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File: 1699688078298.jpeg (2.62 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_7224.jpeg)

No. 1765626

Act decently

prev: >>>/ot/1752397

No. 1765627

Natural and subtle for queen latifah

No. 1765628

I wish I was pretty like that bug

No. 1765635

File: 1699688403593.jpg (38.99 KB, 680x539, 1683725947069432.jpg)

It annoys me that moids can easily get a good girlfriend, but my dream boyfriend is non-existent. I thank husbandos for existing and taking me for a second out of the pain and misery that it's being a straight woman, but it saddens me that while moids can easily get a pickme braindead bimbo with implans that acts like their uguu waifu it's impossible for a woman to get anything resembling an husbando or a male character from a romance novel written by women for women. It's not fair that the sex that commits 99% of crimes can find a good caring partner partner and women cant.

No. 1765636

Maybe go outside

No. 1765638

Outside is full of ugly men

No. 1765641

Girl what

No. 1765643

the bug

No. 1765647

where the ugly men reside? no thanks, first men need to make themselves presentable.

No. 1765653

Women really are superior in everything they do, even in being a pick-me. Imagine if we had pick-me men?

No. 1765655

No. 1765656

File: 1699688948616.jpg (53.42 KB, 640x1136, 20231111_002242.jpg)

Need me one so bad

No. 1765662

no, we dont

No. 1765667

I need you to explain what a pick-me man is, because I don't know of one

No. 1765671

Mine is

No. 1765672

Baby they said your pustylips look like roast beef? Babygirl I love me some arbies. I'm not like those guys baby, I watched every single season of Gilmore girls. I laughed at the SATC movie, and I was upset with Big when he did that to her. Protein powder? Disgusting. The only protein I need is your juices babygirl. Taylor Swift is kino.

No. 1765674

Take your meds

No. 1765677

…do you have no reading comprehension? Its mocking what a "not like other guys" male would act like faggit

No. 1765678

those ment dont exist and arent the same as a pickme girl, they just want easy pussy. A pickme isnt a pickme just because she wants to fuck a man, otherwise women like shuwu wouldnt end up with the ugliest fattest men on earth that treat them like dogs.

No. 1765679


No. 1765680

A pickme guy irl doesn’t think vaginas look like roast beef

No. 1765681

The sad difference is that a pick-me man just wants some pussy, while a pick-me woman is looking for a man to pay attention to her and tell her she's a human being, like him. She is still seeing the man as being on a "higher level" than her, so she acts like him to try to be treated the same as another man. Meanwhile the pick-me man is "sinking" to a woman's level just to get into her pants.

No. 1765682

you are so autistic it hurts

No. 1765683

The pasta literally says "baby girl they said your pustylips look like roast beef" what's not clicking, why do you take this fake man seriously

No. 1765684

No i not

No. 1765685

No. 1765686

It's ok

No. 1765688

An actual pickme man doesn’t just want some pussy though

No. 1765691

Stop replying to the esl XY who's been shitting up the board for the past few days, his typing style is so obvious this should be easy girls

No. 1765692

You’re constipated

No. 1765695

What does the actual pick-me man want? What is the difference between an "actual" pick-me man and one playing as one?

No. 1765696

A wife

No. 1765697

This, plus the ''pickme'' men stop being ''pickmes'' as soon as the women give them what they want, sex. Female pickmes will stay with their ugly lazy moids, do their chores, clean their undies, cook for them, let them denigrate her, defend them and love them unconditionally even if they cheat on them. Preggory was liking ugly trannies photos on twitter and repeatedly cheating on shoe even though she was a self-described ''jealous gf'', instead of breaking up with him for cheating on her in front of everyone she started coping by saying that her ugly retard bf was too good to gatekeep and that he must be shared, and asked for threesomes with trannies and other women. Men are incapable of sacrificing and humilliating themselves that much for a woman.

No. 1765698

Don't reply to the retard

No. 1765700

there are no pick me men, just leeches that want a bangmaid.

No. 1765701

You're a whiny faggot and anon is absolutely right that you need to go outside. So sick of seeing your shitposts. If you weren't so ugly inside and out, you could maybe find someone to have sex with you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1765704

I'm sure it has to do with your looks. Sorry you can't be the female jack nicholson.(shitposting)

No. 1765706

You keep posting the same panda meme with your fujo posts stop avatarfagging

No. 1765707

No. 1765710

I thought avatarfsgging meant posting about the movie avatars

No. 1765711

Exactly, you're completely right. "Pick-me" women are just, sadly, women who will do absolutely anything for male validation, killing themselves in the process. A man who is appealing to a woman's wants and needs, however, will only appeal until they get what they want from the woman, and then show their true colors. This is because most men are sociopaths who are unable to see women as people. I wish women weren't corrupted by them.

No. 1765713

It does.

No. 1765714

I mean ok

No. 1765715

dont respond, i reported. 100% sure its a samefagging man/troon.

No. 1765716

Pick me men don't exist, it's just a facade and manipulation tactic they drop as soon as they feel they've gathered some semblance of control or leverage

No. 1765717

Did you respond to the wrong post? What

No. 1765718

No. 1765722

i meant the obvious troon/moid samefagging.

No. 1765723

The avatarfag doesn't believe we're all sick of her so she has to resort to delusion.

No. 1765724

Figure it out dood

No. 1765725

My undies are tight

No. 1765726

Are you fat or ugly that could be a roadblock(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1765727

Such retarded newfags and obvious moids that you cant even do something as basic as search the filename and realize i have only used this reaction image like 3 times. It's not my fault people save the image aswell.

No. 1765728

I also use the panda reaction pic….it's a really good reaction pic

No. 1765731

I'm not that poster, I just didn't understand why they replied to the avatar post saying to report because they're clearly responding to the one trying to get attention

No. 1765732

I hate how the first thing they had tina say in bobs burgers was “my crotch is itchy”

No. 1765733

Methinks the reason you have so much trouble in reality is because you spend all night complaining about how men won't fawn over you

No. 1765735

I agree with you nonna. Even the most beautiful women get cheated on by men whose faces could prove humans having evolved from monkeys, dating as a woman when men are so ugly inside and out is torture. Wish men felt pressured to act like book boyfriends and have basic hygiene habits.

No. 1765736

Are you good what are you doing

No. 1765737

go outside

No. 1765738

Stop silencing black voices

No. 1765740

My husband looked like my old husbando though, I guess I got lucky

No. 1765742

my fingers smell like refried beans

No. 1765746

arent leftist nice guys the equivalent

No. 1765748

No. 1765749

but they posture themselves into being what they think women want/ want to hear but when they get rejected they sperg out just like pick mes

No. 1765751

That’s not being a pickme tho that’s more like attentionwhoring

No. 1765753

File: 1699691794524.gif (2.53 MB, 500x281, shoo shoo.gif)

Good /ot/ reeks of moid lately, they use the most moidish insults and they they are pasing. Literally not even trying.

No. 1765759

You're so lame. No one cares that you're upset you got called out with your shitty third world english.

No. 1765761

>and they they are pasing

No. 1765762

Yeah, fucking annoying

No. 1765763

Don't bother trying he's very ESL

No. 1765764

Some of you need to go back to LRC

No. 1765766

It's not my fault you are turbo retarded and incapable of using the search function, newfag. Last time i used this image was in october.

No. 1765768

A week ago

No. 1765769

Like 2 days ago

No. 1765770

File: 1699692268470.jpg (88.96 KB, 600x412, unnamed.jpg)

Can we all take a look at this weevil? Maybe the retarded moid troon will go away when he realizes we all just are relaxing and looking at pretty bugs.

No. 1765772

Not only ot but m too the vtuber thread is full of them posting coomerbait vtubers as if nonnies like them

No. 1765773

…that was probably me lol.. hehe

No. 1765775

There was also a moid yelling at nonnies to "never vist 4chan again you femcels" or some other retarded shit, the moid situation is extremely bad

No. 1765777

ok link me to a post using this image , go ahead. Proving you wrong is as easy as just reading the filename though, so you wont do it.

No. 1765778

You just admitted you posted it a week ago. October wasn't long ago but you wouldn't know that since you refuse to leave your basement.

No. 1765779

In snow/ it's even worse because most moids there openly talk about being moids or don't bother to integrate. I've skinned through some cow threads yesterday and the amount of moidposters in them…

No. 1765781

here trannoid >>1719492 since you are a lying faggot, my last post with this image was a month ago. And you can easily search it and find out that i have been using it for over a year in different threads.

No. 1765782

File: 1699692740932.jpeg (341.71 KB, 1022x974, IMG_7244.jpeg)

This was your meltdown after no one wanted to use the new yaoi thread and your post has a panda meme and complaints about yaoi, plus the first numeric digits of the file are the same as the one you posted today.

No. 1765784

it's not even the same image, what the fuck are you on.

No. 1765785

Holy shit you cannot be this retarded, newfag
>wah wah moid
>wah wah tranny

No. 1765786

They don’t have to be the same image they’re both panda memes under complaint posts about how your husbando. 1 plus 1 equals 2

No. 1765787

we already know you are samefagging lol

No. 1765788

That wasn't the anon you were arguing with….that was me..I've been saying im the panda poster from 2 days ago..

No. 1765789

damn hope no one uses a cat as a reaction image ever again that means every cat poster is the same one.

No. 1765790

nonnie it’s written in the rules of the site…not everyone calling you out is a man or a troon

No. 1765791

Well when they’re almost identical and attached to similarly worded post with a similar typing style it becomes obvious

No. 1765792

sureeeee troon, sure(infighting)

No. 1765793

nice projection. no1curr about your panda ventilator and the fact that you think we want to search what reaction images you use is autistic and laughable

No. 1765795

The tranny on this thread is determined to make everyone fight each other kek. Such a waste of time.

No. 1765796

Are you ok

No. 1765798

>similar typing style
you pretend to be so knowledgeable of my typing style, but you are so retarded you cant even realize >>1765782 writes with caps on and i dont.

No. 1765800

only the i’m is capitalized

No. 1765801

>gets called out for being obvious samefagging tranny
>suddenly the samefagging go from caps on to lower case
you arent even trying lol

No. 1765802

Sorry anon, I even admitted that's my post and they don't believe me. Good luck to you

No. 1765803

NTAYRT but your post is written with caps on too…in case you didn’t notice >>1765635

No. 1765806

Kek you totally don't type with caps…sure

No. 1765807

I love how the other!!1 pandafag is just magically summoned to the thread at the same time as this kek

No. 1765808

yeah because i actually proof read it, i am not going to proof-read my responses to a troon. It's already been proven its not me and its as simple as searching the namefile.

No. 1765810

Maybe pandafag has multiple personality disorder.

No. 1765812

So first it wasn’t you because they had caps on and now it was you because you proofread it ok

No. 1765816

its not me because its not the same image, as i have proven it.

No. 1765817

I'm so serious girls you've got the wrong person and this is very embarrassing to watch…but keep the fighting I guess

No. 1765818

They’re not the exact same but it’s the similar drawing, similar typing style, and husbando whining that makes it obvious

No. 1765819

ok esl panda-chan

No. 1765820

>here trannoid
Very Blaine response

No. 1765823

You’re block aren’t you

No. 1765824

it's not that serious

No. 1765827

It's not but it's very funny to see people accusing another person of being you in real time and seeing the whole thing go down kek

No. 1765831

>saying the name of the troon to give attention to it when everyone has agreed not to name him
oh ok so it was you all along, makes sense.

No. 1765833

Don't get schizo, it was just his constant tactic to pull out the tranny insults whenever he was accused of being himself because he thought it made him blend.

No. 1765836

File: 1699693945642.png (1.7 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231104-135435.png)

I really hope one day I can meet a capybara. They seem so sweet. I was looking at the Google reviews of Café Capyba in Tokyo and everyone said that it was an amazing experience just to be able to sit with them while drinking some coffee. I live far from Japan but I would plan an entire vacation around that little café.

No. 1765844

that animal should be near some water

No. 1765845

Yeah, and covered in oranges. I would rather meet one in its natural habitat, you're right.

No. 1765846

It's okay, I understand.

No. 1765848

It isn't their natural habitat. It's a touristic attraction in Japan. They are native to South America.

No. 1765849

Its natural habitat is a plain in South America weabs

No. 1765851

File: 1699695100184.jpg (676.32 KB, 2048x1638, 29555193323_15d785590f_k.jpg)

Maybe then, I can go to a swamp where they naturally reside, and place some oranges around them. Just to add a little color

No. 1765854

I think it will not mind, as long as it is near some water.

No. 1765862

No need to go in a swamp nonna.

No. 1765863

You all ruined the vent thread

No. 1765867

Well now I'm extremely angry, is that better?

No. 1765870

That one man on tiktok that dances while telling other redpill men to shut the fuck up in video responses.

No. 1765881

Its a giant rodent though its supposed to be kept away from human dwellings. Asians taking south american rodents and north american raccoons then forcing them into their land like unfitting puzzle pieces is bafflingly stupid and reeks of ameriboo. That's probably in part why they were never domesticated like aurochs and boars in Europe; because they're giant rodents. In saying this guinea pigs were domesticated and they're also in the rodent family.

No. 1765897

Nice bait.

No. 1765899

File: 1699698521318.jpg (45.27 KB, 564x1003, cea9f8107b24f5b545a1fa72e0d462…)

Finally in my country a gender critical movement was born and actively doing mmeetings and stuff, we started to get some amerishit gendie influx with younger millennials and zoomers calling themselves nonbinary (our language is gendered so you cannot really escape the gender binary anyway, it looks awkward as fuck) and advocating for puberty blockers, some brainrot money hungry doctors also started prescribing them and it's funny as fuck that you can't get them in public hospital but as long you pay every month they'll gladly give them to you, talk about corruption.
Anyway, since the gc movement here wanted to make itself as open as possible, everyone could assist the meetings and of course, fucking boomers flooded them not understanding a single flying fuck about it. I'm talking about cultish boomers, those who unironically believe that the earth is flat and there are ice giants at the borders killing everyone who gets closer. They see a critique for the latest craze, despite this shit going around for more than 10 years (speaking in pop culture themes) and jump to everything who says something that criticize it. I'm not directly mad at them, I understand that they're old and want to believe anything that goes against the "popular opinion" just because they say so, they don't use critical thinking, but it baffles me how they'll believe anything that's absurd enough to be true just because it's absurd so it must be true, right?
Anyway, back to the first thing:
in one of the meetings we (I was an assistant of the main speaker, sorry for my bad english, I'm translating directly some terms in my head so I hope it's understandable) discussed the reverse sexism in nonbinary discourse and everyone was open to partecipate.
I said that this shit eventually went downhill starting from 2020 because due to the pandemic, many teens were staying inside and brainrotting themselves on the internet in a social-contagion circle, bringing some examples on how this, before 2020, it was mainly a thing of chronically online autistic/mentally ill people. Of fucking course, when I said 2020, one of these old farters raised their hands.
"Yes?" I replied.
"Do you think there's a link in between the covid vaccine and transness?"
"Personally, no. This thing has been observed way before covid, it was a consequence, not the cause."
"But 2020 was the year of the covid"
"I know, but" putting the demographic year per year scale with sources "The term nonbinary was created in 2014 by a teenager on the internet and (blablabla)"
"So you don't believe in covid, right?"
"This is irrelevant to this conversation."
"You're saying that the vaccine didn't cause harm."
"No, I'm just saying that there's no link, it's a matter of social contagion. It's more psychological."
He gets up and tells me to go fuck myself and leaves saying that I'm denying the existence of some mkultra shit which causes us to sterilize ourselves and get sick.
Since it's a formal meeting and can't really throw hands, I try to explain that yes, that happens, but it's from money hungry doctors, he's not wrong, it's just not that deep and they left leaving behind this weird, embarrassing aura.
They're free to believe in anything they want, I truly believe it, but I will never understand their exploding need (mostly a moid thing) to be included in everything and you have to agree with them or they get violent. If you want to discuss covid, just go to the right conventions and meetings. I also believe that they're some degree of mentally ill and of course the internet really worsened that but come on…we are already struggling to get our point out there, don't hijack our effort with stupid schizo-linking shit. Like I'm skeptical about the whole covid thing too but I know where to discuss shit and I don't live with my tinfoil hat on.

No. 1765918

I'm house sitting for my mom all alone in the country. I'm on 6/8 days now and I love the solitude and don't mind all the small chores but these 4 indoor cats are killing my soul. I am never having an indoor cat, and probably never a cat in my life. The outdoor cats, the dog, the horses, all of them are not 1% as stressful as they four indoor cats. Without them, I would be having an excellent time.

No. 1765921

what are they doing?

No. 1765937

ive got insomnia and it is hell on earth. i am scared to fall asleep and cannot gaslight myself into it. every moment awake is agony and if i skip work tomorrow im an asshole leaving them mega short staffed. even though i tell myself ill have to either sleep or die and this will be over it is hell i wouldnt wish on anyone. i didnt sleep for 27 hours, got 3 hours sleep, a fucking firework woke me up and now i just cant. i dont know why im so scared to sleep but i cant stop it. i was in downwards dog just sobbing but not many tears even came out. i relapsed self harm to see if that would do anything. ill be back here once ive slept

No. 1765940

My asian bf is visiting me and he's hot but I wish he'd stop making self deprecating jokes about his race. It's giving me the ick

No. 1765941

are you an ausnona? I heard fireworks before too

No. 1765956

I FUCKING HATE TRANNIES! excuse my potential a log. i will never accept trannies. my older brother molested me at 5 years old and now at his age of almost 40 he’s an animecore computer science tranny that has made being a victim his entire personality. his side of the family coddled him after he molested me and claimed i was lying and that he didn’t do it even though i was 5 years old and knew nothing about sex, yet i told my mom he showed me his penis and touched me after saying we were going to play “the monster game.” now he’s posting on facebook all day about going on grindr and fucking other college aged faggots, made a facebook post about using a hitachi as a tranny, posts hideous selfies (that i’m tempted to post here) all while my cousins and uncles are added to his profile. also he says his name is “luna” now. if i could kill anyone it would be him. but i know he’s so pathetic he will just do it himself eventually. i hate him for inflicting so much trauma on me and making me suffer at such a young age. i still remember the disgust i felt when i saw his mounds of pubic hair on top of his carrot looking dick when i should have just been chilling watching spongebob. the worst part is that everybody protects him and he’s never once apologized to me or acknowledged what he did. it makes me so fucking mad sometimes i think about showing up to his place with a gun and shooting his brains out, but if there’s any chance of going to hell i sure won’t risk it for such a ugly tranny faggot. The worst part about trannies is the smug attitude they develop on top of their professional victim hood which my brother presents so well on facebook. FUCK!!!! why can’t they all die? i’m a proud transphobe forever and i’ll make it known in my daily life if i come across one. yup i’m full of hate. because they prove again and again to molest, abuse, and fetishize women

No. 1765964

You could post him in KF with an alt account and not saying that he’s your cousin, since he sounds terminally online, he will find the threads where he will be. You could also send his pictures and posts to some Twitter accounts that make fun of trannies.
It will only make him feel like a victim but at least his face will be online forever and mocked by others that also hate trannies.

No. 1765969

File: 1699709743809.jpg (161.79 KB, 1280x1026, bf583faf124a6bc297e6edb0934c1c…)

What's the point of living really if I can't ever find a good enough partner to be with? My standards are really high, especially considering how fucked up moids are. But my standards are also probably too high for a somewhat decent moid to meet too. Most media centers around romance and how essential it is. And most of the shows or movies I used to enjoy focused on romance as well. Now i cant enjoy watching those things anymore. Theyre just reminders of how ill never experience something special.
Art was always a reason I had to keep existing, but now I can't really enjoy drawing as much either bc I always draw shit from the corny romance shit I read. It feels a bit shitty to have all the things you enjoy (or at least used to enjoy) constantly tie back to a subject that makes you sad.
People always frame love and romance as "the most beautiful feeling in the world". So whats the point if ill never really be able to experience it?

No. 1765975

i hate this threadpic. i will not live in a pod and i will not accept bug threadpic!

No. 1765976

IDK where you live nonna but in some countries, rape on minors can be reported decades after the crime. Also paedophiles, like other rapists, rarely stop and are serial rapists. You could also check local support groups for incest survivors. Just be aware that some of them are made for the paedophiles and not the victims. I'm really sorry and I'm sending you hugs.

No. 1765980

you know yourself it's all fiction anon, reality is much more mundane. enjoy your fictional romance…

No. 1765981

maybe don't base your entire self worth, plans, and goals on someone else fulfilling them

No. 1765984

The silver lining is that we all know for a fact trannies loathe themselves which is why they attempt to be something they're not in the first place. There is also a high incidence of vulnerable narcissism too.

So while he may prattle off about his victimhood and newfound 'empowerment' all day, just know that–dear anon–underneath his thin mask he lives within a prison of mental instability and emotional torture of his own making. It's exactly what he deserves, after all. Perhaps the reason he trooned out to begin with was to try to distance himself from being a typical male molester. It's no secret that many males who troon out are sexual predators, some of them even do so on the ficticious predicate that women are suspected of and punished less for sex crimes.
Except they will never be women.
He will never be a woman.
Your family and his friends may be superficially supportive yet behind his back they laugh and mock him.
People only keep him around to make themselves feel better by comparison. He will never truly be accepted anywhere.
When the maggots feast on his flesh in the grave, akin to the lies that rotted away his soul in life, they will reveal the bones of yet another standard, disgusting man.
Rest in piss.

No. 1766002

This is an unhinged and obsessive vent but since sex is everywhere and I can't catch a break from it in the normiefagland: I just don't understand how women who have sex in doggystyle with men don't feel filthy and traumatized. Not only men are so much bigger and physically stronger than women which is terrifying but also they can see you poophole and all the filth. I often see women saying that they find this position degrading or that they cried during it from feeling punished, liking it is correlated with liking degradation. How can you let a male, a misogynist degrade you like this and get off on him liking how your own degradation looks like. He can see you but you can't see him in this position. A woman bowing down to her oppressor. The concept of having sex with men is just crazy to me. If so many women intuitively think it's degrading then it is. It's straight up beastlike to be on all fours for men who will fuck you over anyway at some point plus this position seems so psychologically tasking for some reason. I hate human sexuality, how tasking it is as a woman, all the retarded words and phrases people use to talk about sex and the psychology around it especially the coercive psychology "you just need to stop feeling shame!". Shame?! K Y S stop yapping your filthy sexual words that make me wanna slaughter my body cause it's talked about like a meat

No. 1766006

I keep thinking about this new trend towards "not assuming someone's gender" and I really really hope it never catches on. What about the MAJORITY of people who want and are happy to be immediately understood as their gender? I have a name with a weird spelling in my country, so sometimes people accidentally read it as a male name. When they see me they immediately realize their mistake, it's happened all my life so I just laugh it off, but I hate to think of the day someone mistakes my name, and just assumes "oh yeah, I guess that's a MAN." Just because they misread my name and everyone is too obsessed with gender and pronouns FUCK that

No. 1766008

Boomers are legitimately brain damaged, they're the generation that grew up on leaded gasoline. It's no surprise they end up believing retarded shit just because they're "unpopular" without thinking for themselves.

I feel your pain so much nonny and I want to seriously a-log this motherfucker. Such a horrible thing should have never happened to you as a child. Fuck moids. Fuck trannoids. Fuck all of them!

No. 1766013

Romance isn’t the end all be all. Neither is sex. Focus on what you find beautiful, be inspired, make art, and you will find people who resonate with your expressions.

No. 1766016

Nah I get it. And I’m usually a live and let live sort of person but it’s really gross. Even the name. It seems very objectifying.

No. 1766025

Just reading this made me want to a-log. He'll get what he deserves eventually, anon. Be safe.

No. 1766033

You’re unhappy at the idea of someone assuming your gender but you don’t want a trend of not assuming gender to catch on. I guess you mean you want them to assume on-sight but not assume from your name?

No. 1766051

This was wild to read nlg, but in all seriousness, please see a therapist, having these thoughts constantly is just self-harm. Death is certain and we are supposed to avoid it, but thinking about it to an obsessive point could be harmful too, this applies to similar thoughts that seem "haunting"

No. 1766059

Yeah, sorry if I worded it strangely.

No. 1766075

i hate normies kek i really do feel like they just lack an essential element of being human. like those reactions to the disabled abused woman on twitter and elsewhere make me sick, how is that even funny? dumbass normalshit has never had a deep thought in its life it only know sex, partying, and regurgitating things that makes it feel smart

No. 1766076

I'm triggered again cause these subhuman tyrants can't stop posting degrading shit I don't wanna see your disgusting face with dick sucking fish looking lip fillers being choked by some moid you don't even date hand kill yourself you subhuman demonic species all you do is suck moid dick

No. 1766089

File: 1699719334563.jpg (62.31 KB, 450x450, 74486288806011507a10f38165a770…)

are you that anon who thinks women naturally look like pigs, while men are just normal? lol

No. 1766090

stop watching porn

No. 1766103

File: 1699720083302.jpg (418.19 KB, 1080x1299, 277544.jpg)

No. 1766106

he’s just as much at fault as she is though and perhaps even more kek

No. 1766107

i am retarded so bare with me. but if us soldiers are pulled into war doesn’t that ultimately mean less men in country. and isn’t that a good thing kind of.

No. 1766108

why are you following accounts like that

No. 1766110

>tattood arm
Everytime. I'll make my new years resolution to be meaner too tattooed moids.

No. 1766112

i refuse to attend work parties, which is already a hellish phrase, and my coworkers who are going always try to guilt trip me and ask why. my other coworkers who are single and don't have kids similarly don't attend. i said i was going to be busy for the upcoming one and one of my coworkers was like, "what are you going to be busy doing? sleeping? laundry day?"

can they really not conceptualize a life outside of work and house chores for their families? i said, no i'm probably going to be hanging out with my friends. normies tend to get married and have kids because they're "supposed" to, and then their lives revolve around this and they have no time for friends or hobbies, or fucking anything apparently. how can you not understand that someone has a life outside of work and doesn't want to spend non-paid hours with coworkers?

No. 1766113

Nah, the majority of them are gonna come back home and be extra fucked up from it which is a net negative.

No. 1766115

But a lot of them will come back with untreated PTSD, and they will take out their new trauma on their sisters, mothers, and wives. Speaking from experience with a shitty dad that has PTSD.

No. 1766117

Kinda seems like he probably took the picture. What account is this? Why don’t you just block it? I never see stuff like this, it’s not hard to avoid.

No. 1766123

This is how normie Twitter or instagram full of the average teens look like for me and it's all women posting it, going to radfem spaces to escape this content doesn't work either. It always looked like that to me.

No. 1766138

Aww you used one of the isopod pics, cute ♥

No. 1766139

My tummy hurt man I can’t stop shitting :((:()

No. 1766156

I'm angry how my mom is 5'8 feet, my dad and brother are 6 feet, while I'm 5'5. My mom used to make fun of me for how much shorter than them I turned out to be. At least I'm stronger than my brother because he doesn't exercise at all. Btw in my country people are tall.

No. 1766164

boomers are sooo retarded my mom is like “why don’t you try designing something for google’s daily logo? it could give you notoriety!” as if they aren’t receiving millions of submissions a day (and if recruiters are shopping from amateurs doing logo work for google). when i tell her this she’s like “ummm!! you’re a debby downer!!! this is why you aren’t getting anywhere!!!” why don’t they understand how reality works

No. 1766175

I feel horrible and i want to cut my throat, i haven’t been this depressed in a year. It’s a nightmare of a feeling, and still the thing i’m most scared of is finding out i’m premenstrual, because the whole stereotype makes me homicidal. I get why women troon out considering we have two weeks a month where we don’t get to have emotions

No. 1766186

We’re the same height anon! Shall we spar?

No. 1766187

Kek reminds me a few years ago my grandmother saying to me “why don’t you go down to the bbc and ask for a job? You’d be great on the television”. Bless her.

No. 1766207

I got a box of Runts off Amazon and there are no bananas!!!! There is literally one half of a broken banana in the ENTIRE box my day is ruined

No. 1766209

File: 1699725263693.gif (5.21 MB, 275x275, 1669001683179.gif)

the single biggest reason I never killed myself was because my mom couldn't afford to bury me. The thought of her creating a gofundme just to bury me makes me sad. And yet I'm a burden and failure. I flunked school, can't find a job, no friends or hobbies and broke as fuck. I have nothing to look forward to. I really should have killed myself back in 2017. I'm afraid of doing it now because she's taking care of my grandparents and she doesn't need that stress.

No. 1766214

I have to pee but I don’t wanna get up

No. 1766216

that's fucked up i'm sorry anon

No. 1766227

Just got 4 rolls of film developed from the summer and they all turned out pretty nicely, except I look SO fat in all the photos of me. I knew I gained weight but it's really jarring to see from an outside perspective. I gained around 25-30 pounds over the last five years and since I'm short it really makes a difference. I used to be so photogenic, welp. I thought maybe I was overreacting because I looked ok in selfies but no, I really look grotesque, my body was not meant to carry this weight. My face looks so round and wide and my jaw is disappearing into my neck.

Anyways, enough crying, I decided two months ago that I was going to lose the weight, I'm already down 6 pounds, but this just gave me more motivation to keep going.

No. 1766229

I feel bad. My husband and I have been together since we were 15 and we were long distance for the first 2 years but I remember when we were 16 there was this timeslot where we didn’t talk. I feel horrible about that even though it was almost 5 years ago. It keeps me awake at night imagining his younger self crying or feeling bad about himself just because of my idiocy. It makes me feel like I should be euthanized. He never ever has brought it up to me or tried to make me feel bad about it, but when I remember it’s like my whole body shuts down. I can barely move.

No. 1766236

Reading Jill's thread and the current (regurgitated) discussion about her DID diagnosis made me once again fume about how I was misdiagnosed for over ten years and how it fucked up my life in several ways. I didn't receive the kind of care and follow-ups I would have needed, I got prescribed medication that actually made my situation worse but in a different way that made it seem like I was actually doing fine and all that lead into me crashing and burning gazillion times, being hospitalised multiple times, experiencing horrible symptoms I wouldn't wish for my worst enemy, until one psychiatrist finally realised there's something wrong. My life has been so fucked up due to a misdiagnosis and then there are these people who go shop for a trendy diagnosis that makes them speshul and then sperg about it like they ever were actually severely mentally ill. I usually can't be bothered to be offended by what some sad cow does but oh Lord does the mental illness larp grind my gears sometimes.

No. 1766237

File: 1699726448842.jpg (105.76 KB, 980x1287, Praying Cat.jpg)

As a former NEET let me say that's it never too late, you can still get a job to try to support your mother at least. the recovering NEET thread might do you some good. and the issues of school can be solved by getting some GED equivalent and a trade school.

No. 1766238

I just wanted to buy a gift for my wife's bday coming up, but the seller never sent the item and blocked me. I'm so pissed. Why do people scam. Like you're just trash and I'll sell something online to make the money back but that's just so evil.

No. 1766241

You got this!! I gained over the past year myself and seeing photos is triggering. Being short doesn't help and weight loss is slow but we freaking got this.

No. 1766255

Unrelated but that woodlouse is iridescent due to infection by a specific virus that causes crystal formation in it's exoskeleton. I was so taken by that image that I looked into it and it captivated my autism.

No. 1766272

yeah bless her but holy crap woman it is 2023. they gotta have a queue longer than the nile

No. 1766278

File: 1699727809105.jpg (Spoiler Image,184.86 KB, 1000x1000, 71sC8b0KEVL.jpg)

yeah it's sad that he's so pretty but it's because he's sick. There's a species called "powder blue" that have a similar color naturally though!

No. 1766279

Wow. She so beautiful even when she’s sick.

No. 1766282

I’m a girls girl but my least favorite sign is female tauruses. I can’t be hearing chimping all the time

No. 1766283

tauruses are calm wdym

No. 1766288

Abby lee miller, HRH collection, trisha paytas, Jojo, they’re not always angry or upset but the girlies definitely can be loud and crazy kek. I still love them though. I also don’t come across female tauruses in the wild as often as I used to? So many of my old classmates were taurus ladies

No. 1766292

Walking the dog and crying because my my mom is in the hospital and i miss her even though i saw her today

No. 1766293

Iʼve met two types of tauruses, the Trisha Paytas type and some that are calmer and “nice” but also a bit passive agressive.

No. 1766302

>they can see you poophole and all the filth
i see people say this all the time but when i'm in that position my butthole is not visible. is it just because i have a relatively long buttcrack or a slightly bigger than average butt? it's not like i have a huge kim kardashian ass. i've never understood.

No. 1766307

I went to a butterfly exhibit this week with my family, my mom chose the place because she's going in for surgery soon so we were doing a family day before. The exhibit had bugs, birds, frogs, and one flamingo as well but man it bummed me out so much. I obviously didn't say anything to my family because I'm not going to dump on the mood like that but holy shit those places are so sad. The cases for the bugs were so small, one of the tarantulas was just sprawled against the corner of glass like he was trying to hide or get away. The butterflies kept flying towards the windows and doors like they wanted to escape, the parrots would not stop screaming at the top of their lungs. And the flamingo was just standing on this concrete slab with it's head bowed towards the water, a fake dirty stream, the entire time just staring in one spot. There was so much poo surrounding the bird so it must just stand there all day, doing nothing. It literally broke my fucking heart, I couldn't look at it I felt like I was going to cry. It even made my mom a little sad because he was all alone and apparently had been in captivity his entire life, 40 years. I don't understand why people like those places, it's so depressing. It's cool seeing the bugs and the butterflies were beautiful but I'd rather not get to see them in my lifetime but know they're out there free living their life.

No. 1766308

My Scorpio ass loves Taurus women so much. God tier friends.

No. 1766309

I get where you're going with this, but consider Miranda Cosgrove. Untouchable chill.

No. 1766311

That's absolutely infuriating to read, especially about the flamingo. In the wild, they're usually in flocks of hundreds.

I'm reminded of a zoo I went to in Japan. It was an utterly miserable experience. Every animal was in an enclosure way too small for it and many were clearly psychologically unwell. The worst part was that people there seemed to think it's okay and there were many children there having fun. Made me grateful that I live somewhere that has stronger animal-keeping standards.

No. 1766313

Scorpio here, sadly I've never been friends with a Taurus because I'm too weird for them and they seem more well adjusted

No. 1766315

Why is it always the most mentally ill people that want to study psychology? Is it because they need to prove that they're somehow better than their therapists or something? All the people I know that are interested in psychology haven't seen a single blade of grass in ages

No. 1766317

I've only ever done doggystyle once and I can see what you mean, it felt really awful and degrading, it was also super uncomfortable so I stopped after a couple minutes. He even tried pulling my hair during it and I was like fuck no get off of me, we are done with this. I don't like my butthole getting seen during sex so if I'm doing stuff that would put it on display I keep the lights down. I will however say one of my favorite positions is with my knees on the floor, ass up in the air and face down like a triangle. I know this position is way more degrading than doggy style but something about it just makes the guy hit all the right spots, the way I'm bent just feels really good for penetration. I think maybe the reason doggy feels so much more degrading is because it's a guy centered position as in it's more pleasurable for him than the woman usually. But idk that's just my take

No. 1766318

I just wish I could stop thinking about food. I can't help but feel insanely jealous whenever someone says that they just forget to eat regularly. I wish I had the eating disorder that at least got me average weight to skinny, rather than the one that made me disgustingly fat. Every time I try to diet my mind is just 24/7 thinking about the next time I can eat something that tastes good. I'm likely getting weight loss surgery in the near future and while I'm glad it's an option I feel like a failure for not having one of those glow ups where I loose who knows how much weight in a year on my own.

No. 1766319

>tfw your parasocial crush is involved in tranny antics
i mean he's just dating a gendie type at least. i don't really have anything against her i'm more annoyed at him (and at other fans trying to paint it as a kWeER relationship. lmao why do all fanbases want their favs to be not-straight so badly and trying to force memes about the gf "looking like a man" she doesn't). if he starts dating MTFs though i'll be angry forever.

No. 1766321

Aw that makes me sad about the zoo in Japan, I wish stuff like this didn't happen anywhere. I honestly don't understand how people can enjoy places like that, do they not see how miserable those conditions are for animals or do they just not care? I can kind of understand children not understanding but grown adults? It's so weird to me, I'll never go back to a place like that and I'm happy it's the only one in my city, apparently the flamingo is reaching the end of it's life and I'm hoping they won't get anymore when he passes.

No. 1766325

I’m a Scorpio as well I just prefer Leos

No. 1766326

>parasocial crush
Sounds kinda creepy have you ever talked to him

No. 1766328

Scorpio here, my online best girl is a Leo. I wonder if Leos and Scorpios are officially good together?

No. 1766329

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope she recovers quickly

No. 1766333

It's Saturday, 9pm and all I want to do is go to sleep, but I don't want it to be tomorrow yet, since I have to go to work on Monday.

No. 1766344

Every damn zoo is like this, I always hated it too.

No. 1766357

This has been said a million times but the presence of men here has cleared out the site and made it so much less fun. It makes me sad.

No. 1766369

File: 1699736156343.jpg (19.1 KB, 566x541, images.jpg)

I feel depressed right now, what are some quick ways to get back on track?

No. 1766374

Can’t talk to the women and girls I know about how easily accessible ai deepfaking and facial recognition searches are without seeming like a paranoid schizo. Can’t try to bring awareness to where it’s done and how without fear I’ll just bring attention to it to moids who will realize how easy it is and will use it for harm. I’m packing up and moving into a cabin in the woods.

No. 1766380

omg I can't believe i'm banned for two days on a forum because I called out trolls, wtf?! I fucking hate mods, what's wrong with them??

No. 1766384

Have a warm shower, wash face and hair too, put on clean clother, drink water, look at the sky

No. 1766387

I am so so glad i never posted my pictures online in light of recent tech. I'm scared of the world my little sister has to grow up in though

No. 1766391

I feel like this site is full of youngins now,

No. 1766396

Do some small tasks that you don't need a whole lot of motivation to complete, getting a few 'to do list' items done no matter how small will get some dopamine flowing

No. 1766401

girl he's a fucking male. what are you even doing? think of the worst thing he's ever done to you. now realise he literally never thinks about it or feels remorse unless you bring it up. huge chance that 'remorse' is purely to get you to shut up. that's what you're wasting your energy on and its the same for every man, they all lack empathy, they all have horrible secrets, and you should never feel bad, let alone for something as dumb as not talking to them for awhile 5 years ago. what is he, a porcelain doll? he was playing video games and jacking off the whole time and then guilt tripping you later so you'd be more likely to suck his dick. thats the fucking truth of it

No. 1766404

Kek, glad someone said it.

No. 1766406

I knew a taurus girl who made fun of another girl just for asking what monomer she used

No. 1766410

He hasn’t done anything cruel to me though, he’s made my life a lot better, that’s why I still feel bad. I really cherish him and I feel shitty for how I used to even though he’s forgiven me because it was so long ago. Idk.

No. 1766411

i hope you can one day!

No. 1766415

I’m so ugly nonnas and that one conversation in that one thread triggered me I’m so damn ugly!!

No. 1766416


"therapy """helped""" me with my mental illness so I want to help others too"

No. 1766419

Tidy up your room and then do what >>1766384 suggested. It's such stereotypical advice but my mind always feels more clear when I've tidied it up a bit.

No. 1766425

maybe try cutting back on sugar if u can, sugar makes u crave more sugar and makes you hungrier in general. i've managed to curb cravings this way.

No. 1766426

I want to murder my brother. I went out with him and my parents because he wanted to have lunch together at some nice place.
So we had our lunch, it was nice, and we go get some ice cream. We went to a place that yeah, it’s old, but I literally have never gone there because I don’t drive, and my friends never have money or time to do anything, plus I always have to stay at home because leaving the house empty is dangerous.
So he got all pissy because I dared to not know that this seemingly ancient ice cream place existed and had good ice creams.
Like I can’t believe he doesn’t even know I can’t never leave the house because he always goes out with friends and whatever and he’s always trying new shit, while I have to beg my family to let me go out for a few hours with friends every once in a blue moon.

No. 1766429

Just literally eat oatmeal/porridge. Have 100g for breakfast with milk and fruit and you won't feel the need to eat until several hours later. Nothing like oats to take your hunger away plus is good for you.

No. 1766431

> I always have to stay at home because leaving the house empty is dangerous.
Is that true? Who told you that?

No. 1766432

Feeling like I'm on the brink of a mental health crisis or in the middle of one. The war in Gaza, the insane amount of activism and people on the streets, the media and politicians of my supposedly progressive country's way of portraying it, all of it has really fucked up my mind and soul and shattered and reshaped My view of the world, myself, my life and everything. My head hurts, my stomach hurts, my brain is racing in directions I didn't know existed. Tomorrow I have to host my family for my birthday and idk how to bake cake and serve it while feeling like I'm about to turn psychotic. Happy 29th bday to me

No. 1766435

I know I should, and honestly I do want to give it a try specifically to cut back sugars. My issue is that my main craving is bad carbs and because of some other stuff, lately I've been increasingly restrictive in what I eat being comfort foods and if it's not that I'd rather not eat at all. Which would just be trading one form of disordered eating for another. I know it's my own issues to deal with but it still sucks.

While not a bad tip, the issue is not me being hungry or not. I crave food even when I've binged and am so full I feel sick.

No. 1766437

NTA, but my parents always leave me in the house to watch it too lol So it won't get robbed. It was very relatable to read, strength to nonny.

No. 1766448

That’s so wack what the hell. If someone wants to rob them one girl isn’t gonna stop them. leave some lights on and put a cardboard cutout in a chair instead of making your daughter a human scarecrow. Strength to nonny, yes, to leave the house when she wants.

No. 1766449

Nta oatmeal/porridge fucking sucks ass, worst food ever, fucking slimey and vomit looking shit and I hate anyone who eats it willingly, I tried to meme myself into liking it because that's what all the "healthy" women on the internet eat but it tastes like fucking ass even if you put a bunch of berries and syrup in it, it honestly makes my day worse

No. 1766450

Our house got robbed once, so now we’re all paranoid, the ideal is that we all take turns to stay at home so the others can go out, but since my parents were living in another country, and my brother has a job at an office, I had to stay everyday at home, even during the weekends because that’s when he gets to go out and have fun.
So like, the idea was that I would stay at home while he was going out for his tennis tournaments and stuff, but when he didn’t have tournaments he would stay, but that literally never happened and 3 years happened with me not noticing how I literally never leave the house.

No. 1766452

Nonnie do you want to elaborate? How are you feeling? Why has it reshaped you?

No. 1766454

They want to therapy themselves through the classes or sum

No. 1766455

I love oatmeal porridge but you gotta cook them in whole fat milk. They will raise your glycemic index pretty high tho so not ideal for everyone contrary to popular belief

No. 1766461

i like oatmeal (usually eat it with a mashed up banana and some fresh fruit) but i get hungry again after like 1-2 hours. granted i usually eat maybe 40g of it and i feel very full right afterwards, but i'm starving just an hour or two later. does eating bigger portions fix this even though the usual portion makes me feel extremely full for a short while?? i'm worried that i'm one of those people that are immune to oats kek.

No. 1766462

I'm not sure how to explain it. Derealization maybe? I feel so strange and small and like being conscious is freaky and scary and everything is just anxiety inducing

No. 1766463

Try to eat more grams, like 80g, and see how it goes. I have 100g with non-fat milk, some berries, a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder at 9h and I don't crave more food until 14h.

No. 1766469

idk about anyone else but oatmeal gives me diarrhea

No. 1766473

Name five things you can see. Go through all your senses and concentrate on what you can see, hear, taste, smell and touch. This will help you center yourself.

No. 1766488

File: 1699744940278.png (466.55 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_8687.png)

are you eating whole grain oatmeal? i like this one, there’s probably healthier ones but it keeps me full for a good while. i think the key is to make sure it has a good amount of fibre. this one has 4g of fibre per serving. i like to eat it with high protein greek yogurt mixed with ground flax seed, too.

No. 1766513

File: 1699746244628.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2020-07-30-02h19m34s86…)

Feels like I've been so bored lately. lolcor is so boring. 4chan's rare few okay threads are boring. Real life is boring. Everything online is boring.

I feel like I need a new hyperfixation but nothing interesting has released lately. I had a lot of fun learning Japanese for a few weeks but I'm struggling to find a decent manga to consistently read that is also at my beginner level. Most stuff I'm interested in is way too advanced for me. I also feel bad for neglecting Anki these last few days.

No. 1766520

File: 1699746473689.jpeg (57.25 KB, 383x458, IMG_5796.jpeg)

I’ve heard Wonder Cat Kyuu Chan is good for learning beginner Japanese. I read it in English so I can’t confirm but I like it a lot.

No. 1766531

Thanks for the rec nonna, I'll give it a shot. My lazy ass also needs to sit down and read a basic grammar book since I keep tripping up on that too. Studying grammar is just so BORING

No. 1766545

huh? oats are whole grain by nature, though? the ones i buy have 14g protein per 100g serving. i only buy the kind that has one ingredient (oats) and nothing else. i also eat them with full fat greek yogurt but that doesn't help either. i'll try eating bigger portions like >>1766463 suggested though!

No. 1766546

so sick of my retarded loser neet brother and my scrote-worshipping enabling mother. he moved back in and doesn't do anything except dirty up the house, complain, and watch tiktoks all day. wears his filthy sneakers that track dirt all around the house and into the bathroom I have to share with him, leaves his greasy food encrusted pans sitting around without washing them out after cooking, doesn't help clean the house, and has all these delusions that he's going to get some amazing six figure job meanwhile he sits and stares at tiktok. in typical boymom fashion my mom coddles him and lets him do whatever he wants while making excuses for him. meanwhile if I ever tried to do what he does she'd kick me out and I'd be homeless and disowned from the family.
now he's taken to making fun of me and my mom joining in with him whenever the wifi goes down (which has been happening a lot lately) since I get upset because I need internet for my job, but it doesn't affect him because he's a waste of oxygen low iq parasite neet and will just sleep while it's down instead of his usual tiktok scrolling. he sometimes tries to talk to me in a mocking way like purposely being annoying and asking retarded questions with a smug look on his face so now I ignore him completely. no eye contact, don't answer anything he says, etc. I wish I had a sister instead of a brother since at least we'd both receive equal treatment from my insane mother rather than her treating her scrote parasite like a king and treating me like I'm her personal emotional punching bag.

No. 1766548

unrelated but i love white tiger and black tiger from the same author so much.

No. 1766550

I hate when I'm chilling and don't feel hungry, then suddenly get hit with extreme hunger and I feel queasy and crampy and my mouth starts watering like I'm going to vomit.

No. 1766565

Me too, what is up with that? Is there a scientific reason for this?

No. 1766591

File: 1699750044288.png (498.03 KB, 640x409, 1000016178.png)

I'm so fucking embarrassed I want to kms I was talking to my manager (who I'm always too autistically shy to talk to) about a gift I want to get him and I could literally feel my face burning up. He didn't say anything but holy shit. I'm sure I was red as hell.

No. 1766597

My bf is visiting for the weekend and passed out I might go through his phone feeling cute

No. 1766601

Your hypothalamus is broken and your ghrelin pathways are damaged.

No. 1766603

U hungry

No. 1766604

How can you have less thalamus

No. 1766624

I am suffering from post traumatic cringe disorder and hyperventilating thinking about it

No. 1766626

You might be deformed

No. 1766627

Ooh that looks cute I hadn’t seen that

No. 1766635

Which forum?

No. 1766704

Why do you still use song lyrics as your status message? Grow the fuck up.

No. 1766707

File: 1699754317268.png (275.83 KB, 553x527, BEAKER.png)

>cool horror concept made by tiktok girl
>Find out she has an OF and thats all everyone brings up

Online prostitution is not worth please stop I beg of you

No. 1766720

The size of his dainty breakable little wrist oml

No. 1766749

That anon was a finnish male.

No. 1766756

Kekkkkk i just noticed that

No. 1766765

File: 1699755316227.png (64.6 KB, 225x225, 125475D0-F870-4B0D-A951-71EB1D…)

Is it her? That’s disappointing, I like her stuff

No. 1766795

Mollymoon. Right? I love her horror content, too bad for the OF shit.

No. 1766979

Found out a former person in our friend group hated me to the point of ranting about me and called me a pickme (she’s a literal whore btw like not even as an insult she calls herself that as a sex worker) and it’s like uhhhh do words not have meaning anymore because I’m the furthest thing from a pickme kek it was so ridiculous. I’m sad though because I try to be supportive of women out of solidarity and it seems some will hate you if you say one thing they don’t like. It’s shocking idk it reminds me of some high school bullshit and reminds me to not even try to interact with other people irl. It’s not worth it to try to be nice just to find out someone hated you all along.

No. 1766992

i'm tired of people fixating on sexual shit women do instead of the rest of their work. people think they're so edgy and great normalizing sex work but they're only further dehumanizing women and reducing them to the sexualized content they produce. like cupcakke, she's a great rapper with other songs but her hypersexual stuff is what went viral.

No. 1767088

It won't do shit for satiety without adding protein.
Mix in some protein powder or something, makes it taste worse but otherwise it's like 90 percent carbs still.
I don't get carbanons, I can never ever lose weight without eating at least 100g protein daily

No. 1767113

File: 1699760669507.gif (992.11 KB, 640x360, IMG_2906.gif)

I am so fucking stupid and feel like a god damn retard. For several years two of my friends were absolutely devastated about a mutual friend who has a sort of hurtful relationship with them, and they were frustrated having a one sided friendship with friend. They would message me and despair asking about ways they could communicate with this friend while being terrified that “omg what if friend takes this the wrong way”. They would read into hurtful friend’s social media posts, get anxiety because they suspected friend was being hurtful to them but not others, wonder why she would hurt them but others got to be a part of her life in a not-hurtful way etc.
Of course suddenly the hurtful friend stops doing the hurtful behavior and all is forgiven because she was having a bad time for all these years!
Oh, right! Except I am the fucking scum of the earth now to her, because I mentioned the behavior was upsetting people and that I was tired of my friends being hurt, and I look like the asshole because she was going through bad things. I am now supposed to steer clear of mutual social groups because she doesn’t want to hear from me ever again.
Of course, the friends who were most hurt didn’t seem to have opened up about how bad it was for all these years- they just said “oh yeah, i know it was bad but yknow, I was overreacting”
I wish I could be a hurtful fuck and not give a crap about my friends the way hurtful friend does and get away with everything. Honestly i just wish i could stop fucking needing friends. How do people just not care? Can someone fucking teach me? It seems so much better from the other side. Some people just seem to have higher “social credit score” so to speak, and that’s clearly not fucking me and I think it’s because I care too much and don’t exclude others.

No. 1767410

This is such a huge gripe I have with so many female figures and the culture surrounding them, they play up the sex factor for male appeal but rebrand it as "empowering!! sex positive! activism!" and "just being confident in her own body xoxo self-love!" so it suddenly sounds progressive. And then coomers act like they're basically the new abolitionists or suffragettes for being 100% on board with that.
People talk big about supporting women and letting them express themselves authentically, but curiously, it's mostly women whose self-expression involves their body's sex appeal who get the praise. It's so grim.

No. 1767532

I made some pasta at like 7pm and it's taking fucking forever to cool down so I can put it in the fridge. Please hurry up it's 12AM I'll be sleep soon

No. 1767533

cant stand this bitch turning the thermostat up then sitting around in fucken tshirts and shorts. fucken dumb ass bitch.

No. 1767621

My sister decided to become a sex worker, she started drinking at around 14 and started doing coke at 15 so I think it’s just to fund her coke habit because she wasn’t struggling financially. She bought into the idiocy of prostitution being empowering, and she was persuaded of that by one of our cousins who started working as a stripper/sugar baby at 18 and then started camming and working at a brothel. Said cousin is mentally slow though and everyone in the family thinks she has NPD, and my sister is way better than that. I tried suggesting well paying jobs that don’t require degrees and shared my thoughts on why the sex industry is harmful, and it just pissed her off and made her stop speaking to me. I’m just sad and scared for her and don’t want her to be traumatized or end up hurt or worse. It’s just going to make her life spiral out of control and in a worst case scenario she could end up being stalked, assaulted, or murdered. It keeps making me cry whenever I think about it.

No. 1767652

File: 1699768235686.png (4.2 MB, 4794x1090, uh.png)

This is my bfs twitter likes, is it over?

No. 1767660

No. 1767666

Just seems like some harmless memes, am I missing something

No. 1767672


No. 1767675

don’t ask forums for advice kek confront him like an adult

No. 1767678

I don’t really get what’s wrong with any of the tweets

No. 1767705

I'm so miserable being who I am. I wish I could have been born someone different. I make my own life so hard to live in because of my values and unique issues, but I can't change those parts of myself, I've always been this way and I'm no good at pretending. People who can go through life along with some norm or the other… I am so achingly burningly jealous of them. I fit in nowhere. Not with the normal people in society, and not in any of the minority or fringe groups either. I'm totally and completely alone. I wish I could find even one other person who I could understand, and who could accept me for who I am. I know it will never happen, though. I wish I believed in rebirth because I want to die and be reborn. I can't believe I have to live as myself, struggling through absolutely everything, for the rest of my life, and then that's it. This was my one life and this is who I turned out to be, who I will suffer as and die as.

No. 1767711

i wanted to know if i was overracting

i went on some of the accs and they post shit like this, he also likes a lot of male loneliness/couples pictures 'suicide fuel'

No. 1767714

My mother is legitimately such a stupid bitch. She's fucking annoyed me my whole life by owning so much stupid shit, and then shoving it in my closet. Only as an adult have I been able to claim space as my own with the crap they never use being shoved into the attic. She owns hundreds of dollars worth of purses, but shoves them into her closet like they're trash. She lives like an animal. She's broken the doors multiple times because she puts in so much shit and it will probably break again soon. Then my retarded prissy bitch of a father needs two closets for all the clothes he never wears and never goes through, hence why my mother lives like a pack rat. And the fat fuck will leave all this shit until he dies. I got triggered today because she insists on keeping her expensive jewelry in this heavy and hideous box in my closet, and if I move it back to her closet will start whining. But I'm going to anyways.

No. 1767715

maybe talk to him about it and see what he has to say

No. 1767724

idk i feel like its easy to be like 'its just a joke'

No. 1767743

No. 1767756


No. 1767777

that’s probably exactly what it is. if you don’t like him then break up with him

No. 1767782

Well it's up to you, if it isn't a deal breaker for you then that's what matters. I probably have too much weird criteria for a boyfriend but I wouldn't want one who uses Twitter at all for one, second liking memes about "e-thots" or whatever you want to call those women, and three the juvenile memes about bros and hoes. But it depends on you, you're age, where that line is for you. I'm probably just being unrealistic but for me that would make me look at him like a teenage boy. I dated a guy who liked stuff like that once and he was extremely juvenile

No. 1767785

i can feel my stomach gurgling because i ate some soft cheese instead of aged by years cheese. i just wanna pretend i dont have a possible lactose problem but this is terrible.

No. 1767823

File: 1699771136682.jpg (97.49 KB, 960x720, 1583875391902.jpg)

so alone in this shit ass world

No. 1767829

yeah. that's pretty much what I was thinking. idk if it's a dealbreaker but it feels disrespectful to like stuff about how much you want a gf while you're in a relationship, i guess…

No. 1767846

File: 1699771498982.jpeg (422.6 KB, 1000x1288, A8219BE3-9F01-4EC6-8279-134E25…)

I found out I had COVID and isolated for 5 days, then went to a friends birthday party. I took my mask off to drink a couple of times. Now I’m afraid that I could’ve still infected other people despite my symptoms getting better help how likely is this

No. 1767989

Good. Infect them all

No. 1768032

File: 1699774663126.png (157.99 KB, 403x356, Screenshot (24647).png)

I just went onto youtube and saw this in my suggestions, weird coincidence considering I don't watch anything similar to whatever this is

No. 1768036

I'm kinda scared that I am going to become a sasaeng or superfan or whatever they are called but I just cannot stop I love him so much and can't stop fantasizing. I kind of feel ashamed about having a celebrity crush and that it affects me so much.

No. 1768041

it's okay, if your friends are antivaxxers they will have a nasty flu and maybe get hospitalized, if they're not they will have a normal flu and build immunity. nothing of value will be lost.

No. 1768070

Sasaengs physically stalk their favs, I'm assuming you don't plan to follow him around in a taxi so it's fine

No. 1768105

I grew up with debilitating anxiety disorders in a very toxic household and I self-harmed growing up. I'm in my late 20s and I'm normal now. I do still have the scars that make me "look like a basket case" but you just have to deal with it. These things become less important when you're active and healthy and not thinking about things in terms of killing yourself all the time. good luck nona.

No. 1768106

Women turning you down for a date does not make them evil it just means you ugly. Chill the f out and get a hobby women just aren't for you.

No. 1768107

my mum was like this, you gotta move out nona. it changed my entire emotional foundation to have my own cupboards and shelves that i could have as few things on as i wanted without other people's clutter.

No. 1768108

Having moid roommates has taught me that most moids need to stay single and have their bloodlines. They are disgusting slobs. They seethe about celibate women and divorced mothers because they marry women just to get a free maid

No. 1768111

As long as you haven't reached the point where you are spending money to stalk him or hacking things, you're good. Basically anything that would make him feel unsafe or threatened for control

No. 1768112

File: 1699778123119.png (77.62 KB, 771x490, ojala te violen escrotoide ;P.…)

well this explains it all at least to me

No. 1768113

Why do men look for hidden meanings behind rejections? They can't just accept that someone wants you to leave them alone. Its been years and you've gotten nowhere with me…that means you'll never get anywhere with me so just fuck off.

No. 1768114

So it's a Finnish faggot? Damn that was unexpected, but it explains everything, a woman couldn't piss me off like this retard does, only a male could be so insufferable and vile, on top of gross

No. 1768116

very unexpected, but I'm glad we got to know, is so easy to piss off teenage faggots kek

No. 1768123

This post is a month old

No. 1768125

No I would never want the person I like to to be unhappy or feel unsafe. Also I do not have the money to just go to another country and just stalk people.

No. 1768130

It is not, this is tinfoil.

No. 1768142

They're just looking for a loophole in your reasoning so they can guilt you or convince you to change your mind. It's manipulative and why i am 100% in support of ghosting- we don't owe them an explanation and they only ask for one to maintain contact and find an opening to wear you down.

No. 1768148

Talked to a guy online who took on my and several other female posters identities as his own huge fucking creep still follows me online to this day years after I blocked his abusive ass on all social media. The next guy is some old redpiller who hates women dunno why he attached himself to me but he seems to see himself as some grand manipulator or wizard or something but no he just seems really sad and pathetic. Its just normal male behavior to hate stalk every female who arouses lust in you in some way…I'm so glad I'm not a male because the only feeling I have towards men is disinterest or mild pity.

No. 1768150

ugh I am so horny, I wish I could lower my libido with the flick of a switch

No. 1768153


No. 1768157

People keep ignoring my vent posts and it makes me feel sadder

No. 1768176

I am so mentally and physically drained and exhausted,.hopeless in the future, disillusioned about everything

I think I have never been this close to suicide in my life

No. 1768184

I do not frequent these threads much but the only time my posts here got replies were when I was in a bad relationship. My posts about deaths in my family never got replies. I am guessing there aren't many people who can relate to certain feelings and situations so don't reply. It does suck though.

No. 1768189

Unless you have a really weird or detailed vent, it cab ve hard for someone to say something more than "dang that sucks." Not an insult

No. 1768232

I try to reply to this thread as little as possible because it feels rude. Like you're just trying to vent and I'm all like, "it sounds like you might have a magnesium deficiency and attachment issues steming from your unresolved childhood trauma. I suggest more leafy greens and CBT."

No. 1768246

sometimes I write out responses then question it and don’t hit send. whenever you don’t get a response you can imagine that I wanted to say something nice but got stupid and shy

No. 1768249

File: 1699796807161.png (938.31 KB, 1170x808, IMG_0111.png)

I got blanked today by the girl I have been in love with for years. I haven’t seen her in over 12 months and she flat out ignored me in a group of people all day. The last time I saw her she told me she loved me and she was so affectionate and I reciprocated . Feeling mmm devastated just completely fucking blindsided. Just useless. Like I can just be ignored like a piece of trash.

No. 1768256

Oh thank fuck it's finally morning, I just had nightmare after nightmare after nightmare and I'm fucking exhausted but I'm so glad I can stop and get up now

No. 1768310

My coffee is just a touch too weak. I either make it half a step too strong or half a step too weak. I measure everytime too. Oh well.

No. 1768328

I always go out thinking I look acceptable or at least cute, but every time I come back from a friend's place, I look at myself in the mirror and I look like shit. Fat faced, greasy haired garbage. My hair is thinning. My face has hormonal acne. I am constantly tired. I'm planning a new calisthenics routine because I fell out of daily exercising like 3 months ago. I can see how fucked I look. FML. Why can't I just be sedentary, the weather is cold and I'm working an office job

No. 1768349

Really tired of moids calling 25+ and especially 30+ women hags, women who actually look nice, when they themselves mostly look like shit.
The entitlement some of these idiots have is fucking stupid. Porn and social media fried their brain off.

No. 1768369

File: 1699806311231.jpg (65.06 KB, 1065x621, IMG_8060.jpg)

Yeah, women older than 25+ are hags to them, but being a 20 year old male with the balding pattern of a 40 year old male is normal and handsome, actually. If you make fun of a moid for looking 50 when he's 20, it's actually ableist because he didn't choose to go bald or get skinnyfat, how dare these post-wall whores say something so offensive and act so shallow and obsessive over appearance! What if that fat incel neckbeard has the personality of a saint? Just because he has shit and food particles in his second chin's beard and spends all his time sitting on his balls watching hentai and posting on reddit, he deserves to be ridiculed? What the fuck! That is so rude. Imagine if women were treated that way, that never happens! A 20 year old male with a patch of hair on the top of his head and nowhere else is valid!

No. 1768394

This fucking scrote straight up told my nigel to "try again" after we told him we're pregnant with our second daughter. Right in front of me. At least my nigel stood up for us but the rage I felt is still boiling inside me. Why the fuck in this day and age are people still obsessed with having boy children? Like if you don't have at least one son you're a complete fucking failure and your life is over? I hope that scrote gets hemorrhoids the size of mangoes.

No. 1768406

This morning I woke up and went to the store. A little sleepy, I was fumbling through the self checkout. A cashier came over to help.
Out of nowhere, this man starts yelling at both of us about this "fight" he had outside, and it sounded absolutely made up. He was going on about shooting this man and how lucky "the fucker" was that he was not carrying his gun this morning. He was loud and aggressive. I used to be skilled at deescalation, but I was frozen. I looked down to the ground and did not respond. The cashier just listened and said ok until he walked away. She turned and asked me about a scan and it took me a few moments to respond and I apologized to her. I feel for her in the customer service position, and I was worried about leaving her alone with this man ranting around the store.
I am actually a victim of gun violence and before that terrible event I never took any threat seriously. Now I get dizzy and shut down. I am worried to have another shutdown in the future. I am looking into self defense training and possibly a gun safety class. Not because I want to carry a weapon, but because I clearly need to face this anxiety to overcome it.
Men suck, and nowhere is safe sweet nonnas. Please be safe out there.

No. 1768410

I hate this so much. People like this also spoil their sons. My ex was one of those where his whole extended family really wanted a boy and he ended up being the only boy, so he was paraded around as the prize. Too bad he grew up to be a coomer and I'm willing to bet will also go MTF in a couple of years because he constantly complains about being a victim and how women have it easier.

No. 1768414

I am lonely, I have one best friend and that's it. I kinda want more friends but also I don't want to hang out with them or interact I kind of just want people to pay attention to me and and I don't interact much, I don't get it

No. 1768415

I saw an influencer so beautiful it made me feel like there’s no point in me trying to be attractive kek. I used to feel this way all the time but haven’t in awhile and I don’t like the feeling.

No. 1768420

No. 1768430

Doesn't matter what retard scrotes think anon, you get to have 2 out of 2 daughters that's the best scenario you could've hoped for.

No. 1768431

People might yell at you for not expecting to work that much but honestly you're right it is depressing and a huge reality check to realize how much you're gonna work until you die. But I think you should keep working towards being a doctor and it will be much more rewarding once you are actually paid a doctor's wage and you can do things you enjoy with that money. There's a huuuuuge difference between working and making a lot of money, and working for peanuts.

No. 1768433

I wish I could sleep for 24 hours a day the way the mods can

No. 1768437

I hate that I can never show my favorite anime to anyone who's not a massive weeb because it has a tiny amount of gross male gaze pandering while the rest of the show is perfectly innocent. I hate those scenes on their own, the fact that they make the show unshareable is even worse. It's not even every episode, it's such a super tiny fraction that could so easily have been left out - yet the fact that I know there's a close up of a female crotch to show her panties for like 10 seconds straight and it's so obviously not "just" comedy means I can't show the show to anyone at all. There's no wonder nerdy girls troon out en masse when girls always get sexualized no matter what. I hate men, they shouldn't be allowed to create anything ever.

No. 1768442

I don't even know if I'll be able to make a lot of money since doctor wages are getting lower but I should probably remain hopeful

No. 1768450

I get you. Most of my favourite anime has at least one fanservice scene of underage girls or dumb male coomer jokes like being jealous of another character's breast size. Other than those minor scenes, the show is good but to normalfags they are going to be super weirded out which is understandable and hence I would hesitate to recommend my favourite anime to them. It always annoyed me even back then but I have a lower tolerance to those things now and it sucks that girls in a anime are inevitably going to be sexualized for male coomers.

No. 1768452

File: 1699812168928.jpeg (841.51 KB, 1147x1150, IMG_7287.jpeg)

Doctoral nonnie in the building impressive. We’re rooting for you

No. 1768461

I’m rooting for you. I am surprised to hear about the low wages you describe through school and training, I had the impression it was a lot of school (and that’s why wealthier people or people with a lot of family support tend to make it through the rigorous schooling) but I rarely think about those who have to support themselves through it (if that’s what you’re doing). Maybe that’s why I see so many student worker unions forming… that’s all a bit outside my area of knowledge though.
I don’t know who told you doctors work three days a week, I always heard it was a demanding stressful schedule but the pay is high.

No. 1768468

I already replied but wanted to add something: if you are feeling really down about how much you will work through your life remember you can take a break for a year or two during your lifetime career if you have savings! I know people who do this, I’m doing this right now. I actually feel a bit lost without work because I’m a workaholic who doesn’t even spend my money (which is why I can live off savings right now) but even so I would definitely recommend a break over burnout. It’s definitely something you can plan for! There are workplace seniority systems etc that discourage this but I didn’t even have a job with a retirement plan so I figured who cares. If you ever feel trapped or out of control in the future, consider it.

No. 1768477

File: 1699813526357.jpg (82.53 KB, 828x818, drd5fqqurmi51.jpg)

Anons I need advice. I have a friend with BPD and psychosis, she is very nice to me but from what other people tell me she's causing a whole lot of drama. A mutual friend of ours is sofa surfing and occasionally stays with her. For some reason they sleep in the same bed (??) even though he claims he's not interested in her. He said that he was very drunk once, trying to fall asleep, but she kept touching him. He's saying stuff like "no I don't want this" but she continues and yeah. While he's telling me this story I'm like, that's really not OK but my male friend was probably too out of it at the time to notice, he said he only started to think it was wrong after my reaction. He thinks she's a good person, just does very bad stuff sometimes. He also said they argue a lot, and she made him wait 15 minutes outside in the freezing cold, they both had to catch a bus, but she didn't go to the bus stop until the youtube video she was watching ended (there's so many incidents I could bring up oh my lord). And also it's a bit awkward hanging out with her because she falls out with so many people. There's this group of people I'm slowly being accepted into their friendship, but my friend is literally always like, I don't like these people let's avoid them. My BPD friend will be like well they took sides against me. But my friend in the group was like, BPD girl was in a really toxic relationship, her boyfriend threatened me with a knife (!!) and BPD girl made excuses for her bf. And this girl is the sweetest ever, so kind and patient I can't imagine how out of order you'd have to be to piss her off. My sofa surfing friend said BPD girl absolutely hates it when people spend time with who she hates, she can't accept that just because she doesn't like someone, that doesn't make them a bad person. So I can't even talk to these people when BPD girl is around me, it's getting me down because that friendship group are lovely, normal people. They're in my local goth/metal/punk scene so it's not like I could completely avoid them even if I wanted to. I can't say to BPD girl "I like you both and I want to get to know them better" she wouldn't have it. I really don't know what to do. BPD girl genuinely is nice and polite to me, I think partly because of how I am. A friend of mine once told me I was stopping her from going into a manic episode because I'm so calm, so I guess I'm the lucky one avoiding people's meltdowns. But still, I'm gonna feel massively uncomfortable hanging around BPD girl who seems to make enemies with every alt person and is a possible rapist??

No. 1768478

thank you nonnies
these anonymous messages mean a lot for me and they are actual good advice

No. 1768554

I used to be close to someone like that and she made me miserable every single day. I can't even describe how suffocating and isolating these types of people are once they've imprinted on you.
>I can't even talk to these people when BPD girl is around me
My BPDfag did this exact same thing to me and then I was left with no close friends because she'd lose her mind whenever I went out with anyone, and I obviously also couldn't invite her to come along because she was a bitch and everyone fucking hated her.
>I was stopping her from going into a manic episode because I'm so calm
That's not how manic episodes work kek I'm guessing that she just says she has psychosis and manic episodes to excuse her deranged behavior. She's only nice to you because she thinks you're going to put up with her bullshit, if you do anything she disapproves of she's going to make you regret ever even befriending her. Just run, she isn't worth interacting with unless she's actually putting in the work and is prepared to do DBT for decades to come.

No. 1768564

i have one day left to finish my thesis and about 6 pages left to write + all my diagrams + formatting. Will I sleep tonight? Hopefully

No. 1768577

File: 1699818180956.jpeg (97.77 KB, 1199x644, 344F5882-EC14-4B8F-9322-3C5773…)

My sister is such a narc, just like our dad was but she isn't an alcoholic just yet. She does that thing where anything she goes through is the absolute worst, she is the biggest victim and no one could ever understand, everyone else should get their shit together though. She has to get a routine, minor surgery soon, but she was denied at least twice due to throwing a fit at the doctors and she was deemed way to unstable, which is just, not normal behaviour at all but hey, she's always being wronged! She kept whining about how she hopes she doesn't get sick right before the surgery, she somehow managed to trick her doctor to deem her fit this time for it, yet she keeps dragging her kids to all these germfest bday parties, ballpits and shit like that, all the while saying how she's doing everything to avoid germs. She will post on fb and whine irl about how she has had to wait for two years for this surgery, but never mentions how it was her acting Psycho that lead her into this, I had to wait 2 years for my cancer surgery due to covid. I never complained, I never went anywhere to keep as healthy as I could so I wouldn't have to miss my appointments or surgery dates and she has the guts to whine like that around me? I know I sound selfish but the way a narc will scream and cry abuse and having the hardest life whilst their little sister, by many fucking years, I sat there like "I went through cancer during a pandemic, you're getting a hernia fixed" and she says shit like "You People can't even imagine how it's like to be sick! so sick! I've done my all!! I am so patient!" you threatened to hit a doctor for saying you were too unstable, what did you do exactly? Idk, I never blamed anyone for my health, I could've Eaten better and excercised more and so on, didn't cry about shit but I honestly feel like I'm in some surreal skit whenever she starts going about her life and issues she created for herself. I think I too sound like a pissbaby but fuck her and fuck her weird ass anger issues and fuck her for never ever realising other people have issues as well.

No. 1768580

She’s not a rapist lol but you should listen to your nice friend who wants to avoid her (if I’m reading that right.) You shouldn’t be her calm person that’s way too heavy. If you’re writing this you have a gut feeling about the situation and I’m a huge proponent of listening to your gut, so go with that.

No. 1768585

i wish i could date another bi woman as derangedly horny but ashamed of having sex as myself it would be so beautiful. but here we are.

No. 1768589

realized i only go through life so passively because i don't want to be here. i've lived thus far hoping for a "later" that would wake me up but it hasn't come yet. i really hope it comes soon. my mother was like "you need to be more present in your daily life" as if my daily life is more than filling out job applications and being nitpicked by her 24/7. what life is there to live? why do i need to be here

No. 1768605

File: 1699818840512.png (215.43 KB, 347x330, Screenshot 2022-04-29 at 00.15…)

i have a TIF coworker and the most male thing about her is the entitlement. we have the same job on paper but she spends most of the time chatting with coworkers or doing little things instead of the main part of our job. orders me around despite me being here longer. but she's schmooze-y and thinks highly of herself so guess who's getting the promotion? despite privately shitting all over the company we work for?
i know i work hard but i have negative self esteem and just don't have that confident attitude needed to get farther in this. i need to go back to school man

No. 1768636

Nah just embrace mindless networking and asskissing and you’ll go far. That’s what she did. If you’re not working in a life or death field you don’t need to be so focused on doing the work.

No. 1768645

Late reply but it could be because of the banana. Banana is very sugary. Try cutting it in half or removing banana altogether. I prefer cooking my oats in whole fat milk because I find the lactose is sweet enough that I don’t need to add any sweetener (full disclosure I still like to add banana sometimes, but it can make me crash later on). I use 40 g of oats like you do, and also enjoy adding a lot of nuts and frozen wild blueberries to my oats. Berries are generally speaking better than fruit, especially better than banana. If you want more protein you can keep the Greek yogurt or add some cottage cheese or protein powder. Even so, if you are insulin sensitive the GI of oats might still be too high for you. You shouldn't be hungry 2 hours after eating oatmeal so sounds like this could be the case.

No. 1768649

Tried to seduce my partner when he got home from work by getting naked etc and doing my hair how he likes.
Nada. I get it he just got home from work and I'm not owed sex. But a bit of a blow to the self esteem that he said "I like when you're naked, I'm gonna go watch YouTube now" and left me in the bedroom lol

No. 1768652

Go watch YouTube???? Wtf

No. 1768653

"she" got hired and promoted for the company to look good 100%

No. 1768657

i can be that

No. 1768658

Does he have autism

No. 1768661

His libido is probably low because he’s in front of that damn computer

No. 1768664

He sounds like a retarded asshole, you should get a new one.

No. 1768685

>she in quotes
nta but OP said it's a TIF so..

No. 1768687

File: 1699822562231.jpg (72.54 KB, 600x693, acne3-1782093039.jpg)

after decades of this god damned existence i still struggle with recurring acne, and i am too retarded to figure out whether i fall for the trap of craving something with dairy in it every time around my period or if it is simply my period causing them. i craved crackers and bought a new brand, checked the ingredients, which said it may include traces of milk. i got small pimples within hours of eating it. i stopped ordering takeout from non-vegan places because i realized they might cook the food in butter. only time i was acne free for a consistent amount of time was when i was eating like an anorexic puritan, which i now can not do because i actually have to physically work full time. this is so embarrassing. i do not want to wait until menopause to finally have clear skin.

No. 1768692

My ldr bf I've been dating since like may flew over this past weekend to visit and I have to say it wasn't what I was expecting. He was taller, slimmer, and had a bigger dick than I thought so that was nice. But personality wise I don't see a future at all. He just cares too much about politics and race if I have to listen to him lecture me about shit I don't care about for another hour I think I'll blow my brains out. Like you flew here to have fun and fuck me stop lecturing me about the roman empire

No. 1768696

What kind of retard did you pick up kek. You didn't realize he was race obsessed when you talked to him online/texted?

No. 1768700

If you ctrl+f "DIM" you will find a long supplement paragraph in the skincare thread I wrote, don't have time to find it just this moment. It helped me a lot to focus on inclusion vs exclusion.

Sometimes you need more of one nutrient to balance out whatever it is in dairy etc that makes you break out. Kind of like the omega 3 vs 6 balance. I hope it helps. I eat butter all the time now.

No. 1768702

I just kind of shrugged it off whenever race stuff came up over text or changed the subject I didn't think he'd care so much in real life especially when we only had a couple days to be together. He's really up his own ass about his lineage and I'm white so I care negative percent it was so fucking booooring every time he started blabbering about it

No. 1768703

DIM is legit. I looked into what it was and realized I have great skin when I eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables lol so I don’t rely on the supplement but it was nice while I had it or when I can’t eat cabbage and related plants

No. 1768708

File: 1699823254331.jpg (97.02 KB, 1200x800, zinc-rich-foods-opti-82211196-…)

thanks. i heard that eating zinc supplements can help

No. 1768713

Is he white? If he's not then he's never going to shut the fuck up about being a minority since he is acting like this already. Just ghost the motherfucker.

No. 1768724

> politics and race
run, run as fast as you can kek

No. 1768747

I'm tired of not being able to do anything and being stuck like a toddler because of an abusive scrote I'm forced to live with. Burn in hell you sick son of a bitch. And fuck my rapist too, the hideous skeletor incel looking ass. I want to torture them both to the death and release all my pent up rage.

No. 1768804

File: 1699827182180.jpg (104.22 KB, 1400x927, bird-biting-cage-465967630.jpg)

scum ass family members make it impossible to live. everything i do is predictable to them because they abused me a certain way to make me dependent and stockholmed to them. they want to make it seem like it is my choice and my fault they abuse me. they throw threats at me. i was too dumb to realize they were keeping tabs on me. spying on my computer, phone and books. i couldn't lie about where i lived so they found me. i don't even see a point in moving anymore. they send people to pry personal questions, they send people to find out what i like and then steal my ideas for themselves, it's weird. from raping and beating they turned to excluding, spreading rumors, including and ridiculing, and stealing my ideas. they want me to have no identity and no thoughts. but i do live independently and i do not want to partake in their abuse. it is difficult to move though because i have a partner and a full time job. you can say i must break up and that i can find a job like that anywhere else but that is not true. my partner makes me happy, at least for now, and a job is a necessity. i worked hard there for them to get me on a better shift and enough hours even though they did not like me at first. because of years of abuse i am hard to like, i act autistic and boring, so for me to have a partner and a normal job is out of the ordinary.

No. 1768811

Holy shit that sounds like a waking nightmare. I’m so sorry. If I was your friend I’d be up in arms, you’re being backed into a corner! I’d wanna fight them off for you.

No. 1768835

I think I mentally checked out of society quite a while ago.
I hate jobhunting and the only reason I want to get a job is for sustenance and some of my hobbies (like painting and art)

No. 1768869

My mother getting wasted and begging for attention by drinking is so cringe. Just stop being an alcoholic and go outside and make friends instead of pestering me cause youre so miserable.


No. 1768888

my long distance bf is visiting me for the fourth time and i’m just so ready for him to go home. he’s been here for 7 days already and i’m finding myself counting the days left until he goes home. he doesn’t wanna do anything, doesn’t have any ideas on things for us to do, has no opinions on anything.. when we sit in the car together he’s just silent the whole time, i’m always the one trying to make conversation or jokes. i’m cringing so bad because he said he was going to make me a quesadilla and he wrapped a tortilla in cheese and stuck it in the microwave.. it was disgusting..he just seems so empty. the first time we met up was actually a ton of fun and we were constantly doing things but then over the summer he had a psychotic bipolar episode and he hasn’t been the same since. just wants to sleep all day. i really wanted to break up after his episode but i felt like that would make me such an asshole so i stayed anyway and now he’s here and i just want to be alone.

No. 1768890

Update: I couldn't find the exact post so I'll just put the 3 supplements I take daily here: omega3 with evening primrose, DIM, and myo inositol. Those are the critical ones. Occasional other ones such as multivitamins and proferrin iron. Hope it helps

No. 1768920

Can't go . Day without fighting I just hate it out here

No. 1768930

File: 1699833930171.gif (9.32 MB, 640x640, nikocado-avocado-mental-breakd…)

Calling and dealing with these banking companies is frustrating and stressful. Just give me my money REEEEEEE

No. 1768935

HOLY SHIT the singer everyone was sad about dieing last month was a singer I was familiar with I just didn't remember his name. Fuck meeeee. I cannot believe I'm so retarded, I'm literally the slowpoke meme wtf. I love his voice, I just haven't listened in a few years and I forgot everything I liked with work fog brain.

No. 1768940

this is a BOP

No. 1768941

update: I don't think I'm going to sleep at a reasonable time tonight. I've only written 3 pages in 5 hours. I freaking hate this

No. 1768943

I'm realizing I'm never going to be over her. I've tried my best to focus on other things, meet new people, but no one is even 1/10th as amazing as she was. Anyone who isn't her falls flat. I try to forget about her, but she's always showing up in my dreams to remind me what true bliss was like. I can't live like this much longer.

No. 1768963

His voice was so suave and lovely.

No. 1768975

I'm convinced that the number of cluster Bs is way higher than what we are being told.

No. 1768979

why is cluster b

No. 1768982

this makes sense. Cluster B people most of the time won't seek help and typically think they're literally always right or are the victims, plus since it's not a glamourized disorder they won't claim it, won't test for it, etc. Also, therapists suck at telling when people lie, too.

No. 1768983

miss when everyone called the septum piercing the bull ring

No. 1769020

I think people still do that

No. 1769023

Cluster B always seemed like a fake thing to me. It’s so broad, like “these people are annoying.” And cluster A is like the inverse, “these people are the weirdos”. Ok, great.

No. 1769091

If cluster b isn't real to you, you're lucky enough to not have encountered cluster b people because they genuinely are psychopaths and abusers and don't care at all about anything

No. 1769118

I have a cousin with BPD with similar levels of drama, we were best friends throughout our childhoods and teen years until she decided I was her worst enemy and turned on me. Believe me she probably views you as her little sidekick (regardless of the actual dynamic) and if she decides she doesn’t want to be nice to you anymore she could potentially ruin your life or at least try. With borderlines it’s really hard to see what they’re doing until after the fact too, you’ll probably be blindsided

No. 1769134

It’s just too broad to be meaningful. I’m not saying the mental issues contained in it aren’t real but I can’t imagine categorizing them in such a broad way.

No. 1769140

psychiatric labels are a shitshow, labels have continuously shifted from hysterical to histrionic personality disorder to borderline personality disorder etc. and so on. The presentations it aims to categorize are real but also can lead to changing how people act through iatrogenesis as well. The term unstable and more specific terms need to make a comeback.

No. 1769141

File: 1699843978883.png (173.63 KB, 640x640, IMG_3962.png)

It sucks having a parent and sibling who are abusive narcissists. My parent has two personality disorders and my sister takes after her so much. They get enjoyment and pleasure out of doing fucked up things to me, there’s no limit to their behavior and they can’t be self aware or feel empathy or remorse. My sister’s dad and grandparents always ignored and mistreated me while she had an endless amount of adoration, attention, and love. I was literally treated like a dog compared to her (and I mean literally, my stepdad used to ban me from sitting on furniture outside of my bedroom and made me eat dinner on the floor while they sat around the table) and instead of seeing how fucked up it all was, she gets off on it. To her it just reaffirms that she’s better than me. She ignores all the physical, sexual, and psychological abuse I endured because they never mistreated her and she straight up just doesn’t feel anything for me. I didn’t know my stepdad wasn’t my real dad until I was older, so when I found out that he wasn’t I had the crushing realization of “oh, so that’s why they treat me like that. It’s not that there’s something inherently wrong with me, they just don’t love me because I’m not really theirs” and my sister gets off on that too because it makes her feel special in comparison. I still love her and she’s my favorite person in the world, but she’s a raging narcissist and it’s hard to love someone who doesn’t love me back. Despite it all, I’m glad that she was loved and treated well, taking all the abuse so that she didn’t experience any of it is more than worth it to me

No. 1769151

That’s kind of you and I guess you can’t help who you love sometimes but omg why? That’s sounds horrific why would you hold affection for her at all? I don’t get it.

No. 1769180

I didn't lose anything but I also didn't gain anything either, and that's a bummer…

No. 1769182

I’m not really sure tbh, but she was one of the only sources of happiness in my childhood. Her personality changed a lot when she was a teenager and became an addict, but before that she was the only family member who I wasn’t scared of. I miss the person she used to be and it’s hard to accept that she’s just like our parents now, and sides with them over me

No. 1769200

File: 1699849602444.jpg (30.57 KB, 538x404, images.jpg)

Some years ago I was sure that I wanted to abandon my home country as fast as possible and marry my current partner and not look back. Now I'm not so sure. Nothing has changed, but also… I think I would miss my mom and my country. I miss being a rebellious person but now I can't hate my mom I can't help but feel scared of traveling to another country and meeting my partner's family and culture, because everything is so different, I'm clinging to familiarity despite knowing I've never wanted to live here forever

No. 1769209

I hate roommates I hate roommates I hate roommates I hate roommates I hate roommates I hate roommates I hate roommates I hate roommates I hate roommates I hate roommates I hate roommates I hate roommates I hate roommates I hate roommates I hate roommates I hate roommates I hate roommates I hate roommates I hate roommates

I just want to be in a 1 bedroom so bad. I pray to whatever god is out there that I can actually find a job that will afford me one. I never want to live with other people again. EVER.

No. 1769245

i've written 2 more pages, all aboard the no sleep train.. thank god this is the last assignment of my life

No. 1769250

I hate having an alcoholic mother. I’m basically my siblings' mom now. I hate my life.

No. 1769252

Realizing now that my teacher inviting certain TAs to parties at his place was wildly inappropriate. I was one of his TAs who was never invited and it always made me feel like crap. I wish I wasn't so naïve and realized how much of a piece of shit he was early on instead of looking up to him. I caught him on a few occasions ogling students and he later married one of his TAs who was a former student that was in the same year as me. During my last communication with him, he said I was "weak" because there were times when I was upset and cried during school due to heavy course loads and my shitty relationship at the time which probably got on his nerves. Fuck him.

No. 1769253

men unknowingly raising another man's child never happens, it's a reddit psyop to justify their misogyny. female cheaters exist but they probably abort quietly if they arent sure who the child's father is because they dont want to be murdered by some angry scrote down the line

No. 1769268

Why is male sexuality so disgusting and bizarre. Can we castrate all males?

No. 1769293

Girl what’d he do?

No. 1769297

>when women visit r/gooncaves

No. 1769299

This always baffled me because even a cheating woman would realize how fucked she would be if the child came out looking like a different man lmao. Who's risking 9 months on a gamble that it looks like the mother

No. 1769300

It sucks when someone you considered a good friend with strong morals do something that goes so much against them. We used to talk and agree on so many things, yet recently i’ve seen her exhibiting bottom of the barrel moid behaviors. The person I knew would find these actions disgusting, she would know that the path she’s leading down isn’t just cringe, it’s morally wrong and not only hurts other women but herself. It’s not small actions like calling another woman a whore or unfairly critiquing another for something she can’t control. It’s something I know will spiral out in worse ways and isn’t a bandaid to whatever reasons she has for doing it.

For the most part I don’t believe that her opinions and agreeing with me were just for show, there were some signs I didn’t pick up on, but I used to have those red flags too. We matured and learned from our mistakes together, she was a big part of shaping me into who I am today, it’s hard for me to think that she could have had this side of her that she’s only now showing because i’m not friends with her anymore. Possibly narcissistically I also wonder if only I had been there at whatever turning point, I could have steered her away and back into the right direction. I knew our friendship had a limited shelf life, I have mixed feelings on that, right now if I could talk to her again I would choose not to. The moidish behavior is not the primary reason why but it’s a large part of it.

I don’t want to believe it, I want to blame the personal things in her life, I know of the ones we talked about but not what’s she’s currently dealing with. I can’t imagine what those could be, I don’t know what would turn someone like her into the complete opposite direction. Loneliness? Projecting how she’s treated as a woman onto others? How does she rationalize treating women in the same ways we’d shame men for? If she even does, she is not impulsive and would know how self destructive this is. There isn’t anything I can do, I just need to move on and hope that she doesn’t go any further and realizes her mistakes. Whatever is driving her towards it, the person I knew could deal with in a way that keeps her integrity. She wouldn’t contribute to further harm, even on the smallest level. I just have to hope she doesn’t go down this path anymore.

No. 1769305

Idk if it’s just me noticing this all of a sudden but I hate all the normie moid memes shitting on Taylor swift/fangirls by saying things like “Taylor swift is for girls who give toothy BJs” or showing an image of a woman not arching her back as if it’s the worst insult to not be a perfect picturesque little whore kek what the hell. I’m ambivalent about Taylor, she seems generally unproblematic, but men hate her for no reason and then insult harmless fans for enjoying something generic like music by criticizing their sex appeal?? Who the fuck cares, men really think we’re here to impress their penises. Meanwhile 90% of them have never given a woman an orgasm.

No. 1769311

moids go absolutely ballistic at the idea that women dont exist to please their dicks. that's where their seething hatred of old women, fat women, ugly women etc come from

No. 1769364

hows it going now?

No. 1769366

I'm convinced men hate when women like anything that isnt men/them

No. 1769368

What exactly is she doing if it’s that bad?

No. 1769372

I'm having a silent meltdown right now because I have no ide what to do anymore. The company is shutting down and leaving us with no compensation, the new job won't accept me because I can only work via LTE, all the jobs above minimum wage are 1h+ away and I don't have a car anyway. Moving out isn't really an option because of the high rent. I just want to fucking cry, I can't even work as cahier or waitress due to my shitty personality.

No. 1769377

Have a look for online call center or website customer service jobs

No. 1769378

It's a joke and a response to the fact that there is mass public fatigue of her constant disingenuous pr crawls.

No. 1769431

File: 1699873689628.jpg (39.34 KB, 800x800, 20231113_060604.jpg)

When extremely logged in Americans make posts that are like "here is how you can help the war in Israel" and the things they list are literally only things to soothe their own ego and make them feel like they understand or are apart of something they absolutely aren't and aren't aiding at all. People like that are so scary. They don't even care.

No. 1769433

what do people think of me? started being obsessed with this recently… i only have high school and middle school to go off of (because basically neeted after graduating) , what do normies think of weird quiet girls? they don't agree with who i am… i shouldn't listen right

No. 1769437

Maybe you should just kys.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1769444

Everyone can work as a cashier come on now.

No. 1769446

i got a receptionist that sounded like a cringe nlog chill girl that called me ,man and had a rude "whatever" tone

No. 1769447

The people you met in middle and high school and haven't kept in contact with have long forgotten about you so don t worry about what they think

No. 1769449

I encountered a random woman exactly like this (complete with Elizabeth Holmes vocal fry) as a cashier (she lasted like two weeks there) but she was at least 35 so it was really jarring. I think she was an oldscool retired goth but she talked like a 12 year old skater boy extra in a movie from the 90s and was super rude

No. 1769466

File: 1699876001741.jpg (27.26 KB, 540x416, sad fatty.jpg)

Being fat feels so unfair. If I do manage to lose all the weight I want to, I'm still left with loose skin and stretch marks. Even worse is statistically I'll gain it all back anyway. The closest thing to a medication that can curb my cravings is something that won't be given to me be cause I don't have diabetes, but an invasive weight loss surgery is no problem apparently.
I just feel like no matter what I do I'm fucked and looked down upon. Nobody will want to date someone who's body looks like a deflated balloon. I'll always have the stigma of having been so obese for the rest of my life even if I somehow get skinny.

No. 1769470

Save up for laser. Skin can be tightened. Dont lose too fast. There's an entire life left to live for you, and feeling better about yourself always comes with some hurdles that you absolutely can surpass.

No. 1769471

No she shouldn’t

No. 1769474

shut the fuck up bitch

No. 1769476

Your health will be significantly better if you lose weight, which matters more than appearance. If you lose weight slowly, exercise, drink water and moisturize, and avoid things that destroy skin like sugar and smoking, then the loose skin and stretch marks won’t be as bad. You can also get laser treatment like the other anon said.

No. 1769478

Lots of if's lot of assuming, not an attitude that will ever lead to weight loss. It's shitty yeah, people hate fat women but they love self loathing fat women because they think they deserve that punishment, would rather be that fat gal on the treadmill than that fat gal who sits in a dark room and stress eats. You care too much what others think.
But like others say there are solutions and you can do it, you have time and you can find support, it doesn't have to be perfect you don't have to look like a model. GL

No. 1769484

Men in my country are all loud, violent, vulgar and just unattractive, I hate them all. I just want an introverted but responsible and mindful man, the type to care for me and show me his love with actions and no just words, he has a cool head but a warm heart, the type to smile slightly at times. Why can't this be my reality? Most don't even bathe or brush their teeth, so gross

No. 1769509

File: 1699880088484.jpeg (11.43 KB, 225x225, EF9D07D4-D27C-4EB7-A93D-17EB05…)

I’m not a scrote I just don’t wanna see anime boys drooling on each other or sexualized Frollo everytime I wanna shitpost…I’m so tired. Not every woman likes yaoi or wants to hear about it, a picture here or there I was able to ignore but it was like every time I came to dumbass shit they were posting it to excess. I think the funposting thread is fine let them keep it.

No. 1769510

god, you are so entitled. People made the goddam bechdel test thread for your kind and you refused to use it.

No. 1769514

File: 1699880923751.jpg (125.55 KB, 1242x1199, aaaa.pnga.jpg)

Heartbroken and rejected. I have an exam on Thursday but I'm so shocked about losing this person I can't move, can't study, anything.

No. 1769515

File: 1699881032440.jpg (22.67 KB, 512x512, f8b2f43d65db9dba3d869d30ea1510…)

Yaoi has been pretty much banned from the dumbass shit thread, I'm not seeing any in the shitpost thread either, even the dumbass shit thread knock off a fujo creates in retaliation is getting more Sylvanian families AI generated images than yaoi.

No. 1769517

File: 1699881059995.jpeg (9.96 KB, 486x168, K86kVK2.jpeg)

>muh bechdel test thread

No. 1769518

i am sorry your kind is deeply boring you have to kick everyone you dislike out of a thread then go cry to the mods because no one wants to post alongside your boring ass(infighting)

No. 1769523

nta but it seems like it’s just that one person spazzing out about the funpost thread in meta

No. 1769525

File: 1699881478834.gif (1.71 MB, 728x546, SAloHGL.gif)

I'm tired of people posting so many times the same shit on this website that it doesn't even feel like an anonymous board anymore.

No. 1769528

"omg ppl r postin images i don't like kri kri" jfc enough of this bullshit already

No. 1769529

My phone broke over a week ago and I can't afford a new one. It feels fucking amazing actually, I wish I wasn't required to use one for school and work. It's retarded but I wish I could go back to before smartphones were prevalent. I hate seeing everyone glued to their stupid phones.

No. 1769534

Back to your containment retards(mini-modding)

No. 1769537

he was also regina george larping I cackled

No. 1769538

the dumbass thread is the containment now.

No. 1769541

Don't you get tired of accusing everyone of being a tranny/moid? Schizo

No. 1769542

Shut up idiot and ignore posts you don’t like instead of whining and minimodding about everything. Now anons (or probably just you) keep responding obnoxiously to random shitposts and it’s much more annoying than whatever posts you haters are complaining about(infighting)

No. 1769557

>Minimodding, normalfags, beckies

No. 1769559

I did some ab exercise but apparently overdid it/did it wrong and now I have pain in my iliopsoas muscle, a muscle I didn't even kno I had. I have instantly turned into an 80 year old woman. Just getting out of my chair is an adventure now.

No. 1769571

Why are these kind of posts always accompanied by a cat picture?

No. 1769574

I love my area. I spend my summers here, moved here when the unspeakable thing happened and all that. I love the people. It's very familiar out here and comfortable. People just help each other and ate nice.
BUT WHY THE FUCK DO THEY ALL ONLY KNOCK ONCE AND THEN LITERALLY LET THEMSELVES INTO YOUR HOUSE? I know that used to be normal out here, once my parents had an afternoon nap and got up to their neighbours sitting in their living room for a hour.. It certainly takes time getting used to I swear. Could've been cooking naked too!

No. 1769576

there is a high chance its pakichan, she always accompanies her posts with cat pics and no one hates fujos more than her.

No. 1769580

Oh my god just let it go ffs don't bring that infight to this thread too

No. 1769582

Lol, that's a quaint cultural norm. I'm glad your area is safe enough that it can exist. Of course, I only say that because I don't have to deal with it directly.

No. 1769587

Why are all the most Chris Chan tier posts accompanied by 2D boys?

No. 1769588

Not the "everyone posting cat memes is Pakichan" debate again, guess we're not allowed to have opinions. Nta just in case you have another witty reply ready.

No. 1769593

"Cat memes" are literally just cute reactions pics and they've been used all across imageboards since the dawn of time but these newfags are personalityfags themselves so they have to try to pin one single identity on the majority. Desperate.

No. 1769594

File: 1699884616010.png (63.77 KB, 145x155, 5869454F-27CF-4921-BCC5-78E264…)

I’m so sorry vent thread, my b

No. 1769599

has anyone here ever had to deal with "friends" talking about you behind your back? i had to cut off a few people in my life who were being shady/two-faced and now one of them is trying to weasel her way back into my life. i got tired of her though as she walked off from me in the middle of a conversation when i was going through some crazy shit and needed to vent. she never apologized, either. and she knows she did it, too, cause she's trying way too hard to be nice to me all of the sudden now that i stopped talking to her and don't tell her my business anymore.

No. 1769601

please be for fucking real cat memes been on the internet since the dawn of the internet, not every post is your schizo headmate go fuck yourself

No. 1769608

I went out with friends the other week and one of them was like "there's a new live action Zelda movie coming out. I think Link can only be played by a tranny because he's too pretty." I didn't know how to respond and wanted to alog. The online brain rot is very real, but it was different to see it in person

No. 1769609

kek i was just asking a question you retards

No. 1769611

File: 1699885577820.jpeg (57.63 KB, 349x642, C5F46A3B-E13B-4B13-9CF1-3EE47F…)

>it was only a question huhu

No. 1769613

God stop nobody cares!!

No. 1769627

>not every post is your schizo headmate

No. 1769631

File: 1699887275860.png (246.58 KB, 432x366, pinchedshrek.png)

Actually, you know if you think about it it's not very Intersectional-Allyship of them to want to cast a "woman" as a man. What if it makes the "actress" dysphoric and suicidal?

No. 1769649

I do find it quaint as well, there's no way this could happen in any other of our so called "states"? Areas? As a woman of course, it makes you feel incredibly uneasy sometimes. I'm so thankful for my dogs. And the expandable steel baton I hide behind the door, next to the small axe and knife. Normal things you know. It's sweet when it's the neighbour, less sweet when it's someone from your neighbouring country asking for scraps and managing to comment on your nipple piercing in five sentences or less.
Far enough my neighbours don't come by often enough, close enough they might hear me scream.
Anyone else stopping by is usually adorable or a friend. Kids asking if they can use my fields for riding their horses, someone looking for a lost sheep and people coming by with plants asking if I'd like to vote for them.

No. 1769655

Wait I'm retarded I thought you said Link not Zelda. Disregard lol

No. 1769665

I can’t specify without losing my anonymity. I don’t know law very well but it’s probably in a gray area legally, morally very wrong to anyone who doesn’t see women as objects. Some of it the women she’s doing it to probably know, some of it not. She was even a radfem and was so based when we talked. It’s something i’ve been victim of, that just makes this so much more of a punch in the gut and so much more personal to me. I don’t know if she has experience it herself. Likely not, maybe that’s why she’s doing it. But it was something we’d talk about and as I said, if a moid did it she would rightfully shame them. I may have even talked to her about my personal experience, I don’t know if I regret that now. I’m just fucking torn, I can’t even wish that she’d do this specific thing to men because I know she wouldn’t, and this just wouldn’t effect a man in the same way. And it’s actions not just her having an opinion I disagree with. It goes beyond just her tweeting out something misogynistic or porny. I hate it here, can’t even trust that the most based women won’t just turn around and become the thing she’d despise. I thought she would be smart and self aware enough to be better than fucking disgusting creepy waste of breath moids. I don’t know if she even knows I know. Maybe if I were there whenever it started she wouldn’t have done it.

I probably sound like a moralfag but if you were in my shoes you’d understand.

No. 1769675

But she did

No. 1769682

File: 1699891948897.jpg (Spoiler Image,463.69 KB, 1200x1713, A_Girl_Defending_Herself_again…)

I know this is such a basic vent but I can't stand the way I look nonnies, I know that's such a universal experience but I don't know how others cope. I've felt so inadequate and ugly since I was like 8 and I'm almost 30 now, everyone I've ever opened up too has always told me I'll grow out of it but like when, and how? I honestly look deformed, like I'm sick or something is wrong with me. I have no hips, no waistline definition, my boobs are small and like half tuberous, my sternum sticks out farther than it should so it makes my tits look even more weird, my arms are weirdly skinny and veiny no matter how much I weigh, I have really broad shoulders and man hands, I'm balding and my under eyes make me look mid forties, I have varicose veins all over my legs and cutting scars all over my arms and legs and stomach from when I was a retarded teenager. I see myself in photos next to my sister and she's naturally tan with thick hair and beautiful, I look like a shapeless white bald ghost next to her. I just want to be able to get through a day without crying and having a mini meltdown over it. I was just looking at stuff on redbubble and came across this painting and it literally just drained all the motivation and life out of me, I would kill to look like this, or at least have one similar trait. I will never measure up I will always look so inadequate compared to other women

No. 1769692

Damn. I'm a lost cause today.

No. 1769698

>I don't know how others cope
gift yourself the delusional self-confidence of a man or narcissist. psych yourself into believing the way you look is great because it's you.

No. 1769709

I have to take a cab home from work today and the idea of being alone in a car as a young woman with a stranger who is most likely male is giving me anxiety. Must be nice being a man and not having to worry about whether a cab driver might try to sexually assault you. I'm just hoping because I'm taking a city cab service rather than an uber it's safer…

No. 1769733

My bf was being weird again (left me on read the other night when I asked him if we still had plans) so I left his messages on read the next few times he messaged me and he fucking loved it. He's all over me and so affectionate. That proves it the fucker has some mental illness going on probably attachment mento shit. Whatever dude you're in the fuck zone now you won't catch me agonizing anymore if that's the game you like to play. It kills me to even have to participate I'm such a frank person but boys love to be manipulated

No. 1769747

Literally the case with most "distant" moids. I had a moid who do this and it would basically be a gamble if he could text me back like a normal fucking partner. I was done and found someone capable of responding to me and as soon as I started ghosting him guess who would spam call me at 3 am

No. 1769752


No, don't work in call centers if you have any amount of education. You'll kys.

No. 1769756

My boyfriend is getting uglier and he's not stopping it. The idiot thinks that signs of aging are just signs of aging and not signs of him not taking care of his body. He doesn't realize that him gaining twenty pounds and a gut in the last four years is a sign of increased visceral fat and unhealthy eating habits. That his crows feet and thickened skin are because he's never used sunscreen or lotioned. I don't lotion every time I get out of the shower and use coral reef safe physical barrier sunscreen every day because I love wasting my time. And I don't take nutritional supplements and work out because I love the taste and feeling so much. I do it because my body is a machine that requires a lot of maintenance to live a healthy life into my seventies and I want to be as pain free and self sufficient as possible for as long as possible.
Fuck me. What am I going to do if he requires constant care for the last ten years of his life while using up the last ten years of my health? He's a great partner and I love him enough that I won't leave him yet, but I fear the sunk cost and being blinded by love so much as we age that I end up subsidizing his poor decision making skills by sacrificing my life and freedom.

No. 1769762

This already sounds like a cope kek "my boyfriend is hitting the wall hard but I still love him!!" if you were the one letting yourself go do you think he'd stay? Do you think he wouldn't be looking around for other options? Tell him to get his shit together or dump his ass

No. 1769763

You say shitty personality, but what are your issues when dealing with people? Do you become overwhelmed easily when talking to people? Do you have anger issues and are unable to control your temper? There are a couple of online jobs I can think of (and many more if you happen to have a bachelor's in absolutely anything), but they depend on what your strengths and weaknesses are.

No. 1769776

sorry your advisor was such a PoS. Male professors suck, my advisor was emotionally manipulative/abusive too and I didn't realize it until he died and I got a new women advisor who believed in student/faculty boundaries. Now you know, and if you ever have interns or get into teaching you'll be a great mentor because you recognized the shit in academic spaces. I hope that makes sense, I have a migraine and slept 3 hours… forgive me

I didn't finish. Instead, I emailed her half and said "you'll get the other half tomorrow" She probably hates me, I'd hate me too.

No. 1769778

You're already starting to not be attracted to him and you don't want to leave him? If the attraction isn't there, your sex life will be nonexistent. Leave him.

No. 1769779

File: 1699897506760.jpg (113.79 KB, 1500x843, tranny.jpg)

I've so fucking pissed. Trannies, PLEASE die. This is so fucking sick. No fucking way. I'm going to snap. I am going to fucking snap I AM GOING TO FUCKING SNAP.

No. 1769780

la la la la, la la la la, elmo’s world

No. 1769782

no women would ever take a professional photo in a pink jacket and sparkly top, but these AGPs can get away with larping as pop stars. it's revolting.

No. 1769786

Why are they even making a zelda movie? Nobody asked for this and the characters don't have voices in the games (well, in all the decent games). Also Link cannot be played by anyone at all because he's too pretty. The only good candidate would be River Phoenix but now he's a corpse.

No. 1769789

Samefagging but I cannot even calm down about this. How the fuck do you hire a fucking tranny? Appoint a tranny that will NEVER EVER fucking experience endometriosis. I will never forgive them.
They couldn't even hire a FTM who has experienced it. They truly hate women.

No. 1769802

This yogurt i’m eating fucking sucks but if I don’t finish it all i’ll feel bad for wasting food.

No. 1769803

if you're serious about this relationship you have to start training him. Men are beyond stupid when it comes to personal care. I love my nigel but I had to train him to take care of his skin and it's still very much a WIP.

I suggest starting small, like just getting him to wash his face with soap. and then introduce a toner or moisturizer. Currently, mine uses a face wash, spray toner, and SPF. I'm currently attempting to transition him to moisturizer. After he starts washing his face make sure you compliment him on how good he looks (even if there is no visual difference!)

As for working out, do you workout? I find it helps motivation to see the other partner being fit etc. Maybe suggest you both limit the amount of sweets/junk food you consume and start going for walks after dinner together?

If he isn't worth this effort then def find another fish in the sea. Mine was mostly perfect except for skincare/haircare.

No. 1769811

I have this coworker who’s a lazy ass and everyone seems to ignore this so hard. I really love my job, it’s pretty fulfilling and I like what I do. The problem is some days are harder than others and maybe we have a few peaceful days when we don’t have that much work but other days are just chaotic.
This coworker is the person who has been here the longest and everyone knows she’s just lazy, always having some excuse ready for her lack of interest and work and it’s the kind of girl who tries so hard to make it show as if she’s the busiest.
Or bosses know it too. They even tried to change her to another department and basically they talked shit about her work all the time. Guess what? Nothing happened.
Other coworkers and me are working so hard and so well just because that is what’s right??? Like???? It’s our job???? We’re getting paid to do our best and this girl just doesn’t care and no one seems to be doing nothing about it even when they know it’s happening.
We tried so many times to talk with her, to get to some kind of arrangement but she doesn’t listen. She always tries the victim care whenever she feels like it, as if she’s the black sheep and we’re just below her. Instead of trying to make the job easier for her and for everyone, she has always a complain ready and it’s exhausting. I wish we could get paid based in our productivity, she would be fired for sure then.

No. 1769819

Idk what I need but something needs to change. My job is alright and I have a decent group of irl friends for the most part, but I'm so damn frustrated. I want to go on dates but I never find guys who can keep up with me. All the guys that like me bore and annoy me. Why do I always have to hear "you're not like other girls/you're different" (vomiting forever for multiple reasons) yet all these scrotes are the fucking same. When will I meet a guy that makes me feel secure and puts a smile on my face everyday? Never? Then I don't wanna do it for moids. It makes me sick at this point I'm so fucking tired of this boredom and disappointment. If I don't meet an interesting guy soon, idk what I'll do outside of being bored and slightly bitter, but I'd like to meet someone soon. Idk where to even go since COVID and the internet destroyed all the places a young adult goes to meet others. Outside of like the bar, which seems like a bad idea

No. 1769820

Useless info on how to essentially mommy your man. If he doesn't have the will or brain to do this shit on his own, he's a lost cause and he's not going to suddenly do it. There are in fact men who exist that know to take care of themselves. Anon is dating a loser with a lazy body and a lazy mind.

No. 1769824

File: 1699899062528.png (236.23 KB, 1382x340, Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 13.10…)

damn they're getting eaten up in their twitter comments for this lol
what's the background on him being abusive towards CSA survivors?

No. 1769825

Don't try so hard. You're not paid based on production, and it's obvious that they don't fire people at your job easily, so relax and don't take on the stress. It kills your heart and makes life less enjoyable.
Easier said than done, I know. I end up taking over 30% of tasks in any department I join so that the whole machine runs more smoothly, but when I stopped doing everything, my day became so much easier. Yeah, things are going to be missed, but that's your boss's problem and if she doesn't like it, she can assign tasks or do it herself.

No. 1769829

Preach, I was gonna tell anon to not bother and just drop his ass but I feel like LC has a growing pickme population in spite of its radfem reputation. Why should she have to parent a grown man when there's others out there that don't need that extra effort put into them? Hell, even if they all need that effort, are they worth it? Most women have to go 50/50, and now you gotta re-raise the scrote too? Just get a roommate then. But, I'm sure OP "loves him" and he has "so many great qualities" she's willing to overlook the fact he's a lazy slob who's only rapidly getting uglier

No. 1769830

I think the anon writing up all that useless "advice" is lost. Look at the reddit spacing.

No. 1769833

I have to leave class at least 2 minutes early to catch my stupid bus and I always feel so bad. It's such a small and awkward amount of time even when I leave like 5 minutes early, I'm sure everyone thinks I could just stay until the end but I ran the way to the bus stop so many times, I know exactly how long it takes. If I stay for those 2 minutes I'll miss it and then I'll have to wait 20 minutes for the next one, and that one is usually super full because it has way more stops. Not to mention that the class is in a smaller room and barely anyone else leaves early. Sometimes they do 20 minutes before it ends and that seems like a way more respectable amount of time

No. 1769838

I gotta make my life better Nonnas. I fell so hard off the wagon. I've gotta get a job that doesn't make me wanna kill myself, I gotta start exercising and eating healthier again, I gotta start going outside again. Ugh, I was doing so well I don't know what happened to me over the past few months. I'm so embarrassed, all I can think about is when I'm going to see my family for Thanksgiving and they'll ask me what I've been up to and the only thing I can say is I've been wallowing in self pity. I'm legitimately so embarrassed and ashamed of myself. Everyone in my family is actually pretty supportive and nice to me but I'm still just an embarrassment I don't know why it's so hard for me to do normal things literally every adult does.

No. 1769839

I don't think he can be trained. Whole horse to water issue, and right now the good still outweighs the bad enough that I'm willing to stay. I started him on face wipes and it's done wonders though so maybe you're right that if I make a few small steps that he'll take to them.
I work out, and last year he worked out only a little but saw immediate and great muscle progress, but he petered off and hasn't picked it back up.
You should never date someone expecting them to change so I always have that in mind (though he made amazing strides in cleaning and I am a detail oriented woman who is hard to please), but I also only date very submissive men and those are not the type who constantly self improve.
Though maybe that's just my experience with the few I've dated. Has anyone else dated submissive men who also have a lot of executive function and go getter attitude?

No. 1769843

That's not even reddit spacing you useless faggot.

This is reddit spacing. That's being on mobile and wanting everything to look neat while similar thoughts are grouped together for ease of reading.

No. 1769845

>petered off and hasn't picked it back up
Surprise surprise. Both of you are a lost cause.

No. 1769847

No1curr you cocomelon ipad baby mobiletard.

No. 1769848

>I started him on face wipes
god i cannot imagine being in a relationship with man that has to be told to use face wipes because he's too lazy and retarded to wash his face, this is pathetic for someone who claims to be "hard to please" raise your standards ffs

No. 1769853

Someone once said "you either have standards as a woman or you have a relationship". Beginning to think that shit is very true because the things some of y'all put up with…

His mommy never taught him to wash his face twice a day? Wtf

No. 1769867

No, like face wipes to remove microplastics and pollution when he comes in from the outside. He was washing his face with drying bar soap every time. Do you date men who honest to god don't ever wash their faces?
Damn, the pissy lesbians are out in force today. I'd be mad if you all weren't so sexy and correct all the time.

No. 1769872

>anyone that disagrees with me is a lesbian
go back

No. 1769877

>you’re a lesbian because my bf sucks
Good mornings on lolcow

No. 1769878

This is some nonsense. Anything can happen to your house. Not leaving it wont much shit when a robber comes in and kills you instead of just robbing the place. Just leave the lights on if your family is so paranoid.

No. 1769882

not lesbian you're just really braindead sucking on your fat boyfriend's beer gut

No. 1769901

File: 1699901668519.png (212.17 KB, 778x862, 1625006803815.png)

Oh man, how am I ever going to recover. Women on lolcow hate me. I'm ruined, absolutely ruined by the opinions of people I have never met. I'm definitely going to leave the internet forever now. Definitely not going to continue shitposting lolcow all day like I do all the time whenever I disagree with someone on here.(infighting)

No. 1769909

That's disgusting. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I used to work in a bakery and the scrote dishwasher had the nerve to say (we were all women) that he needed to hurry up and have a son or his legacy would be over. He had a 14 year old daughter at the time. wtf is wrong with men. Women need to stop giving birth to sons and let them die out.

No. 1769917

Girl go crawl up under your wrinkly scrotes sweaty balls then and fuck off lol. Enjoy having to fuss at him to take his insulin before he loses a foot to the beetus, beloved.(infighting)

No. 1769928

File: 1699902211494.jpg (135.25 KB, 1200x1050, crab slasher.jpg)

No. 1769931

You said you weren't mad kek

No. 1769933

I need to be comforted but I have no one to turn too. It's making me want to delete the numbers of everyone I know and go no contact

No. 1769935

Another day of smoking the pain away… Yayyy

No. 1769953

>no women would ever take a professional photo in a pink jacket and sparkly top

Sidenote: Be the change you'd like to see anon.
Have as much audacity as the men in dresses who demand we call them ma'am and take seats in organizations around issues affecting genitalia they do not possess.

No. 1769955

File: 1699903043665.jpg (34.36 KB, 540x535, eat whisker.jpg)

No. 1769990

My medication makes me so fucking drowsy and sluggish sometimes. I feel like a zombie today.

No. 1770006

Is it weird of me to be oddly unsettled when a friend talks about settling down and having kids in the future with her 40 year old boyfriend? They love each other, I have no doubts about that, but I feel an ick when such older men have kids.

No. 1770033

No, and I'm sorry about your friend OP. If that moid behaves like other predatory males his age he's going to be distancing her from everyone until she's popped out at least three of his kids and feels too ugly to leave him

No. 1770035

How long is she waiting? 40 year old sperm is already degraded. Women need to stop fucking old men and bringing autistic kids into this world.

No. 1770043

along with higher rates of disabilities, an older man will have trouble keeping up with and raising kids. a 50 year old dad when you're 10 sucks.

No. 1770116

It's good that I'm not the only one feeling odd about this arrangement. She's still in her mid 20s and said she wants to enjoy these years. So I'm assuming he will be over 45 to 50 when they actually get to having them, which is mind-boggling to me. These are just thoughts that came to my head after meeting her and her boyfriend last time. I hope she's truly happy with him at that point

No. 1770122

File: 1699909236160.jpg (61.14 KB, 736x722, fatigué.jpg)

I wish I had a husband, a true life partner, who would hold me against him and tell me "I love you, I'll always be here for you, everything is going to be ok I promise"
but that only happens in fairy tails

No. 1770136

Your friend sounds terminally online. Show her factual reasons why his kids will be autistic or dumb as fuck. if she loves herself at all, she will leave him for a way younger man. Nasty af

No. 1770139

uhhh i need starbucks

No. 1770148

File: 1699910455240.jpeg (65.21 KB, 300x275, IMG_8743.jpeg)

I just HAD to listen to geogaddi again and scare the shit out of myself, didn't I?

I swear there's one more thing freaking me out every time I play that album. fucking hate it. send prayers please right now it feels like I invited the devil or something. dread

No. 1770163

I wish I was smarter and more motivated and cooler. I'm already attractive and smart I just want to be even more.

No. 1770198

I'm turning 30 soon and I have a big zit on my cheek and I'm working all week. Going to get really high and watch reruns of old shows and hide from the world.

No. 1770199

My favorite track is Sixtyniner from Twoism.

No. 1770219

Fair, and good points. I left a lot out but he was washing his face before just with like not proper face soap, he's also darker skinned and had the very misinformed take of "I don't need spf, I have melanin."

I didn't realize I was coming off as a pickme, I just always assume nonas are never going to leave their bf so you might as well offer whatever advice you can. I'm also believe that people aren't going to learn what they don't care about and unfortunately lots of men are taught that caring for yourself is wrong. If your man doesn't care about himself it's never going to change and I do think my Nigel would have eventually figured it out if I didn't throw products at him when I learned about his routine.

No. 1770229

People who bite down and slide their teeth on their fork when they eat are fucking weird and don't know how to eat. Like why are you biting the fork you fucking weirdo. Then sliding metal against it? What's the point

No. 1770232

I imagined doing what you described and I got chicken skin eugh

No. 1770239

i am so lonely i am so terribly lonely
i think there is no feeling worse than knowing you'll always be alone no matter what you only have yourself

No. 1770248

i think it would be good if i dies

No. 1770260

Why do I keep getting sick? I don’t get it, all I did was go to the gym and do a substitute work for 2 hours, and now I’m dying because of this bronchitis I got out of fucking nowhere. This is all of the time, whenever I go out I get very sick like this and develop a pneumonia at the drop of a hat. And then I can’t continue my workout routines because I get so sick I can’t even force myself to workout, I’ve been on bed all day long and I just feel so annoyed.
You could say I’m… sick… of this kek I want to die.

No. 1770270

that's on you for choosing to be alone

No. 1770272

yoi can have people nad friends and family (i do) youre still alone ultimately

No. 1770273

The people in your area carry the nastiest germs and colds. That's all. Get better soon, noona.

No. 1770287

you're not alone then but rather choosing to believe you are for some reason
i can buy you feeling lonely. but not being alone no matter what you do because that's only a pessimistic and solipsistic outlook on your part ignoring the reality around you

No. 1770325

File: 1699919440319.jpg (370.63 KB, 740x380, Sadness.jpg)

I feel sexy and I wish I had a guy around who truly appreciates my body. My husband barely even touches me, he only wants to "pump and dump". The only reason I haven't left him yet is because I know that the dredges of other scrotes out there are worse.

I guess I can live with being underappreciated and unsatisfied, It just sucks that this is gonna be the best it gets.

No. 1770346

Why did you marry him then

No. 1770353

2 minute men are so gay, sorry he’s such a faggot. you should divorce him.

No. 1770365

Hungry for an actual meal and not just fucking Reese’s cups and sunflower seeds

No. 1770388

I started dating younger men (I’m 31 and they’re early 20s) just to discover they’re just as boring as men my age if not worse. You’re a young man and all you want to do is watch YouTube and be fat?

No. 1770391

I tried googling to find other women’s experiences with a moid exposing themselves to them and all the search results were porn. I probably worded it badly but it was just so fucking bleak.

No. 1770413

?? Let her vent, no one is asking you to buy anything kek

I feel you nonna

No. 1770432

i fucking hate my job
i fucking hate my job
i fucking hate my job
i fucking hate my job
i fucking hate my job
i fucking hate my job
i fucking hate my job
i fucking hate my job
i fucking hate my job
i fucking hate my job
i fucking hate my job
i fucking hate my jobi fucking hate my ji fucking hate my job
i fucking hate my jobv
i fucking hate my jobv
i fucking hate my jobi fucking hate my jobi fucking hate my jobi fucking hate my jobv
i fucking hate my jobvi fucking hate my jobi fucking hate my jobi fucking hate my jobi fucking hate my jobi fucking hate my jobvi fucking hate my jobv

No. 1770474

>I know that the dredges of other scrotes out there are worse.

No. 1770489

I propose we kill them all. That will also do the needful and eliminate at least 75% of NPD as well

No. 1770515

The main difference is the dick still works and they usually still have hair
otherwise it's all the same BS

No. 1770601

File: 1699928414010.jpg (27.46 KB, 635x499, 20231021_044923.jpg)

Why do the worst people think that all they have to do to develop traits they don't have (and likely never will) is to read a book or watch a YouTube video about it? And then they mimic or mirror said trait until they get bored of their new delusion within a couple weeks and move on to something else. These kinds of people are exhaustive to everyone around them. They jump from one phase to another rapidly, insist upon how great they are ar x or y (a lie, egregiously) forcing everyone to play along, and then immediately move on to something else. The faux-savantism is such a weird attempt at grift and is essentially live action role playing your maladaptive daydreams on a whim and forcing everyone else to play along. It reminds me of "Fay The Homeless Brain," an old autistic woman that had a thread on LC a long time ago. Just forcing her daydreams on the internet and on everyone in her life well into her 60s while larping as a studious expert on literally everything. Sitting on your computer all day and night is nothing but brainrot that encourages your dumbest delusions. You aren't Steven Segall bitch, you can't even handle normal every day sensory and would shake a baby.

No. 1770684

File: 1699929904522.gif (1.36 MB, 498x311, scared-sylvanian-families.gif)

I feel sad. I feel like shit. I think I might be at risk of killing myself soon. I don't know anything anymore. I want a hug or some nice words. I'm very sorry.

No. 1770687

I really think I should just kill myself

No. 1770691

anxiety so bad, so bad. so hateful

No. 1770696

File: 1699930492167.jpg (390.68 KB, 750x745, 1686623777873764.jpg)

All negative emotions come and pass. Life is turmoil and often you don't have much control over what is thrown at you. You are not just this moment or all your bad moments. There is more beyond this and beyond the things that happen to you that hurt you or upset you.

No. 1770725

File: 1699931055435.jpeg (356.25 KB, 750x1000, IMG_5220.jpeg)

I need to start spending more time in nature, I’m sure it would help my mental health a lot. I’m scared to go certain places alone though, like hiking trails, because I don’t want to encounter some serial killer or rapist

No. 1770758

Thank you

No. 1770784

I'd go to picrelated with u

No. 1770787

>thinking the school shooter internet addiction generation is any better
Oh boy. Stop falling for memes from women who can't get a man at all on this site.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1770791

File: 1699933157671.jpg (64.42 KB, 1280x720, FpwACuQX0AEscXN.jpg)

You're welcome. Everything comes and goes.

No. 1770801

kek the anons seething about how they date older men because they are more ''mature'' and interesting always crack me up, even men admit their brain is just a hamster running on a wheel. Their only personality is vidya nad maybe sports. Better go get the pre wall scrote.

No. 1770808

this helped me too nona, thank you

No. 1770814

You're basically inventing a person because anons don't routinely seethe about older men being more mature…? The general consensus is that all men suck, schizo.

No. 1770817

Weird thing to respond to someone who just said she's disappointed in dating younger men because they are tards (no shit). She can just date someone her age anon kek

No. 1770819

File: 1699934052151.png (170.85 KB, 378x314, 1694844515234.png)

Outside stimuli is always going to try to steal your joy. There will always be peple who are miserable and want everyone else to hurt. You dont have to hurt just because it is the expected reaction from you. You have every right to grieve without shame but it is also important to grieve quietly and do your best to not let these grievances permeate how you treat others. It isnt your job to be happy but it is important to watch over yourself and ensure that you aren't leaning in to your own suffering too much. You are your own carer and you don't deserve or require any less attention and tenderness than anyone else.

No. 1770834

another day, another night in thesis hell. Hoping to turn it in by 2am. I'm so close but also my ass hurts from sitting so much.

No. 1770844

Whenever some anon talks about dating a younger men someone has to start complaining about how younger men have no personality, when the reality is that moids as a whole dont have personality. If you are going to subject yourself to men at least do it for one that isnt bald and has saggy scrotums.

No. 1770855

Nobody even did though except the OP herself who isn't interested in dating them. You sound deranged. Take a break.

No. 1770865

what are you talking about, i was referencing what anons say when women dating young men gets brought up, like >>1770817 liking men for their personality is a scam.

No. 1770897

I had my Macbook on the counter to consult a recipe and I fucking dropped a jar of preserved lemons and the brine went all over my trackpad and some of my keyboard… I flipped it upside down, turned it off, dried it out as much as I could, luckily the liquid dried really quickly since it was so salty. But I'm worried about the acidity from the lemons corroding the electrical components. It seems to be working fine now, I backed up my important files and tested all my keys, camera, mic, USB ports. I'm so fucking dumb. At least I have Applecare+ until 2025 so it's not too bad I guess. God I was just trying to marinate some chicken.

No. 1770909

File: 1699937021143.gif (3.98 MB, 468x360, dbc654b09b47e8da197106ce42ce68…)

I don't know where my life is going, I think I truly lost my sense of direction now, and it's making me want to die super bad. I'm going to be 28 soon and I haven't done much after graduating, I know life is worth living I guess but my brain is freaking out because after college I just didn't have a plan thanks to COVID and now I'm too scared to keep on going. Idk what to do, it's like what I originally planned is making me afraid, and I'm scared of having to figure out things, and I miss being completely sure of my future, and I miss being rebellious and spiteful, now I'm fucking scared and weak

No. 1770910

I wish I was able to wear Brandy Melville clothes and be cute but instead I am a fatty mcfatass fat fuck

No. 1770914

Get better taste

No. 1770925

like what? im open to fashion advice

No. 1770934

There's nothing special to that brand other than having to be thin to wear it, you aren't missing much. It's not that cute

No. 1770938

I like the pajamas from that brand and I like that they have sweaters that are 100% wool but still affordable, but there are brands with cuter clothes out there so don’t feel bad about that

No. 1770946

>better taste
??? It's just basics which is what most people wear in real life kek

No. 1770960

Adding on to this. My sister has always been spoiled by them even as an adult, like buying her a new car when she already had one, and I didn’t have a car and couldn’t afford one at the time. I also needed surgery when I was younger and couldn’t afford it because I didn’t have health insurance, and no one offered to help me but they frivolously spend money on other people in the family for unnecessary things all the time. Whenever I mentioned it they would smugly say “well you can get money from your bio father and his side of the family, if you need help so bad” no I can’t? He hasn’t been present in my life since I was an infant and we aren’t in contact. My stepdad demanded that I would either have to think he was my real dad or he wouldn’t allow my mom to keep me, so she decided to keep the truth about my dad from me and cut off contact with him instead of sending me to live with him. My stepdads parents know that and still act like I can rely on my bio father for anything when it’s their sons fault that he wasn’t in my life.

It’s just hurtful to be treated so differently just because I’m not blood related when I’ve been “included” in their family since I was a one year old infant.

No. 1771006

i've been thinking a lot about how trans activism has decimated the gay community lately and it's genuinely making me depressed i have cried over it 2 nights in a row. it feels pathetic on my end because i've given up on dating already (shut-in and online dating apps are filled with pozzed they/thems, bihets, or troons). even with trans acceptance going down in some places like the UK i don't see this situation ever getting better for homosexuals because we're basically forced to tag team and be slaves to the tranny agenda. i have 0 sympathy for these people striking down a community that was constantly shat on for decades when things were starting to finally look good in the 2010s

No. 1771008

nta but yeah i feel like the appeal is just that it's gatekeeping and makes people feel special, the designs aren't really super original and you can likely find similar stuff elsewhere. Then again I am kinda bitter bc I can't wear them despite being slim since I'm too much of a womanlet for them

No. 1771020

What? The fit is literally the same as hollister sizes and run very small. Their main market is teen girls and young petite women. How would you not fit into it? Don't be cringe anon.

No. 1771024

I'm there with you. This ideology has ruined so much

No. 1771028

I've been doing really badly lately and I don't know what to do. I feel like an alien in a world I don't recognize. Things could be so much worse for me yet I can't stop thinking about kms. Life is just so sad and full of horseshit, and for nothing

No. 1771031

Nta but no brandy melville changed their sizing and their clothes are always either 2 or 4, a lot of their clothes are too big for me too now

No. 1771039

I thought only their oversized baggy sweaters ran super big.

Regardless, their tops are very stretchy and I've seen a lot of bigger girls manage to fit themselves into the clothes anyway so I don't even know why a lot of women seethe about the brand. Majority of body types can fit into it and if they truly can't, they can just shop anywhere else.

No. 1771042

I don't know their sizes well but I remember I was looking at some of their jeans and the inseam was too long. Pretty sure it was lengths that were the problem
>Their main market is teen girls
The average American teen is taller than me

No. 1771047

Of course the jeans run long if you're short. Especially since they're bootcut right now - that's a given. You could still wear their other stuff surely unless you were just looking for jeans.

No. 1771051

I basically just chased my own theoretical tail for 3 hours. I was panicking over making something perfect and I just need to settle on "okay"

No. 1771055

god I hate how we live up a steep street and the nearest bus stop is a 12 minute walk away down the hill and when coming back, all the way backnup. it shouldnbe no big deal but im not in good shape and it makes me hate myself lol

No. 1771062

at least you can take your time getting home up the hill, if it was reverse and you need to hurry upwards to the bus it would be tough

No. 1771064

I find it somewhat hilarious that my ex who cheated insinuated I hurt her by being able to move on trying to be happier without her. In a way I'm very thankful I no longer have to deal with her mood swings of bpd and threats of self harm.

No. 1771077

I think the way I look is preventing me from getting a job. I have the right education and I’m qualified for the job, but as soon as I show up for the interview I see the person interviewing me look kind of disappointed. I’m 29 but I look 15. I have a high pitch voice and it’s quite low. Physically, I’m kind of skinny fat but not overweight. I wear appropriate clothing and do my hair and makeup to the best of my ability (my hair is long, I wear concealer, mascara and a lip tint and I pluck my eyebrows and fill them in). Still, I resemble a 15 year old by my looks and demeanor. Shit is really getting to me because I can’t afford to be unemployed anymore. I’m literally at my wits end. I never knew I’d face this when I graduated. It’s like they won’t give me a fucking chance. I literately travelled outside my city for this job in bumfuck nowhere (the train ticket to and from is fking expensive) only to be faced with the same situation/scenario as previously described. Literally no one wants to work here and I’m probably the only applicant but they still will reject me. Like what more do you want from me?! I just want a job. The lady interviewing me had really judge mental eyes and she rolled her eyes every time I opened my mouth. The guy was more respectful and listened but come on. Idk why women don’t have each others backs. Like I’m fucking broke and I just want a job. Of course my confidence is in the guttter because I keep getting rejected. If things don’t look up I’m going to kill myself. They judge me for things I cant change. I’m so tired.

No. 1771078

i'm so overwhelmingly sad
i think it would be nice if i died

No. 1771079

I hate how I have been lied to my whole life and told that gender roles aren't real meanwhile they are biological. I can't be "whatever I want to" be at all, if I'm a woman I have to be feminine or else I am seen as disordered and hated on both sexes plus I can't exist physically cause it gives me some kind of dysphoria, social, body or gender dysphoria. In heterosexuality I can't be masculine or dominant because my biology is designed as feminine therefore my mental state has to become soft, servile and empathetic to engage in it and it's so burdening, male is male body and female female body and sexual attraction is about bodies, wanting male to be male and female female aka feminine. I don't blame anyone for wanting to troon out. Even gender criticals lie that stereotypical gender roles are not biological and use it as their argument meanwhile they fucking are biological. I tried to follow the instructions and become in a way that isn't punishable anymore by even just other women just to realize it means becoming soft and feminine. I hate how I'm seen as hateful and bitter when I'm not feminine and I'm told to soften up, maybe my heart is closed cause as a woman we can only open it in a feminine way cause of our feminine biology and it sucks to have to perform this role? There's male and female, dick and vagina, those are two ROLES for God's fucking sake. They can't be the same, female can't be masculine. I guess it's just not acceptable to say "women should become feminine or else they are mentally disordered and need to soften up" when a woman says she has a problem with her physical sex. I can't even have sex in my existence cause I don't wanna have to be inherently feminine servile and submit. Also, I hate feminine women, I know it makes no sense, but they tend to be aggressive cunts. Here it is, my gender non conforming life that is totally so possible to be real as a woman it's not like our whole biology isn't centered around motherhood.

No. 1771082

File: 1699951199264.jpeg (117.69 KB, 720x697, IMG_4275.jpeg)

Tell me how will I fall in love like that again?

No. 1771083

there's this building which is 14 floors high
i could jump

No. 1771086

Obviously don’t nona

No. 1771088

City girl confirmed. Women work hard and are not "feminine" in rural environments, touch grass nonna youre treating mammade heuristics and ways of thinking as natural in origin, they are not. Literally just go outside please please please

No. 1771091

You'll survive and only end up crippled

No. 1771092

Get well soon

No. 1771098

You could survive a 14 story fall and end up physically disabled and in pain for the rest of your life, and most likely brain damaged. Don’t do it

No. 1771115

I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out I'm burnt out v

No. 1771119

I haven’t felt this empty yet constantly anxious paranoid and self loathing all at the same time since I was a child. I’m feeling just as powerless in this world and my situations as I did back then. I feel this time it won’t pass, it passed when I was a child because I developed awful ways to cope which have came back to bite me in the ass and that growing up gave me a false sense of freedom. I wish I didn’t get this far, I wish that she actually committed young I hate there’s no escape.

No. 1771121

I was just sleeping and my cat woke me up when I felt something scratch my forehead, and found myself bleeding. What the fuck man, christ. Now I’ve got this super long gash on my fucking forehead what will the people at work think? Do I need to do something to my cat? I think she was playing around or something she likes to get atop the bed frame but, ugh…

No. 1771126

I miss her so much. I just want to die, but I can't leave my cat behind.

It'd be nice if ___ asked me how I was doing, but she's too obsessed with herself to think of that possibility. It's like, you're not the only one suffering. Why do you humor this woman, huh?

No. 1771143

I was supposed to die when I was 13 and every thing has felt fake since then. I shouldn’t have survived, and what was the point?

No. 1771144

I was in the same boat as you, nona. I don't present an adult-like demeanor or appearance, and I tend to get rather flustered and stutter a bit at interviews. I somehow managed to get offers at a few different places, and the one place I accepted had an interviewing manager who was a year younger than me. She seemed to be sympathetic with my resume gap due to health issues and mentioned she had health issues too. Ultimately, I find it best when interviewers are younger since they come across as more sympathetic. Some of them don't have that corporate air to them. Don't give up hope and keep pushing with the interviews. It's a good thing you were turned down from some of those places because you wouldn't want to be working with those people that look down on you and roll their eyes. You'll find your spot, just as we all have. I believe in you. Truly.

No. 1771150

just put some aloe on the scratch and trim your cat's nails. It was probably just an accident.

No. 1771156

You would think but I’m noticing a lot of younger men have fucked up dicks because of porn addiction and I’m not really into sex that much anyway. So I’ve just decided to stay single and work on myself because it’s all bad.

No. 1771161

Does anyone else struggle with accepting you're not the "type" you want to be?
For me I want to be cute, I love the cute aesthetics that almost borders on childish sometimes. But it doesn't look good on me, I just don't have the face or body that makes it look good. I'm instead naturally tall and curvy so I look good in sexy clothes that highlights my curves, and my face is sharp so I suit mature looks - but I hate wearing mature and sexy clothes! If I wear what I want I don't even feel good about it because it looks so bad on me, but I also don't want to wear the mature looks that suit my body and face because it's just not me. So instead I end up looking frumpy and mismatched becuase I can't give a fuck when both options make me feel bad.

No. 1771163

i want to be cool, tall, and androgynous but i have an squirrel voice and i am short and have a round face

No. 1771178

I’m a lesbian and I thank god I am tall and built like a plank with no hips or tits to speak of. Just an androgynous plank. I just wish I had a stronger jaw and didn’t have such shitty pink pale Scottish skin with freckles abounding. Anyway.

No. 1771186

you sound beautiful nonita. I bet you actually are, too, you just can't see it. not trying to be a vain bitch I promise farmhands!!

No. 1771210

>mom has court today
>wakes me up at 7am so i can go with her to just…sit there
>wasn’t able to sleep at all last night because a huge bug was fucking around in my room
>threatens to break my laptop (again) if i don’t go
when i say i hate this retard i mean it

No. 1771211

>phone suddenly bricks
>company sends me a replacement because it's a known problem with that model
>receive replacement week later
>new phone is locked to carrier I don't have
>"oh sorry we will send you a replacement"
I'm starting to get very irritated

No. 1771214

Same!!! I look like a penguin if I try to wear androgynous clothes lmao suffering. I've accepted it though, flowy things with structured collars will have to suffice.

No. 1771215

File: 1699969681736.jpeg (82.83 KB, 640x640, D8C017E4-8E45-4B55-8E28-572835…)

I also want to be Petite tbh, not even in a retarded pedobaiter way, but I just think that asian clothes tend to be cuter than what I can find anywhere else. I look better in mature/professional clothes, but I still want to wear frills, pastel colors, cute patterns, hello kitty everything and retarded socks with short skirts so I can dress how I wanted to dress as a teen.
But I know I can’t pull that off because I’m not even skinny enough to fit in those clothes, also can’t imagine myself actually buying anything like the stuff I want to wear because it wouldn’t be practical at all and everyone would look at me like I’m a freak (understandable).

No. 1771219

File: 1699969928627.jpeg (Spoiler Image,77.02 KB, 1080x1000, tussupepe.jpeg)

god (female) grant me the serenity to accept that i'm not getting this job, courage to accept that i'm not getting this job, and wisdom to know that i'm not fucking getting this job

No. 1771221

Anon what the fuck is that picture.

No. 1771225

File: 1699970244846.jpeg (44.39 KB, 493x384, IMG_1292.jpeg)


that’s all.

No. 1771227

pussy pepe…

No. 1771230

>gotta sleep now
>job is weird, they (grown men that should know better) like to get there at 7am to "not waste the rest of the day"
>idiots who can't even tell me how to do x y or z because they're "so used to the job" they don't think about it
>I'm NEW and this needs TRAINING
>not saying shit about how incompetent they all are and taking the paycheck and trying to sleep at night because of catholic guilt (anyone who says protestant work ethic is epid try being raised irish catholic I wanna kms so the man leaves me alone and stops stealing my taters)

sorry for rant, fuck this shit. vidrel. don't even listen to vid it just compounds the rage. but also do cause you deserve your rage in whatever form.

No. 1771231

File: 1699970676584.jpg (27.93 KB, 360x366, 360.jpg)

I wish I was chubby and curvy with a dumptruck ass bc that is what I am wildly attracted to but I was born apple-shaped. The worst fucking shape of all. Just a big round ball with legs mike wazowsking it up. Ugh. Shapewear barely helps and I refuse to full on faja it so I think I'm just stuck with this.

Ik there's nothing actually wrong with any shape its all bs but I stg apple seems to be the only one that has never really been in fashion at any point in history, so its so hard to find flattering clothes and you don't exactly see it on tv or in paintings or anything..)

No. 1771234

Usually with apple and ruler shaped you see them a lot more featured when they're skinny. I find I have the opposite problem as a pear shaped woman. Especially in bottoms

No. 1771247

Im an apple too, my arms, chest, gut are big compared to the rest of me. One thing I learned that helped 'even out' my shape was using that hip adductor/abductor machine at the gym. Made my hips have more muscle and less of a sharp decrease in girth kek. Its been a while since I was regularly gymming and my body is reverting to a heavier apple shape again. It isnt fair.

No. 1771275

File: 1699973108502.jpeg (32.5 KB, 750x534, IMG_4313.jpeg)

Thanks nonny, I really don’t always feel it, but you are sweet

No. 1771279

gonna check that out. I haven't listened to the old albums a lot, except maybe that early single with everything you do is a balloon
starting to unironically feel like both BoC and Aphex Twin are legitimately evil and putting diabolical stuff into their music though kek

No. 1771284

They are the people that will have all the blinds open at 9pm so you can see in their house but stare at you like you're the one with the problem if you go out to your car to get something. Like I'm not looking at your fucking house shut your blinds if you don't want me to see your dingy living room my parking space is right in front of it. Also they peep out their blinds a lot and are nosy in general despite being unfriendly and never once saying hi. They do it enough I had a friend come over comment on it and say they were staring at them the entire time they parked and got stuff out of their car. Also I know this sounds overly paranoid but I swear they follow me around my unit sometimes and make noise to irritate me. I was taking a shit this morning and all I hear is banging on the shared bathroom wall so I go to the kitchen to do some dishes and the neighbor starts running the garbage disposal nonstop. Um, oooook

No. 1771289

>can’t even enter the courtroom
>just lingering outside around all these freaks
fuck my stupid life

No. 1771292

I wish I didn't have fat fucking calves so I could wear thigh high boots or at least knee high boots but nothing will fucking zip up over my calves AHHHH. I can't lose weight in them, it always just ends up getting turned into even thicker muscle from the exercise. I might have to special order boots from a shoe maker in my specific size even though that's expensive

No. 1771297


No. 1771298

They're not staring at you because they're worried you'll look in their house, they have the blinds open so that they can stare at anything that happens outside. It's a form of community watching that's more common in some cultures and it actually lowers crime rates. You should wave or head nod to show acknowledgement, as it increases friendly feelings and creates a tighter community. Feel free to stare at them as much as you want when they're outside, it's not considered rude since you're just doing your part in community watching.
Sorry you have to be stuck there with your mom nonita.

No. 1771303

in what car kek
if there were a starbucks or something nearby i’d fuck off

No. 1771304

Culture my ass staring like that is aggressive and I already told you they are unfriendly. Learn to read

No. 1771306

I feel you, I sometimes think my head and body were meant to belong to two different people. I've got a round babyface but I'm super tall and widely built. I'd love to be able to look good in cuter, girly clothes or more casual looks but I can't even pull of simple jeans and a t-shirt without looking dumpy as hell KEK it sucks knowing I only look nice in kind of a classy, chic, overdressed compared to others style

No. 1771309

>I swear they follow me around my unit sometimes and make noise to irritate me
Yeah and you also wrote this which is not something a sane person would write so I figured you weren't a reliable narrator with the whole them not being friendly thing.

No. 1771323

Help please

No. 1771395

Nah my neighbor is a cunt I preferred when her mom lived there she only got the unit cuz she died. I don't have autism I can tell when someone wants nothing to do with me

No. 1771402

Hey, Nona. I understand what you mean. I've felt uncertain about my life and its direction a countless amount of times. I had to pause my life after college to collect myself. While it may seem hopeless or scary, I tell myself how I'm still alive another day and how grateful I am to see myself pushing forward. I don't think we necessarily need something grand or set-in-stone to affirm ourselves. Take care of your mental health, start out small with planning for what you want to do, and you'll get there. Our world may be difficult to navigate right now, but you can still overcome your fears despite it all. I believe in you.

No. 1771427

Was feeling pretty good and getting my day started. As I was setting up my work desk I just um felt myself change. Suddenly I feel empty and nothing. Suddenly I'm going back to laying down and everything feels hopeless. Why does it have to change so suddenly? I'm gonna try to break out of this but my god what the heck

No. 1771471

Started an ssri a few weeks back. Finally over most of the adjusting, but I am feeling so apathetic and unmotivated it's distressing in a new way. I know I should give it a couple more weeks at least to see if I adjust completely, but I just cant seem to make myself move or do much. I dont know how much leniency I should give myself for being off and not as productive while I acclimate to new brain juice. I feel like the ssri might be too strong but I dont want to mess with the dose til I give it the full amount of time to 'work'. Gosh I just wish I had the energy to go do the one thing I need to do today. I will get it done, but I am hours behind schedule at this point and I just cant feel any sense of motivation. Very unlike me. Maybe I will give myself half an hour to stare at the wall and see if that helps.

No. 1771490

Went to the gym after a long time and it was full of high schoolers. A group of teen girls was lined up right in front of the mirror doing squats, and every one was wearing those super revealing ass cheek shorts and sticking their asses out as much as possible, almost comically so and clearly on purpose. I was at the squat racks lifting and had to check my form in the mirror but it was so fucking uncomfortable with the literal children mooning me. When I was done and went to the other part of the gym, a group of teen boys was loitering, being loud and commenting on everyone. I don't get why they're allowed to come here, they don't even use any of the machines or weights.

No. 1771498

I posted on-topic in a couple different threads and got shit on for it. God damn.

No. 1771542

I know it's to be expected but the 'how to measure chest - women' videos on like channels that show you how to do body measurements are the most popular and clearly not mostly watched by women it's like please can we just exist.

No. 1771557

Yeah, there's been a couple of really retarded shit stirrers lately. Looking forward to them migrating back to the other boards.

No. 1771560

I’m insecure about my ass and thighs they’re a horrid combination of flat and flabby and I just want to sort them out at the gym but I’ve never been and I don’t even know where to start and don’t know if I can afford a personal trainer or if I’d want one even if I could.

No. 1771567

Whenever I send a message to the doctor's office, they're usually prompt with replying to it. They haven't responded to my last two messages yet, and I'm getting tired with them. I'm sick of these useless nurses.

No. 1771568

>but I’ve never been and I don’t even know where to start
I think about joining the gym too because I'm weak, but I hate the idea of going alone to this big shared place to work out. I wish I had a friend. Maybe a personal trainer is the way to go.

No. 1771591

Uphill walks definitely help bulk up the legs with a lil muscle

No. 1771620

Some gym memberships include a personal training free trial to encourage people to continue paying for personal trainers, so you could always try it out and see if you like it or not. I personally like doing my own thing and using the cardio and weightlifting machines because they are beginner friendly.

No. 1771621

You can do all the workouts you need too at home tbh. The gym imo is mainly for people looking to perfect already toned bodies, but someone looking to get started on their fitness journey only really needs a yoga mat and access to YouTube.

Do squats, lunges, those wall squats where you back is against the wall and you're in a sitting position without a chair, light yoga and you'll be good

No. 1771645

Ive had like two different moid drivers get super aggressive with me on the road today. Both driving right on my ass and trying to get around me when im going a fair speed and theres actual traffic all around us. I just make sure to flip them off and if they curse me out I shout out my window and call them a cunt. Moid's drivers licenses should be taken away. Theyre too he-motional and retarded to drive properly. I think i need to leave my gun in my car now too. I cant even just drive around quickly without being bothered by aggressive retarded moids.

No. 1771653

Anon this is so ugly. Love yourself

No. 1771656

Thank you so much, you helped me

No. 1771691

it's so stupid how men love to bitch about women drivers when they are the ones to always road rage and cause the most accidents because they are impatient. Moids are so emotional

No. 1771736

I need to vent jfc
you stupid fucking retarded faggot, I told you that bitch was trouble, she was an ungrateful fuck and not once thanked you for all the help you offered her, yet you're the one who's still heartbroken over her to the point of abusing alcohol and meds for a literal womanchild. I told you, your best friends told you. this is what you get for sticking your dick in crazy
calling me a hot woman who's gonna become a witch with cats is a bit of a stretch, you place all my value into having a man , when I could've had a dozen by now if I wanted to. You make fun of me for wanting an emotional connection yet you're pinning for that fucking idiot , making that retarded analogy that you have to save her, that you have to risk yourself for her when she wouldn't be willing to do the same
go ahead, try to get in contact with her, " I CAN FIX HER " is her very definition and you know damn well it would take a miracle for her to change, you told me how flawed she is
you know it's wrong, yet you still create explanations and justification for yourself while projecting your manosphere concepts about women on me knowing damn well sex was never something i prioritize. keep thinking with your dick faggot
nonnas,men I fucking swear, even the smartest of them are so fucking retarded I am so done holy fucking shit

No. 1771769

Lol I can't win I was skinny and got skinny-shamed and now I gained weight and I'm getting fat-shamed and now I'm going on a diet journey and when I lose weight I will get skinny shamed again. It's like I cannot win with these people. It really makes me feel like the people around me hate my guts because why are you always nitpicking me no matter what I do.
Same goes when I am successful in something and I get these snide comments of oh it must have been easy or they let you pass.

Damn….don't know what to do. And the worst part of is I'm so used to this toxic environment that when I find people who are healthy for me I sabotage them because I am not used to normal. Only hatred and being talked down on is what I'm used to.

No. 1771772

File: 1700005186230.jpg (26.09 KB, 828x241, 5w343433ca.jpg)

I keep on doing this, nonnas. I keep on thinking I'm closer to friends than I guess I am to them. It hurts so much. When I make friends, I really fall in love with them and eventually share close things, assuming that our relationship has progressed to that stage. And then… I know some people don't like to share their feelings, but it hurts when I think we're getting close to but in reality they don't feel the same way about me.
Like today. I talk to my friend who I see near daily and hang out and all of a sudden she's been dating someone for two whole months now?? She has not said anything about this. She has been kind and helped me through a very dark time in my life right now, so I thought we could confide and trust each other. I try to support her whenever possible, offering rides and help when she's sick and can't go to the pharmacy. I thought we could talk about anything, but I guess that's not the case.
I'm not angry. How could I be? This is my fault. I assumed too much and was deluded by how much I mattered to her. I know not everyone will match your vibes but… I just wish I was someone's favorite person for once, someone who trusts me enough to both help and rely on when they're down. I can't wait to finish my workload so that I can go cry in the shower. When there's an imbalance in closeness between friends, it's worse than non-reciprocated feelings in romance IMO.

No. 1771776

i spend all day sad and alone i want to cry. it’s so hard making friends. everyone seems to be enjoying university, going out for coffees with friends, and partying but i haven’t made a single friend. the one chance i had at a friend dropped out and moved back to her home country. it’s isolating and my family is making it worse. they spend all day on their phones and get pissed when i actually try to ask how their day went and try to socialize with them. i want to feel alive and do something fun but everyday is an infinite loop. i feel like i’m wasting years of my life alone. it hasn’t gotten better since high school. whoever tried to shill that university is great lied. it’s not a good feeling seeing my highschool friends go on trips together and go on dates with their nigel while i lie alone in bed all day

No. 1771780

Honestly, I don't think you should look that deep into it. I'm sure she has her reasons about why she didn't immediately tell you about her new boyfriend. Lord knows I didn't tell my best friend or parents right away. It's something to test out and then declare. Maybe she wasn't certain of the relationship and felt wary/embarrassed. Chin up.

No. 1771782

Stop listening to people, how old are you? No matter what, you need to learn to just ignore retards who comment on your body, they're all stupid and worthless nonny, their comments don't mean shit and shouldn't affect you

No. 1771783

This used to happen to me a lot. Basically I would be head over heels for anyone who would spend time with me and call me their friend and ignore all the signs that they didn't care about me even if it hurt. Don't do that, move on is my advice. My breaking point finally came on the day of my 20th birthday when I had planned several weeks and notified everyone way ahead to make sure everyone could come because I wanted it to be special. What ended up happening was that all of them except for two canceled only days before and the two who showed up said they had double booked themselves and that they were going to some other party and left about an hour later. Don't let people treat you like shit. just because you like them, and surround yourself by people who actually care about you and value your friendship.

No. 1771794

Anon this is easy to say if it's someone you barely meet or it's on the internet but these are all people who I know in real life and people that I live with so it's not that simple. Of course I ignore that but after a while it does start getting to you.

Doesn't help that when I tell them that what they are doing is wrong or to stop they just become defensive or aggressive.

No. 1771795

People who doublebook themselves are human garbage. I make it a notion to never hang out with people who double book themselves because I always feel so used, like I'm on a timer. Your friends sound awful. You didnt deserve any of this.

No. 1771802

I've been so anxious lately. I know I need to manage myself better, maybe let out my stress with anxiety but it's just hard because everyone in my family is naturally anxious and prone to panic attacks. So I have to do self help things just to achieve mild anxiety reduction when for "normies" this would probably almost completely eliminate their anxiety. I don't know why I struggle so much. I know this is whiny I just wanna have normal responses to stressful stimuli ughhhh.

No. 1771819

File: 1700008444879.png (1.11 MB, 750x963, 1666390392040758.png)

Honestly this is the way. Disregard scrotes, pursue self-actualization and personal development

No. 1771837

File: 1700009556708.gif (3.85 MB, 800x600, image_processing20200924-30016…)

I was going so well recovering from my porn addiction, but yesterday I relapsed and watched it for 8 hours straight, all afternoon, even losing sleep. Today I'm trying to do better but it's impossible. Porn is all I can think about. I'm not even aroused by "normal" thoughts or sex. Nothing makes me happy either. I am truly in a hell of my own making.

No. 1771843

>8 hours straight
I used to have a porn addiction too but damn bitch

No. 1771849

Girl if you're that far gone you need to not live alone or something. Rehab. Throw away your toys, delete your bookmarks

No. 1771852


No. 1771856

I'm of a similar age,I want to snag one of the cute 24-25 yo I see at the gym, at least I know they're fit
how do you do it nonnie, where'd you meet them?

No. 1771864

>8 hours straight
Literally HOW

No. 1771865

Bed bugs eating good

No. 1771880

If a body part is randomly itchy it means that ghosts are touching it

No. 1771882

I hope you get better soon

No. 1771884

I come from a very friendly culture where women are very open to each other and I'm very sorry to hear this. I would be your friend

No. 1771885

Tittyfucked by an apparition

No. 1771890

I watch it as if it's entertainment. Like how some people might binge watch a show for hours or get lost scrolling tiktok/youtube. I do the same with porn, just watch random videos and get lost scrolling or autoplay. I don't even get off to it, I just watch it like it's any other form of entertainment. Though, I do feel aroused while watching it which i guess is why it's so addictive?

Thank u

No. 1771892

As someone who has suffered bullying and abuse because of my body, with a brother twice my size yelling to me about how fat and ugly I am while following me around the house (I had to escape from the house that day), and people sending me emails saying how ugly I am with pictures of me attached, and people telling me what to do and how to do it whenever I try to lose weight: nonna. I understand how it is. Its hard. But at some point you have to shut their ugly voices up, I don't let my brother's voice inside my head anymore. You can do this, it will take time, but I believe in you.

No. 1771893

I just went on tinder. I’m too weird and socially retarded to meet people irl

No. 1771898

File: 1700014011217.jpg (22.18 KB, 500x500, images.jpg)

I bought some stuff recommended in a suicide forum to kill myself. Oddly enough I bought it while not feeling that suicidal, like, I feel fine now. But it's like I'm preparing for the inevitable. I'm sad that I chose this. I'm so retarded. I want to live, but I know sometimes I don't see a way out other than killing myself. Now that I got the stuff I'm just going to store it somewhere. I wonder if I'll use it. I don't know because I have mento illnes luv and in a bad mood swing I could end using it. I don't know how to say this, I know no one cares. But I need some support right now. God I'm retarded I'm sorry. I'm just not in the best place right now.

No. 1771902

>join discord community for an anime I've been into
>write out a random thought in the chat pertaining to the plot and character's motives
>everyone ignores me and moves on to talking about something else
This is why I can't into discord.

No. 1771908

Hey nonna, I was in your exact same place two years ago. I'm proud that you didn't go through with it and that you're still her. I hope you can find your reprieve one day and find that happiness life has to bring, no matter how small.

No. 1771911

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you or that you’re not close. Just letting you know that. People keep romantic relationships private all the time even from friends.
Perhaps what you’re feeling is jealousy? Not even that she has a boyfriend soecifically just that she has another person who isn’t you. I have no idea what exactly you’re feeling though. don’t mean to be rude it’s just a known reaction when your attachment style is insecure like yours seems to be. Could also be if you find a lot of people don’t share personal things with you but you share a lot of personal things, they may feel that you’re busy with your own stuff and not able to shoulder their emotional problems too, like they will keeps things from you out of consideration for your fragile mental state.

No. 1771915

I keep missing lolcow movie times absent-mindedly and I feel guilty

No. 1771921

Samefagging cause I am going to report it regardless, I just don't know how to keep myself safe. I cannot fucking move out here randomly. Jesus Christ. This is so fucking sick. I wish I could just call the police too, I hope her school does something about it because it's absurd what I've witnessed just now. Might even delete what I post above too out of fear.

No. 1771923

Wouldn’t worry about yourself too much, child abusers go after those weaker than them, you literally just have to big-dog them and they don’t know what to do.

No. 1771926

you are doing the right thing nonna. Do your best to stay safe though, the school will probably cooperate as people are normally pretty sensitive to safety concerns around child abuse. I hope you can find a better place to live soon.

No. 1771929

I'm not fearing for my life truly, I'm more concerned for my rest of the lease. I want to have a simple end of lease and if she's as insane as I saw, I don't know if that's even possible if she finds out.
Thank you. What sickens me is that there are 2 other people living there and they did nothing. Sick sick sick world.

No. 1771931

i'm a 'grown ass woman' when you want to bitch and whine at me to spend my little $$$ and make me feel bad for being at home but 'your child' when i try to exert any force and establish any boundaries. and you don't want me to leave. i am really going insane being at home my mother is such a crazy bitch. i'm going to be venting about her here all the time until life decides to give me a goddamn break with a job offer but holy shit i have not thought about suicide this much in literal years. she's so terrible for my mental health

oh and she wants a KEY to my future apartment? are you fucking crazy?

No. 1771941

i feel u nonna, im gonna blogpost because i was in a similar space, there was a time where i hit rock bottom couple of months ago i was downing a bottle of wine after work every day to cope, i would get off from work at 3 a.m and walk home dead in the night hoping to get mauled by a crackhead(a lot of them in my area) because it seemed more bearable than pushing through my misery. i even devised a plan to get my hands on some blood pressure medication to take me out clean. Having the exit option was weirdly comforting and it did help me get through shitty days sometimes, but looking back I definitely would have attempted during a manic episode if i had what i needed readily available (this is the case for most suicides btw, obviously there are precipitating factors but its definitely a heat of the moment occurance for majority). The moment i pulled myself out of that toxic environment suicidal thoughts disappeared, you would be surprised how much of it is entirely circumstantial eventhough it definitely feels like there is something inherently wrong with you. I felt so stupid for even being so severely depressed to the point of devising suicide plans over something as meaningless as a shitty job. Please take some time off if you can, change of scenery, see family and friends when u feel down and get rid of that stuff. There will be times where you will hit rock bottom and in one of those days you will resort to suicide and you will look goofy as fuck killing yourself over a bad day you had.

No. 1771942

My depression has been so much better lately and I've felt really good. But for the past 3 days or so I've been really sad and irritable and i'm so so worried that it's going to get bad again. i really don't think i can take it again

No. 1771948

>Having the exit option was weirdly comforting and it did help me get through shitty days sometimes, but looking back I definitely would have attempted during a manic episode if i had what i needed readily available (this is the case for most suicides btw, obviously there are precipitating factors but its definitely a heat of the moment occurance for majority).
I feel the exact same, though I also feel like, creeped out that I bought that stuff. I don't know what to do with my life, but also, I can't throw that stuff away. I'm happy you're doing better nonna

No. 1771949

File: 1700018832156.jpg (17.71 KB, 554x554, images.jpg)

It's going to be ok nonna, you'll be ok, even if it gets bad, I'm sure you'll be ok, I'm sending you a hug

No. 1771952

NTAYRT, but this resonated with me nona. I’ve been in shitty jobs, shitty relationships and it was like… kill myself or resign with no other job lined up and no money. But resigning was so liberating I figured the rest out. It does feel goofy right now writing how drastic I was being over a job, but that’s what happens. It’s insidious. If nona can fuck whatever situation that’s making her feel trapped off then I’m sure the suicidal ideas will lift too. Anyway sending peace, quiet and good days to my nonnies.

No. 1771954

I just really need to be alone to cry, scream, act out and trying release all this pent up grief and emotion. But my partner is literally ALWAYS home. I work full time, she works part time and there’s just no moment I can have to cry uncontrollably that she wouldn’t be around to get involved in. I can’t drive out to the forest to do it since she has the iPhone tracker thing on and would ask questions.

No. 1771955

thank you for the kind words nonna it means a lot

No. 1771970

File: 1700020632430.jpeg (140.17 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_2058.jpeg)

I did it. I managed to get headphone head from playing games hours at a time. I have become what I feared most, a sweaty gamer. Pray for me nonas I know it goes away but I can’t believe I let this happen.

No. 1771971

i've been very lonely these last few months. i have people in my life that i used to care for, but i have grown tired of them not caring for me. now i admit i've been suicidal for the past year. it's my birthday in a couple days and i think after it's over i might just do it.

No. 1771993

When it's your birthday? I have my bday soon too in a few days. I went through the same thing

No. 1771997

Thank you nonnies

No. 1772004

nonas a week before halloween i gave myself a really awful very bad haircut impulsively. the parts i cut were so short i couldn't get them fixed i can only grow them out. problem is the rest of my hair is long af and it looks really jarring. the worst part is im starting a new job this month and we have to have our hair up for it; since i cut the sides i accidentally cut my sideburns so when i put my hair up i look like a man. im so frustrated and mad at myself. my self esteem is in the gutter

No. 1772005

I hate that funposting is on autosage!!

No. 1772007

it'll be ok your sideburns will return nonna

No. 1772020

No need to feel guilty. They're there to have fun, so if you miss it don't beat yourself up over it.

No. 1772038

my hair is just starting to become what other ppl consider "long" and i want to cut it so bad b/c its annoying but everyone in my life (who are all gen x/boomers from my job) are telling me they think i look better with it past my shoulders. dumb opinions fueled by trad thinking, imo

No. 1772044

Cut it. Don't let ugly retards who don't look good themselves talk nonsense to you. I don't have it myself for athletic reasons but above the shoulder cuts are my favorite hairstyle on most women and are incredibly chic and clean looking.

No. 1772050

everyone is obsessed with long hair because they are dehydrated

No. 1772059

what? That makes no sense please explain

No. 1772060

Do what you want to do. It's frankly obnoxious when people try to strong arm decisions for you. Live free, dear sweet nonny.

No. 1772061

I'm so pissed off I just want to draw but I'm too pregnant and no position is comfortable to sit in and there's not much I can do until the birth I was hoping I'd go into labor early but I'm going to full fucking term the android keyboard is an actual piece of shit, I am almost 40 weeks I don't care anymore, pregnancy was such a cake walk until these final days where I am so frustrated and done, nothing is rucling easy the bed is too small and shit keeps falling off bur we ca t go to mu nice big bed until after the birth and

No. 1772069

Lot of nonas with kids and pregnant nonas lately. We really are getting old

No. 1772071

Wait does long hair mean dehydration??

No. 1772073

Yes. Nta I was fresh out of highschool when I started using this website, now I'm almost 30.

No. 1772075

The idea of ever being pregnant or giving birth gives me anxiety. cant let it happen

No. 1772077

No. 1772078

i wanted to ask if you were a particular artist i know personally who is like 7 months along at this point but then i remembered she's too handmaiden for this place

No. 1772080

Lie on your side with a pillow between your legs and prop up your head and chest with your arms and curl in to draw on the bed

No. 1772082

not preggychan but that sounds uncomfortable even nonpregnant

No. 1772103

beginning to think some of you are actually retarded

No. 1772113


No. 1772141

You best believe it

No. 1772292

File: 1700030545944.jpg (11.2 KB, 300x300, 1700030201105.jpg)

There's something horrifically morbid about living with severe eczema that affects your face and living with one of your biggest triggers (two, two fucking hairy dogs) and there being nothing you can do unless you want to be sent to hell. I want to move out so badly but I'm still in school and I live in a expensive area. Guess I gotta hope I don't reach my limit and neck myself before then.

No. 1772354

Really grateful for the responses I got on this. I’m already doing home exercise and jogging but not really sticking to them as much as I could be. Thanks for putting it into perspective for me. I’m so weak that I’d probably just injure myself at the gym if I went now. I’m going to keep trying with the at home stuff and eventually sign up for PT at a gym.

No. 1772402

Stop sucking old men dick and calling men god you piglike monsters you're like a child knowing it does something bad and wanting attention for it. Mentally disabled or fucking evil

No. 1772404

The anon who keeps creating hot moids in the ai thread makes me want to try making my own images and ai chat but I'm too autistic about data mining aspect. Even though I own an iphone and that already knows everything about me.

No. 1772405

Not the thread for this.direct all letters to GIOYC

No. 1772407

i hope this is okay for me to post here but i really, really dislike white gay men. i'm a black woman and i notice i always seem to have issues with catty white gay guys who simultaneously dislike me but also try to interject themselves into my life, it's bizarre. the reason why i am bitching about this is because there's a faggot in one of my university classes who has been acting incredibly shady and shitty to me every time he is there and it's starting to annoy me. thank god the semester is almost over and i never have to see his tryhard ass ever again.

yesterday, i was talking to some other women in class about hair and shit and he has to interject how he wants to bleach his barely there buzzcut when i mention regretting going platinum. no one says anything, so i continue speaking and then he and this other girl who i also suspect doesn't like me start talking loudly to interrupt me. then he does one of those fake apologies to me about interrupting, like nigga you already know what you are doing so why are you even apologizing? it's funny but after that happened everyone else ignores those two, and me and my friend just continue on with own our conversation since i think she even saw something was up with them. so at least other people can see when someone is being shady with me as usually this kind of shit happens behind closed doors.

but seriously, i really dislike gay men. i feel bad for writing this but he isn't the first gay guy to do really mean, petty shit like this, so it's definitely something i've experienced before in the past. i don't even get their reasoning anyway or why he even cares so much as our lifestyles are completely different and my existence doesn't affect him in anyway.

No. 1772413

Most of their lingo came from your community and they're very easy to hate in a way that's hard to put your finger on because they're misogynistic, passive aggressive, and extremely developmentally arrested. You have to watch them put on some stupid persona that everyone knows is fake and talk in a cadence that isn't natural to them while trying to fire off as many one liners they think make them look cuntyslaymawma as possible. They do this well into their 30s, bleakly even their 40s at times. I bet he's told himself that you're homophobic and told this other friend that he thinks you're homophobic just because you don't acknowledge him or give him special attention. They will never understand that oftentimes people's irritation with them is their annoying, fake personalities and need to attempt to monopolize any room they are in and not that you take issue with them being gay. Hes just mad you don't give him your undivided attention and likely told his friend "watch this, she's like soooo homophobic."

No. 1772440

File: 1700037313435.jpeg (81.8 KB, 500x499, IMG_9347.jpeg)

>israel calls the west to take care of Palestinian refugees
>be Swede

I’m not starting some political debate here, but I’m so fucking tired. Like I’m genuinely at a point where I just feel indifferent to whatever’s going on in the Middle East. So be it that it makes me an awful person, but we already have secular societies that wants to beat and rape women into submission, ban our national anthem and erase everything that is Swedish.
I’m tired man, just fuck off to any other country that shares your beliefs.

No. 1772443

you aren't wrong. I really think its because they are white men and get the first taste of being a "minority" and make it their whole personality, you see the same thing with some white straight women too. Racism in the gay community is unfortunately a common occurrence but I'm glad some of your friends also clocked how rude he is. So many women prop white gay men up and I do not understand it.

Anyway, he sucks you don't keep thriving nonna.

No. 1772444

they should only let the women and girls evacuate all the moids should stay and die for the retarded wars they start

No. 1772454

Nobody seemed to mind refugees when Ukraine got attacked, but Palestinians need to post pictures of disfigured babies for a chance at sympathy. Just call it what it is atp.

No. 1772456

>just fuck off to any other country that shares your beliefs.
Most arab and/or muslim countries don't want them, that's why your country is in that situation in the first place. Do you remember the controversy a few years ago with one of the Hadid sisters taking a picture of her shoes in an airport to say she's going back gome and a plane with the Saudi flag in the background and it offended Saudis? They all insulted her for being half Palestinian and they insulted Palestine in general for being occupies by Israel. They don't know what solidarity is.

No. 1772462

File: 1700039557749.jpg (315.69 KB, 720x957, bigcorpslaveryUP.jpg)

You may not like it but Big Corp sure does.

No. 1772464

Watching Americans shamelessly meme about the war in Israel is pretty disgusting. They larp awareness while proving just how detached from reality they really are. You really can't fix retarded

No. 1772512

Where did you live? A lot of european people were against Ukranian refugees too, and now they're against Palestinian refugees.
I personally wouldn't mind refugees if they were only women and children, but most of them are men who want to make a foreign country bend to their backwards belief about how rape is their right and their 10 year old veiled daughter can be married off to an old man. Nobody fucking wants people like these besided them and they shouldn't.
Also funny how most of the other Islamic countries that don't have a war going on won't take them, it's always some european country with vastly different beliefs (that need to be erased to accomodate the rapist moid).

No. 1772514

Not true as pp said. And you have to house and feed them. Easier to do when you're from a similar culture and know what to expect. Western countries have millions of non-whites who could be so charitable, yet they never are and are never criticized for it either.

No. 1772560

My country and the neighboring countries offered Ukrainians jobs they could do in Ukrainian, sent aid, food, money and weapons, offered them free apartments and free bus fare, free train tickets. I know for a fact most European countries did the same. These are things nobody has ever done for any other refugee, especially after the 2015 crisis. The EU even allowed them to export their shitty produce which made our grain prices drop and gave them border priority for imports. They didn't do the same for us so our freight trucks were stuck in Ukraine for days and couldn't get back home because Ukrainians were jumping the queue.
Yet the Ukrainians I follow on insta are still whining that everyone is so cruel and selfish and asking for more money. Even their president is being passive-aggressive about it. Meanwhile you can see videos of little Palestinian kids with their brains blown out and missing arms and legs and moms putting little girls into makeshift graves. Then I come here and read lukewarm takes like these. You didn't mind housing and feeding Ukrainian grifters, but your compassion stops at brown skin. Call it what it is, go on.

No. 1772569

life gets worse and worse. woke up at 3am hearing weird noises. thought maybe i was just hearing something through the walls. but now i’m not sure if it’s in the walls or under my bed. i’m just tired. i want to goddamned sleep

No. 1772575

lol is there even a future for Sweden at this point? honest question. feels like nobody has a handle on what's going on at all and like unironic sharia law will come before any sort of political fix for this

No. 1772580

like recently a random woman was literally blown up while inside her own home. there are several shootings a day. crime is now everywhere

No. 1772581

Anecdotal but an estonian friend pointed this out too. His family were donating to many ukranian charities and would always post #istandwithukraine stuff on social media and he brought up how they never cared about any other conflict before and they said that it's because ukranians are european therefore they deserve more solidarity.

No. 1772588

Reminds me of when Ukranian refugees in France filmed the apartment they got for almost free here in a fairly big city and it was huge and has a bathtub instead of just a showerhead and everyone lost their shit because the average French person absolutely can't afford this kind of place unless they have several roommates or go to a shithole with no job opportunities. Seeing the video pissed me off because the Ukranian filming the apartment was complaining the entire time that it wasn't good enough or it was just kind of ok. Meanwhile I still live with my parents because as a normal citizen way smaller places cost a lot more.

No. 1772595

Nonnies I’m about to disappoint myself today. I had a very productive last 2 days of studying and gym, but I woke up drained today and I don’t think I’m going to study.
For context I am an extremely lazy individual who is behind on her classes, I’m trying to catch up now before exams hit in a month but yeah… I just hate that I woke up half dead today. I’ll still aim to go to the gym since I really need it but the thought of sitting in the library for 6 hours to listen to a lecture about financial markets sounds unbearable today

No. 1772613

My country also offered jobs and houses and while the government was okay with it the people absolutely weren't kek. I'm pretty sure veryone fucking hates Zelensky and his "give us money and weapons" shit now. At the same time my country also allows illegal immigrants (different from refugees) to just go whenever they please even if they're literal criminals who go around raping women but no one can say anything because some idiot will scream "RacIsM!!!!" even if we all know it's not about the brown skin but about the violent faith/culture. Unlike those sheltered individuals I live near what they now call the biggest "muslim district" of my country and not even the police dares to go there. If you're a non-muslim woman going around that place without a hijab will put you in serious danger. Again the women and children are a different matter, but I can absolutely see why people are scared to have even more violent rapist moids with a free house in their country.
>your compassion stops at brown skin.
Really retarded take but please do address how all the other "brown skin" countries seem to not give a shit about Palestinian refugees even if they're closer in both location and culture. I guess it's not a race thing then, right?

No. 1772614

File: 1700051050496.png (570.63 KB, 640x640, IMG_1453.png)

I haven’t been able to sleep at all for the last two days

No. 1772630

I'm tired of pretending the karens are wrong, they're probably right and those service workers fucking deserve it. I am feeling the femanine rage that comes with no longer giving a shit, next time someone disrespects me for no reason I'm going to start smashing shit

No. 1772649

Considering service workers don't perform the baseline of their duties anymore, and think they deserve $20/hr straight out of high school for doing so, I think the Karens were the canaries in the coalmine.

No. 1772672

I've been dealing with intense envy. I hate it

No. 1772687

So true queen

No. 1772693

My aunt is a Karen and trust me it isn't nice, it isn't based, she is very spiteful

No. 1772700

It's 50/50 tbh. As someone who had to actually work retail, some of those Karens are just frustrated women taking their frustrations out on retail workers because their husbands won't put up with it and their kids don't respect them. But some of these retail workers are absolutely paint chip eating retards who think they deserve $20hr for fucking up a three item McDonald's order and getting upset that you called them out on it.

No. 1772701

Listen to your body nonny, it's ok to have a rest day.

No. 1772705

my back hurts so much. I'm trying to fix my posture and sit up straight at my desk job and when driving but it hurts so bad between my shoulder blades I have to take breaks and slouch again

No. 1772708

ntayrt but I don’t think she meant it’s nice or based I just think she meant they’re likely in the right more often than not

No. 1772727

Woke up with a lot of dread and I'm tired of this being the case

No. 1772781

My compassion 100% stops at muslmis, yes.

No. 1772794

Yes. Can someone actually explain why Muslim countries refuse to take in Muslim refugees?

No. 1772797

I wish I was never an anachan as a teenager, My whole thought process is now ruined beyond repair and I know it will stay like that forever no matter how much therapy and for how long I will be recovered for. The relapse will always come sooner or later and no one would care even if they know it's one of the first signs of my mental health regressing because everyone thinks skinnier is better no matter the price. Every time I look at another woman the first thing I think of is if she's skinnier or fatter than me and I hate it, I don't want to judge other women like that they don't deserve the same treatment that caused me to ruin my psyche for the rest of my life. I wish younger me was smarter and strong enough to not fall into the impossible pedophilic scrote-made beauty standard.

No. 1772813

I'm consistently appalled that so many women here are retarded enough to do this, I really hoped this community was smarter than giving in to societal breeding pressure.
Good luck when your scrote's personality does a complete 180 after the kid is born. Also good luck with your bladder issues and potential broken pelvis that your Nigel won't step up and help you with the baby or chores while you're recovering from. Or being starved for adult conversation while being forced to replay the same cocomelon-tier media over and over again.
Go look at any mommy forum for a taste of what you're in for.
Apologies for sperg raging but I just don't understand why women are still doing this shit in current year, with all the information we now have available about the physical and social effects. It's a hindrance to us in almost every way.
Even if you get lucky and end up with an adult daughter to care for you when you're elderly, she's likely to be too busy with her own career or Nigel.

No. 1772815

I got fired today because I called payroll and there was a Filipino woman with a thick accent and she couldn’t here me so I asked could I speak with someone American. I didn’t mean it bitchy or racist but I got fired dayum

No. 1772817

Most of the time even the most raging misandrist eventually finds a Nigel and promptly makes an exception for him + Nigelings.

No. 1772818

why can't you go to the big bed?

No. 1772819

for that firing is excessive, seems like they had it out for you. i also cannot understand accents well but ask if people can speak more slowly instead.

No. 1772823

Well I wasn’t fired but I was out on a final warning and they moved my desk by the bosses office which means they’re going to start fucking with me

No. 1772826

Make sure you apply for unemployment, you might even have a wrongful termination suit on your hands.

I'm sorry this happened to you, and I sympathize, I had to maneuver around this the other day as I was calling my brokerage firm and they outsource calls after a certain time, I asked where she was located (also the phillipines) and then asked if I could be redirected- she tried to corner me by asking why and I simply said "I'd like to speak to the same person I spoke with previously." I had to call back the next day but sure enough got a normal, clear spoken guy on the east coast.

Frankly if your company is large enough to outsource payroll you've got a likely chance of an unemployment payout, IMO

No. 1772829

Adding on to this >>1772826
Start looking for a new job ASAP if you're on a PIP or warning. They are absolutely coming for you and I'm so sorry Nonna!

No. 1772830

Take your meds. Some women actually want children and a husband, shocking I know. My bladder and pelvis are fine post-baby, but you don't really care about me, you just want an excuse to be mad at women online, you sad incel.

No. 1772832

Yeah and then he switches to cheating or treating her like shit, at BEST not pulling his weight, becoming a couch creature.

No. 1772833

Should I apply before or after I’m fired? I e never dealt with this before haha

No. 1772834

I'm actually glad your body didn't get destroyed, but you seem to be taking my opinion very personally, as evident by you calling me a scrote kek

No. 1772835

Samefag but the issue here is they told me she wasn’t outsourced she’s in Kansas

No. 1772836

You can't file until after you're terminated, as far as I'm aware. You could hang on UNTIL they fire you, as you cannot collect UI if you voluntarily quit.
A lot of workplaces will deliberately make your life hell to try and force you into quitting so they can avoid paying out. That might be what's happening here.

No. 1772838

Oh, adding on once again, if you get fired ALWAYS apply for UI even if you don't think you'll get it.
Don't overexplain anything when the UI people call you to get your side of it, stick to the barest true facts.

No. 1772839

So basically just stick it out until I’m fired?

No. 1772841

File: 1700067543227.jpg (99.62 KB, 776x950, tumblr_3ca83fae47cd578dd1c5e43…)

My professor last minute told me that all of the data I've been using isnt good because it 'goes against the thoery', so I'm searching to find data that statsically signigigant enough to support the thoery but I cant find any data that shows a signifigant enough correlation. FUCK. It's due in only a few days, and afterwards I have to complete another big project that I havent even touched or even understand in 3 days, which makes 50% of my grade

No. 1772859

Is this image photoshopped?!

No. 1772861

no it's real

No. 1772865

Why does sweden keep doing this to themselves? Real question. I am not living in Pakistan 2.0. Shit is wrong to allow so many refugees in when it isnt even our problem. I am sick of the bleeding heart idiots thinking open borders is okay. The wokies and SJW idiots do not give a shit about women. All the countries these kind of people infect will just get worse.

No. 1772867

cannot STAND people who comment on your food. my coworker is obsessed with commenting on what im eating. i have a muffin on my desk and he has to come, hover over and take a GOOD LOOK at it just so he can gasp and say "ooo muffin". the other day i ate a granola bar and as i put the last piece in my mouth he scurried over to my desk and looked around like a squirrel looking for an acorn to see what it was. with my mouth full i said granola bar. that was the entire conversation. CANT STAND IT!!! then they wonder why i eat lunch in my car.

No. 1772869

Imagine giving birth and this is how your son turns out.

No. 1772886

I slept like shit and I feel like I'm gonna puke, my stomach is upset, I have nausea and just waiting for the evening so I can go to sleep otherwise my fucked up sleeping pattern will not end
and I wanted to draw so much today it's a struggle just not to let anxiety get to me

No. 1772900

Second day for my new coworker and he hits the vape every five fucking minutes. In plain sight, looking me and other people dead in the eye while he does it. Told my manager, nothing has been done yet. Who the fuck needs to hit their vape that much. I don't even wanna know what he's smoking because he keeps twitching his upper lip, is fidgety as fuck and just weird in general.

No. 1772912

Take that shit to HR. Bring up you tried to bring it to your manager's attention, but they didnt care. Wtf I hate vapers

No. 1772922

They're not welcome either. They are too brainwashed or they chimp out like their scrotes and act equally aggressive because they think being ghetto is "cool".

No. 1772929

Kek wtf

No. 1772933

What the hell, is this person a zoomer? Can't imagine an older person just vaping out in the open like that at work when smoking indoors is illegal most places.

No. 1772934

File: 1700071584100.jpg (44.31 KB, 488x410, 1679154692574694.jpg)

After being on hold with the IRS for an hour, I tried to adjust my earbud and it hung up the call.

No. 1772936

File: 1700071670043.png (91.95 KB, 600x600, 1645067557139.png)

I miss being a stupid tween without a care in the world, just having fun and goofing around with my friends, making art and sharing stories with each other. Now we all live our separate troubled lives and we all hate each other. I just want to go back.

No. 1772939

I don't get it either nona. Another reason for me is that I don't know how people can see the state of the world, how shit the economy is, and think "let's bring another person into this!". Feels selfish and short-sighted to me to keep having children when they'll likely end up as yet another wagie who can afford nothing.

No. 1772955

Yeah it’s kinda weird seeing all these anons talk about wanting kids or being pregnant, I don’t remember it being like this on lc a few years ago.

No. 1772969

I think it has a lot to do with a lot of nonnies being over 30 now. The site is 10 years old and this place used to be a lot more chill and focused on laughing at retards online.

No. 1772971

The anons that were lurking while they were in their teens are now in their 20s me included so its probably just hitting anons to give into cultural/societal pressure. Where I’m at I get weird looks from my visiting relatives because I’m not married or pregnant so they all think I’m mentally unstable or retarded to get a moid

No. 1772977

File: 1700074576885.png (106.74 KB, 699x141, howling.png)

trimmed too much of my bush a few days ago arbitrarily after letting it fully grow out for months tbh it was because i was depressed and couldn't be arsed but i also don't know how to groom myself down there at all so i usually just try to trim off as much as i can/shave it all off and now it's patchy and ugly af ughhhhhh i regret it SO BADDDDDD anytime i remove hair from anywhere i always regret it. i shaved my legs for the first time in years a few months ago & i instantly regretted it too. REEEEEEEE i want my fab bush back why am i so retardeddddd. real talk someone please help me out how do i keep it groomed i don't know where to stop and what/where to remove or keep the hair… i just either let it all grow or i remove it altogether with no inbetween and i really don't want to be bald or patchy rn… plus it hurts because the ends are blunt worst thing ever about shaving who knows how long it'll take to get them soft again. going to miss having my built in loofah kek but seriously… my buuuushhh…
picrel context is lesbians debating american politics during the aughts while in bed with one another

No. 1772981

I cant really afford/dont want to travel home for the holidays. I travelled a lot in August and September to be with family because each of my parents (divorced for many years) lost a parent (my two families' grandpas both died at the same time somehow). It destroyed my old car and Ive had to put a lot of money into repairs and its drivable but not out of state drivable at the moment. I work for myself and lost a lot of income taking so much time off for hospitals, funerals, and family. I live hundreds of miles away. I cant see how to make this work. My poor grandma is so sad, and hellbent of having a big thanksgiving just like normal which I dont blame her one bit and would absolutely love to attend. My other side of the family in a different state… I should be there for my dad on his first Thanksgiving without his own father. I do want to go to each, dont get me wrong. I need to be there. My parents arent doing super well with the loss of their own parents. One of the losses was a suicide. At the same time, I began having some intense mental side effects from a very heavy medication I take for a nuerological condition. It can cause psychosis and they monitor me for changes in my mental state. I was actually doing really well, the drug enabled me to live life much more fully- and I didnt notice (or was in denial about) that there were some weird side effects starting to happen right before all this. For lack of a better word, these events in my life as well as the further lack of income due to my vehicle issues triggered whatever mental state they warned me of with this drug. It got to the point where I had to reach out to my doc and admit I was struggling and needed help. I am still trying to get bearings and get my head on straight. Im being asked what my plans are for travel and I have no answer. A bus is more expensive than flying, and flying is more expensive than renting a car, and going to 2 different states for 2 thanksgivings for 2 sides of grieving family just feels impossible. I dont know what to do and I dont feel capable of doing it.

No. 1773014

Your bush will grow back. I've done this before. I just try to trim with scissors carefully. Your bush is fabulous and so are you.

No. 1773018

This too, so much. It's also boggling how they come at you for not wanting kids when it's like, that just means LESS COMPETITION for their kids, right? Crab bucket mentality.

No. 1773027

Both sides are retarded. Let women do what they want, but also do not pressure women into having kids if they do not want them. Wish we could just each other live, nonnies.

No. 1773041

I wrote here some 3 years ago. When I was around 9 years old I had a white pet rabbit with red eyes. I bought him at a school fair. I used to study with my school books on the floor abd the little bunny would sit next to me. He was loving and affectionate and I loved him too. My mother obviously had a problem with me receiving love. Sometimes I'd make her cards, she'd give them to my baby teething sister to chew and salivate on. She used to randomly tell me "it's not that so and so is better than you but they're just my best student" ( she was a teacher)

She sent my baby second to youngest sister to tell me if I don't put the rabbit in the bedside table/drawer, she will throw him out tye window to his death. She hated seeing him sat next to me whilst I was studying and petting him.

I had to confide him to that space until the day he died. He loved me when I first got him but then hated me, was scared of me, clawed his way trying to run away from me anytime I opened his hellhole to clean up and put feed in.

I'm older now and I hate her for it. I can't wait till she's dead so the curse is lifted. She's the reason I ended up in abusive relationships and eventually human trafficked at one point.

What brought this on again is a video I saw on YouTube, called something like "my daughter doesn't speak to me anymore". Fair to say I'm triggered

No. 1773061

Jesus christ I hope you're far, far away now

No. 1773075

I am. I am a continent away now. But as I said, in the 10 years I've been away, I let men treat me worse than trash and was prostituted by a partner, when I got sober enough to reflect I understood where it all started. A lot of long term effects. I sort of have come to terms with that. The video I watched on YouTube was about an estranged mother telling her story of her daughter cutting her out of her life. It was so dismissive of the daughter and self victimising it triggered the shit out of me.anyways, thanks for replying. I have no friends and even if I did, I wouldn't tell them these things. And even posting anonymously, it's good to know someone reads my words and knows that this happened to someone out there.

No. 1773078

I’m so sorry nona.

No. 1773082

I'm so sorry to both you and your bunny, anon. Glad you got away from that monster.

No. 1773086

Feels a bit like some try to rope others into in because they regret their decision or it isn't all they'd thought it be so they want others to also make a "bad" decision so they can say they aren't the only ones who choose to live that way.

No. 1773092

Thank you. Truly. One thing I struggle with is I understand SHE had a dysfunctional upbringing as well, although I'm not sure of all the ins and outs. But surely, it takes a heartless person to use fear to make their child torture their own pet the way she did? Surely she knew better than that? My father is an alcoholic and gambling addiction and left us when I was 6, I am one of 7 children. So she had to work and provide for 7 children on her own. One of my sisters committed suicide over a man who didn't reciprocate her love at 29 years old in 2015. Still, Surely I can't be misjudging the situation. Even if you had it hard you wouldn't take it out like that on a child and their pet

No. 1773096

Seeing old people working makes me so fucking depressed. People having to work so far in their life is indicative of something being wrong with our society/government
I think it hits me hard because my grandma still works and has to support so many people in our immediate family by herself. It's part of the reason why I work hard myself.

No. 1773123

My grandma works because she loves it, and then she gets to use the money to watch movies. Idk a lot of people don’t have enough hobbies to make life without work interesting and work gives a lot of structure.

No. 1773163

File: 1700081690081.gif (2.56 MB, 275x202, 14867538-8245-4FE6-9D80-81D674…)

Seeing the niece nephew convo in another thread was kinda jarring to me, I grew up with a very narcissistic and alcoholic dad, his rage fits were so explosive and he was vicious, he would scream at me to the point of bursting blood vessels in his eyes, I can't really explain how insane that was to witness from a large man when I was maybe 5 years old at the time? That naturally meant I had to learn to walk on eggshells, overanalyse every single thing you can so I could avoid being screamed at, sometimes he would throw stuff at me, always aiming for my face. Somehow I managed to be the kid who never fought with him, I was very passive and my sister was just as explosive as my dad, she started drinking at a very young age as well but that's not too uncommon where I'm from but these two people combined was fucking hell, they would fight for hours and once she moved out, things were still complete ass but he wasn't screaming anymore, who would he scream to really? Now my dad is dead, I went completely no contact with him yet my sister kept wanting to play pretend, they had family Christmas together for almost a decade without me, because I stood my ground and every christmas would end up in tears for them because they would fight or my dad would say shit like he hoped my sister died in a fire instead of her middle school boyfriend, very cruel and odd stuff. Now my sister has been pulling that shit with me, I've gone to hers for Christmas 3 times now, she has kids, a husband and I had cancer so first it was this "Hey, you only live once, be a cool aunt" but this year I don't think I can do this shit. She doesn't care, I think now with our dad gone, she really stands out as the main narcissistic person now, she admits she doesn't really know about her kids interests, doesn't wanna play with them, talks over everyone, lies even more than my dad to keep face but she will lie about she she used to be able to lie about, but now that I've spent Christmases there, I hear her say weird shit like "I got all A's in high school and never retook classes so I WOULD KNOW". She will say that shit to get her moid to stfu, he also had a alkie dad and is a complete pushover but I will say "You retook chemistry and literature 4 times! Paid for someone to take your exams" and the look she will give me is a mix of horror and this odd "well I tried" and she will brush it off, but her husband has started to clearly notice it, because what else does she keep lying about just because no one from her past isn't there to laugh at it? This sounds silly but those are things that are easy to type out, you can imagine realising someone keeps lying about most boring shit just to seem smart or like an authority. She treats her kids like props, the kids are actually very nice but I cannot see myself doing Christmas there again, I keep thinking how I almost died, I walked on eggshells for all those years, did all this healing in so many ways and now I'm doing this? I thought about doing it for the kids but I can't do this shit anymore, her and the kids were visiting my mom at the same time I was and it was eerie to watch her monologue instead of having a conversation because she cannot hold one, she just talks about herself, doesn't know shit about her own kids, said some absolutely deranged shit about how I wouldn't understand being sick and tired, she doesn't even hear herself, and she calls herself and empath. I love them kids, but I refuse to take part in this shit, maybe if I had a gf to bring with me, it would be a kind of a buffer or like I had someone in my corner to roll their eyes with me but I will keep seeing the kids when their with my mom but at this point in my life, I refuse to waste my life that I almost lost and had to fight really fucking hard to keep, on this sick woman, maybe that makes me a shitty and weird person but I'm done.

No. 1773226

i feel for you nona, let it all out. growing up in a violent and hostile environment is so hard. if i were in your shoes, i'd just cut her out like you did your dad. you've done the hard part, you don't need to be reminded of it anymore. you are right, you have fought hard and if you cant do christmas you cant do christmas and your sister can fuck off. i know it's easier said than done but reading what you wrote, i believe in you nona

No. 1773232

Thank you nona and right? Like it just hit me during her mind boggling martyr monologue that I am not gonna redo this, I think this will be easier because she doesn't even like me, she just likes to post these family pics on facebook and play pretend. She has 3 living relatives and she treats us so poorly, but yeah I need to stop being stupid, at least the kids have bday parties that are usually done in a way that you can barely see my sister because once again, she doesn't really care, she will just go around lying and taking photos, I don't think I even said more than hi to her during these parties. I think I'm only gonna do these bday parties and see the kids at my moms, those are very easy for me but man did that feel good to let out. It's interesting to see how she really refuses to make herself feel better by just accepting reality as I feel like I'm almost way too realistic, but I'm not passive anymore, enough of this victim shit, I was doing great after ditching my dad and will keep at it!

No. 1773241

I have been cutting myself again after contemplating my life. I know i shouldn’t but it’s the only thing that makes me calm and feel in control again. my life is going nowhere and I want to end it but I want to experience things. I want to travel and have a family in the future, but what i’m going through is making it so hard. I wish I could be happy and have a normal brain like everyone else jfc why am I like this

No. 1773251

ntayrt there are christian palestinians

No. 1773282

I hate men so fucking much you have no idea. It took me 18 years before I could get away from my dad, why the fuck would I ever willingly live with a man ever again. Hate the nasty fucking beasts.

No. 1773297

Nonnie I'm in a similar place, I also want to travel and to marry but my life is going nowhere. I believe in you, let's keep living together, even if it's hard, we shouldn't end it! Let's thrive!

No. 1773361

File: 1700091671049.jpg (30.29 KB, 525x399, 20231106_193128.jpg)

Childhood friend trooned out and showed me her armskin fruit roll up, now I'm on suicide watch lmfao
A million fucking years ago when she first started talking about trouncing, her dad made the mistake of being against it, so she leaned into it as hard as she could, now she's still living at home and he has lost weight and is not even trying to hide the alcoholism, like if this was all to get back at him, she has fucking won, he is decimated. Broken. Never going to recover. Just like her.
This us a fucking nightmare; I'm 30 and can't get anyone to tie my tubes, but a retarded fucking 24 year old can just get reamed out like a fucking Halloween pumpkin after one visit to a literallywho "gender therapist"
I cannot fucking even imagine her suffering. Her endless suffering.
She was so annoying and obnoxious and vibrant and full of life and now "he" is a shrinking violet.
I have seen too much. I mean metaphysically. I mean this is the final straw. I am insane now, how can I just text her like she's not going to die so fucking young and the industry her parents work for made it all possible
Endocrinologists; I'm diabetic myself, I could have told you these people are useless fucking quacks. And now they're the ones signing off on this fucking like slaughterhouse surgery shit
These cunts can't even get me insulin reliably and they're the gatekeepers to the hormone injection step
So everyone further up the line must be just as fucking corrupt
Lmfao I can't EVEN

No. 1773366

Why are you using this photo this reads like shitty parody

No. 1773367

Parody of fucking what?
Also for the nth time, don't be a cunt in the vent thread

No. 1773390

That's just so horrifying and sad. Like watching someone become deeply addicted to heroin.

No. 1773391

all i could think of while reading that nona's post is all the great female artists we've lost to the mom trap. wonder if she'll have enough time to draw once she's taking card of the kid (hopefully she only one). very sad and weird

No. 1773393

consider paying someone to do it. was in nearly this exact same situation last year until i just paid out. best $40 of my life
>where to look
just guess.

No. 1773403

I was trying to take my mind off of things last night by watching whatever was on tv but in the middle of it anxiety took over and my heart started beating so fast I could almost feel my body swaying with it and I felt like a cornered animal. The rest of my time was just being envious of the perfect fictional pre big internet lives of the tv characters.

No. 1773439

File: 1700097553266.jpg (73.64 KB, 736x799, 1678477101210.jpg)

i just turned 25, and it's depressing me. it feels like this is the age everyone's just kind of started closing all the doors in their lives. like everyone has things set in stone, and i'm just adrift and confused because of my shitty life circumstances that stopped me from going down the correct path. i haven't checked on the lives of anyone i went to HS with in years, so maybe i'm wrong about most people having it together, but i can't get over this sense of dread. i feel too old to feel so young and confused. i feel too old for everything. i can't shake this fear that every opportunity is gone, that i need to stop existing and restart my life from zero. i don't think i'll have it all together at 26, my life is still uncertain and a year is so short.

No. 1773449

i felt like this when i turned 25, it'll be ok i promise. when i was 25 i was in a really dark place, drug addicted, severely mentally ill and self-harming after surviving a horrible fucked up childhood, felt super behind all my peers and felt an impending sense of doom about the future. but eventually i came to realize that there's always tomorrow, and there's always a chance to improve your life as long as you're still breathing. i'm 28 now and while i'm still not where i thought i would be, i realize now that life doesn't end when you hit a certain age, in fact you still have your whole life ahead of you, even if it feels like opportunities are dwindling, please don't lose hope. it's true that you don't have an infinite amount of time on this earth. but if you start working towards your goals now, eventually you'll get closer to where you want to be. like they say, the best time to plant a seed was yesterday, the second best time is today. that being said it's ok to greive for the time you've lost or the opportunities you've missed, but try not to drown in your regret, because that's where you get stuck. you don't have to have your shit together by a certain age, in fact most people don't, they're either pretending or choosing to share their highlight reel. best of luck nonny i am rooting for you ♥

No. 1773464

I'm pissing gatorade yellow. I went to get tests done yesterday so hopefully by tomorrow I get the results.

No. 1773500


I was in a similar state, miserable, working retail. I got my shit together and started college when I was 25, and now I have a master's degree, a house, a job that pays really well, fun hobbies, and good friends.
The benefit of starting college later if you're in the US is you will probably get full govt scholarships.

I'm 32 now and I feel like my life has just begun to take off. I'm the happiest I've ever been. You can change your life around - it's not too late.

No. 1773504

>The benefit of starting college later if you're in the US is you will probably get full govt scholarships
Full government scholarships? Damn, now is the time to be learning. If you don't mind me asking, what field did you major in?
t. Graduate of a toilet paper degree

No. 1773509

Did you remember to drink enough water kek

No. 1773512

I wish more people like me posted in the friend finder thread here. Everyone sounds so much more normal and less imageboard and weebshit poisoned than me, I wish I had female friends who related to having grown up as a loser on the late 2000s internet.

No. 1773514

If are over 24 you are considered "financially independent" by FASFA (the govt scholarship people) and most people around that age dont make even close to the limit so you can easily get a full ride + expenses through the pell grant. There are also lots of extra scholarships for first-generation students (parents don't have degrees) and for other underserved groups.

Psychology, but I focused on statistics - I'm now a research analyst making about ~150k USD

I think what really helped me, was that I did multiple internships and used like every free program at the college to learn how to be successful (career center, academic clubs, research groups, etc).

I think you can be successful with truly any poo poo degree imo it's all about internships and taking on extra work during school like assistantships, applying for scholars programs etc (I was a B avg student, but most people dont apply to these things so they are easy to get)

you dont have to be the best you just have to try harder than 50% of the others, which is really easy.

No. 1773527

Post your info then link it to me here, I could be your friend nonna

No. 1773528

I drink water. My piss has been colorful for the past few weeks.

No. 1773529

I cant stand how zoomies always have to preface why they think they're an authority on a subject before saying anything. Eg.
>as a neurodivergent
>as someone struggling with eating disorders
>as a poc
It adds nothing to the statement because I judge the statement based on the quality of ideas, not arbitrary aspects of your identity that don't qualify you to speak on behalf of an entire demographic anyways.

No. 1773531

You will live your life, I'm 28 and mine hasn't started either, but I'm not giving up. Giving up is what is preventing you from succeeding. I believe in you both, please keep going

No. 1773532

Did you specialize in Quantitative psychology?

No. 1773535

It's a thing that Tumblr started honestly
Please feel better soon!

No. 1773538

>This us a fucking nightmare; I'm 30 and can't get anyone to tie my tubes, but a retarded fucking 24 year old can just get reamed out like a fucking Halloween pumpkin after one visit to a literallywho "gender therapist"
I hate this shit so much, I hate it because doctors are misogynistic pigs who think I'll want a baby later, and I'm fucking tired

No. 1773539

Thank you.

No. 1773546

This image is extremely unlikable.

No. 1773553

Tumblr has done irreparable damage to young millenials and zoomers. Pure cancer.

No. 1773566

social psych, but quantitative is another way (and more straightforward) to do it. All I did was take more research/quant courses and made my research projects more statistically complex. I don't think people really care about the "degree" as long as you have the knowledge and experience to back it.

No. 1773572

I hope noisy people die a fiery death in hell. I can't stand having to hear my neighbors or my roommate, even my brother's stupid podcasts he listens to all night long the moment I do actually get away from my apartment and think I finally found some peace. All people inconsiderate enough to have loud sex, blast music, and stomp in apartments are the lowest scum of the earth.

No. 1773591

why are boomers so retarded and bitchy? you asked me to help you with your resume; i did. i generally don't see resumes that are like

>summary of job

>bullet points below that summary

and by 'generally' i mean never. we're in two different fields besides. if you want the summary there it would've taken you maybe ten seconds to just copy and paste it. instead you spend an hour grumbling about it beneath your breath, cussing at me, etc. i hate these dinosaur fuckwits so goddamn much it's not even funny

like just do it yourself next time or provide clearer instructions on what you want.

No. 1773593

File: 1700109289010.jpg (141.22 KB, 660x760, frog-butts1.jpg)

I've started my first desk job and I've gained like 15 lbs since I started. I'm on my ass 9 hours a day and the office always gets gifts of sweets from clients, or a coworker orders us food, and I'm bad against temptation kek. My previous job was very physical and I worked long shifts without eating so it was too easy to stay thin. Cutting calories isn't working, I need to start working out but that require waking up early and I already sleep in too much and I'm always so fucking tired

No. 1773594

like seriously don't go

>format my resume! i shouldn't have to tell you what to do!

and then whine and moan when i can't read your tiny mind. i'm so sick of it

No. 1773672

Well I guess it's over for me then, I autistically ignored anything to do with internships and undergradutate research assistant positions in favor of studying constantly to get a 4.0 and then never went for a masters

No. 1773708

You could ask in the questions thread

No. 1773735

File: 1700115572760.gif (2.43 MB, 275x202, IMG_1480.gif)

Reveal yourself
show yourself
your glamours will fail
like these petals now fall
your own true heart
will be revealed
for all to see
ugly and cold
so shall it be

Florence, you have no power over me. 
What once seemed like power is now erased.
 It’s erased yesterday, it’s erased today, it’s erased tomorrow

Aglaria Pedhel

Garia Ananas


No. 1773737

I must be manic, anon, I'm not diagnosed with anything but for days in a row I can't sleep and have grandiose ideas such as being healthy and connected enough to become a surrogate mother to a billionaire and killing the president

No. 1773758

>Aglaria Pedhel

>Garia Ananas
Ariana Grande

No. 1773759

Damn what did Florence Pugh do to you

No. 1773762

This post needs context, why are you doing witchcraft in a post? Does Florence use lolcow too?

No. 1773767

No. 1773771

why not start with being healthy and see if you’re feeling the other stuff after you cross that bridge

No. 1773794

It’s a spell to expedite her karmic justice to her and send her devious energy back to herself, she’s going to suffer.
I just can’t stand her she’s a narcissistic pickme

No. 1773798

this sounds like some shit that this girl who keeps sending me death threats would say

No. 1773801

So it was directed to Florence Pugh after all?

No. 1773803

Spill the beans

No. 1773825

Yes and if you knew how she acted irl you would understand

No. 1773858

on the plus side, working helps older people retain their cognitive abilities and stave off dementia. I’m actually really worried for when my dad stops working because I know it will drastically cut down the amount of human interaction he gets.

No. 1773861

I hate my job. I hate treaching. I hate the 19 year old me for applying to become a teacher. I hate myself for considering it to be a good career choice. I regret “thinking smart” and believing the job market for teachers is exceptionally good, ignoring WHY it is that way. I hate that I “struggled” through the hard parts in the teachers education program. I hate that I didn’t drop out, listen to my instincts and started over studying something else. I hate that I am a teacher, I have grown to hate people. I hate the admin, the principal especially. She’s a huge bitch. I have never met such horrible people in my life. I was naive. “I love helping people”. People are fucking shit. People are TRASH. I HATE people. I wish I had a job where I DIDNT MEET ANY. Now I have to deal with hundreds of different people daily, students, bitchy admin, the bitch of a principal and her expensive outfits and car. You know those jobs where you don’t get to see any people? I want that shit so bad. I genuinely have grown to despise humans. If you’re a young person indecisive about what to study, AVOID teaching at all costs. There’s a REASON the job market looks like that and there’s a teachers shortage. Avoid this shit if you want to live a reasonably good life and have decent mental and physical health.

No. 1773874

wait what kek

No. 1773912

File: 1700120958716.jpeg (315.6 KB, 649x588, IMG_1484.jpeg)

She’s rude and cold to other women no matter how nice they are, but extremely sweet, giggly and flirty with men, her demeanor completely changes as soon as a man is around and it made her incredibly annoying to me. She also likes flirting with older married men because she’s a huge pickme. A random example of how she acts (which doesn’t involve me in any way) is at the Oppenheimer premiere the actors and actresses all agreed to wear black because of the subject matter, and they wanted to be respectful to the victims. Florence decided to show up in a bright orange dress instead and took center stage even though she had a side role. What makes it even worse is that the character she played either committed suicide or was murdered by the CIA, and yet her role in the film was just several voyeuristic sex scenes. The movie was disrespectful to the woman she portrayed and was already bad enough, and she made it worse because she’s insensitive and attention seeking. It’s just one example but personal examples would be identifying.

No. 1773943

thank you lovely anon. you're right. you're fabulous too and, i'm sure, so is your bush ♥

No. 1774020

File: 1700125847998.jpeg (102.5 KB, 536x680, fetchimage.jpeg)

Saged for (possible) necroposting. It's also because there is no such thing as "give her a chance" in mens' vocabulary and if a moid says that, his circles will call him retarded. Whereas with women, a moid can be the ugliest human being inside and out and if a woman dares to say she doesn't like him, everyone and their mother will pressure her to "give him a chance because he might be good in a way or another" imo.
Picrel perfectly describes such mental gymnastics.

No. 1774060

i relate so much to this post

No. 1774061

The more time passes, the more I realize internalizing the pressure from my mom to get a husband and have kids has been making me feel miserable
It's been making me feel like I have to get a boyfriend asap and drove me to deal with stuff I would've never dealt with if I didn't have that pressure
I need to work on myself to remove that pressure from me, I need to come to terms with myself and accept that no, I don't really want kids, nor do I really want a husband, and I'd be fine living my life alone
But a part of me tells me "you'll be so lonely if you don't get your own family!"
Maybe this part of me is right, but isn't being lonely better than being trapped with someone who humiliates you?

No. 1774063

Hope the nonna gets a healthy baby and healthy family and marriage, but i do agree its a bit insane to get babies in this economic climate. For god's sake my fellow zoomie nonnies spend the entire time complaining about how fucked up being a young person is nowadays, specially with AI fucking up most jobs. I hope she's rich and can afford a depressed 20yo son/daughter that feels like nothing matters anymore because that's the current state of zoomies.

No. 1774064

Are men as trash in real life as they are online?
I have had male friends and they don't seem as bad as the guys I edated, but if men aren't that bad then why is are the divorce rates so high?
Also, the guys I edate, they exist in real life so why would they be worse? I guess they're not a representative sample but whatever

No. 1774065

can you link mommy forums?

No. 1774066

I don't get shipping. Everyone acts like it matters so much to them and it seems like they have so much fun doing it but I just don't fucking get it at all.

No. 1774067

You people are making so many assumptions about that anon when all she said was that she's pregnant and wants to draw. Anons are so weird.

No. 1774073

i mean it's weird to bring a kid into this world when you use an extremely blackpilled ib like lolcow. People say the same when anons on 4chan reveal they are dads. It's just fucked up.

No. 1774075

This site is not extremely blackpilled, and it's not like using lolcow is going to affect how she parents or chooses to live her life. If you let lolcow dictate your life decisions then I'm not sure what to say.

No. 1774085

I disagree. Lolcow has limits on these types of things and I wouldn't call them black pilled. Moids on 4chan will rage for days about how some girls tits aren't bigger than her head, share nudes of exes and upskirt photos, post gore, give each other tips on how to abuse women and girls, and even admit to diddling kids on multiple occasions. 4chin is basically a live catalog of what I assume goes through a brain rotted, porn addicts head who eats nothing but take out pizzas and energy drinks. What's the most lolcow has ever done? Call anyone who isn't under 100 lbs fat? Give me a break

On this topic - imo it's weird that a lot of people think misogyny is one of the milder things compared to racism, homophobia, etc. At worst homephobes and racists simply won't associate with whatever group they don't like, or if assault does happen it's all over headlines and the person gets punished. Most misogynistic moids still engage in relationships with women or even have daughters they end up abusing or murdering

No. 1774091

Samefag but if you pay attention to the things anons post it just doesn't make sense to call lolcow blackpilled. Anons with blackpilled opinions who actually practice what they preach are a minority here. Most of us are just regular women with weeby/unconventional interests, or women who like to gossip, or women who have something "wrong" with them like a mental illness or general social reclusion. The opinions on here have always been a mixed bag.

No. 1774112

I laid down for a moment to give myself a break and ended up having sleep paralysis twice…WHILE AWAKE! Plus auditory and physical hallucinations

No. 1774133

>brain rotted, porn addicts head who eats nothing but take out pizzas and energy drinks
That's how all men are

No. 1774150

I should really go to the hospital but I’m avoiding it because I hate doctors and I’ve been mistreated in medical situations before, and honestly I also just don’t care anymore. I’m scared it’s just going to get worse though.

No. 1774183

I hate how many moids are in my hobby space. It's an online game, but you can immediately tell which "women" are actually men, and it's most of them. Most of the moids are disgusting degens with zero redeeming qualities, and the few remainders are still crappy moids, but at least they have a life outside of coom and almost qualify as human. Anyway I lost my shit this morning because a bunch of them shouted down some poor girl for the audacity of wanting consent in her nsfw games. Male labor camps are an actual societal necessity istg.

No. 1774184

>Most misogynistic moids still engage in relationships with women or even have daughters they end up abusing or murdering
It's tolerated because it's a necessary evil or at worst essentialized. Men need women to make them children so the system can be sustained.

No. 1774209

File: 1700138128663.jpg (34.9 KB, 680x382, EWLYkneXQAAeAm8.jpg)

I feel like CSA did more damage to lc than any other cow getting exposed. It's been a year or two, but I feel like we never fully recovered.

No. 1774210

It was extremely vile for a while, like every fucking day, absolutely heinous.

No. 1774216

Think my dad may kill himself next year.
He is in the very very beginning stages of dementia. Forced into retirement because in his line of work it put both him and those he worked with at risk. It has gotten worse in the past year, but very subtly. He is starting to organise his will, sorting out the legals of a property transfer of his house to my older sibling's young family. He's very rarely happy; he has always been dysthemic, but it's different now, even flatter somehow. He mentioned to me that he doesn't feel like himself anymore, feels like he's getting lost in time.
I'm about to move interstate for further study and will not see him as often. There are a lot of complicated reasons as to why this must be interstate and not near home. I'm terrified to watch his illness progress at a distance, in sudden snapshots without the comfort of gradual decline. I'm terrified that I won't be around if he suicides, to comfort my mother. I feel horribly guilty to leave my mother alone with this. My siblings will be around, but I am the closest to her personally. I feel so guilty to leave both of them. I love them both so much. I respect them both so much. They have done so much for me, given so much to me.
I don't know if I kind of hope that my dad does kill himself. Imagining a years long, aching neurological decline for him makes me feel so unbearably hopeless.
This is the first time I've ever expressed any of these thoughts. It's not something we really talk about as a family, despite being exceedingly open about everything else. I don't know how I can express how much I love my father, and how devastated I am, without just making things worse for him.

No. 1774250

that's so heart breaking. I am sorry you are dealing with this. Dementia is such a scary disease. I truly hope you can spend as much time as you can with your father.

No. 1774305

Men who stare at me are so fucking annoying, I will 100% stare back and give you the dirtest fucking look and ask what your fucking problem is. I hate men.

No. 1774354

Is there a way to go through euthanasia instead of a suicide? I'm very sorry for what's happening to your dad

No. 1774357

Take him to a mental health professional, theraphy can help. Depression is very common during dementia, especially when the patient loses a job, realizes they can't function as well as before etc. I wish for the best for all of you. Hope he feels better

No. 1774358

>i mean it's weird to bring a kid into this world when you use an extremely blackpilled ib like lolcow
Not all women who use this website are blackpilled

No. 1774364

File: 1700150033878.jpg (162.78 KB, 844x900, 1650724248149.jpg)

Was trying to watch an early 2000s thriller with a female lead. Not even 10 minutes in, a morbidly obese, bald, middle-aged ROACH of a man calls himself "god" before practically swallowing her face, and she's into it. It was so off-putting I turned away from the screen in revulsion. We truly can't have a thing in this world without gross men inserting their hideous agendas. The best part is that men will cry all day about "the feminists" making all the women in video games and movies fat, ugly and blue-haired. I love how they just ignore the fact that they've plagued media with their fetishistic delusions of beautiful young women getting with the ugliest pieces of shit on earth from the moment they were able. No amount of evopsych copes and nonsense will make it sensible for a healthy, non-traumatized woman in her prime to be with some old, ugly, unfit motherfucker with expired sperm floating in his wrinkly ballsack. Hatred.
Bonus: If there's ever an attractive male in something, he's either written as the villain, or male viewers start shrieking that he's "gay" and/or try to make him into a "trap" to neutralize their fear of bing cucked (and cope with their own homosexual proclivities).

No. 1774372

>Befriend someone as teenager
>Become codependant
>Make zero other friends
>Sick of her shit
>Unfriend her
>Stuck alone
I'm stupid as fuck for this but has anyone had the same thing happen? I don't blame her for me being a clingy tard but this is unbearable. I miss just hanging out and laughing but she became a shoplifting genderspecial munchie.

No. 1774373


No. 1774374

This!!! I've had to look at fat, ugly, disgusting men, usually paired with fair more attractive women who are way out of their league, in Hollywood and video games my entire life.

No. 1774380

Can "blackpillers" aka incels who attack every femanon who's happy go back to r9k? You guys say you aren't incels but then seethe hard asf when an anon has a bf/husband and says she's happy with him. If you really wanted women to be happy, you'd be glad anon is one of the few relationships that are healthy yet you act bitter

No. 1774381

Had a good friend in college but he's a retardedoid who couldn't graduate out of his own stupidity despite being so close to doing it, became dependent on weed, isolated himself, I can't give a shit about him anymore, but now my only friend is a cringe fat narc weaboo that cosplays as belle delphine for male attention. I don't like her either but she's so desperate that she stuck around and I am nice enough to listen to her moid date shit, but yeah, I need new friends

No. 1774382

KEK why was this the first thing that popped into my head as well, I was shocked when I watched the movie and they made that fat ugly scrote Halle Berry's husband I really couldn't believe it for a minute

No. 1774383

Nah, just send them to /2X/

No. 1774384

Are you ok anon?

No. 1774388

>calling women incels
go back

No. 1774393

File: 1700151194314.jpg (207.3 KB, 799x1120, dyke this place up.jpg)

silly vent but i want my androgyny back but i made the commitment to grow my hair as long as possible as a teenager and as much as i want to cut my hair so badly, it's not yet at an impressive length and i want to keep my promise. yes i know hair grows back but i doubt i'll ever have the patience for this again if i chop it off. i'm sick to death of being taken for a straight girl i honestly prefer my life when i was getting mistaken for being a faggot when my hair was cut all the way off kek even though it made me want to rope at the time… this is going to sound so autistic (because i am) but i also hate wearing pants because of the way they cling on me i actually haven't worn any in years, only shorts and skirts my fault. this whole thought is inspired by me getting extreme fomo. i live in a muslim so my chances are already slim and it's dangerous but i still want to signal anyway. aghhhh. i envy my highschool classmates who went abroad so much. i already don't shave and idk what to do other than piercings which i've always wanted but i don't even know where to begin

No. 1774402

Nobody cares about how you suck off your special godlike moid

No. 1774406

because we know statistically that's not realistic lol. These threads are filled with women coming to complain about their nigels being pieces of shit to the point ''dump him'' became meme enough to become banner worth it. If you want to post about your nigel and get ''yass queen slayy'' comments go post about in on facebook, dont come to lolcow.

No. 1774435

Hope you find someone who's actually fun to be with nonna

No. 1774451

They have multiple threads there yet refuse to use them for whatever reason

No. 1774454

>but personal examples would be identifying.
does this mean you met her irl?

No. 1774473

this recruiter is being very persistent and stressing me out, i was going to respond to him today but now i'm scared. wish i could tell him he'a scaring the (underqualified) hos.

No. 1774504

Tired of being bullied and excluded in college and at work. Every time I have a new class schedule I try so hard to be friendly and ask questions and talk to the people around me to make friends but it's like there's an invisible shield around me that makes people dislike me on principle. There's people in my classes who talk with me before and after class and give me their numbers, but when I ask if they want to hang out or study I just get fucking ghosted every time. Even when I socialize in a new group setting where no one knows each other I end up being excluded from whatever the group decides to do. I'm never added to any group chat, not even the one for work. So I have to get the schedule separately since there's a million excuses for why I cant be added. People constantly make plans in front of me while excluding me, there was even an incident where someone brought food to work but I wasn't allowed to have any. Someone pitied me and said I could have her half eaten leftovers in the fridge but I'm pretty sure she was just making fun of me. I took it home and threw it out. People treat me like trash in front of the manager and customers like insulting me or throwing things and nobody does anything or cares. I'm so sick of it. I wish I had a supportive family, a friend group, or even a close friend or something.

No. 1774507

I've always found it super funny when cow defender degenerates pull the "where's this energy with real pedos??!" card like you expecting us to do the FBI's work? you fucking retards KEK

No. 1774514

File: 1700156569564.jpg (85.82 KB, 640x607, tumblr_38be1c7be2b6178c0a0a76b…)

mental illnesses are such horseshit. like wooow my parents didn't hug me enough as a child so now i have to be retarded about everything for the rest of my life. fuck this

No. 1774523

Oh nona, that's a terrible situation and you have all the right to be upset. Are you working in company/office/job/field where people are upper class or just really snobbish for any particular reason? It looks like you're dealing with people that are too full of themselves and look down on actually nice people that go straight forward with things. It reminds me of when in school some girls would HATE that you'd be nice to them but the moment you stoped paying attention to them they'd be even meaner to you because they could never stop feeding onto other people's attention. They don't deserve you, anon.

No. 1774539

Thanks for the kind words. It's a cafe with moderately high turnover and mostly people my age or
younger than me so it makes me feel even more ridiculous kek. I tried so hard to be happy and normal and say nice things and at least people have said I'm funny but I guess I'm an easy target or something. I would quit but no other place would put up with my schedule.
Kek im sorry nona, at least if you get dogpiled on here we're all anonymous so you have a clean slate next time you post

No. 1774569

Can you get a female doctor?

Tbf unless you have a garbage Nigel you're probably not going to talk about him much. I used to constantly post about my abusive ex when I was dating him, mostly because he was gaslighting me into thinking I was crazy and online was the only place to get validated that I wasn't. My husband though I never post about cause there's just not much to say, I get along great with him and he's about as integral to my life as my left hand. Having a left hand is pretty great but you're not going to constantly gush about it, especially on here.

It's in my new house and I can't start living in it until after the birth because it's in another city, and you can't switch OBGYNs after about 25 weeks.

I'm lucky to be in a financially good spot.

Cope and seethe

Honestly all I draw are fujo comics It's not a great loss. It sucks but cest la vie.

Genuinely no. There's definitely a correlation between how much a guy spends in certain places and how crappy he is. I think discord guys are maybe the most disproportionately crappy

No. 1774588

When someone asks you a question about yourself, and them a question about themselves. Make the goal of the conversation to get to know them

No. 1774589

File: 1700160283694.jpg (11.34 KB, 275x271, 1693803628918.jpg)

I'm only a couple of weeks away from graduating college but I've started skipping my two in-person classes.

I think it should be fine because I have high enough grades in them to be okay. I calculated what I need for their final to pass and it was giving me numbers like 10% or -2%. lol

But on the other hand, senioritis has hit so hard I haven't paid attention to a single lecture in any of my classes for over a month now. At this point I am learning absolutely 0 of what is being taught. feelsbad.jpg but I am so done mentally.

No. 1774606

30 year old NEET brother that does nothing but sit in his room all day playing video games has the nerve to complain about chores around the house not being done despite him being the only one who has the time to do these things (i work and go to uni, my mom works, and so does my dad). when we suggest for him to help around the house he just simply says it's not his responsibility. i can't wait to move out i am so tired of his shit. and my mom always coddles him. also my parents expect me to take care of him when they die. tf. i hate my family.

No. 1774609

are you autistic?

No. 1774610

Is this romanianon?

No. 1774613

Tummy hurt

No. 1774619

fuck it, let them hate.

No. 1774633

File: 1700162908913.gif (3.63 MB, 448x342, self detonation time.gif)

I was typing this long ass note on my phone about my feelings, like a diary. I wasn't even going to post it here and annoy you all with my rambling and crying, but I accidentally lost it and now I am fuming. I can't even rant on my phone notes, what the fuck.

No. 1774639

you're annoying, hope this helps(bait)

No. 1774641

I was making a music video on old windows movie maker and it crashed twice jfc

No. 1774662

File: 1700164714980.png (799.87 KB, 732x1322, Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 14.55…)

What the fuck… I saw this exact witch at Walmart for like 20 dollars in October. I was hoping to scoop it up at a discount somewhere because Halloween is over and the underside of the figure is just a plastic cone like a christmas tree angel and I wanted to put it on a tree but I guess resellers have just scooped them up to flip at jacked up prices. fuck them. amazon "small business" – what a fucking joke.

No. 1774687

File: 1700166192183.jpg (21.94 KB, 198x328, saddness.jpg)

I'm selling and donating a lot of my old jfashion and anime merch. I just feel like I've reached an age and a point in my life where I don't need a lot of this stuff anymore. That I was just holding onto it and even bought new stuff because It's stuff my teen self liked and really wanted. But I'm realizing now that I'm closing in on 30 that I've spent all this time living in the past and lingering on the person I was and what she liked back when I was 16 that I haven't given enough space to discover who I am as an adult. My life has been stunted in a lot of ways, this just being one example. Yet, I still feel a pang of sadness as I pack up yet more items. It's not that I want to keep them, if anything I feel relieved getting rid of them and decluttering, yet I still feel a pang of sadness. Like I'm saying goodbye.

I think It's also because I feel somewhat empty without these things to define me, even though I think I outgrew them years ago and didn't want to face it. That I just needed something to fill the void. I think I didn't want to face that time wasn't going to stop for me, and that I had to take control of my life and personal growth and not hope for some miracle to occur and change things for me. It makes me sad to think of all the time I wasted staying the insecure scared little girl I was. Instead of letting myself evolve and grow into a grown woman I actually am and finally facing my fears and insecurities years ago.

No. 1774692

Man I can't stop peeing today what the hell is wrong with me. I swear every hour I've gotta go but I'm not drinking anymore than I normally do… maybe too much caffeine? Still annoying as hell though, hate being that coworker that's always in the bathroom kek

No. 1774704

just gave myself a massive anxiety attack when I remembered that I got rid of my old laptop but I don’t remember if I logged my apple ID out of the computer and now I’m scared that someone could’ve hacked it. I know that mac makes it incredibly hard to do that and that if someone finds a laptop usually the only option is to factory reset it but idk

No. 1774738

Nah you're good there are many roads to success. I have lots of friends from college who went the 4.0 route + no internships and are fine. The 4.0 will def help get your foot in the door too.

No. 1774748

surrenal deficiency

No. 1774767

No. 1774769

There's still hope anon. Please don't end it, I would hug you if I could

No. 1774774

i pee that much when i drink iced tea kek it literally flows right through me. maybe it is the caffeine in your case

No. 1774776

Oh my god, that has been pissing me off for years now. I think it goes back even further than just zoomers or tumblr. Now everyone does it, but I remember getting a bit mad every time a youtuber made a simple shitty sciene pun and someone commented like "As a nuclear physicist I find this hilarious!". It has to be americans in general who started this, no one else is this obsessed with themselves. When they aren't lecturing you it's to make sure you feel honored because an "authority" acknowledged you. Some artist drew a piece with paparazzi around a star and some idiot commented "Wow! As a photographer myself I love the detail you put into the cameras! You even included this [random piece of extra equipment]!". Like who gives a fuck about you or what you do

No. 1774823

get rid of that gay beaner already before i blow the fuse

No. 1774836

i really really wish i had someone to cuddle me, carress my hair and hold me close

No. 1774852

I knew this girl who had some tinfoils against me and she would drop hints about it in regular conversations and ask me questions that seemed normal but were just to try and confirm her suspicions. I didn’t realize it at the time, she really wasn’t that subtle but I wasn’t looking out for it because I didn’t even know her schemes. I feel retarded about it now kek, she probably thought I was purposely ignoring her weird cryptic hints but no girl I wasn’t looking out for your subliminal messaging on something I didn’t know you thought.

No. 1774853

I don’t wanna cuddle but I’ll brush your hair and braid it.

No. 1774855

oh my sounds awfully like someone i know too. must be something in the water

No. 1774859

I was so nice to him by letting it go. I really hope he appreciates it this time and remembers that I don't forget

No. 1774877

File: 1700175286212.jpg (105.14 KB, 847x1390, a-young-bald-man-wraps-his-han…)

God I'm getting more unhinged by the day. When will it end?

No. 1774889

I'll save you

No. 1774919

We will save you.

No. 1774949

>photographer here
That's got to be the most egregious example I've ever heard kek. What the actual fuck?

No. 1774970

ppl can sense your desperation to be loved/liked and it repulses them. learn to be passionate about things and confident being alone and ppl will like you

No. 1774977

Seriously, this. Males typically give things way less thought than women think. Dating, socializing, considering other people's emotions, and even when masturbating. Even their insults are very vague and almost unintelligible. In my life of meeting moids, and watching other women and past friends deal with moids with relationships and the breakups and all that, I can say one thing for certain: there is a good chance he's thinking way less about you than you are about him. I mean for fuck's sakes, wasn't it even revealed that men are less likely to donate a kidney for their wives than the other way around? Even when they were safely able to do so? It's not up for debate, there is objectively less humanity and intelligible complexity in the average moid. I don't even care if I sound pretentious when saying this, I'm saying it with my chest.

No. 1774983

File: 1700180456838.jpeg (96.36 KB, 1300x956, B16B60C3-1951-440E-939E-753669…)

me too nona…

No. 1774994

No. 1774998


No. 1775003

Its especially repelling because it's disingenuous. In your desperation to be liked you show that you're throwing bait to see who will take it. People don't want to be treated that way and don't want relationships under that pretense, and the kind of people who do are the kind you generally should avoid. It's just so fake and empty, people aren't that stupid. It doesn't matter if your over indulgent compliments are from a place you consider good, they're still forced and fake.

No. 1775009

I’m sorry. If I knew you in real life I would. What’s fucking you up right now, another person or yourself?

No. 1775022

Best to just silently observe - at a distance if need be - don’t try to change her mind or argue if she’s just living in a different reality.
I used to get upset and argumentative and then I felt really bad in my mid 30s when I started to understand why she was that way. Not saying that’s that case with you but that’s what happened with me.

No. 1775037

the absence of “liking” isn’t automatically dislike. they probably just don’t give a shit.

although, judging by your replies in this thread, ngl you seem to be kind of contrary/combative. and unaware that you are this way. hope that helps. if you poke fun/are self-aware about this quality irl it could make people stop disliking you.

No. 1775038

Sigh, you're right.

No. 1775046

I started a new medication because I was thinking of killing myself, and it's been a couple weeks now and I keep feeling intense bursts of an emotion I can't identify. It's like joy, sadness, and fear all at once. I'll be sitting at work and it will hit me and it's too much. It makes me restless and extremely uncomfortable. And because I don't know what emotion it is, I don't know the solution to make it calm down. What emotion could it be? It feels like if you started seeing a new color so there's no way to describe it. But I don't like it.

No. 1775057

You ever think about doing something crazy like flying to another country and just walking around? I’d fly to your country and drive you somewhere but I don’t know where you live lol

No. 1775062

I think it might be the sensation of the medication numbing your intense emotions, assuming you’re on an SSRI or a mood stabilizer. Anxiety/restlessness can be a side effect of a lot of medications and you’re not used to experiencing just the physical effects of anxiety without the bad thoughts. The feeling can be… disorienting.
Glad you didn’t kill yourself, nona. SSRIs can be awful, but it beats not being alive.

No. 1775063

Are you taking an NDRI? It causes like anxiety or restlessness energy sometimes, it’s why some people don’t like them. I like them but at a very very low dose, higher than that and I go loco.

No. 1775066

File: 1700185969816.jpeg (2.76 MB, 2990x1952, 07606395-1D40-44EE-B954-F2108A…)

Have you considered getting a pet? Caring for something else can give you a sense of purpose and animals offer unconditional love.

No. 1775067

I’m trying to be a kinder person but goddamn my supervisor is slow…what I get for settling for an entry level office job I guess.

No. 1775074

It's crazy how I can spot these men behaving strange and feel uncomfortable near them only to find out with lovely public records that they're wife beaters and sometimes a history of violent threats toward women in their life. Why do the retarded HR women keep hiring men who commit violence multiple times against women and expect them to work with me, a young woman. I am trying very hard to keep working until the holidays are over. I cannot stand these fucked up men they force me to work in close proximity with. They refuse to transfer me to ANY position I ask for, fully willing to learn anything and everything to get out of my current position. I hate that place. It gives me unreal anxiety and stress, even on my days off. They don't take me seriously at all. Hell today I found out that starting wages are getting a $2 increase while my wage will stay the same, only a $3 difference between me and any person they hire for any position. Fuck me for staying there so long.

No. 1775075

File: 1700186388058.png (708.3 KB, 1440x1400, 1000005852.png)

Move this shit thread to /ot/ with all the other shit threads

No. 1775079

File: 1700186448114.png (68.79 KB, 243x275, 1686421807670.png)

No. 1775084

sounds like they're pressured to find new hires quickly, and women hate other women. if they don't have to deal with violent scrotes themselves, they can have no problem throwing other women to the wolves or sympathize more with them. people don't talk about how older women can hate younger women. the men might have turned on the charm with HR during interviews like abusers often do, sucking up to those with authority or when it helps them, then lashing out at those they can get away with doing so.

No. 1775098

I was thinking back to when I visited a cafe that sold taiyaki. A bunch of teenage girls arrived after me, and all you could hear was a cacophony of voices talking over each other. I felt detached from the setting as an adult, but I started to reminisce about my younger years. I overhead some mention of kpop, which made me think back to how I listened to some artists over a decade ago. I decided to play a song from one group I liked, and I started to tear up. Despite my health issues, life really was much more carefree and easier then. Going to the mall with my friends, playing games, drawing on my tablet… It was all easy-going. Simple. My life hasn't been the best this year, but I'm trying. I can't help but think back to the good times of the past during these difficult moments of mine. Even if I'm hurting, I can always see the good in the past and the hope in my future. That's all.

No. 1775110

i can't help but laugh every time i see this image

No. 1775111

Fuck off were full.