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No. 56933

This is a containment thread for meta discussion that doesn't fall into complaints and suggestions. Feel free to tinfoil or talk about the state of the site but try to avoid being too autistic.

If cerbmin needs to hear it, post it here. We occasionally monitor the complaints/suggestions thread as well. Please keep in mind we all have full-time jobs and tending the farm is a passion project. Changes may be slow, but we will prioritize quality over speed. We will do our best, anon!
First thread: >>51182

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>>51219 server costs, plans for implementing captcha
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>>51381 introductions, regarding farmhands revealing IP addresses
>>51666 addressing Blaine/Elaine/tranny accusations, plans for old staff, plan for off-site updates page, regarding spam/CP
>>52298 lost /m/ threads, speed of site, closing lolcow Discord, males on lolcow/in deleted Discord
>>52931 addressing practice of bumping CP, allowing adriasdome, hellweek and staff plans, should calling out other users as male be a bannable offense?
>>53189 what parts of board culture have deteriorated the most? What would anon like to see enforced?
>>53457 updates on lost m threads
>>53462 old m threads are restored

Previous thread: >>53472

No. 56934

File: 1683793893803.png (185.51 KB, 1080x1172, Screenshot_20230511_032103_Chr…)

>no verdict reached
>anon is redtext banned for on topic, SFW post that broke no rules all due to mass reporting from sperg
Farmhands put crackpipe down pls. Admin, can you please train your new mod team better than this? Allowing them to redtext ban whatever personally triggers them on boards where rule enforcement is supposed to be more lax is not a good look. Whatever happened to le transparency we were promised? You have yet to deliver.

No. 56935

Based farmhand, good job

No. 56936

Maybe if I buy a VPN and report you enough times you'll catch a ban for your infighting and bait too. What posesses you to constantly disturb and report on topic discussion in that particular thread? Is it really because of your dedication to protecting these poor anime children or maybe, just maybe, do you not have any interest in BL and want nothing more than to stir the pot or get the BL thread shut down outright? Anons have been saying it for months but there's no way to be a fujo and hate mild shota to this degree, cuz it's unavoidable. Art and fics with shotafied versions of your husbandos and ships of underage characters will show up in your feed no matter what platform you're using, often untagged when it's art. The only fujo communities where people care as much about it as you do are gendie zoomer shitholes on twitter and tiktok. Hide the fujo thread if you hate it that badly.

No. 56937

that picture is a creepy one

No. 56938

I wish her bitch ass would shut the fuck up already.
My personal tinfoil is that she is a farmhand because she never seems to get her shit stirring and baiting redtexted. Every time you report her annoying ass for just throwing a tantrum and calling anons pedos for having a discussion, mods don't do anything. Clearly she's janny's pet or janny herself.

No. 56939

so now you guys are accusing anti shota fujos of being secret farmhands? lmao

No. 56940

That or the most intense minimodding I've seen in years. No matter how much the anons in that thread love or hate shota, one thing everyone can agree on is that the derailing about it is much more of a problem than the shota posting itself, which doesn't happen any more than once or twice a week. Arguments over it on the other hand happen on a near daily basis, and it's the same anon at the scene of the crime every time without fail. That anon should be hellbanned from /m/ no matter what happens with the stupid poll, they have been breaking rules that they didn't meme up themself for ages now and the mods have never done anything to stop it.

Admin, get it together. Use your eyes, go skim the fujo threads for yourself if you don't trust us. Making a decision like this all because of an obnoxious sperg and some /snow/ tourists who don't know what goes on outside the shay thread is a bad move.

No. 56941

>Admin, get it together. Use your eyes, go skim the fujo threads for yourself if you don't trust us.
Unfortunately, I think that's the issue. One thing that these past few days have made clear to me: this entire situation isn't about "transparency" as cerbmin said, but rather just banning a subject the mod team doesn't like and justifying inconsistent moderation.
Cerbmin says shota/loli posting isn't disallowed on the site, but someone posts a sfw photo in the fujo thread and gets banned. The anon who admits to saying stupid shit to bait in the thread, infighters slinging pedo accusations, and retards who argue incoherently are all left alone despite reporting.
I wouldn't have even cared about the results of the poll because this isn't my website to run, but the blatant favoritism and bias of the mods is complete bullshit.
Why make a poll and then leave the site to fight about it for days instead of just working on the moderation team? The entire "reason" for the poll was supposedly infighting and derailing, just like you said. I can't help but feel like the mod team has put applications on hold in order to put this whole thing on. The #1 priority should be building a mod team, not ignoring questions about the mod search to answer farmers' concerns about a poll that didn't even need to happen.

No. 56942

you know there's more than one anon that doesn't like shotaposting right? cope

No. 56944

Why bother pretending all these single comment spam vomit posts haven't all been you. You have the vocabulary of a toddler, everyone with an IQ above room temp can clock you. Doesn't matter how many anons don't like it, you mentally retarded loser bitch. You are the only one so obsessively against it. This poll wouldn't be happening at all if it weren't for your 24/7 sperging.

No. 56945

ayrt and this was my first time posting in this thread but thanks for proving my point lmao

No. 56946

That's not how reports work

No. 56947

>teehee I will continue to bait and infight out of principle
>nooo why are you banning me???
>ban evades to cry on meta

No. 56949

I feel like we can all agree on banning porn, but I don't get how "SFW" can properly be outlined if shota/loli is a porn category like some have been saying. It's included in the currently most popular poll option, defined as "romantic", and it says all images will have to be spoilered. If this passes, does that mean an anon posting two canonically underage or just young-looking characters, idk, holding hands or hugging, but not actually doing anything creepy, it'll have to be spoilered by default? This seems like something certain posters would nitpick for the sake of infights and/or shipping wars.
Also, the whole idea of banning discussion instead of actual infighting or spergouts doesn't seem like it'd work out so well. Is that isolated specifically to getting into the "is it bad/is it good" arguments about shota/loli, or does it mean that trying to talk about things with main characters who are minors can hypothetically get anons in trouble? For fujo posters, is BL with height/size difference or the more stereotypical uke/seme character types on the chopping block?
For the record, I support disallowing any kind of NSFW spam and think it makes sense to ban spergs for infighting about shota or loli as concepts, whether for or against. This just seems more fraught and hard to enforce when applied outside of literal porn and dumb infights. Seems like this will create way more inconsistent bans, which has already been a problem.

No. 56950

File: 1683815350136.gif (218.92 KB, 498x371, 41320779-3812-4EF8-A817-5BE568…)

shut up about shota we get it already

No. 56951

you’re being schizo anon. I posted the creepy comment and I just think it’s creepy. Multiple people can have different opinions you know

No. 56952

>making throwaway, low-value posts when anons are trying to discuss the topic at hand
What are you so angry about? Go complain to Cerbmin for making a sitewide poll that we all are encouraged to vote in if you don't want anyone to talk about this. I'm talking to mods and the people who actually care about the site. Go to the absolutely retarded shitpost thread on /ot/ if the whole thing triggers you so much, kek.

No. 56953

these endless autistic rants about shotashit are pointless. the poll results are clear and it's getting banned no matter how much you seethe about it. so give us all a break already

No. 56954

I'm hotter than all of you so your opinion is irrelevant.

No. 56955

Nothing I posted was an autistic rant? Very glad you're not a moderator, you just seem like you have this thread open to infight with people, get a life kek.

No. 56956

The poll results are clear and that’s fine, but the specifications are not. You can keep saying over and over again that shotaposting is obvious and easily detectable, but no one seems to want to talk about what this actually looks like and what characters will be affected. There are so many hyper effeminate boys in anime who look young, and it’s going to be even more difficult to assess what is “discussion about shotas” when no pictures are involved. People keep asking because they just want to understand how the fujo/husbando/mobage/etc threads are going to be affected in particular.

IMO, none of those threads have active shotaposters and I very rarely (if ever) see any NSFW shota, but anon on here seem to insist they are seeing shota spam being posted everywhere all over the boards, so I just don’t know what they are considering shota at this point.

No. 56957

Only 11% said ban all discussion and images. There's only 1 absolute total ban option. All the others allow it is some capacity or SFW images.

No. 56958

It's just false mob mentality. Anons aren't actually in those threads most likely and I've also never seen an anon, on topic, spam any NSFW shota/loli.

No. 56959

Kek multiple anons have said this before, and if mods just did their jobs and slapped tards for derailing, sperging, and non contributing posts that shit up the convo, we probably would have gotten somewhere.
Instead we get annoying >>56948 tards screaming that anyone who doesn't agree with them is a pedo, and this is considered good thread discussion by our failmods kek what a joke

No. 56960

The anon you quoted just stated the general opinion. This whole infight started with moid(s) using shota/traps to bait with, not anons stating shota is disgusting.

No. 56961

AYRT, but anons make baseless claims all the time just to have a reason to harass the mod team. Admin has mentioned this before in regards to some supposed reported cp and when she checked none was found and no reports ever sent, but anons will claim it was up for hours. This is the same thing. Anons are bullshitting the majority of this shota/loli spam issue because they just want to fight, they don't actually care. I've said it before, anons take fun in this derailing/infighting. It's their entertainment.

No. 56962

Girl shut the fuck up and read the entire last thread that got filled by what I just described. Anybody with two eyes and a functioning brain can see what I said is true, but apparently god didn't see fit to give you a high enough iq to read

Petition for admins/farmhands to start handing out bans when anons accuse nonas of being moids at this point, but considering they don't even do basic thread cleaning, that's probably asking for too much

No. 56963

File: 1683819508849.png (264.8 KB, 1648x412, jj.png)

I think the complaint that sparked off this whole poll was some baiting autist in the unpopular opinions thread on /ot/, anons replied to him for hours. He never even posted pictures of shota, just kept derailing with their help. An anon later went to /meta/ and asked them to ban any discussion of shota/loli. I think that says about everything. IME we've never had a problem of psychotic shotacons and lolicons trying to force their fetish on us and spamming their porn everywhere. It's been moids posting the most obvious baits, and farmers refusing to not take it. Any kind of disruptive posting is cancerous, and cancerous posters will not care about rule addendums. They're just there to start fights.

Anyway, an anon in the last thread suggested allowing SFW content/discussion on /m/ specifically, and discouraging NSFW except in milk threads. I think that's a good balance. This would mitigate the problem of bait/infighting and prevent the kind of inconsistent, grey area bans we all know could happen. We've been dealing with the latter for a while, and it isn't even about shota/loli, it happens all the time that farmhands are weirdly picky, give posters bans that are way too long without reason, or they clearly take sides in infights where both people were the problem. I get why quantity would overtake quality for our mods at the moment, but there should be some guidelines.

No. 56964

They've mentioned how accusations are derailing and can lead to infighting which then leads to issuing bans. You could try reporting them. Anons should report suspected scrotes anyway instead of infighting by replying and attempting to decipher if they are or not. Admin mentioned that moid accusations tend to not be accurate anyway.

No. 56965

Ugh I mostly stopped reporting after none of my bait/infight reports resulted in anything, but mods were banning other posts with gusto.
I'll do it for you though, anon. I'll do it for you.

No. 56966

For all you know a different redtext could've been them from a different thread or they got banned without a redtext in the thread you reported. Don't give up, nonna.

No. 56967

Admins really messed up by making the poll so confusing, and then changing the poll after some of us already voted. Plus the fact that they aren't even clear on what this poll is about ("this isn't to decide whether it's allowed" "uuuuhhhh…. actually, this is to decide whether it's allowed") so we, or at least I, are even more confused. They already had the precedent of loli and shota content being a bannable offense before they were admin, just keep it that way. Instead you all just started a huge infight over this shit that was clearly not well thought out and also not a big enough issue to justify causing all this ruckus.

No. 56969

>Anons are bullshitting the majority of this shota/loli spam issue because they just want to fight, they don't actually care. I've said it before, anons take fun in this derailing/infighting. It's their entertainment.
This is exactly what I think is going on. There's an ugly rash of posters who just want to feel alive by getting into dumb infights. It makes them feel like they're part of something. They know full well they're just making threads worse for everyone normal, and they're aware that whatever baiter they're feeding will just reply to them again. They don't care because they're like coomers, but with online arguments. A single reply saying "Bad bait, fuck off" is no big deal, but responding to bait over and over again is the same thing as propagating it, even if you disagree, and I wish mods would actually penalize that sort of thing.

No. 56973

That is also true, I forgot about that. Thank you for reminding me, nonna

That being said, I wish there was a comprehensive document or page talking about how moderation works on the site, because the system is confusing, there is no feedback, and mods will sometimes delete posts instead of issuing a ban, which leaves no sign of what happened. Banning with no redrext also signals to other anons that the content is acceptable to post, so I think implementing a policy of redtexting when possible would be best.
If nonnas have any other ideas on the subject I would love to hear it. Cerbmin mentioned transparency in their past two posts, so I think this would be a great way to start.

No. 56974

Yeah and it's all so cute but also funny, I've combined both words to sum up the situation;

No. 56975

>the poll results are clear
>20 vote gap between yay and nay

No. 56976

Straight up a lie. There was never any moid posting shota/traps here, that's all your wishful GCfag thinking that women are above that kind of degeneracy.

No. 56978

I wasn't the anon banned, fag. There was no reason for that anon to be banned.

No. 56979

It's the schizo tranny, report it.

No. 56980

It's bait from the pixielocks thread. A bunch of /w/ spergs roam /meta/.

No. 56981

Oh, sorry anons

No. 56982

You both make good points, especially the ones about how messy the poll is. It almost seems intentional at this point. Was the poll even restarted when they changed the wording of it?
I do want to point out that mods definitely aren't doing anything to stop the bait in the first place. Look at the last thread and see how many bans were issued. A pair of bans issued to nonas saying they didn't want to respond anymore, the troon, one bait, and an a-log. Nothing was done to curb the multi-day infight, and baiters were allowed to constantly derail nonnas trying to discuss the potential rule changes and moderation. You can blame anons but this is also partly on the mod team.
The cow threads alone disprove their theory kekk

No. 56983

The baits won't stop when people are just gonna ban evade to continue it.

No. 56985

Anons suspect everyone they don't like of being a scrote now though and use that as a crutch when they have no real reason to report

No. 56986

That's why you report those

No. 56987

File: 1683824902747.jpeg (67.66 KB, 697x697, FtgyYh0XwAEgD8I.jpeg)

Once this threads exceeds 1200 posts due to all the infighting, can the admin or farmhands use picrel for the next thread image though? I mean, only if it hasn't been used already. If it has, then just ignore me.

No. 56988

the ban reason i was given read 'chill out on the shota' kek. don't get why i got smacked when other people were posting it, but whatever

No. 56989

Likely because you're posting it during a time when there's an ongoing poll deciding on whether or not it should be allowed, anon. Wait until after it's been decided because it's clearly a debatable subject right now.

No. 56990

Getting bans for generally being obnoxious has always been a thing tho?

No. 56991

nta but that's not how that works. it is not currently against the rules and no announcement was issued about it, the mods can go fuck themselves for that one. a post that tame, about a BL manga written by a woman, would only be against the rules with one of the options on that poll.

No. 56992

then why hasn't >>56950 been perma banned yet?

no you retard farmhands cant just ban every post that rustles their jimmies

No. 56993

File: 1683830176063.png (107.36 KB, 1908x941, Screenshot_9.png)

another thing i hope lcf 2.0 has is a responsive search bar for the catalog. i can ctrl + f but it isn't helpful because sometimes the term i want is in the op, which is very long, and therefore i can't see it being highlighted.

No. 56994

The tinfoils about obnoxious posters being jannies on anon don't surprise me when they just let them go unbanned, but choose to ban other anons, kek.

No. 56996

little known fact about farmhands: their accounts have an auto vpn system built in, meaning when logged in they do not have post histories at all unless there's some secret backend one only admin can see that's directly tied to the accounts (doubtful). their IP will randomize with every post they make. not every post they make will have the farmhand trip, something only proper mods (not jannies) can use. that has to be input manually like any other trip. tl;dr anon farmhands are immune to bans because all their posts are tied to randomly generated IPs, leaving behind nothing but a trail of burner IPs with a single post in their histories.

this is not a tinfoil, you can try emailing admin or ask any mod to confirm kek. so yes, it is entirely possible there's a retard in office spamming under admin's nose. past mods have admitted to shitposting and dismissing reports of their posts, shitposting and banning themselves after, whiteknighting themselves on meta, and much much more behind closed doors, it would be nothing new. they're faggots.

No. 56997

File: 1683836012409.png (87.83 KB, 1188x1182, tranny bait some retard end up…)

i went to his twitter to find this tweet and found this instead. you guys need to stop getting so heated over whatever blaine the tranny loser is doing. he and other twitter trannies literally come here to bait in meta and there's always some fucking anon who can't help herself. hopefully it's not an actually lc anon and just blaine samefagging or his tranny loser friends replying. don't be a retard. stop mentioning his name, stop replying to his bait, stop accusing other anons of bEiNg BlAiNe!!!!1!1!!! jAnNiEs iTs BlAiNe!!!! i'm so sick of seeing this shithead derail threads just by having his name mentioned.

No. 56998

Holy shit KEK. This makes so much sense.
>inb4 your post gets deleted "mysteriously"

No. 56999

Lmao cow crossover

No. 57000

you're sorely mistaken if you were under the impression he's team shota on this one. read his thread and then look at the posting style, quality, and frequency of the anon freaking out about shotas. it's so obviously him it's painful to watch the newfag mods just let him do this out of sheer ignorance. I miss the admin before shaymin, she was neglectful and poor but she wasn't this stupid.

No. 57001

nta he def is very anti-shota but I'm sure there other anons who are also anti-shota too. I don't think all the sperging is him but he comes here every day because he said himself he's on disability and literally spends the rest of his life sitting at a computer despite being 30+ because I guess he has nothing better to do? Like going to the gym or some shit lol wtf

No. 57002

samefag, this is why if you speculate it's him, ignore him and report his posts and let mods deal with it. He's literally a 30 year old man baiting for women to talk to him because he jerks off to the attention. Don't give him what he wants, that goes for any suspected male. Let mods do their jobs and dont shit up threads

No. 57003

Pedo sperg in jvlog

No. 57004

Tell me you don't know what you're talking about without saying it

No. 57005

I know that but none of those anons are anti-shota enough to try and get rules changed specifically over some girly BL in a thread they don't care about. a thread he has been deliberately derailing for almost a year now because of how badly it makes him seethe, coincidentally.

he needs to 41%, he has nothing to live for. pretty sure his chimpouts are being funded by US tax dollars.

No. 57006

Why even hold this poll and pretend it's for transparency when they're just gonna ban things they find annoying or distasteful then?

No. 57007

File: 1683839214824.png (164.49 KB, 724x924, not so great.png)

Every janny is a tranny. Yes, even on lolcow. Never expect anything positive from the jannydom. They need an outlet for their powertripping. They are not doing any free service for the site - it's the site providing them with a service they don't need to pay for.

No. 57008

you're literally an idiot. do you even know what most imageboards are on? god people need to stop taking retarded bait, it's really obvious there's like 3-4 trannys in here trying to create false flagging drama because they cant handle the possibility of them not being able to post shota/loli kek get fucked pedos

No. 57009

I can tell you're one of the infighters lol.

No. 57010

File: 1683839620975.jpg (45.71 KB, 640x360, butcher make more puppets.jpg)

No, it isn't. You need to be over 18 to post here. Get a grip or go back to twatter.


Not against the rules. You have no case here and stop making shit up.

>I feel like we can all agree on banning porn
Then why does the SPOILER option exist, smartass? A chan is not your regular forum. Perhaps you should go back to those if the chan format makes you too uncomfortable.


Our voices do not matter. The poll is just a fig leaf to pretend the admin listens to the plebs. The poll is riggable and will be rigged according to what the admin sees fit. Expecting a democratic process here is a delusion. Get real.

No. 57011

File: 1683839882942.jpg (13.64 KB, 298x414, he gets better.jpg)

Because they want to be perceived as NICE. Like all the two-faced people (more often than not, women) I had to deal with in life.(avatarfagging and infighting)

No. 57013

>past mods have admitted to shitposting and dismissing reports of their posts, shitposting and banning themselves after, whiteknighting themselves on meta, and much much more
They never did any of that.

No. 57014

>Our voices do not matter. The poll is just a fig leaf to pretend the admin listens to the plebs. The poll is riggable and will be rigged according to what the admin sees fit. Expecting a democratic process here is a delusion. Get real.
I don't think they did it on purpose or to rig the poll. In that case they could just skip the poll and enforce whatever rules they want. I don't think they're being some evil totalitarian overlords or anything, it was just really poorly thought out and seemed like a rushed decision that they may not have even thoroughly talked about or agreed on. Just keep things the way they were or make the poll more clear. I do think regular users are rigging the poll though.
Although I do think that most of us (farmers) don't like loli/shota so the result would be the same either way, so it's not even about the result anymore but about the fact that they basically caused all this unnecessary drama.

No. 57015

No. 57016

File: 1683840480366.png (175.7 KB, 736x754, minitab.png)

>discouraging NSFW
For it to be even executable you need two things:
1. precisely defining what shota is and what is not
2. providing a precise definition of what should constitute NSFW

Both are close to impossible when it comes to drawn pictures, especially the ones that do not portray sexual intercourse or detailed nudity.

You'd make a very poor law-maker as you do not think about the practicality of the laws you're proposing.

No. 57017

why don't you apply and see for yourself, weenie?

agree that all these anime pic posters are likely him but it is true. I can't prove it but it's a real thing. vpn may have been poor wording, but posts from farmhand accounts do randomize IPs. it seems like something that originated as a security measure that backfired in autistic hands.

No. 57018


>apply and see for yourself

>implying they’re actually looking at applications

just like they managed to get 3 admins in a short period but still struggle to find farmhands for months

No. 57019

File: 1683841272166.png (7.72 KB, 1112x121, OwO What's this.png)

Nice script we got here, I wonder what it does!

No. 57020

File: 1683841360728.png (28.16 KB, 1298x797, this probably shouldn't just b…)

No. 57022

>I don't think they did it on purpose or to rig the poll. In that case they could just skip the poll and enforce whatever rules they want.
I think that is the point anons are making. They are already doing that, as anons have pointed out, and in this thread, too. See:
If cerbmin says "there is technically no ban on shota/loli, no rule saying it isn't allowed" and then letting mods ban when anon posts it, that is an arbitrary enforcement of their own personal tastes. Which is why anons are now saying the poll is just for optics.
Reposting to fix broken quote.

No. 57023

>website uses google analytics
hacker moment

No. 57024

what is GDPR

No. 57025

except he isn't baiting, he is really too low iq and mentally ill to understand what is going on and all his posts are him seething and tardbabbling. he just claims to be baiting or trolling whenever he's caught doing something retarded, just like how he claimed him admitting to wanting to cross state lines to rape minors is an epic troll (it's clearly not, everyone knows he is a genuine pedophile and child rape isn't some funny joke). the best thing you can do is to report and ignore any posts that you suspect are made by him - lately the farmhands have been on top of redtexting and deleting his posts.
he camps out in all the active /meta/ threads, the rachel leeds minkin thread in /snow/, and any thread relating to kiwifarms regardless of whether or not anyone mentions him/responds to him. if you see a poster that is super aggressive, has trouble forming coherent sentences/has no idea what the fuck is happening but is trying to act like they do, or acting like some self-important magical prophet (or edgy anime villain) just report and ignore as it's likely him.

No. 57026

No. 57027

No. 57028

why do schizos always go towards the "I'm literally god/satan" shit? I never understand that. OT but willing to talk about this in another thread kek. It's such a common theme

No. 57029

No. 57030

>braindead tranny learns how to use inspect element, not unlike a caveman making a rudimentary hammer out of a dried turd and a stick

No. 57031

File: 1683843881520.png (106.39 KB, 917x2105, consent.png)

But where are our cookie consent pop-ups?

No. 57032

File: 1683844107828.png (43.85 KB, 912x696, but muh burger site.png)

>inb4 "but this is an AMERICAN website!"

No. 57033

clean your room

No. 57034

Clean your website.

No. 57035

take your abilify, blaine.

No. 57036

>Implying an image of a little boy being romantic with an adult shouldn't be perceived as creepy.
You are too far gone. Stop looking at hentai for two seconds or go back to 4chan if you want to spread loli shota art unjudged. Every time the topic is brought up, people fight about it, so there are obviously people against it. Plus the results of the poll show that most people at least want some restrictions here on shota art being posted. You are not the majority at the moment.

No. 57037

he camps out in every thread he makes, the rachael thread, the rita thread before it died, et cetera.

No. 57038

Nice comeback, did admin your mom write it for you? You know sites can get heavily fined if not taken down for this, right? Careful out there!

No. 57039

all rules are arbitrary and all enforcement is arbitrary.
it all comes down to the will of whoever is in power.
you really think anyone on this godforsaken planet is principled enough to follow rules that go against their own will, especially on the internet? on a troll forum?

people make these threads because they get attention; and you gave it; the end.

No. 57040

You're responding to Blaine. He is against shota.
He just shit stirs for free atention. His other posts:
+ the GDPR and Google analytics sperging

No. 57041

Thank you for pointing that out nona, I was trying to ignore the fake code sperging, but God is he shitting up the thread right now. I didn't know the rest were him too.

No. 57042

No. 57043

I don't think the recent anime meme pic with captions-anon is him, I think it's a male or shotafag. They're posting in the fujo thread too

No. 57044

The fake code that is literally linked from the website?
So is this Blaine fellow pro or anti-shota? Why is everyone contradicting themselves?

No. 57045

The goblin doesn't give a fuck about GDPR so I think we can all guess which one it is

No. 57046

who is blaine?

No. 57047

you know the cp spam? he's the one who does that. he also is a schizo narcissist

No. 57048

one of the males that like to spam LC

No. 57049

No. 57050

kek he looks like dylan

No. 57051

the columbine shooter? you're right but you shouldn't say it kek

No. 57052

nta I think she meant dylan mulvaney, that ugly agp troon who's famous on tiktok

No. 57053

>>57052 thats so much better if true. tcc mfers freak me the fuck out

No. 57054

>Mfw scrotes think they are intelligent for pulling up site resources when this is hosted by cloudflare

No. 57055

File: 1683852418863.png (23.82 KB, 112x112, 45103519.png)

>implementing new rules because of your inability to clock and ban a tranny
what are your predictions on what his next crusade will be against, girls?

>30+ mtf tranny on disability for schizophrenia who spams websites with CP in order to get them taken down for what he refers to as a crusade against the true pedos
>known for incoherent infighting and baiting, repeating the same words and phrases in his posts often, samefagging, and accusing everyone of being him/a tranny/a pedo
>came to lolcow because using a board full of women gives euphoria boners
>particularly active on /meta/ where he can be found accusing mods of everything from pedophilia, rape, grooming, data theft, and generally bossing them around until they do what he wants
>also active in any kf related thread and various /m/ threads
>hellbanned from kf for making thousands of word salad posts a day
>farmhands haven't been able to get rid of him after all this time because they can't into computers and he spends all his neetbux on proxies

No. 57056

isn't he hsts?

No. 57057

I feel like fags can be agp too, how would you describe all the agps in communist polycules with eachother?

No. 57060

Cloudflare is not a host. Do better.

No. 57061

Nta, but hey used to have a hosting network.

No. 57063

He literally thinks he's crowley from supernatural kek, last year he was posting gifs of him and even trying to mimic the way he talks in the show in his posts, autistic male behavior

No. 57064

Imagine watching something and thinking you have the mental self importance of that character. Kids did these LARPS in elementary school, how embarrassing to act out a characters mentality and get yourself haute over it.

No. 57066

File: 1683865461127.jpg (55.71 KB, 796x670, Fv3yceyWcAInwMQ.jpg)

Hey y'all, I'm the anon behind the day-long, multi-thread derail about shota that spawned these posts right here

Y'all are tearing apart your gossip site/'''femcel''' support group, plotting getaway schemes, changing names, scamming mfs, making polls, editing them, rigging them and re-rigging them all because you couldn't resist taking the most retarded bait possible. I was saying anything to get under your skin, and the (You)s kept rolling in.

To be fair, something like 30% of the bait posts on /ot/ and /g/ alone are likely mine. If you've seen a post that pissed you off, it was probably me. I've derailed threads with so many different subjects, but the raw impact of this one is really wild.

It was so lazy too. Like? All that shit still living rent free in your heads?? Got the fujoshis too??? Even a senile old man in diapers could troll you. As long as you can't control your chimp reflexes to seethe when you see bait, Bait Stacies will keep winning. Also, I'm prettier than all of you.

Suggestion: Invest in bait literacy tests. You bitches need to live, learn how to LAUGH and love.

P.S. I won't be here for the rest of this thread, I'm about to celebrate my two year anniversary with my Nigel. Anyone impersonating me after this point can only be the schizo troon or a confused fan. Toodles.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 57067

File: 1683865514220.jpg (411.93 KB, 3264x2448, 002439717.jpg)

I'm actually the one who brought up google analytics from the last thread and I'm not Blaine. Like I said I'm not surprised at the 60/40 ratio with all the cp/gore spams and general behavior on the site. Do you really think a website full of women would host a poll about anime cp?

No. 57068

wow, you're so cool
I'm sure Nigel is really impressed with you spending all of your time stirring shit on an imageboard with like 12 users

No. 57071

ew don’t talk to her Troon

No. 57072

where the fuck have the farmhands been all day?

No. 57073

sucking tranny cock they accidentally mistook for true and honest farm girl cock as per usual, I guess. no have time to clean up after troons using /meta/ as their personal chatroom for hours, too busy writing up brand new site rules for them and delivering bans to the anons they mass report. it's over.

No. 57074

It's not an actual woman, just the tranny making up yet another persona. Even when larping his lingo shines through, just like his defective y chromosome kek.

No. 57075

NTA, but I doubt it. I recognize this particular typing style, even the filename style and spacing. The lingo and everything else is like a twitterfag trying to blend in on 4chan, probably a celebricows tard or kpop transplant. In case I look like a schizo, that's all I'll say.

No. 57076

Yep. I am. Many people are. If I take over a site with a dedicated community, then I am either part of that community and agree with the rules and culture, or I am willing to still enforce rules I disagree with to serve the userbase. Not to mention these rules are literally dead simple to enforce "don't break the law, don't be a retard, don't shit up the site, don't be male, stay in your containment threads". If there is some part of this ruleset that is difficult to maintain then don't sign up to be a farmhand or admin. If you can't stop yourself from sperging out all over the site because you chimp out the second someone disagrees with you, resign immediately and go be a retard somewhere else. Male behaviors.
I know for a fact they are not looking at farmhand apps right now, or there would have already been a "night shift" janny cleaning up. I'll give credit; it is extremely funny that cerbmin kept the act up long enough to convince us they were actually going to improve anything. The shitshow will be interesting to watch, at least.
I'm hoping cerbmin is really shaymin in a wig and teal dress at this point kekk

No. 57078

>I'm hoping cerbmin is really shaymin in a wig and teal dress at this point
I believe it and also I believe that shaymin's incompetence was most likely feigned all along. Wouldn't be surprised if it intentionally keeps this Blaine creature as a pet retard to blame any post staff doesn't like on it, very convenient silencing tactic since everyone already rightfully hates trannies anyway. Just see how no one is being banned for "hi cow"ing when it comes to Blaine accusations.

No. 57079

Lolcow has Google analytic trackers, like majority of sites. Not everyone uses a private browser here… especially these woke teens who hang out on the site now. Are you the same anon that said stats are determined by typing style instead of data collection?? Kek

No. 57082

File: 1683904050227.gif (326.35 KB, 360x272, Ill.gif)

And still according to the GDPR those websites have to notify users about it and allow them to opt out of it so… where are the cookie consent pop-ups on lolcow dot farm?

No. 57083

Lolcow isn't traking you. Solved your question.

No. 57084

Then what's the point of those Google Analysis cookies?

No. 57085

Instagram has this too where you see what countries visit your site. That is not the same as tracking after you leave the site.

No. 57086

Use a god damn incognito tab you fucking nonce.

No. 57087

File: 1683909273847.png (48.99 KB, 1012x638, told you.png)

Yeah, sure, anon, whatever you say.
Sure EU authorities would take that as a valid response.

No. 57088

File: 1683909819529.jpg (222.83 KB, 1080x1983, 1683769989207.jpg)

I wonder what happened to this mod

No. 57089

Then dont use the site

No. 57090

Admin made a post about this already, sperg. Learn2lurk.

No. 57091


No. 57092


No. 57093

no one lurks /meta/. you come here to complain when retarded events are taking place.

No. 57094

Nta, but one of the newmins only said that if happened under them, it wouldn't be allowed
The implication being that that janny was allowed to stay on board with a warning

No. 57095

One person lurks /meta/ tbf.

No. 57096

Sure EU authorities would take that as a valid response.
If there really is no GDPR violation and it's all just a misunderstanding on my part, then why can't "cerbmin" just clear it up, delivering the transparency that they themselves promised to their own userbase? GDPR violation is a serious offense that can get sites sanctioned with heavy fines, if not actually taken down, so it is in the site's interest to prove that no laws are being broken. Unless the laws really are being broken, which I suspect is actually the case considering all the deflection that is going on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 57097

Isn’t that what this board is for? To address complaints and concerns?

No. 57099

So you just assume the mod is still active or hasn't been talked to because why? What's your reasoning? Admin addressed that specifically already.

No. 57100

"being talked to" isn't enough, admin should have made it clear that dickhead got the boot. it's disturbing that someone's judgement was poor enough to give someone that stupid access to all of our IPs in the first place.

No. 57103

It was a VPN and you're mad about this why?

No. 57106

how is your dickriding so intense you're willing to defend a farmhand exposing some random anon's IP out of nowhere

No. 57107

Tinfoil, but I think the anon posting about liking DDLG and being collared in the unpopular opinions thread is a genuine tranny.

No. 57108

What if it's not dickriding but just jerking itself, if you catch my drift?

No. 57109

I'm not capping for the mods. I'm pointing out the dumb outrage that's way overblown for a non-direct IP.

No. 57110

I don’t get what’s hard to understand about needing consent to have your data taken. You’re missing the point.

No. 57111

Where are Elaine Miller's threads? Did you actually give in to her threats or did she actually manage to manipulate the new admins into removing them???

No. 57112

You’re a retarded scrote. Nobody wants to hear about your hateboner for some desperate for attention BPD bitch

No. 57113

Shut up, Elaine.

No. 57114

File: 1683922650964.jpeg (86.39 KB, 934x1091, D5B25001-5FE7-4990-A2AD-92D1E4…)

Kiwifags have made this site unusable. They are shitting up every single thread in /snow/ with their autistic shit.

No. 57115

farmhands really need to lock any kiwi threads whenever their cesspit site goes down, they're all more obnoxious and mentally ill than the cows they circlejerk over

No. 57116

It took them over 12 hours to ban the unsaged posters, and Blaine is still shitting up /meta/. Least the farmhands can do is lock the Kiwi thread, it'd fix everything but the troon problem

No. 57117

ironically enough the schizo pedo troon found lolcow through kiwifarms, they're certainly not sending their best (or maybe this is their best kek)

No. 57118

No, he is friends with Elaine on discord and they come to spam this place together.

No. 57119

and how do you think he originally found elaine? all thanks to kiwifarms of course.

No. 57120


No. 57121

Geez making me settle y'all down, just cause I wrote em doesn't mean they're erased. Oh wait you think Elaine has influence over the admins you're not smart enough to pick up on my actual typing style my bad.

No. 57122

I, Jess, wrote the Elaine threads the lack of information you remaining newfags have left is appalling, I linked it in my comment above this one.(no1currs)

No. 57124

shut yo cringe ass up damn

No. 57125

Farmhands, can you come online? Blaine's shitting up every thread with his Kiwifag Brigade and Kiwis are spamming threads with blogposts and unsaged bullshit in /snow/

No. 57126

This is why I prefer lc over kiwi, the anonymity
is better

No. 57127

>I can have rent-free and assume it's true it's so much better.
Retards bitching cause they can't use the search feature is hilarious.

No. 57128

Did you mean to reply to my post nonna?

No. 57129

There are obvious scrotes posting bait in the unpopular opinions thread and they're even spreading their AIDS to /g/

No. 57130

Do you agree that it's funny or no nonna?

No. 57131

Thread is already full of scrotes refusing to integrate and making unfunny racist comments, it should be locked or heavily monitored. I've been reporting

No. 57132

? I don’t know what you’re referring to. I was saying I liked the anonymity here over Kiwi because blog posting in cow threads is looked down on

No. 57133

You were agreeing with a post ergo the contextual assumption would not be that, thank you for spelling out what you mean on a message board for communication based off text.

No. 57135

That's not how it works kid. When you chose to use a website you're giving up your metadata in many ways.

No. 57136

Is it a scrote or some bpd women from kf? I have talked to women from kf, they're all handmaidens.

No. 57140

Lolcow isn't selling our data, as far as I know lol

No. 57142

Where are my targeted anime husbando ads

No. 57145

I mean I assumed it was a fag

No. 57146

what the fuck it has nothing to do with selling data
the majority of you are completely computer illiterate

No. 57148

I'm %99 sure he's pretending to defend shota and he's making sure shotafag posts read like obvious pedoposts. All shotadefending posts state they're attracted to little boys to a degree and that they think it's fine, it's not impossible for him to be writing those posts to make anons look like pedos.
Like i doubt we have 10+ anons who masturbate/collect pictures of little boys, I'm sure most of those posts are trannies posting bait. There's barely 100 posters a day, to think multiple of them are female pedos isn't likely

No. 57149

Try not to be so obvious when you bait next time, retard

No. 57150

I've been spotting your posts by how you use the %, it's avatarfagging at this point

No. 57153

it's strange that during this shota/loli poll, someone is in the jvlogger thread arguing that it's normal to film children (specifically children) without permission from their parents and use them in monetized videos, including in the thumbnail of the video. Like one or two people are going hard calling it Amerifag moral outrage when actually US laws are much more lenient than European countries (see Spain, Germany) and Japan. Is that just a coincidence?

No. 57155

Since kiwifarms is on tor can that thread be locked? It's full of null fan girls/boys talking about how attractive (kek surreeee) and amazing he is. It's not even about the drama with the site or anything. Just idiots who come here to make sure nobody talks too badly about the fat site owner they have a parasocial relationship with.
Also I feel there's also a troll that comes that's very attracted to kiwifarms threads.

No. 57157

First time I've used %, if you can only tell anons apart if they use a specific punctuation you fixate over, you're retarded.
No I doubt its coincidental. There's obvious trannies who are knowingly bringing this stuff up because they know this topic makes most women uncomfortable, they want to show that they don't care about kids and think this shit is normal.

No. 57158

Blaine&Elaine having a little melty in the KF thread

No. 57160

>wahh wahh they called me ugly in kiwifarms thread!
Get a real job pigfaced faggot.

No. 57161

File: 1683987052966.png (122.95 KB, 534x699, elaine.png)

>Joshua Moon is personally talking to me you guys!!! He lives in my walls and he tickles my feet when I sleep!!

No. 57162

Omg stop lol, that cannot actually be Elaine, this has to be an edit holy shit

No. 57164

Blaine posted this on his twitter and compared himself to her calling himself hotter lol ew

No. 57166

File: 1683987882593.jpeg (120.84 KB, 816x1030, BDB8A013-1F44-40CD-9FAF-C78880…)

kek wtf

No. 57167

File: 1683987940097.jpeg (90.95 KB, 828x770, 30B78806-1678-4502-83CB-F61114…)

reminder schizo troon is indeed extremely mentally ill and can’t cover his tracks anywhere kek

No. 57168

lol. pathetic moid. even a balding skelly woman with bad teeth is capable of mogging him. he will always be a stinky scrote

No. 57169

Samefag he is also sperging about the white gloves TIF on his twitter so the post above is most likely his. Report nonnies

No. 57170

File: 1683988095337.jpg (52.32 KB, 599x993, schizo.troon.jpg)

Reminder this is what Blaine looks like unfiltered

No. 57172

Ayrt I posted the recent 2 twitter screenshots. I’m not him. But he literally posts the same stuff here and on his retarded twitter

No. 57174

File: 1683988385837.png (571.2 KB, 855x699, blelaine.png)


No. 57175

Kek okay, mods know I’m not him. I posted this because his usual sperging is here in /meta/ about the tif and Elaine and he literally posts the exact same thing on his twitter lol. It’s hilarious he tries to act like an evil mastermind and he’s just a retarded schizo

No. 57177

rent free

No. 57179

i think ayrt is blaine trying to psyop. he’s been all over the site all night and morning his time, i can see blaine-isms in several threads. he’s a cancerous crackhead and barely sleeps.

No. 57180

Damn wtf happened, not that she was a model before but holy shit she looks like a gremlin now or something

No. 57181

As soon as the Kiwifarms thread was created I asked for it to be locked because I knew Blaine and Elaine would come back to shit up the entire site over it and mods didn't listen. Yet you forget to sage once and they ban you within minutes, kek. Fucking retards.

No. 57182

He is because like I said lc lives rent free in his head and he gets mad when you say that kek reminder he is schizo and has male rage. Probably mad that kf is back up again. Elaine shouldn’t be talking to him either but whatever. Terminally online people

No. 57184

File: 1683989683825.jpg (165.04 KB, 1920x1080, 1656964285325.jpg)

He bought me expensive perfume and Twisted Wonderland merch. Also getting a cow hoodie and we're going to the beach. He doesn't care if I do a little trolling :~) Just checking in once and then I'm gone again, promise.
This is the most boring cope tbh. "Noooo anons don't ever bait! We're all lovelies it's the troooon". We've been clowning each other way before the KF Elaine/Blaine incident. I just do it more than others because it's funny and y'all need to learn.

Calling every anon you don't like the schizo troon might actually be a net positive if it meant you guys were less likely to take bait, but it's almost always the exact opposite. Idk what's going on in the thread right now but he needs to rope, not get even more attention. He's obsessed with this place and will have nothing if we just don't reply and wait for the farmhands to ban him.

As for my ''lingo'', not sure what gives y chromosome, but yes I do have friends on Twitter and literally every other platform? I'm not some kind of -cel at war with every other site, you shouldn't be either. We were posted on TikTok, "nona" is just "oomfie", let it go alreadyyy(:~))

No. 57185

> Idk what's going on in the thread right now but he needs to rope, not get even more attention. He's obsessed with this place and will have nothing if we just don't reply and wait for the farmhands to ban him.
based. You’re kinda cringe but this I agree with

No. 57187

kek it’s hilarious when you think you know who I am you literally don’t. Also hilarious as soon as this nonna says something bad about the troon you dislike her now. Go outside lmfao

No. 57188

Nta but this is an imageboard, around 1/5 of us put images alongside the post

No. 57190

Mods when Blaine and Elaine are shitting up the site: zz…z..zzzZzzz…

Mods when someone posts CP:
Zzzz..ZZzzz..zZZZzz snore

Mods when someone doesn't sage or use an emoji :)

No. 57191

kek okay I don’t have any threads but let your schizophrenia get to you, get mad at whoever you think it is kek troons are so retarded

No. 57192

>It's the particular users set of images, the ones they choose give them away.
Okay cmon your just being a schizo now

No. 57195

Let's summon the mods

<3 :) ( ❛ ʖ ❛) (づ ◕‿◕ )づ (っ˘ڡ˘ς)
^.~ ಸ‿ಸ (✿◦’ᴗ˘◦)♡ (。)(。) (▀Ĺ▀ )(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 57196

Are you new? Everyone here says schizo

No. 57199

It’s okay nonny kek let him keep guessing whoever he thinks he’s talking to, it’s funny. Mental illness

No. 57200

I want you to know that you can be a shitposter without being a discord cow worshiping groomers, selling nudes and attacking minors, like lmao what the fuck.

No. 57202

fuck it

No. 57203

How come I can't find the elaine thread when I search the catalog? And even searching "lolcow elaine miller" on google doesn't show them? I wanted to get caught up on the milk

No. 57204

>>>/snow/1191408 And then new threads are linked itt. I think lc search is kinda broken

No. 57205

No. 57208

I think Elaine managed to get her threads de-indexed from google search and since lolcow's search function is basically just google you can't find her threads through it either.

No. 57209

Fair but she should fr stop hanging out with terminally online people. Live a real life and her threads would get buried and no one would care (except annoying kiwimoids)

No. 57210

She doesn't want that tho. She wants attention from moids, specifically Null. I honestly stopped feeling bad for her once she started lying about lolcow and KF hosting CP of her.

No. 57211

How did she do that?

No. 57215

You can just ask google to do it. She also probably lied about it being CP as she always does.

No. 57216

Mods can you please ban him already

No. 57218

Elaine is an actual woman, I think you’re getting confused with the troon who is a male and named blaine

No. 57219

So Blaine is the older pictures of Elaine and she's the new ones? That makes sense.

No. 57220

ew wtf

No. 57221

Blaine wishes kek he’s jealous of her

No. 57222

Really? I've always seen it as the other way around myself.

No. 57223

Heads up; rancefag is fucking posting her pussy on /ot/ right now.
So, you know, maybe don't check any spoilers for awhile

No. 57224

You're responding to him.

No. 57225

The farmhands need to permaban that basket case. She does nothing but baiting and now nudes.

No. 57226

agree; like I expect that kind of behavior out of schizo moids, but this shit is disturbing and sad when a woman does it

No. 57228

mods pls give her a ban she derails every thread she participates in

No. 57230

why did you repost this ? don't save nudes of random women please

No. 57231

I'm sorry, but the jannies aren't responding to any reports, I don't know how else we can get their attention
And it's a screenshot, it's not like I'm gonna keep it for enjoyment

No. 57233

Dude I'm gonna delete the second one of the fucking jannies wakes up and starts cleaning

No. 57234

Nta but just report it you're acting like it's fucking gore or something

No. 57235

I literally said
>the jannies aren't responding to any reports, I don't know how else we can get their attention

No. 57237

jfc, I know the deletion timelimit, what do you think I'm trying to do here?
This bitch is having like a mental health crisis, she needs to be banned for her own safety

No. 57239

someone already posted it in the own caps thread

No. 57240

well fucking great
good thing our new staff prioritizes handing out cringe redtext and two week long bans for shitposts

No. 57242

Can the kiwifarms thread please be locked? I hate to keep asking it's full of moids writing love letters about null and retards. It serves no purpose

No. 57243

Not a moid, cope and seethe about it. Thank you for keeping open the Null fan thread mods, much appreciated. Null is love. Null is life.

No. 57244

nonas we need to perform a ritual to summon the farmhands

No. 57245

They were just here lol it's so funny

No. 57246

she's banned, now delete this please

No. 57247

reckon I should still delete in 29 minutes since it's censored? You were right, nona, whoever you are; censoring it the first time would have been smarter, ngl, I was mad and didn't think about moids seeing in here and going to investigate, I'm just getting a little desperate

No. 57248

I literally said I was going to the second she got banned, so thanks for telling me to do what my plan literally said I was going to.

No. 57251

the naggers guy is back on /ot/

No. 57256

And yet you give him attention by posting about him out of nowhere when no one else was even thinking about him. Curious!

No. 57258

you really need to ignore him, he is baiting for your attention because he's a jobless friendless pedophile and this is the only way he'll ever get to talk to women.

No. 57259

Thank you, nonita. I wasn't thinking about it that way

No. 57262

The thread needs to die tbh. The bait about the kids being in videos is exactly the derailing anon knew it would bring. Anon doesn't care about children, they care about derailing a dead thread, because their Belle shitpost thread is dead, with year old complaints that should've been posted over a year ago if protecting these kids is so uber totally important. It's shit bait.

No. 57263

There's no advertising on this website.

No. 57264

subliminal messaging, nonnie. you really thought the paul dano shilling was organic? those are paid actors

No. 57265

Personally I found all her threads just by searching “Elaine Miller” in lolcow’s search function. It only showed the first thread for me but all I had to do was scroll down to the bottom of the thread to navigate to her 2nd and 3rd thread. Is it possible that it’s only deindexed in certain parts of the world?

No. 57267

originally we wanted to allow people free reign to complain and vent and say w.e tinfoils they wanted on here as a means of open communication. But unfortunately that ship has sailed due to a small group of retards sperging and sperging and straight up lying and making shit up over and over and it's bringing absolutely 0 quality discussion. So from now on, baseless arguments, tinfoiling, infighting and all that will be banned here just like everywhere else. Please report shitposting/baiting in this thread within the reasons.

No. 57270

I'm sorry you have to deal with retards doing shit like that. It really does ruin the freedom of everyone else but in this case I think you're making the right decision, cerbmin. A few people are so obnoxious that they make even /meta/ a cesspit of infighting and lies and bait.

No. 57278

Why did you lock this thread? The last tinfoil thread closed and there is no other “thread 15” besides the one previously made.


No. 57280

why are you ban evading? Did you even read the report? There was a general tinfoil thread #15 that was made 5-6 days ago with only 80~ posts. Why are you not checking the catalog before making new threads? jfc…

No. 57281

kek poor farmhands, you have to deal with so much autism

No. 57283

what's the context for this? I backread but can't discern what it's referring to.

No. 57285

Thank you, farmhands, for doing your best. The mess in the thread the past few days must have been hell.

No. 57292

>1,646 votes in the poll
I don't believe that we only have 100 users on the board, but you cannot convince me that the poll wasn't rigged and no one voted multiple times.

No. 57293

Yeah, over 1500 lolcow regulars is just absurd

No. 57294

File: 1684038894934.gif (1.54 MB, 498x498, 473da21fc7.gif)


No. 57295

Seethe and cope about what? I'm talking about the votes in general.

No. 57297

I don't know why everyone is acting like the shotafags "won". Here's a reminder of what the admins actually said:
>if the majority of users have voted to restrict this type of content being (as it is right now over 70% of votes favour some type of restriction), then we will implement the restriction with the highest number of votes, even if it does not reach first place. The only way that no restrictions will be imposed is if the two options that represent that choice total more than 50% of the votes

Needless to say, the other "do not restrict" option aside from the (allegedly) most popular, was the least popular option in this poll, and all the other options make up more than 70% of votes. So there will be some kind of restriction according to these results.

No. 57298

like i said, they aren't all regular voters. i have no doubt lc gets plenty of tourists (this includes people who randomly discover it on tiktok or something). i mean there are billions of people on the internet and this is the only imageboard of its kind, not crazy to think it gets large amounts of traffic

No. 57299

i'm hoping they allow it on /m/ at the very least
no porn of course but shippy stuff should be okay…

No. 57300

/pt/, /snow/, and /ot/ have a high concentration of posters.

Anons were going to come in crying voter fraud no matter what won the popular vote. Really, just do what >>57299 suggested or don't bother changing anything. Daily reminder that all of this drama is over one single thread. Ban the infighters in it and move, the hell /meta/ has been through in the past few days should've made it clearer than ever before where >they were coming from anyways.

No. 57301


No. 57303

It's not about which option had the most votes. I noticed it before when the poll was floating around 1,500 votes, and like the anon upthread pointed out the answer that got the most votes wasn't the winning option anyway. I would've said the same thing even if the one I voted for was the most popular. It's just an observation.

No. 57305

The admins said it didn't matter what the "most popular" option was because what matters is that restricting that kind of content in some way had more total votes than not restricting it.
>Anons were going to come in crying voter fraud no matter what won the popular vote.
Ever since the first day of the poll, the 2nd place option had been at least 30 votes ahead and this difference had been pretty consistent, until a few hours ago. You expect me to believe someone didn't vote multiple times or get their buddies to help change the results just enough at the very last moment?
Also, there are several kiwifags who have been lurking and shitting up a bunch of threads all over the site in the past few days. Obviously some of them voted in the poll too. It doesn't matter anyway since the options to restrict content won.

No. 57306

>30 votes
Kek. Gap between restrict and no or very light restrict was less than 100 votes total. It would make the most sense to go with option C, i.e. effectively nothing will change as NSFW images were never a problem to begin with.

No. 57307

Inshallah everything goes well in admins life thank you for telling pedos they can no longer post disturbing content.

No. 57309

Where was this update posted?

No. 57311

Blaine and Elaine are back shitting up the KF thread

No. 57314

Anyone that disagrees with you isn't blaine or elaine, retard. Simping over a taken man is disgusting and writing fantasies of him feeding you greasy food is literally disgusting.
Imagine having a bf and finding weird fanfics obese old autistic women wrote about him feeding them and then fucking them. How would you feel?

No. 57315

File: 1684074623688.jpg (52.7 KB, 1708x249, lel.jpg)

Why did you even bother, Admin? Everybody knows that you don't care what the community thinks.

No. 57316

If word got out that this website allowed loli/shota we'd have a moid/tranny invasion. We literally had a tranny post the poll on his Twitter to try and sabotage it already. Give it a rest, use 4chan for this instead.

No. 57317

what are you complaining about didn't %60 of the votes agree with restricting

>>57305 is right, the restrict was v much ahead til the last hour or so

No. 57318

NTA but this is disingenuous. We've never had an issue of "allowing shota/loli". No one can point to an instance of shota hentai being spammed, and NSFW spam in general has always been an automatic ban because this isn't a porn-friendly site. Months ago, one anon got banned just for saying she likes shota in a confession thread, so how do you imagine we could possibly have an issue of the site getting spammed by shotafags? This will never be an environment for that. The actual problem has always been anons mindlessly replying to all types of bait and derailing threads instead of ignoring or reporting it. Moids and trannies will show up regardless, and you will still feed them as long as the mods keep tolerating it.

No. 57319

no one is saying theres a spam retard. anons are just annoyed because several namefags(rancefag for example) have been posting pedo tier detailed posts and it makes most uncomfy as fuck.

it doesn't have to be spammed to be annoying. i dont want to read about an autist who wants to diddle lil kids and most anons agree so its gon be restricted.

they already banned the pedo in husbando thread after he posted about wanting to rape a 14 year old boy in very great detail for several posts.

no one even says its spammed but u pedos always say its not spammed enough to be banned, it dont have to be spammed to be annoying. no one has to read how much u lust for kids

No. 57320

You are just as weird. Can you go back?
>simping over a taken man
>Imagine having a bf
Omg nobody fucking cares about Josh, his personal life, you guys retarded cow beef, or protecting his relationship from a random retard on a gossip site. That thread needs to be shut down so you idiots can go back, all of you. Nobody cares about Blaine, Elaine or you whining about protecting some fat websites owner relationship you totally know about.
Stop bringing this shit everywhere.

No. 57322

>no one even said its spammed
This is literally a lie, and Rancefag's autism has always been about the adult character Rance, she only ever posted about "shota" Rance because "the tranny jannies are banning shota tomorrow". You keep calling everyone "pedophiles" for disagreeing with you and telling you to ignore bait, it's honestly pathetic and I hope one day the jannies will ban retards like you for the constant infights and shit-stirring. Also, learn to space your posts out normally, retard.

No. 57324

Elaine is still sperging out in KF thread

No. 57326

I called them pedo because both posted paragraphs detailing things they'd do to underage boys that's pedo by definition retard. also why would anyone be upset they can no longer send nsfw underage boy content if they aint pedos?

No. 57327

wow noni u r talented

No. 57328

>they can no longer send nsfw underage boy content
No one could in the first place, dumbass.

No. 57330

Why tf are shotafags complaining then? Also literally two anons posted fantasies of wanting to fuck underage boys in /g/ today. Don't act like shotafags aren't a disease, most are being ignored by posters because every time you talk to them, they have mental breakdowns like rancefag did when she posted several nudes.

No. 57333

Because the real problem isn't being solved, and all this means is that normal/fujo anons won't be able to talk about shipping or husbando shit. Your only example of anything happening is literally today, and that was directly because of the whole debate, which came from an infight in an /ot/ thread, not shotafags.

No. 57334

They complain because the majority of them are tranny faggots.

No. 57335

Post from 3 days ago still accurate.

No. 57336

>Admin has mentioned this before in regards to some supposed reported cp and when she checked none was found and no reports ever sent, but anons will claim it was up for hours
A farmhand said that, and wasn't it already concluded that it was a problem in their system and multiple anons sent reports?

No. 57339

Hi farmers!
Farmhand applications are still open, if you want to support LC we encourage you to take a look (or a second look) at the application. It is linked at the top of this page. Once we have enough farmhands onboarded, Hellweek will be upon us. General reminder: a post not being redtexted doesn’t necessarily mean that no ban was issued. The poll results are 70.06% to restrict and 29.94% to not restrict. The new rule regarding shota and loli is "Discussion and images should only be permitted if it is related to milk, and NSFW images must be heavily censored. All images must be spoilered." This will be added to the rules once exact wording has being agreed on between staff.

It’s easy to simplify things down to “just moderate the infighting” and I understand why it seems like the best solution. We are hoping that by setting rules for shota/loli that bans will be more consistent as our stance will be clear, and bans can happen before the inevitable infighting and discourse begins.

Many such posts have been reported with “shota” as the reason. Hence, the need we saw to define a clear rule.

This poll was made and the rule is up for discussion because we have no rules specifically for shota or loli. The topic is controversial, all it takes is a recent scroll through /meta/ to see this (see >>56440, kek).
>Why do it here?
I don’t know. But we need a way to approach anons who do post shota here, hence the poll.

Staff has come up with a general consensus of shota (and loli) as a specific art style within anime that focuses on prepubescence and is often sexual/pedophilic in nature. Minor characters in anime are common because minors are a large demographic for anime, so images of Naruto (13) and Inuyasha (14) will not be banned because they do not fit the definition of being illustrated in a way that sexualizes prepubescence. That being said, we can only define a term down so far. At some point it gets so muddy it’s not worth discussing anymore, and bans must be decided on a case-by-case basis. This poll gives us a blanket rule that will apply to most posts.

Yes, banning of certain topics has been a problem in the past, i.e. pinkpill, manhate, 2X, even Shayna was banned at some point. Imo, loli/shota is not comparable to those topics. However, going forward we will be cautious about banning topics outright.

Results from this poll will not negate other site rules. Spam is not allowed, and won’t be allowed after the poll ends, regardless of results. From the poll’s description as well: “In all cases any discussion and/or imagery must be on topic or it will be bannable. Any images featuring extreme content will always be bannable and will most likely result in a permanent ban (e.g. gore, bestiality, torture, distress)”

Please see definitions as outlined by the poll: “ Not loli/shota: anime images of minors that are not sexual and/or romantic.” >>56351 also explains it well.

CP is deleted as quickly as possible with a small team running lc. Decide yourself whether loli is too offensive for your sensitive eyes.

As has been mentioned, we are a small team. The line between derailing and discussion can get muddy, but we are doing our best! Since anons have asked for site statistics, here are the stats for the last 30 days (rounded down):
>Page views: 10.5m
>Total posts: 59k (including deleted posts)
>Unique poster IPs: 16.5k
>Unique poster devices: 11k
Note that the numbers above do not represent the actual number of unique posters. The real number will be lower, as every session with a VPN will count as a new IP/device, and some farmers will obviously use multiple devices (e.g. PC and phone).

Blaine has very little pull on social media, having 41 followers and little interaction. As of May 11, this tweet has been unpinned from his profile and has 160 views, 1 retweet and 3 likes. Again, we watched the poll numbers and determined the poll was not compromised.

See >>56625

Kiwi bunker has been locked. Further kiwi threads will be locked. If kiwifags would like to use LC, they need to integrate and not announce themselves.

I understand that it’s possible for staff to shitpost and unban themselves and such, but if this even happens at all, it does NOT happen often, and we do occasionally check moderation logs ourselves to see what's been done, but you can't expect us to fully do this every single time. We get 120-140 reports every 14-16 hours, and with the team as small as us, and this being a completely volunteer thing from everyone, it's an extremely unreasonable ask.


That was not a ban issued by an admin. It was incorrect and the staff who issued it has been informed.

We have plans to amend the rules to be more specific about things that have become issues on the farm. Staff deletes posts extremely sparingly and is usually done for users with no real post history who are trolling or spamming. Some deleted posts are deleted by the user, which they can do within 30 minutes of posting. What do you mean by feedback?
>Banning with no redrext also signals to other anons that the content is acceptable to post, so I think implementing a policy of redtexting when possible would be best.
This is fine, but constant redtext makes a thread look unwelcoming and can put off some users. For hellweek, we will redtext every ban so we can get user feedback. I understand what you mean, and sometimes when issuing bans we do get the same posts reported because the post wasn’t redtexted. I’d like to hear farmers’ feedback about what they think about redtext!

>I am just begging mods to read these threads, check post histories, and get a proper understanding of what's really going on here because I don't believe they do.
We would love to do this, and do it when we are able. Our current issue is that we:
>Have a small staff
>Receive 120-140 reports per 24hrs with over 50% of those including vague or blank reasons for the reports
>"infighting" as report reason begs a 15 minute investigation into the thread of origin
>"moid" "tranny" reasons with no context in the post also beg a thorough investigation
>Continue to receive reports and the one or two of us fielding them have to decide whether we will thoroughly investigate each one like we want to, or whether we should quickly issue bans for things that seem obvious.
For the amount of reports we get, it’s so much more time efficient for the reporter to give a thorough reason when reporting, or come to meta and give us a quick run down of what’s been happening. I really appreciate farmers who complain with linked posts and an explanation of why they think a ban is warranted! This isn’t necessary for things like sage bans, but is endlessly helpful when there are recurring bad actors in threads that I’m just not familiar with

No. 57340

>>Kiwi bunker has been locked. Further kiwi threads will be locked. If kiwifags would like to use LC, they need to integrate and not announce themselves.
Thank you, I'm sure they'll stay and try to insert their bullshit but they are very easy to spot out.
Also, sorry if some of my reports may slow things down, I do give reasons that in the moment seem perfectly understood, I forget you actually have to look into it.
Thank you so much

No. 57341

>Kiwi bunker has been locked.
>Further kiwi threads will be locked.
finally! thank you cerbmin/farmhands.
as for the farmhand applications how long does it take for you to reply back?

No. 57343

Hi, Cerbmin. I apologize for being one of the people who reports people with the "moid/tranny" reasoning. I specifically report for Blaine when he's very easily recognizable, like when he was posting a lolcalf's revenge porn on twitter as well as her dox, because he got mad her thread died and he thought only said cow and Rachael hated him and "everyone else knows better than to fuck with me." Thank you for getting rid of that shit, and sorry for the short reasoning.

No. 57344

File: 1684106119188.jpg (19.18 KB, 1080x124, rules you broke .jpg)

No. 57345

>it’s so much more time efficient for the reporter to give a thorough reason when reporting, or come to meta and give us a quick run down of what’s been happening
This is what anons have been doing for months for the fujoshi thread and you've done nothing but ignore it.

>anime images of minors that are not sexual and/or romantic

>[not] illustrated in a way that sexualizes prepubescence
What you're saying is not consistent with what anons have been recieving bans for. For example, why was the anon from the husbando thread banned? Her image fit this description simping aside, and you never said a word about post contents aside from images. Being this vague about what will and won't get you a ban instead of outright banning it or outright allowing it achieves nothing. You're still going to have infights (to not do anything about), mods banning anons for content that they interpreted to be kosher under your definition that is so vague that it will apparently have to be deliberated on a "case by case basis," new infights from posters coming here to bitch when posts they reported don't get banned, and all that other fun stuff. You can't blame anyone for being confused when the popular definition of shota/loli refers to any anime character that looks like a young teen or child often regardless of their canon age, not your definition that's exclusive to romantic and/or sexual content. You've made this as convoluted as possible.

Thanks for locking the Kiwi cesspools I guess

No. 57346

samefag, is this about the bunker thread in /snow/ or the /ot/ one? I thought it was the former but >>>/snow/1824210 is not locked

No. 57347

based. thanks admin. i report a lot so i'll be sure to make my reports clearer in the future

No. 57348

yeah I thought this was about the snow kiwifarms thread, thats the issue/was the issue, the older bunker thread was already locked.

No. 57349

fuck off tranny

No. 57350

unban rancefag, she did nothing wrong(ban evasion)

No. 57351

This, she is an average user of this website and I genuinely believe it could have happened to any of you so we can't be too harsh on her.(Blaine)

No. 57352

she's literally still posting right now, the jannies are seemingly letting it go as long as she doesn't post her fucking cooter again

No. 57353

she posted her what

No. 57354

samefagging to add, no, most of us are not at risk for posting our cooters, posting cooter is a bright red waving flag sign of mental illness

No. 57355

i mis-reported a post because i was confused about which thread i was in. sorry farmhands ♥

No. 57356

oh damn, were you not here for that part? yeah RF was having a pretty rough day apparently

No. 57357

Average users of the site get banned if they break the rules though, especially if it's a repeat thing.

No. 57359

it's rancefag, where do you think

No. 57360

She got banned for ban-evading when she said she's been permananned twice.
And on two different boards.

No. 57361

Yeah I'm aware, the thing about ban-evaders is that they know how to ban-evade.
I personally don't care as long as we don't get anymore unwanted nudes

No. 57362

I’m sure if she would just stop announcing herself everywhere she goes she would be fine…of course you’re going to get reported when youre like
>I’ve been perma’d 759395 times and I still want Rance to rape my sweet butthole, wanna see it?
In every fucking thread

No. 57363

hey man, no disagreement here, she's observably unwell to say the very least

No. 57364

NTA but she doesn't care that she's banned. She wants to treat the site as her personal chatroom.

No. 57366

I still stand by my original opinion that Rancefag did nothing wrong and have yet to be swayed.

No. 57368

I almost agree with you, but I think women should be allowed to discuss sex and hot topics, I completely get your reasoning, but I'm coming from it at the angle of "we should take what little we can"
also I do think we should be allowed to talk about consensual sexual violence against men

No. 57369

Thank you, Cerbmin. Next, please ban dd/lgroids. This should go without saying, I don't think I even need to explain. Men have also boasted about coming here just for the "femdom" threads before, and literally only trannies, men and the occasional pickmes are ever into that sort of thing. Any man that's "into femdom" will inevitably troon out, and any woman who's into it is just deluding herself that she's "empowered" by serving a moid's twisted demands.

In general, there's just no need to post or discuss fetish content here. I don't know why the rules weren't against it earlier. Honestly, I don't even get why some people come to Lolcow to talk about sex.

No. 57370

Sorry I deleted the first post (felt like I was going too far) but the issue is that it seems like some people only come here to post their coomer hobbies or fight about them. Anime in general is just cancer, but that's another discussion.
>I do think we should be allowed to talk about consensual sexual violence against men
Sex with men at all just pleases them, so it shouldn't be encouraged

No. 57371

>the issue is that it seems like some people only come here to post their coomer hobbies or fight about them. Anime in general is just cancer
I mean fair
>Sex with men at all just pleases them, so it shouldn't be encouraged
I literally completely agree with you on this one; unfortunately, I'm just as fucking straight as can be, I've tried, ahem, not to be, but it just doesn't work out
I actually feel like we should have keep our handful of containment threads as an alternative to interacting with males at all, since, unfortunately, some of us really do just like penis (in theory)
But I also agree that if you leave a single crumb of coochie out on the floor, the bastards will come scuttling for it; so I dunno, maybe you're right

No. 57372

/g/, /m/, and /ot/ aren't your personal monasteries, they're fair game.

No. 57373

>Sex with men at all just pleases them, so it shouldn't be encouraged
NTA and while I kind of agree, this site isn't intended for celibate women or trying to discourage or encourage one point of view. Technically there is "no need" for any type of non-gossip topic but we still have all the rest of them anyway. Plus those specific threads barely get any activity. Also if someone's fighting about a topic then just report them for infighting, like any other fight.

No. 57374

the butthole bandit is back on /ot/

weirdly, I kind of missed him somehow

No. 57376

Who the fuck is that, link

No. 57377

Anorectal Violence-Kun? Every time I see his disgusting spam I giggle a little because I read it in a tradthot voice mentally

No. 57378

sorry; him
dude right? kek

No. 57379

Being against anal is based and not a "tradthot" thing, sadly he is a male and the reason he hates it is because of his fetish.

No. 57380

it's just funny because it's a retard moid obsessed with anal in the ass to the point that it's destroyed his entire life; it's not that deep

No. 57381

Now it's 'address these matters now'.

No. 57382

he learned big words during his stay in the grippy-socks hotel lmao

No. 57383

Can someone link his previous posts, he’s so funny

No. 57384

Most were deleted. Just use the search with "anorectal violence" and you'll probably find whichever ones were left.

No. 57400

Petiton for new redtexts please. I can think of a couple I'd like that reflect the current generation of newfags. Cringe and sus being the ones that come immediately to mind, but there's definitely more if any anons wanna chime in.

No. 57401

Already suggested in the previous suggestions thread

No. 57402

Kek I just realised I posted in the wrong thread

No. 57403

"it's giving"

No. 57404

I am once again humbly asking for manhate to be moved to /ot/, as it was chiefly a vent thread, not a feminism thread. Secondly I would like to see /int/ return.

No. 57405

Pretty sure
Have been suggested so far but "it's giving" is excellent kek

No. 57407

I agree, I read it in a trad voice because the way he writes is like a stereotypical Karen, and not what troons tried to turn that word into

No. 57415

Can there be more moderation in the fujo thread?( I know it's a catch all for troons and moids) but the retarded takes about shota art is disturbing. Can mods atleast redtext the posts?

No. 57416

>Kiwi bunker has been locked. Further kiwi threads will be locked.
Uuhhhh??? >>>/snow/1827471

Still open and Elaine and Blaine are still shitting it up.

No. 57417

You're right making him eat me out only serves him.

No. 57421

You say you want to lock the kiwi thread in a manner that implies only kiwifags use the thread. Just issue bans or how about focus on hiring more farmhands so you can actually remedy all these moderation issues.

No. 57422

I mean… it seems like it's 3 people slap fighting
>Gross Null Simp
Nobody is posting any updates, it's an constant fight to have an opinion on anything that isn't kissing Nulls ass because then someone jumps on your ass and starts posting hilarious gross null thrist posts.
Or one of the retards start ranting about random shit. The non kiwifags stopped posting a ago. I feel it's not worth the trouble keeping it open, I say this as someone whose interested in the sites drama.

No. 57423

Go back to kiwifarms. We dontgave enough farmhands to remove sensitive content let alone keep peace in a shitty thread so anons can openly write about how they fap to null and elaines asshole.

No. 57424

You can use this argument about any thread that is shit up by retards, or the admins could actually get more farmhands to actually enforce the board rules. Anons have said they haven't gotten responses in /ot/. It should be an instant ban for anyone engaging with known trolls. You need to be extremely naive to think a permaban will stop anyone dedicated to shitting up the site.
Learn to English retard. I don't use kiwifarms.

No. 57426


No. 57427

They're literally actively looking for farmhands. No one's going to enable a shit thread so you can fill it with your sexual fantasies and accuse anyone of being Elaine once they call you out.

No. 57428

Absolutely zero people are fapping to Elaine's asshole. That shit looks like a war-zone. Even the most disgusting scrotes on KF and Onion Farms are horrified by it.

No. 57429

>Again, we watched the poll numbers and determined the poll was not compromised.
I'm not afraid to admit I voted in this poll 15 times, so I know this isn't true. If I had known shotafags were aware it was vulnerable, they would never have gotten to the point they did toward the end.

No. 57431

I do neither of those things. Keep crying about it.

Can someone rationalize putting free speech on a pedestal while banning specific topics you can't moderate? Make it make sense. Apparently loli and shota is a freedom of speech issue worth having a poll over. Now tell me why locking thread subjects isn't worth discussing? Never heard of autosage?

No. 57432

>I'm not afraid to admit I voted in this poll 15 times
Prepare to be banned now lel.

No. 57434

NTA but why did fujochan ban shota? What reason could they have possibly had?

No. 57435

Why are you raging here instead of posting milk in the thread you're fighting over? If there's so much stuff to discuss about kiwifarms, why are you here instead?

No. 57437

Someone say Elaine's stinky vagoogoo?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 57438

It's just so angry looking lel

No. 57439

File: 1684162884698.jpg (85.62 KB, 1210x394, brain-dead.jpg)

Because they are hosted in the UK now. Fucking Britbongs ruining everything. Just watch and wait to see them reported to Prevent for TERFposting kek.

No. 57440

Don't reply to the baiting kiwifag, report and move on.

No. 57441

Is it angry looking, yes or no? I don't mind being banned once I've collected enough opinions for my poll.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 57449

Why is the Admin capitulating to trannies? It's hypocritical for you to get mad at KiwiFarms when you capitulate before the trannydom at every opportunity. You remove the link to
just because feelings of degenerates might get hurt.

Go ahead, keep self-censoring until you become another sanitised website that sucks the tranny cock.(bait)

No. 57450

wasn't it hidden so baiting moids (troons or not) and newfags wouldn't find it so easily? Many anons were very upset when it was unhidden for that reason.

No. 57451

Don't reply to Blaine, he's sperging and baiting right now.

No. 57474

Can the spam threads from /ot/ be removed instead of just locked? Or did that specific farmhand have rights to delete threads?

No. 57487

File: 1684280087681.png (45.57 KB, 432x466, 1663280518954.png)

Will the idea to change the spoiler image ever come to fruition? So many talented nonas made great art for it in the previous drawthread and it was never changed after the site went down. Would love for it to happen…

No. 57489

I hope if they do like the idea, we can have all the art used, including the OG pt one.

No. 57490

where the fuck are all of these new posters coming from en masse? it feels like i'm reading posts from mentally ill 12 year old boys/63 year old computer illiterate grandmothers

No. 57491

Fucking same I wanted to complain about an obvious one I saw today. I think it was the one sperging about the term gothic lolita. I fucking hate newfags, especially ones who didn't come from other imageboards so they're twice as unlikely to integrate.

No. 57494

I think I've pitched this idea before, but I would love if the spoiler image was random so that it cycles through the art that was made + Pixyteri. Sort of like how the banner are random. That way we can incorporate new stuff while also keeping classic lolcow culture.

No. 57496

I love this art!! Also, for some reason, the spoiler image has stopped displaying for me and instead is just a big clear square and idk why but I guess that's a question for the tech help thread…

No. 57497

I was thinking the same thing. Most recent example is theres some porn addict in /g/ who is sperging out in shock that other anons don't watch porn when if they spent any time here they'd realize that's very common for our userbase. I saw some anons on 2X a while back saying that they came here from tiktok and that we're being discussed there so I think it's literally underage tiktok zoomers coming en masse. Which is terrifying. Everyone, make sure to bully them into being respectable farmers.

No. 57498

I think that happens when you hide a spoilered pic without opening it. The spoilers thumbnail will be hidden from then on.

No. 57499

>tiktok newfags
I guess I should take the hint and leave…

No. 57501

Yes, please do. You guys are absolutely insufferable and do the same shit the twitterfags do where you complain about yourselves and shit up our spaces because you can't even stand yourselves.

No. 57502

Stop lul you're making the spineless stereotype true. It's your choice to stay or go to https://crystal.cafe/ where the rest end up.

No. 57504

Don’t know if you’re implying you’re the tiktok newfag or if you want to leave bc of tiktok newfags- learn2integrate if the first and if you wanna leave oh well kek

No. 57506

Kiwifarms are down.

No. 57511

I can't stand how delicate the zoomer newfags from twitter/tiktok are. They'll censor politically incorrect terminology in the same breath as getting aggressive and trying to literally fight you kek. Make it make sense.

No. 57514

Anon, what the fuck. I'm not from tiktok. I eas trying to say that I'm (internet) old and feel out of place among newfags from tiktok.

No. 57516

lmfao ntayrt, but I retract my reply.

No. 57517

lmfao ntayrt, but I retract my reply.

No. 57518

>I would love if the spoiler image was random
Shit idea

No. 57523

I swear there's a bunkertranny on the tardthot thread, the way the type and the "jokes" they make is something you'll see with leftypol users

No. 57524

File: 1684334958597.jpg (191.54 KB, 1079x1694, from admin to cerbmin.jpg)

Who is "myself" supposed to be? Who is the money raised through this Ko-fi going to? If the site costs and server maintenance are paid from staff's personal funds then what is this money even used for? How is this even still active and with the exact same description it had when it was created around August 2021 but only the name was changed from "admin" to "cerbmin"?

No. 57528

So would you like to explain why or actually offer anything of value to the discussion at all?

No. 57529

Lol you're just gasping for straws now while also answering your own questions.

No. 57545

>answering your own questions
So it really is true that cerbmin = shaymin = oldmin. Got it.

No. 57546

terminal retardation

No. 57548

NTA but one possible argument is that if it is the same image every time you get used to it as the spoiler and will never accidentally expand and unspoiler when you don't mean to, the same sort of reasoning for the standardization of street signs and safety symbols etc. I personally wouldn't be bothered either way but can understand this perspective as reason to want a single image.

No. 57550

>>57548 put it perfectly, literally what other imageboard has multiple spoiler pics that are used randomly? I'm not against changing the current one but just pick another one (1) and stick to that one (1).

No. 57552

Who cares about what other imageboards do? Lolcow is different from from other imageboards in many ways. If we modeled the site after how other imageboards operate then this site would look very different.
This makes sense and I agree that it might be confusing for new anons (or anons who wouldn't be aware of the change). The reason why I brought up the idea is because I personally don't want to completely get rid of the /pt/ image. It's a part of the site history/culture plus I don't think it's so vulgar or offensive like other anons seem to

No. 57553

personally I couldn't care less whether we keep the same image, change it to something also /pt/ related but less polarizing or something else altogether, I'm just saying that random image picked from multiple options is a horrible idea because it would be confusing and incoherent.

No. 57556

tbh I don't want lc to become woobified with chibi banners and spoiler images of the board tan, it'll only make LC feel more infantile and zoomery like CC. making all the theming centered around our fictional mascot and not the cows is kind of narcissistic and I'd like to avoid that.

No. 57557

The website was originally for weebs you retard. The spoiler image is an old pixyteri photo.

No. 57558

nta but they mean "woobified" as in like overly cutesy, I don't think they meant weeb

No. 57560

Idk if you guys know this but 4chan and many other altchans have different spoiler pics for each of their boards. I think the ones in /co/ are random too? Not sure, but different spoiler pics can be done and it'll work if they're not too different from each other (AKA have consistent composition and palette)
I propose a new spoiler banner that has the original PT pic in the background but is covered by a cow. That way the original pic will still be used but the high contrast of the cow's colors will distract from the pantyshot

No. 57565

Personally I think the PT spoiler is iconic but it seem a lot of anons find it too "nsfw" to be a spoiler image. Not sure if it's the younger demographic using the board in public, or oldfags outgrew it.

No. 57568

>Not sure if it's the younger demographic using the board in public
it's definitely this based on the original discussion about it. which is retarded considering all the other nastier shit that gets spammed here that will still be visible in public even if the spoiler is changed.

No. 57571

At what point are threads consider "dead?" I saw what seems like a necro in a cow thread, and they bumped it with no contribution, and it's been dead for almost two months. I reported it, but it is annoying to see anons get very upset about cows, especially on dead threads.

No. 57579

Is it possible to have different spoiler images considering the severity of the image? Or will that too much on the site to handle?

No. 57581

there's never been an official number. i think most of time go by how often a thread gets updated but also by the quality of what is being posted. some threads here are considered dead even if they're active, only because of an absence of milk.

No. 57587

Pretty sure you're allowed to create a new thread when the old thread has been inactive for 6 months so that's what I consider dead

No. 57593

Unban me. I'm banned for no fucking reason. Whenever i post normally it's fine but whenever i profess about my love of Rance i get fucking banned? I'm not even baiting like the tard admins like to think, that's something YOU created in your head(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 57594

never understood this rule, why is it better to create yet another thread and repeat ourself when we could just necro ? Why is it forbidden ?

No. 57595

necroing is fine if there's actual milk

No. 57597

There wasn't any, it was her, saged, bitching about a cow and demanding mods ban them. Said anon also posted on Crystal Cafe, with the implication they weren't actually a "she," getting banned for being male.

No. 57601

File: 1684494968216.png (2.55 KB, 611x91, Screenshot 3.png)

Mods should look out for the tardthot thread(its never moved this fast) and there's a moid energy/feel from some of the posts. like picrel is 100% by a baiting troon/moid

No. 57602

and now their doing family guy jokes

No. 57607

Kek I'm the "addict" and I came from 4chan.

No. 57610

File: 1684533235839.jpg (64.1 KB, 700x593, ScreenShot.JPG)

for future reference this is just blaine again btw


No. 57611

>I am a tranny.
>You are a troon.
This made me kek

Also I don't think that Rancefag is him. Leave her alone.

No. 57614

That explains everything.

No. 57617

kek rancefag isnt the failmale, just an autistic woman I think. But that screenshot is so funny, seething and shitting his pants in that

No. 57620

You do know this place was founded by 4channers, right?

No. 57623

Newfags from 4chan are different from those who either integrate or came from 4chan ages ago. That site is not the same it was before and yes, porn addicted pickmes from there are easily identifiable (Rancefag being an extreme example)

No. 57625

Accurate, it even types like the troon.

No. 57627

His obsession with harassing regular site users for "milk" has always been appalling to me. Far from the worst part about him, but easily up there.

No. 57630

Rancefag literally admitted to hanging around in 4chan and sending dudes nudes for years, she's pretending to be 18 and she said she was groomed into sending nudes because her threads and nudes were sent years ago but I still think she's much older and judging from her consensually spamming nudes here, I think she's definitely done similar stuff on 4chan and enjoyed the attention so she repeated it over there, though it definitely played out differently because anons arent men.
Her body also looks too saggy for her to be 18 and she types more like someone who's definitely spent years online as a porn addict rather than a normal 18 year old who happens to like a random anime dude.

No. 57631

When I say newfag I mean people who recently started using lolcow. You don't have to be young to be a newfag, newfag.
>she types more like someone who's definitely spent years online as a porn addict
You do know that you can use an 18+ imageboard and get addicted to porn as a minor, right…? And that it's disturbingly common? Why so fucking obsessed with her age?
I just said there are (female) newfags from 4chan who refuse to integrate and they have distinct traits such as porn/hentai addiction and moid-tier arguments because they still have pickme tendencies. These newfags come from boards other than /cgl/, boards that have a higher scrotal population. Rancefag is just one of the many 4chan women who frequent /r9k/ and they're definitely different from the original userbase that came from /cgl/ before it went to shit.

No. 57633

Still that doesn't disprove she is 18. Teenagers can have saggy bodies or spend years being porn addicts too for example. And rancefag isn't normal anyway.

No. 57634

She's been sending nudes for quite a few years as she admitted, if she were underaged, those nudes she'd have sent to 4chan would've probably gotten removed and she'd be banned from there but she's still actively posting so I think she's just lying about her age for sympathy.
Wasn't she lying about her fanfiction account and stuff too? It's not unlikely for her to lie

No. 57635

Shut the fuck up already you sperg, no one cares about the details but you. The discussion wasn't about her.

No. 57636

>those nudes she'd have sent to 4chan would've probably gotten removed
Why would they get removed if she or someone else didn't report them? She probably lied about her age when she was a minor as it usually happens.

No. 57638

Stop ban evading. Whenever she's brought up a "white knight" (aka her samefagging), comes to defend her. When anons capped her nudes, the same "white knight" said she'd report them for revenge pornography as if she didn't send her nudes here herself in the first place.
No she said she told the men she was a minor and that they still groomed her knowingly, when that happens usually the people expose the minor poster and they get banned. That's why I wasn't believing her.

No. 57652

Stop banning me!!! Is this lolcow federal prison or what?(ban evading rancefag)

No. 57670

Mods, why am i banned from posting about Rance? Genuinely. I don't get banned for my other posts but i can't even post abt him in the husbando thread? Makes no sense!(ban evasion)

No. 57671

the answer to your question is literally in the rules

No. 57710

File: 1684787312149.png (5.16 KB, 1856x96, we fowgive mistakes hewe.PNG)

Why do we keep getting jannies who won't read the rules?
Don't reveal user IPs for no reason, don't delete images that don't violate a single rule, etc etc etc

No. 57711

that, and yet another case of a weird ban in the vent thread towards someone who just wanted to vent
yet letting the aggressive asshole replies go for some reason..probably because mods were the ones fighting her

No. 57712

dude considering how often and at what intervals the vent thread of all places gets redtexts, I've been suspicious for awhile
I really do think there are some jannies who fancy themselves the cool popular mean girls, and that's why they try to be funny and shit, and do not realize that it is hall monitors like them's job to be disliked by the populace, sorry

No. 57716

on that note, i'm very tired of retards who act like they've never made mistakes before. let jannies breath goddamn it. then you wonder why they always seem to be short of mods.

No. 57717

we are discussing an on-going and established issue that has been going on in the vent thread for at least a year
and a janny deleting an image out of courtesy(?); pretty big part of lolcow culture to never erase anything ever

No. 57718

normally, I wouldn't delete anything. However this was one of those cases of 'do we do them the courtesy of removing this to facilitate more milk?' considering the person I actioned on was bringing shay milk. Sometimes on very rare occasions, if something small like that provides more milk in the long run, it's better to do that than not.

No. 57728

It was right to do and IIRC mods have done it before during shit like Onision milk drops back in the day. Being uppity about newfags not getting it 100% right while they're offering fresh milk kills good drama.

>pretty big part of lolcow culture to never erase anything ever
please find me the old Kelly Jean threads, entire legitimate threads have been erased because they weren't worth the hassle even though they didn't break any rules. Shayna's sister was photoshopped into porn and they didn't just take down the shoops, but the entire thread.

No. 57731

>Shayna's sister was photoshopped into porn and they didn't just take down the shoops, but the entire thread.
Don’t necessarily think this is a comparable situation because that kind of thing is illegal in some places and could get the entire site taken down. This was just a woman with terrible opsec bringing expired milk

No. 57736

Its fucked up and I’m glad the mods removed it

No. 57739

Hi farmers! We are interviewing new staff and still taking farmhand applications. To date, we have received about 30 responses, and have narrowed those down to 11 legitimate responses. We have also created an official newfag label for posts! When you click on it, it will take you to lolcow.farm/info. I will attach it at the bottom of this post.

Rancefag’s nudes have been floating around, please report them so we can continue to remove them. Although she posted them of her own free will, she seems unwell so we would like to keep them off the site as we feel like she will surely regret posting them here. Update: she said posted them during a manic episode.

I understand your grievances. This whole shota/loli rule creation and polling process has been a learning process for us and, despite the clamor and stress it’s brought farmers and staff, I feel like we have gained a lot of insight into what farmers want from us. As far as the fujo thread goes, I will personally keep a closer eye on it.

Sorry for the confusion, both the kiwi bunker and kiwi thread in /snow/ have been locked. The kiwi thread in snow was locked because it attracted Blaine and Elaine, and was continuously a place for Elaine’s nudes to be posted. >>57422 explains it well.

/g/ is a haven for all sorts of female fantasies and sex discussion. I haven’t personally seen much dd/lg discussion on the farm, the culture seems pretty hostile towards it. “Do not post pornography” still applies.

Proposed redtexts: cringe, sus, femcel, it’s giving, y'all, ma'am, yikes, anti(s), proship(per)(s). As a southern anon, y'all is most contentious to me. What do farmers think about the new redtext?


Manhate seems more inline with 2X’s culture, but farmers are welcome to vent about their grievances with males in the vent threads. /int/ was closed years ago due to lack of activity. If we see an increase in interest in international cows on /snow/ then /int/ returning could be a possibility.

We try to delete as few things as possible for the sake of transparency. Our current protocol is to only delete spam, CP, double posts within threads, and posts by males that are clearly seeking attention so they don't get the satisfaction (unless the posts and replies are funny enough to be worth keeping). One exception to this rule was the Sharla nosefag in /w/ the other day. Which spam threads are you referring to?

We will consider putting “change spoiler image” up for a vote, it may have to wait until Nucow.

Money from Ko-fi goes to admin to subsidize the cost of running the server. Obviously, this means we have updated the deposit information. Currently our server bill is about $250 USD due monthly. We have received a $6 donation, $5 after Ko-fi took their cut, from Ko-fi in the time we have been admin and it was spent on the server bill (meaning whoever paid it that month paid $245 USD).

Threads may be considered dead when there haven’t been any posts in some weeks/months, or there hasn’t been any milk in weeks/months. Bumping a dead thread with new milk is not considered necro - so if you have new milk to contribute, feel free to bump the thread rather than make a whole new thread.

The tradthot thread kept us very busy the other day kek

I get the sentiment here, but milk is subjective. When I’m not familiar with a certain cow, and I see that nothing has been posted for weeks until some unsaged update, I have to make the decision to either ban because “no milk” or just let the slow thread continue to be a slow thread until it dies. Locking threads because there’s no milk seems a little too helicopter-mod to me, if farmers want to continue to discuss a cow, why cut them off? The Belle thread is an exception here because of how many reports it generated. When every post is ban-worthy, we may as well lock the thread.

/w/ will remain separate from /snow/. We are open to input from farmers.

The Nigel posters in Shayna’s thread have been banned due to blogging.

Double posting has been an issue in the past, but yes, it seems to have gotten worse. Lolcow is running on old software (like 7 years old with no updates or patches old) so when we fix something, something else may break. We hope Nucow will be our solution as it’s being custom built by one of the admins.

I’m personally keeping an eye on the J-vloggerz thread for WKs and derailers, but I don’t know all of the lore and the thread is a pain in the ass

Will you post the example? Usually the initial derailer continues to reply, so we just redtext their most recent post rather than redtexting multiple posts.

The problem with checking an IP and then claiming a cow is selfposting is that anyone with a VPN can change their location to Japan and then post “as a Jvlogger.”

The search page has been updated to highlight the page you are on when browsing results, auto-sorts results newest to oldest, the theme mimics the default lolcow theme more, and you can now filter search results by board. You’re welcome, anon ♥

Hellweek will come when we have onboarded the new staff. We’re currently conducting interviews. We strongly encourage more farmers to fill out the farmhand application, even if they only have a few minutes a day to mod or check for spam/CP.

USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE is our default redtext for a ban of any length. Redtext is optional, so a post without redtext may have still received a ban. In other words, every post with redtext has received a ban (temporary or permanent).

Taylor’s thread is notoriously stale. If farmers really want to discuss her getting her teeth whitened, making salad, or cutting her bangs, fine. There is literally nothing else going on in that thread.

Posts to /shay/ will no longer appear on the front page, neither in the images nor posts sections.

I'll go have a look, but like another farmer said, not all bans are redtexted.

No. 57741

>Although she posted them of her own free will, she seems unwell so we would like to keep them off the site as we feel like she will surely regret posting them here.
will this apply to the shaytards' titties and other attention seekers as well?

No. 57743

did you give all the legitimate farmhand applications a reply yet? I applied a few weeks ago and have never received a response. is it because the email I used for the contact section is a protonmail one and I didn't leave a discord?

No. 57747

idk, I didn't see anything and I used an anon gmail, also put a discord. Of course they might just not like the way I answered questions (e.g., the more subjective ones), I don't take it personally if so.

No. 57750

delete this screenshot nona, you aren't supposed to Dox people on here. Delete that, it's agaisnt the rule. There's nothing to feel we don't do this

No. 57751

No. 57754

Im ngl the shaytards was cringe and stupid, over what eating ass or whatever? Rancefag seems likes she’s genuinely unwell like they said.

No. 57756

yeah, not having any self-esteem isn't a mental illness; whatever rancefag has is a mental illness

No. 57757

Well, she did mention going to therapy and taking pills or something. She's clearly mentally ill for real

No. 57758

the countless nudes of her naked have me a lot more convinced than her words tbh

No. 57763

Stop samefagging and go dilate, Blaine.

No. 57765

What the fuck?

No. 57766

Stop being Blaine.(Blaine)

No. 57767

Anon stop mentioning his name and just quietly report. Maybe it was him or maybe not but you summoned him now anyway

No. 57768

Learn to read.(Blaine)

No. 57769

Why is rancefags shit getting removed whilst other women's nudes are being kept up and no one gives a fuck? I'm having suspicions rancefag contacted the mod team or something. She was samefagging and talking about how anons reposting her stuff are doing illegal shit the day this happened and whenever she's mentioned, suddenly white knights appear to defend her which never happened when other women got their sensitive info posted here.
This whole incident makes me feel very suspicious and I wish farmhands would just remove any nudes.

No. 57770

tbh I think the culture here has just changed, as it has everywhere really, and the new admins may just be more forgiving than we used to be

No. 57771

If I say I'm manic can I get all my posts removed too?

No. 57773

The other nudes were sent recently as well. That's why I think it's dumb. They should either delete all or none.
She probably threatened the admin by saying it was revenge porn or something like she was saying to anons who reposted. She's not manic, she's an anorexic woman with an unattractive body who admitted she's been sending nudes to men for years, this is more of her way of getting attention on 4chan probably but it backfired here and she can't post anymore so now she's shitting herself.

No. 57775

Let's not pretend that farmers haven't made deletion requests before, including the discord

No. 57776

I mean I'm literally not forgetting, I'm saying I think things have changed

No. 57778

NTA but you're obsessed as fuck and you're also extremely recognizable. No I'm not a white knight, I don't like her, I think she shouldn't be allowed here at all.

No. 57779

I thought "hi cow!" was a bannable offence… Also noticed that "hi rancefag!" isn't banned either.
>inb4 not all bans are redtexted!!
I've literally never seen "hi Blaine!" redtexted. Not even once. Call it a tinfoil but it's almost like he or at least the idea of him is intentionally kept around as a convenient scapegoat to blame for any posts jannies don't like…(Blaine)

No. 57780

I don't even know what's going on anymore but I feel like he is the one randomly accusing others of being himself. The replies are very repetitive too ("Learn to read.")

No. 57781

he isn't a cow, he's just some lurker

No. 57782

Shut the fuck up tranny. He absolutely is a cow who alogs other cows who are infinitely better people in comparison to him

No. 57783

can you please stop calling fucking everyone the tranny like he's the fucking boogeyman

No. 57784

yes, he's the only one who hi cows himself at randos, he's attention starved, loves to cause confusion, and is luckily too stupid to notice that no one but himself uses his dumb tranny chosen name kek

No. 57785

Is there anyone I can talk to / any possibility of getting a thread removed if it's been locked for several years now?
I highly doubt it but I figured I'd shoot the shot of asking anyway.

No. 57787

Which thread?

No. 57788

I am the boogieman though is the joke.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 57789

If you use that name here it will be swept, you have been warned.(samefag Blaine)

No. 57799

personally i am so for /int/ to be reopened again but i'm not 100% all the way sure because it'll make /ot/ less active and it's the most lively board out of all of them. but i also think it's best to have a specific board instead of making a million region/country specific threads like some anons have complained about in the past

No. 57816

Can fujosperging outside of their containment thread on /ot/ be bannable already? It's getting ridiculous to see it everywhere, especially the TIF and unpopular opinions thread.

No. 57821

There's a willy on the front page

No. 57822

lol this made me laugh

No. 57829

I mean we seem to have a french thread, a spanish thread, a polish thread, a brazil thread, italian, finnish, turkish, USA/aus/UK (maybe these dont count) as well as general region discussion threads. If shayna gets a board idk why we cant

No. 57830

Also what are peoples thoughts on /w/? I think its dead and I remember it being implemented without a poll or anything.

No. 57831

I don't see why we need so many boards. /ot/ is our general board, and moving those threads will just make both /ot/ and those threads slower. Separating the site so much will just make our already pretty dead community even more dead.

No. 57833

I think that if /w/ threads are moved back to /snow/ they will have more posters

No. 57840

File: 1685001654186.png (187.49 KB, 1958x441, wtf.png)

wtf didnt ''ban shota'' lost why did she get banned? I didnt even know it was banned so anyone could have gotten banned because the tranny jannies are too lazy to inform users of the new rules

No. 57841

admin says one thing then you get banned for another, it's crazy. they haven't updated the rules page once.

No. 57842

someone told me the new administration is a bunch of moids who want to destroy the site and now i believe them. Just shit choices one after another, and unlike shaymin who made a retarded choice out of stupidity these feel out of malice.

No. 57843

can't anyone make sure they're women on discord or something ? kinda disgusted if they're actually male

No. 57844

File: 1685004820729.png (170.42 KB, 426x434, Screenshot_884.png)

>This will be added to the rules once exact wording has being agreed on between staff.
>rules are already being enforced despite no update on what exactly is banned and no new rule against what anons are receiving bans for
>but anons are also receiving bans for posts admin says will not be against the rules even if the rule change is implemented as is
two more direct quotes from you:
>Please see definitions as outlined by the poll: “ Not loli/shota: anime images of minors that are not sexual and/or romantic.” >>56351 also explains it well." (>>57339)
>"Making decisions behind closed doors isn't the transparency we want to have with users (>>>/meta/56625)"
hey, admin? what do you mean by this? why are you letting your mods wrongfully ban posters as they please?

it's more like shaymin's fuckup was out of negligence and stupidity and this is out of active incompetence and stupidity

No. 57845

Knew this moral panic wouldn't go well. And people still went "MUH DISINGENUOUS ARGUMENT!!! of course non pedo stuff won't get you banned!!! Jojo characters are irrelevant!!!"
The character doesn't even look underage, that's an average animu

No. 57846

if I find out this is true, I swear to god I will kill myself

No. 57847

not everyone is watching meta like a hawk, and those who at least read your posts would learn what they're doing is not currently against the rules. so, again, why are the mods banning people anyways?

the genshin thread is about to be in ruins because every playable male character besides the like 5 tall dudes looks like a 10 year old, MC included. "it will have to be moderated on a case by case basis!" she says, "I feel like we have gained a lot of insight into what farmers want from us!" she says, while one of her hall monitors is busily pulling the trigger at the sight of any character that looks remotely underage before admin has even uttered the word go. this is very transparent of them.

No. 57849

This is always the most retarded tinfoil to me kek why would people spend money out of pocket to pay for a site and keep it up and “destroy” it when it’s easy to just pull the plug one day

No. 57850

Ignore. He samefags.

No. 57851

It's probably Blaine. I do think we had shitty farmhands in the past but the ones we have rn are great so far.

No. 57852

Nta and while I don't believe in the tinfoil, there are some strange bans over memes lately.

No. 57853

Can you link the banned posters I'm not active much so I didn't see any weird bans.

No. 57854

No. 57855

doesnt this site has a lot people that want it down though? again i was told that rumor from someone on the friend finder thread, and i first i though she was crazy but i am starting to think she was right. Admins can check i am not blaine because i post on non-english threads in my native language.

No. 57856

If anything it's more likely to be crazies trying to power trip over a community of painfully naive and terminally online autists. Never underestimate the sheer narcissism of online community moderators. A look on older /meta/ threads will show you that lolcow is no stranger to power tripping staff, and even if those are previous admins I just don't think such people would just hand over the site to someone truly benevolent.
>random Blaine accusations again
>saying the current farmhands are "great" amidst all these weird bans being pointed out
Something stinks here.

No. 57857

sorry for tinfoiling then, but it's so well know that troons have infiltrated literally every female subreddit that i am honestly not sure anymore, specially since a lot of people have been catching ban for ''alogging agains trannies'' when half this site is women venting, rightfully so, against men and troons and saying things like ''kill all men'' out of frustration for getting banned and censored on every other site. I hope menhating doesnt get banned for ''a-logging'' next.

No. 57858

Oh I meant that I really don't think whoever is running the site, whether moid (tranny or not) or unhinged woman, wants to destroy it. If anything they want to keep it up so they can power trip over naive farmers but they're mentally ill and not very good at coding either which results in all these failures.

No. 57859

LC is probably next on the trannie hit list once they take down KF.

>painfully naive
The entire userbase of LC is not "painfully naive". Some of us have been around to see other IBs either die or turn to shit. Given that LC is still around and is nowhere near as bad as other IBs, the admins are doing fine.

No. 57861

File: 1685025712534.jpeg (18.74 KB, 640x280, 8835F714-7920-4E4E-AD0B-244C87…)

Saw this in vent thread. Explain how this is alogging? Check your band of retards for crotch wound.

No. 57862

Not sure about the context of thread but that’s literally just a live2D demo. Someone is ctrl+f ing “shota” and shooting wildly.

No. 57863

Yikes.. Unless it's NSFW or drawn in a softcore porn sexual manner, like lolicon/shotacon bedroom eyes type stuff, anons know what I mean, this doesn't make any sense to redtext. This isn't even about it being shota or explicit in any manner..

No. 57864

this is exactly what i though was gonna happen. The retards from the fujo cringe thread were going to mass report stuff out of spite. This better not spike up cases of cp being left un-removed for hours because jannies have to sit through these pathetic vendetta reports

No. 57868

Stop being dramatic and go back to fujochan where you can shlick to drawn kiddie porn. Farmhands have said it helps if more people report a post, it moves up in the queue iirc. If cp is being posted then I assume multiple anons report it, versus maybe one person reporting you anime shit.

No. 57869

Please stop replying to baiters/ pedo men.

No. 57870

I was the one who reported that. My reasoning being the amount of Kiwifags joining and how many of them resort to violence. There's a difference between the phrase "kill all men" (vent, usually out of frustration) and "trannies get the rope." (almost always said with malice rather than frustration) Furthermore, it was out of left field and in response to me trying to tell a girl to get friends who share her gender critical beliefs, even as someone who is not in any way, shape, or form gender critical. Unlike Kiwifags, we are above mindless violence and witch hunting, and I'd prefer it if we stay that way.

No. 57871

Oh no someone said a comment with malice. It's weird to try to be self-righteous on this site. And there are anons who make 41% jokes all the time in the tranny threads (way before we got the new mods).

No. 57872

I don't think it's dead so much, but certain threads on there are cancer, especially the gyaru thread right now, really wish we could nuke it from orbit because it attracts the most petty, terminally online, underaged retards squabbling about literally no1curr type bullshit. /w/ posters have always been sort of petty but it has gotten worse with the newer generations of farmers. If people could just realize they don't have to post every milkless social media update, quit rehashing old milk, and quit using the threads as their personal little keekee chatrooms, there might be some improvement. I think that bumping the thread with that kind of inane bullshit is far worse than a thread going quiet for a few weeks when nothing's happening.

No. 57874

Nta but no cp is being posted, psycho. The mass reporter in question is most likely the other person who replied to you and the person this rule change was sparked by: Blaine. It isn't even an accusation, he has admitted to shitting up the fujo thread even being publicly banned in there several times for it, and to having involvement in all this shota crap, he hates it. Take his dick out of your mouth.

No. 57875

I like your "I immigrated here from reddit when the GC sub was shut down" face tattoo. redditfugees to the rope.

No. 57877

Where is the kiddie porn in question anon, kindly point it out

No. 57878

I've never used the GC subreddit because I'm a TRA, I just like getting advice for female problems and laughing at cows. Plus I've been here since before GC reddit was banned.

No. 57881

oh my bad, I misread! handmaidens to the rope

No. 57883

a handmaiden lecturing other (real) women on misogyny sounds like the punchline to a bad joke. maybe you should find a site more welcoming to your kind and your stunning and brave sisters instead of going on a reporting spree here, as there is no shortage of them.

No. 57885

All these years and suddenly now there's a problem with violent posts?

No. 57887

Definitely this. Probably the schizo troon trying to abuse the rules. There is nothing sexual or suggestive about that post.

No. 57890

The announcement they made after the poll said it's only permitted if it's related to milk and must be spoilered. Isn't there already a fujo imageboard for you guys to go to? Just go post there.

No. 57893

nah, admin said a rule change would only go into effect once the rule was decided upon by mods. and stop sperging about fujochan for god's sake. it's very weird how bad you want them to leave lolcow. by your logic, should we ban every topic that has a separate website dedicated to it now? why not nuke /g/ in it's entirity because cc exists? we can post what we want within the rules

No. 57897

No, all they said was that it would be added to the rule page once wording was decided upon. That doesn't mean it's not a rule yet.
>why not nuke /g/ in it's entirity because cc exists
This comparison makes no sense. /g/ is an entire board and it's allowed, shota no longer is and was a bannable offense even before the rule. Anyway, all I was saying is why keep complaining about shota being banned on one site when there's other imageboards where you can freely discuss it with likeminded anons and not worry about getting banned or judged.

No. 57898

File: 1685045038398.png (708.89 KB, 1080x684, Screenshot_20230525_150503_Gal…)

update: the redtext on these posts has silently been removed

lel anyways…

>That doesn't mean it's not a rule yet.
okay, so there's a phantom rule where every post containing a character that looks underage is free real estate for the ban hammer despite admin specifying that that would not be the case? wonder why they retracted the bans and redtext then.

>was a bannable offense even before the rule

wrong again

No. 57899

>wrong again
You just don't know what you're talking about, anon. Posts have been banned for shota since before the current admins were even admin.

No. 57900

a mean comment? on lolcow? well i never
troons still get the rope tho
not the shota wars again. take your meds

No. 57905

>There's a difference between the phrase "kill all men" (vent, usually out of frustration) and "trannies get the rope."
There is literally no difference between these two statements though.

No. 57908

Why are you on /meta/ if you don’t want to see site rules being discussed, especially something as relevant as mods doing the opposite of what the poll indicated

No. 57909

oh okay you sound like an authority on lolcor so I'll defo take your word for it!

don't bother replying to that one, "take your meds" is one of the tranny's catchphrases

No. 57913

The new admins are such pussies. I wouldn't have a problem with Shota being banned if it weren't for the fact that most users voted against the ban and that there was no notification updating us on the rule change because the admins decided they didn't like democracy when it didn't benefit them.

No. 57914

I know one of them is certainly a woman because I share a server with her. The other two I'm not sure about, one of the admins seems like a newfag though.

No. 57921

Being against pedoshit is being pro tranny? Wtf is this logic kek

No. 57925

That's just a rumor the kpop and onionfags have been spreading since December

No. 57929

>Furthermore, it was out of left field and in response to me trying to tell
lol get rekked faggot
so you got offended because someone said to you trannies should die, which they should. I'm sure there is a discord server you can go to where you can lick stink ditches all you like

No. 57930

I'd prefer to suck frankendicks and eat bio pussy actually. Plus I've been here longer than you kek

No. 57933

>"trannies get the rope." (almost always said with malice
i cant believe this is real. we have a fucking tranny chaser on the team. what's going on?

No. 57934

Is it normal for some active threads to seemingly disappear and reappear, even from search? Not sure if it's me or the site

No. 57935

File: 1685061713378.png (25.04 KB, 801x342, literally a tranny.png)

have a deleted post from that anon kek the rope jokes hit a lil too close to home

No. 57941

It shouldn’t come as surprise someone on the mod team was fighting for getting shota discussion banned and is now enjoying doling out bans indiscriminately. The poll was an autistic decision at its start and clearly one sperg was leading the push on the backend

No. 57945

Yes, and? I'm a TIF, not a TIM

No. 57946

I love shotafag tears thanks farmhands.
>why would a post that blatantly uses the term “Shota” get banned????? REEEEE
Maybe try not using the exact word for the thing that was just banned. Kek some anons are so dumb. It wouldn’t have even been banned if you just kept your porn terms to yourself and pretended to be a normal person by just calling it a cute male character or something.

No. 57947

nta, go away for now and come back when you've been piqued; may peace be with you and I hope you get well soon

No. 57948

Nobody get mad at me but what's a TIF and TIM? I keep seeing these acronyms and I have no idea what they mean, google doesn't help me

No. 57949

I've been here for two years and even after viewing "peak material" from several different sources all it did was make me more in favor of trooning out. It's a mental disorder, not something that can be controlled. If they don't have the mental disorder they aren't a real troon and are doing it for attention. Literally the only people you have ever peaked don't have GID, it's impossible to peak when peaking is directly contradictory to every single experience you've ever had.

No. 57950

Go away mr cool ice

No. 57952

Honey, I'm not saying it's bad or wrong to have a mental illness, it isn't.
I have schizophrenia, so I take medication so that I don't see tiny horses anymore. That's an adequate solution to the issue.
An inadequate solution would be to tell me the tiny horses are real, and everybody else should gave to step around them to keep me happy

No. 57953

you seem new here so I'll do you a favor and point out that you're not supposed to reply to personalityfags like tifkun. And especially not with blogs about your own mental illness, kek.

No. 57954

I've had intensive outpatient care for 12 years and have been taking Zoloft and Risperdal for 10 and 11 years respectively. Medication and therapy are useless for GID. They help every other problem I have, namely my intense bloodlust, but nothing is done for GID. I have tried every other fucking thing. Curiously, I was prescribed estradiol for an unrelated problem and tried to kill someone, so obviously I have too much estrogen either way

No. 57955

I am extremely disappointed that you've misinterpreted my mean-spirited irony this badly.
Do you really see no value in comparing trannyism to schizophrenia? It was a useful analogy, I don't actually have schizophrenia, this is the internet, I'm a mallard wearing purple hat, prove I'm not.

No. 57956

Alright, well out of curiosity, so what do you do in that case? Like do you take testosterone or wanna get surgeries? Or is it just like, you feel a deep personal distress that can't be remedied in anyway? What's the purpose of identifying the issue as gender identity specific instead of more broadly bodily integrity if you don't intend to make physical changes? I assume you don't intend to make lifestyle changes since your still posting on a board where males aren't allowed

No. 57958

Is it Trans Inclusionary Female and Male? Is that is? Someone tell me please, I know you all know

No. 57960

"Trans identifying female" and "trans identifying male"

No. 57961

Ohhh okay ty

No. 57962

Nah, it was a misaimed ban. Farmhands aren't bots or retards from Twitter.

No. 57964

I posted about my reasoning in >>>/ot/1587414
No lifestyle changes are needed at all, I just need to recognize my own body and voice and use my preferred name and be called a man, etc. I use this site primarily to get help for my female issues, plus I know I'll never be male so it's not a delusional bit. I just feel more comfortable being referred to as a man and looking like one, even if I'm still clockable because a year and a half later and my doctor only just now found one willing to do HRT and even then he keeps rescheduling me meeting her because he "wants to talk" first

No. 57969

File: 1685067429573.jpg (173.93 KB, 1282x1259, 20230115_195947.jpg)

Jesus fucking Christ
Okay dude, you do whatever you need to do, I'm out

No. 57972

See >>57898, bans were uplifted and redtext was removed for all the shota related posts in that thread.

Girl, we do not fucking care. Your female socialization is glaring, you're an embarrassment to everyone in your life, and you will always be a woman passing as little more than an unfortunate bulldyke. Trannies get the rope.

That ain't no dude, that's an Aiden.

No. 57973

I'm already not allowed to say "yall," please don't take "dude" from me too

No. 57976

Most users did not vote against the ban. Most voted for shota to be banned between all the different options.

No. 57981

if you feel so male go contribute to the male suicide rate already. this site isn't for you

No. 57982

No one was complaining about not being able to post shota/loli until the last month or so. I think we have a lot of new fag refugees and they're the ones who kept starting infights to the point admin had to do a poll to prove no one wanted this content, shotafags still don't accept the rule even though %70 of the poll was against shota being allowed.
Please remember that moet shotafags are men btw. I've literally never seen a female shotafag. I think the newfag that's obsessed with being able to spam his shit is also a male who's been bam evading for quite a while. The shota defender always has that one specific writing style.

No. 57983

i keep seeing necro threads with last replies from years ago in snow so if we're getting raided i just want to say thank you mods you've made it undetectable which is a HUGE improvement from even say 6months ago love u

No. 57990

File: 1685097498343.gif (4.55 MB, 640x408, 1683950301119864.gif)

The top voted option was no ban and one of the highest was a ban for only porn, something anons weren't posting in the first place. Combined, that would leave light restrictions or no restrictions in favor. Their response to this was to declare restriction won and go with the hardest restriction option available. Not to mention
>there were almost 3 times as many restriction related options on the poll
>the poll was held on an easily manipulated format
>the most active VPN abusing spergs we've had in recent history was running amok during the poll, and he has long been very vocal about wanting the topic banned
>this is an issue that only effects 3 boards, meaning the votes of any anons who don't use those 3 boards are worthless

Brush all the complaints off as "new fags" and ban evading pedo moids wanting to spam because for some reason that's your personal image of who's posting about Black Butler in a yaoi thread if that's how you feel. But shotagate is about more than the shotas, it's about the farmhands acting like inconsistent faggots while preaching uwu twanspawency and not being able to tell who was pushing for this ban after sparking months of infighting they did next to nothing to stop.

No. 57991

>it's about the farmhands
>sparking months of infighting
? The poll was made earlier this month. It hasn't even been an entire month yet.

No. 57992

This. The gyaru thread is a flaming mess and needs to be put on autosage mode at least, to discourage the selfposting newfags.

No. 57993

Farmhands are what we've always called the mod team and admin, newfag.

>It hasn't even been an entire month yet

The poll didn't come out of the blue. It was a direct response to the infighting over the topic that plagued the non-cow related boards. It would not have happened otherwise.

No. 57996

>Farmhands are what we've always called the mod team and admin
It's weird when anons lie like this. No, most of us know farmhands and admin are two different things. Anyway, the staff didn't start those shots in fights that were happening in other boards.

No. 57997

The infights barely lasted for a month, you're making it painfully obvious you're a newfag who's probably one of the newfags who started this infighting mess because you can no longer post in fujo chan. Didn't fujochan also ban shota? That's probably why we had a wave of pedophilic men and "women" lately.
He's not lying. He's a newfag who probably found this site at the height of this debacle and joined in thinking he could manipulate anons enough for everyone to be pro-shota/loli.

No. 57999

I was talking about the entire team's actions, not just admin's. Together they, plural, are farmhands.

>the staff didn't start those shots in fights that were happening in other boards

Fuck are you on about. Learn english, I'm not going to reply again if you're just a sped tourist looking to argue.

Not male, a newfag, or a fujochan immigrant. Does it ever get old, anon?

No. 58000

I clearly made a typo anon, *shota. And you're still wrong about the farmhand thing, it's not admin(s) or the entire staff.

No. 58002

Ok sorry I wrongly assumed you would understand what I meant by using a slightly more flexible term instead of specifying every figure of lolcow authority I was talking about like a bitch. Didn't know you wrote your thesis statement on the semantics of whether or not 'farmhands' can only refer to mods or if it can include the admin sometimes too, you absolute sperg.

No. 58006

I've been here since 2016 and you're wrong and not subtle.

No. 58008

Lmao ok, if you say so.

No. 58023

Admittedly I don't really want to say which exactly due to the fact it is a thread on myself when I was much younger and going through lot of issues I've worked past. I wouldn't care at all if it didn't contain my full name that comes up on google. I was hoping I could get through to some private DM about it but I'll just accept it existing if not.

No. 58028

You should have said you were having a mental health crisis like rancefag and just get everything you posted removed, silly willy

No. 58030

I wonder why they removed rancefags shit. Maybe she told them she was underage in the back scenes or something? I really hope admin or farmhands remove the other remaining nudes and shit as well since the women who post those are probably not sober/sane either and it's just going to be a source or regret for them later on.

No. 58046

>since the women who post those are probably not sober/sane either and it's just going to be a source or regret for them later on.
I also thought it was weird that admins said the Rancefag was a special case of someone having an episode and that's why it was removed. Everyone who has ever posted their nudes here was going through something, they don't need to explicitly say "im having an episode" for anyone to deduce that. I would say that the change in attitude towards nudes is just a case of us having new overlords, but even the /shay/ nudes weren't deleted. Of course admins and farmhands are under no obligation to delete things that people choose to post, but at the same time I don't get the picking and choosing.
I'm referring to this btw
>Rancefag’s nudes have been floating around, please report them so we can continue to remove them. Although she posted them of her own free will, she seems unwell so we would like to keep them off the site as we feel like she will surely regret posting them here. Update: she said posted them during a manic episode.

No. 58061

>Maybe she told them she was underage in the back scenes or something?
this would be the only reason I could understand making an exception, obviously, because it isn't the newmins being zoomers/twitterfags, cuz they didn't remove any other nudes that were posted that same week by other clearly deranged people

No. 58083

I mean tbh most of the milk that was posted was teetering on crisis levels but again, like I said, I was more asking if there was some sort of email, or something of the like I could use to talk about it, rather than gain more possible traction.

No. 58086

I mean tbh most of the milk that was posted was teetering on crisis levels but again, like I said, I was more asking if there was some sort of email, or something of the like I could use to talk about it, rather than gain more possible traction.

No. 58088

I mean tbh most of the milk that was posted was teetering on crisis levels but again, like I said, I was more asking if there was some sort of email, or something of the like I could use to talk about it, rather than gain more possible traction.

No. 58091

Hi, I'm a student at Farleton Prep and I'm working on a project for end of term. May I ask some questions of this website for my research?
I am wondering specifically of the following: Transphobia, Racism, Bullying, and Inclusivity. How would you describe each of these at this website? Thank you so very much and have a wonderful day!(learn2integrate)

No. 58092

This larp is fucking stupid

No. 58095

File: 1685166527241.jpg (221.76 KB, 427x427, 20230407_231730.jpg)

I can't fucking live like this anymore

No. 58098

So is the "Serve truth and justice" poster the troons who posts cp every day as well?

No. 58099

Use 4chan instead, this website isn't transphobic, women here just believe transitioning isn't good because in most cases trans people are more likely to commit suicide after the hormones and surgeries, which means transitioning is probably not a cure for body/gender dysmorphia but a distraction

No. 58100

I got accused a couple years ago of being a twitterfag for using y'all when I don't even have a Twitter account, I'm just from the south, can't have shit on the farms

No. 58101

It's a larp
>this website isn't transphobic
Yes we are

Same, I'm not southern though it's just a good way to address the group. I got called a moid once for saying "guys" so I didn't know what else to say at the point kek

No. 58107

How do I deal with the "failed to resize image" on gifs I downloaded from lolcow

No. 58108

Nope, that's just some autistic guy whose special interest is stopping anorectal violence. He never posts cp or any disturbing shit, he has one single mission he's been on for years and years

No. 58110

kek it hasn't been that long anon, maybe a year or two?

No. 58112

Lolcow is a website for us autistic women that’s what it is

No. 58114

Also farleton prep isn’t even real wtf

No. 58116

about 2 years only on lolcow, he's been at it on several other imageboards for many more years

No. 58117

Probably just a YouTuber posing as a student or it's that anon who keeps posting disturbing ai photos of kids in a cave.

No. 58119

Kaitlyn Tiffany moment.

No. 58120

It's not even a serious request, this is so dumb

No. 58121

yeah where is fartington prep anyway

No. 58122

An anon looked it up and it doesn't exist kek

No. 58123

Would it be possible for a janny to delete a post in the friend finder thread on /g/?

No. 58124

Are you rancefag? If so why do you keep coming back and making posts if you want to get them deleted in the end? Maybe you should block this site on your browser.

No. 58125

No, I don't know who that is. I just don't want moids messaging me on discord till the end of times.

No. 58126

You should change your discord name, that's what I did after I couldn't delete

No. 58130

I laughed. I wish my school was named fartington prep

No. 58139

This is the school, it is not Farleton it is actually Farlington, the weird school anon misspelled her own school kek


They're doing some kind of TRIBE project for end of term focused on fringe websites.(you are school anon)

No. 58140

Gender affirming care leads to reduced risk of suicide - Study:
-Transition related regret is extremely rare: https://www.gendergp.com/detransition-facts/(lost retard)

No. 58141

97% of transgendered people who transition are happy with their decision
Article: https://www.psychiatry.org/news-room/news-releases/study-finds-long-term-mental-health-benefits-of-ge

No. 58142

why the fuck would a school tell minors to go around looking for fringe websites, that's retarded
also school anon posted bizarre ai generated pucs of kids in a cave, rly creepy

No. 58144

I agree with you but not only is this off topic but you're clearly a minor, this site is for biological females (FtMs are allowed so long as they don't glorify trooning out) and the grand majority of users on this site hate trannies, both male wnd female, but especially male. It's a site populated mostly by gender critical radical feminists, and you have to be 18 to post here.

No. 58146

you also have to be 18 to watch pornhub genius. 50% of the retards on here are under 18. no1currs about that rule kek(school anon sperging)

No. 58147

File: 1685239911272.jpg (173.42 KB, 862x862, GIRLSOFLOLCOW.jpg)

No. 58149

Link the MTF threads and let schoolnonna (if even real) read them. It peaked me even when I was on the fence about trannies.

No. 58150


I think you'll find lot of us support the irreversible chemical castration and mutilation of trannies they refer to as GRS, just not when done on kids and not backed by our poor tax dollars. I love the horror stories.

No. 58151

samefag, it seems like some tranny lover is also on cc too kek oh well

No. 58152

File: 1685242635099.jpg (125.99 KB, 862x864, kekekekekekek.jpg)

No. 58153


No. 58154

>Social contagion
>Pornography is at its most popular
>The medical-industrial complex and governments keep pushing it into the general population worldwide for max profits
>It's seen as ideologically correct, which makes for a convenient political tool
>Misogyny everywhere facilitates all of this

No. 58155


No. 58156

File: 1685243721628.jpg (100.13 KB, 854x862, MODSARESTUPID.jpg)

No. 58157

File: 1685243781226.png (805.38 KB, 858x856, Screen Shot 2023-05-27 at 8.12…)


No. 58158

yeah fartington definitely isn’t real

No. 58162

What kind of school sends children to survey users on adult websites?
You're creepy, get lost

No. 58163

Yeah, I believe in trannies being allowed to troon out just like any other form of bodily autonomy, but only ones that are 18 and older after years of therapy and trying to do anything other than troon out for at least two years past a GID diagnosis. Most regret it because they were forced to as a child, got a cheap back alley surgeon/hormones/et cetera or impulsively made the decision because nobody thought to try deterring it or seeing if it was something else like BIID, an eating disorder, or BDD. But that's a bit off topic.
Agreed sans the misogyny part. I believe only the ones with GID and extensive therapy proving that trooning out is the last resort should be allowed. Then I'll respect the tranny so long as he or she can prove they actually are suffering and mentally ill.

No. 58164

A lot of TIMs regret get bottom surgery too, because of the meme dilation,infections and pain that happens often, and being unable to have sexual fulfillment. Sorry for continuing to be off topic kek

No. 58165

shut up sperg no one cares cease your tranny derail

No. 58166

transgenderism is a fad and trannies are a blight upon society. go away

No. 58167

I wasn't the tranny who was spamming earlier, but I'll cease out of respect

No. 58170

Ayrt, are you that ftm delulu again? Fuck all trannies, there's no such thing as healthy transition. You will never be seen as "one of the good ones," your butchery will solve none of the problems in your life, and you'll kill yourself from the regret and mistreated mental illness too in the end.

No. 58172

We all know this, the trannylover is just another retarded TRA in denial who chooses to ignore all the censored research and studies that debunk the "politically correct" claims about SRS. You can't reason with people like that, they have to realize it by themselves

No. 58194

Lucinda is clearly mentally ill but I won’t be calling her fat just because that’s what she sees herself as, and I won’t be approving her to get state covered keloids just because that’s what makes her feel more at peace with her body. Would you?

No. 58197

I believe troons should be allowed to cut of their dicks because I think it's funny

No. 58198

when it comes to the timmies I don't mind either way as long as they are not allowed to pretend they are women just because they turned their dicks inside out. I'm ok with men cutting off their dicks as long as everyone openly acknowledges them as nothing else but dickless men.

No. 58203

No. 58280

are leftcows threads no longer allowed?

No. 58300

File: 1685462087730.jpg (228.5 KB, 1448x1600, scrotebgone.jpg)

I alogged and I'm not sorry. Might be ok cause it was ambiguous but there are scrotes in dresses shitting on the corpses in the proana scumbags thread, that is a clearly marked ladies toilet and I want genocide

No. 58303

Could someone look into why these posts were banned in the shayna thread >>>/snow/1837365 and >>>/snow/1833721 ? im getting the vibe there is a farm hand who is starting to just ban people based on their personal preference versus banning people for actually breaking lolcow rules.

No. 58311

i feel like this is starting to happen in celebricows too (not all the bans but some recent ones)

No. 58316

tf are you on? these posts were autistic and disgusting. fanfic like the fart post has never been allowed

No. 58317

CP in the fakeboi thread

No. 58319

Those bans were 100% justified what are you smoking

No. 58324

Okay but since when is making a one off autistic post or joke a bannable offence on lolcow? How would one even be able to measure whats considered “too autistic” in the breeding ground of autism that is lolcow? Its not like these nonas were spamming the threads with the same comments over and over. They were clearly both posting in jest, making fun of Shayna like everyone else. Its a slippery slope when you start letting mods ban posts and users who are following the rules just cause they feel like it that day. A sense of consistency is needed among the mod team because whoever is in charge of the Shayna thread is slowly killing it with these non-sense bans that wouldn’t fly in other threads. If you dont share the humour, keep scrolling and ignore. Both posts had replies from people who thought it was funny. Be careful what you try to censor, you could be the next poster who catches a janny on a bad day and gets banned if this behavior isnt checked.

No. 58331

I didn't actually get banned nonna, just redtexted. Thank you for whiteknighting for me though haha. The Shay jannies can be nitepicky sometimes for sure. But sometimes the ban is just a part of the joke tbh. It is like an overlord coming in over the loudspeaker and saying "why don't you take 50% off there, degen".
I fully expected to get banned for my autistic fart fanfic. I am kinda surprised that I wasn't lol. I yoloposted it anyway because it made me laugh.
As long as the sassy temp bans are short term then it's just part of the fun sometimes. Long bans are for CP posters & moids though.

No. 58335

>>>/snow/1837365 had no post history other than this post, leading us to decide it was likely some male with a fart fetish. >>>/snow/1833721 was a judgement call, that nonnie needed to take a break. Other anons in the thread seemed to agree. It was not a permaban, so she'll be back.

The nudes posted by /shay/ users have been deleted and we will continue to delete nudes posted by users, nobody here wants to see that and whoever is posting their nudes to lolcow needs to go outside.

We've decided to lock the jvloggerz thread for lack of milk, the amount of reports we receive from it, and sheer amount of tinfoiling, nitpicking and infighting it creates. If there is actual milk it can be reopened in the future.

No. 58337

Nta but
>But sometimes the ban is just a part of the joke tbh.
You are incredibly based

No. 58338

Thank you for redtexting the infighter in celebricows and sorry for reporting the Exorcist pics, that probably was unnecessary of me, apologies Admin-sama

No. 58352

>We've decided to lock the jvloggerz thread
Thank God

No. 58363

Especially with the doxxing idiot from Belle's thread being so obsessed with jvlog and lori, they want to doxx all the cows they hate like it's some uwu game. Insane it took so long to close considering the full year its been with the whole "this cup matches his cup!!!!!" spergs before dating was even announced. The one anon is still obsessively stalking and trying to doxx Sharla and Chris with their twitter and tiktoks they were posting here and wanted attention from us desperately.

No. 58364

Little update, we voice verified and hired a few new jannies but please allow them to learn. There will be some growing pains with bans. We’ve been checking their moderation logs, but if you have any issues please be specific when posting complaints - when you link to the specific post I’m able to look into it much faster.

No. 58365

Good luck, new jannies!

No. 58366

Congrats, hope the new jannies do a good job!

No. 58368

yay good luck jannies

No. 58372

As someone who posted in the jvlogger threads for the past year or so it was definitely time to put it to sleep. Even if there was milk (like Sharla’s OF and Sola’s spergouts) it was a shit thread 95 percent of the time. Good call to lock it, maybe the nonintegrated weirdos who only seemed to participate there will just go away now.

No. 58373

Nope, you have them in the Jill and Venus thread.

No. 58374

if there's chris and sharla milk in the future, can they have their own thread? just a q.

No. 58375

you're unhinged, the cups were actually evidence of their relationship in retrospect. I wasn't involved with any of that but that's not doxing you weirdo

No. 58376

That's not the doxxing in question.

No. 58379

Then why was it mentioned? They were living together and using the same cups and anons noticed. I just watched that play out, didn't participate, but that was some good old-fashioned sleuthing by LC and nothing to disparage. But it displeased you for some reason?

No. 58381

Kinda random and no I won't post receipts because idgaf but I just got off a texting convo with Emma and apparently Chris and Sharla are going out for drinks tmrw night with a few buds to celebrate the closing of the JVloggers board on Lolcow kek
I know you'll all lose your shit calling me everything under the sun and say I'm a tinfoil princess, I'm "hi cow" or whatever…. Idgaf tho. Good riddance to you losers and your stupid bullshit. They haaaaated it

No. 58384

They're probably one of the anons that said that they weren't dating and that they were just roommates.
You won't post receipts because you don't have any. This is clearly bullshit. All the old threads are still there with all the milk for everyone to see and the schizo twitter sperg is still running rampant so there isn't anything to celebrate.
No doubt they hated it, especially Sharla, since an anon was able to dig up all that archaeology shit after almost two years and the proof of her lying about racism was posted about again. Really ruins that sweet, wholesome image kek.

No. 58385

Wow nonnie you actually took the bait. Go sit in the corner and flick your bean, ffs what's wrong with you.

No. 58386

Anon mentioned trying to doxx which means photos of their home or apartments. Also mentioning the cup spergs. Didn't say the cup spergs were doxxing. You okay?

No. 58387

So you interacted with a cow to try and get milk. That's an easy report, hey, don't do that anon, also highly doubt any of this.

No. 58390

Can't stand that Mormon bitch in that Tokyo Vice show

No. 58391

Next time you wanna ban someone for not saging, remember that nobody sages in /ot/ instead of just handing out a 24 hour ban over nothing. That's the point of /ot/ it's for talking complete bollox. Newfags are apparently the jannies it seems

No. 58392

Here's a link to the complaints thread for you. I think you're lost >>>/meta/57065

No. 58393

is it true that Sola was a consultant on the show Tokyo Vice, streaming now on HBO Max?(derailing)

No. 58394

Sometimes a cigar is really just a cigar

No. 58396

One of the newfag farmhands banned me for breaking anonymity because I said I wasn't a tranny when an anon accused me of being one of the scrote shitposters from jvlog. My guess? New farmhands are most likely newfags, but a pretty good possibility they were vendettachans seeking out users they dislike still remains. Seemingly, the only requirement is voice verification so there could also be a FtM farmhand trying to fuck with us, but that's unlikely, especially with how quickly testosterone can fuck up a woman's voice. But some never deepen, too.

No. 58397

take your meds

No. 58398

I did and I still think the new farmhands are newfags

No. 58399

You do realise it’s posts like yours why the thread is now locked?
Coming to meta to continue the fake milk sure is stupid, but you do have guts I’ll give you that.

No. 58404

Japanon's back, shitting up the Confessions thread again. Is she ban-evading or are her bans really just like an hour long?

No. 58406

That's the word on the street… in fact there's a character who is Eastern European who looks a lot like her, so it's not surprising they went directly to the source in order to get background details for the character. Good for Sola though - hopefully she made enough to pay for all the sex toys and lingerie..(stop)

No. 58430

Hi. Someone requested support for this site on my imageboard browsing app (https://github.com/moffatman/chan). I think you are using lainchan to host, but you don't have JSON endpoints turned on (so that for example https://lolcow.farm/meta/res/56933.json would return an encoded form of the thread. Ex: https://lainchan.org/music/res/10205.json)? That would make it really easy for me to add support. Is it something you're able to do?


No. 58476

Admins are making LC browsable through an app? interesting.

No. 58489

The word filter we have prevents the post from being made at all and is used to counteract spam. Any ban you see is manual.

That was a mistake, sorry anon. The ban has been removed.

Due to Taylor’s history, we will keep her thread open. Sitewide rules still apply.

The post you tagged was from a female poster frustrated about the personalityfagging going on in /ot/. Continue to report misogynistic comments, staff have been notified to keep an eye out for Kiwi scrotes in vent.

Bans have been issued.

Innocent post history. Do you have links to namefagging posts from 4chan that contain this image?

We just reviewed applications yesterday so we’ll be reaching out today or tomorrow! Leaving a Discord is not required.

Please report these posts, they fall under our derailing and potentially infighting rules.

Personalityfagging is usually benign, but it can get out of hand. Derailing is still against the rules. We’ll consider a different approach during Hellweek.

Hellweek incoming! Dates will be announced…soon. Sorry it’s taking so long. We are just getting our new staff ready.

Post-Leftcows is on thread 42, which is active as of today. There was a Post-Leftcows OP that was shit and so was deleted.

We’ll consider closing Gaijin Gyarus, but it doesn’t generate nearly as many reports as jvlog or Belle’s threads. We’re open to feedback on this.

Would you please email the gifs that failed to resize to administration@lolcow.farm? We tried uploading a few gifs on the site and met no issues.

No. 58491

haha I like the little cow rolling her eyes

No. 58501

I don't think it generates nearly as many reports because actual farmers have learnt not to engage with it at all. Every time I scroll past it's just gajin gyarus hi cowing and having twitter-esqe infights. Any milk isn't discernable because they refuse to integrate. If you don't close the thread more aggressive moderation would be appreciated so they don't bleed out into other threads.

No. 58509

i know this may be dumb but thank you for bringing back the sassy redtexts. i missed those. it gives the site some of its original flavor lol.

No. 58510

thanks for the communication, cerbmin! You're showing how intelligent you are with these individual calls/decisions.

No. 58514

You're right, personally when I'm in the mood to gawk at newfags I go to the thread (I'm not even interested in gyarus) and laugh and report a couple of posts every time. I feel like most of the reports in the current thread are mine

No. 58516

i hope so, if admins go through with it, >>58430's app would be the first completely mobile version of LC

No. 58518

Just use the browser on your phone like normal people, it'll never be in Apple or playstore due to porn hosted, so it won't be an app in general that's accessible.

No. 58519

well i would use it, 4chan has many apps on android and as i see it
was able to put the app on an apple beta testing program so it's possible!

No. 58523

about the personalityfagging thing, I often see posters complaining about them more than see the alleged nonnies they complain about in random threads–with the exception of one infighting personalityfag who I think keeps getting banned thankfully. otherwise there's a lot of nonnies, maybe dozens, that stick out like a sore thumb in hobby or hyperfixation threads as a direct result of having something they're very passionate about. this means it's usually not about getting attention, but using containment threads for their intended purpose. it should be fine as long as it's properly contained, not spam, and on-topic. functionally many nonnies do the same thing but their interests differ wildly in how eye-catching or (un)popular they are so that's why I think having very strict moderation here would get very messy because it'd be difficult to keep it fair. also, I think people shouldn't bring attention to particular nonnies, but that's way more subjective.

No. 58524

It's not the admins creation, it's just a new imageboard browsing app a la Clover/Kuroba. This one is called Chance and it's pretty good because of an active dev and it has a lot of imageboards supported. It would be nice if the admins did the JSON thing.

No. 58526

I don’t have a problem wirh people like kirbyfag sperging in their containment threads, but why does she have to share her cartoon blob and penguin genital fetishes on other threads, and why is that not a bannable offence?

No. 58527

I refuse to believe that weirdo on 2X using blatang incel language is a woman

No. 58528

i wish they'd be banned. it's like misogynistic words are their motor stims. they just HAVE to say whore bitch slut cocksucker etc, it's like an addiction. i don't even understand what they're doing there or on this website as a whole if they don't like women

No. 58529

It's definitely a male, he got so mad when /2X/ got privated and people stopped replying to his blatant misogyny. He keeps writing about how women are inferior and always crave cocks, no woman writes like that.

No. 58530

I'm convinced that it's a baiting male. One of his post was even redtexted "bait". Also when he sees that a post of his doesn't get replies, he posts more similar ones. Like 3 in a row.

No. 58532

That's exactly my gripe with them too. Other husbandofags keep crying about anons being "mean" and "bullies" but it is pretty damn stupid to cry about being "bullied" for being weird on an imageboard created for the purpose of pointing and laughing at internet weirdos in the first place. I wouldn't have that much of a problem with Kirbyfag for example if she kept that shit to the appropriate thread. I do very much agree with the husbando thread being kept as an autism containment thread with infighting in there being strongly penalized. However, if you leak your spergery outside that containment thread and are insulted or made fun of for it then that's just on you, you rightfully earned it. But then there's also the problem that a lot of anons in that thread are VERY touchy and just unable not to take bait, must be the autism (I speak from experience btw). Someone called your husbando ugly or cringe or compared your tastes to fags or Nemu? Report for infighting and move on, any further reply just derails the thread and makes it hard to keep it contained. On another note I still fail to understand why we keep it in /g/ instead of /m/, I think it should be merged with the old and now abandoned /m/ husbando threads, people seemed a lot saner when husbandofagging was kept there anyway.

No. 58534

>it is pretty damn stupid to cry about being "bullied" for being weird on an imageboard created for the purpose of pointing and laughing at internet weirdos in the first place
Exactly. I wonder if those people forget what the site is for.

No. 58536

Just go to 4chan, otherwise you don't seem to have an issue using the site already.

No. 58537

Nta but Jesus Christ you guys are so autistic about any kind of change. What would even be the problem with lolcow having better mobile browsing?

No. 58540

Duh anon, you can use all websites through a mobile browser. If anyone is going to download an app to use lolcow then they're probably already a regular user of the site. New users are the ones who would probably just go through a browser.
>i'm so irritated with everything "needing" a stupid fucking app
Just don't use it.

No. 58541

>mobile users of any websites are known to be retarded and technologically illiterate
you sound pretty retarded and technologically illiterate yourself, anon

>i'm so irritated with everything "needing" a stupid fucking app when the sites work fine as they are already

There being an app doesn't stop you from using the site.

No. 58544

most of the ones we're complaining about leak outside their threads and shit up/derail multiple other ones though, sometimes even outright announcing themselves like "hey x here." i'm mostly talking about tif-chan tbh i don't care if they all actually stayed in one appropriate thread

No. 58554

She doesn't announce herself very much, her posts are rather obvious and seldom ever does she announce herself unless she was being talked about. For some reason she has some severe phobia about people pretending to be her, so that could be why she does it.

No. 58559

Yes she said that that is why she announces herself. (nta)

No. 58561

yeah but announcing yourself at all is against the rules, and lbr the tif getting perma'd wouldn't be a great loss. tbh i'm against all personalityfags because they inveitably act like attention whores making everything about them.
i'm not talking about ppl who post their obsession in the dedicated threads ofc but rather the ones like kirbyfag or the tif (or pakichan) that just derail every thread they're in

No. 58562

When was the last time any of them derailed? I think they could stand to get therapy so they stop being terrified of dumb things like someone pretending to be them, or people shittalking Pakistan without them, but the only personalityfag I want permanently banned is Rancefag. TIFchan usually calms down and deletes her rants while stopping when she feels she got her point across. Really, she's just some retarded kid who thinks just because she's legally an adult she can go wherever she wants and ends up being annoying due to that. I don't know as much about Paki but she seems the most attention seeking, albeit more unintentionally. I think she wants to add her own take on things, but struggles to do so without comparing it to her own life experiences or lack thereof, like TIFchan. Maybe I'm naive and assume the best out of people, but unless they're actively causing harm like Rancefag and Japanon, I don't see the point in permanent bans.

No. 58564

tif was all over /meta/ last week. kirbyfag derailed an /ot/ threzd just a few days ago. it's all in this thread or the complaints one.
it's not about them doing arm it's just that it shits up the site. and personalityfagging, just like avatarfagging, defeats the purpose of anonymity.

No. 58566

I completely agree with you on that last post. But it seems like TIFchan is trying to integrate, at least for now. I like Kirbyfag but I agree she needs to get incentivized to blend. She can gush over the Kirby Polycule in the husbando thread, and vent in the vent thread, but try not to derail other threads. Maybe 24h bans every time she breaches containment like that would work, and if she doesn't learn after 2 or 3 in quick succession, a week, then a month, then 3, then permanent?

No. 58567

Why hadn't the racebaiter in the twitter hate thread been banned yet? Shes been derailing for days and told anons to kill themselves.

No. 58573

You must never have seen pakichan or romanianon derail a thread in real time. It is peak cluster b attention whoring behavior and should never be encouraged or tolerated. I’ll admit that there are some more harmless personalityfags but the majority of them are absolute menaces.

No. 58575

Romanianon even threatened to kill anons kek

No. 58581

Didn't she say she killed animals because of anons or something too?

No. 58582

I've only seen paki do that once, in the Tumblr Hate thread, where she pretended to be Black and racebaited for sympathy, which is fucking gross.
What the fuck? I hate her now.

No. 58585

she had a cat that she threatened to kill during her giant manifesto post, (the same post where she threatened others and acted like she was going to go on a killing spree while namedropping this site) but idk if she actually did it. she did state she harmed animals during childhood though.

No. 58590

Paki also used to fight with (western) radfems and say that no one has it worse than her in Pakistan, used to fight western people in general, derail threads to talk about Pakistan, said that Romanianon was larping as her (I'm not defending romanianon, to be clear), posted hand pics in the fujo cringe thread.
She also larped as "(c)rap-chan" but was outed by a mod.

No. 58604

She used to have a cat but when anons questioned her recently she said she never had one. That's suspicious given her history of abusing animals and little kids.
She's a schizophrenic and pakichan is a racist misogynistic retard who admitted she wanted to be a sexslave to a nazi. Neither of them deserve sympathy but talking about them only bring them more pleasure so we should stop.

No. 58609

She's constantly contradicting herself. Just assume 90% of her posts are bpd ramblings.

No. 58614

I am so sorry for accidentally reporting shit I meant to delete for dumb typos and repost, forgive me and my fat sausage fingers jannies

No. 58634

Because avatarfagging and making yourself known is against the rules you absolute retard

No. 58638

sammy stalker on /ot/

No. 58639

There’s a troon loose in the pride thread

No. 58641

Farmhands can check my IP, I'm not a male or TIM. But it is flattering I come off as male

No. 58643

That's not how IPs work

No. 58644

>But it is flattering I come off as male
Tif-chan is that you?

No. 58646

Troon is back and breaking anon rule being a cow in pride again.

No. 58647

1. No, I wasn't breaking anon rule whatsoever. Nothing I said revealed who I was at all.
2. Not a cow
3. Not a troon

No. 58648

>Nothing I said revealed who I was at all.
except for mentioning that you're ftm, then confirming it was you when soneone mentioned your nickname, and furiously defending trannies for hours

No. 58649

They’re also now threatening to kill themselves in the pride thread while derailing.

No. 58651

That isn't breaking anonymity whatsoever. Unless it explicitly reveals their online handle or real world identity, it is not breaking forum rules in any way, shape, or form. If it is against the rules, cerbmin should make it explicitly clear that it is, not a rule that essentially says so long as their real identity is not revealed it's okay
Never threatened to kill myself, nothing I said even suggested I would do it, and I wasn't the fucking anon who was derailing, blame the women with a stick up their ass thinking everyone who disagrees with them is a threat and decides to start infighting because someone isn't in their fucking hivemind. When I said "I'd rather kill myself," it was a figure of speech meaning I would do anything except for (action). Anything, even kill oneself. Maybe learn English phrases before accusing anons of shit

No. 58654

the point of this board is that all posts should stay anonymous. it's rule #4. announcing your posts defeats the point of anonymity. it's not about your real lofe identity, it's about not making your posts stand out from other anons.
pervious personalityfags and avatarfags have been banned according to this rule and i can't wait for you to get perma'd too. cope + seethe + bind + YWNBAM.

No. 58664

CP in /pt/

No. 58667

can the “this thread sucks” people just make the new threads themselves? we waited three days for a new Shayna thread, probably because nobody wanted to deal with the whining from people who know all about how to make great threads but don’t actually do it, and here we are with a thread full of backseat driving bullshit

No. 58669

File: 1686269278443.png (231.55 KB, 683x871, ritard1.png)

While looking into tif-chan’s personalityfagging, we discovered that tif-chan is actually Rita aka WhiteGlove. You may remember her from her thread in /snow/ that was closed due to the undesirables and autism it attracted >>>/snow/1778636

Rita is a chronically online, obese trans-identified female who thrives off of internet attention and has attempted to get it from Kiwi Farms, YouTube, Discord, and now our very own farm. For this reason, we have permabanned her. Rita’s post history is 812 posts long over 5.5 months, for a whopping total of about 147 posts made per month.

While Rita claimed that she was remaining anonymous >>58647 because she didn’t explicitly reveal her real-world identity >>58651 she was still breaking Rule 4. Personalityfagging still ties all your posts together. Your real life identity doesn’t need to be revealed to violate Rule 4, just look at Kirby anon, Rancefag, Pakichan, or any of our self posters in /cream/ who thought they would remain anonymous because they didn’t give exact details. Lolcow.farm/info has also been updated to include personalityfagging under “5. Integration.”

You can find Rita’s post history here:


No. 58670

genuinely the most interesting thing that happened here in years

No. 58671


No. 58672

She was on CC too Lol. being like "I'm the TIF." to every post even mentioning her. She passes like every other nonna, people just need to stop personalityfagging it's annoying.

No. 58673

Fucking KEK

No. 58674

holy kek this is crazy. thanks for this cerbmin, it's astounding seeing how many posts she's made

No. 58675

>Farmhands can check my IP, I'm not a male or TIM. But it is flattering I come off as male
This is comedy gold

No. 58676

File: 1686271425966.png (8.39 KB, 1825x101, typical tif.png)

lmao of course

No. 58677

personalityfagging has always been against the rules to be fair, regardless I'm happy to finally see that dumb faggot exposed

No. 58678

It was completely obvious that “tif-chan” and Rita were the same person the entire time lol. Sorry for screeching in reports to ban this fat retard for own good whenever I saw her identify herself! This made my day, thanks.

No. 58679

File: 1686278583862.png (13.97 KB, 1080x286, Screenshot_20230608-213852.png)

Holy fuck she selfposts so often

No. 58685

Wow, the more she tries to look and sound like a male, the more obvious it is she's female.
YWABAW (you will always be a woman)

No. 58686

I thought selfposting was posting (about) yourself as if you were a third person. Such as cows posting photos of themselves in their own threads but pretending to be someone random.

No. 58687

Oh, Rita…

No. 58688

Oh wow her own thread lit up like a christmas tree

No. 58689

lmfao thanks admins!!! I've got some breakfast reading

No. 58691

File: 1686300183170.png (3.04 KB, 960x95, kek.png)

Why do cows roast themselves like this?

No. 58692

All I can say is -
loving the Ritard flair btw

No. 58693

still putting a fedora in 2023?? what a sad looking woman

No. 58694

Amazing read. So fucking good to know all of the shittiest takes and rancid vibes wafting thru the board are just an ugly tranny, it’s always an ugly tranny. Faith in lc restored.

No. 58695

These types always look the way they type kek

No. 58696

File: 1686325402554.png (26.68 KB, 738x468, Screenshot_20230609-174006.png)

Of fucking course a TIF is part of those "People can have different opinions, go back to 2X!" kind if posts.
It's a tragedy, because she genuinely seems to like the website and at least tries to somewhat integrate, but doesn't seem to get to the logical conclusion of the things she reads here. Instead she continues to bitch about radfems and detransitioners.

No. 58698

you're being way nice; shee doesn't genuinely love this weebsite, she is a massive attention seeker who hops from one site to th other and keeps getting banned

No. 58706

Who is Nigel?

No. 58707

Honestly it's true as long as your opinion isn't "I am a man trapped in a woman's body". There's a difference between an opinion and literal retardation.

No. 58708

It's a term used instead of "boyfriend, so instead of say "my boyfriend and I" you say "my nigel and I"

No. 58714

coined in radfem/GC groups to make fun of those het-partnered women who got overly touchy whenever someone criticized straight men as a group because "well MY boyfriend/husband would NEVER!!", the name Nigel comes from Nicest Guy who Ever Lived (also a typical bong moid name and we know bongland = terf island so yeah), and some took the word in a self-aware humorous way to talk about their own male partners but no it's not just a synonym for boyfriend. if anything it's NLOGging (Not Like Other Guys) your own bf/husband. if you think your moid acts shitty and scrotish he is not a Nigel because a Nigel is supposed to be "NLOG" (therefore "acceptable" to be with as a radfem)

No. 58716

I just wanna say I like the farmhands and and new admin


No. 58720

same ♥ it’s such a shame we had to go through the shaymin cataclysm to get good moderation

No. 58722

I'm relatively new to this board, like a couple months at most. And every single unhinged reply from the deodorant incident to whatelse was all this person. I knew it was a schizo.

No. 58723

File: 1686454017772.jpg (39.3 KB, 564x537, 1671074600849.jpg)

Same, I'm really glad posts are being marked and histories are being revealed etc now. It feels like lolcow's finally woken up from a forced sleep or something. We appreciate you admins and farmhands

No. 58725

Ikr, I now have a face to pair up with all the stinky hygiene-phobic comments I was unfortunately exposed to on lolcow and it's vindicating

No. 58736

File: 1686536675867.jpg (140.98 KB, 564x550, IMG_20230611_202703.jpg)

I'd like to request we lock the Lucinda thread.
>Lucinda thread bumped
>no milk
>last post is faggot with no milk but saged post
>many such cases
Is there just one complete arsehole bumping then redoing their post so it can't be reported for being unsaged? It's always the same vein as >>1844924 with no screenshots or milk, it's very clearly the same person doing it over and over again. Lucinda is pretty much gone there's no reason to have a thread just so one spaz can swing by and bait arguments

No. 58737

I agree

No. 58740

A lot of these cows are aging out of being interesting and not necessarily because it doesn't hold personal interest. A lot of farmers only bring up old milk when they get asked why they follow a cow which is really telling. A thread just devolves into nitpicking and shitposts. Even if its sage, nitpicking doesn't add great contributions.

No. 58747

If that were the case, Lillee Jean and Luna would have their threads locked about a year ago. Lucinda isn't an aged cow, she's a vanished cow and there's 0 milk to speak of. The only activity in the Lucinda thread in almost 3 months is one nonnie bumping it with non milk, "is she dead yet?", or posting about how much they want Lucinda dead. It's radioactive levels of autism and at this point just shut that shit down

No. 58750

I received a ban for requesting the link to a thread anon was referring to in the vent thread: "Don't reply to vents in the vent thread". That rule is not anywhere in the OP and I've replied to many vents before. Should probably make the rules clear, idk. Might be beneficial.

No. 58752

Samefag and I'm trying to find the post that got me banned but it's not there anymore, along with the original post and the other replies. I wasn't aware jannies delete groups of posts like that.

No. 58753

I said a lot of cows, didn't say specifically who. Good for the ones with milk still.

No. 58754

Just kidding I found it, it was the other vent thread >>>/ot/1602935 I don't really understand the faggy redtext but that was legitimately my mistake. Sorry for wasting resources on being a retard

No. 58757

File: 1686597248152.jpg (43.11 KB, 634x484, deleted posts.JPG)

There's a lot of deleted posts recently. Are mods going for CC's post deleting spree moderating route?

No. 58767

The redtext comes from the OP. Try to read next time.
>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 58772

The nitpicking on her photos and constant hatred towards her kids make me wonder if Effina's thread is frequented mostly by one or two unhinged nonas. She hasn't been milky in awhile, but her thread is always bumped.

No. 58773

Tina Choi's too.

No. 58782

that thread is weird as fuck. Anons always using the same weird vocab to describe her appearance too, not to mention constant racebaiting.

No. 58785

tina choi's thread and that new thread about kim jihoon bith seem very sus. jihoon's thread gets cinstantly bumped with nitpicky posts and in both cases the milk is barely there. feels like someone has a vendetta against boring korean insta rich girls

No. 58793

Adding to this. I agree. There’s a lot of failure to integrate in that thread and lack of sageing. Comes off very newfag and vendetta based.

No. 58800

Seconding, and why aren’t any of these posts actually being banned? A thread full of unsaged vendetta non-milk and not a single red text. Are farmhands baiting for a self-post expose or what?

No. 58804

Thank you farmhands for finally redtexting the "in Minecraft" twitterfag

No. 58807

Unfunny scrotum dangler shitting up /ot/ and pissing himself

No. 58812

Their threads are inactive all of a sudden. Curious.

No. 58819

Please please ban the sunscreen shill from shitting up the tinfoil thread, she needs to go back to /g/

No. 58825

is there a reason behind the sudden influx of what appears to be lipstick alley posters on the board? i have been noticing a lot of of lsa lingo and posting styles more and more. is it because of the celebricows thread? is condi banishing banned fonts to lolcow? it is very strange.

No. 58828

Lucinda thread bumped by non-milk again. Unsaged post deleted and posted saged, again, so it's the same retard again. Please lock thread Lucinda has been completely gone for months

No. 58829

Lucinda thread bumped by non-milk again. Unsaged post deleted and posted saged, again, so it's the same retard again. Please lock thread Lucinda has been completely gone for months

No. 58830

Lucinda thread bumped by non-milk again. Unsaged post deleted and posted saged, again, so it's the same retard again. Please lock thread Lucinda has been completely gone for months

No. 58832

+1. That thread has been a shitshow for a while now. It needs to go.

No. 58833

We used to have a huge problem with racebaiting moids trolling here but thankfully they left when lc went down. Now the only posters who want to derail topics with race discussions are the new legit black posters. I'm annoyed it went away only for them to bring it right back kek. I get the motivation is very different but it's just as boring. And I worry it's going to attract trolls again because they know they'll take the bait.

No. 58834

i just don't even know why they are here. we've always had black farmers including myself but they were usually weebs and otakus or some other form of alternative culture type, not just random black normies. i saw a post in the reddit hate thread that was clearly written by someone who came here from lsa. and like you said, they take the bait from trolls way too easily.

No. 58843

The influx of normies who can’t integrate has been a problem for a while now, they either act like SJWs or think we are 4chan-lite attempting to integrate by acting like the loser males on 4chan

No. 58846

I blame tiktok for inviting them and celebrity cows for making them stay. The big issue is they're zoomers/LSAfag.

No. 58848

Definitely get the impression that thread has a handful of vendettachans who think calling her by her real name is some big own. Then just absolutely seething about how ugly she is and how her kids are disgusting. Her thread could be milky, but maybe should be on autosage.

No. 58851

Is there a thread for DID/mental disorder fakers?

No. 58855

Whatever happened to transitioning to lynxchan? Any news on that?

No. 58862

There is, it's buried in snow. I'd pull up the link but I cbf. It's got that one girl who did all the sneeze fetish art in it, you might be able to find it by searching her name.

No. 58863

Anus fetishist spam thread in /ot/. Reported.

No. 58872

If I see one more thread getting derailed by a spergout over fujoshis, I'm going to blow my fucking brains out. Please quarantine discussion of it to containment threads.

No. 58874

there are already multiple threads dedicated to fujo sperging both in appreciation of them and seething about them but somehow every thread has to be about them

No. 58897

That's because one retard keeps getting triggered by the existence of fujoshis (pakichan) I wish farmhands labeled as they did with ritard.i can always tell its her by the way she writes and those cat reactions she puts.if you read this paki chan here's something you should remember rat ka zaheer dukano per available hai appnee chai mei wo Dalo. Tumheri austism humare leiya behi sar ka Dard hai

No. 58901

Autosage the effina thread, I beg you.

No. 58902

Also, cp in snow

No. 58903

I'm still confused why it hasn't been locked already

No. 58904

it should be lovked. it's literally just a-log vendetta posts, race sperging, and picking on her kids

No. 58927

File: 1687436058670.jpg (135.17 KB, 1841x906, cuntorator.jpg)

Sorry for crossposting but your absolute shit garbage janitor in the Onision thread keeps removing my posts exposing her: She is a shit janitor who lets people do whatever in the Onision thread. All we want is a good janitor there, thats it. All she does when people complain is go "take it to META" and then delete our complaints and ban.
She is a god awful janitor and please, please do something about her. Its not personal, we just want a good janitor for the Onision thread. Thats it.(hi gene)

No. 58929


There is no "we" You're alone in this weird vendetta you have against the mods. No one else is complaining in the Onision thread. If we see someone breaking the rules we report and move on. But you're fixated on being right and having the last word. This is a YOU problem.

No. 58934

Stay banned. Jfc.

No. 58937

Ntayrt, but stop ban evading and go back to your containment thread. You seem to think you're fooling everyone but anons have caught on to your bs. You're wasting time trying.

No. 58939

Gene your posting style is so blatant please stop being such a retard

No. 58949

The farmhand who leaked a pro-ana cow’s IP history was removed from staff shortly after she leaked the IP, and was later banned from lolcow.farm since she was breaking several rules and would not stop personalityfagging as a farmhand despite being warned.

Lynxchan is what the old admin was using to build LCF 2.0, but one of the new admins will be custom building LCF 2.0 so neither Lynxchan nor any other imageboard software will be used.

Effina’s thread, Jihoon Kim’s thread, Tina Choi’s thread, and Lucinda’s thread have been locked.

No. 58952

>but one of the new admins will be custom building LCF 2.0 so neither Lynxchan nor any other imageboard software will be used
Sounds based. Is it going to be open source?

No. 58955

Why would it be open source? This isn't Wikipedia.

No. 58957

Because I don't want the site to do some sketch shit that nobody can verify what information it's actually gathering and other anons can contribute to fixing bugs? Idiot

No. 58959

Terrible idea so that people can randomly edit things.

No. 58960

Open source doesn't mean anyone can edit the content like a Wiki. It just means the code is made available to see.

No. 58961

What is wrong with lynxchan? Yes, shaymin made some ugly themes but just writing your own css should be easier than writing a whole imageboard engine from scratch?

No. 58962

Do you plan to pay for the bill?

No. 58967

Awe man I really liked the idea of making our own themes. I can’t wait for more site themes whenever it comes around though.

No. 58968

Why would it cost money?

No. 58973

there's males posting in the polski thread >>>/ot/1615512

No. 58975

Seconding this. Three posts by a perverted moid in Polish thread:
Already reported. Let's hope it will stop.

No. 58977

got them, thanks

No. 58978

Thank you so much!

No. 58980

thank you !!

No. 58982

File: 1687545867658.jpg (1.1 MB, 1590x2828, wp7382825.jpg)

Thank you to the farmhands that got rid of the male!

No. 58983

File: 1687555392069.png (53.9 KB, 1902x1158, 45ad797b79c4f99fb1efd7280793bb…)

mods are shit hope you kill yourselves(ban evading autism)

No. 58984

The Venus thread is going to get locked if anons don't stop which would really suck since she's constantly milky.

No. 58985

poor farmhands, they have to deal with so many annoying retards just in this one thread alone

No. 58986

oh yeah haha poor internet janitors it must be hard cleaning up the internet for free(ban evading autism)

No. 58987

I like to think at least one farmhand is enjoying being able to swing the banhammer with swift, virtuous motions.

No. 58988

I'm guessing its one crazy fageliic or its orchestrated from her discord?

No. 58989

wow ur job is literally useless how does it feel(feels pretty good thanks for asking)

No. 58990

yeah it is, volunteering their free time to help clean up garbage from low iq shitters and have to deal with constant screeching from ungrateful autists must get tiring

No. 59001

>farmhand being autistic
No surprise there, and unfortunately not the first time. Shit like this is what one of the previous admins stated when explaining why it was so hard to find new janitors

No. 59002

Because obviously people who want to know who's posting are going to apply.

No. 59003


nobody wants to clean up the internet for free? wow big surprise

No. 59004

Yeah exactly it takes a special kind of person to become an internet janitor kek

No. 59006

You again? Do you feel better after you sperged in /ot/ eh? Ugly moid

No. 59007

You don't even need to be a farmhand to be crazy. The unhinged discord mod who had a tantrum a while back constantly put down other farmers in the server.

No. 59011


yeah all spergs are moids lol

No. 59013

Once again, a sexist incel visits the Polish thread. Farmhands, please delete the following post and ban him.

No. 59029


No. 59031

Make it more obvious pls. Boss said so.

No. 59045

does lolcow have an irc channel? if we don't it would be nice to make one (i know the discord server shut down)

No. 59046

does this site have a search engine? I've seen a few cows in different threads without their own. maybe an ID and keyword search, it doesn't have to be as fancy as 4plebs

No. 59047

Just google "lolcow" and add the name of the cow.

No. 59048

Scroll to the bottom of any board, there's a search bottom.

No. 59049

even putting site:lolcow.farm as a search parameter to google is worthless nowadays… but you gave me an idea, and this works with startpage and yandex. google is trash.
only a delete and a report field

No. 59050

Next to the board pages nonna. It's to the right of catalog.

No. 59051

File: 1687891008499.png (33.74 KB, 1826x940, Screenshot_20230627_203803.png)

in that case, I'm either blind or an extension blocks it

No. 59052

File: 1687891181526.png (7.14 KB, 1347x233, lolcow.PNG)

Bottom of the BOARD nonna, bottom of the board.

No. 59053

thank you

No. 59054

Youre welcome!

No. 59061

My sweet retard…there is a server bill to keep the website up. But the new software doesn't cost anything, except labor I guess.

No. 59063

Our plans are for LC 2.0 to be closed source, but anons will still be able to create custom themes!

No. 59072

Why are you writing a whole imageboard engine from scratch? What's the tech stack going to be?

No. 59073

Open-source would just mean publishing the source code. It wouldn’t cost money to do. They might not want to make it open for other reasons.

No. 59074

But why closed source? Cerbmin don't tell me that you're going to pay for the server costs in the same way Facebook does..

No. 59075

These things have nothing to do with each other, github (for example) is free…

No. 59077

Why closed source is pretty obvious, harder to hack or exploit vulnerabilities, plus why would they want to open source it.

The real question is why a completely new engine at all. That part makes no sense.

No. 59078

there's an odd post in the dumbass shit thread >>>/ot/1620264
seems to be a male and has photoshopped a real person's face onto an explicit image.

No. 59079

nevermind, it's from some weird YT video, still, weird

No. 59080

it does? you go into /m/, /g/, whichever and down there, there's a an option to search along with catalog?

No. 59083

FOSS is actually more secure than closed software. For example Linux is more secure than windows.

No. 59084

Why do you care? Honestly seems like that one anon who was actually a scrote who kept trying to get info on the website.

No. 59085

is anyone working on a new shay thread?

No. 59086

NTA but wouldn't it be easier and faster to just use an already existing engine? what would this new engine have that the ones already available do not?

No. 59087

File: 1688068267611.jpg (99.04 KB, 1489x611, shitmod.jpg)

This is my last attempt, as this is a perfect example of how stuff will get reported in the Onision thread, yet nothing is being done. One post gets a red line, the other gets a pass.
my advice is still remove the shitposting, like Gene and his bf. he gets off on the attention, if these shitposts don't last and simply get removed, we'll finally have that clean thread we been dreaming about collectively for god knows how many years.

No. 59088

There's nothing about FOSS that makes it inherently more secure than closed software nonnie kek
It all depends on who's making it and how.

No. 59090

1. not all bans are redtexted 2. you're an annoying retard

No. 59093

That could have been the same anon and they only banned one of his posts or marked one of the posts. You have to stop thinking that the thread will never have redtexts. That's not how threads work and this is how we try to keep people from making those same types of posts by calling them out the same way some stores have shoplifter walls of shame. If you don't like it here, leave, but no one cares about your 'last attempt'.

No. 59094

t. a newfag

No. 59095

File: 1688119345634.jpg (25.34 KB, 600x337, salty.jpg)

Or stop being salty and just delete the scrote posts.
Not everything is an attack on you as a person, just do your job better.

No. 59097

Yeah, mods aren't going to delete the posts, especially when you're acting like this. If they aren't even your posts, who cares? Just let the thread fill with shit and start another one after. This isn't new to lolcow, but you probably are.

No. 59098

Being like what? Issuing a complaint to /meta/ like the moderator in that thread keeps telling us to do?
If you don't remove the Gene posts well congratulations, keep enjoying the thread being shitted up and people needing to start new threads every two weeks, i guess. Yes, that's way better, handier and optimized than just deleting the posts.
Of course, how stupid of me, guess I'm still a newfag after having been here for over 10 years straight. By all means, keep explaining it to me.

No. 59099

the people replying can't delete posts because they aren't farmhands, retard. if you don't like the moderation here you can apply to become a janny or leave

No. 59101

Do you really expect me to reply to this one or naw? I mean, even for lolcow standards this reply is dumb.
Also super handy for people wanting to find actual updates on Greg's antics by the way, just needing to search trough thread after thread of scrote bullshit trying to find those updates.
Instead of trying to get a rise out of me by replying with stupid bullshit why not just take all this energy and utilize it in to removing Gene's posts? That way you will remove any incentive for him to post.
Why is this so hard? Either reply with : "yes we will, good idea" or "no thats a stupid idea, please fuck off".
Thats all you need to do.
Why do you people insist on always choosing the hard way, and trying to bullshit yourselves out of shit you can't bullshit yourself out of? There's a problem either fix it or leave it alone, either tend to it or tell me to fuck off. This is literally all you need to do, and do it without the attitude for just fucking once, this isn't Dynasty people. Gawd.

No. 59102

File: 1688127651323.jpg (27.75 KB, 720x436, Screenshot_20230630_142200_Chr…)

Are farmhands really that socially inept that they dont get obvious sarcasm?

No. 59103

No context and a-log, it's not looking good.

No. 59105

Why would it matter if we had a “clean” Onision thread at this point? He’s a dried up cow. Plus if you think you’re ever going to get a perfect pristine thread with no infighting, retardation, derailing or unsaged non-milk you’re dreaming. Go back to sleep.

No. 59106

Please read here:
>Why do you people insist on always choosing the hard way, and trying to bullshit yourselves out of shit you can't bullshit yourself out of?

No. 59107

File: 1688135022325.jpg (44.3 KB, 692x633, ukelele.jpg)

Alright, since it doesn't matter why moderate it at all, am i right?

No. 59110

Nta but that anon was banned/red texted in the past and had posts deleted, better to ignore.

No. 59112

isn't getting rid of nuisances like that what a moderator is for? we shouldn't have to ignore it. hell, they even ask us to report it. if we report it and nothing happens then what are the mods for?

No. 59114

once again not every mod action is visible. when they ban someone they only redtext one post of theirs

No. 59115

What I don't understand is how this has been a debate for over 1 week straight. Just to get the mods to get rid of some scrotes.
Why, how or where is this a debate? I don't get it.
Just purge them and stop with the excuses.

No. 59116

you aren't even reading the posts you're replying to, are you?
tehre's no debate just you being a retard and everyone trying to tell you mods already do that

No. 59117

>tehre's no debate
right. then stop replying to me about it, Karen.

No. 59118

No, "anon", I was saying that you should be ignored. You're the nuisance.
This is my last reply.

No. 59119

go back to reddit

No. 59120

>This is my last reply.
Halleluja! I wish you woulda done that a week earlier.

No. 59121

here's another reddit expression for you: Touch grass. Its a reply people give to someone overreacting. You know, like when they receive some mild criticism and a suggestion at work and they suffer a week long narcissistic rage meltdown.

No. 59122

>you people
Scrote, no1currs

No. 59123

Really? Are you gonna try that route now, claiming i'm a scrote? How do we know you're not a scrote? You've certainly been annoying enough trying to stop them from modding the Onision thread?

No. 59125

I'm not even joking when i've say that I have never in my life seen a pettier person. Ever since I came in here simply asking them to mod the Onision thread to get rid of the scrotes you've done nothing but try and derail me, gaslight me and trying desperately to make it about me.
You claimed you would stop responding to me, do that already, let it go.(touch grass)

No. 59126

Here is my request to the mods right now for this very thread: Please remove mine and her stupid back and forth. It serves nothing but please just keep in my request to do something about the Onision thread. Its all that matters to me anyway, and this entire thing she turned it in to bullshit that I don't care about and helps nobody.
So pretty please, with sugar on top, remove all that jazz because i'm sick of responding to her here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 59127

Idk who you think I am, but I've made 1 comment on this whole thing >>59097 Multiple anons find you annoying, mods are not going to preference a piss-baby's requests, with obvious ban evading. No one is "after you" and no one is making you reply to them or forcing you to reply back. You need to go outside and touch grass, learn2integrate, learn2sage, and maybe don't use a site you don't understand the posting etiquette for.

No. 59128

Aaaaaand its back to the gaslighting.
and larping as "all these people that totes hate me"

I seriously think we're done here, because this is just getting stupid. I'm done replying to you and all your headmates. Here's my only insult to you in our entire exchange: Go fuck yourself. Sincerely. Oh and grow the fuck up.

No. 59129

So sorry for being late omg. What's her name?

No. 59132


No. 59133

I copped a ban for samefagging (now expired) for linking back to a media post I made hours earlier with a relevant question about the media. I doubt this post was reported by a user bc I wasn't asking anything controversial or spamming or agreeing with myself. So can farmhands or admin define what counts as samefagging, and would I have been banned if I had written "I posted this video" >>>/w/302240

I was trying to help by posting the webms people were talking about, but then I thought of a question later

No. 59134

Not a farmhand but >>1706

No. 59135

It was a reply to an anon asking if she was too old to start taking care of herself at 27. Its was extremely obviously sarcasm.

Wasn't my post btw, I'm just surprised they let spergs who dont understand jokes be farmhands.

No. 59136

thanks anon, I checked the rules but this is helpful!

I don't think I posted back-to-back but I guess next time I'll just declare it. Just seems weird since there was no viewpoint or argument being pushed. I'm most familiar with that sockpuppet definition but English is my 2nd language

No. 59137

The person on the other side of the argument, the instigator, wants you to know they're definitely not a mod.
Hence all the one sided banning.

No. 59139

So much of that thread is samefagging, was unbumped but 30+ new replies.. come on, anon.

No. 59140

File: 1688224702973.jpg (199.88 KB, 1080x609, Screenshot_20230701_081915_Chr…)

This poster is back after saying they won't come back >>>/pt/916264

They want the thread to not be shit but all they do is keep derailing it.

No. 59141

>They want the thread to not be shit but all they do is keep derailing it.
You can't derail shit. If it were any good, I wouldn't be "derailing" it.

No. 59143

That thread is being used as chatroom by 3 users, with a handful of posts made by other anons. You are one of those 3 users. Out of the last 22 posts in that thread, 7 of them are you.

No. 59146

Obviously not the farmhard, but the stuff you're discussing isn't even milky. You're using it as an archive for non-milky social media posts, discussing her grammar and nitpicking her child learning languages. At least post something that isn't, like the farmhand said, just basic chatroom shit. This is lolcow. Not some place you can use in lue of discord for your vendetta for someone who isn't doing anything milky at all.

Ngl, the anons arguing the thread should be closed just keep having reasons to add to it when anons can't post quality. And when it's clear multiple anons are in on it and just using it as their personal hate thread, then it not hard to see that Taylor's thread isn't worth it anymore. It's just the Jvlog crew again trying to take over a thread and using it for their own purposes without any milk being involved.

No. 59147

I am the only one who posted the actual reels posters were discussing (instead of screenshots). I guess sorry for replying to the person baiting all the time but I was never replying to myself aside from that one single question.

No. 59148

There are regular long lulls in the thread where nothing is posted, I don't see the big issue. You don't define what is and isn't milk, sad to say. I archived the reels bc people were talking about her behavior, not bc it's milk from my perspective. And I sage every nonmilk post I make on every thread I post in.

No. 59149

Take the L, anon. And maybe stop making your samefagging so clockable when a thread gets a bunch of posts, but is suspiciously not bumped for weeks. That's not what you call a break in milk. That's what you call anons who want to shitpost and overexaggerate things without trying to be noticed. The exact same MO of the anons who got a few other threads shut down for posting non-milk constantly too. Stick to posting milk, not nitpicking what the kid is going to know and not know when he gets older. Being so obsessed with the kid is so weird to begin with, post about Taylor, not all this what-if tinfoils that are disguised as discussion because they are saged when it's clearly just shitposting chatter to fill the thread to see what anons can get away with filling it with.

>I doubt this post was reported by a user

Also the continued conspiracy that mods are out to get anons and are the ones going out of their way to find posts to ban is hilarious.

No. 59150

I'll take an L but not your assumptions about which posts were mine, as I am uninterested in her child and don't have hate for Taylor. But I also don't think I did a thing worthy of violating my anonymity (so I'm not going to tell you which benign responses were mine) and mods know very well I didn't restart the discussion in the thread either.

No. 59159

From the sounds of it you're samefagging more than one post, but only one got caught. Maybe a mod should go through and mark all the ones that are samefags as such. Glad to see the thread getting bans it deserves.

No. 59161

Anons are spamming in the Venus thread the same way they are in the Taylor thread to use it as an archive, possibly the Taylor anons shitposting in that thread too. I think allowing useless non milk to be saged when nothing is even lolcow worthy on those social media posts either is what a lot of anons are tired of.

No. 59162

Based rancefag

No. 59166

nah, I posted more than normal and responded to some bait, that's all. The same anon(s) reeing about milkless social media ree harder when some ig story being talked about but isn't uploaded. You can't have it both ways. The same anon(s) also shitposted like hell with milkless baby posts and rest in peace about her grandma dying. So those were fine but posting something being talked about (not even by me) isn't? I thought I was doing a favor. I'll refrain from doing that or answering qs in the future.

also refer to Admin's words >>57739 about what was allowed in this thread.

No. 59167

and (samefag) maybe figure out who keeps bumping the thread and deleting their bump post? bc that's probably someone trying to cause an issue. It's happened multiple times in the past two days.

No. 59172

The site relies on some heavy modifications that would have to be retrofitted to any board software we moved to. Given the effort it will take either way, we are opting to build it from the ground up. Imageboard software is designed to be highly configurable, but this adds complexity when it comes modifying the source code and adding features. Building bespoke software that will only ever be used by this site means that we can have absolute control over it, and we also don't have to work around the complexity necessary to allow for that configurability.

It will be closed source primarily because it would not make sense to open it. It will only ever be useful to this site and we will not be accepting code contributions. We also don't want to give the people seeking to harm the site the ability look through it for ways to exploit it. For those that have privacy concerns, you will still be able to inspect the scripts being loaded in your browser etc. and see that there will be no tracking scripts or other attempts to violate user privacy added. Given that anyone using open source board software can (and probably has) modified it, you should not consider it trustworthy just because it was based on something open source.

No. 59179

A deleted post is a deleted post. Getting mad over an accident or someone checking if they are unbanned isn't an issue. Issues are like the jvlog sperg quoting op and just posting that with no context.

No. 59189

thread wasn't being bumped at all and now is getting bumped constantly to stay first? You don't need to bump a thread or that thread to check if you're still banned.

No. 59198

Try reporting a post breaking the rules next time. It's helpful and a not annoying way of checking.

No. 59200

Anon can't even report it because it was deleted though, so not sure where the complaining is supposed to go or what they expect mods to do. Just sounds like anons are upset the dormant thread got redtexts and are trying to blame others.

No. 59213

File: 1688329997608.png (121.52 KB, 1106x1774, 1688329576363.png)

>correct an anon who said something that wasn't true about nemu
>get accused of being obsessed with nemu
>get banned for not knowing who nemu is

No. 59215

> Lurk moar

No. 59226

Lolcow isn't your personal chatroom

No. 59227

The ayrt was saying don't bump threads to test a ban, a practice you seem to be defending here. Instead of bumping, report a post and you will know if your ban is over

No. 59231

Not surprising at all, there were times farmhands banned anons for copypastas, even in the correct thread kek

No. 59232

Giving a possible explanation. Stop trying to infight.

No. 59233

If you're reading that as 'trying to infight' then idek what to say. The airt seemed to misunderstand the post quoted (who should report a post and why). i explained it in a friendly way, saying they 'seemed' to be defending bumping instead of some aggressive accusation. It was the furthest thing from an infight.

No. 59236

File: 1688340898631.png (105.62 KB, 711x407, Screenshot_20230702.png)

ntayrt but the post was made in /m/, it's not unheard of to go slightly off-topic in an off-topic board. looking at the full context of the post makes the ban even weirder cause the OP clearly knew who nemu was, her response wasn't confusion about her but about what the person she responded to said

No. 59238

1. Thats not what I was banned for
2. Thats not what I was doing
3. You don't get banned for that on /m/

No. 59241

You still have to follow posting etiquette in /m/

No. 59242

The post isn't even there, move on. Choosing that to be mad about because the Taylor thread copped multiple redtexts. I can't wait for you guys to fuck up that thread and get it shut down too.

No. 59244

Sadly I don't care, hall monitor-chan. A sage is enough.

No. 59247

If you can't integrate, don't complain.

No. 59248

I been here years before /m/ existed. My ban happened because a mod can't read, you sperged at me because you can't read, and now you're sperging at me again about integration over something I didn't do on a board you don't use. Fuck this gay website.

All I want is a "sorry it won't happen again nonny" and the redtext removed tbh mods.

No. 59250

You're not above posting etiquette. Oldfags would know that.

No. 59263

Could someone tell me what "reddit spacing" is? One of my posts got reported for it, but the only thing new that I did was use ellipses to use as a filler for etcetera since what I was referring to generalizations made in multiple posts sort of like "All frogs are (ellipses)"

I checked the global and board rules but didn't see anything about it that would indicate some violation of a rule on my end. Thanks!

No. 59303

Reddit spacing is putting a line break after every sentence. Unless your post is super long you don't need to use line breaks.

No. 59330

Oh that makes sense! Thank you very much!

No. 59360

fix the fucking site already instead of comming up with new ways power mod, you cant post shit without getting an error or a perpetual ''posting 100%'', how did you guys fuck it up? lmao, it wasnt an issue before

No. 59363

>New ways
Hellweek? That's not new.

No. 59365

i know, but considering the site has real issues it seems retarded to spend even more time modding instead of fixing issues, moderation is the least of lc problems right now. Also i have accidentally not saged before because the site keeps shitting itself, so i imagine a lot of the ''sage your shit'' redtexts are of nonnas who normally do sage but they forgot while battling with the fucking post to even go through.

No. 59366

You really think the mods are the same people who are only working on the website functionality? There's most likely two different teams, so while mods are doing their thing, there's someone working on the back end. Did you seriously think this?

No. 59367

why are you white knighting so hard, are you a janny perhaps? i doubt there are two teams, because it would make no sense for this site to get worse with more people working on it. I remind you we didnt have these issues before.

No. 59369

No one is whiteknighting, anon. Some programmers might be working on the site who are also mods, but the mods most likely aren't hired on to be programmers to fix the issues the site has. These issues started after that horrible lolcow 2.0 when we switched back. There's been bugs since and admin says they are working on a new site anyway. They aren't going to waste a bunch of time fixing the old site 100% when the other one needs to be built. They have done some fixes, but they already know about the double posting and all that stuff.

No. 59370

are they still working on lc 2.0? that hideous new site no one wanted? jesus, they are never going to fic the double posting arent they? at this point there will be no users to migrate over, its no wonder this site is so fucking barren and slow now

No. 59371

Please scroll to find your updates. This has been mentioned.

No. 59372

How are you this worked up over a little known Mongolian basket weaving forum?

No. 59373

This will make me sound like a bootlicker but the sheer retardation and tech illiteracy of people critiquing the staff makes the staff look like geniuses.
They're switching to a new board software which should fix all the tech issues at once (and maybe bring some new issues in its early stages). Of course it's two different teams, farmhands do the moderation while only one of the three admins does tech work. Those are two completely different jobs. At the moment fixing the site in its current state is almost impossible because the former admin didn't leave a lot of documentation to go off and he heavily modified the board software LC is on, so it's smarter to just completely switch over. All of this got explained like 50 times already.
I'm honestly stunned at the constant stupidity here in /meta/.

No. 59375

>that hideous new site no one wanted
That was a different admin. This plus "coming up with new ways" in reference to hellweek makes me think you're just a newfag. And I don't even like staff.

No. 59379

i dont camp in meta all day, i came here because i couldnt post because of the retarded bugs. also admins are notorious for not explaining shit, how would i know?

No. 59381

They've literally explained what you're complaining about.

No. 59382

Just scroll nonny. Or ctrl+f

No. 59385

Lurk moar

No. 59424

retarded newfag

No. 59440

Genuine question, is misogynistic slurs allowed if it's under blackpill feminism?

No. 59441

here you go again

No. 59442

Absolutely not. We have very high standards here at twitter or wherever it is you think you are.

No. 59443

>switching to a new board
2028 is gonna be lit
>one of the three admins does tech
Originally it was two. Why did you- I mean, them - decide to change?

No. 59444

Nta, but theres been 3 admin.

No. 59446

>Originally it was two.

No. 59450

No they're not, there's a ban evading retard who keeps saying then and she keeps getting banned whenever I report her lmao

No. 59452

Thanks for letting me know. Even browsing art salt thread anons are too trigger happy to accuse people here kek.

No. 59453

>a team of 3 consisting of two devs and a liaison

No. 59456

Sorry you're right, I mixed it up, it's two.
And yes I do think it's taking them long and I'd rather they had used existing board software since LC is kind of in a miserable state right now…

No. 59457

File: 1688638421748.jpg (102 KB, 720x883, Screenshot_20230706_121304_Chr…)

Not my post but i though heart was the one emoticon allowed

No. 59459

No that's not the allowed heart. You can just use that heart with a hashtag before it to get the one that's allowed.

No. 59461

Idk what you want me to tell you anon, I've never seen the emoticon heart be permitted in all my time here. It's not listed on /meta/ or the info by itself as an allowed heart.
>what is the real distinction?
Ask the staff, all I know is that it's not allowed.

No. 59464

File: 1688642294653.jpeg (166.19 KB, 709x739, hearttt.jpeg)

Here's a year old post where posting an emoticon heart was banned. Not all bans are red texted and we also were short-staffed not too long ago. idk why you're expecting me to explain why you didn't get banned, I was just saying that emoticon hearts aren't allowed.

No. 59467

Im not huffing anyone's farts anon. I agree that jannies don't implement rules evenly and that there aren't clear rules (I've made multiple complaints about this, actually), but again we barely had any jannies until recently and we can't see all bans so it's kinda useless to argue over those posts. I was just answering OPs question and pointing out that the emoticon heart isn't anywhere on /meta/. Again, idk why you're trying to argue with me about why one is allowed and the other isn't. I don't care or know. I just know that we can't use those hearts and so do most users.

No. 59483

what is all this japananon stuff? I haven't been here for months and some of the first posts I've saw are about her

No. 59484

Nta, but you're not supposed to use <3 and its an emoticon heart.

No. 59553

Scrote is posting wojacks and anal gore on /meta/

No. 59558

File: 1688702585927.gif (3.4 MB, 498x370, amazed.gif)

Thank you for the quick cleanup farmhands!

No. 59559

File: 1688702540307.gif (3.4 MB, 498x370, amazed.gif)

Thank you for the quick cleanup farmhands!

No. 59565

I think emojis should be allowed (or like… decriminalized) in vent threads

No. 59567


No. 59568

definitely not in vent threads, if anything they could be more tolerated in shitpost threads

No. 59569

I find it jarring to see someone obviously upset over serious issues be redtexted for using ;-; or for replying to support with <3 it seems tone deaf

No. 59571

see >>59567
It's often also a their first time posting on here. They don't lurk enough and or see that someone else has used an emoji/emoticon/kaomoji/newfag heart and assume that is okay to use here, a imageboard and not a social media site. Stop coddling newfags that don't integrate and who gives a shit whether it's tone deaf or not, if anons gets upset about it, then just go back.

No. 59572

What’s the difference between relying ‘thanks <3’ and relying thanks then attaching an image of a heart?

No. 59573

File: 1688728168519.jpg (162.22 KB, 540x558, dd.jpg)

>thanks <3
I just use /ot/ and /g/ and haven't checked /meta/
>image of a heart?
Twitter/facebook tier out
I feel like it's much more heartfelt getting an pic of something that convey what you mean as we are in a imageboard and have /m/ where there is tons of reaction images and more readily available.

No. 59574

So it’s just down to personal feelings then?

No. 59577

It's about wilfully not not adhering to the culture and expecting it to allocate for you

No. 59608

Can the fluffy pony abuse comics thread be deleted off /sty/. I know it's a dead board but the content there is so moid tier and disgusting that I'm genuinely shocked innocuous shit gets taken down while it's still up and gets posted on (albeit not much).

No. 59615

i love seeing namefags banned seconds after i report, much love to the farmhands ♥ keep up the good work

No. 59642

cp in the shayna thread

No. 59646

what is with all the angry anons on the site lately? i just got cussed out in /ot/ for a thread pic. some people here really do need to go outside and get some fresh air, and i hate how they use the excuse of everyone must be a newfag because they don't like something. i've been here for years, not that it even matters. it's turning into the new you must be a moid because a don't like your post. if a thread pic causes you a-log that hard, you have much bigger issues. i think i need a break from the internet, sorry for the mini rant but i am getting tired of it tbh.

No. 59652

Sorry to hear about that, I checked the thread on /ot/ and it's fine and in theme with the previous thread.
For example the previous confessions thread where a literal tiktok image as the thread pic, anons didn't get angry over it, except me, but I held my tongue until the very last post as my confession and ended up making the usher nun pic in paint for another anon. Anon made a new thread with that pic and others accused her of being a moid and another had a hissy fit and juat made another low effort thread.
Honestly some anons just want things to either go their way or none at all /ot/fags particularly I mean there was huge tantrum from an anon last night for getting a ban which she thought was hugely unfair because /ot/ isn't a cowboard and she shouldn't have to post a screencap for a link.

No. 59672

>she shouldn't have to post a screencap for a link.
Nta but it wasn't that, the link was literally to a guy showing his butthole. If she posted a screencap it would've been gay man butthole, I don't think anyone really wants to see that on lolcow (even with a spoiler). The janny ended up removing the redtext anyway so it seems it was a mistake.

No. 59673

File: 1688953690861.jpg (212.01 KB, 1080x814, Screenshot_20230710_014600_Red…)

She could have just done like picrel or just the title like if you where to post a headline of an article. It isn't that difficult to circumvent showing an asshole.

No. 59678

NTA but I thought she was referring to the argument in the dumbass shit thread

No. 59680

File: 1688973228223.jpeg (139.3 KB, 750x714, DB7E17F4-CCA4-4D4E-91F5-39024B…)

Pls ban retards who reply to obvious rancefag posts

No. 59681

Kek at this pic. And yes it's frustrating.

No. 59689

I see Gene survived hellweek fine:
(Look at the bottom 50 posts, i mean god damn)
Thats just awesome, what an absolute shit show.

No. 59695

The onison thread should be locked until he actually does something again. The last threads are just filled with kids coming from tiktok spreading misinformation when we have already documented what has actually happened for 100 threads if they bothered reading them.

No. 59697

We should have user tags. The only people that disagree are people that infight with themselves or samefag to seem more interesting.

No. 59698

>b-but my anonymity!
the site is already anonymous
>b-but users tracking me!
if you were smart enough you would figure out how to get around this. but the average retard that infights is not smart enough to get around this and tbh doesn't deserve to get around it.

plus, p sure it's different for each board. Also it would be fantastic if we could make it different per thread too. In fact, I'm almost certain it's a possibility.

No. 59699

File: 1689010729480.png (9.1 KB, 246x206, user id example.PNG)

No. 59700

If anons don't like using this site, they can go to another site. We don't need tags or tripcodes or any other type of identifier. Just sounds like anons who got denied janny spots and want some semblance of being able to try to figure out who's posting. This is all pointless if anons use a VPN anyway, so there's zero point to it.

No. 59701

Not if the site bans VPNs

No. 59703

This, why the fuck do we need user tags? We already have recognizable anons that instigate infights just from anons being able to recognize them. You think that wouldn't get worse with user tags? Besides that, there's still just no reason for them .

No. 59704

Which it's already been said they won't. Why didn't anyone bring this up during the active times of hellweek?

No. 59705

Some anons have a tough time understanding what an anonymous board means.

No. 59706

>anons that disagree either infight constantly or samefag to agree with themselves to make themselves seem more interesting

In all seriousness, I said what I said and still stand by it. I don't give a rats ass what you all think about it. This was my suggestion to cerbmin.

damn, didn't know we could only give feedback during hellweek…. Oh… right… we don't have to. Calm down, freak. Not sure why you're getting so tripped up about the mere suggestion of it unless you seriously have an issue with infighting, in that case you need to take some meds. If you don't like it, close your eyes.

No. 59707

It's still anonymous. IDK what the issue is, /pol/ handles it pretty well.

No. 59708

opinion discarded

No. 59709

If you want lc to be more like 4chan why not just go hangout on 4chan

No. 59710

>Calm down, freak.
Nta but you're the only one who seems uncalm kek

No. 59711

Please fuck off to 4chan. No one wants you here. Stop begging to have this website be 4chan.

No. 59712

looool. You wish I was a polfag because you can't possibly fathom the idea of a regular user on this site wanting a change. That's a bit embarrassing, shame on all of you. Be open to change! Truthfully, I was going to say a different board name but I checked and there were no other boards doing it except /pol/. I could've said /bant/ but less people know what that is.

If I wanted to use 4chan, I would. Anyways, besides these weirdos that are scared of a user id on an anonymous website that would prevent them from spamming the same take 10 different time while using different typing styles…. I think it's a good idea still and don't care if people disagree. It's an idea.

No. 59713

All these words and you still haven't provided an actual reason why we would need user tags.