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File: 1669699507973.png (2.58 MB, 1268x1714, yumi.png)

No. 268920

Yumi King is a former lolita/cosplay/lifestyle youtuber turned single mommy vlogger after her divorce from a cranky stingy white man ~20 years her senior named Splenda (real name Scott).

Last thread

She originally got attention for her DIY lolita/cosplay videos. Eventually she started including her voice and image in videos, and then began lifestyle vlogging with Splenda, who at the time was her boyfriend. In these videos she comes across as very childish and giddy despite being in her mid 20's. Meanwhile Splenda always seemed miserable and scolded Yumi a lot. Their relationship was like some bizarre age play/race fetishism that they both took part in.

Last thread
Yumi eventually got pregnant and had a baby. Splenda left her some months after this, and now they're divorced. There has been some speculation that Yumi actually cheated on Splenda and the baby is not his, due to public court records. She was living with her family and making low effort sponsor content and mommy content.

More recently (Gap between this thread and old thread)
Yumi was living with her family for a time, but they kicked her out a couple months ago for unknown reasons. Since then she has been bouncing around between friends, airbnb's and homeless shelters. She even had her son taken away at one point. She has been making videos throughout this time, sometimes they are normal videos and sometimes she is venting or crying about things happening in her life. Most recently she is finally renting an apartment with her son. She has also posted a cryptic video where she says she won't be commenting on the cheating and father rumors to protect her sons privacy.

Since leaving Splenda she has dropped the cutesy act and comes across as more mature, although some of her decisions are still questionable. Her channel is mostly mommy vlogging and venting now, with a little e begging on the side.

Main channel:
Mom/Vlog/Food: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCACecvgOOSII26sgZejQG-Q
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yumi_king/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@momyumiking
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/yumiking

No. 268922

Video where she confirms her family kicked her out

No. 268923

Video where she says her son was taken from her temporarily

No. 268924

No one cares

No. 268926

Video of new apartment

No. 268929

I’m so happy we got a new thread

No. 268930

Affording a $1200 studio + other living costs on a part time job? No way. Who's she getting help from? Is the dad finally giving child support?

No. 268934

i called it.

No. 268944

Summary: Her parents sold their house in Georgia in April 2022. They all moved back to Washington state. Splenda is off the hook completely, we will likely never see him again.

I'm sure she was living with her parents for some time and they helped her move out of Splenda's.

Then she got kicked out twice (her own words, not mine). First time was her parents kicking her out of their retirement condo. I don't think her parents have the Mattawa Washington house in Yumi's old house tour video. That house sold a couple of years ago because they moved to Georgia for precious Yumi.

Second time she got kicked out was probably by the friend she had that was helping her after she got kicked out of her parents condo. In an older video, she said the friend with a pronoun of 'he' which was surprising… I assumed it was a she, not he. Idk if it's her bad English or a slip.

It's hard to believe that doting Asian parents would toss their only child and only grandchild out to be homeless though…and bar them from returning. Yumi must have done something REALLY bad?

No. 268946

Everyone assumes it is CPS that took her son away. Ffs, does no one understands how the system works? It's not that easy unless you had tremendous proof like bruises or several witnesses. Often, it takes a court order to separate a child from their parents. It's a process to get them taken away and given back. It's at least a 2 week process. You don't just pick them up. Yumi is lying.

Notice, Yumi never actually said CPS or any governing body in that video. It's likely her parents did not want their grandchildren homeless so they kicked her out, not him. If she cared about her son, she would leave him in a stable home with grandma and grandpa.

Yumi never one time said CPS or child protective services etc, she just said taken away vaguely. Pretty manipulative word play.

No. 268947

This. Her parents were absolutely taking care of her son while her living situation was so unstable. I can’t believe now she’s apparently considering leaving this new place because other tenets in the building are smoking and the odor is carrying over to her room- almost everything she’s been saying during this homeless saga makes me think of a teenager who thinks they’re making up clever lies and stories but they’re easily seen through by other people. Tbh I do root for her and want her to be able to do well for herself and her son but I think there’s things going on off camera that are contributing to her situation that she needs to address.

Also thanks to the nonny who put this thread together, I found this site during Yumi’s Splenda fueled DDLG arc so her threads hold a special place in my heart kek

No. 268961

Just as I thought, people are sick of her shit on TikTok. She should've gone the single mommy influencer route instead of bringing her problems on that platform.

No. 268971

They sold in august/September when the homeless saga began.

No. 268972

Not necessarily. Neglect is a reason for removal as well and it's not hard to grab a kid for twenty four hours and then have them placed with grandparents. They could've very well taken the kids and dropped them off with a sage adult. Courts are happier with bio placement too

No. 268974

that apartment is tiny for one person. I can't imagine adding a baby to it. She needs to definitely move states because 1,200 for that is insane.

No. 268987

I think Yumi's life in America has been very sheltered and it's been showing a lot now. Like in the cigarette video, she should just keep her head down until she can move but she doesn't seem to realize that

No. 268989

And in this video she's buying groceries, but is still buying expensive things when she should just buy cheap staples. Maybe she is just dumber than I thought

No. 269000

glad you and others are seeing the light. she's refusing to give up any luxuries. i won't buy into her lip service anymore. i'm actually starting to wonder of this baby is a result of her trying to marriage hop when she realized splenda wouldn't give her the princess life she imagined. i really don't trust her word on anything, and these kinds of trad leaning women do this kind of crazy shit, especially sheltered ones who think the new guy is their prince charming who will save them from their bad marriage. it's more and more obvious now that she doesn't want to work and splenda seems pretty cheap and already didn't really seem to like her, so he probably wanted her to work. it seems really plausible that she cheated with someone, got pregnant and told splenda it was his when the other guy rejected her. and the other guy is probably who took the paternity test, which is why splenda didn't need one. it also accounts for why her parents kicked her out, she's refusing to work. she's not extremely attractive and is super sheltered so she probably meets tons of men trying to fuck a "demure asian woman" and telling her whatever she wants to hear.

No. 269018

“My son really wanted this one” isn’t he like, a baby/toddler? She also fed her son granola cereal it seems and only stopped because it was too hard for him to chew it.

No. 269028

I don't think she's that calculated. I think she just bought groceries she's used to getting because she hasn't mentally adjusted to being poor yet. I think she did cheat and get pregnant from someone else, but I don't think she was monkey branching as much as just being impulsive and selfish. Even the pregnancy was probably an accident that she didn't have the heart to abort. I honestly think she's just dumb. Like she clearly just wanted a man to take care of her but picking Splenda was a horrible choice when she could have played trad wifey to a younger richer conservative white dude. She should have realized this demographic loves skinny submissive kawaiidesu trad asian girls and she would have her pick of the litter in burgerland

No. 269031

stupid people can still be manipulative, anon. she could have been calculating, and it all went wrong.

No. 269032

where is the actual father of the child and why isnt she getting child support from him?

No. 269062

I agree but also know how maddening and horrible it can be to smell smoke all the time (had a situation where neighbors would smoke out the window and it came into my apartment multiple times a day). I give her a pass on this because it would probably drive me insane even if I were at risk of homelessness.

No. 269063

only one parent is Chinese, her stepdad is white.
it is also possible her parents are fucked up, kicking out a woman and her baby for trivial reasons (including oooh you had an affair or w/e) is a mark of shitty character. If she were stealing, selling drugs, violent… ok, sure. But I doubt it was anything like that, so even though I don't love Yumi or her choices, her parents also come across badly here. You just don't do shit like this when the kid is not old enough to go to school. When he is old enough, then lay down the law if you must. But why fuck with them when he's not old enough to be in kindergarten yet?

No. 269073

Yumi's parents likely did take their grandson in, and kicked her out. Read the timeline, rewatch the videos. That's why Yumi had to make up some BS story about her son "being taken away" but she knows "he's safe".

Not defending shitty parenting, they are questionable parents, but it's obvious Yumi is extremely sheltered so I believe her son was staying with his grandparents until Yumi can prove she found a stable home.

No. 269074

I can't believe she, a single woman living alone with a small child downtown, was stupid enough to go knock on stranger's door at night and interrogate each one about smoking policies.

"I already texted the manager, I'm going to talk to the manager about this."

I hate smokers too but, fuck, she sounds like a KAREN.

No. 269075

I am getting so frustrated with her ignoring the comments that possess sound advice. Getting a job and applying for food stamps and welfare should be the very next things she does. There is remote work she could do on the computer so she wouldn’t need childcare, and those three things (job, welfare, food stamps) would put her on the path to solving this. And if she breaks her lease, the lease breaking fee is gonna be insane. And to do it over smoking? I get it sucks but it’s a luxury she cannot afford at the moment. In the future, yes. She can report them, yes, and that’s the best option she has. Moving should NOT be an option. I truly, truly think she wants things to come easy and thinks that one day, she’ll get a donation that’s in the thousands, and “then she’ll be set.” She’s not living in reality.

Idk, it’s just kinda like GAH to see someone who has the means and the capability to do something good for their child, but simply won’t because they don’t want to. My mother lost us all to CPS and was too selfish to do what it took to get us back. It strikes a chord, man.

No. 269076

she shouldn't even be living in that apartment. it's too small and expensive even for her area.

No. 269077

i don't want to be that person that says poor people shouldn't buy nicer things once in a while or judge them for every purchase but she clearly does not see the reality of her situation. a tiny sushi tray $6? everything organic just because it's organic? Buying hooks and hangers? it's called doorknobs and it's free. hang your shit over the door until you get a job

No. 269078

hooks and hangers wouldn't even be a problem if she didn't buy all that expensive food.

No. 269080

Most states require very low/no income and 6+ months of state residency to qualify for welfare.

No. 269082

I have food stamps in the same state as her, in WA, and wasn’t a resident for more than a couple days when I got mine. I just applied online and they called me to confirm all my info was true. For a mailing address, I gave them my parents PO Box. I think that’s why I’m so frustrated with her—a lot of us are low income and have to work so, so hard, and take extra steps like signing up for state assistance, so when we suggest those things to her, it’s because we know they help. But she just hasn’t done it. I mean, maybe she’s going to do it later or has already done it and just hasn’t said anything, but it would really make things easier. I get 345$ a month on EBT and I have no child. She’ll get more than I do if she signs up

No. 269083

Yeah out here in my town (it’s like 40min outside of Seattle), we got 1 bedrooms for 1200-1400 that are at least 600 sq ft. Not many though and it’s hard since they require 3x income and whatnot. She really needs a job T.T

No. 269084

It’s delusion, is what it is

No. 269085

Shit my bad, it does say you only need to be a resident with a home address to get food stamps. Welfare mom yumi will be fine then. Im only worried about her son, corn doesn't seem mentally stable tbh…getting kicked out twice by different people.

No. 269086

how did she qualify for that 7 month lease w/o income then? shes obviously is getting help of some kind from somewhere

you mean the sperm donor? at this point that's all he is. wtf was she fucking thinking. like you can fuck over splenda…sure but do it with a better plan and backup plan

she really wanted a daughter. there's still unused baby girl clothes shes selling on poshmark >w>(>w>)

No. 269087

That’s the question I have, cuz my apartment was HARD af to get. The only way I could see it working is she lives in a house that’s been converted to micro studios. Cuz then she’d be dealing with a private landlord(learn2sage)

No. 269088

i honestly wonder if her parents "kicking her out" was putting her in this apartment instead. they could have cosigned to get her out.

No. 269089

She's not being a Karen, she's in the right to be upset but at the same time she should realize this will just piss off her neighbors and that's the last thing she needs right now

No. 269090

threatening to break her lease kind of is.

No. 269091

she is leaving a ton of info out to get maximum sympathy from her viewers. i wouldn’t be surprised if her parents or someone else is giving her money and cosigned on her lease. plus the place she is in looks weird, like i am wondering this apartment is even meant to be leased to a single mother as it looks like a glorified halfway house. i have a feeling she is going to get “kicked out” again as she is already bitching about her neighbors and being overly controlling.

it is just going to get worse as time goes on as she doesn’t want to be on welfare or work. she can’t even pick a decent place for her and her son since they are sharing a kitchen. that is not the kind of apartment/studio a single mom should be living in. she would do better renting out a room with a family as opposed to whatever this sketchy place she is in if she is going to be sharing some of her living space with others.

No. 269093

Breaking her lease is the "leverage" she has over the landlord if the landlord doesn't enforce the rules as promised in the rental agreement. I mean that would be stupid for her to do but she's not being a Karen for wanting to get what is in the lease

No. 269094

no she doesn't. do you even know what breaking a lease is? she'd basically have to pay all the rent anyway.

No. 269096

It's a mass produced, commercial microstudio based on what she said about being downtown and having other studios on all sides of her. I'm wishing the best for her poor son.

No. 269099

What scares me is she seems to lack real life experience and knowledge of independent living, like maybe dont start conflict with random neighbors because of smoking? You can’t expect shitty apartment residents to care. The donation thing reminds me of when Trisha paytas commented on her divorce video and sent what must’ve been a huge donation, maybe she’s hoping by making these pity videos that someone will draw attention to her situation and it’ll result in more handouts so she can continue doing cheapass sponsors that get 1k views?

No. 269103

I was thinking about that too.

No. 269111

she doesn't need to be living downtown, it's so expensive!

No. 269115

What if her parents took care of the baby while they co-signed and let Yumi get the apartment ready?

No. 269116

this could also be true. i really can't believe anything she says anymore.

No. 269117

I mean it wouldn’t be the first time she’s lied about her living situation.

No. 269118

that's true, that's why i can't agree with anons who think she's not being manipulative.

No. 269119

I know what you mean. I have to keep reminding anons that she lied about her Georgia living situation. She was in a multi bedroom house with her parents at a gated community. They sold the house in August/September.

No. 269120

yes exactly. the only thing i believe happened was her mom probably tossed some of her junk clothes. i still can't believe anons ever thought she was really in a shelter or trying to get into one.

No. 269134

Agreed. You're allowed to get nice things too even when buying cheap. The example of her shopping with Splenda is terrible because thats big income that anon is comparing. I think she has a 'need' or 'want' problem. She did hauls before, she likes shopoing and knows how to get a lot for cheap. She's not greedy, but is fine with using $20 out of $100 for a nice meal than gas.

Yumi absolutely knows how to buy cheap. She's not being manipulative like >>269031 says. She's just dumb and I think uses buying things as quick feel goods or buying things for others, like her baby, does the same thing. She's not a shopaholic, but she just would rather be in a pinch than actually pinch.

No. 269135

Sage your shit. There's contingencies to all that including not making over a certain amount in salary. Depending on the state, some of those options might not be available, on hold, waitlisted, or even just having you on processing for months until accepted. Also, most people on these programs don't like people knowing they are in these programs because of how dumb as bricks Americans treat those on wellfare and assistance.

No. 269139

prove it? I'm ready to believe it but have never seen the proof, so "reminding" doesn't mean shit.

No. 269140

I agree with this, too. Used to volunteer at a non-gov food bank and heard some real horror stories.

No. 269146

Not to mention if she isn't telling people because of the embarrassment that comes with being on these assistant, like anons apparently needing to know she's on them, she might be getting help from one of them to subsidize some rent cost. I don't it because she's talking about moving, but theres a lot that goes into these programs. You don't just walk in and say, "I need help, single, with baby" and they slap a stack of cash and give you a card right away for WIC. Anons literally know nothing outside of Google searches because most of them probably haven't had to deal with this.

No. 269156

File: 1669831790882.jpeg (321.64 KB, 960x1128, A8B8FD28-2CA2-4849-B44C-6BF7FB…)

Here I am posting it yet again lol. Censored for doxing.

No. 269170

like, i'm sorry, what does this prove? how does this prove she lied about anything? some of you ppl are so weird. oh god a photo of a house, yes anon i'm a belieber

No. 269173

That her parents have money, but even lower income families, based on the state, can afford houses like this with under $2400 mortgage a month. When anon first posted this, it was at a time when multiple threads had anons trying to doxx cows like Lori Lewd. I don't know why we bring up her parents anyway. They aren't on cameras, so there's nothing to discuss besides tinfoil

No. 269177

It proved that she wasn’t living in an apartment like she previously stated. She basically would film in a bathroom and pretend to live by herself with baby. Remember this was the time when Trisha donated that pile of money to her as well.

No. 269190

Wtf do you even know what's going on? It proves a lot, that's the Georgia house they sold. She lied, she was living with her parents for a while and they were helping her.

Her parents downsized to an 2 bed 1 bath condo in WA now, and during that time she got kicked out. Probably couldn't hide and film in the bathroom anymore if it's a SINGLE bath. I think it's worth around $350k. They have no other property besides the condo now.

No. 269200

get out annoying wk.

No. 269233

Just say you don't know how to have a discussion.

No. 269243

nah man, just because her parents sold a place didn't mean she was living there while pretending to be homeless. I have been halfheartedly keeping tabs on yumi but I honestly don't follow this argument because it's a bunch of assumptions with no actual proof. That doesn't make me a WK. Did you compare the bathrooms or something, that would convince me actually.

All these people whining for details about the divorce just come across poorly imho. Just don't give her money if you don't believe her! Troons grift all the time and no one asks them to explain their situations in detail with documents, why does Yumi have to do that? She's a single mom with some parental issues, just don't donate, let her YT channel die, and terrorize another grifter. She isn't raking in dough, that much is clear.

No. 269244

also this post
wasn't mine

No. 269249

it’s the same home her parents purchased so they could be closer to yumi. Even court documents have Yumi listed under that address along with her parents. I’d post it but I’d get banned for doxing. Look on her Kiwi Farms thread if you don’t believe me.

No. 269254

no thanks, don't need to visit scrote site for whatever non-proof is there. Again, so what, that's her parents' house. Prove she lived there while pretending to be homeless. That is all I care about, because you keep saying she did that and I want to know how you know this particular thing. A mailing address isn't necessarily a residence.

No. 269261

Then please tell us how she was able to get an apartment, lawyer and provide for her son with a dying YouTube channel and patreon. Lol

No. 269301

File: 1669870777632.jpg (757.78 KB, 1472x792, Yumi_parents_house.jpg)

nice try but none of us who actually knows how to google is going to risk doxxing to prove what we already know

holy shit can you actually be this dumb and blind. i guess mommy has to draw a fucking picture

No. 269302

she said that in her new video jfc.

No. 269303

For 4-5 months, she filmed in their WA condo using a cheap curtain and plain walls as backdrop. Not once did she ever mention being supported by her parents EVEN THO she was living with them for OVER 1 year.

She finally did something to piss off her parents and now she's homeless.

Homeless with help probably.

No. 269304

she's not homeless, just jobless. it's obvious her parents put her in that apartment. she probably couldn't live in their retirement condo. this is a nice apartment downtown, it's not section 8 or something.

No. 269307

agreed. jobless, begging online, living on parents dime and probably welfare already. still playing victim after cheating on scrote and making her parents move across country twice. sounds about right.

and that's why she can't be honest. it just doesn't sound as good as tough single mom w/o support raising a son.

No. 269351

if she cheated on that ugly fat old man, who cares? He is disgusting

No. 269354

Why does it sound like you're siding with the scrote? Yumi did lie, and she needs to get her life together, especially for her son, but who cares about splenda daddy. he exploited her for her race and used her as a 'submissive asian ' woman. they're both shit people, but he is worse.

No. 269358

pointing out facts is caping for splenda now? get out.

No. 269360

I looked at the kiwi thread. Most people there aren't as bitter and nasty as you are. There's like one person there who wants to see Yumi suffering for probably sick reasons. who tf are you ppl who act like she's buying dior when she bought €1.75 hooks?

No. 269362

she said multiple times in vids that her parents were helping. why do you need to know everything about her situation to NOT DONATE to her? fools are easily parted from their money, if they didn't give it to Yumi, they'd probably give it to some TiM who wants breast implants.

No. 269365

You sound so unhinged

No. 269366

then go back if you want to spend time with moids caping for her.

No. 269379

aren't you the one who told people to go there for "proof" since you couldn't be arsed to upload here?

No. 269384

Not the same anon you’re replying to. I did tell people to look there because you can’t actually dox people on lolcow.

No. 269396

no lol.

No. 269403

Might get chew up but… yes they are both terrible people. But Yumi is worst

When you go along with this disgusting old man with a working brain, you're not only condoning this behavior but also supporting its practice. Annnnd again she's the one that cheated and had another rando's baby.

No. 269408

just notice most of the videos ft splenda during her pregnancy (like the announcement vid) has been deleted or hidden by her

No. 269414

no i agree. calling yuhan out doesn't mean we like splenda. he deserved to get cheated on and wrecked. but he's out of the picture now and you know who's left? her baby. and the baby doesn't deserve all this mess.

No. 269448

So she lied about being homeless to scam her viewers into donating, and if her parents were taking care of her son, she has NO EXCUSE for not looking for a REAL JOB. She probably refused to do real work and they kicked her out.

No. 269465

1200 for a tiny studio, she is probably Staying around the most expensive City in the East side because you can get a slightly larger apartment in less nice neighborhoods in Seattle or north or south of Seattle. She acts like she is too good to live a “commoner” life

No. 269480

i think she really wanted to be a mom and youtuber and nothing else. since that didn't happen its hard for her accept reality and give up the dream of being a stay at home mom / "fashion" influencer

her parents condo's worth more than $400k and the step dad is 71. just give it a decade and she'll inherit everything, no need to work

No. 269482

The price is on brand with America.

No. 269484

nta but the issue is she's choosing to live downtown which is expensive regardless. she can live outside the city in a huge apartment for that much.

No. 269490

Downtown and it's $1200!? That's not bad, are you kidding me? We have places over here that are studios for $2300 and that's on the outskirts! Some of you must still live at home or something to think $1200 is too pricey when it's like this all over the US. It's pricey for everyone, let alone Yuumi with a single income and probably not including other bills. I hope she has an Obama phone or something.

No. 269492

She could have easily secured a trad boy toy instead of Splenda. They existed when she was shopping for men.

No. 269497

lol no, look up listings. and the size of that "studio" is like 200sqft. it's in a luxury building ffs! you clearly don't live in that area

No. 269509

NTA 1200 for a downtown apartment is bad when you're in corn's situation. Also it sounds like you live in an expensive rental market tbh

No. 269514

you stil haven't proven how involved her parents were. I know it's crazy, but parents aren't robots who do everything you want or need in life. You people sound deranged. Yumi isn't milky rn. Mikan has donation links on everything too, and no one gives a shit about that! She got donations to move because of a stalker and then moved in with boyfriendo number 1. I mean, where were you people then?

Wanting a single mother, or anyone, to suffer forever because you believe she is the absolute worst… out of all the shitheads and Munchies and addicts and violent abusers raising kids… there's something really off about you people. LC isn't interested in shitting on a single mother for "cheating on a scrote" or whatever moral line you're drawing, especially since Corn denied it and there are other imaginable scenarios for her situation. but hey, go on calling us stupid and retarded and lol and kek and whatever. seems like you have one misogynist opinion and are eager to vomit it again and again.

No. 269517

Ohhh mother mary you're right, I seeeee the light. She's only medium shitty person. How kind of you to jump on corn's dickkkk. White knight riding all night.

No. 269521

yeah, that's right, she is medium shitty with potential to improve if she puts her mind to it. I guess that's the same as being a WK to you.

No. 269531

I think the reason why people are so harsh is because they want her to leave YouTube and find a job to provide for her son. Obviously the grift ain’t working if they’ve been homeless etc.

No. 269562

Her videos are boring as shit, that’s why she only gets a few thousand views and most are from pity because she always titles it something like “it’s been tough….” I don’t even know what her goal could possibly be. The sponsors are all cheap and stupid trash, her speech isn’t the best so it’s hard to cultivate an audience, obviously no real skills or ways to make a video engaging.

No. 269563

Wht is she so bad at English? She's lived in the US most of her life right? I'm really surprised she hasnt gotten better at speaking after all this time. The way she says "son" like "sowln" drives me insane

No. 269567

It's not her first language. Veiled racebait.

No. 269582

It's better now than when she was with Splenda, I swear she was trying to sound fobbier on purpose. But it's almost impossible to learn perfect accent as an adult, and it's kind of pointless as long as people know what you're trying to say

No. 269588

Also the only people who care about accents, when she's still speaking English and anon most definitely can understand her, are racebaiters.

No. 269594

why don't you watch the videos and stop believing what she says.

No. 269619

Kek anon wtf

No. 269716

>fobbier on purpose
Splenda arc in general was her making an ass of herself online tbh. From the speaking, to her pretending to be "muh chinese waifu who know noting teehee~", even just their weird shit her and splenda would get up to… Like when she ate out of some cat or dog bowl.

No. 269725

You are so stupid. And yes, people did discuss Mikan's scamming, it's just your brain is too pea sized to remember. And yes, she has NO EXCUSE for not looking for work if she was living with her parents who would obviously then be able to make sure her son was safe and taken care of while she worked. She's an irresponsible parent and a liar, hoping to milk as many donations from gullible viewers, rather than actually work. If she didn't lie about her situation and found a real job, I'd cut her some slack, even if she was asking for donations on top of that.

No. 269736

This is always repeated over and over like she wasn’t a made-to-order fetish bride for a pedophile.

No. 269751

File: 1670057138566.jpg (8.21 KB, 512x242, yumi-makeup-filter-mess-up.jpg)

"she has NO EXCUSE for not looking for work if she was living with her parents who would obviously then be able to make sure her son was safe and taken care of while she worked."

+1. someone has a brain here. can't these other idiots add it up?

that's why she had to lie. and underplay her parent supporting her for almost 2 years. her parents eventually got tired of her shit. freeloading off retirees with a bastard kid from a random sperm donor. even her parents smelled the coffee and kicked her out.

like i said, she wanted to be a pampered housewife and full time mommie. she says it twenty times every video she takes care of her son 24/7. Which btw, with her son, i suspect its not a healthy relationship, it's a dependency. he's an excuse she needs to make her narrative work.

shes not pretty enough to land a half decent man. annoying personality. her face still looks like a jack o lantern under all the editing and filters. even harder now as a single mom.

No. 269777

File: 1670077185650.jpeg (148.05 KB, 1274x714, 9A7D59F4-4E34-49C0-878D-06FFB5…)

I wish Yumi got her hair cut into fringe and curled bob. It would look so cute on her without pandering to Asian obsessed scrotes.
Jesus Christ somebody puts it into words on what we mean.

No. 269822

Her hair is too thin. Those are some thick bangs. Even if she took from the crown, it would thin the in other areas. She didn't get a genetic lottery.

No. 269832

Honestly, even if she didn't do anything with the layering or parting she would look way better with shorter hair. Like something shoulder length would lighten her up a lot and she would save on shampoo and fuss. Though I do think some side bangs would look good and thin bangs are still in.

No. 269874

well your dumbass opinion doesn’t help here. the tinfoiling can be retarded here sometimes. yumi hopped on the old pervert moid husband pipeline like amouranth, cheated, and ended up losing everything.

No. 269963

Oh no, she cheated on a pedophile. How terrible. Poor Splenda, bad Yumi. Kek. Your fucking logic.

No. 269989

Literally every single photo hides those super size hamster cheeks is why. She can't angle herself like that in videos sadly. Surgery for cheeks and teeth would be a good investment. Why didn't she get Splenda to pay for it when she had the chance?

Her son got her cheeks and big head too remember >>269822

Our "broke" single mom yumi just bought a air purifier. Rofl

No. 269992

Ooooooohhhhh new thread

Hot shit, I remember those videos, so she was living with her parents. That was when she started selling off all her stuff on Posh "to help her move" lol she didn't mention her parents are rich and didn't need the help. Fuxing fraud jfc…..

Did she move back in with her parents when she was still pregnant? Was splenda there for baby's birth? How did splenda know the baby wasn't his? I have so many questions what did I miss

No. 270037

I think she wanted to wait until after she had her son. The writing was on the wall that he'd bail on her eventually. Don't think she knew how fast that would happen.

No. 270092

It was real :( I'm not a Yumi hater but think about it from her moms perspective. It's all about FACE in that culture. Her mom seeing other friends kids grow up get jobs marry up the chain. What yumi did was the ultimate shame. And yumi's mom was a single mom too, yumi doesn't know her dad :((:( )

No. 270110

nobody was defending that retard(learn2sage)

No. 270191

And the kid is still with her parents, right? If so, that means they do take care of him and were thus obviously involved in his care earlier, or would have been if Yumi decided to get a job. She has shown time and time again that she does not want to work a real job. She likely expected to get rich off YT and was even willing to tolerate Splenda for years as long as she had a caretaker so she didn't have to work. She probably also feels too "proud" to work some entry-level job, and until she does that and becomes independent instead of using grimy old men, she's shit.

No. 270194

I'm glad she cheated. Sometimes cheating is a good thing and in this instance, it was a good idea. Splenda was going to make her a 2nd or 3rd ex because she wasn't going to stay in the uwu dress-up dolly phase and she was slowly transitioning away from that anyway. A long time ago I thought she was just keeping up the act because that's what brought in her original views when lolita wasn't so accessible and normies were hearing about it, so the whole easy sewing stuff and lolita style clothing was the gimmick she could milk. When she got married and got older, it honestly seemed so beyond forced that she was still into the aesthetic as much as she used to be. Splenda wasn't going to go for that, her bought her frilly clothes before and her never said anything good about the more tight fitted stuff she'd buy. His reactions were be "Yeah.. That's sexy." but when she wore frills "Oh yeah, that's looks so nice, do a twirl, so pretty, you look like a doll".

Dude was an absolute red flag. Thank god she cheated, unfortunately probably not soon enough to not make it Splenda's kid.

No. 270386

i don't care about splenda it's just heartbreaking that she made an innocent child. i also don't think she grew up at all, times just changed and she has to compete with attractive chinese weebs now. plus her shein aliexpress stuff is popular as well. it's just a different grift. finding ageplay cringe is simply not enough growth for me to believe it.

No. 270426

last I checked, it takes 2 people to "make a child"

No. 270445

She not a thot though, not like cosplay thots. Your comparison doesn't make sense since she's never done that. Also these women existed anyway when she had a YT channel to begin with.

No. 270494

okay? this is her thread, the mystery guy isn't here to bitch at. she is one of the two people who brought a baby into this mess. stop
trying to make this a misogyny thing. she is doing the wrong thing for herself and her child by being selfish and childish.
i mean chinese lolitas and kawaii vloggers, i never mentioned costhots. the internet has grown past her relevancy so she's trying something different.

No. 270560

Lolita bloggers aren't dressing sexy, so that leaves thots.

No. 270631

no where did i say sexy. i said attractive. get your head fixed.

No. 270654

File: 1670370317645.png (368.52 KB, 507x600, 7FE4703B-D414-4E57-8CF2-8D2F5F…)

Yumi used to dress very skimpy for YouTube views though. She knew what she was doing.

No. 270667

>modest bikini
Sure is skimpy.

No. 270684

this is the same uguu thirst trap shit that chinese tiktokers wear. she also wore lolita and shit. she's just not attractive enough to compete with the flood of overly shoop'd asian weebs anymore. her attitude is still the same. she never changed anything important.

No. 270686

It would be family friendly if she wasn’t wearing the Mary janes, pigtails and cat ears lol.

No. 270711

Thats you being creepy. The shoes are fine and so is the hair. Pigtails are weeb shit. Can't believe anon used a real child as an example and basically making it look like the child is creeping an an adult women and the woman, at a water park, can't even wear a more than enough coverage bikini. >>270654 This whole post is fucking dumb and makes no sense to context we are discussing. Anon called that skimpy, but now it's the shoes/hair/ears that's the problem and not the bikini? Make up your minds.

No. 270712

Really? Because those tiktokkers I see sit outside with their phones fully clothed too and pretend they are homeless for live views and donations.

No. 270774

File: 1670429411684.jpeg (28.08 KB, 597x397, 8E46869D-11A5-460D-8D48-9BE50D…)

I found the image on a 4chan thread archive where even scrotes had a problem with her outfit. You’re so desensitized that you don’t even see the problem with her obvious pedo pandering.

No. 270927

Wtf does this CHOBITS Chii cosplay have to do with anything? Stay on topic and no1currs what scrotes say, especially because you didn't even post anything to go with what you said happened. Adults infantilizing other adults is the creepiest shit ever.

No. 271054

don't argue with wks. they're all over the thread. yuhan didn't grow up and she arguably got worse. dropping her weebshit was her giving up not growing up.

No. 272001

New video has comments disabled. Also has anyone bought from Temu? It looks shady as hell

No. 272002

that kid is adorable but I feel so bad for him living in a tiny space with no real room to grow. I dont understand why she doesnt just go back to her parents place so he could have a better life. Yumi is selfish as hell.

No. 272013

if she was asked to leave her parents' house, then it isn't her decision whether to go back there. and we were never told why she left. A lot of children grow up with much less and in much worse conditions than this. She seems to care about his well-being and is raising him with love. This is a much better situation than being in a shared house with men or with a boyfriend. Kids often suffer abuse from cohabiting unrelated males. I'm sure Scott would have been a shitty father anyway, he never bothered being a parent to his other kids.

No. 272022

If she really wants a better life and for YouTube to be her job, she needs to pick up a needle and make a sewing video. That’s literally why she got popular so idk why the thought seemingly never even crossed her mind ONCE. Sure, money’s tight and she’s busy taking care of her son, but you can buy sewing shit at the dollar store and she can just gradually work on things, it doesn’t need to be done in a day. I just don’t get her thought process.

No. 272029

yes, this is puzzling. She was pretty good at DIYs for beginners, and there's an audience for that kind of stuff. DIYs for younger teens learning to sew. Doesn't have to be fantastic, just decent and with the entire process shown. She used to do that.

No. 272041

Or even repurposing thrift shop finds. There’s a lot she could do she could even do diys with her son without showing his face.

No. 272050

Temu is basically the same as Shein.

She has said she plans to move to a bigger place once he is a few years old. As of right now, he should be fine. She also appears to take him out quite a bit.

No. 272081

she was never good at DIYS, she covered everything in hot glue, that's why she became a cow, she got posted on /cgl/ for her awful hotglue maid lolita dresses and people uncovered her cringe OKC profile and it snowballed. she also used to get posted by proud2basian as and example of kawaii asian women sometimes. like many other youtubers she lost her niche when that kind of content became huge on tiktok.

No. 272107

why is commenting turned off now? when any youtuber do that it screams s c a m

No. 272110

Must be nice being so gullible..

1. her son is young and at the cute stage. when they get older and start talking back, it will not always be hugs and storytime. having no father figure or support system is harder on boys development

2. yumi has a codependent relationship with her son, it's not healthy. she seems incapable of healthy relationships (see splenda) likely since she has never had a father growing up.

3. she went to china to get pregnant by an ex bf / random guy. someone she could probably never be with. then she lost everything after having a son…so her son is all she has. this is a possible Jocasta complex in the making -barf-

No. 272127

got any proof for #3? or any of your tinfoil?
#2 is laughable. and now you want to psychoanalyze Corn? Jocasta complex with a toddler? Get help.

No. 272131

Seconding this, anon is doing some crazy projecting and tinfoil (and is definitely male with muh father figure)

Anon, you're a weirdo, seek help. How the fuck anyone can call a young mother's communication with her baby codependent, you're fucked in the head

No. 272140

you're right, I missed this:
>her son is young and at the cute stage. when they get older and start talking back, it will not always be hugs and storytime. having no father figure or support system is harder on boys development

no shit, sherlock, kids grow up. don't care to debate the father issue thing but that role can be filled by someone other than the sperm donor or a worthless boyfriend. i'm sure he'll be fine without a Scott-like scrote around!

No. 272165

is something wrong with you?

No. 272185

Why are you so focused on the absentee dad? If splenda wasnt an asian fetishing old man, he would have stuck it out for the sake of the kid, but he did what many men seem to do: Run away.

No. 272186

Agree. Anon acting like a missing father figure is somehow new for these types of men. Yumi needs to grow up, but she seems to love her kid, which is sweet. I hope they both are in a better place before he becomes bigger. He'll need his own space soon.

No. 272235

Umm anon, most men would not stick around to raise another man's kid after their wife cheated. I would have a hard time believing any man would do that at all. Has nothing to do with him being a creep, which he still is but yeah.

No. 272255

Yeah even if she did start making craft videos again it wouldn’t make much money at all, YouTube is an oversaturated market so there’s more competent people with editing skills for everyone to watch now. If you’re pulling in less than 10k views with over 800k subs including on clickbait videos like “I need help” it should tell you it’s time to pull the plug and no one is interested besides us to see where her sad life is going next. People tell her to make cooking videos too and I just think this is all a waste of time.

No. 272264

youtube turns off comments on videos now if children are featured in a video because of the pedophile ring scandals from last year.

No. 272268

he look like eliot rogers from the back with same hair and hair color and head shape.

No. 273103

Learn to fucking integrate.

No. 273104


Woah rude Anon. Chill out.

No. 273109

You can't even sage.

No. 273117


Ah~ A Karen. I'm so scared.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 274736

Video talking about how she's scared to put her son in daycare because in the past, he's gotten pushed by bigger kids for being in the way / doing things he isn't supposed to do.

No. 274741

more stupid excuses to not work

No. 274747

It has to be an excuse to not work. Sorry yumi, not everyone gets to be with their kids 24/7 and have to hold down jobs. Kids need to learn how to interact with a helicopter mommy spazzing out over kids doing kid nonsense. A legitimate day care will supervise these interactions and help guide the little ones in the right direction, so there's no need to throw out a flimsy excuse like this unless the can only afford bottom of the barrel child care.

No. 274778

Male children can be psychotic as fuck, but yeah not much you can do at this point. Parents have to provide for their children and other children are assholes but there’s no alternative besides keeping him at home in a plastic bubble. I grew up with shitty violent kids and gangs in my neighborhood that would throw shit at me but whatever it’s life and you learn from it.

No. 274910

i can't believe some of you don't remember she was doing aliexpress lingerie hauls before.

No. 274965

at this point she should just let her parents look after her son until she gets her shit together, but i know they don’t want to be bothered with her anymore.

No. 274979

what the actual fuck is this misogyny? go fuck yourself

No. 274980

he's a toddler, you nutcase. What is he going to learn?

No. 275675

if you don't know anything about child development just say so.

No. 275686


If her son gets pushed by another kid for standing in the way or trying to play with boys 2-3x his age and size, he'll learn two things: it's better to stay out of other peoples' way, and stick to kids his own size. Social development starts at his age.

No. 275692

There is no way she can afford good childcare in Seattle, she most likely has her son in a low income daycare that has a lot of maladapted kids from all sorts of backgrounds. This isn’t a problem at all but Yumi probably wants to be a tiger mom and not lose control of her son. The kids out there grow up fast unfortunately.

No. 275781

you both need mental help if you think that's acceptable behavior that serves to teach toddlers lessons. that's why adults need to watch kids and prevent shit like that from happening. Hate on Yuhan all you want, yes maybe she is overreacting, but stop bullshitting that being pushed and roughed up and having shit thrown at you by gangs of older kids (as anon above said) is some kind of rite of passage. It isn't. Kids get seriously hurt by other kids every single day.

>>275675 you know nothing about it, I see. Advocating for physical alterations, being bullied and shoved, as a means for a toddler to "learn"? I hope you don't have children.

This is the only thread here where you psychos get away with saying shit like this. You are so blinded by your hate for Yuhan that it produces these utterly fucked up pronouncements about how she's a whore, how kids should beat up other kids to teach them life lessons, how a couple of bucks on hooks is a luxury purchase.

No. 275875


No one here said that her kid should get beaten up or that violence is an acceptable rite of passage. Parents should teach their kids to be gentle, but the fact is that conflict (physical or not) among children is unavoidable and they literally DO learn something from experiencing it. It's not really something worth twisting to an extreme and arguing about.

The reality we're talking about is her kid getting pushed out of the way 3-4 times. It sucks, and I'm glad he's not getting the shit kicked out of him. All of that aside, daycares are separated by age group, so he'd be around other toddlers all day — the likelihood of him getting shoved around by bigger kids when Yumi isn't around is minimal at this point.

No. 275911

fair enough, this is a more balanced perspective than what I felt like I was reading above. thanks for clarifying at least your opinion because it really did sound like some posters want Yuhan's kid to get smacked around at some unlicensed lord of the flies daycare.

No. 277829

no, you just don't know how to raise kids and needed anon to spoonfeed you about it. you're making tons of assumptions about what anons meant, despite not owing you a detailed explanation.

No. 277837

do you need to be spoonfed how to sage? Braindead attempt to start infighting.

No. 277841

i was bumping the thread past the 5 pages of josh moon spam still up. sit down and fuck off.

No. 277844

Nah, you guys visit every week or so to cause problems in a dead thread. It's a pattern. Fuck off kindly yourself, asshole, anons can react to your shit takes and inability to read a room.

No. 277847

you need to be 18+ to post here

No. 277849

>>275675 replies to a 3-day old comment trying to infight

>>277829 replies to a 7-day old comment trying to infight

Scrotes and chan losers have posted in this thread to call Yuhan a whore (now deleted >>274824) and worse than Scott(>>269307), who has abandoned wives + kids before, and say she only has a future as a submissive wife to an old widower. This thread needs serious moderation.

No. 277850

that's not what infighting is. this thread is slow, are you new?

No. 277878

Yeah, we all have timestamps. No one cares.

No. 278605

She could start sewing clothes for her child?? I bet that would be good content

No. 278612

How could she when all she has to do is release an ebegging video for people to care?

No. 278679

Yumi certainly has the ability to create a darling handmade wardrobe for her son, and the platform to make money doing so. Lots of moms struggle to find time for hobbies while their kids are very young, so this kind of content would be sympathetic and highly relatable.

but no, it's so much easier to dress the poor little dude in temu-sponsored sweatshop shit, all clownishly oversized so she can brag about fitting in the same clothes as a literal toddler. this lazy self-centered crap is why many people find their sympathy for Yumi is quickly exhausted

No. 278692

if she's struggling for money, I don't get how it matters whether she gets, buys, or makes the clothes. It doesn't make her lazy or self-centered for choosing not to sew clothes for a toddler. Not sure how durable any of her clothing tutorials were anyway.

No. 278926

Right now, buying fabric, threads.. The time and work and she probably doesn't know how to sew clothes for a baby, would cost more than just getting them through sponsorship. You don't need to try to twist clothing a child into some weird milk.

No. 278927

I mean how much money can she realistically even make with her view counts never reaching 10k

No. 279100

setting aside opinions about how she makes money on her channel, recall that Yumi only rose to this board's attention by putting her dd/lg kink on display to the underage audience of her arts and crafts videos. now she keeps ordering clothes that are much too big for her toddler while mentioning how she also likes to dress up in his cute little vests and jackets.

weird milk, indeed.

No. 279425

she was also on /cgl/ for posting shit videos like diy hotglued bedding. i definitely believe she has some ddlg fetish, it wasn't just scott's nasty ass

No. 279450

Late to the party, but I'm glad her parents kicked her out and stopped enabling her. Her behavior isn't too different from an addict's behavior. She will learn one to stop being a leech one way or another.

No. 279589

are you incapable of posting images on an imageboard

No. 279808

I thought that was odd too. Her son is average size but she's putting him in baggy clothes meant for 7 year old boys. Then she brags about fitting into the same 7 year old boy clothes. All of this is weird af. Maybe it's to save money-oh wait no…she gets slave labor clothes for free.

No. 279810

I do wish her well, unlike the shits on r/aznidentity who hate her. I know she is stupid but I don't want her to be another single mom struggling to take care of her incel teen son.

No. 279812

…did scrote stay in the picture and go along with everything UNTIL they found out it was going to be a BOY!?? Why did he go along with all this at first if he knew it can't be his?

Gender reveal happens around 13 to 20 weeks? Was splenda at the actual birth or gone by then?

No. 279821

>codependent relationship with her son

he’s a literal infant incapable of doing anything for himself? obviously they’re codependent as i would hope is the nature of any mother and son at that stage, jfc

No. 279883


Don't be so dense. Codependency in parenthood is where the parent/guardian creates an unhealthy attachment towards their child, creating an emotional enmeshment between the two. This kind of relationship stunts the emotional and mental development of the infant, creating behavioral issues down the road.

The word you were looking for is attachment, which is a HEALTHY emotional bond developed between a child and their caregiver.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 279893

i think op means it's normal right now but longterm as her son gets older she will get batshit crazier. and project her problems onto him. codependency does not have to be a one way street. that's why she doesn't want to get a job despite being broke

No. 279895

Omg stop medfagging. How could you possibly tinfoil this based on what Yuhan shares online? She is a nervous single mom, it's her first kid, that's it. She's not damaging him in any content posted online and if you think she is, you need to post proof. this is an imageboard, not a place for you to armchair diagnose and medfag about a cow.

No. 279896

File: 1675374829349.png (977.77 KB, 863x462, Screenshot_20230202-225314.png)

It's really unclear when he left. But she says he took her to the hospital for the birth (picrel)

No. 279898

File: 1675375028835.png (651.84 KB, 863x492, Screenshot_20230202-225638.png)

literally the only shot of Scott holding the baby is right after birth.

No. 279910


Nobody is medfagging but there's a difference between codependence and healthy attachment, plus I'm not the anon that said she was codependent. Retard.

No. 280023

Thanks op. She was still using 'my husband' every 2 sentences so things must have been going decent then. I wonder when the truth came out and how. You can't really tell who the father is by a newborn's looks so it's not like Scott took 1 glance and said naaaaaw way man, this ain't my sperm.

No. 280032

yeah, I never understood the people who claimed she hides her kid's face because it "doesn't look like scott." imho babies all look pretty much the same unless they have deformities. And even kids often don't show similarities until puberty. There's no way scott would have known anything based on the look of the baby.

maybe I'm the only one who was an uggo potato child with little resemblance to my parents. tbh I still don't even look like my parents. I resemble my grandparents (both sides) more than my parents.

No. 281183

A full Asian baby looks different than a half white one. Babies of different races look different from each other…

No. 281479


She got what she fucking deserved

No. 281481

where are the rings?

No. 281518

they went to the hospital in a rush iirc at night, not everyone wears rings all the time or to sleep, and most pregnant women have hand swelling. literally the dumbest question to ask here

No. 281519

what are you talking about?

No. 285533

Yumi has abruptly stopped posting on her socials after consistently uploading semi daily for a while

Last Youtube: Feb 3
Last TikTok: Feb 11
Last Insta: 1 month ago

I know a month isn't that long but she was really consistent before, and considering her whole situation it's kind of weird. Any ideas on what happened to her? Maybe her family took her back in on the condition that she quits the internet forever.(sage your shit)

No. 285538

I hope she left tbh.

No. 285553

Might just be working a lot, no time.

No. 285653

File: 1678651904846.png (35.27 KB, 1099x815, ban.PNG)

I hope she got a real job but as far as I know she didn't have one before

Fuck you farmhand, this is actually something to talk about in this dead ass thread on this dead ass board. Do you just want this board to die?

No. 285655

A recap of inactivity isn't milk. Ffs quit whining like some pathetic moid.

No. 285659

Go back to sperging about Venus's teeth then idc

This board sucks anyway, I'll post this email I sent to the farmhands so y'all can laugh at me or have some food for thought or whatever before some azz deletes it in a few minutes

W is a slow board. I don't know who did this but I think the last thing w needs is nitpicking over what is and isn't milky enough to leave unsage'd. I find often people sage minor milk which hurts the board because most people don't have the autism to check threads by hand to see if something actually happened. Eventually people just stop reading it unless it's the kind of thread that really bring out spergs. Sage is a tool and it would help to not overuse it(take your complaints to meta retard)

No. 285778

Sage your non milk, read the board rules you unhinged twat.

No. 286372

I know what happened to her(Wish you knew what happened to sage)

No. 286376

Spill then

No. 286680

No. 286681

so she "made a good decision" and now her life is turning around and she can afford a decent apartment?

did she finally get a real job?

No. 286750

I think she got a new man to pay her way. I mean she suddenly stops making videos for a month, comes back all giddy and is being vague about something really good happening? Yea(Tinfoiling)

No. 286888

This. What kind of job could someone like her get to be able to afford a 1bedroom all to herself, who would be watching her kid while she works, and why would she be so happy about working? Nah, it's something to do with a dude. Or maybe getting huge alimony payments now.

No. 286935

>reeing in here that Yumi needs to work and get offline
>Yumi gets offline and possibly has a job, is affording a simple life

the state of this thread. if she's working, I hope she never says where so shitheads don't dox her. She should be commended for keeping her son's face and life mostly private unlike many other parents online.

No. 286944

I mean I hope she got a job and not a man but I think if it was a job she would just say that. But if it's a man she needs time to think about how to introduce that to her audience.
A few months ago she mentioned she had a new part time job, so maybe it did turn into something bigger. Or like the other anon said maybe the divorce has been finished and she's getting child support now or something

No. 286965

>simple life
Do you understand how expensive a 1bedroom is, especially if a person also has to pay for childcare? Not having to share an apt with any other people is a luxury in the US. She doesn't even have a college degree IIRC and would only qualify for min wage jobs, which would never be enough for that.

No. 286980

File: 1679293059284.png (20.33 KB, 1188x581, Capture.PNG)

The farmhands have lost their minds(take it to /meta/)

No. 286987

a 1-bed apt is no luxury, at least most of the time it isn't. idk what you're on about. It's not normal for a single mom to share an apartment with other unrelated people - great way to endanger a child, actually. There are things like housing subsidies and shit but you're just hell-bent on making this development into something negative even though you don't know what happened.
>She doesn't even have a college degree IIRC and would only qualify for min wage jobs, which would never be enough for that.
She literally has a video of her graduating from college years ago on her channel. Lurk more.

No. 287000

>a 1 bedroom is a luxury in the us!

anon, are you even from north america??? this isn’t hong kong. granted things are hard in the united states for poorfags but a 1 bedroom is hardly a luxury, unless you’re living in someplace like manhattan or west la.

>she doesn’t even have a degree

yes, she does. go back a few threads. we have pics of her in a cap and gown with her diploma and even her snippets from her thesis/paper. if you’re going to come into the thread at least do a quick read up or even a 10 minute google search before you start going off on a tangent. where do you people come from anyway?

No. 287064

It’s a basic necessity and if she’s still downtown Seattle that’s 2k per month on average.

No. 287115


NTA but in the video she says the apartment is in a different city and they're going to have to move. I'm assuming the new place is cheaper than its equivalent in Seattle?

No. 289385

I'm from the west coast, you know, where Yumi also is and a 1bd here is absolutely a luxury and costs two or three times as much as anywhere else in the country.

Sorry, I should have specified "no useful degree." Interactive Media BAs are not exactly in high demand.

No. 289462

why are you guys so invested in some bleached whore? she’s doing us a favour and continuing the white race(emoji and racebaiting)

No. 289508

Weird how all the sexist racebait only started after she got divorced, sure it's just a coincidence and not Scott and his cronies tho

No. 289650

Bold of you to assume an elderly man even knows how to use the internet, much less find this specific thread

No. 289676

It's not out of the question to think it's his family members though, considering that's actually happened. Wasn't Scott's sister talking crap about Yumi on some forum?

No. 289763

it's been a while but i feel like i vaguely remember her doing this? or it was one of his ex-wives not necessarily talking about her but just warning people of his pattern with marrying fresh off the boat type asian women, and then chucking them to the curb once they get pregnant.

No. 289805

This is an imageboard. Post caps if this even happened and wasn't a LARP.

No. 289806


nta but it was happening in the now defunct PULL forums.

No. 289811

How convenient.

No. 289812


lmao idk what you're trying to get at or why do you feel like anyone is hiding anything, but that's where it was happening several years ago. none of it was racebaiting tho, just one of his ex-wife's family members calling Scrote out for being a good for nothing pos absentee father.

No. 289969

no one wants to spoonfeed you, caps of this are in previous threads. Go read them. Scott's sister posted nasty crap about Yumi and one of his ex-wives was warning her, tho in a mean way.

No. 289970

oh yeah I think there was one other family member too. Regardless, ayrt can go read previous threads, it was all discussed and capped there

No. 293232

That's exactly my thought. She stopped making videos after being almost consistent uploading.

No. 297651

She went from 11 to 7 patrons. I wonder if she's still receiving donations.

No. 300766

Ngl, I used to hate her for no reason, still do.

The thing she only changed is her makeup thought =/(=/)

No. 301140

Did anyone else notice that splenda her ex husband video, I forgot which 1 thought, her freeze dried food or whatever you called it. It look like dog food imo.

I'm sorry because I never tried before those instant prepare food before so it looked like dog food to me.(sage your shit)

No. 304884

yumi in her pink pilates princess era(sage your shit)

No. 304891

Another half assed fashion haul filmed with her phone after not posting for months. She's one of the laziest youtuber's I've come across, and having a child is not an excuse when you don't work (I don't believe the tinfoil that she got a job, she would brag about it).

No. 304904

Barley made 2k views with about 850k subscribers. This is what happens when content creators only do sponsored posts on their platform.

No. 304908

I think she has a new bf because she used to dress more mature when she was single. He probably got her into fitness (good for them)

No. 305244

Because she only makes boring stuff after having the kid. It's nothing like her previous content that people actually subscribed for. Also if she made a video explaining the whole divorce situation properly she'd get a fuck ton of views and interest.

No. 305254

Nta, but she'd also get a bunch of needless hate. There's no reason the dredge it up and he has money, he could scare her into a lawsuit just to make sure she doesn't talk about him becauseshe probably can't afford to go against him. Most divorced parents don't want to deal with the actual divorcee, all she needs is to collect money from him, that's it. Not to mention the random harassment or if anyone recognizes her through day care or something. She's been hiding her son a lot for a reason which is the best thing any parent online does.

No. 305256

>all she needs is to collect money from him
She doesn't get any money from him because the kid isn't his. We saw in the divorce papers. That's the story we wanna hear…

No. 305271

He's definitely petty and nasty enough to harass her and probably set lawyers on her, there have been suspicious comments on this thread from people with weird racist vendettas. She's in a weak position as an immigrant with not-amazing English skills too, she doesn't stand a chance against lawyers, so she's much better off leaving it and proceeding with her life as she has been doing.

No. 305365


gtfo with your whiteknighting shit. she was supported by her rich white stepdad and her mom. according to the divorce papers, she had a lawyer too (and a p good one considering all the reviews she had.) this is not a helpless little girl against the world, it's a woman who was in a mutually-beneficial relationship who didn't get what she wanted out of it because they both are fucking dumb and shitty.

No. 305383

not shitting on a single mother who decided not to show her son's face or make a ton of personal content after a strangely contentious divorce from an asshole fetishist doesn't equal whiteknighting. She doesn't owe you the story of her divorce or an explanation of how involved her family was or not. No one knows for sure how her step-dad treats her either. She's not exploiting the kid or her divorce for views - seems wise to me

No. 305690


nice job moving the goalposts, your comment addresses nothing of what I said. my comment still stands, and this has been debated several times so i'm not repeating myself. whiteknight away.(infighting)

No. 305895

Agreed. Just because she doesn't overly exploit her kid, doesn't negate the fact that she was lazy to work and used splenda just as he used her. It doesn't change the fact that she has a history of being shitty and lazy and coddled then playing the victim and whatnot.

No. 305952

She really hasn't done much, anon. Also, Splenda promised her she'd be taken care of, so her getting a job at the time isn't exactly necessary. He did a whole lot on his side to make sure she relied on him and she took the bait. She cheated, or at least we suspect she cheated because we don't have good proof, but that's pretty much it as far as her biggest milk.

No. 306096

>>305952 that's the thing though, splenda would consistently insist that she get a job, we even saw it in her graduation video. she insisted that youtube was her job and… well, here she is now.

No. 306943


her and her mom have a literal history of finding white dudes. she failed the school of “find a successful white man to create a successful hapa baby and pin him down” university

No. 309505

Of course he is a fetishist, what the hell is this post? He only goes for women of other races.

Has anyone seen her new video? I can't even call it half-assed because it's that shitty. She went from making at least passionate sewing DIYs to shakey phone videos not even explaining the things she shows. Companies still sending her stuff definitley only go by subscriber count or something. This might be the worst of all her videos and the bar is already so low.
Lmao she has no shame only putting out these worst quality ads every few months.

Sage for non-milk

No. 309931

File: 1697413834779.jpg (36.71 KB, 1318x314, Capture.JPG)

I never realized she has 852k subs, damn. Those must all be dead subs, she usually only gets under 10k or even 5k views on her videos now since this past year. According to her social blade she lost 12,000 subs between now and this time last year.

Looking at how many views her old videos used it get it seems like such a waste. If she just kept going like that she'd be pretty successful…

No. 310471

Seems like she's so self-hating that she's seriously raising this kid to be English-only? No indication of him knowing any Chinese or getting any cultural exposure. So sad. What happened to Yumi being ~proud~ of her background?

Also this place she's in looks pretty big, like a mid sized house or townhouse rather than an apartment. I wonder who pays for it.

No. 310613

She used to teach him Chinese, I remember it from older videos. I don't think she dropped that tbh just because we don't here it in this video.
Maybe she lives with her mother again or she found a new splendadaddy.

No. 310669

He is literally a toddler and these videos are for an english speaking audience. He's rarely in her videos except for toy reviews. Thank god she doesn't whore him out for weird Chinese hapa babby content

Based on her other video it's probably her new boyfriend. I think if her family took her back she would just say that

No. 311227

The parents condo looks completely different than this from old pics. This is her new boyfriend's place. Hence the sudden fitness interest.

Those skirts are so short. Any shorter it's underpants. So I'm guessing she's whoring for a place to raise her affair offspring.

No. 311244

Who would be willing to date and fully financially support a woman who just had a baby and doesn't have a job though? I feel like no man is THAT desperate. Unless it's the baby's real dad that stepped up, but I feel like she would have revealed that by now.

No. 311264

>>311244 Many older straight men love acting like saving damsels in distress. It makes them feel useful and like they're needed. It's crazy.

No. 311431

It's not a good video, but it's just a shein sponsorship. I can't imagine they care what she does. Anyway I have to say I respect her for not showing her son, and her kid seems smart. Based on the way he interacted with those cards, I wonder if he is starting to read (do not come at me, I was an early reader, they exist). Whatever you think of Yumi, she seems to be very patient and good at educating her child.
>Those skirts are so short. Any shorter it's underpants.
If you watch the other video, you'd see they have shorts underneath the skirt part.
>So I'm guessing she's whoring for a place to raise her affair offspring.
What a misogynistic tinfoil, fuck off. She's raising her child, not "affair offspring," you pos.

No. 311883

at least back your proof before sperging(at least sage before sperging)

No. 311949

fuck off admins and mods. make me bitch

here’s a red text


No. 312034

are you new?

No. 312059

glad to see our white cock queen is doing okay with her mistake of a kid!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 315370

Yumi is back after 2 months. She's definitely living somewhere else now since the kitchen stuff looks too nice. The other videos are her translating words she doesn't know in a children's book, and a video of her shopping at grocery outlet with no voiceover. Seems like she's trying to shift her content away from herself

No. 315373

>>315370 Honestly I think she must be living with another splenda daddy. I was paying close attention to her kitchenware and that fugging pot is an All-Clad? They're expensive. We're talking $130+ expensive. I sure wonder…

No. 315376

That's been obvious for a long time now. The real question is how tf she managed to do it when she's average looking AND she has a small child. Which rich dude is that desperate? Surely he could have at least nabbed someone without a kid attached.

No. 315379

She's skinny, early 30s, and does put effort into her appearance. And some guys are specifically into Asian women. I could definitely see a 40+ man who isn't great looking but has a bit of money being into her. Let's just hope he's nicer then Splenda.

On a darker note, a jobless single mom with no family support like Yumi would be easy to lure in and trap for more abusive guys… I really hope it's not like that

No. 315395

she found another old white man with an asian preference.

No. 315405

She could very well be babysitting from house to house as well and filming herself making food for other kids and not just her own kid. There's so much we could all tinfoil, but it's useless. That would also explain why that, maybe, all-clad pot is being used. Unless we see proof of her living with someone, there's no point in speculating.

No. 315408

When she was in her poverty era she made a mysterious video months ago saying that something "really, really good" happened to her but she wouldn't specify what, afterwards she's suddenly in a nicer situation despite no obvious income. Finding Splenda 2.0 and keeping him off camera just makes sense

Speculating is half the fun nonnie :-)(tinfoiling, emoji)

No. 315434

That’s ironic because most hapas end up wrought with mental health issues, hapa children are more likely to be diagnosed with a severe mental illness than fully asian kids.

No. 315440

Very true and she was an extremely vulnerable mess at that time which makes an easy target. I hope not though.

My personal hope for what happened is that the kid's actual dad decided to step up and take them in. That would be the best environment for the kid to grow up in. Even if the parents are not morally great people, still better to have both around.

No. 315469

When is the last time we saw actually milk from Yumi?
>no loli cosplay
>no splenda
>boring mommy vlogging
Please forgive if I'm not a big enough loser to be interested in this snoozefest.

No. 315470

Anons just like keeping tabs on some cows instead of focusing on if they have milk or not.

No. 315502

Discussion of nonmilk is allowed as long as it's saged. This has been the case since this site's inception. Are you new?

No. 315510

I'm not even talking about what is allowed? Just saying this cow's udders have dried up. This thread is a milk desert. It may as well be a thread for the lactose intolerant.

No. 315522

Then stop coming here and whining if you don't like it.

No. 315568

Tinfoiling without anything to back it up is against the rules. Please re-read them.

No. 315707

File: 1703046174369.jpeg (822.19 KB, 1620x1021, BCAC26FF-0C87-4007-9868-487DE8…)

I just feel sorry for the kids, wmaf couples are total weirdos 99% of the time(racebaiting)

No. 315712

The rules don't actually say that. Rule 7 is a guideline for off-topic discussions not a hardfast rule.(go to /meta/)

No. 315759

agreed. they can never be just normal. seen it irl(racebaiting)

No. 315763

Agree, the rule just says no tinfoiling without reasons to back it up. Apparently it's not enough that yumi has already been a splenda baby before, that she went from broke to comfy, and that she was vague posting about "good things". And she has no real job skills

Did you catch her white knight in the meta thread? crazy(still not taking it to /meta/)

No. 315873

white cock queen winning(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 318166



No. 318483

Yumi still has a shein sponsorship. She looks down or maybe it's just the heavy filter. The background looks like the basement of a house, it's definitely not her poverty apartment from last year. Judging by the childrens toys that's where they live now

No. 318644

Looks like the same house from >>309505 so nothing new. We just don't know who's house it is… and I guess at this point Yumi is never going to reveal anything about the divorce, new boyfriend/sd, or anything else. It's amazing how much she changed after popping out the kid, when she used to put every little detail of her life on the internet.

No. 318655

It really doesn't matter where she lives and anons need to stop trying to figure out. She was never a cow who openly sperged about private matters anyway.

No. 318725

She matured overnight after the baby and splenda dumping her, its amazing because it could have easily gone very wrong but she actually seems like a pretty caring mother and much smarter now

>She was never a cow who openly sperged about private matters anyway.
Oh so you never saw her videos from a year ago, they're still up on her channel

No. 318897

she really isn't any more mature than she was when she was married to splenda. if she was, she would have left the internet entirely and just lived her life in peace with her child and whoever she is with now.

anon, it's a gossip board, people are going to talk and speculate.

>She was never a cow who openly sperged about private matters anyway.

no, she was very milky in the past. she was not a horrorcow in anyway, but she was definitely very funny and very strange.

No. 318998

File: 1707114548967.jpg (257.57 KB, 1401x1775, 20240204_222910.jpg)

She constantly posted gross, intimate ddlg shit with Splenda and then about her struggles after the divorce. All of that was private personal stuff.

Speaking of which, I was looking back at her insta reels of the post divorce spergs, and there's one where she says someone threw away all her clothes, while stressing that it was NOT Splenda who did it. Who would bother to do that and why? But it explains why we don't see those cute or cultural outfits that she used to wear all the time anymore, she doesn't have them.


No. 319081

IIRC she made a series of vague posts leading up to the reveal that her family had basically kicked her out and cut contact with her after the divorce, which was why she was poor and almost homeless for a while. This was one of them. So its probably either her family literally threw her clothes out or she just cant access them anymore. It could have been that whoever she was staying with after her family kicked her out threw them away but I don't see why or how she would drag all that crap to a temporary location right after being booted

No. 323413

Not like they could sell them for her own profit because they’re all dupes from Chinese sweatshops. That’s why you get sponsorships that pay real money and not clothes that are literal plastic

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