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No. 1752250

>adhere to site and board rules
>do NOT respond to bait
>report and ignore trolls or obvious maleposters instead of replying like an idiot

previous thread: >>>/ot/1745700

No. 1752251

nta but people thought that movie was cool lol

No. 1752252

This is literally just what you guys get. Britain deserves it.

No. 1752254

In honor of the hundredth thread we’re breaking the streak of writing unpopular opinions on the photos and going back to just using a random picture

No. 1752261

my grandparents houses were bombed in the London blitz when they were 7 and 9 years old. yes, that is my fucking country. I don't need to be raised in London.
This is the cringe white self hate that is becoming extremely outdated. Our empire gave those countries western style education (literacy), indoor plumbing, agriculture, medicine, food, billions in foreign aid, internet and on and on. Then we ENDED colonisation when we realised these people don't want us around anymore. We up and left. We ended the Atlantic slave trade when no one cared. And we continue to apologise and apologise and apologise for building these countries.

British people are the most curious, ambitious, empathetic, VIRTUOUS and OPEN to experience and TOLERANT to other cultures in history. We conquered the world because simply no other country was curious about other people. For example, China never did shit. For them it was the opposite, no one gave a fuck about who was over the next village let alone the world.

Who would you rather live under? China, Russia India or any of the various Arab hellholes? oh yeah. you're going to chose Britain every time because we ARE GOOD.

You're revenge fantasy is fake and gay. Never has there been a place like Britain that has made the whole world seethe with such jealously, hatred and anger. Kek. The losers of history will never succeed because you're victims who never did anything. Losers are losers and I love how this is what it all boils down to. getting back at whitey.

No. 1752262

‘The Boys’ is really bad and anything interesting it has to say was done a million times better in Watchmen.

No. 1752263

Go back to /pol/, moid.

No. 1752266

this is such shitty bait lmao

No. 1752267

I don’t understand how anyone can get into superhero media. Obviously it’s fun for little kids but adult shows like The Boys feel like too much

No. 1752269

agreed. bad show for edgelords.

No. 1752270

>fake and gay
stooopppp kek

No. 1752274

No. 1752276

Britain is shite and no it’s because of those blardy immigrants. Our wages are embarrassingly low, far lower than the US and also most of Western Europe. We’re the poorfags of Europe. Zero culture except takeaways, getting pissed, and X factor. Ridiculous, disgusting class divides, voting for psychopathic nepo baby rich arseholes who treat our general populace like utter shit. A government that would rather see old and disabled people freeze to death than cut their own million pound bonuses by 1%. Britain is shit and has always been shit. If you think it’s good you’re probably some rich arsehole who lives in Hampstead Heath.

No. 1752277

I'm a 25 year old woman but ok. I guess moids can only be proud of their country
facts are triggering, aren't they? you going to deny anything I said? Britain didn't give those countries all those nice things?>>1752269
wow. has lolcow been colonised by a bunch of twittertards?
move there. I dare you.

No. 1752283

Pay for my flight

No. 1752285

File: 1699133259925.jpg (49.96 KB, 602x452, main-qimg-45ffec4879bc313eb922…)

post teeth right now

No. 1752289

Nationalism is retarded no matter your gender kek

No. 1752290

This, Britain is so embarrassing. 1 in 10 Americans are millionaires, it’s 1 in 20 in the UK. We’ve got to admit that Yanks mog us.

No. 1752292

>If you think it’s good you’re probably some rich arsehole who lives in Hampstead Heath.
My grandparents were dirt poor 3rd class citizens and Ironically its the working class who care most about their country and immigration because they are going to bare the brunt of the consequences. All the woke middle class couldn't care less. They aren't going to have to deal with any of the issues caused by mass migration.
LMAO. The losers of history seethe. You never did anything. You're seething only validates my superiority. I love how no one can refute anything of what I said.

No. 1752295

Oh, this is probably that anon from the confessions thread who said the British are the most intelligent and successful and everyone else are losers cause they didn't "achieve anything" (aka colonizing a quarter of the world). If you have to do this much posturing about how superior you think your country is, you do not think it is actually all that great.

No. 1752297

that person is an unironic fan of the boys and thinks you have to be a twitterfag to dislike it. they are beyond help, and likely a scrote.

No. 1752298

Only worth it for the hot men. Starlight’s actress was so cute before she got plastic surgery, but I feel bad the moid fans chimped out about it as if their opinions on womens looks matter.

No. 1752299

>calls other people losers of history
>admits their country is dying and is by definition, destined to become a loser of history too
And you wonder why literally everyone hates Brits, even other white people, kek.

No. 1752300

Blame your government.

No. 1752301

I don’t see how using guns to threaten and murder a bunch of 40 IQ people who were just minding their own business on their own little piece of land is admirable or heroic in any way.

No. 1752305

"she" keeps mixing up "your" and "you're". "she" can't even be bothered to learn "her" own language. it's a low IQ, inbred moid or pickme. nonnas were shitting on ireland last thread, but i've met so many intolerable britbongs, while the irish people i've met all ranged from "okay" to cool. weird how that works.

No. 1752306

British people are servile pussies who never stand up to their government. They’ll continue voting in rich nepo baby neocons who fuck them over and grind them into the dirt and charge them £1000 for a lot of bread, and they’ll still never protest over it or do shit about it, they’ll just bitch in the dailymail comments section a bit and then go right back to voting in more Tory arseholes who want them dead, kek.

No. 1752308

No. 1752310

Celtic people are generally much better than Angloids.

No. 1752312

none of you can refute what I said, only reply with retarded seething and insults. this is my last reply to say that I have no idea what "the boys" is beside a retarded clip I saw of it that was so pornbrained and stupid that I vowed to never give a cent more to these faggot moids in Hollywood.

No. 1752314

>can’t refute what I said
Nobody has to refute retardation. You can smear your shit on the wall and taunt me for not being able to ‘refute it’ too. But the truth is nobody cares and just thinks you’re an idiot.

No. 1752316

Brits are cucked because they don’t have guns. Therefore their government can treat them however it wants.

The only thing Brits are good at is banning things. Completely ineffectual in every other way though.

No. 1752320

kek because having guns would solve everything

No. 1752321

right? the whole
>debate me! DEBATE ME!
shit is so onision, kek. no one's going to waste time "debating" with someone who chose to be retarded.

No. 1752324

The first thing tyrants and despots do when they want to implement a fascist government is take everyone’s guns away from them so that they’re cucked pussies who pose no threat. Guns are the best self defense weapon any woman can own. Kurdish girls were only able to fend off Turkish and ISIS rapists because they had guns. The irony is Britain is full of guns but only the bad guys and police have them. There’s been multiple cases of terrorists and criminals with 3D printed guns found in Britain, but the rest of Brits are unarmed, vulnerable little sheep going to the slaughter.

No. 1752325

> Brits are cucked because they don’t have guns.
A burger wrote this.

No. 1752326

Talking about “gender” is retarded in many ways, just don’t refer to sex as that, it’s not gender, it’s sex, gender is the word that was made to censor sex because the act of sex exists.
Also, by using “gender” you’re basically enforcing the retarded way in which trannies try to make people believe that there’s more than one biological sex that can be changed with sheer willpower and delusions.
I also think that using “they” as in talking about a singular person who’s sex you don’t know of is retarded, just refer to that person as “she/he” until you know that person’s sex, it won’t take more than 0.3 milliseconds to write that in a text message, and it won’t take you more than 0.4 milliseconds to say “he or she lol”.
Using “they” is dumb, if you really want a grammatically neutral pronoun, just create it, why can’t that be done? Why is it so complicated to everyone? to the point that considering the use of “they” is totally definitely not confusing at all?
It’s just so unnecessarily complicated, you’re making people reread texts because most people will assume that a group of people did an action and not a single individual, it’s obnoxious, specially if you’re reading the news and the retard who committed a crime is some sort of mentally ill freak into being “neutral”.

No. 1752327

I'm a bong and I love my bong family. Let's not fight nonnies.

No. 1752328

Hitler, Stalin and Mao all disarmed their populations and took their gun rights away from them so they couldn’t fight back when they were coming to arrest their family members and send them to prisons and camps.

No. 1752330

I used to be really anti-gun but I agree. The gun is the only weapon that puts women on a level playing field with men. All women should carry

No. 1752333

immigrants are the bane of the uk and other euro countries. moids forever coming in boats are bounced back and forth between the uk and France like a hot potato

No. 1752337

Maybe tell the CIA, Israel lobby, US and UK to stop destabilizing the Middle East and causing refugee crisis with their retarded coups wars and other ploys to get US puppets installed in every Arab country.

No. 1752338

> colonizing
Kek this has to always be bought up when bashing brits. Is this twitter? The French and Spain also colonized

No. 1752340

It is barely ever women or children refugees though, it is just moids

No. 1752341

Yes and France and Spain were actually more brutal and murderous than Brits.

No. 1752344

people who post things like that are bootlickers who'd never call out their government's international activities for what they are. they skip cause/effect and whine like babies.

No. 1752347

I'm not versed in politics so I don't know the nuances of the gun vs no gun debate but this is a point that's always stuck out to me. The way I saw it framed was
>for a smaller woman vs a large male aggressor, the woman is basically guaranteed to lose
>if she has a gun, she has a chance to win, even if he has one too
kek I just thought of this but if we want to sidestep the "what about mass shootings and terrorism" argument we could have guns only for women and not men

No. 1752361

I'm the vandalized art anon, and the problem isn't just the fan art making the character look different, it's also the reason behind why they decide to do that. 90% of the time it's either weird fetish reasons or performative activism reasons. I also saw people redesigning characters they hate by giving them ugly features and making them fat and darker, but never lighter, I wonder why? If someone took a dark skinned character and lightened them in a fan art people would cry "whitewashing and racism/colorism" but somehow the opposite isn't true?

No. 1752362

kek, ayrt (i'm >>1752217), i only asked because i was born and raised in london (my parents and grandparents, too); when you are personally raised here you actually grow up alongside the "colonisers" you are whinging about. they are part of my community. there are so many structural problems in our society such as the decline of local community causing degeneracy, fear, isolation and crime, but immigrants are often used as a scapegoat since they represent the general "other". you're just lashing out because you don't like being made to feel guilty about being white

No. 1752367

I don't know anon, maybe because British development was only possible because of colonization? And people shit on France and Spain for colonialism too, they aren't just being randomly brought up when talking about the brits cause they aren't the subject matter.

No. 1752370

Not sure which post to reply to but I come from a massive community of Brit lovers in Northern Ireland. We love ya baby

No. 1752373

I thought you all hated us. Love you nona

No. 1752379

Ones that prefer a more primitive existence do.

No. 1752380

One thing I want to add to this dumb UK debate is that British people are so ugly, both men and women (but men even more ofc).

No. 1752383

can confirm, i'm clapped as fuck

No. 1752385

File: 1699136557988.jpg (18 KB, 300x300, e8d1c62e0054e20c808fe0c5353b9d…)

we love you too nonnie-pie

No. 1752387

Yes lmao. They look so retarded. I remember googling up some actor or singer or something's name and from his photos alone I could tell he was British/English, then read the overview and it had "English" in it. They have extremely small squiny eyes that are so disturbing to me. They all have a phenotype it seems.

No. 1752388

as a brit i get it but i think french people are uglier lol. im tired of the slander we get

No. 1752390

>90% of the time it's either weird fetish reasons or performative activism reasons.
i mean, do they say that? sometimes it's as simple as "i just thought this would look interesting/cute and be fun" or something equally innocuous.
>If someone took a dark skinned character and lightened them in a fan art people would cry "whitewashing and racism/colorism" but somehow the opposite isn't true?
the people who complain about that are wrong too from my POV. any fan is free to interpret and draw a character as they like. as long as it's not done to be bigoted or whatever, it's all fine.

No. 1752396

that's true. french people have this really distinctive long-potato issue in the face

No. 1752399

imagine generalising a whole country like that kek

No. 1752403

According to an article Irish men and German women are the ugliest in the world. And another article Polish people are the ugliest kek

No. 1752405

Wow, I guess being ugly is the only thing the Irish beat the Brits at

No. 1752407

Come on, don't make me defend the british while we have the retarded nationalist bong around.

No. 1752409

You are so cute anon

No. 1752412

Nope, Irish men tend to be very good looking. They look like elves. Anglo men look like orcs. And I say this as an Anglo woman.

No. 1752413

England colonized everyone to steal and get rich, not because they were curious and cared about others kek. England has always been ghetto anyway, Victorian children were cocaine addicts who robbed, killed and ate people, there’s always been a lot of gang activity like razor gangs and now there’s frequent acid attacks and more crime than the US

No. 1752416

Literally why? Because you’re a loyalist? Imagine bootlicking a bunch of German inbreds who don’t give a fuck about you.

No. 1752419

> Irish Men
> They look like elves
KEK show me one example of this. Do you mean the one who was the thread pic of the last celebricow thread?

No. 1752420

Pedophilia and child prostitution was absolutely rife in Victorian England. A lot of literature from that era had pedo themes too. The pedo problem was so bad it’s actually what led to the age of consent being raised because there were so many girls and boys from barely 5 to 13 being made to work in brothels and get raped by gross Anglo moids. America wasn’t much better, the age of consent in most states was 10-12 years old and in Delaware it was 7.

No. 1752421

Oh fiesty, I've got a German surname and a German gcse guess I fucking love it!

No. 1752422

she said brits not the windsors kek. and i feel like most brits absolutely love the irish and wish they were irish themselves

No. 1752423

If the royal family are actually German, why are they even the "royals" of Britain anyway? That is big cucky behavior.

No. 1752425

Kek why are you so upset? Because someone itt isn't on the brit hating bandwagon

No. 1752426

i reckon she's just assuming irish men look like celtic caricatures from high fantasy tropes

No. 1752429

I believe it but Cillian Murphy isn’t part of that statistic

No. 1752430

this thread is as ugly as a German woman(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1752432


No. 1752434

It was beautiful before the Brits attacked and colonized the thread.

No. 1752436

File: 1699137530219.jpeg (139.75 KB, 800x800, 6BE21FD5-7033-4D95-A581-3B3049…)

>not wanting a qt Irish elf husbando

No. 1752437

not a generalization if it's true tbh. all countries get generalized anyway.

No. 1752438

kek anon, I'm a bong and that made me chuckle

No. 1752440

Kek. wasn’t Marilyn Monroe German

No. 1752441

Too bad white men get eviscerated by the wall

No. 1752442

Irish people often have really beautiful vivid eye colors I’ve noticed. I’m half Irish half anglo. All my Anglo relatives have beady little brown or dull fish eye grey/blue eyes. All my Irish relatives have gorgeous bright Green and ocean blue eyes with flecks of gold in them. Irish people win for having prettiest eyes for sure.

No. 1752443

She was a burger

No. 1752444

Didn’t Mao say ‘Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun’?

No. 1752445

Like all burgers are fat

No. 1752447

British people are just seethingly jealous of Americans because they aren’t the powerful empire anymore. All of the dumb American jokes are projection because they’re dumb and ugly inbred tards now.

No. 1752448

Pretty sure Tolkien based his elves on Celtic people.

No. 1752449

True, but Americas days are numbered too.

No. 1752450

I know but her father was German I’m pretty sure

No. 1752451

No. 1752453

KEK nobody is jealous of burgers anon

No. 1752455

Pakichan might be.

No. 1752457

>The French and Spain also colonized
But they have better food and are less ugly

No. 1752458

No. 1752459

Scotland humans, Ireland hobbits, Wales dwarves and England elves

Tolkien was best mates with Cs Lewis from Belfast though. Lewis was a prod and Tolkien a Catholic and they met at Cambridge and Oxford and respected each other so much and even would read each others stories and give input.

No. 1752460

America is very much declining and will fall in our lifetime anon

No. 1752461

no it's because we get force fed your retarded politics and culture 24/7

No. 1752462

America isn’t even on the list of fattest countries anymore. And Western European countries are about tied with Americans with obesity rates now. You’re all equally ugly.

No. 1752466

French men are really ugly. I went to France and didn’t see one hot young guy the whole time. Everyone seemed to be grey haired and 50+ with a huge knobbly nose and skinny old man legs.

No. 1752469

I haven't watched Lord of The Rings in years, but this immediately makes sense to me.

No. 1752470

English don’t look remotely like elves tho

No. 1752471

tolkien basing stuff on celtic folklore doesn't translate to him basing elves off actual celtic people…

sorry but that anon calling irish people elf-like is genuinely one of the cringiest things ive ever seen on LC

No. 1752472

Idk why so many Americans love to bootlick Ireland, because the Irish hate Americans

No. 1752473

A lot of the American states were settled by Ulsterman (Ulster is in Ireland, well 6 of its counties are what makes up Northern Ireland and the rest the Republic) I dated the descendant of Robert Rogers for a few years there's a movie about him. The Northwest Passage. UK government fucked him over in the end

No. 1752474

He based them off of Nordic mythology about elves because that’s where elves originate from. Their appearances were based on how Nordic people imagined them

No. 1752475

You managed to find two passably decent looking British twinks and they’re barely 7s. Nice work nona.

No. 1752476

Hot. Someone write Tolkein/C.S. Lewis fanfiction

No. 1752477

Everyone is because we’re less inbred and more attractive and healthy than a lot of other groups.

No. 1752479

Tolkien's Elves are rooted as firmly as possible in Anglo-Saxon, Middle English, and Norse tradition

No. 1752483

File: 1699138121912.jpg (68 KB, 577x800, 5c7ae981a51b5a7e784474f682a03f…)

I like 70's and 80's brit music twinks, so I'll disagree on them being ugly
Sowwy I had to delete cause I am retarded and put something in the name field

No. 1752485

sweet home Alabama

No. 1752486

Arent elves an ancient Irish myth though? I’m Irish and elves and fairies have always been common themes in folklore. We just have different names for them.

No. 1752487

Because you’re obsessed and jealous

No. 1752488

Jansen x Sylvian wincest fanfiction

No. 1752489

I thought German women were seen as pretty because they’re blonde, didn’t know that them being ugly was a stereotype. Also, is it true that Swedish men are feminine, don’t get gifts for their girlfriends and ask to split the bill (pukes)?

No. 1752490

That’s stupid, Anglos should be coded as orcs because they look like them

No. 1752493

No. 1752494

maybe because there's a large diaspora of irish americans

No. 1752495

I only know that Sweden is one of the most autistic places on Earth. Basically the Japan of Europe.

No. 1752497

yeah but she wasn't considered beautiful until she got a bunch of surgery, dyed hair and changed her german features entirely

No. 1752499

German woman are beautiful in a masculine way. They have large jaws. Blocky heads. Catlike eyes. And good teeth. They have big hips and bums. They are meaty and strong and smart. Very eugenic looking. Moids recoil at any woman who doesn’t look like an anorexic 4ft child, so it makes sense they slander German women as ugly, despite German women being fine genetic stock and producing Chad sons.

No. 1752501

cry harder because Irish men aren't fairy like elves like you imagine

No. 1752502

Well that’s just one retarded place. And the incest jokes stem from the massive amount of pedophilic/incestuous relationships that happened there, they weren’t consensual. I’ve heard were billboards saying “she’s your daughter, it doesn’t matter how drunk you are” decades ago because pedophilic was so rampant

No. 1752503

Yes. Nordic men are egalitarian in the worst way. In other words, they won’t hold doors for you, help you with your shopping bags, or pay for meals. Nordic countries are hell on earth for dating moids

No. 1752504

I'm sorry but blocky heads and large jaws don't scream beauty to me anon kek

No. 1752505

I heard swedish people don't even give their guests food. It's probably an exaggerated myth but I still think it's funny kek

No. 1752506

They are, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. English men are the ugliest in the world with the worst bodies and builds

No. 1752507

No, they originate from Norse paganism. They were probably incorporated into Celtic mythology at some point as pagan beliefs and mythology were all shared amongst the various groups to some extent

No. 1752508

File: 1699138483837.jpg (Spoiler Image, 496.35 KB, 2000x1106, NYPICHPDPICT000009169068.jpg)

> Well that’s just one retarded place
You can say that again anon.

No. 1752509

If you’re a warrior it’s a big advantage. German women were known for being warriors and would fight invading armies to the death rather than submit and being raped.

No. 1752510

Ofc the hottest men are the ones who have no sense of romance, I hate this world

No. 1752512

No need to bully disabled people who were products of inbreeding you mean cunt

No. 1752514

anon lmao

No. 1752515

Nordic men are not hot kek that’s a myth spread by third worlders. Most of them are balding by 21 and have funny looking concave faces. They’re all horribly autistic too.

No. 1752516

File: 1699138583591.jpeg (193.86 KB, 1119x1119, IMG_0520.jpeg)

Agree to disagree

No. 1752517

I've seen one british man in person before, and he was freakishly tall with a big unibrow and even had the crooked teeth. I've only seen the diss of American getting braces to "make their teeth stupidly straight" coming from British people. British people seem to be big fans of just "letting themselves happen" if you understand what I mean.

No. 1752519

Most Germans I’ve met were really down to earth and easy to talk to.

No. 1752520

She doesn’t look German at all tbh. Looks very Irish mixed with a bit of Mediterranean.

No. 1752521

> They’re all horribly autistic too.
But I love bill Skarsgard

No. 1752522

I can't fucking stand Germans. They're like the Indians of Europe. They genuinely believe they're the best, when they're actually the fucking worst. Their "humor" is trash, they fail at understanding human empathy or emotions. Their most famous export besides genocide and bad music is Sigmund Freud, a weird incest fetish pedophile who claimed to be a psychologist but completely failed at understanding the human psyche, as all Germans do. They are all congenitally autistic. If we killed all Germans 100 years ago (as we should've), autism would no longer exist in the European population. Apart from the Chinese (bugmen), Germans are responsible for the vast majority of wars in the history of the world, especially the bloodiest ones. Everything bad that happened in Europe 1200-2023 can be pinned on Germans. They're a race of unfeeling, autistic cockroaches worse than Turks.
German "engineering" has never existed, by the way. All of their creations are faulty, overengineered but still unreliable. Everything that Germans claim to be, the Swedes were.
>hyper competent military
>excellent engineering
>so on and so forth
Their entire national identity is determined by retarded Prussians, who were considered by the saner (yet still defective) forms of Germans (the Saxons, Westphalians, and Bavarians), as subhuman, barbaric mongoloids.

No. 1752524

Which country/region has the hottest men then?

No. 1752525

Sorry we don’t put fluoride neurotoxins in our water supply and file our teeth down to stumps to encase them with ceramic to the point we can barely talk properly like Americans do. In fact only the lowest classes do that here.

No. 1752527

In Europe, I've seen lots of people say Italy…but they seem to have a balding problem.

No. 1752529

I googled and one article said Turkish scrotes.. ewwwww

No. 1752530

I’ve heard some creepy rumors about him and his family, they seem like Armie Hammer tier weirdos

No. 1752531

Those are the retards I was talking about. However they’re the product of incestuous rape and then generations of it being normalized and hidden, like a cult dynamic almost

No. 1752532

>barely talk properly
A lot of people say that about brits, nona.

No. 1752533

None of them, 99% of men are ugly no matter where you go

No. 1752534

i think she looks fine, but by hollywood standards they wouldn't have cared. my point was more that the typical german woman didn't look like her by the time she became iconic and known as a sex symbol, german women don't have her signature look

No. 1752535

Italian men always seem so slimy to me. I picture them tanned, slicked back greasy hair and a rose in their mouth all slimy

No. 1752536

>file our teeth down to stumps to encase them with ceramic to the point we can barely talk
The fuck are you even talking about

No. 1752537

I saw some anon say that the other day!! ugh!!

No. 1752538

She thinks normal people get veneers.

No. 1752539

I really enjoy their gothic architecture regardless

No. 1752544

Turkish TV propaganda. In my country many women developed a liking to turkish scrotes after watching their soap operas.

No. 1752545

On topic with bongs and teeth, did u know the Japanese like weird teeth and it even has a name for it. For like crooked and gross teeth. And some girls even get their teeth purposely crooked

No. 1752546

Apparently one of the Skarsgard brothers (Alexander?) has an operating theatre in his house. He says it’s just for show but apparently someone escaped from his house and went to the police saying he tried to kill them and wanted to dissect them. His ex girlfriends have also said he’s a total weirdo and they actually feared for their lives while dating him because he’s so psychotic in private and also a weird sexual sadist.

No. 1752547

Italians are the rapiest Europeans though. I think Spaniards are the most attractive.

No. 1752550

>that’s a myth spread by third worlders
third worlders of german origin*
But I find all you euros to be equally ugly, or equally good looking, whatever. Attractive moids being the small small miniority, like they seem to be everywhere anyway. The one group of people that to me seem to have a greater ratio of beautiful people are the arabs (in regards to moids it doesn't really matter cause they'll either have gross beards or have gross beards and dress like sleazy scammers)

No. 1752551

Could that be a factor in why the japananon obsessed over the British male?

No. 1752552

He has the hairline he deserves

No. 1752553

Mixed-race people are very attractive to me personally

No. 1752554

Omg that's so scary.. I would let bill Skarsgard dissect me though

No. 1752555

why do we keep getting terrible ass threadpics? this one is horrid to look at

No. 1752556

File: 1699139109884.png (785.01 KB, 800x801, cu52pxnamlu91.png)

some of you nonas might find this interesting

No. 1752557

>Italians are rapey
I heard that so many times by Europeans and I haven't even been to Italy myself…

No. 1752558

European men are not attractive kek it’s so funny when American or ESL women say this to me, a European woman who lives in Europe.

If anything America has more handsome men because they were forged in harsher conditions and also most handsome European moids got killed off in warfare.

No. 1752559

Could be nonnington

No. 1752560

Eastern Europe, East Africa and Central Asia

No. 1752562

Anon, she isn't japanese, it would have been less sad if she were and didn't travel all the way to japan for her white moid

No. 1752563

The sexual tension between sweden and italy…

No. 1752565

File: 1699139223017.png (206.44 KB, 600x750, IMG_6941.png)

Wasn’t Hedy Lamarr German and Austrian? I think she was beautiful

No. 1752566

she said the hottest not ugliest. do you like slav men?

No. 1752567

are we thinking about the same japanon? She was a bong who was obsessed with the most average looking burger man ever

No. 1752568

File: 1699139263102.jpg (24.44 KB, 480x720, download (13).jpg)

What the fuck? Not my Eric! He really seemed so sweet irl. Never trust actors that play bad characters a little too well, anons.

No. 1752569

yeah sorry

No. 1752570

God I hate when they send handsome men to war. War should be left to the uggos while beautiful men are kept on display and have their seed harvested to pass on superior genes

No. 1752572

Most men are ugly no matter where you go. However I’d say the top 3 most attractive men I ever saw were from Greece, Hungary and weirdly, Israel. My type is slightly tanned young men with prettyboy faces striking blue or Green eyes, and all 3 of the most gorgeous men I saw looked like that. I’ve heard Corsican and northern Spanish men are pretty because they have black hair and green or blue eyes too; but I’m not sure.

No. 1752573

>Portugal: Brazil
>Spain: Argentina
We aren't accepting you back, colonizers, don't even try

No. 1752574

My ex was Russian, god damn he was pretty.

No. 1752576

I’m wary of moids who play edgelord characters

No. 1752579

Hm, Russians seem to be a hit or miss because when I first met a Russian moid in person, he looked like thr virgin in those Virgin vs. Chad memes, but with balding and hair growth problems.

No. 1752581

jeez anon i thought you said that was your ex, i was about to tell you to get better standards

No. 1752584

File: 1699139672360.jpeg (72.34 KB, 720x960, A5AC7941-39C3-4948-B239-23B02C…)

Samefag here, so the Greek Israeli and Hungarian moids I met basically looked like this moid but a bit younger and with very bright turquoise eyes. This guy is Corsican and close to how I imagine corsicans and northern Spanish guys look. Basically spicy white boys with dark hair. My type.

No. 1752585

this site is full of tradtards, polfags and assorted rightwing mongs now. sad

No. 1752589

Russian men are terrible people, there’s a reason all Russian women want to leave Russia and marry Asian or western men, trust me nona

No. 1752590

Also I just realized this pic makes him look like he had both arms amputated kek

No. 1752591

I noticed this as well. I used to think the "stop the boats" rhetoric was a specifically out of touch right wing political scapegoat in the UK but I've seen people on here posting the exact same shit

No. 1752592

Do Russian men always speak in this "matter of fact, I'm 100% right" kind of pompous way? Because the Russian moid was pretty obnoxious.

No. 1752593

I want the boats stopped too but only because so many people are drowning while crossing to Europe and it’s fucking sad

No. 1752596

Yeah, they think it’s manly to be a pompous self righteous asshole, even if they’re twinky dumb teenagers they talk like they’re wise old patriarchs; it’s really annoying

No. 1752597

I grew up with Russians and the scrotes were not very handsome. The most good looking scrotes were Baltic.

No. 1752599

yet barely any woman or child are ever on those boats

No. 1752600

Only the Scottish and Irish get a pass because I like their colorful hair and eyes. But the british British/english are ugly. Sorry, I don't make the rules. Give me the name of 1 attractive British celebrity, I will wait.

No. 1752601

when I was into playing FPS games on mic it was always Russian male teenagers who would spout the most misogynistic abuse at me

No. 1752602

I like Russian moids and think they’re cute. I like their chubby squareish faces and their slanty Asian looking/foxlike eyes lel. They’re either super nice sweethearts or obnoxious sociopaths tho.

No. 1752603

File: 1699139990957.jpeg (111.78 KB, 620x951, IMG_2347.jpeg)

they are quite cute

No. 1752605

Yes there is, and either way it’s still sad. People traffickers are making millions from these people.

No. 1752606

File: 1699140044189.jpeg (57.13 KB, 360x360, IMG_1407.jpeg)

corsican you say

No. 1752607

The average moid does not look anything like that kek. They look more like Sminem or Vitalik Buterin.

No. 1752608

I know two russian guys online and one of them is exactly like that and the other one can communicate like a real person.

No. 1752609

This discussion has taught me that I should just stick to 2D men

No. 1752610

I remember talking to this super autistic Russian boy who loved world of tanks. I was trying so hard to make him my bf: his head was a perfect square and he looked like a piece of break kek.

No. 1752611

I was talking about Baltic moids, the man is Estonian

No. 1752612

nta but the ones I've seen never looked like this. they also love buzzing all their hair off for some reason, what's with that? i can't stand the buzzcuts

No. 1752614

samefag meant about russian men, didn't see the post above

No. 1752616

Balts look more ‘normal’ because they’re mostly Scandinavian and not gumball faced Russians

No. 1752618

To look hard/skinheadish. But also because shaving your head is a long tradition that Slavic and central Asian tribes had for thousands of years. The Scythians would shave their heads in certain patterns. Same with mongols and other people who lived in the steppe area between Russia and Asia. It’s a very ancient custom.

No. 1752620

File: 1699140320915.mp4 (3.66 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_729739173019263313…)

Dogs with narcolepsy should be put down. It doesn't matter "how well they live their life". They are suffering and can barely stay awake for more than 10 seconds.

No. 1752621

File: 1699140330143.jpeg (578.46 KB, 1170x1406, IMG_0573.jpeg)

She was actually Jewish/Austrian. She had really nice bone structure imo

No. 1752622

Yes they are. Too bad they seem to have inherited a bit of the nordic autism and the eastern european alcoholism and dv rates.

No. 1752623

What are you talking about? Sleep is bliss.

No. 1752624

Stolen European genes

No. 1752625

I think Tom Hardy is attractive

No. 1752628

I hate people who recline their seat with a passion. It's so fucking annoying when the seats are close to each other as someone who is moderately tall. I have their head like 10 cm from my own because of how far they do this shit. I wish no seats had a function to recline.

No. 1752629

Doro Pesch is the hottest german woman I have laid eyes on, and Dolph Lundgren is the hottest Swedish man I have laid eyes on and he's very masculine. Probably depends on the person at the end of the day. But I find german men to be ugly tbh. And I've ran into some annoying asshole Swedish men online, so maybe they are bad idk.

No. 1752633

I've got Jewish ancestry way down on my dad's side, and a German surname that can be traced from Germany, to Denmark, to the Shetlands then finally Ulster. My brother says we've jew features. I've had a lot of compliments regarding those aspects.(bait)

No. 1752634

Swedish men also troon out at an alarming rate

No. 1752636

>and either way it’s still sad.
No, let the moids drown

No. 1752638

File: 1699140622172.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.94 KB, 503x755, RDT_20231105_01285440138743591…)

>Give me the name of 1 attractive British celebrity
There you go anon

No. 1752641

What does that mean?

No. 1752649


No. 1752650

No. 1752656

He looks so ugly to me

No. 1752665

They don't need to imagine, they already did it.

No. 1752666

Ayrt, he's hideous to me. I remembered I find one British man attractive and that is Christian Bale.

No. 1752670

Ayrt and I also saw some Swedish moids who are so retarded and fell down the Andrew Tate alpha male kind of bullshit

No. 1752675

Ayrt, lmao. You gave me flashbacks to when I was a teenager and everyone had the British fever, but I couldn't find anything interesting or attractive about 1D and any other British celebrities at the time.

No. 1752690

She was mostly scottish.
No? The guy who first photographed her was in awe. But a lot of people don't consider her pretty nowadays, even after the transformation.
Her dad looked a bit woggy for some reason imo

No. 1752695

File: 1699142371251.jpeg (54.12 KB, 352x480, IMG_0575.jpeg)

I think he was more attractive when he was young but he looks weird from some angles

No. 1752699

Cute but yes he aged like shit

No. 1752707

File: 1699142778682.jpeg (78.89 KB, 500x750, IMG_0578.jpeg)

He really did. I don’t think males with feminine features ever age well.

No. 1752712

Turn around and die

No. 1752713

Cats are cuter than kittens.

No. 1752715

This thread is full of moids. The average man looks like shit everywhere in the world. Just go on tinder or even the street, they are balding and skinny fat at best at not even 25 years old. Their personalities can't even save them. They have no hobby and spend all their time online wanking at porn and brainwashing themselves by letting social media decides their latest political opinions.

No. 1752717

wtf that's MY unpopular opinion… never found a kindred spirit before

No. 1752724

File: 1699143207906.jpg (59.3 KB, 634x631, c470ae59f6415417197059cff1e280…)


No. 1752725

>What’s with you anons not knowing the plural form of English words?
It’s because you are speaking to an ESL.

No. 1752726

As a British woman I genuinely have no idea what Burger ladies see in British men, they have bad personalities and are ugly too lol. I don’t know much about American moids because I’ve never met one irl but they don’t seem great either

No. 1752728

Iktf. Kittens are kind of too cute and pretty at the same time, and it annoys me. Like when someone passes a picture of Taylor Hill through a baby face filter 10 times or something and it becomes too neoteous and cute. Cats are just pretty in a more mature way and I like it

No. 1752729

File: 1699143381993.png (408.37 KB, 640x960, uni-the-cat-3rd-birthday-v0-tz…)


No. 1752730

i'm from burger land and i think british men are foul. they look like crumpled up napkins. that's not to say american men look any better at all though kek

No. 1752733

Glad to know you’re not brainwashed

No. 1752735

File: 1699143542568.jpg (80.25 KB, 690x1529, 088fcc02243906d46ecacfe504a628…)

Burger here. A big part of it is the media. American women watch shit like Doctor Who and unironically get the impression that actual British people walk around all prissy, uppity, and classy and shit. The specific British accents in our media is even cherrypicked to be a "highclass" English one. So when Americans watch British people on our televisions, they're receiving a very filtered exposure of what British people are actually like. And because people like to believe what they see on TV, you can do the math from there.

No. 1752752

>in the world
>poll is obviously by burgers
The concept of sexy accent is dumb anyway so whatever

No. 1752755

i guess it fits itt but i always found the country american accent super sexy. I used to watch an autistic brony youtuber only because i liked his white trash accent.

No. 1752787

File: 1699145577762.jpg (69.57 KB, 1125x1046, 6b7e4fdcf70e663aa6801defe3dfc9…)

I'm not into capeshit at all, but i remember seeing the Watchmen movie when i was a kid by accident, thinking it was just a silly hero movie. It legit traumatized me and the amount of female physical and sexual abuse kinda scarred me to the point i freeze when i hear about that movie at age 25, i had to make a conscious effort to forget that rape scene and i was just 7yo, how dreadful

No. 1752804

Talking about beauty by using a country as the reason why a person is beautiful is braindead pants on head retarded. If those theories and shit were true, then absolutely everyone of one particular country would be stunning.
And that’s not the case, some people are just really fucking ugly, or they’re just too poor to be beautiful.
This is exactly why beauty pageants are dumb as shit too, oh, you’re picking a woman that’s a mix of a bunch of people to the point that she could share genes with someone from a country that’s the furthest away from the country she happened to be born that? What do you want me to do? Clap?
Nowadays specially makes no sense, everyone is so mixed that it’s just a waste of time and dumb.

No. 1752851

I know this isn't exactly unpopular on here but a lot of my irls have fallen victim to this bullshit so partial vent. I hate the term "sex work" and I immediately distrust or judge anyone that uses it. I think it's a bullshit way to 1) take the edge out of the term "prostitute" and 2) legitimize the "profession," both of these make it more palatable to people and contribute to the normalization of it. Saying that a man bought sex from a prostitute brings more shame than saying he paid for services from a sex worker. Talking to a woman about sex work rather than prostitution will make her more comfortable with the topic, whether that's just being okay with the idea or even participating in it herself. It is not a legitimate profession and it is not worthy of any kind of respect. I hold equal contempt for all participants for perpetuating this "industry." The same goes for porn stars.

No. 1752855

File: 1699150504709.jpg (29.1 KB, 442x390, c3cf2063c8be1e67602a4a59ecdda1…)

No. 1752874

No. 1752903

I hate the sex work/sex worker terms as well, they just hide the reality of what’s going on

Which city is this?

No. 1752941

it kinda reminds me of how scammers at fake call centers refer to their victims as "customers" and have other businesslike terms to sugarcoat and obfuscate the fact that they're stealing from people

No. 1752951

sex work isn't real
get a job bum

No. 1752955

Can you not fucking read

No. 1752959

File: 1699156156101.jpg (21.51 KB, 460x434, sleepy or tired meme cat.jpg)

Not again

No. 1752967

That anon needs curb stomped idk how they dont know how to move on with their life

No. 1752980

Not sure why'd they want Argentina's favor since they're economy collapses every decade

No. 1752992

speak for yourself i want some spaniard cock(and visa)

No. 1752993

oh shit here we go again

No. 1753006

File: 1699158149255.jpeg (254.06 KB, 1132x1891, IMG_0580.jpeg)

Cillian Murphy if he were a woman

No. 1753017

File: 1699158672873.jpg (165.04 KB, 1000x1272, image.jpg)

Wrong. This is Cillian Murphy as a woman.

No. 1753021

If only spaniard moids weren’t batshit insane and aggressive.

No. 1753024

all moids are

No. 1753026

You might as well go for a better gringo from a richer country

No. 1753032

File: 1699159152480.jpeg (834.12 KB, 1170x1308, IMG_0585.jpeg)

Tranvestites aren’t women

No. 1753033

oh..woow thats hawt.

No. 1753037

Wait shes beautiful… Miss Cillia

No. 1753044

File: 1699159868377.jpeg (452.68 KB, 781x821, IMG_0586.jpeg)

Here’s another of Miss Kill. His annoying facial expressions are endearing when it’s her making them

No. 1753047

Please post more I love her

No. 1753069

File: 1699160931373.jpeg (805.82 KB, 1170x1080, IMG_0591.jpeg)

No. 1753074

No. 1753084

I think that a large wave of newfags could actually be really fun. I’m sick of how slow this website is. I want there to be other posters to interact with, even if they’re annoying and insufferable in the integration stage. Bring on the newfags.

No. 1753093

File: 1699161664425.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1727, IMG_0590.jpeg)

Take it back! Miss Kill looks like Aishwarya Rai

No. 1753097

What’s with the troon cillian murphy fetish posting? Wrong website for that

No. 1753099

uh no? try again. Anyway back to-

No. 1753111

>I’m sick of how slow this website is
i could understand this complaint months ago but now? every unpopular opinion, dumbass shit and sometimes vent thread fills up fast

No. 1753112

“troon” someone asked for examples of attractive British men and I said Cillian but only as a female

No. 1753126

File: 1699163237362.jpeg (662.67 KB, 1097x1079, IMG_0599.jpeg)

The European mind can’t comprehend

No. 1753128

File: 1699163346687.jpeg (682.39 KB, 1126x1159, IMG_0600.jpeg)

The European mind can’t comprehend deodorant or toothbrushes

No. 1753133

So cillian murphy as a troon. That’s being attracted to autogynephiles, nonnie.

No. 1753135

Yeah only because of back and forth arguments, though. Not because of individual posts

No. 1753136

I wish more traffic would come to /g/ though

No. 1753139

hear hear

No. 1753143

Please no it's one of the slightly less chaotic boards. Every time there's more traffic there it's dumbasses making terrible separate threads for things that belong in other threads or don't belong on the site at all. I'll leave for good if even more newfags ruin it.

No. 1753146


>>1753017 is him as a troon, the ones I posted are ai and don’t count

No. 1753147

Should we make tiktoks of funny lolcow moments with an ai voice for the cocobabies to come?

No. 1753149

>uh the other troon fantasy pics don’t count because they’re AI
It being AI doesn’t suddenly discount the fact that you admitted to thinking that troons were attractive to the point of utilizing AI to create more images of them

No. 1753153

That doesn’t really seem like it would attract anyone, unless they’re an attention seeking fuck who wants to be reposted in a tiktok lolcow reel, in which case they’d just be on /snow/

No. 1753154

That’s way too obnoxious and I’m certain that admin would punish us by taking down the site for a few days if not permanently kek

No. 1753157

I was not being serious but someone did do tiktoks on choachan and it ended up attracting cocobabies albeit they were posting their selfies on the site which sounds annoying to deal with

No. 1753158

I didn’t make any of them and they’re the genderbent version of him not transed version

No. 1753162

I think so too. I don’t know how many people post on this website but it’s boring a lot of the time, I wish more people would join. There aren’t as many funny, weird and interesting posts anymore

No. 1753168

Nah, I saw a post that said "pissbabies" unironically in /g/. Too much.

No. 1753169

Yeah okay because those photos aren’t obviously meant to be female cillian murphy. Totally. Please take your tranny fetish elsewhere

No. 1753171

Does the term pissbaby have some secondary meaning or

No. 1753172

Nta but you are actually psychotic. Please fuck off.

No. 1753173

The genuinely cringest people alive used it on Tumblr religiously as the highest form of insult for years.

No. 1753174

Kind of an autistic thing to get hooked on ngl

No. 1753175

>you’re psychotic because someone else is posting about how attractive they think trannies are

Ok I take back what I said about newfags. Bad idea.

No. 1753178

File: 1699165686561.jpg (1.26 MB, 1284x1859, 1690637440657912.jpg)

Nobody is or was talking about your special interest, schizo autist. Genderbending celeb photos as a meme is fun and popular, it means nothing outside of the voices in your head. You are so triggered over nothing. Stop trying to mini mod and police every square inch of this board you miserable faggot.

No. 1753180

Nah you're just too young evidently.

No. 1753182

You must’ve missed the original post where she said she found “male cillian murphy as a woman attractive”. Trying to retract now and say “uhhh it’s just a meme shut up” right after someone else already admitted to finding it attractive doesn’t really do anything, now.

No. 1753186

You’re probably half my age but ok keep twitching when you see random insults

No. 1753187

Oh my god you're genuinely retarded it's kind of scary. Go cry on asherahs garden, janny wannabe.

No. 1753188

How is thinking that posting about your attraction to celebrities playing trannys roles minimodding. It’s fucking gross and stop shitting up the thread with it.

No. 1753190

>random insults
Oh so you're so old you don't even know the hallmark of tumblr retard vocabulary. Got it.

No. 1753191

>muhh muhh muhh
Maybe don’t post about how hot you think it is when men dress up as women if you don’t want it to be negatively received on a website that is virulently anti-troon.

No. 1753192

>There aren’t as many funny, weird and interesting posts anymore
well you're not going to get any of that from newfags, especially not the ones from tiktok, tumblr, or twitter. they're part of the reason all the interesting posters left.

No. 1753194

I'm not even that anon. Keep crying tho. You new, reactionary, crybaby funsucking bitches are insufferable and half the reason the board is dead. You're having a bitchfit over memeified pics of cillian Murphy as a girl. You're ten years away from screaming about satanic panic in the streets kek.

No. 1753195

This is a pathetically online statement to make. “Hallmark tumblr vocabulary” the term pissbaby existed decades before tumblr was even an idea. Did you girls forget that there’s a whole world outside the internet?

No. 1753196

You are such a sperg. It has nothing to do with Trans women, farmers have regularly posted genderbent memes in the past. You sound like a very angry newfag mad as fuck and pretending you know the lore.

No. 1753197

All those words don’t really change the fact that it’s gross to post about how thinking that men dressed up as women is attractive, even if it wasn’t you who did it. Whoever was stupid enough to make the post without lurking moar now knows better!

No. 1753198

>trans women
You mean…men? Troon detected kek oh god

No. 1753199

I'm laughing, pissbaby was so overused by SJWs on tumblr that it became a buzzword of its own. What is this weird revisionism. Are you the one that likes saying it? OK faggot

No. 1753201

Admitting that you think it’s trans women instead of just men is the biggest newfag flag you could’ve waived. Just go

No. 1753202

HAHAHA I'm an oldfag. YOU absolutely have to be a newfag. You are malding.

No. 1753203

It’s not a buzzword to anyone who doesn’t have their face in the computer 24/7. Do you think the homeless man calling you a pissbaby on the sidewalk got it from scrolling the dashboard?

No. 1753206

Oh this is full-on autism, nice samefagging btw. Fake ass "gotcha", have fun mentally masturbating yourself to whatever it is you're trying to do here. You are so fragile, why are you even here? Crying and shaking over some dumbass pics of Cillian Murphy with the female filter.

No. 1753207

You're on lolcow faggot. So sorry I insulted your favorite insult.

No. 1753208

That’s not an excuse to post multiple photos of your obsession with trooned out cillian murphy though, nonnie. That actually proves that you should’ve anticipated that no one would want to see that.

No. 1753209

Why can’t you just paste them up onto the walls of your bedroom instead of posting about your troon obsession here…

No. 1753210

I don't getting aunties from LSA or Tattle would be that bad.

No. 1753211

Huh? The only statement I made is that it’s not really a buzzword if you’re not constantly online, which is true.

No. 1753213


No. 1753214

You're on lolcow. You are constantly online.

No. 1753215

It’s not really crying and shaking to reasonably ask someone to quit reposting photos of cillian murphy playing a troon role and then AI generated photos of him as a female. Like it’s one thing to post one photo, that’s whatever, but sperging out and showing your whole stash? No one asked. Just shut up about your weird hyperfixation.

No. 1753216

Remember when driverfags used to get banned outside their thread? Can't we just do that again with every __fag. Retvrn to tradition.

No. 1753218

>you’re on lolcow right now so you must not have a job or a life or be able to do anything ever
Not all of us have the privilege of being NEET and boring, nonna. Lucky you if you do though.

No. 1753219

File: 1699166646683.jpg (264.13 KB, 1079x1336, Cillian-Murphy-as-a-Girl-cilli…)

You're seizuring, I'm not even the anon that posted them. I will now though. BOO!

No. 1753220

Stop interacting with the troon bait.

No. 1753221

KEK all of this tinfoil over saying pissbaby was used exclusively by whiny crackpots on tumblr for like 5 years, okay loser.

No. 1753222

File: 1699166741204.jpg (118.62 KB, 816x408, ash-blunt.jpg)

Hm, this thread is reminding me of the big anger in thr dumbass thread where everyone assumed some anon was a tranny just because the post used the word "dysphoria". It's a really small reason to try verbally tearing into someone. The back to back infights are kind of funny because like, why so angry? Are you lonely? Hit one of these and drink some water. After that, let's get back to the confessions.

No. 1753223

I love how the jannies immediately redtext posts about female struggles but troon fetishism is perfectly welcome. This website has already been taken over by gen-A newfags.

No. 1753225

lego head

No. 1753226

There was no Troon fetishism. It was a shared meme. I honestly am starting to think Blaine is the one crying about them because of how pretty he looked, he must be triggered. We've regularly shared these kinds of memes before, this derailment is so bizarre and fake.

No. 1753227

And you took umbrage with me saying that anyone in the real world is not going to hear the word pissbaby and immediately be huffing and puffing thinking “ugh, get away tumblrfag” because that’s not reality.

No. 1753230

File: 1699166945124.jpeg (663.79 KB, 1085x1348, IMG_6995.jpeg)

It actually is fetishism because they verbatim stated “cillian murphy if he were a woman” when asked to name 1 attractive british man, and then posted photos of him in a tranny role he played. It’s literally written out.

No. 1753231

File: 1699166954089.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1091, IMG_0589.jpeg)

This is what Cillian actually looks like, >>1753032 is a female version of him. You can see the features are based off of him but it’s the female version, trans would just be him in a wig

No. 1753232

Your post history is very interesting.

No. 1753233

>blaine must be jealous because he looks so pretty
Oh so it’s you beating off to photos of Cillian Murphy? Glad you were able to admit it so they can ban you

No. 1753234

You don’t have access to anyone else’s post history because you’re not a mod

No. 1753235

File: 1699167054801.gif (980.12 KB, 245x183, anigif_sub-buzz-10179-15635609…)

Bitch you are CRAZY.

No. 1753237

I’m the one who posted that, and the joke was that there aren’t any attractive British men. He wouldn’t be a woman if he were trans, it was a joke. I’m not the one who posted him playing a transvestite either, I said this >>1753032 in response to the transvestite post

No. 1753239

>You’re crazy because somebody else admitted to being attracted to troons

No. 1753240

File: 1699167159796.jpg (24.97 KB, 400x307, Margueritescreaming.jpg)

No. 1753241

Personalityfagging with gifs doesn’t provide anything. It’s not crazy at all to refer back to statements that somebody else made. Don’t post them publicly if you don’t want anyone else to be able to screenshot them and show them back to you.

No. 1753242

I am the one who posted him as a transvestite in Breakfast At Pluto as a very obvious joke. This person is chimping out, just ignore them. They want attention.

No. 1753244

My belly hurts from keking so hard at this thread. Nice work anons lel

No. 1753245

Keep going, queen. You are SO brave and SO right. All lolcow users are SO dark-sided, but not you, you brave warrior.

No. 1753246

It’s not a super funny joke it actually just makes you look like you’re attracted to troons, and it seems like there were anons who felt comfortable agreeing with that statement, hence why they continued posting the troon edits.

No. 1753247

There’s not anything brave about asking someone to stop posting about their troon fetish because it’s gross and scrotish.

No. 1753248

>she wants attention that’s why she asked you to stop once and everyone else freaked out
Can you read

No. 1753250

Why are you so insecure that you are projecting this onto multiple, at least three, different farmers?

You are definitely a newfag because nothing about two reaction images describing your erratic behavior constitutes personalityfagging. My condolences for your very apparent mental illness.

No. 1753251

Nice fanfic, that did not happen.

No. 1753252

Ntayrt but isn't this discussion about the word being used on lc? Even looking back at the replies idg why real life usage is being bought up. It's known that tumblrinas come here (some outright admit it and one is stealing other anons posts) so it's highly likely anyone using "pissbaby" is from there and not some regular person.

No. 1753253

I don’t have anything to be insecure about, I’m not the one with photos of trooned out cillian murphy on my phone

No. 1753255

File: 1699167471697.jpg (137.78 KB, 900x603, jane-looking-beyond-the-binocu…)

Same kek it's hilarious to see its developments

No. 1753256

File: 1699167552413.jpeg (141.07 KB, 1104x355, IMG_6996.jpeg)

Yeah it actually did. This is all that was said and everyone got all pissy about how it’s suddenly just a joke after you verbatim admitted to thinking that trooned out males were not.

No. 1753257

File: 1699167580966.gif (259.78 KB, 220x165, enough-god.gif)

No. 1753259

>comes into thread
>posts about troon fetish
>sees negative backlash
>it’s not a joke, you already admitted that you think they’re hot
>ugh you’re psychotic

Maybe don’t say what you don’t mean, you social retard. If you say “I think troons are hot” people are going to associate you with that statement.

No. 1753261

Posting fat lady gifs doesn’t erase anything at this point, I know you’re just trying to bury the original posts in the thread

No. 1753262

Samefag moar

No. 1753263

These posters you’re responding to aren’t even the ones who posted the pictures

Someone did literally ask me to post more kek. Stop being such a humorless killjoy.

No. 1753264

I'm not even the one who originally posted the pics kek you really are cuckoo bananas lady. Metal shavings from the tinfoil hat mixing into your bloodstream perhaps.

No. 1753266

I honestly have to agree Cillian Murphy does look pretty good in feminine clothes. He’s a tiny guy with a very interesting striking model like face, I think it looks nice, but then again I’m all for the de-gendering of clothing, and I don’t find it hot.

No. 1753267

File: 1699167881572.jpeg (177.77 KB, 1170x470, IMG_6998.jpeg)

And then someone asked you to stop and it kept going, because you unleashed the troon lovers.

No. 1753269

Samefagging to high hell

No. 1753270

>you’re bananas and eating metal because I’m into men dressed as women
These projections are so half baked

No. 1753272

You're malding

No. 1753273

>you’re samefagging by responding whenever someone responds to your post
You sound retarded

No. 1753274

I don’t have anything to be upset about because I’m not the one who’s suffering from troon attraction

No. 1753275

He ugly

No. 1753276

Talking in circles. Nice echolalia autist.

No. 1753281

>you’re autistic because someone else has an obsession with troons
You realize that autism has a definition right. Like you can’t really use it as a catchall insult because it doesn’t apply to everyone.

No. 1753293

It wasn’t supposed to be “super funny” it was just a shitpost response about British men not being attractive. It had nothing to do with troons until you came along, can you let us joke around a bit

No. 1753296

God you just keep going, truly the spunk and resolve of an angry autist.

No. 1753297

But nobody was joking. Your attempt at a shitpost only attracted other posters who started posting about how sexy they think trooned out Cillian Murphy is. How are you still missing that.

No. 1753298

File: 1699168524463.jpg (49.12 KB, 640x480, anybody-else-wanna-see-a-spin-…)

Genderbent Jeffery Dahmer looks like a Kanker sister from Ed, Edd n' Eddy kek

No. 1753299

Malding the house DOWN

No. 1753300

Not everyone in the world is autistic. Maybe your troon fetish masked as a joke is just not funny.

No. 1753301

What does mold have to do with this

No. 1753302

Oh no baby, you've got it. You've got it bad.

No. 1753303

i believe in an autistic master race. JOIN US!

No. 1753306

>you have autism because you disagree with me
This is the cocobaby generation…

No. 1753309

This is similar to doctors diagnosing little kids who don’t want to look at them or talk to them as being autistic, when really the kid isn’t autistic at all the doctor is just ugly and smelly

No. 1753312

Even your attempt at shady comebacks suck. You are spectrumed heavy babygirl. You are baptized in the aspergers.

No. 1753316

>you must have asperger’s because you don’t think that having a troon fetish is funny
Please listen to yourself. The words you use have meaning.

No. 1753318

File: 1699168969507.jpg (2.86 KB, 233x180, 3438379-31d3508ad604c1581d76e9…)


No. 1753319

You dont even know when to quit. I bet you'll be refreshing this and scrolling all the way up tomorrow, hopeful and eager for more replies to toil away at.

No. 1753320

I can assure you that I was joking, and again it’s a female with similar features to him, not him as a troon. I’m sure you’re an attention seeking troll or projecting your transvestite fetish onto us because no normal person would carry on like this about obvious shitposting

No. 1753322

Feels scrote like

No. 1753323

It's absolutely 10000% a faggot and the dopamine hit he recieved from this is so sad

No. 1753324

Oh my good lord. You have reading comprehension issues. I am saying you might have been “joking” (not even audibly laughable) about finding troons hot, but the other anons who responded were not.

No. 1753325

God you wish, you wish so bad. Is there anything that doesnt trigger you?

No. 1753326

Stop samefagging

No. 1753328

>projecting your transvestite fetish
>you must have a transvestite fetish because you’re repeatedly verbalizing your disgust for it
This website is becoming more autistic as a whole

No. 1753330

It's literally a larping faggot. This is the most attention he's recieved in months. Yawn.

No. 1753331

>you wish there was a scrote here
I don’t need to wish kek what
LARPing as what though? A reasonable individual?

No. 1753347

I know what you are.

No. 1753354

we don’t want newfags from twitter/tiktok, other newfags are welcome but they have to adhere to the board culture and LURK MOAR

No. 1753355

Stop feeding obvious male ragebait posters who are begging for jerkoff material

No. 1753356

Are you calling me gay after saying that I hate troons. That doesn’t make any sense

No. 1753408

Stretch marks make me want to vomit. I have my own and they aren’t even incredibly deep or noticable, but they’re so so so itchy it makes me scream out loud. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable big deep dark stretch marks must be.

No. 1753418

>it makes me scream out loud
How is this an unpopular opinion other than you being melodramatic and sharing a blog no one asked for?

No. 1753422

It’s an unpopular opinion if you’re paying attention to the societal culture that says that stretch marks are an acceptable thing kek. It’s not blog poasting at all to say “stretch marks are gross”

No. 1753425

Autistically taking everything literally, are we still?

No. 1753430

Nobody has ever in the history of ever up until recently done anything except shit on women for getting stretch marks. Can you be a misogynist somewhere else. A woman gave birth to you and tore her skin for it and you're whinging about stretch marks.

No. 1753437

>A woman gave birth to you and tore her skin
Oh my fucking god, nobody cares. Literally not a single person cares. I’m talking about how deep stretch marks are fucking gross. Do you want me to start talking about how disgusting episiotomy scars are, next?

No. 1753441

File: 1699171801824.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1111x2414, IMG_7002.jpeg)

Where have you been since like 2012 kek

No. 1753444

Oh its misogyny hour

No. 1753446

I made a post about how itchy stretch marks gross me out and now the sperg is crying about misogyny. May as well make a whole new thread at this point

No. 1753448

You know that post has no business in this thread, you just want to bait. Take your blog elsewhere kek.

No. 1753451

One day you're going to fall and you'll just lay there bleeding until your vision fades and your heart stops

No. 1753457

God i can't wait

No. 1753458

…..are you writing in a Death Note or something?

No. 1753462

Ok but “stretch marks are beautiful” has become a popular opinion across the board, which is why you’re taking issue with me saying “stretch marks are fucking ugly” so it is an unpopular opinion, therefore not a blog post, and you’re only crying about it because you want to infight. Cry into your pillow about your stab wound marks.

No. 1753464

Nah i just wanted to be edgy soz

No. 1753467

This has happened before and each time I woke up alive in the hospital. You can’t kill me kek. Keep trying!

No. 1753469

Sounds like that really was an unpopular opinion kek.

No. 1753472

Stop feeding him if you know that you weren’t baiting then

No. 1753478

What is this lie? No one here has ever called stretchmarks beautiful faggot, go cut yourself or something.

No. 1753479

I dont care about the stretch marks thing specifically i just think that anon is annoying. Are you mad at me

No. 1753481

>stab wound marks
What are you even talking about dude

No. 1753485

My post was about big deep disgusting stretch marks. Like deep ones that look like cuts/big scars.

No. 1753487

>that anon
You have no way of knowing who’s who though so you’re just taking your issues out on everyone

No. 1753488

What are you even on about

No. 1753489

>You have no way of knowing who’s who
speak for yourself i can actually recognize every single anon on this website. my third eye is open.

No. 1753492

Who am I?

No. 1753493


No. 1753494

>what are you even on about
Lurk. Fucking. Moar.

No. 1753498

I saw your posts, faggot.

No. 1753499

That’s just the general IP address for a New York cell tower. That’s not an individual persons IP, that’s like for their cell plan KEKKK

No. 1753501

Anon was clearly joking.

No. 1753502

Ok so you know that my unpopular opinion is that stretch marks are gross. So you’re just asking questions you already know the answer to, like an autistic fag. Just kill yourself.

No. 1753503

No he wasn’t, he really thought he doxxed her. My third eye is open.

No. 1753504

and how do you know she doesnt live in a new york cell tower? wtf.

No. 1753506

Well apparently your third eye is blocked by the blue light coming off your computer, so

No. 1753507

It isnt an unpopular opinion. Go jerk your limp penis and close tab. You're boring. Any farmer would've just bitched about her stretchmarks in vent or something. You're just making up issues because you're a faggot and a misogynist. I'm sorry you apparently spend a LOT of time looking at morbidly obese people and pregnant women.

No. 1753508

A cell tower isn’t an apartment building. It’s a big metal easel that has wires running though it. Stop pretending to be retarded in an attempt to be funny. Just be funny.

No. 1753509

Calling other people autistic fags doesn't change the fact that thats exactly what you see when you look in the mirror, ugly

No. 1753511

Word salad. The original post isn’t nearly as bad or graphic as this is.

No. 1753512

and how about you get that stick out of your ass? this fucking website man

No. 1753513

At least I only have small white stretch marks instead of big healed stab wound looking ones kek

No. 1753516

How about you actually become funny instead of having a scrote ass sense of humor

No. 1753518

Apparently it’s unpopular if everyone else is upset about it? Retard

No. 1753519

how do i have a "scrote ass sense of humor"

No. 1753522

You can’t be an autistic fag if you aren’t autistic or gay. Disliking the look of massive stretch marks doesn’t make you autistic or homosexual.

No. 1753523

>hurrr durrr she lives in the cell towurr!!1

No. 1753524

Uh, okay? Do you want a cookie? So sorry you feel superior to um, morbidly obese people on my 600 pound life and women who have given birth. The depth of your testicle sag is bigger than any woman's belly scars though, im sure.

No. 1753527

why are you weirdly upset over some inoffensive joke i made

No. 1753535

>you must have testicles because you aren’t fat and haven’t given birth
This makes no sense at all

No. 1753538

No one else is upset you were simply told to be funnier and you aren’t capable of it

No. 1753540

Don't play dumb. Your posts are obvious.

Because its a malding male.

No. 1753553

File: 1699173580308.png (505.86 KB, 526x380, Lisa_Frank_feature.png)

i do not go on lolcow dot farms to entertain your fat ass, all the stupid shit i post on here is because it makes me laugh. i dont care if no one else finds it funny. it makes me happy and that is all that matters. love and light

No. 1753557

>i didn’t make a joke to be funny muhhhhh
Ok then why did you, retard

No. 1753560

I wonder how you’d react if you had to have a conversation with me in person and couldn’t defect to “you’re a man” because you’d be able to see that I am very much an adult woman kek

No. 1753562

File: 1699173703668.jpg (283.41 KB, 1000x1000, origin.jpg)

dont care post lisa frank unicorns

No. 1753571

And you can’t even come up with a legitimate response because you know you were trying as hard as you could and still flopped like an autistic kid falling over after giving a presentation

No. 1753574

File: 1699173951674.jpg (73.82 KB, 600x600, unicorn.jpg)

No. 1753576

My unpopular opinion is that Lisa frank is mid

No. 1753578

File: 1699174018443.jpg (50.56 KB, 475x600, b318c74d0a3fe13970f2a762be890b…)

well i think you are WRONG

No. 1753579

File: 1699174029884.jpg (179.29 KB, 1274x1039, 1686139244930.jpg)

>I'm very much an adult woman

No. 1753601

That’s a stock image from google, not a photo of me. How would you react if you had to have a reasonable conversation, face to face, with a woman who you disagreed with and couldn’t defect to “ugh you’re just a fat male”; because I’m not kek! You wouldn’t be able to react. You’d stand there fawning and twitching like a scared little asp.

No. 1753604

Nobody is afraid of you. You intimidate no one. No one sure as fuck would fawn over you, but nice little fantasy.

No. 1753608

File: 1699174508964.jpg (253.87 KB, 1200x1085, 1200px-ViperaAspis_1469AE.jpg)

>scared little asp

No. 1753628

Hes mad he was being called autistic so he's trying to flip the insult.

No. 1753636

Why would anyone need to be afraid of me though we’re in an internet argument…

No. 1753681

I can see what you mean. I was having a discussion with my friends on how the easily accessible videos on whats going on in Gaza was a major turning point for people. Daily live videos of bombings, of people freaking out and grieving, videos of people's last moments. Israel has lost the PR war on this and I know they are peeved. Similar to how the rise of smartphones and made it easier to film cops and their brutality. A Rodney King episode a week, but none of the mainstream narrative.

I'm worried for the future because its easier than ever to make fake videos with fake assets and voices. If you think propaganda is bad now, just wait

No. 1753714

are you THE retard? she just said a joke. GETOVARIT

No. 1753716

And the joke wasn’t funny that’s the problem

No. 1753717

Ignore it, it craves attention

No. 1753722

File: 1699178562384.png (1.66 MB, 1880x1410, 1699178500016.png)

You got me. I DO live on a cellphone tower.

No. 1753784

Here here

No. 1753796

I don’t think Elvis Presley was a pedo and I don’t think he was actually ever attracted to Pricilla. The only reason he liked her is because he has mommy issues and she looked like his mom and he didn’t really wanna marry her either. He’s fucked in the head and has a Madonna whore complex so I believe it when they say he never fucked her when she was a preteen.

No. 1753823

File: 1699190256647.jpeg (179.46 KB, 2000x1125, andor-1663698904.jpeg)

Disney/Pixar/Marvel titles have been awful and steadily getting worse since the mid 2010s, with the exception of Star Wars. It's the only IP they put a decent amount of effort into without it being a cheap money grab for kids, with the exception of the Mandalorian which was still pretty decent. Pic related was especially great. I get why everyone got butthurt when Disney bought it, but they actually haven't run it into the ground (yet) unlike everything else they own.

No. 1753824

Agreed. Always heard so much praise of this movie, never knew how sick it actually was. I was with my bf when we tried watching it for the first time and it immediately started with a rape scene, we were both immediately done and turned it off.

No. 1753829

Oh sorry my dumbass thought ur unpopular opinion was that clockwork orange was a terrible movie. Didn't realize you were responding to the last thread.

No. 1753833

The book is better

No. 1753834

They don't have to work a job who cares if they fall asleep a lot

No. 1753836

>stretch marks are fucking ugly
So are flat asses and skinny boy hips.

No. 1753837

>despite German women being fine genetic stock and producing Chad sons.

This sounds like some 4chan moid speak ngl

No. 1753838

wasn't he preying on other young girls while dating priscilla though?

No. 1753839

My mom was German, as in, born in Germany and I don't think any of these descriptors work for her kek. Especially big hips and bums. She was a very skinny lady. She was born with very good teeth, though. And looking at old pictures of her classmates, I wouldn't say any of them were blocky or had big hips. Or were meaty. I'm gonna need a citation on the chad sons

No. 1753840

File: 1699191570437.jpg (122.35 KB, 599x452, 8iaB5rh.jpg)

The only stretch marks that make me feel uneasy are the ones very fat people get or pregnant women who were really small before pregnancy so the stretch marks are extremely deep.

I feel terrible for feeling this way, I know it's just a body but something about the skin looking like it's about to split open scares me. Luckily it can improve with time though.

No. 1753841

I want to run my nails across that shit so bad

No. 1753844

That is terrifying

No. 1753860

This was likely a twin or triplet pregnancy. Stop scaring people needlessly. A normal pregnancy doesn't make you look like that unless you have some condition.

No. 1753881

File: 1699194586569.jpeg (76.92 KB, 611x900, IMG_5236.jpeg)

It has pretty natural scenery and the accent is cute and there are a lot of Irish-Americans. Less common reason is people think the pictures of IRA women with guns are cool and they’re white people who were oppressed in semi-recent history which I think some people are into even though it was normal class oppression and the English are white too

No. 1753890

Yep and also had sleepovers with different teenage girls. OP seems misinformed..

No. 1753914

does it ever heal or will it stay that way forever? i feel bad for her but it's kind of metal honestly

No. 1753941

I don't know about marks this deep, but from what I have read, when they are still "fresh" dermatological treatments can be pretty efficient, once they are olde (become white/silvery) they are harder to get rid of. Either way, doesn't heal to what it was before on it's own.

No. 1753951

File: 1699199666897.jpeg (199.03 KB, 736x919, IMG_3965.jpeg)

I will never stop Sylvian posting on this site

Based fujo

No. 1753952

brit twinks from those decades are the superior twinks

No. 1753959

They’re overrated and nothing special. They just had nice hair

No. 1753960

Yeah and that's too much for moids nowadays who bald at 20

No. 1753964

File: 1699201074379.jpeg (38.08 KB, 409x214, IMG_5708.jpeg)

Whenever someone lists their hobbies like this I just know they’re untalented

No. 1753970

show me more superior ones

No. 1754008

Iirc elves in Celtic mythology (and many other European myths) were cousins of fairies and pixies, whereas Norse elves are closer to Tolkien

No. 1754032

Germanic tribes destroyed the western Roman empire.
My mother had that happen after one single birth pregnancy.

No. 1754036

>They genuinely believe they're the best, when they're actually the fucking worst.
No that's definitely the French.

No. 1754039

we should encourage suicide as the noble thing to do when someone is diagnosed with dementia. Getting it is like my biggest fear and I will kill myself immediately if I find out I have it. I watched that movie, Still Alice, about a woman who gets Alzheimer's, and for me the biggest takeaway was to NOT wait until I'm "far gone enough" to kms but to do it while i'm still lucid and can finish the job correctly. I looked this up to see if other people felt the same way and all I got were studies saying the suicide rate goes up when people are diagnosed with alzheimer's and how to prevent it. I don't think we should try to stop them though, when all they want is to die with some semblance of dignity and not as a less than human thing that can't recongnize their own spouse or children.

No. 1754043

I reckon I'll get dementia as I've suffered with depression since I've been like 11 and my memory is so spotty due to trauma. I've had family members with dementia and alzheimers and it is sad but they get triggered by something from the past and revert to it.

I've often wondered if making a memory diary for when I'm older will help.

No. 1754044

Written by pedo hands

No. 1754045

Kek no way. The French are extremely insecure about everyone hating on them and will complain about it a lot. Parisians are known to act this way but it is widely known that they are the most insecure and mentally ill of all French people, so they compensate by acting like they're all that.

No. 1754047

Dementia diagnoses have drastically dropped in recent years, just exercise and keep your brain active and you should be grand.

No. 1754048

I don't have a family history and I spend a lot of my free time playing various puzzle games. My odds of getting it are pretty low, but it's still the most terrifying disease out there for me.

No. 1754053

Look into neuroplasticity, there's things you can do to retain neuroplasticity of the brain (or as much as possible anyway) as you get older which helps prevent and reduce the effects of dementia. It's simple stuff like regularly learning new skills.

No. 1754062

I went back to uni as a mature student and ended up getting a masters and love learning new things. I also exercise every day because its the only thing that makes my anxiety manageable. I'm hoping I'll not get it and I don't know if my chronic cannabis will help with new pathways or not kek

No. 1754065

It’s super hypocritical for men to throw disgust at single moms irl but then drool over their anime mommy who they would shame to all hell if she was real

No. 1754069

except in 1945

No. 1754089

Whitewashing has been the historical norm as long as print media has existed and blackwashing is corporate pandering. Please don't be ignorant

No. 1754108

File: 1699208383126.jpg (646.57 KB, 1920x1280, 202007-rre-importance-christma…)

There's nothing wrong with buying nice stuff for Christmas if you ain't obsessive about it, consumerism and capitalism in general are 1st world problems and nobody outside of America gives a shit, people just like having fun while shopping with friends or family. Buying cute new stuff for yourself or others feels nice, it makes sense why people like doing it not everything it's a psyop and it's not necessarily meaningless if you're having a fun and sharing memories

No. 1754130

>fine genetic stock and producing Chad sons
this post is so scrotish

No. 1754136

lmao,it's because they're lazy

No. 1754175

Men like porn stars and strippers too but they wouldn’t wanna marry one. I can understand why a man wouldn’t want a serious relationship with a single mom because I wouldn’t want a single dad.

No. 1754179

No it's because they can't be bothered styling their hair because they don't know how and won't learn.
Explain Vitas then

No. 1754180

Most white Americans are of Germanic/Nordic descent or Irish/British/Scottish descent, out of the latter group Irish tends to be the most common because a lot of Irish people were deported or needed to leave Ireland for a better life.

No. 1754204

>Eastern Europe
Now that's unpopular

No. 1754207

He's ugly.

No. 1754212

Idk about “blocky heads” but they’re stereotyped as having strong facial bone structure and upturned eyes, and I guess being on the taller side but I don’t think the height difference is as much as you’re saying

>Moids recoil at any woman who doesn’t look like an anorexic 4ft child

That isn’t really true, medium height women are usually considered the most attractive because they have better proportions. The shorter someone is, the shorter their arms and legs will be and the wider they’ll look. Which is why tall modelesque women have long legs and look narrow, but men can be intimidated by women who are taller than them. Medium height women are more proportionate than short women while still being shorter than the majority of men.

No. 1754228

TPTB are trying to legitimize a whore caste. They attack poor women and women in financial shit. I know because those women and their activities they harass me

No. 1754266

I bet they'd like me if they got to know me.

No. 1754413

>You are spectrumed heavy babygirl.
fucking kek

No. 1754547

I bet trannyhands is the prostitute who kept defending prostitutes days ago. Trans are very likely to engage in prostitution, and there was the same lack of reading comprehension and obsessive arguing that anti-Cillian/stretch marks/trannyhands had

No. 1754562

I was thinking the same thing, that explains the random "DIE DIE DIE" rageposting after hours of infighting

No. 1754568

Yep and the weird “I want to punch you until you’re squealing” “I’ll break your head with a hammer” or something along those lines. Things a tran is likely to say

No. 1754574

Nta but yeah it's like those trannies who want to punch "terfs"

No. 1754583

File: 1699222589244.jpg (195.27 KB, 1280x1018, tumblr_3f14dfd93487f115bc5a341…)

I hate the American norm of moving out the moment you turn 18, and I say this as someone who moved out at 17.
Sometimes it's the parents who kick out their unprepared kid prematurely like they're not part of the family anymore, and sometimes it's the adult child who's itching to ditch the parents when there's no real issue with staying a while and saving money beaides feeling uncool. I hate this cultural idea that someone who lives with their family must be lazy or shameful, every time someone mentions living with their parents there's always people crawling out of the woodwork to say "STOP LEECHING" even if it's like a 20yo with a job/in school. In so many other cultures it's normal to be part of your family beyond 18.
Idk if it's some toxic work ethic thing but I've also had people give me a hard time over having financial help from my parents when I hadn't even turned 20 yet, with snide comments like "well I prefer to make it on my own in the world" ??? Have fun bootstrapping yourself to success I guess but it's not like you get a medal for it? Never mind the fact that it's debatable how "self-made" you can really be anyway

No. 1754637

Moving out only makes sense if the school or career opportunity is too far away from home. Regardless, it seems more and more young people in this day and age are still living with parents because of high CoL

No. 1754670

It has its moments like when the deep accidentally kills the dolphin lmao

No. 1754691

Childfree is the way to be
Imagine doing this to yourself for some ungrateful moid. Worse, imagine having a son, who will just grow up to yell at you to bring him tendies while he plays video games and stinks up your home.

No. 1754832

>people give me a hard time over having financial help from my parents when I hadn't even turned 20 yet, with snide comments like "well I prefer to make it on my own in the world"

It's kinda ironic bc richfags and nepofags do NOT restrict their kids and do as much to help them as they can… and the poor losers of America will kick their kid out asap and not help them

No. 1754852

I wonder how this happens Ive witnessed 4 pregnancies and never saw anything close to this. I wonder if she's collagen deficient or any other nutrient

No. 1754899

Stretch marks don't bother me in the least. Skin has texture and patterns IRL. No one even needs to have had a previous pregnancy to have them. Who gives a fuck?

No. 1754998

The whole aesthetic/ market/ hype of the group t.a.t.u was pedofilic/ lolita-esque and not a good representation of lesbianism. Especially given the revealing clothes they would wear and how their media was sexually charged to an extent while they were teenage girls.

No. 1755005

how out of the loop are you? it was all an act, one of them was even homophobic

No. 1755108

My friends retarded mom still lives with her parents in her 40s, doesn't help around the house, doesn't work and isn't in school. Her entire day is just screaming at people and demanding money. Thank God the grandparents own the home because she kept demanding my friend move out on her 18th birthday while she was still in high school and obviously the grandparents aren't that stupid. No wonder Americans are able to charge an arm and leg for shitty little apartments and homes because the obsession with "independence" is the reason why they're still able to be rented out

No. 1755150

I don't care if american soldiers get PTSD after war. You killed innocent civilians and want us to feel bad? May your remaining days be haunted by the echo of their screams.

No. 1755160

I specified it's usually smaller women that get intense stretch marks, that or twins. I wasnt trying to imply every pregnancy ends with that. Though everyone keeps replying like I said that. My mother had no stretch marks on her stomach.

No. 1755164

All soldiers deserve the PTSD they all get regardless of the country he comes from. Getting in the army when you don’t have the monetary need to do so is retarded and psychopathic as fuck, specially when it’s obvious that soldiers will get sent to wars.

No. 1755165

Sorry, was intended for
This post ^

No. 1755176

military is literally a vacation for most moids, they come back and act like the entire world should be sucking their dick because they ran around some mountains in japan

No. 1755190

I read that some psychos were getting PTSD and going crazy from bombing little kids with drones. Even the most hardened ones go crazy and I don't feel bad at all! They deserve it.

No. 1755366

I believe if you are struggling with self hate you are the kind of person you use to harass and bully in your past life. Your current life is just punishment.

No. 1755370

So if I bully perfectly attractive, healthy, wealthy, and privileged young women, I could be reincarnated into one of them?

No. 1755374

damn the fujo cringe thread better prepare for whats coming to them

No. 1755380

File: 1699246527284.jpeg (16.7 KB, 636x473, IMG_1217.jpeg)

No. 1755385

I feel I was an overconfident scrote and harmed someone I loved.

No. 1755386

I don’t like how it’s becoming increasingly common for babies to wear diapers into the toddler years. In my family, if the baby can walk then it’s time to get a little seat to potty train. Seeing 3-4 year olds walking around with a diaper sticking out of their pants makes me sad for them. At that age you definitely have control of your bowels too, so these damn babies are just standing around shifting their pants like it’s no big because mom will change the diaper without question.

No. 1755387

I think people who really claim to be self hating are just insanely self absorbed

No. 1755390

a bunch of childhood development milestones have been moved to later in life to make up for the fact that the average parent sucks, I guess. Sad to see.

No. 1755399

Weird bitch

No. 1755404

That’s such an unnecessarily negative perspective

No. 1755427

To be fair self loathing either gets taken out on others or leads to self harm. So they are right. Minus the woo woo spirituality bs.

No. 1755435

I believe that people who are mean to people who are lower than them on the social status reincarnate as the people they wronged. For example past slave owners will reincarnate as white washed minorities.

No. 1755437

Kanye and Doja kek. Doja was only halfway to cheating the system too.

No. 1755439

Samefag or men who treated women poorly will reincarnate as self hating women and suffer the same wrongs they did to women in their past life

No. 1755442

Yup they were probably horrible to minorities in their past life as white people and now have to deal with the mental anguish of feeling white but being seen as minorities. It’s the cruelest of karma.

No. 1755444

These are some crazy fucking beliefs you guys hold ngl

No. 1755445

Kanye will suffer the anguish of his ex-wife getting laid in bed by the white guy he "should have" been, Doja will suffer the anguish of being 50% white and therefore "close but no cigar".

No. 1755451

File: 1699250794311.jpg (77.86 KB, 640x640, tumblr_594d85d9305d04af9031690…)

I don't hate myself or believe in reincarnation but I used to imagine that I had a past life as an autistic NEET incel who seethed that he'd totally have life on easy mode if he was female, killed himself, and got reincarnated as a girl only to still be a bullied social outcast with no bf. Idk why but I'd spend time fantasizing about my "past memories" and draw pics of my incelsona, and even cosplay as him irl, I felt like I got something out of it even though I never literally believed it.
I'm doing way better now and living a happy normie-ish life. Got a bf. I confessed to him that I have a male internal narration sometimes but I haven't told anyone the extent of this stupid character I made up.

No. 1755455

What did your past male incel appearance look like? Was he hot in that "hey he looks mentally ill but still kind of cute" sort of way?

No. 1755458

This is some crazy shit nonna

No. 1755462

I’m not sure that this is unpopular but in my opinion trannyhands is the worst known sperg ever on here kek

No. 1755464

Because he's not fun at all, he's just illiterate

No. 1755468

”You’re being abused in this life because you abused someone in a previous life and therefore deserve it” is some absolutely psycho faux-spiritual cult shit.

No. 1755470

I am a womanlet so he has to be a manlet. I made him be 5'5". He wasn't ugly in a disfigured way but like the kinda guy who didn't apply himself, so he had acne and ratty dark clothes but also the potential to be cute. He's super skinny which is something he's insecure about (and something I like in guys).
He also wears a hat all the time purely because when I larped as him I would need something to hide my long hair under. I actually thought about cutting my hair like he would have it, but decided against it because I had a crush on a guy and didn't want him to think I was trooning out. I did dig through TiF resources about passing as male though, never because I genuinely thought I was a guy but just because I really liked skinwalking my hikki boy for fun.
Nowadays I'm very feminine and prefer to always wear dresses and stuff.

No. 1755471

100% isnt their hands. 100% is a random man claiming that those were his hands for attention and because he thinks he's the most hilarious person ever. His big fat ogre fingers are flattered at the thought of those being his hands.

No. 1755474

Class will always unite people more than cultural background ever will. But that doesn't mean they like each other.

No. 1755497

Yeah the other ones are funny at least

No. 1755515

I hate Americans on the internet so much, they all have this identical, histrionic, overly dramatic, facebok boomer way of expressing everything. They cant just say something like ‘I live in Encino County’ they’re like ‘Hiiiiii! I live in ENCINO COUNTY! The BEST country in the whole grand ol’ US of A! And if you disagree, we’ll kick your bear behind ;)’ Like can anyone explain why talking in this stupid argumentative silly boomer way is so popular in the US? Is it fluoride in their water supply that calcifies their brain or something?

No. 1755517

File: 1699258464599.jpg (36.42 KB, 500x377, b7eede112acaeed7d27d03f2d13c5c…)

No. 1755518

I was just going to ask if we could go back to making fun of Irish and Germans.

No. 1755519

I was a cow in my former life that’s why I’m drawn to this site.

No. 1755534

File: 1699261812457.jpg (373.78 KB, 1532x1016, 180326-obesitydata-1-editorial…)

Americans are fat.

No. 1755537

Judging by the models of those cars, the fact that it's a Georgia plate (diabetes capital), and the state of those fat asses… this photo is old enough that those people may be dead

No. 1755539

there's no point in this if they have no memory of their past life bullying behaviors. society spreads the idea that some people are inferior and makes them hate themselves, that's it.

No. 1755540

Many countries have now surpassed America in fatness though

No. 1755541

and so is most of the developed world, I say this as a non-North American.

No. 1755543

How is that an unpopular opinion? They've been obese by all metrics for two decades, if not more. They're only "less obese" relatively because the rest of the world is catching up.

No. 1755544

>Most white Americans are of Germanic/Nordic descent or Irish/British/Scottish descent
nona you're clearly confused about about what both "germanic" and "nordic" means kek

No. 1755549

People from Germany and some surrounding areas, including Nordic countries can be described as Germanic, people from Scandinavian countries and Finland can be described as Nordic since Scandinavian excludes Finnish people

No. 1755554

File: 1699264163202.jpeg (117.6 KB, 849x577, IMG_0667.jpeg)

Germans are fat.

No. 1755559

Nta but aren't the Finnish genetically completely unrelated to the Nordic people?

No. 1755560

ive noticed a lot of europeans are, even fatter than people in my area of bwrgerland, but ive noticed euros seethe whenever ive stated this

No. 1755562

Obesity is a virus that is spreading, in the past decade the lower classes in my shit hole nation have all gotten chubby as well, it's honestly kinda scary.

No. 1755563

Do you travel a lot around Europe?

No. 1755565

Someone keeps responding to posts he doesn’t like with “we don’t care” “we don’t give a fuck” to try and stop random anons from posting kek it’s so annoying. I see posts I don’t find personally interesting or funny all the time and I’ve never tried to minimod over it, that would just suck the fun out of the site for everyone else

No. 1755566

Surely this can't count as an opinion? It's either true or not true. Is the average German overweight? If so, sure. Though people still use BMI in 2023 so eh.

No. 1755567

It was in response to >>1755534
but yeah more than half of all Germans are overweight

No. 1755569

Do you have stretch marks?

No. 1755570

Because burgerland, as far as I know, at least has some kind of counterculture in fitness-and-diet in opposition of them getting fat, so maybe in bigger cities there are more fit people than in European big cities. While Europe started getting fat later and it's not shamed as hard yet. At least that's true for Eastern-Europe.

No. 1755571

Everyone has stretch marks of some kind

No. 1755574

this seems like a trick question tbh
"you don't KNOW the trauma and shame!"
"you are COPING you ugly FREAK"

No. 1755575

I’m not sure actually, I was just taught that “nordic” is preferable when speaking about race because it groups them all together. On that note though, if I’m remembering correctly most people of Nordic descent in America have Norwegian or Swedish ancestry, so I guess it doesn’t really matter. I think either Scandinavian or Nordic could both be used to describe them. maybe a Scandinavian can enlighten me

No. 1755581

Don't all women have stretch marks from puberty?

No. 1755593

File: 1699268233909.jpg (12.31 KB, 320x400, 473b68f5a5b865fb7085fd5ce5261f…)

If you are into looks and "aesthetics", it's much better to look like you could be a model than to actually be one. The actual industry treats women and young girls horribly.

No. 1755597

no, where are you getting this from? The Finnish language is completely different from the Nordic languages (which are Indo-European like almost all languages of Europe), but that has nothing to do with genetics.

No. 1755599

File: 1699269658168.png (583.96 KB, 850x1133, DSCF7667.png)

Yes and men too. It's only a woman thing to get super deep ones after kids sometimes but fat men can get those super deep ones too.It's very human but like all natural functions only women get shamed for it.

No. 1755606

I think it mostly happens Indian and African men though, cause shit diets and weird genetics.

No. 1755612

NTA but it's true, google it. Finns have the least genetic admixture with other European groups and more shared genes with Russians, Sámi and some central Asian peoples. If you look at the genetic map of Europe we are pretty isolated. Due to the isolation and subsequent inbreeding people with Finnish ancestors have a higher risk of a whole list of diseases.

No. 1755622

I don’t understand women who say the have issues with other people because they’re pretty. I saw this TikTok with a woman complaining that pretty girls get treated badly at work because other women are jealous and men are jealous because they can’t have them…have you ever just considered that those people just don’t like you and it has nothing to do with your looks? Your time at work and in other aspects of life would be worse if you didn’t fit the Eurocentric standard of beauty. Do they think average and ugly girls are just having a fantastic experience and everyone likes them? Like seriously stfu. I think a lot of women who know they are attractive think that it is impossible for people to be mean to them. They feel entitled to good treatment and if they don’t get it they start whining that everyone is jealous and they’re annoying.

No. 1755632

Plenty of beautiful women get treated well because they treat others well. They're just unpleasant attention whores who blame their supposed beauty for people treating them like shit when they have a bad attitude with everyone because mommy and daddy never taught them how to behave like normal human beings and not take out their own insecurities on others. And that's exactly what it is, insecurity, because these women made their looks their only value and will inevitably turn into nitpicky, body-shaming Karens once they get older because they never learned to get a hobby and a personality other than being prettier than other girls in the room. I don't know what they expect to get from placing their worth on something that you know for sure will eventually diminish, but I'm sure they don't think that far.

No. 1755634

File: 1699276592066.jpg (170.95 KB, 1200x1800, Cottage-Cheese-Breakfast-Bowl_…)

I don't understand why people hate cottage cheese. It's a nice snack.

No. 1755635

Samefag, forgot to add that a lot of those videos are just rage bait. They get engagement from it and the algorithm pushes them even harder so they get more views.

No. 1755638

It's great on a slice of bread with cinnamon and honey

No. 1755642

Cottage cheese is amazing I eat it almost every day. I like adding hot sauce to mine kek

No. 1755644

Some cottage cheeses taste like nothing. It can be difficult to find one that doesn't look like white moist tasteless cat food.

No. 1755645

Why do you assume that ever American soldier with PTSD killed civilians? And why do you assume that the few American soldiers who did kill civilians did so intentionally instead of accidentally? Fyi the American military has one of the least rates of civilian killings of any military in the world, most of the civilian killings in Iraq and Afghanistan were committed by terrorists groups which were Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda linked Islamist insurgents and the Taliban.

No. 1755647

nta i was with you at the beginning but you lost me like i have to laugh.
>Fyi the American military has one of the least rates of civilian killings of any military in the world
and where did you get that stat ?

No. 1755651

No. 1755657

You’re literally built different. lol

No. 1755695

I had a similar ‘belief’, except I was an AGP cursed to be just as miserable reborn as a real girl.
I never really believed it, it was just something I thought up with a sort of ‘it would make sense if this were the case’ attitude. I used to be in various hobbies where I was the only actual girl among a sea of troons and got assumed to be one too.

No. 1755699

I think it's okay to live with your parents until your early 20s because of school and saving up for your own place, but past 25 starts to get sketchy. Children need independence and parents need time to themselves. Living with them past 30 shouldnt be the norm. This is just my opinion though. I needed to live my mom's place at 18 or else I was going to lose it. It doesnt mean I didnt love her.

No. 1755727

It's becoming more normal where I'm from statistic wise because of money and although ideally we all get our own spaces blah blah I am completely fine with it, parents realistically in the world we live in now shouldn't become parents if they can't handle lifelong commitment. I've lived across the world and I love love love independence but I can't bring myself to be mad ASLONG as they have a job and they clean and all that.
Really if it's gonna change it's gonna be because housing gets cheaper/wages go up where I'm from, can't see that happening though. There are very few people who do it out of choice lmao.

No. 1755737

That's incredible. In order to work through your trauma, childhood you created a backstory to justify the punishment you received as a female bullied outcast. With no formal training, you created and implemented a plan of meditative and drawing therapy that worked. You would have been an amazing Buddhist monk.

No. 1755742

I don't either. Pretty sure it has to do with how fast you grew during puberty, I'm not even short but I never had a big growth spurt or anything like my male relatives, who do have stretch marks from puberty

No. 1755745

lolcow banners that end up being chosen, especially older porn ones, are a clear marker of mod being bitter moids

No. 1755751

>older porn ones, are a clear marker of mod being bitter moids
Go back

No. 1755754

It's still normal in a lot of cultures to live with your parents (and/or grandparents) until you're married, only then do you go live with your spouse. It's still a relatively new thing for young people to live alone even in the west. Humans are group/family oriented and most people do not do well mentally living on their own

No. 1755755

What are you talking about? All the current banners we have now are all the ones that were submitted at the last time they were updated. They don't pick and choose which banners to add.

No. 1755757

Samefag, actually there are a few OLD banners that weren't added but they weren't any different from the current banners.

No. 1755759

its always the retards who say shit like this who accuse everyone they don't like of being a newfag or a troon while larping as an oldfag. 2nded go back.

No. 1755762

I grew up with my parents and some grandparents in one home, I was kinda bewildered when I found out that most people have very sporadic interactions with their in-laws because for us it was 1 large family, not 2 separate families.

No. 1755783

My parents come from a culture just like and only have daughters but for people who aren't immigrants like them it's unthinkable to have their kids still at home unless they have no money, no job and are jobhunting or still studying. So it creates weird cultural gaps for me like my parents didn't help me go on an exchange program in uni as promised because "you're not married yet!! what if you talk to boys!!!" yet they're utterly shocked I'm still single even though it's obvious no man will date me until I get my own place. Unless he's a crazy muslim like my parents of course.

No. 1755787

i admired that anon for the same reasons, but wasn't sure how to say it lol

No. 1755788

I still love the sequel characters and wish they would do something with them again, if the prequels can go from being hated to loved and being milked so much then there’s hope for me that they’ll just put out total rewrites of the interesting characters like Finn and Captain Phasma.

No. 1755790

for me it's because of the texture and smell, it reminds me of vomit and yeast infections

No. 1755791

there was actually one that was recently added. I think it was this year, or the year before. It was this weird cow-human hybrid (cow with a blonde wig) getting milked and blushing, while a girl with black hair milked her.

No. 1755797

It was a girl milking her? Thank goondness, i thought it was some hentai moid, and i really hated that banner lol

No. 1755799

That's not recent, it was added two years ago

No. 1755809

two years ago is recent here, newfag

No. 1755817

I know who you’re talking about. He’ll get bored eventually

No. 1755818

If you're talking about the "you like getting milked" one, that was added years ago. It's one of the older banners.

No. 1755839

I've been here for six years. Idk my concept of time is just fucked.

No. 1755842

I didn't mean the black and white manga one. I was talking about the coloured one btw

No. 1755921

Late but I think it's that Germanic includes what you've said + English, and the Scots and Irish are Celtic peoples to more completely describe what the other anon got wrong. Norwegians, Swedes, and Danes are all Nordic and all Germanic, while the Finns are Nordic but not Germanic, and the Icelanders are Nordic but Germanic and Celtic admixed.

No. 1755925

I'm starting to realise that most "discrimination" doesn't come from a knew jerk blind hatred. Where's there's smoke there's fire. I never understood why people hated the Irish but after living here for 6 months, I see it. Today I saw a father punch his defenceless infant in a stroller repeatedly. Like it was nothing and normal. The people here act like literal animals.

No. 1755947

2 years is an incredibly long time what are you a fucking vampire???

No. 1755948

Yeah. My ethnicity is also hated by many but its warranted tbh because I literally live here and I can confirm all the stereotypes are true, people ain't making shit up. The moment they went to other countries the internal degeneration hidden by our commie government became apparent to everyone else, specially the misogyny, laziness, vulgarity and rampant child abuse very similar to what you just described

No. 1755962

Stereotypes are kind of true sometimes. I am a Mexican and I have 12 siblings

No. 1755977

What the fuck I would tear that man’s arm off

No. 1755995

What country?

No. 1755998

Wow, that will shatter the hearts of Americans.

No. 1756007

Original anon, sorry I didn’t realize people from the UK were considered Germanic. I said Germanic/Nordic because Swiss, Austrian, Dutch and Belgian people are also considered Germanic but not Nordic

No. 1756011

I'm English and on my 23&Me it says I am 16.6% French & German kek idk if that relates at all

No. 1756012

Just a little DNA that mixed in during the occupation, nothing major

No. 1756014

File: 1699304568996.jpg (556.01 KB, 1170x1564, IMG_3713.jpg)

No. 1756015

Ou she’s a celery

No. 1756018

Hollywood loves showing interracial couples where the male is white because any couple where the man is not white is way less accepted by society, meanwhile white dudes get to indulge the fantasy that they are universally wanted by every race of women

No. 1756025

Weren't the germanic and celtic populations mixed up since a looong time before that? Actually I read that the distinction between the two populations came from the roman emperor at the time.

No. 1756026

I've been seeing this so often but didn't know how to explain why it annoyed me, thank you anon. I've been watching a couple American cartoons lately and literally every couple is white man with nonwhite woman. but there is never a white woman shown with nonwhite man. It was rubbing me the wrong way and couldn't figure out until now.

No. 1756030

its because society still places races in "classes". Its acceptable for a man to "date down" (white man dating woman of color) but it's less acceptable for a woman to "date down" (white woman dating man of color). Plus the white men running the show are obviously put off by men of other races "stealing white women". Its all about ownership of women basically, we're not allowed to have a will of our own.

No. 1756033

My unpopular opinion is that if Killian Murphy had actually been born as a female instead of a male, she would have been really pretty

No. 1756036

I was in Ireland for a bit and i thought the people were really nice, though the travelers were trashy kek

No. 1756044

Having stuffed animals as an adult is not cringe and never will be. I don’t get how it’s normal and basically acceptable at this point to have sex toys but a plushie that’s nice to look at is somehow embarrassing

No. 1756048

Star VS is an exception, I think

No. 1756080

i can only think of 2 movies with a non-white male in an interracial relationship and they are the big sick and save the last dance

No. 1756096

All very true. I won't go into too much detail since I'm not feeling all that great but European DNA in African-Americans is patrilineally linked (not a biologist so don't know the exact terms), and IIRC during Jim Crow there were some states with laws that allowed cohabitation of a white man and a nonwhite woman but not the other way around.

No. 1756371

Having any kind of fetish at all is gross and weird. What the fuck are you doing, gooning yourself at pictures of little anime school boys? How is that any different from neckbeard coomers milking their prostates at loli? Should be ashamed

No. 1756380

File: 1699317899880.jpeg (256.2 KB, 1170x635, IMG_7047.jpeg)

Scrote sex talk like this is really fucking annoying. Like shut up or please take it to a different thread some of us just want to post dumb shit that isn’t sex centric. It reads like some kid is going though a fujo phase after reading his first smut fanfic.

No. 1756388

>kid going through a fujo phase after reading his first smut fanfic
No. Males don't even read smut.

No. 1756391

Are you really sure that males don’t consume all the sex content they can find? Be honest with yourself, really.

No. 1756393

Written smut has been female dominated for ages.

No. 1756396

ata but sorry I didn’t know what the word fujo mean I assume it’s like the hentai/anime porn obsessed version of faggot. I’m not really seasoned on porn terminology

No. 1756399

Right, and pornographic content (written and medial) is almost entirely consumed by men. Nobody’s stripping anyone’s title of “porn author” just by mentioning that these moid-like comments are getting oversaturated.

No. 1756405

Fascinating to learn that a lot of anons problem with coomers was the masturbation not the misogyny. Male coomers are by default misogynists but I do not give a shit about female coomers unless they too are misogynists(femsub bdsmfags, ddlg, etc)

No. 1756406

Nta but you're lying to yourself if you really believe it's mostly men consuming smut and fanfiction, and not women.

No. 1756408

fujoshi is Japanese for "rotten girl". It refers to female fans of boy's love content

No. 1756409

It’s being discussed in the mentioned thread right now now the majority of this type of content is produced by males though? It is of scrotes, for scrotes, by scrotes kek

No. 1756410

Please don't talk about things you don't know. Also, women aren't pure virginal creatures without desire. Written smut is a perfectly acceptable outlet for sexual feelings

No. 1756413

Nobody ever said that you shouldn’t be allowed to do that or that women don’t do that. What I’m saying is that it’s really fucking annoying for everyone else to have to see your horny diary entries all over multiple threads. It’s really not hard to practice some decency.
Being sex obsessed is unhealthy and incredibly obnoxious whether you’re male or female. It’s one thing to have private lust issues, but nobody else is asking to read about it in the dumbass shit thread. The thread hasn’t even been up for a day and it’s already full of the same scrotish shit talk that the last one was. It literally is reading like troons being pornsick, no matter how you bend it.

No. 1756415

Anon, males are barely literate. For real, there's no reason why well-written smut would interest any of them. Reading is for girls and women.
>porn terminology
You're thinking of yaoi

No. 1756423

Aren’t there separate containment threads for both anyways though. And if there aren’t, I don’t see why there shouldn’t be.

No. 1756424

I'll start caring about female coomers when they make up a anything but a miniscule percentage of sex crimes, or when women are the ones ruining relationships due to porn addiction, not men. The girls can have their smut

No. 1756426

At least keep your coom material to yourself. You're just like men who follow OF girls on their public accounts.

No. 1756428

I never said the girls can’t have their smut, all I ever said was that it’s obnoxious kek. Buy a diary.

No. 1756429

fujo (short fujoshi) means specifically a woman obsessed with yaoi ( material featuring male on male content, written by and for women)
not to be confused wwith yumes (yumejoshi) who like content figuring themselves or a character they can self-insert into, paired with a fictional character (usually male).
the two types frequently fight each other here so you've probably seen fujos being called coomers but the terms are not equivalent.

majority of fanfic authors are women but men do write and read smut. their content is generally really easy to spot, it's usually extremely unrealistic fetish porn without a plot and the writing style is a dead giveaway (expect H-cups and footlong dicks).
honestly i agree wwith you, i'm fujo-adjacent but the constant horny talk in every other thread is annpoyijg. there's /g/ for that, the dumbass shit thread should be light hearted

No. 1756432

You don’t have to commit a crime or ruin relationships in your life to have a problem with consuming porn. If those are your mile markers for being considered unwell, then you have some growing to do.

No. 1756433

Non-weebs should be banned

No. 1756437

It’s more that there are many appropriate outlets for horny diary entries on this website and the yaoi spammers come off like newfags who don’t know where to put it. I love yaoi and would love to get some discussion going with some fellow Fujos on /m/ but not here wtf that’s not what the off topic board is for, there’s literally a topical thread on the right board for it

No. 1756439

Exactly! And /g/ is very slow most of the time as it is, so it would probably be a nice change to redirect the horny posting about drawings to a different board.

No. 1756442

Oh so I was right. Fujo does essentially mean pornsick. Good.

No. 1756443

/g/ is literally where it belongs but hornyposters are baiting and looking for attention, that's why they post in /ot/ instead

No. 1756449

I actually would like if guys would approach me at the grocery store, gym, hobby groups or conferences. Where else am I supposed to find guys? The bar? That’s the worst place. At least at some of the other options we would actually have something in common.

No. 1756458

Actually, the only thing that will cure the problem is a designated fujo vs yume combined sperging thread imo. They want attention and fights from their sisters/rivals mostly.

No. 1756459

Wanting to see more anime boys in otome/josei media being covered in wounds and crying and being cared for isn't "scrote sex talk" Go back to radblr or something kek

No. 1756503

I mean yeah it does sound kind of like a scrotish fantasy, just based off the words used. Fantasizing about whiteknighting and mommying some tiny little anime boy covered in scars and wounds and cum? Be so fr right now kek oh my goodness(be so fr rn and i oop)

No. 1756509

It's so fucking creepy they need to stay in containment

No. 1756510

Yeah scrotes really fantasize about that

No. 1756514

bno you weren't. not all fujos are porn addicts (it means enjoying m/m content in general) and most porn addicts aren't fujos. but you clearly can't read so idk why i even bother

No. 1756521

You really think neckbeards aren’t fantasizing about having some tiny nyaaing bruised fragile doll girl to cuddle up? Come on nonnarita. We’re on the internet. You can find posts about that exact type of shit just by typing it up into the search bar.

No. 1756524

>fujo (short fujoshi) means specifically a woman obsessed with yaoi ( material featuring male on male on male content
So a woman obsessed with manga porn. That’s being pornsick.(bait)

No. 1756533

Literally, there isn't a single woman who identified as a fujoshi that doesn't hoard tons of illustrated porn

No. 1756568

Fujos don't fantasize about girls

No. 1756580

Many men deserve to be cheated on.

No. 1756582

i hate normalfags go back to twitter

No. 1756584

Right that’s why I said neckbeard and not fujo, reading comprehensionchan

No. 1756597

I think most of them do

No. 1756602

>be so fr
Please go back. Also, I never said cum. Quit projecting

No. 1756606

You might wanna lurk moar because the screenshot provided was referring to the fantasies of little boys covered in bruises and semen. They wrote it, not me.

No. 1756612

>reading comprehensionchan
Tacking 'chan' onto everything to hide that you're new doesn't make your insults funnier or more witty

No. 1756620

Getting very defensive all because you didn’t read the post

No. 1756623

Not even what lurking means

No. 1756629

Lurking just means reading the thread. Author a lolcow dictionary if you wanna minimod how people use terminology.

No. 1756633

I'm only talking about the first post in the screenshot, the one about wanting more cute injured boys in otome games. That's the post I wrote. I thought it was weird to say it was "scrotish sex talk" when it wasn't even sexual. Also who brought up little boys? Nobody ever said anything about little boys, you're just projecting and making shit up at this point.

No. 1756637

I'm nta. You're going to have to find a new argument.

No. 1756639

>stop being pornsick in the thread it’s annoying
>it’s not porn
>if it’s not porn then what is it
>male on male sexual content
>ugh whatever you don’t even know what words your using

Very graceful, y’all. Just stop posting about porn in threads where that’s not the topic at hand. There’s nothing wrong with posting about it in /g/ though, that’s the whole reason it exists!

No. 1756641

Not even what minimodding is

No. 1756642

Yaoi is sexual though. Do you even know what we’re talking about??

No. 1756656

The post I was responding to was sexual but my post, the only post I'm even talking about here, which was about about yume content, was not sexual. Which was why I thought it was weird that it was in the screenshot. That's what I'm trying to get at.

No. 1756721

If we started banning yaoiposting they'd have to swarm somewhere else and we would be free.

No. 1756738

right it's not like yumes ever post horny shit about their husbandos or anything

No. 1756757

when someone tells you to "lurk more" they are telling you to familiarize yourself with chan culture before you come in here and shit up the thread some more

No. 1756759

Yumes haven't posted a single pic in the duration of this shitshow tho

No. 1756792

nit my point. i knwo fujos can be annoying but it's ridiculous to act like all the bad posts on lc will be fixed by gerring rid of muh ebil foojos when husbandofags also do their fair share of hornyposting.

No. 1756816

>I didn’t know what the word fujo mean
How did you even find this website? I didn’t think they let toddlers use the internet unsupervised. Here, I think this is more your speed.

No. 1756828

They do so in their own threads not at /ot/, after the rancefag incident they've been laying low. They ain't bothering nobody what are you going to ban them for if they don't even post out of their thread?

No. 1756854

I don’t know what fujo means because I’m not a weeb

No. 1756858

They are well aware what a fujo is, they just wanted to carry their sperging from the dumbass shit thread to this thread too. Because apparently the antifujo thread is not enough.

No. 1756859

>you must be a child if you’re not familiar with porn
Well I’d hope children aren’t familiar with porn. This isn’t really the read you think it was

No. 1756869

Stop trying to pretend you're oppressed, we hate you bitch.

No. 1756878

Take a deep breath, maybe also take a walk outside. This is just an anonymous imageboard.

No. 1756885

No she's right, I hate you you're insufferable

No. 1756893

Who’s opressed? Fujos?

No. 1756896

Thats what they think. They're whining about how we are trying to silence them.

No. 1756897

File: 1699327653688.jpeg (124.95 KB, 960x949, 1684449107402.jpeg)

i hate when twitterfags try to make this imageboard into twitter part 2 kek

No. 1756903

That is the most pinterest meme I've seen on this board so far, and I'm not even trying to piss you off.

No. 1756919

>recognizing "pinterest memes"
i saved it from here, so that's a you problem

No. 1756924

Nta but it's an ironic meme that's been shared on here several times over the course of like at least three or four years. You need to relax.

No. 1756991


No. 1756993

>you know what a pinterest meme is! Pinterestfag!
Whatever floats your cope.
>you need to relax
I'm feeling calm. So far I attracted two triggered anons though lol

No. 1756998

I havent been a fujo since 2015 but I support the troops

No. 1757007

Why are you projecting so much, kek? Not everyone here is a Pinterest gooner (ie sees random pictures and thinks "pinterest" unprompted), that's all.

No. 1757019

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with pinterest memes that’s my unpopular opinion

No. 1757030

You probably saved it from the twitterfags you hate so much then

No. 1757035

>writing an entire paragraph over me just saying that your meme looks really pinteresty
Is this the highlight of your night?

No. 1757036

File: 1699330157512.png (110.6 KB, 720x1042, IMG_20231106_220857.png)

No. 1757044

ntayrt but it's just two sentences

No. 1757047

Attention span on zero tonight, huh? I believe in supporting low IQ nonas, so I won't mock you

No. 1757058

it's probably twitter (and pinterest) brainrot in action. you have to use short phrases like "no cap", "be fr bestie" and one sentence per post or it's just too much reading, kek.

No. 1757064

Nta but you can literally see that they saved it from here in the filename. Get a grip.

No. 1757071

It's ugly cringe Pinterest tier Twitterfag humor anyway

No. 1757074

Just because she saved it from here doesn't mean it originally doesn't come from a twitterfag, duh

No. 1757077

No. 1757081

File: 1699330943222.jpg (43.46 KB, 735x520, 204fe7e90f270a36c228f1ee1a9d1f…)

I love Pinterest, it's a good resource for many things

No. 1757082

It doesn’t really matter this much

No. 1757083

Welcome to the farms

No. 1757084

Bring back smexy

No. 1757087

i'm bringing smexy back (yeah)

No. 1757092

Thank you this is literally exactly what I wanted. I hope all of your dreams come true.

No. 1757096

Agreed also I love your picture. Nonnies should embrace the pinterest cringe instead of denying it

No. 1757100

I don't want to end up thinking of two sentences as a paragraph, though.

No. 1757102

File: 1699331226273.jpg (56.29 KB, 640x360, 81f44e424fddcdf18360acd1f0f9fd…)

You get me

No. 1757151

Sorry, I don't really read pointlessly chimped out posts. I'm sure your EQ is high in the single digit range though.

No. 1757166

>Sorry, I don't really read
Yeah we know lol. Chill already, it's not a big deal.

No. 1757170

>some more random bullshit I know I'm not gonna read
You're talking to a blind bitch rn.

No. 1757171

I’m chimping

No. 1757177

Unbunch your panties. I know that shit's wadded the fuck up.

No. 1757187

No. 1757242

>At least keep your coom material to yourself. You're just like men who follow OF girls on their public accounts.
Nta or even in this discussion but you're just like depraved males who commit mass crime and humiliate real women for liking stupid fictional gay shit on the internet and posting about it. Not even comparable. I can't imagine hating women for deferring real violent males for make believe. Defending males this much by equivocating their heinous shit to the innocuous behavior of women must be difficult and soul crushing. Grim.

No. 1757305

yeah i don't get why pol insist women getting off to some dumb fanfic is as bad as men supporting pornography and prostitution affecting real live women.
the anime men are made of pixels they aren't getting trafficked

No. 1757328

It doesn’t really read as defending them though it’s more like expressing disgust for both parties

No. 1757547

Even though I get where that argument is coming from, I don't think focusing on the personal effects porn has on people it's selfish or a bad take at all. Porn addiction recalibrates your brain the same way drugs do and fries your dopamine receptors, and men aren't the only ones whose minds get damaged by porn, kids and women aren't immune to its effects so I think talking about it is not only good but one of the first steps to destroy the porn industry's grasp on society. We need to tackle this as the addiction it is, make people aware of the violence going on in the industry and health issues they're causing themselves by supporting it

No. 1757555

WHY didn't you spoiler thisss
my God I'm never having kids

No. 1757569

The cheater is 100% to blame for cheating unless coercion is involved.

No. 1757588

Nah it's just more noticeable on darker skin. But bad diet can make it worse.
I doubt you have none, I swear 99% of people will have small stretch marks that arent very noticeable and are small on their hips/boobs/butt and men usually have it on their hips, back and shoulders.

No. 1757616

Most of the time it’s for no reason. My ex mother in law is Chinese and has never seen or talked to a black person irl but had an issue with me because I’m black lol

No. 1757633

Pepsi is better then coca cola

No. 1757637

Please explain their taste profiles in detail, you have to back up claims like this with data

No. 1757657


No. 1757673

Pepsi Max is the best cola of all.

No. 1757675

I want detailed flavor profiles or I'm putting you both in the slammer

No. 1757682

File: 1699365444268.jpeg (39.51 KB, 408x612, E7B9092E-A7F0-456E-90B5-9B5D47…)

Most people didn’t like Britney Spears because she had the pretty cheerleader look. Men were bitter because those girls never wanted to fuck them in high school and women were bitter because they never got to be her in high school. Most of the hate Britney got is because people never getting over their high school trauma.

No. 1757684

She was my first CD and I love her forever

No. 1757687

It’s the same old story, famous women are hated the second they become famous regardless of what they do.
Meanwhile famous moids will get their dicks sucked figuratively and literally for being the worst of the worst.

No. 1757689

Diet coke is better then normal coke but pepsi is better then both of them

No. 1757700

Pepsi Max: sweet, complex, obsidian nectar with lots of great flavour combos (lime is good, raspberry is good, even mango is good). No sugar. Good light sparkly fizz but even good flat.
Coca-cola: colour of tobacco spit, watery, weak fizz. Sweet but no depth of flavour. Literal sugar water.

No. 1757703

I vividly remember people hating Brittney (Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, et al) because they were "bimbos" who were vapid and so didn't deserve their money nor fame.
Their looks were never a debate, they were regarded as universally hot and many women at the time emulated them, and well, men have always acted entitled towards women out of their league.

No. 1757704

That's all I wanted thank you miss

No. 1757707

Yeah, i noticed pepsi is more fizzy too. Don't know about the other parts KEK i prefer Coca Cola for aesthetics, Pepsi is too y2k

No. 1757712

Not totally related to the topic but I get legit angry when I think of how publicly fatshamed Lindsey was when she had a really cute and not at all fat figure. She became that scary ana coke waif and it still makes me mad and sad to think about. Once I was watching Mean Girls w my extended fam on thanksgiving probably like 2010 and my aunt made a comment about how fat she was compared to the other girls in that hallway walk scene. It made me livid and I ripped her a new one over it. 2000s beauty standards coming back is so bleak tbh. It’s about to be tanorexic with implants central again I just know it.

No. 1757720

File: 1699369610847.jpg (106.31 KB, 500x500, artworks-xDw8RdWiLyr5JzFm-DH4E…)

Lolcow users are Psychopathic Geniuses.

Only 1/30,000 people are 160+ IQ, and only 1% of the population has psychopathy. Assuming probabilistic independence, about 1/3,000,000 of the population satisfy both criteria meaning there are only around 2500 of us in the world.

Every human interaction induces a game. The player who wants to win the most sets the rules. Affective empathy and other neuroticism set the bar for your capacity to take action. This bar is concerningly low for most people, bordering on the self-sacrificial if not outright masochistic. In effect, when faced with a purely rational opponent such a person can never win. No intelligence makes one impotent, no lack of affective empathy and other irrational biases makes one incapable of competing at the extremes. In this sense, us psychopathic geniuses are the ideal people, a superior people.

We labour to create an engaging environment for such extraordinarily esoteric people–a place free from the impotence of the ordinary, a place free from the irrationality of neurotypicals. We may look friendly on the surface, but make no mistake–there are no lengths we wont go to if you piss us off. Think about it.

No. 1757722

Pepsi is meant to be drank cold with a hot fatty meal (pizza/wings) as a palate cleanser, while coke is meant to be drank warm (not just room temp, around 80 degrees) with salty foods like soup or peanuts.
You'll still probably like your favorites, most people still have a preference for one or the other, but you're not drinking the full effect unless you drink them the way they were made to be drank.

No. 1757723

This is unpopular and wrong because I'm not a genius. In fact, looking at the multi thread fujo fighting, I'm going to guess that neither are a lot of other women here.

No. 1757725

File: 1699370040834.jpeg (14.92 KB, 275x222, 1658731612879.jpeg)

>We labour to create an engaging environment for such extraordinarily esoteric people–a place free from the impotence of the ordinary, a place free from the irrationality of neurotypicals. We may look friendly on the surface, but make no mistake–there are no lengths we wont go to if you piss us off. Think about it.
Nigga no, it's just a bunch of femcels whining about not having a boyfriend, their parents not loving them, their friends being mean to them, and getting into the most retarded infights like over a celebrity's makeup choice and whether or not a joke was funny. Lolcow isn't some grand IQ test, it's not even worth a basic bitch quiz question. If anything, people seem to come here when they're at either their most pathetic, or retarded.

No. 1757726

i really don't think the average image board poster, be it lolcow or any other board, is in any way intelligent kek

No. 1757727

Actually I'm fucking stupid. Also in what universe does this website 'look friendly on the surface'? It's radioactive.

No. 1757740

Wait how did you find out coke is meant to be consumed at such a high temp?? Kek

No. 1757747

Coke is so good at relieving my acid reflux, and it’s best room temp. while a little flat.

No. 1757752

The serious replies to this make me feel like I woke up from my nap in the world of Idiocracy

No. 1757753

That's just how I was taught to drink it. It makes sense though, it's a southern drink invented before the widespread use of fridges.
Here here. I jump straight to coke syrup if I have a terrible stomach ache, fixes it every time.

No. 1757755

Same, it's genuinely bizarre. I think maybe people come in this thread looking for something to argue with, regardless of how stupid it is.

No. 1757763

File: 1699372180091.jpg (45.48 KB, 703x1200, 79761c50e5af360144720cd51f69ef…)

I dont know about the rest of you, but I , in fact, AM a genius and there's nothing you can do to discredit my self-evaluation.

No. 1757774

File: 1699372888297.jpeg (32.63 KB, 416x403, IMG_1970.jpeg)

No. 1757777

File: 1699373143488.jpg (74.11 KB, 703x1200, 1699372180091.jpg)

Until I opened up your picture and could read the writing, this is what I thought it said.

No. 1757785

If I see a white guy with a non white woman I assume he’s a massive loser who has some major physical or personality defect that he couldn’t get an attractive white woman (and I think secretly most people do too, based on hearing opinions of onlookers)

Women date for love mostly, but men basically just date whoever wil put up with their bullshit, and most white guys who date non white women have so much bullshit about them that no self loving woman with options will tolerate him(racebait)

No. 1757787

Disagree, pepsi tastes like ass

No. 1757790

The countries they colonised are still shitholes tho and they don’t have much infrastructure

No. 1757800

File: 1699374354075.jpg (49.51 KB, 500x500, artworks-sEURXXuATajCS0gx-dDo0…)

I said it before and attracted a bunch of highly triggered black anons who wanted to defend the guy in a situation like this just because he was black, but I don't take it back and I will say it again even if it cops me a ban for "racebaiting".
In my personal experience, men who fetishize asians are always such enormous losers and creeps. I've seen an asian coworker get harassed by a super autistic dork about how much he loved "asians and their Japanese culture" even though the girl was Thai, I've seen an asian girl have to awkwardly turn down an ugly, overweight male in public when he asked her four fucking times to go on a date, and I witnessed a bottom barrel black and self proclaimed "geek" try to hit on another Chinese girl even though she made it clear to the friend group that she was a lesbian, and this was even though he already had a fucking girlfriend. White guys seem to be the most guilty of it, but even black guys will try it even though most asian women want less to do with them than white guys.

No. 1757805

America is obsessed with race and it's unhealthy.

No. 1757819

Look at the laws in Cali. It's bad.

No. 1757844

Thought this was the cover of milk and honey for a sec

No. 1757851

some anons will post shit like this, then swear they're not deranged/race-obsessed and that they don't hate women of other races kek

No. 1757852


I mean, I don't think you're wrong tbh. But I think it's the same for women, especially when you see a big dumpy white woman with her pencil stick Tyrone.


I think foreigners are more obsessed tbh. Half the time they've never even interacted with minorities yet they all have a sudden interest in race relations m in America it makes sense because the country is basically a melting pot, so you're going to be interacting with a lot more minorities from a lot of different countries in somewhere like Cali vs bumfuck nowhere, yuroop. Some of the most weird and racist fuckers I've come across are randoms that have never seen the minority they allegedly hate so much in person except that one time at the airport.

No. 1757860

Here's a mini game. When a European says they're less racist than Americans, just ask them what they think about gypsies.

No. 1757874

No. 1757902

The bunch of autistic, mentally ill and narcissistic weirdos that are getting sterilized because of the trans fad is a good thing

No. 1757908

We probably got namedropped on /pol/ again.

No. 1757915

Yeah but there's so many men who wait until after they get a woman pregnant to troon out…

No. 1757950

and there's a lot of tifs who get pregnant too

No. 1758037

The op and the first reply were stealth race bait. There's been a troll on here persistently trying to promote division between women along racial lines across multiple threads. They'll make a comment that's spicy but ultimately sounds innocuous or harmless to draw people in, then they reply with a sock puppet that posts more inflammatory content to start the in-fight.

My unpopular opinion: There should be a hard limit to the amount of development in counties that have a lot of beautiful natural scenery. The developers in my area are actively destroying the semi-bucolic areas to throw up an excessive amount of poorly built apt.s and homes that destroy existing residents' view of the mountains or access to what's left of the natural scenery in the district. Further, formerly 1- and 2-lane roads have been widened to 4-lane roads, so there's congestion everywhere, at all times of the day and the area is less walkable. I wouldn't be as bitter if they're were doing this to accommodate the average millennial, working class, or lower middle class worker but they're not. The price for these new builds are starting in +$600k-$700K for the bare minimum.

All of this has a negative impact on quality of life and property values. If there's not enough space after a reasonable amount of residential development within a district, then newcomers can move to a different district within the county or into a completely different county. Yes, I'm selfish and proposing something that's likely highly impractical but IDC.

No. 1758044

File: 1699387011065.png (1.2 MB, 1067x707, Blog-Peas-3.png)

Peas are really nice to eat. People only hate them because their parents suck at cooking, or because it's fun to hate them.

No. 1758057

I want peas on pod stir fried

No. 1758061

File: 1699387706393.jpg (129.94 KB, 600x900, Beef-Stir-Fry-blog-featured-1.…)

No. 1758079

This is so beautiful

No. 1758089

>The op and the first reply were stealth race bait.
Isn't it weird how we can never confirm how a poster is a woman, but when a male invades the board, you definitely note. The number of race baity misogynistic posts go up. And not in the same way each time either. It's like males live in such a different world, that it never even occurs to them that what they've just written is unhinged.

No. 1758094

They were never really going to have a chance anyway, autists are a sterile caste of people, they basically used to pack into monasteries.

But the difference is their health falls apart faster on the tranny meds/"titty skittles" and they become bigger tax burdens.

No. 1758118

back then society put autists to use by making them learn latin and greek and decode old manuscripts, now they're just cooming

No. 1758145

Would the modern equivalent of this be? I’m looking for ideas on where to go

No. 1758177

become a nun

No. 1758187

Maybe an archivist?

No. 1758200

understand in depth video game lore

No. 1758223

File: 1699394934751.jpeg (8.58 KB, 225x225, Unknown.jpeg)

ok, that's it, I'm terminally old now

No. 1758228

Are nuns restricted in what they do? Also what if you’re atheist or something. I also hate priests/fathers/whatever.
Archivist jobs are hard to find ime, and they don’t pay very well.
I can’t really get into videogames I wish I did my life would be so much easier.

No. 1758316

a classicist. But you'd need a PhD and original thoughts, talent for writing. But you can also work in library science, specializing in rare books, incunabula, and manuscripts. That's possible with a specialized master's degree. Best to have at least Latin and a modern language other than English; Greek would make you more hireable but it takes more time to learn.

No. 1758333

I'm still traumatized from early 2000s beauty standards. And agreed Lindsey had a healthy attractive body back then. Truly feel sorry for how she was treated.

No. 1758334

nayrt but i had never heard this word before and that there is a word for books printed before 1500 is the coolest thing i've seen all day. thank you library anon!

No. 1758340

I saw a video that had clips of different media bullying and shaming Britney Spears throughout the years. Brought tears to my eyes. Chris Crocker was 100% right.

No. 1758367

happy to share it! You can also say "incunables." I do a lot of research with very old stuff. Actually there's a surprising number of things that haven't even been properly catalogued, let alone read or studied. But you have to do a lot of digging and investigation to figure out what's worth work and what isn't. It's fun when you find something, I can say that much. Also learning to read old manuscripts is great work for certain kinds of detail-oriented ppl (or idk adhd in-the-zone workers - if you understand, you understand). There's stuff to transcribe in modern languages as well.

we could have a word thread if you want, I love learning and sharing words.

No. 1758500

I just hate everything that is modern pop because I think that the music sucks. Hated Backstreet Boys too and I hate that red haired dude from Brittain now and the pop celebs from the US that replaced brittney.

No. 1758528

File: 1699412137576.jpg (42.32 KB, 554x471, EB20040430REVIEWS404300306AR.j…)

I looked it up because I never at all thought she was chubby and she looks the same as the other girls just bigger boobs lol. Never had an eating disorder so I don't zone in on these things and am always blown away how people look at someone who looks good and says they're fat. I'm autistic so maybe that's why kek it's like trying to mind read what random attribute normies hate

No. 1758530

They all look incredible. I would have killed for their figures as a chubby teen girl. The early 2000s did so much damage to women's self image.

No. 1758537

I think the raw milk/carnivore diets are a reaction from the COVID hypochondriacs who completely overestimated how much germs actually spread. peak COVID I once got bombarded with hate for jogging outside with no one else around because some cars were passing. Although it is funny seeing people swear up and down raw milk can and will make you sick and literal babies are drinking it and being perfectly healthy

also - cashmere is itchy and uncomfortable

No. 1758538

im the OP in the original post talking about hollywood and im not a moid and im not a race baiter. just a woman in an interracial relationship that hates seeing things portrayed so one-sided

No. 1758551

File: 1699414945123.png (6.07 MB, 2216x2717, mean girls.png)

Gretchen's shoes in that pic just reminded me, they wear oversized shoes in some pictures/scenes and I can never unsee it.

No. 1758563

So many times when I’ve said I’m American when introducing myself to a German they had something to say about it. They are insufferable

No. 1758575

paris was the one trashing britney, lindsey, and basically every other woman in existence too tbf

No. 1758597

this just makes me think about how bizarre it is that zoomers love the fuck out of Paris. they would probably shit themselves if they actually heard the stuff she would say back in the day. no hate really to zoomers but cmon now

No. 1758609

I wonder if this choice was intentional or just something sloppy they let pass

No. 1758689

yehp thats me

No. 1758707

Condolences for being in social situations in which you are forced to speak to those "people"

No. 1758712

this ain't dumbass shit thread

No. 1758719

No, French people hate France.

No. 1758721

File: 1699427492375.jpeg (80.33 KB, 732x546, IMG_0766.jpeg)

The way people treated Britney was insane and she absolutely didn’t do anything to deserve it. Picrel is her with Jaime at a basketball game, after the entire stadium of fans booed her for no reason. She was just trying to do something fun with her sister.

No. 1758757

In her memoir she mentioned how male celebrities could do all the drugs they wanted, have as much sex as they wanted and just be unpleasant people in general and it wasn't a big deal, but she gets angry in the midst of PPD once and she's put under a conservatorship meant for retards by her greedy alcoholic father. Fuck this world fr.

No. 1758782

Older kids in strollers. They always look mortified. Definitely healthy. I see them jump out, walk and run around the park for hours.

No. 1758955

People are insane, she's just purposefully frumpy compared to the other girls.

No. 1758963

I’ve never gotten the mindset of people that are anti-pasteurized milk, it’s literally just boiling and then cooling the milk. You miss out on some vitamin c, but the trade-off is not catching diseases like e. coli and listeria. To be honest I probably wouldn’t care if they didn’t act like they’re ultra-badasses for drinking raw milk. They’re almost as cringe as those people that think they’re counter-culture rebels for getting married and having kids.

No. 1758964


No. 1758973

I never knew this happened. Holy shit man. Men act like being beautiful affords you all this social currency. It can be a awful curse. Brittany never even made any huge rude or controversial statements about anyone.
She was a 100% right and is still right. Look at how Taylor Swift was treated for "having too many boyfriends" while males go around shoving their dick in anything that moves and it's just normal and fine.

No. 1758974

Idk if women are the same way but men date women they wish they looked like. For example if a man is a dark skin black man with really African features and is obsessed with light skin women with tiny features that’s what he wishes he could look like. Most men won’t admit this but they date women with features they wish they had.

No. 1758977

That’s true, men are all jealous of women and date women who they literally want to be in both looks and personality/lifestyle

No. 1758978

>"That can't be true because you look nothing like . . ."
>trails off
Thanks anon.

No. 1758980

>I never at all thought she was chubby
Me either. The worse part was when those celebs got called fat for looking healthy many of those celebs got eating disorders and then the media mocked them for being anorexic.

No. 1758983

I think that’s also why men find it so hard to get close to women because if a woman doesn’t look or act like he wishes he could be he won’t give a shit about her life even if he finds her physically attractive

No. 1758986

Tradwife here, it's actually about medicinal best practice when using it for butter poultices, it does impact the way compounds are extravted by the butter, and in fact denatures what you may wish to extract thigns with (fat exctracts fat, water extracts water, as you know) so the ratio and chemical make up is quite important. Most crusty girls spouting such shite are not making butter poultices or using milk for cheese, or at all beyond drinking, and need to shut up as its making the normal rural women look bad. Everyone should dink preboiled milk and most cultures up until today would gag if you said you didn't. Mouth-to-teet is moid noble savage fantasy shit

No. 1758987

Germans are jealous of Americans and they’ll never admit it

No. 1758988

My keyboard keeps skipping sorry for godawful typos, consider it the spice of life

No. 1758990

Free healthcare isn't as good as it sounds. All it does is create a huge tax burden on healthy people that subsidises the lifestyles of fat fucks, smokers and people who choose to live lifestyles that are detrimental to their own health. I haven't seen my GP for in four years and rarely require any form of treatment, yet I'm still paying full price for a service that I don't use. The entire system is an unsustainable money sink.

No. 1758994

>tax burden
My tax money goes to killing children in 3rd world countries so I’d be ok with it going to health care and while they’re at it they could use some of that money to fix these fucking pot holes

No. 1759009

Same, plus even when you actually need public healthcare it's like playing roulette. If the health insurance really doesn't feel like paying or it's something that will be actually expensive, they will try to avoid it and weasel out of it like the plague.

It would still go to this, but you'd additionally pay hundreds of dollars a month just for fatties and boomers and for the health insurance showing you the middle finger when you actually need it, be it in emergencies or casual things like glasses and teeth bills.

No. 1759050

I agree with you on the obese people and smokers (or even just people who suffer from self inflicted problems) but I'm glad I live in a country where it exists because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to afford my treatment as a kid and I would have been too disabled to work instead of being normal like now and my mother would I died long ago. Even just thinking about money, I would have been a much bigger burden as a disabled unemployable adult for the next decades to come.

No. 1759115

Is the American system even all that bad if you just save money and aren't chronically ill? I'm not in a free health care system but our system is still heavily regulated and I'm legally obligated to have an insurance costing 1200+ euro per year when the only thing I've been using is dentist checkups twice a year which doesn't get fully covered and prescibed medicine which doesn't get covered at all, DESPITE BEING PRESCRIBED.

As far as I see it we're both out of money one way or another.

No. 1759117

cope. i assure you the nonf'at nonsmokers are plenty happy not to have to pay thousands for emergency treatment

No. 1759122

I'd rather pay high taxes than live in a country where young people can die of type 1 diabetes if they can't afford the insulin. Plus it's actually way more expensive in many cases to leave illnesses untreated until the person shows up in emergency room with a rotten leg or something.

No. 1759123

Personally I drink it because I don't trust milk bottling plants, they're typically notorious for being gross where as the people I get raw milk from are extremely clean, and I've seen all of their equipment

As for ecoli and listeria goes - they have testing done for this reason, I'd even argue the average raw milk seller likely keeps a better tab on how safe their milk is than Borden's or some other big corp always getting sued. I've seen people act extremely irrational about this though and straight up say retarded like like "well if raw milk disease testing is a false negative it's actually worse than if eating sushi gives you parasites" and stuff of that nature. I don't personally agree with the community worshipping raw milk and claiming it cures you but with modern day equipment the idea it will kill you as soon as you sip it is silly to me

No. 1759124

It's better to have it and not need it than not have it and need it. I had a healthcare crisis strike me when I didn't need to see a doctor for years and navigating the US system was one of the worst things I've ever had to do, I wasted a lot of time and money. Your system isn't perfect but trust me, you don't want what we have. Hospitals literally make up whatever prices they want because of private insurance companies in the US and an ER visit bill costs 10-20k.

No. 1759152

Not just is it expensive but US healthcare fucking sucks, especially if you're a young woman. Accusations of faking things for attention left and right, being told any sort of heart issues is anxiety, sometimes having to circle through doctors just to find one that's half decent, waitlists and waitlists

I know one of the biggest argument of free healthcare is muh wait times but US isn't any better kek. I've seen stories of people actually wait 24+ hours in the ER, if you're seeing any specialty sometimes you won't be able to see them til the next year. Also idk if it was a thing exclusive to a hospital in my city but if you're a parent, nowadays people are getting CPS calls over literally anything, a lot of people here don't even allow their kids to play outside anymore because the local hospitals here will get your kids taken because of knee scrapes or something

No. 1759189

Yeah and another downside of no free healthcare is that doctors are highly incentivized to give you shit or no treatment if you don’t have great insurance. They also accept bribes and sponsorships from pharma to shill certain brands and drugs.

No. 1759207

By the time you need those, you've already paid thousands into health care taxes even if you make minimum wage.

No. 1759233

Oh anon but you deserved to be disabled and your mother die because it’s your fault you can’t afford care and are trying to steal from the blessed and righteous healthy rich people who need their expensive coffee drinks daily don’t you understand?

No. 1759249

I have private insurance and haven't gone to the doctor in five years because I can't afford the cost of my deductible. So I'm in the same boat as you, except my choice to not go to the doctor is involuntary.

No. 1759268

Americans also pay taxes which get spent on healthcare, they just also spend privately on top of it, they spend more than any other country on planet per capita on healthcare.
The other problem is that healthcare just doesn't work in a market system, since you cannot shop around. If you're in a car accident and are unconscious you can't say don't take me to hospital X it's more expensive than Y. Also it just doesn't work in the current US system as the costs are not upfront.

I understand the frustration with not wanting to finance people who smoke or drink or are fat, but if you increase what you charge them, then you need to do the same to people who drive cars (public transportation is safer), do dangerous jobs, cycle, hike, dive, swim, ride horses, any sports really. These are all activities which carry risk and/or will affect your health negatively.

No. 1759273

I think women who have hetero sex are less intelligent. We have been brainwashed to not acknowledge this fact. There's no such a thing as matured empowered woman who has sex with men. Whores are insanely retarded and I have lived enough to know my hatred is rational, I have observed many women for 5+ years and came to the conclusion that they are just low iq. I feel traumatized by women stupidity, even writing their words online triggers me insanely, I can't stand their thought process, I can't stand how they talk like they are a pets of men, I can't stand their brain dead logic on hetsex and dating, I can't stand their masochism. Just how brainwashed I was to have up on my intelligence and my assumptions of women. Whoredom is a low iq behavior.

No. 1759282

Going so feminist you go back to misogyny. Way to go nonnie

No. 1759290

My country's healthcare is free, taxes are high, the waiting times are long and getting a good doctor is a matter of luck, but I still support it and you're extremely retarded. Anyone who lives a healthy lifestyle would laugh at you for this, and I can tell that your "healthy lifestyle" doesn't involve any sports ever because sports injuries are very common and guess who will treat them? Public hospitals. What do you plan on doing if you ever develop an allergy, or your hormones go out of whack, or you get cancer? What a low IQ take.

No. 1759296

Excellent bait

No. 1759303

I like walking around in the rain. Never even understood why people had a problem with that. Never got a cold because of that either.

No. 1759319

Look I get it, nobody likes retards but but now what? Just relax, live your life, you cannot gift them IQ points so don't worry about it, you'll get a cardiac arrest if you get pissed at every woman who does something retarded

No. 1759322

You not having sex with men and being just as stupid as the average whore should've been enough proof

No. 1759331

I'm not gonna respond directly to the obvious bait, but wow it is not helping the decades-long stereotype that lesbians are "bitter, lonely and jealous" of straight women and straight couples.

No. 1759332

Microchimerism is not fake. Fucking retarded men does, in fact, make you retarded.

No. 1759335

The irony is that they probably live a more happy and fulfilling life than you, sorry to say.
Being this mad over stuff such as words on a screen is not healthy lmao go have a warm bath and a cup of tea or something.

No. 1759343

If you believe this, set up the study. It would be insanely easy to do because the variable is so clear cut. I'm thinking ideally you would need a group of heterosexual women who regularly have sex, a group of heterosexual woman who are celibate virgins (nuns and autists will exist in this group), a group of lesbians who regularly have sex, and a group of homosexual celibate virgins. Since those groups are found across all races, ethnicities, income, and social levels, you can control for those variables pretty easily.
Then, you would only need to administer written and oral tests across set periods of time to reach conclusions, but MRIs of white and grey matter would really cement your findings.

No. 1759368

By low iq I mean the specific type of intelligence that is self awareness, consciousness and anything of this kind. I have been brainwashed by libfeminsim to think they aren't retarded. But now my motto is "you don't own me" neither my mind neither no one can demand that I have certain opinions I don't wanna have. I don't get why any woman would even support dick serving behaviors, it doesn't serve you. Dating is a social construct, we don't have to act on our sexual desires. We are an independent individuals as one sex we embody. Being a woman and seeing other women women stupidity when it comes to hetero dating broke my mind. I have felt like this since 14yo. I remember telling my mother how I feel about other girls naivety.

No. 1759371

>The irony is that they probably live a more happy and fulfilling life than you
Nta but c'mon now, fucking men isn't this marvelous, fulfilling activity, much the opposite

No. 1759377

>Fat people and old people
I think you might not understand that you’re not going to be young and healthy forever

No. 1759378

Yes, but only one of the two is seething on lolcow and has said herself that seeing women writing triggers her into a fit lol. Having this much energy and hatred for others only comes from miserable people, there is no denying that.

No. 1759384

The assumption that one has to be a lesbian to feel this way is low IQ. We are being with a brain. We can be heterosexual and make the choice to not act on it cause… We are sentient

No. 1759385

Okay, most women admittedly lack self preservation instincts and like most humans, they are easily memeable into harmful situations. Now what? You can't do shit about it, there are a lot of factors behind this situation, it's way out of your reach

No. 1759445

Just say you hate women and go, you don’t have to wrap it up in excuses/justifications etc. 50% of the population whole heartedly agrees with you. It’s so totally absolutely just the heterosexual sex and not the known reality that trauma breaks peoples brains and that yeah, retarded women are often trafficked into sex work, guess they should’ve just been born smarter/not been abused amirite? Your take is shallow and you just sound like you want someone to blame for the inhumanity that men embrace. Also yes, stupid people exist but exploiting them is still a choice someone else has to make.

No. 1759457

AYRT. I don't think the American healthcare system is any better. My point is that free healthcare brings it's own set of issues. Neither system is satisfactory.

Free healthcare
-tax burden is unfairly placed on people that don't use the health service
-lack of competition between healthcare providers creates bloat and inefficiency
-can only be sustained if there are more people paying into the system than are receiving treatment
-people that with chronic health conditions and disabilities have to deal with long waiting times to see specialists and don't receive the best treatment due to lack of funding

Health Insurance
-heaviest insurance burden is placed on people with chronic illness and disability
-quality of healthcare is dependent on ability to pay instead of need of treatment
-incentivizes the most profitable treatment options instead of what is most beneficial to the patient
-anyone under insured takes on large amounts of debt to fund emergency treatment

Prescriptions aren't free with free healthcare. In some cases it would be cheaper to buy the prescribed medicine privately than it would be to pay the prescription fee.

No. 1759458

Nonna it's bait, this is the point.

No. 1759463

Yeah if I don't die of cancer early enough, I will be old and poor instead but without pension and with low savings since I have to pay 3/4 of my paycheck in unnecessary taxes and rent alone kek.

No. 1759464

gypsie hate is unironically justified(racebait)

No. 1759476

I have only met gypsies 3 times, but every time it was in a retail work setting and they were trying to scam money or free items. Saying I have the wrong change back, etc. Once a lady tried to ask for a refund for a meal she had finished without complaint and when we said no she waited outside and sent her kid in to try kek. I'm sure there are good gypsies and I feel bad for them having such a bad reputation but every single interaction I've had has left me wary.

No. 1759488

>-lack of competition between healthcare providers creates bloat and inefficiency
This is true for US system too, as you can't shop for health providers in emergencies, and when it's not an emergency you only learn the costs after the fact.

>Prescriptions aren't free with free healthcare. In some cases it would be cheaper to buy the prescribed medicine privately than it would be to pay the prescription fee.

Highly depends on the country in question and how it does it, in some prescriptions are fully covered.

No. 1759494

So what? Some of us are psychopathic geniuses and not afraid to hide it anymore.

No. 1759499

>not afraid to hide it anymore.
you're saying this in an anon image board kek

No. 1759503

>Prescriptions aren't free with free healthcare. In some cases it would be cheaper to buy the prescribed medicine privately than it would be to pay the prescription fee.
That's not true for most medications used for rare diseases, though, or if you have to be on several meds long term. Where I live we have a special board that decides which medications are covered for which uses, and how much of it will be covered.

No. 1759506

>a fool thinks he's clever
Humility is a stronger sign of intellect

No. 1759515

File: 1699469865761.jpg (47.72 KB, 600x880, d55791be137aa1e85c032a0608bd9d…)

Bitch I said what I said

Why would I exhibit humility on an anonymous imageboard? I see you trying to make me out to be a scrote, by the way. I'll forgive it for today.

No. 1759522

>The irony is that they probably live a more happy and fulfilling life than you, sorry to say.
just look at the relationship advice and vent threads and you can see this isn't true kek

No. 1759529

The irony is your proclivities will be carried with you to the grave and the women you so despise will be happy in old age with large families.

Reading your post is like reading an old gnostic christian text from the 2nd century where they talked about how reproduction and the material world is evil. Why do you think they're not around anymore?

No. 1759537

File: 1699471347676.gif (1.6 MB, 376x200, 1639073451253.gif)

I'd rather be famous instead!!
I let all that get to my head!!
I don't care, I paint the town red!!

No. 1759539

oh fuck I thought this was the dumbass shit thread. I mean: fuck off retard and stop baiting

No. 1759540

This was written by a n3on viewer probably

No. 1759542

File: 1699471562480.jpeg (112.44 KB, 864x958, IMG_2564.jpeg)

I don't know anything about policy/politics but as someone who moved from a free Healthcare country to the USA, my personal experience was that in my home country it took forever to see a doctor. I went through this cycle multiple times:
>have a burdensome but non-urgent health issue, schedule with my GP because everything has to start here
>that takes a week or two
>sit at your appointment for literally 2-4 hours before seeing the doctor for 10 minutes, she just refers me to a specialist, so no progress is made
>It takes MONTHS to see the specialist, who says she'll send results to my GP
>once I see my GP it turns out the results are "lol we didn't figure out what's wrong"
>need to schedule another appointment with specialist, which will take more months
>problem is either never solved or it takes over a year
I also had many medical staff who did messed up stuff like demeaning me verbally or unnecessarily making me strip without privacy or forcing me into treatments I didn't agree to.
anyway I sympathize with anyone who's struggling with American healthcare and would never call it amazing, but my own personal experience is that I've been treated way better here. I guess because my issues are usually things that are easily fixable if I could get ahold of the right person for more than a few minutes, not like cancer or anything that takes consistent treatment. One thing I like about it here is that they often give me a list of my rights and explain my role in making decisions so I'm not confused or forced into stuff like I used to be.

No. 1759545

Nta and not a part of this argument but
>the women you so despise will be happy in old age with large families
For women, families and marriage are incredibly detrimental, often taking a massive physical and psychological tool, it's a thankless job where the mother does literally everything while her husband just fucks around. Even when I don't share OPs views, I'm not very jealous of these women and their lifestyle neither, and I seriously doubt they're as happy as you say they are

No. 1759554

Stop posting edgy anime pics and retarded 13 year old tier shit like you know who

No. 1759555

at least that anon will have stuck to her guns instead of turning into an under-appreciated, overworked bangmaid with a porn addicted scrote for a husband and two ipad addicted ingrate children. jesus you people are like mlm recruiters with the constant "y-you're gunna be a lonely bitter cat lady if you don't fall in line like me. see look at how happy we are!!!" we don't want the shit you're peddling

No. 1759558

Mmmm, she a rebel
She a bad little bitch, she the devil

No. 1759592

I hate French cuisine, I feel like 90% of it is just uncooked/badly cooked meat in some kind of cream sauce

No. 1759606

No. 1759615

No. 1759709

Most of the insecurity over IQ and race comes from the school system. We categorize people based on a narrow selection of cognitive talent and people come to associate that with their worth for the rest of their life. It's not just race, "ADHD" in children is a massive societal wide cope for parents of stupid children, one the medical industry is happy to provide a cope for.

From what I've read on the issue, actual blacks in tropical africa don't at all think of themselves as being as smart as white people. They readily admit they are incapable of developing aeroplanes or a tech industry. But because they don't live in a society that worships being smart, they don't feel any insecurity over it.

And really, if it didn't lead directly to higher wages, would we really care much for what we consider "intelligence"? Back in the medieval period, intelligence was more telling witty jokes as a bard than being some autistic math minded person counting beetles by himself on his day off the farm. I have math books on my bookshelf from the 1920s struggling to justify why anyone should care, because before computers there was no practical use for that knowledge.(racebait)

No. 1759736

God I wish I could view white people as smart because I live among them.
Also ADHD is a real thing faggot. Some people might of course lie about having it and lie about being dyslexic and other things to excuse stupidity but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist and it's also not related to a specific type of people.

Also you are clearly USAnian so you won't get it, but nations and ethnicies exist. An Ethiopian has basically nothing in common with a Ghanaian, claiming they were the same only only proves that the retard is you.

No. 1759752

Gia deserved so much more…

No. 1759754

It’s normal to gain weight when you’re older but the way I’ve seen my college classmates balloon up just a few years after graduation is pure laziness kek

No. 1759864

File: 1699484572070.jpeg (213.3 KB, 1572x1050, IMG_0434.jpeg)

Women should be allowed to shoplift (from large corporations, that is). People that expose women shoplifters are sad as fuck. We are scavengers and gatherers at heart instinctively. We should be allowed to have pretty things if we want them, and take them with no repercussions. I think women who shoplift are based as fuck. Girl boss type shit. Steal that eyeshadow if it’s cute baby girl

No. 1759871

Wouldn't corporations just ban women from even entering shops if that were to happen?

No. 1759883

Yeah but then stores close and you bitch about it. Gather some cash pendeja

No. 1759886


No. 1759915

Idk I'm healthy and I'd rather my money go to fatties, smokers, and retards than to greedy insurance companies and hospital "administrators"

No. 1760028

ADHD is literally an excuse to abuse amphetamines. Ritalin is a performance enhancing drug, of course kids on it do better at school and focus more. It's the same reason the crackhead in the apartment down the street spends 5 hours a night focusing on polishing his boots.

>high functioning autists have an abundance of dopamine and more neurons

>do well at school
>Down syndrome kids have a severe deficiency in dopamine and less neurons
>Do shit at school
>ADHD kids have the moderate traits of the downie kids with less dopamine and less neurons.
>Don't do well at school

The low dopamine and less neurons IS the correlation with low intelligence, it's part of why downies are so slow, it's how it manifests. It's like people ignoring the correlation between psychopathy and a child ADHD diagnosis, ASPD types are also pretty stoopid.

No. 1760037

ntayrt i was going to argue with you then i realized what thread i was in. i may be mentally disabled but you are retarded, namaste.

No. 1760043

If you'd be a real stacy, you'd have the ovaries to steal from banks and payment processors instead of walmart where your new bag might get deducted from the poor cashier's paycheck.

No. 1760046

walmart isn't taking stolen goods out of a cashiers paycheque. they have shrinkage insurance like every other corporation. even if they didn't, cashiers are a. not legally required to stop shoplifters and b. cannot legally be punished for not doing so. if walmart is abusing it's employees by breaking those two laws, how the fuck is it the shoplifters fault and not the massive corporation hurting its own workers?

No. 1760048

Just because there’s no practical application that doesn’t make it pointless.

No. 1760049

girl stfu retail shops dont give a fuck about shoplifters enough to take it out of someones check

No. 1760051

You have no idea how the world works stfu child

No. 1760054

Think you might have responded to the wrong person

No. 1760088

I was talking in slight exaggeration, but in the long term it does just strain on the workers. It's them who will get held responsible for it. The shops might also start going overboard on security measures which workers and guards will have to deal with.

Yeah I'm sure you have that all figured out mrs stealing-makeup-is-actually-totally-badass kek.

No. 1760099

Stop addressing multiple anons as if they're one person, you've already proven you know absolutely nothing about reality. Go dickride and cocksuck corrupt corps and multibillion dollar chains elsewhere.

No. 1760100

I will when you get a job.

No. 1760105

no one said its bad ass, but pretending like some random girls stealing makeup will be the downfall of retail workers is crazy

No. 1760107

you clearly need one in retail because you sure as hell don't know how it works, hell even retail workers shoplift

No. 1760110

I just joined in on this. You're making up some person in your head and arguing with everyone like theyre this one person. Walmart isn't going to give you a job for defending them bitch wtf

No. 1760120

>no one said its bad ass
>I think women who shoplift are based as fuck. Girl boss type shit.
Okay kek. I didn't say it's the downfall of workers, I said it's a strain on them and anyone working in retail and especially clothing shops will be able to confirm that, at least in my country. As I said, if that anon would care about sticking it to the system, they would aim for banks and insurances instead of going for useless consooom goods.

No. 1760127

it is normal to gain some weight as we age but ppl use this to excuse obese 20yr olds who don't know how to regulate their own diet after high school. normal weight changes look like having your fat distribution change over time, or having a different body after pregnancy

No. 1760128

You're too retarded to be a glowie but just for that I hope theft goes up and your local stores all close

No. 1760130

The only way shoplifting affects workers is if the shoplifting keeps happening the store will eventually shut down. See news about Portland Target locations, all closing because of too much theft.

No. 1760134

It also makes it way more unsafe just to work there. Because if a security guard or shop employee catches someone stealing, tries to do their fucking job and confront the thieves, they’ll get shot and killed by some meth’d up psycho.

No. 1760136

And I hope you'll one day grow out of your level of consoomer mindset and find a thrill in actually fulfilling things.

No. 1760140

You're still talking to the person you made up in your head cause I don't steal kek

No. 1760145

Are security guards supposed to do that? I thought they weren't allowed to, in fact the shoplifter can sue if they touch or try to block them from leaving. I was always under the assumption that security guards are more for a presence of authority dissuading shoplifters, but they aren't actually allowed to do anything

No. 1760151

In Portland at least I know that has happened, employees and security guards have been attacked many times. It doesn’t often make the news because it’s not extremely notable or considered a “mass shooting”, but I have seen that security guards will approach people who are blatantly stealing or making themselves visibly suspicious.

No. 1760153

Cool, that means you replied to me twice. If you aren't, what are you getting defensive and angry over?

No. 1760154

no stores are actually closing due to shrink. companies realized they could make just as much money without staffing their stores, and then they can take these ghost-town stores and close them b/c ppl do so much online shopping

No. 1760164

Unfortunately the Portland situation is not that it was a slow location; the homeless population living outside the store, stealing from the store, and creating an unsafe environment for employees and other shoppers inside and outside is what resulted in them needing to close the branch. It’s actually some wild west shit. God knows the building is just going to be gutted by squatters now.

No. 1760168

>b/c ppl
Please lurk before posting, this isn't twitter or tiktok.

No. 1760169

File: 1699496650114.png (295.38 KB, 1506x836, Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 12.2…)

No. 1760173

I have adhd and never forget anything I truly care about. maybe anons friends dont like her? And yeah we talk over people but that's not a problem when you don't give a fuck what the other party is saying anyway.

No. 1760193

>Pepsi is too y2k
that's exactly why I love it and all those old school pepsi commercials

No. 1760198

>And yeah we talk over people but that's not a problem when you don't give a fuck what the other party is saying anyway.
It actually is a problem because normal conversation does not work like that.

No. 1760251

If someone hates Taylor Swift I don't want to be their friend. I know I sound a bit dramatic, but hear me out. If someone hates her because "she only writes breakup songs" or "her music is average" is completely wrong… First of all, most of Taylor's music is not breakup song. Second, if you think her music is average you have never actually listened to her music. You have only hear Shake it off, Anti-hero and I knew you were trouble. Don't get me wrong, those are great songs, but the rest of her music is truly amazing.
I get if you don't listen to that kind of music, but you at least have to have respect for her as an artist. I won't listen to Eminem in a million years, but I respect him as an artist because he is one of the best in his music genre.

No. 1760254

i didnt care anything about her but the whole re-recording and re-releasing her albums to take money away from the company that bought the originals is so fucking based i will respect that until i die

No. 1760280

Try working a day in a retail store, nona. then you'll get it. I'm sure she's a fine person (I actually don't really care if she is or not) but i hate her on the sole basis that i'm forced to listen to her music day in and day out..

No. 1760579

I don't respect anyone who dates matt healy

No. 1760834

Please don’t type like an annoying twitter user, thank you.

No. 1760881

i never listen to tswift because i don't care for most modern music so idc about her. but the fans are unbearable precisely because they act like you're not allowed to dislike her. insufferable

No. 1760970

>we are scavengers and gatherers at heart instinctively
idc about shoplifting, but you sound retarded, please crawl back to whatever hole you came from

No. 1760993

I like her music (not a massive fan just enjoy many songs) but I'm really disappointed in some of the stuff she does, like how she capes for trannies and at least somewhat promotes the libfem idea that being all made up and acting sexy is women's empowerment when it's really just playing into male desires/consoomerism. And >>1760881 is right about the fans too. My friend is a huge fan of hers and will just overlook personal morals to fawn over her like she's 100% flawless, despite being against troons and stuff.
Don't get me wrong I think she's a lot better on those fronts than a lot of other artists, but it's still a let down and I could never back her like her fans do. I wish there were more female musical artists who didn't support/promote so much harmful stuff

No. 1761038

Hollywood should have been kept to the elite and unattainable, the representation of normal/average actors and models can only last so long.. I miss when actors had niches and you could actually see if they were hot or not. And not just this twink shit either..

No. 1761084

Good I don't want to be friends with somebody who getvthis dramatic over bland pop music either.

No. 1761233

I think heterosexual sex is inherently violent and degrading especially the most common acts like having male filth-shaped genitals put into your mouth. It's inhumane to make fun of women who refuse to engage in heterosexuality and call them "future cat ladies". We shouldn't have to exploit ourselves to earn friendship and community. Most heterosexual acts are extremely abusive, humiliating and piglike, it's vile to expect someone likes it or does it just to not end up alone. Stop shaming celibate and single women just because they don't wanna get traumatized and be degraded prostitutes. Stop fear mongering and telling women they have no other value as an older woman than being a mother or Grandma. I literally just saw a tweet about a boy ejaculating on a girls face during sex without her consent, only a retarded person wouldn't have flashbacks or torments for the rest of their life after getting their face used as a toilet. Hetero dating is for prostitutes with an extreme humiliation kink, look at the nsfw things women do online, there's too much of them like on reddit for expl in subreddits like r/cumsluts etc. To not make a generalization. Women should have a choice to be celibate and should be protected.

No. 1761362

Sorry you're only able to pull bottom of barrel moids, get better soon

No. 1761399

I think that's the reason nobody really cares about the current celebrities. At least not nearly in the way past celebrities were.

No. 1761533

This mentality is extremely misogynistic, you're no better than a man. You sound like you're coming from the normies hivemind and repeating what you learned, all the stereotypes and assumptions. Heterosexual system is a breeding ground for the worst tyranny and disgusting hierarchies, power dynamics and misogynistic hive mind culture, calling women bitter and jealous. You're a weak follower. Misogyny is camcer, stop letting it spread especially misogynistic narrations of women made by men and their followers

No. 1761554

you're right. that anon is probably just baiting tho

No. 1761663

I completely agree with you nonna. Even just being penetrated is inherently a violation of your bodily autonomy in a way heterosexual moids will never experience.

No. 1761744

It's your choice to view it as being penetrated instead of actively enveloping.

No. 1761760

I think it’s okay to use fat as an insult

No. 1761777

Expectations of feminine behavior are way more damaging than expectations of feminine appearance.

No. 1761780

I think it is pretty objectively penetration but I dont think thats inherently a degrading thing. Some Ancient Greek ass logic in this thread.

No. 1761785

sex doesnt look fun for women, thats why i stick to horny novels and otomes

No. 1761858

co-sign, she only broke up with him because of the backlash. That wasn't a deal breaker before

No. 1761865

There and Oregon. Ironically, the south has been getting better in the past few years, especially with education, homes and jobs. I think the elites in California know that and try to bank on their progressiveness to avoid talks on declining education and infrastructure

We can't avoid race talk but we can certainly be less retarded on it

No. 1761867

funny there's already a bunch of wokes in library science and YA literary agents who control what gets made and distributed

No. 1761869

Too tight shoes, especially heels can be painful

No. 1761875

I have no problem with my taxes being used for old or disabled people but not fatties. Fatness is a choice

No. 1761877

lmao the exact same threat incels use to harass women into sex

No. 1761879

No. 1761882

Taylor Swift wouldn’t buy me a packet of ramen noodles if she saw me starving to death on the side of the road. Why should anyone give this much of a shit about a millionaire?

No. 1761890

>decade old anti-feminist tumblr propaganda

No. 1761895

>her music is amazing
Tell me you've never listened to anything other than pop without telling me you've never listened to anything other than pop.

That said people love to hate TS because they hate when women are succesfull and that's that.

No. 1761896

> you only experience violence and sexism because of loser men, ignore the culture, tee-hee!

As if your precious chad reads RightWingWomen

No. 1761903

I agree to an extent. Women are always told to "be kind" "give him a chance" "reach out to them" and constantly told to put our needs on the back burner. Even in feminists circles. I mean modern women would rather kill themselves than stop wearing makeup and wigs but maybe we can get a real conversation on making surrogacy illegal?

No. 1761907

Female socialization is not an excuse for women to engage in stupid behavior(dating shitty scrotes, dating older men, spending tons of plastic surgery, doing sex work etc) after the age of 23. For example I’m black and I understand why black scrotes treat black women so trash and prefer lighter skin because they have been conditioned since slavery to act like that but it’s not an excuse. After a certain age if you choose to be ignorant it’s because you want to be that way and ya can’t blame socialization for it.

No. 1761909

There's the /2X/ board for this. Idk if you don't know about it or if you ignore it on purpose.

No. 1761937

Listen I was there when Taylor swift and her first set of teeth were about and she was making it as a country pop singer who's dad bought out her album so it would chart. She wasn't with disney records but my god she wanted to be but her songs and voice were too shit. She has went through various eras depending on what fallout from the media she's had. She's just not a good artist. She comes across as immature and childish and so do her fans.

No. 1761939

I agree. I don't care if he is attracted to lighter women, but I wish black men would stop being so violent towards darker women in the first place

No. 1761942

women shitting on other women's appearances : shitty in most instances but can be funny

men shitting in women's appearances: evil misogyny not okay and never funny

No. 1761943

>prefer lighter skin because they have been conditioned since slavery
Preference for lighter skin has nothing to do with slavery.

No. 1761944

File: 1699535873779.jpg (77.94 KB, 506x640, e2c170a000302070aef8d12a811030…)



No. 1761947

It does if you are black

No. 1761954

No. 1761956

Nta but internalized racism. They’re taught to hate their skin color and project it onto others especially men because they’re retarded.

No. 1761959

There were no house slaves in Nigeria and Ghana and Congo, and in those same countries you'll find a huge demand for skin-whitening products.
Or they may just find lighter skin attractive.

No. 1761963

Side eyes india

No. 1761967

Early teens are actually the most evil age. This is just a one example but I saw a video of a 13yo girl and moid around the same age abusing and humiliating and autistic 9yo boy. Someone posted the girl's instagram and she's posted a picture of condom, videos of her doing retarded faces while sitting on a moid in bed and she also called herself a "whore". This is just evil kek I was abused severely at that age by moids and girls. Idk how teen girls have the good reputation they have, this shit is demonic and I have experienced it myself

No. 1761970

These men get violent towards dark skin women. It's like most women prefer tall men right? But imagine if women got violent even to the point of killing short men. That's what it's like with colorism and femicide in the black community. You are missing that point

No. 1761972

First thing, anon might very well be from something like the USA where slavery would of course play a role in black people's self-image. Second, you can't just say slavery played no role in african countries either when that is where slavers got them from. Nigeria and congo, for example, were some of the main places where people were taken from to be brought to my country (latam), several if not all of those "source" countries only became independent from their euro colonizers in the second half of the 20th cenetury, so no way that didn't play a role in their beauty standards. And even if you want to be pedantic and say it isn't technically because of slavery, it isn't simply a natural born preference, you have to replace the justification of slavery with classicism and profound internalized racism.

No. 1761982

File: 1699539221560.jpg (288.4 KB, 533x800, b3aae88ea5186fdea8a252ae80702f…)

>is where slavers got them from. Nigeria and congo, for example, were some of the main places where people were taken from to be brought to my country (latam),
And it was Black Africans who were enslaving other Black Africans and selling them to European slavers in coastal cities. Europeans never enslaved Black Africans in Africa.

>several if not all of those "source" countries only became independent from their euro colonizers in the second half of the 20th cenetury,

West African countries were colonized by Europeans because Europeans wanted to end slavery in Africa. Even after Europeans ended the Atlantic slave trade, up to a third of the population of Black West Africans were enslaved to other Black West Africans.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1761986

>Idk how teen girls have the good reputation they have, this shit is demonic and I have experienced it myself
The same girls who bullied you are trying to erase their past. Of course they'll give teen girls a nice reputation.

No. 1761989

> isn't simply a natural born preference,
Why not?

No. 1761994

nta but you are such a retard that you identify with white slavers from the past and get emotionally invested in defending them, insisting they dindu nuffin, slavery had no effect on the modern day, muh europeens were ackchually good and tryingg to save the day, wah wah wah, etc. notice how the OP was about internalized misogyny, but you were triggered that she mentioned her race's struggles and are now derailing? i know it's likely because you're a scrote, but it's still extremely embarrassing and pathetic.

No. 1761997

>europeans colonised to stop slavery
lmao what. they wanted the resources from those countries. take a history class

No. 1761999

this person tried to bring up african countries and doesn't realize that colorism started with colonization and slavery, and unironically posted "rule brittania". it's definitely a 15 year old /pol/tard who doesn't listen in class and knows nothing about nothing, kek.

No. 1762005

File: 1699541367365.png (174.58 KB, 640x631, what-do-you-think-about-the-da…)

I don't understand why you're getting so angry, I'm just posting historical facts. White people were the ones who abolished slavery all over the world. If White Europeans hadn't colonized Africa a large portion of Black Africans would still be enslaved by other Black Africans. Amd regarding the OP I just commented on one point she erroneously made about beauty standards.
Most of the African colonies were a net loss in income for their European administrators. Europeans spent billions in infrasturcture in the African colonies while getting less reasources in return. The primary reason for Great Britain to colonize West Africa was ending slavery there.
>colorism started with colonization and slavery
That's not true. Why would White people care about the beauty standards of Black people?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1762009

It's not what caused it or the sole reason it exists, but you are ignorant if you think slavery didn't contribute to colorism in Black Americans.

No. 1762010

They were the ones doing the slavery, who else was supposed to abolish it?

No. 1762011

these aren't "historical facts", they are copes that are disproven and thrown out every time they're brought up to anyone who has ever read a history book. this is why you end up trolling on imageboards for attention and denying cause/effect instead of saying any of this to a college professor.
>inb4 "n-no, it's just that if i drop these redpills on the normies, my life will be ruined by the jews for being too right!"
back to europa universalis IV, ahmed

No. 1762015

West Africa was colonized in the later half of the 19th century, every European country had abolished slavery by then.

>disproven and thrown out every time they're brought up to anyone who has ever read a history book
When were these historical facts disproven?

>this is why you end up trolling on imageboards for attention and denying cause/effect instead of saying any of this to a college professor.

>inb4 "n-no, it's just that if i drop these redpills on the normies, my life will be ruined by the jews for being too right!"
>back to europa universalis IV, ahmed

Lol you've come up with a false image of myself just based on my posts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1762018


No. 1762032

Ah yes, "reddit-spacing", the retort of the defeated party of anargument still trying to get one more reply into an already finished argument to soothe their bruised ego.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1762037

>reeee, debate me or you lose
No one is obliged to debate with someone who chooses stupidity, or even care.

No. 1762051

File: 1699543987805.jpg (841.98 KB, 1079x1293, WaaauUahahUahhhhhh.jpg)

>never scrotes stupid for treating women like shit
>women stupid for expecting men to be decent

Yeah, but you don't have to give their behavior a pass by blame shifting. And if how they treat us will be branded our faults regardless, then there is truly zero incentive for them to shape up.

No. 1762054

Lmao her music IS average no matter what. Her voice is generic, too, I wouldn't recognize it's hers if I wasn't told so. And she has below average singing technique. Nothing impressive or talented.

No. 1762056

Yeah it was more fun when they were actually special

No. 1762061

File: 1699545012700.png (676.73 KB, 1016x4944, screencapture-reddit-r-AskHist…)

If any nonas are interested/actually care about this subject, the "colonization was a net loss" argument is reliant on the fact that many European companies and figures were deliberately hiding the money they were making from the government, but no one in seriousness would argue that the takeover of the land and resources was not profitable on multiple levels, or try to dispute the degree of exploitation therein. Picrel is a leddit thread, but has an easy to follow (if dry) discussion on it that also mentions some interesting books.
And of course, any source will confirm that colonization did not start "to stop slavery", but to mine resources and make economic gains, hence Ghana being known as the "gold coast" and Cote D'Ivoire literally being named the "ivory coast". West Africa itself was literally used as a "slave coast" for Europeans to buy enslaved Africans. Elmina Castle, built by Portuguese colonizers, was initially built to faciliate trade, and then literally used as a hub to trade slaves. It was not until later on that slavery was abolished, colonies did not begin for that purpose and tl;dr /pol/ scrotes are retarded revisionists. Everything stated here can be double-checked with Wikipedia.

No. 1762065

It's funny you point this out as a black woman/ women of color, cause we are told our decisions will make or break our lives, and our "victim" status is often ignored. LC, a majorly white site, has surprised me around the years with their total and absolute lack of accountability for their dumbass decisions regarding scrotes, cause as whites, they're used to victimize themselves and never take accountability (and it works). It's always "female socialization/the system/brainwashing/TV/etc", i find it pathetic that literal adults cannot take their Ls like they were kids or something. It's your life and YOUR decisions, there's a point were "influences" aren't going to excuse dating old/shitty moids and getting surgery or whatever.

I'll take my ban

No. 1762071

Is this an unpopular opinion? Everyone knows colonization meant taking land and resources by powerful existing nations and expand territories.

No. 1762074

>And of course, any source will confirm that colonization did not start "to stop slavery"
That specifically refers to colonisation of North Africa, the Muslim filled area which continuously did slave raids into Europe until it got colonised.
Of course Africa and Asia wasn't colonised to stop slavery.

No. 1762077

You don't need to claim this has to do with "whites" or being "majorly white" because in any black community, you'll find that not only do 99% of black pickmes do the exact same thing, they also go out of their way to take accountability away from black scrotes because of racism. Asian pickmes still pickme, MENA pickmes still pickme and Mestizo/Latina pickmes still pickme. It's a global female socialization problem. We're groomed into bad decisions and then encouraged to either take no responsibility or stock of why those things happened(so we'll do it again and again), blame other women, or just refuse to blame the scrotes who directly harm us by any means. Quit trying to make race wars, you're only serving men of all races.

No. 1762083

>West Africa itself was literally used as a "slave coast" for Europeans to buy enslaved Africans
It’s crazy that there were so many pre-enslaved africans there for the taking. Were the euros enslaving them and selling them back to themselves? I don’t know, it just sounds weird for some reason…

No. 1762090

Two wrongs don't make a right. Also, what is expansion

No. 1762096

I'm not talking about European companies, I'm talking about European colonial administrators reporting net economic losses of the colonies they managed. The British administered colony of Northern Nigeria was merged with the British administrered colony of Southern Nigeria because the semi-independent Northern Nigerian princes kept incurring debts that they couldn't pay off and they constantly kept asking for more money from the British colonial administrators. So the profits of Southern Nigeria were uaed to pay off the debts of Northern Nigeria. And Southern Nigeria could only become economically producutive because of the huge amounts of investment that the United Kingdom made in Southern Nigeria. Railroads, trainstations, roads, irrigation damns, electricity stations, schools, universities, hospitals, and other infrasturcture was built by the British in Nigeria using funding from the British government. The same British-funded development boost occurred in all British colonies in Africa.

>It was not until later on that slavery was abolished,

Slavery was abolished by Europeans, abolishment or slavery was fiercely resisted by Black Africans and North Africans. You seem to gloss over the fact that millions of Africans would be enslaved by other Africans were it not for Europeans forcing at gunpoint Africans to free both their fellow Africans AND the around less than 10,000 or so kidnapped Europeans who were enslaved by North African pirates raids.

In conclusion Africa would be much much worse than it currently is if Europeans had never colonized Africa. Also i find it really strange how Black Americans and Black Carribeans never demanded reparations from Black African countries such as Nigeria and Ghana for enslaving their Black African ancestors in the first place.

No. 1762100

Exactly. I agree with you. My unpopular opinion is saying "men are this way because it's in their nature to be bad" is just excusing their behavior and not forcing them to change and go against their so called nature. They're this way because they get away with it and nobody calls them out for it. It's another way of saying "boys will be boys!!!" but edgy edition I guess.
>>inb4 we can't do anything about it
Wtf am I supposed to do about that? I'm just stating an opinion. In an ideal world would punish shitty men for being shitty and there will be good men who stop them and keep them in check but that doesn't exist in our world unfortunately.

No. 1762103

Read a book

No. 1762105

>I understand why black scrotes treat black women so trash
LOLbaka, stop whiteknighting males, they know what they're doing, on purpose!

No. 1762142

The Gaza videos are giving me soooo much life. I feel invigorated and gleeful watching all those muslim moids die, starve and fight to live. Bomb them all. The only good muslim moids are dead muslim moids. It feels amazing watching the suffering of others who wouldn't think twice about raping and beheading me for not wearing a piece of fucking cloth on my head. And I don't care about the little scrote children either. All I see are little rapist misogynists in training. kek. I hope Israel kills them ALL.(alogging)

No. 1762148

I don't think you understand what i'm talking about, as you just excused everything on "fEmAlE sOcIaLiZaTiOn" and "grOoOmInG" again, as usual. The point is that those are not excuses when you're a damn adult, you need to take your life decisions into your hands at some point and stop fucking your life up

No. 1762150

This makes me want to throw up

No. 1762164

No. Unless you're sa