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File: 1700871825821.jpg (1023.45 KB, 3196x2400, altpic.jpg)

No. 1933243

After several threads filled with blogposting, infighting, and the posting of off-topic (yet still effusive with milk) cows due to low pro-ana cow activity, nonnies of the Pro-Ana Scumbag threads were finally able to agree on something: we need a separate thread for these Cluster B(itches).

This psych ward is open to: diagnosis-in-bio oversharers, headbangers and scratchers, revolving door patients (not munchies), cows with personality disorders, lurkers/posters, and probably some other criteria that are yet to be determined.

Do some of these cows have eating disorders? Yes. Maybe. Kind of.
Does the majority of their milky behaviour have to do with their eating disorder? No.

The Pro-Ana Scumbags thread will inevitably have some cow crossover with the Cluster B(itches) thread from time to time, but please refrain from posting cows whose antics aren't primarily related to their eating disorder in the Scumbags thread.

Last thread: >>>/snow/1904806

Main herd & latest milk:
> Laura:
Leg-lifter, sock-swallower, face-scratcher, and [insert future diagnosis here] extraordinaire. Loves being inpatient and also loves a Starbucks barista nearly 10 years her senior. Something of a Pro-Ana Scumbags graduate, as her antics have evolved and are no longer primarily related to her eating…disorder.
- Already back from a pathetically short attempt at not posting everything online after finally leaving ip after 4 years. There were a lot of "I used to be skinny" and "look I had a toob" throwback posts plus current selfies which are too boring to link. The first things she did with her new freedom was get a really bad and expensive dye job >>1911762 and have a terrible passport photo taken.
- Apparently she thinks a bakery will hold your job while you're "off sick" for FOUR YEARS
- For those keeping count, there were 6.5 leg lifts (including 5 half-leg-lifts which get 0.5 points each) and 1 splits. Here's a funny edit where she's farting a sock >>1930406
Socials: https://www.instagram.com/flourishingfxiry/

> Enara:

Another Scumbags alumnus with BPD, and probably our top milk producer. Known hospital shopper and ED LARPer who overdoses and self-harms for attention. She once even called for an ambulance before overdosing. After being discharged the next day, she totalled her car, then swallowed batteries to get back into the hospital again shortly thereafter. Has a 3rd place ribbon from a pony club and is a Very Serious Academic. You'll find some of her greatest hits here (>>1768412 and in the last thread starting here >>1907947), but there will always be more to come because she never shuts up.
- Spent the first half of the last thread trying to get back into Pro-Ana Scumbags with toob selfies >>1905127 >>1906368 >>1907543, notes to herself about the toob >>1906369, and complaining about having to eat food that isn't pure sugar >>1908971
- Enara's allegedly eyebrow-obsessed mom is kinda based actually >>1906967
- Went back to sh after the ED LARP stopped working >>1912962 >>1914008
- Unfortunately that actually worked and Enara's dream of endless all you can eat hospital admissions finally came true >>1916187 but even that wasn't enough to satisfy her so she started experimenting with bloodletting >>1923291 and whining about nurses not validating her enough while they're physically restraining her from killing herself >>1930425
Socials: https://www.instagram.com/enaralouise

> Daylia:

Serial arsonist, ice-smoker, deodorant-huffer, and gleeful thief who bathes about twice a month. Doctors don't feel comfortable working with her. Best known as the star of the hit drama Brown v The Queen (2020). Her goal is to be arrested for shoplifting and sent back to prison, but she keeps getting thwarted cartoonishly by overly kind police officers, pharmacy staff giving her discounted deoderant to huff, and random people giving her money and free food to trick her mom.
- Her support workers are also cowish. At least one of them is giving her shoplifting tips >>198938, coming to the farm to medfag >>1923368, and taking her to the police station to harass cops >>1916543, which really makes you wonder what the other one did to get fired.
- Daylia put her apparently real email address in the email field >>1919296 and started furiously cowtipping. She then did the totally unexpected and unheard-of: she started a campaign to shut down cyberbullying website lolcow.farm! She also promised to shower more and keep shit to herself. Sure, Jan.
Socials: https://www.instagram.com/lostallsanityx/

> Becca:

Obese headbanger and malingerer who has been in hospital for six years. Used to be kind of skinny and even had a nose hose, like that means anything. Gained 80kg in 3 years (that has to be some kind of record). Her most notable features are a really tiny, no-lip mouth and pasta sauce all over her face.
Socials: https://www.instagram.com/trying_to_recover_becca_2k17/

> Colours/Laura:

Basically a personalityfagging farmer now. Read her old thread here >>1759128

> Emily J: Headbanger and formerly-aspiring nurse that likes to physically assault NHS staff.

Socials: https://www.instagram.com/emisfighting

> Fish Shoes/Helena:

A cow for the lighthearted, relatively speaking. Alcohol and substance abuse issues, has an ED, gets bird psychosis when she stops taking her meds and ends up in the hospital (she thinks birds are following her, and she has an emergency suitcase for when she's on the run from birds, fish shoes to attract cats, drawings of cats to scare birds, and a secret key to hide money in so the birds don't rob her).
Socials: https://www.tiktok.com/@unwholesomehelena

Newer cows with descriptions donated by farmers in the last thread:
> Hayley:
She has BPD and likes to remind everyone that she’s spent most of life in psychiatric hospital (it’s even in her bio). She’s currently inpatient and self harms regularly which is often ‘so severe she could have died’. She has a cast on her leg and is in a wheelchair from a recent self harm incident. She refuses to take accountability for herself and constantly shits on staff. She refuses to change or try to recover. Is constantly baiting suicide which garners many sympathy posts. >>1905920
Socials: https://www.tiktok.com/@iknowyouarewatching888

> Alex Moorhouse:

been in some kind of rehab or pd unit for years, constantly “choosing recovery” then quits days later, posts a lot of depressing, attention seeking stuff, serial headbanger and face scratcher, not THE milkiest but does have some moments and i think she could be interesting here
Socials: https://www.tiktok.com/@recovering.alex8

> Holly Wilcox:

schizophrenic alcoholic & many other issues, her tiktoks are absolutely wild in a way i can’t quite describe, her friend died of a stroke and she filmed him on life support, posts tiktoks of herself drinking in the street, she was hospitalised but got out at some point and has managed to stay out but she’s been in a million times so i doubt this will last much longer as she seems to be deteriorating already but she is one of my favourite tiktok crazies
Socials: https://www.tiktok.com/@schizofabulousbackup

> Katya:

i don’t actually know the full lore with this one but she has beef with Holly above because Holly sent her money and she didn’t send it back? or something along those lines. Holly frequently makes tiktoks about how Katya is copying her and everything she does which actually might have some credibility as Katya is a massive attention seeker who seems to just jump on anything she can and repeatedly tries to get herself sectioned by calling police on herself and general antics along those lines
Socials: https://www.tiktok.com/@katsrecovery2023

> Chloe Louckx:

(26yo from Belgium don't post hospital name bands with your details on them) [note: pronouns have been corrected] Her page is full cream. Self admittedly has BPD. Has had a tube almost constantly with her weight fluctuating quite a bit but still has the tube at higher weight (thinking she b/p) ofc SH, pictures of inside ambulances, crying photos galore saying she's trying, has had 3 birthdays IP, she basically ticks every criteria. She's out of IP atm but says she's not good and was lieing to people. A lot lot more but cbf typing everything out rn, go lurk there and see what I've missed. Got a bunch of photos coz image board. >>1918100
Socials: https://www.tiktok.com/@messy_indy

> Sharown Maxwell:

She's one of the many obese women on instagram who claim to have had terrible restrictive eating disorders for years without losing any weight and just reeee about fatphobia if you point out how little sense that makes. Her latest drama is that she needs a hysterectomy because she's having menstrual issues that she insists have nothing to do with her weight and she's busy blaming it on doctors who wouldn't stop hurting her feelings by telling her that her periods would probably become more regular if she lost weight so her BMI wasn't over 30. >>1918519
Socials: https://www.tiktok.com/@heysharownmaxwell

Come get your daily helping of headbangers and mash, nonnies.

No. 1933259

File: 1700874474578.png (1.91 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_7188.png)

it looks like laura shooped her head on kek

No. 1933261

She probably didn't do this on purpose because she's not that clever, but I love that the beige sweater/door males it seem like she might have lost weight in the thumbnail because you can't really see the edge of her torso and hen you view it full size and see exactly how far out the sweater goes

No. 1933268

thanks anon but you were way overly generous about daylia's showering habits. she admits she goes months on end without showering, she's def not showering twice a month.

No. 1933280

From prev thread
This mark on Laura's hand is almost certainly a burn from the way it's healing. I'm guessing self harm - or she wants her followers to think so - because she'd have mentioned an accident and she's "accidentally" showing it off in a post supposedly about coffee.

No. 1933403

File: 1700907261510.jpg (363.25 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_2023-11-25-11-14-20…)

Oh wow Enara, what a revelation!

No. 1933407

Top write up on the new thread nonna! Well covered

No. 1933408

What’s the bet she’s fucking with the wounds to make them bleed to get more blood products? What a waste or literally everything. Funny how she never manages to die from such supposedly close to lethal attempts so many times over? Is she right place right time, stupid, or pre-activating services for attention?

No. 1933412

Wasting such scarce resources is a new low for her in my opinion.

No. 1933445

with the frequency and intensity of her “attempts” and self harm ramping up i wouldnt be surprised if her goal is to be the new kelly

No. 1933461

I totally buy this, she’s deliberately bloodletting to fuck with her fbc results, Kelly style. blog and medfag but they are extremely hesitant to give blood products even when your total blood volume is depleted if you have healthy bone marrow, which is why I think it’s likely that she’s fucking with her results over time to make it look like her blood is not being replenished normally

No. 1933469

kek I immediately thought of Kelly too

No. 1933473

Kelly wasted a fuck ton of resources, but she is also genuinely sick in the head imo. Like clinically insane. Maybe I'm soft but what she did to herself is so beyond fucked up that I can have some compassion for her. Enara though? She knows exactly what she's doing and how far she can take things to get that sweet hospital stay while avoiding the really unpleasant consequences. The way she describes everything that happened medically after an alleged crisis is disgusting. It's a behavioral issue with her.

No. 1933474

If you’re vying for a life locked in a mental hospital, wouldn’t it be better to just bite the bullet and off yourself once and for all? Why would anyone want to live institutionalized.

No. 1933478

for that sweet sweet attention and validation nona! Remember this is the one who self harmed in hospital specifically because the nurses wouldnt validate her fast enough

No. 1933480

Did I miss something? Where did all these cows come from?

No. 1933481

She clearly isn't safe even at a hospital, they really ought to put her to an even safer place, perhaps a padded cell. I can guarantee she'd be better and accident free in no time.

No. 1933485

She is trying to be Kelly. But like another anon, I do feel some compassion for Kelly and think she’s genuinely so far gone and really, really fucked in the head. Enara is high functioning if she wants to be: she attends courses all over the world and is apparently studying and getting more certifications as we speak. Her ‘revelation’ about feeling more safe in the hospital than at home is laughable: no shit Sherlock?! Her treatment providers really dropped the ball with giving her all that she desires with all these extra admissions: it’s clearly made her worse.

No. 1933486

So many of these units, hospitals etc seem so cushy: allowing phones etc and ‘seclusion’ is not real seclusion. Put them in a real psych ward and they would actually smarten up.

No. 1933487

File: 1700921657642.jpeg (159.84 KB, 749x1087, 47C58ECA-1510-46D3-A5F9-5A2BAC…)

Why does she keep doing this Captain Morgan pose? It’s making me laugh so much: looks like she’s expecting to be knighted.

No. 1933490

File: 1700921737846.jpeg (144.26 KB, 749x1066, ECB93A22-97A3-48FE-9A98-376ED2…)

Also ‘the difference 4 months makes? Bitch is posting the flaky lipped crying pics at least once a week, not 4 months ago!

No. 1933492

Does anyone even have milk on any of these new cows? And why is LAS still on here? I thought the farmer who was posting her abdicated ? Kek.

No. 1933493

File: 1700922337218.jpeg (263.4 KB, 749x1190, 2BA0A92E-00FF-470C-8D7C-FA7F28…)

Abby being a basic Abby

No. 1933494

File: 1700922373411.jpeg (141.62 KB, 750x1046, 4AD93BE9-ECB2-4F2D-A570-E38617…)

Poor wee thing.

No. 1933495

File: 1700922432909.jpeg (152.36 KB, 750x1048, 668BD097-156D-4A7B-AC9A-ECCA06…)

Has literally no shame about going out with the head bandage like fucking Humpty Dumpty.

No. 1933506

Nonnie, ‘Captain Morgan pose’ absolutely sent me for no reason whatsoever. Was having a shitty afternoon but that properly cheered me up kek thank you

No. 1933509

lmao that was me, and i know right, there has not been a single new post about her since i stopped following her and posting her here, because she was completely flipping out over lolcow and it was just way too much. my bad, it did seem like there were other people interested in her here, but i guess not really.

No. 1933512

Some farmers in the last thread posted descriptions of cows I'm not familiar with and I copied them in if there were screenshots/socials posted or if other farmers also expressed interest in them. If there's no milk from some of these this thread the next OP can remove them (including lostallsanity).

No. 1933515

And it's not that hard to take all these pictures where she looks drastically different in just a couple of days. If she's prone to dry lips, not moisturizing them for a day or two. Scratching up her face a bit, making a dull, sad expression, and picking unflattering lighting. Transformation done.

No. 1933551

Is Enara still doing this in hospital? I thought she was still in hospital from that last “attempt” that required 150+ staples and stitches. Surely the hospital will catch on soon about the blood results being dodgy

No. 1933560

File: 1700933502393.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x2012, IMG_8854.jpeg)

Oh Laura, you make it so easy

No. 1933587

Who's that, the new
>bestest friend ?

No. 1933588

not gonna lie but i actually think this is a really honest post which a lot of people can relate to, and she's right that people don't share about those kind of behaviors as much due to shame

No. 1933590

Glad to be of service! I think the leg warmers looking like boots helps with the whole imagery. If someone would edit her onto a bottle I think it would work pretty well.

No. 1933592

How does she even squeeze those monstrous calves into boots? Kek the leg warmer looks like it’s from the thigh of plus size sweatpants

No. 1933594

Kek at Humpty Dumpty

No. 1933598

Purging - you’re doing it wrong. She’s certainly got the binge part down it would seem.

No. 1933606

File: 1700941119797.jpeg (394.59 KB, 750x1104, 30378376-C83A-4692-BCA4-F1B832…)

I might be reaching here but………..Is it a coincidence that Mary (@daydreamingbird456) was mentioned in the ana thread (although not talked about now as doing well and seemingly graduated), her 2nd most recent post is about ‘opening up’ about b/p and the shame, stigma etc and being 1 year b/p free………She gets almost 300 likes and 58 comments……..A day after her name is mentioned here, Laura makes her own ‘b/p opening up’ post…………?

No. 1933609

File: 1700941238912.jpeg (235.91 KB, 750x1003, EE15FE12-4C0D-4257-9043-9B583A…)

Mary’s post was very long but you get the idea. Coincidence that Laura decided to bandwagon?! I swear nothing she does is her own idea and everything is just copying someone else.

No. 1933611

File: 1700941437084.jpeg (66.84 KB, 749x703, 25FC247F-B73C-42C6-B0E9-12449B…)

No. 1933612

I don’t think Hayley is active on TikTok anymore. Her account ‘iknowyouarewatching888’ got banned and she made a new account called ‘itsoktonotbeok888’ but I think that’s gone too or I’m just blocked lol

No. 1933618

Missed some of the Therapists' stalker (And BPDfag stalker) Laura's public socials:

No. 1933655

File: 1700946987946.png (641.78 KB, 426x692, Screen Shot 2023-11-25 at 3.17…)

Enara is bored of her recent crisis, I guess

No. 1933666

Waiting for the "nurses wouldn't help me put my hair tinsel in, want to self harm now" post.

No. 1933668

Sameanon - also is she actually retarded? You literally just tie it into small sections of hair. That's it.

No. 1933726

oh god please tell me she brought this to the hospital with her lmfao

No. 1933727

> Enara: almost died due to neglect by horrible, invalidating nurses - feeling cute, teehee, might tinsel my hair later

No. 1933729

I've only seen it (and yea I had it, it was awesome) with metal bits you twist around the base of a few strands of hair. Guess she'd probably eat that though, I'm surprised she's allowed this and hasn't decided to eat it tbh. Her 'team' or whatever are really just making the weirdest decisions and Aussie hospitals seem so lax it's untrue. Looks like you can just walk in and ask for whatever and you'll get it: 'I want to live here 5 days a week at least until halfway through next year' 'Sure, no problem!' 'Actually no I want more.' 'Well……That's a bit much' cuts neck 'OK you can have more. Just keep doing that.'

No. 1933738

>Guess she'd probably eat that though
Nona, you made me choke on my beer.

No. 1933799

I hate to say anything complimentary about her but she's not stupid. If she wanted to die proper she'd know how to and she'd have done it already.

No. 1933813

How's she managing to binge and purge when she has workers around her constantly? Do they do that shit of a job at looking after her?

No. 1933830

File: 1700990076195.jpg (246.41 KB, 1201x541, LAEB_oof.jpg)

This had to sting, hence Colours went on a spree of oversharing documents that show she currently has crisis support and that IP doesn't work for her so she isn't being offered DBT IP/IP Treatment.

No. 1933832

is one of her accounts public again?

No. 1933920

File: 1701014467950.jpg (209.94 KB, 1070x392, CloggingUpNHSReferrals.jpg)

Ah didn't realize she made the two shared up thread private. She's been whining a lot about issues, some of them are caused directly by her asking her GP to refer her back to services, they made an appointment not realizing it was her and then had to contact and say "Sorry we tried before, nothing more we can do".
And having to bend over backwards writing back to her every time she stomped her feet anything in a letter was written incorrectly (correcting minor pedantic crap like she had DBT IP and it didn't work, not DBT and IP, because in her head simply sticking her in IP and drugging her up like her namesake twin will surely cure her). I really don't get the jealousy.

No. 1934022

I think that's the worst thing about her. She knows how to make herself seriously injured/in danger, but also when to stop and can do it as many times as she likes using valuable resources each time. Meanwhile the one resource she begged for (the 'mental health dog') sits at home bored.

No. 1934030

I don't think you're reading it right. It's people sending out random appointments out of nowhere, over and over and then cancelling them days later, over and over.

No. 1934033

Pure nhs incompetence and negligence at its finest. kicking people out but still randomly making and then cancelling appointments over and over, for no discernable reason.

No. 1934036

>We have received your referral
>We reviewed your GP referral and convened that interventions and-previously explored with you without success.
This one wasn't sent needlessly, it's just her GP referred her back and obviously they turned her down.
Not really. They kicked you out for a very good reason. If they can't help you, they can't help you.

No. 1934046

You literally have no idea. Why pretend you know shit when you don’t? And why defend the nhs and cmht when you don’t know what they’ve done and all the insane incidences of incompetence and negligence? You just literally don’t know.

No. 1934048

ok we get it they didnt give you enough asspats and validation, would you like a cookie?

No. 1934051

This is so fuckin funny. Why are you arguing about reasonings behind a letter so hard??? You don’t get treatment because of your own actions

No. 1934058

KEK, what can they possibly offer you? You’re more of a risk to others than you are yourself; of course they don’t want to risk being intimidated, harassed, stalked and terrorised - like you did to your old therapist - by someone who doesn’t use the resources that ARE on offer. Go private if you’re so fucking desperate cause you ain’t ever getting shit from the NHS.

No. 1934087

File: 1701037570916.png (3.85 MB, 750x1334, 0D5289EA-8FB5-4761-8822-C96FA9…)

No. 1934089

File: 1701037672023.png (2.77 MB, 750x1334, 4334576D-BBA6-43DC-ABF4-2ACCE1…)

No. 1934257

I'd not be trusting her alone if she was my daughter

No. 1934295

File: 1701089235281.jpeg (151.25 KB, 749x1093, 32FC4ED8-5D6E-4E43-B7EF-16CD86…)

Why is Laura selling the sweater vest she literally bought last week?! (The post is deleted but she was raving about it last Tuesday).

No. 1934296

File: 1701089314017.png (3.51 MB, 750x1334, 5755B2B7-F74F-42D9-859B-E8F3C3…)

No. 1934306

I wonder if compulsive shopping is a part of her bpd/hpd?

No. 1934354

must be fucking nice buying new clothes and useless bullshit, going out everyday going from shop to shop throwing money around, when you haven't done shit to earn that money and don't have a care in the world to plan ahead for your normal life responsibilities and future. smfh

No. 1934367

I thought that too! Petsonally, I think she's become very insecure recently and buying clothes is her way of easy dopamine but ends up hating how she looks in everything so sells it soon after buying it. No judgement from me though I went through the same thing few years back.

No. 1934386

>don't have a care in the world to plan ahead for your normal life responsibilities and future
i always think this considering laura, she is what, 27 or 28? and she is still behaving like a 15 year old. all she does is go shopping, drink starbucks/pret coffee and watch dance moms in bed. she doesn't even participate in any hobbies to build personal skills (rip the dance obsession i guess)

No. 1934392

lmao omg right, she had to subject her followers to all her grotesque dancing, crotch flashing videos while she was locked up, and now she's out and it's boo hoo i'm nervous that dancing will lead to more bad behaviors. fuck off laura with your pathetic excuses.

No. 1934561

Oh but she doesn’t have any PDs Nonnie, she has PTSD, or is it CPTSD?

No. 1934574

I wonder what happened about the ‘back to work’ thing?
And she is apparently obsessed with dance and misses it so much she posts dance pictures every day, but every time she’s in supported living she’s offered the chance to go and she never does. Obviously doesn’t love it that much then or she’d be jumping (or leg lifting) at the chance to do what was supposedly her whole life. But she’s not doing it. Obviously she’d be not as fit or whatever as when she was doing it before and her body is different but if you really love something that much then going back is what you want, even though you know you’ll have to build up to your best again, it’s really doing it that counts if it brings you joy, surely?
And what does the UK actually do with these people while they’re locked up for years and years? It seems they don’t give them any therapy or treatment at all as Laura is apparently only now getting therapy for the first time….. (What?!) So what is the point of these units that they just put people to sit in for years at a time if they don’t do any actual treatment? Acute psych fair enough: they stabilise you and it’s a few weeks or months but when someone is in some unit for years …….I thought they would be doing something during that time to supposedly get the person better and prepared to live a life outside? Am I missing something?

No. 1934588

sage for non milk but she's now adding that the clothes are "too big" when she posts them to sell. I think she was trying to angle that she's losing weight but kek, no one is thinking that especially when the stuff was bought last week. laura, since you both read here and have the money, try and save up for things that are nice quality and can be altered. you'll look and feel better, ffs.

No. 1934757

From my understanding, NHS psych wards just have you sitting around doing shit all, you're just there so they can keep an eye on you.

No. 1934796

Well lucky for you, the DWP are looking for both you and her to be integrated into society and shoved in to work. Granted they probably won't for her if she's in hospital. I hope you can contain your urges to threaten people though with acting out, if not, at least record it kek and show how hard done by you are by your own actions. But no, mojrity of the time IP, the thing you're so hung up on, isn't therapy or treatment. There's no funding for stuff like that. Most of the time it's just to stabilise someone until they can be let out again.

No. 1934951

sage for non milk /blog but from personal experience any intense 1-1 therapy is done on children’s tier 4 wards. There’s a very intensive schedule, a lot of individual/group therapy and OT output. Once you hit 18 however the wards work in a completely different way and are pretty much just there to keep you as sedated and as medicated as possible so you can be shoved back into the community ASAP. I guess this makes sense because if the intervention is done with unwell teens then there’s less of a risk of them ending up in the adult system however people i’ve known who have ended up in adult inpatient services from CAMHS tier 4 end up getting a ‘culture shock’ because they’re not coddled anymore, the babying stops and they’re placed in a very hostile very bleak environment. Makes me wonder why so many cows seek these places out (attention, obv) when the NHS intentionally makes them as grim as possible so it’s harder to get institutionalised.

No. 1935028

What the hell are you on, psycho power tripper? What are you talking about?!

No. 1935029

So if people are to be shoved out as soon as possible how do so many end up in these places for years and years? At least they all get fat KEK.

No. 1935035

File: 1701216473585.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, AA4C392D-5232-4D8A-94D7-E19D56…)

So Enara bought about 5 million books: a massive box of them. All about mental illness.

No. 1935036

File: 1701216577789.png (2.94 MB, 750x1334, D61A5D9E-73D8-4D75-82EA-DABA95…)

I didn’t have the sound on and now the stories are gone but it was a LOT of mental illness books.

No. 1935039

File: 1701216911856.jpeg (361.18 KB, 749x1178, 6B1D6CB5-24AD-4CF3-8B84-87FDA9…)

Han as usual had the most traumatic month ever. For reasons unknown as usual.

No. 1935040

File: 1701216949915.jpeg (178.44 KB, 749x1040, 685F3287-D3D9-45CD-87E1-B69905…)

No. 1935059

Adults still get institutionalised, just to a lesser degree ig, I also tinfoil that if you’re in the system as a kid / teen then you’re more likely to end up a revolving door patient as an adult. Seems unlikely to me that without the cushy CAMHS ward experience combined with social media it’s unlikely someone will just turn out like this. You’re right though kek it makes it even worse to imagine what being locked in these places for years willingly is like. The CAMHS wards have animals, vegtable gardens, schools, gyms ect. The adult wards on the other hand are a lot more sterile and unorganised. The majority of people in there are on huge doses of antipsychotics and the only sense of routine they get is from leaving the ward to smoke. Bleak af

No. 1935062

That makes a lot of sense actually. You have to get in as a kid and then they’ll have a sense of responsibility. These days anyway, now they seem to take adolescent mental health and eds more seriously. Back in the day you could cry and lie and hide and get out of admissions, or with the bare minimum: if you fought against help even as a young kid you often ‘won’: they wouldn’t bother forcing you too hard and just leave you to your parents. Shocking really. How many people now could be living very different lives if they actually had the right help 20,30 etc years ago?

No. 1935151

I think this anon assumes you’re colours, dont worry about it nonna

No. 1935159

Actually, it is colours, pay closer attention to the typing style and you'll get it. I'm assuming part is due to her typing on an iPod kek, and part due to seething during the twilight hours.

No. 1935161

it's amazing that you read "you psycho power tripper? What are you talking about?!" and didn't immediately peg it as colours. Her diction is extremely distinctive.

No. 1935162

She has to learn new tricks once the old ones dont work anymore

No. 1935203

In what way? Why would an iPod make someone type differently?

No. 1935216

If you have to ask, you'll never know. I see you're awake now posting on the other thread too posting Hans nipples. Classy.

No. 1935228

is it just one schizo anon who thinks everyone is colors or what?

No. 1935234

There's multiple anons here that know when it's colours posting, she can't integrate like a normal person and I don't particularly want to give her tips on how to make herself stand out less. It's funnier this way.

No. 1935367

They accuse basically every other post for some reason. Not sure who is caring so much or why it entertains them because at the end of the day they don’t know and as much hate as they spew, in the next comment they’re having a conversation and not even knowing they’re talking to the person they’re posting so much hate about. Just throw shit at everything and some of if it sticks I suppose. But the number of times they’ve also had normal conversations or appreciated something that was said and not known who they’re talking to is also pretty funny.

No. 1935371

Yea not using an iPod.

No. 1935410

You figured out what an imageboard is, well done

No. 1935411

we don't always point out colours because then this thread would literally just be "please stop, colours". She's cancer.

No. 1935421

Why is she posting any different from anyone else posting?

No. 1935426

Why? You post hate, she posts hate, everyone on here posts hate. What’s the difference? You can’t call someone ‘cancer’ for doing the exact same thing that you are doing, that’s just hypocritical.

No. 1935434

jesus christ shut the fuck up colours

No. 1935435

make your account public again so we can catch up on how many nhs employees you've terrorized recently

No. 1935449

So why are you allowed to hate on people but when I do it (and have actual reasons, instead of just hating everyone for no reason) I’m ‘cancer’?
You are all hypocritical, pathetic idiots hiding behind your screens and you actually know nothing. Everything you think you know about me is stuff that you have made up. I don’t know why you spend so much time thinking about me and making up this whole imaginary life for me in your heads to be honest. It’s pretty weird.

No. 1935455

You aren’t interested in seeing the truth, you prefer all these lies you’ve made up for some reason. But I’ve never ‘terrorised’ anybody in the nhs; they have been abusive and negligent to me for years. Why would I let you get enjoyment and entertainment from my suffering? I don’t think so.

No. 1935458

if we're so horrible, why don't you fuck off?

No. 1935462

If you hate talking about me so much, why don’t you stop talking about me?

No. 1935464

Because you're always fucking here

No. 1935466

Then so must you be, to know that. Except in truth, most of the time you don’t know who’s me and who’s not. Anyway, right now you are a giant waste of my time and I have something to do.

No. 1935469

> something to do
> [colours prepares for another strenuous day of threatening to cut her face on camera in group therapy and screeching at the nhs about how she needs Laura's vacated IP bed]

No. 1935472

Nta and not sure what this infight is about but Colors you're never going to reason with nonnies here, they hate you because you're a cow. And the majority of users here are hypocritical assholes who just want to infight, just look at the state of /ot/ kek. I get why you hangout here cause it's fun and nice talking with some likeminded users who aren't assholes but trying to reason with the ones that hate you and just like to argue is not going to get anywhere and it's really not worth your time. I should know I've been here 7 years, if a user is unnecessarily spergy, projecting things onto your post, or adding random things into the argument then there's no point in engaging. Who cares what the lot of us think anyway, there's a reason we're here arguing with random anons and not on some other platform talking with friends kek, I hate to say it but the majority of us are socially retarded outcasts or bpd nutcases. Just look at almost every user that's been outed as a farmer, they're not people you should value the opinion of so who cares what they say.

No. 1935474

let's be real, people just like antagonizing colours because she freaks out every time

No. 1935478

Yeah that too

No. 1935494

anon i cackled, i still remember when she posted a video of her shrieking at an NHS worker with the caption “spread this like fire” or some shit

No. 1935515

Did anyone post that to her thread? I want to see it

No. 1935653

Thank-you for this, even though you called me a cow kek. If I’m a cow I’m a very dried up one. But what you said makes sense and I appreciate it.

No. 1935675

Kek sorry I didn't mean it as an insult, everyone has cowish tendencies and I'm a fan of a lot of cows on lc so I'm sort of desensitized to the term. But I'm glad what I said resonates with you and I always remind myself of that too when I find myself getting bitched at on here and trying to defend myself.

No. 1935706

Oh no that didn’t really upset me. This place has at least made me a bit thicker skinned, and I’ve been discussed and had my very own thread (wow lucky me) so definitively I am, or have been, a cow. I know people like messing with me because they know I hate lies being told and I’ll fight back, although now I know it’s pointless, sometimes I can’t help it.
Now I’m really derailing and blogging and whatever and people will yell but, rightly or wrongly, (well ok: it’s wrong, it’s not nice) this place has a lot less milk when I’m not farming it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1935707

Maybe I’ll just go lurk and leave everyone to it. Stop me wasting my time anyway.

No. 1935725

I know what you mean, I've been trying to quit this site for a while. It's mean but it's fun to post about cows, my usual hangout is the scumbags thread and ot, but ot is less fun lately because almost every post sets some anon off on an infight attempt. For what it's worth I've recognized your posts before and I agree with a lot of what you say, and you've made a lot of funny responses that I've noticed people don't have a rebuttal for because they just resort to telling you to shut up kek.
>Now I’m really derailing and blogging and whatever and people will yell
Same but at this point idc, I've gotten so many bans for dumb shit like that I have an entire folder filled with screenshots of all my ban notices kek. But anyway it's been nice talking to you again, I really relate to you and what you're going through so I hope you're doing okay and I'm rooting for both us to find some semblance of peace and happiness, whatever that might look like for us(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1935746

Thanks Anon! Yea apparently people think I’m really funny when they don’t know it’s me; the amount of times people have laughed at my jokes makes it all the more ironic how much they hate on me. But at the end of the day it’s still nasty to post about people here (even when they’ve posted themselves and want it).
I’ve had a lot of bans that weren’t even me and were from like 3 years ago on another thread I’ve never been on. Also had bans for non-reasons but oh well.
I hope we both find what we need too. Most of my hate is about the unfairness of everything here and what some get vs others. I know, life’s not fair etc but yea it really isn’t!

No. 1935762

It's not really off topic when the "anon" you're replying to is clearly histrionic/bpd and literally has her own thread.
What's the difference? Look in her thread. She directly posts(posted) on her public story her responses to lolcow and the arrogance is astonishing, as if begging and whinging constantly about how much you "need" that bedspace is any less milky than LLL being detained in one. That's the difference. We sure all cows to some degree on here but you don't see the majority of us directly referencing LC publicly

No. 1935784

I didn't say it's off topic or that colours isn't milky and I also didn't mention Laura or ask "What's the difference?" I don't even know what difference you are talking about. Also I'm aware who I was talking too and her history on lc, I really don't care though tbh none of this stuff is that pressing for people to clutch their pearls over. I sympathize with her and I find her chaotically charming, sue me.

No. 1935797

Ayrt it wasn't just you, but the whole conversation. Yours was just the most recent contribution and agreeing with colours that it's a derail (disrupt discussion, not on topic. Off topic, you could say)

No. 1935806

>Ayrt it wasn't just you, but the whole conversation.
So tag them? I wasn't part of the whole conversation so I'm not going to answer for other anons. But I agree with both posts you tagged below I don't see why colours posting here is any different than other anons posting here, she's fairly integrated too so if people didn't "hi cow" her it wouldn't make much of a difference. I feel the same way about Romanianon posting in ot

No. 1935813

colours is NOT fairly integrated. all her posts are beyond obvious, she's absolutely delusional for thinking the people who recognize her posts don't recognize ALL her posts.

No. 1935814

Disagree, when she's just discussing cows and posting milk there would be no way to tell it's her. Anons are always guessing wrong anyway cause I've been accused of being colors like 4 times and I've seen other nonnies get accused of being her too

No. 1935820

Please don't give selfposting cows attention or they'll never stop evading their bans.

No. 1935933

I don't post myself. I don't WANT to be posted. And your bans expire anyway.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1935935

Yes that's ridiculous. Does nobody have anything to talk about apart from this?

No. 1935963

are you posting now from a different device?

No. 1935964

VPN until I can figure if I'm getting my ban lifted inb4 "ban evasion" I'll just use another VPN location until someone lifts my retarded permaban, fuck you mods(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1936034

You're heavily whiteknighting cows, admitting to being a "fan" of many, and admitted to being one yourself who is frequently challenged in this thread. It's better to stay gone. Re-read the rules, especially pertaining anonymity. Don't ban evade again.

No. 1936092

File: 1701431883913.jpeg (2.18 MB, 1125x2002, IMG_8161.jpeg)

Somethings going on over at Becca’s
No idea who would post on her account but the wording seems too grammatically correct for Becca

No. 1936109

Ahh, another one that seems to go full blown self-destructive crisis incident when the ‘D’ word has been previously mentioned and seems an increasing likelihood. Pushing that discharge date back in true cow fashion.

No. 1936117

I hope she doesn't miss her tubeaversary.

No. 1936151

honestly that sounds exactly like Becca to me

No. 1936240

This isn't about her/her pretending it's about her. She posted the other day asking if anyone had heard from another becca (and tagged her account) because she "hadn't heard from her in over an hour and she's really worried about her". I didn't screen cap because it's not milk or relevant but now I wish I did because this isn't the same level of cringe as it seems without context kek

No. 1936250

I wk'd one cow, once, over the course of like 5 posts. I didn't say I was a cow and I said everyone has cowish tendencies and where did I say I'm a cow who's "challenged itt?" I said I get annoyed with infihgting nonnies who reply to almost every post with an infight attempt, I specifically said I never post here and my usual hangout is ot and the scumbags thread. I never wk other cows and you can see that from my post history, liking cows while not wking them or interacting at all isn't allowed now? Sorry for the other ban evasion but you're post is straight up bullshit, I'm going to defend myself when you clearly can't read and make up some narrative that I'm a cow here who defends every other cow. You can see that is not true in my post history(ban evading retard)

No. 1936612

did I really have to scroll through 3 days worth of anon wking colours that was a terrible read

No. 1937235

File: 1701617187435.jpg (564.38 KB, 1080x1922, Screenshot_2023-12-03-16-26-39…)

Enara is done.

No. 1937249

Finally, some (skimmed) milk!
She’s “done” approximately 366 days of the year. Maybe if she heaved herself off her gigantic ass and got a job/hobby she wouldn’t feel so invawidated uwu. For once gain some positive attention by making decent choices. But nah, she won’t because Cluster Bs fucking LOVE being miserable. I just wish they didn’t try to inflict it on the rest of the world around them (she’s probably yelled at 15 nurses already today)

No. 1937274

Being forgotten or dismissed? I’m sorry?? How much fucking coddling does she need? She’s in hospital every week and gets inpatient for a few days every week. She’s also getting a two week admission to start on an antipsychotic. What else does she need? How can she say she’s been dismissed or forgotten?

No. 1937347

She’s the only one causing all those things intentionally to herself.

No. 1937425

File: 1701637850073.png (524.95 KB, 1079x1219, Screenshot_20231203-205401.png)

>Reluctant to post
Except she posts selfies everyday
Also "that's the reality of having an eating disorder I guess" KEK

No. 1937439

This lump probably IS “physically struggling” though…..with (pre)diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver, take your pick basically. Which is ironically more than she ever did as a mildly underweight supposed ‘anorexic’. Well done Laura, only took you gaining to the size of a small planet to be finally physically **~vALiD~** in your ~ED~

No. 1937766

File: 1701697145110.jpg (601.4 KB, 1080x2103, Screenshot_2023-12-04-14-38-09…)

Enara can't cope with having to wait for attention without attention.

No. 1937768

I'm sure as a nurse and a mentally ill person she has been taught multiple ways to alleviate anxiety and redirect her thoughts from sh, why not attempt some of those? Oh right, it could actually help her.

No. 1937770

That reminds me, what happened to the ER trips with the sole purpose of getting a single lorazepam?

No. 1937771

Sounds like someones addicted..

No. 1937778

File: 1701699937071.png (61.38 KB, 487x636, Amboshortage.PNG)

With the ambulance shortages, reading her gloating about ambulances turning up on a daily basis and having her on speed dial is pretty sickening. But hey she's well enough to be doing all these races. If she's that medically stable from whatever she is supposedly doing to herself why can't she just ring a taxi to fare her around?

No. 1937850

File: 1701711107478.jpg (114.11 KB, 1080x1885, Screenshot_2023-12-04-18-31-20…)

Her hospital presentations increased? What the fuck is her weekly average?

No. 1937907

what is DH?

No. 1937923

File: 1701719011604.jpeg (358.84 KB, 1170x1989, IMG_9637.jpeg)

When you weren’t pretty in the first place.
But yeah, fish for some more compliments Laura. Shame the 10 filters you’ve used don’t stop you looking like a stroke victim who was already capital R Retarded

No. 1937938

Maybe a reach, but why is she trying to make herself look so babyish and childlike

No. 1937954

We're all aging, though not all gracefully - some apply filters upon filters, some squeeze into kids swimsuits kek and post to social media.

No. 1938082

Ok but seriously how can Enara have so many qualifications and literally be a published author in mental health yet have so little self awareness and even less self control? How much attention and validation does one human possibly need at this point?

No. 1938083

she has no desire to control herself and almost all of her publications are about her own "lived experience", not quantitative research that she did. She literally just uses her study to help herself manipulate systems to get what she wants.

No. 1938098

woah wait a minute, what's the tea with her being rejected from a bunch of clubs?! omg that is so awkward wtf

No. 1938117

am i missing something here? if her hospital presentations increased, that would be a bad thing. wtf is she talking about, i'm totally lost

No. 1938118

she's trying to argue that because she went to the hospital more the week that they didn't admit her, clearly she needs a weekly admission

No. 1938143

damn, did her running group kick her out for being batshit insane? one day she’ll go public again and i’ll get to do a deep dive

No. 1938147

File: 1701749185111.png (1018.59 KB, 547x740, Screen Shot 2023-12-04 at 10.0…)

She looks like she's adjusting her diaper, kek.

No. 1938148

File: 1701749227596.png (581.68 KB, 590x744, Screen Shot 2023-12-04 at 10.0…)

Anyone know who Anoushka is? A therapist?

No. 1938149

File: 1701749299801.png (219.32 KB, 596x742, Screen Shot 2023-12-04 at 10.0…)

Did she get accused of doing something to a kid or is this a weird metaphor?

No. 1938184

lmfao okay thanks nona, but omg that's so embarrassing that she thinks that way, how the fuck is she is so shameless

No. 1938203

Kim there's people that are actually dying

No. 1938215

She was from memory a lead person of the Kent County Athletic Association, she wrote a letter to Laura earlier on in the year stopping her from running with them due to risks/behaviours. I'd have to go back and look through to see if i can find it.

No. 1938233

>Denied basic human rights.
Good grief please, which basic human rights are you being denied?
>Everyone thinks i'm a pedophile
I'm wondering what on earth she did and if full details would be leaked anywhere. I'm assuming it's either to do with CAHMS, or the running club, (she doesn't seem like the sort who'd be messaging minors, but who knows) because she is actually a risk to children with her outbursts especially kids mental health if they're around her. Parents wouldn't want their kids around someone who is openly slashing herself, carving names into her arm. especially with the whole Blue Whale challenge (and similar) outrage that went on. Or was her or her dad recording/taking pictures of the kiddos during their runs? Given she's not been booted from the RA FB group on her new facebook profile i assume it's not that bad, shudder to think about though.

No. 1938260

I don't know if you guys know about Laura's TikTok, it's laurabanks24 and she posts a lot of her underweight pictures there lol(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 1938263

File: 1701774608264.png (6.31 KB, 343x131, AJNHS.PNG)

Sorry to samefag but it seems as though she also works for the NHS, so her paranoia would probably be sky-high about her and her partner in general. Can imagine the "they're all contributing to the NHS doing XYZ against me (when it's my fault). They're all evul!"

No. 1938300

we know about it and she was never underweight, nice try

No. 1938306

File: 1701784505376.png (3.6 MB, 1138x2988, whyonearth.png)

Given namesake twin says her dad takes pictures & videos for her - is he taking these for her?

She has been slender/underweight, but not emaciated from pictures she's shared, there's nothing glaringly new added recently though on there. Guessing the poster was a newfag.

No. 1938362

File: 1701794282482.jpg (583.23 KB, 1028x1733, Breakthrough_WillSheChange.jpg)

LauraB#2 has been reminiscing about her IP stay in Canada, how she misses it, and saying how treatment/DBT failed. I don't get why she's obsessed with getting back into an IP setting when the treatment they will use is DBT (if anything) outside of validation and drug seeking behaviour. Given she believes in horoscopes though, does bottom rel. mean she's going to force herself to have a 'breakthrough' and stop being obsessed with cows & the nhs and move on with life? Probably not, but we have to ~believe~.

No. 1938588

Well, yeah no shit,when you spend half the week in a planned admission, you have less days left to present those weeks. That math ain’t mathin.

No. 1938590

They should literally just let her rent a room in the hospital. she could wander around taking selfies with medical devices and the taxpayers could save money.

No. 1938591

Kek there was an old woman who lived in a hospital…would make a great children’s book

No. 1938794

I think it’s a typo - S and D are next to each other on the keyboard so she meant self harm?

No. 1939711

File: 1702010484004.png (513.98 KB, 1239x585, Screen Shot 2023-12-07 at 10.4…)

What the actual fuck

No. 1939912

Jesus christ it's 9am and I'm reading that mosaics into feet with a free foot picture to confirm
What's with the rainbows as well

No. 1940341

Actually nauseating

No. 1941615

File: 1702335307102.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1860, Screenshot_20231211-225434.png)

>I definitely deserve to eat a meal after that
Kek who is she fooling

No. 1941775

Hoping to see dance videos soon but won't be holding my breath

No. 1941792

the "five years ago" is glaring kek

No. 1941820

she doesn't even look underweight here, she just looks like she's sucking in her stomach kek

No. 1941848

File: 1702376935355.jpeg (1.4 MB, 2713x3256, 3C8254FD-59D7-40EC-B37E-C96857…)

“definitely deserve to eat a meal” lmao ok

All she ever posts is throwbacks, none of which she actually appears to be underweight in (maybe borderline in a few). It’s just embarrassing at this point

No. 1941876

Ngl I absolutely creased at the elephant storybook screenshots. Thank you for cheering me up on this miserable winter morning nonnie!

No. 1941910

Not having followed her for very long, it's wild seeing her with actual facial expressions. She could be a poster child for antipsychiatry lol

No. 1942050

File: 1702415141294.jpeg (670.47 KB, 828x1416, 5E273605-C813-4629-A596-F288F6…)

the four coffees with whipped cream a day must be really nourishing, they’re vegan duh. I also noticed that Laura used to at least get a few comments on her pictures, she really doesn’t get anything anymore. It’s like 40 likes and complete silence, even her followers are sick of the piggy ballet, and the post and delete.

No. 1942057

File: 1702416997576.jpeg (611.37 KB, 828x1237, 3D304286-690A-4063-A62C-D5FF96…)

It’s not rly milk but nonnas were asking how she affords new clothes every few days…it’s all shein of course! gross

No. 1942061

Why is her left calf on the right pic vanishing into the wardrobe? Is it a shoop fail?

No. 1942126

what is the beaded white circle hanging from her phone?

No. 1942132

Bracelet made during IP as a makeshift phone charm?

No. 1942282


Check out the perfectly straight line formed by the front of her sweater, parallel with the closet door. It's a cute pose but I would love to see the unaltered version, easiest game of find the difference ever(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1942288

>>1942282 kek I didn't even notice nonna, makes sense considering the filter on her face. skin smoother than her brain.

No. 1942346

Enara has been very quiet for a while, did she accidentally kill herself?

No. 1942347

File: 1702479264606.png (98.3 KB, 362x564, RepeatOffenderAtCanada.PNG)

It seems Colours wasn't only obsessed with people actually needing help in hospitals with the NHS, it spread historically to Canada too.

No. 1942430

File: 1702492120344.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1170x2004, IMG_8654.jpeg)

Stef is back to making herself sick for the hospital (after being in PHP??) and sucking in her cheeks! Looks like she’s not going to use her thousands of go fund me to pay for a place and actually work, such a surprise

No. 1942431

File: 1702492211619.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x1947, IMG_8650.jpeg)

Like tbh if someone really HAD to stay out of treatment and get a job they wouldn’t sabotage it before they even get a job . She is truly out of touch

No. 1942432

oh no, it's almost like the hospital is full of actual sick people

No. 1942721

So she starved and dehydrated herself to fuck up her labs and heart rate/BP and is now refusing to eat or drink so they have to admit her? What a surprise. She’s so predictable. What an annoying attention whore.

No. 1942724

her parents need to cut her off for real (I do not believe for one second that she's supporting herself with her no job)

No. 1943041

Damn did everyone disappear because its finals in school kek(non contribution)

No. 1943265

people just probably don't want to post much, because the mods are power tripping assholes banning people for literally no reason or for little dumbass reasons.

No. 1943268

oh, are you that >>1935964 mega butthurt anon? personally, I think it's slowed down a lot because enara hasn't been posting and she was one of the milkiest cows

No. 1943421

File: 1702653382026.jpg (883.91 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_2023-12-15-16-15-05…)

I might have just missed it but is no one here talking about this Katya girl? She's apparently attention seeking and getting hospitalized so much that she's getting shit for it even on TikTok

No. 1943439

No she hasn't been mentioned and I'm not sure why (I didn't think to post her either)
What a COW!
Travels to London to stage attempts because her local police division don't fall for her shit anymore. She gets detained, sectioned and then discharged every other week.
She's known for saying some of the most abhorrent things, one that comes to mind is an acquaintance of mines mum died from cancer and Katya said "I'd kill myself I had you for a daughter too" or something to that effect. The lassies mum didn't kill herself, or choose to die, she literally had cancer.

No. 1943442

File: 1702656848925.webm (543.85 KB, 576x1024, 1000008607.webm)

Pot. Kettle. Black.

No. 1943443

File: 1702656910958.jpg (504.08 KB, 1080x2316, 1000008608.jpg)

No. 1943453

File: 1702659134494.png (6.15 MB, 1170x2532, A30315E0-B564-4D32-A0CE-914C09…)

No. 1943484

Whats with her forehead?

No. 1943487

A typical, classic headbanger.

No. 1943601

is enara even alive? haven't seen her posted at all in the past few days

No. 1943647

This Katya stole a deceased preemies photos and claimed it was her son. She also bullied someone over her weight until the girl took her own life. She's awful(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1943667

Maybe she's somewhere they finally took her phone off her and she'll actually make some progress. Can but hope, although it's unlikely with her 'team' making the ridiculous decisions they have lately.

No. 1943675

Image board(reports)

No. 1943690

Just a hunch, but I'm guessing running clubs aren't keen on new members joining who turn up with fresh oozing obviously self-inflicted wounds on show.

No. 1943756

Don't use any field except "sage" in the email field and your reply in the comments box.
In all fairness, she's had hundreds of accounts and does a lot of her bullying on private shapchat accounts so you've got to rely on people making them public if you know what I mean? I'll have a sleuth and see what else I can bring to the board. Ntayrt but >>1943439 this anon

No. 1943792

File: 1702721351548.webm (1.42 MB, 576x1024, 1000008636.webm)

So I wasn't entirely correct in my recollection of this controversy but here's the proof

No. 1943860

She's listed in the OP and also you told us this story about lassie's mum dying from cancer in the last thread >>>/snow/1906353

No. 1943969

My bad, I need to lurkmoar clearly.
Delete&repost to add that I didn't know about the vape part. Wild woman.

No. 1944524

File: 1702870448316.jpeg (1.1 MB, 906x1863, IMG_8947.jpeg)

Guess she sent herself to the hospital with purging (and dehydration)

No. 1944526

those are weird ass marks but not really in the usual place for purging. you'd expect it to be more on the knuckles.

No. 1944604

These are 100% burns/friction marks, I don't know if she wants them to pass as Russell's signs but they clearly have nothing to do with purging

No. 1944627

File: 1702903679710.jpg (320.91 KB, 1080x2099, Screenshot_2023-12-18-13-48-06…)

Not sure who Enara is addressing this to, but looks like she's alive

No. 1944634

File: 1702905783577.png (309.88 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_5082.png)

Came here to post the same thing. Can’t forget the follow up though nonna

No. 1944655

my guess is that this is directed at the guy who raped her while she was in the military. I vaguely think that he was a friend before that?

No. 1944660

>most of all you made me feel loved and then you took that away.
So all this is because a boy dumped her when she was like 16ish?

No. 1944667

He raped her at gunpoint IIRC

No. 1944688

If it's about that then what a weird fucking post, jesus

No. 1944770

not to wk her but i feel like this is the first time she actually shares real emotion, not her usual attention-seeking malignering shit

No. 1944953

File: 1702967433984.png (160.44 KB, 705x655, Screen Shot 2023-12-19 at 12.3…)

guys, does anyone else think this sounds a lot like … Enara?

No. 1944954

File: 1702967456599.png (20.9 KB, 661x84, Screen Shot 2023-12-19 at 12.3…)

No. 1944963

OT kind of I guess but it should be illegal to talk about patients on social medias even if you couldn't identify them. This type of stuff from medical professionals makes me lose trust in them. And imagine being such a shit doctor or whatever that you have to ask reddit for help.

No. 1944964

god yes it does sound like her, but the age isn't right. and i don't think Enara's hospitalizations are ever involuntary.

No. 1944999

ayrt, yeah, the detail about fecal contamination also doesn't match. Just interesting that apparently she's not the only version of herself plaguing Australian psychiatrists

No. 1945008

There’s no way a psychiatrist wrote it. The language is too simple. It doesn’t sound like a professional at all. More like a bpd chan asking a question about themselves

No. 1945011

File: 1702978308805.png (40.07 KB, 679x153, Screen Shot 2023-12-19 at 3.31…)

seems quite possible, given that their post history includes asking about balancing meds for pots/ptsd (see pic), posting in a chronic pain sub, and posting in an endo sub. There's also a loooooot of emjoi use which seems a little young.

No. 1945037

wouldn’t that make Enara like 34-36 years old? I always thought she was like 30(sage)

No. 1945070

what do you mean? wouldn't what make her that age? the post literally says 28. and i think she's 31.

No. 1945079

NTAYRT but I assume she meant that of Enara was in the military 18 years ago she must be 34-36 years old now. It's really more like 35+ though since she would have had to be 17 to join.

No. 1945084

is it not forbidden to discuss a patient like this? i doubt a real psych would do this

No. 1945114

lol, you should check out all the medical subs on reddit. people do discuss patients online a lot but you're supposed to anonymize it and that post has so much detail it would probably be identifiable.

No. 1945154

If it was about Enera, the person doing the post doesn't really keep themselves anonymous on reddit so if she does lurk it'd be easy for her to know who if she knows the staff (posts about his failing relationship with kids and now he's looking for a fem twink to do fem twink stuff with).
They claim to be 39, so not that young. I was sceptical though given anon captured it within the hour of it being posted with a prior post being removed for violating guidelines around verification or something.

No. 1945194

File: 1703017949623.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1013x1821, IMG_9032.jpeg)

Jumpscare from momsfavdisappointment

No. 1945336

Wrong thread, dumbass

No. 1945490

File: 1703092593842.jpg (141.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2023-12-20-18-17-10…)

No words

No. 1945512

I don't think that word means what she thinks it does?
Like was she told "If you keep taking all these at once we're gonna take them away/give them to someone compliant" and decided that means "You're sooper dooper sick and we have to put you on the sooper dooper sick plan also no medications because sooper sick"?

Or does "have access" mean "have access to the whole bottle to chug down when the nurse turns around" and they're going to just be administering her meds in a controlled setting?

I don't see anywhere that this kind of program is outlined, and I don't believe it exists.
Usually palliative care entails "whatever makes the patient most comfortable" which often translates to "loads of drugs", ESPECIALLY opioids and benzos.

No. 1945527

she sounds like a fuckin junkie at this point. they've never tried to put her in a substance abuse program?

No. 1945603

there's no such thing as palliative psych care in Queensland (where enara lives) sometimes serious anachans or addicts are a part of medical studies as a last ditch effort but I don't think that's what she's talking about. She might just be on a ward detoxing because it's been agreed that her behaviour is fuelled by both drug and attention seeking.

No. 1945606

File: 1703109680097.png (283.86 KB, 423x688, Screen Shot 2023-12-20 at 4.01…)

It sounds like they just told her that they're aiming for harm reduction at the moment, but I'm not an ausfag so I don't know the language that they would have used

No. 1945611

hmmm..and maybe they actually confiscated her phone for awhile which explains her lack of posting the last couple weeks

No. 1945614

lmao well Enara's definitely lurking, because that story is definitely in response to the anon a few posts up talking about palliative care

No. 1945618

I assume so, it's actually standard for your phone to be taken away in mental health wards here. It's only in the private clinics and hospitals where you're allowed your phone. my tinfoil is she self harmed again and presented to ER, only this time it was the last straw for the staff.

No. 1945638

I am confused too. Palliative care as I know it is where they don't try to treat the illness and help the patient recover: they just focus on comfort as the patient is near death. Restricting meds would cause more discomfort so palliative care is the opposite: very liberal with meds and allowing much more than in usual care because it doesn't matter about addiction or long term effects of meds etc. The patient is basically going to die soon. There won't be any 'lasting issues' from taking a shit ton of benzos, opiates etc because they will not get better, so may as well have as much as they want and not be in pain.

No. 1945640

Still don't understand.'Palliative care in the psychiatric sense isn't about keeping you comfortable'? That's literally what palliative care is. Why would a unit take her and take her off ALL meds, unless it was a detox unit? Last I heard she was having ANOTHER admission in order to start on clozapine. Now they're taking her off of everything? In her case I really don't understand anything her 'team' have done in the last 6 months really. Seems like they all need to be fired (apart from whoever decided to actually take her phone away for a bit).

No. 1945672

Never change, enara. Make your friend’s house flooding and her shit getting ruined allllll about your sooper speshul self harm wounds.

No. 1945679

And if she was in “psych palliative care” why tf would she be allowed out to help with a flood cleanup? Dumbass

No. 1945682

she doesn't mean some particular inpatient unit, she's trying to claim a certain type of care plan. She still doesn't make any sense and I'm not defending her, but I think you misinterpreted.

No. 1945876

I don't buy her psych palliative care bullshit, I think she's making up a fancy way of saying that the professionals working with her are giving up.

No. 1945994

Even though palliative care is usually just seen as something for those with illnesses like cancer etc it's becoming a way to deal with those who have mental illness that pretty much have no chance of recovering. They will no longer treat the issues. She is acting like it's something to be proud of but I agree with you it sounds like they have fully given up. Shame she doesn't have the strength to prove them wrong but would rather make out how sick she is. It's probably cheaper to put her on palliative than allow her to keep demanding attention through her A&E admissions etc

No. 1946013

I feel like a lot of the people posting about this don't understand the definition of palliative care. It's just healthcare focused on treating symptoms and making you more comfortable. It is not the same thing as end of life care - you can receive palliative care for non-terminal conditions (and patients often do). So, for example, a cancer patient will often see a palliative care doctor as well, even if they're expected to survive treatment. People hear "palliative" and they think "hospice".

No. 1946025

Interesting that this is also considered palliative. She’s obviously very uncomfortable and they took away her drugs. I’m surprised she agreed to do it!

No. 1946028

well, comfort doesn't necessarily mean encouraging substance dependence or addiction which honestly she's bordering on. It's normal to give, say, terminal cancer patients as many opiates as they need because it's not like they're going to live long enough to have problems with addiction. I honestly don't know what palliative care for borderline personality disorder should look like (my understanding is that the idea of palliative care for mental illness is an emerging field so it's not well-defined at all) but I would guess that it's supposed to focus on increasing functioning, increasing her ability to do stuff that she says matters to her (so, studying mental illness kek), etc, and focus less on the idea of "full recovery" or return to normal function. Even though she doesn't like it, those goals might involve reducing the frequency of her hospital admissions and stuff like that. I'm just guessing, though, since she's mega vague and we'll never get more concrete details.

No. 1946029

samefag, but I bet she also didn't have a choice - I bet they just told her that they're reducing her prescriptions, etc

No. 1946054

relevant blogpost; i was threatened with palliative care for being a cow and that meant they were no longer going to attempt to treat me, just provide medical resuscitation when required. i am not in australia though

No. 1946092

samefag, so it probably means that along with taking her off meds, they will no longer offer her therapies or intervention methods such as phone support and what not. i reckon it also means they will no longer give her admissions when she self harms, just close her up and send her home every time no matter what or how many times she does something. if this is the case i’m willing to bet she’ll start self harming even more frequently to ‘show them up’ and in the hopes they’ll eventually admit her, and then when they don’t she’ll start self harming in ways that require longer treatment than just suturing so she gets to spend longer in emergency. hopefully they’ll stop feeding into her factitious histrionics and she’ll just give up since she’s no longer getting what she wants

No. 1946094

did it work in reforming whatever your cow-ish behavior was?

No. 1946105

my milk certainly dried up kek but i don’t think it was to do with being threatened with palliative ?? also mine was more bc seed and i went from anachan to miachan. i hope they do actually do impose my experiences onto her because i genuinely think she will improve if she doesn’t get the attention she’s doing this for. the professionals in her care should have taken a ‘negative reinforcement’ tactic from the get go and it probably wouldn’t have gotten to this point. also hopefully this will make her realise that the only person who can actually make her feel better is herself, and she’ll actually start putting in the work in

No. 1946107

samefag, negative reinforcement is what they’re giving colours kek

No. 1946381

i would have thought she would start screaming and swallowing batteries before in response to being told “no benzodiazepines, we are putting you on this plan and giving up”

No. 1946398

she probably will but for now she’s too high on validation from being told she’s “so sooper sick we’re putting you on palliative care” kek

No. 1946531

File: 1703318870197.png (2.29 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4931.png)

the real reason she stopped posting for a bit is that she’s getting the colours treatment she kinda deserves

No. 1946541

Is anyone actually asking her this stuff or is she just reacting to this thread? Her stories feel like a conversation between her and lolcow

No. 1946558

>ASD assessment
I hate this “noOoOo my shitty behaviour is aUtiSm aCKshully” trend with BPD bitches
>hardly eating (surprise surprise)
This is hilarious, like I get she’s being sarcastic and tryna give the dainty ana uwu impression but if she WASN’T eating I truly WOULD be surprised. Does she not think people have eyes?

I’m glad all that unnecessary shit has been taken away and she’s no longer wasting so many resources. If she genuinely wanted to off herself she’s have found a way by now but now her little hospital vacations have been cancelled this just reiterates the fact it’s all for show. She could have been “treating herself” at home all this time!

No. 1946610

My new tinfoil is because of medication shortages they've got to start cutting these cows off

No. 1946616

Bahahahaha stopped her vyvanse which she’s clearly on for her BED.

How’s it taken them so long to do this?

Funny though she’s so fucking insufferable already she’s gonna become worse kek - I’d love a cow crossover of her & Porgie.

No. 1946648

I don't understand why she won't call it Vyvanse like everyone else, is using the brand name not sick enough for her?

No. 1946650

the US is the only country that prefers to use brand names over generics

No. 1946787

File: 1703406379375.jpg (366.42 KB, 1440x1226, Screenshot_20231224-162633_Fac…)

Send me food reeeeeeeeeeeee(emoji)

No. 1946788

big anorexia vibes

No. 1946798

imagine begging for biscotti

No. 1946802

if enara is lurking in this thread i'd be careful. this can't be seen on her page if you're not friends with her on facebook

No. 1946803

Not only that, but $80??!! That’s like 40 quid (or 50 dollars for burgers). Or am I retarded and taking this too literally? Either way, I hope nobody enables this fatass

No. 1946806

That's not true, I'm not from the US and no one would say lisdexamfetamine here.

No. 1946815

File: 1703417491123.png (6.76 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5240.png)

thought you guys might enjoy Becca’s horribly facetuned selfie. She even facetuned the friend in it with her, how kind of her

No. 1946824

Damn seeing her next to a normal-looking human being really puts things into perspective. What about her tube anniversaries?

No. 1946876

i'm not so sure about that. it looks like the friend has headbanging scars

No. 1946891

holy fuck she is BALDING badly

No. 1946895

Damn somebody free her hair from those tight ponytails, I can hear her follicles screaming out from over here

No. 1946939

Oh yeah, I missed that. Aside from that and the eyebrows, she's like a normal pretty girl though, and it's making me realize that Becca isn't just fat, her whole face is extremely unfortunate

No. 1946953

Not to shit up the thread but it might not be headbanging, something simple as being a chronic side sleeper and a few other things can cause really deep set indentations on the forehead. But if she was a headbanger, good for her recovering.

No. 1946984

so she bankrupted herself to buy cleaning supplies for her friend to show her how much she loves her. she then realizes she has no money and resorts to e-begging for cookies instead of necessities. that is the most bpd she can possibly be

No. 1947023

Begging for cookies that cost, what, $10 at most?

No. 1947028

it's wild that she has the audacity to e-beg for $80 cookies. e-begging for food money is bad enough, but if you're seriously broke, maybe don't ask for $80 cookies, at least just say you need groceries, smfh she has absolutely no self awareness. AND it's lame to act like she's broke from buying stuff to help her friend when everyone knows she's a pathetic shopaholic wasting money on useless shit left and right.

No. 1947050

to her credit i do think the cookies are like $10 ($5? i don’t know am ameriburger) and she’s just saying that she can’t spend (a portion of) her last $80 on something so frivolous. so the solution is to of course have someone else spend it!

No. 1947051

she should just wait like two weeks until she gets her next government benefit deposit and then buy some biscotti instead of craft supplies

No. 1947058

or she could bake her own cookies. she doesn’t have a job and is banned from the hospital so it’s not like she has anything to do but walk the dog

No. 1947068

if she still has a dog. hopefully she's given him to someone who can actually care for him

No. 1947073

I haven't seen her post the dog in weeks. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't have him anymore.

No. 1947074

amazing how enara stopped posting when she stopped getting admissions and meds, almost like she feels that she no longer has mental illness trophies to show off

No. 1947107

Nah, she's using it like a make-a-wish, poor sick woman is suffering so much and all she wants are these specific cookies

No. 1947123

File: 1703501835135.png (324.91 KB, 423x673, Screen Shot 2023-12-25 at 4.57…)

Genuinely what the fuck. Mosaic's wife put a cat treat in her mouth to try to get the cat to grab it out of her mouth.

No. 1947130

>PLEASE buy me food
LMFAOOO how dare she larp anorexia. doesn't she know how serious the illness is?? but i think for her it's fun and games begging people to buy her food and devouring tons of food then claiming she has anorexia because uwu she stArved herself for a couple hours

No. 1947180

I don't know if anyone else caught this but she's actually claiming bulimia rather than anorexia here?

No. 1947199

File: 1703527890589.jpeg (354.4 KB, 1170x1878, IMG_5344.jpeg)

Laura celebrating “pinkmas” in what looks like a robe? A sad shapeless dress? I can’t tell what it’s made out of but the fabric looks off, almost like the stuff they make those biodegradable scrubs they have at psych wards(this is not milk, sage it)

No. 1947262

Imagine $80 biscotti! Or is it $80’s worth of biscotti ffs

No. 1947404

I don’t see how that is milky

No. 1947414

How? Everything Laura does is like, condensed seal milk

No. 1947423

lmao pretty sure this is Laura or she is at least lurking because guess who deleted that post and reuploaded with only the selfie?

No. 1947425

wait, what do you mean? she re-posted it just without the caption? i don't get it, why? she could just edit the caption…and there's nothing really wrong with the caption anyway

No. 1947427

sorry I should have been clearer. Original post had that pic and a selfie of her face. New one is just her face, also doesn’t have the dumb ass “pinkmas” comment

No. 1947429

File: 1703592375876.jpeg (359.04 KB, 1170x2265, IMG_5510.jpeg)

Pics for proof. Old post is nowhere in sight

No. 1947430

File: 1703592435207.png (3.66 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5512.png)


No. 1947450

NTA but can you explain how “cow wears a pink dress” is milk

No. 1947466

haha she is truly something. deletes the pic of the dress, but leaves the pic of her deformed smile that she gets dragged for on here constantly. i'd rather see the ugly dress than your hideous smile Laura.

No. 1947518

The top row middle can be described as being like one of those films "inspired by a true story" in which a vast majority of it is comprised of artistic liberties of the actual subject matter.

No. 1947548

Yeah I wonder how she will turn out. Seems like her team finally made a good decision to stop enabling her attention seeking behavior. The idea of "palliative" treatment for BPD is definitely interesting

No. 1947629

yeah this is a self post, it's been what? seven years of her doing this now? kek. laura, no one cares about your fatass in a flammable pink sack, but remember when you ate a sock and then broke your foot tying to scale a window like quasimodo?

No. 1947633

this switch in treatment plans is already working. Shes complaining about how much shes suffering without the meds but she also said she hasn’t been presenting to the hospital. Is that because they’ll just turn her away? Or is she finally learning to take care of herself

No. 1947705

i can’t believe i forgot about the sock incident. she’s been so normal lately when compared to that.
isn’t that basically what they should have done all along, like how theyre supposed to ignore munchies?

No. 1947741

>she’s been so normal lately when compared to that.
Yeah, it seems like she has learned to stop over sharing online and attention seeking - at least on her public account

No. 1947783

I want to know what happened with the sock. And also the broken foot that just miraculously healed. How was it broken? How did it heal?!

No. 1948015

I'm the ayrt and no I'm not laura lmao, she probably lurks here though and deleted the post cuz of that. i just said that cuz i really don't think posting a photo in a gown is milky .. like yes it does look weird but she does this all the time, we're used to that. and this photo isn't even among her worst so where's the milk in that?

No. 1948736

Seems like the 'team' finally saw sense. All those extra 'respite' admissions etc really made her behaviour so much worse. They really went hard in the opposite direction though; taking away almost all meds?! I would have thought taking away all the admissions would be sufficient. Surely stopping all those meds suddenly without allowing her hospital access is risky medically?

No. 1948883

it honestly seems like they just took away her “as needed” meds that she very much seemed to be addicted to since she said she was still on a few things. But god it has already made a world of difference

No. 1948943

File: 1703995443225.png (224.14 KB, 423x532, Screen Shot 2023-12-30 at 10.0…)

Enara's list of accomplishments includes having an IO for the fourth time in her life (for those who don't know, this is essentially a line directly into the marrow of a bone, used to deliver medication when you can't get an IV and urgently need to give medication. Usually used in emergencies, where you're not able to take the time to place a different type of line.)

What a bpd inclusion

No. 1948945

samefag, but holy shit I also realized she said she's bought 19 pairs of doc martens. Yet she's begging for biscotti.

No. 1948951

So been trying to get a screenshot since she posted but everytime my phone plays up but can someone explain how kat @katbeatsanorexia could at one point have a driving license if she is a level 3 autistic person. Not sure how she has convinced professionals to give her this diagnosis yet in her 30 years of living she has achieved a lot more than some supposedly less autistic people have. Lived abroad on her own, travelled there on her own. Studied, had friends and passed a driving test, yet now she can't even manage to take her own meds. Yes people can have breakdowns but did she play the system to stay in hospital longer as now she is guaranteed benefits for life without doing anything but can also live how she likes

No. 1948953

File: 1703997027638.png (102.94 KB, 481x446, Screen Shot 2023-12-30 at 10.3…)

Becca is getting close to discharge … will Lyn the dietitian come say goodbye??

No. 1948958

How do these people get these long stays in hospital courtesy of the NHS when even schizophrenics never seem to be admitted this long?

No. 1949008

19 pairs of docs has got to be bait. she has to know how fucking bpd buying 19 pairs of ONE BRAND of shoes is

No. 1949020

yet another useless masters degree. fixed that for you.

No. 1949022

gotta catch 'em all, who gives a fuck about actually doing something useful with that education

No. 1949030

New milestones with Rico? Like giving him away?

No. 1949035

File: 1704022304929.jpg (86.09 KB, 1080x1873, Screenshot_2023-12-31-12-32-26…)

Poor little Enara

No. 1949038

does enara understand have any idea what poverty actually is?

No. 1949047

How is getting an IO line for the 4th time an achievement? It's not like she did the placement herself and is congratulating herself on her nursing skills. If she's including that then why not add 'I was kicked out of all my respite stays and all admissions'. 'I got a load of meds and attention taken away'?

No. 1949048

samefag. I'm surprised she didn't include the 3 ambulances and Lifeflight whilst already in IP. And I'm disgusted she bought 19 pair of Docs.

No. 1949049

Exactly what I want to know. NHS makes absolutely no sense. Complain about lack of funding and overworked staff? Wow I wonder why!

No. 1949050

Not even 13; 19!

No. 1949052

What about fridge-gate?

No. 1949066

she's indirectly bragging about how super serious her self-harm and suicide attempts are, I think

No. 1949151

Christ, regular people don't own half that many pairs of shoes in total, let alone one brand

No. 1949190

why so many shoes when she spends 99% of her life in the hospital. but knowing her she probably fucking brings them with her. i'm sure everyone is VERY impressed.

No. 1949219

Didnt include being so addicted to her medication that her doctors took her off of all of them

No. 1949225

I'm surprised she didn't add being put on palliative care too, whatever that means. I guess she's not that addicted to them as she seems to be fine. I mean she's not complaining about it. But who really knows. If she's addicted it seems dangerous to take her off of them all, all at once and not let her have any admissions.

No. 1949251

File: 1704074133301.jpg (740.69 KB, 1170x1763, IMG_7228.jpg)

or impulsively spend while wasting hospital resources

No. 1949257

really infuriating that rather than saying "my illness has an undesirable symptom, so I'm working on it" her go-to is "my illness has this undesirable symptom, so I'm allowed to do it without criticism"

No. 1949258

File: 1704076967845.png (331.95 KB, 601x773, Screen Shot 2023-12-31 at 8.43…)

Classic Enara

No. 1949271

What did she spend all her savings on to 'try to feel something'? Taking a really expensive sex worker on a cruise?

No. 1949272

19 pairs of doc martens

No. 1949274

>waste hospital resources by self harming
god, the absolute fucking nerve. if you're ill enough to overcome your self preservation instinct to harm yourself, you need (medical) help. this makes no sense

No. 1949275

$100 shoes or slitting my wrists? hmmmmmm

No. 1949389

At this point I feel like Enara deserves her own thread but that would make her too happy

No. 1949493

Well she fucked around and found out. She was such a huge drain and wanting more and more, and finally someone saw fit to cut her off. What she was getting was ridiculous and now she'll find out how it is for the non-privileged majority.
It really makes me mad that she has contributed so much to the damaging stigma that people with bpd shouldn't be given help though. She will probably appear in another textbook, held up as an example to justify why people with PDs are denied help……But not everyone is like that!

No. 1949503

I think that's just a bpd way of expressing that she feels guilty about the fact that she knows better ways to cope and chooses to self harm instead because better coping methods don't get her as much attention. She may be ill and she may not be as smart as she thinks but even she knows she could do better if she tried. Being honest about that would be a good start.

No. 1949549

Thanks for that Enara. Making it even harder for others with bpd to get taken seriously and get help.

No. 1949638

For someone "suicidal all of 2023" you'd think she would have nailed it by now.

No. 1949639

File: 1704177173789.png (497.9 KB, 426x690, Screen Shot 2024-01-02 at 12.3…)

imagine enara with a medical license, kek

No. 1949657

How can she say "I could now do well" with a straight face after posting her 2023 summaries?
>Had over 20 surgeries I caused
>Spent over 100 days in hospital
Those alone should tell any sane person she really would not do well at school atm. Unless she could magically choose not to swallow batteries whenever there's something she wants to do. Oh wait, that's exactly what she does every time there is something fun planned for her, like seminars and trips abroad!
I would never want Enara to have a medical license though, there's been enough attention hungry nurses severely harming and killing their patients already. At minimum I can see her coworkers having to patch her up after a shift when a terminally ill patient got attention and she didn't kek.

No. 1949659

imagine her working in an ER - "oh, you took an overdose? How much? that's NOTHING, let me tell you about the time I had to be lifeflighted after an overdose…"

No. 1949697

was she not just begging people to buy her cookies and now she's posting a story of some fucking clips or whatever this is. i mean very possible she didn't just buy these but knowing enara…

No. 1949772

She can say that because she's completely delusional about her intelligence

No. 1949892

If the $70 figure is accurate, that would mean Enara spent approximately $1,330 AUD ($898 USD/£712 GBP) on Doc Martens alone in 2023.

No. 1949926

She blames adhd as the reason she didn't go to medical school but thinks that she 'could now do well' ?! Now that she just spent most of the year in hospital and fucked up so much that she got all treatment taken away, including her adhd meds?! So NOW she can go to med school? This does not add up. What makes her think she could possibly be in a better position now, after what she just posted?
I have no idea how she was actually a practising nurse.

No. 1949989

She also mentions being into Gorman dresses which are usually $150-$250 from memory.

No. 1950127

And she's off her ADHD meds too, isn't she?

No. 1950129

based on >>1946531 it seems like the answer is yes?

No. 1950138

The clips are gorman and $20 each full price….

She has such little insight it’s unbelievable(learn to sage)

No. 1950244

File: 1704293097235.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x2107, IMG_5873.jpeg)

hanah/Lilly used to be talked about in the proana thread but since shes healthy im putting her here. Kek seems like these “autistic” bitches on tiktok r using their “autism” to mask their raging bpd

No. 1950246

File: 1704293294708.png (3.48 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5874.png)

kek. She constantly claims autism when it’s clear she has raging bpd instead. Won’t stop posting about her sooper scary attempt like girl get over it it’s been almost a year

No. 1950269

Thank you, anon. Her fake pinched crying face in that thumbnail is killing me. I loathe the phrase "autistic burnout" and how it is now used more and associated with BPD. I've haplessly tried to support her before but it became evident that she's a bottomless pit that can never get enough attention.

No. 1950286

That is the perfect way to describe her. Fake autism and bottomless pit. glad someone else agrees nonnie

No. 1950287

Let not forget how she’s always the victim. ALWAYS. She never takes accountability for her actions, and it’s always caused by someone else - her ex boyfriend, her parents, her “bullies” at college. When her therapist called her out on her victim mentality she had a complete mental breakdown and couldn’t believe her therapist would say such a thing kek she’s about to have another breakdown because she has to go back to college and is “burnt out” after 2+ week holiday.

No. 1950289

it’s so tragic honestly and how she changed her name bc it’s “traumatic” kek she needs some serious dbt. She is the problem not a poor victim like she thinks she is. And what kind of fake psych would diagnose this bpd bitch with autism when she’s clearly just an attention seeking manipulator

No. 1950372

The same breed of moron who diagnosed Fi, encouraged Jillian Vessey to get a ‘diagnostic impression’ etc. There are loads of them out there, especially if a cow familiarises themself with the tests and can pay. This “BPD was actually missed female autism” thing has given so many of them a pass, and it’s a shame those who it’s true for have to be lumped in with the attention hogs
I don’t know much about this one yet but her crocodile tears are annoying me already

No. 1950416

Yes, sorry that’s what I meant but I rambled. Blames adhd for why she couldn’t previously go to med school but says she ‘could now do well’ there………Now she’s just had her adhd meds taken away (along with everything else). If adhd was the limiting factor back then, surely it will be now too as she has no meds and literally posted that she can’t focus because of it. I really think that’s not the main barrier to med school for her right now though!

No. 1950419

Why does everyone want to get the autism label these days? It’s honestly baffling to me.

No. 1950420

it's just the next diagnosis in the "gotta catch 'em all" approach to mental health sympathy points

No. 1950566

people think it gives them an excuse for literally anything they do that's weird or socially unacceptable to others

No. 1950567

I had to delete an entire enara alog, the bpd magical thinking is so insane. most mentally sound people (who don’t spend half of their time at the ER or buying shoes) can’t handle medical school and becoming a doctor. what makes her think she can do it when her immediate stress response is to slit her throat and swallow batteries? insane

No. 1950569

her ego has gotten massively inflated by the fact that "lived experience" is trendy in the touchy-feely psychology world so she's gotten a lot of asspats from them (see: her conference talks, papers that are just about her lived experience, etc). She's interpreted that as genuinely being good at academia as opposed to everyone feeling bad for her / wanting her around as a token of inclusivity. She doesn't realize that medical school won't bend to accommodate her like that.

No. 1950572

remember when enara called an ambulance, tried to overdose within the time she waited for them to come get her and then took a photo of someone who had been airlifted to hospital because she was jealous and wanted to be that person

No. 1950573

even if lets say she’s good at the school part. sure whatever i guess i could buy it, but she hasn’t even gotten any mileage out of her nursing degree which she already has. i hope she uses getting cut off to prove us wrong and become a functional member of society, but i’m not holding my breath. imagine googling her as a doctor and this is the first thing that comes up

No. 1950672

For sure. Being good at school means nothing if you can't actually use the skills

No. 1950699

I really don’t want to WK as I can’t stand her but I’m pretty sure Enara was a practising nurse for many years, in the prison system I think?

No. 1951042

Years? Try less than 12 months. Then the board of nursing got involved and told her she can't with unsupervised because she is a danger to patients and herself. She rage quit and never returned to work.

Now she has super limited work options because no-one wants to hire her (and she considers any viable options to be beneath her).

No. 1951224

Really? I thought she said she was in the forces as a nurse for years.

No. 1951225

she was in the forces as a cadet for years - while they were paying for her school, training, etc.

No. 1951934

I say you leave these souls alone(retarded whiteknight)

No. 1952277

i had no idea. what did she do to get the board involved?

No. 1952992

File: 1704848145491.jpeg (287.7 KB, 750x1267, 29614C04-6A67-4D13-AD52-A6853C…)

Usual mixed messages from Laura. Says everyone felt sorry for her in IP (and obviously has to use a tube picture from when she had one for about 5 minutes) but now she’s so much happier and has real friends. (But not all those followers who ‘felt sorry for her’ apparently as she proceeds to do a few post and deletes and then makes a story begging people to go and like a banal selfie post).

No. 1952996

File: 1704848314447.jpeg (158.52 KB, 749x1030, DB100CAE-F32D-4A91-B20B-BA00FB…)

Original picture that was later deleted.

No. 1952997

File: 1704848397429.jpeg (163.53 KB, 748x1086, FB7031E8-2012-4620-919A-9A5E08…)

Replacement picture.

No. 1952998

File: 1704848459225.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, 88957417-243D-4485-82E8-BF886D…)


No. 1953000

File: 1704848618793.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, AE1DDCC2-AFF4-4154-8111-11C31B…)

No. 1953045

To be honest her hair looks cute with the bows and she's slightly less attention seeking, I have a soft spot for Laura. I hope after six years she graduates as a cow

No. 1953067

lol less attention seeking where!?

No. 1953148

I saw the post and came to say I thought her face was almost looking thinner. Now that I see the original pic she deleted, I can tell she just got a good angle on the new one. Too bad, she was looking less like a blowfish for once(learn to sage)

No. 1953173

It would be nice to see her graduate as a cow in general, I must admit. Seems like she's doing better than her namesake twin, who seems to now be unbanned kek.

No. 1953211

I think it’s make up (see all the highlighter in her cheekbones), angles and filters. Although I must admit she looks a bit slimmer now in the body comparison photo where she shows the picture with the black tracksuit from a year ago. But again that could be clothing choice and her doing her hair and make up better now).
I think she is not naturally slim and that’s why she constantly posts those pictures that are all from 4 years ago; those were the glory days for her and for her that was an unnaturally low weight.

No. 1953354

it's cause there's been a legitimate diagnostic boom lately in hyperverbal high functioning adults who did not qualify 30 years ago but do qualify under current new criteria, which is fine. but meanwhile attention grifters are jumping on that opportunity en masse because they think it works as an excuse.

the gag is dbt therapy is still the recommended therapy for high functioning autism and they are still very much expected to manage their feelings and impulses and not indulge in psycho outbursts. the only difference with autism emotion regulation and dbt emotion regulation is identifying if you're autism upset because of a sensory thing or dbt upset because a perceived rejection thing. either way you are obligated to redirect and regulate the feeling and not lash out.

i think grifters do not realize that any autistic person high functioning enough to be highly verbal and mask most of their life can learn skills to control themselves and will be expected to do as such lol. high functioning autism means understanding you have triggers over unusual things like schedule changes. but not so you can get your way, it's just so you can better identify and calm down those emotions and not have outbursts. none of these adult dx people are low functioning enough to need special patience for this behavior regardless lol you're gonna have to do the DBT either way bitch

No. 1953565

Yeah even Laura herself has mentioned she’s naturally chubby. I hope she’s doing well but she hints at “relapses” and “scary things happening” all the time only to delete it after half hour. Who knows, guess we’ll wait and see. She might be entering her manic / bipolar arc with all her compulsive shein spending and posting.

No. 1953704

She didn’t properly ‘do’ schizophrenia yet though. She started but where did all the spiders and the voices go?
Also where is all her money coming from?! That perfume she bought is more than £100 and she seems to get new clothes every day.

No. 1953708

File: 1704981693922.jpeg (260.39 KB, 749x905, BE0D1ABC-33CD-4DA2-A67D-A5740E…)

I haven’t seen posts about ‘scary things’. Apparently she has a whole new team though. She also said on a tell that her last supported accommodation (with the invisible spiders) was all people over 60 apart from her. Didn’t know that before!

No. 1953723

kek at how she talks about how terrible her previous supported accomodation was (which fair enough it did sound shitty) but never mentions her psychotic episode that got her out of there

No. 1953725

File: 1704984885790.png (513.5 KB, 1080x1529, Screenshot_20240111-145515.png)

No. 1953808

File: 1704997481816.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1170x2132, IMG_7134.jpeg)

let’s go round again

No. 1953880

File: 1705005563924.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, CC11EC2E-10B0-42B2-A345-B08021…)

Not a spider in sight. I’m still appalled at the stunts she’s pulled.

No. 1953883

Another delete and repost I see.

No. 1954168

Ausfag medfagging here, you either gotta be in one of those states where they follow the protocol really strictly so auscows just make their labs fucked on purpose and are admitted. Or if you live in qld or otherwise PURPOSELY HOSPITAL SHOP. most public hospitals turn away cluster B’s even if they attempt etc. after the 3-4th time. Seen it a billion times liveaction.

No. 1954246

where are laura's parents? what is the deal with them?

No. 1954406

File: 1705105181770.jpeg (119.83 KB, 749x944, 097EE5A0-70FE-4B24-81FD-688722…)

How can she look so different? Really quite piggish here, and did she mean she got her hair done again?!

No. 1954414

i think she meant someone braided her hair

No. 1954487

Look at the grin she's so happy she has been referred again. She knows exactly what to do/say to get referrals same as Laura does to get admitted. Kat ain't no way the highest stage of autistic like she bagged her way to diagnosis she is fully aware of what she's doing and clearly must have a mum that mollycoddles her. She's taking the piss out of actual level 3 autistic people that can't live any form of a normal life when she went alone to Iceland to live/work is capable of saying what she expects/needs from a care company etc. would be interesting to know how much money she raised supposedly doing her care packages when in hospital but the only ones that seemed to receive one were people with a high insta following

No. 1954625

100% agree, nonnie! I used to follow this one years ago (I haven’t had insta since 2021 however)….. I see she hasn’t changed or made any effort to move on with her life whatsoever, kek… just another drain on the systems using ~super severe autism~ as an excuse to act like a petulant child. Seems to be a recurring theme and gold star diagnosis amongst the cows now.

No. 1954768

File: 1705180850450.jpeg (283.96 KB, 828x727, CFFAD957-F714-4CCB-8929-4614D3…)

Dween in back in the grips of laura. She’s also using accounts right now, I assume bc her following is bigger on the other?

No. 1954769

*two accounts sorry nonnas. It’s late.

No. 1954799

Wait is this the ex? And then she denied being lgbt??

No. 1954812

File: 1705186720893.jpeg (524.48 KB, 828x769, EBC72ADC-BF36-4220-9E17-D1EEC7…)

Sure is nonna. I don’t understand, she doubled down so hard that she was straight. She purposefully uses phrases like “my love” to be coy too. Also seems to be on a vegan kick. It’s hard not to see this as her mimicking her ig posts from SIX years ago. She’s stunted.

No. 1954857

File: 1705199589982.jpeg (242.19 KB, 748x1062, 782D235C-66CF-4891-9175-B801CB…)

Deleted and reposted again with a new caption, as per. Anyway why the hell go on and on about how she is straight and never had a gf, deny, deny, deny, ‘just friends’ ……And now post multiple updates on how much she loves being back with this woman? How is Dween ok with this?

No. 1954858

File: 1705199703704.png (3.51 MB, 750x1334, AC37054B-B8A6-40AC-B9CA-6920A5…)

No. 1955038

File: 1705252204672.jpeg (230.12 KB, 749x1055, 21A6EF83-0E9C-4234-8368-4F53E8…)

Delete and repost AGAIN with new caption. Best friend.

No. 1955044

I think it’s just attention seeking as usual and trying to garner interest. I just wonder what Dween understands the situation to be. Either way it doesn’t seem as if she’s been at Laura’s side throughout all these years of admissions, as a partner or as a best friend. Not criticising her, I know nothing about her and keeping up any relationship with Laura would have been very difficult when for years her life was just hospital dancing selfies and ‘I’m on 2:1’ , ‘I’m off 2:1’ , ‘TW, today I swallowed a sock.’

No. 1955395

File: 1705339385158.jpg (184.26 KB, 1080x2109, Screenshot_2024-01-15-15-51-44…)

Enara's stories are a gold mine rn. Talking about more useless degrees, being stupidly confident about her abilities, exploring her professional career. Right.

No. 1955505

File: 1705354781311.png (350.71 KB, 750x1334, C8D5074C-7A59-47F6-9333-545690…)

Also apparently taking away all her admissions and treatment helped and she doesn’t need all the hospital and stuff anyway now.
I’m glad she’s not draining the system anymore but actually livid that she is perpetuating the stereotype that people with Personality Disorders should be left alone with no help.

No. 1955508

File: 1705354872832.png (509.98 KB, 750x1334, 4968CF27-D2A6-4122-BFDF-A53E62…)

No. 1955510

File: 1705355200301.png (280.63 KB, 750x1334, 44569973-AEAE-4483-9753-6F6CA7…)

She couldn’t do this until everything was taken away?! I hate the precedent this sets for other Cluster B patients.

No. 1955522

Well, you do know this isn't going to affect your personal care over in the UK, right? What ever she does won't affect you personally, kek.

No. 1955527

It contributes to the stereotype in general in the healthcare professional circles I’m sure, especially since she is apparently a famous case of whatever.

No. 1955711

File: 1705401205356.jpeg (446.01 KB, 1170x2089, E663C8DA-AF0D-4D8A-BF6D-B025AE…)

Enara last night. Her own doctor has told her to stop with the mental health lived experience shit and do some real study. She doesn’t seem keen. Gotta make it all about her

No. 1955740

Id be scared of Enara became a midwife. There's a good chance she'd steal a baby or become one of those nurses that puts babies lives in danger just so she can 'bring them back' and be the hero

No. 1955741

This smells like she sent herself the ask

No. 1955926

so many of her tellonym questions do

No. 1956187

File: 1705510899967.png (433.07 KB, 750x1334, 80D43384-B97B-45D1-8C37-596509…)

How it’s going with no meds (although obviously they haven’t taken them ALL as she previously said.

No. 1956189

File: 1705510965729.png (2.13 MB, 750x1334, FF7C9984-323B-454D-A1DD-E15C60…)

Self advertisement.

No. 1956190

File: 1705511000256.jpeg (327.45 KB, 750x811, 362CC3FD-7257-4423-9BD6-80CA57…)

Laura might be really moving on.

No. 1956194

girl at least try to keep all your lies straight

No. 1956205

File: 1705512874374.jpg (91.85 KB, 720x546, U3Symg3-1.jpg)

She cycles back so much it's hard to believe, but that's definitely a better outlook/position. Some day eating socks will be just a faint memory.

No. 1956276

To this day I can't comprehend how can you eat a sock as a human. Did she chop it to small tiny pieces, was it nylon was it cotton or polyester? Or did she swallow it whole? How did she shit it afterwards? And how did it not get stuck somewhere. We'll never know and I don't think that I want to know. My sister's dog that did swallow a sock of hers did chew it and chop it in pieces but he spit it immediately after.

Whatever Laura, i believe in you make a change and make a difference! Graduate live your life and stay away from socks please. Just wear them don't eat them.

No. 1956299

my guess is that it's all performative, she only stopped her antics after dween left, presumably to try and reel her back in. I predict she'll keep it up for a while until she's reasonably sure she won't leave her again and then we'll see more "incidents" and the hospital cycle will start again. I hope this isn't the case and she actually wants to move on, but I just doubt it. her whole identity has been mental illness for so long.

No. 1956367

Agree nonna. She’s already switched back to her account with more followers and (“dween”) doesn’t seem to follow either of them. Once her funding runs out (does this happen when she returns to work after being ‘off sick’?) she might kick off again. She reads here every day tho, so don’t want to give the tard any ideas. Log off, Laura.

No. 1956608

She definitely had to cut it into really small pieces. I know a girl who got ileus from swallowing a cut-up tampon, so Laura was either lucky/had an endoscopy or some sort of procedure to remove it before it got to her bowels, or made it up. It does seem like a very random thing to make up, but she lies about things, maybe she tried to make it random, went hey that seems impossible and will make people question everything for ages, let's say that!

No. 1956689

I never believed the sock story, I don't think she swallowed it, in my opinion she said that for shocking her followers or make herself looking more mentally unstable

No. 1956706

File: 1705627543333.jpeg (995.83 KB, 1170x1986, IMG_7439.jpeg)

Why do so many uk cows end up inpatient so long? 7 years sounds obsessive

No. 1956720

Why even make up something like that and then never mention it again? I don’t believe it either though. She said when she fucked up her supported housing about 3 attempts ago that she swallowed a hair clip. Maybe like a tiny hair grip thing? Possible in theory. But the only way you could swallow a sock would be cutting it up or (what I think she means if she eve attempted it) it was one of those tiny, thin socks that go inside ballerina style flats, are made of pantyhose and basically just cover a bit of your heel, your toes and the sole of your foot. Possibly she could roll that up tiny and swallow it? Or cut that into bits and roll up a tiny bit and swallow it? But most likely she just lied imo.
Whoever said about swallowing a tampon though……….Yikes! Obviously it’s going to soak up any liquid around it and hugely increase in size, causing a big fucking issue.

No. 1956721

No idea but it’s absolutely ridiculous.

No. 1956727

So to clear this up as I’ve seen it mentioned a lot. ‘By ‘swallowing’ a sock I’ve almost certain she means she tried to choke herself on it (by stuffing it into her throat). I’ve seen people do it with other stuff like plastic cups etc. a desperate attempt to self harm when stuck on a psych ward most likely with little choice of other ways to self harm.

No. 1956891

‘To clear it up’ ? Why are you so sure about this, hey? It’s possible though. She’s such a liar she probably didn’t even do anything at all.

No. 1956892

File: 1705678746790.jpeg (217.86 KB, 750x568, 81B1FC66-5CCC-4AAD-9554-3A49F6…)

I am absolutely disgusted. ‘Lack of support’ ?! ‘Wouldn’t usually reach out’ ?! This cow is the absolute limit. We know she’s in a supported accommodation and now has specialised trauma therapy and also therapy groups: all provided and funded by the nhs. After 4 or 5 years of inpatient. Talk about draining the country dry. All the resources funnel fed into a few special favourites like this one.

No. 1956895

You should take up knitting or something, Colours. It'd be much easier on your constitution that this endless seethe.

No. 1956913

anything less than being on 2:1 probably feels like a lack of support to the leg lifter. she's used to having wranglers keeping an eye on her 24/7 to make sure she doesn't start munching on her socks again. also colours you'd be less identifiable without the ranting about the NHS's special faves. these cows are nobody's favourites and not worth getting angry about

No. 1956925

There is clearly favouritism going on tbf. Laura and suchlike have a great deal of seemingly never ending support while other people can’t even get an appointment.

No. 1956937

Didn’t expect that reply kek. I’ve just seen it A LOT in person. People self harm on psych wards, get their stuff confiscated so run out of ideas and grab whatever they can to try to hurt themself. Seen people do it with handfuls of paper towels, socks, disposable cups etc. just saying I’m really sure it was that rather than munching on a sock and digesting it.

No. 1956938

anyone know whatever happened to SeaRogue, ie the attention hog on tiktok who claimed to have a duck alter?

there's so many people that used to be discussed on the reddit communities that have disappeared and i'm very curious.

No. 1956990

It's mostly the younger ones that seem to get kept in so long. They have family that seem not to mind them being in hospital so will fight for them to not be discharged and a lot now seem to know the right things to do/say. Now they have had this lengthy stay it will be so easy for them to be readmitted. The older generation that hid things and didn't play up to things kind of get left or have short admissions. The whole NHS system is messed up. The younger generation have a lot more access to therapies etc yet seem to love being in hospital and wasting the resources older people with the same conditions would love to have access too.

No. 1957094

No but I want to know about them now! What happens when the duck fronts?!

No. 1957102

I think you’ve got it exactly right. Maybe that’s the only part of the nhs mental health services that works: the kid part. Now they’re all about taking control and getting kids in IP before it’s even that bad, and then they like it because it’s all social media brags and sleepovers and hair braiding, and they stay in.
Back in the day you could be a kid in an awful state but you just had the GP, nowhere else to go, nobody really specialised. If your parents even took you there. And even if the GP actually took action, told you you’re literally dying and have to go to hospital, obviously you don’t want to go because you have an ed, because you’re a child, because there’s no social media etc so you think you’re all alone in this illness you don’t understand and you don’t want to talk about it and you don’t want to leave your family. Hospital sounded terrifying. If you cried enough and promised you’d eat, the GP would be relieved and hand you back to your parents, for them to take responsibility. Which of course means the kid didn’t get help at the crucial stage but might eat a bit more out of fear, might look like they’re getting better but probably just being more sly and switching around between Ed’s. Kid just goes through teens etc never getting real help, never knowing it’s an option, just trying to deal on their own, until eventually the untreated Ed or some other mental illness just takes them down in adulthood. And then it’s too late because there isn’t any help for adults who haven’t gotten into the system as children. And the younger generation who have are still in there using all the resources. Plus the nhs doesn’t want to try and unwind 30+ years of mental illness in someone who never got help as a child because the system wasn’t even there when they got sick! They’d rather a quick fix for a teenager who’s had some issues for a couple of months and lost a bit of weight because they’ll have a much better outcome.
I think you’ve explained it in a way I never got before, Nonnie, thank-you! It’s all the CAMHS stuff. I don’t think that even existed in the 90s and if you didn’t really push for treatment (and what kid with an Ed would?) Then you could fly mostly under the radar and congratulations: that backfired because if you survived, you’re a really fucked up adult and nobody wants to start a whole process of trying to treat you at this point, much easier to keep the younger ones they’ve already got.

No. 1957103

Sorry. Revelation.

No. 1957129

The only revolving door patients in the over pretty much 35+ category are the schizophrenics. If you have EUPD as an over 35 you are dismissed or offered DBT once and that's it even though it's becoming more recognised that those diagnosed with EUPD usually have a trauma background. Even more frustrating is these young ones with the long hospital stays, access to therapies don't have to fight for benefits so can freely go to Starbucks, shopping constantly, no rent etc yet the older ones that have had to try survive have to constantly fight for benefits and prove they aren't fit to work. Mist aren't without a lot of support but the Government only sees the ones that have had long term stays in hospital, supported living etc and thinks they are incapable of working. I knew someone that got told if they were going to private therapy that they paid for that wouldn't mean they needed me tak health support.

No. 1957306

And they say personality disorders just get better when you get older. I wonder if that’s a get out clause to not treat people because I’ve only seen them get worse (and get diagnosed with more).

No. 1957317

You can be ‘fit to work’, but not really……As in able to do it but with a lot of struggles and burning yourself out for many, many years without help. You can be really high achieving with a lot of mental health struggles for a long time if you have that type A personality so you just keep pushing even though you’re really burned. Because again, you don’t know there is an alternative and you don’t know you have all these conditions because you didn’t get mental health treatment as a kid. Or if you did it was admissions just about gaining weight and maybe getting a meal plan and being weighed by the GP once you’re out.
After years, decades of just pushing through and struggling with everything undiagnosed, some people just break and literally can’t work anymore. And everyone thinks ‘well you could do all that before for years so you can’t be really sick’, not realising how much of a struggle it was and how far outside your ‘window of tolerance’ you actually were for all that time. But you just kind of had to get on with it at the time because there was no alternative.
There’s a documentary been floating around on YouTube for years from the UK called something like ‘desperately hungry housewives’, about women in later life who have had Ed’s their whole lives and just shut up and lived with it because there were no resources etc. Sorry blog but my mother has had an Ed at least my whole life and I suspect undiagnosed bpd and who knows what else? She’s 69. That’s been her whole life and like the women on this show: they just pushed through and that is their life. It’s pretty miserable. And that generation REALLY won’t get help.

No. 1957414

I think you're right, I don't know why people wouldn't accumulate more symptoms of PDs with age if left to their own devices without treatment

No. 1957482

File: 1705787637780.jpg (653.97 KB, 1079x1941, Screenshot_20240120_215251_Tik…)

Alex Moorhouse has relapsed again

No. 1957486

File: 1705788275757.jpg (875.89 KB, 1080x1967, Screenshot_20240120_215353_Tik…)

And her friend Rebekah who is in the same PD unit relapsed around the same time. They are literally receiving the highest level of care you can get as a PD patients, yet are constantly "struggling" and "relapsing". Is the PD unit that bad?

No. 1958002

They don’t know they’re fucking born.

No. 1958914

File: 1706115984639.png (1.35 MB, 1080x2060, Screenshot_20240124-170544.png)

Laura is going back to work. Will any amount of taxes ever pay for the amount she has drained the system?

No. 1958949

She will still be a drain as her funding will still have to exist otherwise she wouldn't be able to afford to live in supported accommodation whilst working. She probably is going to volunteer or something also she will still be entitled to PIP benefit.

No. 1958967

File: 1706127788082.png (2.89 MB, 750x1334, 7B79ACD2-4477-48FE-9ACA-976725…)

Laura posts this:

No. 1958985

File: 1706130831273.png (911.99 KB, 750x1334, 1BAC0D58-3E2D-47E7-A066-2DCD22…)

Also Laura:

No. 1958995

good for her. i really hope she sticks to it.

No. 1959056

She got the followers she craved and the benefits she wanted,she even got the lovely supported housing room she wanted as the first one wasn't good enough. I'm certain where young girls used to get pregnant to get council houses and benefits in the UK they are now choosing to fake mental illness to get benefits and supported housing with no pressure for them to ever work. Gives them more time and money to post outfits of the day, shopping hauls and fancy drinks in coffee shops daily.

No. 1959073

As a fellow britfag I never thought about it like this, but holy shit you’re right!

No. 1959091

this pic is confusing to look at. i seriously thought it was recent at first. i know whatever she's wearing and the pose/angles is making her look bigger, but still i didn't think she was this big 5 years ago

No. 1959129

File: 1706168579343.jpeg (251.09 KB, 828x1709, 220F9BFC-AA6B-46E2-93AD-0BE54B…)

Also Laura still using a picture from 5 years ago as her tiktok photo

No. 1959301

Same actually. I thought it was her at a high weight. I think it's actually just weird floaty pants.

No. 1959401

she's not fat on that picture, it's just the clothes. if you look at her arms, her upper arm is thinner than her lower arm.

No. 1959436

File: 1706216692306.png (2.29 MB, 750x1334, Iwon'tpostoldpics.png)

Right after saying she will stop posting what she calls 'low weight pictures.'

No. 1959449

I remember her sharing a supposed clinical document where a professional apparently said that Laura dresses 'provocatively' or 'sexually' or something and puts herself at risk of SA by doing that. Gonna say first; that sounds like a man slut shaming and victim blaming, and rapists cause rape, not clothes; clothing shouldn't even come into it……..BUT the leg lifting and almost every dance pose she does, in public places, almost always legs wide apart and in clothing where you often can actually see her underwear or her butt etc: I think this is what they meant. It's not how she dresses but what she does in those outfits in pblic. It would be fine at home, in a dance class or even a gym; but in the middle of busy streets, parks, in shops and cafes, in a hospital common area way back where she was self posting doing splits on top of a tv and being swung around with her legs wide open in see through leggings……That's what's inappropriate. I'm not saying she deserves for anything to happen to her or anything like that but the constant vagina airing and leg spreading in public; I wonder if she's doing it on purpose.

No. 1959450

File: 1706218369754.png (754.82 KB, 750x1334, disposableincome.png)

She certainly never seems to be short of money. Most people with full time jobs aren't buying themselves clothes and luxury items as often as these cows are.

No. 1959505

File: 1706226797299.png (1.97 MB, 750x1334, 877F1E91-143B-464F-A957-FC60C5…)

Very mixed messages.

No. 1959510

File: 1706227175773.png (1.63 MB, 1182x1074, 1699838940901.png)

they didn't say she dresses sexually or provocatively, they were saying she dresses childlike for her age

No. 1959541

why would they value money when they don't have to do shit to earn it. this just reminded me we never got the doc martens reveal Enara said she would do.

No. 1959550

maybe she sold them for biscotti

No. 1959661

Where are you getting childlike from? It just says 'inappropriately'.
I agree with >>1959449 , wearing shorts is normal but wearing shorts when you lift your leg above your head a dozen times in public is inappropriate

No. 1959816

This made me laugh! 'I don't even dress inappropriately': posts picture of herself in extremely short Daisy Dukes with her leg over her head, in some kind of park or public gardens. If you happened to be standing behind her, you would definitely see something inappropriate as the shorts barely cover her crotch when she does that.
>>1959661 Weirdly I also seem to recall that the professional said she dresses in a childlike way. But I assumed I remembered wrongly and that they said 'provocatively' instead, because that seemed to make more sense. But here we have the post and it says neither.

No. 1960196

I weirdly really want to see them just to see if she got any cool ones or just wasted a shit ton of money on the same thing over and over

No. 1960298

ehhh seems like it was bullshit cuz i think she had multiple people asking for a reveal and said she would do it. if she actually had a large shoe collection i'm sure she would have been thrilled to post them immediately.

No. 1960403

File: 1706482045469.png (277.06 KB, 750x1334, 60187EE2-96ED-4BA0-ACD4-74DAB4…)

Enara addresses the Docs and few other questions, including multiple people apparently claiming to have been IP with her and telling her that she is universally hated by patients and staff alike.
She has also has no treatment plan, her psychiatrist and psychologist keep cancelling her, her scale is broken and she might buy a new $300 one, and she cannot eat solid food because of ‘(multiple) oesophageal strictures’ and is now on a liquid diet.
She also deleted all grid posts and started posting book reviews instead.

No. 1960405

File: 1706482320481.png (787.5 KB, 750x1334, 8CBE5782-1B86-4A1A-A4E5-1A6EB1…)

I wonder if these people are for real or just baiting her.

No. 1960408

File: 1706482546864.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, 2F66DF5E-38D9-4911-BD53-488775…)

Just trying to give an update overview. If anyone wanted it.

No. 1960412

File: 1706482802807.png (989.38 KB, 750x1334, 3C1EA5CC-CA17-4F36-A418-4E4C4A…)

Ok last one out of her. Sorry if it’s too much for hell week but she’s been quiet a while. Maybe ‘palliative’ has been doing her good in some ways. Who can really tell?

No. 1960422

Maybe I'm just being autistic but is she implying she is finding it hard to not restrict/to not purge? I don't get it, clearly she hasn't had any trouble consuming enough calories.
I wonder if she'll try and become skelly now that the self harm isn't getting her any asspats.

No. 1960575


Supportive care and palliative care aren’t the same are they? I still refuse to believe they stopped all her meds like surely her not sleeping is a risk

No. 1960606

this bitch is so CORNY. she obviously doesn't really obsess over her actual weight or whatever other info a super special scale can provide, so why does it even matter? she just has to always bang on about her disgusting, shameful spending habits. nobody is impressed, you fucking whale. actually earn your money and do something productive for once in your worthless life and maybe then it won't be quite as nauseating when you try to act all boujie when you just piss money away constantly on bullshit. also, where's her car? why's she talking about walking to the pharmacy? girl please we all know that ain't happening. besides that i highly doubt she gave away 20 fortisips. to who!? and for what possible reason? omfg i can't stand her.

No. 1960626

File: 1706537410213.png (247.74 KB, 750x1334, B0C96DAF-0592-41E7-868A-EDB141…)

I think I remember her saying that her pharmacy is literally across the street. She was saying she had agoraphobia and could barely go to the pharmacy just across the street (but she can fly all over the world to conferences and go to hospitals all the time).

No. 1960629

File: 1706537650830.png (639.76 KB, 750x1334, 11D0907A-8365-4F32-9415-AF25A1…)

Apparently all her every night trips to hospital, 2 days a week admissions, respite admissions and special casts to stop her self harming weren’t needed. She just stopped. Just like that. She’s now ‘more than capable of communicating her needs in other ways.’

No. 1960651

File: 1706547574255.png (716.29 KB, 750x1334, 162886CE-F291-4797-994F-0C8500…)

Enara posted some video stories. Weird hearing a cow’s voice for the first time when you’ve followed their posts a lot but not actually heard them speak.
Also this story which seems to contradict the earlier one about her throat strictures being SO bad she couldn’t eat. Now she apparently has only ‘minor regurgitation’. And ‘you may remember’ she’s had an NG tube……..

No. 1961248

Such a munchie the way she always uses full terminology like Salem sump tube she’s so pathetic

No. 1961505

File: 1706799160763.png (1.09 MB, 1079x1387, Screenshot_20240201-145024.png)

She posted this a few hours after she posted a video of herself from years ago

No. 1961507

how does she have the audacity to claim she hates how she looks now while posting at least like 20 new selfies on a daily fucking basis…plus the fact that she posts new pics right alongside old pics is beyond weird to me. i don't understand the thought process, you would think if someone hated their new body compared to their old body they'd be embarrassed and ashamed to be making it so easy for their followers to constantly compare the old to the new. she makes no sense.

No. 1961577

Laura types like she's genuinely intelectually disabled. Actually her whole whole existance screams intelectual disability, I know she's desperate for attention but the loop of "oh I was so skinny" to "I need to accept myself" is so off-putting. Maybe it's the antipsychotics.
She feels different from Enara, Enara is clearly manipulating the system to get the maximum amount off ass-pats possible, I feel like Laura doesn't know wtf she's doing other than if she acts out she doesn't have to be an actual adult.
I don't know how she was before in terms of intelligence but as of now she doesn't look very bright.

No. 1961626

I’m starting to think she has at least a mild learning or social disability? Maybe from meds but it could be pre existing. She reminds me of those mildly autistic school kids who were desperate for friends but could not bond with others / not think about themselves. I think Laura is desperate for validation and she can’t self reflect. She’s gamified her life. Every post means X amount of likes or compliments depending on what she writes. In the Stacey Dooley documentary she actually says she’s posts a lot because she likes having followers. So now, she’s in this weird in-between where she keeps switching accounts based on numbers but she’s still obese, hasn’t been able to lose any of it, and can’t larp like she used to. She posted last night about how far she’s come with her ballet but it was a video from five years ago, I think it’s now deleted. She barely does any ballet these days because of her weight. She can’t face reality at all. God, even the “doctors say I dress inappropriately” from forever ago was just a ploy to post leg photos and get people to respond. Where’s dween right now? I thought she was -in lesbians- again after last week. Kek.

No. 1961631

Samefag, but she posts and deletes this selfie three times a day at this point

No. 1961666

Laura knows exactly what she's doing. Even the documentary showed how manipulative she is. This I miss the old me to I'm moving on and then cycling back is a ploy for more responses and attention. It's cancelled also be an EUPD thing one day everything's great I'm moving forward to even though nothing has gone wrong I miss my old life. She will probably now you've said this try go for an autism diagnosis.

No. 1961670

Social media likes become important ,however it doesn't mean it needs a mental health diagnosis. People just need to spend less time on the internet and more time in the real world. It's why those with mental health conditions that are hospitalised shouldn't have access to social media. It's not a condition in itself in my opinion but doesn't help any diagnosed conditions. If needing social media likes became a mental health conditions there would be a whole generation of people that could be signed off work onto benefits.

No. 1961688

I've seen rehab places that list 'social media addiction' as something they treat; a 'process addiction' like gambling, apparently. Sorry blog but I'd say I'm 'addicted' to social media, in that I waste so much time on it and it makes me angry. I don't even notice likes or follows though, I don't want them actually and would hate to have a huge account like a lot of these cows have. Anyway to call it a real mental health problem of its own is going too far imo. 'Treatment' is easy: take away access. Any half decent psych facility will take away everyone's phones etc and you can't use social media at all whilst in there. Surprise, surprise, nothing bad happens because you don't get to check social media for a good while. It feels better actually. It's just a huge time drain but some of us don't have the self restraint to stay off of it very long kek.

No. 1961690

File: 1706836578086.png (3.88 MB, 750x1334, 10312340-2DE6-45C6-AE53-B09DCE…)

Looks like Laura isn’t vegan anymore. Drinks oat milk whatevers but adds cheese to her quorn dinner.

No. 1961691

watch her take the post down and amend it to specify the cheese is a vegan alternative, kek

No. 1961692

The ballet thing is still there. Saying how far she’s come since she started……But the video is a really old one so it makes zero sense.
Now I guess she’s starting again almost from the bottom as she was ‘off sick’ for 4/5 years Kek. But honestly, good for her if she’s actually going back to dance instead of just going on about how much she loves it and posting 5 year old pictures of herself. She can actually go and do it if she loves it that much. Sure she got herself obese but if she loves it that much she’d still do it and be proud of showing the progress she’s making NOW, instead of harping on about 5 years ago. (And I don’t mean weight loss, I mean actual dance improvements. If she’s starting from scratch again then she should, in theory, improve quite quickly, as opposed to someone who’s been doing something forever and finds it hard to make any more improvements after doing it for so long).

No. 1961707

I'm this nonna and just to be clear, I agree with all of you. I moreso meant that Laura's social media patterns reflect her need for validation / bpd antics. That's the gamification in itself. Speculating she's a minor sperg is neither here nor there, just trying to make sense of why she posts, deletes, and sounds so dumb and ridiculous in her posts all the time kek.

No. 1961891

File: 1706893610777.jpg (225.48 KB, 1080x2085, Screenshot_2024-02-02-18-08-08…)

Long time no whining.

No. 1962165

File: 1706956373697.jpg (405.68 KB, 1080x1939, Screenshot_2024-02-03-11-33-59…)

Our capable queen Enara.

No. 1962168

How the fuck can she be doing any subjects at all when half the time she's in the hospital? It's a bit impressive, (sorry for blogging) but when my mental health was fucked I almost had to drop out.
But then, it shows how all of this is a show for attention. I find it hard to believe someone that is suicidal, going in and out of hospital, self-harming and with a sooper serious ED (kek) can function enough to go to university.
Or maybe I'm just jealous for being more of a failure than Enara, kek.

No. 1962169

she doesn't seem to actually be doing anything hard, they're just short courses where she gets points for posting on online discussion forums and dumb shit like that

No. 1962206

what even is this pic? lmao wtf is she doing..maybe covering a head wound, but why would she even post this, it's hideous. and hasn't she been claiming yo be on a liquid diet for a freakin while now, girl bye she looks bigger than i've ever seen her

No. 1962262

Is anybody as intrigued as me about where Ham has gone? She’s not posted in months!

No. 1962483

File: 1707052251321.jpeg (392.36 KB, 828x1327, 213B4AA0-34A6-4A3E-90D7-F05F8E…)

May’s first post in her newly assigned thread. Zopiclone stopped without consulting her. Who are the health care professionals here? Not May. She’s a health care assistant at a children’s hospital at best. Zopiclone is a highly addictive medication. Doctors prescribe it for 5 days maximum. Obviously they’re not going to consult a hospital patient who’s constantly whining and demanding to talk to doctors on whether to stop a medication or not

No. 1962484

File: 1707052348923.jpeg (338.92 KB, 749x1119, 9AABA353-F36E-4E47-B27C-0EF422…)

She’s been reading all the millions of books she keeps buying. And they’re all mental illness themed of course. Bit of bragging about this one too: she knows SO much about anorexia so she skipped over all the factual bits.

No. 1962486

The UK is ridiculous about drugs. 5 days maximum? Sorry blog but I’ve had 15mg zop for about 6 years now.

No. 1962487

I do not understand British hospitals.

No. 1962488

File: 1707052874851.jpeg (254.09 KB, 749x1102, D49FAEFD-6C9D-498F-8DF4-1F25E3…)

She’s obsessed with any and all things mental illness. Or just any illness at this point.

No. 1962509

They’re addictive drugs and can cause rebound insomnia, so patients who have been taking them like you need to continue taking them because they can’t sleep without them. May will eventually sleep if she doesn’t get her pills.
Also, the NHS heavily subsidises medication. A prescription charge is only £9.65 so the NHS will be paying the rest, so it’s not in their interest to prescribe drugs that aren’t really needed. Unlike the US where patients/insurance pay the fees so drs hand pills out more freely

No. 1962553

File: 1707062525773.jpeg (543.57 KB, 828x1331, FD43EDA4-CC25-4F6F-A88B-BEB324…)

May is yet again posting how her life is in danger, how physically unwell she is (yet they let her out of the hospital to go shopping), how she fears for her life. She is absolutely insufferable and doing the most to be a pest. It’s almost guaranteed that everybody else in that ward is waiting and waiting for their own treatment. The nhs is fucked and underfunded. People die in hospitals waiting for treatment. May isn’t going to be one of them. She didn’t eat for five days so she presented to A&E? What person does that that doesn’t crave attention?

No. 1962555

File: 1707062653941.jpeg (768.43 KB, 828x1528, E22C04F9-CB14-406F-B1E3-F1F17E…)

No. 1962556

File: 1707062812414.jpeg (814.65 KB, 828x1670, 294C7B9F-0946-4400-BBDE-E941E3…)

No. 1962557

File: 1707063016933.jpeg (799.38 KB, 828x1667, FBA0F30B-20EC-4953-9A66-851337…)

No. 1962560

File: 1707063293086.jpeg (646.33 KB, 828x1666, F6F107CE-1D46-4518-ADCD-912DAA…)

No. 1962565

cPTSD is often used to politely indicate EUPD/ BPD.
Surprised that someone so medically compromised can safely take elvanse. Me thinks an EDU would have it straight off her. Besides, insomnia is an inevitable consequence of ‘buzzing’ on amphetamines all day.

No. 1962568

Wtf is she on about. She is tapped in the head, but not in the way she thinks she is or wants to be. Absolutely unhinged behaviour, acting like death is imminent. Must be such a nightmare patient.

No. 1962587

LOL so she pulled a wittle 5 day fast for attention and then ran crying to the doctors? idiot.

No. 1962628

she really lives up to the name of talking a lot. the way she’s trying to go viral makes me think of fi and laura

No. 1962632

writes paragraphs and paragraphs of shit “too physically unwell to communicate my decisions” yeah SURE may.

No. 1962646

>spread this thread far and wide

kek she’s so retarded

No. 1962662

Yet well enough to go to the shops OFF hospital grounds. I have never heard of someone needing a hospital bed well enough to be allowed out shopping. She makes no sense. How and why they haven’t kicked her out idk. I bet they will when the normal drs are back on Monday and when St Ann’s have been contacted.

No. 1962664

Where the fuck are these “autism informed eating disorder settings” ? And what makes her think she’d be high priority for one? The dramatics of this woman I stg she WANTS to lose capacity (and I wouldn’t put it past her to try and fake it)

No. 1962679

and as her “final request” too!! retarded, she wants to make it sound as if she’s on her deathbed but the little mirror selfie she posted here a few days ago proves otherwise. god i have secondhand embarrassment

No. 1962686

So scared she's going to die because she's so unwell, or she's going to soon lose mental capacity…..Writes novel after novel with correct spelling and grammar plus medical terminology. She really picked the right name for her Twitter, didn't she?1 I thought she was kind of mouse-y and boring but someone unleashed a fucking demon in her. Also 'final request'. Kek.
I think there's an option c) here: be kicked out because why did they even admit you in the first place and you're being very ungrateful and 'problematic' here too? You can leave and go grocery shopping? You can go home. I genuinely do not understand British hospitals and their logic.

No. 1962694

File: 1707089460777.jpeg (510.08 KB, 828x1411, EEE877B6-52EA-4637-A0B6-903EE0…)

What malnutrition?? She’s acting like she’s a few days away from dying when the body check she posted here the other day proves otherwise

No. 1962697

KEK the fucking spam ad for shrooms in response.

No. 1962698

Alright, Aliya with your cure-all psilocybin microdosing or whatever you're peddling. Maybe it would shut May up for a bit!

No. 1962787

You were correct with option C.
She's being discharged home. From Twitter, sounds like she's also lost the support she did have from ED service too.(still hasn't learned how to sage)

No. 1962790

kek, this is the same thing that happened to colours: if you're horrible to everyone and uncooperative with all services, then they're just going to stop offering them to you because it's wasted. I don't understand why these idiots don't realize that accusing everyone of being incompetent doesn't make them want to help you.

No. 1962791

File: 1707130148232.jpeg (253.74 KB, 828x1411, 835EE566-598B-4B04-9B65-CE9F15…)

Ward rounds do only tend to last 5 minutes in hospital, im afraid to tell you May. Especially if you’re not even unwell to begin with! Shock! Go home and suffer the consequences of your own demanding, bratty actions

No. 1962792

surely she should know how ward rounds usually look, given that she works for the nhs

No. 1962793

Also, wasn’t she crying and throwing a fit about having to be physically monitored when she was last receiving treatment?? But now that’s what she wants? Because she’s so frail and small and delicate and skinny uwu. Make up your mind. This cow really winds me up. So attention seeking and needing constant validation and reassurance that she’s the sickest of the sick when she’s barely even underweight. Fuck off away home now and stop pretending

No. 1962794

topkek, I can hear the nurses’ collective sigh of relief from here. She must be seething!

No. 1962795

if the hospital is so horrible and she can't eat when she's overwhelmed/stressed, then shouldn't it be better to go home and be in an environment that she can control? make it make sense

No. 1962797

Yep, and I think her not wanting to be weighed in A&E was totally sus. Almost as if she knows her weight is pretty much fine

No. 1962800

I'm surprised May didn't also abandon her twitter account along with instagram

No. 1962802

She seems to get loads of asspats on there for some reason, although mostly from others disgruntled with MH services

No. 1962803

so she’s gone from crying about being posted on here and making a new private instagram to posting on a public twitter account she knows we will all read and not using insta anymore? god make it make sense

No. 1962805

Oh no, she's still using instagram. Has that public twitter as well, which she seems to mostly use to get folk to help her/ tell her which NHS policies she can weaponise against staff to get her own way (see Sepsis 6, MEED, right to choose)(post screenshots or sage)

No. 1962807

What’s she posting on her Instagram? Whining as usual?

No. 1962808

she hasn't posted on instagram since she self-posted in the pro-ana thread

No. 1962809

It's May. It'd kill her if she didn't have something to whinge about.(sage)

No. 1962815

File: 1707135051450.jpeg (631.7 KB, 828x1508, D86EB8E5-34C8-44AF-BFF3-216157…)

Here May is whining and catastrophising again. Apparently her mum is going to have to be her nurse when she’s fully capable of taking care of herself. Again, I refer to being let out of hospital to go shopping. And why can’t she just say fainting? Using the medical jargon does nothing but make her look like the bratty, hypochondriac she is. Oh no, what if you faint?? How dangerous!! I hope her mum is as sick of her as we are. She’s 26 and expecting her mum to nurse her. Grow up

No. 1962841

It’s not and you guys are hilarious that you don’t know who you’re talking to most of the time. You agree with the comments and opinions of the person you then drag in the same fucking breath.
May is a cunt and she’s actually had and having a fuck ton of help from services. She GETS admissions and care and acts like an ungrateful shit. There’s a huge fucking difference between someone who’s an attention seeking cunt, faking and malingering her way into loads of help and treatment and then complains about it; and someone who has NEVER received any help at all in this country and desperately wants to just quietly go and get into treatment, work hard, get out and go have a life.

No. 1962843

Go away, Colours! You're always so fucking obvious. It's embarrassing(hi cow)

No. 1962846

Well now you know how it feels. Welcome to the United fucking Kingdom. Except, oh yea: you DO get whole teams of support and admissions and special units and just so much care. You have no idea what ‘no care’ means. Literally no care. Come back when you’ve been left with zero for almost 3 years and you have some idea of what it actually means to have no care. Come back when you’ve been pissing blood for a year but nobody even cares about that except say ‘well there is no infection so there’s nothing to do.’ Welcome to the fucking nhs. Murderers.

No. 1962847

Clearly not because I have so many conversations on these boards with people who agree with everything I say and appreciated my stuff.
Oh and the perma-bans? They run out on their own in a few weeks: there’s no ‘ban evading’, you just one day aren’t banned anymore so idk what to tell you about that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1962854

File: 1707144844719.jpeg (512.8 KB, 828x1417, 5E404218-DDEC-498C-BCB8-AE2AA6…)

Back to day patient May goes. Commence the onslaught on complaining and whining once she starts

No. 1962855

File: 1707146281289.png (54.72 KB, 707x719, lmao.PNG)

I'm still wondering if you're posting from your ipod on one IP, and posting using your phone on a second (mobo data). Because you were banned earlier today for your wall of text with talking about your ex-friend Sally). And kek at the temper tantrum on your insta following being banned again.

No. 1962860

Probably just to shut her up rather than any clinical need for it, especially as she literally named/tagged her local trust. Any lurkers from St Ann’s DP might want to prepare themselves for the onslaught of shit coming their way, Godspeed kek

Go away you fucking sociopath(stop giving attention whores attention)

No. 1962868

Almost sure st Ann’s is where she had her last day patient that she threw a tantrum over

No. 1962979

It's becoming more known that the majority of those diagnosed with EUPD have a background of trauma. The diagnosis was given out way too often in the last couple of decades to young women that had trauma without going into their backgrounds. Unfortunately these new young women with the diagnosis are playing into the stereotype that a lot of older women tried to change.

No. 1962980

In the UK you are left unless you have family to fight for you to help help.

No. 1962988

Yep. Third world place.

No. 1962996

is she still in hospital or has she been discharged yet?

No. 1963027

funny how she wants her mum to be her nurse again but was posting that her mum was severely abusing her until she went to the hospital

No. 1963032

discharged now(no caps = not milk, sage it)

No. 1963033

She posted a bunch of stories summarising the last 2 weeks - I’ve managed to listen to 30mins of them but I can’t listen to any more she’s insufferable
Apparently they (her ED team) wouldn’t allow the hospital team to give her an NGT because she’d “become too attached” to it which she denies….yet it’s obvious she’d threaten them anytime they try to remove it - she moans and complains about the care she receives and how it isn’t up to the standard of all the guidelines she reads and how she was left with no nutrition in hospital. So I can absolutely see her throwing a fit if they tried to remove an ng because it was “too unsafe”.
Moans about how it’s sooo super unsafe with refeeding she her bloods and BP were fine
Also upset her EUPD diagnosis was bought up again yet in one story talks about how amazing and caring the consultant was then in the next story says how horrible and terrible he was….splitting much??(multiple unsaged posts. no caps = not milk, sage it)

No. 1963037

don't forget the doctor telling her she was so skinny they could feel her organs

No. 1963040

and that the hospital ED is her “safe space” to calm down yet she isn’t attached to services…(still hasn't learned how to sage)

No. 1963043

the sheer amount of melodrama in her description of fainting because she dehydrated herself makes it super obvious that she's never fainted before.

No. 1963048

I watched a little further and she wants to go after her consultant for neglect or whatever because she "fainted on his watch" and then he "only prescribed fortisip" that she refused to actually drink because she was transparently asking for an ng tube instead. Kek, I don't understand how she works in a fucking hospital and thinks that doctors are going to lose their shit about vasovagal syncope.

No. 1963087

this is infuriating. people actually suffer neglect and die from it in hospitals. they didn’t neglect her; they saw through all her babyish bratty bullshit and treated her accordingly

No. 1963239

File: 1707245269701.jpeg (637.57 KB, 828x1378, F9367CAD-F753-46F9-9029-AE8997…)

The way she’s including her medical notes to let everyone know how super wuper mentally ill she is. And just to clarify guys it was 1+kg a week, god, can’t the medical professionals get anything right

No. 1963244

Elvanse causes tachycardia!

No. 1963253

LOLL at the overdose on paracetamol…only a BPDchan would do that

No. 1963260

“who is well known to mental health services” yes because she goes to a&e when she doesn’t eat for 5 days and demands what she thinks she needs to anybody who listens and now they all hate her :)(integrate)

No. 1963266

She won’t listen to this or even take it into consideration. Nooo it will have to be her super severe anorexia that causes it because she’s so super duper frail

No. 1963398

Also blanking the number of tablets but leaving ‘which did not require treatment’ in

No. 1963469

kek that was the most hilarious part

No. 1963476

>loosing less than 500g
Has me screaming. Who's writing this shit

No. 1963479

She’s struck out her BMI only partially, leaving the first number - 1 still visible.

No. 1963486

so we know how super sick she is

No. 1963583

Well it's a fairly good guess it starts with a 1: she's not under BMI 10 but she is slim with not much muscle mass so I could see it being under 20. I wonder if they'll ever get a better measuring system than bmi though.

No. 1963631

File: 1707352383286.jpeg (420.13 KB, 749x1099, Laurahairagain.jpeg)

Where does all Laura's money come from? She seems to get her hair cut and colored about every 2 months, and that looks suspiciously like the latest iphone.

No. 1963646

If you have been on a section 3 and are now in supported living you get a normal benefit which I'm guessing with Laura will be ESA still then an added disability premium and she will get high rate PIP. She is probably getting over £1000 a month and doesn't have anything to pay out in terms of rent and bills so of course she is happy with £1000+ disposable income for doing nothing apart from blagging mental illness. Seriously these young ones have realised it's better to blag mental illness, get put in hospital, keep acting out until a section 3 knowing they will then be given housing, benefits and support with no responsibility rather than a few years ago young women got all this but had to have a baby which meant responsibility and having to get a home with bills etc. I can't believe professionals didn't watch the documentary and see exactly how she was playing the system then!

No. 1963657

ESA? Someone said if you're in hospital over a year your benefits stop? I don't know. But what you've said is just shocking when you think about people working full time minimum wage jobs and having to struggle to pay for housing and groceries etc.

No. 1963690

You will still get some form of benefit in hospital as not everyone will have someone to send them money for toiletries etc. once you get discharged you can then apply for all benefits again. Laura is definitely on high rate for them all due to being supported living and being on a section 3 I'm sure she also mentioned a CTO. This is where the benefit system in the UK is failing. There needs to be a lot more monitoring for those under 30 especially with social media as what they claim doesn't add up with what they post. Yet if they told assessors what they did daily they would be seen to be more capable than what they claim. Laura can clearly make trips on her own, go shopping etc yet if someone hasn't been on a section 3 and living in supported and stated they could do this it would go against them

No. 1963691

@katbeatsanorexia mentioned you could still get a bit of benefit even if you had been in hospital over 6 months. They just have saved loads during their stays as well then.

No. 1963697

Before I enlarged this photo, I thought it was Porgie

No. 1963906

Isn’t it funny how all the milk has stopped now she’s no longer in hospital. BPD bitch for sure no matter how much she tries to deny it

No. 1964269

As someone who’s been in hospital, esa is reduced after spending 6 months in hospital but you still get a certain amount. If she’s on universal credit opposed to esa you generally get more and with her being in supported living and ~history~ I imagine she’s getting the highest rate with is £700+ and if she’s claiming pip and exaggerating her issues/struggles and getting the highest rate on there that’s £650+ so near on £1500 to spend however she wants. Also I’ve heard of supported livings giving money each week to residents for food or ‘activities’.

If she is starting to work she would need to tell universal credit and PIP and would more than likely lose both of those payments if not it’s technically benefits fraud if she doesn’t tell them her change of circumstances…

No. 1964272

File: 1707510891854.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1170x2169, IMG_5907.jpeg)

Possible new milk? (I think she’s been posted in previous threads though)
(New farmer so sorry if I saged this wrong)

Look who I found, BPD cow up to the same old shit, having ‘life threatening’ incidents multiple times a week, hates staff staff hate her, yet she’s still informal and threatens to off herself daily

No. 1964274

File: 1707511138262.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1170x2030, IMG_5908.jpeg)

Unsure of if she’s been posted before, but even the mh side of TikTok cows hate her

Names Katya, uk cow, BPD, overall attention seeker and liar. Posts videos of her attempting it on a bridge and then gets picked up by the police. Lies constantly and makes shit up also can’t lip sync to save her life - it’s embarrassing. Says she doesn’t want to be in hospital but complains when they discharge her. Been accused of killing past pets and animal abuse. Most recently (i think she deleted the video) but posted a TikTok stating she thinks her dr has seen her TikTok about wanting to go home as he’s discharging her Monday but was miming to the sound ‘you’re a mean mean man’ guarantee she’ll ’do something’ over the weekend to stop her discharge but don’t forget she doesn’t want to be in hospital at all!!!!

No. 1964275

File: 1707511311795.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1170x2036, IMG_5910.jpeg)

Possible new cow?

Lottie, another uk cow currently sectioned. Posts a lot of herself with dressings and bandages also known to post a lot about wanting to die and self harming. Been in and out of hospital A LOT.

Not sure if she’s a cow contender, I have access to a lot of the UK cows (undercover farmer here) so let me know if there’s anyone in particular you’ve been wondering about because I probably know their account (even if they get deleted regularly and make new ones)

No. 1964276

sorry fucking what?? that’s a ridiculous amount of money to sit on your ass all day. other people are as unwell if not more unwell than her and have to work otherwise they can’t live. absolutely ridiculous

No. 1964280

this is not a cow this is an actual crazy person. look at her arms nona. she is not faking whatever the fuck she has. bleak

No. 1964281

people can be both. kelly ronahan is a prime example of a cow that genuinely hurt herself really badly.

No. 1964288

Disgusting when people are having benefits stopped or reduced and are committing suicide due to the mental pressure of assessments. These cows then get admitted to hospital, flaunt around like they are rehearsing for a dance competition. Get on a section 3 and placed on discharge in supported living and are set up with no fight for benefits,no bills and no responsibilities but then make out how hard life is for them. Like I said before it's the new way to get everything handed to you on a plate without like in the past having to have the responsibility of a child!

No. 1964295

File: 1707514137342.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x2004, IMG_5913.jpeg)

Alex moorhouse - another UK cow, been in hospital for 2+ years, does a lot of days in the life on a psych ward. Currently in another ‘relapse’ was doing really well for a while close to being informal had unescorted leave and now back to square one. Posts a lot of depressing posts and shit

No. 1964296

if you're going to post this parade of basically identical fat women, it'd help to give more detail/lore instead of two sentences saying that they might be a cow. It's hard for anyone to really get interested in them otherwise or understand what makes them milky.

No. 1964301

File: 1707516381795.jpeg (228.6 KB, 828x1412, 9A984FC1-2C36-436F-AF4A-EE6161…)

Why is this cow still under the impression she’ll get refeeding syndrome?

No. 1964317

Not to WK but if anyone (even overweight wannabes) were to not eat ANYTHING for an extended period and lose a certain % of bodyweight they can get refeeding syndrome. Sure it’s more likely to happen in super skellies but it can happen to anyone.

No. 1964321

Who even thinks about their phone when they are that desperate? Anyone that is posting when on a bridge, taking tablets, self harming are clearly attention seeking. In your lowest moments the last thing you do is turn on your phone and go on social media. You don't think about anything else apart from doing what you're doing.

No. 1964356

Yea what is this now: lolcow fatty scumbags?

No. 1964361

nta but come on, this thread is so dead and slow moving, we should be more enthusiastic about potential new cows. plus the fat ones are usually a lot more fun to laugh at anyway.

No. 1964362

I mean, new cows are welcome, but nonna literally introduced each one with "I'm not sure if they're a cow" and a single picture. If nonna would give us some milky stories about shit they've done in the past, other people are more likely to get interested in discussing them. I'm genuinely not trying to slam nonna for offering new cows.

No. 1964372

Yes actually, if you're farming to order: Ceylon. @cha0tic_creature. Fat 'anorexic' meth head with terrible dress sense and a penchant for reposting her triggering poetry and her scars. Last seen cross dressing with glitter mustache.
@theyngel_ : apparently former AN, now fat. Aussie but last I heard was moving to the UK specifically because she thought the healthcare was so good and she would get specialist DID treatment, because she was 'ready to accept treatment'. Love to know how that went.
Katie, @given.uppppppppp. Always in and out of hospital, and abusive relationships. Has a kid.
@perfectly.imperfect.xx Mel? Aussie though. Fat 'atypical anorexia' and bpd.
That's probably enough for now.

No. 1964462

Have you not seen becca/grace in the proana thread? Genuinely ill, still milks the illness for attention…so still a cow

No. 1964528

Everyone who's having a bitch about a farmer presenting new milk, how bout you contribute. Someone can be very ill and still be a cow. BPD has 100s of possible variations in symptoms. But also, those choosing to be extra for attention and not moving towards improvement and posting for ass pats is core behavior. They're weight has nothing to do with it. If anything, those with BPD are prone to binge/ comfort eating. If you're caught up on someone's weight, go to the anachan thread. >>1964274 Thanks Nona for bringing some milk. This chick has killed pets wtf?! >>1964295 and 2+ yrs in Hospital is a pisstake. If you're in that long you're not doing shit to try to recover. These cows are choosing to be defiant and extra SiCk due the views and sympathy. Keep posting

No. 1964576

>>1964272 what is her account called? I've been wondering where she went

No. 1964612

File: 1707598630337.jpeg (975.43 KB, 1170x1171, IMG_5927.jpeg)

Latest photo of Ceylan (cha0tic_creature) from what I understand she is back in hospital after attempting multiple times in the last 6-8 months, goes on leave a lot with her friends to go for food. I think she’s going to a long term hospital, still writing/posting triggering poetry and I can confirm her fashion sense has not inproved

No. 1964617

File: 1707599110862.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1170x2142, IMG_5928.jpeg)


More milk on this Katya (katstruggling23) she constantly posts on TikTok and Snapchat asking people for money saying she has bills to pay or needs food to eat (she is currently inpatient so isn’t exactly without food) I’m talking every few days asking people for money. She’s notorious for not paying people back and Hollie (other uk fag) has gone online saying how she thinks Katya has a gambling problem hence the constant need for money

She has also reportedly lied about losing a child even using pictures of another persons dead baby claiming it was hers (sick) regarding the killing of past pets she was regularly getting reported to the rspca by people on TikTok, most recently she got a puppy (this was last year before she was sectioned) her supported living wouldn’t let her have a pet there so the dog stayed at her dads and apparently was always in a cage and she would ‘go missing’ every other day and attempt and then go to A&E would get sent home by crisis and repeat multiple times a week and the poor dog was just neglected constantly

No. 1964619

I literally had to dig back through the threads to make sure it's the woman I was thinking of…wtf has she done, she was actually pretty at one point.

No. 1964621

File: 1707600438439.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x2142, IMG_5929.jpeg)

One thing I will NEVER understand is when people willingly put up videos or pictures with something like this stuck to their head. Why would you do that? It’s giving sanitary towel vibes that em used to do over on the pro ana scumbag thread back when she was inpatient years back. For context this video was about being able to stop self harm whenever she wants to and then coming back and saying ‘welcome back to watch mojo where we are counting down the top 10 stupidest people’ (TikTok sound)

I know I didn’t bring the milk last night when I posted these, I was half asleep but this thread is dryyyy and scrolling on my TikTok fyp I roll my eyes at so many cows I thought I would share.

The biggest thing with a lot of these uk cows is the constant posts during ‘crisis’ where they’ve either attempted or are going to which immediately erupts with countless comments of people who are worried. OR they post some depressing post and then that’s quickly followed by another post saying ‘don’t worry I’m safe’ it’s like none of these people can struggle without telling the internet

No. 1964623

File: 1707600726833.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x1156, IMG_5930.jpeg)

Her fashion sense is definitely ‘unique’ and I wouldn’t think it was the same person at all!

No. 1964624

I recognise her I think. Did she write a book and everyone was congratulating it at one point? I don’t think n I ever followed her but would like to know more about her story. I saw people having mixed opinions of her at the time of the book

No. 1964626


She is an absolute cow. Constantly going to hospital for one thing or another. Makes up physical health problems and “drs are so concerned” etc. then there is nothing wrong with her.

Goes “missing” but then posts videos and photos next to London landmarks and acts surprised when she is “found”. Threatens to jump, never actually does anything but gets a 136 in different areas and discharged as soon as a consultant looks at her notes.

She only ever has headbanging marks when she’s in or has been near any hospitals else she has a normal forehead.

Gets a lot of hate online but also seems to absolutely thrive off it. Hardcore BPDchan

No. 1964628

File: 1707601961641.jpeg (822.42 KB, 1170x1155, IMG_5935.jpeg)

Unable to find any proper posts on her instagram about her book as she restarted her insta so it doesn’t go all the way back. Found this post which is art that someone drew about her poems so might be linked? From what I understand Ceylan has been in and out of inpatient for years, she also struggled with drugs and alcohol. She used to be underweight due to anorexia and her drug addiction and has also self harmed on almost every single part of her body. She is now more than likely overweight and struggles with sobriety and self harm still with attempts and sectioning. Her ‘poems’ are triggering as fuck about sexual assault and what happened to her. I wasn’t on any of her pages during the time she first published her book but I know it was a collection of some of her poems so I can’t comment on the mixed reviews that people may have had.

No. 1964629

File: 1707602254008.jpeg (407.79 KB, 1536x1920, IMG_5938.jpeg)

(This is my best attempt at getting 2 photos in 1 photo)

But for comparison the bottom photo is what she used to look like and the top photo one of her semi recent photos on instagram

No. 1964654

Animal abuse is the absolute lowest of the low; the absolute limit. I cannot take it. If I see this bitch I am not responsible for my actions. Abusing dogs is pure evil.

No. 1964655

I hate this one. Seriously takes the fucking piss. She should be thrown out forever and I don't get why some people are but cunts like this are kept and given more and more. Still fat af I see.
Is she still cross dressing? She had a whole other account as a male alter ego but I forgot the name.

No. 1964656

Dude she was never pretty, but she didn't look so much like a freak show at least when she had hair. I don't even know where one would buy such gross clothes.

No. 1964660

Do they all copy each other with the head banging? I don't see the attraction, and I can say I've felt very crap and done a lot of things but never has it ever occurred to me that I should try and make a forehead vagina; for one thing your neck is probably going to hurt and get really tight from potentially whiplash and that feels like shit. And that will probably give you a headache. AND you look like a complete tard. I can't see the attraction at all.

No. 1964663

She wrote at least one. Well one was published but I think she was writing more. I don't want to read her garbage but one old open IG of hers is @writing.in.dim.lighting. She looked less nightmarish on this one but it's full of her shitty poetry.

No. 1964666

Honestly I've never seen her underweight. Claims anorexia but I've only seen her normal size or overweight. How does someone manage to be a meth head and be obese? Thinks she's special because apparently the UK doesn't have a meth problem the way other countries like America do, so she's a very rare and special creature, for being addicted to meth. Yea.

No. 1964667

Why? Just why? There is no need. The meth must have rotted her brain right out.
Thanks for the pictures Nonnie, I'm guessing she still thinks she's 'redefining normal', but this really ain't it.

No. 1964678

File: 1707610896497.jpeg (274.02 KB, 749x1108, docusoapbox1.jpeg)

Extremely old milk that Laura is still trying to revive/relive/I don't even know.
She really 'still gets people thanking her' for being in this tv show?

No. 1964679

File: 1707610993048.jpeg (448.26 KB, 750x1100, docusoapbox3.jpeg)

Did anyone ever say 'you're so strong' about her 'not eating' ?

No. 1964680

File: 1707611068724.jpeg (155.93 KB, 749x917, AILaura.jpeg)

Is this Laura made by AI?

No. 1964681

File: 1707611167041.png (4.01 MB, 750x1334, engaged.png)

Also the ring is on her engagement finger/hand. Coincidence?

No. 1964689

File: 1707612125832.png (2.62 MB, 750x1334, stoplaura.png)

Laura really does need to have this conversation with herself. But dying? Come on now.

No. 1964699

File: 1707613847757.jpeg (172.58 KB, 749x1215, FE8C406C-7D62-4060-9502-B537AE…)

Emily educating staff

No. 1964704

wait..it's been six months already!? jesus time flies if that's true

No. 1964820

pretty sure that is a >£100 pandora ring, if someone proposed to her with that, that is pretty sad.

No. 1964840

I think she just put it on that finger either to make people wonder or because she’s dumb and didn’t know.

No. 1964843

Not to WK but it’s really not that deep. I wear a ring on that finger. Who cares ?

No. 1964845

File: 1707662291801.png (602.57 KB, 750x1334, C86FB3C4-7DA2-41E7-A92F-B24D79…)

All is not actually well with Enara. She’s still constantly going to hospital, so she says.

No. 1964846

if an attention-seeking munchie is admitted and didn't tell the 'gram about it, did they really get a new hospital band for their collection?

No. 1964856

File: 1707665307358.png (150.24 KB, 853x837, Screenshots_2024-02-11-10-29-2…)

if that ain't the sad ass pitiful, shameful fuckin truth

No. 1964857

Honestly, she could've spent her time in a much worse way so not gonna knock her for this one however self indulgent and pointless all that studying was.

No. 1964858

File: 1707665596039.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1326x1616, IMG_3184.jpeg)

Some skimmed May milk. Pretending mushrooms are a ‘fear’ (no gurl, you are nowhere near baby bicep level) and asking for dietetic advice on Twitter, because we all know clinicians love dealing with rando Cluster B whiners in their spare time..

It’s a shame they can’t like, ban her from ER. Imagine you’re in there with your kid who’s caught meningitis or your leg’s hanging off after a car wreck or something and you hear this fat lump crying about their poor feefees. I wouldn’t usually judge people presenting for MH reasons (if they’re not a munchie, that is) but this bitch might as well move in for all the resources she hogs

No. 1964869

File: 1707669541157.jpeg (238.76 KB, 828x615, CCDA2E9E-BAC6-4FE6-9C79-2A8A35…)

She also thinks the hospital gave her a serious GI infection. Of course something else had to happen to her whilst she was in hospital. Obviously the negligence and mistreatment wasn’t enough. I hate this cow so fucking much

No. 1964917

File: 1707683681196.jpeg (485.96 KB, 828x1415, 23A8FB2C-5B60-4DE2-8376-57C754…)

Now she’s contemplating a go fund me for eating disorder treatment. Seriously what it is with these cows begging for other people’s money? Just go to work like the rest of us

No. 1964921

File: 1707684549983.jpeg (300.39 KB, 1303x499, IMG_3185.jpeg)

based ED consultant

No. 1964923

File: 1707684952466.jpeg (260.68 KB, 1331x470, IMG_3186.jpeg)

Can’t talk bc dripping tap but has a job on a presumably busy? paediatric ward. It’s these little slip ups (like when she said she was buzzing on ADD meds) that make it so easy for anyone with knowledge/experience to see how completely full of shit she is

No. 1964954

Bingo! Called that one.

No. 1964958

Does anyone know what May means when she says 'homeless'? She exaggerates things so much that it's hard to know how to interpret what she says.

No. 1964983

wait she's asking for donations for ED treatment but it's for safe foods? are patients in ED treatment allowed to just have their own food and not eat the food provided by the facility? what would even be the point of being inpatient then? just do outpatient you fucking dumb cow

No. 1964984

she's an outpatient and is asking for money to buy her groceries. What I don't understand is why she can't get benefits from the government if she's really unable to work

No. 1964990

If she's in the UK she will be eligible for benefits. She is probably on high rate but is still begging for money which is disgusting! Also she can access food banks which may not have her "safe" foods but would give her grocery essentials so she could then spend money on her "safe" foods.
Noone in the UK that is unable to work due to mental illness with no dependants etc needs to ask followers for money, groceries, gifts etc. They will be getting rent paid, highest benefits so uez they would have to pay utilities but if a single mum on the same and in some cases less benefits can survive without begging these cows can too!

No. 1964991

File: 1707703567591.png (178.58 KB, 424x623, Screen Shot 2024-02-11 at 8.07…)

She claims to be entitled to nothing. After looking up the rules since I'm not a UKfag, does this imply she must have savings she's not mentioning or that she hasn't been told she can't work?

No. 1964992

You can actually ban people from the ED in australia. They have a like warning system where if you get warnings and if you get enough the hospital won’t provide care unless you’re basically dead or dying. They’ll just organise a taxi to a different hospital or call the cops and make them take you home or something. Usually happens to drug addict patients who are violent on multiple occasions

No. 1965071

(Uk farmer here) If she's not able to get UC she either has savings or hasn’t been signed off unable to work OR she doesn’t meet any of the criteria that means she’s unable to work, if she’s filled out the form to apply for UC and they’ve got nope sorry she is fully able to work and has no evidence to support her claim that she can’t. With her saying PIP is her only option then all I can say is good luck haha, PIP is so so much harder to qualify for and if UC turned her down then more than likely pip will. Not only does it take months to get a PIP claim you also have to give loads of evidence supporting your claim including doctors notes explaining your conditions and how it impacts you daily and if you’ve managed to supply those you will then have an interview with someone from PIP to get you signed off and even then the claim amounts differ from the lower pay bracket to the large pay bracket.

She can work, she has no evidence to support her being unable to she’s just being a lazy bitch.

No. 1965082

This is about incest Becca so replying on here to keep the proana thread neat and because Becca is the biggest narc I've ever met so fits here more than the other thread
But I'm scared to KEK some of us have got chatting off the thread to work out who each other are. Rambly one, strap in…
She tells everyone different versions of her "trauma" (her grandad WAS the pedo ring leader of the church for me, but they were two seperate men to someone else. She told me her closest call suicide attempt was on train tracks, and the G force pushed her out the way and she injured her ankle falling. She told someone else she jumped out the way a little late and hurt her shin. She told her parents and closest friends at the time that some random man ran over pushed her out the way. Her parents got the guy flowers and thank you gifts and turned up at his door. Turns out she was just normal. Stood next to the tracks and got chatting about how she was going to do it but there's a kids park not too far from the jump site so she didn't want to traumatise them.)
The ongoing theory is that she does that on purpose, so we all have our own version of events, and that she can work out who's gossiping.
Wee tidbits of milk though, Star is a diabetic and when they moved into the same supported accomodation, Becca got one of her monitors and posted a selfie with it boasting that she has non diabetic hypoglycemia as a result of long term anorexia. Never saw another monitor after that. She does carry around a finger prick test, though. It's the carry case she allegedly keeps her benzos in now.
Her sister is just as strange and walks around the house with her tits out regardless of what guests are in the house. They were clearly sexually exploited growing up, as there's no other explaination.
This ones a bit tricky to explain without outing the ex-friend so I'll try my best, but Becca/Star/Libby/Abby or someone in that group (>>1964454) have been posting screenshots of the chats between Becca and an ex-friend to this thread, from the ex-friends POV, pretending to be posting to the thread AS the ex-friend. If you follow? Me and one other person have used the name drop to work out who the ex-friend is and she genuinely didn't know she was getting spoken about on/"exposed" on the thread. I think she's lurking again now though for obvious reasons, she thinks Star/'Grace'/Libby are going to start posting her private social media posts out of spite (which wouldn't be suprising).
So ex-friend basically sent screenshots of her and Beccas chats to about a dozen people when they stopped being friends last October. The ex friend was introduced to lolcow by Becca(she knows her as Grace) so hasn't lurked since October/November, and again didn't even know someone was posting pretending to be her. (>>1962769)
Our current tinfoil is that Becca has run out of current excuses to be mollycoddled in hospital, so her and her new friends banded together and started "exposing" her on here, immediately trying to back track when they realised how many others have stories to share that Becca can't control the narrative of. The ex-friend was best friends with Becca and Libby at one point, fell out with them both last year over the two of them being liars (I haven't asked for more details), and then suddenly the two of them became thick as theives. Libby got sent a bunch of screenshots of chats between Becca and the ex-friend, so we think that when Libby and Becca started bonding over their mutual hate for the ex-friend, and Libby sent the screenshots like "look, she's been bitching about you behind your back the whole time", Becca then saved the screenshots from the ex-friends POV and started posting them alongside milky details she didn't mind sharing, then getting Star (or maybe Libby) to backtrack and try to make her seem less of a predator once she realised how dumb that was, because of how many people hate her and have been waiting on their chance to post about her.
We're all now nervous about posting because we realise that we've all been told different details about each "trauma". She voice records EVERYTHING so it'd be no suprise if she had a journal where she took note of which "details" she told which person and will know who's saying what on here.
Again I know that was a rambly response but this wee group of us are now all nervous to keep posting in case she can work out which ones have posted, and what each person said. Hopefully someone still in her followers list can start providing recent milk as I bet you she's having a "breakdown" over being posted, likely back inpatient too.
I've not read this over for grammar/punctuation issues so ignore them if there is any, I think if I read it I'll back out of posting it, and I've lurked for a while but never posted by myself before so hope I got the right format.

No. 1965084

Wtf? UC is a needs based assessment and I got awarded incapacity to work & work related activities indefinitely for my PTSD until I've completed therapy. It's just over £300 a month mind you but I get my rent paid for and next to no council tax (£20ish a year or something). I didn't find the process too hard, and I was homeless at the time of applying, too. So I'm genuinely curious as to how she's fucked that up so much(blogposting)

No. 1965087

Back when she was beccaheals I followed her and she switched up her trauma story a lot. First it was an uncle, then grandad, then church leader and then someone that worked at her school? She’s been called out before for this and I think even deleted and remade her account because of ‘hate’ she was getting. When it was people just pointing out her own behaviour and how her story didn’t make sense. I agree with being a narc she literally refuses to admit to her awful behaviour and blames everyone else constantly

No. 1965088

jesus fucking christ this is wild she’s an absolute fucking nutcase

No. 1965097

You don’t always have to have an interview for PIP but you do have a massive package to fill out, explaining how your conditions affect each area of your daily life. You have to write A LOT , but we know she talks a lot so maybe she will get it. It’s much harder than UC to get. I don’t know if you can even get PIP without getting UC.

No. 1965098

You can get PIP/ADP regardless of income. You could be homeless on UC or a successful business owner with a 7 figure bank balance and your PIP/ADP will continue. That's why it's so hard to get, because if you're deemed eligible then unless there's a major change to your condition it won't even be reviewed

No. 1965100

does her ability to get UC depend at all on her mom's income? like, is this maybe evidence that her mother is doing pretty well financially and so May isn't eligible because she lives with her mother?

No. 1965102

Also the PIP process takes months and months to complete: phone call with them where they ask questions, wait for them to send you a form (or some areas can do it online but not everywhere!) Fill out the form which takes a long time if you do it in a way that will get you anything. Add supporting documents. Send it back to them and they then have about 6 weeks to look at it and maybe give you another interview before they make a decision.

No. 1965103

You can live with family and still get UC. I’m assuming she can’t get it because she’s working?

No. 1965105

she told her manager a week or two ago that she was feeling too emotionally unstable to work right now and hasn't worked since, but I guess probably that doesn't count as "not working" because nobody has told her she can't?

No. 1965107

samefag, but I think that's why she started trying to figure out how to get money without working so she can keep buying the pricy oat milk for babies or whatever that she insists she has to have

No. 1965132

I find it hilarious that she told her manager she’s too ‘emotionally unstable’ to work but she is constantly vehemently denying she has ‘eupd’, and insists on calling it that instead of bpd like everyone else.

No. 1965133

Samefag. Even not working without being signed off should get you UC right? It’s replaced all the separate benefits like Job Seekers’, disability, whatever there used to be, so everyone gets UC, afaik. That’s why it’s called ‘universal credit.’

No. 1965140

This is wild. I'm unfamiliar with this cow so this was a wild ride to read. She definitely had the pathalogic lying down to an art. The fact she records everything is crazy. It's almost like premeditated revenge documenting. When you tell so many lies they eventually catch up cause it's hard to keep track of what is said to who, but if it's possible she keeps a track of her lies is also nuts. This chick has more than just BPD, she's unhinged

No. 1965142

This bitch…. I feel almost irrationally angry, or maybe it's valid in dunno. But pretending to lose a child and using someone else's picture is fucking psychotic, pair that with the animal abuse and grifting and possible gambling addiction and she starting to sound more sociopathic or NPD. Please keep posting her milk. This cow is fascinating

No. 1965238

File: 1707764237602.jpeg (270.12 KB, 1198x1212, IMG_7145.jpeg)

Looks like the doctors are fully on to munchie May

No. 1965240

File: 1707764835045.jpeg (86.61 KB, 828x707, B849D54C-D6C5-4856-8723-83B4DB…)

shes not special or unique or the only one who has an eating disorder so why does she act like she is? just engage in your endless support from ed services rather than whining about it

No. 1965241

File: 1707764897550.jpeg (224.79 KB, 828x587, 012AB35B-750D-4FF7-A42E-78EAD9…)

Spoke too soon oops

No. 1965242

File: 1707765047660.jpeg (275.61 KB, 828x722, 78A6BEDC-7AB4-4BE2-AD33-049D8A…)

Doesn’t seem like lies from what she posted last week. Also the badly scribbled out personal info so we can see she’s BMI 17 and her doctor was dr evans

No. 1965304

You must have good eyes; I cannot see that! But I believe you.
'Absolute food refusal is not typical of AN' KEK I love it. She's so full of shit. Nobody told May or Laura that anorexics don't just completely not eat; that's what attention seekers do.

No. 1965400

She’s also been whining about how they cancel her shifts and show concern about her behavior (assuming she brings her own personal brand of insanity to work). I’m sure her manager is glad to have a break. If I found out one of my employees posted a body check on an anonymous forum to own the haters I would probably fire her immediately, so I am surprised she still has a job.

No. 1965434

god damn wish we could send all the cows in these threads to May's doctors

No. 1965435

kek, is she trying to imply that she's also stopped drinking entirely? come on, she has to know that you can't stop drinking for very long without actually dying

No. 1965452

if she wasn't eating at all, why was she going grocery shopping while she was literally in the hospital. makes no fucking sense.

No. 1965475

“reports of not eating are inconsistent with BMI of 17”…. i’m HOWLING

No. 1965488

Tbh I don't think you should be worried about being able to stick around, I think your group should find ways to get out this is so unhealthy to be around even if she is a laughingstock.. narcissists will always find ways to try and break you, it's not good to be around people like that. Regardless, the milk is good and I appreciate the posts.

No. 1965495

Nothing like a good kick in the teeth for May. I love to see it

No. 1965496

The majority of us are "scorned old friends", the person who's stuck around Becca/Grace the longest so far is Star. We're all just worried about speaking out because she probably knows who is saying what.
Any milk being brought up is historic (4+ months minimum) for the sole reason that we cut her off / got cut off for pointing out her hypocrisy so can't see what she's up to right now (other than exchanging roses on the beach and going ice skating with Abby)
I've only noticed one anon say that they're still "friends" so far but I'm almost certain there are others reading this who want to say something but don't want caught / not sure how to post on here

No. 1965586

File: 1707841481275.png (2.05 MB, 750x1334, EA23CF96-7A10-4255-BCA0-238677…)

Laura does not have one unique thought in her head, ever.

No. 1965587

File: 1707841522848.png (3.18 MB, 750x1334, 4D907B22-5A5C-41F7-BD54-8BE092…)

No. 1965675

File: 1707852198751.jpeg (126.7 KB, 828x437, 3B398C5A-A0E9-43C7-983B-C7E0A2…)

What is it with anachans and larpers eating baby food? I get it if you have children but the fact she went out and bought them for herself?? I’ve seen people eat actual baby food pouches as well. How long until May starts that and blames it on her sooper sewious autism?

No. 1965878

File: 1707899156313.jpeg (296.45 KB, 828x1094, 315A4321-A514-455C-AD68-218762…)

the deleted comment was someone asking what it felt like for may when she eats. here’s a hot take: if eating makes you feel that bad, engage in the services you begged for!

No. 1965898

File: 1707914057644.jpeg (244.45 KB, 828x603, 7041A12C-582A-4B13-8F30-F8D496…)

Poor May, her life is so hard. How can she have refeeding oedema if she’s not recovering?

No. 1965904

But at least she can post updates to Twitter so all the plebs can kiss her arse for doing the bare minimum! It’s funny though, it sounds like even her doctors don’t think she has anorexia going by the notes and her histrionics. Between that and her ill-thought out body check here she’s totally cemented herself as a LARPer extraordinaire

No. 1965917

Oh and during COVID her delusional smooth brain tried to convince herself and everyone around her that she was exempt from isolation because she had a nonce in her childhood. Even when she came into contact with someone who tested positive, she didn't isolate because she was "exempt". I don't have screenshots or any proof other than she said it at the time…take it or leave it but I swear it's true

No. 1965918

she’s currently in the process of making a complaint against the very company she works for

No. 1966041

File: 1707940785023.jpeg (780.54 KB, 828x1417, EE48F7BE-A957-4285-A9AF-2F63C2…)

She now has ARFID and not anorexia. Hmm very fitting

No. 1966047

>>1964272 can somebody please tell me what haley's new account actually is

No. 1966229

When the ana wont get you a tube so youve got to switch it up and try another angle
Hopefully they see through this

No. 1966245

File: 1707997213386.jpg (146.86 KB, 1080x1966, Screenshot_2024-02-15-12-41-01…)

Absolutely not delusional.

No. 1966319

i s2g enara must send all these messages to herself, her posts average 10-20 likes while her tellonym receives so many messages. i don't think anyone apart from this thread cares about her Instagram

No. 1966367

File: 1708021464585.png (2.72 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_1900.png)

is becca hinting a somewhat type of friendship with a male?

No. 1966385

I thought she was out of hospital? That's the hospital ceiling

No. 1966390

File: 1708026024499.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1157x2056, 59DC8768-308E-48FC-A18C-623363…)

ew her hand and her face and her hair. everything about her is cringe and attention seeking

No. 1966422

if this isn’t a self-post, u need to go outside and touch some grass. you sound like a child. sure she’s cringe but not for her hair hands face….wtf are u on abt?(unintegrated)

No. 1966439

womp womp

No. 1966442

She’s too ugly to be a narc.

No. 1966444

What does this even mean?

No. 1966446

Are we going to acknowledge Laura’s attention seeking ‘please be kind’ post or are we just moving along?

No. 1966457

File: 1708037329743.png (3.54 MB, 750x1334, 883221F4-2BB6-4323-9A31-CC48F9…)

No idea what this picture is of but you’d think Enara would be used to people seeing and reacting to her scars by now. And she did it to herself so I don’t think she can really complain . If you don’t want people to see then cut where they can’t see.

No. 1966481

So she’s trying to boast about her “ED” making her…paler? This is the most bizarre (failed) flex I’ve ever seen, just embarrassing

No. 1966496

she just haaaaad to mention her fucked up throat (which she did to herself) when being upset people reacting to her scars (which she did to herself)

No. 1966536

I’m fairly certain she started off on lolcow as a self poster, too. I tried pointing this out in the pro ana thread months ago but was ignored and might be wrong. She’s certainly the type who’d post herself here.

No. 1966557

File: 1708076844114.png (1.93 MB, 1080x1844, Screenshot_20240216-094852-281…)

don't be a lazy farmer, post it yourself. anyways, here is Laura being sillay

No. 1966625

File: 1708095641131.jpeg (398.47 KB, 750x1092, 7E9B69B8-E2E6-4A96-AE47-64D05D…)

I just didn’t know if anyone cared but here you go:

No. 1966655

her „oh my anorexia is so unique and special its more than not wanting to be fat“ is literally the basic description every anorexic gives

No. 1966695

I don’t think probably anyone ever got anorexia because they thought they were fat and they wanted to be thin.

No. 1966754

File: 1708119885632.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 1170x1508, IMG_7390.jpeg)

keep reaching for that tube May

No. 1966759

File: 1708120549771.jpeg (262.6 KB, 828x719, CF4197A5-71BA-4E42-B351-B21956…)

Why is she so melodramatic?? She’s been offered more support than a lot of others but discharges herself every time and then complains she has no one??

No. 1966773

This type of black/white thinking ("if I have one hard day, that means recovery is over") and relationship melodrama and demonizing of people who upset her is probably why medical staff think eupd fits her

No. 1966903

File: 1708163879552.png (2.88 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5356.png)

That reminds me, I forgot to post this the other day. 1/2

No. 1966906

File: 1708164107146.png (892.79 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5355.png)

2/2 Definitely a grounded take to have, no idea why she’s been described as “attached” before.

No. 1966911

Anons will scold me for nitpicking but I get what you’re saying anon, her hair is extremely greasy, her hands so dry the skin is flaking off. And her bottom eyelid is pink and swollen like she might have pink eye, she desperately needs a shower, water, and moisturizer.

No. 1966917

She’s such a bitch. That’s actually quite a respectful message and definitely doesn’t deserve that level of vitriol when I’m guessing she was getting bombarded with triggering shit from May 24/7. She’s textbook BPD and I’ll take the ban for armchairing idc, the way she starves herself for attention is disgusting and I hope her team continue to wise up and take away her precious ana diagnosis bc she’s a pure malingerer.

No. 1966929

She is textbook bpd. This is a completely reasonable message and her friend has every right to step back from May’s insufferable constant negativity. Yet May splits and freaks the fuck out.

No. 1966932

Anon, I agree. If her IG is anything to go by, this pal was getting bombarded with triggering shit/ vile comments about the nursing staff. Some of what she posted when in A&E that first time was truly abhorrent, particularly when she wasn't getting her own way.

Considering her BMI is 17 (>>1965242) It won't be long before that actually happens, and I think May knows this, with the way this ARFID+ has suddenly popped up.

Trying so hard to not blogpost here: There are many cities in the UK where she wouldn't be under ED service at all, and yet she does nothing but moan that what she is getting isn't right/enough.

No. 1966944

This is exactly how narcissists react when people set boundaries with them. They can’t grasp the fact they’re not the main character in everyone’s lives. Imagine putting such a gentle respectful message on blast and believing you’re the victim. The girl needs to just block her.

No. 1966965


Thankfully, this looks to be WhatsApp, so she can easily mute May without her knowing.

No. 1966966

You guys>>1966965
Thankfully, you have no idea about my friendships, my life, my treatment or anything and thankfully I have other things to do rather than stalk and bitch about people online. Maybe I’m your FP as you are so obsessed with me?! Honestly it is the saddest thing I’ve seen in a while.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1966994

You bitch about your “friends”.
You bitch about your colleagues.
You bitch about your treatment team
You bitch about nursing staff.
You bitch about doctors.
You bitch about your mum.
You bitch about ~the system~.
You bitch about your finances.
You bitch about your living situation.
You bitch about everything, all the time.
Go be a whiny BPD bitch somewhere else.

No. 1967030

File: 1708193095369.jpeg (252.4 KB, 828x705, EF6FC6E2-0303-41A8-B61E-6E6347…)

Why does she have to label this as ADHD? She’s having a “hard time” right now, as she puts it. Perhaps it’s related to that? Not everything comes back to ADHD or autism, May.

No. 1967031

it's part of her general trend of pathologizing every experience that she has.

No. 1967032

typical of bpd

No. 1967033

hard agree with this. she made a new insta account to keep everything private and mostly everyone on here respected that until we found her very public twitter account that is still public despite us posting it in here. if she truly cared to keep on the downlow she would have privated it as soon as we found it. but of course she secretly (not so secretly) loves the attention in typical bpd fashion

No. 1967035

> I have other things to do
What else does May have to do? She isn't working or studying. Is it shopping? Buying and eating vegetables even though she claims to have issues with stomach emptying?

No. 1967037

she literally stalks this site continuously to see if we’ve posted her. obviously doesn’t have better things to do. and her anorexia is too sooper sewious for her to work (her bpd is too bad for her to work peacefully with other colleagues and very vulnerable children)

No. 1967046

being addicted to your phone is not 'adhd'

No. 1967094

File: 1708208551862.jpeg (246.69 KB, 828x949, FEA58542-9898-40E6-863A-3A9363…)

The anorexic patient is laughable. Bed 10 is standard for hospitals. You can’t expect all staff to learn your name when you’re there for a few days, especially when the turnaround for patients is so fast. Surely she should know this having worked in hospitals for 5 years

No. 1967133

lol i thought either i or the nonny
who wrote this was having a stroke before i realized it was may
severe main character syndrome

No. 1967194

Isn't it also better for patient privacy too, if someone overhears discussion about patient care? Obviously not as good for feeling special and unique though.

No. 1967207

speaking to patients, relatives use their name. Speaking about patients to other colleagues, use bed number(learn to sage, learn to reply)

No. 1967208

speaking to lolcow without new milk, use sage

No. 1967211

File: 1708259748557.jpeg (176.2 KB, 828x374, 1E967247-0CA7-489B-93F1-A6670A…)

Surely you’d prefer them to ask you your name rather than giving you random drugs?? God, she needs to get over herself

No. 1967228

File: 1708262500995.png (1018.22 KB, 1080x2084, 1000021681.png)

Right? May is always banging on about how everyone on here is so "obsessed with her" while failing to consider the fact that she seems equally obsessed with us, kek

No. 1967232

it’s such petty complaints like a privlidged prissy cunt she is like it’s some hotel that not meeting her standard lmao get a fucking grip may

No. 1967278

she’s only a healthcare assistant and dropped out of medical school, so maybe she’s too ill-informed to know this

No. 1967302

I am sure moving her from the Scumbags thread to here pissed her off. Ironically enough she took that as a cue to ramp up the BPD.

No. 1967303

>>1967278 can't imagine her in healthcare at all

No. 1967356

She works on a paediatric cancer ward. Let that sink in and tell me you aren’t horrified kek

No. 1967674

File: 1708376317525.jpeg (378.73 KB, 749x1157, 312EF182-FA5B-4028-AA80-9F880A…)

Laura thinks she had a lot of friends when she was ‘really unwell’ and now she is better, she doesn’t get many likes or comments but she doesn’t care at all. Clearly she actually cares a whole lot. She even said before that she liked how much more attention she got online for ‘relapsing’ and posting her antics.

No. 1967676

File: 1708376586796.png (2.92 MB, 750x1334, A8A9BC05-A6F8-4971-ADD0-F795F5…)

She’s extremely flip-floppy between ‘I’m so much happier now, recovery is great’ and still posting old pictures and content romanticising Ed’s……….So which ARE you happier in, Laura? (Also lots of post, delete, repost as usual).

No. 1967680

File: 1708377243471.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, 087E6CC5-8EE4-453E-ADB1-6B1867…)

Teasing the lesbian storyline again? Actually going to Paris with a hot date, or just a future dream? She posted about spending Valentine’s with Dween: out for dinner and drinks and shopping but called it ‘Galentine’s’ to continue the ‘we’re just friends’ arc.

No. 1967682

File: 1708377340573.jpeg (212.34 KB, 749x1103, AE55C3F9-1C67-421A-8128-93AC6F…)

Just friends………..

No. 1967683

File: 1708377511207.jpeg (272.77 KB, 749x995, 86646C69-D545-4A76-AE86-852C9A…)

…………….Friends who go out for dinner and drinks on Valentine’s and give each other a huge bunch of red roses.

No. 1967684

File: 1708377587199.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, D54159EE-FD86-4B8E-96BB-989B15…)

No. 1967694

File: 1708379617421.png (540.5 KB, 750x1334, 5D19CC3D-D13D-40CF-AE24-3573A6…)

No. 1967714

oh she’s feeling skinnyyy! I hope this develops into a full arc of side by side photos of her squeezing into all her old clothing that was too tight on her even back then

No. 1967721

File: 1708384378200.png (3.23 MB, 750x1334, A2ECDF43-1DDE-4368-9CBE-C7946B…)

No pony club for Enara. She also made her super expensive scale come back to life by charging it from her computer, so that’s one thing.

No. 1967727

File: 1708384829603.jpeg (181.77 KB, 749x1111, 8572DF65-82FF-438B-A566-0B6C07…)

Riske! I don’t know how to make the thing on top of the e but oh well.

No. 1967729

File: 1708385005777.jpeg (377.6 KB, 828x941, FCDA41F4-8D47-4E0E-ADA9-5E6A71…)

Maybe now she’ll get that tube she wants so badly

No. 1967811

File: 1708402573070.png (218.22 KB, 419x691, Screen Shot 2024-02-19 at 10.1…)

Enara is ready to jump on the autism bandwagon. I wonder if May would argue that Enara is misdiagnosed with BPD, kek

No. 1967812

File: 1708402666167.png (529.6 KB, 422x689, Screen Shot 2024-02-19 at 10.1…)

also her OT seems to agree that she needs to stop buying stuff to shove into her apartment

No. 1967853

I really want to see her in this dress
Her bangs are like dried hay that have been chopped with an axe

No. 1967876

my tinfoil (is it really tho? kek) is that they're just friends, and Laura is baiting. "dween" doesn't follow her and is never tagged, and when Laura had a breakdown on live last year, when tween fucked her off, she made it very clear they were just friends. she will do ANYTHING for attention, just a few months ago she said she was straight bc of the Starbucks moid.

No. 1967979

It's so frustrating when they do this "bad stuff happens to me" thing to avoid facing the truth. She has friends and family plus years of professional help and she still won't ever say "I did this." Do her therapists let her get away with assigning responsibility for her actions to the BPD monster when she talks to them? Enara, your "behaviors" won't change until you admit that you have the ability to control them and start taking responsibility for your choices even when they're shitty self-destructive choices that you regret.

No. 1967994

That is so accurate. At this point she should just shave her head and start over.

No. 1967997

It's painfully mismatched with the rest of her hair

No. 1968112

I've been lurking older ana threads lately for old mentions of bpd cows (i've missed older days of Enara & co. since proana threads were always way too fast for me). I gotta say, idk what scares me more, Enara continuously striving & grinding just to be in the hospital 365 days for years, or Laura lifting her leg and showing her vagina to the world nearly everyday, also for years. This is crazy. I can't and won't comprehend Enara, don't even try to, but Laura… why. Just why. It's not even dancing or ballet, nothing to do with either. It's just her kicking her legs upwards all the time, it's like she made showing her crotch her whole identity. It seems like she has no other interests than that. i don't even know

No. 1968272

>>197866 isn't that bpd coupled with narcism essentially they will never see it, common trait amongst all of them. Everyone elses fault, seldom help themselves, never accept any responsibility. Look at Colours

No. 1968273

did you mean to reply to a post from seven years ago in a different thread?

No. 1968280

>>1968273 oops typed wrong number what an idiot

No. 1968362

File: 1708532319264.jpeg (254.15 KB, 828x617, 510871E3-0A3B-426E-B22C-2AC4DB…)

Of course May is going to try to sue her uni for disability discrimination. She took time out because of her mental health. The amount of time that passed between her taking time out and returning to uni was too much that her place on the course was removed. Hardly discriminatory

No. 1968371

>>1968362 it depends on the course, does she have insight, is she physically well, if she came back could she graduate in the allocated time e.g. medicine its 10 years.

No. 1968377

And if that's what happened, it's really common. Different course, different uni but also happened to a friend of mine - she chose to withdraw when it was clear completing in time didn't look likely.

I get the impression she seems to think they'll let her back on the course? But that last email to her tutor(?) was absolutely unhinged.

No. 1968380

Just click on the post number next time…

No. 1968403

File: 1708540490858.jpeg (545.17 KB, 828x1313, F95B10F3-4DDC-441A-9482-CCE51A…)

How kind of May to keep an eye on this thread and to clarify the disability discrimination that happened to her at uni. So it turns out she wasn’t even kicked out of uni? She just got a suspension and she’s kicking off like she’s been barred from the grounds for life? Christ, she really must have nothing better to do than victimise herself in every situation ever.

No. 1968408

>>1968403 well it clearly doesn't add up, no one gets suspended for 2 years, if just a suspension then why not go back after that and or when you are physically and mentally better? The university if they were concerned would hold a fitness to practice meeting with her present. Ppl can't help her unless she tells them.

No. 1968414

When does anything ever add up or make sense with May?
The "over-reliance on [X] to accompany you on late night walks" is just completely bizarre?

No. 1968440

Get off the cross May, they need the wood.
Sounds like she’s just an obnoxious arsehole. If she can’t suppress her natural inclination to be a snotty cow to get along with peers in babby’s first year of med school, what makes her think she could work as a doctor on a busy ward? Permanently the victim but takes no responsibility for the fact she’s genuinely unpleasant to be around. She’d probably get ~triggered~ by every patient with a BMI of under 17 anyway. So what if the cancer’s eating away at their body, it’s clearly discrimination!

No. 1968555

i remember reading it and i remember it being insane. do you have a link by any chance?

No. 1968671

File: 1708594830566.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1170x2106, IMG_7420.jpeg)

No May you don’t need super special residential care for your super complex needs

No. 1968674

Off the top of my head, no link. If I get time/get bored, I'll go looking for it. This place definitely has it somewhere.

Beat me to it. If you look at the link, this place is for women who have been in and out and in and out of IP, who despite trying so hard can't get recovery to stick in the outside world. This isn't May. May hasn't had an IP admission since she was a child. May is someone who throws a temper tantrum when she can't get her own way - that's why she's been offered DP twice in less than a year. Her inability to be nice to others is part why uni suspended her; why she's been told to sort her behaviour out if she wants to do DP this time.

She's been moaning she's got fuck all money until the end of the month - yet has spent £10 on pretty (but unnecessary) crockery, bought the cute bao buns from M&S (expensive at £3.75, fuck all calories), and been out for itsu, which again is expensive for fuck all calories. She's cutting corners at every opportunity, vile comments about her mum. Claiming she "won't last the 5 week wait for DP" Basically, she's on her usual overdramatic bullshit.

No. 1968676

May is just like over half the population if barely got no money lol.

No. 1968678

Got bored.
It is this one.

No. 1968714

who oppressed her for 5 years? Medical school?

No. 1968728

File: 1708608288712.jpeg (987.94 KB, 1170x1824, IMG_7425.jpeg)


No. 1968731

Her story doesn't add up, 2 year suspension then a FTP. At the end of the day you are an adult and you have to fight to be heard, look after yourself, they aren't there to baby you. Uni's have a duty of care to protect other students and staff, there are health and wellbeing at every university which is a start.

No. 1968733

Why contact MENCAP? She doesn't have a learning disability only learning difficulties. Big difference.

No. 1968737

Would any Twitter-using anon be so kind as to post the link she shared in this tweet? It sounds interesting.

No. 1968740


It's the High Court case to do with that lassie who took her own life at the University of Bristol.

No. 1968741

File: 1708612144691.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1536x800, IMG_3193.jpeg)

She’s friggin’ delusional, she fits literally none of their criteria other than being medically stable and able to consent.

No. 1968743

She had the FTP cus she didn't have insight into her illnesses, wasn't suitable or safe to study the course. Clearly it was right decision to make as she is still struggling.

No. 1968744

that case really annoys me because presenting your work is actually part of being a scientist, so it's pretty reasonable to require students to present their work at some point during their degree. It's tragic that she killed herself, but it seems ridiculous to put the fault for that on the university and her professors.

No. 1968746

AYRT, thank you very much!

No. 1968747

It is, but the department could have allowed her to present to the academic in charge of the module, and (possibly) a few friends. Yes, the Institute of Physics has a set of competencies that you need to meet (so does the learned society that accredited my degree), but it's more likely to be "can give an oral presentation", rather than "can give an oral presentation in front of X number of people".

No. 1968750

I'm reading through this now and found this bit:
> It was also relevant to consider what Ms Abrahart’s reaction might have been. When she had been told that she need not speak at the laboratory conference,she had not reacted well and had said that she was going to participate. She would probably have reacted equally reluctantly in response to other suggestions that she should be treated differently from other students.
and now I'm really confused by the court finding because it sounds like they offered to let her not do the presentation?

No. 1968792

I really feel sorry for Mays cheesecake earlier this week.(sage your shit)

No. 1968849

Sage (just type the word in the email field) if you're not bringing fresh milk. Also, this is an image board. Wtf are you talking about with this cheesecake?

No. 1968867

Hopefully have saged correctly-I think the main thrust of her dads case was that the university didn’t inform them that she’d made a suicide attempt and the stuff about the public speaking was secondary

No. 1968868

File: 1708637832793.jpg (109.93 KB, 1080x1920, redflag.jpg)

Sometimes i wonder if Colours is on some sort of watchlist. And she wonders why no one thinks her being in IP with other vulnerable people is a good thing? Surprised her GP hasn't prescribed her high-dose tranquillizers instead of whatever upper she's on.

No. 1968894

File: 1708640408156.jpeg (860.74 KB, 828x1421, 27E98AB7-C4DF-4837-80F2-A936AC…)

Oh here she goes again. Narcissistic mother? More like narcissistic 26 year old daughter living at home, being a drain on society and throwing away her countless ED support services

No. 1968896

jesus i had no idea she was thiS fucked up…that’s disturbing
boo hoo may….acts like she’s on the brink of death with that barely underweight bmi. i can’t stand her

No. 1968913

File: 1708642591679.jpeg (224.56 KB, 828x461, 421C7BD1-EBD6-4942-9AF4-4043F1…)

In episode 20384729 of may being overly histrionic: she wants to be euthanised. Imagine saying you have anorexia for 16 years and not having the capacity to recover. She’s not special or unique. All she needs to do is put in the fucking effort, yet here she is saying she wants to be medically euthanised. Grow up May

No. 1968916

And a new self diagnosis!

No. 1968969

this is maybe a nitpick but her emojis choices always drive me crazy….theyre all so uwu poor me…yuck

No. 1969008

>>1968868 tagging the hospital trust, threatening, then wanders why she doesn't get "any help". She has been offered help, its not been what she wants, when she wants. Another entitled madam

No. 1969016

>>1968913 tbh she traumatises ppl with her commments, selfish behaviour & self diagnoses.

No. 1969022

File: 1708661352516.png (216.15 KB, 432x702, Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 3.45…)

this OT sounds really perceptive and potentially helpful for enara, so no wonder she stopped seeing him. (this screenshot is a day or two old, I sat on it so she couldn't try to guess who I am if she's reading here)

No. 1969023

No wonder her friend cut her off. All she does is spew negativity 24/7. At no point does she take any responsibility for her health, she’s just an eternal victim and everyone must pity her at all times. People like this are exhausting to be around.

No. 1969024

yeah. some people do have a lot of shitty luck, but if literally everyone you meet persecutes you and everything is set up to be unfair o you, consider that … maybe the problem is with you, not the literal entire fucking world

No. 1969037

File: 1708664240868.png (187.67 KB, 411x482, Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 10.5…)

ausfags, is picking up a prescription and paying later a thing in australia? it seems ridiculous to me that she expected this to be okay, but maybe that's my american perspective showing. Too bad she didn't follow the OT's advice to save money and therefore can't pay for a $7 prescription

No. 1969040

nitpick but be real nona, most narcissists are a product of a narcissistic parent. (the whole squares vs rectangles thing. most abused people never go on to become abusers, but most abusers were at one time abused). i have no reason to doubt the mom is also a nightmare

No. 1969070

>>1969040 I think it is a cop out to blame someone else, you are in control of your actions to a great extent, if you don't like something about someone you don't need to copy, also fight to get yourself out of the situation by any means possible

No. 1969090

In certain circumstances you can pick up your meds and pay later. Usually they only allow it for regular clients and also usually only for essential medication. Things like a script for antibiotics, or a medication that you will literally die if you miss it until you can afford to pick it up. Other than this, they have the right to not give you the meds until you pay. Too many people think that they can just walk in and get any medication without paying. Good on the pharmacy for not playing into Enara’s manipulative ways.

No. 1969093

thanks, the context is really useful to understand how to read her rant. Second dumb Amerifag question: what's the deal with her picking up an IV iron prescription for people to give her during her surgery? I can't really imagine a surgical center here giving outside medication, but is that a thing that could/would happen in australia?

No. 1969101

Depends on your relationship with the Chemist. If you're a re-occuring local that pics up scripts often, you'll have an 'account'. I have this with mine. If I don't have the money that day, they'll send me with my medication and it's technically on my account. So when I next go in I pay it. I've often picked up a quick protein bar and didn't have the cash and got them to put it on my account and I paid it a day or so later

No. 1969107

File: 1708682044236.jpeg (459.99 KB, 1170x1278, IMG_7429.jpeg)

you will never discharge yourself

No. 1969108

amazing how she sees her mom as the source of all evil, but refuses to get a different job and move the fuck out because she's so stubbornly sure that she needs to hold onto a job where she's currently not allowed to work due to her emotional instability. Like, get a job as a barista or something while you figure your life out. Plenty of young adults do stuff like that while they're still figuring out careers. It's snobbish to feel like she either works in medicine or does nothing.

No. 1969109

Most chemists stock vials of iron available on prescription, typically you then have a doctor's appointment to get the transfusion.

No. 1969115

She never will, she likes the attention she gets too much. She's seen GP twice this week already, seems to see dietetics every week (she's very upset she currently doesn't have an appt to see dietetics next week - this has meant she's been asking folks to DM her, so she can ask triggering and unnecessary questions about her current meal plan/ brag about how little she's eating - and therefore make it clear she's not following the meal plan as she should be). She's got the CMC every week and just 3 more weeks to wait before DP starts, and that means she'll get attention EVERY DAY!!

Bets on how long she'll last in DP this time, before she jacks it in because they "won't accomodate my sooper srs autisms".

No. 1969116

she'll idealize it for like a week, bitch for the second week, and quit by the end of the third imo

No. 1969122

File: 1708686614418.png (2.01 MB, 1080x2094, 1000021721.png)

Does this bitch ever do anything but whine? It's honestly just embarrassing at this point

No. 1969123

File: 1708687373117.jpeg (708.36 KB, 1125x1912, IMG_9731.jpeg)

I give her one week at DP before she blames them for not accommodating her ‘needs’..That is if she even makes it DP before she backs out again and ends up presenting to a&e for fluids and to berate the staff for not taking care of her

Also kek at May telling someone else their daughter isn’t in proper recovery

No. 1969127

So this gives the impression that part of why "my mum hates me, my mum wants me dead, my mum would rather I starve to death" is because she obviously uses the kitchen, leaves it in a state and expects others to tidy up her mess.

This would drive anyone who lived with her nuts. Like, this is how you speedrun fucking off all your housemates whilst in halls.

No. 1969138

File: 1708690628890.jpg (45 KB, 500x374, f102fdf064219804ce91eaf0983f7e…)

May every fucking day kek

No. 1969145

Her mother is probably just resentful that her useless failure-to-launch adult daughter is still at home leeching all her time, resources & energy, and doesn’t even have the decency to get a job to help out or express any gratitude for paying the bills. Even the most loving supportive parent on earth would lose their patience eventually.

No. 1969151

she has ELEVEN CENTS in her bank account?? how the hell is she spending so much money, she never even leaves the house,the therapist here>>1969022 saying she needs to save 1k a month is right. she must have a pretty bad shopping addiction classic bpd kek

No. 1969161

yeah, she's literally admitted before that she buys things just for the dopamine rush

No. 1969177

She wants her mum to let her die?? Obviously her mum doesn’t want her dead, she just wants her to sort herself out and stop feeling like the world is against her

No. 1969179

She is so painfully BPD. Everything is black and white. Either she recovers or she moves out. Why the hell can’t she do both? Her mother isn’t keeping her prisoner there

No. 1969199

This is so funny to me. She tells on herself constantly. She thinks he got defensive when pointing out all of her admissions are her own fault? Projection 101.
Maybe if she had saved 1k a week like he said even once or had any concept of budgeting 101 she would have $7 for something that is apparently necessary? The dumb bitch takes medicine every fucking day, it’s not like the expense came out of the blue or she’s an american where the price is stupid high either. $7 aus is the cost of a coffee she probably bought last week and forgot about. But somehow it’s the pharmacist’s fault for stressing her out before surgery because she’s the main character.
Honestly I do feel bad bc her mom seems kind of insane but to go from talking about how insane her mom is to “why won’t anyone let me die blah blah blah” really hammers in the BPDchan.

No. 1969238

File: 1708710762635.jpeg (104.09 KB, 828x566, C1E4FBC9-9654-409D-A4EC-EBF9F4…)

She really wants that tube

No. 1969244

oh dear that you feel sorry for her. she has other options, though. she’s not stuck there. she can apply for council housing, she can house share, she can get a different job whilst she works out her medical career, she can move in with friends for a while. her options aren’t limited to staying at her mum’s house where she faces “abuse” every day.

No. 1969254

She's desperate for it. But if eating under your own steam makes you sui, surely NG feeding would be just the same, if not worse?

Has May even got any friends though?

No. 1969264

>>1969122 shes not the only one and won't be the last to not have a relationship with her family.

No. 1969276

Exactly. She’s not the only one who finds recovery hard. She just loves to whine and complain about everything and get asspats from her minions on Twitter. She begged for support from ED services and now her weekly checks aren’t enough but are simultaneously too much for her. She has three weeks to wait until her day patient begins again. How long did she last at it the last time? Two weeks? And yet here she is threatening to discharge herself before that. She’s the epitome of BPD and it’s laughable how she screams and cries that she isn’t

No. 1969278

Not in her world which is yet more evidence of her raging pd, she just wants it for the *~AnA cReD~* selfie opportunities and asspats regardless of nutritional content. Guarantee if there was some insane kind of formula that was like 100 cal per ml she would still be absolutely frothing at the mouth. Anyway she’s not going to get one for a mild eating disorder at a BMI of 17 so keep dreaming May, doctors know what you’re all about. They’ve probably got EUPD in 72pt font on those notes you don’t see.

No. 1969387

File: 1708732852277.jpg (3.79 MB, 4096x3072, 1000021731.jpg)

May must be delusional if she expects people to believe that she was ever "extremely underweight," kek. She's posted tons of body pics/videos on her personal account and has never once looked more than slightly UW

No. 1969421

Why doesn’t these gnarly bitches ever take a dermaplaner to their hairy troll faces? It’s like they want to look as disgusting and dirty as possible.

I don’t buy May’s claims that her mom is abusive. Quite the opposite, May seems abusive to her mom. Move out if it’s so fkn bad. Get help from a domestic violence resource. Anything but bitch and complain on social media and do nothing to try and improve it.

And any idea you offer to help her she has an excuse for why she can’t/wont do it. She likes being miserable and she will exist in misery until the day she dies.

No. 1969469

Her mom doesn’t seem right in the head, admitting to your kid that they remind you of their abusive dad is pretty shitty no matter what. I don’t doubt that May has also been shitty back, but that situation is unfortunate all around. That doesn’t mean she’s not a dumbass for not moving out. If it were me I’d be saving every paycheck to do so instead of buying overpriced baby food.
She posted a body check in a fit of BPD insanity to prove the haydurs wrong that ended up proving them right. Deranged behavior

No. 1969470

it's here >>1961942 in case any anons in this thread don't also read the pro-ana thread.

No. 1969533

May has raging BPD and a tendency to over exaggerate and dramatize everything in her life’s I don’t believe a word she says about her mom. If it was that bad she would have been making moves to move out a long time ago.

No. 1969576

File: 1708788854777.jpeg (234.29 KB, 828x540, 5E39C0BF-BFAB-4B08-8E76-A008A3…)

Here she goes again with wasting her treatment options. Not only has she been given numerous ED recovery options in the past, she’s currently waiting for a repeat of day patient that she threw a tantrum over and dropped out of last time because they “weren’t accepting” of her autism, wah wah wah. Now she’s threatening to drop out of this one before day 1 even begins? And she’s been offered SSCM (specialist supportive clinical management). Why do they keep piling resources onto this BPD cow who loves the attention it’s getting her? If she wanted to recover from her ED, she would. Yeah, mental illness isn’t a choice, but she has to make the decision to recover. Nobody is going to do it for her. Throwing resources at her is only going to provide her with even more opportunities for attention and to throw them away when they don’t pander to her poor self-diagnoses.

No. 1969577

Also the fact she has to specify that it’s intensive treatment

No. 1969581

she won't stop until she can get a tube selfie

No. 1969588

maybe she hopes she’ll be moved back to the proana thread if she proves how sooper sick she is

No. 1969594

I think it's because, as a HCA, services see her as "one of them", mixed in with how she knows she can kick off and get her own way.

I used to wonder why I never seemed to manage to get help to drop out from services. Now seeing May's behaviour, I think I get it. The help goes to she who screams loudest/ who makes a spectacle of herself.

No. 1969596

Not true, colours is living proof that kicking, screaming and being abusive gets you nowhere kek.

No. 1969597

oh colours has definitely dug herself a hole with her own behaviour. Not asking to be spoonfed, but is she still disturbingly obsessed with Laura?

I think May is heading this way if she's not careful.

No. 1969619

yes, colours is still very weirdly obsessed with Laura, but she's obsessing over @casperunearthed now. the posts from colours are, as always, completely obvious as fuck.

No. 1969673

Good let her give up before it starts. All she’s going to do is kick off every day about it and eventually drop out and then complain some more and be upset she didn’t get care and the. Try and beg and munch her way into services again. She’s a pathetic excuse for a 26 year old woman.

No. 1969676

File: 1708816001401.jpeg (204.5 KB, 828x464, 947499AD-3515-4FB2-B7D4-60B023…)

she winds me up to no end. she constantly complains about how hard everything is but won’t do anything about it. why can’t she get a job somewhere whilst she works out going back to healthcare? she posted saying that being out during the day helped her feel better. she could get a cafe job or something to get her out of the house. even two days a week. that would help take her mind off herself and maybe she wouldn’t be so insufferable to everybody around her. but no. she has to be the worst and have the worst life and have absolutely no options available to her

No. 1969693

a cafe or similar is not a low stress workplace, i can't picture it. she really doesn't even want to work at all, this is all for show i swear, she just wants to be on full disability payments or whatever they call it there.

No. 1969694

I think the cafe suggestion isn't about low-stress, but just as an example of a job that isn't in healthcare and doesn't require her to finish a degree first.

No. 1969711

To be fair it sounds like she doesn't want to work and is hoping to get signed off without it making it obvious she wants to get signed off. Getting signed off from a healthcare position due to sickness will give you more clout with assessor's than getting signed off from saying a supermarket job. Maybe she has now seen the life Laura is living and wants that. Laura has benefits pretty much for life now and can dance, shop and end up back in hospital as much as she wants. Honestly in the UK like I've said before the mental illness life is the new have a child to get benefits, home and support pathway. Having a child now gives you nothing but responsibility. Mental illness gives you no responsibility, supported living, support you can seemingly choose and benefits you don't have to fight for, especially if you have family to fight for you. It's a joke especially when those that have struggled with the same issues are getting no support, getting evicted from housing as they can't afford the rent and have to fight for benefits.

No. 1969712

Is she actually signed off? I thought she just told her manager that she didn't feel stable enough to work and they took her off the roster for a while, not that she got a note from a doctor saying she can't work.

No. 1969825

I don't think she is actually signed off. Honestly, applying for disability benefits (PIP/ADP) when you've not got anyone to fight for you is utterly horrendous. Wouldn't do it again. May seems to think the decision would come through quickly. It won't.

No. 1969829

File: 1708860145131.jpeg (224.02 KB, 828x965, D7218E2D-D9C4-40AE-A158-EE6E68…)

More proof that May doesn’t actually want help or suggestions. She responded to most of the asspatting replies to her post about living with her narcissistic mother and not being able to continue with recovery. But she didn’t reply to this one that actually gave her free options for eating disorder support. All she wants is attention and people to show their concern for her without actually putting in any effort to recover or change things

No. 1969836

File: 1708860786164.jpg (435.71 KB, 1080x2400, IMG_20240225_113152_056.jpg)

The post in which we probably find out that she's been lying about wanting to get better, plus gratuitously unnecessary details about what she is eating, fully knowing 90% of her followers will automatically do the necessary calculations to work out how much this is?

No. 1969845

“Look how skinny my shadow is!!”

No. 1969853

She refuses to help herself she has an excuse for why she can’t do anything suggested to her. Needs meal support but can’t do day program because autism and can’t do online support groups because autism. What she wants is exactly what is stated above - to be signed off work to live a life of no responsibility sucking from the government tit. She’s ruining any future career in healthcare she might have to be shitty at an eating disorder kek. Is that really worth it, may?!

No. 1969854

Kek the only body check may looks thin in

No. 1969855

She still looks normal/thin and her shadow is stretched. Oh dear May. More proof that you’re just average slim.

No. 1969857

Honestly, May's weight is whatever and she probably likes having that snark to rage about when she's constructing her mental vision of the world as a place where she's endlessly persecuted. The core of why she's a cow is her raging personality disorder.

No. 1969865

did she post her update yet?

No. 1969871

Pretty late, but she bought these herself kek. They come as a pair, one is a therapists manual which the OT would keep, and one is for the patient which they would receive. Why would the OT give a patient the practitioners guide for a group programme?

No. 1969897

To be fair maybe the therapist sent them to enara's & asked her to bring her the other one (if they come as a pair & couldn't be sent to different places). So enara could start reading her one before next time they see eachother.

No. 1969900

File: 1708884778754.png (241.7 KB, 853x938, Screenshots_2024-02-25-13-11-4…)

oh no the horror. now imagine actually having to get off your ass and earn all that bill money like the rest of us.

No. 1969908

right. isnt that like 6lbs underweight? LMFAO. theres a reason shes in this thread and not the scumbags

No. 1969910

yeah lmao she’s 3kg (6.6lbs) underweight but acts like she’s on the brink of death

No. 1969954

Deluding herself into believing she’s drastically emaciated and unwell?
Deluding herself into believing she doesn’t have a “cluster B” flag in her chart?
Deluding herself into believing she is capable of excelling in any kind of professional clinical setting?
Please don’t leave us hanging, anon!

No. 1969957

probably deluding herself into thinking recovery was right for her and how unwell she truly is wahhhh

No. 1970026

File: 1708912882038.png (90.96 KB, 496x407, Screen Shot 2024-02-25 at 8.03…)

part one

No. 1970028

File: 1708913173030.png (48.65 KB, 420x224, Screen Shot 2024-02-25 at 8.03…)

oart two

No. 1970041

wtf is she talking about when her safe foods were cut off? what does that even mean?!

No. 1970092

It’s 6lb underweight if you’re 5ft6 or so. May is really short, it’s less than that for her

No. 1970106

"Ended up being admitted to hospital" Interesting how she phrases that like it was her consultant who sent her. And not what really happened. Stopped eating for 36 hours, started attention seeking from duty nurse, didn't get it. So took an OOH GP appointment over the weekend. Still didn't get the attention she wanted, so presented to A&E that evening. The same thing happened. Saw consultant on the Tuesday, we have our suspicions she asked for an NG tube. Didn't get it. Made threats to consultant. Presented again to A&E and likely made demands. Finally got herself what she wanted, then refused to cooperate.

No. 1970110

File: 1708939589932.jpg (42.33 KB, 320x711, 418563620_1446263926282251_766…)

So from an autistic perspective, safe foods are the ones you can do on repeat for anything from several days to several years. From an ED perspective, these are the ones you can get down (and keep there). Not necessarily low cal.

She's posted this, this morning. Consider my piss thoroughly boiled. Very normal, very recovery oriented breakfast there May!

No. 1970113

She’s 157cm and BMI 17. That means she weighs 42kg. A healthy weight for that height is 45kg. She’s 3kg underweight

No. 1970114

wow such nutrient dense recovery breakfast may! farleys rusks are 70 calories each. oat milk is 120. the coffee probably is 120 as well. so for the entire “breakfast” she had 310 calories. amazing recovery. wow. keep it up may

No. 1970115

Even more hilariously, the rusks are likely not vegan - contain vit D and are listed just as "suitable for vegetarians". Which suggests the vit D is from lanolin.

No. 1970116

File: 1708941235338.jpeg (236.31 KB, 828x666, 97B1064A-9986-4C6C-A4B6-0D33A0…)

May feeling sorry for herself again when it was her own insufferable actions that caused her friends to step back from her

No. 1970122

File: 1708941678059.png (153.47 KB, 484x606, Screen Shot 2024-02-26 at 3.26…)

Hasn't even made it to day program and is already figuring out how to back out.

No. 1970125

So she’s saying she doesn’t want to go to day programme and then changes her mind saying that she does want to go. How would a return to work be a beneficial thing? Firstly for her patients who are vulnerable children with cancer. Secondly for her colleagues who have to deal with her BPD and victim mentality again. Also, wasn’t she crying about how she lost her only friend? Yet she’s saying she’s been able to eat snacks whilst out with friends. Hmmm doesn’t seem to add up, does it, may?

No. 1970127

“Things got even worse in hospital when I reached a new low (physically and mentally).” 3kg underweight is her new low weight. No wonder the doctors don’t want to take her seriously. She has the opposite mindset that most people with EDs have. Most people think they’re not sick enough and don’t deserve or need treatment. May, on the other hand, is barely underweight and is fighting and screaming for the help from ED services and then giving it up when it’s not enough for her because she views herself as so delicate and fragile and underweight. She’ll only be happy when she has an NG tube (and even then she’ll find something to complain about)

No. 1970128

she mentioned in another story that I forgot to screenshot that she "almost died". The melodrama.

No. 1970132

stop hahahah she is fucking delusional

No. 1970183

aaand in a surprise to absolutely noone, she's now decided she's not going to do DP.

No. 1970186

post it pls this is an image board

No. 1970189

So her veganism is purely performative too! Nice! (inb4 she reads this and says bUt muH tEeEeeAm sAiD i HaVe To EaT iT!!1!)

THIS. Does she have some weird kind of reverse dysmorphia? Sorry nonnas if this sounds bone rattling but 3kg can be a considered a normal fluctuation within a day or two. She is genuinely unwell, munchie unwell, not the uwu smol soft spoken delicate dying skeleton uwu she wants to be. I hate how she lumps herself in with SEED patients too, that is absolutely not and has never been her or her situation and she’s always jabbering on about the topic like she’s some kind of authority.

No. 1970212

File: 1708965869064.jpeg (810.85 KB, 1125x1228, IMG_9796.jpeg)

No. 1970213

she says she hasn't turned it down yet, so I bet she does do it and then flames out dramatically just like last time

No. 1970214

For gods sake, she was never in any “danger zone” at BMI 17 losing 500g a week, even her doctors made that clear.

No. 1970215

haha thanks anon, but what i was asking really was why did she say her safe foods were cut off? wtf cut off by who? or she just means she no longer considered them safe and cut herself off? that's a weird way to say it if that was what she meant

No. 1970216

my guess is either that her mother told her to stop making such a mess in the kitchen when making her soups or whatever OR that she means that the hospital didn't offer her the food she wanted

No. 1970218

I think it's referring to her mum telling her to stop making so much mess in the kitchen/ that she can't use the kitchen. But of course, being super dramatic about it, because May.

One of the doctors did offer to go and get some of her safe foods - which she did turn down.

I still maintain she cannot have been that unwell if the nurses were allowing her to leave the ward on her own, go gallivanting off to H&B/Aldis unsupervised. She didn't nearly die, she fainted because dehydrated - the reason why the nurses will have looked panicked when she first came round is because the temporary loss of consciousness protocol has it so the first thing they're trying to rule out is a seizure.

No. 1970254

File: 1708975383669.jpeg (581.39 KB, 1170x1187, IMG_7452.jpeg)


No. 1970262

Like the lass she's quoting here actually did nearly die. Her blood sugars were so low when blue lighted to hospital, the glucometer nearly couldn't read them.

No. 1970264

A genuine account of awful neglect and May has to be in there like BUT I WENT TUBE SHOPPING AND DIDN’T GET ONE

No. 1970265

she’s being retarded calling herself seed as well because it means ed treatment is removed and you’re basically on your own with it, the very thing she’s constantly complaining she doesn’t get enough of kek

No. 1970284

I had no idea bmi would shift so easily like that for shorter people, just makes it even more funny HAH

No. 1970285

Of course she won’t do it, she’s a self diagnosed SEED patient now and they don’t get treatment they get harm reduction. Kek she can’t make her mind up from day to day she’s a seriously loose cannon. I’d hate to be in treatment with her.

No. 1970287

Way to make someone’s horrific experience all about yourself, you fucking narc. She’s probably sitting there seething thinking why not meeeee

No. 1970288

honestly, May's total lack of social awareness is starting to make me think that she is autistic (and has bpd, as much as she likes to cry about being "misdiagnosed"). Like, goddamn, girl cannot ever read the room or understand why her behavior is so obviously manipulative.(armchairing)

No. 1970297

She’s a narcissist.

No. 1970309

File: 1708989107764.jpg (6.77 MB, 4096x5120, 1000021757.jpg)

May: cries about finances and not having enough money to make ends meet
Also May: posts photos from a shopping haul that includes a new Jellycat (not pictured here), a bunch of fancy vegan food and other random shit that she definitely doesn't need

No. 1970373

Who the fuck is making or using wooden cutlery? Is the standard not metal in the UK? Fucking weird.

No. 1970425

In takeaway salads or Uber eats orders etc it comes with wooden spoons since plastic is non biodegradable (source: french)

No. 1970431

And for anyone who doesn't know, even the smallest Jellycats are nearly £20 a go at this point. Her tendency towards protein this, protein that and protein the other, she knows DP will be on her arse to choose just a chocolate bar, or a normal cereal bar for snack - probably a large part of why she doesn't want to do it. Her two miso soups yesterday because she wanted the tofu in the spicy miso from itsu "for the protein" was absolutely hilarious. She ended up with her entire daily intake of salt, for all of 10g of protein - she'd have been better off with the edamame. For someone who's had so much ED service input, she still wouldn't recognise sensible food choices if it smashed her in the face?

Like the other nonnie, takeaway salads etc have wooden cutlery. IMHO they feel awful in your mouth and make everything taste funny. But also "don't want to harm the environment by using plastic cutlery - just cos it's meant to be disposable, doesn't mean it has to be single use. I've used a plastic spoon from pret for a good couple of months before the actual spoon bit fell off. And then 5 mins later she's bought a lamp that runs of batteries???

No. 1970460

Interesting. America does t care about the environment kek. The only wooden spoons here are the ones your parents used to beat your ass with.

No. 1970492

It's like we all live in a groundhog day timeloop and Enara is the only one who wakes up not remembering anything

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