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File: 1652244788875.jpg (473.81 KB, 1076x1767, Screenshot_20220511-004048_Ins…)

No. 212106

Continual containment thread for Dakota Rose Ostrenga, AKA "Dakota Rose" of 2011/2012 Tumblr viral fame.

>got her initial modeling contract from Bravo models international from a Skype call modified with After Effects based on her viral Tumblr selfies of her photoshopped into an entirely different person

>spent the next 5 years ignoring everyone in her age group for 45+ year old businessmen, despite many people trying to throw her a professional bone after her career flop, her jewelry line flop, and her embarrassing herself on national TV
>When Sheina got booted from Japan, Dakota's easy ride also came to an end & ane never went back to her previous lifestyle of living well off, alone in a 3LDR, in Shibuya without working while spending ¥¥¥¥¥¥
>Recently admitted that she has spent the last 2 years in America, wether in Florida or California with Kaka, who knows
>Not much activity other than posting obvious pics/clips from the States, but with Japanese captions as Kaka starts slowly leading for attention on IG
>Other than trying a few JP IG based brand sponsorships for things Kooter clearly never interacra with, like a skateboard. Likely trying to keep any JP fan base she still has left

No. 212110

Can someone spoonfeed me why she had to leave after Sheina was kicked out? What is the connection between them?

No. 212116

no connection between them, people believe that Dakota saw the news about a deported gyaru foreigner and got scared that the immigration office is actively investigating sham marriages.

No. 212125

Link to old thread please, I haven't checked it for awhile and missed the part where she admitted to being in the US for the last two years (so when were those weird bath photos taken? Latergrams or Japan visits?)

No. 212130

Here’s where she mentioned having spent the past year in the USA >>>/w/196766
And the link to the general thread >>>/w/111582

No. 212138

Can't even be assed to link to the old threads or link her socials.

No. 212142


Guess we’ll have to do what OP should do.

Instagram link:

Twitter link:

No. 212143

File: 1652278386376.jpeg (825.83 KB, 1260x1448, 5622D976-8DFC-4D3A-98F2-80C0DB…)

Oh and here’s her platinum agency profile:


Kek notice how they use her old pics and then her lord Farquaad pic

No. 212151

Thank you!
I don't get why she has that toddler haircut (or uses photos that look like school headshots) even if you take the shoop angle out of it, long hair looks so much better on her.

No. 212160

crazy that a professional modeling biz is using pictures from ten years ago

No. 212171

File: 1652293223532.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.59 KB, 735x910, bdfe2e7d7f3318012661c4e579b295…)

short hair wouldn't look bad on her if she actually attempted to add some volume to it instead of leaving it stick straight. Picrel, something like this.

No. 212173

File: 1652294302534.jpeg (265.93 KB, 1800x1198, D5F98A93-682F-45AF-AEEB-DDA8FC…)

Agreed. Just look at the difference it makes.

No. 212174

File: 1652294436696.jpeg (86.5 KB, 654x654, D80DD2D9-CF2E-4402-87AA-DB8D98…)

Also, those bangs gotta go.

No. 212176

>>212173 >>212174
What kind of magical hairstyle app is this?

No. 212179


Looks like FaceApp. Sry for OT

No. 212181

You made her look like a 30 year old christian mom. She looks better with bangs.

No. 212194

You've got her hairline all wrong, she has the Ostrenga 6-head so her hairline starts way further back. The bangs are needed. But I do agree that her hair could do with Some texture or movement.

No. 212205

you can't seriously think this looks good

No. 212207

Don’t know why so many people are ragging on this. This is the best look out of the hairstyles posted.

No. 212254

File: 1652321953811.jpg (34.68 KB, 443x567, 45b6d4ca048e429972c8d02796e549…)


she is trying way too hard to look like haffu model/actress Tina Tamashiro. The hairstyle works on Tina since she actually has thick hair with volume.

even with her large forehead, she would look a hell of a lot more "high fashion" without the bangs. One of the few photos of her that I have ever really liked is the ad she did for some jewelry company that ran in Vogue Japan. Her features also look the best when she wears heavy eye makeup and not that cutesy kawaii barefaced shit she got into.

No. 212265

Anons pls don't flame me for this but I think there's something about her face that reminds me of twiggy I wish she would embrace a 60s mod look

No. 212296

This pic is probably a decade old and even back then it was professionally shooped. She never looked anything like this IRL.

No. 212359

File: 1652369113791.jpeg (36.99 KB, 720x559, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

Nonny, her bangs literally start back here. Trust me, without them she looks like she's balding. She just needs texture and volume, but I think this haircut is intended to make her look soft uwu baby

No. 212388

This fanart is very pretty but you know damn well she can’t look like this

No. 212540

Learn what a cowlick is and why girls like her have to start further back bc it does create a false bald spot when the hair just won't lay flat in that area. This is insanely common.

No. 212556

God you’re right, I forgot her 6head

No. 212562

File: 1652461404020.jpeg (77.86 KB, 500x750, kiki-kannibal-dakota-rose.jpeg)

This may be true for some, but in Dakota's case it's a serious case of 6head and extremely thin hair. She has to start the bangs back that far because that's the obly way they'd be thick enough to cover her.

No. 212563

sorry for nitpick but she literally looks like some kind of monster high doll here kek

No. 212725

How is she still in Platinum after living in Florida for the last 2 years and not working regularly for 3?


No, what happened was Kooter was living in a huge Shibuya apartment without working,shopping and going out every other day and having biweekly dinners at fancy restaurants with anonymous "friends" who always brought her expensive gifts. She lived like this between 2015 and Sheinagate, the ring popped up after her first 3 years in Japan being mostly a flop where she lived poorly in a shoebox making YT videos still and blogging. In 2015 she gave up basically all activities except fun and big deal jobs and lived like a princess for the next 3 years without having to fly home for a visa reset. Then, she suddenly flew home in July the same week Sheina was arrested for the scam marriage, not when it broke on the news. Kooter was already on her way back by then, and when she got back her ring was gone and she never returned to her huge Shubuya apartment, never resumed her previous lifestyle and began struggling downward until the pandemic.

She definitely had a sugar visa situation that allowed her to escorts on the side. She was way too obvious about it back then, but the biggest tell is looking back at the timeline.

No. 212758

That's what the pic was trying to shoop herself into. Both of them are badly shooped here by Kota.

Kota never had a slim jaw in her life and was always heavyset in the stomach area with broad shoulders. Whenever beside her sister in candids from those days they were such a contrast in size and face.

>she suddenly flew home in July the same week Sheina was arrested for the scam marriage, not when it broke on the news.

Interesting, so now that the escorting dried up, she no longer can go back to Japan? Why does she keep trying to seem like she's in Japan?

No. 212798

More like she had to give up on it. Kiki outed her in FL during the travel ban & then kooti spent the following year having Chieko and Lewin post pics of her as though she were in Japan still, though her hair never changed bc she had stockpiled them before leaving. She also had several friends helping her lie abt being in Japan like babi and a girl who posted old pics of koots at an old gallery show of hers during one when koots was in FL. Problem is the art gallery girl was in a completely different outfit in her pics w koots and nobody else was pictured with her at all.

She also got caught posing as a teen hafu named Nonna on a derihera (escorting) app, immediately after which she lost her rapper bites job but idr if that was before the pandemic hit or after, either way she was doing TV pretty consistently up until that profile was discovered and afterward she only managed to get the American Police show gig twice and it was something like a full year later. She probably wasn't able to stay in Japan due to not having a real visa once the pandemic hit & the travel ban prevented her from reentry bx residents only, then Kiki posted pics with her in FL to blow her Japan friend posts out of the water. She got the pajama modeling job but it apparently wasn't enough to get her back in Japan, now she's back to doing Japanese IG brand promos from parking lots and public spaces in FL.

No. 212801

>>212798 again

I forgot to be clear on what I was replying to in your post: >Why does she keep trying to seem like she's in Japan?

As for this:
>Interesting, so now that the escorting dried up, she no longer can go back to Japan?

It is literally all she has. It's the only place she's ever worked, lived away from home, the only place she was ever truly spoiled and treated like a princess for just being edgy, cute and blonde and speaking Japanese. She now is 25+ and has no real world skills, a professional resume full of now-erased work and tidal waves of criticism, horrible and obvious shoops, almost a full decade of using fake teenage selfies from before she was signed just bc they were pretty enough to go viral, the only place she was able to get on TV regularly and simply enjoy being adored and complimented for years. She's also painfully unstylish, very awkward socially with no real network remaining, she's strange looking due to years of PS and beauty procedures to try to keep her looking as young as possible, and she can't maintain a body weight that isn't anorexic or overweight. From a professional POV, being signed with Platinum means nothing anymore bc of everything else in her past and present. She had every opportunity and wasted them all thinking she couldn't fail and that it would last forever. She doesn't wanna have to start over at 26 in FL with nothing but a cringey backstory about how she faked her way into a modeling contract in Japan just to sit on her ass, become a prostitute and lose it all by acting better than everyone.

No. 212847

File: 1652626918326.png (279.33 KB, 600x530, Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 9.51…)

Just to clarify, that's not what she said. She said「今年もアメリカですごす事が出来たぜ」 which means "This year I got to spend time in America again," implying that it was a trip. We all know she's been there for a while but Kooter would never actually admit to it.

>>Then, she suddenly flew home in July the same week Sheina was arrested for the scam marriage, not when it broke on the news.

How would Dakota know about this? Looking back she left on July 1st and articles about Shiena came up on August 1st, meaning that she was arrested mid-July. Dakota might have dressed up like a cop on TV once but she does not have super secret connections to know when someone is going to be arrested. There are so many things that someone posted as speculation that get taken as fact in later threads.

I don't think the Shiena stuff had anything to do with her other than probably making her nervous, but she was pretty obviously broke before then too. I think she just lost her visa over COVID like Yukapon/Natalia Natchan or whatever name she's using now.

No. 212884

The literal translation is "I was able to spend this year in America again", you're trying to fudge the translation again to make her seem less pathetic after a full year of failing to Latergram being in Japan and failing all bc of Kiki.

>How would Dakota know about this?

How didnany other part of her life in Japan before Sheinagate make sense? Is it supposed to be sheer coincidence that Sheinagate ended her 3+ year run of living like a spoiled princess while barley working and living like an escorting? Remember, when she flew back to America she had to stay there for 2 weeks. She was well connected with people in the media then, she could censor anything she wanted, so yeah it's not impossible to think she got tipped off about Sheinagate and bailed on a visa marriage to whoever was powerful enough to put Koots in her position of untouchable Brandon. It's not actually impossible that she had good connections then, and there's no way it's pure coincidence that her princess run in Japan ended at the exact same time.

>There are so many things that someone posted as speculation that get taken as fact in later threads.

No, not really. There are so many things that don't make sense until later because Koots recycles pics and trends like an autist and makes it obvious. The past 2 threads alone are just anon going backnand comparing Koots to herself and spotting the differences while placing them on a timeliness and forming logical conclusions based on how the real world works outside of Kooter's weeaboo whore fantasy bubble.

No. 213154

NTA but are you just using google translator, anon? Kek

No. 213215

Why are people bashing this so much, this looks infinitely better than her weird flat 80s schoolboy haircut

No. 213658

Now I'm really curious.

>Skype call modified with After Effects

Can something like this be done through skype calls? I thought After Effects could only change your face on a video file, not "live" during a call. Can someone explain this to me?

No. 213715

You can select a "virtualcam" source from AE in the settings.

Dakota used After Effects heavily and not very consistently though. It looks like she'd rework her face from scratch with every video and every angle she shot, often to the point of looking like a retarded fetus.

No. 214283

No I fucking speak Japanese lol. She said「今年もアメリカですごす事が出来たぜ」
今年も = this year too/again this year
アメリカで = in America
過ごす事が出来たぜ = I was able to spend time (in Dakota’s usual kinda masculine phrasing)

過ごす/すごす (not sure why she wrote it in kana) specifically means to spend time (doing something), it’s just not used to describe living somewhere for a long time. The nuance is pretty clear. That said if you want to keep believing Kooter is actually being honest about something for once go right ahead. She’s definitely implying that she traveled there temporarily and now she’s totally back in Japan and going to the super Japanese botanical gardens that definitely aren’t in Florida

No. 214428

Agreed, also note she says she's "based in Japan" on the IG profile still. Holding onto that lie for years now.

No. 214502

I think people just had an issue with your translation's expression/feeling? I don't think it's a big deal bc you got to the point, but others probably wanted it translated more accurately.

No. 215100

It's pretty sad that we're the closest thing she has to fans.

No. 215437

Yeah but this translation is correct, it’s not a “feeling” it’s what it accurately says. I said nuance because Japanese is a high-context language/culture but it 1000% cannot mean “I spent the year in America” or “I lived in America for a year.” If you want to believe things that straight up aren’t true feel free to translate it however you want I guess

I mean I’m sure she’s still checking this thread daily so she probably actually does appreciate us at this point lol

No. 215449

Same anon. Sorry maybe you're right. I also speak Japanese and yeah I agree that it wasn't a very accurate translation. I just thought that the other anon's translation might've been good enough for those who just wanted to know some basic info from what she actually said. Now that I've thought about it a bit, there's no point in translating if it's not accurate.

No. 218983

>過ごす事が出来たぜ = I was able to spend time (in Dakota’s usual kinda masculine phrasing)

That isn't what she typed, though. She said she spent the last year in America, which is why she used the kanji for year at all and didn't use過 at all. You're changing the meaning bc most users don't speak Japanese, but Kooter's Japanese isn't good enough for this ~deeply nuanced~ excuse you want to use. She hasn't changed her location or bios in years except for her age, so it's not surprising that she still "claims" to live mainly in Japan, even though it's clear she hasn't been there for a long time and isn't doing anything in America but scrolling lolcow, which is stupid with how easy it is for foreign weebs to move to Japan and get work making videos now.

Even if she outright claimed she's been living in Japan since the pandemic broke, she really hasn't, which anyone can see because of her posting so many old pics for so long while trying to get her friends to post even older pics of her like she was still in Japan. If she were there, all she would be doing is posting selfies in cafes and salons, not selfies on an old couch in her stretched out 2012 clothes.

The question now is, what's next for her? I don't see her popping back up in Japan for any work that would keep her there longer than a week or two, or be much better than her American Police job.

No. 219660

I wish I trusted anything as much as you trust Google Translate lol

We're literally arguing the same thing, that she's in Florida but pretending to be in Japan. I'm just saying she never admitted it. Also all other evidence points to her continuing to pretend that she's in Japan so this is fucking dumb

I'm also belatedly realizing that I misinterpreted this anon who was actually agreeing with me, sorry nonny

No. 219818

pointing out that you tried to translate a kanji she didn't even use has 0 yo do with Google translate, anon. Try harder, though. She did, I fact admit to noonger being in Japan.

No. 220304

すごす and 過ごす mean the exact same thing. There is no other kanji for すごす. Dakota either missed that it hadn’t converted to kanji or didn’t care. I may have done the opposite at some point and apologize if I did, but it does not change the meaning at all. You are just flat out 100% wrong here and I’m not sure what makes you think you’re an expert in a language you don’t know.

She literally said “I was able to spend time in America again this year.” If someone said that to you in English would you assume they had been living in America long-term? If so then sure go live your life I guess

No. 220305

Samefagging but I really appreciate this, thanks for being willing to look at something from another perspective. Things get translated incorrectly and then taken as fact so I want to make sure things are translated accurately

No. 221952

I’m fascinated by how pathetic she is, still clinging so desperately to the scraps she has left

No. 222206

Their parents fed them the idea that they can't fail in life and will be super famous celebrity models, even if they were caught acting like full white trash and retards on video and the internet for years.

Now they're like 30 years old and haven't gone anywhere in life beyond their parents' home in Florida but keep acting like they're super successful.

I'm most fascinated by how they're continuing to wear the same cheap clothes and tarnished accessories from over 10 years ago.

No. 223012

I asked my Japanese born Native speaking pen pal what koots said in her tweet & he was able to confirm that she said she hasn't lived in America for the last year. The only person in here trying to fake like she hasn't been is kooter herself, bc literally nobody else with any JP language ability would even bother ITT to push such an obviously wrong statement when any native speaker can easily clarify.

No. 225321

It is. I actually feel bad for her but she's at fault. If she got off her ass to upload more, interact more with her fanbase and kept consistent with her shoops she might have had a chance.
She's almost 30 and her viral living doll fame is long gone, she's as interesting as wet cardboard and has no fanbase left. The only reason they were there was because of how pretty she shooped herself back in 2011.

No. 226627

>If she got off her ass to upload more, interact more with her fanbase and kept consistent with her shoops she might have had a chance

She and Kiki think they're above that, so she wouldn't have had a chance in hell even with consistent shoops.

Even if she streamed and fully interacted with her audience, her personality and rudeness would backfire on her sooner than later.

No. 227014

Kota's target demographic was and still is middle aged Japanese men with money. Unfortunately for her, she's too old for them & there's now a whole new generation of teen weebs willing to do anything to get to Japan, without all the baggage, drama, and rude ass ignorance Kota had. She got everything she ever wanted & wiped her ass with it which is why she gave up trying to win it back. She already shit on everyone who tried to save her dying career while she was still in Japan & never gave back, so they moved on.

No. 228513

File: 1657639002787.png (1007.31 KB, 750x1334, A8BD5515-4D31-47C3-9786-1C19C6…)

did she say that to trigger kooter lol

No. 228733

more like just to plead to their followers that they really are still so beautiful and youthful

No. 229118

Honestly they probably heard them being super immature and assumed it was actual children… or this is a straight up lie like usual lol

No. 229242

does koots still ignore keeks on socials all the time? i dont think keeks was trying to trigger her, shes just an autistic spaz

No. 229253

Apparently not, kooter never uses her insta anymore now that whatever she keeps doing to her nose is wearing off again. Also, way more than mere autism is wrong with kaka, she's a legit psycho and not in a cool or fun way. I don't think anyone associates with her unless they have to or they have no idea who she is yet.

No. 232620

File: 1658787458786.jpg (127.31 KB, 2612x1440, bXFiUKd.jpg)

No. 243070

File: 1661651778587.jpeg (318.46 KB, 1067x768, 5hLrKQ3.jpeg)

Is Dakota back in Japan?

No. 243088

seems like it but my tinfoil is that she's just on a fancy tour it's a tourist spot and the only way foreigners can get into japan at this point is basically to go in on a guided tour (last I checked). It could explain why she isnt posting pictures herself because she wants to take the separate locations to go into her usual late posting to larp like she's in japan for much longer.

I do find it hilarious that Rina didnt put her in any of her 'visible' pictures or the actual ones from her sponsored posting because if I'm understanding correctly Rina was invited to go there but if kooter was also invited she would have needed to post by now. So I guess it's just the waiting game til she posts her version of these pictures next year acting like they're new.

No. 243091

Looks like a sponsored post to a guided tour where they have to act like they're having fun rather than something she chose to do on her own. She's probably lucky she was invited over, there's a huge push in japan for local tourism to keep things from closing down.

No. 243164

You can only visit by tour right now.

No. 243234

when will she grow out that horrible unflattering bowl cut

No. 243277

You do know that's not abowl cut, right? Its a straight bob with bangs.

No. 243491

So a bowl cut

No. 243518

kota's chest looks so weird compared to the other women's. Like there ought to be some dimension or shadow or something indicating she has breasts or bones under her skin

No. 244653

Do you have proof or a screenshot of her on a escorting app?

No. 244690

or on a business visa. So if she's working, it's easy to come back.

No. 244744

They don’t. Anons have claimed this for years and I have not once seen this fabled screenshot.

Just pushed off to the side probably while they’re wearing push-ups? Or she requested they edit it out idk

No. 245204

(Japan Anon) She has had a few extra roles in a popular Japanese variety show "Toppa File". They do this American cops segment and she is one of the English speaking cops. Never heard her speak Japanese tho.

No. 245426

not saying it isn't possible…but deriheru listings are notorious for catfishing and using fake photos.

No. 245503

Wasn't that cop show stuff like 2-3 years ago now? Like when was the last time she even had a gig, and why sign a model who can't get work?

Ten years later and this chick's career is still a mystery.

No. 245795

She's never had boobs outside of major shoops she did, so they aren't anywhere.

Toppa file was so long ago and that was a flop, too. She seems to still grift off friends who think her follower counts are real.

No. 245803

File: 1662523634394.jpg (80.17 KB, 700x960, 5022dc292fcb87172bd83f5cede3b8…)

close enough with how huge her forehead is and how thin her hair is

No. 245804

the other girls are wearing push-up tops and she isnt. scrote tier comment

No. 246466

Damn. Her hair doesn't look that bad.

No. 249495

you're right, it looks worse

No. 249960

that's my comment. Did you miss the part where I said it doesn't look like she has bones? It's so smoothed out and plasticky. I don't care about her breast size and I'm not a man.

No. 250437

File: 1663797969663.jpeg (241.89 KB, 1080x1364, 307a3bfe-379a-42e6-a42c-2444b9…)

Latest ig pic. Still the same haircut.

No. 250488

The timing of her latergramming this unflattering pic and a mystery anon bringing her up in Taylor's thread is interesting to say the least. Wonder if she still ignores Kaka, who also is in what seems like a downward spiral.

No. 250753

The fact that y’all still talk about her is.. disturbing. The fat shaming is ridiculous. She looks amazing to me. She’s made mistakes but she’s shown she has grown and matured. Will y’all ever stop?

No. 250756

I’ve always been suspicious that Kiki still posts and lurks Taylor’s thread hardcore. Anytime Dakota is brought up, I’m like “no one talks about her or even remembers her anymore, this must be Kiki projecting.”

No. 250787

Is she heavily editing her face again? Something about this seems off

No. 250803

Kaka and Kota share the same sentiments and probably bitch about it together, but because Kaka has no self control she spergs out everywhere.

Kota is more calculated and has learnt to avoid candids. Everything has been filtered or photoshopped up the wazoo, so it's posted months later. Spacing out her posts keeps up the larp of having a modeling career.

No. 250818

Ana-chan.. ew.

No. 250835

I swear /w/ is absolutely infested with you people. Go back to Twitter or learn to sage so you don't bump the thread of the cow you're defending.

No. 250842

She doesn't look fat at all. Anons are just mad about someone compared her and Taylor and saying Taylor was never as skinny as Kota. Anon is just throwing a piss-fit because they didn't like what other anons said. She looks fine, her hair is dumb IMO, but it's also not my style. The photo was posted just to nitpick.

No. 250865

They will never stop, its been going on for years. I remember being interested in Kota drama when i was 17ish, i am 26 now and the same anons are still going off, psychotic behaviour, but thats this whole site to anyone over the age of 25.

No. 250886


At least Papa Kannibal is getting better at taking pics, I guess

No. 250890

The farmers are unhinged

No. 250930

You are judging her for mistakes she has made like 12 years ago when she was a teenager. She has obviously Laid very low and has been minding her own business since then. She’s not hurting anyone. She doesn’t even photoshop her face half as much as insta models do these days. What has she done that is so wrong to you?

No. 250935

Because anons are bored and think repeating old thread topics is milk. They don't actually want a discussion about new milk or anything happening recently because to them it isn't milky enough, so they rehash old milk and fill up new threads about it.

No. 250978

I'm not even that anon, I only wrote specifically what you're responding to newfag. You look like a retard bumping this thread to wk a woman who means nothing to me but seemingly a lot to you. Everytime you don't sage you bump the thread and attract outside eyes to it and thus more potential criticism to the cow. And what's with making up claims that anons called her fat kek? Anyone who can read can see that's not the case. Btw IP hopping to agree with yourself everytime you post is peak autism.

No. 251000

This thread has been slow for years and suddenly it gets bumped by unsaged spergchan talking to herself here, on Taylor's thread and on meta. Something is afoot.

No. 251089

It would be against the rules to post the Ostrenga’s home address, right? Cause I found it pretty easily. At the very least her parents still live in Florida, their house has the homestead exemption. I just searched their last name on the Orange County property appraiser’s website. They have a pretty nice McMansion.(yes, that would in fact be against the rules)

No. 251097

dont fucking post that and also who the fuck even cares where her parents live, how is that milk at all why are you looking that up

No. 251109

Struck a nerve with you huh koot- I mean, nonny? Don’t worry I won’t post it. But it is literally publicly available information that’s easily found. Maybe she’ll get some fanmail.

No. 251110

Because ofcourse only Dakota herself would see that as psychotic behaviour nutty-chan

No. 251115

Nah you’re right, any of the Ostrengas would be equally pissed to know how easy it is to find their home address. It’s well known they live in Orlando and that their last name is Ostrenga. The Orlando area is spread across Orange and Osceola counties. The county property appraiser sites have a super easy search feature, you can either look up the address itself to see who owns it, or just look up a last name to see if anyone with that last name owns property in the county. If they do own property it lists the address.

I also went ahead and looked to see if Dakota is registered to vote in Florida, but she’s not.

I think it’s safe to say she’s laying low and living with her parents, taking pics in shein bathing suits in their backyard in front of a bougainvillea. How the mighty have fallen.

No. 251162

It’s definitely not even a McMansion, it’s a very middle class average sized home. It’s only valued at $376,908 in the market rn, that’s fucking cheap. They wish they lived in a McMansion lmao

No. 251183

That doesn't sound bad?

No. 251189

Not bad but not an actual mansion. Just some lower middle working class house in the burbs it sounds like.

Is this house that people said is their grandmother's or something? Guess the parents are still paying for their lifestyles and probably think they'll get famous someday. Gone are the days of their mum tweeting at the Dalai lama, kek.

No. 251195

File: 1664116138228.jpg (23.8 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-183893333-612x612.…)

Do you also stalk her in real life? like, creep around the bushes outside her parents house with binoculars scouting for her?

It is beyond my comprehension why some of you crazies STILL care about her, its giving MJ stans stalking his victims children

No. 251210

I wasn’t saying bad, I was just saying it’s not even a McMansion. I just remember back in the day them claiming they were bullied for being “rich”, even admitting they themselves spraypinted “Regal Bitch” onto their OWN driveway.

No. 251326

I think it was regal slut. which is ngl… worse.

No. 251418

Lol that’s still so hilarious. I feel kind of bad because they were kids and their mom had to have encouraged them to do that—like wtf

No. 251760

File: 1664303170648.jpeg (19.71 KB, 300x169, DD2D8E59-2126-4070-B81C-6225AA…)

I miss her creeping on Hiroto and other random Japanese men

No. 251762

Her nose is looking even wider and more orclike. Double barrel shotgun nostrils.

No. 251766

Her jawline is so flabby and has been bloated looking for years

No. 251795

But does anyone know what app she used to use back then? Like how did she photoshop her face into looking like an alien baby?

No. 251831

Photoshop smudge tool. We didn't have apps like snow and shit, you're talking times that predate apps

No. 251843

There were definitely apps in asia then, lol

No. 251855

I see some of you still haven’t graduated from Miserable Body Dysmorohia University

No. 251880

Where? Her nose is her best feature

No. 251966

Right which is why I’m so amazed, how did she shoop her videos as well? There is another cow named Bethany Anya stauffer that was also way ahead of everyone before apps became a thing, she would literally morph her face with Megan fox, crop it and paste it on her body

No. 251975

iirc dakota edited her gifs frame by frame, pure dedication. And definitely photoshop was used at the time, though youtubers were definitely using undisclosed beauty filters around 2015-2016. I think there was use of warp and fisheye lenses in terms of the strange proportions in her videos.

No. 251977

If I remember correctly, Adobe Aftereffects was confirmed to be used at some point, I think it was an open tab on her computer or something. And I think there was a theory about her using some Japanese or Chinese camera that had built in beauty filters? It's been a long time since the SR days, but that's where we discussed all of that the most.

No. 252005

Her ingenuity as a teenager was admirable idc what anons with grudges say. I could not imagine having a big sister like Kiki, she successfully whisked herself away from that hellhole. It doesn’t matter that her life wasn’t glamorous or anything and yes she did fumble that bag tremendously. But she did a lot more creative self-marketing than any others at the time. Now it’s become standard.

No. 252010

it was mostly her parents, not her.

No. 252013

From what point to what point? Like seriously. Starting as a kid, yeah, you need parental permission to do things like travel, but it wasn't all them. Don't be this salty.

No. 252029

>idc what anons with grudges say
I don't think many of the anons in here care anywhere near as much as you think we do (except for that one sperg who wanted to post her dox). I'd like to think most of us are nostalgic. Also just because >>252010 disagrees with you doesn't inherently make them salty kek. If they had posted some unhinged alog, then yeah I would second that notion.

No. 252051

how is this salty? she wasn't the one dmcing her pics when they got posted and buying AE to shoop her vids. simply having ingenuity gets you nothing unless you have money.

No. 252107

I dont know why you're trying to rewrite history but her entire existence was curated by her parents. You think she was the one paying for all those articles about her and getting her to Korea and Japan? Also with all that 'ingenuity' why is she (from what we know) back to living with her parents. And when did she NOT get along with Kiki? Do you think Kiki forced her to do all those videos and the such together back in the day?

All in all, she's still stuck in a 'fake it til you make it' mentality but it's been years. If she would just admit to things and let herself be online outside of being the 'totally legit model in Japan' ideal she's put up for herself she would probably be way more successful

Sometimes I wonder about a timeline where she stayed consistent with her 'tumblr era' makeup style (and wasnt such a nasty personality) and shoops and maybe transitioned into claiming to be the 'original e-girl'.

No. 252250

You took it personally, and it was clearly directed at the spergs anyways. I don’t care how little or how much you care about her. Also this post >>252013 wasn’t mine so go argue with a wall.

No. 252296

It was after effects, see >>213715

Her mother was a raging tard posting their trash everywhere and failing to launch a career by exploiting them yet acting like she was their momager. To this date they have gone nowhere but downhill because they are talentless, a liability and looked nothing like their pics.

The IT dad taking their pics, teaching them how to shoop everything from hair to body at an early age, and funding whatever stupidity they did in hopes they'd get famous likely fucked things up on another level.

No. 252309

Pointing out what she did herself is not “rewriting history” cut the melodrama. Cathy and Scott made them look scene and did shitty scantily clad photoshoots in bikinis and then she got sick of that and started taking her own pics with a tripod and editing the shit out of them. She still inspired an entire movement and was the first of her kind, dunno why that’s such a difficult thing for some of you to admit.

Agree. Just taught to completely objectify themselves and live in their own world where everything revolves around them and made them think they were undiscovered celebrities. I feel bad for Kiki in her perma arrested development, but I think she’s since past the age where she could have overhauled and became a better person. We know nothing about Dakota and how she really is and surely never will, I don’t see the point in tinfoiling that shes some sort of evil foul slut. I think there’s still several angry weebs that can’t let that saga go, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were some jvloggers or any of the hostess girls that feel they deserved the free ride she got. Dunno if it was really free considering the constant public humiliation.

No. 252363

Anons go from 0 to 60 lol

No. 252442

she didn't inspire anything, she just copied jfash from the time are you new?

No. 252454

She didn't even afford jfashion. She was wearing taobao knockoffs and would make homebrew AE videos of her sweatshop hauls in hopes of catfishing an asian country. It worked for a hot minute though.

No. 252456

Some people that have run into Dakota iRL have come out and said she’s actually very nice. There was one I can’t find now but said she came in to her coffee shop. Tbh I believe Kiki got ALOT of slack tho for some reason. Dakota could have made a huge comeback like Taylor R if she tried. But seems like she’s allergic to hard work and dedication; and also seems like there is some hard core anti social personality going on with her

No. 252519

You are the one attempting to rewrite history, and you are the one that must be new. She had so many copycats and people flat out obsessed with her. You know you can admit that right. Like it’s a factual statement and isn’t meant to flatter her, that’s just how it was at the time. Otherwise she never would have went to Japan on a free ride in the first place. Like you can be honest. Duh she copied jfash but her edits and styling albeit bizarre are still shared to this day.

I don’t believe she could have, it was already revealed and that one Japanese forum shared so many candids, at that point the illusion was lost. Don’t think there’s any real coming back from that. As for being antisocial or something there is no actual proof of that just because she doesn’t share things publicly.

No. 252523

She has always exuded antisocial sidekick energy. She went from being Kiki's dumpy little sister to not having the ability to do anything IRL due to running a shooped persona online that was constantly at risk of candids. That's why she never shared anything.

Then comes not having the ability to hold a conversation properly in Japan. Successful models are outgoing, pleasant and pretty enough to easily build their networks and wealth. The fact that Kota has neither to this date is proof enough.

No. 252534

Proof enough of what? That she’s living a normal life and doing normal jobs? Lol

No. 252537

I didn't take anything personally anon, you need to chill out being so defensive over a cow. If anything I was pretty polite despite it seeming like you were multiple posters. I have no idea why anyone in this thread is getting so heated over a nostalgia cow.

No. 252541

Proof that she's broke and has no work or friends, nonny.

No. 252552

“Creeping on” as if most Japanese men don’t shit their pants over any decent looking white girl… she didn’t have to creep lmao, what a strange yellow fever pov

No. 252576

>you need to chill our
I find it interesting that this sort of thing is go-to whenever someone disagrees with you, like you have to project aggression to it at default.

I can smell the palpable weeb contempt itt

No. 252581

>You need to chill out
>You need to chill out being defensive over a cow
They do not have the same meaning kek. You want to fight so badly you're creating fanfiction about the behaviour of anonymous strangers you disagree with on the internet. Are you intentionally trying to larp as sperg-chan at this point?

No. 252614

Japan is supposed to reopen it's borders this month, it'll be interesting to see how fast she'll try and get over there.

No. 252716

There is no correlation, you’re creating this out of your ass at this point

No. 252809

No anon, Totemo kawaii japanesu men only want to sleep with 14 year old kawaii godesses, as if a OLD WHITE COW like Dakota chan could ever win the affections of real life animu japanesu men you weaboo

No. 253003

It’s absolutely impossible for her to be in a relationship or settled because she doesn’t post about it on social media. She is doomed to be alone forever because anons will it.

No. 253053

Rehashing old milk isn't interesting.

No. 258071

Just go back in the old threads and look, the screencap was posted already. The fake Japanese name she used was "Nonna".

Koots is way too old, awkward, and lumpy to pull any Japanese men anymore, anon. Plus she can never erase all the years she spent in Japan being a smug, lazy bitch to everyone which is why she doesn't have a career now.

No. 258179

Not that anon but Japanese guys are just like any other type of men. Her personality is probably still trash, but she's not too old nor too lumpy. You sound stupid.

No. 258267

Kota is an ana-chan. Wtf are you on about? She's smaller than some of the models I've seen her in shoots with that anons have posted. You sound utterly retarded.

No. 260564

>in a dakota thread
>expecting anything but expired milk

No. 261262

post a pic or gtfo. You know this isn't true unless you are talking about that time she bathed in the onsen with the old guy, or that "haunted house" thing on tv with the fat nearly naked man

No. 261347

I'm still yet to see evidence of the ana-chan claims from anything other than what she posts. I'm genuinely curious ngl.

No. 261879

I think it's just speculation based on her current weight/size and past history of larping as a ana-chan. ei: shopping ana portions, lying about weight/measurements and how she claimed to have only eaten once a day (cucumbers with rice or her cabbage soup). I suppose anon just forgot that Kota didn't lose her weight via ana-chan behaviours, but rather through sponsored cool sculpting. She's not even underweight or ana-chan looking, just skinny and healthy looking for once.

No. 262214

Agreed, Koots has never been ana-chan that's just some wk or herself due to timing. She's been consistently apple shaped with a meaty jaw and canckles that she shoops and hides since forever.

Coolsculpting doesn't work miracles on a body like hers, where the fat will just come back to the same spots due to an inactive lifestyle. She didn't even have sponsorships to keep doing free sessions consistently anymore and it's unlikely her dad would pay for it.

No. 262610

Do you ever get tired of being this bitter

No. 263374

That's bait, wk-chan.

Not sure why you're invested in claiming her to be ana. It's not like it will get her work as a model.

No. 264382

File: 1667671612602.jpg (53.09 KB, 1080x631, FB_IMG_1667670822223.jpg)

Congrats Dakota for being a featured artist in Shibuya Art Scramble!

No. 264608

lol art? What art? They found her weird ass alien selfie art from like ‘08?

No. 265790

File: 1668427706148.jpg (587.19 KB, 1079x1979, Screenshot_20221114_120741.jpg)

No, I think it's this which tbf is also shit.

No. 265817

They all look like crap. The texture of these are terrible. Whatever nightmare is next to it in pink looks worse. The giraffe thing in the back is kind of nice.

No. 265909

It looks like it has scabs on its head ew triggering the shit out of my trypophobia

No. 266422

she "designed" it? so… who produced the designs and how did she get asked to do that? solving these questions might be a hint about who she's fucking to be in Japan, if she is there still.

Any of us could have designed something better, srsly

No. 266461

File: 1668722445592.webm (701.55 KB, 540x540, Untitled.webm)


No. 266463

File: 1668723162631.jpg (124.26 KB, 1080x1364, 2431_n.jpg)

I wouldn't call her apple shaped.

No. 266531

I hate the texture of all of these, but at least Kota's has the most technical involvement.

No. 266533

she kinda looks cute here.

No. 266556

the outfit is cute. her hair is still wildly unflattering and that tweety looks like shit, there's no theme to it. it's just a messy design trying to look intricate. the other two are more pleasing to look at.

No. 266593

Its the most intricate one. Doesn't need a reason. Compared to the others, they look terrible IMO, this actually has form in it's design too.

No. 266681

Horrific highschool project tier shit.

So she's still shooping the heck out of her pics but more subtly. With those proportions she should be 6ft tall, kek.

No. 266998

there is no form, the others have round shapes that compliment the round shape of tweety well. "high school project" as another anon said is accurate

No. 267279

>round shapes
>one has literal edges everywhere except headphones that look like paper machete that's melting and
>Giaraffe is splotched with other splotches into it, easy and quick with rhinestones on cheeks
>Kota has every single color outlined over 70% of the figure and individually colored


No. 268042

is she already in japan?

No. 268044

she didn't do jack shit anon. she "designed" it and someone produced it. fuck off before I 'hi cow'

No. 268178

In other words, she colored a coloring page of Tweety for this and they made the model for the show kek

No. 268294

Lol anons thought she did it idiots

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