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No. 1763618

>adhere to site and board rules
>do NOT respond to bait
>report and ignore trolls or obvious maleposters instead of replying like an idiot

previous thread: >>>/ot/1752250

No. 1763619

>that op pic
Kek, assblasted.

No. 1763621

>it’s because of lack of access to good quality food
>spend your SNAP/TANF on groceries then
>kek poor ass nigga
Leave me the fuck alone lmfao you’re just upset that you’re fat

No. 1763622

I'm not invested in this infight at all but shit threadpic OP

No. 1763623

Quit being hangry it's not our fault you're poor.

No. 1763624

Stop it was the first one I could find do you have a better relevant pic nonnie

No. 1763625

You can be poor and use the money that you have to purchase healthy foods, is the bottomline. You can’t really ignore that.

No. 1763627

Your blood sugar must be low cause idk wtf you're arguing to yourself about. Is that why you think everyone around you is overeating nonny?

No. 1763628

File: 1699591828190.jpg (268.01 KB, 1280x909, ugly thoughts.jpg)

there are no ugly people only ugly thoughts

No. 1763629

File: 1699591830354.png (3.1 MB, 1200x900, rexfeatures_735760a.png)

I don't know it feels like she should be angrier cos it's the unpopular opinion thread

No. 1763630

Looks like vomit into a plate.

Pasta is so overrated.

No. 1763631

>Stop it was the first one I could find
Suspect at best.

No. 1763632

But there are ugly crusty fatties who are gross to look at and smell bad in public. That’s a real thing. Lucky you if you haven’t faced that.

No. 1763633

Yes, stress can definitely result in your body clinging onto extra fat, but being fat on its own exacerbates that stress. So how else to decrease your stress than by eating foods that are healthy for your brain and will decrease the inflammation in your body, therefore making it easier for you to lose weight; instead of continuing to make unhealthy decisions that only increase your cortisol and make you fatter.

No. 1763634

We're gonna need you to stop sperging about fatties. It's really boring.

No. 1763635

Go take a shower there’s dead skin in one of your neck folds

No. 1763636

You can be eating healthy but your body can still cling to the fat due to the cortisol.
Could you be more dense.
Poor people need to eat healthier or they wind up retarded like this poor exfat who clearly didn't get her vitamins.

No. 1763641

But if you’re eating less? And exercising more? You lose weight no matter how stressed you are. That’s just the facts of life. No matter how distressed you are you can still lose fat and become skinny, homeless people who are forced to starve would still be fat as they were when they first hit the street from the stress of having no roof over their head if stress alone is enough to keep someone fat.

No. 1763644

Tons of fat homeless folk. Step outside anon.

No. 1763645

I live in a city that is in the top 3 for homeless populations, and it’s all rail thin out there, so…not sure what to tell you

No. 1763646

I would rather be fat than poor.

No. 1763647

Are you sure they’re fat and homeless or are they fat and just look homeless by your standards nonnie? Are you interviewing them too?

No. 1763650

Not everyone who’s capable of losing weight is an anachan

No. 1763651

Anachans and HAES are the two sides of the same coin. They're both ugly, malnourished, sickly, and pitiful monsters who hate themselves so much that they lash out and seethe at the mere sight of anyone different than their boxed ideal, fat people and skinny people respectively, to the point that it's almost schizophrenic in nature while still having the audacity to be on a high-horse of morality. You're both monsters that enrapture the insecure into your retarded cults to corrupt them. Oh, and body acceptance and self improvement > blind body positivity.

No. 1763652

Since I leave my house I have been to NYC, LA, and Seattle.
Overweight and fat homeless definitely are present. The only time they are thin is if they are mental and/or long time into drugs–which to your point is a majority of them. But it's not because they diet and eat healthy lmao. Jfc.

No. 1763653

Are you gonna provide some evidence or just say this? Because I can go outside tomorrow and snap some pics of the homeless encampment so you can see for yourself what people who have been homeless for years look like

No. 1763654

Did you interview the skinny ones to make sure they were true homeless too?
Maybe they shop at Whole Foods and have a Planet Fitness membership but just prefer to sleep on the street and shoot up to be trendy and low key.
You fucking idiot.

No. 1763656

>harassing homeless because a farmer made you angry
Seek heeeeeeeeelp lmao.

No. 1763658

You don’t gotta approach anyone to snap a photo with your phone kek the homeless aren’t even sentient

No. 1763659

Lmao, for the sake of their dignity just pretend I'm a hamplanet and we'll say you won the internet argument. K babe? Now please leave the homeless alone.

No. 1763660

Nonnie you aren’t going to stay fat if you’re not being fed and sleeping in 20 degrees of cold every night.

No. 1763664

Wrong, I exist. But I also have ugly thoughts, the outside and inside are all matchy matchy.

No. 1763673

This is gonna be wildly unpopular but livepoasting your suicide attempt is fucking obnoxious and should be a bannable offense

No. 1763678

i bet you are a sunshine you just have to have pretty thoughts

No. 1763680

I don't think this is unpopular.

Jannies are just asleep.

No. 1763703

File: 1699594642155.jpg (71.52 KB, 596x800, 232396fg.jpg)

how does nonny explain people in the 18th century being fatasses. 99% from paintings of the time would be considered overweight nowadays

No. 1763706

Because the only portraits are of royalty and they could afford to pig out nonnette. Everyone knows that the rich preferred more plump women because it was an obvious sign that they were of some level of nobility or luxury

No. 1763707

nta but 99% of people who got portraits painted in old times were rich as fuck and eating their weight in butter kek

No. 1763709

I'm going to commit suicide live on lolcow just out of spite now

No. 1763710

>tfw will never be a 18th century nobel fatty eating roasted pig every day while the peasants die of malaria
why live

No. 1763711

There’s no lolcow live feature I hate to brake it to you

No. 1763716

Think that post was in reference to anons who sometimes post in threads detailing their attempts and self harm. Thought I saw someone post about ingesting pills in the vent thread earlier.

No. 1763718

in a gentle way, anon, are you autistic? No one was actually confused, just joaks

No. 1763720

Autistic people are usually funnier not because they’re comedic but easy to laugh at

No. 1763773

File: 1699598378274.jpeg (245.77 KB, 1170x1563, IMG_0783.jpeg)

I think men should be the ones who are forced to wear makeup and get judged harshly if they don’t, because they’re the ones with ugly faces

No. 1763779

Fag who posted cillian murphy first I hope you’re happy with what you started

No. 1763787

this is how I feel about shaving. Why is the sex with LESS hair the one who's expected to remove it? Most women have an alright amount of body hair but most men are excessive and jungle-like

No. 1763824

ughhhhh I love Joshua Connor Moon's voice and how it cracks so much. also he has a cute laugh idk.

No. 1763846

Posting your suicide note on lolcow is really pathetic

No. 1764010

Lolcow is literally a website by males for males. The main admin is a man, the busiest boards are /snow/ and /pt/ which exist to bully schizo women who are too retarded to know better, it’s a very scrotish space. I love /ot/, /g/, and /m/ but it doesn’t surprise me that we get so many troonish spergouts. It’s what the website functions for.

No. 1764021

You forgot to mention all the men hateworshiping shayna.

No. 1764036

Suicide baiting to complete strangers is a sociopathic traits

No. 1764049

I felt sad for the one anon who posted her email and deleted it in an attempt to offer a shoulder to cry on to whoever posted that. I can’t imagine who could’ve possibly seen it and who could be bothering her

No. 1764132

I don’t care if models get treated like shit and don’t get paid much. They already know the money is trash etc but they want validation that they’re attractive and that’s the only reason the model.

No. 1764167

You sound like an embittered whore

No. 1764173

Agency’s already tell them before hand they arent going to get paid and most of the time they will have to pay their own fees and they still wanna do it because they’re attention whores. I only feel bad for those models who are like teenagers from Russia or Africa who have no idea what’s going on.

No. 1764179

Those teenagers are also almost always trafficked, it’s so sad. And they’re doing it to send home money to their families so a lot of the time they won’t even try to get themselves out of the situation.

No. 1764197

This. I read a book claiming that people with eating disorders are paradoxically often very food motivated, which might be what led them down the path to eating disorders in the first place in an attempt to control themselves. The book claimed epigenetics can play a role. If you go through a period of famine, genes that make you prioritize food will switch on, often permanently, and these genes can also be passed down to your children and grandchildren. This explains binge-type eating behavior (restriction followed by uncontrolled binging) and also how disordered eating can be hereditary. I think anachans and fatties are similar in that they obsess over food, have extreme black/white thinking in terms of food and health, while lacking an evidence based, sustainable and holistic approach towards healthy living.

No. 1764198

You both sound like moids.

No. 1764215

Nta but it doesn't mean they're wrong. You sound jealous of models.

No. 1764220

>doesn't mean they're wrong
Yes it does.

No. 1764224

What’s wrong about what I said? Models aren’t only women. The industry pays models like shit because they already know the type of person who will be a model. It’s either going to be people who are basically trafficked or people who are attention whores who want clout.

No. 1764226

Not everyone here is a radfem stop tone policing

No. 1764228

Samefag and the most successful models are nepo babies these days because they’re the only ones who can really afford to do a vogue photoshot for free. The poor pretty people get chewed up and spat out because they can’t afford the life style.

No. 1764231

Aren’t the nepo models all prostitutes

No. 1764235

I don’t understand people who have kids these days out of wed lock and them complain about how expensive children are. Wtf did you think was going to happen? You work at Applebees. Anytime parents get online crying about how expensive kids are they really should be embarrassed.

No. 1764236

This is such a weird way of thinking. You just come out as extremely jealous. So what if some woman want attention? It doesn't mean they should be abused and get taken advantage of.

No. 1764238

Jealous of what? Getting paid nothing just so I can say I’m a model?

No. 1764239

Then why seethe over it if models have such shitty lives lol

No. 1764242

I’m not mad that the kind of people who become models are attention whores. I can’t take it seriously when models are complaining about being paid 500-1000 a show at best because they continue to do the job simply because they want attention. You go into a job that pays you nothing, makes you pay for your own shit and treats you like the dirt on the bottom of their shoe only because you want the label of a model….that makes you an attention whore.

No. 1764249

Your so right sis, calling eachother whores sluts and roasties has always been part of lolcow.

No. 1764253

models can be men too. Wtf are you mad about? I didn’t even specifically say women and you’re trying to turn it into a mysoggyknees debate

No. 1764256

Of them being prettier than you.

No. 1764261

So what? That's not a valid reason for them to not be paid fairly. A lot of other professions involve people wanting attention; singers, comedians, writers, tv hosts, actors. They should all be paid fairly regardless.

No. 1764264

Not all attractive people are stupid and thirsty for clout so no

No. 1764265

My point is that men aren't allowed to post here.

No. 1764267

If you’re walking on a run way for a few hours 500-1000 is reasonable pay or taking pictures its reasonable pay. If they expect more than that from being a prop and standing around not only are they attention whores but they’re also delusional.

No. 1764268

OK? Still sounds like you're bitter about being ugly.

No. 1764269

You don't get to decide what their work is worth. Unless you have worked as a model, your opinion has no weight or value.

No. 1764270

A lot of high fashion models are ugly so I’m not sure what your point is

No. 1764271

You’re right I don’t get to decide but the people in charge of that industry do decide and I agree with them

No. 1764274

Weird groomer pickme take.

No. 1764275

No a 23 year old model who decides to stand out in the freezing cold and get called fat for a tiny taste of validation is being being groomed she’s just stupid

No. 1764277

You said you agree with the industry, which is run by pedophilic, old, greedy men who exploit young women. So, yes, you are a weird groomer pickme.

No. 1764278

It smells like trannyhands in here

No. 1764280

There are plenty of adult women who go into that industry anyway knowing this because they want validation for their appearance. Bella hadid knows that the industry is pedophilic and predatory but she doesn’t care because she can afford the life style and get her ego fed.

No. 1764282

You’re being sarcastic but yes it really has

No. 1764283

Isn't trannyhands a self-admitted anachan? Probably got told he/she was too old, short or unattractive to model, and has been malding at the ones who got picked ever since.

No. 1764284

I doubt you're attractive tbh.

No. 1764285

If you’re only defense is calling me ugly or a man it’s because you have no good argument against what I’m saying because I’m right

No. 1764289

It's the spite you hold and your allegiance to nasty old men that leads us to that conclusion.

No. 1764291

Yeah, most people want validation they are attractive and a majority of people would seize an opportunity to be models if they could(if they did not have a stable career path prior). You are just upset you will never be given such an opportunity. Cope harder.

No. 1764301

I would for sure be a model if I were rich and hot. There’s nothing wrong with being a attention whore but they have to understand that modeling is not a job you get paid for in cash but in clout and validation. If you’re poor and trying to break into modeling you’re wasting your time because it’s not meant for poor people to thrive in. It’s a job for rich people to have fun and get attention and then grow up, get married and brag about how they used to model in their 20s.

No. 1764307

Poor people aren't picky

No. 1764311

Poor people have nothing to lose so if they're hot why not try? And there are plenty of successful models who weren't born rich.

No. 1764314

No it hasn't, you used to get banned for posting your incelshit here. kill yourself xy chromosmoid.

No. 1764316

They can try but I don’t care about them bitching that they’re in debt because they have to pay go to Paris and only get paid 400 dollars when they get there. If they want to follow a pipe dream it’s their problem when they fail.

No. 1764318

If it was trannyhands, this thread would be filled with 20 posts about his cervix by now kek.

No. 1764324

I’m a woman, believe it or not women all have different personalities. Have you seen the insults and jokes that get said on here? Why is “whore” too far for you?

No. 1764335

Honestly gorgeous people’s lives are easy enough, they’ll get the money some other way regardless.

No. 1764337

No one just throws money at anyone

No. 1764343

Do people pay any attention to the models though? I thought all the focus was on the clothing and the models were paid to be basically walking coat hangers, I doubt most of them are attention whores aside from the super famous ones.

No. 1764429

Pie is better than cake

No. 1764445

We should have a thread for fatties who want to stay fat. Kinda like the non-recovering NEETs thread.

No. 1764472

We really should at this point it’s obvious we got a few fatties in the farm

No. 1764473

I got this random hair removal ad on IG and the woman was shaming another woman for having barely visible leg hair. like holyshit, let women be. this kind of expectation for women to be totally hairless is disgusting while men walk around with sweaters on their backs and chests.

No. 1764521

I don’t understand why women are expected to be hairless when we can be hairy as hell and still smell and look 10x better than big disgusting drain hairball moids

No. 1764580

What would they even talk about? Food?

No. 1764612

i'm not part of this argument but you're blessed for not being active in /snow/ 5+ years ago. all you need to do is go back and see for yourself

No. 1764729

Maybe how hard it is being fat? How to prevent chub rub? Who knows kek

No. 1764732

According to the argument I'm in currently, its an unpopular opinion that trannies shouldnt compete against women.

No. 1764765

No way the moderation could handle all the trolling and baiting that would happen there. Even the NEETs get spooked once in a while when someone tells them to clean their room and not to annoy their mothers

No. 1764767

File: 1699645568413.jpg (40.63 KB, 820x466, zEiaCJW.jpg)

I don't understand why women are mad about "ugly" women getting movie roles. Scrotes? Not surprised there because they think all women exist to fuck them and any women who isn't attractive to them shouldn't exist. But women why? There are million dollar beauty companies built on making women feel ugly and pressuring them into spending things to look beautiful. Hollywood played into this by refusing to portray ugly women on screen outside villain roles. Even characters that are supposed to not be conventionally pretty like Carrie who was fat in the books, was always played by a pretty actress in movie adaptations. So why are women mad that movies stopped trying to make them feel ugly? I say this as someone is very confident about my looks.

No. 1764769

because now influencers drive trends instead of the brands, there are people buying clothing or make up just because bella hadid or hailey beiber wore it.

No. 1764770

agreed, it's such a stupid thing to get upset over

No. 1764777

My mom always gets super mad when she sees ugly/fat women on the screen, probably because she's not a looker herself (by her own admission) and she has very low self-esteem, it makes me sad.

No. 1764778

also agreed, hollywood is filled with bottom of the barrel, hideous, balding, predatory, geriatric scrotes that are lauded as being the sexiest beings on the planet and women eat it up. the only reason I think they're shitting on this woman getting cast is because they have low self esteem and shitting on women they think are beneath them makes them feel better kek

No. 1764782

I agree, I think when it's some sort of stockholm syndrome situation? The women complaining are usually very insecure, trying to cope with the thought that all of that time spent on slaving to conform to and to uphold the beauty standard (even if they fit into it or not) might be all for nothing. I hope this makes sense I've been rewriting this reply for like 15 minutes because I don't know how to word my thoughts kek

No. 1764783

Not trying to make it sound rational at all, but shallowness is hard to defeat, people just sympathize with pretty people and want to see them succeed, and dislike ugly people instinctually on some pretty deep monkey level. Ugly people still dislike other ugly people when they should understand best how it feels to be conventionally unattractive. It'd take a lot more to make this change stick than just casting ugly people, since audiences will just not show up and feed Hollywood execs the same message of not casting ugly people.

No. 1764787

My point of view is that I like my entertainment to have impossibly perfect people, settings, situations and scenarios because it's fun that way since these things don't exist in real life, and I see the opposite in real life everyday so it gets boring and it's even worse when even my escapism have them. Sure, we can have both for all kinds of people and different tastes, but I don't want ugliness in fiction to be the standard personally. I'm also an avid hater of the whole representation discourse so opinions like yours reminds me of it. That aside, nonas were complaining about the new Regina George because she didn't look like a hot popular girl who'd bully ugly unpopular ones, not because she's objectively ugly. Bringing this up because of your picrel.

No. 1764788

I’m really not trying to sound mean when I say this but I take fat actors less seriously. They’re all Chris Farley to me. I couldn’t take a fat Regina George seriously tbh

No. 1764790

How many of those anons do you think are driverfags

No. 1764796

>fat regina george
go rattle your bones elsewhere, the actress is looks like a healthy weight to me. there have been moids like jessie plemons or brendan fraser in movies since the dawn of time yet they're accoladed actors and no one throws fits about them being fat fucks. the way people are acting like they cast a morbidly obese woman who has to use a mobility scooter to move around is hilariously sad

No. 1764800

I'm not fat so I don't care if people dislike the casting, besides, it doesn't make sense for the character, Regina has an ED and is very superficial

No. 1764801

god that new regina has nothing on Rachel McAdams

No. 1764806

Why are we reeeing about who they’re casting instead of that they’re casting at all. Leave meangirls alone I don’t want to see a woke retard zoomer version. Inb4 trannies

No. 1764809

Nta but I don't remember Regina George ever having ED? There was like 1 line in the movie about the cranberry juice to lose 3 lbs but it was never consistent to related to the story?

No. 1764811

Regina is a privileged mean girl who uses her good looks and influence to be unpleasant towards others, she's supposed to represent a toxic, unreachable standard in itself. Making her "pleasant and relatable" when her whole character is the opposite of that its contradictory

No. 1764813

Basically according to lolcow users, the perfect woman is
>Extremely thin
>Big tits
>100% feminine features (can't be mistaken for a troon)
>Has never had sex with a man
Yeah, a lot of you are on the same par with scrotes kek

No. 1764823

this site has become tradthot heaven

No. 1764826

Regina wasn't supposed to be literally Aphrodite, why do you need a high school character to be as hot as possible? Personally I think the character selection made it more realistic. The pretty popular girl actually looks like a pretty high schooler and not a 20 something yr old super model, the characters literally look like actual high school students

They did completely destroy her character though, I know they'll probably remove majority of comedic lines and try to make everything progressive. I'm going to be so pissed if they made the brown girls character be completely about her race

No. 1764827

Her character is supposed to be "perfect" by society's standards. Blonde, rich and thin, that's literally the point

No. 1764828

Thin and blonde isn't even the average standard anymore? It was the standard in the 2000s but not now

No. 1764830

nonna you can't say that the anachan coquettes will get mad

No. 1764832

My unpopular opinion is that anons who want characters playing high schoolers to be hot should have their files checked by the FBI

No. 1764834

File: 1699650376977.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1121x2164, EC0D938A-ABAE-4BB5-B86E-D48BD0…)

Women have got to do better. There are women out here killing themselves over scrotes that look like pic related. Are straight women ok?

No. 1764842

>The pretty popular girl actually looks like a pretty high schooler and not a 20 something yr old super model
>the characters literally look like actual high school students
I'm not trying to be mean but the new Regina actually looks older, like, way older. Early-mid 20s maybe.
I didn't say Regina should be hot or sexualized, she's just supposed to be "the prettiest girl at highschool" whatever that means, at the time, "pretty" had a different look

No. 1764845

yeah I didn't know it was happening until I saw this thread and it feels so unnecessary. I was just watching the original too and it's fine the way it is. The trailer was full of tiktok shots which just seems like it'll be so obnoxious. I wouldn't care for it even if they made Regina more skinny and blonde, the role was already filled perfectly

No. 1764850

At least he ain't fat, that's something

No. 1764851

File: 1699650965449.jpg (66.47 KB, 796x647, Christopher Briney.jpg)

Everyone arguing about Regina and ignoring that this is the guy who will be playing Aaron.

No. 1764854

Why does he look like Harry styles in a very uncanny way?

No. 1764855

exactly kek. anons are missing the point
but they are remaking a film, if they are going to make it about todays standards they should have just made a new film

No. 1764859

>new actors look like actual high schoolers
What kind of 16 year olds do you see in your day to day life? Because these actors look adult to me. I have a 16 yo sister and she looks like a child, because 16 yos are children.

No. 1764862

The og guy wasn't a looker either but I'd take him over this Tom Holland and Tomato Chamoletes love child

No. 1764868

Meh he’s not ugly or hot, he just looks like if you mixed all the young white guys gen z crushes on.

No. 1764880

Bruh he looks like he got his face by shooping someone else’s face, shrinking it, and then pasting it on his head.

No. 1764884

File: 1699652611631.gif (8.93 MB, 540x400, 5fab5af1758d79696e352b8d8c95e6…)

Yes, he is average looking, but people don't bat an eye when an average man is portraying what is supposed to be a good looking character. Women don't get the same pass, they get nitpicked by both men and women, just like OP mentioned.

No. 1764885

Huh the new trailer looks way more sexualized than anything in the old movie

No. 1764895

She doesn’t look that healthy she looks kinda chub. Like if she’s 5’5” she’s likely around 160 or 170

No. 1764912

But the celebricows thread did pick on him for being ugly?

No. 1764916

Adventure Time was faggy on its own but making Marceline be a “vegan vampire” girl shut the fyuck up

No. 1764918

Kinda fugly if you ask me

No. 1764921

He's a supporting character, of course nobody gives a damn

No. 1764924

Why did you consider it faggy?

No. 1764925

File: 1699654688376.jpeg (103.39 KB, 433x560, IMG_3076.jpeg)

No. 1764955

File: 1699656452274.jpeg (388.29 KB, 1229x2048, IMG_9924.jpeg)

I like that normal looking women are getting roles, it’s just that they shouldn’t be given parts where they’re supposed to be considered attractive. It’s weird and makes me wonder what they did to land that role, or if the person in charge of casting is some jealous woman who doesn’t want to give the part to a beautiful actress. There are plenty of attractive talented people who would be more pleasant to look at for an hour or two. It doesn’t matter if the character’s appearance doesn’t matter in the movie, but it’s weird that certain average looking women are becoming a-list stars and landing every role in Hollywood when there are actresses out there who are more attractive, talented, charismatic, and have the it-factor that celebrities are supposed to have. It’s partly Hollywood not wanting to take risks by casting new actresses and partly just something weird going on with the casting directors/executives, where they keep casting old men and plain women in every role, probably because of jealousy/intimidation and the casting couch

No. 1764966

is she pregnant

No. 1764969

No that’s just her body type

No. 1764970

Is that the actress who's going to play Regina?

No. 1764973

top kek

No. 1764975

File: 1699657090349.jpeg (246.72 KB, 1500x1125, 92B972F6-C576-44F7-BD85-9687C3…)

Taking away teaching women how to cook and sew and teaching men to build houses etc was bad for society. Since no one knows how to do shit anymore we are just slaves to corporations. I can’t believe back in the 1900s men were buying home kits from sears and building houses that still stand today.

No. 1764979

She looks healthy? You're just probably not around women enough to know, even the anon who posted cheerleaders said her body was comparable to that of a woman who is forced to workout and eat healthy

No. 1764993

She’s definitely slightly chubby anon

No. 1765010

She's overweight, she's 5'7 and allegedly 52kg while looking like this >>1764767, she has to be heavier than that nowadays

No. 1765012

File: 1699658841494.jpg (49.25 KB, 1024x462, BMI-email-4-webp-1024x462.jpg)

where does she fall on the scale nonnas?

No. 1765018

Nah that’s like 145 max unless she’s super muscly, she’s probably at the high end of healthy. Depending on the school it could make sense but in a large school a meaner skinnier girl would be Regina. It’s not the worst casting or anything though.

No. 1765031

File: 1699660392947.jpg (112.07 KB, 750x833, Renee-Rapp-17.jpg)

I feel like the issue is that her body is wide which can make you look big even if you're at a healthy weight. Her styling is horrendous and makes her look huge but looking at bikini pics of her she looks healthy, maybe not slim, but far from the "massive, chubby, unhealthy" body type being described. I also feel like the anon posted pics of the cheerleaders because it's a good example of women who have wide bodies but are still fit

No. 1765032

That's fine if you think that, but don't spread medical misinformation and try to convince people it's an unhealthy body type

No. 1765034


No. 1765039

File: 1699660717023.jpeg (685.14 KB, 1170x1161, IMG_0839.jpeg)

I wish we could go back to having beautiful glamorous actresses. Modern actresses are so plain and boring.

No. 1765040

File: 1699660732487.jpg (136.34 KB, 640x640, 374d1b20ee1e7972456703621464fe…)

They are both too ugly to play popular kids in a high school movie. When ugly women are cast then the moids will be ugly too, let's not kid ourselves.

To me it's a matter of escapism. When I'm watching movies or shows that are meant to be realistic I want the actors to look like ordinary people. But most Hollywood shit is not meant to be realistic. Part of escapism for most people is seeing beautiful things: beautiful scenery, beautiful luxury apartments, beautiful clothes, beautiful people.

No. 1765044

I don't really care about her weight or looks, but this outfit is just kinda dowdy

No. 1765049

Bet this is shooped

No. 1765051

File: 1699661460645.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.7 KB, 500x608, dimples.jpg)

hip dips are adorable and attractive and i am tired of pretending otherwise

No. 1765055

File: 1699661682570.jpeg (477.39 KB, 1170x1412, IMG_9945.jpeg)

Double post, are there any modern actresses who are as striking and beautiful as Ava Gardner? I can’t think of anyone

No. 1765058

I like them too, it’s a pretty and feminine feature

No. 1765063

I feel the same way, Hedy Lamarr, Veronica Lake, Judy Garland, etc were all so beautiful. I think there are so similar modern actresses since Hollywood hasn't gotten very much fresh talent nowadays and most A list actors and actresses were people who have been famous since the 80s and 90s and are very botched now, like Demi Moore and Nicole Kidman.

No. 1765065

File: 1699662192246.jpg (41.1 KB, 720x710, 84b6bf4737ced42e296ff5e4c202a9…)

I liked the 70s and 80s. Tons of cute and striking actors and actresses.

No. 1765066

File: 1699662344863.jpg (125.6 KB, 1280x720, Rita Hayworth.jpg)

Same. I don't understand what has happened nowadays that they stopped making them look like a dream? Even men looked stunning.

No. 1765067

File: 1699662470663.jpeg (556.37 KB, 1170x1447, IMG_0833.jpeg)

Hedwig Lamarr was so gorgeous, I love her. She had such an interesting life too, she’s a perfect example of someone who has the “it factor” that makes someone an interesting and glamorous star who is actually compelling to pay attention to, as opposed to modern celebrities who are all just sleazy and boring

No. 1765070

I agree. But i feel like a lot of women only hate them simply because of how they wear bikini cut underwear or really unflattering trendy low waist bikini bottoms.
How i miss this era. Don't get me wrong, a lot of actresses are gorgeous women, but they are a boring kind of pretty if you get what i mean. Probably from the top of my head the only actress who i feel comes close to being this level of stunning is Amber Heard.

No. 1765073

File: 1699662705979.jpg (78.2 KB, 563x768, laura-gemser.jpg)

It's crazy how many model tier actors and actresses could be seen in C list exploitation movies

No. 1765074

These women are obviously stunning as fuck but I feel like all of these definitely have to do with the styling of that era. People are just styled like shit now. This includes makeup trends, body trends, and hair trends. I mean how long is flat, long, straight hair going to be a thing for. Feels like forever.

No. 1765075

I can’t being myself to use the term “nigel”. I know it’s being used ironically and tongue-in-cheek, but it still makes me cringe.

No. 1765076

This is true, it feels like on trend clothing, lingerie, swimwear, hairstyles, makeup etc nowadays are all designed to be as unflattering as possible. It feels like older styles were more about trying to flatter womens faces and figures.

No. 1765078

File: 1699662961854.jpeg (396.13 KB, 1170x1202, IMG_0855.jpeg)

Old Hollywood actors were so much more attractive than modern actors, and they were charismatic

No. 1765081

File: 1699663042622.jpg (116.25 KB, 775x525, womanheadupturned.jpg)

For one thing: the studio system. Stars chained to studios meant competition. "Our glamorous actress is more glamorous than YOURS!" That sort of shit. For another: makeup trends. For some reason the big thing now is making women look like Persian Instagram """models""".

No. 1765084

File: 1699663268858.jpg (24.29 KB, 500x261, 564d4cdb6ea87c8de55ac91254de08…)

True. Styling definitely elevated quite a few actresses into glamour goddesses. We had geniuses like Edith Head and Adrian Greenburg make it happen with their creativity.

No. 1765085

File: 1699663367574.jpeg (716.35 KB, 1041x1237, IMG_0858.jpeg)

Alain Delon for example, they don’t make them like this anymore

No. 1765087

Now I feel better about myself, th-thank you

No. 1765088

modern fashion trends are so fucking trashy. they want to be as ''sexy'' as possibly, but not ''female'' sexy, but rather coomer moid ''sexy''. Every single female actress feels like they are cattering to gross coomer moids.
there will never be another pretty boy like titanic era dicaprio or river phoenix and it kills me inside.

No. 1765089

wow shes my ass twin

No. 1765091

File: 1699663717589.jpg (48.41 KB, 590x393, Doja-Cat-was-sure-to-turn-head…)

You are right and it feels really deliberate. Our culture celebrates ugliness.

Men have been even more downgraded tbh. Especially if you like handsome masculine type with class, literally doesn't exist anymore. Good example is James Bond, they turned him into ugly chav and all the candidates for next Bond are too ugly lmao.

No. 1765092

Anons acting like the way actresses were styled was any less coomerish are delusional

No. 1765094

File: 1699663786529.jpeg (408.24 KB, 1638x2048, FlAjHlxXkAA5Vvk.jpeg)

So many hot actresses just look like insta models. I've seen many moids praise Madeline Cline for being sexy but she looks like every other insta model to me. She's not ugly but her look is kind ubiquitous now.

No. 1765096

File: 1699663927439.jpeg (594.25 KB, 828x735, IMG_0854.jpeg)

I love Rita Hayworth. She’s another actress who had an incredibly interesting life… her father forced her to perform with him dancing on stage in clubs, starting when she was a young child. He sexually abused her when she was a teenager, which led to her becoming incredibly traumatized and mentally ill. Her studio forced her to undergo a complete makeover, mostly to make her look less Spanish. She had her skin whitened with lasers, her hairline pulled back, I believe her jaw was narrowed… it was a lot and in that time surgery was even more dangerous. She got passed around and used by men in the industry and of course she was blamed for it, and treated horribly by the tabloids. She ended up marrying prince Aly Khan and had a daughter with him. He was abusive and cheated on her repeatedly so she left him and was able to get custody of their daughter. Then she developed early onset Alzheimer’s, partly because of how how severely traumatized she was and partly because of the drug use she engaged in to cope with it

No. 1765098

I'm constantly hearing people say "don't dye your hair at home with box dyes!!" and especially about black box dye. Threw caution to the wind recently and used a black box dye… I love the way my hair looks now, I wish I'd ignored all the warnings and tried it earlier. It only cost $10 and it was exactly what I wanted.

No. 1765099

Yeah Hollywood really needs to take more normal women and traumatize them so we can have some actually interesting celebs

No. 1765100

That’s an ignorant joke to make, she went through a lot and was a strong person, there’s no need to mock her or make light of what she went through

No. 1765101

Her life was so sad. Old Hollywood was glamourous but the actresses were often abused and exploited by studios.

No. 1765102

I’m calling anons retarded for wanting more interesting celebs and using a woman who was thoroughly abused in becoming a celeb as an example of that dumbfuck

No. 1765103

File: 1699664585062.jpeg (693.96 KB, 640x1277, IMG_0862.jpeg)

No you’re delusional, they were glamorous and had bombshell styling but it wasn’t coomerish. The women who become successful in this day and age are the women bending over backwards to appeal to moids down on their hands and knees, there’s nothing glamorous about this ugly styling with a see through fabric and stripper heels

No. 1765104

But that’s not at all what was meant by that post, don’t be daft.

No. 1765107

File: 1699664754376.jpeg (420.96 KB, 518x938, IMG_0863.jpeg)

This doesn’t look more coomerish to you? Really?

No. 1765108

KEK WTF IS THIS. She has to be on something I honestly think I'd cry and kms if was caught looking like this.

No. 1765109

That is so true. Idk what it is about that styling that is so universally flattering on women regardless of their weight even. At least when they had body trends, you could just achieve it with padding, no plastic surgery needed. I don't really like how revealing a lot of modern fashion is.

No. 1765111

I’m pretty sure this was the publicity stunt where she said people were just jealous of her “cute, perfect little nipples”

No. 1765112

File: 1699665033164.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.71 KB, 636x382, 77176735-0-image-a-13_16986758…)

Legit. Nowadays many celebs get styled like strippers.

No. 1765113

Ew. Dressing up like Betty boop could have potentially been cute, but that’s just sleazy and pathetic.

No. 1765115

File: 1699665262674.png (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 1200x675, 5472086.png)

You are right but people are so in denial. Almost every single famous woman nowadays wears these "naked dresses" that would've gotten you arrested in the Hollywood golden age era. All trends nowadays come from porn, ultra coomer outfits, big fake nails, blow up doll lips, bdsm collars etc.

99% of women have been completely brainwashed and think this is normal and even feminist somehow. If you try to bring it up they dismiss it with "it was always the same". It wasn't but it's been normalized to the point people believe it.

No. 1765116

She looks like she was made in the sims 3 specifically.

No. 1765117

File: 1699665405592.png (Spoiler Image, 750.02 KB, 640x957, tinashes-vma-look-v0-5i6brycei…)

Didn't even include the worst of the worst. The worst part is that Tinashe is a very pretty girl, this outfit distracts from that and doesn't compliment her beauty in anyway.

No. 1765119

File: 1699665629148.gif (1.89 MB, 275x204, IMG_3088.gif)

You’re so right anon, old actresses were never coomerish

No. 1765121

File: 1699665970915.jpeg (140.67 KB, 800x1032, IMG_0867.jpeg)

There’s nothing pretty or flattering about those dresses either, it’s like the women are simply trying to advertise their bodies. Old hollywood bombshell styling was sexy without being distasteful and porny

No. 1765122

File: 1699665997209.jpg (338.43 KB, 1922x2200, 88e0b6283a9b6327a47d683ef188c3…)

That's true. They wore naked dresses too. But it all looked better and more beautiful.

No. 1765123

That’s a movie, she wasn’t going to events and walking around in public like that

No. 1765125

File: 1699666305731.jpeg (51.2 KB, 437x683, IMG_0871.jpeg)

Marilyn’s nude dress was skin tone, not see through. She also didn’t wear it to some random event, she performed in it. It was covered in rhinestones so that when the spotlight was on her it would look like she was covered in diamonds. It was risqué, but not a sheer net material like the women nowadays are wearing

No. 1765126

That’s just hideous

No. 1765127

1. That's a movie scene not an event
2. Look me in the eye and tell me that's not more tasteful and aesthetically aimed than this >>1765117

No. 1765128

so their coomer-pandering was more aesthetic and so morally superior kek
They didn’t have social media

No. 1765129

Also i can't see Gina's nipples and her crotch. Old Hollywood naked dresses were more modest huh
Yes, you're right. Old Hollywood ones hide all of the important places. This Marilyn's one is the most risky you can find, and she at least has decency to wear it with underpants.

No. 1765130

It’s not really about morality, nobody’s saying it’s morally wrong to dress sexily, it’s about the style being unflattering.

No. 1765131

Some of you don’t know who Bob Mackie is and it really shows

No. 1765132

You can’t see nips and crotch in any of the dresses except that one. And is nips really that much of a difference? At least she’s not wearing a 12 inch corset and the dress isn’t skintight.

No. 1765134

File: 1699666737385.jpg (124.39 KB, 591x900, 19554118_10155469692244859_256…)

>She doesn't know about Dottie Ponedel

No. 1765135

File: 1699666788463.jpg (127.51 KB, 736x736, 9ff363ca5274226bbe38458b8e48e8…)

his outfits for Cher were top tier

No. 1765136

File: 1699666791127.png (488.97 KB, 848x481, Screen Shot 2023-11-10 at 7.40…)

From a purely aesthetic point of view, I think hijabs look really pretty on women.

No. 1765137

File: 1699666856458.png (Spoiler Image, 4.05 MB, 1600x2478, gettyimages-1676810175.png)

nta and I got no opinion on the difference between those eras of red carpet, but I looked up your image and found this one. What even is this kek she is wearing a piece of gauze

No. 1765138

Same. I think traditional head coverings are very pretty.

No. 1765139

File: 1699666993586.jpg (53.69 KB, 512x904, 37aff4d64aac224a65609a50365ee1…)

I sure as fuck do!

No. 1765140

File: 1699667011009.jpeg (418.45 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_3987.jpeg)

flame dress cher is my zodiac sign

No. 1765141

File: 1699667030448.jpeg (539.14 KB, 2000x3000, IMG_3089.jpeg)

Wow that’s a whole lot of naked dresses.

No. 1765142

Makes me think of walking behind a couple in the airport and the woman had a hijab on, and the man fucking STUNK of B.O. Double standards bullshit

No. 1765152

File: 1699667642027.jpeg (17.57 KB, 208x320, IMG_3093.jpeg)

I think modern Indian outfits are the cutest and as a bonus are modest

No. 1765156

This woman was on another level

No. 1765157

File: 1699667699913.jpg (60.38 KB, 564x481, 2c2c44267aab5a6ed74e1a9f18f77f…)

Mine is the flower dress that she used to wear in Las Vegas

No. 1765158

Don’t they still teach cooking, sewing, and homemaking in school? I graduated in 2020 and I remember taking home ec throughout middle and high school. That’s ridiculous if they did stop, because kids loved those classes, both boys and girls. Making food and making others things was actually really fun and healthy.

No. 1765161

I'm sorry but what did that have to do with my post, other than a hijabi woman being present in your story kek

No. 1765169

In my school girls were teached to sew and cook, but boys got ridiculous useless handiwork classes, sometimes no classes at all and got home early, while girls had 2 of homemaking ones. Technically they had additional computer science classes, but they were mostly lazying around there. I know decades ago they used to teach them making stuff from wood, legit they were making furniture.

No. 1765179

Develop some then

No. 1765180

Someone say "Industrial Arts"!?

No. 1765181

File: 1699668573703.jpeg (81.68 KB, 606x1082, IMG_9560.jpeg)

In old Hollywood even the nepos were talented and attractive, whereas the modern nepo babies are so forced and obnoxious

No. 1765190

People can still do this… my Aunt and her family built a 4-story dome house from a kit 25 years ago and it still looks good. I mean I guess we’ll see if it’s there in another 80 years but it looked good to me. Also she said they had a site manager around for two weeks at the beginning so it wasn’t 100% her and her husband/kids. I don’t disagree with you but it’s not out of reach nowadays either.

No. 1765193

File: 1699669248087.jpg (1023.72 KB, 2272x3408, 43893676c92b483c_Max_Mara_VZC_…)

Not this shit again. Wear one if you like it so much, good luck not throwing up though because it will chock the shit out of you. Also why choose hijabs specifically? There's tons of cultures with headwares that look better than this. Like babushka headscarves.

No. 1765195

That is a beautiful woman of course but if she was posted in the nepo thread (as, like, Kate Moss’ daughter for instance) nonas would tear her apart.

No. 1765198

Black sleek hair on white men is my kryptonite, the 40s and 50s had so many sexi actors with black hair

No. 1765204

File: 1699669692697.png (778.52 KB, 786x1100, 409659293_ScreenShot2021-11-19…)

No? Looks pretty consistent. I guess she looks sorta chubby/bloated in some pictures, but if you knew basic female anatomy it's likely just period bloat or something, but from what I've seen she looks pretty healthy in everything else, especially in the movie. I also feel like it's easy to be mistaken for chubby when you have big boobs and aren't a complete skeleton everywhere else. If she was flat chested I'd bet nothing would ever be said about her body

No. 1765234

I don’t think she’s fat but I also don’t think she fits as Regina George, they may as well have cast this creature >>1765103

No. 1765236

I love babushka scarves I think it looks so cute

No. 1765238

Nothing about this says Regina George lol its just some girl

No. 1765262

To be honest all that material wrapped around their neck makes them look like tortoises.

No. 1765269

I agree she doesn't look like Regina but fat, chubby, unhealthy? No

No. 1765271

That pic is not helping the shoop accusations kek

No. 1765273

Pretty sure people are referring to her weight in accordance to the character because this infight is retarded and the easiest way to curb it would have been to just ignore and stop trying to "change people's minds"

No. 1765292

Lesbian fujoshis aren’t real, you’re just a febfem.

No. 1765298

A February Feminist?

No. 1765301

I agree but what is a febfem

No. 1765303

YES it feels like these styles are being catered to coomer moids. The insta bimbo look is ugly as hell.

>river phoenix

Yes nona…we will never have men like this again. The closest is harry styles and the guy is BALDING

No. 1765305

No. 1765307

seriously. It's insane anyone on this site ever tries to argue otherwise. It's the same sort of dumbass behavior as girls on tumblr who write smut calling themselves "asexual". Just because you don't want to have sex with moids irl doesn't automatically make you lesbian or asexual and its clownish to claim so while being open about interests that are clearly indicative of sexual attraction to moids
a bisexual who chooses to only have relationships/sex with women

No. 1765308

I've seen like multiple caps of fujoshi talking about their 3D sexual fantasies and it involves lesbian sex. Was the one I saw recently posted on here? It was talking about eating another fujoshi out and being together so they can sperg about their ships KEK there are lots of lesbian fujos, they're just autistic.

No. 1765316

That doesn't negate the attraction to men they have necessary to be a fujo, they're just bi

No. 1765322

Constant period bloat, I’m diagnosing her with PCOS

No. 1765327

I disagree strongly. Autistic lesbians have weird interests. I personally have known autistic lesbians that absolutely were not into men in reality but had a special interest in 2D mlm. I have never questioned their sexuality. Its just autism dude.

No. 1765347

Are men who are only attracted to anime girls no longer straight but asexual? If a man masturbated to yaoi regularly but insisted that he was straight irl would you believe him?

No. 1765350

This sounds sad and cucked if true. It's definitely the case that the japanese yuri scene has crumbs for lesbian women, but if you're going to be obsessed with a BL pairing as a lesbian, why would you not just genderswap them to make them lesbians instead? What's the point of being a lesbian and obsessing over 2D moid romance? Are there GL fan gay guys? I've never heard of any group being super into romances it would make no logical sense to be into outside of the lesbian fujo claims

No. 1765352

Nta but autism doesn't override your sexuality. If they're interested in gay male porn, they like men, it's that simple.

No. 1765357

Lol I think you just imagine all fujos watch 3D porn of gay sex or something instead of just developing weirdly specific attachments to characters and romances between them. Maybe times have changed, I only know the old fujos.

No. 1765364

I have no stake in fujo arguments but I've never been able to stand seeing any male x male content, and I wouldn't even call myself lesbian. I hate seeing men in a sexual or romantic context, honestly even seeing models for men's underwear icks me out. Female x male pairings can be cute if the guy isn't super sexualized, and female x female is cute. Idk how lesbians stand seeing men in that context if I can't and I'm not even les

No. 1765367

ntayrt but sex scenes focused on dicks is still sex scenes focused on dicks even if they're 2D

No. 1765370

2D Japanese characters are drawings. They aren't real. They don't act like or account for real men at all. They're woobified ~awww just some guyyy some some widdle guyyy~ fodder to be consumed. Gay people with autism are not on the same plane as you or I. I have known enough gay autists to get used to their strange special interests. I've had lesbian friends with 2D mlm pairs they were obsessed with, and they had a gay male friend with an obsession with a lesbian pairing. I dont question it because nothing about them read as bi. I think others are black and white and refuse to look at things without bias. Not all fujos are porn addicted femcels, I think the terminally online extremely mentally ill ones are just so loud and vocal they seem like a spokesperson.

No. 1765371

I really don't get why you all assume all BL is porn. Is all het romance porn too? And you absolutely can enjoy pairings of a gender you're not attracted to. I'm a straight woman who likes f/f ships. I'll even read yuri manga with sex if the story is good. Doesn't make me any less straight.

No. 1765374

I am a lesbian with autism and I tolerate m/m shippers since thats the whole damn community but I only care about f/f ships and consume f/f content which is why I am telling you that lesbian fujos are as real as mormon bartenders.

No. 1765379

As someone who grew up poor - the psych behind it is that if you're struggling to afford food, you will eat any chance you get, this especially applies if you work in a fast food restaurant and you get dibs on whatever they're throwing out, pizza parties, etc. Plus poor people typically have to work multiple jobs, come home, and since low income structures like trailers and such fall apart easy sometimes the very few remaining minutes they get is caring for a family member or home/car repairs, they have little to no energy to cook healthy groceries 3 square meals a day or course they'll choose a dollar McChicken or something over spending 30 minutes - an hour cooking, eating and cleaning, which can likely double if they're cooking for more than 1 person

No. 1765385

That's clearly not the case, multiple focuses were around the actor and not her part. Some anons in the celebrity thread even told her to starve or saying she looks unhealthy as if having boobs and arms and hips as a woman is some weird deformity. People only pull up the "actually it was about her character!" defense when anons rightfully questioned her being "chubby"

No. 1765386

>I’m a lesbian but I get off to men
Ok maybe you are attracted to men

No. 1765387

Ok, maybe not all bl is porn, but you can't separate romance from sexual attraction (even if tumblr says so, but they don't count).

No. 1765389

Samefag but no one was trying to "change their minds" it's very gross and moidy to call a perfectly healthy woman chubby and unhealthy just because you don't like the fact they didn't choose a skelly for Regina

No. 1765390

You can eat salad straight out of the bag in a trailer though. Or fruit that’s cheaper than fast food that requires no preparation

No. 1765393

You're assuming that people themselves are romantically interested in the characters of a story. Not everyone self-inserts. Most people do not actually

No. 1765397

If you can comfortably afford living off of bagged salad and prepared fruit you aren’t poor lol, those are money-sink foods. The nona you’re replying to was talking about scarcity mindset though not grocery shopping ideas, so I think you lost the plot.

No. 1765398

I don’t think there’s such thing as being perfectly healthy and overweight. Too much muscle is as bad and as harmful as too much fat. Some overpumped gymfag could easily drop dead from a heart attack the same way a fatty fat fat fatty can

No. 1765401

If you're in a labor job and working 14+ hour shifts you need energy, especially if you're driving. Do you really want trailer tammys driving their shit boxes when their brains are barely working from no carb?

No. 1765403

The anon you replied to was me, I made the original post about being capable to purchase healthy foods with governmental assistance money. I lived off SNAP and was able to purchase those foods, and chose to because bulk vegetables were often the cheapest when bought in small portions.

No. 1765407

Bulk generic rice is very cheap. Same with bread. You can purchase like 5 pack loaves for $14 at a discount supermarket, and usually rice is 2-3 dollars a pound.

No. 1765410

Like the bagged salad mixes and pre-cut fruit packs? But those are so overpriced, they cost way more per ounce/pound than whole vegetables and fruits. Honestly I didn’t mean to be a bitch but I don’t think they’re a good deal when it comes to price, I don’t think of them like poverty foods at all. Unless you’re talking about something else and it was I who lost the plot.

No. 1765412

Bread and rice is shit for you, and this just goes back to the point about how poor people typically have zero energy for cleaning and cooking

No. 1765414

The point of being a fujo at all (unless you've got that tif delusion) is not self inserting, but the guys being appealing even if you don't imagine dating or having sex with them yourself IS very much the point. I think you can watch something with any sort of romance and think its cute and it doesn't necessarily mean anything, but being a fujo means you are specifically invested in malexmale ships and those are what you actively seek out and love. It's more than just finding a romance cute, it involves caring about the fact it is specifically two guys together, something that makes no sense for a lesbian

No. 1765415

Bread and rice are both complex carbs what? Same with potatoes, also very cheap.

No. 1765417

kek I know a guy who's super muscular, obsessively goes to the gym every day, and nitpicks ingredients in his food, and out of all my friends, including a fatty who eats whatever fast food and a skelly who barely eats, he's the one who gets suddenly incapacitated and hospitalized by his appendix exploding for no reason. It's just bad luck but it's kinda funny how all that healthfagging did nothing to protect him from getting downed just like that

No. 1765418

Maybe if you’re shopping at a store like whole foods or sprouts but at discount bargain shops that are targeted towards people who use SNAP usually offer very fairly priced if not cheap fruits and vegetables

No. 1765426

Potatoes are very time consuming to prepare and can make a lot of dishes quick, same with rice. If you're extremely exhausted and can barely stand up without feeling like you're going to pass out the last thing you want to do is stand up for an hour or so cooking and then another cleaning. I can tell some of you have never worn yourself out from work

No. 1765429

What. I worked 12 hour shifts and was still able to bake a potato in 15 mins when I came home. Making rice only takes like 20 mins. You’re acting like we’re asking them to make bread from scratch and harvest their own vegetables from the garden kek nonnie eating healthy is very easy when you put the time into perspective.

No. 1765432

NTA but those typically aren't filling especially to someone who say, works in a warehouse and needs lots of protein and carb. We are also talking about why poor people will choose cheap microwave meals to fast food or some crap over prepping a whole meal daily. It may not be the healthiest option but it's a lot more filling and it's less dishes + prep

No. 1765433

Did you just get back from the coal mines and now you’re enjoying some Macdonnies?

No. 1765435

>the guys being appealing even if you don't imagine dating or having sex with them yourself
All anime characters are attractive or at the very least not ugly, this doesn't really matter. And many fujos are laser-focused on ships from shonen series that don't have the female audience in mind to begin with.

I think something you're forgetting is that m/m shipping also comes with a massive, almost exclusively female community that m/f and f/f simply lack. It's not unheard of for people to get into things just because they're popular. And you will run into fujos who yuribend male ships as well. I run into f/f versions of my favorite m/m ships on AO3 too.

No. 1765436

You can meal prep steak, chicken, and sausage for the week and re-heat when you’re ready to that eat too. You can cook em all in the same pan within about 30 minutes. Only thing I wouldn’t reccomend prepping is rice because that grows mold within like 3 days.

No. 1765437

Good for you but that's not reality for a lot of people. When I worked 14+ hour shifts I felt extremely dizzy and didn't even feel safe to drive, a lot of poor people also have to take care of siblings, old people, do chores, etc when they get home so it makes sense a lot will chose an easier option for food

No. 1765439

Idc about the poor people argument, but my advice to rice enjoyers is to invest a little extra in one of those computerized rice cookers with timers. I love waking up or coming home to warm rice ready and waiting. I got mine on sale so keep an eye out for deals (or secondhand)

No. 1765441

Income apartments/trailers typically don't have fridges big enough to store meal prep especially if you live with multiple others, which poor people usually do. On top of that if you're working literally EVERY DAY, meal prepping would be exhausting if not impossible

No. 1765445

You can have a small fridge and still store like 3 or 4 ziploc bags of meat on one of the shelves…also cooking meat doesn’t take hours and hours

No. 1765446

Samefag but before this gets debunked - this isn't a "stop being stupid you poor people" discussion, it's why some poor people choose other options instead of what would likely be healthiest, regardless of if you agree or not

No. 1765447

I don’t really think that’s the same as what my original post was referreing to though. If you’re too tired to cook after working a 14 hour shift how are you going to eat enough food within your 2-4 hours before going to bed to become grossly obese? I was talking about people who overeat.

No. 1765449

It is also kind of a discussion surrounding learned helplessness, too. Not knowing how to manage time, not knowing where to shop to afford decent healthy food, but also not putting in an effort or making the time to prepare healthy food for yourself.

No. 1765450

this is true and it’s egregious that food manufacturers are allowed to sell the unhealthy crap they do when half the oil and salt and additives are useless taste filler and provide basically no nutritional value, so on top of having a shitty job and poor sleep you also get slop to eat that shortens your life. It’s like the corporations just want us to live long enough to work (20-55) and then drop dead

No. 1765453

Reply to one of your posts or something why are you making this a single post.

No. 1765457

Idk how but I've definitely seen it before kek. I've seen fat nurses eat literally nothing for long shifts daily and somehow get fatter and fatter. It's pretty logical to question that there's something deeper wrong with Americans food/lifestyle outside of literally unironically believing they're just tube feeding themselves bacon fat
It does if you're considering the food prep aspect + cleaning and if you live with other people who have their own shit in the fridge
I don't think it's helpless as much as it is an issue with these people just hating themselves to the point of not caring what happens to them and having such miserable lives they don't care if they get fat or cancer or whatever, also why a lot of them smoke. Trying to create some pretentious TikTok tier advice on how the poors should live to not be fat isn't going to help them if they are too miserable to lose weight anyway

No. 1765462

Ok so you agree they’re choosing to get fatter because they don’t care about themselves. I’m glad we were able to reach that bottomline

No. 1765466

But do you know what they consume in their time off? They could easily be making themselves fatter and fatter by what they put inside their bodies.

No. 1765478

I don't understand what you were trying to argue? My entire point was poor people choose more convenient but less healthy options. A lot can be chalked up due to the economy but anons here get so triggered if you try to discuss any outside factors outside of "fat people are stupid"
Unless they're having Trisha paytas bingeing sprees as soon as they clock out I doubt that's the case.

No. 1765483

>not caring what happens to them and having such miserable lives they don't care if they get fat
That’s choosing to be fat and has nothing to do with the economy. The economy can be shit and you can still be skinny. Usually everyone is skinnier when the economy is hellish.

No. 1765551

Anon most of the people here have never worked a day in their lives so there is no point in arguing with them. Neets who barely interact with the outside world of course will have reactionary views on weight and other things in life.

No. 1765553

There are also people here who have worked hard jobs and still not been obese, likely because we were working such long shifts with no food and then only getting like a potato or a bag of apple slices

No. 1765555

Fat people need to stick with the depression angle and not claim they’re fat because they’re poor because who believes that shit lol

No. 1765564

>have worked
And are you still working? Lol.

As someone who used to be fat and is now skinny let me tell you that I put in effort.
Another thing is lack of sleep
Which is the hugest contributor to uncontrollable appetite gain(this is a actual proven thing before any stupid batch wants to disagree). It affects people working night shifts. When I got only 3-6 hours of sleep or only sleep during the day I would have uncontrollable appetite because my body was trying to make up for the lack of night sleep.

The statistics don't lie. The poorer the area the higher the obesity. Look up obesity in Samoan and Polynesian but you will still find a way to blame that on "just eat less" because you are a low iq reactionary.

No. 1765576

Nta and I don't want to bring up day old posts but while I was reading through this thread I had to comment on how psychotic this sounds. Literal Aspd. Do most anons here have aspd.

No. 1765580

You just need to eat less calories to lose weight, that's it. You can live off donuts and die but still be skinny as long as it's less calories than you burn in s day.

No. 1765581

Poor people are fat because they’re stupid and stubborn not because they can’t afford food that doesn’t make them fat

No. 1765586

No1curr glowie
No offense, but I don't think you're understanding the argument. Yeah if you eat one donut a day and nothing else you can be skinny, but you'll feel like shit, develop health problems or if you work long shifts you can quite actually faint

No. 1765587

I haven't participated in any of this shit, but while this might be technically true, trying to stay at a healthy weight by eating a 1300 calorie McDonald's menu every day, you'll be sure to fall into some binge-eating disorder because your body is so starved for nutrients.
The problem is that poor people have bad habits, because they don't really have the time or energy to plan out their lives and days.

No. 1765588

You're right. I am poor and have been poor my entire life. I have been skinny, gained a lot of weight and been fat, realized what was happening and lost weight and been skinny again. I gained weight because the stress of being poor, combined with a lot of hours of working, (therefore almost no hours to meal prep or exercise = more eating out and less mindful eating and movement) = weight gain. But once I noticed this, I did make time in my extremely busy schedule to meal prep healthy cheap meals from the grocery store, walk more and sit less. Yes it took effort, of course it did. I do feel bad for poor women who have to work and take care of children and a lazy husband though. I can imagine it's near impossible to lose weight on that situation. There's no time for anything and therefore all health decisions are forfeit and just based on what is the quickest way to get everyone in the household fed. That means microwave and frozen meals for all. Packed full of calories and preservatives, yum.

No. 1765590

Lol you all only say this because those women are dead and this was many years ago so you don't view those women as a threat.

Marilyn Monroe during her life was more known for her scandals or being provocative than she was for her movies. Only after her death did people start liking her.

No. 1765601

No because I got a bettter job

No. 1765604

Pretty much, it's easy to romanticize old Hollywood but it really was no different to today with it being just drugs, alcohol, sex scandals and mentally ill cows. At least they were hot I guess?

No. 1765606

Just eat a vegetbale

No. 1765612

You can’t fall into binge eating if you can’t afford it

No. 1765619

Sure you did.

No. 1765620

I mean it’s not better fiscally I’m still poor however even not working inhumanly long shifts I still haven’t gotten fat. That’s also just me though

No. 1765621

Between this, laundry anon, and ‘prostitutes who do it to survive should just flip burgers’ I think there are tons of sheltered out of touch neets here.

No. 1765622

That was an hyperbole, the point was that being fat isn't about what you eat, which means the quality of the food isn't making you fat but your habits are.

No. 1765623

>Anon they’re just out of touch NEETs if they know how hard it is to actually become obese as fuck

No. 1765625

I have poor friends who are fat but it's because they doordash chicken nuggets every night or go to the grocery store and only get frozen pizza and hot pockets. It's literally cheaper to eat a vegetable

No. 1765632

If you're fat and your feelings are hurt about being called fat you probably need some real life interaction or enrichment because you can't just identify as thin kek

No. 1765637

Yeah you're completely right, it's a habit and education thing. A lot of poor people don't know how to educate themselves on how to eat not only healthy, but in a way that isn't time-consuming to meal prep and is also cheap. Once you start researching though its so easy to just only eat vegetables and chicken, you'll be fine. I don't get people who just chug soda and eat frozen pizzas. It's so expensive and calorie dense and for no reason.

No. 1765639

Bottomline nobody like a fat fat reckless pig(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1765640

Oh my fucking God newfag stop making these as single posts and reply to whatever sentiment you're sharing

No. 1765642

I’m not replying I’m just making a general statement

No. 1765654

You're retahded

No. 1765657


No. 1765660


No. 1765670

I agree with you nona but she was clearly sucking in her tummy a bit in that bikini shot kek, no celebrity or influencer or even anyone in general is posting an aesthetic bikini shot without either editing or sucking in a bit, or both. Don't be naive kek

No. 1765687

What? Unless you're doordashing 2 items, doordash orders can be like 75 for a meal for 2. How would poor people even afford that in the reg? That's like a thousand or so a month, their card wouldn't even go through and I don't think doordash takes credit

No. 1765689

Then titties

No. 1765690

The door dashing is probably the big contributor to why they're poor, kek. I feel like it's an addiction to some people because it's that instant gratification of the delivery with no work needing to be done on their part. I feel like it got really bad because of the pandemic, everyone was doordashing all the time. It's a shiny brand new addiction

No. 1765693

I feel like this entire argument is spawned from regular women being offended that so many people are saying she shouldn't be regina george for her weight because they like to imagine themselves as embodying that role or something when they definitely don't. Regina George had an ED, if she were playing Karen nobody would have said anything at all. This shouldn't have sprung up a debate but it seems to have stirred up some deep-seated insecurities. Regina was a constantly dieting anachan and there was an entire shtick about her gaining even a slight amount of weight being the end of her empire. All apologies to this actress and she'd be a damn good waitress at Dennys and get hella tips but she is no regina george.

No. 1765694

We heard you the first time retard. How many more times are you going to keep posting about fat women. Where did you even come from. You literally sound like the cows from the pro Ana thread.

No. 1765703

There's a male shitposting at random, it's just a baiter. Ignore it and stop givng it what it wants.

No. 1765721

I wonder if it was the same one who was derailing the celebricows thread with weightsperging or talking about how brown nipples on women are disgusting.
The celebricows thread has become unreadable for me now and the newfag posters from that thread are also infecting the whole site with their retardation.

Also the cilian fangirls who started sperging about Florence after Oppenheimer can go fuck themselves. I used to hate Florence but all these unhinged Cillian fangirls nitpicking her are actually starting to have a contra effect on me and it's starting to make me like Florence.

Cillian is a ugly faggot who has aged terribly and has a botched looking face. From now on whenever I see the same usual Florence spam I'm just going to start replying to then about what a ugly geriatric faggot Cillian is and I suggest other anons to do the same.

No. 1765739

it's a couple of people who are dedicated to sperg out their frustrations and make every thread insufferable. for all we know it could be one person but I simply can't imagine someone being so deranged to be shitposting like that all around the clock. this thread is a magnet for bait and they thrive in posting their shitty opinions for free replies.

No. 1765765

He looks old with those forehead lines tbh but I really wish we could go back to the zero beard era I fucking hate beards

No. 1765776

He ugly yeah yeah he ugly

No. 1765794

Possibly, from what I've seen everyone agrees she's not a good fit for Regina, but she just isn't fat or unhealthy

No. 1765797

I just did a quick recap of the thread and I started where anons were saying how it's wierd/mean to call the new Regina fat and how we shouldn't nitpick her based on her appearance because it's better than having impossible beauty standards on screen and stuff like that to saying how they miss old Hollywood actresses because they're more beautiful and glamorous, with some Florence Pugh hate splashed in there. I'm sure it's not all the same nonnas but some of you gotta pick a lane kek

No. 1765799

If they can afford doordash frequently without it being 99% credit card debt then they're middle class at the very least. I make median income and even I can't afford doordash often

No. 1765804

I mean no, she was known for being exceptionally beautiful. She was treated horribly by tabloids because she was typecast in dumb blonde roles, and got caught having done pinup and posing for Hugh Hefner. She wouldn’t be considered scandalous by todays standards and people understand more about her personal life and how hard things were for her.
>so you don't view those women as a threat
Actually people tend to be nicer towards attraction people, the more attractive a celebrity the more they’ll be fawned over and adored. Unattractive celebrities get made fun of and ignored. You’re clearly just describing the way your own mind works.

Old Hollywood and modern Hollywood aren’t the sane though. Yes both involve mentally ill drug addicts who engage in scandalous behaviors, but that’s true of people in general regardless of the era or place. In old Hollywood people were 10x more attractive, talented and glamorous. Celebrities now are just people who agreed to service someone on a casting couch, or nepo babies. They’re average looking, sleazy, boring and attention seeking at the same time, there’s just nothing truly likable or compelling about them and yet we’re still inundated with information about them

No. 1765809

having to sage in the celebricows thread is bullshit. if it has snow rules, it should be in snow. by literally every metric it should be in snow. it shouldnt be polluting my good and pure ot board

No. 1765811

If you're aware of that, why waste your time arguing with a troll who is obviously just baiting you because you have an emotional response? I don't think it's worth it

No. 1765813

That dumbass was posting yassified edited photos of Marilyn Monroe kek

No. 1765814

Grow up you loser, if you don't have milk your post is worthless.

No. 1765821

Which photo of Marilyn was edited?

No. 1765822


No. 1765826

you first

No. 1765839

Is any response considered "an emotional response"?

No. 1765840

A lot of people dislike Florence Pugh, she seems like a cheap bottom of the barrel pickme rather than a serious actress, always wearing see-through fetishistic clothing. She comes across as an extremely vain and cold person, she’s tone deaf and narcissistic, the way she talks about herself is insufferable referring to her ”perfect little nipples” in interviews, her creepy relationship with her father/her ex who looks identical to her father. Her and Cillian were discussed months ago during summer, so I’m not sure why you’re bringing those rumors up now

No. 1765841

No, but continually repeating the same exact thing over and over to someone who clearly is fucking with you definitely is.

No. 1765857

File: 1699695344846.png (1002.42 KB, 746x1244, 1689993177666.png)

Cillian will never love you.
Cillian will never fuck you.
Cillian would scowl in disgust if he saw you in the street.
Cillian would rather fuck a sandwich or Florence than you.
Cillian is botched.
Cillian is ugly.
Cillian looks like Micheal Jackson.
Cillian looks like a gay man who got aids in the year 1977.
Cillian looks homely and malnourished.
Cillian looks like someone's 80 year old grandma.
Cillians looks like he is in dire need of some sculptra.
Florence with short hair and a pudgy body is stoll considered more attractive to the general public and Cillian and than you.
Cillian looks like a chain smoker.

No. 1765858

>Cillian looks like someone's 80 year old grandma.
Excuse me nonna but 80 year old Grandmas do not deserve that

No. 1765859

Cillin Murphy is just as Ugky as phlorence though

No. 1765860

Literally cryptid

No. 1765861

My post was about Florence, I guess you can’t deny any of it kek

No. 1765873

File: 1699696657202.png (600.61 KB, 1080x2177, cillian-murphy-2023-v0-o527oz6…)

No, but what I can't deny is how identical Cillian and Oli London look. Maybe they went through the same doctor Kim.

No. 1765878

>I used to hate Florence but all these unhinged Cillian fangirls nitpicking her are actually starting to have a contra effect on me and it's starting to make me like Florence
How does someone get this triggered over a celebrity? What goes on inside your empty mind to where it would ever matter so much to you that people dislike some random famous idiot? if you dislike a celebrity, and then it turns out that a lot of people generally dislike her as well and point out exactly what she did wrong to make them dislike her, wouldn’t that make you dislike her even more? Why would people having reasons to dislike a celebrity make you change your mind and become a fan? It’s normal for people to make fun of celebrities they dislike, don’t let it trigger you to that extent. You’re weird and mentally ill.

No. 1765880

They look related

No. 1765883

>calling someone triggered while writing a very triggered paragraph.

Oh spergs…oh spergs

No. 1765885

very weird and mentally ill post

No. 1765886

This is true, it's very important to realize that those that have one eating disorder will often develop into a different one instead of actually recovering. A lot of anorexics will turn to orthorexia, but others will develop a binge eating disorder instead. And in general, someone with an eating disorder will display periods of having another eating disorder instead for example someone with binge eating disorder might go through a period of extreme restriction.
Sage for not really being on topic but I wanted to clarify that you were pretty much correct.

No. 1765887

I'd hate to feed your attention-seeking ass by replying but what points are you retards even making when all you do is call her fat, talk about her nipples being brown, talk about her head or face shape and write weird fantasies about how she is attracted to he dad or is slepping with everyone, spam about her in every thread here etc.

Kek you think nitpicking is some astonishing point.

No. 1765888

This is a significantly weird and mentally ill post >>1765721 It’s probably trannyhands who is known to be seethingly jealous of Cillian Murphy, or it could be some portly stocky woman who wears trashy see through clothing and thinks Florence is a libfem girlboss who she aspires to be like

No. 1765890

Old Hollywoodfags are coping or are intentionally oblivious to the concept of times passage somehow, as they get fooled by black-and-white photos, sepia and old-timey filters. The only reason the scandalous outfits of old seem "tame" now is because they pushed the line of trashiness and scandalous back then, and now we have women with their whole asses hanging out. (I'm not some fundie pearlclutcher, I'm not trying to discuss the morals of "sluttiness")

No. 1765892

File: 1699698141698.jpeg (1002.89 KB, 938x1465, IMG_0933.jpeg)

I’ve never said any of the things you listed except for dating her dads twin

No. 1765895

>The only reason the scandalous outfits of old seem "tame" now is because they pushed the line of trashiness and scandalous back then
That’s objectively untrue, and the fact that celebrities show their entire bodies just to keep attention on them was the point. Old Hollywood actresses didn’t have to do that because they were better than most of the current celebrities

No. 1765896

You make no sense, are you just throwing out random accusations to see which one sticks. Trannyhands was a well known ana chan sperger infact it actually makes more sense for trannyhands to be one of those who post about how fat and disgusting Florence is.

Also no matter how much you call me and the other anons calling you out "mentally ill" that still won't change that you are infact the one who sounds mentally ill and your posts about Florence are unhinged and most anons think you are a mentally ill vendetta sperg.

No. 1765898

yet they still did it and you keep being delulu about it

No. 1765900

calling any posts you dislike trannyhands doesnt make your argument look any better.

No. 1765901

They're also sperging out on the other threads too about "trannyhands hating Cillian murphy" and samefagging themselves.

Also I wanted to say something along the lines of that I can't wait for them to get banned but then I got reminded that they are probably a ip hopping ban evader.

No. 1765902

Trannyhands spent hours raging about Cillian Murphy in multiple threads, you don’t know what you’re talking about. And you clearly haven’t spent much time online because celebrities are constantly made fun of and are turned into memes. Ed Sheeran is a good example of that, his appearance was constantly made fun of (rightfully) and he didn’t do anything as far as I know he’s just unattractive. I don’t know how this >>1765840 seems like a vendetta to you it’s just what I dislike about her.

No. 1765903

If they didn't, it's because they didn't have to yet, that was the whole point of my post. Because the lines of modesty had to be moved gradually over a century to arrive where we are.

No. 1765904

I made a joke in the sanic thread, that’s not sperging. Trannyhands literally admitted to being the one who was sperging for hours about Cillian Murphy stop making shit up

No. 1765905

And? No one has to like the way that modern celebrities act sleazy and degrade themselves

No. 1765906

Be so fucking foreal you have a literal hate obssesion with florence and have been posting about her in every fucking thread and now that someone calls you out you acusse them of being trannyhands, I'm hoping for your sake you are just baiting and not actually this retarded in real life because if so you're caretaker needs to take your phone away.

No. 1765911

I haven’t talked about her in every thread, there’s more than one user other than yourself on this website. I’ve participated in making fun of her in the celebricows thread before and I posted about her in this thread like twice, that’s not a hate obsession. I called that user trannyhands because he’s carrying on about Cillian Murphy when the conversation was about Florence, im not sure why he thinks cillianfags and florence nitpickers are the same people

No. 1765912

What did I repeat over and over?

No. 1765914

Because the continued sperging over how she is a "ugly fat whore who does couch castings" started after Oppenheimer and that flirty interview between her and Cillian which made some anons seethe.
Why do you keep calling anons who call you out for being mentally unstable as trannyhands or men , do you think that's going to make you win the argument or something?
Also in the celebricows thread the annoying Florence spammers are regularly banned or other anons beg them to stop so thanks to admitting you are one of the celebricow spergs and a possible ban evader

No. 1765915

I called the person who brought up Cillian trannyhands because Cillian hadn’t been mentioned anywhere in this thread before that. Sorry for not knowing the lore behind when Florence was first brought up on the site, why would I know that? I’ve also never been banned for talking about her that’s silly. You need to chill.

No. 1765920

Well since you are acussing anons who are tired of seeing the same vendetta/nitpick posts about florence everyday as being insert accusation shouldn't you also know the "lore" if you are going to speak out of your ass?

No. 1765926

What cut of underwear or bikini should I wear for them? Low cut makes me look fatter than I am with the dip looking like fat being pinched in and super high cut that sits on the pelvic bones makes me look square af.

No. 1765928

File: 1699701420907.jpeg (527.53 KB, 1170x1549, IMG_0940.jpeg)

I accused the person who randomly brought up Cillian of being trannyhands because trannyhands is obsessed with him, how hard is it to understand? Even a picture of Cillian makes him seethe and cry.

No. 1765929

I am indifferent to both Florence pug and cyan murphy

No. 1765930

The diehard floorence defenders are more retarded and annoying than the Florence shitposters

No. 1765934

>If a man masturbated to yaoi regularly but insisted that he was straight irl would you believe him?
nta but if some anon claimed that any woman who reads/watches yuri/lesbian porn is necessarily bisexual/lesbian, she would get dogpiled. yet, as you're implying, if a male watches gay porn, everyone will assume that he is at least bisexual. men and women relationship to sex/porn is obviously very different. women may seek mlm or on the contrary lesbian content because of their own hang ups with sex or whatever.

No. 1765936

samefag just to add that this isn't about yaoi, just saying that straight women watching lesbian porn or solo women is a thing and lc would get pretty mad if it was immediately considered a proof of ssa so this example is a bit ironic.

No. 1765939

Those women aren't straight, probably kinsey 1 bi

No. 1765962

>nta but if some anon claimed that any woman who reads/watches yuri/lesbian porn is necessarily bisexual/lesbian
Me, personally, I think it's a little gay

No. 1765970

File: 1699709774162.jpg (376.63 KB, 1200x1030, JetBlue-Mint-A321-67.jpg)

subliminal coomer aesthetics are partly to blame for US weight gain
>black and yellow PHub association
>boob grope logo
>shagging cashew nuts

No. 1765972

Wtf, is that a common design trend over there? Cursed.

No. 1765973

Ew, why are men so stupid. Any guy that buys that deserves a heart attack

No. 1765978

I’ve bought the normal chocolate before. It wasn’t great.

No. 1765979

Those look delicious.
What makes it obscene is the pricetag.

No. 1765989

File: 1699711984576.png (52.44 KB, 868x287, weight.png)

I agree with you. The actress is medically overweight (not obese, and not "ugly" before anyone tries it), but statistically speaking, the average woman in America is overweight anyway. It literally is "normal" for a lot of anons, but what they miss is that Regina George isn't your average girl. She's canonically the closest to the beauty standards in burger magazines and media, "does car commercials in Japan", "hair insured for $$$$", etc and superficial. Rachel McAdams in that role is just very hard to top for anyone, too. I do feel like the musical might be kind of underwhelming, and they selected a plus sized actress for the role to create controversy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1765992

someone summon trannyhands(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1765995

File: 1699712562735.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1363, IMG_0818.jpeg)

No. 1765998

I too would need to be severely manipulated to eat american chocolate by my own free will.

No. 1766007

This thread is not meant to be used to continue infights that were already banned from other threads. Quit spamming your weight nitpicks, celebcow spergouts and general retardation.

No. 1766017

Sonic is literally a cursed franchise, children and teenagers shouldn’t interact with anything that has Sonic’s characters because it will give them brain damage.

No. 1766019

File: 1699715417094.jpg (41.6 KB, 640x605, 23341cb48ab416344ce05b2caf0cb4…)

Anon you just opened my eyes. I always thought that sonic just attracted autists, but maybe they are GIVING people autism. Hmmm.

No. 1766124

I don't understand people who "can't cook" and refuse to even try. You can't read a recipe and follow the steps? You could even go on youtube, find an easy recipe or "cooking for beginners" channel and watch someone else do every step… Cooking is such an important life skill I'm kinda shocked by how many people I know just refuse to do it kek

No. 1766158

Agree so much… All the people calling her fat and ugly is honestly depressing. She isnt dressed like a genderfluid tumblerina. She doesn't even look chubby. Just normal, but I guess it's fine for ugly ass men to be a lead character but a slightly average but still above average woman is so fucking terrible.

No. 1766185

not to mention the cost of takeout and delivery. shocking how many people are just fine with burning money away because god forbid they do something as simple as cook rice or grill chicken. i wonder if people think "cooking" means preparing some elaborate meal instead of just throwing some shit in a pan and having dinner and that puts them off? which might be giving them too much credit kek it probably is just sheer laziness

No. 1766190

I think a lot of people are lazier to plan out meals and shop groceries than to cook. They don't even want to think about meals in advance and do not feel like shopping after a day of work so they self-sabotage themselves to fall back on deep-frozen shit and takeout.

No. 1766295

I think dark indians should be allowed to say nigga(racebait)

No. 1766304

How about nigger(racebait)

No. 1766305

That’s up to them

No. 1766335

>Do most anons here have aspd
unironically, yes. there are some real unhinged freaks on here

No. 1766338

>fat homeless people exist
>do you have any evidence that supports that
>wow that’s psychotic

No. 1766339

just do it then you pussy

No. 1766341

i think a lot of LC users just see minimalism as the grey, beige, white out modern minimalism design rather than living with less clutter and valuing your items or buying higher grade items than multiple.

No. 1766343

Aren't mininalism as a lifestyle and minimalism as an interior design style/trend just two different things lol

No. 1766346

minimalism as a style does often include pared down color schemes and monochrome looks.

No. 1766362

What? You're trying to "prove" she's fat with a weight you made up and didn't even confirm? Only lolcow

No. 1766365

File: 1699735835195.jpg (505.98 KB, 800x600, homeless-4.jpg)

It is though? Scientists aren't going to go out and weight every homeless person to prove that they're fat, you likely know this which is why you asked to "debunk". Reality is anyone who reads this and is capable of leaving their house and going to a homeless camp or something could easily see there's tons of fat homeless. Are you gonna tell me they're all just idiots who order doordash daily?

No. 1766427

>Was called psychotic aspd because she thinks homeless aren't sentient
>Pretends it's not the case

No. 1766438

Sonic was always annoying and repulsive to me even when I was a kid yet I am still kind of an autismo.

No. 1766439

>5'7 (170 cm) and 52 kg

No way, that is underweight on bmi scale for her height and if she lost like 3 kg she would be fall under severe underweight category.

No. 1766447

I suspect maybe it's her old weight or something? Also her height might be a bit exaggerated, like it's usually with stars.

No. 1766489

no it's the opposite, on a wide body you'll look thinner because the fat is spread thinner and bones are more pronounced

No. 1766551

They aren’t

No. 1766556

i dont understand what autists see in it. even the few games shilled as good never resonated with me at all and the characters are ugly.

No. 1766584

The average lolcow user is a psychopathic genius

No. 1766589

You think farmers decide what's on Google when you search "average female weight in USA"? Is this just infight bait? Kek

No. 1766590

That’s a google screenshot nonica

No. 1766608

Lots of mooing

No. 1766616

how on earth do you get "you made whats on google" out of "you made up this one persons weight"? the point was pretty clear, idk how you possibly misunderstood it. Likely using the same logic as googling the average weight and claiming 1 actress is overweight even though said actress is much smaller than the average American kek

No. 1766619

can you give an example of this? khloe Kardashian is a good example IMO, she looks "chubby" or big even when shes a healthy weight, for reference khloe before her 40-60 lb weight loss was 5'10, 163, a 23 BMI which is considered in the healthy range. Her and khloe have a pretty close BMI IMO. some people just are more fleshy

No. 1766620

she’s not much smaller though she looks abt 170 if she is 5’7”, cause that’s not super tall

No. 1766621

are you even replying to the right comment? I was questioning the logic from the response on what googling the average weight has to do with that specific actress. If you see "I DEMAND YOU AGREE WITH ME" anywhere out of that you're scizo

No. 1766622

Being rich and fat is way more pathetic than being poor and fat

No. 1766623

If the actress from the movie appears to not be overweight to you, that's your own (seemingly unpopular) opinion and you're allowed to have it. Demanding that everyone else agree with you and trying to start a whole thing about it is dumb, though. There are also literally no numbers in the post you replied to, only in the screenshot, so maybe just word your posts better next time? No one "made up" a weight for anyone just because it was said they were overweight.

No. 1766628

then why does you-know-who always looks wide no matter her weight? margaret quaily is also another example

No. 1766629

File: 1699752239827.png (327.55 KB, 600x375, screenshot-2023-09-06-at-23521…)

I wouldn't call Khloe Kardashian "chubby"-looking or even big now. She looks similar to Kim, but muscular. She was overweight at a certain point tho, didn't she start a whole weight loss show called "My Revenge Body"?

No. 1766630

File: 1699752302781.png (768.39 KB, 712x806, Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 7.24.…)

no? and "proving" shes overweight by a shitty weight estimate isn't doing anything. If you truly think picrel and renee look anything similar you're delusional

No. 1766631

word salad

No. 1766633

I’m not talking about Khloe Kardashian I’m talking about rich fat people

No. 1766634

please reread my post, I was referring to khloe pre weight loss, it was pretty obvious. Khloe wanted to get in shape since that was her normal body if she just ate healthy but didn't work out to extreme limits, khloe was constantly called chubby by her family even when she wasn't overweight

No. 1766636

I mean yeah they probably do look similar just based off the arm size. They also could’ve put shapewear on her under her costuming.

No. 1766638

okay who cares? just because her arm is an inch or two bigger than what you'd like doesn't mean shes fat everywhere else kek. are you going to say eugiena cooney is fat too when she had a chubby face?

No. 1766639

Khloe has the best body out of all of them. If her face weren't completely botched she'd be the baddest Kardashian on the roster rn.

No. 1766640

Yeah, they're also obsessed with the idea that "you're demanding them agree with you" like they never had a conversation before kek

No. 1766642

Her face has never really been chubby, also I’m not just looking at her face I’m looking at her arms, chest, and body in the costuming. It could look different without the costuming that is tailored to make her look slimmer.

No. 1766643

She looked like Elvis presurgery. She needs a whole new jaw and head.

No. 1766646

Someone keeps saying women are 170lbs if the woman’s weight comes up, I think they have a fixation or are doing some bizarre trolling lol just ignore them it doesn’t even make sense
Wait I was away from lolcow for a day or two, this is about the same woman lmao, we need to move on from her damn

No. 1766647

There are very few extremely obese homeless people and they are recently homeless, unlike people who have been on the streets for years. Thats like insisting there are fat anorexic people when it's impossible to be a fat anorexic over any meaningful period of longevity. A fat person can temporarily be anorexic until they are thin but you will never see a fat anorexic that has been a fat anorexic longterm because it makes no sense.

No. 1766648

File: 1699752773523.png (513.65 KB, 785x533, 1569840804229.png)

NTA, but can you stop trying to infight? I said you were doing that because you're sperging and being aggro over it. I never said she was 170lbs, please take your meds lmao.

No. 1766650

she has big boobs, which for most large-breasted women they just have large breasts regardless of how much weight they gain or lose. her arms don't look THAT massive to me or anything, but she also looks like she slimmed up in the movie and people are referencing her theatrical performance of mean girls which she just looked bloated for. Imagine being bloated once live and having people sperg for days about how fat you are even after you lost the weight kek

No. 1766651

what? wrong anon?

No. 1766654

Her aggressive rhinoplasties shortened the tip of her nose too much so it's very snoutlike and she has way too much philtrum show. She would need a lip lift but it would have to be a REALLY subtle and careful one, maybe the balance of her face would be thrown off less. Otherwise she'd have to straight up have Korean jaw surgery which is insane. She looks a lot like Kris actually with the aggressive nose jobs that didn't actually do her any favors.

No. 1766655

Not just her boobs but her upper chest, neck, and face are all fat. Her arms and midsection are also large. But she also still looks to be the same weight rn so

No. 1766657

File: 1699753092516.jpeg (753.5 KB, 2000x1333, NYPICHPDPICT000026702790.jpeg)

are we looking at the same woman?

No. 1766658

Yes kek. Her ass is the size of Utah? To me she looks virtually the same.

No. 1766661

File: 1699753278006.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1343, IMG_7260.jpeg)

This is her two weeks ago, doesn’t look too different from the body she has in the film

No. 1766664

>look bloated once live
I don’t think it’s just bloating, anon

No. 1766666

we clearly aren't kek.
god forbid a woman has boobs

No. 1766667

File: 1699753366039.jpg (48.75 KB, 615x820, Khloe-k.jpg)

One really odd thing about Khloe is that there is a period of time where her lips went from being super full as an actual child to being much thinner, and she has an odd asymmetrical scarring on her upper lip that does make me think she had a lip reduction before full lips were 'in' because she was lost and clueless and didn't understand what made her look so jarring compared to her sisters. This sounds like an insane tinfoil but if you look at enough pics it's plausible.

No. 1766668

she looks great, I'd kill to have this body

No. 1766670

File: 1699753473408.jpeg (319.31 KB, 519x1041, IMG_7261.jpeg)

Has nothing to do with her boobs, here’s her completely covered up and she’s still sausagey(continuing infight after farmhand post)

No. 1766671

>the size of Utah
Ntayrt but is that considered big? genuine question cause Utah is a medium sized state to me. Big is like Texas

No. 1766672

If being fat is the burgers idea of “looking great” then I’m not surprised that the majority of women are overweight(continuing infight after farmhand post)

No. 1766674

File: 1699753596507.jpg (15.72 KB, 517x517, 20231111_032042.jpg)

This is one of the saddest dayslong infights ever. Go do your laundry, watch a movie, leave the freaking house.

No. 1766676

It's a tranny, multiple anons are discussing them in /meta/ rn, they're mad because the role of regina went to a "fat" woman and not a troon

No. 1766678

Doesn't seem like it tbh.

No. 1766680

kek if thats what the average "fat" woman looked like all diet programs would sell out and weight loss drug companies would flop

No. 1766682

it just seems very off and unrelated, especially since it was an anon discussing with another anon against the bait that meta folks are talking about

No. 1766683

I like it when people seethe pointlessly for hours kek

No. 1766685

Nta who said that but it's clearly because of her boobs and hips..looking 'thick' and hourglassy is trendy. This reminds me of the argument over bella thorne's body kek

No. 1766687

When I first saw the new Mean Girls preview I thought Renee didn't suit Regina's character at all, and she doesn't have the same passive aggression that Rachel McAdams exuded so effortlessly but now I'm thinking Renee will do a fine job because she clearly has something to her that sets people off. I mean you guys have been infighting about her for 2 or 3 days now across multiple threads, so if she has the power to make a bunch of bored nonnies go nuts I'm sure she'll embody the aggression of Regina just fine

No. 1766688

Shinji is cuter than Kaworu

No. 1766689

the nerdy glasses guy is cuter than both

No. 1766690

It's not unrelated. I said >>1766623, they replied with >>1766621 (I doubleposted and deleted) and they're trying to insinuate I'm one person who was saying she's 170lbs. There are multiple posters in this thread. She is overweight IMO, but it's not a big deal either way.

No. 1766693

That's the paradox, she has a body men and lesbians like and straight women/beta men hate

No. 1766695

Compared to the fast food industry there’s certainly way less money in weight loss pharmaceuticals than edible goods kek. We’re talking about America, here. Not everyone can shill out $2-3k a month to pay for Ozempic off prescription. They call it the 1% for a reason.

No. 1766697

Was that the one where some nonna said she would kill to look like Bella and then some French anon kept insisting Bella is fat, it lasted like 3 or 4 days and filled like half a thread and went into meta kek

No. 1766698

>It's not unrelated.
>they're trying to insinuate I'm one person who was saying she's 170lbs
>She is overweight IMO
>it's not a big deal either way.
it clearly is if you're willing to join a day long infight we've all been trying to shut down

No. 1766701

It’s likely not getting shut down because we can all see she is a little bit fat and the mods can see that too.

No. 1766702

Kek the whole movie is ass and you just want to uplift her which is fine but you don't have to lie to do so

No. 1766703

File: 1699754253447.jpg (24.05 KB, 340x304, 1655161561446.jpg)

vtubing it's just a medium. Hating it only because of a few bad apples who do it to grift coombucks it's like hating all female streamers/youtubers and using sssniperwolf and amourath as examples.

No. 1766705

fast food is for people who hate themselves and lazy blue-collar moids. If most women looked that good while being "fat" no one would even care anymore about losing weight

No. 1766706

–lol this argument is so stupid and pointless, they're going to keep going at it in a circle.

No. 1766709

>It’s likely not getting shut down because we can all see she is a little bit fat and the mods can see that too.
no1cuurr about your low quality bait scizo. sorry the role of regina didn't go to dylan mahomey or whatever that troons name it

No. 1766710

>a few bad apples
>all of them are ugly

No. 1766711

They dont hate it, she just isn't regina george. What's not clicking.

No. 1766712

>have something explained clearly
Ok kek
>it clearly is if you're willing to join a day long infight we've all been trying to shut down
You're not, though? Looks like the opposite of shutting it down, you're dragging it on and trying to gaslight over it.

No. 1766713

What a bizarre lie, LC has always had women with EDs and fitness obsessions since inception. A lot of English women especially don't play when it comes to this kek.

No. 1766715

Sorry if you disagree but at least spell schizo correctly kek

No. 1766716

It's been way longer than just a day. You're all wreetarded.

No. 1766717

Most Americans don’t care about losing weight, that’s why they’re mostly obese and why McDonalds is like a $230b company

No. 1766718

I only said anything today. Not everyone's like you, chill.

No. 1766719

I'm not uplifting anyone I'm making fun of you all kek

No. 1766721

men are ugly too and that has never stopped them from being funny entertainers

No. 1766722

I'm not a part of this kek I was being deliberately obtuse, this is so dumb and I don't understand why it's up for debate.

No. 1766723

If her body is able to cause multiple infights she might as well. Trends relating to attractiveness are typically like that, they're first worshipped by straight men and lesbians, then straight women and low tier men hate it until it becomes the norm. The best example of this was when people started seeing non blonde white women as ideal, especially when being latina/asian became trendy. People who were attracted to women loved it, people who weren't attracted to women hated it

No. 1766724

Yeah it does. James Corden, ugly as hell. Is he funny?

No. 1766725

Her being fat doesn’t have anything to do with female attraction what. She’s just like 50 lbs heavier than Rachel Mcadams was

No. 1766726

makes sense, if people are going to act as if having big tits might as well make you "the size of utah" whats the point? if you're a 24 BMI these idiots will act as if you're a 40 BMI regardless

No. 1766728

>like you
I'm not you faggots, you're the ones spending the whole day crying and dissecting a random beautiful cheesecake factory waitress instead of moving on with your lives. Nobody even wants this dumbass movie, you're all ate up in the head.

No. 1766729

5’7” and 170 lbs is not bmi 24

No. 1766730

No. 1766731

You sound personally offended.

No. 1766732

She's not fat but the point is pretty clear - she has a body type people who are attracted to women like, from what I've seen shes only ever been bashed by gay men and catty straight girls

No. 1766733

She’s not a random waitress though she’s an actress

No. 1766734

her weight was never confirmed kek, shes also clearly smaller than the examples of the 5'7, 170 lbs bodies posted

No. 1766735

Friendly fire, I read the wrong post. We are in agreement about this dumpsterfire sorry

No. 1766736

Oh you're autistic, got it

No. 1766737

Or she’s just fat. I’ve seen straight guys, lesbians, and straight women say that she doesn’t fit the character and that it’s weird how everyone is 50 lbs heavier 20 years later.

No. 1766738

This is a mid remake of an early 2000s movie, not a cultural reset. Most of the cast is a bit overwight. It's not that deep.

No. 1766739

She’s not smaller though she looks very similar to the bodies provided

No. 1766740

I'm not offended, I personally keep fit, but if I was fat and I saw people claiming a woman with my goal body was a deathfat I'd give up, at that point there's no impressing you at all

No. 1766741

It's ok anon, this thread has gone chaotic kek

No. 1766742

For the hundred millionth fucking time, nobody gives a single fuck about her body outside of who she was casted to play. It isnt her fault that it doesn't make any sense though, they're focusing their annoyance on the wrong person.

No. 1766743

File: 1699754927016.jpeg (1.02 MB, 750x1161, IMG_0861.jpeg)

Sometimes, it also depends on height and the size of the bones themselves. Sometimes wide frames make women look massive even when they’re thin

No. 1766744

>Or she’s just fat. I’ve seen straight guys, lesbians, and straight women say that she doesn’t fit the character
can you post a comment? from what I've seen men and lesbians like her body
>it’s weird how everyone is 50 lbs heavier 20 years later.
and then what? revert back to 2000s Hollywood where the ideal body was a coke whore?

No. 1766745

File: 1699754999829.jpeg (736.66 KB, 681x1125, IMG_7264.jpeg)

Big mawma got that hockey player build

No. 1766746

oh so you're blind-blind

No. 1766747

Or just eat healthy and go on a fucking walk? You don’t have to do drugs to be skinny?

No. 1766748

>nobody gives a single fuck about her body outside of who she was casted to play
what planet do you live on so I can go there

No. 1766750

troon confirmed. any big breasted girl knows that you look chunky wearing baggy stuff, but what do you know you're male

No. 1766751

>claiming 1 actress is overweight even though said actress is much smaller than the average American kek
The average bmi for American women is 26, the Regina actress looks bigger than that.

No. 1766752

But they don't think that, they're just malding because mean girls is considered one of the most iconic y2k movies ever and this is going to be absolute shit. They will get it out of their system and move on. Nobody is throwing tomatoes at this woman for her body type, they're just seething because of the low standards of cinema rn and the fact that they do not cast people who are right for roles anymore. Everything is a shitty nostalgia bait cash grab, it's so desperate. Aaron samuels is fuckugly, but regina is a highly referenced character over the last 20 years and it's impossible to fill Rachel McAdams shoes so they're just bawing about it.

No. 1766754

thats typically what just eating healthy food and walking reg looks like but you call it fat. people were "50 lbs more" now because majority of celebs back then were anorexic and on coke

No. 1766755

Nonnie, I was 200 lb woman so I know what a 200 lbs woman looks like with clothes on. Not everyone who can point out a fatty is a troon.

No. 1766757

>The average bmi for American women is 26, the Regina actress looks bigger than that.
please be bait

No. 1766758

>said actress is much smaller than the average American kek
That may be true, but she's still overweight

No. 1766760

That’s not what eating healthy and moving around looks like. Eating healthy foods 3 times a day and walking at least 10k steps is not going to land you at 160-170 lbs.

No. 1766762

are you gonna try to convince us renee is 200 lbs now…?

No. 1766763

File: 1699755295688.gif (862.86 KB, 500x281, claories.gif)

Point me to where people have spoken about her body before she was casted as Regina George. I'm not saying they're right, they're pathetic, but im not going to be baited by angry women and homosexuals because I get the gist of it.

No. 1766766

I mean, she damn well could be? Because none of us are seeing her in person and getting photos of her caught off guard, these could very well be generously shot photos of her truly at her best. Think about how she looks without being posed in flattering clothing with good lighting anon, just out in the real world.

No. 1766768

she's clearly not 160-170

No. 1766770

Theyre supposed to be teenagers tho, idk where you guys live but I rarely see fat teenagers personally

No. 1766771

ntayrt celebs rarely eat healthy kek. where did 'heroin chic' get its name from

No. 1766772

File: 1699755458941.jpeg (918.37 KB, 808x1940, IMG_7265.jpeg)

No she looks at least 160, bare minimum. You can disagree but this is not less than 160 kek

No. 1766774

They can afford to eat healthy though, is the point. And if they don’t want to eat healthy, they can go on a smoothie diet.

No. 1766775

The majority of women in European, middle Eastern, African, and central American countries are overweight too though.

No. 1766780

>I mean, she damn well could be?
anons trying to convince us >>1766670 this woman could be 200 lbs should be a wakeup call to how retarded the average bone rattler here is

No. 1766783

>uses picture of massive fucking jacket to prove how fat she is

No. 1766786

You have to understand that that’s a filtered, likely photoshopped image uploaded to instagram. How do you think she looks without the shapewear and doctoring?

No. 1766787

I mean it doesn’t look baggy on her, and her legs are filling the jeans all the way.

No. 1766789

okay anon, if you trying think she has a 200 person team trying to make a death fat look healthy idk what to tell you

No. 1766790

>her legs are filling the jeans all the way.
oh no not the jeans being filled correctly
>I mean it doesn’t look baggy on her,
its a structured jacket. have you never seen a fashion show?

No. 1766791

>she has a body type people who are attracted to women like
That's a weird coping overgeneralization, lesbians and men aren't attracted to one bodytype only. There are lesbians who are predominantly attracted to thin women, I would know kek

No. 1766792

Personally I think she would have been fantastic in the role of the girl who made out with a hot dog (non weight related conclusion) (I dont support this argument)

No. 1766793

File: 1699755815268.gif (265.34 KB, 170x255, img_023.gif)

wow look at this fatty

No. 1766794

Or the “heavy flow with a wideset vagina” girl

No. 1766797

You can see his skelly legs under the baggy pants though. Her legs are filling out the pants, retard. Put your contacts back in.

No. 1766799

You think she should be cast in the PT biopic?

No. 1766803

Yeah and her arms are filling up the suit jacket all the way bro, cause you know she fat. I’ve never seen a skinny woman named Renee

No. 1766804

File: 1699755918535.png (536.54 KB, 793x906, fpp.png)

Anons might get mad, but Florence Pugh would actually have made a great casting choice for Regina George. She's glamorous, can be "girl next door" or "barbie" at will, is neither overweight or too skinny, and she has the right attitude. She unironically doesn't need to do much of anything to get men's attention like a Stacy or have women seethe about her. She can literally shave her head and still look good.

No. 1766805

Straight men aren’t more attracted to large women, it’s just that they’ll fuck anything and everything and fat girls are less likely to cheat in their minds because they’ll get less attention. Men tend to prefer skinny women, look at beauty standards.

No. 1766807

She looks like a thunb

No. 1766808

Embedding error.
saying men and lesbians like her body isn't saying they exclusively like her body type. from what I've seen of her IG and tiktok and such men and lesbians typically love and praise her, where as thin women like anya taylor joy typically only attract low tier men and straight women

No. 1766809

I agree with you but honestly wouldnt have noticed she is actually cute if it wasnt for the florence speg.

No. 1766811

I literally cannot type rn

No. 1766812

>Yeah and her arms are filling up the suit jacket all the way bro, cause you know she fat. I’ve never seen a skinny woman named Renee
the fuck?

No. 1766814

>anya taylor joy typically only attract low tier men and straight women
Better stop right there before you summon all the anyafags kek. Everyone can agree she’s Virgin Mary level beautiful.

No. 1766815

File: 1699756071749.jpeg (10.56 KB, 168x300, E4AD48D4-BCAC-4769-973A-D922CB…)

Fatty fatty boom balatty

No. 1766816

if anything men pretend to like slim women way more often because of beauty standards because women are just another thing to show off like a car or a watch. men actually don't give a shit about a few pounds more or less unless you're a hambeast or a skeletal. you're overestimating how much men give a shit or actually pay attention to details.

No. 1766817

Wait you're definitely a faggot, you don't even make sense

No. 1766818

renee isnt fat though
heres an article about a study of what straight women vs men prefer
men typically prefer, what you'd like call "the biggest deathfat alive"

No. 1766820

Or you just can’t read because the fat is squishing your eyes

No. 1766821

That's how pants are supposed to fit, I don't think those kind are meant to be baggy correct me if I'm wrong

No. 1766822

rattle rattle motherfucker

No. 1766824

Catch up with us after you’ve read up on the last 8 years

No. 1766825

Yeah and you can see her legs are big as fuck, so she fat. Case closed.

No. 1766826

File: 1699756243239.jpeg (27.54 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg)

>tfw no low tier man

No. 1766827

that picture makes her look more youthful therefore even more adequate to portray a teen. keep malding.

No. 1766828

anya taylor joy attracted a lot of men in queens gambit when she was like 20 lbs heavier, she lost a lot of male interest when she went full ana

No. 1766830

okay… can you find a study saying men prefer extremely thin women?

No. 1766831

Faggot attempt at shady asf comeback

No. 1766832

Fair point but the way you phrased it was like all lesbians and men like her body which is just obviously not true, also who cares what men like? How is that indicative of anything at all really? And there are plenty of lesbians attracted to body types similar to Anya, probably half the lesbians I've ever known are attracted to Bella Hadid, myself included

No. 1766833

File: 1699756296040.jpeg (153.12 KB, 1170x1069, IMG_0877.jpeg)

She’s the furthest thing from glamorous, she looks like a stocky pig in a wig, and that photo is photoshopped. Use a still image from film if you want to see her more clearly.

No. 1766834

Go outside as a fat woman and see how the men treat you, there’s your study

No. 1766835

File: 1699756347718.gif (3.43 MB, 498x280, mean-girls-heavy-flow.gif)

They actually look like they could be cousins kind of. She was truly a queen anyways, underrated character. It was her movie actually.

No. 1766836

so did ariana grande and so on. ana-chans ITT trying to convince themselves almost getting bald and bones showing is exactly what men are looking for kek

No. 1766837

shes a celeb and married some anemic school shotter looking retard. even t swift had to gain a few lbs to date a football player

No. 1766838

No. 1766839

Or you’re fat and coping

No. 1766841

Ugh she’s gross

No. 1766842

Why did you phrase it as if dating a footballer was a good thing? They are subhuman

No. 1766843

like fat as in renee rapps or actually fat? men are worshipping renee rapps

No. 1766844

File: 1699756418793.jpg (35.83 KB, 640x415, 440dbb5a2dacb6b7b47d5c48180245…)

This you?

No. 1766847

File: 1699756443661.jpg (203.89 KB, 1539x1154, sydney-sweeney_1.jpg)

She would have been a good Karen

No. 1766848

no1curr about your bone rattle bait

No. 1766849

keep rattling and not knowing the difference between slightly overweight and actually obese.

No. 1766850

>Men tend to prefer skinny women, look at beauty standards.
Beauty standards change every 10 years though and men get memed into liking random things. Recently men were into giant ass and tits even though decades ago big asses were considered unattractive. If you're going by the modeling industry, that's ran by gay men.

No. 1766851

The average man doesn’t really want a 200 lb wife

No. 1766852

File: 1699756476380.jpeg (271.29 KB, 1484x1484, IMG_0948.jpeg)

Why would it be bait? Here’s one example of what bmi 26 can look like, Renee looks bigger

No. 1766853

Are you just upset because you have her body type and can’t stand everyone saying that they don’t wanna see it

No. 1766855

are you just upset nobody is picking you because your bmi is low

No. 1766857

Ew spoiler next time, visually assaulting

No. 1766861

I already got picked precisely because I got the low bmi

No. 1766862

File: 1699756668025.jpeg (192.86 KB, 800x800, B2554E5D-0640-420E-8D68-661219…)

Ah yes, such a lardass and definitely 160 lbs kek.

No. 1766865

Like the other anon said, she just looks more youthful there. She has natural good looks, too. You're just showing her versatility as an actress, and how she can pull off any look.

No. 1766866

Yeah she doesn’t look particularly healthy or good. She looks like the type of woman Onision would call healthy KEK

No. 1766867

I agree, good thing renee isnt even close to 200

No. 1766868

I didnt notice she has fiancee gums. I like her.

No. 1766869

Yeah I’m attracted to fit/muscular athletic women, not large women. I don’t think she’s unattractive but I’m not attracted to her at all.

No. 1766871

I'm sorry the only thing attractive on you is the fact you starve yourself.

No. 1766872

You think having a lego head makes someone look youthful? Theres a big difference between having a pleasantly plump starlet face, and having a head that looks like Santa is about to slide down into.

No. 1766874

Syndey Sweeney is so cute, I agree.

No. 1766875

Everyone talking about what men like shut the fuck up. The second hand embarrassment will kill me.

No. 1766876

cool but you don't speak for every single lesbian.

No. 1766877

can you link to a doctor that would consider her unhealthy?

No. 1766878

Is she downs?

No. 1766879

Do you want me to assign a doctor to her and give her a physical you raging fag kek? Cause that can be arranged

No. 1766880

show me her exams nonny

No. 1766881

you likely have shit fat distribution and an ugly face. Renee has an hourglass figure and a pretty face so she doesn't have to starve to get picked

No. 1766882

>Cause that can be arranged
the level of delusion

No. 1766883

File: 1699756881766.gif (926.95 KB, 482x268, 7173862dc656160e1ca2825a79cd53…)

She was robbed, she was meant to be the real regina. Stole her spot.

No. 1766884

I like how everyone's posting different photos and angles taken at different times that are either her at a lower weight, higher weight, wearing a bikini, wearing baggy clothes, photoshopped, bloated or not bloated, unretouched and in motion, etc all to be like "SEE?!? Look she's fat/normal weight!" Kek why don't you all just agree to disagree, everyone has different ideas of what they consider fat or skinny

No. 1766885

File: 1699756907930.jpeg (1.19 MB, 2000x2633, CA9CE7F9-A8D0-47BD-B5D1-E62C6A…)

>tfw you get picked because of your low bmi

No. 1766886

Omg you really are fags

No. 1766887

I don’t have any fat to distribute nonnie lmfao

No. 1766888

>raging fag
it was a question. Personally most doctors I know would consider her healthy

No. 1766889

She’s hideous, and I hate people who fawn over rich nepo babies with billionaire parents kek stop praising that Sid the sloth looking idiot just because she’s thin

No. 1766890

This is the exact level of cattiness Regina George creates in other girls. She is a beautiful woman.

No. 1766891

being healthy is not a concept retard, being skinny or slightly overweight doesn't determine health either.

No. 1766892

I can see why you're mad. Sorry your chestlet ass has to watch your bf drool over renee rapps tits

No. 1766893

Isn’t that a man
Is that her brother?

No. 1766894

Nta but that's her point, it's in a reply post to an anon that basically said all lesbians and men are attracted to Renee and her body type, she wasn't saying all lesbians like the muscular/fit bodytype

No. 1766896

omfg you're such a legendary skinny queen go off shutting down those hambeasts and their obese 15 and above bmis

No. 1766897

You're both cringe

No. 1766899

>oh your husband likes a skinny wife? well he must be into fatties
Go back to LRC.

No. 1766901

This kek. I know a woman who's like 5'7 but starts looking like a crackhead when she gets to 150, like ribs and everything showing. some people distribute fat weirdly. I don't think renee is fat though

No. 1766902

>being healthy is not a concept retard, being skinny or slightly overweight doesn't determine health either.
Yeah I didn't say anything about that but keep being mad about nothing kek

No. 1766903

>big tits = fat
cope harder

No. 1766904

why are you still responding to the baiter

No. 1766905

I’m right I know. If I wasn’t then they wouldn’t be coming up with excuses for why she’s fat kek

No. 1766906

Why are you hyperfixating on her breasts? Her whole body and demeanor is fat

No. 1766907

No. 1766909

>mfw we successfully baited the renee rapps sperger into having a schizo meltdown about how fat we are all, showing the nature everyone warned us about

No. 1766910

fr fr they're all such hambeasts they should go on a water diet lol as in a no water diet because even water would fatten them up lol!!!!

No. 1766912

Ariana didn’t actually get picked though because that guy has a wife

No. 1766913

Uh oh looks like anon summoned the celebricowfags instead

No. 1766914

sure, jan

No. 1766915

Water doesn’t make you fat it has 0 calories are you special

No. 1766917

You can see her body, she’s fat. You’re likely saying she isn’t fat because you look similar and do not think you’re fat.

No. 1766918

the fact you can't detect sarcasm tells me the lack of nutrients is making your braincells decay

No. 1766920

They are hambeasts they just still need some water. They’re probably so fat because they don’t drink enough water

No. 1766921

If I looked similar to her I'd be out showing off my body kek I wouldn't be here with you losers

No. 1766922

I’m not talking about Hollywood or the modeling industry, I’m talking about real life. I’ve gotten the most (unwanted) attention from men when my bmi was 16-19. I have a curvy body type so when my bmi was 18-20 the attention I got was really creepy and degrading comments because I had big boobs and a butt. Every woman I know experiences more attention and gets treated better when thin or underweight, fat or chubby women always talk about being ignored and mistreated and their partners not being able to even get an erection or being disinterested during sex

No. 1766923

you sound dehydrated though. like the driest ana there is. you probably would decrease the air humidity just by being in a room. mold fears you.

No. 1766924

There are plenty of fatties who like to show off, just like Trisha. Usually they’re exhibitionists as a way of hiding their insecurity.

No. 1766926

Nah girl my head is full of water. You already know.

No. 1766928

hydrocephalic queen

No. 1766929

>calling sweet dee a man

No. 1766931

…when did I say she was 160 lbs or a lard ass? I simply said that she looks larger than the average American women, which is bmi 26. Then I posted a picture of what bmi 26 looks like, and Renee certainly looks bigger than the woman I posted

No. 1766933

File: 1699757573260.mp4 (2.36 MB, 480x852, lolcow dot farms meetup.mp4)

if you dont look like this you are ugly af and a weak pickme loser with an equally ugly weak baby moid bf

No. 1766934

I don't like being thin, but seeing how much it affects fat people when others don't find them attractive makes me feel better about my body tbh. This will never be a problem for me, imagine going on a days long discussion/ meltdown just because you are kinda overweight or pudgy

No. 1766935

She looks like liverking

No. 1766936

Men don’t harass the women they want, they harass the women they feel are easy targets. If you look fragile they’ll bully you into easy sex. They still treat the women they want poorly it just takes longer. Male harassment isn’t a good indicator of what they actually want.

No. 1766939

She doesn’t look youthful, she has a small nose which can be a neotenous trait but it doesn’t men she looks childlike. Most people think she’s in her late 30s and are always surprised that she’s in her 20s

No. 1766940

Idk I've noticed a lot of(not all of them though) fit athletic guys are really into chubbyish (not deathfat but slightly overweight, or whatever Renée's body is considered) women for some reason. I don't know the science behind it, just an observation.

No. 1766941

They keep projecting thoughts of anons saying she's specifically __lbs and getting upset over it. It's not sane.

No. 1766943

did you type these in separate tabs and waited for the posting cooldown kek

No. 1766944

No. 1766946

They like soft and 'healthy' the higher t levels usually makes them instinctively attracted to it or whatever. Even gay men are said to be just as attracted to overexaggerated secondary sex characteristics, it's just a thing

No. 1766947

Embedding error.
I always thought renee was funny and cute, I don't know what everyone expected of the new mean girls simply because its impossible to make as much offensive jokes and such today so of course they had to water it down. I thought she was pretty and healthy-curvy in the sex lives of college girls, plus she has pretty awesome music. IMO she's a preppy and slimmer version of Billie Eilish which is why I like her so much

No. 1766948

>Most people think she’s in her late 30s and are always surprised that she’s in her 20s
source: voices in my head

No. 1766951

She’s plain and that’s her appeal as an actress, she looks like a random chav woman not a beautiful starlet

No. 1766955

I don't like ringing the moid or tranny alarm and I wasn't suspicious before but this post right here makes me wanna ring that bell, who cares about whether a woman looks youthful or "neotenous"… Are you Jordan Peterson?

No. 1766956

File: 1699757912371.jpeg (62.91 KB, 640x640, madison-beer-claps-back-at-bod…)

Yeah, I remember me and a few other women agreed we attracted hotter/fitter men when we were heavier where as ugly men tend to go for super skinny girls and body shame more

although, the bone rattling in this thread reminds me of when the ugliest fucking moids think all hot women are fat

No. 1766960

File: 1699758016966.jpg (57.12 KB, 600x692, 1698965654225.jpg)

Florence's head looks more moonfaced and round imo. Picrel is more lego headed, still pretty tho

No. 1766968

Also apparently the average American woman is 170lbs, and I'm 114lbs for reference (hormonal issues). Jfc these women got almost 50 lbs over me, that explains all the deranged behavior over weight

No. 1766969

Insecurity, they like feelin better than the woman they’re with. It’s something narcissists like to do too.

No. 1766971

She has a diamond shaped face but a compressed head, I’m talking about flo’s whole entire head not just the front of her. Her head looks like a tree could fall on it and nothing would happen.

No. 1766974

I posted the last one and not the other two, calm down loser

No. 1766975

That isn’t true

No. 1766976

>Men want to fuck me so that's why I feel attractive and validated

No. 1766980

weirdly enough, it's typically fat women who are the first ones to rip apart celebrities who are typically known as attractive. I remember someone posted a thread ripping apart some fitness influencers we weren't necessarily super skinny or with a 6 pack, but almost all the replies were from fat old church ladies. I don't get it

No. 1766983

>someone is attracted to you so it means you're attractive to someone
crazy how it works. even your skelly ass can get picked, means literally everyone can be attractive. now get off this thread and go touch grass.

No. 1766985

I know people are gonna disagree with this but no matter what men prefer (which means fucking nothing) nobody can really argue that people would wanna see some fatty over a slimmer woman. Not every actress has to be Rikki Lake.

No. 1766986

Commenters on social media. Granted a lot of them are gen z who seem to be really bad at guessing ages, but yeah they always act shocked that she isn’t late 30s.

No. 1766987

if you're implying they're not actually attracted to those women then why do they go for "fat" ewhores and such?

No. 1766989

Um I was responding to the person who was praising her for being youthful and neotenous

No. 1766990

Men are predators and go for women who they view as prey, really easy to understand

No. 1766991

as if sperging about how new regina is literally a deathfat is any better?

No. 1766994

I'm not even hating tho, this applies to skinny women or any women for the matter. Male attention doesn't determine your worth, they don't value women as women value each other

No. 1766996

The average American woman is bmi 26

No. 1766998

Nta but I'm like 95 pounds, not an anachan I just cannot gain weight for the life of me. I hate it sm, I look like an anorexic crackhead. It's like a cruel joke when I stand next to normal women, I look sick and like I have some sort of genetic disorder. Shit sucks, I wish I was fat at least then I'd have normal adult looking proportions

No. 1766999

File: 1699758482547.jpg (74.78 KB, 1000x600, Nap_Mat_8.jpg)

Okay, kids. Settle down and grab your mats. Recess is over and it's time to lie down and get over it.

No. 1767001

Well then pass it on to her

No. 1767004

that makes no sense when pertaining to the internet, if they're on the internet they can literally access any body type they "actually" want, even on image boards like bodybuildingforums or /fit/, as shitty as they are moids typically post curvy women as their ideal women, even when they know the woman wont see that or have a chance with them

No. 1767005

She doesn’t know that men go after fat girls because they’re seen as easy, cheap and desperate, and men aren’t intimidated by them

No. 1767006

Go on a diet you’re probably fat like a kindergarten teacher

No. 1767009

I'm gonna be very honest, I don't know what a "pound" is, all this conversation is gibberish to me.

No. 1767011

neither does Hollywood or shitty female "friends" who think eating a bagel once a week makes you a ham planet

No. 1767012

Men are obviously going to pay for fat ewhores because they’re cheap are you retarded

No. 1767015

A pound is 2 potatoes. If you weigh 170 lbs, you’re 340 potatoes.

No. 1767016

No. 1767017

How's the electrolysis going Lillith

No. 1767019

On the topic of bagels I think getting a scooped bagel is retarded

No. 1767020

Because the point of paying for sex is that it degrades women, that’s the fetish. That’s why it turns men on. Feeder fetishes are also about degradation and the fat person ruining their life and body, and going after a fat woman because she’s unintomifating and can’t do better also involves the male looking down on her. Paying fat cam girls, strippers and prostitutes is a combination of the above, the man gets off on degrading and buying another person

No. 1767022

I'll blindly believe you

No. 1767023

File: 1699758820507.png (1.06 MB, 1337x887, 02x.png)

NTA, but Florence Pugh makes you so insecure. Notice how it's never moids saying these things?

No. 1767025

No they usually post anachan porn stars and victoria secret models

No. 1767027

there's free porn of skinny stacys everywhere, not to mention plenty of skinny girls are selling their shit for dumb cheap. why do you think men are incapable of being attracted to curvy women?

No. 1767030

I do too

No. 1767031

>she has a large head you must be insecure
this logic makes no sense. She just has a massive steroid head. I’m not the first or last person to say that.

No. 1767033

Read the other anons post about how men prey on women for the purpose of degrading them, because you sound extremely sheltered rn.

No. 1767034

NTA but thinking a celebrity is ugly or plain doesn’t mean the person is insecure kek. There are a lot of celebrities and they’re not going to appeal to everyone, get over it

No. 1767035

>Men pay to humiliate me more so that's why I know I'm attractive

No. 1767038

File: 1699759073768.jpg (881.81 KB, 2000x1333, bagel-scooping.jpg)

This makes me sad

No. 1767039

a quick look at /s/ and the first thread is dedicated to women with big asses with cellulite, and then there were multiple threads called "gorgeous extra curvy women", posting girls way heavier than renee

No. 1767041

?? "sheltered" because I think men look at porn of women they're attracted to?

No. 1767042

They aren’t incapable of being attracted to them, they just prefer thin or curvy women, not large dumpy women. They buy and hook up with the latter because they view them as cheap desperate pigs. They date them out of insecurity because they don’t want to get cheated on by a beautiful woman with a nice body

No. 1767045

Nigga please

No. 1767046

Fetish content involving degradation

No. 1767048

>4chan men

No. 1767051

This is hilarious

No. 1767054

Kek, same. It's such a waste of food too

No. 1767058

I knew when I saw the OP picture this thread would become weightsperg central.

No. 1767059

So if men look at porn at skinny women, it's assumed he likes skinny girls, if men look at porn of curvy girls then… He's secretly attracted to skinny girls and wants to humiliate bigger girls

No. 1767060

Why are you guys arguing about what men like? Men are degenerate pigs, men fuck animals and vegetables and automobiles. Being attractive to men means absolutely nothing. It's not an indicator of value or beauty or anything at all

No. 1767062

Renee isn't an "ugly dumpy" girl though

No. 1767063

I'm not big into celebrities and probably only know as much as I do from this site but I never understood why her face makes anons on here seethe so hard. she's not ugly at all imo, not amazing but nonas act like she's deformed.

No. 1767065

Nta but renee looks hourglass to me

No. 1767066

I don't get it either, I think it's just 2 or 3 loud anons

No. 1767068

She’s not attractive either

No. 1767070

She’s just uggo

No. 1767071

It's a popular defense when an anon questions if a certain body type is attractive, a lot of people will pull up or ask about men who look at woman with the body type being shilled as unattractive, which is fair, then the sperges often play mental gymnastics on why men are actually attracted to the body type being pedaled but not attracted to the other body type of the porn they watch. It happened on CC too when an anon was swearing up and down men are incapable of being attracted to small breasts, an anon brought up that men watch porn and simp over celebrities with small breasts, the anon flipped out and ended up in a sperg fest of mental gymnastics that ended with them trying to convince everyone men didn't like Megan foxes boobs because they were insane anime breasts

No. 1767073

something something "plain women shouldn't get leading roles" something like that idk anymore

No. 1767074

File: 1699759936417.jpg (23.13 KB, 460x276, 3904266605.jpg)

Finland should be castrated

No. 1767077

you probably have hyperthyroidism and you should get it checked for your health, not looks.

No. 1767078

Pretty sure mod confirmed it in meta is was only 1 or 2 sperges samefagging. No surprising because let's be real most lolcow users aren't going to jump into random infights

No. 1767079


No. 1767080

only a scrote would think only extremely attractive women should get acting lead roles.

No. 1767081

Seconded, please check your hormone levels nonna

No. 1767083

I think people are forgetting people also sperged about how plain Rachel McAdams looked as well kek. Any celebrity without extreme looks enhancements will get called plain

No. 1767085

File: 1699760176173.jpeg (826.03 KB, 1053x1064, IMG_0949.jpeg)

She gets called plain, not ugly. It’s weird that she keeps being cast in every lead role when she looks like a random average woman. She has an ugly personality though.

No. 1767087

Rachel Mcadams is far better compared to fatty mcfatland

No. 1767089

bet your ratchet ass looks much worse than just waking up too but you wont post a selfie like that.
>She has an ugly personality though
I dont think it matters as long as you can do your job (like any profession)

No. 1767090

When was that confirmed?

No. 1767091

I got my hormones and thyroid checked like 6 or 7 years ago and it said everything was fine, it's annoying cause for a short period when I was on birth control I went up to like 125 and looked so much more normal and everyone was telling me I look great and then when I got off it I dropped like 30 pounds and went back to looking like shit. I'm hoping if I start working out regularly it might even things out a bit, and increase my appetite.

No. 1767093

Rachel Mcaddams is gorgeous with unique features, who would call her plain?

No. 1767095

god imagine if lc was in the 2000s

No. 1767096

Samefag I just checked the symptoms for hyperthyroidism and I literally have almost all of them, I think I will get it checked again, thank you nonnas for the suggestion

No. 1767098

I wish we had LC in the 2000’s…the fatties wouldn’t even exist

No. 1767101

There's multiple sites of hundreds of people agreeing she's ugly, plain, overrated, etc. If you exist as a female celebrity you will get ripped apart

No. 1767103

if synthetic hormones are actually balancing your weight you definitely should get it checked again because something is wrong. with that said, most women gain weight on BC even if there is nothing wrong with them. I think as long as you're having a balanced diet and exercise you shouldn't worry too much but make sure to get your daily dietary needs.

No. 1767104

>She gets called plain, not ugly
She does get called ugly, there's an anon here who keeps referring to her as a pig in lipstick kek

No. 1767106

it's almost like there is nothing inherently wrong with how these women look and it's just mentally ill people projecting their insecurities on a random stranger because they happen to be famous

No. 1767107

No one said moids can’t be attracted to skinny women but being harassed by moids is a terrible metric to determine what they want.

No. 1767108

>just waking up
What are you talking about? She posted that herself what makes you think she had just woken up? And celebries in general have shitty personalities, no one is obligated to like them just because they’re famous. I hate male celebrities because they’re all predators, and I make fun of their appearances all the time and talk about the old man psyop. It’s not jealousy I genuinely just dislike most celebrities because they’re narcissistic idiots

No. 1767109

No. 1767110

Well the fat one is fat though

No. 1767111

>no makeup
>messy hair
>random selfie
it can be safely assumed to be a post sleep selfie
btw do you have a florence folder in your pc? kek

No. 1767117

I find it revolting chloe moretz used to be considered beautiful when she was a teen and as soon as she grew up people started saying she's ugly. society is fucking sick.

No. 1767126

She’s fat and gross so the comments are warranted

No. 1767127

Okay then let's take a milder form of a way men express their preference of body types while having no contact with the woman or would they be able to humiliate her, like lingerie or bikini shoots. Men still seek out curvy women, sometimes even more than skinny women

No. 1767128

File: 1699760861649.jpeg (332.02 KB, 580x572, IMG_0950.jpeg)

Ok then here’s her at an event. I don’t have a folder but google is free and takes two seconds to use

No. 1767130

She still looks gross the makeup is pancakey and there’s wrinkles in her face forming from the dried out powders that wouldn’t be there if she was maleiplesd

No. 1767131

She looks great in video but weird in pics? I guess she's just not photogenic

No. 1767132

Thin curvy women though, not large portly women

No. 1767134

there is no use arguing and trying to use common sense with this poster. to her, anyone above 100lb should kill herself for not being skinny enough and the entire world agrees with her. you're not a psychiatrist, don't try to cure her mental illness through the internet.

No. 1767136

Renee isn't a "large portly woman" even in the past few years of sports illustrated models were her size or bigger

No. 1767137

she looks good here. I dont see how this is supposed to prove she is unattractive.

No. 1767138

Interesting I think she looks better in photographs and more average in motion

No. 1767140

I wasn’t talking about Renee

No. 1767142

She is large and portly though, she has a large apple shaped middle if she’s not wearing tight pants that go up to the middle of her waist

No. 1767144

why does it bother you so much apple shaped pudgy women get the attention and praise? do you secretly wish you were famous instead of her because you think you're better?

No. 1767150

No it’s just confusing why they’d want to cast a fat regina when regina’s entire character revolves around being skinny? There’s a whole storyline about her weight and Cady purposefully sabotaging her to make her fatter. Did they just ditch that storyline and decide for her to be fat anyways kek??

No. 1767151

so far ITT we've established:
>florence-chan(s) has an ED
>also hates other pudgy celebrities like renee
>she also thinks men are incapable of being genuinely attracted to anyone that's not skinny
what else am I missing

No. 1767152

Vanessa Hudgens?! Pffft nonsense

No. 1767157

maybe fattychan just hasn’t seen the movie. Give her some space ok?

No. 1767158

Stop combining anons into one person retard

No. 1767159


No. 1767161

why do you give a shit they casted a woman that's built like a fridge? like who gives a fuck if she can act like a good regina? were you in the room when they did her acting interview (or whatever tf is called)? I dont fucking think so

No. 1767165

Beauty is subjective and everyone will view the same person differently. There’s no need to get so triggered about people’s personal opinions on the appearance of a celebrity

No. 1767166

Samefag but IMDB is like a hotbed for boomer scrotes, they use it to curate jerk off material of very young actresses so I'm not surprised they're on there making little lists and things to help organize the celebs they do and don't want to fap too. Men are so sad

No. 1767168

I literally posted a (s) but yall seem to have an ED and a hivemind so go off but I guess skeletals cant read because of the lack of nutrients shrinking your frontal cortex.

No. 1767176

Did you read the part where I said the character and a large part of the storyline and what completely causes Regina to become unhinged is finding out that Cady was feeding her fatty bars, hence why she releases the burn book and all hell breaks loose? Are you even reading what’s being said?

No. 1767177

Who cares? In the book they already wiped out like 75% of the story line. You and I both know you don't actually care about the entire 3-4 lines about her weight and is just using it as a bottom of barrel excuse when people question your schizo sperging, if you did you would've just said that not make the past few hours exclusively about the actors body, then try to switch it to her character and will probably go back to body sperging again

No. 1767178

I dont think you understand that literally nobody else in this board actually cares about florence or what people think of her besides the people posting how much they hate her almost everyday multiple times a day. also the only people triggered at personal opinions about someone's appearance are the florence spergs when they realize not everyone finds her revolting like she does.

No. 1767179

did you read the part where I dont give a shit about how she is built? can ana-chans even read at all lol

No. 1767181

You’re not answering the question, why would they want a fat actress to play a skinny ‘plastic’?

No. 1767183

I don't see why that can't be replicated in the new movie, she's not a complete death fat or anything and mainstream media seems to like her body

No. 1767184

why dont you ask the director personally? I dont have a crystal ball bitch

No. 1767185

But her appearance is a huge part of the storyline. It’s like turning “snow white” mexican.

No. 1767187

I would rather have a Latina snow white than a snow white that looks like Brett Cooper

No. 1767188

But she’s obviously not body conscious, how do they plan on replicating the “sweatpants are all that fits me right now” scene without everyone laughing at the big hamplanet actress who was never slim to begin with?

No. 1767189

wrong. her confidence is the biggest part of it. it's like you never met HS stacies that were actually built poorly but everyone knew and looked up to because they were rich, popular and groomed well compared to other teenagers. I can tell you didn't even graduate HS.

No. 1767190

why would snow white be played by a man? I’m sick of troons invading this fucking website

No. 1767192

Her confidence which is based around her being a skinny woman in the early 2000’s are you retarded

No. 1767196

That’s not even what I was saying. I don’t think Renee is fat btw.

No. 1767200

it's fairly obvious thorough the movie regina's friends are considered more attractive than her and she actively tries to tell them what to do so they don't outshine regina in any way. like regina has been dumped by her bf but her friends actually kept their bfs and how regina keeps telling to dress down near her.

No. 1767203

Massive cope

No. 1767205

Nta but Brett Cooper is a girl

No. 1767207

>florence-chan(s) has an ED
>also hates other pudgy celebrities like renee
>she also thinks men are incapable of being genuinely attracted to anyone that's not skinny
You literally combined Florencechan(s) with anons posting about having eating disorders, hating pudgy celebrities like Renee, and anons who think men are only attracted to skinny women, which is why I told you to stop combining every poster you disagree with into one boogeyman. What are you missing here?

No. 1767208

File: 1699762001486.gif (4.46 MB, 480x270, regina-george-sweatpants.gif)

Oh they can't, i bet they won't even have the scene in the movie because it's fatphobic

No. 1767210

Her friends who are also all skinny

No. 1767211

she looks like ben shapiro

No. 1767213

Sounds like a troon

No. 1767215

How is Brett Cooper a man? Stop schizoposting

No. 1767216

What kind of mental gymnastics, Rachel McAdams did not fit whatever this theory is

No. 1767217

you're missing your meds

No. 1767222

Why would the replicate the movie line to line? The point of remakes is to be "revamped" with a modern twist. Ofc they don't need to add EVERY single piece of line and filler just stop

No. 1767224

That retard doesn't know who she is obv

No. 1767229

She hasn’t been posted multiple times a day every day, you’re really over exaggerating. This is lolcow, people are going to make mean comments and jokes. If you don’t like it ignore it.

No. 1767232

NTA but she's literally right. Stop assuming everyone is the same person.

No. 1767233

NTA but I could see it, there were several lines hinting at how Cady was hotter, not to mention majority of male characters preferred Gretchen or Cady. The only male characters that showed interest in Regina are ones she had to make moves on

No. 1767235

it's okay, you can calm down now.

No. 1767237

File: 1699762203445.png (1013.67 KB, 882x1033, 2a8-a343.png)

welp this is just gonna keep going until the thread fills up like every other last 10 threads, fuck it

No. 1767238

You should stop projecting and take your own advice kek

No. 1767239

Ok so you’re a body positivity fatty. That’s why you can’t let this go

No. 1767242

Not my fault you don't understand how remakes work

No. 1767243

>the majority of fictional male characters still preferred skinny women
Are we done now

No. 1767245

Turning a Y2K movie titled “mean girls” which revolves around the appearance of popular high school girls into body positivity kumbaya film is sacrilegious and disrespectful to the original film kek.

No. 1767246

You’re the schizo assuming that there’s only 3 lolcow users

No. 1767247

File: 1699762337359.gif (206.85 KB, 220x124, tenor.gif)

No. 1767249

I never watched mean girls and have no intention to

No. 1767252

That gazelle can kill itself

No. 1767253

that's what I mean, she kept telling her friends constantly to be less so she looked more. to anyone who is not mentally ill it is very obvious regina george is a young woman with a fragile self esteem and narcissism that's built on a house of cards because she is very insecure despite being popular. like she immediately latched on cady because she saw her as a threat even though cady wasnt even aware she could be a threat to her but was naturally more attractive and her ex scrote was just talking to cady. yall need to rewatch the movie if you disagree. not to mention the burn book, it's peak insecure seething girl.

No. 1767259

you can milk yourself

No. 1767260

File: 1699762508757.png (617.95 KB, 882x1033, IMG_981.png)

she is immortal

No. 1767265

File: 1699762562230.png (961.55 KB, 948x1035, IMG_7240.png)

No. 1767267

the whole premise of the movie is literally doesnt matter how popular, pretty, rich and trendy you are, if you're a gross narcissistic girl that shittalks everyone and acts two faced nobody is going to like you. a lot of people in this website could take some from that lesson.

No. 1767270

That’s like the last 5 minutes of the movie though. The actresses should still be skinny

No. 1767271

Gurl shut up

No. 1767272

the whole movie builds to it, retard.
make me bitch

No. 1767273

Yeah the movie with skinny women

No. 1767274

File: 1699762795764.jpg (31.99 KB, 505x564, 1467120608804-4.jpg)

No. 1767275

nta but agreed. poor tina fey went out of her way to make a remake of a classic, iconic movie with a great message for young girls just for anons here to screech about how regina isn't anorexic in this remake

I'm sure if they completely redid the ending where regina ended up winning everything and choose some anorexic playboy model anons would be praising and jumping up and down even though that's far from what the OG directors, or even the book author ever have wanted

No. 1767276


No. 1767278

I hope they don’t include janice in the remake she was annoying. I hate edgelords

No. 1767280

please read the book based on the movie

No. 1767281

So Regina getting hit by a bus is a better ending kek? Goddamn

No. 1767284

Janice wasn't even an edgelord you just don't like the way she looks

No. 1767285

they're literally regina themselves. insecure women who need to talk down other women despite the fact they're already in the beauty standard. just sad tbh.

No. 1767289

No the whole “I have a big lesbian crush on you” scene and the way she just constantly goes out of her way to sabotage regina when she barely gives her any attention and only tells cady about how she revealed herself as a homo when they were younger

No. 1767291

theyre the ugly apple shaped reginas they despise kek. turns out they were projecting all along

No. 1767294

You can’t really be apple shaped if you aren’t fat

No. 1767295

okay anon quote me on the book where it says regina is right about being a fake ass bitch towards the entire school that worships the ground she walks on and throwing her friends under the bus because they got picked by their moids and she didn't.

No. 1767299

At this point YOU deserve to be hit by a bus

No. 1767300

That's not how it works

No. 1767304

this is your brain on skipping meals on a row

No. 1767305

File: 1699763096514.jpg (151.46 KB, 1024x813, gettyimages-888384-001-1024x10…)

No. 1767306

File: 1699763103541.jpg (78.12 KB, 641x1000, 81BdTdL5S7L._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

where did I say that?
what are you on?
this is the book the movie is based on

No. 1767310

Alright I was being quiet and eating my onion rings but this is too far, come to my house nona we gotta duke this out

No. 1767314

Yeah it is. You become skin and bones nigga. What do you think happens kek

No. 1767315

>you deserve to be hit by a bus because i’m fat and you’re not
Come on

No. 1767326

so you're telling me the book the archetype of regina george was created from is not even an actual story and just an anti-bullying book? please be fr you're actively defending the idea of character that's not even canon in the book it originated from. for all I care tina fey could make regina a dollskill tiktok "goth" zoomer.

No. 1767328

Have you all seen the new Goosebumps show? I like it, it's cute

No. 1767331

samefag for reference it is a book for mothers of teen daughters basically guiding the moms on how to deal with high school bullying, cliques, etc. The movie was produced and made for said teen girls as a comedic guide with a good message. literally no one who was involved in the movie at all, including Rachel McAdams would appreciate yall screaming your damn head off about how the actress is "fat" , nevermind acting as if an eating disorder is a funny character building needed part of the movie

No. 1767335

Make no mistakes, all of you deserve to be hit by a bus regardless of bmi. You should be embarassed by what you've done to this thread. I bet most of you are twitter thots mad that you can't vent about it without being canceled so you came here to share your real feelings

No. 1767337

being a sack of skeletons is not a body type per se, because you got rid of all the fat distribution in your body. you sound profoundly mentally ill.

No. 1767338

Oh I'm not defending the character of Regina at all, I'm just saying her eating disorder was never important for the story and anons are using it as a cheap excuse to sperg more

No. 1767340

File: 1699763476746.gif (838.24 KB, 350x250, img.gif)

No. 1767344

Do you need some water after all that exercising you did typing nonny

No. 1767345

this thread was a mistake to begin with and I've advocated towards locking it on meta.

No. 1767346

I think that when bullied, children should hit their bullies in the face. It's what I'd advise my child to do if I had a child.

No. 1767347

So you agree? You can’t be apple shaped if you’re skinny?

No. 1767348

It might need a temporary close to get rid of the twitterfags

No. 1767349

having an ED and being naturally skinny are different things. you can be apple shaped if you're naturally skinny.

No. 1767350

You don't even know what an apple looks like

No. 1767358

>mad that you can't vent about it without being canceled so you came here to share your real feelings
Nta but isn't that what lc is for in a way, a place where women can be as autistic and opinionated as we please without getting dogpiled on and "cancelled." I mean where else can I verbally shit on trannies (that isn't a male dominated shit site)

No. 1767360

That’s not being skinny though, apple shaped is when you’re fat and have the big sausage torso

No. 1767362

File: 1699763736320.gif (3.33 MB, 224x224, z.gif)

No. 1767365

>can't tell apart an apple from a sausage

No. 1767369

No. 1767371

that's literally not what this website is for, this website is for outcast women who dont partake in social media and for posting the antics of crazy people in social media, not for catty women who partake in social media but need an outlet to vent their real feelings because they're rotten inside and would be immediately shunned if they exposed their real opinions to people. I'm sorry you suck.

No. 1767372

Shut up

No. 1767373

This has nothing to do with social media we’re talking about an actress in a movie

No. 1767375

I agree, i always say that too. I think we should teach our children to be able to stand for themselves.

No. 1767376

pretty sure it's about bone structure + fat distribution. lots of apple-shaped women have to go full ana to look decent. The schizo is probably mad other women don't have to hyper-restrict to look appealing

No. 1767377

I think the bullies parents should beat him up with the kid like how dogs beat their kids to correct their behavior

No. 1767379

File: 1699763994236.png (134.09 KB, 378x770, image_2023-11-12_064031180.png)

apple shape is when your shoulders are as large as your hips and your waist isnt defined. a lot of skinny women are apple shaped because their waist disappears once they get rid of all the fat. pic related is an example of slim apple shape, a lot of asian women are apple shaped.

No. 1767381

nta but can you be more stupid? I'm literally autistic and even I caught the point

No. 1767385

unfortunately bullies often get enabled by their parents

No. 1767387

you're terminally retarded.

No. 1767392

>I'm sorry you suck.
Anon I'm not part of this fight I don't think Renee is fat and I don't care about mean girls kek, calm down I was just saying anons are allowed to share their shitty opinions here regardless of whether you like it or not. Also venting is very much allowed on this site, there's literally a thread for it, and also no rule against people using social media? I don't know what you're on about

No. 1767394

you sound new and I can't be bothered. you just don't get it.

No. 1767397

agreed. this all started because 1 anon said she disagreed renee was as fat and unhealthy as 1 anon was making it. The schizo sperges will never see their own delusion and projection

No. 1767401

I've been here 7 years but keep being mad that people aren't using the site how you think they should be kek

No. 1767402

That’s inverted triangle body type nonnie. Apple shape is when your torso is as large as your shoulders if not larger. Or maybe that’s caluiflower body type

No. 1767411

Cauliflowers don't have shoulders, retard

No. 1767417

inverted triangles can have defined waists though and their shoulders are bigger

No. 1767419

i’m gonna take you out back.

No. 1767421

It’s interesting to compare the way anons make fun of women they dislike in snow to the way anons start sharting and screaming when anons make fun of women they dislike in ot. Why are you so defensive over random actresses?

No. 1767428

I thought inverted triangle means wide shoulders/upper body relative to smaller hips, not straight up and down. A lot of more muscular women are this shape, or sometimes women with large breasts but not large hips.
I always heard the straight up and down body type be called rectangle, ruler, or banana.

No. 1767435

anons in /ot/ are the same way when you disagree with their batshit crazy sperging. I remember before shay got fat if you dared say something like she had nice boobs/she wasn't that bad looking you'd basically cause a 4 day trainwreck of anons about to give themselves strokes while claiming it was actually you sperging all along, even if you disappeared.

No. 1767440

it's almost like it's different people.

No. 1767441

my god it's lile a yassified bogdanov

No. 1767458

then you'd know threads such as this one or venting threads only attracted the worst kinds of posters?

No. 1767473

So don't go in them? Idk nonna I feel like you're taking this way too seriously and just looking for stuff to argue about

No. 1767485

Faddy fat fat mcfatterson

No. 1767802

The worst unpopular opinions thread. This is a disgrace.

No. 1767822

Twitterfags were having outright seizures.

No. 1767826

stop being fat

No. 1767838

File: 1699771359210.jpg (13.48 KB, 257x320, 81JTArIxGeL._AC_UL320_.jpg)

No. 1767854

File: 1699771566429.jpeg (743.88 KB, 1035x762, IMG_0956.jpeg)

Alain Delon is an evil pig and he didn’t deserve to be famous. He made his son live in a dog cage and beat him with a whip whenever he misbehaved. He also killed his wife’s bodyguard because he caught them having an affair, but she only did that because Alain kept brutally attacking her. Picrel is Alain and his son

No. 1767868

Hot damn I forgive him

No. 1767901

File: 1699772414168.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1042x1289, IMG_0957.jpeg)

Kek ok but his son was a toddler when he started abusing him like that, and he broke his wife’s ribs once so I think he deserves to die

No. 1767906

Abuse is okay if you're attractive tbh. Stable men are ugly.

No. 1767914

The sooner it fills up the better.

No. 1767915

No. 1767929

Yeah it's just a joke kek. The son is hotter tho ngl

No. 1767961

What do egirl socks have to do with you being oversized

No. 1767987

File: 1699773868652.png (870.6 KB, 948x1025, A46D25-34E7.png)


No. 1767996

Shut up retarded deathfat

No. 1768001

gazelle is a skinny legend how dare you

No. 1768004

Earwax is the grossest bodily fluid by far.
That scene in Shrek where he procures his earwax candle could kill Ne

No. 1768013

Can you just stay behind itt once it fills up, no one give this nonnie the link to the next thread she's not invited

No. 1768027

earwax is not as gross as poop or period blood simply because it doesnt stink as badly and its healthy for your ears.

No. 1768048

No. 1768050

Nta but earwax does stink, at least mine does

No. 1768120

it stinks but not like poopoo level stink

No. 1768273

the majority of people on the internet publicly claiming disabled status are not disabled. it's gotten so bad that whenever i see a random 'disabled influencer' pop up on instagram or wherever i automatically assume they are faking and i'm a bit surprised if they aren't. i've noticed this trend in real life too. i live in a university town and within the past year all of these students have started using canes. on it's own i wouldn't think anything of it, but they're always the same type of person. like fat, dyed short hair, wearing pronoun/pride pins, basic sjw phenotype. feels bad to doubt someone's disability and probably some of them genuinely are disabled but um. if that's the case why are none of them just normal looking people.

No. 1768288


No. 1768308

Women who go on and on about how younger scrotes are just babies and black women who go on and on about how they only love black men give me the same level of cringe because the feeling is not mutual. While you’re going on about how scrotes are too young for you, your scrote is watching porn with 18 year olds and while you’re going on about your black kangs he’s out trying to find anything that isn’t you.

No. 1768332

Nta but I think it is considered a bodily fluid. It a waxy oil your body makes to protect your ear.

No. 1768336

Mine is very dry

No. 1768338

Are you Asian by any chance?

No. 1768339

No, why? Is that an Asian thing?

No. 1768344

Yes. Does your sweat also smell less strong than other people's?

No. 1768350

I think ridged teeth look better than smooth teeth.

No. 1768353

I don't know about the sweat thing, I haven't asked kek

No. 1768362

God I’m so glad I missed this infight.

No. 1768383

Oh where have you been the last 5 days or so?

No. 1768467

File: 1699813027740.gif (852.8 KB, 500x600, b2f2fdbad69bbaf7f153c2cd93310e…)

I hate remakes and i hate how boring everything looks the new snow white looks like a high budget netflix series idk what it is about it maybe the lighting.
And it's also weird seeing how at some point people were agreeing that disney was just doing shitty cashgrabs but suddenly some sperg talks about skin color and that's the entire point of the discussion, not the fact that everything looks boring or the fact that they keep changing random elements of the story that just make the movie less entertaining not even that they're basically running through the entirety of their old filmography at a stupidly rapid speed, noooooo we have to bitch and whine wether it's good/bad to have black/brown people on screen!!1!

No. 1768471

File: 1699813276257.jpeg (81.27 KB, 734x604, IMG_7290.jpeg)

It’s excessive use of CGI (I feel like the new Snow White was shot entirely up against a green screen) and the LED lighting. We need to bring back films shot entirely by candle light and other incandescent lighting

No. 1768515

where's this from?

No. 1768525

Barry Lyndon by Stanley Kubrick

No. 1768565

Snow white is such a boring story that there's nothing they could have done to not flop it. The only thing I could imagine that would make it interesting is turning it into a bizzare horror.

No. 1768569

I'm just tired of the "woke" crowd making it seem like women are wrong or weak for being in love

No. 1768659

in snow white's case she yearns for love because she's in an unloving environment but still has resilience and a firm hope that things will get better. I think people get too blinded by "eewww romance girls don't need romance" but for her it isn't about dreaming for a man to be devoted to, it's dreaming about a life where someone would respect and care about her, and help her exit her situation because she knows she deserves better. I think that's pretty strong of her to still have faith in her own future and in others' character despite her maltreatment

No. 1768663

I feel like in Snow White’s case she got driven out and that sucks but she had the ideal situation in the forest with the dwarves and should have gotten to chill there for like 20 years at least, but the witch had to come harass her even though she wasn’t doing anything. The prince in Snow White is nothing, in an ideal scenario he would not come into he picture at all.

No. 1768674

But in most reiterated stories of snow white she’s a young girl and not a woman who lived a full life. You sound like a tradthot mad that women can see past a moid and realize they can get love and respect from friends and family and not exclusively a love interest that comes out of nowhere during her worst days to help her

No. 1768686

Disney know's what they're doing to cause controversy and therefore grab money. People talk about her skin colour because it's a huge point of the story, I mean it is in the title and even mentioned in the famous quotes in the story several times.

No. 1768694

Men are built for labor and service and I prefer them useful and aspiring to help/rescue if needed vs not. I don't agree with only having media that depicts that women should have no option than to shoulder all her life burdens herself and that love is weak and men are retarded and useless therefore they don't have any expectations to live up to

No. 1768712

it's Hollywood's good old outrage marketing formula which works extra well for children's media because of representation and the argument that it's for little kids, so who cares.
>cast POC or woman character who does not fit the traditional character role, the rest of the film can now be as half-assed as possible because it is a "first [insert minority] character" and therefore progressive
>if you dislike the film or disagree with casting or costume design, you are racist
>online portals write articles about this barrier-breaking new film, social media outrage ensues, more press for Disney

No. 1768756

File: 1699825087749.png (227.32 KB, 545x680, 1684695712437.png)

I'm tired of everyone being ironic and edgy and nihilistic and perverted and acting like that's a stunning and out of the box personality. It's not cool, it's not funny, it's not even unique anymore. It's not some rebellious stand against the grain to make jokes about how you hate yourself or have no will to live when there's millions saying the exact same things, it's just sad and dull. Having mental illnesses isn't quirky and amusing, neither is being addicted to the internet or porn. Most dark or self-deprecating humor doesn't have its edge anymore because it's just people who never outgrew their turbulent teen years but smugly think they're being so original and detached. Simultaneous unabashed arrogance and seething self-hatred. It's so boring.
Be genuine.

No. 1768767

I would like to stop being nihilistic, but i just can't ignore the fact that our mortality renders all our actions meaningless.

No. 1768775

You hold within you the key to happiness beyond social influence

No. 1768778

Nta but it doesn't have to be all bad. I suggest looking into optimistic nihilism

No. 1768789

Nah nothing matters is a cool mindset it’s chill you’re doing it wrong if it makes you sad

No. 1768791

Accurate, this is so widespread it shouldn't even be an unpopular opinion. I know a woman my age (late twenties) who I used to be friends with who now uses mobility aids to walk, the walking sticks that strap around your elbow, and her claim for needing them is back pain cause she spends all day hunched around her computer kek. But then she'll go to raves, do molly and dance for 6 to 7 hours without them. Then the next day be wearing them to walk to uni, taking little selfies and hashtagging them "disabled" kek. It'd be funny if it wasn't so damaging to people who actually need mobility aids

No. 1769005

nta but this is such a strawman, stop trying to bait to infight didn't you get your fix already?

No. 1769370

There's nothing wrong with being a doomer, the world is objectively turning to shit.

No. 1769382

The problem with doomers is that they often use it as an excuse to treat people like shit.

No. 1769387

I didn't know that, I like being a doomer on my own and not bother people with it.

No. 1769396

Acceptable and valid kween

No. 1769427

funnily enough I was always encouraged by adults around me to punch a boy in the face if he bullies me. I think some were half joking but one male teacher told all the girls in my class (while the boys weren't around) to punch the boys nose because it breaks easily, hurts a lot and looks terrible… but that a nose is fixable with surgery so they'll be fine. The school was having issues with sexual harassment at the time and he seemed like he genuinely meant it

No. 1769451

You're right. Nihilism and dark jokes were considered cool and edgy back when the world and society as a whole used to be simpler and admittedly happier in contrast, now everyone and everything is depressing so it just unhealthy and boring at this point. I hate the overuse of irony and nihilism because now people aren't genuine about anything, everything is a joke and "nothing matters" so there's no point of even trying doing something meaningful with your life, it's just depression 2.0. There's no real passion, ideas, nothing.

No. 1769456

Even a decade ago people who identified as nihilists were edgefags with unhealthy and often toxic interests and hobbies using it as a guise to treat others poorly and never change.

No. 1769462

Yeah, it was always unhealthy to begin with it just got worse

No. 1769475

>now people aren't genuine about anything
What if I'm genuinely pessimistic/nihilistic though?

No. 1769596

You're probably an asshole

No. 1769637

Its also a great way to break your hand, that teacher was dumb.

No. 1769640

Stop being so negative.

No. 1769646

Sounds like something a pessimist might say

No. 1769970

File: 1699903520165.jpg (294.35 KB, 966x1295, Screenshot_20231111-043349_Gal…)

I think Josh Moon "Null" has the cutest voice. when he does an especially cute laugh on MATI, I rewind it and listen to it a couple times.
I love how he says "ah, geez"
I make art for kiwifarms and shut bc I like him.
nonnas I am such a simp for his lil laugh. also when he starts to get super angy for like 2 mins and then goes back to laughing.

ah, geez.

No. 1769987

what in the moid

No. 1769989

File: 1699904561086.jpg (16.9 KB, 424x424, 122.jpg)

shit like this belongs in the confessions thread. do you also like it when he goes on his racist and misogynistic rants?

No. 1769995

Joshua Connor Moon get off lolcow and clean your room. if this isn't him you should honestly consider suicide

No. 1770019

If any tranny is reading this, kys

No. 1770145

Don't hate me nonnies but I genuinely prefer bras with underwire. It is really comfortable to me but I hear other women all the time talk about how awful underwire is. Maybe it's because the shape of my breasts, but mine are "east-west" shaped and the underwire keeps them in place, otherwise they end up in the way of my arms

No. 1770150

My tits are north shaped. I use them as airbags

No. 1770166

Thongs are the most comfortable underwear

No. 1770169

I like underwires because they actually cup the breast instead of just squishing it. With unstructured bras or no-bra I get uncomfortably sweaty under boob. I’ve had an uncomfortable underwire before but it was just cheap and poorly fitted, all the ones I’ve had in the correct size have been comfortable. To each their own though.

No. 1770181

The Null bait was posted once before and thankfully ignored. Why couldn't that happen a second time? I swear I rejoice every time bait goes unacknowledged but somehow there's always some weak links

No. 1770206

Wrong thread. And It wasn't posted just once before. It's been a recurring thing for years from multiple users some of them unironically forced themselves to think he's attractive just because other anons said they did.

No. 1770242

Not the wrong thread because I was talking about Null being mentioned >>1763824 earlier in this exact unpopular opinions thread. Also wasn't sharing an unpopular opinion, I was bitching about the replies. I called it bait cos this particular Null fangirl clearly didn't get the wanted attention the first time (in this thread)

No. 1771160

I really don’t care about teachers being paid poorly and getting treated badly. I remember growing up no teacher protected me from bullying or sexual harassment or even laughed along with bullies. I remember one time when another student slapped my as the teacher told me to “calm down” when I got mad. I’m so glad that Gen alpha is giving them hell and they also get paid shit.

No. 1771172

File: 1699965661773.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1284x1714, 96BEBABD-3677-454C-8A48-4CDD42…)

Women who dress completely stereotypically female, wear makeup, dresses and shave but still get upset when they aren’t called they then or he himconfuse me. They confuse me more than troons tbh

No. 1771173

File: 1699965776820.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1284x1921, 24F3C6E2-2D1D-40CF-9139-5DB907…)

There’s nothing on her tiktok that alludes to her trying to be another other than a woman. I don’t get women like this at all.

No. 1771188

I don’t see the point in going after people who want to shop a SHEIN or use plastic. You need to understand that nothing we do can change the state of the world. Only the billionaires have control over that. If these ceos and politicians wanted people to stop using plastic and shopping at SHEIN they would ban plastic etc and we would just have to eat shit and follow the law but they’re not gonna do that because they’re busy killing children and dump toxic chemicals into the ocean with our tax dollars. The whole fast fashion and using straws is just a way for big business to shift blame and make it seem like you can make a change. If you wanna shop at SHEIN and use plastic straws just do it.

No. 1771194

she's caved to the pressure to perform femininity but she also caved to the pressure to hate and devalue femininity so she doesn't want to be called a woman. I think it's a special internet flavor of internalized misogyny.

No. 1771195

Tbh, I think straws are just unnecessary unless you’re literally mentally impaired, got a terrible surgery done that makes you unable to hold a cup, or a child that will make a mess with a cup.

No. 1771199

Well if the government wanted to ban straws they’d do that but they don’t because they want people to actually think by not using them or selling them they’re making a difference

No. 1771223

As a woman you shouldn’t have kids unless you know you can take care of them yourself if your husband leaves. It’s not fair to take your kids from upper middle class to section 8 housing because you decided to trust a scrote with your life.

No. 1771233

Omg this is not an unpopular opinion this is just common sense

No. 1771235

I never got any problems with wearing a bra to the point I never feel the difference between underwire and no underwire, now I go braless on my days off and while it feels much better I also don't care about wearing a bra.

No. 1771242

Nta but you’d be surprised with how the general public treats cps/poorfag families. They act like its a right for crackheads to go have 10 kids so they can cash welfare checks and usually are pro reunification for foster kids that come from terrible homes. It’s also the same crowd that think its wrong for a 16 year old to abort or have her kid taken away because families being miserable together is so important to them

No. 1771251

If many people chose to go against it, doesn't that make it an unpopular opinion? I hate how much children suffer because anyone can have a kid. It's not right for them to lead tortured lives because their mothers drank during pregnancy or else their father raped some 14 year old and she was brainwashed into not getting an abortion. I just don't understand how we ended up in this weird quasi worst of both worlds where anyone, even rapists and drug addicts, can have as many children as they want while having no stable source of food, housing, or education, yet also a child is such a sacred thing that you can't kill a fetus and the state can take it away from you arbitrarily if they think you're not caring for it the right way. We need to pick a lane and stay in it. Either one, children have inalienable rights of maternity leave, medical care, and food and you need minimum qualifications to have one, or two, children are extensions of their parents government interference in any form (CPS, medical assistance, housing) is illegal.

No. 1771255

Oh I know I was born to a crackhead with 10 kids lol

No. 1771256

I barley notice underwire, but the foam cup things are horrible, they are super warm and I don't know if it never fits me well because of the size of my breasts or if they just don't fit well on anyone.

No. 1771260

It’s this way because corporations need bodies to work at McDonald’s, die in wars and shit. The people in power don’t really care how kids make it to adulthood as long as they have a body to work for them. If everyone who decided to have kids were mentally stable, not drug addicts etc then there wouldn’t be enough workers. It all boils down to having enough bodies to work at the end of the day because the people in power aren’t going to be sending their kids to work in sewers or get blown up in a war.

No. 1771261

File: 1699972303645.png (102.36 KB, 776x320, Intro screenshot.png)

I'm going to try to get through this book called Promises I can Keep: Why Poor Women Put Motherhood Before Marriage. It's written by these two sociologists who over five years, they talk to 162 low-income single moms to learn how they think about marriage and family. I've tried getting through it before, but I hate reading about people deliberately making stupid decisions over and over again, and every one of these women are extremely stupid. Like lead poisoning, dropped on her head as a baby level of stupid. This screenshot basically sums up every single mother in this book.

No. 1771262

I noticed when you tell these women their choices are stupid their response is always “you expect me to be single and alone all my life?”

No. 1771273

I know logically it is almost impossible to survive as a one income household with dependents, but yes, that's exactly what you're supposed to do. It is a horrible truth that the type of people who have zero self control and instead have a baby with zero foresight, also have zero self control or foresight when the child is born. Your life as care free entity ended when you chose to raise your baby. You have to put your selfish desires aside to better your child's life, that's why many people chose to not have a child.
My friend who is the child of a broken home where her parents both got remarried and she was abused by her stepmother thinks that you shouldn't be allowed to date or marry until your children are over eighteen. That the risks to the children are too great, and that as an adult it is your responsibility to bear loneliness/financial burden since you were the one who made the decision to have a child. There's probably a lot of step families that worked out fine, but I've never actually known a single one.

No. 1771280

Eartha Kitt is the best catwoman.

No. 1771282

They don't even have to be "alone". You can still have friends, and if you can afford a babysitter/have family that will watch the kids, you can still go on dates/get ass. Just don't bring them around your kids, and don't get pregnant for them unless they're actually a good person that's going to marry and commit to you and your family.

It's like they don't understand that once you have a kid, especially as a single mother, you have to make a lot of sacrifices unless you want to raise a tragedy that repeats the cycle.

No. 1771283

I was just rewatching her season of Batman. She is absolutely my favorite with her personality and way she carries herself as Catwoman. I like Julie Newmar too, but Eartha Kitt is such a treasure.

No. 1771288

Having children is basically an adult marshmallow test. Can you postpone something you really want in exchange for getting something of greater value in the future? Single moms failed that test, so it is statistically likely that they will fail it again when presented with it in any other forms.

No. 1771321

I don’t get how women are so desperate to have a man after the age of 30. I was over scrotes by 32 and it’s not even being hurt or disappointed, i genuinely got bored of scrotes “oh look he’s being dry over text to make me chase him again” “oh he’s cheating. What a surprise!”….scrotes are literally so boring even when they’re toxic. If you’re in you’re 30s still crying over men, being single and getting cheated on all the time it’s time to pack it up because you’ll be a dumbo forever. I literally cringe at women my age in abusive relationships and shit like seriously grown up lol

No. 1771324

No. 1771327

barring the bit about abusive relationships, I agree. 99% of moids follow the same patterns and behaviour, it's so obvious once you take a step back and pay attention kek

No. 1771328

I had this random reel show up on my IG about a woman who was raped at 17 and had her baby anyway (her mom gave the choice to abort but she didnt want to) and then proceeded to have babies with two more men before 21. I cant fathom going through that trauma, but why the fuck wouldnt you abort and she acted like her life was so glamorous, taking care of her grandkids and being a young grandmother at only 43. Some of these women are brain dead. Obviously we need to hold the men accountable, but come on… Women need to stop doing stupid shit too and bringing poor babies into the world.

No. 1771338

At a certain point I wasn’t even mad or sad anymore just bored. They all have some hobby which they never stfu about but also suck at it. I don’t wanna listen to your music etc it sounds like poopy.

No. 1771344

Straight women are so blackpilling sometimes. They can't abstain from dick no matter how terrible men have treated them time and time again, like how many times do you have to go through this shit to realize you're better off on your own?? Damn it's irritating to see constantly(b8)

No. 1771361

>Straight women are so blackpilling sometimes.
Women totally says things like this.
This definitely isn't moid hands.

No. 1771364

My unpopular opinion is that people need to get screened and tested before having kids. So many people dont and want to take a chance or a roulette. Why are there so many kids born in the last 15 years autistic? Like, so many? It makes me sad to see these women stuck with defective children and pretend they are special because they are autistic, esp with severe mental issues. I dont see one of my friends anymore because her 12 year old son has autism and he needs to bne with her 24/7 or freaks out. that isnt a life

No. 1771366

I swear every moid thinks their music taste is the best and are wanna be DJs or rappers.

No. 1771377

I have a better music taste than all moids who think they have a good music taste combined
simple as

No. 1771387

I don’t understand people who buy food to bring in for their coworkers because it’s gonna be so cringe when you eventually get wrote up or fired. I would never spend my money to bring in donuts or pizza for my coworkers. All that ass kissing for no reason at all.

No. 1771388

I don't believe that couples who have been together since highschool are genuinely healthy and happy long term. I think they learn to live together and just make it work/after knowing someone for so long it probably feels impossible to not have each other in their lives. But I just cannot fathom being the same person emotionally, maturity, everything since highschool well into adulthood. Like you just change, and it's rare that someone will change that much with you (specifically from teenager to adult imo, I think it's different from like 20s to 30s and onward…but as a kid? Idk I don't buy it).

No. 1771389

They have probably cheated a lot and dealt with breaking up 1000 times then realized there’s nothing much better out there or the guy just cheats and lives single but the woman is loyal because she lost her virginity to him

No. 1771392

I had a coworker who would constantly bring pastries and sweets into the office and she would always make a huge deal about how it was soooo much food and everyone please eat some she can't take it home and will have to toss it otherwise!! In retrospect I think she had an ED lol. Or it was some weird mom/grandma energy that she was channeling into the office instead of family for some reason.

No. 1771394

This but with relationships in general and why people are so obsessed with them. And how they make that their entire value, personality, and life. How about you develop a talent and be rich and successful instead or something.

No. 1771397

Exactly! And if they want to seem smart and fancy they go for jazz or rock/metal for a sense of false superiority and intelligence.

No. 1771398

Couples that get together during high school are mentally unwell imo. Some of them get married immediately at 18 and start a family at 21. Like, imagine being stuck in high school for the rest of your life. These are the same women who are SAHMs and sell badly thrifted items on their etsy.

No. 1771401

speaking of dating in high school
something really off to me when scrotes start dating girls who are still in high school (18-19) when they're around 22-23 themselves. it's "only" a few years but this has always felt so skeevy to me

No. 1771404

I mean I find it frustrating too, and I'm a woman

No. 1771405

even 18 and 21 is weird imo

No. 1771408

It is gross, a well-adjusted adult should be repulsed by children. Even though it's only a few years, there's a world of difference between highschool and the real world and that's why it feels nasty- 18-19 year olds in highschool are still in school, their brains and bodies aren't even done growing. Men will argue til they're blue in the face that it's some kind of evolutionary thing to want younger women but they're just stupid and porn-damaged thinking highschoolers look like Euphoria characters. But, and I know it's cliche, I stg the older you get the more you realize how much kids look like kids. I see highschools now and everyone looks like babies even in a full beat. It's like looking around a gradeschool but more makeup.

I was young and dumb (and had trauma tbh) and my friends and I would "date" men in their mid-20s when we were 16-18 and literally all of them were losers. Either still lived with their mom or in crazy trap houses with a bunch of grody roommates. The only girls they can pull are the ones impressed by the fact that they can legally buy booze bc that's all they bring to the table. You don't realize how pathetic they are until you are that age and see that you would never want that kind of life for yourself…

No. 1771410

I'm not 30 yet but I feel the same way . Every moid I let get close, or were forced on me (scrote dad, scrote step dad) hurt me one way or the other. But that's not why I'm done. They're just, all the fucking same. No matter where you find him. College, anime club, club club. They're all the fucking same. Some are physically stronger, some are hotter looking, some are smarter but they all sound the same, act the same and do the same shit. These can't be the men people write love songs about. The ones women get into fights and go to jail over, etc. I know of a few "pretty boy/HiGh vAlUe MaLE" types who complain about women constantly bothering and borderline harassing them, but for the life of me I can't understand why. They're alright looking. Nothing too handsome. Ones pretty smart and will probably start doing really well for himself in the next few years, but I still don't get it. Talking to men casually as "friends" is the biggest red pill of all imo. Within these past two years I've fully lost the ability to take them seriously.

No. 1771416

I was thinking about this the other day. When I was around 19 in college, I had an ex who was near my age now (he was 25-26 when we first started dating I think). As a 27 year old I judge him harshly for entertaining someone who just got out of highschool last year. And yes, he pretty much did live with his mom until she moved him out into a place she formerly had. He dropped out of CC while I graduated and ended up working for a postal delivery service. Now I tell all of the 18-21 year old women I know to not bother with a guy more than 3 years older than them. That relationship was a waste of time

No. 1771419

I think a lot of women don’t understand is they don’t actually like these men but they want these men to like them. Once you start asking yourself “do I like these men or do I want men to like me?” You start to see how lame and boring most men are. Most women go into situations with men wanting them to like them and do not stop to think about if they actually like or are even attracted to these men they’re chasing so tough.

No. 1771422

This is so true. Makes men's behavior make much more sense, pathetic as it is. Stacy rejected him in high school so now you'll be a stand in representing all of womankind that he can put in a Sims pool and remove the ladder from

No. 1771423

I always found it weird how a lot of shows are about dating and sex in high school. When I was 16/17, I had zero interests in dating or boys. I thought i was weird, but it should be normalized for kids not to date. I know kids arent teens, but teenagers are retarded. We arent mentally developed to make big decisions like dating and sex. It always ends badly. Women (esp teens) should focus on their hobbies and having fun. I dont understand the rush for wanting to find dates at like 14 or 15.

No. 1771430

File: 1699983291868.jpeg (617.99 KB, 1600x1063, AdobeStock_223329564.jpeg)

I think if you are older than 21, you are way too old to trick or treat for candy. I understand some people have younger siblings and that's obviously different if you are taking them trick or treating and stealing some candy later, but there are older gen z and millennials who seriously argue it's okay to go treat or tricking in your 30s and even 40s. That is some creepy ass behavior.

I love Halloween a ton. I go to haunts, mazes, parties and areas that give out both alcohol and candy. I prefer the candy and love dressing up, but it's cringe to just go out to trick or treat as an adult.

No. 1771451

I had a couple mom and dads accompanying their kids but in costume with their own candy bags this year which was kinda weird but I didn't scrutinize it very hard and I just gave them candy too. I think one of the moms was a little high lol she was way too excited I was handing out chips.
That is so generous of you. The cutoff should be like 13.

No. 1771455

all the older people i've known who still want to celebrate halloween/trick o' treating, always dress it up and make it more interesting than going house to house like weirdos. one lady i knew hid candy in her house in random places and spent the entire month looking for it lol. another person i knew made a game of it, where instead of knocking on doors you had to answer questions and then if you got it right you got candy from your friends.

i always hated trick o' treating as a kid (i was super shy) so i never got the appeal of harassing your neighbors for candy.

No. 1771456

Nta but if I had a kid, I would go trick or treating with her to keep her safe and to give her extra candy.

No. 1771462

I was being generous. I think the real cut off should 13/14 as well. Most parents have admitted they dont like when teenagers come to their door asking for candy because it makes them uncomfortable.
I watched a video where a dude says there shouldnt be a cut off age for trick or treating and his gf disagreed, ofc the commented attacked his gf for being 'boring' and 'mean' to teenagers and adults who love trick or treating and want candy.

No. 1771465

lmfao this is making me reflect on how redneck I grew up bc in my neighborhood all the parents would have a bowl of candy for kids and open coolers with beer for the adults to grab. they'd just sit there with it haha.

No. 1771467

That's sweet.
For me part of the fun of halloween trick or treating was us kids going off on our own and getting a little dose of independence from our adults.

No. 1771469

that sounds so dope nona

No. 1771470

not unpopular here but I think it's funny how men will bitch and moan about how women will deem them "creepy" by flirting while unattractive.as if it's unfair. as if they wouldn't deem any woman they didn't seem attractive as creepy and weird for following them around and constantly begging for their attention. it's off-putting to see someone that desperate for someone so far out of their league. like there's a concerning lack of awareness.

No. 1771482

I kinda love this idea.

No. 1771487

You shouldn’t date men who are broke and or ugly because they will start to hate you for having low standards. An ugly woman would be so grateful and happy about a hot man giving her attention but men aren’t like this, they will start to question your morality because you let a bum loser date you and wonder what’s wrong with you. As a woman the people you date and have sex with is a perception of who you are to men. You can’t love a man with low self esteem.

No. 1771488

Because seeking out bonds is also a trauma response just as some women stop all romantic relations after sexual trauma. Especially if she came from a religious background, even if she wasn't particularly religious at the time. She would've still internalized that abortions are bad.

No. 1771489

How much can you bet that she is dating the most basic looking guy ever

No. 1771514

Damn, 3 divorcees? Is it really easier to partner up for a short time if it’s gonna incur that many legal fees? Why have a kid with every man?

No. 1771516

I would rather look like Frieda pinto than be rich.