woman who are married. It's cringe. Asian women are pretty, white women are pretty, all races have pretty women, Sam Hyde is a disgusting uggo. This thread started so strong, it doesn't even feel like a lolcow thread because it's so completely outsider infested. Literally disgusting. There's red text on every other fucking text box. This is why we can never have threads about male cows that stay on topic, because stupid pickmes come in and start lowkey fighting over the cow like retards, especially when its a "4chan boi" type cow. Get a body pillow or something, get laid, stop embarrassing yourselves.

No. 1929107

ptsd flashbacks of nck mllen mentions in leftcows tbh

No. 1929133

she's white though? im talking about the stream today

No. 1929135

She’s right tho. Self hating ethnic women are always there to pick up pedo and sex offender moids that even white women refuse to fuck with. Self hating ethnic women are the biggest enablers of pedo scrotes like Sam.

No. 1929136

Or moids like Peter Scully.

No. 1929147

White women also fuck with these disgusting moids, and even go as far as fighting over them. There isn't like a statistic chart for this but there are quite a few discord/4chan girls who are white and date these groomer ass losers. Hell, I have KNOWN a few. Including white women dating or married to TIMs. This isn't an issue that requires petty racism, it's an issue of grooming and female socialization when it comes to the online space. It's gross and terrible and saying "Pedos are asian women's fault" like white women NEVER fuck with these guys is just you wanting to scapegoat ethnic women instead of actually looking at the problem head on. Lots of white women were cosplaying Shadbase art back in the day and using the word "Loli" to describe themselves or even IRL kids. Get a grip, pickmes are universal and they are all a disgusting plague. They besmirch our beautiful gender.(still derailing)

No. 1929157

Asian women pander to pedos more than any other race, it’s not even close. Most whites women prefer looking strong and healthy. Black and Latina women prefer being curvy and thicc. Asian women on the other hand try to look like kids and starve themselves until they weigh 35kg. Their mainstream beauty standards are about getting surgery and trying to look like 8 year old girls and it’s creepy, they even make tutorials on how to get a ‘loli body’ or how to get a baby face with ridiculously giant contact lens eyes and non existent jaws and dress in cutesy little girl clothes. It’s not just one or two of them either it’s literally their entire culture who are obsessed with trying to pass as pedobait. It’s gross.(racebait)

No. 1929159

Explains why pedos like Sam love Asians so much.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929169

>4/10 onlyfans girl
Some gross girl he fucked that he owes a favor(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929171

>lowkey misogynistic
It’s because he’s fucking gay and wants to be a woman. It’s so obvious where it stems from

No. 1929173

No one cares. take your gay lib shit somewhere else(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929174

Exactly. Japan literally has child sex dolls and the women are fine with it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929181

kek he's literally turned himself into the ugliest scrotiest moid, like ballsweat incarnate, he doesn't want to be a woman. he's just a traditional normie misogynist, who hates women because of latent mommy issues and an inferiority complex. That being said he does fuck trannies, so he is gay anyway. but that isn't why he hates women.

No. 1929186

He was happier when he was younger and more cute looking now he’s miserable

No. 1929207

Bitch, you are on lolcow farms, go somewhere else, disgusting pickme. Bring actual milk to this thread instead of retard infighting.("lolcow farms")

No. 1929215

>The average working class Japanese women vs consoomer multi millionaire elites.
>"Erm women are allowing this to happen!"(report, don't respond)

No. 1929233

i wonder why the birth rate is falling so hard over there and japanese women refuse to marry and date their moids. could it be because they're fine with total degeneracy and child sex dolls?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929237

He created all his own problems. If he was a twinky libtard with a respectable industry job he’d have a fat Roth IRA and would be bouldering with on the weekends with his East Asian wife.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929275

You’re literally infighting by saying this(stop infighting, report instead of responding)

No. 1929278

Most Japanese are fine with their men cheating with prostitutes. They’re all pathetic. Stop giving them so much credit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929331

did he not just get face fucked by the tranny and the tranny said 3 seconds of his dick inside of her should not be called fucking?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929387

That tranny isn’t a “her” and I don’t see how it matters whether he was doing the fucking or getting fucked by it since he’s gay either way(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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