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File: 1698005086243.jpg (132.85 KB, 960x641, QwlldSUh.jpg)

No. 1734551

Off-topic, dumbass shit general.

Previous: https://lite.lolcow.farm/ot/res/1726988.html

No. 1734561

File: 1698005506307.jpeg (18.28 KB, 275x208, 1660512077106.jpeg)

How many times a week do any of you shower?

No. 1734563

File: 1698005558825.png (58.68 KB, 200x200, 1668515086324.png)


No. 1734564

usually daily but I was just sick so missed a few days babes

No. 1734566

6-7 days a week. Sometimes I skip a day if I'm staying at home in the weekend.

No. 1734567

Claude Frollo's "Hellfire" song if he spoke like a coomer zoomer

No. 1734568

I've always wondered what the reported posts-log looks like.

No. 1734569

I shower when I feel stinky. and I shower every day when I'm on my period.

No. 1734570

lmao litefags can't link properly

No. 1734571

please, never shower for me

No. 1734573

Everyday. I feel disgusting if I don't.

No. 1734575

File: 1698006117485.png (736.44 KB, 693x1200, C80n1FKXcAAxmpv.png)

No. 1734576

sniffing girlsmell and licking girlsweat off her girlfeets~

No. 1734577

File: 1698006185725.png (2.17 KB, 342x34, domb.png)


No. 1734578

This threadpic sux

No. 1734580

I agree

No. 1734583

I recognise that underwear, it's from Breaking Bad! At first I thought it was a snoofable adult diaper.

No. 1734584

that's what I thought too but then also thought that pointing it out as stupid seemed uh stupid considering it's this thread

No. 1734586

actually i think it's from friends (kramer)

No. 1734587

File: 1698006512967.jpg (129.94 KB, 1024x681, 20231016_093541.jpg)



No. 1734588

how did you remember that?

No. 1734591

File: 1698006726474.jpg (535.53 KB, 1280x1656, 1547296514290.jpg)

Is this yaoi

No. 1734593

Yes, 100%.

No. 1734594

I just have exceptional tighty-whitey recollection ability.

No. 1734600

>from friends
is this like a joke i don't understand? kramer is from seinfeld and it says that in the title of the video you posted.

No. 1734602

File: 1698007213164.jpg (29.67 KB, 405x388, 1697563893890965.jpg)

>someone makes a new thread because last is close to bump limit
>nonnies nitpick and complain

This happens every thread and I am sick of it. Why can't you just shut up and accept what you're given?

No. 1734608

File: 1698007413138.jpg (22.69 KB, 358x512, 1000006409.jpg)

rollo is very cute
he should have sweaty yaoi sex until his racism is cured

No. 1734609

i will not be a doormat i demand better photos

No. 1734612

my one with the aliens didn't deserve the hate it recieved

No. 1734614

File: 1698007576005.jpg (444.65 KB, 563x511, z11.jpg)

No. 1734618

i would have said something about those faggot dogs too, only on the account of you being a cliquey twitterfag

No. 1734622

I thought the martian puppies were cute

No. 1734624

now these are the REAL bishies

No. 1734625

What does that even have to do with twitter?

No. 1734627

you're about as slow as a moid, and likely as smelly as one. was this post yours ? >>1734569

No. 1734628

I have no twitter clique, I found it on pinterest.

No. 1734629

File: 1698008126221.jpg (6.76 KB, 250x248, cat.jpg)

Are you alright?

No. 1734632

You will never relate not in the slightest to the turmoil that's a result of having to deal with people like you. You can read about pessimism and depression and isolation, but you will never live it in the flesh. You will never be the soul that inhabits a desolated body.

No. 1734636

Oh there are people who use lite mode

No. 1734637

I like the thread pic

No. 1734639

File: 1698008591570.jpg (677.89 KB, 2104x2653, Rollot_.jpg)

You're right… NONNY

No. 1734640

File: 1698008596391.jpg (68.54 KB, 888x499, Jesse.jpg)

No. 1734643

File: 1698008870853.jpeg (13.41 KB, 687x446, images.jpeg)

No. 1734644

File: 1698008881458.png (77.63 KB, 224x275, 1656853478768.png)

No. 1734645

i can be the female!billy to your mandy

No. 1734646

I do not like op and hope thread fills up fast

No. 1734648

I fell into the trap of just having one friend again. I'm trying to not get too close and that makes me not a very good friend, how do you make friends as an adult what the?

No. 1734649

why do you not like it?

No. 1734650

I feel the same way, but at LEAST it can help keep some moids out.

No. 1734652

Bitchy twitterfaggot spotted

No. 1734653

File: 1698009253660.jpg (95.8 KB, 1024x699, featured-image.jpg)

My boyfriend got invited to a bread bash (bread-eating party with stews, flatbread pizzas, cakes, and of course copious bread types) by his work and I am foaming at the mouth with jealousy. I love bread so much it's unreal

No. 1734654

how tiresome, how lame, always thinking about the males

No. 1734655

Nta but I'm tired of anons saying this. Scrotes do not give a fuck if anons are thirsting over fictional men or yaoi, the sites already full of that and they still post. If they want to harrass us they'll just do it anyway.

No. 1734656

File: 1698009297649.gif (496.42 KB, 500x363, 1b34.gif)


No. 1734657

Wtf I'm jealous too, bread is my favorite thing on this earth

No. 1734658

Lesbiancel spotted

No. 1734660

at least he'll smell good when he comes back

No. 1734661

File: 1698009412596.jpg (60.1 KB, 564x553, 575663ae3a08ce723bc5e05f03d4d3…)

here I go ladies

No. 1734662

>help help i'm being harassed by my imaginary enemy

No. 1734663

Eh, you're right.

No. 1734665

File: 1698009569037.png (634.1 KB, 2879x1586, 1668173714648.png)

guess who

No. 1734666

File: 1698009581650.png (766.84 KB, 1998x1313, 1696830221378.png)

No. 1734667

No. 1734669

No. 1734671

this is the site that thinks Mcdonalds is conspiring against them via grimace shake

No. 1734672

I'm sorry but why do anons love talking about shayna so much? I see her talked about more than any other cow at this point.

No. 1734673

holy fuck CORRECT KEK

No. 1734674

File: 1698009718261.gif (970.16 KB, 320x240, 1697431815229.gif)

No. 1734675

clink clink I drink to that sis

No. 1734676

No one can escape this gif

No. 1734677

why does this turn me on so much

No. 1734678

File: 1698009901986.gif (756.74 KB, 498x245, shiki-tnc.gif)


No. 1734681

but anon how can i be free of men unless i constantly think about them and orient my life choices around them and what they might think and do???

No. 1734682

File: 1698009962167.gif (679.69 KB, 303x280, 1616017309351.gif)

on my way to the shayna thread

No. 1734683

were you once a tumblr user

No. 1734685

File: 1698009990160.gif (1.12 MB, 566x225, tumblr_366c5e1b6e06ca930bebb85…)


No. 1734687

File: 1698010032529.jpg (24.92 KB, 563x677, bingus.jpg)

No. 1734688

File: 1698010039373.jpeg (6.22 KB, 245x205, download (11).jpeg)

No. 1734689

verga me equivoque, le quise responder a esta >>1734672 perdon nonnie

No. 1734690

I think it's cute that LC refers to Shayna by a nickname like "this is my friend Shay, she's a little weird but she's my friend" (then shit talks her behind her back). I find the parasocial relationship kinda endearing
Did that anon elaborate on that? Unironically interested in her schizophrenia

No. 1734694

File: 1698010285019.gif (1.12 MB, 566x225, ezgif-2-7ed18199b2.gif)

No. 1734699

shay is the ALR of lolcow.farm
ALR is the ALR of youtube
cobes is the ALR of KF
dunno who pull's was, I'd say kenna but they wanted her lynched for real they did not play about kenna

No. 1734700

Sincerely, why?

No. 1734701

One time when I was around 9, my extremely drunk uncle looked at me and said "you know I think it's your fault. I said I wanted a kid with an appetite because you were so picky as a baby." He and my aunt watched me a lot as a baby/toddler and their daughter was born with Prader Willi syndrome when I was 4. Only time he ever mentioned something like that and she manages quite well as an adult but it was rough when she was younger.

No. 1734702

who will win?

No. 1734703

Kenna did give me the same feeling of 'uhh yeah whatever, this isn't that interesting' as Shayna. I have a vague idea of who she is but I wouldn't be able to explain it to anyone cause nothing standed out to me

No. 1734704

cause the girl has a serious message on her cardboard and the moid is ready to be the whore he was born as by announcing his services on his.

No. 1734708

File: 1698010740247.jpeg (246.19 KB, 1179x839, IMG_4820.jpeg)

That’s fucked! What a prick. also it was he that passed it to her

No. 1734710

Yes but her sign implies they have the same job so she also sucks dick but for a dollar which is the joke, she’s the butt of the joke

No. 1734711

I like my interpretation better

No. 1734712


No. 1734713

No. 1734715

Anybody here been playing the new Sonic Superstars game? So kino

No. 1734717

File: 1698011018165.gif (1.46 MB, 600x578, music-bussin.gif)


No. 1734719

Kinda worrying that anons don't get that

No. 1734720

i heard its just another bad sonic game for the pile

No. 1734721

What? Lol. Shut up.

No. 1734723

I shouldn’t have to look at this shit on my lolcor

No. 1734724

No. 1734725

You win the internet for today! Here’s your prize: a cookie!

No. 1734726

I didnt notice because the thought of a man giving another man a blowjob was enough to turn me into a goon little bunny foo foo style

No. 1734727

how many dollars do you think he makes a day?

No. 1734728

Hahahaha you said goon

No. 1734729

it's fucked up that little bunny foo foo got turned into a goon

No. 1734730

my mom just broke with her bf and i have been hearing her all day talk with possible candidates and vetting them based on how much they earn because she knows she's hot for her age. she's a terrible mom, but an absolute stacy, makes me angry i got my dad genes so i look absolutely heinous at 20.

No. 1734732

But is she gonna marry then murder them and keep the money?

No. 1734734

Gay people sucking dick is cringe

No. 1734735

he looks fairly well off, must add up to a comfortable living wage

No. 1734736

no she just milks them out of money and expensive vacations then dump then, her ex lasted a year he used to bring me expensive chocolates weekly

No. 1734739

Can't you ask him to take you? My boyfriend has taken me to some work things as well (asked his boss before obviously) and it was no problem at all he does work for a smaller business though

No. 1734741

File: 1698011793179.png (156.04 KB, 681x383, renaissance.png)

No. 1734742

>he used to bring me expensive chocolates weekly
God, I'm jealous

No. 1734743

damn 18 dicks an hour

No. 1734744

>fucked up the prev
>obvious subtle moid image
Christ, no wonder they call this the dumbass shit thread

No. 1734746

they always make that vacuum cleaning face wire their eyes bugging out

No. 1734747

File: 1698011973117.jpg (177.92 KB, 1076x1600, candycane.jpg)

No. 1734748

It's really awful. Sickening even.

No. 1734751

No. 1734753

Dead inside

No. 1734754

I just ate a dill pickle spear and a cinnom rool in the same sitting. The acidity plus the sugarity is kinda fucking me up. Plus a had a soda today. This is the type of shit that happens when I have no real food in my home.

No. 1734758

if you're getting heartburn recently it's just part of the yearly cold/flu going around. everyones been complaining

No. 1734759

my daddy's makin' chili anon you want me to send you a bowl? it'll make your heartburn worse but it's real yummy

No. 1734762

File: 1698012330539.jpg (38.7 KB, 640x632, hopes and dreams.jpg)

i hope her new man is rich too. Meanwhile i have to deal with useless poorfag ugly zoomies, pain

No. 1734770

File: 1698012740935.gif (1.21 MB, 550x550, pink skeleton.gif)

All goons out of the way for I have arrived

No. 1734784

File: 1698013375954.gif (1.29 MB, 566x225, oie_oie_glitters.gif)

No. 1734789

No. 1734799

holy fuck

No. 1734802

reported for animal abuse

No. 1734805

this is the best thing I've seen

No. 1734807

Twitter is full of people like you, you should go back, actually

No. 1734809

Gorgeous work

No. 1734810

Ew! Why

No. 1734813

I joined a discord server for a game that I play, and wtf I've been using lolcow for so long that I forgot other online communities have some pretty nice and fun people. Going between lolcow and the other site makes me feel like I'm jumping dimensions

No. 1734814

how else would you eat a candycane?

No. 1734822

Definitely not wearing those ugly ass soulless contacts.

No. 1734834

File: 1698016237742.gif (970.04 KB, 275x275, 1662550577622.gif)

I hate that the only visible part of my husbando's body is his head, what the fuck?? males always getting naked female characters, i want eye candy too!! fuckass game, all the uggos almost naked but of course the only young, cute male is wearing full gear, fuck moids and everyone for real

No. 1734848

I still don’t understand that bullshit, why is making male characters wearing something different to a whole ass niqab such a difficult concept to grasp?

No. 1734850

would you nonnas commission your husbando in sexy clothing? asking for myself so I can promote it in my commss

No. 1734862

Of course, if I had money, I would buy copious amounts of porn and sexy pictures of my anime boyfriends with my self-insert.

No. 1734866

oh nice! I'm often told women don't commission sexy husbandos but I knew it was BS

No. 1734870


No. 1734892

no, i'd save myself $50 and buy a $20 pass for a good AI site and make as many pics as i want, fully colored and rendered, at the click of a button. or draw some myself. commissions are a waste of money.

No. 1734900

No. 1734901

Are the nonnies here seriously so incompetent that they don't know how to use the AI image generators? Worryingly low IQ around here now

No. 1734908

NTA but I know how to use it, but it still doesn't give the results I'm looking for

No. 1734912

File: 1698019408242.jpg (247.39 KB, 1366x2048, [19-11-07] 1192370549558632448…)

i wish there were more male slut outfits that didnt look like femboy shit, it's really ahrd to achieve the nice combo of hot and manly. I hate crossdressing/sissy shit with my life.

No. 1734914

literal retardation lol SD is dead easy to use

No. 1734915

Social democracy through artificial intelligence?

No. 1734916

stable diffusion

No. 1734918

an artist can't see inside your brain to give you exactly what you want either, and commissions are expensive unless the artist is literally chris chan tier and even those will still charge more than the cost of one of those ai sites that give you a heavy level of customization on top of all the other benefits. artists are just grifters, learn to draw yourself or consult computer-kun.

No. 1734925

File: 1698020184265.png (214.76 KB, 762x763, 1693523496420828.png)

>tfw artist so i can just make a shitty sketch in an hour and get AI to do the heavy lifting
skillets keep losing

No. 1734927

I'd eat her hands

No. 1734928

File: 1698020445843.jpeg (203.68 KB, 960x641, IMG_6438.jpeg)

I hate the couple on this threadpic. I don’t know how to explain it, I wish I were more eloquent. I know men are retarded but I absolutely hate the performative “Hurr durr I’m a male feminist and my heckin amazing wife keeps me in line and is smarter than me, I’m just a lovable, dumb golden retriever!” I don’t know how to describe it but I hate those men. Also they seem like they’re poly and I don’t know how to explain how I know that either

No. 1734932

They actually seem like a nice couple (based off the very little i know, obviously). The threadpid is just crap

No. 1734934

At least I can give the artist a bunch of references and shit, this AI bullshit is tiresome and doesn’t work with existing characters, only makes good stuff with OCs and that’s too autistic too me, I don’t want to fuck my OCs, I want to fuck my husbandos from already existing media. AI supposedly gives me instant gratification but it really makes you work a lot after all.

No. 1734937

you can actually make stuff with existing characters on Stable diffusion, but you need a lora which is expensive to commission

No. 1734938

this threadpic sucks ass

No. 1734939

it's in another state so the travel would be unreasonable, plus I have other obligations. I still had a great dinner on my own (chicken and rice soup)

No. 1734942

File: 1698021448811.jpg (44.8 KB, 380x376, 1694285564645.jpg)


No. 1734943


No. 1734946

Stfu, will you?

No. 1734949

I want new banners

No. 1734951

Lately stuff I've eaten has tasted like wet dirt. And no, I haven't been eating wet dirt.

No. 1734953

I'm watching the X-files and some amish group is covering a dead moid in oatmeal pudding

No. 1734961

Not the best of season one but the plot twist in that episode was fun

No. 1734967

skill issue on your end

No. 1734969

File: 1698022782277.jpeg (56.52 KB, 512x512, IMG_0872.jpeg)

i can still fix him

No. 1734975

No. 1734976

Are anons itt really trying to criticize others for being willing to commission actually good art kekk. You guys are so lame.

No. 1734978

they are broke asses they would never commission even if they had the money lol, but it's funny they are so low iq they cant even figure out typing words

No. 1734981

Then show us some of your superb AI work and amazing wording.

No. 1734982

i will not

No. 1734986

Yes I would, depending on the type of sexy clothing. I don't like maid costumes or speedos
or bikinis or whatever people like to draw male characters in. I like stuff more like my husbando with his clothing down or unbuttoned, or even fully dressed depending on what he's wearing or how he looks.
INB4 some anon starts trying to argue with me about my tastes

No. 1734987

oh shoot it actually was… now i wanna know more about them

No. 1734993

File: 1698023734477.jpg (19.29 KB, 500x375, IMG_2002.jpg)

Right? Monster of the week episodes were always my favorite but you usually never get to learn more about them

No. 1734997

That is a good one, Gender Bender, right? Sorry I’m an X-Files sperg kek.
Kek I always remember the Jersey Devil ep the one drawing he looks at of the female Bigfoot with boobs bc I figured Duchovny just drew it himself prob. Agreed monster of the week episodes are the best, same with early Buffy being better than later for that reason. Also WHERE THE BIG WOLF ON CAMPUS NONNAS AT

No. 1734998

shut up, stinky!!!! he is very gorgeous n cool!!!!!

No. 1735000

>actually good
kek @ you thinking the average Twitter artist is any better than m-muh ai slop. you're all smug about getting scammed by a neet gendershart who draws porn for a living.

No. 1735002

I've never commissioned NSFW art but this post literally makes no sense because there are millions of artists with their commissions open and there are plenty of great ones. This whole post just feels like your reaching for something to say.

No. 1735005

nah you are based i hate seeing male characters ''sissified'', i hate the trend of drawing male characters in female clothes

No. 1735070

This is making me giggle thank you nonny

No. 1735096

Recently attained a sub maso pig as a casual thing, kinda want to see if he'll drink my piss

No. 1735123

The thread pic is scrotey and unfunny

No. 1735128

File: 1698031220631.jpg (39.35 KB, 735x557, e6724b4199a147f8105b4eb91d25de…)

0.5 times

No. 1735129

Do you ever just see someone talking big shit online and can tell they're not shit IRL.

No. 1735133

Samefag but sorry for how I worded this kek. But the point is some people are the biggest losers in reality.

No. 1735150

Who is picrel

No. 1735154

Why am I still thinking about her after three years? The backstory behind this crush is so damn weird. I don’t even talk to her anymore and I don’t think I should. I always think its gonna stop, but nope.

No. 1735189

Reading a historical romance after such a long time and I sure missed my favourite recurring background character: Gretna Green

No. 1735220


No. 1735228

schizo scrote

No. 1735232

File: 1698033769881.jpeg (32.98 KB, 720x720, 96FE2A0B-440E-4DC1-B817-F9F15D…)


No. 1735235

are you the dude in the vent thread calling random women 'pussyhavers'

No. 1735238

samefag its the unpopular opinions thread my bad

No. 1735244

have you ever had a prostate orgasm, if so what is it like?

No. 1735249

but they are since you're here now. are you circumcised or uncircumcised

No. 1735253

please respond mr pussyhaver i am desperate

No. 1735259

>I don't want to fuck my OCs

No. 1735282

dick pic or GTFO

No. 1735290

nah that's too simple… 4k HD video of you smashing your balls with a hammer or gtfo!

No. 1735293

4k video of you nailing your dick to a 2x4 or GTFO

No. 1735296


No. 1735298

File: 1698035438673.gif (309.91 KB, 500x500, stacy.gif)

The virgin knitter
>"Noooo, you're not allowed to use that yarn! Nooo crochet is too easy! It's not good for garments! Now excuse me while I go make a pair of socks for the millionth time..
The chad crocheter
>"Haha it's totally ok if you use acrylic yarn. In fact, there are no rules at all! Make whatever you want!

No. 1735300

Acrylic is kinda gross

No. 1735301

Ignore the knitting needles in that pic, crochet representation is lacking

No. 1735304

is knitting and crocheting that different? you both use yarn and have to sit for hours on end to make a tiny scarf

No. 1735311

Depends in what you buy tbh, but I'm not gonna act like everyone needs to be buying indie angora yarn for like $20+ a skein
Yeah, it's two different tools with different techniques that produce different outcomes.
>tiny scarf

No. 1735326

File: 1698036585727.jpeg (48.88 KB, 665x339, IMG_6379.jpeg)


No. 1735388

I demand we be allowed to make a new thread. This one is botched and scrote scented. You can't make us live like this. Injustice injustice injustice

No. 1735390

if we bring enough fujos and anti fujos to the thread we can shitpost it into oblivion in no time

No. 1735391

yeah i dont want anything to do with sucking dick on our website thanks. or at least the fujos can have that in their threads.

No. 1735392

You don't speak for me

No. 1735400

File: 1698039736939.jpeg (759.71 KB, 2000x3000, IMG_6289.jpeg)

This bitches face used to piss me off so bad when I was little I had to hide my eyes whenever an ad for this movie came on screen

No. 1735401

Aren’t fujos men dressed as women

No. 1735402

We could invoke that genshin sperg(s) from the fandom discourse thread too.

No. 1735403

Fujoshis are women who like yaoi

No. 1735404

is that a boy?

No. 1735443

my husbando's only visible part is his eyeballs. i need help i think.

No. 1735489

File: 1698042139243.jpeg (50.02 KB, 736x742, IMG_3311.jpeg)

I had the worst nights sleep ever with reoccurring dreams about being persecuted by someone who hates me I feel like I was being chased by Freddy Krueger all night I have indigestion a headache and aching limbs I do not feel rested AT ALL.

No. 1735645

File: 1698055830558.jpeg (181.96 KB, 614x639, IMG_6641.jpeg)

I’m still awake its 5 am I laid down before midnight and I have class at 11 am

No. 1735646

I guess I'm lucky that I know what every part of him besides the pelvic area looks like, but then that's the most important part.

No. 1735653

File: 1698057075124.jpg (128.26 KB, 806x768, charging-bonk.jpg)

I just woke up at 5am to put you to sleep

No. 1735658

I misread that as “I only know his pelvic area” and still just barely questioned it

No. 1735665

coffee and energy drink for the rest of the day.

No. 1735671

my cat's being extra annoying today, stop meowing horny loser!

No. 1735673

Anyone else fantasize about changing your name? I never liked my name. Not that it's an ugly name, but it just doesn't fit me. When I move out and cut off ties, I'd feel like changing my name to feel even more free.

No. 1735677

There were 3 other women in my college class with my first name, so all through college I went by my middle name. I've never liked my first name, going by my middle name literally made me feel like a super spy. It's so much power

No. 1735704

Yes, I feel the same way about my name too. I don't like any of the nicknames either. It feels wrong and try hard. I think a unisex name would fit me better. I did get yelled at before by a friend because she has my proper full name as her middle name and I lamented that I disliked it for myself. Heh. I'd say go for it.
Nice. I find it neat when people go by their middle name.

No. 1735714

Yup, my name doesn't suit me at all and means nothing to my parents either (they literally just flipped to a random page in some baby names book and picked it from there) so I'd love to change it. Luckily it can be shortened to a nickname which is what I always go by and prefer to my actual name. The full version is too stuffy sounding for me kek

No. 1735719

File: 1698064959508.png (419.97 KB, 526x475, plush.png)

Just had a big brained moment and realized I can combine my sewing and embroidery skills to make a little plush of my husbando like picrel, why did I never think of this until now kek

No. 1735777

Average nonny thoughts

No. 1735797

I don't want to change my name but my nickname does feel more "natural" to me because that's what everyone has been calling me my entire life, almost like it is my actual name. It's preferable and I always tell people to just call me by that. Kinda like how being called nonny feels more natural than being called anonymous. I don't mind my real name though and I wouldn't change it

No. 1735833

Yeah mine is too long and flowery sounding and sometimes associated with bad women or turned into inappropriate puns. Many people can't spell it right either because of how long it is and originates from a completely different country.

No. 1735840

I can't decide if I want to grow my bangs out so I've just been pinning them back every other day and it's pretty cute but I look so boring

No. 1735852

Why can’t 3D men get their act together? They disgust me. Rancid. Offensive to every last one of the senses.
I look at my husbando and I know his arsehole is going to be more immaculate than mine. Pink, groomed, vanilla-flavoured, and sweetly puckered. Real man arsehole? Gaping shit-caked hair swamp.

No. 1735859

I already changed mine, it was ugly. Glad I did it but I don't tell anyone because people think I'm weird for having changed it and say shit like
>but your paaaarents picked it out just for you!
I was an accident and my junkie/alcoholic parents hated me kek. Nothing of value was lost.

No. 1735912

File: 1698079240283.jpeg (83.04 KB, 1506x983, Image 22.jpeg)

so i'm the burger anon who was having issues with my french bank back with more weirdness and dumbassery. i've found more proof over the past two weeks that my conseiller was lying to me and i literally have no idea why. i was finally able to log into my account after testing it out on my laptop, as for whatever reason the mobile site does not work and kicks you out anytime you try to do anything. i did some digging and i found the card she supposedly ordered for me when i first opened the account, which was sent to the bank, not my address. i had an account with hsbc i closed last year and they did the same thing. so in reality i was supposed to go to the bank to pick up my card, not have it delivered to my apartment.

soooooo the only reasonable explanation i have for my card disappearing was that she must have taken it and hidden it once la poste delivered it as i watched them get my second card from a cabinet by the receptionist's desk and hand it to me. i have no idea why she would do this either so don't ask me, ask her kek.

second weird thing: if you guys remember my original post, i think i mentioned how she was bitching at me and going apeshit over me not having a french phone number at the time and how the bank ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT send texts to a foreign number. i ordered a modem to set up internet at my apartment, and my provider offered to upgrade my account so i had to get a new number. i went in to change my phone number at my bank and lo and behold…you can send messages to a number outside of france, so i put in my american phone number just to see and what do you know, it fucking works.

i really do not wtf her problem was. this has literally been one of the strangest experiences i've had with someone since moving here, bar my randomly assigned bipolar college roommate from last year. i only met this woman one time and you would think i took a shit on her croissant or something. people are really fucking strange.

No. 1735938

I don't pee as soon as I wake up and maybe that's a problem. There are many times where I have my first pee of the day in the afternoon

No. 1735946

This kind of things happen a lot to French people, anything administrative in France sucks.

No. 1735978

There was an anon with a very whimsical name and she hated it but I don't remember what it was exactly. It was a name a plum themed fairy from a children's cartoon would have

No. 1735986

same kek

No. 1735989

File: 1698081307137.jpeg (148.17 KB, 596x1440, IMG_6470.jpeg)

No. 1736034

What, like Thumbellina?

No. 1736056

It was Prunella

No. 1736062

File: 1698082931170.png (16 KB, 400x400, AF443D31-D5D7-4579-B943-D4C778…)


No. 1736080

These past few days I've been subsisting entirely off of (what I am calling) deviled egg toast. I'm literally bowling eggs right now so i can make some. It's so good.

No. 1736087

File: 1698083414857.jpeg (79.08 KB, 735x719, 2F9B41CB-61CB-4F7C-998E-9F4E03…)

I came here to post my dumbassery but I don’t even want to anymore. What happened to you dumbass shit, I hardly recognize you…

No. 1736099

What did we do now?

No. 1736107

File: 1698083874013.jpeg (277.87 KB, 1200x900, IMG_1970.jpeg)

Why are these stupid fucking triangles so hard to unpack

No. 1736110

Why don't you eat it with the skin on

No. 1736117

File: 1698084057853.jpeg (107.37 KB, 735x608, E8C77F4A-C823-4BCB-AE02-200B22…)

We’re not being dumbass enough.

No. 1736119

They have a little red tap to unwrap them annon

No. 1736122

Not a fan of the mouthfeel

No. 1736129

You're doing it wrong silly billy

No. 1736141

I’m pulling on the little red tab but all it does is leave me with half-naked little bastard triangles with like 20% of the cheese stuck in the corners

No. 1736150

No. 1736151

>google meets: are you trying to speak??? are you t? are you trying? are you attempting to speak???? is you are speech??????? attempt??

No. 1736165

File: 1698084919471.png (114.56 KB, 328x428, 9859e889.png)

who else at work right now aha

No. 1736173

did you completely skip over the first half of this thread, if anything everyone was being a little too dumb

No. 1736291

You just pull the little string! I love cheese

No. 1736295

Are you sure you're pulling it in the right direction? You're supposed to pull the tab towards the wide part of the triangle, that makes the bottom and the back come off, then you can unwrap the rest

No. 1736300

File: 1698090798900.jpeg (947.43 KB, 1125x1103, IMG_3409.jpeg)

I am the board culture and by culture I mean a bacterial one

No. 1736306

I wish the dreadfully long infight from the unpopular opinions thread was happening here instead so we could get rid of op faster. Instead you're all civil and talking about cheese… never had that cheese, seems pretty good.

No. 1736314

Is is pretty good. The regular flavor is so delicate and creamy. It's good on sandwiches and crackers with fruit. and good when you're on a diet

No. 1736319

File: 1698091528298.jpeg (262.77 KB, 1000x774, 2014-06-16-BA2.jpeg)

I wish my room's walls looked more interesting than the barren, light gray walls. It makes my room look like a padded cell. Minimalists say that decoration is meaningless trash, but I kind of disagree. My old high school English teachers made their classrooms more "friendly" than mine.

No. 1736324

Hang some stuff on your walls then, anon

No. 1736331

I dont have any posters, and good ones are pretty expensive.

No. 1736338

You could see how much it'd cost to print something at a print shop or whatever they are called, the year is approaching it's end and there are lots of nice wall calendars out there

No. 1736339

nobody wants to use the thread when the threadpic is unfunny kek

No. 1736340

NTA but try the thrift store or second hand shops for some nice smaller paintings. My thrift store has loads of painting and pictures that could make your space a little more lively. A lot of it is antique too.

No. 1736355

Thanks for the advice and reminder that I'll need a new calender log. I'll see what's around in my town

No. 1736373

how many hours has it been of replies within seconds of eachother ? everyone should stop fighting and start to post yaoi

No. 1736376

>lots of nice wall calendars
This! But it’s a little late to pick up most calendars isn’t it? I used to work in a bookstore and we put them on deep discount early in the year and then we literally recycled them by July or August when the new calendars came in. Not many people buy calendars for the current year past February. My boss always let us take whatever art we wanted but sometimes it was too much to reuse; we would have donated them as craft supplies or something if we ever found a connection for that but we didn’t - a few regular customers took the art and we tried setting some of it out like prints for free but not many takers. I guess it’s worth checking your local bookstore or giftstore, they might still be holding onto them.

No. 1736403

File: 1698094378735.jpg (149.56 KB, 2560x2560, 711ofBoMxUL.jpg)

I don't like spray deodorants. They do feel better but it's harder to make sure i get my whole pit and it feels like they don't last as long. It also feels like I'm wasting some since some won't go on my skin but into the air.

No. 1736409

it can't be good to inhale it or get it in your eyes either which is inevitable over time

No. 1736410

File: 1698094824753.jpeg (142.59 KB, 654x522, 9F67DD87-CA0F-4A66-90E6-138770…)

I saved this picture in 2008 I do not completely remember the context. I think it was a real Facebook image from this church but I can’t verify

No. 1736414

Okay I know this isn't related, but the random mention of God and the church and shit reminded me of the singer of Flyleaf. Lacey Sturm. But once, a friend told me that Lacey was a lesbian, but got brainwashed by Christianity or whatever into believing that she wasn't gay because God "cleansed her" or something. Can anyone who cares about Flyleaf confirm if this is really true? That's really fucking sad if it is.

No. 1736425

I want to come up with a simple halloween costume even though I'm just sitting around my house and can't come up with anything good + already in the house

No. 1736429

This retard in my work meeting added a dancing gif at the end of her presentation. I’ve never heard my coworkers and managers be so silent. Autistic employees make me cringe so bad.

No. 1736440

No that’s fun come on

No. 1736443

Not her fault you guys are such wet blankets with no spirit or a zest for life

No. 1736447

i know nothing about metal gear solid besides the fact that i am ridiculously sexually attracted to Snake(s)

No. 1736448

He dummy thicc

No. 1736452

I think snake's butt is more famous than his series

No. 1736453

i saw this immediately after finishing a mgs fic… weird

No. 1736454

you sound lame, id find it amusing

No. 1736463

File: 1698099285369.gif (26.84 KB, 220x212, 8F3B6019-9012-4422-BE2E-D26630…)

yaoi this yaoi that IM SICK OF IT STOP ACTING SPECIAL ED WHY ARE YOU SO OBSESSED WOTH FAGGOTS WHY DO ALL OF YOU KEEP LETTING THIS HAPPEN!! STOP THEM!!!! and why is op so retarded who tf links a thread like that, i tried to resist for so long but the lolcor i knew is truly gone

No. 1736467

File: 1698099733355.jpeg (66.79 KB, 686x386, IMG_4889.jpeg)

We have to resist this scourge on our lolcor

No. 1736468

File: 1698099740622.png (662.51 KB, 1076x795, 2pu5b3.png)

I think I'm a lesbian irl because I find men disgusting but only like fictional or anime guys. Idk

No. 1736469

Real men are disgusting.

No. 1736476

you're too based for this moid obsessed board im gonna have to write you a citation
>who tf links a thread like that
(new)faggots thats who

No. 1736485

I just paid $3 for a 20oz english breakfast tea (it's literally just hot water with teabags in it) and they only gave me ONE teabag. such a ripoff

No. 1736486

File: 1698100865601.png (338.53 KB, 491x626, 327.png)

>bechdel thread made specifically for not talking about moids
>nobody ever uses it anymore not even anons who hate moid discussions
this is just like the weekend threads all over again

No. 1736493

File: 1698101214397.jpeg (274.98 KB, 1268x2000, 81737E02-8281-44A0-B401-EFC12B…)

>fujoshi thread in /m/
>they still act like tards and spam it for no reason in other threads

No. 1736497

I hate that bimboland makes you give a reason for why you want to block someone. How the fuck do I explain that I want to block a user for having a whole pic in their bio describing how they want to rub "clitty"s with other "transbians"

No. 1736498

I dont necessarily hate fujoshis, but the fujoshi haters have a point when they say fujos can't go a minute without yaoi lol

No. 1736499

It's too general to be popular, there are plenty of non moid related posts in vent, confessions, mundane etc because anons will think to post it there rather than a thread with no specific purpose other than avoiding one topic

No. 1736500

File: 1698101534263.jpg (549.18 KB, 800x1253, IMG_1021.jpg)

the skeleton guy and blonde lady would make a cute couple.

No. 1736501

Do you see me complaining about scrote discussion? No only yaoi, what is this stupid ass deflection YOU are the problem

No. 1736502

I'm not talking about you

No. 1736503

No. 1736509

No. I’m so tired of grotesque ugly guy with hot woman

No. 1736511

You can't even see his face, he could be really hot under that hood

No. 1736512

He is just really skinny

No. 1736515

anon that's literally death hanging out with her

No. 1736517

Yeah. And he’s ugly

No. 1736518

File: 1698102273979.jpg (19.63 KB, 620x450, kc1rc.jpg)

>calling skeletons ugly
>literally has a skeleton inside of her right now

No. 1736519

File: 1698102323010.jpg (819.62 KB, 1280x960, 20231018_123013.jpg)

No. 1736520

HE?? death is a sexless entity anon, how dare you defile its name

No. 1736525

File: 1698102647070.jpeg (588.2 KB, 1219x823, thanksfortoleratingme.jpeg)

Sameanon who's into the Unpopular Opinions threadpic here. I just found this pic again and it also awakened something in me. I guess I just want more bossy women choking cute guys and shoving their faces into things

No. 1736526

File: 1698102722514.jpeg (57.15 KB, 1080x809, 5F5EE707-C422-4F3D-ADD1-55C25E…)

>literally me rn
you THOUGHT you got me. Hell no

No. 1736532

me too actually. i wanna make him sit there in colorful sugar until it crusts to the eyebrows n shit and hurts to take off

No. 1736541

Say it's because of sexual content on their bio making you uncomfortable. Also
>transbians rubbing clits
That's just faggots rubbing dicks, they're so goddamn annoying, just admit you're a faggot already.

No. 1736544

it getting hard would be less of a problem than the smell I imagine. idk about butter and cream cheese frostings but whipped cream will make you smell like rotting milky vomit and cheese for weeks.

No. 1736548

He's the reason why I chose said thread pic. I plan on hopefully using cake prince as the 100th one, which is just a manner of watching and being lucky enough to make said thread.

No. 1736551

who deleted the no bone no brain no problem cat pic? when a new thread is made can that be the thread pic pls pls pls

No. 1736552

File: 1698103936322.jpg (790.27 KB, 1816x2048, 20231016_133537.jpg)

the ya0i haters itt don't know i witnessed kaka spergouts firsthand. now you will witness mine.

No. 1736558

File: 1698104011946.png (792.8 KB, 609x644, IMG_0012.png)

the other anon deleted her reply so i didn't think it was as funny but that would be an honour

No. 1736560

I actually was able to block without a reason, my dumbass just didn't know cause I've never had to kek. I can tolerate the FTMs on that game cause they're still usually normal, but the MTFs make it like a goal to make their profiles the most sexual thing on earth, it's gross. Which yeah, I know it's a game about bimbos but it's not as sexual as it seems.

No. 1736564

File: 1698104435968.jpeg (61.62 KB, 739x669, 761277FC-3E64-4229-B2D9-538A5B…)

For the love of Elsie can you FUCK OFF. Is being annoying and cringe all you can do?

No. 1736569

My teacher that taught me German was an absolute bitch. People would hum the imperial march when she would walk down the hallways. She was extremely anal about our workbooks and we had a designated homework book and it had to be ruled stupidly and formatted ridiculously. Weird strict bitch. She didn't return my homework book once and I did the assignment in my class work book and she flipped the fuck out on me. She eventually found my homework book in some other years books on her desk and threw it at me. I sat in the back of the class and she was sat at her desk at the front. Pages flew out of it. That bitch made me copy in any missing pages and I had to copy my homework from the wrong book on top of that nights homework. After that I stopped doing her homework at home. I found someone to copy from every morning on the bus and I stopped giving a shit about presentation. I let every bump on the road effect my writing. I got my German friend from a music messageboard to coach me for my German oral gcse and he taught me a few conversational jokes relevant to my presentation. I got an A for the oral and B for the written. I only know how to say when my birthday is and how to count in German.

No. 1736571

i wish i could draw like that

No. 1736574

this, i want the inverse. I want a hot guy with a nosferatu tier monster woman.

No. 1736576

File: 1698104718511.jpg (34.56 KB, 564x736, b0e6d1b131b7789f7b485a42ed84a1…)

Hopping on my Rimworld women only colony, my base is fairly protected and right now I'm building a cute little library, might buy some male slaves since my other two got sick and I gave them both cyanide because I don't want a social mood debuff from making my other colonist kill them.

No. 1736577

yes. im never been the only person who posts it anyhow, i only came back to /ot/ this month after not using it for years.

the sisters want 'fujo' added to the red filter text, chop chop.

No. 1736581

if you become really autistic about black butler it could seep into your drawing abilities

No. 1736583

Probably the same sperg that’s been posting their ana goreshit nonstop in the AI thread

No. 1736586

i am still angry they killed alois trancy

No. 1736587

Well I wish you had never returned to ot, leave this place at once

No. 1736591


No. 1736595

File: 1698105451510.png (669.47 KB, 2048x1855, tumblr_a36e846acab7ad7f9b37fa8…)

I'm like this. I got a fujo wife. Godspeed and may you find one of your own.

No. 1736599

File: 1698105617410.png (1.59 MB, 1732x1246, 1684639108065322.png)

roll for your future nigel's bodyshape

No. 1736601

3D is PD

No. 1736604

i would nosferatu tho

No. 1736608

What do the percentages mean?

No. 1736611

faggyness in blood

No. 1736612

File: 1698106180206.gif (32.03 KB, 143x125, d2w9fq8-647ccc07-355b-4dec-961…)

/ot/ is the main landfill board now, i'm using it as intended

lewd bpd-kun will live on in our hearts

No. 1736614

you are the problem nonny

No. 1736615

Leoruggie is kinda cute but I honestly can’t see Leona ever allowing himself to be vulnerable enough to have a proper romantic relationship with anyone

No. 1736617

no i'm not. monster guys aren't the same as real men, they're better actually

No. 1736618

they are as ugly as 3DPD honestly, what's the point of watching fiction to get away with 3DPD and then fall in love with the ugliest mf.

No. 1736620

you're mom sucks

No. 1736622

File: 1698106633102.jpg (40.25 KB, 637x513, 7r32435.jpg)

i'm too tired to explain it all. just visit the monster thread sometime

No. 1736623

I love Alois and all Alois posters

No. 1736625

oh me me me 19 mins and i already want to kill myself so bad

No. 1736626

File: 1698106769062.jpg (343.25 KB, 2048x1082, 20231017_193758.jpg)

he does though, read more vignette and tamashina story. theres a reason why meow is the most universally beloved dorm leader in canon at the school even though hes lazy, mean, and had ruggie bust the kneecaps of dozens of innocent students. plus ruggie eagerly washes his panties but not before sniffing them.

No. 1736629

No. 1736630

File: 1698106835912.jpg (100.32 KB, 736x921, e004d1d0dbbcabaa05476153f8286b…)

I want to be hit by truck-kun and reincarnate as a mexican soap opera villainess

No. 1736634

File: 1698106985142.png (216.82 KB, 455x473, Special_Boy.png)


No. 1736636

i had to hide it because i cant bear to see that much ugliness, same for the unconventional male attraction thread. i will not be memed into liking ugly moids, i am god's strongest yume.

No. 1736637

File: 1698107083347.jpg (1.47 MB, 2500x1617, familyphoto.jpg)

who is your monster factory husbando, anons?

I got dibs on toucan dan

No. 1736638

i would watch an isekai like that

No. 1736643

rooting for you, bacteria-chan

No. 1736660

I just wanted to say that this is the only site where I can be unapologetically myself and I’ve never felt such a kinship with other random women before

No. 1736664

i want to have sea monkeys and eat them

No. 1736667

File: 1698109140631.jpg (143.78 KB, 475x593, 72515943.jpg)

>had to hide it

No. 1736671

File: 1698109309850.png (444.76 KB, 1440x932, 1692896841891.png)

i already see too much ugliness irl, a woman can only handle so much.

No. 1736677

I love watching and reading incel Blackpill content because it makes me believe that as a slightly below average looking woman I could realistically get the chad bf of my dreams lol.

No. 1736681

They're incredibly small, probably lacking in nutritional value, and likely don't taste like much because of their size so you're just a psychopath.

No. 1736684

Sometimes I watch DBDR's videos because they are entertaining and his voice is nice.

No. 1736685

awwww the pic

No. 1736686

File: 1698110134229.jpg (61.16 KB, 960x928, 1692559979633.jpg)

No. 1736688

What if you were small, tiny, and just floating around in an aquarium, and some lolcow-posting NEET hussy decided to eat you? I bet you wouldn't like it.

No. 1736690

The little cow at the bottom of the page gets no fucking appreciation, it's sick.

No. 1736691

humans evolved for the right to eat smaller weaker things than them, i bet they taste good thanks to the salt and colorants and other chemicals in their tank

No. 1736692

This makes me sad for some reason

No. 1736695

File: 1698110498474.png (439.23 KB, 674x684, Screen Shot 2023-10-23 at 6.21…)

Based. Also sick of this trope too

No. 1736700

mods can click it to login

No. 1736704

i lost my password nonni, can i use yours?

No. 1736708

Just like Bart!

No. 1736717

File: 1698111791617.jpg (15.44 KB, 552x414, Futurama-Fry.jpg)

And would you know that, anon?

No. 1736723

Gonna cheat and choose, 1, 3, 4 (I love the arms and chest but hate the stomach), 7, 9 (probably the best), 11, 13, 14

Muscle percentage probably? Thought it was fat percentage but the fat ones made me doubt it.

No. 1736724

File: 1698112023709.jpg (55.56 KB, 720x790, I love you JeSuSSsS cat.jpg)

Please give me a good one

No. 1736728

Based (as long as you have the same taste as mine)

No. 1736729

You know what? I like it! Better than a lot of the ones on there, imo. A beefcake but not roided.

No. 1736732

3DPD but I am curious to see what atrocious shape I get

No. 1736734

Killing myself right now

No. 1736745

File: 1698113524870.jpeg (41.69 KB, 567x555, F8sdkQaWoAACqND.jpeg)

Not the fat one…

No. 1736747

you got the roidpig, pig punching stacy

No. 1736749

Disgusting, holy shit. Kill me.

No. 1736755


No. 1736756

File: 1698114088859.jpg (12.6 KB, 334x350, 71nf7jZZYLL._AC_UF350,350_QL80…)

I always get scared I'm going to accidentally turn on my taser and tase myself even though you have to push a switch up twice and then press a button to tase anyone. Same with my pepper spray, It's so easy to spray and that's why I don't keep it attached to my pant even though the one I have has a clip to.

No. 1736760

File: 1698114560942.jpg (313.96 KB, 908x1200, IMG_9265_1200x1200.jpg)

An alternative is to use this

No. 1736761

Welcome to the suffering sister

No. 1736764

i dont think im attracted to any of these. maybe 8 or 12 but even then it's begrudging. men's bodies just aren't aesthetically pleasing

No. 1736767

There is a doctor I know that orders McDonalds every single morning. It's amusing to see.

No. 1736775

makes sense, medical school kills your soul and you don't care about your health anymore

No. 1736776

Not sure if what I am feeling is paranoia or enlightment

No. 1736779

Social anxiety is so retarded. A conversation going on for a long time SHOULD be an indication that I'm doing well and I should keep going, but I always get so nervous and end. I think it's a fear that I'll run out of things to say or say something wrong and it'll be awkward.

No. 1736780

Perhaps that's it. I'm friends with a plastic surgeon and he is obese too.

No. 1736784

i hope some other anon loved this song as a kid

No. 1736785

Who goes to an obese man for plastic surgery?

No. 1736787

laughing my ass off at you saying men's bodies arent attractive then choosing two of the ugliest ones

No. 1736792

He's a pretty good surgeon. He reconstructed a leg that was mangeled up from a car accident and the result was great.

No. 1736794

But, anon, he's fat

No. 1736795

if i had to reconstruct mutilated legs i wouldnt have the stomach for mcnuggies everyday wtf

No. 1736798


getting called randomly to fix someones mangled leg gives you the munchies ig

No. 1736807

the fashion thread is genuinely one of my favorite threads partially because it's full of so many organic shitposts. makes my day to see nonnas write copypasta-level sperg posts about their favorite bag/dress/brands/etc and ask each other to help them style the most basic piece imaginable with the most bonkers ugly suggestions in the replies.

No. 1736809

I like yaoi and yuri equally, what tribe am I apart of?

No. 1736810

File: 1698119581542.jpg (226.97 KB, 1024x1024, _9ac1818f-1d94-467d-a301-592b2…)

what she saying tho

No. 1736812

the virgin tribe

No. 1736814

During a lolcow moovie night awhile ago the theme was songs about weed and we put on a bunch of these PSAs interspersed between the songs, including the flat girl and the one where the dog starts talking, kek

No. 1736815

do any other nonny watch metalpocalypse? does anyone feel like they turned the characters less cynical after they started to be aware of the yumo/fujos? the last season feels like its written by a fellow yume/fujo

No. 1736817

urara? idk

No. 1736834

>last season
You mean the one that came out in 2012 or the new movie? I don't know if the fujo nudge in the movie would have happened at all without South Park doing it first in the time since its initial run, but it was cute. There was no yume pandering. In the end I liked it a lot less than the show, it wasn't as entertaining with the guys being more whinny and watered down and the humor itself wasn't as good either. It was about what I expected from a spontaneous adult swim show movie.

No. 1736890

i had similar dreams twice in a row lmao, in both dreams, i was trying to talk to this girl in my college and she straight up ignores me, i felt so badd esp when i almost thought it was real.

No. 1736893

nona you're a trooper, i would've just given up

No. 1736955

X-files nonny if you are out there the first season finale was insane, I loved it. Can't wait to start season 2.

No. 1736988

I wonder if Adam Driver decided to/had to watch Sam Hyde clips to be able to act him in Girls. it's so uncanny how obvious it is now it's been pointed out.

No. 1736992

sounds like somethin he'd do tbh he seems to take acting pretty seriously

No. 1737028

when you put it like that I'm sure he did, and if he didn't the thought of it is SO FUNNY.
these "roasties" Sam hates so much ended up making a pretty sick HBO show with a beloved character in Adam whose actor ended up going on to be in star wars. what's sam doing again besides malding and roiding?
love to see it

No. 1737034

Idk how to explain it, but she kinda looks like Leonardo DiCaprio

No. 1737113

File: 1698145002351.png (15.24 KB, 890x180, 36EAA4D1-BB83-4B39-AE3C-BE1454…)

I bought two different kinds of JBL headphones and somehow they both started having issues at the same time, I’ve had them for just barely over a year what fucking pieces of shit. I’ll try bose next im so fuckin annoyed

No. 1737116

are they still under warranty? they should have if not a 1 then a 2 year (I hope), if it isn't user error not accusing you just the wordage they use could you get them sent in and replaced?
been considering the same with my razer krakens, the volume toggle keeps fucking out and it defs isn't my fault. sometimes stuff needs to go back to the factory to be fixed.
you bought them, they should work for you and if they don't it's on the company.

No. 1737120

I checked the site and it’s a 1 year warranty this is so FUCKED.

No. 1737133

File: 1698146733606.jpg (5.77 KB, 179x281, Z.jpg)

I started taking respiridone again and it makes me want to binge eat so much.
Fortunately, I found a way to deal with it. I just drink kefir all day, every day. I've been at it for two days now. Just drinking two litres of kefir every day and lots of water. How long can I keep going like that? I love my fermented bacteria ridden milk so much sisters. Because for me it either chugging down kefir like a maniac or binge eating on pizza. Damn antipsychotics suck ass, wish they gave me less stupid side effects.

No. 1737184

File: 1698148738325.png (29.78 KB, 235x199, 1684909360671618.png)

What's with the amount of retardation around here lately? this place is starting to feel like Twitter/reddit

No. 1737186

Like it's ever been better here than either of those. What does it even mean to be like twitter? What do you even mean?

No. 1737190

It feels like some anons are trying to write some epic comeback for the updoots, they only need the sassy gay man or mean girls gifs.

No. 1737193

It's always been like that if you ask me. Everyone has to have some snarky come back because real conversation doesn't exist here. It's just a shit throwing fest.

No. 1737197

tell me what you thought the best episode was when you're done nonna!

No. 1737198

I don't know, i have been her for around 5 years and it's never been this bad. You get responses to normal, non bait, posts saying ''omg girl shut upppp'' and it feels so obviously zoomer twitter speak to me, like they are obviously pissed, but incapable of forming a coherent response like adults so they throw a tantrum like toddlers. It's honestly kinda funny if they weren't shitting up the site with their posts.

No. 1737199

File: 1698149291098.jpeg (54.44 KB, 597x599, Mid Week Funny Feline Memes To…)

Post your cars, girls

No. 1737203

I’ve been wondering the same thing! Maybe because leftcows got locked so the trolls that lurk that thread spread out through the site? Someone said Doja cat mentioned the site but I didn’t catch it it was recent or if they were talking about an old incident

No. 1737206

is it me or does that cat look like he should be wearing a helmet and riding on the short bus

No. 1737208

Nta that's bullshit, it didn't use to be this toxic yet boring, that's why it feels like Twitter because people there fight all the time about the same stuff and then drag everyone else who doesn't partake in it

No. 1737209

could be the fans of that tranny incel guy, he also dropped the name of the site and it would explain the high amount of retarded takes lately

No. 1737210

That's not a cat, that's my truck

No. 1737212

i meant car* sorry for the typo

No. 1737216

I've been thinking this lately as well, I thought I was bisexual for years but I'm beginning to think I'm just a lesbian. Idk what it means that we're only attracted to pixels on a screen though. like the though of a real man touching me makes me want to off myself and gets me spiralling kek Maybe it's because fictional men are idealized compared to the IRL versions whom 99% of are repulsive looks and personality-wise.

No. 1737220

is it possible to be a lesbian while attracted to depictions of men even if it's just pixels. is it like that rare 1% of furries who arent zoos?

No. 1737225

File: 1698149968904.png (547.18 KB, 542x677, dogbike.png)

here's my whip

No. 1737226

The post you're referring to was absolutely bait, get over yourselves.

No. 1737227

File: 1698149997342.png (30.24 KB, 758x172, have you heard of kawoshin ?.p…)

from the pixielocks thread. i just want to scream
but i'll be banned for retared ot and i would deserve it

No. 1737231

saw someone use a tone indicator and nobody said anything

No. 1737234

point still stands, it's never been this bad, bait or retardation-wise

No. 1737239

Japanese artists reposting the same drawing 5 times are so fucking annoying

No. 1737242

That's what I'm wondering as well. I consider myself bisexual since there's still a bit of an attraction to men even if they aren't real but I'm not sure if that really counts if I never feel compelled to act on it in real life. I know there are some lesbians on social media that are fans of 2D/3D men but are strictly into women in real life.

No. 1737243

Okay I can agree with that

No. 1737246

It's more worth it to just report and ignore newfags than to rag on them imo. Yeah yeah, i know you have to bully them so they can integrate but with how this site is right now who feels like shitting it up more. But then again anons still reply to obvious bait in droves so idk.

No. 1737252

Anons falling for baitposting for two days straight is unreal though, inclined to believe the site was mentioned somewhere and we got an influx of newfags and or scrotes

No. 1737254

You guys always say this but no, anons are just dumb

No. 1737257

it got mentioned by that tranny ethanclain, which makes sense because the coquette thread also got shit up

No. 1737258

I've noticed more zoomer talk too. Also, y'all a lot. I've said this before and someone replied saying "some people are from the south" It is just the same speech from 'stan twitter'.

No. 1737260

"Y'all" has been used here for years though, and for that same amount of time anons have been saying it's just southern slang. Anons who aren't from the south just think it's twitter speech because that's where they learned it from.

No. 1737264

But why is half the bait lately "reeee stop manhating" how are they defending their tranny overlord by shitting on women? Maybe you're right i dunno
I miss when farmhands actually redtexted twitterspeak

No. 1737267

Oh my god you’re right. I totally forgot about him because I instantly drop anything related to homeschooling from my memory. That was very recent and probably is contributing.

No. 1737270

It's not "reee stop manhating" it's get a personality outside of obsessing about men. I'd rather come here to escape males than to talk about them all fucking day. Like yes, anon, we get it, men and trannies are shit and wrothless. How many times does it need to be said? It's not healthy to constantly dwell on something that brings us so much pain and misery. And it's not just man hate either, it's woman hating based on their proximity to men. I'm so fucking sick of it.

No. 1737271

Anons will use any excuse to call posts they don't like men or Twitter tards or zoomies or what ever because that's somehow more satisfying than just not interacting with posts you don't like. Have some self control. We're not a monolith either and if some anon uses the word "y'all" she's not suddenly worthless and a newfag, it's a fucking word. How sensitive are you? Like you're bothered by twitterisms the same way a twitter user would be bothered by the word retard, you're two sides of the same coin and you both lack any self awareness.

No. 1737275

I'd say summerfags but that means they're all from the southern hemisphere and goddamn can we all stop being so cringe? the upper timechelon will jUDGE US

No. 1737276

File: 1698153411580.jpg (46.59 KB, 743x422, 1698095804534.jpg)

Saw this rambling of a misogynistic moid who pimps women out in /snow/, and it reminded me that there are "anons" here who wholeheartedly agree with it and would think it's a based feminist statement had I not just explained who's saying it.

No. 1737278

File: 1698153719655.gif (1018.41 KB, 275x270, 1640514477533.gif)


No. 1737281

>Like you're bothered by twitterisms the same way a twitter user would be bothered by the word retard, you're two sides of the same coin and you both lack any self awareness.

Fucking thank you. I'm one of many y'all posters, and back in like 2018 no one on here cared. It's such a newfag trying to fit in thing to get triggered about. I can call you a cock sucking retard and it's fine, but if I say "y'all" you'll have a tumblrina meltdown? And you don't see the irony? Kek

No. 1737283

Well done nonna you won the thread

No. 1737287

so what's the #1?

No. 1737288

File: 1698154985872.jpeg (45.91 KB, 681x562, e341e34b-47d0-4e3a-8046-2041f1…)

Usually at least 7

No. 1737295

File: 1698155558910.jpg (3.35 KB, 100x102, 1687072502388.jpg)

7 but i use soap every other day

No. 1737296

>"some people are from the south"
I feel like they are overestimating the amount of south burgers around

No. 1737299

File: 1698155883925.jpg (31.37 KB, 416x657, t4fvt4qjem931.jpg)

"You’ll know it’s me because I’ll be scooting across the floor on my clit like a dog with worms"
Just retarded husbando hornyposting things. I can't go back in there, nonnas. I simply can't.

No. 1737304

File: 1698156231399.jpg (144.01 KB, 640x647, kpoop.jpg)

>I know there are some lesbians on social media that are fans of 2D/3D men but are strictly into women in real life
the only thing close to this i've seen was straight/bi women pretending to be lesbians, especially if they're into live action men

No. 1737310

File: 1698156721935.jpg (75.65 KB, 640x618, ra.jpg)

EVERYTIME I TRY TO TALK ABOUT NON-MAN TOPICS YOU GUYS IGNORE ME!! You don't actually care. So I gave up. Go fuck yourself

No. 1737311

I find that thread so silly cause when it was created anons weren't even sperging about 3dpd, it was 2D moid body types

No. 1737320

I CARE, your post is exactly my point! I totally agree with you!

No. 1737327

To be fair, some anons do need tone indicators

No. 1737329

>a self-proclaimed lesbian who thirsts over boy groups and is always going on about her straight feelings
Kind of telling isn't it kek. I was more so referencing women who are only into fake guys from anime and video games though, if a woman is horny for real men I definitely wouldn't consider her a lesbian.

No. 1737333

I'll listen to you, nonnie

No. 1737334

I'd think calling a crush "comphet" kinda funny if it wasn't being said by a fake lesbian.

No. 1737336

There are so many annoying ass gen z girls into kpop who claim to be lesbians but are obsessed with kpop men. Like make it make sense. You are not a lesbian if you like 3D men sexually. Period.

No. 1737341

the dove sprays don't work as well unless you get the advanced care line. that's the one i use both in the usa and europe and it smells so good and actually lasts. i find the european spray deodorants cover better as the mist is finer and dries relatively quickly. i used to have issues with them not lasting and i realized it was my application. you have to spray them at a distance and move the can back and forth quickly while you spray. otherwise it turns into an oily goop and ends up congealing in the folds of your skin.

i bet in 10 years we will hear about how these things cause lung cancer kek.

No. 1737345

I care and we aren't all fujos!!! some of us are kind of asexual and that shit is annoying!!

No. 1737347

I hate scented deodorants

No. 1737351

Same, only insane people want to spend all day getting hit with huffs of baby powder whenever they move around

No. 1737352

I know a woman in her 30s who is married to a woman but is obsessed with kpop boys, buys those cards and keeps them on keychains and cork boards and shit. But she'll come here and talk about how much she hates men. I don't get it.

No. 1737354

what's your most hated, mine is sandalwood. like remove yourself from my aerosphere fucking hippy
same with lavender. only crunchy and retarded women I know use those "scents" aka oils as perfume. would rather actually die
or this? like a nona posted that woman's "my signature baby-powder scent routine" like okay…sure but why? baby powder is carcinogenic and you smell like an infant. reminds me of that fucked up "innocence is sexier than it seems" ad campaign. apparently it stuck?

No. 1737355

Someone you know IRL or a farmer?

No. 1737359

I feel bad for people with autism

No. 1737361

but i'm extra stinky and no one else can smell the deodorant except for me, but if i sweat everyone can smell it
lavender smells good tho. you're all NUTS

No. 1737364

Kind of both

No. 1737365

I'm with you I'm on team lilac sandalwood musk lavender eucalyptus moth balls fuck all you haters

No. 1737366

Do they perhaps use the moovie room?

No. 1737367


No. 1737368

non-tism nona, what is your fave scent? cause you're so different from all of us, do divulge.
lavender smells like bedtime cause that was what the oil was used for when I was growing up. like chamomile tea?
also come to my hood and end up on my end begging all the crunchy retards to stop with the scented oils. they leave residue and shit.
usually they have dreads and lice, or a woman with dreads and lice a BIG DREAM TO GET FAMOUS in byron bay, doing that one course kek and reek of those two oils combined.

No. 1737374

File: 1698159294228.jpg (24.6 KB, 335x447, Kitty in thought.jpg)


No. 1737375

You do know that you can buy non scented deodorant right? I dont even have a problem with fragrances, but any perfume or lotion will smell a thousand times better

No. 1737377

File: 1698159373905.jpg (49.9 KB, 736x736, d122abc536bee3f369fe8b406ecad3…)

No. 1737380

>what is your fave scent?
Weeellll, since you asked; I love fruity scents the most, but not a candy fruity because that's gross. And also anything that smells like a baked good. Lemon is my absolute favorite and strawberry is in second. Vanilla is nice too. But if we're strictly speaking about deodorant, I just buy baby powder because it smells very plain and no one is going to smell my deodorant anyway. I find that a lot of deodorants are floral scented which I really dislike.

No. 1737382

File: 1698159534040.jpg (352.01 KB, 1275x1650, scent-poster~2.jpg)

No. 1737383

Oh and while we are at it, make up shouldn't be scented either, stupid fucking concept

No. 1737384

Okay yeah I feel like that is common scents haha pun

No. 1737385

Samefag, I also like cocoa/shea butter

No. 1737386

>not liking scented deodorant makes you autistic
you say this like we said we dislike all scented products, deodorant scents just fucking suck and feel pointless. it's always baby powder, some headache inducing florals, artificial fruit, or cheap vanilla. why even bother with that kek

No. 1737389

Fuck yeah and coconut

No. 1737390

To be fair every Kpop member I see looks like a lesbian to me

No. 1737393

I feel a kinship with you nonna kek, I can't stand scented makeup products either. I once bought this Huda Beauty setting powder and the scent coming off it was insane, like there's ZERO reason this needs to smell like an entire bottle of your grandma's favourite perfume was dumped into it.

No. 1737397

I imagine anon is like this

No. 1737399


No. 1737400

Nobody is denying the autism accusation though

No. 1737401

Just because m autistic, doesn't mean you don't have shit taste

No. 1737402

>"it dusted the rim of my glass and it was a flavor I liked"
Idk why this line is killing me

No. 1737411

I just hit my hand so hard on a toilet paper holder. It hurts. There's blood under my skin. This is what I get for calling anons autistic…

No. 1737425

You have paid your dues to lady karma, you're now free

No. 1737427

File: 1698161371935.jpeg (320.27 KB, 751x1057, 0BF2A475-300D-481B-840C-30195C…)

unironically i want to marry goku

No. 1737436

Went to the thrift and got a pirate bay shirt and a scarf with ducks on it, I'm happy.

No. 1737447

Goku is great he's marriage material

No. 1737498

>wake up moody and sad
>cat lays on me, is a very long boy
>purrs and comforts me with stretched paw resting on my cheek
>i get up to toast a bagel, feel like gagging from smell
>my period starts
How did my cat know before me?! I love him so much he is the best boy

No. 1737506

My feet smell horrible, I don’t know what to do, is it because I broke my flipflops and now I only wear crocs? The weather is also obnoxious and sometimes I will sweat a lot, then again, my feet tend to be sweaty 24/7 regardless of the weather. I just hope I didn’t somehow develop athlete’s foot.

No. 1737551

he's daddy, but not a good father.

No. 1737554

Not really, Vegeta is preferable

No. 1737579

I see why those cleaning people on youtube and social media like mixing products. Yeah it's dangerous but it's like how it felt to make potions as a kid.
Anyway, I have Purex tide pods and Tide Pod Tide Pods. I'm about to see which one is better. This is probably not going to be a good idea because they are concentrates and I hand wash clothes, but whatever.

No. 1737582

Same, my crush since childhood

No. 1737589

File: 1698168464462.jpeg (171.51 KB, 471x528, IMG_5909.jpeg)

So I’m on this medication I’ve been on it for 2 years and I just now found out that it’s been boosting my testosterone levels this whole time that I’ve been taking it and that’s why I look like fucking ethel cain now. And I have to take it to continue living. I guess I’ll just fucking die because I already hate how my face has grown to look since before I took it and if it’s just going to get worse then I may as well end it now

No. 1737632

Is there any medications you can take to counterbalance the testosterone boost? I took Spironolactone for a bit and it seemed to help a bit.. (but it also dehydrates like a mofo)

No. 1737641

File: 1698170804505.png (432.54 KB, 523x470, Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 2.06.…)

bumping for gore

No. 1737667

File: 1698172392627.jpeg (47 KB, 750x744, 589218A9-7E8A-4515-9899-8AC338…)

No. 1737670

File: 1698172494728.jpg (380.92 KB, 1080x1920, F9OEpPYbMAEFl6Z.jpg)

The league style is actually so ugly man, they all look like fags! Would still smash the black guy and cat beanie one though

No. 1737672

Why are you being so mean to him? What did he do?

No. 1737676

File: 1698172845470.png (1.21 MB, 932x907, what.png)

Is the blonde one on the right a man?

No. 1737679

No. 1737681

kek, his name is Carolyn Petit and yes, he is a troon

No. 1737682

File: 1698173633741.jpeg (41.42 KB, 950x1240, 6F5ADE46-CBB1-47A4-BF16-8C537A…)

>constantly call my old dumb ass dog dumb
>annoying faggot father calls him dumb
NO fuck you I’m only allowed to say it to him. Don’t be mean to him he’s literally senile and old as fuck

No. 1737683

File: 1698173769123.png (34.85 KB, 598x173, Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 2.55.…)

if it wasn't already obvious that he's a hon

No. 1737686

Since deleting twitter and not being involved in fandom spaces in a while, I find the discussions in the fandom discourse thread to be so incomprehensible now…

No. 1737688

I agree on both statements.

No. 1737689

Is Petit by chance his actual last name or is he just that stupid?

No. 1737695

It's almost as if men cant be women no matter what they do. No man will ever pass because they're men, meanwhile if I go outside in sweats, no makeup and uncombed hair, I'm still visibly a woman.

No. 1737697

The way he looks irl compared to his avatar. kek! Why are all men like this? delusional

No. 1737700

File: 1698174536377.jpg (51.61 KB, 600x600, 41jF-LrMr1L._AC_UL600_SR600,60…)

post drinks and snacks from your country!!! my fav drink rn is picrel, it's a carbonated drink with cumin in it, ever so slightly sweet, i really really like this drink.

No. 1737701

>be me
>looking at job ads
>requirements: corel draw
The kind of revolting shit I have to read on these ads…

No. 1737704

Top row hotties, bottom row : faggots

No. 1737706

Based. Also, facts

No. 1737707

can agree, they did Aphelios so dirty thooooo

No. 1737712

I want a sandwich with cheese and bacon and pickles

No. 1737717

File: 1698175156065.jpg (107.72 KB, 1186x2180, 17048-guaraviton-catuaba-500ml…)

sugar and caffeine, you know it's good cause the packaging is ugly

No. 1737718

No fucking way they still ask for this.

No. 1737719

File: 1698175193713.png (4.83 MB, 1920x1080, 4e0453cfb09b4494acbbbc2ce21f04…)

Which of these would you pick nonnas? and which of these would you guess has the shortest dick?

No. 1737720

i only like the blue haired one, guess i'm a faggot lover now. i just can't stand that dreamworks smirk on the cat eared guy he looks super annoying. all of them need a mask like the blue one.

No. 1737723

cmon now, i think the black dude looks pretty decent even if he's bleh, the East's obsession with the v-shape face even on men needs to be studied

No. 1737725

facial hair is my #1 turnoff, an absolute deal breaker sorry nona

No. 1737728

ayrt, do you like that specific flavour as well? i just want to know how a herb can be a nice flavour.

No. 1737729

I think the first and third guys are pretty hot. Smallest peener would go to #2 kek

No. 1737731

i get it nonna, me too. also, black male characters need to have better characters than being either hip-hop n shit or being the tallest and all serious-like

No. 1737732

literally laughed out loud at corel draw, god I remember being forced to use that dogshit program for a college class once and everyone hated it

No. 1737735

lmao, i won't say who's the tiniest, but that's the character that chokes out the female lead, your Elsie senses knew kekk

No. 1737736

they all looks like faggots, how am i supposed to feel attracted to em?

No. 1737740

they deadass don't know how to appeal to women, the gays will love them tho

No. 1737742

File: 1698176143902.jpg (52.41 KB, 687x535, F9GQ_zlagAAEUdT.jpg)

Exactly kek, and even though I was >>1737670 I hate the new side-slicked high-top dreads every black male character has now. They even got my son Miles, like c'mon this looks so bad.

No. 1737744

Something about that design gives off small dick energy like he'd be the flamboyant, maybe gay one of the group KEK. What are they from? Now I'm curious to check it out

No. 1737746

the black guy and the one in the mask (probably because most of his face is covered), the rest look hideous. the one with the cat hat just pisses me off with how fugly he is

No. 1737747

I just googled this and it's from a mobile game. Is it good nonnie, did you play it?

No. 1737748

>but that's the character that chokes out the female lead
fag rage, of course

No. 1737750

the name's in the picrel, "what in hell is bad?" that's literally the name, but the creators are S.Korean so i'll give em a break, i want to say more of his character compared to the others, but i'm having a hard time progressing in the story bc of just how many battles there are to get thru.

No. 1737754

number 1 can lick my pussay

No. 1737758

I was going to play this but then it had too many bugs and maledom so I quit. Do you get to dom 1 and 4? Because they're hotties. 2 is ugly as fuck, especially his sprite.

No. 1737763

Lol this is such deceptive catfishing because I just looked it up and the characters in-game look totally different compared to the cover photo. Even some of their skin colors are different.

No. 1737769

rating these video game men is pretty fun, i wish the husbando rate thread was more active i want to judge more of them kek

No. 1737771

Nta but the game is trash, pretty sure it's a scam. The main artists work is uncanny valley also but she has an autistic amount of ZoSan sex art on her Twitter so I'll allow it.

No. 1737772

Join us in the /g/ husbando thread, we are rating legs.

No. 1737773

File: 1698177342090.jpg (387.16 KB, 728x734, pussay.jpg)

nvm I think if he lick my pussay I would accidentally crush his head since it's so small

No. 1737774

File: 1698177349787.jpg (96.94 KB, 900x464, 1697909959684.jpg)

one looks like this kek

No. 1737775

it just came out, but i'd pre-registered for it so it immediately downloaded. I like the game but i may be a bit biased when playing the game bc the creators are a (supposedly) all-female team and i really wanted to support them and that the game couldn't have a proper release in it's own country so i felt a bit of pity. The developers don't seem to be managing the game very well, the day it released, you couldn't play it bc of the servers overloading, and there's a lot of battles to get thru to read more of the story, and a lot of mechanics aren't explained very well.
Compared to the other EroLab game i've played, Nu:Carnival, it's not as easy to play.
>I was going to play this but then it had too many bugs and maledom so I quit
i get it, i liked the parts of hitting that guy, but when it came to his H scene and that part of him choking started i skipped it, i liked Sitri and Zagan a whole lot more, esp Zagan bc even FL has to acknowledge how normal he is, he's pretty cute.
>Do you get to dom 1 and 4?
i hope so, 4 is Leviathan, his kink is "breath control" and enjoys being strangled, he's the character i liked the most, i have two of his "cards".
what did you see nonna? is it that the art in battles and scenes is diff to the "cards"(i just don't know what else to call them)?

No. 1737776


No. 1737777

aw you beat me to posting the Beetlejuice afterlife waiting room man

No. 1737779

def the ugliest one
it would only be me to like the shortest one dick-wise.

No. 1737781

KEKKK he looks like a fucking christmas ham i'm dying what a bait and switch

No. 1737782

Yeah I can see that lol, I was the anon who called it a catfish.
Lol he got whitewashed. Poor thing.

No. 1737784

Last one because I love water based men.

No. 1737785

this so annoying, the game doesn't show you dick but cmonnn, male nipples????

No. 1737786

I would like to have some conversion therapy sex with green haired moid, he looks cute, too bad he looks gay too.

No. 1737790

This is maybe autistic but I don't know why people who create these demon stories never have any creativity when it comes to names. Like why don't they make up new names instead of using the same 5-10 names from actual demons from goetia.

No. 1737791

Learn to integrate retard, your gay sperging is getting tiring and autistic.

No. 1737792

her @?? pretty please!!!

No. 1737794

File: 1698177886407.jpg (825.93 KB, 2000x2000, F61vz4ZbkAA7Zju.jpg)

pulling for cards is going to be a bitchhhhhhhhhhhh fuckk

No. 1737795

kek is the target audience women? Why is his bent over plumbers ass crack a pic

No. 1737796

What? This is the first time I’ve talked about gay moids, specially outside /snow/. Stop acting like you’re some sooper detective.

No. 1737798

for first question, it is. Second question, idk, it's perfect for the slapping interaction in adoring tho.

No. 1737800

Nevermind the tiny head, where are his nipples? Isn't it an ero game?

No. 1737801

Kek okay I see. It makes me laugh. Detailed ass crack pic

No. 1737802

I would drop a pencil inside it

No. 1737804

Hmm I might give it a try again for Leviathan's sake. And skip unsexy scenes.

No. 1737805

They’re cowards, in the game they have nipples, but because they want apple’s approval, they won’t show the cock and balls.

No. 1737807

File: 1698178403288.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.1 KB, 730x836, E7ltl7jVkAMy5jh.jpg)


They show them sometimes but other times they don't, dunno why. But ya no dick or hole because they want to keep it on the Google play store. Nu:C is still the CEO of dick and hole. It's got some damn good dicks though.

No. 1737810

File: 1698178603371.gif (8.17 MB, 498x498, cat-kitty.gif)

the fact that i already follow her on twitter and still couldn't recognize her?

No. 1737813

File: 1698178745377.png (456.1 KB, 720x1280, Beelzebub-min.png)

He is kinda..

No. 1737814

The horn makes him look like a dick-head.

No. 1737816

File: 1698178977671.jpg (21.51 KB, 460x434, e4c34ca6f787cb58676325e20c0189…)

did the okama character in What in Hell is Bad need an okama personality too? his "ooooh" and elongating the end of any word is annoying, in his 'opinions' tab other players are arguing whether "trap" is a slur or not, the game acknowledges him as male and that's all i can say tho

No. 1737817

narwhals narwhals living in the ocean

No. 1737819

There is an okama character in an otome game?
Cute singing anon.

No. 1737821

>There is an okama character in an otome game?
yes, he is a "romanceable" character, don't worry, any character you dislike you can easily skip their fucking scene, bc it's separate from the main story.

No. 1737822

NTA but kek @ this paranoid retard thinking she can tell who is who on an anonymous imageboard

No. 1737823

File: 1698179334861.jpeg (392.64 KB, 850x1464, 80B852AA-5057-4BA2-A0C0-080FEC…)

His name is Paimon.

No. 1737826

It's hard to explain the taste it has because it is pretty faint imo, this thing has three different variantions and I can only tell the açaí one apart because it feels much sweeter, otherwise it's all just super processed guaraná taste

No. 1737827

I’m morbidly curious about how is he going to fuck though, I hope there’s no pegging bullshit.

No. 1737830

Does he have any redeeming qualities other than being named like a digimon?

No. 1737831

Why not just have a female character, his body doesn't look male at all.

No. 1737832

Hue, she upped the hyperrealistic skin and oiliness 80% for her work on this game

No. 1737833

That is the most unflattering ass I have ever seen in an anime

No. 1737836

this reminds me, i'm a bit bleh about FL's general personality. Even though beginning of the game, they show her unashamedly masturbating to porn on her male best friend's computer and chair and ignoring him, her personality with the devils might as well be the same as any other FL from josei or otome stuff, that same shy and coy personality to having sex n stuff, idk what i was expecting tho, i guess i was hoping for a female Eiden type character.

No. 1737838

File: 1698179870860.gif (75.38 KB, 350x400, honk.gif)

still drinking faygo, really enjoying. faygo rootbeer might be my new favoite rootbear.

No. 1737839

>that same shy and coy personality to having sex
I'm so fucking disappointed because they marketed it like it was a femdom game. The promo vids made it look like it. Knew it was too good to be true.

No. 1737841

the concept ain't the only thing they took from Obey Me! kek

No. 1737845

>I'm so fucking disappointed because they marketed it like it was a femdom game.
this, nowhere did i see any mentions of the FL being sadomasochistic, i consider if it's that way to avoid accusations of being "misandrist", S.Korean anti-feminist groups seem terrifying from what i've heard.

No. 1737857

Every time I see a nonnie post the Scout from TF2 in the husbando thread I laugh.

No. 1737858

File: 1698181578009.png (54.72 KB, 300x282, 50278056.png)

cant stop listening to kokomo by the beach boys on repeat at an extremely loud volume

No. 1737859

Sad ass. bro needs way more cake. who is he trying to appease?

No. 1737861

Is it because he is so ugly?

No. 1737863

ew wtf. I really hate how prominent faggots are in Japanese media. Who is he made for?

No. 1737864

My sides nonna

No. 1737865

Exactly, I wanted a female Eiden, not an “uwu I-I’m about to have secks” delicate girly. Hell, Obey Me’s MC is at least capable of kissing the demons and telling them that she wants to take a bath with them.

No. 1737868

theres an option to have a male mc, they spread their pandering around

No. 1737872

Also dumb, bl games never have a fem mc option

No. 1737876

Maybe because they are bl games? And the whole point of it is focusing on men and them being sexy and gay? That's the whole point of it nonny

No. 1737879

And the point of otome is sexy straight men

No. 1737880

I think you misunderstood her

No. 1737883

What's the point of otome game nonny

No. 1737884

otome is basically where the girl is the mc and the rest are men. So like a harem type game. BL is only men. No one wants girls in that shit

No. 1737885

Yes I said it was dumb to add male mc to otome, such a thing isnt done in other genres like bl

No. 1737888

nta are you guys even following the convo kek. she's saying that since BL doesn't have femMCs then therfore otome games shouldn't have male MCs, it makes no sense.

No. 1737889

I thought she was asking a question at first, but yes, I agree with you. Otome games shouldnt have a male mc

No. 1737890

because the mcs are actual characters in BL games. in this game the mc could be a talking tyrannosaurus and it wouldn't matter because they're completely faceless. it's the same experience either way, only the pronouns change.

No. 1737895

most bl mcs are rapetoys, you need therapy if you want a female Akira. the point is to watch them suffer, not to self insert. the mcs in otome are less fleshed out because they're just bland self inserts, making their sex nigh irrelevant. who cares if there's an option to make it be gay?

No. 1737896

As long as it is a FEMALE tyrannosaurus, I'd completely support that

No. 1737897

god you fucking autists

No. 1737900

god you attention seeking loser

No. 1737901

Holy shit yes i did kek sorry, i thought the conversation was about bl games

No. 1737903

File: 1698184031047.gif (356.91 KB, 266x198, there's yaoi in a nonyaoi thre…)

No more BL, no more BL, no more BL, please go back to your containment thread

No. 1737904

god god

No. 1737906

Fuck yeah, finally an option to play as a strong female mc

No. 1737907

The Anon who equated BL posting to a moid with a foot fetish was right.

No. 1737908


No. 1737910

File: 1698184384209.png (1.1 MB, 1080x702, 165238662827229.png)

No. 1737911

Ah! A retard!

No. 1737912

I regret mentioning BL games as an example, it really set off the fujos. You girls need to take a deep breath and read the context before posting.

No. 1737913

File: 1698184541382.gif (2.91 MB, 275x275, 1652901131204.gif)

seconded, i'm going crazy stop talking about yaoi everywhereee

No. 1737914

kek how are you always on time with this specific pic. like a fujo beetle juice. ily

No. 1737915

File: 1698184552589.jpg (80.92 KB, 882x765, segg.jpg)

nonny… i wandu gib u ollub my wobbz.. odang odang ♥

No. 1737916

who was BL posting???

No. 1737918

Oooh media made by women for women, i am so scared

No. 1737919

File: 1698184623939.png (97.09 KB, 1000x1000, 38463482.png)

This always seem to sell out quickly grr

No. 1737920

go to your damn thread then!!

No. 1737921

It matters because then the MC is either a dommy mommy manic pixie dream gf who totally doesn’t want to be there with a colorful streak of hair or a bl rapetoy.

No. 1737926

Quick, someone post a character over the age of 12

No. 1737927

this looks poisonous. i want to try it.

No. 1737928

File: 1698184889122.jpg (27.04 KB, 564x733, 759491635f1c75603f4282ed1e8b42…)

Yaoi this Yaoi that, wheres my GL nonnies at?

No. 1737929

File: 1698184926754.jpg (9.71 KB, 236x303, 38787285eec23b7c2fb44fafaa1e63…)


No. 1737931

>yaoi talk
>posts genshin
Like clockwork

No. 1737932

Please get some taste that’s a horrible illustration, I know there are better artists out there making better stuff and you should see them too

No. 1737933

File: 1698184958859.jpg (23.42 KB, 480x619, 1672633594088.jpg)


No. 1737934

File: 1698184990200.jpg (46.29 KB, 500x500, 1549494137018.jpg)

No. 1737936

I didn't know that this pairing was a thing, I'm intrigued.

No. 1737937

File: 1698185105906.jpg (403.82 KB, 769x950, 1658395178858.jpg)

himejoshis RISE UP

No. 1737938


No. 1737939

File: 1698185189138.jpg (16.07 KB, 338x190, HD.jpg)

How real men listen to music

No. 1737941

Why are you talking using zoomer hood lingo please go back

No. 1737942

File: 1698185244076.gif (2.88 MB, 479x255, 877_13330.gif)

At least with this argument the thread will fill up faster and we'll get a better thread pic (the no brain cat preferably)

No. 1737943

I love and hate this pic at the same time. Why the fuck is he listening like that lmao

No. 1737944

the REAL psyop with the husbando and bl posting

No. 1737946

File: 1698185295468.png (909.72 KB, 1379x1080, wobbhugz.png)


No. 1737947

I thought Bela was Zenos for a second

No. 1737949

File: 1698185347906.jpg (75.39 KB, 511x1000, shoo.jpg)

No. 1737950

File: 1698185353925.gif (686 KB, 320x240, 62c6b78175ba126e1047f32892731e…)

No. 1737951

You think otp is zoomer hood language? Oh dear…

No. 1737952

He's listening to a +18 CD drama

No. 1737953

And it's about getting fucked by a female t-rex

No. 1737955


No. 1737956

File: 1698185542456.jpg (67.4 KB, 671x1024, 2cb.jpg)

Goat is zoomer lingo just like bussin, fr fr, ong

No. 1737957

File: 1698185550967.jpg (28.38 KB, 564x764, 4c8820b23f11691ebf35f05e7c9bc1…)

Yeah now that I'm looking at it the pose feels a bit stiff

No. 1737958

File: 1698185618829.jpg (65.63 KB, 1470x828, wobbzsegg.jpg)

i just like yana toboso kitty and fox boys

No. 1737959

His brocolli haircut do be bussin tho on jah

No. 1737961

I'm just trying to be down with the kids, give me a break
Also Elsie x 2x forever

No. 1737962

File: 1698185684040.jpg (234.02 KB, 2048x1082, ollubmaiwobbzz.jpg)

and I like yaoi nonny

No. 1737963

And BL is somehow better?

No. 1737964

File: 1698185818491.gif (9.64 KB, 128x128, 820906085451825162.gif)

I just wokeup what happened

No. 1737966

yesnonnu its better

No. 1737967

>its better
No it isn't.

No. 1737968

File: 1698185894075.jpg (405.87 KB, 1487x1500, 20221112_115544.jpg)

we had segg without you odang

No. 1737969

File: 1698185894821.png (366.58 KB, 564x554, pbj.png)

government psyop to fill the thread so we can be free of the cringe op pic…….

No. 1737972

yall still got 600 replies to go still tho kEK

No. 1737974

moar argument, since that is what true lolcowlers strive for… (I'm jkpls don't ban me)

No. 1737975

600 naked ukes at lolcow farm

No. 1737979

File: 1698186239195.png (2.34 MB, 1961x1760, 1695300345565.png)

Elsie x Cece better

No. 1737980

File: 1698186280744.jpg (42.63 KB, 564x860, 7b257bab26ada8479603e531a94081…)

There's a lot of art of them and the fanfics are mediocre at best or very ooc sadly.

No. 1737981

I read this as nukes

No. 1737983

600 naked ukes
600 replies
none of that flies right over my mind
600 girlies
600 cows
all of that yall can find on?
on lolcow dot farm

No. 1737984

it saddens me that even on fiction written by women, cute males are overweeningly gay, what the hell? fuck this gay ass world

No. 1737985

oh cute

No. 1737987

its harada sensei's pop team epic genderbend nonny

No. 1737991

File: 1698186531252.png (332.49 KB, 564x898, 89.png)

>blocks your path

No. 1738000

submissive jimin cow getting milked real hard
every cowgirl here is might be a tard
lolcow farm… its OK!
farmers love wet raped bleeding uke!

No. 1738002

Next thread will have yaoi as op pic

No. 1738006

File: 1698186931691.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1179x1418, IMG_4927.jpeg)

God I wish she was a lesbian. Nothing against her being straight but she was so cool and it was wasted on men.

No. 1738008

right on this farm
we made the moids die, slow
lay of their backs
let them bleed out slowmo (moo)
none getting out, none coming up
better start praying cuz
your time is up

No. 1738010

im stealing her sweater and giving her my ratty tshirt i want it

No. 1738025

File: 1698187322936.png (61.65 KB, 563x849, 754303532.png)

It was raining and I woke up suddenly because the rain patter sounded like someone's footsteps for some reason and I thought there was a random stranger in my house and then I realized that it was just the rain.

No. 1738055

File: 1698188125341.jpg (1.68 MB, 2704x3000, il_fullxfull.2795694531_s48v.j…)

You forgot to put on this

No. 1738060

fuck I did! on the next LC MC battle yall better get ready

No. 1738065

File: 1698188316802.mp4 (6.22 MB, 606x480, live fujo reaction.mp4)

No. 1738072

No. 1738104

one time my country had an earthquake (tiny, literally nothing moved) and we never have before so I thought someone broke in and walked around my house with a knife shouting im armed.

No. 1738107


No. 1738134

I'm in a discord chat and I lol every time I see one of the trannies yes there are multiple. look, it's a whole thing and it's a discord server so cut me some slack say something weird and get completely ignored by everyone. Not even an emote react.

No. 1738136

Samefag but I don't think they even realize that no one likes what they say, especially because it's so inauthentic and you can tell they're playing a character whereas everyone else is being genuine and chatting

No. 1738139

I know that feel, it’s honestly funny how even the most coom infested servers ignore trannies and only trannies will respond to each other. Like, I was in a random server once and this dude asked in the main chat if he should get a rot pocket installed and only the most ugly ass annoying fat bastard responded, kek. I usually just tell the moids to go ahead with their own self-destruction because that means they’re more likely to kill themselves.

No. 1738149

I'm on season 2 episode 3 and I can't believe every single fake tinfoiler scrote from the early 00's onwards on the internet made Mulder's character their entire personality. I spent a good chunk of my youth on paranormal forums, I always thought they all were rehashed retards while in reality they were just a bunch of literal idiots trying to sound "insightful" I guess. also "The Host" was fantastic, it really scared me.

No. 1738156

Off topic but if you read the unabomber manifesto you can see where a lot of people got their ideas too. It’s not a long read.

No. 1738169

File: 1698194805205.png (363.85 KB, 640x360, speaking facts.png)

can we stop the twittertard invasion

No. 1738190

Ahhh the Host is a great episode. Yeah Mulder is genuinely an infuriating character to me half the time but is also so retarded he’s hilarious. Scully is everything, she’s my queen. I did ship them when I first got into it in my late teens, I can’t lie. I get VERY mad thinking about how he shits on her faith when his faith in the paranormal and extraterrestrial is the same exact thing. The early seasons are a fun mix of monster of the week episodes that are cheesy and episodes that are genuinely upsetting. Just wait til season 4 Home is the only episode I will never watch again, nonnas who’ve seen know what I mean…

No. 1738196

File: 1698196600376.jpg (67.31 KB, 894x894, 71N-atDodSL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

i love sitting on the floor. do any nonnas with the same habit have floor chair recommendations? the style of picrel looks so comfy if it were a little bigger

No. 1738199

just realized my dumb ass got the "dumbass" and "stupid questions" threads mixed up but my point and mission still stands

No. 1738208

File: 1698197312383.png (291.14 KB, 1048x722, 1e5.png)

I tried to look at fanart of EC and I found this.

No. 1738220

I made too many posts today, I am embarrassed.

No. 1738223

do you ever look through the post history of an outed personalityfag and realize you've made more posts than them, some of the most notorious users of this site? cringe but true.

No. 1738225

whos in the 10k+ post club make some noise

I have to be bare minimum 30k total now across all the devices Ive had over the years

No. 1738228

I'm the nerd in the far left

No. 1738232

File: 1698199573146.jpg (32.99 KB, 736x552, 1991 05 06 ピンクエンジェルのさくらちゃん(要…)

>mfw someone hates fujos for reasons different than why I hate fujos

No. 1738236

why do you hate fujos

No. 1738237

File: 1698200247109.png (120.98 KB, 680x252, 1597669560308.png)

god i hate how EC became popular on Twitter. I miss the glorious days of fujos hijacking the EC club threads on 4chan

No. 1738240

They are mean to female characters (including one of my waifus). I also hate the ones who are unfamiliar with non-BL female mangakas and talk shit.

No. 1738241

ayrt I haven't but now that you mention it I will!
keek yes mulder is a good balance of infuriating retard and typical nerd guy with a fixation on a topic. Skully IS indeed everything, she's smart, level headed, honest, fair and open minded specially regarding Mulder's schizotronic behaviour. HOly cow I CAN'T wait to get to it! I wanna get through all the seasons before christmas

No. 1738246

My laptop's clock is one hour too early, so all posts here show as if they were one hour older than what they actuaally are. I feel like a time traveler

No. 1738248

>They are mean to female characters
Only shounenfag ones, which being into shounen is cringe anyway.

No. 1738249

File: 1698201299110.png (6.15 KB, 515x367, Fn5iRGYaQAAgoQU.png)

what if youre a fujo yourself who hates certain fujos? also being a fujo is based since it makes troons and moids seeth kek

No. 1738251

>just learned that the creator of EC bought into the pronouns shit.

No. 1738254

I admit there is this one BL manga I've been meaning to read but never seem to get around to

No. 1738255

Is it harada

No. 1738257

No. 1738260

No, it's like a gory psychological supernatural police drama called Stigmata

No. 1738261

he's thinking about vanilla sex with Koujaku.

No. 1738262

File: 1698202816781.jpg (52.54 KB, 640x640, 1675738698568701.jpg)

anyone else likes to start thinking/working on their goals for next year at the end of the year? i want to make a game and start posting my art online

No. 1738263

I support your endeavors nonny!

No. 1738266

>Not Clear
At least Koujaku is second best choice

No. 1738273

based. and fact

No. 1738277

File: 1698204217628.png (1.52 MB, 1440x1080, 110302517_p1.png)

Clearfags it is our time

No. 1738278

File: 1698204294329.png (1.55 MB, 1440x1080, 110302517_p2.png)

No. 1738281

No because I don't have such high opinion of myself

No. 1738283

Clear's 'bad end' was my favorite of all the endings tbh. I think i might give it a replay. It's been like 6 or 7 years at this point.

No. 1738284

what's EC club?

No. 1738288

Eltingville Club.

No. 1738289

I feel like with how the world is we’re just gonna blow up pretty soon. Idc I’m just gonna keep drawing cute anime guys

No. 1738291

same anon, same. only reason i haven't killed myself yet it's because i want to draw.

No. 1738295

File: 1698206185153.png (554.13 KB, 700x466, 1682344401981755.png)

I seem to be really good at filtering schizos without even trying. I was thinking of blocking this girl who's kinda of an annoying attention-whoret that seemed like a future problem, but she blocked me first. Nice.

No. 1738296

Gonna stop taking my meds today. Hopefully I drop dead. I hate it here so much I really am not patient enough to wait for the end of the world

No. 1738303

Go do mushrooms in the woods and dance and email politicians unsettling but perfectly legal rants. Go live, go love anon

No. 1738311

could be a cute twink but they had to make it a disgusting trap

No. 1738313

the black guy personally offends me, the rest feel like sims kpoopies who dont know about mods would make but the black guy doesnt feel femgazey at all

No. 1738317

It's truly a fucking shame and only makes me believe that whoever designed them only followed the baseline trends as to what designs could get female attention because cute black guys are an underrated niche in fiction.

No. 1738320

I can't seem to find it again but wtf…someone posted some my melody meme from the dumb bitch memes thread directly onto pinterest (like if you click on the pic it takes you to the thread) and there were over 200 comments on it there. Only one of the comments I scrolled past said anything about lolcow but still, is this why we have so many newfags around lately?

No. 1738324

File: 1698209169720.jpg (101.44 KB, 770x1100, 8 (2).jpg)

only GL i like is pic rel for the art and character design alone(dont read it if you are a lesbian)

No. 1738325

yeah, i honestly really like miles for example. but that guy feels like they know black scrotes would get mad at them making an attractive male characters so they went with generic black male with chad jaw and built like a fridge. He clashes so bad with the other male characters who look like kpop twinks.

No. 1738327

File: 1698209645739.jpg (42.06 KB, 500x700, 9UwukXN.jpg)

i only like gl when it's in tv show, video games or books, i can't get into yuri. but i do laugh at the mtfs seething at everyone saying gl is for scrotes because they are obsessed with uwuified anime lesbians and it ruins their larp. i find korean webtoons have less of this, i feel like they have more female authors…

No. 1738329

what show is this?

No. 1738331

nta but that's glee kek

No. 1738334

I like GL only if it's an adult setting, I don't really care for most highschool setting GLs but I do have a guilty pleasure here and there like Otome no Teikoku

No. 1738335

File: 1698210449615.jpg (76.5 KB, 735x518, 182521e75ef7bb45d3e7d594f8e69c…)

Just saw this on pinterest and it reminded me of Lucinda kek

No. 1738336

i honestly wish GL and BL could switch places. I want more cozy BL set in hs, i dropped BL because i am so tired of it being all about 30yo single fathers that are angsty , i enjoy twinks and light hearted stories goddamit.

No. 1738340

>degenerate moid mangaka
I can't help but like him too in all honesty

No. 1738341

I know right? It's hard to describe but I think it's that I just really like the art style a lot compared to the metric fuck-ton of moeblob GL and that the fanservicey aspects are so ludricrous that it wraps back around to being either funny or ignorable.

No. 1738343

File: 1698211096094.jpg (168.64 KB, 842x1200, [22-05-01] 1520785924061155330…)

What's your favourite ship? mine's the fujo and the american girl. I want to draw like him, i am angry his BL manga flopped.

No. 1738346

I actually like Elisha and Honoka as well. Just keep studying Anon, I'm sure you'll make it. There's something so nice about his style, he draws the girls really beautifully and so distinct it's hard to describe.
>his BL manga flopped.
His what

No. 1738347

File: 1698211478620.jpg (130.02 KB, 1000x1436, u16.jpg)

he did a BL manga that flopped after the first tankoubon. A shame because the glasses slut was everything i wanted in a cute uke and the art was amazing

No. 1738350

I dont have money for a therapist so i have been thinking about making an husbando AI i can talk to while he conforts me

No. 1738355

File: 1698213399357.jpeg (24.96 KB, 307x249, 5f015c990daf94104729c1ac482bf8…)

The computer that sang Daisy Bell is creepy as hell. It's creepy to hear something inhuman try to imitate "humanness", y'know? "Uncanny valley" is such an overused term, but I can't think of a better one to describe computers or robots imitating people. They're not sentient, but it's like they're trying to be.

No. 1738357

dont talk shit about hatsune miku's grandma

No. 1738359

>(dont read it if you are a lesbian)

No. 1738360

crimes - 98% committed by men
wars - committed by men
the social media that's ruining the brain of kids - made by men
the wall review by doug walker - made by a man
adam sandler movies - made by adam sanlder(a man)

No. 1738361

File: 1698213894176.png (40.23 KB, 324x446, Screenshots_2023-01-15-09-28-5…)

The vast majority of sex traffickers are also men. A crime where women and girls are disproportionately the victims of. No amount of rare geniuses will make up for the fact that 80% of them are just room temperature IQ rape apes tbh

No. 1738362

File: 1698213904511.jpeg (401.92 KB, 756x1234, EM2Q0MNUwAEvS1s.jpeg)

its 0 story 100% fetishes

No. 1738363

is the baiter ritard or just some unfunny ban evader moid?

No. 1738365

Well, maybe If historically women would Have been allowed in positions of power instead of the kitchen we'd have more inventions created by women. It does seem however that we do not define the course of evolution and biology.

No. 1738366

File: 1698213995046.png (288.78 KB, 444x1100, Screenshots_2023-01-07-01-48-3…)

Oh, and there's this.

No. 1738367

Probably moid

No. 1738368

dont respond to bait

No. 1738371

adam sandler movies are the ultimate crime

No. 1738375

File: 1698214402423.jpg (330.33 KB, 1079x971, Screenshot_20231025_021313_Chr…)


No. 1738376

It would be a dream come true, she is a style icon. Imagine becoming friends with her, learning what actually went on in Hollywood and learning her style secrets.

No. 1738378

File: 1698214542856.jpg (71.69 KB, 1200x801, How-to-Roast-Pumpkin-Seeds-4-1…)

Recommend me your favorite spices to roast pumpkin seeds with.

No. 1738381

Why would you even bring up ritard? Just report if you think it’s her. otherwise why bring her up? (Did I miss something? Just haven’t seen her mentioned in a while.) especially when she was known to talk about herself constantly as if she wasn’t self posting, drawing attention to herself

No. 1738386

When males are given positions of power, they enable the power to cut off 10% of their sons' dicks kek, so much for "hard playing" when they need lotion to even play with themselves. But seriously now, don't respond to bait.

No. 1738390

File: 1698215723971.png (1.09 MB, 984x1694, ROLLING.png)


No. 1738392

File: 1698215930874.jpg (127.33 KB, 1080x1080, 1646807316404.jpg)

i forgot 0 so uhh i guess 0 is this dude

No. 1738394

I got fucking 7 when I wanted 8.

No. 1738397

No. 1738398

What a relief

No. 1738399

hoping for link

No. 1738400

last thing I rolled was a huge disappointment, ready for my next one

No. 1738402

If I don’t get 3, I’m killing myself

No. 1738403

Oh. I'll take it, kirbyanon has competition.

No. 1738404

No. 1738405

welp thanks for everything nonnies

No. 1738406

gimme sexy spongebob please

No. 1738408

OOOOH roll roll roll

No. 1738409

you got dubs anon…you got HIM

No. 1738411

are you fuckin kidding me, I barely know what that thing is

No. 1738412

everything but 8 tbh

so close yet so far

No. 1738413

Let's go!

No. 1738415

I believe it's a child murderer in a smelly costume, but don't quote me on that

No. 1738416

I don't want to hear about hope. I'll trade you nonny >>1738405

No. 1738417

No springtrap is the child murderer in the suit. Bonnie is the animatronic possessed by a dead kid.

No. 1738419

That's arguably worse

No. 1738420

I started reading this because I saw a cute cap of two of the girls and was so disappointed it was ecchi. Kept reading though and sports girl and chubby girl were my absolute favorites

No. 1738421

Thanks so much, anon! Looks like I live to curse the earth another day

No. 1738424

I love the scene in Arthur where they animate DW to say faggot but bleep it out

No. 1738425

No. 1738426

you cant say this and not link it

No. 1738433

No. 1738435

I just realized that, I'll never roll anything again itt fuck!

No. 1738437


No. 1738438


No. 1738440

i wanted to see too, is this it?

No. 1738444

i get it, i don't mind feminine men personally, but this is like they drew a girl and gave her small boobs and said "yup, man enough".

No. 1738457

Yes kekk you can literally see it in her mouth! Girl said faggot. Based Arthur producers

No. 1738458

The whole Unpopular Opinions thread for the last 3 days

No. 1738459

i though she said fuck? does this mean arthur knows the meaning of faggot, it's canon that arthur has either said or listened to someone drop the f slur? man

No. 1738463

The way her mouth opens twice is what confirms it for me. Cause “fuck” would just be opening her mouth once but she opens her mouth and they went as far as animating it to annunciate all the syllables like to how a normal mouth says “faggot”. Beautiful piece of childrens TV really.

No. 1738469

File: 1698221488060.gif (1.42 MB, 986x828, IMG_6359.gif)

Nah she’s saying faggit lmao

No. 1738472

you think there is an uncensored version like this?

No. 1738478

File: 1698222238331.jpeg (296.07 KB, 716x582, IMG_6360.jpeg)

Is that censored? The sound that came out of him reminded me of “bahlegde!” kekk

No. 1738479

no, that's the uncensored version. The original is censored and the uncensored one was lost until it was aired on Adult Swim a few years ago.

No. 1738487

i want to make this but i got no butter whyyyy

No. 1738498

No. 1738502

No. 1738505

"Thank the bus driver"
No I will not

No. 1738506

why wont my cat stop meowiiiing you have foods, you have water, what else do you want!!!

No. 1738511

she wanna know if you got games on ya phone

No. 1738512

Maybe she wants you to open up a window so she can sniff the outside?

No. 1738514

funny how just a bit of mascara makes me look less like some 70s cult member and more like a normal person

No. 1738516

downgrade honestly

No. 1738526

She wants love, attention and play.

No. 1738527

Also check if litterbox is clean.

No. 1738536

Makes me sad that most lolcows nowadays are boring or politispergs, because I love my personal lolcow. He doesn't share his politics, doesn't have an Onlyfans/is a whore, he doesn't even know what pronouns or tranny shit is. He's just a dude that has over 9k images of fetish muscle women farting art on deviantart and writes about his opinions on child slop media/his life. He's been fighting with some other guy because he keeps stealing his drawing of muscle women farding while flexxing and uploading them to Youtube without his consent. I root for him, i hope he gets rid of the thief.

No. 1738541

Every day I thank my mother for gifting me with a mathematically-inclined brain. I would be nothing without it. I hope I pass this gift onto my daughter too.

No. 1738546


No. 1738555

nonnas help i am talking to this woman(?)) on a dating app and we are hitting it off, she types very to mo feminine, her photos look mostly just gnc and she doesnt look super big next to women or anything but her voice almost sounds like either troon voice trained or just deep. and i hate that i have to think about this because from her pics she's so cute but she's in a weird height (168cm) that makes it hard to guess if she is trans or not?? am i fucking internet poisoned? i just want a cute gf i hate the world

No. 1738557

Find a way to ask her for childhood pics. Or share yours, she might share hers in return.

No. 1738559

File: 1698234987009.jpg (39.31 KB, 680x677, 1683607646766.jpg)

>weird height (168cm)

No. 1738567

I finally gave Phoebe Bridger's music a chance and I actually like it, the banality of it is soothing

No. 1738568

i keep mixing up Phoebe Waller Bridge and Phoebe Bridgers tf

No. 1738576

it sucks

No. 1738578

I know

No. 1738581

File: 1698236361449.jpg (824.13 KB, 2904x3130, odang.jpg)

No. 1738587

space dog died on the way back to its home planet

No. 1738596

!!!! FINALLY another pop n music enjoyer. Space Dog is one of my faves

No. 1738605

File: 1698237376711.jpeg (617.45 KB, 1139x1652, E1F16994-2892-4994-A4CC-F831A1…)

Who’s the best Debil boy it’s Smile

No. 1738611

aww i luv pop'n

ash has sexo belly button ring… but i like them all together. my favorite pop'n are cup-kun and sho, i have a mug of cup-kun

No. 1738616

File: 1698238593753.jpeg (337.85 KB, 828x444, IMG_6086.jpeg)

Send me your favorite songs? My bf surprised me with a roadtrip to the mountains and i need some jams!
Wish I could throw a party for the nonnas!

No. 1738620

No. 1738623

Happy birthday nona!

No. 1738625

No. 1738630

No. 1738631

Happy birthday nonita!

No. 1738633

THANK YOU SWEET NONNAS! I hope this keeps going! This warms my soul so much.

No. 1738635

yw hbd xoxo

No. 1738637

No. 1738639

That's kinda an awesome superpower, ngl.

No. 1738641

Am I allowed to samefag? I have a better roadtrip song. Also Happy Birthday and I hope you have a lot of fun!

No. 1738642

This is a cute art style. Maybe I'll give it a read

No. 1738648

That's hilarious. These people acting too much though. I cant believe I never caught it was faggot. I always thought it was bitch for some reason. this makes it better.

No. 1738652

ooh I love it, saved

No. 1738653

Samefagging because I wanted to say happy birthday again kek.

No. 1738659

File: 1698240845510.jpeg (82.61 KB, 550x543, IMG_6087.jpeg)

I am so thankful! All the nonnas are so sweet!!

No. 1738660

No. 1738663

save the whole album don't be shy *cocks gun

No. 1738668

File: 1698241832677.jpg (77.46 KB, 758x1080, joker.jpg)

What's the most retarded thing you have ever daydreamed about? when i was younger my special interest was the vietnam war. I used to watch all the movie, documentaries and read books about it. I used to put nam era music and daydream i was a nam soldier, i even had a nickname for namsona. It was che because i am argentinian .

No. 1738670

File: 1698241946435.jpeg (30.23 KB, 568x493, EB5CDBA7-E42F-47A8-8705-D5AF03…)

anon don’t threaten me with a good time. Listening to the whole thing rn

No. 1738672

Maybe she smokes or something?

No. 1738675

We are birthday twins, nona! Happy birthday!

No. 1738678

Happy Birthday nona! Have a fun trip!

No. 1738680

Job searching is such a painful oredeal just because the people behind the ads are so incompetent. Like I'll see an ad for a job in my city, but in the title it says it's in a neighborhood two cities away. So many of these ads are just poorly edited templates, I just saw one that literally had no info about the position cause it was just the template as it is.

No. 1738685

Tag : night shift
Description : btw for the first year you'll be on day shift

No. 1738686

File: 1698244076099.gif (3.33 MB, 498x280, were-not-so-different-you-and-…)

I used to day dream about being a survivalist in the post nuclear apocalypse created by the cold war. Specifically during the eighties. Having to learn firearms inside and out, set up my bunker, etc. I'd listen to punk and thrash from the late seventies/eighties during this period and did intensive research on nuclear weaponry, their effects and how to handle fallout. I still have plans to build a homestead kek.

No. 1738687

ayrt kek i am taller than that! what i meant was its not so short as to obvously be a woman, it could plausibly be a very short man. i love my tall women sorry i worded it weird!
great advice, ty nona

No. 1738694

Have a great birthday nonnie and enjoy your trip! That is what came to mind when mentioning a fall mountain road trip. Depending on how long the road is, I'd even recommend the full album.

No. 1738701

I'm late to the party!

No. 1738702

Oh my god, I'm so lucky with these roll games anons

No. 1738714

i can vouch for akiko, i almost posted this song earlier

No. 1738727

im so dumb, i just got red dead redemption 2 and the intro was long and boring so i turned on cheats so i could just blast trough it but i didn't get that now i can't save so i'm going to have to redo the intro again. i just thought i wouldn't be able to get achievements. why program cheats in if you're just going to punish users for using it? who gives a shit how i play by myself lol. annoying.

No. 1738733

Shooting my self in the face in front of my coworkers during a group meeting like I’m ronnie mcnutt

No. 1738734

I wouldn’t punish DW for saying faggot

No. 1738754

My scrote school friend who I lost contact like, more than 10 years ago when he moved to a different state (and I was getting sucked into troonacy) found my youtube account and asked for me, like, just my name.. I answered him but I wonder how the hell he found it and concluded it was me? He probably couldn't find me anywhere else cus I have no other social media kek

No. 1738763

Thank you each anon for making me feel so loved! I am queing these up as we head up to the mountains. Alll the love !!!!! mwah

No. 1738783

they live in a puddle made up of mostly their own urea and shit and it smells horrible.

No. 1738787

I was stupidly addicted to diet soda and I can see how people, me included, gain weight from it even though it has no calories. After I switched to water only my appetite is reduced so much I have to push myself to eat. A can of Pepsi Max paired so well with salty chips, savoury meals and carbs that I always had them as a combo, and now when I drink water I just don't find such food that interesting anymore, it's crazy. I still crave it, but only because I want it combined with something sparkly and sweet so I know it's nothing hunger-related. It's been three months and although I will probably have a can once in a while again it shall remain a treat rather than a daily thing. Gonna save my teeth as well, kek.

No. 1738806

Do you use the same username for multiple accounts? Either that or he found it through looking at another person's account

No. 1738811

File: 1698252515789.png (146.69 KB, 558x313, dietpepsi.png)

me thinking about an ice cold diet pepsi i wish i could kick the habit too kek i just like having one after work but eat well otherwise

No. 1738812

I once dated a scrote who thought anyone with similarities online to me literally was me. He had a meltdown because he claimed I posted my nudes on 4chan because "she had the same name and skin color as me" (both are very common btw) which I doubt happened at all because who reveals their legal name on 4chan while posting nudes? Another time he had a meltdown claiming I was posting on an app because someone had a similar username as an old username I used, then when I went on there it literally could've took him a second to see the user wasn't me. Another time he claimed my mom was messaging him because it was some lady with the same hair color in the same region of the US.

We've been over for almost half a decade thankfully and it's still baffling to see how stupid and desperate someone is for drama

No. 1738819

Kek, if you eat well otherwise I see no harm, really. For me it was just that I couldn't have one without the other when it came to combining pepsi max and calorie rich food. Lots of people I know have a can or two every day and they're healthy and fit at least in looks, so you know, just me being a hungry thirsty hippo.

No. 1738822

I hate pepsi but I can't deny that a pepsi that's been in the freezer long enough to have some slushy-ish ice chunks is life-changing shit.

No. 1738825

No, different username everywhere. But I did find his instagram cus he uses the same name everywhere lol thank God he made contact first, so I don't look like some crazy stalker

No. 1738836

I just ate a fresh cookie off of a piece of printer paper. It kinda tasted like bleach but idk if I'm imagining stuff.

No. 1738857

File: 1698257015277.jpg (73.91 KB, 539x960, dojacat.jpg)

Just a random thought but it makes my heart swell when I see anons post things they've made for their husbandos, even just little doodles. I love our husbandofags. I love love.

No. 1738866

File: 1698257347805.png (238.69 KB, 674x674, 1698257255440.png)

No. 1738873


No. 1738874

Oh hell yeah

No. 1738893

Green haired guy is the ugliest

No. 1738909

How far do I have to play this game until I get to torture hot dudes? It's the one thing that made want to get the game and all the dialogue is so lame and boring so far, Satan thinks he is hot shit and deserves to be strangled.

No. 1738921

I’m still malding because the most important shit of the plot is told to you in some very fast side quest texts that you can barely read. Like, the base of the plot for everything to happen is actually really cool, but they just dropped it like that.

No. 1738926

No. 1738928

yes, based. so thankful i didn't get the 5 guy, i fucking hate metal

No. 1738929

File: 1698260961469.jpeg (186.25 KB, 1398x1805, IMG_4853.jpeg)

Aoba the Seragaki, one of the greatest and most attractive characters ever thought up. He can jog at a decent pace, roundhouse kick enemies in a flash and best of all he's blue colored and knows how to handle the males.
Speaking of males, the dramatical murder universe might also be classified as hot dude heaven because there's such a mess of very slutty and autistic men that it'll make you love the franchise even more.

No. 1738930

Well, I’m sold on the game

No. 1738931

I always hated his hair and his stupid hair lore

No. 1738932

But he doesn't eat pussy, so he ain't worth shit.

No. 1738934

I like Komaeda but he’s gay and insane
Rolling for Leon

No. 1738935

Only eroge protagonists eat pussy

No. 1738940

File: 1698261601816.jpg (7.71 MB, 3428x4100, napoleon-bonaparte.jpg)

Men who are worth something do.

No. 1738941

>hair lore
nta, elaborate?

No. 1738946

napoleon had a microdick, I guess there's not much of a choice there

No. 1738948

Are there historical proofs of that? Genuine question

No. 1738950

didnt he have a fart fetish?

No. 1738951

I’m rolling.

No. 1738952

Not bad tbh.

No. 1738954

idk i'm going by >>>/ot/1012825 and choose to believe it because it matches his personality

No. 1738955

File: 1698262330479.gif (1.11 MB, 471x230, Tumblr_l_833977057510350.gif)


No. 1738956

He and his twin brother were connected through their hair when they were born (yeah, like a umbilical cord but it's hair) and he has nerves on it so it's sensitive to touch. He has a stupid haircut because he cuts it himself.

No. 1738957

File: 1698262440193.png (130.9 KB, 307x274, what.png)

rereading the holly brown threads and KEK this panel still kills me

No. 1738964

File: 1698262948747.jpg (399.14 KB, 2000x1600, 524e7b22842ae7f922d82260b840ce…)

Play em all

No. 1738986

I wish posters like the actual Napelononna were here instead of all the underage newfags.

No. 1738993

Was the one itt not her? But I think there were like 2 others too

No. 1738995

towa my waifu…

No. 1739008

Towa forever best

No. 1739011

I think I can’t drink coffee anymore, now I can’t have a small cup of coffee in the afternoon, the next day I feel like shit.

No. 1739014

The knorr alfredo pasta and the herb and butter pasta taste the exact same I swear

No. 1739015

File: 1698266967723.gif (1.18 MB, 220x140, angry-angry-white-woman.gif)

me when people are retarded.. not the lovingly retarded like some of YOU anonymous. but when you type a paragraph and someone just says what.

No. 1739018

File: 1698267067838.jpg (6.69 MB, 2771x4000, b054c20de67ee4d737efa52e59a206…)

rember nonnafrens: every time you respond to bait or engamge in internet discourse, your soul gem gets a little bit more polluted. protect yr soul gems, we r all mahou shoujos!!! ily ♥

No. 1739020

File: 1698267158941.jpeg (370.34 KB, 613x689, IMG_6347.jpeg)

I told myself I was gonna do it after I ended my job and today I got fired. Now is my time!

No. 1739028

File: 1698267595890.jpg (100.98 KB, 960x960, MAGICAL GIRLS REPRESENT.jpg)

Thank you based Madoka

No. 1739084

I have long foretold that zoomers and gen alpha are going to get canceled in the future for having called people autists. they dont understand the evolution of insults and slurs. it's pretty much always acceptable to say at first and has a legitimate definition. also ridiculous how many people insist on saying 'unhinged' instead of 'crazy' because of ableism when they are literally attempting to communicate the exact same thing. there is always going to be a word to insult someone who is dumb, or socially awkward, or off their rocker. which one is acceptable is just a matter of what year it is.

No. 1739087

You got this. Hell yeah and fuck yo job. Now you have more time to do the thing you need to do.

No. 1739096

File: 1698272095382.jpg (402.55 KB, 2000x2000, monster high.jpg)

I love Monster High Skullector dolls. Picrel are the new ones.

No. 1739113

Tbh I thought she was talking about committing suicide, so I'm not sure I'd give her encouragement

No. 1739129

Seeing Sally with eyebrows is so uncanny to me

No. 1739145

Missed u guys

No. 1739148

Samefag, wait how long was the site down for you guys? It went down at 7:30-ish and just came back for me but I'm seeing posts from like 20 minutes ago

No. 1739149

File: 1698280078829.jpeg (135.37 KB, 600x600, oawjdopawjdpoaw.jpeg)

It was lonely

No. 1739150

Yeah, it happened on my end too.

No. 1739161

File: 1698281210447.jpg (334.37 KB, 2000x1500, purple-rain-movie-prince.jpg)

That Astarion fella is literally just desaturated prince

No. 1739162

ugh i love his lil skelly hands i need him

No. 1739169

File: 1698281857096.mp4 (140.2 KB, 540x540, Luffybread.mp4)

This clip of the Luffy bread always makes me laugh

No. 1739175

Which is the less talented and more flamboyant Hendrix.

No. 1739176

astarion is an ugly faggot, leave prince alone

No. 1739177

shit taste

No. 1739184

I do indeed have shit taste. I actually like both, but I had a crush on Hendrix.

No. 1739188

ok pleb

No. 1739222

File: 1698287406337.png (41.29 KB, 611x458, fgfgfff.png)

i've been a bad bad girl
I've been careless with a dangerous post
and its a sad sad world
where a girl will shitpost just because she can

No. 1739225

how do the japanese come up with this shit

No. 1739227

i want to break my friends arms so he has no other ption but to do nothing but butt ass day at the gym

No. 1739229

Looks like Amber Heard and Tasha van Rees

No. 1739231

File: 1698288316212.jpeg (318.49 KB, 2000x1333, 71AE3B47-874D-4568-A2FB-620B26…)

No. 1739234

Queen shit

No. 1739235

File: 1698288987466.jpg (109.68 KB, 736x1104, Homemade Cinnamon Swirl Raisin…)

I just ate cinnamon raisin toast with sausage on top. Was so good. My grandma loves cinnamon raisin bread but I haven't actually had it very many times, was surprised at how cakey it is.

No. 1739237

Elsie and 2X?

No. 1739242

File: 1698289149726.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1752x1170, 96372474-A7CD-4F83-81FF-89833F…)

call me lady tiger but i’d never eat my young!

No. 1739250

i have been trying all day to make this thing right. my bestie is coming over this weekend and i want to surprise him with a nice breakfast, how the fuck do i make this thing right without catching salmonella?

No. 1739257

don't you tell me to deny it
I've posted wrong, and I want to suffer for my ban
I've come to lc, 'cause I need dumbass to be true
And I just don't know where I can begin ooOooOH

No. 1739259

I make this all the time, if you want the yolk to be less runny when done you can just cut the yolk in half with a butter knife right after you crack it into the middle of the bread. I've also never had good experience letting the bread cook at all before dropping the egg in like the guy in the vid does. Ime, right after you put the bread in the pan, you should crack the egg to go in the middle. Otherwise you might burn your bread before the egg even cooks

No. 1739261

i actually want the yolk to be runny i always fully cook the yolk and ti ends up dry

No. 1739268

oh well shit how does that happen? The problem I had first trying to make it was the bread burning before the egg cooking but is the opposite happening or something, like you want the bread to toast more but that makes the egg dry? Or are you just bad at telling when the egg has cooked to where you want it yet?

No. 1739287

If I could have any shitty superpower, I wish I had the power to see what posters online looked like. Like if I read a comment, I could squeeze my eyes shut and see what that commenter looked like. I think it would be fun.

No. 1739290

>Or are you just bad at telling when the egg has cooked to where you want it yet?
yeah this

No. 1739302

idk you could test the yolk with a toothpick? If you do some test tries checking the yolk with a toothpick every so often you can probably get a good estimate of how long it needs to cook to get the kinda yolk you want

No. 1739303

File: 1698295567096.jpg (61.76 KB, 720x720, some moobs are bigger than oth…)

I want a bi bf

No. 1739305

welcome to the world of AIDS

No. 1739306

>tfw no petri dish bf

No. 1739309

Titties bigger than mine, no thank you

No. 1739313

File: 1698296100702.gif (118.93 KB, 500x281, 44032df52abb777d335700443dd245…)


No. 1739343

i wish i could have an implant in my brain that could play music anytime i wanted it to. i want to play music in the shower and every second where i don’t have to pay attention

No. 1739349

File: 1698300117177.png (495.69 KB, 624x622, 1660121175637.png)

tfw my power level will never reach leslie hall levels

No. 1739352

Nta but one of my all time fave cat pics ever of all time the fool thinks he's getting TREATS!! BUT IT'S ONIONS.

No. 1739355

File: 1698300339416.mp4 (793.85 KB, 574x726, 024a793e45efbe1a6b34c85c5ffde0…)

No. 1739373

File: 1698301719780.png (6.09 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_3868.png)

Eat, sleep, diarrhoea, repeat. Life is fucking relentless. I’m going to break the cycle, starting with no more diarrhoea. I’m going to blow up like a big shit filled water balloon. I’m going to be a big brown Violet Beauregard (a Brown Beauregard). And then when my skin is tight and thin and stretched out from holding in all my diarrhoea and I’m at my limit, I’m going to pop myself like an enormous zit in a populated area. And you will all be so sorry, mark my words.

No. 1739378

File: 1698302320353.png (364 KB, 667x667, 1676581533740982.png)

it pains me to be so bad at drawing even though i try, and try, and put effort, and keep trying, and cry, and pick it up again

No. 1739379

That's some dumbass shit… for real

No. 1739380

File: 1698302381464.jpg (45.08 KB, 640x326, 608fc4dbdc31bc4931366364c2071b…)

>you reach the afterlife and see this

What do

No. 1739381

rejoice as my hatecrimes against moids have paid and i am now i terf heaven

No. 1739383

Hit them with my car again

No. 1739384

gonna try making egg in a hole again wish me luck nonner, pray it's actually juicy

No. 1739386

Sorry nonny I'm not praying for your egg

No. 1739389

File: 1698302750620.png (484.47 KB, 584x498, 1984.png)

No. 1739392

File: 1698303206404.png (396.16 KB, 584x498, 1698302750620.png)

current year

No. 1739393

File: 1698303307509.gif (4.43 MB, 640x640, sad wolf.gif)

screwed it up again, what did i do to anger good i just want a juicy egg in a hole

No. 1739395

File: 1698303404660.png (36.4 KB, 766x1000, 1692638508925.png)

wait, no. i fucking did it, i made a juicy egg in a hole

No. 1739397

File: 1698303849283.jpg (71.52 KB, 736x669, 9283d9635fa94e48836f35dabd89f7…)

All I do on the internet is lie

No. 1739400

File: 1698304091359.png (1.1 MB, 1366x768, 1653954325825.png)

Oh I love that meme pic nona.

No. 1739409

File: 1698304871314.jpg (69.39 KB, 640x640, tumblr_bc03db70aaa707888282c61…)

>boy in a yellow raincoat
>girl in a yellow raincoat
>Little Nightmares
>girl in a yellow raincoat
>boy in a yellow raincoat
It's weird that this specific thing happened four times. What is it with horror and kids wearing yellow raincoats?

No. 1739410

i am pretty sure all the others are inspired from IT

No. 1739411

At least she knows her artstyle is ugly

No. 1739412

I thought yellow raincoats were just a common thing IRL?

No. 1739415

File: 1698305123512.jpeg (441.73 KB, 1125x1093, IMG_3591.jpeg)

I re-downloaded Sims 4 and spent most of last night gathering all the nasty sex mods and custom content I wanted. I found mods for the hair and outfits of my husbandos, time to live my best harem life and masturbate myself into a coma.

No. 1739417

Yeah, they’re a classic clothing item verging on normcore. I had a yellow mac as a kid, as did many of my friends.

No. 1739421

File: 1698306496498.jpg (337.77 KB, 2048x1363, 24dark3-superJumbo.jpg)

I assume it's specifically used in horror for contrast with the setting/story

No. 1739422

today there was a big meeting at my work so all the head bosses and managers were in one room, having lunch together. my manager's office is right by this room and she was clearing plates after the luncheon, only to see the headboss (gm) in HER office eating HER candy bar, and then made eye contact with her! then he came over and said "someone ate your chocolate…" while having chocolate in his teef and around his mouth! he's also come into our office and opened a snack peanut jar only to put his mouth directly on the rim and tilt the jar up to eat directly from it!! what the fuck. is this like a dominance thing or something?

No. 1739426

File: 1698306958995.jpg (72.48 KB, 564x752, 8ed8b9093ae43789c2691f21255a12…)

Pretty Patties

No. 1739445

I kinda like it. Never really thought about why the yellow rain jacket is so common, but it makes sense.

No. 1739461

File: 1698311596716.jpg (233.7 KB, 1280x988, a_wild_savage_appeared__by_mep…)

drew for 1:30 time for a snack, then back to my reps

No. 1739476

I want to eat that so much right now.

No. 1739484

File: 1698318123231.png (1.08 MB, 723x1028, Illustration2.png)

I really want to like this manga but god the story is so generic and boring. I will limit myself to do master studies of the art.

No. 1739487

The art does look amazing, is that The Witch Hat Atelier?

No. 1739495


No. 1739498

I just realized that the twink vampire from BG3 is so popular because he has good hair. Without his fluffy hairdo he would be 6/10 at best.
We are just this conditioned to moids being bald or having ugly haircuts in general, that any character with a full head of hair is treated as a perfect angel.

No. 1739502

i think it just appeal to the women being into old classy men, i have seen some compare him to the barbie guy

No. 1739505

He's a twink?

No. 1739509

Words have no meaning anymore kek

No. 1739511

File: 1698321389802.gif (103.24 KB, 220x329, jellystone-hanna-barbera.gif)

>tfw into a cartoon so niche not even /co/ autists talk about it

No. 1739513

It's the same irl. Any mid moid can get a nice haircut that panders more to women (so no fuckboy shit) and it instantly makes him more attractive.

No. 1739515

>chooses to have an ugly buzz cut anyway

No. 1739517

More hair requires more grooming and moids can't be bothered to put a few more minutes in their appearance

No. 1739518

File: 1698321691793.gif (330.72 KB, 281x281, 1676043797235715.gif)

Having another crisis and thiking about becoming an accountant at 22. I wish i hadnt given up on life at 16, I ruined my life for it.

No. 1739527

22 is still a baby. Do what you want

No. 1739536

Anyone up for a 'scary shit that happened to you' thread?

No. 1739539

If you're still here and still thinking then you never truly gave up, move forward. From personal experience, there are always accounting jobs and it's fairly easy to get to a point where the pay is good if you have the motivation to climb.

No. 1739541

It's ok nona, some people go to school to change their careers in their 30s and even 40s.

No. 1739557

I accidentally sneezed on my cat….

No. 1739558

No. 1739563

File: 1698326057510.jpeg (223.83 KB, 800x1000, 64ad808d7cd44576556d16de_Kuzuh…)

i looked this up and
>vampire boy with white hair and red eyes and typical goth style
>english name is Sasha

No. 1739564

Yeah that sounds dope do it up

No. 1739566

FIY debil means "retard" in Russian

No. 1739568

Jam up the pump

No. 1739569

Thanks anons i will give it a chance
This is sl relatable, cute, and hilarious. It cheered me up, thanks anon.

No. 1739571

Yay, you're so welcome nona!

No. 1739572

No. 1739573

your picrel is the vtuber kuzuha

No. 1739578

No. 1739580

File: 1698326992646.jpg (117.5 KB, 800x651, wobbz.jpg)

oodaAAaang ♥

No. 1739582

I just had a really nice and healthy movement, I didn't even have to push I just popped a squat and she out like a horse at the races

No. 1739584

it's not a part of the main story nonna, in the lower left, there's "Secret Club" where you engage in "Adoring" with the L-rank cards you get, you start off with three interactions, plain ol' touching, kissing, and patting their heads, when you're "adoring" don't let the red bar fill up, only the blue one personally i just make the blue bar fill up beyond the second dot near the bar and then press on the region that makes it fill faster bc then you get bits of coins and crowley's books and when you first open the Secret Club, on the lower left for each character, there's the "Unholy Board" in which you can fulfill conditions and unlock more interactions, don't worry, the first interaction to get is slapping the characters.

No. 1739588

Will we ever get part 2 of this? I have no idea why it's taking him so long, i guess it personally offends him they butchered his husbando's movie

No. 1739590

His hair is one of his worst features tho. Makes him look like a 70 year old auntie.

No. 1739593

Well think about how long it took just to get this part out. It was like more than nine months.

No. 1739594

i want CANDY

No. 1739596


No. 1739597

Yeee his hair is ugly kek he'd be better off with typical elf long hair
People admit that much of his charm comes from voice actor

No. 1739598

File: 1698327583576.jpg (5.98 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)


No. 1739599

I need the sequel to his furry manifesto, it's my favourite thing to fall asleep with, but i am growing bored of it.

No. 1739602

Tomboy please understand. He listen to my schizophrenic rants without much complain, i wouldn't put another woman through that.

No. 1739603

having a benis looks uncomfortable. why did god let human men evolve to not have sheathes?

No. 1739605

Ma'am, please.

No. 1739606

Whenever i am angry with my male friend i sent him a video of tangled testicles and he shrinks like a raisin left in the sun

No. 1739609

Kuzuha also has a different name Sasha, that's why i made that comparison

No. 1739619

ayrt, oh wow, lovely, will be reading and bookmarking this

No. 1739620

File: 1698328619627.png (5.28 MB, 2591x3624, 110625270_p0.png)

me a tard

found pop'n music doujin of smile x yuli
『宵涼し灼くる熱』スマユリ漫画 | 利音 #pxviewr https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/110625270

sorry i deleted by accident nonny

No. 1739621

File: 1698328757442.png (1.73 MB, 1501x1369, 107951835_p1.png)

didnt expect dere pixiv ship tag to be really active!

No. 1739625


No. 1739627

what is their ship tag called nonna?

No. 1739631

also, Yuli is the most popular male character among women, just what is it about male vampires? is it just the gothic/European aesthetic?

No. 1739635

File: 1698329295067.png (1.96 MB, 1334x1500, 104218983_p0.png)

the "deuil" tag is enough i think, looks like fujo ship all 3 of them with eachother and still tag it as that when its just 2 of them

No. 1739636

File: 1698329429715.png (1.33 MB, 1136x1600, 105345720_p0.png)

the teef and the sucking

No. 1739642

File: 1698330202985.png (1.12 MB, 1336x1644, Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 10.19…)

sometimes I search twitter for lolcow mentions just to see what comes up. I found a weird one.

No. 1739645

File: 1698330650880.png (1.99 MB, 1330x1694, Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 10.28…)

LMAO why would you do this? dont mention the farms on twitter because you wanna repost someone's cat drawing

No. 1739646

Just get bluetooth speakers to play music anywhere in your house

No. 1739648

I once got an account suggested to me who's username was lolcowgf and apparently it's a troon, kek. I hope he reads the mtf threads on /snow

No. 1739659


No. 1739660

File: 1698331657317.png (228.99 KB, 1097x322, uh.PNG)

This might be the ugliest man I've seen..

No. 1739663

you don't have to understand it nona, hide the thread

No. 1739668

He's not a nerd he's literally the average normie modern man who has a very slight interest in nerd shit. He also only collects pokemon csrds because he's an addict, he said he doesn't play the game or give a shit about the franchise outside of the collectables.

No. 1739669

You're literally just spamming at this point

No. 1739680

It's three pictures in a shitposting thread nona, I think we'll all be fine.

No. 1739683

he looks better in other photos, OP just choose an unflattering one kek

No. 1739685

Are you white knighting ugly men? In my lolcor dot farm?

No. 1739686

Yeah I was going to post and say she picked a bad gif but I didnt want to make her feel bad kek

No. 1739689

I bet you don't even know where "lolcor" comes from butt munch

No. 1739697

File: 1698333082415.jpg (46.96 KB, 1200x1180, 987.jpg)

he's not ugly to me…somebody post the photo where he's wearing makeup. or has his hair combed. or that time he dressed as edward melonhands

No. 1739699

Wow he aged like milk. He gives me really negative vibes now, I used to watch his unboxing and Japan videos and looking back he’s just mostly loud and disrespectful. You could say any consoomer moid is a nerd because he plays video games and buys stupid bullshit. His dopamine receptors are fried and you can see it in his fat face and shitty hair.

No. 1739701

I saw the gif and thought it was a troon and when I realized it was Max a tiny piece of my heart shattered.

No. 1739704

He's no different than all of the other dudebros out there, he's not a nerd at all. Compare him who's an absolute normie and has the same personality of all youtube edgy loids(loud, disgusting and alcoholic) to scott the woz who makes 2 hour musicals about his channel lore and has videos on his side channel sperging about the wii u. Now that's a true and honest nerd, what a dying breed.

No. 1739707

lolcor bebe

No. 1739709

No. 1739711

As if it's even an old thing

No. 1739712

not this shit again. what, didn't get it our of your system yesterday?

No. 1739713

lolcor bebe

No. 1739720

I need lolcor bebe!