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File: 1684922685421.jpeg (152.24 KB, 852x1325, 1271E758-79F5-4AD2-804A-2E4AEF…)

No. 297880

Previous thread:


The UK gals are getting down and dirty with paradise members jumping the boat quicker than you can say Eva Braun. Member Coy exposed for telling porky pies about their race, saying they wish they could tan darker, irritating actual poc paradise members by rebuking their whiteness and having their fujoshi Naruto nsfw Twitter aired out for the community to see while koko sits back and let’s her members grill on the barbie just in time for summer.

Our resident koreaboo Kaimiterru in hot water over allegations of false racism accusations and pedophelia whereas she’s hit back herself with shots that supposedly some choice paradise members are on meth and heroin and even doing coke in front of their kid members (more than half of the group)

Spanish Hyperglam gyarusa admits to an absolute nosedive of a selfpost in barely illegible English in an attempt to gain noterietay.
Better luck next time right girls?

The dried up Cinna milk has been dropped for the foreseeable future and no sign of Soundcloud-Ear-Raper Pinkii for now.

Nonnies are on the look out for new and upcoming galsas to pick up the pieces and hopefully show that the community isn’t a lost cause dive bar drag show.

Looks like we’re in for a scorcher this summer.

No. 297887

k i know nothing about japanese fashion but she's delulu, how can you reach middle age and post such cowish things, she's like a vicky type

No. 297913

Who’s Vicky?

No. 297915

Who are you referring to vaguenon?

No. 297917

No. 298169

File: 1685127262813.jpeg (97.18 KB, 1170x442, 38231ACC-6F17-4E99-BA90-00B22A…)

is koitan quitting gyaru or something?

No. 298207

File: 1685144371943.jpeg (185.75 KB, 1170x1523, 3F1BEF44-0CCE-4330-B93E-C065FB…)

Weird you’d post this here the other thread is still going.

No. 298210

we’re talking about koitan here are we not? idk how its weird

No. 298235

Are you new to Lolcow? This is a continuation of the other thread for when it locks. Which will be soon. You’re allowed to post wherever you want but while the other one is still open you might as well use that one.
Also this looks like a selfpost KEK

No. 298287

oh pls I am not koitan ‍♀️
it’s interesting me that after this they just seem to stop posting gyaru

No. 298294

Only checking here because it was mentioned in #5 but granted this isn’t a selfpost she’s wanted to quit for months w. As if she put in any effort to begin with, even when she ‘met’ with Koko she just looked like some special needs person that she was forced to lug around. If they weren’t both still private I’d add a pic, but if she’s actually gone and quit I’d be celebrating personally. Don’t have to see her low effort obese ass in tags anymore (or at all granted she stays priv forever)

No. 298296

Girl you’re slagging koi off but know they wanted to quit?

No. 298365

How would you know that Koi has wanted to quit for months unless you know them personally? This has never been mentioned on previous threads.

No. 298474

Koi tried so hard to pull a Kai and cracked under the pressure. I guess that 15% percent black she claims failed her.

No. 298482

“Paradise are still together” my ass. 5 members strong? kek

No. 298503

she's cute!

No. 298517

is your life really so empty you have to self post compliments on an anonymous hate forum?

No. 298533

File: 1685390032014.jpeg (133.04 KB, 1170x1587, 794C8E3B-9DCC-4CD0-8046-CCBC4C…)

Photo evidence of koko buying and giving Daisy (15) alcohol and proudly posting it to their dead galsa instagram.

No. 298534


No. 298562

Koko looks like the human answer for a pigs trotter

No. 298600

This milk is so fucking outdated. Everyone knows. Are you just going to keep regurgitating the same shit over and over? Koko is a creep. We know nonnie, we know

No. 298609

Just a bit bold to post the pic on insta.

No. 298612

>>298533 that post is from over a year kek, this milk is curdled. no one wants to rehash kokos old shit anymore, and clearly shes just going to cower and hide away instead of adressing it, so what does it matter

No. 298865

French gals said me they made money fucking with old men I don't know they're vet or babies(sage your shit)

No. 298871

Hyper glam go away. We can tell it’s you from your broken English I’ve got half a right mind to tell paradise personally what you’re saying about them.(hi cow)

No. 298882

>implying that Paradise is still together
There’s no one to tell because it’s obvious that they disbanded, or at the very least almost everyone is gone.

No. 298898


What does this evn mean?

No. 298899

Saur what gyarusas are good now kek

No. 298900

None. Literally go look at their pages. Everyone looks a horrible at their meets.

No. 298901


So most of you think all gaijin gyaru are bad?(sage your shit)

No. 298902

Y is there a new gyarusa every 3 seconds with the same ppl kek notice how every Hi nrg member is in something else(sage your shit)

No. 298904

>>298901 all gaijins arent bad but gyarusas tend to have a concentration of all the worst gaijins. Probably bc every baby gal wants to immediately jump into starting a new shitty galsa that will undoubtedly be abandoned 3weeks later or passed on to another baby gal

No. 298908

only the new ones and especially the tiktok ones

No. 298921

Hi nrg makes me embarrassed to be gal. I saw them at a convention, they were so sweaty and loud. The leader is like 30 and only hangs with teens.

No. 298923

Who the bitch is you??

No. 298924

No members of hi nrg were at a con together other than that Florida meet saurrr you must mean Bee and shit & if you mean momocon, you will get fucked up so shut up cunt no one’s sweaty—you’re mad you can’t join the meets(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 298925

We can tell it’s you so bad. Get a proof-reader spainfag.
Farmhands can we ban this nonnie? They’re shitting up their thread with their autism.

No. 298926

Ngl hyperham are more milky.
At least hi-nrg HAD a meet. Granted they were just imitating manic stations meet pics but considering 80% of the comm is all online? They deserve their flowers.
The bar is on the floor.

No. 298927

Hi-nrg is doing more than MOST of the community and they ate… so

No. 298929

Why would I join the meet if im already embarrassed, obvi hinrg fag? The entire gyarusa sucks at basic makeup. I don't want to get shredded like KKG did last thread.

No. 298930

The best georgia gyaru meets come from hi nrg & angelsx don’t be stupid ngl sounds like you’re projecting and who evn is manic station df

No. 298931

You can say they are doing more, but that's not enough. Especially if what they ARE doing is ugly as sin the whole time kek
The bar is in hell if we are willing to give them anything at all

No. 298932

Bitches mad cuz ga gals do it better lmfao

No. 298933

The NYC and Cali gals look 100 times better. And America can't even touch UK and EURO gals. You bitches look like cosplayers compared to Georgie and her galsa.

No. 298934

Um who bffr

No. 298935

Typical black american gal. You're not the only gyaru to exist. You live in a bubble, no wonder you think you're so great.

No. 298937

Be racist behind a screen but say that to me in person and get fucked up hoe <3 UK hoes have drug addictions n groom minors df worry ab yo self("<3")

No. 298938

Hate the ogs. I’m a usa gal but the uk gals not only did it first, but do bi-weekly meets.
The first lifestyle gaijin I’ve seen.

No. 298939

Name some that aren’t in paradise.

No. 298940

??? Nobody has said anything about race nonnie.
Hellooooo farm handlers. Racebaiting much?

No. 298941

Judging from your ghetto barking, this is definitely the leader of hinrg.

No. 298942

Say these to the uk girls faces. If you think you’d get fucked up you’ve got another thing coming. The uk gals unfortunately RUN the com.
Nonnie who said anything about uk gals was backing you up. So…

No. 298943

Hi-nrg members are mutuals and friends with manic station so I’d hope it’s not them…

No. 298944

Manic are paradise but better.

No. 298946

This is their roster and you actually want me to believe you’re being serious?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 298947

srsly and ppl wanna say hi nrg are cosplayers im cracking up BFFR(sage your shit)

No. 298948

I like French gals!

No. 298949

if only we still had gyaru secrets these shitty zoomer tiktok trend hopper circles would get humbled so quickly instead we have to witness this retarded infighting

No. 298950

as much as I yearn for gyaru secrets, where would one even create a new version? livejournal sucks ass

No. 298953

File: 1685677417781.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3465x3465, IMG_6596.jpeg)

Be completely honest with yourself.

No. 298954

The only good gals ever in paradise were Nene, Calypso, pocha and maybe Daisy. The rest looked like steaming piles of horse shit. Cosplayers and weebs. Considering all these members have left now what does paradise have to offer other than the occasional hate crime?

No. 298962

Sure. Ignore the pics of 80% of them in ALBA ROSA COATS. They have a heavier roster than paradise

No. 298963

Julie gtfo you are the only one here who cares that much about brand("hi cow")

No. 298965

Imagine mentioning a 16 year old on Lolcow.
Hi koko. Weren’t you the one that called her autistic?
Julie has so much brand that half of it you wouldn’t even recognise.
Stay jealous.(hi cow)

No. 298966

The way you had to search to find ‘bad’ pictures.
May we remind ourselves… these girls are at a MEET.
Can any of you nonnies say that you’ve been to one?

No. 298967

>implying brand makes you a good gal
You people are fucking retards.

No. 298968

not a uk gal but manic are literally the biggest and best British galsa even before paradise disbanded.
Only gyaru-cir doing meets every month. Literally every member doing gal for 1+ year… and have brand out the bootyhole. Rare brand at that. And half can dance parapara and have good connections.
If you’re mad just say that.

No. 298969

Anon I think they both look like shit. That wasn’t me saying Paradise looks good or implying they’re better, it’s me saying that both are absolute bottom of the barrel gals. Comparing them is like trying to deciding if vomit or diarrhea is more appealing w. Your standards are far too low.

No. 298970

Not implying they’re good… implying they care enough to invest in brand.
Tiktok gal alert.
“Gal is mind” right brokey??

No. 298971

Compare them to a current galsa that are better. I’ll wait.

No. 298972

Akipoyo. Instantly. Please be serious.

No. 298973

Trying to understand how people wearing or owning Alba Rosa means anything. If that’s all that matters to you so did Paradise. What is your point here

No. 298974

Another two, nonnie. If there’s only one then your accusations are baseless.

No. 298975

Akipoyo is just full of bone thugs. Nice try though!

No. 298976

?? Confused… half of these girls pass as gal.

No. 298977

What does them being skinny even have to do with this? Guessing hinrg and angelsx are full of shein gal fat wannabes

No. 298978

The point of this is to be anonymous and you're just outwardly being rude to people who havent been rude to you. Angelsx or Hinrg either way, youre fucking mean.

No. 298979

Are you new?
This is Lolcow.

No. 298980

Obviously nonnie but these fags have revealed themselves. THE POINT IS TO BE ANONYMOUSLY MEAN

No. 298981

… who has revealed themselves. Are you in your own tinfoil world?

No. 298982

>>298965 the reason most people couldnt recognize julies brand is probably because 90% of it looks like random scraps from the bottom of the thrift store bins. just because its brand doesnt make it look good and especially not if the person who owns it cant coord to save their life

No. 298983

Her entire wardrobe is brand.
She’s oldschool.
Retards like you only know tsuyome and Manba.
Also, it’s against the rules to milk minors. Keep that in mind.

No. 298984

We get it, she owns plenty of brand. But she sucks at coords all together. The brands mean nothing and her manic station leaders should teach her how to dress for once, but wait they can't dress either!!!

No. 298985

>>298984 i know what oldschool is, nonnie. Just like i know a brand closet cant save her from looking fugly as hell

No. 298986

who cares how much brand she owns if she looks like shit in it? sis prides herself in being an encyclopedia and having a giant wardrobe but cant even groom her fucking eyebrows to fit the era of gal she worships so much. be serious for once you delusional ass kisser
velvet and gyaransu

No. 298989

She’s 15 leave off you hag

No. 298991

File: 1685699488840.jpeg (374.39 KB, 1170x1549, 651152E7-9EF6-4BC2-AA12-1A35C9…)

Is this a joke nonnie. Didn’t even have to make a collage. This is just their page.
Not to mention never even heard of them.
And noncey wib bum buddy methhead calypso is apparently in there to boot.

No. 298992

File: 1685699553540.jpeg (124.73 KB, 1170x1371, 6251B617-670D-40ED-921D-B6CF6E…)

Why the long face?

No. 298994

I don’t think tht was hi nrg or angelsx seems like a set up stop trying to blame random gyarusas

No. 298995

File: 1685699603905.jpeg (265.97 KB, 1170x1607, BA6E2619-FB9C-44D3-BD54-8C85B5…)

Her lips look like a tightly puckered bumhole.
Maybe if she stopped spending money on literal heroin and bought some chapstick we wouldn’t be in this situation.

No. 298996

File: 1685699660686.jpeg (223.56 KB, 1170x1312, 69160899-F8AE-41CE-8389-65DC28…)

This is just a random white woman.

No. 298997

File: 1685699735080.jpeg (128.37 KB, 1170x1589, 7C3D7A9C-8B52-4CA6-90E5-6392A3…)

Yesss so gyaru

No. 298998

File: 1685699844201.jpeg (207.49 KB, 1170x1328, 80D77845-8817-41B9-AF63-8BF225…)

Forgot my harpoon. Shame since we’re clearly going whaling.

No. 298999

File: 1685699967303.jpeg (210.37 KB, 1170x1389, 5AFE2B84-D02F-481D-9752-520963…)

No offence. But if I had to pick this or the hags in Alba…. Let’s just say I’m not picking this.

No. 299000

You attempted with velvet.
But the only other credible galsas are poyo and velvet. So you plugged your own gyarusa in hyperham fashion in there for funsies.
French people aren’t real anyway.

No. 299002

Welcome to Lolcow.
The only place paradise members ARENT silent.

No. 299003

They’ve been liking and following people in ‘opposing’ groups that hate them it’s really embarrassing.

No. 299004

Angelsx where trying to let that weird ageplay kink girl in. Plus wasn’t it confirmed that micah is two faced af?

No. 299005

Lae I know your clown ass got yourself banned from other uk gal meets but there’s no need to vendetta.(Hi cow)

No. 299006

Kek why is one random bitch tagged

No. 299007

>>299005 kek do you know something we dont?

No. 299008

Duh. Lae, after telling everyone to ignore micah over a HIBISCUS name, decided to go and crawl up kokos ass on discord and got baited out for it.
So suffice to say she won’t be going to any meets any time soon.(this is an imageboard)

No. 299010

wasn’t even about the fact she was talking to koko. more about how embarrassing it was to watch her seethe and screech on her story about koko and paradise meanwhile staying friendly with the members because uwu gal discord i just luv making new friends!

No. 299011

That bitch was in there for like 2 seconds and removed by micha but looks like someone can’t let it go Im a UK gal n none of that was evn close to real gal drama you lot (Lae specifically) are just bored

No. 299012

She’s a loser that’s why n obsessed with anyone that has better make than her or anyone that is more likeable kek

No. 299013

two faced is hardly milk… cinnagal deserves that title 10x more if we’re being honest(sage your shit)

No. 299014

lae has a dead beat boyfriend n is struggling in college but wants to be worried about “hibiscus” anyone that follows her is simply for drama n not cause they actually like her kekek

No. 299015

Not boyfriend. He’s using her for sex and work convenience.
Besides he looks like he reeks.

No. 299016

her cf story is a train wreck she’s so miserable it makes sense that she’s harassed like every person in the comm wow

No. 299017

The girl in 3 of these pics is under the Lolcow posting age.
If a farmhand sees this please keep this in mind.

No. 299018

File: 1685709796204.jpeg (259.26 KB, 1170x1614, 97A2A6BA-27BB-42DF-9533-70D786…)

What is it with paradise members and being in dire need of some lip balm.

No. 299019

File: 1685709853315.jpeg (202.83 KB, 1170x1147, 89E63570-BD9E-4104-9F4B-26D202…)

French people have under developed jaws.

No. 299022

Have we seriously reached the point where we’re mocking manbas for being crusty? Isn’t that their whole brand? I don’t think she’ll take offense in this lol

No. 299023

She's a minor. Someone delete this shit. She's not even in paradise anymore. Talk about Laes crusty ass.

No. 299024

Thats because that anon is a black gyaru from tiktok. All they know is tsuyome and kogal.

No. 299029

File: 1685713625339.jpg (151.28 KB, 1080x1537, IMG_20230602_154114.jpg)

Hypergross posted, looks like a mario bros mushroom

No. 299031

File: 1685713981141.jpg (179.21 KB, 1080x1655, IMG_20230602_154506.jpg)

this can pass as gal, But they don't do meets. Another online gyarusa tall will be disbanded in a few months

No. 299033

sage your shit, retard

No. 299034

Good job outing yourself as french AND showing that one of your mutuals liked it.

No. 299035

Nene and Calypso are mutuals with that person in the likes. kek

No. 299036

Not just any mutual—that’s Umi’s profile lawlz

No. 299040

>>299035 you know who else is mutuals with her? Micah, leader of angelsx, who speaks french and is also the person who leaked their chat with Purin about Koi on the old thread a few days ago.

No. 299042

Micah has a habit of throwing people under the bus if it means more popularity for her. Kid or not, she's evil.

No. 299043

i don’t think it’s micha only bc their font size is huge as shit

No. 299045

control ure conspiracies or confront her directly

No. 299047

It’s probz Nene or one of the other actual french gals Lae stop trying to Sabotage ppl’s reputation wdf

No. 299049

stop trying to tie everything back to micha u look dumb as hell stop bringing angelsx into ur conspiracies I don’t evn think they know how to use lolcow ure reaching as fuck

No. 299050

Angelsx and Hinrg were literally posting earlier in the thread. It's obvious that's them. Also no one uplodaded pictures of them when discussing make and they look terrible. It's so fucking obvious.

No. 299051


your child brain isn't developed enough to know about saging and you're the one rambling about not knowing how to use lolcow. guess you still haven't come to learn spelling names in preschool either. thanks for bumping the thread tho

No. 299052

hi nrg was for sure but i y not target nene or someone else who has been known to attack and insult others suspicious as fuck

No. 299053

who?(sage your shit)

No. 299054

Take your vendetta with Nene elsewhere.

No. 299055

Take ure vendetta with micha and stfu

No. 299056

>>299052 wow angelsx, way to throw hinrg under the bus kek

No. 299058

Bitch I’m literally british stfu(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 299059

>>299055 you seem to be 10 years too young to be speaking on here, check back in a decade when you've learnt to speak proper english

No. 299060

This is definitely Micah. So both leaders of Hinrg and Angelsx have been shitting up the thread.

No. 299061

A 30 yo with no job and a 15 yo mean girl. Besties <3("<3")

No. 299087

Who? There’s lots of girls in these pics.

No. 299109

The one whose face is half cropped out in two of them, shes 14 iirc so be careful

No. 299110

When the brand pieces are extremely dated and cheesy instead of timeless and workable, it's merely a petty status symbol that only matters among pea sized tween rotbrains. Fine if you wanna spend money on some of those ugly pieces for personal satisfaction, but they shouldn't see the light of day. Work on getting a decent sense of style before you try to chase clout.

No. 299112

For all the bragging she does, she’s easily the messiest looking old school gal in the comm. Her old school wardrobe isn’t even the largest.

No. 299113

She’s 15 kek … she has time to grow

No. 299114


No. 299116

she’s not necessarily banned officially. she’s just burnt every bridge with most gals that actually do meets. like paradise and manic station. they’re really the only gals in the UK that do meets.

No. 299117

not to samefag but if you want the REAL tea, which has already been explained if you read up, she embarrassed her friends that constantly defended her against paradise and then went and was friendly with them behind their back. thats why.

No. 299119

>>299113 thats true but if she hangs out in a no concrit squad, theres little chance of it actually happening kek. Shes certainly not yet at the level of a galsa coleader tho.

No. 299135

Maybe they’ve just got fed up of her instigating shit.

No. 299139

Lae was batshit insane to the point I would be embarrassed to be seen with her, I’m not sure how she managed to even have a full friend group at all.

No. 299144

So Kai was right all along…

No. 299153

shut up kai a broken clock is right once a day

No. 299154

Kai wasn’t right all along. Kai released one set of screenshots out of the thousands of sperg stories that was evidence in an actual accusation.
That is all.

No. 299155

File: 1685744137010.jpeg (100.16 KB, 707x1212, IMG_2743.jpeg)

One thing about Kai, she’s going to post to lolcow at the exact same time she posts something similar to her story so we all know it’s her kek

No. 299156

> “I was right!”
This is the most you’ve accomplished in the gal comm. Congrats! And all you had to do was beef with a child for a few months!
Let’s not forget that you were incredibly (and admittedly) wrong about one very important thing: Paradise
Even went on the last thread to confess you were wrong about other accusations you hurled at people. Let’s not celebrate.

No. 299157

Wasn’t she fuckin leaving.
Call this bitch a cab.

No. 299163

I thought kai was leaving the comm but yet here she is self posting her stories again(sage your shit)

No. 299166

File: 1685746713823.jpeg (178.25 KB, 1170x2049, B1065E5D-3DB6-435A-9F10-C68D3D…)

On your…. columbine shooter fan page Tumblr. Right?

No. 299181

File: 1685756385466.jpeg (39.12 KB, 760x664, CAFCFF35-8D4E-4BDD-AEFB-212655…)

No comment

No. 299299

File: 1685885195203.jpeg (82.06 KB, 943x1519, C8E74DED-ACDF-4BA5-A0A5-7D38F6…)

we can tell that’s why your duck ass has no friends

No. 299306

does she even have any gyaru friends anymore? she barely even looks gal to me either

No. 299308

File: 1685893680377.jpeg (83.18 KB, 980x986, 336C0774-BBCC-4D60-93A8-D47A2B…)

No. 299316

She’s had a lot of beef in this community, so I’m surprised she hasn’t been posted here before by someone she pissed off. Why now after all of the main drama around her ended months ago?
Makes you wonder if the people posting her just found out how to use this site.
This seems like a self post, a lot of these gyarusa beef posts do. Watch your members. It’s obvious.

No. 299323

She's had beef with Nene, Kai and the Angelsx Leader only

No. 299330

File: 1685904541344.jpeg (79.29 KB, 750x983, IMG_2393.jpeg)

Her not looking gal isn’t anything new… trust me. Also, considering she admitted that she hardly leaves her house in her little costumes, was she ever actually one to begin with? Cosplayers run rampant in this comm, it’s truly unfortunate

No. 299370

She’s had beef with rozy, manic members and parasite members kek. she harasses ppl over idiotic things
I’m not sure of anyone that actually likes her

No. 299372

is it even beef when the problem is her & yup her make is ghostly(sage your shit)

No. 299400

What was her story about

No. 299444

being posted here. the stories arent up anymore but essentially everyone who was posted to the thread a couple of days ago went on their story to talk about it.
some of their posts seemed excited for the attention which confirms for me that a lot of the infighting about “the best gyarusa” was just people self posting for clout

No. 299448

Re-reading the thread, how do you know it was them that leaked it? We don’t have the other side of the convo.
The last thread said people were translating the convo live over Discord ffs. It could’ve been anyone unless it was directly admitted to.

No. 299457

newbies to the thread need to realize when they’re throwing their friends or themselves under the bus with info that a regular lurker on the thread would not know
be careful

No. 299489

Honestly most if not all of the people involved only gained a shred of relevancy from drama in the first place so I wouldn't be surprised if they were excited over any type of attention, negative or positive.

No. 299495

so is she finally leaving gal?(sage your shit)

No. 299498

Anyone know what happened to Rozy, she doesn’t post anymore(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 299519

Rozy got sick n was alr slow at posting but then someone found an old post of her with a Nazi cross that she didnt know abt and Cherubigal & others accused her of being a neo. Lae & some other gals were also calling her out for being friends with paradise. Rozy posted an apology & then got fed up with the comm & left(learn to sage)

No. 299522

Lae only came for Rozy when she noticed Rozy didnt follow her or like any of her pictures. Lae needs attention desperately.

No. 299619

How embarrassing to look like that and be behind the gyarugospel tiktok that was obsessed with posting minors under 13 to bully them.

No. 299622

SHE WAS GYARUGOSPEL?! no fucking way

No. 299625

lae wasnt gyarugospel, i dont know where the anon got their info from but that’s completely false

No. 299641

posting this as some sort of bait is crazy. yendia was gyarugospel. everyone knows that considering she’s spoken about it multiple times. saying it was a “joke” and wasn’t made to bully anybody. took it down when it got too far. don’t blame lae for that for bait.

No. 299652

is nobody gonna talk about the screenshot of koko and coy discussing kai posting cinna on cow or… is that the point I smell a rat

No. 299684

Theres nothing to talk about unless you have more milk, anon

No. 299688

there’s literally everything to talk about.
the fact it confirms it was kai posting cinna all along
the fact that koko knew kai was doing it and did nothing to stop it
the fact coydie and Koko talked smack about kaimiterru
the fact that basing it on the message color the screenshot CAME from coydie…
it seems it’s been brushed under the rug to make it go away

this is evidence that proves all involved guilty on multiple charges it’s time you get angry at the right people

No. 299689

Also to add, koko and co deleted paradise from their bio a few DAYS after that screenshot was posted and if that’s not a very scared admission of guilt I don’t know what is

No. 299690

well who the FUCK even posted it because it was deleted so quickly WE GOTS OURSELFS A MOLE and it seems to be COWYDIE(learn2integrate)

No. 299797

Speaking of cinnatroon, Kind of weird for them and Yendia to be friends considering Cinna is "uwu anti bullying!!1!"

No. 299798

I posted cinnagal for being an insufferable pc retard for clout, and because her fits scream aliexpress, not gal. Not Kai though so it definitely wasn't just her kek.

No. 299814

Sure jan.

No. 299815

Yendia isn’t a bully… nobody besides paradise think that.

No. 299816

She ran gyarugospel, how is that not bullying?

No. 299820

File: 1686237282933.jpeg (132.54 KB, 924x1600, D2A4F518-73AF-45B9-A9E0-50D35B…)

Because Koko, who ran this account, told her what to post on it.
Catch up on the threads newfag.

No. 299821

Kek the selfposts

No. 299822

And at least she owned up to it and seemingly apologized to everyone she harassed on that account. Paradise don’t even have the balls to address most of the shit they’ve done, much less apologize.

No. 299823

nobody gives af about a bitch that hasn’t been gal for like a year now.
seems like paradoggies are trying to deflect with random cinna shit nobody cares about and its so glaringly obvious that its pathetic.
screenshot must be real. thanks for the confirmation.

No. 299824

File: 1686238122963.jpeg (66.55 KB, 729x1275, IMG_3048.jpeg)

Kai made a response. Thoughts?

No. 299825

File: 1686238155876.jpeg (102.84 KB, 682x1289, IMG_3049.jpeg)

No. 299826

File: 1686238178565.jpeg (50.24 KB, 729x1317, IMG_3050.jpeg)

No. 299828

The screenshots are real koko says one thing to yuh and another behind yuh

No. 299829

So why exactly did Koko care to do so much research if she didn’t even think it was Kai? And how does the account being a Koreaboo burner account exempt Kai in any way? She’s known for being an admitted KBoo. This just convinced me it was her even more.
Neither of these screenshots indicate that the conversation with Coydie was fake.

No. 299831

interesting to find out that koko was trying to help kai cover it up. if she thought the self post was kai (hence warning her), that would confirm that kai was the one vendetta posting cinna for the span of an entire thread. apparently thats acceptable behavior in her gyarusa.
also, if this was the case and koko really did not believe that kai self posted, you think paradise wouldnt blow off their tops about how someone made a fake screenshot to frame one of their members??
yet not a single one of them defended kai, they let her ass get shredded. that shows where they stand and always stood.

No. 299896

What exactly does Paradise have to apologize for? They never did anything as a whole, it was always individual members. If you can forgive Yendia for her past grievances why can't the same be extended to former Paradise members especially those who never engaged in Drama?

No. 299904

It’s really up to the individual who they do and do not want to associate with. Yen isn’t entitled to anyone accepting her apologies just like former Paradise members aren’t entitled to anyone’s friendship.

No. 299911

Granted but it seems this entire community has a "hate vendetta" for Paradise to keep this thread entertaining. From reading these threads the real threats to your community were Koko, Wib and Coy. You've all thoroughly destroyed them, they're inactive.

No. 299921

Cheers mate nanas sat at the top of the stairs thinking she's the chaser

No. 299923

No cuz they’re fat and ugly.

No. 299924

until they’re not. they just wait it out and come back to groom kids into giving obesetan the attention that her haggered flop-titted mother could never give.

No. 299935

"Hate Vendetta"

No. 299966

The notion that anyone who finds cinnagal obnoxious is Kai is fucking hilarious.

No. 299969

this exact post has been made and rehashed a million times. nobody has ever thought that every single post was kai.

No. 299974

Cinnagal self posts to bring people to her page. You guys follow her for her terrible outfits and bad make, and ofcourse, her discourse with others. The same reason why a lot of the comm follows Lae.

No. 299976

Except for the literal post I responded to and the incessant hi cowing every time she's mentioned.

No. 299977

not my fault koko employs whales and troons asswipe

No. 299978

Let’s ignore the screenshot of koko admitting she knew about kai posting cinna.

No. 299979

bark more paradoggie
it won’t stop you looking like John travolta as Tracy turnblads morther in hairspray

No. 299981

koko is a fucking calorie crunching, daddy kink, moulded-festering-cutlery in the bedroom, kiddy fiddling, dia belt that she can’t fit in hoarding, stretched to the seams brand HAG
she needs to set up a go fund me for a nosejob because she nearly knocked me out from across the pond with that HONKER.

No. 299982

Everyone in her galsa looks like her because she can’t deal with anyone being more attractive than her.
They all look related. Incest wise.

No. 299984

Ngl considering as soon as koko is brought up, all the annons join in… it’s telling.
She’s got so much milk it’s leaking out of those overweight saggy breasts that it could feed an entire country.
Stop talking about cinna there is ZERO milk.
What’s your gotcha? She called someone racist? Big whoop.

No. 299985

Im guessing you meant after all thr black members left? And daisy is cute. Dont insult her like that. Koko is nothing without Paradise.

No. 299986

i just wanner be blahck

No. 299987

She didn't know anything. She assumed like everyone else because Kai responds to cow on her story like a fucking retard.

No. 299988

Thats because this entire thread is the same 5 people who hate Koko.

No. 299990

can i make a review of Naruto Shippuden ? i want to do Two paragrahs

No. 299991

my friend is the leste weeb friend that exist . Can i do scale of my top five anime ;
- Zodiac Cavaliers
-Shin Chan
-Dragon gol GT
-Naruto shinpudden(sage your shit)

No. 300001

She probably would’ve been banned if that was the case since there were so many posts that it took up a whole thread.
And what the hell would someone get out of humiliating themselves on lolcow for months on end?

No. 300003

Let’s be honest with ourselves, most of the posts in general on here are vendetta and have been since the third thread.

No. 300016

Kai has a habit of posting on cow and then directly sperging on her story. It’s been documented. She’s not the most smart… maybe because she has to microdose ketamine for her depression.

No. 300017

You really don't get how clout works and how much attention a cow like Cinnagal needs to function. She literally started controversy with a popular jirai kei influencer as her debut into their community.

No. 300018


No. 300019

She was banned. She either has a VPN or another phone because i blocked her on insta and her private came up.

No. 300022

Most of Cinna's posting is about herself or Pinkii. She responds to cow just like Kai. Im surprised those cows arent friends.

No. 300025

what does ig have to do with being banned on lolcow?
weird that all this old drama is suddenly being dragged up again so she can be framed as a self poster when the topic of kai posting her comes back up.
thread was shockingly silent about her before that.

No. 300026

Can we all just agree to let Kai rant to herself this time around? Everyone in the community knows exactly what this is and it’s humiliating and laughable.
The back and forth about this is pointless. Just as pointless as rehashing the same 10 Paradise scandals over and over.

No. 300034

as per usual bcuz any anons besides the non biased and the odd newfag com member, paradise are self admitted the only posters so will always ignore their own leaking milk

No. 300046

Community update:
Wibs recently been getting into gals dms again.
Planning a comeback? What do you all think

No. 300050

ngl I simped her anyway so cool, but also how do you know that(Write sage in the email field next time )

No. 300051

Not sure how she of all people could make a comeback kek. Interacting with her is basically social suicide. That combined with the fact that she’s obviously mentally unstable on several levels has me wondering who firstly would willingly engage with her at this point, and secondly who has the balls to admit it.

No. 300053

She’s an anorexic bulldyke with a serious case of equine face

No. 300056

Are you retarded? That would mean everyone talking shit is Paradise. We know Yendia, Lae, Delilah, and a few other opps lurk on this thread. When Kai made that bullshit apology, Yendia and Lae replied within a few minutes of her posting.

No. 300057

The double standard with Paradise makes it obvious that this thread is mostly our enemies.

No. 300061

The reason nobody likes y’all is because you do more shit every other week. Yendia making a dumb account to shit on baby gals does not fuckin equal to you staying in a group and defending a neo nazi. Even if that bulldyke is gone your leader is on par with her. “b-b-but if Yendia c-can apologise” Yendia didn’t have to apologise for being a neo nazi defender and a racist like you would have to. Get a clue. You’re all guilty.

No. 300062

No one in Paradise liked Wib other than Koko and Calypso. She was kicked out because the rest of the members pushed for her to be out. Also no one publicly supported Wib but Koko and Calypso. You're watching us constantly but are still wrong. How is that possible? You're not a good spy, anon

No. 300063

Also every other week? You're exaggerating, anon. I know your hate boner is leaking at the tip every time we're mentioned.

No. 300064

Are you blind or dyslexic? Koko is still on par with her. You stayed for koko too. You know, the compulsive liar, the school shooter worshipper, miss “i’d fuck a trans girl because i love dick so much”, miss sneaks minors into clubs and does coke around them, has minors dress in playboy bunny outfits at meets, she knew about the wib stuff months before blabbering to Hannah and Yendia and wanted to keep it quiet until they exposed it. Your leader is just as bad.

No. 300066

You know whats crazy about all this shit… it doesn't mess with anyone's real life. Not even your online life with Gal because you all have each other blocked. So if there are any grievances now its because you all went looking for it. Paradise and non paradise gyaru. You're all to blame for your own suffering. You willingly stay angry at each other because youre all unemployed and bored. You don't even know each other on the first name basis, stay miles and oceans apart but hate each other. You're all pathetic. Signed a Lolita whos been watching this dumspter fire for 2 years straight.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 300067

don’t care

No. 300071

But you do care. All of you care alot about Koko. Other than Pinkii, she is the most well documented Gal on this thread. If she farts, you all will know about it. Her own members can't even keep up with her like everyone on this thread. If I hate someone the last thing I would want to do is discuss their every move and word, it'll piss me off. Like I said, you all willingly make yourselves mad and then blame others for it. It's hilarious and sad at the same time.

No. 300091

You must not be as read up as you claim to be because Pinkii is seldom talked about here. It’s once in a blue moon. Maybe you meant to say Cinna considering almost two entire threads were about her.
Isn’t your community even messier than ours?

No. 300100

"Seldom talkes about" you guys investigated her theft situation more than the fucking cops but okay, anon. And yes its messy but at least we are aware of that and its not ALL we are known for like gyaru. We produce icons that actually contribute to the jfashion community while you retards fight each other and scream into the void with shitty makeup.

No. 300107

That conversation was started on her own thread days before it was brought here, and that was one situation. From over 7 months ago. Hasn’t been mentioned since.
Do you expect this thread to let a robbery scandal slide? The lolita thread certainly would not. Get off your high horse.
That was light work compared to the treatment of Paradise, (Kai & Koko specifically) and Cinna. Not even comparable.
You must be one of her buddies to think that she’s at the forefront of this thread whatsoever.

No. 300112

It wasnt on her own thread it was the start to a gyaru thread here, retard. You guys are fucking dumb. I guess the stereotype about gyaru being airheads is true even for the foreigners.

No. 300113

They don't talk about her because Pinkii transmutes their energy into something positive for herself. She's going on her second tour here soon. All because of the drama traffic from these retards.

No. 300117

it was talked about in her thread here >>268118 do you know how to read?

No. 300121

It's not her specific thread, retard. Learn the site or get a life. I'm guessing you'll learn the site.

No. 300124

Yes it literally fucking is idiot scroll up holy shit. It literally says “Natalia Natcchan/Pinkii/Yukapon”. Are you fucking okay?

No. 300126

Fucking dumbass

No. 300128

Pinkii is not a positive person but I guess her controversy was enough for 5-10 people to slow up to her shows and awkwardly stand there while she shouts in an anime girl voice. Much success!

No. 300129

I would also argue that all of the controversy definitely harmed her career way more than it potentially could’ve helped but that’s just my take.

No. 300130

Is it me or do these lolcow posts stink of
L (hi cow)

No. 300132

Went to her show, it was sold out and she was the best act there. Fuck yourself with your hate boner.

No. 300133

"Hurt her career" Nonnie she is the first gaijin gal to be in Laolo magazine and their tiktok, its actually their most watched tiktok because of drama traffic once again from you retards. She is the definition of "Haters make me famous".(whiteknight)

No. 300134

Not the Pinkii stan showing up to WK for her. I’ve seen the videos of her performances and you’re not going to convince anyone that that was even decent. You’re setting her up to get posted even more right now. Drop it if you’re wise.

No. 300137

Fair, but she’s clearly struggling to have any kind of career. Her Tiktok’s were flopping until she started spamming Japan content, now they’re back to flopping again.
Not sure what happened with Solene but it indicates that Pinkii is not financially stable if it’s true. Having Japanese gal friends isn’t the same as being well liked or even having a real sustainable career.
But let’s move on shall we? We’ll talk ourselves in circles about her and never agree anyways.

No. 300139

You hate her but watched her performance? Meaning giving her more of your energy, time, and views. Thank you. As a "fan" of hers, this means a lot.

No. 300140

Featured on a spotify certified playlist, another tour, another trip to Japan, collabs with popular "underground" artists and more. Tiktok is but a small factor in her career but you watching it gives her more views. Again, thank you guys.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 300141

The entire community follows the japanese gyaru she's done photoshoots with. She's in the room with them and you're here talking about it… like I said, you guys are pathetic to the point that its funny.

No. 300142

This is lolcow, the point of the site is to milk the strange behavior of people you do not like. Do you know where you are? It’s fair if you lurk and don’t ethically agree, a lot of people on this thread feel that way. But at least know where you are.

No. 300145

it's ok nonnie I think their parents dropped them too many times as a child cause this is beyond saving
I guess zoomers really think that one's success is purely measured by how much perceived internet clout someone has kek

No. 300147

You literally need clout to boost your career, retard. Leaking hate boners everywhere.

No. 300148

Yeah make fun of those bitches but you fags are in here crying about Koko. You aren't laughing at her. You're upset and it shows. Wah wah. Anon.

No. 300151

This is probably Kai because Kai was proudly spending several days arguing with people in Pinkii’s Loalo Tiktok collab. God it’s embarrassing. Anon said let’s respectfully move on but you guys can’t shut up until we worship her and say she’s the best gaijin gal ever.
Don’t bitch about her cringe ass being posted when you’re essentially encouraging it at this point by WKing for her so hard.

No. 300153

No fr. Talkin about social suicide, we wont forgive you, wah wah wah. Make fun of the cow, I come here to laugh not to see you all fail at serving justice.

No. 300154

You guys watch Kai so closely. Whats your obsession with her?

No. 300155

If we’re being honest, nobody seems to really give a fuck about Pinkii either way in the comm. Nobody (besides Kai) really loves her, and all of the “call outs” happened over a year ago and it seems nobody has really mentioned her since.
I think she wishes that the whole community was jealous and plotting on her downfall because she’s successful, but in reality most of us forget she exists.
If people really were as jealous as WK nonnie wants us to believe, her collab with the Japanese gals would’ve been posted. The Loalo photoshoot would be posted. But nobody gave a single fuck.

No. 300157

It's ok that you don't know how to read you can get tutoring for it these days. I'm sure there's tiktoks that will help you. I didn't say that internet clout did not boost her career I said it's funny you think that perceived clout is an indicator of success. It's hilarious that you little WKs will flock to defend her or call someone Kai whenever someone is critical of her because as someone who knows her more personally than through a screen I say she's completely miserable. She has no one to love or like her as a person. She doesn't have a single real friend or person to care about her beyond her internet persona so getting social media clout is the most value she'll ever get in life. If you believe that's success and she's thriving then sure, we all have hate boners.

No. 300158

Nigga i said Koko. Idgaf about Pinkii.

No. 300159

Clearly she doesnt have real friends cause your fake ass is in here talking about her anonymously. Coward.

No. 300163

Clearly you also can't read because I never said I was her friend, just that I know her. Retard.

No. 300164

Well while you’re here, is it true that she was couch surfing a few months before she went to Japan? Heard that around but don’t know if I believe it.

No. 300193

Yes, she's broke and has a drug problem.

No. 300194

This entire site is built off of talking about shit that ‘wouldnt impact you’ unless you let it you fucking tard. It’s amusing that you’re acting like Lolita isn’t also synonymous with drama. Your community isn’t any more welcoming than gal is, the only respect I have for you mentally challenged bitter cunts is that you all at least can look put together if you try which I cant say about most modern ‘gyarus’. Trying to act like you lot are more refined or something is just asinine. I don’t even care what point you’re trying to make because I already know you’re a hypocrite

No. 300196

And you all let Koko's lard get under your skin. She's got you all hot and bothered.

No. 300211

Did you seen french gyaru sa did auditions? I'm sure Nene and Blanca are in(imageboard)

No. 300213

Really? Good for them.

No. 300254

File: 1686361358534.jpg (119.36 KB, 966x951, gyaransu.JPG)

No. 300256

At least they are gal, unlike these stupid noname hoes(Sage goes in the email field)

No. 300257

and who would that be

No. 300266

File: 1686400755782.jpeg (301.25 KB, 1170x1996, FA875BCC-A7CA-4757-892E-C64C0E…)

Note, we loved.
Y’all can’t even go five minutes without stepping on your own tails
Or do you want me to go and find the “wib is my ride or die” post too…?

No. 300267

The hate boner? Maybe it looks similar to the strap on dildo wib would send in the chat with kids in.
Sometimes I get that one mixed up with the self harm pictures she also sent… but both are deplorable and she should’ve been kicked out THEN.
Wib was digging into kokos nasty ass pumpum and we all know it.

No. 300268

These again? Stop fucking self promoing

No. 300269

The way this is clearly all paradise is really embarrassing.

No. 300270

You clearly haven’t been watching this for 2 years straight because you’ve missed the parts where koko likes sneaking kids into clubs, doing drugs and passing out on them, encourages their self deprecating behaviour and all around uses them to boost her ego.

Signed, your own comm is a dumpster fire… maybe focus on that first.

No. 300271

It stinks of kokos pussy. And the bog-troll army that follows it. The last two threads have been about you bitches and considering KAI leaked that one of yous is doing METH AND HEROIN? I think it’s time you went back to grooming kids or whatever you like doing in silence

No. 300272

are you lost nonnie? discussing cows is the point.

No. 300273

why is calypso posting on here again her son is probably sticking himself on her used heroin needles and crying because she’d rather post on Lolcow defending her mate koko that looks like she played one of the humans from WALL-E than feed him
go look after your son before we call cps you haggered old gutterwench(hi cow)

No. 300274

Who posted this?

No. 300275

Koko you can see her thinning hair at the top of the screenshot.

No. 300276

It’s obvious they heard about the events of the thread through hearsay and not actually reading it. No way you actually read those threads and came out thinking there was a vendetta against Pinkii who was seldom mentioned.

No. 300278

Nobody gives a fuck about pinkii and that’s what gets her senile bone shaking ass so twisted

No. 300280

del has stepped away from the community entirely. the only person that has vendetta enough to randomly group her in with the other cows is koko

No. 300285

anon, again, no one liked Wib but Koko and Calypso. This screenshot is just Koko speaking for everyone and it doesn't prove what you think it does.

No. 300286

Okay so genuine question for the paradoggies on this thread. If you agreed Wib was a terrible person why did you turn on Hannah and Yendia for exposing it? Why did you side with Koko if she was the one supporting wib?

No. 300344

its been real quiet since this

No. 300350

Ofcourse it has. Because they have nothing to say. “None of us liked Wib we all wanted her gone” But can’t explain themselves when it comes to turning on the people who made that happen. Honestly i wonder how Koko feels knowing her members are throwing her under the bus by saying her and Calypso were the only people who wanted Wib there when clearly, that isn’t true.

No. 300353

it’s literally psychology if people are going against what you disagree with you’d join in to get the problem GONE

the whole group was a state I recall koko bragging all the time on discord about posting and being on Lolcow bet she’s not pleased about it now

No. 300523

Two days ago kek. That screenshot sent the dogs running

No. 301104

Who is AngelsX?

No. 301116

It’s a gaijin gal-circ

No. 301117

So is paradise over now officially?

No. 301126

Obviously retard.

No. 301135

Looked them up on Instagram, just a lot of kids under the age of 18 that cosplay as Gyaru.

No. 301136

Let’s leave them alone then. What’s the point in harassing kids, b? Yawn.

No. 301145

I don't care. One of them looks like a wrestler from the 80s with their face paint.

No. 301158

Who would that be?

No. 301199

File: 1687380727081.png (356.75 KB, 840x1256, 124.png)

how do we feel about gyaru valentines? It's clear that it's Micah or someone from angelsx, for me it only looks like another desperate way to get more followers

No. 301208

If it is, then who really cares? Minors trying to shout each other out isn't exactly milk. But what was the "gyaru secrets" account that randomly came about. Anyone got screencaps?

No. 301213

No. As quickly as they created it, it was mass reported and taken down. The next day Gal Valentines was created.

No. 301216

File: 1687389988449.jpg (83.53 KB, 720x1114, 103202.jpg)

screenshot for ya

No. 301217

not a minor but also not milk. who cares who made the page?

No. 301219

Wrestling's Ultimate Warrior face paint.

No. 301220

These are secrets????

No. 301221

Does look like it's ran by a minor who stumbled upon here.
>DM for submissions

They already don't know how it works and are just making dumb jabs and trying to stir a non existent pot by throwing in Kai. Sounds like an idiot teenager to me lol

No. 301223

No one talked about it but Stella and AngelsX members. And AngelsX is full of irrelevant teens… adds up.

No. 301240

File: 1687411959673.jpeg (137.4 KB, 828x1046, E77D1519-DE8B-484D-B041-2FE80A…)

Bitch where?

No. 301257

Literally just a baby gal. No milk here.
Also…. Why and HOW the fuck have you even found this gal. ON FACEBOOK? We’re not lolitas get real. I’d call selfpost.

No. 301260

Calm down anon I saged. There’s nothing gal not even baby gal. Just thought we can have a laugh about it here.

No. 301269

I recognise this post, it’s from Sekai no Gyarusa. Who is posting these no-name baby gals

No. 301272

So none of you want to talk shit cuz its not "milk". Whats the point of this thread then? Paradise is dead so who cares, just let people talk shit its funny and thats all thats left in the comm anyway. Its a gossip thread for christs sake

No. 301279

Do you want start a New kind of Gyaru secrets?

No. 301280

Do you want start a New kind of Gyaru secrets?(sage your shit)

No. 301287

The gyaru ‘community’ is just an endless circle of hugboxing anymore. Nobody can show even the slightest bit of distaste or offer any criticism or suddenly you have 5 trillion retards jumping to attack you over it. As always I blame tiktok, nobody even looks at the actual source of the style they claim to be interested in, all they care about is copying off of other people who also put in 0 effort until their look is unrecognizable. But of course you can’t say anything even to be helpful, ‘they’re still learning’…

No. 301288

Preach, anon!

No. 301289

I agree, there's no more milk in the comm. Time to talk shit.
Gyaru secrets was for actual secrets aka milk, newfag. We just want to talk shit now cause why not? Who's first?

No. 301290

Nobody outside of this thread actually wants gyaru secrets back. Every few months someone on this thread talks about bringing it back but nobody actually has the balls to do it because you’re too busy seeking lolcow’s approval first. It’s going to implode on itself after a few days like it does every time.
If there’s something you want to say, say it in the thread.
Newbies in the comm just found out about this thread and are both fascinated and terrified by it. Leave it alone then.
Beginning to think a lot of these people are upset that they weren’t spoken about here. Which is strange considering I’d imagine it’s a pretty shite feeling.

No. 301337

What you new tiktok gals don't understand is that Lolcow is Gyaru Secrets. What you want isn't Gyaru Secrets; You want a place to anonymously rip each other's looks and internet personalities to shreds.

No. 301367

File: 1687539078493.jpeg (104.25 KB, 738x1292, IMG_3527.jpeg)

Kai decides to insert herself into the current drama that has nothing to do with her.

No. 301368

File: 1687539107133.jpeg (153.62 KB, 743x1336, IMG_3528.jpeg)

No. 301369

File: 1687539188405.jpeg (114.42 KB, 691x1297, IMG_3529.jpeg)

No. 301370

File: 1687539309723.jpeg (98.01 KB, 738x1218, IMG_3530.jpeg)

No. 301371

Is Kai’s really going to accuse others of posting here? When we have mounds of evidence that she was on here harassing multiple gals? Including posting herself?

No. 301372

File: 1687539769133.jpeg (94.86 KB, 704x1226, IMG_3531.jpeg)

Calypso/Kes (@princesse_kes) responses.

No. 301373

File: 1687539800015.jpeg (129.91 KB, 724x1328, IMG_3532.jpeg)

No. 301374

File: 1687539888496.jpeg (91.61 KB, 721x1275, IMG_3533.jpeg)

Isn’t she half black? Why is she talking down on African American people as if she’s not from America?

No. 301375

File: 1687539926180.jpeg (84.12 KB, 686x1331, IMG_3534.jpeg)

No. 301376

File: 1687539958796.jpeg (101.9 KB, 712x1223, IMG_3536.jpeg)

No. 301377

File: 1687540159361.jpeg (131.83 KB, 721x1214, IMG_3537.jpeg)

There were a few other posts but these get the gist of it. Not sure why she’s doing this when she has a whole baby, none of this is that serious. Calypso herself is a loud and proud lolcow poster.

No. 301380

why is kai piping up with caly as if she wasn’t the one that went sperging on here about how caly is a meth head. lol.

No. 301383

the thread is about THEM they can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls. they are literally posting their own milk for us kek

No. 301384

le selfpost oui oui
> publication
messy old bitch

No. 301385

hilarrrrrrrrious that kes is always talking about “Cope and Seethe” yet all of this anger is most likely coming from the fact her baby daddy pump and dumped her slitheen built self
maybe that’s why she’s got her head firmly wedged inside of wib ‘based goddess’s asshole, there’s an endless supply of COPEium in there


No. 301387

Can cakemiterru take another attempt at her life and admit her fat ass back into the hospital already

No. 301388

No wonder hypersham felt so emboldened to selfpost and come for others on here, they’re friends with that pack of freaks.
Same with that gyarun… whatever group with the oblong face man, it’s just french paradise part 2 with some extra random white people.

No. 301389

miss girl I CAAAANT be bothered
that bitch postin up her whole ass story here like we gave a fuck
like ain’t u got faces to BEAT UP in Sephora you sheinhag ?

No. 301394

File: 1687549976314.jpeg (68.47 KB, 1011x1514, 542E2576-32D9-4E6B-9712-B1BCA7…)

react to your arteries clogging you spazmoid
screenshot from @kaimiterru777 on instagram

No. 301395

where’s your galsa gone? where’s your galsa gone!

No. 301396

Leave it to Paradise to hurl multiple accusations against someone with no evidence.

No. 301397

File: 1687551852788.jpeg (188.95 KB, 1196x2208, 9131AB28-6D20-49B5-8455-88FB26…)

No. 301398

File: 1687552063377.jpeg (166.47 KB, 1170x1824, A531038C-2B77-4F1C-AA96-DF0279…)

Now I know this bitch with the shellshocked aliexpress wig isn’t talking
You think she was tweaking out on meth with this absolute fucking helmet on and that’s why it looks a state?

No. 301403

“tried to shame me for taking drugs” yes? you have a child? this tard needs a fucking exorcism.

No. 301404

They also live in this thread, if there was any evidence of this it would’ve been posted by now to prove their point. Kai especially is known to pull out receipts when she actually has them.
Case closed.

No. 301406

Classic Kai starting beef and then being confused when people respond to it.
Always backing down when someone asks for evidence.

No. 301407

Like? Girl you are doing METH and just admitted to it.

No. 301408

File: 1687555802311.jpeg (17.52 KB, 301x359, 78E5EBF5-7EAA-4128-87ED-EBEF60…)

i don’t think you should be worried about what people are wearing kezziepoo
do you raise your child in that traphouse you crackwhore?

No. 301410

File: 1687555968316.jpeg (229.31 KB, 848x1390, D5A176C8-F6A7-465D-A86A-538A3B…)

No shade. No hate. Just question marks and confusion.

No. 301411

i know it smell funky up in that bih
pit stains and knocked over ashtray rubbed into the carpet

No. 301416

I know you’re probably not that smart (you’re at least illiterate since the caption clearly says “my room in my twenties”) but do you really think you’re hurting calypso by reposting things.. she clearly isn’t ashamed off as she posted them herself?

No. 301417

i know neither you OR calypso are the smartest, because her bobblehead ass SHOULD be ashamed
maybe if she had some dignity she wouldnt be a dragon chaser that got knocked up by her dealer that starts fights with kids online

No. 301418

File: 1687561736959.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 130.21 KB, 1042x1500, B021689A-4E7A-48D2-B21F-3A71C2…)

are you shitting me is that a period stain?
somebody gotta tell this bitch to keep micahs name outta her mouth

No. 301419

Cope and seethe

No. 301420

She’s probably not ashamed because she’s strung out on heroin when she posts KEEEEK

No. 301421

You made it obvious this is a AngelsX branded attack. This is low and dirty. Micah needs to control her Galsa.

No. 301423

I was in the process of saying this and you beat me to it. Micah being quiet while her members attack someone on this thread. Sounds like a Paradise move. All that ranting just to become the enemy.

No. 301425

Most people in this community tend to ignore Parashite since they hurl accusations regularly to start shit with gals that barely know they exist. Nobody needs to publicly respond to them, especially because they made these claims without the tiniest shred of evidence.

No. 301426

No one ignores it, it's posted here and in groupchats then discussed for days.

No. 301427

How is it low and dirty, It’s on her public Instagram.
The only thing dirty is her panties.

No. 301428


No. 301429

You're still doing what Paradise would do. You're hypocrites.

No. 301430

File: 1687564525792.jpeg (109.54 KB, 1170x708, EF15844F-DD8E-4573-85AD-DED3A8…)

you arent very smart are you

No. 301431

You're stuck on Paradise. I'm stuck on the fact they deny ever posting here or reading this thread but came in swat team style for Micah. Hyperham couldn't sage to save their lives but AngelsX knows this site well. Hmm…

No. 301432

You're both shitty. So yes, I agree.

No. 301433

Who’s “you” nonnie?

No. 301434

Koko selfposted her “youarenotgal” tiktok page on the older threads aint nobody believe they don’t use cow

No. 301435

I clearly said AngelsX, anon…

No. 301436

The original posts about angelsx were a mix of sage and unsaged though. Regardless it’s not shocking that they know how to use the site. Most people in the community know about it.

No. 301437

AngelsX is a new target since they have some gals who have been gaining “relevancy” on social media. The community always needs a scapegoat and it seems to always be people who are growing but “don’t deserve it”.

No. 301438

Saying CowsX members are gaining relevancy is a bit too far anon.

No. 301442

Relevancy for the wrong reasons. Instead of having a galsa full of amazing new gyaru, its just more tiktok gals.

No. 301487

I would say it’s relative, some gals in there have a few thousand followers. Social media following doesn’t actually matter if you’re not doing anything for the community but people in this community think it matters.
Curious if AngelsX will become the new scapegoat of the thread.

No. 301594

Probably and the only person they have to blame is themselves and especially their leader. It's like Paradise all over again.

No. 301603

What have angelsX ACTUALLY done


No. 301634

Be annoying and ugly. Next!
Why are you people so intent on being moralfags. You don’t need a ‘reason’ to call someone a retard if they’re acting like one. They wouldn’t even be a topic on here if they didn’t purposely create a problem for themselves

No. 301640

What exactly are they doing though? Paradise claimed that they were self posting and made some pages, but they have no evidence. Are we really going to bully people on behalf of former Paradise members? I’m sure you’re one of them yet you cannot provide any milk.

No. 301644

This site wasn’t originally a drama site like people insist. It was a site to talk about the most toxic and unhinged people on the internet. People whose behavior day to day provided milk.
Ex: Chris Chan, Pinkii/Natalia in her Yukapon days
It was not made for you to bitch and whine about someone that happens to annoy you. That was never the purpose of this site. So yes, when you come to the thread you need to provide milk or something substantive besides saying they’re annoying. Especially since this is an image board after all. Provide receipts.

No. 301648

Accurate. It's their own fault. They were begging to be on this thread and then looked stupid pleading their case. Your leader set you up. Now you have the wrong eyes on you, newfags. Good luck.

No. 301649

It was totally AngelsX who made the new GaijinConfessions page on tiktok.(this is an imageboard)

No. 301750

Why do people think this? Post evidence or screen caps or it’s not milk. At least try explaining why you believe this. But at this point we know it’s Calypso and Co trying to get a reaction out of people half her age.

No. 301778

File: 1687801895163.jpg (311.12 KB, 2176x3264, MTXX_MH20230617_134312652.jpg)


No. 301787

Being annoying and ugly isn’t milk.
If it was, everyone would be a cow.


No. 301788

It was gyaru60 you fucking retard they were tagging coldboxcore.

No. 301794

How tf you know that, anon

Hmmmm susssssss

No. 301799

I’m just going to assume you’re a total spastic.
Gyaru60 is coldboxcore
The confessions page was tagging Coldboxcore
Gyaru60 lines up entirely with the pages behaviour.

You do the math.

No. 301815

File: 1687817904970.jpg (251.24 KB, 1440x2053, Dizikes.jpg)

Gyaru60 is so unhinged. It's funny because they act like they're several people but it's the same person overusing of the word "dyke". Same old hag making these tiktok and instagram accounts typing the same way, doing the same thing and trying to laugh it off. It's going to be even funnier when they're outed on who they are.

No. 301823

If this isn't a lame rip-off of some lyrics, it's very clear this is a white girl with a cringe-y blaccent who thinks she's queen shit. It's going to be hilarious when she gets outed.

No. 301829

It’s a American roblox twink

No. 301833

File: 1687842392278.jpeg (179.14 KB, 1170x1606, DA669413-2350-4E24-866F-B56865…)

Let’s get some real milk flowing
Liza_lulu_04 on both tiktok and Instagram also known as digitalgangurocafe is a white b-gal that claims her box braids are ‘Viking plaits’ that likes to pick fights and then pull the “I have feelings too” card. More below.

No. 301834

File: 1687842487089.jpeg (102.25 KB, 1170x1593, 7A852C1B-F4AC-4DA0-9839-53E021…)

No. 301835

You’re on lolcow just call him a tranny

No. 301836

File: 1687842839787.jpeg (95.03 KB, 864x1312, 5CC7817F-9C23-4753-9B12-3C1D79…)

No. 301837

File: 1687843031633.jpeg (111.17 KB, 946x1348, EFB040E2-E0B6-46CA-B3B0-04DE48…)

No. 301838

thanks for the suggestion tho

No. 301839

Why is it’s forehead white what a joke

No. 301842

isn’t this the person that told koko to cut herself

No. 301843

Why post here if you don't bother to integrate?

No. 301864

Thats not a rule. Just cause you want to be that way ANONYMOUSLY doesnt mean the rest of us have to, weirdo.

No. 301867

Not to mention it was hardly relevent.
And unfortunately evident.

No. 301871

Funniest part is the people who call other gals “trannies” or “troons” on here are def on their stories screeching about social justice and being pro-LGBT. They would explode if they ever got exposed for the shit they say here.

No. 301874

genuinely curious but are there any western gals out there that actually fit the description of having a following and contribute to the comm?

No. 301877

I’m gonna samefag. But this isn’t the place for that they’re so sure in their anonymity they’ve never considered one of us to be a farmhand… kek.
All I’m gonna say on the matter is if you have that opinion stick by it. Don’t pussy around the bush and only speak on it anonymously.(unbearable newfaggotry)

No. 301880

even if the answer was yes, this thread won’t tell you and answering this question would cause infighting. this isn’t really a positive place. gaijin gals with a big following are the ones who get vendetta posted the most, even people who are just beginning to grow get vendetta posted here.
i’d recommend finding that out for yourself, sorry to be of no help.

No. 301881

i agree. there are people who have been posted to this thread who use gender neutral pronouns, and i have never seen someone misgender them in community spaces. but people seemingly run here to call them trannies. it’s intriguing.

No. 301883

No. The last one honestly was Rozy. Of course there is LizzieBee and Darla, they still make content for the comm even though they are enemy number one for a lot of new and some old gals. I want to list some potential ones but they don't need the attention you cows give. Gomenersie anon.

No. 301892

Reeks of self post. YWNBAW.

No. 301919

what did rozy contribute though? (no hate) I know lizzie and darla make videos and blogs for the comm but rozy didn't really do much other than post pics on insta right? if she has a blog please share bc i would love to read it

No. 301932

Rozzie literally just took pictures of herself. There are gals out here sharing never been seen before mag scans and giving japan insider information.

No. 301933

Op here. I can promise you it’s not.

No. 301934

darla looks like a crypt keeper

No. 301953

No. 301963

File: 1687952444462.jpg (396.74 KB, 2176x3264, MTXX_MH20230617_124835011.jpg)

What a mf

No. 301965

Who keeps posting screen caps of hyperglam’s gossip page that was deleted
We don’t care + L + Fix your English grammar + Ratio

No. 301968

It wasn't hyperglam. The account had a french email address.

No. 301971

Those lashes aren’t even that bad. Have heard people accuse her of “asianfishing” though.
Either way whoever is doing this is annoying as hell and is deffo trying to stir the pot while not having the balls to keep the page up or actually post here. Leave the thread alone.

No. 301984

File: 1687972955095.jpg (136.49 KB, 1049x1337, 20230628_192157.jpg)

WTF with this retard? Tell me is a joke please(sage your shit)

No. 301985

Moon Gyarusa, irrelevant french gyarusa full of ugly newbies, wants their cow time. There you go, Miffy, I helped you.

No. 301991

Nobody knows or cares who this is. The thread isn’t supposed to be a place where you post no context photos of people you have beef with. Tiktok gals finding out about this thread in mass was one of the worst things to happen to the community because now everyone is vendetta or self posting thinking it’ll get them clout or get their enemies harassed. Cut it out.

No. 302059

do any of you nonnies know what ever happened to the 109 discord? are there any other discord servers like it that are active now that chris isn't in?

No. 302117

Hyperglam are friends with paradise.
Who have french members.
Paradise are known to put others up to the test of making bullying accounts.

No. 302118

I take it back. I imagine they’re behind the attacks then.

No. 302119

E-Girl retard

No. 302133

Anon you sound fucking retarded. So let me settle your paranoia around Paradise so you can stop this one sided cat fight.
Paradise is no more. The only remaining members in the gyarusa are the irrelevant, anxiety ridden, depressed bitches who barely post and some cosplayers who are too busy living their wildest weeb dreams to even look at this fucking site.
All the shit stirrers who were in Paradise are now out. Kai, Koko, Koi, Nene, Delilah, Yendia, Hannah, Wib, etc are all gone. More than half of those people aren't even gyaru anymore.
There's only 3 frenchies left in Paradise. One irrelevant, Calypso and Pudding. Calypso proudly boasts she doesn't post her and you cows have no real evidence that she does like Kai. Pudding was only posted here because she trusted a chrome dome teenager in America. And the last is irrelevant, she was posted here but only to make fun of her looks which isn't milk.
So anon and other anons with this weird vendetta for Paradise, may this put your souls and fingers to rest. Paradise is no more and your days of riding their corpse into the sunset when it comes to drama has met its bittersweet end.

No. 302134

Paradise is evidently being used as an umbrella term, nonnie. Just because their galsa is in the gutter doesn’t mean they don’t still all talk.

No. 302137

What does them talking have to do with this site anon? Again, you sound fucking retarded.

No. 302140

I could be misunderstanding your point but Calyspo does use lolcow and is very open about it. She even said “real gals still use lolcow” on her story one time, unfortunately I do not have the screenshots.

No. 302141

Also, Micah is an adult. Around 20/21. Not a minor, but I find it strange that the thread is okay with attacking someone who everyone apparently thinks is 15.

No. 302143

Reading and Posting are 2 different things, anon. I know you cows are stupid but sheesh.

No. 302144

Her fault. Just like Moon Gyarusa's leader posting here for attention, Micah did the same. The tiktok girlies have learned cowposting=attention.

No. 302145

She just said real gals USE lolcow. That implies posting as well. She did not use the term read. Dumbass.

No. 302149

Proof or it didnt happen Anon. This is a imageboard afterall.

No. 302160

Just said I don’t have it, can you read? I’ll try to find it though. You’re free to not believe me or to WK for her but at the end of the day her and I both know she posted that and therefore is a huge hypocrite. I’m definitely not the only person who saw.

No. 302162

Youre typing when you should be looking, anon. Chop chop

No. 302225

File: 1688078835824.jpeg (143.29 KB, 828x1465, DF63BDEA-98CC-4ECB-B8E3-CC5261…)

No. 302226

You look like a plebbit now nonnie.

No. 302228

Don’t think I’ll be taking advice from a single mom meth user

No. 302236

Wait you think this means she posts on cow?

No. 302245

thank god for screenshots because it's clear that most of you in here are literally retarded and can't read. it clearly says "lowlow" meaning down low/lowkey as in the vet/experienced gals were laying low at that time due to all the harassment from you shitheads.

No. 302247

Are you fucking retarded.
They’re staying on the “low low” because “retards are posting”

You have serious tunnel vision.
If you want me to SOMEHOW dumb it down even more,

No. 302248

Literally every other gal is out doing shit atm while their entire group rots online

No. 302249

It’s hilarious to me that after the doc they pulled the bullying victim card as if they didn’t have pages to post stalk and harass random strangers they didn’t know, openly chat shit in their group chat and make it well known they bully others.
But hey, maybe I’m controversial for saying nazi apologisers and insecure fatties that project their self image issues deserve to get bullied!

No. 302259

>Wait you think this means she posts on cow?
>posts on cow
I swear you faggots don't even pretend to be farmers

No. 302261

There was literally a screenshot of her DOING SO following that one

No. 302267

Thats exactly what it means. They grasping at anything to say its her.
This is a imageboard anon. Post it.

No. 302268


No. 302269

Thats not what this screenshot is saying unless you have the screenshot before this post to add for context. It just seems like you don't understand AAVE.

No. 302272

Anon, it's the fact you're unironically calling this humble Mongolian basket weaving forum "cow".

No. 302274

Hardly a detta nonnie. Just saying that complaining about being bullied while doing it yourself is hypocritical.

No. 302275

If you can’t understand context I don’t know what to tell you

No. 302279

Truly A Vendetta.
Paradise lives forever in your mind, rent free.

No. 302280

Or possibly you don't understand AAVE. I think its that and you also can't provide the screenshots you need to support your claim, anon. Again, paradise wins without even having to try. Without even having to be here.

No. 302281

An anon on lolcow getting mixed up one time is a win for Paradise, the gyarusa that imploded on itself? “Another” win implies they’ve ever won or come out on top.
Maybe you’re right though, this is the closest thing to a “win” any former member will ever get. Savor it.

No. 302283

> win
> the thread is about them and has been since the doc
> their galsa disbanded

The dogs are yapping. Take your last bone and go home before we have you put down miserable little mutts.

No. 302284

I don’t think feigning ignorance over what your own member has posted on their story counts but whatever helps you sleep at night pup

No. 302285

rent free because koko spends all of her ‘wiping old man dick’ money on clothes 3 sizes too small for her
And kes spends all of hers on crack cocaine
You bitches ain’t got the coins for rent!

No. 302286

Gaijin gyaru thread needs to be fucking banned it’s just retards vendetta posting about eachother and ignoring the actual milk.

No. 302290

Paradise still being the topic of discussion. A win is a win.

No. 302291

There hasnt been real milk in this community since Gyaru_Secrets. Thanks for stating the obvious, ita-chan

No. 302338

… because they’re cows

can someone get this Annon a cold pack for their head I think all that screaming into the void has made them severely ill

No. 302354

Damn girl you deserve to be kill(posting minors, a-logging, chronic non-saging)

No. 302362

>>302354 the selfposting is crazy

No. 302364

Thanks for misgendering me, wish me death, while Im a minor and it wasn't a gyaru makeup 🩵🩵 love u

No. 302365

stop selfposting and read the fucking rules you retard

No. 302366

Why does this type like the same as HyperGlam posting… it's all this one french gal?(hi cow)

No. 302367

Reads like this too…

No. 302368

And this…

No. 302371

File: 1688234750848.jpeg (285.91 KB, 733x605, 67B31539-D0E4-41CE-B2A7-F70086…)

This you? Lolcow obsessed much.

No. 302402

Can we perma-ban hyperham ips they’ve got severe autism and can’t even speak English

No. 302403

French gals are so embarrassing like what’ve you got.
Calypso? Single mom meth-head that tried to chat up a minor
Nene? Attack dog for white people
…. Is there even anyone else relevent
Micah who sent a screenshot to the world and tried to blame the select few
Idk what else to say. Choke on a baguette you inbred cunts

No. 302404

Selfpost bcs it gave irrelevancy
I don’t even care enough to look them up
Tldr, you made a fool of yourself
You got 0 clout

No. 302405

The other french gals can navigate the English language. It’s only hyperham retarded enough to listen to paradise telling them to selfpost. And they did.

No. 302411

don’t forget delilah this bitch is vile

No. 302412

Delilah is just a retard wannabe with flytrap eyelashes because she blindly follows uggo paradises advice
She tries so hard to win other peoples approval it’s almost sad

No. 302413

File: 1688263756247.jpeg (967.53 KB, 1170x1730, 6ABCCF34-1A96-45B2-81A1-0E6068…)

I’d say, “how is she speaking on others when she looks like this”
But that’s the paradise way

No. 302414

File: 1688263844056.jpeg (407.32 KB, 1170x604, BF729CC1-40B0-4259-AA9C-472270…)

Her face is so puffy you’d think she’s been on kes’s secret supply of meth

No. 302415

File: 1688263933476.jpeg (664.58 KB, 1170x1002, 277224E3-AFA0-4872-B8F1-44F64E…)

Hope your cat gets run over and you have to scoop it’s guts up off the road like a sick club penguin mini game(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 302416

File: 1688264030633.jpeg (773.31 KB, 1170x1015, E0822B07-C08D-4254-8121-734C21…)

I’d put a whale emoji if they were allowed here

No. 302417

KEK how dare you be disgustingly nasty in random peoples comments when you look like a bloated sea-lion carcass
Somebody give this kid a slim fast shake and a good makeup reference before it gets too far

No. 302419

File: 1688264407176.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1170x1376, 0D2D003C-9292-40B2-810B-BA2E2D…)

Not delilah but paradise related
I head a rumour a boy came over her extensions and she wore them to a meet the next day

No. 302420

Didn’t she get booted out of hoshi gal for complaining that people were being mean to her because she’s white
How embaz(Samefag)

No. 302421

File: 1688264505851.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1170x2213, 3EC69B48-8A6B-478B-9BBF-E08419…)

Just looks like a chav that hasn’t brushed her hair the skank

No. 302423

File: 1688264568666.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x1554, D028BAD2-FD02-4737-A7AD-5E8574…)

push-up bra working overtime with the crumbs it’s given(not milk, nitpicking )

No. 302424

whys hur Instagram momotan I’ve known her for three years her names bloody Melanie what is it with these weeby cunts and making their usernames sound ‘Japanese-y’

No. 302425

To be fair she does look like that Momo jumpscare picture going around

No. 302426

Still not over the fact calypso has admitted to doing meth and thinks nothings wrong with it being a mother(legendary samefag, 13 posts in a row)

No. 302429

whose comments has she been rude in? nobody knows (or cares) what you’re talking about.

No. 302430

This is just plain fucked up and too far. I hated everything Paradise stood for as much as the rest of the community but this is unwarranted. Her makeup being bad isn’t an excuse to be this gross.

No. 302441

Whoever you are, I hope you know that anonymously trashtalking a kid born in 2007 is more embarrassing for you than it is for her.

No. 302467

Did you know? Micah says she's a francophone, but her French is shit.(don’t fill in the name field)

No. 302472

Yeah no shit, isn’t she Haitian? They speak Creole over there not French. Can we get some actual fucking milk now?

No. 302473

Nice email adress, did you parents make it for you when you were 12? Kek

No. 302477

No Creole is very different from French especially Haitian Creole(derailing)

No. 302479

Starting to think this anon who doesn’t know how to reply to the message they’re responding to is the same person. They’re also always talking about AngelsX or Micah.

No. 302484

Yeah no shit, that’s what I said. She speaks Haitian Creole, not French, that’s why anon thinks her French is shit. Now MOVING ON…(continuing the derail)

No. 302489

What’s up with everyone’s sudden obsession with AngelsX? Also a lot of sudden vendetta and self posting. It’s suspect.

No. 302501

You look like someone who discovered lolcow(everyone in this thread desperately needs to read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 302752

Gaijin gyaru thread real quiet during hellweek

No. 302805

Have you seen the new members of Gyransu the French gyaru group?! They've snatched up all the old members from Paradise French it's like a damn football team transfer lol(learn to sage)

No. 302806

File: 1688584529397.jpg (404.15 KB, 1912x1045, Screenshot_20230705_191708.jpg)

This bitch is so awkward(sage non-milk posts)

No. 302885

that’s the best she’s ever looked. almost didn’t recognise her.

No. 303092

At least they don't look like shit, who cares, no milk at all.

No. 303317


No. 303401

when did kes admit to doing meth? i missed something(sage your shit)

No. 303448

She didn’t. She repeatedly said the only drug she uses is weed. Methanon seemingly pulled that one out of nowhere.

No. 303458

I don’t know why people keep bringing this up, she never admitted to it from what I remember. Kai did say there was a meth addict in Paradise though, but not who.

No. 303490

the way things were, it could have been Koko herself, or the nazi. Or perhaps kai was just making it up to see if it would have more effect, dunno

No. 303611

Meth is pretty hard to find in the UK to be fair.

No. 303617

Delilah here. Fuck off.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 303619

Didn’t ask.

No. 303673

Delilah shut up and go back to being some lolicon's wet dream

No. 303715

Incorrect. It’s very easy to find. Also, the bitch is French.

No. 303718

She doesn’t cover up her track marks before posting pictures

No. 303719

If koko was doing heroin and meth she wouldn’t be so fucking fat kek

No. 303855

File: 1690046383576.jpeg (199.22 KB, 594x733, IMG_8877.jpeg)

“Paradise stay winning you all are mad!”

Paradise at hyperjapan today:

No. 303856

The corner of shame.

No. 303857

File: 1690046598252.jpeg (1.01 MB, 3465x3465, 87F72E41-9BE3-43D8-945E-B1EFCE…)

2022 vs 2023 kek

No. 303858

Are they just taking a break?

No. 303859

Even kokos posture looks depressed. You make the gal com look bad.

No. 303860

Relevance, nonnie ?

No. 303861

When everyone leaves your racist ass and your only friend is a child. Sad!

No. 303862

if u focus hard enough you can hear sad piano music to accompany

No. 303863

Billy no mates

No. 303864

Went down with the ship I see captain?

No. 303865

Instead of losing that weight she desperately needs to ditch she’s lost all of her friends instead. Hopefully she loses that drug habit soon. Thoughts and prayers, fattychan.

No. 303866

Lolita at hyper here, can confirm the rumours she stinks are 100% true.

No. 304002

Wait… did you cows really paparazzi snipe Koko and Daisy? And apparently sniffed Koko? This is creepy more than milky.

No. 304025

Agreed, I despise Koko but she’s been private and silent for months, this is creepy. We got rid of her and most of the trouble that came with her, it’s time to move on but we all know this thread loves to beat a dead horse.

No. 304068

You act like this isn’t commonplace for jfashion threads

No. 304075

hi koko

No. 304094

You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about because she did the same thing when the doc came out. She’s just hiding until she feels safe enough to come back out and dry heave shit onto the community again. That’s why the gyarusa page is still up.

No. 304137

No fucking way I went to school with this cow, Emma lmao
Gonna have to read the threads now…

No. 304140

File: 1690292646882.jpeg (993.2 KB, 2048x1475, 4F13EBBC-BCB6-450A-8B48-601B36…)

Y’all seen this?

No. 304169

You better tell us some school milk nonnie.

No. 304170

Who is that

No. 304173

No. 304179

Has anyone seen that hibiscusgal retard having a fit because the community doesn’t like her interview article by dazed?

No. 304180

I’ve been waiting for someone to bring it up kek

No. 304181

Someone claiming to know lae in person is having a spaz-seizure in the comments saying that everyone is jealous of her

No. 304182

the comments are right in my opinion they could’ve talked to ANY other black gal even pocha but instead picked the retard that got hung out to dry trying to asslick koko the KKK leader

No. 304183

i wouldnt be suprised if it was her on another alt

No. 304184

It types like her when she gets pissed off
Erratic and Parkinson’s-esque
I thought shed left already since all of her old friends ditched her but I can see she’s been spending her time recruiting retards to white knight her

No. 304186

Lae is old milk get a hobby

No. 304191

File: 1690336701739.png (945.03 KB, 622x775, screencap.png)

I have no idea who any of these people are except lae, i wouldnt even bother writing the article if thats the best they can scrape off tiktok

No. 304195

The fact that gyaru is now an ‘online community’ to people is just depressing. Jesus. Also they definitely could have chosen much better gals for this, though the article is kind of retarded altogether.

No. 304210

No. 304215

Crust and grease at the same time, combo moves

No. 304218

A cheeky bit of satire role play and trolling doesn’t amount to actual racism but nice try paradise.

No. 304220

Half the people you anon bully on here aren’t even racist. People who are even somewhat involved with paradise are all tarred with the same brush. This behaviour is weird and stalkerish.

No. 304223

Just a bit of trolling nonnie.

No. 304225

Forever in your head rent free. Instead of filling out anon boards how about you fill out a job application. Keeps your mind busy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 304227

File: 1690378265234.jpeg (34.53 KB, 507x369, IMG_4775.jpeg)

No. 304230

is this piss take gc supposed to prove anything?(learn to sage)

No. 304231

File: 1690378956363.jpeg (213.9 KB, 1000x669, BCA1180E-1BBA-44D1-8C56-1588FD…)

It absolutely proves this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 304233

No. 304235

It’s not me, but nice try, retard.

No. 304236

Idk about u but the other party are clearly just taking the piss and the others are so upset they tried to crop and compile anything they could to make the other look bad.

No. 304243

It’s happening on both sides. End of the day these threads are purely malicious and nobody really knows the truth about anything. Being trendy and hating on certain people is absolutely abysmal behaviour.

No. 304247

Weird behavior to just decide as 20 something yo adults to hop in a dead gc, add a bunch of people to randomly insult them for being friends or following certain people. Then to talk shit about someone's unborn child? When does it end? They've been quiet for months and just do this out of the blue, trolling or not, it's weird and obsessive.

No. 304248

The hate boner for paradise and anyone who’s involved with them won’t just bust a nut and die already. The cyber stalking of people and posting dead names and old pics etc too is absolutely insane. ‘THEY’RE RACIST THO’ isn’t a good excuse either. You don’t have evidence of anyone but Wib being racist, the rest is just petty shit you call ‘micro aggressions’ because you’ve never experienced real racism.

No. 304249

File: 1690385910546.jpeg (172.45 KB, 1125x1130, IMG_3560.jpeg)

Also how can this bitch call anyone fat? She’s clearly 10x the size of Koko and Koi, kek

No. 304250

Friendly fire

No. 304251

>dead names

Are you lost? This is lolcow, we don't cater to gendies here.

No. 304252

This is even funnier, calling out people for racism but catering to a board that’s openly racist and transphobic will forever make me laugh. No side is better than the other. Just admit you’re all shitty people.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 304253

File: 1690387152448.png (6.07 MB, 3465x3465, 4680DFF4-A48E-4DD1-B51F-BBECEF…)

British druggie baby claims to be Japanese-Vietnamese. I didn’t know that foetal alcohol syndrome made you Asian.

No. 304254

File: 1690387346516.jpeg (100.42 KB, 1125x719, IMG_3559.jpeg)

Even funnier she blurs out her neck fat LOL

No. 304255

Oh it’s not just alcohol, their momma’s an addict they’re a whole crack baby kek

No. 304256

File: 1690387521869.jpeg (17.69 KB, 352x120, IMG_1386.jpeg)

this morbidly obese bitch talking about some "fatty" is hilarious

No. 304258

File: 1690387577069.jpeg (448.13 KB, 939x925, IMG_3561.jpeg)

How it feels to chew five gum

No. 304264

It’s evident to me you’re upset over it paranonnie. But it’s just a bit of trolling.

No. 304267

She looks like she’s drawn in the Llamas with hats art style.

No. 304279

Just your typical inbred Ice Age Britbong fooling no one

No. 304330

how much do you guys want to bet that aside from meetups half these people have never worn gyaru outside of the house

No. 304337

100% i doubt most tiktok gyaru can wear it to school or at their starbucks/mcdonald's job. most zoomers, or people on tiktok in general just play dress up and go out in yoga pants or sweats normally.

No. 304341

99% of gaijin gyaru who got into after 2014 don't wear any of it outside of their bedroom

No. 304365

File: 1690502497773.png (70.07 KB, 360x270, Sloth (1).png)

twins <3(<3)

No. 304412

File: 1690591582622.jpg (677.57 KB, 1079x1591, Screenshot_20230729_004344.jpg)

The reason I hate French gyaru :

No. 304413

File: 1690591639251.jpg (745.43 KB, 1080x1673, Screenshot_20230729_004253.jpg)

No. 304414

File: 1690591812974.jpg (1007.69 KB, 1080x1733, 00.jpg)

No. 304415

File: 1690591837438.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x1710, 69.jpg)

No. 304416

Only one of them reads as gal LOL, wtf r they doing?

No. 304424

They're all gyaru except for the white one(sage your shit)

No. 304425

File: 1690603072743.jpg (3.98 MB, 3464x3464, Jumpscare.jpg)


No. 304428

This is the most obvious vendetta posting ever. Both the screenshots from that tiktok and the posts from that absolute rando are just about/are actually a year old, these arent things that would organically come up via algorithm and either way are irrelevant to this thread. Whatever personal issues you have, keep it off here. Also, learn2format.

No. 304429

It’s so funny that whenever something ex-paradise related is posted it’s called vendetta and no milk.
Doggiechan just because you don’t wanna hwear bwad things about your fwends doesn’t mean it’s detta.
Also can we ditch the French? They look like shit.

No. 304430

It has gyaru on the text of the video. It’s common knowledge that the video would then be shown to people who interact with that word.

No. 304431

A kigu at dinner.
How original.

No. 304432

What is this autistic spam? Learn2post.

No. 304436

idk some gyarus can be cute but that just be my attraction to weirdoes haha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 304459

Interesting how you apparently hate these people so much yet you’ve clearly liked one of their photos. Watch your backs, French Gals, you’ve got someone playing both sides. This community is filled with two faced idiots.

No. 304521

Selfpost by Shaina and Kyky … you're so stupid mf(you're stupid too tbh)

No. 304530

French gals talk the most shit but their make always look like dog shit

No. 304531

Basically she was an obese alcoholic wannarexic whore with low standards and when a guy got rid of her she would start a crusade against them accusing them of a bunch of stuff every time without fail due to her raging personality disorder

No. 304582

Alcoholic in school? Sure thing, nice try tho nonnie.

No. 304594

Sweet sheltered nonnie

No. 304595

You must be retarded if you think a 12-16 year old in school is guzzling alcohol like that. People have parents, homes, etc. Get off this thread with your vendetta bullshit.

No. 304596

Nice way to out yourself as an American, anon

No. 304597

Legit Amerifags can’t comprehend that underage drinking is a thing in the uk for some reason lol. Anons did you know 12-16 year olds can take a bus and meet older people and drink with them in a public place?

No. 304599

Partying isn’t alcoholism tho, huge difference.

No. 304603


You speaking from experience babe?

No. 304610

Because someone has to have done these things to be aware of them happening… right. Just live in literally any suburb and have attended a public school. Go to any public city park after dark in fact lol. So sheltered.

No. 304613


If it’s so normal why you calling Koi out for it like it’s milk? Yeah so she was a bit of a crazy teenager who made shitty decisions, that’s not milk, that’s not gossip. Stop posting about people when they were minors too, mega fucking cringe.(sage your minimodding)

No. 304615

You sound a wee bit defensive.

No. 304617


Not a big fan of this retard tbh. Nothing personal.

No. 304805

why are tards in the thread acting like kids can’t get ahold of alcohol or be alcoholics. you guys never stood outside the corner shop waiting for someone to pass to go in and buy alcohol for you? you’ve never lived.

No. 304877


Child alcoholism - Yeah, sure. Totally reasonable allegation.

No. 305291

Totally reasonable allegations when you know British kids start drinking vodka in random fields at 14.

No. 305322

> 14

Laughing so hard rn. Guessing these people didn’t have parents.

No. 305432

File: 1691682705728.jpeg (405.77 KB, 1169x1784, IMG_4791.jpeg)

The infamous @kokotan2000 is officially public again on Instagram. A shit storm may be brewing lads.

No. 305460


LMFAO get a life nonnie(infighting)

No. 305480

it's kind of sad how obsessed with her you are considering she's been irrelevant for ages thanks to this very thread. i'm not a koko fan but she's just as boring to talk about as every other nobody (kai, pinkii, cinna) that this thread has been fixated on in the past year. when will you nonnies accept that there just isn't any milk in this comm anymore cause there isn't actually a comm?

No. 305489

Very obviously not gal anymore.
May she rest in shit.

No. 305580

Wasn’t just alcohol either, oh and she had onlyfans as soon as she turned 18 to fund all of this

No. 305597

She must of said something to you that really got under your skin to bring you here and just release the beast on this thread. Heal.

No. 305617

She’s the only person in this site that I know irl, of course I’m going to want to discuss her and see if others are aware of things that I know or not, the way someone keeps coming here to defend her is so suspicious to me as though any information getting out would affect them personally lol, what I’m saying about her isn’t even that bad compared to other cows here so idk why you think it’s so bad and that I’m hurting when I say it as it’s just an amusing fact to me that I knew/know a cow irl.

No. 305622

File: 1691863819486.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 614.91 KB, 1125x1751, E836A5EB-45DE-48B6-9B1D-F8CAC9…)

No. 305635

NTA but she's not interesting nor relevant to this thread anymore so it's kind of weird you're this thrilled to post about her just cause you know her irl

No. 305672

Missed her race faker era I’m gutted

No. 305753


Over 2 years old. Yeah, you’re obsessed. She probably hurt you irl, which is something you quite clearly deserve you weirdo.

No. 305801

Nah this is a little wierd. Idk why you'd admit to knowing her irl. I'm srry if she hurt you really bad though. Seek other places other than here and better your life.

No. 305953

Serious question but does Haruka do sex work now in Japan? It seems like she works at one of those theme bars where the girls have to dress up… aren't those usually a front for prostitution?(this is an imageboard)

No. 305956

Mind your own business mf(sage your infighting)

No. 305974

No. You get to decide if you want to sleep with customers (if there prices are right). But for the most part you don’t have to sleep with anyone. it’s more about finessing customers. It’s kinda more sugar daddy type of thing. Kyaba is slightly different then a brothel. Now are they’re shady like that, possibly. Now where she is working, doubt it’s shady like that.(sage your shit)

No. 305977

All I wanted to know. Thanks!

No. 305979

Haruka is pedo bait. Period. Her mother was a b gal who raised an attention seeking slut. Embarrassing.

No. 305981

Her mom did say that she was fine with her being a gyaru but didn't support her pursuing the "lifestyle" in the interview video from the previous thread. So I doubt she's on board with Haruka doing sex work

No. 305984

You can't be pedobait unless you're underage, that doesn't even make sense, anon. Also anons haven't even posted examples after >>305953
without proof of her in the bar or anything.

No. 305998


You forgetting all the shit she posted when she was underage about wanting a crazy stalker to give her money and saying she wanted to get fucked by a priest? Also wearing #kidcore clothes? She may be legal now but she’s BEEN pedobaiting.

No. 305999


Nah her mother clearly doesn’t give a fuck about her, she’s a product of race fetishisation anyways, kek

No. 306011

Old milk isn't interesting.

No. 306016

Boo you whore
Her mom was cringe in that interview and you could tell Haruka wanted her to stop talking

No. 306023

Kyaba is not a front for prostitution either. Some countries like China and Korea it can be but Japan as it all separated for each level ie kyaba is strictly talking and drinking no touching (any sex is up to the hostess themselves but that’s not the point of the job ) sekku-kyaba is one where you can touch but still not sex expected. Japan doesn’t need kyaba to front for prostitution becuase they have actual places for that such as soap land and delivery health etc there’s a cultural aspect of japan were they value just the conversation and drink.(sage your shit)

No. 306032

Theme bars where girls have to dress up… you mean a girls' bar? Those are a level or two below kyaba kek. Basically cute girls talk to lonely men and serve them snacks and drinks but nothing beyond that.

No. 306033

I think that is the only jobs foreigners can do in Japan. Hostess or teacher. Shit sounds depressing I take my chances back in America.

No. 306109

That wasn’t Haruka dumbass, reread the threads properly. The person who got flack for pedobaiting and wanting to “be taken advantage of” by a priest was @pwocketangel, not Haruka.

No. 306114


Damn, them bitches look alike. Haruka still a pedobaiter tho. Next.

No. 306144

They don’t, you just wanted to accuse her of pedobaiting to revive this very dead thread.

No. 307031

File: 1693929858529.jpg (166.15 KB, 720x1389, Screenshot_20230905-042221_Ins…)

Why is she like this like girl did you take the picture?????? Even if its a scan, the picture was already in the magazine lmao everyone can see, she could claim credits for the scan but choose to act like a 5 y/o. This already happened but with her making a meme and then being enraged by everyone reposting her meme. Like, dont post it then?

No. 307033

she can't claim credits for a scan anyway, scans are illegal. this is just as entitled as girls who get mad when you reupload their pics on pinterest to delete their cringe captions. it's like she just got on the internet.

No. 307047

are we supposed to know who this is?

No. 307073

Its Cindy(@fo2ls.au)

No. 307136

did she delete? her tiktok is private now kek

No. 307146

yeah she even changed her @ on instagram
pussied out

No. 307175

dirty fucking cunt ran her off the internet kek so pathetic. they don't make em like they used to. ik darla, calypso, etc are polarizing but at least they have the balls to double down on their bullshit. this new generation of tiktok zoomer gals is so tragic on every level

No. 307182

File: 1694110068475.jpeg (12.95 KB, 149x154, Helmetchan.jpeg)

That helmet she calls a wig must of made her act this way. Cut off circulation to the brain.


No. 307229

File: 1694138547774.jpg (158.1 KB, 1061x1920, angela.jpg)

No. 307238

Is she a zoomer? By her face I thought she was a 35+ y/o vet that just wasnt famous enough before kek

No. 307290

That bag is a fake.

No. 307312

the person that reposted the pic said they found it on PINTEREST orginally so some other person found the scan first and reuploaded it and Cindy is 19 probably going on 20 this upcoming year so she is too grown to be getting mad at a 15 year old baby gal and doesn't have the balls to make a PUBLIC apology to that 15 year old yet is totally okay with calling them a cunt for reposting their STOLEN CONTENT. she may be pretty and have solid co*des but her personality and the way she upholds herself on the internet is absolutely atrocious. the only good opinion she ever has are that scalpers r trash but…everyone has that opinion so(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 307330

File: 1694218952552.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1170x2314, 19BEABCC-B574-4EB0-8464-103E7A…)

so now haruka doing strip club ? i knew it was coming after her milk when she said she was gonna open OF , and she has the guts to say it ain’t prostitution .. LOL

No. 307343

This is bleak

No. 307369

Oh cmon is it so difficult for her to say "I am a fancy whore"? Just admit it damn, thats your own choice..

No. 307380

Complaining about a gyaru being a hostess/stripper is like complaining about a guy in a blue uniform being a cop, but somehow that's still depressing.

No. 307386


God I hate her so fucking much, skinny little chipmunk bitch

No. 307392

Why? I don’t keep up with her

No. 307403


Always been posting weird content on her tiktok and Instagram, something about her feels very egirl, which I personally don’t like. Her doing sex work was predictable from the start.

No. 307413

That's sad at 18 she jumped right into sw

No. 307435

lots of girls do that these days, not mentioning when they do it before 18 …
she has no decent expectations and visions about her own life and is making shitty choices. in the future she will have to deal with the consequences and that wont be so fun

No. 307490

Anyone know what happened to emiriichu? All her accounts are gone

No. 307494

Her accounts are private. She may be taking a much needed break. Leave her alone.

No. 307518

lwhy so hostile? She deleted all her accounts and blogs, I’ve bought clothing from her before, so I was concerned. Whats so wrong with me asking(sage your shit)

No. 307543

Way to self post(sage your shit)

No. 307554

Changing aesthetics, delete everything before she do every-time.

No. 307555

Insert color me shock emoji
Being a foreigner makes her not a good fit for there, except as a low-paying teacher or sex worker. From the start, the future was bleak. Why do you think foreigners dip after having a baby to go back home? Raising a baby in Japan is a nightmare. A hafu baby is even worse.

No. 307557

She ugly. Hostess check wasn’t delivering.

No. 307568

She isnt ugly at all, she's just… weird. Not visually weird, its her personality.

No. 307571

File: 1694453050446.jpeg (17.51 KB, 210x210, 821.jpeg)

I agree. She also isn't the smartest. Instead of pandering to the tiktok community, she should of milked them for all they're worth. Haruka could of easily made it in egg magazine as a model. Hafu are not accepted by the older generation of the Japanese but the younger generation love hafu. Especially gyaru. Major flop of the bag.

No. 307572

Stop being generous anon. She ugly. Flat face chink eyes look Filipino.(racebait)

No. 307575


> Could’ve made it in egg magazine

She’s fucking black LMFAO that’s not happening for her unless the jfashion scene has decided to be less racist in recent years

No. 307586

Black Diamonds former member Barbie, a black gyaru had a few snapshots in Egg. And Haruka is half Japanese. She could of had something. Don't let your jealousy cloud the vision, anon

No. 307590

As long as you're a foreigner willing to fuck your way to a Japanese mold, it doesn't matter what color you are.  Barbie and Dakota both  fuck their way into magazines and television shows.

No. 307611

there were a few fully black gyarusa members back in the 2010s and earlier, anon.

No. 307619

Silly anon thinks only foreigners have to fuck around to get noticed in Japan. Like it wasn't known that BDIA had a manager that was pimping them out and sleeping with members.

No. 307641


“There was a couple black people there amongst thousands therefore Japanese media and society is not racist”

Congrats on missing the point(sage your shit)

No. 307658

Neither of us said Japanese media isn't racist. It still is but if there's the slim chance a fully black person could make it in egg, then definitely someone half Japanese and black could make it in. Were delusional not stupid.

No. 307676

it's not even delusional. there have been fully black women in other japanese industries like the idol industry and newer generations are becoming more globalized and accepting. the black gyaru in black diamond was in their MV as well. i think recently it's become trendy to label japan as racist as a blanket statement without even considering the context. just the other day my white friend said yamanaba was blackface even though with a little research you can see that it's not. a lot of stuff is just splitting hairs to try to act in the know.

the point is the gyaru community has always accepted black women. no one is talking about society as a whole which is something gyaru rebels against.

No. 307710

Anon is a zoomer. You know they sprout shit as gospel hoping it sticks. Zoomers don't do research. kek
Foreigners have been in egg, and even hip-hop celebrities have done shoots in egg. There was also a white foreigner, gaijin gyaru who always wore ma*rs, look about 40 years old in egg.

No. 307716

You completely missed the point. Egg is a magazine that caters to teens and early adults. Modeling in egg is easier for anyone who lives in Japan. The cost is more affordable. A foreigner wouldn't have expendable income to travel back and forth, especially as a teen and early adult in university. Gyaru is not regarded as a standard for Japanese beauty. Why do you think that once ex-gyaru gets married, they drop the style and delete their photos? It's shameful and Japan doesn't take gyaru seriously. You're comparing apples and oranges. What Japanese woman are you seeing walking around with a nose stripe? Egg has no standards. To sign the contract forms, you must know a good amount of Japanese.

No. 307746

Not surprising, she seems hypersexual and posted weird stuff when she was underage before. Also, the club Haruka is working at looks kinda grimy.

Yeah, she fumbled badly. Her style could be a bit more polished, but all the "ingredients" were there. Gyaru gets popular on Tiktok, her mom just so happens to be a 90s ex-gyaru, Haruka lives in Japan and has access to cool shit, she just didn't take advantage of any of it.

No. 307772

sorry for being annoying but can someone fill me in on what problematic things natalia has done? im extremely out of the loop

No. 307773


Go back to tiktok. Anyone who knows doesn’t need to be spoon fed but this seems like a super transparent attempt at getting information for yet another “she sexualized a minor” tiktok.

No. 307774

i dont have a tiktok, i was just wondering if i should stop listenting to her music

No. 307775

You're coming to a gossip site too see if you should stop listening to weeb pandering idol
Grow a brain kek

No. 307776

>You're coming to a gossip site
name a better place for getting info about her problematic past

No. 307777

File: 1694717178207.jpg (402.38 KB, 756x1034, 3.jpg)

She has a thread here, search yukapon but the tiktok gals hate her for sexualizing a minor gyaru character.

No. 307780

She wore a cosplay. Weebs mad she didn’t know cosplay was a minor. Everyone should know the age of a anime character, accuse her of pedo-pandering; overreact and cancel her.

No. 307781

File: 1694722947712.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1030x1780, IMG_7311.jpeg)

These new age gyaru wear the worst shit

No. 307782

it’s way too obvious the club she works at is shady , she probably got kicked from her japanese grandfather’s home and decided to go to japan to live her “kawaii dreams” but now she finally dropped the mask since she completely dropped gyaru now , her living with her mom is telling me everything i need to know she probably has issues maybe that’s why this bitch is hypersexual cuz her shitty parents didn’t like to put up with their shitty daughter

No. 307785

Good for her. I fail to see the issue.

No. 307788

very generous of you to call this "new age gyaru"

No. 307791

Haruka club hasn’t post her or the other hafu. Xenophobic as hell.

No. 307795

How is her mom okay with this is my question
I know some people mentioned that her mom probably doesn’t care about her so maybe that’s it but it’s depressing as fuck if it’s to the level where she’s okay with her daughter going into prostitution at barely 18.

No. 307799

File: 1694743550405.jpg (158.61 KB, 941x468, agony.jpg)

Her mom doesn't care and even if she did care, Haruka very well knows she's a product of fetishism. The absent dad and her mom's "blaccent" are tell tell.

No. 307801

Noona, no. She knew this character was a minor and lied about it. The original caption said the character was aged up, and she had to order the cosplay costume, which is literally a Japanese high schoolers uniform. She lived in Japan, so she would know what that looks like. She original caption was also “school uwu” or some other shit that panders to anime pedo coomers.
If you want to argue that sexualizing a fictional minor is not a problem, then argue that. But don’t come on here and WK her with lies.
But let’s not beat this dead horse for the 1000th time.

No. 307805

No. 307813

File: 1694754241494.jpeg (91.15 KB, 640x1137, 208F0F24-6683-49A5-8ED6-6D05D1…)

Anime is fiction.
Anime is not real.
Touch grass.

No. 307814

Hey, if you wanna get off to fictional children that’s on you. Just don’t spread the lie that “she didn’t know uwu”, she knew.
Kinda wish she would double down on it instead of half assing her response in order to pander to zoomer wokeness. It’s disingenuous.

No. 307822

Incredibly it’s so ugly not to mention her shoe choice of nike sneakers and two layers of cheap leg warmers

No. 307859

Haruka made her club post hafus. Thats what up bishh

No. 307868

File: 1694810673748.jpeg (230.79 KB, 915x333, IMG_7356.jpeg)

This is so sad

No. 307982


This is exactly it. I also vaguely remember Haruka posting a tiktok about her mother not paying attention to her unless she does para para or some shit LOL

No. 308040

Literally she put on a hs uniform and didn’t know?(learn to sage)

No. 308047

there are anons on the site that like to defend weird underage weebshit. better to just ignore them.

No. 308057

She’s one of those tik tok only Gyarus that can’t put together an outfit for her life and has no mind of her own not to mention her sad ass hiding her videos to make it look like she has more likes than she can scrounge up Jesus

No. 308058

File: 1695163653763.jpeg (409.66 KB, 842x1189, IMG_9126.jpeg)

Adding to your point.
You guys forget about Hiromi she’s a Lesbian and a Hafu?

No. 308063

Seems like the anon you're both referencing just thinks it's delusional to clutch pearls over the purity of a teenage anime character cosplayed by an obviously nearly 30 year old. It's not my cup of tea either, and I agree she knew what she was doing, but it is nowhere near akin to lolicon zoomers are absolutely retarded for this moral crusade.

No. 308067

>sexualizing a minor
You need help. I think it should be bannable to point at adult women that pedos physically will not get off to and somehow shoehorn this into some fake "but the kids" situation. No one outside of your hugboxes actually gives a fuck about about drawings being cosplayed.

No. 308087

I mean, she also rented out a high school classroom set to really sell the fantasy, that’s a bit far imo.

No. 308088

Who cares?

No. 308090

>thinks schoolgirl fantasies aren't a major factor in the sexualisation of real, actual schoolgirls

No. 308101

People like that are the reason girls feel unsafe going to school in their uniforms. It’s both the fault of the men who sexualize them and consume “school girl porn”, which is a disgustingly popular category, as well as the grown women who create content for men with that sick fetish. The fetish is based in child-like innocence.

No. 308122

AYRT this is exactly what i mean, thank you!

to me pandering to schoolgirl fetishists is on par with those costhot photoshoots where the girls are shooped to look 10-12 years old.

related note: i don't know if she's ever used that type of shooping or does more explicit shots, but in some cases that can fall into sketchy legal territory.

legal definition of CP includes "simulated" content and defines it as "any image that is, or indistinguishable from that of a minor engaging in sexually explicit content, or is distributed in a manner intended to cause another to believe that the material contains a depiction of a minor"

real CP is obviously prioritised, but these kinds of ero photo shoots can fall into sketchy legal territory.

No. 308132

Women should be allowed to wear whatever they choose without being sexualized, according to feminists who are apparently changing their tune kek
Pick a side, prunes.

No. 308133

It's easy to spot a baby gal by their lack of gyaru knowledge pass reading Wikipedia.

No. 308134

underage girls should be allowed to wear the uniforms they are literally required to wear without being terrified of being sexualised by coomers who are fuelled by schoolgirl ero shoots made by adult women who do not care about the consequences of their actions. after all, it's the underage girls who actually have to deal being assaulted and harassed for the uniform they are REQUIRED to wear. the adult women pandering to these coomers are safe once the costume is off and the photoshop is gone.

your sexual freedom shouldn't come at the cost of throwing little girls under the bus. either get a better fetish, or keep it private. but don't act like contributing to the sexualisation of kids uniforms isn't part of the problem.

No. 308137

Women can wear whatever they want, yeah. But they can also be criticized for it, which is what we’re doing right now.
Also, if you’re trying to say that we’re sexualizing Natalia’s cosplay, the photoshoot was for her lewd Patreon. She deleted the lewd photos and changed the caption and location, then lied and said she didn’t sexualize it or know the character was a minor.
Also, we’re clearly talking about this in the context of women who SEXUALIZE school uniforms on Onlyfans and in porn, both inherently sexual contexts. Please learn how to comprehend.

No. 308142

She deleted the lewd photos
End of discussion, get over it retard.

No. 308150

Sure, but she deleted it and lied.
I’m not even the anon that brought it up, just putting in my two cents. Personally I think we’re beating a dead horse but you can calm the fuck down, you’re not getting paid to WK.

No. 308158

Anon, I don't even like Natalia but what she did was clearly not simulated cp. But in poor taste and morally questionable, yes. The closest thing I've seen to simulated cp is when Belle Delphine cosplayed a 9 year old from an animated movie and stuck gummy worms in her vagina. Lewds of a 30 year old woman dressed at a late teen is retarded but doesn't even compare.

No. 308161

no wonder this bitch got dumped out of her relationship twice in her visit to japan
no one can handle her shitty ass attitude
as for EGG : we all know they don’t care about the same politically correct shit haruka is whining about(sage your shit)

No. 308167

Even then belle doesn't look like a kid either. Anons seriously need to take a psych class and learn that pedos will look at real children over some 25 year old dressed up as a cartoon. This is derailing, I'm out at this point. Anons wouldn't and couldn't even report her for cp because its not.

No. 308175

You're not wrong, just thought I'd chime in with a more morally reprehensible example. Zoomers are absolutely brain dead jumping to such radical conclusions/accusations. It just detracts from very serious issues by using the terminology so lightly. Do I think its a good thing to do? No. Am I retarded enough to equate it to lolicon or actual cp? Of course not.

No. 308186

whether or not you agree is irrelevant, im word for word quoting the legal guidelines, a lot of which hinge on the individual sensibilities of a judge. people have spent time in jail for bigger stretches than this (for example, an ohio man was sentenced to 10 years for written fictional CP, no images included). the current guidelines have actually been significantly reduced from previous ones, (where merely implying the image was of a minor was enough, even if the model is visibly of age)

if you assume what you THINK should qualify is the same as what DOES, you're taking a big gamble.

No. 308190

File: 1695310016114.jpeg (60.48 KB, 155x275, ShittyMakeChan.jpeg)

Literally shut the fuck up about this old ass milk. You Twitter finger kids aren't going to actually do anything to stop anyone like Belle or Pinkii except post on tiktok and engage with their profiles which gives them more views.

No. 308192

Nta, but shut up already. She isn't pedopandering or any sort of idea you have in your brain. A judge would look at this submitted and throw it out. That means any women cosplaying or dressing up as a school girl, even as full-blown bimbos, could be arrested. You are unhinged and this idea that you are protecting any children at all when you aren't. No pedo is going to go out of their way to look at an adult even in a school outfit. What about this aren't you grasping? You need to be 18 to post here. you also got the court case wrong as he was distributing real CP as well and thus had to pay the victims. If you're going to try and use fiction for an argument, at least be accurate and not pretend that real CP wasn't involved.

This cosplayer has nothing to do with any of this shit you are going on about and pretending to care about. Calling out adults cosplaying as kids will always be some fake-ass woke bullshit to just cancel someone you don't like vs actually caring about kids because no one gives a fuck about pixels and their well-being because they aren't real.

No. 308193

zoomers and tiktok didn't invent the idea that wearing school uniforms was sexy and eluded to being a teen, it's been in mainstream porn since the 80s as "teen porn" and "barely legal" tropes. it's always been a problem that's fueled interest in underage girls to men. children aren't the only ones who are underage, teens are also underage and men already want to fuck teens too much as it is. pedo isn't the correct term, but it's in a similar vein. teens are still not adults, and men who want to fuck them are still going to be attracted to things that are evocative of the idea, not necessarily literal age. evoking the idea of a school girl, who is a teenager is pandering and it's pandering to men who want to fuck teens. what's the point of defending this shit?

No. 308195

No1currs.. This is not the thread to be moralizing about the psychology of men. Men will sexualize someone in a full-blown head-to-toe covering. It doesn't matter your age or what you look like. Seriously, move on already. Has nothing to do with the 80s specifically. Again, you need to be 18 to post here and you don't seem to have an inkling of what you are talking about.

No. 308198

learn how to read. i'm saying it's not new, and it's not a new concept that it upsets people. and that anon's knee-jerking against the zoomers is unfounded. there are no men here so you should probably stop dick riding them so hard.

No. 308199

This is bait and anons should report it as such.

No. 308200

the retard defending men itt is probably a man themselves. that's why they keep calling all the cosplayers ugly and busted for not being his precious high school girls

No. 308202

Explain what DDLG is.

No. 308204

This video was posted last year, this must be an old screenshot that you took at the time it was posted. This creator hasn’t posted about Pinkii in over a year, neither has anyone else afaik. Did you just dig through your archive of old screenshots to try and start shit? Move the fuck on.

No. 308206

Nta, but they were using that as an example, not for relevancy.

You can go do your own research. It is different and this is not the thread to be derailing about it.

No. 308207

God I’m so fucking tired of the whole “pedos don’t look at grown adults” argument. Why is school girl porn so popular? Why are those grown women who edit themselves to be younger so popular? Belle was an internet phenomenon because men love that pedo-adjacent shit. Men think women are most desirable at 16-21 because of shit like this.
Get off the thread and go pander to some sick men instead, since you’re so willing to go to bat to defend a grown woman’s right to sexualize clothing that is made for children, that children don’t feel safe in because of people who fetishize young girlhood.
The discussion ends here. We’ve talked about this exact thing 10 times already on the thread. Move. The. Fuck. On.

No. 308210

Also, we’re not calling out an adult for simply cosplaying a minor, you fucking dumbass. Can you not read? She sexualized a high school setting for profit, and then lied about it and deleted the photos because she knew it was indefensible.
You must be her, considering that she’s set on spreading the narrative that all she did was simply cosplay a minor when she went out of her way to sexualize the fuck out of a high school setting.
Natalia’s WKs always instantly appear with the same argument in paragraphs as soon as she’s mentioned, thus drawing out the discussion and getting her dragged more. Keep going!(hi cow)

No. 308211

Not the cow, so enjoy that "hi cow".

No. 308212

“Men will sexualize anything”, but these women are wearing these outfits in porn? An inherently sexualized setting? They’re sexualizing the uniform before these men ever see the content from it. It’s not about men seeing women wearing nanchette and getting boners. It’s about women who do lewd/nude/porn shoots wearing this shit to elicit a sexual response from men.
Jesus christ, hold both the women and men accountable.

No. 308213

Well, you’re def a WK considering you’re spewing all of her half assed talking points that fall apart under the tiniest bit of scrutiny.

No. 308214

pretending to be underage is different than…pretending to be underage?

No. 308215

Anons act like Japanese women aren't bitching about the sexualization of school uniforms or something. Sexualizing that stuff has been harmful to teens for decades because it makes men think of teens as being sexual in that way. This is like common knowledge. It's also suspicious that the anons defending it keep calling the girls ugly as if teen girls are attractive to them.

No. 308216

Anon defending this shit is either a costhot or male. No one else would be so up in arms about not wanting school uniforms in porn.

No. 308217

Calling the cow who dressed up as ugly isn't calling everyone ugly.

No. 308218

Only a man would defend this shit though.

No. 308220

It's not even about looking like a teen, it's about how men relate school uniforms with sexy when they're sexualized. Men aren't attracted to underage because of looks, and most men who want to fuck teens don't want to fuck young children. Sexualizing the idea of teens makes them expect that behavior in teens which leads to grooming and assaults. Men think teen girls are sexy because of how they're portrayed in porn. It's a stereotype born fr sexualizing them as an idea. This isn't a new or novel concept. Men are attracted to teens because they are physically matured but sexually inexperienced, it's a power thing. And sexualizing things that are exclusive to teens justifies their attraction. Why is that concept so difficult?

No. 308241

THANK YOU. Well put, anon. I'm tired of all these pickme defenders of pedo-adjacent shit. Not to mention, there are men attracted to various age ranges of underage girls, not just underdeveloped children specifically. Scrotes are retarded and don't care as long they can trick their boner by fapping to pseudo-child porn as a not as risky alternative, but it's always suspect that they're attracted to that shit in the first place. They're not the most grounded in reality so they're not always gonna hold out for the real thing when the simulation can be enough for them, hence the popularity of lolicon art and such.

No. 308246

Nice to finally see some sense in this thread the last couple times this topic was brought up.
What’s scary is that, ephebophilia, aka the attraction to teenagers, is way more normalized and accepted than pedophilia. Both in our media and our everyday lives. To the point where people run themselves in circles trying to explain why it’s somehow not as bad.(derailing)

No. 308256

Go derail about pretend children somewhere else. This thread is not your soapbox for this type of discussion. It's so boring.

No. 308260

Well it was brought up on the thread, so

No. 308262

not to mention the normalisation of this shit impacts teen girls psychologically– they see e girls sexualising high school settings and uniforms, they see hypersexualised teen characters in media, they see how grown men react to these things, and all of that can make them that much more susceptible to being groomed and victimised by these disgusting men if they're constantly being told that being sexualised and objectified is normal and okay, or worse, worth striving for (more and more underage girls have been getting into e-sex work too, and sliding under the radar by posing as "young looking adults").

i'm sure plenty of adult members here had their own experiences with being objectified for their age or uniform.

i agree it's laughable that people somehow think pedophiles don't consume pseudo-pedo content. normie porn websites are FILLED with "barely legal" "teens" "just turned 18" etc etc content, men have been known to simply pretend they don't know girls are underage, men have been finding every legal loophole they can for decades to sexualise children and teens. adult women marketing themselves as teenage girls (the uniform + ACTUAL SCHOOL, e-thots using photoshop to de-age themselves) for sex work is just their next "technically legal" fix.

but here's the thing: pseudo doesn't always cut it forever. more often than not, these scrotes inevitably start wanting the real thing. there's dozens of cases where a pedo/ephebephile stalker or serial predator turned out to have a house or laptop full of lolicon or other simulated/pseudo content, or how often people swatted for fictional CP turn out to have the real thing on their drives as well.

so yeah, hold the men accountable, but we need to remember that the women providing this material are complicit in this behaviour as well.

No. 308265

File: 1695338837473.jpeg (8.58 KB, 308x164, 3).jpeg)

No one really gives a shit because these same people having a fucking coombayah over this subject are the same fucking people that follow japanese gyaru models who do the same shit and proudly post it. Quiet. Fucking crickets. You even like the pictures. Just admit a good bit of this so called SJW soapbox shit is just you hating on pinkii. The school girl thing just gave some of you a legit reason. Pics are gone, she hasn't done anything since so what now? Just gonna keep fileting into this dead cow. SHUT UP! where's the fucking milk?!

No. 308271

You know well the issue isn't "someone please think of the fictional children!!", but I suppose it all hits a little too close to home for a pickme WK like you. Sorry that you cope with turning 30 by LARPing as a sexualized child for coomer bux, maybe use some of that money for therapy instead of cheap temu schoolgirl cosplays to impress your discord daddy.(hi cow)

No. 308274

File: 1695343148937.jpg (668.94 KB, 1079x1362, kek.jpg)

Every gaijin gal has used Laolo sounds on tiktok so will they speak up about this?

No. 308276

We’re just having discourse. This thread has been dead for months so I don’t know why this has your panties in a bunch. Just come back and read when/if something that interests you personally is being discussed. The thread doesn’t cater to your personal needs.

No. 308277

This isn’t something that I personally knew about but if I’m being honest I don’t follow many Japanese gals because a lot of them are trashy (not in the fun way) and do stuff like this.
Anyways, this is one of Kai’s favorite talking points so it’s nice to see her active again.

No. 308278

Fuck off about this already. None of you actually give a fuck about kids when you're fighting over an ugly adult cosplayer.

No. 308279

Reported for hi cowing

No. 308287

I think it's just a scrote bait posting. There's a reason it resurrected Nat's coomer photoshoot discussion that literally no one was talking about.

This gal in particular looks really gross to me, I see her all the time on IG. Are there any decent Japanese gyaru these days, or is it all boring looking trashy people or transracial types who desperately wish they were born in an American ghetto?

No. 308289

I thought I was the only one who thought about this lol most of them are decaying af, they dont have any of the essence that the gals had before. People can say "but they are being rebellious!" No bruh they are not. They are being just like every normie bitch, almost every chick is doing stuff like that nowadays. Fuki was better before LOALO tbh. I still like her but those pictures are just ? to me. I really, really never saw any japanese gals from 2000~2015 sexualizing themselves like that, usually they took pictures wearing bikinis and being cute but never looking like a fucking dissected frog publicly. Being sexy and cute isnt the same as being a dirty hooker.

No. 308298

No one cares, is Natalia paying you to dick ride this hard?

No. 308300

The reason it's an issue is precisely how it affects and promotes pedophilia and panders to the scrotes who fantasize about fucking underage girls. Sorry that your underdeveloped brain is only able to think in black and white terms, but maybe if you could think of an original argument instead of lazily parroting weak justifications for being a degenerate piece of shit, you'd understand that.

No. 308318

File: 1695401403048.mp4 (5.26 MB, 720x1280, 2742D49C2D634287F1B20E8235FD4F…)

Uh, so this was posted…

No. 308325

>I'm a dancer
Press x to doubt

No. 308343

File: 1695410446978.jpg (74.2 KB, 640x934, Noassatall.jpg)

So it's a strip club minus stripping… and minus the ass too

No. 308363

It is Natalia no one likes her musty looking ass

No. 308364

I’m praying she doesn’t think this is Gyaru I mean come on It’s not good in any sense of clothes

No. 308371

It is kind of lowkey. You don't need to go all out. It's a tad hime.

No. 308372

It's so funny when girls have no ass but try to make their cheeks do anything. Which one is the cow though?

No. 308373

Last thing I’ll say about this so the thread can move on:
I know we’re not supposed to “hi cow” but the world is truly healing now that everyone on these threads sees through the bullshit of Natalia and her friends desperately WKing herself whenever she or her “enemies” are mentioned. It was a cancer eating up the threads the way her and her associates would sperg out for months at a time and aggressively shit up the thread with why ephebophilia is not bad actually and anyone who thinks it is deserves to be harassed and milked dry.(hi cow, encouraging harassment, infighting)

No. 308386

The cows weren't posting

No. 308387

Be fucking serious for once and have some standards please.

No. 308398

Not sure how you would know this unless you’re one of them but okay

No. 308404

I'm not Natalia, I just think you zoomers are retards who equate dumb shit like dressing as a teen to being a pedo. This thread is dead except for Natalia tinfoiling, it's honestly amazing the extent children from tiktok let her live rent free in their heads. Find a better moral crusade to use to cancel someone because she's not relevant to anyone but the vendetta-chans who continue to sperg moral platitudes over actions that happened years ago.

No. 308407

It's Haruka way in the back, the club she works at barely shows the two hafu who work there, or shoves them in the back where you can hardly see them.

Haruka said strip clubs in Japan aren't like American ones and they're more like nightclub dancing. She's romanticizing her situation, probably. She made a Tiktok a while ago saying she was turned away from a hostess job for being half black, and they called her ugly. I really do wonder where her mother is in all of this, considering she lives with her.

No. 308428

Not gonna keep going back and forth when all of your shitty non-arguments have already been torn apart thoroughly. Whenever losers on this thread have no argument they just go “ZOOMERS!!!1!” over and over again. Grow a brain.

No. 308457

Japan has comparable strip clubs to the United States. For more money, you can still suck. Bitch attempting to make her employment seem less demeaning, get the hell out of here.

No. 308458

that girl is just delusional and stupid asf at this point and i ain’t surprised(sage your shit)

No. 308484

basically. there are also different levels of strip clubs in the US too, and japan has tons of prostitution like soaplands. also some anon mentioned that she gives off egirl vibes, because she's following the same path. she's aesthetically gyaru for efame, uses tiktok for sexual gratification and immediately got into sexwork once she was legally able to. not every gyaru does sw and most of them don't do it openly anyway. plus kyaba and hostess clubs aren't gyaru really these days, definitely not the way she dresses.

No. 308489

you are right just notice how she quit gyaru as soon as she got into sw… still waiting for her to get smacked by the japan laws or her japanese mom

No. 308504

File: 1695565547781.jpg (307.2 KB, 804x1060, 7.jpg)

Just a year or so ago, Haruka sperged about the sexualizing of Japanese school uniforms but soon she'll HAVE to wear either the seifuku or the gym outfit to shake her flat ass in. It's a common theme in the clubs she works at. The irony of it all. When the mighty fall, they fall hard.

No. 308505

LOALO is just a fetishy scrote magazine. Western gyaru are so naive.

Well if she has actual projects to be an entertainer she should probably work on a more polished social media presence to create better proximity with customers and fix her appearance instead of being wacky on tiktok or whatever. She's still very young it's true but she's working now, she can't keep doing just anything that goes through her head if she wants to stay in it.

No. 308513

Men love sexualized things. Sounds like she's putting out the right content.

No. 308521


Lmfao not to mention her stereotypical Gyaru POVS she put on tiktok that was clearly just gaijin white guy fetish content. I fucking hate her.

No. 308563

Like all clout chasing ethots, it's only a problem until they themselves are doing it, then they fall over themselves to justify it

No. 308640

File: 1695708645550.jpeg (817.5 KB, 1170x1598, 24758A72-6D12-4A1A-8305-A237F0…)

how is sex work and prostitution and stripping the even “super gyaru” ?? her fans are retarded

No. 308649

These people only know gyaru from hentai doujinshi. I miss the time when saying "gyaru manga" meant shoujo and josei stuff written by women for women.

No. 308667

This is the same community that nearly shat a brick when minors wore agejo but now barely legals doing soft core sex work is fun?

No. 308671


Even sadder to see it’s mostly minors eating this up on her page. Any sort of niche fashion role models for women are fucking ruined by sex work. Argue it if you want, but I remember being younger and wanting to do the same thing cuz I saw insta gals doing it. It’s not right.

No. 308682

there’s nothing to disagree in your comment and i agree with you
it’s fucking sick it’s minors hyping her up in her posts like ..that ain’t right(sage)

No. 308684

I understand your point, I had a similar experience. But I think that grown women (not freshly 18 y/os but grown women) can do whatever they want, including starting sex work, and they’re not accountable to the children that may be watching them. Probably a good idea to age restrict your page, but not everything is made for children to consume. It’s more on the parents than anything else.

No. 308685

Fake outrage when they engage in the same sexualizing of schoolgirls as their own hypocrite selves.
You mean dumb ass americans shat their self.

No. 308686

I see why her man left her kek
Man found a better girl with a decent job.

No. 308693

How are you guys engaged enough with her life to know this? You must watch every single one of her stories. Saw lots of people obsessing over her boyfriend and a lot of them just seemed to be lonely.

No. 308695

Has there been any more milk lately on gyaruoftheday? I miss her antics

No. 308703

Live action Japanese porn has also heavily featured gyaru the past 5 or so years. Idk why it's so popular. But that kind of stuff is what a lot of people associate gyaru with now.

No. 308730

It honestly checks out with this new gyaru revival, despite gyaru being pretty dead in Japan in the late 2010s. It's just a fetish for moids without the cute whimsy it once had. I know moids will sexualize anything and that the point of gyaru was always to look fun and attractive. But then I wonder why gyaru back then looked less like cheap hoes doing a stunt and more just like trendy fashionable women. Japan overall has such a disgusting porn addiction and prostitution problem that has only gotten worse. And the rest of the world isn't any better. Dreadful, really.

I even distinctly remember that at some point gyaru became a more "workplace friendly" and mature fashion for older gyaru who used to be shopkeepers and models. But now it's gone back to cheap hoe kei.
Or maybe it was always cheap hoe kei and I'm just nostalgic for the old magazine scans posted on /cgl/ back in the day.

No. 308736

File: 1695816235841.jpeg (143.43 KB, 639x824, FE2B91E8-129F-4F01-ABAF-A6163D…)

Gyaru? Where? She resembles crap, thus I must be blind.

No. 308737

> > 308693
Open Tiktokthe first page is her complaining about how foolish her partner is. Its easy boomer.

No. 308746

This just looks like Y2K zoomercore to me

No. 308750

Lots of people just throw “gal” or “gyaru” into their username because it’s trendy right now. Kinda bad for the subculture but it’s already dead anyways.

No. 308755

Did she even caption this as gyaru? This just looks like a regular post.

No. 308759

She's so cute. Please don't join the comm, they'll ruin you.

No. 308779


Yeah she’s defo more Y2K but she’s stunning.

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