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File: 1695352585988.jpg (156.37 KB, 1050x700, 1695352122179.jpg)

No. 1902153

Post-Leftcows #46: Pigpen Edition

Thread for discussing Red Scare, Cumtown/TAFS, Dime Square, the remains of the "dirtbag left", and the entire "post-left" and Silicon Valley "rationalist/postrat" sphere and their orbiters/backers, including but not limited to Mencius Moldbug, Peter Thiel, and the so-called "dissident right" (Bronze Age Pervert, The Perfume Nationalist, and other faggots). WARNING: this scene is crawling with Nazis, pedophiles, child porn advocates, sex pests, rapists, troons, and other degenerates.

speculation on what went down with Anna and Eric Weinstein >>>/snow/1893605

Dasha casting process >>>/snow/1894038

Dying Praxis gets media attention >>>/snow/1894787

Crumps girl drama continues >>>/snow/1895733

Dasha's mysterious mouth illness >>>/snow/1896607

Elena Velez has cows and unpaid models roll around in the mud >>>/snow/1897294
>>>/snow/1897445 and writes a manifesto >>>/snow/1897297

The Sexual Revolution debate happens, Anna loses to Grimes. >>>/snow/1897860
many cows attend >>>/snow/1898211

BAP posts face >>>/snow/1898477

The case of the disappearing necklace >>>/snow/1898520

Post debate twitter meltdowns >>>/snow/1899021

Anna lusting after Russell Brand, defending him >>>/snow/1899478
other hags join in >>>/snow/1899944

Dasha and Michael Tracey walk into a bar and then out again >>>/snow/1900458

Curtis Yarvin: trouble in paradise? >>>/snow/1901180

Pastie hooking up with replyguys? >>>/snow/1901389

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No. 1902163

Bless you nonna

No. 1902164

Fucking amazing threadpic KEK

No. 1902185

They finally released a trailer for Bad Behavior

No. 1902189

Have we ever discussed that circle of right-leaning egirls which includes @dumbbitchcap / @vocalcry / @mypillowgorl which overlaps and interacts a lot with Catherine/@jardinsecret888, and Veronica/@our_daily_pain as well as with more prominent Dimes Square personalities like Anna K and Delicious Tacos?

No. 1902192

Another trailer

No. 1902203

Yes check last thread #45. We only really started talking about that ancillary group like dumbbitchcap last thread, but if you have more milk, spill. ESP about jardinsecret888 thotting around lol

No. 1902218

Jennifer Connelly should have taken the Mary-Louise Parker route of broadway over sundance. dashas acting is once again horrendous kek

No. 1902224

File: 1695363041528.jpeg (102.58 KB, 423x357, E75F33F4-E2AD-4F57-B6C7-E9B6FF…)

A wonderful shot up her piggy nose. Hollywood is so dead

No. 1902234

File: 1695366524886.jpeg (93.64 KB, 868x868, IMG_2960.jpeg)

How is it possible that Dasha is 20 years younger than Jennifer but somehow looks 20 years older

No. 1902236

They are all really into rape. It’s a theme in their circle. They constantly tweet about how based it is. A very weird marker of social status.

No. 1902239

File: 1695367121385.jpeg (320.03 KB, 1170x762, IMG_4939.jpeg)

No. 1902241

File: 1695367644154.jpeg (608.29 KB, 1170x1373, IMG_4859.jpeg)

Jesus, what the fuck

No. 1902242

Is this a fucking horror movie? Dasha looks like she's possessed by Pazuzu in this pic.

Rape and racism are the two connecting threads in this entire scene.

No. 1902244

Is it sincere or are they just trying to get a piece of Anna’s clout? They seem like nihilists who will echo whatever she says in order to social climb. After Anna gets thrown out, I doubt that any of these girls are going to be into rape and racism. They will just morph into whatever the next hip thing is. Or, one of them could actually get raped. That could happen too.

No. 1902245

Catherine is a soulless clout chaser who influences the other two.

No. 1902258

What’s in it for her? Is she just some late 30s woman looking for attention?

No. 1902265

File: 1695373704604.jpeg (904.43 KB, 1170x1594, IMG_4941.jpeg)

From their own Reddit.

How pathetic is this. Even if you hate the right, the right sees itself as having a sense of morality and virtue. This is extreme decadence and degeneracy that is hardly “right wing.” It is a clear astroturfing and discrediting of serious thinkers on both sides. It’s deliberate attempt to dumb down our population. Weaponized nihilism. Generations of the future will look back on this podcast and its fans as a period of extreme depravity. When the headlines about these women who love rape start spreading from The New York Times to The Guardian to the National Review to The Daily Stormer, remember where you stood.

No. 1902266

File: 1695373957632.jpg (266.51 KB, 1169x1464, tumblr_41e824eb1f3c012be2df45e…)

No. 1902268

>This is extreme decadence and degeneracy that is hardly “right wing.”

LOL you're the same sperg from the last thread who was trying to tell us that Anna and Dasha don't represent "the real right-wing"? You may want to read up on all the conservative personalities, including many Christians, over the years who are guilty of adultery, rape, child abuse, and other degenerate behavior.

No. 1902270

These girls are more embarrassing than trans kids. Obviously there is corruption in the church, but the issue is that people think these girls make up “the right” because of the astroturfing. It’s all fake.

No. 1902273

Is RFK Jr serious or is he mocking her? Either way kek

No. 1902274

I know your being facetious but Jennifer and Dasha look roughly the same age. Either a complement for Jennifer or a dig at Dasha.

No. 1902276

You can cry about how they're not "real" right but the fact is that they still parrot a lot of genuine right wing points. Seeing it recontextualized and realizing how absurd it is won't change that.

No. 1902285

sort of, "smol beans" like credenzaclear, jo, etc all used to be discussed but we stopped (can't remember why, did they shit up the thread too much?) but we haven't paid much attention to this new "generation", so to speak. feel free to post anything you have, it's on-topic

No. 1902287

oh i don't hate dasha here, is she seeming better due to the sheer contrast with how evil anna is lately or did her acting actually improve the tiniest bit?

No. 1902291

File: 1695381972007.jpeg (123.23 KB, 800x600, CC06ADD1-B2E6-4460-BC8F-E5A254…)

anna talking about disabled people’s prostitute visits being state-funded in scandinavia. bitch where? did this occur to her in a dream or are american phd candidates really retarded enough to think netherlands is in scandinavia?

No. 1902294

Anna counted Switzerland as part of Scandanavia on a recent episode, so it could always be much, much worse.

No. 1902298

Americans are always confusing Switzerland and Sweden, after all they both begin with "Sw" in english so obviously it's the same country.

No. 1902300

Cool cool state-sponsored rape of migrant women by cripples, much progressive, aspirational, even.

No. 1902302

cries in Slovene

No. 1902304

>When the headlines about these women who love rape start spreading from The New York Times to The Guardian to the National Review to The Daily Stormer, remember where you stood.
You radically overestimate how important any of these cows are (also you are a moid)

No. 1902305

File: 1695384648842.jpg (30.58 KB, 612x465, gettyimages-145714749-612x612.…)

No. 1902309

Retarded take but kek at their fans turning on them

No. 1902310

What do people know about the Hancock? It seems to be adjacent to this “scene” but also legit bands play there under the promotion of sceney dbags like the Ion guys (somehow). Is this a new Sovereign House type place? Who runs it?

No. 1902346

but that's just a meme account, sonora_sprite

No. 1902349

whats up anime villain moid from last thread? you should work on making your writing style less self-important and reduce the gaudy ooze of gravitas with which you boorishly attempt imbue it

No. 1902358

It will all be vindicated. Time stamp this, bitch.

No. 1902380

Well credenza/fake Audrey Horne went from engaging/arguing with Anna to just shading her or insulting her and now is a cut and paste e-girl poster (good tbh), and Jo is just not that interesting except when she joins pile ups with Jack, anna etc
imagine ADMIRING Anna. Even in 2020 I cannottttt scarethots are lost

No. 1902381

You are schiz!

No. 1902385

Nothing is worse than the lobotomy-level medical scandal of transitioning children brought on by the greed of the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies, it transcends left vs right bickering.

No. 1902386

Anna’s obsession with Audrey was and is psycho.

No. 1902391

Idk but I appreciate that every photo on their Instagram looks like they're hosting a theme party called "dress like it's 9/11 and you're the most annoying person at the college radio station"

Zoomers trying to revive indie sleaze will never not be cows

No. 1902392

is that ugly troon going to be in every initial thread picture from now on?

No. 1902394

I suspect Anna was mad someone a decade younger wasn’t as run through, has a good job, useful education, nice apartment, good family etc. not that AH was perfect or enviable or living like a queen… just exhibited normal and better choices than Anna. Except the posting addiction lol

No. 1902395

File: 1695401503231.jpg (256.59 KB, 1536x2048, F3mA2_JWgAAa1Ce.jpg)

the only genuinely funny one out of the bunch is dumbbitchcap

No. 1902396

Seriously we should stop giving Pariah attention. Trannies are just advanced male trolls who love making women angry because they have nothing to lose. Every time we post about Pariah, no matter how negative it is, it makes him feel gratified. The only thing interesting about him is why supposed "right wing" people are so accepting of trannies writ large.

No. 1902398

I don't give a flying fuck about vindication, I'm here to laugh at pretentious rightwing midwits with schizo tendencies and raging main character syndrome such as yourself and the usual specimens on this thread. you know i almost kind of envy the fantasy would you dwell in, it sounds a lot more exciting than real life.

No. 1902400

>Zoomers trying to revive indie sleaze will never not be cows
Can't blame them for that, it's not like they ever had a cool subculture of their own

No. 1902401

Do you think she resents Dasha for fucking BAP?

No. 1902402

BAP is gay. Didn't happen.

No. 1902403

They’re dating lmao

No. 1902404

Post proof, dipshit. Dasha shilling BAP's new book isn't proof because their entire side of Twitter is currently shilling it and she's done it with other rw books like the now defunct MysteryGrove.

No. 1902406

i hope they're at least getting paid instead of just doing it for the tiny amount of clout chasing. how embarrassing if the latter

No. 1902407

genuinely alarming appearance. i obviously don't care if women are plain or even ugly but dasha's face really goes beyond that, when i look at her i feel like i'm seeing an outer expression of some deep inner wrongness. she makes the cavewoman part of my brain feel like she needs to be trussed up and carried by the strongest men far from the village while a circle of elders keeps watch lest she return

No. 1902410

I'm having a similar cavewoman reaction and I think it's because she looks so sickly and unwell here. I don't mean that in a "oh she's so skinny and frail" way it just looks like she lives a really unhealthy lifestyle and has a bad diet that results in chronic malaise. It's off-putting, and the lizardbrain is telling me to stay as far away from it as possible

No. 1902411

I think this is the first pic of Dasha where she looks even uglier than Anna

No. 1902417

It’s for clout. Dasha’s fucked every right wing male guest.

No. 1902420

I hate Dasha but this seems doubtful. Did she fuck Steve Bannon, Curtis Yarvin, and Ann Coulter too?

No. 1902422

Yarvin, Tacos, Soldo, BAP

No. 1902424

File: 1695404281220.jpg (170.4 KB, 734x868, YOUBLOODYFUCKYOUBASTARDBITCH.j…)

@mypillowgorl had a tweet dissing India go viral the other day, which provoked the usual sputtering response from Indian_Bronson about American trannies. Which, yes, trannies in America are annoying but America is still a much better place to live than India.

No. 1902425

Brown on brown violence

No. 1902427

I have to agree with @mypillowgorl there. India is one of the very few countries I have ZERO interest in ever visiting, not even with a man to accompany me.

No. 1902429

Jennifer looks 35 and Dasha looks like an elderly woman

No. 1902435

I've spent a lot of time reading blogs/forums for solo female travelers and can confirm that India is tied with South Africa as the most (to put euphemistically) "controversial" country for women to visit. It's not even the poverty per se. The women who write these blogs have often visited other impoverished countries like Guatemala without incident. India is just on an entirely different plane when it comes to negative vibes for women.

No. 1902437

Yeah I’m not white and personally wouldn’t go to India… many women across races in my girl group feel this way. It’s just one of those not often talked about things, to be polite. Bronson is delusional

No. 1902440

Weird too bc a lot of immigrants and/or second gens diss their home country, fairly.

No. 1902442

File: 1695406116278.jpg (287.49 KB, 1354x1056, india.jpg)

All this talk about tourists not being safe in the country when not even local women are safe.

No. 1902443

Bronson’s delusional and his ethnic chauvinism is disgusting. Even worse that he tries it in the alt-right.

No. 1902448

What chaining cigs for years, living in a dirty city, and being hard into drugs will do to a motherfucker

No. 1902449

The one using a pic of the twin peaks girl because she’s busted?

No. 1902451

she’s ugly, but nobody is as ugly as anna, except maybe dasha

No. 1902467

Saw it at Sundance, her acting was decent. The whole production seemed phoned in and the movie itself was aimless, awful. I can't wait until it hirs streaming though, because the inevitable gif of Jennifer beating Dasha senseless with a chair is going to go viral and become the go-to reaction image for when Dasha acts up on twitter kek

No. 1902469

>it's another 'red scare fan can't believe anna and/or dasha would say something so misogynistic in current year!' episode
They've always been like this from day one. People have been calling them out since day one. You changed, not them.

No. 1902472

He cut his dick off and can’t orgasm, he has very little to live for and his obese eunuch arc like Jazz Jennings and Tim Petras is coming

No. 1902474

>she's done it with other rw books like the now defunct MysteryGrove

What, you mean being shilled by A-List superstar actress Dasha Nekrasova didn't catapult Mystery Grove to the front ranks of publishers? Crazy!

No. 1902475

has she been fired from her academia job yet? seems inevitable.

No. 1902476

File: 1695410651115.jpg (268.08 KB, 878x818, lizardrape.jpg)

local lizards aren't safe in India either

No. 1902478

she's at uc berkeley too kek

No. 1902479

Reminds me when their friend Dan didn't know that South Africa was a country

these people should not be speaking on anything of importance

No. 1902480

Wait, really? Who is she?

No. 1902485

Indian Bronson is 5'4 and dark which matters to the people he's trying to court more than any of his ideas - they openly say they only care about MuH AeStHeTiCs and trolled him for saying he's done sooo much to help the white cause or whatever

he should move to the India he loves so much and get an arranged marriage with a nice regular girl and forget this life of e-posting as a silly youthful endeavor

No. 1902487

I thought the rumor was that she was kicked out of her phd program there. But idk. Did she get a postdoc position at Berkeley?

No. 1902488

File: 1695411476094.png (203.95 KB, 816x598, Screen Shot 2023-09-22 at 12.3…)

well well well her webpage is down
shows up in Google still

No. 1902489

It's not just the men who clown on him either. There were a bunch of other right-wing egirls openly declaring how gross they found India and Indian men. He's ngmi with his current beat.

No. 1902491

Interesting, so it seems like she graduated with a BA from UMich in 2016. She has Coursicle listings for 2019-2022, did conferences in 2023, likely is a grad TA at Berkeley. Perhaps requested her Berkeley site profile be taken down. Berkeley is very woke, I wonder how she skirted by while praising abortions of black babies. Probably finishing her dissertation this year, maybe next. She’s also absolutely retarded for her inability to be anon online

No. 1902492

File: 1695412336667.png (339.43 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_3151.png)

So she barely got married, then flung herself at BAP in El Salvador? (According to the last thread). Anyone got more details?

No. 1902495

she married up, but you can tell she's miserable about it by her twitter posts

No. 1902499

Wait rumor is Catherine threw herself at Braddock not BAP >>1896840

No. 1902510

Liz Bruenig baleeted her bsky account. Now idea why; she was only posting a couple times a week.

No. 1902515

It looks like a tedious and terrible movie, Dasha aside. Add her dreadful acting and I know it'll be awful.

Anorexia will do that to you. She looks decrepit and ill. Ironic in the second trailer, she's talking about her currency in "the youth culture" kek. Did no one take a second look at her during casting and think "maybe this bitch isn't the best representation of that?"

No. 1902518

its clearly bad casting out of nepotism. "disaffected millennial" is a dead trope given genz is now at the age it was used as a trope and millennials are at peak take your kids to daycare age. its strange to me that they're still casting this 10 years post-peak. I appreciate the chair scene description from the other nonna but you can tell from the trailer "monotone vocal fry" is the only lane she can drive as an "actress."
shes such a nobody I'm guessing no one online even cares to shoot a few emails out to her department chair with her psychotic tweets.

No. 1902521

File: 1695416578080.jpeg (277.52 KB, 1169x1810, IMG_2968.jpeg)

No. 1902528

I wonder how mad she is about having to take a lesser Polish last name (if she's so trad) instead of a "BASED" anglo/germanic name

No. 1902529

wow she looked so much better just a few years ago

No. 1902535

File: 1695418468102.jpg (111.54 KB, 688x918, F2ojFrtaUAEd7UF.jpg)

the wall hit hard

No. 1902536

holy shit her taste is atrocious. it's all Mackenzie Childs like she's some eccentric Englishwoman in 1984 KEK

No. 1902538

File: 1695418640799.jpg (78.34 KB, 581x696, 455326722124.jpg)

Look who's all in the same groupchat lol

No. 1902541

WDYM they're all good friends and have tons of pics together in prior threads

No. 1902542

File: 1695418974141.jpg (423.86 KB, 1536x2048, Fx_G4Y_WIAIp5BH.jpg)

she managed to age fifteen years in a few years time lmao

No. 1902543

who's going to dig up Maria Kelman's family connections?

No. 1902544

File: 1695419317071.jpg (131.72 KB, 848x1131, FvpGQOBXsAAPZgI.jpg)

she looks like a completely different person now (worse)

No. 1902551

File: 1695420310568.webm (168.44 KB, 1280x720, poopy.webm)


No. 1902556

File: 1695420639774.png (310.88 KB, 640x1136, 42B380A3-02CB-4F99-B9A5-DB2190…)

Paging Dr. Yarvin

No. 1902558

Friend went to India and said a crowd of Indian man and boys descended upon this woman (solo traveler) when she exited a building. He and other travelers had to yell at the men and get in the way to get the men off her

No. 1902560

she brags about fucking twitter incels

No. 1902562

File: 1695421468310.png (870.86 KB, 1174x902, Screen Shot 2023-09-22 at 3.22…)

not to open the can of worms on who is funding everything, but I don't think Yarvin has the deep pockets or else he'd pay his ex to go away. another billionaire in the scene is Joe Gebbia (Airbnb, spotted at Palladium events) who def has the capital.

also, this is a longshot, but Michael Moritz seems to be peripheral. he funded a right-leaning news site in SF which recently went easy on Praxis after the scathing Mother Jones piece. Picrel is Riva Tez's new account.

No. 1902582

scarethots were probably 15 in 2020, can't blame them

No. 1902588

I wonder who'll 41% first, him or pariah, he's more likely to snap and kill others before himself ig

No. 1902591

I glanced at Pariah Doll's Twitter feed for the first time in a while and that troon gets no engagement whatsoever. Averages around 10-20 likes on his tweets. Never says anything funny or insightful. What does he bring to the table?

No. 1902595

he makes the people hes stood next to in photos look fantastic by contrast, same with monica milkers.

No. 1902601

File: 1695425953364.jpg (427.15 KB, 1368x2048, FpHVCRXakAA3kRo.jpg)

To me, this is still the iconic image of Dimes Square, capturing everything lame, stupid, and astroturfed about the scene in a single shot.

No. 1902608

Riva funds Praxis but she doesn’t fund Dimes Square. She’s into technology and alternative governance projects like her colleagues at Palladium. It’s possible some Palladium investors are just horny and funding RS, but Riva wouldn’t waste her money on that. She’s into a more intellectual and aesthetic fascism that Anna and Dasha do not comprehend.

No. 1902610

Riva is also a lolcow and a scam artist

No. 1902612

Kissing Anna and Dasha ass. This is a welfare troon from Philly who was recently in a mental hospital. He took pictures of himself naked at 85 pounds and sent them to BAP and Nick Fuentes. He’s a perverse mascot who kisses a lot of ass. Not much else to Pariah the Troon.

No. 1902613

Yep, but a high level one. She’s above Curtis.

No. 1902615

Clearly a w to be in a scene like that with Jennifer Connelly. I guess her appeal is that they automatically get her fans watching the film.

No. 1902618

Riva is a troon, right? And what is she(?) rich from that makes her(?) higher level than Yarvin?

No. 1902621

No. Riva is not a troon. She’s just a sociopath who advises Curtis. She’s in Peter’s inner circle, but sits at the edge of the table.

No. 1902622

File: 1695427960719.jpg (70.26 KB, 940x627, Riva.jpg)

No. 1902623

She isn’t the one funding Dimes Square, so it’s best to leave her alone. She’ll cut Curtis after his experiment fails too.

No. 1902624

Everyone on the right loves them nona wtf are you talking about

No. 1902625

some medical emergency happened to matt christman and he's off chapo for the foreseeable future


No. 1902627

There are thousands of people on the right. A few of them are horny and like dumb women who love rape. A few of these people funded the Dimes Square project, Curtis being one of them. It has nothing to do with Riva. She’s focused on training Praxis men as some delusional matriarch. She does not fuck with idiots Anna and Dasha. She may be a lolcow, but she doesn’t like the dumbs.

No. 1902629

his bolsonaro era

No. 1902631

Woah. Wasn't wife no. 2 also experiencing some extremely rare medical complication recently?

No. 1902632

doubleposting but i dont want to seem actually mean spirited its very sad, they dont seem super worried in a “hes gonna die” way just understandably stressed but i hope his wife is alright, unthinkable situation, cant help being a bit curious since it sounds like he’s basically incapacitated? id imagine otherwise he would have sent a goofy voice note or something for them to play

unrelated but i always liked amber frost

No. 1902633

File: 1695428992497.png (26.97 KB, 633x67, bruh.png)

These lazy motherfuckers work a total of 2 hours a week. 6 hours max for the producer.

No. 1902634

its ok if youre going to miss him nona

No. 1902638

Riva, alex Lee Moyer and Anna are friends

No. 1902640

>foreseeable future
They used the word "indefinite" which sounds more severe. Probably in a coma.

No. 1902641

Proof? Riva is friends with Alex and Alex is friends with Anna, but Riva is not friends with Anna. She comes from an entrepreneurship background and loves technology.

No. 1902642

Riva does not love tech because Riva is a fraud who knows nothing about technology

No. 1902646

She’s a fraud who has done a lot with technology. She is on the Urbit board of advisors. She’s a fintech sociopath. She does not fuck with Anna.

No. 1902649

What was the complication?

No. 1902654

Half the time talking points here are near indistinguishable from those in incel sites.

No. 1902656

She said on twitter that it was something that had only ever been diagnosed in like 10 people.

No. 1902664

They said that he can’t speak for himself and he’s going to have a long road to recovery. His wife has been in a hospital since labor day because of some pregnancy issues. What a fucking nightmare for them both.

No. 1902666

Wow I can’t imagine a worst situation to have a child in, esp if he had something like a heart attack or stroke (which do rarely happen to 40 year olds). Hope they both recover well and quickly

No. 1902667


Strokes rarely happen to 40-year-olds, but he did a lot of drinking and cocaine, which probably doesn't help

No. 1902668

It was probably a stroke or an aneurysm. He complained about weird pressure on his head in his vlog this week, like someone was pressing their thumb in one spot on his head.

His wife was hospitalized for high blood pressure and another rare issue that she didn’t want to disclose.

No. 1902670

2/3rds of people who survive brain aneurysms experience permanent brain damage. Prayers up.

No. 1902674

Amber's still on this podcast?

No. 1902678

No but she came down to support the guys.

No. 1902679

this is what happens when you marry a dysgenic moid

No. 1902688

How old is she? If she’s 40 she looks good. Better than Anna and Dasha at least

No. 1902689

Nobody is ever going to give a fuck about Indian Bronson.

No. 1902691

>that file name


No. 1902692

she's way younger than 40 lol

No. 1902693

This does sound quite serious. You could hear it in their voice. Even if he survives, he might be incapacitated for a while.

No. 1902694


No. 1902697

Oh shit. Must be the eating disorder

No. 1902698

File: 1695438376751.jpg (219.58 KB, 1284x842, IMG_1675.jpg)

Even male travelers run out of patience with India. You can imagine how bad it is for women.


No. 1902716

File: 1695441724391.jpg (487.73 KB, 1536x2048, F6mc3f8WMAAK3G9.jpg)

salome the troon really looks like he's dying of AIDS now. rest in peace

No. 1902721

What wall? She’s attractive and her skin is good. Your post reeks of unwashed scrotum.

No. 1902726

RFH, you’re pathetic. You think you’re starting a femme nazi club when you’re just a side chick trying to get into the cheerleaders locker room. Go back to rallying against scrotes. You’ll never be an it girl.(hi cow)

No. 1902730

Rfh is a half asian and dates jews and brown guys calm down

No. 1902731

Kek, looks like reviewbrah.

No. 1902735

They’ll never let you in. Get a normal job, you delusional twit.

No. 1902741

urbit is a scam lmao
I just checked her interview and it seems like shes a bit of a cow herself like makes fake claims that she grew up in a homeless shelter kek. the nonna defending her reminds me of the nonnas defending shivon in the grimes thread

No. 1902742


Riva-Melissa is the most insane hyphenated name I have encountered in a long time

No. 1902743

RFH check out the hidden 2x board it’s right up your alley

No. 1902744

File: 1695445794976.jpg (313.26 KB, 1170x1081, rivo-mattos.bitconnect.jpg)

I can see how the other nonnie clocked her kek

No. 1902749

What wall? Fuck off scrote.

No. 1902751


the rumor is that all the chapo fags have HIV because they did groupie shit with a tranny

No. 1902756

So another martine rothblatt. How are the left and right different again?

No. 1902762

Great, you moids just got invaded by some RFH groupchat. I’m out.

No. 1902763

thread is ruined because there are so many cows here.

No. 1902764

You think someone like this is gonna fuck with Anna and Dasha you’re a moron. Not defending the Riva sociopath by stating the obvious. She doesn’t fuck with Dimes Square. She’s a fintech freak.

No. 1902765

Dasha and Anna are exactly the life extension customers she seeks

No. 1902766

yes, everyone, pack it up. thread is ruined… nothing to see here

No. 1902767

I don't know if she's a tr00n but she's nefarious as shit(integrate)

No. 1902768

RFH and her friends have been spamming these threads in support of her since she was first posted here, it’s nothing new. We also know for sure that Dasha, Default Friend, and various Milady pedos post/lurk. Actually as >>1902763 said I’m pretty sure almost every single major and minor cow mentioned here goes on lolcow

No. 1902772

File: 1695450103382.png (315.11 KB, 1190x660, dirtbagleftsolidarity.png)

interesting to see this given their entire fanbase is constantly sending death threats about her son. and when she was hospitalised with covid and nearly died, Matt was liking/promoting tweets making fun of her for being unvaxxed

No. 1902779

File: 1695450682793.jpeg (441.55 KB, 1170x1718, IMG_3187.jpeg)

Does anyone remember when RFH was a staple of the racist radical white feminists? then she realized her moid “love to hate her” fanbase were rainbow colored incels, so she dropped that bc men’s opinions come first…
As for pic, Anna keeps unsubtly pushing this emotional terrorist term (checked and she’s said it 4x since Jan)… I just laugh bc podcasters like the Call her daddy girls have popularized more terms/phrases than anna kek

No. 1902787

lol say more? I saw three different people on three different sites reference this today, I didn't realize this was a legit theory.

No. 1902788

No. 1902789

She knows to respect her elders. Red Scare wouldn't exist without Chapo. (Plus she's still friends with Amber. #ItsAllOneBigClubAndYoureNotInIt)

No. 1902794

Rfh tried and failed to be a nazi rw chick. She flirted with Richard Spencer but couldn’t seal the deal because she’s not full anglo. It’s the reason why she goes by the rfh abbreviation now and not radfem Hitler kek

No. 1902797

File: 1695453529604.jpeg (116.62 KB, 1170x455, IMG_3189.jpeg)

Yep. It’s really hard to find proof bc all her usernames get booted lol but she used to talk a lot to other racist feminist accounts (the types that would pick fights with ZeroHPL, small accounts). She’d have racist feminist spaces and there was at least one GC. So she got catalogued as a racist feminist. You sometimes see ppl referencing it. When she came back last year she dropped it

No. 1902800

Wow, it's almost like…wait for it…Anna actually isn't a bad person…? And she's able to look past superficial political differences to find solidarity and camaraderie? Shocking, I know.

No. 1902802

STFU RFH.(hi cow)

No. 1902803

File: 1695454080759.jpeg (494.23 KB, 1170x1223, IMG_4949.jpeg)

All defenses of these whores and troons are coming from the RFH groupchat. Abandon ship.

No. 1902806

This is a brand new thread, and we barely mentioned her in the last 3 hours. (And it’s obviously about this thread)
Guess she’s tight with every person we’ve mentioned today. She’s just going to drive more viewers to her friend Cath’s dox tho. Watch this tweet, it’ll deleted

No. 1902808

No. 1902809

Does she think pariah isn’t a troon or

No. 1902812

Why are both Anna and RFH doing some DARVO shit tonight hahah. Credit to them tho for being such upstanding people and moral pillars. wrt RFH’s LCF tweet — we clearly hit a nerve with who we talked about today.

No. 1902861

Chapo emergency broadcast, they released a 7-minute long pod today.
[Will Menaker] "Last Tuesday morning Matt Christman suffered a sudden severe medical emergency that will require a significant period of recovery. He is currently in the hospital in stable condition. We are trying very hard to be optimistic but there is no easy way to say he will be out of commission for the indefinite future. As many of you are aware Matt and his wife, Amber Rollo, are also expecting their first child, a daughter, and her delivery is scheduled this Sunday as well. We are obviously all so very excited and happy to welcome a new little person into the world and we were looking forward to announcing this under better circumstances but this situation is obviously drastically complicated by Matt's medical emergency. We are a family so we are currently shifting all our priorities and attention to caring for Matt and Amber. A silver lining is Matt is so loved he has a tremendous support network out here. They are surrounded by friends and family and we are all hands on deck helping through these both tragic and joyous life events. So, listeners, please bear with us as we take our first hiatus in these seven-and-a-half years of doing the show. We need to organize all our efforts around helping Matt in this critical period and helping Amber through the birth of their daughter. And frankly we're just not in any place to give you guys any kind of entertaining material right now. The show will go on though, we will be back next Thursday or the following Monday with new material for you all. We already had a number of all-star guests lined up for Matt's paternity leave so we will do our best to keep Chapo Trap House here for all of you as soon as we're able. Sincerely and finally thank you all for your support. Uh, for all our shit talk we do love you, Matt loves you, and we will try to provide appropriate updates and new information as soon as we can. We just ask that you do your best to respect Matt and Amber's privacy right now and please, please, don't be weird little freaks about any of this. Uh, this is an incredibly weird situation for all of us so don't make it more difficult. I'll leave it there and just say we love Matt and we know you guys love Matt and he is surrounded by the love and attention of both professionals and everyone in his life who loves him the same way."
Producer Dan comes on to say everyone is there (Amber Frost, Felix, Will, himself, everyone in the crew and all Matt's extended family). Will adds that though the exact nature of the medical emergency is being kept secret for Matt's privacy but it was a totally normal-style medical emergency that happens to normal people so please no speculating about it. Amber comes on to say "we're all family and you're not in it sorry, you're just not, uh, you're great at a distance and we really do appreciate your support" and say some words about being optimistic about Matt. Felix says the best thing you can do for Matt is afford him privacy and decency. They're taking shifts with him in the hospital.
Will says doctors are optimistic but he suspects it will be a tough/long road to recovery.

No. 1902885

A bunch of forty year olds who can't go a single podcast episode without wishing death on at least one person suddenly asking for thoughts and prayers and to respect their privacy is awfully rich

No. 1902886

File: 1695480058374.jpeg (100.6 KB, 1124x841, IMG_2642.jpeg)

She’s a rotten piece of shit and I hate to admit it, but Anna looks so good recently and Dasha continues to look worse.

No. 1902890

She has a face that would make infants cry. Same with Catherine.

No. 1902892

You need to leave the thread, chuuni-kun, Riva has a lesbo crush on Dasha and has personally venmo'd her a few dozen thousand for dasha to spend on realreal. The entire right is cool with A+D, trump is coming on the pod soon. You dreams of a based right are never coming to pass

No. 1902895

Does Monica think she has special powers now that she showed her tits to the whole world?

No. 1902901

Second tweet is right, but she's retarded for not noticing the ugly troon allegations are being thrown by troons themselves.

No. 1902908

Kek ty for saying what I was thinking nonna

No. 1902911

Right. I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for him. He’s a blubbering loser who stumbled into success by fanning the flames of our shitty body politic. I do feel for his wife, though. Having to give birth alone and potentially raise the kid on her own probably because of his shitty lifestyle. That’s awful.

No. 1902913

I don't, karma for being a homewrecker.

No. 1902915

We said when the baby was announced that he's not in good enough health to raise a child and it was a strange decision for a man with such a dark outlook on the future to have a baby in the first place. Maybe he felt the reaper approaching. RIP Matt.

No. 1902916

No. 1902917

File: 1695484502389.png (1.15 MB, 1361x1051, Screenshot 2023-09-13 004147.p…)


she walked the elena velez show a couple weeks ago

No. 1902919

Got the impression Trump is coming too. Do we have receipts?

No. 1902922

Maybe I'm just not sociopathic enough to understand how these Silicon Valley VC grifts work, but what has Riva actually DONE? "She" went from running a toy store, to lecturing at a business school, to running an investment fund and being a trusted advisor for Peter Thiel? At what point did founding/running a tech company whose product turned a profit ever enter into this?

Am I wrong and she's an (unbelievably troony looking) actual woman, and it's just another case of the Aella syndrome where Silicon Valley guys fall over for an NLOG who can talk to them like a fellow autistic tech nerd? In that case, I guess I can respect the hustle kek

No. 1902930

And to think people were touting here as /ourgirl/

No. 1902957

>At what point did founding/running a tech company whose product turned a profit ever enter into this?
Never. Look at that "palladium mag" and Samo Burja who's been brought up a few times in this thread, none of these people have actually done anything other than ingratiate themselves to powerful people. Pains me to say this because I hate her, but even Aella does more as she's something of a public entertainer and you could say "influencer", on top of sex worker. It's pure misogyny to attribute this to Riva's femaleness, the people who run in these circles are all lazy leeches flopping around their little influence, flattery, social connections and the occasional ideological take. They don't actually do anything other than talk to each other.

No. 1902965

yeah, you’re right. good to see this thread has a lot of angry people from the valley in it, btw.

No. 1902970

wow she's gorgeous in a really evil way.

No. 1902985

>anna and eli broke up
>dasha is dating bap
>curtis yarvin's downfall is imminent
>trump is the next guest on rs
So many predictions, so little proofs.

No. 1903013

File: 1695497554055.jpeg (261.47 KB, 1170x1107, IMG_3202.jpeg)

Fast shitty crop, she posted this last night. I know that she did one of those certificate programs to help you reskill and get a job, that’s how she joined UX work in tech. (One of the kernels in truth she accidentally drops). I still think all the baby in Europe/2 husbands stuff, even her age claim of being 35, are extremely dubious

No. 1903019

It was rollo securing the bag

No. 1903020

She’s shopped to hell and styled like the rtx weasel. Her hair is even worse than the theranos woman and she has the autism lazy eye. Really hard to tell if it’s an autistic woman or man.

No. 1903022


The Gawker/Deadspin crew, of which Chapo is an outgrowth, did the same thing when Drew Magary almost died (I think he had a stroke, too). They demanded the privacy and respect that they never afforded anyone else.

No. 1903023

File: 1695499929603.jpg (39.04 KB, 640x480, matt christman wife facebook.j…)

Matt's first wife was cute. I hope they're keeping her in the loop. She didn't deserve to be cast aside for a stripper after supporting his lazy ass for nearly two decades.

No. 1903029

File: 1695500516130.jpg (79.24 KB, 960x720, matt christman wife facebook 1…)

No. 1903033

File: 1695500724234.jpg (152.4 KB, 720x960, matt christman wife facebook 2…)

No. 1903039

File: 1695501384533.png (233.11 KB, 405x594, CdkPAoM.png)

A&D have always had a soft spot for him. He may have been a neckbeard (I called him that to his face once lol) but I hope he pulls through. It could be an aneurism like some people speculate. Anyone can get an aneurism, even healthy babies, it's often just bad luck. I'm sure the heavy drinking didn't help.
People get divorced for a myriad of reasons, we don't know enough about their relationship to jump to conclusions.

Get well Matt!

No. 1903044

people, please stop posting photos of this ugly cunt.

No. 1903054

File: 1695503852331.png (455.44 KB, 1148x474, BDS.png)

Bruenig simps are the real sufferers of hypersexual derangement. I pray his wife doesn't see these tweets.

No. 1903080

Hope she got paid
(I called him that to his face once lol)
based if true
let's be honest we all wish had been felix

No. 1903085

File: 1695509230405.jpg (580.72 KB, 644x939, 4999ec92392e1.jpg)

Is that the "Leave Britney Alone!" guy?

No. 1903089

Ya, it was on one of his vlogs and I called him a neckbeard and he said in his nasally voice "this is not a neckbeard, it's a real beard". At least he was a good sport about it lol

No. 1903090

File: 1695509481771.png (46.86 KB, 412x136, gay.png)

think he was mentioned briefly last thread, but does anyone know this guy's deal? any milk? all of a sudden i'm seeing him everywhere on twitter. he reminds me of 2020 samememe but somehow even more of a nazi. and he has a substack where he posts shitty ernst junger translations lol?

No. 1903094

afaik he's a random literal who, just happens to be decent at owning the cows. i can see the samememe resemblance

No. 1903122

Never heard of him. Kinda late to enter the scene.

No. 1903133

This was the first thing I thought of when I heard the news. There’s something Greek tragedy-esque about Matt and his new wife being in such a fucked up predicament after how he treated his first wife

No. 1903150

I think she has a skewed perspective on certain subjects but when it comes down to it she isn’t malicious. I bet she remembers when people were needlessly cruel to her after she was hospitalized just because she wasn’t vaxxed.

No. 1903152

so p8stie is legit a drifting prostitute now? she's hitching rides with truckers and sleeping on the ground in parks.

No. 1903153

her mother kicked her out of the house for fentanyl addiction

No. 1903154

Lol at you falling for this

No. 1903162

To be fair, that Covid thing could be argued to be on her. Also what're you trying to do? Shit on her for being decent?

No. 1903164

I know a lot of chapos are really upset at him because he made shitty jokes about Matt Christman's coma. Even though Christman was joking about people dying every week.

No. 1903167

File: 1695522449279.jpeg (353.87 KB, 750x1055, 2DC73630-57F6-48C3-999A-C03657…)

These bap fan accounts are so fucking disgusting

No. 1903168

File: 1695522470604.jpeg (261.49 KB, 750x614, 90E11843-16F9-4F59-A004-0757ED…)

No. 1903175

File: 1695523583250.mp4 (755.44 KB, 720x1278, Snapinsta.app_video_EF4551A80C…)

No. 1903181

File: 1695524991088.jpg (86.29 KB, 736x377, ZeroIQLovecraft.jpg)

This is funny if true (though it explains her skin condition) because I could've swore p8stie started out as a TradCath good girl and was at that meet-up they had in NYC. p8stie's own tweets are innocuous stuff about her travels but almost all of her mutuals are right-wing mutants.

Martin is a BAP loyalist who lives in Canada and hates Indians including the ones who suck up to the far right, like Indian_Bronson. Tbf his dunks on Bronson are amusing.

Delicious Tacos, Zero HP Lovecraft, CityBureaucrat and that entire side of rw Twitter that Anna follows have been shilling BAP's thesis lately. It feels like the second coming of The Chapo Guide to Revolution. Ironic, given what just happened to Matt.

FWIW I think Tacos is the worst of this group because he plays at being moderate or apolitical only to shill extreme rightist bullshit when it's opportune. It's sort of like that @Cremieuxrecueil account that gets shilled by Elon and pretends to be an apolitical data guy when he's really pushing race science and eugenics like the BAP crowd is.

Pic related: it's funny how many of these guys have recurring nightmares of women who work in HR.

No. 1903183

I think tacos is the worst too bc he is a sex pest tourist terrorizing Asian women (and likely girls ugh).
I don’t worry or morally fret about these any of people bc they are inconsequential except for him. retard red scare thots DM him daily and try to fuck him. good thing he hates most women as much as they hate him. But he can still knock someone up one day

No. 1903187

He strikes me as the kind of guy to get a vasectomy

No. 1903194

He desperately wants a wife and kid and has been posting about his fear of dying alone and childless for years (it’s the fate he deserves)

No. 1903202

On the off chance he manages to knock someone up she will probably abort it

No. 1903208

Anna is definitely malicious and hides behind her stupid who-me I’m just a silly woman schtick (the same thing that she accuses other women of doing) to the point that the podcast has been unbearable to listen to for years

No. 1903209

Anti-race science people are the same ones who think white people are bad for wanting white kids and that’s retarded. The bigger problem is the pedophilia and homosexual degeneracy the bap crowd spews. GL with selective breeding when you’re all into children and men’s assholes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1903214

>Anti-race science people are the same ones who think white people are bad for wanting white kids

lol you're never going to blend in here with that kind of bullshit. back to twitter/kiwifarms with you.

No. 1903221

I think Zero HP Lovecraft works as a mobile game developer (worked on some lame Candy Crush clone) so to him women are intruding on his safe space

No. 1903223

at least she doesn't have an onlyfans(sage)

No. 1903243

Kek LCF in topform has a couple anti natalist radfems in each thread (bless you all); a right wing sperg talking about white babies shows this spot’s been blown up.
outside of complaining about India kekk we don’t racebait, we don’t talk politics outside of women’s issues. Can’t tell if you’re Thielturd or that schizo screeching about Jews.

No. 1903247

Seriously, it’s been documented for dozens of threads… begging everyone to go back and read. We used to have so much material she’s only recently faked being moral

No. 1903310

>pretends to be an apolitical data guy when he's really pushing race science and eugenics
There are so many accounts like this getting shilled by the twitter algorithm at the moment.
I don't think it'll ever really catch on. That kind of data sperg IQ supremacism is pushed the most by non-whites trying to get on the team, but it's too elitist for average people to ever go along with since it involves writing off unsuccessful people of all races as doomed to failure, and too multicultural for aesthetics driven RWers.

No. 1903360

kek can you ever imagine one of those silicon valley freaks IQ testing their kids and they turn out just average? "sorry scrotie, I know you want to be an astronaut when you grow up but it says here on this test you have to be a UPS driver." then they lie about their kid being a genius anyways.
sign of the times…if they are talking about LCF on their twitter timelines you can only imagine how much they are talking about it in their groupchats and discord.

No. 1903384

They are breeding with teenagers that have low IQ’s (scarethots) because that is what gets them off. So, they will have a bunch of dumb babies. How based!

No. 1903389

File: 1695564281220.png (1.39 MB, 1054x1414, matt christman hate.png)

picrel got a chuckle out of me

No. 1903391

I'm fascinated by the contradictions of him being the epic doomer chapo who rants about how we're all fucked but being the only one out them to have a kid but not actually trying to be healthy enough to raise the kid. this is the guy everyone on left twitter thinks has all the answers.

No. 1903393

all permanently suicide-minded losers

No. 1903398

Ikr, even with his disability his famous podcast job has him set with the kind of time and money and access that makes a baseline healthy lifestyle easy af to accomplish. He could hire a trainer 5 days a week, get custom healthy meals delivered on the regular, hire a goddamn stylist to get him some decent clothes. He just has no self-esteem and sincerely wants to die but can't work up the guts to do the deed I guess.

No. 1903399

i've known several people like him throughout the years, all too much of a coward to end it the easy way

No. 1903401

File: 1695566330238.jpg (104.24 KB, 751x1333, Dasha-Nekrasova-Feet-3568803 (…)

how do i get this ass(scrote)

No. 1903402

I think calling him "your god" is a bit of a reach, you'd be remiss to say that Chapo fans all think they're infallible and wonderful. Part of the appeal of the show is how shitty they are, interpersonally. I don't listen to that shit but I see plenty of their fanboys laughing about this kind of thing. Not shocked that they don't want him to die in a coma tho. There is a big middle ground.

No. 1903407

Who is a teenager? You’re making shit up

No. 1903409

the only people they’re fucking are dasha and catherine

No. 1903412

That’s what I thought. probably rfh being a hysterical retard. Her brain is melted from talking to faux-white pedo losers for years

No. 1903413

File: 1695568084968.jpg (92.34 KB, 1128x422, kulwin.jpg)

Banner week for twitter's biggest crybullies

No. 1903422

File: 1695569254056.jpeg (55.89 KB, 750x334, IMG_5829.jpeg)

This explains a lot Aimee

No. 1903423

It makes sense why so many Chapo listeners became trannies in the past few years considering Matt has been essentially been the leader of a death cult

No. 1903426

So many people on left twitter on use climate change as an excuse to be hedonists and assholes. They deliberately chose to interpret that IPCC paper on how there'll be a 2C increase in global temp if emissions aren't reduced by 2030, as meaning that civilization will collapse on 1 January 2030 and it'll all be Mad Max after that. Also the emissions are entirely the fault of 100 megacorps, and those corps don't make money by selling treats to people like them, no siree.
Great example is Sammy the Tranny Pritchard's meltdown about how his cocaine is ethical but bananas aren't >>1868029

No. 1903428


I feel bad for Noah Kulwin because he does a fairly cerebral podcast but has the voice of the dim-witted sidekick to a cartoon villain

No. 1903430

Am I the only one who thinks it's weird christman is in a coma a week after the ukroid defense ministry troon made that speech about assassinating foreign journalists?

No. 1903434

No. 1903442

He looks like one too lol >>1729426

No. 1903445

Where is the evidence that Matt Christman's incident was triggered by drugs?

People on the internet seem to think every person who ever does drugs is a full-blown scary addict who will die from drugs when it's just not so. You need to get out more

No. 1903446

go on? not seeing the connection. it's a slow death instead of a quick one?

No. 1903453

Literally why else would a 40 year old man who doesn't work and lives in luxury have a stroke? And tbqh it's an infinitely less pathetic reason than if it was stress brought about by his wife about to go into labor.

No. 1903459

Because he's also a fatass who doesn't exercise? Theres tons of people who get strokes without having touched a single drug.

No. 1903463

He's like 40 and him getting retardedly drunk/high at Chapo related events has been a known thing for years. Like the photos upthread: >>1903389 >>1903039. So it's years of boozing and unlike Felix or Nick he doesn't have an autistic interest in working out as a countermeasure. Forties is when a lot of people who've been going hard since their twenties (or earlier, he's from Wisconsin which is the one of the drunkest parts of the USA) start seeing the repercussions.
I'm hoping he pulls through because he seems like an alright guy, and far from the worst in this sphere, but still.

No. 1903464

"matts in a coma better talk about MY coma"

No. 1903466

his coma is absolutely the consequence of his shitty lifestyle and drug use

No. 1903470

Yeah it's basically a probability thing. This scene is full of people who are fat and/or serious drug addicts (Brace Belden, Felix, Nick Mullen, Stav, Jack the Perfume Nationalist, Bret and Bryan from Street Fight Radio, Tom/Tanya/Tarrence from the Trillbillies). It's really only a matter of time for a lot of them.

No. 1903473

People keep saying it’s a stroke but I’m pretty sure it’s a brain aneurysm, which can happen to anyone really.

No. 1903488

File: 1695577800607.jpg (109.92 KB, 816x1113, JUICETHIS.jpg)

Outside of antagonizing pajeet bronson he's a loser. Also he just got banned.

No. 1903491

It’s because he’s fat and got all the jabs and boosters

No. 1903504

File: 1695580025446.jpeg (31.67 KB, 225x225, IMG_3699.jpeg)

> I feel bad for Noah Kulwin
Noah is disgusting don’t feel bad. I’m not even talking about his looks but I do think his face matches his mind. Blowback is a joke.

No. 1903507

File: 1695580404963.png (286.63 KB, 1182x818, Screenshot 2023-09-24 at 2.31.…)


No. 1903509

File: 1695580882791.png (366.23 KB, 400x400, 3a593427-f88e-4efd-b1c2-4b6e22…)

I always wondered why Matt grew shitty beard.

No. 1903513


like they said

No. 1903519

Everyone saw it coming. He also surely knew what was ahead.

No. 1903525

> joke didnt land but im retarded and believe im intelligent so let me try it three more times
kek this has to be the biggest loser in a scene full of them.

No. 1903527

Christman in a coma, I know, I know it’s serious

No. 1903536

File: 1695584323094.webm (1.36 MB, 320x458, TroonSpokesman.webm)

I presume the troon was referring to Gonzalo Lira as the "Kremlin propagandist that will pay for his crimes" and not Christman

No. 1903542

Not trying to derail but a lot of you nonas must either be pretty young or pretty healthy (which is good) but I know so many drunk ass tubby people who don't have heart attacks or strokes or aneurysms at 40. Sure it can happen and being a fat ass with bad habits increases your odds but some people itt are acting like if you're not 14% body fat teetotaler its your destiny to fall into a coma at 42. Didn't Christman have some previous disability or some shit?

No. 1903548

If I recall it was a bum leg due to some neurological issue. Probably not related to his current condition but who knows. I agree though, too many people in this thread are of the quack mindset that if something bad happens to your health it's because you did something wrong. Perfectly healthy people with 100% healthy lifestyles suffer from medically adverse events. The drinking and possible drugs probably didn't help but we don't know how much they contributed.

No. 1903555

obese hands typed these posts

No. 1903556

Yes, true. Even a slip and fall on an oily puddle in a parking lot can be debilitating, not just sudden random medical issues

No. 1903558

omg her face really is turning into a pig's lol

No. 1903563

A lot of the Praxis girls.

No. 1903564

My BMI is 20.8
Yes, anyone can have sudden medical issues. For example, it could be a congenital defect in a blood vessel in the brain that one day blows. This would get undiagnosed because people don't get MRIs on their brain unless they have symptoms or a family history. Yes, lifestyle can be a factor.

No. 1903568

File: 1695587550461.jpg (109.27 KB, 588x781, IMG_1689.jpg)

Speaking of dysgenic-looking fuggos obsessed with eugenics, Curtis Yarvin was recently spotted at a "Dissident" meetup with Razib Khan.

I only noticed this post because it was liked by Catherine and Indian Bronson, lol

No. 1903569

Do you really think he’ll pull through ?

No. 1903574

Be careful if you're going to dunk on Cushbomb on twitter, the dirtbag legions are on a mass reporting spree. They've already taken down several big accounts like theophite, Walmart Mike an the School Bonds Wolf.

No. 1903578

File: 1695588101862.jpeg (246.12 KB, 1179x582, IMG_3715.jpeg)

Matt almost died as a teenager and was left with a bum leg, it’s a lifelong disability thing for him. Judging by what they announced it might not even be related to what’s wrong with him now. Just report for tinfoiling if people are getting crazy with the speculation, this is supposed to be a milk zone not a speculation zone. We’ll probably find out eventually or some lurking friend will supply details that everyone says is fake.

No. 1903583

If anyone here posts about the cows on Twitter they deserve a ban, go back

No. 1903597

did you save this from wikifeet…

No. 1903606

BAP is in a twitter space right now with SperglerAcolyte and Dasha is cackling next to him like a moron they seem to be at a bar is he in the US now or does she keep traveling to Brazil/wherever to see him??

No. 1903607

Is rahzib ftm?

No. 1903610

never mind just checked her ig stories she's in Madrid

No. 1903611

Damn, I guess they really are dating.

No. 1903614

she looks like a 13 year old boy, so of course Costin is into her

No. 1903625

being BAP's beard is the best Dasha could hope for.
happy for her

No. 1903627

Not to poopoo but unless there’s photo evidence I don’t want to hear about bap and dasha. Post proof of stop

No. 1903631

They're in a bar getting drunk together on a Sunday night in Madrid. They're fucking.

No. 1903632

No shit? Post a screenshot for the nonnies come on

No. 1903633

do you have screenshot of them next to each other?

No. 1903636

BAP was a speaker in a space and Dasha wasn't but you could hear her and she briefly spoke on his phone i don't know what more evidence you can have. the space is recorded so when he's finished you can hear it for yourself on SperglerAcolyte's account

No. 1903639

both of these faces are provoking my gag reflex

No. 1903640

Isolate that audio and post here

No. 1903641

When it’s finished and recorded, it’d be helpful if you could give us the time stamp (tho it’s customary/nice to upload here)
razib’s haircut is so bad it looks like a wig

No. 1903644

do the BAPtards who go on and on about "physiognomy" ever apply it to hideous moids like this? jesus christ

No. 1903649

>trump leading in all the polls
>matt christman a vegetable
>dasha dating bap
It feels like we're on the verge of another vibe shift.

No. 1903650

Pretty much. Men become trannies because they hate women and they feel like they have nothing else to lose. Chapo says the world is burning, their weak AGP male audience retreat inwards and think that they’re women because nothing else matters except their personal pleasure
Might be a little bit of a reach but there’s definitely a connection between leftism and trannyism among men

No. 1903652

Just par for the course for this crowd. For example Anna getting an autoimmune condition after vaccine hesitancy, Jake Flores eating his own cum off a cracker, Virgil Texas' pedo allegations.

No. 1903654

Where is it confirmed he’s comatose?

No. 1903655

I don’t know how but it’s about 13-14 mins into this https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1RDGllEZbREGL

No. 1903657

It's been implied in the messages from Chapo and his wife that he's unconscious.

No. 1903660

Dasha must have given up on acting completely. Imagine she stars in a movie at this point. A billion think pieces about her relationship with a neo-nazi. No coming back from that.

No. 1903665

She gave up some time ago. When was the last time she was casted in something not made by one of her friends? She had been attached to the Bonello flick since 2019 and Bad Behaviour since 2020.

No. 1903666

File: 1695598350129.jpg (82.91 KB, 454x889, 1687150388177.jpg)

No one's fooled by this bullshit. Rightoids were pushing the "vibe shift" meme HARD in the months leading up the 2022 midterm elections and look how that worked out for them.

How do people not realize that Anna K is using the same tricks that Liz Bruenig used years ago?

Bruenig would refrain from publicly making more vicious statements to maintain her nice girl persona, but she would quote RT anyone who criticized her and knowingly sic her legion of dirtbag simps/replyguys on them to hurl slurs and death threats.

Anna K likewise uses her "I'm just a dumb girl having fun" persona as a shield and then leaves the dirty work to her legion of fascist simps/replyguys.


No. 1903667

what are you even talking about? seek help.

No. 1903668

>No one's fooled by this bullshit.
I just mean like the last vestiges of the Bernie left/dirtbag movement that have defined half of terminally online discourse for the last 8 years are collapsing. Trump isn't going away, Chapo's probably ending, and Dasha is lightyears away from Sailor Socialism now.

No. 1903670

>Bruenig would refrain from publicly making more vicious statements
She also had the tweet delete bot that conveniently wiped out the paper trail of all the times she did have a freak-out on her interlocutors.

No. 1903672

>Bernie left/dirtbag movement that have defined half of terminally online discourse for the last 8 years

They haven't been relevant since 2020 when Bernie lost. Matt Christman and the other Chapo guys have been nowhere near as active or prominent on Twitter since then.

No. 1903673

2 retards fighting
What is his background? He has a chill Twitter persona but something seems off

No. 1903674

>They haven't been relevant since 2020
Well yeah, but they're still chugging along on the margins of the takesphere. But if Chapo goes, it's all over for good.

No. 1903675

I kinda think the only reason she finally deleted her Twitter (or stayed off it at least) was that too many people took screenshots of her last outburst where she was accusing people of being possessed by the devil or whatever

No. 1903679

It was a good time for that sort of thing but Bernie flopped and they weren’t right wing so they couldn’t go from making fun of trump news to making fun of Biden completely successfully without alienating too many people and if you recall they all actuall wish they were movie people which hasn’t gone super well…

No. 1903682

that sridhar guy is such an unfunny stemfag reddit tier account

No. 1903684

it should be illegal for scrotes to appear in public looking this ugly

No. 1903685

File: 1695599677584.jpeg (112.6 KB, 1169x444, IMG_3235.jpeg)

Liz is undoubtedly the namesake/inspiration of Anna’s “smol bean” insult (and Monica’s “mousy brunette”).
She went from condescending, self righteous bitch to “skipped my meds” quality posting. It was all downhill from picrel.

No. 1903686

File: 1695600108982.png (749.34 KB, 1205x862, Screenshot (3583).png)

>Chloe/@BronzeAgeShawty posted a selfie
>Got promptly torn apart by the right-wing moids she panders to
>Got butthurt, deleted the pic, and RTed porn-addicted "dissident" freak FischerKing64 to defend her
>Still shills BAP's book in the next tweet

These 70 IQ ethots never learn, do they? It's funny how little engagement her tweets get despite her posting thirst traps. I almost didn't even want to give her any attention but I'm amused when pickmes fall flat on their face.

Reportedly she's IRL friends with @Indian_Bronson too. Is she Indian?

No. 1903689

File: 1695601095023.jpeg (66.04 KB, 941x842, IMG_3237.jpeg)

Wow, she’s busted…… the inside matches the outside. That’s the worst looking e girl I’ve seen in a long time.
& her aggressive, ‘call every man gay and every woman a whore’ posting style seems directly stolen from margaritaevna95/meghaverma_art over on the tradthot thread.

No. 1903695

She's lashing out because she's seething over BAP picking Dasha over her.

No. 1903696

File: 1695602427195.png (918.98 KB, 1242x431, syphilis.png)

The four "men" Dasha has dated (actual body count much higher) since she became famous. Sure knows how to pick 'em.

No. 1903699

File: 1695602528879.jpg (78.31 KB, 588x613, IMG_979.jpg)

lmao the deserved fate of every right-wing egirl

No. 1903700

Can you stop pushing the BAP is dating Dasha bullshit until one of them confirms it? If BAP had a documented history of dating women I'd be more inclined to believe, but there is strong evidence that he's gay. Women hang out with gay male friends all the time. Has this place become infested with moids who don't know something so basic? lol

No. 1903701

kinda crazy to date someone who’s fucked all of your friends

No. 1903702

samefag but you’re retarded. they’re dating.

No. 1903703

Dasha also flew out to hang with that @FistedFoucault guy, close friend of BAP, while she was still dating the TradCath. She's clearly being given incentives to shill these personalities and their books to boost their clout and presence.

No. 1903704

If Dasha and BAP are dating, do you all think she is celibate like she was with Matthew?

No. 1903705

what happened to this woman?
I remember she seemed vaguely normal and just posted pics of soup and being happy about not getting a rhinoplasty on /r/rsp.
Now she's on twitter simping for BAP, calling people coal burner, and looks like she is bald with a wig??

No. 1903706

They fucked when he came to nyc

No. 1903712

Dasha fucks most of the non-gay, non-incel male guests they have on the pod; it's how they get them to go on in the first place. Bannon, Yarvin, Razib Khan, BAP, Niccolo, Tacos, etc. have all cum in Dasha's putrid pussy.

No. 1903714

File: 1695604422969.jpg (36.01 KB, 517x630, 1687745567946261.jpg)

She has highly visible tattoos on her arm, which is like the Mark of Cain to this crowd. NGMI. Never even had a chance.

Razib is married and has a child with an Indian woman. I can believe that Dasha fucked Tacos, maybe Niccolo. All the others seem doubtful.

No. 1903715

Ntayrt, ayrt is 100% right about the affinity between troons and the left. I don't even think it's primarily about hating women (although they do), it's just good old fashioned autistic scrotebrain. Surprise surprise, the kind of moids who enjoy memorizing the battle stats of WW2 Soviet tanks and arguing the finer points of Marxist-Leninist political theory on Twitter, are also the kind of moids who develop weird pornsick fetishes. This demographic is the core of the Chapo audience

No. 1903723

BAP, tacos, and soldo are all true and they’ve more or less admitted it on the TL. Razib was married to a white woman and got divorced.

No. 1903724

so many of these sloppy kind of girls are attracted to this corner of the internet.

No. 1903725

do they all have herpes by now?

No. 1903726

File: 1695605465233.jpg (102.41 KB, 601x680, IMG_563.jpg)

Catherine/@jardinsecret888 locked her account today. It's weird. She didn't lock her account when she got mentioned and doxxed a few days ago, but only today.

No. 1903728

arrested development. never got over being bullied and now live as if the world is a cafeteria in a teen drama.

No. 1903729

do you think they talk about it? she’s fucked so many of them

No. 1903730

i think she embarrassed herself while drinking again

No. 1903732

Why? What happened?

No. 1903734

Maybe her husband found out that she’s cheating on him

No. 1903739

they probably have an arrangement, but she isn't supposed to be so public about it to cause him embarrassment

No. 1903742

Azealia Banks must be doing some contract sorcery

No. 1903743

Chloe is putrid. Her appearance, but also her username. This is bottom of the bottom of the bottom.

No. 1903745

She probably just found out about the dox from RFH today. She has always been a slow learner.

No. 1903747

hate to admit it, but it's female hubris with these types. they all think they'll be the one they treat differently and they NEVER are, no one is.

No. 1903750

So they’ll have an autistic child (the low functioning kind) and find out about Nietzsche and Catholicism in one blow. Survival of the fittest meets good old fashioned karma. Bring it. Bring their patron Saint of retards baby. Much vitalism much God.

No. 1903753

File: 1695609175521.jpg (132.3 KB, 1209x453, 424578934788.jpg)

Speaking of the currycel. I wonder how much of his insecurity and politics are driven by women rating Indian men as the most physically unattractive race. He clearly has a chip on his shoulder.

No. 1903756

File: 1695609463216.jpg (73.85 KB, 1325x1262, F5IYKdbWMAAMXsl.jpg)

Asian men are vastly overrepresented among incels and I would argue that South Asian men have it much much worse than East Asian men although this chart does not separate the two.(racebait)

No. 1903758

Nobody is ever going to give a fuck about Indian Bronson.

No. 1903760

no one "cares" about any of the cows. it's just fun to laugh at them and useful to keep track of all the connections they have with each other.

No. 1903762

i think the misogyny of the culture of these races has a lot more to do with it than looks, no western woman of any race wants to marry down into these misogynistic cultures and be the moid and mother in laws slave

No. 1903764

It’s the same fucking people. Some of them just turned into “right wingers” for clout. They will never not be irony poisoned trust fund nihilists. Curtis is about to get cut for wasting his money on them for his sicko dungeon larp. Peter will throw him off a cliff and life will be beautiful again. That is the true vibeshift on the horizon. Bye, Yarvin. You disgraced us all. Peter, your old friends, your old advisors including Riva, and most of all yourself. Prince yourself out of this one you degenerate fuck. Tell Lydia we said hello.

No. 1903765

It's hilarious how Republicans have a huge problem attracting single/young women and they keep elevating guys like this on social media who clearly hate women. The more mainstream cons like Matt Walsh tweet the same exact content.

No. 1903766

Wrt the women I know that have married in, the families are modern (eg has a Chinese MIL that’s a doctor etc), families that agree with western values etc. they’re not like IB having a fit that women are having sex. He’s a psycho

No. 1903768

so did peter defenestrate his ex for going to omidyar or what?

No. 1903769

There's an evolution here from flabby twinks to rougher looking but flabby nonetheless guys

No. 1903771

but those families immigrated in the 1970s when you had to assimilate, the recent h1b wave are mostly here for the money and are really not that interested in western values at all.

No. 1903801

File: 1695615781770.jpg (78.63 KB, 1400x700, CBR-header-The-Evil.jpg)

No. 1903804

The Miami Thiel mafia kings Keith Rabois and Mike Solana prob did the housekeeping for him (PARODY - I VALUE MY LIFE)

No. 1903806

Adam Friedland, OPN, Matthew, BAP, Niccolo, Tacos, Louis CK, Caleb Landry Jones, David Lynch's son, Paris Hynes, Kyle Brown, Greg and Kendall off Succession (in a old space she confirmed she banged more than 1 of the cast), probably Eugene, Peter Vack, Bonello, the director of Softness of Bodies, who am i missing?

No. 1903809

You're right and you should say it

No. 1903811

She was briefly fucking Stephen Gurewitz between Adam and OPN.

No. 1903812

We talk about similar stuff in the related Breadtube thread >>1695895

No. 1903814

The psycho RWers telling women “you’re going to be r@ped by migrants - vote for us!” while also screeching “…and you have to keep the r@pe baby you whore!” has been a disaster for them. Gavin’s going to run and win and they’re going to have an unparalleled lib derangement syndrome.

No. 1903821

I don’t wanna give myself away, but she had fucked several of the low level wagies in my old town in her early 20s. One of them was a lifter at a warehouse. He remembered the experience fondly.

No. 1903822

one of Chloe Sevigny's exes, Lucien Smith, Brace, a kind of famous photographer and the screenwriter of High Fidelity (the one without a wikipedia page) she doxed on the pod, a mystery British actor before OPN, some other D-list artists, an unnamed woman she stopped mentioning, probably Matty Healy

No. 1903824

she definitely got dommed by Ann Coulter's six inch clit and probably had a threesome with Alex Jones.

No. 1903825

god how could I have forgotten Brace Belden?? then again TrueAnon is more irrelevant that Chapo at this point

No. 1903829

> Kendall off Succession (in a old space she confirmed she banged more than 1 of the cast)

Wasn’t Jeremy Strong infamously icy to everyone bc he’s a method man? No way she could keep that one under wraps for so long (NDA?)

No. 1903830

its possible that it was instead the guy who played Collin, Logan's bodyguard cause she brought him up a lot on the pod, but in the space i was in the moids kept badgering her to name names, when they asked kendall she said "no comment", it MIGHT have been keiran caulkin but I'm 90% sure she implied jeremy strong

No. 1903832

crazy to think taylor swift is 2 bodies removed from BAP but it actually makes a strange kind of sense

No. 1903833

wow, I can't believe she wasn't asked to come back for season 3…

No. 1903835

File: 1695619703952.jpeg (52.41 KB, 330x330, IMG_3248.jpeg)

Idk if Dashas heroin chic Victorian street urchin vibes mesh with Alex Jones and his violent drunk MILFwife (whom he’s obsessed with despite her striking his own daughter) aesthetically

No. 1903838

>slut-shaming: the thread
Let's just stick to the gossip, eh nonnies?

No. 1903839

Of course she implied JS because that’s maximum chaos / attention / validation. Still zero evidence. She was too much of a punk weirdo to date the quarterback in high school so she’ll try the rest of her life to be THAT girl.

No. 1903841

how are they all gay?

No. 1903851

It's just media and culture brain.
Asian men got a big boost with younger generation because of kpop and I have girl friends that dream about going to Korea and meeting men even thought South Korea has incels voting bloc and is notorious for hidden cameras and date rape.

No. 1903858

Theres literally no difference here between posts here and somewhere like cumtown.org especially regarding Dasha. Literally all the same talking points. Like they moved here after it was nuked.

No. 1903861

Nearly everyone there except her actual boyfriends are just speculation without backing beyond "I kinda saw them talking to each other" but I find it ironic that of your list the one she most likely fucked (Eugene) is the one you prefaced with probably.

No. 1903866

So do these people spend their whole lives on Twitter spaces? It doesn’t seem like they have very many parties. Does anyone even know of them outside of Twitter?

No. 1903876

You’re acting like she has other options. She is a crazy whore and bad looking for a famous person kek

No. 1903878

File: 1695628943288.png (12.5 KB, 772x135, 1695590068697444.png)

No. 1903886

Dasha starves herself and bap is gay and too autistic to fuck like a rabbit. If they had a baby it would be a miracle

No. 1903887

Are you an incel scrote? You’ve never gone to a bar with friend and gotten drunk? Kek what the fuck even

No. 1903888

If they’re dating it requires her traveling to see him and not the other way around kek. Don’t see it lasting

No. 1903890

IF dasha is dating BAP, she sees it as the ultimate W no matter what anyone says, yes he is probably gay but he is also a bodybuilder and a fascist prince with an exotic accent, she is so horny for him that she is willing to travel to Brazil every weekend and she makes enough money to do it, of course it will end in disaster which will be funny but she definitely thinks she’s winning right now

No. 1903891

Someone should tell her that attractive women who don’t have disgusting teeth from years of bulimia and don’t periodically stink like vomit don’t need to worry about “their man” leaving them for someone younger, unless he’s legit very famous maybe

No. 1903892

Rightoid here. Men leave their wives when they get old all the time.

No. 1903893

It’s both the masculinity, or lack of, and misogyny. Russian men are incredibly misogynistic but they don’t have trouble with women because they’re more masculine than asians

No. 1903894

No they don’t. Most divorce is initiated by women. If men were leaving their wives all the time then they would be initiating the divorces, retard

No. 1903895

Men are constantly initiating divorces because their wives get old. You must be living in a liberal bubble if you think otherwise. Enjoy your rainbow flags at your little pubs, you clueless prog.

No. 1903897

Holy man face

No. 1903898

File: 1695631494059.jpeg (54.1 KB, 750x363, 063FD639-F605-4768-A546-801D2F…)

Go back to whatever hole you crawled out, ugly faggot

No. 1903900

So you’re saying the 31% on your own graph doesn’t exist?

No. 1903901

Please share how many of these 31% do NOT leave their wives because they get old. You goddam fool. Do some time in the backwoods.

No. 1903903

You said men are constantly initiating divorce. 30% is not constantly and there’s nothing saying it’s because they got old. You’re an ugly bitter loser who will never reproduce

No. 1903906

I said “Men are constantly initiating divorces because their wives get old.” This is not the same as “Men are constantly initiating divorces.” Did you not understand how to read? Go smear some pop poo around in your diaper hat. Mommy wants her Cheetos back from the fridge.

No. 1903908

Ofc you’re some hillbilly retard. It’s nonsensical to marry someone then divorce them for something inevitable like aging. Only retards do that

No. 1903909

You sound like a fucking idiot

No. 1903910

Put back dem goddam Cheetos, son. You need a nice slappin. Momma don’t want you comin round no more.(retardation)

No. 1903917

On an old red scare she talked about having sex with directors when she was in la. Who knows how many. She added to her body count with seeking arrangements, sad how her efforts didn’t elevate her from living in a basement like a rat

No. 1903922

Gossip thread is gossiping. Oh no!!

No. 1903923

No way she would’ve been able to keep quiet if she fucked Jeremy Strong. An actual respected actor. The moment she got news she wasn’t asked back she would be blabbing her bpd ass off about it

No. 1903929

File: 1695636823300.jpeg (693.79 KB, 705x1089, 2C2DB1EE-4D69-432C-A570-4BA531…)

she’s dressing like a boy too. She knows his tastes

No. 1903935

This woman’s prettier. Love how Dasha is always being mogged by 50 year olds

No. 1903939

I don't get this, she looks like an old hag not a little boy. She would probably take looking like a little boy as a compliment because of her anorexia brainrot (curves = bad) and the fact that she worships youth. Don't give her what she wants.

No. 1903943

File: 1695640426249.jpg (130.8 KB, 760x506, lmao.jpg)

even by the embarrassingly low standards of this scene, this woman is cringe

No. 1903951

What exactly is the appeal of a guy like Indian Bronson? I mean, he's a cow, but why does anyone on Twitter follow him? Even if you wanted standard right-wing ragebait, at least get it from someone who's not clearly overcompensating for his skin color.

Ehhh these aren't necessarily my own personal views, but I think there are lots of women who find something skeevy about Indian/South Asian men. Like, even my (Irish) mom, who rarely if ever made negative generalizations about entire ethnic groups, would make the occasional remark about Indian hygiene or show signs of disgust at Indian men. That kind of behavior was uncharacteristic for her and it was ONLY around Indian men. Not sure how to explain it.

No. 1903957

It’s not a compliment. She can look like something but she will never be it. Much like a troon

No. 1903959

he’s a vancouver graduate school dropout and bap sycophant who likes tweet fantasies about teen brides and posts pinups of anime high schoolers. anna k loves overeducates pedos.

No. 1903967

File: 1695645761158.jpg (212.88 KB, 1478x891, i565667336778.jpg)

I glanced at that Indian Bronson guy's account and he seems to relish the chance to put down other minorities. Lots of "look at this Black criminal!" and "kill all these migrants pouring in!" posts. He even takes some shots at the Chinese.

As a Canadian, it always cracks me up when I see Indians elsewhere try to suck up to the far right. In America you mostly get the elite 1% of India immigrating into your country; in Canada we've been getting Indians who are closer to the median and so they've lost their "model minority" status here. The problems you read about involving sexual assault and scams and public defecation in India are now happening in Canada as well.

I wonder if Indian Bronson would show the same relish if he had to regularly post pictures of criminal men who look like him. In the last few days alone, I've heard of two Indian immigrants arrested for sexual assault in Brampton. One of them preyed on a 13-year old girl. Another assaulted a woman at a massage parlor. Yes, both were Hindu:



And a couple weeks ago, I read about another incident involving a man of East Indian descent on the Toronto subreddit:


I don't even actively search out this material but it's common enough that I could easily remember a few recent examples. There are probably more incidents from this month that I don't know about. Last year there was a minor uproar when 9 of the 11 men on the Vancouver Police's list of the most violent gangsters were from India:


I'm not trying to racebait and I don't intend to harp on this topic much since it's OT anyway. Not all Indian immigrants are like this. Some, I assume, are good people. I just find Bronson's cynicism and opportunism galling and had to comment.

No. 1903975

reads like breeding fetish shit, gross

No. 1904001

bots. every account that gets promoted by twitter is swarming with bots liking and retweeting their aged 2015 era jokes. elon is incentivized to keep thousands of bots on his platform so he can continue lying to advertisers. people in this scene like maddie also buy likes on their posts.
I think hes part of that circle of ex ironybros that went full rightard when they were made fun of by everyone with aryancrashbandicoot (who got caught with CP kek). so yeah, they are pedophiles.

No. 1904002

Most people are talking about Indians when they mean undesirable Asians. Why they are grouped together despite having distinctly different cultures in studies or polling is anyone’s guess. Subs like aznmasculinity make it seem like East Asian men struggle too, but it could be a self-selected autistic minority. South Korea is currently having the most successful backlash to societal misogyny called the 4b movement, so much so that the government is cracking down on it and blaming feminism for low birth rates despite wanting to raise the work week to 60 hours and having a similar housing crisis to America.

No. 1904004

Tell that to Christman’s first wife.

No. 1904006

The drunken brute stereotype still persists in the US

No. 1904011

Moids ain’t shit, but he seems like a solid man with a long-term girlfriend, no idea why he would fuck ugly STD ridden Dasha, but I have no doubts she would try to stir it.

No. 1904013

She said no comment to stir up shit. Remember when she tried to start a rumor she was dating Robert Pattinson? She’s bpd and a liar. All she can fuck are underlings and ugly jews

No. 1904026

Ceiling eyes

No. 1904031

She filed the original lawsuit against Remilia so maybe she’s logging off for legal reasons.

No. 1904034

I'm not up to date with RW drama, has Cremieuxrecueil been accused of being a fed yet? He shills race science but every now and then emphasizes data that contradicts RWers dogma, like when he posted that outcomes for kids raised by gay parents aren't very different from regular straight parents. Maybe they understand he has to countersignal every now and then to maintain his neutrality credibility, idk, still weird

No. 1904042

Holy shit she’s 29 and got “radicalized” by twitter…. it’s the age of many e girls (Catherine, Audrey Horne) too
most women here would agree that unscreened single male immigrants from the third world (or migrants supposedly seeking asylum) are a threat to women. Whether their own community or someone else’s. That’s why Bronson gleefully says “your kids will be trans”, as he claims the influx of socially conservative immigrants inoculates against liberal trends like trans kids. Like the whole “at least Mexicans/Hondurans/Venezuelans are catholic!” tradcath argument for loser incels who want 5’1 Latina wives.

No. 1904055

bitch can't even hold that cup right kek she's so low class

No. 1904071

If you knew what the fuck you were talking about you’d know that guy is gay

No. 1904087

east asian women have the highest out-marriage rates (primarily to white men). east asian guys struggle with their own women which is why kpop is such a blessing (visited seoul last summer and saw women of all races chasing after hideous korean men). the white women expat community in korea have fb groups to expose korean guys who abuse them as the police won’t do anything. kpop has destroyed the minds of so many women

No. 1904089

didn’t she fuck him in a public bathroom…?

No. 1904094

Gay dudes will fuck women who remind them of men if they’re high enough. Bitch has armpit hair and no tits. Might as well get on hormones

No. 1904097

TBT to my favorite comment chain from the postleftcows threads: >>1660654

No. 1904106

Women survived j-pop more or less. I’m just surprised with all the information online and nth room type scandals that more women would hesitate to actual travel there. I don’t expect locals to look anything like the boy bands either.

No. 1904108

Ironically for rightwing scrotes, white men loose their enormous advantage in the western dating market with women of all races when they act as misogynistic and entitled as the men from the cultures all women are trying to marry out of.

No. 1904109

There’s always an ugly cluster B e girl

No. 1904111

>Most people are talking about Indians when they mean undesirable Asians.
Maybe now that is becoming true as east asian guys have become more desirable but this was definitely not true for many years.
In America nobody thinks of Indians when they hear asian they're a different category.

If instead of korean culture phenom there had been some global bollywood phenomenon you'd see opposite happening.

No. 1904113

A friend of mine got into kpop couple years ago and can't afford to move out or do anything anymore because she is in credit card debt spending all her money on kpop merch. Her dream is saving up enough to go to korea to meet men but she is really naive and inexperienced so I'm worried she will get played at best or assaulted/recorded etc.
Isn't kpop bigger than jpop ever was? At least as foreign thing.
>I don’t expect locals to look anything like the boy bands either.
I was in asia recently a fair number of guys adopt the kpop idol style so look like 2nd hand knockoffs but if asian guy isn't fat and has the right haircut, style, etc then they just see kpop.
It's like the yellow fever white guys that think every asian girl they see is model tier.

No. 1904116

you're supposed to grow out of this pickme cringe at like 17

No. 1904128

Can you even work at target or kohls as a high school drop out

No. 1904129

>it's totally normal and fine for the average person to not know or care about this but seeing people who LARP as sophisticated make this mistake while smirking and posing in social media photos trying to look classy…idk they look like children playing dress up. all the attempted elegance and they clench their stemmed glass in their claws sweating up the glass and sipping their hand-warmed elderflower spritz.
- Nonnie, 1651345, Leftcows #34

No. 1904137

earlier this year she was living in San Francisco so she somehow has money

No. 1904141

E-thots like her are desperate to be picked. If BAP x Dasha is confirmed they will either an hero, move on to another fash daddy, or (hopefully) drop the larp altogether.

No. 1904166

She might belong better in the tradthot thread. I have no doubt there’s 20 guys in her DMs even with the Natalie Nunn chinn. Some of these weirdo e-girls have found someone and gotten knocked up (albeit with the most dysgenic baby ever). I mean if Charles ng and Leonard lake found eachother….

No. 1904168

Nvm tradthot thread’s dead bc of retarded infighting.

No. 1904171

America is the place that is statistically grouping them together as a voting block with no distinction between east asians and SEAs

No. 1904175

I think most of the people he sucks up to would rather have blacks, specifically American descendants of slaves, over Indians

No. 1904181

File: 1695673546250.jpeg (304.19 KB, 1170x1102, IMG_3252.jpeg)

IB thinks it is possible to import skilled labor on a scale large enough to fill America’s skilled work gaps and not degrade wages and employment for skilled Americans. That is frankly not true, esp if you look at Canada. (Not to mention fuck tech, it’s not an essential industry, we don’t need more fucktard programmers).

No. 1904182

AI will soon replace all those illiterate indian programmers kek

No. 1904186

Doublepost but anyone who insists on immigration from ANY country for supplementing skilled work instead of creating better pathways for training/educating citizens (across races) in essential needs like medicine and healthcare (or even potential trends like reindustrialization) is neither a “nationalist” nor a serious person. Like bro it takes 4 years to get a CS degree. If we can’t build that educational/job skills pathway internally within our youth, we also can’t build a better skilled immigration system period.

No. 1904190

she was a queen, hope she forgot about these tryhard hoes and is sipping classy wine on the veranda of the home her husband bought her as we speak

dasha definitely sees BAP as a win, in fact i'm pretty sure she was the one posting in the last few threads claiming he's "obsessed" with her. dasha is addicted to the limerance stage of early romantic attraction (by her own admission) and she always seems manic when she gets a new fuck buddy. i feel like she gasses herself up on narc supply and tells herself wild fantasies of how perfect her life is gonna be now that she's fucking whatever slightly clouty guy, even if he's [ugly, gay, a loser, an impotent porn addict, won't claim her, married or partnered]. the drama starts like clockwork within a few weeks. if you've seen BPD types go thru this cycle of romantic obsession it's easily recognizable in dasha.

yeah tbh i felt a little bad for Anna, seemed pretty clear she was crushing on BAP >>1886894 but dasha obviously wouldn't let that stop her. every time they have a male guest on the pod it becomes the Clash of the Pickmes, it's hard to listen to Anna being so misguidedly male-brained, trying to get chosen by being the funniest and doing bit after bit, which men obviously don't give a shit about. while Dasha just acts porny and signals that she's easy and steals all the attention lmao. their sexual competition dynamic was especially intense during the Delicious Tacos episode, Anna was so clueless and trying so hard to win this literal pedo's attention it almost made me feel bad for her.

No. 1904196

anna’s been sadposting, do you think it’s about dasha spreading her herpes to the whole dissident right?

No. 1904203

half that list is gay - BAP, Paris, Kyle Brown, that proves nothing

No. 1904209

And Tacos is STILL hornyposting about Dasha.

No. 1904217

ew is he? on the pod he made a big deal about how he was in recovery for his sex addiction - turns out he had 6 measly months in SLAA yet he spent the whole ep recounting his pedophilic encounters with third-world hookers and goading dasha into recounting her gang rape fantasies. truly two degenerates who deserve each other.

No. 1904220

this is the rightoid equivalent of "we can just abolish prisons if we give people better support bro"

post caps, this is an imageboard

No. 1904249

He is gay cuck loser 100% and got turned on by the idea of her and bap hooking up

No. 1904253

>dasha definitely sees BAP as a win, in fact i'm pretty sure she was the one posting in the last few threads claiming he's "obsessed" with her.
She’s had a crush for him for over a year. Judging by how long it took to get him on the pod I don’t think he likes her as much

No. 1904255

seems like he's in love with her

No. 1904260

File: 1695681009538.png (1.2 MB, 1272x1542, anna posting Ls.png)

>Anna thirsting for that Elon reply
>telling on herself by denying drugs but not the "out of wedlock part"
these girls stay losing

No. 1904261

Oh please. If he loved her he would’ve came on the pod much earlier. It’s not difficult to carve out a few hours for a podcast

No. 1904265

He’s not flying to her

No. 1904272

he's afraid to come to the usa

No. 1904277

funny how every other thread has some psychic nonna who somehow just "knows" new unpublicized information about dasha's love life without offering any proof or caps. also funny how they only do it when dasha's fucking someone more clouty than her (louis ck, opn, matt healy, nicholas braun were all posted about here in the same obvious self-post fashion), but not when she's banging some ugly IT helpdesk zoomer. please get a life and stop trying to softlaunch your next doomed situationship on lolcow

No. 1904278

That’s Dasha self posting, nonnie

No. 1904279

yeah that's my point lol

No. 1904280

File: 1695684396264.png (243.95 KB, 295x630, Screenshot 2023-09-25 202545.p…)

Aimee Terese these days

No. 1904282

ain't that the iphone 6

No. 1904287

I wonder if blue chew has anything to do with the Christman coma, I sure hope so. TCD.

No. 1904292

Why does everyone ITT use the cow’s language? Seen a little to much use of “midwit”, “dysgenic”, “TND” “low-iq” etc.

No. 1904293

File: 1695685121415.jpg (189.61 KB, 1179x781, image.jpg)

They must be really confident that Matt will pull through otherwise this seems like tempting fate like crazy

No. 1904304

one of the chapos is dying and you’re posting old Aimee pics? Amber rollo had her baby yesterday by the way, and she’s apparently been in the hospital for at least a week because of complications but has been holding on so that the girl would be born less premature.

No. 1904312

File: 1695686829182.jpeg (993.87 KB, 1179x1712, IMG_3732.jpeg)

Forgot to add screenshot, she’s been posting from the hospital for a while it seems

No. 1904344

File: 1695692432708.png (507.73 KB, 924x1186, Screenshot 2023-09-25 213757.p…)

Why does everyone in this new right twitter scene have the dorkiest profile?

No. 1904354

everyone trying to invoke some slick personality like they're unbothered and intellectual and absolutely do not care (they care lots)

No. 1904359

kek he torched anna. the way she thought he was talking about her and gave a snippy narc reply is just beautiful

No. 1904381

File: 1695699597502.jpg (139.64 KB, 1080x810, 382263647_1239039166784525_422…)

jack TPN hasn't tweeted for a few days. anyone know what's up? he's still active on IG tho (see pic).

No. 1904384


No. 1904386

he definitely was talking about her. she just fell for the set up

No. 1904392

File: 1695701964951.png (48.68 KB, 871x227, Screenshot 2023-09-26 001837.p…)

they mad about us

No. 1904393

>taylor with a hard r
the cringe is terminal

No. 1904408

How many people are paid to broadcast Anna’s tweets? Simple question.

No. 1904409

This is a literal teenager.

No. 1904414

A “taken” Bap isn’t going to deter any e-thot. I would be shocked if the relationship lasts more than 4 months. Bap is a 43 yr old man whose never been in a long term relationship. Dasha is a 32 yr old woman who’s never been in a long term relationship. Maybe it will be a case of gay incel finding his perfect twinkish femcel, but I doubt it.

No. 1904423

File: 1695710252390.jpeg (271.42 KB, 828x707, IMG_3272.jpeg)

Do tell nonnie

No. 1904433

Why is he afraid Dasha? Bap is schizotypal.

No. 1904503

File: 1695734444474.png (14.18 KB, 309x231, boomerdean.png)

what the fuck

No. 1904530

Jerry Saltz is a precious treasure who should be protected from the likes of Dean Kissick at all costs
let his grumpy old man insanity bloom unmolested

No. 1904539

posters in this thread are often the very cows and microcows that run in these circles

No. 1904545

Rax King says Amber gave birth to a healthy baby on her podcast (best wishes Amber!) The podcast will be on "infinite hiatus". She doesn't reveal much on Matt other than he is incapacitated. She also talks about how she met Amber and how her SO Sean introduced Amber to Matt. Did Rax hook up with Jamie Peck's ex husband? If so, he sure has a type lol

No. 1904560

Raising a baby alone will be hell but if the baby turned out healthy, and she still has access to Christman's considerable resources, that's a big plus for her. Matt was the only Chapo I could vaguely stand. Why couldn't it have been Felix or Will?

No. 1904562

aimee is enjoying matt’s misery.

No. 1904564

I don't hate the Chapos as much as most, although Will makes my skin crawl, but I do think it's so fucking hypocritical of them to be asking for privacy and respect and no jokes when their entire brand is built on tawdry jokes and crossing the lines of etiquette

No. 1904567

File: 1695745823811.png (618.54 KB, 848x662, slayqueen.png)

does anyone know the deal with "The Sullivan Sisters"? they seem to be funding/hosting some of this scene. apparently heiresses of some sort.

picrel found some gems in this Palladium event they hosted kek: https://www.gettyimages.com/editorial-images/entertainment/event/palladium-magazine-x-sullivan-clothing-american-midsommar-2023/775983286

No. 1904568

File: 1695746257721.jpeg (50.79 KB, 612x408, IMG_3282.jpeg)

Good find… another ugly fashion brand. And a different rotation of uggos who believe if they all have 5+ kids X they’ll save the earth. This is so embarrassing

No. 1904569

Chapo are so lucky that most of their haters are even bigger dorks than them.

No. 1904572

File: 1695746539628.png (501.26 KB, 2032x946, Screen Shot 2023-09-26 at 9.41…)

No. 1904577

They’re the two sharp faced blondes in the boat photos then.
I didn’t know it took two whole brains put together to make Selkie inspired dresses

No. 1904578

In the enigmatic realm of the entertainment industry, a figure known as LaPaff has emerged, shrouded in mystery and intrigue. LaPaff's presence alone is enough to set the gossip mills into overdrive, as they appear to be embroiled in a perplexing feud with none other than Tai Lee and Red Scare, two prominent and equally enigmatic figures in their own right.

Rumors and speculations abound, suggesting that this feud might not be what it seems on the surface. Some keen observers have posited a tantalizing theory – that LaPaff, Tai Lee, and Red Scare are engaged in an elaborate dance of mutual exploitation, using their supposed animosity as a tool to propel themselves further into the limelight.

It's a well-known tactic in the world of fame and notoriety, where the line between genuine conflict and calculated publicity blurs. LaPaff, with their air of inscrutability, seems to have mastered this art. Are they truly at odds with Tai Lee and Red Scare, or is this a brilliantly orchestrated charade to keep the public's attention firmly fixed on their trio?

What makes this feud all the more intriguing is the very nature of the individuals involved. LaPaff, with an aura of enigma that surrounds them, has cultivated an air of unpredictability that keeps their fans and critics alike guessing. Tai Lee, a charismatic enigma in their own right, commands a dedicated following drawn to their unorthodox approach to fame. Meanwhile, Red Scare, with a reputation for controversy and bold statements, adds another layer of complexity to this tangled web.

In the world of LaPaff, Tai Lee, and Red Scare, nothing is as it seems. Is this feud genuine, a clash of titans in the realm of celebrity? Or is it a meticulously crafted spectacle, designed to keep the public's fascination at its peak? Only time will unveil the truth behind this mysterious trinity and their intricate dance of fame and intrigue.

No. 1904581

LaPuff was in salty chat actually for a while and beefed with everyone between Salomé to Tai Lee to Bliccy. No one in the chat seemed to have knew him????! Random ass mf

No. 1904584

Right? Now she only has to take care of one baby

No. 1904586

You won't believe this but that Justin LaPuff guy used to be all up in the Brooklyn DSA scene. But supposedly AOC cheated on her twink gay bf with him. She got him shitcanned. He claimed that Tai Lee was actually a fascist and had always talked major shit on Crumps Vack Neoliberalhell and Rachelormontcellectuals people.

No. 1904587

Please don’t morally grandstand on a gossip website

No. 1904591

Justin LaPuff sounds like another dimes square piece of shit

No. 1904597

Can tai Lee, people from salty chat, etc stop posting to lolcow and just duke it out in the chat? All of you people are pathetic faggots

No. 1904599

Oh wow this must be Justin LaPuff(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1904603

LaPuff this and that no one gives a fuck

No. 1904606

i can tell this is all pariah self-posting

No. 1904608

yeah it would be weird but supposedly the guy who fucked aoc also fucked pariah but also makes sense bc they are all retarded sluts

No. 1904611

File: 1695750697974.png (99.24 KB, 1208x440, Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 12.50…)

aimee pivots, defends george floyd

No. 1904616

>>1904608 >>1904603 LaPuff and Pariah must be dating again if they are posting. I heard he has cheated on her a million times and Tai Lee was trying to fuck him and Crunps at the same time

No. 1904618

That LaPuff is a stupid faggot that tried to get close to red scare and perfume nationalist. So glad he was kicked off of Twitter and IG

No. 1904621

Is that actually pariah?

No. 1904622

Who fucked AOC

No. 1904624

File: 1695752194059.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1179x1578, IMG_8425.jpeg)

No. 1904626

some weird twink starfucker French scammer that goes by Justin LaPuff

No. 1904629

Did you take down the photo of pariah the doll for some reason? Why was she so fat? Does she fuck twinks? It’s weird she is betting passed around between Dasha and whoever this LaPuff faggot is

No. 1904632

Lol Tai Lee and fucking Audrey horne making Anna k speech out is so funny but tai Lee is so clearly BPD clout chasing in dimes square after canceling her fuck buddy crumps(weird spam)

No. 1904635

>it's another 'red scare fan can't believe anna and/or dasha would say something so misogynistic in current year!' episode

you stupid retards still listen to rs(sage your infighting)

No. 1904638

project veritas red scare perfume nationalists clout titty despite those people being dried up themselves

No. 1904657

God I fuck hate La Puff fucking French faggot wants to be the next Dagsen basically a worse Artemis Was out with two friends recently & we ran into him seemed normal at first two friend didn’t know him but I heard the rumors. First thing he did was check everyone w “omg are you online??” to decide if he could get clout off us & then offers my two friends coke when I assume they past the test but proceeds to get increasingly handshake as the night goes on. Tried to seperste from him but he just WOULDNT FUCKING LEAVE if you see this loser tell him to fuck off if he gets his hooks in you’re up for #1 him buying everything (nice but manipulative) #2 a night suffering next to the worst French loser you can imagine(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1904665

File: 1695754942300.png (2.27 MB, 2048x2048, photo-output.png)

French gays taking over nyc like

No. 1904670

tai lee and Audrey Horne making anna k *sperg out(ban evading spammer)

No. 1904692

LaPuff is so hot but so creepy and awkward this is why dasha fucked him

No. 1904697

Dasha didn’t fuck La Puff retard are you serious? I get coming on here to gossip & it’s fun but there’s no way this is true. But for real this guy is a menace. Charming at first, obviously rich, wants clout [also whoever said he’s gay he very clearly is not & will fuck anything to get what he wants]

No. 1904705

Justin LaPuff is my neighbors ex you fucktard

No. 1904707

File: 1695757959281.jpg (330.82 KB, 1580x2047, Fww9xAkXsAAZFv0.jpg)


No. 1904740

not aimee pivoting to compassion after getting 5150'd or whatever the Aussie equivalent is

go, and i cannot possibly emphasize this enough, back

i tried to play fuck marry kill with this pic but decided i'd rather kms myself instead

No. 1904742

it’s saltychat spamming the thread. tai got under anna’s skin. she’d spiral even further if more people joined in…

No. 1904748

Pariah since you’re here, tell us why you went to a mental hospital, how many painkillers you need to endure your neowound daily, and your current relationship with your family, do they even know where you are? What are they like?Did you grow up in Philly? Were you a born gay or a molested one? What are you trying to accomplish by becoming a socialite?(hi cow)

No. 1904754

>infinite hiatus
Did you mean indefinite? It must be really bad either way.

No. 1904755

Don't encourage it.

No. 1904766

yes, rax and jamie's ex hooked up

No. 1904781

File: 1695766017214.jpg (220.2 KB, 1080x1626, 1695763254025878[1].jpg)

What does this mean?

No. 1904784

Jesus, you're already the threadpic can you please just deal with not being the center of attention for FIVE seconds? You're pathetic, Pariah. Go away, no body loves you.

No. 1904791

This thread is actually just unreadable dribble from cows. It must be an actual 9:1 ratio of cows to farmers at this point. This shit should be locked or there should be a moratorium placed on Pariah-posting.

No. 1904794

File: 1695767832584.jpg (271.6 KB, 1080x1350, Snapinsta.app_337914166_134517…)

No. 1904799

It’s not just pariah. It’s all the cows and their moid orbiters defending them.

No. 1904800

>there should be a moratorium placed on Pariah-posting
agree, he needs a containment thread where he can talk to and about himself all day without constantly self-posting and derailing in here. most boring cow itt and it's not even close

No. 1904801

Start one nonnie

No. 1904805

you look fat

No. 1904808

How are you able to find that picture but not able to find the posts about the event he was at?

No. 1904818

File: 1695771315666.jpeg (352.32 KB, 1170x3168, A7D8462C-261A-4CE0-BA82-D435F7…)

who the fuck is Justin lapuff and what does it mean to be “the new dagsen”

No. 1904819

Matthew Donovan wants to be the new Dagsen so bad, and he will destroy anyone who gets in the way. Including Justin lapuff

No. 1904824

tai lee bald head ass really losing it LMFAO(unsaged non-contribution)

No. 1904860

Anna K is over. Dasha will have a bpd episode with BAP and that’ll be the end of that!

No. 1904866

File: 1695777116914.jpeg (14.68 KB, 512x512, DYRLG91.jpeg)

did Adam Friedland have a gender era I missed

No. 1904867

File: 1695777164296.png (1.07 MB, 1115x1913, Fat.png)

Posting another fat pariah because the other anon deleted their post. I do vote for a containment thread though, he’s boring.

No. 1904868

wishful thinking

No. 1904869

File: 1695777392293.jpeg (24.44 KB, 512x512, StHE42s.jpeg)

No. 1904872

damn, i'll quit needling him about the china diabetes drugs then

No. 1904880

File: 1695778126635.jpeg (945.24 KB, 1431x1909, IMG_5714.jpeg)

Couldn’t be bothered to post all these and not sure even worth it

No. 1904901

It Follows but with an explicit aids monster

No. 1904923

LOL and here I thought it would be impossible for him to look any worse than he already does now. Can't believe A+D would deign to hang out with an ex-obese whale of a tranny. I've noticed ex-fatasses tend to just replace their overeating with other addictive behaviours, probably why he's a druggie now. Have to recreate the dopamine rush of overeating somehow.

No. 1904926

Banning any post mentioning pariah or with his photo would help

No. 1904928

This guy and Tai Lee are scrambling to fill the anti-fascist scene reporter beat void left by Crumps

No. 1904929

It’s some fake person pariah made up. Ignore it

No. 1904930

Someone should put the busted piggy Good Behaviour pic of Dasha as the next threadt to discourage the troon

No. 1904931

File: 1695782777400.jpeg (271.2 KB, 946x2048, moid1.jpeg)

Idk who this guy is. He seems like a generic NYU Deleuze moid. These posts fall into the same "Dimes Square is very serious business and you plebs need to realize that very important shit is about to go down" genre as anime villain anon's posts from a couple days ago. Therefore, I will repost them for posterity so we can point and laugh when nothing interesting happens and the actual fall of the scene is that people move on because they realize it's lame and played out.

"Several of the people who are making this happen, who I will not name," because of course he won't.

No. 1904932

File: 1695782805874.jpeg (242.95 KB, 946x2048, moid2.jpeg)

No. 1904934

File: 1695782838081.jpeg (245.17 KB, 946x2048, moid3.jpeg)

Not bothering to post the ones that are Remilia gossip bc no1curr

No. 1904935

File: 1695782890127.jpeg (260.54 KB, 946x2048, moid5.jpeg)

Dark secrets never before known will be revealed at last, like "Crumps is a clout chasing pseud"

No. 1904936

This is all meaningless attention seeking. These people are all mentally ill speed addicts

No. 1904937

File: 1695782964523.jpeg (255.67 KB, 946x2048, moid6.jpeg)

and "the 2024 election will be a clusterfuck"

No. 1904938

File: 1695783064444.jpeg (101.75 KB, 946x2048, moid7.jpeg)

In conclusion, no1curr

No. 1904944

who is openly advocating for genocide in this scene and why can't they name them? half of the scene is nominally jewish, they're just normie conservatives who care about aesthetics.

No. 1904945

these are just shitty ai renders from the cumtown sub that everyone has seen already

No. 1904946

File: 1695784079089.jpeg (402.28 KB, 1170x1142, IMG_3973.jpeg)

They haven’t been asking for respect and no jokes, actually pretty much the exact opposite, but that hasn’t stopped dweebs from imagining how much of a heckin hypocrisy it would be if they did that and then getting mad and then posting about it

No. 1904948

File: 1695784415333.jpeg (328.76 KB, 2500x1667, image-asset.jpeg)

he's a bassoonist. idk why but that totally sounds like a fat person's instrument

No. 1904951

all of the oldheads anna gets her takes from BAP and t777 included

No. 1904953

Given their goblin dna, the best they could all do is mass suicide

No. 1904956

BAP's got a new piece out on Milei where he basically argues Argentina will not exist in thirty years unless there's a violent military-led revolution to secure high-IQ whites on the top of a racialized heirarchy. https://mansworldmag.online/the-populist-moment-never-happened/

No. 1904959

i hope the journalists who lurk here do something useful and call anna k out for paling around with people who believe in total nigger death(racebaiting)

No. 1904961

jfc do you really think you're fooling anyone with your shameless self-posting? you're literally as ugly as humanly possible without being actually disfigured/deformed

No. 1904963

File: 1695785525430.jpg (844 KB, 2048x2048, 235949459_10218219367149638_22…)

there are pariah self-posts for sure, but there are also obsessed fans like me to go along with the obsessed haters(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1904968

this in 2016, how old is Miles?? this is crazy obese, must take years to lose that much weight. i bet he was an obese child too which messed him up (hormones imbalances, bullying). I've noticed many AGPs tend to have weight issues in their youth.

No. 1904970

he's 19

No. 1904975

would attending some event preclude him from tweeting? he deleted everything on his feed, too. no need to be mean, btw.

No. 1904988

shut up pariah you’re like 30. Not that age matters, either way you’re repulsive looking

No. 1904989

It’s clearly a get together in some gay’s backyard. Maybe it was on his Insta story. That doesn’t show up in the main feed of Instagram

No. 1904992

he looks like a sour-smelling fat girl who owns four guinea pigs and writes erotic fiction in her diary. he would have grown up to be a yarvin

No. 1904993

this is def one of those cases where the puberty blockers actually did some good

No. 1904998

File: 1695791355572.png (49.21 KB, 561x314, eunuchoid.png)

No. 1905000

File: 1695791638691.jpg (490.88 KB, 1536x2048, F1ckKZ1WIAEcd-l.jpg)

No. 1905002

judging by your um "breasts" you're going to be the middle one

No. 1905003

Why do all troons have a pathological desire to invade women's spaces and make the entire thing about themselves? Leave us alone.

No. 1905006

Why are we posting this

No. 1905013

Elon Musk body type

No. 1905014

File: 1695794165957.png (40.57 KB, 363x437, EAB15B3E-8F42-495E-AEC1-868BDB…)

Chud phenotype

No. 1905040

Lmao at the tranny hands

No. 1905041

it's mostly a few retarded zoomers who are/were America First followers.

No. 1905058

I wish my boobs were this small.

No. 1905067

Remember when you guys were saying these Dimes Square “RW people” weren’t the same Chapofags as before?

They are the same Chapofags and irony freaks. It is one crowd. The real RW is not visible anymore.

No. 1905073

really wish mods would IP ban this troon, its been shitting up the thread with its weird fetish & desire for attention especially badly recently

No. 1905084

They will come back on another. We have to pray he 41%s soon

No. 1905093

whats happening here

No. 1905135

moid gtfo

No. 1905191

>real right wing isn’t visible.


No. 1905192

"We" aren't posting it, it's another self-post. And unfortunately the thread has been clogged with Pariah for the past twelve hours.

No. 1905204

the real RW are currently going to public schools they dont have kids at, calling everyone pedophiles, and punching parents in the mouth. mostly entirely disconnected from this scene of freaks outside a couple overly visible twitter accounts like libsoftiktok and melon

No. 1905205

I can't tell which is worse, the pariah spam or the rightoid moid newfags seeing the chan layout and thinking they're in good /pol/ company

No. 1905225

File: 1695829473193.jpg (127.78 KB, 1366x768, fuyuf8qt9grew4nkaxfj.jpg)

Moids who come here to seethe about how the hoes and fags in Dimes Square are siphoning gas from the real right wing are my least favorite kind of moid

No. 1905253

What the fuck are you even saying

No. 1905257

matthew donovan are such fags with each other it makes me want to puke

No. 1905267

Is lapuff the name deadname of pariah im so confused what’s happening(absolute newfag)

No. 1905327

File: 1695842490589.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x1718, IMG_1412.jpeg)

filthy armenian reading.

No. 1905339

File: 1695844448748.jpg (297.75 KB, 1200x900, F653LbUb0AAiON2.jpg)

I'd rather be stuck at burning man than sit on the floor of an east LA warehouse surrounded by sex pests and listen to mommy milkers talk about eugenics in her worn 10 times prom dress

No. 1905342

File: 1695844603600.jpg (199.48 KB, 900x1200, F651LtYakAA6g2M.jpg)

I still have a hard time believing she's 32 or whatever but her full doxx (easily findable after she self-posted her employment info in the last thread) confirms it

No. 1905352

Maybe an unpopular opinion but I'm perfectly fine with Pariah posting disgusting pics of himself for us to gawk at. I find all the unsaged lapuff posting far more annoying but maybe it's Pariah doing that too.

No. 1905359

lmao just noticed the shoes and socks. Wtf is she wearing? Also I didn’t realize she was such a fat pig

No. 1905360

who are the people on stage for the jack perfume nationalist talk

No. 1905386

so many retarded newfags

No. 1905405

If I didn’t think she was a terrible person I’d give her makeover tips. Cuz she looks like utter shit.

No. 1905409

Flap Jack eyeing the guy to his right like he's about to eat him lmfao

No. 1905414

Bunch of ugly bitter Asians in this thread obsessing over twitter nobodies. Must suck to be you, have lives so hollow that you have nothing better to do that wake every day to say something angry and spiteful about a person who doesn’t matter(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1905424

File: 1695852841947.gif (731.28 KB, 244x180, FDA8E95C-FB1F-4B5C-B3E2-3AE152…)


No. 1905426

Please ignore all racebait posts and racial graphs meant to provoke infighting, they’re posted by an unhinged self loathing racist Jewish tranny called Blaine Gaven Ross.

No. 1905428

I think he meant anons lol

No. 1905429

newfag or…?

No. 1905430

This is usually the time he wakes up from his 4 hour xanax coma and 4chan is currently flooded with racebait threads so yeah I guess Blaine woke up just now.

No. 1905433

File: 1695853703532.jpeg (1011.13 KB, 3004x1747, 37A910A5-7F93-4CC3-A28C-FB3CF9…)

He should have stayed a 4/10 scrote

No. 1905434

nauseating skinny-fat physique. once a fattie always a fattie, you're fooling no one.

No. 1905436

Don't care about an IP ban but a post reveal is much needed and would be hilarious

No. 1905437

then it would clearly show it's not just one person

No. 1905440

How? The self-posting is as blatant as possible and at most he has one orbiter with a tranny fetish posting shit here, if they aren't just a troll

No. 1905442

who is this????

No. 1905449

probably another self-posting tranny with a humiliation fetish based on the way this shitshow of a thread is going

No. 1905459

jack looks pretty glum at this magical evening

No. 1905463

Bitter Asians???? Lmao

No. 1905503

it's a pedophile tranny that used to regularly spam child porn here. he used to post photos of himself here a lot so >>1905449 is probably right

No. 1905511

Blaine Gaven Ross a terminally online self loathing Jewish tranny who constantly spams porn, racebait, CP, gore and other unpleasant material on pretty much every imageboard you can think of. His posting history reveals he is online at least 21 hours a day, on average.

No. 1905529

File: 1695867175051.png (82.6 KB, 600x409, confirmed?.png)

not a denial…

No. 1905548

Red Scare is ending.

Anna and Dasha have had a falling-out over the latter dating BAP.

Dasha's staying in Madrid with him for the foreseeable future and will occasionally guest-host his own podcast.

They're focused on having a baby that she's been calling "my lil caesar" in group chats. Selective breeding in action.

They both know the relationship isn't going to last, but as long as they produce an heir they think the union, however temporary, will have been worth it.

No. 1905551

If this is true god is real

No. 1905555

No. 1905568

why would anna care?? she has eli and a baby to look after

No. 1905569

sounds like dasha is blowing BAP

No. 1905570

Hope this is true, looking forward to the Dasha being his fag hag and rent a womb arc.

No. 1905571

Shes just his beard

No. 1905585

she thrives on plausible deniability and this means there’s no pretending like they aren’t rw anymore lmao. anytime she gets called out on her shit, she has to insist on the next episode she’s not right wing. dasha giving herpes and hpv to every male guest they’ve had isn’t a good look for anyone involved.

No. 1905589

there's no way dasha would endure pregnancy, it would fuck up her self-image as childlike, she'd have a grimes arc

No. 1905596

You need to provide screen caps, it’s an image board. Gossip and hearsay isn’t sufficient for claims this large kek. Especially at the thought of a poor baby coming from this
She’s the one posting here, 100%…

No. 1905615

File: 1695879711050.png (69.01 KB, 582x375, sad.png)

Aimee just found out all her eggs are dried up.

No. 1905619

I like how half these threads turned into fanfictions for the cows.

No. 1905635

The end result of all this supposed cultural upheaval is bog standard 2011 mason jar hipsterdom. Sad but unsurprising.

No. 1905637

His name is jumbo Jack cuz he’s jumbo

No. 1905639

All this Matthew Donovan new dagsen shit is obviously the cringe hangers on neoliberalhell trying to ignite discussion here on lolcow farm, they’re the least interesting and most faggy people around (I wouldn’t even say they’re in the scene they just really want to be) please just ignore them they suck

No. 1905648

I was half joking a week ago when i said dasha was fucking BAP and now i find out it was real. holy shit(learn to sage)

No. 1905668

File: 1695894347440.jpeg (593.8 KB, 1170x624, IMG_0441.jpeg)


This is great. It’s like a “Where’s Waldo” of the ugliest fucking people alive.

No. 1905683

File: 1695899725891.png (15.64 KB, 598x118, Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 12-13…)

This riles me up far more than any of the other retarded shit she pulls.

No. 1905686

File: 1695900271224.png (39.9 KB, 1104x325, bCVXr8z.png)

Periodic reminder of just how 'un Armenian' she actually is.

No. 1905692

B-but nonnie, I thought Dimes Square was going to end when Peter Thiel brutally purged Curtis Yarvin and the true and honest he-man right rolled tanks through the streets under the banner of eugenics. W-were the anonymous whistleblowers in this thread lying to me???

(I won't believe the "Dasha pregnant by BAP" rumors until there's receipts, but this ending to the saga would be both more believable and more entertaining than the scrotality that infested this thread recently)

No. 1905699

I can't believe Dasha cheated on her italian/mexican boyfriend with Justin LaPuff ! Wasn't she supposed to be some sort of faithful trad cath?

No. 1905700

Justin LaPuff wanted to be the NEW DAGSEN so bad that he fuckin shot Mr. Cheech's whole career just so he could fuck Dasha, that's so slimey

No. 1905702

Who is LaPuff and what does it mean to be a New Dagsen?

Personally I love Mr. Cheech so I want to know what you all are talking about… but I don't know if you are just some of those dumb fad-cels from earlier

No. 1905703

>The Reynberg/Bloomberg clan

No. 1905705

They’re very obviously at a bar. sure she tried tho

No. 1905709

LaPuff works for the DSA but he is kind of like Anakin Skywalker because he is also who Peter Thiel put in charge of Praxis and the back door funding of that.

He is a serial womanizer, mostly notable women like Dasha and AOC. I met him at Clando once when I was coming out of a pretty epic K-Hole and he was going on about how he was going to start opening bodegas where you could use Thiel-bucks, milady nfts, or prove you were under 18 as an angelicism fan [80% demographic] and get free Ket.

Idk I never really trusted him. He asked me if i'd fuck his girlfriend a few times with him in the cuck-chair whenever he had like 3 whiskey sours and 2 aperol spritzers.

All in all, weird guy, so whatever these idiots are talking about they are kinda right


No. 1905710

Of course she’s not denying it. If they did fuck he’s the hottest guy she’s ever been with

No. 1905711

Dasha said she gets a period three times a year. Is she planning on fixing that first

No. 1905715

The bar for hotness in NYC is so low. Just having abs automatically makes a guy a 10/10 there compared to all the skinnyfat soyboys with bad posture.

No. 1905716

nobody cares about your unsaged postings about this made-up schizo larp character

No. 1905718

>women are not ok
>edits all her photos to look 18, is infertile from bad genes and undereating, flies to another country to try to fuck a gay guy

No. 1905721

Men with abs can’t love. Dasha will have to find this out for herself unfortunately. She’s on the road to becoming a Chad widow.

No. 1905722

File: 1695905799648.jpg (25.9 KB, 1132x190, foto_no_exif (3).jpg)


Dasha literally tweeted it

No. 1905723

She’s obviously joking. Nobody who is actually pregnant would say something like this. She’s obviously hinting for a baby with costin tho.

No. 1905724

File: 1695906101155.jpeg (141.44 KB, 750x379, 39BF2904-2DC5-498E-92A8-A810FD…)

Kek. RFH confirmed ugly if she thinks Dasha is a babe

No. 1905725

Costin actually has pretty good genes, it would be a shame to ruin them with a trollface dwarf like Dasha who will surely birth malnourished short FAS incels, then again men are retards who have zero standards so.

No. 1905726

Coastal country club is a 5ft4 spic btw. Manlets always so catty(racebaiting)

No. 1905727

Same with Anna, just know her sons are gonna be short bug eyed hook nose incels like her.

No. 1905729

Can you fuck off with your racebait Blaine(hi cow)

No. 1905731

Dont know who that is. Have a corona and calm down mi amigo(pointless infighting)

No. 1905740

Every day it’s been a handful of retarded moids coming here and racebaiting

No. 1905744

BAP clearly isn’t in shape anymore. That’s why that pic had that retarded angle. Dasha is a disgusting whore who looks like a cancer patient. They think they’re trolling us btw.

No. 1905746

>believes in eugenics
>settles down with asymmetrical dysgenic slavic freak with multiple mental disorders
Bap has low self esteem

No. 1905748

finally found a place to put your creative writing MFA to work eh

No. 1905754

Settles down? She’s obsessed with him and went to visit him. It hardly means anything

No. 1905755

This thread should just be nuked, the cows' pathetic attempts at trolling and the endless racebait moidposting are just clogging the thread and retards are taking the bait. The best thing that could happen here is that farmers stop giving all of the attention whores involved in this """scene""" attention. This nonsense is better suited for kiwifarms.

No. 1905757

Is there actually any proof he does because all the pics I've seen of him are those one or two extremely manicured pics that appear all the time in these threads while Dasha has had millions of photos posted here and picked apart to the minute detail

No. 1905758

Honestly just nuke the post leftcows thread at this point. Its been so infiltrated its almost no different than getting your news from reddit or 4chan.

No. 1905767

I don’t think Bap has abs anymore (weird selfie angle, too much traveling and food posting) but he is clearly much prettier than her in the face. Dasha isn’t ugly but she has a wide caved in skull, dark hair and eyes, frankly would be a little below average in Minsk, Bap looks like a delicate flower in comparison, keep in mind that avg Romanian guy is goblinesque. He’s also MIT and Ivy educated. Dasha’s has been with 100s of men, every single one of them goblins, this is the best sperm donor she will ever have.

No. 1905768

I don't usually listen to these people on audio, is it normal for Dasha to shriek-laugh super loudly when someone else is speaking? I know it's BAP and his retarded accent not saying anything of interest, but it still comes across so impolite and low class. Does she have this same trailer trash behavior around the more "powerful" people in their orbit?

No. 1905772

way too generous to dasha… but you're right on BAP. how fucked up does he have to be? is she the only whore he can bag who isn't literally a prostitute?

No. 1905773

“dark hair and eyes” as proof Dasha is unattractive…..
yup. I don’t believe the fantasy text but at this point I hope Dasha IS having a baby with BAP so all his simps can cry over a 100+ body count NYC-based and god forbid, dark haired, woman getting knocked up by their gay eugenicist idol

No. 1905774

Yeah she shriek-laughs on the pod too, especially when there is a male guest and alcohol involved. Surely she’s read Jung’s essay on this American phenomenon of unbridled, primal laughter.

No. 1905776

To a rightoid obsessed with eugenics that is supposed to be unattractive

No. 1905780

this is her unfortunate raptor descendant mating call nonna

No. 1905782

No two people are equal, so eugenics always has a loser. For Bap to spread his genes at all is enough for eugenicists. These people think women are low in variance and and have nothing to contribute to the gene-pool besides a womb.

No. 1905785

Guess no rightoid retard cares that BAP is basically unemployed and broke but w/e— good genes.

No. 1905787

off topic but could you link that essay or drop the title, sounds retarded but amusing like most psychoanalysis

No. 1905794

No. 1905797

No. That’s what most of these retards would want

No. 1905798

Her being a brunette wouldn’t be a problem if she didn’t have brown mongoloid shaped eyes(racebait)

No. 1905800

he has digital welfare, but so does dasha

No. 1905803

He’s literally gay, the only reason he’s entertaining Dasha is because he doesn’t pursue women. Dasha has an obsessive crush on him and went to visit him. That’s all we know. The dating rumors are coming from incel retards and Dasha herself

No. 1905807

She’s only doing it because she knows it’s being recorded and needs people to know she’s with him because bap won’t post of a pic of them together

No. 1905812

This is complete nonsense

No. 1905822

Attractive women don’t date geeky jews despite not being jewish themselves and they don’t have body counts in the triple digits either because desirable men will stick around longer than a night

No. 1905830

She's reading here and trolling, you absolute retard.

No. 1905831

I don’t find Dasha attractive either but there’s no eugenic or racial reason why. her parents are very attractive people.
I’m sorry BAP is either planning to knock up, has knocked up, or is simply OK with rumors of him knocking up a turned out 32 year old urbanite hoe with fake blonde hair.
Maybe if you drink more raw eggs and milk and start a podcast, he’ll pick YOU?

No. 1905832

I do have to laugh at the moids and racists here seething at the possibility of Dasha carrying BAP’s master race sperm kek. They’re really shook.
No doubt some of the posters here are actually women, but tradthots shocked that a man could pick a whore. It’s not even inconsistent with what BAP has said— he’s at least tweeted twice about ignoring body count. It always caused some stirring in his circles.

No. 1905836

File: 1695919132444.jpeg (267.06 KB, 640x562, E1BF122D-E6B9-4757-90D2-F6E3D7…)

The way this scene has literally just become the Alejandro music video

No. 1905840

File: 1695919301651.png (236.13 KB, 594x560, FkZFCZoX0AIyzcp.png)

No. 1905841

Not finding someone attractive does have to do with eugenics so you’re fucking retarded

No. 1905842

You sound like such a retard. No one is knocking her up. She’s infertile. She’s talked about it on the podcast how she doesn’t get a regular period. That’s infertility

No. 1905843

Shut up radfem hitler. You’re an annoying chink(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1905845

BAP's seed is potent enough to revitalize her barren womb.

No. 1905847

Ugly faggot

No. 1905849

File: 1695919976184.png (1.17 MB, 828x1734, plgct.png)

No. 1905850

Literally no, I’m an oldfag and you’ve been here 3 days maybe. fuck off moid. Keep DMing BAP, he’ll probably let you suck his dick

No. 1905852

File: 1695920484948.jpeg (247.1 KB, 750x909, C7A8E493-025E-4D07-B72B-024597…)

It is you. weird bitch. you’ve tweeted about it repeatedly

No. 1905857

Nah. Males really can’t read or decipher differences in writing style or tone….Retarded males love to come here and assume every woman accurately calling them a moid is RFH. Unlike RFH, farmers don’t support pedos and sex pests.
Cut it out with the “hi cow” shit.

No. 1905858

>her parents are very attractive people
They’re decent but it doesn’t matter. You can tell their genes didn’t mix well. Her dysgenic nature resulted in her life of dating gross Jews and being a backstabbing bpd whore

No. 1905860

She’s repeatedly tweeted in support of bap and dasha and she knows to tweak her writing style

No. 1905863

Rfh would say exactly all this. It’s not helping your case(hi cow)

No. 1905869

File: 1695922879654.png (94.51 KB, 1174x374, asp when.png)

Leaning towards this relationship being a joke, however Dasha was posting about trying to be fertile when she was with Matthew (fetish thing?) and has been liking these cringe tweets calling her Cleopatra.
Stop derailing.
And this was a fake tweet, Like everything from these unfunny unsaging losers

No. 1905874

Yeah retard, it’s funny seeing chodes cry over the possibility of someone like Dasha having BAP’s baby. But we don’t need another druggie RS podcaster single mom in a situationship in the world. Anna is bad enough
I agree she’s not pregnant, but she HAS been ray peating/progesterone maxing for a reason; absent progesterone is a big consequence of PCOS, leading to infertility. IOW, it’s on the horizon…

No. 1905875

Double post/same, but Anna has been peating too, mentioning the diet’s good/bad foods bc of wanting baby no 2. But clearly Eli doesn’t want another kid.

No. 1905879

Most gym autists are really clingy actually. The abs don’t fix what’s internally wrong with them, just helps more people look past it initially.

No. 1905889

Wasn't her face posted before? She looks like Dasha with a longer face

No. 1905909

This guy is one of rfh’s gay mutuals. I don’t think he speaks for straight men

No. 1905911


No. 1905916

I thought she was peating to correct her sallow complexion

No. 1905917

Sailor socialism carrying BAP's love child while Matt Christman lays in a coma at death's door. Damn, is there still enough time for Amber to squeeze that in as the last chapter in her book?

No. 1905918

physiognomistically I think Dasha should have a child with a man who looks like Gaddafi, that's why I think her and Friedland make a good fit - but I do love that DHT steroid guy Silver Age Pervert because he convinces me it is okay to watch my wife fuck other guys(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1905924

No. 1905925

based sci-hub link, ty

No. 1905926

I haven’t seen anything publicly posted to support the claims Eli is breaking off from Anna. I know sometimes stuff comes out early here but the threads are so infested with shit you need to post proof. There’s not event anything sort of hinting at a split.

No. 1905965

>believing the RFH chink meme, hi cowing
obvious twitter moid, go back

No. 1905972

Didn’t say they broke up, I’m certain they’re in a very common baby daddy/mama situationship. She’s posted multiple times about baby #2 but it’s clearly not happening (tho not bc they’re broken up).

No. 1905989

normally agree with this but this thread is fully compromised like >>1904791 said. any milk posted here recently is either shameless promotion of literal whos or invites half a dozen comments painfully trying to deflect. should be obvious to anyone whos read here more than one thread who is derailing on behest of the cows. the tradthots thread was closed for far less

No. 1906003

How do we know you’re not one of the cows wanted it closed because your poor fee fees are hurt?

No. 1906021

File: 1695943686796.png (163.22 KB, 2090x1468, D1087D73-0FF9-4751-858B-BCBB44…)

I saw an Irritable_Bowel tweet and the wignats in his mentions were tweeting at him “pajeet pajeet, who shits in the streets” lmao. He loves being a delusional ass licker to people that hate him.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1906028

Bc she sounds like a reasonable sane woman, unlike you.

No. 1906031

can we get more tea on these hoes(can we sage?)

No. 1906053

Unironically this could happen, sometimes just being with a man can jumpstart ovulation. Anecdotally it happened to my mother, when she was not in a relationship she almost never got her period and thought she was infertile but it became regular when she was in one, it would stop again if her partner was abroad for an extended amount of time.

No. 1906055

They call them gymcels for a reason, many have body dysmorphia too

No. 1906056

File: 1695948257887.jpg (210.86 KB, 1187x529, techghouls.jpg)

Marc Andreessen and Palmer Luckey both tacitly endorse BAP's thesis. Palmer even knows who Delicious Tacos is.

In other news, Michael Tracey has not tweeted at all since September 18th, which was when that tweet about him possibly sleeping with Dasha went viral. He's a Twitter addict who's usually posting all day every day, so this is very uncharacteristic of him. What's going on?


No. 1906067

File: 1695949048101.jpg (121.99 KB, 597x628, BAPvsBronson.jpg)

BAP also took some shots at Bronson (or "Bangalore Bronson" as he calls him here) and lumped him in with Andrew Tate. Ouch.

This was in response to Bronson crying in DMs over people liking Martin/stefangeorge77's racist tweet. He went full "have you no honor, sir!"


No. 1906080

BAP's yellow turd, free to download, in case you thought you had to pay for it.


No. 1906084

That response picture of feet washing is so brutal that I actually feel bad for him. He should start browsing Warby Parker for some candy apple red thick round frames and immediately change teams. The new Zelda game on switch really isn’t so bad.

No. 1906103

No one believes you. Back to Twitter to post your shitty takes, radfem

No. 1906114

This “hi cow” shit is so fucking stupid and annoying.

No. 1906160

Nta but YWNBAW kek.

No. 1906173

BAP is a gay cuck so why would we be care what the sexual status his rent a womb is

No. 1906176

Jewish men just have a fetish for whores tbh. Almost every washed up pornstar like Jenna Jameson or whatever ends up marrying some Israeli businessman.

No. 1906177

>if he’s clingy that means he loves me
Lol. How naive are you? Just because you dated some sperg from /fit/ doesn’t mean you know what real roiders are like, they’re horrible people and always cheat. 3/10 4chan fitcels arent the same as rich narcissistic good looking New York Ivy League gymbros.

No. 1906184

That Romanian mischling is not good looking lol and that’s not even taking into account his terrible personality, you retards have such low standards it’s embarrassing, love yourselves

Most of the posters ITT are cows from the scene

RFH exposed her asianness by simping for such a mediocre white moid, only Asian women are this pathetic and desperate

No. 1906185

Coming in late to say all moids should die. I just read a story about an Australian guy who was caught raping and killing dogs, this isn’t just an Indian thing it’s a male thing

No. 1906187

True but for the record he wasn’t Australian he was an English man working in Australia.

British moids are all perverts remember that girl who was raped by one boy in care, then raped and killed by her brother recently and her corpse was raped by the random boomer man who found her body.

No. 1906190

Tracey's been on a couple unexplained extended twitter breaks over the last year, though I think this is the longest.

No. 1906191

Dasha would literally be considered a 3/10 in Belarus lol. There are so many beautiful natural blonde blue eyed model tier girls in Minsk, Dasha wouldn’t even be noticed over there but because she lives in America where 75% of people are overweight and most men are Slavaboos she’s considered a 7/10 simply for not being the size of a whale.

Jewish men just have a kink for mid craggly hags who remind them of their mothers, literally every Jewish moid is like this, they’re all mommy issue weirdos, and this isn’t even racism because they’ll openly admit this themselves.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1906192

Omg that audio of Dasha giggling like a mental patient while BAP does his best FPS Russia impression and fake accent is so cringe. He’s not even funny or witty. What a pair of embarrassing losers.

No. 1906201

You can’t get further down the bottom of the barrel than this. None of these people would even exist without Twitter. If you really want to end them, get Elon to make the app pay to play. Just keep them on the app forever. Let the rest of the world move on.

Oh wait….

No. 1906203

To hear Dasha so hysterically overexcited because it’s the first time a 6/10 moid has showed interest in her, and BAP trying so hard to be funny and impress her was so damn painful to hear. They’re so desperate.

No. 1906206

This. I feel like a lot of farmers forget what socially maladjusted losers all these people are irl. They were never the cool or popular kids, they were the awkward uggo burnouts with only slightly above average IQ who studied poli sci and philosophy and spent their lives hunched in the corner on their phones and having revenge fantasies about their more popular attractive peers. And now they’re all twitter addicts in a circle jerk with a bunch of other mid insecure east coast losers like themselves.

No. 1906208

Does he keep up the fake accent when not "on" and presenting to the world?
Seeing him get away with it, Anna must be seething she didn't try and put on a fake "Russian" accent when she got started.

No. 1906209

>if he’s clingy he loves me
No one said that, tard

No. 1906220

File: 1695972025392.jpeg (96.5 KB, 1169x578, IMG_4970.jpeg)

This is how pathetic they are. This is what Curtis wasted Peter’s money on. Extraordinary.

I challenge everyone on this forum to stop talking about these people. They will never be relevant outside of Twitter.

Please, get out more. This is like obsessing over MySpace celebrities. Twitter isn’t going to last forever.

No. 1906225

This is so desperate, Dasha would absolutely hate someone like RFH if she was even aware of here existence.

No. 1906234

I will never stop laughing at all of this being the result of Curtis and his dark elf “strategy.” This is the guy who is writing the 4chan version of The Prince. This is what he funded in order to create a “right wing culture.” Riva, give Peter a chuckle for me. Praxis will be fine, but you gotta get your colleagues to pull out of Dimes Square before Curtis tries something illegal.

No. 1906239

Men who are into politics have small dicks.

No. 1906241

I used to keep up in the Covid era/ beginning of these threads then I stopped because I was busy and it was getting cringe. I read about 200 books in the interim and tried to listen to a recent episode, was it always so apparent neither of them read? Did they stop? Anna used to pull from Julia Kristeva and such, “abject” was a big early RS thing. She had her little Culture of Narcissism and The Last Psychiatrist cliches that grew tired but is now unable to quote anything other than BAP. It’s just sad.

No. 1906242

The original post said men with abs can’t love and then you replied akshually roidtrannies are clingy. Clinginess doesn’t equate to love so why bring that up? What was your point lol. Stay on topic next time.

No. 1906246

Crazy that one dude with biceps comes along to their movement and all these women are instantly lining up to lift his scrotum.

I know RFH is a bitter 35 year old deadbeat hapa mom and Dasha has a history of dating ugly gay Jewish men, but are these bitches really this down bad? Are they really this easily pleased?

No. 1906249

File: 1695975689985.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1447x1640, 57DAC3E9-89F6-440A-88F2-3CBA21…)

Most of the Dasha fanboys look like pic rel so I guess any guy whose shoulders are wider than his hips stands a chance at banging her.

No. 1906251

Yeah, the concern is that Curtis will do something desperate now that he’s out. Too bad you guys got invaded by the Dimes Square moids, but this cow thread has cut him off even faster. Riva, you were right not to fund these cows. I still believe in Praxis and your vision for aesthetic fascism. Stop inviting the teens, but otherwise you got this.

No. 1906252

If they really want to change policy then why didn’t they just become politicians lol. Are they all just lazy bums by default who can’t hold down a real job besides rolling out of bed at 2pm and posting another retarded take on Twitter? This is like /mu/ saddos who spend their entire lives talking about songwriting and music theory but never make a single good song themselves.

No. 1906253

Attractive people are never into politics.

No. 1906259

File: 1695976841976.jpeg (347.86 KB, 1170x1415, IMG_3710.jpeg)

> They will never be relevant outside of Twitter.

I don’t like BAP but cope. He is insanely popular. Very few and absolutely zero self published novels have done these kind of Amazon numbers this year.

No. 1906262

this, but also make him gayer.

No. 1906266

Rookie numbers. 50 Shades of Grey was self published and sold over 150 million copies. Granny bdsm erotica is far more popular than BAP will ever be.

No. 1906274

is this thread all weird teenagers now or something

No. 1906275

This is BAP. Not Dimes Square. BAP was around when Anna was still a Chapofag. Peter doesn’t intend to cut BAP. He has only cut Yarvin and everyone beneath him.

No. 1906285

File: 1695981468868.jpeg (63.48 KB, 1040x259, IMG_3716.jpeg)

Oh if you’re that weird anon who insists Peter uninvested in Dimes and now Yarvin is bankrolling them I actually believe you lol

No. 1906299

>I still believe in Praxis and your vision for aesthetic fascism

oh my god you need to fuck off and better yet neck yourself. you are the same schizo from the last thread. not sure why the mods haven't banned you already.

No. 1906304

File: 1695984912111.png (669.48 KB, 1048x1002, 1694278281960064.png)

I mean, there's definitely something wrong with Indian moids. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Indian Bronson's real name is Ashok Deshmukh according to someone in the replies.

No. 1906306

t. the 43 year old Romanian-Jewish coooper
Keep coping at the fact literal granny smut written by a woman salemogs your book forever and ever kek.

No. 1906308

Making something illegal doesn’t stop moids from doing it. Morgues all over europe and the US are full of corpse rapists too and there’s been endless news stories about it.

No. 1906322

Marc Andreessen and other hypetarded VCs have been doing their damnedest to connect their mouths directly to the internet's sewer system for a while so this is not surprising, especially because Curtis "we need enlightened tech despots" Yarvin is part of the scene. BAP is preaching something very similar

No. 1906324

You sound hella jealous they're funding these losers instead of you and your friends, eigenrobot/sam henly

No. 1906330

>e-everyone rapes corpses!
you're just a pajeet(racebait)

No. 1906337

>if she was even aware of here existence
they discussed the RFH account on the pod at length

No. 1906352

Peter never funded BAP lmao

No. 1906354

No, they're right. Plenty of funeral homes don't want to hire scrotes because they're corpse fucking degenerates. Some day you will learn it's the Y chromosome and not the race that makes some scrotes so degenerate.

No. 1906399

File: 1695999496142.jpg (1.25 MB, 2250x3000, 966.IMG_0679.JPG)

If you really are plugged into Peter Thiel's inner circle, can you confirm or deny whether Riva is a troon? Hotly debated controversy, photographic evidence inconclusive

No. 1906400

she’s a woman. when she was younger, everyone wanted to fuck her and mason hartman.

No. 1906405

Nta but she has female eyes, the slight mustache is female pattern also, troons cannot achieve such effortless peachfuzz

No. 1906408

>I challenge everyone on this forum to stop talking about these people.
Mr. Moid, you have to understand that among NYC art/media gossips nobody actually cares about who is the true and honest flagbearer of Silicon Valley technofascism. I understand that this issue is very important to you

No. 1906412

“This thread that I joined a week ago needs to stop talking about the people it’s been talking about for 46 threads bc I’M here” moid solipsism

No. 1906413

… or anti hero kate

No. 1906417

stg just ban anyone who talks about literally bloodsucking plutocrats by their first names

No. 1906424

File: 1696001638636.jpeg (225.35 KB, 750x591, 3D4F98C3-481E-47CE-B16D-2CDDA3…)

Her and radfem hitler have a lot in common. Both mid blondes. Only guys who pursue them are brown and Jewish

No. 1906431

Most british men are inbred and malnourished pedophiles and sadists. The posh accent makes them seem less depraved. People are waking up to their true nature

No. 1906432

arent they both bottle blondes? not that moids can tell because they dont know to look at the roots kek. also a ton of babies are born Bh/Be and their hair and eye color darkens by their second year. good to know both that weeb faggot and dasha arent around small children for now at least

No. 1906441

She’s insulting male blondes because they reject her

No. 1906442

Yes they are down this bad. Why is this surprising? They’re both small breasted bottle blondes with bland faces with lesbian voices. They cannot get muscular men

No. 1906452

“Small breasted” JFC the moid infestation here has been unbearable

No. 1906454

We are talking about moid attention. If you have a bland face and deep voice you need bigger breasts or Chad will run away

No. 1906457

File: 1696006300832.jpeg (464.39 KB, 1170x1461, IMG_3733.jpeg)

weird but real tell early adopters are long gone lol

No. 1906459

There is no such thing as Chad

No. 1906464

RFH included. awkward hapa girl with a lesbian voice the wholesome white boys never liked. now her Twitter career is turning a blind eye to pedomoid mutuals like delicious tacos and medgold because they’re the only ones giving her any attention

No. 1906465

Lesbian opinions not valid(bait)

No. 1906469

Kek too true

No. 1906470

File: 1696009415484.jpeg (2.05 MB, 1170x2109, IMG_3740.jpeg)


No. 1906478

Temporarily locked due to newfag circlejerking taking over. When there's enough important milk to justify unlocking it again, please contact admins via /meta/.

No. 1909385

File: 1696535551707.jpeg (600.94 KB, 1179x1457, IMG_2325.jpeg)

No. 1909392

Well living in NYC nowadays is playing with fire. Just ironic and sad that he ended up getting stabbed by the very demographic he spent his life campaigning and advocating sympathy for.

No. 1909399

I hate the right wing scrotes showing their true colors and being happy over this guy getting murdered in front of his girlfriend. They’re sick. She started a gofundme and they were calling her a hoe who just wanted money out of it. Really? Every day I hate scrotes more

No. 1909406

What did you expect from scum of the earth these are the people who laugh at little kids dying

No. 1909407

So much seething from scarethots on twitter over this lmao. I think she deleted, but roommate Leia was especially buttmad at the implication that Dimes hasn't produce any notable art.

No. 1909412

File: 1696538025646.jpeg (2.06 MB, 1339x1785, IMG_5791.jpeg)

Deleted but can still see it and the hundreds of qts dragging the whole scene

No. 1909415

leia was crying over the dead chapo the other day, and is always hanging round with dsa troons. I'd thought she'd hate the whole dimes square thing.

No. 1909419

lol wut? She's smack dab in the middle of the scene. She used to dunk on the Chapos with the rest of them but backed off like the clout-hungry goon she is after Will and Felix started promoting her tiktok aggregator account and had her on the show. I think the first time I encountered her on twitter was when she went viral for decrying birth control.

No. 1909426

File: 1696539444573.png (66.42 KB, 716x437, its ogre.png)

Sub's gone private, presumably because they were about to hit 100k subscribers.

No. 1909428

>because they were about to hit 100k subscribers.
are they trying to be hip and countercultural and gatekeep their extremely popular thing pretending it's "niche and elite"?

No. 1909433

File: 1696540484335.png (1.51 MB, 1408x912, debate.png)

video of the grimes / anna debate is up, does anyone have a free link?? https://www.thefp.com/p/debate

No. 1909442

I always got the impression she was just Anna's roommate, and didn't really care for the whole RW political turn the RS made.
She was always just a run of the mill lib/brooklyn dsa type

No. 1909453

yeah it was really bad. Of course all the people Anna pals around with on twitter were ecstatic about it. Audrey Horne used it as an opportunity to point out their sociopathy, and then Anna came out against "empathy". Felt a lot like the Jordan Kneely thing but I think more and more people are becoming genuinely sickened by her and her ilk (as they should be).

No. 1909456

>Audrey Horne used it as an opportunity to point out their sociopathy, and then Anna came out against "empathy".
got any screenshots?

No. 1909458

File: 1696543953513.png (386.61 KB, 1216x692, Screen Shot 2023-10-05 at 6.11…)

No. 1909461

hate to say it but she's kinda been winning me over lately.
I'm sure there was some reason to hate her that i missed besides her try-hard selfie posting
but honestly i appreciate her efforts to call out the right-wing scrotes even if she's kinda one of them

No. 1909464

File: 1696544309284.png (474.7 KB, 1202x1014, Screen Shot 2023-10-05 at 6.11…)

She has another one that just reads "I told you guys they were like this" but I don't want to clog up the thread.

No. 1909466

Whoa…late to the thread but this is a fucking DRAG and a half. He picked the bones clean.

No. 1909468

Idk if people are getting sick of her or if her takes are becoming more openly disgusting & antisocial. Probably both. The Twitter girls came for her neck over the Russell Brand tweet last week and they haven’t let her breathe since.

No. 1909491

File: 1696547796636.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1436x1916, IMG_5795.jpeg)

Anna strikes back

No. 1909493

File: 1696548116339.png (109.49 KB, 735x628, jack killing.png)

No. 1909495

This is all this chick does. It’s getting old

No. 1909515

File: 1696552793254.png (65.78 KB, 1094x306, leia perpetual victim.png)

As far as she cares she's a suburbanite republican and has no problem with the politics of RS. Leia also thinks she invented Dimes Square and flips out whenever anything about it is insulted.

No. 1909517

File: 1696553017950.png (232.91 KB, 1180x552, anna khachiyan good person.png)

Anna's been her usual disgusting self while playing holier than thou. Dasha has been liking tweets being disgusted at Anna's friends these past few days.

No. 1909519

Dasha also very noticeably if carefully split from Annas Russel Brand apology in one of the last episodes
If she brings the podcast down over how scary it is in New York it will be very funny

No. 1909528

File: 1696555294383.jpeg (1013.6 KB, 2108x3076, 0E716EBE-E30A-4B7D-8A8A-8A58DD…)

Lol at her strawmanning by fixating on posters calling her a troon while ignoring all the posts about her friendship with pedophiles, and still reposting pedo shit about the 13 year old child who tried to commit suicide after being sexually assaulted. Not her first as she already sexualized a 14 year old girl to get rightoids to interact. Nobody cares that you're thin and flat as most of us know you're not a troon, asian nor latina (we don't claim you) and that doesn't even matter. You're a mediocre white woman whose life is evidently severely deficient in more than one area which is why you spend all day trying to come up with "hot takes" for twitter while attempting to integrate yourself into a scene filled with predators. It's also weird how she says she's 35 when she's actually 29-30, almost like she knows she will get dragged for being "post-wall" by the types of scrotes she talks to who spew that anyway so she comes up with a higher number for the insults to not feel personal. People already know who you are! You've tried hard to make yourself known in this scene, you're not actually a radical feminist and don't stand for anything, you're catering to a niche by presenting yourself as the opposition when you're really just clout chasing and in bed with these freaks. We get it. It's why you defend Anna and hang out with Pariah, (which for the record befriending pervy troons & pedo moids makes you sound like a troon more than your lack of curves or whatever)

No. 1909529

Antonoff is a creepy moid, but it’s hilarious how badly they’re seething that someone relevant finally noticed them only to dismiss them brutally kek

No. 1909531

Noticed there were lots of angry moids from adjacent fandoms (like Tim Dillon and TAFS) who were hit and are seething about it. As much as I don't like RSP, I do pray that they at least manage to quarantine themselves from moids.

No. 1909540

Speaking of, their patreon is back to pre stav's departure level

No. 1909541

File: 1696556875651.jpeg (347.93 KB, 1862x244, IMG_5797.jpeg)

No. 1909551

Love how they do the “we are the world. We are the moment. This is the culture” thing until they get any pushback and it’s “who us? Little old dimes square? We’re nobodies. Get a life.” Eternal Anna playbook
Go back ten threads or so when someone here was obsessed with her, she identified as a Republican then

No. 1909552

Adam is genuinely such a charisma vacuum and clearly can't handle Nick on his down time. Nick's also been working on his special but has been delaying it for some time. I think he's waiting for the right moment to establish himself and then jump ship once he's got a footing in comedy again like Stav.

No. 1909560

multiple people on the sub (RIP) knew him, which seemed odd

No. 1909561

and she claims to have a child and a job but still has all the time in the world to post, talk in gcs, schmooze and suck up to cows? smells fishy in here

No. 1909566

File: 1696561942144.png (181.79 KB, 909x1085, Screenshot_20231006-120734.png)

incredible things are happening on stupidpol

No. 1909572

File: 1696563372886.jpg (172.14 KB, 1170x2080, 386105515_1513430966075589_277…)

no rs ep since september 19. (new ak selfie.)

No. 1909573

> RSP sub private
> Jack Antonoff shat on scene
> Anna's takes increasingly alienating everyone outside of far right
> FP debate was a forgettable mess
> Chapo / Berniecels regaining goodwill via Matt and Ryan Carson tragedies
> Elena Velez show flopped
> No1curr about Mommy Milkers/Filthy Armenian lameass event in LA
> Med Gold deactivating
> Milady bros suing each other
> The Dare is never gonna happen

It won't be over until the fat lady (Perfume Jack) sings… but it's looking grim

No. 1909578

Consistently hilarious she has such dogshit out of the box taste in furniture and bedding. That is a college dorm comforter. You make 300k a year

No. 1909585

Something about her evil tweets combined with her wizened emaciated selfies makes her resemble a ghoul to me

No. 1909587

Quarantine themselves from moids? Have you visited that sub? It’s 80% bitter moids from Cumtown and other banned subs. Anna & Dasha cultivated this crowd of gross unwashed manchildren and they absolutely deserve the audience they have.

No. 1909589

Is he still getting dragged for believing in genetically determined IQ? The redpill has been undeniable on that staying men together support forum

No. 1909591

File: 1696566763357.jpeg (490.12 KB, 1170x859, IMG_4560.jpeg)

When you remember Freddie is a Purdue WMAF guy and enthusiastic Reylo shipper his debatelord worlds best writer schtick makes so much more sense. Incredible thread though.

No. 1909594

kek. if this truly is the end I want you nonnies (not the infighting rw scrotes and tradthots) to know ily! I haven't haven't had this much fun on a lolcow threads since shoe was still with skeptic, thanks for the laughs.
remember when she refused to buy a bookshelf for some reason and all her books were stacked on the floor?

No. 1909597

He’s right tho. We already have more intellectual labor than we need. We are in a North American housing crisis, we need carpenters, the “let kids drop out or be directed to specialized labor at 13” thing is his best proposal.

No. 1909605

nonnie can you please provide proof to the thread that he's a Reylo. I need someone else to do this because when I see it I'm going to kill myself
t. Reylo

No. 1909613

kek she looks like one of those decrepid sims characters id make as a neighbor to my sim and have terrible things happen to. a "gollum" like woman if ive ever seen one
idk what happened to the internet recently but people just randomly started believing everything people tell them these days. those rsp posters are lying for attention and I doubt the post millennial article is even accurate and the scum on twitter were just showing their entire ass celebrating a random person with piercing's death

No. 1909623

The scene will never truly die unless Dasha does.

No. 1909624

>I do pray that they at least manage to quarantine themselves from moids.
it's called r/redscare4girlsandgays and it's been around forever lol

No. 1909627

What happened to the legendary Slayer poster?

No. 1909628

>> Chapo / Berniecels regaining goodwill via Matt and Ryan Carson tragedies
Goodwill from who? It's just the same dirtbags and their pals in lw media engaging in the same ol' circlejerk.

No. 1909629

File: 1696572526666.png (53.38 KB, 514x484, sinking ship.png)

That's quite the decline

No. 1909657

Too early to count The Dare out until he releases an album and we see how it does. Frost Children blew up, are now a permanent fixture of hyperpop, toured with Yves, are equally as derivative as Harrison, after releasing an album and they come from the same clique. The Life is definitely never happening though.

No. 1909658

A lot of people subscribed to support the new talk show and to stick it to stav but then they kept going like months without uploading anything and the podcast itself has been increasingly bad and low energy to the point that it’s noticeabley way worse than even bad era cum town, just look at the comment section of any of their recent podcast episodes

TLDR Adam and Nick blew it

No. 1909663

Frost children are touring rn with George clanton who is like a lame chillwave ripoff, between the both of them they can sell out small venues but their last albums got panned/ignored by critics and hyperpop is dying in general, if this is what dimes square is holding onto its looking grim

No. 1909681

File: 1696585002368.jpg (69.42 KB, 1080x1920, download(1).jpg)

>remember when she refused to buy a bookshelf for some reason and all her books were stacked on the floor?

and people noticed none of her books were in Russian that she supposedly speaks. The other day she posted this….

No. 1909693


Sage for tinfoil but I reckon Anna's bitter spiraling is because BAP picked Dasha over her. I am sure after all the time she has spent sucking his twitter dick and the cosmetic work she's had done it feels like a huge slap in the face

No. 1909696

many groypers now going against baptards too kek

No. 1909697

This is a nitpick but
>Literally the whitest country of LATAM known for Nazis going into hiding in there to the point it became a meme
>Full of blue eyed blondes with a combo Italian and/or German surnames
>trying to pull the SPICY SASSY LATINA shit for attention
As a spanish speaking person you cannot imagine how much I fucking hate these dull white thots lmao.

She's out of her goddamn mind lmao it's quite impressive how ignorant and culturally illiterate she is. She's literally your average American white whino libfem trying to brag about the men shes fucked cause she has no other accomplishments in her life, no career, no actual set of skills or hobbies she can be proud of or build a community around, since she's a lazy NEET that clearly doesn't go outside or wants to go to work like a normal person so she resorts to internet attention for pedos and to send her followers to harass women she doesn't like, just like your average lazy tradthot does. so much for calling out the RW rfh! Bitch still hasn't gotten over boys not liking her in fucking high school at 35 I can't stress how fucking pathetic that is. God I'm glad to have been socialized when I see these fucking losers obsessed with dusty low value cock.

No. 1909702

She's such an obvious liar, probably leeches off her moid and doesn't really have any job. No matter how cushy your "email job" is she clearly has too much free time to actually be employed. Lately all she's been doing is shitposting about the Netflix shows she watches and travelling to see her gay and tranny moid mutuals for fucks sake. I am yet to see her meet up with any woman now that comes to mind, what a joke of a "radfem" honestly.

No. 1909706

File: 1696589932197.jpeg (95.84 KB, 750x427, 783DEC0E-159C-4131-B081-EC6F52…)

allergic reaction or oral disease caused by bap’s gay sex adventures?

No. 1909708

It was funny when she was trying to fuck Richard Spencer. I guess she gave up

No. 1909776

I think it’s more 60/40 moids to women. some of the women don’t want to stand out too much by announcing they’re women all the time so they go undetected

No. 1909786

Did she get picked? presumably traveled countries just to visit the guy yet he won’t post a pic with her

No. 1909815

File: 1696602599986.jpeg (345.11 KB, 654x594, 599DE07F-EEB5-4066-A1EF-C68F7D…)

City girls stay losing

No. 1909819

These retards are so obsessed with being thin that they end up looking like old hags on their death beds and then they have to facetune to a laughable extreme just like a 70 y/o auntie. Never trust any pics on social media.

No. 1909828

Thoughts on Girlpool’s Harmony Tividad weaseling into Dimes adjacency with this hyperpop EP?

No. 1909841

The graphical illustration of Cum Town losing all goodwill with fans. Is the same happening to Chapo? Seems like these two are just slowly dying by sandpaper, without any bang while RS is actually gaining traction for some reason.

No. 1909842

and all the smoking and adderall usage. It’s funny to be so obsessed with aging yet engaging in every activity that speeds it up exponentially

No. 1909846

File: 1696606387212.png (3.74 MB, 1334x750, D93AC14A-E59C-4D00-840B-9DC09C…)

Caroline Calloway nonchalantly invited on a pod with two hot guys who traveled to Sarasota just to meet her meanwhile Dasha visits gay men in foreign countries and catches their homosexual stds

No. 1909854

cringe flop/no1curr
She and her mtf bandmate always gave me the creeps tbh

No. 1909858

Mostly, I just find it funny that he brings up stuff he did in high school like that's going to matter to anyone.

No. 1909859

oops meant ftm

No. 1909864

Avery is fun for getting Ali Michael to act like a mess. Harmony's current look is so porny and little girl it’s weird, I’m wondering if any other LA scenesters are going to attempt a Dimes awakening or if it’s a one-off. That cringe cryptobro FWB fest in Idyllwild booking Yves, CFCF, The Dare, Caroline Polachek, and having Taylor Lorenz and Dean Kissick speak this year was incredibly funny to me.

No. 1909875

File: 1696610799296.png (87.79 KB, 1196x318, Screen Shot 2023-10-06 at 12.4…)

She says this while engaging in the most retarded Twitter tribalism non-stop

No. 1909911

The numbers in the polls were compromised by mtfs

No. 1909930

Well she’s correct that we do have a resident troon and he makes like 80% of the posts here so yeah.

No. 1909932

Only white guys hate RFH because she’s a hapa who prefers Jewish and brown men and she also pointed out that white males are obsessed with black penises, which is true. Of course they immediately went on the defense and claimed majority of cuck content consumers aren’t white, which is nonsense of course (just check cucked forums who self post, 95% of them are married white guys) anyone who hates RFH is just a seething poltard

No. 1909933

Hope it’s monkeypox

No. 1909936

>Argentinians are white
No they aren’t lol. This stupid ‘Argentinians are all blue eyed blonde Nazis’ meme originated on 4chan, maybe you should go back.

No. 1909947

retarded post. you obviously are RFH.(hi cow)

No. 1909953

>racism is cute and acceptable when it’s towards white women
First off she’s not even white she’s mixed race. Secondly. Fuck off and stop trying to divide us, scrote. Sorry RFH rejected you and now you have an obsessive hateboner towards her.

No. 1909968

I don’t think a single person in their scene can even like, draw a tree or play an instrument or use Adobe illustrator. They’re not even good critics. How can you be so skill-less, so lacking a voice or perspective (other than “leftists are degenerates”) and be upset people call out your dearth of artistry?
Every belief she has spouted in the last 3 years is copped from twitter. including “based” racism and multiethnic ribbing
None of us support her, she is friends with pedos and misogynists, how many times do we have to say that? Medgold, Vers La lune, Deliciius tacos, Indian Bronson.

No. 1909973

You must be new bc we don’t shit on white women here for no reason like most of the internet.

No. 1910004

its still better than anything stav has done since but yeah its just not that interesting anymore and i can't really stomach sitting through any irony leftists doing their cute little "bits" under brandon and the obvious decline of the country

No. 1910021

It’s telling that amidst their Twitter meltdowns over Antonoff’s takedown, none of them could produce a single cultural artifact of value to prove him wrong. Because he’s right. For all the alleged dark money millions to astroturf these losers into a “new cultural vanguard”, the most influential thing any of them achieved was a bit role on a cable TV show. It’s over, Thiel got scammed kek

No. 1910029

Can someone repost this? I wanted to see lol

No. 1910031

can some kind soul please pay bari weiss some shekels and leak the debate video here or on youtube

No. 1910033

"for no reason" (focusing on race like a freak while ignoring how the entire post yrt is referring to a woman who spreads pedophile's memes sexualizing children and is friends with several of them). not to mention i'm "white" (as in very pale and have recessive features) myself since i'm mostly european, ethnicity ≠ race. i have no problem with white women in general, my issue is with disgusting ones who befriend pedophiles. and i'm not new either lol.
indeed actual retardation. it's like the freaks in her sex pest circle are here wking her spreading this narrative that other women have no reason to not be her weird little fans, only moids dislike her, and it all comes down to calling her and everyone we dislike a troon, even though that's obviously not the case lol.

No. 1910044

Maybe white men don’t like her much and that’s why she sought out swarthy fellows

No. 1910056

Here is the YouTube of the debate. I haven't watched yet.
No longer private now but there are different theories as to why they went private. Could be the 100K subscribers but it could also be a creepy post by a 17 year old reddit account that was set up in the early days of reddit before even when Twitter was a thing and the mods panicked.
There are different theories about the account. Some think it was an admin account preparing to control the sub when it hits 100K subs. Others think it was a CIA or FBI account. Others still think it's Ghislaine Maxwell's alt.
I have to agree that it's very creepy:
>Nah op is the equivalent of the cowboy in mulholland drive. I’m out of this sub lmao
>A grim omen, like a crone wandering into your village from the high desert to announce a coming plague
>The weirdest thing about this to me is the banal preposterousness of the post’s text. “Stumbled on accident” “looking for shoes” “been looking at it for an hour” “gee wilickers this place sure is befuddling!” I agree that the post’s meta-info is insanely suspicious but I can’t wrap my head around how the author could think the substance of their post would be received in earnest. There also seems to be a disconnect between the tone of the title (somewhat in line with the affectations of the sub) and the text (see above, just bizarre).
>Searching for shoes?? There’s hundreds of subreddits dedicated to shoes, shopping, thrifting etc etc that would come up. When do we ever discuss specific shoes here? Usually it only comes up in the form of criticism of sneakerhead culture or like general trends like that. Very rarely does anyone here comment on a particular type of shoe
>People who work for the fbi are disproportionately likely to be Mormons. I could believe the average Mormon is bad at not serving up a “gee willikers” vibe.
I’ve read some truly funny stuff about how agents in the 50s/60s trying to infiltrate leftist/union/youth counterculture groups kept getting noticed because they were strait laced to swear, even while undercover.
>I'm on my laptop and you can hover over the "redditor for 17 years" bit and see the account was created on "Sun Dec 18 05:00:00 UTC" or 10:00 PM PST exactly. According to Wikipedia, Reddit made a ton of bot accounts in the early days to make their numbers look better, seems likely that this account is one of those. So either some random guy got access to it or it's a staff member. No idea why a staff member would do this though, they should have plenty of data on the sub without making some post like this to trigger all of the schizos. I'm also pretty sure I've seen posts with almost this exact same title and structure here before but I always assume it's some dumb newbie looking to be spoon-fed

No. 1910116

That kind of comment is by the numbers

No. 1910137

New Podcast ep. They don't mention BAP at all in the opening part of Dasha complaining about Europe. She says the streets are too clean in Spain, the people are too well groomed and dignified, and the Taco Bell is too healthy. Dasha whines about being bumped to economy and says Spanish people are really mean and unfriendly to her. Anna recounts being politely refused service at a bar in Madrid in 2019 because of the podcast and there was a "torrential downpour" and she had nowhere else to go drink. It sounds stilted between the two of them like they're strangers making small talk. Anna opens her month late birthday present from Dasha, which is a MAGA hat.

No. 1910149

White men are too chauvinistic to retain their high value on the sexual market place

No. 1910151

There have been times in the past where Dasha and Anna clashed or were distant; did it sound like that, or something different? Sorry I don’t have an episode reference

No. 1910165

dissatisfaction with Spain is cover for true feelings. She wanted gay bap to give her a romantic vacation and he didn’t deliver

No. 1910166

nta but god this is funny and feels like such a terrible and deliberate attempt to push this hag down our throats.
>hur dur anyone who isn't a rfh stan is a poltard scrote attempting to divide us! she's /ourgirl/ and she is a hapa!
gtfo put your actual boner you get from thirsting over her away and go back to twitter dickrider. you are delusional if you believe most posters here share your opinion on what is really just another cow in this scene as if it accurately represents the consensus. nothing that poster said was racist but this pedo adjacent woman who pretends to be different races as if thats comical is actually racist. like if you genuinely believe retarded moids calling you a ccp operative is hilarious there are worms taking over your brain.

No. 1910169

Maybe women don’t give a shit about polls and don’t bother engaging in them

No. 1910205

> shoplifting
dimes square would throw a conniption and demand execution for this term alone
smol bean stacies stay winning.

No. 1910207

he knows this. thats why hes started shifting focus on LA and elections. only morons like NFT investors are still on dimes

No. 1910218

> Some think it was an admin account preparing to control the sub when it hits 100K subs. Others think it was a CIA or FBI account. Others still think it's Ghislaine Maxwell's alt.

you and all of the redditors you listed are retarded. the sub will inevitably get banned due to the rampant moid spergouts, under-the-cuff white nationalists posting there, and their discord users abusing TOS and harassing people. redditards like yourself try to act stupid when a sub is banned but its usually very obvious.

No. 1910227

What is with Dasha making being skinny her thing but also fetishizing greasy diarrhea fast food?

No. 1910263

Hot skinny girls with inflated egos love to highlight how miraculous their metabolism is that they can occasionally splurge on tasty fast food slop and still maintain their figure. (Not pictured: the subsequent purging)

No. 1910286

She isn’t hot

No. 1910391

File: 1696702681011.jpeg (429.01 KB, 828x898, IMG_1859.jpeg)

She’s trying too hard to be as edgy as him

No. 1910418

his trolling acumen fell off hard

No. 1910450

File: 1696714040054.jpg (143.22 KB, 652x888, jew on jew violence.jpg)

eli has started effort posting lately, and he's more insufferable than i expected. antonoff really riled these tards up.

No. 1910498

It is way more likely that the sub is a sausage fest of men sassy larping with each other

No. 1910500

Why is anyone interested in supporting thiel’s homosexual neomonarchy? All gay men want to do is annihilate humankind out of pure spite

No. 1910528

he's right about warhol's factory. i think he made some good points

No. 1910529

File: 1696728680029.jpeg (366.61 KB, 1170x1853, 2CE89992-6C74-456C-AA3B-E576DC…)

he’s going off about jazz because a midwit “art history” (fascist) account tweeted a screed about how jazz is atonal and degen, not because of antonoff. A lot of musicians have been ripping this guy apart.

No. 1910531

'antonoff is correct about one thing'

No. 1910534

I miss when the aesthetic twitter reactionaries were busting out more esoteric music takes like how the grand piano was a liberal abomination that made classical music too atomizing and individualistic instead of this warmed-over mid-century midwit whining about atonality or whatever we've all heard a thousand times.

No. 1910537

Yeah, RW twitter used to have schiz but interesting takes like, “it is terrible to have music on demand and we are listening to music nonstop” or “the end of American society came with the development of the radio and here’s why,” not “this music I barely listen to and don’t understand is senseless and disorderly.” All are retarded but the third is lowest effort ofc

No. 1910546

for their next act, they'll seethe about women smoking "marihuana cigarettes with the coloreds." maybe even invoke satanic panic on doja cat again

No. 1910549

No he's not right about Warhol and it's ahistorical to suggest that the Factory scene was just a bunch of artsy people partying together. It's like saying Silicon Valley was created by a bunch of people who liked to code together.

Andy always had his eyes on fame and money and basically created the first influencer model using "superstars" that he hand-selected to star in his films, play at his parties, introduce to collectors, and mentor. He was a master social architect, which is why the artists in his orbit are more famous than the myriad others that the 60s produced.

Andy Warhol was literally The Velvet Underground's manager ffs.

No. 1910556

I like when they fight about Shakespeare, the cringe is delicious

No. 1910571

They were all kissing Doja’s ass in the rsp sub for OwNiNg teH LiBTaRdS with her “based” Sam Hyde t-shirt. This crowd never met a stale outdated edgelord meme they didn’t love.

No. 1910575

Cope, Starbucks is the comfiest place on earth

No. 1910576

The Factory was literally just a clique of NYC based people. Most of the involved parties like The Velvet Underground or Paul Morrissey or whatever leftover beatniks did their own thing and were doing their own thing before Warhol gathered them around and slapped his sticker on it.

No. 1910578

Velvet Underground suck. Pretentious talentless waffling losers.

No. 1910580

no, eli is just being an obtuse and defensive retard. antonoff's point was simple: no one associated with dimes square has any talent or has produced anything; the point isn't that 'scenes' magically produce things, but rather that they've tended to be conceived as forming around/of at least some productive individuals. not so for dimes square. the surrealists (whether they self-identified as such is irrelevant - plenty didn't: e.g., leonor fini) produced masses of work; dimes square is a bunch of retarded podcasters. no need to overthink this: antonoff hit a nerve, that's all.

No. 1910581

this man should be arrested.

No. 1910587

File: 1696740350957.png (14.89 KB, 628x160, nocomment.png)

No. 1910588

>he’s going off about jazz … not because of antonoff
no, you're conflating his jazz thread with his defence of dimes square thread.

No. 1910608

the have oneohtrix and safdies

No. 1910613

Both predate and exist outside of Dimes Square, and are only involved through associations, not personally. Same with Caroline or Charli.

No. 1910627

Ok, but nobody asked

No. 1910630

Antonoff's point was that the Dimes Square scene produced nothing notable, Eli's was that Dimes Square can't produce anything notable because scene's don't "produce" anything and are just labels placed after a moment has passed. Both are idiotic points but also both are correct in a sense. Antonoff is correct in saying that the most that came out of Dimes Square is a podcast that half of its audience don't even listen to but at the same time attributing works to "scenes" instead of individuals is completely retarded and invalidates individual artistic vision (which is a fitting interpretation for someone who has produced some of the most souless slop in the music industry).

No. 1910776

It is male dominated but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any women. Incels always accuse women of being men if they exhibit any humor or creativity

No. 1910779

I guess he is erasing dasha’s horrible movie out of shame. He worked on the soundtrack and it flopped kek

No. 1910785

don’t think they’re in this scene. only loosely associated because Dasha squatted in Oneoh’s apartment during quarantine and Eli did soundtrack for safdie’s uncut gems

No. 1910794

Eli literally was the drummer for some oneohtrix tracks, they both did sound for the safdies. They are some of the talented individuals that get orbited in nyc, who in turn attract kanye, Robert Pattinson, and Julia fox. In his comment, he is saying he would have produced his work whether he dated Anna and got connected to dimes or not, and any scene he got attributed after the fact would be a meaningless label.

No. 1910795

There is no creativity or humor left in that subreddit which is why it reads as all men

No. 1910800

Stupid self important critique when half the art products associated with dimes are literally self referential to dimes

No. 1910810

“Nothing COMES out of scenes the artists were like already there dude just hanging out” you would think someone who grandstands about a classical education would know that’s not how that works

No. 1910812

the point is that his work is fucking garbage, and so is the work of all the other retards you mentioned. julia fox? nigga please.

No. 1910813

I wonder if Eli’s relationship with Anna blackpilled him on class

No. 1910814

how do you mean? is anna supposed to be the high class one? i've never read anything informative about eli's background.

No. 1910815

So was everything that came out of the factory, the only difference was time

No. 1910816

The opposite

No. 1910819

'came out of' as in 'produced by those associated with'? absolutely not. i don't give a fuck about warhol, but that scene featured individuals who produced work of lasting value - not least warhol himself. ditto (e.g.,) the surrealists. not a single person associated with dimes square has produced anything of any value, they really are just podcasters and e-tards.
share what you know, then.

No. 1910820

Julia, Kanye and Robert Pattinson have little to nothing to do with dime square. None of these people have been on red scare either which is the main podcast associated with the scene

No. 1910821

lurk moar both their backgrounds are public info

No. 1910824

To be fair Matty Healy hasn’t been on Red Scare and he’s very much a Dimes cohort. Chloë Sevigny has never been on and she hangs out with them. Just by the nature of what a google search for the pod yields I don’t think they’ll ever get any famous celebrities on it. That’s not who they’ve ever aimed for anyway.

No. 1910833

I feel like it’s more about who is listening to the pod than the guests themselves; Lena Dunham, Elizabeth Olsen, white lotus gay etc. having those ears is what’s important. The Matt foreney and yarvins thinking they’re cool and in with the bohemians to secure funding was like a high risk meta irony. Like when the student body gets together to elect the class autist prom king as a cruel joke.

No. 1910842

NTA but it’s been discussed in these threads prior

No. 1910850

They won’t come on because they’re not real friends

No. 1910856

A few celebrities listen but won’t guest. That says a lot. Anna and Dasha aren’t influential or savvy enough to have any real pull. The scene is a joke. Their main guests are just Twitter pervs that they one or both of them fuck. Their holes are keeping the podcast afloat, it’s why they can barely get female guests. Sad

No. 1910871

Hari Nef was a guest. Too bad he wasn’t excluded from the Barbie movie for being on a nazi podcast. So many people who work in arts and culture are hedging their bets and flirting with an association because they want to benefit in case it becomes the thing but want plausible deniability in the event it fails. I think what people want out of a vibe shift is a culture they can create in with less ideological constraints.

No. 1910872

“Females” oh my god. Crazy how different delicious tacos was treated in comparison to deanna havas

No. 1910874

So true. Who was the last guest Dasha didn’t fuck?

No. 1910875

unfortunately Dasha dying would simply spread a thousand Dasha spores to the wind and more Dashas would sprout up and maintain the brand of Dasha til Armageddon.

No. 1910880

yeah get back to work DSA president Nick Mullen!

No. 1910924

File: 1696803492152.jpg (129.95 KB, 891x772, anna under fire.jpg)

anna and the bronzeagecels catching heat

No. 1910929

He’s right. The problem has been, is, and always will be scrotes.

No. 1910942

File: 1696806956689.png (87.11 KB, 1032x500, so called nation.png)

No. 1910943

bronze age bitches really showing their asses today…tf did they think "bronze age" warfare entails?

No. 1910951

1000% men, always men, whether it’s 2023 or 1403. these retards like Anna and verymoisturizer are absolute idiots to EVER think violence and warfare of any kind doesn’t render women and children most vulnerable. If they truly believed this and weren’t just twitter addicted tards, they’d condemn the US to the same fate (for doing it to others) just like the leftists they scorn. these women could not be more hive minded

No. 1910954

File: 1696808938558.jpg (273.64 KB, 989x926, F7718OzbYAAvxnn.jpg)

No. 1910961

File: 1696809666305.jpeg (Spoiler Image,681.54 KB, 828x1009, 491210D4-9467-44BE-8926-CE800D…)