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No. 209934

This thread is to do with all gardening related matters!
Feel free to ask for advice or post progress of your garden, indoor plants etc.
Or just have a chat about gardening in general.

No. 209935

I have a really odd parsley situation. I bought a pot of continental parsley from my local nursery and it was blooming very well aside from a few days of wilting when I didn't water in time. Otherwise it tasted great and I used a lot of it.
However the new parsley that is growing, tastes like absolute ass! It has this awful aftertaste of wet socks and I simply don't know what to do. The colour has not changed and it seems to be slowly growing, but I don't know what to do about the awful taste. Any ideas?

No. 209936

Since you noted you didn't water it in time, that's likely the issue. Parlsey can get stressed if the soil is allowed to dry out which will turn it bitter. I would just let the current stalks grow a bit then trim them back and see if the new growth is improved with regular watering!

No. 209941

Sounds good to me, cheers

No. 245714

Anyone else getting ready for starting seeds/sowing? I just got my ordered seeds in.

No. 245759

I want to plant so bad, but I am moving soon so it's not worth it this year. What are you planting, Anon?

No. 245767

i've got a whole stack of flower seeds ready to plant when it finally cools down a little in about two weeks and i'm so excited!

No. 245839

Some herbs and spinach, beets and pumpkins. Also someone gave me an old packet of soybeans so I'll sow those as well if they still germinate. It's my first time doing vegetables properly so I hope it'll work out. What would you have liked to plant if you could have?

Nice, what kind of flowers are you sowing?

No. 246132

I've been wanting to start a carnivorous garden for the past couple weeks now. I think I'm gonna start with some venus fly traps and sundews. The only thing putting me off is they require distilled, RO, or rain water. Tap or normal water with minerals will the plant so it's gonna be a little annoying having to but gallons of distilled water every month

No. 246153

How about collecting rain water? Or does it rain little where you are?

No. 246155

There's a drought where I am (California), kek. I guess it won't be too much trouble getting distilled water with only a few plants but if I eventually grow my garden with more carnivore plants it'll get annoying.

No. 246197

I always sow some natives like strawflowers and I'm going to try some kangaroo paw this year, and then a bunch of edibles, like calendula, gypsophila, nasturtiums. pansys failed last year but i'll try again. I've got a whole stack of seeds so i'll just sow whatever I have the pots for

No. 246525

Strawflowers! Those are so beautiful. I love them dried.
How do you eat those? Like in a salad?

No. 246723

Same here, anon. I wish I could plant but know that I won't be here long enough to really enjoy anything I do. I just hope I can find a place with even more room for gardening when I do move

No. 250294

File: 1647494458434.jpg (42.42 KB, 732x549, chamomile-tea-thumb-1-732x549.…)

will my plant die if I give it an almost daily dose of chamomile tea?
I use chamomile tea to ease the inflammation on my new piercings, naturally I don't wanna drink it after that so I just pour it down the sink. So I thought about giving it to the plant my mom gave me but I'm afraid of killing it.

No. 250318

Yes, overwatering the plant will cause the soil to become waterlogged and you will drown the plant by suffocating its roots. That, and there's always the possibility of mold.

No. 250319

Bro there's ALWAYS a drought in California. Should see if there's a way to make distilled water quickly.

No. 250324

>waterlogged, suffocating its roots, possibility of mold
ewewewew omg, thank you for informing me nonny holy fuck, gardening is no joke. Thanks again!

No. 250325

Just throw it outside on the grass or something. That way the water can infiltrate locally and be used there instead of going into the sewer system.

No. 250326

oh I can totally do that, there's a big tree outside of my apartment complex.

No. 250393

Anybody make their own compost? I'm using two five gallon buckets as my half-assed composting operation but I really want to upgrade to a bigger bin once I move out of this apartment. I still get compost if I turn the piles frequently, but the yield is very low and the stuff at the top tends to dry out while the bottom just rots anaerobically.

No. 250601

they look super cute pressed into baked goods or cookies! and i love things like nasturtiums for salad or calendula for tea, but realistically i don't use them very often, I just like the idea of growing things I can eat, they're also usually favs of bees and other pollinators too so that's nice to have around

No. 257653

File: 1650475373156.png (661.92 KB, 737x508, image0.png)

this is YOUR sign from gardening nonnie (or god) to go to the home improvement store, get a plant and research it all night

also there are many nice things to forage right now! I found a fuckton of bear garlic (bärlauch in german) the other day and put it in my salad. i love you nonnies

No. 257656

File: 1650475513782.jpg (2.32 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_1077.jpg)

look how much of it I found! its in the garlic family, and grows in all non evergreen forests across europe and asia.
it tastes like a mix of chives and garlic!

No. 257666

What.. what is it? This grows in some random forgotten buckets at my parents' and I've been wondering what it is lol

No. 257669

Korean people eat it a lot and it's super expensive in grocery stores, so my parents grow their own. Dunno the English name, but the Korean name roughly translates to "Mountain garlic".

No. 257670

Sf but it's called Allium victorialis or victory onion.

No. 257764

you're cute, nona. i dream of foraging, but tbh i'm too nervous! i live in a city and though i've identified some stuff near me, i feel like i just can't trust the soil. please eat lots of bear garlic for me.

No. 258002

I'm this anon.

I got some venus fly traps like a month ago. They're kinda small, I'm hoping they start growing more vigorous soon. They've been getting bugs caught in their traps (sometimes with my help), so it's been looking healty so far. I want to transplant them into a bigger pot but I don't think I need to. Maybe next year or something. Lowkey wanna get another one but I should see if I can keep these two alive first kek.

No. 258034

does anyone have tips for growing coriander from seed in pots? we have rabbits and I've tried like, 3 times. Currently on 4th attempt. Previous 3 were under grow lights and they got leggy and died.

they're surprisingly awkward plants. Lots of weird needs.
they don't really need help with getting bugs honestly. correct water. correct substrate. correct temp. they can be left in dishes of water.
for something that's just thrown around in nurseries they don't tell you much about keeping it alive

No. 258050

File: 1650622595519.jpg (6.45 MB, 4128x3096, 20200820_092634.jpg)

I strongly recommend you to try, if there are dogs or other animals around wash it very well before consuming and you can freeze it in bags or tupperware before using. I like to cut it in stripes so its easily available.
you can eat all sorts of things, stinging nettle, dandelions etc. key is washing it well, if the dandellions and nettle is big, healthy and strong you dont need to worry about the soil quality, they are a sign of it being good to begin with. you always should wash anything you forage very, very well. cooking it briefly, like blanching or even simmering removes all other bad bacteria or fungi that might be living on the plants.
youve only had them for a month, if it comes in a weird plastic container with huge plastic walls id say to remove them and follow instructions, youtube is a godsent when it comes to plants since due to covid so many hobby gardeners took up making videos for extra money.
hey nonnie! never give up, any gardener kills a bunch of plants unwillingly before having them flourish.
my recommendation is to watch a few videos, get a good size pot (you can recycle milk/yoghurt/butter containers too!) good quality potting soil, i recently got a bunch of bags of different soil and one of them is herb/starter soil. the different kinds have different bacteria and fungi living in it, as certain soil will have bacteria that inhibits seedlings. light is vital, but every herb has different things they ask for. for instance ive not managed to grow good parsley yet, but ive managed to grow beautiful basil along my tomatos 2 years ago. picrel

No. 258052

File: 1650622904036.jpg (260.78 KB, 1200x1720, seared-ramps.jpg.optimal.jpg)

also for all my NA nonnies, I just found out on /out/ that in north america they dont have the bear garlic but they have ramps. they are basically the same thing, but native to your forests.
I strongly recommend for you to go outside, breathe in the fresh forest air and enjoy foraging for them

No. 258086

Been working hard to get into growing more. Managed to grow two of things I ate in chili last night instead of one, so progress! Getting some garlic ready to go in the ground and soaking some dried beans for the soil. Wish me luck nonnis.

No. 258124

They definitely have weird needs. But it's totally worth it kek. I keep mine in a tray of distilled water at all times, sometimes I let it dry out just a little bit so it doesn't get root rot. I keep it outside during the day and bring it back in at night. When it gets to summer I think i'll be able to keep it outside at night. I know they don't necessarily need help with bugs, but I have two venus flytraps and while they're both in pots that is almost the size of a red solo cup, one of them has smaller sized traps and haven't caught anything without my help. The other one with bigger traps on the otherhand doesn't need my help at all. It caught three flies in one day like a week and ago.

Don't worry nona I got them from an actual carnivorous plant store. They also have a youtube channel so it's been helpful

No. 258128

It may help you to know while Parsley is growing if the soil dries out it goes bitter. Droughts stress out parsley like nothing else. Try giving it water more often in smaller amounts to keep the soil damp, but not over saturated. Cut down what’s already grown so it can try again.

No. 258283

File: 1650700168948.jpg (4.51 MB, 4000x3000, P1040067.JPG)

yeah, thats been my issue. ive been gardening for 3 years but i still dont have the water to soil ratio down well with plants that always like it a little moist. i didnt even manage to grow enough for it to become bitter, but now i am motivated to

No. 258322

Have you thought about getting him his own water ball feeder? Then you just have to keep it full and it keeps it moist. Or planting dandelion by it. There roots are deeper and break up the soil for the surrounding plants letting them pull more water out of the surrounding soil. Sidenote the water orbs are good for parsley, chive, and marjoram.

No. 258348

File: 1650729144705.jpg (29.96 KB, 266x358, 266px-Althaea_officinalis_-_Kö…)

I need some advice. I sowed a bunch of Althaea officinalis (marshmallow) in my greenhouse. I can't quite find anywhere when to plant them out in my garden though. The last day of frost is in 3ish weeks where I am, would planting them outside in full soil be fine after that?

No. 258357

Yes. Once you’re sure the last frost is over you should be good to put them in the soil.

No. 258379

Good to know, thanks!

No. 259404

Ants have gotten into my tomato starts and now the windowsill I keep them on is crawling with ants. It’s gross and I really want to put them outside but technically I’m not supposed to do that until the 20th of May. Is it okay to put them outside earlier if I transfer them to big pots and temporarily move them back inside (or maybe into the shed?) if there’s a chance of frost? I guess we’ll find out because I need to get these ants out of my house ASAP.

No. 259406

If it frosts the tomatoes could die. Sweet orange oil is your best bet. Line your window seals and doors with it. Anywhere you’re having issues around the bottom of the pots. It fucks up ants pheromones to talk to each other. Then maybe put a little borax and sugar out where there’s a bunch. Borax is soap. When it’s mixed with sugar they take it back eat it and they die. The orange oil should stop them though otherwise keep your tomatoes in pots and move them in at night. Or take a flat top sheet and cover them to keep the frost out if they need to go out.

No. 259415

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll definitely look into the sweet orange oil. Killing the ants with borax also sounds like a good idea since I’m pretty sure the colony is right outside the back door and they’ll probably keep coming back, but my cat wil eat and drink literally anything I put out so I’ll have to think of a cat-safe way to do that.
There’s no frost expected tonight but I’ll move my pots inside just in case.

No. 259417

If you know where the hill is take a pot of boiling water after it’s dark and you can dump in the hole and flood them out. You’ll need a big pot. Wait till it’s dark though so they’ve all returned home. Check back in a couple days and see if they’ve rebuilt if not you got them.

No. 259463

anon there are those little tins with poison that ants go into (too small of a hole for animals to eat) and feed the food to their queen. kills the nest entirely like this. look at your daily weather report to check if it's gonna be below freezing that night if you want it out now

No. 259797

Planted too many black beans. That is all

No. 259824

woah girl you're really living on the wild side! slow down there! let's keep this black bean scandal to ourselves!

No. 259828

That sounds like a great problem tp have

No. 259839

I put a potato in some water and it grew a skinny lil root. How long should I wait before putting it in dirt?

No. 259845

Wait for him to have two to three inches of roots.
I know I don’t know why I assumed all 60 plus beans wouldn’t sprout but every body is getting a baby bean plant and cantaloupe for Mother’s Day because I went too hard. Mock me and my bean army. Kek

No. 259881

my potato pronouns are she/her
please don't misgender her

No. 259888

File: 1651262911812.jpg (38.41 KB, 387x387, 03392_01_el_eden.jpg)

I'm growing some garlic I felt too bad to throw out because it had started to sprout. Also I have like a million guajillo seeds. Dunno what they are called in english though.

No. 259899

I’m doing the same with the garlic. My chilis were attacked by pests.

No. 262947

Ausfag here. Some of my plants are now dying as winter is upon us, so I am thinking of getting rid of about 2-3 of them as I can tell they're just not salvageable. What are your suggestions for cold weather plants that resist the frosty winds well?

No. 263049

I prefer winter greens. Like certain kinds of kale. Keep in mind pollinators might be wintering in the debris of plants when you clear them. You can also use top sheets or cut the bottom of plastic jugs and set them over the plants as a cheap frost protection at night.

No. 263059

I peed too much in my plants. I think it's too strong. Should I pour even more water (to dilute the piss) and risk drowning them, or wait for the piss to dry out?

No. 263070

File: 1652285112932.png (79.64 KB, 599x384, Screenshot_20220416-131759_(1)…)

Are you the same nonnie putting period blood and nail clippings in her plants? I am taking care of my plants wrong by just giving them water?

No. 263087

Yes. I just checked and there's a new little baby sprout! I tried piss for the first time like 3 days ago after a lot of hesitation. But they're all doing so fucking good. Just got a bug terrarium as well where I'm keeping some insects. Hoping they'll breed so I get many more corpses for the plants.

At least try giving them hair, that's not THAT gross. I don't use the hair on my head because it's dyed.

No. 263097

File: 1652290453558.jpg (69.96 KB, 660x350, 15a45110-7a11-40e3-be75-a5e5fa…)

Who told you to start feeding your plants bodily fluids?? I feel like I'm being gaslit into doing this because I just use water and compost for my plants ffs

On a slightly different note, I just got some more Venus fly traps after my other one that was doing well previously dried out (rip). I did give two of the heads micro meal worms as a snack but it may have been too much to digest at once or something because they turned black after a couple of days. I'm thinking the exoskeletons of the mealworms was too hard for them and it overworked the plant or it wasn't getting sufficient sunlight on the windowsill I provided. And yes I was using distilled water.

No. 263099

nta but urine has lots of nitrogen and other stuff that plants like, it's basically free fertilizer. It's also really good for compost, some people pee on their compost heap instead of adding water for moisture.

No. 263103

Wouldn't that make your stuff smell like pee? No thnks I'll just use my used aquarium water

No. 263216

File: 1652321807877.jpg (21.24 KB, 235x353, a5f4a8ba09afde998d59568c520558…)


I feed my venus flytrap agonizing mosquitoes that just have bitten me just cuz I'm a spiteful bitch.

Aside note, rule of thumb for them, they need way less insects than other carnivorous species. Probably they are overeating/ the insects u give them are bigger than they can handle. Chances are their bodies get rotten before their digestion.

One insect in one of their traps is enough for weeks.

Also, their traps tend to get black soon when their dormancy period starts.

Carnivorous Plants are so lovely, I'm so addicted to them.

No. 263252

On the topic of venus flytraps, I noticed the teeth on one my plants are like squiggly or curly looking. Whats causing that? I have three new traps with that squiggly teeth while the others that are a bit older are normal and straight.

No. 263256

I was just scrolling by and thought that was a giant, weirdly shaped, flesh colored dildo next to the wine bottle kek

No. 263320

Their heads are equivalent to their leaves, so its like a leaf is wilting. Perhaps too much sun on those maybe? I have one trap plant that all the leaves seem to be curling like this except the new baby growths, while the other is straight and red heads. I don't know if this plant is just defective but she's hanging in there.

Aha I love pitcher plants too, do you have one? I want to get one but might have to specialty order one since I don't think the nurseries here carry them.

No. 263395

best way to grow beets? Also bump, be careful with scrolling!

No. 263449

File: 1652404037747.jpg (221.74 KB, 800x712, 19667671024_1afefe8b78_b.jpg)


Sometimes weird traps happen. It's just life. Start monitoring it, and try to feed it an extra insect, so they can boost some energy. But mostly it is just plants being derpy.


Sis, go look for sarracenia. This type looks like a super gross dildo.


I have more than 10 different species in my garden. It's kinda funny when people visit me at home, some people legit get a bit scared of them.

They require a lot of love and care. Some species are perennial and die quite quickly some droseras like pic related, but with some knowledge you can clone them, harvest seeds, or even mix types and produce a weird frankenplant.

I rec you the book The Savage Garden: Cultivating Carnivorous Plants (it's easy to find its pdf) so you can search the best one for you.

No. 263450

File: 1652404397314.jpeg (8.17 KB, 259x194, images.jpeg)


and I was stupid and overlooked the fact you wanted pitcher. If you live in a hot weather, they will be happy. It's really easy to take care of them.

If you don't wanna get scammed, go for a seedling.

They are lovely and run for pretty cheap. Adult ones tend to be super expensive where I live, and they grow super quick. Just don't let them be on direct sun when they are petite.

No. 263454

I thought that pic was of a big ass bug for a second.

No. 263463

Whats your favorite sundew? Do you have any experience with mexican butterworts? I'm just starting out so I got some venus fly traps.

No. 263478

Speaking of weird frankenplants, something about breeding hybrids has always seemed so fun to me but I’ve only ever heard of people doing this with orchids and roses. I’m a beginner gardener and don’t have a ton of space (plus kids in my backyard who might mess up more delicate plants) so I always figured this was beyond me. Are there easier plants that can be hybridised or spliced with visible results? They don’t have to be pretty flowers or anything. I just want to play mad plant scientist on my windowsill.

No. 263654

Squash and Zucchini are two vegetables that cross pollinate for hybrids pretty easy. Sometimes you can get squash that grow stupid fast.

No. 263655

graft random bonsai together

No. 263797

File: 1652535639559.jpg (80.06 KB, 478x720, 7885287400225efb9d649c449d55b7…)

So I've sowed squash (Jumbo pink banana) and the instructions say to "regularly remove the growth tips" That's probably an awkward translations, but I hope you know what I mean, the new growth. Anyway that's too vague for an inexperienced gardener like me. How often is regularly and from when on should I start trimming them? When the first fruit appears or earlier than that? I've just taken them from the greenhouse outside in full soil. I need some guidance please, I can provide a pic of one of the plants if it's needed.

Pic not mine

No. 263813

Not sure I fully understand the question, but the more flowers you remove from the plant the bigger the ones you leave will grow cause the plant has to divide it's energy between fruit so if you have a lot of fruit on your plant they will all be very small, if you only leave a couple flowers behind the fruit they grow into will be bigger.

No. 263905

What herbs are good to grow in winter?

No. 263918

Wtf is wrong with you
It’s gardening not human sacrifice

It depends of where do you live in (the amount of sunlight) and what kind of setup do you have

No. 263984

Honestly I am too lazy to water my garden every day. What flower seeds can I just plant and let the natural elements handle? I used to do that with zinnia seeds but are there any others?

No. 263992

That's climate specific.

No. 264043

I cut off the stem of my petunia because they were wilting. I probably shouldnt have doen that. Will it regrow? And if so how long will it take?

No. 264085

File: 1652629089024.jpg (69.97 KB, 600x864, pdxn48m2m9p11.jpg)

snapdragons. they're pretty, colorful, very hardy, and you can make new colors of flowers by cross-pollinating and planting the seeds. also the seed pods look like picrel.

No. 264194


Unfortunately, I still didn’t had the opportunity to get a Mexican Pinguicula. They produce cute super cute flowers. I heard they are easy to care, but let them to have a good drainage system. Also don’t water their leaves.

Flytraps are a good start, just make sure to cut their floral steam, because it drains the plant for almost an entire season if you maintain it.

My favorite must have is a Nephentes Ventricosa, cutely named Porcelain. Someday I’ll get my hands on one of them.

My current favorites at my garden atm is a Nephentes Graciliflora, the very first one I got. Even though she is from a simple species, she is currently measuring around 2 meters and with no signs of stopping growing. Some of their traps could easily digest a tiny rodent. (No rodents are harmed, she eats shrimps and fish food tho)

Also, pic relate is my favorite carnivorous flower. Their flower look like bunnies, and they grow like weed here.


Mint! Also any tea herbs.


If I could, I would happily feed chopped moid dicks for my babies, sis.

No. 264195

File: 1652654669186.jpg (50.78 KB, 600x462, e6fb89be2669db169117bf95a62e2c…)


I meant this by pic related. Name is Utricularia Sandersonii, or which I call Mr. President since I'm a jojosis

No. 264243

Nta but this is adorable and lovely, cutest carnivorous plant I've seen

No. 265895

File: 1653348214561.jpg (126.36 KB, 800x534, Purple-heart-plant.jpg)

If anyone is looking for an interesting bulletproof plant I'd recommend the purple heart. I have a thing for purple plants, it stays a real pretty purple color all year outdoors, though I have some inside that grow a light green.
Its also one of the easiest plants I've ever propagated, mine came from a single cut stem of my neighbors. It spreads pretty quickly too so keep it contained in a pot if you don't want it taking over your beds.

No. 265946

late but I just wanted to add that this stuff is extremely tasty and I recommend it very much. It’s soo good in salads and almost everything. The flowers are kind of smelly and too sharp in taste so i recommend to just use the leaves. If you see them in the wild and they don’t have any flowers yet it can be confused with Convallaria majalis, which is very poisonous tho. Their leaves look almost the same and they both grow in early spring but if you take a piece of leaf and see if it smells like garlic your safe. Great plant, if you put it into a pot or your patch it just grows on its own every year without any maintenance.
wow this doesn’t look carnivorous at all!

No. 266118

Nonnies, how do you deal with slugs? I've seen a few different methods to try but I'd like to hear what works for you. Ideally it should be non-toxic because my neighbour's cat likes my garden and I don't want to hurt him.

No. 266137

Salt them motherfuckers

No. 266171

Tips on growing zucchinis? Mine grow pretty well but they're tasteless and watery when I eat them and I can't figure out why. The soil is rich (fertilized with poultry waste and leaves) and they take a good amount of sun.

Also my strawberries aren't growing a lot and they get eaten by snails or other bugs. Is there any way to get rid of them naturally? I don't want to put poisons and pesticides on them.

No. 266179

I used to put down a bowl with cheap or expired beer as a trap. Tho i don't think that would be good for your neighbours cat if it accidentally drinked it

No. 266193

I haven't had much trouble with snails since a hedgehodge moved into my garden.

Maybe it's just a watery cultivar?

No. 266194

wool pellets

No. 266195

Don’t put it on the plant. You’ll kill bees but to stop beetles and slugs you can take an empty plastic gallon. Cut the bottom off and place it over the plant and then cover it in D.E. So it makes a white circle around the plant. DE is too big and will stop them.

No. 266460

One of my pumpkin plants isn't doing well. It's leaves are turning very yellow/yellowgreenish and it doesn't seem to be growing like the others. I just took it from my greenhouse outside a week or so ago. Up until that point it was seemingly doing fine. What could be wrong with it? Is it just rootsystem damage?

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