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File: 1681307359965.jpg (1.56 MB, 3742x6679, 1681306665681.jpg)

No. 291816

Previous threads:

Taylor R is a “hardworking” “self-made” “successful” former model and Youtuber from Canada whose main claim to fame used to be copying Dakota’s embarrassing 2012-2015 living doll phase. She’s since abandoned this endeavor to copy Casey Neistat, the Kardashians, Jenna Marbles, Safiya Nygaard, and Valeria Lipovesky, among others. In the past, she focused on bad DIY videos and boring 30-minute vlogs in which she recaps serious challenges from her week, including hiring assistants, eating food, drinking coffee, exercising, seeing various scam artists (fortune tellers, naturopathic healers).

Her husband, Tom Lip is a successful businessman. One of his companies, MenClub, was exposed for featuring at least 8 underage (age 12-16) girls in skimpy clothing on their site. After news of this spread, Taylor made two videos defending the right of men to ogle children (it’s “cultural”! Don’t like, don’t click!), stated it’s just one or two people who hate her, and insisted that she was never an escort, a claim no one ever made seriously.

Taylor herself has started her own business, TOAT, which is, alas, currently completely abandoned for pandemic and motherhood reasons.

Ever since her successful carrier(s) faded, she focused on her IVF "journey", more about which can be found in previous threads. After it came mini lectures about Traditional Chinese medicine and post-partum confinement, presented as universal truth and law.

After noticing a decline in interest to the new content, she suddenly remembered that she had many cultural shocks when she first moved to Hong Kong a decade ago and started making reels and TikToks about the newest trending topic, accompanied by walls of text explaining the said customs.

Currently she's busy rewriting her past with the help of misleading story captions and reposting year-old postpartum content. Somehow her body changes were the first thing that she found important to focus on during the weeks leading to her much-awaited baby's first birthday. Even weirder was her decision to organize a sad, grey birthday party without any guests a week early just to have content for an instagram post ready beforehand.

Beware the white knights and stans in Taylor’s thread. Focus on the milk and ignore the filler, farmers.

Taylor’s Links:

Tom Lip's controversial site for men: https://www.menclub.hk/

Old links (no longer updated):

No. 291837

That third pic… she speaks Chinese at a baby level? And is married to a guy who can barely piece together English words? They can't even have a proper conversation together. How can anyone see their relationship as anything besides golddigger/sugaring?

No. 291850

Dumb nitpicking

No. 291860

Did this thread need to be made? The previous one is full of just nitpicks and actual fans of taylor. None of the recent summary is milk.

No. 291900

And just complaints about watching old stories being posted. Don't watch them then? She's posted recent stuff too, its not all old content. I don't see why OP even bothered adding it in. It's just anons tinfoiling that its because of views and nitpicking the same posts from 2 threads ago because of it.

No. 292324

Thank god she had a son and not a girl with her creepy ugly scrote

No. 292342

The fact that, that's what you think of immediately..

No. 292405

yes because new threads need to be made once they hit a certain amount of replies. don't like it don't post in them. non-milk has been saged pretty consistently, so you're just actively seeking it out at this point.

No. 292406

Why? It's sad either way. Having a kid with a man that old has a much higher risk of autism, ADHD and various other disorders.

No. 292665

That's not what's happening, tinfoil medfag. The baby is fine.

No. 292733

as if you can tell at 13 months lmao

No. 292769

Jesus, that's the stupidest thing to say. There's a lot of things wrong in Taylor's and Tom's relationship, but the baby's health is not one of them. Chill.

No. 292855

nta but the original post mentions adhd and autism, neither of which get diagnosed at age 13 months. so you can't say one way or the other and viciously defending or attacking his health is retarded. But it's not wrong to point out that babies born to older fathers have higher risk of these problems, and icsi version of ivf raises it even higher, since it damages the egg to help weak sperm get in.(medfagging)

No. 292950

Nta, but you're medfagging a baby. Why derail about stuff that hasn't even happened and we have no proof or indicators of so its just tinfoil?

No. 292957

stop calling it medfagging or some personal insult/diagnosis against a child. You're trying to infight when the original ayrt (not me) wrote that advanced paternal age
>has a much higher risk of autism, ADHD and various other disorders.
This is fact. Pointing out risk w/r/t a couple who plan to have more kids is not a personal attack on the one they have.
>the baby is fine
how do you know?
>stop medfagging a baby
no one is
>that's the stupidest thing
because someone pointed out adhd and autism isn't usually diagnosed at 13 months anyway.

Yeah literally no one is attacking the kid, but nice attempt to twist even the blandest insult against Tom into some cruel „medfagging“ about Levi. No, idiot, no one wrote that Levi has any of these things. They said there is a risk with Tom's cruddy ancient sperm and they're not wrong.

No. 293066

File: 1681848808676.jpeg (87.81 KB, 828x1412, 2F741347-1361-4609-AF9B-F6BC2E…)

A mom playing with her toddler? So wacky and crazy!!…when this is that out of the ordinary, you know she doesn’t play with him that much

No. 293165

What's the point of this?

No. 293386

File: 1682024047636.jpg (214.27 KB, 1079x1814, Screenshot_20230420_135309_Ins…)

I bet anons are going to complain that this was more of a birthday, just for the dog, than what the kid got for his birthday.

No. 293496

Ain't you an anon, too? kek But spot on.
Plus this tumbles the notion that "he won't remember it anyway" or "he doesn't understand what's going on so why does it matter". As if the dog does.

No. 293870

I didnt take a Screenshot of it but recently she took Levi for passport pictures to travel with him. She posted the passport picture afterwards, I still think about it and how wrong it feels? Generally it’s so weird to post his face everywhere. But isn’t it potentially risky to post a passport picture?

No. 293881

since tom is the root of their infertility issues, is it possible levi's biological dad is a sperm donour?(unsaged bait)

No. 293882

sage your idiocy. No. They had icsi ivf. Stop baiting.

No. 293898

A passport photo of a baby? Anon, of course it's not really risky. Do you think an identity thief is going to pretend to be Levi? I personally wouldn't plaster my child everywhere but honestly, he's such a small infant that it kind of doesn't matter. Certainly once he gets old enough to get embarassed by being online he should be left out of her content but he's just a baby. Taylor is cringey but I don't think she's ever put her kid in danger just by putting his photo out there. it's a matter of personal taste imo, not safety

No. 293902

This is an imageboard and I can't find this happening either

No. 293939

File: 1682280847989.png (895.92 KB, 864x1220, Screenshot_20230420-193839.png)

well in contrast to the others, I do find it weird. Might be cultural differences, my country is very strict about protecting privacy of children especially. And nefarious people steal kids' identities as well as adults'. It's not a good idea to put a kid's passport pic online.
it was an IG story and I didn't screenshot it because that feels weird. Have a collage of all Taylor's fav pix of Rosie in honor of her 10th birthday instead.

No. 293962

So you can't blot out the passport photo of his face and stealable details but other photos of her baby are fine? Was there anything even there to be concerned? Sounds like anons can't read what's actually important for passports. I'm assuming she only posted the front of it and the picture. That's not very weird and again, this is an imageboard. If you have important posts, screencap them. The excuse is shit when its cleat no stealable info was posted.

No. 293969

I wasn't the OP. I was replying to confirm it happened and give my opinion. I didn't screencap the IG story, which is now gone. idk what your problem is, I can't go back in time and screenshot the story, nor do I feel it's right to repost a child's passport photo on LC. You don't want any discussion you don't like, just say that.

No. 293970

No one is stopping discussion because you're not able to post anything to have a discussion about. Those photos aren't milky that you shared from facebook. Anons already discussed the instagram posts she did and stories about Rosie if you bothered lurking. You don't have to be this lazy as a contributor then chalk it up to some bullshit about protecting the kid after posting a photo that has her kid.

No. 293976

I posted a photo along with chiming in with my own opinon about >>293870, which is not my post. I do not have a screenshot of the story being discussed, but that doesn't mean I can't say what I think about it and what people in my country might think. I am plenty acquainted with the thread and there's nothing wrong with adding a photo to a saged post.

No. 294018

Let Kiki talk

No. 294026

lmao nonnieeeeeeeee.

No. 294046

She reported the post and I copped a hi cow ban for it(ban evasion)

No. 294084

Damn nonas sorry to bring up the passport picture. I guess the overall consensus is pics of kids are ok on the internet?

No. 294101

Um, no? I wouldn't post pictures of my kids (and their passport photo) on the internet, but to each their own. If Taylor is comfortable with it, then who am I do be disdained on her behalf.

No. 294231

File: 1682414385356.png (499.36 KB, 864x1512, Screenshot_20230425-111733.png)

it's pretty bad to let your dog get so overgrown it can't see. picrel is screenshot from reel: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CracMLSAXHs/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

No. 294232

Jesus poor rosie. At least trim the eyes at home so your dog can see.

No. 294234

I mean, would it kill her to take the dog to the hairdresser's more often? It doesn't have to be twice a year. It's just two additional drives in her "busy" schedule. How hard can it be?

No. 294235

File: 1682424559568.png (227.05 KB, 864x1678, Screenshot_20230425-140344.png)

Just glanced at Menclub. They're back to showcasing underage girls. usually using pics from even earlier if they are talking about a 17/18yo.
Link: https://menclub.hk/mobile/article/article.php?cat=girls&aid=31348

No. 294239

This is after they fluffed him up before a trim. Its really obvious.. Also some vets/groomers will not do cuts until the hair gets a certain length. Weird nitpicking kek

No. 294242

This seems really badly translated by Google. Several times it calls her "him". She's also 19 here in your photo if I'm doing the math right. 2020 she was 16 when she entered some pageant. Did you not read this, anon?

No. 294248

she was born in October 2004, she's not 19. Every site out there says that. I'm sorry you're choosing to go by some random age she won some "2020 competition" instead of her actual birthday. Have you forgotten when the 2020 Olympics were held?

No. 294250

File: 1682436427992.png (575.69 KB, 538x687, Screenshot 2023-04-25 171432.p…)

it's not obvious, look at the pics from easter. They have this huge barrette above its eyes (bc otherwise she wouldn't be able to see at all) and in some pics it's no longer there. Easter was weeks ago, so her fur has grown even more. But go on and defend your weeb against the mildest of critiques, I guess.

No. 294251

File: 1682436574427.png (342.99 KB, 535x494, Screenshot 2023-04-25 173008.p…)

meant to use this one but w/e

No. 294255

So she's 19 if she was born in 2004.. anon. Its 2023. She's almost 20.

No. 294263

They were featuring underage girls not long after the blow up with Taylor's fans and the promise that they'd be more careful, so this isn't new even if this girl is underage.

No. 294264

She's not underage. She's almost 20.

No. 294267

you really can't do math, can you? Her birthday is in October. She is 18. Unbelievable how you defend this pedo crap. Some of the photos are from when she was younger.

No. 294286

The whole Men'w Club post is a reach. You want anons to assume what photos are possibly, not confirmed underage? No one is being a pedo apologist. But the model in the photos is over 18. Can you prove what photos are underage, anon, because you're the one who was looking at the article.

No. 294292

File: 1682459865448.png (Spoiler Image,290.02 KB, 864x675, Screenshot_20230425-234555.png)

>since you were looking at the article
Oh shut the hell up, I'm not a fucking connoisseur of coom material, I just possess a working brain. You're hell-bent on saying she's almost 20 (a gross lie) and now you want other people to spoonfeed you which pictures were taken when? You're a real gem, defending this shit. You can use google like anyone else, but also your mind: MC did an article immediately after she turned 18 here: https://www.menclub.hk/mobile/article/article.php?cat=girls&aid=30718

So you tell me what age all those photos were taken? 17 or younger. Many from her gravure shit. The barely there colorful striped bikini in the article linked above is from a shoot for picrel, a coom magazine published when she was 17. I'm not digging through all this garbage just so you can defend it further, but how many sunny bikini shoots has she done outside between October 20 and April 3? Some of the shots from the previously linked article were also from earlier in 2022.

It's ok, anon. Another recent article talks about how another big-boobed girl just graduated from high school. I'm sure you can tell me all about how she's practically middle aged and how google translate writing he instead of she makes any point about her age invalid.

No. 294293

She is 18. Insane of you to lie about this when you can search her name online and find this out

No. 294294

She is 18. Insane of you to lie about this when you can search her name online and find this out

No. 294300

She reported my post updating that she reported my post(take it to /meta/)

No. 294302

You used non-Men's Club photos from a company that isn't MC to try to prove your point of gravure materials. All I keep hearing is she was 18 when MC interviewed her. I'd get it if this was JK stuff again, but this isn't even close to being the same thing as men daydreaming about being in middle school again.

No. 294303

File: 1682467524859.png (11.33 KB, 820x206, 19 going on 20.png)

>2022 article about turning 18
>2023 means turned 19 in October 2022
>Going to be 20 in Oct 2023.

No. 294306

what a beautiful baby awww

No. 294312

File: 1682471931976.png (15.02 KB, 863x239, Screenshot_20230426-031106.png)

this is the last time I'm replying to your idiocy. She turned 18 around Oct 19, 2022. Why are you continuing to lie about her age based on some incorrectly dated shit article? Look at her IG, which confirms her birthday.
It wasn't an interview. MC doesn't take photos of girls in this section themselves, they repost from other sources and write coom commentary on how she was already busty at age 15/16. The pictures they used to illustrate their recap of her life span the time from 16-18yo. You can do your own research on where the rest of the photos are taken from, you will find them on various sites and forums. The publication dates of her gravure books don't lie either.

No. 294313

Take the hint, no1currs

No. 294342

Just another moid crying no1curr after proven wrong. MC is a trash moid bait site that steals content and photos of young girls that low key had a pipeline of men who paid for escorts.

No. 294365

>write coom commentary on how she was already busty at age 15/16.
I think your posts would be more effective if you included caps and translations of that kind of commentary.

No. 294371

So I can get banned for derailing the thread? No thanks. Here's one from 2020: >>146734
>The excitement with which he describes her previous gravure debut (at age 11) is gross. He goes out of his way to say she had F cups at age 12.

No. 294391

please stop the age sperging. Anyone continuing after this will get banned.

No. 295562

File: 1683283031443.jpg (1.68 MB, 5000x5000, 1683279886174.jpg)

Who was asking about Tom's tent hoarding hobby? You got your answer kek
Doesn't he look lovely? The man of every girl's dream./s

No. 295606

lmao they're such a mismatched couple, jesus. i wonder how many people assume he paid for her when they're walking down the street together. she has a weird complex.

No. 295665

>i wonder how many people assume he paid for her
I think it won't be an exaggeration to assume that most people think exactly that lol

No. 295666

I mean he is paying for her, so they would be right (people probably assume she's Russian though). There's no way they would be together if he wasn't loaded. The only confusing thing is why Taylor didn't choose an attractive loaded guy in HK, but I think she had very low self esteem, especially dating-wise, when she met Tom. She's also always been very awkward about sexuality, so I think she didn't have to confidence to go after someone actually on her level, looks-wise.

Irrelevant but I dated someone who reminds me a lot of Tom, even down to the weird kermit voice, it's uncanny. Watching them feels like watching a weird alternate timeline.

No. 295672

Tom was totally her backup the whole time she tried to hook up with other guys. The loaded non-kermit scrotes in HK aren't into the dolly thing and are expected to marry up into more money or big family connections, with a union relevant enough to get published in the papers.

No. 295677

File: 1683361385844.jpg (205.44 KB, 1080x1884, IMG_20230505_165438.jpg)

For a self-proclaimed foodie she's very bad at describing dishes. She just adds "-y" to a given food/vegetable/ingredient and calls it a day. Ah, that and the predictable "not too sweet" and "crunchy yet chewy" cards.

No. 295678

How dare you?! Don't you know she makes her own money and is a business lady with her own successful company.
In one of their old videos she even claimed she's actually his sugar mama" lmao I'm still not over it.

No. 295679

you mean her best friend Jess? lol she must be infinitely jealous.

No. 295713

there’s something about their giant, empty-ass bookshelf that’s so funny to me. nothing more than a few untouched coffee table books, an H&M vase or whatever here and there, and a pile of remote controls. a perfect representation of their personalities and interests lol

No. 295724

I would love the source on this kek

No. 295738

I'd take this over her fawning over Chinese medicine and "healthy" food any given day, tbh.

No. 295747

A lot of people don't use bookshelves for only books, this isn't the 1800s and she isn't an avid reader, if anything is a display piece for other items.

It looks like it should so idk what the nitpick is over. Explain?

No. 295756

>The only confusing thing is why Taylor didn't choose an attractive loaded guy in HK
You know not all or even most Asian men have a fetish for white women, right? Even the ones who do are typically willing to date/bang a white woman, but not actually marry her. I doubt there were tons of options of men with an intense enough fetish to marry her AND super rich at the same time.

No. 295760

their home is probably the most soulless place I've ever seen, deal with the fact that not everyone agrees with your opinion of Taylor. The food comment is about her inability to even describe a dish, it is a tepid critique and you don't need to get your knickers in a twist over it.
what did Tom buy this massive water pistol for? Did he play with it alone? Levi's probably 6 years from being able to hold that.

No. 295781

>the predictable "not too sweet" and "crunchy yet chewy"
lmao spot on it should be a drinking game.

totally agree about the soulless interior design. sometimes (but very rarely) these grey, industrial homes liven up after years of living in it, because people tend to fill it with personal touches, family photos etc. but their place remained as cold and sterile as it was when they first showed it. it looks more like a warehouse than a home.

i think it's fair to assume that he bought it for himself kek even the sleazy ogre has an inner child. may be it's his infantile side that clicks with taylor.

No. 295797

I think this is the most personality he has ever shown in a photo. Buying cool water guns for himself is kind of endearing, like you kind of see a lingering bit of his inner child.

No. 295799

I miss when Taylor "lived alone" in Japan and would do actual fun DIY decoration stuff for holidays and what-not. I wonder if she is not allowed to do that anymore.

No. 295803

File: 1683476525868.png (402.97 KB, 864x1382, Screenshot_20230507-181614.png)

She's allowed I'm sure but it hits different when people know she's not a teen / very early 20s like they thought back in 2015. I mean people should do what they want, but she was decorating her room as if she were just heading off to college… while she was actually 26-29 depending on the year. It's also not really endearing once you know she never lived in that room, just used it to film and host people.

Realistically, no one with a house featured in Tatler Asia and other news sources is going to be displaying hot-glued doll heads or pumpkins painted on top of "last season's" Liz Lisa bedsheets.

I'm hopelessly stupid about real estate and decorating costs, but the SCMP article sources some of the decor in Tom and Taylor's condo. https://www.scmp.com/magazines/post-magazine/design-interiors/article/3210255/inside-taylor-rs-dream-home-aman-inspired-en-suite-open-kitchen-balcony-outdoor-dining-and-rooftop
The article also reveals that the original floorplan had 4 bedrooms (not including the study). One was sacrificed in the remodelling, and another got renovated into Levi's nursery, meaning there is a third bedroom we've never seen or ever heard of. Someone's gonna ree but it's probably for the domestic helper. I'm still puzzled as to why we've never seen the decorations for Levi's nursery; she mentioned once she decorated it with big cats (tigers, cheetahs, lions, maybe a jungle theme?) and that sounds interesting enough to show people if it's finished.

No. 295819

The third bedroom is Tom's gaming room, that is supposed to be a guest room. I think the nanny/domestic helper sleeps in another room, probably adjacent to the second bathroom she bathes Levi in.

No. 295842

File: 1683514221576.jpeg (165.26 KB, 828x1443, 2CD4C51A-E64E-4906-81BA-B141DE…)

This is on the front page of CNN rn lol As if Taylor didn’t do this to just have a nanny around and get views on YouTube
Also why would carol get calls from the US and UK (like the article says) for voodoo confinement practice? Are people really going to pay her travel fare to do this shit?

No. 295843

It's not voodoo. Anons have been told several times the benefits to this. The only woo thing is the goop shit like only cold food and washing with ginger. The stomach tying, no working out.. these are real things that benefit mothers that places like the UK and US dint give a fuck about because of how obsessed with women going to back to work we are.

No. 295851

Wrapping isn’t part of confinement though, that’s a practice in the USA too. Confinement ultimately is no going outside and follow all these woowoo rules. Doctors in the US will also tell you not to workout postpartum

No. 295861

Did she provide the absolute blurriest screencaps for this article? How weird. It's half of a propaganda article and half a bit critical of the practice. But these photos are awful.
>Richard and Chan declined to share the cost of Chan’s services. Few entities track the pricing of nannies in Hong Kong on a consistent basis because most negotiations are directly between clients and the nannies.
heh, yep, of course they wouldn't share that! Taylor can't have people knowing how much it actually cost.
>The kind of care Richard received is expensive, whether the new parents live in Hong Kong or elsewhere.
This is shit for women who don't really have to work anyway, let's be honest. If you have money to blow on two months of a live-in cook and nanny, you aren't being pressured to return to work right away, or you don't really work. Nothing wrong with that but normal people can't afford to hire someone like this to enforce a bunch of woo rules.

>Anons have been told several times
uh, by you? so what? newsflash: you're an anon. No one has to believe anything you say. I sure don't remember you posting any credible sources for all your claims about confinement and foods and wrapping. Just reeing about how yt peepol are so stupid and don't know about wrapping or whatever the hell you felt salty about. Frequently you didn't even watch Taylor's content about it and started spouting your own crap about whatever the topic was. So unless you have some sources, no1currs confinement-chan. I also remember you defending the worst of the woo: no cold foods, drafts, keeping warm, no leaving home, not to mention TCM.

No. 295879

I'm talking about how anons have claimed it is though. We've had big discussions about wrapping.

No. 295895

I wonder who payed for this ad because I highly doubt the CNN was interested in doing an article on the topic and Taylor happened to be the only person they could interview on the topic? Kinda hard to believe.

No. 295896

She's been repromoting it all which means new veiws. Could just be a picked up segment and not paid. Those types of websites cover dumb TikToks too.

No. 295900

apparently it exists in the US too already

No. 295916

it is odd how she's always front and center for things that aren't even her idea. i have a feeling she does call these news outlets.

"everyone is doing this new trend, christmas tree brows! picture of taylor" no, it was just a few beauty vloggers, and taylor didn't even come up with it.

no one is talking about wrapping, we're talking about confinement. keep up.

No. 295924

CNN really doesn't give a fuck about her and wouldn't do it based on a phone call. This is their trending crap for clickbaits.

No. 295925

it's by someone based in HK (CNN Asia), and she's been pushing it all so much that it wouldn't surprise me if her assistant or Tom sent them some communication. Otherwise why now? It's been more than a year since she did the confinement. It's not trending anywhere else. Funny how she won't divulge the price - why is it a big secret?
>wouldn't do it based on a phone call
how do you know?

No. 295930

She probably won't say a price because no matter what she says, there will be someone out there who thinks it's not enough, even if it is a good wage compared to other hirees like lower-income citizens. No reason to welcome needless harassment over it. People can just look it up if they are interested.

And I don't know if they didn't call, but anons can't prove they did either. It's weird it's there, but tinfoiling if it was bought or not doesn't help with anything. The best they could do on their side is request a submission that isn't a guaranteed article for publishing.

No. 295965

>She probably won't say a price because no matter what she says, there will be someone out there who thinks it's not enough
um, that's pretty unlikely, you know that she doesn't want people to know how much money she dropped on that, it doesn't fit with the "relatable" image she cultivates. I mean honestly, you think she decided not to tell CNN the price because oh nos someone will call it slave labor? Come on, stop licking her ass.

Speculating about how she got this publicity isn't tinfoil. Tinfoil is a claim that has no basis in reality - it's not just anything you personally don't like. You declaring how CNN works without any experience is more tinfoilly than saying Taylor's own PR people might have had a hand in her PR. And that's literally all posters here are discussing.

No. 295998

She's not telling the price because it's a secret kept in the industry. It's probably not regulated, so they negotiate with nannies beforehand and there's no set price.
I agree with the "uwu relatable" point, too. She tries to push it as something absolutely necessary and expected, when in reality it's still something for those with disposable income.

No. 296010

File: 1683643321432.jpg (132.61 KB, 1080x1010, Screenshot_20230509_074045_Chr…)

Someone didn't even try reading the article. Even a Google search leads you to it. They didn't say their rate but it's not because it's a kept secret in the industry when its a massive industry. It would bring harassment because some people didn't think it was enough, especially because it's China.

No. 296014

you are just bullshitting, anon. It explicitly says that Taylor and Carol wouldn't say how much Taylor paid Carol, and the article even says
>The kind of care Richard received is expensive, whether the new parents live in Hong Kong or elsewhere.
So your remark about "people would say it's too little and it would provoke harassment" is bullshit. It literally says this care is expensive. I don't know why you sit in this thread to lie and defend the cows unless they are paying you to do it.

No. 296107

It's obviously expensive. Look at picrel. Also that is what happens online.

No. 296694

File: 1683973196772.jpg (260 KB, 1080x1886, IMG_20230513_134442.jpg)

I can't believe they're still paying influencers to come and stay at their hotels as an ad. Is the business still so bad?

No. 296699

Is this thread about Taylor or some hotel? If you want to talk about businesses being bad or desperate, there's probably a topic on it in /ot/.

No. 296708

File: 1683989350887.webm (2.96 MB, 1080x1920, 323859872_599824075417778_1663…)

it's discussion of some lame paid staycation she took, keep up.

I wonder if the nanny came along, since Levi isn't in the treatment room with them (and their room/suite is enormous). vidrel is Tom complaining about how the baby doesn't sleep and he's tired.

No. 296756

>Tom complaining about how the baby doesn't sleep and he's tired
They both must be so tired from looking after the baby an hour a day each kek

No. 296761

How long do anons plan to beat this nanny business to death? We know they have a nannyat this point. It's been a year. Over a year.

No. 296825

As long as WKs keep denying it and Taylor and Tom keep pretending they're hardworking, hands-on parents.(infighting)

No. 296851

How long do you plan to chronically be in this thread worshipping Taylor? Seriously just go to a fan site already(infighting)

No. 296853

The baby doesn’t sleep? Impossible! Taylor has shown us that parenthood and her life is so perfect and nothing ever goes wrong

No. 296868

I think the point id just that Taylor makes it seem that they don’t have a help. Same thing as she was pretending ti live alone but actually lived with Tom already.

No. 296870

File: 1684097641351.png (82.1 KB, 2160x1620, 188CC9FD-4829-40D5-A68E-6E9DA7…)

Taylor is becoming increasingly not relatable as an influencer with propaganda stunts from the HK Tourism board. Who of her followers can afford this suite?
Not sure if picrel is up to date but it can’t be that far off the mark.

No. 296879

File: 1684101480243.webm (5.27 MB, 1080x1920, 328679253_611562440909287_3101…)

Disclaimer: this is a saged discussion post. Taylor sees herself in Levi bc she gave him a brush and old compact to play with, and he played with them the way any baby would: beating them together and feeling the texture of the brush. idk how else a baby would play with old makeup, or why you'd give these to a toddler anyway. Both of those things look clean, at least… more than can be said about that dirty eyeshadow applicator on the ground (which is also a choking hazard).

No. 296888

Yeah, noticed that, too. At first I was like "It's cute", but as the video went on I realised he was just waving the brush around and using it more like a hairbrush kek
Double kek because if her suggestion is true then doing makeup is apparently the only thing he sees her do, especially if that's what he chose to copy and she found it to be "a reflection".

No. 296899

I guess she specifically gave him these things to play with so she could write this post about how he's a reflection of her. Strange shit.

No. 296948

i've found a lot of taylor's recent videos with levi weird. e.g. she's getting dressed for the beach day, which is for his enjoyment (supposedly), but he's just wandering around by himself in the background of the video while she gets ready, and she doesn't even speak to him. or when showing off the fancy hotel they're staying at, he's wandering in the hallway and she just walks around him without interacting with him. there was some other video where I think she was carrying him and her phone and looking in the mirror and she was looking at her phone the whole time, never made eye contact or interacted with levi. it's just a very odd detached "get out of my way I'm making content" thing. especially weird because I think everyone thought after her giant "fertility story" she would become more of a mummy vlogger, but none of her content is really about interacting with levi. what she feeds him, what equipment she's bought him, what sad beige baby clothes he's wearing, yes, but…nothing ever really beyond that?

No. 296950

I agree completely but have never brought this up because I don't have a kid and I'm not an influencer, and also there's someone who will visit this thread to yell at anyone who says Taylor's interaction with Levi seems off. But it's almost like she doubled down on her own self-absorption. I can understand not wanting to be "just a mom" (and she isn't! no woman is, but she is still booking jobs & stuff). But even Levi's birthday had to be "aesthetic" and all about her. I had some hope once she stopped posting as much, that maybe she'd seem happier and more into her child, but if anything it seems like she's even less interested in him now. Of course we only know what she posts, so who really knows.

No. 296963

He’s an accessory. Just like everything else in her life.

No. 296965

How did you think people got videos and photos of their kids a long time ago.. You follow them with a camcorder. The camcorder is now a phone. He's not 'alone'. She's letting him do things and not forcing him to stay by her side or in her arms 24/7 and locked in a stroller/carseat. He's with his parents, so what exactly is weird? He's a baby, can't talk, doesn't have birthday decisions to make because he had no interest in themes yet, its a baby. It's literally a baby.

No. 297016

I don't personally see anything off since Jeans seems happy in all her content, and that's all that matters imo, but a very likely reason is the vast majority of his care is done by the nanny, and Taylor actually isn't bonded in that way where more hands-on mothers are due to going through literally everything with the kid.
She does need to keep working, and being a mother is a huge enough job that a lot of people's other hobbies and jobs fall by the wayside, so I think it's better she, and anyone, gets help if they can (can be family if not a nanny) since being out of work or overwhelmed due to childcare needs is not the better option in terms of financial security and mental health.
But just a guess as to why we don't see that more familiar interaction we see with nanny-free households.
I've actually read that nannies and daycares will usually see all the milestones first, but not tell the parent so the parents think they are the first, ergo first word, first step etc will have all been with the nanny. Considering Taylor spends hours in the gym and making content every day, it's safe to assume a good portion of Jeans' day is with nanny and not Taylor.

No. 297029

Agreed. In a lot of her videos/reels he’s just sitting watching TV too. Like girl, go play with your child, he’s only this little once. If she wants to make content with Levi she should do it in a way he’s not just in the background

No. 297031

Please don't nickname the fucking baby, just call him Levi. It's less letters than Jeans even. That's next level autism.

No. 297038

That's rich, given that his father's nickname is Elbow-san lmao relax, anon.

No. 297039

>She does need to keep working
kek. Maybe for her mental health, sure. But financially, nah. She's also an influencer now, which is a flexible kind of job.
>Considering Taylor spends hours in the gym and making content every day
yes to the gym, but what content?

No. 297040

>nannies and daycares will usually see all the milestones first, but not tell the parent so the parents think they are the first
Oh, that's an interesting observation! It makes a lot of sense. I wonder how many moments "busy" parent Taylor (and Tom) misses and then resorts to giving the baby a makeup brush to make fake uwu content.

No. 297049

Nicknaming the baby isn't necessary. Anon's joke isn't even funny, it just makes their whole post retarded to read.

No. 297160

Seconded, it's not Levi's fault he's an accessory to his mother. Making fun of a baby's name leaves a bad taste in my mouth even if it wasn't meant to be mean spirited.

No. 297163

Anon is doing it because they know some anon will be annoyed by it. Its basically lowkey bait.

No. 297192

File: 1684415664867.webm (1.04 MB, 720x1280, BC42BCD92C7EF06D7752142E22F7D2…)

kek like this one is exactly what you noticed. Since she is a content creator, I'm surprised she didn't take his hand at the end, would have been a better way to end whatever this is.

No. 297210

"hang on honey, stop climbing all over me. mom has to prance around in a bathing suit for the camera"

i don't get why she doesn't just get tom to watch him when she does these. it looks so bad.

No. 297225

File: 1684445742996.jpg (297.12 KB, 1080x1894, IMG_20230518_201402.jpg)

Nta, but now I see what you meant kek. And not her dragging Tom for finding it "too cold" to eat in the previous story.

No. 297226

yeah, i found that distasteful, too. like, if you're gonna put your kid into the video for mommy or cuteness points, at least don't treat him like an accessory.

No. 297227

well, if she did, people would say she doesn't pay him any attention and ignores him, but this video is not any bit better lol

No. 297270

File: 1684492981060.png (1.56 MB, 864x1496, Screenshot_20230519-124329.png)

here's the right screenshot for that "too cold" comment. I don't understand what's different though.

No. 297279

It looks like Tom added plain rice to it.

No. 297310

fr? Maybe I'm blind, I can't see it at all

No. 297332

another weird translation/communication issue between the two lol. there's literally nothing different

No. 297386

Another shopping spree disguised as "thrifting". When will airheaded influencers understand that bulk buying things is the problem, buying a ton of "second hand" is not a solution to the overconsumption etc.
Also, imagine not realising you bought a jacket kek Am I to believe she has to budget and be mindful when spending? Lol she didn't notice she spent money? And it's not something small or unnoticeable.

No. 297389

File: 1684587859224.jpg (Spoiler Image,245.89 KB, 1080x1892, IMG_20230520_170326.jpg)

Lmao first she posts about the baby being like her because he was holding a makeup brush, now he's like her because he's using a credit card. Is she unconsciously telling that all she ever does is shop and doll up? Is there nothing else he can copy while watching her?

No. 297398

File: 1684592371767.jpg (89.28 KB, 827x1080, IMG_20230520_154851.jpg)

I wonder what she's busy doing that gets into the filming's way.

No. 297402

Kylie Jenner said the exact same thing to Stormi so she’s copying her. It’s not the first time either.

No. 297417

Oh, thank you for the insight. So she's still following whatever the Kardashians do. Interesting. That's surprisingly consistent for her kek

No. 297419

It's a kids toy card..

No. 297420

Working out and shopping. What else do you think? Lol

No. 297421

File: 1684602213801.webm (9.34 MB, 1080x1920, 10000000_1393878264517156_1557…)

the level of conversation in the Tom/Taylor household is truly something else. I've never seen a mother so desperate for her toddler to notice a different haircut. This is a strange interaction, especially alongside the previous videos with Levi getting in the way of Taylor's preening.

No. 297422

File: 1684602393503.png (Spoiler Image,620.33 KB, 864x1920, Screenshot_20230520-100343.png)

and then we have this jumpscare. Because we all look like this after a dental cleaning

No. 297423

lol It's teeth and getting bangs cut, what do you want to discuss exactly?

No. 297428


Specifically Kylie Jenner. She copied the same birthday song that KJ posted for her son’s first birthday a month before Levi’s birthday. In another reel, KJ literally says “Stormi, you look like Mommy baby!”
My point being, Taylor is lacking originality and thinks she is a Kardashian.



No. 297435

And the idea it's a coincidence isn't possible when she's said this about her makeup as well?

No. 297519

It's pretty obviously not a coincidence if you watch both of the first birthday videos. Song the same, occasion the same, types of footage mostly the same. Good catch, anon who noticed that, learn to embed vids and tell us if she's blatantly copying more Jenner shit.

No. 297531

Oh my god it’s a titan. Levi help us!!

No. 297537

OT but I'll give you that. Lmao I had the same thought when I saw her creepy smile, ngl.

No. 297589

She said they're flying somewhere far in her stories. I guess it's Canada. Prepare for "Mixed baby meets grandparents", "Reversed culture shock" and etc. content.(this is an imageboard)

No. 297609

File: 1684712746020.jpg (145.39 KB, 864x1344, canthelpbutseeit.jpg)

Yep, more outstanding content expected lol
picrel - her packing IG story

No. 297666

wtf is this comparison picture??

No. 297693

It's a shitpost, anon.

No. 297725

shitpost = fanart and not allowed on lolcow, please stick to actual milk and not edits

No. 297735

the culture shock is going to be her estranged small town canadian family not acting as their resident nanny, cook, and assistant 24/7 and having to step up and actually parent a (jet lagged) one year old for the first time ever

No. 297758

Who said the nanny's not traveling with them? Lol
Her idol Valeria took her nannies everywhere she went.

No. 297759

>>297758 Maybe she's taking her assistant too bc holding the camera is so exhausting.(sage your shit)

No. 297767

I know dumbass I asked where it’s from

No. 297815

Why'd you make this retarded edit?

No. 297820

combining two pictures in one image for humorous purposes is hardly an edit, and that one definitely isn't fan art kek. It's no different from comparing a photo to spongebob or something.

No. 297827

Anon made the post without saying it was edited. They tried to pass it off as if it was from insta as is. There's no point in defending it. An edit is an edit. Especially if the "milk" is the clothes, whyd anon edit some shit to hide it?

No. 297838

Read the filename and stop shitting up the thread over a joke you don't understand. No clothes were covered up and nothing was "passed off" as being directly from her IG. Your idiocy is showing. The post was saged, not considered milk, and the clothes weren't the point either.

No. 297890

that’s probably hkd. around $700 usd. still extremely pricey but not out of the realm of possibility

No. 297894

File: 1684939412176.png (206.9 KB, 864x1720, Screenshot_20230524-163739.png)

Lies. 32,800 HKD was the price in 2020 (around 4200 USD at current market rates - probably much higher back then). It's been significantly renovated (= made more luxurious) since 2020. If you don't know, why post wrong information?

No. 297897


NTA, but the thing is they didn’t stay in the presidential suite. They stayed at La Premier Harbour View Suite which is approximately 10k HKD (1270 USD) per night on weekend.
It’s still ridiculous, especially most of her followers don’t have such money (and are outside of HK), but I don’t know where did that presidential suite came up.

No. 297905

I don't think its about whether followers can afford it or not. The whole travel market is watched by people who just want to live vicariously through people like Taylor. Most aren't that obsessed with the price so they can afford it, they just want to see what the price offers. That's why vloggers like her and the jvloggers tend to do well enough on their various media platforms.

Nta, but no one is lying here.

No. 297911

OK, I see she never said what room it was, so I thought anon was citing the actual room they stayed in. Thanks. Still insane price, yeah.
stating that a price is probably HKD when it definitely isn't is either deliberate misinformation (lie) or criminal laziness.

No. 298016

nta but god forbid someone thought a hotel in hong kong would list a price in hong kong dollars. lock them up(derailing)

No. 298117

Now that they’re in Toronto I wonder if they’re gonna stay at a family members place or the apartment they have there. Or do they sublet it?

No. 298136

File: 1685113730844.png (185.1 KB, 864x1531, Screenshot_20230525-145908.png)

they are staying in their own apartment they bought in Toronto. I never understood why an anon was so insistent that other people were renting it. They had all the stuff they bought there and they never talked about moving or storing any of it; there's no way they rented it to anyone imho and it was weird how these anons were just sooooo sure that happened.

picrel is 2023

No. 298137

File: 1685113939252.png (71.41 KB, 472x416, Screenshot_20230526-135054.png)

compare to the Christmas they spent "moving to Canada"
Not a lot to go on bc they haven't posted more pics but it's definitely the same place.

No. 298225

Usually just Airbnb and outsource the admin work that needs to be done locally.

No. 298226

you have proof of that or just making shit up?

No. 298438

jesus, he gets so much tv and he's not even 2 yet

No. 298483

File: 1685377447280.jpeg (126.33 KB, 1179x1304, CFEAB914-4662-4A6E-A80D-F600F7…)

okay Taylor. she’s really doubling down in the comment section of her latest reel that she did a ton of research on plane activities (she crowdsourced things to buy from her IG followers and made a list with a bunch of amazon afflinks for herself to make money off of lol)

guarantee this kid spent 50% of its time asleep on either mom or dad’s lap while the other adult slept in their fully reclined first class bed and the other 50% watching tv on the ipad, which is all he does at home anyway. but no, it didn’t make a difference to Levi at alllll. fly coach next time for 15 hours with stickers and fidget toys and get back to us Tay!

No. 298516

I can't tell if Taylor is just overly sensitive about how much her husband's wealth makes her life easier, utterly clueless about how much Tom has to spend for her experiences and goods, or trying to downplay her wealth to seem relatable even though her fans already know she's rich and likely tune in to see how she spends it. Probably a combination of the three.

No. 298518

File: 1685385160825.jpg (1.71 MB, 5000x5000, 1685384913604.jpg)

Lmao, most of the comments are clowning her for leaving out the fact that flying business class was a big contributor to the comfort and she chose to leave it out or even more probably takes it for granted kek
The last screen is such an asslick, I'm assuming it's a bot or our resident wk lmao

No. 298527

She is so oblivious as to what the average mom can do and afford. I’m tired of her trying to be relatable. Business class absolutely made a difference. more space always helps,
Imagine trying to get different toys out from your bag, or formula, or snacks, and you have maybe 5 inches of space to do so. Not able to stretch your legs for 15 hours of a flight, etc. if it didn’t make a difference to Levi at all, then why even get business class?

No. 298531

A weak attempt to frame the whole thing as "Things I did for Levi's sake and comfort", but forgetting to mention that a one year old baby won't even remember shit about the said discomfort. The one who will suffer throughout the flight, however, is her and the other passengers if the baby throws fits and cries all the time. She went overboard with the "It made no difference to Levi" when NOTHING made difference for him, she just made it obvious by playing dumb.

No. 298532

I'm surprised she got new toys for him for the flight instead of getting the usual "eco-fruendly, second hand" sponsorship kek

No. 298553

>It's not her fault that her husband happens to be rich
I'm dying

No. 298575

Yes her lifestyle clearly shows she isn't marketing to the lower class women with children here. Just seems like a lot of pick-mes being upset they aren't catered too when there are other people than Taylor they could watch. They are watching her specifically because they can't afford her lifestyle, but then want to complain that they can't afford her lifestyle lol

No. 298595

yeah all that "secondhand" shit is sponsorships (retykle and another one). Her bff jessjann has the same sponsorships with those companies. It's definitely not any real attempt to cut down on consoom

No. 298596

I fail to see how any of those comments are "pick-me" comments. Most were also polite. Do you know what a pick-me is?

No. 298597

Wk-chan ha nothing else to nitpick in the comments, so she resorted to name-calling. Just ignore.

No. 298603

Second this. A person who really cares about the environment and aims to reduce waste doesn't go on second hand clothing hauls every other week to shop for new trends.
It's double as disgusting when people like this get payed to promote second hand shopping.

No. 298606

the level of cringe when fast fashion + designer shit Tay was chosen to be a host for the fashion competition about reusing/recycling/conservation (ReDress).

No. 298607

Shows you how little the producers actually care about the very cause they're promoting.

No. 298608

>I don't think that made a difference to levi at all
Ok let's see you do all the same things on ryanair (infamous cheap airline where your legs are rammed into the seat in front of you)
She's generally oblivious and carefree but I bet you could get her acting like a Karen in no time if she did everything at the cheap rates and services everyone else uses

No. 298611

two things about Taylor is she can't be kept waiting ever (she has like no patience and wants everything immediately) and she wants everyone to accommodate last+minute demands. So yeah, she'd break if she had to do things like even normal people do them. RyanAir isn't a great comparison though, because iirc they don't do long flights like hers. But even a normal economy seat is almost suffocating these days (and I say this as someone who doesn't need extra space at all). I think everything has shrunk over time bc I don't remember it being this bad ten years ago.

No. 298684

She literally does cater/market to more middle/lower class moms. She does thrifting videos, cooking on a budget videos, toy exchanges, etc. are you new here?

No. 298685

So what do her parents do for a living? They rich rich. Why doesn’t she ever mention it?

No. 298686

Why would she mention them? She kept her sugar daddy - ehm, sorry, I meant lovely boyfriend-now-husband - secret for ages and you want her to reveal he cash cows before meeting Tom? No way.
In case you don't know, she's self-made and got all her money from modeling. /s("/s")

No. 298687

Taylor could only dream about selling her uwu relatable life with people of Tom's wealth or more. I doubt they'd be impressed like her teenage fans who think they can live abroad, take two photos a day, loiter around all day and afford to live in luxury lol

No. 298688

She said her grandpa owned a restaurant and that's about all she ever mentioned about her family's financial background. No idea if owning a restaurant in Canada is a big deal or not, though.

No. 298690

Doesn't her dad own a dealership?

No. 298720

I really don't believe the claims that her family is super wealthy. Why would she have become a golddigger if she already had tons of money of her own? She could've been married to a young, model-tier Japanese hottie by now instead. There's no way she just has a thing for old, fat, ugly men and it had nothing to do with his money.

No. 298725

Maybe it's a shock to anons, but it's possible she didn't marry for money

No. 298734

File: 1685519238816.png (455.01 KB, 864x1412, Screenshot_20230529-134248.png)

Yeah but owning a dealership doesn't usually mean you drive a Porsche around, idk.
kek, yeah would be an absolute shock to me, anon. This ugly, older man with piss-poor English wouldn't have gotten a hello from princess ditz Taylor if he hadn't been loaded and willing to push her career forward. It's hard to find aspects of their relationship that aren't about spending money or enabling Taylor's self-absorption.

No. 298735

where did she say that? curious, I don't remember that

No. 298738

Yes she mentioned in an old vlog and even visited the store. Her mom was a dental nurse but apparently not anymore? Maybe the grannies funded the families a little bit. She never struck me as rich but maybe upper middle class is a suburban aka real estate is cheaper so house nice and big.

No. 298739

Well, may be not filthy rich, but definitely not middle class or lower. Upper middle class at the least.
Plus, her parents can't support her all her life, so she found another source of income kek
It's also possible that she speaks five languages and has a job lol Tom is an interesting person with the same interests as her and just happens to also be rich, ugly and old.

No. 298742

her dad owns a dealership/the family is in the used luxury car business and she grew up in podunk grimsby, ontario, before the GTA expanded and niagara real estate went through the roof like 20 years later. she probably grew up feeling “rich” in a big new-build suburban house but it’s not wealth that would go far outside of their small town. she used to say she was from Toronto in her japan/youtuber days for a reason lol. she’s always embellishing the details and lying, because Taylor

No. 298747

This is an imageboard, provide proof for any of this.

No. 298749

NTA but that was public information documented here across the old Taylor threads.

Taylor kept deleting her videos and content as time went on to rewrite her history and it seems to have worked on you. At least read the old threads before asking to be spoonfed.

No. 298757

You want a photo of her house or smt?

No. 298781

How is that asking to be spoonfed when anon's are making claims, that they aren't even sure of, and not posting caps? If they are in the old threads then this discussion wouldn't be happening where anons are going back and forth about the details. Either post caps or don't discuss family stuff that can't be backed up.

No. 298783

i feel like she has to make more money than Tom though right? i thought he was just a photographer, while she has over a million subs on youtube, plus modeling gigs. i think the fact that her bar for men is so low is due to she has crippling low self esteem and needs to feel in control.

No. 298784

Anon, you're an idiot if you think she makes more than Tom lmao he isn't a photographer, he owns a media company.

No. 298788

No one is going back and forth about the basic details. Fuck off newfag and stop asking to be spoonfed.

No. 298791

he owns companies that exploit women in low-paying or non-paying positions to sell beauty products (he bragged about not having to pay educated women much to post on beautyexchange). And then he owns a men's magazine that proudly posted underage girls' pictures for men to wank to. It has a special "Private room" for which you have to prove your salary.

Stop asking to be spoonfed basic facts, Tom was never a photographer, he can probably barely work a camera.

No. 298794

They aren't claims, they're facts that Taylor herself has overshared many times either in videos or elsewhere. Go read the old threads and stop derailing.

No. 298806

>Tom is just a photographer
Lmao, did anon not get updated on Taylor since her living doll days? Back when the elusive Elbow-san was supposedly her manager/videographer/friend.

No. 298857

I feel like they can't even be watching her videos if they think taylor is the breadwinner, their lifestyle isn't even slightly sustainable on an influencer salary. It's even very doubtful a media company (which has zero reach outside of China) could make their income, it has been heavily suspected due to the now deleted video where Taylor defends Tom's perverted posts on Menclub, and the "members only" salary vetted section, that there is a sex work business under the cover which is likely where he makes most of his money.

No. 298866

Links to the videos are in previous threads, they can be watched on archive.org and I think one is still on YT. Menclub did offer porn to their public readers via OnlyFans in 2019-2020, who knows what is behind the scenes.

But I'm not sure about the sex work suspicions, it's never been proven or denied definitively. There's enough disgusting shit about MenClub and how Tom pushed Taylor's faltering career that idk if it is worth discussing what we don't know. But you are right that there are a lot of suspicious things.

No. 298867

He barely speaks English and she barely speaks Chinese. They are barely able to have the most basic conversations and you think she married him for personality? Do you also think he married her for any reason besides looks? Kek

No. 298868

They seem to converse fine.

No. 298881

how well known is he in china? he can't be that popular, his website is hardly ever even updated. he always seems to be having "days off" just sitting at home.

what lifestyle? they hardly ever travel and don't even really have a lot of "nice stuff." they eloped and live in a condo.

No. 298887

You must be trolling lmao

No. 298888

No one is going to spoonfeed you. You are new or ignorant or baiting. Go read old threads, because everything you've said is laughably wrong.

No. 299676

File: 1686158373989.jpg (2.01 MB, 5000x5000, 1686153883857.jpg)

I bet she bought all of their matching outfits second hand and is regularly recycling outfits. Kidding, Lmao. Why would she keep shopping while on vacation? I don't understand. Does she not have enough clothes at home? And don't mention the "vintage". For influencers it's just another shop to bulk buy at.

No. 299681

It's not that deep, anon. It's just clothes.

No. 299790

it's the only thing she's good at, kek. to consoom is life

No. 299803

I don't think I've ever seen her dress Levi in the same clothes twice. His wardrobe must be bigger than hers lol

No. 299819

Well, babies grow fast. I just hope she keeps the clothes for the next baby and reuses instead of buying new stuff.

No. 299952

>Why would she keep shopping while on vacation? I don't understand. Does she not have enough clothes at home?
Have you never met a wealthy person before? They don't have any concept of "enough" because they don't need to.

No. 300732

File: 1686806145073.jpg (337.27 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20230615_091116.jpg)

I think I've found a common interest between them - being a weeb.
Interesting how nowadays she only mentions Japan when she has to pretend she had a career there or to lie that she studied and knew Japanese kek

No. 300993

File: 1687139634973.jpeg (260.94 KB, 1178x2110, 171FD26D-28DB-4710-8A1C-D10D04…)

more like SAD.

No. 301000

They aren't in burgerland for a BBQ and it's not his birthday. It's just a low-key day.

No. 301011

I honestly wondered if someone had died

No. 301012

I literally had a nightmare about being introduced to this baby. His head just kept getting bigger and bigger. Figured you guys would get a kick out of this. Poor thing.(no1currs, not your personal blog)

No. 301033

Did they hire the same party organiser that arranged Levi's (early) birthday party? Kek jk but this does look depressive.

No. 301043

File: 1687210489793.png (538.51 KB, 828x1792, 73F37150-0A7B-4647-8BDB-15D6DE…)


No. 301065

When he cries.. anon. Your posts are shit.

No. 301070

File: 1687236463564.png (438.63 KB, 863x1490, Screenshot_20230620-064207~2.p…)

Pretending your brother is some kind of irresistible hunk wasn't cute or funny in 2016, def isn't now.

Taylor has serious literacy deficits and that sentence is nearly unintelligible. Stop making non-contribution posts just to defend your cow from tiny criticisms

No. 301072

gotta love the contrast of the token metal straw with a bunch of evian bottles. Toronto's tap water is so bad it's not even worth filtering?

No. 301078

It was one post? And sorry kek I guess I didn’t get it
He’s not single but why link his private instagram?

No. 301084

Omg, good catch lmao Well, she's an eco-conscious qween.

No. 301134

File: 1687303497848.jpg (246.25 KB, 1080x1885, IMG_20230621_032350.jpg)

Oh, Taylor, I would've never guessed that your mom is Levi's grandma - ah, sorry, grandma to Levi (to sound more smart). Lmao.
How the fuck does she survive with her room temperature IQ?

No. 301146

This shit was so weird. I’m betting that no one even asked or just like 1 or 2 people. I’d feel gross saying that about my own brother

No. 301149

Why did she have to clarify that? All her captions have been so weird on this trip.

No. 301181

Is the other kid not her grandkid? Could probably be why. None of these seem weird.

No. 301184

Lmao, do you and Taylor share the same half-dead braincell or something? No matter who the other kid is, Taylor's mom is Levi's grandma. No need to clarify.

No. 301188

wait wait, is >>301070 not weird to you? Given how she was trying to make her brother into a thirst trap (gag) years ago. He was in his underwear on her Christmas vlogs and even did a Nazi salute as a 'joke' which she kept in the vlog.

No. 301190

I'm talking about the captions and currently posted. No one asked about old milk.

No. 301229

Lmao it’s gotta be a friend or family member of Taylor’s constantly in this thread. They reply to everything

No. 301238

If a wk appears by the time of their layover, I'll crack kek

No. 301239

I've noticed that it's actually a common thing among insta-bimbos. Another influencer I used to follow also posted about her uglyass brother as if he was a heartthrob, when in reality he looked like an unkempt incel living in his mother's basement.

No. 301247

Your wk is so tiring, Taylor's minimalist "celebrations" do look clinical and sad, consistently, like how long are we supposed to wait for a non clinical looking celebration "oh this is just the low key one because ____ excuse" ok, Taylor's style is to make things look like a sterile photoshoot because she thinks it makes her look classy, that isn't gonna change. Same as her prisonesque home decor.
I find it weird how much she dotes on male relatives while brushing over the female ones, (even here, "I cry when dad does/my brother is so hot/grandma") definite pickme but we know this already after she defended Tom's perverted site
She's just gassing him up, mfw you're an upper middle class white man and are treated like a special prince from birth to grave kek

No. 301277

It's a way to force interaction and which benefits the people who are doing the posting.

No. 301719

File: 1687758739069.png (443.19 KB, 864x1474, Screenshot_20230626-075005.png)

If they cancelled the internet plan in the Toronto condo, they absolutely never rented it out. The anon(s) lying about that and insisting she rented it are full of shit, no one wants a condo without wifi. Also, must have been a really shitty international mobile plan (she couldn't have uploaded from family's wifi?), but good that she decided to unplug for awhile instead.

No. 301736

She was never consistent when in Canada. The quality of her content always dropped when she was there, so nothing new in that department. The most boring vlogs always came during her Canadian vlogmas series. Plus it's not like she's uploading weekly/daily like before, so delaying a monthly video by a month is not too noticeable.

No. 301737

How hard is it to renew an internet plan in Canada? Couldn't they renew it remotely or when they arrived? This makes no sense and is a lousy excuse. Just say you wanted to enjoy family time after a long time and let it be it.

No. 301741

ayrt was hardly complaining about the delay. But she's not consistent at all anymore. Monthly video? If her subscribers are lucky. She always claims to be working and filming but I have no fucking idea what she does all day given the output.

No. 301765

Easy to flip on and off when needed and can be done remotely. Literally no reason to turn it off if they're as wealthy as her wks believe.

No. 301774

Most people just discontinue service after a few months if they know they won't be back for a long while.

No. 301793

Second this. I don't live in Canada so I won't know, but I guess if they could turn off the service remotely then they surely can reactivate it before arriving. Not to mention spending 10 minutes out of their busy schedules to hop by the provider and paying for reactivation.

No. 301811

Do any of you even pay internet? That's not how that works

No. 301819

Yup. That is exactly how it works in my country. You call the provider and ask them to stop the services, pay however much you have used to that point and end of story. Then when you need Internet again, you call (or go to the office) pay to get it connected and voilà, you have WiFi again.

No. 301847

I was wondering as well why she didnt upload stuff from her parents place of literally a restaurant? But I guess it’s her vacation so hood if she took time for her family. Its not that we missed out on amazing content.

No. 301862

So they cancelled the internet but water, electricity still works right? Doesn't make any sense, gonna guess she just made up a dumb lie for why she didn't upload but like other anons said, she has no upload schedule anyway, it's all mostly on Instagram stories which seems like a waste imo. There is no momentum in a monthly video, weekly would be better since she does make daily content so there will always be enough for a short vlog.

No. 301875

Internet would still charge even if you aren't in the home. Water and electricity aren't that big of a deal since no one is using water or electricity.

No. 302122

File: 1688027166996.jpg (1.36 MB, 4272x5846, 1688026925013.jpg)

The "cultural" videos are back and are as boring as ever. Minor nitpick about "sleeping" with a full face of make-up. A major ew about Tom becoming more disgusting after marrying her kek.
Someone in the comments asked if she's ever gonna learn Chinese and got attacked by Taylor's minions. One of the retards said she's asking how to say things now and then, so she must be learning it. Logic of steel kek But why get defensive? Isn't she "learning" it already? Along with Japanese and French lmao

No. 302123

I hate her casually racist captions "after marrying an Asian" which nobody seems to pick up on. I feel like Asian Person would be a lot better.
She doesn't bother learning Mandarin because she has no interest in China and Chinese people outside of Tom, and still not enough respect for him to want to know what he's saying kek

No. 302125

File: 1688032938957.webm (3.12 MB, 720x1280, SaveInsta.App - 31355375446373…)

Here's the reel. Never once have I seen Taylor use chopsticks to eat anything other than sushi or the occasional main dish. Certainly not chips or snack food. Not even once, in all the years I've watched her content. It's also obvious that even in this video she struggles for the milliseconds she is using them, but could be the fact that chips are very thin. idk.

She clearly got all her injectables topped up in Canada because what is this face…? It's even worse with the heavy bangs. It was puffier before she left Canada too.

No. 302132

File: 1688045078980.jpeg (139.2 KB, 828x1401, 3067EBCF-1B56-4CFB-9CC0-759BB0…)

> after marrying an Asian
It just sounds dumb but it’s not racist to say somebody is Asian or whatever
I thought so too she must’ve done something, maybe that’s why the radio silence?

No. 302135

File: 1688046463377.png (1.01 MB, 1179x2556, 93DF5DE9-856B-44FF-AEE3-3AB785…)

also from the stories today, you can tell the kid’s getting too big and boisterous to be carried around like an accessory and Taylor’s clearly annoyed while they walk around the shops as he tries to smack her hat off her head (in the previous story to this one, here she just huffs and looks fed up and doesn’t say a word to him as he hangs off his mother for some attention.) she has her phone on/in hand the entire time lol

No. 302146

I noticed her face looked different, definitely a filler top up. Her hair looks different too, not sure if she got extensions or just a colour (the gradient from dark to blonde seems more pronounced) but it looks thicker here.

No. 302148

File: 1688052368241.jpg (178.32 KB, 1080x1904, IMG_20230629_151115.jpg)

Nta, but not miss conscious shopping host shopping again for a one time outfit.

No. 302150

I'm really really curious if they took the nanny/dh to Canada with them, because I can't imagine her handling the kid on her own for that long.

No. 302152

Why not? It didn't look like they are there and she has parents.

No. 302167

She really needs to dissolve the fillers before adding more. She always had too much filler and the skin is stretched over the face and making lumps visible.

No. 302173

File: 1688063174649.webm (9.85 MB, 1080x1920, 342252697_2043509412666142_130…)

story 1 (smacking cap, assistant pushing stroller)

No. 302174

File: 1688063254172.webm (7.64 MB, 1080x1920, 352214711_572207921746129_6447…)

story 2 (assistant laughing, taylor pissed)

No. 302175

Anon, I think you want her to look and be pissed. She's watching him waddle around her and cling to her legs, which she isn't pissed about, she just isn't big smile over.
She doesn't seem mad here either, she's avoiding him grabbing the hat and blowing kisses at him at the same time.

No. 302183

lmfao she doesn't blow him a kiss and no one wants her to look any specific way. No one said she looked mad in the first story either.

No. 302197

She is blowing kisses when her head is looking down and anon said the other video she looked pissed. Nice cherry picking.

No. 302206

lmao she really wants us to believe she looks like that when she sleeps, a full face of makeup.

remember her recent story where she was eating ketchup chips in bed? pajamas + full face of makeup, no chopsticks either kek

No. 302207

Maybe she got fillers on her chin/lower face? Her face looks longer and slimmer, I think, I def don't think she got more fillers on her cheeks

No. 302209

"my child clearly wants me to hold him because he's in an unfamiliar place, better take this opportunity for a photo op while i pretend to be busy!" god i hate vain models

No. 302212

File: 1688074622287.jpeg (243.43 KB, 1179x2069, 6ED12796-DD36-44B9-8854-9B5E5F…)

well I just think it’s funny that while taylor’s running around the mall with her paid assistant and neglected toddler, tom’s sitting on his ass in the food court eating a grilled cheese

No. 302230

it's insanely lumpy below her lips, like her marionette area.

No. 302231

pretty sure it's HK French toast, which is basically a fat/sugar bomb. beyond even what American French toast is

No. 302232

He's having a well deserved rest after looking after the kid for five minutes, while Taylor does her share of five minutes by using it as a photo op.

No. 302233

Has anyone seen Rosie for a while? I know she was in Canada but still no sign of Rosie now she's back, unless I missed something

No. 302235

Rosie was in one of the jetlag IG stories. But Rosie didn't go to Canada, in case by „she” you meant Rosie

No. 302238

I must have missed it, thanks for clarifying anon!

No. 302239

She never went to Canada

No. 302240

is her filming assistant also a nanny? I'm kind of confused about why this boring content is even being filmed and even then why does the person filming have to push the stroller too? Wouldn't it be better filmed if she weren't doing that? idk. It's definitely the same person who films Taylor sometimes, she sounds the same. To be clear: I don't care if Taylor has another nanny, but I wonder how it makes sense to pay someone to film and then have that person do stuff that interferes with filming.(samefagging)

No. 302254

It's boring and non milky but she just did these for vlogs. Assistant isn't the nanny.

No. 302292

lol wut people speak Cantonese in Hong Kong

No. 302347

nta but I think most people in Hong Kong speak at least some Mandarin and they will be able to read most of the simplified characters. There aren't many resources for learning Cantonese and I don't think Tom's English is good enough to teach her himself so it makes sense that she might learn Mandarin instead.

No. 302348

File: 1688216403142.jpg (126.36 KB, 606x1280, IMG_20230701_150108_378.jpg)

She's not learning either language, though. It would be better if she brushed up on her English so that Levi doesn't make mistakes like "mine as well."

No. 302351

Old milk, but agreed. That baby has no chance of learning proper English from either of his parents.

No. 302357

Yeah, considering she struggles with basic French despite growing up in a French speaking country it's not really surprising.

No. 302379

French isn't Canada's main language, anon, certainly not fluently except in some smaller areas like Quebec.

No. 302380

French and English are both official languages. I know English takes priority in most of Canada but they have French lessons at school, French tv, and everything else bilingual throughout all of Canada. French is like 90% the same as English as well. Even just through osmosis alone she should know a fair bit.(this thread is not a chatroom)

No. 302392

Nah, it's a joke among French that Canadian French is shit. Not to defend Taylor, but the vast majority of Canadians suck at French or don't know it at all. There's no justification for her grade-schooler level English, though.

No. 302506

Lol. No to all of this except the official language statement. Less than 10% of Canadians speak French. For comparison the US has more Spanish speakers than that (over 12%) and it’s not an official language. Also, French is not 90% like English lol! English is West Germanic based and French is Latin based. And Taylor is from Ontario where more people speak Chinese based languages than French…(derailing)

No. 302509

The fact Taylor is married to a Chinese man and has a child with him yet speaks 0 Mandarin or Cantonese makes discussion of all the other languages she doesn't speak defunct kek
Never gonna happen.

No. 302510

>Also, French is not 90% like English lol! English is West Germanic based and French is Latin based.
English has a lot of French influence because of the Normans, as well as sharing Latin roots. Once you learn the verb conjugations, it's not hard to speak French because of all the cognates.

Canadians not knowing French is pure laziness.(stop continuing the derail)

No. 302579

File: 1688386668268.jpg (295.22 KB, 1080x1977, IMG_20230703_161224.jpg)

Is it a coincidence that out of all of her and Levi's matching outfits she chose to post this one and make sure to stress they're SECOND HAND? lmao

No. 302581

Her retard baby has the stance of a scoliosis victim. Does she not let him go outside, like ever? Why is it leaning to the side like that?(autistic baby nitpicking)

No. 302588

Now I'm annoyed. If I knew she'd be posting justification posts, I would've screecapped all of their couple outfits to make it harder for her. Ugh, whatever. But it proves once again that she lurks here regularly.

Don't throw around diagnoses as a way of insulting people. The baby is fine.

No. 302591

probably posted it because there is a story behind it. the chances are pretty slim

he's just standing with a leg out, calm down

No. 302607

Ngl, pretty lucky if she did find two shirts that matches at two different stores. The cuts are different, so might be true.

No. 302632

>judging a baby's posture
Oh my god anon you really make me suspect Kiki still roams these halls kek

No. 302634

Taylor suddenly pretending to trawl secondhand stores (despite frequently showing us her drawers and closets full of new, brand clothing) is an unexpected twist

No. 302637

jeez mod, no need to call the baby autistic

No. 302639

Nah, she's been playing the secondhand spiel ever since she's been doing that fashion contest. How the fuck they ended up choosing her will always be a mystery for me.

No. 302644

don't know what contest you mean but a lot of contests that allow anyone to enter are publicity stunts with winners chosen before the contest even opens so maybe that one was as well

No. 302656

File: 1688455691142.jpeg (457.96 KB, 771x1330, 67A7180E-BB4C-4D16-89D7-6D549C…)

“leant” It’s loaned or lent, Taylor(nitpicking)

No. 302657

I wish I had Taylor's lifestyle but with a good looking guy who's not fat.

No. 302663

Show this post to the morons who believe she's learning Mandarin/cantonese/Japanese. She makes dumb ass mistakes in her own language. I mean, use spelling and grammar checking apps to avoid embarrassing mistakes if you can't trust your knowledge.

No. 302664

So she could ask her friends and family to stock her fridge and prepare baby things to borrow, but couldn't think about switching on the WiFi service before arriving? I call this bullshit. She shouldn't have used that justification. Stupid move.

No. 302665

File: 1688463143775.jpg (273.98 KB, 1080x1896, IMG_20230704_133047.jpg)

I'm mildly annoyed at this as someone who's studied and lived abroad since I was 17. The hardest part for me was learning to solve problems like bills, housing, juggling work and study eyc. And her biggest problem is? Not being there for holidays and missing milestones. And even those are easy to solve problems for her - she just gets the tickets (without much of a financial burden) and goes.(blogposting)

No. 302678

They forgot they canceled? Crazy, I know. When you don't use electricity or water, you won't notice the bills. Wifi stays on and is a constant same charge even if its not in use. Of course they canceled or stopped service. That's easily forgettable due to wifi just existing in general.

No. 302679

Except they're not poor or in need of saving money that they'd care. A few years of wifi doesn't even come close to a fraction of their plane tickets or a day of shopping.

No. 302680

I saw the typo too but in the next story she wrote it correctly

No. 302681

Anon, adults normally hault services. I don't know why you think Taylor and Tom wouldn't. Your issues aren't their issues, but that doesn't mean that they are dumb enough to keep paying high bills for something they aren't even using and get so mad they didn't remember a few years later. This isn't a money thing. It's just usually what people do. Sorry you're so poor, but stop projecting.

No. 302686

>I have more than one home

I hate rich people

No. 302689

File: 1688490875593.jpg (276.26 KB, 1080x1664, Screenshot_20230704_101502_Ins…)

I just double-checked and its about living abroad, not even about money specifically.

No. 302691

File: 1688491321937.jpg (598.17 KB, 1079x1777, Screenshot_20230704_102043_Ins…)

So she isn't looking to move back to CAN any time soon it seems.

No. 302693

It's not up to her to decide kek obviously Tom is the one making money decisions. They were planning to move after getting married (hence the rushed "elopement" to buy property) and having kids there, but COVID got in the way.

No. 302694

It's not even a matter of money. Cancelling the service makes sense. Forgetting to activate it and using it as a justification for not "working" (since SM posts are Taylor's job) is.

No. 302695

She was still posting though.

No. 302760

kek, she wasn't posting anything significant from Canada, a handful of IG stories, not that I care, but why pretend she was posting or "working"? It's not slander or wrong to say she took a 4-5w vacation from being an influencer, that's totally normal vacation in most parts of the world.
Tinfoil and false. This is not how electricity or water works: you don't pay nothing if you use nothing. I won't derail further but a condo is probably under USMP (use google) & so they can't shut electric off anyway - this is actually a defense of them not shutting it off, btw. Both sides need to stop derailing.

No. 302766

Jesus, why would you paint over the kid? Put it under spoiler or something if you wanna be woke. This is ridiculous.(because they read the rules about posting minors)

No. 302767

nta but why do you care, there's nothing woke about not wanting to post a toddler on an imageboard just because his mom happens to be a cow

No. 302789

Makes me think anons really have been purposely posting the kid if someone is this mad he's blurred out. We have pedos who post cp on lolcow, nothing interesting ever happens with her kid anyway, just tinfoil about Taylor not taking care of him, so focus on Taylor. Otherwise anons post stupid takes like >>302579

No. 302802

Can we stop the autistic discussions about blurring/not blurring the kid and the WiFi debate? There's enough derail in the thread already.(derailing, report and move on)

No. 303101

File: 1689053546940.jpg (Spoiler Image,4.63 MB, 5000x5000, 1689053541516.jpg)

I think filming fringe content is one of her go-tos when there's nothing to post (or do). Warning, jumpscare. That lipstick is horrendous.

No. 303106

Tbh, I think that's a cute orange-red and matches with her orange/pink undertone.

No. 303108

File: 1689074629836.png (1.01 MB, 864x1468, Screenshot_20230711-131517~2.p…)

I don't think this is the right color for her and with the way she does her lips, it looks clownish instead of chic. Pretty sure she was given it for free, since she's promoting it. She has gotten PR boxes and done promotions for Charlotte Tilbury in the past.(nitpicking )

No. 303116

I disagree. It's clearly meant for someone with a darker skin. It looks cartoonist on her, especially with her idiotic doll stare. Is she trying to go back to her Taylor 1.0 face? The fuck is that pout and wide open eyes?

No. 303131

File: 1689103290833.jpg (103.6 KB, 1800x900, new-m3gan-trailer.jpg)

I think the years of fillers and botox are finally catching up with her and giving her a visibly altered look, her joker smile indents due to a lip lift a long time ago are more visible >>303101 and the rest of her face is looking more plastic, maybe she just overdid the procedures so she doesn't have to go back in again for a while, but she's looking like that robot doll that was (possibly) based on her rn(nitpick)

No. 303152

in the same vein, I think she cuts her bangs and/or colours her hair whenever she’s getting her fillers etc. done to distract from her beat frozen face(nitpick)

No. 303155

Oml she looks like a creepy puppet

No. 303164

File: 1689155449823.webm (1.07 MB, 720x1280, EC467C66E7E99F6A173D6E939E2D35…)

Is she trolling with this content? I find it hard to believe that anyone steps out of shoes at the doorway and leaves them in the way for everyone else coming in. Maybe a Canadian can weigh in on that. Is there a reason she is pretending she loves using chopsticks and is so adept at using them? I think it's clear especially in this choppy video that she doesn't use them often or well. I'm just puzzled bc there's no shame in eating with a fork and knife.

None of this is nitpicking her, it is a response to the actual content, which is about "things she does differently since marrying an Asian" (part 2), and posting a webm of the IG reel. I can't believe I have to preemptively defend posting about a cow but admin have twice stated Taylor's thread can be used for … discussing Taylor. >>>/meta/57740
>>>/meta/58490(take it to /meta/)

No. 303186

And the differences are wearing slippers, drinking hot drinks, eating with chopsticks (groundbreaking) and using a bidet - a French invention. She's not even trying with these

No. 303194

Istg whatever she’s doing is making her look much older than she is. Same thing that is happened with Kylie. The divets around her mouth…karma for being a pedo apologist ig.

No. 303202

I don't understand the point of slippers either. It would make more sense if she was talking about guests taking off shoes - most people in America don't take off their shoes when visiting others, unlike many Asian countries. But taking off shoes and wearing slippers at home is pretty much universal.
>using a bidet - a French invention
OK, that never occurred to me! Good point.

No. 303203

The irony of trying to stay young and getting the opposite result kek I wonder if one day she'll finally admit to the constant procedures she gets.(nitpicking)

No. 303210

She had a kid. Pretty much everyone starts aging after that due to lack of sleep and stress

No. 303213

Lack of sleep from looking after the kid for two hours a day? Don't make me laugh. Plus, no one's critisizing her for "aging", only for overpumping her face with botox and fillers.(nitpicking)

No. 303218

NTA, but that is unfortunately how most people's genetics work. Also, give me proof she looks after her kid for like an hour or two hours a day, anon. Having a nanny doesn't mean you ignore your kid and they take care of it 24/7. You've clearly never had a nanny.

No. 303300

Her kid sleeps through the night, and he never really fusses so I don’t get how she’d be stressed at all

No. 303301

Upthread she mentioned he wasn't sleeping well while traveling. Try reading the thread. Also, we only see what she curates to post.

No. 303321

While traveling, like any toddler going through a 12 hour time change. She’s a pretty open person, so if she was stressed I’m sure she’d talk about it but she doesn’t. She’s able to even film reels while Levi is in the room, her life hasn’t slowed down at all

No. 303334

Every time she's brought up being stressed, anons ignore it and say she has a nanny, so idk what you expect.

No. 303346

Can't agree. She doesn't post when she's really stressed, because she's busy dealing with the things at hand. Plus, babies that age are clingy and it's either not filming at all because he's always in the way, or filming with the baby. It proves nothing.
Otoh, saying that her botched look is just a natural result of tiredness and stress is also reaching.

No. 303347

That's what I thought too. Why would she post just to complain all the time when she could be relaxing or dealing with the baby in general instead? She's not going to shut herself down and lock herself away when she's stressed and complain on social media when brands and people follow her.

No. 303445

so you're just assuming then

No. 303693

File: 1689859366294.jpeg (237.06 KB, 1179x1699, 52249B4D-7A34-4837-B6BF-29ECD3…)

taylor’s out here like the dollar store knockoff of kimono mom. maybe levi throws his food so often because of all the stringy fried hair in it.

No. 303697

Lmao, good point. But to be fair she has been cooking with the dog before Levi was born. So it's not that new. I'm not sure how common it is to cook with pets and kids, though, so I can't judge. (watch all of us get banned again).

No. 303698

File: 1689862835494.jpg (492.14 KB, 1080x1915, IMG_20230720_180422.jpg)

Is it me or she looks pregnant in the latest stories?

No. 303704

Parents do it all the time. It's a non-issue.

No. 303705

Nah, I doubt it. She looked as usual in previous stories. May be she's just bloated or something.

No. 303711

Where do you even see that? She looks normal.

No. 303720

File: 1689875651890.jpeg (158.99 KB, 828x1412, B8D6B85E-2950-4B19-8796-5811CA…)

I thought the same thing. Could just be the shirt she’s wearing though

No. 303728

She didn't say anything about throwing food, was that in another side at all? All it says is that Levi eats the prep work while she's trying to do the prep work.

No. 303735

She says he throws food on the floor in every other baby food story. The latest being about him trying dried tomatos or smt instead of throwing it on the floor. I don't have a screencap, sorry.

No. 303737

I also saw it but don't have a screenshot. She said he would throw them on the floor if she gave it to him for a meal but if she is cooking, he will try things.

Anyway, none of this is really worth discussing. I don't think she is pregnant either, her face just looks really puffy. But I also don't think it's great to speculate about whether a woman is pregnant, even a cow.

No. 303756

File: 1689916904598.jpg (3.45 MB, 5000x5000, 1689916953498.jpg)

Is she losing her sense of humor or what? Most of her reels content recently is so stale, unfunny and uninteresting…

No. 303783

File: 1689952061420.jpg (3.76 MB, 5155x4849, 1689952016610.jpg)

Speaking of reels, she gave a Ted talk in her stories about this stupid reel going viral. I'm not sure why. Because it's not even her own idea, she just recreated the exact same video as the original poster's, even the caption is the same, heck, even the emojis in the description. She didn't even mention the creator she copied. There's literally only two videos with the audio, so she can't pretend she came across it by accident kek

No. 303788

Finally some semblance of milk after months, but the only thing is that you don't even need to credit the creator when the audio links right back to the OP. The author isn't upset, so not the milk is trying to be passed off as once I looked in to it. The algorithm really doesn't usually pick up on low use audios, but Taylor has an existing fanbase which is the reason it got popular. Oh well, could've been good milk, but not really milky. She's just explaining how the algorithm sometimes completely ignores and doesn't push the content, but that doesn't matter when you have a fanbase to begin with.

For anyone not watching, the audio is only "thank you for your service" and its her removing a bay leaf. Emi had this audio already circulating on tiktok in 2022 with multiple users that aren't Taylor using it.

No. 303792

File: 1689959154586.png (931.59 KB, 864x1431, Screenshot_20230721-185922.png)

it's saged so no one is claiming it's milk, weirdo. Thanks for your monologue about it.

She posted an another ad for Charlotte Tilbury (picrel). That's why she's using these lip blurs. I was interested in the product based on the name but after looking a bit they just seem like normal matte liquid lipsticks to me. don't know why she didn't do a more ombre look with them or even show a real close-up of the product on her lips but I guess if the company approves your ad, you get your bag so it doesn't matter.

No. 303797

Lmao did the five seconds of fame, sorry, being viral get into her head? I can hear her breathless, manic voice in the text lol Girl, chill, no need to give a motivational speech over a two second reel. It's just a silly video, not some lifetime goal achieved.
P.S. Even the tongs are the same colour. She can't be serious lol yet another instance of Taylor copycating others in desperate attempts to go viral.

No. 303798

>Emi had this audio already circulating on tiktok in 2022 with multiple users that aren't Taylor using it.

the only useful contribution in the wall of text. this makes it even funnier. If it was circulating somewhat widely on tiktok, I'm surprised Taylor didn't copy it sooner.

No. 303800

Oh my god, here I was thinking “finally something original from her instead of just copying people” but no lmfao

No. 303806

No one cares about her lipstick PR stuff, all she does is pr

No. 303829

File: 1690016747520.jpg (328.4 KB, 1080x1860, 20230722125833.jpg)

Here's the answer to the pregnancy speculations. She clearly isn't. Did she give up on getting pregnant for the time's being, though? Because why start retinol, if you're planning a pregnancy in the near future? Whatever.

No. 303942

afraid to age, I guess. Strange how she didn't use retinol from the beginning of larping as a teen, since it is the only clinically proven topical that treats surface wrinkles and acne.

No. 303965

Because she didn't believe in modern science and medicine back then. She opted out of medical treatment for her skin condition after a couple of days because it "didn't work". Until recently she swore by Chinese medicine and other quackery, so it's interesting that she's started to use effective skincare.
OR there's a major skincare collab/ad coming up and she's trying to set the ground for it.

No. 303984

She spent years trying to get pregnant, she's not that old. Why the hell would she start at like 20 when she had other things to do? The beauty industry is a scam.

No. 304058

your comment makes no sense, no idea what you're on about.

No. 304066

File: 1690222114608.jpg (6.23 MB, 5000x5000, 1690222054868.jpg)

I understand when people post their baby's drawings and call it art, but doing it with your own doodles at 11 is a bit… lol Especially since she tries to push as it a proof of her creativity.

No. 304071

File: 1690224960577.webm (5.31 MB, 720x1280, F8423C4DA1749A1E2D0C07C750C1DD…)

coloring inside the lines = art and the creative process, lmao. ok.

It's all for an ad though - the art x family glurge. HSBC must really be having trouble finding even remotely relevant shills. Wonder if she even used HSBC when she moved or if that will be retconned. I find this language of "connecting" with an audience because you're getting paid pretty cringe.

No. 304073

File: 1690225253659.webm (1.7 MB, 720x1280, C649248266682DE6CADD8EB93D9072…)

she also messed up the audio because her lips don't move for the second "good job" and for some reason it sounds like a voiceover she added later, beyond weird.

No. 304085

I didn't even notice the creepy voice, omg. This is scary, not shooting as she thinks.

No. 304086

Cmiiw, but didn't she already do an ad for them with this same theme? Am I having a deja vu?

No. 304092

Try reading harder.(infighting)

No. 304115

File: 1690276860161.jpg (439.08 KB, 1080x1900, IMG_20230725_132022.jpg)

Who's gonna tell her it's bruising? Poor circulation, my ass. She got scammed.

No. 304116

I don't know how to post videos, but her bank ad is just a word salad. I loled when she talked about "belonging" in HK. Girl, we all know you know literally no one there, except for Jess (or what was her name) and Carol.

No. 304119

paying to get beaten up by a stranger
she's definitely done a sponsorship with them before, though I think it was just one post where this is several. So weird to be shilling banks to her followers, they are respectable but this is so irrelevant to her brand. Must pay her well though

No. 304120

She says she moved there 12 years ago and "fell in love" but she was living in Japan in early-mid 2010s, not Hong Hong, and tom (elbow san) didn't start appearing until later in the Japan vlogs, not sure of the exact date but 8 years ago maybe? Didn't she actually only live in HK full time since about 2017 or later? The timeline seems off even as a casual viewer, someone who knows better can correct me but she implies 12 years of living in Hing Kong in the ad which is definitely incorrect.

No. 304132

True. She spent at least four years in Japan (don't quote me on this, I don't remember the exact timeline). And I love the implication of her renting her own place "thanks to the easy-to-get bank account", when she herself said she lived in a shared a flat with the other girls, provided by the agency.
Then she pretty much leeched off of Tom nonstop.

But of course none of that is mentioned in the ad. Doesn't fit the hashtag girlboss narrative.
I'm surprised she didn't mention her business in the ad. Is it not targeted at fellow successful business women?

No. 304133

File: 1690290471680.jpg (524.26 KB, 2400x3195, 20230725_150806-COLLAGE.jpg)

it's not that respectable. At the behest of China, HSBC froze the assets of people fleeing HK under political persecution.(derailing)

No. 304139

Thanks for the info, I didn't know this. That explains the collab, they want some good international PR.
I'm sure it's scripted, I know in mainland China there are blockades preventing women starting up businesses (essentially the males in the family get all the family money and help) so it's probably not a trendy topic for their ad

No. 304162

File: 1690308864584.jpg (174.05 KB, 1080x1220, IMG_20230725_220903.jpg)

I'm not at all surprised, but Taylor cashing in that CCP money again… Does she even have a HK audience? Most of her followers are from abroad and she specifically stated that the ad is for HK-ers only.

On another note, I always enjoy reading comments under her "lie about my life" videos. Because I come across gems like this, followed by braindead fangirls rewriting history for her.

No. 304209

File: 1690364886561.jpg (808.66 KB, 2160x3840, 20230726_114832-COLLAGE.jpg)

It's wild to say these things and not be able to communicate in the local language of your "new home." I mean, not even trying to learn it really…

No. 304212

Yeah after what anon mentioned >>304133 it's definitely scripted to take the heat off how they have treated actual HK residents, who used this bank, I understand you can't really go against whatever the government demand as a business but it's still shitty treatment. So hire some overseas influencers to post about how much HK is their home and this bank helps.

No. 304229

these two comments have the most likes now. She is ignoring them, but tbf I'm not sure she has the mental capacity or wisdom to address them graciously

No. 304315

Do we know for sure she still can't speak Canto? I mean Tom barely speaks English, how tf do they have any non-superficial conversations

No. 304319

Oh, believe me, if she did, she'd make sure everyone knows. She can't even pronounce simple dish names properly, let alone string a meaningful sentence.
>how tf do they have any non-superficial conversations
They don't kek

No. 304353

Its just tinfoil. We don't see them having full conversations a lot of the time and tbh, Taylor does most of the talking. Its just a language barrier nitpick at this point that anons won't get over.

No. 304389

And why does this get labelled as derail? Are the mods here on crack?(sage)

No. 304422

I dont think Taylor is able to have meaningful conversations even IN english.

No. 304454

Not really tinfoil, just see the riveting conversation she had with Carol in one of her Youtube videos for an example of how she is likely to talk to Tom, there aren't any insightful debates we are missing off camera kek

No. 304455

Carol didn't seem to have as much practice as Tom with English. Taylor is obviously never going to be fluent just like Carol and Tom will probably not be fluent in English.

No. 304477

Remember her old days on YouTube where she’d add Japanese subtitles because she was totes fluent in Japanese

No. 304483

File: 1690738366564.jpeg (290.03 KB, 1179x2093, 34A1E429-4A46-488D-B597-E9A737…)

is it just me or has her language and grammar taken a nosedive lately? it’s also funny she thinks making the bed in her master bedroom (before guests come? just close your door?) is a relatable tidying content.

the help cleans the place full time, better find something to do so she can look busy on camera! then proceeds to have child-free hours to spend making a snack plate

No. 304485

File: 1690742135830.jpg (356.93 KB, 1080x1889, IMG_20230730_222201.jpg)

In the same lane as this, lol. Mom brain? I'm pretty sure it only refers to the postpartum period, not moms of one-year-olds. She's just dumb.

No. 304486

File: 1690742360610.jpg (6.48 MB, 3742x6679, 1690742039616.jpg)

1) Talks about moving to Hongkong 12 years ago ALONE, only shows footage from her latest move with Tom.
2) It's just me being petty about her true chopstick skills.
3) The only truthful thing in the video kek - her obsession with ketchup chips.
4) Making new friends from new cultures - only has friends who are English speaking foreigners lol

No. 304491

this ad was much more pathetic and fake than the first lol. I used to never care about her chopstick technique but more and more I see her doing it so poorly. There is nothing wrong with this, but it's crazy to pretend she eats chips and chicken with chopsticks now when it's badly spliced video and the sticks are never held in a way that would let her pick up something organically.

I don't have the energy for the rest but it was just cringey and dumb. She's probably disappointed with the view counts on this stuff. I think I noticed her deleting some comments on the previous video (or IG was messing up). Didn't see anything negative on the new, worse one - lots of spammy comments though.

No. 304494

The new one is a little bit woe is me my friends abandoned me when I left Canada for a decade, don't think this one was fully scripted by the sponsor since that's a bit specific.
I feel like these videos somehow inadvertently revealed she is not actually happy in HK, like a weird sponsored cry for help. She's obviously very happy with her family of Tom and Levi, but imo strong vibes that she doesn't actually want to stay in HK, anyone else getting that vibe?

No. 304499

correction, english speaking foreigners who are ALSO just influencers using eachothers friendships for the likes/views. I think the closest exception to that was Sharla, and they haven’t seen eachother in years. cannot imagine Taylor and Tom interacting with any of her Japan “friends” today

No. 304504

>white people cant have other cultures

Most abroad people migrate towards others who speak their main language. This isn't some Taylor specific thing when it's the same with migrants coming to US or Can. They are still foreigners she's meeting.

No. 304512

Ain’t in her glory days that HK licks her ass to join nonstop events. Younger and newer models/influencers take her spot and hk seems not attractive to her anymore. To me it looks like she lowkey wants to be living in her small town in canada after reaching close 40

No. 304518

Don't twist the words. She has literally zero friends who are not Canadian or American - Sharla, Joyce, Jessica. The only person from a different culture is Tom. Her ex-assistant Natalie was payed to hang out with her, so it doesn't count, neither does Carol.
I agree that it's a common thing, but you don't see other expats lying and pretending to have friends from the country they live in for an ad. On the contrary, most struggle with finding friends among locals and it's ok. She doesn't have to lie in every second post she makes about her wonderful life in HK.

No. 304527

No one twisted anything. Anon is just an idiot who thinks all white people she meets are burgerheads because they speak English. Ffs, It's just a terrible take.

No. 304529

I honestly don't see anything wrong in OP's post. Where did she say every English speaker is American? She just pointed out that Taylor has no friends from "other cultures" like she claims, which is true. All her friends (that she's shown on SM) are either American or Canadian.

Yeah, I got the same feeling. It was meant to have an encouraging, uplifting tone, but ended up being the opposite.

No. 304552

File: 1690870717505.jpg (301.35 KB, 1080x1892, IMG_20230801_101513.jpg)

The rattails are officially back! I'm no hairdresser but this is a terrible result. It's sooo uneven and asymmetrical. Why won't she have her hair cut by a professional? She can afford it, so why the constant attempts to cut bangs by herself.

No. 304565

She got lucky and managed to not ruin her bangs with the previous try and got bold. This was a usual outcome for her hair experiments.
S/N Did she rediscover the duck face? lmao She had this retarded expression throughout the video.

No. 304572

Honestly looks kinda nice and you don't know what a rattail is in regards to hair clearly.

No. 304574

Honestly I don't hate it. I'd have to see what it looks like not in a ponytail though. It's usually a pretty bad idea to cut your hair when tied.

No. 304589

File: 1690912302718.jpeg (148.24 KB, 828x1173, ED582CAC-9665-4AA9-BAA5-AE8FB9…)

Yeah, seems very difficult when you’re fake crying and smiling. Could she be anymore less genuine?

No. 304601

This is giving 0 context. At least post the video. She's all blurred out. Is this just another complaint about HK sponsorships?

No. 304608

It's not a story. It's a reel and you can go watch it on her IG. Are you the one who goes apeshit if people post vids here and also refuses to go watch the videos on her IG?

No. 304638

File: 1690979167942.jpg (4.13 MB, 5000x5000, 1690973976417.jpg)

You were right, it doesn't look good with hair let loose.(nitpicking)

No. 304642

What are you talking about? It looks fine tbh.

No. 304646

She needs gradual layers to blend it in or something, but thats just my opinion.

No. 304656

Taylor makes the kind of content that would only seem good if you did not follow or watch any other content creators (derivative) like with the way the internet is now where they actively force you to watch random popular stuff - Tiktok for you, Twitter For You, recommended Reels, everyone can recognise when she reuses a meme like "the back is none of my business" which is quite an old meme at this point, and also not applicable to Taylor since she looks immaculate most of the time. She isn't some normie getting ready in the mirror, she is an influencer who constantly films and photographs her life, her hair is never out of place and why would it be.

No. 304657

Thats all those sites do, reuse old memes because they become re-viral. You must not be watching as many people as you think you are because this has been the mentality of influencers for the past 3 years. Everyone content is virtually the same depending on who they pander to.

No. 304667

ayrt, no I know most influencers are derivative and repetitive (lotta clickbait too) but more that her content would only be interesting if you lived under a rock and never saw any of the things she's referencing.
Imo she can make interesting vlogs and such, this is very low effort

No. 304675

No that’s not “all those sites do,” you just follow unoriginal people. How someone can feel proud for going viral for an idea that wasn’t even theirs baffles me. Taylor has no original thoughts in her head.

No. 304681

That's how the internet works. Crazy, right?

No. 304682

Agreed, Taylor has been copying other influencers for so long (dakota being the first of course) and idk where the satisfaction is in just recreating someone else's ideas.

No. 304691

I'm sure she has no problem copying others, as long as she gets clicks and validation from others. Which was proved by her recent celebration about the bay leaf copy-paste going viral.

No. 304699

Stop with the dumb nitpicking already

No. 304772

Let Kiki express herself("hi cow")

No. 304822

They crucified Jesus for speaking the truth too

No. 304830

File: 1691319756549.jpg (4.27 MB, 5000x5000, 1691319623278.jpg)

She chooses such weird topics and photos to show Levi's similarity to herself. Usually people post photos of their kids having the same expression, the same facial features etc. But she chose a photo of him and her eating an apple, where you can't see their faces. She could've posted a photo of a random kid biting an apple and it would look similar, too(nitpick)

No. 304832

This is such a retarded nitpick. She said the photo reminded her of a picture of herself, where they're both eating a large apple.

No. 304846

There was no reason to even post this when you're going to misread and misunderstand the point she's making.

No. 304853

OK, this one deserves to be banned for nitpicking.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 304856

File: 1691343933166.jpeg (346.16 KB, 1179x1989, 02E9E431-6DA8-4236-B543-F9BDE1…)

girl’s looking checked OUT lately. beginning to think the only time she ever cooks now is for content, whether it’s for the kid or any of them(nitpick tinfoil)

No. 304858

Isn't she just looking at what levi is pointing to? Nothing about her looks checked out, she's just not looking at the camera or talking.

No. 304859

File: 1691346004031.png (112.51 KB, 864x644, Screenshot_20230806-201845~2.p…)

it's more interesting to me that Tom, who allegedly grew up poor, only "cooks" instant ramen and frozen gyoza, probably mostly for himself. Explains why he can't even peel potatoes properly. Some other comments asked for updates about his "bread phase" but in all these years of vlogs we've never seen the man actually cook anything other than some eggs.(nitpicking)

No. 304874

Well, I think Tom being "poor" is the same as Taylor being "fat" in her childhood. Poor is a relative term and in Tom and Taylor's world lower middle class is poor.
It's no surprise since most wealthy people like to flaunt their rags to riches stories, when in reality not even 0.1% of them come from truly humble beginnings.
Anyway, I'd eat my hat if Tom ever helps around the house. He didn't get a trophy housewife to lift a finger and do house chores. The closest thing to cooking in his case is making coffee, although I didn't see Taylor posting about that for a while.

No. 304899

File: 1691416767111.jpeg (149.09 KB, 828x1456, 5A92DEAF-7EC8-4BD8-A891-C4A433…)

„Caregiver“ what is she talking about?? It’s clearly her in the picture.(nitpick)

No. 304901

That looks like it's on the screen, not what she typed, might be an alert when someone is in the room.

No. 304902

I think the baby monitor states that on the app when it detects someone in the room, not entirely sure tho

No. 305235

Your trying way, way too hard to make Taylor look like an idiot. The vendetta reeks. It's obviously the monitor saying that and 'caregiver' because it's not like it can recognize faces otherwise.

No. 305246

File: 1691492141334.jpg (278.72 KB, 1080x1909, IMG_20230808_121358.jpg)

Here she goes again with pretending she ever knew any languages other than English.

No. 305251

She's Canadian… most if not all English schools in the country teach French as a second language.

No. 305258

File: 1691511523854.jpeg (258.91 KB, 1179x1860, 39CD2687-8DD9-471C-AB00-DB25D1…)

love to see young children being driven around with no child restraints or booster chair in the FRONT seat. jfc. parents themselves and can’t even be trusted to safely babysit for a day.(nitpick)

No. 305262

That kid is like 7 years old.

No. 305266

>cooked slamon in french at the bottom
More proof she can't even speak English
Aside, it's a little dystopian that there's a record of when 'caregiver is helping _child's_name_' which is uploaded online (and none of this shit is secure), since I doubt she is running a closed circuit/offline cameras here. But yeah aside from tech being creepy, there's nothing wrong with this

No. 305270

Probably just doesn't spell check

No. 305276

Pretty sure that's Taylor's arm? Lol that's not even close to a toddler arm anon

No. 305285

Yeah, obviously. And one of the kids sitting in the back took a photo for Taylor's Instagram. Come up with a better justification next time.

No. 305286

Children younger than 13 should sit in the back. I'm not surprised they didn't research it. They couldn't be arsed to buy a child seat for Levi until the last minute either.(nitpick)

No. 306117

there is an economic crisis going on in China and the rich are being targeted. Taylor might end up setting down in Canada after all.(derailing)

No. 306132

HK is a separate, autonomous entity than China. Irrelevant

No. 306138

File: 1692798480919.jpg (349.11 KB, 1080x1880, 20230823131301.jpg)

I keked at this so hard. Sure, Taylor, a baby has been sitting on your leg, distracting you from filming and editing videos for THREE whole months.

No. 306141

I feel like she's abandoning youtube until she gets something to make series out of (like the ivf series). I've also noticed that she only posts videos wgen she gets sponsorships to put into them. I guess she's slowly abandoning youtube and transitioning to insta only.

No. 306149

Its not that big a deal and taking care of a kid does take up time. Unless you want to tinfoil she spends only an hour a day taking care of him.

No. 306204

Yeah, but Taylor has a nanny, said so herself. So we all know that Taylor actually taking care of her own child only makes up a fraction of her day. What does she do with the rest of her day? According to her Instagram it's mostly styling herself, shopping or going out eating/drinking coffee drinks. I am not saying that taking care of a kid wouldn't take up time. Just that in Taylor's case that's not a valid excuse.

No. 306222

You're basing his daily care and her downtime on videos Taylor could've taken weeks ago? The nanny isn't there 24/7, anon. We also have 0 proof they are live-in, regardless of anons sperging about HK because again, no proof. You'd think we'd see a single glimpse ever in over a year. Give the "they don't really care for him" thing a rest unless you plan to share real proof they barely spend time with him and ignore him instead of doing work.

No. 306230

it's a government requirement that the domestic helper live with the family. It's not a government requirement that she be in Taylor's rare videos. Stop camping and caping in here.

No. 306242

Having a baby is a valid reason to put out less content, plus she said recently that she was sole-parenting, but that doesn't explain lack of youtube content for months, literally. If she wants to remind people about the existence of her youtube channel, fine, but when it comes to justifying the lack of updates there, she shouldn't use Levi as the reason why.

No. 306263

Because she's making tiktoks instead. She's doing something.

No. 306286

>she said recently she was sole parenting
typical moid making a whole thing about starting a family and then delegating the work to everyone else, pretty sure he works from home too.

No. 306287

File: 1693031955270.png (1.34 MB, 864x1472, Screenshot_20230826-084114.png)

her latest tiktok was made a month ago and required absolutely no effort. try again.

No. 306299

File: 1693045663562.jpg (1.43 MB, 2160x2160, IMG_20230826_142032.jpg)

I feel like beating a dead horse but this is the hundredth time she's reposted the damn confinement video. Has she ever reposted any other video this much?

No. 306311

>try again
You need to calm down, she's also making shorts on instagram. She's making content, not just Youtube while still taking care of a kid. Instagram is still content creation, just not long form youtube. Idk if you're a fan or something considering how angry you get about keeping track of her posting week by week, but she's not wrong that long form content takes more time and with a kid takes longer. Putting out shorts and instagram posts, tiktoks here and there which is reuploaded content usually anyway, is still work and needs time to be curated. >>306299 she set up the camera and all just for this shot, probably took 10 mins, then hung out with Carol for a few hours. She's probably not filming every aspect of her life anymore as much since the biggest thing from her were the lengthy as hell pregnancy videos. She's probably waiting to edit a long "first year together" video. She got caught doing long form, she's going to feel pressure to put out lengthy videos now. That takes youtubers months, yes, sometimes more than 3.(derailing/infighting)

No. 306319

Why is she still pushing this old content? One would think it's the pinnacle of her career or something.

Oh, please, she's been putting out a video per month for the last however long, the kid can't be the reason behind no content for three whole months and that was op's point, which still stands.
"A year together" should've been filmed and edited by March lol - back when she was busy posting about herself and her "changing body" (and the confinement, again) on her kid's first birthday. She's been lazy posting on both insta and youtube ever since the trip to Canada and that's a fact. Plus, she mostly posts vlogs, so no one even expects (or wants) another "docu" series ala the ~infertility journey~.(derailing/infighting)

No. 306320

The only thing I can think of is new followers might like this content and the people who have baby fever 24/7 which is probably her demographic

No. 306323

lmao I literally only replied because you said she is posting tiktoks, so I went and looked. I'm not this farmer >>306242 or any other recent posts here. But you can't even stand by what you said, can you? She didn't even do a birthday vlog for Levi (which you kept telling us to wait for) nor any other big announcement (which you kept telling us to wait for). Why are you even here? No one hates her, we're amused, jesus.(derailing/infighting)

No. 306370

Those posts are purposely talking to one anon in reference to another anon. Not saying they are the same poster.

No. 306400

What does it matter whether the nanny is there 24/7 or not? Even if she is there just one hour a day that's one hour more that other mom's who cannot afford nannies DON'T have.
And I never said "They don't care for their child!" Where did you get that imjpression? All I said is that her child is no excuse that she could not find a couple of hours of time to edit a video IN THREE MONTHS. Nothing else.(ban evasion)

No. 306588

File: 1693398569063.jpg (261.11 KB, 1284x1843, 371046327_265242033039141_3766…)

"one of my favorite HK designers for a long time" = a Canadian living in HK, whom she's never mentioned before, kek. Vivian Luc is pretty well known in HK for gowns since the early 2010s. Taylor did those 2 trying on wedding dresses videos but didn't try on any from local designers iirc, just plugged Central Weddings, which focuses on big foreign designers almost exclusively. I don't get lying about how this designer has always been one of her favorites when it's just as positive to say how you've recently discovered her work or whatever.

No. 306594

Taylor should look elsewhere. That is such a terrible ugly curry colored dress with very bad ill-matched lining. How is this designer popular? They sure aren't famous.

No. 306600

File: 1693410883312.jpg (463.74 KB, 1080x1896, 202308304193156.jpg)

She looks so much better without overdrawn clown lips.

No. 306616

File: 1693418748846.jpg (496.88 KB, 1080x1796, 1220230830193116.jpg)

So she's attending this "Prestige 40 under 40". I bet Tom payed a pretty buck or pulled some strings to get her on the list. Not sure how important and credible it is (probably nothing serious if she's a laureate), but looking at the list, it's full of business owners and athletes/artists. She's the only "content creator" and one of the three models (one of them walked the fashion week, the other is a singer-model).
Interesting how successful business woman Taylor got into the list for her content creation career, not her successful clothing brand.


No. 306617

The makeup is very pretty! Her expression otoh… Yikes.

No. 306626

Terrible tinfoil that she was bought he way in.

No. 306634

File: 1693423817716.jpg (453.05 KB, 1008x1526, SC232308.jpg)

I'm glad she wore the red dress. It was only pretty one among those that she showed.

No. 306639

Yeah the designer has some really really ugly clothes, no wonder taylor didn't go to her earlier and waited, smart on her

No. 306641

that's how tons of these knock-off 40 under 40 things work, plus Taylor already was interviewed for fluff pieces for their online marketing/PR magazine. Prestige Online has no set criteria for their selections. Some singer debuted a new single at the event and sang tragically off-key and horrible.

No. 306659

File: 1693460075829.jpg (576.31 KB, 2160x2880, 2308310912740.jpg)

So, apparently she was chosen by their team. Fair enough. The first comment is so bold lol, didn't expect such a straightforward (and true) comment from one of her followers kek

No. 306663

File: 1693466821005.jpg (1.21 MB, 2592x4608, 20230831_092622-COLLAGE.jpg)

Of course fashion is a matter of taste, but I can't understand putting down a designer who worked for Vera Wang to praise Taylor, who says she likes the designer's work. Some of the dresses Taylor put as her favorites in her stories (picrel shows 4) are gorgeous imho. I think the mustard/purple gown she tried on would be breathtaking on a dark-skinned woman, it just wasn't right for her skin tone.

No. 306664

File: 1693467743282.png (264.42 KB, 863x549, Screenshot_20230831-092151.png)

samefag but the designer hasn't even launched RTW yet, her whole business was bespoke gowns, so maybe that's why Taylor had limited choices, or maybe those four dresses were her top picks from what was on the racks in her size. I looked at her IG and saw that the chartreuse seems to be a signature color (the red Taylor chose is too).

No. 306666

File: 1693473219634.jpg (1.43 MB, 2160x2160, 1023083131258.jpg)

The dresses Taylor posted as examples are very pretty, but the ones she tried on for the reel didn't fit her body type and skin colour at all. The red one is gorgeous. No wonder it was the first choice.

No. 306670

"selected by their team"
I'm gonna assume she has a PR agent who puts her forward for various things and this was one of them, it's not like they are gonna trawl the internet to find people for the accolade. She's not really well known outside of the small sphere of ex jvloggers/weeby youtubers.

No. 306677

Yeah, it seems so. She got another award in the beginning of the year, too, before traveling to Canada. Even she didn't know what that one was for, lol. It was held in a mall, though, so definitely not as fancy as this one. I have no idea what's the purpose of these awards. I guess it's a thing? Getting awards for having X number of followers?

No. 306679

File: 1693489074245.jpg (489.18 KB, 1080x1893, 2308317364915.jpg)

They keep referring to the laureates as "class of '23". Makes it sound like a college graduation or something. Is it a lifetime award and can't be gotten twice? I'm confused.

No. 306680

That's literally how all influencers get gigs and work

No. 306683

do you think she’d admit to paying to be on that list? of course not. of course she was “found by their team”

tom more than likely had a hand in that i’m sure.

No. 306696

Just think of this like other popular online events. A lot of these people have social media presences like Taylor. Taylor isn't a sore thumb out of the bunch when theres NFT shilling moids there, people in performing arts lol These people are all influencers who have done something viral or popular in HK. I don't think Taylor bought herself in. Not everything is about Tom. She does have her own manager. Just seems like people who have brought good press to HK were thrown into this.

No. 306698

File: 1693501020518.png (1.92 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9023.png)

Had to kek at her Habsburg expression kek girl relax the jaw. Also these pictures looked to awkward?!

No. 306704

They all look that way, I think it's because they are supposed to be relatable and quirky. Totally agree this was the right choice in dress too, the colors of the other ones are just not it >>306666 Probably only had a sample amount she could try

No. 306705

This. All these Forbes wannabe awards that drum up hype literally rely on the people paying to win the awards to be relevant themselves.

No. 306707

sounds like Prestige paid for the dress rental, and for some reason she seemed to go choose at the last minute. I agree, she probably could only pick from a very limited number of samples if the designer doesn't sell ready-to-wear pieces yet.

OT but I thought the maternity robes/gowns on her Insta were ethereal and pretty, I wonder if Taylor will have one made if she gets pregnant again.

No. 306709

Probably. It's all usually interconnected for these events that get hosted in HK. You see a lot of the same people being celebrated sometimes. This is the first time I've seen Taylor me a part of it and I think it's because she got a lot of promotion via her pregnancy series, and since then a lot of baby people in HK have been hitting her up for promoting their businesses like that place they have Levi's first birthday at.

It could be this was filmed prior to make it seem last minute. I really wouldn't put stake in when things are ever filmed from Taylor or any other influencer. I do really like the flowy faerie dresses too through, those would look lovely in a pregnancy shoot.

No. 306716

File: 1693511837223.jpg (414.97 KB, 1080x1821, 430831180104.jpg)

Kek I think she tried to do the same expression as in her pfp, but it turned out bad.
Also for a (former) model this pose is… questionable. I understand it's her favourite pose for outfits but it just doesn't work with the dress.

No. 306718

This is a video still and she's just doing the usual pose most women do where they lean on one leg. The only thing I don't like about this dress is the weird laid folds that looks like a terrible attempt as sink wrapped rose dresses that were popular back in 2012. This designer is completely dated.

No. 306719

I've scoured the google but I just can't find any information on selection criteria for the award other than "under 40, did good things for the community". Has anyone heard of it before? Judging by the other nominees it seems a bit too ambitious. As if successful business owners who got it can't go bankrupt in a year or two or smt. It gives the impression of rich people applauding to other rich people to feel important.

No. 306721

File: 1693515193845.png (1.98 MB, 864x1657, Screenshot_20230830-175929.png)

I really wouldn't think too hard about it. There's probably a connection to one of her PR companies for influencers (HK and China have tons). She already had her condo featured in Tatler Asia and stuff, she got known for having money, which opens doors. Here are her Prestige interviews (yawn)
I can't get over these skincare companies and beauty mags thinking it's good to ask someone with often shitty skin who constantly jumps on new skincare trends to do skincare interviews.

Anyway, I thought it was funny that Prestige 40 under 40 in Taiwan had some uh… "busty model" on the list

No. 306733

For real lol all the pictures she posted are awkward as hell. Especially the “candid” video of her skipping on the street. Cringe

No. 306749

OK, this really puts it into perspective kek Thank you! I just checked out her insta profile and from what I understood, other than "influencing" and having big boobs, there seems to be nothing going for her kek she's also engaged to a wealthy man lol
Now I see what they mean by "success" lol. Sad.

No. 306750

File: 1693563094287.webm (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, 119832871_1694859060978815_828…)

That pose is not any different in motion though, kek. I think the dress suits her (and doesn't look dated), but it's just my opinion.

No. 306760

Anon said the pose didn't change.

No. 307373

File: 1694253674029.jpg (555.75 KB, 1080x1895, IMG_20230909_125856.jpg)

What is this fucking dumbass facial expression and outfit, she looks retarded

No. 307374

i just love the juxtaposition between the caption saying 'bathroom break' and her eyefucking herself. 'fuck yes, i've just pissed or shat, time to be sexy hihi'

you are nitpicking her face, anon… but the outfit is tragic, i mean loose on loose? the silhouette is so unflattering i want to cry

No. 307376

That could also mean just going to the bathroom to freshen up, not like bathroom selfies are new to influencers.

No. 307442

It's the lack of form, the overall bagginess of the outfit, except for the t-shirt's shoulders and arms. Gives her a sloppy, mannish silhouette, but not in an androgynous way, more in a "I can't dress myself" way. Even though she has long legs, the outfit makes it look like her torso takes half of her height. The unfortunate height of the pants' waist, the drop crotch and the curve of the belt are not helping it either lol

This could've worked if she wore either an oversized shirt, or a very fitted tank top.

Anyway, don't you love it when fashion influencers suck at fashion and can't dress themselves?

As for the expression, it's her go-to "fashion model wannabe" face kek she uses it all the time.(learn 2 integrate, spacing)

No. 307762

File: 1694700787030.jpg (Spoiler Image,635.2 KB, 1080x1837, 202162934231409.jpg)

Wow, Tom really let himself go. He aged 10 years and gained 40 pounds ever since Taylor got pregnant. Yikes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 307764

He looks the same.

No. 307769

File: 1694711274192.webm (3.23 MB, 1080x1920, 121214406_305601348815320_4362…)

yeah I noticed how bad he looked in this ig story too.

No. 307770

File: 1694711608143.png (819.09 KB, 864x1450, Screenshot_20230910-164315~2.p…)

this was a pretty cringe throwback pic(samefagging)

No. 307794

Most of her posts suck lately. She rarely posts and if she does, it's either a boring regurgitation of someone else's reel (or whatever's trending on tiktok), or sponsored posts.
And what happened to the youtube video she's been editing for ages? Is Levi still sitting on her leg and not letting her "work"?

No. 307826

There was one where they played with the elephant toy she bought for levi and that gorilla passed by looking like he had a bulge in his pants (Story deleted already)(sage your shit)

No. 307836

He was always old, fat and hideous… not seeing any difference

No. 307840

He looks the exact same lol

No. 308675

Better late than never, eh? Cute idea, but she really should've posted it closer to his birthday. Literally half a year has passed.

No. 308676

It looks like they had fun I guess. Not much milk as was expected since they don't really do much, I wonder what they will do next year since 2 year olds are a little more cognitive. Might depend on where they get sponsored to have it.

No. 308749

Lmao this is so funny because we were all talking about how weird and empty his first birthday was, now she suddenly has a video that it was “a low stim birthday.” Wtf? I doubt Levi cares, he needs to interact with other toddlers more often

No. 308751

File: 1695835396421.jpg (1.24 MB, 2160x2160, 20230926184040.jpg)

May be none of his playdates from the Chinese toddler club (or smt he goes to) agreed to come lol

Also apparently the vlog was ready ages ago, but she was too "anxious" to post. Why, Taylor? What's so different and controversial in it that held you back? Lol Let me guess - nothing. I love the "I filmed so much!", but in the end it's a ten minute video.

No. 308754

Or she just didn't post it

No. 308762

That grey cafe looks even sadder and emptier on film. Even the yellow balloons look bleak.

No. 308895

I watched the video. I don’t get the whole thing she said “having a newborn is hard but you’ll get through it and you’ll miss them,” …but elsewhere she mentioned that Levi slept through the night as a baby and hardly ever fussed lol I don’t think she’s really been through any struggle as a mom

No. 308901

I’m confused why were they put out of the pasture for this ? What rule did they break here ? Genuinely asking, I can’t figure it out(take it to /meta/)

No. 308903

Sleeping through the night isn't the only hassle for newborns. They need to be fed constantly, if they cry its hard to tell what's wrong, he seems highly clingy.. Clearly you don't have kids. She's not going to come online and complain about her kid. Don't be retarded. She's doesn't have a nanny around for Levi 24/7 like you assume she does.

No. 308904

Newfag, take your farmhand ban complaints to meta, this is just going to cause infighting and tinfoil in thread. It was nitpicking obviously, saging doesn't make it less of a shitpost.

No. 308911

>Clearly you don't have kids. She's not going to come online and complain about her kid. Don't be retarded.
Personal attacks. Struggling with a child is normal and many women express what difficulties they had without "complaining."
>She's doesn't have a nanny around for Levi 24/7 like you assume she does.
She had two months with 24/7 confinement nanny in the newborn period, and she has a nanny/domestic helper for Levi/Rosie/housework who by HK law must reside on site. By law the helper gets a day off per week so it's not 7 days a week and probably she has no night duties either, but this isn't something we can know. But idk why you are insulting anons and twisting the truth in here when Taylor said herself she has a helper. (Nice doublepost btw)

No. 308924

I think she's completely turned her whole aesthetic into the minimalist obsession that Asian countries have. Explains her house, wardrobe, and the baby party.

No. 308928

Yeah, she's been pretending to be minimalist and "sustainable" for a while, except she has been everything but a "thoughtful" consumer. She still buys way more than she needs and now it also includes "second hand" things, which in her mind is the epitome of sustainability. The only true sustainable thing she does is Levi's toys.
Same way she was vegan lol She just jumps on the trendy bandwagons, but doesn't put minimal effort into it. Only pretentious posts on social media.

No. 308932

except there’s nothing sustainable about Levi’s toys either. they do a subscription thing (probably for PR with the company like his birthday “party” was) but their apartment is full of plastic toys that get shoved into corners/behind curtains when taylor films. she’s shown this before. they’re at toys r us all the time and that kid’s surrounded by junk most of the time. same behaviour as taylor’s closet without being as easy to hide for much longer

No. 308933

I'm talking about colors which anons keep mentioning about. It's not an issue when it's her whole pallet everywhere. Not everyone wants a vibrant over the top colored home and obnoxiously bright thomas the tank engine full themed parties. Imo, those are tacky.

No. 308939

Those aren’t “hassles,” those are NORMAL things for a newborn. That would be like getting a puppy and complaining about having to feed and get it shots. If those are her only “complaints” then she’s extremely lucky as a mother. I’m tired of her acting like her life is hard.

No. 308944

It being normal doesn't make it less difficult

No. 308948

Interesting, I wonder if there was some drama about her over on Chinese social media? The anxiety about posting and big break is in line with what western influencers do after some major drama goes down.
Or it could be she is nervous due to Chinese politics, I know HK is a lot more free than the mainland but there have still been some issues. However this girl thought there was a WW3 so it's probably the first thing.

No. 308957

>She had two months with 24/7 confinement nanny in the newborn period, and she has a nanny/domestic helper for Levi/Rosie/housework who by HK law must reside on site
If only this was mandatory for the average woman kek

No. 308969

Nah, it's because her lazy ass didn't wanna edit and post anything other tgan stupid short mom videos and stories. "Anxiety" my ass. The only reason she should fear posting a video is backlash for posting half a year old vlog.

No. 308980

she also admitted in the vlog that the cake smash place was all comped. She met some influencer/ pr person who invited her to do everything there and not pay

No. 309011

Where in the video? There's nothing wrong with influencers getting free things for promotional exchange though as a generalization. That's been a thing for decades. Celebrities do this for clubs. They get anything for free at the club, but gotta post you attended.

No. 309021

File: 1696323110328.jpg (349.33 KB, 3195x2400, 20231003_104941-COLLAGE.jpg)

1:30, since you're this massive stan of hers but too lazy to watch the content.
her IG posts didn't call it a gift btw. The "dog event" she met this person at was the influencer thing for dog owners she went to with rosie.

No. 309034

She didn't have to, this isn't PR anymore. If the host of the venue wants to throw you a party, that's not the same as PR gifts. Taylor seemed like she was nice and promoted the place because of it. Not everything has to be a PR situation lol

Free cookies from a bakery brought in to your work from next door means you need to #AD it any time you post about it? She didn't call it a gift because it's not the same type of gifting like when she gets chanel sent to her.

No. 309040

what a reach. It's a gift and ad for the venue providing event services for children, the place was tagged and promoted on IG when the event happened. No influencer tags and promotes things to be "nice" after getting shit for free.

No. 309043

Anyone who vlogs could be liable for promoting a place they visit or party they attend for free with your logic. A friend owned a place and threw her a free party as a gift. Taylor tagged it and its in a vlog. That's not specifically PR or a #ad situation. And yeah they do tag it. Its a person's business and it's free publicity. It's not a monetary exchange. There a huge difference in why it's not PR. You can't just call everything PR.

No. 309047

That's exactly why companies throw "free" parties and invite influencer - to post stories and make insta posts in exchange for the invitation. Not all ads have direct monetary gain for influencers. Most of the time it's "free" gifts and events.

I'm not sure if she's legally required to disclose it as an ad or promotion - probably not. But pretending that's she's just a nice person posting another nice person's "gift" is ridiculous, too. It's just icky that she agreed to a whatever boring birthday party before her kid's actual birthday just because it's free

No. 309050

It wasn't an invitational exchange. She wanted to throw her a party, offered, outside of business needs. That's what the texts even say that an anon posted. It's like a surprise party that she knew about. Just because she also tagged it doesn't mean it was due to it being a favor for influencer reasons. It was a gift from a friend who just happens to own a business that offers services like this. Same way people tag boba shops they visit. Doesn't mean they got the boba for free for a tag in a story. I understand what you're trying to say, but everything posted, including the vlog, makes the venue place a gift as a friend, not as a business. It just happens to be a friend who owns the business.

No. 309056

Emily isn't her fucking friend, okay? she met her once at an influencer event for "dog influencers" and promoted her business after getting services for free. What kind of insanity are you peddling here?

No. 309062

Yet that was offered as a friend, not a pr thing, so idk what to tell you. That's the reason why it's not broadcasted as an ad or pr. Also why can't they be friends kek

No. 309089

nta but this is such a weird thing to defend. promoting items or services in exchange for getting those items or services for free is literally PR, there's no grey area here. Nobody's gonna deport her for it but it is absolutely PR/comped/an exchange and not just a "gift from a friend" like if it was just a gift and not promo then she wouldn't have posted about it and tagged it on her big public instagram account.

No. 309093

where did either of them call the other one a friend?

No. 309102

She's on social media. Anyone would tag. That logic is terrible and she was thrown a surprise party as a gift, not looking for promo in the exchange since it was an offer. No one even mentioned deportation.

No. 309339

File: 1696704608989.jpg (830.82 KB, 2316x1080, Screenshot_20231007_114904_You…)

Everyone ITT omitting they went to a whole theme park/aquarium for his birthday just to complain about pr

No. 309340

Lmao, nice try. The PR cafe was before his birthday. The amusement park was on his actual birthday.

No. 309346

For all we know she paid for it. Stop shitting up the thread over your tinfoil.

No. 309348

she didn't, nice try WK. she didn't even know what the party would be(infighting)

No. 309350

She told the planner to make it sunshine themed. Did you not watch the video? She had a say in theme, just had no clue what it would look like because she left that up to the owner.

No. 309352

She paid for it and didn't get to choose the date and decorations? Yeah, right.
I don't understand why you are so hellbent on proving it's not a (failed) pr stunt and a dubious move overall.
The aquarium idea was nice and cozy, and it made sense. The kid won't remember the cake and grey walls, but seeing animals he like is much more fun for him. She should've focused on that part in the vlog.
I think she should've left the stupid cafe out of the vlog all together. It was not pretty, it was poorly planned and boring. Plus, she already promoted them on insta.(post proof or stop derailing)

No. 309373

Because it was a surprise. She picked the theme and it was around his birthday, the day before they went out to the park even. It's not that big of a deal and unless anyone can prove somehow it was a an exchange and not just assuming, which she didn't label that anywhere, shut up already. Its highly unlikely unlike her other posts and videos where she mentions it
Seems like she paid or it was a gift and let the planner do the rest. No one said anything about it not having a date or theme picked out. The reason the cafe happened was because she met the lady, that's all. >>309021 says even here. She's not going to ruin her instagram and youtube being striked due to not adhering to US ad laws ( due to it being a us company, had nothing to do with china/hk laws). She labels everything else, this isn't some exception to deceive people, that doesn't even make sense. This whole thing is tinfoil and so boring at this point. Move on. It's been days, no one is posting proof of it being an ad because it's not. At least being decent milk and not attempting milk

No. 309382

>no one is posting proof of it being an ad because it's not.
Yet no one can prove she payed for it either. BUT.
It was organised by a "marketing consultant" who happened to own the place and it was a "gifted" event. I don't think it hints at a service she payed full price for. And, no, WK-chans should stop the bullshit. She doesn't tag every single place she goes to, obviously. For example, she didn't tag the aquarium and all the super interesting and amazing services they have. (She didn't even bother to check if the shark show they wanted Levi to see was available on his birthday lmao)

>it was around his birthday, the day before they went out to the park even.

Re-writing history? Is that you, Taylor? It was a whole week before his birthday. What a stupid point to make.(hi cow)

No. 309383

No one's gonna spoonfeed you, everything is in the previous thread. The discussion was done and over back in March so there's zero need to rehash it now.

No. 309388

Deranged rewrite of history. Go outside and some touch grass.

No. 309417

Just to correct you, it wasn't an event. It was specifically a cake smash photoshoot :21 in to the video. They didn't even have a party there. They had lunch, but it wasn't a pre-party, just photos.

No. 309422

She called it an "early celebration", it's literally in the thread pic. It changes nothing, though. It's case closed. Nitpicking it again after half a year is useless and a waste of time.

No. 309432

File: 1696814589248.jpeg (249.39 KB, 828x1426, 5781D50F-18F6-4ABE-8FCB-798C44…)

Lmao this looks like dog food(nitpicking)

No. 309482

File: 1696886191467.jpeg (262.13 KB, 828x1275, IMG_9783.jpeg)

Does she not talk to her family?? How can she forget it’s a holiday

No. 309491

She's hasn't had to celebrate it for a while or really care about it. It's just Thanksgiving which is a shit holiday anyway.

No. 309500

I was so surprised she forgot! Because it's a part of her identity as a Canadian - the Thanksgiving and Christmas. She always made sure to celebrate it, got upset when she couldn't get a proper turkey etc. Wonder what happened that made her forget about it.

No. 309543

My god. Can we bring back actual milk like how she’s a pedo apologist and wife of a man who likely runs an escort service and then had a CHILD with this person? Kek at the apology/explanation videos being taken down.(rancid milk)

No. 309550

Old af milk is as bad as no milk.

No. 309551

his site still features girls under 18. Not old if he's still doing it.

No. 309556

Lamenting 3+year old milk?

No. 309645

then post the NEW milk you have. No point in discussing old stuff that we went over many threads ago.

No. 309667

No, because the mods love their precious tay tay and white knight for her here. Seriously this thread is managed more than any other thread on /w despite other threads being more or less the same(complaints go in /meta/)

No. 309721

File: 1697225222519.jpg (890.42 KB, 1500x1200, Shill.jpg)

Shilling formula for toddlers. I guess that's why they sent her a package after his first birthday.

No. 309725

File: 1697226159710.jpg (915.65 KB, 3195x2400, 20231013_212842-COLLAGE.jpg)

doublepost. Her friend jessjann spouts the same BS with nearly the same exact picture. They share a lot of KOL (influencer) sponsorships. Most of these transition formulas are just cash grabs imho, especially for toddlers well past a year old

No. 309732

She literally never shows him eating formula, only in ads. This is so pretentious. She makes sure to post his every meal on insta stories - both before and after eating, has "toddler-approved" recipes series, but when a formula company throws a couple dollars at her, suddenly he's been eating the damn formula all this time!
Totally agree with it being unnecessary. Toddlers are developed enough to digest cow's milk and it's adviced to switch from formula to cow's milk after the baby turns one year old anyway. (I'm not even gonna talk about the morally grey area of using your kid as an advertising and money-making tool).

No. 309736

You don't just stop the formula because the kid also eats solids too. It's a supplement, that's the whole point. She didn't say he only eats formula, she specifically says she add it to his diet.

No. 309741

File: 1697232695649.png (847.31 KB, 863x617, Screenshot_20231013-233023.png)

it's predatory formula marketing, there have been a lot of studies on it. The vast majority of healthy toddlers do not need artificial transition or toddler milk powders, most of which contain cow's milk, sugar, and corn syrup. These claims about immune and brain support are also designed to get parents to believe this product is better than feeding healthy meals with milk or milk substitute (if the child has an intolerance)

No. 309767

File: 1697248440037.jpg (136.35 KB, 747x586, 125130554.jpg)

Slightly off topic but doctors actually advise the opposite. Toddler formula is just a cash grab. Depending on feeding practices and dental hygiene it can actually lead to tooth decay.(off-topic)

No. 309775

Can someone explain why Taytay even needs to do sponsorships/ads, when she's already married to a millionaire…?? It's not like she needs the money

No. 309777

Because she's an influencer and that's her job. I have no problem with ads, but I have a problem with this ad specifically as well as her other questionable "partnership" choices, like the CCP-sponsored posts or the failed bank ads. The reason being the very fact that she has money and can afford to pick and choose what to endorse.

No. 309826

But she doesn't need any kind of job. She's married to an extremely wealthy man. It doesn't make any sense, unless she's bored of just sitting around drowning in money I guess.

No. 309829

In her images she has him drinking from a bottle, I assume if she actually used this it would contribute to malnutrition to have a toddler still bottle feeding. It's just marketing like some parents still breastfeed up until crazy ages like 6, I'm sure some parents prefer to infantilize their children and use formula longer than needed but considering how many videos Taylor posts of her child "helping" her cook and eating a variety of solids, I doubt very much she actually uses this product.
Young mothers are one of the most competitive groups on the internet, like they are always arguing over the "right" way and I saw a thread a while ago where mothers were discussing this phenomenon; basically whatever the recommended practice is today, is pretty guaranteed to be a massive no-no like 3 years later so it's entirely trend based, I don't envy Taylor having to deal with aggro moms in her comments and messages kek

No. 309830

imo she takes these jobs the same way she took her modelling jobs, she doesn't need the money but doing these jobs is part of her image as an influencer. If she didn't take any jobs it would look like she wasn't getting offers.
She's working for a portfolio/image rather than for money.

No. 309833

NTA, but how did you come to the conclusion that malnutrition would be present? She mentions it as a supplement in her text post. Parents also feed their kids things like Pediasure which is also a milk supplement drink for children. It's just to make sure the kid gets extra vitamins and stuff added on top of what they have introduced into their diets. Formula isn't any worse than what sugar does to teeth unlike what >>309767 is suggesting.

No. 309835

File: 1697320548825.jpg (330.68 KB, 1080x1678, IMG_20231015_014444.jpg)

She says it's a sippy cup. But I agree with the rest. It's just a marketing tactic aimed to fearmonger young mothers into thinking they're not doing enough for their kids. Notice how both Taylor's and Jess' posts stress its effects on the "immune system" and "brain".
"You don't want your kids to grow up sick and dumb, do you? Then go buy our corn syrup with cow milk powder, reinforced with LACTOFERRIN - our formula is the only one in HK that has it!". Putting it this way makes it obvious how disgusting these ads are. S/N do you know where else you can find lactoferrin? In cow's milk. Shocker.

Anyway, I'm glad majority of her comments are calling her out on the bullshit marketing tactic and disapprove of this partnership.

No. 309838

>Taylor isn't saying anything about kids being sick and dumb
Of course she isn't. But the aim of this formula's ads is exactly this - use our products so your babies grow healthy. I'm just paraphrasing and exaggerating what the text says.
It's obvious that the claims and the supposed benefit list is sent by the company, Taylor (and Jess and the other HK-based mommy influencers) just had to weave it into her post and try to make it not scream "AD".
Nice comparison with supplements for adults! Great point!
Interesting how we judge the Kardashians and fitness influencers for shilling vitamin pills and protein powders, but when it comes to kids, suddenly it's ok to advertise and endorse it.

No. 309844

I don't think they meant it's any better for adults.

No. 309849

I'm not suggesting it's any wore but feeding to sleep is a very common practice that can lead to tooth decay. Kids are more likely to have a bottle of fomula last thing at night after brushing their teeth than a sugary drink or candy. Not that it matters I only came here to suggest doctors do not recommend you continue formula past the first year, regardless of what Instagram mums and companies project with advertising.

No. 310112

she hasn’t needed to work since Japan when she was living in Tom’s apartment and lying about the whole thing with her fake guest room bedroom on youtube lol. pretty sure Tom expects Taylor to work because she’d be insufferable at home all day without being terminally online for most of it. being an influencer keeps her busy, skinny, in makeup and out of his hair so he can game and eat freezer dumplings in peace.

No. 310323

File: 1697788081934.jpg (1.25 MB, 2160x2880, IMG_20231020_114435.jpg)

Styling your clothes? That's rich, coming from a person who habitually copies outfits from clothing stores' online catalogues kek fashion influencer my ass kek(nitpicking)

No. 310325

She does look nice here. This is a tiktok trend, so she'd do it eventually.

No. 310411

Interesting how hair color makes such a difference in how someone looks… dark hair makes her look really frumpy vs usually looking pretty with light hair.

No. 310412

I think it's the hair's undertone clashing with her skintine, making her look more sickly and washed out. Same happened when she had platinum blonde.

No. 310415

File: 1697885880362.jpg (537.71 KB, 1080x1828, IMG_20231021_133959.jpg)

The high bun isn't for her it looks like she still has some postpartum hair loss(nitpicking)

No. 310446

Damn her hair got so thin there. She used to have such gorgeous hair. I think it’s a mix of hormones and age catching her.
The outfit is so heavy and uncreative. Nothing that has to be documented tbh

No. 310457

File: 1697928432366.jpeg (516.96 KB, 1179x1765, 15BF5263-3859-40D0-8A4E-281271…)

she’s also ripping content/activities without credit from some of the biggest toddler accounts on insta lol. being kimono mom jr. (except actually senior) with levi and now this(pointless nitpicking)

No. 310464

The poster is in the top left..

No. 310484

File: 1697960696167.png (1.04 MB, 864x1501, Screenshot_20231022-094056~2.p…)

kek, she can't count, can she?

No. 310495

Sounds better than 1,5 years ago or over a year ago kek but yeah, should've omitted the number of years.
I'm just thankful she didn't post her retarded confinement again.

No. 310496

File: 1697981515623.jpg (316.02 KB, 1080x1894, IMG_20231022_160607.jpg)

Yeah, Taylor, I'm sure he'll be proud lol Imagine your biggest achievement being two seconds of fame for making an ugly joke out of yourself kek If I were her, I'd be praying to gods this fades into the dark corners of the internet by the time my kid goes to school.

On another note, is it really "making rounds" again? It didn't appear anywhere in my orbit (FOR AGES).(chronic sperging)

No. 310499

no, she just googles herself everyday, the cosmo thing is also from 2017. It wasn't even her original idea (but that's a tiny point in her favor). The woman on the left made the joke first. But Taylor went viral because idiocy + prettiness = £

No. 310500

This is one if the ugliest things she’s done. Worse than the Rihanna boots. I used to enjoy her stupid crafting videos back then. Too bad she completely lost passion for YouTube.

No. 310501

Do you follow cosmo? Lol

No. 310511

Dumb try, WK-chan. Cosmopolitan doesn't repost an ancient post about a stupid trend from an irrelevant nobody lol

No. 310606

"can't wait for Levi to stumble across this" girl Levi isn't going to want anything to do with you in the future with the way you treat him

No. 310629

Can we not tinfoil about her kid? It's unhinged.

No. 310678

Still to this day she’s following nobody on instagram. It seems so immature like? Not even your friends?(desperate levels of nitpicking)

No. 310696

If you base your friendship off of following someone, that's a pretty dumb friendship. She probably doesn't follow anyone because spergs make a big deal out of who is being followed. They do this with so many other cows, why even bother putting yourself, as an influencer, into that possible drama? Also, nice screencaps. This is an imageboard.

No. 310708

File: 1698267906027.jpg (588.62 KB, 1080x1900, IMG_20231025_135026.jpg)

Lmao, is she shilling Zuck now? Interesting choice.

No. 310741

I think it’s a pretty good idea tbh. I think if a ton of popular female influencers started wearing nose hair extensions, millions of other women would very soon follow. It’s kind of parodying cosmetic trends and how stupid many of them are and also how susceptible women are to groupthink and following the herd at any cost imo

No. 310743

I don’t understand why Taylor married Tom, he’s ugly and short, there’s a ton of tall very handsome looking men in Asia and they probably have just as much if not more money than Tom, so why did she choose him? And in her youth Taylor would definitely be considered a at least 8 in Asia because she was skinny, pale and pretty with big eyes, so it’s not like she couldn’t have got a handsome wealthy husband from HK, maybe even an actor or singer too. Does she just like being able to have the power in the relationship by looking better and having more options than her husband does or something?(double-posting sperg rehashing ancient topics)

No. 310763

It’s not tinfoiling, she’s a terrible mom who only cares about clicks. She calls her kid a “leg accessory” ffs(calm down)

No. 311242

Of course no one knows the actual reason. This has been discussed many times and some theories people have talked about are:
>she could have low self-esteem despite her beauty, so she delusionally views herself and Tom as being the same level of attractiveness
>or it's the opposite and she could be a narcissist who feels the need to be the star and center of attention at all times, which is aided by having a much less attractive partner who makes her look even better in comparison
>or there's lots of competition for good looking rich men and maybe she didn't want to compete, so she went for the low hanging fruit that was an easy win

Either way, she could always still majorly upgrade later after a divorce and alimony is set up. She's pretty and takes care of herself so she will still look good later in life, especially to Asian men who fetishize white women.(derailing/rehashing old milk)

No. 311246

She most likely has a private finsta with her friends on it, this is her business account.
Also is why the stans who claim she never posts unmarked ads (all the free stuff and services she gets and posts in stories) are full of shit, if she is just sharing with friends she'd post that on her finsta, not her brand account.
Yeah this a very old topic. She likes him, they get along, her kid is super cute so his genes aren't as bad as they appear kek I think he's just a slob.
Anyone notice how tall the kid is already? He is probably gonna be 6ft as an adult.

No. 311247

>Levi isn't going to want anything to do with you in the future with the way you treat him
So lots of varied playtime, toys, activities, food, mom home most of the time, what seems like a peaceful home environment, maid/nanny, he seems to be very well adjusted and hitting all his milestones…truly, a torturous life kek take your hatervision off. He's obviously extremely happy and healthy and she doesn't do any of the cruel viral shit many influencer parents do to their kids (mock, shame, overshare, embarrass them for clicks) like…what are you seeing

No. 311250

Yeah her son will probably be a quite tall and handsome wasian like Keanu, hopefully anyway. He looks like a happy child.(levisperging)

No. 311253

File: 1698745628531.jpg (781.2 KB, 1080x1898, IMG_20231031_134407.jpg)

Did she chop up half her cheek in photoshop, lmao?(nitpicking)

No. 311257

File: 1698755164605.jpg (345.43 KB, 1080x1336, 20140331.jpg)

She's been doing that for ages, anon. Here's another example.

No. 311269

File: 1698762113302.jpg (139.42 KB, 779x1280, IMG_20231031_072022_846.jpg)

I find this to be slightly disturbing. It's one thing to dress up in mild fetish clothes on Halloween when you're with other adults but I've never seen a woman don the frilly little girl socks and schoolgirl shoes for a family Halloween costume. This is just weird.(aren't you tired)

No. 311285

Yeah, I find it distasteful, too. If she didn't tell she was supposed to be a gnome, I wouldn't have guessed.

No. 311287

She looks like any interpretation of a gnome. Otherwise it would usually be beer girl waitress dress that most wear. There's nothing fetish about the thigh highs just because there's lace and she's fully clothed. Those are also high heeled black rounded shoes, not flat mary janes for kids. You're on something else.

No. 311295

File: 1698780354218.png (969.45 KB, 864x1677, gnomes.png)

you can have your opinion, but idk what you're on, because thigh-highs aren't really standard gnome wear. Mary Janes are Mary Janes, heel or not, look it up. From the waist down it looks like a cheap "sexy gnome" costume you'd buy online. Those might be the nicest shoes Tom's worn since his own wedding though.

I wonder why she spent all the time making a mushroom instead of her usual efforts to make a costume.(nitpicking)

No. 311297

>his genes aren't as bad as they appear
Nah it's because the kid got almost all Taylor's genes (lucky for him). He is extremely white passing, just the tiniest hint of being Asian at all in his eye shape if you look REALLY hard. Even his hair is Taylor's color. Basically defied all dominant/recessive gene logic.

It is not at all uncommon for moms to still wear slutty costumes… I see plenty of it every Halloween when they're taking their kids out. Might not be tasteful but don't pretend it's rare.(levisperging)

No. 311299

I'm more surprised at her sudden turn to sexy halloween costumes, instead of usual goofy ones. She never tried to present as "sexy", so it's a bit out of character.

P. S. Please stop the tinfoil about the kid.

No. 311334

Stop making me wk for Taylor kek. This is just a cute outfit, the only mildly "sexy" part is her stockings and heels and she has always shown off her legs so that's not new.
I think this is all super cute, just the right level of silliness imo.

No. 311336

Reminder that this thread is for discussing Taylor and her milk, not for pondering how attractive and/or whtie/asian her child will look when he grows up. Any further discussion along those lines will get a long ban. This is not a chatroom.

No. 311375

Yeah, sitting him in front of the tv all day, only holding him for pictures, getting mad he doesn’t want to wear a stupid costume, getting mad for existing and crying as a baby, etc. Great parenting.(baby sperging)

No. 311376

It’s giving “idk what to do with my face.” So modelesque(doubleposting just to fill up the thread with more retarded nitpicking)

No. 311379

>getting mad
I challenge you to find a single frame or photo of taylor where she has an expression anywhere close to anger, or even frustration. Neutral to smiling android is her emotional range, stop imagining shit.(ignore retard bait, just report it and move on pls)

No. 311552

File: 1699089671132.jpg (803.79 KB, 2880x2880, 20231104_101846-COLLAGE.jpg)

It's hard to imagine what she would discuss at a financial forum. Her PR posts? I guess not her dead online shop. "Work hard, be nice, marry rich"?(non-milk must be saged)

No. 311569

She'll talk about her ~successful carrier~ as a former model, turned youtuber, turned influencer. So what if she's half-assed all of her "careers"? As long as you pay, they'll pretend you're successful and qualified to give advice. She gave a speech at a uni before, ffs. This is similar.(samefag)

No. 311575

She has a good social media presence. That's probably why.

No. 311588

Still doesn't justify her speaking at a financial forum. I'd understand if it was an event dedicated or centered around social media or content creation, but this is too far fetched.
It's clear Tom pulled some strings again to get her on the panel, so no need to discuss further. It's old news, too.(tinfoiling)

No. 311609

This is an imageboard. Provide proof Tom pulled strings.

No. 311626


No. 311657

Does anyone know what happened with her family? She used to be so close to them but now it seems as if they don't speak?

No. 311658

I've watched her for years and there's been such a change since the birth of her child, something has happened. Her mom was meant to visit them in HK but it seems as if they don't even speak anymore..(tinfoiling, also learn to sage)

No. 311661

Take your stupid tinfoil bait somewhere else. And learn to sage before posting.

No. 311664

Uh did she not travel back to Canada a few months ago with Tom and Son and all the family hung out together? >>301134 (tagged is mom)

Helps if you actually watch the content before you start theorising.

No. 311666

Not seeing her flaunt about it doesn't mean she's not close with her family. She lives on a whole different continent, anon.

No. 311814

File: 1699338113788.jpeg (51.85 KB, 1179x424, 9DA53A80-5EAA-4A02-B341-DB79FF…)

nothing more about being a model, youtuber, or even mom to levi on the profile anymore. her HK handlers have made taylor so fucking boring these days. she’s such a weirdo but now all she can do is sqwak iT woRKs for mE and My faMiLY and sell toddler milk to hong kongers to express herself(give it a rest)

No. 311818

Oh, I didnt notice! How long has it been since she edited her bio?

No. 312839

File: 1700519005601.jpg (949.47 KB, 1080x1939, 20231120153812.jpg)

Is it me or she stopped pumping her face as much as she used to? Looks much better, imo.

No. 312845

She looks the same..

No. 312866

probably just different stuff she gets done now. Her right cheek looks really round and full tbh which seems a little unnatural. However I like her darker hair it makes her look more mature and classy.

No. 312921

Lol…is this supposed to be a model pose?

No. 312968

She's shilling the bag. There's no pose she can do with that ginormous "handbag" and not look awkward.

No. 313006

true, but she could've done better than the "omg someone poor just tried to talk to me" look

No. 313009

nta but she's moving in the photo, so it looks kind of candid. might be reading in to it too much.

No. 313027

kek, it's obviously not a candid. This wasn't from a video, anon

No. 313678

File: 1701264833851.jpg (352.12 KB, 1080x1900, 20231128_173408.jpg)

Where's anon who hated her wet sleeves? Your prayers have been heard kek

No. 313904

I had to kek when she showed the "dry" under arms and there was a drop running down her arm. Was this an ad?

No. 313996

I don't think it was, but she's been doing so many sneaky ads recently that I can't say for sure. She's been posting so rarely recently. The only time she posts a story is for an ad or promo mail from companies.
She did mention the other day that Levi had a cold, but c'mon, she stopped posting regularly after Halloween, he can't have a flu for a month.

No. 314007

She posted something that a "respiratory illness" in HK is pretty bad(Covid?) and a picture of Levi on her lap with a hospital bracelet so it seems she's pretty busy to say the least. Sorry no screenshot because the story expired.

No. 314013

There is. It's pretty severe and it's a form of pneumonia, not covid.

No. 314062

File: 1701608364230.jpg (387.51 KB, 1080x1892, 20231203_162545.jpg)

Every now and then I start questioning her language skills. Was it necessary to clarify that 'creamy' doesn't necessarily mean it has cream in it? Does she understand everything literally all the time?

No. 314063

File: 1701608461437.jpg (Spoiler Image,491.24 KB, 1080x1916, IMG_20231203_165930.jpg)

Seems like the kid's doing better now.

No. 314072

It's not that deep.

No. 314402

She probably has to explain things like this to Tom very often since his English language skill (and her Mandarin) is at the level where words are taken literally.

No. 314459

It's coming off as really racist the constantly nitpicking about their language skills. They understand each other fine.

No. 314543

Didn’t she say she wanted to have a big baby bump by December? I wonder if they decided to be one and done

No. 314559

Well, I guess this year she learned that you don't always get what you want kek. If she thought making the same wish in the same place is gonna work twice, someone has to explain coincidences to her. Besides, it's not like the wish came true by magic, she made a whole series about how she got pregnant. She, like many other women who go through ivf and get pregnant, only remembers the good bits and forgot how much stress and work she went through before getting there the first time.
I'm surprised she's not seeing fortune-tellers this time kek

No. 314563

Why is there an anon in here constantly defending Taylor every single time someone brings up something negative about her ?????? Give it a fucking rest. Seriously.

No. 314582

That's our resident WK-chan. We keep her as a pet. And since you addressed it, Wk-chan should look up what racism is. Calling people out for not learning the language of the country they lived in for a decade on and off is not racist, quite the opposite.

No. 314670

File: 1702021224152.jpg (2.36 MB, 2160x2160, 20231208110128.jpg)

TayTay misusing the term "mombrain" again. Ugh, just say you got it confused and move on, jeez.

I wonder if the family getaway is another sponsored staycation. Given how many stories she made about it already, it probably is. She didn't post this often when she was packing for Canada.

No. 314692

She's using it correctly meaning she was busy with the kid and didn't even notice her shorts. What context are you looking for?

No. 314737

where did she say she was busy with her kid and didn't notice her shorts?

No. 314747

File: 1702069297821.jpg (458.96 KB, 1080x1899, SC20231208185859.jpg)

Judging by her usual tagging tactics when it comes to sponsored "holidays", this is an ad for the place.

Precisely. Anon just made assumptions to wk for Taylor. Even if she mentioned being distracted by childcare, it's still not "mombrain". Mom brain is not ANY mom making a dumb mistake, it refers to forgetfulness, brain fog etc during pregnancy and postpartum - Taylor is neither, so she misused the term as op mentioned.

No. 314758

You're really nitpicking the term "mombrain"? Kek

No. 314760

Forget the tag, I love how the card only greets Ms. TALYOR lol It has Tom and Levi's doodles, yes, but why would they not mention them, too?

No. 314769

Poor staff member had to hand illustrate her a card, I think we can forgive the typo. The booking/sponsorship is with her hence her being named, like all those makeup artists who get handwritten thank you cards in their PR.
With the mombrain thing it's possible she still has some brainfog effects from the pregnancy, it takes the body years to recover entirely. But pockets normally go on the back of shorts so it's not like some shameful boo-boo

No. 314791

Is she not required to specify that the trip is sponsored? I didn't see her hashtagging or mentioning that it's an ad in any of her stories. Is the law in HK different?

No. 314800

It's not, she's just tagging them. She's never been caught not disclosing an ad, but anons tinfoil about it a lot. A lot of influencers tag without sponsorship because it makes them look important and invited, but invites aren't the same as sponsorship and doesn't automatically equate to being an ad. It could even be that his company set this up, not even her side of the relationship.

No. 314803

As far as I know she has no obligation to disclose a sponsorship/ad in Hong Kong, unlike the US and even China.

No. 314810

File: 1702150635691.jpg (1.63 MB, 2160x2160, 20231209_04.jpg)

lmao, i understand the tinfoil accusations, but c'mon, it's obviously sponsored by the resort. she literally used their promotional hashtags, the same ones they used on their page when reposting pictures of other influencers.
she has been posting nothing but promos for half a year now, except for occasional cooking and workout content. and suddenly there are literally dozens of stories about a waterpark? very suspicious. if she suddenly releases a vlog about it, it will be the cherry on top lol
i love how anon calls out others' tinfoiling by tinfoiling about it being related to tom and his business, when the typical collab card was addressed to taylor. kek the pot calling the kettle black, eh?
she's never been caught not disclosing ads because she can get away with it in hk. she didn't disclose the cafe where they did levi's early birthday party either and some anons here brushed it under the rug, too. is the owner of this place her friend, too? and was gifted the experience again kek?

No. 314824

Tbh, who cares if we can't even prove it? If she's hashtagging it, then that's probably enough for HK laws. It's not even funny, this is just annoying to constantly post and tinfoil over.

No. 314863

I think what Anons posted is proof enough? We can't get screens of her bank account with the transaction or DMs about the collab, can we? But it is important to post evidence of her being deceitful about ads so that wk-chans can't spew bullshit like "she has never not disclosed ads" like they did earlier. She obviously has done exactly that on multiple occasions.

No. 314865

Kiki cares.(hi cow)

No. 314872

the sole fact that she's not transparent with her followers and posts ads without tagging them as such is problematic. it's just a shitty thing to do. anons might not care about it, be annoyed that we point it out, but it's a rampant problem among influencers and she's no exception.

No. 314873

It's not really being deceitful.

No. 314924

She doesn't have to follow FTC.

No. 315221

File: 1702547461625.jpg (452.44 KB, 1080x1879, 20231214_133253.jpg)

She is getting wiser. No tantrums about "budget" cakes this year kek(constant nitpicking)

No. 315232

tbf she didn't throw a tantrum last year over her cake (which had the big Sailor Moon holding Levi on it). She complained a little about what Tom wanted for his own birthday. Their birthdays are about one month apart.

This cake looks tastier than the fondant cakes, not sure why this is the pic she wanted to upload of it, showing your child's hands in communal food all the time will just make people not want to eat at your home. just my opinion tho

No. 315234

Oh, jeez, I forgot about that. Second hand second hand embarrassment kek.
I totally agree. This looks much better than the inedible plastic that is made just for looks. No idea why she was so hellbent on those. There are cute and personalised cakes that can be eaten but whatever, I digress.
I'm pretty sure they were the only ones eating this particular cake, but yeah, agree with the sentiment.

No. 315237

yeah she just shows Levi's hands in food while she's cooking all the time, I notice it's every time they cook now. The most infamous time I can't put here bc someone could complain ig, but he was scooping all the noodles she's going to cook into his mouth. No wonder they pass illnesses to each other over and over. Though they were all healthy enough to go into germy ball pits last week so who knows.(extreme autism. take a break)

No. 315238

That's pretty typical of mothers and families and kids get sick all the time and their parents/siblings because of it. If it wasn't at home, it would be something brought back from a daycare.

No. 315257

File: 1702591471201.png (601.54 KB, 720x1005, spew.png)

nta but I can't believe nobody posted this yet. this is exactly the kind of milk I expect from our favorite lolcow.
>kid puts food in mouth
>laughs and pull it out of kid's mouth
>put it back in bowl
>film all of this
>serve abc noodle to guests

No. 315260

I don't think she served it to guests.
Moms find it cute, but I agree, she could've given him a small portion of it to play with instead of letting him chew and put his hands into the big bowl. (not that I approve of kids playing with food, but it's not my kid and not my food).

No. 315263

File: 1702597236928.jpg (216.7 KB, 876x1947, backinthebowlyougo.jpg)

>she could've
she didn't. that's why it's milk and she's a lolcow who keeps on giving.

No. 315271

It's just for family, stop sperging and ban evading over shit every family does with their children. It's tinfoil to assume it's served to guests. It is not milk.

No. 315272

File: 1702602108273.jpg (115.75 KB, 743x1280, ifcarolonlyknew.jpg)

I am not banned, retard.
get the fuck off the board. nobody likes you.
you want tonfoil? I bet they force you to babysit this thread or else you don't get to eat the droppings from babbies mouth.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 315275

It's gross but honestly rather his hands than Tom's kek. Also I'm nta but did she change or are these just different days and maybe it wasn't served to guests? I'm not trying to infight with anyone btw if that wasn't already obvious.

No. 315276

File: 1702602804150.jpg (580.37 KB, 1989x1947, takecaution.jpg)

really just thought it was amusing and didn't even expect a reply. now people are nitpicking about when she did and didn't serve it to guests.
>just ignore the wk guys
I come here like once in 3 months and now someone makes a wk reply to every single post and accuses everyone itt of being the same person. talk about tinfoil.

No. 315277

>it's not milk it's totally normal
same nona btw (so you can calm your tits). is this normal in your country? in most of the western world, we don't feed chewed food to the live-in help.

No. 315278

APPARENTLY this is a big issue everyone. we all need to scrutinize all milk with 50 posts anout whether or not batshit lolcow behavior is "normal". everyone please stop what you're doing and put in your two cents. we need to unanimously decide whether being paranoid about covid and then playing with spit up food is entertaining for every single person itt before any posting cam continue.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 315279

Uh I'm not even sure what you rambling about and that's not how you use greentext. Nothing I said even remotely eludes to telling you to "ignore the wk" kek. I don't give a fuck whether she did or didn't serve it to guests, I was asking a genuine question and you're going on some deluded tangent. This is why this thread is so heavily moderated, because people like you can't chill the fuck out and form a coherent sentence when posting regardless of the obvious wking that also happens.

No. 315281

it's in the op.
>Beware the white knights and stans in Taylor’s thread
>Focus on the milk
ignoring you is tolerance. why you should be tolerated? justify your existence.

No. 315289

File: 1702618775849.jpeg (548.61 KB, 1179x1967, D64C9E7B-208F-4FEA-A641-A9D5E3…)

they only went with this cake because like literally 99% of anything taylor puts on her feed now it’s an #ad or a #gift or a #promo from whatever hk business she’s paid to shill for that day

No. 315292

Yeah. It's gotten so bad that every time she posts a story I'm convinced it's an ad or a promo.

No. 315293

Something can be tagged without it being a promo, this one specifically.

No. 315297

Every time this thread gets bumped I know to expect a new tinfoil or nitpick but this is getting ridiculous. It´s a small child, they play with all kinds of stuff and don´t care about germs. Kids get sick often too but that strengthens their immune system. If it stays in the family then what´s the problem? The pumpkin he touched was baked in the oven afterwards. If you can´t handle people touching your food with bare hands I recommend never eating at a restaurant.

No. 315298

Not any of these anons but I too have noticed his hands are on the food in virtually every clip. Even the cafe she got the cake from commented on it >>315289
>I love how he's putting his little hands into the cake
That's different from an adult who understands food safety and has washed their hands to strawman anon >>315297
Like we all know toddlers aren't clean, and will touch everything with impunity and without any handwashing occurring (adult men too, to a bizarre level) but her disciplining him about it at this age is fairly pointless.
All that said, as a viewer if definitely doesn't make me want to cook nor eat the meals she shows in her "cooking content", the same way if someone had their cat on the table walking over the rolled out pastry I will not want to eat it.
Artists do this shit a lot with letting their cats sit all over art prints or products that are going out to customers in videos because it's "cute" but to me it has a similar mildly offputting effect.
I'm sure she just thinks it's cute and doesn't think about it further, she's been lucky enough not to be a victim of autoimmune issues, post viral fatigue, etc and not have that more fastidious outlook about cleanliness that people who have been sick long term have.

No. 315300

Nobody cares about food safety if it’s between parents and child dumbass. Parents and kids are expected to share their microbiome and kids have to be exposed to their parents germs to strengthen their immune systems. If there’s a bug going around and the kid gets it it’s expected the parents will get it too and vice versa. This is just common knowledge. It’s only relevant if non family members are eating there too and she probably made him wash his hands before anyway.

No. 315309

Which they aren't serving it to guests like you said, so not even sure why all this nitpicking is being posted by other posters. it's probably because the users don't have kids

No. 315360

Nayrt and obviously shared germs aren't a big deal between the two
But my mother never let me just haphazardly stick my hands into food at that age, let alone pose me to do it so she could snap a picture. Why would anyone want their child's hands stuck into a cake when they could easily gently prevent it from happening? It's fake mommy blogger bullshit.
Parents who purposefully get their children covered in food are gross. This reminds me of those retarded "dump dinners"(blog)

No. 315453

File: 1702792527764.jpg (1.15 MB, 2160x2160, 20231217_093856.jpg)

i just love it when taylor, a notorious shopaholic overconsumption queen, draws the line levi's toys. when she said the stones are "pricey" i assumed it's a thousand dollars or something. her chanel hair tie costs more than ten of these stones, lmao.

No. 315456

Dumb nitpicks as usual aside, it's not a bad decision to test before you buy, especially when something like this is usually not rentable and only purchasable. That's pretty cool on the company to do that when it's not a big thing like a bed.

No. 315641

another thing is, for all taylor’s “money” they’re tied to this two-ish bedroom apartment (because hong kong) and the kid’s crap already overrun the place. weeks ago taylor fucked up some corner of her bedroom diy-ing (why) a place for shooting content and we haven’t seen her back in it since lol. there’s always toys shoved out of the way and piling up in the background in her stories now. no wonder she isn’t bringing a pile of foam stones in. I cannot imagine the waste this family produces from PR alone, nevermind the toys. they’re never gonna have room for more kids the way they’re living now.

No. 315657

File: 1703004439063.jpg (1023.36 KB, 1079x1858, 1000004933.jpg)

I think you're overthinking this. We see Taylor admit to donating clothes, that's sustainable. She's donated old toys/baby stuff to friends. Friends gave her stuff too. Even when she thrift shops its "wasteful". Pick one. Also have you never been to a parents home? Kid stuff is always everywhere, but I'm looking at her stories and what you're describing isn't even happening unless you mean stuff like this on the literal window/wall. >>315453 this is also a typical kids corner. It's not like there's a hoarding situation going on.

No. 315659

She already brought the "pile" of stones home, she just opted to rent them instead of buying. The thing is she is fine with senseless spending when it comes to trendy clothes and Tom hoards camping equipment. But somehow a kids' toy is "pricey" for them.

C'mon, don't exaggerate. Taylor and sustainability don't belong in the same sentence. She constantly shops for new clothes in bulks - be it second hand and brand new. She literally hoards clothing. Have you seen any of her closet reorganising videos?

No. 315664

Because kids grow out of toys and those stones probably only keep kids up to a certain age and weight entertained.

No. 315729

Nonna are you nitpicking that she is doing something financially responsible? Tbh I don´t really think she´s spending much on luxury stuff or what did I miss? Yes she has one or two Chanel bags, Manolo Blahnik shoes and a YSL bag but that´s quite normal.

No. 315732

Also some were gifts, not her actually getting them personally. Anon is reaching.

No. 315751

ntayrt, but no one mentioned luxury? and she is overconsuming, wtf? she's constantly shopping for new clothes - luxury or second hand doesn't matter. overconsumption is overconsumption. you don't have to fight tooth and nail about every single post criticising her.
p.s. i don't keep tabs on her luxury items but you can't be serious with this.
>she has one or two Chanel bags, Manolo Blahnik shoes and a YSL bag but that´s quite normal.
last time i checked luxury items were not "quite normal" kek

No. 315760

Go lurk more, she has a sizeable designer bag collection (Fenty, Chanel, YSL, Stella McCartney, many others), Chanel white gold diamond love cuff with matching earrings (bracelet visible in several videos including stories at the gym), Tiffany diamond T bracelet, Chanel leather scrunchie, and so much more. She doesn't stop consuming and she owns plenty of brand-new designer pieces in addition to the her giant diamonds. No one is going to spoonfeed you and make a list of all her shit just because you can't go back to previous threads to find it. And that wasn't for free, she and Tom bought the items and her engagement/wedding rings themselves ffs.

No. 315845

Ntayrt, but this is the dumbest fucking nitpicking infighting I've seen. Just shows she's a dry cow.

No. 315885

File: 1703176119248.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x3016, IMG_20231221_202407.jpg)

Old milk by now and we discussed the hell out of it.
I'm posting it solely to document the fact that it was indeed a collab - not a "gift", not a coincidence, not her "just tagging" the business because she's nice like that etc. I'm just leaving this here so that wk-chans can't rewrite history months later.

No. 315887

All this proves is that anons need to stop tinfoiling about if it is or not. Looks like anons were right that she discloses these.

No. 315908


She is not disclosing it as an #ad or #sponsored or #collab even in the post, but it can't be clearer than it is.
I wonder how many of her followers actually live in HK or in neighbouring countries and will use the code lol

No. 315961

Nts, but see >>314803 This is why anons day to stop complaining about it. You're fighting over rules that don't even apply to her.

No. 315982

kek, every single other influencer who did this staycation collab talks about temperature of the water and the room (30C). Click on one of the hashtags to see it. idk why but it's funny. Must be in their script for what they should post on IG.

No. 316003

Omg, good catch! That's such a ridiculous marketing tactic, I can't. Did they just dump a bunch influencers there and said "say we have 30°C everywhere"?

No. 316027

Tom looks like a frog
I was recently rewatching her old-ish videos and realized her old "toat" goop rip off business is dead since a long while. You never hear anything about it anymore. I remember her being so pround to invest some of her model money and being able to open a business. I guess that wans´t really true (obv) or she would be behind this much more.

No. 316040

File: 1703285823668.jpg (79.59 KB, 759x730, IMG_20231222_165606_529.jpg)

The whole toat thing was so bizarre. The only mention she's made of it recently was in one of these outfit reels where she said the shop is "currently on pause." It's been "on pause" for ~3 years now.

No. 316043

It's not only the shop. The blog was not updated since early 2021. I understand that the business side was put to halt during the pandemic, but how hard is it to push a couple of articles every other month? Same for the insta page. It's been dead even earlier - the last post is from August 2020.

I wonder if Tom's shady business is still listed under toat. Total tinfoil, but may be that's the only reason the keep toat now.

No. 317012

bless you

No. 317472

File: 1704799751810.jpeg (280.75 KB, 828x1325, IMG_2248.jpeg)

Jessica is pregnant with baby number 2 I’m sure Taylor is fuming kek has anyone noticed how she is only posting ads and nothing else anymore? She doesn’t share anything personal anymore. I noticed it already around thanksgiving I believe when she would usually make a big deal of her family etc

No. 317473

File: 1704801542854.jpg (1.27 MB, 2160x2160, 20240109_155411.jpg)

I came to post the same thing kek and point out that she keeps copy-pasting reels from other (often smaller) creators. At least she credited the original creator this time. But it's almost shot for shot the same. I mean, if you're gonna rip off content, add something to it so you have a leg to stand on.

She completely abandoned her YouTube channel, too. I have no idea what's her job anymore. Professional (not disclosed/not fully disclosed) ad shooter?

No. 317477

>I noticed it already around thanksgiving I believe when she would usually make a big deal of her family etc

Ikr? She usually made such a big deal out of "family" holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but last year she just ~forgot~ about Thanksgiving lmao and for Christmas all she did was a couple of reels about "viral" this and thats, posted a bunch of ads and dipped for a week "to take a break" - only Taylor knows from what, cause she's been very inactive for most of the second half of the year. And no, making soulless ads does not equal or count as posting content.

No. 317529

So not making it a spectacle is an issue but why? Weren't anons complaining when she would?

No. 317531

This is a video trend and short form is the new YouTube.

No. 317536

She seems overall alone in HK
Their outskirt house in a jungle, her being alone in there with levi adds up to it
Taylor doesn’t seem to do much aside from posting at home recordings like cooking or dressing up. Rarely photos of her going out.
After going canada and being Surround by family i think coming back in HK makes her anything but happy thats why her motivation is less to make content like past.(unsaged newfag)

No. 317542

File: 1704894010709.jpg (374.76 KB, 1080x1873, 20240110_140445.jpg)

It's a minor thing, but wasn't she surprised to learn the correct way to say this like a year ago or something? Kek(retard nitpicking)

No. 317543

The mommy vlogger fashion vlogger influencer life in 2023/24 seems like such a grind unironically. Making short videos might seem easy but you still need to set up every shot, outfit lighting props, act it out, edit, add captions, the same as a longer video.
It's the same effort but for a minute or 10-30 seconds of content. Plus the culture of copying scene for scene suits Taylor since she's always been doing that, but also means anything you make can be acceptably lifted wholesale by others, so there's no protection for anything new you come up with.
Plus all the assholes in the comments, often strangers swiping with zero background knowledge. In terms of Instagram influencers it's a lot of advertising/promo/sponsored posts, grinding out short clips and not a lot of self expression.
I haven't seen anything truly personal from Taylor for years it seems like, but it's the same for all influencers in her sphere. It's gonna get worse if she stays in HK imo because her content is limited by her isolation, home and family in Canada makes her seem more human and personal but it doesn't look like that's happening.

No. 317544

She’s definitely lonely and homesick. How long before she convinces Tom to move to Canada? My guess is she desperately wants to get pregnant again before they pack up and move. She said it has always been in their plan to relocate to Canada closer to her family.
Also, besides Carol and Jess, her only other friend seemed to be Joyce and it’s been nothing but crickets between those 2 for a long time. I wonder if they had a falling out?(tinfoiling)

No. 317550

>Mine as well
God she´s so retarded

No. 317559

Anons think short form content isn't work. The same way they think camgirls don't do work. Don't bother explaining. Anons have gone over this issue before, it's just an easy nitpick for other anons when taylor has no other milk.

Because you haven't seen a post about her? That's not how friendships work. Lol

No. 317563

She's a wealthy stay at home mom, that's her "job", it's not really milk. Anons are admitting she doesn't really show personal things online anymore. There are plenty of boring, shallow, cringey rich people and influencers making content like she does now. It seems like she loves her kid and might be genuinely enjoying her life privately and thus doesn't need to overcompensate for her insecurity by posting about it anymore. Maybe she graduated from being a cow.

No. 317565

That's what I'm thinking. Anons keep bringing up that she has slowed down her posting since the child and yeah, it has. There's no milk in the fact that she's slowed down and has changed content form. She doesn't do daily vlogs like she did 10 years ago, that's not milky just because she doesn't do it. I don't understand the complaining when it's obvious as to the why.

No. 317790

>The same way they think camgirls don't do work
This is such a poor equivalency kek

No. 317854

File: 1705394205430.jpeg (224.46 KB, 828x1472, 3D1260ED-95DA-41F9-B5A6-E6ECB4…)

Why tf is she shilling a see through t shirt and where is the hashtag ad(repetitive nitpicking)

No. 317855

File: 1705407968306.jpg (1.3 MB, 2160x2160, 20240116_161927.jpg)

I don't think she's necessarily shilling it, but I'm quaking at her "shop on pause".
In the reel she doesn't mention that the blazer is from her own shop and pretends it's something she "got" ages ago and is still wearing kek as if she went and bought it. No idea what's going on with the constant mentioning of her "shop". I haven't noticed her doing that previously.

No. 317856

File: 1705412120742.jpeg (357.64 KB, 712x1735, 7F689BC0-2E7D-435E-9DCD-94B804…)

this is the most put together outfit I’ve ever seen tom in and of course he’s wearing it to toddler playgroup to hang out with other mommies while his wife wanders the mall for instagram content

No. 317858

Nah, don't tinfoil. It's obvious Taylor dressed him. Levi is wearing the same for.

No. 317860

Sage for sperg but the oversize clothes trend looks like shit. Looks like she bought shit off the rack and didn't get it tailored, looks cheap.
Same with fatso but he couldn't fit into what was on the rack >>317856.

No. 317863

These fits look fine?

No. 317876

Anyone noticed how we haven’t seen her lower stomach or her pose from the side in a while? I wonder if she’s gained weight or is pregnant. In the past she’s been body check central so this is interesting.(tinfoiling)

No. 317923

She's been showing her bra, torso and even her panties in recent outfit dressup/style reels on Instagram, definitely no pregnancy to be seen and she referenced these reels being filmed only a week before in the comments (reel where she gets ready a week early, in comments she says the event/meet is tomorrow so video was filmed 6 days before)

No. 317924

samefag so I don't know why anon says no bodycheck since she's showing much more than usual. iirc there's an influencer who does similar dressup videos who she's mimicking, and that influencer starts off in bra/showing torso. But she's been doing a lot of these lately so idk where anon gets this specific tinfoil from

No. 317926

File: 1705519350619.jpeg (218.46 KB, 828x1533, IMG_2614.jpeg)

Valeria Lipovetsky? Yep she started the bra thing I guess

No. 317961

it is kind of weird and some gross moids have been in her comments thanking her for showing her underwear. I don't know why she chose this style of grwm to copy because it doesn't really seem like "her" at all, then again I guess no influencers are authentic. Views are views.(this is an imageboard)

No. 317964

Sooner or later most influencers end up making videos in underwear to attract more clicks. It's a very common thing. Some go as far as starting videos with putting on the said bra.

No. 317970

The sheer bra trend has been a women's fashion trend since before the pandemic. The tinfoil that's is just to get clicks has no merit here. Moids are going to be disgusting to every woman who wears trend like these. Might as well say all women who wear those clothes are "desperate".

No. 317986

He looks old enough to be her dad now. What a weird family(repetitive nitpicking)

No. 317996

File: 1705559484863.png (233.41 KB, 863x687, Screenshot_20240118-073251.png)

here's an example. I was falling asleep when I posted and forgot to attach it.

No. 318022

She´s posing now in underwear I guess and recently has been posting herself in a bikini (which is more socially accepted I guess) but I´m not surprised at all. All this reminds me of her birthing thumbnail for her youtube, like legs spread and all.(nitpicking/this is an imageboard)

No. 318029

It's a good sign, imo. She's finally happy with her looks.

No. 318204

Yeah I saw that comment, it was weird
kek "not hacked" in the user, I guess he says weird things all over this app

No. 318251

People have done these for almost 10 years. Grabbing random creators offline and assuming Taylor is copying them is asinine. Literally posted a "who??".

No. 318260

Valeria is a former(?) model with 2.2 million followers on IG, that's almost 4x what Taylor has. She has been an uncredited source for a lot of Taylor's current personality. You can easily look at old threads before claiming she's a "who??" or a random creator kek. Taylor has her exact engagement ring and an extremely similar eternity band. There was discussion years ago about whether she deliberately chose those styles because of Valeria's rings or not. And before you claim Tom picked them out himself - he did not, she (like any sensible woman) showed him styles she liked.

No. 318273

And that girl didn't do it first either. If you're going to try and say she's copying people at least prove she's copying people. Otherwise this is just assuming and it's not milky because of that.

No. 318277

I didn't post that she's showing her bra and underwear because of Valeria, so I don't have anything to say about that. However, no one needs to spoonfeed you or teach you how to google a "literal 'who??'", newfag.(infighting)

No. 318278

You do realize that there's so many people online that for a lot of people they don't know who this girl is which makes her a who or nobody to some people. She's not relevant to Taylor anymore and anons tinfoiled about the bands.

No. 318498

File: 1706187917715.jpg (269.05 KB, 1080x1893, 20240125160555.jpg)

Nothing special, but apparently madame Taylor no longer has time for her hair. I'd like to ask what's she so busy with lately, but I'll get banned for nitpicking kek
P. S. Isn't it normal to wash your hair NOT every day?

No. 318514

My god, it's just hair. There's no milk here and in a lot of asian cultures, no. It's not normal to skip days, even hair.

No. 318802



No. 318804

File: 1706719938811.png (2.23 MB, 2168x1901, JustWhy.png)

These are so hideously put together. For someone who claims to be into fashion and styling, she's really bad at it. That tutu outfit is hilarious. The silver stilettos with the grandma cardigan and acid wash frump jeans are certainly a choice.(endless vendettaposting)

No. 318805

File: 1706720805666.png (53.82 KB, 1412x306, Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 17.06…)

NTA but she is right, and it isn't white knighting to call out unnecessary nitpicking. Also integrate schizo

No. 318828

Assuming she came up with these in the first place is rich. She probably just copied the outfits from the online shop she got one of the items kek she hasn't had an original outfit since her very beginning as a "blogger".

No. 318831

File: 1706741439913.jpg (Spoiler Image,882.63 KB, 1080x1913, 20240201_001532.jpg)

She won't shut up about "unlucky" year, will she? Sometimes I feel like she's just looking for reasons to lament about her "difficulties".
I wonder who filmed this because Tom was in the shot, too. Does she always take her assistant on personal errands?(nitpicking)

No. 318833

At least post proof of her copying instead of assuming she did.

If bees did pop out, yes, that is unlucky, anon. There's no lamenting when that would be difficult. You're just nitpicking over terms for no reason.

No. 318837

i remember her complaining about the upcoming year being bad based on some dumbass chinese prediction, but it's a non-issue, really. no one cares.

>post proof of her copying instead of assuming she did
lurk more, newfag. she has a history of copying looks from online stores. no one's gonna spoonfeed you.(constantly ban evading vendettafag)

No. 318843

Post proof. This is an imageboard and no, she doesn't have a history as anons never post proof of this tinfoil and leave it at "trust me bro".(report and move on)

No. 319059

It's Kiki isnt it. It's always Kiki.(hi cow)

No. 319099

Yasss domestic housewife goddess queen, give us nothing(ban evading retard)

No. 319150

File: 1707330608762.jpg (1.33 MB, 4164x4574, IMG_20240207_223019.jpg)

I'm quaking at the fact that she ended up wearing the weird tutu combo in the end. And her followers are not having it either kek Tbf, I don't think skinny jeans would make the outfit better, but who am I to judge.

No. 319154

It's like 4 people lol

No. 319158

File: 1707335138325.jpg (163.25 KB, 1080x1355, SS2024020522.jpg)

Where's WK-chan asking for proof of her copypasting outfits? Here's an example I stumbled upon when window shopping the other day lmao. You know what's a funny coincidence? Taylor has a number of pieces from the same shop, gasp. Change some of the colours and it's her latest go-to combo. She posted a photo in a similar outfit today.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 319159

File: 1707335331467.jpg (1.47 MB, 2160x2160, IMG20240207.jpg)

Samefag, here's the screenshot of today's outfit, before I get banned for not posting images.

No. 319168

It's a cute look, but the socks are an abomination! If they were white with red dragons, they could've worked, but the red ones just ruin the rich, elegant look of the shoes.
At moments like this I'm convinced she has close to zero fashion sense, because if she can put together a beautiful look like this and then add the mismatched socks and be happy, I'm sorry, fashion police is at you door lol

No. 319173

You don't even see the socks.

No. 319181

File: 1707372988577.jpg (1.97 MB, 2160x7454, IMG_20240208_070330.jpg)

Tylor and Tom are trying to get pregnant again. Naturally for now but will try IVF again later on if needed. She also said she was pregnant but miscarried.

No. 319182

That's really sad for them, a miscarriage is traumatic. At least they are still trying.

No. 319184

Oh, that sucks. But early miscarriages are common, good to know she is over it and is trying again.

No. 319268

Tom is way too old. She should do ivf with a younger sperm if she doesnt want a retard child.(bait)

No. 319308

True but reminder that Taylor is also at geriatric pregnancy age at this point, so there would still be risks even if Tom was younger.(continuing derail)

No. 319325

That´s really crazy to dump this on the comment like that kek
>>319268 retarded child mommy when?

No. 319365

That’s what I was thinking. Pretty tactless to dump that on someone

No. 319366

File: 1707627445851.jpg (53.3 KB, 300x328, otaku3.jpg)

All I can see after reading this is tom cream pieing her and it's so absolutely repulsive, when you see these sugar daddy arrangements you forget about the fact that the girl actually has to fuck the thing the money and security is attached to, I wonder if Taylor is asexual and views sex as for reproduction only? Can't fathom her actually being able to reach orgasm looking up at that sweaty face, he looks like a caricature of the pedo Otaku Japanese men(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 319371

In some older threads, it was discussed how her couple of bfs before Tom were also old guys. She seems to have sort of legit fetish for gross old dudes rather than just being a simple golddigger, because she could've gotten a guy who was rich AND attractive but deliberately chose not to.

No. 319373

File: 1707639850037.jpg (666.56 KB, 1080x1899, 20240210_084739.jpg)

I had to read this twice… She could've phrased this better. Also love how all the envelopes are from brands that she shills.

No. 319377

File: 1707644410068.jpg (Spoiler Image,456.81 KB, 1080x1903, IMG_20240211_133503.jpg)

Is it only me or anyone else is uncomfortable with photos like this? Like, it looks cute and adorable when it's YOUR kid all oily and dirty, but when it's someone else's, it's disgusting and I don't wanna see it. Send it to your family, but don't post it for your followers to see, jesus.

No. 319382

I get where you’re coming from nonna, and normally I agree but I can’t help awwwwing a little because he really is cute kek. Very lucky for him that his mother is pretty, he’ll probably end up looking enough like her to cancel out his fugly geriatric father.

No. 319389

Yeah! The woman in the comment is doing ivf and taylor dumps on her that she 1) got pregnant naturally 2) miscarried 3) "but I'm fine now" (feels weird to preemptively say it idk) 4) is still trying naturally because "now we know I can!" All to someone doing ivf for the first time.

Also dislike the handmaiden angle, once again blaming herself for what is probably not even her medical issue. The first embryo she lost in ivf was one of the two "naturally fertilise" eggs. All their other embryos, aside from one, were made with icsi, the standard process for male factor ivf. "Now we know I can!" How sad, this misogynistic mindset where women blame themselves for problems conceiving, and sadder too that it gets broadcast to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

No. 319390

OG anon said she's trying for her second, but your point still stands, I agree. It was TMI.
Seconding all of the second half of your comment. I wonder if doctors bothered explaining to them that it is mostly his "fault" that she can't get/stay pregnant. I think if they explsined that during the previous ivf, she'd would know better and won't blame herself (again) now.
The sad part is that they'll more likely than not end up going with ivf again and she'll be the one literally hard-carrying it again - the injections, the surgery for retrieval, the implantation, not to mention the emotional toll.

No. 319395

Didn't Taylor say she was at fault for the IVF being needed? Why is everyone tinfoiling about Tom's sperm again? They've addressed this. Its not Tom's issue.

No. 319399

Yeah, you couldn't pay me enough to touch him. Old men are so repulsive to look at especially knowing most of them are brain rot creeps from decades of porn consumption.(nobody cares about your sexual preferences)

No. 319407

Because the type of treatment that worked for them in the end is used in male factor infertility. Taylor shared her journey in detail, including the things that worked and didn't work. That's how we deduced that it was equally, if not more, Tom's infertility that lead to the need of ivf. You can search the previous threads for details.

No. 319409

But she said it wasn't him.

No. 319413

she said in a previous vlog that she's not a very sexual person or not in tune with her sexuality or something like that. my guess is they have a dead bedroom for the sole purpose of reproduction lol.

i noticed lately there's no more "BAAAABEEEE" content like there used to be constantly. seems like they barely even get along anymore tbh.

No. 319418

They get along, nonna. Idk where you're getting that all. You're watching them through lolcow kek nothing had indicated they don't.

No. 319435

Her English is appalling for real, they are red envelopes not "red pockets" and the phrasing of "between now and 15 days later" is bizarre, she could have just said over the next two weeks. Literally reads like another language poorly translated back to English.
Yeah she's been covering for his infertility for years, sad but I hope she's self aware enough to know it is not actually her problem. She is in great health, had a smooth pregnancy, birth, healthy child and recovered/got fit again exceptionally well, it's clearly the 50 year old fat dude that's the problem but nobody wants to say it

No. 319436

She has stated that she has suffered from pcos, which can affect fertility.

No. 319437

She says specifically
>because I found out I have Estrogen dominance with low progesterone PCOS

No. 319444

File: 1707731243205.png (95.26 KB, 863x496, 1000020470.png)

You should delete and repost instead of samefagging. I attached the transcript, which is pretty vague. For someone who documents everything including her bowel movements in the hospital, her gynecologist appointments, her acne appointments, and her fertility clinic appointments, she sure didn't say anything about how this diagnosis came to be. Through all the ultrasounds and filmed hospital/clinic footage dating back to 2018, no doctor or nurse ever mentioned pcos or multiple cysts on her ovaries, no ultrasound ever showed multiple cysts, nothing. Sounds like she went to another woowoo doctor or did it herself through google. The first ivf embryo they lost, Taylor blamed herself, even though the doctor explicitly told her her hormones and uterus were perfect.

idk why you cape so hard for Tom here. Cows lie. Taylor has even admitted lying in the past. She has a long history of denying the truth in any situation that damages her or Tom's reputation. People can say whatever they want, but that doesn't make it true. It's not normal to declare yourself (and not your husband) 'infertile' after 6 months of barely trying either.

No. 319447


No. 319454

I mean, she already had one kid so it's probably not her fault as much as it is the old moids fault.

No. 319459

You don't get cysts just for having PCOS. You can have it and be lucky not to develop any. Even a Google search could tell you this.

Anon, at some point you need to give up. She said she has pcos, she doesn't need to post an entire video about where that diagnosis came from. It aligns with the issues of her embyros not sticking to develope. She lost a few during extraction anyway, so I don't understand why you're still going on about Tom. He may be old, but all the internal issues seems like its heavier on her side. This isn't a big deal and we have proof of it. There's zero reason to argue against the proof and no one was samefagging. >>319437 my post is not the same user as >>319436 quite a few anons are mentioning the absurdity of ignoring proof and milk in exchange for tinfoiling about the cow lying.

No. 319461

begging to be spoonfed while giving misinformation on purpose is bad behaviour. This is real proof >>>/w/210052
She had only one embryo fail to stick, btw, no eggs were lost during transference either. It's rather normal during ovarian stimulation that not all eggs are mature, you usually have to discard some.

No. 319463

No one is asking to be spoonfed anything. That post still doesn't say anything we don't already know and still doesn't back up anything about Taylor's body just working against her in general on top of PCOS. She could have a super healthy uterus, but her eggs and what those are going to do and how they will be accepted by her is a whole other situation. This is why it took them so many years to get pregnant. I get that anons want to just ignore all she has said because it's easy to blame Tom due to his age, but his age has nothing to do with it. Men have a higher rate of staying fertile for most of life, women actually do have a window. No eggs being lost doesn't change that only one successfully grew. This is all old, everything she's posted still backs up that it's her body that's been fighting this which is a terrible fate for her, but hopefully she's able to get pregnant again. That miscarriage is pretty sad, ngl, but that means they were able to get pregnant naturally, but if her body just doesn't want to grow a fetus that way, she might need to do IVF again. Again, it just goes back to her body is fighting her on this. It has nothing to do with Tom. He apparently got her pregnant, she however lost it.

No. 319467

>It has nothing to do with Tom. He apparently got her pregnant, she however lost it.
I hope you get banned for this fucking shit.(infighting)

No. 319468

if you're going to read it as blaming her and not just the fact that her body failed to carry the baby meaning "she lost it", then I don't know what to tell you, anon. That's just the facts of what happened.

No. 319496

I think we should collectively ignore anon(s) who ignore the science of it being a specific male factor infertility IVF method which resulted in a successful pregnancy, in order to whiteknight a 50 year old visibly unfit man who has never set foot in a gym as being a virile lothario (for some reason?)

If we ignore them hard enough they might go away.

No. 319499

>Taylor blamed herself, even though the doctor explicitly told her her hormones and uterus were perfect.

I often think about the clip where the nurse tells her her uterus has returned back to normal size after the birth and is perfect, she doesn't respond happily to this or react at all really. Doctors repeatedly tell her it's all perfect in there but she's dead set on believing she's the problem to protect his male fee-fees, very sad.
Absolutely insane for infighting anons to say stuff like "his age has nothing to do with it" when male sperm significantly decreases in quality as men age, and contributes to mental illness and autism for the children of old fathers. If you want a lolcow specific example, Lucinda is the result of a "fertile" older male. Actually such dangerous shit to be shilling.

No. 319520

We can move on from the fertilityfoiling now.

No. 319658

Why on earth is she having another kid? They barely even pay attention to Levi as it is

No. 319672

Tay's whole life revolves around him at this point, what are you are talking about? It's true for Tom but that's honestly just how things are in his culture anyway, all the burden of child rearing (among other things) falls fully on women.

No. 319684

You see clips online of her with her kid constantly, where are you getting this info?

No. 319698

He's in every video happily interacting with her, I swear some anons just make up stuff that sounds bad without even watching her content

No. 321434

File: 1708679472309.jpg (674.78 KB, 1080x1918, IMG_20240223_130552.jpg)

Looks like Rose's age is catching up with her. How old is this dog? 10? 11?

No. 321435

She must be stressed out right now between the miscarriage being aloss and then worrying about losing Rosie. That's some bad luck.

No. 321447

Not to sound mean, but toy poodles usually live for 12-15 years. It's an elderly dog and although the prospect of your pet dying is daunting, in this case it won't be an unexpected event.

No. 321454

File: 1708714375966.jpeg (314.06 KB, 828x871, IMG_4576.jpeg)

When i saw that I thought she ate chocolate or something poisonous. Rosie is not too old yet.
An another note this red outfit looks so tacky and her trying to look sexy (?) is so ridiculous

No. 321461

File: 1708718597816.jpg (532.29 KB, 1080x1915, 20240216131123.jpg)

It's even worse when the boots are visible.

No. 321472

File: 1708733351108.jpg (282.72 KB, 1080x1899, taylorred.jpg)

I actually like this, she had a red coat as well over top in one of the stories that matched.

No. 321489

“Hey guys :D my dog almost died! Btw here’s me wearing a v day outfit in a crusty part of town” what drugs make someone like this?(no emojis even ironically)

No. 321492

Omg, I didn't even notice the cstb and discoverhongkong tags when she posted it!
So it's another shill lol If I'm not mistaken she has advertised them before.
She's really using the "no need to disclose ads in HK" rule to its fullest. Makes me question every single post of hers, because you never know if something's sponsored or not.

No. 321493

that´s basically her job, advertising vor HK and sucking Chinese D

No. 321495

I didn't notice until you pointed it out. The contrast is so bad and the size of the letters is not helping either, not to mention the placement. Comparing it to the caption in the center really shows that it was done on purpose.


No. 321572

File: 1708863511307.jpg (Spoiler Image,554 KB, 1080x1924, 20240225_153916.jpg)

I got a jump scare. Side note, is he growing a beard now?(ban evading)

No. 321591

>>321572 what was she thinking by sharing this? good lord.(don't reply to bait)

No. 321604

Oh, here I thought she was wearing a v day outfit for Tom lmao nope it’s for HK

No. 321647

kek nonna me too. If she shared that, is this one of the better ones of him?! Thank god the child goes mostly after her.

No. 321651

File: 1708973801331.jpg (504.52 KB, 1080x1910, 20240226160755.jpg)

Are we officially back in the ana-chan era?(extreme levels of reaching to justify a post)

No. 321666

Do you not understand visual weight? She's not talking about literal weight

No. 321672

Are you sure the nurse was referring to her PCOS and not just, you know, the fact that her uterus was healing properly from pregnancy and childbirth???

Trying to understand why you think so considering this was a postpartum appointment and not a fertility appointment.(sage your shit )

No. 321677

You're retarded

No. 321680

Visual weight is about make up anon. She´s again, super late to the trend, I´ve seen it for month and she was sharing some info videos afterwards. Girl everyone knows already.

No. 321681

Gottdamn this thread is dry and retarded. Feels full of 35 year old euros now.(shitting up the thread)

No. 321687

So people on tiktok are 'bodychecking' their faces. Good to know.
I had to look it up, ngl, and it's obvious which category she's in. She has zero prominent facial features. Aimless question in the first place.(ban evading)

No. 321772

File: 1709220907614.jpg (1.13 MB, 2160x2160, collage02292024.jpg)

Gotta give it to Tom. I like his way of silently protesting by provoking Taylor. He hung the pan on an ugly, plastic hanger knowing how much she cares about "aesthetics". Gives me flashbacks about the time she tried to force him to hide the toaster every day because it didn't look good on the counter.

It's funny that in the video Tom tells her not to touch his pan. I guess he's mocking how she forbids him to touch her display towels and display fruit etc. And she responds with "This is not the aesthetic. It's not staying there" kek

No. 321773

Is there a whole network of western golddiggers in HK? This Georgia chick is just like Taylor (lazy trophy wife with an ugly wealthy husband)

No. 321776

Taylor isn't wrong, lol. You're not supposed to use metal on a non-stick coated pan, it completely damages it. He doesn't understand cooking at all and went as far as to get his own pan instead of listen to his wife. This isn't really milky at all, it's pointing out Tom, like most men, don't have any idea about how anything works household wise.

Interracial couples exist everywhere and it's easier for people who speak the same language to come together and be friends usually, even when just traveling. This has nothing to do with gold digging.

No. 321782

Beautiful younger women who don't have a real job being with ugly wealthy men = obvious golddigging, whiteknight. Don't see her bonding with anyone who isn't a fellow lazy sponge, like English teachers or something.

No. 321789

What a man-child. Sure, we only see Taylor's perspective, but this is just childish no matter how much she nagged him.

No. 321791

Wait, I thought he used chopsticks to cook everything?? They fight over the smallest shit

No. 321792

File: 1709240247081.mp4 (4.96 MB, 1080x1920, 1000021159.mp4)

Based on the reel, just seems like another staged "skit" for views. Am I nuts or does that pan look heavily used and not something he just bought (as she wrote in the messages)? or is it just dirty?

I can't really understand anything he says except "no touch" and "breakfast pan." It is manchild behavior for sure; she's right, you don't use metal utensils on nonstick pans. Going out and buying a new pan instead of just using wooden or nylon utensils + hanging it up (labelled as yours) is passive aggressive. We can only hope it's staged.

No. 321796

He's a brat and she's right. He's like most men who don't understand the kitchen.

No. 321797

She was obviously exaggerating a lot in her "marrying an Asian" video series.
Love his approach to solving a problem, though - throw money at it and call it a day lol

It looks used to me, too. That or he burned something to ashes in it and couldn't scrub it off.

No. 321805

Probably because he ruined it with metal on metal

No. 321806

if he did that on the first day he bought it, massive kek

No. 321816

I don't blame her for being uoset then lol let him be a baby and use his gross out in the open pan. Im sure they are joking with each other but like moat dudes, he probably thinks he's rights

No. 321820

Yeah probably. What rich man cooks his own food in the first place? Can literally pay a cook to make all meals every day.

No. 321867

It’s like passive aggressive “joking” then. She’s a control freak and I imagine he’s tired of it (it was the same thing with stupid display towels)

No. 321883

The control freak thing would make sense if she was wrong, but Tom is just an uneducated man about basic cooking. I don't think this is a skit like other anons said, I think it's just him being petty and thinking it's funny at the same time, but it just gives Taylor something to laugh at him about and share with everyone else, even message friends and post her friend's reactions online too. This whole thing is just stupid in general, but this doesn't seem like a control freak issue. Tom is just dumb.

No. 322066

Alot of followers accused her being a golddigger / tom's her sugardaddy. She made a video about it, she said it's not like that. What do you think??

No. 322075

Look through the old threads. There was a certain livestream where she accidentally admitted that she's with him for the financial security of herself and her family, but quickly realizes what she just said and immediately tried to backtrack with "b-b-but that's not the ONLY reason!!!" It was hilarious and yeah duh she's a golddigger.

No. 322078

Both can be true. No one wants to start a family when both people are broke. Financial security is pretty important. I never read that as her admitting to be gold-digger though, more like it sounded bad because she knew how people would run with how it sounded. Her and Tom seem really happy, they have a kid and want a second one. Starting a family knowing you're going to be okay financially is really important for the kids.

No. 322086

She's a beautiful (but lazy) young woman who got with an old, fat hideous man. Plus they can barely speak to each other and have only the most bare, superficial conversations. He's always treated her like a little kid too (he's old enough to be her dad so that makes sense). Idk how anyone can think she's anything BUT a golddigger. Of course she's happy with him, she got the life she wanted: living in luxury without having to lift a finger or work a single day in her life. If you think she genuinely fell in love with a fat ugly old man who she can barely talk to, that's just delusional.

No. 322112

>they can't communicate because they are different
This is such bad racebait.

No. 322131

They can't communicate because he barely speaks English and she speaks zero Chinese. That hasn't changed at all over the years which says a lot about the nature of their relationship. This is such bad whiteknighting.

No. 322139

Given that she's from a well off family she would have always married into her class anyway, with or without this man. Idk how that's shocking or gold digging. It's normal for rich people to marry either fellow rich or richer.

No. 322142

File: 1709654572082.jpg (453.44 KB, 1002x2204, 1000021481.jpg)

She posted a new vlog covering her trip to Canada in May 2023. Can't watch with sound yet, but here's the relevant part of the transcript that destroys the anon(s) giving fake 'trust me bro' info about their condo being on the market or sublet to other people. For example:
Actually based on the transcript the entire video feels so familiar and boring, has she already vlogged this whole trip? Maybe it is the Mandela effect though since I don't see any obvious vlog on her YT channel about it.

No. 322145

Anons already knew they weren't renting it out. There was the whole retarded infighting over electricity ffs. No one thought anyone but them were staying there. This isn't new or speculated info lol The only one who did was a constant ban evading vendetta poster who never showed proof to begin with under the guise of "not going to dox her".

No. 322156

She's from a middle class family and Tom is a millionaire. Huge difference. If her family was on the same level as Tom, she wouldn't have had to marry at all and could just leech from them forever. Idk how her literally confessing to this being the reason she's with Tom on livestream is not enough proof for you.

No. 322158

>Anons already knew they weren't renting it out. No one thought anyone but them were staying there.
Lurk moar, there was a discussion.
and so this >>298225 is the same
>constant ban evading vendetta poster ?
How do you know? "trust me, bro." It's saged proof of an issue discussed in the thread.

She talks about the gd wifi in this vlog too, it's like watching paint dry how boring it all is.(nitpicking old debunked milk/infighting)

No. 322159

>the entire video feels so familiar and boring

You're right, it's familiar because she already milked this trip in her stories and reels last summer. The vlog is almost a year old ffs. C'mon, Taylor, do you really have nothing recent to film and show? BTW, cmiiw, but she said last year that she didn't film much during the trip to Canada so there was no content to post. And now, a year later, she suddenly discovered enough footage for a (boringass) vlog?
Is she gonna post ages-old vlogs now?

Re: condo renting, you're focusing on the wrong thing kek. The true milk was her delusional "travel with a toddler" know-how where she brushed over the biggest "hack" - flying business. Even her followers pointed that out, but she kept insisting it made no difference lol

No. 322160

Anon highlighted unsaged tinfoilers regarding the apartment being for sale or rent. Never showed proof. It's pretty easy to spot fake milk posters and several anons pointed out the lack of milk to back to up this tinfoil. Move on. No one legitimately believed this.

No. 322161

>have nothing recent to film and show
everything and anything she films now will be posted a year later in a 'my infertility journey part two' docu series, mark my words lol
levi's birthday is this week. i wonder if she'll make a birthday video in time this year.

No. 322163

>they seem really happy

anon they fight over pans and towels lmao

No. 322166

Watching this made me feel sad for Levi. He seemed to have a good time with the other kids, family and the nature and animals. She said he grew a lot (I guess mentally) there too which makes sense after so many nice experiences. In Hong Kong he sits in his concrete fortress all the time and doesn´t get to play in the grass with other kids.

No. 322168

Where are you getting this info that he doesn't play with other kids or anything in HK?

No. 322172

He does all of that in HK, too. I don't remember how exactly the toddler development place he goes to was called, but I remember Taylor saying in one of the vlogs that she though it was a waste of money at first lol.
Anyway, I'm sure the other parents wouldn't be happy if Taylor showed up with a camera and kept filming their kids for her insta stories.
Levi is doing fine in the playmates front, don't worry. And as soon as he's old enough to go to a kindergarten in HK, they'll send him there, so mommy can "work more" kek I don't think there's a shortage of kids for him to bond with in HK.

No. 322175

Not sure why you think that. They seem to communicate just fine.

No. 322176

Yeah same here. He has so many other kids and people there who would love and spoil him. But mommy wants money in HK

No. 322197

Nonsense. I'm sure he plays plenty with the kids of her fellow golddigger friends like Kate or w/e that chick's name was earlier in the thread.

No one "thinks" that, we "see" that from all their interactions. Point to even one video where they have a deep, meaningful conversation kek(stop with the communication tinfoiling derailing)

No. 322201

File: 1709705608687.jpg (804.82 KB, 1079x1919, 1000005668.jpg)

This is for context so that some anons understand that this isn't a physical weight (kg/lb) thing she is going to keep bringing up. I have a feeling this is the new trend that is going to be beaten to death. It's all over tiktok too. Expect to see a bunch of trend stuff in spring.

No. 322202

since she's already married and no longer attempting to be a model, what possible reason could there be to neurotically analyse shit like this? Buhh guys do you think my eyebrows are bold or italic buhh spends two hours researching this burning question cross referencing against staring at own face

No. 322203

Because she's an influencer. It's just stable income for her and free gifts for short attention span consumers.

No. 322215

File: 1709724554471.jpg (1.58 MB, 2160x2880, 20240306_135730.jpg)

It's literally barely half-a-shade lighter plus a tad slimmer a brow. In both cases the application is messy and blocky and makes it look like she smeared something onto her brows, there's zero definition.
Imo, she could totally benefit from a darker brow. It would add dimension to her face, which with her current make up style looks like a beige blur.

I'm almost sure it's a one time thing for a sponsored post. She just used her usual tactics. Post a story out of blue for engagement, then make a reel/post with the sponsored product "solving" her problem.

No. 322217

>even one video where they have a deep, meaningful conversation kek
the autism of asking people this(infighting)

No. 322243

Farmers need to stop with the communication tinfoil when your criteria is them not filming it for you. It's weak racebait and there's never proof they can't communicate.

No. 322254

How about whiteknights need to stop whiteknighting. This isn't some fansite for you to defend your faves. The only person that keeps bringing up race is you btw.(derailing/infighting)

No. 322277

File: 1709761792120.jpg (341.85 KB, 1080x1636, SS20240306.jpg)

The fact that she thought she had "striking eyes" and it skewed her toward high visual weight. The delusion kek Having a habit of opening your eyes wide because it's the only way your frozen face shows emotion doesn't make them striking, Tay. Like, this is the maximum range of facial movement she can do. Yikes.
P.s. Both eyebrow styles look equally sloppy (and ugly).

No. 322280

Not wanting to date broke bums doesn’t make a woman a gold digger, kek. You either are salty because you only date poor losers OR you’re a butthurt brokie moid/spurned Taylor orbiter.(infighting)

No. 322364

File: 1709855971569.jpg (284.59 KB, 1080x1876, 20240307_202642.jpg)

Why does it feel like she only has two modes - totally unprepared, or planning everything a year ahead and overpacking as a result?
This is not the first time either , where she and Tom didn't think about Levi's safety and transportation beforehand and had to "rush" to the store to buy something last minute.
She posted that they're celebrating his birthday in Bali. I hope it's not another sponsored trip disguised as a family holiday. The kid deserves a non-shilled birthday ffs.

No. 322385

They wanted to try it, not that they had nothing.

No. 322396

You don't rush to buy something if you just wanna try it. Of course she could be exaggerating, though.

No. 322397

It would be easier than checking in a whole stroller since this one collapses and they wouldn't have to rent one abroad or deal with just carrying him. Seems like a good reason to try something. Maybe he'll get used to it since an airport full of strangers is a little intimidating for a kid. No wonder he wants to be held. A kid like that doesn't even know what they want for their birthday either. A vacation is a vacation. A lot of kids never get to do this.

No. 322403

File: 1709898565832.jpg (797.45 KB, 1080x1892, IMG_20240308_125027.jpg)

She said it wasn't a sponsored trip in between her stories. But who knows really.

No. 322412

Lmao, she made sure to stress that it's not sponsored and she chose it. Still could be a "gift" or a special promotion, we'd never know, but it's nice that she's being transparent for once.

No. 322455

Man wtf? Levi doesn’t care about going to Bali for his birthday. Why don’t they ever put together a party with other kids his age? He’s just alone again

No. 322456

She did multiple things last time.

No. 322461

Bali is an retired white person's idea of a good birthday, kek.

No. 322471

Why do anons here keep assuming that he WANTS to be around other kids? Maybe he's mostly alone because that's what he prefers. Let's be real, considering how old Tom is, there's a decent chance the kid is autistic. Advanced paternal age is the #1 cause of it(tinfoil)

No. 322484

But he has a lot of 'activities' for kids to attend!! jk.
I guess she didn't want to fuss with hosting for a bunch of kids, who knows.

Yes, like a sponsored photoshoot for her insta and a day at the aquarium where she didn't bother to check if the shark show or something they wanted to take him to was available.

No. 322488

I don’t think he’s autistic but it makes me sad he’s so speech delayed. Being around other kids is important for development(tinfoil)

No. 322491

File: 1709979045813.png (1.38 MB, 864x1440, 1000021674.png)

I wish I'd hear him say more in cantonese, I've only heard lailai. But I don't hear Tom speaking to him in cantonese in any of her videos. If they want a bilingual child, the best way is for each parent to speak their native language primarily. It just seems like all the stuff they take him to is in English.
kek exactly. What an odd choice for a child's birthday. picrel: I think teaching a toddler how to make a cocktail is weird, idk

No. 322493

File: 1709981208272.jpg (1.98 MB, 2160x2160, 20240309144058.jpg)

She wants us to believe they're in Bali for Levi, but first thing in the morning of his birthday she posts her breakfast, a swimsuit photo, a couple of other stories, and only after that a story wishing him happy birthday. She has remarkable consistency with priorities, ngl.

No. 322495

File: 1709983697493.jpg (758.71 KB, 1080x1871, IMG_20240309_005540.jpg)

As long as there's no Chinese confinement or body transformation recap, I'm thankful.
Speaking of food, she has a talent for describing food in the most unappealing and off-putting manner lol I'm not convinced to try whatever she's having after seeing this story.(retarded nitpicking)

No. 322501

File: 1709989323352.mp4 (2.42 MB, 1080x1920, 1000021684.mp4)

I suspect the bikini picture is meant as a nod to her body transformation (look, I'm just like I used to be!), but idk. Tom's new phrase is "oh my gaaaaaawwd," it's annoying as hell. I hope he starts bleeting something else soon.

No. 322502

File: 1709990115613.mp4 (4.07 MB, 1080x1920, 1000021683.mp4)

I mean, unless an anon thinks he's saying something else. I assume it's "oh my god." (vidrel)

The last two times they went to a southeast Asian country (Thailand and Vietnam), I remember they went during each country's rainy/monsoon season. (It's the wet season in Bali right now.) It's interesting how areas that are not that far apart have different monsoon/rain seasons. Seems like you really need to check for each country. I know for Thailand she mentioned they didn't check and came during monsoon. I wonder if they checked before booking the Bali trip. The weather report is predicting thunderstorms everyday, which is a little sad if they wanted to do water activities safely. Hopefully she will show a bit more beyond the hotel.

No. 322505

Celebrating the baby's birthday early seems to be a new tradition lol. This was yesterday's story and she mentioned his birthday would be the next day.

No. 322507

They won't be leaving the premises of the hotel anyway lol so the weather doesn't matter.

>the bikini picture is meant as a nod to her body transformation
I thought exactly the same lmao

No. 322509

File: 1709993957714.jpg (576.93 KB, 1080x1345, IMG_20240309_180904.jpg)

I'm wheezing, anon. Not the elderly white couple in the background lmaooooooo

No. 322511

what is the poor kid supposed to do with this fancy little cake lol how about a cupcake with funny colours at least? For that it´s his birthday trip kinda, it´s really not so kids oriented. Okey they have a playground but that´s it. I agree with other nonas that a little kids party with his friends from kindergarten would´ve been much more kid friendly.
Also dang is the old man brown

No. 322512

I can't help but notice that Tom's genes are starting to take over. In this photo the kid looks more like him than Taylor, especially the droopy eyelids.

Totally agree. Just what can a resort offer to a two-year-old? Not much, even if it's super-mega-family-and-kids-friendly.

No. 322518

Hands-on activities are fun for kids though and it's mocktails, not real cocktails. The whole vacation/birthday seems like a good idea IMO, he gets to see a different ocean and different plants and he's a pretty socialized kids, doesn't seem to mind being around strangers unless it's a crazy crowded airport which makes sense.

She can't enjoy the Bali visit? Also the kid is a kid, he's under 5. He doesn't do much. lol Doubt everyone following her wants to see her kid on her feed 24/7. This is probably also a way for her to promote herself as a travel vlogger. Sponsors love goo vacation photos and look for that when giving gifts. I don't think this trip is that though.(wking)

No. 322526

Your compulsive need to constantly whiteknight in this thread is so annoying. Give it up.(infighting)

No. 322573

I would feel embarrassed if i was her no matter where i go with tom.
The gap even between their visuals is so much.
Anyone knows/would think she is a clear gold digger. This is stamped on her forehead wherever she goes with him.
Levi keeps looking more and more like TOM the older he is getting.(sage your shit)

No. 322579

I think she’s not even attracted to him either anymore. Every picture they’re in together, she’s facing away from him and focusing on the dog or Levi. Haven’t seen any coupley pictures since their pregnancy announcement

No. 322585

I mean let’s be real here there’s no way she was ever attracted to him physically.

No. 322586

They would've looked fine if Tom had 1% interest in his looks and took care of it. It's more the contrast of a pampered-looking younger woman and a greasy-looking older man in Balenciaga than the age gap alone.
Even in the photo with their lunch >>322493 it's Taylor having salad and watching her diet, and Tom's chubby arm reaching for a pizza.
Can't blame him, though. If he can keep an attractive woman by his side with money alone why would he sweat about his appearance.

No. 322593

Not sponsored doesn't mean not comped, considering she heavily photographed/filmed and tagged the place enthusiastically she absolutely didn't pay. I'm sure she goes on many trips and buys things that never get mentioned or tagged, we only see the comped ones.
>he's just alone again
Gosh you need to take your hatervision off, we have literally never seen him non verbal, sad and alone like you idiot(s) keep trying to say. He's always with Taylor, very active, chatty/communicative and happy like stop trying to see aboos where there is none. There are plenty of dubious mommy vloggers out there to follow if being faux concerned is your thing, Taylor is not one and that's not whiteknighting I'm just using my eyes kek
This trend is both nonsense and she's getting it wrong if she thinks she is the "high visual weight" one, maybe being the only caucasian in the village is giving her a warped idea of how striking she looks because she is the definition of soft-featured. She shared a clip and the way you're supposed to tell is if your face becomes washed out in low contrast, like it's washed out here. Soft features is not a bad thing either.

No. 322598

Levi looks like a typical mixed baby, let's leave him out of this.

No. 322602

She was never attracted to him lmao. She's just stopped putting the effort into pretending, because he's fully locked down… for now. I hope for her sake that HK has some good alimony laws, in case things ever go south or he gets bored. Would be sad if she ends up one of those dumped tradwives who gets totally screwed over.

No. 322606

He looks bored already of her in photos and stories lol(sage your shit)

No. 322668

She's not really trad though is she?

No. 322675

She doesn't work, has no job skills (besides modeling which she will be too old to do in the future) and depends on her husband financially. What would you call that if not trad?

No. 322679

She’s been attracting that type of audience more and more. Been seeing in her comments lately shit like “how a wife should be”

No. 322682

Nta but I'd say trad is more ideological than simply being a SAHM who no longer has marketable skills outside of low quality online content. A lot of women end up in similar positions but some don't have the choice of not working a conventional job. I don't think that qualifies them as trad, but then again, maybe there's more to Taylor and she does belong in tradthots, kek.

No. 322687

She's the definition of a trad wife lol. Even her self-blame for failing to have kids is perfectly in line with the tradwife way of thinking. "Oh no, I'm failing at making my husband a dad. I'm failing at my sacred purpose!" is exactly what you'd expect to hear.
Her life literally revolves around cooking and baby-sitting. And before someone brings up the domestic helper/nanny, it's a RICH tradwife's pleasant bonus to have one.

No. 322696

this is minor, but I always hated her "trad" sense of humor. Just tired old stereotypes about men and women. Now it's mixed with all the "AMWF wow so different!" stuff. She's insanely focused on the men in her life, while almost ignoring her sisters and mom these days. Of course she has exclusively rich/famous women as friends in HK: don't think Tom would be happy about her hanging out with men. But it's also part of the image she used to market before revealing she lived with her boyfriend: namely, very young foreign model explores Japan and travels first class to Paris/London, isn't she amazing! What a girly girl but so adult and such a luxurious life! I mean, the whole "me and my girls" nights just are part of that fiction she marketed.

Don't get me completely wrong: she did a good job marketing that image with Tom's help. Then transitioned to larping Ariana Grande and Casey Neistat, which also was decently entertaining at times. I think the current phase is just as fake as everything else but insanely boring. I wish she'd move onto something else. Do you think she is scraping back her hair so tightly now because Ariana has been doing this? It's a shame because Taylor does have very pretty hair. Looks uncomfortable so tight like that.(tinfoiling)

No. 322702

She has her own income lol what are you talking about?

No. 322764

No matter how much she makes from insta it'd never be nearly enough to finance her current lifestyle.

Speaking of insta, no posts or stories today. One would think she's just too busy traveling back, but given the track record, she left the hotel she was supposed to shill and is no longer obliged to post.
If she's trying to pretend it was authentic content just to share a nice place, she should try harder and not make it so obvious. She's gotten so predictable with her advertisment posts, jeez.
And yes, she said it's not sponsored but it's such a blanket term nowadays. Sure, may be they didn't pay her directly to advertise, but she could've gotten a handsome discount in exchange for innoculous, friendly stories promoting the ~amazing~ family-friendly facilities of the hotel.

No. 322777

Do you have numbers to prove that?

No. 322797

She didn't blame herself like this is all her fault. Anons beat that horse dead already. Anons misinterpreted how she meant it. Her body is actively working against her. She lost the baby, but not as in lost as "its her fault, she should be ashamed for not giving him a baby". She said she lost it due to her body, but that's not self blaming like a trad wife lol How else is she supposed to phrase it?

No. 322815

File: 1710234855790.jpg (370.29 KB, 2400x3195, 1000021848.jpg)

from her fertility series. It was a chemical pregnancy.

No. 322819

The baby in question was a miscarriage that anons are talking about. The recent one, not from the series. She's not really a tradwife like >>322682

No. 322824

I don't think anons meant the recent miscarriage, because he's already a dad. The crying over failing at getting pregnant was before Levi.

No. 322832

about the YT vlog (Canada trip), I think her Father's Day gift for Tom (fishing trip) was thoughtful and creative. Did he get Taylor a Mother's Day gift last year? They had the gifted staycation I know, but she got that from the company…

No. 322839

Yes. I did mean the recent one.

No. 322844

Samefag but just for context purposes >>319181
Anons took this as self blaming but she doesn't seem as distraught and struggling to have your first child like before.(samefagging, learn to delete and repost)

No. 322863

File: 1710265347954.jpeg (402.42 KB, 1179x2014, 847307CD-025D-47C0-9327-A4041B…)

lol why on earth post this? no one’s going to look at this blurred out shot of you juggling your ipad baby and disrupting the privacy of your fellow passengers for the #Ad. you really see taylor’s incoherence shine these days when she’s away from her gen z assistant handling her socials(nitpicking)

No. 322869

Looks like tom took this photo

No. 322883

I truly hope this is not indeed an ad, because if it is, man, Clarins is getting scammed lol Did she absolutely have to take a photo
mid-application? She could've taken a product shot on its own like she usually does.

Yeah, looks like one of his shaky shots. The irony of his old nickname being tripod-san lol

No. 323067

File: 1710535845548.jpg (713.69 KB, 1080x1855, IMG_20240315_173806.jpg)

dumbass travels with a kid, is a surprised when he gets a viral infection afterwards.
he was down with a flu after traveling to canada, too, if i'm not mistaken.
this story was so out of blue amidst all the promotional stories lol