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File: 1700120131566.jpeg (187.59 KB, 900x986, IMG_1631.jpeg)

No. 1929301

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

TIFs are girls and women who take on the 'trans' label to any extent, including undergoing ("gender-affirming") surgery under that label.

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming TIFs or larping biological males through the screen (classic move). Fakebois usually style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.**

Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1929328

Don't fall for bait.

No. 1929481

File: 1700149556175.png (808.05 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_4738.png)

No. 1929494

What's an "inner protector" and why would it lash out at the kid? She's insane, getting your 6 year old into therapy because you're mentally ill kek

No. 1929496

File: 1700151363706.jpg (157.82 KB, 957x1300, depressed-drunk-hispanic-man-g…)

TRAs: Kids know about gender stuff more than any bigoted asshole, that's why you should support their transition before their teens.

This kid at 6: Cannot understand why her mommy is destroying her body like that and wish she could return to be her mommy.

I don't like to call this kid "based", but this is a big proof that no, most of TRAs didn't know they were trans at such age. And is quite depressing how he's witnessing how her mother is changing without understanding why, even if you try to say the "I'm a man in a woman's body" bullcrap.

No. 1929497

File: 1700151599435.png (17.19 KB, 936x139, How to explain transition to k…)

This kid seems like he's grieving he's losing his mother for another person but HER feelings are more important. What a selfish prick.

No. 1929498

I think “inner protector” means she has an imaginary friend that “protects” her from “traumatic” things. Like a Dissociative Identity Disorder thing that people are LARPing nowadays.
Trannies shouldn’t reproduce at all, like what’s the point?

No. 1929499

I'm sorry to blog, ban me
my childhood best friend trooned out awhile ago and we lost touch because I wasn't brave enough to tell her not to and she just kept going; I saw her for the first time in 8 years the other day and she showed me her arm and cheek meat pee tube hotdog nightmare and deadass, I just wanna die now
she peed one time and had to go back to the bathroom to ring out her soggy paper towel tube swissroll four times within the hour
what did they do with her clit? Is it like in there? Did they throw it away? She's so, so, so scarred and chewed up, she looks like this plane crash survivor I saw on somethingawful a million years ago
that's all sorry, ban and kms tbh

No. 1929511

why do these selfish assholes always have to have kids

No. 1929517

I have so many questions. Are you saying your friend that you haven't seen in 8 years showed you her frankencock immediately after getting back in touch? Or did you just see her arm? Was this meeting in-person?

No. 1929524

Assuming this isn't just made up, why the fuck did she do that? Was this something you two talked about beforehand?

No. 1929557

It should be illegal to troon out if you are parenting underage kids. It's so selfish to expect your child, who has no escape from you or a voice of their own, to go along with your delusional changes. The fact that she victimizes herself against a 6 year old is so disturbing.

We need a law like in Japan, if you want to troon, you can't be a parent.

No. 1929566

>We need a law like in Japan, if you want to troon, you can't be a parent.

Sorry, anon, but I'm quite sure that Japan surrender by Western views and remove the sterilization for the sex change. Which is kinda sad because people like that woman shows that kids do deserve parents fit to raise them and love them, and she's not one of them.

No. 1929574

File: 1700157645621.png (133.27 KB, 1087x689, 9vahf.png)

Her post history is not painting a picture of a stable human being.(she's a Long COVID truther)

No. 1929581

I don't understand why someone would show you their mutilated arm travesty after 8 years of not talking but gendies are clearly too special for boundaries. And what the fuck, the frankendick kept leaking pee so badly she had to take care of it four times in an hour? Did you tell her to tie a knot in it? It kinda sounds like the urethra or something around it got fucked up and her bladder keeps leaking. God these people are insane.

No. 1929585

is long covid not a thing? I personally haven’t gotten it, but I know people lost their sense of taste + smell for months…

No. 1929591

nta but it is a real thing, it's just that it's a new illness that's hard to diagnose so munchies love saying they have it.

No. 1929592

What a profoundly cruel thing to do to an autistic child. One of the first things they teach you about autistic kids is that they value consistency and struggle with change. So fucking selfish, oh my god. And now she's pathologizing a normal autistic behavior and sending him to a therapist to be indoctrinated with gender woo. Horseshit.

No. 1929605

Losing sense of smell or taste are things that can happen after covid, but pretty much everyone who says they're "disabled" because long covid gave them "chronic exhaustion" and they're in pain but very vaguely is just making shit up.

No. 1929639

sageblog but this. I have known autistic people who find quick changes are a big struggle like the quarantine back in the '20s, a kid that cannot understand why is frustrating to not read at the same rate than other kids shouldn't have to understand why mommy is destroying her body or using "boy medicine" (the fuck?) to change her voice.

No. 1929654

Many illnesses can have lingering effects, but I think it's hard to know if long COVID is legit because it's mostly self-reporting by lots of mentally unwell people. It's become an identity that hypochondriacs and neurotics can claim. I don't doubt that people actually have it, just that some of those claiming to have it and making it part of their persona (esp online) have other motives and may be faking it.

No. 1929682

Honestly considering his age and her imaginary multiple personalities, I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't just diagnosed him herself for extra oppression points, or perhaps to explain why her child wouldn't be all in on his only parent trooning out.

Sad af.

No. 1929687

File: 1700173422443.jpg (528.92 KB, 1383x2048, meandmyimaginaryfriends.jpg)

I didn't saw the DID thing. I bet she's acting like United States of Tara or Split.

No. 1929716

>pic i made is the threadpic
lol i am so honored, hope i made some people laugh, and thanks for the other suggestions

No. 1929741

I agree. The other nonas say that autistic children struggle with change, but I don't think the kid's reaction signals autism kek. I guess there exist some kids that just don't give a shit if their mother says she's gonna turn into a boy, but most 6 year olds would probably react like her son. Fucking cruel in any case. She's probably told him that she's taking boy medicine and that soon her voice will lower and she'll grow facial hair etc, and the kid is fucking 6 so he got worried when he heard she had a different voice after she caught the flu

No. 1929768

bare with me, i myself am an autist,
when I was five, my dad shaved his beard and mustache for the first time in my life without warning me he was going to first, and my intro to his new face was, I rounded a corner and was startled by what my brain was trying to process as like a mandela catalogue imposter version of my dad lol, and I went nonverbal for a year due to the fright
this poor little bastard is never gonna recover from all that(Blog)

No. 1929773

Single parent as well, so the kid doesnt have a second parent to turn to about why his "mummy is going away" depressing af

No. 1929781

If the OP's country version of child protective services do not act first.

No. 1929789

File: 1700186993288.jpeg (410.86 KB, 828x1631, IMG_3936.jpeg)

A local he/they. Literally just looks like a woman with PCOS

No. 1929793

I STG at this point, images of the Dylan abomination give me a flight or fight reaction.

No. 1929794

Post viral fatigue is absolutely a thing and has been known about for decades, it just got given a zeitgeisty name for cases induced by covid. Most cases are triggered by things like mono or the flu.

No. 1929829

This just made me sad. Troons should never be allowed to have children, or even be around them, their fucking delusions suck the life out of everyone and everything near them. The fact that she's a single mom makes this even worse, her poor kid doesn't seem to have anyone else to rely on and the only parent of his is apparently taking the 'boy medicine' to change herself in ways he can't even comprehend. Despite being a mere observer, I can already see how dead-inside and uncanny tifs can look after T and surgeries (honestly they kind of look like homeless druggies), I can't imagine how it'll be like for a child to see that personally one day.

No. 1929835

off topic, but how did your parents deal with you after that?
poor kid, he's going to be traumatized
mentally unstable mothers always mess up their son's life

No. 1929844

*Mentally ill parents ruin their children's lives.

No. 1929924

Omg is her neck COVERED in hair in that first pic?? Literal neck beard, ew.
He's watching his mother vanish before his eyes. He's gunna have serious attachment/abandonment issues, poor thing.

No. 1929940


Imagine being 6 when your mom's voice all of sudden changes into that of a man's. It's nightmare fuel.(reddit spacing, lack of sage)

No. 1929942

Imagine getting woken up by a frog voice every day

No. 1929948

Fingers crossed, but what can they do? This somehow isn't considered self-harm, so it certainly must not be considered harmful to others, somehow
Not much to deal with, I was a pointer not a screamer lol
They were very sad though, I feel guilty about that

No. 1929982

sage for ot but you shouldnt feel guilty, you were a child.

No. 1929996

I think it is something about motherhood and it's protective instincts, and her feeling like a "protector" of her child makes her believe she's a male or whatever (because of the men being protectors meme)

No. 1930055

File: 1700244365784.png (211.25 KB, 713x605, sTCTazE.png)

I wonder what she would think about cases of mothers gaining moments of strength to save their children from immediate harm by lifting cars or managing to survive collapsed buildings or fight off wild animals.

No. 1930060

dylan looks so haggard, i couldn't imagine living life normally after ruining my face and body like this.

i wonder why the kid's dad is not in the picture? poor kid, he must feel trapped seeing his sole caretaker damage herself due to mental illness and delusion.

No. 1930063

A gay man and a woman who looks like she's still in highschool. TiMs and TiFs should never pose together, it breaks ths illusion instantly. I wonder if trans people pretend other trans people pass like the rest of us, or have they actually become delusional.

No. 1930108

File: 1700250597820.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 308.15 KB, 750x1076, 91434C98-332B-43C7-97A5-27ADEA…)

I feel like this TIF artist just wants to make this character a full-on woman already but knows she will loose followers if she does. The character uses he/him pronouns.

No. 1930111

Samefag if people are not aware of this artist, the whole appeal of her art was her trooned out Jojo characters. This was originally Kakyoin.

No. 1930129

So she's drawing OCs but slapping jojo character names on for more engagement atp?

No. 1930160

File: 1700256555534.jpg (69.23 KB, 642x823, 45454.JPG)

Its odd to becuase both of these characters are FTM, weird disparity.

No. 1930163

I hate gendies that do shit like this, because it feels like they're trying to trick people into implying things that are easier to argue against than "woman = adult human female" or "gender is a regressive sexist social construct", like "woman = feminine", even though that's not the actual problem most people have with them. People take issue with "GNC trans people" (aka gender-conforming people with pronouns in bio) because they're adamant that gender is extremely important to the point that people will kill themselves if it's not prioritized over biological sex, but they can't even provide an incorrect definition of what a "woman" or a "man" are, at least without making it cyclical in the way of "a woman is anyone who identifies as a woman".
"Women are feminine people" would be incorrect, regressive, and misogynistic, but it would at least be comprehensible and explain why someone would think that a man could become a woman or vice versa. Problem being, this kind of gendie doesn't even have that perspective, so they're arguing that "gender" is simultaneously all-important and completely meaningless. It would be like if someone said "God and Hell don't exist, but we should follow every doctrine of Christianity regardless, because people will kill themselves if we don't".

No. 1930171

File: 1700258043056.jpeg (292.51 KB, 1170x1443, IMG_6009.jpeg)

Nah, I think the artist is also a low effort TIF so the way that she draws this character as a literal effeminate girl “but he’s totally a man he/him hehe!!” is a reflection of herself. Picrel is the character’s reference sheet. Slight blog but I’ve been aware of her art for a while and was waiting for the day she decided to stop calling these characters Jotaro and Kakyoin kek. I also can’t believe she wants her audience to believe they’re both TIFs

No. 1930178

How is this even Kakyoin? It's not even the appearance that has been completely changed but the name and nationality too. At least when people racebend anime characters they still look like the character somewhat (most of the time just changing the skin colour). This is literally someone making an OC and leeching popularity over an existing series

No. 1930180

AYRT, she drew the characters in a very similar stylized manner and called them Jotaro and Kakyoin despite looking nothing like them for months (maybe years?). Very recently she decided to “reboot” them into OCs. All she really changed was the names, but I think it’s better than still trying to insist they’re her beloved yaoiboys KEK(sage your shit)

No. 1930189

at some point I think she will make the boyfriend a cis male

No. 1930210

I wouldn't be surprised if she and her followers already see budget Jotaro as a male but just say it's a TIF for woke purposes. It's like how people in fandom talk about T4T being so great but when you look at the actual content/fics they consume it's always cis x trans.

No. 1930212

5’2 lmao

No. 1930231

>Age: 18
And yet she draws her like this >>1930108

No. 1930244

most likely the sperm donor walked out when she decided to medically transition. Tumblr is absolutely chock-full of cases like this.

No. 1930254

Tbh I believe the impression that Dylan isn't actually taking anything, he's just had the FFS. He's not done anything that would really move him that far away from looking male, it's a grift.
Many such cases of artists fandom-famous entirely for trooning out male characters. Nauseating tbh, I have to deal with a fandom where it's mass delirium/headcanon for one character (and often many more).

No. 1930282

>Mexican American
>dislikes peppers

No. 1930290

File: 1700273980726.mp4 (4.86 MB, that escalated quickly.mp4)

No. 1930293

File: 1700275129838.png (11.81 KB, 96x96, ALKJSHFKSAJDHFGKJ.png)

LMFAAAAAOOOOOOO(non-contribution reactionpost)

No. 1930297

KEK the writers must have wasted a whole field of grain stems to make that strawman.

No. 1930301

I can't tell if this was genuinely made or a parody lmfao

No. 1930314

The ending got me cackling like a witch, she's so based for this.

No. 1930324

File: 1700280923681.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1290x1928, A2A4B11C-9005-4FD0-8C12-A98A39…)

Another buzzfeed chick trooned out, makes me so sad

No. 1930332

>thirst trap
>trap joke

No. 1930333

File: 1700283962348.jpeg (37.07 KB, 770x402, 67BFF2C3-3C50-4FD0-A300-4A22D7…)

had to look up who she was because I didn’t recognize the name and noooooo rip. I always liked her videos back in the day. didn’t realize she was so mentally ill

No. 1930337


No. 1930345

have you noticed that they seem to often make the bigoted transphobes black women in these kind of things

No. 1930358

It’s because if the transphobe was a blonde white woman she’d just be dismissed as an evil karen who can never be redeemed. If the bigoted transphobe is a black woman then she can be represented as simply misinformed and someone in hope of an eventual pro tranny redemption arc.

No. 1930362

whattt no way holy shit this one is kind of insane tbh kek

No. 1930363

NTAYRT but have you ever seen these characters get ex-TERF "redemption" arcs? I'm genuinely asking because I don't watch trash TV, and from everything I've seen TRAs think women can never be "redeemed" if they ever said or did anything "TERFy".

No. 1930364


No. 1930365

Who are the other buzzfeed chicks that trooned out? I haven’t followed buzzfeed stuff in years.(learn to sage)

No. 1930369

File: 1700291376322.mp4 (401.89 KB, 480x252, based.mp4)

this is amazing, i clipped the end kek

No. 1930371

This video gave me an ab workout, wtf was up with that camera zoom

No. 1930373

It’s funny because they can be some of the biggest social justice warriors out there. This is not the first time I’ve seen this example but I feel like it might become more common as the decade continues. It’s like they have the certain expectation that a black woman is going to go along with whatever political nonsense they have and the second she has any criticism the leftists jump her

No. 1930380

File: 1700293675053.jpeg (36.39 KB, 375x478, IMG_9444.jpeg)

sage for nonmilk but this is so unbelievably unfunny. especially enforcing the he/him on Allison. troons automatically enforce the transition on someone. Allison isn’t even gnc, she’s just plain. Of course they’ll project themselves on someone who lies about sleeping with their shrink.

No. 1930383

They tried to make her look ridiculous by making her get mad and stutter and say "but you can't just do that!!!" but she was based for telling her to 41% idc

No. 1930385

she didn't even act like a man lmfao? i thought the autists claimed her weird ass for the squeaking and sugar sandwich.

tifs literally just grew up awkward and full of self hatred and used a change of gender as an escape from themselves. it's not even about feeling like a man. more than half of it is just self mutilation. like, no. this awkward high school teenage girl wouldn't want to self harm through T, bitch. she'd probably be really into a yaoi graphic novel though.

No. 1930394

File: 1700297658000.gif (1.59 MB, 480x252, kys tranny.gif)

made a gif

No. 1930396

Being plain is gnc, you mean she isn't exactly a tomboy

No. 1930398

>TIMs must be gay/soft/have similar traits to women, relative to other men
>TIFs can just be a nerdy/plain/gnc or just any aesthetic that is not hyperfemininity/bimbo/lolita/gothgirl
Its so fucking telling

No. 1930409

AYRT, i posted about gabby a couple threads back and iirc theres another buzzfeed chick who came out but i only know about these two, aside from the tim married to Kristin. She has the WORST t voice by far, clearly vocally dysfunctional with the rasp and probably volume issues as well. Gabby is also bipolar so I’m sure t is not helping either.

No. 1930412

Holy shit that voice

No. 1930417

This is so jarring. I hadn't seen them since the old days.

No. 1930424

That voice sounds painful af. Also, she's got a fucked up voice, she's got a moustache, what does she mean it hasn't done anything? It's not gunna make you hot, girl.

No. 1930434

official TERF queen

No. 1930440

who's the actress? she's hot in weirdo way

No. 1930443

This is what actually happens though:
>be woman trying to make some money selling different properties for a company
>oh nice! A couple wants their first apartment! A bit young but whatevs
>see short girl with short hair, lots of acne and patchy facial hair with a regular height girl with long hair
>weird but okay.gif
>give them a tour around the house
>explain everything about the place
>the tour ends
>the strange couple talks
>one of the girls has a very weird voice
>”so I’m trans”
>…I’m sorry what?
>”yeah! He’s trans and his pwonouns are xe/it uwu”
>oh, okay…
>be not trained for this shit
>”and we want to know if me and xe can get a discount because it is living in a very abusive home where xe isn’t allowed to be trans and it is very distressed about it! So xe and I want to move in here as quickly as possible”
>I’m sorry young lady, we can’t give discounts for these properties because they’re new
>”but I’m literally dying because my aboosive parents won’t let their catgender offspring shit on a litter box and won’t refer to me using my pwefewed pwonouns!!!!!!!”
>It’s a company policy, I’m sorry, but I can give you some other less expensive options if that’s okay
>”no!!! We literally need to move out of it’s house now!!!!”
>please leave
>door closes behind the strange couple
>order coffee, some donuts and go back to the office

No. 1930447

would've been more based if he was black man and he assaulted these girls instead(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1930452

In the first pic how does she have such a shaggy neck beard but not a beard on her chin and a thicker mustache? That's such unfortunate genetics (or ugly shaving)

No. 1930464

File: 1700319493914.png (606.98 KB, 772x405, Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 14-59…)

Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club. Her character is 'the weirdo', so.

No. 1930470

Where is this from?

No. 1930489

File: 1700324845874.jpeg (927.88 KB, 1170x1991, ED542C70-44C4-46B7-97BC-A1DC64…)

Looks like she lost her dad at the beginning of 2021. I think the trauma from that might have triggered the troon out. That’s sad.

No. 1930501

The scientific precision with which this person has managed to piss me off specifically. She was perfect as she was! I was always annoyed by the makeover they gave her in the movie, but that doesn't mean it's better to go in the opposite extreme. Just let women be geeky and gothic jfc.

No. 1930531

>Your little girl forever and always
Well that line aged terribly.

No. 1930533

except allison was happy at the end, sorry you're mad she bagged the adorable soft jock tiffany

No. 1930537

while I don't approve of refusing to sell housing to a lesbian couple, the slow zoom before she tells them to off themselves is hilarious

No. 1930543

I thought she was referring to trapezoid muscles

No. 1930552

They’re insane. Let weird girls be weird.

No. 1930570

File: 1700338299756.jpg (1.07 MB, 2048x1536, 1700337765042.jpg)

Kek I love how even a strawman managed to be more based than any of the troons in existence. I know it's way too early but I kind of want her as the next threadpic, unless something even better shows up later.

No. 1930576

No. 1930579


Not sure where it originated but there are some longer edits of this on tiktok


No. 1930588

File: 1700342886837.jpg (337.18 KB, 593x742, tit loss.jpg)

kek your pic made me think of this so i had to

in this scenario, our new queen has just been informed that a woman got the chop, and has come to remedy the situation

No. 1930589

allison is the girl in the film, i feel that the tif who posted the image is probably mad that allison got with a nice cute guy at the end of the movie. "saved her" from what??

No. 1930594

It's from this. As far as I can make out, it's a troll channel parodying dhar mann.

No. 1930606

Most TIFs are straight these days. She probably projects onto her and also wants a "soft jock bf". That being said, I bet she meant "saved from that atrocious makeover", since the average TIF thinks the only way women can escape from the expectation of hyperfemininity is to troon out. She should have gotten a happy ending while still being a weird alt girl tbh.

No. 1930607

>Black Karen
"Karen" really is just the PC way of saying "bitch" now, isn't it?

No. 1930612

Comedy gold, I feel that’s exactly like tifs imagine people reacting to their hehim, oh the trans genocide. But in reality there could be doubts if the id is real, because a person doesn’t look like photo (which is a valid complaint)
Also I think there is a genre of “Karen” karma punishment videos - wet dreams for misogynists to jerk off to. So making shit like this is double hilarious - how very progressive of them!

No. 1930615

Lmao real-estate terf queen riiiise

No. 1930620

There definitely is that kind of genre, it's the sister genre to the . It's male made jerk off material to help cope with their degeneracy, they need to see mummy punished for telling him what to do/those uppity bitches for not letting him be a total selfish, soulless degenerate, and Stacy punished for rejecting him.

No. 1930621

*sister to the thots punished genre

No. 1930622

All they've accomplished is giving me a good laugh. It's so unrealistic, it has to be a parody. Genuinely love all the "nooo, don't be mean to tranny" videos, like the bathroom hero one. It's just funny to watch and spawned one of lc's best gifs of all time.

No. 1930625

Yep, absolutely. Interesting how so many specific terms eventually all devolve into the new word for bitch/cunt/woman I disagree with, innit.

No. 1930636

Woke translation cheatsheet:
Bitch who's closer to mom's age than the speaker
Bitch who's speaker's age (similar to Stacey) and hotter
Bitch who doesn't put men's feelings above everything else
>cishet, cissie
Bitch who's more normal than the speaker and possibly hotter (I see theybies use this of their more popular peers a lot)

No. 1930638

Also interesting how there are no similar terms for moids. Karen & terf only apply to women. Troon activism also focuses on fighting terfs, not the moids who actually genuinely do beat up and murder troon prostitutes etc. Even though those moids are where the troon death rates come from other than suicide

No. 1930650

Wondering if anyone remembered her from tumblr but supecrop (ashley) aka redkrypto's ex fiancee trooned out after being notoriously active in crypto/radfem spaces - someone found her posting in ftm passing subreddits then she deleted all her posts when people found out

No. 1930656

File: 1700355265494.jpg (43.46 KB, 911x181, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1930657

KEKKK she plays clash of clans in her post history, absolutely robot soulless husk behavior. She couldn't have used a fucking burner account? Jesus christ.

No. 1930658

her and Hayley were always an annoying couple imo and the fact that she fell off that badly and trooned out after their breakup is hilarious. Last person I was expecting to given she was always a radfem.

her ftm throwaway account where she posted in that sub is actually u/thr0w4w4ae, the posts are deleted after someone commented on one of her posts recognizing her and she deleted them all

No. 1930660

File: 1700356170307.jpeg (342.61 KB, 750x858, 0D2DC803-DA08-4C64-827E-43D7CE…)

some reddit scraping site saved her pics but yeah

No. 1930666

File: 1700357209731.jpg (36.4 KB, 953x171, Untitled.jpg)

the posts themselves are deleted, but the replies are still there

I wonder if the person who recognised her was another transphobic ftm kek

No. 1930667

i’d be so mortified. can’t tell if her or her ex’s behavior is worse - hayley enlisted in the military

No. 1930669


wow I remember them and this is so sad to see. how can she do this when she’s already aware of how delusional gender shit is?? probably knows she’s a fraud or she wouldn’t be looking for a hug box to tell her ooohhhh yes king you’re so passing

No. 1930671

right? I used to follow both her and hayley on tumblr and they were 100% aware of the bullshit and ran in radfem circles, even if neither outwardly posted about it. How do you end up transitioning after all that.

No. 1930672

must have been a hell of a break up but she’ll definitely detransition at some point, she can’t live in denial like that forever

Still sucks to see another dyke fall for this shit though

No. 1930673

how do you handle the cognitive dissonance of having been anti-trans and openly in the radfem lesbian community even making friends then transition lmao?? her reddit comments say that she’s not out as trans and to be fair she doesn’t have pronouns in any of her socials. shit I’m a radfem too but I didn’t put my name and face online when I was 19 to the point people recognize me. embarrassing

No. 1930675

her neck being swollen like that really makes me think she needs to go get her thyroid checked

No. 1930676

maybe she’s just trying to distance herself from her “old self/life” but is doing it in the most cringe way possible

No. 1930677

you could do a million better things like just be a normie than TRANSITION lmao. wonder if her new girlfriend knows she’s gonna transition??? if you look at her tagged pictures on instagram she still looks unmistakably female despite the angles and selfies she posts trying to look as masc as possible

No. 1930683

yes, "karen" has just been the term for "woman i want to shut up" for awhile now

god she's hot what a shame

No. 1930688

Weren't redkrypto and supecrop both political lesbians? I personally don't find it surprising when people swing around extremist/fringe beliefs - especially if they already at some level believed you could 'choose' sexuality, that easily becomes interchangeable with gender. But I'm also not surprised when women choose to leave feminism because it's painful or because they need to rationalise that 'phase' away. The rad to trad pipeline exists for the same reason.

No. 1930689

File: 1700359719207.jpg (344.95 KB, 989x1733, just give up.jpg)

stumbled across this extremely genetically fucked ftm. Scrolling through her post history, she's 28 and has never had sex or a relationship.

No. 1930690

damn I thought they were both fairly smart women. There’s some post floating around out there with the evidence alleging them as political lesbians but nonetheless I knew they were both actual homosexuals.

No. 1930691

AnimeNerd1295(learn to sage)

No. 1930708

File: 1700363524024.jpeg (150.23 KB, 640x951, 7104312A-DD94-47D4-8E60-53E8AB…)

never mind, found this. Having to choose women doesn’t make you a lesbian

No. 1930709

she needs to stop picking her hairstyles from anime

No. 1930713

Do you have this gif? I can't bring it to mind.

No. 1930714

>should i get a chin reduction?

kek girl that is a manly chin, I bet the other Aidens are jealous. She's got a good starting base for the LARP.

No. 1930715

If you count being mutuals with them and being friends with their friends as knowing them, yes. I have no doubt they're legit lesbians but I DID think it was dumb of them to reblog content like that at the time cause actual lesbians don't have to resist attraction to men (since there is none). Ash used to make funny posts like this too it's sad (https://hookedonyonics.tumblr.com/post/697583436967362560/embed)

>but I don't think intellect is necessarily insulation from any of this. There are lots of ways to intellectualise transition and lots of ways women rationalise patriarchy; it's part of how women survive it.

Fair point. If she still wants to transition even knowing her past then it must be that serious.

No. 1930717

Sorry I deleted my original post because I was worried I was shitting up the thread. But I'd take your word for it rather than a handful of potentially poorly worded posts, those were the only ones I knew about. (Although the drama with macroclit disguised some pretty sour beliefs so I guess some are more cynical now). Nevertheless I think something a lot of people are having to come to terms with is that people leave political movements all the time and turn their back on things they believed in for lots of complicated reasons. It's most apparent right now with radical feminism/gender nonsense/trad nonsense because they're seemingly such diametrical values, but for the psychological safety they offer they are similar in some ways. It's the same reason alt-righter/neo-Nazi to transwoman pipeline exists kek.

No. 1930719

That totally makes sense. Just think it's suspicious she acted so quickly to delete all evidence that she's identifying as trans now when someone called her out. I wonder if she feels like a hypocrite or ashamed for being the kind of person she was bullying just 2 years ago, kind of fascinating to watch and also because everyone wondered what happened to her after the breakup.

No. 1930728

She probably wants to be a yaoi uke or K-pop boy

No. 1930732

> passing as an actual man
> be the cute anime twink


No. 1930746

They used to call use n*ggers, how far we've fallen(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1930829

she just needs to fix her lazy eye, but the reddit troons will tell her she needs to mutilate her body in order to be loved. that's fucked up.

No. 1930841

File: 1700408638203.png (17.21 KB, 729x165, 74416.png)

what is the point of words?

No. 1930850

>she's 28 and has never had sex or a relationship
Me neither, so what? I think this is the least weird thing about this TIF.

No. 1930860

She's 'transitioning' to be a man, but isn't sure of her face being masculine is a good thing, and essentially wants surgery to feminise her face. This is so goddamn stupid.

No. 1930871

is this that one TIF who draws hyper femme kirishima?

No. 1930891

aw i feel bad for her she has pretty eyes and she's based for not sleeping with a moid. I wish i could be her friend and teach her to love herself.

No. 1930892

oh I remember this artist. I thought this was like her femboy ver of kakyoin? this is a first I'm hearing it's suppose to be an ftm. or maybe she decuded ro make it an oc afterall. all tif artist who do this just make a gender conforming women but puts he/him and that magically makes them feminine men now I guess. these are like the worst types of TiFs

No. 1930954

You're right, that was petty of me.

No. 1930963

Nta but I didn't see that as petty, just additional context that gives an idea of her character

No. 1931035

File: 1700441238201.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x1968, C2B92715-2D27-4AC7-BFF3-FF709E…)

Detrans arc when

No. 1931039

Kek, i am the same age as her and also a kissless virgin. So many anons older than me who are too. I kind of feel bad for her because she probably has some kind of intellectual disability and a whole bunch of deep seated insecurities. You could say that is the case for a lot of tims/tifs, it's a reminder of how predatory the trans movement is.

No. 1931062

File: 1700444767708.jpg (70.09 KB, 787x787, e4db9d7a1c285bbfda89318c9eeaa4…)

These two girls are tifs now? Man that's sad. I watched buzzfeed as a kid cos it was easy content for my little mind to consume kek and then never thought about it again, but I actually remember these girls. A shame.

No. 1931068

File: 1700445997733.jpg (57.52 KB, 900x537, 20.jpg)

tiny aiden

No. 1931092

Excuse my ignorance but aren't all of these people cis

No. 1931094

the secret is, it doesn't work on anybody.
I'm kinda relieved this is a parody, when I watched it I prayed to god that this wasn't made earnestly
The amount of mentally impaired people that are allowed to transition is going to be a huge fucking deal down the line

No. 1931095

yeah, this was just a joke about troye sivan on SNL, idk why nonny posted

No. 1931097

this should be on the buzzfeed cows thread.

No. 1931103

The point of words is to broadcast your uniquely customized gender identity to the world, obviously!

No. 1931132

Posts like >>1931068 and the ones calling TIFs pooners somehow reek of self-hating NLOT ("Not Like the Other Trannies") to me.

No. 1931138

>Me neither, so what? I think this is the least weird thing about this TIF.
Nta but I think it matters a lot when it comes to trooning out actually. They have no idea what being in a relationship is like or how to relate to their own sexuality with another person and then they're told if they just cut up their genitals (and possibly lose the ability to ever have an orgasm because of it), and make themselves permanently sterilized - that will somehow improve their relationship potentials and their sex lives when it's obvious to most people it will only do the opposite. It's not a "haha loveless loser", it's "this mentally disabled woman is being lied to and will destroy herself because of it without knowing what any of these things really mean".

No. 1931140

I know of a woman with a similar face who does truly amazing cosplays of cartoon guys (not anime), she found her cosplay niche and is thriving in it. She's not "conventionally feminine" but she's so fucking cool. It's all about what you do with what you have, this tif reducing her chin and calling herself a real boy won't change anything.

No. 1931145

File: 1700472539034.png (344.1 KB, 701x1171, what.png)


No. 1931159

Sooo she's focusing on what men say about all women while ignoring gender crit and detrans women to make her "theory" work. Stupid and makes it obvious that she's just looking for a "no u" card against pedophilia accusations, since trannies have so many pedos among their ranks

No. 1931161

File: 1700478026573.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 407.98 KB, 960x1611, IMG_9075.jpeg)

this 4tranner is so deranged

No. 1931162

An actual male would've told the toddler to shut the fuck up

No. 1931163

>types out.. whatever the hell is that
>"omg its so disgusting guyz!!"
Somehow this post is giving me weird vibes. No idea why, but it does. Some parts were disturbing to read and I can't comprehend why she would obsessively think of and type it out just to paint terf and/or detrans women as pedophiles. Aside from the fact that everything she listed is solely what moids say instead of those 'evil terfs' they're always complaining about, tifs themselves have a habit of being grossly obsessed with boyhood, youth and being a 'boy'. If I had a nickel for everytime I've seen tifs call themselves boys and never men, I'd be more than just a millionaire. Hell, I'll have enough money to buy the moon kek.

No. 1931170

Really weird probably fake post

This type of self hatred and attempt to appeal to 4channer males who do nothing but dehumanize and degrade you is so sad.

No. 1931198

the pedophile accusation towards other women is retarded, but it is true conservatives and even gc men and women can talk about FTMs in weird ways. men are men, and specifically for the mommy gcs, being a mother heavily ties into their identity and they can be condescending.

No. 1931224

funny because it usually end that most of TIM are pedophiles.

No. 1931230

I feel gross after reading that, I thought she was going to talk about, idk, how TiFs are indeed told that they’re ruining their reproductive health because yeah, that’s a not that important concern nowadays since children can be adopted and whatever, or that their boobs are for feeding babies, which is something else that particularly moids and handmaidens tend to use as a “nooo don’t do it” argument, but it isn’t pedophilic either.
I literally have never seen a woman, which let’s be honest, is the group she’s attacking because all trannies hate women the most, talk about, and this will be gross to type “tight genitals” or “tiny tits” like, lmao what? This retard is just hanging out with moids, other trannies and pickmes that would actually talk that way about the body of a woman.

No. 1931233

On the one hand, yes, there is an obvious reason why TIFs are told they should just be tradwife bangmaids instead of transitioning (because they're women and right wing men are misogynistic). On the other hand, the whole "supple baby boobs" pedo fantasy drivel sounds completely made up (or something a TIM would say kek). I've seen TIFs seethe over being treated like "confused little girls," but arguing it's pedophilia to think teen girls can't consent to dangerous, life-altering medicalization is a new one. She's just inventing all that creepy subtext to make it sound more nefarious than it is.

No. 1931236

I think its a thinly veiled fetish posts. She uses teh exact same language as the deranged misgender fetish tifs on tumblr, wanting to be viewed as a "tight little girl who acepts thats she is a girl" barf.

No. 1931272

kek were the writes smoking crack? The black actress deserves an oscar for that performance because I laughed so hard I can't stop coughing.

No. 1931287

File: 1700518226791.jpeg (611.13 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_6266.jpeg)

(unsaged with no context)

No. 1931294

nonna please wheres the context lmfao

No. 1931302

File: 1700520756539.jpg (174.52 KB, 1080x1167, kek.jpg)

polar opposite

No. 1931314

someone make an edit with her face on the bears faces kekek

No. 1931341

File: 1700525238571.jpg (120.56 KB, 706x1000, 91tJlofLrOL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)


absolutely tragic look

No. 1931361

Imagine turning yourself into this on purpose.

No. 1931400

>Teddy Fresh sweater

No. 1931402

I'm so sorry nonas that's Ralph Lauren I don't know fashion

No. 1931408


No. 1931412

not to be pedantic, but isn't the (gag-worthy) phrase "supple little girl boobs" an oxymoron? little girls wouldn't have supple boobs. for that reason alone, no one has ever said that, kek.

>trans men are so infantilized and sexualized, and i'm certain its because we're afab
fuck… if only there was a word used to group together a group of people who were born a specific sex that face a lot of the similar problems in society…

No. 1931415

Yeah it might say something that lots of them or at least the vocal onrs seem to be awkward nerdy girls who haven't ever been in a relationship except for with fictional characters, and now want to redefine everyone's sexuality including their own without knowing wtf they're talking about.

No. 1931417

Yes tiffany, moids will say this about you. The only reason they disagree with tifs transitioning is "wahh what a waste of boobs for my personal pleasure". If only you listened to what women have to say about it, including detrans women. But in your pickme mind you'll only give importance to what men say, and in your gender ridden mind will only give importance to what fellow cultists say.

No. 1931461

Is a "trans-identified tranny" supposed to be a TIF or a TIM?(learn2sage)

No. 1931483

Thats a TIT.

No. 1931485

File: 1700558058960.png (828.11 KB, 768x1024, Untitled22_20231121111311.png)

No. 1931486

She has really cute, small, and soft features. The facial hair doesn't even look too bad. That huge spiky haircut is ruining her face. And also her TiFism. Don't know why pretending to be an ugly man is preferable to being a nerdy, awkward woman.

No. 1931488

imagine being 6 and your mommy starts morphing into an ugly troon. Most toddlers can barely handle their dads shaving their faces

No. 1931490

>trans-identified tranny
Nonas can I suggest we draw art based on this greentext? I want it the next thread pic

No. 1931503

Kikomi grows more powerful by the day.

No. 1931566

Why is it always the most feminine-looking girls who try to transition into men? It’s the corollary of big 6’4” linebacker built males trying to LARP as anime catgirls. At some point you need to just look in the mirror and realize you’re delusional.

No. 1931568

amazing hahahah thank you nona

No. 1931578

She has the perfect kikomi look, she should be more smart and use it for a "trans woman" grift.

No. 1931633

And knowing testosterone is "boy medicine". This kid will fail in biology because "daddy" will wreck his homework with "this is so outdated!".

No. 1931644

i'm gonna go ahead and say it: this is extremely typical female mindset, moids don't get offended if they are fetishized and sexualized on the contrary, see all the mtf trannies who do want to be viewed as sexy little girls kek

No. 1931686

Just like religious parents telling their kids who are learning evolution at school that they should unlearn it smh

No. 1931735

This, except the "dad" will have tons of outdated info about trans animals in the wild (no humans). The kid is going to get bullied and hard, I'm quite sad for him.

No. 1931753

File: 1700607666954.png (93.34 KB, 5000x3333, 51537a1636515822b68615f1625184…)

anyone already know about this webcomic? it's about a ftm who murders a girl and kinda forces her best friend to dismember the body w her, her drawings are meh but I think it's fun who she decipts tumblr and all the culture surrounding disturbing mentally ill young women, sorry if repost

No. 1931761

so, going by this logic, tifs posting on porn subreddits like r/ftmpunished have an exceptionally male mindset?

No. 1931771

You say this as if creatonists don't also teach their kids easily debunked pseudoscience in a desperate attempt to hide the inconsistencies between their faith and reality kek. Look up the Kentucky "Creation Museum" if you want some examples of this. Trannies and fundies are more similar than different. They even share the retarded belief that homosexuality doesn't actually exist.

No. 1931794

she doesn’t want to look like a man, she wants to look like a hot anime boy. this is so sad because it’s apparent that the only reason she’s a tranny is because she’s extremely insecure about her appearance.

No. 1931795

it’s also sad because all these “ugly” girls who troon out do it solely because men are allowed to be ugly, whereas women have that constant pressure from society that basically tells them that if they’re not conventionally attractive, they’re worthless.

No. 1931799

File: 1700611898280.png (269.75 KB, 1080x1609, tumblr_ec1544c497603b848932c05…)

Her thread seething about terfs made me chuckle

No. 1931800

File: 1700611977916.png (193.04 KB, 1080x901, tumblr_36441dbb28de2ed8b2cf5cd…)

No. 1931803

the 'trans woman cartoonist' she's referring to is Cate Wurtz, a furry with a pedo diaper fetish whose dick she sucks on twitter

No. 1931804

does she realise feminism is the only reason she can dress like a boy in public without getting arrested

No. 1931805

> I have no personal relation to … feminism

No. 1931806

File: 1700612591371.jpg (432.83 KB, 1536x2048, media_FSlKYr6WUAUZdmE.jpg)

here she is with her ugly fucking moid

No. 1931808

File: 1700612988775.jpg (137.39 KB, 1167x526, screenshot.jpg)

He's psychotic, what a catch!

No. 1931812

>Making hot girls cum
I appreciate the subtle misgender kek.

No. 1931813

not to sound like an incel, but why do pretty girls date ugly moids? it's something i've noticed irl too. this specific instance is a tomboyish girl, but often i'll just go out for a walk and see conventionally attractive girls, who clearly put a lot of effort into their appearance, holding hands with crusty moids. dating as a socially semi-competent straight guy seems impossibly easy

No. 1931815

watch him kick her to the curb the second testosterone makes her look even slightly androgynous

No. 1931816

Decades of gaslighting women into thinking ugly men are hot. See pedro pascal being called peak hotness in men.

No. 1931817

wow she's so pretty. That moid is so fucking ugly though god she could do miles better if she got her shit together

No. 1931820

Based. Pedro is fuck ugly, has a sour squashed face.

No. 1931838

…….am I missing something? She’s not ugly by any means, but she seems kind of average. And he’s not hideous + looks at least 6’ tall. They’re literally equally as attractive as each other kek

No. 1931840

You're right, she's very average looking. I'd say the guys maybe on the uglier side though.

No. 1931841

File: 1700618617405.png (4.92 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4747.png)

No. 1931842

Gender is really just appearance to these people as much as they like to deny it.

No. 1931857

why is this hairstyle everywhere lately, it just looks like a mullet

No. 1931865

no, they are self hating women who are socialized to view male attention as some sort of good thing like most of the girls looking for attention that way honey

No. 1931879

Where is the masc?

No. 1931882

Masc is when….. thick eyebrows, kek

No. 1931890

Miley Cyrus did it then everyone did it. I really love it on this TIF tbh looks very good

No. 1931896

File: 1700624846564.png (Spoiler Image, 53.29 KB, 1200x800, 51537a1647238477b68615f1847951…)

Thank you, this is exactly what I needed to read tonight.

No. 1931904

i think you're replying to lesbian incels. they look almost like a mirror of eachother.

No. 1931905

>trans women cartoonist two have influenced me in countless ways have more talent and perspective than any of these shit for brain reactionaries could even dream of.
>doesn't name none of them

aaaay lmao

Of course. Next time will she mention Aaron/Senna Diaz?

No. 1931908

File: 1700627582334.png (20.82 KB, 680x453, F_KF77jX0AAL8CG.png)

I don't know why I find the way she makes the pages so damn annoying. I'm not going to click for seeing a full image of someone speaking. Gimme more action or frames!

>not a girl at all

No. 1931910

oh shit it's that comic about a TIF who murdered the teenage girl and we're supposed to feel bad for her.

No. 1931911

nitpick but this art style is so ugly omg.

No. 1931914

File: 1700628396752.png (35.9 KB, 800x800, 51537a1636517898b68615f1653348…)

This was drawn two years ago and compare it with >>1931908 looks like she hasn't evolved at all thanks by people licking her "comic".
I'm quite niptick about how she makes the whole comic page like a single frame thing! Do you want me to click over and over to read your comic? Even scrolling to read in Webtoon's vertical mode is less annoying.

No. 1931923

She's pretty, I like her style. I dislike that she thinks it's twansmasc but I can admire the pic while ignoring the caption kek

No. 1931924

File: 1700631573401.jpeg (327.66 KB, 699x778, IMG_7096.jpeg)

Only halfway through but this comic is such a perfect parody of toxic tenderqueers from tumblr, it's like having war zone flashbacks. the high/crytyping, the censoring of enemies' names with limited asterisks, the cripplingly online main character's complete inability to function as an adult or take responsibility for anything. and it's fun watching the genderbrained author dodge her own cognitive dissonance. thanks for the rec anon, picrel is my fav character

No. 1931944

>and it's fun watching the genderbrained author dodge her own cognitive dissonance
I’ve been following this comic for a while just because it’s interesting to see something such a specific period of the internet portrayed so accurately. It’s so funny to me that her TIM character is obsessed with gore and the TIFs are all traumatized autistic weird girls. Like it almost feels too self aware, to the point of parody. Yet OP herself is a TIF. Crazy.

No. 1931945

File: 1700638807291.png (450.49 KB, 828x814, Screenshot.png)

I really hope she detransed TIFs can find happiness and their issues can be fixed.

No. 1931946

File: 1700639041241.jpeg (468.11 KB, 828x922, IMG_3572.jpeg)


She’s giving me serious uncanny valley. Body of a middle aged dad who’s given up on himself, but washed up trailer trash mom with a mustache from the neck up. Just why?

No. 1931948

>hormones and top surgery at 14 years old
No words. Do TRAs still try to claim that underage children are not getting any treatments and surgeries?

No. 1931950

This looks like someone photoshopped a middle aged woman's head onto a boy's body. It doesn't look like a man's body, the shoulders are too tiny. So much money spent to look like an alien.

No. 1931954


I wondered if the photo was photoshopped at first…..nope. Just a proud TiF.

No. 1931957

It always feels so depressing seeing women over a certain impressionable age falling for this sort of thing.

No. 1931962

Literally nothing about the picture is "masculine" in any way though? It features a young pretty woman, with makeup and jewellery, popular alt fashion feminine hair + clothes style, while posing sensibly by showing her small gentle hand and looking softly into the camera.
It's like she's never even seen a man and have only heard about them in fairytales.

No. 1931971

It's uncanny how almost every one of these straight tifs is dating a moid who looks like his hands smell like old cheetos.

No. 1931987

File: 1700648653932.jpg (124.77 KB, 720x1215, Screenshot_20231122-151935_Sam…)

I'm reading this comic and I'm baffled to see these braindead comments. I feel so bad for Hailey. I still can't belive the author is a tif and wrote such blatant misogyny some lesbians chirstians face and acting it's correct???. I love how she's trying to demonize the sister who's advocating for fair laws so other women won't get killed by a psycho troon

No. 1932001

There are definitely some that do that, but I think a lot of them truly think that taking the meds and getting the chop will make them into 'hot' guys, even if they were ugly women (>>1931945 directly says she just wanted to be attractive). Same for moids in the other direction.
But he also calls himself a 'homo' lol. Very inconsistent grift!
It has like every single 'tumblr artist' hallmark…
I can't stand this one. Literally, directly states and shows that she wanted to be an anime boy (more specifically, hyper-fem fanart of one), and also thinks she succeeded. Totally deluded.

No. 1932012

Are we sure this isn't a secret terf comic? The comments from tras acting like calling a woman a woman is a more severe crime than murder and dismemberment must be peaking people by the dozens. Like how can you write this so accurately and still not see how cultish it is?

No. 1932030

File: 1700658479100.jpg (112.33 KB, 753x759, 1697407578086.jpg)

I know i'm fucked up for this, but this tweet of hers made me chuckle because it's the exact kind of thing she'd put in her comic to bluntly foreshadow a character getting beaten to death with a hammer by her schizophrenic moid

No. 1932032

why she holding a cigarette like a dinosaur

No. 1932034

He looks unstable. Stay away from men who pose with weapons.

No. 1932038

More like "teens can be under hormones and surgeries and grown up like a normal adult just fine".

No. 1932051

File: 1700661899396.jpg (387.92 KB, 1980x2261, FZIgXC3UcAAH-is.jpg)

can't believe this is how I find out the dresden codack guy trooned out.

No. 1932054

female version: i do want to state for the record that i hate it

male version: i will bash in the skull of any terf who comes within 50 feet of me and rape their corpse

No. 1932057

>Women get killed for being women
>Yeah, but I'm a TIF, what about MEEEEEE?

I know a comic written by a terf and is a whole different world. She focus more in the women and make fun of TRAs. The MS Paint-Homestuck TIF artist wouldn't never show a lesbian couple unless the other is a TIM.

No. 1932058

nah, this comic actually does have a couple lesbian pairings, both normal and tif 4 tif

No. 1932061

File: 1700662820731.png (607.99 KB, 796x1012, NoriakiKakyoincolor.png)

this is so weird. idk anything about jojo so i went to her page and it's THIS character the girl originally portrayed. she dug so deep making her degenerate gendie-valid fanart, that had no relation to the original medium, that she surfaced on the other way and she's now making normal semi-cute OC drawings (albeit under a thin layer of tranny), which probably would be the starting point for a teen girl / young adult female artist if internet culture wasn't completely bonkers. i guess you always go back to what's natural to you.

No. 1932063

Surprise! And he acts exactly like a TIM would: Wishing to kill women that do not agree with him.

I have seen too many "mlm" couples in TIF comics that I don't believe they would add a "normal" gay couple, is always TIF/TIM with a gay person.

I think is because most of the time these people know that people do not care about original characters, so making a new one and calling their version of said character is a "fanart", which brings more attention. And then they make their own oc art.

No. 1932069

Can someone explain or give an example for the "reminds you of jewish heritage/"converted to judaism"" box from the TIF bingo? I'm not from a Western country but it sounds so funny, I am curious what it means. Hope the questions don't break the rules.

No. 1932071

File: 1700664507012.png (293.95 KB, 658x634, vdfu7n.png)

This is a whole other level to the "Fujoshi to Tif" pipeline,

No. 1932072

samefag, artist is a TIF who draws cuntboy BL If it wasn't obvious.

No. 1932073

Not the one that made the image, but IIRC most of TRAs think Judaism is a "queer" religion because they don't make problems in sex/name change, which is ridiculous because in Judaism you cannot even get a tattoo because "G-d gave you that body, please do not modify it!".

No. 1932074

File: 1700664668382.gif (1.93 MB, 245x246, 1496103141007.gif)

Any normal moid: Did you write a fic of me? holy hell, you're a weirdo!

TIF fantasy: oh I totally want to do what you write there. Let's have gay sex!

No. 1932076

File: 1700664804003.png (119.59 KB, 556x1604, jackblack.png)

i'm not an expert on this question but distinctly remember reading this on tumblr and being dumbfounded

No. 1932078

I don't really know why, but it's a thing. they talk about goyim the exact same way they talk about 'cis' people, it's funny

No. 1932080

File: 1700665278277.jpeg (204.71 KB, 750x739, IMG_7098.jpeg)

there is an actual (based af) lesbian character who's demonized as an alcoholic TERF because she correctly identifies the tifs who let her find her murdered sister's dismembered corpse as women.

No. 1932081

File: 1700665315906.jpeg (238.58 KB, 750x747, IMG_7097.jpeg)

sf, picrel she's talking about a murder victim and it's played as justified instead of ridiculous and insensitive lmao

No. 1932083

I'm surprised she's not shown with JK Rowling merch or Feminist colors. I bet she's going to be the new "victim" from the TIFs.

No. 1932086

she's trying to imitate that irritating, chiding way that leftist/ breadtube men talk

No. 1932088

File: 1700666976934.png (63.68 KB, 291x291, MARTHAjane.png)

it made me chuckle that this character looks just like MJ from leasebound. The gendie designs in that comic are so perfect.

No. 1932096

File: 1700668670718.png (50.89 KB, 1200x800, 51537a1664685292b68615f1748139…)

The comic isn't that bad, the premise is kind of interesting but could be done better. I like that the accomplice to murder is so dumb she stays with a random internet friend who is obsessed with both her and the murderer in question, going so far as to date the murderer. I also enjoy that the MLP plushie is in the background of a lot of the panels, constantly smiling as the main character cries. It reminds me of Blobby kek. The art is bad, obviously. The concept could be better but the trans stuff ruins it. I do find it awesome that the main character is a TIF, but only online. I don't know if the person she is staying with, the stoner, is a TIF or TIM or just a girl or maybe a guy or what. I'm thinking TIM due to the stonerisms and shooting shit in the woods and pressuring the main character to smoke weed and shoot crossbows. And of course obsessing over and stalking the jailed TIF.

No. 1932098

This line was clearly supposed to come across as horribly crass and insensitive, but I think you're still meant to think the character is in the right because the author is one of those prison abolitionists who think 'so what DO you think we should do with the rapists?' is a trick question, and she's primarily writing to that audience

No. 1932100

Leasebound show a lot how TIF think in general, I'm surprised the haters haven't done "redraws" of the TIF gang with chest scars and T and all like they did with the TIM AGP trio.

No. 1932102

That character is a tif, her concept is she's one of those totally brain-dead TCC girls who want to date serial killers, but she also wants to skinwalk them so she trooned out

No. 1932104

It's a very yaoi/porn fantasy

No. 1932108

that moid is fucking ugly, he looks retarded. I think she has really pretty eyes and cute faceshape. She deserves miles better than that ugly schizo fatso.

No. 1932123

disgusting shit i hate all of this bully/abusive male love interest shit that gets pushed to women. Someone should reply to her with a comic where the fujo beats the guy and calls him an ugly 3DPD

No. 1932125

It's not peaking people because I don't think anyone would read that comic unless they were a troon. Most people would be off put at the start of the first chapters, because it features with accuracy a specific part of tumblr and social media in general that most normies and handmaidens are unfamiliar with. I don't think they'd care that much about it even if somehow they stumbled upon the comic on accident. They'd probably click that comic, think "wtf" and leave. Also it's very long, the art is meh, clicking the slides one by one to move to the next page is annoying and it takes time for updates. I think most people who haven't peaked aren't very familiar with the awful side of troons anyway, so they'd peak much more easily if they visited the r/MTF sub for a few days and if they ARE familiar with that side it's going to take more than a simple comic to get them out of that mindset.

No. 1932127

Jews can get tattoos, but if they do that they can't be buried in a Jewish cemetery. That's only really an issue for the super religious though - many modern/younger Jewish ppl have tattoos and never intended to get buried in a Jewish cemetery, you can still have a Jewish funeral/tombstone even if you get cremated!

No. 1932129

This was made by her? I have seen this image before and never knew.

No. 1932134

I think they have shit taste in men, too, but I don't think it's the result of some elaborate psyop to lower straight women's standards. Women just tend to have more specialized taste that takes into account more than just appearance. Voice, fashion sense, talent, personality, background, and so on are all things that can enhance a guy's attractiveness to women. Additionally, autistic women are very likely to pick a guy from their hyperfixations to thirst after, hence that one TiF obsessing over a dude from Succession.

No. 1932138

>I have no personal relationship to feminism
I encourage her to try living somewhere without the gains made by feminists in Anglophone countries.

No. 1932139

File: 1700675597773.jpg (448.75 KB, 2048x1854, 20231122_224041.jpg)

>a goal to look like the average 80s pedophile uncle

No. 1932140

File: 1700675631588.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1341, Screenshot_20231122-175439.png)

seeing what's happened to ezra is so unbelievably sad. she used to be really cute in alternative fae girl way.

No. 1932142

>Jesus Christ, quit being retarded and go pack your clothes
Unintentionally hilarious.

No. 1932144

Why do they latch onto her?

No. 1932147

Well, yes and no. The factors you mentioned play a role, but there is definitely a psyop (if you want to call it that)

No. 1932148

The one on the right needs more pubescent anime girls and furry shit. Also I've never even come across a TiM who's seen Daria, let alone has the character as a "transition goal."

No. 1932150

This was made by a TIF who doesn't know what TIMs want. The only accurate one was Fluttershy but that's another character TIFs also like.
She's shy but in a cute way so they relate to her because they also think they're cute even if anyone else thinks they're retarded and she's innocent, good with animals, girly which makes their dicks hard aka euphoria.

No. 1932152

Nobody looks good with a bowl cut. Why did she do it?

No. 1932158

They can't add to their collection of oppressed labels by being transracial, so they pretend to be Jewish instead

No. 1932160

>used to be cute
She looks like she has Cornelia de Lange syndrome

No. 1932164

I'm pretty sure this is Sohpie Thatcher from Yellowjackets and this is some rando posting her. She's not a troon as far as I'm aware.

No. 1932167

I can't blame them tbh if they want to transition to escape being an ugly female. Being ugly as a woman is basically social suicide. Meanwhile scrotes can look like unwashed cavemen and still get the pretty girl like in here >>1931806 And then he has women in this thread calling him "handsome" and more attractive than his pretty girlfriend because he's tall. Being tall means nothing if he is shaped like a hobo caveman. He literally looks like a huge terrifying monster. The world is so unfair to women.

No. 1932224

File: 1700683908553.png (155.98 KB, 1963x1324, 1684167659823.png)

It's giving this meme kek

No. 1932228

It really depends on the type of Judaism. It has denominations just like any other religion. Some are more strict, others are more permissive.

No. 1932255

Yeah, I do recall Israeli people with tattoos and the "no body modification" is more for Jewish people that do follow the religion. And I know is stupid to compare tattoos with body modifications (then again, we are talking about women that think a full mastectomy with full scars is like the same than having an under boob tattoo).
But that's the closest I could get from the bingo thing.

No. 1932263

File: 1700686456316.png (25.76 KB, 608x295, ohnovagina.png)

The furry fandom have a big problem with moids being misogynists, but yeah, let's focus more about how poor TIFs cannot handle the fact that only women have vaginas.

No. 1932273

the coomers gave fluttershy massive boobs
the shy characters always attract all the insecure ugly abusive moids. She's the rei ayanami of MLP

No. 1932279

these threads are invaded by men, that's why they jump to defend a moid with the shrek physiognomy while calling the pretty woman ugly/average. Why do you think the pooner jokes are so rampant here and everything gets blamed on yaoi instead of misogyny?

No. 1932307

>You can just say "women"
Try telling that to all the medical organizations that refuse to use it because of you retards.

No. 1932316

Of course people can say women, but TIFs cry with "not all women have vaginas!", that's why they have to use the AFAB… Which is also Trans erasure because no one think in poor AGP moids.

You cannot win with these people.

No. 1932347

File: 1700694567603.jpeg (207.91 KB, 828x699, IMG_6303.jpeg)

Found out teddy bear has a girlfriend. I mean they are boyfriends. I just looked, it’s another FTM. Why are girls doing this to themselves then dressing the same? What is the attraction

No. 1932349

File: 1700694623849.jpeg (556.4 KB, 828x1167, IMG_6302.jpeg)

Teddy bear is the shorter of the two

No. 1932354

File: 1700694822704.jpeg (166.42 KB, 828x1007, IMG_6305.jpeg)

Sad, she was cute

No. 1932355

The taller one passes in a roundabout Kikomi way kek
giving autists with 0 dress sense access to fast fashion was such a mistake

No. 1932364

Calling themselves "tomboy" and "lesbians" are soooooo '00.

No. 1932373

>the guy is trans
So they're both fujoshis

No. 1932414

TIMs probably want to be Jane more than Daria herself - though I'm certain I've seen more than one TIF online living out a cosplay of Trent Lane.

If body mods weren't permitted at all in Judaism, then what would every rich Jewish girl get for their sweet 16th? The rhinoplasty industry would collapse like so many 'deviated septums'.(racebait)

No. 1932416

Of course they latch onto the most submissive and anxious character. Gross.

No. 1932417

File: 1700702698683.jpg (257.43 KB, 1080x2044, 20231123_012332.jpg)

Gendie retardation just jumps out in the most random places huh

No. 1932419

>asking about surgeries related to her jaw and chin while using a reference image of a person who edited their jaw and chin
>asking if it'll look similar

Oh petal. Please learn to love yourself. The person you're trying to look like doesn't even look like themselves.

No. 1932425

I can see the cute couple they are under all the Tifness and horrible fashion. Hopefully they snap out of it one day.

No. 1932427

Not to mention boobs aren't a "little girl" trait. They're associated with puberty. This says more about her and how she thinks of women than it does us

No. 1932432

Holy Marfan Syndrome, Batman!

No. 1932435

i really cant tell if this is a joke or not

No. 1932447

is being a fakeboi suddenly the biggest try hard humblebrags? I highly doubt girls who look like 1960s playboy models are the ones that are trooning out

No. 1932451

i like the detail of them both having acne from the testosterone

No. 1932478

At least the TIF shows the ugly side (of many) of having high level of Testosterone in blood, and not showing them as "cute bishie guys". She probably wouldn't archive that style with her horrid art anyway.

No. 1932487

You have to admit that she has a point.

And no young girls can and do have boobs. Some girls start breast development as young as 7.The average 13 year old has boobs. Men sexualize pubescent children all the time.

All you have to do is hang out on kiwifarms in the tif threads to see what she means. I don't even visit KF anymore because of nasty horny scrotes running the place.

No. 1932512

File: 1700722206963.jpg (553.72 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20231123_065023_Ope…)

"Guys, stop making me and my floppy skin tube feel bad!"

No. 1932513

It's kind of sad that you see unconventional-looking (or at least not conventionally attractive) women so rarely in comics and webcomics, and then when they do appear, the author refuses to let them just be women. Reminds me of that other "nonbinary lesbian" comic Drop Out, another one where the author is so close to realizing that gender is a bullshit fabrication but then veering hard into denial at the last second.

No. 1932519

File: 1700723044161.png (21.6 KB, 800x800, 51537a1666034780b68615f2995624…)

ok i can't believe this fucking comic. the main character
- is a 23 yo tif without a job living at grandma's
- buys endless amounts of toys with her rich parents' money
- helped dismember a girl her friend killed
- cries and whines and has panic attacks and cuts everytime someone hints that she should either 1) not play the victim or 2) not have an online presence linked to her identity
- when her parents cut her off she has 50 usd to her name and goes to mcdonald's
- an online friend TIF lets her stay with her rent free and she doesn't clean or cook or do anything to repay the favor, just lays on the couch and watches MLP
and i was like, oooh, that is one self-aware TIF. she knows how she is and she knows how the world reacts to her. maybe she'll encounter hardship, overcome it, and realize she can feel better about herself by helping people and being a valuable member of society. maybe she'll realize her omg transphobe dad wanted structure and progression from her. surely her disgusting permanent cryface and slouched belly on every fucking panel is a way to maximize the whoah effect when she takes charge and makes something out of her life. but the more i go the more i think wtf are we actually supposed to feel compassion for this poor little oppressed baby tranny ??
also half the time the THUMBS are BACKWARDS, which a 6th grader could fix, and picrel is the amazing esl writing.

No. 1932520

If you want "cis" genitals then why would you ever settle for something as horrible as the meat sock with tons of complications? Even I knew at 15 yo that the surgery would never give me a real dick and I stopped fantasizing about trannyhood. I'm 100% sure that the people who lie about surgeries giving you authentic looking and feeling new correct genitals are feeding the delusions of these sick people. It will never be the same and you should not destroy yourself to settle for something that you didn't really want.

No. 1932526

Are you me, even when I fancied myself emby or whatever, the arm tentacle tube made me think hey wouldn't that just give you more dysphoria to have a downgraded dildo stapled on you

That makes me think this character is a self insert for the author or one of her friends, who unironically thinks these traits are fine so is open with them?

No. 1932533

Right? If it's not a real dick caused by being born a male then it's not worth it to pursue. Better just accept reality and work through your issues which reside inside your head not between your legs.

No. 1932538

Depressing. On some level I can understand teenagers being stupid, but adult women falling for the cult make me lose my hope for humanity.

No. 1932541

File: 1700727052942.jpg (166.53 KB, 1080x915, NotLikeOtherTifs.jpg)

Miss wolfsbane seems to think otherwise, quick look at her posts and she recently had a rough stage 1 frankendick surgery recovery where she says all her dignity left but is ready for stage 2, and she fancies herself not like the other tifs for getting it. And the way she says "I love my odour" here and then admits in the comments of another post that her neo balls constantly smell of sweat and she's given up on that. Sis you don't sound more like a male, or not like the other trannies (a tif calling someone tucute is basically tif infighting I think?) You just sound nasty.

No. 1932548

Sounds like she's Not Like the Other Trannies, those types are fun to watch because they'll infight with the softboi "how I look with he/him in my bio" type troons and cry about how they're totes trutrans and not like those nasty fakers.

No. 1932551

Pretty much everything she described loving there appear in women too, women just usually are more hygienic so congratulations on being a filthy cretin with a rot sock I guess. You could've just been a hairy woman.

No. 1932559

File: 1700730224955.png (274.99 KB, 828x964, token black girl.png)

samefag, i also learnt that the murder victim's sister is an evil racist terf for wanting criminals in prison (twans and blacks most affected) and a slave owner abuser because she leaves bottles behind after her alcoholic binges for her black girlfriend to clean up lmao.
this one black character is wholesome and kaweewee and bears a striking resemblance to holly's in paranormal plague (and holy shit, i don't think i'd ever say it but holly's art is leagues better). idk why all badly socialized white girls who write comics default to this kind of empty representation, i guess they think they can't get cancelled if the one character of colour they have is cutesy and feminine

No. 1932564

File: 1700730542388.png (63.03 KB, 812x533, loool.png)

picrel are some especially funny comments from the author on the pages
thank you for posting this webcomic, it's retarded and butt-ugly but so entertaining

No. 1932576

not to derail too much but I read the essay she linked and wow I've never read anything more detached from reality. Using a strawman 'skeptic' to argue some pie in the sky ideas while saying 'well akchually the real bad guys are calling from inside the house!!!'.
Prisons (specifically in the US) aren't doing their jobs by any means but I'd love to see this moid argue this shit with a victim of one of the rapists he's tripping over himself to defend.You can tell he's never suffered the actions of the people he's sticking up for.

No. 1932582

It's a thing I see with a lot of wokies do, have a perfect black female character basically be their mouthpiece for them.

No. 1932586

this is not a moid anon, she's a TIF. but yes, she's hugely detached. i would love to ask her what she wants to do with pedos. or any murderer motivated by racism (or twansphobia, although no murderer ever has been, they never shut up about it). the US prison system needs a revamp though.

i haven't read the comic but it sounds like the author has a typical twitter mentality. she could've made the murderer and the sister have positive and negative traits and be well-rounded characters. but instead she makes the sister an ebil terf so the audience knows to hate her. and because she's a terf, she can't be morally ambiguous. it sounds like all the characters are one dimensional (correct me if i'm wrong, i'm just basing this off other anon's comments)

No. 1932587

File: 1700735692092.png (21.57 KB, 800x800, 51537a1636517178b68615f1662575…)

Honestly I think she's milky enough for her own thread.

No. 1932595

It's so self-aware it's hilarious. Every character is a negative tranny stereotype and are presented as such yet the author seems totally unaware of her own writing.
It was so funny when the tranny looking friend called up the black girl and asked her to not support her girlfriend because black people go to prison more often and she had to yell at him that she isn't a criminal.

No. 1932613

Prison abolition goes both ways. If a tranny rapist can rape old ladies and kids without prison time then a terf can just as easily shoot him to death without consequences. Be careful what you wish for trannies.

No. 1932618

The essay author is a TIF? Damn, they're letting anyone get a law degree huh…

No. 1932624

my bad, i thought anon was talking about the TIF's comment

No. 1932636

If I was a tif I’d rather just have the overgrown clit so I could still feel something. I cannot fathom what is appealing about phalloplasty, especially when it sounds like it’s rife with complications.

No. 1932645

File: 1700753109374.jpg (41.29 KB, 599x372, kkjhh.JPG)

Oh dear.

No. 1932654

>One with the Transflag
>The second is named Kai

Ouroboros right there.

No. 1932660

i was going to say, some of these are literally qualities i have except i shower and dont wax poetic about not doing so. trannies are on the opposite end of the gender terrorist horseshoe to evangelical misogynists because they just think 'blue, hairy, manual labor = boy' but make it woke

No. 1932663

>religious nuts trying to convert gay people into straight
But that's trannies. That's you, Tiffany. That's exactly what trannies do.

No. 1932680

File: 1700762428634.jpg (21.91 KB, 299x357, 3a750915-1cdb-4d32-8735-31cf5a…)

And religious convertion is considered a hate crime. A gay person going to surgeries to be the opposite sex is considered good because "better an alive straight daughter than a dead gay son".

No. 1932687

File: 1700763967331.png (40.49 KB, 1200x800, 51537a1688627597b68615f7323160…)

Your forgot to mention her (Claire's, the evil transphobes) childhood friend (Aaron the one on the right), was just some normal nerdy guy who met some other troon friends and he probably trooned out too. It wasn't explicitly shown in the comic yet, but by the way he dresses himself, by how offended he was when Claire insulted his friends by calling them trannies but not by other things, by the comments who constantly call him an egg and a girl, by the intentions of the author, by realizing how impossible it is for other troons to make a character gender non conforming… It's obvious he's a TIM. I bet Haylie (the black gf) is going to realize how abusive Claire is or something and she's gonna start dating Aaron who will come out as a transbian lmao.

No. 1932694

Until I read this thread I genuinely thought the author was writing the terf sister as sympathetic. She breaks down and cries when giving speeches about passing laws for stricter sentences, and the people around her who are pushing back against her have nothing of substance to say other than "your gf is black, don't you know prisons hate black people?" She's become a depressed alcoholic who lives with guilt. Every time she's lashed out it was after being triggered over her sister's murder and people throwing buzzwords at her. Trigger here being used correctly as shes traumatized.(learn to sage)

No. 1932708

File: 1700768271457.png (24.3 KB, 1200x800, horrorcow.png)

The comments have been calling him an egg since his first appearance because he's a basic nerdy white dude with long hair, to the point where every update involving him had comments like "omg aaronina my precious baby girl we love youuu". It's so crazy how hard both the comic and its audience leans into the worst TRA stereotypes and even seems to celebrate them.
Seriously I was surprised at how well-rounded Claire is and how much depth and sympathy her story is given (side note but she is implied to be a kiwifarms poster lol, picrel. It's not the first reference to kf either). The audience reaction is interesting too, they seem to go back and forth between "terf!!" and "I understand where she's coming from tho". Tbh I don't think the author should be all that shocked that she's drawn attention from GC's. She's drawn a very stark image of gendie culture, one that's entertaining to both outsiders and people who have been through it.

No. 1932714

That's why I want this to be it's own thread, cause it's such a fascinating showcase of the worst aspects of troon culture, which they try to disguise with irony on twitter, but have to acknowledge is pathetic and harmful IRL.

No. 1932715

i miss the 00s yaoi era so much fellow fujo anons…

No. 1932717

kek she gave the nerdy guy glasses eyelashes. what a repulsive style, i support this cow getting her own thread

No. 1932736

I hate how the tranny characters are portrayed as pretty feminine anime girls but the trans men are all ugly women with acne. Also she made a bestiality joke about white women. Her self hatred is unreal.

No. 1932748

I'm the original anon who posted abt this girl's comic, I found it by this image which I thought was incredibly niche, I read the whole comic in one night bc I've never seen someone so close to peaking without realizing it besides the tumblr speech/the names and fashion of the gendie women reminds me a lot of when there was discourse about everything on tumblr anyway sorry for blog post I'm usually a lurker since English isn't my first language I get nervous I may be interpreted wrongly

No. 1932770

>Also she made a bestiality joke about white women. Her self hatred is unreal.
She wants to be a moid so hard, she uses their horrid "jokes".

No. 1932813

Ayrt, you're good! I read the whole thing yesterday because of your post, I find it fascinating. I think the author and the audience think that she's satirizing a type of person from their in-group, rather than the group itself. There's a lot of "we've all met this person" comments. I also notice that she doesn't do a lot of reflecting on gender (aside from Claire's terf crimes), except if this were accurate then the events of this comic would be interspersed by Gage's gofundme for her t shots and a screenshot of a youtube essay on how it's not okay to misgender Griffin even though she's a murderer and attempted rapist.

No. 1932827

They now claim that underage children should be given "gender affirming care" as soon as possible, otherwise it is literally genocide.

No. 1932831

File: 1700784012421.jpg (424.7 KB, 1200x948, 20231123_175458.jpg)

Glancing through her post history, she is into fanfic and "SlickOmega" probably is a reference to omegaverse fic. All her fantasies about being a breedable omega like her fanfics dashed by the reality that she appears at best like a butch lesbian

No. 1932832

I unfollowed an artist who said that. Of course she won't notice it or give a fuck, but one thing is adults doing it and other forcing kids to. No, it doesn't help them at all and most of the time they're given medicine meant for cancer patients.

And no, I don't meant that AGP Sophie Whatever. He can still draw his comics in his echo chamber.

No. 1932835

>genderqueer pup

No. 1932846

she should post her tinder id itt, I'm sure some of you would swipe left

No. 1932855

Kek especially the ones who are so fond of calling each and every tif hot and going 'I can fix her' even if she's the straightest woman in existence.

No. 1932857

i'm sorry i'm still laughing at "jack black is cis but has transmasc swag" and then an essay written below about how it's because he's short fat and Jewish. Feel like if anyone asks me what tumblr is like I should just show this to them

No. 1932862

denny devito is transmasc swag

No. 1932863

I can't believe people ITT find this hideous 2014 tungle shit appealing. Looks like homestuck fucked calarts beanmouth. Those moist mettaton eyelids hanging over their lazy chronic weed user eyes are especially revolting.

No. 1932900

>gay men see woman at a gay bar
>assume she's lesbian and don't even sound catty about it
They could've done worse Tiffany, like guess correctly that you're a straight girl fag hag.

No. 1932907

Ah, of course autism
I’ve watched this video recently, there was a tif speaking about self diagnosed autism, then gets an official diagnosis of her being autistic. And there was a decent amount of comments being like: “trans and autistic, same”. Will they ever do the math is a mystery…
Also double fun that her other videos are about romance and boys, what is typically socially considered to be a feminine interest, but no - she fujoed herself into a tif

No. 1932918

>assume she's lesbian and don't even sound catty about it
Those are the serious 'straight' gays. Not every gay is a catty transwannabe/he-him tranny

No. 1932928

File: 1700806983274.png (23.15 KB, 800x800, 51537a1636532948b68615f1118176…)

yup i'd post there.
yeah the sister is really interesting. i think the empathy the author shows her boils down to "poor terves, they are traumatized, but instead of going to therapy they use their trauma as a weapon against innocent trannies, which is inexcusable and evil" which ultimately misses the point.
i have to admit as well her imitation of KF posts is on point, she did browse it and does know which traits make milo a lolcow. but her foresight ends there, because she uses to pitybait, which only works on aimless gendies.
other thing i wanna point out is the sheer amount of consoom.the art is shit, expressionless faces and backwards hands, graphic/fandom tees on every other character and characters from another IP are very carefully rendered like there >>1931896, (where, btw, we're supposed to feel sorry that her father tosses away her hoard of plushies that doesn't fit in his house, where she can live for free until she has a job). it's like she thinks liking anime or whatever adds depth to the personality of the characters, like milo liking MLP = cinnamon roll smol bean, the terf liking NGE and portal = boy's media = she's an NLOG curmudgeon womanhater. her world is entirely online and she can only portray characters that are online, where your personality is your fandom. i can't fathom any of her characters gardening or playing a sport, there's only the goth tranny working in a funeral home, but that's just ~part of his aesthetic~. picrel is the grandma's precious moments figures, even HER personality is consoom.

No. 1932934

Damn I can't even tell in the picrel if it's supposed to be the tif's front side or backside, a faceless face or the back of her head/hair.

No. 1932935

File: 1700808475330.png (628.04 KB, 709x701, Untitd.png)

Wow, I thought this was a joke.

No. 1932936

File: 1700809014297.png (1.01 MB, 786x839, Untitd.png)

Christ. What prompts women to do this after their teen and college years?

No. 1932938

Have you seen how many of the people who post on r/transmasc (we need to add this to the list of links) and r/ftm are below 18? I see more minors than adults who are TIFs these days. And they whine themselves how they would die if they don't go on hormones now.

No. 1932957

the funeral house goth is a tim? aww.

also kek at the comments saying that things like the dismembered girl wearing a mitski tee says a lot about her ~personality~ or recognizing x character from main tif's shelves. i see many comments praising the "depth" of the little details, like overdetailed fandom merch in the background, and it's like this is their first "dark" piece of literature, if you can call this that.

No. 1932967

I just read it, and it was genuinely painful how misogynistic and out of touch it was. It honestly feels like there's too much to say without derailing the thread.

No. 1932968

transmascs after they start testosterone

No. 1932971

Wait so are girls calling themselves transmasc when only dressing masculine? Soooo progressive

No. 1932975

Yes, and being against the sterilisation of kids is now framed as “denying trans kids healthcare”. They’re deliberately framing it as if a 14-year-old Aiden who shows up to the ER with a broken bone would be turned away for being trans. I’ve had to explain to normies that no, that’s not happening, and the only “healthcare” anyone is trying to “deny” these children is shit like cosmetic mastectomies and puberty blockers.

>I get male pronouns at work
Because they had a meeting behind her back where the manager was instructed by HR to tell everyone they must play along with her delusion or else. How can they be so naive? If everyone who isn’t informed about your special pronouns in advance assumes you’re a woman that’s because you ARE a woman and look like one. There is no mystery there.

No. 1932978

Do they now actully admit that the treatments sterilize children and they still want to give those drugs to them?

No. 1932979

Samefag, forgot to add; they want these sterilizing treatments for kids asap and then they dare to cry about this genocide when we're the ones trying to PREVENT them from sterilizing the kids and themselves. It's the same logic as fat activists claiming that losing weight is genociding fat people when in fact it could help them live longer.

No. 1932980

They either say that puberty blockers and hormones are 100% safe and reversible (when in reality there is no guarantee that fertility or other sexual function will be restored upon cessation; many people also report developing painful bone issues after using lupron), or they say that freezing eggs and sperm are an option.

Or they just call you a pedophile for expressing concern about the effects these drugs may have on a kid's future fertility/ability to function in future relationships they may have in adulthood.

No. 1932994

>If everyone who isn’t informed about your special pronouns in advance assumes you’re a woman that’s because you ARE
And tbh I don't think most tifs are even mistaken for male. I and a lot of other women I'm sure get sir'd on the phone, meanwhile these tifs fuck up their hormone balance just to get a look of pity before the person ma'am's her kek

No. 1933005

>And they whine themselves how they would die if they don't go on hormones now.

Stuff like that makes me miss the ol' days where girls would be like "labels are for soup" or "emo days". Most of them grew up that phase, but now kids do not want to grown up and see they're not going to be a cute boy but a woman.

No. 1933007

Funny how that works. YOU'RE the pedophile if "you think in someone else's kid genitals and claim it as concern", but they're the ones who tell the same kids that they need to get both chest and bottom surgery because… 41% or something. Not mention also how many of them still act like "living the real childhood they never had m" when most of them are 30-50 years old.

No. 1933022

I was watching this interview of a transwoman, done by a transman, and conviniently there's some talk about the effects of puberty blockers and some info on freezing sperm. I didn't know it costs yearly to freeze your eggs/sperm. The transwoman says even though he was told about the options, he was a child he did not fully comprehend it. I wish detransitioners' and regretters' voices were more heard.

No. 1933023

Samefag, it should start from 56.47 but didn't work for some reason. So go to that timestamp for the relevant clip.

No. 1933025

File: 1700835148001.png (643.89 KB, 1080x2043, 20231124_073003.png)

Some fucking TiF made an SCP about a fakeboi Aphrodite. Troons really do ruin everything. The interview logs are complete cringe lmfao. The exact kind of shit you'd expect out of a TiF. I'm making it my headcanon that this isn't actually Aphrodite but some schizo troon lol. Thankfully I moved on from my Greek mythology phase.

Btw I hope Akhlys appears in the author's dreams, chanting "You will never be a man" and burning the troon flag.

No. 1933028

This must be her first time writing something that isn't yaoi.

No. 1933031

Looks like someone from the OG group trooned! When this site was still relatively small it was so hard to get an article approved, you had to float ideas in chat and workshop it a bit with legacy members. So insulting knowing this slop is on there, they at least used to pretend to have standards for newbies/themselves.

No. 1933035

Yeah, you pay for the procedure and then for storage each year.

No. 1933040

Another thing about the TiF author. She's also a complete dumbass too (well… all troons are dumbasses, but this one especially). There's a line where it's mentioned that Hathor was a creation of troon-aphrodite's son. This completely ignores the fact that Egyptian mythology is much older than Greek mythology. The fact that this troon couldn't even do basic research yet this garbage got onto the site is actually infuriating, and more proof the SCP wiki loves troons.

No. 1933044

Is anyone actually saying that you can combine freezing eggs/sperm with puberty blockers? I’ve only ever heard of TIMs freezing sperm before going on estrogen as fully grown adults. I’m not a medical doctor but getting fertile gametes from a prepubescent child sounds… less than feasible. Also the whole process of extracting eggs is extremely hard on the body so doing that to a vulnerable pubescent girl is a whole other level of medical abuse. Can we just leave these kids alone to develop normally for fucks sake

>Or they just call you a pedophile for expressing concern

One I’ve been seeing more of recently is “breeder”, even within some gc circles. Stop focusing so much on fertility, breeder! Why do you care if 14 year old girls get radical double mastectomies, breeder? Because eugenics is cool as long as you do it to children, I guess.

No. 1933046

You have to continuously pay to keep it frozen? If your card declines do they unfreeze it and trash it kek?

No. 1933048

isn't that just a standard british face though?(sage)

No. 1933054

Yep, they end up destroying the sperm or eggs if you don't pay for storage , which can range from $100–$500 per year. Don't know if they have to unfreeze the eggs or sperm to do it though.

No. 1933069

>One I’ve been seeing more of recently is “breeder”, even within some gc circles. Stop focusing so much on fertility, breeder! Why do you care if 14 year old girls get radical double mastectomies, breeder? Because eugenics is cool as long as you do it to children, I guess.
It's not that infertility is cool, it's that if your daughter wants top surgery responding with "but how will you feed my grandbabies! childbirth is a your divine feminine superpower!" is not going to help the situation. Too many GC identified women are just straight up mormon breeder freaks and should be called out for it tbh.

No. 1933072

They’re right to criticize their focus on fertility as if it’s the most important part of transitioning. Most of these women are transitioning because they feel some sort of discomfort with the traditional role women are delegated to and it’s very disconnected and short-sighted to think that pointing it out to transitioning women is helpful at all. If anything, it makes them more set in their intention to transition and distance themselves from that role.
People who bring up fertility as if it’s the most important thing aren’t actually concerned with the well-being of these women at all and TiFs, as obtuse as they are, can pick up on that. Much more relevant and urgent concerns of transition like higher risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, uterine cancer, and all the severe complications and chronic conditions resulting from surgeries are rarely brought up in mainstream GC/conservative circles, which is very telling.

No. 1933079

I agree focusing on fertility is forced incubator bullshit but I think many potential tifs would turn away from transitioning because of it since so many of them go on to become "seahorse dads" retardedly enough so I think a lot of them would still care about being able to do that. Not including the cohort of women who think testosterone doubles as birth control though

No. 1933091

as an american who's been living in england for a year, yes lmao. small island = small gene pool

No. 1933129

>small gene pool
There’s nearly 70 million people in the UK. It’s in the top 20 out of 200+ countries worldwide for population size. Standard retarded American

No. 1933139

I absolutely agree with you. It doesn't help to always focus on fertility, but there is a difference between "you must fulfill your womanly duty" and "maybe one day you would like to have a child and it is not good to ruin your reproductive health". I don't think all women are destined to be mothers, but it's also a decision that a child should not make.

No. 1933142

you should spend a year in those countries observing the phenotypes among the native populations, you would realize that I'm right. it's not like i even dislike the britbong phenotype, I'm fucking married to one lmfao

No. 1933145

File: 1700856372879.png (271.99 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20231124-141103.png)

nta but i think all women would be happier to avoid being a mother so i don't think that this topic should be brought up at all, especislly not to TIFs(derailing)

No. 1933154

>you suddenly grow a hag nose

Don't know about that. We don't have to call mothers ugly hags to argue why motherhood is a net negative. "Losing" your looks is at the bottom of the list, and not even true. TiFs in particular don't seem to care about getting hairy and fat and ugly anyway, the ones who do won't go on T at all and call themselves non-binary.

No. 1933156

why'd you reply to me twice? get your grey matter sorted out…

No. 1933163

Fair enough, it's certainly not something that can be discussed in a reasonable manner with TIFs. Especially since the societal pressure is still very real. Yeah, women should think twice before getting pregnant, especially since it usually involves having to put up with some moid, but everyone should still have the choice. Personally I always found the idea of pregnancy terrifying and I have no patience for babies and children, but I doubt that's the norm.

No. 1933164

This isn't even written well. There's no suspense or intrigue about why this creature has a new name it's just "not optional, people" what a boring tranny self insert

No. 1933166

Why are you using a screenshot of lolcow to prove your point, kek. Pregnancy is horrifying to me but I know plenty of friends and family members who've been pregnant with or without complications and haven't seen any of those side effects.

No. 1933168

Besides post natal depression and exetreme body dysmorphia.
Samefagging because I missed something.(derailing)

No. 1933175

Nta but you are just further proving that pregnancy is terrible for women…? Sort your shit out.

No. 1933176

Correct, and your reproductive system contributes to your body being healthy and working even when it's not being used to create a child. Anyone can google the effects of early menopause caused by full hysterectomy and see the negative effects. As for hacking off boobs in the name of "top surgery", it's nothing but body amputation when there is no clinical need for it (tired of the idiots using breast cancer survivors as a gotcha)

No. 1933177

Pregnancy will always be evil in a world that is rapidly decaying. All children born today will die of scurvy, starvation, and/or dehydration.

No. 1933188

File: 1700862232916.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1311, IMG_5321.jpeg)

Idk if this belongs here but this is so viscerally disturbing to me

No. 1933189

comments like the one in picrel are part of why

No. 1933191

File: 1700862696938.jpg (287.62 KB, 1080x1357, Screenshot_2023-11-24-20-18-03…)

What the actual fuck

No. 1933196

This is nothing compared to the tranny Homestuck death satellite SCP.

No. 1933202

The thing is that the SCP Wiki is (or at least was) known for being incredibly picky about what makes it onto the site. A self-insert ftm Aphrodite might be as uninteresting as it gets. The whole article can be summed up in "anomalous schizo who claims to be Aphrodite throws godmoding tantrums at being called Aphrodite and wants to be called by some generic ass TiF name". That's it. It's fucking rediculous that this poorly-written garbage gets let on the site simply because the mods love to bend over backwards for troons.

Yeah I remember that one. Fucking shameful that the admins decided to keep that garbage up despite it being downvoted to hell.

No. 1933206

Manchester is full of attention-seeking faux leftist retards, what's new? See also: The Smiths, Morrissey, and every other shitty indie band that has been born from that godforsaken city.

No. 1933212

Not picky enough to keep a self-inserting pedo off the admin team, though. The site has been infested with misogynists and perverts for a long time, so it turning into a tranny hive isn't all that surprising IMO. It's a shame, since the concept is really fun and some of the SCPs are very well-made.

No. 1933214

I've always avoided posting there because the mod team always gave off a snobbish, elitist attitude but the troon infestation and finding out they kept a pedo on there for years was the final nail in the coffin.

No. 1933217

i thought the chest tattoo was supposed to be like a worm/parasite inside the chest because it's so close to the skin color

No. 1933220

The tif's arms are drawn with bugs too so it's just a quirky "boiz like bugz" thing

No. 1933224

Seconding for a thread on this comic/cow.

No. 1933235

not to derail, but no one called him handsome, defended him, or said he was more attractive than her. >>1931838
this is the closest that comes to "defending" him and i know a moid didn't post this because i, a mean and i guess? judgemental woman, said that kek. he's not good-looking, but neither is she. they are both average.

i just thought it was honestly bizarre that so many anons are calling this specific, bland, tif pretty when lots of more conventionally attractive women get posted to these threads and get picked apart

No. 1933246

Fertility may not matter to everyone, but sexual function matters to most people, even people who do not desire romantic or sexual relationships with other people. HRT may have negative, maybe even permanent, effects on sexual function, but TRAs pretend they are completely reversible.

TRAs, if they aren't writing fanfiction about full-body girlgasms, also still promote it as "worth the euphoria (even if it completely destroys your ability to ever feel sexual pleasure again)!" They acknowledge that you may come out of it never being able to coom again yet still say it will be worth it for… reasons.

But again, bringing up concerns on the effects on future sexual function on the topic of "trans kids" gets you called a pedophile.

No. 1933263

"Hey kid! wanna break your ribs for free for misuse of a binder? Here we go! We are not going to be responsible if that happens!"

No. 1933271

File: 1700877642594.png (333.82 KB, 593x625, Archon.png)

>Getting that ‘femboy bottom tortured in a dungeon for years’ physique

More like "getting that 'pro-ana wet drean' physique. The comments do not help neither. I would tell her to visit a doctor or something.

No. 1933274

Moids with castration fetish literally castrate themselves for the coom (not with HRT, but physically with mechanical damage to their vile junk). It probably is worth it for troons, they aren't even the most hardcore coom self mutilators.

No. 1933277

Reminds me of childfree cows who want a hysterectomy for birth control and because periods are tiring. Like yeah, enjoy osteoporosis and shitting your organs out of your vag because there's no uterus to hold them up.

No. 1933284

Most childfree women know that they don't need a full on fucking hysterectomy to not have children, and I can't think of any doctors who'd approve one without good medical reason when getting your tubes clipped is far simpler and safer.

No. 1933287

Looks like she got mauled by centipede in the dream and vot scars all over, the chest one is memed to be top surgery. Kek, smart tif.

No. 1933288

Most women I know both personally and in passing are very ignorant about the consequences of a hysterectomy. Joke or not they really believe it is as simple as "no more periods and no more babies" and think that any doctor warning them of the side effects are sexist old white men who think women might regret no longer being fertile.(learn to sage)

No. 1933297

She's sucking in again and you fall for it every time. Is this some kind of selfpost?

No. 1933298

NTAYRT but yes Vikki is a troon, the newest chapter has him looking at gore and an image of a dead woman in fishnets and the next page is him posing in the same exact pose wearing fishnets and the comments are
> I'm interpreting this as Vikki doing morbid dissociative roleplay for the gender euphoria
> I don't think she's positioned herself to recreate the crime scene picture, I think she's been drawn in this position to create a symbolic connection- the woman in the picture is literally dead, Vikki feels dead inside
> Vikki's femininity seems to be entwined with death to some degree, and she's not actually all that different to Gage at the same point in their lives. I guess we'll see if she diverges from that path or if she's just as fucked up as everyone else. I'm leaning towards the latter. she's a true crime girlie even in the "present"
Then he meets Xandra before he trooned out and Vikki shows him a dead body (you can’t tell if it’s a woman or man or if it’s in person or just a photograph because the art is so bad) and saying “it’s just like liveleak” and all the troons in the comments just find it funny and relatable. The tim characters in this comic never really get any in-universe punishment, and the fans defend it all. This newest chapter seems like it’s leading up to something bad happening to Vikki at least, but the creator is so misogynistic it’ll likely be nothing or just him killing himself and all the characters praising him for being stunning and brave. The creators going to save anything actually horrific for the tif characters like Milo or the TERF character Claire who went missing at the end of the last chapter. I think the comic and creator would make an interesting thread but I can see her doing what homunculus did since she’s very aware of lolcows.

No. 1933299

>No complications
>besides ppd and extreme body dysmorphia
Like those aren't already a mental hell to be living on earth even before all the physical complications mothers love to gatekeep and not talk about to get more women to become pregnant thinking it's all sunshine and rainbows, and only telling them about the complications either during or after they learn the hard way themselves? Women are notorious for not saying shit about pregnancy, and when they do they brush it off as just some everyday funny shit like it's not completely horrific at all. Literally proving yourself wrong in the same argument(derailing)

No. 1933302

>saying “it’s just like liveleak” and all the troons in the comments just find it funny and relatable.
Of course they would find it funny and relatable, they're the ones that send real gore to people that they disagree with.

No. 1933310

I will say, nothing has made me devalue my own guts and the views of doctors quite like knowing how many medical professionals respond to women with debilitating uterine conditions with "but what if you and your (future) husband want babies someday". Of course I know removing my uterus would have far more complications that actually affect me, personally, than just "I can no longer be the broodmare I never wanted to be in the first place", but patriarchal society truly does make it feel like our bodies are burdens when they're really not.
I'm honestly expecting the author to punish the token black female character for supporting her traumatized GF and not instantly being a prison abolitionist who does everything that TIMs tell her to do by having either her or one of her siblings be imprisoned, possibly as a result of being wrongfully accused or racially profiled. My bet is on her younger brother, who was implied to be mentally challenged.

No. 1933312


No. 1933318

>"but what if you and your (future) husband want babies someday"

sageblog but I'm childfree and my answer is break with that moid. There's no point in dating someone that you're not compatible with. It should be viewed as normal for breaking for kids rather than "you're just a selfish person for breaking with your love for something so trivial".

But since this is not the place to be off topic, I also find unfair I have to get that surgery with all the risks because my partner is so lazy to wear a damn condom.

Which leads me to think in all the tifs doing the same surgery but more because "men do not have uterus and I would donate mine to a TIM".

No. 1933321

don't worry you are the best anorexics and skinniest of them all i can smell your ketosis from here(derailing)

No. 1933322

AYRT and I wasn't talking about moids asking their GFs that. I was talking about doctors asking their female patients that. I've seen women who have been adamantly childfree for decades and even lesbians get refused hysterectomies for medical conditions like endometriosis because they're pre-menopausal, unmarried, and childless. It wouldn't be as much of an issue IMO if the doctors stressed the physical impact it would have on these women's personal health (such as risks of early menopause, incontinence, and prolapse), but the focus is almost always on whether or not they can have kids, usually with the additional specification that they're mostly worried about whether or not a man may some day want kids with them.

No. 1933329

Pointing out clearly observable things like an attention whore sucking in as part of her weird fetish doesn't make someone anorexic.(derailing)

No. 1933344

NTAYRT, but her ribs wouldn’t be showing if she wasn’t sucking in. They’re barely showing with her sucking in. The point is, if she’s gonna make a claim like her physique is “femboy tortured in a dungeon for years” she’s not skinny enough.(derailing)

No. 1933347

File: 1700894643330.jpg (328.32 KB, 3464x3464, 1658575219842.jpg)

This from the account of 13 year old girl, she's terminally online on reddit all day, addicted to yaoi and wants to be a "femboy".

No. 1933348

The internet needs to be taken away from children.

No. 1933362

Sage for blog but all my joints are stiff after having 3 kids, my back is fucked and I am in chronic pain. The issue started in pregnancy and never went away after I had my last child. I also had hyperemesis gravidarum and was extremely ill each time. I still would have had kids had I known about this, but I think we need to make it clear to women that it's not all sunshine and rainbows. My glasses prescription got stronger during in each pregnancy as well. Idk why people don't talk about all the side effects. I think one of the hardest parts for me was dealing with medical personnel/professionals. They are judgey and misogynist and often have zero respect for women and mothers.

No. 1933363

AYRT I’m a native English woman. Everywhere has common phenotypes, it’s just what happens when somewhere has a definable gene pool for long enough (literally any established nation) regardless of its size.

Pro-ana sites have become absolutely full of TIFs in recent years, unsurprisingly. Both anorexia and transgenderism contain a psychological element of body detachment and subsequent objection/‘control’

No. 1933364

Samefag *objectification

No. 1933366

Not to mention the professionals that deal with pregnant women and babies are classist and racist as well. Black women and poor women are far more likely to die in childbirth or be treated like shit when they get pregnant because they grew up in foster care or trying to escape an abusive moid. Mothers and pregnant women are treated like incubators especially if they are marginalized. Having children just makes everyone hate you even more.(samefagging own blogpost)

No. 1933367

Kek I can't believe she took the pic and typed it out without even a shred of embarrassment, like it's legit embarrassing enough to kill anyone who actually goes outside and doesn't suffer from 3rd stage porn-brainrot caused by spending way too much time on the internet. She has to be one of the most tryhard tifs I've seen and that's saying a lot because all of them are tryhards.

No. 1933370

I'm this >>1933168 >>1933164 anon and I was only talking about what the stupid screenshot was listing because of the "hag nose" comment, why would I be horrified about the idea of pregnancy if there weren't any complications or fucked up long term side effects both physically and socially? Is it wrong for me to point out that using a screenshot of lolcow to prove an arguement is at least mildly retarded?

No. 1933372

yeah i know, and i will laugh at those phenotypes regardless of the country I'm in. stop letting your insecurities be so obvious lol

No. 1933381

Ntayrt but yeah these doctors never mention anything relevant to physiological functioning. I attempted to request a hysterectomy due to extremely severe PMDD+extremely painful periods and they basically laughed at me and told me to think about what my "future husband" would think. And these were fucking female doctors, so I can't imagine how disparaging actual moid doctors would be about the topic.

No. 1933383

hope you get better but you've been brainwashed by your own hormones and society's expectations sis. your kids are gonna die in a water war lol(derailing)

No. 1933404

It’s so weird to me that she parodies a well known user, but comes off like the kind who would freak out and delete all her shit and have a panic attack if anyone from kiwifarms were to have actual interest in her comic. There’s some weird undertone to this too where she thinks she’s smarter than them and this is some epic own because she talks about their super secret site.(sage your shit)

No. 1933406

File: 1700907619321.png (100.66 KB, 311x392, 1658574477548.png)

No. 1933410

>girliest childish profile advertising that she is a kid and trans
Her DMs better be locked.

No. 1933418

File: 1700910284885.png (453.53 KB, 742x778, YWNBAFag.png)

>Go to profile pic
>It's a TIF
Everytime. It's clockable on artstyle alone but you had to add in the Fag too why don't you. Apologies if this has been posted before

No. 1933419

File: 1700910538290.jpg (498.72 KB, 1000x1185, Tranny jesus.jpg)

Holy cringe

No. 1933424

File: 1700910776179.png (217.56 KB, 1080x1257, Screenshot_20231125-131113-500…)

Is this her second vent account? The typing style is very similar.

No. 1933426

It's very likely her.

No. 1933427

Milo and the murderer tif I forgot the name of are canonically lolcows in the comic and the whole thing is about chronically online trannies, i’m surprised that kiwifarms only comes up around 2-3 times. The fans act like she really nailed down how they post but that isn’t very hard to do and it’s like extremely surface level parodies, even the way the artist focuses more on the Tumblr callout side of lolcows is just so girly.

No. 1933428

the actual rage and sorrow I'm feeling, I can't describe.

No. 1933429

>13 years old
Please let it be just a larping pedo, please

No. 1933430

I wish the pope could see this

No. 1933431

Tifs love saying words like faggot, retard, and tranny because they think saying slurs makes them more male. But unless they are black they are almost always too scared to say nigger.(racebait)

No. 1933433

I wish this were the case, but there's something so completely naive about her that only a dumb kid who grew up on the internet would post. In her previous account, she posted arguments with her mother that are very teenage girlish.

No. 1933437

For the love of Christ, get this kid away from the Internet. There has to be some kind of mental illness or abuse at play here, because I was thirsted after anime boys when I was 13, but I never "kinned" them or cried about not having a dick. Something has to be wrong here.

No. 1933439

File: 1700912583435.png (3.11 MB, 2048x2048, Screenshot202372792.png)

The character she has as a profile pic is from a manhwa (Korean webcomic) known as "Suicide boy". The character she kins is the protagonist, Lee Hooni. His mother died from illness, his abusive drunk father abandoned him, left him with a giant debt to pay, he gets bullied at school and in every chapter he tries to find a new way to kill himself but fails everytime. He's very socially awkward, traumatized, has low self esteem, regularly self harms and does terribly in school. As the comic progresses he gets more friends who care about him and he's not as suicidal. At the beginning it's comedic, yet sad, however it gets very coomerish. The author (he is male, not a TIF) is a femboy, draws shotas on his Twitter, and has picrel as a self-insert in the comic named Sana. He is Hooni's next-door neighbor, as well as a very popular (and spoiled) webcomic illustrator. His previous comics starts selling less so he tries to make up a new idea. After meeting Hooni, he starts visiting him to take notes from him, pretending to be his friends while he basically milks his depression for money. The comic's art quality has gotten better but now it's just filled with coomerish jokes and the latest chapters were all about one very athletic intimidating girl who has a crush on Hooni because he's cute, trying to change her appearance to be more attractive to him and giving up boxing. Picrel is how his self-insert used to look vs what it looks like now.

No. 1933441

TRA logic is that you can't transition to another race because race isn't a social construct (it is, sex isn't) race isn't a spectrum (it is, sex is not) race is genetic (so is sex) and race dysphoria "isn't a thing" (40 years ago, neither was gender dysphoria, and body integrity disorder is "a thing" but we don't enable it.) It's totally stupid. If they want to be logically consistent, they have to start enabling the Rachel Dolezals and Buffy Saint-Maries of the world, too. As far as I'm concerned, nothing goes or everything goes. It's a great example of how contradictory and destructive idpol is; in trying to defend marginalized identities, people have gone full horseshoe-theory, eroding away protections for women, resurrecting the noble savage trope, and acting aggressively paternalistic.

No. 1933442

File: 1700913038234.png (475.16 KB, 750x750, 1644441060-image.png)

This is what he looks like. The pic isn't recent, plus he dyes his hair different colors all the time. And this is his Twitter: https://twitter.com/ch960116

No. 1933443

I remember a few years back someone venting about how the comic has devolved into "Femboy jokes" and how all the male characters are depicted as completely feminine and the artist ponr of them, and considering that was a few years back, it's likely gotten worse.

No. 1933457

File: 1700915780893.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 1194x6487, IMG_9618.jpeg)

finally, a place to post this ftmtftm or whatever the fuck kind of convoluted shit she’s going for(spoiler nsfw content)

No. 1933460

Spoiler this retard

No. 1933466

you can’t see shit minimized, sorry for making you horny but that’s really not my problem(retard)

No. 1933470

What the fuck, it’s gross.

No. 1933475

Are you lost? Or maybe you are retarded?

No. 1933479

File: 1700920722434.png (131.43 KB, 576x802, Screenshot_20231125-105621~2.p…)

Don't forget the "You don't need a formal diagnosis"

No. 1933491

File: 1700921790549.jpg (110.56 KB, 1280x720, GK0dm2DLry4.jpg)

Is he trans now?

No. 1933508

File: 1700924270973.jpeg (377.39 KB, 1423x2048, 1689459965335.jpeg)

How sad that you cannot report the account since Reddit is for 13 and older.

Same energy. Funny thing is that TIFs all bark and no bite.

No. 1933514

File: 1700925161809.png (56.2 KB, 740x410, wtf.png)

Holy Hell, I'm surprised she's not banned off Reddit ('I don't go to nsfw boards', right). I'm surprised no one have report her, specially when the first account was made when she was 11 years old. Someone tell her that is ok to be a tomboy.

"Oh my mom agrees with the transphobe" She's right.

No. 1933516

File: 1700925484859.jpeg (596.01 KB, 1536x2048, F_HRMzwbwAApTBu.jpeg)

I'm not surprised if she's taking the "male pseudonym/persona" to her comic. Imagine all the westerns horrified that a Korean woman is doing "MLM stuff".

No. 1933534

>And they whine themselves how they would die if they don't go on hormones now.
This is just conditioning from all the trans propaganda about teen trans suicides.
"Would you rather have a dead daughter or a happy son?" bullshit.
Trans brainwashing is vile.

No. 1933536

Troons are never going to be happy. Whether they have a rotting frankendick and scars on their chest or an axe wound mockery of a "vagina" and plastic fake tits.(learn to sage)

No. 1933540

God help this kid, advertising her age like that on reddit isn't going to end well. I don't want to imagine the kind of people that are in her DMs.

No. 1933543

File: 1700930778733.png (56.17 KB, 750x404, Screenshot.png)

>1: masturbaiting is normal for a 13 year old especially since I’m still going through puberty and my hormones are going batshit insane
One thing is masturbating, other is masturbating while watching porn. One is normal, other is not at such young age.

> 2: masturbaition actually has a bunch of benefits like stress relief and shit. Idc about “b-b-but it’s a sin"

Nowhere that user said masturbation is a sin, she said that you can do more stuff so you can avoid to WATCH PORN.

>3:"I have an addiction broski it ain’t that easy to just do that"

If you have an addiction, go seek mental help, but I bet she'll deny it because "doctors do not understand that I'm a man!".

No. 1933546

There's nothing more male than degrading and making fun of women who went thru childbirth, especially devaluing their work. You sure you're not meant to be a tiffany, NLOG-chan?(taking the bait)

No. 1933547

File: 1700931570231.jpg (357.93 KB, 744x1220, uhno.jpg)

Last post, but… "You keep using that word".gif

No. 1933550

This kid said she made a NSFW account in TikTok for her nsfw thoughts and got tons of comments from adults. She's not sane and I'm thinking the "femboy" parade is just a phrase to ignore she's a girl.

No. 1933552

This girl is going to be so beyond fucked, as a BPDtard who was very similar to her at that age, The only solution is for her parents find all of her posts and restrict her from going on anything other than youtube kids and girlsgogames. I hope for autoyaoiphilia-chan that if she doesn't lose her internet privileges she at least peaks earlier than I did.

No. 1933565

File: 1700934014762.jpg (38.79 KB, 978x640, F1M6YNsaUAE00w6.jpg)

This is what I mean when I talk about the harms porn addiction can have young women and girls, I was into really fucked up shit at a young age and It took me a while to recover but I had to do it my own cause there are basically no resources for specifically young girls and I can specifically that there are no resources for those into yaoi porn(Which she seems to be into)

No. 1933570

I don't know if it's because this kid's been online since she was 9, but the way she types and her vocabulary are very advanced for a 13 year old. I hope she's lying about her age.

No. 1933573

File: 1700937289184.png (653.74 KB, 891x498, Screenshot_20231125-203333-431…)

You're probably confusing this. >>1933424 is the 13 year old. >>1933516 is the author of the webcomic she likes. And he's a "femboy", he streams sometimes and his voice is clearly of a man. This is his most recent video. I don't understand Korean, so I don't know if he's a TIM now https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9spL0UpUcBA

No. 1933596

File: 1700940624566.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 1000x1500, 1644441052-image.png)

Saged for ot, I'll refrain from posting more about this to avoid derailing the thread. But I feel like it's just a pedo moid who might be microdosing on estrogen or is just fat enough to have gross moobs. He probably also had some work done on his face to make his features softer and photoshops his pictures a lot, however both his voice (there's videos of him with other people too so I doubt he's using a voice changer) and manner of talking is very male. I don't how to explain it properly, but there's just expressions, tone and stuff like that in korean language that makes it obvious when someone is male/female or what gender they were raised by/mostly surround themselves with (like if someone only has male friends, they might use male humour and expressions more often). It could be a larping tif too but I clearly remember how even that one korean tif who's brought up a lot in this thread (the one with landwhale boyfriend), wasn't able to pass off as male in her speech as much as this sorry excuse of a human being does. Besides, korean bl authors or female authors in general aren't really known for using male pseudonyms just to please the western audience, they literally couldn't care less. There's also picrel (that I'm going to spoiler because he's ugly), and those hands and feet don't lie. All tims get clocked at a glance because of them kek.

No. 1933605

File: 1700941112555.png (472.45 KB, 816x1072, Screenshots_2023-11-25-22-31-4…)

Took 4 seconds of scrolling on reddit to find this. Some troon seething over the fact that "wuh all my friends detransed!" God forbid your friends outgrow your delusion kek

No. 1933607

File: 1700941129366.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.45 KB, 720x455, 1.jpg)

Samefag and I found his old pic. It's definitely a moid.

No. 1933610

>didn't allow me to get on T and cringed calling me by my preferred name but has no issue dating someone who went by he/it and most recently: "he/him, she/her for close friends"
Clown on clown violence.

No. 1933627

File: 1700943153394.jpg (195.84 KB, 1080x1136, Screenshot_20231125_012054_Chr…)

So apparently girls can't play tags, can't feel confident or consider themselves better than the boys, can't play with bugs without being scared of them, and are physically incapable of crawling through a drainage pipe unless there's secretly a male brain inside their head.

No. 1933643

So if I got in fights with boys when I was a kid and liked bugs I was a boy all along? What retarded logic is this. They sure claim that they're breaking gender norms but fucking hell their idea of femininity is more old school than a Conservative woman.

No. 1933652

File: 1700946837384.png (89.46 KB, 1186x545, Screenshot.png)

Peak fakeboi moment.

No. 1933657

playing with bugs is a girlhood experience. think about it, how many TIFs love bugs as opposed to TIMs? and it's not like TIMs hide their male interests (all the ones into programming, tanks and gore come to mind)

girls play with bugs, boys squish them. also the girls in her school didn't play tag? sounds like she's rewriting her own memories

No. 1933659

Well that's good, she will detroon sooner or later so at least she won't do massive damage to her body unless she gets surgeries.

No. 1933664

Yeah I meant the 13 y/o kek

No. 1933674

File: 1700950522766.gif (3.48 MB, 486x273, 0a6.gif)

sageblog but I have been called "boy" for not wanting to fangirl about the Backstreet boys and instead I wanted to talk about Dragon Ball.
"We are breaking the gender norms" while trying to act like "real men". You can be a woman with other kind of hobbies, tifs, is ok.

No. 1933683

You just know they've never had sex or gone beyond cuddling and a peck on the lips, kek.

No. 1933685

>Female = feminine, showing cleavage, heavy makeup, dresses
TIFs live react to Mary Tyler Moore frequently wearing pants on TV in the 1960s without calling her "trans masc" challenge (impossible).
>"FTM femininity is fine though!"
Trenders rely on trutrans to "prove" trannery "isn't a trend", trutrans rely on trenders to "prove" trannery "isn't based around regressive gender roles and stereotypes."
My childhood perfectly matches the "trans masc childhood" described in the first comment. A lot of other women I know would relate to that description as well. Were we all just "secretly boys"? No. We were just explorative and ambitious, like most children are. Those childhood memories of being rowdy, adventurous, and craving respect stand out far more to women than they do to men, though, since little girls are told to repress those parts of themselves much more often than little boys are.

No. 1933712

I can't believe how in our ol' days, being "tomboy" was normal because they expected to us to be "back to a woman". Now they expect to get a surgery and be a man.

No. 1933725

To be honest the post in the screenshot just seems like it’s been written by some male who’s jerking off to the idea of pregnancy ‘ruining’ women’s bodies.

No. 1933730

Autism + yaoi brainrot is real. It’s odd (and depressing) seeing her profile because I was exactly the same before I peaked. Hopefully she realizes soon or her parents monitor her web activity better

No. 1933739

>"Being a tomboy is just a phase, all women are naturally inclined to perform femininity"
>"Being a tomboy is just an early sign of trans masculinity, they'll grow up to be trans men"
Neither reaction is good, and they both perpetuate each other like some sort of misogynistic ouroboros.

No. 1933749

File: 1700965525617.jpg (911.68 KB, 1440x1800, sbdiwvdyqvxka.jpg)

not quite milky but perhaps some good news? A tif artist seemed to have detransitioned both herself and her persona

No. 1933751

this is parkgee the author of suicide boy and no he isn't a TiM surprisingly. he has stated he is male and the boobs are not due to microdosing estrogen but a hormonal imbalance. I've watched his art streams and he's discussed about it before.

No. 1933756

Whenever I see this image all I can think of is how the sad blue person the furry is biting is covered in diarrhoea

No. 1933773

idfk this person but its funny how the tif version is way more sexualised than the detrans version

No. 1933775

File: 1700973191581.jpg (700.58 KB, 1079x1628, Screen_shot_Insta_gram.jpg)

Found in the wild, a friend group of gross looking "alt" he/it/they/she tiffanies, one even having fresh sh out in the open. In another video there's more on her back for some reason too. Real classy.

No. 1933776

this is depressing,

No. 1933779

>I prided myself on being an nlog so much that I call myself a boy now! I'm sooo nlog that I liked playing tag, touched a bug and totally wasn't scared, and crawled through a drainpipe. Totally macho out of this world behaviour, I know.

No. 1933785

>10+ facial piercings
What is with tifs and the obsession with mutilating and scarring themselves? And they always have to make it extremely obvious and broadcast it to the world. Attention seeking mental illness to the extreme

No. 1933789

As a little girl I liked catching lizards and snakes, climbing trees, and wearing a camouflage jacket from the army surplus store. I guess I shoulda cut my tits off, huh?

No. 1933791

Autism isn't necessary to develop a porn addiction and ruin your life over it.

No. 1933796

File: 1700980159967.png (1.92 MB, 1822x1796, oursoulsaremen.png)

>Women are just jealous of us:

No. 1933797

Noelle Stevenson?

No. 1933798

wtf i can't imagine what it does to a 9 years old brain… and to a person watching it every day on all platforms since childhood. i mean yea that's why all moids are fucked up these days. if it's getting to women too..

No. 1933801

>big dick energy shirt

No. 1933803

So they're admitting they transition to try and escape sexism? They just think women who aren't retarded are bitter that tifs are escaping sexism (when they really aren't, and actually further entrench sexism in society through their actions and beliefs).

No. 1933817

Of course women would be more hesitant, women have been constantly told this thing isn't ladylike enough and that thing is too manly and now they're seeing a woman fall for that bullshit. Of course a moid wouldn't care as much. And kek at the tif assuming out of nowhere that they must hate being women and are just jealous tifs get to escape, you just know that's why she trooned, then backpedals at the last sentence to assure she isn't escaping actually cos it's not her fault she's male, poor her! And wow, a woman is more likely to be a feminist imagine that.

No. 1933829

File: 1700990031335.png (284.05 KB, 816x999, Screenshots_2023-11-26-12-13-1…)

rare based reddit moment

No. 1933840

>terves are just jealous I became a sexism immune moid
>implying anyone ever sees you as a moid and not a mentally ill woman

No. 1933848

>posts on r/teenagers
Christ I hate seeing kids get infected by this.

No. 1933849

Just more proof that this shit is just for asspats and validation

No. 1933863

This type of thing always makes me laugh. TIFs try so hard to come off as tough and masculine with the violent messages and slurs, but it's all done through these childish chicken-scratchy pastel furry art styles. It really betrays the fact that they'll always be women.

No. 1933865

They love throwing slurs around because they think it makes them so edgy and male, but they only stay within the realm of what is considered "acceptable" e.g., only the words they feel they can "reclaim" (ignore the fact that they are women calling themselves faggots but these are people who believe that if you repeat a lie enough times, then it becomes true). Only the extremely brazen ones go as far as blurting out racial slurs to enhance their masculinity, and yet even then it's usually only in private messages because they're scared of being cancelled by other tifs.

No. 1933873

i know it's not the same thing, but it reminds me of when prostitutes say 'when i tell women i'm a prostitute they tell me i should get out, but men are always supportive!' like yeah no shit women worry about each-other while men couldn't care less

No. 1933880

File: 1701005647748.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1284x2234, IMG_9696.jpeg)

I don’t understand. If I saw her I would assume she was a butch lesbian. I don’t think that is audacious of me.

No. 1933885

tif mistakes her low iq for high ego. sad!

No. 1933888

What peaked me:
My TIF friend jealously saying "if I had boobs as small as yours I wouldn't even need to get top surgery" and being completely serious and seeing no reason that would be insulting. She's since chopped hers off and I stopped being friends with her. She also lived in a 3 bedroom house with no roommates that her parents helped pay for. She'd look at me and say "being trans is so hard" meanwhile i was homeless at the time and living in the woods. The way both TIMs and TIFs make these regressive sexist remarks and have no insight to how privileged and self centered they are really disgusts me.(blog)

No. 1933895

File: 1701008204886.png (80.44 KB, 654x381, Screenshot 2023-11-26 9.09.17 …)

>They are like oh yeah you want to be a man, understandable.
Hmmm… I wonder why people recognize that being a man is easier than being a woman? It's almost as if society automatically places females in the underclass based on their biology. I wonder why evil TERFS are desperately trying to preserve the already scarcely-held beleif "gender" doesn't shape your whole being?

No. 1933903

File: 1701010280120.jpeg (378.08 KB, 1169x1953, 1292C81E-8975-44BC-93C9-B7AA53…)

This trend is kind of sad but it’s hilarious when someone terminally online westernized gendie girl complains about being disconnected with her culture. There’s a reason

No. 1933908

What kind of world does she live in where men are so accepting? Most men would beat her up and say "If you want to be a man, I'll treat you like one" or bully her

No. 1933914

>won't even say terfs
hilarious, they are the ones who popularized the term and use it like the new "feminazi" but now they realize it refers to feminism?

No. 1933926

File: 1701015347829.jpeg (44.4 KB, 400x539, 158CE0D9-8170-4415-A3D8-A481D7…)

She does realize it’s men making up the most vile transphobic memes and 99 percent of men are transphobic? Does she not realize it’s mostly women who are defending them half the time and men associate tranny support with women and blame women for it becoming more “acceptable”? How much of a cock sucker do you have to be to meme yourself into believing that uhm actually it’s women who are the problem? Lmao and of course it’s easier to be a man, they have a lot less to fucking worry about.

No. 1933938

File: 1701020373878.png (379.3 KB, 935x551, Screenshot 2023-11-26 12.33.24…)

I find it so weird when people comment "you're so handsome" and other variants on tif posts because like, never are the tifs wearing anything that would make even a 'cis' man considered handsome.

No. 1933944

Can we get more posts like this? Makes me happy to see young women escaping the cult. (Also, she went from 1.5k to 60.8k followers within the same year? Dayum.)
Everyone plays tag, wtf. In my experience, more so girls than boys. Also the bug thing being the most Tiffany stereotype ever (but the interest of almost zero actual adult men) should tell them something.

No. 1933952

Anyone can have any interest, when men have them they're more respectable. Like 2000s 'if a woman likes video games she's doing it for attention', male sewing = zomg so cool manly lifeskills while a woman sewing is just boring women's labor, etc.
Digging for bugs is a common childhood activity regardless of gender, I remember digging for a lot of them on the playground myself. But of course a male entomologist is far more respectable than some woman with the same interest.

No. 1933969

None of this is unique to TiFs or boys. When I was small, all of the little girls I knew would play tag and other competitive games at recess. I also used to see girls playing tag and such when I used to work at a daycare. Also, I loved catching things as a kid– butterflies, pillbugs, frogs, garter snakes, etc. I just thought they were cute, and today I'm a relatively feminine adult woman. This is all so absurd and reductive.

No. 1933972

No, but autistic people, particularly women, have a poor sense of personal identity. Also, teenage autists tend to latch onto fandoms and such both as a fixation and as an easier way to make friends or fit in. As an autistic woman, I feel very much like we're being targeted by this cult.

No. 1933975

of course

No. 1933978

he's very clearly on hrt and lying about it, he's one of those guys who troon out in terms of clothes hair pills but still call themselves male, i don't really get it but he can do him.

No. 1933981

File: 1701027613553.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 929.21 KB, 1080x1920, 3244769694550803713.mp4)

99% sure it’s a tif KEK

No. 1933986

this is obviously fetish content

No. 1934005

nonnie didnt you know? men are so much more chill thats why shes probs only friends with men since women are all drama

No. 1934006

this fat fuck is such a cow, no pun intended, im pretty sure she said chairs are fatphobic. shes just as delusional when it comes to tranny talking points as well

No. 1934007

File: 1701030616548.jpg (316.12 KB, 1280x1922, 1ho3Wwei0y42tU5wL2iSea66fo6.jp…)

>'found in the wild'
>'fresh sh'

are we seeing the same picture? they're quite clearly long since healed and scarred over. what's supposed to be milky about a picture of some random alternative gendie who used to cut herself (as though that's such a rare thing)? how many tries did it take you to get that perfect screenshot of the one frame where the scars are best visible, in a video featuring multiple people, nonnie? is it a coincidence that this is the only video or image that shows said scars on either her own or her friend's account? your vendetta is so obvious i am embarrassed on your behalf, frankly. idk what this 19 year old 'he/it' did to you, but posting on lolcow.farm will not heal you, kek. find inner peace.

No. 1934011

File: 1701030649134.jpg (112.45 KB, 719x731, Screenshot_20231126_142429_Dee…)

I don't get why he'd lie about that. It's rare but Hyperprolactinemia exists and can cause breast growth in males. picrel is a translation from his YouTube community page. I don't think it's relevant to keep bringing him up as he's not a TiF and not a TiM either. But if you want to go with the secretly on hrt theory, agree to disagree.

No. 1934042

are you retarded?

No. 1934044

Kekk that you?

No. 1934056

>men don't get defensive about masculinity
Then why are men so deathly afraid of looking "gay", seeing it as feminine and emasculating and "like a woman? And why are they so desperate to define being a man as what a woman is not? But tifs are too busy idealising the fictional dorito chin seme they're self inserting as this week to ask these questions. And so men don't feel tifs are a threat and don't react in a big way, meanwhile of course women get defensive about tims. The way they're trying to emulate male speech like "it's just fax and logic brah" but not one fact was stated

No. 1934063

Ironic to write a long spergy dissertation about how much effort you think went into some social media screenshot, ywnbam

No. 1934072

why can't people on this site comprehend that female antinatalists exist and we believe women who destroy themselves by willingly allowing moids to grow parasites inside of them are all class traitors and setting feminism back for the rest of us(derailing)

No. 1934074

This ayden has never met a man in her life or has a massive learning disability. I cannot fathom existing at any given point in time, looking around and thinking that "men don't get defensive over masculinity".

If I had to guess, they laugh internally and go "yeah, cool" whenever a pudgy horse girl announces that she's a man. The sped may actually believe this is proof they're coolly and manlily "accepting" her (autism).

No. 1934078

I think she meant "men don't go on the defensive when faced with masculinity", which is stupid for a whole different set of reasons.

No. 1934079

File: 1701036636190.png (1.19 MB, 1821x1921, Picsart_23-11-26_22-02-40-452.…)


The contents of my post were revealed to me in a divine vision. If you're too unenlighted to get it, sad to be you, I guess…

No. 1934090

This ayden needs to ponder the obvious fact that she thereatens a man's masculinity less than an average woman does.

No. 1934133

wolf cut

No. 1934135

>this much dedication
ok you’re just an autist now let it go

No. 1934147

it's just a thing the popular femboys do, because it's hotter for coomers to imagine they look like that naturally rather than through medicalization. same thing as a porn actress lying about what procedures she's had done.

No. 1934153

has anyone else noticed the obsession tifs have with cowboys?, Trying to find gifts for my friend on etsy but I keep getting tif shops recommended and they all have cowboy shit in their shops. I get its all a larp but its weird seeing white girls from la walk around and pretend theyre in brokeback mountain

No. 1934155

> white girls from la walk around and pretend theyre in brokeback mountain
i literally can’t think of any other reason why they all seem to be obsessed with cowboys so it really must be because of brokeback mountain kekk

No. 1934183

Any nonas know whether or not Red Dead Redemption has a large fujo following? I don't read fanfic, so I don't know what constitutes as popular.

No. 1934184

"skinnyfat" doesn't mean "fat". it just means your body isn't toned at all. that girl is thin, but not in shape.

No. 1934186

It's almost a 50/50 split with fujos and yumes

No. 1934196

File: 1701062887076.jpg (310.57 KB, 1080x1614, IMG_20231127_081713.jpg)

You don't actually exist nonnies, and so the tif that made the post isn't real I guess

No. 1934197

File: 1701062957832.jpg (541.71 KB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_2023-11-27-08-16-36…)

I think they will unironically accept kikomi one day

No. 1934198

>no label conflicts with any other label
I guess a KKK member can also identify as a black ally according to this logic

No. 1934200

sounds like an undercover terf, lul

No. 1934208

a lotta words to say nothing actually comprehensible. does she say that all women are automatically trans since theres not a concrete definition for womanhood? i got lost in the word salad, someone dumb it down for me pls.

No. 1934210

File: 1701064926968.jpg (604.58 KB, 2880x2880, 20231127_070259.jpg)

Okay dont know where to put this so I'll put it here. Why dont tifs use roids like old school female body builders? The testosterone they get prescribed just makes them chubby and hairy, not really masculine apart from the beard. Now roided up hgh women however, blow ftms out of the water with their maculinisation. Like the old school roid woman looks way more male, body wise and face wise, than the average tif.

No. 1934216

I am convinced that women who think like this have never been around a group of men in their lives. It’s no wonder they think men just talk about bugs, their OCs, and how much of a male they are.

No. 1934217

Because most TIFs don't actually want to be/look like manly biological men, they want to look like their yaoi husbandos, like K-pop boys, and like Tumblr sexymen. And a lot of TIFs have poor mental health, so they hide in their rooms crying on social media all day rather than pumping iron at the gym.

No. 1934219

you still have to workout and have an insane diet.

No. 1934221

It's cus they don't exercise, that's why they get chubby and weird. If they did they'd get muscular. They are almost always depressed or lazy nerdy shut ins and some are already over weight to begin with, so of course they wouldn't look for a way to get better/healthy
Anyway, it's funny how I saw that pic in the front page and clocked the tif immediately, no T will ever change this frame kek

No. 1934227

Nah its not the lack of exercise, they still have soft, feminine jaws and brow ridges. Female body builders get the hyper maculinised hgh bone structure, tifs dont or barely at. Im not talking about the muscle at all here, even tifs who work out have soft faces and frames. Im not asking why dont they work out, I'm asking why dont they hop on old school hgh?

No. 1934233

To play the devils advocate, her statements align perfectly with trans ideology, no? If you have ever had the displeasure of hearing TRA talking points she is not contradicting them. Like anons upthread said it almost feels like a disguised criticism. Sorry if this post is kind of difficult to follow i'm confused as fuck too

No. 1934238

>we have to allow everyone and everything cos if we ever have boundaries it will offend at least SOMEONE

No. 1934240

>words have meaning
>BUT defining words is gatekeeping
I hate this tiktok mentality, that if you ever want to maintain the definition of a word cos there are people who identify with and use the original definition, and if you defend it from wannabe attention seekers who want to colonise it for special points, wahhhh gatekeeping you're not letting me into your super special party, words change all the time which means you should let me ruin this one wahhhh. Shut the fuck up.

No. 1934275

Sometimes I wonder if testosterone (and estrogen) is just a big farma psy op, and tranies only take it because they see testosterone as "the boy hormone", so the act of taking testosterone itself (rather than the actual effects) gives them the heckin gender euphoria. For the transtrenders at least, because I think some of the more serious trutrans/classical HSTS do take roids.

No. 1934293

>Sometimes I wonder if testosterone (and estrogen) is just a big farma psy op
bingo, it is.

No. 1934294

i think people know that body building roid is bad, but they've turned their brains off to think the innocent heckin' validating life saving "T" is different than the scary "anabolic steroids", even though it's the literal same thing

No. 1934302

File: 1701091924738.png (592.86 KB, 996x1407, narcissists are all conformist…)

I haven't seen any non-amerifag TIF obsessed with cowboys. Here's why I think it happens, though
1. Horsegirl phrase in one of its many manifestations.
2. Many TIFs said they like how cowboys represent freedom. Cowboys live alone, they're strong, cool and most importantly independent. No one tells them what to do. They transition in the first place because they find more freedom in being a man so they long for the freedom cowboys have.
3. Another TIF said "I think historically the cowboy probably resonated significantly with gay men." She talked about the movie Brokeback Mountain, that many gay men loved. The TIFs obsessed with cowboys are the same ones who consider themselves gay men and are obsessed with them. It makes sense they'd try to skinwalk gay men by trying to have the same likes and dislikes as them.
4. Another TIF said that cowboys, vampires, pirates and monsters are popular with "queer people". Aka straight women. These ones just find cowboys attractive.

No. 1934307

File: 1701092560564.jpg (235.97 KB, 1280x800, Cattle_Roundup,_Great_Falls,_M…)

I don't get what Cowboys have to do with freedom? Cowboys were workers whose job was to herd large groups of cattle, the danger in their lives was usually against bandits and groups of natives and they were employed by wealthy businessman and landowners, it's like claiming a border guard as an ideal of freedom.

No. 1934308

They don't know much about cowboys historically aside from what they see on tv, in westerns with their guns and horses riding off on the sunset. It's just the "aesthetic" they like.

No. 1934319

File: 1701093588514.jpg (229.51 KB, 1410x622, Untitled.jpg)

reminder to always accuse tifs of mansplaining whenever they go into detail about something, it makes them really upset. oh well, they're men, right?

No. 1934320

don't worry nona you are right this thread has been ruined by these newfag retards

No. 1934322

File: 1701093906795.jpg (887.63 KB, 2160x2700, orville-peck-big-read-12@2160x…)

nah, not brokeback mountain related, cowboys are literally just "in" right now. they've also especially been "rebranded" by lgbt people as being symbols of freedom and rebellion, which is a fine idea, but uhh 99.9% of the people obsessed with them have absolutely no idea of what cowboy life is like. see orville peck, whose music i like, but he's some canadian city boy completely skinwalking a southern american cowboy aesthetic.

No. 1934325

The masculinized face does not come from bone structure changes but extremely low body fat. Hormones cannot change an adult’s bone structure. We were making fun of TiFs for thinking that it would in threads last year, let’s not make baseless claims kek. That appearance is from the insane bodybuilder exercise and diet routine. Testosterone helps women achieve and maintain a low body fat percentage.

No. 1934326

kekk based move. and i can't believe they are STILL whining about transphobia even when people call them men. they truly have nothing else. TIFs will write misogynistic essays about the psychology of "cis women" which they refuse to be considered as but then break down crying if you treat them like actual moids

No. 1934327

cowboys are a rather common character archetype when it comes to gay man shit, like along with the leather daddies, sailors and such. have you guys never heard of village people

No. 1934331

accusing them of mansplaining is just about the most perfect way to make them question their entire existence without actually talking about trans issues, imo. because mansplaining is a real issue women face, so if you accuse someone of mansplaining the accused is instantly the one who has to make the situation right. that means a tif literally cannot redeem herself unless she wants to try and claim that trans men aren't actually men. all she can do is say "i'm sorry i'll do better" and go cry, otherwise. i highly suggest treating tifs like annoying men when you encounter them, it makes them question everything. it might even make them detrans, which is a win. be sure to also casually talk about how much you hate men, how stupid and sexist and insufferable men are, etc when in their presence.

well yeah but you can't deny there's an resurgent idea of "cowboys are a cool aesthetic" among the youths today that for sure didn't exist in the early 00s or 90s

No. 1934332

i genuinely haven't seen today's youth being especially into cowboys outside of some nerdy fandom spaces… like it is a niche thing the same way same people in those spaces are into frogs or rats etc. but one of the reasons tifs are into cowboys because it's part of their gay man larp because real gay moids have liked cowboys too

No. 1934333

i'm assuming you don't live in a major american city with a high lgbt population cuz uh, i do

No. 1934335

File: 1701094765065.jpg (120.13 KB, 837x525, 543656.jpg)

yeah i'm not from the fatass land. but normie youth aren't into cowboys, and cowboys being a thing in lgbt spaces isn't anything new they have always been there

No. 1934337

No. 1934338

modern trends of burger trends

No. 1934340

File: 1701094940847.jpg (604.45 KB, 2210x797, historical cowboy - media cowb…)

tbf, The distortion of cowboys goes way before modern TIFs and "queer" historians. As stated, cowboys were just cattle herders, many of whom were mostly poor whites, mestizos, and quite a few black men. The job wasn't glamorous by any means. However, it was mostly due to Buffalo Bill's rodeo shows around the end of the settlement of the old west in mostly metropolitan cities that most of the myths of the old west began. His shows were "episodes of life in the old west", watched by millions of people in the citie. These shows basically informed an entire generation of Americans about what life in the old west was like. These distorted version would be further perpetuated by Hollywood movies where the role of cowboy and frontiersman were mixed together. Generations later, queer historian took the research of academics who pointed out how that image in most media is a lie (which is true), but then distorted it even further and created an equally, if not more false, image of queer men and women in racial harmony who wanted to be away from state authority and wanted "freedom".

No. 1934341

you don't have to be so mad just because you're not cool anymore, nona. it's just facts(infighting)

No. 1934342

people who say that shit are always projecting btw

No. 1934344

idk sis you're the one contesting that it's not a modern trend when it totally is, def giving off vibes of crotchety old lady who hates the kids. now stop derailing bc you're having an age crisis

thanks for this, people pretty much gentrified cowboys.(derailing)

No. 1934346

cringe and underaged behavior(spamming non-contributions)

No. 1934347

excellent advice nonna, will be doing this going forward. even bs about how i feel uncomfortable alone with a man when i'm with a tif hahah. at best it will make them rethink everything and at least i can get away from gendies without transphobia accusations. although i've noticed how these days people make sure to specify cis men and cis women when they make blanket statements about either sex, so it's implied that trannies can never do wrong and that it's bigoted to think otherwise..

No. 1934348

File: 1701095444292.png (129.38 KB, 816x678, Screenshots_2023-11-27-12-34-1…)

…What does this mean? Why are they making up terms to infight now?

No. 1934350

what's the flag in the middle.

No. 1934352

The masculinized face definitely comes from bone structure changes kek.
It's because literally nobody wants to look like a moid, moids included. You wouldn't believe how many retarded moids do roids and then don't understand why becoming more virilized also made them uglier when podcast raw keto ray peat roman empire daddy #15637 said muh skulinity is attractive.

Virilization is not visually attractive, at least not in a way that young girls understand. It's also innately tied with aging, so humans are wired to perceive highly virilized faces as older. The aesthetics of a handsome masculine face hinge on a very thin line between "girl" and "prehistoric chimp". Men stay within that range between 18 and (at most) 28. From that point on, past-prime virilization begins to kick their asses.

Female troons instinctively understand that, and are unwilling to trade their futile hopes of looking like a twink/twunk in his prime for a guarantee at passing. I've only ever seen 3 ftms who went the T/HGH route. One is Buck Angel, the other one is that one other chick that looks like Buck Angel, the third one was some random "truscum" or whatever they're called. The rest aim for boyish aesthetics that would be ruined by juicing.

No. 1934356

>It's an entire generation's trend because some clique of 2/10 nyc retards did it for like a week
Flyover with student loans moment

No. 1934357

Why are you so bitter over this lol.

No. 1934360

why would an esl like me use terms like flyover

No. 1934373

Testosterone will actually cause a temporary feeling of euphoria when taken (more energy etc), which Tiffanies could confuse for the hormones/transition making them happy. It doesn't last, but iirc it's addictive.

No. 1934376

Tell me you failed at biology without telling me.

No. 1934378

American Samoa.

No. 1934379

I'm laughing my ass off with the comments of this video, from what I could tell, the character was named a girly name and dressed in pink, and when he chose another name their parents still refer to him as his original name.
Of course this means he's totally a uwu twans boy and the ftm are crying saying this is emotional abuse kek

No. 1934387

It’s like Catholics arguing with Protestants, Mormons, and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Like, you all believe in Jesus and read the Bible, but they’ve gotta split hairs over the correct interpretation of doctrines.

No. 1934411

File: 1701106756338.jpeg (161.55 KB, 1253x239, 20C275ED-2903-49AD-AFDB-F7BD79…)

Do you know how anything in the body works? Your bones are calcified by the time you’re an adult and growth plates are closed so they’re unable to change in shape in any meaningful way like you’re proposing. The only significant bone changes that come after adulthood come from repetitive load bearing (accumulating bone density, which is why strength training is important and recommended for women to avoid osteoporosis), or osteoporosis and similar conditions themselves, or any type of forceful manipulation like smashing your fucking shin into a metal pipe repeatedly or wearing a really tight corset.


No. 1934421

Do you know how anything in the body works? You obviously won't grow taller re: growth plates, but roids WILL make your head bigger and your face brickier even if you started at 50, which you often see in walled moids who go to "male wellness clinics" for TRT. You will also likely grow bigger hands and feet. HGH has drastic effects at absolutely any age, the only difference is where it will grow shit, not whether it will grow at all - that part is a certainty.

In fact, this process happens in negligible amounts to normal non chemically polluted cismoids due to endogenous hormones alone.

No. 1934426

their hormones are made in israel

No. 1934430

From what I can tell, “transmed” = troo trans = truscum = your Kalvin Garrahs/Blaire Whites/The Offensive Trannies/Buck Angels

The official definition is
>Transmedicalism is the idea that being transgender is primarily a medical issue related to the incongruence between an individual's assigned sex at birth and their gender identity, characterized by gender dysphoria. Transmedicalists believe individuals who identify as transgender without experiencing gender dysphoria or desiring to undergo a medical transition through methods such as hormone replacement therapy or sex reassignment surgery are not genuinely transgender. They may also exclude those who identify themselves as non-binary from the trans label.

imo, i appreciate that they usually acknowledge biological reality, but on the other hand they’re still as delusional as >>1933938

No. 1934431

File: 1701108729123.jpg (49.57 KB, 500x712, F000370f37-01-9781437717075.jp…)

Have you never seen an old school female body builder? Or any man on roids after a while? HGH definitely changes your face structure even as an adult.

And if what you claim is true, that bone structure is set as an adults, nobody would suffer from acromegaly, and they do.

No. 1934433

Same anon, and to why it’s “colonialism” probably something to do with other countries having a third gender, i.e. “Two-spirit” for Native people, “hijras” for South Asian eunuchs, and mudoko dako for Uganda. Which, when it comes down to it, is just repackaged homophobia/misogyny… like the idea that effeminate/gay men aren’t actually men.

No. 1934450

Also actual steroids does increase bone density and are used to treat osteoporosis

No. 1934464

File: 1701111727497.jpg (72.65 KB, 400x659, 400px-Volume_85.jpg)

You forgot brokelegs mountain

No. 1934468

File: 1701112158922.png (230.33 KB, 816x840, Screenshots_2023-11-27-22-08-5…)

these are the staple edgelords of our day and age

No. 1934471

Fun fact: genderspecial mtf troons did this to trucum ftm troons at some point years ago on tumbler, back when it was trendy for bricky girldick shims to call themselves "baeddels". The result was exactly what anons described - malding, frothing and immediately pivoting to terfy vagueposts with heavy implications that trans women are men (some went totally mask off with that) and that trans men are incapable of talking over cis or trans women because they were at some point women themselves. The malding trucums were "bros" that would always perform some sexist remarks to sound more bro-ish, too. It only took being perceived as an actual man for a moment for all of their nonchalant bro-ness to vaporize into seething and crytyping.

Another one I recommend is demeaning white ginger troons as white women, and accusing them of white women tears whenever you can. Always guaranteed to make them troonsplain to you about how they're aktually not white or aktually not real women.

No. 1934478

>malding, frothing and immediately pivoting to terfy vagueposts with heavy implications that trans women are men

uh oh, toxic cultist detected.

you poison your own movement by turning off everyone but those most delusional and out of touch with reality and spew all this toxic nonsense about 'real twanz wiminz' (there is no such thing) and 'fake' 'malding' TiMs. They're all male and using phrenology-tier logic to suggest otherwise is insane.

No. 1934483

Read somewhere that average American has 6th grade reading comprehension, tbh I believe it

No. 1934485

tims aren't women

No. 1934491

NTA but nona please read the last section again, she's not saying they are

No. 1934494

I appreciate this history lesson, thank you nona. I've noticed that TiFs tend to latch onto whatever is trendy, and drop whatever falls off trend. Their whole lives are just a collection of borrowed traits and interests (mostly from fandom), they don't have a strong inherent identity of their own.

No. 1934524

It increases the release of dopamine, which most hyperfeminized tiffanies lack badly due to being on SSRIs and birth control since like age 9. Of course getting that badly needed hit feels like doing coke for a hot second, "holy shit I am a God" type of feeling (until tolerance and homeostatic compensation, of course).

No. 1934533

File: 1701121116916.mp4 (6.51 MB, 640x360, One Piece_ A Queer Retrospecti…)

The obsession with pirates to me is even more weird. cause unlike cowboys, even the media which portrays pirate in a positive light, acknowledges that they were plunderers and murders (and often rapists). Now historically around the world most pirates were basically generational bandits from coastal communities. They were doing it for loot and nothing more. During the golden age of piracy, these pirates were mostly former conscripted sailors and a few naval officers basically trying to make money without any taxes from the Government. When they were referred to as the "dregs of society", it wasn't because they were queer rebels. It was because they were lower-class peasants who betrayed their crown. Often, these rebels would side with the governments of other nations. So, English pirates would be offered amnesty by the French or Spanish if they only raided English ships, and vice versa.
even the most historically illiterate person can realize how retarded of a take vidrel is, I guess the only queer thing about the pirates was that they probably raped the cabin boy, but I can't imagine being this out of touch with reality.

No. 1934536

Why is she talking to herself

No. 1934540

I wonder if lil nas x old town Road had anything to do with it too? Though he made that because cowboys were trending or something. Just realising people have idealised cowboys a lot, even in the olden days of media there's a lot of western gunslinger movies. They probably also have an idealised masculinity to them, there usually aren't female centric westerns, so tifs probably latch onto that too. Spitballing though, because I'm not American and all I can think of is mice and men and how lonely and depressed all the characters are kek.

No. 1934606

muh history accuracy in a cartoon about a goofy pirate with elastigirl powers. Mr. enter makes better media critiques than these spergs.

No. 1934648

File: 1701132898745.jpg (63.8 KB, 610x1000, 51POIQjo-mL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

I remember how people were amazed by learn the story about Zheng Yi Sao and "yaaaaaaz queen!", ignoring she was a pirate too doing illegal things too. Of course she's always attributed to the "three codes for the pirates for the Red Flag Fleet".

But if you ask me, the obsession of TIFs with Mafias/cartels stuff is what grins my gears. All of them are into "mafia lifestyle" or "MLM mafia au" with rich people and bodyguards everywhere, but go ahead and try to live under the 'ndrangheta or la Bratva without being used as white trade slave. I know people love fiction, but they should learn a thing or two.

No. 1934652

File: 1701133436735.jpeg (325 KB, 426x1123, 1700858427013.jpeg)

holy shit I remember this, it would always end with the tif threatening suicide or posting sh. I was fascinated with the baeddels, especially one of them who was sort of their chronically online, obese rat king, but it's been almost 10 years I've lost track of what the url was (it might have been baeddel itself). One of their insults of choice for TIFs was "shrimpdick" and it had them shaking and crying, because they couldn't even begin to say anything about the TIMs in return without having to suicidepost and DFE.
I hope some of this era of tumblr has been archived, it was very entertaining to watch these crabs in a bucket. Though it still happens sometimes, picrel from the TIM thread.

No. 1934666

HAHAHAHA I remember this. There was this tiffany called toplioncub who cried about shrimpdick a lot iirc. There were some other cringe people I can't remember the names of.

No. 1934679

No. 1934694

Oh my god, that's a username I haven't seen in years. I used to follow toplioncub in my anti-sjw phase and I used to agree with transmedicalists, but I noticed a lot of them disappeared after awhile. A decent amount of those truscum bloggers were radicalized by how the baeddels treated them exactly how men treat women and TERF'd out. It was kind of epic.

No. 1934715

It's just Our Flag Means Death and to a lesser extent Black Sails. They'll latch onto any subgenre or aesthetic so long as there's a piece of media that mixes it with gay representation or Tumblr sexymen. Whatever genre their husbando is from becomes a ~fruity uwu~ aesthetic: pirates, cowboys, aliens, vampires, fantasy, etc. Either that, or they pick something they already like and label it s "gay" thing because it reinforces their delusion that they're super speshul kweerios. Hence all the retards on Tumblr saying that inane things like mushrooms and frogs are "gay aesthetic."

No. 1934716

They are aware she "gave up" to the Qing government in the end after the fleet was failing and pressure from the Portuguese and Vietnamese, again that's the opposite of freedom and seems more like a thief taking advanage of the situation.

No. 1934719

Oh look another violent tranny. No surprise there.

No. 1934728

File: 1701153456064.jpg (242.1 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_n23uc7CyKg1t0hha5o1_128…)

Kek I just remembered another username that would pop up a lot - transmansable? Pic related

No. 1934730

File: 1701155159571.jpg (154.08 KB, 1031x994, 1000009785.jpg)

Saw this comment on a random blog and I wonder how people don't find this fucked up and are ok with it(also the poster is "heteroflexible" whatever the fuck that means)

No. 1934784

Why do they always have the same style? Either the trucker hat and hoodie or the brightly colored anime boy hair and lots of body mods? They also all pull the same facial expressions, like the tough male protagonist in a Disney movie or the cheeky impish face.

No. 1934851

File: 1701191743999.png (14.92 KB, 608x166, goodforher.png)

Got a message from the mods about the pornsick TIF and I saw her profile. Funny how the community attacks her for something so obvious. I hope she wakes up.

No. 1934884

I remember when all of them were anti-sjws or antifeminists thinking that if they pretend that le men's issues apply to them they'll pass as men, only to be reminded every day that the same rules apply to them. It must be magnitudes worse for a passing roided out pickme than it is for an openly kwueer pooner because at least they permit femininity.

No. 1934888

bodybuildingfag incomming but it's a bit more complicated.
Female bodybuilder get man face from lack of facial fat aswell as dehydratation, but also masseter muscles growth, that what make it different from skelly or grandma faces. Pic related is someone with non roid related "overgrown" massetter muscles vs after they got treatement to make them shrink, it's one of the key element of the roid face.

Biggest difference with tiffanies other than muscle building exercices, taking gear and HGH which promote muscle growth and soft tissue recovery is the use by bodybuilding women of estrogen blockers, which make you lose fat in the part of the body women tend to collect some on, and help to show off your muscles there. It's almost more "gender affirming" than gear look wise but harder to make some clueless hormone therapist use because tif's don't even cycle gear they blast it all year like it's candy. Gear also make you retain water in the face a lot, that why bodybuilder often look goofy when their not cutting but on gear.

acromegaly does impact growth plates fusion, making it possible to graw taller after puberty, some form can develop later in life and give you bone growths aswell as bigger hands and face like Joe Rogan ( who took exogenous HGH for years constantly as an adult, and still it mostly make your muscles bigger ) but don't make you taller, just larger, like trying to make waffers bigger by coating them multiple time in chocolate vs stacking multiple waffers.

No. 1934890

File: 1701198644861.jpg (28.24 KB, 425x258, botox-masseter__425.jpg)

droped pic

No. 1934891

File: 1701199017187.jpg (2.17 MB, 1280x5239, gay_fantasy.jpg)

Posting a classic.

No. 1934892

File: 1701199048793.jpg (447.11 KB, 1280x1514, I can't.jpg)

>tif fantasy

No. 1934894

File: 1701199103707.jpg (369.31 KB, 1280x1707, average_queer_couple.jpg)

>meanwhile IRL

No. 1934895

File: 1701199143224.png (111.02 KB, 1122x739, OP.png)

>her response to the haters

No. 1934899

I'm unironically about to start making "cishet" pride posts if spicy straights keep trying to larp as queer. Just bring me back to the good times when straight guilt wasn't a thing.

No. 1934901

These two retards look nothing like >>1934892 . The moid looks caucasian as fuck but the drawing makes him look like an indian.


No. 1934902

the poc tif is guilty about dating a fucking white male

No. 1934904

kek at her making herself white and him poc.

No. 1934916

All great points. But remember that the female baseline is already innately less IGF'd, HGH'd and T'd, so a woman will gain more acromegalymaxxing from taking them than a moid would.

If tifs were serious about passing they would've juiced. Even if you don't lift you'll still look like an ugly and unfit yet convincing moid.

No. 1934929

true, and taking PED simply virilize women vs taking PED for men just make them roid monsters ( maybe a bit "manlier" but mostly older looking ).

I also wonder if tiffanies don't really have the effect of common roid cycling from their exogenous T because unless it's the daily cream thing ( and I doubt most tif put it on a large enough zone daily for it to be effective ), most are prescribed a long ester that they inject at the beggining of the month and often stop acting in their system before the next shot, maybe supressing their natural T badly. I had more virilizing and muscle gaings from stoping hormonal BC than a lot of those girls have from pharm grad T ( and I don't have PCOS ).

No. 1934939

File: 1701205887417.png (60.89 KB, 143x153, uglysheep.png)

>who are now accepting of their more feminine traits
GEE WHIZ, almost like the idea that you're born in the wrong body is fucking retarded, and this entire trans epidemic is just terminally online insecure people with no self-esteem thinking that their problem is their fucking gender expression, and not their overall self-image and self-worth. Fucking imagine that.

No. 1934947

Homeostatic compensation may cause the opposite effect from what is intended, if that makes sense. It's why some women taking Spironolactone paradoxically get high T symptoms and such. There's also rebound (like the BC situation you described), really depends on the formulation of what you're taking as well as individual metabolism. It's possible that some tifs are further feminizing themselves with their baby-ass testosterone versions kek

No. 1934963

File: 1701207405571.jpg (390.8 KB, 1280x910, LwKu8Co.jpg)

Holy shit this guy kept getting dunked on by other comic artists for being blatantly misogynistic and objectifying of women, and OF COURSE he troons out. I looked up Mary Cagle's comic about him, and of course she's deleted it now. The only way these moids can get back at women is by trooning out so the other online troons will become their personal army to go after anybody that dares to criticize them. I don't blame her for not wanting to deal with that.
Thankfully the internet never forgets.

No. 1934968

File: 1701207733870.png (802.76 KB, 696x586, 1588127477247.png)

A few threads ago some blessed nonna made this edit.

No. 1934992

File: 1701210777709.jpeg (180.23 KB, 1080x1489, Fg-2-nsaUAAyTr1.jpeg)

And of course he can be even more misogynist!

I know this should be posted in the TIM thread but funny how men decided to transition to TrANs WoMEn when they're being called out.

No. 1935038

File: 1701216855442.png (213.09 KB, 720x802, Screenshot_20231128-191103~2.p…)

I can't take these gender loons seriously when they start being obnoxious about being "misgendered".

No. 1935048

typical moid violence aside, lol at the original tweet. do you think this will stop me from "misgendering" you? I have nothing to prove to them. They can also "misgender" me, I know their words don't change reality.

No. 1935054

I hope gendies realize that putting this much emphasis on a self-made first-world problem like pronouns makes them look like neurotic reactionaries, which gives the impression that whatever other sociopolitical issue they're talking about is probably being overblown as well, even if it's obviously not. They genuinely worsen every political conversation they try to participate in.

No. 1935070

How demented do you have to be to care about this? These people live to be offended over problems they make for themselves. Every single one of these nonbinarytards would've gone through life fine being referred to as a woman if trannyshit didn't become a trend.

No. 1935072

tl;dr shim is asking to be glocked

No. 1935134

This facial masculinization trend among tifs is so bleak. Reminds me of the reddit chick who got botched and severely disfigured.(no screenshots, no sage)

No. 1935136

Tifs are always so hyperfeminine in their mannerism

No. 1935143

whys her face so shiny

No. 1935146

Honestly, if a bunch of gendies are this passionate about a sociopolitical issue, it makes me want to examine if I want to be on the same side as these lunatics.

Did they care this much about the war in Syria? No. Did they care this much about China’s treatment of Ughyurs? No. Did they care this much when Roe v. Wade was overturned? No.

If gendies, en masse, are this passionate about an issue, I’m going to guess they’re either on the wrong side of it or they legitimately are blowing it out of proportion.(bait)

No. 1935150

Uh, yes they did? The difference is that the conflict has overtaken the entire social media sphere- the three you mentioned didn't, other than Roe. v Wade which lasted a little longer than the others. The previous biggest topics were COVID and Ukraine, which gendies (and non-gendies) were incredibly passionate about.

No. 1935175

I want to know, too. It's like she has the face of someone with a 20-step skincare routine, but the arms of someone who has never heard of lotion.

No. 1935179

No. 1935183

If it's not about their pet theories (transgenderism, queer theory), they only care for as long as social media is covering it. There's just too much horrific shit in this world for any one person to fully understand and be passionate about it all, but these retards feel the need to pretend that they are since they built their egos around "being woke". It's ironic, since most of the activists who actually accomplish anything tend to keep their political focuses more narrow.

No. 1935184

KEK where is his ponytail? Is she sure he's not some straight guy who's pretending he's okay with her delusion just to smash?

No. 1935187

jesus christ that voice

No. 1935192

kek this is great

truly fascinating how his "new tactic" against terfs relies entirely on terfs identifying with a gender and caring if other people respect it or not.. how retarded and self-centered can trannies be. terfs do not believe in gender ideology, it's the whole point omg

No. 1935196

Is she the one who was threadpic for one of the older threads, who transitioned into looking like baljeet? Depressing af

No. 1935209

nta but yes.

No. 1935339

Short-haired TERF here, the other day a kindly old man wished me a "good day, sir" and then tripped all over himself trying to apologize when he realized his mistake.

I chuckled and told him, "it's not that important, don't sweat it" because it's really not.

No. 1935379

File: 1701298354483.png (598.1 KB, 678x692, the horror the horror.png)

Jesus H Christ.

No. 1935381

female to renaissance baby in a painting

No. 1935384

It got worse! This poor woman.

No. 1935385

dying to see how this looks. Reminds me of dylan malvauney hyping up his surgery just to end up looking exactly the same as before.

No. 1935400

I don't understand why anyone would willingly post this much content showing their face looking like a collection of puffy anuses as a result of post op facial edema.

No. 1935422

she went through all this trouble and you can still clock her just by looking at her hands/arms/shoulders. tragic

No. 1935431

She gives me such a jump when i see her. Watching someone destroy themselves like this is so rough. She is so overtly feminine and womanly in her frame and mannerisms, there isn't enough surgeries in the world that will make her pass. I just want to know what kind of pain she went through to make her think this was the best route.

No. 1935450

Went from baljeet to blobfish.

No. 1935479

Go be butthurt somewhere else no one cares.(infight)

No. 1935482

Not racebaiting but why are so many FTMs brown black or Asian women?

No. 1935491

negative cultural attitudes towards homosexuality, prevalence of autism/fujoshi-ism, and an escape route from feeling like they are failing to live up to both the female and eurocentric beauty standards.

No. 1935493

Why did she draw her white bf as a kpop looking Filipino?

No. 1935496

in my experience, it’s the exact opposite. so many white tifs out there. i wonder how location affects this stuff

No. 1935510

Same. Troons are mostly made up of white people in general but that's to be expected since they're a large % of the population. But anecdotally, I live in a majority asian part of my city (also asian myself) and most of the TIFs I've seen irl were white. Even the she/they womanlite nonbinary stuff is mostly a white person thing, rarely see asians do that.

No. 1935513

TIFs are obviously mentally unwell but I hope this surgery masculinizes her face so she can actually look normal somehow

No. 1935524

Same here too, seems mostly a white person thing because chronically online white zoomers seem to think collecting oppression points is quirky and fun akshully because they've never known what discrimination is like that (so why wouldn't you want it to stay that way?!) I can definitely see south asian girls for example trooning out because of the victim shaming so prevalent in this culture and the strict gender roles that are just upheld as tradition at this point despite all the harm it's doing. A lot of brown girls opt for escapism through things like sports, books, and anime first though.

No. 1935538

Her boyfriend isn’t white because it’s “not” her boyfriend and the girl “isn’t” her. They are random characters she made to project her relationship on and no white men allowed because white men are oppressors and bad.

Here’s where the screenshot of her reacting to the haters comments on the image
“I got tired of never seeing love stories that reminded me of myself-so I made one for myself”

No. 1935561

File: 1701329055830.jpeg (118.53 KB, 603x800, IMG_1710.jpeg)

female to jōmon era pottery

No. 1935572

I laughed so hard at this I barked like a seal. This is truly one of the most beautiful places in our realm.

No. 1935607

did you misunderstand her post or are you a lost troon?

No. 1935611

File: 1701345625418.png (136.61 KB, 1080x1051, Screenshot_20231130-065415~2.p…)

does this idiot think they install inguinal canals along with the silicone balls or does Totally Valid Tiffany not understand how tucking works

No. 1935620

Even if it was possible, tucking one of those things sounds disastrous as fuck.

No. 1935621

Lmao it really is always the girliest girls ever who do this. All of this, but especially the first comic panel and the actually photo, is killing me.
Early contender for next post image kek.
I always find it very reassuring when I'm not on the side of the gendies/wokes that I'm probably on the sane side. They legitimately do make everything they get involved in worse. Normalise people shutting the fuck up about shit they don't understand, ffs.

No. 1935626

I love things that almost always never happen

No. 1935631

Yeah, I remember people finding that threadpic legit hard to look at because it's so self-destructive. She does this cute little girl hand gestures, and twirls, tells her followers she loves them, and wants to go home to feed her 'babies' (cats).

There's truly no logic to why this woman would feel 'like a man' (or even 'manly'), imo it can only be that she's been convinced she must be one because she doesn't like being sexualised/mistreated for being a woman.
Imo it tends to be more middle-class white girls, embarrassed by their 'privilege', but I think nonny is probably right that cultural homophobia and strict gender roles plays a big part.

No. 1935634

sage for blogpost but a lot of effeminate asian moids tend to be mentally unstable and manipulative as fuck

personally knew one and he used to larp as a tif to get closer to women or have them give him attention. I'm pretty sure tims larping as a tif to be "real girl" is a thing now too

No. 1935641

It would be peak retardation to first get a rot sock with balls attached to your crotch only to then tuck them to achieve the look you naturally had.

No. 1935664


No. 1935672

I hate to say it, but everything about her screams CSA. She probably believes being so girly and feminine makes her a target for abuse and is desperate to find an escape, even if it means destroying herself.

No. 1935710

File: 1701361162256.png (3.32 MB, 1333x2000, Grifter.png)

Found this one complaining that she was fired after working for an hour because she's trans. She says the manager told her it was because the paperwork doesn't match her birth certificate and HR was making transphobic comments on the phone. It seemed really fishy so I lurked and found exactly what you would expect. Two obese "trans men" both on hormones living in grandmas spare room. They have money for cigarettes and weed and testosterone but not enough money for food and "can't" get jobs because they want to larp as oppressed so they can stay lazy. Her girlfriend will only eat charcuterie boards and name brand foods so she's worried about her starving to death (but has fat reserves that will last months).

No. 1935728

That fucking eggless cake KEK. Why does she have cake mix but no eggs? Fucking priorities.

No. 1935742

Only in America can you be this retarded at life and not be dying in the street.

No. 1935777

Dump that retarded autist,oh wait she can't because she's as stupid as he is…how horrible.

No. 1935801

My mom hates cooking with eggs, something about the smell I guess, and has made tons of cakes from those store bought cake mixes without eggs. She doesn’t use a substitute either, just canola oil. They end up like normal cakes. Unsurprisingly, these two TIFs are just beyond retarded.

No. 1935803

"He" is also a tif

No. 1935812

>has no money for food
>spends money on a vape pen
Priorities! What a miserable existence.

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