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No. 65391

This is a containment thread for meta discussion that doesn't fall into complaints and suggestions. Feel free to tinfoil or talk about the state of the site but try to avoid being too autistic.

If cerbmin needs to hear it, post it here.

NEW /meta/ THREAD: Site Updates Thread

Previous responses to anons:
>>62774, >>62928 regarding moovie thread
>>62963 accusing other users of being moids
>>63136 explaining infighting from a handful of users

Previous threads, newest to oldest:

No. 65401

File: 1700006485939.jpg (178.35 KB, 736x981, Miniature pony foal (1).jpg)

Not to be a bootlicker, but I've been here since oldmin and this feels like the first time we've had an admin(s) that doesn't suck. We've had many updates this past year in comparison to what we had before, even if some of them were small. I'm very grateful, I think lolcow has a good future.

No. 65428

I agree, I know their trying their best but I just think they are very obviously understaffed at this moment.

No. 65429

requesting again that that Child at Heart" thread on /m/ be restored and why it may have been deleted in the first place

No. 65432

I feel sorry for them having to stear this sinking ship. If anything happens to this place it's most likely going to be symptomatic of how cancerous culture/society has gotten as a whole.

No. 65437

Agreed. I've noticed a definite improvement in how the site loads, so thanks for that admins.

No. 65468

I just wanted to let it be known that tiktok videos previously embedded has disappeared after the embedding update and each post that had been embedded with a tiktok video has been replaced with the text embedding error.

No. 65469

It went away for me on desktop Google Chrome, not Firefox for some reason.

No. 65485

It seems to be in my chrome

No. 65498

For details on the limitations of Firefox (and other privacy-focused browsers) with regards to TikTok embedding!

Anyone having issues on Chrome, can you hard refresh your browser and see if the issue resolves. If it doesn't, could you either email (admin@lolcow.farm) or post your Chrome version numbers so they can be used for testing/resolving it? For transparency, our Chromium testing of the embed changes was done with Chrome version 119.0.6045.160.

No. 65500

File: 1700157750161.jpg (110.61 KB, 700x698, 1652179487410.jpg)

Thank you Cerbmin for the updates and for finally adding new banners!

No. 65501


Apologies for not getting to this sooner, we missed attention that was drawn to it previously. Fortunately this thread was created after I was able to fix the backups function, so it was fairly quick to restore. We are missing the full resolution of one image, so if anyone happens to have it, please email it to us (admin@lolcow.farm)

We're looking into what happened to the thread now, and we'll make a post when the investigation is done

No. 65502

Thank you admin! is there a way to embed instagram reels as well?

No. 65503

File: 1700160856604.png (1.98 MB, 1884x2048, LW4Kvqfa.png)

Thank you so much, but yeah I'm curious of why that(and according to other nonnies some other thread) were deleted.

No. 65504

Wait what happened? Why are the TikTok embeds not working?

No. 65513

My version which works is Chrome 119.0.6045.135

No. 65515

and a few youtube links too

No. 65518

can you please post links to the embeds that are not working? it's not helpful to just state that some aren't working without making it clear which ones.

No. 65520

Thank you to admin for putting new banners in! It's been nice seeing all the new ones pop up.

No. 65521

Also thank you for the other technical updates in the Site Updates thread, our admin are working very hard. ♥

No. 65528

Some of them are in the current consoom thread in /ot/, there were plenty last time I checked

No. 65529

and most importantly, super thanks for removing the daddy's little porkchop one.

No. 65530

is leftcows never being unlocked?

No. 65531

Maybe we can unlock it when Amber’s book finally comes out? She narrated the audiobook too I cannot wait to pirate it

No. 65536

i'm sick of romanianon making her posts so obvious on the vent thread, she needs to integrate better. i don't care about occasional vents you can tell it's her, but today was too much.

No. 65539

I still see this one

No. 65540

Can I ask to be perma banned from posting? I'm too addicted to this site it's ridiculous.

No. 65543

Doesn't she literally have schizophrenia? It's impossible for her posts to be integrated when she's unfortunately not medicated and has a serious mental illness.

No. 65544

Samefag, I especially need this IP permabanned if possible, it's my WiFi. Thank you(you'll be missed)

No. 65545

Can you ban the male in unpopular opinions thread that's calling anons cock sucking whores? This male has been posting for ages but you guys never even delete his posts even when you redtext him, it's suspicious as fuck

No. 65546

just wanted to say thanks to admin because I have seen a lot less CP in recent months. whatever you're doing is working

No. 65547

No. 65548

Sweetest redtext I've seen.

No. 65550

I thought it was BPD

No. 65552

No she’s not schizophrenic, she doesn’t hear and see thing that aren’t there, she’s just traumatized and has the usual cluster of diagnosis that come with that as if it’s not a normal response to what happened to her (bpd, schizoid, histrionic etc —all the bullshit that gets thrown at women who were abused as a diagnosis with no real treatment except zombification when what they need is to be shown and believe that trust is possible between people, she may never trust people again though)

No. 65556

Gore in /ot/

No. 65557

Doesnt she believe everyone is after her and she killed her cat or something? Visual Hallucinations aren't a must for a schizophrenia diagnosis, I'm a med student.
Also you don't know if she auditory hallucinations, she probably does given how she thinks everyone hates her - something that voices commonly say.

No. 65558

Nta, but on top of that, she also believes that Gorillaz stole her ideas

No. 65559

File: 1700377291460.jpg (216.96 KB, 750x662, 1673819758685.jpg)

nta but omg i almost forgot about that kek

No. 65560

File: 1700377316099.jpg (90.17 KB, 1125x435, 5.jpg)


No. 65561

Stop posting about your special interest here

No. 65562

This is a sign of schizophrenia as well, as I said she has mental disorders you cant expect her to integrate unless she gets help.

No. 65563

Anon calling women cocksucker retards is back in unpopular opinions again.

No. 65566

I don't expect her to integrate, I was just saying

No. 65569

why do mods keep autosagging the funposting threads? it wont kill them

No. 65570

No. 65571

Why kill them? They need containment

No. 65572

They can keep a tab open and refresh it. You know exactly why it's been autosaged since it was made.

No. 65573

If it won’t kill the thread then why do you care

No. 65574

no, i genuinely have no idea why it has been autosaged. do explain.

No. 65575

Nta but the thread only started getting autosaged during thread #2 and once it was already halfway full. Like I could understand if it was autosaged when all the shitflinging was going on (surprisingly it wasn't saged during that time) but why after that once everyone chilled out?

No. 65577

Mods probably autosaged that thread to curb all the infighting in and outside of it. It's not hard to figure out.

No. 65578

there was no infight on that thread though

No. 65580

I don't know how you're being so oblivious as to the why.. They don't just un-autosage a thread the second infighting and shitposting is curved. Sometimes you need to wait a few weeks or even wait until a new thread. It's still a containment, just won't be bumped. The complaining regarding it not being bumpable is really telling of newfags and makes it clear it should stay that way.

No. 65581

we both know it's because of a vendetta, the unpopular opinion thread is infighting general and it's not autosaged even though its the thread all trannies/moids gravitate to

No. 65583

Following up on this, it would appear this thread was deleted during the same incident as the Moovie Night thread.

We aren't trying to kill them. If we wanted to do that, we'd just ban them. The threads are autosaged because they were created by anons who were banned out of the Dumbass Shit thread for deliberately being disruptive and vastly increasing the moderation burden. The anons who now use Funposting were generating around 100 reports a day by themselves in Dumbass Shit. As long as you obey the global site rules and spoiler NSFW you guys can do whatever the hell you want in Funposting, but the threads will stay autosaged because of that. If you want to follow board etiquette, use Dumbass Shit. If you want to exist outside of society, you have your Funposting containment thread.

This is great, thank you. We were able to fix the issue with this, all TikTok embeds should now all work again. If you find any more that look off, please let us know!

We have spoken to romanianon and asked her to make her presence less obvious. She has agreed to try and integrate a bit better. We genuinely wish her the best!

No. 65584

>The anons who now use Funposting were generating around 100 reports a day by themselves in Dumbass Shit
I'm surprised that they are allowed their own thread and didn't just get banned after that tbh. Very generous, hope it doesn't backfire.

No. 65586

NTA but I really wish this applied to /ot/ as a whole. Unpopular opinions has been a disaster for weeks.

No. 65587

File: 1700422860154.png (327.59 KB, 563x586, D2258E13-5C25-48D6-96FD-9A6B9B…)

based admin, funposters die mad

No. 65588

>retards spam the report button
>umm ackshually you are the problem
there is no porn or infights on the funposting thread and the only reason it was made was so the retarded normalfags from the dumbass thread would stop sperging when someone posted something they didnt like. Are you going to punish the entirity of dumbass thread when someone posts something outside the rules too? i remind you they posted dead animals without spoilering even though they shit and cry whenver someone posts an anime boy unspoilered

No. 65589

They were baiting and posting the same shit over and over again every day, but you knew that already.

No. 65590

having a conversation about something the majority of this female-adjacent weeb board is into isnt spamming. If they ban horny women they should also ban the celebricow spergs who shit up the entirity of /ot/ whenever they develop a hatred towards celebrity, the unpopular thread has been unusable because its been invaded by them, same for the dumbass thread that has been nothing but sperging about celebrities looks and calling normal attractive women fat or ugly.

No. 65591

retarded soft touch admin strikes again. all the "funposters" should have been perma'd, not given free reign to do whatever the fuck they want. they made a popular thread unusable for almost a week spamming yaoi, other threads would never get that kind of lenience. if admin is a fujoshit she should honestly kill herself

No. 65592

You guys keep saying there was no porn/yaoi being posted in the funpost thread, but doesn't that prove what admin and other people have been saying about anons being purposefully disruptive in the dumbass shit thread

No. 65593

File: 1700426967288.png (47.13 KB, 2461x452, insanity.png)

the thread wasnt unusable because of the yaoi, it was because you could not just switch to another tab for a few hours and let anons talk about what they talk, no, you had to start sperging and threatening to call the police or other unhinged shit. I dont know why the admins are ignoring that the infighter was an obvious moid calling women fish fingers and a-loging them

No. 65594

yaoi was only posted after the infighters started calling fujos who were just discussing a vn fish fingers/fat/telling them to kill themselves, it happens every time an anon starts being annoying. It happened when people were complaining about isopods and sylvanian families too. Maybe if anons banned the obvious moid infighter instead of anons it wouldnt have repeated itself so many times.

No. 65596

nta but
>the thread wasnt unusable because of the yaoi
>go to dumbass shit, they’re posting yaoi, leave for a few days, go to dumbass shit, they’re posting yaoi, leave for a few days, go to dumbass shit, they’re posting yaoi…
Why do you children keep acting like all women simply must be into yaoi? Yeah the celeb sperging is annoying but it’s a lot easier to glaze over than HAHA YAOI YAOI WHAT ANIME BOYS DO YOU WANNA SEE GET RAPED YAOI HAHAHAHA that kind of horny shit goes in /g/ which your kind refuses to use so this is what you get. I think you are a bunch of newfags trying to turn this place into fujochan 2.0

No. 65598

>that kind of horny shit goes in /g/ which your kind refuses to use
See that just makes it obvious that they were baiting and refusing to integrate. When the dumbass shit/shitposting threads got too full of husbando posting, a husbando shitposting thread was started in /g/ and everyone happily went there to post among like-minded. There have now been 17 of those threads. But when a similar fujo thread was started in /g/ the spammers didn't want to post there. Hmmm

No. 65599

Let it go for fuck a sake, it's been almost a damn month you autist. You even got your own thread to post whatever you want, no one else would've gotten such nice treatment after spamming porn and shitting threads, they should just perma ban you already

No. 65600

i have no idea what you are talking about, the funposting thread BARELY has yaoi. It was made because anons were tired of people starting infights instead of ignoring posts they didnt like.

No. 65601

why do you keep lying as if lolcow threads arent easy to check? no one was spamming porn, someone posted a spoilered figurine and a retard started infighting calling women fat/ugly/fish fingers. It's not a coincidence /ot/ has more moid bait than usual lately.

No. 65602

>why do you keep lying as if lolcow threads arent easy to check?
I could ask you the same thing, retard. There is porn at your thread rn

No. 65607

>for fuck a sake
aww, I'm exhausted and read this in Mario's voice

No. 65609

You're making yourself very obvious

No. 65610

What does it mean if someone gets banned for being a “vain bitch”?

No. 65611

Wait, nvm. I think I figured it out.

No. 65612

why has it still not been unlocked? a week or two lock shouldve been enough.

tinfoil but there is a white nationalist woman named victoria delarue who is or used to be a moderator here, she's a computer science major at u michigan, and whose ex boyfriend atom chetcuti who was a former troon was doxed by someone claiming he was a pedophile and while defending the indian groomer remilia milady maker ceo or whatever, they were the so called leaders of kaliacc and that was in an old leftcows thread, so they have a reason to want it down. her ex bf has ties to other cows too. if she wasn't a mod she certainly knew mods, other posters and frequented the old lc discord server. others may know her as yuno or a^3. it isn't news some subjects of that thread and people adjacent to it browse lc but just wanted to put that out there

No. 65613

Where's your proof of them being a moderator?

No. 65614

i don't have any proof which is why i added if she wasn't a moderator she was in sections of the server that were verified, but i recall her being mutuals with some old moderators so that was mostly speculation. but yes the old leaders of kaliacc were certainly involved with the community here and knew other posters. can't really share screenshots without it giving too much away unfortunately so i don't expect you to believe it, mostly just in case any other posters recognize the username.

No. 65615

Why did I get a tranny redtext for making a shitpost about Anya Taylor Joy in the punchable faces thread? It was a dumb joke and I’m not sure why it was taken seriously. The ban reason said “hi Stephen” and I have no idea what that means or who Stephen is. If you look at my post history it should be pretty clear that I’m a woman.

No. 65616

Your tinfoil doesn't even make sense.

No. 65617

it does if shes actually a mod. it's a tinfoil because there's no proof.

No. 65618

I also got permabanned for infighting in the Reddit thread after being called a scrote. Admin and janny are retards. I’m not even appealing because that’s how little respect I have for them. Get a VPN and carry on.

No. 65619

I’ve never even been accused of being a scrote on this website and I know for a fact my post history shows I’m not one, so I don’t get why the mod gave me a tranny ban randomly. It’s so weird.

No. 65623

They don’t check your post history. The person you were infighting with probably reported you for being a tranny and they banned you without checking.

No. 65624

Unlock the leftcows thread it's been a month like wtf

No. 65626

Is that who banned everyone in the Sam Hyde thread too?

No. 65627

File: 1700493103068.jpeg (51.75 KB, 319x410, IMG_1639.jpeg)

No. 65628

>posts women in punchable faces thread
>gets surprised when he gets accused of being a man

No. 65630

I just don't get why they can't use /g/.

No. 65631

Thanks admina ♥ I found another broken embed from a year ago in the minimalism thread, not sure if it was YouTube or TikTok. >>>/ot/1243631

No. 65634

why post their dox? also you got the edrama details wrong.

No. 65635

Thank you, I've fixed cases like this as well!

Instagram reels currently can't be embedded, but we can look into it as it is supported by Instagram

No. 65638

File: 1700521587084.jpg (959.29 KB, 1662x5354, romanianon and dumbasses in th…)

>We have spoken to romanianon and asked her to make her presence less obvious. She has agreed to try and integrate a bit better. We genuinely wish her the best!
It didn't work. Go look at the vent thread >>>/ot/1780343 I'm not gonna clog the report queue with all this shit. what do the people replying to her expect? a bunch of be quiet romanianon/ it's romanianon/ log off comments is honestly just as annoying as her repeated identical vents.

No. 65642

File: 1700523184383.jpg (405.42 KB, 1079x814, 167754334.jpg)

No. 65644

File: 1700523519840.gif (2.32 MB, 480x448, dare.gif)

>It's just me saying "my life is shit". "I'm being accused of things that are unfair" then a bunch of replies "calling me out" what the fuck am I supposed to do? I'm just talking about my life like everyone else. It's not even something cowish or funny.
So those posts calling anons "whores" and telling them to kill themselves in that cap weren't yours?

No. 65650

File: 1700536032018.gif (496.31 KB, 500x500, b8XZRoO.gif)


No. 65651

File: 1700536124307.gif (323.67 KB, 480x288, pU71Qrs.gif)

2D was my husbando in middle school

No. 65654

What? Women are posted in that thread all the time

No. 65657

That anon has been posting about her for a few hours and saying he only dislikes that actress because she's not pretty enough. I don't think women would say a conventionally attractive actress is ugly and should be punched because of that.

No. 65658

You guys are so fucking stupid and dumb do you know not even a year ago she was a-logging about wanting to stab and kill people from this site for “rejecting” her and brainstorming about how she’s totally going to kill someone to relieve her angst. Yet you permaban and give the farmcow layout to anons after getting in the dumbest infights. Why not permaban the stupid Romanian since that’s what she deserves? She will never integrate get used to it!

No. 65659

>I don't think women would say a conventionally attractive actress is ugly and should be punched because of that.
Have you ever met a woman? Have you only just started using this site? Women are fully fledged human beings and many are evil and horrible. Get used to it.

No. 65660

Um are you talking about the discussion about her in the dumbass shit thread? That was like two days ago and no some anons were saying she’s unattractive and some were saying she’s attractive, but no one said she deserves to be punched because she’s unattractive. Anons were also talking about how she’s a shitty person and a nepo baby, why does that sound like it was all said by one male to you?

No. 65661

Anon is stupid. Probably a larping scrote himself. Report.

No. 65662

Twitter misses you, anon.

No. 65665

I'm pissed that normal posters get banned over nothing or for shitty reasons and Romanianon can a-log at other nonas while the mods and admin just give her a friendly talking-to. She promised to integrate! bullshit. How did you talk to her, did you phone her up? Give me a fucking break.

Also, however, why are other nonas continuing to engage with Romanianon? Just ignore and report. She's never gonna change and provoking her seems like male behavior at this point (no, I don't think it's males who are provoking her own here, but it's just copying what males do to mentally sick ppl on other sites).

No. 65669

>it's just copying what males do to mentally sick ppl on other sites
agreed, people just need to ignore it and stop shitting up the thread even further

No. 65672

I think Romanianon does get banned, but she's admitted before that she IP hops

No. 65673

Avoiding bans is way too easy on this site

No. 65675

The ban/appeals process can be used to facilitate a conversation. We extended to her the same courtesy that we have to other users who behaved in a similar way, which is one last warning before their posts will no longer be allowed here. She knows how to ban evade and permabans do not work (she's had many), so all of her posts will just be deleted.

No. 65686

I can only imagine what these ban appeals looked like

No. 65687

Usually people beating up and domestically abusing women and saying those women deserve it tend to be men, retard. %99 of incels think ugly women deserve to be abused

No. 65688

What is the original of the Spoiler pic? Sorry if thats a retarded question I've just always wondered if its a lc or something.

No. 65690

It's the queen

No. 65697

RIP to our sister who couldn’t integrate, wish her the best with all my heart.

No. 65698

> Usually people beating up and domestically abusing women and saying those women deserve it tend to be men, retard. %99 of incels think ugly women deserve to be abused
Nothing like this was ever said about Anya Taylor Joy, stop trying to start infights. The punchable faces thread is filled with pictures of women who annoy lc users, it isn’t men posting them

No. 65699

Anon kept saying anya wasn't even pretty enough, looked like an alien and that she deserved to get to get punched. Quit lying, if you think a woman deserves getting punched because she doesn't fit the Hollywood beauty standard which even other actresses can't fit without proper makeup lighting etc. you're as bad as a man. No woman thinks about punching her when they see a woman they don't find attractive, that's male behavior little incel.

No. 65700

leftcows is one of the most popular and most frequently updated threads and is repeatedly being locked for extended periods over bullshit, yet there was a troon spamming cp for months, the threads he would post in didn't get locked and his posts were removed if cp or banned accordingly. we know the cows had a habit of checking it. either there's more going on, some bias and conflict of interest possibly affecting what we're allowed to discuss here or we have idiotic mods determining that the most retarded threads ever are allowed to exist doxing private randoms with no ties to any other cows, posts about teenagers and minors for idk being young and stupid, and photoshopping or badly done cosplay in and of itself as opposed to actually popular threads covering adult narcissistic micro internet celebrities with ties to groomers, ideologues and demonic homosexual venture capitalists. if shay is your cup of milk you get a whole shaynatorium to see a grown autopedophilic woman putting on a diaper for the umpteenth time but leftcows is locked for a month due to… higher influx from twitterfags and derailing about palestinians and israelis at the height of escalation over a month ago? who cares? why can't you moderate?

No. 65701

No, what was actually said is that she’s a mean person who used to be a bully

No. 65707

Stop pretending to be a different anon. Just because you got bullied in highschool doesn't mean you now have the freepass to call women punchable for being ugly.

No. 65711

punchable face is a subjective term but it basically means they find that persons face annoying. she’s allowed to find whoever annoying looking and post them in a thread dedicated to that purpose she doesn’t need a ‘free pass’.

No. 65715

if namefagging/tripfagging is a bannable offence, why is it possible to do? is it not possible to use an imageboard format without it?

No. 65721

File: 1700675069318.png (4.09 KB, 638x185, 1700666028943.png)

could someone tell me what font this is? At first I thought it was someone's own font set up, but several other anons have said it's the default font for the website.it's a different one for me, so I wasn't aware.

No. 65733

Whatever you set your font to on your computer/browser is what will show up. So, thats a you issue.

No. 65735

It's a newfag trap. Why do you think Anonymous isn't pre-filled into the name field

No. 65765

Me toooooooo nona good taste

No. 65773

I watched the entire discussion play out, no one said that she needs to get punched for being ugly, stop making things up. I was never bullied and I’ve never said anything about Anya or anyone else being punchable, I just don’t like the fact that you created an entire made up narrative about why anons were making fun of her. People were saying her rich parents bought her career because she’s too unattractive to have become famous if she wasn’t a nepo baby, then an anon (you, I’m sure) started samefagging about how beautiful you think she is. No one ever said she deserves to be punched or “domestically abused” of all things you lying retard

No. 65787

How is this an issue? I was just asking if anyone knew what font this was.

No. 65822

File: 1700752257021.png (8.47 KB, 461x122, 8b1a92ab7bba528af779919ab66093…)

you mean the font or the way the letters look like? picrel doesn't have those pixels

No. 65906

Huh that explains some things. Thanks for sharing! I do think it's funny that white nationalists will lean super hard into the anti racism shit and think that would give them a cover but they always sound so rehearsed and OTT about it. Too bad we can't talk in private about this, would love to know more about her

No. 65946

Honestly I'm surprised the leftcows thread was locked for so long, when tradthot had equally if not worse amount of baiting twitter troons/moids.

No. 65953

Wait, do you fill in "Anonymous" into the name field?

No. 65955

No lol

No. 65956

File: 1700835604798.png (6.77 KB, 292x36, Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 15.21…)

No and that wasn't my point at all. Over the years a lot of anons have asked why we even have an email or subject or name field in the first place, like >>65715, and I feel like a mod or admin on the lolcord has said before that they keep those fields around on purpose because it's funny when a newfag enters their info. See crystal.cafe for example. They want to make it clear even to newfags that they don't need to enter anything. Meanwhile, on here, in the Quick Reply field it even says 'Name' as if you're prompted to put something in. So I see why newfags fall for it and I believe it's by design, that's all I wanted to say

No. 65988

Oh ok, I misunderstood then kekk

No. 66005

It shouldn't be locked, and it was one of the biggest threads on here. Get more farmhands who read up on the lore if you want better moderation I guess?

No. 66030

Lore doesn't take precedent over unruly posters.

No. 66042

It doesn't have anything to do with lore. Locking a thread because mods can't handle the traffic is bad moderation, or are they understaffed? I don't see the application up anymore. If they do have enough mods, then why is the thread locked again? Mods can't moderate the thread properly?

No. 66043

It probably generates hundreds of reports because it's always disorganized. It being in that state has nothing to do with mods because if they modded too much, then it's just more complaints.

No. 66053

>It being in that state has nothing to do with mods
Yeah, it's the lack of moderation. Locking a thread means they don't need to moderate it whatsoever.

>if they modded too much, then it's just more complaints.

You realize that people are complaining about how threads are arbitrarily treated? Maybe mods shouldn't lock threads they're don't want to personally moderate. The majority of /ot/ is a bigger dumpster fire than left cows ever was and they know it too.

No. 66062

You're just baitin the staff. Proceed to tinfoil even though it doesn't make sense.

No. 66207

I got banned yesterday and I appealed my expired ban some hours ago. I just wanted to say to the farmhand? mod? that I appreciate her work despite disagreeing on the topic I was banned for. That's all.

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